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m im warn JH LAVENTANA -r , CO-EDITORS OF Jan Shaw LA VENTANA Jett Lawhon PUBLICATIONS ADVISOR Bill Dean BUSINESS MANAGER Jean Fmley DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHERS Darrel Thomas Pat Broyles Lon Larsen Mike Davis Cover photo ot yearbook taken by Jetf Lawhon L.A VENTANA campus color LIFE campus activities SPORTS ILLUSTRATED athletics VOGUE beauties, sororities, women ' s dorms PLAYBOY fraternities, men ' s dorms, playmate TYME administration, military ESQUIRE arts and sciences, education, student government FUTURE law. business, graduate engineering TOWN AND COUNTRY home economics, agriculture SENIOR VIEW class pictures JUNIOR-SOPHOMORE VIEW class pictures FRESHMAN VIEW class pictures IP! OSm I Inquire, Inspire and Aspire Intellect, Dissect and Correct m AAb Tfiub i Grunt, Confront and Punt i v . Tit 1 lit m Deflect, Connect and Go Tech! 4 . Precipitate, Illuminate and Rejuvenate " Give me your windblown and sandblasted, your beginners and almost outlasted. Give me your free and unentangled, your handsome and your mangled. Give me your strong and your weak, your obnoxious and your meek. Give me your dark and your light, your dim and your bright. Give me your graceful and those that lumber, and I ' ll give them all a number. " The Machine If. Extend, Befriend and Depend Stroke. Joke and Provoke Prone, Moan and Groan I I 1 JO SOUTH PLAINS MALL DOWNTOWN V S . ' , Contents Homecoming A bonfire, a game, a dance, but no parade University Theatre A world of illusion, brought to life University Center Focusing on student life Residence Hall Association Coordinating dorm legislation University Speakers Keeping students informed on current issues Black Week A cross-cultural experience Foreign Students Exchanging cultures and education 27 31 38 46 48 50 51 World Affairs Conference 52 Examining all aspects of China Graduation An ending a new beginning 54 DEPARTMENTS BEAT OF LIFE GALLERY 13 YEARS AGO IN " LIFE " PARTING SHOTS Jeff Lawhon Jan Shaw co-editon Darrel Thomas Mike Davis Pat Broyles Lon Larson David Webster photographers 24 36 44 55 Bill Dean director of student publications Jean Fin ley business manager Editors ' Note Fall 1972 finally saw the 18 year old playing a major role in a presiden- tial election. He registered voters, campaigned, and voted for his candi- date. Tech ' s stu- dent-dorm ratio reached a percentage where the dorm could afford to allow juniors as well as seniors to move off campus. Gaston Hall made a new concept in on-campus living a reality as apart- ments were made available. Memorial Circle restrictions reached a new extreme with the ban on the traditional Carol of Lights. In the spring the Vietnam War grinded to an unsteady halt and prisoners of war touched home soil. Inefficient poll procedures and low voter turnout proved senate elections a farce as student interest steadily declined with each recalled election date. The year reflected apathy over involvement as many campus events were met with meager response. The Life section of La Ventana attempted to capture major aspects of campus life by covering activities, scheduled events, and everyday occurrences. The effectiveness of the section depends both on the photography and the way it was tied together. This year major emphasis was placed on spring. Every- one felt the arrival of spring as the campus underwent a transformation reacting against the harshness of a long winter (see cover, pp. 24-26, 42-43). My thanks go to the photogra- phers and all who became the subjects of the pictures. Life 23 Life As winter frolics mclc into springtime, the Tech campus undergoes a transforma- tion. Classes move outside to enjoy an informal setting as students seek new excuses to go outdoors. Blue skies fill the parks with sun worshippers. Whether an individual wishes to stretch out alone under a tree, soak up sunshine to nloi her skin, or prefers the companionship of a friend; all suffer pangs of spring fever. Students suddenly feel the urge to abandon their studies in favor of experi- encing a spring afternoon in the sun. . . Life 25 HOMECOMING ' 72 NOW MORE THAN EVER " Now More Than Ever, " theme of 1972 homecoming activities, ushered in a new era of Tech homecomings. For the first time in many years parade plans failed to materialize. However, enthusiasm flourished as the bon- fir e drew Techsans to yell praises for their team. While alumni and students filed into the stadium, Connie Kemp was announced Homecoming Queen in pre-game ceremonies. The game began with the Raiders ' sights on the conference crown. Hopes diminished as T.C.U. took an early lead to win the game. Topping off activities, Stevie Wonder, fresh from a tour with the Rolling Stones, performed to a near empty auditorium. Life 27 r BY( EDWARD AL I . J. i ._i_.., I. X ' i__r Life 31 Jtmy (Kayla Stockton} ami Richard fMac Williams) become caught up ma web of corruption as the) attempt to keep pace with Jack (Wade Park), their nch friend, m Albee ' i cynical treatment of middle clou morality. Putting a cynical ttreu on money, Alba lambasts middle clou morality. Jenny (Kayla Stockton j and Richard fMac ViUiams) become caught up in a web of cor- ruption became of their desire to " keep up utiththe Joneses. " l During the Restoration, Wycherly wrote The Country Wife to ridicule jeal- ously, sham, and hypocrisy. The plot centers around Margery Pinchwife (Gin- ger Perkins), her jealous husband (Richard Magii), and Homer (Phil Wey- landj, a bachelor pretending to be a eunuch. Life 33 Maxim Gorki ' s The Lower Depths illustrated the sobering moral truths of 1902 Russia. The characters epitomized degenerate souls lost in the depths of despair. Luka (Larry Randolph), introduced flashes of humanistic hope into the desolate scene. 34 Life li Borrowing from historical context, Schiller dramatized Mary Stuart (Jane .Ratliff), freeing her from guilt. While Mary assumed martyrdom, Elizabeth I (Jeanne Everton) radi- ated strength and stature. mini 36 Life 1 i Highlighting self-portraits, Gallery focused on three unique ideas. Randy Bouse, freshman art major, used shadows to create his portrait (opposite page). Junior art major Mike Mogan utilized a car grill to obtain an interesting effect (left). Rick Perdue, sophomore telecom- munications major, was struck by a toaster ' s reflection (below). Life 37 The University Center is a building and an idea which encompasses many services and functions. It is the place to go and escape from the everyday academic pressures of school. Providing a snack bar, cafeteria, and television lounges, the University Center becomes a refuge for meeting friends or just relaxing between classes. The Center caters to students by offering a check cashing service, food catering, meeting rooms, places to sell tickets and pass around information, and extensive programming. The basement game room consists of pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, and foosball which creates an ideal setting to kill time as well as a location for intramural activities. ' Life rople are attracted (o the University Onicr for many different rea pring afternoon, students gather to listen to an ouK oppo ,. c top). The cafeteria offers a plate for a reasonable meal and good HS ,,. page bortora) Rcx ' k music lovers are attracted by the Baby corner! (left) Retreat provides an opportunity for U C. committee members to relax and s I0 know one another (below). A black student enjoys playing ping pong in the game rcxiin (bottom left) Finding a quiet corner, a girl settles down to read her LJD (bottom h Diversity is the name of the game at the U.C Cloth waving (top opp page) it one of the old arts brought to life at the Scarborough Faire. Trixic (far left opp ) wins the individual talent award for her magic act at the All University Talent Show Comedian Henry Gibson (opp. below) from Laugh In entertains students sprinkling his talk with serious notes. A silk screened ecology emblem is printed on T shins by committee members to encourage participation in Ecology Week (left). The success of Free University is illustrated by the overflowing tables at the bridge class (bottom). At Mini-Woodstock the soul beat flows as a Black band creates the atmosphere (below). The University Center Program Council is in charge of programming activities for the U. C. Composed of students, the council is divided into 1 1 committees that decide what events to sponsor within their area of interest. Over 250 students are directly involved in the committee structure. A board made up of the lirman and assistant of each committee jrks to facilitate communication and coordi- nate events. Committees were divided by interest lines and assumed the task of providing diversified programs to the University. Four committees: An and Design, Comm. for Campus Union, Hospitality, and Public Relations, operated from within U.C. projects to produce posters for events, promote publicity, add sunshine to student ' s life, and sponsor leadership labora- tories. The World Affairs Conference and International Interest Committees focused campus attention on foreign countries and their cultures. Dealing with current events, the Ideas and Issues Committee strived to bring programs pertinent for today. Fine Arts, Special Events and Student Entertainment committees set their goal to provide diverse events in the attempt of cover the entire entertainment spectrum. Program Council voted to take charge of Free University for- merly sponsored by the Student Association. 1972-73 was a y U.C. programming In an effort to reach more students, events were scheduled in dorm cafeterias, Stangel- Murdough pit, and in academic buildings. A Street Dance in conjunction with Mini- Woodstock and an all-campus Talent Show highlighted the expansion program. Sponsoring Sunday afternoon playdays, the U.C. Publicity Committee introduced a new concept in programming. Featuring fun con- tests, frisbees, kites, and kid games, it was met with enthusiasm as students tentatively watched, then joined in the fun. 1 Mr; I 13 YEARS AGO IN 44 Life ' Thirteen years ago marked the second edi- tion of Texas Tech Student LIFE. Campaigns were extensive even offering entertainment to Tech voters. At top opposite page cos- tumed hillbillies sing praises of their candi- date. " The Roaring Twenties " was the theme of the thirtieth Tech homecoming. Enthusiasm flourished with a parade in which twenty five floats were entered, (opposite page) Cheerleaders (left) built spirit in Dallas with a short pep rally before the SMU game. At the administration building two aggies wait patiently for their turn in registration, (lower left) Pictured in the new million dollar class- room and office building, (now the English building), were Ken Talkington and Sandra Hendrix, Mr. and Miss Texas Tech. (below) ' MR. AND MISS TEXAS TECH - Ufr 45 RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION The Residence Hall Association was cre- ated by the merger of the Women ' s Resi- dence Council and Men ' s Residence Council in order to make a unified legislative body. In its first year of combined efforts, RHA encouraged greater flexabiliry and uniformity in dorm regulations. The dorm visitation pro- gram expanded to include both women and men ' s residence halls, and the resident assist- ant program included in women ' s dorms. Cooperating with the University Center programming, evening concerts in dorm cafe- terias added atmosphere to some evening meals. The arrival of spring encouraged pro- gramming events in the Stangel-Murdough pit including outdoor movies and concerts. Preceding final week, RHA sponsored a tutoring program designed to help students in their final efforts. A couple utilizes the dorm T.V. for a casual date (above). Scheduled for the Stangel-Mur- dough pit, a concert causes a drenched crowd to pack the cafeteria (below). (MtfelfUfc A Residence Hall Association meeting in session (above) contrasts a couple using visitation to quietly study together (left). Lift 47 UNIVERSITY SPEAKERS In regard to freedom of the press, Jack Anderson, syndicated columnist, stressed the importance of the newspaper ' s role as " watchdog " over the government. " The newsflow is being controlled by use of the classification system. " Anderson closed by saying, " I choke up physically at the thought of los- ing my freedom. " George Plimpton, reporter, told of some professional amateur experiences. He related his feelings by asking, " Have you been in a situation where you shouldn ' t be there, but make it through? " His most terrifying adventure was playing in the New York Philharmonic. " In music you can ' t make a mistake it ' s an art, " he explained. Playwright Edward Albee defined art as " an attempt to com- municate, define reality, hold a mirror up to them (people), and instruct them. " He felt the theater is the most exciting medium. " Movies leave people with a feeling of fantasy . . . the theater is threatening it seems too real. " Oc ik -JS. Conservative journalist William Buckley blamed the assault on the free market for American economic ignorance. Criticizing revenue sharing, Buckley stated the " Americans have leaned on the assumption that dollars from Washington are sponta- neously generated. " Charles E. Bohlen, retired U.S. foreign diplomat, stressed Rus- sia ' s fear of China and her need for Western advances as the two factors affecting U.S. Soviet relations. Bohlen cautioned that due to ideological differences, the two can ' t expect " inti- mate " relations, but can achieve " peaceful coexistence. " II Predicting a depression, Dick Gregory warned that college stu- dents had better understand themselves because a heavy weight will soon be dropped. Gregory congratulated youth on their anti-war activism declaring " Never again are old men going to decide where young men are going to die. " Life 49 A cross-cultural experience, Black Week, was presented to Tech students in order to make Blacks as well as Whites more aware of the contributions Blacks have made to Ameri- can society. Lecturers, featuring J. K. D. Appiah, Counselor Minister of the Ghana Embassy, and Dick Gregory (see p. 49), spoke on the problems that face Americans today with special emphasis on those prob- lems unique to Blacks. Other activities included: an " Excellence in Black " fashion show at South Plains Mall (far right); a variety show providing enter- tainment ranging from poetry to hula hoops (bottom); and an Afro Ball held at the Palm Room where Blacks wore native costumes (right); " A Reader ' s Theatre " performance by the Kutana Players of Southern Illinois University illustrated drama based on the experiences of Black America (below). HRE -. V L 3 ,i Artifaccs displays give an example of the handicrafts and an idea of the cul- ture of a foreign country (top). Mira (above) performs a belly dance for the entertainment at the Arab Dinner. At the International Cabaret, four Indian students (right) play Indian folk music on the sitar and tablas. The International Affairs Council coordi- nated the efforts of the 331 foreign students on the Tech campus. To try to make each stu- dent feel more welcome, three programs were encouraged. The host student program pro- vided a one to one peer cultural exchange, the host family allowed students to participate within the American family, and the occupa- tional host program enabled foreign students to examine how local businesses operate. The foreign student organizations pres- ented a look at the culture of their individual countries through various programs. Six countries were represented at the Interna- tional Cabaret that offered entertainment ranging from modeling native costumes to individual talent. The International Dinner offered a sampling of food from eight differ- ent countries prepared by foreign students. India Night, Pakistan Evening, and the Arab Dinner combined food, entertainment, and exhibits of artifacts to create a foreign atmos- phere. Life 51 Frank Cheng (above) plays a Chinese flute and Chinese dancers (left) perform a tribal dance for the entertainment at an evening reception. Library displays of Chinese an stimulates student interest (below). t 52 Life Ill Experimenting with chopsticks, banquet guests awk- wardly eat Chinese foods, (above inset). Mr. and Mrs. Johann Yang perform Chinese music at the banquet, (above). The major addresses were presented by Sam Jaffe (below), special correspondent United Press Inter- national, and Gordon Bennett (far right), professor of government. University of Texas at Austin. nor flat ad nUdince fa ig reception- The 1973 World Affairs Con- ference focused on the cultural, historical, and political aspects of China. The conference for- mat consisted of two main addresses, twelve seminars, and a Chinese banquet. Displays of Chinese an and sculpture were on exhibit during the three day period. Seminar topics ranged from the study of Confucius to an examination of the causes of the cultural revolution. Both sides of the argument on the recognition of the Peo- ple ' s Republic of China were represented. Ms. Moun Ru Yuen, refugee from Mainland China and author of The Truth of China, urged listeners to reject the People ' s Republic. Finding no improvements in the country, Ms. Yuen provided a radical view against the Communist regime. On the same question, Dr. Earl Swisher, Univ. of Colo- rado at Boulder, saw no alterna- tive to U.S. recognition. With China ' s emergence on the world scene, she is too powerful to ignore. Members of the Chinese Stu- dent Association per formed Chi- nese ceremonial dances at the reception following Sam Jaffe ' s speech. A five course Chinese ban- quet was served to end the con- ference activities. Life 53 ' - I ' R S j r Y u x- h_ - - K mm F l i m V j ; H " 1 J SI Forty-seventh Annual Commencement n 54 Life II ' nt PARTING SHOTS Lubbock 1 . Boat launching ramps. 2. Concession stand, paved parking area, refreshments, rest roams, bait, boat rental, gasoline, oil, and supplies. 3. Horse, pony rides. 4. Kiddieland, rides, " Buffalo Gal- excursion boat. Peddle Boats. 5. Office and entrance. 6. Rest rooms. 7. Picnic areas and drinking fountains. 8. Enclosed, heated fishing house. 9. Disposal station. Use and Enjoy BUFFALO SPRINGS LAKE Administrated by: LUBBOCK COUNTY WATER CONTROL AND IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. I P.O. Box 52 1 747-3353 I CAMPING AREA " A " 1 FULL HOOK-UPS CAMPING AREA " B ELECTRIC HOOK-UPS ONLY CAMPING AREA " C " NO HOOK-UPS SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE COACH AND TEAM _ OF THE YEAR Contents Sports lUuttrated of La Ventana u annually at thr sportt tertian of lite Texas Terk yearbook Featured are thr events and facet itial comprised the Red Raider tporfi tftne: vanity and frrsfiman learn ' , luacnes, font and inlramu rat participant . 60 A Place in the Sun If Uh the addition of speed and experience to last year ' s squad, the Raiders made a strong bid for the conference crown and finished with a Sun Bowl berth. 74 The Winner ' s Circle Utilizing teamwork and a sound defense, the Raider round- bailers won the SWC championship. 86 Those Rainy Day Blues Again Hurt by graduation losses and consistently bad weather, the Tech diamond men found the going rough. 90 Introducing . . . the Red Raideress Facts and figures about Tech women in intercolle giate ath- letic competition. The Departments 72 Cheerleaders 100 Freshman Football 84 Soccer 92 Swimming 94 Golf 96 Tennis 98 Track 102 Jr. Varsity Basketball 104 Dolphins 105 Double-T Association 106 Intramurals 107 For the Record The Staff Editor: Jeff Lawhon Photographers: Darrel Thomas Pat Broyles Mike Davis Lon Larsen Jeff Lawhon Staff Writers: Pat Broyles Patti Hill Karen King Janet Detamore Ricky Meredith Art: Patti Hill Photo-Art: Pat Broyles Cover photos by Pat Broyles and Jeff Lawhon Next Year Overall the Texas Tech athletic program should fare rather well with football and basketball being its strong suits. Carlen ' s crew should have a better chance of picking cotton on New Year ' s than any team in recent years. Gerald Myers and the SWC bas- ketball champions return after only losing Ron Richardson and Ed Wakefield in a position to domi- nate the conference for the next few years. Sporu Illustrated 59 A PLACE IN THE SUN With speed, muscle and experience added to the offense. Tech grabbed a surprising sec- ond place finish in the SWC race and a spot in the Sun Bowl. After a disappointing 1971 campaign and the graduation of some key seniors, Texas Tech would have found it difficult to buy a third place vote in the preseason polls. What the predictors had overlooked was the addition of break away speed in the form of George Smith, a junior college transfer tailback, Lawrence Williams, a tal- ented sophomore kick return artist and Cal- vin Jones, a deep threat wide receiver. To supplement the new speed, Tech could count on two premiere senior offen- sive linemen in Russell Ingram and Harold Lyons, both of whom had been plagued with injuries the previous season, an estab- lished quarterback and leader in Joe Barnes, the return of defensive stalwart Don Rives, three quality defensive linemen in Davis Corley, Tim Schafner and Gaines Baty and a linebacker no one had heard of much, but soon would, Quentin Robinson. BYJEFFLAWHON The Raiders established themselves as a strong offensive team early as they routed Utah, 45-2, in the season opener. The game with New Mexico the following week looked like the second verse of the same song. The 41-6 win over the Lobos gave Tech the spotlight as one of the top offensive teams anywhere with an average of 545 yards per game and set the stage for the Texas game which was already sold out. Most of the 52,187 people crammed into Jones Stadium for " the game " were wear- ing red and were yelling. Tech was able to move the ball at will between the end zones, but could not push it across. Don Grimes kicked four field goals which provided the Raiders with a first half lead, but were not enough to offset the Steers ' second half surge. Tech finally crossed the goal line with seven seconds on the clock, but it was too late and Texas won, 25-20. V I ' I t J I Defensive stalwarts Tim Schafner (72) and Donald Rivet (51) (upper left) attempt to block a Texas field goal. Gaines Baty (84) (upper right) leads the defense in a celebration of a fumble recovery. Steve Van Loozen (21) and Ouintin Robinson (54) (left) bring down Texas ' Roosevelt Leaks. Don Grimes (above) kicks one of his four field goals against Texas. Spans I HUM mini 61 t i i! WTFOf Sports Illustrated U r Three to Get Ready . . . Tech bounced back from the Texas defeat to begin a win streak of five games that would insure them of a bowl bid. Com- bining some big defensive plays with 400 yards of offense, Carlen ' s crew calmed Tul- sa ' s Golden Hurricanes, 35-18. The following week brought bruising bat- tle with Texas A M. The Raiders were behind most of the game, but forged ahead with less than two minutes remaining to claim the game, 17-14. Tech let Arizona run wild, for the first four minutes, but let them add only a field goal to their first touchdown while scoring 35 points for a 35-10 win. James Motley (upper left) struggles for extra yard- age. Lawrence Williams (upper right) begins a punt return. Members of the Tech defensive unit help Don Rives (lower left) celebrate the recovery of an A M fumble. Randy Olson (middle) pounces on Arizona runner. Calvin Jones (lower middle) attempts to elude tackier. Andre Tillman (lower right) overpowers defensive back. 7 Sports Illuslralrd 63 " We ' re Going 1 1 When it came time for the Tech-SMU clash, all the elements for the annual thriller were present. Both teams had potent offenses with an emphasis on a ground game. As it turned out, however, defense proved to be the key to the Raider ' s 17-3 victory. The defensive line led by Don Rives with 17 tackles held the Mustang rushers to a total of 83 yards and recovered two key fumbles which the Raiders capital- ized on for ten points. The game was up for grabs until the last 90 seconds when quarterback Joe Barnes hit Calvin Jones with a 42 yard touchdown pass. As the clock ran out, the jubilant play- ers began a chant of " We ' re going! " With a 6-1 record and another crucial game behind them, it became evident that Tech was going somewhere and the Cotton Bowl was still within reach. Coaches Fligg and Carton and Joe Barnes (upper left) have sideline conference. Calvin Jones (upper right) and Joe Barnes (lower right) relax after their touch- down completion iced the SMU game. Coach Carlen (center) displays his sunny side. Don Rives, David Corley and Gaines Baty team up to stop me SMU ground game. 1 Ken Wallace (upper left) returns to huddle after defending against a deep pass. Greg Waters (upper right) brings down a SMU receiver. Tech ' s talented special team trio begins a kick off return (lower left). Ronnie Samford (lower right) looks on from the side- lines. , N 7FIA5 lEffl 1 I Coming Home After squeaking past Rice, 10-6, Tech was rated as one of the top 20 teams in the nation and was drawing a small crowd of bowl scouts. The next week brought the election and America decided not to " come home. " The Raiders came home to play TCU and wished they had strayed away with the rest of the country. The Horned Frogs came to play and looked faultless. A regional television audi- ence saw the hapless homecomers outhus- tled, outmuscled, outmaneuvered and most important outscored, 31-7. Lawrence Williams, on his way toward becoming the nation ' s leading kickoff return artist, started things off right against Baylor with a 67-yard return. Don Grimes, on his way toward becom- ing the nation ' s leading kick scorer, added two field goals in the first quarter which proved to the winning margin as Tech edged the Baptists, 13-7, and accepted an invitation to the Sun Bowl. Members of the Raider defensive unit (above) team up to stop TCU ball carrier. John Garner (lower left) punts. Jimmy Carmichoel holds for Don Grimes (lower right) as he kicks one of his 12 field goals for the season which figured his finish as the nation ' s leading kick scorer. 66 Sports Illustrated Sports Itlultralrd 67 4 Pigskin Paradox Arkansas arrived in Lubbock with the idea of putting the pig back into pigskin. In a surprise move, they started a sophomore at quarterback who led them to a victory of sorts. Even with visions of Juarez dancing in their heads, the Raiders compiled more total offense than the Razorbacks, but two key fumbles and a costly pass interference call was the slop that fed the swine success, 24-14. Quarterback Joe Barnes (above) calls the signals. Speedster George Smith (lower left) flies around end for a touchdown against Arkansas. Plagued by a recurrent knee injury, Don Rives (lower right) makes a familiar trip off the field. I f 7rt r. Sports Illustrated 69 Sun Bowl 1 972 For the second time in three years, Texas Tech made the trip to El Paso to play the role of host team of the Sun Bowl. After an 8-3 season and a second place finish, the Raiders were selected to face North Carolina in the annual, nationally televised New Year ' s Eve Contest. The Tarheels brought a 9-2 record, the Atlan- tic Coast Conference championship and a national ranking of 16th into the bowl game and were given a slight edge. The game proved to be mostly an offensive show with a variety of exciting plays of which the most spectacular was a punt blocked by Davis Corley that was recovered by Don Rives and returned 51 yards for a touchdown. After the points were regis- tered on the Scoreboard, Tech was penalized because someone stepped off the sidelines and on to the field to watch the play and the score which would have meant victory was nullified. Tailback George Smith ended the year as he began it with a dazzling performance which included 172 yards rushing, three touchdowns and an award for the most valuable offensive player of the Sun Bowl. Ecomet Burley, a freshman defensive tackle, was named the most valuable defensive player. The see saw battle ended with North Carolina on top, 32-28. Sophomore middle guard David Knaus (upper right} fills in for the injured Don Hives and makes the tackle. Fleet George Smith (lower right) breaks a tackle and heads for the end zone on one of his three touchdown runs. Sportu CHEERLEADERS Pat Broyles SriS nf m ' .r ' .v A WR. Williomi (above); Devorah Lewis (left); Luke WuKjen (center); Carol Miktch (right). 72 Sports Itoulraud At the end of the 1972 Spring semester the control of the cheerleaders was shifted to the Cheerleader Board. The Board con- sists of two Saddle Tramps, two Alpha Phi Omega members, the head cheerleader and a sponsor. The eight cheerleaders brought the crowds to their feet, and, in so doing, they helped to spark the Red Raiders on to victory. These vociferous cheerleaders pro- vided the impetus needed by the Raiders to make the ' 72 season a winning one. Pal PoHon (left); Connie Kemp (center); Billie Harris (right); Cindy Garza (above). Illustrated 73 The Winner ' s Circle Under the direction of Coach Gerald Myers, Texas Tech combined solid teamwork with a devastating defense to win the SWC basket- ball championship. Texas Tech ' s trail to the Southwest Confer- ence basketball title began in Kentucky. The first game was indicative of things to come in that the Raiders beat a good team. Western Kentucky, in overtime on the road and a fresh- man named Rick Bullock came off the bench to score 23 points in his first college game. At the end of the season, Myers ' men found themselves with a 19-7 record (12-2 in confer- ence play), the SWC championship, and a lion ' s share of the individual honors. Coach Myers as named SWC Coach of the Year and Richard Little and Ron Richardson were named to first team All-SWC positions. Rick Bullock was voted as the outstanding new- comer to the conference. In non conference action. Tech managed a 7-5 slate dropping overtime games to New Mexico, 72-69, and Air Force, 69-66. During the Christmas holidays, the Raiders played in the Jayhawk Classic and after losing to Kansas, 67-51, in the opening round, won the consola- tion bracket by defeating Army, 53-52. BY JEFF LA WHOM 74 Sports lUusirnted Coach Myers (left) gives some time out tips. Ron Richardson (above) looks for a teammate down court. Opposite page: Richard I and lower I IM jjml full Mi i n (lower ech ' s basketball inter- ests. -- Sports Illustrated 75 m V Dauntless Defenders Tech ' s first conference game proved to be a critical one. Although the Raiders were fortunate enough to open with a home game, the game was with everyone ' s favorite to win the conference race, SMU. Without a doubt, the Mustangs were literally " hosses. " SMU ' s talent laden offensive powerhouse could not cope, however, with the tenacious Raider defense which proved to be the best the SWC had seen in over a decade. Tech won the contest in overtime. 80-76. TCU and Rice were the next victims of the Red Machine falling by scores of 87-65 and 65-51, respectively. Defending co-champion, Texas did not succumb as easily as the game went into over- time. Ed Wakefield did a one man butcher act and made hamburger out of the Steers scoring 10 points in the overtime period alone. The Long- horns limped back to Austin with a 73-64 defeat. The Aggies almost pulled off an upset the next week, but the Raiders managed to hold on to a one point lead at the last to plow the Farmers under, 68-67. Tech took an undefeated confer- ence slate to Waco where the Bears blemished the record with a 57-66 victory. Meanwhile back in the hills, Arkansas had become a contender in the run for the title. The Hogs were just so much sau- sage in the frying pan, however, as Tech poured on the heat, 73-64. Ron Richardson (above) draws a foul against Texas. Ed Wakefield (left and lower left opposite page) lays up a pair of two pointers. Opposite page: Don Moore (upper left) bat- tles Arkansas ' Martin Jerry for a loose ball. Rick Bullock (right) goes high to defend against an inside shot. S wrt.i Illutlriiiril 77 ,_ Kaberlme (upper left) oulrebounds a couple of vada players. William Johnson and Ed Wakefield (lower left) double team o Nevada forward. Don Moore blocks out an opponent (above) to aid Rick Bullock with the rebound Opposite page: Coach Myers (left) discusses ttrategy during a time out. Richard Little (upper right) harasses the opposition. William Johnton (lower right) sets a screen for Don Moore ' s drive to the goal Sports Illustrated 79 The Team . . . Tech ' s sole loss to Baylor placed them in a tie for the conference leadership with SMU whose only loss was to Tech in the loop opener. The Raiders traveled to Dallas for the showdown. The Mus- tangs dominated the first half of the game so much it appeared that Myers and company were headed for second place. Tech came back, however, and played one of the most outstanding defensive halves ever and eliminated the horse play, 64-59. The Raiders continued to roll, squashing TCU ' s Horned Frogs, 74-64, and sending Rice back to the paddies, 65-51. Taking delight in defeating Texas on the hardcourt for the ninth consecutive time. Tech played in its sixth and final overtime game of the season (the second against the Longhorns) and barbecued the Steers, 80-77. William Johnson (upper right) sinks one of his twelve free throws against TCU. Johnson and Ron Richardson (middle) battle a pair of Rice players for a rebound. Rick Bullock on his way to becoming Tech ' s leading scorer as a freshman shows teamwork by passing to the open man (lower left). Ed Wakefield (lower right) puts up on his patented jump shots. Wakefield hit on 48.3 per cent of his shots from the floor. I 80 Sports lUmtralrd That Gerald Built Holding true to form, Texas A M played the role of spoiler. Tech needed to win at home in order to clinch the championship and 9500 people plus a regional television audience gathered to watch. The Aggies somehow managed to squeeze out a victory, 76-75. The game that sewed up the title turned out to be a heartstopper in the hills of Arkansas. The Razorbacks were the only team that stood between the Raiders and the championship. The contest went down to the wire, but the Raiders brought the bacon home, 64-63. The last game of the season which was with Baylor had the ring of an anticlimax. For Tech, it proved to be a tune up for the NCAA play- offs as they barely buried the Bears, 77-74. All-SWC center Ron Richardson led the team in a belated cutting of the net. Senior Gene Kaberline (upper left) goes over an opponent to send a shot toward the bucket. All-SWC guard Rich- ard Little (middle) literally ttyi to the goal on a fast break to score two points. Rick Bullock (lower left) intimidates a three-legged Longhorn player. Ed Wakefield (lower right) drives the base line to out- flank his opponent from Nevada and score an easy bucket. - Sports Illustrated 81 NCAA Playoffs 19 3 - -. In winning (he SWC championship. Tech earned the right to advance to the NCAA playoffs. The first round for Tech ' s region was scheduled to be played at Wichita Kansas. The, Raiders carried their 19- ' i record to the playoffs and were matched against South Carolina with a 20-6 record and a top 20 ranking. The Gamecocks of South Carolina were heavily favored due mostly because of the SWC ' s low national profile in basketball. Tech surprised many people, however, with the quality of game jjjey played. The Raiders played their usual tough defensive game and stayed even with the South Carolinans through the first half which ended in a 30-30 tie. In the second half, the Raiders gradually pulled away to a five point lead with 12 minutes left in the game which proved to be their undoing. They relaxed and the Gamecocks crept back to win, 78-70. 9 _ : V V, Illustrate " - ' - f m -. a 9 _ William Johnson (upper right) sails toward the goal against South Carolina. Kick Bullock (upper right! lays one up in the playoffs. Richard Little (lower left) brings the ball down court. Coach Myers (lower right) SOCCER Karen King Steered Away From the Crown Sporting an impressive 8-1-1 season record, the Texas Tech soccer team ' s dream of a league championship was shattered by a powerful University of Texas defense in the final game. Tech ' s soccer season started in its usual successful style with convincing victories against Midwestern, TCU and North Texas State. While sporting a perfect 4-0 record, however, Tech was dealt its only tie and loss in over two years of regular season play. Tech matched goals with UTA and dropped a one point decision to SMU the following day. The rest of the season went much like the beginning with four consecutive wins over Le Tourneau, Stephen F. Austin, Midwest- ern and TCU. The season ended with Tech in possession of an 8- 1-1 record, its third consecutive divisional championship and a pl ayoff berth. The University of Texas at Arlington succumbed to the Raider squad, 3-0, in the first round of the playoffs which gave Tech the right to meet the University of Texas at Austin in a classic clash of champions. The Steers managed to edge the Raiders with a lone goal, 1-0. Tom Schutz was the team ' s leading scorer for the season with 13 goals. He was followed by Alfredo Guzman with 10 and Geoff Harley with seven. 84 Sports Illustrated fa ' " Sic i ii Opposite page: Tom Schutz (above) advances the ball against Midwestern. Carlos Correa (below) intercepts the deep in his own territory. Tom Schutz (above) scores against a league opponent. Giff Murray (lower left) takes a free kick. John Spiegelberg (upper and lower right) moves the ball downfield. Sports tUuslralfd 85 Those Rainy Day Blues Again The weather and an out-of-commission pitcher combined to drop the Raiders to tixth place in the SWC BY PAT BROYLES 86 Spans Illustrated :r . A muddy diamond, an injured pitcher and errors galore are all the words needed to sum up the ' 73 baseball season. The Raiders began the year with the usual high aspirations, only to find them- selves stumble to sixth in the conference and nothing to show for it except the mud between their cleats. All told the Raiders lost 12 of 28 games. Who knows what might have happened had they played the other 14 that were rained out? Possibly things would have gone better if the entire season had been rained out. The greatest blow to the spirit of the team came in the opening contest with the University of Arizona. Ace southpaw pitcher, Ruben Garcia, suffered a punctured lung and was lost for all but the last game. One of the few highlights for the year came as Tech defeated the Aggies on the road for the Raiders first doubleheader win since 1968. Tech took the doubleheader 6-2, 4-3, but the Aggies swept the first game 11-4. Weather played a major role in all of the games attempted by the Tech nine. In one of those doubleheaders with Rice that should have been canceled, the winds were blowing up to 36 mph. It rained and hailed, but Tech was by now so used to the weather that they won one of the games 3-1. The series with the Longhorns is barely worth mentioning as the ' Horns pounded the Raiders with scores of 6-2 and 9-0. A Texas pitcher became the eighth in SWC history to hurl a no-hit- ter. Rubtn Garcia (far left) ends hit career with a win over TCU. Cecil Harris (left) makes hit move off of first. Pitcher Gory Barrick (top) prepares to fire the ball to catcher David Vogele. Sports Illustrated 87 5 _ ! Coach Segriit (above) argues a point with the outfield ump. Gary Barrick (upper center) powers one into center field. John Owens and AII-SWC pitcher Randy Prince (right) look over the situa- tion from the mound. Ruben Garcia (far right) displays his form against TCU. Coach Segrist, Garcia and catcher David Vogele (opposite, top left) discuss the opposition. Dust flies as a Tech player (opposite, upper right) slides past third. Ric Weaver (opposite, lower left) moves under an infield fly. Ronnie Mattson (opposite, lower right) is congratulated after hitting his first home run of the season. 88 Sports Illustrated In one of the few games that the Tech fans were able to witness TCU nubbed the Red and Black 9-0. The following doubleheader saw the Raiders regain some of that long lost sparkle that had van- ished early in the year. Randy " Stretch " Prince took top pitching honors as he broke a nine-game Tech losing streak and slid by the Frogs 5-4. The second game saw Ruben Garcia go seven innings, fan 11 Frogs and give up no runs. He ended his career at Tech with a 4-0 shutout of the Toads. Prior to the start of the game Garcia received the 4th annual Burl Huffman Courage Award. Taking batting honors for Tech was Cecil Norris who had a .390 conference average. Tech ' s leading pitcher was Randy Prince who had 31 strikeouts for the year and was named to the ALL-SWC team. Sports Illustrate,! 89 4 Introducing . . . the Red Raideress Unknown to most students, there exists on the Tech campus an athletic program other than NCAA-SWC one which receives most of the attention. Texas Tech also is a member of the Texas Commision on Inter- collegiate Athletics for Women (TCI AW). TCIAW was organized in 1966 to provide women with the opportunity to compete athletically with women of other colleges. Since the admission to all of the events is free, the program is dependent on funding from the student services fee. In 1972-73, a total of $6500 was appropriated for the support of eight sports. The coaches for the various teams are usually members of the Women ' s Physical Education faculty and donate their time on a volunteer basis. Despite the general lack of support so far, the Raideresses have fared rather well in competition. In swimming, they have won the state title in three of the last four years and usually win or place high in ten- nis, volleyball and golf. S Sports Illustrated 91 7 J SWIMMING Jonef Detamore New Records, But . The Same Old Song Coach Jim McNally (top) helps plan the strategy for his swimmers. Danny Murphy (middle) races in to a clean finish. Craig Kekerdres (bottom left) pre- pares for backstroke competition. Joe Schuster (bottom right) demonstrates good breaststroke form. 92 Sports Illustrated I Although Tech ' s Southwest Conference standing fell to fifth this year, the season was highlighted by individual perform- ances and some new school records. The swimmers won 5 dual meets and lost 4. Their victories were over Eastern New Mex- ico University (twice). Rice, TCU, and New Mexico State. SMU won the conference championship, with Texas coming in second and A M placing third. Danny Murphy emerged as the high point man of the sea- son, with a total of 118 % points. Other individual achieve- ments included the breaking of six new school records. Mur- phy broke both the 100 yard freestyle and the 200 yard frees- tyle records. Chris MacCurdy beat the 1650 yard freestyle time, and also Bob Aberson beat the 100 yard butterfly record. The new 200 yard breaststroke time was set by Joe Schuster, and the team of John Highberg, Bob Aberson, Bruce Williams, and Danny Murphy set the new record for the 400 yard frees- tyle record. Steve Hundley (left) performs a smooth dive. Coach McNally (below) and the freestyle relay team show their approval of their clocked time. Sports Illustrated 93 GOLF Pctf Broyles til B obrf ;0ffs ( aty fo ts o practice puff. Coach Danny Maion (above) provides lead- tnhip. Dannie Johnson (lop right) chips onto trie 18th. Glenn Carlyle (center) blasts out of a trap. A Tech golfer becomes a blur as he drivel off of the tee. 94 Sports Illustrated " m " 1 " " . Not Far From Par The Texas Tech linksters finished their ' 73 season with a third place tie with SMU for the SWC championship. Scott Stegner was Tech ' s top flight golfer as he finished second in the conference and averaged 75.33 for the year. The conference crown was again won by Texas. Glen Carlyle followed Stegner with a 75.43 average for the year, and tied for 13th in the conference. Brian Stiegman ranked third among the Tech players with a 75.8 average for medal play. The only other high point for Tech came with their defeat of West Texas State Uni- versity in the first season match. Head Golf Coach Danny Mason called this year an average season and expects a better one next year. With senior Donnie Johnson being Mason ' s only loss, his expec- tations for a better year could very well be fulfilled. Spam Illustrated 95 TENNIS Poff H 7 Too Good to Last The Tech tennis team started the season in a blaze that appeared might set the rest of the conference on fire. Sparked by three senior netters, Jerry Smith, Walter Hammerick and Terry Bennett, the Raider flame grew until it engulfed defending SWC champion. Rice in a stunning 4-3 upset. Coach George Philbrick commented that the play against Rice was " the best I ' ve ever seen at Tech. " After the thrilling triumph over the Owls, the rest of the season seemed anticlimatic and the Raiders suffered a letdown which left them with a 3-4 conference record and a 7-6 record for the entire season. In the SWC tournament, Hammerick and Bennett until the quarterfinals when the pair were defeated in doubles action. I M; ' r Terry Bennett (left) retumi a serve in competition against San Angela State. Bennett gets some good natured advice from Coach George Philbrick (upper right). Jerry Smith (above) stretches to return a lob. 96 Sports Illustrated ' A Walter Hammerick (above), topseeded player for the Tech tennis team, returns a shot at the Son Angeto meet. Left-handed Jerry Smith (upper right), senior letterman and player-coach, com- pletes a forehand. Hammerick (below) returns a backhand shot. .0 1 1 Sports lUustrated 97 TRACK Koren King Keep on Trackin ' iouif Pearl takes handoff from Joe Aldridge (upper right) on school record setting mile relay team. Ken Ford (above) clean the bar in the high jump. Coach Vernon Hilliard (lower right) talks to pole vaulter Steve Nelson. 98 Sports Illustrated Coach Vernon Milliard and his cindermen kept on trackin ' through the ' 72- ' 73 season despite tough competition in larger meets. In the first regular meet of the season, Tech placed third in the Abilene Christian College Invi- tational. The tracksters were fourth in final tallies at the Tenth Annual Arlington Relays. In the Texas Tech Invitational meet, the Raiders won first place honors in the mile relay, two mile relay, and the long jump. In their dual meet in Waco, the Baylor Bears outscored the Techsans. Tech could produce no winners in the Texas Relays at Austin; however, the Raiders ran away with second place in the West Texas State Invita- tional in Canyon. Tech star trackster Ken Ford set a meet record in the long jump, 25 feet 3V4 inches, at the Way- land Invitational meet in Plainview. Ford also set a record in the Southwest Recreational meet last year with a leap of 24 feet 3 ' 4 inches. The Tech team won fifth place in that meet. In the Southwest Conference meet at Austin, the Raiders placed last. Coach Vernon Milliard was honored as an hon- orary referee at the Texas Relays in Austin for his many years of coaching track and promotion of sports in the Southwest Conference. Freshman Philip Sims rounds the bend in the intermediate hurdles (upper left). Mike McCasland (middle) heaves the javelin. Dale Pierce (lower left) competes in shot put compe- tition. Sprinter Gerald Stewart (lower right) relaxes. Sports Illustrated 99 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Ricky Meredith Red Chippers, On a Blue Chip Team When the 1972 race for the recruits was finished, Tech had signed some potentially good players, but could count its blue chip- per on one finger. As it turned out, how- ever, the freshmen had more character than press clippings as they compiled a perfect 5-0 record for the season. To cast more doubt on the outcome of t he season, the Picadors ' lone blue chipper was injured before the season began and three other potential freshman starters were moved to the varsity squad under the new freshman rule. The doubts were removed, however, by five successive victories which began with a 27-0 drubbing of the TCU Wogs. The Pics continued their surprising ways by defeat- ing Arkansas, 42-26, and Houston, 45-34. As the team rolled to its final two wins over Oklahoma, 42-21, and Texas A M, 28-13, it became evident that Tech had inherited some unheralded talent. Among the freshman stand outs were running backs, Rufus Myers and Angel Berlingeri. Myers set the season rushing and scoring records for freshmen with an unprecedented 523 yards and 72 points in five games. The Picadors were also blessed with the speed of Willie Kent who led the receivers and set a record for return yard- age with 207 yards. Kufus Meyers (above) rushes for some of his record yardage. A Tech defensive player (lower left) traps the Houston quarterback behind the line of scrim- mage. Quarterback Tommy Duniven (lower right) scores against Oklahoma on an end sweep. Oppo- site page: William Fleeman (below) catches a clutch pass against Oklahoma. The Picador defensive sec- ondary (upper right) breaks up an Oklahoma pass. Duniven (upper left) rolls out on the option play led by lineman Tony Lusk. 100 Sporo lUuitraltd I Sports Illustrated 101 JV BASKETBALL Pof Broyles JV: Proving Ground for the SWC Champs Mil M W rf IV been Ri prari Th :- b, ofin :. " ..: Sports lUustratfd I Kim McClintock (left) drives in for an easy two points as the JV opens the season with an 88-71 win over the Chilean Nationals. Coach Davidson (upper left) plots mid-game strategy. Steve Trncak (above) hauls in a rebound. Grady Newton (far right) puts up one of his many soft jumpers from outside, as Jim Derkowski (right) enjoys a sideline break during one of the JV contests. The Junior Varsity (JV) put together another winning season as they chalked up a 10-3 record and dropped only one game at home. Apart from their season record the JV became a proving ground for the SWC Champion Red Raiders, with several players filling in on both teams and providing vital depth for the varsity. High point man for the JV was Kim McClintock averag- ing 16 pts. per game with James Derkowski following McClintock with a 13.6 average for the JV and 2.4 pts. for the varsity. The JV, under the direction of Coach George Davidson, displayed their usual hustling and running style of ball han- dling that seems to have become their trade mark and paid off with three straight winning seasons, two of wl.,ch were directed by Davidson. In summing up the year Davidson said, " I have no regrets about anything. The boys came out and worked hard and did their best in every game. I can ' t ask for any- thing more than that. We have had a good season and I ' m proud of their progress. " Sports Illustrated 103 Dolph The Dolphins had another active year promoting the interests of Tech ' s swimming program. The main project was sponsorship of the annual Texas Tech Invitational Swim Meet for high schools. The Dolphins won the intra- mural swim meet and placed second in the bike race. Offi- cers for the year were Bill Browning, president; David Grimes, vice president; Rocky Hale, secretary; Bob Nesbitt, treasurer. Doug Krohn Danny Murphy Roy Mitchell Chris MocCurdy Karl Norton Henry O ' Neill Craig Rekerdres Mike Schatz Richard Sybesma A Bill Smith Stewart Townter BUI Vought Bruce William Craig Wilkinson 104 Sports Illustrated I I ' I t i . Double-T Association 7 John Fours Gilbert Craig Although the Double-T Association did not turn out en masse to have their yearbook pictures made, they were active in their role of providing an organization for all Tech athletes to enjoy the benefits of association with each other. The Double-T Association was led this year by Don Rives, president; Bobby Matisdal, vice-president; George Herro, secretary; Benge Reed, trea- surer; and Richard Bell, fac- ulty sponsor. JeffJobe Boyd Lyekman Mike Miller Handy Olson Tom Ryan Gary Shuler Sports Illustrated 105 More than 8,500 Techsans participated in over fifty activities in the Texas Tech Intramurals programs for men and women. Outstanding teams in this year ' s competi- tion were Sigma Chi in the fraternity divi- sion. Wells Hall in the residence hall divi- sion, Phi Epsilon Kappa in the club divi- sion, and the Scabs in the Independent divi- sion. The winners in individual sports included: Alpha Tau Omega " A, " fall league bowling and spring wrestling; Sigma Phi Epsilon " A, " spring league bowling and slow pitch softball; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon, tug-o-war and softball; Horn Hall, women ' s flag football and track; Sigma Kappa, women ' s volleyball; Splash, women ' s swimming and bicycle competi- tion; Goose Club, women ' s softball; Flower- pickers, Little 500 Bicycle race; and the Dolphins, fall swimming. Other winners of this year ' s competition were: Persia, volleyball; Scabs and Striders, track and field; Army ROTC " A, " fall cross country; Sigma Nu, fall wrestling; Beta Theta Pi, soccer; Delta Tau Delta, touch football; Phi Delta Theta " B, " flag football; Weymouth Hall " C, " basketball; Persepol- ice, co-ed volleyball; and Coleman Hall " A, " waterpolo. 106 Spans [lluslmtrd VARSITY FOOTBALL: Utah 2, Tech 45; New Mexico 16, Tech 41; Texas 25, Tech 20; Tulsa 18, Tech 35; Texas A M 14, Tech 17; Arizona 10, Tech 35; SMU 3, Tech 17; Rice 6, Tech 10; TCU 31, Tech 7; Baylor 7, Tech 13; Arkansas 24, Tech 14; North Carolina 32, Tech 28. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: TCU 0, Tech 27; Arkansas 26, Tech 42; Houston 34. Tech 45; Oklahoma 21. Tech 42; Texas A M 13, Tech 28. VARSITY BASKETBALL: Western Kentucky 66, Tech 72; St. Louis 73, Tech 62; Nevada 53, Tech 67; New Mexico 72, Tech 69; Tulsa 83, Tech 92; Kansas 67, Tech 51; Army 52, Tech 53; Central State of Oklahoma 74, Tech 81; Northeast Mis- souri 70, Tech 96; Creighton 57, Tech 59; Air Force 69, Tech 66; Utah State 84, Tech 76; SMU 76, Tech 80; TCU 65, Tech 87; Rice 51, Tech 65; Texas 64, Tech 73; Texas A M 67, Tech 68; Baylor 66, Tech 57; Arkansas 64, Tech 73; SMU 59, Tech 1; TCU 64, Tech 74; Rice 51, Tech 65; Texas 77, Tech 80; Texas A M 76, Tech 75; Arkansas 63, Tech 64; Baylor 74, Tech 77; South Carolina 78, Tech 70. JV BASKETBALL: Chilean Nationals 71, Tech 88; West Texas 50, Tech 70; New Mexico 71, Tech 69; LCC 67, Tech 79; Wayland Baptist 52, Tech 81; Ranger JC 67, Tech 66: South Plains 53, Tech 72; Hardin-Simmons 61, Tech 88; West Texas 50, Tech 55; LCC 64, Tech 87; Western Texas 69, Tech 93; South Plains JC 86, Tech 65; Ranger JC 64, Tech 85. SOCCER: Midwestern 1, Tech 6; TCU 2, Tech 4; North Texas State 0, Tech 1; North Texas State 1, Tech 4; UTA 1, Tech 1; at 0; Le Tourneau 3, ' IWh 4; Stephen F. Austin 0, Tech 9; Midwestern 2, Tech 4; TCU 2, Tech 6; UTA 2. ' IV. -h 3; UTA 1, Tech 0. ' EBALL: Arizona 5, Tech 0; 8, Tech 2; Arizona 1, Tech 3; University of Texas at El Paso 3, Tech 7; UTEP 6, Tech 5; UTEP 1, Tech 4; UTEP 1, Tech 2; Texa.s A M 11, Tech 4; A M 2, Tech 6; A M 3, Tech 4; SMU 0, Tech 3; Rice 1, Tech 3; Rice 3, Tech 2; Rice 4, Tech 2; Texas 6, Tech 2; Texas 9, Tech 0; Baylor 5. Tech 3; Baylor 3, Tech 1; Houston 8, Tech 5; Hous- ton 6, Tech 5; TCU 9, Tech 0; TCU 4, Tech 5; TCU 0, Tech 4. GOLF: New Mexico State Intercollegiate Tournament, 10th place; Morris Williams Intercollegiate, 10th; Tech-West Texas State Dual Meet, 1st; All America Intercol- legiate, 16th; Tech-West Texas State Dual Meet, 1st; SWC Tournament, 3rdT TENNIS: New Mexico 0, Tech 9; Oklahoma 7, Tech 2; Angelo State 0, Tech 9; Texas 6, Tech 1; Central Texas College 4, Tech 5; Rice 3, Tech 4; Houston 7, Tech 0; Texas A M 4, Tech 3; TCU 0, Tech 7; SMU 7. Tech 0; Baylor 0, Tech 7. TRACK: Abilene Christian College Invita- tional, 3rd place; Arlington Relays, 4th lace; Baylor 99, Tech 36; West Texa State-Tech-UTA Triangular Meet. 2r place; Wayland Invitational, 5th place; SWC Meet, 9th place. SWIMMING: ENMU 30. Tech 81; Air Force Academy 82. Tech 31; Texas A M 41, Tech 41; ENMU 41, Tech 71; Rice 12, Tech 99; TCU 23, Tech 89; SMU 65, Tech 48; NMS 25, Tech 88; Texas 69, Tech 44. I The College Inn Quality Food and Lodging for University Men and Women The College Inn is a privately-owned housing facility for University men and women. The Inn is open 24 hours daily for residents and their guests. The College Inn is a privately owned housing facility for university men and women. The Inn is open 24 hours daily for residents and their guests. Located on University Avenue, the Inn adjoins the Texas Tech campus. Park your car in our off-street ramps and walk to class. Recreational facilities include two heated pools, color T.V. lounges, pocket billiard and ping pong lounges. The Inn serves 20 meals per week (we skip lunch on Sundays, but serve a mid- morning breakfast and mid-afternoon dinner). We offer a selection of entrees at every meal with no limit on quantity except on Thursday when we charbroil your steak to order at poolside (weather permitting). Bath and bed linens are not provided, but weekly maid service is included. 1001 UNIVERSITY AVENUE LUBBOCK, TEXAS 79401 TELEPHONE (806) 763 5712 1 " T i " 1 tn i K ' cvrpiri 1 7 1 ( ' P ' Tf Uri.L ' CL .L VCiei ' CLL.L.L u LL . ' D.Tis -mm ram-pant and I est dressed coed janet lightfoot most handsome man bob kilby vooue COVER: The all-Amancan great looking girl . . . Laura Stokes, captures the fresh- ness of a spring sfternoon at Lake Ransom Canyon. A typical Texas Tech co-ed, Laura is a native of Gar- land and currently completi ng her second year on campus specializ- ing in the field of Architectural Design. EDITOR ' S NOTE: I would like to express my appreciation to the Smithso- nian Institute, Washington D. C. and the Texas Tech Museum for their coopera- tion within the sorority sec- tion of the magazine. The Smithsonian Institute fur- nished the pictorial history of the bicycles, while the museum provided costumes and locale for the various shots. Debbie Bolner Darrel Thomas BEAUTIES I 10 Best Dressed Coed and Most Handsome Man 158 Miss Texas Tech 163 Homecoming Queen 164 MissLubbock 165 South Plains Maid of Cotton FEATURES ARTICLES 122 Texas Tech Panhellenic 124 Alpha Chi Omega 126 Alpha Delta Pi 128 Alpha Phi 130 Chi Omega 132 Delta Delta Delta 134 Delta Gamma 136 Alpha Kappa Alpha 137 Delta Sigma Theta 138 Gamma Phi Beta 140 Kappa Alpha Theta 142 Kappa Kappa Gamma 144 PhiMu 146 Pi Beta Phi 148 Sigma Kappa 150 Zeta Tau Alpha FASHION IN LIVING 154 Chitwood 155 Stangel 156 Wall 157 Gates 166 Knapp 167 Doak-Weeks 168 Hulen 169 Clement 170 Horn DEPARTMENTS 112 Vogue Spotlight: Mortar Board 113 Vogue Spotlight: Junior Council I 14 Vogue Notebook: Women ' s Service Organization 1 17 Dames in Vogue: President ' s Hostess 1 18 Vogue Notebook: Tech Dames I 19 Vogue Notebook: Girl Scouts 120 Vogue Notebook: Student Council for Exceptional Children 121 Vogue Notebook: Pi Guys 152 Vogue Highlight: Frat Frollics 171 Vogue Highlight: Silhouette Feature .A- ' J I. Becky Trickey. Denise Shiver, Katie Updike, Olivia Simpson, and Barbara Horsman ... 2. Anne Leon. Jackie Henderson and Vicki Cavin ... 3. Devora Lewis, Janis Plum- lee. Phyllis Simmons. Paula Norris, Jeannie Brakebill and Jeanette Godbold ... 4. Becky Shipman, Gayle Settle, Cindy Conway and Jedda Jones ... 5. Ann Dearmore. Diane Effenberger, Cathy Spoonts and Lynn Alderson ... 6. Sponsors include Dr. Wilkes Berry. Dr. Margaret Wilson and Dr. Robert Packard ... 7. Officers identified clockwise from the top are Thais Gordon, vice president: Carolyn Byrd, secretary; Betsy Lyde, president and Beverly Carter, treasurer. MORTAR BOARD Founded upon principles of scholarship, leadership, ana service, Mortar Board is the most coveted honor bestowed upon a senior girl. This past year twenty nine active coeds were challenged to uphold the traditions and high standings of the previous members. Experiencing a new realm of involvement, Mortar Board members came into contact with a new variety of people and a broader scope of activities. Their activities were many and varied. The girls served as hostesses for the annual homecoming tea for the Tech alum- nae. The week following the Tech versus Texas A M football game at College Station, Mortar Board members sponsored the film presentation of the 17-14 victory. A tasting tea, con- ducted in the Ex Student ' s Association Building, served as a money making project and was open to the public. During the yuletide season, a Christmas dinner and caroling party was scheduled for the members and sponsors. A clothing sale in a low income area was the last project for the spring. With the active year coming to an end, Mortar Board faced one of its most important functions, that of membership selection. After weeks of deliberation, Mortar Board members, dressed in the traditional cap and gown, set out to tap the selective members and introduce the new pledges to an exciting year of fun and involvement. 112 Vogue 119(1 standings K realm of j contact iHi activities. he lech ab itingtea,con- (I fc. During ling party of its " Mary Ann 8seda VP Projects Lisa Hi... DeeCocke Diane Conoly Mary Couch Betty Edmiston Lindy Firrgerald Nene Foxha Pat Hamilton The red blazers and black skirts marked the enthusias- tic members of the Junior Council. The honorary organ- ization each year bases its membership upon outstand- ing service on campus, through qualities of scholarship, leadership, and campus activities. Selection takes place in the spring of a student ' s sophomore year with the kid- napping of thirty new pledges for an early morning breakfast. Projects of the Junior Council were many and varied. Its members encouraged voting as they registered vot- ers on campus and supplied the forms for those voting J u N I R C u N C I L Kathy H od Joni Harrington Martha Hinojosa Treasurer Karen Hogg Marty Matzen Anchen Schulz L.U Carolyn Smith Susan Smith Lyn Story Leslie Linger Margaret Vignest VP Cultural Debbie Wester Debbie Whisnand absentee. Aiding the members of the Women ' s Service Organization, Jr. Council served as hostesses for the Dad ' s Day luncheon for mothers during the annual Dad ' s Day festivities. Focusing on the seasonal holidays, Jr. Council members collected food for a needy family ' s Thanksgiving dinner and before Christmas, escorted orphans singing yuletide carols. Upholding the Jr. Council tradition, a fund raising shoeshine was con- ducted and the eventful year was concluded with the kidnap breakfast for thirty unsuspecting pledges. Vogue 113 I WSO, an organization with vows of friendship, service and equalify, uni- fied in helping others, was for the 14th year a definite asset to the cam- pus and community. Community drives such as the Heart Fund, March of Dimes, and United Fund helped to get the women ' s service organization off to a great start. Aid was also given to the youngsters of this area as the women of WSO were leaders in Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops. Campus projects included ushering at University Productions, all Univer- sity Recognition Services and Charter Day activities. Coordination of Dad ' s Day and the sale of student directo- ries highlighted the year. WSO was busy socially as they enjoyed a spring retreat, a skating party, a Halloween Costume party and a Spring Play day and picnic. To wrap up the year a Spring Banquet was held to recognize the outstanding members. By this time the girls had worked together as sisters aiding the community and campus around them. Through this closeness and unity they came to find something real and worthwhile in WSO. I. Nancy Funrken and Francie Kinney are extremely busy with Charter Day programs as WSO completed many service projects throughout the year. 2. Aided by some men of Chi Rho, Janet Kinney makes luminaries fi campus as Christmas decorations. 3. Janis Baid win and Joy Lynn Congdon find lots of fun bv helping the Dad ' s Association. 4. Becky Tinsley. best pledge of the year, is shown her plague by Becky Shipman at initiation. 5- F " ' hrough togetherness is found in WSO by Debb ' e Han- ley and Gail Rother on one of the many fun nights. Vogue 115 Adco Michala . Carol Andarso Donna Baraat Vlcki 5arr,ng-on Martha tWch BartaBacM KandyWael Undl Btachnl Jana ' Blafald SHarryBow D.anna Brama V.ck, Burnatt Katharina Cyr, Buthnwn .cti l n Cloud SMU, Colmi JoyCongdon MwryCoroV MW.ss.Co, J) U .l.n.CJb Am Davis Gayl0n Donna Oodioo Annana Evant Martha FarguM MicKala Fortuna. Nancy FuKrtan Patricia Grotfcuw Sharon Hah Mar Kincaid Francas Kinnay Jana mnay Paoxjy Lapaglla Daborah Lau.ta- Bor r . McCall Mirzi McCoy Holly Mrddlalon Mar ' " Mindatl Frartcai Moor Janice Mots Katfcarina Naylor Daborah Norril Barbara Piram Barba-a Po.al JodiaPowa ' Rhonda Rand Kan Ractor Lynn Raavat H4an Rock wood Gail RotUr Chary) RudloK Virginia Ryan Sylvia Sattawhita Linda Schur Ownha Sharp Rabecca Sh.p. -va i Dan,i Shivar J nka Small Jana Snydar Suaan Spring Julianna Tayior Katia Taylor Daborah TarrWI Carof Thompson Pamala Thompson Back,T.nslay Jamca Trachta Cynthia Trica Jana Trosfal Bavarty Tuptn Barbara VanDyci Linda Warn Sharon Watford Si Watson Ckarlofta Wadal Ssan Wath.r tan Cathy WIH.arw Sandra W.fl.aaw Carna Young i 1 16 UUMMMW cial hostesses for Dr., Grover ' E. Murray -during home foptpall games, serving at encountered and represented the univer and Te s Tech University throughout ' faculty and staTf receptions, plus ' jsftend- s if with their entr jsiasrp and willingness the ' acadeViic year. Chosen for charm ing y_ariou luncheons ' and teas ' given to serve 1 , and poise, the gifls strove to make visit- Tech Dames The Texas Tech Dames Club, started on the Tech campus in 1958, enables wives of Tech students to become better acq-iainted with one another, therefore allowing them to make new valuable friendships. These bonds of friendship were strengthened by the many varied activities which took place throughout the year. An exciting fashion show, the elec- tion of Mr. and Miss " Tiny Techsan " and a pot luck dinner put the Dames into action. The next event appeared to be the most important meeting of each semester, graduation of both husband and wife. As the husbands received their diplomas, the wives received a P.H.T.S. Degree (Putting Hubby Through School). Although many fond memories went along with these diplo- mas, it meant a lot to these women to have tangible proof of their work in getting their husbands through school. Commu- nity service projects and family game nights made the next months full of fun and excitement. The husbands were brought into the action with the election and crowning of the Sweet- heart Queen at the annual Valentine Dance. The year swiftly flew by and the seniors went on their way, but they will always remember, " there ' s nothing like a dame. " I. Officers this past year included: L. McMillian. S. Hollaway. G. Mudge 2nd vice president, J. Jarnagin, C. Wilson. B. Smiley 1st vice president, S. Kendriclt president. M. George, and B. Womacle. 2. Brenda Smiley was crowned the new Sweetheart Queen at the annual Valentines Dance. 3. David Dunn and Jana Bailey were chosen Mr. and Miss Tiny Techsan, while Kevin Bailey and Teresa Dunn were selected as the runners-up. 4. Sally Boggs mod- els a long gown at rhe Dames annual Fashion Show. Girl Scouts Girl Scouts . . . still active . . . still going strong! Campus Girl Scouts organized and conducted a Camporee for all cadet and senior Girl Scouts in the Caprock Council at Camp Haynes near Silverton. Besides a year begun with service, Scouts furthered help for the underprivileged with a play day for girls from deprived areas. Traditional fellowship was initi- ated through parties, intramurals, and, of course, cookie sales. Campus Girl Scouts still going strong. I. Susie Leath and GeorgeAnn Powers Act as scorekeeper at a Girl Scout bowling night. 2. Ellen Reiter. Sharon Peel and Debra Newbill taste some new dishes. 3. Dona Madison, Melinda Rush, Debra Newbill, Janeen Kerr, Ellen Reiter. Susie Leath share feel- ings with a song. 4. Susie Leath displays her talent while in fellow- ship with others. Vogue 11 " , I I. 2. Talented blind students perform in SCEC ' s all-university program of entertainment. 3. Selling eggs for a money raising project are Jeanette God- bold, Betsy Lyde, Bobbie Lewis and Janis Johnson. 4. " Elbow grease " and suds add to the fun as Sharon Warford and Carol Anderson wash cars during the fall carwash. SCEC I] " lnw -l ttm n+ " ic t-kft tftw.wnrr] for Stn- " Involvement " is the key word for Stu- dent ' s Council for Exceptional Children. Over sixty students sensitive to the needs of handicapped children expressed their concern through a year round program of activity. Children at the state school were given a Christmas party and gifts from Santa Claus such as watches, games, and clothes. The party was financed by pro- ceeds from a fall carwash with SCEC members spending a Saturday with teen- agers from the state school washing cars. Students may tutor or observe class- room situations of mentally retarded or learning disabled children as well as attend state and national conventions or hear outstanding and distinguished speakers in this area of handicapped chil- dren. In March, SCEC sponsored an all-uni- versity program of entertainment by many of Tech ' s talented blind students. The year climaxed with an adventurous Easter Egg Hunt at Ballenger School for the mentally trainable. Dr. Max Manley served as sponsor while officers included Betsy Lyde, presi- dent: Nancy Dean, secretary and Rich- ard Beauchamp, treasurer. 120Vogut Pi Guys Pi Guys, the men associated with Alpha Delta Pi, assisted the chapter in its various activities. Pep rallies, parties, and lodge maintenance were much more fun with help from the Pi Guys. With the advent of this semester, the Pi Guys hosted a dinner at the lodge for the members and provided entertainment through skits and songs. Traditional for the chapter is the selection of the Knight of the Black Diamond, chosen from among the Pi Guys. Chosen on the basis of service to the chapter, the sorority members honor their choice during Dinner Dance festivi- ties. This is just one way the ADPi ' s proudly expressed their thanks and appreciation for the time and service the Pi Guys offered the chapter throughout the year. Left: Bobby Wine, Craig Haterius, and David Duggan prepare to touch up outside trimmings on the ADPi lodge. Below: George Pardue and Steve Richards stay busy keeping the lawn in shape. David Comptofi David Duggan Bobby Evani John Hammit Craig Hatsriui Gorge Pardus LM Poultar Sonny Snow Mik Surovil Jack Swallow Tom Wilkinson Bobby Win. 121 AXQ Melissa McConnell Jackie riqnderson Christy Coff A new lodge and the largest pledge class ever marked the beginning of a new year for Alpha Chi Omega. Many goals were realized through the outstanding achievements of both actives and pledges. Active in campus and community organizations, Alpha Chi was well-repre- sented in many areas. Several members participated on SUB committees with Jeanette Godbold serving as secretary of the University Center. Recognized for her outstanding abilities, Jeanette was also selected for Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges. Other leaders on campus included Lori Freedman, President of Fashion Board and Becky Monk, vice- president of Gates Hall. Scholastic excel- lence was evidenced by the Alpha Chi ' s selected for Mortar Board, Junior Coun- cil, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Combining talent and beauty, Alpha Chi president, Debbie Brown was named second runner-up for Miss Texas Tech. In other contests, Linda Winston was cho- sen Air Force Military Ball Princess and Barbie Bush was a finalist for Military Ball Queen. In the community, Alpha Chi ' s again collected for Easter Seals, the sorority ' s national philanthropy. They also made toys for underprivileged children and held a Christmas party for a Girl Scout troop from the Guadalupe Center. Cheryl Ale.ander Ka thy Allan Lynda Bain Ltio Sealer Karen Beailey Carol, Bell Vicki Biddy Debbie Brown Maria Buckles Cynthia Byrd Terry Callins Rhonda Chennault Kathryn Cochran Ruth Crump Paula Davis Barbara Days Joanne Dilorenzo Joame Evans Lynn Evans Jody Fehr Debra Foster Peqgi Frazee Lori Freed man Deborah Gant Jeanette God bold Shelby Good Dotty Gracey Geneen Gray Deborah Green Jackie Green Cynthia Gregory Marilyn Heard Jacqulynn Hohertz Carol Holt Barbara Hoover Lucy Hudson Sara Humes Kathy Irish Barbara Johanneon Susan Johnson Debra Jones Kathleen Jones Janice Kennedy Linda Kraus Judy Layton Susan Lelley Melissa McConnell Janice McKinney Patricia Marshall Helen Matthews Debbie May Dianne Miller Nancy Miller Rebecca Monk Jana Moran Carol Morganti Janice Orndorf Marilyn Paddock Myrleen Parlette Mildred Poorman Judy Probasco Toni Richerson Susan Sanders Jackie Schaffer Carol Sessums Beki Sheman Ashley Sigmier Susan Sory Diane Smith Laura Smith Marilyn Smith Patsy Tippen Deborah Troth Debbie Vincent Debbie Walsh Janice Ware N,l, Ware Judy Whitten Virginia Wilkinson Suian Williams Bain Wilton Linda Winston Deborah Woods Rebecca Wright Alice Young Patricia Zimmerman Vogue 125 AAH Alpha Delta Pi ' s strong lion roar could be heard clearly the past school year as the chapter ' s members were well-repre- sented in both campus and community organizations. Gayle Settle, chapter president, served as publicity chairman of Mortar Board and was chosen to Who ' s Who in American Colleges. Lynn Ammons served as secretary of Junior Council. Kerry Baker, Carolyn Dorsey, and Kay Swinney marched in Corpsdettes. Jan Shaw served as co-editor of the La Ventana with section editors including Jac Miller, LIFE; Lynn Ammons, VOGUE; and Carrie Pyle, ESQUIRE. Missy Irwin, Debbie Bolner, Nancy Wood, Kathy Porter, and Susan White were staffers. Active on SUB committees were Jac Miller, chairman of the World Affairs Committee: also Debbie Bolner, Kristen Pederson, Susan Dell, and Susan Ross. Several girls were little sisters of fraternities: Jan Snow, ATQ; Joan Wag- ner, IAE; Marianne Westphal, t K ; Melanie Dauphin, ZN; Christ! Lungdren, Z0E; and Sherrie Simmons, B0H. Included on Freshman Council were Cindy Carpenter, secretary, and Nan Needham. In the Tyler Rose Festival, Marilinda Stevenson was honored as " Lady in Waiting. " This year ' s projects included Volun- teers for Vision, Easter Seal Drive, and providing banks full of pennies for crip- pled children. . B fl . . Ill l86VVelocipede ffll 126 Vogue Lynn Ammons Kerry Baker Melame Barco Donna Betes Laura Best Martha Blake Mary Jean Blount Debb.e Bolner Donna Boyett Deborah Bray Jeanell Brittian Mary Francis Browning Cindy Carpenter Deborah Chaehere Julie Chitders Jane Cline Susie Christi Melissa Cornpton Jerri Craig Melanie Dauphin Susan Dell Carolyn Dorsey Sue Ferguson Dana Ferguson I Genevieve Gill Claudia Goode Barbara Goodlett Barbara Gray Tricla Haqerman Bcky Hansen Mimi Hastings Lisa Henderson Bath Howard Missy Irwin Debbie Kern Kathleen King Katharine Kirk Paula Krizov Lynda Lowary Christie Lundgren Eileen McCortle Susan McCumber Marcia McGlasson Marsha McGrath Debra Mclntosh Susan Mackie Carolyn M.les Jacalyn Millar Beverly Moore Molly Moser Mary Ann Musmeci Nan Needham Sharon Newton Patricia Nunn Shelly Nunn Molly O ' Neil Kristen Pederson Kathryn Porter Carrie Pyle Jania Pyle Debra Richards Susan Ross Valora Rutherford Barbara Sammons Deborah Sams Barbara Schrag Patricia Settle Debra Shaw Janet Shaw Shan Simmons Colleen Sims Carol Simpson Jan Snow Katherina Stephens Cindy Stevens Marlinda Stevenson M ' lissStewert Stephanie Stuller Kay Swinney Cynthia Taber Suzanne Taylor Lisa Tibbs Joan Wagner Karen Walker Sharon Walker Vickie Walker Carol Ward Teresa Word Maryanne Westphal Susan Wh.te Teresa White Marta Whitsel Nancy Wood Jane Wright Karen Youngquist Stephanie Zahn Vogue 127 The year was an especially memorable one for the Alpha Phi chapter as they marked the international centennial birthday of the circling ivy by moving into a spacious new lodge at Greek Cir- cle. Honors this year included Janet Light- foot as both Best Dressed Coed and Miss Texas Tech. Finalists for Miss Lubbock and Miss Playmate were Cathey Wright and Cindy Baker, respectively. Serving as little sisters for fraternities were Pat Felter and Candy Ratcliff for ZN, Linda Wade for I J E. Marilyn Davis for ZX, and Becky Neumeyer for ATO. Alpha Lambda Delta initiated Martha Fletcher and Sheri Chionsini. Kim Ingram, Paula Gilbert, and Sally Searight were on UC committees. Lelia Holt served on the Freshman Council while Polly Kinnibrugh remained very active as an Arts and Science Senator. Deana Koonsman served Corpsdettes as an Executive Officer. Barbara Hanson marched in the ranks of Angel Flight. This year the Gamma lota chapter col- lected $90 to help support a less privi- leged child in addition to collecting for their national philanthropy, the Heart Fund. Events during the year included Founder ' s Day, Scholarship Day, a Pump- kin Party, and concluded with an End-of- the-Year picnic honoring the graduating i ( A IV 128 Emrie Aliion Shelley Al.son Darcel At w, II Dawn Bachman Cindy Baker Jackie Belcher Vicky Bennett Barbara Boyd Sally Briqgi Pam Brown Karoyn Broylos Vicki Gavin SheriChionsin, Linda Christian Chrii Christie Susan Oough Rose Conrad Cathy Craig Brenda Dae us Manlynn Davis Martha Dixon Gayle Evans Pat Felter Martha Fletcher Monnie Florey Molly Gallagher Cheryl Garrison Mary Gentry Paula Gilbert Barbara Hanson Susan Harris Debbie Hobgood i D ' Nan Hobgood Lelia Holt Kim Ingram Cyndy Janes Jane Johnston Debbie Jones Oebra Jones Correll King Nancy Markwarot Leslie McDaniel Claudia McGough Gwen McQueen Lana McQueen Melanie Michaelse Donna Morris Anne Moielev Carol Murphy Cynthia Naylor Becky Neumeyor Susan OaUey Ginger Obriotti Julie Peacock Pamela Peavy Suian Perrenot Rita Raimond Candy Retcliff Cheryl Re Cindy Rmk Tina Rodgeri Shirley Rogers Vicky Rogers Royce Roman Carol Sanders Nancy Scoggin Cindy Scott Sally Searight Nancy Seidel Ronde Serrault Sue Shaffer Patsy Shelton Fodie Sonnenburg Jan Sp.H.r Jan S.,(i Melinda Temple Sammye Thompson Unda Wade Sandra Walker Celia Westbrook Terry Wh.tlow Beth Williams CatKey Wright Barbara Yandell Vogue 129 With a new school year and a fine new pledge class, the Chi O ' s were ready for another active year at Tech. Scholarship, honors, and activities involving Chi Omegas across campus showed the mark of the owl at Texas Tech. Mortar Board tapped Diane Effenberger; Junior Coun- cil selected Debbie Funicella, Diane Conoly, and Kathy Head as new mem- bers; and Tish Corley, Celinda Johnson, and Jana Cannon all ranked Alpha Lambda Delta memberships. Miss Effen- berger was also awarded a Panhellenic scholarship. In campus leadership and government, Cindy Stoker served as an Education Senator while Tish Corley, Lisa Eldridge, and Celinda Johnson acted as Tech Sen- ate aides. Goodtimers, Tech Singers, athletic recruiting, fraternity little sisters, Corps- dettes, and Angel Flight all had repre- sentative Chi Omegas across campus. U.C. committee members numbered six while eight Chi O ' s served as President ' s Hostesses. Chi O ' s participated in many commu- nity activities which included the United Fund, Phi Psi Food Drive, Volunteers for Vision, and the U-Can Project. Diane Conoly and Diane Effenberger attended Chi Omega National Conven- tion and later Miss Conoly and Celinda Johnson enjoyed Chi Omega Firesides Convention. All total, Chi O ' s had a hootin ' good year in ' 72. 130 Vogue Sally Adams Diana Agerton Carolyn Allan Darby Allyn (Cathy Anglim Lita Anthony Jamie Avert t Catharine Bailay Judy Barnat Chen Barton Mary Ann Bati Cathy Baumgardner Sharon Booltout Linda Bradlay Susan Bretiler Judy Brian Dana Brookthire Sally Burdett Jan Buster Jana Cannon Jo Cannon Nancy Castleberry Meredith Caughey Diane Conoly Patricia Conreds KaHa Copaland Patricia Corley Linda Danial Helen Davii Karen Dawkint Janet Detamore Becky Dick Jennatt Diatart Nancy Dillard Shannon Donohue Jaanna Dunlap Rabacca Dziuk Teresa East ham Anita tffenberger Diana Effenberger Lisa Eldridga Lori Ely Cathy Farrall Patricia Fowler Lea Prance Lou Prede Debbie Punicella Patricia Galbraith Peggy Graan Sondra Greer Darrah Grier Harriet Halbert Janis Hall Judy Harrisberger Sharla Haynie Kathy Head Donna Hanthorn Joan Jester Leslie Hobbs Celinda Johnson Janet Johnson Lynn Johnson Jennifer Lair Kathy Liles JoAnn Lyons Margaret Maki Paula McCormick Kathy McCullougK Jean McKinney Karen Mclnroe Molly Meador Jill Meholin Linda Miller Nelda Norton Damon Osborn Lyndy Ot+mers Micke Owens Mary Pa tout Charlee Peddicord Jane Petrelli Rhonda Phillips Kay Rogers Brenda Royal Lynn Sheffield Jan Short JoAnn Snodgrass Kaye Snyder Margaret Stayton Cynthia Stoker Connie Stotts Linda Vandergriff Stephanie Ward Vifck, Wells Karen Went worth Julie Whittington Jo W.lliami Tracy W.ll.ami Cindy Wooldridge Judy Wright yogi 131 AAA Delta Delta Delta has had many activi- ties during the year. They range from Delta Week to the Alumnae Christmas party. Chapter retreats, scholarship and Founder ' s Day banquets, drive for the Tri Delta Scholarship Fund, and a spring din- ner dance all have given many happy memories to the members. Honored as President ' s Hostesses were Peggy Jones and Jeanne Brakebill. Miss Brakebill was chosen vice-chairman of the selective organization and was also named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, along with being Mortar Board chaplain. Alpha Lambda Delta chose Kathy Ward and Pam Hobgood as two new members. Tri Delta ' s spirit soared during the year. Anita Johnston, Pam Hobgood, and Monica Griffiths helped lead the band as Tech Twirlers while several Tri Delts served as athletic recruiters. Betti Belardi, Peggy Jones, and Carol Woodul marched for Angel Flight. Vicki Meyers helped support the R.O.T.C. in Corpsdettes as Commander and was later named Corpsdette of the Year. Beauty honors went to Rita Isham for Miss Living End, sponsored by the KEND radio station, and Miss Playmate, and to Vanessa Birkhead for ZAE Watermelon Bust Queen. Peggy Jones was named the IN White Rose Queen. Denes Adarm Janet Aleiande- leri Alexander Jan Anderson Judy Anthony Jilt Arledqe Audrey Alton Sutan Ault Camille Baggerly Karen Baggorly Debbie Bandy Melody Barbosa Betty Bates Beck. Battle Jeanne Battle Bett, Belardi Jennifer 8 rry Vanessa Birkhead Elaine Booker Jeanne Brakebill Mary Breed love Vicki Broadway Brenda Brown Betsy Buckner Diane Burton Patsy Bush Carhtta Calhoun Marianne Cammack Catherine Campbell Sally Case Anita Cochran Barbara Conkling Pamela Davit Linda Derrick Diana Derryberry Mariam Dickson Patricia Douglass Cecelia Farhat Nancy Foster Jean Graves Monica Griffiths Amy Guinn Sally Marian Party Harthey Patricia Hartnett Pamela Hobqood Becky Hodges Debbie Howard Jacqueline Hunter Rita Isham Myrtie Jackson Michelle Jay Cynthia Jobe Anita Johnston Beverly John stone Peggy Jones Polly Jones Lmda Keelber Alice Keys Mary Beth King Barbara Lang ley Susan LeFevre Nancy Leibsle Bobbie Lewis Terry Linn Kim Livingston Deborah Loran Janet Lott Shannon Love Nancy Luk Terri Marsh Phyllis Matocha Martha Matien Bonita McKnight Pam Miller Linda Moore Connye Nail Rite New Deborah Niedecken Terri Nieman Toni O ' Hair Robin Rainbolt Susan Reed Jan Rice Wendy Rink Catherine Roberts Suette Roberts Cynthia Shelton Shan Smith Karen Smoker Kathryn Stephenson Lisa Stieren Sharon Stout Anna Thompson Charlott Thompion Sally Ward Patricia Whita Judy Willis Carol Woodul Vogue 133 This was the year for Delta Gamma ' s saturation onto the campus. In the ruling class in the SA were senators Debbie Martin and Lindy Fitzgerald. Touching elbows with the military were Celeste Shelton, Jeri Rollins, Janet Baker, Dianne Medlin and Terri Jackson in Angel Flight. Next as Corpsdettes members were Deb- bie Martin, Cindy Martin and Peggy Walton. On the move in athletic recruit- ing, the Af ' s were well represented. The UC committees had their share with San- dra Stecher, Mary Beth Parrott, Mary Jane Jones and Debbie Martin. In All University recognition were Shirley McPhearson, Sandra Stecher, Ann Boze and Debbie Martin. The Little Sisters of Fraternities included; ZAE Vicki Van- noy, Beverly Willingham, Donna Patter- son, and Sheila Herberger, Z l E Mary Jones, B0D Celeste Shelton, Sue Dry, OKU Barbara Bergman, and ATQ De Lynn Foote. Reigning as varsity cheerleader and Homecoming Queen was Connie Kemp, then Shirley McPhearson fared as third runner up in the Miss Texas Tech finals. The Af ' s saw the light to help those without sight in reading, participating in " Volunteers for Vision, " and a party for the blind. In essence the Af ' s had once again made themselves known on campus in beauty, pride and getting things done. !887Starley 134 Vogu, iD t Sally Alcorn Sandy Andrews Kathy Angelos Kathryn Atkins Jane Ayers Janet Baker Darla Barrett Barbara Bergman Plata Boteler Ann Boze Gail Brown Marsha Brown Patti Burger Debbie Butler Patricia Butler Sharon Cambell Cheryl Cannon Datherine Canon Carolyn Collette Anne Coi Shannon Cox Carol Craddock Rebecca Crosby Elda Cruce Lydia Culbertion Sue Dry Mary Jane Eastman DeLynn Foot Kathy Gaddy Rhonda Garrison Pat+i Gossett Cheryl Gumderson Paula Hale Paula Hall Kathy Hancock Janet Hardin Marilyn Harper Marilyn Herberger Sheila Herberger Jo Hodgion Barbara Horsman Judy Imoehl Terri Jackson LouAnn Jernigan Mary Jones Ann Karr Connie Kemp Gail Knust Tracy e Lain Maria Lambeth Laura Magee Jo Anna Maniatit Cindy Martin Debie Martin Chen May Jena May Shirley McPKerson Dianne Medlin Diana Miner Nancy Moore Diane Neumann Susan Dates Pamela Parker Mary Parrott Deborah Pittman Kathy Pogue Pam Pritchard Stephenie Randolph Amy Renner Marinan Reni Jeri Rollins Marilyn Satterf ield Tammy Schaffer Paula Senter Anchen Schull Celest Shelton Emily Shelton Cheryl Sloan Beverly Smith Rebecca Smith Sandra Stecher Candy Stoehr Barbara Thomas Tanya Tolas Vicki Vannoy Coni V.rdell Peggy Walton Janet Webb Cynthia Wehmeyer Karen WSitson Williamt DeAnn Debbie Worrall Melmda Wyatt Barbara Yarborough Vogue 135 AKA Service in the community and on campus made this year a busy one for Alpha Kappa Alpha. Their service projects included the walk for Muscular Dystrophy, a Christmas party for the Parkway Nursing Home and the annual Federation of Choirs held in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The proceeds from the program went to the local Sickle Cell Anemia Fund. Their spring highlight was ' Pamoja, ' a probate show given by the spring pledges in honor of Alpha Kappa Alpha and its members. Outstanding this year was Gloria Hale as Lubbock ' s first Miss Black Lubbock and Miss S.O.B.U. Also in the royal circle was Brenda Peters as AOA Queen and as a pledge in Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary accounting society. Rating four mem- bers on the Dean ' s List, it was a great year for Alpha Kappa Alpha. Wyn.tt.Bal Z.nob.a Davn Vir o.l Johnson Jun. Lung Brnda P.t.rj Pstnc.a Wt Waa. 1 - Bn..- :t . . Hunter Diann. Irving Jennifer Ivory SWih n Jacbor, 1896 Columbia Tantiem In full force was Delta Sigma Theta collecting for March of Dimes, Multiple Sclerosis and Sickle-Cell-Anemia. Throughout the year they worked with Boy ' s Clubs, Scouts, entertained at the state school and then with the Teen Lift and Valentine ' s party for orphans. In March and April a program was held for persons in convalescent homes and an Easter egg hunt for kids in local churches. The formal scene was highlighted by the Red and White Ball and academic emphasis was with May Week. Great pride went out to the beauties of AZ0. In the limelight was Char- lyce Arnold as Miss Congeniality and finalist in the Miss Lub- bock pageant, then Stephanie Williams winning the coveted Miss Black AZ0. Chartyce Arnold Veronica Davis Sandra Hobbi Brenda Mayes Bobble Patterson Debra Russell Frances Scott Patricia Scott Laney Wilkerson Stephanie Williams Joyce Alexander Cathy Ban-on Rotetta Francis Lola Gilmore Lue Miller Ruby Ph.llipi Barbara Ron 1 896 Olympic Vogue 137 The sisters of Gamma Phi Beta had a full year with campus activities and phi- . lanthropies, as wejl as social events. The ' Gamma Phi ' s were busy working with their Girl Scout troops, collecting for dif- ' ferent drives, and supporting their camps in Colorado and Canada for] underprivileged girls. Several Gamma Phi ' s were outstand- ing scholastically on campus. Jackie Hen- derson and Jedda Jones topped the list with Mortar Board while Linda Aryain, Nancy Freelin, and Carol Rankin repre- sented Alpha Lambda Delta. Gamma Phi ' s had a large representa- tion on campus with Leslie Ward, Tanya Talbot, Leann Arnspiger, Jedda Jones, and Telitha Willman serving on Univer- sity committees. Cindy Martin was selected to serve on Freshman Council. Angel Flight tapped Barbara Aigner and Vickie Ray while Joan Gardner was selected to serve as a President ' s Host- ess. Eight Gamma Phi ' s rounded out the group as fraternity little sisters. In foreign affairs, Gamma Phi had four members in Delta Phi Epsilon: Kris Bor- gan, Susie Kochaniuk, Cindy Martin and Rene Ramsey. Gamma Phi ' s were busy with big and little sister parties, an Easter Egg hunt for children, and various teas. Gamma Phi pledges took first place in Derby Day and the chapter won the sorority division of Little 500. ' ' 1888 Columbia V Kathr yn Knox Lynda Knox Susie Kochaniuk Kim Kraettli April Kurtz Barbara Laird Lynda Lane Sherry Myrick Janice Oldham Debbie Pasquarella Karen Price Nancy Purdy Ranee Ramsey Carol Rankin Barbara Aigner Linda Aryatn Michal Baker Debbie Beadle Sally Beall Becky Boatwright Kristin Borgan Nancy Boren Carol Bowen Linda Bowman Shain Bradihaw Tor. i Bridget Martha Bruni Cathryn Cate Cynthia CKapman Fran Chatmas Melinda Clarence Karen Coffman Joyce Davis K a they Den ton Diane Dewit Nancy Dickerson Molly Dixon Marsha Fain Jean Fischer Nancy Freelin Robin Gallaway Brenda Grimes Debbie Hanson Debbie Heiti Jackie Henderson Sharon Hickman Kathy Hilgenfeld Susan Hilgenfeld Lynda Hooper Marcia Hooper Molly Hopkins Janice Jenkins Pamela Johnson Jedda Jones Dianne King Patricia Kirkpatrick Cheryl Lawrence Dixie Loyd Sheila Ludwick Marilyn McNabb Cynthia Martin Bobbie Miller Ann Morns Vicki Ray Marilyn Scott Martha Simon Debbie Smith Lynette Spanuttus Robbie Springer Darla Stevens Tanya Talbot Donna Thompson Linda Thomas Leslie Ward Rebecca Ward Cindy Wheat Telithe Willmann ' ma Willmann )iana Zimmerman Vogue 139 Theta kites flew high on the Tech cam- pus as Ann Leon, Lynn Alderson, Paula Norris and Katie Updike were named to Mortar Board. Junior Council members were Nene Foxhall and Lynn Story. Val Brown served as Arts and Sciences Sena- tor. Eight Thetas were selected for Alpha Lambda Delta, while Karen Kirkland, Lynn Alderson, Ann Leon, Kay Reed, Christy Shelton and Lynn Story all served as President ' s Hostesses. Members of Angel Flight were Paula Norris, Leslie Whitley, Kay Reed, Rush Chairman, and Nancy McCann. Miss Reed also placed as an Air Force Queen Finalist. Lynn Harris was runner-up for Texas Tech Rodeo Queen while Susan Cape was a finalist in the Miss Texas Tech pageant. Lynn Alderson placed as a finalist for Homecoming Queen, and Theta Cheryl Watson was 2nd runner-up in the National Watermelon Queen pageant held in North Carolina. Melissa Kidd helped boost the Red Raider ' s spirit as freshman cheerleader. The Institute of Logopedics at Wichita, Kansas was adopted as the fraternity ' s Major Philanthropic project in 1946. The purpose of the Institute is to give chil- dren, and some adults, training which will enable them to speak, and to help others to correct speech difficulties. Since its adoption in 1946 Thetas have given con- tinuously through college and alumnae groups. Judy Acler Julia Adams Gail Alderson Lynn Ald.no-. Karei Anderson Sally Bartl.y Sally Best Kay Brimer Nan Br.negar Valerie Brown Elizabeth Bryan Melissa Burnett Amy Butlr Kathy Callaway Susan Cape O.an Clark Faynel Clark Micheele Cobb Candi Cok.r Molly Cole Sheyne Curtis Party Deni.l Carol Dewson Zita Enloa Kathleen Farr Nancy Fowlkes Carol Fo.hall md Irene Foihall Beverly Fuller Teresa Gerla Susan Gary Nancy Goodma Elian Gosiett Cynthia Graff Sharon Griffin Sufan Griffin Cynthia Gulley Martha Gully Sandy Hammer Lynn Harris Janet Hertzler Pam Inman Becky Kennedy Melissa Kidd Judy Kilcrease Elizabeth King Karen Kirkland Party Kleinknecht Patricia Kutner Jodie Langmack Camilla Lanier Kathy Leon Ann Leon Sara Loyd Rebecca Lunsford Nancy McCann Becky McClintock Kae McLaughlin Linda McDonald Mary McDonald Melinda Malouf Anne Meaders Emily Montgomery Marilyn Morgan Denise Napier Paula Norm Betty O Brian Sandy Osiek Lisa Ottinger Paula Palmer Denise Parker Dianrha Pennington Judy Quevreaui Debra Reed Kay Reed Linda Riek Anne Ritchie Deborah Ross Ann Saegert Penny Schlegel Use Sharp Claudia Smith Sandy Spray Mary Spurgon Donna Stanton Janic Sterling Lyn Story Sutan SwdticM Sylvia Swixdl Cynthia Vaughan Sharman Waintcott D.Md Wald.n Laurvtyn Wallace Chr V l Watton Carolyn Wttly Kann Wh.at L di Wh.H.y B cU Wilton Vogue 141 KET The Kappas at Tech again found the key to a successful year, as they received the highest awards given by their soror- ity on both the national and province level. Delta Psi chapter received the Standards Award for highest chapter excellence nationally in Miami and was named the outstanding province chapter in the spring. Kappas were extremely involved in community and philanthropic work dur- ing the year. Crafts were made for the Cancer Craft Fair to aid the American Cancer Society and Kappas collected for both the Multiple Sclerosis and Mus- cular Dystrophy drives. A weiner roast was held with the Sig Eps for children from the Buckner Home, and the Kappas treated those from the Suadalupe Cen- ter to an Easter Egg Hunt. Kappas remained leaders in many campus organizations. Those participat- ing in Angel Flight were Cindy Bournia, Dee Cocke, commander; Carolyn Smith, Pam Smith, pledge trainer; Margaret Kalmus, Patti Hanson, Vicki Lafitte and Melanie Waters. Serving in Junior Coun- cil were Dee Cocke, Mary Couch, Caro- lyn Smith, Leslie Unger and Debby Whis- nand, while those tapped fo r Mortar Board included Carolyn Byrd, Ann Dear- more, Janis Plumlee and Cathy Spoonts. Kappas Mary Stenicha and Carolyn Byrd aided as student senators with Miss Byrd later being selected to Who ' s Who. Sherry Benge Jan Birdwefl Joan Birdwell Susan Blackbu Cynthia Bourr Pamela Brandes Carolyn Byrd Mary Bird Reagan Cagle Caryl Gary Suzanne Childress Kethy Chittim Janet Clark DeeCocke Mary Conner Mary Couch Ann Dear more Sara Dulin Melanie Poster Donna George Debbie Gummelt Jane Ham by Patricia Hanson Mary Hasskarl Ginny Hays Susan Mines Cheryl Hodges Sarah Holly Cyd Hornady Janice Johnston Laura Jones Sara Kleine Patricia Klunder Camilla Langley Sharon Lewis Jane Livingston Carolyn Lottman Shana Lowe Ann McKay Jam McWhirter Cathy Mask Sheryl Moffet Marianne Murdough Deborah Nuckolli Barbara O ' Dwyer Cindy Owen Patty Pierce Janis Plumlee Katharine Purifoy Donna Reynolds Caren Roberts Mary Sell Julie Sleeper Carolyn Smith Pamela Smith Sally Smith Sandi Smith Catherine Spoon ts Mary Stenicka Jan Stephens Jacquelyn Taylor Elizabeth Tucker Greta Turtle Leslie Unger Dean Verne r Melissa Walker Sid Wall.ngford Sharon Wallingford Suzanne Warren Melanie Waten Robin Webster Deborah Whisnand Sally White Suzanne Wood Deb Wright Vogue 143 1972-73 was an important and busy year for the Phi Mu s. The chapter insti- tuted a new pledge program which was symbolic of their progressive outlook. Through the guidance of the Chapter Development program, activities were coordinated toward objectives set by the group. The success of these programs was evidenced by the award given to the group, as outstanding Phi Mu chapter in the state. Phi Mu ' s worked together all year in activities such as the pledge retreat to Albuquerque, the big-little sister cham- pagne party, attending the Lubbock symphony, taking children from Neigh- borhood House to a Tech soccer game. and sponsoring a bake sale and " flowers for HOPE " sale on Valentine ' s Day for Phi Mu National Philanthropy, S.S. Hope. Phi Mu s were extremely active in al facets of campus life. Kay Sewel served as education senator in the Student Association Senate: Eve Persons was chairman of the Student Election Com- mission: Paula Green was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi Honorary; Mary Ann Beseda was president of Arts and Sci- ences Honors Council and VP of Projects for Junior Council; Debbie Carter was Miss Rodeo Texas while Ann Schuman placed first runner-up as Miss Red River. Janet Bredewater served as assistant drill instructor for Angel Flight and Jan Cook as News Director for KTXT radio. Liu Allen Gloria Athby Martha All.e Paula Almond Sarah Baxter Karen Berly Mary Ann Beteda Martha Bever Patricia Bolls D borah Bott Kerry Bradford Janet Breda water Myrna Brie Camellia Britton Debbie Brow n Pamela Buckley Jean BuHeson Laura Bush Laurie Clampitt Denise Clancy Rhoda Cantey Cathay Clark Debbie Carter Carole Cote Connie Cole Muriel Craig Anne Davit Sutan Davis Barbara Dawson Cassia Dilldine Charlotte Doan Dixie Emanuel Paula Flatt Lynette Fons Kathy Gilbert Paula Green Mollie Grooters Holly Hahn Paula Heflin Kathleen Hickoc Cindy Hiegel Susan Hill Sutan Howie Carrie Jackson Kathy Kennedy Carla Kessler Charlotte King Sonja Lang ley Virginia Le Martha Logan Ann Lynch Kathy McCutchen LouAnn McDaniel He Ml McPhail Kay Me Reynolds Jean Molougnney Melissa Monk Diane Morris Dana Murphy Laura Murray Cynthia Myers Phyllis Newell Megan Perry Eve Persons Rosa lee Petty Holly Port-r Karen Reeder Nancy Re. ti Lana Riley Sandra Rogers LockkJ Rosenbaum Laura Scarborough Barbara Schattenberg Ann Schumann Claudett Scruggs Kay Sewell Carol Shugart Krista Simpson Judy Smith Niki Stewart Tempi Taylor Margaret Tomfahroe Pott, Webb Patricia Webster Patty Whaflev Karen Williams Sheila Wilton Julie Wright i Vogue 145 The arrow of the Texas Gamma chap- ter of Pi Beta Phi flew high across Tech ' s campus in 1972-73. Two Pi Phi ' s. Carol Miksch and Devora Lewis, boosted the Red Raiders as varsity cheerleaders. Others helped with the Athletic Recruit- ing Program. The " Raider Rustlers " included Nancy Jennings, Frances West- brook, Kathy Hickman, Patty Page, Bar- bara Crute, Debbi Hrncir, Suzanne Fisher, Anne Edwards and Joni Frizzel. Pi Phi s outstanding in student govern- ment were Denise Westbrook, Arts and Science senator and Joni Herrington, a senate aide. Mortar Board members tap- ped for the year included Phyllis Sim- mons, Devora Lewis and Blaine Stacey. Those Pi Phi ' s elected to Junior Council were Susan Smith, Debbie Wester, Pat Hamilton, Pam Martin and Joni Herring- ton. Alpha Lambda Delta claimed Deb- bie Shambeck and Gayle Norton while Devora Lewis and Phyllis Simmons were chosen for Phi Kappa Phi, a National Honor Society for seniors. Other honors included six Pi Phi ' s being selected as fra- ternity little sisters and Debbi Hrncir as President ' s Hostess. The Pi Phi ' s also had their share of campus beauties with Linda Brumley as Delt playmate; Suzanne Fisher, Fiji Olym- pic Queen and Debbie Taylor, first run- ner-up for Miss Texas Tech. Supporting as its philanthropy the Set- tlement School and Arrowmont Crafts Center in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the Texas Gamma chapter soared with activ- ities and achievements. 146 Vogue Debra Adami Rot Averill Patricia Ball Oaborah Barclay Barbara Black Baverly Blackwood Patricia Bland Sally Bon. Deborah Brown Jill Brown Valeria Brown Linda Brumley Quin Buenger Jana Bullard Claudia Bunkley Bridget Burkholder Blame Burton Christy Butler Cyndy Cadwallader Julie Cain Cathy Clark Linda Cochren Cynthia Cook Alecia Couch Crute Davit Dede Doughty Anns Edwards Suzanne Fisher Lorna Freemar Joni Frizz tl Jan Gordon Margaret Grimes Jo Ann Grzywacz Patricia Hamilton Janice Harrod Linden Heck Debra Heggen Joni Herrington Mary Hewitt (Catherine Hickman Kathy Holmes Debbi Hrncir Julia Jennings Nancy Jennings Jane Jericho Debbie Jones Li Libby Kaelber Karen Kirchhoff Holly Kuykendall Nancy Leech Diana Leonard Devora Lewis Barbara Martin Carol Martin Pom Martin Nancy Mason Mary McCatl Judith McCraw Cynthia McDonald Diane McDougal Robin McGlew Carolyn McKintey Janet Merril Candy Monroe Mary Jo Neel Nancy Nislar Gayle Norton Patty Page Rhonda Perkins Nancy Price Vikki Reeves Karen Robinson Debby Rugeley Barbara Russell Suzanne Rutledge Sandra Saikowski Ann Scoggin Maggie Scott Siv Scott Debbie Shambeck Phyllit Simmons Catherine Singley Susan Smith Debbte Taylor Jan Thompson Pam Utley Laur.n Wall Jane Wallace Dvbby Weber Denis Westbrook Frances Wettbrool Debbie Wester Stacee Williams Gail Wilton Vogue 147 The Gamma lota chapter of Sigma Kappa raced on to a fast lead in campus activities. The Sigmas received two awards at National Convention, one for highest percent of pledge initiates and one for the most girls in honoraries and activities. Beauty and talent ranked high as Sherry White won the title of " Miss Lub- bock 1973, " along with the Talent Award. Fran Hearn was a finalist in the Miss Playmate Contest and initiated as an ZAE Little Sister. Debbie Dickey was a Rose Princess of AID a business fra- ternity. Marilyn Guest held the 1972 title of " Little 500 Bicycle Queen. " Charlotte Dillon, a Tech twirler, was the KKUJ Sweetheart. The Sigmas served the university as Karen McBride was 1972 Panhellenic President, Kay Ford was a Home Eco- nomics Senator and seven Sigmas were on UC sub-committees. Four Sigmas were members of AAA. Marilyn Guest marched for Angel Flight, while Pam Logan and Sheryl Worrall were officers of Corpsdettes. These were just a few of the many organizations claiming active Sigmas. As for activities of their own, Sigma Kappa strived for unity through fun and action, like the All University Title in Vol- leyball and the top prize in the OKM Food Drive. With gerontology as their main philanthropy, the Sigmas partici- pated in charity drives and programs at the Sherrick Memorial Home. 148 Vogwt I Vera Alexander Kay Allen Sherrie Allen Sally Bnion Nona Bcnton Shrry Berg in Barbara Boardman Beverly Branrt Nancy Brennan Oeborra Bruce Paige Buzbee Martha Cade Jan Causey Carol Chantry Carolyn Ctine Laura Cline Deborah Cornett Catherine Craig Patricia Craig Becky Darcy Sally Davidson Pamela Davis Debra Dickey Charlotte Dillo Sue Dornbach Carol Drushel Kathi Fly Kay Ford Deborah Futch Linda Forsyth Deborah Gardner Sharon Grissom Marilyn Guest Brando Hance Donna Headrick Fran Hearn Nancy Herdman Debra Huffman Sharin Humke Kathleen Johnson Jane Kailey Kay Karsten Diane Lago Pam Logan Ann Marshall Karen McBride Susan McClure Marianne McElwrath Kristin McMaster Janet Medlinger Martha Morris Deborah Neinast Diane Newman Patricia Noll Anne Nolle Peggy Nowlin Pamela Opp Vicky Owens Kathy Parrish Lynn Peterman Ann Posey Lisa Powers Rita Salyars Susan Schneider Betty Schulh Marsha Scott Janet Shotton Susan Street Marilyn Smith Patricia Smith Nancy Thompson Julie Turbeville Nancy Vaughn Cynthia Vittum Linda Vogel Cathy Ward Gary Weis Sherry White Terry White Judith Wolff Sheryl Worrell Adele Wright Barbara Wright Nancy Youngblood Vogue 149 ZTA Involvement was the name of the game for the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha this year as they participated in a variety of social, scholastic and philanthropic activities. Campus activities played a large role as Zetas numbered on University Center Committees, Corpsdettes and Athletic Recruiters. Cindy Evans and Karen Davis served as Senate Aids with Miss Evans also being selected for Junior Council. Academic honors were many as Pat Parkinson, Lera Nettles, Cindy Conway and Cindy Evans received All-University Recognition. Miss Conway, a member of Mortar Board, claimed the honors of Who ' s Who in Sreek Fraternities and Sororities and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The Zetas claimed many beauty win- ners as Charlotte Strong won the title of Miss Longview, Becky Terrill was first run- ner-up for Miss Playmate, and Kay Hoff- man and Micky Lucas placed in the semi- finals for the same contest. Carol Kitzmil- ler was first runner-up for Homecoming Queen and was chosen as Province Sweetheart of Sigma Chi fraternity. The sisters participated in activities which related to their philanthropy, the mentally retarded, as they had various parties at the State School. All in all, the Zetas had a busy and fulfilling year, as they showed their many talents and interests in all aspects of campus life. ISO Vogue Rhonda Dickerwn Theodora Drought Sally Edgar Judy Bam Cindy Evans Sherry Field Barbara Fender Laura Fender Lois Forster Paula Freeman Sally Gaylord Patricia Gilmore Julie Glover Susanne Goddard Gail Goebel Connie Griffin Marianna Grimes Allison Mayor d Kathy Hardagree Cindy Harris Sandra Hill Debby Hill Jeanie Hoffmann Deborah Houghto Carol Jones Jon Jones Kathleen Jones Ann Kellett Carol Kitzmillei Melinda LaBati Carol Leftwich Teri Loyd Mickey Lucas Patti Marshall Amy McCorkle Anne McPherson Robin Meadows Deborah Metiker Julie Monk Melodee Moody Rebecca Nagy Lera Nettles Maryanne Norm Debbie Novell Kriste Overton (Catherine Payne Pat Parkinson Sara Pfeiffer Kethey Phillips Susan Pierce Jeannte Pitt s Susan Prugel Cindi Purcell Melinda Raine Beth Renegar Lea Riedinger Cindy Saied Mar v Saied Judy Schmidt Deborah Silliman Sandy St. John Catherine Stewart Debra Stone Charlotte Strong Brenda Stroope Debbie Storrie Janet Sutton Dianne Sutton Patricia Sweeney Candy Taylor Rebecca Terrill Margaret Vtgneu Donna Wells Janet Williams Nanci Wills Debra Wilson Mary Woods VogutlSl SMI, " What ' s Happening? " is a continual question at Texas Tech ' s largest girl ' s dormitory. Chitwood Hall held a brunch for the residents ' parents during Dad ' s Day festivities and won first place in dorm decorations for homecoming during the football season. A Hallow- een party for the orphans at the Lubbock State School kicked off the first holiday of the season, with an after- noon pumpkin-carving contest precluding the bewitch- ing hour. Besides separate floor Christmas parties, Chit- wood united 1 2 floors of girls in an all-dorm celebration. As a grand finale, Chitwood jumped into show business with an all-dorm talent show. What ' s happening at Chitwood . . a lot! Chitwood ' s officers: Lisa Eldridge, president; Barbie Johnston and Nancy Levernz. RHA representatives: and Kathy Roberts, vice presi- dent drive for fast-paced activity. Right: Chitwood participants come in all sizes at the all dorm talent show. ' 1 - I Vogue Below: Constantly striving for greater heights was the |ob of Stangel officers; Paula Pendelton secretary, Kathy O ' Donnell president, and Kathy White vice president. Left: Decorating the traditional Christmas tree is a joint effort of both Stangel and Murdouqh residents. II Stangel, in conjunction with Murdough, the neighbor- ing men ' s dorm, kicked off the year with a watermelon bust for all residents. Sharing jointly in countless activi- ties, Stangel and Murdough staged a Christmas party and decorated a tremendous Christmas tree in red and green, shared midnight treats during finals ' week and danced to the beat, in mixers with Carpenter and Mur- dough ' s men dorms. Working toward a goal of self satisfaction, the Stan- gel girls collected both discarded and outgrown clothes and canned goods to give to one of Stengel ' s sanitation crews. Stangel further contributed by awarding scholar- ships to two Stangel residents who submitted requests for financial help. Hoping to solve any premature prob- lems or disputes, Stangel strove to better its program with a rap session between Stangel administrators and freshmen at the Town Crier Steak House. - Vogue 1SS Christmas is a time for giving and the girls of Wall Hall demonstrated just that. As in past years, Wall resi- dents chose to share their " Christmas cheer " by giving a party for the children of Suadalupe Center in Lub- bocle. The sounds of jingling bells and reindeers ' hooves filled the gaily decorated cafeteria as the co-eds, as well as the children, anxiously awaited the arrival of their guest of honor, Santa Claus. But the Christmas party was just one of the many activities sponsored by Wall. Included on the list were: the Dad ' s Day luncheon and fashion show, a Trick or Treat party on Halloween, and a Smarty Party for the dormitory ' s scholars. Above: Santa visits one of the children from the Guadalupe Center at the Wall Christmas party while excited residents look on. Right: Resident assistant DeeDee Waldon and President Sharon Lewis call their residents to come aboard for a year of activities. A 901 ' . ' : 56 Vogue Above: Once again are the Gates officers ready to jump aboard the on-the- go express in 1972-1973. The girls are Karla Copeland, Becky Monk and Molly Grooters. Right: Relaxed in the f ashionable attire of the season are several girls enjoying the annual Wall-Gates Christmas Party. The yuletide season brings with it the opportunity to get together, rejoice, and in essence give a little something to each other, whether it be close friendship or a friendly smile. The beauty of this holiday did not fade in Gates with the passing of December, but reigned throughout the entire year. During Halloween the Gates girls dumped many goodies into the bags of eager children. Later on the girls themselves were treated to a horror film. Onward and upward to honor good deeds done at Tech, a Smarty party was held to recognize those who had managed to obtain a 3.0 GPA. Not letting themselves be known as the nose-bur- ied-in-the-book types, the girls and their dates took off their shoes and bebopped with nostalgia at a ' 50 ' s Sock Hop on Valentine ' s Day. To test their luck a Bingo night was held, where several succeeded in cleaning up in the loot depa rtment. All in all, Gates residents have once again kept their reputation as always smiling and on the go. Yoguf 157 Actively involved in campus a Janet Lightfoot has displayd the of leadership and en her for her reign as Miss Texas Serving on Freshman Council her first year at Texas Tech, she w sen as AWS Representative. A mem of Alpha Phi sorority, Janet ser lat ; ons work for the coaches Al exas Tech American fcmejpld annually in Lub- ,ck. V J iw and .vater skiing, along with ten- ctball and basketball are only a few various sports which keep Janet busy. She also models and works at Lat- ham ' s. Wf 1 1 Vogue 159 DEBBIE TAYLOR . . First Runner-up Lubbock, Sophomore Figi Olympics Queen DE BBIE BROWN. . . Second Runner-up Burleson, Junior AXfi Most Photogenic, Miss Lubbock Contest Debbie Brown I SHIRLEY McPHERSON Third Runner-up Wolfforth, Sophomore AF Top 10 Best Dressed Co-Ed CAROL KITZMILLER Fourth Runner-up Ft. Worth, Senior ZTA Little Sigma Sweetheart Vogue 161 t 162 Vogue Connie . Enthusiastic . . . vibrant . . . fun loving . . . Connie Kemp represented Texas Tech as the 1972-73 Homecoming Queen. A junior from Plainview, the petite blond was extremely involved in the athletic program not only as a varsity cheerleader but also as an athletic recruiter, encouraging prospective high school recruits to sign with Tech ' s athletic program. A member of Delta Gamma social sorority, Connie served as a panhellenic delegate and vigorously carried out the chapter ' s philan- thropic projects by offering aid to Tech ' s blind students. Maintaining high scholastic abilities, Connie continually achieved recognition on the Dean ' s List. ' ' :- . - ' iv f : - 1 m I I I, I Knapp Hall, one of the older dorms on campus, pro- vided many activities for its residents throughout the year. Knapp activities included all dorm mixers with men ' s resident halls, pep rallies, wing dinners, and the annual Knapp Formal. Those students with a grade point average of 3.00 or better were recognized at a smarty party. Christmas brought a softer tone with a candlelight service and Christmas carols. As a Valentine project, Valentines were sent to VA hospitals by the Knapp residents. Unique to Knapp ' s traditions is the Knapp Doll House through which dolls are contributed for the " Toys for Tots. " Right: Knapp officers include Janice Baldwin. President: Mol Rowan. RHA Representative: and Martha Sunter. Vice-President. Below: Knapp girls address valentines to residents in the VA Hospital. r i v ' On the night of witches, goblins, and pumpkin men, Doak-Weeks helped capture the atmosphere. They pre- pared for the avalanche of children with hall decora- tions and treats without tricks. All in all the girls had as much fun as the children did. Afterwards, when all of Halloween ' s visitors had left, the girls settled down for a nice horror flick in the cafeteria. Some of their other activities included a Dad ' s Day reception, spirited com- petition in intramurals, and various Christmas projects. Equipped with lovely smiles and giving hands, Doak- Weeks girls are always on the move. VvJj Above: Eager anticipation arises as tasty treats are handed out. while a ferocious lion looks on. Left: One. two, three, heave-ho was the spirit of the officers this year: President Anita Roclt. Vice President Cheryl Rudloff . and Secretary Cindy Byerly. f ' i I i ' - .V ' . ' -. ' . h ' ; ' -V rt - L p rT ' - ' , i r men The fresh smell of donuts and coffee to be enjoyed by the residents ' parents filled Hulen ' s lobby during Dad ' s Day and Homecoming. Hulen ' s lobby was then filled with laughter during the annual Christmas Party. To help celebrate the festival holiday seasons, Hulen girls chose pixie pals to share surprises and secrets. A movie was planned for March to break the routine that every semester brings. Hulen girls also tried for a three point average or better and enjoyed Hulen ' s Scholarship Ban- quet held in the fall and again in the spring. Besides fun- filled activities, Hulen participated in honoring its girls with a scholarship banquet. Honor, fun, and sharing it ' s all at Hulen. ! - - i -S Above: President, Diane Mallory: representative at large. Connie Cole: and vice president. Celinda Johnson look ahead at a year of fun. Right: Dorm residents and guests enioy the Valentine Buffet. C mcnt Clement Hall is always on the move! Beginning with their participation in intramural football, Clement resi- dents set the mood for an active season of fun. Always seeking an occasion to celebrate, Clement has spon- sored several all-dorm parties including, not only a Hal- loween " trick or treat " party for Lubbock orphans, but also a Christmas party where each floor presented a tal- ent show. A scholarship banquet for Clement " smarties, " serenades by various fraternities and all- d orm mixers all added to the spontaneity and excite- ment of dorm life. Above: Clement officers; RHA representative, Nancy Wilson: trea- surer, Darrah Grier: vice president, Pam Logan; and president, Elissa Martlla engineer an active year. Right: Clement girls take advantage of the Lubbock weather with a snowball fight. Vogue 169 orn Horn Hall truly involved itself in many projects throughout the year. Activities included strong intramu- ral participation in which they carried away the all-uni- versity football and track honors. Holiday events pro- vided caroling at South Plains Mall at Christmas with trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples at Halloween. In the spring, there was a dinner honoring the Horn pro- fessors and an international night presented by all the international residents. An end-of-the-year talent show- awards night wrapped up another exciting year for Horn residents. Above: Horn professors are honored at a banquet hostessed by Horn Hall. Right: Kathy Lehmann, President: Connie Blacltwood. Vice-Presi- dent: and Viola Parsley. RHA Representative served as Horn officers for 72-73. 170 , , i am woman watch me grow . . helen reddy YOUR BRA EVERY DAY SUPER MARKETS your best guide to Pndable electric . service call reddy at 763-2881 1 ENTERTAINMENT FOR MEN LA VENT PLAYB mm r ' i v, m For all our wishful thinking, this section of the country does not really give you many chances to try yourself, to become experienced, to know the joys of the outdoor world of nature. You have all kinds of opportunities to simply experience nature, of course: You can walk to class in a sandstorm; you can drive back from the Christmas holidays on ninety miles of ice covered roads; you can stand in a cot- ton field and see miles and miles of flat land. But in the course of your school years at Tech, you are not likely to have an over-abun- dance of experiences that if you are simply there could bring you into an intriguing affair with nature. Yet there is something basic to each of us that seems to seek out those places and things that involve us in this affair. Finding sunshine and clean air hard though that may be is bred deeply into each of us. In Playboy ' 73, Barbara Thomas and Betty Owen consider some of the aspects of this love for nature by incorporating outdoor scenes in this issue of Playboy. Many times organization helps to bring us back to nature by hav- ing outdoor activities. Fraternities are this brand of organization and Debbie Hayes has helped to capture members of these groups in some of these activities. By living in a dorm, Nancy Wood was able to more accurately portray the rather unnatural life style that accompanies dorm life. There is no end to the questions yearbook editors have for their superiors. Dr. Dean, faculty advisor, Jeff Lawhon and Jan Shaw, co- editors, answered these questions expertly. The photographers of this issue had their chance to experience nature. Pay Broyles and Darrel Thomas tramped through the rain, snow, and high winds to make the major photography portion of this magazine. Playboy 175 LAVENTANA 1973 PLAYBOY. CONTENTS FOR THE MEN ' S ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE PLAYBILL WHAT SORT OF MAN MEN ' S DORMITORIES W.O.W. WORKS OF WONDER PLAYBOY INTERVIEW ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALPHA KAPPA PSI CHI RHO DELTA SIGMA PI SADDLE TRAMPS LITTLE SISTERS DELT PLAYMATE WILL AND ALICE SPARKLING SENATION, PLAYMATE 1973 PLAYBOY POTPOURRI ALPHA PHI ALPHA INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL SOCIAL FRATERNITIES PLAYMATE RUNNERS-UP SAE WATERMELON BUST QUEEN SX DERBY DOLL IN MEMORIAM 175 177 178 187 190 191 194 196 198 200 202 208 209 210 210F 211 212 214 224 236 237 244 176 Playboy . .. m, WHAT SORT OF MAN READS PLAYBOY? A young man who finds life exciting and to be enjoyed for all its worth. Whether running and expe- riencing or stopping and absorbing, he knows that there is freedom in life. Successful in whatever endeavor he chooses, his spirit lets him soar above the crowd. Fact: Playboy is read by eleven thou- sand men on the Tech campus. Get involved like this man Live! BLEDSOE . Escape had more than one meaning this year in Bledsoe Hall. Our residents " escaped " to the east side of campus for quieter surround- ings, better fellowship, and easier living. Bledsoe paced itself strong this vear intramurally, being All Cam- pus Runner-Up in flag football and presenting winners in other sports. Scholastically, Bledsoe was tops, as it has been every year. The Dorm Council had a busy year trying to plan for their dorm around a small budget. However, they were still able to afford an ice machine, socials with girls ' dorms, athletic equipment and a final spring dance. All these reasons and many more have made Bledsoe Hall one of the finest on campus. 178 Playboy The social life at Carpenter Hall has improved considerably this year due to the new women ' s visitation hours approved by the Board of Regents. On any given night, this may be classified as a co-ed dorm. However, for the purpose of this yearbook, we will consider only the activities of the 340 plus male residents. The Carpenter men have been quite interested in promoting good will among their female co-students, and sponsored several mixers and concerts during the year. One innovative idea was initiated as an experiment in inexpensive entertainment. A few of the residents pooled their electronic sound and light equipment and set up a dis- cotheque. It was fairly successful and, hopefully, will be used in the future. The officers for this year were: Pat Patton, president; Walter James, James Scoggins, vice-presidents; Craig Wilkerson, Paul Lan- der, secretaries; Walter Herndon, treasurer; David Morgan, Dennis Huff, RHA representatives; and Gary Baily, Monter Smith, parlia- mentarians. Playboy 179 COLEMAN Coleman Hall Residence Council tried to stimulate an overall total involvement. Cole- man Residence Hall Council sponsored many activities during the year, such as a candidate for " Best-dressed Co-ed, " mixers, and a year- end party. Residents in Coleman made a good show- ing in intramural sports. Coleman won first in all University water polo, fourth in bowl- ing, and went to the playoffs in all University football. Officers for 1972-73 were: Mike Williams, president; Ray Barron, vice-president; Charles Lowe, secretary; Kelly Charness, treasurer; and Allan Gillespie and Randy Means, RHA representatives. G vida y, room Ic ckw ffldl Nc indm ISO Playboy GORDON Gordon Hall, although one of the older dorms on campus, pro- vided its residents the largest rooms at the lowest price. The rooms had movable furniture which allowed the resident to have as nice a room as his imagination was capable of creating. Located near University, Gordon placed the resident within very close walking distance of Broadway shopping. It is near the Men ' s and Intramural Gyms, making it easier for the resident to make full use of them. It is also located close enough to Jones Stadium to allow students to walk to the games. Intramurals were an important part of dorm life here. Gordon participated in flag and touch football, basketball, and sponsored individuals in any sports in which they wished to enter. Playboy 181 Murdough is a place of great prestige and honor, A place where friendships Are created and cultivated, A place where all men may Live and share, A place where literature And poems are frequent, A place where drinkers become drunks and students become scholars, A place where men may learn, Strengthen, and develop, Murdough Hall is a place . . . WJH 182 Playboy SNEED Snecd Hall is located at the main entrance to the Tech campus, across from the entrance marker. After being a women ' s dorm, this year it was changed to house men. Snecd participated enthusiastically in intramural sports such as football, basketball, and wrestling. The residents won the intramural football championship. The officers for Sneed for 1972-73 were: Ron Blessing, president; Charles Bowers, vice-president; Ray Stevenson, secretary; and Robert Obenour, treasurer. WELLS Wells Hall has always been noted for its studious atmosphere. Along with that, how- ever, this year Wells took an active role in all phases of campus life. In intramurals, Wells played football, took second in basketball and also took second place in the Sig Ep invitational softball tour- nament. Wells also organized an interdorm basketball tournament. Wells participated in a mixer with Horn- Knapp, a watermelon bust with Doak- Weeks, and a Sunday afternoon picnic with Hulen-Clement. Wells also sponsored a free dance in the Wells-Carpenter cafeteria. 184 Playboy The Weymouth Hall Council worked dur- ing the past year to bring the quality of the dorm up to its highest standards. With the adding of a football machine, Weymouth ' s game room has become a place full of excite- ment. Another highlight of the year was the watermelon bust Weymouth sponsored with Chitwood and Coleman halls. A new sense of independence came when visitation hours for females were extended to include weekday evenings. These improvements added to the atmosphere of the dorm, making it a more enjoyable place in which to live. Playboy 185 THE END w.o.w. Playboy 187 w.o.w. (works of wonder) 188 Playboy Playboy 189 PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: W. CLARK ELLZEY a candid conversation with the visionary teacher counselor philosopher V. Clark FJlzey once described himself as an (xtrovertly-adjusted introvert, and it is easy to understand why when one looks at his life. Prom his quiet as well as wise inner being, he has " adjusted " to become a teacher, lecturer, marriage counselor, camp director, writer, television per- former, world traveler, airplane pilot, and deputy sheriff. Rom in Oklahoma before it was even a state, EUzey grew up a a cowboy on the LZ Ranch. It was at this ranch that he was director of a boy ' s camp. From here, his experience and life stylt spread into many different areas. From these dif- ferent experiences, he has allowed himself to become the man he is. He views life in much the same way as he defines sex an imaginative, exploratory adventure. To him, life is " becoming " and he is truly one who has become. PLAYBOY: Since you teach a preparation to marriage course at Tech, you must have a good definition of " love. " ELLZEY: Love is like liquid. There are many different liquids, and what makes them dif- ferent are the elements that make them up. It ' s the same with love. There are many dif- ferent kinds of love, and what makes them different are the elements that make them up. Well, what are those elements? Personality characteristics trust, admiration, suspicion, hope, dreams, kindness, cruelty, jealousy, for- giveness the total person, that ' s your per- sonality. You don ' t love the same person with the same elements all the time. How do we get these characteristics? Through use or exercise, like you get any skill. How do you get to be a kind person by practicing being kind when you could be unkind. PLAYBOY: If this is so important, should there not be some more research done in this area? ELLZEY: Exactly. Several thousand dollars have already been given to one of the univer- sities for research in the matter of love, but I think we ' re going to have a great deal more money and maybe more research just in the nature of love. It ' s called the most powerful influence in the world. Well, if that ' s true, look how we ' re all uptight about energy. Now we ' re running out of it, we think, and we have no idea of the energy resource in love. It performs miracles! Because we can ' t weigh it and measure it, and it isn ' t within our materialistic concepts, you see, we have left it alone and romanticized or sentimental- ized about it instead of trying to probe into its source, meaning, and effects, and I think we ' re going that direction increasingly. I think it ' s a force involving energy mostly healing energy and mostly rough develop- ment energy. I mean energy that will contrib- ute to all these things. Now hate, for instance, will do just the opposite destroy. PLAYBOY: This is an interesting observa- tion. To what extent do love or hate or other emotions have influence on people? ELLZEY: All things and experience take their meaning ultimately in terms of the ef feet they have on you as they af feet your becoming. Becoming a person who is capable of loving and capable of an inner sense of security enables you to be unafraid of the future. Being a person who has some feeling that life isn ' t confined to these three score years and ten and this place here on earth gives you enough excitement to want to probe beyond the known in all areas. Pan of the becoming is hopefully being unafraid of controversy. It ' s the quest for truth that can be painful, shocking, devastat ing; it can be but it ' s probably the most significant thing in influencing the becoming. PLAYBOY: If this is true, then what pan of the educational system helps us most in becoming? ELLZEY: The whole educational experience. The real significance is what it does to you, not how many facts you can remember. You forget most of them the first year you ' re out. What has happened to you in the process? Having or not having is not important except in terms of how it affects you. Achieving or not achieving in terms of the " success " meas- urement in our country is not important except in terms of how it affects you - because you can ' t take it with you. Well, that implies that something goes you. What do you take with you? Just the son of person you have become. That is why the becoming is so important. " Our society is rather confused. We love things and use people. It makes much more sense to love people and use things. " " The art department used to kid me. They ' d say, ' How are the sex courses coming? ' I ' d say, ' Fine, how are yours? You see, sex was an an before it was an education. " " I ' m convinced nothing is of significance or worth except in terms of the effect it has on you. and that includes all education and all life ' s experiences. " 190 Playboy alpha phi omega helping others Playboy 191 f,t| A Ray Alverson Billy Armstrong Clay Harriett Ted Bamctt Dennis Brown Shannon Burchett C irj.lv Butler Michael Carathers Danny Cof fey Charles Cox Dwayne Day Buddy Dossett Richard Fox David Gibson James Gore John Griffith James Gulley Charles Harris Gary Hudspeth Paul Keener Timothy Lambert James Littleton Edward McLesh James Madison Doug Megredy Thomas Moore Kenneth Rogers Sam Schael Robert Slaydon DougStahl Stephen Stepoway Larry Thompson Gary Wood Dan Woods James Woods alpha phi omega Alpha Phi Omega, national service frater- nity at Texas Tech, has been around a long time, and every year the list of brothers who have participated in service to campus, com- munity and nation grows larger and larger . . . and every year the scope of Alpha Phi Omega has grown until now Beta Sigma Chapter at Tech has become a national leader as well as a leader on the campus. Beta Sigma ' s members influence the national A. P.O. scene as brothers serve on many national task forces and committees, but the real home of Beta Sigma is right here at Texas Tech where each year brothers gather to serve in projects designed to aid the Tech Student. From benches, to surveys of campus buildings for handicapped students, to A.P.O. ' s Operation Identification, the broth- ers of Beta Sigma have shown their love of service. Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Sigma chap- ter, Texas Tech . . . making the ideals of leadership, friendship, and service a reality. Playboy 193 greetings and girls 194 Playboy alpha kappa psi Kenneth Abcrnathy Robert Armstrong Gil Bailey Robert Benbow William Bone Dan Bourland Don Buchholz Thomas Crenshaw Michael Eller Galen Evans John Fuller John Garrett Lowell Gilbert Terry Graham Mel Harris Tony Hernandez Robert Hobgood Danny Huffaker Tim Jarrctt Brockman King Joseph Kobell Richard Krause John Locke Michael McKce Ronald Mapel David Mead Jack Miller Ken Morrison Don Nowak Jack Pointer David Rankin Paul Schaucr Jon Six Chris Snodgrass Alan Spencer Raymond Swearinger Mike Taggart James Terrell David Whiles Robert White " To further the individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideas therein; and to promote and advance in institution of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration. " These arc the goals of Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Kappa Psi is a combination of a professional business and social fraternity. Highlighting their speaker scries was Tech president Grover Murray, Jack Steele Dean of Business Administration, " Brownie Brownley, " Dub Rushing, Lubbock lawyer Mike Sanders and Lee York, Vice President of First National Bank. Alpha Kappa Psi participated in numerous service projects. Involving themselves with Buckner Benevolence Home, they played football with the children, tutored them, took them to Tech football games, and to Disney on Parade at the South Plains Fair. As an ecology projec t, they cleaned 20 miles of highways outside Lubbock. In serv- ice to the school, Alpha Kappa Psi organized the first successful Business Administration council, and in research on the Tech College Allowance Program. Alpha Kappa Psi ' s members enjoyed vari- ous social events throughout the year includ- ing a 50 ' s party, a Hawaiian party at the Palm room, and retreats at Ruidosa and White River. The officers are: Joe Kobell, president; Jack Pointer, vice president; Mike Terrell, pledge trainer; Ray Swearingen, secretary; Tony Hernandez, treasurer. Playboy 195 bikes and other things 196 Playboy chi rho Tommy Beal William Beaty Mark Blaquicrc Paul Cashiola Mike Eamey Chris Gray Ralph Grimmer Lane Horger Wayne Koenig JoeMino Sam Monaco Joseph Monahan Patrick Moore Kevin Moran Kelly O ' Connor Richard O ' Loughlin An Opperman John Opperman James Riley Ron Saikowskf Randy Shuffield Dave Smith Paul Stark Clarence Steube Joel Trevino Chi Rho fraternity worked hard this year to fulfill its purpose of giving its members a chance to foster their sense of faith and brotherhood and to give them the opportu- nity for scholastic, social, and moral achieve- ments. Service activities were an important facet of campus life for Chi Rho members. The Little 500 Bike Races, an annual event spon- sored by Chi Rho, was held this year in the Law Building parking lot. The chapter also helped make luminarios for Homecoming, sold programs at the Tech Rodeo, and helped with Freshman Orientation. In community service, the Chi Rho ' s helped in the Heart Fund Drive and various other community projects. Other things which kept the brothers busy were the social events, such as the Homecom- ing dance, the Christmas ball, the Spring For- mal, and the Olympiad. Chi Rho was honored this year by being named Outstanding Organization in the Club Division for 1972 by the Intramural depart- ment. Outstanding brothers were: Phil Frazee, elected president of Arnold Air Society and named Outstanding ROTC Cadet for Fall 1972; Ron Siakowski, named outstanding Engineering student for 1972-1973; and Joe Mino, a member of the Engineering Council. Chi Rho ' s in student government were Ralph Grimmer, who was elected Senator for 1973- 1974, and Kevin Moran, who was a senate aide and Student Association Election Judge. Dave Smith and Mark Blaquire were on Uni- versity Center Committees. Playboy 197 brotherhood and friends 198 Playboy delta sigma pi Steven Walsh Stephen Webb Roben Wells Ken White Charles Abraham Galen Akin John Bilodeau Michael Bingham Danny Butler Dennis Chambers Randy Clayton Jerry Collier Louis Domino Robert Dorrough Gary Farr Steven Mines Michael Johnson Delwin Lewis Steve Lewis Leslie McCaskill Foy McMaster Gregory Nash Mike Navar Chris Niven Thomas O ' Brien Galen Orr Steve Owen Michael Phillips Mark Picrcy James Rogers Anthony Sanchez Stephen Sanderson James Taylor Michael Ulmer Delta Sigma Pi was founded to foster the study of business in Universities. Delta Sigma Pi combines the professionalism of the busi- ness world with an outstanding social calen- dar. The professionalism of this fraternity is exemplified in monthly professional meet- ings with prominent business men and women of the community as guest speakers. Their experience in the business world has given the brotherhood of Delta Sigma Pi an insight as to the true complexion of the busi- ness world. A diversity of practical applica- tion and ethics are the essence of the profes- sional functions. Socially, Delta Sigma Pi has an outstand- ing list of events for its members. These range from apartment parties to special events such as a Riverboat and Las Vegas Casino party. The social season is climaxed by the annual Delta Sigma Pi Rose Formal, in which Peggy Miller was crowned Rose Queen. Delta Sigma Pi is truly an ideal fraternity for the Business Administration major of Texas Tech; offering professionalism, social activities, intramural participation and an affiliation of brotherhood. Playboy 199 saddle tramps bells and spirit The dedication of a granite seal of Texas Tech at the entrance fountain of Raiderland highlighted the 1972-73 activities of the Sad- dle Tramps, Tech ' s 100-mcmber spirit organi- zation founded in 1936. The seal, which weighs 89,600 pounds and cost over $24,000, ended Phase II of the fountain project begun originally in 1956. Phase I included the lighted fountain while Phase III will consist of a reflection pool. Saddle Tramps were established in order to lead Tech spirit through constructive chan- nels but have evolved into a group that is totally involved with practically all phases of Texas Tech. Although primarily involved in aiding the Tech athletic department, the red- shirted Tramps also participate in academic recruiting, freshman orientation, intramurals, welcoming visiting dignitaries and parents plus various fund raising projects. Officers for the year included: FALL: Kelly Hand, president; Bob Heard, first vice president; Mark Curry, second vice president; Dave Hassler, secretary; Melvin Owen, trea- surer; Bill Wiese, and Les Eubanks, sergeants- at-arms. SPRING: Miller Bonner, President; Dave Hassler, first vice president; Mike Suro- vik, second vice president; Jerry McWhorter, secretary; Roger Graham, treasurer; Dan Lewis and Gary Johnson, sergeants-at-arms. 200 Playboy mps 1 of Teas KsoftheSii 1 ?irit (xgmi. f wl, which Waded the K wi consist snnivechiiv ily involved it wit, the red- as. :lded:FALL Hani, first vict fait; Mike Suto- syMcfte, traarti; D " Mike Shannon John Shields Merl Simmons Charles Simpson Eddie Smith Jerry Smith James Spetr John Onii MelvinOwcn Gary Payne DividPinct Hill Pn.i- Ronald Robbini Hyman Sailer JeiryStwycr Tom Scerrcn Mike Surovir Tom Templin Sandy Thomberry Brooks Tins ley KenTodd Richud Walker Stan Akon Djuan Allen Jim Allen Mike Allen Ken Baker Rkk Barren Bob Height Fernando Bermudci M.llcr Banner Bhan Boulter Robert Branch Chris Brandon Gary Brown Philip Calnt Cotton Cave MikeCheveaux Randy Cloud us Ricky Co Ruben Craig Mark Curry David Dennis Robert Dm Bruce Dugger Alton figger Lei Eubank James Gectlin Bob Gilbert James Gorsuch Roger Graham Gene Griffin William Grigsby Steve Haley Dennis Halford Mike Hallmark David Hammer Kelly Hand Mike Harder Greg Hargrove John Han Dave Hauler Bobby Heard Roben Hindman Billy Howard Thomas Hudson Garyjohnion Billy Johnston Warren Johnston Bryan Knoi Ricky KAOX JohnKrausi David Lane William Lane Dan Lrwis David Lockwood David McDowell James McEwen Eric McKnight Danny McWhoner Jerry McWhoner Lynn Moore Benny Nixon Steve Nowlin Mike Wiggins Rindy Wild David Workman Playboy 201 Sheri Simmonds Margaret Stayton Mclinda Walker Sally Grinsfelder Carolyn Helm Mary Kelsey Melinda Malouf Christine Richardson Ann Sacgert Sue Shaw Celeste Shclton Dana Brookshirc Rhonda Chcnnault Robbie Dry Sue Dry Margie Erkkson Roscannc Flagella B0I I daughters of the diamond , I w - - Viclu Vannoy Vjgner A E little sisters of minerva Suzanne Bcnner lanet Burdeik Cithern, Carol Tivl.ir Susan Cape Mary Colaccino I.ynette Wills Lin Worxrn A Mary Couch Cynthia Cowden Anne i Joan Evans loan Gardner Leslie HoSbs nc Hudspcth Libby Kaelber Carol Kitzmiller Ian McWhirtcr Maryannc Norris lecn Farlcitr Mary Beth I ' jrrott Lcxkki Roscnbaum ittle sigmas Bctti Bclardi Nancy Bowes Patricia Felter Pam Harris Kathy Hawkins Melody Huckaby Peggy Jones Linda Kemp Jan Naglec Rosemary Rachjl Candace Raul iff Suzanne Scott Phyllis Smich Cindy Wheat I N little sisters of the white star 20b Playboy Carolyn Allen Cynthia Boumias Jenness Dietcrt Jane Dixon Ginger Johnson Mary Jane Jones Marilyn McGinnis Kathleen McLaren Janie McWhmer Patrice Richardson - Brenda Royal Linda Wade Patti Webb Pamela Wisdom Cathy Zintgraff Z A E little sisters of the golden heart 207 ATA playmate inda brumley Will and Styl Sparkling Sensation Tech ' s 1973 playmate Rita Isham is better than ever Alluring, long hair, a bubbling smile, a hubba-hubba body and twinkling dark eyes, all fit together to make Rita Isham a most stun- ning Miss Playmate for 1973. On her trip to Red River as part of her prize as Miss Playmate, Rita, with her fun-loving style, won the hearts of the University of New Mexico Ski team and was named as their sweetheart. She, also, had a most memorial birthday while at Red River. At Tech, Rita is a senior fashion merchandising major and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. 210 Playkoy courses that come under the title of home economics, she admits that she is " notorious for not being able to cook. " However, she does enjoy almost anything from a sport like tennis to an evening at Free- man ' s or just playing in the park. Whatever you find her doing, you ' ll know she is simply a sparkling sensation. I 9 I D O E QL PLAYBOY POTPOURRI people, places, objects and events of interest or amusement Semi-Centennial Celebrated " Manared by the past challenged by the future " was the theme used to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the chartering of Texas Tech University. On February 10, a ceremony was held which inaugurated a two- year observance of its semi-centennial. After this ceremony of more than 30,000 persons, a special exhibit, " The History of Texas Tech, " was opened in The Museum of Texas Tech University. The exhibit was a pictorial repre- sentation of the history of the university. An interesting, bright spark in Tech ' s his- tory was a statement by the late Governor Pat Neff, who signed the bill creating Texas Tech: " I ' m for this institution because I want the red-faced boys of Texas cared for as well as the white-faced cattle. " We wonder if this could have been the start of the now popular bumper sticker, " Goat-ropers need lovin ' , too. " Jack Frost Nips Again The Carol of Lights, an annual tradition and one of the few at Tech, was cancelled due to inclement weather in the East Wing. The end result of this winter weather was the total freezing of 20,000 stu- dents from the use of memorial circle as the traditional site for the yearly song-and-light fest. This " Jack Frost " decision blew out of court cases which stated that if the administration forbade the use of a campus facility to one group then they must also do this to all groups requesting the use of that facility. The Spring before the yearly Carol of Lights, Memorial Circle had been devastated by a band of megaphone wielding " Hippy Radicals " protesting the now defunct Vietnam Police Action. Thus a small group of nearsighted, cautious old men decided to reduce the congestion on Memorial Circle and give it back to the pigeons. Raiders Rip-Off SWC Basketball Title The Tech basketball team ended a drought of championships for Raider athletics by winning the Southwest Conference title. The team finished the regular season with a record of 19-7 and advanced to the NCAA playoffs where they were defeated in the first round by South Carolina. The team was led by Coach Gerald Meyers, who in his second year at the helm won SWC Coach of the Year honors; Richard Little and Ron Richardson who were first team selections on the the All-SWC squad; and Rick Bullock who as a freshman started on the varsity and was named as one of the outstanding fresh- man players in the nation. Alpha Phi Alpha had a large number of recognized members of any social fraternity on campus this year. Leading this outstanding group this year were: Eddie Huff, president; Will Johnson, vice president; Ken Baker, secretary; and Will Barker, treasurer. Many of the members of Alpha Phi Alpha were recognized for their performance in Tech athletics. In football, Andre Tillman was an outstanding tight end; Quinton Robinson was named as a second team All South-West Conference linebacker; and Harold Lyons started as an offensive guard for Tech. In basketball, the Alpha Phi Alpha ' s were equally impressive with Ron Richards placing as the first team All Southwest Conference center and William Johnson as forward on the Tech team. In student government, Ken Baker served as a student senator. Alpha Phi Alpha also had numerous social events and even took time out to paint their lodge. Ken Baker William Barker Edward Huff William Johnson Onnic Kirk Harold ]. rx Ron Rii-hards Quintin Robinson Andre Tillman Suiey Wallace James ' i jim buron alpha tau omega jim lawrence johnny Johnston stcvc goree beta theta pi dougdry John gavin mike me cann delta tau delta bill price bubba harrison torn carr kappa alpha david keast bruce duncan tim guthrie kappa sigma ben poole larry bissell shad brooks phi delta theta randy gardner greg gilkerson inter- fraternity council The Inter-Fraternity Council of Texas Tech acts to promote the unity and communications of thirteen national fraternities. The national fraternities of IFC are ranked in the top eighteen of total fraternity initiates in the Greek system throughout the nation. All thirteen have strong national offices that assist each chapter in inter- nal as well as interfraterniry matters. The actual council of IFC con- sists of the president and two representatives from each chapter. This body acts as a regulatory forum for such things as intramurals, rush, and pledge activities. Emerging as a truly united fraternity sys- tem, IFC raised $2,500 this year for the United Fund through a Dance Marathon. 212 Playboy nioaAll bob wilson phi gamma delta curtis brown kurt haney don carson david cook sid alien phi kappa psi bill me donald stcve ellis pi kappa alpha stan pisano eric molitoris sigma alpha eplison danny corley torn kJine frank miller sigma chi randy rouse jim schardt jerry bratton sigma nu bob kilby rick roach sigma phi epsilon james Williams bruce Stephens eddie harris ifc officers kent craig johnny weaver larry wharton kurt haney Playboy 213 The Texas ZH Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, according to Presi- dent Mike Doherty, strives " to mold diversified people into the unity of a brotherhood without loss of individuality. " The brothers of ATO were united in activities including intramurals, socials, and community welfare projects during the 1972-73 year. Intramurals saw the Taus distinguish themselves by being well represented in all sports. In the fall of ' 72, ATO tied for first in their fraternity division of football, and they were All-University bowling champs. Individual winners were: Stewart Rowe, All-University scratch bowler; Jim Buron and Tom Jenkins won handball doubles; John Fry, All-University spaceball; and Jenkins, paddleball champi- onship. The ATO ' s won the team wrestling championship led by 177-pound winner, Bruce McClendon. They also won the fraternity divisions in the Little 500 and Cross-Country, basketball B-team advanced to the quarter finals, and, teamed with the Delta Gamma ' s, won the championship in co-ed Softball. The Taus also sponsored their own basketball tournament, won by the Sig Eps. The brothers kept active socially with festivities such as panics, mixers, Sing-Song, and pledge-cuts. Parties included the Farmer ' s Daughter, Hot Pants, Christmas, Villa ' s Revenge, Suppressed Desire, Winter Wipeout, the Silver Chalice Dinner Dance, and the annual Goat Roast. Pledge-cuts included trips to Ciudad Acuna and the Dallas night life. Community welfare projects during " Help Week " included a police car wash and work at the Day Care Center and Ray ' s Hospital- ity Home. The ATO ' s also co-sponsored the Western Dance at the conclusion of the ABC rodeo. The ATO ' s were honored by the representation of Kent Craig, who was IFC president. Officers for the Spring of 72 were: President Mike Doherty, Vice-President Gary Rouse, Treasurer Tom Jenkins, Recording Sec- retary Robbie Christensen, Corresponding Secretary Danny Arm- strong, Sentinel Steve Rodgers, and Usher Les Rick. 214 Playboy tfinc Robert Anderson Danny Armstrong Jerry Barden Kelly Barnes Jack Butler Gene Carney Robbie Christchsen Danny Clark Wayne Clayton Bob Clifton Steve Cokcr Joe Cooper Kent Craig David Dea James Delavan James Demon Sam Dewhurst Mike Doherty Bruce Dugger Glenn Duncan Stanley Egger Tony Evans Don Fancher John Fouts Russell Fox John Fry Tom Gibbs Phillip Griffin Harry Gryder Mike Harcndt Roger Hays Robert Heagy Nicky Hood Tom Jenkins John Johnston James Lawrence Ron Leach Robert Lotridge Craig McNeill Mike McWilliams Jack Oslin David Owen James Phillips Paul Parkinson Larry Rhea LesRiek Joe Robbins Randy Robertson Steve Rodgers Gary Rouse Stewart Rowc Craig Rowland David Scott Charles Seaberg Charles Sellers Brent Smith Stuart Snow Dickey Stanley Mark Williams C O 3 CD (Q Q Playboy 215 past year was very exciting and rewarding Beta Theta Pi. The Betas extended their horizons in many fields including athletics, scholarship, and social and community sen The Betas were well-represented on campus by Bob Craig. Stu- dent Association External Vice-President. who was also listed in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Robert Grinsfelder and Mike Bedwell served as student senator. Jim Frasurc and Floyd Keeney were varsity football players. , , The past year was also a good one for athletKS. Bobby Wine and Hal Walker advanced to the finals in golf. Jerry Neugebauer and Earl Daniels placed fourth in tennis. The " A " c " B " soccer reached the playoffs. The Betas also captured the All-1 ' nivprvrv Sweepstakes trophy for Homecoming decorations in 19 -. Scholarship was a much improved area this year The Betas cap- tured the number " 3 " spot among fraternities The ' .ill pledge ! was number " 1 " on campus scholastically. ScholarsMp is a large part of a Beta ' s life, and they are very proud of their accomplishments in this area The Betas were very active socially. The Rearl Harbor par Christmas, the Golden Dragon Formal, and the Bet.) B the spring were highlights of the social calendar. The Beta-- active in many ureas of community service. They cre involved in the Big Brother of America program and the MBoilar Dystitophy Drive I Officers were: Doug Dry, president; i : w. n.e-presi- dent; Dorian Anderson, secretary, and Jerrv Neugcba rcr Robert Anderson John Askins Mike Bedwell Fred Bennett David Breaud Gerry Burr Terry Camrell Richard Clemmer John Colvin Don Cox Bob Craig Matt Curry Earl Daniels Chuck Darden Alan Davis John Davis Mike Davis Larry Dowd Doug Dry Scott Dueser York Duncan Kurt Etling Scott Flemming Jim Frasure Steve Frye Charles Gaincs Eddie Gammill John Gavin AllieGcrdes Steve Goree Steve Griffith Jim Grigsby David Grinsfcldcr Robert Grinsfelder Terence Hart Craig Holmes Chuck Hulert Lylejeanes Gregjessup Waylon Jeter Greg Jones Thomas Jones Floyd Keency CT CD 2. 3 " Jim Keffer Larry Kilgore Tom Long Jim Loudermilk Mike Loyd Mitchell Malouf Paul Meriwethe r Greg Moore Jeff Motley Jerry Neugebauer Mike Ralston Fred Rolke Joe Rutledge Mark Salim Bill Shadden Quinton Short Mac Spikes Steve Smith David Stanley Ted St. Clair Mac Stewart John Still David Stray horn Chris Sumrow Jim Swanson Charles Tims Tommy Townsend Bruce Wagner Hal Walker David Welch Scott Williams Richard Wilmeth Robert Wine Steve Wright David Wylie Roger Yandell Playboy 217 218 Playboy With the help of some internal reorganization, consisting of a New Housing Corp, a new advisor and new chapter operations, Delta Tau Delta fraternity had a most successful year. On campus, Greg Wimmer served as president of the Student Association; Billy Harris was a Tech cheerleader; Jack Swallow was elected as a student senator; and Bubba Harrison was in Inter-frater- nity Council Supreme Court Justice. Other Dclts were recognized university committees and as Saddle Tramps. In the sports scene, Delts were named All-University Football Champions and, also, went to the play-offs in intramural basketball, soccer, and volleyball. As community projects. Delta Tau Delta worked at the Lubbock State School and Buckncr ' s Baptist Children ' s Home. Spring was highlighted with the " Playboy Formal. " Linda Brumely was selected as the Delt Playmate at this formal. Officers for the Fall 1972 were: Bill Price, president; Bubba Har- rison, vice-president; Stan Gill, secretary; Tony Wilkins, treasurer; and Bob Wood, corresponding secretary. Russell Anhur Charles Baker Ron Barrier Terry Bermett Chip Bauer Frank Blantor David Brown Ronald Buckalcw Casey Cameron Mike Chandler Benton Dibrcll Gregory Huston Don Ethcredge Chris Easterling Phil Fielder Van Franks Jimmy Fouley Stephen Garrison Stan Gill Bryan Goolsby Troy Gray Greg Hargrove Rick Harris Bubba Harrison Michael Hartley Russell Hearn Bill Hightower Mark Hill Richard Hopwood James Horton Roy Jennings John Johnson Millard Jones Michael McCann Joel McCarty Frank McGee Carl McGill Ronnie Myers Gregg Nichols John Olive David Pinson Larry Peterson James Pooie William Price Randy Raimond Tommy Rains JocRccd Mark Rice Dennis Robinson CL CD Q C Q. CD Mark Rogers Jack Roney Robert Schradcr Jeff Spear Joel Stalcy William Sullivan William Thomas John Thompson Thomas Warren Tim West Tony Wilkins Charles Williams Terry Williams Robert Wood Gary Wright David Workman Playboy 219 " God and Womanhood " the motto of Kappa Alpha Order is seen across the nation on more than 90 college and university cam- puses. Of these numerous campus chapters, the Texas Tech Gammi Chi chapter of Kappa Alpha was selected tops in the nation, win- ning the Order ' s coveted J. Edgar Hoover Award, named for the late F.B.I, director and K.A. alum. This national strength was further proven when Brother David Keast, from Tech, was elected National Undergraduate Chairman the highest elected position an undergraduate can hold in the Order. Campus wide, K.A.s took part in the day-to-day activities of Tech in a BIG WAY with brothers on a variety of all-university faculty- student committees, University Center committees, intramural com- petition, student government, I.F.C., intercollegiate athletic competi- tion and campus media. Four brothers served in the Tech Student Senate: Jim Chisholm, Luke Wulf jen, Tom Carr, and Kerry Krauss. Johnnie Weaver served as I.F.C. secretary. Brother Mike Warden was elected to the publica- tion, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " K.A.s represented every major intercollegiate sport from the Southwest conference runners-up in football to varsity baseball, golf, tennis, championship diving, and track. In the area of campus media, K.A. saw brothers Jim Thompson serve as station manager of KTXT-FM, and brother Warden recently elected new editor of The University Daily. Socially, K.A. held their annual Jeff Davis Ball, Shipwreck Party and Dinner Dance in the fall. Spring saw several " firsts " for the Tech K.A.s such as a joint party and basketball tournament in Can- yon, Texas, with the West Texas State University Gamma Sigma chapter of K.A. Later, K.A.s got together with Tech ' s Sig Eps for a " Jersey Party, " exhibiting the spirit of cooperation between the two fraternities. The highlight of the spring semester came with the annual four-day Old South festivities capped by a formal dance at the Lubbock Country Club. In the community, K.A. took part in many worthwhile charity activities including a fund drive for the Lubbock Jaycees, a food drive with the Kappas for the Goodfellows " annual Christmas col- lection, a Halloween party for the Lubbock State School mentally handicapped children, and a blood drive co-sponsored with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. K.A. also took first place honors on the I.F.C. sponsored Marathon Dance for the March of Dimes; collect- ing the most money in the marathon for the Lubbock Red Cross. Officers this year were Gary Strickland, president; Robert Englund, vice-president; Brad Johnson, recording secretary; Mike Warden, corresponding secretary; Max Weaver, historian; Pat Mul- lins, treasurer; Terry Wansley, parliamentarian; Tommy Harrison, doorkeeper; and Johnny Lecver, director of initiation. 220 Playboy Bill Aicklcn Thomas Baird Billy Barbce Donald Barnhill Robcn Brcwsier Ronald Caddcll Travis Cato Tom Carr Ron Childrcss James Chisholm James Cole Michael Collier Larry Comer Tom Crabb Guy Cunningham Charlie Deyhle William Dickcnson William Duncan Bobby Dunaway Robert Englund Trevor Ford Lewis Faut Richerd Fuller Alan Gillespie Randall Griffith Robert Gross Randy Hall James Hamby nwkPuty SB " for it iau in Cm- Mil Signu MnaSpu jjEpsh " (Othftt o ml tat Richard Harding Dick Harris Tommy Harrison Robert Hitchcock William Hoffman Michael Hogan Brad Johnson DanKair David Keast Mike Knight Kenneth Kratzer Kerry Krauss David Lamb Johnny Lever Tom Little Charles McDonald Ronald Maddux Thomas Mills Patrick Mullins Larry Parker Jeff Pierce Steven Puckett Rodney Roberts Lyndon Schoenhals Curtis Smith Terry Sobey Ken Stanley William Steed Arnold Strickland John Swanson Jim Thompson George Tucker Terry Wansley Michael Warden Johnny Weaver Max Weaver Tom Wilkinson Gregg Wolf Luke Wulf Jen Q " D " O Q Q Playboy 221 The Epsilon Phi chapter of Kappa Sigma had a most successful social year during 1972-73. The highlight of this year was their move into a new lodge. It was here that many of their social events were held. Some of their mote memorial panics were the Roaring 20 ' s party and the Cowboy Party. The Black and White Formal dinner dance was held during the spring semester. A retreat to White River proved to be most enjoyable. The Kappa Sig ' s also participated in intramural sports. In basket- ball, the chapter ' s team palced third. Leading the Kappa Sigma ' s this year were: Bill Grillos, president; Mark Hutchings, vice-president, Craig Finkyson, treasurer; Roy Car- ver, scribe; and Larry Bissel, grand master of ceremonies. -:., Mark Anderson Bruce Barrick Victor Bartlett Larry Bissell Roy Carver Mark Clark Paul Dahlgrcn Craig Finlayson Henry Gantz Dale Grimes Mark Hutchins Michael Hagan John Harris Tom Miller John Mills Sammie Moffett Benton Poole Randall Pratt An Savage William Schweitzer Jimmy Stradcr " D Q CQ ' 3 Q Playboy 223 becky terrell 1st runner-up cindy baker 4th runner-up V 224 Playboy " I Jl it Vt 1 monti breedlove 2nd runner-up pam petree 3rd runner-up The Texas Epsilon chapter of Phi Delta Theta has been recog- nized for the third time in the past four years as the number one chapter in the fraternity by the national headquarters in Miami, Ohio. Such an award, symbolic for its accomplishments in the shar- ing of friendship, sound learning, and religion, has developed a repu- tation based on accomplishment, excellence, and pride. The chapter was also cited for excellence in spiritual life and community service and received awards in their respective areas. Locally, the brothers demonstrated their ability in many facets of campus life. Jody Ellis, Shad Brooks, B. C. Bennett, and Joe Parker served on the Student Senate. Randy Gardner, Terry Sterling, and Shad Brooks were Saddle Tramps; Jim Windier was president of the University Center; and Keith Williams was a Head Cheerleader. Athletics, both varsity and intramural, played an important role. Many Phi ' s participated in varsity sports. Besides having 19 on the Tech football team, two were on the starting offensive team, and four on defense. The only Tech footballers who made first team All- SWC were Phi Delts, Don Rives and Russell Ingram. Rives was named second team All America. Gaines Baty was also chosen sec- ond team All-SWC. Other Phi ' s represented in sports were: Don Moore, basketball; Bucky Sheffield, golf; John Moffett, tennis; and Doug Phillips, swimming. In intramurals, the brothers captured the IFC Intramural Sweepstakes Blanquct. Fall officers were: President Randy Gardner, Vice-President Ger- ald Nobles, Secretary Bcnje Reed, and Treasurer John Zwaicher. Spring officers were: President Gerald Nobles, Vice-President Don Rives, and Secretary James VanHusen. 226 Playboy Charles Allen Dwight Andrews Jeffery Atherton Stephen Baker Robert Bary B. C. Bennett John Birdwell Samuel Birdwell Jack Brooks Larry Burnett Freddie Chandler Mannti Cummins Michael Davis Bill Dean Robert Duncan Chris Dziuk John Escort Richard Evans James Ferguson Steve Fisher Chip Formby testa Go- John Gamble Randal Gardner Lee Gober Tony Green William Greenwood David Gage John Gamer Greg Gilkcrson David Griffin Richard Hale Gary Hawkins Pat Hickman Russell Ingram Kenneth Isom Q- (D 2- Q Jeffery Jobc Ridge Johnson Dan Johnston Dan Kinsel David Knaus Steven Lawson Jerry Martin Larry McCarter Donald McDcrmitt Stan McElroy John Moffet Don Moore Ernest Munoz Tim Nichols Gerald Nobles Jim Parker Joe Parker Douglas Phillips Hank Pruitt Ronny Pynes Benjie Reed Trcs Rivers Donald Rives Ron Rives Tim Rives James Robertson Van Rodgers Harold Schmucher James Shannon Bucky Sheffield Charles Snure John Stanton Terry Sterling John Stiles Russell Stocks Steve Swain Stuart Tucker Sandy Utley John Van Loozer James Van Nusen Gary Walker Alan Walne Greg Waters David Watkins Doug White Freddie Williams Keith Williams Glenn Williamson Chris Williston Glen Wilson Jim Windier Tim Wollenman Byron Wright John Zwiachcr Playboy 227 Founded on the Tech campus in 1954, Phi Gamma Delta has developed into a challenging and diversified fraternity. Working together in such areas as campus and community service, social func- tions and intramurals, the members of Phi Gamma Delta have strengthened their brotherhood. Locally, the Fiji ' s remained involved in the social scene. Last sum- mer the chapter sponsored a Link League baseball team. In the fall the group collected for the United Fund Drive and participated in cco-task force day clean-up, in which they placed first. Once again, the brothers traveled to Whiteface, Texas for such projects as dig- ging sidewalks and swimming pools, painting, and general clean-up to help Girlstown. The Theta ' s and the Fiji ' s co-sponsored a Christ- mas party for the children at the Ballinger School for the mentally retarded. The Fiji ' s provided a boost for Tech ' s social life with their annual FIJI Olympics, in which sorority pledges competed. Other social functions included the White Star dance, Black Diamond for- mal, Purple-Garter party, Dinner Dance, and the FIJI Islander. Outstanding on campus were brothers; Curtis Brown, who served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University Services, Business Manager of the Student Association, Student Senator, and President of Tech ' s accounting fraternity; Kurt Haney, who served as treasurer of IFC, director of C.A.P., and the B.A. council. Also representing Fiji ' s were varsity football players, Randy Olson, Nick Costas, Fred Pattison, and Jim Beiker. Varsity baseballers were Ray Gwin and Larry Drown. 228 Playboy Kim Andersen Danny Anderson Jeff Arbogusi John Bailey Donald Baker Eddie Bandy James Beicker Park Bingham Bun Blair Kenneth Blenden Bill Bothwell Curtis Brown Jimmy Clark Randell Click Nick Costas Steve Crawford J. O. Dawdy David DeBusk Larry Drown Sam Edwards John Elliott Steve Foster Craig Fowler Crews Fry Kurt Gehring Craig Gilbert Michael Godwin Douglas Gwin (Q Q 3 3 Q CL Ray Gwin Brad Hall Bill Hamilton Kurt Haney Donald Hilbers John Hill Gregg Holmes Stephen Holton Mark Hughes Dan Hurley William Jackson Raymond Jenkins Stephen Jones Ray Kennedy Mike Kerr James Lyon Lee Lewis Jim McCain Thomas McElhenny Dale McElroy Scott Mahaf fe Patrick Moore Gary Morgan Edward Norman Tommy Norman Randy Olson Steve Parsons Fred Pattison Cook Patton Thomas Paul Craig Pfluger Rickey Poe Robert Ratcliff Mike Ray Stephen Rhine Tim Riegcr Evan Roberts Thomas Roberts Barry Sell Johnny Shankle Nick Stephens Steve Sterquell Gerald Stewart Tony Street Steve Taylor Teddy Taylor Rick Tiffin Jeffrey Turner Larry Vanderwoude Ben Wallace Russell Weatherford Ronnie White Robert Wilson Michael Wood Playboy 229 " Phi Kappa PlB, a brotherhood, " themed a year of activity and inspiration for those ' Texas Bctt Chapter at Texas Tech. The Phi Psis achieved overwhelming success in their efforts on campus this year. They were kd by officers I.arry Railsback, president; Dennis Wardroup, vke-president; Tommy Allen, recording secretary; Griffin, corresponding secretary; and Gary Adams, pledge trainer. The annual Phi Psi Food Drive was again a record breaker, as Tech sororities collected over ,000 pounds of canned goods. The food was then donated to the Salvation Army. On the social scene, they hosted a variety of panics, including the Casino Royale, Suppressed Desire, the Evergreen formal, and Cotton Club Cowboy parties. In addition, a special reception was held to honor Phi Psi alumni Bill Collins. Mr. Collins was selected to serve as chairman of Texas Tech board of regents. Again, the Phi Psi ' s captured the " Little 500 " trophy. And, too, they were well represented in all phases of intramural activity, with Larry Jennings receiving special recognition at the intramural ban- quet. Finally, the Little Sisters of the Shield initiated six new women. In addition, they sponsored a spaghetti supper during rush and held a " Remember the Alamo " parry for the chapter. r . 230 Play bo . fccs P ' ; DCMJI m bd - Rtanib ! anew WIM. Gary Adams John Adamson Danny Allen Sid Allen Alan Austin Robert Bell Morris Brooks Terrance Brown Roben Burnett Sidney Chance Dickie Davis Tony Dingrando Steven Ellis Lon Force James Good Ricky Griffin Nick Harrel Robert Jordan Jimmy Kemp David Kurz Robert Lamb David Love Billy McDaniel Bill McDonald Garland McKelvain James McLean Roben McPherson Reid Mitchell Gordon Moore Stephen Morath James Noonan Bradley Peters Mark Pittard James Quevreaux Larry Railsback Craig Rench William Sam mom Charles Schweitzer Terry Shivers Richard Smith Michael Talburt Jerry Thompson Dickie Vanderpool Dennis Wardroup Brooks West Randcll Willctt Gene Williams Larry Williamson Q T3 " D Q Playboy 231 r fit. The Pikes participated in community service by helping with maintenance work at the Lubbock State School. They also helped work with the children. Campus activities were emphasi zed by their involvement in all intramural sports. Two Pikes, Harry Case and Tommy Keliehor, were members of the varsity football team. The fall semester was highlighted by homecoming with a dinner and open bar at the Plainview Country Club. Other activities of the year included the Dream Girl Formal, Mother ' s Day Celebration, Founder ' s Day Dinner, Toga Party, and a barbeque followed by a South-of -the-Border Party. The Pikes were awarded the championship blanket when they won the fraternity intramural drinking contest, sponsored by Fat Dawgs. The Pike ' s new faculty advisor, Mr. Greg Gregory, was awarded an honorary initiation. Officers for the year were: Stan Pisano, president; Ralph Cercy, vice-president; Bobby McQueen, secretary; Steve Fillip, treasurer; and Richard Ryan, sergeant-at-arms. Jay Turner Rickey Wallace Neil Young G. G. Gregory, Advisor Rusty Abell Mike Alexander James Bellinghausen Monte Bran ham Rick Brown Donald Carson Phil Carter Grant Carthey Ralph Cc rcy John Cofficld Christopher Corley Gary Cox Thomas Crews Kent Daniel Mike Davis Richard Davis James Dickens Gary Ellison Steve Fillip Mark Heatley William Holder Marty Hopkins Dennis Irvine James Jacobs Mark Jones Kenneth Kay Thomas Keliehor William Kirk James McAteer Mike McGough Bobby McQueen Mark Maley Erik Molitoris Ronald Morgan Robert Murphey Mickey Nesbitt Mike Of fermatt Ronnie Palmer Tommy Parrett Dale Pierce Stan Pisano Rodney Rayburn Jesse Richardson Charles Roder Richard Ryan Frank Self James Spears John Spears " D Q Q " D Playboy 233 Sigma Alpha Epsilon has worked hard to make then even better this past ye.ir. The main emphasis wa- raising for a new lodge to be built at Greek Circle. Also. were sent as representati . National Sigma Alpha 1 leadership school. Frank Miller served as .1 regional repn the National Council of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAE ' s were once again recognized for their mar Ferguson, Cliff Cook, Ron Samford, D .ind Tom : ter H. fraternity Cou: and Tom ;hc chapter held th . inclu ' : rush. As a service proj m a bloixl dr employee of an alum. Leading the chapter this year were Lirr V Williamson, vitc-prc.sident; Bill M s, secretary; ani Ucnnv Ik-.ill. treasurer. X Christopher Allen Steve Barr Dennis Beall Robert Brilcy Tom Brosscau John Carpenter David Cason Doug Cassel Edward Cervantes Tom Chom Clifton Cook Daniel Corley Joseph Cox Kirk Cunningham John Day Lewis Duffy Patrick Duffy Randy Evans Doug Forney George Gault Theodore Hall Phillip Hay John Hcdrick Gary Hennersdorf William Hinchey William Ihlanfcldt Dave Kernan Tom Kline Kenneth Kogcr Michael Langston Richard Little Jim McCord Matt Malouf Ty Miller Bill Moss Buck Paschal] Philip Pemer John Reese Rob Rogers Robert Saicd Trey Sibley Rick Slaughter Mark Stratton Mickey Stuckey James Truitt Michael Vanderwoune William Ware Lee Williamson CD 3 Q Q i " D Q CD Playboy 235 Zae watermelon bust queen vanessa birkhead i " i ..V derby doll sharon wallingford 73. Social, communi this busy schedule. I as well as Ctivp ' year during 1972-, intramural activities were all a part of ' In intramurals, the Sigma Chi ' s won stcpnd on blahket points (Meaning a total accurnulation of points among the .fraternities) ; they received the outstanding, team award; and SteVj iartnett was named as one of the outstanding paaiCipants. ' - .W Such organizations in the community ;i the Girl Scout| Day Care Center, and the .ubbock Children ' s Home were helped by the Sigma Chi ' s. They alSo (participated in the Multiple Sclerosis Drive and The Clothing Dnve for thg Salvation Army. . J ' fT 4 :he Hawaiian Party Tfnd the Sigmaifchi ' s sfxrial calerdar.Mt ' i j v f r4 3 ' wa| named asyiK Opapterr 1 ' . the Sweetheart of Derby Day, the Christmas Sweetheart Ball was all part the Sweetheart Ball, Carol Ki sweetheart. Later she was nu the North Texas Provinct Other recognized 5 ma -Chi ' s on campus rereV fc hdf- Rpujp. vice-president of.jhe University Center; JiijNfl i the Student Association; and David .Coofei%V! Intar-Fraternity Council. Leading the Sigm Chi ' s this year were: president. R-.mJv vice-president, Gfry Halben; secretar Pjrtle; treasure Poff ; sergeant-at-arrns, Mil e I Charles Adams Gregg Ballentinc William Barton Gregory 1 Bean Steve Bean Richard Benning Joe Botik Dean Brown William Brown Brian Calhoun Robert Carr David Clark Jimmy Clark Richard Cobb David Cook John Corder Brad Cummings David Cusak Craig Dcarden Gary Deaton William Decker Larry Dennis Jim Eady Paul Engcr Kim Farrow Mark Farrow Michael Fernihough Joseph Fcrrantc Itetttn? lF Kark Fesccnmeyer James Fleming Doug Frazior Douglas Fuller Larry Glover Gary Halbert James Harrison CQ 3 Q n Steve Hartneft Lawrence Haskins Randy Hess Buddy Hill Sandy Hobbs Matt Howard Lynn Howerton Joe Hromas Bill Johnson Robert Kee Jeff Keeling Richard Keffler Fred King Steve Laird Stephen Lucado Shannon McWilliams Paul Mai key Stan Medlar Fred Morse John Nelson Kyle Oakley Bret Phillips Tom Pirtle Barry Poff Gary Ralston Richard Rice Jim Rink Bo Craig Robertson Richard Robie Cameron Ross Randall Rouse Jim Schuchard Jim Scott Gary Sharp Larry Sherman David Six Louis Sloan James Smart Milton Smith Bradley Stevens Mike Thomas Gary Thompson Rynn Tructt James Viola Bruce Ward Richard Weishcrt David Willard William Wolffarth Jerry Wooten James Wright Ken Wright Ronald Young Playboy 239 The year 1972-73 was the 20th anniversary of Sigma Nu on the Texas Tech campus. Officers of the year were: Bob Kelby, com- mander; Rob Fairly, It. commander; Bobby Muirhead, recorder; and Jim Brown, treasurer. Sigma Nu again displayed campus leadership this past year. John Hamilton was Student Senator and Jerry Bralton, Vice-President of the Business Administration Council and Senate Aide. Sigma Nu aJso had the honor of Dr. Grover Murray addressing the chapter at their house. In honorary organizations, Bobby Muirhead represented the Chapter in A E D, Phi Eta Sigma, and won a scholarship award from our National. Also receiving scholarships from our Nationals were Phil Roundtree and Dr. Robert Moreland. The chapter had members from P.E.K. and Phi Kappa Phi. The chapter ranked third on cam- pus in overall scholarships. In intramurals, Mike Fitch was on the Intramural Advisory Coun- cil, and was also selected as one of the outstanding Intermural partic- ipants. 24O Playboy Sigma Nu won the 100% Participation award, All-University in Wrestling, with five wrestlers in the finals. Sigma Nu was also 1st Runner-up for All-University in volleyball, badminton and co-ed volleyball. This year, the chapter sponsored their first Annual Intra- mural Basketball Tournament, placed second in the Little 500 Bike Race, and won 1st place in the Greek Division for the Homecoming display. David O ' dell won High Game and High-team average in intramural bowling. Socially, the Sigma Nu ' s celebrated their first year in their new h ouse with a Homecoming Reception for Alumni. The Chapter also had their annual pig roast. Champagne Parry, Suppressed Desire Party, Orphans Party, Christmas Parry, and ended the year with their White Rose Formal, at which Rosemary Rachael was elected White Rose Queen for the year. The Little Sisters of Sigma Nu sponsored the winner of Texas Tech ' s Most Handsome Man contest, Bob Kilby. They also played co-ed Softball with the brothers and sponsored a football tournament in the chapter. David Arnold Mark Bcntscn Tim Bcntson Robert Blake Jerry Bratton James Brown Robert Bruce Worth Christian Kenneth Click Danny Cunyus Mark Deeds Thomas Ecklcy John Elledge Robert Fairly Alvie Faulkcnbcrry Ron Ferguson Mike Fitch Jimmy Don Franklin Brandon Grabow Leroy Grawunder Douglas Hale John Hamilton Bobby Hammond Steve Heinsch David Hensley Keith Hickman Gary Hightower Tony Hubly Gary Hughes John Isaacs John Isham Robert Kilby Peter Ladd Gary Larson Robert McClesky Anthony Martella Robert Moentnish Stephen Moffett Robert Morcland Robert Muirhead David O ' Dell Andy Oliver Gary Picket t Stephen Preston Steven Prosk Eddie Rangel John Rcescr Richard Roach Phil Roundtree David Schaub Rob Scott Randall Scircr Jim Shelton Donald Skinner Russell Smith Tom Sprawls Richard Steen Vaughn Stenis Steve Stewart Choya Teichelman Steven Tcnnison Gregory Toole John Voglc Thomas Vernon Martin Waters Donald Weber Morris Whitis Marcus Wise (Q 3 Q D Playboy 241 m Tech ' s gentlemen of the purple and red, the Texas Iota Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, reached a high point of athletic, scholastic and social excellence this year. In Intramural competition, Sig Eps won their divisions in football and sent two teams to the soccer play-offs. Three Sig Ep team ' entered Softball finals and the A Team Slow Pitch won All-Univer- sity. In basketball, the Sig Ep A, B, C and D teams were in the play- offs and took championship trophies in the ATO, Sigma Nu, BSU " Early Bird " and Reese AFB basketball tournaments. Sig EP bowling team won All-University and Kurt Schaal was high-point man on campus. At the InMpnural Award ' s Banquet, Sig Eps were presented with the trophy for me " Most Winningest Team on Campus. " In sports, Jerry Bomar, Gary Bartell, Randy Lancaster and Steve Owens represented Tech in varsity football. Tom Rhincgans was first in Texas and third in the nation in Inter-Collegiate Judft. Socially, the brotherhood attended the Godfather Parry, the Red Garter Party, The Skull and Crossbones Celebration, and annual Active Retreat to Ceda Canyon and the Associate Member ski trip to New Mexico. The Koko Palace was the scene of the Express Desire Party and later in the year, the Kappa Alpha Order joined the Sig Eps for a " Jersey Party " which illustrated the close Greek association the two groups enjoy. The Orphans Day Picnic at Buffalo Lakes with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority was again a success. The social highlight of the year was " Sig Ep Weekend. " which included a Casino Party followed by a trip to the luxurious Midland Country Club which the chapter reserved a la Latham for the formal dinner and dance. The Associate Members closed the social year by treating the Actives to an outdoor Goat Roast at Anton, Texas. Sig Eps also gained much through the efforts of chaplain, Dan Allred, who sponsored Sunday night dinners and a Bible study throughout the semester. Sig Eps continued to sponsor a group of boys to summer camp, the Heart Drive and the United Fund. Only three years old, the 105 man chapter joined Pi Beta Phi sorority in University Sing and walked away with all-around top honors, taking the giant Sweepstakes trophy. Myron Messner became a National Staff Representative while Mike Young and Virgil Barber served as chapter counselors to TCU and West Texas State, respectively. In student government, Rick Sorenson, Coy Johnson and Karl Kuchenbacker were senators, while Joe Cotten served as Business Manager for the Student Association. Kirk Kimball served the Uni- versity Center on the Committee for International Interests. Eddie Harris was elected Secretary to I.F.C. and Marc Patterson and David Bray were honored as a " Pi Guy. " Little Sister, Anita Johnson, was a Tech twirler and Caroline Allen was runner-up for Maid of Cotton. Patti Webb was a runner-up to Miss Playmate, Miss Texas Tech and served as President to Phi Mu. The Sig Eps also won the distinctive All-University Scholarship Trophy which they have held all but one semester since they were founded on the principles of " virtue, diligence and brotherly love " in November of 1970. t - I I Din Allred Robert Armstrong Edwird Bacak Guy Balch Dave Barldcy Gary Band Jimmic Biles Roy Biles 242 Ptovtxr, Oft Mike Black Tim Blakclcy Danny Blcvins Jerry Bomar Davul Boutin David Bray Denny Brown Mike Butler Mike Byrd Edward Carpenter James Connor Joe Gotten Clark Crenshaw Richard Davis Kent Dcaver Michael Everett Randy Fralin Howard Freudiger Steve Garrett George Gillcs Clyde Gustaf son Greg Hanson Eddie Harris Carl Hauslcr Gene Hemphill Danny Henson Clint Hough Scott Hunsaker John Irwin Steve Isaacson William Jacks Coy Johnson CD 3 Q 73 3; CD John Johnston Dana Jones Kirk Kimball Gary Kofnovcr Karl Kuchcnbacker Carlton Kupp Randy Lancaster Tim Lancaster David Lang Charles Larson Mark McArthur Andy McNally Mazel Merrill Danny Miller Bruce Montgomery Steve Moore Kim Nelson Frank Nix Mark Noble William Ogden Steven Owens Kenneth Pastusek Mark Patterson Gust Paulos Monty Pritchett Ricky Pritchett David Ranscy Randy Reccr John Reichmuth Jim Rhotcnbcrry Mike Riley David Robins Scott Robins Steve Robnctt Tony Rogers Kent Sanders Ted Sawyer Kurt Schaal Bob Scott Brent Scott Ken Scifert Ted Shaw Mike Shelton Roger Skiles Rick Sorenson Hcrshcl Spears Tommy Spencer Mark Spurgeon Carl Squibb Brad Sulk up Kevin Starnes Bruce Stephens Michael Stevener John Sutherland Steven Thornburg Richard Tunnell Barry Voss Dan Walker William Walker James Williams Keith Williams Richard Young Marc Zito Playboy 243 In Memory of Kappa Alpha Brother Ronnie Bertelson There was never anyone who did not like Ronnie Bertelson. On first appearance, he was very quiet, but those who knew him for any length of time grew to expect his friendly smile and his dry wit; and he never disappointed them. More than these, his brothers were amazed by his honesty with himself and with others. Ronnie Bertelson never pretended to be anything he was not. He never needed to. Words and pen will never express The loss of a brother laid to rest. It was through his faith from above That led Miles to share with us his love. Reflections of his life will always be But dreams of cherished memories. Let us not shed a tear for his loss, Miles walks with the Man on the Cross. In Memory of Miles Langhennig A Brother in the Bond f Delta Theta In Memory of Lou Brewer Our Fiji Brother To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven . . . The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done. _ ' ( ' !! . I You have to make the good times yourself Take the small times and make them big times And save the times that are all right For the ones that aren ' t so good. In Memory of Jack Darroh THE FA9HION PEOPLE for men who care how they look . Soiitli Plains i ; =: ' " mt TYME The Tech Newsmagazine Tyme Editor Debi Elkins Tyme Staff Patricia Tate John Camp Clara Currie Betsy Humphrey La Ventana Co-Editors Jeff Lawhon Jan Shaw Photographers Director Darrel Thomas Photographers Mike Davis Pat Broyles Lon Larson David Webster Man of the Year Grover E. Murray Cover by Jim A. Children A Letter From the Editor As section editors for the La Ventana we strive to make our year the best ever for the yearbook. With the help of the co- editors and the director of student publi- cations, I believe that this year we have succeeded in doing just that. But the acid test is in the fall when the student body judges our work. I can say that whether or not this par- ticular section passes the students ' test, that I thoroughly enjoyed having a chance to be in the race. This year as Tyme editor I learned a lot about taking charge and holding it until the end. I worked with an excellent staff. I also worked under an excellent staff. I can honestly say that with the help of Patricia Tate, John Camp, Clara Currie and Betsy Humphrey, we did the best possible job that we could have done on Tyme. My thanks to the heads of the various organi- zations represented in Tyme for all their help and cooperation that I received dur- ing this school year of 1972-1973. Thanks Debi Elkins Debi Patricia John Clara Betsy Director of Student Publications INDEX William F. Dean Publisher Taylor Publishing Company Dallas, Texas 1972-1973 Administration 252 Board of Regents 254 Man of the Year 256 Band 258 Orchestra 262 Choir 263 Army ROTC 264 Scabbard and Blade 267 Counter Guerrilla Unit 268 Tyrian Rifle Team 270 Double T Rifle Team 272 Cordettes 273 Air Force ROTC 274 Angel Flight 277 Arnold Air Society 278 Sabre Flight 280 Wesley Foundation 281 Baptist Student Union 282 Campus Advance 283 Christian Science . ..283 Tymr 251 LEADERSHIP ...quality teaching depends upon esearch... " DR. GROVER E. MURRY PRESIDENT DR. GLENN E. BARNETT EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT LEO E. ELLS COMPTROLLER AND TREASURER I BILL J. PARSLEY VICE PRESIDENT PUBLIC AFFAIRS DR. JOHN E. BUESSELER VICE PRESIDENT HEALTH AFFAIRS 252 Tymr (I S. M. KENNEDY VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC AFFAIRS CLYDE KELSEY VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEVELOPMENT The School year of 72-73 was one of growth and progress at Texas Tech, and the dominant roles in this development can be attributed to the eight men known as the Administration. The Administration is composed of the President, an Executive Vice-President, five Vice-Presidents and a Comptroller Treasurer. Each is responsible for a spe- cific facet of the University and is usually a specialist in that field. By combining their many talents, Texas Tech has achieved a fantastic formula for growth on the road to being a great university. GROVER MURRAY Dr. Grover E. Murray, as President acts as co-ordinator of programs and as a policy and decision-maker under the guidelines set by the Board of Regents. ORLO E. CHILDS VICE PRESIDENT RESEARCH AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS GLENN BARNETT Working closely with Dr. Murray is the Executive Vice-President Dr. Glenn Bar- nett. Barnett ' s main concern is the day- to-day decisions and fundamental opera- tions of the university. He acts as the President ' s right hand man on matters such as preparation and presentation of the budget, formation and operation of academic programs, and review and improvement of Tech ' s image, personnel, and efficiency. BILL PARSLEY Mr. Bill E. Parsley, the vice-president for Public Affairs also figures promi- nently in the elevation of Texas Tech ' s state and national reputation through his dealings with organizations outside of Tech. S. M. KENNEDY Dr. S. M. Kennedy ' s position as vice- president for Academic Affairs involves a regular, self-evaluation of the Universi- ty ' s graduate and undergraduate aca- demic system, and development and implementation of additional degree pro- grams. Some of the academic questions raised to him this year were the possibil- ity of pre-registration and the problems associated with the present system of final examinations. JOHN BUESSELER Probably the best illustration of Tech ' s emergence as a flourishing university is the new medical school. According to Dr. John E. Buesseler, vice-president for Health Affairs and Dean of the Medical School, Texas Tech can accomplish in four years what normally requires ten years by most other Medical Schools. In January ground was broken for a 55 mil- lion dollar complex on the Tech campus. Dr. Buesseler cites that this location is a major advantage. The planning stage is over; with the admission of 36 freshmen and 25 juniors last year, the Medical School is now on the move. ORLO CHILDS Another indication of progress at Tech is in the office of Research and Special Programs. Vice-president Orlo E. Childs stresses the necessity of viable graduate research programs as a prerequisite for the advancement of knowledge. Dr. Childs feels research is important to assure the updating of past information for application in the future. Aimed pri- marily at Texas ' needs, research per- formed at Tech last year ranged from agriculture and textiles to electrical engi- neering to micro-biology. LEO ELLS Mr. Leo E. Ells, Comptroller and Trea- surer, chief purpose is to provide the President and Executive Board with financial data and analysis, and to super- vise all monetary transactions such as the budget, payroll and contract purchasing. Due to inflation, appropriations began to fall short in 72-73 and a larger budget request was expected to satisfy the insti- tution ' s increasing needs. Mr. Ells sum- marized the past year ' s activities at Tech by stating, " It was a busy year. We grew quantitatively as well as qualitatively. " Tyme 253 Board of Regents Reviewing the actions of the Board of Regents reveals that those decisions most affecting Tech students this year dealt with student freedoms. The controversy over the usage of Memorial Circle began with a Board policy preventing organized gatherings of any kind in the area, including the traditional December Carol of Lights pag- eant However, the Board increased student freedom by allowing the dormitories to extend their " open house " hours if they so desired. Expansion of campus facilities garnered much of the Board ' s at- tention. Emphasized was the building of an Olympic-sized swimming pool and intramural tennis courts close to the Wiggins Complex. By other Board action, five million dollars became the planned expen- diture for the new social science and mass communications building at Tech. Construction of the medical school ' s physical plant and a library addition was begun, causing the Board, for the first time ever, to attend cwo ground-breaking ceremonies in one day. Led by Chairman Bill E. Collins and Vice-Chairman Clint Formby, this year ' s Board served as a gov- erning body of both the university and medi- cal school. It exercised control over most aspects of Tech, including academic, stu- dent and athletic affairs, public re- lations, finances and the campus fa- cilities. Other members of the Board were Trent Campbell; Waggoner Carr; John James Hinchey, M.D.; Frank Ju- nell; Field Scovell; Charles G. Scrugg and Judson F. Williams. All were the appointees of former Texas governor Preston E. Smith. JUDSON F. WILLIAMS WAGGONER CARR 254 Tyme fym 255 MA N OF YEAR " . . . my job is like being the mayor of city of 25,000 . . . Grovw E. MWay Each year the La Ventana presents an award to the man who has made a solid contribution to the development of Texas Tech University. For his outstanding efforts to improve all facets of the Uni- versity, President Grover E. Murray was chosen the 1972- ' 73 man of the year. Since Dr. Murray came to Tech from L.S.U. in 1966, the University has experi- enced an extraordinary growth and matu- rity. Dr. Murray ' s role in the establish- ment of a medical school and new doctoral programs demonstrate his dedication to the improvement of Tech ' s image, both state and nationwide. As " mayor of a city of 25,000, " Dr. Murray forms the adminis- trative policy for the institution, and makes decisions on such matters ranging from employment and promotion of fac- ulty to recommendations for the budget to the Sun Bowl invitation for the Raider football team. Also as president, Dr. Mur- ray was condemned for the Memorial Cir- cle decision but received no commenda- tion for the deletion of freshman women ' s hours. Such injustices did not prevent him from doing what he felt was best for the University. Upon receiving the award for man of the year, Dr. Murray was " completely overwhelmed, " and commented, " This is the nicest thing that has ever happened to me. " Although he claims that awards like this keep a man humble, Dr. Murray does not worry about awards, just as he does not worry about the unjust criticisms he receives. Instead, Dr. Murray worries about Texas Tech and works to do his part in making it a first-class university. " ; a j A. - .t 256 Tyme In his busy life Dr. Murray goes from mili- tary functions to meetings with the Board of Regents. He plays host to visiting digni- taries and represents Texas Tech at all for- mal events. But there are times when even the president of a university sits down to enjoy a football game. T mr 257 MUSIC The Going Band Tech ' s " Raiderland Band " performed in iynamic precision and in intricately tai- lored style. On both the marching field and concert stage, they provided anothe: ear of entertainment for Raider fans Utilizing a higher step and a twent member flag corps, Drum Majors Stev Hartwell and Ted Gray led the 300 pi marching band into explicit six-circl [drills, flowers, diamonds, and step-tw figures. Playing familiar favorites a Grandioso and Cottonfields, the Tech] band under the direction of Dean Killion made each [ orformanceahighlight. 256Tymt Majorettes added spark to half-time ntertainment with diverse dance-twirl utines. The solo performances of fea- ture twirler Barbara Startzell comple- mented the show. Majoret tes were Pam Hobgood, Charlotte Dillon, Marian Daw- n and Mickey Lucas. Rounding out the year ' s schedule were arsity Concert Bands, Court Jesters and Minute Men who provided various kinds of music at each concert, played at bas- ketball games and welcomed the teams at the airport. I 260Tyme I The Raiderland band was stepping high as it delighted fans at halftime this year. At all home football games the Going Band did its part to urge the team to victory. Their sound of music was supported by the tal- ents of the Tech twirlers. New this year on the halftime field was the flag corps. All were combined in another successful year. Tyme 26 J Texas Tech Sounds Out Under the direction of Paul Ellsworth, the Texas Tech Symphony and Chamber Orchestra spread their sounds throughout North Texas and Mexico during 72-73. The Symphony orchestra consisted of 80 students who were selected because of their talents. Although a music major is not required, the repertoire used was of an educational nature. Romantic, opera, classical and contemporary music offered a variety of sounds to audiences and a learning situation to the members. Special honors went this year to the musicians who played before a national convention and three all state conven- tions. An invitation was issued to the Tech Orchestra this year to tour Mexico in April. They visited Guadalajara, Puebla and Mexico City. Joining the choir, the orchestra began the season with an academic festival at Monterey High School in October. Throughout the year they presented the musical " Carousel, " two children ' s con- certs in December and a full orchestra concert in March. Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Mozart and Britten were some of the famous composers whose work was per- formed. Paul Tobias, cello soloist, was featured in the March performance. The commencement concert in April, featuring senior soloist, successfully ended another resounding season for the Tech Symphony Orchestra. Directed by Paul Ellsworth, the orchestra works toward another successful year at Texas Tech. , rchtsin work msTtch. 41 Stand To Sing The Texas Tech Choir joined forces with the San Antonio Symphony Orches- tra to highlight the 72-73 school year. The choir under the direction of Gene Kenney, and the orchestra directed by Victor Allerando, performed the Brahms Requiem in January. Out of all that auditioned to be in the Tech choir, only 41 were chosen to blend together good voice, a knowledge of music and a desire to work. Kenney stressed that not only music majors be chosen so Texas Tech would have a sing- ing group for anyone of any talent level. The Tech singers participated in a tour of the Panhandle in February and in two spring concerts on campus. Unlike previ- ous years, the Tech choir did not sing at the traditional Carol of Lights due to a controversial ruling by the Tech adminis- tration and Board of Regents. A great variety of activities provided a lot of enjoyment as well as education for the 72-73 Tech Choir. Officers for the year were Tim King, president; Buddy Pedigo, vice-president and Margret Kavenaugh, secretary. Tyme 263 ARMY ROTC Training Tomorrow ' s Leaders Young, capable officers for the United States Army are the desired result of Army ROTC. However, most students become involved in the program because it alone offers this type of university-level instruction in leadership. Through ROTC activities, the individual learns to accept responsibility, work with people and man- age money. Several groups make up Army ROTC, including Scabbard and Blade, Counter- guerrilla Unit, the Double T Rifle Team, the Tyrian Rifles and Corpsdettes. While each group has its own activities, they also share some. The most important of these is the Annual Federal Inspection, conducted in April by the headquarters of the Fifth Army. This inspection deter- mines whether all the work done during the year has paid off. A social highlight of the ROTC year is the spring Military Ball, held in conjunction with the Air Force ROTC cadets. By maintaining such ROTC programs on civilian campuses like Texas Tech, the United States Army is remaining a civil- ian army, one loyal to its nation. Another advantage is that those trained on a civil- ian campus are many times better quali- fied to serve as leaders of the military. Professionally, the training is not as good, but the involvement with civilian life produces Army officers with a better atti- tude that can cope realistically with civil- ians. Cadets of Army ROTC separate into van ous specialized groups to learn combat tac tics. 266 Joining Forces Uniting Army and Air Force ROTC on campus is the job of Scabbard and Blade. Scabbard and Blade is a National military honor society. It unites on campus mili- tary activities and strives for good rela- tions between the community and the cadet officers. They also inform the public of their duties and requirements. This year the chapter had 21 active members. Membership requirements were American citizenship, 2.0 overall G.P.A. with a 2.5 in military courses, a demonstration of outstanding leadership abilities, completion of some advanced military courses and the completion of a two week pledgeship. The chapter was sponsored by Colonel Albert J. Geraci. Cadet officers for the year were Capt. John Collier Jr., First Lt. Steven Jackson, Second Lt. John Lopez, First Sergeant David Coydell and Pledge Trainer Ricky Bradford. T mr 267 Guerrillas Efficient and effective leaders are the desired result of Counterguerrilla Unit, an extracurricular organization spon- sored by Army R.O.T.C. Participants are usually the exceptional members of the Corps, those who take the military seri- ously enough to undergo the rugged training program that it involves. Training begins with an eight week period of intensive drill designed to elimi- nate those not capable of maintaining the pace and standards of the unit. Within the unit the training is designed to develop a high degree of self-confidence and profes- sionalism in cadets. Among the training activities for this year was mountaineering. Cadets were taught to descend from heights with ropes and climbing equipment. The rota- tion of leadership positions in the combat infantry platoon sharpened reaction and also motivated abilities. The leadership aspect of Counterguerrilla Unit was best fulfilled by the student officers, led by Johnny Lopez. He was assigned to his pos- ition by cadet Captain Bill Lashlee and cadet First Sergeant Alton Noblett The cadets of Counterguerrilla practice their in the field war tactics. 268Tyme Members below art, first row: L. Kuntschik, sweetheart, R. Frusha, J. Lopez, M. Child- ers and S. Bressler, sweetheart. Second row: B. Foster, B. Lashlee, R. Roggee, K. San- derson and M. Gilpin. Third row: R. Bissell, L. Pasche, M. Wages, D. Gilbert and T. Tutt. Fourth row: D. Bennett, B. Wendt and J. Collier. Fifth row: T. Libson, R. Colvin, R. Kurth, C. Bailey and D. Webster. HI Tyme 269 Tyrians Tynan Rifle Team aims to further lead- ership qualities and to build confidence. Young men interested in drilling and weapondry find it with the Tyrians. The team does not limit itself to ROTC cadets, however most of the members are in Army ROTC. Also, most of the members are planning a military career. The members of ' 72- ' 73 engaged in national drill competition at West Texas State and LSU. They also put on demon- strations at Lubbock ' s State School. The team assisted Sabre Flight with the color- guard at home football games. The Tyrians got their name from the Greek god Tyr. Tyr was said to have stood for truth and for honesty. The Tyrians are sponsored by Army ROTC. Their advisor for the year was Capt. Kenneth R. Anderson. The officers for the year were Gerald Jackson, com- manding officer; Alan Hawkins, execu- tive officer; Mike Simpson, first sergeant and Randy Fralin, the team ' s guide. Cadets of the Tynan Rifle drill team march at the South Plains Fair. At services honoring war vets, the team participates in flag raising ceremonies and gun salutes. I:;-; M Terryl i Team members are, (standing) Norman Piwonka, Ted Carriker, Don Williams, Terry Doak, Greg Rorabaugh, Christie Cochoran, Art Remauer, Capt. James Smith, Mike Heights, Capt. Kenneth Anderson, Ray Harris and Blake Kirk. (kneeling) Mario Avila, James Geeslin, Steve Reed, Gerald Jackson, Douglas McDonald and Randy Fralin. Marksmanship Emphasized Texas Tech ' s Double T Rifle Team con- sists of ten students who compete in the inter-collegiate rifle matches. The team belongs to the Tri-State League, with col- leges from Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. There is one main meet each spring to determine the best team in the league. Preliminary matches are held each month to give the teams an idea of how they compare with each other. According to the Tech Team ' s presi- dent, Phil Snyder, this year ' s squad was hampered by a lack of equipment, espe- cially rifles and shooting jackets. He said, " I feel if we had a range of our own, we could make a better showing for our- selves. " The group is currently practicing at the Naval Reserve range. They are sponsored by Tech Army ROTC, which provides their ammunition and rifles. In March the final meet was held. This year Texas Tech ' s team finished in third place with West Texas State in first and UTEP in second. The members of the Double T Rifle Team learn different techniques of rifle use and care as they prepare themselves for their final match. Team members are, standing: Louis Bevac- Thomas. Kneeling are: Phil Snyder, Debbie qua, Grady Gossard, James Simpson, Ewing, Patti Ford and Richard Parra. Charles Edmiston, Russ Hille and Hunt o 272Tyme Rifle Teim lit use and es lor their Army The Brighter Si The corpdettes are an auxiliary group of the Army ROTC. The meml ers form a service organization and a drill team, and are involved in many activites. The drill team participated in meets and parades throughout the year. In Feb- ruary, they marched in two parades at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. They also participated in the West Texas drill meet, along with other drill competitors. As a service to the campus, the girls helped with registration each semester. A slave sale with the ROTC served as a money making project. The officers for the fall semester were: Vicky Myers, commander; Deana Koons- man, executive officer; Christie Cochran, drill commander; and Laurie Kuntschik, pledge trainer. In the spring the officer change included Sue Bressler, com- mander; Laurie Kuntschik, executive officer; Christie Cochran, drill com- mander and Carolyn Darsey, pledge trainer. Susan Bressler Nancy Castleberry Christie Cochran Patricia Conrads Helen Ann Davis Carolyn L. Darsey Kathj M Fischer Lynn Hester Laurie S. Kuntachik Pamela J. Logan Cindy L. Martin Janice G. Orndorf Mary F Patout Susan K. Sanders Charlotte P. Strong Dianne M Sutton Kay Swinney Debbie A. Walsh Peggy Walton Sheryl L Worrall Tymr 273 AIR FORCE ROTC They Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth " Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and touched the face of God. " This is the dream of many young peo- ple headed toward a career in the Air Force. Air Force ROTC is one step closer. The Texas Tech military program is directed toward training young men and women to be good officer material when they graduate and go into military serv- ice. The Tech Air Force ROTC program divides cadets into two categories. First and second year cadets are involved in the general military courses. Third and fourth year cadets are in the professional officer courses. These th ird and fourth year cadets receive $100 monthly. They sign a commitment to enter the Air Force upon graduation. This commitment is five years for pilots and navigators and four years for non-flyers. The ' 72- ' 73 year was the first time women had reached the stage of profes- sional courses and receiving the salary. This year senior students were given the opportunity to learn to fly before entering the Air Force. This flight instruction program trained cadets at the Air Force ' s expense. Cadets that passed received a private license. Cadets of ' 72-73 went on two out of town visits. These were to Edwards AFB in California and to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. The purpose was to moti- vate cadets to choose the military as a career. Cadet officers for the year were Steve Miller, wing commander, and Rick McCardy, the vice commander. Capt. Gary L. Trennepohl was the corps com- mandant and Col. Mack Baker was the sponsor. 274 Tymt Tymf 275 - Air Force R.O.T.C. cadets experience ever- ything from banquets to athletics in train- ing to be future officers in the U. S. Air Force. ,11 276 Tyme The Woman ' s Touch The woman ' s touch in every Air Force ROTC function is given by Angel Flight. These women in blue make up a service honorary that supports Air Force ROTC and serves as hostesses at all of its events. This year the Angels went to the United States Air Force Academy in Col- orado. In the fall they held a chili supper at Reese Air Force Base to raise money for the trip. At Halloween and Easter the Angels got together with other members of Air Force ROTC and had parties for the children at Ballinger. In January the Angels were hostesses for an area meet- ing of representatives from Texas and Oklahoma in Angel Flight and Arnold Air Angel Flight sponsors a chili supper, takes dough- A nuts to Arnold Air cadets, hostesses a formal ban- quet and has a Halloween party, all in ' 72- ' 73. Society. In March the women were in the ABC Rodeo parade. The Angels acted as hostesses for visiting dignitaries and at the military retreats. The Angels attended the meetings of Arnold Air Society and took the cadets coffee and doughnuts whenever the men did such work as cleaning Jones stadium. Women interested in Angel Flight must have a 2.25 G.P.A. and be a second semester freshman. Officers for the year of ' 72-73 were Karen Johnson, commander; Susan Ellis, executive officer; Ann Blackwood, drill commander; and Celeste Shelton, pledge trainer. i. ' Algner K. Armstrong P. Ball B. Belardi B. Blackwood C. Boumiu J. Bredewater Q Buenger S. Burke C. Byerley D. Cannon D.Cocke II. Crosby A. Dunn S. Ellis M. Godbold C. Graves M. Guest P. Hall B. Hanson P. Hanson K. Head J. Hoffman K. Johnson V. Lafitte M. McDonald P. Norm V.Ray H Reed S. Riley J. Rollins C. Shelton C. Smith M. Smith P. Smith C. Walters L. Whitlcy T.Yeager Tymt 277 Service for Tech A national honorary society for Air Force cadets, this is Arnold Air Society. Restricted to third year cadets or to those on scholarships, Arnold Air devotes its time doing service work for Texas Tech and the Lubbock community. The main projects for this year were Ballinger school and the blood program. Ballinger is Lubbock ' s school for the trainable retarded. In the fall, cadets were at the school three or four times weekly to play with the children during recess. They taught simple mot or tasks such as throwing a football. The cadets fixed up a soccer field for the school. At Halloween, they helped at a party for Christmas. The society ' s blood program is set up to provide Tech students and their families with blood when the need arises. The blood is obtained from donations of the entire Air Force R.O.T.C. corp. This serv- ice is made without charge to those who received the service. The cadets earned money to take care of their service work by cleaning Jones Stadium those Sundays following home football games. Arnold Air Society does a lot of its work with Angel Flight. They helped host an Arnold Air and Angel Flight area meet in January. At Easter the two groups got together for a picnic and Easter egg hunt for the Ballinger chil- dren. At the end of the fall and spring semes- ters the society had a dinner for pledge initiation. These were held at Reese Air Force Base officers ' club. The society had a one semester pledge- r ship. Cadets join upon invitation. Officers for the fall and spring were Philip Frazer, commander; Robert Hicks, deputy commander; Harvey Stiegler, administrative officer; Bob Dulaney, information officer and John Neil, opera- tions officer. Capt. Gary L. Trennepohl was the advisor. Jimmy H. Alexander Craig G. Alley Catherine T. Bacon Dennis D. Brown Patrick A. Cord William A. Curry. Jr. Bob D. DuLaney Gary H. Fick Philip J. Frazee Thomas E. Garland Stephen A. Headley Robert C. Hicks, Jr. Richard E. Jackson Scott E. Kalmus Raymond 0. Knox Jon W. Little Steven N. Marin Daniel C. Matthews Richard H. McCarty Robert L. McMillian David H.Meyers. Jr. Wyatt A. Morris John M. Neill Johnny D. Patterson Thomas G. Pettiet Davie P. Poff Virginia N. Pribyla William C. Robinson Robert B. Scott Harvey J. Stiegler Kenneth C. Swain William H. Tullis Travis G .Wald rip William F. Wynkoop 78Tymr Hicks, Stiegler, A Corps Salute In Memory of Arnold Air Cadet Christopher Nichols Tymt 279 United They Stand " If one does it, we all do it " United is the motto of Sabre Flight, the Air Force ROTC drill team. Cadets involved in this branch of ROTC form a precision drill team and act as the color-guard at all spe- cial ceremonies. The Sabres attended drill meets around the country, representing Texas Tech and the United States Air Force. This year the move in Sabre Flight was toward more complicated drill techniques. The focus was more on the individual than on the entire group, as it has been in the past. In the fall the Sabres marched in the Harvest Day Parade in Brownfield, Texas. In the spring they went to the Governor of Arizona Cup Meet in Phoe- nix, Arizona. They also marched in Ana- heim, California. At all of the home foot- ball games, the Sabres joined with Tyrian Rifle cadets to make up the color-guard. This year there were three women on the team. They acted as the guide arms and carried the flags for the team. Cadets in Sabre Flight must all be in Air Force ROTC. The sponsor for the year was Capt. Howard H. Clark Jr. The officers for the fall semester were Pat Kennedy, drill Commander; John Fowler, Robert Thompson and Pat Cord, drill sergeants. In the spring the drill commander was Bob Thompson. l f Sabre Flight cadets practice their drill techniques in preparation for national meets. I I :.- m $. 280 Tyme RELIGION I . Above: Wesley volunteers tutored elemen- tary students one night each week at com- munity centers. Below: Every Thursday students gathered at the Foundation for lunch and to hear a speaker. Activities at Wesley Help Students Grow " It ' s a handle for people to hold on to. " This was how Mike Firmin, student chair- man, described Wesley Foundation, the Methodist student association at Tech. Wesley Foundation is composed of several separate interest groups, whose activities allowed students to become involved working together on various projects. COMMUNITY SERVICE Community service was one such inter- est group. New this year at Wesley was their tutoring program. In several Lub- bock community centers, the volunteers tutored Chicano, Black and Anglo ele- mentary children one evening per week. Along with St. John ' s Methodist Church, the Foundation also aided the city with it co-sponsorship of the Wesley Planned Parenthood Clinic. The Foundation pro- vided volunteers to staff the clinic, sup- plied its building, and sup ported its activi- ties. SELF-DEVELOPMENT Self-development was the purpose of other Wesley Foundation activities. Growth groups explored personal ques- tions through sensitivity-type methods. They aimed to help the individual under- stand himself better as a Christian and as a person. Weekly, the Foundation spon- sored a Noon Dialogue and luncheon. The informal sessions provided participants with the opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoy fellowship together. Tyme 281 Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union reached out this year to involve students in the local church. Students who felt the need for religious involvement could turn to BSU. The BSU was another of the many church organizations available to Tech students. Young people gathered to exchange ideas, play games and to study the Bible. It was a place to gather with old friends and to meet new ones. There were Bible courses offered during the year that coul d be taken for academic credit. On various holidays throughout the year, the BSU sponsored parties. Stu- dents were invited to attend if they wanted to do so. All members of the campus population had an open invitation to stop by the cen- ter. It was always open for people looking for a game of ping-pong or cards and for those just looking for company. Students gather for lunch, parties and games with new and old friends at the BSU. Information m the Office 282 Tymt pariits and ; ai lit BSD. Ill Students Get Involved Fun and fellowship find Tech students at Campus Advance. This organization is sponsored by the Broadway Church of Christ and offers students a home away from home. The organization ' s student center is the Bible Chair. It is opened to all who want to get together with friends to share thoughts and ideas, play game s or just study. The Bible Chair has weekly devotionals. Sunday there is a college Sunday school class at the Broadway church. This is also open to everyone. Students find more than just a spoken religion with Campus Advance. They find involvement. This year students taught Bible classes to underprivileged children and to kids from Lubbock ' s State School. There was a tutoring program set up for children at the Lubbock Children ' s Home. Jack Paul and Jay Wischaemper, direc- tor and assistant director of the Bible Chair, were on hand this year to welcome students to the center. They and the stu- dents helped improve this year at Campus Advance. ttfal I flffltl Christian Science members are, standing: Time Latham, Nancy Lee Long, Terry Doak, Dennis Conely, Mazel Merrill, Rick Englert and Brent Scott. Silting are Janice Small, Annette Evanx. Mary Ozanne and Benay Cummings. Christian Science " Science or the Bible " was a debate topic of students in the campus ' Christian Science organization. Christian Science is one of the religious organizations at Tech opened to interested students. This year ' s small membership increased the feeling and sense of closeness and unity. The organization held weekly meetings and discussions in the University Center. The main topic was the debate between the Bible and science. Two lectures by members of the Christian Science Board of Leadership were sponsored this year by the organization. The lectures were intended to provide the Tech community with the opportunity to learn more about the practices, the thoughts and the ideas of those involved in Christian Science. Miss Quanah Lewis, associate English professor at Tech, was the sponsor. The officers were Mary Ann Ozanne, presi- dent; Brent Scott, vice-president; Nancy Lee Long, secretary and Terry Doak, treasurer. keep your eye on fne tec tec senior rings Dooks i sweat shirts gifts pennants decals across from campus at 1305 University TECH 1973 : MAGAZINEFDR TECHSANS ' Student Government In Action? i mm, JF " - , " " " you don ' t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows b. dylan ' THE MAGAZINE FOR TECHSANS TABLE OF CONTENTS LEADERSHIP i Student Association 288 Who ' s Who 292 ARTS AND SCIENCE Dean 298 Tau Beta Sigma 300 Mu Phi Epsilon 301 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 302 Kappa Kappa Psi 303 Beta Beta Beta 304 Alpha Epsilon Delta 305 Student Organization for Black Unity 306 Los Terulianos 307 Larson Debate Society 308 Sock and Buskin 309 Delta Psi Kappa 309 Major Minor Club 310 Phi Epsilon Kappa 311 Phi Eta Sigma 312 Sigma Delta Chi 312 ADS 313 Women in Communication 314 KTXT 315 La Ventana 316 University Daily 317 Student Association of Interior Design 318 Freshman Council 319 EDUCATION Dean 320 Association of Childhood Education 322 Student Education Association 323 Carrie Pyle Editor Kathy Porter Staff Linda Wigley Staff Patti Hill Art Editor Photo art on opposite page by Pat Broyles Esquirr 287 Student Government . ByJIMBOYNTON Senate Parliamentarian The Student Association during 1972-73 was a student government that constantly threatened to use its muscle but often withdrew before the first blow had landed. Led by President Greg Wimmer and Vice-Presi- dents Jim Nader and Bob Craig, the Student Association seemed to be caught up in a never-ending waltz: one step forward, one step together, one step backward, one step together. As the year began, the Senate offered hope of further progress in the areas of student services and student rights. The Senate, however, soon contented itself with approving appropriations bills and establishing records for snort meetings. At the first meeting in August, President Wimmer presented the administration ' s proposal for a legal program. The proposal differed from the one adopted by the Senate in that the lawyer to be hired would be stripped of the powers of litigation. With only a single dissention, the Senate rejected the administration ' s proposal. Yet by the next meet- ing in September, President Wimmer had submitted a student commis- sion to help select the attorney; and by January, the Senate had approved the commission without objection. The student commission then selected and hired a lawyer. One step forward, one step backward, two steps to the side. The Senate also received during the August meeting a list of fifty-four names for confirmation as student members of President Murray ' s Uni- versity Complex Committees. This action touched off the second major controversy facing the Senate. Dissatisfied over the reduction of student members serving on the committees and over the fact that several medi- cal students had taken scats formerly held by other Tech students, the Judiciary Committee tabled the appointments and refused to budge. Through the following three Senate meetings, the Committee, backed by the Senate, did not comply despite admonitions issued by the admin- istration. Though the negotiations with the East Wing never got off the ground, the Judiciary Committee finally issued a favorable report on the nominations and they were approved without objection. One step forward, one step backward, two steps to the side. During the first few weeks of the spring semester, the Association produced a Student Apartment Guide. Since the guide contained several passages that were not favorable advertising for Lubbock apartments, the administration refused to pay for the printing costs and demanded that the guide be withdrawn from circulation. The Student Association and the administration began negotiations but progress was measurable only in the amount of time wasted. Soon after many Tech students had secured housing for the spring semester, the administration reversed its position and allowed the pamphlet to be distributed with the addition of a disclaimer stamp. The negotiations helped to diminish the useful- ness of the guide but of the various plans discussed by the Student Asso- ciation, none were implemented. One step forward, one step backward, two steps to the side. The most controversial issue facing the students, and therefore the Stu- dent Association during the year, was that surrounding the use of Mem- orial Circle. Despite numerous resolutions approved by the Senate, no concrete action was taken by the Student Association. With the passage of time the issue was taken out of the hands of student government and placed in the control of the administration. One step backward, two steps to the side. On the positive side of the year, the Student Association did push for- ward in two areas. The Senate established a Regents Search Committee which reviewed student and faculty suggestions for prospective board members. The committee submitted four names to Governor Dolph Briscoe. Student government was pleased to find one of the names that had been submitted was included in the new appointments made by the governor. In the second area, the Senate created a permanent Commission on Uni- versity Health Services. The commis ' sion at the close of the year had just begun its task with hope that the work of the commission would aid in bringing about decent health care on campus. All things considered, it was an interesting year. That is if you enjoy a waltz. One step forward, one step to the side, one step backward, one step to the side. a waltz of forward, backward steps Esguire 289 Student Senate Ken Baker Wayne Bartel Michael Bedwell B.C. Bennett Shad Brooks Tom Brosseau Carolyn Bryd TomCarr James Chisholm Joe Cotton Kay Ford Roben Grinsfelder Karen Hogg Polly Kinniburgh Karl Kuchenbachcr Debie Martin Joe Parker William Ramirez Hyman Sauer Jim Scon KaySewell Mary Stenicka Cynthia Stoker Jack Swallow Sharon Warford Luke Wulfjen Pete Ybarra 4 . Eiquire Esquire 291 Who ' s Who LYNN ALDERSON KA0, Panhellenic Delegate, Rush Chair- man; 2AE Waterbust Queen; AAA; Varsity Cheerleader; Student Recruiting; Junior Council; President ' s Hostess; Mor- tar Board JEANNE BRAKEBILL AAA, Panhellenic Delegate; $K4 ; AAA; President ' s Hostess, Vice Chairman; Junior Council; Mortar Board, Chaplain BILLY BROCK Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engi- neers, President of Student Branch; HKN, Vice President and Treasurer; TBII; IEEE; Tech Astronomy Club; Engineering Student Council; Tech Band; ; KNZ; CURTIS BROWN Student Association, Business Manager; Student Senate, Business Administration; Tech Accounting Society, Treasurer; Tech Finance Association, Secretary; 4 FA, President; 4 H2; BA ; BF2; Mur- dough Hall Council CAROLYN BYRD KKF, Scholarship and Efficiency Chair- man; Little Sigma; Wall Hall, Legislator, President; Junior Council, Secretary; Mor- tar Board, Secretary; President ' s Hostess, Summer Chairman; Education Senator; Academic Recruiting, Chairman 292 Esquir CYNTHIA CONWAY ZTA, Treasurer and President; Corps- Dettes, Historian; Advisory Chairman Dorm Council; Legislator of Gates Hall; Women ' s Resident Council; Freshman Council; Mortar Board; DAVID COWLING Arts and Sciences Honors Council, Presi- dent and Executive Board; Council of the College of Arts and Sciences, President and Vice President; International Affairs Council, Chairman; A$E, President and Secretary; OAK; OAE; $2A; Circle K BOB CRAIG Student Association, External Vice Presi- dent; Student Senate; University Center Board Member; Representative of Wells Hall; 600; $HZ; OAK; Army R.O.T.C., Distinguished Military Student MARSHA CRAWFORD , Chaplain; AHEA, Interest Group Leader; $K4 ; Home Economics Student Council, Freshman Representative; Hospi- tality Committee, Chairman; Publicity Committee, Chairman; Student Represent- ative Committee to Home Economics Steering Committee for Institutional Self Study THOMAS DEVIN Agronomy Club, Corresponding Secretary, Vice President and President; AZ, Secre- tary, President and Board of Directors; Ag Council, Secretary; Crops and Soil Team; Rodeo Association; 4 H2; 4 K4 ; Ameri- can Farmer Degree and Area Vice Presi- dent 293 Efi uirr RANDAL GARDNER Saddle Tramps; President, 4 A0; Presi- dent, President Cabinet; Secretary for Ath- letics; Supreme Court Justice; Cheer- leader; Selection and Governing Boards JEANNETTE GODBOLD AXfi, Cultural Chairman, Pledge Chair- man and Guidance Standards Board; Angel Flight; Area Operations Officer and Historian; Mortar Board; President ' s Hostess; Student Education Association; Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship; Fine Arts Committee RICK GRAHAM Texas Tech Moot Court Board; Texas Model Court Rule Committee; Member, Board of Governors; I AA Legal Frater- nity, Vice Justice; Dictum Staff; President First Year Class ROGER GRAHAM ; HEX; J K$; TBII; Cataloguer, Society of Petroleum Engineers; President, Saddle Tramp; Treasurer - . KAREN HOGG Student Senate, Academics Committee; Engineering Student Council; University Center Program Council; Mortar Board; Junior Council; AAA; Treasurer, TBII, AfcM; President, KME, DK D MARGARET LEON Mortar Board; Lubbock Community Ambassador to Germany; President ' s Hostess; Arts and Sciences Academic; Pro- gram Committee; KA0; 4 K$; A4 A; KME 294 Esqum DEVORA LEWIS , Pledge Trainer, Assistant Son- gleader; Tech Cheerleader; SAT; AAA; Athletic Recruiter; Mortar Board, Social Chairman; UC Hospitality Committee; Tech Singers; International Student Host JOE PARKER Student Senate, College of Agriculture; Freshman Council, President; Agricultural Council Chairman; OAK, Vice President; Agricultural Economics Association, Presi- dent; Texas Tech Rodeo Association; Freshman Council Advisor; Senate Judi- ciary Committee; J A0 LINDA PEARSON Mortar Board; $ O; R.O.T.C. Army CorpsDettes; J K I ; American Home Economics Association; Legislator Doak Hall; University Singers WILLIAM RAMAREZ Student Senator; Men ' s Residence Coun- cil; University Center Ideals and Issues Committee; Tech Accounting Society; Free University; Resident Standards Board of Thompson Hall; 4 H2; BF2 .- GAYLE SETTLE AAO, President, AAI1 Singers; Univer- sity Panhellenic, Social and Publicity Chairman; Gates Hall, Legislator and Vice President; Mortar Board; M4 E; Associa- tion of Childhood Education; Student Education Association; University Singers; Volunteers for Vision DENISE SHIVER Mortar Board, Editor; WSO, Vice Presi- dent; Leadership Board; Dad ' s Day Regis- tration; AAA; Association for Childhood Education, President Esquire 295 GERALD SMITH Student Bar Association, Board of Gover- nors, Election Committee, Speakers Com- mittee; Assistant Attorney General to the Dean of Students; University Public Defender; Activities Council; Aide to the Activities of Vice President; 4 AA Legal Fraternity JIM STROUD Saddle Tramps, Vice President; Chairman of Committee for Campus Union; Supreme Court Justice; Committee for Student Process in Decision Making; , Secretary; BIT; OAK BETSY TRIPLETT International Interest Committee of Uni- versity Center, Chairman; International Affairs Council; Angel Flight; AEP; A I E; Knapp Hall, President N KATHERINE UPDIKE KA0, Treasurer; International Affairs Council; International Club; Mortar Board; President ' s Hostess; Tennis Team; Junior Council; University Theater; AAA; KME, President and Secretary MICHAEL WARDEN KA Order; Student Senator; SAX, Public Affairs, Secretary; University Daily, Assistant Editor, Special Reporter, Photo Editor; University Faculty-Student Disci- pline Committee; University Center Pro- gram Council - ??,. 1 GREG WIMMER Student Association, President; Student Senate, President Pro-tempre; Freshman Council; Saddle Tramps; ATA JAMES WINDLER University Center, President and Vice President; Varsity Cheerleader; Freshman Cheerleader; University Center Special Events and Hospitality Committees; Aca- demic Recruiting Team; ODK; BBB; , Pledge Trainer GEORGE WITTEN University Center ' s Student Entertainment Committee, Chairman; OAK; J K ; All College Recognition Services flita; ' FREDDIE WILLIAMS Aggie Council; Student Senate Rules Committee, Chairman, Freshman and Advisory Council, Sponsor; National Res- idence Hall Association; National Student Registrar; Rodeo Association; A0; LANNY VOSS Student Bar Association, President; Speak- ers Series Committee, Chairman; Ameri- can Bar Association; Texas Tech Law School Moot Court Board; American Jur- isprudence Bancroft; J AA LINDA CLEVELAND Teaching Assistantship; P. Mcrvillc Lar- son Debate and Interpretation Society; Texas Association of University Profes- sors; American Association of University Women; Texas Speech Association; DKA; ZTA ROBERT COLLIER Texas Tech Law Review; A6 J Legal Fra- ternity; Law School Student Bar Associa- tion; $K J National Honor Society; TBI1 National Engineering Honor Soci- ety; AE National Agricultural Engineers TOM DUREN Texas Tech Law Review, Board of Edi- tors, Business Manager and Public Rela- tions Director; A0 I Legal Fraternity; Texas Tech Student Bar Association; Texas Tech Advocary Club; Law Student Division of American Bar Association CALVIN ZONGKER K J ; NDEA Fellowship; AllU Recog- nition; Research Association; Interna- tional Host Family; American Personal and Guidance Association Expire 297 College of Arts and Sciences Dean Lawrence L Graves I 298 Esquin New Programs . . . New College Last year the College of Arts and Sciences was instigating a new self -study program consist- ing of a scries of phases and degrees within the college. The results of this evaluation may lead to a reorganization of the entire col- lege. The department of Anthropology had moved from a joint department with Sociology to its own department in the college. The college was especially proud of a new department which enables a person with a Master ' s in the arts to administer a fine arts program for a metropolitan area. The College of Arts and Sciences was the only college in the state of Texas that had been accredited with a Ph.D. degree in this field. The urban studies minor program went into effect last fall along with a specialization in environmental studies and humanities. One of the main objectives of the college was the expansion of a new Mass Communications building along with a new Social Science building. Esquire 299 Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma, national honorary sorority for bandswomen, in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi, presented Sunday afternoon con- certs at the Lubbock State School. The Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, under the guidance of Dean Killion, director of bands, planned lodging and helped engineer the needs for the Tech Band and visiting bands during football season. Over the Christmas break, Tau Beta Sigma assisted in the newly expanded recruiting program with the Tech Band. During the year Tau Beta Sigma helped host receptions for Homecoming and Dad ' s Day and sponsored freshman orientation sessions and the annual band dance. Tau Beta Sigma participated in intramural events and sent del- egates to the Student Association Leadership Retreat and the biennial national convention at the University of Connecticut. Tau Beta Sigma was founded on the Texas Tech campus and is one of the largest in the nation. Officers were Susan Pierce, president; Janis Reinken, first vice president; and Judy Brown, second vice president and pledge trainer. Pamela Cambell was elected District VI president of Tau Beta Sigma. Sandra Sputman Linear Tumtov JantT Wkytwn, Kitheryn White Jeanne Wuiton Jam Cannon Jo Carter Karen Chessmore Charlotte Dillon Karen El Ic Karen Fernando Susanna Garcia Linda Goodman IselaGuaderrama Becky Guess Laura Hap Debb Hathmjton Karen Hotac Cathy Jowers Karen Kcll, BarUe Killion Jimmie Kimmel MarrMcAithur Ann Marshall Joan Morgan Omior Proton MrnRalliff Janis Rcinkm ShehScon I " ?s . v 30OEiqiurr Cynthia Clifford Janet Cobb MaryDirlu KachyEady Cheryl Ferns Charlotte Garner lieli Guaoerrama Karen Hobbs Debra Huff man Uuren Huuon Jeoda Jones Kl, ,. Keelr DebeMtCall Penelope Merrill CandaceMoaer Karen Rotell Lynn Rylander Patricia Settle NincySewell Deborah Smith Mu Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon, professional music sorority, prese nted a bridal show and an April Fool ' s Recital to raise funds for scholarships. Mem- bers of Mu Phi Epsilon also ushered at all events sponsored by the music department during the year. Mu Phi Epsilon is an international sorority for women who are music majors, minors or specialists on the Texas Tech campus. Quali- fications for membership require completion of nine semester hours of music, maintaining a 3.0 overall grade point in music. Serving as president was Penny Merritt. Other officers included Madeleine Harris, Dianna Hunter, Diane Kesey, Janet Cobb, Karen Rozell, Candy Moser, Margaret Cav- enagh, Karen Hobbs, and Cindy Clifford. ABOVE: Mu Phi Epsilon Member Suzic McCormick performs a flute selection for members at a meeting. Holly Hughes accompanies her on the piano. Sheltie Anderson Manha Anthii Janet Bellinghauien Billie Blacksrack Jana Bullard Sandra Cjuey Esquirr 301 P 7 Mu 4 p 70 Phi Mu Alpha sinfonia, professional music fraternity for men, presented an Americana Concert with works by American composers during the fall semester. During the spring semester Phi Mu Alpha sponsored the statewide Stagehand Festival for junior high and high school stagehands. The annual University Sing was organized by Phi Mu Alpha with Panhellenic and the Interfraternity Council participating in the contest. Officers included Steve Barnhart, president; Dean Barnes, vice president; Forrest Oliver, secretary; Gary Miller, treasurer; Eddy Quil- lin, warden; Jim Marstiller, historian; Duane Jackson, executive alumni secretary; Tim King, song leader. John Gillas was faculty adviser. . ABOVE: Teny Lovett, David Moore and Rick Knowles registered participants at the Stageband Festival. Premier Aoinu John Anihonr Jintll Bumn o GxyBilliid Rkturd Bono J03CJ CilUn SccvrDiTii Don Dennu Dm Hinxxi Duane Jacbon Ben Km Tim King RkkrKixxrles Morne MnniJI Junei MuniUer Dnid Moore Ronild PuUiunc Phillip lUwlint Rmdill Tylei Dxuel Whitekr Snnley Wood KumHobb. I 6 302 Esquirt h Randy Armstrong Gary Beach Mack Bibb Robert Brown Danny Byeri Roben Cosby Willian Cowan Chris Cox BELOW: Officers for Kappa Kappa Psi are. (top row) Mack Bibb, social chairman; Bobby Cosby, assistant pledge trainer; Mike Woods, president; Tom Harper, corresponding secretary, (bottom row) Tom Sterrett, vice presi- dent; Darold Wedel, recording secretary; Denney Wright, treasurer; and Gary Beach, sergeant-at-arms. Kappa Kappa Psi Alpha Omicron chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternity, celebrated its 35th anniversary on the Tech campus. A spring banquet attended by many of the national officers highlighted the celebration. In the summer members were responsible for organizing the training and orientation of incoming bandsmen. During football season the fraternity maintained the equipment of the Tech band. Over the Christmas holidays, members of the chapter and members of Tau Beta Sigma trav- eled to high schools across the state promot- ing the Tech music program and recruiting outstanding high school musicians to fill the ranks of the Tech band. Don Dennis Tom Francis Bruce Freeman Thomas Harper Steve Harwell Richard Hsyden DiridHays Bob Hunter Vincrl Jenkins Richard Kincaid Lonnie Kuss JonnMcGhee Phillip Mekher Harlan Naylor Danny Norri Kenneth Reveler Johnny Pherifo Richard Runey JameiRobbins RobenRotcn Tom Scenett Terry Stooe Roger Underwood Esquire 3O3 Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta, biology fraternity, is an hon- orary as well as a service fraternity. Active members must have a 3.0 grade-point and at least 14 hours of biology courses. Any student with an interest in biology may be an associ- ate member of Tri-Beta. Tri-Beta has hosted a number of speakers, instructors in the biology department as well as speakers from outside the campus. Each semester Tri-Beta is in charge of administer- ing evaluations of all biology classes in an effort to improve curriculum and teaching methods. A Christmas banquet and initiation of new members, as well as field trips to points of biological interest and a number of service projects have also been activities over the year. Most importantly, Texas Tech Tri- Beta served as the host chapter for the Regional Convention of Beta Beta Beta. At this convention, undergraduates were given a chance to present papers on research they have done. Tri-Beta will continue to serve the needs of the inquisitive biology student while helping him or her to meet his professors in a more informal and personal environment. (above right) Tri-Beta members listen to a guest speaker at one of their monthly (below right) An active member of Beta Beta Beta explains to the chapter this semes- meetings, ter activities. 304 Esquirt Alpha Epsilon Delta ., Benme- McWilliamj Randy Wcldon Robert Muirhead Jim Newton Rita Payne Carol Perujek David Rogers GaylonSeay William Tullis Kerry Whitworth Joseph Williams Randy Veazey Mark Aycock Gordon Bellah Gregory Blake Lceta Blake Sceve Brock Rhichard Chandler Trent Emmett Greg Geary William Hinchey Suzanne Hite Linda Irwin Michael Jackxm Robert Klons Robert Lamb The Texas Gamma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the international honor society for premedical students, strives to encourage and rec- ognize excellence in premedical scholarship. Membership requirements are at least 45 hours of premedical work, a 3.3 average in science courses, and a 3.3 overall average. Chapter activities include meetings twice monthly, where subjects of interest to premedi- cal students are discussed by faculty members, physicians, and qualified personnel from profes- sional schools. Many of the programs also include medical movies and slide presentations. Alpha Epsilon Delta, in cooperation with Prc- Med Society, sponsored Premedical Day in April. The theme for the day was " The Pursuit of a Medical Education. " Sessions were held with rep- resentatives from the various medical schools in Texas. Many visitors from surrounding junior colleges and high schools also attended. High- lighting the day was the annual Premedical Awards Banquet in the University Center. Ken- neth L. Sims, M.D., of the National Institute of Mental Health and former Texas Tech student, was the guest speaker. The AED Award was presented to James Newton. Officers were: James B. Newton, president; Joseph R. Williams, vice-president; Leesa Blake, secretary; Mark Aycock, treasurer; David E. Rog- ers, reporter; and Kerry Whitworth, historian. Faculty sponsors were Miss Margaret Stuart of the Department of Chemistry and Dr. Lyle Kuhnley of the Department of Biology. Esquirr 305 Student Organization for Black Unity The Student Organization for Black Unity has existed on the Tech Campus for the past eight years to serve and articulate the needs of the Black Students in the University commu- nity. Throughout the academic year S.O.B.U. sponsored numerous events in an effort to maintain a degree of high visibility on the campus and surrounding community. Worth- while ventures such as the Sickle Cell Anemia Drive and Voter Registration campaign in East Lubbock typify the type involvement of S.O.B.U. members. Black Voices, a gospel ensemble comprised of students from S.O.B.U. toured the South Plains area in an effort to strengthen relations between Black students at Tech and Blacks in the surrounding communities. The highlight of the 72-73 academic year was the celebration of the third annual Black Week. Black digni- taries of national and international promi- nence were guests of S.O.B.U. S.O.B.U. offi- cers for 72-73 were Ken Baker, President; James Young, Vice President; Brenda Wil- liams, Secretary; and Sherilyn Jackson, Trea- Ma Ruth Hardman Pacnoa Wt Brenda William) Ranald Scrvan 1O6 Esqutrt " Los Tertulianos Members of Los Tertulians (above) enjoy their annual Spring banquet. " Tcrtulia " is a Spanish word that stands for a gathering of people for intellectual discussion and interaction. Los Tertulianos was organ- ized to provide opportunities for social con- tact among Chicano students. Goals of the group include encouraging Chi- cano students to seek higher education, rais- ing the prestige of the Chicano student and promoting fellowship and scholarship among Chicano students. Los Tertulianos ' member- ship reached a high of 70 members who united to make a name on campus. Los Tertulianos expanded its activities to take a role in community work. They helped with voter registration, campaigned for minority and liberal candidates in local elections, tutored minority children and joined with Lubbock Chicano groups in other projects. Elotu Canru Ruben Floret Dora Lin Blandina Madrid Janice Pena Irene Prado Enquirr -i- 307 Larson Debate and Interpretation Society The Larson Debate and Interpretation Society had an active and successful year. Its members were involved in forensic activities through- out Texas and the nation. Tech was host to 50 colleges and universities for the Fall Forensic Invitational and to over 700 high schools which entered the spring speech meet. The debate and interpretation programs showed solid growth with more students par- ticipating in more tournaments than ever before. Dr. Vera Simpson ' s oral interpreters produced nearly perfect levels of achieve- ment, and Professor Vernon McGuire ' s debate squad brought home trophies earned in regional and national competition. Tech was one of the two debate teams in Texas who qualified for the national championship, and Professor McGuire capped the Society ' s overall success by being named " Coach of the Year " for the second consecutive year. M (upper right) John Anderson, Carmen Medina, Richard Brown, and Tom Reb- stock. Tech ' s top four-man debate team, arc shown with the Southwest Confer- ence Championship trophy they won this year. Coupled with earlier wins in ' 67 and ' 68 this third victory entitles Tech to permanently retire the trophy, (lower left) Professor Vernon McGuire. Director of Forensics, congratulates Rick Hooper and Jimmie Holloway of Southeastern State on winning Texas Tech ' s Varsity debate championship for the second consecutive year, (lower right) Tom Redstock, President of the Society, congratulates Dr Ben Chappcl of North Texas State University on his team ' s first place in the Sweepstakes performance in this year ' s Fall Forensic. .308 Esqutrr Sock and Buskin Sock and Buskin, the drama major-minor cJub, had the distinction of being the first organization established at Tech. Its members strive to advance and promote the interests of Tech ' students in participation and apprecia- tion of the theatre and dramatic arts, both in the department and the community. The name Sock and Buskin came from the Greek term for comedy and tragedy. A sock was the footwear in Greek comedy, and a bus- kin was a boot in Greek tragedy. " " Delta Psi Kappa Delta Psi Kappa is a national professional fraternity for women in the fields of health, physical and recreation. Delta Psi Kappa promotes leadership and service in departmental and area activities. Selling concessions and tickets for area athletic events, and a poster program were major projects during the year. A newsletter salut- ing excellence within the department kept majors, (from row) Mina Emerson, Dr. Margaret E. Wilson; sponsor, Lynne Swinncy, Patty McColl, Patti Purser, Miss Peggy Williams; sponsor. Pam Utley. (second row) Celia Davis, Debbie Walsh, Pat Hamilton, minors, and faculty members informed of activities throughout the year. Officers were Lynn Swinney, Pres- ident; Frances White, First Vice President; Patty McColl, Second Vice President; Kathy Holmes, Secre- tary; Pam Utlcy, Treasurer; Celia Davis, Chaplain; Debbie Walsh, Historian; and Sue Perry, Major-Minor representative. Nancy Ford, Sue Perry, Nancy Price, (third row) Becky Shipman, Kathy Holmes, Jana Whealdon, Frances White, Jackie Henderson Oylcnc Caddell. Eiquirr 309 i i Major-Minor Club Physical education majors, dance, recreation, and specialists majors make up the Major- Minor Club. The annual Howdy Party began the year ' s activities. Students met new friends or renewed acquaintances. This year the 100 members sponsored Play Day, a day of com- petition and fun among the various classes. A Homecoming coffee honored alumni. Once a month, meetings were held with various pro- grams and speakers. The year was culminated with the annual spring banquet where awards were given for outstanding achievement. V Trudy Davu NuxyPhct First Vkr Pmtdrm Kiihy Holme J10 Esquirf II II Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity is a profes- sional Greek letter fraternity which offers to its members guidance towards professional- ism and an appreciation of their duties toward life and their fellowmen. Over 75 per cent of the faculty of the Depart- ment of Health, Physical Education, and Rec- reation for Men at Texas Tech were members of the Beta Gamma Chapter. Sponsors of the Beta Gamma Chapter were Edsel Buchanan, Will Holsherry and Mike Bobo. Phi Epsilon Kappa ' s meetings featured programs pres- ented by visiting coaches. One of the chapter ' s activities was assisting the State School for the Mentally Retarded in their annual Olympic meet this year. The 1972-73 officers of the Beta Gamma Chapter include Ray Wright, President; Bill Tarro, Vice President; Mike Chaveaux, Secre- tary-Treasurer; and Larry Morgan and Ronald Mouser, Pledge Guides. John Armititead Larry Blakeman Jack Boiler Earnest Camp MikeQuuvraux Tommy Chmtman Robcn Cox Runny Dank) Michael Fitch Jim Henderson Terry Kohnhorx Larry Morgan Jamti Mom Ronald Mouser Kenneth Nordell Charles Purdom Donald Rawlingi Bill Tarro Enquire 311 Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalism soci- ety, is dedicated to the highest ideals in journal- ism. As the oldest, largest and most select organiza- tion for journalists, Sigma Delta Chi endeavors to raise the standards of competence of its mem- bers and recognize outstanding achievement by journalists. Activities included sponsorship of Miss Texas Tech and Miss Playmate pageants and assistance in Mass Communications Week. Officers were Cinde Weatherby, president; Lay- Ian Copdin, vice president; Susie Woodall, secre- tary-treasurer; and Bobby Willis, Mass Commu- nications representative. LOWER RIGHT: Bobby Willis, Cinde Weatherby and Hershal Womack, faculty adviser, visit with Phil Dessauer, regional vice president of Sigma Delta Chi, before his speech at the Journalism Day luncheon dur- ing Mass Communications Week. LOWER LEFT: During the fall, Sigma De lta Chi hosted a visit from Jack Anderson to the Texas Tech campus. Phi Eta Sigma Paul Hardin, president of Southern Methodist University, spoke at the Phi Eta Sigma spring banquet which was co-hosted with Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Eta Sigma, honorary society for freshman men, also sponsored a " How to Study " program to help freshman men in adjusting to the aca- demic world of the university. Speakers from various departments of Texas Tech spoke at the meetings. Phi Eta Sigma is for those men who attain a 3.5 grade-point average during their first semester or year. Dean James G. Allen is sponsor of the organization. ABOVE: Officers for Phi Eta Sigma are James Bain, senior advisor; Rodney Rayburn, treasurer; Philip Webb, president; John Donaldson, historian; and Darell Shepard, secretary. Not shown vice president. Keith Arnold, 312 Eiquirr ADS Founded on the Texas Tech campus in 1958, ADS is designed to promote professionalism in advertising and give students some contact with professional members of the advertising society. ADS published and sold " Views of Texas Tech, " a pictorial magazine of Tech. The profits went to the Don Belding Scholarship Fund which brings foreign students in advertising to Texas Tech. ADS sponsored the Advertising Day of Mass Communications Week. The national office here at Tech is under the direction of Ralph Sellmeyer. At the national convention in New York City, ADS affiliated with American Advertising Federation. Dr. Billy I. Ross and Mrs. Jean Finley were spon- sors. UPPER LEFT: Mr. Ralph Sellmeyer (seated) is national president of ADS. Mrs. Jean Finley and Or. Billy 1. Ross (standing) are sponsors of the Texas Tech chapter. LOWER RIGHT: Kay Graham, president, and Wes Hallmark, vice president of programs, discuss the business of the national convention held in New York City. Randy Armstrong Jimmy dark Gary Dybvig Annette Evan Alvie Faulkenbery Georgia Graham Wesley Hallmark Sharon Hayes DebkHmdr Nancy Leech Randy Shuffield James Spe Terry S epp Bruce Waller Scott Whitley Esquirr 313 Women in Comm u nicotians Women in Communications, Inc., for women majoring in and making a career in the com- munications industry, raised money for the Louise Allen and W. E. Carets scholarships, given annually to two women communication majors. The chapter conducted the Best Dressed Coed and Most Handsome Man con- tests to earn the scholarship money. A seminar for seniors job hunting in mass communications fields and panel discussion with area professionals were sponsored by the group. Officers were Betsy Jarmon, president; Nene Foxhall, vice president; Linda Garrett, trea- surer; Sally Dieb, secretary; Virginia Pribyla, historian; and Myrleen Parlette, Mass Com- munications Week representative. Harmon Morgan was faculty sponsor. Amy Boilct Fran Heara EJiufccthJuntan Myrleen Pirlcnr Imt Fo.hili Minor Hodfion Kum McKinuncr Vuguu. PnbfU I I I 1 LEFT: During a meeting, Betsy Jarmon, presi- dent, discusses the plans for Mass Communica- tions Week with members. RIGHT: As a part of induction ceremonies. Laurel Phipps signs the official roll book as Linda Garrett fastens the organizational pin on Debbie Osbom. 0ia Rocky Fry (upper left), Din Royal (upper right) and Susan Jones (lower left) work the control boards for KTXT which is managed by Texas Tech students. KTXT also facilitates students enrolled in tele- communications. KTXT-FM Standing behind the slogan " the service peo- ple for the Texas Tech community, " KTXT- FM broadened their broadcasting scope to include a wide variety of entertainment and information designed for the college audi- ence. Under the direction of Jim Thompson, stu- dent manager, KTXT broadcasted pep rallies, Picador football and basketball games and varsity baseball games. Other special pro- grams included two rock and roll revivals, The Great Sunshine Give Away and April Fools with KSEL. Guided by John Phillips, program director, the basic " Top 40 " format was used by stu- dent disc jockeys. The KTXT broadcast day ran from 7 AM-3 AM and programmed classi- cal, soul and freeform music as well as survey hits. The news department, headed by Jan Cook, focused on Texas Tech news with reports of city and state happenings. irr 315 La Ventana A v Using a magazine format, La Ventana is a unique yearbook across the nation. At the Associated Collegiate Press National Conven- tion in New York, Jeff Lawhon and Jan Shaw, co-editors of La Ventana, led a seminar on magazine layout that was met with inter- est. Divided into 12 magazines, the La Ventana borrows titles and basic formats from national publications. Each magazine is autonomous, headed by an editor or co-edi- tors. By sorting through applications and holding interviews, these editors choose their staffs. Dr. Bill Dean, director of student pub- lications, sponsors the yearbook with Mrs. Jean Finley serving as business manager. The La Ventana has received an All-American classification in the Associated Collegiate Press ratings for the past two consecutive years. I 116 Esqutrr The University Daily What is the UD? It depends whom you ask. For the Greeks and the clubs, the UD is an announcement sheet. In Raider Roundup one can find almost any kind of social or profes- sional event. If you take the time to read it. Every organization is convinced no one will take the time. So we ' ve enlarged the type. For the student senate, the UD is a recorder of their minutes and an interpreter of those events. And sometimes a pain in the neck when we start showing the antics of the Tech " circus. " We ' ve added another reporter to that beat. For the administration, we are the watchdogs. But we have to accept second priority some- times. We have appointments cut short, if not cancelled. We are still trying to practice the right to cover the Board of Regents ' com- mittee meetings. We may get that chance this year. For the letter writer, the UD becomes a vehi- cle to pronounce his philosophy to the world. And, unfortunately, sometimes his wrong facts. We are trying to correct this problem with editor ' s notes. To us, we are twenty underpaid overworked students backed by an army of volunteers, freshman scholarship stu- dents, and teaching assistants, trying to put out the most accurate product possible five times a week. It ' s a scven-days-a-week job. Esquirr 31 7 ft Student Association for Interior Design The Student Association of Interior Designers (S.A.I.D.) is a professional organization of students affiliated with the American Institute of Interior Designers and the National Society of Interior Design- ers. S.A.I. D. strives to introduce and maintain profes- sional standards for interior design students. Varied activities this year included a trip to attend a convention in San Antonio, and to Amarillo to visit an interior ' s studio. Two noted interior designers, Bob Hogue and Arlis Ede, as well as local people involved with design were featured in S.A.I. D. programs this year. Another highlight of the year included the incep- tion of the organization ' s pin, which is based on the S.A.I.D. logo. Orel Bauman Sherry Brnge Mama Bond Camellia Bncton LannyBuA Pamela Ellxxi Terry Engler Patricia Mar Luanda Hamilton Linda Holland Cymhia Hunell James Marxtlkr Eleanor McKenna Rhonda Mortcy Jenness Pietem Peggy Price Maude Raschke Sandra Rupert Scepharue Tanner Sandra Whigham Beverly Wtlliamaon Phyllis Winn i 318Eiqiurr Freshman Council Peggy Adcox Robcn An.lri vu. Robert A very Stephen Beyer Donie Buchanan John Camp Cindy Carpenter Jack Chapin Daryl Goldiruclcer Mark Harlan The major accomplishment of the Freshman Council this year was the backing of a movement to abolish freshman women ' s hours. This referendum was finally accepted by the Administration and went into effect during the spring semester, 1973. Along with this effort, the Council pur- sued the possibility of pre-registration at Tech which would enable all students to register the semester preced- ing, decreasing the present registration problems. Greater traffic safety on campus was a project where members of the Council painted stripe zones at various hazardous cross- ing areas. The Freshman Council worked toward a better constitu- tion by successfully pushing for new amendments. Rati- fied by the Freshman Class and adopted by the Senate, the Council updated its constitution to give more power and greater voice to the Freshman Class. Right to left: Mark Harlan (President); Linda Powell (Secretary); Dottie Buchanan (Parliamentarian); Cindy Carpenter (Treasurer); and Mark Cowart (Vice-President). Janice Hassell Mark Hujx.n Lelia Holt Cynthia Martin Linda Moore Mike Payne Karen Plunk Linda Powell Joe Stalcup Jacquelyn Taylor JoAnna Vemetti Richard Ward Mark Williamson Debte Martin Esquirr 319 320 Ev uirr College of Education Dean Donald McDonald I High Quality Teachers Provided by College of Education The College of Education continues its program designed to produce high quality teachers for the educa- tional system of the state and region. After the death of Dean Gordon C. Lee in the fall of 1972, Dr. Donald McDonald assumed the position of Interim Dean. Area Chairmen in the College of Education are: Dr. Weldon Beckner, Curriculum and Instruction; Dr. Julian Big- gers, Foundations and Services; Dr. Kenneth Freeman, Higher Education and Educational Administration; and Dr. Bruce Mattson, Special Education. Dr. Julian Big- gers also serves as Assistant Dean for the undergraduate programs and Director of Teacher Certification. Dr. Berlie Fallen is Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in Education and coordinates programs at this level. Elementary Education and Secondary Education, respec- tively, enrolled the largest numbers of majors during the year. Noteworthy growth occurred in enrollments in the newly established Kindergarten program, in Spe- cial Education, and in Guidance and Counseling. The fully accredited programs of the College of Educa- tion assure candidates not only of degrees but addition- ally guarantee that the student will be certified to teach in the public schools of Texas. Esquirr 321 Association for Child Education Wor king for the education and well-being of children is the purpose of the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI). The organization is of special interest to ele- mentary and kindergarten education majors as well as those in child development. Programs included areas of pre-school education in Europe and how teachers can implement behavior modification in the regular class- room. Several members also worked with a Camp Fire group. Officers of the organiza- tion were: President Merrily Andron (in fall), Vice- President Denise Saiver (in fall, Presi- dent in spring), Secretary-Treasurer Janice Kalinec, and Publicity Debra Dutton. Student Education Association The Texas Student Education Association is a statewide organization affiliated with the Texas State Teachers Association and the National Teachers Association. The chief objective of this organization is to give the prospective educator an insight into his future profession. Some of the projects of the organization are tutoring, Big-Brothers, col- lecting school supplies for an elementary school in Puerto Rico. The programs deal with topics that will be of interest to people who are going into the field of education. The advisors of the organization are Dr. Mar- yanne Reid and Dr. Larry Huvey. Serving as officers for the school year 1972-1973 were Debbie Pritchett (president), Jackie Crawford (vice-president), Janice Kalinec (secretary), Candi Miller (treasurer), Georgia Doherry (historian), Deborah Dutton (program chair- man), and Bobby Marchbanks (state secre- tary-treasurer). F I 2422 1 9th St. 765-8516 One Block East of University Ave. on 19th Delivery Service SAM AND SUE RIBBLE Rowers for Any Occasion Party and Sorority Functions TEXAS TECH 1973 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 15 Utah, 7:30 p.m Lubbock Sept. 22 New Mexico, 7:30 p.m Lubbock Sept. 29 Texas, 7:30 p.m Austin Oct. 6 Oklahoma State, 1 :30 p.m Still water Oct. 13 Texas A M, 7:30 p.m Lubbock Oct. 20 Arizona, 7:30 p.m. (MST) Tucson Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. 27 SMU (Homecoming), 2 p.m Lubbock 3 Rice (Dads Day), 2 p.m Lubbock 10 TCU,2 P .m Fort Worth 17 Baylor, 2 p.m Lubbock 24 Arkansas, 1:30 p.m Little Rock JIM CARLEN, Head Coach J. RIGGINS Is where your head ' s at . . . and your arms, legs, feet, etc. We know you know what you want! South Plains Mall 792-2744 IONEER NATURAL GAS COMPANY FRANK McGLAUN Electronic calculators office furniture photocopy machines TEXAS C BANK 2218 34th 747-2525 " FIRST TEXAS BANK IN LUBBOCK " MEMBER FDIC MOST CONVENIENT BANKING SERVICE FOR TECH STUDENTS 1 9th and Ave. X Phone 762-88 11 . F U T U R E TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY 1973 Table of Contents School of Medicine 328 School of Law 332 College of Business Administration 334 Graduate School 340 College of Engineering 342 CO-EDITORS: Mary Lou McCarty and Charlene Chambles LA VENTANA CO-EDITORS: Jan Shaw and Jeff Lawhon STUDENT PUBLICATIONS: Bill Dean, director; Jean Finley, bus. mgr. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Darrel Thomas. Mike Davis, Pat Broyles, Lon Larson, David Webster and Debi Elkins Our appreciation to Alfred A. Knopf Publisher! for the UM of rh poetry on the opposite poge from THE PROPHET poge 62 by KoKM Gibron. Copyrighted 1923. Fulurr 327 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Dean John A. Buesseler r Tech Med School Officially Opens . ' t Several Tech officials participated in the ground- breaking ceremonies for the Texas Tech School ot Medicine Building February 2, 1973. Attempting to shovel some hard West Texas dirt are: Tech President Grover E. Murray, Dr. John A. Bues- seler, Dean of Tech School of Medicine; former Tech regent Marshall Formby, and Tech regents Frank Junell, Judson Williams, Trent Campbell, and Clint Formby; former Texas governor Preston Smith, and regents Bill Collins, Field Scovell, and Waggoner Carr. Texas Tech University School of Medi- cine, authorized by the 61 st legislature of the State of Texas in May, 1 969, officially opened on August 21 , 1 972 with over 50 first and second year students. TTUSM has been in its temporary quarters, Drane Hall, a renovated dormitory, since December, 1 971 . Another renovated dorm, Thompson Hall, became the School ' s interim clinical teaching facility in May. Ground was broken for the School ' s permanent quarters, pictured below, on Feb. 2, 1973. Tech ' s Med School has developed a curriculum that condenses the normal four-year medical curriculum into 35 months, changing to a 12-month school year. TTUSM has already established educational affilia- tions with hospitals and clinics in West Texas, and additional affiliations are under negotiation. As of December 1 972, the full-time faculty of TTUSM numbered 71. In addition, 134 physicians through- out West Texas have been appointed to the clinical program. I.,,, TthUni " School Liktory Futurt 329 Tech Med School Offers Services to All Students Mrs. Linda Cruce. R.N. helps one of the Med School students in one of the labs at Thompson Hall, recently renovated for the Tech Medical School, (top) Two Med students examine various cranial bones at Drane Hall, (left) Dr. Robert Kock- ernut, director of the Student Health Center and a Med School professor, and Mrs. Cruce, head nurse, examine one of their many patients, (above) 41 i 130 Future i. Grace, head any patienls Pre-Med Society Striving to stimulate interest in all areas of health services, pre-med students organized The Pre-Med Club in 1 972. The members co-sponsored a Pre-Med Day with Alpha Epsilon Delta. In addition, they had a picnic in the spring. Guest speakers presented various topics at the club ' s bi-monthly meetings. Officers for 1972-1973 were John White, president; Benny McWilliams, vice president; Bar- bara Bergin, treasurer; Maria Buckle, secretary; and Bob Beights, public rela- tions. Miss Margaret Stuart and Lyle Kuhnley sponsored the organization. Pre-med students listen to one ot the many speak- ers the Pre-Med Society featured at their bi- monthly meetings, (top) Dr. William Frye, interim dean tor the School of Medicine, talks to mem- bers, (right) Members of the Pre-Med Society wait outside of the new Chemistry before their meet- ing, (bottom) Futurt 331 SCHOOL OF LAW Dean Richard B. Amandes s John Krahmer, new associate dean for the School of Law, talks with his secretary about admissions of Tech graduates, (top) Dr. Ralph Jones speaks to pre-law students about their program (left) while one student attentively listens, (bottom) Law School Shows Quality in Achievements The School of Law has experienced noticeable growth during the four years of its existence. The Legal Aid Service which involved three students in 1971 and fifteen students in 1972, now includes 60 students. The program extends to Midland as well as Lubbock and will include Amarillo and Plainview in 1973-74. During the past four years, 1 00% of the Tech law students taking the state bar exam passed. Elgin Conner ranked second in the state in the spring bar exam. Three Tech law students were regional winners in Moot Court competi- tion and went as far as quarter finals in national competition. The three were Chuck Grigson, Grover Hartt, and Wynette Hewette. Three additional stu- dents won first place in competition at the State Junior Bar in July. The three included Grover Hartt, Max Moudy and Frank Sullivan. The Law School also sent five students to International Moot Court competition in Topeka, Kansas. Faculty member Dick Hemingway also received special recognition from the Tech Admin- istration as Horn Professor. Future 333 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dean Jack D. Steele I New Faculty to Increase College ' s Quality In order to increase the quality and capability of the College of Business Administration, Dean Jack Steele has ini- tiated new programs in the College. Eleven new faculty members began work for the Tech Business College in 1 972-73 and an additional six or seven will be hired for 1973-74. The faculty has been organized into six " areas " rather than departments: accounting, finance, administration and human resources, marketing, information systems and quantitative sciences, and policy and environment. Various classes within the College include programs which aid the Small Business Administration and busi- nesses within the community which have specific problems. The College of Busi- ness Administration also provides service programs for the Tech campus such as the secretarial training courses. In the spring, students in the College recog- nized five outstanding professors: Dr. Robert Justis, Dr. Thomas Dock, Dr. Wil- liams Dukes, Dr. Marilyn Pheland, and Dr. Doyle Williams. Jack Swallow and John Norwood talk about prob- lems at the Small Business Administration office, headquarters (or one ot the College ' s programs, (top) T. J. Patterson, freshman counselor, and Mrs. Shirley Whitman talk about student enrollment, (left) Students walk to and from classes in the Business Administration building, one of the more modern designed buildings on campus, (above) Futun 335 Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi, a professional accounting fraternity aided students in the College of Business Administration by sponsoring a tutorial service. The Beta Delta chapter was also active in the United Fund Drive. Members also helped sponsor a coffee for Homecoming alumni. Officers for 1 972-73 were: Doug Hen- derson, president; Steve York, vice-presi- dent; Don Womack, secretary; and Kathy Branham, treasurer. Dr. James Caldwell served as sponsor. Beta Alpha Psi members (top) listen to one of their monthly speakers, Mrs. Mary Badgett. (left) Mem- bers provide tutorial services for accounting stu- dents, (bottom) i 136 Future Tech Accounting Society Members of the Tech Accounting Soci- ety p articipated in several community ori- ented programs during the year. The members worked for the United Fund Campaign. On campus, they helped with the Business Administration student eval- uation. On the volleyball court, the mem- bers defeated the BA faculty and mem- bers of Beta Alpha Psi. Special events for the accounting group included a faculty- student picnic, Accounting Emphasis week and the annual spring banquet. The society featured six speakers during the year and two field trips; one to Time-DC Inc. and one to First National Bank. Offi- cers for 1972-1973 were Ronald Bryant, president; Don Womack, vice-president; Steve Tredennick, secretary; John Mills, treasurer and Hill Glover, public relations. Faculty members Dr. Clinton Althaus, Dr. Dan Guy, and Dr. Herschel Mann spon- sored the group. Tech Accounting members listen to one of their guest speakers in the Arnett Room at Texas Com- merce Bank, (top) Gary Myers, field agent for the Internal Revenue Service talks to the Tech mem- bers, (left) Members tour First National Bank, (above) Fulun- 337 Phi Gamma Nu Phi Gamma Nu, a national professional business sorority, is open to any woman who has completed at least six hours of business courses and has maintained a 2.5 overall GPA. This year the sorority helped to care for Rosita Lee, an orphaned Indian girl from New Mexico. Phi Gamma Nu sent clothes and vari- ous other gifts to the child. Among other activities were sending Thanksgiving baskets to needy families in Lubbock and decorating the Christmas tree in the Business Administration building. During homecoming, the girls were responsible for serving refreshments. Highlighting one of Phi Gamma Nu ' s meet- ings was a visit from National Phi Gamma Nu vice president Mrs. Hazel Dillingham. Serving as officers this year were Laura Murray, president; Debbie Shaw, vice presi- dent; Linda Lee, secretary; Lou Ann McHargue, treasurer; Mary Gloyna, pledge treasurer; Julie Chapman, assistant pledge trainer; Linda D ' Acosta, historian; Paula Green, communications; Rosemary Rachael, rush chairman; Pat Morgan, editor; Susie Hef- ner, assistant treasurer; and Mrs. Edna Gott, sponsor. Joyce Friseh Laurie Anderson Marilyn Lindquish Connie Rolide Patsy Colwell Ellen Spain Laura Murray Kathy Edwards Patricia Barker Paula Green Linda Lee Marilyn Parma Linda D ' Acosta Rosemary Rachael Helen Rockwood Susan Swatzell Debra Shaw Nancy Reitz Laura Jones Janice Baldwin Pat Morgan Barbara Lucas Christy Shelton Juliann Chapman I Cyndi Phillips Linda Walts Lou Ann McHargue Barbara Piram Linda Wood Mary Gloyna Susie Armstrong Fulurr Janice Krey Linda Reed Jo Ellen Spain Molly Matthews Linda Reuter Susan Swatzell Lou Ann Elaine Robinson Linda Waits McHargue Debra Show Judith Wolff Donna Morris Jodie Shipman Connie Whitley Debbie Novell! Debbie Smith Debra Wilbum Kerry O ' Neill Susan Armstrong Patricia Barker Candace Bowers Marjorie Butler Connie Carlisle Patsy Colwell Linda D ' Acosta Susan Dirks Julie Eckard Kothy Edwards Joyce Fritch Mary Gloyna Paula Green Joy Higgins National Collegiate Association for Secretaries National Collegiate Association for Secretaries ' members aided Tech ' s Dads ' Association this year by address- ing letters and envelopes for the group ' s mass-mailing to parents of freshman stu- dents. In addition, the Tech secretaries took minutes at the Association ' s spring meetings. Members also compiled a dic- tation test booklet to be sold to Texas business educators. The Tech chapter celebrated its sixth year in existence at a Christmas-Anniversary party where the members honored sponsor Dr. Irol W. Balsley, the national founder of NCAS. Members also attended a spring banquet in April. Requirements for membership in NCAS are students majoring in business education or secretarial administration and no less than a 2.0 grade point aver- age. Officers for 1 972-73 were: Linda D ' Acosta, president; Paula Green, secre- tary; Juliann Chapman, treasurer; Lou Ann McHargue, historian; and Joy Hig- gins, publicity director. Future 339 GRADUATE SCHOOL Dean J. Knox Jones, Jr. Grad School Helps Students Using research as its main objective, Texas Tech ' s Graduate School had a total enrollment of 2,753. Helping these students with jobs was also a part of the school. Many graduate students were employed as teaching assistants at Tech. Dean J. Knox, Jr., in his second year as dean of the school, continued to help aid the students. Other deans in the Graduate School are Dilford C. Carter, associate dean; Thomas A. Langford, associate dean; Eugene A. Coleman, act- ing associate dean; and Irene F. Temple, administrative assistant dean. Helping graduate students with jobs is one of the functions of the graduate school. The university hires several graduates each year to serve as teaching assistants. Above some of the TA ' s pre- pare for their classes while Jane Shoemaker (below) passes out tests in a sociology discussion group. Futurt 341 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Dean John R. Bradford . " , - fc ' Engineers ' Work in New Facilities Flying professors from the College of Engineering get ready to fly to Amarillo and Borger for night classes. They are: (left to right) Mike Sanders, Dr. James E. Halligan, Wes Tex pilot, Raymond Yell, Dr. George F. Meenaghan and Dr. A. J. Gully. (top) Dr. Jerry Ramsey instructs his students about industrial safety, (bottom left) The College ' s deans began work this year in the newly remod- eled architecture building, now named Engineer- ing Center, (bottom right) Becoming nationally as well as interna- tionally known in its work and endeavors, the College of Engineering has witnessed a marked increase in enrollment. The department of architecture showed a gain of nearly 15 per cent, undoubtedly due to the new ten-story architecture building completed last year. The old architecture building was extensively remodeled and has been renamed the Engineering Center. It houses the offices of the Deans of Engineering, Continuing Education, the Department of Engineer- ing Technology, and the Western Inform- ation Network, as well as several rooms devoted to engineering services such as a printing facility and electronics shop. In addition to the regular faculty, the Col- lege featured the " flying professors " who travel to Amarillo, Borger and Odessa to continue the education of working engi- neers. Twelve of these students received their Masters degrees from the program this year. 343 Society of Petroleum Engineers The Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME is an organization of engineering students who are interested in the petroleum industry. With a membership in excess of seventy students, the SPE tries to give all its members the opportunity to see what the engineering profession has to offer. To accomplish this goal the SPE has monthly meetings with guest speakers. This fall fifteen junior and senior members attended the four day, 47th Annual SPE Fall Meeting in San Antonio. Approximately fourty members made the field trip to the Per- mian Basin Oil Show in Odessa, the officers for 1972-1972 were president Roger Graham, 1st vice-president Gary Feist, 2nd vice-president Rick Graff, secretary-treasurer Steve Ros- sler and engineering representative Dr. H. W. Winkter was the faculty sponsor. President Roger Graham presents information about petroleum engineering at one of the monthly SPE meetings (top left) SPE members pack their van to travel to San Antonio for the 47th Annual SPE Meeting Members leaving are (left to right) Roger Gra- ham. Steve Messer. Gary McDow Gary Feist. Jack McAmear. ail Hawkins. Doug Fuller. Gary Ketchum. Prof A Crawford, David Hardy. Robert Rogers. Or H W Wmkler. Velton Funk. Ebrahim Shanl. Mark Wise Prof Philip Johnson, and Steve Rossler (on top of the bus) (top right) Fourty SPE members get ready to toad the bus to travel to the Permian Basin Oil Show in Odessa (bottom) = ' . - 3 44 Future lately (our the American Society of Civi Engineers Members of the American Society of Civil Engineers participated in several activities including a tour of Tech engi- neering facilities for high school students. ASCE members also participated in the Engineering Student Council Seminar. They traveled to Amarillo for a field trip. ASCE featured guest speakers each month to talk about different areas in civil engineering. An annual picnic high- lighted ASCE activities in April. Officers for 1972-73 were: Ben Hernandez, presi- dent; Otis Smith, vice-president; Gary Thompson, secretary 1 971 -72; Terry Van Noy, secretary 1972-73; Pat Smiley, trea- surer; and Jim Gibbs, Engineering Stu- dent Council representative. President Ben Hernandez listens to a discussion by ASCE members, (top left) Guest speaker Cmdr. David Gerdel, naval engineering commander, talks to ASCE members about civil engineering and the navy, (top right) Members of ASCE stop briefly during a tour of Tech engineering facilities, (bottom) Future 345 Alpha Phi Mu Pi Epsilon Tau Three members of Alpha Phi Mu were named as outstanding engineering students this year. Those receiving the honor were Mario Bubbano, Karen Hogg and Wayne Bar- tell. H. J. MacKenzie, the chapter advisor served as Region IV director of the National organization of Alpha Phi Mu. The major project for Alpha Phi Mu was the furnishing of the new undergraduate library in the Industrial Engineering Building. Officers were Tom Landers, president; J. D. Petty, vice-president; Mario Burbano, corre- sponding secretary; Joe Masso, treasurer; and Raul Zilleronga, recording secretary. Electing members twice a year, Pi Tau Epsi- lon is an honorary engineering fraternity. Robert Rogers served as president with Steve Rossle as vice-president, Gary Feist as secretary-treasurer. Pledges of Alpha Pi Mu for the spring semester included Jim King, Avinash Tillak, James Wright, Richard Rhodes, Dennis Roerty, George " Hilary, Onur Ulgen and Richard Wolf. J. D. Petty served as pledge trainer. Members of Pi Tau Epsilon (below) were Rick Graff, Ed Hance, Steve Rossler, Robert Rogers, Roger Graham, Gary Feist, David Hardy, Duane Crawford, Dr. Herald Winkler, Ron Lang and Philip Johnson. ;S4f, future American Society of Mechanical Engineers Gaiyfel, David Sponsoring a car workshop is one of the main activities of the American Soci- ety of Mechanical Engineers. For a small charge, students can get a complete tune-up on their cars. To promote better student-faculty relations, ASME sponsors a faculty-student social. Each month during their meeting they have a technical speaker. Also they try to take at least one field trip during each semester. Serving as officers for 1 972 were Gary Burnett, president; Bill Bobbins, vice- president, Fred Evans, treasurer; and David King, secretary. Serving as officers for 1972 were Fred Evans, David King, Gary Burnett and Bill Bobbins. Below are the members of ASME. (top row) Stan Kolod- zie, Bandy, Dr. Jordan, Joe Mino, Gary Landes and Bill Bobbins, (middle row) Clark Butts, John Seale, Melody Shelton, Gary Burnett, Paul Burner, and Steve Bradley, (bottom row) David King, Ahmad Honorabi, Fred Evans, Dennis Wainwright and Tommy Persons. Futurr 347 Enjoying the spring day, some of the members of AICHE indulge in a game of baseball while others take advantage of the annual picnic by simply eating and talking with other members of the club and their dates. American The picnic is just one of the many activities of AICHE. This fraternity participates in the Tech intramural pro- gram more than any other engineering organization. Institute of Chemical Engineers In 1938, Dr. Aaron G. Oberg formed the student chapter of American Institute of Chemical Engineers. After climbing to a mem- bership of 74, the organization is still under Dr. Oberg ' s leadership. The only requirement for membership in AICHE is that the student be majoring in chemical engineering. Off-campus speakers from the area are invited to speak at each meeting. These lec- tures are concerned with contemporary areas of chemical engineering. Officers for this year were president Jeff Morris, vice-president Andrew Hoyle, secre- tary Donald Stuckey and treasurer Margaret Reese. US Future College of Engineering Completes New Facilities Deans ol the College of Engineering began work in the fall in the newly remodeled old architecture building, now named the Engi- neering Hall, (top) Dr. Jerry Ramsey demonstrates an industrial safety checking device for his students (bottom left) Participating in the continuing engineering education program are the " flying professors " : Mike Sanders, business administration; Jim Halligan, chemical engineering; Raymond Yell, education; G. Meenaghan. chemical engineering; and A. J. Gully, associate dean of of the College of Engineering, (bottom right) With a gain of almost fifteen percent, the College of Engineering ' s enrollment rose to a total of 2041 with 1821 being undergradu- ates. Following completion of the new ten-story architecture building, the College of Engineer- ing moved its offices to the old architecture building. Now the Engineering Hall, the build- ing houses the offices of the Deans ' of Engi- neering, Continuing Education, the Depart- ment of Engineering Technology and the Western Information Network. There are also rooms devoted to Engineering Services. These include such things as a printing facility and electronics shop. Dr. Karl Inguar Selin was appointed as a Visiting Professor and Dr. Jan Bertil Bergstrom as a Visiting Assistant Professor. Both men are on leave from the Royal Institute of Tech- nology in Stockholm, Sweden. Fulurr 349 ill 1IIUI ' !!!! Sid Lifleken, Gregory McNichol, vice-president, and Mary Jane Norwood (above) look over a model of one of their buildings. Below officers of The American Institute of Architects go over some plans they have drawn. Officers include Mary Jane Norwood, president 1 972; Sid Litteken, trea- surer 1972; Larry Olson, president 1973; and Kay Carrington, treasurer 1973. American Institute of Architects The American Institute of Architects sent representatives to Texas Society of Architects Convention in El Paso during November and to the National AIA meet- ing in Houston in May. At the annual AIA alumni breakfast dur- ing the fall, Una Hanbury was the guest speaker. Ms. Hanbury is a sculptress from Santa Fe. A speaker series was sponsored by the organization at each meeting. These speakers were usually product represent- atives. During the spring, President Bol- ton, a residential architect from Houston, was one of the special speakers. Officers were President Mary Jane Norwood, Vice President Larry Olson, Secretary Ken Paft and Treasurer Sid Lit- teken. 1 350 Future if Architects B Society of as the guest ) sculptress wed by the sting. These xt represent- " restated- ran Houston, ters, it Mary Jane Larry Olson, aswSidlri- Members of Tau Beta Pi pictured above include Leamond Hood, Prof. L. J. Powers, Tom Olive. Doug Darden, Johnny Blau, John Seale, Gary Burnett, Tom Bunch, Fred Evans, Lowell Wiggains, Terry Wil- liams, Howard Wainwright and Karen Hogg. (Below) Officers for 1972-73 were (front row) Larry Zeag- ler, treasurer; Dan Pridgeon, secretary; Roger Graham, cataloger; Doug Thompson, electee trainer; (back row) John Whited, first vice president elect; Bill Morris, president; Gary Wood, assistant electee trainer; C. Wayne Hibbs, first vice president. Tau Beta Pi The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to recog- nize the outstanding academic engineer- ing students and foster a spirit of liberal culture in the College of Engineering. In the pursuit of these purposes, the Texas Beta Chapter had a unique year in 1 972- 73. During the fall, the club saw a barrier fall and the chapter ' s accomplishments rise. Karen Hogg was the first woman elected to full membership in the Texas Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi since its inception in 1 937. In tune with the chang- ing times the chapter then received the Most Improved Chapter Award and hon- orable mention for the Chapter of the Year Award at the National Tau Beta Pi Convention at College Park, Maryland. Continuing the projects that won it acclaim at the national convention during the spring. These projects included a slide rule workshop, publication of Nuts and Bolts and recruiting, and writing newspaper articles about the energy cri- sis. The end to the eventful year came at the Engineering Honor Banquet in April. ; 7r k II I! I s 7 I V . Town Country Center, 4th Boston El Torador Room, 4th Boston Caprock Center, 50th Canton Family Park Center, 34th Avenue H Downtown, Main Avenue K : ' ' TOWN CO T C staff members were (l-r): Lynn Reeves and Myrleen Parlette, co-editors; and Joan Evans, staff. Jeff Lawhon Jan Shaw La Ventana co-editors Lynn Reeves Myrleen Parlette Town and Country co-editors Joan Evans Ina Ray Staff Darrel Thomas Director of Photography Mike Davis Pat Broyles Lon Larsen Photography Staff Bill Dean Director of Publications Jean Finley Business Manager DEPARTMENTS 378 College of Home Economics 376 Deans of Agriculture 377 Dean of Home Economics ORGANIZATIONS Student Agriculture Council Alpha Zeta Alpha Epsilon and Range and Wildlife Future Farmers of America Agriculture Economics Agriculture Engineering and Mechanized Agriculture Agronomy Club Block and Bridle Rodeo Association American Home Economics Association Phi Upsilon Omicron Fashion Board FEATURES 363 All-school Rodeo 369 Little International 374 Judging Teams 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 366 370 382 384 386 TOWNiCO Symbolic of the heritage of West Texas is the uniquely characteristic windmill. Town Country 355 STUDENT AGRICULTURE COUNCIL Members of the 1 972-73 Aggie Council are: seated (l-r): James Henton, Terry Johnson, Jim Avis, Alton Egger, Ray Bryant, Alan Grider. Standing (l-r): Joe Parker, Sid Hardegree, Dwight Head, Lee Hall, Hyman Sauer, Mac Young, B. C. Bennett, Monty Horner, Mac Devin, Bill Kleman, Mark Miller, Ken Dudens- ing, Dr. W. F. Bennett (advisor) (top). Student and faculty of the College of Agriculture enjoy the Aggie Council ' s Pig Roast (above). Aggie Council officers are: Ray Bryant, Mac Devin (seated), Mac Young and Joe Parker, president (right). The Student Agriculture Council is com- posed of the presidents and one representa- tive from every agriculture club, including the three Student Association senators from the College of Agriculture. Together, these representatives coordinated all social and academic activities of all department organ- izations. The Aggie Council also sponsored recruiting programs and teacher evaluation projects. The Annual Agriculture Honors Convocation was held at the Council-spon- sored Pig Roast and the Aggie Honors Ban- quet. 356 Town Country ALPHA ZETA Alpha Zeto is the national agriculture honorary fraternity. The Texas Beta chapter annually sponsors two mobile blood drawings for the Texas Tech Agricultural Ex-Students Blood Account. TTAESBA is a non profit, self- sustaining blood insurance group com- posed of Ag students and staff. Pro- ceeds from the Blood drawings go for blood insurance and scholarships awarded annually to Ag students. Alpha Zeta also co-sponsored along with the Aggie council the Aggie Hon- ors Banquet. This program recognized outstanding students, leaders, and fac- ulty members. diet wain " :u |ture Honors Officers for Alpha Zeta 1 972-73 are: (l-r): Kenneth Sjogrem, spring chronicler; Jimie Reed, scribe; Butch Stephens, censor; Mac Devin, chancellor; Jerry Bennett, treasurer; Jim Avis, Aggie Council representative (top). Members are: Front row (l-r): Tom Louthan, Jim Risley, Jim Robbins, Lynch Gratton, Steve Matthews, Mac Devin. Sec- ond row: Tim Holland, Brice Tabor, Gaines Howell, Dwight Overton, Dan Kinsel, Joe Word, Darrel Shepard, Butch Stephens. Third row: Larry Connor, Larry Langer- hans, Jerry Bennett, James (Smiley) Cook, James Hinton, Larry Mills, Jimie Reed, Danny Beck. Fourth row: Kenneth Sjo- grem, Stewart Allen, Frank Price, Gene Bruce, Jim Avis and Dr. Dan Krieg, spon- sor. Town Country 357 RANGE AND WILDLIFE Alpha Epsilon is a national Agriculture Engineering Honor Society. Membership is extended by invitation only to those out- standing juniors in the upper quarter and seniors in the upper third of their class who are members of the student branch of the American Society of Agriculture Engineer- ing. Alpha Epsilon works closely with A.S.A.E. in projects and services to the campus, and serves in promotion of the agriculture engineering profession. ALPHA EPSILON Range and Wildlife Man- agement is open to all range and wildlife majors. The club features guest speakers from various departments through- out the university at their monthly meetings. A barbe- que is held each semester; the Spring Barbeque being held for all university students. The 1 972-73 members are: (l-r): Kenneth Herin, Steve Hannon, Danny Beck, Larry William- son, Don Cox, Larry Langer- hans, Mark Henderson, Larry Butler, Randall Kay, Keith Duncan, Eugene Daniel, David Jaynes, Gary Beaty and Steve Nelle. 358 Town Country Members of Alpha Epsilon are: (l-r): John Ford, Dr. Wil- liam Lyle (honorary member), Dan Gill, Dennis Downey, Bill Black, Jerry Stanford, Randal Birkelbach, Dr. Eugene Foer- ster (sponsor), and Dwight Head (above). Officers for 1 972-73 are (l-r): Jerry Stan- ford, vice-president; Dan Gill, president; Bill Black, secretary; and Dennis Downey, trea- surer, (right) FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA education and keeping pace with the latest agricultural developments. Each year the FFA helps sponsor the annual Aggie Pig Roast. The Tech FFA is under the guidance of advisors L. M. Hargrove, T. L. Leach, Dr. Lewis Eggenberger and Dr. Mark Juby. re Engineer- Justly with vkes to the ofai ol the The Collegiate Chapter or the Texas Tech Future Farmers of America is composed of the Agricultural Education students, includ- ing the Fall and Spring agricultural student teachers. The club ' s major interests focus upon improving methods of agricultural New developments in farm machinery ore inspected by Bob Hayter (top left). The Tech Collegiate Chapter of FFA (top right): David Bounds, Larry McDowell, Bob Hoyter, Bill Henderson, L. M. Hargrove, Eldon Fuqua, Mickey Hughes (bottom row); Bill Rampy, Gary SeHiff, Joe Henson, Thomas O ' Donald, Lee Moore, Jerry Smith, Harold Kretschmer, Gary Bridge, Jackie Kem- per, (middle row); and Donald Sheffield, Donald Smith, Cliff Cunningham, Raymon Doss, Monty Henson, Jerry Kitchens, Kenneth Kelm, Lavon Harmon, Donald Mocha, (top row). FFA officers (above left): Monty Hen- son, Allan Grider, Raymon Doss, Lavon Harmon, Jerry Smith, Harold Kretschmer, and Bob Hayter. Mickey Hughes prepared to inspect the research farm (above right). Town Country 359 AGRICULTURE ECONOMICS The Agriculture Economics Club, open to anyone interested in this field, provides edu- cational and social activities for its members. Field trips and guest speakers keep members alert as to the latest developments in Agricul- ture Economics, and each year the club sends its debate team to the national convention. The club sponsors such social events as an annual steak fry, ice cream social, and several dances. Officers for 1 972-73 are: Lee Hall, president; Randy Hollar, vice president; Frank Price, secretary; Bobby Mumme, reporter; and James Synatzske, treasurer. The organization is sponsored by Dr. J. W. Graves and Dr. Sujit Roy. One of the dances sponsored by Ag Eco is enjoyed by a couple (top left). James Syn- atzske, Fenton Brown and Lee Hall enliven the ice cream social (top right). Larry Mills and Jan Godfrey enjoy a Saturday night dance (below left). Members of the Agricul- ture Economics Association (below right). 360 Town Country s AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING The Tech Student Section of the Ameri- can Society of Agricultural Engineering, affiliated with the national professional organization, is designed to offer informa- tive programs on research and recent developments in agricultural engineering beneficial to majors in this field. Members annually attend the Southwest Regional meeting and provide a Spring Awards banquet honoring outstanding students and teachers. Officers for 1 972-73 are (I- r): Dr. Eugene Foerster (advisor), Danny Bauman, Bill Kleman, Murry Bullion, Jerry Walker, Bobby Urban, Dwight Head, Dan Gill, and Pat Scarth. MECHANIZED AGRICULTURE Mechanized Agriculture is a club organ- ized for majors only. Its programs provide enrichment for members through field trips and guest speakers who introduce new methods and developments in equipment. Annual events include an Apple Polishing banquet, a Spring Awards banquet, and service projects for the Buckner Children ' s Home. Serving as officers for 1 972-73 are (l-r): Dr. William Lyle (advisor), Jim Toma- nek (in cab), Tony Gregory, Hoyt Ste- phens, Mac Allison and Larry Stokes. Town Country 361 AGRONOMY CLUB The Agronomy Club, in cooperation with the Department of Agronomy, worked to provide educational and social functions for its members. Monthly speak- ers, a Spring banquet, and Homecoming Barbeque contributed to the program of the club. Open to anyone interested, the Agronomy Club was led by Dr. Robert G. Stevens, Larry Lambright, Alton Egger, Jim Avis, Tim Nox, John Dunlap, Dr. Coleman, James Henton, and Ronald Groves (bot- tom). Dr. Stevens and Larry Lambright lend their talents at the annual Homecom- ing Barbeque (lower left). 362 Town Country ALL-SCHOOL RODEO The All-School Rodeo was a much antic- ipated event sponsored by the Tech Rodeo Association. The rodeo was open to any Tech organization, and over 200 clubs participated in 1972. Major events included calf roping, bareback bronc rid- ing, saddle bronc riding, girl ' s barrel races | and bull riding. Also featured were fun events such as the motorcycle barrel race, wild horse race, calf dressing and boot scramble. Town Country 363 COWBOYS: THE HERITAGE OF WEST TEXAS Cowboys ... a culture embedded within the stream of campus living; a rare blend of revered, time-honored tradition and blasting surge toward modern technology. Abrasive thrills of rodeo, ever-expanding research in hundreds of fields, the rollicking bounce of a Saturday night dance, develop- mental achievements in mechanics and engi- neering, or settling down to the aroma of bar- beque characterize the cowboy ' s way of life. Only in the southwest exists such a unique blend of custom and progress. It is to be stud- ied and savored, for it is the heritage of west Texas. Town Country 365 BLOCK AND BRIDLE 366 Tmei Country BLOCK AND BRIDLE Block and Bridle officers for 1 972-73 are: (l-r): Roxie Vinyard, reporter; Wanda Green, historian; Ann Davis, secretary; Bruce Baccus, president; Jim Quinn, vice- president; Feller Hughes, treasurer; and Bill Lamker, pledge marshal! (top). Block and Bridle president Bruce Baccus congrat- ulates Horse Show winner Mono Hender- son (above). Members of Block and Bridle (right). 368 Town Country LITTLE INTERNATIONAL livestock were judged, including cattle, sheep, swine, and horse. The 1 972 Little International award for overall showman- ship was won by Roxie Vin ard, and Ann Davis was selected Milk Maid. Little International was an an nual stock show sponsored by Block and Bridle. Open to any Tech student, contestants were judged on preparation of their ani- mal and showmanship. Four classes of Town Counln 369 E ,: Board of Directors for the Rodeo Asso- ciation for 1 972-73 are: Jack Birdwell, Monty McCloy, Stan Hackfield (chair- man), Emory Birdwell, Buz Cooper, Ab Henley, and Beverly Carter (above). Rodeo Association officers for 1 972-73 are (l-r): Frank Price, vice-president; Audrey Green (seated), treasurer; Janet Schmidt, reporter; Georgia Doherty, secretary; and Emory Birdwell, president (left). Town Country 371 RODEO ASSOCIATION 450 members comprise Tech ' s largest organization, the Rodeo Association. Annual events such as the All-school rodeo, which is open to all Tech students; the Cowboy Christmas Ball, and the Rodeo Luncheon were s ponsored by the Rodeo Association. Students also looked forward to monthly dances in preparation of the year ' s highlight: the Texas Tech Rodeo. Ab Henley works the chutes during the Tech rodeo (right). Finalists for Rodeo Queen are: (l-r): Janis Binion, Alma Boyd, Ann Harrel, Zone Mitchell, and Cindy Scott (below). 372 Town Country II Hundreds of students flock to Tech each spring for the world ' s largest indoor collegiate rodeo. Sponsored by the Tech Rodeo Association, the rodeo features professional stock, clowns and judges. Top entertainment is brought each year, Faron Young being the 1973 guest. Tech stu- dents placed well in the 1973 contest: Mark McCloy won first place in saddle bronc riding and has represented the southwest at the national finals in Montana. Ronny Pyne won first place in steer wrestling while Stan Hack- feld placed fourth, and Viola Sims won first place in girls ' bar- rel racing. Emery Birdwell was awarded the Dub Parks memorial award as most outstanding Rodeo Association member. Zane Mitchell is crowned Rodeo Queen (left). Stewart Allen competes in calf roping (lower left). Members of the 1973 Rodeo Team are: (l-r) front row: Stan Hackfeld, Jim Bob Bailey. Middle row: Albert Henley, Buz Cooper, Dan Kinsel, Emery Birdwell. Back row: Mike Green, Stewart Allen, and Jack Birdwell (below). Toun Countn 373 JUDGING TEAMS Bennett, Jot Smith, Dr. B. L. Allen, Billy University of Maryland and ptcrtec Janes, Ray Bryant, and Mac Devin. The tz -t- DEANS OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES W. F. Bennett Assistant Dean 3 76 Toien Country James E. Osborn Interim Assistant Dean D, Anson R. Bertrand Dean DEANS OF HOME ECONOMICS Billie F. Williamson Assistant Dean Donald S. Longworth Dean of Home Economics Maynette D. Williams Assistant Dean Tom Country 377 FOOD AND NUTRITION The Food and Nutrition depart- ment is one of the fastest growing in the College of Home Economics. It includes both graduate and under- graduate programs. Dr. S. P. Yang, department chairman, states the goals of the department as the improvement of the nutritive value, quality, and appearance of food. Courses vary from chemistry labs to food preparation classes. Research is symbolized by the test tube (above right) and experimental foods labs (above). Mrs. Mozelle Holberg instructs a class in nutrition principles (right). 378 Town Country CLOTHING AND TEXTILES Clothing and Textiles, headed by Dr. Norma Walker, is one of the most diversified departments in the College of Home Economics. Options involving research, mer- chandising and retailing, and fash- ion design, coordinating and illus- tration are offered to all majors. Current research is also conducted within the department. Principles of design are featured in a depart- mental display (above). Students model their creations at the close of the semester (left). Town Country 379 HOME ECONOMICS EDUCATION Mary Pope, using effective vis- ual aides, teaches the class prin- ciples of clothing (above). Micro-teaching, " in which the student is filmed while present- ing a demonstration, is employed by Dr. Valerie Cham- berlain (far right). Carolyn McCain demonstrates the use of the overhead projector (right). Growth and expansion characterized the Department of Home Economics Education, headed by Dr. Camille Bell. New programs, including group dynamics, simulation, compe- tency-based teacher evaluation, and individual- ized instruction methods were utilized to improve teacher education. The concept of differentiated staffing, by which students develop an enriched background and become expertise in various fields, was recently introduced to the depart- ment. With the focus on the future, the Home Economics Education Department, through con- stant communication and re-evaluation, has con- tinually developed new and better ways to train future instructors. 380 Town Country L II HOMEAND j FAMILY LIFE The Department of Home and Family Life, headed by Dr. Stanley Fowler, chairman, is composed of three sections: the Child Development section, led by Mrs. Estelle Wallace; the Home Man- agement section, headed by Dr. Kyle Coulter; and the Family Relations sec- tion, led by Dr. Robert Finder. Home and Family Life is the most rapidly grow- ing department in the College of Home Economics. New trends in the exploration of the why and how of human relation- ships and feelings are being delved into in various research projects within all three sections. The area of housing and interior design is one of the most recent to be expanded under the direction of Dr. Richard Henton. Dr. Henton looks over a design plan with Nancy Fuhrken and Doug Carpenter (below). Children enjoy the playground at the Child Devel- opment laboratory (left). Town Country 381 AMERICAN HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION (top left) Decorations, costumes and props contributed to the All-American theme of AHEA ' s annual Howdy Party, (top right) Morton Gold and John Hamilton greet as the party gets off to an enthusiastic start, (above left) Sue Cannon pauses to take in the flurry of activity, (above right) Meeting people was a major activity at the party: Marian Morris and Blanche So ules exchange " howdys. " on Sec, " , EC :- 382 Tottn A Country Home Economics students found professional and social opportunities in the Tech student section of the American Home Economics Associa- tion. Affiliated with the national professional association, AHEA offered its members professional contacts through attendance at the Texas Home Economics Student Sec- tion convention in Beaumont and the Texas Home Economics Association convention in Houston. Social activi- ties in monthly meetings, sponsored by the four student interest groups (Clothing and Textiles, Home Eco- nomics Education, Food and Nutri- tion, and Home and Family Life), ranged from a Christmas tree deco- rating party to a fondue demonstra- tion. Such a rare combination of fel- lowship, fun and business-oriented professionalism provided a valuable resource for aspiring Home Econo- mists. Officers for 1972-73 are: Jackie Lundberg (standing). Second row (l-r): Marian Morris, Pat Zuelke, Sherrie Thomas (president). Third row (l-r): Linda Priddy, Bar- bara Howell, Janice Krienke, Kathy Conley, Patsy Mon- roe, and Lynn Reeves, (top) Sharla Becton, Tech ' s Home Economist of the Year, helps Kathy Conley prepare a demonstration for an AHEA meeting (above). Kathy Langenegger and Linley Kite-Powell carefully adjust temperature controls to assure a successful fondue. Town Country 383 PHI UPSILONOMICRON Kenda Allen Sharla Becton Deborah Bourland Jeanne Braliebill Robbie Brewster Carole Campbell Caron Cloud Maxie CoaUon Carole Cole Cindy Conway Marsha Crawford Rita Nell Davis Kathryn Dirks Gayle Gardner Audrey Henderson Elizabeth Herington Linda House Kathy Langenegger Charlotte Miller Patsy Monroe Vicki Ogle Linda Pearson Patricia Perry Pamela Richter Janet Stahl Martha Tennant Linda Talley Pamela Weaks Joyce Yarling Rita Nell Davis. Pam Weaks. and Pam Richter serve at the Phi U. for- mal tea. f 384 Town Country Phi Upsilon Omicron is a national pro- fessional Home Economics fraternity composed of members selected on the basis of scholarship and involvement in campus and community activities. " Phi U ' has outlined its objectives as serving and advancing home economics, aiding members in becoming leaders through personal and professional development, stimulating intelligent participation in civic affairs and aiding in the develop- ment of professional friendships. To be eligible for membership, a home eco- nomics student must have a 3.0 grade point average and completed 48 semes- ter hours. Officers for 1972-73 are: (l-r) first row: Linley Kite-Powell, Gayle Garner, Kathe- rine Dirks, Jana Trostel. Second row (up stairs): Karen McClendon, Sharla Becton, Linda Talley, Joyce Yarling, Audrey Henderson, and Cathy Langenegger (top). Linda Talley discusses Phi U. with prospective members Patty Butler and Mary Goodman (above). At the formal tea, given for selection of new members, Kathy Conley answers questions of inter- ested Home Economics majors (left). Town Country 385 FASH ION BOARD Fashion Board officers for 1973 are (l-r): Mickey Brown, vice-president; Lori Freedman, president; Claudia McGough (seated), secretary; Kandi Andreson, his- torian; and Nancy Leakey, treasurer, (right) Mickey Brown models at Fashion Board ' s Christmas style show (above). Cynthia Bearden Viclci Biddy Mickey Brown Lori Freedman Morton Gold Laurie Hansen Correll King Nancy Leakey Claudia McGough Greg Muehlberger Doris Pickett Sammie Riley Lucile Smith Patricia Smith Nancy Thompson Cynthia Vittum Janice West Paula Whiteley Kathy Wright Patricia Zimmerman Fashion Board was designed as an organization to help promote fashion awareness on the Tech campus. Regular programs, meetings and style shows in which members model helped achieve this goal. Fashion Board was under the guidance of Miss Leona Kocher and Executive Board members Lori Freed- man, Mickey Brown, Claudia McGough, Nancy Leakey, Kandy Andreson, Kathy Wright, Pat Smith, Morton Sold, Judy Bonds, Sandra LeMay, and Correll King. Members of Fashion Board not pictured are Holly Ann Behring, Rhonda Jo Brewer, Anita Jane Dunn and Kay Whlenmaier. 386 Tonn Country 1 ' lii McSough, ireson, My .Gold, Judy Correll King, not pictured Rhonda Jo nn and Kay " I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving. " Oliver Wendell Holmes Visit the friendly, experienced folks who know how to serve you best MAURICE and RUTH SNELL at PO SNELL DRUG HIS English Leather Old Spice Max Factor Faberge Passport 360 Pub HER Rubinstein Max Factor Coty Bonne Bell Revlon Faberge Du Barry L ' Oreal Ultima II Magazines Cosmetics Foods for Snacks Gifts Drugs 24-Hour Film Service Jewelry Stuffed Animals 1221 University Across from " Weeks TEXAS TECH ON THE CAMPUS ' The Complete University Bookstore " SENIORS 1973 I PMB7 f f VIEW LA VENTANA 1973 VOLUME 48 The powrr structure will rrmain imbedded in many a senior ' mind. Debi Patricia John Clara BrU TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. CAMPUS SCENE LAW SCHOOL 391 GRADUATES 391 SENIORS 394 STAFF SENIOR VIEW DEBI ELKINS, : : EDITOR PATRICIA TATE JOHN CAMP CLARA CURRIE BETSY HUMPHREY LA VENTANA CO EDITORS JAN SHAW JEFF LAWHON PHOTOGRAPHER DARREL THOMAS DIRECTOR OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BILL DEAN LAW SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL: Bridewell Pou Denni, W. Bridewell. Gl.n Ro Second Year Law D.I. W. Hiof. Amarillo Fir.tY.ar Law John Nance. El Paio First Y.ar Law Harry A. Otborna, Atlanta, Ga. Sacond Year Law David B. Prttard, Ubbocl Second Year Law Robert L. Pou, Lubbock Pint Year Law GRADUATE SCHOOL GRADUATES: Ainsworth Brown Marelin E. Ain.worth, Morgon Joe H. Alcorta. Abilene Jim F. Alexander. Amarillo Matter of Mast Communications. Sigma Delta Chi. Graduate Student Society. Intramural Football Randy Armstrong, Lubbock Master of Advertising Wiliam T. Ashley. San Antonio George S. Barker, Lubbock Master of Marketing. Graduate Student Society. American Marketing Asm. Dean ' s Honor Roll Patricia Ann Beumgarner, East Liverpool. Ohio Omar M. telaii Tripoli. Libya George Bigger, Corpus Christ! Master of Agronomy Frank N. Btanton. Dallas Delta Tau Delta. SEA. Dean ' s list Michael C. Bodine. Colorado City Master of Range Management. Pi Kappa Alpha. Phi Kappa Phi. Range Plant Team John S. Boyle. Waco My C. Brock. Lubbock Afita K. Brown. Waco Master of Physical Education Gary D. Campbell. Rovdede Senior Look 391 r GRADUATES: Chan McNutt Spancac C. Own. Matain . La. Wiliam S. W. CXang. Taip . Hsien. Taiwan Raymond M. Chi ng, Taipei. Taiwan Maitr of Industrial Engineering 6ry L Chrttmon, Bedford Kanr . ! L dapp. Lubbock James V. Crider. G ' nland Ark. Hoyl L CurNs, P.t.rsburq Mastvr of Mechanical Encjirwerinq. Tau Bta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi Gary W. D.W.V, El Palo HwUrl F. Oilofi. Jr.. Bedford III. Master of Physical Education. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Intramural Graduate Assittant Theresa H. Escobedo. Lubbock William F. Folios. Nacogdoches Patricia K. Fraiiar. Lubbock Ivah 0. Frost, Topeka. Kan. Thomas N. Galagher, Rochester. Ind. Margaret E. GiUison, Houston Dan f. . Dallas Master of Agricultural Engineering James A. Gary. Hazen Ark. Yvonne M. Hale. Farmington. N. M. Gerald A. Hancock. Midland Master in General Business Stnanne Heins. Alice Lavena G. Holmen. Childress Jan Hudson. Lubbock Dale S. Hughes. Nevada. Iowa Robert 0. Ibe. Lubbock Master of Science Patricia A. Jackson. Arden. N. C. Master of Home Economics Henry W. Jacobs. Houston Master of Mathematics Charles M. Kiker, Lubbock Doctor of Education Carole C. Kildurf. Lubbock Master of Education Tommy R. Knowier, Lubbock Charles F. Kuirh. Dimmitt Fred W. McClung. Jr.. Lubbock Catfry L McGhee. Victoria LaVerna McMenamy. Lubbock Jenia I. McNurt. Brownf.eld _ j r? 392 Senior Look GRADUATES: Miller Wallace Ron M. Miller, Stol.e III. Slurry K. Mill.,, Plain, Matter of Education John C. Mill,. Dallas Ronald R. Mouier, New Horn. Matter of Phyiical Education Sue t Naalay. Pacos Dennit R. Naittch, Agua Dulca John H. Newman. Jr., Lubbocl Darwin C. Nunley. Lubbock John R. Oglaiby, Pacot Bobbia G. PaHenon. i bbock Mastar of Education Craig T. Pannal, Midland John E. Phalan, Dallas Don W. Pharr, Luboock Micl.y K. Ramuy, Lampases FFA. TTESBA. E-Studenti Atsn Jack W. Riitar, Roby Phi Delta Kappa Scarlett G. Rhoadl, Corsicana Larry D. Sandan, Wainert Lawrence E. Sava, Lubbock Mary Ann Saay, Lubbock Oaborah J. Saldan, San Angalo Silly W. Shapard, Lubbock Eugene F. Shields, lola. Kan. William L Schradar, Lubbock William N. Shradar, Midland Master of Management LaRua L. Sloan, Sherman Richard A. Sonet. Bogaluie. La. Matter of Mast Communicationt. Matt Comm. Graduate Society Arthur R. Spencer, Holliday Dean ' t Litt Ella Mae Steele. Lubbock Ming Sun, San Francisco. Calif. Philip A. Tata, Malvern. Ark. Kathleen C. Taylor, Wheaton. Md. Ronald G. Tefteller. M.dland Carol T. Vaughn, Houston Matter of Education 6. L Waldroi Lubbock Matter of Business Adminittration Jamet G. Wallace, Greenville 393 Senior Look " GRADUATES: Ware Zuaiter Saoroat W. War., Lubbock DanM H. Whitalay. Mumca. md. Ralana C. W K, Lovinqton. N. M. Judy C. York. Clarmont. H . Saoro. C. Youtg. McAlUn Catvin E. Zongkar. Tulu OH. Farouq A. Zuaitar, Amman. Jordan SENIORS SENIORS: Abbott Allen tart Abbott. Locknay Bachlor of Scianca in Elactrical Enginaaring. Tau Bata Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. BSU. Daan ' s List JudyAckar. Lubbock Bachalor of Am in Psychology. Pras,dant i Hoitau. Kappa Alpha That.. Pi. Chi Gary L Adamt. Midland BacHalor of Scianca in Businats Administration. Phi Kappa Phi Larry C. Adamt. Lubbock Bachakx of Scianca in Elactrical Enqinaarinq. Outing Club. I.E.E.E. Pratica f. Adaim. Gatasvilla Bachakx of Arts in Music Education. Band. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia WaHar C. Adam.. San Antonio Bachalor of Scianca in Manaqamant Nancy K. Aduddal, Lubbock Bachalor of Sciance in Education GaraU K. Afflarbach. Hobbs. N. M. Bachalor of Scianca in Elactrical Enqinaaono,. I.E.E.E.. Daan s List Fafaydomi Aghaiadah. Raqaiah. Iran Bachalor of Scianca in Industrial Enqinaarinq. A.I.I.E.. Alpha Phi Omaqa Jotaphma Aquirra, Fort Worth Bachalor of Scianca in Education fVad W. Albus, Pap Bachalor of Scianca. Ranqa and Wildlifa Club Robart S. Alcott, III. Laka Jackson Bachalor of Scianca in Manaqamant. Army ROTC. Saddla Tramps. R.idar Rad " Mascot Lynn E. AUaraon. Lubbock Bachalor of Arts in Govarnmant. Panhallanic. K.ppa Alpha Thata. Who s Who My A. Alaundar. S.n Laandro. Calif. Bachalor of Arts in Accounting David M. Alaiandar. B.q Sprinq Bachalor of Arts m M.rkatinq Pi Kappa Alpha. Daan ' s List Eariatta Alan. Alaiandar. Wh.ta Daar Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics. Daan ' s Uit Jama. Alaiandar, Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Aqricultura. Block and BridU. Daan ' s List Janvt L flaindar. Abilana Bachalor of Scianca in Spac.al Education Dalta Dalt. Dalta. Arhlatic Racruitar Charlat T.Alan. Dallas Bachalor of Arts in Financa Kathy N. Alan. Stratford Bachalor of Scianca in Physical Education. Alpha Chi Omaqa. Major- Minor Club N fl A I Senior Look 394 SENIORS: Allen Babin Kenda L. Allen, Hurst Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Alpha Lambda Delta. AHEA, Phi Upiilon Omicron. Dean ' s Lilt Kenneth L Allan, Jr., Hunt Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics, Society of Physics Studentt. Vice-President. President of Campus Advance Michael E. Allen. Rotan Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. Saddle Tramps Phi Eta Sigma AFROTC Michael R. Alien, Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Ray Alverson. Burnet Bachelor of Busintss Administration in Management. Alpha Phi Omega. Weymouth Hall Council, Wesley Foundation ng Physics. Treasurer of Society of Jeffrey O. Amburgey, Odessa Bachelor of Science in Engine Physics Students Dana L. Anders, Hearna Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Band. Tau Beta Sigma Donald E. Anderson, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Park Administration, Track. Dean ' s List James H. Anderson, El Paso Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. Saddle Tramps James R. Anderson, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Park Administration, National Student Recreation and Parks Assoc.. Texas Recreation and Parks Society. Dean ' s Lilt Laurel J. Anderson, Crosbytor, Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business. Zeta Tau Alpha, President ' s Hostess, Phi Gamma Nu Patricia F. Anderson, Dallas Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Art and Design, Gamma Phi Beta. Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister Shellie E. Anderson, Houston Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Chi Omega. Mu Phi Epsilon, University Center Committee William J. Andreson, Spade Bache ' or of Science in Animal Science JudyC. Anthony. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Delta Delta Delta Jamie H. Appleton, Coppell Bachelor of Science in Education, Mu Phi Epsilon. NEA Richard E. Areher, Paducah Bachelor of Business Administration John D. Armitstead, Seminole Bachelor of Science in Physical Eduation, Dean ' s List, PEK Billy D. Armstrong, Kress Bachelor of Arts in Math. Band, Alpha Phi Omega. Kappa Mu Epsilon J. B. Armstrong, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Dean ' s List, Tech Accounting Society John T. Armstrong, Iraan Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Robert N. Armstrong, Earth Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Sigma Phi Epsilon Susan G. Armstrong, Big Spring Bachelor of Business Administration, Phi Gamma Nu. Phi Omega Pi. NCAS Charlyce L Arnold, BrownUld Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. President of Delta Sigma Theta, SOBU. Tech Singers Kenneth L Arnold. Idalou Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Audrey A. Aston, Roswell Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Delta Delta Delta. Dean ' s List. ABX Molly Atkinson, Port Arthur Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Alpha Lambda Delta. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Phi Kappa Phi Dercel Atwitl, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Secretarial Administration. Alpha Phi, NCAS, Chitwood Hall Legislator Karen L AuM, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Clothing and Textiles Stephen L. Austin, San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration in Management James 0. Avis. Henrietta Bachelor of Science in Crop Science, Phi Eta Sigma. Agronomy Club, Alpha Zeta Tom B. Awbrey, Abilene Mark W. Aycocfc. Richardson Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Alpha Epsilon Delta. Pre-Med Society, Band Jane Ayers, Chillicothe Bachelor of Science in Education. Delta Gamma President, La Ventana. Corpsdettes Rhonda L Babin. Port Arthur Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education. NAEA. Dean ' s List 395 Senior Look SENIORS: Baer Beadle 1C. , J. Beer. S so-a ' .r Bachelor 0 Soer,c. in Education. Dean I L.It Sandra K. Bagoarry. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Hom and Family Living. De " ! Lilt Douglas A. BaoWy. Ha.lev Bachelor of Soence " Animal Science Block and Bndle Club Barry H. Bailey. Los Alamos. N. M. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Arnold Air Society. ASCE Thomas O. Bailey. Houston Bachelor in Architecture AIA Ken O. Baker. Dallas Bachelor of Am In Government Saddle Tramps Studant Senate. Dean s L.st Sary L Baldwin. Spnngfield. Colo. Bachelor of Science in Animal Production Don 6. M. San Angelo Bachelor of Scianca in Electrical Enqinaarinq Phi Et Si ma. Tau Bata Pi Mariyma L lal. Lubbock Bachalor of Arts in Manaqamant Swan J. Balantina. Libaral. Kan. Bachalor of Arts in Spaach Pathology. Oaan ' i List. Studant ASHA Shannon . Barchart. Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Elacrrical Enqinaarinrg OanM P. Bancroft, Borgar BacMor of Arts in Talacommunications. Daan ' s List Hy H. Barbaa. Richardson Bachalor of Business Administration Claudia J. Barclay. Midland Bachalor of Fina Arts in Art Education Kappa Kappa Gamma Oaborah S. Barcay. Harlingan Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics Education. Pi Bata Phi. Daan s List Patricia L tartar. Lamasa Bachalor of Arts in Businass Education. Band. Phi Gamma Nu Tau Bata Sigma Nancy A. Barnas, Friandswood Bachalor of Scianca in Education. ACEI Daan ' s List Staphan L Bamhart. Tulsa Okla. Bachalor of Arts in Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha Donald E. Barnhil, Borgar Bachalor of Businass Administration. Kappa Alpha Ordar. Businass Council Bruca W. BaiTKk. Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Education Sary L Barrick, Amarillo Bachalor of Businass Administration. Varsity Basaball Lyrwtta I. Bartal. Comfort Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Daan s List Wayna Bartal. WaKara Bachalor of Scianca in Industrial Enginaaring. Studant Sanata. AIIE Jack E. Barton. Gatasvilla Bachalor of Scianca in Education Charlas Batanvan, Clabuma Bachalor of Businass Administration Batsy A. fatal. Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Park Administration. Dalta Dalta Dalta Batty Batas, Shallowatar Bachalor of Scianca in Education. TSEA. Daan s List Larry C. lattarton, Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Machanical Enginaaring Danny L Barnas. Dimmitt Bachalor of Businass Administration. Tach Accounting Society Patsy A. lauar. Lavalland Bachalor of Art .n Sociology Martha J. Bautdi. Midland Carol Ann Bauman Bachalor of Fina Arts in Interior Design SAID Dean s List Dacca 6. Baiter, Friona Bachelor of Science in Education. Campus Girl Scouts. Gamma Thata Upsilon Sammy E. Baiter, Anson Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics. Band Debbie L Beadle. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Education. Major-Minor Club StniorLook 396 SENIORS: Beal Black Nancy K. Baal. Corput Chriiti Bachelor of Art in Education William L Beaton. Kno C.t v Bachelor of Scianca in Civil Engineering Gregory A. Baard, Odeua Bachelor of Scianca in Chemical Eng.neermg AICHE, TacK Band Janica E. Beavers, Odesta Bachalor of Arts in Elementary Education Ava C. Back. Vara BacKalor of Scianca in Education. SEA. Dean ' s Lilt Stavan C. Beckner, Odetta BacKalor of Scianca in Chemistry Jerry M. Becton. Petersburg Bachalor of Scianca in Ag. Education. Collegiate FFA Shark J. Bacton, Idalou Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics. AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron Barbara K. Baar. Waiahechie Bachalor of Arts in Bilingual Saeratary H. Wayna BaighH, Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Machanical Enginaaring. ASME Jacqueline A. flalchar, Arlington Bachelor of Artt in Elementary Education Beverly J. Belknap, Midland Bachalor of Scianca in Education T. Eugene Bed, Abilana Bachalor of Arts in Agriculture Donald R. BaNar. Dalhart Bachalor of Art in History Robert H. Benbow, Bryan Bachalor of Business Administration B. C. Bennett. Marfa Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, Student Senate. Aggie Council Tarry H. Bennett, Tulson. Ariz. Bachelor of Artt in Zoology David O. Bentlay, White Deer Bachelor of Business Administration. Outing Club, Tach Accounting Society Mark L BenHon. Edcouch Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management. Sigma Nu. Rodeo Association Mat A. Berg. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Charles L Bergmonn, Austin Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Paul C. Berner, Houston Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. ASME, Dean ' s List Sandra D. Berner, Houston Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, ASME. Dean ' s Lilt Jimmy D. Barry. Amerillo Bachelor of Artt in Civil Engineering James H. Bever, Long view Bachalor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, ASME, ASHRAE Dan A. Beyer, Tf t Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Agro. Club Sylvia A Beyer. Taft Bachelor of Science in Education J. Stanley Bickel. Ballinger Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management Bruce E. Billings. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Tech Accounting Society Judith A. Brngham. Pecos Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Dean ' s List. SEA Emry BirdweH Jr.. Palo Pinto Bachalor of Arts in Animal Science. Rodeo Assn. Randal N. Birkelbech. Littlefield Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering. ASAE. AED Roland S. Biter, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, ASCE Key E. Btthfcin. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in French. Pi Delta Phi, Sigma Tau Delta Garry N. Black. Olnay Bachelor of Business Adminittration 397 Senior Look SENIORS: Black Brian Mary CHea, Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon Wives and Sweethearts Dean s List Wiliam A. Black. Spearman Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Beverly A. Slackwood. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Pi Beta Phi Angel Flight 6re ry H. Blake. Borger Bachelor of Arts in Zoology Double T Assn. AED Jacklyn J. Hencett, Olnev Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Phi Upsilon Omicron AHEA Danny P. Blevinis. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon Dean ' s List Emery P. Btume. Amherst Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Crurtipat Bodirativengkura. Bangkok Thailand Bachelor of Business Administration John A. BogflS, Scottsville Va. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu. Phi Kappa Phi Lori 6. Bohannon. Copperas Cove Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Gamma Sigma. Phi Gamma Nu Patricia L Boh, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Mu Helen BoHon. Port Arthur Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon Alpha Lambda Delta Miler H. Bonrter. Hurst Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Saddle Tramps. University Daily Sports Editor David E. Bost. Georgetown Bachelor of Science in Park A ministration Deborah A. BowUnd. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Sigma Kappa. AHEA Terry R. Bowden, Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration Candace S. Bowers. Midland Bachelor of Business Administration, Rodeo Assn.. NCAS Cheky L Bowles. Beaumont Bachelor of Music Education David E. Bownds, Lorenzo Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. FFA. Rodeo Assn. Laura E. Bonugji. San Antonio Bachelor of Art in Education Janet L Boyd. Snyder Bachelor of Business Administration. Tech Rodeo Club. National Business Education Assn. RHe K. Braboy. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List David 6. Bradley. Hurst Bachelor of Science in Civ.1 Engineering. ASCE. Tau Beta Pi Skein Bradskaw, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Gamma Phi Bata. American Education Assn. Jeanne L BrakeM, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Delta Delta Delta. Mortar Board Dianne Brame, Irving Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. WSO SEA Sandra A. Bratine. Burkburnett Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. SEA Bradley J. Braune. Hilo Bachelor of Sc.ence in Architectural Design David A. Bray. Pampa Bachelor of Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Society for the Advancement of Management William H. Sreland, Seymour Bachelor of Arts .n Physical Education. Golf Team. Dean ' s List Vickie E. Irewer. Terrell Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Dean ' s List Robbie J. Brewtter, Midland Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Education AHEA. Pn, Upsikj Omicron Robert 0. Brewrter. Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in Journal.sm. Saddle Tramps Sigma Delta Ch KerorynK.Brimer. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Education Kappa Alpha Theta. President s Hostess Judy . Han. San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in English. Angel Flight. Chi Omega LJet , , Senior Look 398 I I Sfc eF ' .i R SENIORS: Bridge Burke GaryV. Bridge. Alton Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education Lawrence M. Brody. We.twood. Man. Bachalor of Arti in Mechanical Tacfinology Looii L Brook . Sweetweter Bachalor of Scianca of Animal Sciatica Tach Rodao Sophia C. Broughton, Odessa Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Oaan ' t List. Dorm Adviior Adala M. Brown. Midland Bachalor of Scianca in Education, littla Siitan of tha Maltata Crou Curtis L Brown. Grand Preiria Bachalor of Buiinail Administration. Who ' s Who. Ph, Gamma Oalta David K. Brown. Jaffarson Bachalor of Scianca in Architactura. OAIA. Tach Band Dartnis 0. Brown. Waco Bachalor of Arts in Govarnmant. AFROTC. Arnold Air Society Eric Brown. Lindala Bachalor of Arts in History George A. Brown. Abilana Bachalor of Arts in Psychology. Dean s Lilt. Intramurals Jamas E. Brown, Lubbock Bachalor of Business Administration. Sigma Nu. Daan ' s List Janat S. Brown, Midland Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics. AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron Karan L Brown, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Bachalor of Arts in Latin Amarican Araa Studies Kenneth A. Brown, Midland Bachalor of Scianca in Math Susan J. Brown, Albuquerque. N. M. Bachalor of Scianca Susan M. Brown, Lubbock Bachalor of Arts in English. Sigma Dalta Pi, Sigma Tau Dalta Josephs. Brown, Dal Rio Bachalor of Scienc e in Mathematics Earl R. Bruno, Midland Bachalor of Businss Administration, Honor Roll GildaV. Bryan . Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List Harry A. Bryant, Lubbock Bachalor of Science in History Ray B. Bryant, Plainview Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Aggie Council. Phi Eta Sigma Sherry 6. Boia. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in English. WSO William F. Beta. Lubbock Bachalor of Arts in Management. Air Force ROTC. AAS David G. Bradley, Hurst Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. ASCE. Tau Beta Pi Ronald R. Bryant, San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration. Tech Accounting Society, Beta Alpha Psi lein.fred L Bock, Hereford Bachelor of Fine Arts. Dean ' s List Student Aun. of Interior Design Robert B. Bumpat, Benjamin Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Tech Rodeo Asm. Terr! A. Bum pat, Friona Bachelor of Science in Education Thomat E. Bunch, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Therew J. Bundidt, Victoria Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts. Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta Susan G. Bundy, Houston Bachelor of Arts in Latin Kirby M. lurch, Friona Bachalor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Boise W. Burgas, Denton Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Mu. SEA John P. Burgas, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Education Sandra J. Burke. Midland Bachelor of Arts in Child Development 399 Senior Look " " SENIORS: Burkett Cary Lee lurtett. Andrews Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts Dean I List. Alpha Psi Omega Gary L Burnett. Brownfield Bechelor of Soence in Mechanic ! Engineering (t i Kappa Phi. T.u Bete P. . C. lurton. Ll f Arts in History. Mortar Board. Junior Council Linda S. Su.tam.nt.. Fort Stockton Bachelor of Business Administration. Pi Omega Pi JecU. Butver. lubbock Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Phi Epsilon Kappa Alpha Tau Omega Maiori R. lutW. Od.ua Bachelor of Business Administretion. Pi Omega Pi. NCAS Clark A Buth, Chruto.al Bachlor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. ASME. Man ' s List Shirley A. Iwrh, Crowby BacMor of Scwnc in Education. Phi Alpha Thala S.gma Tau D.lte Bitabart. A. Iryan. Dallas BacKalcx of Scwnca in Education. Pr sid nt s Hostess Pi Delta Phi . BacKelcx of Science in Agricultural Economics. Alpha Zeta. Aggie Eco. Assn. Carolyn M. lyrd. Loclney Bachelor of Science in Education. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Who ' s Who Cynthia S. tyrd. Krss Tanva K. Byrd. Big Sandy Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Education Thot. F. Iresiaiu. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Varsity Football. Student Senate Carlitta L Calhoun. Fabens Bachelor of Arts in Park Administration. Delta Delta Delta. Alpha Beta Chi Je u C.k-i .,Fnsco Bachelor of Business Administration. Tech Accounting Society PWpJ.Cervft. Lubbocl Bachelor of Science in Animal Business. Saddle Tramps. Rodeo Assn. Earnest C. Cemp, Lubbocl Catherine P. Campbell. Claude Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Delta Delta Delta. Dean ' s List Herri A. Campbel. Stockton Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Sigma Delta Pi. Alpha Lambda Delta Sue Campbel. Houston Bachelor of Arts in Serman. German Honorary Dofirte S. Cannon. Hale Center Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Angel Flight. President ' s Hostess Gerald D. CenwM. Roydada Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Michele A. Cannon. Amerillo Bachelor of Science in Education PhiKp K. Cantrel. Twitty Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Judy K. Cape. Corpus Christi Bachelor of Science in Education. Nu Phi Epsilon Connie S. Carlisle. Lamesa Bachelor of Business Administration. NCAS. Deen ' s List K thy A. Carmichael. Houston Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. WSO Robert L Cert Jr_ Fort Worth Bachelor of Business Administration. Lambda Chi Alpha. Tech Accounting Society Charles G. Carson. Hart Bachelor of Science Christy L Carter. Crosbyton Bachelor of Science in Education John E. Carter. Galve.toi Bachelor of Business Administration. Freshman Council. Deen ' s List Ne M. Carter. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Cheryl A. Cary. LeveBand Bachelor of Arts in Accounting I 411 rLaok iiii SENIORS: Cary Clover Priscitla A. Cery, Andrews Bachelor of Science in Horn Economics Education. AHEA, Vanity Volleyball Taam Rickey R. Cat . Plainviaw Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Gary J. Caiay. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Government Sandra K. Catay. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Elementery Education. MENC SEA Kelly C. Cah. Crosbyton Bachelor of Arts in English Cynthia Catet, Rosvell. N. M Bachelor of Arti in English. Alpha Delta Pi. Hoipitality Committee Jan Camay, Houston Bachelor of Science in Home Economic!. Sigma Kappa. Dean ' i Lit Margaret Cavenegh, Houston Bachelor of Music Education. Mu Pi Epiilon. Phi Kappa Phi Vicki L. Ca.in, Odeua Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Mortar Board Corpidettes Jay L Chambliss. lubbock Bachelor of Artt in General Business VTcki L Chance. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Home Economic! Marc S. Chandler, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Recreation Richard D. Chandler. Lubbocl Bachelor of Arts in Chemiitry. Alpha Epsilon Delta. Dean ' i Lilt Larry D. Cheney, Crave Bachelor of Business Administration Juliann G. Chapman, Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Gamma Nu. Beta Gamma Sigma Frances E. CKatmas, Merlin Bachelor of Science in Education Brenda J. Cherry, Lubbocl Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics. Beta Sigma Phi Ron Children, Carlsbad. N. M. Bachelor of Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Order. Business Administration Comm. Council Tommy J. Chrestmen, Brownfield Carolyn Christian. Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Zoology, Dean ' s List Kethryn J. Christopher, Wilson Bechelor of Science in Microbiology, Alpha lambda Delta. Dean ' s List Emerson J. Chung. Midland Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Dean ' s List. Pi Tau Sigma James R. Cirone, Lubbocl Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Pi Tau Sigma Cheryl R. Clark, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA, Dean ' s List Janeryn Clerk, Blum Bechelor of Science in Home Economics. Dean ' s List Johnny T. Calrk III. Baytown Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s list. Sock and Buskin June L Clayton, San Angelo Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA. MENC Wayne Clayton, O Donn.ll Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Tau Omega. Tech Accounting Society Key LCIemmer. Midland Bachelor of Science in Education. TSTA. ACEI Richard L. Clemmer, Burkburnett Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Theta Pi. Dean ' s List Gregory A. Clifford, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in History Bob D. Clifton, Hico Bachelor of Business Administration Laura L Cline, Houston Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Sigma Kappa Dean ' s Lilt Caron Cloud, Rule Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. WSO. Phi Upsilon Omicron H. Mil Clover, Pecos Bechelor of Business Administration 4O1 Senior Look SENIORS: Cobb Craig Catherine E. Cobb, Houston Bachelor of Am In French. Ptii Delta Ph. Sigma Tsu Delta Mary ' Cobb. Bay City Bachelor of Science in Homo Economics Andy CoV San Angelo Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List David A. Coffee, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry WiKam R. Coffey. Sulphur Springs Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Keren C. Coman, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Ooth.no, and Textiles. AHEA. Campus Wide Programming Carole F. Cose. Houston Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron Steven B. Cole. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration Jerry M. Coffer, Amherst Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List Carolyn A. Colette. Dallas Aleu A. Colier. Bryan Bachelor of Science in Education. National Council of Teachers in English. Dean ' s List Bill Colier. Rails Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. ASME Patty L Colwel, Houston Bachelor of Business Administration. Pi Omega Pi. Phi Gamma Nu JoAnn Compron, San Angelo Bachelor of Science in Educator, SEA. Dean ' s List Kathleen M. Conley. Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. Dean ' s List Mery J.Conner. Spur Tech Choir President i Hostass Rose H. Conrad. Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Merchandising. Dean ' s List. Corpsdettes Clifton W. Cook. Big Spring Bachelor of Arts in General Business. Varsity Football. Sigma Alpha Epsilon David A. Cook. El Paso Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Dean ' s List. Phi Eta Sigma Edward G. Cook. Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Dean ' s List. Tau Beta Pi Myrne M. Coobey, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Dean ' s List Donald L Cooper. Robinson. IN. Bachelor of Business Administration Joe I. Cooper, Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. Pre Med Society. Alpha Tau Omega Ima Copeland. Levelland Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Lola J. Corder. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. Gamma Theta Upsilon Davis H. Corley, Tanneyson Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education. Varsity Football. Double T Assn. Deborah S. Cottrel. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. ACE. SEA WiKam A. Cowan. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Band. Kappa Kappa Ps. Fredric H. Cowart II, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Art. Italian Club Dean ' s List David E. Cowling. Kerm.t Bachelor of Arts in Government Dean ' s List. Who ' s Who Edgar W. Cowling, Jr.. Bridgeport Bachelor of Business Administration Rodeo Assn Charles!- Co. Bachelor of Business Administration Wesley Foundation. Alpha Phi Omega Donald O. Cor, Matador Bachelor of Science in Range Management. Beta Theta Pi, Range and Wildlife Management Club Roy E. COM. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Sociology WAW. ACLU Bob Craig, Brownfield Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi. Omicron Delta Kappa Sentor Look 402 M i , I J w5 ! tJ .F 4 . H M ' 7 P " SENIORS: Craig DeLavan Kent C.Crelfl. Lubbock Bachelor of Buiinetf Administration. IFC Alpha Tau Omega Patricia M. Craig, Houtton Bachelor of Art in Horn Economic Sigma Kappa, Dan ' t Lilt Martha L Crawford. Dimmitt Bachalor of Science in Horn and Family Life. AHEA. Phi Uptilon Omicron Thomai L. Crenihaw, San Antonio Bachelor of Butinett Administration. Alpha Kappa Pii Mari A. Crotby, Richardson Bachalor of Science in Education. Angel Flight Cathy A. Crottland. Plinvi.w Bachalor of Arts in Theater Arts, Alpha Pii Omega. Mu Phi Eptilon Larry M. Crupper, Lavalland Bachalor of Business Administration. Dean ' t List Michaal S. Cunningham. Tahoka Bachalor of Arts in Physical Education Janice C. Curry, Tahoka Bachelor of Scianca in Education, SCEC Shayne Curtis, AmariKo Bachalor of Scianca in Education, Dean ' s List, Kappa Alpha Theta. SEA Richard L CuHhaN. Midland Bachalor of Business Administration, Tach Accounting Society Linda M. D ' Acoita, Fort Worth Bachalor of Arts in Secretarial Administration, NCAS J. Kimbarly Dahlin, Laporta. Ind. Bachalor of Fina Art in Art Education, NAEA Deborah K. Dail, Eden Bachalor of Science in Education, Rodeo Assn.. Dean ' s Litt Robert N. Daniel, Conroa Bachalor of Arts in Music Education. Band, Orchestra William O. Daniel, Oeburne Bachalor of Artj in Government Jean P. Darnell, Winchester Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, AHEA. Dean ' s List Michael A. Darsey. McLean Bachelor of Business Administration Kay Davenport, Flint Bachalor of Fine Art in Advertising Art, Gamma Alpha Chi Martha T. Davidton, Dallas Bachalor of Science Gary G. Davis. Alia Bachalor of Science in Education Jackie G. Davie, Grapevine Bachelor of Arts in Agriculture. Rodeo Assn. Marilyn Davit, Midland Bachelor of Science in Art Education. Alpha Phi. Dean ' s List Mike Davit, Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Sigma Delta Chi. Beta Theta Pi Paula L Davit, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Business, Alpha Chi Omega Rita Nell Davit, San Angelo Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron Tom W. Davis. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, AIA SC Veronica A. Davit, Snyder Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Delta Sigma Theta W. Steve Davit, Everett, Pa. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Tech Choir, Phi Mu Alpha Wiley E. Davit Jr., Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi John W. Day. Dallas Bachelor of Art in Finance. Sigma Alpha Eptilon. IFC Nancy A. Dean, Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Education. SCEC. ACEI Craig L Dearden, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Sigma Chi. Phi t Sigma Ann Dearmora, Liberty Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Mortar Board. Kappa Kappa Gamma Bobby 6. DeLavan. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 4O3 Senior Look SENIORS: Delay Dukes bK.Miv.Wico Bachelor of Science Gery W. Denvand, ftorger Bachelor of Business Administration Dean s List. Die Sp.elen Don C. Dennis. Seminole Bashaw of Am in Music Education Tech Band Phi Mu Alpha Den T. Dennison. Ubbocl Bachelor of Science Kattry A. Dentoe, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Horn Economcis Gamma Ph. Beta AHEA Robr Detamore. Lubbocl Thomas M. DevM, TJia Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Alpha Zete Ph ' Kappa Phi David P. Dtffie. Midland Bachelor of Business Administration. Business Adminittration Council Linda It Won. Amanllo Bacha or of Arts in English KatKry- t Dirb, B.g Spring Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics Education. AHEA. Alpha Lambda Delta Khalad A. DM. Sonol-Station Jerusalem Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Arab Student Assn. Muslim Student Assn. Carlo J. DiTonno. New Cumberland Pa. Bachelor of Science in Architecture AIA. Dean ' s List Susan A. Difis. Tuleta Bachelor of Business Administration. NCAS Landre G. Doan. Odessa Bachelor of Arts in Political Science Larry E. Dobbs. Abilene Bachelor of Business Administration LoyJ.Doggett Mary M. Ookerty. Branson. Colo. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Michael A. Dokerty. Folson. N. M. Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Blocl and Bridle Club. Alpha Tau Omega Irian L Doleney. Haskell Bachelor of Business Administration Key Dominguei. Odessa Bachelor of Arts in Management Ann Dorsett. Ubbock Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. Dean ' s List R.ymon Scott Don. BrownfieM Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. FFA. Rodeo Assn. Gordon S. Douglass, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Textile Technology Helenarline W. Dowlen. Quanah Bachelor of Science in Child Development. Dean s List Edith A. Downer. KirUand Bachelor of Science in Home Economics WSO AHEA Betty A. Drew. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare Fred A. Drncol. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Air Force ROTC Phi Eta Sigma Irenda C. Driver. L.ibuddie Bachelor of Business Administration Phi Gamma Nu. NCAS WiKam M. Driver. Benjamin Bachelor of Science in Animal Production. Dean ' s List Robbie J. Dry. Dallas Bachelor of Science m Secondary Educator,. Delta Delta Delta Daughter of the Diamond Kenneth W. Dudensing. Stanford Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Alpha Zete Rodeo Assn. Irenda C. DydUy. Lubbocl Bachelor of Science in Education truce L Dogger. Robstown Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Economics Alpha Tau Omega Saddle Tramps Deedie K. DuUt. Farmington N. M. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron AHEA Donald W. Dukes. Farmington. N. M. Bachelor of Business Administration (II I I Senior Look 404 I SENIORS: Dulaney Escobar Claire Dulaney. Dallas Bachelor of Aril in Home Economic Virginia I. Dulin. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Larry A. Dunbar. Rocksprings Bachelor in Agricultural Economics Tech Rodeo Club. Aggia Economic Club Sotan Dunlap. Oallai Bachelor of Science in Education Dabra 0. Durton. Junction Bachalor o( Science in Education. SEA Assn. for Childhood Education Jarry 0. Dwyf. McLaan Bachalor of Butinatt Administration Sar C. Dybrig. Dallas Anthony B. Dycw, Floydeda Bachalor of Scianca in Agricultural Economics ReneeA.Dyer. Muleshoe Bachelor of Fina Art, in Interior Detign. Dean , L ,,t. Studant A,sn of Intarior Datignar Kathy Easterting. Waco Bachalor of Scianca in Education Douglas E. Eckel. Houston Bachalor of Artt in Marketing Judi A. Edgington. Amarillo Bachalor of Arti in H, story Carolyn J. Edwardi. Pasadena Bechalor of Scianca in Homa Economici Education. Dean s Li,t Cha.tar N. Edward,. Lubbock Bechalor of Scianca in landicapa Architecture Harb C. Edward,, Clovi,. N. M. Bachelor of Scianca in Architecture Jerry D. Edward,, Roten Bachelor of Arts in Government Kathryn J. Edward,, Ubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. NCAS. Dean ' s List Patrick J. Edward,, Slaton Richard W. Edward,, Tulia Bachelor of Scianca in Mechanical Engineering, Dean ' s Li,t Diane E. Effenberger, San Marcos Bachelor of Science in Education. Chi Omega. Mortar Board Deborah S. Elkins. Santa Rosa Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. University Daily Photographer. La Ventana Section Editor Karen P. Efte. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education, Tech Band. Tau Beta Sigma. Dean ' s List . Michael 6. Etler. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Air Force ROTC. Alpha Kappa Barbara A. Elliott, Slaton Bachelor of Science in Phywcal Education Patsy M. Bis, R.chland Springs Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Rodeo Assn.. Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Randy B. Ellis, Friona Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. Alpha Tau Omega. Alpha Delta Sigma. Alpha Epsilon Rho Susan J. His. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. President s Hostess. Angel Flight 6ary 0. Bison. McLaan Bachalor of Business Administration. Pi Kappa Alpha Jam , D. Ellison. McLean Bachelor of Arts in Management letty E. Elmore. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA. ACED. Dean ' , lj,t Stanley D. Etrod. Big Spring Bachelor of Arts in Mutic Education. Band Cheryl E. Emenhaiser. Chatham. N. J. Bachelor of Art, in French Nicholas B. Engel, B.g Spring Bachelor of Business Administration. Tech Accounting Society Alan C. Erwin, Andrews Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Tech Outing Club Charles R. EKobar, Knoi City Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics 4OS Stnior Look SENIORS: Estea Forrester Georgia A. Eitn, Boroer Bachelor of Sconce in Zoologv Fletcher Eubenb. Plemview Bachelor of Science in Architect . Sigma Phi Epsilon Leslie A. Eubank Idalou Bachelor of Art In Ganaral Business Saddl Trampi. Dan i List Kar J. Eustace, Sonora Bachelor of Arts en Spanish Sigma Delta Pi. Taiai Tech Rodeo Ann. S.Ian L Evans, Haraford Bachelor of Business Administration Dean s List Alpha Kappa Ps Beta Alpha Psi Robert B. Evans Jr., Parry ton Bac helor of Science in Parts Administration Robert W. Event. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Pi Guv Alpha Tau Omega Sheryl Event, Moore Olla. Bachelor of Arts in Music Education Dean ' s List Michael L Everett. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon John N. Eing, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in History Robert C. Fairly, San Antonio James M. Fall, Ne Milford. Conn. Bachelor of Arts in History. Dean ' s List Robert M. Ferret 1 , Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration Alive F. FauHenbary III, Midland Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. ADS. Sigma Nu Linda R. Feathering , Abilene Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Dean ' s List. Phi Upsilon Omicron Mary F. fieeier, Houston Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List. SCEC Thomas L Feitel. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration Patricia E. Ferter, Austin Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. SAID. Fashion Board. Little Sister of White Star Laura R. Fender, Sweeny Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Zeta Tau Alpha. Sigma Alpha Eta Robert D. Ferguson, Gladawater Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Phi Chi. Dean s List Karen L Fernandez, Kermit Bachelor of Science in Zoologv Beta Beta Beta Tau Beta S.gma. Alpha Lambda Delta Jan E. Ferris, Tulia Bachelor of Art in History Sherry L Field, Longview Bachelor of Science in Education. Zata Tau Alpha, Fashion Board Michael D. Firmin, Parryton Bachelor of Art in Management. Wesley Foundation David N. Fischer, Haskell Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics. Dean ' s List. Rodeo Club. Agricultural Economics Club Katharine J. Fitjgerald, Brownsboro Bachelor of Science in Education Mart Flanagan, Austin Bachelor of Art in Education. U.C. Committee Michael J. Fleming, Lorenzo Bachelor of Science in Economics Scott M. Fleming, San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi. Student Union Committee Lou A. Rournoy, Crosbyton Bachelor of Science in Education Reva D. Ftournoy, Odessa Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean s List Severn L Foerster. Newgulf Bachelor of Science in Education Deborah J. Ford. Sam mole Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List, Student Council for Exceptional Children (Catherine L. Ford. Houston Bachelor of Science Dean s List. Major Minor Club Gary D. Forrester, Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration. Tech Bend r .Senior Look 4O6 SENIORS: Fortenberry Geer Suienne Fortenberry. New Deal Bachelor of Arti. Dean ' s Lilt, TAGS. PKi Alpha Theta Debore A. Foster, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Homa and Family Life. Alpha Chi Omega Daughter of tha Diamond Jania A. Foster. Tampla Bachelor of Science in Education, AHEA. Dean s List Ronnie F. Potter, Midland Bachelor of Arts in Finance. BA Council. Daan ' i Lilt, UC Committee) Paula A. Fortenberry, Friona Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. SEA Michele Fortunate. Oallat Bachelor of Arti in History, WSO, Dean ' s Lilt. Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Alpha Theta Craig B. Fowler, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Dean ' s List. Phi Gamma Delta. Tau Beta Pi Richard Fox Tkomai W. Foi, San Benito Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Keren C. Fred. Morton Bachelor of Arts in English Jane A. FrrHch, Sen Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration. NCAS, Dean s Lilt William E. Froelich, Wooster, Ohio Bachelor of Science. SET, ASCET John M. Fry, Amarillo Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' t List Daniel F. Frye, San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' s List Soridra W. Fugete Bachelor of Science in Education, Dean ' s List Nancy L Fuhrlien, Orange Grove Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. WSO. Rodeo Ann. Richard C. Fuller, Borger Bachelor of Art in Accounting, Kappa Alpha Order Patricia K. Gaddis. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Music Charlei C. Gelnes. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education Molly E. Gallagher. Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Home and Family Life. Dean ' s List. Alpha Phi, Home Economics Self-Study Program Catherine L. Gammon, Euless Bachelor of Science in Micro-Biology He nkGanti. Austin Bachelor of Business Administration Ruben Garcia, Brownfield Bachelor of Arts in Finance Patricia G. Gardner, Houston Bachelor of Science in Clothing and Textiles. AHEA. Phi Ups.lon Omicron. President ' s Hostess Randal J. Gardner, Edmonson Bachelor of Science in Park Administration. Phi Delta Theta. Saddle Tramps. Who ' s Who Cynthia J. Gerey. Irving Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, UC Co Women ' s Swim Team Charlotte R. Gamer, Seminole Bachelor of Arts in Music. Tech Band Deborah K. Garner, Odessa Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. Dean ' s List. Beta Beta Beta, BSU Executi Council Donald N. Garner, Hereford Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. AICHE Patricia A. Garner, League City Dean ' s Lilt. Kappa Mu Epsilon Linda G. Garrett. Pampa Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. Kappa Tau Alpha. Sigma Tau Beta. Women in Communic ations Becky Garrison, Hillsboro Bachelor of Science in Education, Special Education Teachers Assn. National Teacher ' s Assn. Cheryl Garrtton, Garland Bachelor of Arti in Business Education, NCAS. Alpha Phi Michael E. Gatette, Kitgore Bachelor of ArH in History. Phi Alpha Theta, Omicron Delta Kappa Richard A. Geer. Denton Bachelor of Science in Architecture 4O7 StniorLook SENIORS: Celtemeyer Graham James R. GeHemeyer. McGregor Bechelor of 8ui.r.ii Admimstretion Beta Alpha Pi. Poiy A. George. Colemen Bechelor of Art, .1. English. SEA Delta Kappa Merk L Gerber. Naia r h Bechelor of Business Administration Jemes H. Gerherdt. Rising Star Bechelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering TKomai J. Go Whitney Bachelor of Sce-nce in Agriculture Robert M-Gibeon. Sherman Bachelor of Science in Civil E RaDonna J. Gideon, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean s Lilt Student Council for Exceptional Children SEA ferity L Gabert. Homot Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Phi Mu Deer, i Ust Robert L Sibert. Abilene Bachelor of Business Administation. Alpha Kappa Pli. Deer, i Lot Joe R. GJbreath. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Government Regecca 69. RaymondviDe Bachelor of Science in Education. Texas Speech and Hearing Assn.. Dean ' s List. South Plains Speech and Hearing Assn. Stanley M. . New Home Bachelor of Business Administration. Delta Tau Delta. Dean s List Gary B. GiMiam. Junction Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Thata Pi. Sigma lota Epsilon. Beta Alpha Pi. John A. CamarriK. fort Worth Delta Theta Phi Bruca A. 6i i .. Pam M Bachelor of Science n Agricultural Economics PMH Grvent, New Braunbls Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics fredna O. Glen, Levelland Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Jeanette SUss. Haskell Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA. Dean ' s List David R. Glenn. Bronte Bachelor of Science in Geophysics Mary R. Gloyna. Houston Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Gamma Nu. Pi Omega Pi. Dean s List Kerry M. Gedderd. Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration eld. San Angelo 1 List. Alpha Chi Omega. Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean Angel Flight Sute E. Goldino, Lubbock Bechelor of Science in Secondary Education H. Goy Gooding. College Station Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. ADS UC Committee Jon D. Goodman, McKinney Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Dean ' s List. Charlotte ' s Group David E. Goobby. Amarilo Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Dertyn Gordon, Lubbock Bechelor of Arts :n Education Tnait Gordon. Lubbock Bechelor of Arts in Zoology end french Mortar Baord. Beta Beta Beta P. Delta Phi Jamil C. Gore, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Math Alpha Phi Omega. Tech Band. Dean ' s List Sandra E. C quart. Midland Bachelor of Arts in History Steven R. Gone . Houston Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics Alpha Zete. Agriculture! Economic Assn. Jane O. Graham. Tar, oka Bachelor of Science in Education Dean s List la Ventana Staff Coed Athletic Recruiter aid W. Graham. Kno. Crty Bachelor of Science in Education. Saddle Trampi Dean i List Roger D. Graham, Rotan Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering Seddle Tramps ftii Kappa Phi. Tau Beta Pi Terry L Graham. Odessa Bechelor of Business Administration Senior Look 408 SENIOR: Greathouse Hancock Carmen V. Greefhoute, Richardson Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Junior Penhellemc Te.as Tech Rill Team Dean ' t Lilt illy J. Greevei. Waco Bachelor ol Science in Architecture Paula L Greer, San Antonio Bachalor ol Scianca in Child Development, Band. AHEA Paula P. Green, Big Spring Bachelor o Busmen Administration. Phi Mu NCAS. Alpha Lambda Delta Deryle M. Gregg, Dallat Bachelor ol Fine Arti in Art Education, NAEA Alan L Grider, Breckenndge Bachelor ol Science in Agricultural Education. Block and Bridle. FFA Oerrah Grier, Teiarkana Bachelor of Arts in Piychology, Chi Omega, Dean ' s List Ire S. Griffin, Riling Star Bachelor ol Buiinass Administration. Dean i List David W. Griffn, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. American Chemiltry Soceity Affiliated William L. Grigsby. Bowie Bachelor of Science in Park Adminiitration. Saddle Trampi. Dean ' i Lilt Ralph J. Grimmer, Borger Bachelor ol Science in Chemical Engineering. Chi Rho. AICHE Ricky L. Gromarzky. Hamilton Bachelor of Business Administration Mark C. Golden. Herelord Bachelor ol Science in Electrical Engineering Gary C. Grote, San Antonio Bachelor ol Science in Electrical Engineering Terete A. Grout, Lubbock Bachelor ol Science in Education John K. Grubbs, Jr., Colorado City Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' s List. Beta Gamma Sigma. AMA William R. Grubbl. Wichita Falls Bachelor of Science, Tech Botany Club Itela Guaderrama, El Palo Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon, Tau Beta Sigma. Tech Concert and Marching Band Keren L Gupton, Houston Bachelor ol Arts in English. Wesley Foundation Free University Ecology Task Force Douglas W. Guinn, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Math Stanley W. Heckteld, Loraine Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Rodeo Assn. Michael A. Hegan. Dallas Bachelor of Business Adminiitration. Kappa Sigma, AMA Jamei R. Hagee, Amarillo Bachelor ol Business Adminiitration. Dean s Lilt Kathy E. Hager. Wsm.rt Bachelor of Business Adminiitration. Tech Accounting Society. Rodeo Ann.. Dean i Lilt Linda D. Hagler, Nocona Bachelor of Science in Special Education. Bane. Dean ' s Lilt. Desert Club Edward M. Hagood. Dalle! Bachelor ol Business Administration Jamei M. Haiduk, Panhandle Bachelor of Science in Animal Production Harriet L Halbert, Crowell Bachelor of Science in Education. Chi Omega. Phi Kappa Phi. Pii Chi, SEA John W. Halet. San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Zoology Stephen L Haley. Semmole Bachelor of Arti in General Business Saddle Tramps Jennifer L Hall, Midlothian Va. Bachelor of Science in Journaliim, Sigma Delta Chi RendyJ.HaB. Fort Worth Bachelor ol Butiness Adminiitration. Kappa Alpha Order. Judiciary Council Gary D. Hamilton. Lubbock Bachelor of Busineti Adminiitration Lucinda A. Hamilton. Fort McKavett Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design Kathy N. Hancock. Taholu Bachelor of Arti in Spaniih. Delta Gamma. Sigma Tau Delta S.gma Delta P. 409 Senior Look SENIORS: Hancok Heirrichs Kefy Hand. Roaring Springs Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Saddle Tramp. President and Vice-President Engineering Senator lob A. Herman, (Vr ton Bachelor of Science. AICHE. Dean ' s List Barbara A. Henee . Monte Vi.a Colo. Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. TSTEA. Education Advisory Committee Michael C. Harder, Plainyiaw Bachelor of Scianca in Wildlife Management Saddla Tramps. Dean ' s Sharon Lynn Harder. Plainviaw Bachalor of Scianca in Secondary Education. Dean ' s List Jody Hardia. Fort Worth Bachalor of Bunrieii Administration in Sacratarial Administration. NCAS Michael 0. Maraud . Ab.laa Bachalor of Arts. Alpha Tan Omaqa Chan C Harqis. OvaHand Park Kan. Bachalor of Scianca in Sacortdary Education. Daan ' s List Lavon Harman. H.pcv Bachalor of Scianca in Agriculture. FFA Paggy Harmon. Dallas Bachalor of Arts in Sociology WahV L Hal. Mountain Homa Bachalor of Scianca. Taas Tach Rodeo Assn.. Agricultural Economics Assn. Prasidant Bachalor of Arts in Accounting. Studant Sanata. Univarsity Cantar Entartainmant Committaa Ja mas C. Harris, B Paso Bachalor of Arts in Government Dean i List John W. Harris, Well.nqtoo Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Marty J. Harris. Raits Bachalor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List. ACE Linda S. Hart. Lubbocl Bachalor of Arts in Education John W. Hart. Gilmar Bachalor of Business Administration in Accounting. Saddle Tramps. Tech Accounting Soceity. Dean ' s List Michael M. Hart. Levelland Bachalor of Science in Agronomy Patty M. Hartley. El Paso Bachelor of Science in Education. Delta Delta Delta. Dean ' s List Ronald E.HartsalLarrs a Bachalor of Arts in Economics. Dean ' s List Aubrey A. Hatch. Lamesa Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Karen Harem. Lubbocl Bachelor of Scianca in Government Don J. Hawkins. Kno City Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. Dean ' s List. FFA. Range and Wildlife Club Jamas WiKam Hawkins. Midland Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Delta Tau Delta. Phi Eta Sigma. Pi Epsilon Tau Secretary-Treasurer Kevin O. Hayes, do Bridge. N.J. Bachelor of Science in Economics. Dean ' s List Mary R. Heynei. Plainviaw Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Dean s List Mike Haynes. McLean Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Pamela S. Hays. Lubbock Bachalor of Education. Dean s List. Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister Susan Jane Hays. Fort Stockton Bachelor of Science in Child Development Robert 0. Hayter. Fort Stockton Bachalor of Arts in Agricultural Education. Ta.a. Tech Rodeo Assn FFA Vice-PreskJent Thomas V. Head. Dallas Bachalor of Arts in Psychology. Alpha Phi Omega Donna P. Headrick, Sweetwater Bachelor of Science in Education. Kappa Sigma TSEA Robert L Hegg. Abilene Bachelor of Arts in Business Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Dean ' s List ft j Senior Look 410 . SENIORS: Helm Hinkoon Carolyn E. Helm, Fort Worth Bachelor of Soence in Elementary Education, Fashion Board. Dean s Litt. Beta Theta Pi Littla Sister Audrey A. Henderosn, Pecos Bachalor of Scianca In Homa Economic . Phi Upsilon Omicron AHEA Dannii J. Henderson. Kilgore Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering IEEE, Dan ' t List Doug Henderson, Amarillo Bachalor of Buiinass Administration in Accounting. Beta Alpha Pii. Phi Eta Sigma. Tach Accounting Society Jackie Henderson, Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Physical Education. Gamma Phi Beta President Mortar Board, Dalta Pn Kappa Lynn Henderson, Fort Worth Bachelor of Scianca in Homa Economic! Jim C. Henderson, Lubbock Bachalor of Sciance in Phyiical Education. Phi Eptilon Kappa Kriiti A, Hendley, Amarillo Bachalor of Arti in French ChaHes A. Htndrtcb. Dallas Bachalor of Scianca in Chemical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi Terry L Handrii, $lton Bachelor of Arts in Personnel Management Gary A. Hennertdorf, Fort Worth Bachalor of Business Administration in Management Janice R. Mantle , Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Education Kathy G. Hanson, E+owah. Tenn. Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Dean ' s List, Student Council for Exceptional Children Lucinda A. Hanson, Brownfield Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education Monty G. Hanson, Brownfield Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, FFA President. Alpha Zata, Dean ' s Litt Elizabeth E. Hermgton, Muleshoe Bachalor of Science in Home Economics Education, Dean ' s List, Phi Upsilon Omicron. AHEA Antonio L Hernandez, Midland Bachelor of Arts in Accouting. Alpha Kappa Psi. Los Tertulianos Benjamin Hernandez, Jr., San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. ASCE President Betty A. Herre, DaMotte. Ind. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean ' s Litt Janet M. Herhler. El Paso Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Phi Upsilon Omicron. RHA, President ' s Hostess John P. Harvey, Houston Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Laurien M. Hervey, Houston Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Alpha Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Corpsdettet Ernest L Hickey, Lubbock Keith A. Hickman. Brownfield Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Mike K. Hickt. Hurst Bachelor of Science in Special Education Robert C.Hicki, Jr., El Paso Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Arnold Air Society. Engineering Student Council, Tau Beta Pi George T. Higginbotham. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Joy L Higgins, Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in French. National Collegiate Assn. of Secretaries Let C.Hill. Jr.. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Patricia A. HII. Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in History, WSO. WRC La Ventana Patricia M. Hill, Hereford Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Junior Council, Corpsdettes, Delta Phi Alpha Robert G. Hindman. Wills Point Bachelor of Arts in Government, Saddle Tramps Lonnie E. Hine . Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Howard L Hinkle, Burhburnett Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. MRC. Tech Rodeo Ann. Tech Accounting Society Frank H. H ink son. Jr.. La:buddie Bachelor of Science in Animal Reproduction, Block and Bridle, Dean ' s Lift. Alpha Zeta 41 1 Senior Look SENIORS: Hinkson Hudson Marilyn J. Hinkson. Laibuddia Bachalor of Sc-anca m Elamantary Education. SEA Doan t Lilt Paul D. Hunon. SraKam Bachelor of Soanca in Education Martha E Hinoioti. Dallas Bachelor of Arti in Sociology. UC Comm.ftoa Junior Council. Alpha Lambda D.! ' . Oa.id L Hood. Lov lland BacKalor of Scianca in MacKanical Enginooring. Tau Bata Pi. Pi Tau Sigma Debbie M. Hobgood. WoltfortK Bacholor of Scianca in Education. SEA. Aun. of CKildhood Education D ' Nan Hobgood. Wolffortr, BacKalor of Scianca in Education. Alpha Phi. Daan ' s List Robart C. Hobgood. Lubbock Bacholor of Businass Administration Daan s List. Alpha Kappa Psi Don K Hodga. .. Fort Worth Marjoria W. Hodgson. Fort Worth Bachalor of Arts in Journalism. Kappa Kappa Gamma Thta Sigma Phi. Daan i List Sigma Dalta Chi Michael L Hoff. Cl.fton BacKalor of Arts in Animal Scianca. Alpha Zata. Daan ' s List William H. Homann. Eastland Bachalor of Businass Administration. Kappa Alpha Ordar Dora J.HoWvan. Dallas Bachalor of Fina Arts in Art Education NAEA Linda Gayb Holand. Plamvia Bachalor of Fina Arts in Art. SAID NSID Poggy E. Holand. HarrUy Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics Daan ' s List Larry J. Hofcy. Roswall N. M. Bachalor of Arts in History and English. Honors Council Chrktia 6. HoKs. Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Daan s List. Campus Advance Texas Studant Education Assn. Richard 6. HoKs. L u bbocl Bachalor of Scianca in Agricultural Economics Arthur C. Holm. Pampa Bachalor of Scianca in Machanical Enginaaring. ASME Lyndsay Holmas. Borgar Bachalor of Arts in Psychology. WSO Dala T. Hood. CaHsbad. N. M. Bachalor of Scianca in Animal Business. Daan ' s List Donna S. Hoppar. Plainviaw Bachalor of Art in Journalism Barbara A. Horvnan, Baaumont Bachalor of Scianca in Food and Nutrition. Dalta Gamma. Mortar Board. Who s Who Larry R. Hani. Cubbed Bachalor of Sctanca in Govammant Barbara E. Horton. Houston Bachalor of Scianca in Spaciol Education. Daan ' s List Daborah A. Houghton. Mirwral Walls Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics Linda D. Housa. Snydar Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics. AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron Shaila 6. Hounsal. Alado Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics Holon Howa. Smithfiald Bachalor of Scianca in Animal Production. Daan s List. Block and Bridla Andraw N. Hoyta. Garland BacKalor of Scianca in Chamical Enginaaring. Tau Bata Pi. Phi Kappa Phi Carolyn F. Hribak. Sm,thilla BacKalor of Scianca in Homa Economics AHEA WSO Mart E. Hudabaa. Lubbock Bachalor of Businass Administration. BSU, Phi Kappa Phi. Bata Gamma Sigma Malady D. Huckaby. Amarillo Bachalor of Scianca in English Sigma Nu LitHa Sistar Mark P. Hudson. Stratford BacKalor of Art in English. Phi Eta Sigma. Sigma Tau Dalta Thomas B. Hudson. Groom BacKalor of Scianca in Agricultural Economics. Saddle Tramps, Daan ' s List. Agricultural Economics Club ' Thomas R. Hudson. Mortan BacKalor of Businass Administration Senior Look 412 - ! SENIORS: Hudspeth Johnson Ann A. Hudspeth. Austin Bachelor of Art in Anthropology Gery I Hudseth. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Geology Dean i Lut. Alpha Phi Omega Mich..! Huereca. Stratford Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. Catholic Student Center. Society of Engineering Technology BKlie J. Huff men, San Angelo Bachelor of Butineif Administration Mickey L Hughes, Roaring Springi Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education Phil R. Hughe., Dallas Bachelor of Arti in Business Sandra S. Hughes. San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Education Holace A. Hunt, Dallai Bachelor of Science in General Home Economic . AHEA. Dean ' t Lilt Terry R, Ihrke, Houston Bachelor of Art in English. Dean ' t Lilt Mary K. Irgens, Aile Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Linda F. Irwin, Lubbocl Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Eptilon Delta Nancy J. lucci, Bronf ield Bachelor of Science in Home Economic!. AHEA. Phi Uptilon Omicron Janice libel). Haslell Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Education, AHEA. Rodeo Ann Cheryfl E. tienberg, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Education Rita K. liham, Amarillo Bachelor of Art in Home Economic! Michael D. Jackson, Conroe Bachelor of Arts In Chemistry. AED. Phi Eta Sigma Susan L Jackson, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Home Economics AHEA Fredrick L Jackson, Brownf ieid Bachelor of Arts in Government. Student Senate Mark A. Jecoby. Sonora Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, AIIE Richard L Jalbert, Amarillo Bachelor of Business Administration Hiiabeth L Jermon. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. UD News Editor, Women in Communications. Ideal and Issues Committee UC. Judy A. Jarmon, Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration Shirley L Jervts, Longview Bachelor of Science in Education, SEA. ACE John M. Jenkins, Amarillo Bachelor of Architecture Keren J. Jenkins, Hitchcock Bachelor of Science in Education Beverly A. Johnson. Albuquerque. N. M. Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. WSO. AHEA. Dean Lilt Beverly A. Johnstone, El Peto Bachelor of Science in Education. Delta Delta Delta Elaine N. Johnson. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Agriculture! Economics Gary S. Johnson, Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' s List. Saddle Tremps John A. Johnson, Pampa Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Delta Tau Delta. Dean ' s Lut Keren L Johnson, Alamo Bachelor of Science in Education. Angel Flight, President ' s Hostess Myles E. Johnson, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, AMA, Dean ' i Lilt Berry Johnston, Lockney Bachelor of Business Administration Theodore R. Johnson, Wakeforest. N. C. Bachelor of Business Administration Virgil G. Johnson. Dendder. La. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Major-Minor Club. Alpha Kappa Alpha 413 Senior Look SENIORS: Jones King Debra A. Jones, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science m Elementary Education. Dean i Lilt Deborah J. Jones. Lameia Bachelor of Science in Horn Economics, AHEA. Rodeo Ann. Diane L Jones, Lancaster. Calif. Bachelor of Artt in Art Education Edwin L Jones, Perryton Bachelor of Science in Math Deen ' s List Hal 0. Jones, Anson Bachelor of Business Administration. Bata Alpha Pn, Beta Gamrr Sigma Jan 6. Jona, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition. Zata Tau Alpha Littla Sister of SAE Jadda A. Jonas, loving Bachelor of Arts in Music Education Mortar Bard. Gamma Phi Bata Mu Phi Epsilon Lanny D. Jonas, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Music Education Lou R. Jonas. Paso Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare Peggy J. Jones. Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in Education. Delta Delta Delta. President s Hostess. Angel Flight Thomal E. Jonas, Brownfiald Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Theta Pi Vickie L Jones. Eldorado loyd E. Jordan, Meadow Bachelor of Science in Agronomy. Agronomy Club Katfcy J. Jowers, Ouanah Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. Tau Beta Sigma. WSO. Tech Band Nancy K. Jurecek, Eldorado Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology Diila L Kading. Midland Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List. Student Education Assn Libby Kaelber, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Family Relations. Pi Bata Phi. Alpha Lambda Delta. Littla Sigma Charles S. Kaliner. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Phi Kappa Phi. American Chemistry Society Janice R. Kalinec. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Alpha Theta. ACE. SEA Annie J. Karr, Claude Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Sociology Club. Delta Gamma Rodeo Assn. Dan C. Darr, Spur Bachelor of Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Stephen M. Karr, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Deborah K. Kediiora. Midland Bachelor of Science Elicia Keele, Big Spring Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. Mu Phi Epsilon Ann Kaett, Midland Bachelor of Science in Education. Zeta Tau Alpha. Cordettes. Panhellenic Kenneth L Kelm, Georgetown Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education. FFA, Alpha Zeta. Lutheran Student Organization Diane Kemp, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Jackie L Kemper, Spearman Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science Janice D. Kennedy, Peral City. Ha. Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Chi Omega. Angel Flight. Dean s List Patrick Kennedy, Uniontown. Pa. Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Arnold Air Society. Sabre Flight. Freshman Baseball Ray C. Kennedy, Burkburnett Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Rebecca Kennedy. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Judy H. Kilcrease, Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Kappa Phi. Beta Gamma Sigma. Kappa Alpha Theta Robert J.Kilduff. Lubbock Bachelor of Architecture Ben R. King, Lockney Bachelor of Arts in Music. Tech Music Theater. Tech Choir. Campus Advance i Senior Look 414 SENIORS: King Lambert Beverly A. King. Wichita Falls Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Psi Omega, Who s Who CH L King, Wichita Fall Bachelor of Butines Administration Chuck King, Lubbock Bachelor of Arti n Phyiical Education David King, Dallat Bachelor of Science in Home Economic . Corpsdette , Little Sitters of the Shield Tim R. King. Ubbock Bachelor of Arti in Music Education. Choir, Tech Madrigal France A. Kinney, Dallat Bachelor of Science in Education. WSO. Public Relation Committee UC. Dean ' Ut Freid K. Kinney, Seagravet Bachelor of Science in Education Polly A. Kinnibr ugh. Lubbock Bachelor of Arti in Psychology Betty J. Kintey. San Angelo Bachelor of Science in Home Economic and Textile . Oean ' t Lift. AHEA Linda L Kirby, Midland Bachelor of Science in Education, Dean ' List. NEA. Phi P i Little Sifter Terry D. Kitchent, Slaton Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. FFA Fred W. (Clapper, Borger Bachelor of Busine s Adminittration Petty A. Kleinknecht, Seabrook Bachelor of Art in Mathematics, Dean ' Li t. Kappa Alpha Theta, President ' s Hostess G. Robert Klemer. Irving Bachelor of Business Administration Thomas J. Kline Jr., Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dean ' List David E. Kluger, Dallas Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Advertising Kathryn A. Knadte, Mission Bachelor of Science in Zoology Kathleen M. Knight. San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. Kappa Mu Epsilon Meiorie E. Knight, Brownfield Bachelor of Science in Education Daniel L Knot, Spearman Bachelor of Science Kathryn M. Knoi. Richardson Bachelor of Science In Educa tion. Gamma Phi Beta Terry P. Kohnhortt, Wausau. Wis. Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Dean ' s List Kerlene A. Koonce. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Ken J. Kratch. Sherman Bachelor of Arts in Art Advertising Harold R. KreHchmer. Haskell Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education Linda K. Krau . Albuquerque. N. M. Bachelor of Science, Alpha Chi Omega Janice M. Krey, Shallowater Bachelor of Business Administration Martin W. Kurkendafl, Milford Bachelor of Arts in Advertising P.trici K. Kutner. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Education, UC Committee Deborah S. Lebenske. Houston Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. Fashion Board Wetter C. Lacy. Midland Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Tech Accounting Society Peter C. Udd. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Soceity, Dean ' s List, Sigma Nu Jimmie L. Lamb, Morton Bachelor of Fine Arts Mark N. Lamb. Stratford Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Alpha Psi. Beta Gamma Sigma Timothy M. Lambert, Denver City Bachelor of Art in Government 425 Senior Look SENIORS: Land Lou David A. Land. Corvcana Bachelor of Science in Zoology MartS.leng.Rockport Bachelor of Science in Physics. Phi Kappa Phi. S-gma Pi Sigma Carolyn M. Langford. Te.,co N. M. Bachelor of Science in Horn Economics AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Rodeo Aw. John A. Landoref. Dallas Bachelor of Am in Merketing MkJwel H. Unman. Enc.n.t.i Calif. Bachelor of Business Administration Hendio A. Lara. San Antonio Ovaries J. Larson, Dallas Bachelor of Business Administretion. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Ian M. Larson. Houston Bachelor of Arts in Advertising Photographer for La Ventana Johnny W. Lasiter. Brownfield Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering AICHE Tau Beta Pi Gerald A. LaTour. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Management Mary L Laughfin, Houston Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Linda Lawioo, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Pathology Dean ' s List. NSSHA Steven J. Lawton, Memphis. Tenn. Bachelor of Arts in Finance Ernestine A. Leather. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in German. American Civil Liberties Union. Per Uederkrani. Delta Phi Alpha Linda S. Lee. Houston Bachelor of Arts in Secretarial Administration. Phi Gamma No National Collegiate Assn. for Secretaries Virginia D. Lee. Odessa Bachelor of Science in Education Sendra J. LeMay, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Alpha Phi. Fashion Board. Dear s List Charles W.Leo, Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi Margaret A. Leon, Petersburg Bachelor of Arts in German. Who s Who. Mortar Board. Kappa Alpha Theta My R. Letter. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Dan Lewis Gary D. Lewis, Pecos Bachelor of Business Administration Home L Lewis, Midland Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA. Dean ' s List Lowry L Lewis, Muleshoe Bachelor of Business Administration Owen 0. Lewis. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration Terry Linn. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Sydney C. Lrttelen, Wichita Falls Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. AIA Lynda K. Uoyd. Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Education. AHEA. Dean ' s List Human D. Loafman. Friona Bachelor of Science in Animel Business. Rodeo Assn. Block and Bridle Tony LoCescio, Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration nice D. Locke, Wh.te Deer Bachelor of Business Administration. Deen ' s List Johnny Lofton. Pampa Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. AIME Sharon L Logan. Otona Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Done R. Long. Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Geology. University Goelogy Society Janet M. Lot), Houston Bachelor of Science in Education. Delta Delta Delta NAEA Dean ' s List life Senior Look 416 II SENIORS: Loll McCleskey Rebecca S. Lot . Cla.rette Bachelor of Science in Education SEA, Dean s Lift Thomas K. Louthen. Hal Center Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Alpha Zeta. Band William R. Lowke, Fort Worth Bachelor of Bunneii Administration , AMA Anil E. Loyd. Silverton Bachelor of Art m Sociology. Dean ' s List Jame H. Loyd, Georgetown Bachelor of Ar i in Government Kathryn M. Luckenbech, McCamey Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Education, Rodeo Ann. Vicki T. Lumen, Lubbock Bachelor of Buiinets Administration Rota Lune, Anton Bachelor of Science in Education, Dean ' s Lift Rebecca J. Lunford, Carrolltor, Bachelor of Science in Education. Kappa Alpha Thete Dean ' s Litt. Athletic Recru.t.ng Coordinator Monte 0. Luiby. Spearman Bachelor of Science in Agronomy Robert M. Luton, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. AMA Nancy B. Lui, Eldorado Bachelor of Science in Home Economic . Delta Delta Delta Betiy R. Lyde. Denison Bachelor of Science in Education. Mortar Baord WSO Donald W. Macha. Plainview Bachelor of Science in Education Joan M. Meciula, Brownfield Bachelor of Business Administration James R. Madison. Wolfforth Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega. Band Gloria F. Madrid, Odessa Bachelor of Science in Education Martha L Mangold, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Sheila K. Manning, Stanton Bachelor of Science in Family Relations Vicki A. Manns, Midland Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, AHEA Ronald M. Mupel. El Paso Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi Steve N. Marln, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in Management, Air Force ROTC. Sabre Flight Kenneth B. Martin, Lameto Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. ASCE. Dean ' s Lilt Micheel P. Martin. Dalhert Bachelor of Business Administration Robert M. Martin, Midland Bachelor of Science in Engineering Stephen L Martin, Dalhart Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering George P. Meuie, Pampa Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Campus Crusade for Christ Thed A. Mastin. Pampa Bachelor of Science in Education. Army ROTC Helen Y. Matthew , Howe Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Chi Omega. TSTA Keren C. McBride, Enc.no Bachelor of Art in Spanish. Sigma Kappa. Sigma Delta Pi. Dean ' s List Carolyn J. McCain , Houston Bachelor of Science in Education, AHEA, Phi Upstlon Omicron Lerry C. McCarter, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Phi Delta Theta. Dean ' s List James S. McCartney, Snyder Bachelor of Business Administration Richard McCarty, San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration. Air Force ROTC. Arnold Air Society James M. McOetkey Ml, Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration 417 Senior Look SENIORS: McClung Messersmith Halan M. McOuxg. Haskall Bachalor of Sc.anca m Education. NAEA National Education Assn. SIM . A. McClura, Pra.ra VHaga Kan. Bachalor of Scianca in Homa and Famih Ufa. Sigma Kappa Jamai P. McColouflh. Panhandla Bachalor of Businass Administration M.rgarat S. McColym. Oallat BacKalor of Scianca in Education Jonat C McConnal. Richardson Bachalor of Arts in Architactura Kappa Alpha Ordar Band Frad McCord. Dalai Bachalor of Scianca Mrtii L McCoy. Farmington. N. M. Bachalor of Arts in English. Daan I L.it WSO Sigma Tau Dalta Staphan J. McCJay. Houston Bachalor of Businass Administration Mary H. McDonald. Lytla Bachalor of Soanca in Education. Kappa Alpha Thata. Major-Minor Club. Daan i Lilt David C. McOo-al. Daar Park N. Y. Bachalor of Arts in Architactura. Saddla Tramps. Daan ' s Lilt. Tau Sigma Dalta Eaul L McDo.aH McAdoo Bachalor of Scianca in Agriculture FFA Pamala A. McErrhVa. Starling Bachalor of Scianca in Education Chartyasa McGaa. McKinnay Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Daan s List. NAEA. TAEA Pstricia A. McSa. El Paso Bachalor of Arts in Sociology. WSO Daan s List Mika J. McSough. Tucson. Ani. Pi Kappa Alpha Lou A. McHargua. Dallas Bachalor of Businass Adminiitration. NCAS. Pi Gamma Nu Anthony L McKaa. Phillips Bachalor of Businass Administration Mkhaal L McKaa. Dallas Bachalor of Businass Administration Karan L McKlmmay. Rotan Bachalor of Arts in Govarnmant Carolyn A. McKmlay. Pampa Bachalor of Arts in Education. Choir. Pi Bata Phi. Junior Council lonit. S. McKnigkt. Rockiprings Bachalor of Scianca in Marchandising. Dalta Dafta. Dalta. Daan ' s List. AHEA. Fashion Board D.nny D. McLorty. Lavalland Bachalor of Architactura. AIA Da.a L McMuary, Dumas Bachalor of Scianca in Animal Scianca. Block and Bridla. Rodao Assn. Klata S. McNuHy, Dallas Bachalor of Arts in Anthropology. Anthropology Club Mark R. McPharson. Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Daan ' s List Bobby J. McQuaan, Lubbock Bachalor of Businass Administration, Daan ' i List. Pi Kappa Alpha Jarry D. Me Whortar. Archar City Bachalor of Businass Administration. Saddla Tramps. Bata Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma lamia C. McWiliano. Lubbock Bachalor of Scianca in Chamistry. AED. Pra Mad Sociaty Rosamary J. Maans. Houston Bachalor of Scianca in Education Moty A. Maakar. Pampa Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Phi Nu Epsilon. Daan ' s List Philip M. Malchar. Slaton Bachalor of Businasi Administration. Kappa Kappa Psi. Band Adair R. MaKnaky. Amanllo Bachalor of Businass Administration. Orchastra Marilyn Y. Marral. Carlsbad N. M. Bachalor of Businass Administration. Pi Omaga Pi. NBEA TBEA Michaal J. Mirril. Carlsbad. N. M. Bachalor of Arts in Managamant Jay A. MauafsmrHi. Fort Worth Bachalor of Arts in Talacommunications. KTXT-FM Senior Look 418 It SENIORS: Metcalf Morris lerbare K. M.tc.lf. Houston Bachelor of Artt in Marketing. Angel Flight Chi Omega Claire f. Myers. Midland Bachelor of Science in Education. Beta Beta Beta Artist and Speaker Series Committaa John R. MiHord, Lubbocl Bachelor of Artt in Government. Pi Sigma Alpha Charlotte G. Millar, Fort Worth Bachelor of Scianca in Horn Economic . AHEA. Fashion Board Jacalyn Millar. Paarland Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Delta Pi. Sigma Tau Delta. U.C. Program Council Jack M. Miller, Panhandle Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Pti Juanita K. Miller, Groom Bachelor of Science. WSO. Phi U AHEA Karen R. Miller, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics. AHEA. Dean ' s List Rebecca L. Miller, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Steven Miller. Cleburne Bachelor of Arts in Geology Rhea D. Mills. Houston Bachelor of Arts in Education Joseph J. Mind. Houston Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Chi Rho. Engineering Student Council ASME Mollie M. Mitchell, Slaton Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA. Dean ' s List Gary M. Moffitt, Midland Bachelor of Business Administration. AMA. Dean ' s List Sheryh A. Moffet, Wichita Falls Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List Susan P. Moffett, Dallas Bachelor of Fine Arts. Alpha Lambda Delta. Dean ' s List Nancy E. Mohn, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Major-Minor Club Janna G. Monday, Brownfield Bachelor of Science in Education Patsy J. Monroe, Odessa Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, AHEA. Phi Epsilon Omicron Cynthia J. Moore, Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Education. AHEA David R. Moore. Lubbocl Bachelor of Business Administration Gary D. Moore, Munday Bachelor of Business Administration Margie S. Moore. Tyler Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA Robert G. Moore, Loclney Bachelor of Business Administration Robert J. Moore. Winters Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Phi Eta Sigma Susan K. Moore, Mullin Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA. Dean s List Thomas B. Moore, Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega Vivian A. Moore, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Dean ' s List Don R. Mooring, Clarendon Bachelor of Arts in Management Bruce E. Morey. Childress Bachelor of Business Administration Patricia W. Morgan. Dumas Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Gamma Nu Rhonda E. Morley, Wichita Falls Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Chi Omega Donna F. Morris, Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Phi. NASC Marian Morris, Afton Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA Marvin R. Morris, Houston Bachelor of Business Administration 419 Senior Look SENIORS: Morris Newton Wyatt A. Morris. El Paso Bechelor of Ari .n So.etnment Arnold Air Society terry K. Morrow, Anvarillo Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Advertising. Dean I List Robert C. Morrow. AmariHo Bachelor of Business Administration Dennis E. Mortimer. Pampa Bachelor of Business Administration Christie Morton. Sarlend Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Tech Tennis Team Bachelor of Arts in English Dean ' s List Helen L Mo.aley. Roc halt. Bachelor of Arts in Education. Rodeo Assn.. SEA Carol D. MOM. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List. BSU Johnnie S. Mower. Amer.Ho Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List Arthur L. Mudge. Junction Bachelor of Business Administration Larry D. MuKcan. Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Education Cynthia A. Mum. Midland Bachelor of Arts in Education. Dean ' s List Daniel F. Murphy. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Education. Tech Swim Team Laura E. Murray. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Mu Phi Gamma Nu Madeleine C. Muse, Dallas Bechelor of Science in Education. Dean s List Denne L Mustard. Borger Bachelor of Science in Education Patrice Myers. Houston Bechelor of Arts in Clothing and Teitile Jan S. Neglee. Midland Bachelor of Science in Education. Sigma Nu Little Sister. SEA Paul 0. Nash. Hereford Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Lena R. Neumann, Leander Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA Rodeo Assn.. Dean s List Jesus Navarro Jr.. McAllen Bachelor of Business Administration Claudia M. Na-roct, Houston Bachelor of Science in Education Abe F. Neyfa. Sweetwater Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Finance. Rodeo Assn. Cyirfhie K. Naytor. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Phi. Dean s List Kenneth L Neat. Odessa Bachelor erf Fine Arts in Art Education Charles M. Neas, Perryton Bachelor of Business Administration Mary J.Neel, Lubbock Deborah A. Neinast, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Sigma Kappa. Beta Beta Beta Chris C. Nelson. Post Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare J. Deid Nelson. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List. Sigma Chi John D. Nelson. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration Lara Netties. Meadow Bachelor of Science in Education Zeta Tau Alpha Dean s List Jerry Neugebever, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in Accounting James I. Newton. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Zoology Kappa Kappa Ps. Alpha Epsilon Delta Vanetta M. Newton, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. TSTA Dean List it Senior Look 420 iilo SENIORS: Mickell Parham AUnC.Mkk.it, Luting Bachelor of Bu net i Administration. Alpha Kappa Pti. Sigma lota P(i Sam E. MkKoli. Hobbi Bachelor of Arts in Zoology Gerald C. Nobles Jr., Midland Bachelor of Science in Animal Business. Red Reder ' 73. Rodeo Assn. Susan Norman, Athens Bachelor of Science in Education Nancy Morris, Baytown Bachelor of Arts in English Paula Morris, Brown wood Bachelor of Science in Education. Mortar Board Angel Flight Debbie A. Novell, Galveiton Bachelor of Business Adminiitration, Zeta Tau Alpha. PKi Gamma Nu Don L Nunnafly, O ' Donnell Bachelor of Science in Animal Production. Block and Bridle, Rodeo Ann. Sue K. Nunnelry. Roswell, N. M. Bachelor of Science in Animal Business, Block and Bridle NCAS William T. Nyton. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Sam Oakes. Midland Bachelor of Science in Entomology BottyO ' Brian, Lubbock Carol A. O ' Dommefl. San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Psi Chi. Dean ' i List Vicki L Ogle, Dalhart Bachelor of Science in Clothing and Textile . Phi Upsilon Dean ' i U$t Janice L Oldham, Uttlefield Bachelor of Science in Special Education. Gamma Phi Beta. Raider Rustlers John T. Olive, San Angelo Bachelor of Scien ce in Mechanical Engineering Marion A. Oliver, Golden Meadow. La. Bachelor of Business Administration, Sigma Nu John P. O ' Loughlin, Abilene Bachelor of Business Administration, AMA Patricia K. Often, Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Home Economic . Dean ' s List. AHEA Judith M. Olson, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Marcia L Osteen, Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Pathology. ASHA Shirley E. Oswald, Bellaire Bachelor of Arts in Math Brenda K. Owen, Sweerwater Bachelor of Science in Education. Seta Beta Beta Nick F. Owen. Sunset Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. Alpha Zeta John N. Owens, Tahoka Bachelor of Arts in Architecture Mary A. Ounna, Dallas Bachelor of Scianca in Horn. Economics. AHEA. Christian Scienca Rebacca A. OTtf, San Ang.lo 8ch.lor o( Sci.nc. In Education. ASHA. SCEC. Alpha Lambda Mia Mary C. Pace, Jatpar Bachalor o( Sci.no in Zoology. B la B.t. B ta. Pki Kappa Pki Br.nda 6. Paa. Oallat Bachalor of Fin Arti in Intanor Dasign Johnnia B. Pag. Houston Bachalor of Arh in Spaniih. D an ' i Lilt. Pi (felta PKi Larry Peg , Brownwood Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA, Society of Physics Students Joe J. Parker. Byers Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Economics Susie Pankrati, Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Education, Young Republicans, SEA Larry Parker, Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List. Kappa Alpha Audrey L. Parham, Levelland Bachelor of Science in Education. SEA, Phi Kappa Phi. Dean ' s List 421 Senior Look SENIORS: Parma Potter Marilyn J. Parma, Irving Bachelor of Bus nss Administration, Phi Gamma Nu, Pi Omega Pi Lawrence H. Permer. Lubbock Bachelor of Soence m Special Education Charles E. Paschal. Dallas Bachelor cf Arts in Finance. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Maine E. P.itusek, CXney Bachelor of Arts in English Cheryl W. Patterson, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List. Gamma Theta Upsilon Dennis Payton. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Finance Julie C. Peacock, Houston Bachelor of Arts in French. Alpha Phi Dean ' s List Linda A. Pearson, Fhsco Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Mortar Board. BSD. AHEA Kristen D. Pedenon, Austin Bachelor of Fine Arts Alpha Delta Pi, NAEA Gerry L Peebles. Slaton Bachelor of Business Administration Abigail L Pena. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Armando R. Pena. Lubbock Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education. Scabbard and Wade. NAEA Greg O. Perchard, Hobbs N. M. Bachelor of Business Administration Dennis R. Perkins, Prosper Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Pi Guy Paula A. Perkins, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education Catherine J. Perry, Big Spring Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Dean ' s List. Psi Chi Patricia A. Perry, Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, Phi Upsilon Omicron Thomas L Persons, Tulia Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Technology Carol A. Perusek, Midland Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Alpha Lambda Delta B. Alan Peters, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Randy N. Peterson, Stanford Bachelor of Science in Park Administration James B. Philips, Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega Date P. Pierce, Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration John R. Pmtott, Tulia Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Norma A. Prtcock. Muleshoe Bachelor of Science in Education Janis R. Plumtee, Qeburne Bachelor of Science in Education. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Mortar Board Barbara L Plummer. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Luann Plunk, Stratford Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. Pre Med Society. Beta Beta Beta Drew D. Poe, Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi David P. Poff, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Arnold Air Society. Dean ' s List Jack Pointer. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Kappa Psi Ronald J. Pofasek, Corpus Chris ti Bachelor of Business Administration Domingo Ponce, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts in History Sanora L Ponder, Richardson Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. Fashion Board. AHEA Kathy W. Potter, Muleshoe Bachelor of Science .n Education. Alpha Lambda Delta. SCEC Senior Look 422 SENIORS: Potterff Read Mary L. Pottorff, Amanlto Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology. Sigma Alpha Eta Janice PoweN, Richardson Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Dean ' s Lut Harold R. Power . Greenv.lle Bachelor of Butmeit Adminittration Alke A. Price. Houtton Bachelor of Arti in Math. Alpha Lambda Delta Frank S. Price, Sterling City Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Tech Rodeo Ann, Agricultu. Economics Ann., Alpha Zeta. Peg 9 Price, Dumas Bachelor of Art in Art THaiter 0. Price, LitHefield Bachelor of Business Administration William H. Price Jr., Granbury Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Richie L Prichard, Aspermont Bachelor of Arts in General Business, Rodeo Association Marjorie M. Price, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Linda C. Priddy, Brady Bachelor of Science in Education. American Home Economics Ann., Dean ' s List, Rodeo Assn. Daniel E. Pridgeon, Hawthorne, Ha. Bachelor of Science in Etectricial Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Campus Advance Deborah L Prichatt, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Student Education Assn. Thomas F. Puckett, Byers Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Tynan Rifles Drill Team Gerald W. Purdy, Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration, Kappa Kappa Psi, Tech Band Don 6. Purgar, San Angelo Bachelor of Science in Architecture Betty J. Pyle, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Phyllis E. Quails. Roswell. N. M. Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare Rodeney D. Quasenberry. Crane Bachelor of Business Administration Rosemary Rechael, Cedar Hill Bachelor of Business Administration Charles G. Rainay, San Angelo Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List, Tech Accounting Society Dan R. Raltton, Gruver Bachelor of Science. Block and Bridle Club Pennye S. Palston, Spearman Bachelor of Science in Education Richard Ramey, Alpine William E. Ramirez, Dalhart Bachelor of Business Administration. Student Senate. Men ' s Residence Council Bitty L Rampy, Clarendon Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Collegiate FFA Vickie N. Rempy, Lubbock Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Art. Dean ' s Lilt Deborah D. Ramsey. Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare. Dean ' s List. PS. Chi, Rodeo Assn. Cherlet W. Rank in. Weatherford Bachelor of Arts In Zoology. Delta Tau Delta. Dean ' s List Marcus S. Rasco, Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Physics. Sigma Pi Sigma. Kappa Mu Epsilon Tegg L Rasmuuen. Clovis. N. M. Bachelor of Arts in Englith. Sigma Tau Delta. Pi Lambda Phi. Dean s Lilt Candace S. Ratcliff. Lancaster Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare, Alpha Phi, Sigma Nu Little Sister Donald Z. Rewllns, AcUrly Bachelor of Science in Phytical Education. Phi Epsiton Kappa Dean ' s Lift Vicki M. Ray. Seminole Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Gamma Phi Beta, Angel Right BlRyReed, Corpus Christi Bachelor of Business Administration 423 Senior Look SENIORS: Read Rogers MM C. Reed. Ubbocl Bachelor of Arti in Architecture Menrin L Reedhimar. Hereford Bachelor cf Science in Chemical Engineering looby O. Redwine. Mulashoe Bechelor of Science in Animal Science JacC.kMd.Knm Bechelor of Soence in Zoology. Delta Teu Delta John L Reed. Idelou Bachelor of Business Administration. Beta Alpha Psi Johni. R. Reed. Kr.,, Bachelor of Business Administration Linda A, Reed. Lubbock Bechelor of Science in Education. Deem List Russal C. Reee. Pampa Bachator of Science in Electrical Engineering David C. Raha, Richardson Bachelor of Scianca in Buiinass Ronnia L Rainnch. Harrold BacKaJor of Arts in Aqfonomy Daan ' s Lift. Alpha Zata. Rodao Assn. Wiflia P. Ranaau. Spaarman Bachalor of Scianca in Animal Production. Block and BrioHa Linda J. Rairtar. Livingston Bachalor of Arts m SacrataHal Administration. NCAS V. Yvorma Rai. Wallman Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Daan ' s List ManualRayasJr.. Ubbock Bachalor of Arts in Govarnnwnt Samuat L Rayn El Paso Bachalor of Businass Administration Sua E. Rhodas. Abamathy . Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics Scott 0. Richards. Caspar. Wyo. Bachalor of Buiinass Administration Ton! 6. Richardson. Shamrock Bachalor of Scianca in Physical Education. Alpha Chi Omago Tri-Bera. Major Minor Club Linda L Rial, Midland Bachalor of Scianca in Education. Alpha Lambda Oalta Susan L RKMS, Midland Bachalor of Businass Administration Patricia A. RiddW. Handarson Bachalor of Scianca in Homa Economics. AHEA WSO Martha Rippla. Dumas Bachalor of Scianca in Physical Education Anna L Rttchia, Mineral Walls Bachalor of Scianca Kappa Alpha Thata Thomas E. Roberts. Dallas AdelaJ.Robbins. Dallas Bachalor of Business Administration I. Craig Robertson. Midland Sigma Chi Jamas R. Roberta, Fort Worth Bachalor of Arts in Architecture. Pi Lambda Phi Kenneth R. Roberta, Abilene Bachelor of Business Administration O. Randal Roberta, Lamese Bachelor of Arts in Speech. Alpha Epsilon Rho Joel W. Robertson, Clarendon Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi Ralph C. Robertson. Waco Bachalor of Science in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Randy N. Robinatt. Lamese Bachalor of Business Administration Elaine M. Robinson. Houston Bachalor of Arts in Secretarial Administration NCAS WiKem C. Robinson. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Arnold Air Society Sherry Rodger . Houston Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Look 424 Q ..,, SENIORS: Rogers Sanders Anthony E. Rogers. M.dland Bachelor of Butmeif Administration David E. Rogers. Tahoka Bachelor of Arti ,n Chemistry. Alpha Eptilon Delta. Pre Mad Society James ft. Rogers, Fort Worth Bachelor of Business Administration Kay K. Rogers. Lubbock Bachalor of Artt m Markatin9, Phi Gamma Nu. President ' s Hostess Kannath A. Robert. Mlnaola Bachalor of Science in Electrical Engineering IEEE, Band Monte V. Rogers. Sudan Bachelor of Business Administrate. Beta Alpha Ps., Band Robert T. Rogers, Hartman. Ark. Bachelor of Soence n Petroleum Engineering. Pi Eptilon Tau Van N. Rodgers. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Delta Theta Michael H. Rohr. Stafford Bachelor of Arts in Government. UC Program Committee Fred H. Rolke Jr.. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Horticulture. Beta Theta Pi Annette Rollins. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Mu. Dean ' s List Scott A. Rombokei, Memphis Bachelor of Scinc in Education. Phi Alpha Theta Eddie J. Roper, Odessa Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Choir Robert L. Rosen. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Government, Band, Dean i Lilt Jerry L Row. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Management, Dean ' s List Jan Rosser, Abilene Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Steven W. Rotslar, Houston Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. SPE of AIME Gary L Rout . Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Grman. Alpha Tau Omega Leilia A. Row.ll, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Management Russell D. Rowland Jr., Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration Richard J. Rowley. Lakeland. Ra. Bachelor of Business Administration Brenda K. Royal, Hillsboro Bachelor of Science in Education Karen S. Royal. Pta.nview Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Karen R. Roiell, Morton Bachelor of Arts in Music Education Ann L. Rucker, Abilene Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, Phi Upsilon Omicron Sandra C. Rupert. Houston Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Dean ' s List Melinda J. Rush. Lamesa Bachelor of Arts in Education, Psi Omega Phi. Dean i List John P. Rutledge, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Park Administration Suianne Rutledge, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in English. Pi Bate Phi. Dean ' s Lilt Ahmad M. Sa ' Adi, Naiareth, Israel Bachelor of Science in Physics Robert W. Sadler. Big Spring Bachelor of Science in Education, Sock and Buskin Cindy Saied, Wellington Ronald A. Saikoftskl, W.ch.ta Falls Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta P., ASCE Jette Sanchei. Stanton Bachelor of Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi Alnon Sanders. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science in Home Economics 425 Srruor Look SENIORS: Sanders Severe Carol A. Sanders. Sham-ock Bachelor of Business Administration Alpha Phi Beta Gamma Sigma Omicron Delta Epsilon Kent I Senders. Bo.ia Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Sigma Phi Epsilon R. I. Sanders. Mesguite BacHelcr of Business Administration Hymen D. Seuer. Eldorado Bachalor of Soence in Agriculture Economict. Saddla Trampt. Student Sanata Art L Savage. Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Tach Accounting Society. Daan ' s List Ronald J. Sawal. Orchard Lake Mich. Bachalor of Arts in Accounting. Bata Alpha Pu Dean j List Jarry 0. Sawyar, Luboock Bachalor of Arts in Accounting. Taias Tach Accounting Sociaty. Saddla Tramps Kyrt Schaal. Dublin. N.H. Bachalor of Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Daan ' s List Barbara B. Schreg. San Antonio Bachalor of Businass Administration. Alpha Dalta Pi Carolyn Schnaidar. Wilson Bachalor of Scianca in Education Tach Band. Tach Women s Baskatball Donald A. Schnaidar. Midland Bachalor of Scianca in Animal Scianca Jymm T. Schnaidar, Midland Bachalor of Arts in Financa Kannath A. Schnaidar. Houston Bachalor of Arts in Advertising. Sigma Phi Epsilon Intarfratamity Council Mary C. Schoppa. Boy s Ranch Bachalor of Scianca in Special Education Student ASHA. Dean ' s List Don Schroeder. Houston Bachalor of Businass Administration. Baptist Student Union Douglas P. Schuah, Houston Bachalor of Businass Administration Sandra D. Schwarri. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education William D. Schweiher. Lubbock Arnold E. Schwertner. Rovdada Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Mechanized Agriculture Club George 6. Scott. San Antonio Bachelor of Scianca in Engineering Mary A. Scott. Billings Mont. Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. Pi Beta Phi. Tech Rodeo Assn. Patricia A. Scott. Lubbock Bachelor of Scianca in Education Patricia A. Scott, Irving Bachalor of Science in Education. Delta Gamma. Dean s List John L Saale. Dallas Bachalor of Science in Engineering. ASME. Engineering Council. Tau Beta Pi Robert S. Sean. Odessa Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Kappa Alpha Bata Gamma Sigma Dome M. Saary , Morton Bachelor of Science in Education Haydan H. Seay Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Jerre. W. Seay, Fort Worth Bachalor of Businass Administration. Delta Phi Epsilon Barry 6 Sail., Abarnathy Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering IEEE Barry J. SeR, Petersburg Bachelor of Science n Agriculture Education. Phi Gamma Delta Block end Bridle Mary Ann Sal. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Education. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dean ' s List (Carol V.SetWf.Borger Patricia 6. Settle. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education Alpha Delia Pi Mortar Board. Mu Phi Epsilon Roger p. Settler. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in History Students Senate Dalta Theta Psi Young Democrats Carol Severe. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. National Art Education Assn. 4 j ifc n r Look 426 I il SENIORS: Shaffer Smith Russell C. ShaHer, lubbock Bachelor of Arti in Agricultural Economics Bobbia W. Shaw. Chillicothe Bachelor of Scianca in Speech Pathology. Sigma Alpha Eta Dabra J. Shaw, Bannington Bachalor of Businass Administration. Phi Gamma Nu. NCAS Janet R. Shaw. Midland Bachalor of Arti in English. Co-Editor La Vantana. Alpha Dalta Pi. Daan ' t List. Thata Sigma Phi Nathan M. Shaw, Amarillo Bachalor of Artj in Accounting Panny S. Shaw, Mineral Walls Bachalor of Arts in Accounting Bobby L. Shefton. Clyde Bachalor of Scianca in Secondary Education Celesta Sharton. Kaufman Bachelor of Science in Education. Delta Gamma. Angel Flight Jeye M. Sh.lton Jr., Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in Animal Business. Rodeo Assn. Gordon M. Shepherd, Roswell. N. M. Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Mu Alpha Ebrahim R. Sharif, Libya. North Africa Rebecca S. Shipman, Longview Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. WSO. Delta Psi Kappa Denise E. Shiver, Ama Bachelor of Science Education. WSO. Mortar Board Steve P. Short, Kerrville Bachelor of Fine Arts Randy L. Shuffield. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, ADS. Chi Rho Hobert Q. Sibley. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Animal Business. Block and Bridle Patricia J. Si . Burl. Iowa Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Mu Phi Epsilon Phyllis J. Simmons, Dallas Bachalor of Arts in History, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta Bennie N. Simpson, Eastland Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. SAID. ADHOC Charles W. Simpson. Odessa Bachelor of Art in History. Saddle Tramps. Dean ' s List John C. Simpson, Lovington Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Susan K. Sitterle, Houston Bachelor of Science in Business Education Kenneth A. Siogren, Kress Bachelor of Science in Agronomy. Agronomy Club. Alpha Zeta M. Susan Skinner, Dallas Bachelor of Arts in English. Sigma Kappa. Phi Alpha Theta Rkk L. Slaughter, Lubbock Bachelor of Science. SAE Candida A. Sloan, Fort Worth Bachalor of Arts in Social Welfare. Dean ' s List Janice L Small, Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare. Christian Science Robert P. Smiley, L.ttlef.eld Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Berbara J. Smith. Franklin. Ky. Bachelor of Business Administration. Pi Omega Pi. Phi Gamma Nu Clare C. Smith. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Judo Assn. Curtis A. Smith. Leegue City Bachelor of Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Order Devie J. Smith. Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Business. AMA Douglas K. Smith. Hurst Bachelor of Science in Engineering Edward S. SmrHi. Lorenio Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics Saddle Tramps Gary W. Smitti. Refugio Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Teu Sigma Delta 427 Senior Look SENIORS: Smith Spurgeon Jack M. Smtih. Lubbock Bachelor o Business Administration Jennifer S. Smith. Plamview Bachelor of Science in Education Jerry R. Smith, Dallas Bachelor of Science Saddle Tramps Lorraine Smith, Dallas Bachelor of Arts in H story Phi Delta Thata. Alpha Lambda Dlta Margaret A. Smith. Loop Bachelor of Arts in Engl.th Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta Marilyn K. Smith, Paducah Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Chi Omega Mar|orie W. Smith. Vernon Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics. AHEA. Alpha Lambda Delta Martha K. Smith. Mason Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Alpha Theta. Dean ' s List Mary J. Smith, Seminole Bachelor of Business Administration. Angel Flight, Phi Gamma Nu Mary N. Smith, Amar.Ho Bachelor of Science in Education Michael W. Smith. Poteet Bachelor of Science in Animal Production, Rodeo Assn. Patricia E Smith, Mansfield Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. AHEA Philip L Smith. Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Zoology. Beta Beta Beta Odis R. Smith, Leveltand Bachelor of Science In Civic Engineering ASCE Rebecca Smith. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Education. Delta Gamma. SEA Richard H. Smith. Borger Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Ronald J. Smith. Vernon Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education, Rodeo Assn., FFA Sally L Smith, Houston Bachelor of Arts in Math, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Kappa Mu Epsilon William D. Smith, Panhandle Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' s List JoAnn Snodgrau, Arlington Bachelor of Science in Education. Chi Omega, Corpsdettes Phillip G. Snyder, El Paso Bachelor of Business Administration, Double T Rifle Team Chris H. Sommerfeblt, Sherman Bachelor of Arts in Government Emmy Ann Souder, Independence Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List Annola K. Soul tv Sundown Bachelor of Science in Math. Beta Beta Beta, SEA Thomas E. Sowers. Amarillo Bachelor of Business Administration Harold R. Spain Jr.. Haskell Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education. Rodeo Assn. Jaqueline J. Specter, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Family Relations James H. Spikes. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' s List Joseph M.SpiHar.Seguin Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Economics. Rodeo Ann. Catherine D. Spoon H, Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in English. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mortar Board Carol J.Spratt, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. AMA Tom W. Sprawls, Denver City Bachelor of Business Administration. S gma Nu. SAM KeHy R. Springer, Kress Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics Robbie J. Springer, Mineral Wells Bachelor of Science in Education, Gamma Phi Beta. Dean ' s List Marie J. Spurgeon, Spring Bachelor of Business Administration. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Dean s List Senior Look 428 SENIORS: Stokes Sumrow Tonya R. Stoke . Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education. SCEA. Netionel Education Auociation Janet R. StaM. Odeita Bachelor of Science in Home Economic . American Home Economic! Ann.. Phi Epsilon Omicron Letlle E. Stakup. Irving Bachelor of Science in Education, SEA Diana C. Stanley. Sonora Bachelor of Buiinett Adminiitration John W, Stanton. Petersburg Bachelor of Business Adminiitration, Phi Delta Theta Paul A. Stapp. Oow.ll Bachelor of Science Henry L Startey, Metquite Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Elizabeth A. Startiel. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Home and Family Life Rhonda L Stai en,San Antonio Bachelor of Fine Art in Art Education. National Art Education An.. Dean t Lilt, Texas Art Education Asm. WiHiam J. Steed III. Houston Bachelor of Business Administration Richard W. Stean. Idalou Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics, Sigma Nu, Agriculture Economics Club Jamie M. Stehley. Snyder Bachelor of Arts in Engtith, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Delta Delta JoAnn Starter, Troup Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s Lilt Lowell W. Stephen Jr., Fort Worth Bachelor of Business Administration Marvin H. Stephens, Petersburg Bachelor of Science in Mechanized Agriculture. Dean ' s List Murell H. Stephens, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Terry N. Sterling. Ira Bachelor of Science in Agriculture P. Tom Sterrett, Amarillo Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. Tech Band, Saddle Tram Catherine M. Stewart, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Roy J. Stewart, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Animal Science Harvey J. Stiegler, San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Arnold Air Society. Phi Eta Sigma Larry E. Stokes, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Mechanized Agriculture, Mechanized Agricultural Club Michela R. Stolta. Midland Bachelor of Arts in Government. Phi Alpha Theta, Dean ' s List Terry M. Stone, Amarillo Bachelor of Business Administration, Beta Alpha Pli. Kappa Kappa Psi Sharon L. Stout. Tulia Bachelor of Art in Marketing, Delta Delta Delta. Dean ' s List. Phi Gamma Nu Jimmy G. Strader, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Park Administration David Streyhom, Burkburnett Bachelor of Business Administration Jrry Strickland, Amarillo Bachelor of Business Administration Diane E. Stroeck, Fort Worth Bachelor o f Science in Education Charlotte Stuard. Iraan Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Ronald J. Staurd, Iraan Bachelor of Arts in General Business Donald P. Stuckey. Hobbi. N. M. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. AICHE, Tau Beta Pi. Dean ' i Lilt Catherine A. Stucky. Fort Worth Bachelor of Business Adminiitration John J. Sturm, Hondo Bachelor of Arts in Geology Chris E. Sumrow, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Beta Theta Pi. Pi T Sigma. AIAA 429 Senior Look SENIORS: Surguy Thompson Grec I. Wgry Bechekx of Arts in Sociology, Baptist Student Union. Tech Choir Bechekx of Business Administration. Fine Art Committee Wttem ft. Stiffen Bachekw of Business Administration Bachelor of Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Susan V. Swetiel Bachelor of Arts, Phi Gamma Nu, Kappa Alpha Theta SyMaLSwords Bachelor of Sconce ' .n Education. President s Hostess. Kappa Alpha RicherdS-Ta-ey Bachelor of Science in Microbiology Bata Beta Bats Dean ' s Honor Urtda J. Taey Bachelor of Science In Food and Nutrition Hanry H. TaH . Bach ior of Scianca in Recreation. Phi Eta Sigma OenHe B. T.ytor Bacha4or of Science DaWF.T.yior Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education. Tech Rodeo Cub Don A. Taylor Bachelor of Arts in Teitile Technoloqv and Management Johnny M. Taylor ' Bachelor of Business Administration UndaF.T.yior Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List Richard L Taylor Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Dean ' s Honor List Ronald D. Taylor Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Education Mah a D. Tee?ue Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Bachelor of Science in Zoology Donne Jean Terra! Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Phi Epslon Kapppa Grady Terra Bachelor of Arts in Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dean ' s List Candy L Terry Bachelor of Arts in English Jeff ery N. Terry Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Sigma Nu, Tau Beta Pi Linda L Thome Bachelor of Fine Arts. Gamma Phi Beta, Art and Design SUB Lyn C. Thomas Bachelor of Arts in Home Education. Dean ' s Lift Robert W. Thomas Bachelor of Arts in Government. Young Democrats of Teias Tech Terete A. Thomas Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Mery Jane Thomeion Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Barbara B. Thompson Bachelor of Arts in Home Economics Education Gary I. Thompson Bachelor of Science n Civil Engineering. Tau Beta Pi Gary S. Thompson Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Phi Kappa Psi Jamet E. Thompson Bachelor of Business Administration Kappa Alpha Oder. KTXT Manager Larry Thompson Bachelor of Science in Park Administration Urry W. Thompson Bachelor of Business Administration. Alpha Phi Omega Senior Loot 430 SENIORS: Thompson Virdell Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition. WSO. Phi Uptilon Omicron Robert C. Thompson. Lufk.n Bachelor of Business Administration Cheryl L Thurman, Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Home Economici. Dean I Lilt, AHEA Stephen R. Timmom, Fort Worth Bachelor of Business Admirtiitratiort. Phi Eta Sigma, AMA. Dean i Lilt Terr! L. Timmom, Midland Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Kappa Alpha Theta Carolyn S. Tippt. W.ch.ta Fall Bachelor of Science in Home Economici, AHEA Kenneth C. Todd. Olney Bachelor of Arts in Sociology David R. Todd, Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Zoology. AFROTC. Sabre Flight Jim Tom net. Jr., Seymour Bachelor of Arti in Agriculture, AFROTC Charlotte A. Toombt Bachelor of Science in Education, Rodeo Ann., Dean s Lift John B. Toone, Pcot Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, ASCE Janice W. Trachte. Loving. N. M. Bachelor of Arts in Education, WSO Lii A. Travi , Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education, SEA, SCEC Stephen M. Tredennick Abilene Bachelor of Business Administration, Dean ' s List Cynthia M. Trice, Overland Pork, Kan. Bachelor of Science in Education. WSO, Phi Kappa Phi Mary R. Trickey, Abilene Bachelor of Arts in Education, Delta Delta Delta, Mortar Board Jena S. Trostel. Houston Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. WSO. Alpha Lambda Delta Thomas R. Tucker, Brownfield Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Sherry L. Trunbow, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Donald R. Turpen, Andrews Bachelor of Science in Math Jan M. Turrentine, Hereford Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology, Dean ' j List Pamela B. Turwer, Friona Bachelor of Science Jemie L Tutt, Longview Bachelor of Arti in Education Dellinda J. Tyler, Sundown Bachelor of Arts in History. Sigma Tau Delta SEA G. Randall Tyler. Lubbock Ernest H. Underwood. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Rodeo Assn.. Tri-Beta Katie L Updike, El Paso Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta Roger J. Urban, Dumas Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering. ASAE Vicki L Vannoy. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in History, Delta Gamma F. Carl VanWinUe. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in History Linda S. Vaughan. Clarendon Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Raymond C. Vaughn. El Paso Bachelor of Science in Engineering Campus Advance Thomas E. Vernor, Bellaire Bachelor of Arts in Zoology Janet L Vetrano. Houston Bachelor of Science in Home Economic Coni L Virdefl, Llano Bachelor of Science in Education. Rodeo Asvn. Major-Minor Club 431 Senior Look SENIORS: Voight Weiss CherSe S. Voigtrt .. B.IJ Spring Bachelor of Arts n Government JY C Wagner, Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Management Join Wagner. Dallas Bachelor of Science In Secondary Education Alpha Doha Pi Alpha EPS. loo L ' ftle Sister of Minirva Linda M. Wegner. Brownf ,.ld Bachelor of Arts in History. Rodeo Awn. Dennis 6. Wainwright. Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Edward R. Walker. Me. Braunfeb Bachelor of Artl in Mats Communication!. Alpha Epsilon Rho Aim Weter. M.rk.l Bachelor of Science in Education James K. Wa er, Odessa Bachelor of Arti in Geography Jennifer A. Water. Richmond Bachelor of Art] in Mathematics Royce 0. Weter. Abematky Sechelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma. Dean ' s Lift Vickie A. Walker, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education. Alpha Delta Pi. Dean s List Benjamin C. Walace. Richardson Bachelor of Arts in General Business LJty J. Wallace. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in History. Honors Council. Phi Alpha Theta Howard M. Water. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List truce E. Welter. Houston Bachelor of Business Administration. ADS. Wells Hall Association Cindy D. Welters. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education Angel Flight Linda J. Warts. Hurst Bachelor of Arts in Education. WSO. NCAS Phi Gamma Nu Frank E. Ward. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Management Sharon M. Warlord. Baytown Bachelor of Science in Education. St udent Senate WSO Stephen K. Warminski. White Deer Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Bradford E. Warner. Santa Fe . N. M. Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Circle K. Arnold Air Society. Dean ' s List Thomas D. Waihbum, Panhandle Bachelor of Business Administration. Dean ' s List John L Watkins. Eden Bachelor of Science in Entomology Sherrie E. Weatherby. Crane Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Major Minor Club Devid C. Weaver Jr.. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Sociology James D. Weaver, Sundown Bachelor of Science in Math John C. Weaver, Arlington Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. ASME. Dean ' s List Johnnie R. Weaver, Silverton Bachelor of Business Administration. Kappa Alpha Order. Kappa Mu Epsilon Dean s List Devid L Webb. San Antonio Bachelor of Business Administration Donald J. Weber, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. Sigma Nu Ellen Weems. Houston Bachelor of Science in Education Joyce E Wein. Odessa Bachelor of Arts in Government. U.C. Special Events Comm.. Phi Alpha Theta Walter J. Weir. Amarillo Bachelor of Business Administration Richard L Weaker). Florissnet. Mo. Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Gloria A. Weiss. San Antonio Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean s List . i j Senior look 432 SENIORS: Welch Wilkie Cherlei A. Welch Bechelor of Bu.inest Administration G.NI.o S. W.!i, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Alpha Pht Omega J A. W.nd.1 Bachalor of Science in Home Economici Ann W.ndt Bachalor of Artt In Interior Design SAID. Dean ' l Lilt Sta.. W. W.ntrc.l Bachalor of Artt in Management Denite A. W.stbrool Bachalor of Fina Art.. Pi Bata Phi. Stud.nl Aiiociation Cab.net J.m.i M. Wa.tbrool Bachalor of Scianca in Architecture Ronny L Whaley Bachalor of Scianca in Machanical Engineering, Edwin R. WKaaldon Jr. Bachalor of Artt in Psychology Dean ' . Lilt Jana K. WheeWon Bachalor of Scianca in Phyiical Education. Delta Pli Kappa Juanita W. Wheeler Bachalor of Business Education. Daan ' t Lilt Norm. L Wheeler Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Alpha Lambda Delta Stephen 6. Wheeler Bachalor of Arti in Hiitory. Scabbard and Blade. Pli Chi Ronald D. Whelan Bachalor of Science in General Bolineil Dina K. Whigham Bachalor of Science in Education. Daan ' i Lilt Deborah Jo Whiinend Bachelor of Arts in Spaniih. Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sigma Delte Pi Robert K. Whitaker Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management. Range and Wildlife Club Debra A. While Bachelor of Science in Education. Tri Beta. 8SU Dean ' i Lilt Diana S. White Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Tech Rodeo Association Jama. B. White Bachalor of Art. in Sociology John S. White Bachelor of Science. Alpha Epiilon Delta Johnny M. White Bachalor of Science in Agriculture, Dean ' . Li.t Lindy C. White Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Qoenfin B. White Bachelor of Science in Physical Education William Reed Whirfi.ld Bachelor of Science Cethie D. Whirley. Odessa Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Thete Alpha Terry L Whitlow, Taylor Bachalor of Science in Education. Dean ' . Lilt Martha I. WhiHel, Bombay. India Bachalor of Art. in Education. Alpha Delta Pi Gerald f. Whrhon. Lubbocli Bachelor of Business Administration Robert H. WhrHemore, Worland Wyo. Bachelor of Science in Animal Science Kerry D. Whrtworth. Lubbocli Lowell Wiggim. Summerf leld Bachelor of Science in Induttriat Engineering. AIIE Debra L Wilbum. Wichita Fall. Bachelor of Business Administration Sand,. K. Wilde. Munday Bachelor of Business Administration Edward Wilkie. Pampa Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Deen ' i Li.t 43 3 Senior Look SENIORS: Wilkins Wold Tom Wakins, AmariHo Bachelor o Business Administration Tom M. Wftiiuoo Jr., Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Government. Kappa Alpha Order Randal P. WiHett. Midland Bachelor of Artt in History. Phi Kappa P$i. MRC Alicia Williams. Amar,llo Bachelor of Arti in Merchandising Dean ' s List Annette L Waumt, Muleshoe Bachelor of Arts in General Business Randy C. Wiliams. Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Donald C. WiKaiM, Gainesville Bachelor of Science in Agronomy. Agronomy Club Dean s Ijst Biiabeth A. WaUim, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Zoology Freddie J. Webm. Montague Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Who s Who Phi Delta Theta. Aggie Council James W. WWaim. Robstown Bachelor of Arts in General Business Sigma Phi Epsilon M.rci. C. WOOerm. Fort Worth Bachelor of Art in History Phi Alpha Theta Michele L Wifiara. Lubbock Bachelor of Business Administration R ' Jana K. WiKaim. Amarillo Bachelor of Science in Home Economics. BSD. Fashion Board Stephanie L WJRaim. Dallas Bachelor of Arts in Zoology. Delta Sigma Theta, Student Organization for Black Unity Susan D. WWarm. Fort Worth Bachelor of Science .n Education. Dean s List SCEC. La Ventana Staff Glenn W. Williamson. Richardson Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Phi Delta Theta Robert E. Wiliamson. Sudan Bachelor of Business Administration Karen H. Wilis, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education Margaret L Wife, Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education, Little Sigmas. Texas State Student Teachers Assn. Debra L Wilson. Fort Worth Bachelor of Arts in Math. Zeta Tau Alpha Donald L Wilson. Cypress Bachelor of Arts in History. Arnold Air Society. Dean ' s List Thomas E. Wirson III. Midland Bachelor of Arts in Geography Gamma Theta Epsilon. American Society of Photogrammetry Wiliam E. Wihon. Stanton Bachelor of Science in Agronomy. Agronomy Club Rodeo Assn Charles L WinJet. Odessa Bachelor of Arts in Education. Dean ' s List Cynthia P. Wrni. Uvalde Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Rodeo Assn.. Dean ' s List Linda E. Winston. Dallas Bachelor of Science in Education Larry M. Wischlaemper, Slaton Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Pamela P. Wisdom. Garland Bachelor of Science in Education. Dean ' s List Betesy A. Wise. Artesia N. M. Bachelor of Science n Education. Merville Larson Debate and Interpretation. Dean s List. Little Sister of The White Star Marcus L Wise, Art.,,a N. M. Bachelor of Science n Petroleum Engineering Robert W. Wither . Grandf alls Bachelor of Business Administration. Phi Alpha Kappa. Alpha Kappa Psi. Dean s List Jeanette L WhrtfieW, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Education George R. Wrrren. Colorado City Bachelor of Arts m Marketing. Who s Who Ph, Kappa Ps.. U.C. Student Entertainment Comm. Richard L WoW. Atlanta Ga. Bachelor of Business Administration. U.C. Special Events Comm.. AIIE. Psi Upsilon ( Senior Look 434 SENIORS Wolf Zeaglrr Candece E. WoM. San Antonio Bachelor of Science m Zoolcxjy Beta Beta Beta Phi Kappa Ph. Judith A. Wolff, Spring Bachelor of Soence in Education S gma Kappa Ph Gamma Nu Donald W. Womaek. Ab.lene Bachelor of Busmen Administration Beta Alpha Pn Roy D. Womble, Spearman Bachelor of Science m Microbiology Dean s lut Linda G. Wood. Dallas Bachelor of Business Administration PK Gamma Nu Carolyn S. Woodell. Amarillo Bachelor of Sconce m Education Sigma Delta Chi SEA Michael G. Woodruff, Midland Bachelor of Arts in Government Ronald K. WooUorth. Ubbock Bachelor of Art in Business Linda Wooten, Lubbock Bachelor of Science in Cloth, ng and Tentile Gamma Phi Bta Joe D. Word, Vernon Bachelor of Science in Animal Science Block and Bndle Rodeo Ann Robert T. Woyewodiic, Denison Bachelor of Science m Range Management Range and W.ldlife LaDonna J. Wren. Decatur Bachelor of Science in Education Major-Minor Club Deb L. Wright, Houston Bachelor of Science m Education. Kappa Kappa Gamma Dean t List Erneit R. Wright. Longview Bachelor of Science in Education. Phi Eptilon Kappa Dean s List Judith M. Wright, Lubbock Bachelor of Arts in Sociology Richard B. Wright, Enochs Bachelor of Business Administration Dean ' s List Elizabeth Wynne, Hobbs. N. M. Bachelor of Arts in History. Phi Mu Alum, Phi Alpha Theta Joyce A. Yarltng, Rosenberg Bachelor of Science in Home Economics AHEA. Phi Upsilon Omicron Leandro Q. Yberra, Slaton Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Mary A. Ybarra, San Antonio Bachelor of Arts m Music, Dean ' s List Clifton C. Yocom, Andrews Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Melinda K. Yocom, Lovington. N. M. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Alen M. Young, Tahoka Bachelor of Arts in Agricultural Economics Cinnie J. Young, Burkett Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Ps Chi Steven C. Young Wanda D. Young, Lubbock ichelor of Arts in Psychology. Psi Chi Phi Kappa Phi Nancy A. Youngblood, Azle Bachelor of Arts in Education, Sigma Kappa, Dean ' s List Larry D. Zeagler, Jackson, Mist. ichelor of Science in Chemical Engineering CONVENIENCE is the keynote in dependable service from Lubbock Power and Light . . . the convenience of receiving one monthly statement for both water and light, payable with one check instead of two . . . or the convenience of hooking up both utilities with one phone call to our customer service department, leaving all the details to LP L, and no unnecessary trips for you. That ' s why Lubbock Power is People Power! LUBBOCK POWER B AND LIGHT ' At LP L, we ' re interested in people ' ' III! . V LA VENTANA 1972 VOLUME 47 Jeff Lawhon Jan Shaw Co-editors Darrel Thomas, Director of Photography THE CAMPUS SCENE Bill Dean, Director Junior Class 440 Sophomore Class 456 Jean Finley, Business Manager Taylor Publishing Co., Printer STAFF Myrleen Parlett Lynn Reeves Co-editors Lynn Evans Brenda Massengill Joan Evans Junior Look 439 JUNIORS: Adlof Blackstock Taraw AdW . Bafera John Adamton, Turkav Kathy Adams, fort Worth Sary Adams. Colorado Cty Bradby Akay , lubbock Jayma Afcracht. Fort Worth J it. AlaianoW. Dalai RkKard Aktandar. Lubbock Stava Aldradga. Floydada Shaa. Ala . Odessa Dja. ABam Houston Patti Alan. Wife Point Sid Ah . Hunt Dana Aloon. Lubbocl Dan Alrad. Dallas M.ryr, AJ-.rd. Lubbocl Lynn Ammom. Fort Worth Al nt And oon, Shlk tr Cirol AndOTlOd. El Pio D borh Andnon. Richardson Mtrt Andmon. Fort Dodq Iowa Jnic Angrman, Waco Kathy AAoT.m. Dallas Patricia Archar. Dallas J Ariadoa. San Anoalo Alita Artmtrong. WIcKita Falls KatMaa Anrntrong. M,dland Edmund. Arnold. Isal.n N. J. Randal Arnold. Ac .- Aku Aianaanyi. Calabar Ray AAlay, Lubbock t Otttlllll SnyoV Taylor Auburg. Midland John Ayw. Tahola Catharina Bacon. San Antonio Baci Eahb. M.dland Karan Bain, Haraford Slann Baird. CoUman David BaUr. Wichita Falls Karry Bator. Ed.nburq Janica Baldwin. El Paso Donna Bandy, Dallas Melody Barfaota. Dallas Daborah Barlow. China Spring Joa Barnard. Kno Cty Tarry Barnas, Midland CtayBamatt. TaiasCity Dabra Barr. BrownMd Cynthia Barton. Earth Rotanna Bartush. Borgar William Bason. El Paso Jan Bauouan. Fort Worth Danial Baumann. Parryton Wiliam Baitar. Carlsbad N. M. Thomas Baal. Rocloort Dariana Baard, Snydar Barny Baaday. Houston William Backatt. Iraan Branda Backnal. Idalou Dorothy Badwal. Morton Jamaa Bal. Fort Worth MiHon Bal. WaatKarford Stavan M, Lubbock Gordon Batik. Richardson Jamas BaKnghausan. Munday Jan.! BaKnghauwi. AmariOo rVadrict Banrvatt. San Antonio Victor BairHay. Lubbocl Lawii Bam. Borgar Mkhaal BamatW. Arvada Colo. Martha Bavar. Ab.lana John fcllay. Lockna, Patricia Brfano. El Paso Tarry BMarbad. Lubbock John Bodaau. El Paso Branda Kndar. Baytown Park Kngham. Oklahoma City. Okl Jack Birdwal. Palo P.nto John Birdwal. Lubbock Charla. Bishop. Lubbock Donna Bishop, dnav Mfc.fcit.liiH k Vicki Blackbum. Amar.lo Mi. BUcbtock, Brownfwld 44O Junior Look iHi i JUNIORS: Blake Campbell Laasa Blaka. Lubbock Staphan Blatt. Th.bodau. La. Miry Mount, Nacogdochat Barnard Blum, Monahans Backy Boatwright. Dallas J.m.. lotllt, Dallas Harriat Bonds. Dallai Branda Bonay, Lancaster Robr) Bootha. BalUg.r Nancy Boran, Houston Linda Borgfeld. Berkeley He.ghts N. J. Nita Bouldin. Auilin Albert Bourlend. Lubbock Dan Bourland. Lubbock Cynthia Bournias, San Antonio Brandon Bowan, Sminol Carol Bowan. Lubbock Nancy Bowan, Dallas Nancy Bowes. La Porta Gall Boi, Pacoi Hugh Boi. Pecos Alma Boyd, Danvar, Colo. Barbara Boyd. K.ngsv.lle Battia Boydrtun. Midland Paula Boyla. Tempi. Linda Bradlay. Amarillo Rabacca Bradlhew, Idalou Ronald Bradihaw. Mamphit Michaal Brady, Rapid City. S. 0. Arthur Bragg. Lubbock Rabacca Brakabil. Rallt Robart Branch, Atpermont Don Braihar. Lubbock Jarry Bratton, Roanoke Sinan Bratton, Fort Worth Linda Braiich. Lubbock Susan Brasslar, Killaan Stavan Briagar, Wilson Sally Briggt, Houston Joa Briscoa, Fradarick. Okla. Ronn Brock. Lubbock Stavan Brock, Richardson Srady Brooka. Wolfforth Jack Brooks, Brown), .Id Alica Brown, Midland C. Brown, Hobbs. N. M. Claudia Brown, Baytown Donna Brown, Abilana Gary Brown, Fort Worth Hopa Brock. Earth Marsha Brown, Austin Nannatta Brown, Danvar City Rick Brown, Waco Robart Brown, Lubbock Robart Brown. Stamford Tarasa Brown, El Paso Valaria Brown. Claburna Mary Browning, Slaton William Browning. Wichita Falls Linda Brumlay. Pampa Joa Bryan, Garland Branda Bryant, Brownfiald Robart Bryant, Big Spring Susan Bryant, San Antonio Paid Bryson, Hurst Murry Bullion, Truscott Dabbia Burch, Friona Janat Burdick, Houston Donna Burgar, Midland Kathy Burk, San Arvjalo Susan Burka. Midland Larry Burks. Tylar Jaan Burlason. Laka Jackson Backy Burrus, Borgar Pamala Burton, Haskall Jamas Busby, Springlaka Amy Butlar, Alica Srady Butlar. Dallas Larry Butter, Iowa Park Rai Butlar, Irving Tarata Butlar. Idalou Thomas Butlar. Ardmor . Okla. Cynthia Byars. Canyon Carolyn CaddaD, Dalhart Ch.rl.i Calvit. D.Kalb AHan Campball. Archar City Carol Campball, Houston Pamala Campball. Lubbock Junior Look 441 MORS: Campbell Davenport Patricia Campbat. Lubbock Pam Cannon. Fort Worth Sutan Capa. Big Spring Michael Carathan. Amarillo Manh Cardan. Lubbock Jimmy Carmichaal. Brownwood Gna Camay, B Paso StacayCarr. Litttaf.aM Karyii Carpanttr, Lubbock Nancy Carpantar. Lubbock iranda Carothar.. Plain, RobartCarr. Lubbock Nancy Carrington, Universal City John Carrol. Lubbock Donald Canon. Houston Gary Canon, Hamlin Jo Cartar. Lubbock Karan Cartw. Paris ehmda CarlM. Lockn.y SalyCai . Turkay MaryNan Cata.. Kaufman Cturlott. Cathay. Lubbock Dalana Cattirinar. Bay town Harvay Char na. Grand Prairi Carol Chantry, Fort Worth Jaffray Chapman. Mulasho Virginia Chapman, Irving Diana Charla.. Dallas Patrkk Chamau. Lubbock Thomas Chatham, Plainviaw Mika Chauvaaux. Clauda Vanna Chawut. Dalhart Kara Chassmora. Fort Worth Pamala Chatty, Lubbock Jimmy dark. Lubbock Cynthia Clifford, Lubbock William Clopton. Childrass Ranaa Cloud, Templa Maiia Coalson, Throckmorton Chriftia Cochran, Houston Daa Cocka. Carrollton Danny Coffay, Amarillo Daborah Cola, Longviaw Marilyn Cola. Odassa Wayna Coflia, San Antonio Michaal Colliar, Munday Dabbia Collins, Gustina Larry Conor, Silvarton Diana Conoty, Corpus Christi Gary Conway, L " laf aid Dana Cook, Dallas David Cook. Fort Worth Harriat Cook, O Oonnell John Cook, T v l r Richard Cook, Lubbock Wiliam Cook. Corpus Christi Mary Cooka. Odassa DudlayCooktay.Lubboek Katharina Coopar, Lockny Scott Cornwall, Tulsa. Okla. Charlotta Corlay, TarraJI Carlos Corraa. Quito, Ecuador Robart Cowan, Luadars Barry Cowart. CHton David Cowart, Killaan Anna Coi, Dallas Jack Coi. Monahans Robart Coi, Houston Catharina Craig, Houston Cathy Craig, San Antonio Jam Craig, Burlason Murial Craig. Garland WaHarCranvar. Midland Larry Crawford, Lubbock Gail Cromar. San Antonio Sandra Crosnoa. Pasadana Jana Crouland. Plainviaw Warran Crow, Dallas AlCrowdar. Amarillo Juliata Coato. El Paso Jacqualina Culbart. El Paso Cindy Cumpton. Morton Carolyn Dahlgran, San Antonio Don DanM, Odassa Kant Danial, Lubbock Irwin Danzigar. Rosanbarg Janica Darko, , r .- - Marsha Davanport. Midland 442 Junior Look ft -S .U J iv. JUNIORS: Davidson Fox James Davidson, Midland Benite Davis. Garner Ann Dvit, Coleman David Davit. Abilene Keren Davit, Fort Worth MtchaaJ Davii, Wellington Mike Davit, Lubbock Trudy Davit, Abilene Vicki Davit. Houston Marilyn Daviton. Graham John Da wdy. Idalou Dona Daan, Lubbock Johnny Daan, Abilene Stanlay Daan, Lubbock David DeBusk. Idalou Dabby DeFee, Lubbock David Damptay, Roswell, N. M. Lita Dannii, Gail George Danton, Artesia. N. M. Linda Derrick, Eldorado Charlia Dayhla. Ctarandon Linda Dillahunty, Bellaire Diann Dillon, Hobbi. N. M. Joanna Diloranxo, Wheat Ridge Colo. Mildred Divine, Odessa Dennit Dodton, Pott Georgia Doharty, Branson. Colo. Bailey Dortey, Waco Nancy Dothiar, Vega Patricia Douglass. Muleshoe Susan Doyle, Houston Yvetta Drennon, Kermit Joe DressJer, Midland Marva Drum, Garland Wayne DuBote. Lubbock Glenn Dudertsing, Stamford Gwen Dudley, Lubbock Katharine Duestarhaus, Pampa John Duggan, Pampa William Duncan, Dallas Jeanne Dunlap, LaFeria Terry Dunn, Lefort Ruth Dwight. Bartlett Bert Dycus, La mesa Lauren Earnest, Springlake Michael Earney, Lubbock Patty Easley, Odessa Christopher EasteHing, Silsbee MaryJane Eastman, Fort Worth Betsy Edmiiton, Houston Dabra Edmondion. El Paso Jayne Edwards, Lubbock John Edwards, Canyon Linda Edwards. Amarillo Anita Effenberger, San Marcos Victor Eggamayer, Lubbock Mitchell Ehrlich. Follett Lite Eldridge. Richardton Pamela Elliott, Lubbock Jimmy EJlis, Corpus Christ! Trent Emmett, Fort Worth Paul Enger, L ubbock Robert Englend, Slaton Annette Event, Dallas Mark Event, Houston Deborah Ewing, Dallas Clement Eyo, Lagos. Nigeria Vicky Fagerstrom. Dallas John Fenning. Lubbock Ron Ferguson, Lubbock Sue Ferguson, Lubbock Gary Pick. Odessa Lyndon findley. Littlefield Jack Fither, M.dland Lee Ftsher, Lovington, N. M. Mildred Fit . Crosbyton Betty Red), Comfort Kethy Rether, Dickinson George Retcher. Gulf Breeze, Fla. Glenn Focht. Houston Kay Ford, Houston Lon Foree, Dallas Mary Forester, Kemah Steve Fondick, Lubbock Linda Fortyth, Lubbock Patricia Fowler, El Paso Pamela Foi, Dallas Richard Foi, Earth Junior Look 443 JUNIORS: Fox Hajer Rinsai Fo.. M.dlend Peggi Freiee, San Antonio Carol Fraiiar. Midland Gerald Fricb, Longview Joyce Frttch, Rosenberg Kenneth Fiymiia. See wter Uua Fueo, Dallas Amy Fuge. Houston Debbie Funiceia. Hunt Suewetyr, GalagKar, Jayton Wiliem Gamm . Fort Worth Thomas Ge Hand. Dallas Dabra Gamer, Lariat John Garner. Sarasote Fla. Lawanda Ga rner. Lubbock Patricia Garner, Boisa City Ola. Ronm Garrtar. Conicana Jamas Garrison, Fort Worth John Gary, Big Spring, Robart atas. Artaiia N M Judrm GattH. TaKoka Carol Gausa. Swaafwatar John Gavin. Wkh.ta Falls Gragory Gaary. Dallas Rabacca Garhardt. Cisco David Gibson. Dallas Paula Gilbart. Millsap Shirlay Gitflland. Amharst John Giiiam, Junction Rabacca GiHiland, San Antonio Jarry Gilmora. Saagravas Jack Gindorf . Pampa Mart Gtada. Houston KaHti S.i, Luftin Danisa Gtann. Brownf ield Gragory Glann. Amarillo Fran Glovar. Mount Plaasant Cynthia Gobla, Corpus Christ, Diana Goadrich. Schulanburrj Morton Gold, Gaorgatown Gordon Goldan. Pacos Rosamary Gomalas, Slaton Nancy Goodman. Lubbocl Karhy Goodpasrura. Lubboclt Jimmy Goodwin, Earth Nancy Goodwin, Lubbocl Calia Googins. Midland Thomas Gookby. Hamlin Dana GosMtt, Carlsbad N. M. Richard Graff. Mamphis Tann. Gaorgia Graham, Fort Worth Michaal Graham, Clarendon Jack Grant. Wa ahachia Charlorta Gravas, Long v, aw Jaan Gravas, Karmit Gary Gray, Lavalland Gaorga Gray, Houston Daborah Grayson, Dallas Audray Graan, Branson. Colo. Randy Graan, Dallas Jan Graanlaa, Taxas City Gary Graanwood, Lubbock Pamala Graanwood, Lubbocl Tony Gregory. Petersburg Donna Griffin. Crosbyton John GrifTrs. Lubbock John Griffith. Englawood. Colo. Ste.an Griffith. W.chita Falls Wanda Griffrfh. Haslall Don Grimes. Lubbocl Margaret Grimes. Lubbocl Robert Grinsf eldar, Dallas Snaran Grisaom. Dallai Carol Groves, Archer City Jamas Groves. W.ch.ta Falls Larry Gnibb. M,dland Robert Guajardo, Lavelland Forrest ues, Lavelland Michaal Guess. Haskall Cheryl Gundarson, Grants. N. M Mary Gsustar, Crossatt Ark Jacbon Gwin. Houston Cathie Hafley. Litrlafiald Patricia Hagarman. Richardson Jeri Haggard. Lubbock Tommy Haggard, Lubbock Dae Hajar, Seymour 444 Junior Look ( JUNIORS: Hale Hubbard Charla. Hala, Ubbocl Rocky Hala, 619 Spring Bobbia H.II. M.dland Carol H H, Granbury Kathy Hall. Jeyton Thaodora Hall. Manatquan. N. J. Waslay Hallmark, Ab.lana Kathlaan Hamilton, Magnolia Willia Hammonds. Dimmitt Brand Hanca, Lubbocl Larry Hand, Arlai.a N. M. Larry Hanton. Houston Mary Hardcattla. Colorado City Richard Harding. Oallat David Hardy, Gardnar. Kan. Crag Hargrova, Ferwall Sally Harlan, lubbocl Jamai Harpar. Grand Junction. CO Tarry Harpar, LoiAtamoi. N. M. ' Nick Harral. Kingsvilla Carlton Harrit. Big Spring ChaHas Harris, Stanton Dabra Harrii, Big Spring Dick Harris, Swaarwater Harman Harrison, Caldwall Susan Harrison, San Antonio Thomat Harrison, Odassa Was Harrison, Wharton Barry Hart. Lubbocl David Hartar, Dumas Baina Harwall, Dallas Hancy Hasaloff. Varnon Philip Hatchar. Brownwood Dabra Hathway. Dallas Michaal Havans, Garland Vicki Hay. Dallas Morlaas Haydan, Lufkin Diana Hayas, Whitasboro Backy Haydon, Austin Kathy Haad, San Antonio Staphan Haadlay, Houston rrancas Haarn, Dallas John Hadrick. Brownfiold John Hadlay, Twitty David Handarson. Mulashoa Janat Handarson, Bowia Donna Hanthom, Tulio Karan Harbst, Houston Jay Harington. Mulasho Ralph Harnandai. Lubbock Gaorga Harro, Duncanvilla Bruca Hass, Hermlaigh John Hastar. Lawton. Okla. Richard Hastar, Colorado City Sharon Hickman, Dallas Margarat Hickson. Big Spring Gary Hightowar, Amarillo Carolina Hilburn, Northbrook, III. Buddy Hill, Waxahachia Sandy Hill, Midland Suianna Hilliard, Waco William Hinchay, San Antonio Harshal Hinkla. Odassa Rob.rt Hitchcock. Midland Suzanna Hit , Salmo. Ala. Laslia Hobbs. Midland Sandra Hobbs, Fort Worth Stava Hodgas. Bedford Juliana Hoffman. Dallas Karan Hogg, Odassa Jaan Hohimar. Odassa William Holdar. San Antonio John Holand. Stamford EvaraH Hollar, Hanriatta Kathy Holm. i. Lubbock Randall Hood. Lubbock Lynda Hoopar. El Paso Michaal Hoopar, Plainviw Evalyn Hooton, Alba Kathryn Hopkins, Houston Halan Hostlar, Clifton Haights. Pa. Marcy Houghton, El Paso Jamas Howard, Bonham Barbara Howall, Asparmont Jonnatta Howall. Dallas Jo Hromas. Burkburnatt Carol Hubbard. San Antonio Charlia Hubbard. Lubbock Junior Look 445 JUNIORS: Hubly Kincaid Tony Hubly. Houston Jana Hudson. Groom Marsha Hudspath. Lubbock D.bra Huffman, Brady Kim Huffman, Midland Dann, Huffakar. Fa all J.m.i Hughs. Moranai AZ Y.win HuJ. Lubbock Staphan Hundlay. Midland David Huntar. Slaton Carolyn Hurlay. Lubbock Kan Husaman, Na.arth Cynthia Huts !. S.lvarton Tinka Huhon. Bo... Wiliam IhlanMdt. Houston Mahlon. Ingham. Borq.r Dana Ingram, Corpus Chnsti Edward Ingram. Carrizo Springs Krmbarly Ingram. Houston Dannis Irvina. Houston John Isaacs, Canadian John IsKam. Lubbock Colaan Ivanon. Wichita Falls Miriam ly. Amanllo Wiliam Jacb. Los Angelas. CA Jaffray Jackson, Crosbyton Karhryn Jackson, Brady Robert Jackson. Wastbrook Tarri Jackson, Fort Worth Doris Jaco, Pacos Laura Jacobs, Matador Jody Jamas, Floydada Cyndy Janas, Dallas SaWa Janas. Laagua City Jarry January, Snydar Jim Jankins. Lubbock Judith Jankins. Amarillo Chris Jannings. Lubbock Jan Jannings, Andraws Pamala Jannings, Lubbock Christy Jaridww. Mariin W.ylon Jatar. Paducah Vicki Johns. Graham Brad Johnson, Tampla Carol Johnson. San Antonio Robart Johnson. Lubbock Tarry Johnson, Waatherford Thomas Johnson, San Marcos Barbara Johnston, Dallas Dan Johnston, Lubbock John Johnston, Graanvilla Cathy Jonas. Silvarton Cynthia Jonas. Dallas Dabbia Jonas. Clint Jackia Jonas. Hondo Larry Jonas, Wallman Laura Jonas, Ballingar Mark Jonas, Dallas Malodia Jonas. Lubbock Richard Jonas, Slaton Samual Jonas, Big Spring Anthony Jordan, Brownfiald Daborah Jordan. Waatharford Hoyt Jordan. Backvilla Naal Jordan. Borgar Robart Jordan. Dallas Robart R. Jordan, Amarillo Stava Kaczmarak, San Antonio Donald Kainar, El Cam po Kathtaan Kak , Albuquarqua. N. M. Kristin Karpar, Graham Barbara Kaysar, Amarillo Paul Kaanar, El Sagundo CA Annfta KaAay, Earth Donrta Kalay. Earth Jania KaNy, Bishop Mary Kahay. Dallas Connia Kamp, Plainviaw Gary Kamp, Waatharford Praston Kannady, Boarna Wiliam Kams, LirHaton. CO Cynthia Kay. Clyda Robart K ngsworth. Borgar larbia K on. Lubbock Robart Kamar. Dallas Kirk Kimbal. Masquita Jtmmia Kimmal, Lubbock Mary Kincaid, Hamlin 446 Junior Look f i! JUNIORS: Klncaid McCarty Richard Kinc.id. Fort Worth Su King, Clifton Frad King, Houlton Jimmia King, San Antonio Dun Kiniolving, Croilroadi. N. M. Mary Jan Kioui. Houlton Jaiwtta Kirk. Paudana Affrad Klaarnar. Fradaricktburg ETnabarh Klaihaga. Danvar. Colo. Ricky Knowlal, Lubbock Ricky Knot, Locknay Joaph Koball, Houtton Chaitar Kokal. Stanton Daana Koontman, Staphanvilla David Koitohryi. Fort Worth Mary Kri.nl.. Foil. " Richard Kruta. Odana Danita Kuch, Midland Karl Kuchanbackar, Dallai Cynthia Kuahlar, Morton Lauria Kuntichik. Oallai Diana Lago. Midland Jannlfar Lair, Canyon Garry Laka. Oallai Robart Lamb. Oallai Robart Landanbargar. Midland Barbara Landgrat, Oallai David Lam, Turlay Charlai Lanahart, Pampa Bridgat Langdala, Houlton Kathy Langanaggar, Hagarman. N. M. Camilla Langlay. Haraford Kim Lanham, Borgar Karan Larabaa, Houlton Cathay LaRoa, Happy Tino Larraa, Odessa Barbara Latkowski, San Antonio Sandy Latimar, Lubbock Barry Layna, Dallas Bath Laa. Uvalda Katharina Laa, Dallas Nanay Laach, Albany Edgar LaFavara, Hart Lynn Laavar, Odessa Ronald Laggatt, Grand Prairia Kathryn Lahmann, New Braunfali Nancy Lamka, Amarillo William Lapard, Big Spring Karan LatJia. Wichita Falls Linda Laitar, Lubbock Laa Anna Lawii, Amarillo Sharon C. Lawit, Richardson Sharon L La.ii, Kerry, He William Lawit, San Antonio Sharon Liavani, La Faria Connia Liming, Parryton Stavan Lind.ll, Lubbock Gary Lindiay, Lubbock Michaal Lindiay. Shallowatar Jon Littla. Fab.ni Jamai Lrrtlaton, Earth Jamat Litton, Nacogdochat Kim Livingiton, Fort Worth John Lock.. Pittiburg Stavan Lofquilt, Overland Park. Kan. Patiy Lofton, Idalou L..li. Lohoafar, Lubbock Eilaan Long, Dalla WiHi.m Longlay, Andrawt Stava Loudar, Lubbock Jamai Loudarmilk, Fort Worth Wiliam Louthan, Dalles Shannon Lova, Arlington Lindiay Lovall. Floydada Barbara Lucas, Pott Tarri Luck, Andr.ws Jim Lundardon. Cerlsbad N. M. Mary Lund, San Angalo Jacqualina Lundbarg, Waco Charlai Lutha, Ballair. Gaorga Lull, Amarillo Malinda Lylai, Amarillo Anna Lynch, Lubbock Linda Lynch, Borgar Cynthia McAlaiandar. Midland Jack McAnaar. Lubbock Jamai McAtaar, Jayton Ricky McCarty. Snvd.r Junior Look 447 JUNIORS: McCaalin Moore Reginald McCesfri. R.chardsor. Nickki McCeuley. Amarillo Join McCoBgm, Lubbock Jim McCord. Tanoka Marilyn McCord, Fr,sco Ant McCorbe. Sulphur Spr,nC)S ante McCormick. Ropesv.He Cynthia McCoy. Sweer-ater Daniel McCracke-, Amar,llo Diane McCracken, Lubbock By McOanid, Fort Wort Mary McO ei. Midland trend McDonald, Odessa Rofl McF.rWn. Waco Marilyn McGinnit. Lubbock Jack Mc6o-, P co Manila McSratt.. N w OW, LA DarraK Mclnra . Idalou Boanor McKanna, Austin Caryn McKim, Dallai KaMM McUran. Midland Jam McLaan, B. ' a Marilyn McLwoy, Dimmltt Robwf McMilan, Cowman Tommi Me Milan, Rkhardion Lana McQuMO. Lubbock Tarry McR.ynoldv Lubbock RUihard McSwain, Albuqurqu. N. M. Cindy McWSortar. Ab.ln DaiMM McWnorhjr. For! Worfti Lamar M.a. Lubbock Gary MangoU. Locknav Judy Mann. Lorenzo Arnold ManoUy. Knolt Randal ManK. Pampa Roger Marsh. Hunt Darxa Mart. Midland Anthony MarMU. Dallas Bin. Martala. Dallas Dabia Martin. Arclwr City LM Martin. Grot Falls. Va. Malania Martin. Ta.as Cty Mike Martin. SnyoV Pam Martin, Pampa Star Martin. Lubbock William Martin. Abilan. Hactor Martin !. San Antonio Batsy Mason, Amarillo Edward Marhis. Abarnathy Lou Marhis. Lubbock JanaHa Matrkaws, Ma w ll. N. M. Moty Matthews, Midland Rogar Matthaws. Fort Worth Martha Matran, Richardson Tim Marwal. Long Baach CA Dabbw May. Lubbock Janis May. Snydar Mariana May. Ohon Paula MayTwId. Hask l (art Mays . Martion Janat Madliner, Wichita Falls Roger Mat r. Lubbock ja MahoCn. Waco Edward Marlon. Danvar Colo. Brock Marritt. Oirmmtt Oa.id Mayars, Lubbock Janica Michuft.. Spur Hoty MiddUton, Winters Caroryn Mibs. McK.nr.ay JaMt Mies. W.chita Falls Connia MilWr. Tahoka Janic MIBar, Earth KwNWfli MaUr. LavWIand CTMMII MSKoan. Dallas lahram Minai. T haran. Iran Marsha Mindan, Manhattan. Kan Diana Mistimins. El Paso Erik MoRtoris. Miram.r Fl. Sam Monaco, San Antonio Dainty Montgomery. Fort Worth Gail Montgomery. Lancester Don Moore, Lubbock France Moore, Gledeweter Gordon Moore, Lockney Joe Moore Lubbock Lynn Moore. Autfin I I I 448 Junior Look JUNIORS: Moore Passmore f Michael Mow., Coleman Nancy Moor . Fort Worth Patrick Moor , Fort Worth Paul Moor . Lubbock Wlfon Moore, Ardmore Okla St.pK.n Moreth. Lubbock Dan Morgan, Colorado City Hotly Moriti. Oallai Cathy Morris. Midland Rikki Morris. Lubbocl Sua Morrh. Lubbock Darla Morton. Amanllo Candaca Motar, Dallas Jamat Motas. Lubbock Edward Mou, Lubbock Janica Mo, Marathon Mohamad Molamadi. Isfahan. Iran Carol Murphy, Lubbock Thomai Muitard. Phillipi David Muiny, San Antonio Cynthia Myan. Lubbock J.mai Naff, Lubbock Cynthia Nanca, Midland Karan Nanca, Oallai Branda Nanny, Haikall Gregory Nash, Montpaliar, Vt. Mike Navar, El Paso Tori Nayfa, Lubbock Marykay Naar, Dallas Kim Nalion, Lubbock Sharon Nalion, Falfurrias Vicki Nalion, Amarillo Thomai Nailaga, Pampa Tarry Naumann. Lubbock Backy Naumayar, Liberty Warren Naw, Danvar City Cathay Nawman. Danvar Co Laah Nawman, Amarillo Pat Nawton, Odessa Battye Nicholl. Wintars Jamai Nicholl, Stanton Jo Anna Nicholl, Dallas Dabra Niarman, Dallas Frank Ni . Amarillo Rebecca Nixon. Clyde Virginia Noblai, Midland David Noland. Waatharford LaDonna Norman, Millsap Danny Norrii, Lorenzo Maryanna Norrii, Fort Worth Paula Norrii, Lubbock Karl Norton. Lubbock Mary Jana Norwood, Houston Anna Nofta, Austin Don Nowak. Lubbock Jamai Nuckolt, Fort Worth Shallay Nynn. Lubbock Kelly O ' Connor, Dallas Jamai Odan, Houston Barbara O ' Dwyar, Dallas William Ogdan, Waco Kenneth Olive, Vernon Larry Olive, Petersburg Forrait Oliver, Lubbock Larry Olion, San Antonio Molly O ' Neil. Irving Dwight Ovarton, Avoca tatty Owen. Tahoka Jimmy Owani, Lubbock Steven Owen, Littlefield Tedna Owem, Levelland Tarry Owani, Colorado City Vicky Owani. Tahoka Janika Pakula. Dallas Larry Pariih, Springleke Brian Parker, New M.lford Conn. CHinda Parker, Lubbock Philip Parker, Midland Randy Parker, San Antonio Paul Parkinson, Lubbock Myrlaan Parlatte, Houston Helen Parr. Amarillo Richard Parra, Lubbock Tommy Parrett. San Angelo Bramwell Parrot, Lubbock Mary Parrott. Greenville Suian Patchal. San Angalo Cheryl Paiimora, Rochella Junior Look 449 JUNIORS: Patterson Richards Dim Patterson. Ra.stantown Md. Linda Patranon. Dai : i Jauica Patton. Big Spring Scott Pavay, Taiarkana Rita Payna. Slaton Patti Payton. Lubbock WWal Paacoek, 8.9 Spring Jana rWca. Dallas f ' i " m Paarson. Lubbock David Parkins. Grand Prairia Mary Parkins, Prosper Jaannia Parulo. Fort Worth Patricia Peters. Midland Laurel Patarson. Farmington. N. M. Mark Patarson, Corpus Christi Cyndi PheVps. Kamas Oty Robert PMKpt, Sermon NoltKd PkUm, Cr,.d..n CJryt PkMt. Lubbock DU Pnra. W.ndowrock. AHi. D id rWc. PCS ' Susan Pirc, Honriotta Mark Piarcy. Lubbock David Piahch. Dallas kobart Pipar, Midland Tom PirHa. Lubbock Mart Pfttard. Nov.ca Alicia Placny. Dallai Karan Plata, Lubbock Johnny Plarioo. Snydar Patar Polakoff. Dallas Gary Pool. Groom Linda Poola, Libarry Stavan Portar. Odassa Ann Potay. B-g Spring Pamala Potaat. Fort Worth Cynthia Pou. Lubbock John Powal. Gainasvilla Jamai Praitidfla, Lubbock Staphan Prat+on. Houston Virginia Pribyta. Tanan Boabath Prica, 9 g Spring Gland. Prica. Lavalland Nancy Prica. Houston Randy Princa, Midland Janabath PritchaH. Lamasa Mika Pritchatt, Lubbock Monty Pritchatt. Dallas Judy Probatco. Roydada Lyla Proctor, Stamford Randal Pruda, Midland Dan Pulattia. Big Spring Nancy Purdy. Lubbock Jamas Quavraawi, Dallas Carafyn Raca. Lubbock Linda Ragan. M.dland Rhonda Ragtdala. Haraford Larry Raikback, Lubbock Mika Ralston, Gruvar Gait Ramtay, Ptainviaw Ranaa Ramsay. Dallas David Rankin, Amarillo cddia Rargal, Amarillo Phillip Rav Cns, Victoria Jonny Raagan, Borgar Chippar Radus. Lubbock (Cathy Raaca, Abilana Andraw Raad. Midland larbara Raad. W.ch.la Falls Haroryn Raad. Dallas Lori Raad. Lubbock Tommy Raad, Stamford Kandi Raaaa. Hobbs N. M. John Raasar, Fort Worth Jaanna Raavas. EJ Paso latty Raichanstain. Dallas Rhonda Raid. Rangar Rhondaryn Raid. Lubbock Swa Rainkamayar, Bg Spring Nancy Haiti, Wichita Falls Jack Ranti. Waco Rabacca Raynolds. Gardan Cty Lao Rhaingam. Odassa Kathy Rhodas. Lubbock Stavan Rhodas. Alaundria Va. Dabra Richards, Rusk 450 Junior Look , I JUNIORS: Richardson Simpson " Jesse Richardson, Alice Robert Richardson, Brownfteld Pamela Rkhter. Burnet Susan RiUy, Lufkin Jim Risley. Clarendon Don Ritter. Groom Tre Rivers, Elgin Joe Robbint. Idalou Catherine Roberts, Dallas Evan Robert . Dallas Robbie Robertson, Wnon Richard Robie, Borger Eva Robinett. Stanton Oennii Robinson, Sweeny Shirley Robinton, New London Helen Rock wood. Midland Charles Roder, Houston Steven Roe, Anton Deborah Roger . Junction Katheryn Roger , Hale Cente Kay Rogers, Dimmitt Connie Rohde, Houston Don Rollins, Ira Jeri RoNins, Garland Lockki Rosenbeum, Garland Deborah Rots, Dallas Joe Rou, Midland Phil Rountree, Dallas Stewart Rowe, Greenville Devid Rowlett, Lubbocl Jene Rushing, Friona Steve Rutherford, Dallas William Ryiicka. Friona Samuel Saied. Childress Barbara Sammons, Waiahachie Deborah Sams, Plainview Donald Sanders, Leander Daniel Sandidge, Bandera Ella Sandidge, Tarpley Marilyn Satterfield, Midland Ted Sawyer, El Paso Joel Sayers, Lewisville Jackie Schaeffer, Dimmitt Michael Schatz. Midland Paul Schauer, Houston Robert Schmicker, Houston Darlena Schmucker, Brownfield Debbie Schoeffler. Pasadena Sandra Schoppa, Tahoka Anchen Schud. Abilene Linda Schur, Plainview Thompson Schutt, Dallas Charles Schweitzer, Fort Worth Gerrett Schwiening, Grand fa Us AHhera Scott, Lancaster Brenda Scott, Muleshoe Brent Scott, Dallas John Scott, Well, ng ton Dan Scrivner, Waco Judy Seale. P1a.nv.ew Sally Searight, Amanllo Gaylon Seay, Lubbock Beverly Sellers. Dallas Michael Senchack. Fort Worth Key Sewel. Victoria Mark ShackeKord, Pampa Kenneth Shane, Jamaica. N. Y. Jeck Shannon, Fort Worth James Shannon, Levellend PrisciUe Sharp. Lubbock Tom Sharrick, Midland Leslya Shaw, Oklahoma City. Okla. Sue Shew, Ab.lene Christy Shetton, Lubbock Cynthia Sheridan. Lubbock John Shield , Lovington, N. M Wesley Shipley. Waco Best Shipman, San Antonio CheHy Shipman, Lubbock Mike Shipman, Spur Charles Shira. Hamlm Mary Shirley. B.g Spr.ng Edward Shoemaka, Baytown Sally Shuler, Fort Worth D ' Shawn Sigman, Lubbock Petti Simmon , Dallas Sharon Simmons, Ballinger Kenny Simpson, Lubbock Junior Look 457 JUNIORS: Sims Swanner Robert Sims, Denver City Diane Sinclair, Houston Robert Sinclair, Houston Donald Skinoer, Ch.ldr.il Michel Slagle. Lubbock Robert Slaydon. Luftin Kathleen Smart, Dallas Carolyn Smith. Am.r.llo Cherlotte Smith. Throckmorton Craig Smith, Clevis. N. M. Dave Smith, San Antonio Debra Smith, Amar.llo Eddy Smith, Lovinqton. N. M. Fran Smith. Houston Frances Smith, Baytown Gary Smith, Hamlin Keye Smith, Houston Mtrih Smith. Port Worth PitricM Smith. Ch ldrss Phyllis Smith, Winters R.nd.l Smith. Od.ssa RussJI Smith, Memphis St.pKw Smith, LubbocL Tftonui Smith. Kansas City. Kan Homer Smitson, Archer City Jan Snow. Lubbocl Jane Snyder, Austin Kaye Snyder. Fort Worth Val Sobietki. Uvalde Rick Soranson. Colorado City Michael Souders, Dallas Charlet South, Freeport Sharif. Southward. Rails Kathleen Spain. Lubbock Sandra Sparkmen, Alexandria. Va. Charles Sparks. Hobbs N. M. James Spear, Oe Soto Cheryl Spears. Lubbock Mark Spears. Odessa Phillip Specter. Lubbock Tommy Spencer, Abilene Cynthia Spikes. Lubbock George Spillman. Houston Linda Springer. Lubbock Phillip Springer, Rotan Mary Spurgeon, Dallas Douglas Stahl. Amarillo Debbe Stallcup. Houston Leonard Stampfli. Santa Clara. Calif. Dru Standley. Beaumont Johnny Stanley. Big Spring Sandra Stecher, Dallas Jimmy Steele. Houston Kathy Steglich. Houston Mary Stenicka, Dallas Jan Stephen!. Dallas Karwin Stephens, Gustine Michael Stephens, Big Spring Joyslyn Stephemon, Lubbock WiHiam Stephemon, Lubbock Stephen Stepowey, Garland Clarence Steube, Lubbock Frankie Stewart, Loraine Richard Stewart. Fort Worth Susan Stewart, Sonora Rebecca Stockdele. Amarillo Joyce Stockton, San Antonio Cynthia Stoker, Canyon John Stoker, San Antonio Donna Stone, Tahoka Lyn Story, Midland Diane Strange. Dallas John Strappaion. Lubbock Belinda Strealy. CHnav Jim Strealy. Olney Susan Street. Fort Worth Vicki Street. Muleshoe Arnold Strickland, Corpus Christ, Dennis Sudmeier. Bandera Chester Sullivan. Lubbock (MleM, Lubbock JiN Suffivan, Houston Bevalynn Sumrow. Lamesa Michael Surovik. Lubbock Cynthia Sutton, Silverton Donna Sutton. Graham Kenneth Swain. Richardson Daniel Swanner, Lubbock I I ' I 452 Junior Look JUNIORS: Swearingen Warren 1 Raymond Swaaringan, Matquita John Swutt, W.nbtook Michaal Swaanay, Lavalland Jan Swiff. San Antonio Daborah Swofford. Baytown Smith Swordt, Big Spring Dbr. Siydloiki. Bronf ,.ld Auttln T g rl, Odn Chary) T.l.y. Odaiia Janil Talkmitt, Wilion Jarl Tankanlay, T.,,.ll Scott Tankanlay. Midland Cathy Tannar. Oaltaf Staphania Tannar, Richardton William Taylor. Mulaihoa Martha Taagua, Caipar. Wyo. Pamela Tamplaton, Colaman Martha Tannant. Amarillo Oaborah TarraH, Nawcaitla Jamat Tarrai. Lubbock Bryca Thoma , Midland Clark Thomai. Galvaiton Paggy Thomai, Morton Richard Thomai, Colorado City Sharria Thomai, Amarillo Roland Thomaion. Midland Carol Thompton. Odatia Charlat Thompton, Lubbock Dianna Thompton, Dallai Don Thompton, Big Spring Garald Thompton, Odatia Jarry Thompton, Phillipt Allan Thrathar, Floydada Krii Tidmora. Lubbock Sua Tidwall, K.rrvilla Bryan TiHay. W Mamphii. Ark. Oaborah Tippt. Waco Sandra Tipton. Lubbock JotaFa Tobiat, Dumat Joal Travino, Plainviaw Carolyn Tuckar. Pampa Oaborah Tuckar, Pampa Donald Tuckar, Odaiia Gaorga Tuckar, Abilana Kathryn Tuckar, Clabuma William Tuckar. Lubbock Bavarly Tupin, Comancha Scott Tumar, fort Worth Troy Tumar, Lavalland Umanaatta Udoh, Opobo. Nigaria Jana Undarwood, Saabrook Latlia Ungar. Midland Paula Ungar. Odaita Michaal Upchurd), Houston Tritha Upchurch, Lubbock Jotaph Urbanoutay. Lubbock Charlat Van Aukan. Odaua Dickia Vandarpool, Hunt Larry Vandarwouda, Dallai Richard Vanlandingham, Morton Nancy Vaughn. Midland Daan Varnar, Lubbock Richard Varnon, Bartla.v.lla. Ok la. Larry Vick, Pap Linda Vogal, Haraford Ruttall Wafar. Pacoi Conttanca Wagnar, Odaita Janna Wahrmund, San Antonio David Waita, Dallai Forrait Wa lkar, Lubbock Gary Waftar. Stamford Jarry Walkar. Garland Ryan Walkar, Big Spring Craig Wai, Saminola Dabbia WaWi, Arlington Tommia Wahh, Lubbock Donna Walton, Waco Tarry Wantlay. Lakav.aw Ann Ward, Eaitland f arrall Ward. Nocona MargaratWard. Tylar Rabacca Ward, Midland Vaughn Ward, El Paio Dannit Wardroup. Lubbock Janica War , WKaalar Charlat Warmimki. Whit. Daw Glan Wirran, Dimmitt Linda Warran. El Cantro. CA Junior Look 453 JUNIORS: Warren Zuelke Pamale Warrn, Houston Jim W.sson. Odsa Martin Wats, Lifthtox Colo. Jani. Wattins, Lubbock Lawranc. Watson, Dallas Randal Watson, AmariBo Vic Watson, Od.isa Kathryn Wattwwjurgac, Lubbock Pemaia Waah. Stamford Jan Waavar. ' re- lacky W.bb, Lubbock Don W.bb. Dallas Robort WM, Louisvil.. Ky. Stanley W.gnOT. New Braunf.li D..y WWch. W,c . ' falls Troy WWch. Midland Kri Wntwortk, Sin Antonio Stavwi Wwitwortti. Baknf .Id Calif. Rdo. WMtbrook. Lubbock Dbb. WM K, NKogdocKn Snvry WMftcr . St.pk.nviH. Cindy Whii.Ur. H.nr,.Ha J.n Whrt., Fort Worth Katti yn Whit.. Garland Mu Whit.. Spur P.trki. Wflrr.. Dallas Rodny Whrr.. Dalhart T .ti Whrt.. Lubbock John WhHwI. Lubbock Chart Whitford. Paris Conni. WhhH . Lubbock Scott WhHWy. Od sa Jack Whin, T.rr l Br.nd. Whitt.n. Od.ssa Timothy WIwiMn, Hondo Garland Wiogirs, Sh.rmn Mry Wilk.non. Gard.n City Craig Wilkinson, Od.ua David WlUrd. Bor,., Mi. WiWord. Hico David WiHi.ms. Tulsa Okla. E)iub.th WTnim, AngUton J.mWili.m.EIPaso John WTumt, Hal. C.nt.r Kar.n Williimt, W.arh.rford Paggy Williami. Balling.r Sandy WiK m . Midland Tracy Wiiiami, Odessa Larry Williamson, Ranger D.nii. Witfii, Garland Shwry Willif, GaHand Wiliam WiTn, BurkburrwH Richard Wilm.th, Humbb Darral Wihon, MuLsho. Jaanin. Wilson, Conro. Jwry. Wilson. Colorado City Nancy Wilson, Jacksboro P.gy Witson. Oak R.dge T.nn Phillip Wilson. Lubbock Sh.rri. Win, Lubbock Eug.n. Wisnoski. Pearland Sr g WoH, Fort Worth D.bi Wong. San Antonio S.arcy Woodal. Dallas Linda Woodhotn . Lubbock MichaW Woods, Lubbock G.org Woodward, Lubbock Mary WoosUy. Saymour Conitanca Word, Waco David Workman, Stanton Jami. WorhSam, Odessa Dw My Wright. El Paso Jamw WrigV. Fort Wort Jan. Wright, Dallas J J. Wright. Lubbock Lawis Wright, Borgv Luka WuHiwi, R.chardson larbara Yarborough. Carthao Mark Young. Lubbock Richard Young, Aubr.y Vili Young. Lubbock Thomas Zachman. Houston Maryann Zkkiar. Bandar. Nuhad Zuarrar, Sacramanto. Cal.f. Patricia ZIM .. Houston 454 Junior Look ft A s A .$ i , .. s ' - J SOPHOMORES: Abeil Benton Rutty AM Lubbock Kannath Abaoiathy. Lubbock Carol Adams. Midland M.ry Adams. Lubbock Vicki Adcoi. Lubbock Dabra Adkins, Pempa Suiia Adkisson, Abarnathy Ann.tta Aalvoat. Hondo Barbara Aignar. Dallas Ua Ainsworth. Lubbock Luthar Akins. Lubbock W.ndal AlbracM. Haraford William AlbracM. Houston Sally Afcom. Midland Charyl Alaiandar. San Antonio Tari Alaiandar. Ab.lana Vara Alaiandar. Austin Wili. Alaiandar. Haraford Emria Alison. Corpus Chr.sti Carolyn Allan. Stratford Janica Alan. Irving Joni Alan, Irving Nancy Alan. Parryton Darby Alyn. Dallas Paula Almond. Dayton Abdulla Aliamal. Saudi Arabia Jarry Andartan, Amarillo Andra Andanon, Abarnathy Grag Andanon, Pacos Kathy Anoatet, El Paso Shallay Anthony. Amarillo Malinda Arnold. San Antonio Murray Arrowtmrrh. Santa Fa. N. M. Linda Aryain. Saminola Gloria Aihby. Lubbock Daborah Atkaw, Dallas John Alkins, Houston Jaffray Atharton. SKarman Tarasa Auringar, Arlington Tom Austin. Lubbock Rosa Avarill. Brownsvilla Cynthia Avary. Stanton Carria Bailay. Dallas Eugana Bailay. SKarman Gary Bailay, Anthony Nancy Bailay. Dallas Jack Bainai, Dallas Jarrafl lairrington. San Antonio Garry Bakar. Lubbock Tamara Baldwin, Abilana Ronda Ban. Odassa Edward Bandy, Arlington Charlas Bankhaad. Garland Jarry Bardan, Springlaka Monty Barkar. Junction Pamala Barkar. Dimmitt Gary Barklay. Big Spring Cindy Barnard, Lavalland Kally Barnat, Midland Bob Barnart. Eulass Ralph Barnart, Pampa Tad Barnatt. Colaman Rabacca Barnhart. Pasadena Ron Barriar, Dallas Vicki Barrington, Houston Carolyn Barren, Lamasa Janat Barton, Lubboct Tony Barton, Earth Tharasa Bartoi. Lubbock David Baucum, Ab.lana Mark Baum. Baird Carola Baxtar. Plainviaw Sarah Baitar. Aspan, Colo. Victor Baitar. Tailina Sally Baal. Albany Jarry Baard. Snydar Charlynn Baason. Knoi City Daryl Backman, Fort Worth Allan Badall. Laka Tanglawood Michaal Badwall. Dallas Michaal Baa, Houston Robart M. Lubbock Susan Bal. El Paso Suianna Bannar, Houston Gary Bannatt. Lavalland Sally Banson. Houston Dabbia Banton. Lubbock Nona Banton, Richardson 456 Sophomort Look r4% ( I SOPHOMORES: Deny. Bushart Mary Benyi. Robstown Lynn Berry, Dallai Uure tot, Pampa Lucretia Bevacqwe, Midland Mack Bibb, Seymour Paul Kicking, Dallas Richard BHano. Lubbock Betile Bigony, Lubbock Michael Billingtlay. Lubbock Richard Bills, Fabem Denis Binghem, Odessa Michael Bingham, Slaton Kay Bird. Midland Sherry Bird. Odessa Kendis Black, Lubbock Nancy Black, Sulphur Springs Rebecca Blackford, Abilene Carrot BUckwell, Olton Lanell Blackwell, Stamford Connie Blackwood, Wichita Falls Robert Blake. Kerrville LouAnna Blankenthip, Dallas Pamela Blanks, Dallas Janet Blefeld, Dallas Patricia Bloom, Sherman Barbara Boardman, Fort Worth Barbara Boen, Midland Ronald Boenig, New Braunfels Debbie Botner, San Antonio Randy Bondt, Artesia. N. M. Sally Bone. Albuquerque. N. M. Beth Bontempo, Dallas Dare Boone, McGregor Royce Borland, Levalland Joan Boiworth, Dallas Gail Botsford. Dallas Brian Boulter, Borger Renee Bowers, Weetherford Richard Bowie, Cypress Linda Bowman, Houston Ronald Box. Pecos Patricia Boyce, Houston Kerry Bradford, Sulphur Springs Brenda Branam, Plain vie we David Breaud, Lubbock Janet Bredewater, New Braunfelt Cheryl Brewer, Amarillo Kathi Briley, Lubbock Jeanelf Brittian, Austin Camellia Britton. Gainesville Suianne Brock, Albuquerque. N. M. Tami Brockman, Henrietta Robert Brooks, Amarillo Tereia Broob, Plainview Dana Brookshire, Brownfield Barbara Brown, Pampa Brian Brown, Denison Connie Brown, El Paso Daniel Brown, Houston Dennis Brown, El Paso Gail Brown, Austin Mickey Brown, Anna Pern Brown, Wichita Falls Paula Brown, Artesia. N. M. Roger Brown, Phillips Sieve Brown, Belton Steven Brown, Lockney Ton! Brown, Levelfand Valerie Brown, Richardson Martha Brownfield. Colorado City Susan Browning, Dallas Cindy Bryant, Lubbock Debra Buchanan, Big Spring Cindy Buckalew. Fort Worth Maria Buckles. Stratford Quin Buenger, Fort Stockton Kathleen Bukaty, El Paso Gail Bunch, Fort Worth Claudia Bunltley. Stamford Rebecca Burchard, Austin Joanne Burger, Pampa Vickie Burnett, Lamesa Gerald Burr. Dallas Judy Burris, Garland Beki Burrow , Ralli Stephen Burrow, Tulia Katharine BurtHchell. Sealy Gwen Buihart. Arlington Sophomore Look 457 SOPHOMORES: Butler Crabb De.id BirHer. Ubbocl SeKe ButW. W.ch.ta Falli Laura lush, Dallas Sera lurh, Christoval Cindy . Parryton Sylvia lyerty , Graham Mwy lyd. Lockn., Merd Cad . Slaton Sandra Cain. Lefors Patricia Calehan. Dallas JoMchCalen. Midland Jeffrey Camp, San Antonio Penelope Campbell. Houston Virginia Campbel. Colemen Cathle n Cannon, Dallas Cheryl C nnon. Dallas Jana Cannon. Hal C.nt.r EJoita Cantu. Hobbs MafrnCa " . Lubboek Tom Carr. Fort Worth Johnny Carrol, Od ssa Ronald Carrol, Lubboek Carolyn Carrar, Houston PMCwtar. Lubboek Grant Cartkay, Houston Mika CanrHwn, San Antonio Nancy Casrkbarry. Wellington Jama Cautay, Fort Worth Shirlay Cauthan, Dumas David Cv., Wall Rodnay Cavatt, Andrews Valma Cabaloh McAIWn Bud CKadwal. Mart Paula Chambers. Dallas Paula CKanca. Houston Sharon OhandUr, Richardson Donna Chanay. Paducah Margia Chastain, Graham JamM Chaatwood. Borqer Mika Chano-ath. Dallas Ruth Childars, Houston Suianna Childraif. Fort Worth Kathlean Chinn. Colorado City Sharih n Chiontini, La Marqua Cathy Chisholm, Lubboek Linda Christian, Houston Loy Christian, Farwall Worth Christian, San Antonio Gaan Christopher, Marfa Susie Christy, Ronnll. N. M. Mark Cna, Killaon Lauria Clampitt. Dallas David Clark, Midland Laaann Clark. Saint Paul. Mini Robert Clary, Clebuma James day, Houston Janica ClMvingf. SpringlaU Jcky Clam. Plainviaw David amfif, Borger Judton CUifMnfs, Lubboek Curfii CtvUfld, Waco Carolyn Oin . Houston JanatCxibb. Midland SuMn Cochran, Midland Gayla Cockburn, Midland Barbara Colby. Lubboek Connie Cole, Dallas Elizabeth Cole, Longvlew Moty Cole, Midland David Compton, Hereford Terri Compton. Midland Patricia Conradi, Houston Juleyne Coon, Hurst Shirley Cooper. Andrews Walace Cooper. Houston Linda Connevey. Pasadena Karl Copeland, Od ssa P trick Cord, Lor.gy.aw Patricia Corley. Fort Worth Michael COM, Phillips Mike Courter. Midland Chris Coi, Sweeroater Debra Coi. Andrews Linda Coi, Lancaster Peggy Coi. Idalou Robert Coi, Shallowatar Shelley Co.. Fort Worth Thomas Crabb. Dallas 458 Sophomore Look fik ll m ; I SOPHOMORES: Crabtree Edwards II imtb T MikaCrabtra., Vamon Carol Craddock. T ,l.r Mark Crawford. San Antonio lonrta Crocks. Lubbock Karan Crofford. Friona Sharon Crofford, Fnona Patricia Crotlay, I... Jackson Carol Crotl. Marfa Dala Crosthw.it. Olnay CKrl.i Crowl. Odessa Jarry Crowlay. Lovlngton, N. M. Roth Crump, Rails Carolyn Cummens. Dallas Yhovana Cummins, Dumas Guy Cunningham, Longviaw Kirk Cunningham, Amarillo Alan Curry, Parryton Marrhew Curry, Houtton Carl D ' Aeoita, Dailai Norma Oamm, Midland Chriitophar Danford, Big Spring Jill Danial, Graham Party Danial, Amanllo Denita Danialt, Longviaw Earl Oaniali. Whaaton. III. David Darby, Houston Moira Daugharty. Wichita Falls Alan Davis. Lubbock Anna Davit, Richardson Colby Davit, Tanas City David Davit. M.dland Danita Davit, Garland Edwin Davit, Shallowatar Katharina Davit, Port Arthur Kimbarly Davit, Carrollton Pamala Davit. El Pato Patty Davit, Colorado Springs. Colo. Randall Davit. Bedford Richard Davit, Slaton Staphania Davit, Pott Sutan Davit, Waco Bavarly Dawton, Garland Hanry Dawton, Fort Worth Diana Day, Lubbock Donna Day, Colaman Mona Daan, Lubbock Sutan Daan, Big Spring Rita Dabord, Lubbock Bill DaFratut. Saal v Diana DaGaar, Phillipt Diana Da Wit, Dallas Claira Dickanton. Wichita Falls Gail Dickanton. Midland Rhonda Dickarton. Sllvarton Carola Dickton, Beaumont Jannatt Diatart. Saguin Sandra Dillon, Andrews Mary Dirks. Big Spring Martha Diion, Houston Chuck Donaltdon, Andrews Michaal Dortart, Lubbock Carolyn Dortay. Dallas Buddy Dostart. Spearman William Dottay. Lubbock Catharina Dougal, Austin Gary Dova, Saminola Larry Dowd, Richardson Margarat Doyla. Anson Pamala Doyla, Fort Worth Marshall Draw, Dallas Robart Drolat. Sherman Fradarick Duasar. Brackanridga William Dufour, Auttin Cynthia Duka. Garland Patrick Dunagan, Monahans Robart Duncan, Varnon Alan Dufton, Tulia Don Dyar. Lubbock Kannath Eastwood. Lubbock David Eck, Amarillo Julia Eckard. Abilana Mari Eckhoff, Houston Gloria Eddy. Fort Worth Sally Edgar, Lubbock Barbara Edmitton, Houston Eddy Edwards, Fort Worth Kannath Edwards. Evantv.lla. Ind. Stavan Edwards, San Angalo Sophomore Look 459 SOPHOMORES: Ehrlich Godwin Kathy Birlich. Darrouiatt Tharaaa Bars. Boytown Paoiala Barlifcaiiaar. Founta.n Vatay Calif SaronBd..M,dland Rebart BtoW. Montxallo Ga. Cindy Bfa, M,dlar,d Stavan BT. Lubbock Da id Baon. Rails Lori By. Lubbock Daborah Emarid. Midland Tarry Englar. Irving , Anna Kur Wg. S - - . Join fyim. Houttoo Jokn Ex.. Lubbock Amnd Gvar 4t, Amanllo P. J Ewtld. $ n Ai lo Mwoh Fwiwl, Lubbock CtOry Fwral, Houston Rabin F.rrinflon. Yorik n. N. Y. Lyndl Favor, Jayton Skaron Fawcatl. San Anoab Kay F agan, Swaatwarar Judy Faa 9 in. WyCa Ronald Fatty. Slaton Patrkk Fakii, San Antonio Dana Farguton. Mattoon. III. Mar ia Farguton, Brankam Donna Finch. Al.ca wan Finch, AmariNo Tom Finka. Corpus Christ; Sharry Rnstad. Boys Ranch Hy Fnhback. Coahoma Danny FWiar, Anton Richard Fhhar. Dalles Paogy Flaming. RicKardson Shirlay Flaming, Dallas KannaMi Hatchar. San Antonio Martha Flatchar. Worfforth Monnia Floray , Fort Worth Laura Hy, Santa Fa. N. M. Janica FogU, Abilana Lynatta Font, Houston Doug Foota, Patarsborg Michaal Forbas, Clauda Patricia Ford, Mi dland Martha Fortanbarry, Arlington John Fouts. Haskall Sary Fowlar. Mound Patricia Foi. Dallas Gingar Frank. Midland Mary Frank. Houston Jamas Frasura. Houston Svsan Fraaar, Midland Bruca Fraaman, MidUnd Cathy Fraaman. Dallas Paula Fraaman, Corpus Christi Robart Fnaha. M.naral Walls dan FiJar. Fort Worth Sid Ful ' mgim. Patarsburg John Fulwilar. Lubbock Johnny Furgason, Morton Kan Furman, Goldan Colo. Garth Sadbarry. Follan Alicia Stinas. Lubbock Patricia Gainas. Houston Patricia Galbrarrh. Dallas Paul Gamma. Lubbock Jan Garnar. Brownfiald John Garnar, Odassa Wiliam Gamar. Lubbock Rhonda Garrison, Varnon FaCca Gaskil. Dalkart Dabra Gatat, Shallowatar Janalou Gatawood. Ch.ll.cotha Richard Ga.os. Dallas Lorraina Gaary, Dallas Jamas GaaaKn, Odassa Karan Gaorga. Iowa Park Ruth Garharl. Dallas John Gibbans. Marfa latay Gabraafh. Lubbock Alan GaUapia. Tampla Cynthia Gipson, Lawisvilla Daana Gtann. Alado Dabra Gtovar. Ml Plaasant Diana Godwin. Tulia 460 Sophomore Look SOPHOMORES: Gonzales Hazelwood Linda Gonulas. Lubbocl Shalia Gooch, Houilon Ann Goodman. Richardson Jamas Good, D.ll.y Shallay Good. Dall Arthur Good., Walch Janat Goodson. Spring Kara Goodwin, Plainviaw Jamai Gortoch, Aibuquarqua N. M. Tarry Gough. Uvalda Anna Graham, Farm till Graham, Midland Carol Graham, El Paio Rabacca Graham, Grapavina Karan Grant, Lubbock Catharina Grantham, Wichita Falls Pamala Graval, Waco Patrick Gravas. Lubbock Chrit Gray, lubbock Paggy Graan, Ballingar Sharry Graan, Dallas Wanda Graana, Spaarman Dabra Graanfiald. Slaton Tarri Graanwood, Midland Ward Graanwood, Navatota Karan Graar. Dallai Stacay Graar, Abilana Connia Griffin, Corficana Nathan Griffin, Slaton Susan Griffin. Lubbock Marianna Grimat, Lubbock Staphan Grimmar, Borger Mollia Grootan, Phillips Richard Grotvanor, Pasadana Patricia Grothuat, Lytla Backy Guau, Lubbock Carolyn Guinn, Albany Cynthia Gullay, Tylar Martha Guntar. Clauda Karan Guttafson, Dallas Lynn Guitafton, Amarillo LitaGutin, San Antonio Lawranca Guiick, Dallas Edgar Gwynn, Amarillo Holly Hahn, Jaytor, Barbara Haira, Mulaihoa Dabora HaU, Lubbock Jim H.I. Plalnviaw Michaal Mala. Univarsal City Rickay Hala. Farmington, N. M. Dannis Halford. Fort Worth Ann Hall, Houston Mark Hat, Patartburg John Hallar, Tucumcari. N. M. Paiga Ham. Fort Worth Sandy Hammar, Lubbock John Hammit. Midland Carolyn Hammon, Big Spring Linda Hancock, Saminola Wanda Hand, Sl.dall La. Dan Hanson, Lamasa Patricia Hanson. Houston Cinda Hardan. Lubbock Linda Hardan. Lubbock Tarry Hardan. Fort Worth Paul Hardy. Dallas Gary HarraH, Fermington. N. M. Mary HarraH. Irving Connia Harris. Lubbock Jamas Harris. Haskall Janat Harris, Houston Lynn Harris, Novasota Martha Harris, Fort Worth Mac Harrison, San Antonio Phillip Harris, San Antonio Susan Harris, Austin Dorothy Harrison, Paducari Tommy Harrison, Tampla Joyca Hart, Laalland Curtis Hartin. Tylar Susan Harwan, Crowlay Judy Hassa. Junction Mary Hasskarl. Branham Sharla Hawk. Fort Worth Sharon Hawkins. Tulia Karan Hays, Dallas Marianna Hatalwood. Baytown Niki Haiarwood, Amarillo SopHomorr Look 46 1 SOPHOMORES: Heagy Johnaon Robart Haagy. M.dland Barbara Haath. Lubbock Dabbia Haattungton. Rails Mark Haarlty. Slaton lindan Heck. Midland K.thy Hatnar. Da ' as Robert Haith. Spring P.mala Haitiman. Dallas Margarat Hamingway. Lubbock Jamat Handanon, Lubbock Rhonda Handarton. Crana Rhonda Handarton, Brackanridga Harold Hanry, McAllan Manka Haptinital. Midland Stava Harm, Ackarly Bona Hkiay. Fort Worth Dabra Hickman, Grand Prairia Larry Hickt, El Paso true ML Lubbock Jannia Ml. Lubbock Kim Mi. Litttafiald Susan H9. Graanvilla Charlotta Hindi. Litttafiald Karan Hinds. Ac - Jamat Hiirton. Hoydada Douglai HUvaty. Lubbock Karax Hobb, W.lion Jamat Hodgas, Dumas Rychlon Hodgat. Midland Jo Ann Hodgson. Dallas Victoria Hoav Dallas Janat Hogan, Crana Cynthia HoHord. El Paso Janica Holland. Amarillo Wiliam HoHoway, Burlason Marsha Holna. Bvars Raisia Hoovar, Lavalland Cyd Homady. Windthorst Wiliam Homa. Plainviaw Howard Norton. Dallas Julia Hottal. Dimmitt Phillip Houchin, Saminola Jamas Hough. Tylar Boisa Hoorioan, Richardson Frncs Hovastadt. Naw Braunlals Bath Howard. Midland Paulatta Howard. Pafnpa Jari Howal. Dallas Lynn Howarton, Hurst Haatnar Howla. Lampasas Mark Hgbarl. Houston Nancy Huckaby. loa Park Rabacca Hudgint. Loraina Tomya Hudson. Lubbock Holy Hughat. Lamasa Timothy Hughas. Dallas Otan Hughas, Moranci. Ariz. Louis Hulatt. Dallas Sharin Hgmka. Houston Jim Hunaycutt, Gainasvilla Carla Hunt, AckaHy Holy Hunt, Corpus Chritti Janica Humtar. Fairfiald Tom Huriay, San Antonio Chary! Hunt. Lubbock Jaffray Huston. Odasso Malaina Hutchaion. Fort Worth Malinda Hutchison. PaHs Dabby Iraland, Arlington Pamala Iraland, S.lsbaa Kathlaan Irwin, Abilana Jamas Irwin. Pla.nviaw Mark Jacob. San Anton.o Jamat Jacobs, Danison Lisa Jacoby, Fradaricksburg Scott Jacoby. Sonora Ruth Jama, Norton Glann January, Snydar Richard Januta, Plainviaw Linda Jaarias. M.dland Christal Jankint. Arlington Va. Jana Jaricho. Dallas Louann Jarnigan. Fort Worth Oabbia Jarral. Pla.n.iaw Sara John . McGragor Brant Johnson, Grand Prairia Calinda Johnson, Houston D kj Johnson, Spur 162 Sophomore Look SOPHOMORES: Johnaon Lewis I " P David Johnson. Houston Oabra Johnson, Port Nach.s Janat Johnson, Brckanndo.a Janis Johnion, Houston Leonard Johnion. Hamlin Pamala Johnson. Midland Sara Johnson, Graham Jan Johnston, Dallas Laura Johnston, Damson Phyllis Johnston, Locinay Alica Jonas, Abilana Cynthia Jonas, w.chita Falls Daborah Jonas. Lubbock Joa Jonas, Loving Juana Jonas. Lubbocfc Mary Jonas, Gruvar Milton Jonas. Big Spring Polly Jonas, Fort Worth Susan Jonas. Midland Taala Jonas, Anahuac Pamala Jordan, Port Arthur Barry Josaphson, Borgar Patricia Joyca, R.chardson Charlas Julian, Lubbock Tarry Justica, Lampasas Linda Kaalbar, Dallas Stuart Kalmus, Dallas Sandra Kaurfus. Fort Worth John Kallay, Earth Karan Kally. Wichita Falls Jimmy Kamp, Plainviaw Kay Kamp, Richardson Jamas Kandrick, Brownfiald Bob Kannady, Ubbock Mitchall Kidd. Paacock Doloras Kiaschnick, Giddings Susan Kilkuskia, Phillips John Killion. Phillips Janis Kincaid, Rotan Joa King, Midland Brockman King, Amarillo Connia King, Lamasa Mary Bath King, Lubbock Dabra Kinslow, Lubbock Grag Kirby. Midland Jaan Kirk. Fan.all Dawn Kirkpatrick, Uvalda Eva Kirtan. Houston Mick . KUppanbach, Atoka. ' Okla. Sr Klin, San Antonio Jarriad Knoi. Lubbock Gail Knuit, Houston Katharine Kogar, Dallas Kannath Kogar. Fort Worth Judith KoUndar, Amarillo Diana Konachnay, Borgr Richard Krausa. Fraaport Douglas Krohn. El Paso Richard Kruagar, San Antonio Doris Kuahlar, Seymour Jaffray Kunda, Richardson Richard Kunkal. El Paso Carlton Kupp. Dallas April Kurti. Houston Gaorga Kvaton. Loranio Vicki Lafitta. Grovas Cyrrfhia Lambalh, Midland Laura Landrass, Dallas Charlas Landrum, Burkburnatt Edward Landry, Lubbock Judy Landusky. Hobbs. N. M. Anna Lana, McKinnay Lynda Lana, Haskall Lynn Lang, Rockport Sonja Langlay, Midland Paggy Lapaglia. San Antonio William Latham. Colorado Cry Angia Lavargna. Richardson Nancy Laakay. Dallas Donna LadbaKar. Lamasa Branda La . Midland Micha ! La., Lubbock Kar n L v r, Odasso Christa L F -ra. Claburn D nnis Laftwich. Lubbock Bobbia Laws . W.ch.ta Falls Dlwyn Lawis, Chillicoth Micha ! Lawk, M.dland Sophomore Look 463 SOPHOMORES: McEwen Mayerle Seine Libby. San Antonio Marilyn Lindquist. El Pio Mitoe Lindsay. Memphis Robert LrftUrlWId. Lubbock Jeanne Lr. h . M.dlend Patrick Lloyd. Chippewa Falls W.i. Patricia Lockwood. Brownwood Brand. Long John Long. Lockhart Larry Long, Seagraves Nancy Long. Houston Tom Long. Houston Paula Loving, Irving CHarlM Low . Dallas Linda Lowry. Dallas Mickey Lucas, Abilene Nancy Lucas, Arlington David Lucky. El Paso Naomi Lyias. Locknev Mary Lyon. El Paso Judy McAnnally, Krass Sally McAteer. Spur Mark McBrayar. Lubbock Martha Mclrida. Hereford Dabra McCaulay, Lubbock Garald McChesney. Cuero Cliva McOellend. Brownwood Uoyd McClintock, Dumas Marcia McCloy, Morsa MicKaal McCrary, Midland Catharin McCray . Odassa Rodgar McCuistion. Midland Susan McCumbar, Dallas David McCurtay. McKinnav Stavan McDanial, Lubbock Donald McDarmrH. Hereford Jan McDarmott, Richardson Cynthia McDonald. Abdana David McDonald. Plainviaw Susan McDonald, Dallas Jamas McEwan, Livingston Connie McFaul. Roscoa Michael McSuire, Munday Dabra Mclntosh. Austin Garland McKalvoin, Lubbock David McKinney. Waco Kristan McMastar, Piano Pamela McMickan, Amarillo Linda McMillan. Corsicana Billy McPkarson. Fort Worth Robert McPherson, Lubbock Virginia McPharson. Moriarty. N. M. Patsy McVey, El Paso Shannon McWMiams, San Angeto Jan McWhirter. Fort Worth Janie McWhirter, Dallas Danny McWhortar, Austin Cynthia Me Williams, Slaton Danise Macdonald, Amarillo Rodney Macdonald. Dallas Rick Mack. Anahuac Ronny Maddui. Snydar (Undine Madrid. Odassa Dennis Meeker. Wilson Laura Mage . Dallas Jeff Mager. Amarillo Jack Mahaffey, Midland Kathleen Melon . Hereford Malinda Malouf. Plainviaw Souad Malouf, Hereford Jayne Mangehdorl. Lubbock Cynthia Manning. Weatherford Marityn Mansfield. Carlsbad N. M. Diane Majors, Dallas Diane Malory. Dallas Dabra Martay, McAdoo James MarstiHer. Valley Mills Beth Martin. Mason Carol Martin. Odassa Wiliam Martin. Dallas Rachel Martinet, Dallas Sylvia Martinez, San Antonio Nancy Mason. Dallas Steve Mathes, Claude Mart Matson. Baird Chari May. Lubbock Thurman May, Silverton Leenne Mayerie, Denver Colo. 464 Sophomore Look fl j. 1 - r f.7 -- rife SOPHOMORES: Mayfield O ' Connor fcanda Mayfiald. Lubbock Jorry Maifiald. Alh.ni Fraddia Ma all. Sudan Molly Maador. Idalou Randall Maant. Forl Worth Grag Ma.kt f arwall Doug Magrady. Dallas Kavan Mahaffay. Haml.n Patricia Marlon, Danvar, Colo. Janica Manalaidai. Houston Stava Maniiat, San Anqalo LaAnn Marritt. Hart Stanlay Mauar. Dumas Carol Mauarsmith. Lubbock Daborah Mafikar. Hurst Donna Mayan, Baraa Ohio Karan Millar. Floydadg Tom Millar. Dallai Mika Milk, F riona Pamala Mimmi. Loranto Diana Minar. Houtton Balinda MitchaK, Strawn Marian Mitchall. Slaton John Moffa. Wichita Falli Garry Moldar, Kallar Craig Moody. Odasia Catharina Moon, Abilana Ricky Moora. Lovington, N. M. Anthony Moraa. Fort Worth Dabra Morgan. Dallai Carol Morganti, Lubbock Larry Morrii. Camarillo. Calif. Linda Morrii, Amarillo Anna Motalay. Roc halla Patricia Motlay, Houiton John Moora, Plainviaw Judy Moraland, El Pio Naal Morgan, Parryton Robart Morgan, Snydar Latlia Most, Lubbock Tarry Mouar , Slaton Randy Mutlini, CKildratt Lao MulvahiH, Boston Mass. Marvalla Muntial. Dallas Bobby Mumma, Hondo Karan Murphay, Houston Virginia Murphraa. Friona Michaal Murphy. Richardson Michaal K. Murphy, Moody Robart Murphy, Lubbock Scott Murray, Panhandla Mary Ann Musmaci. Houston DaAnna Myars. Lubbock Cynthia Nanca. El Paso Paggy Nanca, Midland Tarry Nanca, Houston Patricia Natworthy, Manard Don Naytor. Lubbock Valaria Naylor. Odassa Anna Naal, San Angalo Jayna Naal, Lubbock John Naal. Dallas Tarry Naal. Dallas Stava Nala, Lawisvilla Jana Nalson, Goldan. Colo. Marilyn Nalson, Baytown Jarry Navins, Milas Daborah Nawbitl, Fort Worth Karan Nawbold. Richardion Carria Nawcomb. Lakawood. Colo. Sharon Nawton. Midland Shiriay Nichols, Irving Michaal Niad. Luling Barnadina Nixon, Cotton Cantaf Eddia Nisno, Colorado City Jo Nobla, Dallas Patricia Nod, Fort Worth Jamas Noonan, Houston Kannath Nordat. El Paso Judy Norman, Post Tarata Norrn. Lubbock Michaal Nowicki. El Paso Stava NowKn, Rota " Daborah Nuckoli. Woodbndga. Va. Staphan OaUay, Tarrall Sharon O ' kVian, Waiahachia Thomas O ' lrian, Dallas Ruth O ' Connor, Ballingar SopHomort Look 465 SOPHOMORES: O ' Donnell Rann Kathy O ' Oonrwl, Houston Lynn Ofion, Breckanridge Kerry O ' Neill, Ode sa Jeffrey Opiti, Ab.lan Pamela Opp, Dallas Micky Oquin. Stratford Matisse Or, F.ben, MergaratOrwig. Midland Damon Osbom. Houston Debra Osbom, Houston Sandy Osiek. Lubbock Margaret Othmer, Albuquerque N. M. Lyndy Ottmert, Dallas Jim Outhier. Perryton Claire Owens. Midland Frank Owen. El Paso Mick Owens, Croell Jennifer Pec, Dallas Bob Paikowski. Lubbock Ronnie Palmer. San Angelo George Perdue, Houston Debre Parker, Pampa Jim Parker, Byers Mer . Parker, CUtor, Miry Parker, Lubbock Ronald Parkhunt. Borger Ketherine Parrisn, Arcadia. Celif. Viola Panley. Pampa Louis Pasche. Tomball Mary Paroui, Navasota Cook Patton, G:llett Wiliam Patton. Richardson TKonvas Paul. Tylejr Katherine Payne, Paris Brad Peacock. Houston Lucy Pearton, Frisco Danny Packenpaugh, Farnsworth Paula Pendleton, Munday Candy Pennington. Fort Worth Cindy Pensinger. Dallas Philip Pemar, Oiona Susan Perrenot. Dallas Belinda Parry. Odessa George Perry. Dallas Phyllis Patenan, Dallas Elaine Petenon, Fort Worth D ' Ann Phillips. Lubbock LaVertia Philips. Rails Gary Pickatt. Dumas Jeff Pierce, Henrietta Richard Pierca. Dallas Carle Pinson, Abernathy Barbara Piram, El Paso Robert Pirtle. Dallas Shan ' Pitcock. Robert Lea Laura Pitts. Lubbock Norman Piwonka, Slaton Patsy Plemons, Axtell Terry Plemons. Corpus Christi Peg! PoUuda. Houston Kathrim Porter, Odessa Steve Porter, Bryan Jodie Powell. Midland Genevieve Powers, Lubbock George Powers, Midland Ann Prastidge, Buffalo Oanice Preston, Lubbock LaDal Price. Pampa Leslie Price. Abilene Terry Price. Houston Terry Price. Big Spring Rodney Prichard, Odessa Pern Pritchard. Plainview Ricky Pritchett. Ablena Michael Proctor, San Antonio Robert Provence. Lubbock Jerry Purkaple. Lamesa Haiel PurteH. Brownflald Bonni e Putman. Lamesa Janis Putteet. Lubbock Carria Pyfa. Abilene Kathryn RaKs. Vemon Virginia RaKs. El Paso Gary Ralston. Midland Peggy Ramsay, Midland Rhonda Rand, Pasadena Stephanie Randolph. Hobbs. N. M. Linda farm, DL on 466 Sophomore Look I SOPHOMORES: Ramtdell Selman Eerie Ransdell, Dallas Thomas Ratmussen, Lampasas Myra R.Hif . Denser C.ly Mercia Raven, M.dland IIM Ray. De r Park Rodney Rayburn, Lubbock Tommy Redoinik, El Pato Richard Reytor. Houston David Reagan. El Paio Diana Ractor, Surrey England Mike Reece, Montgomery Ala. Carolyn Reed. Stamford Gary Raad. DeerUld III. Joa Reed, Midland Sunn Raad, Dalles JoKn Reese, Okmulgee OHa Lynn Raavai, Austin Janii Rainkan. Plainviaw Craig Ranch. Houston Bath Ranagar. Lavalland Johanna Rayna. Hart.r Haight. Jn Rica. San Angalo (Cathy Richardl, Houtton Sharon Richardl. Stamford Sutia Riehburg, Plainviaw Mark Richanon. Shamrock Lai Riak. Midland Joiaph Rilay. Wichita Falls Wandy Rink. San Angalo Daborah Ritfar. Lubbock Garry Ritchay, Colorado City Candaca Robbint. Conroa Rabacca Robbint, Houston Scon Robarts. Dallas Tharasa Robarfs. Lamasa Jamas Robartson, Lubbock Paggy Robartson, Plo.nvlaw Randy Robartson, Lubbock Shay Robartson, Wichita Falls Susan Robartson, Lubbock Cathy Robinson, Booker Jeff Robinson, Dallas Stave Robnett, Midland Rebecca Roby, Houston Anita Rock, Clyde Steve Rodgers, Midland Mary Rogers, Andrews Rob Rogers, Abilene Barbara Ronayne, Borgar Kathryn Roper, Conroe Dale Ross, Bedford Martha Rotha, D Hams Mollye Rowan, Midland Lawrence Royal, Plainviaw Donnie Ruppert. Rowena Deborah Russell, DeKalb Deborah Russell. Houston Randy Russell. Fort Worth Mark Salim. Dumas Kathleen Salmon, Houston Kethy Salmon, Saguin Ellis Sammons, Perryton Steven Santas, Lubbock Jackie Savage. Lubbock Steven Schefef . El Paso Tammy Schaffer, Hobbs. N. M. Penny Schlegal. Olney Jenet Schmidt, Mason Laura Schmidt, Midland Roianne Schmidt, Taft Susan Schneider, Houston Vicki Schoeffler. Pasadena Robert Schreder, Snyder Wayland Schroeder. Amarillo Kathryn Sehulie. Lubbock Roy Schumacher, Lubbock Ernest Schutt. El Paso Darcy Schwarh. Odessa Gary Schwede. Tulia Pat Schwertner. Floydada Cynthia Scott. Big Lake Sheri Scott, Lubbock Cleudette. New Braunfels Richard Seater. Keerny. Ariz. Steve Secrest, Dalles Jackie Self. Denver City Charles Sellers. Hamlin Larry Salman, Amarillo Sophomorr Look ' 167 SOPHOMORES: Serums Switzer Carol Seuum.. Lubbock leverly Slurp. DeSoto Cheryl Shaw. Aledo Rheann SHeperd. Dumas Ethel Shirey. Pyot Terry Shivert, Mena Jan Short. Dal ' as Carol Shogurt. Lubbock Katharine ShurH. Pampa Tray Sibley. Able Shan Simmondl. San Anton 10 Jama. Simpson. Dallas Colaao Sims. Port Arthur M.ck.y Sim.. Pampa Catherine Singley, Wallinqton Marc Skeen. Clovis N. M Roger Skl.s, Ab.l.na Jam Stinnar, Dallas Jack Siag 1 .. Austin KaMi SUugrAv. Amhant Oooglas Smatwood. Slaton Robart Smidt. Dallas Barbara Smrtti. AnoVsan AFB Guam Iruca SmrHl. Fort Worth Carofyn Smith. Parryton Claudia Smith. Lubbock Dabbia Smith. Lamasa Donna SmrHl. Haraford Faith SmHh. Sunsat Utah Gail SmrHl. Sharman Jonimay Smith, Carriio Springs Kathryr, Smith, Dallas Linda Smith. Dallas Lucla.Smrm. Dallas Maoan SmrHi. San Marcos MMon Smith, Dallas Monraan Smith, Odessa Oana Smith, Lubbock Robart Smith, Sherman Shari SmrHl. Fort Worth StapKan Smith, Big Spring Bizabath Snidar. Irving Samual Syndar, Moran Tarry Sobay, Richardson Sutanna Solomon. Hereford Fodie Sonnanburg. Hamlin Francas Soulas, Sundown JoElUr, Spain. O ' -o- John Spearman, Pampa Alan Spancar, Central Islip. N. Y. Mac Spikes, Corsicana Waldon Spitiar. Old Glory Sherry Spoonemore, Harlingan Susan Spragua, Fort Worth Sandy Spray. Dallas Susan Spring. Friona Bradley StaHcup, W.chita Falls Raitday Stanaland. Abe-. Donna Stanton. Petersburg Ucinda Stark. Cedar Hill Charyl Starratt. Crosbyton Margaret Stayton, Houston Batty Stagjich. Houston Vickie Stapnam, G-aanvllla Janice Starling, Lubbock Cindy Stevens, Houston Marlinda Stevenson. Tyler Jamas Stewart. Dallas M ' Lru Stewart, Sandy Sheila Stewart. Odessa John SKba. Lubbock Sandy St. John. Amerillo Laura Stoke.. Garland Mark StoUl. Midland Staphan Stone, Amarillo Dabbia Storria. Houston Larry Story, Tulia Glen Stover, Burlason Karen Strait. Vamon Jennifer Stringer. Lamasa Charlotte Strong. Longviaw Jane Sryslingar. Houston Sharon Sullivan, Masquita Barbara Sustala, Houston Mary Suttafi. Vamon 6aya Swann. H,-,,. Janet Swiihar, Richmond Walter Switur. FHoydada 468 Sophomore Look j V " SOPHOMORES: Swords Weakley I ,JL f Lynda Swords. Ubbock Richard Sybetma, Andrews James Synatschk, Anton Brie Tebor. Chill.cothe Michael Telburt, L.ttlefiold Randy Talley, Meadow Ljure Teoh. San Antonio Velta Tarbet, L.fo.s Tim Tarkenton, Mm.nl W.llt Cindy Taylor. Cor.ro. Debbie T.ylot. Lubbock Kenneth Teylor. Plamv.ew Michael Taylor. Fr .ona St.ph.n Taylor. Dallai Suiann Taylor, Jackionville Gratchan Tarry, Arlington Paul Thamai. MarUI MieKaal Tharton. Floydada David Thatford. Lubbocl Bobby Thomai, Lubbock Chriifi Thomai, Odeno Jami a Thomai. Lamaia Anna Thompton, Snydvr Charlorta Thompton. Brady Liia Thompson, Wichita Falls Lynda Thompton, Dallas Nancy Thompton, Houston Nita Thompton, Abilana Mark Thorntburg. Marfa Kannath Thorton. Lubbock Tim Thornton, Tulia Lita Tibbt, Groves Ricky Tiffin. Mala Canter Betty Tillinghatt. Lubbock Pamela Timt, Claude Becky Tintley, Pampa Virginia Tolle, Fort Worth Helen Tomlinton, Midland Jerry Tochtarman, Andrews David Towntend. Dallas Eddie Trigg, Archer City Nancy Trimble, Wichita Falls Sherry True, Borger Rynn Truett, Lubbock Lanette Tornabow, Idalou Neecee Turner, Amarillo Phyllit Turney, Dallas Greta Tuttle, Dallas Karen Ulan, Andrews Rebecca Urbancryk, White Deer Cynthie Van Beekum, Lubbock Rhonda Vandiver, Bryan Barbara Vandyck, Temple Vance Vannoy, Lubbock Kathryn Van Winkle, Columbia. Mo. Gregory Varoff, San Antonio Cynthia Vaughan, Dallas Roiie Vineyard. Lubbock Linda Wade, Dallai Mike Wade, Lubbock Clifton Wagenteller. San Antonio Camilla Waghorn, Amarillo Wanda Wagnon, Bellinger Deedee Welden. Hereford Gordon Waldrop, Lameta Bradley Welker, Grand Pra.r.e Nancy Walker, Laredo Charles Walker, Baird Robert Walker. Lubbock Murphy Well. Dallas Jane Wallace. Richardson Rickey Wallace, Lubbock Gordon Walling, Midland Sheila Welsh. Dallas Bruce Ward, Dallai Leslie Ward, Auttin Lucy Ward. Wichita Falls Sally Ward. El Paw Marshall Warder. Grand Pra.ne Suianne Warren. Tahoke RkkyWassom. Lubbock Melanie Waters, Littleton. Cob. Steven WatVins. Greenville Cheryl Watson. Hale Center Margo Watson. Claude Mary Watson, Lubbock Jeney Weyborn, Sen Antonio Amende WeaHey. Auttin Sophomoir Loot 469 SOPHOMORES: Webb Zeiwel Ptiilip W.bb. Denver Gty Sharon Webster. Piano Derold Wedel. Pkarr Janet Weiershauten, Houston Carv Wii. Htggins Davki Welbom. Lubbock Chri.tine Weis. Sax Angelo Hal Welt, Lubbock Michael Wets. Graham Susie Welsh. Dallas Gilbert Wendt. Fort Worth lean Wand . Houston Brooks Watl. Lubbock Mary Wast. Fritch Donis Westmoreland. Karm.t Jamca Wnaalay. Wh,ta DMT Sandra Whigham, Tulla David Wnrt.. Stamford Kattry Wtiifa. Port N.cfcas Sharry Whit , H.refo ' d Stnan Whrta. Dallas Tnomas Wdrta. Dalhart Patricia WHrMMc), Houston Laslia WhrHay. Arlington Janwi Whitt, Tarrall Patricia Wiachmann. Midland Jack Wiggins, Clifton Swan Wright, Goldsmith Linda Wiglay, Midland Virginia Wilkinson, Crane BaJinda Willhalm. Irving Branda WilUrm, Marlin Branda Williams, Amarillo OaAnn Williams, P1ainviw Oabra Williams, McAdoo Janat Wiliams. San Antonio Michaal Williams, Whita Dear Mickay Williams. Sammol Nancy WiHiams, Roscoe Scott Wiliams. Dallas Thomas Wiliams. Eldorado Gordon Williamson, Lubbock Larry Williamson, Lubbock Barry Willis, Seminota Judy Willis, Dallas TalHha Willmann. Minaral Wells Beckie Wilson, Bowie Sheila Wilson, Borger Robert Win . Lubbock Vicki Winter. Idabu Michael Wisda. Houston Jackie WoK. Coahoma Karen Wolfe. Houston Kyle Womack, Odessa Nancy Womack, Littleton. Colo. Joe Womble. Sherman Roseanne Woo. Kowloon. Hong Kong Cynthia Wood, fort Worth Nancy Wood. Huntsville Stanley Wood. Lubbock Kim Woodbury. Magdalena N. M. Cynthia Woo . Fort Worth James Woods, Mansfield Laurel Woods, McLean. Va. Mark Woods, Brownwood Patricia Woodyard. Fort Worth Cynthia WocJdridge, Houston Pamela Wooldridge. Lubbock Sheryl Worrell, Lubbock Sally Worsham. Clint Cynthia Wright. Midland John Wright, Lubbock Linda Wright. Carrollton Robert Wynne. Dallas Lea Yarbro. Irving Mary Kay Yearout, Dallas Barbara Young, Irving George Young, Fort Worth Kevin Young, Hereford Keren Youngquist. Stamford 470 Sophomorr look KA? .EBRATING THE GOOD NEWS the CHRISTIAN FAITH FIRST BAPTIST STUDENT MINISTRY A Four Year Curriculum University Bible College A 9:30 a.m. Student Worship Service Planned Presented by Students The famed UNIVERSITY SINGERS and JOY UNLIMITED SUNDAY NIGHT ENCOUNTER And Other Student Related Programs FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH BROADWAY AND AVE. V - 747-0281 PHOTOGRAPHY 1311 UNIVERSITY 2222 BROADWAY Your class photographs are on file at Koen Studios, reorder anytime. LA VENTANA 1973 FRESHMEN I , I TEXAS TECH FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS 1973 LAVENTANA 1973 VOLUME 48 THE CAMPUS SCENE Jeff Lawhon Jan Shaw co-editors Patricia Ann Hill art editor Darrell Thomas director of photography Bill Dean director of student publications Lavonne Campbell secretary Jean Finley business manager Freshman Cheerleaders, page 474 Freshman Class, page 476 STAFF Patricia Ann Hill, editor Fmhman Look 475 FRESHMEN: Abbott Baker Amy Abbott. Fort Worth Daborah Abbott. El Paso Thomat AbboH. Austin WiKam Abbott, Abilana Ahiss Adaim. Sustina Cynthia Adaim, Alaiandna. Virgil Dabra Adams, Roscoa Oimn Aoaim. Fort Worth Julia Adams, Dallas Rabacca Adams. McLaan Sally Adams. Lubbock Sandra Adams, Corpus CKristi Paggy Adco,. Luboock Conm. Aodisan. Lm. sa Mkhl Adrian, P.t.rsburg Jm Ahr m. Lubbock Hlwi Aik.nh,.d, Rerfr.w Canada McM Airowortil. lubbock Cindy Akin. Slaton MicM Akin. Denton rVnando Aldco. Ptamview 6 a AloVion. Lubbock Vkti AUnon, Lubbock NancY Aldrido . Dallas Am.li. Al iandr. Tyl.r David AUxanoV. Dallas Hugh Aliandr. Slaton Jrry Almandw. Browodald Sua AUiandar. Lovmqton N. M. Jamaf Allbritton, Seymour Mark Alldwta . Floydada CharlM Alwi. Richardson Harkwrt AlUn III. Houston John Allan. San Antonio Kay Alan. Houston Patricia Allan, Rotan Jaan Allia. Fort Worth Farrall Al ' non. Dumas Lastar Al ' non, Lampasas Johnny Amburn. Abilana Rusty Amaan, Lubbock John Ammont, Fort Worth Randal Amonatt. W.llington Juna Andanan, Houston Alica Andanon, San Antonio Branda Andanon, Lubbock Karan Andanon, Lubbock Cathy Andanon, San Antonio Chad Andanon, Midland John Andanon, Waco Kaith Andanon, Rails Nancy Andanon, Spaarman Rita Andraws, Lubbock Robart Andanon. Midland Susan Andraws, Austin Cy Angalloi. Corpus Christi Mark Anolaton, Abilana Vicki Annan, Big Spring Jarry Antaa, Wichita Falls Tarry Antaa. Wichita Falls Lisa Anthony. Lubbock Sharon Antonali. Midland Jon Archar, Lubbock Robart Archar. Paducah Gfynn Armstrong, Longvi Patti Armstrong, Rails Robart Armstrong, Dimmi Carol Arnatt, Lubbock Charlas Arnold. Midland Joanna Arnold. Garland Julia Ash, Crystal City Josaph Ashby. Saabrook Ronald Askaw, Dallas Slann Atkins. Libarty David Atwal. Luftin John Atwal. Dallas Susan Auft, Abilana Mark Austin. Millsap Jamia Avant, Dillay Kathryn Avant, Midland Robart L A vary. Dallas Dawn Bachman, Saouin CamiNa Baggarfy, Spaarman larry tailay. Larado Catharina Bailay. Amarillo Gary Battay, Conroa Patricia Bailay. Lubbock Janat Bakar, Haraford 476 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: Baker Bishop Karan Bakar. Lubbock MadaJina Bakar, Dallas Christy Bakar. Hortldy Michal Bakar, Dallai WiHard Bahar, Claburna Janica Baldwin, Eulass Byron BaHard. Dallai Jama lalard, Longvia William landrail, Eulass Daborah Sandy. Dallai Malania Barco. El Paso Annia Barbar, Lubbock Stava Barfiald, R.chardion Julia Barham, Dallas Grag Barkar, Houston Donna Barnat. Lubbock Jana Barnat, Dallas Judy Barnai, Tampla Tarasa Barnatt. Port Lavaca Tommy Barnat , Lubbock Tracay BarnaH, Midland CaHa Barnhardt, Richardson Bill Barnhill. Matador Dar la Bar, .It, Waco Randy Barren, Fort Worth Victor BarMaH. Midland Sally Bartlay, Lubbock Joyca Batan, Richardson Donna Batas. Manard Nancy Batai, San Antonio Tony Bat , Irving Jaanna BatHa. Midland Danisa Baxtar, Anson Malinda Baitar. Dallas Liu Baalar, Dallas Daborah Baard, Waco Joal Baard, Navasota Cybthia Baardan, Dallas Sharry Baardan, Houston Harry Baarman, Midland Linda Baaslay, Dallas Ronald Baaslay, Lubbock Paula Baauchamp, Dumas Jamas Baavan III, Frisco Batta Bach , Odassa Vicki Back, Friona Sharyl Backlar. Dallas Tarry Baaba, Grand Prairia Sharyl Bahna, Dallas Bill Bailhan. Lubbock BrigiHa Baitar, Austin Paggy Balchar, Austin Donald Ball. Plamv.aw Judy Ball, Fort Worth Karanna Ball. Lubbock Lowall Ball, Lubbock R.ylanaBall, Winnsboro Slaphan Ball, El Paso Paul Bandal, Arlington Branda Bannatt, Dallas Frad Bannatt, Lubbock John Bannatt, Abilana Robart Banna , Waco Vicky Bannatt. Houston Sally Banson, Midland Paula Banrla, Swaatwatar Barbara Bargin, Houston Batty Barry, Lubbock Gary Barry, Karmi Jannifar Barry, Arlington Malinda Barry, Lubbock Royal Battii, Dallas Louis Bavacqua, Midland S aphan Bayar, Math.s Tarata Bayar, Waco Stava Baznar. Richardson Jack Bibb, Seymour Vkki Biddy. Odassa Kannath Biggar. Dallas Robart Biggs. Wichita Falls Staphan Bigham. Lubbock 6ayla Btlgar, Richardson Larry Billings. Dallas Diana Billman, Conroa Janat Birdwaf. Fort Worth Joan Birdwal, Fort Worth Vanaua Birkhaad. Hobbi N. M. Pamata Bishop, Irving Frrshman Look 477 FRESHMEN: Bizzell Brown CKarlofra Binal. lubbock Rod BUckburn. Lubbock Gary BUcki-af. Borgar Marry BUka. Pta.nviaw Aim BUM ,, Lubbock Aim BUnkanship. Dallas Lord Blankamhip. Lubbock Tommia Btadtoa. HaHmgan Mary Biaimayar. Houston Anita Blavira. Fort Worth Jay BWvins. Lubbock ,, Blockar. M.dland Tnonvas How, Tlar Jan Mu . Amar.lto Jack loci W.chita Falli Barbara lomr. Dallas Gary londi. Artas.a N. M. Robart lookw. Richmond Ocbra took. MiUi DiaiM loot. Mili Baina lookar. Hobbs N. M. Skaroit lookout. Tulia Karan Soonar. Ennis M Borron, Imparial Gary tortick. Garland FMa lotalw. Fort Worth Jo Bouchar. Dallas Wiliam lousa. Lubbock Tricla lowan. Nacoqdochas John Sowar. Dallas CKarias towars. Pampa Susan Bowas. Canyon raory Bowling. Lubbock Davkl Bo.. Wa.aKachi. Barbara Boyca. Dallas FVyor Boyca. San Ant jnio hUrbarf Boyd. Loranio Jouph Boyd. Lubbock Larry Boyd, McLean Linda Syd. Libarty Ann Bon, Lubbock Stava Braasch, TyWr K.thUan Brack. Downars rova III. Bruca Brackan. McAllan Garnar Bradlay. Dsnton Stavan Bradlay. Lubbock David Bradford. CK.Idrass Jan Bradford. Dallas Patrick Brady. Dallas Pamaia Brandas. Locknay Claudia Brandon, Hobbs N. M. Bavarly Brann. Lubbock Deborah Brant, Houston KafhUna Brasch. Marshall Daid Bratchar. Markal Vicky lraon. Cran. Robart Brauar. Fort Worth Cynthia Brauna, Hico Rabacca Braunig. San Antonio Daborah Bray, Pampa SKaron Brannanwjn, Houston Linda Branningmayar. Atbuquarqu . N. M. Carla Brawar, Waco Dava Brawar. Lubbock Pamaia Brawar, O Donnall Tama Brawar, Lovlngton. N. M. Gayla Briant. Sr.allowatar Myrna Brica, Lubbock Toni Bridgas. Dallas Nan Brinagar. Dallas Kathlaan Brinall. Stamford Vicki Broadway. W.chita Falls Richard Brock. Locknay Baina Brockatta. Fort Worth Kannath Drodrick. tcchardson Batsy Brooks. Sulphur Springs Daan Brooks. Colorado C.ty Dabora Brooks. Dallas Marissa Brooks. Dallas Billy Brown. Dickans Bobby Brown. Wastport. Conn. Branda Brown. Ab-larx Catharina Brown. Spring Daborah Brown. Lubbock Daborah Brown, Houston Dabra Brown. Clifton Fiskar Brown, Dallas Gail Brown, Tampla -.... . . ' A % l , cfh A c4:|A r ii M lak H I , 478 Freshman Look to v Jamei Brown, Panhandle Jeannie Brown, Groves Jerry Brown, Grand Prairie Jill Brown, Dallas Kerry Brown, Ballinger Leslie Brown, Rockport Martha Brown, Lubbock Martha Brown. Brownfield Matt Brown, Houston Michael Brown, Abilene Pai Brown, Roscoe Valeria Brown, Long view Janet Brownfield. Colorado City Laura Brownfield, Lubbock Karoyn BroyUt, Fort Stockton Bart Bruecher, Houston Penny Bruno, Midland Shirley Brunson, Odessa Ronald Bryan, Dalhart Donald Bryant, Plamview Gail Bryant, Hobbt.N.M. Chrii Bubet, Dallas Jamei Bublil. Plainview Dorothy Buchanan, Waco Jodye Buchanan, Irving Charlet Buckalew, Fort Worth Pamela Buckley. Burkburnett George Bullard. Dallas Gary Bunn. Fort Worth Vickie Bunting, Lubbock Bryan Burchfiel, Dallas Sally Burdert, Lamesa Beth Burgemy, Lubbock Karen Burger, Pampa David Burgeu. Tufia Larry Burgett, Hale Center Melissa Burnett, Alice Pamela Burnett, Fort Worth Scott Burnett. Dallas Thomai Burnette, San Antonio Jack Burnt, Wilton. Conn Diane Buiton, Arlington Jan Butter, Texas City Cyr! Buthman, Midland Gerald Butler, Dallas Mark Butler, Sweetwater Stephen Butler, Arlington Sutan Butler, Lubbock Steven Buttt, Lubbock Anton Buxkemper, Slaton Michael Byrne, Dallas JametCade, Richardson Cyndy Cadwallader, San Antonio Mark Caffo, Dallas Clifford Cain, Irving Patricia Cain, Dallas Jamei Caldwell, Lamesa Carol Caodwell, Bedford Steven Caldwell. Ploinv.ew Peggy Calhoun, Atpermont Kathy Callaway. Lubbock Rebecca CaHis. Richardson Evengelina Calxada. Sanderson Rebecca Cameron, Amarillo Donnie Camp, Lubbock John Camp. Dallas Oienne Campbell, Claude Harold Campbell, Lubbock Jack Campbell, Rankin Jeffrey Campbell. Dallas John Campbell, Odessa Sammy Campbell. Lubbock TerriCampbed. Bellaire Sutan Candeleria. Fort Worth Karen Cenfield, El Paso Donna Cannon, Dallas John Cannon. Dumas Melody Cannon, Lubbock Robert Cannon. Bellaire Roy Centred, Shamrock Richard Garden. Brownfield Richard CeHson. Spong Jerry Certton. Trent Saundra Carmon. Lubbock Cindy Carpenter. Lubbock Sylvia Carpenter, Lubbock Shanon Carr, Houston Tony Cerr. Fort Worth Frrshman Look 479 FRESHMEN: Carroll Conkle My Carrol. Ooaiss Cynthia Cartar. Odassa Edward Cartar. M,dland Baina Cartar. Fort Worth Marcia Cartar. Midland Robart Cartar. Midland Shannon CarHr, Tahoka Tkarasa Cartar. Crotbyto- Grag Caitwfight. Plainvt w Lonna Carrwright. Ptainviaw Caryl Gary, Amarillo John Cary. Lubbock Daborah Caw. Plamv.aw Ward CM . Houston JanaCasay. Lgbbock ftobartCaitar. Lubbocl . a,,.b.t CaHin. D. " .ar Colo. Sonya Caughran. Lubbock 0 borak CKacKara. Odaisa Mary OiandUt. Houston Pagav Chapman. Dallas Jack Chapifi. Fort Worth Martha Chapman. Mulashoa Mary Jaanna Charpaxtiar. Waldorf. Md. Hal Chasa. Parryton Pamala Chasa. Follatt Jaannaa Charry. Lubbock Charlai Chanar, Dallas Jack ChSdrasi. Garland Ja mat ChMon. Lubbock Karan Cham. Lubbock Mkhaal Chisum. Lubbock Kathi OirrKm. Hobbs N. M. Hilary Chrntanao. Lubbock Chris Christia. Dallas Craig Christman, Univarsal City Richard Church. Houston DM Church . Midland Danisa Clancy, Houston Charyl Clanton. Pbrt Worth Catharina Clark. Tyhr Chris Clark. Fort Worth Diana Clark. Fort Worth Joy Clark. Baytown Julia dark. Houston Kay dark. Fort Worth Karry dark. El Cajun. Calif. Nancy dark, Fort Worth Cynthia dassan, Naw Braunfak Julia Clayton. Midland Randy Clamant, Ackarly Judith Clamant, Fort Worth Margia Clammar, Burkburnatt Randal dick. Amarlllo Sail Clifford, San Antonio Gary Clifton. Odaisa Tari dot . Richardson Stitan dough, Richardson Sparear duff. Dallas Francis Coachman, Killaan Rhonda Coan, Rotan ShirlayCobb. Lubbock Sharon Cobla. Lubbock Kathryn Cochran, Richardson Paula Coffman, Lubbock Phyiis Coffman. Piano JohnCofiald. Houston Staphan Coogins. Varnon Danny Cda. Lubbock Uxda Cola. Houston Martin Col . Cran. MikaCola. Pla.nv.aw Ragina Col . Earth Chris Colaman, Longvtaw Glaland CoWar. LaMargua Johnny Colina. Abilana Tom Colinj. Lubbock St a CoKrn. San An,alo SMbyCoKm. Lockn v ThomatColir.8o-.a Carol Colmar. Lufabock John Co(.in. Na.to Tim Compton. Plainviaw Cyndi Con , Grand Prairi Joy Congdon. Piano Jack ConU . R.chardson t 480 Fmhman Look FRESHMEN: Conkling Davis . I f : v A ' L Barbara Conkling, Navasote Colaman Conkling. Navasota Cynthia Conner, Dumas James Connor. Wichita Falls Vicki. Conrad, Cl.fton Jemes Cooroy, Piano Cynthia Cook. Big Spring David Cook. Corpus Chhiti Dannii Cook. Lubbock Jo Cook, Cee Vee John Cook. Dallas Mary Cook. Fort Worth Nancy Cook. Post Robert Coones, Grand Prairie Carolyn Coopar, Dallas Donna Coopar, Sonora Tari Coopar. Lubbock William Coopar. Odessa Carol Corbatt, Dallas Robart Cordar, Midland Dawn Corkraan. Dickinson Danny Corlaa, Houston Lawrence Corman, Son Antonio Larry Cornelius, Hurst Deborah Cornet . Omaha. Nab. Judith Costlow. Stanton John Cotton. Dallas Susan Cotton, Dallas Bruce Cottrell, Lubbock Alecia Couch, Dallas Kelly Covert. Austin Laura Cowan, San Antonio Billy Cowart, Killeen Mark Cowart, Houston Kenneth Cowling. Lubbock Connie Coi, Midland Jeennie Cox, Pampa Melissa Coi. Palestine Sandra Cox. Tye Rick Coy, San Antonio Kim Craig. Lubbock Larry Craven, Richardson Eliiabath Crawford, Houston Stephen Crawford, Amarillo Carl Creech, Lubbock Dale Creecy, Midland Kpjm Criscuolo, San Antonio David Crisman, Abilene Jackson Crissey, Dallas Wayna Criswell. Brownfield Jill Croley, San Antonio James Crookham, Midland Cynthia Crosby, Amherst Baccy Crow, Fort Worth Dickie Crowder, Lubbock Cynthia CroweM. Menard Debra Crum, Wichita Falls Stephen Crumb, Arlington Randy Crumley. Midland James Crump, Richmond Brady Grumpier. Wichita Falls Jamas Grumpier. Bowie Barbara Crute. Dallas Jeffery Gulp. Dallas Walter Cummings. Fort Stockton Jerry Cunningham, Grand Prairie Roy Curbo. Brownfiald Craig Curd, Seagoville Elizabeth Curik. Taylor Clare Currie. Houston Jamie Dele. White Deer Glenn Delias. Dallas Catherine Damron. Zephyr Darrell Daniel. Lubbock Dewn Daniel, Lubbock Linda Daniel, Irving Michael Daniel, Lubbock Joe Dannamiller. Dallas Rebecca Darcy. Houston Sue Daughetee. Dallas Hiiabeth Davenport. Lubbock Nancy David, Corpus Christi Koebe Davidson, Lubbock Wetson Davidson. Houston Chandra Davis. Dallas Dee Devil, Pecos Doug Davis, Lubbock Helen Davis. Dalhart Freshman Loot 481 FRESHMEN: Davis Eady Jaanna Davis. Fort Worth Martha Davis, Alica Marcy Davit. Ab.Wna Mary Davis. Ou- ' man Rhonda Davit. Anchoraga At Robart Davit. Lamasa Roy Davit, Luadars Sharry Davis. Irving Susan Davis, Lubbocl Karan Dawkim. Dallas Marian Dawton. D,mmit Adfw Day. Houston GtyW DMH. W k,t Fah Kimbarfy Daaii, Houston Urry DMrwv Colorado C.ty AirHlar Daaring. Albany Danna Daarirta, PflugarvtMa David Daarmora. Libarty RoModo DaLaon. B-ownfiald Lou D ' Bia. Lubbocl Susan Dal. Houston Pagoy Damand. Sorgar Nancy Damarco, Oalas Data Daonay. Lubbocl Martha Danny. Karmit Daboran Damon. Rula Diana Darryfaarry. El Paso Janat Datamora, Houston Robart Datamora. Houston lady OayMa. Clarandon Wiliam Dial. Austin Vrviam Diekans. Dallas AJita Dicbon. Portland Mark Dicbon. Lubbocl Dawn Diatarich. RicKardson Daborah Diatj, Fort Worth Cauia DiMina, Amarillo Laura DUKman. Uvalda Charfotta Doan. TuBa Stavan Dobbs. W.ch.ta FaHs Michaal Docktor. : . Dabra Dodo., Fort Worth Donna Dodson. Midland Trboa Doohon, Houston Donna Dolar. Fort Worth Mark Donaldson, Odessa Gary Donart. Wichita Falls Staphan DonCariot. Andraws Shannon Donohua. Dallas Sharon Doolay, Swaatwatar Saly DorUnd. Post Susan Dombach. Sa.brook Jacauaryn Ootan. Richardson Robart Dotton. Fort Worth MyDoty.Akxjo Dabra DouflUs, Lubbocl Diana Dowdla. Lubbocl ja Do-dy. Dallas Dabra Downar. Qint ShaiU Downing. Lubbocl Karan Downs, Roscoa Mart Doyb. Dallas Kly Drannan. Suthria Bobbia Drarmon, Karmit Robbia Drannon. Karmit larsy Draw, Fort Worth John Drivr. Fort Worth Carol Druthal. Edna Margarat Druthal, Edna SIM Dry. Dallas Dana Dudky. Waco Harold Dudtay. Comancha Kathlaan Duka. Chroughton England Robart Dxka,Spr.nglala Sara D-Sn, Lubbocl nfals dark Dunlip. Maw (rau Johnny Dunn, Tulia Randy Dunn. Idalou W!Kain Dunna. Dallas Randal DuPapa. Abilana Gragory Duran, Lubbocl David Durant. Granbur, Robart Durl. Dallas RoyDwitay. MIKianockat. Ma. Don Dyar. Parryton rUthryn Dyar. San Antonio Sharyl Eady. Danvar City I It 482 Fmhman Look FRESHMEN: Easier Fox I Robert Eester. Midland Teresa Eden, Euless Debby Edinburgh, Croibyton Donald Edwards. Midland Gregory Edwards. Balls, r. Deborah Egly, Richardson Tim Ehgoerg, Lubbock Ann EM. El Ps o Judy Elam. San Ben.to Kenneth Elder, Amarillo Petti Eli, Palestine Stav.n Eli. Palestine leverly Ell... Brownfi.ld Douglat Etlii. Dumat Marianne Ellit, Austin Rebecca Elmore. Dallas Sherry Emary, Saminola John Emmitt, Tulie Cecile Enchelmeyer. Amerillo David Engr, Lubbock Grag English, Houiton PaggY tram. Garland Gerald Erquiaga, Winnamucca. Nav Paul EntKalar, Dallas Edward Erwin, Fort Worth Faya Erwin, Ira Jama Erwin, Houston Janice Eubank. Plains Karen Eudy, Turkey George Evans, Dallas Rite Everett, San Antonio James Ewing, Tulia David Fahle, Beaumont Pem Fein, Carriio Springs Joy Faison, Sulphur Springs Williem Felkinburg, Brownlield Jo Falls. Dallas Mark Faris, Ballwin. Mo. Janis Ferquhar, Brov nfield John Ferris, Midland Larry Faulhaber. Dallas Catherine Faulkner, Lubbock William Faulkner. Lubbock Jody Fehr, Houston Roger Fehr, Dallas Donna Fellers, Dallas William Ferh. Fort Worth Ralph Fernendez, San Antonio Lisa Fickinger, Midland Gwan Fields, Henrietta Monte Fields. Paducah Willie mFrfer. Fort Worth Darwin Finch, Ropasville Kimberleigh Finch, Amarillo Glen Firdley, Lubbock Jean Fischer, Pampa Kenton Fish, Big Spring Chereoll Rsher, Carrollton Elian Fisher, Houston Gereld Fisher, Lubbock Roger Fisher. Lubbock Suianna Fisher, Lubbock Gerald Fitisimmons, Tonawanda, N. Y. David Ragg. Dalles Kathryn Flanagan, Lubbocn Paule Reft, Lubbock Williem Reeman, Corpus Christi Jeenie Renniken, Odessa VickiFlood. Eglm A.F.B. Fla. Thomas Folwers. Waco Clifford Royd. Seminole Leenne Floyd. Dallas Cindy Huitt. Booker Anne Rynn, San Antonio Jeffrey Follis. Fall. Rodney Fotsom. Brownwood Curtis Foote, Perryton Kethy Ford, McCamev Sylvia Ford. Breckenridge Ruth Foremen, Clute Irervda Formby. Hereford Lynda! Forney. Borger Lois Footer, Longview loth Foster. Dalles Debi Fountein. Universal City Greg Fowler. Mound Rebecca Fovrlkes. San Antonio Donna Foi, Plamview Frtthman Look 483 FRESHMEN: Fox Clisar Georgene Fo . Dallas Glen Foi. Brownfield Carol Fohal, Memph,, Lea France, Dallas Laurie Frencil. Tyler Suianne Franks. Hurst Alan Fraser, Houston Denise Fraiier, Friona Virginia Fraoor. Ubbock Lori Fraadman. Midland Martha Freeland. Odssa Nancy Freefin. Kailua Hawaii Barbara Freeman. Dallas Lorna Fraaman, Lubbock Shirley Frayar. Roscoo Sammy Fri+H, Fort Worth Baotori Fry, Dallas Mia Fry. Lubbock Cindy Fry, Amarilto Margaret Fry, Hurst Donald Frykovar, Sharman Wada Fuhrkan, Oranga Grove Gary Fuller. M.dland John Fuller, Harlinqen Mry FuJUrton, Corsicana Susan Futtj. Roswell N. M. Laura Forney. Sulphur Springs James Forr. McKinney Richard Saddis, Houston Sarah 6addy. Midland James Gage, Lubbock Maria Geither. Lubbock Thomas Garrher, Aspermont Robin Galaway, Borger Kimberfy Galle, Houston Kent Gamble, Lubbock Janis Gennaway, Austin Deborah Gant. Richardson Joyce Gant, Piano Debbie Gardner. Houston Gail Garf. Clifton Teresa Garland. Dallas Roger Gamer. Midland Alan Gareft, Bayport John Gerrerr. Borger Joyce Garret), Hale Canter Barbara Garrison, Amarillo Brenda Garrison, Garland Lee Garrison, Channing Cornelia Gary, Big Spring Susan Gary. Tyler Martin Sana. Dallas Lu Gatewood. Matioon. III. Roger GauH. Houston Andrew Gaupp, Dallas Amma Gavin, Wichita Falls Sharon Gayla, Denver City Judy Gee, Lubbock Gary Geldmeier, Dallas Vena Genuchi. Snyder Barbara George, Houston Donna George. Lubbock Mary Gappert. Bryan Alia Gardes. Houston Sidney Gervats, Houston Charles Geyer, Houston Janice Grbbs, Taxas City Gary Gibson, Richardson Jane Gibson, Dallas Julie Gibson, Austin Nannette Gibson. Lubbock Roger Gibson. A lbany Weldon Gibson. Dallas Adrian Gilbert. Bo ' gar Paula Gilbert. Bu ' leson Paula Giles. Lubbock Julie Giftey. Fa,rfa Katharine GJIen. Dallas Don Giler, Dallas Charles Gilliam. Lubbock Joan GiKem. Idalou John GiTiam, Idalou Donna Giiit. Ba.rd Patricia Gilmore. Dallas Wiliam Girdlay. Midland Mary Glassford. Henrietta Mickey Glenn. Aledo Robert GGtar. Amarillo 484 FrnHman Look FRESHMEN: Cober Hamm 1 Jotin Sobr. Denver City Kimberly Gober. Bovine Michael Godwin. Lubbock Timothy Godwin, Dallas Gail Goebel, San Antonio Debbie Goehman. Menard Chartes Goetimen. Longview Linda Goff , Dallat Rita Goff. Dan, son Dannit Gohain. Hereford Alan Goldberg. San Angalo Foy Goldlton, Brownfield Hugh Goldtton, Brownf,eld Daryl Goldstucker. Lubbocl Maria Gomai. Lubbocl Anita Gonialat, Dallas LaRhonda Gonialai, Amarillo Donna Goodall. Seminola Barbara Gooda. Irving Claudia Gooda. Lubbocl Donna Gooda. Lubbocl Elian Goodenough. Alice Daborah Goodwin, Irving Dabra Goodwin. Lubbocl Gary Gorence, Midland Grady Gotta rd. Dallas David Gould, Dallas Batty Gowday, Dallas Miia Gowant, Crosbyton Barnay Grata. Lubbocl Cindy Graff. Memphis Tenn Fairy Graham, Rotan Mark Graham, El Paso Conltanca Granbarg, Blanco Dabi Graiham, Waco Michaal Gravar, Plainviaw Dabra Gravat, Odessa Barbara Gray, Houston Daborah Graan, Dallas Janat Graan, Evant Michael Graan, Houston Paula Graan, Waiahachie Darrell Greanway, Shallowater Sondra Grear, Dallas Cynthia Gregory, Lubbock Lorinna Griaco, Grants. N. M. Elite Griggin, Arlington Jamie Grafin, Mesquite Sherry Griffin, San Antonio Gregory Griffith, Dallas Staci Griffith, Lubbock Monica Griffiths, Mulashoe Jatt Grigg, Floydada Lori Grillo, Irving Branda Grimes, San Antonio Cheryl Grindle, Dallas Stephen Grissom, Dallas Debbie Grost. Fort Worth Leroyce Frote, San Antonio Angela Grubbs, Hereford Gary Guest, San Antonio Larry Guffae. Floydada Martha Guinn, Tyler Kathryn Guion, Dallas Martha Gully, Lubbock Debbie Gummelt, Amarillo Charles Gunn, Lubbock Rollo Guru, El Paso Gloria Gutierrez. Lubbock Douglas Gwin, Houston Victor Hackatt, San Antonio Terry Haddoi. Houston Allison Hagard. Arlington Carolyn Hager, Wainert Virginia Halbrooks. Lubbock Michael Hale. Shamrock Sharon Hale, Dallas Holy Halepeska. Midland Carol Hal, Dallas Deborah Hal, Lubbock Jamet Hall. Dripping Springs Mark Kiel, Houston Mary Hal. Dallas Wendy Hal. Dallas William Halsteed. Grapevine Jane Hemby, Dallas Jaanmaire Hamieton, Dimmit Arleine Hamm, Locknay Freshman Look 485 FRESHMEN: Hamman Hernandez J.y Hamman. Lubbock Andy Hammar. Richardson Sara Hammatt. Midland Patricia Hammond. Fort Worth Sndr Hanay, Lamesa Paul Hankinson. Richardson D.borah H.nl.y, Dallas Cynthi. HaiMM. Waco Robart Hannan, Fort Worth Mary Han, Austin Balna Hansan. Templa fraida Hansan, San Antonio Mark Hansan. Laka Jackson Vicky Hanson, Crana lobbia Hardaway, Mulasho CM Hardaway III. Hunt Kathy Hardagraa. Sonora Dabbia Hardin. Fort Worth Janat Hardin. Dallas Stacy Hardison, Arlington John Hardy. Dallas Stavan Hara, Dallas Wynna Hara. Lubbock Edith Ham. Dallas Ton! Harkins, Irving Mark Harlan. Lubbock Eugana Harlow, Houston David Harmon, Richardson Michaal Harmon. Dallas Annalla Harris. Kallar David Harris. Tulia Donna Harris, Mesquita Doris Harris. Lubbock Johnny Harris. Wichita Falls Michaal Harris. Amarillo Philip Harris. El Paso Sammy Ha-ris, RopasviHe Sharon Harris. Lubbock Warran Harris, Garland Cynthis Harrison, Lavalland Timothy Harrison, Odassa Mary Harrist. Rockport Susan Hart, Lubbock Patricia Hartnatt Carol Harttfiald. Dallas Martha Hartwill, Amarillo Moita Harvay. Lubbock Janica Hassall, Dallas Ann Haughton. Dallas David Sawkins. Dallas Richard Hawkins, Houston Stavan Hawn, San Antonio Ron! Haiton, Big Spring David Haymas. Lubbock Blytha Haynas. Odassa David Haynas. McLean Dabra Haynia, Richardson Sharla Haynia, Crowall David Hays. Fort Worth Eilaan Hays, Houston Virginia Hayt, Houston Branda Hayslip. Shallowatar Lydia Hayworth, Big Spring Ronald Haad, Spaarman Mary Haanay. Houston Marilyn Haard, Tulia Janica Haath, Lubbock Jaffray Hacht. Asparmont Gary Hack. Clauda Karan Hadrick. Clifton Jamas Haap, Harlingen Dabra Haggam, El Paso Kathlaan Hainrich, Id alou Donald Hallman. San Marcos Kathryn Hamphil. Odassa John Handarshot, Garland Cynthia Handarson. Lubbock KarhS Handarson. Luadans Lisa Handarson. Wichita Falls Julia Handon. Irving Tarry Handrich. Fort Worth Gragory Handrickson. Lubbock Michaal Handrickson. Rockwill Michaal Handrii. Midland Rosaann Hanningar. Abilana Susan Hanslaa, Dallas Nancy Hardman, Houston Hilario Harnandai El Paso ' : 486 Fmhman Look FRESHMEN: Hernandez Hunsucker Manuel Hernandei, Barston Vlcki Hiring, Bro.nUld Larry Hot. Lubbock Jane Hewitt, Dallas Kyi H.wit). Midland Kethleen Hickok. Oallai Phillis Hickoi. Vienna. W Ve. David Hicks. Lubbock Marten Hicks. Rochester Linda Higgins, Stratford Dabby Hill. Al.ce Susan Mil, Lubbock Shirley Hid, Austin Tim Hill, Abernathy Benjamin Hillhouta. Mamphii Carol Hilliard. Tylar Rimall Hilliard. Houston Carolyn Hill;.. Vienna. Va. Daran Hinchliffa, Earth Holly Hincklay. Littlefield Sharon Hindan. Canyon Dalranda Hindman. Will, Point Jaan Hines, Colorado Springs. Colo. Stavan Hins. Midland Susan Hinas. Houston Carol Hisey. Midland Robart Hita. Salma. Ala. Rogar Hitt. Lubbock Karan Hoag. Lubbock Dabbia Hobgood. Wolfforth J.ary Hobgood. Anton Joal Hodgas, Woodward. Okla ICaran Hodgai. Whita Dr KimbaHy Hodgaf. Midland SKaralyn Hodoai, Panhandla Dorotliy Hoffman. RicKardson Paula Hoffman. Austin Wandy Hoffman. Austin Maliua Hogan. Dallas Sutan Hogan, Dallas Biiabatti Holcomb. Dallas Main Holland. Big Laka Harkart Holloway. Houston Sarah Holly, Lubbock Daborah Holmans, Austin Holly Holman. Paris Gragg Holmas, Amarillo Holy Hohtaad, Dallas Carol Holt. Whaalar Donny Holt. Lubbock Lalia HoH. Dallas Lynn Hott. Fort Worth Louisa Holxam. Edinburq Gaorga Hook, Fort Stockton Carla Hoopar. Cantar Marcia Hoopar. El Paso Molly Hopkins. Dallas Nola Hopkins, Odassa Joa Hopkins, Houston Rabacca Hoppar, Paces M ' Lynn Hopson, Hereford Tarri Home, Dallas Douglas Horton. Mineral Wells Kathy HosHar. R.chardson Midi Houchin, Saminole John Hourigan, Richardson Janet House, Crowley Dennis Hoar, Lubbock Eugene Howard, Floydada Graar Howard, Dallas Louis Howard, Dallas John Howe, Utica. N. Y. Gena Huber, Lubbock Linda Huckabee. Lubbock Sharla Huddle. Wichita Falls James Hudson. Houston Jan Hudson. Melrose N. M Jess Hudson, El Paso Lucy Hudson, Arlington Marc Hudson. Pampa Paul Huff. AT.ar.llo Cathy Huffington. Lubbock Darryl Huffman, Brady Charles Hughes. San Angelo Teresa Huie, Ropesville Gena Hulwt, Lubbock Hinb.tr, Humphrey, Singapore Catherine Hunsucker. Seneca S. C. Frrshman Look -187 FRESHMEN: Hunter Kellner Jacqueline Hunt . Bro-nf ,eld John Hunter, SKallowater Judy Hunter, Lubbock Andrea Hun . Frione Holy Hrit, Houston Mer i Hint, Abilene Mary Hurt. Piano RUSSOI HutcneW., Fort Worth James Htson. Aust.r. Jehu Ughem. Borger David Ingrsm. Hunt Judy Ingram. Houston Pam IMMII. Lubbock Kathleen Irish. Abernathy Jimmie IrwKi. Lubboct TarM hmy. Fabwu Swum lvnoki, San Antonio Troy Jco. SKerman AiKxl Jchon, WaiahachM Donald Jcbon, LamM Linda Jacfaon. Houston Racwcca Jackson. G-- . ' Ricky Jaebon. Brady PaiMla Jaagli, Uvald. Lyta Jan s. Sherman Mouayad Jamal Dannn Janwi. Worfforth 6aryJamM.Lubbock Bobby Jamison. Pampa Robert Janssan. Midland Tom Jarmon. Dallas Janka Jafikim. Houston JuliJwiiim. BuHason Raymond Jenkins, HaHlngen Georoa Jennings, Tulia Nancy Jennings. Lubbock Rebecca Jennings. Lubbock Stacy Jeter. Lubbock Barbara Johannten. Arlington Henry John. Houston Chris Johnson. Aledo Garry Johnson, Pecos Jerodine Johnson. Fort Worth Jerry Johnson, Lubbock Katharine Johnson, Little Rock. Ark. Kathleen Johnson. Houston Malcolm Johnson. Dallas Nancy Johnson, Hunt Patricia Johnson, Lubbock Quite Johnson, Dallas Susan Johnson, Dallas Susan Johnson, San Anoelo Janice Johnston, San Angelo John Johnston. Wichita Falls Patricia Johnston. Dallas David Jones. Fort Worth Carol Jones, Dalles Claire Jones, Houston Cynthia Jones, Lubbock Debbie Jones. Galveston James Jones, Quanah Janie Jones. Lubbock Judy Jones. Lubbock Kathleen Jones, Lubbock KeKe Jones, Houston Larry Jones. Floyoada Laura Jones, Clint Richard Jones, Lake Dallas Snadre Jones, Euless Sharon Jones, Mesquite Thones Jones. Sao Antonio Valerie Jones. Lubbock Vicky Jones, Saginaw Jemes Jordan. Peducah Craig Joyner. R.chardsor. John Juhonnet. El Paso Joseph Jwrodt. Midland Keren Keden. Greenville Jane Kailey. Dallas Gordan Kaiger. Victoria Julie (UHenbech. AKnn Jeffery KaHsruher. El Paso Kathleen KeesKng. Porkville Md. Denny Keffer, Pleinview Patrick Keley. Irving Janet Keener. Midland ' 488 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: Kellum Lawaon Doug KaWum, Houston Miehaal K.lly. Amar.llo Stavan K.lih.im.r, Naw 6raunl.li Kathy Kannady, Richardson Suianna Kannady, Liberty Daborah Kannady, Fort Worth Mona Kannimar, Lubbock Larry Kant. Danvar City Dabra Karn. Dallas Karan Karr, Dallai Janat Karr, San Antonio Jaanhina K.rr. Lubbocl ROM!: Karr. Sandarton Ch.rl., K.nhnw, Dallas Biubtth Ky, Marshall Bill Kyt, Corpus Christi K.thy Kiapp. Dallas M.liisa Kidd. Amarillo T.ddy Kidd. Slaton John Ki.l.r, Ab.lane Maritaa Kigr, San Antonio StapK.n Killa. Pampa Samual Killingiwortri Longvif Timothy Kilpatrick, Lubbocl Larry Kinard. Fort Worth Brtnda Kindarknacht. Amarillo Corral! King, Saguin Hiiibth King, Lubbocl Jm King, Lubbock Kim Kimg, Brady Fr.ddy Kinnvy. Lubbock J nt Kinny. Dallas Kr n KirchKoH, P Mi k Kirk. Lubbocl Patricia Kirkpatrict, Dallas Nancy Kiriling, San Antonio Bernard Krftan. Slaton Clyda Kit+an. Slaton Patricia Klondar, Richardson D ' Ann. Klutha. Houston Pamala Kn, Freda rickjburg Jeffrey Knighton, Perryton Betty Knit+U. Fort Worth Leonard Knoi, Maiwetl, N. M. Lynda Knot, Richardson Karen Knutton, Gutmon. Oltla. Eileen Koecher, Houston Kathryn Koege), Irving Dean Koonca, Richardson Susan Korchenko, Shallowater Gail Kotowski, San Antonio Kim Kraettli, Houston Paul Krauland. Dallas Nancy Kucera, Ennii Phyllis Kuahlar. Seymour Ton! Kumpf, Dallas Sharon Kuntthik, Dallas Charlai Kuratko, Smithville Holly Kuykendall, Temple Mary Kwilou. Dallas Konnie Kyle, Hurt Joan Ladig, Houston Cynthia Lahr. Chtllicothe Tracye Lain, Midland Audrey Lake, Houston Maria Lambeth, Odessa Ivan Lancaster, Farmersville Lyndel l Lance, Sudan Georgia Landers, Hondo Bruce Lane, Dallas David Lang, Wichita Fall Charles Lange, Katemcy CharW. Langliti, Odessa Brian Langmack. Richardson Camilla Laniar, Dallas Lane Laning, Uvalde Malia LaQuey, Irving Dave Laran. Billings. Mont. Russell Lasater, Lubbock Deborah Lasiiter. Richardton Teri Lathum, Houston Timothy Latham, Houston Dale Latmer. Lubbock Melitsa Lattimore. Marshall Diane Laudick. Perryton Richard Lawiets. Houston Cheryl Lawrence, Houston Loyd Lawson, Monahans Freshman Look 489 FRESHMEN: Lawaon McClarney Michaal Lawson. Afton Turla Laath. Midland Wiliam Laavaf. Doll., Larry Lack. Brownwood Mary Ladta. Bonjar Paggy Laa. Uvalda David Laavar, Laka Jackson Sranda Lafavara, Hart Dabra Laggatt. Odassa Linda Lahman, Vamon Bruca Lahnbarg, Mason Larry LaKnart. Danvar City Harry Lahr. Dallas Nancy Laibila. El Paso RussaN Lammons. Pampa Susan Lamon. Countrysida. I Richard Lanig. Dallas Kathy Laon. Patarsburg Craig Latitar. Fort Worth David Lawalan, Brownwood David Lawn, Phtllips Jimmy Lawis. Lubbock Pa+ar Lawis. Houston Richard Lawn, San Antonio Shaila Lawis. Lubbock Timmons Libson. Odassa John Liab, Kno City Patricia Light. Lollinsvill Kathy Lilas. R.chardson Michaal Lindsay, Houston Robart Lindsay, fort Worth Tarri Lindsay. Midland Robart Linas. Houston Dabbia Linthicum. San Angalo Baki Lintnar, Dallas lacky Litttaton. Earth Varnon LitHaton. Garland Jana Livingston, Houston Odia Uoyd. Haraford Branda Lockhart. Dallas Diana Logan, Borgar Patricia Logan, Houston Slty Logtw. Wichita Falls Elizabeth Loftr. Dallas Katby Long. Midland Mary Long, Dumas Pamela Long. Lubbock Nancy Loonay. Truscutt Rick Lopar. Lubbock Joa Local, Lubbock Tarasa Loudar, Tarzan Jaannatta Lova. Lubbock Stanlay Lova, Athens Margarat Lovalaca, Dallas Laann Lovalass, Lubbock Nancy Lovalass, Lubbock Diana Loval, Dallas Dabra Louthan. Dallas Rickay Lowa. Dallas Shana Lowa. Lubbock Diiia Loyd, Dallas Sara Loyd, Dallas Tari Loyd. Dallas Rhonda Lubka. Comancha David Lucas, W.chita Falls K.thryn Lockanbach, McCamay Shaila Ludwick. Brownwood Christina Lukaman. Dall City Mark Lyla. Dallas Jamas Lynch, Sao Paulo Brazil Robart Lynch, Dallas Kathlaan Lynskay. Lubbock Charlas Lynn, Dumas Donna Lynn, Lubbock Robart Lynn, Buffalo Gap Nancy McAfaa, Swaatwatar Mary McAllistar. R,chardson Daborah McAninch. Pla.n.,aw David McBaa. Andraws Daborah McBrida, Grants N. M. Sharry Mclrida. BracVanndqa Mary McCall. Austin Nancy McCall. Braioria Rondy McCal, Lubbock Nancy McCann. San Antonio Michaal McCarAy, Rio Hondo Sharry McCatTi. Plamviaw Rhatt McClamay. Fort Stockton 490 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: McClellan Makosky I . r I Gail McCUIUn. Amanllo Rayan McCleflan. Lubbocl Carol McClendon. Amarillo K.IK McCl.ndon, Ab.rnth y Stave McCloy, Mori. Cecil. McCollum, Lubbock Ann McComb. Lubboci Eddi. McConnel, Pl.,n.,.. Kate McConoeH, Ubboci Eileen McCorUe, Missouri City Sudy McCormach. Dallas Jim McCormick, W.clett M.rlynn McCormici. Oallai Suunne McCormick, Wilson Craig McCoy, Leogua City Judith McCraw, Sacramento Davia McCray, Eulan Janat McCralau, San Antonio Rogar McCrumman, Lubbock Oamaia McCutty, Irving Kathy McCutchan, Robart la Pamala McCutchan, Haraford Alb.rt McDanial. Fort Worth Pamala McDonnall, Plains Larry McDougal, Comancha Marianna McElwrath, Combai Connia McEntyra, Odessa Wayna McEwan, Livingston Judith McFall. Dallas Michaal McFalls, San Antonio Stavan McFarran, Corsicana Emily McGaugh. Lubbock D.lwin McG... Lubbock Charfas McGinnis. Lubbock Marcia McGlatson, Abilana Halan McGlynn. Fort Worth Claudia McGouth, San Antonio Sandra McGowan, Plainviaw Mika McGuira. Dallas Karan Mclnroa, Richardson Gaorga McKay, Richardson Michaal McKay, Karmit Zo McKay, Fort Worth Jarry McKaa. Lubbock Jaffary McKaafar, Piano Bryan McKaniia, Fort Stockton Caray McKinnay, Fort Worth Janica McKinnay, El Paso Jaan McKinnay, Harlingan Jackia McLaran, Dallas Malania McLaran, Fort Worth Kaa Mclaughlin, Big Spring Karan McLannan, Midland Judy McLaroy, Dimmitt Rabacca McMackin, Watauga Carlton McMahan, Amarillo Jamas McMahan, Wichita Falls Martha McMahan, Fort Worth Stavan McMahan, Lubbock Connia McManus, Amarillo Vickia McManus, Dallas Shaila McMorris, Lubbock Holland McMullan. Pampa Branch McNaaly. Ballaira Alan McNeil, Arthur Gragory McNicol, El Paso Hattia McPh.il, Houston Carol McPharson, Danton Randy McQuerry, Crana Lananna McRaynolds, Saminola Jan McSwana, Richardson Josaph Me Williams. Port Arthur Connia Maag, Archer City Barbara Mackay, Lorenzo Beverly Mackey. Dallas Marcia Macurak. Dallas Mary Madigan, Dallas Camella Madison. Wolfforth Dona Madison. Andrews Enole Madison. To.nl., Ala. Andy Meger. Amanllo Martha Mahaffey. Richardson Robert Mahaffey. Fort Worth Tom Mahonay, Chattanooga. Tann. CynHiia Maies. Fort Worth Bobby Maines. Colorado City Margaret Mali, Houston Jeffrey Makowshy, Lamasa Freshman Look 491 FRESHMEN: Malone Miller Dene Malone. Fort Worth Stephen Melone. Houston Johnny Manciet, P1a nview George Mendel, Fort Worth Joanna Meniatit, San Antonio Mitch ! Malouf, Pla.rw.ew Mary Mankin. Lubbock Carol Mann. AmanNo Karan Mann. Dallas LJM Mann, Sudbury Mais Trri Manni. Midland John Mapht. Fort Worth Jackie Maple . Lubbock Stephen Marcum, Corpus Chhsti Melissa MaraHa. lubbock Larry Mercy. Lubbock Sandra Mara.. Tehola Sylvia Mam. Tahoka Karan Mariades. Dallas Jaania Markham. Sudan Nancy Markwardi. Dallas Lawrence Marshal, Plamview Patricia Marshall, Midland Calasta MarteHa. Dallas Carolyn Marin, Friona Gregory Martin, Sweetwater Johnny Martin, Seymour Michaal Martin. Midland Pam Martin, Fort Worth Randal Martin. Denvar City Robart Martin. Te.as City Chris Marval. Wichita Falls Russall MassangiB. Odassa Janalyn Massay, Irving 6lann Mattlaga. Roswall. N. M. Ronald Mattson. Fort Worth Jana May, Sherman J.rn Mayo. Rails Randal Mayas. Lubbock Timothy Maynard. Crana Howa Maysa. M.rlion Anna Maadars. Midland Randy Maador. Amarilb Robart Maador. Lubbock Charkn Maadows, Abilene Robin Meadows. San Angelo Deborah Means. Valentine Robert Macham. Lubbock Leslie Malcher. Slaton James Melton, Rails Gloria Mendoie, El Paso Susan Manelaides, Houston Ricky Meredith. Odessa Paul Meriwether. Lubbock Susan Maronay, Houston Nancy Merrell. Abilene Janet Merril, Houston Harry Merritt. El Paso Nancy Merritt, Terrell Charles Messer. Del Rio Phyllis Metoche, San Antonio Bill Mewhorter. Midland Lee Anne Meyer, El Paso Paula Meyer. Grenburv Billy Meyerdirk. AUIene Melenie Micheehen, Houston Rhonda Mickebon. Wich.ta Falls Dianne Mickey. Lubbock Linda Middlebrooks, Muleshoe Dianna Mikkleton, Shallowater Manlie Middleton. Lubbock Cindy Mikel. Law.sville Mike Mikeska, Eldorado Irenda Milam. Midland Barbara Miller, Sundown Camille Miller. Houston David Miller. Lubbock Dianne Miller, Piano Kay Miler. Lubbock Kerry MiRer, Houston Linda Mier. Dallas Linda Miler. Kemah Marilyn Miller. Hale Center Mark Miler. Houston Norman Miller, Sulphur Springs Ollia Miller. Lubbock Pamela Miller. Lubbock Russ Miler. Dallas I I i! 492 Frethman Ijook FRESHMEN: Miller Myew St.v.n MMor. M.dland Teddta Miller. B,g L.I. Vickey MUer, M.dland Caroline Millet. Dalles Nin. Milllcen. Lubbock Donald Midi, Houiton Vicki Mih. Guthne Lerry Minniear, W,ch,t Falls Kathleen Mine. Houlton Je Minor, Lubbocl Chuck Miseheimer, Houiton Alic. Mitchell, Od.su Jeff Mitch.ll. Llano Pamela Mitchell. Pampa R quH Mitch !, Shallowar Royc Mitch !!, Andrews T T M Mitchell, Daltat Willitm Mitchell, Phillipi Zcn Mitchell, Roclttpringt Robert Moeniniih, Dallas Dvid Moit, Fort Worth DoiuU Moffitt. Amarillo Mercey Mohun, Houiton Jeen Moloughney, Dallas Philip Moneghen, Houiton Julie Monk, Lubboct Angele Monroe, Ptalnview Gonielo Montemeyor, Lubbocd Suien Montgomery, Abernethy Merthe Moniingo, Lubbock Mike Moniingo, lubbock Keren Mooneyhem, Dallas Beverley Moore, Fort Worth Oeboreh Moore. Pecol Dweyne Moore, Austin Gregory Moore, BVownfield Helen Moore. Lubboclr Jerry Moore, Arlington Kelly Moore. Dallas Lemer Moore III. Abilene Lerry Moore, Houiton Lind. Moore. Lubbocl Marilyn Moore, Brazoria Jene Moren, Amarillo Petrick Moren, Odeita Ellen Morcom, Houston Carol Morey, Houston Gary Morgan. Wa.ghachle Leo Morgan, Dallas Lite Morgan, Lubbock Marilyn Morgan, Sonore Melissa Morgan, Lubbock Susenne Morgan. Colorado City Mark Morlock. Dallas Custer Morris. Devine Martha Morris. Dallas Petti Morris. Plalnview Thomas Morris. Bedford Billie Morrison, San Angelo Michael Morrow, Lubbock Leslie Monrent, Port Neches Nedre Moseley, Slaton Molly Jack Moser. Menard Berry Most, Lubbock Steve Mosser. Slaton Ste.en Mori. San Angek) Judy Moiley. Andrews Greg Muehlberger. Wichita Fells Edward Mueller. El Paso Leslie Mullenai, Beaumont Daryl Mulin, Dalles George MuKino. Rochester Norme Multer. Rowena Marci Munden, Longview Gayle Murdock. Odesse William Murlee. Lubbock David Murphy. Brownf leld Stepen Murphy. Grapevine Therese Murphy. Lubbock Jeenette Murrey, Irving Patricia Murrey, Muleshoe Susen Murrey, Fayetteville. Ark. David Muiick. D.mmit Cerol Myers. El Peso Marleen Myers. Denison Richard Myers, Arlington Susan Myers, Bedford Wiliem Myers. Lubbock Frrshman Look 493 FRESHMEN: Myrick Palmer r Sherry Myrict. Irving Connve He Lubbock Ronald Nal. Bfownf.eld Denis. Mepier. L.ndale Gregory Napier. Hunt Wiliam Nepier. Fort Worth Alfredo N...r. S Peso K.therine Nytor. Waiahechie David Neel. Rocr lle Nancy Neel. Dallas Nan Neodhem. Llano Maria Neil. Irving liana Nelson, Lubbock Shelby Nelson. Lubboc k Stac.y Ndton. Lubbock Stav. t Lucy NnbrH. Dallas Rodney Nnla. Waadow Amy Nw, Danver Cry BUn KUwbamy, Abikrw Kafhryn N l. Richardior, Varonica Nawa . Luadan Mark Nawman. Dallas Tafri Nawtom. Albuquerque. N. M. Carol Nawton, Amarillo Srady Nawton. Lubbock John Nicholat, Houston Oabra Nkhoh. Lubbock Mika Nichols. Tarr.ll Nail Nkhoh. Houston Deborah Niedecken. Abilene Tern Niaman. Lubbock Steven Niemann, Houston Donna Nipper, Dallas Robert Nipper. Iowa Park Virginia Nolan. Lubbock Kriitie Noland, Fort Worth Cherlei Nolen. Kermit Henry Norman. Irving Thomas Norman, Dallas Charles Norris, Austin Deborah Norris, Hamlin Nelda Norton, Hereford John Norwood, Houston Kim Norwood, Brownwood Miranda Novak, Houston Peggy Nowlin. Texarkana Patricia Nunn. Lubbock Richard Nunn, Panhandle Susan Oatas, Odessa Gary Oatman, Wichita Falls Scott O ' Banion, Lubbock Donna O ' Brien, Lamesa Frank Ockarman. Dumas Ann 0 ' DeH. Lubbock William Ofield. Midland Mary Ogle. Dalhart Vicki Okerson. Brownfield Ann Olson. Dallas Evelyn Olson, Amarillo Wayne Olson, Irving Michael Omer, Albuquerque. N. M. Henry O ' Neill, Midland Susan Opryshek, Arlington Janice Omdorf, Dallas Jack Orr, Mesquite Luanna Orrel. Midland Marion Orson, Midland Valerie Osborn, Midland Randal Osgerby, Richardson Mary Othmer, Albuquerque. N. M. Sharon Otstott, Richardson Jeffrey Otten, Wichita Falls Debbie Overman, Hale Center Tommy Overman, Lubbock Craig Overmiler, Houston Marcia Overton, Avoca Lucinda Owen, Abilene Amy Owens. L.ttlef.eld Jesse Owens, Lubbock Johnny Oyervides, Fort Stockton Marilyn Paddock, Piano Juan Padila. Sleton Patty Page, Lamesa Patty Page. Eldorado Terry Pege. Pasadena Charles Palmer, Midland II i i 494 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: Palmer Pollard Cynthia Palmer. P1amv aw Rita Park. Garland Brian Parker. Oeburne David Parker, San Antonio Urry Parker. Lubbock Sandy Parker, Spur Glende Parkiton, Irving Barbara Parri.h. Post Dan Parsons, San Angl Debre Pasqueretla, Dallas JecqueJyn Petchell, R.chardton Gary Pat , Lubbock Susan Patschke, Farwell Juani ' ta Pattarton, Grand Prairia Deborah Pattillo, Dallas Rosemary Petton, Lubbock Mary Paul, Houston Da bra Payn. San Antonio Mike Payne, Richardson Patricia Payna. Dallas Cynthia Payton, Lubbock Julie Peerca, Dallas Roy Paarca, Dallas Cynthia Paarson, Lubbock Ronald Pearson, Amarillo Tana Paanon, Avoca Pamala Paavy, Dallas Nikki Peeden. Krmit Marilyn Padanon. Midland Sharon Paal. Lubbock Danita Paavy, Midland ArmaJla Paiti, Childrass Allana Palton, Dallas Daborah Pandtay, Arlington Donald Pann. Midland Roianna Pardua, Midland Janice Parai, Plainviaw Ricardo Parai. Lubbock Sylvia Parai, Lubbock Craig Parkin , Lubbock Paggy Parkins, Houston Raymond Parkins, Andrew Sally Parkins, Pla r viw Staphania Parkins, Richardson Margarat Parry, Corpus Chritti Magan Parry, Corpus Christ! Pat Parry, Bedford Rai Parry, Arlington Robert Pashlaka!, Dallas Evalyn Paters, Dallas Susan Peterson, Dallas Jean Petkolsek, Snyder Jane Petredi. Fort Worth Donald Petty, Mineral Wells Patricia Peyton, Austin Keren Pfannsticl. Cibolo Suian Phifer, Arlington Mark Phillips, Richardson Pannalope Phillips, FarweK Rhonda Phillips, Fort Worth Shirlene Phillip , Dallas Susan Phillips, Houston Teresa Phillip , Brashaar Christ! Phipps, Richardson Nancy Picbens, Waco Doris Pkkatt, Brownfield Pamala Picquet, Big Spring Kimberly Pierce, Midland Lynn Pierce, Spearman Dawn PJeterich. Richardson Ronnie PiRans, Lubbock Sherilyn Pinto. Waco Wayien Piper. PaduceK Joseph Piranio. Dallas Sheri Pirkey, DeKalb Lena Pitman, Dallas Sharon Prttmen, Abernethy Jeannie PHts. Waco Pamala PitH, Dallas Phillip Pitxer, Brackenridge Elisabeth Plemmons, M.dland Charles Plumlee. Cleburne Beverly Plummer, Lubbock Karen Plunk. Dallas Thomas Poblenj, Richardson Tracy Poe. Waco Kathy Pogue. Richardson Sennie Poftard. Lubbock frrxhman Look 495 FRESHMEN: Poton Richards John Pohin. Corpus Chr.iti MMrad Poorman. K.rrvilU Edith Porras. Dallas David Portar. Lubbock Daborah Portar. M.dland Holy Perrar. Houston Louis Portac. Dallas Mart Portar. Dallas Shauna Portar. Lubbock Frances Potaat. Dallas Pan. Potaat. Lubbock Tarry Porrar. Dallas Barbara Powal, Dumas Bruca Powal. Richardson Dabra Powal, Dalhart John Powal. BuHalo Gap Mika Powal. Lubbocl Liu Powars. Dallas Pant Powart. Borgar Irana Prado. Lubbock Josapti Praagw. Darby. Ks. Sandra Pracour. Tybr WiKam Pratlar. Houston Karan Prica. Dallas Alan Priam, Wharton Ronald Princa. Clifton Jaffray Pruda, Midland Conni. Pshigoda. Parryton Stanlay Pncioltowski. Wairton. W. Va. Alan Pub. Dallas Cindi Purcal. Amarino Katharina Purrroy. Houston Patty PursHul, Houston Sary Puryij, Fort Worth Susanna Pustajousky. Hillsboro Clara Pyla. Roydada Joa QuarHabaum, AmariUo Nancy QuafHabaum. Lubbock Judy Quavraaui. Dallas Jamas RacUar. SKallowatar Lynn Radar. Lonqviaw Jan Raojand, Sharman Robin Rainboh. El Paso Susan Rakowfri, San Antonio Ian Racston. Lubbock David Ramay. Grand Prairia Bath Ramsay. Corpus Christ. Kathy Ranay. Naw Boston Wiliam Ranga. MaHin Carol Rankin. Auston Robart Ratd ' rH. Lubbock Branda Rathfw.. Midland Linda Rattijan, Midland Douglas Rawtinas. Houston Warran Rawh. Houston Janica Ray, Borgar Jararyn Tay, Garland RaviK Ranato. Dallas Lisa Raad. Garland Ton! Raadar, Houston Charlas Raady. Midland Barbara Raavas, El Paso Valaria Raavas. Lubbock Joa Rack. Clauda Donna Raddkk, Richardson Larry Raddino.. Brownwood .yr al Raad, Dallas Susan Raad, Krass Karan Raadar. Abilana Karan Raadar, Odassa WaWon Raasa, Plainviaw Patricia Raava. Houston Dannfs Raavas, Lubbock Jarom Raavas, Dallas Patricia Raavas. Randolph A.F.B. Dan Raid. Plamv.aw Susan Raik. Dallas Craig Rafcardras, Dallas Jolana Rampa, Mulashoa Amy Rannar. Spaarman Robin Rattig, Simonton Robart Ravrar. Lubbock Donna RaynoMt, Houston Royca Rhaa. Lubbock Don Rhoadas, San Antonio Julia Rhymat. Biq Spring William Rica, San Antonio Phil Richards. Caspar Wyo. 4 . . 496 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: Richardson Schmidt IT I i S.y Richardson, Eldorado Patricia Richardson. Crosbyton Thomas Richardson. Belleue Neb James Richmond, Big Lake Lee Riedingor. Lubbock Julie Riflr, Dallsi Lena R.l.y, A!.do M.ry Riley. Lubbock Cindy Rink. Lubbocl Lynn Robb. Midland Caren Roberts. Missouri City Janet Roberts, Sherman Macyl Roberts. Floydoda Rodney Robni. Midland Suette Roberts, Midland Sown Roberts, Dallas Carolyn Robcrtton, Fort Worth K ll y Rob rtton. Olton Michatl Rob rtton, Amarillo L.Und Robins, Lubbocl Deborah Robinson. Dallas Katia Robinson, Daarfild Marsha Robinson, Midland Richard Rodgars, Hamlin Tina Rodgars, Lamesa Zalma Rodgars, Dallas Rosamary Rodman, Odassa David Roahrig. Dallas Donna Rogan Baytown Donna Rogars, Dallas Mark Rogars, litrlafiald Michaal Rogars, Brownfiald Sandra Rogars, Abilana Vicky Rogars, Midland William Rogars, Midland Richard Rogga, Abilane William Rogga, Houston Anna Rohrbaugh, Wichita Falls Nancy Rosaman, Springfield Rodorfo Roiilas, Lubboct Cynthia Ross. Lubbocl Cynthia Ross, San Antonio Malissa Ross, Amarillo Jonathan Roth. Oklaunion August Rotha, D ' Hanis Gail Rothar. Albuqugrqua. N. M Srg Rottman, Dallas Cacil Rouia. Fort Worth Roberta Rowa, Dallas Lynn Rowland, Anson Vicky Rowland, Richardson Saal Ruckar, Denver City William Rudina, Dallas Dabby Rug.Uy, Wichita Falls Laa Ruggiari. Fort Worth Robyn Ruhlman, Conroa Carlos Ruii, Fort Worth Richard Rula, Houston Patricia Rumbo, Harlingan Donald Russall, Dallas Tarasa Russall, Lubbock Valora Rutharford. Everman Dora Rutiadga, Mesqulta Josaph Rutiadga, Sherman Sh.il. Rutladge. Canyon Sandra Ryan, Dumas Virginia Ryan, Austin Mary Saiad, Wellington Sandra Saikowski, Wichita Falls Danisa St. Lawranca, Houston Paul Salinas, Uvalda Brad Saltar. Dallas Dabra Saltar, Amarillo Rita Saryers. lubbock Jamas Sammons, Waiahachi Carolyn Sanders, Austin Holly Sanders, Northbrook Susan Senders, Dallas Denneth Sanderson. Lubbock Cynthia Sends, Dallas Sylvia Settawhite. Fort Worth Laura Scarborough. Marble Falls David Schara. Dallas lerbara Schartenberg. San Antonio Louis Schawa. Bellaira Rick Schkada. San Angelo Ricky Schlegel. Shamrock Randal Schmidt. Mineral Wells freshman Look 497 FRESHMEN: Schmitz Sims Robert Schmiti. Dallas Robin Schoeffler. Pasadena Hiede Schoor. Lancaster Bradley Schreder, Arlington Paul Schroeder. Dallas Douglas Schurtt. Houston Bi.ab.tn Schurh, N. Breunfels Steven Schulti. Meoe St.. Schuh. Braunfell Thomas Schumpert. Ros-ll N. M. Mar, Schupp. A.P.O. San Francisco Carolyn ScW. -,-.-. Patrick Sctiwab. Pra.ne V,lla je Ks Joryne Schwarriman. Albuqu.rqu. N. M. Janan Schween. Dallas Doris Schwertner. f loydada Nancy Scoggin, Fort Worth John Scott. San Antonio Marilyn Scott. Carrollton Patrick Scott. Dallas Paul Scott. Houston Rot) Scott. Shrman Robart Scott. Dallas Robrt Scott, Tulsa. Okla. Vara Scott. 6 llincfs. Montana Jamas Scroggins. Amarillo Johnny Saalt. Corpus Christi Karan Saaman. Dallas Owan Soars, Andrews Latric. Saay. Fort Worth Louann SaboH. Port Lavaca Lisa Sadgwici. Lubbock So Sory. Ch.llicoth. Nancy Sndal. Dallas Jamas Serf, Dallas Susie Saltmeyer , Lubbock Pamela Selser, Piano Hal Sample. Midland Michael Santar. Plainview Paula Senter. Dallas Ronda Serraurt. Fort Worth David Servatius, ------ eorgann Shadid. Borger Linda Shafer. Slaton Sue Shaffer. Houston Debbie Shambeck. Lubbock Patricia Shannon. Fort Worth Christie Sharp, Midland Lisa Sharp. Lubbock Hugh Shaw. Wichita Falls JoAnn Shaw. Lubbock Mike Shew. Borrjer Pam Shaw, Abilene Tommie Shaw, Hurst Deborah Shea. Irving Dennis Sheehan. Dallas George Sheehen, Fort Worth Douglas Sheett. Tyler Lynn Sheffield. Irving Cheryl Shelton. Dallas Emily Sherron. Kaufman Terry Sherrod. Brady John Shimek, San Antonio Steve Shipley. Lubbock Marilyn Shirley. Hereford Louis Shobe. Lubbock Quinton Short, Plainview Staci Short. Lubbock Stephen Shuler. Fort Worth Beki Shumen. Lubbock Fred Shussler, San Antonio Douglas Shirfe. New Boston Ashley Sigmier, Arlington John Sides, M.dland Cynthia Siegfried. Saabrook Janet Sift. Dallas Arnold Silva, Houston Brenda Simmons. Houston Karyn Simmons, Dallas James Simon, Midland Diiie Simpson. Houston Krista Simpson, Floydada Merc Simpson. Wichita Falls Micheel Simpson. Fteydada Richard Simpson. Lamesa James Sims. Friona Petti Sims. Snyder Philip Sims. Lubbock - ' (?. " I 498 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: Simson Stevenson Carol Simon. Dallas Uwis Sinclair, Bonier City. L Janet Sittig. Houston Howard Sil, Aspermont Debra Saewi. Lubbocl UdeS.at.r. Color ado City Julie Sleeper. W,ch,ta fall, David Slocum. Fort Worth Kathy Slov.r. Peducah Richard Smiley. Dalles Anita Smith, Dallai My Smith, Sweotwator Brad Smith, Dallai Ir.nda Smith, Lubbocl Carol Smith, Dallai Conni. Smith. M.lliap D.bbi. Smith. Dallai Deborah Smith, Lubbocl. Jemes Smith, San Angelo Judy Smith, Fort Stockton Judy Smith, Tokio Karin Smith, Midland Kethi Smith, Clyde Kathryn Smith, Richardson Kathryn Smith, Lakewood Colo. Kenneth Smith, Brtnham Kim Smith, Houston Larry Smith, lubboci Laura Smith, Paducah Linda Smith, Lubbocl Marcia Smith, Baytown Mariyl Smith, Corticana Mary Smith, Humble! Mont Smith. Detroit Randy Smith, Rotan Richard Smith. McCamay Scott Smith, Wichita Falli ShirUy Smith, Dacatur Stavan Smith, Abilene Tommy Smith, Lubbocl William Smith, Dallas Karat. Smukar. Wichita Falls Kim Snidar, Farwall Lonnia Snidar. Lubbocl P.tar Snidar. Lubbocl Jamas Snipas, Sharman Lynda Snodgrau, Fort Worth Warran Snodgrass. Lubbocl Juna Snoga. San Antonio Marl Snow. Fort Worth Larry Snydar. Brownf iald Richard Solomon, Lubbodt Janana SommarvilU. Anthony. N. M. FJiiabath South, Saminola Tad Spaar, Tul.a Janat Spancar. Richardson Carla Spankoch, San Antonio Russall Spikas. Amarillo Alan Spaath, Longviaw Lynatta Spanytius, Corpus Christi Sharon Spragua. San Antonio Tarry Spratkan, Lubbocl Kant Springar, Krasl Michaal Springar. Rotan Nancy Stanbarry. Dallas Dian Stalitngs. San Antonio Parry Stanfiald. Lubbocl SharriH Stanlay. Houston Vicki Stanphill. Richardson Billia Stansal, Dumas Don Starks. Lubbocl Kavin Starnas, Abilana Linda Starr, Lubbocl John Staucup. Wichita Falls Jacqua Sfahkty, Snydar Ronald Stainlath. B.o-n(,ald Grag Staphans, Brownwood Jatsa Staphans. Minaral Walls Katharina Staphans, Wichita Falls Srwrnvarta Staphaits, Pampa Timothy Staphans. Lubbocl larh Staphanson. Strarford Donald Staphanson, Ab ' lana Kathryn Staphanson, Corsicana MichaaJ Stavanar. Dallas Oarla Stavans. El Paso Robart Stavans. Planv w Gragory Staanson. Fort Worth Frrshman look 499 FRESHMEN: Stevenson Thompson Jama Stevenson, M.nerel Wells BiNie Stewart, Sonora Gary Stewart. Lubbock Robin Stewart. Uvalde Ronald Stewart. San Antonio Ronald Stewart. Sanderson Thomas Stewart . Corpus Christi Tracy Stewart, Dumai Beth Steward, Port Arthur Lisa Stieren, San Antonio Mark Stiff, AmaHllo Fohn Still. Houston Gerald ina Stocks, Dallas Debra Stona. Corpus Christi Eleanor Stona. Richardson Mary Stona. Houston Sandra Stona, Monahans Loy Storm, Brownwood Sarah Stratton. Chagrin Falls Anja Street, Kress Richard Street. Sonora Dabra Stockman. Middletown. N. J. Janine Stroahar, Fredericksburg Greg Strong, Long viw Nancy Strong. Lubbock Branda Stroope. W a ,ahach, Doris Strothars. Dimmitt Shaila Stuart, Lubbock Daborah StubblafiaM, Brackenridge Jarwt Stubbs. Abilana Staphania Stullar, Lubbock Shaila Struva, Priona Arnold SuHay, Pldinviaw Jaf f ray Surls, Big Late Tom Sutherland, Graham Carol Sutton. Lubbock Di Sutton, Dallas Dianna Sutton, Albuqurqu. N. M. Frankia Sutton, Paarsall Gail Swaringn, Garland David Swaanay, Paducah Kay Swinnay, Abilena Daborah Sword, Richardson Karen Tabak, San Antonio Cynthia Taber, San Bnito Alvene Tabor, Richardson Tanya Talbot, Copperas Cove Terri Tanfcersley, Kno City Denise Tanner, Lubbock Julia Tanner. Lubbock Kavid Tate. Wichita Falls Patricia Tate, Irving Jacquetyn Taylor, Port Arthur Kathryn Taylor, Wichita Falls UoydTaytor III. Wich.ta Falls Mary Taylor. Lubbock Steve Taylor. Houston Temple Taylor. Wichita Falls Chris Teasdale, Amarilto Carol Teetor, Dallas Billy Teichelman. Sagerton Mark Tainert, Freeport Melinda Temple. Spring Lake Elisa Terry, San Antonio Janet Terry, Garland Margaret Terry. Midland Mary Thiel, Lubbock Alan Thomas, New Boston Branda Thomas, Irving Deborah Thomas, Mineral Wells Deborah Thomas. Wheeler Elizabeth Thomas, Dallas Gail Thomas, Dallas Marih n Thomas, Lubbock Mai Thomas, Odessa Tracy fhomas, Wichita Falls Vicke Thomas, Odessa Greg Thomason. Arlington Marian Thomasson, Dallas Aubrey Thompson. Vemon Barbara Thompson, Dallas Carol Thompson, Dallas Connie Thompson, Midland David Thompson, Snyder Jeanie Thompson, Friona Jon Thompson, Lubbock Mercia Thompson. San Antonio 500 Freshman Look FRESHMEN: Thompson Wagner Mary Thompson, Dallas MicKaal Thompxxi. Dallat Steva Thompton, Garland Vemon Thompion, Salvation Linda Thornton, Dallat Randal Thornton, Lubbock Von ThraaM. Eulau Anna Threlkeld, Ab.la-a Jack). Thornton. M.dland Janet Thornton, Amarillo Mark Thurman, Spring SayU Tibbatt. Euleu Brooka TiNevton, Plainview Rogart Tilley, Hobbs N. M. Sherilyn Tillit, Band Oregon Sharron Tinnay, Aurora. Colo. Jamat Tirrat, El Pato Karl ThSwor+h. San Antonio fater Tobiat, Lubbock David Todd. Caspar. Wyo. Small Tofigh, Tahran, Iran Mary Toland. Taft Margarat Tomfohroa, Houston MicKaal Toombt, Fluvanna Kay Toplatz, Dallat Joan Tounget. Lubbock Danial Towar, San Angalo Angala Trail. Dallat Kathy Trautmann, Dallas Michaal Travit, Farwill Jim Traa, Taiat City Kant Tribbla, Lubbock Chariot Trickay, Abilana Sutan Trim, Big Spring Daborah Troth, Houston Sandra Troiafl. Fort Worth Randy Truatt, Idalou George Tubb, Albuquerque. N. M. Julia Tuck. Naw Boston Carl Tucker, Fiald. Conn. Connia Tuckar, Claburna Etthar Tuckar, Richardson Clarica Tumlinton, Saminola Mary Tumlinton, Houston Daborah Tunnall. Matquita Malcolm Tuchy, Dallat Julia Turbavilla, Dallat Cathy Turnar. Lewitville Cha rlat Tumar, Lubbock Jamat Tumar, Brownfield John Turnar, Corpus Christ! Kathy Turnar, Lubbock Loyd Tumar, Fort Worth Patricia Turnar, Amarillo Sara Turnar, Dallas Staphan Turpin, Amarillo Thomas Tint, Fort Worth Chritty Tylar, Pampa Lauran Ubala. Waco Sutia UhUnd. Lubbock Rabacca Uland. Lubbock Sutan Undarwood. Houtton Pata Updika, El Pato Jannifar Urbandyt. Whita Daar John Unary, Roswall N. M. Linda Vandargriff. Midland Shari Van Davantar. Luadert David Vandivar, Bryan Kaitha Vandivara. Brownfiald Mark Vanham. Uvalda Scott Van Wyckhoula. Eulass Vicki Varnall. Wichita Falls Elaina Vaughn, Anton John Vallghan, Silvarton Otto Vara, Plainviaw Luinda Vardan. Whaalar JoAnna Varnatti, Waco Charyl Vik. Houtton Tracy Virant. Dallat Donna Virdal. Crana Edwin Vnag . Houtton Cynthia Vittum, Lubbock Macagar Vivratt, Beaumont Waddy Wadkint. Lubbock Vickia Wadlay. Oallat Dab WagontelW. Lubbock Cathy Wagnar. Lubbock Maliua Wagnar. M.dland t ' irshman Look 501 FRESHMEN: Wagner White Ricky Wagnar. Browtifiald Shara Wahl. Lubbock Daborah Waida. Parrytor. Janat Waldan, Grind Pr,na Thomas Waldmanr,. Houiton Da.id Waldrup. Dallas (avarlyWaHar. Ba.rd Dan Walkar. Lubbock Darak Walkar. Fort Worth Gaoray Wakar. Midland JarryWaiar, Shamrock Karan Walkar. Lubbock Malista W.lkar. Amarillo Michaal Walkar. Grand Pralria Paula Wakar. Lubbock Marvin Walar. Grand Prairia Robart Walkar. Tampla Robart Walar, Alban, Sandra Walkar. Lubbock Tarrii Walaca, Spada WXam Walaca. Wichita falls Sharon WaKngrord. Dallas Tarry WaHon, H.slall Joyca WaKan, Houston Cattiarina Ward. Dallas Lisa Ward. Midland LassJay Ward. Carriro Springs Patricia Ward, Corpus Christi Richard Ward. El Paso Robin Ward, Simonton Staphania Ward. Midland Thomas Ward, Quanah Jack Wardan. Lubbock Diana Wardroup. Lubbock Nkhola War . Whaaler Stpahan Warnar. Saabrook JoaHa Warran. Plains Kannath Warran, Saymour Michaal Watkins. Lubbock Wiliam Watkin. Graanvilla Andraw WaHon. Corpus Christi Batty W.tson. Spring Dawn WaHon, Plainview Jamas WaHon. Tulia LaDonna WaHon. Lubbock Stanlay Wahon, Kirkland Sua WaHon. Midland Susan WaHon. Dallas Todd WaHon. Dallas Vickia Watson, Hagarman. N. M. Manna Wattingar, Austin Jana Watts, Grovas Diana Wautan, HorasvilU Linda Waast, Odassa Jamas Waatharby. Iraan Tom Waatharby, Shamrock Michaal Waatharford. Milas Chriscynthia Wabb, El Paso Martha Wabb. Rochastar Sandra Wabb. Lubbock Dabby Wabar. Dallas David Wabstar. Amarillo Patricia Wabttar, Fort Worth Robin Wabstar, Lubbock Charlotta Wadal, Mulasho Franca. Waaks. Lubbock Cynttiia Wahmayar. Austin Diana Wair, Fort Worth Mark Wallan. Port Arthur Dabra Walt. San Angalo Donna Wah, Houston Michaal Walt. Scharti latfiWanwr, Houston Janka Waft. Wink Sam Wart. Lubbock Calia Wastbrook. Tulsa Francas Wastbrook. Lubbock Salai WattmoraUnd. Marshall Jim Wayar. Houston Cynthia WSalan, Lubbock RussaU WSaKay. Minaral Walls Alan WnaatWy, Mulashoa Douglas Whaalar, Borgar Nina WHaaUy. Whita Daar Rob Whaalock, Fort Worth Priscilti Whitakar. Dallas Douglas Whita. Pampa Pamala Whrta. Piano 502 Frtikmaa Look FRESHMEN: White Worsham Robrt Whit.. Dallas Ronnn. Whit.. Chrll.coth. Ttrry White, Laredo P.m Whirley, Lubbock George Whitmeyer. Dallas Ke f en Whihon. Odessa Judy Whitten. Houston Pern Whitrley. Lubbock Julie Whittington. Anthony Nancy Whitworth. Den, son Deborah Wiggint, Garland James Wiggins. Bellaire Paul Wiggin.. Callai Jill Wiland. Dalla Gwendelyn Wilburn, Bro.nf ,.ld Den Wilensky, Dallas Linda Wil.y. Al.do Jamas Wilhalm. Abiln Carl Witt., Slalon T.d Witt.non, Goliad Morrii Wilkn. Lubbocl Lisa Wiliini, Houston Timothy Wilkini, Cyprasi David Will.y. Oallai Bruca Williami, Houston Chris Williami. Oln.y Christina Williams, Lubbock Jo Williams, Wichita Falls John Williams, Lubbocl John Williams. Dallas Judy Williams. Rosco. Karmit Williams. Fabns Margarat Williams, Brockenrldga Richard Williams, Shamrock Richard Williams, Dallas Sh.rrilyn Williams. Colorado City Stacaa Williams. Lubbocl Staphan Williams, Dallas Sylvia Williams. Lubbock Francas Williamson, Houston Douglas Willingham, Lubbock Bobby Willis, Paducah Donald Willis, Amarlllo William Willis, Lubbock Chris Williston, Austin Tina Willmann, Mineral Wells Earl Wilson, Tylar J.n Wilton, Lubbock Katharine Wilson, Richardson Lynda Wilson, Abilene Margaret Wilson, Kansas City, Mo. Steve Wilson, Lubbock Susan Wilson, Pampa Wallace Wilson, Odessa T.rry Wimm.r, Fort Worth Robert Winchel. Lubbock John Winn. Wa.ahachie Mary Winn, Colorado City Lance Winograd. Hampton. Va. Breonne Wintarrowd. Southland Wallace Wingfield. Dallas Janet Wise. Houston Alan Wiseman, Hillsboro William Wiseman, Fort Worth Warden Withers, Harlingen Jackie Witherspoon. Plainview Aaron Win. Dumas Betty Witt. Midland Richard Wollott. Lubbock Tom WoMert. 7 , i. Susan Wolfe. Lubbock Anna Wolgast, Port Neches Charles Womack. Henrietta D.ni.1 Womaci. Abilen. Cindy Wood. Fort Worth Gregory Wood. Odessa Mart Wood, Fort Worth Suzanne Wood, Midland Tanya Wood. Memph.s Donne Woodard. Shallowater Judy Woodard. Shallowater Mary Woodruff, Cleburne Den Woods. Mansfield Deborah Woods. Houston Vicki Woods, Paces Marilyn Workmen. Rank.n Debbie Worrell, Dallas Cindi Worsham. Fort Worth Freshman Look 503 FRESHMEN: Wren Zuerker Pern Wren, Houston Adele WrigM, Llano Audi WrigM. Fort Worth Barbara WrigM. Grard Pr,r,e Da. id WrigM. Dallai Kattiy Wright, LubbocJ Rebecca WrigM. Fort Worth Sherry WrigM. Betheida, Md. Linda Wroe. Houston Diana Wurai. Sayville N. Y. Susan Wyl. Oallai Roger Yandell. Lubbock Stava Yalm. Dallai Candaca Yuri. Plamview Berry Young, Irving Carria Young, Lorenzo Johnna Young, Lubboc k Johnny Young, Tulia Phyfn Young. Lubbock Richard Young. Ei Paso Dennis Yowefl, Brownf ield Thomas Yturri. Austin Theresa Zachary, Fort Worth Stephanie Zahn. B Paso Susan Zeigler, Pleinview Patricia Zimmerman, Burkburnett Kathy Zintgraf. Lubbock Faya Zuckarman, Dallas Jan Zuerker. Pampa INDEX ORGANIZATIONS AND DORMITORIES Administration. 252 Agriculture Deans. 376 Agriculture Economics. 360 Agriculture Engineering Mechanized Agriculture. 361 Agronomy Club. 362 Air Force ROTC. 274 All-School Rodeo 363 Alpha Chi Omega 125 Alpha Delta Pi 127 Alpha Epsilor. ' Range and Wildlife 358 Alpha Kappa Alpha. 1 36 Alpha Kappa Psi. 194 Alpha Phi. 129 Alpha Phi Alpha. 211 Alpha Phi Mu. 346 Alpha Phi Omega 191 Alpha Tau Omega. 1 1 4 Alpha Zeta. 357 American Home Economics Association. 382 American Institute of Architects. 350 American Society of Chemical Engineers. 348 American Society of Civil Engineers. 345 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 347 Angel Right 277 Army ROTC 264 Arnold Air Society 278 Band 2S8 Baptist Student Union. 282 Best Dressed Coed and Most Handsome. 1 10 Beta Alpha Psi. 336 BetaThetaPi 216 Bledsoe. 178 Block and Bridle 366 Board of Regents 254 Campus Advance. 283 Carpenter. 179 Chi Omega. 131 Chi Rho. 196 Chitwood. 154 Choir. 263 Clement. 169 Clothing and Textiles. 379 Coleman. 180 Cordettes. 273 Counter Guerrilla 268 Delta Delta Delta. 133 Delta Gamma. 1 35 Delta Sigma Pi. 198 Delta Sigma Theta. 137 Doat- Weeks. 167 Dolphins. 167 Double T Association. 105 Double T Rifle. 272 Fashion Board 386 Food and Nutrition. 378 Future Farmers of America. 359 Gamma Phi Beta. 1 39 Gates I 57 Girl Scouts. 119 Gordon. 181 Home and Family Ufa. 380 Home Economics Deans 377 Home Economics Education. 381 Homecoming Court. 162 Homecoming Queen. 163 Horn. 170 Hulen. 168 Inter-Fraternity Council 212 Judging Teams. 374 Junior Council 113 Kappa Alpha. 220 Kappa Alpha Theta. 141 Kappa Kappa Gamma. 143 Kappa Sigma 222 Knapp. 166 Little International. 369 Man of the Year. 256 MIssLubbock. 164 Miss Playmate. 210 Miss Te.as Tech. 158 Mortar Board. 112 Murdough. 182 National Collegiate Association for Secretaries, 339 Orchestra. 262 Panhellenlc. 122 Phi Delta Theta 226 Phi Gamma Delta. 228 Phi Gamma Nu 338 Phi Kappa Pi. 230 Phi Mu. 145 Phi Upsilon Omicron. 384 Pi Beta Phi. 147 Pi Guys. 212 Pi Epsilon Tau. 346 Pi Kappa Alpha. 232 Pi Tau Sigma 349 Pre-Med Society 331 President ' s Hostesses. 1 1 7 Residence Hall Association. 46 Rodeo Association. 370 Sabre Flight 280 Saddle Tramps 200 Scabbard and Blade 267 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 234 Sigma Chi. 238 Sigma Kappa. 149 Sigma Nu. 240 Sigma Phi Epsilon. 242 Sneed. 183 Society of Petroleum Engineers. 344 South Plains Maid of Cotton. 165 Stangel. 155 Student Agriculture Council. 356 Student Council for Exceptional Children. 1 20 Tau Beta Pi. 351 Tech Accounting 337 Tech Dames I 18 Tryain Rifles 270 University Center. 38 Wall. 156 Wells. 184 Wesley Foundation 281 Weymouth. 185 Women s Service Organization. 114 Zeta Tau Alpha. ISO 4 504 Freshman Look Students ,n the Vie. Sect.oni are not l.tted m th.s ,nde . Abell R.Z. 233 Abernathy Kenneth B. 195 Acler Judy K. 141 117 i Adems Anne P. 151 Adems Charles W. 239 TO DebraS. 147 TO Denese 133 TO Gary D 231 Adams Julia A. 141 Adams Sally F. 13! Adams Sandra 143 ! Adamson JohnE. 231 | Adcoi Peggy L. 116 319 1 Aelvoet Annette M. I 16 Agerton Diane E. 131 A.cllen Will. am B. 221 A.gner Barbara A. 277 139 [ Aim M.cheleL. 116 Alcorn Selly A. I 35 Alderson Brende G. 141 I Alderson Lynn 123 141 I 12 I 17 Aldr.dge Joe 98 | Ale.ander Cheryl A. 125. 122 tiander Janet 133 Mender J.mmy H. 279 nander Joyce E. I 37 Ale.ander M.chael W. 233 Alexander Ter. 133 Ale.ander Vera S. 149 Al.son Emr.eL. 129 Al.son Shelley L. 129 Alverson Ray 193 , Billy James 375 Allen. Carolyn 131 .Carolyn A. 207 Aden. Christopher L. 235 i Danny O. 231 ,. KathyN. 125 i. Key L. 149 Allen L.sa 145 Allen Sherne A. 149. 1 1 I . SidW. 231 .. Stewart 357 373 ley, Craig G, 279 i. Martha J 145 i Darby 131 ond Paula B. 145 . LynnO. 113 127 III en K.mD. 229 i Carol A. 116 Denny 229 JanM. 133 John D. 308 KarenJ. 141 i Kenneth E. 271 Anderson LaurelJ. 151 117 i RobertD. 215 319 i. Shellie 301 i Sandra J. I 35 . (Catherine E. 1 35 i. Kathleen F. 131 Anthis Martha S. 301 my JudyC. 133 Anthony L.sa K. 131 .nthony Shelley A. 143 gust Jeff A. 229 i J.IIE. 133 .strong Billy 193 .strong Danny C. 215 TOtrong Kathleen P. 277 sstrong Randy L. 303 313 TOtrong Robert 195 TOtrong Susan G. 339 .mold CharlyceL. 123 137 I. Dev.dM. 241 iln. L.ndaL. 139 ishby Gloria J. 145 llton Audrey 133 Atl.ns Kethryr, A. 135 Atw.ll DarcelN. 129 I Susan G. 133 i. Alan D. 231 i. Jam.e 131 I. Rose F. 147 ' . Robert L. 319 i Mano 271 i James D. 357 I W. 305 i Jene 123 135 Baccui Roy B 368 Bachman Barbara E. 143 Bachman Dawn L 129 Bacon Catherine T. 279 Baggerl, CemilleK. 133 Bao.qerly Rebecca K. 133 Baggett Joan.e 151 Bailey Catherine J. 131 Bailey Gilbert R. 195 Ba.lev James R. 373 Bailey Jana 118 Ba.lev John G. 229 Bailey Kevin 118 Bam Lynda K. 125 Ba.rd. Thomas C. 221 Baler Carolyn A. 143 Baler Cynthia J. 129 Baler Donald W. 241 Baler Janet M. 135 Baler Kenneth O. 290 211 Baler. Kerry G. 127 Baler Madeline R. 136 Baler Michal C. 139 Baldwin Janice L. 115 116 166 Ball Patricia A. 277 147 Ball. Wynette Y. 136 Ballent.ne Gregg 239 Bendy. Deborah E. 133 Bandy Edward L. 241 Barbee. Billy H. 221 Barbosa. Melody A. 133 Barclay Claudia J 143 Barclay. Deborah S. 147 Barco Melan.eR. 127 Barden Jerry L. 215 Barler. Patricia L. 339 Barler William M. 21 I Barnes Donna E. 116 Barnes. Judy 131 Barnes Kelly M. 215 Barnes Terry A. 203 Barnett Clay W. 193 Barnett. Glenn E. 252.253 Barnett Ted L. 193 Barnhill. Donald E. 221 Barr. Steven H. 235 Barrett. Darla 135 Barricl. Gary L. 87 88 Barr.ngton. V.cli J. I 16 Barren Cathy C. 137 Bartel. Wayne C. 290 Bartley. Sally 141 Barton Chene N. 131 Barton William D. 239 Bass Mary Ann N. 131 Bass. Susan L. 143 Bates. Betsy A. 133 Bates Donna A. 127 Battle BeclieJ. 133 Battle Jeanne B. 133 Baulch Martha J. 116 Bauman. Carol A. 318 Baumgerdner Cathy A. 131 Bawers Candace 339 Ba.ter Sarah R. 145 Beach Gary M. 303 Beadle Deborah L. I 39 Beal Thomas E. 197 Beater Lisa M. 125 Beall. Dennis R. 235 Beall. Sally E. I 39 Bean Gregory W. 239 Bean Stephen C. 239 Beaslev Kerren K. 127 Beaty William W. 193 Becht BetteL. 116 Bed Danny L. 357 Bed Ton, 204 Bedwell Michael G. 290 Be.cler James L. 229 Be.qhti Michael P. 271 Belard. Belt, L. 277 I 33 206 Belcher Jacqueline A. 129 Bell Caroline 125 Bell Robert L. 231 Belleh Gordon 305 Bellmgheusen James L. 233 Bellinghausen JanetS. 301 Benbo. Robert H. 195 Benge SharronL. 143 Bradley L.ndaL. 131 Butler Amy L. 141 Benge Sherry 378 Bradshaw Rebecca A. 165 Butler Christy L. 147 204 Bennett Billy C. 290 Bradshaw Sham 139 Butler Deborah R 135 Bennett Brenda A. 151 Braleb.ll Jeanne L. 133 112 122 117 Butler Gredv R. 193 Bennett Dav.d T. 269 Brame SaraS D. 1 16 Butler. Jacl 1. 215 Bennett Jerry M. 357 375 Brandes Pamela N. 143 Butler Larry D 375 Bennett Terry H 96 Branham Monte S. 233 Butler Marior.eR. 339 Bennett V.clyA. 129 Brenn Beverly E. 149 Butler Mile 243 Benn.ng Richard B. 239 Bratton Jerry W. 241 Butler Petr.c.eJ. 135 B enson Sally J, 149 Bray Dev.d A. 243 Buibee Paige D. 149 Benton NonaJ. 149 Bray Deborah A. 127 Bvers Cynthia A. 151 Bentsen Marl L. 241 Bredewater Janet E. 277 145 Byerlev Luc.nda B. 277 167 Bentsen T,m E. 241 Breedlove Mary M. 133 Byers Danny G. 303 Bergm Sherry L. 149 Brennan Nancy C. 149 Byrd Carolyn M. 143 1 1 2 290 Bergman Barbara A. 135 203 Brassier Susen 273 1 3 1 269 Byrd. Cynth.a 125 Berly Karen E. 145 Brewster Robert D. 221 Byrd Mary A. 143 Berry Billye B. 374 Brian Judy R. 131 117 Byrd Michael L. 243 Berry Jennifer G. 133 Bnce. MyrnaL. 145 Berry Dr W.lles 1 12 Bridges Tom E. 139 C Beseda Mary A. 1 13 145 Briggs Sally A. 123 129 Caddell. Caylene 310 Best. Laura L. 127 Br, lay Robert O 235 Caddell Carolyn C 309 Best Sally L. 141 Bnmer. KarolynK. 141 Caddell Ronald 221 Bevacqua Louis J 272 Brmegar Nan E. 141 Cade Martha 149 Bever Martha J. 145 Br.ttian Jeenell A. 127 Cadwallader Cynthia 147 Beyer Stephen L. 305 Br.tton Camellia A. 145 318 Cagle Jo R 143 Bibb Mad F. 303 Broadway Vicl. L. 133 Cam Julie M. 147 Biddy VicliG. 125 Brock. Steven C. 305 Calhoun Brian S. 239 Bmgham Parl A. 241 Brools. Morns A. 231 Calhoun CarlittaL. 133 Bimon. Janis 372 Brools Shad 290 Callaway Kathy 141 Bird-ell Emry 373 Broolsh.re. Dana 131 122.202 Cellini Terr, D 125 Birdwell Jacl H. 373 Brosseau. Thomas E. 235 290 Cammacl Marianne 133 Birdwell Janet L. 143 Brown. Brenda F. 133 Ca mp. John T. 251 319 Birdwell Joan M. 143 Brown Curt.s 229 Campbell Catherine 133 Birlelbach Randal 358 Brown Dean 239 Campbell It. Trent 255 B.rlhead Vanessa L. 236 133 Brown. Deborah R. 147 160 Campbell Sharon S. 135 Bissell Dav.d R. 269 Brown DeborahS. 145 Cannon Cheryl S. 277 135 Blacl Barbara S. 147 Brown, DebraJ. 151 Cannon Donita S. 117 Blacl KandisK. 116 Brown. DebraJ. 125 Cannon. Jana B. 131 Blacl. Michael W. 243 Brown. Dennis D. 279 Cannon. Jo D. 131 Blacl William A. 358 Brown. Denny D. 243 Cannon Katherme L. 1 35 Blaclburn Susan T. 143 Brown. James A. 241 Cantey Rhode J. 145 Blaclmon DemseA. 143 Brown. JeannieC. 116 Cantu Elo.saG. 307 Blaclstocl B.II.eL. 301 Brown J.IIC. 147 Cape Judy 301 Blaclwell LanellP. 116 Brown. Marsha K. 135 Cape, Susan A. 141 Blaclwood Beverly A. 277. 147 123 Brown. Pamela 129 Carathers M.chael D. 193 Blaclwood. Connie M. 170 Brown. Richard W. 233, 308 Carlisle Connie S 339 Blair. Burt 229 Brown, Robert E. 303 Carlyle. W.nston G. 94 Blale Gregory H. 305 Brown, Terrence E. 231 Carm.chael Kathleen A. 116 Blale. Leesa 113 305 Brown. Valerie J. 141 Carney Gene S. 215 Blale Martha N. 127 Brown Valerie B. 147 Carpenter Cynthia L. 127 319 Blale Robert M. 241 Brown. William D. 239 Carpenter Edward D. 243 Blaleley. Timothy D. 243 Brown, ng Mary F. 127 Carpenter John S. 235 Bland Patncia A. 147 Broyles. Karoyn A. 129 Carr Robert A. 239 Blaquiere Marl R. 193 Bruce, Deborra L. 149 Carr Thomas E. 221 290 Bleu. Johnny 351 Bruce Gene 357 Carr Waggoner 254 Blefeld. Janet 1 16 Bruce. Robert C. 241 Carrier Ted A. 271 Blenden Kenneth A. 229 Brumley. Linda M. 147 Carnngton Nancy K. 350 Blevens. Dan 243 Bruns. Martha A. 139 Carson Donald R. 233 Blount. Mary J. 127 Bryan. Eluabeth A. 141 Carter Beverly A. 1 12 Boardman Barbara J. 149 Bryant. Ray B. 375 Carter. Debb.e C. 145 Boatwnght. Becly A. 139 Buchanan. Dorothy K. 319 Carter. Phillip J. 233 Bodovsly JannaR. 151 Buchholl Donald B. 195 Carthey. Grant H. 233 Boggs. Sally 1 18 Bucl. Lanny 318 Cary Caryl A. 143 Bolch. Will, am H. 105 Buclles. Maria D. 125 Case Sally L. 133 Bolls Patric.a L 145 Buclley Pamela J. 145 Casey. Sandra K. 301 Bolner. Deborah M. 127 III Buclner. Mary E. 133 Cashiola PeulJ. 197 Bomar. Jerry W. 243 Buenger Qu.nelle 277 147 Cason Joseph D 23S Bond Marc.a L. 318 Buessler. John E. 252 253 Cessel Douglas H. 235 Bone. Sally J 147 Bullard JanaR. 147 301 Cestleberry Nancy B. 273 131 Bone. William A. 195 Bulled R.cly K. 80 78 77 Gate Cathryn L. 139 Booler AnnaE. 133 Bunch. Thomas E. 351 Cato.Trev,iG. 221 Boolout Sharon D. 1 3 1 Bund.cl. Tes. 162 Caughey Mered.th 131 Boren, Nancy 139 Bunlley Claud.a J. 147 Causey Jan 149 Borgen Kr.stme L. 139 Burchett Shannon B. 193 Cevenegh Margaret 301 Boteler Fleta 1. 135 Burdett. Sally J. 131 Cavirv V.cl, L. 129 112 Bothwell B.ll P. 233 Burger Pall. L 135 Cercy Ralph D 233 Bot,l III. Joseph f. 239 Burle. Susan W. 277 Cervantes Edward P 235 Bolt Deborah A. 145 Burlholder Bridget 147 Chachere DeborahS. 127 Bourland. Dan W. 195 Burleson Jean A. 145 Chen Spencer C. 313 Bournias Cynthia 277 143 117 207 Burnett. Gary L. 351 Chance Sidney 231 Boutin. David 243 Burnett. Melissa A. 141 Chance Vld. L. 203 Bower. Carol 139 Burnett Pamela A. 1 M Chandler Richard D 305 Bowen Nancy E. 113 Burnett. Robert 231 Chantry Carol J. 149 Bowes. Nancy A. 113 206 Burnett. V.cl.e L. 116 Chapin Jacl M 319 Bowman Linda S. 139 Burton Blame 147 Chapman Cynth.a A. 139 Boyd AlmaJ. 372 Burton Diane L. 133 Chatmas Frances E 1 39 Boyd Barbara A. 129 Burttschell Kathenne L 116 Cheng Frenl 52 Boyett Donna C. 127 Bush Laura L. I4S Chennault Rhonda N. 125 202 Boie. Sherry 116 Bush Petty E. 133 Childers Jul.a K 127 Boie. Virginia A 135 Buster Jan 131 Childers Michael R 269 Bradford Kerry 145 Buthman Cyr. L. 1 16 Ch.lders Sune 143 l- ' rr hmiin hml . .; Ch.ld-.ii RonaldS. 221 Ch.lds OHo E. 253 Ch.ons.n. Sner,!,r,G 12V Ch.sholm James E. 221 290 Ch.rt.m Kathleen M. 143 Chom Thomas H. 235 Chr.stensen Robert E. 215 Chr.sl. Sus.. 127 Chr.slian Linda K. I ?9 Chnslian Worth M. 241 Chris!.. AnnaC- 129 Clamp. " Laun.A. 145 Clancy Dn,s.M. 145 Clapp Kenneth L. 374 Oarenc. M.I. -da R 139 Clark Cathev F 145 Clark Dan.elH. 215 Clark Dav.dT 239 Clarl D.eneE 141 Clark Faynel 141 Clark James D. 239 Clark James M. 279 Clark Janelyn 143 Clark Jemmy 313 Clark JoyD. 151 Clark KathrynA 147 Clayton M.chael W 215 Click KennettJ. 241 Cl.ck Randall K. 229 Cl.ord Cynth.a L 301 Cl.flon Bobby D. 215 Cl.ne Carolyn 149 Cl.n. JaneE. 127 Cl.ne Laura L. 123 149 Cloud Caron 116 Cloud Joy R. 151 Clough Susan M. 129 Cobb JanelS 301 Cobb M.cheel.5. 141 Cobb Richard N. 239 Cochran. Anita A. 133 Cochr.n Carole A. 151 Cochran Christ.eL. 273 271 Cochran KathrynJ. 125 Cochran L.ndaL. 147 Cock. Eleanor D. 113 277 143 Coffey Danny T. 193 Coff.eld JohnW. 233 Coffman Karen C. 139 122 Cok.r Candac. 141 Cok.r StvenK. 215 Col. Carole F. 145 Cole Conn,e 168 145 122 Col James W 221 Cole. Molly 141 Collette Carolyn A. 123 135 Collier DeannaJ. 143 Collier John A. 269 Collier Michael H. 22 1 Coll.nj B.II E. 254 Collins Shelley D. 116 Colvln Rob 269 Colw.ll Patricia L. 151 339 Comer L.rryD. 221 Compton Melissa S. 127 Conely Dennis 283 Congdon Joy L. 115. 116 Conkling Barbara 133 Conner Larry W. 375 Conner Mary J. 123 143. 117 Connor James C. 243 Connor, Larry 357 Conoly Diane M. 113 131 Conrad RoseH. 129 Conrads Patric.a L. 273 131 Conway Cynth.a J. 123. 151 112 Cook Clifton W 235 Cook Cynth.aA. 147 Cook Dav.dA. 239 Cool James E 357 Cooper Bui 37) Cooper Jo. B. 215 Copeland KaHaK. 165 131 Cord Patrick A 279 Corder John H 239 Corder Merry L I 16 Corley Christopher B. 233 Corle, Damel 6 235 Corley Patr.c.a A 131 Cornett Deborah G 149 Correa Carlos A. 85 Cosby Robert M. 303 Costas N.ckolai A. 241 Cott.n JanneseC. 151 Cotten JoeS. 290 Couch Alecia L. 147 Couch Mary K. 113 143 Cowan W.ll.amS 303 Co. Ann. M 135 Co Charles L 193 Co. Chr.s D. 303 Cos Gary D. 233 Co. Joseph D. 235 Coi Mel.ssa F. 116 Co. Shannon 135 Crabb Thomas L. 221 Craddock Carol L. 135 Craig Catherine A. 149 Craig Cathy J. 129 Cra.g Jerr.L. 127 Craig Ken 215 Craig Muriel D. 145 Craig Patricia 149 Cra-tord St.phen L. 229 Crenshaw Clark 243 Crenshaw Thomas L. 195 Crews Thomas W. 233 Crosby Man A 277 Crosby Rebecca E. I 35 Cruce EldaM. 135 Crump Roth A. 125 Out. Barbara L. 147 Culbert Jacqueline A. 116 Culb.rtsonLyd.aT. 135 Cummlngs Benay L. 283 Cummings. Brian 239 Cunningham Guy A. 221 Cunningham Kirk 235 Cunyus Danny J. 241 Currie Clara C. 251 Curry William A. 279 Curtis Shayne N. 141 Cusack Da.,d H. 239 DaCosta Linda M. 339 Dacus Br.ndaG. 129 Daniel Dawn 151 Damel Kent I. 233 Daniel Linda L. 131 Daniel Patricia R. 141 Darcy Rebecca S. 149 Darden Doug 351 Dauphin MelanieC. 127 Da. id Ells. 151 Davidson Sally 149 Davis Ann I 16 368 Davts. Anne 145 Dav.s Cel.aJ. 113 309 Dav.s Helen A. 273. 131 Dav.s. Joyce I 3S Davis Karen J. 151 Davis ManlynnN. 129 Davis M.lissaG. 147 Dav.s Michael A. 233 Davis Pamela K. 149 Davis Pamela Y. 133 Davis. Paula L. 125 Da. is Rhonda L I 16 Davis Richard A. 243 Davis Richard A. 233 Davis Richard D. 231 Davis Susan K. 145 Davis Trudy A 310 Davis Veronica A. 137 Dav.s Zenobia L. 136 Dewdy JohnO 229 Dawkins Karen D. 131 Dawson Barbara C. 145 Dawson CarolS. 141 Day DwayneA. 193 Day JohnW. 235 Daye Barbara G 125 Dea Dav.d D. 215 Dean Ga.l 116 Dean GenaH. 143 Dea ' den Cra.g L. 239 D.armor. Ann 123 143 112 117 Deaton Gary L 239 Deaver K.nt 243 Debusk Dav.d M 229 Decker W,ll,am L 239 Deeds Mark 241 Dele. Debbv D. 1 16 Delavan James N. 215 Dell Susan D. 127 Den r,,s Don K. 303 Dennis Larry A. 239 Denton James 6. 21 S Denton Kathey A. 1)9 Derkowsk. James W. 102 Derrick L.nd F. 133. 122 Derryberry Diana M. 133 Detamor. Janet M. 131 92 Devir, Thomas M. 357 375 Dewhurst Samuel R. 215 Dewit Dian. 139 Deyhle Charles E. 221 Dick. R.becca S. 131. 117 Dickens James P. 233 Dickenson W.lliam V. 221 Dickerson Nancy J. 139 122 Dickerson Rhonda L. 151 Dicke y Debra J. 149 D.clson M.riam 133 D.etert Jenness R. 1 3 1 . 207 D.llard Nancy 131 Dilld.ne Cassie L. 145 Dillmgham Deborah 143 Dillon Charlotte A. 149 Delorento Joanne 1 25 Dingrando TonyC. 231 Dirks Mary B. 301 Dirks Susan A. 339 Di.on Jane A. 207 Dnon Martha E. 129 Dnon Molly C. 139 Doak T.rryA. 283.271 Doan Charlotte R. 145 Dodson Donna K. 116 Doherty G.orgiaA. 147 Doherty Michael A. 215 Donohu. Shannon L. 131 Dornbach Susan M. 149 Dorsey Carolyn L. 273 127 Dossett Buddy R. 193 Doughty DeannaJ. 147 Douglass Patricia 1 33 Downey Denn.s 358 Drought Theodora K. 151 Drown Larry R. 229 Drushel Carol E. 149 Dry Robbie J. 202 Dry. Sue E. 1 35 202 Duffy Lewis 235 Duffy Patrick S. 235 Duqger Bruce L 215 Dulaney BobD. 279 Dul.n SaraC. 143 Dunaway Bobby 221 Duncan Glenn W. 215 Duncan William B. 221 Dunlap Jeanne L. 131 Dunn Alice C. 277 Dunn David 118 Dunn. Teresa 118 Dybvig GaryC. 313 Di.uk Rebecca L. 131 Eady Jim 239 Eedy L.nda K. 301 Earney Mile 197 Eastham Teresa J. 131 Eastman Mary Jane J. 135 Eckard Julian. 339 Eckley. TomW. 241 Edgar Sally J. 151 Edm.ston Charles R. 272 Edm.stonElnab.th A. 113 Edwards AnneL. 147 Edwards KathrynJ. 339 Edwards Samuel E 229 Effenberger Anita S. 131.122 117 Eff.nb.rger Diane E. 1)1. 1 12. 122. 1 17 Egger Stanley 215 Bam Judv J 151 Eldr.dge Lisa F. 154 131 ElkmsD.bor.hS. 251 Elledge John 241 Eller Michael G. 195 Elliott John F. 229 Ell.ott Pamela G. 318 Ell.s Judith A. 143 Ell.s Steven P. 231 Ell.s Susan J 277 117 Ellison Gary D 233 Ells Leo E 252 253 Ely Lor. D. 1)1 Emanuel Dm. L 145 Emerson M.na L. 309 Emmett Trent E. 305 Enger Paul H. 239 Engler Terry L. 318 Englrt R,ck A. 283 Englund Rob.rt G. 221 Enloe Z.taA. 141 Er.ckson Mar|Or.e R. 202 Evans Annette J. 116 313 Evans Cindy A. 113 151 204 Evans Galen 195 Evens Ga vie E. 129 Evans Jo.nL. 125 355 Evans Lynn C. a25 Evans Randy P 235 Evans Richard F. 3SI Evans Tony 215 Evens Annette 283 Everett M.chael L. 243 Ew.rt Barbara W. 143 Ewmg Deborah M. 272 Fain Marsha L. 139 Fairly Robert C. 241 Fancher Donald B. 215 Ferhat Cecelia A. 133 Farr Kathleen 141 Farrell Cathleen L. 131 Farrow K,m J. 239 Farrow Mark 239 FaulkenberyAlvieF. 241 313 Faut L.W.S 221 Fehr.JodyE. 125 Felter Petr,c. E. 129 318 206 Fender Barbara L. 151 Fender Laura R. 151 Ferguson Dana L. 127 Ferguson Marsha L. 1 16 Ferguson Ronnie L. 241 Ferguson Sue S. 127 301 Fernihough Michael E. 239 Ferrante Joseph A. 239 Ferris Cheryl 301 Fesc.nm.yr Karl D. 239 F,ck Gar, H. 279 Field Sherry L. 151 Fillip George S. 233 Finley Mrs. Jean 313 Fischer. Jean I. 139 Fischer Katherine M. 273 Fisher Suianne E- 147 Fitch Michael R. 241 Fitigerald Corley L. 113 Flagella Roseanne M. 202 Flatt Paula D. 145 Fleming James R. 239 Fleming Shirley A. I I I Fletcher Martha L. 129 Flores Rubin 307 Ftorey Monni.L. 129 Fly. Kathl A. 149 Foerster Dr. Eugene 358 Fons Lynett.K. 145 Foot. Delynn 135 Ford John P. 358 Ford Kay 149 290 Ford. Kenneth E. 98 Ford Nancy L. 309 Ford Petnc.e A. 272 Foree LonT. 231 FofiKby.CI.nl 255 Forney Douglas M. 235 Forster Lois A. 151 Forsyth Linda L. 149 Fortunate M.chele 116 Foster Buddy 269 Foster D.bo-aA 125 Foster Mel.nreL. 143 Foster Nancy D. 1)3 Foster Steve 229 Fouls John P. 215 105 Fowler Cr..g B. 229 Fowl.r Patr.c.aA. 131 Fowll.s Nancy A. 141 Fo. Richard N 193 Fo. Russell 215 Foi.ll Gerald.n. 136 Foihall Carol L 141 Foihall Iren. E. 113 141 Fral.n Randy S 271 243 Franc. Lea A 131 Franc. s Rosett. 1)7 Franc.s Thomas E. 303 Franklin Jimmy 241 Frant, P.ulH. 235 Fraiee Margaret J 125 Fraiee Ph.l.pJ. 279 Franor Douglas C 239 Frede V.rg.n.aL 131 Freedman Lor, R. 125 Freelm Nancy K. 139 Freeman Bruce N. 303 Freeman Lorna R. 147 Fryman Paula D. 151 Fr.ud.ger Howard 243 Fnsch Joyce A. 339 Fr.ii.il Jon. A. 147 Frusha. Rob.rt J. 269 Fry Cr.ws 229 Fry JohnM. 215 Fry Rocky 315 Fuhrken Nancy L. 115 116 Fuller Beverly S. 141 Fuller Douglas G. 239 Fuller John B 195 Fuller Richard C. 221 Fun.cella Debra 113. 131 Futch Deborah J. 149 Gaddy Sarah K. 135 Galbraith Patricia E. 131 Gallagher Molly E. 131 Gallaway Rob.nG. 139 Gant Deborah L. 125 Garoa Ruben 87 88 Gardner Deborah L. 149 Gardner Patr.c.aG 117 Garland Teresa A. 141 Garland Thomas E. 279 Garner Charlotte R 301 Garret! Stephen A. 243 Garr.tt John 195 Garrison Ch.ryf N. 129 Garrison Rhonda L 135 Gary Susan D. 141 Gates L.v.aF. 136 Gault George S. 235 Gaylord Sally W. 151 Geary Gregory L. 305 Geesl.n Wilbur J. 271 Gehnng Kurt R. 229 Gentry Mary A. 124 George Donna M. 143. 203 George M. I 18 Gibbs Thomas G. 21 S Gibson David R. 193 Gilbert Cra.g 229 Gilbert Douglas A. 269 Gilbert KathyL. 145 122 Gilbert Lowell 195 Gilbert Paula G. 129 Gill DanF. 358 Gill Genev.eveL 127 122 G.N.i George D 243 Gillesp.e AlanC 221 G.lmore Lola F. 137 G.lmor. Patr.c.aA. 151 G.lp.n Hurl., J. 269 Glov.r Julie N. 151 Glover Larry M. 239 Gloyna Mary R. 339 Godbold MaryJ. 277 125 112 117 Goddard Susanne 151 Godw,n M.chael T. 229 Goebel GailM. 151 - Go.r.ng An.ta M. 143 Goldstucker DarylL 319 Good James R 231 Good Shelley 125 Good. Claud.a S. 127 Goodie " Barbara A. 127 Goodman Nancy R. 141 Gordon Jane 147 5( b Frrshmnn Gordon JeneT. 112 Gore James C. 193 Gossard Grady C. 272 Gotsett Ellen M 141 Son. " Pl(. J. 135 Grebo. Brandon R. 241 Gracey Dorothy J. 125 raff Cynthia L. 141 raham Georgia K 313 Kay 313 Graham Roger 351 Graham Tarry L. 195 Grertan Ptr L. 357 Graves Charlotte E. 277 G ' avai Jaar. 133 Graves Lawrence L. 298 Grawundar Laroy O. 24 1 Gray Barbara E. 127 Gray. Christopher J. 197 Gray. Ganaan M. 125 Green Deborah L. I2S Graan. Jackie L. 125 Green Mike 373 Green . Paula A. 145 339 Graan. Peggy E. 131 Graan Wanda 368 Graenwood Pamela E. 3 1 8 Gregory Cynthia A. 125 Gregory G.G. 233 Gner Oarrah 168 131 Gr.ffin. Connie 151 Griffin. Phillip C. 215 Griffin Richard E 231 Griffin Sharon S. 141 Griffin Susan K. 141 Griffith. John T. 193 Griffith. Randall L 221 Griffiths Monica J. 133 Gnmes BrendaL. 139 Grimes. Don A. 105 Grimes. Margaret Z. 147 Grimes. Marianna 151 Grimmer Ralph J. 197 Gr.nsfelder Robert M. 290 Grmsfelder Sally V. 202 Gr.ssom. Sharon L. 149 Grooters. Mollie M. 165.145 Gross Robert D. 221 Grothues. Patricia J. I 16 Gryder. Harry J. 215 Gnywacz. Jo A. 147 Guaderrama Isela N. 301 Guest. Marilyn M. 277. 151 Guinn. Amy I 33 Gulley. Cynthia 141 Gulley. James M. 193 Gully Martha 141 Gummelt. Debra 143 Gunderson. Cheryl E. 135 Gunter. Martha K. 166 Gustafson. Clyde J. 243 Gwin. Douglas R. 229 Gwm. Jackson R. 229 H Hackfeld Stanley W. 373 Hagard. Allison 151 Hagerman Patricia A. 127 Hahn. Holly 145 Halbert Gary D. 239 Halbert Harriett 131 Hale Douglas W. 241 Hale Paula 135 Hale Sharon L. 116 Hall Brad B. 229 Hall Glor.a J. 136 Hall Jans 131 Hall Paula J. 277 135 Hall Randy J. 221 Hall Theodore E 235 Halligan Dr. Jim Hallmark Was 313 amby Jamas R. 221 mby Jane A. 143 ilton John A. 241 Hamilton Luc.nde A. 318 Hamilton Patricia G. 113 147.309 Hamilton William E. 229 Hammer Sandra J. 141 Hammer. ck Walter M. 97 Hammond Bobby E. 241 Hence Brenda K. 149 Hancock Kathy 135 Haney KortW. 229 Hanley Deborah A 115 116 Hansan Rebecca L. 127 Hanson Barbara L 277 129 Hanson Debbie S 143 Hanson Deborah K. 139 122 Hanson Gregory P 243 Hanson Patnc.aA. 277. 123 143 Hardagree Kathy J. 151 Hardm. Janet S. 135 Harding . Richard W. 221 Hardman Ruth V. 136 Harendt Mike 215 Harlan Mark P. 319 Harlan Sally K. 133 Harper Marilyn K. 135 Harper. Thomas 303 Harrel. Ann E. 372 Harrel. Nicholas M. 231 Harris. Annella 116 Harris Charles C. 193 Harris. Cynthia R. 151 Harris. Debra M. 116 Harris. Doris A. 136 H ams Eddie L. 243 Harris. Lynn 141 Harris. Mel 195 Harris. Pamela D. 206 Harris. Ray W. 27 1 Herns Richard J. 221 Harris. Susan 129 Harrisberger Judy S. 131 Harrison James I. 239 Harrison. Thomas C. 221 Harrod. Janice D. 147 Hartley Patricia M. 133 Hartnett. Patricia K. 133 Hartnett. Stephen P. 239 Hartwell. Stephen R. 303 Haskins. Lawrence 239 Hassell. Janice K. 319 Hastings Mimi C. 127 Hausler, Carl E. 243 Hawkins. Kathy 206 Hay. Phillips 235 Hayden Richard M. 303 Hayes. Sharon 313 Haynie. Sharla B. 131 Hays. David C. 303 Hays. Roger D. 215 Head DwightG. 358 Head Mary K. 113.277 131 Headley Stephen A. 279 Headrick. Donna P. 149 Haagy. Robert K. 215 Heard Marilyn S. 125 Hearn Frances E. 149 204 Heck. Linden T. 147 Hedrick.JohnR. 235 Heflin. Paula A. 145 Heggem. Debra L. 147 Heinsch. Roberts. 241 Haiti. Deborah D. 139 Helm, Carolyn t. 202 Hemphill.GradyG. 243 Henderson. Jackie S. 139. 112. 122 309 Henderson Lisa A. 127 Henderson Mona 368 Hendon. Julia A. 116 Henley. A. B. 373 Hennersdorf. Gary A. 235 Hanslee. David I. 241 Henson. Danny J. 243 Henthorn. Donna L. 131 Harberger. Marilyn A. 135 Herberger Sheila J. 135 Herdmen Nancy V. 149 Hernandei Antonio L. 195 Herrington, Joni K. 113 147 Herro .George J. 105 Hertiler Janet M. 141 Hess Randy D. 239 Hester Joan L. 131 Hester Lynn 273 Hewitt Kyle L 116 Hewitt Mary L. 147 Hibbs C.Wayne 351 Hickman. Keith A. 241 Hickman Roberta K. 147 Hickmen Sharon D. 139 Hickok Kathleen B. 145 H.cks Robert C. 279 H.egel Cynthia M, 145 Higgins Joy L. 339 H.ghtower Gary N. 241 H.lbers Donald G. 229 Hilgenfeld Kathy J. 139 H.lgenfeld Susan M. 139 H.ll Buddy 239 Hill Debra A. 151 Hill JohnD. 229 Hill. Patncia A. 116.475 287 H.ll. Sandra K. 151 H, lie Charles R 272 Hmchey, John J. 254 H.nchey William W. 235.305 H.nes Susan E. 143 Hmoiosa. Martha E. I 13 Hinton James F. 357 Hitchcock, Robert E. 221 Hita. Suianne M. 305 Hobbs, Karen J. 301 Hobbs Leslie 131 Hobbs Sandra T. 137 Hobbs Sandy 239 Hobgood. Debbie 129 Hobgood. Dnan 129 Hobgood Pamela S. 133 Hobgood Robert C. 195 Hodges. Cheryl D. 143 Hodges, Rebecca S. 133 Hodgson, Jo A. I 35 Hodgson Marjorie W. 143.117 Hoffmann. Jeanie K. 277 151 Hoffmann. William H. 221 Hogan, Michael L. 221 Hogg Karen S. 113. 290 351 Hohert, Jacqulynn 125 Holland Linda 318 Holland Timothy W. 357 Hollaway S. 118 Holly. Sarah E. 143 Holmes. Gregg T. 229 Holmes. Kathy L. 147.309.310 Holmes. Lyndsay I 16 Holt. Carol A. 125 Holt. LeliaL. 129 319 Holton. Stephen W. 229 Hood. David L. 351 Hood. Nicky 215 Hooper. Lynda K. 139 Hooper, MarciaR, 139 Hoover Barbara A. 125 Hopkins. Molly L. 139 Hord Susan J. 143 Horger. Frank L. 197 Hornady. Cyd 143 Horsman. Barbara 135. I 12 Hough. James C. 243 Houghton Deborah A. 151 Howard. Beth 127 Howard Deborah J. 133 Howard Matt 239 Howell GainesW. 357 Howerton Marion L. 239 Howie. Heather S. 145 Hribek. Carolyn F. I 16 Hrncir. Deborah C. 147, 117. 313 Hromas. JoeC. 239 Hubly Tony 241 Huckaby Melody D. 206 Hudson, Lucy J. 125 Hudson Mark P. 319 Hudspeth. Gary B. 193 Huff. Edward L. 21 I Huffaker Danny W. 195 Huffman, Debra A. 149 301 Hughes. Feller 368 Hughes Holly E. 301 Hughes Mark 229 Humes Sara M. 125 Humke SharinG. 149 Humphrey Eluabeth A. 251 Hundley Stephen C. 93 Hunsaker Hugh S. 243 Hunter Beverly A. 137 Hunter BobR. 303 Hunter Jacqueline M. 133 Hurley Daniel W. 229 Hutsell Cynthia A. 318 Hutson Lauren E. 301 Ihlanfaldt w.ll.amj. 235 Imoehl Judy 135 Ingram Kimberly G. 129 Inman Pamela J. 141 Irish Kathleen A. 125 Irving Dianne 136 Irwm. John S. 243 Irwm L.nda F. 305 Irw.n Mary M. I II. 127 Isaacs. John C. 241 Isaacson. Stephen K. 243 Isham. John A. 241 Isham Rita K. 133 Ivory, Jennifer M. 129 Jacks. William R. 243 Jackson CarrieS. 145 Jackson. Gerald G. 271 Jackson. Michael D. 305 Jackson Myrtle J. 133 Jackson. Richard E. 279 Jackson She.. lynD 129 Jackson. Terr, L. 135 Jackson, William W. 229 Janes. Cynthia A. 129 Jarnag.n J. 118 Jarrett. Lester T. 195 Jay, Karen M. 133 Jenkins Janice L. 139 Jenkins Jul.anne 116 Jenkins. Raymond S. 229 Jenkins. Tom 215 Jenkins. Vlncel K. 303 Jennings. Chris E. 310 Jennings, Julia A. 147 Jennings. Nancy J. 147 Jericho. Jane B. 147 Jernigan. Louann 135 Jobe. Cynthia E. 133 Jobe. Jeffrey S. 105 Johannesen, Barbara L. 125 Johnson. Anita 162 Johnson. Beverly A. I 16 Johnson, Bradley E. 221 Johnson. Celinda G. 168.131 Johnson. Coy R. 243 Johnson. Donald M. 94 Johnson, Ginger 207 Johnson, Janet L. 131 Johnson. Karen L. 277. 117 Johnson Kathleen G. 149 Johnson. Lynn I 31 Johnson. Pamela D. 139 Johnson. Susen E. 125 Johnson. Virgil G. 136 Johnson. William C. 239, 80. 78. 211 Johnston Anita M. 133 Johnston Barbara A. 154 Johnston. Jane 129 Johnston, Janice E. 143 Johnston. John G. 243.215 Johnstons Beverly A. 133 Jones. Carol L. 151 Jones, Dana J. 243 Jonas. Debbie K. 147, 129 Jonas. Debra A. 129 Jones. Debra A. 127 Jones. Janet H. 151.204 Jones. Jedda A. 139 112.301 Jones. Kathleen A. 151 Jones. Kathleen D. 127 Jones, Laura L. 143 Jones. Margaret E. 122,117 Jones. Mary J. 135,207 Jones Peggy J. 133 206 Jones. Polly J. 133 Jones. Stephen G. 229 Jones. Susan L. 315 Jordan Robert C. 231 Junell Frank 255 Kaberl.ne Eugene 80 78 Kaalber Linda C. 147. 133 204 Keiley. Jane 149 Kalmus Margaret M. 143 Kalmus Scott E. 279 Karr Ann 135 Kerr. Dan C. 221 Karsten Kay E. 149 Kaast Dav.d G 221 Kee Robert L 239 Keele El.c.a 301 Keeling. Geoffrey G. 239 Keener Paul C. 193 Keffler Richard A. 239 Kellett Ann 123 151 I 17 Kelsey Clyde E. 253 Kemp ConmeJ. 163 123 135 Kemp. Jimmy N. 231 Kemp. Sandra L. 206 Kendrick S. I 18 Kennedy. Janice D. 1 25 Kennedy Kathy A. 145 Kennedy. Ray C. 229 Kennedy. Rebecca A. 141 Kennedy. S. M. 253 Kern. Debra A. 127 Kernan. Dave 235 Kerr, Michael O. 229 Kerr. RuthJ. 119 Kassler, Carla 145 Keys. Alice F. 133 Kidd. Melissa A. 141 Kllby. Robert J. 241 Kilcraase. Julia H. 141 Kimball Kirk I. 243 Kmcaid Mary R. 116 Kincald. Richard B. 303 King. Brockman D. 195 King. Charlotte S. 145 King. Correll C. 129 King Diane 139.203 King Eluabeth J. 141 King. Frederick B. 239 King. Kathleen A. 127 King. Mary B. 133 Kinney. Frances A. 115 I 16 Kinney. Janet T. 115. 116 Kinnibrugh. Polly A. 129.290 Kinsel. Daniel W. 357.373 Kirby. Linda L. 203 Kirchhoff. Mary K. 147 Kirk. Blake 271 Kirk. Katharine V. 127 Kirk. Onniel. 211 Kirkland. Karen 141 Kirkpatrick. Patricia A. 139 Kitimiller. Carol J. 162. 161. 151 Kleine. Sara E. 143 Kleinknecht. Patricia A. 141. I 17 Kline. Thomas J. 235 Klons. Robert 305 Klundar. Patricia A. 143 Knight. Michael B. 221 Kno.. Kathryn M. 139 Kno. Lynda L. 1 39 Kno.. Raymond O. 279 Knuit. Gail P. 135 Kobell, Joseph E. 195 Kochaniuk. Susie 139 Koemg. Wayne L. 197 Kofnovec. Gary S. 243 Kogar Kenneth 235 Kolender. Judith A. 129 Koonsman DeanaK. 129 Kraettli Kim A. 139 Kratier. Kenneth W. 221 Kraut. Linda 125 Krause. Richard S. 195 Krauss. Kerry L. 221 Krey. Janice M. 339 Kneg Dr. Dan 357 Kriion. Paula 127 Kuchenbacker. Karl A. 243.290 Kuntschik. Laurel S. 273. 269 Kupp Carlton T. 243 Kurth, Charles R. 269 Kurt, April 139 Kuis. LonnieJ. 303 Kutner Patricia K. 141 Kuykendall Holly G 147 Labate. Melmda S. 151 Ladd Peter C 241 Frrshman 507 Lef.tte V,ck, C. 277 143 Lago D.eneE. HI Lam. Trecye L. 135 Lair Jcnn.hr 131 l.rd Barbara A. 139 La.rd St... 239 Lamb Dav,d R 221 Lamb Robert M. 305 Lambert Timothy M. 193 Lamb.tr, Maria D 135 Lamk.r B.II 368 Lancaster Ivan T. 243 Lancaster Randy L. 243 Lan Lynda K. 139 Lang David A 243 Lang.rhans Larry 6- 357 La-K)l.v Barbara J 133 Langley Cam.lle 143 Langle, Son,a I4S Langmack Joann 141 LangstooM.cha.lG. 235 Lan..r Cam. II. A. 141 Lapagl.aMergar.tM 116 Larson Charl.1 243 Larson Gary J. 241 Lashl.. Billy E. 269 Lass.t.r Deborah A. 123 Latham. Timothy D. 283 Lawr.nc.Ch.ryl A. 139 Lawrence James D. 215 Layton . JudyC. 125 L.ach. Ronald G. 215 Leath. Turla S. I 19 LM.Kath.Hn. 130 lee. Virginia D. 145 Leech Nencvl. 147 313 Leaver Karen N. 1 1 I Lefevre Susan 1 33 Le(tw,ch Carol A. ISI L.hmann Kathryn M. 170 L..bsl Nancy J. 133 L.ll.y Susan E. 125 L.m.y. Sandra J. 129 Leon Anne 112 Leon KathyM. 141 Leon. Margaret A. 141 Leonard D.ana M. 147 lever. Johnny 221 Lever.n, Nancy J. IS4 Lwis Bobbie K. 133 Lewis Devora A. 147 112 Lewis. Lee A. 229 lewis. Sharon C. 129 Lewis Sharon L. 143 164 Libson. Timmons N. 269 L. ev.nl Sharon A. I 30 lightfoot Jan.! A. 158 159. 129 Liles. Kathryn A. 131 Linn. Terry 133 Ure. Dora C. 307 L.tt.k.n Sydney C. 350 Little. Jon W. 279 Little. Richard D. 235 98 78 L.ttle Tom A. 221 Littleton James 193 Livingston. Jane E. 143 Livingston. Kim 133 Locke. John H. 195 Logan Marsha I. 145 Logan Pamela J. 273 168. 149 Long Nancy L. 283 Lopet. Johnny 269 Loran Deborah D. 133 Lotndge Robert D. 215 Lett Janet M. 133 Louthan Thomas K. 3S7 love Shannon P. 133 Low. Shana 143 Lowery Lynda 127 Loyd . Di.ieD. 139 Loyd SaraM 141 Loyd. T.r, ISI Lucado Stephen E. 239 Locai Mickey S. 151 Ludw.ck. Sheila K. 139 Luk Nancy 133 Lundgren Christie L. 127 Lung June 136 Lumford Rebecca J. 141 Lyckmen Boyd W. IDS Lyd. Belly R 112 Lyle Dr Will.am 358 Lynch Ann. Louise C. 145 122 Lyon James R 229 Lyons Harold A. 211 Lyons Jo A. 131 M MecDonald Mary 277 Mack.y PaulE. 239 Mackie Susan L. 127 Maddu. Ronald E. 221 Madigan Mary H. 129 Madison Dona L 119 Madison James R. 193 Madnd Blandina F. 307 Mage. Laura K. 1 35 Mahafle Scott 229 Meki. Margaret A. 131 Malay Mark G 233 Mallory Dian. P. 168 Malon . Kathleen A. I 29 Malouf Matthew E. 235 Malouf Melinda 141 Malouf Sherry M. 202 Man, at.! Jo Anna 135 Mapel Ronald M. 195 Mann St.v.n N. 279 Markwardt Nancy A. 129 Marsh Terr. C. 133 Marshall Ann 149 Marshall Patricia G. 125 Marshall. Pa " . ISI Marst. Her James J. 318 Martella Anthony J. 241 Martella ElissaJ. 168 Martin Barbara 147 Martin. Carol L. 147 Martin. Carolyn J. 139 Martin Cynthia A. 319 135 Martin Cynthia L. 273 Martin. D.bi. A. 319,290. 135 Martin Pamela A. 1 1 3 Martin. Pamela M. 147 Mask. Cathy S. 143 Mason N ancy L. 147 Matocha Phyllis A. 133 Matthews. Daniel C. 279 Matthews Helen Y. 125 Matthews. Molly L. 339 Matthews Steven M. 357 Mattson Ronald C. 88 Matien. Martha A. 113.133 May. Ch.rlG. 135 May. Deborah K. 125 May. Jena L. 135 Mayas Brenda M. 137 McArthur. Mark A. 243 McAteer James O. 233 McBr.de Karen C. 123. 149 McCain James T. 229 McCall. Bonnie 116 McCall. Deborah R. 301 McCall Mary S. 147 McCann. Nancy E. 141 McCarty Richard H. 279 McCasland. John M. 98 McClesky Robert 241 McClintock, Becky 141 McCl.ntock Lloyd K. 102 McClure. Susan 149 McCcJI Patricia K. 309 McConn.ll Melissa A. 125 122 McCord Jimmy R. 235 McCorkle. Amy ISI McCorkle Eileen 127 McCormick. Paula S. 131 McCoy. MitiiL 116 McCraw Judith A. 147 McCtillough. KathyA. 131 MeCumber Susan L. 127 McCutchen KathyD. 145 McDan.el L.sli. 0. 129 McDamel Louann 145 McDonald Charles A. 221 McDonald Cynthia A. 147 McDonald Dean Donald 320 McDonald Douglas 271 McDonald L.nda L. 141 McDonald Mary H. 141 McDougal Lmda D. 147 McElhenney Thomas R. 229 McEtroy DaleC. 229 McErwrath Mar.ann. R. 149 McGhee JohnM. 303 McGinn, s Marilyn 207 McGlasson Marcia S. 127 McGlew Rotn L. 147 McGough Claudia D. 129 McGough Michael J. 233 McGrath Marshal. 127 122 McHargue Lou A. 339 Mclnroe Karen L. 131 Mclntosh. Debra J. 127 McKay ZoA 143 McKee Michael L 195 McKenna Eleanor L. 318 McKinley Carolyn A. 147 123 McKinney.Jan.ee A. 125 McK.nney Jean E. 131 McKnight. Bon.ta 133 McLaren Kathleen 207 McLaughlm. Kae L. 141 McLesh. Edward 193 McMaster. Kristin S. 149 McMillan Robert L. 279 McNabb Marilyn K. 139 McNally Andy 243 McNally J.m 92 93 McNeill. Cra.g A. 215 McNiccJ. Gregory L 350 McPhail. Hettie 145 McPh.rson Ann. 151 McPh.rson.Sh.rl.vD. 161.135 McQueen Bobby J. 233 McQueen GwenK. 129 McQueen Lana A. 129 McR.ynolds Kay F. 145 McWhirter. Mar.ian. 143. 207 McWilliams. Benni.C. 305 McWill.ams. Michael R. 215 McWilliams Shannon M. 239 Mead David J. 195 Mead.rs T.r.sa A. 141 Meador Molly 131. 117 Meadows Robin M. 151 Medina Carman A. 308 Medlar. Stan 239 M.dlin. Diann.C. 135 M.dling.r Jan.t L. 149 Megredy Howard 0. 193 Meholin. Jill 131 Meinzer Wyman P. 375 Melcher Phillip M. 303 Merrill Janet K. 147 Merrill Mazel M. 283.243 Merritt. Penelope S. 301 Merritt. Suzanne 130 M.tcalf .Barbara K. 130. 117 Metzker .Deborah K. ISI Meyer Paula I 30 Meyers David H. 279 Micha.ls.n. M.lani. T. 129 M.ddleton. Holly I 16 Miles. Carolyn 127 Miller Bobbie E. 139 Miller. Danny 243 Miller DianneT. 125 Miller Jacalyn 127 M. Her Jack M. 195 Miller Juanita K. 116 Miller. Kar.n 130 Miller. Linda G. 131 Miller. Lue 137 Miller. Marsha E. 143 Miller Michael C. 105 Miller Nancy A. 125 Miller . Pamela Y. 133 Miller. Tyree B. 235 Mills. Larry D. 357 Mills. Thomas N. 221 Minden Marsha F. 116 Miner Diane 135 Mino. Joseph J. 197 Mitchell Alice O. 136 Mitchell Zane 372 373 Moentnish Robert 241 Moffet Sheryl A. 143 Moffett Stephen D. 241 Molitoris. Eric J. 233 Molouqhney Jean M. I4S Monaco Sam B. 197 Monahan Joseph M. 197 Monk Julie C. 151 Monk Melissa A. 145 . Monk Rebecca E. 165 125 Monroe Cendece A 147 Montgomery Bruce 243 Montgomery Emily L. 141 Moody M. lode. A. 151 Moor. Bev.rl.yL. 127 Moore Donald 77.78 Moore Frances A 116 Moor. Linda G. 319 Moore Linda J. 133 Moor. Nancy 135 Moor. Patrick L. 229 197 Moore Steve 243 Moore Thomas B. 193 Moran JanaA. 125 Moran Kev.n G 197 Moreland Robert 241 Morgan Gary W. 229 Morgan Marilyn 141 Morgan Ronald A. 233 Morganti. Patricia C. 125 Morley Rhonda E. 318 Morns Ann. E. 13 Morris Dian. 145 Morns. Donna F. 129 339 Morns. Martha M. 149 Morris. William G. 351 Morns Wyert A. 279 Morrison . Kenneth W. 195 Morse Fred B. 239 Moseley Anne E. 129 Moser Candace L. 301 Moser. Molly J. 127 Moss Janice J. 116 Moss. William D. 235 Mu.rh.ad Roberts. 241.305 Mullins. Patrick B. 221 Murdough. Mariann. 143 Murph.y. Robert T. 233 Murphy. Carol A. 129 Murphy DanaJ. 145 Murphy. Daniel E. 92 Murray Giff 85 Murray. Laura E. 145 Murrell. Marilyn 143 Murry. Dr.GroverE. 252 253 Musmeci Mary A. 127 Myers Cynth.a A. 145 Mynck. Sherry J. 139 N Nagle. Janet S. 206 Nagy Rebecca A. ISI Nail . ConnyeJ. 133 Napier Denise B. 141 Neumann Mary D. 135 Naylor Cynthia K. 129 Naylor Marian B. 303 Naylor Kath.rin. 116 N,dham Nan 127 Neel Mary J. 147 Neill JohnM 279 N.inast Deborah A. 123 149 Nelson John D. 239 Nelson K.m R. 243 Nelson Steven 98 Nesbitt Mickey E. 233 Nettles Lera 151 Neumeyer Rebecca J. 129 New RitaG 133 Newb.ll DeborahS. 119 Newell Phyllis 145 N.uman Dian. 149 Newton GradyL 102 Newton James B. 305 Newton Sharon L. 127 Niedecken Deborah K. 133 Nieman Terr. A. 133 N.slar Nancy L. 147 Nil Franklin G. 243 Noble MarkD 243 Noll Patnc.a A. 149 Nolle Anne L 149 Norman Edward P. 229 Norman Thomas E. 229 Norns Cecil E. 87 Norris Danny J 303 Norns Deborah K. 116 Norris Maryanne 151 Norns Paula J 277 141 112 Norton GeyleS. 147 Norton NeldaK. 131 Norwood John L. 335 Norwood Mar, J 350 Novell. Deborah A. 151 339 Nowak DonL 195 Nowlm Peggy A 149 Nuckolls Debor.hA 143 Nunn Petr.c.aA 127 Nunn Shelley R. 127 Oakley Kyle 239 Oakley Susan 129 Gates Susan C. 135 Obnen Betty J 141 ObnoH.. Virginia M. 129 Oconnor Kellogg L. 197 Odell Dav.d L. 241 Odonn.ll Kathleen 163 Odwy.r Barbara K. 143 Offtermatt Michael D. 233 Ogden W.ll.am D. 243 Ohair Ton, K. 133 Oldham Janice L. 139 Olive. John T. 351 Oliver Andy 241 O Loughl.n Richard 197 Olson Larry A. 350 Olson. Randall C. 229 105 One.l Molly L. 127 On..ll K.rry 339 Opp Pamela S 149 Opperman John E. 197 Oppermann. Arthur C. 197 Oprysh.i. Susan K. 203 Orndorf Janic.G. 273 125 Osborn DamonS. 131 Osborn Holl.s F. 204 Osiek Cassandra J 141 Osl.n JackR. 215 Ottinger L.sa L. 203. 141 Ottmers Lyndy L. 131 Overton Dw.ghtl. 357 Overton. Kr.st. P. 151 Ow.n Dav.d N. 215 Owen Lucinda 143 Owens John C. 87 Owens Mick. 131 Ow.ns St.v.n T. 243 Ow.ns VickyD. 149 Ozanne Mary A. 283 Paddock. Marilyn 125 Page Patty A. 147 Palmer Paula 141 Palmer Ronn.. L. 233 Park.r Den.se 141 Parker Joe J. 290 Parker Larry N. 221 Parker Pamela J. 135 Parker Terr. K. 143 Parkinson Patricia K. 151 Parkinson PaulE 215 Parlette Myrleen E. 125 355 122 Parra Richard A. 272 Parrett Thomas M. 233 Parnsh Kathryyn J. 149 Parrott Deborah 135 Parsley Bill J. 252 253 Parsley Viola M 170 Parsons St.v. K. 229 Paschall Buck 235 Pasch. Louis 269 Pasquar.lla Dabra S. 1 39 Pastusek Kenneth E. 243 Patout Mary F 273 131 Patterson Bobbie 137 Patterson Johnny 279 Patterson Marl W 243 Patt.son Fred P 229 Patton Cook 229 Penan. Doyle W. 374 Paul Thomas A 229 Paulos Gus T 243 Payne Kather.ne 151 Payne Michael F. 319 Payne R.ta 305 5Ofi Firshman too. Peecock Julie C. 129 Kock Susan 143 I. Loins E. 98 Pea.y Pamela C. 129 Ndd.cord CharleeL. 131 Pederson Kristen D. 127 (Peel Sharon L. I 19 i Janice 307 iefon Paula 163 inqton Dienthe L. 141 r Perkins Rhonde G. 147 Perner Ph.lip G. 235 Per ren ot Susan P. 1 29 Perry Megan 145 irry Sue 309 ,ns E.a F 145 Peruse l CerolA. 305 Petermen Lynn 149 Peters Bradley L. 231 Peters Brenda J. 136 Petree Pamela 132 trelli JaneL. 131 ftiet Thomas G. 279 Petty Rosalee 145 Peveler Kenneth 303 iffer, SereJ. 151 Craig B. 229 (rigo. Johnny L. 303 Phillips Bret F. 239 Phillips James B. 215 Phillips KathermeM. ISI Phillips LavernaJ. 132 . Rhonda A. 1 3 1 i. Ruby N. 137 ickett Gary E. 241 i. Dale 98 i Dale P. 233 e. Jeffrey W. 221 . Patricia E. 143 xe. Susan E. 151 int. Jenness 318 TI Barbara L. 116 i. Thomas E. 239 i Stan 233 I. Mark A. 231 nan Deborah K. 135 ., Jeannie 151 mka. Norman L. 271 i Janice 143. 112 ik. Karen J. 319 130 I. Rickey J. 229 H. Barry T. 239 H. Dav.dP 279 i. KathyL. 135 r.Jack 195 Mildred K. 125 Holly L. 145 KathrynM. 127 287 . Elizabeth A. 149 ir Cindy K. 132 ill. Barbara G. 116 ill Jodie J. 116 I. Linda E. 319 Irs George A. 119 Powers Lisa L. 149 Predo Irene 307 Preston Stephen E. 241 Pribyla Virginia N. 279 Price, Frank S. 357 Price Karen K. 139 Price Margaret A. 318 Price Nancy C. 147 123 309. 310 Pridgeon Dan, el E. 351 Prince Curtis R. 88 Pritchard Pamela A. 135 Pritchett Monty C. 243 Pritchett Rickey 243 Probasco Judy E. 125 Prosk Steven F. 241 Prwgel Susan J ISI rVkett Steven D. 221 (Well Cynth.aH. 151 Nancy C. 139 KathermeA. 143 Petti D. 309 Pirtteet Jems I 30 Pyta Carne A 127 287 r.Jame 127 Q QlMvreeui Ja-esK " 2)1 Quevreaui Judy K. 141 Quinn. James R. 368 Rachael Rosemary 206 Rader Debra L. 132 Railsback Larry D. 231 Raimond Rita A. 129 Rambolt Robm M. 133 Ra.ne MelmdaR. 117 151 Ralston Gary L. 239 Ramey Richard G. 303 Rem.rei. W.lliam E. 290 Ramsey. Beth 130 Ramsey David A. 243 Ramsey Renee 139 Rand. Rhonda I 16 Randolph St ephen.eW. 135 Rangel Eddie J. 241 Rankin. Carol R. 139 Rankin David L. 195 Raichke Maude Mary 318 Ratcliff Candace S. I 29. 206 Ratcliff Robert K. 229 Ray Michael N. 229 Ray. VickiM. 277. 139 Rayburn. Rodney K. 233 Rebstock. Thomas C. 308 Recer. David R. 24] Rector Diane J. 116 Reed. Debra D. 141 Reed.Gaynell 136 R.eed. Jimie D. 357 Reed. Kay 277 141 Reed Linda A. 339 Reed Steve 271 Reed. Susan C. 133 Reader Karen J. 145 Reese. John T. 235 Reeser John M. 241 Reeves Lynn I 16, 355 Reeves. Vikki L. 147 Reichmuth. John E. 243 Reid. Mary K. 143 Remauer. Arthur R. 271 Reis. Cheryl J. 129 Reiler Ellen M. I 19 ReitI Nancy J. 145 Rekerdres. Ralph C. 93 92 Rench. Craig J. 231 Renegar Elizabeth J. 151 Renner. Amy E. 135 Renz Marinan 135 Reuther. Linda 339 Reynolds. Donna G. 143 Rhea. Larry S. 215 Rhine Stephen C. 229 Rhotenberry. James R. 243 Rice. Jan J. 133 Rice. Richard B. 239 Richards Debra 127 Richards. Ron 21 I Richardson Christine R. 202 Richardson. Jesse N. 233 Richardson. Patrice 207 Richardson. Ronald 77 Richerson ToniG. 125 Riedinger. Virginia L. 151 R.eger, Richard T. 229 Riek. Leslie L 215 Riek Linda L. 141 Riggs. Robert R. 94 Riley James 197 Riley. LanaS. 145 Riley. Michael I. 243 Riley. Susan A. 277 Rink. Cynthia F. 129 Rink.J.m 239 Rink Wendy D. 133 Rilley Jim K. 357 Ritchie Anne L 141 Roach. R.chard J. 241 Robbms James L. 303 Robbms James L. 357 Robbmt Joe 215 Roberts CarenD. 143 Roberts Catherine E. 133 Roberts Evan L. 229 Roberts Kathrynl. 1 54 Roberts Rodney R. 221 Roberts Suette 133 Roberts Thomas E. 229 Robertson Bo 239 Robertson Randall T. 215 Rob.e R. chard R 239 Robins David M. 243 Robins Nathan S. 243 Robinson Elaine M. 339 Robinson Karen 147 Robinson Quintin L. 21 I Robinson William C. 279 Robnett Stephen W 243 Roby Rebecca J. 130 Rock. Anita L. 167 Rockwood. Helen C. 116 Roder. Charles H. 233 Rodgers Steve 215 Rodgers Tina 129 Rogers. Anthony E. 243 Rogers David E. 305 Rogers Kay K. 131 Rogers Kenneth A. 193 Rogers. Rob H. 235 Rogers. Sandra K. 145 Rogers Vicky 129 Rogge Richard L. 269 Rollins. Jer, J. 277 135 Roman Royce J. 129 Rorabaugh Gregory A. 271 Rosen Robert L. 303 Rosenbaum. Lockki M. 145 Ross Barbara J. 137 Ross, Cameron M. 239 Ross Deborah A. 141 Ross. Susan K. 127 Rother, Gail A. 115 I 16 Rountree Phil R. 241 ,Rouse. Gary L. 215 Rouse, Randall L. 239 Rowan Mollye E. 166 Rowe. Stewart. F. 2 I 5 Rowland. Craig 215 Royal. Brenda K. 131,207 Royal, Daniel G. 315 Rozell. Karen R. 301 Rudloff Cheryl 116. 167 Rugeley Debby K. 147 Rupert. Sandra C. 318 Rush. Melinda J. 119 Russell. Barbara G. 147 Russell. Debra 137 Rutherford. Valora D. 127 Rutledge Suzanne 147 Ryan. Richard D. 233 Ryan. Thomas R. 105 Ryan, Virginia G. 116 Rylander, Lynn M. 301 Saegert Ann M. 202 141 Saied, Cynthia A. 151 204 Saied. Mary L. ISI Saied Robert M. 235 Saikowski. Ronald A. 197 Saikowski. Sandra M. 147 Salyars. Rita G. 149 Samford Ronald E. 65 Sammons, Barbara 127 Sammons. William 231 Sams DeborahB. 127 Sanders, Carol A. 129 Sanders. Kent B. 243 Sanders. Susan E. 273 125 Sandersen. Kenneth D. 269 Satta.hite. Sylvia J. 116 Satterfield Marilyn 135 Sauer Hyman D. 290 Sawyer Theodore M. 243 Scarborough Laura L. 145 Schaal. Kurt 243 Schaal Samuel R. 193 Schaelfer. Jackie A. 125 Schaffer Tammy N. 135 Schettenberg, Barbara J. 145 Schaub. Dav.d 241 Scheuer Paul W. 195 Schlegel Penny 141 Schmidt Judith L. 151 Schneider Susan 149 Schoenhals Lyndon D. 221 Schrag Barbara B 127 Schuchard James A 239 Schultl Betty 149 Schulz Anchen 113 135 Schumann Ann E. 145 Schur Lmda L. 116 Schuster Joseph M. 92 Schutz Thompson W. 85 Schweitzer, Charles A. 231 Scoggin. Ann L. 147 Scoggm Nancy L. 129 Scott Brent 243 Scott C.ndy 372 Scott. Cynthia L 129 Scott. David A. 215 Scott Frances M. 137 Scott. James E. 290 239 Scott. Marilyn C. 139 Scott. Marsha J. 123 149 Scott. Mary F. 147 Scott Patricia A. 137 Scott Roberts. 283 279 241 Scott Robert C. 243 Scott Suzanne 206 Scott VeraJ. 147 Scovell. Field 255 Scruggs. Charles 255 Scruggs. ClaudetteW. 145 Seaberg Jr. .Charles R. 215 Seale John L. 351 Sear.ght Sally K. 129 Seay. Gaylon B. 305 Se.del Nancy G. 129 Seifert Kenneth P. 243 Seirer. Randall C. 241 Self Frank B. 233 Sell. Barry J. 229 Sellers Beverly J. 204 Sellers Charles T. 215 Senter. Paula F. 135 Serrault Ronda L. 129 Sessums. Elizabeth C. 125 Settle Gay le 112, 122 Settle. Patricia G. 127 301 Sewell, Kay A. 290. 145 Sewell Nancy N. 301 Shaffer Sue A. 129 Shambeck Debbie 147 Shankle. Johnny B. 229 Sharp. Christie D. 116 Sharp. Gary N. 239 Sharp. Lisa R. 141 Shaw OebraJ. 127 339 Shaw Janet R. 127 Shaw. Sue 202 Shaw. Ted 243 Sheffield, Lynn 131 Shelton. Celeste 277. 135.202 Shelton, Christy L. 140 Shelton Cynthia A. 133 Shelton, Emily 135 Shelton James W. 241 Shelton. Michael L. 243 Shelton Patsy 129 Sheman. Beki 125 Shepard DarrelF. 357 Sherman Larry D. 239 Sh.pman Jodie 339 Shipman Rebecca S. 115. 116. I Shiver DemseE. 116. 112 Shivers Terry D. 231 Short. Jan 131 Shotton Jenet S. 149 Shuff.eld Randy L. 313 197 Shugert Cerol E. 122 145 Shuler. Gary V. 105 Sibley Trey 235 Sigm.er Ashley A. 125 Sni.man Deborah 151 Simmonds Sherilynn 202 Simmons, Phyllis J. 147 112 Simmons Sher.e 127 Simon Martha N. 139 Simons RebekehW. 140 Simpson Benme N. 318 Simpson Carol 127 Simpson James D. 272 Simpson Knsta 145 Simpson Olivia S. I I 2 Sims. Colleen A. 127 Sims. Philip 8. 98 S.ms Viola M. 373 Smgley Catherine L. 147 Si. DavidP. 219 S.. Jon W. 195 Siogren Kenneth A. 357 SUes Roger G. 243 Skinner Donald L 241 Slaughter Rick L. 235 Slaydon. Robert G. 193 Sloen Cheryl A. 135 Sloan Lou.s G. 239 Small Janice L. 283 116 Smart Milton 239 Smith Beverly J 135 Smith, Brent E. 215 Smith, Carol D 140 Smith Carolyn E, 113 277 143 Smith Claudia K. 141 203 Smith. Curtis D- 221 Smith. David 197 Smith, Deborah A. 339 Smith, Debra D. 301 Smith. Debra K. 139 Smith Diana J. 125 Smith James D. 271 Smith Jerry D. 97 96 Smith, Jo T. 375 Smith Judy A. 145 Smith Laura L. 125 Smith Marilyn G. 125 Smith, Marilyn K. 149 Smith Mary Jo 277 Smith. Milton E. 239 Smith. Pamela S. 277 143 Smith, Patricia A. 149 Smith. Phyllis 206 Smith, Rebecca 135 Smith. Richard D. 231 Smith Russell E. 241 Smith Sally L. 143 Smith. Sandra J. 143 Smith, Shari 133 Smith, Susan A. 113 147 Smulcer. Lisa K. 133 Snodgrass. Chns L. 195 Snodgrass. Jo A. 131 Snodgrass. Lynda G. I 32 Snow. Jan 127 Snow Stuart 215 Snyder. Jane I 16 Snyder, Kaye I 3 I Snyder, Phillip G. 272 Sobey. Terry M. 221 Sommerville Janene K. 141 Sonnenburg. Fodie K. 129 Sorenson RickieG. 243 Sory. Susan 125 Spain. Joellen 339 Spanutius. LynetteJ. 139 Spear James H. 313 Spears. Hershel D. 243 Spears James M. 233 Spears. John M. 233 Spencer Alan 195 Spencer. Tommy T. 243 Spiegelberg John 85 Spiller JanB. 129 Spoonts Catherine D. 143 112 Sprawls. Tom 241 Spray Sandra L. 141 Spring, Susan K. 116 Springer Linda C. 374 Springer Robbie J. 139 Spurgeon MarkJ. 243 Spurgeon Mary A. 141 Squibb Carl 243 St. John Sandra J. 151 Stahl Douglas F. 193 Stalcup Joseph R. 319 Stellcup Bradley S. 243 Stanford John 6. 358 Stanley Dickey 215 Stanley Ken R. 221 Stanton Donna F. 141 Stepleton Christy A. 132 Stark PeulD. 197 Starnes Joe K 243 Stayton Margaret A 131 202 Stecher Sandra L. 135 Steed WilliamJ. 221 Steen Richard W. 241 Steen Wade 374 Stehley Jacque A. 132 509 SteKie Ja- M 132 Sten.cke Ma ' .M 143 240 203 117 St.n,s Vaugr-n A. 241 S ' .ph.ns Bu ' ch 357 St.ph.ri KatK.r.n. P 127 St.pK.r N.cholasW. 221 St.pK.niOf KathrynL. 1)3 St.powey St.pK.nL. 193 St.pp T.rr, V. 3 I 3 St.rling Janice 141 Sterquell St.v.W. 229 St.rr.tt Ph.l.pT. 303 Steube Clarence G. 197 Stevemr M .r-a. J 243 St.v.ns B-adl., L 239 St.v.ns Cynthia L. 127 St.v.ns DarlaK. 139 St.v.nion MaH.nda 127 St.art Grald R. 229 98 Stewart Kath.r,n. 151 St.wart MlissG. 127 St.wart N,k,G. 145 St.wart St.rl.ngS. 241 St.egler Hatv.v J. 279 St.eren LisaD 133 Sto.hr Candy 135 Stoker Cynth.eL. 290 I 3 I Stokes Laura 109 Stone Debra L. 151 Stone Stephen J. 303 Ston. Terry M. 303 Storr.. Deborah J 151 Story Manlyn 113 141 Stotts Conn.e D. I 3 I Stout Sharon 133 Strarton MarkS 235 Street Susan E. 149 Street Tony 229 Str.it Karen 203 Strickland Arnold G. 221 Strong Charlotte P. 273 151 Stroopa Brenda S. 151 Stuckey Michael K. 235 Stuller Stephen,. A. 127 Sutherland John P. 243 Sutton DianneM. 273 151 Sutton Janet L. 151 Swa.n Kenneth C. 279 Swallow Jack 290 335 Swansor- Johnny A. 221 Swati.ll Susan V. 141 339 Sw.anng.n Raymond W. 195 Sweeney Pa " ,da E. 151 204 Sw.nney Lynn. 309 S-innev SK.rr, K. 273 127 Swords Sylv.aL. 141 Sivdloski D.bra 130 Tab.r CyntK.aA. 127 Tebor Br.c. W 357 Taggart M.chaelE. 195 Talbot Tanya L. 1 39 Talburt M.cKa.U. 231 Talk.ngton Genie 143 Tanner Stephanie L. 318 Tate Patnoa A. 251 Taylor Candyc. R. 151 Taylor Deborah J. 147 160 Taylor JaCOuelynK. 143 319 Taylor JJ.anne 116 Taylor Kat.eG. 116 Taylor Stephen C. 229 Taylor Suianne 127 Taylor Tedd.e 229 Taylor TempeS 145 Te.chelma- Cho.aC 241 Temple Men ' daS 129 Tenmson Steven L 241 Terrell D.bo-aK J. 116 T.rr.11 James M 195 T.rr. II Rebecca L 151 Terry Margaret H. 130 Thomas Barbara A. I 35 Thomas H u n- B 272 Thomas L " da I 318 139 Thomas Michael R. 239 Thompson AnnaL 133 Thompson Barbara A. 130 Thompson Barbara B. 117 Thompson Care! E i 16 Thompson Charlotte A. 133 Thompson Donna J. 139 Thompson Gary B. 239 Thompson James E. 22 1 Thompson Jan 147 Thompson Jerry D. 231 351 Thompson Larry 193 Thompson Lynda L. 1 30 Thompson Nancy G. 1 49 Thompson Pamela I 16 Thompson Sammy. 129 Thornborg St.v.n M. 243 T.bbs L.saL. 127 T.ff.n RickyL. 229 T.ltroan Andre 211 Timmons T.rri L. 140 T.nsle, Beck, I. 115 116 T.ppen Patsy F. 125 Tob.as Est.r 307 Tol.s Tanya G 135 Toll. Virginia A. 140 Tomfohrd. Margar.t D. 145 Tool. Gregory C. 241 Trachta Jan,ce 116 Tr.v,no Joel 197 Trie. Cynthia 116 Tnckey. Mary R. 112 Trncak Stephen L 102 Trostel JanaS. 116 Troth Deborah M. 125 TrueM Rynn H. 239 Truitt Jam.s E 235 Tuck.r El.tabethA. 143 Tucker George W. 221 Tunis .William H. 305 279 Tunnell Richard L. 243 Tupm Beverly A. 116 Turbev.lle Julia 149 Turn.r. Jay S. 233 Turn.r Jeffrey D. 229 Tutt Thomai H. 269 Tuttle Greta M. 143 u Underwood Roger A. 303 Unger Mary L. 113. 143 Upd.ke Katie 112 140 Utley Pamela G. 147 309 Valent.ne Joy M. 143 Vand.rgr.lfL.nda A. 131 Vanderpool D.ckieE. 231 Vanderwoude Larry A. 229 Vanderwoud. MicKaelA. 235 Vendvck Barbara A. 116 Vannoy V.cki L. 135 204 VaugKan Cynthia 141 Vaughn Nancy A. 149 Veaiev Randolphs. 305 Verner Treasa L. 143 Vernetti Joanna 319 Vernor Thomas E. 241 V.gness Margar.t E. 113 117 151 V.ncent DebraL 125 V.nyard Ro..e 368 V.ola V.nc.ntJ. 239 Vird.ll Constance L. I 35 Vittum Cynthia P. 149 Vogele David A. 87 88 Vogle John R 241 Vogle L.nda 149 Voss Barry M. 243 W Wad. L.nda 129 207 Wages M.cha.1 R. 269 Wagner Joan 127 204 Wa.nscott SharmanL. 141 Wa.nwr.ght Howard 351 Waits. L.nda 339 Wak.f..ld Edw.n N. 77 98 78 Wald.n Deed-a 164 141 Waldr.p Trav.sG. 279 Walff Jud.th 339 talker Dan I. 243 Walker Karen K 127 Walk.r M.l.nda N 202 Walker Sandra K 129 Walker Sharon S. 127 Walk.r Susan D. 143 Walk.r V.ck.. A, 127 Walk.r Wit. am D 243 Wall Lauren A. 147 Wallace B.n,am,n B. 229 Wallace Jane G. 147 Wallace Kenneth W. 65 Wallace Laurelyn 141 Wallac. R.ck.y W. 233 Wallace Stac.y 211 Wall.ngford Sharon D. 237 143 Wall.ng.ford S.dn.yA. 143 Walsh Deborah A. 273 125 309 117 Walter Bruce E. 3 1 3 Walters Cynthia D. 277 Walton P.ggy L. 273 I 35 Walts L.nda J. 116 Wansley T.rry L. 221 Ward Bruc. W 239 Ward Carol J. 127 Ward . CathanneL. 149 Ward Ellen V. 116 Ward Leslie K 139 Ward Richard W. 319 Ward Sally K. 133 Ward. Stephanie A. 131 Ward Teresa J. 127 Warden Michael L. 221 Wardroup Dennis W. 231 Wardroup Leda D. 203 Ware Janice L. 125 Ware N.chola A. 125 Ware William E. 235 Warford Sharon M. 116 290 Warm.nski Randy 374 Waters Martin G. 241 Waters M.lam. A. 143 Waters Richard G. 65 Watson Cheryl R. 141 Watson Susan L. I 16 Weatherford Russell L. 229 Weaver John C. 221 Weaver Ma. R 221 Weaver R.cky D. 88 Webb Janet P. 135 Webb Patricia A. 145 207 Weber Debby A. 147 Weber Donald J. 241 Webster David R. 269 Webster Patnc.aJ. 145 Webster Robin 143 Wedel. Charlotte A. I 16 Wedel DaroldJ. 303 Weeks Robert 197 Wehmeyer Cynth.a J. 135 W.is CaryN. 149 W.,sh.rt R.chard 239 Weldon Randy 305 Wells Donna D. 151 Wells VikkiL. 131 Wendt BeauregardA. 269 Wendt Gary M. 197 Wentworth Karen E. I 3 I Wessely Carolyn 141 West Brooks 231 West Patnc.a A. 136 Westbrook C.I. a 129 W.stbrook Den.se A. 147 Westbrook Frances A. 147 Wester Deborah A. 113 147 Westphal MaryanneM. 127 Weth.ngton Suian M. I 16 Whatley Patsy K. 145 Whealdon Jana K. 309 Wheat Cynth.a L. 139 206 Wheat Karen 141 Wheeler Patnc.aJ. 143 Whigham Sandra K. 318 Whiles David 195 Wh.snand Deborah J. 113 Wh.te Frances E. 309 Wh.te KatherynG. 163 Wh.te Patnc.aJ. 133 White Robert 195 White Ronn.e 229 Wh.te Sally L. 143 Wh.te Sherr, L. 164 149 Wh.te Susan G. 127 Wh.te Teresa A. 127 Wh.te Teresa C. 149 Wh.ted JohnL. 351 A ' - M Morr.sC. 241 . ' .-.. Co-ni. 1. J39 A- .. LesI.eA. 277 141 W,. ,!., Scott T. 313 - - V-. . i29 A- -se Ma-al 127 A- - = - a-e-S 135 A- - _,3 L 125 - A 131 .-. - - - e-, D. 305 Wggans L = -r W.gg.ns Jack W. 195 W.gg.ns Jen-.s W 319 W.gl. v Lnda L. 287 WJburr, DebraL. 339 W.lkerson LanevJ. 137 W, Ike-son V-gna 125 W,lk,nson Jui.eA. 143 Wilkinson Thomai M. 221 W.llard Dav.d 239 W. II. ami Cathy A. 116 W,ll,mai Deann 135 W.lliami Don 271 Will.ams EI.laB.tK A. 129 Will, ems James F. 243 W.ll.ams Jan.t 123 151 Willimas JoB. 131 W,ll,ams Joseph I. 305 W.lliami Judson F. 254 W.ll.ams Kar.nA. 145 W.ll.ams K.ith 243 W.ll.ams Mark D 215 W.lliams Sandra K. 1 16 W.ll.ams StaceeL. 147 W.lliams Stephan.eL. 137 W.lliams Susan 125 Wlll.ams Terry L. 351 W.lliams. Tracey 131 Williamson Beverly A. 318 W.ll.amson. Larry D. 231 Williamson Larry E. 375 W.lliamson LeeE. 235 W.ll.amson MarkJ. 319 Willis. Judy A. 133 Willmann. T.l.tha A. 139 Willmann Tina E. 139 Wills NanciB. 151 W.lson Beck e 141 W.lson D.braL. 151 W.lson Ela.n, 125 Wilson Ga.lL. 147 Wilson Nancy L. 168 Wilson Robert C. 229 W.lson Sheila A. 145 Winn. Phyllis A. 318 Winston Linda E 125 Wisdom Pamela C. 207 Wise Marcus L. 241 Witcher. Robert W. 195 Wolf Gregg R. 221 Wolff Jud.tKA. 149 Wolffarth. W.lliamC. 239 Wood Gary 193 351 Wood M.chaelJ. 229 Wood Nancy L. 127 Wood Suianne 143 Woods Dan 193 Woods Deborah A. 125 Woodi Jamei D. 193 Woods Mary E. 151 Woods M.cKael K. 303 Woodul Carol E 133 Wooldndge Cindy 131 Woot.n Jerry D. 239 Word Joe D. 357 Worrall Deborah A. 135 Worrell Sheryl L. 273 149 Wr.ght Adele 149 Wnght Barbara A. 149 Wr.ght Cathey A. 129 Wnght DebraL. 143 Wright Denn.y L. 303 Wr.ght Jam.s E 239 Wr.ght Jan. 125 Wr.ght Jud.th M. 131 Wr.ght Jule K. 145 Wnght Kenneth W 239 Wr.ght Rebecca L. 125 Wulfien Robert L. 221 290 Wyatt M.l.nda K 135 Wynkoop W.ll.amF 279 Yandell Barbara L. 1 29 YarborougK Barbara 135 Ybarra Pete A 290 Yeager Teresa A. 277 Youog Alice A 113 25 Young Carr.e D. lit fl Young Jam.s 211 B Young N..ID 233 Young R.chard D. 243 Young Ronald E 239 Youngblood Nancy A 149 Youngqu.st Karen J 127 Zahn Stephen,. A. 127 Ziegler Larry 351 Z,mmrman Dana 139 Zimmermen Patricia A. 125 Zintgraff Cathy M. 207 Zito Mark A 243 I ' " " ll!I ;- , ' " ; nIB) :: ' :,. ; Slwidtlll StaN,A.l z MORE B VITAMINS MORE IRON B9 n H BH

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