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1 'I 11, .Q 3 A - :Alb ' "' x' , W1 .1-J 1 A 1" -Q, I I 1 NK iw I 1,'. ri .1 1 1 Y A 8'f?' - '1 ,1.l,q,v 1' 1. 3, 1 ":' S 1' 1 qt ' 'I '1 'V "1" ' 1 I r 1 ll 1 Q 'H' ' , L M 1 Xu ' . 11,0 1, ,M v 1 , 1 1 J I 1.1 1 .1I" -'1, . 1 1 1 . 5 , 1 5 0 , 4 p r 1 ' 'Q 1 1 C .-. , 1 0 Y ' Q r Wm ,l 1, I 1 ,.l'11z 1 . ' i 11' 1 1 1 ' , Q. 0 4 -WO! 1,4 '1 1, 111 ' 1 " 1-.11 'Q 1 .,51N .g'a1 A 1 1,1 1 '. 1 r..1 .111 11 I 111,: V 1 A ,J ln: A. 1,1- " 'aklff .,. l 1 ' s X l 'X 1 .111 , Uv .4.,' ,1 51 lx '1 '-91 1. " I1-1' '- . an . uk -K 1 -1, 1 1' W," ,. Y H1 11 1 4 1 , 1 " 211.2 1 1 .51 'mx . , 5-V' I-W ' 51. ' 1 I I , . we . ,1 . 1',"' 1 1 1.-1 V' X1 '1n.Av 1 1 :1 M .1 J l 11. 3, 1,119 1-1 J' , TLT' VP. Q 1r1,'.'uf,1Ur :L A .',. D .H W Al, '- '.7.' 'swf' -" 'fl 1i.,g'14v 1 , .11 .!' '1 111 V 1-a J ' H' r Y-p 1 ' .' wx' 1' M L! ' ' b 'VL 14- ',--ll '1 1:1151 11.- B 1 ,L -N. JL. ' V". .Q ' '- .Q ' 1' Xa . vez. 1. ,.. ,L- '11 1,13 1 'I 11, .Q 3 A - :Alb ' "' x' , W1 .1-J 1 A 1" -Q, I I 1 NK iw I 1,'. ri .1 1 1 Y A 8'f?' - '1 ,1.l,q,v 1' 1. 3, 1 ":' S 1' 1 qt ' 'I '1 'V "1" ' 1 I r 1 ll 1 Q 'H' ' , L M 1 Xu ' . 11,0 1, ,M v 1 , 1 1 J I 1.1 1 .1I" -'1, . 1 1 1 . 5 , 1 5 0 , 4 p r 1 ' 'Q 1 1 C .-. , 1 0 Y ' Q r Wm ,l 1, I 1 ,.l'11z 1 . ' i 11' 1 1 1 ' , Q. 0 4 -WO! 1,4 '1 1, 111 ' 1 " 1-.11 'Q 1 .,51N .g'a1 A 1 1,1 1 '. 1 r..1 .111 11 I 111,: V 1 A ,J ln: A. 1,1- " 'aklff .,. l 1 ' s X l 'X 1 .111 , Uv .4.,' ,1 51 lx '1 '-91 1. " I1-1' '- . an . uk -K 1 -1, 1 1' W," ,. Y H1 11 1 4 1 , 1 " 211.2 1 1 .51 'mx . , 5-V' I-W ' 51. ' 1 I I , . we . ,1 . 1',"' 1 1 1.-1 V' X1 '1n.Av 1 1 :1 M .1 J l 11. 3, 1,119 1-1 J' , TLT' VP. Q 1r1,'.'uf,1Ur :L A .',. D .H W Al, '- '.7.' 'swf' -" 'fl 1i.,g'14v 1 , .11 .!' '1 111 V 1-a J ' H' r Y-p 1 ' .' wx' 1' M L! ' ' b 'VL 14- ',--ll '1 1:1151 11.- B 1 ,L -N. JL. ' V". .Q ' '- .Q ' 1' Xa . vez. 1. ,.. ,L- '11 1,13 YOUR 1953 TXWEC3 TEXAS WESLEYAN COLLEGE FORT WORTH - TEXAS f.,. F 0 R E W O R D Jwmz -f,, -fn. WW L lbudoagv5fZjL2JfQQMaqQ,QM4,Q6 7 I wma' f if Lcwmds' JA i Uqffa, lwlkg Jjycfewfwumenwmmp WO?-Cdtwrj J, Z' 72241 a n f 1,151 , f ' ffflcu z' ,, ,' V ll' T Qufzlcfffdlfaiwboebg SZ! " 1 The tollowing pages represent a year in ,yogfe that! - you will never forget-a year of Work, a year ot study,47'c64L'e' I 5 i and a year ot fun. As you look over this book, l hope it, ' ' J brings you happy memories ot these days at T.W.C. an 002 f 1 the many friends you met and enjoyed here. This i X f 7 ' I C! TXWECO is for you-it is you-a record ot your days if L. H f 1, A 1' on our campus. I hope you enjoy this book, my friendsvouzlcg , , May the memories it brings be lasting, and may they CZ : ji - 1 .X till your heart With pride for this year at T.W.C. W .L . DIANA TYER, Editor '. 77 I ' g l953 TXWECO 4Uf .g fgffweflffwyf Mui ala, ff . ,ww ft iz gf . f r t Q79 f , A , ,E K. , .. fc 2 X 1 jam! ALQMMU QQQQQQQQQJ 000000000000000000000000I 'I XXX H fl Dedicotion DR. W. E, WARD PAGE 4 Division Gne sNAPs PAGE 5 Division Two ooLLEeE PAGE 23 Division Three CLASSES PAGE 51 Division Four PERsoNALiT1Es PAGE 81 Division Five oRoAN1ZATioNs PAGE 105 Division Six sPoRTs PAGE 145 00000000000000000000000000 DEDICATICDN .... To or person who we believe truly Worronts the honor, the senior cldss dedicotes this, the 1953 TXWECG. ln our yeors ot T. W. C. he hos been o true friend- olwoys reody with cr friendly greeting ond srnile. His knowledge ond interests ore not limited to his field ot science, but he is olwoys reody to toke port in ony com- pus octivity. Becouse ot this interest ond becouse of his wonderful orbility to get orlong with people, he hos won the respect ond odrniroition ot oll who know him. We believe thot no one is more deserving ot this honor than he-Dr. W. E. Word. Q0-Q00-QQQQQIDQQQQG wx? 2 1 "' : Y i ,' : - 2 L E 6 0" I " .w Z :I 1 Q , - E2 -! ' 1' fi - I 1 - - n - I , il -it nl! A Q 7 - -'P g--P Lay., X NUM VUUUHDDA VUUQUQUA Wallis 5521 wqil TXWECO S N A P S rf , M? Z1-x OF I953 T ""-Li? 7,.,q ii f,. .K l . ,N NH, ,xxi N l V' 1x 1 I -,. Registration day-"What shall l toke???" . . . september-the first month of school ancl . gi-. ,-., ? F. :jj :nf yfw.. 5f',g'q Qi ANN 0QlER,lflA'ifL.,.,,:1"" 1.3 gi A was x . - 1 - .'-'gli .iw 442. ax 1, W uf' iq .ew M o - Q .. .gh ,Q ., . 1 9 f it f 3? v . 1 - K , Q 1 Ji' M '. 3 r ' T 1. , Q f I 5' v , ' 3 , 'f fri ' i ' - Q- 1 i , ' 5 l X4 . ' 1 ..v., . - , .-- , .fi 1512 ' ' 9 f "" ..' +v,f,.f ' i 0 WEE: 1'ff' .. 'Iva' ..il Q u .1 Zv1'tl."i'n'il1l1' KP '-1453 .riff I .5-mf' VJ' , ff", - 5 ' J Q., .. .-5v,,Lz?M 4 . 'wi .err'?.f":fJ:- Y'-ef -f -. .-",.- . :11. T" ,ze ,LQQV J if 'av' Always good food and fellowship at fhe all-school picnic. Don'f go fo hard, sophs-you were Fish once, fo, fn - the thrill ol a new life as a fish How nice to have the fish pond clean again. ' Lx,x u1nm.L 1na4 is-s TXWECO SNAPS 00000U0000000000000000ffff NA PS Cris :I the :test lcve-ly of traditions at T.W.C.- tize New Stpzdezit--Qld Student XYGddiI1CI. .1 s :Qt-.'::3's ci lot ot fun for the sophs cmd fish at "Neg get czcrquciintedu picnic. 3. CF." 'f.1r.'J Group from the 'Vifeddinq Party." " 'fer 3 2.133 :Lad our Campus cm inter- f bf :rt work. 000 rf' fb 'Q ,f 1' IW' I 'faq 39' 3 4 l ,un . I' br' if ,.: db TXWECO SNAPS Ihr: Bones fJnr.'.f1I t':':,.'y G.: lovely flffuir. Tommy Phipps-cm real brain, Mrs :..LSE'f.i'-' as Miss Knox show off the snield cf Alphc C54 T.W.C.'s orchestra in concert arrcttgeriei' The entire campus enfoyed the 2351: '.-ri-I Marion Downs visited at Pcly Netzcaist. Sie i: shown here as she enferizizieci tie reslaerits " Dcrnl-kill. 00000000000000000000ff00 Txweco r ,L SNAPS Gef ready boys! This is cz run for your life. the most famous day of the year I , 1 kin ' .M 'Fir n -v gi 3 .ax of r Q 43' 'F Q- ww y.:-qw, - fy, 05 Note that exquisite detail of costume. What the smart set is wearing Did we say this was a Civilized this season! when the gals chase the guys . I 4 I i Y 4 i i i i 5 lWatch Roy stretch-How fall was he, Pat? lt's a penny an inch i How tall are you, Roy? TXWECO SNAP ,awww Qsy si We shoot? OF I953 TXWECO SNAPS lhflss Rambler girls make the decision v--,-flsugw Art interesting news-feature of the paper Miss Rambler contestants. Dr. Pannel, Willson lecturer, and the ready smile she had for us students. Home sweet home-our Sub! A Happy Anniversary Day" to Dr. CS Mrs. Sane who have been on our cam- pus 18 years. -00000000000 00000000000 1- s ' W," ,W 1 . ,,, , ,, fat f " ff Q t 5 , W W, X 'iw .wfkwq -gl- ,Aw 7' . A r . .. NV: 5-,: 5 . ', ...,., f I r, 5 UM. 59342 EQTTQ ,Mk V-r - Q as-. :, ',:: P A f -we X .- 1 , sw? . 1, P. N it ., rfb ,swag t .Q X .A " - I A., My ' fs 5. :A ff . '- 4. , W . 19 fy nn . 'N - . v vt QA w e s, -ck vt. f f V "" 5 FI: X. ' ' wr .Q 'GCP Q ' we ,NN f at TXWECO SNAPS The golden Shears hrezn chance to get together wir. f f and classmates. Note the dramatic bearing of these, the cast of "Li1iorn", fall production. No Wonder these folks look happy- Thanksgiving dinner! A student project-sending footballs for the enjoyment of Korean youngsters. 00 I00ff000'000000fj00'0000-0-gfjgfff TXWECO SNAPS Whaf a nice picfure fhe Wesleyan Singers imusf have made on TV iingle bells and christmas trees . . Dr. Sone receives with pleasure fhe sfafue of Eloy Alfaro, famous Willie lV made his first appearance of the year led by fhe Ecudorion, presented fo T.W.C. by Mayor Paulk of Wichifa Falls. Freshmen, his keepers , , 1 1 -rn-sn, 111 n ni I J vi , s .V , J., H .,4,1zn,, 1- v.us I y as Q 'S x X I 1 9 1 . Wish that package were under my tree. Dr. Lisenby, shown with Dr. Glick and Dean Cox, dedicated ner colfef' o Rose Lisenby Shakespeare section of T W Library a new ram season under way This was really a victory dance-we just beat Southwestern. TXWECO NAP S OF I953 -I TXWECO SNAPS HCliiCN'."S en praniqs. Bill, what did you is this tinie? is that snow, Ah, say, partner, is that snow? The long awaited caps and gowns. Mr. Edwards and his prize pupils-did you say these were Freshmen? 0000000 f 545 Cl'-f , f'f'f'w fii,',S' .Cfof . If '7' t ff! , JEL 'cm' we 'J-no f uf, dh O 690 2511 ii ,Qfid6',p,,0 Gyslf IA., ,O ,bf CW Fl: ,W - f I . fi ffialrlz ng --.- 5 9 1 QC' nv' I I Y . QQ N A P Go, Fifimx, "jo Mr. Hardie-cr lack Frost? S OF I953 Did you know fish could gif" AD-7 LA--x.fx.f Z N And 'xthe Tempest raged ' X . TXWECO a conference championshipcwon . . car SNAPS "Hook 'em, you Roms!" And they did winning fhe Big Sfofe Conference championship! Hope ifs good fo eof-l'm hungry. Some levelheoded discussions wifh R. E. speoker, Dr. Corlefon. Y? ,, W TX. An addition to our campus and are we proud! April showers? No wedding showers. JUS 5 sw 1 f y 'xi au, r if if k 14 ft 1 , s f 3, activities go on with new inspiration. A stitch in time, girls, o stitch in time TXWECO S NAP S OF I953 TXWECCD SNAPS E. A. presented these Elegant girls in fecezzzber at the Woman's Club. Darling Dekasu presented at Cflen Gar- den Country Club February 16, 1953. These Adorable Autiss girls, as seen at tneir presentation March 6, 1953 at Glen GWTAQW .A. Av--. 'ne Singing S.A.l.'s were formally pre- s -geo in the Spring. QQWMQQQQQQW 000 M205 N A P Prorrrotiorg 'lay f f 13 CiIfl'fltf.'j 'Q f' 1952 May Queen, Clerrrnie royal attire. OF I95' -f .JJ,-- Her highness, Clernrnie ana het CCQLI' Royal entertainment far the Qpleezi-"' Maypole dance. TXWECO Who NAPS OF l953 Groduafion D y gh d at last-the finishing 'touch 1.5111 v 1 xl-ul , -w:al .M h QM WKQJE f000000000000000f0ffff BOARD OF TRUSTEES Marvin D. Evans, President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE E. L. Baker, Chairman Dr. Gaston Foote L. T. Martin Dr. P. E. Riley Charlie Hillard, Secretary CENTRAL TEXAS CONFERENCE Raul Hollis . . . ,...r. . . ..,.. rr.i .,..i ,.,..i,r...,,r F o r t Worth Marvin D. Evans r...,,..i Fort Worth Dr. Gaston Foote ..,r.r., Fort Worth Dr. P. E. Riley ...,...,.. Fort Worth L. T. Martin, lr. .....i... Fort Worth Charlie Hillard ,........ Fort Worth Ed L. Baker .. .. ..,..,.,, Fort Worth Dr. Charles H. Harris . ......,., Fort Worth Reverend Hayden Edwards ,...t,. ,.., . . . .. r,,,r,,,,rrr.,,... ....,,.,..,i,. F ort Worth NORTH TEXAS CONFERENCE Dr. I. M. Fleming .. . .. .. .... .. ..........r...............,....... .......... M ount Vernon Dr. lra C. Kiker . ..................... Dallas E. Roy Boyd .. ... .. .... .. Dallas Reverend S. M. Black ....... . .. . ................. ........... ................... ......... H o u ston SOUTHWEST TEXAS CONFERENCE Reverend K. R. Hemphill ................................................... ........... M cAllen Ward Lowe .. .... . ............... Larnpasas Reverend C. A. Greenwaldt .. ........ Fredericksburg Vernon Willoughby .. r....................... ...................... ........... S a n Antonio, NORTHWEST TEXAS CONFERENCE Reverend W. C. Hinds. . . . .... .. .. ......... . ...... .... . .... . .Abilene R. B. Anderson .......... Vernon Reverend Uel D. Crosby. . ....... Lubbock Mrs. lim 'Willson . .. .... .........Floydada TEXAS CONFERENCE Reverend B. O. Powers . .... . .. . .. ..... .. .......Wharton Reverend Marcus M. Chunn .. ..... .. Dr. Morris W. Kilgore Hugh Q. Buck .Huntsville ...Houston ...Houston Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas QNJJWQQJJQQQQQQWJQI 00000000000000000000f0000 I pl , r l ! f lf' U ig?l ADMINISTRATIQN BUILDING 0000000000000000000000000000 25 LAW SONE PRESIDENT OF r.w.c. ,,,r.r.4 ...aeed LS the sight of recurrent senior classes at Texas ' A " Qleae as they join the yearly strearn of recruits into busy -fi ',.' and endeavor in these United States. T n are Corrie and go, the realization of effective leader- :raagates fulfills a pattern in a rnanner to evoke pride f to the administration and faculty, This is our real 1 endeavor and every sacrifice that goes into the strong faith at Texas Vifesleyan College that We shall :fed ir. the Class of '53, God bless you as, with banners The contests of a full and rewarding life. May you achieve through service your highest . LAW SONE I I 900000-QQQQ+QO0QMr0!0f0f 2 26 1 i I l al WALTER R. GLICK vice-PRESIDENT OF T.w.c. People born on this earth have passed tlirc' gi err-.'1de:i1:i circles ot citizenship from the sovereign ina: izi tl :eg1:1:i1:ig 1- t' ot the World citizen ot today. The peace ot the World depends upon the precision cf 'ie tdustzizezit : citizen upon local, national and international levels. May your tolerance be a sufficie il is praapgte 3 p fect mesh tor your citizenship gears. N x --.'l-. -, cT--,k 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000fffff f 27 J l 4 f 1-lf' J. ELMER COX DEAN OF THE COLLEGE 'graduates must assurne increasing responsibilities in our .eff f as graduating seniors, must continue to prepare your- ,effes to rne these obligations. We believe that your education ' '-'r.rQ"' college has helped to quality you for lives of service. We View you with pride and have f. 'e ur ability to establish yourselves as successful Christian men and Women. May God's bless- Qsina your talents I. ELMER COX +00'0MMO0QOMi0f00f0!frf 28 ' r,- - Q -v . A . , " Wj.,,f .V ,, I .5 SARAH S. WORKS W. E, WARD M. A., Dean of Women D, ECI, Dean of Men, Chairgar. Li'.'1:i.:r, 2 C. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS SAMUEL M. BRASWELL HARRY W, RICE B. Litt, Business Manager M. A., Registrar 1.,,,.-.,-. efA..,..,..,.,' if-' 29 V may 1 1 , -1138 1 X f r ,tsl .a-rv 3- ' V -N: -X tv ,M ,', K DCDNALD W BELLAI-I THEODORE MOBERG Cnorrrror Drvrsrorm of Fme Arts Professor of B, D., Choirmon D1v1s1or1 of Rehgron Professor of RS11g101'1 r -ws V ii" , ,A fd J 'A olv f Q- ' Ph ix, WALTER P UQQCK fJi'i'J1fff.'Jf .J.'.'.1..',' 2' 'I N GLADYS S. BOWMAN E. M. BQWMAN Ph. D., Chairman Division oi Business Administration, Professor D, Ed., Chairman Division oi Edfxztior. Przies of Business Administration Y +x,f"""' silh- l953 TEXAS WESLE'YAIt T 'ff .l. O D. BOUNDS. IR.-B. S., M. S., GRACE BURKETT-B. A., M. A., In- Assistant Professor Business Acl- structor ot English. B. A., M. A., 113' ttixiistration. B. S., Texas Wesleyan University of Texasp further study, qi: lpgztzbzg College, M, S.. North Texas State University ot Chicago, Texas Wes- --f'5.T'5' ,r Biz- College. Texas Wesleyan College, leyan College, l952-. ..5: T-" f il-ff I9-I6-. 'P ll I' ,.,. 1 5 if 4-N'-sr M. U. CONDITT-B. A., Ph. D., A sociate Professor of Psycholog B. A., University of Kentucky, II plorna and Fellowship, Princetc Theological Seminary, Ph. D., Ur versity ot Edinburgh, further stud University ot Berlin. Texas We leyan College, l95O-. f'Q,"'N is! 177' T.f.l.?i:' 'ff' f'i ? If A::.1:'- I. B. CBAVEII-B A, B D., Assist- MARIE CBOUCI-I-L. I., B. A., 1 ' ' ' 2 A 'JSI to the Prerpiflert M. B. A., Instructor of Business Aal- f 'xerrggjf rninistration. I., I., Arkansas A. CS M. T J Q?-QW College, B. A., Centenary College, M. B. A., University ol Texas. Texas Wesleyan College, l948-. MATTIE EAST-B. A., M. A., Assir- ant Professor ot Social Scienc B. A., University of Texas, M. , Columbia University, further sturl University oi Texas. Texas Wet leyan College,'l946-. r0000Q000Q0000000000 000000000000000000000000w 32 ' ZCLLEGE o FORT woRTH, TEXAS DI-IN EDWARDS-B. S., M. A., As- stant Professor of Speech. B. S., i. A., Northwestern University. exas Wesleyan College, l952-. THOMAS HARDIE-B. M., M. M.. Assistant Professor of Voice. B. M, North Texas State University, M. M., North Texas Stale University, further study, Indiana University Texas Wesleyan College, 1951-. lfflilf-. HART fi fl, 1 ant lDfOff:11f1Uf of Pay.. llUl'l , T"gX'l.Q lflrffg 1 lege, llf. fl, fforn Tf.-xv. ., lege. Texan 'ffo:,1fyuf:f l943fA. .UGIE MAE HOWELL-B, A., M. NEW L. H. HUBBARD-B. S., M. A., Ph. Assistant Professor of English. D., LL. D., Chairman of Graduate . A., Texas Wesleyan College, Diivsion and Professor of Educa- I-.Qf i.7 Q wt. 'TICY ERIN HUGHES-S.. sistant Professor oi 53 I U r 1.05 SA' '1"""' Q Y x,,..,--. --,.....,,.-..- - 3, It-, H, x..,....s-.. - . .R auaaes. B. A. Gou::' .,..- -Y .-.-.D -gg--o-'L x.-..x.4..-c .. - 4--s------- . .. . ., 1. A., George Peabody College for tion B. S., M. A., Ph, D., University M. A.. Columbia Uriivers., eachers, further graduate study, of Texas, LL. D., Austin College, graduate study Coluztzcn carritt College and Colorado special study, University of Texas sity, The Sorlcoztzte .Paris tate College ot Education. Texas University of Chicago. Texas Wes- University oi Texas Tex: Vesleyan College, 1934-. leyan College, l95l-. leyazi College N35- 000000000000000000000000000 ,wave 33 5 .. - - - v '- I953 All S A. B HQQ--.,.Q ,..,.DQq,, O. Edu- ssigsti E S .iii A B. ' ri K:'I'.i'.lfi":' EQ E University o . erfrfr rx S .esfyari College C' if' Ji Qztiversity L TEXAS WESLE ANNIE LEE KNOX-B. S., M. B. A., Assistant Professor ot Business Ad- ministration. B. S., North Texas State College, M. B. A., University ot Denver. Texas Wesleyan Col- lege, l947-. MQW HASKEL MCCLINTOCK-B. S., M. S., Assistant Professor of Biology. B. S., M. S., North Texas State Col- lege, further graduate study, Uni- versity ot Texas. Texas Wesleyan College, 1941-. iaf X "GIF '3175 'l'gC','LLEY R A, l! A, E B. MATTI-IIS-B. A., M. A., As- . ',se:3':',r of i:'Ei'ffl.'l'Jl Earle fgifztant Professor of Mathematics. Taxa: l'fe:g.f,y'1r. Col- B A., Texas Wesleyan College 3. Texan Chrgfrzar. 'lr.. M. A., Texas Christian University. "'f,r'Qf:jf':r. Colfefgf.-, Texas Wesleyan College, 1935- QQQQQQQQQQQQMWJW 0 0 0 0 0 0 MARY SLAWSON-B. Mus., M. Mus., Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory. B. Mus., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, M. Mus.,, University of Michigan, special study with Karin Dyas, Gottfried Galston and Bosina Lhevinne. YA l 0 on Q Q 0000000000000000000 34 IOL EBNAL SMITH-B. A., M. C. A., M. B. E., Instructor of Religion. B. A., M. C. A., Southern Methodist University, M. B. E., Southwestern , Baptist Theological Seminary. Tex- B as Wesleyan College, l936-. it Q2 LEGE I FORT WORTH, TEXA TED STAFFORD----B. A., instructs' 'fl in lournalism anfl Pulalif: Hclaticr. Director. B. A., Texas Wcrzloyar further study, llorth Toxarz Stat College. Texas Wesleyan College, p":.c.' 1951-. ui-Pg, 'QFD X A' Pff , , - . ,K MCKIE TROTTER-B. A., M. F. A., Assistant Professor ot Art. B. A., College oi William and Mary, M. E. A., University ot Georgia. Texas Wesleyan College, 1948-. CATHERINE WAKEFIELD-B. A 'T' f--Ns--x--- - --x - x..w--,,e - M. Ed., Assistant Protessor of Phv- iistrusts' S' 'e""" sical Education, B. A.. Texas 'Wes- Yeah 'r leyan Collegeg M. Ed.. University Ch k of Texas. Texas Wesleyan College 1947-. 000000000000000000000000000 35 CQ' TGMMY PHIPPS E-EIT-ETQITQ' TC FTESIISTII IOHN ANDERSCDN AD LEMAR SMITH Chaplain MRS. BREWSTER ..urs1rig DIVISION 'JIRGIIXUA CLARK 'QQ E2 QTUHCT. Qffxe GRACE CORBIN lzzfgiiifint Lihrcricr. VQQQQQQMQQQMHQQJ MINISTRAT 'TQ' mf .3'5"'Hh ,di ASSISTANTS BONNIE MARSHALL :IFN wr 2 T27 MAUDE A. PETTEY Secretary to Preside-2. MARY I-IAMES Secretary tc Dec: MERRIE FIELD Librzrizi ANNA IX xlx-.:""' -"'.: x-.-.-.,: ..V- 45 X .sf , W abggcuwmcvalr N.. :gash , ' -4'-L f ai.- 4.114 , . . ,, ,,,35g"!QT' fffA A Q 7' Mrs L. .71 Keflfer ifbggcwmfar if , mf 1 F1 J Jfns' fZ.E. Ri ch ardson, 5 1 'x 1 4 E Q r r "wa ' I .lg 1 A, V V ,R V 4?-. f- f I . 4.3, ..,, -- .,,.,. Q M' H V Y .- .,. ,A . , , ,mv - . Qf- . Q .W Q -V 1 ., 4 -f 4 ,-.,, ... +- ,Hy K-17' ,- JI' ,, ,514-HN-44.:f57Qy g23114Z'X,:f51si,,,k,.."9r'Y!.'f.."' ' , N:"!."9lL,.y..a,.1'x1, -vi., f. ., .. I H ' ' ' -f -- fi Q -V :- .. 5 1 Qmfi-'za' -ff? 'T j - ' '34, 4' . ' mx ,2?wg""'i'f a'5H-f.- K " ' .3 . 1" 'A - "tg . -H - g 7 ' ,, -' - . ' 1' ' -:fivfe Q, ,mmf-ia1"f "' '5'i' !w'5f,,4,3 19392. A-wi 'f.'f,L"4'..,,,.'W,,,gavQ+-,.g"-'., 4 A A , a 4-ff Lf .4- - '- -9- f . A- A - 4 - :'1"f""' 'w-Rafe.. 1,0 v1-4,','U . 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M ff? ,1 V 1 w. k s p Z fr I' 1-ll Ury. .. .,.. 834 I " 4. yqpualvh 821 up-... K' :VIL , . A 1 ,tr - ltr 3 5 f ' -0 1- ' 3' I ' ' , A ' . ' uf J . . a ' , O 1 .fl . , 5 I' 3 4 n 34. -3' x 5 ft. Lua 41 'ff 5' 5 Q ifvwvxgul mi' .APE I STUDENT UNION BUILDING NQQ00'Q0QQ000M0f000'0f0f 42 MS,-X481 , ' PINE ARTS BUILDING ' 'rf I ' 1 - a .i nw A Q .,.w"'73'L. 'fin H, 'V ,,., N . ' -v i W '85, W ' -pw 'qf -1-' annum., QQQNQJNJNQ Simi Ciml if Mode up ot the Student Body Officers, the presidents ot the tour clorsses cmd representatives from the vdrious orgcfnizcrtions on the cornpus, the Student Council hors ds its dim the turtheronce of unity ond stdndords ot the students ot this college through the regulotion ot student ottoirs under the outhority ot the college. The rnoin Work ot the Council is the sponsoring ot ccfrnpus elections. Standing: B. .l. Stiles, John Ed Francis, Burl Short. Seated: Mel Chapman, Ralph Robinson, Betty Harvey, Betty Dahlin Dorothy Mann L '-i g lll A lu? "ai " l RH -airs.. l Q. if i 1 13 i ' I l ' A I ' .Pv1y, Q . 5 l , 1 Q 4, 1 6 -.,f v ,J , -, -fi 11,2 A f 1 ' ' i M, A QW Ek "v.., X-ff BETTY HARVEY BETTY DAHLTN Secretary Treasurer JU0 0000000f000ff00f0f00000f , mf' ..x 'HW' . mkgyrw' " En ,ni np,-xl. ' M.. ."""',,,. ' T T -N . -r ' . wr' OFFICERS ff' in of ELTIN CHAPMAN S ziger, Te:-:os 511,131 T71 Eouoomoi Manor -uiu1- ""f rg.: U-v l '11 W H CD ' S IN AMERICAN COLLEGE CLAUDINE BRIDGES Solorclo, Texas Voice Morjor 'N ,X vw..-N2 . "lug, ,-f-K l , 1 X fs. 'N K BETTY DAI-ILIN Fort Worth, Texas English Moior '11 . 'If' , , M23 1 12 1 Q U ff. -- ,ff Y M.. 46 AND UNIVERSHWES WHO HELEN DE LANO Fort Worth, Texas Elementary Education Major DOROTHY GARRISON Paducah, Texas Business Administration Major f00000000000000000000000000 JAMES DUNN 1 1 I i 1 i E 1 "D Fort Vforth, Tex Social Science 9 . ffeffik ajxtivggf ' iff 1 v Q pxmm wil WHO' IN AMERICABICNDLLEGES BETTY HARVEY Fort Worth, Texas Education Major ECDBEY HOLBROOK iialtorn City, Texas Social Science Maier DALE HOWARD Fort Worth, Texas Business Administration Major -.. ff0ff0f0000000000000000000 AND UNIVERSHWES AP WHO HIRAM IOI-INSON Dallas, Texas Religious Education Major ,J 'J-f l Jw DOROTHY MANN Dallas, Texas Speech Major 100000000000000000000000000 49 ZANA LEMOH Burle:Ci T wA" .iv.i.-.f. ..., , -Haunt-r 1-- .?'+ WHO' WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITOIES IOSIE PICKARD Fort Worth, Texas Science Major 3 RALPH ROBINSON f.f'3T131C1fi, Texas Business Administration Major LOUISE TERRY Fort Worth, Texas Violin Major ' 4fAl sf. - K 7 f --M pb - E 9 no Q Q 1 K 5 . ' : n'!?: I A' ' I A XF- L-ii I: '- l I 2' g l 2 : ' I 5 i ' x Aggfbqs Q 'm?"'X ,W um, A Walk? Wubuoui. 'NODNO . O Y l ll' Ol' 'in N. MMG .xx w N i GS.. TE I M ffm' XAS WES .A . K G , 1 150, sf.: ., W V 7,1 I .r'!"4A' ' 'U' f N , 'xv AY: X QQ . - .XL f r. ' , " , ,- fx X X , F L .4 Y -4 , Q , , , , . 4 1 , Y ' -Y 'rf ,at m .V .., 'Q ' ftks ,- F Qt- Hn 4 -1' V fm md' X gg 1 if 'L . . SENIOR CLASS CFFICERS BOBBY HOLBROOK JIMMY COONTZ DOROTHY GARRISON MR. IQICHARD FERRIN ZC6 LEY Preszdent Preszdent Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Kg z " ,rf f 'M ZANA LEMON ,,,,.Y,Y.,........,,,..,,,.,.,..,.......,........,,....,...,.........,,,.,. 00000000000000000000U0000 coLLEeE I953 0 SENIORS A, W. ALLCON Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon, Veterans Club. BETTYE ANDERSON Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., S.M.K., Thespian, EA., Tau Gamma Chi Prcsiflont. RICHARD ANDERSON Paducah, Texas Beta Epsilon, Sakkara President. 03' 1.22"-it MOLLIE BAIRD t ,Jn Fort Worth, Texas Auf ml C.A. GERALD BAUM Whitesboro, Texas Golden Shears, President T.W. Club, President Altoco, Ram Basketball Team. LE RUTH BENTLEY Fort Worth, Texas - S.C.R.A., M.S.M., Scia Ouatore, Gamma Omicron, EA. MICKIE BLACKBURN Eort Worth, Texas ETA. BARBARA BLAIR Pampa, Texas Rambler Staff, O O. McIntyre Press Club, M.S.M., Wesleyan Singers, Thespian, S.A.I., Korosophian President. ROY L. BOWDEN Fort Worth, Texas Scia Ouatore, IANET BOWER Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, B.S.U., Scia Ouatore, E.A. IANICE BOWER Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., EA., Sophomore Class Favorite E ROY BOYD, IR. Fort Worth, Texas Golden Shears, Beta Epsilon, D.D. president Iack Frost, Veterans Club IOE C. BRADLEY Dallas, Texas Golden Shears, T.W. Club, Altoco, Ram Basketball Team. MRS. ANN BRANNON Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, B.S.U., S.M.K., Thespian, Gamma Omicron, W.A.A., Sophomore Class Favorite, Sophomore Class President, Best All Around Girl, True Blue. MRS. MARY ELLEN STUART BRANNON Baytown, Texas Alpha Chi 53 v 'sr -C' ga! '13 es NI Yi. C2 T 5 V7 1 'Fi' Qi t -0 ,yi YZ QI! ' sa! tx 5 ga' JN if TEXAS WESLEY CLAUDINE BRIDGES Temple, Texas Golden Shears, S.C.R.A., M.S.M Wesleyan Singers Korosophian SIA. President, Who, Who, Campus Sweetheart BETTY ANN BROOKS Venus, Texas Alpha Chi, M.S.M. FRED W. BROWN Fort Worth, Texas M. E. BROWN Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon, Veterans Club. E. L. BROWNING Fort Worth, Texas Sica Quatore, Veterans Club NAOMI BRUNER Hope, Arkansas M.S.M., Korosophian. WALTER LEE BRYANT, IR Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., Beta Epsilon. IANE BURLESON ' Eort Worth, Texas B.S.U., Korosophian, Thespian LUTHER BURLESON Fort Worth, Texas Rambler Stall, B.S.U., Altoco. MELVIN CHAPMAN Sanger, Texas Golden Shears, S.C.RA., B.S U Student Council T W Club Sakkara, Who's Who, Senior Class Favorite Student Body Presi dent, Iunior Class President, Ram Basketball Team BETTIE IO CHILDRESS Nashville, Arkansas Gamma Omicorn, Tau Gamma Chi Halloween Queen MARY FRANCES CLOUD Fort Worth, Texas CA., CA. Sweetheart. IAMES R. COLE Muenster, Texas Scia Quatore, DD. ANNE COLEMAN Nashville, Tennessee PAT CONNER San Antonio, Texas M.S.M, fff000000000000000000000 coLLEeE i953 v SENIORS IIMMIE A. COONTZ Fort Worth, Texas Golden Shears, President S.C.R.A., BSU., I5.fl.U, Il'f!f:f:ll'tf:'Jfl, President S.M.A., Chi Rho, President Band. BETTY ALICE COX Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, S.C.R.A., Westrninister Fellowship, Tau Gamma Chi, Autiss. - BETTY SMITH DAHLIN Waxahachie, Texas Alpha Chi, Rambler Staff, Golden Shears, B.S.U., Buenos Veciriozz, Student Council Treasurer, Who's Who. BOB DAUGHERTY Aledo, Texas HELEN DeLANO Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, Golden Shears, B.S.U., Tau Gamma Chi, President Deka, Who's Who, Iunior Class Favorite, Smile Girl. CARL DEPEW Grapevine, Texas M.S.A., Wesleyan Singers, President Chi Rho, S.M.G. NELL MARIE DRURY Carlsbad, New Mexico Txweco Staff, O. O. Mclntyre Press Club, M.S.M., Thespian, Scia Quatore, Gamma Omicron, Deka. IAMES M. DUNN Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, S.C.R.A. President, B.S.U., Wesleyan Singers, Phi Mu Alpha, Who's Who, Chi Rho. BILL ESKEW Fort Worth, Texas ALFRED M. EERRILL Fort Worth, Texas WILLIAM EUGENE FRISBIE Weatherford, Texas Scia Ouatore, D.D. DOROTHY GARRISON Paducah, Texas Golden Shears, Beta Epsilon, Deka, Who's Who, Cheerleader, ALICE CAROL GILLESPIE Ewing, Illinois B,S.U. IACK GRAMER Fort Worth, Texas Scia Quatore, Sakkara. ROBERT E. GRAY Ranger, Texas Beta Epsilon, Veterans Club. 55 w--r K7 6' '35 'inf K A f'r 'F V77 if 1:4 F 5' 15? 'vt' gil 0 TEXAS WESLEYAN MRS. ROZELLA WADE GRIMES Spring, Kansas B.S.U., Gamma Omicron, F.T.A. CHARLES A. GRISSOM Weatherford, Texas BENNIE HAMILTON Eort Worth, Texas Golden Shears, D.D., Cheerleader, IACK HAMILTON Hilton Village, Virginia BSU., S.M.A., TW. Club, Golf Team ROBERT HARRIS Whitney, Texas B.S.U., D.D. BETTY HARVEY Fort Worth, Texas ' Golden Shears, BSU. President, Thespian, Student Council Sec- retary, E.A., Who's Who, Sophomore Class Favorite, May Queen, Freshman Queen. EDITH HAYNES Arlington, Texas BOBBY LEE HILL . Springtown, Texas Beta Epsilon. WINNON G. HOLBROOK Port Worth, Texas Golden Shears, S.C.R.A., M.S.M., Wesleyan Singers, Thespian, Student Council, Who's Who, Senior Favorite Nominee, Senior Class President. BILL HOLLAND Broken Arrow, Oklahoma S.C.R.A., Scia Quatore, C.A. President, Band. CHARLIE HOOD Weatherford, Texas Beta Epsilon DALE I. HOWARD Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Psi Omega President, O. O. McIntyre Press Club, Golden Shears, B.S.U., Thespian President, Beta Epsilon, Altoco, Who's Who, Veterans Club. GEORGIA HRAZDIL Burkburnett, Texas BSU. Korosophian, Thespian, Gamma Omicron, IOAN HUNT Fort Worth, Texas M.S.M., Chi Rho. MARY BETH HUNTER Meridian, Texas MSM., W.A.A. 56 col.LEeE 9 SENIORS HIRAM IGI-INSON Dallas, Texas Alpha Chi, S.C.R.A Pr I r lvl Who's Who. FRANCES MARSHAL IORDAN Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, ETA. IACK KECK Fort Worth, Texas DOROTI-IEA KEITH Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, M,S.M,, S M K Tau Gamma Chl IOYCELYN RUTH KEITH Waco, Texas B.S.U, HARRY W. KELLY Fort Worth, Texas Scia Quatore, Beta Ep xlon PAT KERR Ardmore, Oklahoma B.S.U. HAZIL KING Bangs, Texas M.S.M,, Tau Gamma NELL KNIGHT Fort Worth, Texas PAT KNIGHT Fort Worth, Texas SUE KNGWLES Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., Korosophian, Wesleyan Smgers Tau Gamma Chl R AI MILDRED KNOX Fort Worth, Texas M.S.M., S.M.K. President Beta Epsllon Auttss FRANK LEACH Fort Worth, Texas MrS.M., S.M.A. WILLIAM LEE Burgettstown, Pennsylvanta Beta Epsilon, Sakkara ZANA LEMGN Burleson, Texas Txweco Staff, W.A.A Tau Gamma Ch1 EA Who s Who Senlor Favorite Nominee, 57 TEXAS WESLEYAN MARGARET SPEARS LOWRY Burleson, Texas Alpha Chi, President ot Gamma Omicron, Autiss. VIRGINIA MCCARTHY Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, Korosophian, Tau Gamma Chi, EA, BOBBY MCCULLAR Fort Worth, Texas M.S.M., Cross Timbers, Sakkara. PRED MCCULLAR Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon. MRS. HELEN MCDANIEL Irving, Texas S.M.K. IIMMYE MCKEON Fort Worth, Texas M.S.M., Treasurer oi Tau Gamma Chi, EA., Treasurer ot Iunior Class. CHARLENE MC LEROY Fort Worth, Texas M.S.M., Autiss President. CHARLES MCMANUS Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon, Student Council, Sakkara, President ot Veterans Association. DOROTHY MANN Dallas, Texas Alpha Psi Omega, S.C,R.A., M.S.M. president, Wesleyan Singers, Thespian, Student Council, President of Dormitory Council. BONNIE MARSHALL Fort Worth, Texas O. R. MARSHALL Columbus, Ohio Alhpa Chi, Beta Epsilon, Veterans Club. DABNEY B. MEEKER Fort Worth, Texas Veterans Association. I. E. MOOREMAN Fort Worth, Texas Scia Quatore. VIVIAN MOOREMAN Fort Worth, Texas Scia Quatore. CARYL NAUGLE Saginaw, Texas 58 f00000000000 000Il0000000 col.LEeE 9 SENIORS LOU PARKER Temple, Texas M.S.M., Cross TIII1l'JCI'H,TllC, plan lg. A CHARLES A. PHIPPS Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., S.M.A. TOMMY IO PI-IIPPS Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, Beta Epsilon. IOSEPI-IINE PICKARD Fort Worth, Texas M.S.M., Thespian, Scia Ouatore secretary E A Whos Who Band. VINCENT PLASTINO Burleson, Texas WILLIAM F. POSTLETI-IWAITE Texarkana, Texas Phi Mu Alpha. TOMMY POPKEN Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon, Altoco. CLOVIS L. PROCTOR Bronte, Texas Rambler Staff, O. O. Mclntvre Press Club SCRA President Westminister Fellowship, Scia Quatore Beta Epsilon Veterans Association. IAMES E PRUETT Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, President of Scia Quatore Memphis Texas B.S.U., Vice-President T. tain, Ram basketball team SAMMY. Jos RAsco I f . W GEORGE I-I. RIDDLE Eort Worth, Texas RALPH ROBINSON Meridian, Texas Golden Shears, Beta Epsilon Vice President Student Council President D.D., Sophomore and Iunior class favorite Who s Who VERNON SCHNEIDER Fort Worth, Texas IIM SEAGO Fort Worth, Texas Altoco, Senior favorite nominee BARBARA SEDBERRY Fort Worth, Texas Cross Timbers, W.A.A. 59 SENIORS 0 TEXAS WESLEY IERRY SINGER Fort Worth, Texas Sakkara. PHYLLIS SMITH Frederick, Oklahoma B.S.U., Thespian, Gamma Omicron, Deka Historian Iunior class favorite nominee. PATTI SONE Rising Star, Texas Deka. BEVERLY SORRELS Port Worth, Texas Rambler Staff, S.C.R.A., B.S.U., Treasurer Tau Gamma Chr Sec retary EA. R. I. STAFFORD Fort Worth, Texas LILLIE CADY STEPHENS Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., Tau Gamma Chi, Chi Rho. IOHN D. STEVENSON Fort Worth, Texas B.S.U., S.M.A. DORIS MORTON STOCKTON Fort Worth, Texas Alpha Chi, M.S.M., FTA. IOHN STREW Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon, Veterans' Association. DON SYMONS Henrietta, Texas O. O. Mclntyre Press Club, M.S.M OTTIE TAULMAN, IR. Odessa, Texas Beta Epsilon, Sakkara. LOUISE HUTCHESON TERRY Fort Worth, Texas President Alpha Chi, Golden Shears MS M Wesleyan Singers President S.A.I., Who's Who, Senior class favorite IEAN TIERNEY Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon, Tau Gamma Chi, Deka DOROTHY IOYCE TOOMBS Fort Worth, Texas BSU., President S.M.K., Spanish Club OLIN TUNNELL, IR. Dallas, Texas Rambler Staff, O. O. Mclntyre Press Club MSM SMA Wes leyan Singers, Thespian. f000000000000000001f00000 coLLEeE 1953 0 SENIORS I. , 19 I IIVIA LOUISE TYSON Fort Worth, Texas 53, Alpha Chi, B.S.U., Beta Epsilon, Tau Gamma Chi. T' OLAN T. UNDERWOOD 15 Fort Worth, Texas Altocou Veterans' Association. MRS. ANNAH MAE WHITE Fort Worth, Texas 1' . fetswlfitkk A- A BILLY WHITWORTI-I Fort Worth, Texas -A.,N '95 IERRY JAMES WILLIAMS ""' Fort Worth, Texas Beta Epsilon. 1- IEBBY WILSON Ranger, Texas SAM WILSON Fort Worth, Texas BARBARA L. WOOD Cleburne, Texas W.A.A., Tau Gamma Chi, Senior class favorite nominee. to 5' X NYLA IEAN VAUGHT ' Fort Worth, Texas Tau Gamma Chi, Korosophian. 61 TEXAS WESLEYAN O C7 H Qiqxi, A-, A fm , M 3 ' .A xv . ' Q ,,, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILLY JOHN STILES ,..A.. ...,..A.4.A...., P resident PAT SIMMONS , .,..,..,. AA,.A4., V ice-President SWL SMITH IIII.. . ,....,.., Treasurer SYLVIC MCMIIRRAX ...II..... Secretary IJIANA rI1YER ., I, , I ..,. .,I.,. .Reporter MRS. ALICE WONDERS II.,. ,......I S ponsor 00000000 0000000000000000000000000 62 C 00 oLLEeE 1953 0 JUNIORS Ig 'Y an-My if BILLIE ALLEN Fort Worth , ,J ,J vs PAT ALLEN m, , Corsicana L' MELVIN AVERY I 3 Fort Worth MARY IO BAILEY San Antonio IOHN BARNES Harlingen RENABEL BIBLE Cisco WANDA BLACKBURN Mena, Arkansas KENDALL BOND DeLeon BILLY BREY Fort Worth IIM BRIDGES Cleburne TOM BROCKETT Fort Worth GENE BURGE Fort Worth FREDDY BYAS Fort Worth BOB CARTER Fort Worth O. E. CASTILLON Fort Worth WANDA COSSEY Dodge City, Kansas CHARLES DEASON Fort Worth IACK DEMETRUK Fort Worth WANDA EDWARDS Euless PERSIS ELDREDGE Smithfield WILLIAM T. FANNING Fort Worth 0000000000U0000000000 63 if 4'7 if-'ff -to ft Rfk! iixl. K0 WN-7 if I i' sf' T27 'U L 'rf' ,vi X 'EZ' YS' 'Q Qtff ye. I Q ' 1' 'Ti in I 1? if an 3 L .IUNIORS v TEXAS WESLEYAN "",'u For X4 'Q-.ar ZOAN EIKE Eort Worth BILL EORD Fort Worth IOE FOSTER Fort Worth TRUMAN OEE Grandbury IOANNE GILES Fort Worth CHARLES GINN Sylva, North Carolina IRENE GREGG Springtown BERT HAMIVIOOK Fort Worth . X F if T7 .l 'T' ANN HARRELL Covington LAVERNE HENDERSON Itasca ' PAY HEREFORD Lometa IOAN HOGAN Fort Worth WAYNE HUDDLESTON Fort Worth PATSY HUEE Fort Worth IOE HUGGINS AEort Worth BILL HUNT Talihina, Oklahoma KENNETH IOHNSTON Weatherford YB! QV BOB KELLER Fort Worth , t TILLIE LATHAM I Fort Worth DON LEACH Lfm Fort Worth f , Fort Worth IUQUUUUUUUUUUf00000000U000U 64 I I LESLIE LQFILS ' 0000000000000000000000 00000 COLLEGE 1953 v JUNIGRS NAOMI LEVEY Waxahachie IOE LINDSEY r Fort Worth vffyx '54, CHARLES LUCAS Cleburne 1 . SYLVIA MCMURRAY Garland FRANKLIN MCTEER 'f' Sanford, Florida DICKSIE MEEK Fort Worth NJ '37 IIIVIMIE MOBLEY Fort Worth GERRELL NEWTON Fort Worth ETI-IEL O'MALLEY ""' Fort Worth HOWARD PAYNE, IR. Fort Worth IESSE PETERSON N 4-ef - W h h' GXG GC le 3 DOROTHY POPEIOY Fort Worth RQ-f ELSIE POPLIN Grand Prairie ANN POTEET Evant MELVIN PRATHER 'H' Sw Fort Worth , jg, MARTHA PRICE K Fort Worth IACKOUELINE PUCKETT W Euless FRANCES PURTLE x 1-v Q New Boston IOY RICHARDSON Fort Worth MARILYN RICHARDSON McAllen CHAROLLOTTE ROGERS ' Fort Worth T' 65 X .IUNIORS v TEXAS WESLEYAN Q. gp 'KN jv 2' 'Q t '17 'S-733' 5-3 KAKIE ROSS Fort Worth PAT SAMPSELL Fort Worth EARL SANDERS Fort Worth P SANDIE SANDIFE: 7 Fort Worth V' A BURKE SATTAWHITE Fort Worth MARTHA SHANNON Fort Worth DON SLIDER Pascagoula, Mississippi PAT SIMMONS sv Vernon W IEAN SMALL Fort Worth DON SMITH I ji Memphis, Tennessee 'J ff? S M K rf SUE SMITH sd ' 'A ' 3 Morton D Rm' 'S a BILL SNELSON yg. A-,h , , I ' W Ek, Fort Worth HELEN SPEER Fort Worth TED SPENCER U ,N Bloominggrove A. 73 ""' SADIE MAY STEAGALL 0 V2 Fort Worth Ati, in BILLY IOHN STILES Midlothian s IAMES ST. LOUIS Riverside, Ontario, Canada 'ff LAW STOKES Fort Worth Nl F77 Sf E DORIS STRAUGI-IAN Ouanah IANE THRASI-I . Fort Worth It DIANA TYER gxyy Carlsbad, New Mexico It tri 00000000000000000000000000fi 66 1 CQLLEGE I953 0 JUNICDRS ANN VANDERSLICE Fort Worth PAUL VETTER Fort Worth IESTUS WADE Levelland IAMES WAGGONER Fort Worth BILLY WALKER Lubbock IOSEPH WALLER Fort Worth IEANNINE WEST Fort Worth IESSE WHALEY Eastland ' fl 9 .. f o'P1-kRrE:QWoRD Meridian f0000000000000000000000000 67 A ug. 4 .ssfbqi 0,.-ve x X ,W VD' ifX C357 X xx I 'mit it i ff xx? Q9 TEXAS WESLEYAN aw MG -' 'rl- Alkl Vlxy y A 'n Lv-, A-Jiflgxxf A A wi :AN A ,' . 6-l ! At -.C 1 ,fm gf., .FT SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS IOHN ED FRANCIS .,., ' .....A.....4Preszdent CQERRY BRONSON ., A, A.,.A.. I 'ice-President CLAUIJIA GAFFORD ,L.,.L,.Secretary IVIYRNA WALLACE A,.. ,....,.,,.A,.....4.,.A Treasurer J. C. NICHOLS ,, , A ...C..,. Intramural Captain DR. HOWARIJ HUGHES Sponsor Q0-1000-QQIJQQQV ooLLEeE 1953 0 SOPHOMORES FAYE ABEYTA Fort Worth to Aococx W Orongc Q, SAM ALLEN Honey Grove DIXIE ALEXANDER Mosshoim IVIAURICE AMIDEI Fort Worth BETTE BLEDSOE Fort Worth BOB BERRY Fort Worth IAN BODINE Fort Worth GENE BOETTNER Fort Worth GERALD BRONSON, IR. Fort Worth TROY BRYSON Fort Worth IEAN CARDWELL Pctris ORA LEE CARTER Tyler IEANNE COLE Grapevine ELGA ANN DEN Iowct Pork IOANN CORBET Shreveport, Louisionor NY BARBARA DOWNING Ports IOHNNY EAGLE Fort Worth IOI-IN FERGUSSON Fort Worth IOI-IN ED FRANCIS Wcxco 69 CLAUDIA GAFFORD Fort Worth I C. ,pg . s,4? "V Q T -L . 1 R X ff X4 i' I t 4 1--f J4- I iff? f 'Ol' T-'-T' V T'7 TL' v Q7 1-1' YL7 KA 3 . Nav A an E SOPHOMORES 0 TEXAS WESLEYAN 5 'S' MARIE GARNER Cleburne RADFORD GREGG Springtown IACKIE HARRIS Fort Worth .fr , 4 I TONY HERNANDEZ Shreveport, Louisiana ' CONRAD HIMMEL I Milford L. D. HOLLAND Rio Vista LYNELL HOLLAND ' Rio Vista IRL HOLT . Quanah MAURINE KAVANAUGH Hamilton DON KIRTON Mart I DAVID LATHAM Fort Worth FRANKLIN LEWIS Mansfield ADOLPI-I LOPEZ , Fort Worth Q, Fort Worth I I' 'I Bos MCQUITTY Port Worth BETTYE MCDANIEL Q CLETA PEARL MASON Evant PEGGY MAYNARD Fort Worth RUTH MILES Fort Worth IO MONTYA Port Worth HAROLD MOORE 4 Graham I. C. NICHOLS Corpus Christi 70 c:ol.LEeE was v SOPHOMORES DON OZMENT Fort Worth MAIORIE PARKER Fort Worth NANCY PATRICK Fort Worth NANETTE PATTEN East Point, Georgia BILL PORTWOOD Fort Worth IAMES RICHHART Fort Worth HERBERT RIDDLE Fort Worth P. W. RIPPLE Grapton, West Virginia TOMMY RILEY Snyder LEAMAN RIPPETOE Fort Worth MARGIE ROBERTS Fort Worth TERRY ROBERTS Fort Worth KATHLYN ROBINSON Meridian MRS. PERRY SAN DIFER Fort Worth IIMMY SCRIBNER Fort Worth MARY FRANCES SCRIBNER Fort Worth HONOR SLIDER Heidleburg, Mississippi LINDA SMITH Fort Worth IO SOUDER Fort Worth PEGGY STELL Fort Worth IOHN STEVENSON Fort Worth 0000000000000 0000000000000 71 QP , .A 11117 .il .Q-. , '-W 1 Syl X 4x 5 I ,, . . Y 1 I. L 'mi !'d N 5 Ext ' : 1 SO PHOMORES ' TEXAS WESLEYAN T27 C17 Z ""7 'CV V37 D . 5 gs' It -9- -,an -sf T-7 x -if X 3 E7 'Q' X IEAN STRUM Fort Worth MILDRED TAULMAN Fort Worth IEANETTE TAYLOR Fort Worth MERLENE TEGEL Ballinger RAY TIMS Fort Worth WILMA TIPPING Bloorninggrove ANN TURNEY Weldon WANDA TYE Paducah IUDY VAN NORDEN Fort Worth IESS VASOUEZ Manila, Phillipines ' DON VASSEY Odell IOHNNY WALKER Fort Worth MYRNA WALLACE Fort Worth GUS WARREN Fort Worth PATSY WARRENL Meridian RUBY WILLIAMS Marlin CHARLENE WORD Meridian G. D. WRIGHT Weatherford IUNE WRIGHT Grapevine IEAN WYATT Fort Worth 000000000000000000000000000L 72 .. A 5E f- 314' s .ff If ' L4 .Ig Q5 1 r 1 ' I ' v ,L .. 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MARGARET SMITH Fort Worth DELBERT TAYLOR Evermcrn -J LETA TERRY V '-sl Fort Worth W C3 A tm DAVID THOMAS Mount Plecrscrnt IUNE THOMAS Port Worth PAT THOMAS Q., Fort Worth Cv IOAN THOMPSON Dawson ROSSIE TROUT Fort Worth HELEN WAKEFIELD Itosccx LOUISE FORD WANYE Fort Worth LINNIE RAE WARD Fort Worth PEGGY WARREN Meridian LINDA WERNER Fort Worth MARY NELL WHITE Fort Worth MIRIAM WILSHIRE Crowley Q7 t- KENNETH WITHROW Fort Worth 79 l Q -Im ff. f.e'f'1 F-' !",.':' n I Jfn uf v ,wg 1- X , V .2 nb 4- lv 5-.A . ,, , v Q I 8 . - ryl S ...i-...... ?. A-,-an N..- 45,4 . ,F -' ' dll.. . 1 ' 1 Lg" I ,Mia .,- . , .9 .ia , 1 f Q , A 4 --,yt 4 " p ,. -ix 1 1. .-1 . 3, "2 o 'iw ' I x r f, ju-gr' Air - ' E . 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'SESS- usl'2' tml.: 2:3 F gnfa A S' 'wa F 5. - -: sg! 1f"A ,A ,rl f i DIANA TYER fl 1 Q W ffi Q A LMZWX W EC O My EVM yy! V919 Lingggnnvofhl DDJ!-f A 9 iffy f 1 . A xy STAFF NELL DRURY ...... TROY BRYSON .A..... Buzzx' HLTDGINS ...,.. ZANA LEMON ......... HELEN DE LANO ..... MARTHA SHANNON ..,.... MAURINE KAVANAUGH ...A MX'RNA NEAL ...,.,......., .,.....,Bu5irzess .Manager Editor Sports Editor ....,..Sports Editor ......Senior Editor .........funior Editor Sophomore Editor .........Fre5hman Editor Editor Hin' 'Q' 'Y' JOHN ED FRANCIS .ixffxffzrlt Editor TRCY BRYSOY HELEN DE LANO NELL DRURY MARTHA SHANNON 'EPINE KAVANAUGH MYRNA NEAL ZANA LEMON . if fs' wr- iff? fa ll? ff V37 105 106 RAMBLER ,gg A9 , Y STAFF BILLY JOHN STILIGS ,..4, J, , II3u.sim'.s.s Managwr CAROL LONG .......L,. ..VL... I Yociwly liditor JIMMY BROWN .4... .,.........,,4.L.L . S'jmrts lfdilor JACKIE HARRIS .J.4... .,,.JL,. C Jirculation Aflarzagwr , "f'T""'f A s CYRUS ANSARY BARBARA BLAIR DORTI-IA BLAIR IIMMY BRCYYI BARBARA FISHER IEANETTE QUARELLS B. I. STILES OI.Iff TUIIII' LI. -L., . if 'J' IRA 'I IIUXII UN lffl: T ff f , mm x1fQ151'1'1 Y W I I 1- - 7 f 1 . .,f.. .GM End gd" 'TS .R-,A 107 ,Q 6 -nfl +1--'17 I 2? Q IS Q Xa MA A 0 A ANN H.ARRIiLL f C11,xRL1aNE LNICLEROY LXIILDRED KNOX ,. .,., UTISS OFFICERS LX'IAURINli IQAYANAUGH .... Miss GRACE CORBIN President ..,..Ivi6C-PI'CSLdl'7lf Szwretary Pledge Captain Sponsor QV - - A: "4 3'12"fi'??N'7VT'iJw:'i""'7? '.l H - , X - ss. . X- ????fQG'W ' R H -'MX 1 A T! ww X U x .sf me Ausfiss entertained guests of their rush party at Q dinner at Denny Hormon's. L' K' in 0 W , ix I, mf A. Ausfiss' new members ore: CLETA PEARL MASON, FLORA MCMAHON, MARJORIE FORD, CAROL LONG. QQWMQWNMQQQQQWJW O ...irq 'ik X 1 , g 1 ,rs QM ' 'Q-s.i: , . 5 108 SO RGRITY .mu AUT155 f Standing: Lowrey, Knox, Poplin, Corbin, Mason, Long, McMahon, Ford. Seated: Cardwell, Tipping, McLeroy, Kavonaugh, Whaley, Harrell. NDED IN I942 109 'Z"'f' First row: Charles Martin- dale, Tommy Popken, Charles Deason, Sterling Pruitt, Gary Colburn. Second row: Dan Allen, .lim- my Bridges, John Friday, Frank Pappas, Billy Barnes. 'MGQQMQQQQQQQQM FRATERNITY .mu ALTOCO Seated: Deason, Pruitt, Colburn, Mr. Hart, Popken, Simmons, Martindale. Standing: Barnes, Tassione, Howard, Allen, Baum, Friday, Bridges, Buck, Pappas, 111 The officers oncl members of DEKA entertained guests ot o rush dinner in the Ranger Room of The Western Hills Hotel. New members ofDeko1 First row: PEGGY WARREN, MARY ADA DUNLOP, HELEN WAKEFIELD, BARBARA DUNTON, PEGGY MARTIN. Second rowf BILLIE MULLINS, EDWINA BOX, CAROLYN RlCKS, DOBBIE HARDWlClC, SARA DUNCAN. QMQMQQQQQQQ-'JW vDEKA OFFICERS HIQLI-:N DR LANG I, , lJoRo'I'IIY G.-XRRISON ,.i,,.. w 131,-XNA EI YER ....,t.,.. ...,,. NELL IDRURY , .,.,,.. I .. PATTI SONE KATIILYN ROBINSON ..,... Pravidzfizt .l'ic'1'-Pl'f'.x'idf'71f Szrcrczlary .4....IT1'fax1u'z'r' . Pledge Captains TROY BRYSON ...i,,.,,... i.,.., P arliamentarian WANIIA TYR .....,, .,.........,... R apo,-ref PIIYLLIS SMITH ,.... ..,. .........,.. H i storian CIIARLENE WORD ....I. ...,... S ergeant-at-Arms MRS. ERIN HIYGHES ...., .....,, I,... . . , Sponsor N,,.,N SR K I 112 'FOUNDEDIN IQV4 'irsf row: Helen Wakefield, Mary Ada Dunlop, Wanda Tye, Sara Duncan, Troy Bryson, Bobbie Hardwick. iecond row: Kafhlyn Robinson, Diana Tyer, Dorothy Garrison, Nell Drury, Phyllis Smith. 'hird row: Sandie Sandifer, Billie Mullins, Pafsy Warren, Peggy Warren, Jean Sfum, Edwina Box, Charlene Word, Carolyn 'ean Tierney, Barbara Dunfon, Marky Shannon, Peggy Marlin. .:.1,.--' ' Rzfvs 'C7 I L. grw L., ffl, . ,fp 113 X fu 'fhn New members of Sokkcro were presented of o formal ball cf Glen Garden Country Club. They are BOB MCCUL- LAR, JOHN STEVENSON, SAM RASCO, GERRY BRON- SON, BILL PORTWOOD. ?'bfb0WW'b0IOQOQOQ0f00i'h'bQ0fQ OFFICERS Ru' lllcl-'1f1f:Rs0N r. , M Blu, FORD , , .. livuulfi S.-x'1"lxxw111Tlf: , . flu-:N141 LJJVRGIC ,L A DR. HOXX'.rXRlJ HUGHES . SAKKARA . ,4,Pn'.virImzf Lvfff'-Pl'1'.x'ff1'1'I1f .,.., S1'l'l'l'f0lAj' ...7'l'l'!1.Y1lI't'I' .. .V.. Sponsor OFOUNDEDIN I934 .A V Y 'ks JV vv "'C'SCX1'3Y, 8'9Q'if-513 K li qu, LEAEJEQUUMJU JG ou 5f153b ki, lk QL! N' w3 K:x7gaf U A zynv 5 A K K ARA ' I Firsf row: Burge, Bronson, McManus, Dahlin, Sfevenson. Second row: Toggerf, Jefferson, Chapman, Riley, Ford, Rosco, Dr. Hughes, Soffawhite 115 The members of ENTRE AMIS enferfained guests of cr formal dinner in fhe Fall. New members inifiafed info the club ore: Seafed: EYVONNE ANDREWS, JONETTE CONLEY, JEAN RODOLPH, NORMA SUE GRIFFIN. Sfonding: BETTY DOD- SON, CAROL BUCK, MARJORIE SHIVE, PAT ALLEN. f000Q'000'0Q0'ir'b00000'b0Qf00-000006' 0 ENTRE AMIS OFFICERS SUR SMITH me . A , BEVERLY SORRELS IANICE BOXVIER . .l.r . ZANA LEMON ,,....,.. ....... WIEANNINE VVEST .....,... .......,.,..r.. . . Miss CLATI-I ERINE WVAKEFIELD Plvdg Presidmzf Srcrftarj' Trfaxurfr 0 Captain ..,........RFll107'fF7' .. Sponsor OFOUNDED IN I94' 0 W' QMQCQ J., " 8' L' 71 7, C n g . C497 gk: K Q CD 7 173 5 Q 7 J 7 1 7, 9 J DQ' LQ? 'I L, -1,7 ,DQS 7 'L First row: Rogers, Popejoy, West, Bentley, Wallace. Second row: Andrews, Pickard, Meek, Janice Bower, Conley, Rodolph, Janet Bower, Price, Roberts, Hogan. Third row: McMurray, Miss Wakefield, Dodson, Buck, Gafford, Shive, Allen, Smith, Levy, Ross, Harris, Sorrels, Lemon, Griffen -1 117 Rv i .1 x, - .',.x....,'-N . ,w . K4-L , -. yriw. .1 . ,Q 5- 'ff' 4 ,- - Alix gi'-'1 ,xc r X fy - ' ,i i-9, L I 'mm I ef t ' . 13 '--sv M " . 1915 af' New members of D D for fhe year oreg Seofed: NOLAN AGEE, JOE LINDSEY, DON KIRTON. Sfondingq1fAVlD LATHUM, HAYDEN EDWARDS, JR., JAMES HUDGINS. MQMQQQQQQQQQQQQMQQJ ILLOTUS DUODECEM OFFICERS R.x1.1-11 Romxsox A PI'l'.x'JII't'71f DON I.r:,xcH Vin'-Pnividuzt 7: 1. cr. NICHOLS Plvdgc cxapmm ' r MR. Tum STAFFORD Sponevoz fi 118 FRATERNITY 'FOUND ix X Seated: Vassey, Nichols, Stafford, Robinson, Edwards. Sfanding: Measures, Agee, Berry, Byas, Cole, Leach, Hudgins, Lafham, Symons, Linsey, Newton, Kirton, Francis 1- 119 ED IN I943 DQQQQIDQQQQQQQQQQQQQQJNJQG S. A. I. is a club for those interested in the study of music. You can aIways find the music majors around a piano, ready for a song. New members of S. A. I. are: JACK, HARVEY, MANN, BLAIR, RANKIN. Second rOW: DAVIS, DOWNING, FISHER, ROSSER. SIGMA ALPHA OFFICERS CL.-XUDINIC BRIDGES . .........., Piwidmzt BARBARA BLAIR ..,.... .................., I 'icf'-Pmsidcizt Sur: IQNOXVLES ............,.. Rvcording Secretary .IAN BODINE ..... . ........ Correspondiizg Secretary BIQTTY IDAHLIN ..... ...,........... .,,......,,. T 1 'fasurrr RENABEL BIBLE ,...... ....... S vrgcfant-at-Arnz.v 'IEANET'1'IE TAX'LOR .......... .,..........,.., R eportfr Miss MARX' SLAVVSON ....... ....... S ,bonsai 120 IOTA SQRORITY 'FOUNDED IN 'we "9 e 0' Qllllol B Q - QQQQQ First row: Bible, Downing, Cole, Jack, D. Blair. Second row: Rankin, Davis, Dahlin, Bridges, Taylor, Harvey. Third row: Fisher, Fike, Spears, Mann, Knowles, Bodine, B. Blair, Rosser. 121 New Members for fhe year ore Rody McCormick, Buddy Posflefhwoife, Hubbard and Thompson. Q MM000QOMOQfQ . , if NW. 0 PHI MU OFFICERS BILL HUN'lx .,.rr , DON SMITH ...r.. ,IAMES IJUNN... UI-IARLES DUK141 .A... . BILLY NVALKER ,.,. ,...I.I. MR. VVALTER LYNN .....I Pnxvidwzt .Vice-Prfsiderzt ,SE'Cl'Ft6lI'j' . ..I........., TI'6?d.SU7'l'T Plrdgc' Captain ...Sponsor 4 ,xx IN 122 ALPHA FRATERNITY .FOUNDED IN .898 fi? s f -fi 5 , .e VX ,S .fl 'H + v 1- 01. Firsf row: LeFils, Hunf, Mr. Lynn, Clayton, Duke, Walker. Second row: McCormick, Posflefhwaife, Foster, Smifh, Dunn, Hubbard, Thompson, Harris. 123 -A e ? INTE C7 RSORORITY COUNCIL vis' OFFICERS DOROTHY GARRISON .,..,.,A President SUE SMITH ,.,........... Vice-President CLAUDINE BRIDGES ........., Secretary CHARLENE MCLEROX' ,.,. Treasurer First row: Charlene McLeroy, Dorothy Garrison, Sue Smith. Second row: Charlotte Rog- ers, Ann Harrell, Barbara Blair. NTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Y, . V Elm' A OFFICERS DR. WARD ...,...........e..,,,... Chairman DR. HUGHES ., ......,, Secretary John Ed Francis, Ray Jeffer- son, .lames Dunn,- Gerald Baum. 5124 ALPHA CHI Louisa 'I'l':Rnv ,, D0llTlfIlCA KEITH ,..... IMA Louisie 'TYSON , HIRAM JOHNSON .,.A,,. ANNIE LEE KNOX 4..... MRS. MARIE CROUCH ffn-.Yponrm OIVIVICERS Presiflenl Vice-l'nffz'1lf'1il ,, .S'ecr1'tr1ry ,,'l'fff11.s'urer , , ,,., Slmmor The purpose of Texas Mu chapter of Alpha Chi, national scholarship society, in Texas Wesleyan College, is the promotion ot scholarship among undergraduate students. The society is composed ot approximately the upper ten per cent of the students in the Iunior and Senior Classes and is recognized as one ot the most Worthwhile organizations on the campus. Standing: Dunn, Marshall, Avery, Byas, Pruitt. len, Bower, Phipps, Miss Knox, Cox, Stockton, Seated: Sampsell, Tyer, Tyson, Terry, Keith, Dah- Brannon, Jordon, Mrs. Crouch. Q 4 125 'l s . ALPHA PSI GMEGA W X A c X 'Lv 1 5 5 T OI' FICERS Dux LEACH A A .... A A A. Prexirlent T -Ln R1A1A.x IIYATT AAAAA AAA.. V ice-Pwxirlent ul..-XUITI,-K CT.-XFFORD A A SFfI'6'f1lI'j'-71l'6".Il.Y1lIYI' BILLY JOHN STHAES .. AAAA. . Reporter MR. JOHN EDNVARDS A AAAAA, Sponsor This is national honorary fraternity. It is not intended to take the place at the reauiar drarnatics club, but as students quality they are elected to membership. This is the Theta Omicron chapter, or "cast" Seated: Carol Long, Ella Hyatt, Mr. Edwards. Standing: Shelby Hager, Claudia Gafford, Billy John Stiles, Gary Colburn. 126 BETA EPSILGN OIVIVICIHRS I'n'xi1lffnl ,Vice-l'n'.siflfnl . .Skfcrelriry 7'f!!fl5llII'f ,. Sfmnmr Business Administrotion majors ond minors form this organiz primary crim of this club is to provide contacts with the business meons oi visiting lecturers Who represent vorious types ot industry soring business clinics ond forums, ond by field trips to business est ments. Meetings ore held once CI month. First row Mason, Pofeef, Crouch, Harrell, Knox, Tye Johnson, K. Robinson, Mullins, Box, Hardwick Tyson and Tierney Second row Denny, Sfrew, Allcon, Popken, Measures, Allen, Keller, McManus, Gray, Hood, Mann George Third row Sfeagle, McCullar, Deason, Williams, Brown, Ford, Newton, Demetruk, Wilkenson and R Robinson I v QQQQQQQQQQMJNNMM GCDLDEN SHEARS COMMITTEE OFFICERS IWOROTHY G xmusox Cflmirman R Xl ru Romxsy x I'ire-lflzaiiman .Ionx ED FRXXCI Su'rft11ry DR. G1 xlws Bowxux . Sponsor Seated: John Ed Francis, Dorothy Garri- son, Ralph Robinson, Dr. Gladys Bow- man. Standing: Ray Jefferson, Mel Chapman, Billy John Stiles. MEMBERS Bun. SHORT UIIMMY Bkowx KAY IQRAMER Hu EX TNR'-.KEFII-1I.D Prfim' XYARREN NI!-N .XXXII-Q LH. KNOX. Sponsor Burl Short, Helen Wakefield, Miss Knox, Peggy Warren, Jimmy Brown. GCDLDEN RULE COMMITTEE Clil RT1CD 'll l lfelplii If-.f'.1', Hman l'rf,.f1 IREM.-. ll' hill'-ll" :IJ r Nluf, ,lu liazii u far,-'l 'ff' M '-.if1i, frail .iii lffpw Nflf- .XlZ'l V.f,,i,ixf fp Firsl row: Wonders, Van Norden, Ying, Anderson, Alexander, Davidson Second row: Mann, Morris, Henderson, Sampsell, Smith, Third row: Baller, Bailey, Mobley, Prather. Fourfh row: Bond, Coonfz, Thompson, Dunn, Taylor, Cagle, Himmel, Leach, Wright, Moore, DePew. OFFICERS BILL HOLI,,XND Pu-z' ELLA. HH'.XTT l':1'a-Pw Rl'TH BIILES Safran:-j,-Turn: MR. H,XROLD BIILES 5 Firsf row: Baird, Hyaff, Miles, McTier Miles, Holland, Peterson, Cloud, Slider CHRBT AMBASSADORS C i 7' I BETTY Hixnvsx' . .. ,JK I v 'Q' ' J.AxM1is DUNN ., SUE KNOWLES . . GEORGIA PIRAZDIL . HELEN DE LANO i , NAOMI Lnvx' ,,.. O. D. Bouxns OFFICERS .. t . ..,..,.. .... P resident .....First Vice-P1'e.via'ent Second Vice-President .Third Vice-President Secretary ......,,,Treamre1 Sponsor The BSU is an organization on the campus composed of Baptist students. Activities include parties, banquets, worship and mission projects and parti- cipation in religious activities in the community and on the campus. 561' 130 Ol"l'lCJI'lRS , . 3' W' DOIIOTHN' MANN ., , Ihmzrlwnl " JOHN En l"uANr:Is A , , ,Vice l,If'Sil1l'7lf f u PATSY XNARRICN ,. , lx'f'c'0rfling .S'H'rel11ry A X' ULAUDIA GAFl"ORl3 ,. A C'0rre.xlmn1ling SFL'H!llIlj' U " . MARY Jo BAu.m' r AAAA ,, M ,. 'l'rff11suHfr -' Miss ERNAI, SMITH Sjmnsm Ease W 131 'A Q 1 4 M s M fi L The Methodist Student Movement is d ioccd division of the Methodist youth. It is dttiiidted with the storte movement, ond porticipotes in its program of Worship, recreation, Community service ond missions. All Methodist students ore potentiol members of this group. CRGSS TIMBERS OFFICERS LI.xRRo1.1, MURILL .. . ........ ,. .. .... ..,... . Preszdent Ymm C.-xRR.Mv.xx' ..... ..A........ V ice-President Hr P.-xT SAMPSELL ..... ...Secretary-Treaszlrer Cross Timbers is a very active organization with varied activities during the year. Sketching trips, observation visits, and attendance at exhibits have been included. Trotter, Murill, Owens, McCullc1r, Sedberry 132 GAMMA CDMICRGN M ... MARGAIU-rr Lowiufzy .M ,. I'resirlent Nieri, DRURY .,4,,.,.,,. Vice-l'resiflffril 4 MARTIiA PRXCIC ,S'1fc'relr1ry 1 PHii,i,ls SM1TH ,.,A, it lfejmrter, llistorinn V'- MIIS. MARTHA SMITH M .S'fmn,wf Gamma Omicrari is an organization for girls who are vitally imeresiea in the field of Home Economics. Much of their activity takes place in the modern and Well-equipped Home Economics I-louse. The local chapter is also active in state and national Work arid sends delegates to both conventicxs u First row: Jean Cardwell, Louise Wayne, June Wright, Charlene McLeroy, Maurine Kavanaugh, JoAnn Maserang, Ora Lee Carter, and Carol Buck. Second row: Georgia Hrazdil, Jane Thrash, Margaret Lowrey, Nell Drury, LeRuth Bentley. Ramona Howard, Martha Price, Marie Garner, Betty .lo Childress, Mrs. Smith. 133 KOROSOPHIAN OFFICERS B,xxB.xR.x B1 XIR Prcxirlrrir M xxx' jo Ban Fx' Virr-Prasidrrzt .I xxr' Bun rsox .l'I't'l151ll't'I' Naam Bnrxx-ix Sfvrvtzzry Dxxuf .-X1 xexxxnfs Cflmplnin Mus. .-Xxx x Rl'TIl XIITCHI-111 Sjmrzxor Mary .lo Bailey, Dorothy Mann, .lo Ad- cock, Dixie Alexander, JoAnn Maserang, Naomi Bruner, Georgia Hrazdil, Nyla Vaughf. OFFICERS DIANA 'IWYF-LR Previrlenl PERSIS ELMQIDGPL Vice-Pre.sir1'ent XLXRY ADA. DUNLOP Senetrzry-Trwlfurer Dk. HOX1'.'KRIJ Hrcurgs Sfmnsor Seafedf Diana Tyer, Persis Eldridge, Molly Baird, Mary Ada Dunlop, Stand- ing: Mr. Roberfs, Law Sfokes, Oscar Casfillion, Dr. Hughes. PHOENIX CLUB "Cl ,fx n 5 TAU GAMMA CHI '1III'.I.I' -, I1i.'i'i'r X'.m,if u l"f I3if,'i'i 'r .Xi if i, Cuz Ifff IH, T,HF.I'IU'1'li. Iiuf,i,w ,ff II'-1'f1'i'I, .N1f,Kr.f,w 'I fff. IIuv'riii.1. Kixiii H: " Nui a X'-1If,ii'i l'fj, Nlif E, N1,xif'.' fm '- 'f Firsl row: Craig, Dodson, Andre-f:, Rogers, Vaught, Duncan Second row Tyson, Poplin, King, Anderson, Woods, Johnson, Thompson, Trout, Cox, Keith, Miles. OFFICERS IRENE CIEDERV.-.L Pvc : BETTY DAHLIX I':ff'-P'f : DELLA SANDIEER .Sf-uw: r' 1 CAROL Loxa P RIRS. HEI,EN BILLxxas1Ex' N First row: Billingsley, Cederval, Sandifer, Hicks, Brannon, Long, Neal. Second row: Maffox, Francis, SPANISH CLUB I r0 xv ' Yi f N-.B - 1 I' f 'fri' se .-I x . 1 .. , 4 ' :fwfr-v 'iwtfqg -. M 2 rig 0. 0. MCINTYRE PRESS CLUB Bon MCQUITTX' IRENR CEDERX XL B.-mls.-xRA BLAIR IRA 'THOMPSON ,.., MR. TED STAFFORD OFFICERS The Press Club is an organization composed ot the joint stalls of the RAMBLER and the TXWECO. Until a student has completed thirty hours Work . on either publication, he is considered a pledge, then he assumes full mern- bership. The Mclntyre Press Club is a member of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association. First row: Ceclervol, Hudgins, McMahon, Thompson, McQuiHy. Second row: Long, Brown, D. Blair, Gafford. Third row: B. Blair, Stiles. ...,President .,.Vice-President ...........Sec,retary ...........,....Treasure1' Faculty Sponsor i'-M.. , 136 SCIA QUATGRE Scia Quatore is a club designated to further interest along scientific lines. All students ot biologykchemistry, physics, home economics, or mathematics are eligible for membership. This club is affiliated with the Texas Collegiate Academy ot Science and is a local chapter ot the Collegiate Division. First row: Cloud, McMahon, Thrash. Second row: Pickard, Anderson. Third row: St. Louis, Holland, Brown, Symons. Fourth row: Holland, Fisher, Ward. Fifth row: Streett, McClintok, Bowden, Barnes, Pruitt. 'QPA6 ,litmus Piuirrr 1',,,,,j,,,, JAMES CONC A Vine-President ,Ioslld PICKAMIJ .S'eurf!uf,.1 reu:u er TH NIARY JO BAILEY ,, 4 IRA THOMPSON IXIARIE GARNER ..... Ci!-IORGIA HRAZDIL . MR. JOHN EDWARDS ESPI UFFICERS This is an organization ot students who are interested in speech-dramas work on the campus. The major projects of the organization include the pro- duction ot a three-act play each semester, and on these projects seek member- ship in Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatics fraternity. Seated: Dunlop, Thompson, Bailey, Hyaff, Edwards. Standing: Cederval, Hager, Neal, Long, McMahon, Hudgins, Gafford, Stiles, Colburn, Francis. AN .....r..President Vice-President Secretary ......,Treasurer .......Spons0r 138 VETERANS ,J Ul"l"ICERS KIHARLES MCMANUS , Presirlenf N EARL MANN A .. .,.. Vice-l"re.s'irlenl Rover: G1-:ORGI-1 . ,.,,, . .S'ecrelary-'l'ren,sufer CHARLES MARTINDAI.I'1 , , .4 A. Refmrler This organization Was set up in l946 to keep veterans informed on Cutter. legislature and policies affecting them. lt also promotes good fellavzsiir, between veterans and other students. Left fo right: Barnes, Strew, Gray, Allcon, Brown, Marshall, McManus, Wilkinson iMann, Martindale, George. 139 SCRA OFFICERS B11 LX ,Torn ST11 rs PIc',Ylllc'I1l D1x11n .FX1 1sx.xx1w1f1: l'i1-1--Pit-.viflf-111 L..u'ERxr1 l'lrixDE1-:sox Sc'c'Ic'fl1f.Y-7-1e'l1.Y1lIfl Sims Riu 11 Sxuru Sponmi First row: Billy John Stiles, Dixie Alex- ander, Miss Smith, Laverne Henderson, Betty Harvey. Second row: Dorothy Mann, John Ed Francis, Ruth Miles. OFFICERS jxsun' COUNTZ Piesidenl j.s.C1-Q Ssrxosns Vice-President DON HOLT .S'ecretary-Treasurer Mus ERN.-x1, SMITH Sponsor First row: Smith, Coontz, Himmel, Saun- ders, Moore, Thompson. Second row: Roe, Prather, Mobley, B. Walker, Weldon, Hood. Third row: Dunn, J. Walker, DePew, P. Hood, Cagle. Fourth row: Bond, Greer, Leach, Can- trell, Badger, Lucas. Fifth row: Brocket, Holt, Bean, Taylor, Conner, Francis. SMA .www Fx" 5 x w i x.,V Q -,X N...-4, Kfff MA .QL FT HI' l' lf,l'.KS Lfzljlw Mnlnx -. l'ff:gf1fru IJlf.KwH'. 5151.54 Van-l'ff:zf1fnr lnfxr. 'I H-,n'.r.'.' .Sfuffag Rfxnwmn fLuH,f, 'l fm-u The Future Teachers of America is the most recenfly organized club on our campus. ORCHESTRA 0? WAA -:N -55,2 Sports for women are under the control ot the Women's Athletic Associa- tion. The purpose ot the organization is to promote athletics, to create a love tor sports, and to foster the ideal ot good sportsmanship. The association is a member of the Texas and National Athletic Federation of College Women and the National Amateur Athletic Foundation. First row: Burleson, Poteet, Sedberry, Peg Warren. Second row: Robinson, Bledsoe, Harrell, Whaley, Pat Warren, Miss Wakefield. OFFICERS SY1,viA MCMLTRR.NX . ...... .Preszdent lN'ANDA EDNVARDS . ., ........ Vice-Preszdent PATSY WARREN .. .. ...... Secretary BARBARA VVOODS . . .... Treasurer Y '17 X 4 If .5 A '-,Z .- 1,2 f A li N .... W Q 0' I.. J' TW CLUB OFFICERS GIQRALD BAUM , ,,M, V - Pfffffflffflf SAM RASCO A !..A,,A ,,Vice-Prmillenl MR. DAN HAIIT it ,, J .S'l""W" The TW Club is composed of meh who have lettered in some major sport. The purpose ot this club is to sponsor Worth-while activities which will in any Way benefit the athletics in the school. Starting from the top, left to right: Sammy Joe Rasco, Gerald Baum, Jerry Buck, Joe Bradley, Coach Dan Hart, Pat Simmons, Ray Jefferson, Jimmy Bridges, Billy Brey, Charles Redburn, John Steven- son, John Friday, Bob McQuitty. 143 if' WESLEYAN SINGERS The Wesleyan Singers is an organization ol selected voices which studies and presents publicly the choicest part-songs, madrigcils, and modern eight- voiced pieces. The Wesleyan Singers are shown below as they appeared for their concerts. 'S 'KAAKJXK X 'X J H4 m rgj if s E E E U , I -1 3 ' W 'fl 5, I ,X "" 4.4 Wig, 5! fu N "Fung 'Ulu 5 "Q: aww Xu-I 5, ,WH ,4 lu-Q M 45 'JJJ 9 W ...H . Q .I ,1r,FgV!vgE,. .,,4 Q ,, 55- 1'4'1:'-Nitifff' --V. 1 ,,',. F, BASKETBALL SWEETHEART Thr Ram basketball team chose as their 1952-1953 sweetheart Sylvirz llflllurray. Sylvia, a junior from Garland, Texas, is a member of ILIYTRIL' AXWIAS' and WAA. Her major is P. E. and she plans to fcarh aftfr .she grarluates next year. The Rams really chose a Sweet- hrarf this .srrlsnrrl DQQQQQQQMQQMQMIW CHEERLEADERS Ready to back the Rams all the way were these four ghfm. leaders, chosen by student election. Whether the garnerg vfcrf: played in the Rec Hall or in the various towns over Texas they were on hand to keep the spirit high. They said wed yell o gr Way to the Big State Conference championship-and we Gif' DON LEACH ZANA LEMON PATSY WARREN BUZZ HUDGINS Shown at the Ieff with the cheerleaders is WILLIE IV Mascot of the Rom team. 1'-...M s Xl 2 BIG STATE CONFERENCE C H A M Texas Wesleyan RAMS x .SVMLT D 'ees W ff' 9 1 ,Q 1 'Q' 1 1, 1 O , Q 0 " 'tit 4531 fvx fl 1 A TT 4 WQQQQQQQMQQQ-Qf 7? 1 SEASONS SCORES TWC OPPONENT Midwestern .,... ,.. T,.... 57 65 Sam Houston ..,4T,A. ,....,. 5 4 45 Midwestern .,,.,.,. .4..4.. 5 8 51 Howard Payne ..,.., ,,......,., 9 0 78 St. Marys ..,t.,...,, ,, . ......4, 64 63 Hardin-Simmons ..4,.. .,t,... 6 3 72 Howard-Payne .T .,V.t.. TTt..tt 8 1 58 Stephen 17. Austin .,,4.......4....,T 61 69 Southwestern ......,...., .4....T 8 3 68 East Texas Baptist .,.t...,..,,...t., 71 88 Texas Lutheran ..t..,,. .,.,..a,r.t 6 9 68 Stephen F. Austin .r...,.......,...r 72 78 Sarn Houston ,.trr. .,.t. . . .r,...,t 80 107 St. Mary's tr.tt........t ....,Ttt.. 8 5 74 Texas Lutheran .,.,r.,. ,,.....,t,r 8 1 70 Way1and r,.r.,,. .T St. Edwards .r...r 1.73 70 54 Southwestern .t,r.t.. .. .t.t.t 65 58 Sui Ross ,.T.,.,...,,,..., ..,.r ,.... 6 8 61 Su1Ross .. ,...,.... ....,,.,...,... .....t 7 3 68 East Texas Baptist ...,r..t.,rtt..t., 75 60 North Texas State ..,, ..,..,r,.., 8 6 80 East Texas State .,.,..r.,.,.,.,rr,.t 52 72 'Denotes Conference games 148 QI' l 41' I I. I IK X 1 H I .54-P' BQ, an 1 , Q63 kvgl all P .ri .4 HEAD COACH DAN HART f , ff1f:f: Tr..r: you f f for plfifiir. I, .r. I ' l krrffffrz tm, ffffl 'HU ,iff lfiilurofg tru? :make 'J his rgfgliool 'fflflffl f ' ".' 'J ' f Ham learn, lower. 'J l1iFL lrflfl. Clf:'jf':f: inf.. 'fQf':'g returned to Tfff, arg .r A of the Lflffihfl. He rff: f f friendly IYNJVJTIJY and ., f Coach Hart U l'J'!Cf',Tf: f rf RAM TEAM Standing: Gerald Baum, Manager, .lerry Buck, Mel Chapman, Som Rasco, Joe Bradley, Roy Jefferson ond Coach I-' Kneeling: Bob McQuiHy, John Friday, Jimmy Bridges, Paf Simmons, and Jim Wilson. g..Z-Fi'-""-115 Win,::r'f' Y . -. 'll " i ' A s S' B ,M ,,,,,,,,,,.,,.a0 fa' 'iw Q . A k K s m- CPA M A 1 Q .XII 6 l s 1 fl' il l BASKETBALL The Facing Eaztzs began their l95-I-53 Cage season 1 tile short straw-I to the tune of a 65-57 defeat at the iazias :Z f.f1a'.-.'este:':: University in XT ichita Falls. The Earns '.-:ere :tot ao'.'.':t :cr long, however, two days later 3:1 the Fe: Hall TISTQTX'-'CCdS they Caine out with 54-45 , :er Sat: Heastott State Teachers College of Hunts- f5e:e:t:f:e:' 9 exactly one week after the Rants lost ' ei? defeat they avenged themselves by playing ball szizparafole to that of Cliarnpions, winning over Mid- -festefii 55-51. The Wesleyan quintet turned up two tights later izt the city of Brownwood to hand the a' .-.' ara Eayzie Yelloyfiacliets a record-breaking defeat, .. , T Tffitl: a S-l season win-lose record, the Rains came -:1 feoeitiber li? to win their first Conference game roi: St. Marys of San Antonio by the small margin of Q point, The next Tuesday saw the Barns Winning SAMMY "Captain Video" EASCO CAPTAIN Memphis, Texas I , , . I . I V Q MELVIN CHAPMAN Sanger, Texas TOE BRADLEY Dallas, Texas RAY IEEEERSON Fort Worth, Texas TERRY BUCK Fort Worth, Texas IOHN FRIDAY Burgettstown, Pennsylvania PAT SIMMONS Vernon, Texas GERALD BAUM White-sboro, Texas BOB MCQUITTY Fort Worth, Texas RAMS OF 1953 1 'Ltrffaf 'lang to f1l':'J':fL .rr .fr " ' fj1rr.rf.f,r,fg wc: 'fx " 77 trltalf-.r,.,f1.',f: 'f.,f, f f' f :fffmrrfl lf'1ff. llf,.'f':f', f rfnorfl 'r 'ff.r.7L 1 ', f f :ravffl or. nr: for .,. avorllrrrf1r,urg',a ,, f, f- " f X, Jl nJlf!f1l'l'Jf. T lrrf: lfflffifl 'JOY ':H'1 lffllfl 71224 f f 1 , I- I f 1 ! r 4 1,1 I Hams took acl'ff" the Harm: Talffg Tffa' lOSS Cll lllf: lrUf.Cl" ' f Marshall, 88-71. Orr larruary' IIMMY Blillyfjllfl Clclourrff Tffza' ,. In ' , 1-A ' 9 . . n- 5 ' f . 1 ff A defeat at tlro r.a..a., 0 . f ,aw, 'qv . ,Va 'l ' .w,?"7,' 1- vu... 4,4 eff- . .vf Lin g, T7yy:'-.,.,.A ,V - - ' - -"1 'Tv' , 37 .w -' - , V ,Z,qA,:g1'na" Pri, I ' ' A U . . - T 2-., 4 T' Us g-0 I ' - za ' K 1.54 ' J - ' 3. V. J' -X . Q '-- -. . , ...gg . - - 1 X 5 5 , . ' ' " .sf f:jb'1"J'- ' ' 1 -'LL ...- - ::,,-.- -,,, '. . . 4' ' .- - + is-Q-M X if 3 - . 'H A.p Sieylzeii F .l.11s:1:i The folio 'izia Friday iii Huntsville he F1115 sara' tteii luck befall theiii as the Sam dogster 15.111 lei tlieiti stazidizia still lU7-SO. At this e Faye '-'i-75:11 T5C9lX'Gd a Ziziaez' iiiiury that kept "- Teitiaiiiaei ot the season. He was re- e' 3' ..1:i1',' Fridges H-filo proved his worth by e V' 1:1to the double tiaiires. lim Vllilsoii ..-' saitie iiztie arid Gerald Baum Came out 'eras 511:21-r .zt Sl-72. Tiieii the Racing Rams took . foie ther .. :tori-coziiereitoe tilt, deteatiiia a strong '-.' laid Qdzitet irozti Plainview 73-70. Two more :::i1e7eti:e gazties were :text with the rampagiria Rams -Qeieaigrig St ids :tid Sopitlinvesterri 50-54 and 55-58. 'fe Faitis ite" fetitpzred a aood -160 miles to Alpine to """ iw- . an gg, BASKETBALL A ,, .ii 1- oeeoitie a sauadziiaii. Don Vassey took QS ".o..5 .S Ifl TITSSST. The 'ff sw-.Lad deieazed iii order St. lvlarfs, 85-74, DoN VASSEY - , TEAM MANAGER Odell, Texas TEXAS LUTHERAN SOUTHWESTERN SAM HOUSTON . W.'s opponents would sure like fo know those words of wisdom Coach Tort gives fhe boys as they gef ready for a game. L RAMS CDF1953 the Purim: f' f UN: ':'!':f 'J'!f:f.' 'Jrffrfd of frm :fmt f to 'gush fflur ' f f buy? Then ir. '1f.r7, , . TourrifJrr.or.1 ff, no f f f fu' ' were pittoci ufgfifn., 'f aft: ' Vioxx 'NUS writter. ci. 'ffl fr. 'X foutefl The T':'J'fT":fL EC EQ The "f!f:fLTf:'f'JF. fl Texoxs Stute Collffge, 'if forced G11 Henson, 7232 .r. f The Home displvycu f,. they can be proud of f, 2 'Q STATE CQNFEREITCE 'QH!.f.ff?ff,IffF"f' Q", . STEPHEN F. AUSTIN MIDWESTERN TEXAS LUTHERAN 77 he sgf Q -f g , , . ymiun J 1 . F 1 a . . 5 4. A ff :Z M:-.1,,,.-w , .1 WEQQSMY' 1 W. "iv W . :ff ' x. , V -R ,W -ef My 1 I if , f ' K 'sh W J f Q wi . , ,, ? FQ Q . 2:2 'rj 44" 'JI- r fi S GOLF TEAM Leff fo right: Jock Hom ilfon, John Stevenson O. D. Bounds, Coach Roy Jefferson. XA J .gf -""" Fnrl. fir, Af lx ' ,Lev ' 'nh' These pictures show students in the girls' P.E. classes and the various activities in which they participate. w l lQQQQQ'rQQQQ!00QMM!!rf04 T , 1 f GIRLS' INTRAMURALS Winner of this year's WAA scholarship is Wanda Edwards, junior student from Euless, BOYS' INTRAMURALS PKI' SININIUNS Iflllfllllllfllf Dinfr Inf gs J S-'iii X31 ggi, . k-L, , Q N o 'la , :tji A...,. --,,A fr'-f ,.,f1' f -ff ,-..:4,. ., L ...z--, - J. .,.,-, -,. rv-f-vfff:-ff, ff-hf.--, -.1,J-........J -,., -'I rf 'ff' -L"-f OJSKQ1., J-. ,-,,.. ' I ff lv--rf V, ., Deli, ...,. ,,,A,.,, -..A -... . ,A.4..- . .,-..'T. -. f-. -. A .. ,.. ...-,,. ., ,,,, rv ff . b6m JS: J: ,::..: Dar, Hart Sophomore foofball team. Baskefball game befween and fhe Sophomores. Freshman baskefball team Senior football team. ,.4,,. l-, fhe Juniors Sophomore championship baske'oaH feam. M000 . '15 A df WM al Elf ff AMW 1' J' 'J H7 X , L ,. . ,, ,?:'b f'f W 'cf , ,,., ,V , , , ,4., ,A,:, A dl . l i wi, Q I .N KJ ,V 5 j ., !5'yt',m' SL ' ci , ff' VJ ry" f , ,X , T1 ' 9 9 V r MJ ' .' f I , I. P ' U 'I Y - r ' - 1 Q J, ' XXV4-P' Yi Cfjx. .V v -1 F ' .PDQ J h , if Ky l f' LL ,f 1 N Q XT L Xxiyx F' ,xx F11 v r P E In v 1 9 AUTOGRAPHS 1 4 Q ,. ' 1-'ff 1 V 3 .4 x ,L ,G 3 1 1 K 4 5. A x 553 w , A 5 I , 1 A 4, A r r F2 4 s .mx 5 .mf SQL? M., Y V jvf H J . , , :wh , il . c. -.4 .fgw -"5-:V:-:-:1:I:Ig:-11:-:':5:3:f:l+:-cl:-: -.1,v-.-.4,' J: 4,',- ::+:+:+: 4'1' Je- '53 0 I I I ,1lf: 9 I rii ii ir ir ri r f 4 " y A ' I l A ii ii rrsii r 4 ,,, 7,1 H 'ff ff W O -'7 X fff X X X agua A X Q I 8 Y Q ygay : y u yy yyyy y y 5 y O i f . . . .WHAT WILL THE FUTURE BRING? We're wishing for you 'rhe very besll And, as you approach your nex'r all impor+an+ sfepping-s'rone, we'd like +o remind you 'rlxal' early developmenf of 'rhriff habi+s is one of +l'1e besf ways 'ro wresl' success from life . . . and Io promofe grealer peace of mind. Your Fori' Wor'rl'1 Banks will be glad Io lwelp you wi+l1 your 'Financial problems . . . giving compefenl advice and friendly service. Always feel welcome Io call on us. THE FIRST NATIONAL RANK - THE FORT WORTH NATIONAL BANK CONTINENTAL NATIONAL RANK - UNION BANK 81 TRUST CO. - TRINITY STATE RANK MEMBER BANKS OF THE FORT WORTH CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION 161 ATHE C0 PA Air Conditioners Evaporative Coolers Pans K FORT WORTH LO-5666 162 llrnet Allen otor C0 --'ZW SALES SIRVIC 1 -'-"-7 TRUCK REPAIRS Sixth Sc Commerce fm ABC WASHAMAT X aio? AL"1'cm,x'11c 1 Xl x E' ha so 0,500 '66 f fx, ..,-, 2" COFFEE 3122 Aw-nuf' I merican Auto Sdlx ago Lo Fort XX orth If x s Phone- EDison 3328 92-l Henderson ICE CREAM-MALTED MILK MILK SHAKES Stop at ASHBURN' CQ Geanl QUALITY COUNTS 3012 EAST ROSEDALE AUll MUSIC COMPANY PHONE ED V793 FORT WORTH 9 TEXAS Band and Orchn t X I1 uum at Everett and Cfible Xml an P ml Complete Sheet Mu IL RIag11ax'ox - Telcviau n I IL I zu 1 Fort Il'01'tl1'x O11 -II il ll L Il B 8: B VENETIAN BLIND CO. --Bmw Bzziltw VENETIAN BLINDS f Call IJAIIIHI' 3073 fff 0 Also Repairing and Refinishing X 1001 AYERS FORT WORTH A aff 66' BAKER FLORAL CO. P Flozc'crs for Occasions UNIVERSITY DRIVE IN FOREST PARK TELEPHONE FA-3119 ,fuss-A Y' I-1 O W Nix Jf' 'ffl-l'?TlQ 'E sf? BARCO BELT COMPANY rlflanufacturefs of Men's Belts 3208 E. Rosedale LA-7171 mit sn-ws QEQQSLIATERIALS nzggu LONGER scafsisis i1t'O':,t'1s,'f1'1:s"' FORT WORTH, TEXAS lOE BOOTH COMPANY BENSONLS DRIVE INN No. 1-2330 E. Rosedale Phone LI-0311 No. 2-1823 W. Berry LO-0311 BESTS LAUNDRY 8: CLEANERS ZERO PLATE REFRIGERATORS FA-3251 1200 South Main Street FA-3252 Bring and Save-Liberal Discount WE GIVE S.8LH. GREEN STAMPS GORDON BOSWELL CAFE AND GROCIZRY EQUIPMENT " Flowers -u kw? FA-2265 1200 Pennsylvania BRANNEN WASHATERIA "Thr Original in Polyn im cgcllaffi 'II-Iffphcmi LA-2145 ESTABLISHED1936 , N. QUINTON BRANNEN, Originator WI- Apprz-ciatc Your Patronagc Phone LA-9152 1911 Vaughn Blvd. Corner Ave. L 16-1 THOS. S. BYRNE, Inn K L ENGINEERS 1 sl GENERAL CONTRACTORS BURGE HARDWARE 8: APPLIANCE CO. BUCY-INGRAM COMPANY 0 Jack Burge P l B lumber Millwork W. B. Chambers Drug Store K Variety il Fina -l-Q Entranc Throuflh Dru Otou- X e. B and Blshop Fort YS orth. Tex THE SQUTHLAND CORWRATION Office and Factory: 2266 South Riverside D SIZED ICE P. O' BOX 1477 H'fZ0fc'5cZfc ZH, R FORT XYORTH 1. TEXAS Q13 E. t Ninth Street Teleph F-X 4141 FORT YYORTH. TEXAS Fort XVorth 'IY-mx l I BURTON-LINGO COMPANY COLLINS ARTISTIS c.oxt,R.x1t LAIIONS MATERIALS CLASS or 1953 PICTURES FRAMES YOLR FI"l'l'Rli IS AHEAD OF YOI' We Carry A Complete Line of Artists, Supplies PI'I7lf.8'iFill 4' Reprodurtionx-Beautiful Framfxx' LET US FRAME YOUR DIPLOMA AND GRADUATION PHOTOGRAPH FOR YOLR l"Is'TL'RE HOME SEE COLLINS PAINT PRODUCTS-WALLPAPER COLLINS ART COMPANY Fort IYorth. Texas Telephone FA-1231 400 Throckmorton Phone FA-6181 Cforzgrafulafions Graduates Fort Worth's IJIvlLI'ZA77ZZlI7UfI7lQ Faflzionv - 1 of Dixtznrtzon Nationally Known Brands in Quality Anart-l. Shoes. fvlillinc-rv and , llccir-ssorim-S and Sportsxkear Cozutfozu .S'l'TF'l.I'f' Azraitx You SH2 HOUSTON STREET hospitality WM. CAMERON LUMBER CO. 'IOUM 77 l'f'ar.s' in Fort Worth" 2m xx.-,I ml SU.-f-I Fo-7271 C 0 X75 W. "PAT" CROW R. E. cox SL COMPANY FRICIDAIRIC 'ill llouston 212 S. Blain 'llf'lf'IJllOYlf! FA-l286 5025 E. livllirmp VI-2244 166 COMIJLIMENTS of THE CLOVER GRILL DINING ROOM "Food With Taste" Your Family Dining Room 6th Sc MAIN STREET Open 24 hours Daily FA-6520 R Continuous HERSCHEL COVEY'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Afross from T.I1'.C,'. Canzpu: l lik! Corner of Collard and Ave. B Telephone LO-33 "for your lfzleaszzrfu EL, CRAFTS and HOBBIES FUR THE ENTIRE Y.-XMILY Z1 E. Rosedale Phone LO-,lib loft YN orth, Te Ray Crowder Funeral Home IOTRE LNUCI AUTHORITY Of YN! COCA-COCA COMPANY IV CTL7 ITEC, F vi Zziwkxfiq A1s1BLf1,ANcE SERVICE 700 sth Ave. ED-13 167 X IOE DRISKELL 81 CO. 1117 W. ROSEDALE PE-32111 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Aloe lhisltell S Co. Insurance +117 W. Rosedale PE-3210 Real Estate Sales 1133 IV. Rosedale PE-3194 Real Estate Mortgage Loans 4117 W. Rosedale PE'-3210 lee llrislgell .mel Co. Land Developinent 4117 W Rosedale PE-3210 Arlington Heights Lfonnnunitx' Centex. lne. Connnereial Rentals -1117 W. Rosedale PE-3210 EACH COMPANY ORCANIZEIJ FOR SERVICE IN ITS CAPACITY FOR OUR COMMUNITY "MAY WE SERVE YOU" U plaolsterin g DU BOSE, RUTIIDGE 81 MILLER F ll r II i t u re R efi 71 is hi 12 g iA5Q5'fA5lRQfffif?QifACQQiIQ'fT5EEi and Repairing Insurance E R E D D AV I S 819 NASHVILLE LA-7329 AND SURETY BONDS INSURANCE SPECIALISTS RATE AND POLICY AUDIT SERVICE FREE Telephone FA-4389 Fort VVorth Nat'l. Bank Bldg. E. L. DAVIS Auditor 8: Tax Accountant ED-91113 or ED-5199 CONGRATULATIONS Sen for Cyan 1953 I'OWi F w!I' l' 25 Years 905 MAIN ST DRAKE CLEANERS 313 Sixth Ave. Phone FA-0363 Cleaning and Pressing Service ee Equitable For . . . ir LOW COST HOME LOANS il' INSURED SAVINGS ir C'OMPLIMENTS O F 1oHN DIEB COMPANY W 233 W.. wth ED-7894 704 West Seventh St. FAnnin 5245 168 E L L I S EXTRA QUALITY IJICCANS l"r4-sli Shf-llf-d Daily I'iI.I,IS IIICCAN COMPANY l,. V. lillis, Uzwnwr l0l2 N. Mzxiii MA-7216 Fort Worth Sash 8: Door Co. WlIf7l.ESAl,l'1 -l00 South Lake 'l'c'lc-plionf' I"A-51151 Compliments of FORT WORTH WAREHOUSE 8a STORAGE COMPANY Telephone FA-1161 FREEMAN PAINT 8. RENTAL EQUIPMENT CO. Floor Sanding Machines Spray Gun Equipment Extension Ladders "Anything to Make l'Vork Eaxiern 500 Riverside Drive Dial FA-2354 Treat Yourself to omething GOOD llrzlifious rmff lflAfTllflZi7l" MILK ICE CREAM FOREMOST DAIRIES, Inc. via, f , OREMOST za X iff? I . , ' 7.M,Z,7, .L ,,,4A,fji'3 , 1 , H.,, I .A ,n I Q2mML:,M.7,,,,4 ,Mm l 1 TH! GIIAT NAM! IN DAIIY PIOD li irst A 4 in Fashion for over l Mlkx Suyears Ni. l FORT WORTH, TEXAS To Solve Your Transportation Problem Safely . . . Eeonoinieally RIDE THE BUS 169 Colleges sueh as Texas TVesleyan College add dignity and culture to our eonnnunity. We of the Fort Wcirth Chamber of Commerce. want to wish every future success to the students and faculty of TEXAS WESLEYAN COLLEGE The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce YN'ILLIAM HOLDEN 1f.9C6'CllfTZ'l' l'irt'-Pmsidefzt Compliments of Fort Worth General Engineering enfp. 118 S. Main St. Fort Wforth, Texas FO-5541 Compliments of Xvholesale IJiStribut0rS General Industrial Supply Corp. 108 Industrial Avenue Telephone ED-9581 FORT WORTH, TEXAS FX 97,1 U01 I, I I t n I A Preseriptions-CIandy-GiftsQDrugs J -.JJU .J Q. nf US fla VC. 3130 E. Rosedale Free Delivery Phone LA-2175 FORT WORTH 47 L gt - ,, . ,f C , , V ' ,. I " A' Tom S. Gillis T. M. Gooch, Jr. ' 'gm I Wg livtablii-had 1913 A 2 g.?fJ?"" V, 'Q iii' 3 ,55 'hug-3? Tom s. Gn.us INSURANCE AGENCY Exim up WW pEA5 Q69 SWIETWHI1 GENERAL INSURANCE-SURETY BONDS Xe Phone FA-9477 802 First National Bank Bldg. Fort Worth, Texas 170 POULTRY lif BGS PECANS o GAMM POUITRY 81 EGG COMPANY Wh0le'5ale and Retail l . t.fJ.Nll'I,l,NtI',n,I 1 Ut H. L. GREEN LO., INC, Furl lllmllf .lffft f.f,mj,l1'f jrlffrf ,ffl Ianni, You lftl llmnlfm rla. rf, .N1.1,:. r Lige Green Floral Lo. lflaru ff la' fit' U1 611 l"ll"'l'll AVl'lNl'l'Q UIXI. lull. G R I D D I. E N O . 2 M Block South T. XY. fl. Campus O Fffllzzfirfg HAMBURGERS-CHEESEBURGERS FRENCH FRIES CI THICK MALTS 201 E. Rosedale at Bryan an Breakfast Served H17 Yaughn Hlxd. Telephone ILD-9944 Fort Worth, Ilexas GRIDDLE SYSTEM, INC, FORT WORTH GRAND PRAIRIE lJ.Xl.l..XS Complete Real Estate Service General Insurance ana' Loans C. F. GILCHRIST, owner WALLACE-GILCHRIST eo. X Q F. J. MATT WALKER. Associate ll X M 6, 318 W. T. WAGGONER PHONE FO-2123 T lx 91,1 ' f A 1 5 Agmaaaa DIAMONDS-WATCHES-LUGGAGEA kill PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES X jd GOLDSTEIN BROS. .ga V 1 Chalglpions Paragount Q3 'X , elf: Values Service YJ X1 1 WN Two Stores to Serve You 1' X71 Y ge CREDIT JEWELERS , I N ', T Phone ED-1495 I Corner 9th and Main WE-4684 Fort Worth, Texas I l V E li 2' M ' aa aw Ms I B. H. Glenn Dreamland W I Mattress Company VVHOLESALE AND RETAIL Built for Rest 1714- E. Vickery Blvd. Phone LA-2121 I Umar All .VVW fwghl i WZ www I l1f--.- Q... 171 Harris Hospital lf 6'o z'.s'!g.l' 271611 wzfwhk f 755 Smut Congrafu ft1fl.0llJ Eyfbe to the DAX WEEK 0' MONTH 5611101 Class of 1953 -4-L . XY. P. ELIIIIIQCX. I-1dn1z'I1istmfo1 Conzplinzentx of Wi. HANCOCK PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. Distributor of Wlallpaper. Paint and Sundries o o o Hllburn Prmhng Company FURT WORTH 4- TEXAS 900 West Magnolia 321-I Camp Bowie 320-I East Belknap 2027 North Main -H27 River Oaks Blvd. ADVERTISING PRINTERS MERTZ K. WILLIAIVISON JNO. R. HALSELL, JR. "Two Hartf01'a'.I" F A - 8 0 81 HEAD-TEAS 81 CO.-General Agents GENERAL INSURANCE-ALL FORMS STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE- ' PERSONAL EFFECTS AUTOMOBILE Phone FA-1278 Suite 606-11 Dan Waggoner Bldg. ' flfifwl 'WMS HILL CABINET MILL CABINET ANU GENERAL MILL VVORK 0 coxIxIILRcIAI, I'RIN'I'INrI AND REPAIRS 2412 Vaughn Lo-8251 I DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING 3900 Ave. M CRes.l LA-44-16 Congratulations , Hilscher Nursery and Florist 526 S' Jenmngs IANIISCIAPIQ SPILCIALISTS Urozwfr' of f,'077lflII'fl' Lim' of Nurwry Stock 4909-I3 E. Rosedale LA-1352 172 Delicious Food Courteous Service Downtown Location Parking Facilities Radio In Every Room Completely Air Conditioned ARTHuR GRIFFITH, Manager CATERING SERVICE For 5 luncheons Banquets Meetings Parties For information call: NEAL HOSPERS, Catering Manager ED-438I N I CONRAD N HILTON. PRESIDENT PROTECT YOUR HEALTH Eat More Fresh Fruit and Vegetables JIM-HILL PRODUCE COMPANY 1201 Jones Street Fort XYOVYIL 'liex HOULIHAN,S FOOD MARKET DRY Goons AND NOTIONS NEW ISIS THEATRE l'f'a1'---lrozuzd --lit Cm:ii:'f:iu'g1.:' In Business for YOUR PLEASURE 3112 Vaughn Blvd. 3116 Vaughn Blvd. Telephone LA-4466 2-103 Ngrth Blain AIA-20 LABORATORY SUPPLIES SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS REAGENT CHEMICALS Industrial Scientific Inc. FORT WORTH HOUSTON ODESSA JEWEL TEA COMPANY, inc. " , .- -- ,.w tgyw--Avv, Grpuifti ny... P. ..-.. .H 301 N'.bArlington Dial XVI-O 173 X . s 1 I N Y' X X E C0lIgl'fIIiIllflf1'0l1S X and Best l'Vl.Sl1l'5 fo the Class of HUMBLE Human on a nrrnuuc comrnnv JAHNS SUPPLY COMPANY lstandarcf' Pl-UHBING FUTURES RHEEM FORCED AIR HEATING EQUIPMENT Pipes - Valves - Fittings WHOLESALE 1715 Commerce St. Fort Worth 1, Texas Clomf- wr- our sxnart nr-xx c-ollr-rtirm of go-c'vc'1'ywl1cf1'c Campus Cllotllfs toclayf You'll low- tln-ir styling . . . their moderate prius. Famous Name Brands 76 2 lilorks XY:-st of 'l'W'Cj NASHYll,Ll'Q at AVL. L Phone LO-8535 REMEMBER WALTER JETTON King of Barbecue 1432 W. Terrell ED-93 72 Compliments of FRANK KENT MOTOR CO. Your Ford Dealer Since 1935 100 E. Lancaster and N. Main at 26th Fort Worth, Texas 1 174 Vhfmf' I'AA'H'1'I if - I JJ ,af ,I ,' D ef? If X fa 00 H055 ' " ' " ' I . . 'l'. . 0 npon Purnilurfz fx. fresh-irum Kuihs h S J ,'X.'Ifu llflll I ffl l,,ff,,',,w NN" Krnl f.h:sLr'. 'I21bif.AHf'L. U'-ff - . ' 1. 1 5 3. Ilffwlmzxl Iiffl, Iv' f- G W l'1'n'L Mm. Suffer Iv- '. I WW 'dr 1' 1 L K L, E "jx ,um lflfflf 7,1 xhzkblu X. fl LL, k..' I L :F 4 rl! My 'ali' ' Z LI- f 1' 1 X W.: A I -1 . an ' n j : I' 'llc . , , af- '. -4. 'I-"NW S -fu L "X ,f,f,'u 'fl A X 'IH' I - ' ' . . ,fi fel When scrvmg 1n your own home ff ."1L.',iL':,-Irv, l MA . . . '-u".',- 4' H . . . or bc-mg served Ln your favorite 3-'.',ff3,-.'x-.jf 4, , L restaurant . . . you enjoy the fresher TTT' y flavor of fine quality. Longhorn , 'I I ,ll Sam T. Kincaid Whcnlcsale Candy l"OR'l' YYORTH and IJ.-Xl.l..XS KLEINSCHMIDTS CAKE SHOP .Sffffirzlizing in Wcfflflinqg - Birthday rmrl Party ffllfff Q Brand Fruits and Vegetables. 7th St. Dial ffl, gf, DALLAS Efmrf WLCHLLAFALLS W E. Kuykendall Lumber Co. LUBBOCK ,E-qeswx COMPANY ABILENE LI-ijnfijs ax TM . LONGVIEW n T T , Lumbcrrznff .-llonff 1, l,f,,, , A ,.....W. ,-,.A..L..J ..'v.', 5 5' LARGEST DISTRIBUTORS or FRESH AND Fnozeu 306 COLLARU I-U'1"3i rnulrs AND VEGETABLES IN me soumwssr if lei' Im iam 77ZZl6A sie mm - zzs 1212 My Very basl' . . . I I Chocolales l .Aff 77lK7'l6'0'7Z 01155725 LAURITZEN 81 MAKIN, Inc. Manufacturers of Store Fixtures and Mill Work 2015-19 Crump St. P, O. Ii'-Ng Fort XYorth l. Texax I I I ' I I ' I I ff , ., 7 l CL EA lf'fR.f'lfA TTERS flfd Nfkflllfffff Tom Turner, Sr. Tom Turner. jr. 2676 E. Yickery Telephone LA-2161 LA CAVAS Inc. GOOD CLOTHES DESERYE THOROYGH CLEANING 709 YVest Rlagnolia Telephone WI-3201 VIRGIL LOAF MAN KEN' AXD LSIQD C--XRS 2920 xv. 7th SU-M 'lwlfpimf Enss Cfmnpl1'rm'11f.v of M A R T I N ' S Lvdick-Barinann Co. In Poll, AIR L'ONl7l'l'lONlNG Across From T. NV. C. 'F il ljgwscvxxllw 'l'r'leph011t' TTI-2295 DRY GOODS ' MEN'S WEAR ' SHOES THE LYDICK ROOFING CO., Inc. OF FORT WORTH ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS 09 lravv 111 Ilxwzv Phone I-'O-2313 Fort North. Texas Del Murray Service Station SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Prompt, Courteoux Service 3003 E. Rosedale Phone LA-9272 LYLE'S FURNITURE K APPLIANCES ms E. RosE1mI.E LO-2873 MCDONALD and COMPANY Real Estate ee Klortgage - Loans Insuranet FA-6345 Dan Waggoner Bldg. The W0rld's Largest Independent Oil Field Supply Company MID-CONTINENT SUPPlY CO. General OfHees: Mid-Continent Bldg.-Fort Worth, Texas the best dressed co-eds are best fashion customers HOUSTON AT FIFTH, FORT WORTH ZQUQ XAI 'CHN BOILLEVARD DAIRY PRODUCTS PHONE LO-1913 176 MEISSN ER FUNERAL HOME YMONIJ 'VIr.rssxm sllvillz- at Ave-mu' Ii I X I JOHN MORRIS FLORAL COMPANY, INC. FOUR LOCATIONS IN FORT WORTH COMPLETE GIFT AND FLORAL SRRYICI-1 THE SIGN OF GOOD INSURANCE X-'I GA RTN EIR WIOMPSON MITCHELL G I SINCE 1889 MEMBERS HERMAN GARTNER J. MAO THOMPSON xv. J. BLOUNT V. P. BAKER w. xv. TAYLOR ROGER Qt. XEELY R. L. FARMER. JR. FRANK L. THONIPNON GEORGE OARTXER 177 Morrs No, l 2302 Hultom Road VA-9617 No. 2 --3040 Hemphill WA-2737 No. 3 H3010 E. Rosedale LA-5629 No. 4 -3923 Camp Bowie ,PE-5708 No. 9 3128 E. Belknap VA-3541 No. 10 6104 Camp Bowie PE-6305 ' ' No. 11aa44:s7 Rim- oaks Blvd. No-1643 No. 212'---3-129 W. 'ith FO-3938 No. 23 19 We-stcliffe Center WI-3280 L U M B E R M NY No. 24 'l5ll N. W. 25th N0-4641 No. 26 75166 Wichita Street LO-5144 No. 27' -5417 E. Lancaster LO-0501 No. 28 The Fair East Shopping Center 7 W here Your Dollars Cjgfnpliyngylfj of Panther City Ofhce Supply Co. FORT YYORTH 5. TEXAS 905 Throckmorton Phone ED-1459 oi- .Mrk lf .mtl E. Rosmlzilm' Telephone l.O-4018 P A N T H E R S H O P Quality Clothing for Men Complete Outfitters for Young Men and All Formal Weal' Tuxedos and All Accessories Rented 916 Main Street Telephone FA-8030 Cozzgratulatiozzs to the graduates from MONN ' me jriencliy .gore . . . your store of famous brand college Clothes. where graduates and co-eds alike may find the Campus favorites of the day as well as the leading fashions all year- round. OAK FARM DAIRIES FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS B 300 I-last Magnolia Phone ED-3421 178 PAN AMERICAN WAIIPAPER 81 PAINT CO. Holm: loans No flown pay rrnff HIS, up to 36 months to pay for labor anrl IIl211l'l"l2il. Phonc' FA-8331 'l'HOS. IQ. KIRK, Nlanauvr 111151 lloo ' Fort 1fVorth, 'l'f'xas Famous for Hlyil 0aaHt y Merchandise At A Budget Saving Price HOUSTON AT FOURTH THROUGH TO THROCKMORTON 7 ww 521, f, , 5 U "," Q,.',f,5' , 'l - 4fgn.1f-me 5 fm, My .,,,,f 1 Z, W ffjy. ' , ,... ,.,,,,gf. .- If 1' PWmf?::f?'Z,::'f , 1 I Wymym , ,H , , ,.,h,5 Lj7N. ' ' X 7 f Z ' Z ., WJ , 7 f,V 1 W ' .EPULIS POPE? CONGRATULATIONS ro SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 PARVIN TRANSFER COMPANY Rf'fI'iQ6'i'!1fOlA and Piano ,llorfrg LOCAL 84 LONG DISTANCE NIOYINO SOLICLITIHIJ 1724 FIFTH AVENUE XVI-9312 POLY DINER It Is Our 1Yish To Please You By Nffrvx Best Food 1616 XIHUHIIHII 1,0--- Wfe hope you will he successful and happy Liomplimf-ms in all that you undertake to do. of POLY COFFEE SHOP g 131-1 1Yes16yan Lk POLY FLOXVER SHOP CG- PHONE LA-2112 3118 E. ROSEDALE 2251 Jennings Ann. Pnnnn W1-2272 -W0-ff .ffm YYY"-41 fwfnfff ,- ll'. R. L,::.'p'i.'a 179 High Quality Gasoliiies - Diesel Fuels and Heavy Duty Motor Oils Sky Ranger Lube Oils PREMIER Oll REFINING COMPANY OF TEXAS Relineries: Fort IN'orth. Longview. Arp. Baird THE POLYTECHNIC HERALD PUBLISHING - ADVERTISING Phone LA-2510-Jud S. Perry, Editor 2912 E. Rosedale Poly Herald Bldg. 1 POLY MUSIC SHOP Your Friendlg' Mu.vir' Shopping Center Authorized Dealer for Selmer, Buescher and Other Band Instruments and Jesse French Pianos Music Records Repair Shop 3106 E. Rosedale Fort Worth, Texas Poly Sewing Machine Store BUTTONS and BUCKLES COVERED BUTTON-HOLING and BELTS MADE TO ORDER 1-118 Vaughn Telephone LA-2400 H. T. PRIDDY COMPANY W'l10le.s'ale Frexlz Fruits and Vegetables 1208 Calhoun Fort Worth, Texas POLY TIN SHOP ,S'pm1'al1':ir1g in Hratirzg Sheet ilfletal Work ARTHUR G. HAGAR. Owner 208 Aw-nue A Telephone LO-3243 MRS. RALEY'S BAKERY Specializing in Wedding, Birthday and Party Cakes 1050 W. Magnolia FA-4575 RAY 8: HAMIL VENETIAN BLIND COMPANY 1900 East Vickery LA-2022 ROMING FLOOR COMPANY .X-phalt 'l'ilf- Rubber Till-eCork 'I'ilf-eldnoleulnee lilf-or Szmdinq and Rr-finishin! M1-tal 'liriiris-eePolishers 'JRE NlfCL,Xli'li 'l'EI,EPHONIi WA-0836 Reynolds-Campbell Company Lumber and Builders' Supplies Phone LO-1919 2701 Vickery Boulevard FORT WORTH, TEXAS RHEA-ENGERT PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITURE 180 Kohler of Kohler BRYAN PASTRY SHUI' Ill VAl,'fillN l'llf1.'-1.1 I I Plumlung Fixtures - I ll I ll f NB M952 1 ll 1 1 r fr 1 ff Distributed by SERVICE PLUMBING JOHN SEXTGN at Co. Manufacturing Wholesale firoren P. O. Box .144 Dallas 2 Taxa F ORT. . WORTH TEXAS Compliments of 3 f' Where Your Eyes Are Corzefrmd If? all 6 MEN,S SHOP Fort Worth, Texas SHERMAN RESNICK, Manager DR. MCGUIRE and STAFF 611 Main Street Phone FA-6063 SHUR-FIT OPTQKIETRIC SERVICE MVS' Dale Searcy Neighborly Credit Rcojorzobff R REAL ESTATE 5955 L f y rr PE J, 15 900 XM t Suond4FA 3V COMPLIMENTS OF ,Nate T and MARKET 703 Throckmorton Fort Worth, Texas 5' "Wt No. 1-309 E. Belknap LD -1700 Compliments Of Qualityfood atPr1e ' , Q - You Can Afford to Pa 5909 Camp Bowle Telephone PE-3623 181 Xi e . 4 Q- i'r:'i: it sf'-K 1 A' Qgxx! sex... f .. . . -:- fi-" -N v Q 1' - xiail N53 Q's'l'5if?3k 5 Chi ' " MQ " S- '.',-'yr -. -s-aeNN'-- -M nv' g -w,.A'.. rlsf '.u-.'-- -gs .ii 1- sis: ' ...Y " 1 .. f wr--'l' 1 .rdirqgh ' o TsQ -4 ,v u -I N i V F 1-,f if f? -f ': -'fi":?'fif J 1' E C V igil Pic' K L1 fe F.-"fr 'B .' ' A 1 A Were- A . . fiift' . is-t X x, J. Br? . Qfgg v. T , ...s-es. V -1' . - .. -- .ss we-we X .r 1.-wa s 'sim "rs iff P -f 51312. 3 T' V sei . -+5-ji. 5 ,cu ,Q fsgr-sgi imffigg , gs, VU wi F My ,, -ii je - mr: .X . ffl? fe!! 8 ' kx, 3 .A ' . '- sf' f fi r '-.K-'ECN s .M ' " A . 5.--1, : -- . ' - r . Wi , "1 "'.f-AH f' 'f1I5'5'95-ii- 'fu . 'T 1 'va 4- 311- 4' it " .f . T1 -2 ri . F Q. ' f is Small .unounts suvetl regularly . . . deposited 111 your friendly Poly Bank . . . will soon he-Come a 4lllWSI.'iIlIl.'il im'estiueut in your luturc. Bank STEWART TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY Title Insurance-Abstracts ASSETS Over fB2,000,000.00 V. C. MCNAMEE, Vice President IT PAYS TO BE SAFE-NOT SORRY Consult your attorney on all legal matters Dan Waggoner Bldg. Phone F A-5171 The Poly Bank 9 Kfernher F.D.I.C. IIINI Nasliville LO-2811 O ' LA-0851 1607 Vaughn Blvd Snowden Neon Sign Service Sales and Service Nlaintenance CO' 921311 E. Vick:-ry Blvd. Tel. LA-9250 Contracting Engineers COM PLIMENTS OF South Fort Worth State Bank H:YIf'IIIl'Jf'I Federal llc-posit lrlsuzariu- Clmporatiorii' 716 W. Magnolia Tel. EIJ-4493 Plan On a HOME OF YOUR OWN- For future happiness and security, make plans to own a home. You can do it easily with monthly savings- ' the building and loan way. U L 'S TARRANT COUNTY immzfwzagge -- ASSOCIATION ff - 705 MAIN STREET-PHONE ED-3467 FORT WORTH fx We iz r i WI T jail Lwlilngi 5 182 f Q f ki fl" f f -Nur! X f N,x Ht-re's to a continuation ol' our cordial rt-lations. W1 tlcpcnd on you to turn out able, conscicntious, thinking citizens. You can clcpcncl on Superior for prompt cour tcous scrvicc and selcctccl cuts of but-f, veal and pork. BEST WISHES to Graduates, Faculty and Student Body of TEXA WESLEYAN We serve hundreds of schools, institutions and rcstau- rants in Texas. We niakc UNCLE .lOE'S famous chili, Southern Style Pork Sausage, and other quality products. 0visi0 CORIPLIMENTS ongrafufafiond of 7 CLASS OF 53 TASTY PIES from 1731 College Ave. l'i11-ii-' WI-14?-fi FORT WORTH'S QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE I 0 5 Tandy Lake Automatic XY'ashateria 30 BENDIX HOME XYASHERN WET WASH and DRIER SERVICE Open 7 AAI. to 5:30-Tuesdax' to 8 PBI, 3521 E. Lancaster Telephone LA-945 Texas Book 8: Bible House Books. Bibfff mia' Py':'st1':'5.:.'-e 706 YY. Lowden Telephone TVA-5232 Fort Ytorth. Texas A AMERICAN AS A HOT DOG The hot dog is a familiar part of American life. Most of us take for granted that when we want one we can get it-almost anywhere. We can depend on the availability of the American 0 hot dog in this country-it is part of the American scene- L' and we like it. Electric service, too, is a familiar part of the American pat- tern. Can you imagine your home--or your work-without the convenience of electric service? Everyone takes the availability of electric service for granted. And you can take its economy for granted, too. The savings of thousands of people are invested in the se- curities of Texas Electric Service Company. These savings bought power plants, electric power lines and other equipment -equipment that is operated by the men and women of Texas Electric Service Company to provide you with dependable, economical electric service. Money, materials and man-power are joined under our American free enterprise system to bring economical electric service to you. This system is just as much a part of the Ameri- I can scene as the hot dog-it's the system which has given us Americans more of the many fine things which make us healthy, I comfortable and strong-more than any other country in the world. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE' COMPANY A Business-Managed, Tax-Paying Private Enterprise, Chartered Under the Laws of the State of Texas sei," K y W Q 9 TOM'S TOASTED PEANUTS F 0 R F R E 5 H E R B R E A D TOMS PEANUT SANDWICHES TOM'S FINE CANDIES T A K E T A Y S T E E 2836 Bledsoe Phone FA-5441 COMPLINIENTS OF HOT VVRAPPED BREAD , , Texas Refngerauon Supply Co., Inc. 301 W. 13th Street FA-6233 5fJH South Hfznclerson Fort Worth, Texas Bob TTIOIIIIDSOIT If1Sll1'21I1CC AgCf1Cy fComplcte Insurance Protectionj BUS. LO-7635 1500 VAUGHN 184 PATRONIZE YOUR LUMBER DEALER For your lasting satisfaetiorl always demand HSUPERIORN VVooclwork products. TEXAS SASH 81 DOOR COMPANY Telephone FA-1306 Fort Worth, Texas 0 It's been a real pleasure making the portraits for this Annual. Thanks for your co-operation. 0 TRI FOTO STUDIOS 331 1 East Lancaster LA-5 782 Ser: Your Nearby Retail flrowr For All ljllllf l"oorls O DlS'l'RIBl"l'lQlJ EY O TYLER 8: SIMPSON CO. XXllOl1,'S2llf' Grocers Conzplinzuzts of UNIVERSAL MILLS .llakcrs of RED CHAIN FEED GOLD CHAIN FLOUR Fort XYOI'Il1. Texas The whole world is returning to titmlizv lm: we have never left it. UNIQUE CLEANERS 1-111 Vaughn Blvd. Sfvrizzg Poly Hifi 'Q' O16 41 Ilprx-E WENZEL and XVILLIAMSON BARBER SHOP 3108 E. Rosedale LA-9349 185 RK! 5 H0105 IN CARTONS OR BOTTLES U2 W xlfx spew ff 70116 6206'i'f?5' H X H I 1 n "1 'f VAIIDERVGDRT' HoMnufN'i'zfn Mun XM 1 WALDRUP ORNAMENTAL IRON Porch Columns Hand Rail Residential and Commercial Steel Serole and Castings 620 Collard Telephone LO-8500 Vogue Laundry and Cleaners, Inc. City-Witle Pickup and Delivery THE VARSITY IN PoLYTEoHN1o A Dv Luxe Suburban Theatre SAM ARCHIBALD, Manager WELDON'S CAFE "I th H t P Z " Cash and Carry n 6 My of Oy Sub Station 6 Blocks South of T.W.C. Specializes in Good Foods l lil Xlitflifll Blxfl. L0-95llll Mr. and Mrs. Wi-lclirmii liodilord, Owners FA-9285 . llJl5 l,. Bvlkriap FA-9286 2100 Vaughn LO-Ji91 186 ine fof CONGRATULATIONS ' Q ANIJ li ' A . ' . , GRADUATES UI" 1955 0 FUR YUVR flUfN"llNl'l,IJ Sl'f,fQI.SS1 A1'lOtl1C1' llrfarlqurzrtfrs for WAPLES-PLATTER four woRrH, rexAs HIS LABEL IN THE CLOTHES You WEAR MEANS QUALITY UNSURPASSED ANYWHERE WASHER WlZl.f9 Swan Finer Food Ifllllljffillf .Sdzppfzl 5 WEll MACHINERY 81 SUPPLY CO., Inc COMPANY 1629 Main Street Furl XS rrh MAIN if - W EP' f ff' L ff 'T SEND YOUR POLRS tv bt with US XYheu in Tmvti Make Your Home HERE - TO HOUSTGN AT FOURTH X IR QS . M ' al Lkqldh' - . . . an Newly A11'-Co11d1uo11cd GEO. xv. PLVIQM.-XX. Klgzy NTREET 187 L QU? . . From Farm to Home Vtmost care is taken in the production of Wfhite Lake Dairy Milk because we know that so much depends on its purity. Modern equipment and a selected herd assure consistently rich milk for babies and mothers. WHITE LAKE DAIRY You ran llflzip Our Cream -But You Carft Beat Our Milk .sw nik Sioff gfofy Ib Veffe N A' r ' I ? -0 15 0ff9jl0y cap, OW- Q X X CEDERGREEN E.L.WHlTE8tCOMPANY . 1, 1 t X ' X FROZEN FOODS f Poets might say the flavor seems to sing. Fathers and kids OFFICE say they've never tasted better Mothers say they're nutritious, economical and quick to fix. What do you say? . . . Why not OUTFITTIQDRS try Cedergreerz Frozen Foods today . . . AT YOUR GRocER's! 4.94 O mum mms CGMMERCIAL -V Ann vsesnstcs b Y' sTAT1oNERs I lg 2332 dm Distributed by ,- f H .f wnsr 'rrxzxs ,- E cgi 4 .,,' PRODUCE ' Q, 4 4 " 3 K w - CO. L O! iffy. fl, , -f T 2-,E 5 ,. ad, ' QESH Y-R0'LEWU' M 705 frhmckmomm ED-3321 a t t t r f AW ' I 1 fn ' ,f 1 Codorgme Frozen Pod: Con. 188 WMS ,524 Wouf and KLAR THE FIRE? I5III-II .xI1IIII Sli'-rl 16 I IJ 1 '-1f,ff,-,,f., inn, sz.,-, ,I 5? - yfwii- - uf, X- M Ml! . DIIUITIIIU rlfdlfi ' f COULD BE QW! , ,i, Hz.. ,I 1 1 .14 1 - T? :T"f- A 211. i .A I Better rent a Safety Deposit Box from Riclglea State Bank for the protection of your valuables. Cost is very low! RIDGLEA STATE BANK 6021 CAMP BOWIE PE-7213 - 1..fm-.W - xi.. 1' '- I , 4, . if .. i,.. ,, 1 , flflwll ,Hill xllrffllnf for If ff' f- " WHITE WAY PASTRY SHOP "I1'lf1'rff IIV13 l"l..'1lx'l' l'lfll:lJ l'll Phone IQX-1541 I x 1221 Ii. Lancaster Iorl Worth. If-mx ISIC Rlfilll XXIIII 1. Homer Wriglit General Insurance 525 So. Henderson - I r l'.X .- I-fj-r, pl COMPLIMENTS ZENO' KGIICA Ol? Authentic XX'CSI0l'l'l IXRH11' Phone Eli?-0200 2"5 FORT IYORTH. TEXAS .-X IN. ,Z Of R. Xl. DAVIDSON. Omni-1 RAY NEIGHBORS DRUG SIURE LM? Bl' .Y.':'giz?vo7i Harlon Wr1ght's Wholesale Meat Co. Phone .W3451 1555 IV. Berry PON Wefih CC7,IIPLI-lIl'f.YYiS UF Ward Collier, Insurance Agencv 1201 Jones ED-4002 X Q b Q L ' Ciencml lztxuxuuc 517 Bcwlcy Bldg. Fixx: 189 I - - . J. NOLAN MURPHY, JR. A-. h.1q,Q D 1 .I W P H O N E In 7 - CLYDE W. MORRISON, JR. ""-?'T'M I 5:51 wif . H' J e,olN""e',.,'L?o01B'f.S5lt at I2 D- 3 2 3 1 ,ig A M wommw izoo sessue sr. QUALITY LAuNocRJN'c :mb 'bu CLIANJNG FORT WORTH, TEXAS QUALITY LAUNDERING AND DRY CLEANING f sl V SOTIIC I . is 1g,,RRiii.x... e 225. 'IIZZZZIIZ 1 CS IHCI1 ""' 1211222125112sssszszsszssss225225112 .............. .--...un-. ............... .....-........ ...............-.......-...... ........................-U... IIIZIIZZZZIZZZQZZIIZSZZZZZ Texas stay at the IN FORT WORTH IT'S THE WORTH '- '::::::... """" T 1-anuueuk AIR-CONDITIONED- GARAGE IN CONNECTION ..... ....... .... ...U ...N .... ...... ...N .. ........ ...... ... ........ ...U- .. ......... U...-. .. ......... ...Un .. .......... ...un .. ........... ...nu th .1... ..... .... b ' t ..... ...' . . ........... ...... . . 6209 E. Lancaster LA-9428 CHICKEN-N-TATERS Chicken and Steak Dinners Fried W Chicken-N-Taters Salad Hot Rolls Honey Tea Coffee Milk 81.50 Liver 8L Giblet Dinners when available Childrc-n's Plates Sirloin Club Steak Salad Taters Tea Milk Coffee Hot Rolls with Butter 31.90 When you are in a hurry, give us a phone call 20 minutes in advance and pick up your order on the run. POLY MOTOR COMPANY Wrecker Service-Auto Parts 81 Welding-Se1'v'ice Station 3301 Vaughn Blvd. Dial LO-8884 Fort Worth, Texas Compliments of A Friend Q1 0:0 . COMPLIMENTS --1- I OF 'iff' if 7532 A L T A V I S T A HF H CREAMERY COMPANY BC affe Manager - 190 48 Years of ervice P70 na. D EVANS .O. EVA E H" .Sim 1905 MARVIN D. EVANS COMPANY PRINTING U LITHOGRAPHING 9 ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES 265 TEXAS smear roar WORTH, TEXAS N r 1' v. 191 iff" KNO Since l9I2 Soufhwesrern Engraving Co. of Forr Worfh, has been acquiring Hfie neces- sary KNCW HOW 'ro produce oursranding yearbooks. Tha+'s why discriminaring sfaffs 'rurn +o . . . ,192 Jw mffwif MW W 4J '!W ,M W WW ww W f:,g5ffe,fM5wj7f QM W W JK aww L WR? x gp 12 .I ,. 5 L'-ig J. 1 ' . K I 'Ti , ': .' . K' . ,zkw 1f ' lu ' . LJ. 1... . . GW., A ff? 'ZZ M- , MQ +ve. Qbdhqqfmq T '5""f'5f+Zff4, ' ' "Qu ,6 f9'f'ff-wwf Ml ,Wu r 74 U ww 27 ,W ffl? MM pa ,--Ig if H f 5 I I V 1 I i M f'4""7a' . We AQQ. g WW, 5, 3 3 I g 1 , , ' I A A VJ . Q4"H f . ' - +3 1 4.- ... ,J ' um K A 1 Lf' if nummnu. 4.11.51 Wf55Wfw' 1, M M i WQL4, '7f4 c,.,, L , Jil- j off, -AED!! ,f L XML Zinn! Q '. 7 "Lad 4-.,f,,,,,, ,Q TA! J 'A 'N' 'X 'lf H74 4 5f7v .7J'f71,g. . V 0 img' ff,"-7! 'J 7' Zi. 8 ,'.I,.., ypfbf f 1 lv HI.l?4Av ' am gb 53? 'A wif -' f 'f nd., -,,,. 'MQW f ZZ? Wm W, A - I U I LL I ' mf ' JL.. mp X P3 M13 fl E'WWf?mf . I ' jjwvfllb ff k ' x - iw WWW 'W M ' , l . ' X ,F-La mf 1' 72"-F i'.a?9L...f1.4 .S J' ?f'7?'7"'Mfrw,,,, '7X'Sf!'-r-v A 'ma

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