Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX)

 - Class of 1947

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Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 428 of the 1947 volume:

'. il ' ' ' f-ng" UQ, W.. . ' fm. 6 g,,ig:sf ' W.. ,. A-.5 rv- ' .-4 ,. ' juvpsfqv-wfv M 4, .. ,. 5 ' 1 mfw f9'73,,f?N3'?l TEXA -3 ' C :L 3154295253 f -W , M ' , ',4 Y fw,g3gc4f3'h e,'9re?54' A.,-13,9y,,Jf,NM .. ,V .fx e gy ' TE 5, ,MA X I Q4 if M X -ng LOGICAL , Q , -1,4 . 4 . W A " 4 A ,r V ' ,QQI"'?.5f2i?Q.,?f5 I L, w f if-f, , W w , fin 'fs IFS? '11 . " , ' ,- ' VQ, , f fi.-TM, ' ,+, ff-iw-fi-W ,wx . . , , vb-gm ,V :ry aff: -T " 'Wi ','L3,WfQ-l5'f7'f174:T- f. E 5,1 k f 'c.,s'1!g- , nt 5'-,KL V' if-'5f4'i4v2b23g,,ff,37f5'if4U--L -r' ,1 ffm, -fawfgvg 11,g,f5fg?5gq'f,.,5:,1,D-.www1, ffwfvi, M,g,1,L-Qggqmfg K A ymp, .f . 4 H.w,W,,, 'mfisghr N,K'21?fWS'Zuf72H if f Wfigsif fy' , ''iizkvyzwtflfEiivis fl if f -' fN",'.f Wil- f ,fm H '-G i' 'V lk -7 11 WWW' -U ff"'f'sf3, ig X m Q if gg? W Q aw W MM X - gf V: 9' 2' ' if ' Q Q, f L ii. X 6 ,I - LLEGE.LLlBBOCK, TEX ALICE GENE MEADING Editor-in-Chief ROBERT PARDUE Business Manager CARL MINOR Associate Editor DUNCAN ELLISON Photographer FRANCES CLARK Art Editor GERALD STOKES BOB WATSON MAXEY PINSON GLYNNA WILLIAMS VIRGIL MIERS Texas Tech f a world complete, bordered by the Avenue, Nineteenth, and hell's forty acres. Here, from the outside world, comes the sound of history being made. Forces are clashing, war is still rumbling on the horizons, cities are rioting and economic structures are crashing. Techsans read about all this in the few newspapers that penetrate the campus, but somehow it seems strangely re- mote ee something that is happening in another universe. So for a briet while here on Tech campus, wars and rumors of wars compete with things like who is going to be the number one beauty, or the head cheerleader, or winner oi the game, or how to manage coke dates on a veteran's subsistence. These are the important things, the things that matter tor the short, happy stay in the college world. And these are the things that the LA VENTANA staii has attempted to record on these pages, a resume ot all the import-ant "international" happenings, the "universally" known personages, and the "cosmopolitan" society. Here, we hope, are memories oi what happened in our world this year, put down in black and white. lt is our wish, when you leave Tech and are weary oi the other world, that you can take this book, turn the pages, and relive the careiree and wonderful days you spent in peaceiul and isolated security at Texas Tech. t ,v,1?,, t "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them" . . . Little did Shakespeare know of Texas Tech when he made this prophecy, but a prophecy it was. Tech was born great in the hearts and ideals of the founders and achieved greatness through the practicality and hard work of those who followed. This year found greatness thrust upon Tech. With an unprecedented enrollment, crowded living conditions, crowded classrooms, and insufficient facilities of every kind, the old Tech spirit came through, shall we say, magnificently to overcome the difficulties. So to you who, despite all the annoyances and inconveniences, have with a few laughs and a lot of cooperation made this year the greatest yet at Texas Tech fr -to you we gratefully dedicate this l947 LA VENTANA. Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION CLASSES FEATURES PERSONALITIES SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS W? 1111 fllivmnriam BILLY IOE WHITEHEAD September 30. 1946 IACK DAVIS November 1, 1946 BENIAMIN "PAT" BECKER October 15. 1946 Administration N- --N .- ,. l.vl?"1"".':4' fr . . . . .M-. f.--. Qgzecfzi N':-:E:'-!:??i- r- ' 19.225 A- .. . .- --mn V . --z:f.r-..,n......:.f .44 -2.-,.--. .-. .- . .X .-7----n---'-an -:---za'pw!HRW-2.50-HUT?-E3xEfI".,2'"f.'.'a:,gg--'-".' . .-:--A f .. .. -1 . , .. .ff fs.:-eseatw'fzgfvsiviw'fixiw-Ayr'-H':aiff'Qf:swf1cm1ffE3-':.afSf:a'L:z1f2-:x:cs1-'-ff'-'vi Plkfafflx-:nf-2:-4-a":i,-.'Qsrf ,Ls-' f 1-- ' ,. ..,-..-,,4.,-,-,...-wgp5f'x-.:f-,e1ai5-q,4'-gffz--v C-Q:-we11E'fr'1xferfaizgs-staf-U1-.ifR'f:'pfrfvfilfezgft"f.Q4f'f:'ff-'-f .2:A-1723553112153554423-42?"9':1K"iz:--' ' -'-'Q--van.. 11:1-'I-'sfwfaQ-fufgfri-5-f--9 - 'Salam-1-1: --,.--a52'p.5f-m-,..-::Q-----f'n4w'5'TPXm'11-r"-Q--f:+-.-5--v'1sE'...x-0fd--ff-5974-1-f-.f:'fn feta-'fvsfwiaf-Jw'12----e '-' aidi-:i53i.'mQ?fa'f2a25x?1'ef:2gr:-HS'2:s.:v:?mS5?.EfP5':i4-N:gfsfsfxffgiii?231-'iifr:i'TcL2qj52::a2g3':3,Et5ffjeisf'-affix?-?2'rwQ-fa-ff,xgQQg.5-9:-+,'gspegig5zf15:'I:zi:' -1-:f?sZv5215f?--:F43,35-fffwikiiifiif-i'i'41f53I4'EifE:?5':2 Pi f fi:- ..ivffmifsrxsssgiff-4-fgivasrfw-'-2x23-fighzbzr-'f-1'2-uf--z'-vvH:aS2Ir4.'v':AU-zawifuWmwgifffii'-2fe2-afizir-'H +LHsf4afmfQ-22-mfL4"9iQ::-mf-lhfff'-23:92 -se' . 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J . v- :B f"'i-5 -- -v 1 1 ff- ,- . - .- - Q , .- lfg,-Ml L -V 9 -'1 w 1 . r- . , 5 0 6 -1 mg I if -. 1' 2 2- 5 ,Q 13,2 4 A 'F ' 3 ff -f 553 555 ' - .f' " -- Q -' I fic' .V 'f'-f f 11' . ---+ .fed -Q ' f - X 39522: fp- 5 12-1 .. - -+mi'.'g"-- ffffxm' "W I - r KM A N ' m.z35'1- M . .. 4-- . - . - Q, r..,- V. , m y-. 1-L .f....,. W, -..,.,,. .v mf .va-.x.fz:.-Mwn.az.xna..' """ V K ' f ., xiwfs f , 2 wifi y.VgKi5?J 5 mx-fw if 'H if fi CONTENTS Board of Directors Student President Supreme Court Student Council Administrative Gfficers College Deans Department Heads Charles C. Thompson, chairman, Mark McGee, vice-chairman, A. G. Mayse, Robert B. Price, O. B. Ratlift Chanslor E. Weymouth, treasurer, Kyle Spiller, Leon lnce, Charles Woolridqe, Clittord B. lohes, W. T. Gaston BOARD OF DIRECTGRS W. M. Whyburn. Page 13 Page Standing, left to right, are john Culver, Associate justice: Bob Cooper, Associate Iusticey Paul Nail, Lem Titts- worthp sitting, Mary Flatty Amos Howard, Chief justice: and Herschel Lamb. SUPREME CGURT Carrying the democratic principle of the Student government of Texas Tech ever further, the new student constitution under which we operated this year provides for ay Supreme Court, completing the balance of power in campus government. The court is composed of seven appointed members including the chief justice, who is a senior pre-law student, and six associate justices. A senior Engineering student, a Home Economics senior, a Commerce senior, and a senior Agricultural student, along with two junior pre-law students, make the associate justices. From the latter two is appointed the chief justice for the following year. lt is the duty of the court to interpret the Student Association Constitution and to render written opinions, giving reasons for the decisions. The court also acts in an advisory capacity, advising, upon request, the council as to the constitutionality of any proposed legislation. A majority of the entire court may declare any act of the council or any officer of the council unconstitu- tional. Students may petition the court to take action on election violations or the unconstitutionality of the acts of the council. Included among the decisions of this, the first, court are: ill the clarification of the l.U0 requirement quali- fications, i2l LA VENTANA elections should fall within the jurisdiction of the council requirements, and C31 the council may call general elections for amendments to the Student Association Constitution. 15 BILL NUGENT PANZE BUTLER HM HUMPHREYS Business Manager Secretary Vice-President STLIDE T COUNCIL Texas Tech's governing body for collegiate activities is the Student Council, composed of student body officers, and representatives from each division. One of their most important accomplishments this year was the amendment of the Student Constitution. Other things they have done this year in the further- ance of the interests of the student body are: support of campus clean-up drive, which was sponsored by the T. W. V. A., Work on Campus Beautification through Lubbock officials, and work on the lights for the towers. The Student Council also sent representatives to Austin for a regional conference of the National Students Organization, and three representatives to Baton Rouge, La., to the Southern and Southwestern College and University Student Con- ference. Their special aim this year W-as to create student interest in all college activities. This year they sponsored the annual homecoming parade, the first time since before the warp made all Parents' Day arrangements, and sponsored the Varsity Show. Their only social function of the year was the annual dinner held in May. Page I 6 A ww r ww 1 ' , E E 1 5 l 1 i Frist Row: Ley Cathzerinf- Barnett, T. C. Emil'-ti, Ralamrt BGUVHQCITSTISIL, Virginia Blackburn, Bala Click. Serond Row: Ralph Cocurriuqlrer, Par Groves, lames Gunter, Vlfevsley Hamilton, Gene Hardy. Third Row: Eugenia l-lappffry Elma' Harqrflve, lalw-Anna lcrres, Sarah McDonald, Marshall Mason, loe Meador Fcixrfh Row: Hcvle f.ff:ss, Prank Nl'-'11, Bonn' Fierrmfr, Geraldine Ta'-fer, famre 'frairrf-r, Barton lfv7llllIlGl'1CZIU. . . I . .fffjge I7 H. L. BURGESS Business Office Assistant Auditor ADMINISTRATIVE W. P. CLEMENT Registrar A. S. GAYLORD, IR. Librarian IOHN E. BOWDEN Auditor Page 1 8 OFFICERS G. W. MCCLEABY Bursar DOYLE D. IACKSON Director of the Teacher Placement Bureau Page I9 S. T. CUMMINGS Purchasing Agent W. T. GASTON Business Manager DR. R. C. GOODWIN MHS. IOHNNYE LANGFORD Decrn ot Women Dedn of Arts cmd Sciences L L E TRENT C. ROOT Decrn of Business Administration and Assistant to the President W. L. STANGEL Decm ot Agriculture IAMES G. ALLEN Deen of Men O. V. ADAMS DE Q Deen of Engineering MARGARET W. WEEKS Deon of Home Economics ,AMN N.. Y f DR. W. C. HOLDEN Dean of Graduates l. H. MURDOUGH Civil Engineering C. V. BULLEN Electrical Engineering O. A. ST. CLAIR lndustrial Engineering and Engineering Drawing F. A. KLEINSCHMIDT Architecture and Allied Aris DEP RTM N H. E. GODEKE Mechanical Engineering Page 22 L. E. PARSONS Textiles Engineering DR. LeROY T. PATTON ARTHUR W. YOUNG Geology -ond Petroleum Engineering Plum Industry Chemistry ond Chernicol Engineering Page DR. R. C. GOCDWIN RAY' L. CHAPPELLE Agricultural Education in-.M 5W I. HOMER MILLIKIN Director ot Extension SANNIE CALLAN Child Development and Family Relations MARGARET W. WEEKS DR. I. N. MICHIE Mathematics DEPARTMENT MABEL D. ERWIN Clothing and Textiles Home Management MARTYE POINDEXTER Applied Arts HEADS Agricultural Economics, Farm Management, and Rural Sociology VIVIAN lOl-INSON Horne Economics Education W. L. STANGEL Animal Husbandry KENNETH M. RENNER Dairy Manufacturing 5' M, -wry, r ff . it DR. W. C. HOLDEN HISTOTY ond Anthropology DR. IULIEN P. BLITZ Music DR. CHARLES B. QUALIA Foreign Lcrnquoqes AN NAH IO PEN DLETON Speech DEPARTMENT DR. I. W. DAVIS Government THOMAS F. WIESEN Economics and Management IOHNNYE LANCIFORD DR. TRUIVIAN W. CAMP Physical Education tor Women Acting Chairman English HEADS DR. C. C. SCHMIDT Physics DR. R. E. GARLIN Education and Psychology Lett: Dr. R. A. Stuolhalter, Biology . . . Right: Cecil Horne, lourn-alisrn . . . Left. Trent C. Root, Ac counting and Finance . . . Right: Lt. Col. L. C. Ad- ams, Military Science and Tactics . . . Lett: Morley lenninqs, Physical Education for Men . . . Right: Mo- z ell e Craclclock, lnstitu- tional Management . . . Page 28 Classes qw ,?,,,..:,9,.3:,. ,.g4g3j.11F":fgiqHr.f- .- ' .Yi . . Q .-1 . '- - , -xcfs.-2221" sp'-'5" fi."i'5bE'f .' 'Y 'bliflf-5214 1 fi?" 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' .. rw ..c 1 'Nr' Q - .f 665101 A p Q - . 1. ff-.4-qs. . ' -N - X- . if . ' - --'X-.-.. ' Um ' - . . 4 1 . -- vz. :,.!.'v.-5 -, 1' .A ': pw' ' . ., I "-- M ---- ...Q 't .x T- ghi Y 5 Q63 2 ! Q 5 , I 1 . ' 'x -- .83 '4 Nw-gg 3 ...gig fi! i Q4 5 5 .nwfuq - ,,fr.r-lg, 5, 2 F 5 'eg 5 - E' . ' . . " 7. ' 52:3 - 5 ai 5155 W j ij if ' 53? z 1 SE . .. ' 23 I '7 "' ' M KA' . ' 'f his '. 3? 1 M-M-W' A Q5 " ei 2 ,A::?s3'f. 9 'X-41 -4 ff V" -' -' -fi' 'I 1 vie: b f ., t f: 1 Es. 3. . 1 . .M gr , A11 ' 3 P-1 sg v' . - in ' - A. -- . ai gf 529693 .E 9, :+V 1 2 'W fl -f 5 3 21 Q55 Eff - " . I ' 'I lk- '15 Y af' . , ' ., 'L M. 5- ' Y ' gx Y .4-F. Bn ' ' .7 Q Tv ,i "QL v v . ,. 92? Vwffiio r," , 'fjfg' df' 'f,"Q-jxf5fQ'L5? ' " V ' XNiu-'-"b"""" .,, pl. gpg '."1'.-55f5',1. :.'.f:.1i1,:..ii1.1fC., , 7" ""?'mM'MN 1' ,..,.....u..w.N.,.,..,.,....,..-,..........,.M......-.MMA -.fw -lf-vw.-wd.oxwnvfwwunmuuvwuQm,9zwawwnmr -""""""""'H 'MMM 2, 55635555-fl? -' ' H515 CONTENTS Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Page 33 ORVILLE ALDERSON MAXEY PINSON MARY TROY President Vice-President Secretary SENICRS Theodore Alexander Charles Bruce . . Beryl Cline . . Edward L. Dawson Betty Gilbert . . Faye Harlan . Muel Moss . Bob Mahafley . Cyril I. Perusek . Norman Shaw . . Lawrence H. Snively . Lorene Tyson . . Ernestine G. Wheelock Margy Ray Woods . Connie Wright . . . Lubbock Mount Vernon . Lubbock . Tulia . Lubbock . Idalou . Whiteiace Wichita Falls . Houston . Lubbock Colorado City . El Paso . Lubbock Corpus Christi . Lubbock GRADUATE Coitee time catches some pretty gals at the Cafeteria. Page 34 Page 35 SE IORS Tully and Ieep have a few. Iames Abbott . . . Winters George Acton ....... Wichita Falls B. S. in Textile Engr., Silver Key, Secy. '42-43, Sgt.-at-arms '46-47, Phi Psi, Vice-Pres. '46-47, Textile Engr. Society, Engr. Society, Saddle Tramps, T. W. V. A. Vice-Pres. '46-47. Katherine Adams ....... Ranger B. A. in Education and Psychology. Orville Alderson ....... Lubbock Pres. of Senior Class, Silver Key, Pres. '47, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi, S. A. M. E., Saddle Tramps, Engr. Society, MICC, TWVA. Iasen Allen . . Hale Center Nathan Allen . . Big Spring Hewitt Allison ........ Odessa B. S. in Geology, Double T Association, Track letterman '46-47, TWVA. Mary Frances Alexander ...... Kermit B. A. in Sociology, Vice-Pres. of Doak Hall '45- 46, W. S. G. A., Las Vivarachas, Book Review- ers, Sociology Club, Vice-Pres. '46-47, Sock and Buskin, Tech Chamber of Commerce. H. I. Altendorf ......... Fritch Philip A. Altendori . . . Fritch Thayne Arnonett . . . Petersburg A. D. Anderson ........ Cisco Bachelor oi Architecture, Engr. Society, Gar- goyle Society, Pres. Secy., Kappa Kappa Psi, Secy., Silver Key, Band. Norman Arguello . . Alajuela, Costa Rica Bobby Armstrong ....... Littlefield Imogene Bagwell ....... Claude B. A. in Speech, Freshman Honor Society, lun- ior Council, Sigma Tau Delta, Secy., Alpha Psi Omega, Sock and Buskin, Secy. '46-47, De- bate, Vice-Pres. '45-46, Reporter '46, Alpha Chi, Capa y Bspada, Forum, Book Reviewers, Treas. '46-47, Intercollegiate Debate Team, '45- 46, WSGA, Secy., Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '46. ...as aid. Glenna Bailey ........ Lamesa B. S. in Geology, Band, Petroleum Engr. and Geological Society, Secy. '46-47, Chorus, Book Reviewers, Capa y Espada. Lotta Bess Baldwin ....... Lamesa B. A. in Iournalism, Freshman Honor Society, Iunior Council, Book Reviewers, Forum, Press Club, Theta Sigma Phi, Ko Shari. R. V. Ball ......... function B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie Club, T. W. V. A., Saddle Tramps, Dairy Manufactures Club, Vice-Pres. '45-46, Reporter '46-47, Sears Scholarship. Doris Barnes . . . . Littlefield B. A. in Iournalism. George G. Barnes . . Palestine lane Bates . . . Levelland Io Baucum ....... Magazine, Ark. Iohn Bayles ........ Balmorhea B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Sears-Roebuck Scholarship Foundation, Aggie Club, Pres. and Secy., Block and Bridle, Alpha Chi, Saddle Tramps, T. W. V. A., Member of Ir. Livestock Iudging Team. George Beakley . . Levelland Iohn Beakley ..... . Levelland Barbcaa Bedford ....... Lubbock B. A. in History, Ko Shari, Corresponding Secy. '45, Rush Captain '46-47, Reporter '45, Foreign Language Club, Freshman Honor Society, lun- ior Council, A. W. S. Marvin Beighis . . . . Loraine H. R. Belcher . . Sweetwater Arthur Bell . . Vernon Charles Bell . . Lubbock Keep your eyes on your own papers, please. Page 36 Page 37 P Pat Pritchard and I. C. Bartlett grab a quick cup ot cotiee in Wellman's, during Dead Week. from the looks oi I. C.'s face. Brac Biggers . . Lubbock Iames Billingsley . . . . Snyder Russell Birdwell . . Bossier City, La. Virginia Blackburn ,....... lraan Freshman Honor Society, lunior Council, Secy. Publications Committee, Tech Chamber ot Commerce, Ko Shari, Student Council '45-47. George E. Bohner ........ Olton Kenneth Boman . . Olton Lubbock Clark Bondurant l. ' ..... . Silver Key, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre-Medical Club, Saddle Tramps. lack W. Boone . . . . Lubbock lim Bostick . . Dallas Betty Iane Bowman . . Amarillo Mary F. Brashear ....... McAllen William C. Brewer ........ Olton Aggie Club, E. E. A. Secy. '46, B. S. U. Coun- cil '42, Charles C. Britton ....... Ballinger Alpha Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon Vice-Pres. '42- 43, Tau Beta Pi Secy. '43, A. l. E. E., Engineer- ing Society Vice-Pres. and Secy. '42-43. Myrtle A. Brown ..... Carlsbad, N. M. Tech Accounting Society. Mrs. Syble Brown . . . . Lubbock W. W. Buck ........ Lubbock lane Burns ......... Ft. Worth B. A. in English, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities '46, Alpha Chi Pres. '46- 47, Forum Program Chairman '46-47, Sigma Tau Delta, lr. Council Secy. '45-46, Freshman Honor Society, Iunior Class Representative to A. W. S. '45-46, LA VENTANA Secy. '45-47, Book Reviewers Pres. '45-46, Ko Shari Treas. '45-46, Pledge Advisor '46-47, Capa y Espada, Women's Recognition Service '45-46. Billy Iean Burrell ....... Chillicothe B. A. in Iournalism, Press Club, Kappa Alpha Mu, Women's Self-Governing Association. Panze Butler ........ Lubbock B. S. in Education, President Sans Souci '46-47, A. W. S. Vice-Pres. '46-47, Secy. Student Body '46-47, Forum '46-47, Alpha Chi, Iunior Council '45-46, Freshman Honor Society, Home Service, College Unit ot Red Cross, Chairman '46-47, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities '46-47, Book Reviewers '43-44, Span- ish Club '43-44, Sock and Buskin '43-44, Col- lege Chorus Pres. '45-46, Choral Director Var- sity Show '46, Women's Recognition Service '44 and '46, Who's Who on the Campus, W. L C. C. Representative '46-47. Roy Butler ........ Rising Star B. S. in Petroleum Engineering. Elsie Bynum ...... . Snyder Dick Cade . . Slaton Godfrey I. Cadra ....... Shamrock Engineering Society, Petroleum Engineering Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Dorothy Cantrell ....... Lubbock B. S. in Physical Education, DFD Pres. '46-47, LA VENTANA Business Manager '46, Major and Minor '45-46, '46-47, WRA, Who's Who on the Campus '46, Sock and Buskin, Spanish Club, WICC. Dorothy Thompson Caraway . . Lubbock Ioe T. Cardwell .... . Vernon Mrs. Leota Cardwell . . . Vernon Richard W. Canninati . . Montague Robert Carr .... . Lubbock Maisie Carter . . Lubbock SE IORS Beauty rewards the beast-results of the beard contest, incidentally. Page 38 Page 39 Red Coats loais in the sun all day. Iames Carter . . Lubbock Iohn F. Case . . . Lubbock Carl Casey ........ Wolttorth B. S. in Petroleum Engineering, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineering Society, Petroleum Engi- neering and Geology Society, SAME, TWVA, Saddle Tramps. Ann Casner . . . Presidio, N. M. Iuanell Cearley . . Levelland Iack Chambers . . Odessa Charles Chenault . . Wichita Falls Earl B. Christy ........ Lubbock Frances Clark ........ Lubbock B. A. in lournalism, Editor ot Summer Toreador '46, Press Club, Art Editor LA VENTANA '47, LA VENTANA Who's Who. Walter Clark . . Lubbock W. L. Clark . . . . Lubbock Belmont H. Clarkson . . Sherman Addie Clay . . . . . Hedley Dorothy Cliit ....... Waxahachie B. A. in Foreign Languages, Pres. Ko Shari '46- 47, Pres. Capa y Espada '45-46, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities '46, '47, lunior Council '45-46, Forum '46-47, Fresh- man Honor Society '44-45, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, WICC, Alpha Chi, WSGA Council, French Club, Spanish Club, Book Be- viewers, Women's Recognition Service '44-46. Mildred Coats ....... Cross Plains . . .6 ' it . -5 1 ., ,.f g s. ,. . has V .Qt au' x ,l an TWV Jive 'W' iii? We 323 -'7 '-f,v.?k., 15- ,g.f..,W . .T . . V.. . if Ffa iii-.Qfii ' Miiif 6-I?-S 39 , .:...W, y it 'Lit M me leg :W fkggkfg S E IO R S Ralph Coconougher ...... Lubbock B. B. A. in Business Management, Student Council, Silver Key, T. W. V. A., Saddle Tramps, Chamber oi Commerce, Artist Course Committee. Robert Cocke ........ Corsicana B. S. in Petroleum Engineering, Silver Key, S. A. M. E., Engineering Society, T. W. V. A., Saddle Tramps. Creed Coffee ........ Big Spring B. S. in Chemical Engineering, Silver Key, A. l. Ch. E., Engineering Society, T. W. V. A., S. A. M. E. C. W. Coffee R. I. Coffey . Ioe E. Cole . Polly Cook . Alex K. Cooke Icxnice Coonrod D. E. Corley . Doris Cornelius Gwen Cowart Icrck Cowden . Ben Cowling Lubbock Crosbyton Lubbock . Post Clarendon . Lohn . Olney Floydada . Slaton iowa Park Hamilton B. B. A., T. W. V. A., Alpha Phi Omega Vice- President. Mary Iune Cox ...... Wichita Falls Liederkranz Pres. '45, Sec.-Treas. '44, Pre-Med- ical Society Sec.-Treas. '45. Page 41 I Coupla' Coeds Ada Crager . . . . . Plainview Ann Crenshaw ........ Lubbock B. A. in French, Sans Souci, Press Club, Bed Cross, Stephens College '43-45, S. M. U. '45-46. Walter Crews ........ Lubbock Bettye Io Crisler . . . E1 Paso Burton Crossen . . Lubbock Claude C. Curtis . . Quanah Dean I. Dauley . . . . Hattieville Troy Davidson ........ Lubbock B. A. in Government, Sophomore Class Vice- Pres., Student Association Bus. Mgr., T. W. V. A. Secy., T. W. V. A. Commander, Pre-Law Club Pres., Student Association Pres., Saddle Tramps. E. R. Davis ......... Lubbock Ieif H. Davis . . Levelland Iesse Day . . . Donna Calla Mae Deaton ....... Ranger B. A. in Iournalism, Capa y Espada Treas. '46- 47, Sigma Delta Phi, Press Club, Toreador Statt '46-47. Albert Devin ......... Tulia B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie Club Secy. '46, Block and Bridle Treas. '46-47, F. F. A., Senior Dairy Cattle Team, International Live- stock Team. Marion Dewhirst . . Kilgore Clinton DeWolf . . Lubbock Iames W. Donaghey . . Trenton Mary Io Dryder ........ Sudan B. B. A. in Marketing and Salesmanship, Wes- ley Players. Naomi Duff ......... Lubbock B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Home Economics Club, Foods and Nutrition Club Beporter, Women Veterans President. Frances Dulaney . . . Harold Eastland .... . . Ft. Worth Hillsboro B. S. in Agricultural Education, Aggie Club, F. F. A., Block and Bridle Club. D. E. Ellison ..... Hugh English ...... . Lubbock . Plainview Bachelor oi Architectural Design, Kemas Secy., Gargoyle, Engineering Society. Gale Etter ...... Ierry Eubanks . Iames W. Evans . I. C. Evans . . . Thomas W. Evans . R. I. Fairchild ..... Eloise Fambro . . . . . . Lubbock . Lubbock . Memphis . Mertzon . Lubbock Carlsbad, N. M. Breckenridge B. S. in Clothing and Textiles, Home Economics Club, D. F. D. Bush Captain, American Chemi- cal Societ '45-46 French Club, Clothing and Y , Textiles Club '45-46. Christine Fillingixn .... B. S. in Elementary Education. . Plains SE IORS Tech's parking situation-ugh! Page 42 Page 4 3 George Montague and Iohn Simpson acting queer. Roger W. Flanagan. . . . . Sweetwater Mary L. Flatt ........ Iunction B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Las Chaparritas, A. W. S. Representative, Junior Council '45-46, Forum Sec.-Treas. '45-46, W. R. A. '44-45, H. E. Club '44-47, Student Council Supreme Court lustice '46-47, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities '46-47, A. W. S. Council '46-47, Phi Upsilon Omicron '45-47. Iames D. Fleming ....... Saint Io Grady Fletcher .... . Cfainsville B. B. A. in Management. Dale Foreman .... . Lubbock Charles Freeman . . Coleman Novaline Freeman . . Roscoe Vememma Freeman ....... Baird W. N. Garrison ....... Ft. Worth B. S. in Civil Engineering, Silver Key, Tau Beta Pi, A. S. C. E., Engineering Society, T. W. V. A., Saddle Tramps. Richard Gary ....... Petersburg Robert Gaston , ........ Winters B.B.A., Socii, Kappa Kappa Psi Sec. '43, Drum Major '43, Tech Band, Lubbock Symphony, Tech Veterans. Iesse George . . Lubbock Ruth George . . Lubbock Victor Gerdes . . Hallettsville H. E. Gillespie . . Lubbock Will Gillett . . Lubbock Burt Glazner . . Anson Lulita Goss . . Lubbock Kit C. Grayor ....... Wichita Ealls Barbara Green ........ Lubbock B. A. in Iournalism, Toreador Editor '46-47, Alumni News Editor '46, LA VENTANA Asso- ciate Editor '45-46, Toreador Associate Editor '45, Theta Sigma Phi, Pres. '46-47, Treas. '45-46, Pre-Law Club Secy.-Treas.-Reporter '45-47, D. E. D. Reporter '45-46, Press Club, Sock and Buskin, Book Reviewers, Debate Club '46, ln- tercollegiate Debate Team '46, Co-Script Writer, Varsity Show ot l946. Willis Gunn ...... . Crane Iames Gunter ........ Claude B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie Club, Block and Bridle Pres., Saddle Tramps, T. W. V. A., Student Council, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, International Livestock Iudging Team. Ted Hackey . . . Et. Worth I. A. Hall ......... Lubbock Ianice Hall ......... Slaton B. S. in Home Economics Education, Home Eco- nomics Club, W. S. G. A. Vice-Pres. '45, Eu- ture Teachers of America. Iohnnie Sue Hamilton .... Henryetta, Okla. B. A. in Sociology, Freshman Honor Society, Iunior Council, Las Vivarachas Treas. '46-47, Sociology Club, A. W. S., Alpha Chi Omega. Alvin Hanley ........ Pt. Worth B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, Saddle Tramps, A. S. M. E. Treas., Socii Pres., Engi- neering Society, Student Council, T. W. V. A. Gene Hardey . . Stockton, Calif. Dorothy Hardy . . . Ranger Calvin C. Harden . . Vera Posed. if ever a picture was! KX. -.K ' E f. '1 , . I .r .r I Xiqrsgff.. ps, t .gig V , ...'.L 1:53-,,, --WN V W . rr.. l - 7 K. . I H . .if . ,Gi .5- X g Y ff, . 9, .raffg i ,trs -f Page 44 Page 4 5 Charles Arnold. winner of the beard contest. gives Beverly Besancon a "big old hairy kiss". Elmer Hargrove ........ Rotan O. P. Harlan ........ Lubbock B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, Centaur, Sad- dle Tramps, A. S. M. E., Engineering Society, T. W. V. A. Maxine Harp ........ Abernathy B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron Pres. '46-47, Iunior Council Pres. '45-46, Home Economics Club Treas. '45-46, Doak Hall Secy. '44-45, A. VV. S. Representative from Doak Hall '45-46, W. S. G. A. Senate, Forum, Alpha Chi, Freshman Honor Society, Sock and Buskin, Book Reviewers, Las Vivarachas, Pan- hellenic Award '43-44, Forum Award '44-45, Borden Award '46-47, Women's Recognition Service, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities '45-46, '46-47, Who's Who at Tech '45-46. Anne Harrell ......... Anson Charles Harris ......... West B. S. in Textile Engineering, Los Camaradas, Phi Psi, Textile Engineering Society, T. W. V. A., Saddle Tramps, Engineering Society. Bettie Hart ......... Anton B. S. in Applied Arts, Home Economics Club, Gargoyle, L-as Chaparritas Historian, Press Club, Art Workshop Pres. R. C. Harvey .... . Lubbock Ray Haskins ........ Woltforth Ava Hastey ........ Quitague B. B. A., Freshman Honor Society, Chamber of Commerce, Alpha Chi. Guy Haverstock ....... Floydada Edward Havron ....... Knox City B. S. in Agricultural Education, Aggie Club, F. F. A. Sentinel '46-47, Sock and Buskin, T. W. V. A. Garland Head . ..... Clovis, N. M. Robert Headrick . . . Sweetwater George Hedrick ...... Clovis, N. M. Maxine Hennersdorf ...... Lubbock B. A. in Speech, Ko Shari Historian '45, Rush Captain '45-46, Vice-Pres. '46-47, Freshman Honor Society, lunior Council, Forum Pres. '46-47, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, Book Reviewers Pres. '46-47, Debate Club Pres. '46-47, A. W. S. Council, Sock and Buskin Sec. '45, Intercollegiate De- bate Team '45-46, Capa y Espada Vice-Pres. '45-45, Women's Recognition Service. S. E. Henslee . . . Lubbock Iean Herring . . . . Pt. Worth B. A. in Sociology. Iane Hess .... . Lubbock Harvey R. Hicks . . Carlsbad, N. M. Buster Higdon . . . Ranger Eldon Wayne Hill . . Amherst Pat Hillger ........ Ft. Stockton B. A. in English, Las Vivarachas Secy. '45-46, Sock and Buskin, Latin Club '44-45, Sophomore Representative to House Senate for Craddock Hall '44-45, A. W. S. '45-46, F. T. A. '46-47. Emmett Hinson ........ Lubbock Norman Hoback ...... Colorado City B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Wranglers, Aggie Club Vice-Pres., Aggie Club Secy., Sneed Hall Pres., Dairy Club Secy.-Treas., T. W. V. A., Saddle Tramps. Lometa A. Hodge ....... Paducah Hodge-Podge Queen '45, Cheerleader '45-47, LA VENTANA Beauty '45-46, Doak Hall Vice- Pres. '46-47, Las Vivarachas Pres. '46-47, Theta Sigma Phi Vice-Pres. '46-47, Press Club, Tech Chamber ot Commerce. Adell Holland . . Calvin Hoover . Ioe S. Horne . Drucille Howze . . Chester G. Hubbard Lubbock Midland Lubbock Brownfield Lubbock SENIORS Spring'time and students studying outside the library. Page 46 Qs' it 'lf l .mil ,.,W, .f -' -8 Page 47 Honey-girl Iohnson has a glass of milk and two escorts in Wellman's. Thomas W. Hughes ....... Trenton B. A. in History, College Club, Saddle Tramps. Iim Humphreys ........ Lubbock B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Student Council Vice-Pres., Iunior Class Pres., Saddle Tramps, Manager Basketball '42, Manager Football '46, Alpha Phi Gmega Vice-Pres. '46, Block and Bridle, Publications Committee Chairman '46, Student Lite and Recreation Committee, Beauti- tication Committee Chairman '46-47, Aggie Club, T. W. V. A. Vice-Commander '46-47, Double T Association, President Men's Dorm '42, Bus. Mgr. Toreador '46. Elizabeth Hurlbut .... . Lubbock Barbara Iean Huyck . . Muleshoe Ioe Irvin . . . . Balls B. A. Iackson . . Lubbock Betty Io Iackson ....... Abernathy B. A. in English, Press Club, Spanish Club, Sock and Buskin, Debate Club, Freshman Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Ioseph T. Iackson ....... Lubbock B. A. in Iournalism, College Club, T. W. V. A., Kappa Alpha Mu, Press Club, Saddle Tramps. Elmer Iameson ...... Carlsbad, N. M. B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, A. I. E. E., Engineering So- ciety, College Club. Carl Ienson . . . . Abilene Roger Wm. Iohnson . . Overton Vee Iohnson . . . Wichita Falls Charles L. Iones . . Friona Charles Iones . . Lubbock Henry N. Iones . . . Lubbock . , 4.-g. Ruth Keith ......... Matador B. S. in Home Economics Education, Freshman Honor Society, Home Economics Society, Fu- ture Teachers. Pauline Kenney ........ Slaton B. S. in Elementary Education, Freshman Honor Society. A. I. Kerr . . . . Odessa Sarabeth Kimmel ....... Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Freshman Honor So- ciety, DFD Sec. '46-47, Gargoyle Society Sec. '45-46, Senior Representative to A. W. S., En- gineering Society. Iohn King ......... Loraine Irene Kittley ......... Sudan B. B. A., Tech Accounting Society Secy.-Treas., Alpha Chi. .Irene Knowles . . . Tulia Irene Koen . . Lubbock Anita Klmkel . . Lubbock William I. Laine ........ Spur B. B. A., Tech Accounting Society, Tech Cham- ber of Commerce, Student Council '42, Naomi Langford ....... Lockney B.-B. A., Freshman Honor Society, Home Eco- nomics Club, Tech Chamber of Commerce, Al- pha Chi. Woodrow W. Lauderdale . . Lubbock Mary Nell Lea ....... Levelland B. B. A., Tech Chamber of Commerce. Iohnny Leathers ....... Clarendon B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie Club, Block and Bridle. Iune Leltwich . . Lubbofrk SENIORS The old Ad building dresses up homecoming. X X Thy, K. Page 48 M at .. of ff I 15.1.5 ,QS-'. ' Page 49 Roland Cocke, Bill Abell, C. V. Leonard. and Howard Axton practice up io: national brother- hood week. Betty Io Leonard ........ Odessa B. S. in Geology, Band '43-45, Tau Beta Sigma, W. R. A., W. S. G. A. House Senate '45-46, Petroleum Engineering and Geological Society Corresponding Secy. '46-47, A. W. S. '44-45. Kenneth O. Lewis ...... Sweetwater B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle Club, Saddle Tramps, Aggie Club, Senior Livestock Iudging Team, American Royal '46 and International Livestock Exposition '48, T. W. V. A. Clarence Little . . . Amarillo Iohn C. Long .... . Lubbock Iose Rafael Lopez-Cepero . . . . San luan Luther F. Loveless ....... Friona B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie Club, Dairy Club Vice-Pres. '46, College Club, Saddle Tamps, Student Council '42-43, T. W. V. A. Don Lummus . . . San Angelo Iesse M. McAllister . . Stamford I. W. McAnally . . Cbicota Maxye McCarney . . Dumas R. L. McClellon ....... Spearman Modelle McClure B. S. in Home Economics Education, Home Eco- nomics Club Reporter '45-46, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron Corresponding Secy. '46-47, Forum '46- 47, Women's Recognition Service '46. . . . . . . Sweetwater Charlie McCormick . . Lubbock Doug McCoy ........ Lubbock Helen McDonald ....... Levelland B. A. in Speech, W. R. A. Representative to A. W. S., Capa y Espada, Casa Linda Club, Sock and Buskin, Debate Club. Marshall McDonald . . McAdoo Sarah McDonald ....... Stamford B. A. in Commercial Art, Las Chaparritas Secy. '46-47, Press Club, Gargoyle Society, A. W. S. '45, Student Council '46-47, Engineer- ing Society. Iane McGowan ....... Lubbock B.S. in Vocational Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron Libra- rian '46-47, Freshman Honor Society, Baptist Student Union. Iean McGregor . . . Dallas B. B. A., Sans Souci. Mary C. McHenry . . . Ranger Lafayette McKay . . Lubbock Lib McLarry ........ Lubbock B. S. in Education, DFD Secy. '45-46, Vice-Pres. '46-47, Sock and Buskin, Future Teachers, Commerce Club. George B. McLeroy ...... Lubbock B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie Club, Block and Bridle, T. W. V. A. Iim McMahon . . . . Lubbock Raymond R. McWilliams .... San Bonita Mabeth Mabry ........ Plains B. A. in English, President oi Dorm l '46-47, U. S. G. A., Capa y Espada, Future Teachers of America, Tech Red Cross. Arnold Maeker ..... . Wilson Matilda Maloui . . . Post Charles Martin . . . . Crandall Marshall Mason ........ Post B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, Socii Vice- Pres., A. P. O. Secy., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Petroleum Engr. and Geological Society Treas., Sock and Buskin, Student Council, Saddle Tramps. SE IORS Leo Kitch and Vic Castleberry get ready to over-expose a lew. ll-93, Page SU K N, ,Q fm . -sf f X 5 X ir Page 51 Students brave the winter winds to soak up a little sun on the old Double-T. Nila Massey ..... Y . . . Lubbock B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Freshman Honor Society, lunior Council, Home Economics Club, Lehi Upsilon Omicron, Foods and Nutrition lub. Ida Pearl Matney . . Amarillo George Mayes . . . Lubbock Marion H. Mayes ....... Lubbock Buster I. Melton ......,. Tyler B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Double T Club, Centaur Club, A. l. E. E., T. W. V. A., Pres. Soph Class '43-44, Pres. West Hall '46-47. Ruth Michael ....... Brownwood Faye Middlebrooks ....... Afton B. S. in Education, Y. W. A., Baptist Student Union. Norma Middlebrooks ....... Afton B. B. A., Ann Haseltine Y. W. A. Secy., Bap- tist Student Union Treas. Virgil Miers ........ Texarkana B. A. in lournalisrn, Wrangler Club Vice-Pres., Secy., Treas., Bush Captain, Pledge Captain, Beporter, Executive Comm., Saddle Tramps, Beauty Selection Mgr. LA VENTANA '43, '44, '46, Press Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Publica- tions Committee, Sock and Buskin, T. W. V. A., Toreador Columnist '42-47, Vice-Pres. Men's Dorm '43, Publicity Director Varsity Show. Bernie Mika ........ San Angelo Laurence Miller ....... Cleburne B. A. in Spanish, Capa y Espada Vice-Pres. Carl L. Minor ........ Floydada B. B. A., Kemas Vice-Pres. '46-47, T. W. V. A. Finance Officer '46-47, Saddle Tramps, Asso- ciate Editor LA VENTANA '46-47. Olin Monk . . . . Lubbock Beverley Montague ...... Ft. Worth Bruce F. Moore ........ Lamesa B. S. in Civil Engineering, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi, A. S. C. E., Engineering Society. Marie Moore ....... Moses, N. M. B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Wesley Student Association, lfVomen's Recreation Association, Sports Leader, Home Economics Club. Harold Morris ...... Sulphur Springs William S. Morrison . . . Lubbock Iames Murray ....... San Antonio Iocelyn Myers ....... Henderson B. S. in Applied Arts, Art Workshop, Home Economics Club, Band, Rush Captain Las Vivarachas '46-47, Tech Chamber of Com- merce, Gargoyle Society, Varsity Show Or- chestra '43. Paul Nail ......... Lubbock B. S.. in Mechanical Engineering, Kemas Treas. '42, Pres. '46-47, A. S. M. E., Engineering Soci- ety, M. l. C. C. Treas. '46-47, T. W. V. A. Ierry Nash . . . Lubbock Frank Earl Neal ..... . Westbrook H. A. Nelson ........ Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineering Society, T. W. V. A. Iane Nelsmith . . . Lubbock Madison I-L Newton . . Anton Iames R. Nislar . . . Lubbock Mary Noble ......... Snyder B. S. in Chemistry, Freshman Honor Society, American Chemical Society Pres. '45, William V. Oaks ...... Santa Anna B. S. in Petroleum Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Vice-Pres. '47, Petro- leum Engineering and Geological Society, En- gineering Society, Saddle Tramps. Bill Olinger ....... . Garland SE IORS C. V., Ioe. Bill, and Gene waste time on the way to class. Page 52 Page 53 If it's Sunday. it's Buffalo. Where else? Le Ray Olsak ....... San Angelo B. S. in Agronomy and Farm Machinery, P. I. Club Treas., Aggie Club, Wrangler. Mariorie Owens ........ Gordon Iorge Emilio Padilla . . Aleiula, Costa Rica Kathryn Paterson Keith Patton . Henry Pederson B. S. in Chem Leon Perry . Howard Phillip . Willis Phillips . ical Engineering, A. l. C Cleburne . Matador Et. Worth h. E. San Antonio . Lubbock Hale Center B. S. in Agronomy and Farm Machinery, P. l. Club Vice-Pres., Alpha Chi Secy., Aggie Club Treas., Phi Eta Sigma. Alta Ellen Plemmons ...... Phillips B. S. in Chemistry, American Chemical Soci- ety, Alpha Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Freshman Honor Society. Maxey Pinson ....... Plainview B. S. in Petroleum Geology, Senior Class Vice- Pres. '46-47, Sports Editor LA VENTANA '46-47. Sports Editor Toreador '45-46, Alpha Phi Omega Vice-Pres. '43-44, Historian '45-46, Sad- dle Tramps Pres. '45-47, Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon Corresponding Secy. '46, Petroleum En- gineer and Geology Society. R. B. Pipkin ......... Eastland B. B. A., Socii, Tech Chamber ot Commerce Board of Directors, Student Mgr. of Raiders. Betty Io Porter . - Ft- WON11 Billy K. Power . . Lubbock Evelyn M. Prater . . Lubbock Iames Price ......... Tahoka B. S. in Agricultural Education, Aggie Club, T. W. V. A., W. S. A. Vice-Pres. '46-47, F. F. A. Sentinel '45-46. William D. Price . . . Tyler O. H. Rahlfs ......... Happy B. S. in Agricultural Education, F. F. A., Aggie Club, Sears-Roebuck Scholarship. Elvin Rainey . . . . . Dalhart Mary Ann Raley ...... Valley Mills B. B. A., Sans Souci, Tech Accounting Society. Oliver Ramsey ......... Rails B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, College Club, A. S. M. E., S. A. M. E., Engineering Society, Saddle Tramps, Senior Class Vice-Pres. '44, Who's Who '45. Roy D. Randolph . . Lubbock Mary Lou Rawlings . . Lubbock George Ted Ray . . Lubbock Nancy Rea ......... Lubbock B. S. in Textile Engineering, Freshman Honor Society, Iunior Council '45-46, Engineering So- ciety, Textile Engineering Society, Ko Shari. Hardy D. Redus ....... Lubbock B. S. in Electrical Engineering, College Club, Engineering Society. Earlyne Reid ....... . Coahoma B. A. in History, Las Chaparritas, Press Club. Maurice D. Renick ...... Nolanville Betty Renner ........ Lamesa B. S. in Home Economics Education, Phi Upsi- lon Omicron Secy. '45-46, Vice-Pres. '46-47, Home Economics Club Vice-Pres. '45-46, Pres. '46-47, Freshman Honor Society Secy. '44-45, lunior Council '45-46, Student Council '45-47, Forum '46-47, A. W. S. Council '45-47, Ko Shari, Westminster Fellowship, Alpha Chi. Ola Reville ........ San Angelo B. B. A., D. F. D., Tech Chamber ot Commerce. SE IORS Three ot the boys from Sneed are happy about the whole thing. Na-or Page 54 r Glynna Williams and Emma Young go western. Page 55 Bobbie Iean Rhodes . Lubbock Royce Riddle . . . Ovalo I. Lee Robbin . . Littlefield Evan E. Roberts . . . . Memphis . . . . . . Skellytown Iames A. Roberts B.S. in Textile Engineering, Phi Psi Senior Warden, Textile Engineering Society, Engi- neering Society, Board of Directors, Textile Mgr. Engineers' Show, Saddle Tramps. Glenn Robertson ....... Sherman Iames H. Robertson III ..... Aspermont B. S. in Civil Engineering, Silver Key Pres. '46- 47, Vice-Pres. '46, Pledge Captain '42, Men's lnterclub Council '46-47, Saddle Tramps, En- gineering Society, A. S. C. E., S. A. M. E., T. W. V. A. Barbara Robinson . Corsicana Iack Robinson, Ir .... .... P aducah B. S. in Textile Engineering, Alpha Phi Omega Treas. '41, Pres. '46, Saddle Tramps, T. W. V. A., Gargoyle, Phi Psi, Engineering Society, Textile Engineering Society, Canterbury Club, S. A. M. E. Iess Robinson . . Quail Wayne Roby ........ Pampa Torn Rollins ........ Littlefield B. B. A., Tech Chamber ot Commerce, Saddle Tramps, Wranglers, Sneed Hall Secy.-Treas. '46-47, T. W. V. A. Iohn W. Romine . . Valley Mills O. I. Rosenbaum . . Lubbock Mary W. Ross . . Bovina i Iune Royalty ........ Lubbock B. A. in History, Las Chaparritas, Freshman Honor Society. Eugene Russell Lubbock Mavis Rutledge Lubbock Max Rutledge Lubbock T. Moffett Ryan Lubbock Lois Iane Sales Lubbock Raymond Sartor . . . . . Goldsboro Elizabeth Schmidt ....... Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Freshman Honor So- ciety Pres. '44-45, Ko Shari A. W. S. Bep. '44- 45, Vice-Pres. '45-46, Secy. '46-47, A. W. S. Vice-Pres. '45-46, Pres. '46-47, Iunior Council '45-46, Alpha Chi Vice-Pres. '46-47, Gargoyle Club '43-47, Vice-Pres. '45, Engineering Soci- ety, Student Religious Council. Henry D. Schwarz .... . Lubbock Earl W. Sears . . . . . Brownfield Betty Lou Seaman ....... Lockney B. A. in Speech, Freshman Honor Society, Sock and Buskin, Newman Club, Capa y Espada Song Leader, Sigma Delta Pi. Arthur Shahan ..... . Graham Grant Sharman . . . Dumas Douglas D. Shaver . . Portales, N. M. Elizabeth Shaw . . . Slaton Baby and Snooky could be studying. F ,fi t S2 5 X Page Page 57 Rodrick Shaw ......... Olton div B. A. in Government, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, International Rela- 't-l S tions Club Pres., Wesley Players Pres., Chief Iustice of Supreme Court of Texas Tech, Wes- 1 ' . ley Student Association Treas., Pre-Law Club Chief Iustice and Parliamentarian, Foreign My ,, l,, Language Club Vice-Pres., S. P. Q. R. Treas., Biology Club, Sociology Club. it Beniaman sides ....... Lubbock ..', Ioel M. Simmons. Ir. . . . . . . Seagraves The cameraman breaks up a good bull session. B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, A. I. E. E., Engineering Society. Fred G. Simpson ..... Roaring Springs B. A. in Government, Pre-Law Club, I. R. C., Pi Sigma Alpha, McMurry College '39-40, W. T. S. C. Iean Slover ......... Tahoka B. A. in Education, Wesley Players, Capa y Espada, Wesley Student Association Council, Future Teachers Association. V. C. Smart ..... . Lubbock Fray H. Smith . . Plains Iames D. Smith . . . Lubbock Ioe T. Smith . . Floydada Martha Smith ......... Borger B. S. in Economics, Newman Club, W. R. A., Sock and Buskin, T. A. S., Chamber of Com- merce, I. R. C. Maureen Smith ....... Swearingen B. A. in Iournalism, Las Vivarachas Reporter, Press Club, Secy. ot Women's Dorm No. l '45- 46, Secy. Theta Sigma Phi '46-47, Rodeo Spon- sor '45-46, LA VENTANA Beauty '46-47. L. W. Snellemcm ....... Wellington Charles Snure ........ Lubbock H. G. Sprawles ......... Tulia B.S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie Club Re- porter, Block and Bridle Vice-Pres. '46-47. R. T. Springton ........ Big Lake Ellis Staqner . B. B. A., College Club, Saddle Tramps. Prather Standeter ....... Heruy Stence . Betty I o Stevens . B. B. A. lack Stewart . Mary L. Stewart Nancy Stiles . . . Beniamin D. Strawns . . Ianis Strother . . B. B. A. Roy Sutton ........ B. S. in Economics, College Club, T. W. Saddle Tramps Secy. '45-46. Raymond Swofford ....... Amherst Lubbock Lubbock . Post Monahans Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock . Ovalo Chillicothe V. A., Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, lunior Class Vice-Pres. '44, Socii, Engineering Society. Sarah Swoiiord ........ Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Forum, Alpha Chi Secy. '45-46, Iunior Council, Freshman Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon Secy. '45-46, Gar- goyle Society, Engineering Society, Las Viva- rachas. Clifton Tannahill . . Ierry Taylor ........ Ft. Worth Muleshoe B. B. A., Las Chaparritas, A. W. S., Student Council, Senior lnvitation Committee, Press Club. Neva Rae Taylor ....... Rankin B. B. A., Tech Chamber of Commerce, Book Reviewers. How about a ride to class? . .i ,,.. 'N Page 59 Kyle Kerbow cou1dn't really be comfortable. Richard Taylor . . Hobbs, N. M. William Taylor . . Lubbock Wanda Terry . . Lubbock Ernest Thaxton . . . Lubbock Mary Ruth Thomas .... . Lockney Dolores Thompson ....... Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Engineering Society, Treasurer of Gargoyle Society. Sue Thompson . . . . Colorado City L. S. Tilger . . Meadow Henry Tirns . . . Claude Mariorie Tisdale . . McAllen Iamie Trainer ........ Sonora B. S. in Band, Pres. Tau Beta Sigma '46-47, Pres. Las Chaparritas '46-47, Pres. Women's Dorm ll '46-47, Student Council '45-47, Forum '46-47, Iunior Council '45-46, Women's lnter- club Council- '46-47, Kappa Alpha Mu '46-47, Vice'Pres. Band '46-47, Press Club, F. T. A., Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities '46-47, Who's Who on the Campus '46-47. Mary Troy ........ Honey Grove B. A. in Iournalism, Secy. of Senior Class, Re- porter ot Sans Souci, Senior Representative to W. S. G. A., lunior Representative to W. S. G. A., Treas. ot Press Club '46-47, Bus. Mgr. of Toreador '45-46, Assoc. Editor ot Toreador '46- 47, Capa y Espada, Who's Who on the Cam- pus '46-47. Ruth Turnbouqh ....... Meadow B. B. A., Freshman Honor Society, Tech Cham- ber ot Commerce, W. S. G. A. Maria Valdes ....... Mexico, D. F. B. S. in Clothing and Textiles, Ko Shari, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sigma Delta Pi, Capa y Espada Pres. '46, Home Economics Club, Book Reviewers, Newman Club. Mack Verhyden ....... Corsicana B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, Pres. ot Col- lege Club '47, Pres. ot Men's lnterclub Council '47 W. H. Ven-nillion . . Slaton W. F. Vernon . . . Spur Frank Visher ........ Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engineering and Civil Engi- neering, Vice-Pres. A. S. C. E., Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineering Society, Chairman ot Senior Gitt Committee. N. O. Waggone . . Lubbock Wynella Wagnon ....... Lubbock Iack Walker ........ Memphis B. B. A., Silver Key, Double T Association, Sad- dle Tramps, T. W. V. A. William Walker ....... Lubbock B. S. in Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, T. W. V. A. Iim Wanner. . . Pampa Charles Washbum . . Dallas Marydel Watkins ....... Lubbock B. S. in General Home Economics, Freshman Honor Society, Home Economics Club, lunior Council, Phi U. Robert Watkins ........ Lubbock B. A. in Sociology, Alpha Phi Omega, Latin Club, Sociology Club, Philosophy Club. Layton Webb ......... Roby Bob Weddle ........ Lubbock B. A. in lournalism, Pres. ct Press Club '47, Peggy Weiss ........ Lubbock Glenn Werhan . . Pensacola, Fla. SE ICDRS O. B. Freeman tells a big story. Or maybe he's making like a horse. f A ,,,,, l 35 A A ' I Page 60 Iohn Wheeler Enola Charlene Whrpple Galveston B S in Foods and Nutrition Home Economics Edd Whrtesrdes Burkburnett B S in Animal Husbandry Saddle Tramps, Lubbock Farwell Amherst Larnesa Tech Bed Cross Tech Chamber ot Commerce Tech Davrd Willrams . Post B S in Mechanical Engrneerrng Centaur Club, Emmelyne Wlllrams Plainview B S in Elementary Education F T A Soci- ology Club Press Club Spanlsh Club l B. C. Roy Wlllrams Abernathy Vrctor Wrllrcrms Turkey Gulnn Wxlhamson Lubbock Barton Wrllrngham . Tulia B S in Agronomy and Farm Machinery Pres. of Aggie Club Pres ot Plant lndustry Club, Vice Pres of Soc11 Student Councll Saddle Tramps Alpha Chl Scroll and Key Who's Who 1n Amerlcan Colleges and Universities, Glenn Woodruff Matador B B A Saddle Tramps T W V A Texas Delmer Woods Corpus Christi Carl I Young El Paso Bachelor of Architecture Kemas Gargoyle So- Mildred Young Plainview B A in Iournahsm Wesley Student Assn., Wesley Players Press Club Sock and Buskin, Vrrgmrcz Young Westbrook Iulran Zellner Lubbock B S 1r1 Petroleum Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon American Association of Petroleum Geologists Society of Petroleum Engineers SENIGR CLASS FAVGRITE , f , S we-an 5 'NV , - --1 1 139:-313-faigffi Q i , ii :gl ia N2 Y ,, ix 1 J sf E H 'I il' K 'LU X xi W N, "' ri' Q if TV! 4 iz 4 2 A '95, Rn S H W 9 gf., ma R K K Q.. ,vw as QQ 1 Q' ,, fm S , gfifly M A K ,iktkm Wi? 4 D qiffffei V J A X. , .S W I y f - NA 53 53? M Q qrliiikwxkiv B CHARLES MARY LEE DOROTHY E. E. DOROTHY JU ROBERT ADAMS Coahoma E. D. ANDERSON Lubbock IEANNE BAKER Lubbock CATHERINE BARNETT Silverton IAMES BEARDEN Lubbock MARY LOU BIZZELL Lamesa WELDON BOYD Slaton VIRGINIA BROYLES Lamesa Page 65 IORS AKERS Anson IOHN ANDERSON Lubbock NVYNN BAKER Lubbock D. N. BARRETT Lubbock VERNA BEENE Rosy CLYDE BLACK Ben Franklin IENNIE BOYER Smithfield CHARLENE BUCY Tahoka AKERS Anson MARILYN ANDERSON Farwell BETSY BALL Burkburnett LOIS LEE BASSEMIER Littlefield IAMES BEIGHTS Loraine SUSIE BLACKWELL Dallas BERT BOYNTON Hamilton ROY BULLS Clarendon ? 3. S, -. Weill '--fill? S .., -, x. ., A W 57 V Z7 r S ,S es. If ' j , V re ' f A ' rlk I . if Q q ,, ,' .f . is F an 1 L I S' ,. Tl , l I 1- 5.1 jx . ff f . R A V, Q A . - .ff it g g i -r f. 3 .scsi I g, v s , ' ' I in 'xx Y ALBERTSON Childress GAYLE ANGLIN Earth L. D. BALLARD Plainview HURSTON BATTEY Lubbock SYLVIA BENTLY Lubbock BETTY BOMAR Lubbock DORIS BRANTNER Iayton IACK BUNDRANT Gooclloe W. French can't get out of that mood . whole, wide world could this little dog LENOIR B. L. ALEXANDER ALLEN Stratford Blum CHARLES MARGARET ARNOLD ASHLEY Ft. Worth Lamesa I. D. GUY BALLEW BARKS Lubbock Tulia LOUIS ROBERT BATTIN BAUMGARDNER Lubbock Wellington BETTY W. G. BERRY BESHEARS Wellington Denison KITTIE BETTY BONDS BOWDEN Lubbock Whiteface THOMAS S. A. BREEDING BROOKS Sweetwater Houston DAVID FRANCES BURGESS BURNAM Tulia Stanton Why in this unhappy? AMMONS Roby ALLEN ATER Lubbock IAMES BARNES Abilene FRED BEARD Lubbock HUBERT BEZNER Lindsay EVELYN BOWERS Petersburg DOROTHY BROWN Lubbock H. C. BURNAM Stanton ANDERSON Cisco PEGGY BADLEY Lubbock IACK BARNETT Bovina FRANCIS BEARDEN Vernon ALICE BLRDWELL Snyder IOSEPH BOYD Lubbock SAM BROWN Lubbock BILLY BURNS Morton g.. 1 x .- Q me-vi X my if inf .Az E J 3 X mg ,-Q, ' id Q qa, ll , sm X 3 J? F1 ,fs 1 ' 1 'Q f fu A 5?-' V L V "" Aggie 1? -, :SHS '- 413' f Q 1. ". 1 '- .,,T?1,5f,L,1y:jgX f-,.:,f f5.-'- " A L K D. V ,. fx A F11 , f. f . V in I ff? .,., H 7 A l , ,, Q :H w. '5 gg . , wi get 'A His ! f Q E A , mv,, QZ, ga vm 3 5252? 11 iw f .I , i.,4:fL " Af ,,:. 2 A ' 1 AK ' if Q W 1 s , 'a ,. 4 GJ r 1 R ' 2 . f Ka , if 3 ff 5 gf x af' Q 1 L . ' I - fx, -M? .g g , Q , -f -fy, 13 '. ' - A 3 gf? .5 Q ' i S 'III 3 4, 4, V 1 Nw Q Q54 ' ,mL, it V V. 1 .Q I ., ' F-f ' 1 i fu. A l' , , U, s "- K - 1 my wa ' X ,. mgfxfiil - -- 2 Q w ..-, , 3 Sf! ,,, in 1 ,A x W . .. Y Y 1 A g, . , U gf L ' I .:,, M 1 X., JLI IORS LUCILLE BURNS Houston FLOYD CAMP Magazine, FORREST CARTER Roby BOBBY CHILDERS Tulia ROBERT COLE Lubbock DONALD CONKLIN Hereford DANIEL COUCH Lubbock NORMA CRUMP Crosbyton Page 67 Ark. GEORGE BURGESS Tulia WENDOLYN CAMPBELL Slaton RAY CARTER Wink CORLEEN CLARY Paducah LEONARD COLLINGSWORTH Goldsmith BARBARA CONKLING Midland IANE COUNCIL Paris VIRGINIA DACUS Lubbock R. C. BURROWS Houston DOROTHY CARMACK Tahoka IUNE CARTHEL Lockney BOB CLICK Henderson GENE COLLINS Floydada B. I. COOK Tulia EARL COWART Slaton MARIORIE DAMERON Sonora RAY BUTLER Rising Star ANNE CAROTHERS Rochester MARGARET CARY Colorado City BURTON CLIFTON Abilene IMOGENE COLLINS Claude R. E. COOLEY Amarillo CHARLES COX Detroit FORREST DANIEL Goree Lib Schmidt makes a pretty picture as she paints one . . . It's a lazy day for Paul and Frances at a Keznas picnic. HORACE BUTTS Ft. Worth DARRELL CARPENTER Lubbock O. L. CASKEY Lubbock HELEN CLOUD Rule IACK COLLINS Coleman EDWARD COPE McKinney RAY COX Stamford WILLIAM DANIELS Iayton MARIORIE BYRD HUPPY B. I-I. CARR Iayton GUY CATHY O'Donnell IIMMY COCI-IRAN Wellington WALLACE COLLINS Wichita Falls BETTY COPELAND Coahoma S. H. COX Dumas KENNETH DAVIDSON Abernathy BETTY CALDWELL Amarillo GALEN CARR Abernathy PEGGY CAYTON Mart BETTY COGBURN Lubbock W. C. COLLINS White Deer DON CORNELIUS Floydada IOANNE CRABTREE Levelland DOROTHY DAVIS Stanton RUTH CALDWELL Farwell MARGARET CARR Abernathy HAROLD CHAPMAN Winters DOUG COKER Earth DOUGLAS COMES Bovina GAYLOR COTHERN Lubbock RAY CROSSLIN Weatherford MIKE DAVIS Wichita Falls Us , he .ig '74 niggas? , qw' nf 'I yu-I 'R W gr EW Q ,., V it .J EJ Li n W rl 'I if Q wi Q ww Sm-,ya .Q,:"iLf'K ,, fa , if S E Q " fm ' -su.. 'A JU GLADYS DAWSON Tulia BETTY DOWDY Wichita Falls MARY ANN DYKES Lubbock BOB EUBANKS Lubbock MARGARET FARR Snyder AVIS FUCHS Abernathy ROBERT GLEGHORN Seymour LA NELLE GRIFFITH Lockney Page 63 IORS R. A. DEAN Hamlin IOHN DRISKILL Coleman IEANNE EDWARDS Floydada FRANCES EUBANKS Ranger IUANITA FARWELL Muleshce l. L. GAMBLE Lubbock lOE GLOVER Seymour R. H. GRIMES Ft. Worth EAMES DEMENT Plainview MARY ELLEN DUFFY Amherst BETTY EISENBERG Lubbock BILLY EVANS Vernon TAMES FERGUSON Shamrock EARLENE GARLAND Lubbock KENNETH GOEBEL .Abernathy PAT GROVES Lubbock MARCINE DEMENT Plainview LA NELL DUNLAP Girard OLEN ELKINS Tulia WINIFRED EVANS Shamrock CHARLES FLORENCE Tahoka PAT GARRETT Lubbock CARL GOODEN Stinnett ELOISE GULLETT Kermit 3 as , st.. 1 5- .X Girls at the WICC luncheon wait patiently for the second course . . . Freddy Brown, Ioan Nisler, lane Lawson, and Hewitt Allison all smile for the Herald man. BETTY DEVIN Vigo Park CARL DWYER McLean OLETA ELKINS Tulia SUE EVERITT Sterling City IAMES FLORENCE Slaton DAN GILLETTE Lubbock DOROTHY GREER Sundown VONDELL GUTHRIE Stratford KATY DODD Lubbock IOAN DYAR Sweetwater GEORGE ELLIOTT Anton JANE EVERLINE Amarillo BILL FLY Phillips IAMES GIMMELL Littlefield BILLY GRIFFIN Lubbock DAVID HACKE Tomball MAXINE DOSS White Deer GENE DYER Hereford I. C. ENOCHS Lubbock BETTYE EWEN Hale Center EDMUND FORD Cleburne IOE GIPSON Morton HENRY GRIFFIN Miami, Fla. NELVA HALBERT Lubbock l. W. DOUGLAS Littlefield IOLLY DYER San Angelo ELDON ERVIN Lubbock SAM EWEN Lubbock ANN FOSTER Lubbock ROSS GLAZE Muleshoe LA WAYNA GRIFFIN Amarillo E. HAMER Lubbock ffl , gg ff.. ,TI j vii 4 " A '7 1, .7 ' , lr , 5 gf ,V.. fi' y- .- 1 f. 2, vc, L2 I 754, V h ifgf- ' H... .1 5 W 4. , rf, 5 'Fi K M 5 fwikg. 2 A A if Iwi 5- ' A X 1 . . wig . 1 5 , W iw ii? w g ,-mf 4,5 Q 11194 V ,H '1Eayse.f,i 1 .paging 1 ,, po' 'Sf V iw 'fei- A W 52 Q , 12 bk Ii gs- J! 'Si QU K , K R. 'W Q , xg: , . 4 ,Wu 'fx F f g m !-? W- is F fm. v1 ' ,Q V auf, -if?2E,w? , my 1 A 41 .f"S3'7Q'f F:., v- vgfiwk? ' .4 tK'wQA V 7 L V Q 2 ""i QQ Kr ff' ,a M ii i is Q ie ' Am , 1 ,. A 'f ' X ff ...Eg w i tf' W - A.,,, . M- , , gQLig,A1 " 12, W lf' R N F' 5' ff? K 22 If ifs ,wb Y? 4 il 'Y xx ' Kip I A,J,55L,,f Mr' I X, Richard Dickey works on one of his snow jobs . . . Betty J I I Siagle is so pretty in the country and that ain't hay, HILDEGARDE LORENE WESLEY IEAN MARY ANN BETTY IOHN HAMER HAMILTON HAMILTON HAMPTON HARDING HANKS HARP Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock McCamey Byers San Angelo Childress CAROLYN IEAN ANN BOB TOM ELAYNE DELL LOWELL HARRISS HART HASSELL HASSELL HEAD HEARD HECKMAN Brownfield Farwell Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Petersburg Clarendon IOE DON IACK IAMES IOHN NINA RICHARD HEFNER HELMERS HENRY HERRING HICKEY HICKMAN HICKS Lubbock Lubbock Lorenzo Iunction Dallas Slaton Dallas ANDREW GERALD IOHN DOROTHY FARRWELL GLORIA LLOYD HILL HINCHEY HINES HLAVATY HOGG HOLLEYMAN HOLLOWAY Hedley Lubbock Westbrook Vernon Lamesa Gladewater Wellington AMOS LOUISE MARGARET EDD MARIORIE SUE RAYMOND HOWARD HOWARD HUDSON HUGHES HUMBLE HUMPHREY INCE Lubbock Lubbock Hollis, Okla. Springfield, Colo. Sterling City Stamford Spur GRETA REUBEN S. G. ELWANDA WANDA ARTHUR DAYTON IACKSON IACKSON IACKSON IAMES IENNINGS IOHNSON IOHNSON Lubbock Spring Lubbock Lubbock Wylie Abernathy Shamrock ROBERT MARION STEPHEN FRANK MAURICE VICTOR TEXIE IOHNSON IOHNSTON IOHNSTON IUDIA IURY IURY KEETON Post Eskotq Dumas Cisco Hereford Hereford Lubbock HAROLD IOHN TURNER ' CLAUDE FRANCES MARY SAM KIGER KIMBROW KIMMEL KING KING KING KING Wichita Falls Page 71 Bovina Lubbock Forsan Coleman Graham Longview 'I I tl, B. tif, 4 RR ZXX , Y fill' ' ff! or L w 15 WYNEMA HARP Lubbock MARGARET HEDRICK Turkey WILLIAM HILGENFELD Henrietta MCKINLEY HOPPER Mentone GLENN IVY Sweetwater IOHNN IE IOHNSON Clarendon MAURY KELISKY Lubbock DOROTHY KINGERY Plainview .5 ' Fa 'X -5 -1- f F 1 A r 81 355 X K gm , MM! . +9 M, f QQ A1 .0 ik 9' 'l y f' If.. . V MQ -,www ,-mfw., f ,.,, 'Q ,,,,. we ,. iw Q Q gsm X - ff., . .,,wg?5'f f5Ai f K X' ff? ' .fi A L, .Wg -' ' una, I, A uv- ! if Q' S' , 2 A f Yf " ww , Aw ggwf x N if '- ,, egif ite- 'S , N . 52 ' 1 ..,- 5 QL I it"fQ5W?ifkf? if Z 5 1 X 5 af' ff.. I N fx S Alf' K 'tg' ' E314 ' if Q '32 A Q 3 X 9 fp, I P Q 5 w in dx xv. 14, 1. 8, -, vw . BW Q Z. - ,mf 3111... iii 3 J K K 5 r . 1' M W V -WF. -xv ff H 1 A K3 5 E9 55' if 'J . K1 In , Q an Q y. fi'-'i"wQ' J , f . X ' " Ykiis ' A ' ' whiff . - ,591 . if . I li. K at E55 'Q 'N E132-1 my Q 4 ff? w 53,9 nat' 3 K "Vg 2 'nh 4 Q W ' Q1-fifaigsi H2121 ,, .af QC' Q 'K 'QV Q , 4 V , .Wil wi' 'x JU DON KETTRELL Lubbock FRANK LGROE Lubbock BARBARA LEONARD Lubbock SUE LIVINGSTON Amarillo IOSEPH LUCKETT Lubbock BETTY MCDONALD Lubbock H. I. MCKENZIE Lubbock SHIRLEY MCREE Lubbock Page 73 IORS CALVIN KUNKEL Lubbock NELL LaROE Tulia BOBBIE LEWIS Hale Center HUGH LOCHRIDGE Iowa Park DORIS LUNDBERG Lubbock ELIZABETH MCDONALD Lubbock I. D. McI.EAN Lubbock BETTY MCWHORTER Andrews CHRISTINE KUYKENDALL Dexter, N. M. NORMA LAUBHAN Higgins IACKIE LEWIS Lubbock BERT LOCKE Hamlin GILBERT MCALISTER Portales, N. M. S. N. MCDUFFEY Seymour GENE MCLENDON Lamesa HOPPY MAAS Vernon DORIS LAKE Mineral Wells FLOYD LAWHORN Temple IAMES LEWIS Lubbock CAROL LOHOEFENNER Burkburnett LYNN MCCARTY Lubbock DANIEL MCELLIGOTT Bells CHARLES MCLEOD Lubbock BOB MACINA Shamrock f f . . I v. I Another day, another dance and nobody seems to mind It's the old army game in the dorm, five, five, five- BILLIE LANKSTER Hamlin KARL LAWSON Borger BOB LILLY Elbert PAULINE LOKEY Lubbock FREDA MCCASKILI. Lubbock IEAN MCFARLAND Amarillo OLIVER MCMAHAN Waco ALTON MARTIN Amarillo that's enough. W. K. LANCASTER Lubbock BESS LEACI-I Sweetwaier PEGGY LINDSEY Lubbock HOWARD LOVELESS Eriona MARY MCCLELLON Bowie MARION MCGLUN Amarillo IOHNNIE MCMULLAN Big Lake GEANE MARTIN Lubbock GAROLYN LANG Friona ELVIS LEE Loraine MARTHA LIVELY Lubbock LENORA LOWE Lubbock IAMES MCCLURE Hillsboro EDWARD McGOWAN Sweeiwaier MRS. IRENE MCNEILL Lubbock WESLEY MARTIN Westover I7 WINIERED LARABEE Lubbock THOMAS LEE Dallas PAT LIVELY Pampa HERBERT LUBKE Indian Gap DELL MCCOMB Big Spring R. D. MCILROY Lamesa CHARLES MCOUAIN Big Spring IACKIE MATTHEWS Dallas p-N 'Viv-.,,f ii' -1. wr! ,L ,. X iw, s K its B 'G' + I VU! 1 'UN I Qin JU MACK MAULDIN Gordon BRYAN MILLER Dallas POLLY MONTGOMERY Darrouzett CHARLES MURPHY Lubbock KATHRYN NELSON Lamesa MORRIS NUNLEY Ballinger HULIN PENNY Lubbock THEDA BETH PORTER Lubbock Page 75 ORS BETTY MAYN ARD Lubbock TIN KER MILLER Lubbock IAMES MOORE Mobeetie AILEEN MURTISHAW Paducah MARY LOU NOLEN Weatherford OUIDA ORR Plaska RICHARD PERHAMUS Lubbock I. B. POTTS Lubbock ALICE GENE MEADING Slaton IACK MIMS Waco LUCILLE MOORE Lubbock C. W. NALE Hillsboro FAYE NORDYKE Tahoka MARY ANN ONSLEY Ft. Worth BILLY PHILLIPS Lubbock NINA POTTS Lubbock MARY MEEKS Ft. Worth IOI-IN MITCHELL Pampa s HENRY MORAN San Angelo BETTY NANCE Lubbock DOROTHY NORMAN Lubbock ROBERT PARDUE Lubbock NORA PHILLIPS Lubbock IE AN PRICE Estellino A couple wait forthe man with the music at a formal . . There's always time for one more cup at the College MARGARET MELCHER Lubbock MAYE MITCHELL Iowa Park MARIORIE MOREHEAD Floydada ROBERT NASH Lubbock ELLA NORMAN Lubbock THOMAS PARDUE Lubbock IANETTE POLL ARD Vernon IOHNNIE PRICE Tahoka Cafeteria. IIM MEREDITH Athens W. T. MITCHELL Electra W. L. MORRIS Denver City FRANK NEAL Los Angeles, CECIL NORRIS Beaumont IAMES PATRICK Lubbock CHARLES POOLE Lorenzo BETTY PRITCHARD Lubbock Calif. PATRICIA MILES Wichita Falls HUGH MONROE Parnpa WILLIAM MORRISON Hawkins BETH NEELEY Lamesa GENE NOWLIN Pt. Worth DORIS PAYNE Lubbock FRANK PORTER Spearman MARSHALL PULLEN Pittsburg ARLINE MILLARD Hereford FRED MONTGOMERY Lonqworth AVANELLE MOSS Floydada DOROTHY NELSON Matador BILL NUGENT Amarillo IOANN PEARSON Ralls HELEN PORTER Harrison, Ark. HELEN PYBURN Arton 528 1 . ,,. .WWA A. A.,L. W: .: ,, f .,ZA I :leg 4E in Q , , if Q55 X Q mx? I rw . if' M- 9. , , x we S Ss L L af 8 5 Y , K Lg I G L Qc a. fi I 5- ,shg -if w S U S. .. 1 's',L 4, HKS? mg. 1 ,, bv, ,..',.. ,,,. g - ...:,.., - .,:, : : 4 jx W I .:,. 5 .,,! K ,. Ii in K I , lm' 6 9 1 , f nl 3' Q 'X 'JA Q A e .lf E as 1,, W, gi 5, X '51 www . in " , , I af IE 3515 , A i W? IM 41 Q W . ,AA,d i X " JU FRANK OUALIA Lubbock NORMA REID Lubbock CHARLES ROE Rockport IOHN SESSUMS San Angelo ERNESTINE SHORT Post FLOYD A. SMITH Lubbock ARLINE SPIVEY Farwell ANDREW STEWART Lubbock Page 77 These engineers aren'! just being friendly: they make C1 living that Way . . . Coke dates are plentiful in the basement of the Co-op. BEDFORD BARBARA GLORIA ROBERT IACK FLOYD IV RALEY RAMSEY RAMSEY RAWLING RAYOVSKY READ Lubbock Ralls Ralls Lubbock Dallas McAlester, Oklcx. BOB RAY HELEN PATSY CLAYTON WILLIAM RENNER RHODES RIPPEY RIVERS ROBERTS ROBERTS Lubbock San Angelo Amarillo Roxton Lubbock Goodlet R. L. BILL MARTHA TERRY DORMAN MAX ROPER ROSSER SAGESER SANDERS SCHOKLEY SCHULZE Ft. Worth Cleburne Hale Center Greenville Anton Artesia, N. M. IOI-IN ANN GARMER C. B. EARNIE SARA ANN ELOISE SEYLER SHAFF ER SHARP SHAW SHAW SHOEMAKER Muenster Lubbock Waxahachie Lubbock Slaton O'Donnel1 R. C. GEORGE ANN IAMES H. ALICE DON DELORES C. SIMMONS SIMMS SIMPSON SLATER SLOAN SMART Olton Panhandle Roby Lubbock Plains Graham IOHNNIE MAE MARY PAT ROGER LORAINE PAT SMITH SMITH SMOOT SOUTHALL SPARKS SPARKS Colorado City Lubbock Odessa Lubbock Seminole Eastland MARION W. IAMES L. KATHRYN IRVING RICHARD L. D. SPRAGUE STALLS STARKEY ST. CLAIR STEPHENSON STEVENS Lubbock White Deer Muleshoe Mule-shoe Lubbock Post HOOPER IUNE SUE IERRY A. M. ORVAL D. STILES STINE STOCKARD STOLTZ STOY STRONG Lubbock Archer City Santa Anna Hobbs, N. M. Lubbock Abilene lOHN REEVES Shamrock GUIDO RODRIGUEZ Alajuela, Costa Rica EDWIN SCUDDAY Lubbock DONALD SHORT Lubbock MARY LOU SPENCE Lubbock l. M. STEVENSON Lubbock IAMES SUBLETT Merkel ,AIX 1 gf S EL f ' 'Q A 4 A if K g v 14' 4 Zi H X 1 X gs' F if-I , 'Q gg 5 . Q 5 A-W' Q34 ,ly ,, ,A ,Y 12 T 'lf' '71, ...ff . I M 6 ' g x if fsifgs gz iv I QQ K me '-!' ?,f9AkifQh . ' 1? - A.,T.x-' i'-fly" 123' . 5 .U 6-'E' ' 'X I Ga xr as ff f 'Q A ,,, iv 15' 4 4 - 4 x 4 , 5 .1 r Wi' 1 1 X , ,J . X 2. si Q' . h , ' f aw 3 X j f ? Q ,,gM.,l .1 S., . 4, K , S M? , , , -1 'HK' , . f I V .. , 5 W7 Yi Q Q 5 1 55 1 if Y P , N K 'K' st' ,rw , 1'-fi KJ F , f W 44: L s -I-15 , S " 515' X J, + 'Q'-fl' QP 1 we, , 'KJ AE' 4 2 I ,X . . .5 ,. , , f 1 K' V' . 1. - ,I ,. . .1 1 ' m x' f yy Q gg 1 K1 3 .. ..N., . . ' fl M 6 Civ-f W' Q f 4 ,Q F i E f 'gif 2 ff I 'PI .W P L,hN,5g2f2-jgfT'- 24 g 9 Q . ,Lff,.f,-,i,g, ' R , if 'ff . .. L . n 4 2' X h X dh -ow 7 ' X , Q: K In 3? I f N 1. , WW. 4, Q f-I 152 , 1 EM 'Rf A . ' 555532525 F ' L' - , .mmmq ' ' -. Qfffgiikiiik , K fagiyezwf , 'H ' ' T , :Eg 5? S ,Q - -' - '- f , JU DOROTHA SUMMERS Stamford WALTER I. TERRELL Lubbock BILLY I OE TOOMBS Merkel BILLYE SUE TYSON EI Paso SUE WALKER Lubbock BETTY WEAVER Spur DUVAL R. WILEY Big Spring IUNE WILSON Odessa Page 79 ORS ANN TALBOTT Big Spring MARTHA TERRY Lamesa CHAUNCEY TROUT Lubbock POLLY UTTZ Odessa GEORGE WALL Knox City ANN WEBB Lubbock H. T. WILKINS Lubbock ORAN G. WILSON Lubbock AARON G. TAYLOR Odessa MARY BELL TEETERS Leveiiand BILL D. TUCKER Lubbock WANDA VERNER Meadow HARRY IAMES WALLACE Ranger LOIS IEAN WEEKS Larnesa CLYDE WILLIAMS Big Spring TERRY E. WILSON Lubbock BURRELL G. TAYLOR Leveiiand ROLAND P. THOMASON Abiiene H. A. TUNNELL Borger IULIA VICENTE Vaughn, N. M. BENITA IEAN WARD Iai, N. M. GEORGE R. WEST Waxahachie GLYNNA WILLIAMS Siaton IO WINDERS Earth Night life in the dorm takes on a little glamour at a Doak Hall dance . . . More girls at the WICC chow time wait for the meat and potatoes. IUANDA TAYLOR Lubbock WANDA THOMPSON Quitaque I-IORACE L. TURNBOW Lubbock WANDA VIERTEL Odessa MRS. ODESSA WARE Rotan LaDOT WHITE Longview LaVERN WILLIAMS Amherst BERNIE A. WINKLER Moody ELIZABETH TEAL Lubbock BILL THURMAN Lubbock DORRIS BELLE TURNER Santa Anna MARY ELLEN WADE LaViIIa GEORGE WARREN Baird THOMAS WHITE Paris PEGGY WILLIAMS Farwell ALICE WISEMAN Henrietta NAOMI TEAL Croweil LEATRICE TIMS Odessa WOODROW TURNER Lubbock DOLORES WALDEN Kermit BILLY H. WATKINS Lamesa ALINE M. WHITWELL Spur GEORGE WILMOTI-I Ciaude IEAN WOOD Wichita Falls BOBBIE IOE TERRELL Denver City LEM TITTSWORTH Bonham ROBERT R. TYLER Longworth ARVIE WALKER Big Spring BOB WATSON Hermieigh GLADYS WILDE Muenster CARROL WILSON Lubbock WENDELL W WOOD Ft. Worth WARREN B. ELWOOD ROY IAMES H. VAUGHN DANE BETTY IA-MES S- DONALD BINNIE D. WOODS WRIGHT WRIGHT WRIGHT WYNN YOUNG ZELENY YOUNG Abilene Post Abilene 'Waco Sun Angelo Lubbock Plainview Lubbock Page 80 311333511 iT Page 83 lr-fr-r-3 WELBORN WILLINGHAM IOE ANN BAILEY AUBREY LEE FERGUSON President Secretary Vice-President SGPHOMORES 75- Q' 1 ...k 5,8 S f Charles Walden and jackie Cogdill have a big laugh by the Double-T bench . . . Informality is the keynote at a Souci rush function. SOPHOMORES BERTHA NELL ADAIR Lubbock TOMMY ALLEN Lubbock DOROTHY APPLING Claude WILLIAM ATWOOD Graham MAXIE D. BAGWELL Littlefield PHYLLIS BAKER Phillips DENNISON BARN ETT Olton ARDIS BARTON Hart Page 85 D. V. ADAMS Forsan VERNA ALLEN Kermit lOE ARRINGTON Lubbock FRANCES ATCHINSON San Angelo ANNA BAILEY Lamesa RAY A. BAKER Abernathy lOl-IN A. BARNETT Roswell, N. M. BETTY BARTON Hale Center IIMMIE ADAMS Lubbock WOODROW ALLEN Lubbock EDWARD E ARYAIN Seminole RUTH E. AUSTIN Slaton l OE ANN BAILEY Lubbock ROY L. BAKER Anson DICKY BARSCH London H. S. BATES Tulia IOHN ALEX VIRGINIA IEAN ADAMSON ALEXANDER ALEXANDER ALGER Turkey San Angelo Lubbock Seminole DERWOOD IOAN BILLIE NANCY lO AMONETT ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON Petersburg Nacona Stanton Papaikou, Hawaii SUSAN HARVEY D. PATSY IOHN ARMSTRONG ARNOLD ARRINGTON ASH Cisco Goree Spur Sabinal BILLY W. ERNEST BETTY IO MARVIN AYCOCK BOBB BAGGETT BAGGETT Lubbock Snyder Idalou Lubbock MARY NELL CHARLOTTE MARION MARTHA LEE BAILEY BAILIFF BAIN BAIN Estelline Lubbock Slaton Phillips WILBA lOl-IN D. HAROLD lAMES MACK BAKER BALL BALLEN BARNES Bowie Houston Lubbock Lubbock CLIFFORD BRUCE C. C. ALICE BARR BARRIER BARRIER BARRON Lubbock Lubbock Abilene Lamesa CAROLYN ALLEN SILBY M. C. BEAUE BEAVERS BELL BENNHAM Sylvester Lubbock Lubbock Crowell i' gc LELIA ALLEN Lubbock SAMMIE ANTHONY Lubbock WEST ASKEW Amarillo IAMES BAGWELL Sulphur Springs MARTHA BAIRD Stamford BILLIE IEAN BARNETT Lubbock l. C. BARTLETT Mineral Wells WAYLAND BENNETT Loraine K5 , 3 Ai i 2 ' 1 . ' 1 f ? ,SEE 25 . li ' . 322 .ZQJQEQ .fl ,gait ,A ,Lf zgif -f Y 4 -1-' V8 1,?A7i:??iIiE, V Q, ' E R w 'Z : "1 91" ., ui 'Z E, X..- -E , :Y i 45? 2,222 ,mm ,-,, V. 1 ' Qim?ksst?5'?T ' k k" " 552 3: :ffl W Q A 'gyg f , ,:i hir' ' 4 -45, , 'tavern 3 'W X 1 ,xg VN 1 , Q I ' X2 N A , Q of Hx S 'F' ' - 2. 'L ' '. . Q x i ' .sg F 4 wzfaifgh J Afzffgniz fieglizggfzai -1.. ' 21 N S i, F "-N Z' rx 4 ' ' ' 33552 , -Q Q 's: 'Cn' if "- ,Qu ' iz .-if ,, ' - g i' L 3' 5 fgsi - Y , T7-XCTQ. NKJEL ima, 'B 3 I we , f gs f Q A N S N3 S Q 1 X xc! Fixx CR , 525 5 r mx xg W sg 3 1 w ii " i-.. -sv' 5 gg? .fx TWH 1 - X Y -,,, . Q 7 Q- ki 2 Sv fx xv a 4 w fs X 61, 6-J , Lag 52 4 fix' " 5 54 s I, 8 Q 5 X K 1 E ' X x K. G. SOPHOMORES WILMA IEAN BENSON Lubbock RAY BIRMINGHAM Sweetwater lACK BLAKE Lubbock STEPHEN BOONE, lR. Kermit MILTON BRAND Sweetwater RUTH BROWN Cuero MARGARET BUMPASS Wellington BILL BURTON Rule Page 87 VERNON BENTON Brownfield LESLIE R. BISHOP Winters H. I. BLANCHARD Snyder IOAN BOOTH Farwell KEATON BRAZILL Lubbock PATRICIA BROWNE Lubbock FRANK BURCHARD Albany EARL BURUNN Panhandle PATRICIA ANN BERG Amarillo DOROTHY RAY BIVENS Tulia DOROTHY BOGART Lubbock EDWARD BOVERIE Wichita Falls MARTHA BRECHEEN Cisco MARGARET BRUCE Santa Anna HUBERT BURGESS Lubbock BILLY F. BUTLER Morton BEVERLY BESANCON Seminole DOROTHY BLACK Lubbock WILLIAM H. BOHNER Olton WAYNE BOWLES Lorenzo NADYNE BREWER Spur BILLY BRUNSON Lubbock IACK H. BURKE Corsicana MILTON C. BUTLER Lubbock Marion Donaldson and Milton Butler have no trouble smiling for the picture man at the Silver Key dinner dance . . . Nothing like ice cream cones when it comes to making a lot of little girls happy. IOYLYN E. WILLIAM lACK BIGHAM BIGHAM BILBO Houston Paducah Loving F. T. L A. lAN BLACK BLACKWELL BLACKWELL Lubbock Lubbock Littlefield FAYE FRASER IEAN BOMAR BOONE BOONE Lubbock Seymore Lubbock lOHN L BETTY T. IOHNIE BOYD BOYDSTUN BRADSHAW Canadian Sundown Lorenzo ORLIN BOBBIE CLAUDE BREWER BROACH BROOKS Olton Munday Tokio HELEN A. BILLY BILL BRYANT BUCY BUCY Sudan Wink Lubbock GLENORA BELLE WALTER H. MARGARET BURKI-IOLDER BURNETT BURNHAM Barstow Brownfield Lubbock RANDALL L. A. TROY ALLEN BUTLER BUTTS BYERS Goree Mullin Littlefield 1' BIRKHEAD Coahoma MARY LOU BLAIR Wichita Falls LEROY D. BOONE Seymore NITA BRAGG Tahoka FRANCES IEAN BROWN Lubbock lAMES D. BULLOCK Roswell, N. M MARY ANN BURROWS Throckmorton VIRGINIA BYRD Sanderson mn, ox g. f -957, "i'if'g3,?i?,L 1 ffiipwgan--i .,i5w ,, , M . g .,., A , Q 5 Q vi.: ,I f , f5,fv,,y,. fun' fr FQ, ' I ,iw , QW 'U' W' N13 if N, M- W fn ws. if wi , ,wb , f F A K 5 .x W Z A,q.,,.,,. ,J .Q ' 3? Wg . Au.. 215: 'VC x M ' J rl K1 -Lf. W , In g., Q, A ,KL ii A LV: K' k 'S Us ' .1 f , , X f M X :'1 A3 ASV Z .,,, E 'Q' 'H an it .gf-wf. 'Vik az 5. ..-" YK E gs 'Q ..: Q. F ,KO 'Nr A ., 1 ' gi 3 0 A . , IK I 'E ur A u 'Q sf 9, A .fm ,Q 3 ,W X ff' 0? -E ,S 3 ., WW Q' I 19, I , 7 li - -, 4 . . . A ga. !Q Qf r- iii? Robert Cole and his dreamy partner take one slow and easy . . . Hoppy Maas knocks 'em out with a good one in the lounge at Dorm 2. SOPHOMORES IAMES CAGLE Lubbock IOHN K. CARAWAY Lubbock IAMES CARROLL Lockney BETTY CHURCHILL Midland GAIL COATS Shallowater IAMES D. CONLEY Lubbock IOE B. COPE Lubbock WILLIAM CRABTREE Happy Page 89 HELEN CALCOTE Rankin MAX B. CARAWAY Shallowater IANICE CARVER Bonham WINSTON CHURCHILL Sterling City ARCHIE COCKBURN Holliday ROBERT CONLEY Lubbock HENRY R. COPELAND Coahoma RICHARD C CRANDALL Amarillo HAROLD CALDWELL Lamesa IOSEPH CARGILE Pampa VICTOR E. CASTLEBERRY Dalhart MARILYN CLAIBORNE Lubbock IANE COFFEY Pecos RUTH COOK Orchard DELTON M. COSTLON Frankston DONALD CRAWFORD Amarillo HELEN V. IO NITA EDWARD D. IAMES CALHORN CALLAN CAMPBELL CAMPBELL Goldsmith Rotan Center Lubbock DAVID WILLIAM A. CALVIN L. MATTIE CARMICHAIL CARNES CARPENTER CARPENTER Nocona Iacksonville Littlefield Lubbock ARLAS O. N. T. VESTA MARILYN CAVETT CEARLEY CHANDLER CHICK Olton Levelland Stanton Lubbock IERRY DEAN GRETCI-IIN DOROTHY CLARK CLICK CLIFT CLINGSMITH Gorman Seminole Waxahachie San Francisco, C IACK ROBERT RAY LOIS COLE, IR. COLE COLLINS CONE Cleburne Lubbock Big Springs Lubbock R. E. NOEL L. BOB GYPSY COOK COOKSEY COOPER COOPER Childress Wbiteface Crowell Lubbock RUTH LEONARD EARL R. G. W. COWART COWDEN COX COX Lubbock Amarillo Tulia Lubbock HORACE IERRY I. ANN MARIORIE CRAWFORD CRAWFORD CRAWBY CREWS Haskell Lubbock Lamesa Coleman al. IOE CAMPBELL Ranger MAUDINE CARPENTER Lubbock IAMES C. CHORN Snyder CHAS. CLOWE, IR. Ardmore, Okla. I OHN CONELY Lubbock BILL COPE Lubbock IAMIE EDWIN COZBY Lubbock LOUISE CRIM Lubbock af" 'Q 9 1:5 ,put 19" fx 41 -55' 5 1. ' f K l fir 49' SOPHO BOB CROSS Stanton CHARLES DARWIN Lubbock PEGGY DAVIS Midland WANDA DICKENS Ashmore MARION DONALDSON McGregor WILLIAM N. DUNN Amarillo C. M. ELMORE, IR. Lubbock IAMES FARMER Levellancl Page 91 IOHN M. CROWE Lubbock B. P. DAVENPORT Stamford WALTON DAVIS Iayton RAMONA DICKEY Denver City MORRIS E. DONELSON Stanton DAVID DURHAM Vernon IACK ERWIN Ripley, Tenn. MARCEDES FARRAR Comanche ORES IOHN CULVER Lubbock IAMES DAVIDSON Carlsbad WILLIAM L. DAVIS Hearne RICHARD DICKEY Lubbock KENNETH DOPSON Spur WILLIE MARIE EASTMAN Idalou TYSON EUBANKS Dimmitt RUTH ANN FEHR Nazareth Marilynn Day is cross examined at the pre-law murder trial by lawyer Bob Cole . . . Gretchen Cliff and Amy Sue Way make the rushees happy with a duet at a Ko Shari party. BEVERLY CLYDELLE ESTELLE IACK CUMBIE CUMMINGS CUMMINGS CUMMINGS Abernathy Lubbock Byers Littlefield IEAN L. F. AUDREY BILL DAVIDSON DAVIDSON DAVIS DAVIS Andrews Olton San Angelo Iayton DUANE BETTY BRUCE IAY DAWKINS DENNISON DENNY DENTON Lubbock Lubbock Cookville Andrews EMORY IIM DOROTHY FRANK DILDZ DIXON DOBBS DONAHUE Abilene Farwell Lubbock Chicago, III. BILLIE IEAN FRANK IEANNE IOANNA DORN DOUGLASS DOUGLASS DRAKE Colorado Lubbock Lubbock LeFore WILLARD RICHARD HAROLD G SUE DEE EDGETT EDMONDSON ELDER ELLIOTT Lubbock Corpus Christi Seaqraves Dalhart HENRY R, PAULINE REGINA CARL EVANS EVANS EVANS FAIKS Ft. Worth Hagerman, N. M. Littlefield McAllen RICHARD S. ELEANOR T. A. MARY LOIS FEIDEN FERGUSON FERGUSON FINDLEY Midland Lubbock Dallas Lubbock PAULINE CUMPSTEN Hagerman MARGIE DAVIS Corsicana E. L. DERR Chillicothe CLAUDE DONALDSON Tahoka JACK DULANEY Stinnett DUNCAN ELLISON Lubbock ELIZABETH A FANCHER Seymour NELDA FINDLEY Hale Center 'S i SOPHO ERMA DEAN FINLEY Floy dada CLINT FORMBY MCA doo IAMES E. FRANKS Olton PEGGY GARRISON Ft. Worth FRED W. GIPSON Lubbock ELIZABETH ANN GREEN Roby LAVENIA GRISSOM Lubbock CHAS. A. GUY Lubbock Page 93 IEAN FINLEY Meador TED FORSYTHE Lubbock RONALD FRENCH Abernathy LAV ERN GARY Petersburg IERRY H. GOFF Sweetwater WYNELLE GREEN Lubbock ROWENA GRISI-IAM Lubbock W. A. HALAMECEK San Angelo ORES GLENDOLYN FLOREY McLean IMOGE NE FORTENBERRY Lubbock IOI-IN F. FRIBERG, IR. Wichita Falls IOHNNY GAUNTT Athens H. D. GLOVER Lubbock LLOYD GREENWOOD Hale Center LEWIS E. GRISSOM Lamesa MARY FRANCES HALE Whiteface Maxine McCollum survives jitterbugs on a fast one . . . Dodie Stringer and Virginia Townes share a laugh at a IOAN FORBES Lubbock RAY I. FOSTER Seminole MARGENE FRY Lubbock ROBERT GAY Sulphur Springs NORMAN GOODMAN Midland THOMAS GREENWOOD Hale Center W. R. GRIZZLE Lubbock TOM C. I-IALEY Eastland FRANK FORD Morton BARBARA FOWLER Borger C. D. GAINES, IR. Wickett JAMES GEORGE Slaton IOI-IN GORDON Slaton MARY ANN GREINER Pampa L, E. GROVES Benjamin CARROLL HALL Amarillo Post cartoon. MARTHA IUNE FORD Sweetwater CLOIS FOWLER Vernon T. W. GAMBLIN Lubbock RICHARD GIBSON Dallas MARTHA IANE GORDON Lubbock MARY DEAN GRIFFIN Electra RAMSEY GROVES Lubbock IOI-IN T. HALL Slaton MARY GENE FORMAN Throckmorton E. R. FOWLER Lubbock BETTY GARRETT Floydacla C. W. GILBERT Spur IOE GRACEY Robstown SAMUEL P. GRIGG Tulia MARTHA IANE GRUNDY Marshall LAURA B. HALL Lubbock PAULINE FORMAN Pampa IOE E. FRANCE Sulphur Springs MARY GARRISON West IOE GILLILAND Wichita Falls IOHN C. GRAMSTORFF Perryton IACK O. GRIMSLEY Olton SUE LYNN GUTHRIE Memphis LEE OLA HALL Lubbock T K ' "gy " ,. Q . 4, v'a+f:s ,, 4 - 3 -Z gpm 1 I - 'QF Ti Ei L, 1 . .. ,v,. , " if f Y F wmv Ng,- :H 1 L7 Wi-7i."'H-'L :ff V., 7- w mv fgfgfz-Amt ' ' wfwfefgf 24,1111 .N . , ' 'S?Q.wN'Qps 5 3 fx - , - ' . .mwgwi zfalw f H vfvvf ' ' wa- M '7 P O lg '87 X iif L Ilblu I f ,, L ,y 4 6 SQ :F '24 ' .A ' 1-,iz , H 4, Q E 5 Miki A .,., ,......'V, '.. V A - , .!i12g1'E: I . Af.,,W1w .f 1 'Q 9' in ' 1 Hg V,. W . , .,,. in , .- - w jwwzimv . .M-rwiimf mggggxgayx 'r f ' M 1 ' 'if ,-,,V W, J "2-fi-f.f X ' . 431- , j . . ' SOPHO W. E. HALL Olton RICHARD HARBORDT Boerne FRANCES HAWN Lubbock BILL HENDERSON Levelland IOI-IN I-IICKERSIN Lubbock CHRIS HODGSON Oklahoma City, Okla. W. D. HOLLIS Levelland BILLIE HOTCHKISS Borqer Page 95 MARY IANE HAMILTON Plainview TI-IERESA I-IARGROVE Seminole MILBURN HAYDON Weatherford DON HENDERSON Lubbock CHARLIE HICKMAN Truscott BILLY I. HOFFMAN Larnesa I EAN HOLMES Fort Worth N. H. HOUSTON Wichita Falls ORES MARY HAMMOCK Albany PAULA IEAN HARREL Menard IESSIE HAYES Brownfield FOSTER HENDERSON Friona DONALD HILL Dalhart WILLIAM H. HOFFMAN Eastland IEAN HOLT Slaton E. A. HOWARD Rule Frances King has trouble with her skirt but Lefty Lanford and Wayland Benneit don't mind a bit . . . Glenn Ivey takes advantage oi being dummy and works on his education. RILEY IOEL BETTY BILLY HAMMAN HAMMER HAMRICK HANISON Lubbock Chillicothe Wink Lubbock IAMES MARTHA ORVILLE PAUL HARRIS HARRIS HARRIS HASKINS Lubbock West Brownfield Wolfforth IOHN I. IOHN IAMES TOMMY LA VERN HAYNES HAYMIE HEATLEY I-IEFLEY McKinney Cisco Manqum, Okla. Tahoka ZAC DOROTHY RAY IOYCE IAMES B. HENDERSON HENDRICK HENDRICK HENRY Quanah Olden Olden Rule PEGGY IOHN MARY IANE DOLORES HILL HINCHEY HINCHEY HODGES Amarillo Lubbock Lubbock Crosbyton DONALD IANE DONALD PAT HOGAN HOLDEN HOLDER HOLLAND Norborne, Mo. Lubbock Shamrock Brice VICTOR ALE GERRY HOPE A. V. HOOPER HOOSER Oklahoma City, HOPKINS Hale Center Plainview Okla. LubbOCk CLIFFORD NORMA BETTY CHARLES HOWELL HUDMAN HUDSON HUDSON Ballinger Post Seaqraves Seaqraves WELDON HANCOCK O'DonnelI I ACK HAWKINS Plainview LONNIE HEFNER Crosbyton ROY HEN SON Iowa Park UEDA HODGER Cro sbyton DICK HOL- LINGSWORTH Houston I OE HOPKINS Artesia, N. M. C. M. HUDSON Goodnight N X J 45 aw, 59 K, 2' '22 'NK' E53 if A l Q, 1. ki uni' A ff,.f1lH?iZffE N we Km X-F: fx Q, 522 if Ei! IQ ,Km I E gc ,V , 6 J K? 4' -sv 4 , ' -di" 63 , . ,: J 'ff 'N' X tk 'Q .A H 'M - A 4 . K w . -x 0 by pn. 'VW' , TTI? 7 'Y 1 , Q' J ., , f , xv, 'Wh .Af-. '? .Jn iv! SOPHOMORES CHARLCIE HUGHEY Roby BARBARA IACKSON Lubbock IAMES IOHNSON Lamesa R. H. IONES Goldsmith DON KEITH Matador CHARLES E. KENNEDY Kermit THOMAS KILPATRICK Lubbock BOBBIE I. KNOWLES Tulia Page 97 IOE I-IUMPHRIES Greenville EDWARD IACKSON Brownwood MARY M. IOI-INSON Brownfield VERA NELL IONES Hobbs, N. M. CHAS. KELLY Lubbock CORINNE KENNEDY Lubbock IOHN KINCAID Lubbock IOREEN KOCUREK Seymour MARTHA A. HUNNICUT Marlin I-IENRIETTA IACKSON Whitewright EVELYN IOHNSTON Plainview MARIORIE C. IOPLIN Littlefield MARY FRANCES KELLY Burkburnet VIRGINIA KENNEDY College Station S. E. KINDRICK Lubbock PEGGY KOCUREK Seymour NORMA HUNTER Hereford KENNETH IACKSON Buenavista SAM IOHNSTON Bovina ROSS KAUFHOLD Amarillo ROBERT L. KELLY Idalou KYLE KERBOW Graham LEO KITCH Dalhart ANN KOERTING Sunray Some of the brave, young set swing out at a crowded dance . . . Earlyne Reid gets a long, low whistle as she relaxes in Q bubble bath. MARY ANN IIM TOM HURST I-IUTCHINS INGRAM Abernathy Estelline Lubbock LAMAR WILLIAM LAWRENCE IACKSON IACKSON IESTER Lubbock Westbrook Texarkana CLYDE IOE K. IOI-IN-ANNA IONES TONES WILLIAMS IONES Bonham Lubbock Lubbock BEA H. B. PAT KEELING KEETON KEFFER Lubbock Lubbock Midland THOMAS R. PHILIP BERTIE M. KELLY KEMP KENDALL Amarillo San Angelo Claude CHAS. A. BLAKE F. IOE KERR KERSH, IR. KETCI-IERSID Lubbock Shamrock Coleman BARBARA MARGARET CHARLOTTE KLAUS KLAUS KLEINFELDER Lubbock Lubbock Breckenridge IAMES W. MARY EVELYN BRACIE LACY LACY LAFON Buckeye, N. M. Lubbock Iayton DORIS IRVIN Ralls DAVID IOHNSON Lubbock PATSY IONES Fluvanna BILLY M. KEITH Floydada KATHRYN KENDRICK Midland COLEEN KILLION Marshall MARY KNAUER Dallas A. I. LAIR Lubbock I 1537 - ' 5 . -x 6514 -2: QW X wg ,Q gm Q , ..,,. L v figpwv 1 fx. Y . gs ME -,X ,Y '? f S z. SOPHO IIMELENE LAMON Borger FRANCES LAY Big Spring GLENN E. LEWIS Ouitaque CLARENCE A LOVELESS Amarillo MAXCINE MCCOLLUM Lubbock IEAN MCKINZIE Lubbock VERLENE MCSPADDEN Lubbock IAMES F. MALONE Longview Page 99 BROWNIE LAMB Lubbock DAVID LAYTON Coleman IEEE LEWIS Lubbock RETA LOWRIE Wellington ROBERT MCCOLLUM Lockney BILLY McLARRY Sulphur Springs GLEN MCWHIRTER Lubbock SAM MALONE Seminole ORES MARION LAND Lubbock AUDIE LEE Briscoe MARTHA LEWIS Dumas CHRISTINE LUCE San Angelo IAMES MCCOOK Abilene KENNETH MCLELAND Ei. Worih I. A. MCWHORTER Vxfoliiorlh DONNA MALTBY Royalty IUNE LANBAM Pampa IOE LEE Berger IACK LIGHT Amarillo IAMES M. LUDEKE La Morgue MARTHA MCCRAIW Plainview EDD C. MCLEROY Brownfield DONALD G. MCWILLIAMS Auslin ANN MARTIN Lubbock Beth Ann Ryan, deep in a dream, gazes ai her partnefs chin . . . Lee Ray Swim and Allen Nelson use some floor space in the siag line. BERT LaROE Lubbock EDWARD LEHEM Vernon MARY LILES Welch BILLIE MCALPINE 'Wichiia Ealls WAYNE MCDONALD Burger R. H. MCMANUS Lubbock IANE MAGEE Crowell BYRON MARTIN Lubbock GEORGE LA ROE Tulia TROY LEMLEY Crosbyton CARL D. LOBLEY Et, Sumner, N. M. PATRICIA McCALL Lubbock CHARLES McELREE Waxahachie BILLY MCMENANY Ouanah SUE MAGEE Vernon LARETA MANER Lubbock ROSE NELL LARSEN Berger TOM LE MOND Amarillo NORE PAYE LONG Midland ELVISE C. MCCARTY Spur GEORGE ANN MCEARLAND Lubbock ROYCE McNEILL Lubbock H. A. MABLE Lubbock BENNETT MAPLES Melvin IANE ROBIN LAWSON Lubbock VIRGINIA LEONARD Ft. Worth BRYAN LOVELACE 'Wichita Falls DOROTHY MCCELVEY Lubbock BILLY McKEE Ralls WANDA McPHERSON Lubbock GENE L. MALONE Lubbock CLARENCE P MARTIN Lockney if' A-af" X 1 Q55 ss 'Ex 1 1 4 1 K n kg Q gi 4 .z. ,ff,fi:,g5,fg ,f 1 5 , 1 1 5, f i an x 'YTE-is 5 W ..., 3 .- 5 A F , if ' 57. 7: A : V -i -A 1 .. his W ji- g A Q A iff? If 4 7 , 4 " xx 7 May.: 1 Q "if .., , 5 A 1 4 EA .. V fgryjg,-. I .. 'L , if A , YK f t s '-ii J xv -f ,:f- ' I x 55 an if gm 1 .A I' i .fm , . ,,.,.,i K x f 5 3 W SOPHO FRED MARTIN Lubbock MRS. IOAN MAYES Lubbock BOB MENDENHALL Wichiia Falls JAMES MONTGOMERY Lakeview HOYLE MOSS Roaring Springs BETTY NEAL Ft. Worih G. T. NEUMEYER I-Ialletisville IOAN NOWLIN Ft. Worth Page 1 U1 KATHLENE MARTIN Lubbock WENDELL MAYES Brownwood CHARLES M. MILLER Hobbs, N. M. NEAL MONTGOMERY Litilefield PERRY MOSS Lamesa GUS BARTON NEILL Crowell EVELYN NEWELL Crawford, Okla. IACK NOYES Midland ORES MELTON M. MARTIN Sianfield IOANNE MAYFIELD Lubbock FRANCES MILLER Sudan IANETTE MOORE Amarillo LOIS MOUDY Greenville I-IERMAN NELSO-N San Antonio IOAN NISLAR Lubbock WENDELL NUTT Amarillo WANDA MARTIN Lubbock IOE MEADOR Lubbock LARRY MILLER Brownfield IEANNE MOORE Lamesa IOI-IN MURRAY San Anionio VIRGINIA NELSON Monahans IO ANNA NIX Borger IOE C, O'BANION Mexia Betfy Hanks and Ioan Prouiy enjoy themselves at a Ko Shari rush party . . . These girls aren't bored at the same party, they just didn't get it. OLIVE PEARL MATT-IEWS Lubbock ROBERT MEANS Borger BILL F. MILLICAN Slaton IOI-IN O. MOORE Hale Center REUBEN MURRAY Lubbock WALTER NELSON Wellingion BETTY NORMAN Abilene ANITA OLIVER Lamesa CHESTER E. MAXEY Lorenzo GERALDINE MEDLOCK Lubbock CLYDE MINSHEW Lubbock ANN VERNELIA MOREN Lubbock PATRICIA MYRICK Las Vegas, N. M. IACK NESBIT Slaton IAMES NORRED Graham PAT O'NEILL Amarillo BILL MAY Westbrook BILL MEIER Big Springs MARY MOCK Seminole MARTIN MORGAN Lubbock RICHARD L. NADER Marshall WYALL B. NESBIT Slaton HAROLD NORRIS Lamesa BILLY ONEY Graham GORDEN MAYES Lubbock FRANCE MEIER Big Springs DON MONTGOMERY McLean EMMA IEWELL MORRISON Ralls C. W. NALL, IR. San Angelo BERNICE NEUGIBAUIER Slaion R. L. NORWOOD Lorena MARIORIE OSBORN Magic City Ewk ' , W Ex 2? gm Q Q: J g ' N'-1 J gn H 5' N f A-Li T A ' g 3 ii f , '2' 2 'W H . , .L N., 1 ,wi f 151 ? -if .-Ii! N xg..- Q mi 4:5 ' V 'WS 3 W an . X A, , bk AXE: M ,'Ei, km? - K f. ,vw V A -,f . , fat' ,Q -5 ' ,, .7331 k : , .5 I ' .. - A , 1 W. if :af WH.-:, A, : -,U . , is . Q '- Mfg, E 39' . .-f,,,.:- . ,. k ,., 9' M, , ! . ,F L .,. i fm jx-X 5 I M V, U,,V if wx, rm , 15? .,. . HQ' I -- Q. f 'mx f Y 'Wi . V1 fu fi " 'X xiii mil? 5 2 Q ,Wffl 'f ,kr Q I New 'QM W 2. E 2, Li i G i x 'E mi wx . WP ' i' WEN 5. ci vi . " 1 A -- ' 4 K Y? wif x ag- ,S -'lsr SOPH ORES FRANK OTTMERS Fredericksburg RICHARD PATTERSON Lockney IAMES PHARR Lubbock GARDNER M. PITTMAN Mullin RONALD PRUET Ranger FRANCES RAMBO Brownfield ELMER f. REID Lubbock ZACKIE REYNOLDS Lubbock Page IQ? IRIS PARKER Post BOBBY PAYNE Plainview MRS. ELEANOR PHILLIPS Lubbock O. M. PLEMMONS Olney BILLIE PUCKETT Lubbock BENNIE RANDALS Lamesa NEWELL A. REED Abernathy BILL RHODERICK Ouiiaque EVELYN PARRISH Amarillo ROBERT E. PAYNE Wichita Falls M. I. PHILLIPS Newcastle ODELL PLUMLEE Cisco WILLIAM K. PURYEAR Lubbock JAMES N. RANGE Garland BILLIE RAY REID Clarendon FRANCES RHODES Stanton KATHRYN PARRISH Honey Grove CHARLES F. PERKINS Wichita Falls WM. D. PHILLIPS Ft. Worth HM ED. POER Tahoka DAVID PUTTEET Bonham ELOISE RATHER Lubbock PHYLLIS RENO Phillips BETTY RICHARDS Wellington mm 'S kwa. Ioan Rhea peeks over a broad shoulder . . . Susy 'and Carlo relax in the sun after a swim at a Kemas picnic. BETTY PARSONS Texarkana DWIGHT PERKINS Lockney HAROLD PICKENS Sulphur Springs FRANK POOL Morton BILLY OUATTLEBAUM Abilene MARY NAN RATLIFF Odessa IACOUELYN REYNOLDS Lubbock MARY RICHARDS Lubbock IANE PARSONS Texarkana IOHN C. PERKINS Sulphur Springs DEANE PIERCE Lubbock DELPHINE PORTER Denver City B. H. OUEBE Lockney L. L. RAY Lubbock LEROY REYNOLDS McAllen THOMAS RITCH Clovis RASIE PASCHALL Lubbock TERRY PERKINS Lockney CHARLENE PINKSTON Big Spring IEAN POTEET Olton ROBERT N. RAINEY Dalhart PEGGY REAM Lubbock RALPH REYNOLDS Ranger CHARLES RIVERS Roxton . K: fr QM 1 'Wm CELIA PATTERSON Dalhart SEOUOYAI-I PERRY Lubbock NELL PIPKIN Lubbock LAVENA POWELL Lubbock REBA LOU RAINS Rankin FLETCHER H REDWINE Big Spring WELDON REYNOLDS McCaulley JERRY RIVERS Roxton 1 ii, -.R Q' ? 7 ,S K ' Y-rg? V g .t ,M , '- 335145 -f M U'hL .12-Zffx k Q .J fb, . nf!-' 452 -N ' em VY, 6 ig : Q 1 :Ta ,, sa iff F x , ,gig 130 -, gblkfal K 'QI Ed, vs' A2 IQM 2+ 3 J .Q ,, I , , vm. .q by F V vu... Auf V 4 'Z i nz j gf - 2 14. 1? ,L 3 fi we LM H " ' E., A M 1, Q 1154 if Y,- E1 4 K EQ .. M f M m , A 9 XS .. ,M ,g , y f 5 - A 'Qi' in W- Y .,- ,Y ,.I, 4 t if . ,1 ,qui ,- H , Q , lh- .,.,,,V 21 :'- fo ' . ,wg . Ps.. R ' it ,W v,,,w ,. M ,Xu ,Aj 1 .,'- Q gig k '- W r . . ., W.AZ "' 1 :U fl 'Wai SOPHO BYRDEAN ROBERSON Spur RAMONA ROLAND Sweetwater FLOYD SADDLER Lubbock GENE A. SCHAFER Biq Spring ZORA SEGULIA Torrillo THOMAS SHOOK Lubbock PAULA SITTEL Dennison PAT SMILIE Rosebud Page IUS CHEROLYNE ROBERTS Morton T. C. ROOT, IR. Lubbock RUSSELL SADLER Stanton CARL E. SCHMIDT Mexico City, Mexico I. A. SHAW Lubbock IIMMIE M. SHOULTS Childress BETTE SLAGEL Midland ANN SMITH Wichita Falls Ed Graf is feeling no pain . . . Scrre gals in Dorm 2 come out for a breath of air and a buf session on the steps. IOE WILLIAM MARY CHARLES BETTY IEAN RICHARD ROBERTSON ROBERTSON ROBINS ROBINSON ROBINSON Colorado City Lubbock Uvalde Plainview Alvord IAMES C. RAYMOND G. DAVID C. HOWARD M. TIM W. ROSS ROTHWELL ROWLAND ROUND RUSH Lubbock Fordyce, Ark. Lubbock Harlingen Lubbock DOYLE D. HOOPER IAMES M. IOY RICHARD SANDERS SANDERS SANDERS SAWYER SCALING Hart Hillsboro Dirnrnitt Lubbock Ft. Worth HOWARD ROSALYN NORMA EARL 'NILFORD SCHMIDT SCHREIER SCHUDELL SCHULZ SCHUSTER Lubbock Olton Lubbock Tahoka Comanche PRESTON HELEN TACK C. E. CAROL ANN SHAW SHELTON SHELTON SHEIRRILL, IR. SHERROD Lubbock Midland Midland Seaqraves Lubbock IERRY F. R. C. IIMMIE IULIAN M. DANELL SIDES SIEWERT SILMAN SIMPSON SIMS Odessa Slaton Lubbock Crosbyton Snyder PEGGY W. H. CLAUDE IACQUELINE DORIS SLAPPY SLATER SLOVER SMALL SMALLEY Vernon Port Arthur Tahoka Lubbock Claude ALBERT I. EDGAR A. EDWARD S. IOYCE MARTHA LOU SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH Lubbock Lubbock Lorenzo Seagraves Lubbock A PAT ROBINSON Dallas VIRGINIA SAAGE Slaton T. R. SCARBOROUGH Estelline BETTY SEAY Tulia HENRY T. SHIRLEY Anson FRANK SINCLAIR Plainview MARGARET SMART Manqurn, Okla. PAUL SMITH Bovina 40"'H, w WG gy jx N I . .- 1 iffik. A - 3 Wx wife X SOPHO PEGGY SMITH Wilson BILLY lOE SNODGRA SS Tokio HARRY L. SPENCER Brownwood MERT STARNES Lubbock DOROTHY STINNETT Sundown CLEO STRINGER Vernon EDWARD O. SUMRALL Grady, N. M IAMES W. TAYLOR Littlefield Page IU7 VICTOR SMITH Lubbock IACK B. SNOWDEN Plainview LYNN SPEER Lubbock IAMES O. STEELE, IR. Sweetwater LEWIS STINSON Lubbock IAMES W. STRONG Odessa CLARK SUNDAY Big Springs MARY TERRAL Lamesa ORES VIRGINIA SMITH Lubbock SUE SON Plainview ORVILLE SPR ADLING Lubbock KAY MARIE STEPHENS Breckenridge GERALD STOKES Slaton PLO STUART Lubbock NOLEN SWAIN, lR. Lubbock BOB TERRY Shamrock WAYNE SMITH Vernon LUCILLE SORRELLS Knapp PATSY SPRAGGIN S Plainview CAMILLE STEVENS Wimberly lOHN H. STOKES Post MARY IANE STUCKER Plainview LEE RAY SWIM Vernon ARTHUR LEE THIBODEAUX Amarillo The fight for dancing space goes on and on . . . The boys in West Hall hang their football spirit on the dorm as the Raiders get ready to skin the bears. WM. H. SMITH Lubbock CULVER SOUTHALL Lubbock WILLIAM SPRINGER Aspermont BILLY STEWART Chillicoihe IACOUE STOLTZ Hobbs, N. M. MAX STURDIVANT Abilene HENRY B. TANKERSLEY Brownfield CHARLES E. THIELMAN Paris IERRY SMYTH Lubbock MADISON SOWDER Lubbock ANN SRYDLEY Skellytown CHARLES STEWART, IR. New Orleans ROBERT STRAIN Athens ALMA STURGES Lubbock ALBERTA TARVER Borger WARREN THIENE San Antonio PHILIP SNIDER Lubbock BARRON SPALDING Clovis, N. M. IIMMIE STALLINGS Big Springs MARIEAN STEWART Lubbock E. P. STREGER Hamilton MARGARET STURGES Lubbock ADRIAN TAYLOR Ralls PATSY - THIGPEN Lamesa BETTY SNODGRASS Odessa MARY C. SPEAR ldalou NINA STARKEY Muleshoe HERB STILLWELL Haskell l. F. STRICKLAND Ropesville IERRY NELL SUITS Petersburg HAROLD TAYLOR Muleshoe ADELE THOMPSON Hamlin 1-, has w .is k . 1 V 'P' . f ,,,4zi,f4 .ae4 K 'Eliza E I mb -4-.. 3 X al 1 553 3 sf, L 'U Q f 4 Q 5 wx' .V A ,rw 1, -me fp :sbt w f X ,M 3 is r.-rf' " , 551 55' 4 .,,, xt N ,. .RF HA . :6 , 2252 'N R-Q 31 r , fi A. 4' ,,-,f,,. 't I SOPHO IAYNE THOMPSON Vernon IACK TIPPIT Lubbock SUE TYSON Lubbock CHARLES VESTAL Goodlett IAMES L. WALKER San Angelo IO RAE WATSON Lubbock WILMA WHEELER Southland MARION WHI'I'I'ER Pampa Page 1 U9 PETE THOMPSON Abernathy LAURA TOOLEN Van Horn HORACE UNDERWOOD Garden City WM. E. VICK Amarillo L. C, WALKER Earth AMY SUE WAY Wellington ALINE WHITBY Dumas BILLIE IOE WHITWORTH Lubbock ORES WM. F. THORPE Breckenridge VIRGINIA TOWNS Sweetwater IAY DENE VARDEMAN Levelland CARLA VON ROEDER Knapp EL WANIDA WALLS Lamesa MARGUERITE WEEKS Levelland BETTY FAYE WHITE Lubbock ELLEN WIESE Petersburg Iune Royalty keeps her mind on the music at a semi-formal . . . Dodie Stringer, Pug Hammond, and Anita Oliver go for a spin with Aubrey Ferguson. SUE G. DORIS HOLLIS E. LA RUE THREADGILL THURMAN THURMAN TIBBETS San Antonio Olton Levelland Seminole PATSY CAROL CECIL R. LESTER TRAVERS TRICE TURNER TURNER Waco Alamo Lubbock Lubbock PATRICIA S. L. IOE PAUL VASEN VAUGI-IAN VEAZEY VECERA Et. Worth Liberty Hill Shamrock Crowell VERNON DIXON PAT LEWIS WADE WAGNON WAGNON WALD Lubbock Muleshoe Odessa Temple IACK WALLACE GRADY BENNIE WALTER WALDROUP WAN WARTIS Lubbock Lubbock Graham Brownfield A. D. MARY EARL ESTELLE IOHN W. WEIR, IR. WELCH WELLBORN WELLS Monahans Water Valley Snyder Tahoka DOROTHY DOUGLAS GUY H. IACK WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITE Anoca Lubbock Odessa Amarillo IAMES KENNETH MRS. IO ANNE HAROLD H. WILEY WILEY WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Decatur Levelland Shamrock Shamrock NEWMA TIMMS Abernathy OTIS TURNER Wink IOSEPHINE VERDEN Lakeview CHARLES R. WALDEN Lubbock DOROTHY WATKINS Sudan RICHARD WEST Ranger TED WHITE Brownfield R. L. WILLIAMS, IR Stephenville Page 110 SOPHO ROBERT T. WILLIAMS Lubbock IARVIS WITT Stirmett Page lll WILLIAM WILLIAMS Lubbock DEAN WOOD Lubbock GEORGE YEATES Slaton ORES ANDREW WILLINGHAM Rotan GEORGE W. WOOD, IR. Sugar Land IOYCE YO CUM Lubbock Lois Moudy is pleased with the Whole thing . . . Elwin Ellison, Mert Brashear, Mary Ann Raley, Ray Cox, and Mary Ann Dykes get their pitcher tool: at the halt of a WELBORN K. WILLINGHAM Tulia W. T. WOOD Lubbock BETTY IIM YORK Lubbock BOBBIE WILLIS Graham CATHERINE WRIGHT Littlefield PAUL P. ZANOWIAK Lubbock radio football session. KENNETH WILLIS Floydadcr FLOYD WRIGHT Midland THELMA ZIMMERMAN Lockney NANCY WILSON Claude ROBERT K. WYLIE Albany MARVIN ZOLLER Van R. L. WITHERS Artesia, N. M DONNIE L. YEAGER Lamesa 1 Q .Qt 3, K 1 :ia fi: 1 - .1'Af'?v 5.'nsJ:?'-1. ' - i.xikiifkeiififsiggzigfslsgy f Hf.SZ2i???'??1?f253i5?IifIf5 , Q-2'1gf,i:45g4iQi k . , U. - i , 1gf2Qs1R?5 5-:,:Sfe?'. t2 iE75E5E?f3'5i5lS5Ew.w .fm 'f21i:3lfsv:f.2 , , v5ixa"'H?'4P4'- :H 535'-Sis E 5 I ,LL L, wig. E asf? 'wgiaiasiivffgxei :Iii .13 'I ' f W .-... , X ., I . , , " Qg,fJ.::f"' - I ,5a .H- '92 ff,f2Q?f?if"iffE.g EFQT r ai Sify ff s5,, ,1 ww? mfs VN MARY IANE HINCHEY SGPHCMGRE CLASS FAVORITE RICHARD PRICE MARY ALICE CHRISTIAN ROY CRIMES President Secretary Vice-President FRESHME 5. , 1 Q ' Q .lf Q ,mf-.K ll .GN Wan -vm , pf .. 1' 4 I - w f 5 Q 1 W' F , Q .nl x 1 1 'sa' H'L':,,,.-W fri 7 1 ,, 5 QSM WNV' :sexi ' - 3191111 k 5 QW? Y' Zigzfzxm M ":::531' " 5' ...::....:,w:: . . . u 1 ' ...,' .,x.. 3-2.- :::f- :-N125-::i"!51 K ,f ik +5,.M,,-w g. I ,f ff fr :fy gg :Y 1+ , ai fl "5 55 ' ei ' "5"fs'J.i:f.C' Q " ' M . f, xi , 'V f- L ' ,,,. , E H :gg .ae ff' X 3 is Q' X' , 25, J 5 ig, 9 Q xx S, 4 W ,Q 1 Kam? Da P mfzfgg ...., YJ? 1 ,Y Q X52 X S f in a E 4 ,G 1 M, K 3k gf' 2- 1 .J FRESHM EDITH ABBOTT Abilene PAUL ADAMS Lubbock IOHNNY ALLEN Tahoka B. L, ANDERSON Ralls HELEN ARMENTROUT Et. Stockton HOWARD AXTON Mission HENRY BALL Oucmah PEGGY BARNARD Hereford Page 115 HUGH ABBOTT lean POWELL ADAMS Lubbock MARIORIE ALLEN Lubbock FRANCIS ANDERSON Odessa C. I. ARNOLD Silverton ELBERT BABB Odessa PATSY BALLARD Electra IOANNA BARNES Hobbs, N, M. I N WAYNE ABEL Kermit NORMA AKIN Lubbock WAYNE ALLEN Indian Creek LORENE ANDERSON Lubbock IAMES ARRANT Shields ROBERT BA GWELL Lubbock MARION BALLEW O'DonnelI DOROTHY BARNETT Lubbock BILL ABEL Lubbock WANZA AKIN Sundown PAT ALL-GOOD Lubbock MARY ANDERSON Lubbock GEORGE ARTHUR Lingleville SHAFTER BAILEY Seaqraves GLENN BANDY Breckenridge H. G. BARRETT Lubbock 5 loe Horne has a pretty caddy to tote his clubs, Mrs. Ioe Horne, that is . . . Dot Anderson is so happy because she's dancing with her steady, Bill Hoffman, and Betty Jim York is just happy about everything in general. BILLY ADAIR Lubbock BETTY ALEXANDER Dodson WAYNE ALSPAUGI-I Slaton T. I. ANDERSON San Antonio GENE ARWINE Eloydada WAYNE BAIN Lubbock WINSTON BARCLAY Spur HAROLD BARRETT O'Donnell ATHA ADAMS Lubbock DANIEL ALFORD Pampa LLOYD ALSUP Muleshoe ROY ANGLIN Tahoka ROBERT ASKEW Binqer DEAN BAKER Bonham FREDA BARDEN Olton K. A. BARRIER Lubbock BILLY ADAMS Seaqraves VERNON ALLDREDGE Barstow IAMES AMMANN Wichita Falls LESLIE ANSLEY Larnesa GERALD ATKINSON Pasadena CAROLYN BALDWIN Lamesa . RAMONA BARKER Roscoe MORRIS BARRINGTON Clovis, N. M. DELANE ADAMS Olton ROBERT ALLDREDGE Allred GLENN AMOIN ETT Petersburg HENREIDA ARCHER Grandberry BUFORD AUSTIN Brownfield BOYD BALL Spur OT TO BARKOW SKY Ackerly BOBBY BARRON Big Spring x E GM J W: Ir , 3. A 4' A553 Q .11 N av , hawk ww imp ,, ,wif ff: 'L . W 5. gi .iff f-ya 3 , 1: 5. ' ' CMG X5 sa 4 X. f I A" - 1 . gd-gif A 4 1 N is N af? 3 Ar !,.1 'ff l ask 355 Ev X7 X 'xiii .' f . , ' i-. 3 . . " 9 4 15? Y-, h + 3 . '4 fm! ,' gy , A ,gif f 'YHF .L. -. - 1 , . . 255. 1 ' ' V 'L - f .iiiiil 'vw In 47 is , 6, -1. f wx. wg K, , .:,,,gv-fzlwkd :f f 1, .-1 . H, Ku - .iw 1. Hum 6, 3 N, . 'H' 35 5 ,ii 5' 2 A fl . . Qi YJ: A' V . ,,,.x L 1. Ns. ,Q ,Ax A f i A , L Q n 1" , , 5 as fQi5z .yf-H a n , -- 14 ' - ' , j , V igggfgv V , Y 'v , , Q Nga - " I M, M . 6 L ., , , f A xp. A ' :g,,,,, - wi ,, 1 1 Llgfiifji ', . " M L,. N -- k,.kk- , 'W giggr ' ' K gifigw vi " 1, -1 'M L - .. A Z ,,., 1 1 ' I" : . ' if H - 1' 5 2 V ' -1 I 15 - KS: ' WL , , Q .ir A, ,- Q ff C J X . I 7 ,,g,n5. ,x f . -" - A-my .,:.f.:". V. 3 Z li V4 , , K A W7 " "?Yf:lfl-VF'f- " ' U L , A M ' m- 33- ,Zum my ,1 V AM I . E m , ' qi 3 gt. H J Q V Q QA I - 5 ' A ' . f- ' 53 x If 'in-" if fm W f P 0 K D 1 iii 1 . WQH i I is FRESHM N VIRGINIA BARROW Graham W. L. BEAN Lockney NORMAN BEDFORD Lubbock BERGMAN Lubbock ROBERT BILHEIMER W'aco LOUIS BLANEK Sterling City MARY FAY BONDS Lubbock DON BOX Seymour Page ll7 DELL IEAN BARTON Follett YVONNE BEARD Tahoka ROYCE BEIGHTS Loraine ARMANDA BERRY MCNary MAX BILLINGSLY Snyder BILL BLANKENSHIP Lorenzo DOUGLAS BOREN Sudan BILLIE BOYD Lubbock MARNIE BARTON Sylvester IRMA BEAVER Levelland NADINE BELL Lubbock RICHARD BERRY Midland IOHNNY BIRDWELL Bossier City HAROLD BLEVINS Graham SUE BOULTER Lubbock BILLY BOYD Meadow Some engineers pretend to know what it is all about . . . Duncan Ellison sleeps off a hard day's work right outside RAYMOND BASS Muleshoe AUBREY BEAZLEY Vernon ROLAND BELL Lubbock , IIM BEST Mexia A. I. BISHOP Winters IAMES BLOCK Port Neches W. D. BOSWELL Sweetwater BILLY WAYNE BOYD Lubbock ANN BATES Levelland GLENN BECKER Paducah WILLIAM BELLA MY Pampa DENZIL BEAVERS Wellington CARA BISHOP Lubbock BRENT BLONKUIST Pampa BILLY BOUNDS Cloudcroft, N. ELIZABETH BOYD Louise the dark room door. BARBARA BAUMGARDNER Wellington PAT BECKER Spearman PHILLIP BENNETT Lubbock BARNARD BEVIS Sulphur Springs DOUG BLACKBURN Lubbock TOMMY BLOOMER Sherman MARY LOU BOWDEN Vtlhitetace FELIX BOYDSTON Sanger MARION BAUMGARDNER Wellington GERALD BEDENBENDER Parnpa ELIZABETH BENSON Hereford BILLY BICKERS Fritch SUE BLACKBURN Lubbock SHIRLEY BLOUNT Lubbock EVONNE BOWLES Lorenzo BETH BRADBERRY Knox City I . .ai BILL BAXTER Dallas ELIZABETH BEDFORD Colorado City BILLY BENTLEY Hale Center DWIGHT BIGGS Lubbock BILL BLAKE Vernon WANDA BOBB Big Spring IMOGENE BOWLES Lorenzo TRAVIS BRADFORD Idalou ww H. ,jf2yz3'f:i'-..', 1? V .1 'L - QV HQQM sa W a:-H ' 2341 ' ifQ,gaw L l ik 5 Q91 if ,. 'pak ai - E.. 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Q N ' il S 5 . .Aqg?f f.1Mwf 'E tl if Q SX Q A k ,f .fyf mf. . . . 1 .M.,.1f ,w N, 4 ah 5:32-sf W' 5 fi: , , 252:13 il LsS1a, . ..- N A A f 5, e N S1535 K5 wyiedcg Q yu MQ? L7 .5Ey,i?AF? t... 5. ,M MM M.-. M.wmmQ N U wwxyfx 5 .1 4 K 5 4 I I , 4 is Q N. K 1 . '.W Q, SS" pf if if -sf .. 'Q' fi 1 H+Lw ,ns fl'ixf .,igwwvE f.3vg6, . .... Z Vy.. i X 1 'EN LY an FRESHM N DONALD BRADLEY McLean BARBARA BRAY Lubbock BETTY BROOKS Dallas IAMES BROWDER Graham YNEZ BROWN Et. Worth BILLY BUCK Crosbyton BILLIE IUNE BURGESS Earth MAXINE BURROUGHS Valera Page H9 RHEA BRADLEY Lubbock GARLAND BRIDGES Lubbock DAN BROOKS Littlefield MAURICE BROWDER Lubbock KENNETH BROWNFIELD Lubbock FRED BUCY Tcthoka DIARY BURGOYNE Kenilworth, Ill. BETTY BURSON Silverton CHARLES BRAGG Tahoka I. R. BRIDGES Lubbock GLADYS BROOKS Lubbock BETTY BROWN Colorado City CHANEY BROWNING Odessa DELMA BUPFINGTON Ial, N. M. IAMES BURKETT Goldthwaite ANITA BURTON Houston MARVIN BRAKEHILL Ralls RAYMOND BRIGHAM Stamford IAMES BROOKS Big Spring BOBBIE BROWN Lorenzo BETTY BRUCE Crane BILLY BUFKIN Hobbs, N. M. CHARLES BURKS Lovington, N. M. OTHO BURTON Lueders Bobby Harvey has trouble with the stag line, but Eugenia Watlcizis is oblivious to all . . Conversation Waits lor cot- tee and donuts as this cafeteria crowd catches up. CHARLES BRANDON Larnesa MILDIRED BRINSON Midland I. L. BROOKS Kirkland GEORGE BROWN Ft. Worth PAULINE BRYAN Plainview COSTIN BUFKIN Hobbs, N. ROBERT BURKS Canadian IO ANNE BUSH Lubbock WILSON BRANNON Santo VERNON BRITTON Plainview LLOYD BROOKS Tokio LAVERN BROWN Sanger HARRY BRYANT Slaton IOYCE BUGG Big Spring LAURA BURNS Saint Io IUNE BUSMAN Lubbock TEMPLE BRASHEAR Petersburg FRANK BRIXEY Crosbyton MYRA BROOKS Tokio ROBERT BROWN Lubbock IACK BUCHANAN Big Spring MARGY BULLEN Lubbock DERRELL BURRELL Chillicothe CHARLES BUSSELL Lamesa BETTY BRATTON Ft. Worth F. H. BROCKMAN Carlsbad, N. M DAN BROOKSHLRE Post WM. G. BROWN Bridgeport BERNICE BUCK Bonita L. S. BUNDRANT Lubbock MARVIN BURNS Ackerly IOE BUSTER Childress , R in Z? Q... ui' r, Y A A , XX 'W' Q x . .,, .,,, fs ' g..,M"f'h ' AQ' 'A 1- x 5 'wh' , ,h,, ,v,.,,, .N.fw:,fmf, 5-gifizltfgig I f E? Rf k ,231 'X GK 1 Q yf . HY 6 .H 3 f 1 3 ,ni Q ,AH L. ff ' is . , I - M ' mv- ,Q 1 wi, ,. H v fx?-52525 ,-L ' M xx i" If' M T 5 M21 ' QE-149 I -A212 'L2S.jgk!',i, V ,. ,K v,A A, lg . ,wi ,Q , , 1 ,Q A mf., ig i V w W i Q , fn 5 . 'Ax x f 1253: A-,., - E L' ' 5? ,ps- secw - W 3 i . 95, x 75 L- TX. . ' 'Sv mega DARRELL DULYN BONNIE BUTLER BUTLER BYARS Iraan Iraan Afton BILLIE IEAN MARY GARTH CALLAN CALLIHAN CAMPBELL Rotan Conway Gordon IAMES IOHN GLORIA CANON CANNON CARAWAY Lubbock Stamford Roswell, N. M. CLYDE HILDA IULIAN CARRELL CARRITHERS CARRUTH Lubbock Amarillo Tulia EDWARD lACK EARL CASADOS CASIMER CHAEIN Santa Ee, N. M. Pecos Wichita Ealls CAROLYN HM WANDA CHEATHAM CHILDRESS CHITWOOD Ballinger Aspermont Olton LEE MARGARET GEORGE CLARK CLARK CLEVELAND Summerfield Van Horn Hamilton HAROLD IIMMIE ARLIE COBB COCKERHAN COKE Pampa Littlefield Plains Page 121 GUIN BYERS Lubbock RICHARD CAMPBELL Frost IACK CARMICHAEL Miami LAVERN CARSON Temple PAY CHAMBERS Hermsleiqh BUDDY CHOATE Mineola RALPH CLEVELAND Garland HENRY COKE Plains Ioan Prouty looks mighty fetching at a rush party . . . Home Ec girls have everything necessary for a hat contest except IOYCE BYRON Hobbs, N. M. I. E. CAUDLE Lamesa BOBBY CARNAHAM Hereford . EL RAY CARTER Wichita Ealls IOAN CHAPMAN Midland INEL CHOATE South Bend DORIS CLEVEN Hobbs, N. M. CAROLYN COLE Lubbock Tom Bteneman. CHARLES CADE Slaton MILES CAUDLE Larnesa BUDDY CAROTHERS Sulphur Springs IAMES CARTER Wichita Falls MARGARET CHAPMAN Forney IAMES CHRISTAL Spur SAM CLONTS Knox City SHELBY COLE Houston DEAN CAGLE Childress BETTY IO CA NTRELL Tulia I. VV. CARPENTER Olney MARVIN CARTER Et, Worth NELDA CHAPMAN Lubbock MARY ALICE CHRISTIAN West BETTY COBB Lubbock W. F. COLE Lubbock NANCY CALDWELL Seymour WALTER CANTRELL Lubbock FRANCES CARR Lamesa IAMES CARVER Rising Star BETTY CHARLTON Clovis, N. M IESSE CLARK Odessa DALO S COBB Temple IOHN COLLIE Hobbs, N. M Wlff. Cv , 'S 15 , f Q Avi -,gr ad -f 52 jg? 7 gk fl? ' ,Q 3135 5' -gp- .N are 1 FRESHM N RICHARD COIJLIER Lubbock GENE CO NLEY Quanah I. L. COOK Houston D'ANN CORCORRON Lubbock DURWOOD CRAWFORD Slaton MARGARET CROCKER San Angelo UDELL CUNNINGHAM Lockney DONNA DAVIS San Angelo Page l23 ZEE ANN COILTIES Slaton IAMES CONLEY Quanah LOUIS COOK Amarillo IAMES CORRY Commerce EDDIE CRAWLEY Levelland H, L. CROUCH Lamesa IAMES CURRIE Garden City GWYNNELLE DAVIS Tahoka PEGGY COMPTON Childress AUBREY CONNALLY Abilene IAMES COOPER Seymour BILL COVINGTON Lubbock I. D. CREE Pampa DON CROW Slaton LAWRENCE DANIEL Amherst IAY DAVIS Dallas ludges sit up and take notice as Peggy Garrison gives them a big smile at the beauty elimination . . . Sara Davis and Martha La Roe make with some sophisticated qab at a WICC luncheon. K. E. IOANN NANCY IOE CONIDRAY CONERLY CONDER CONGER Lubbock San Angelo Dallas McCamey BOBBY FORREST lAwCK IAME-S CONNER COOK COOK COOK Slaton Wichita Falls Stanton Rising Star I. B. MERRIL WALLACE ALICE COOPEIR COOPER COOPER COPELAND Roscoe Roscoe Slaton Amarillo CHARLES ROBERT ALLISON ELIZABETH COX COX COSBY CRAIG Milton, Ind. Detroit Ft. Worth Lubbock RAY N. L. C. A. D. ELMER CRENSHAW CRESS CRISWELL CRISWELL Temple Lubbock Texon Lenorah ROBERT IAMES STANLEY MARTHA CROWNOVER CRUSER CUBA CUDD Seymour Rockport Megarqee Slaton MARGARET WEYNONA REX CLARENCE DANIEL DANIEL DARLING DARTER Crane Lubbock Houston Childress MOE MILDRED SARA THOMAS DIAVIS DAVIS DAVIS DAVIS Lubbock Ouanah Lubbock Sterling City HAROLD CONKLIN Hereford IOSH COOK Post IOHN COPPINGER Cross Plains M. I. CRAIG Brownfield OTIS CRISWELL Anton TED CUMMINGS Amherst BETTY DAVIS Lubbock DOROTHY DAWKINS Muleshoe 426 IH .',' "'9V""'Y' Fx QQ W? if r s:-: . ,I 4,1 C" , vi Tl LLLV ., 9:5-Q V : 'Q' , 52 'Saw ai Wi, 'bk 1, . I-V ,I X FRESHMEN ROSE MARY DAWKINS Lubbock TWILA DECK Pear Valley ROGERS DILLWORTH San Antonio JACK DRAIN Dallas MARGARET DUFF Southland PATSY EATON Snyder WALTER ELLERD Snyder DORIS ENGIDAI-IL Melvin Page I 25 GLENN DAY Post IO ANN DEERE Snyder IAMES DOAN Tulia ROLAND DRAKE Lake Iackson P. A. DUGGER Lamesa WELDON EBELING Plainview WAYNON ELLERD Snyder IACK ENGLISH Plainview TALMADGE DAY Donna STANLEY DENDY Amarillo FRANCES DODGE Dallas IENOLD DREXEL Goldsmith WELTON DUNAVANT Lockney OP AL EDWARDS Channing IIM ELLIOTT Rankin WM. G. ERWIN Kermit TALMADGE DEAN Anson IAMES DENNISON Lubbock CARLTON DODSON Dickens ROBERT DRISKILL Coleman M. DUNCAN Waco RODN EY EGGLESTON Levelland F. A. ELROD Silverton WM. ESCOBAR Benjamin fx E df Q , ,Q 14 f-.,1 'iw I , 1 WL! ff. if. 5. f Some more engineers looking interested in the mysterious gadgets . . . Techsans gather at the airport for a good LEROY DEARDOR I-'F Lubbock IAMES DENTON Bonham WM. SCOTT DONAGI-IEY Quanah IOHN DUBBERLEY Lubbock IOII-IN DUYER McLean RICHARD EI-IRLICH Richard NORRIS ELSTON Lubbock GA NELL ETTER Lubbock Red Raider send-oft. SONDRA DE BOTTARI Mexico, D, F. TOM DE NTON Andrews DONALD DOUGLAS Childress DIXIE DUDLEY Mankins ANNABELLA DYER Ft. Worth NORM A EIRING Plainview WILL ELLIS Levelland GEORGE ETZ Lubbock CONNIE DE DORD Hedley IOE DePAW Lubbock IACK DOUGLAS Shamrock IEANNE DUDLEY Silverton ROY DYKES Morton IEAN EISENBERG Lubbock GLENN EMMETT Vernon IACK EUDY Floydada BETTY IO DECK Stanton GIRLENE DILLINGI-IAM Vernon IOI-I N DOW DLE Graham MARILEE DUFEK Dallas GUY EAGAN Lubbock ELLNA ELDREDGE McAdoo STERLING EMENS Ft. Worth CAROL I EAN EVANS 42.1 X. '-'iff' 2, Q 1 -X' x ,K 4 x 1 'Q f rag 5. .s v 1. ' ' nf if ' 3- -... ,. ff a n E 'Q -7? -'.'1 1 , 3 3? ' v 3' 'E 15' QQ : , ww. -, x 1- N. ,. . Awiz afgax ,L 4 ?'ff""z'f f fli i1.'L,z,. , . L I X X Q - g . 55.4, I J , ' g ' G'-ei ' ' '. r Q ' ,-iv' -512. .' M .4 ' i - -K V- ff - ' v -, ' :L :'3f": lp' '92 3' r . r ki - 3, A vs, X M., ' . ,gn 3,35 I x' -A V' '- . "ff " ' .-,sw V SX , T J-an--at . n,aw 4 bm. W N ' 'Sf ' . an la l SMS' X 4 , ,VV, I 2 K t , an X ' 5 :ix - v wig REL fm' 'Q Q , .., f . X' v5-15 'wr 'ibn' X 9' f 74 ? my f 43 4 4 5,1 f' - '..-f Y ff A , - x 1 1 '53, s:,.,w.Svg5' . k A -. f fb hx --Q 4 x ,mn M , N V 7 ff . A Q iff, 5 ff, .'?'3affkf 5 g if? www 1 W9 al M 1 4' Ph W but ww VL I 1 Hi 1 "1-+A S .. 'Q its ig A NJ A kk lx 2 xx 'f ' N ,ggi , 5' , 3 ,ff LQ gf S 13 'L mf' 'Kristy H2 22 asf -5? k LZ.i, '-42. I, i Q' f , 1, 2-H ez" .-. , 7 ' , -I , 'LEA Wav' an 'I 8' - .,.: LQ , L ,u n 0 Q , ' V '-3 g'ff55" ,?bm 47 7 -J .ff ,R b .' - 2253 ,B f Q? 3 ,R g ,fm .f-' , A K KP V wtfx in Q V , 341: 'WNV ' A Y feel, .if ik A IE. , LJ, If if 9 FRESHM N FRANCES EVANS Haderman, N. DIVANE FAUCHETT San Angelo FRANK FINKLIN Wichita Falls IEAN FLOURNOY Snyder HOWARD FOWLER Levelland W. H. FULKERSON, Tahoka IEAN GALLAWAY Benjamin BENOY GATTIS Tahoka Page 127 M. I PATSY EVERETTE Bryan BOB FEE Colorado City MARY FINKNER Floydada ABYE IO FLOWERS Lorenzo S, I. FOWLER Whitharrel GERALD FUNK Midland IOAN GALLAWAY Benjamin MURRY GAY Childress CHARLES EVENS Sudan HERBERT FENN Seminole KAY FINLEY Dallas M. I. FOERSTER Vernon BETTY FOX McAcloo MARCIA FUNK Lubbock HOBERT G-ALYON Denison IEFF GENTRY Grand Prairie WAYNE FAHLE Pampa L. D. FENNER Nocona DENNIS FISHER Winters RUSSEL FOGERSON Lubbock IE-AQNNINE FRANCIS Stamford THOMAIS FURGESON Lubbock TOM GAIRDINER Santa Fe, N. M. BRUCE GENTRY Lubbock Hoppy Maas looks professional with the camera for the comera man . . . Everybody rests while the music is slow and sweet at the Ko Shari Masquerade. MARILYN FAIRHETTER Boyd IAMES FEYNN Rockspring ANNABELLE FLANAGAN Sweetwater ROBERT FORE Graham GfERELDIN'E FRA SIER Tahoka IAMIES FUTCH Paducah THOMAS GARLAND Lubbock BONNIE GEORGJE Iacksboro WILLA PARIS Lubbock ALBERT FIELDS Dalhart DAVID ELATT Big Spring DOROTHVEA FORSYTH Ouanah DANIEL FREEMAN Ft. McKarett ELEANOR GAINER Lubbock BILL GARRETT Ft. Stockton IOSEPI-I GEORGE Ouanah ORVAL FARMER Killeen BENNIE FIELDS Odessa IOE FLEMING Post L. I. FOSTER Bledsoe MARY FREEMAN Baird GORDEN GAINES Munday IOE GARRISPON Levelland IACK GERMANY Eastland BRYAN FARRIS, IR Lubbock MARZELLE FIELDS Lamesa FRED FLETCHER Plainview BOB FOWLER Petersburg TOMMIE FRENCH Lubbock DONNIE GAITHER Littlefield GENE GASTON Dallas IOI-IN GERMANY Amarillo A' 'R 'S ,J 5 2 ' . 1 Z . ' gy xx . 3 1 V ' 2533, k , 5:kVi1m5,71 Vwlgi' -1 V 53554 Aviv f X f 5 155253, ,Q . zwsrmwqf 'Q . ,- -eiemff K K f-ff.Ii'fi2:5 3 if Eg VE K .,VV3:1V,5U.. , S i A gf 'fr 1' , f ,551 fx ng V 4 ya 2 5 ,. , iff m?gVi5,4,g.V ., 2 VM- W 2,5 iff 555-... -1 X, A V 2.fi.E9i2gQjQ,5 : Migiini 1 fiif f . ,- fi, M , .V ,, KVM' Q' ,V V .J A V wi ' ,, . 5. J A M. ,Q 5 Q ,, 5 uw. B Ji , Eg Ay I W., 5.65 3 X ' Lili ' - 1, S 1 K N5 Q , mg Hg Q V 1 -af . ,. ' .9-14 , 'Z 'iv vw' iv E VA' x 1 V 2 if K ' w Q wg ,v if mi 1? N Q f if i . fm. i ,V S xy X 512 I- if 3 fffi S if X i 'R 5 in Q 1 ,- , 1 ' if .: t , V 1 I ' 'N il 1 E le- ,,f,QV,1, Q- J,, g5.e- 'K i, rw' 5 f iw V hx ,K ' f K' ugiiff , we , Hg if mr, r E 1 mfg 1 1 M 5 5936 H21 gf- 1 sg in wah wage? f, V . -X Mgt Hit 1 L Q C 5 V K 1' Nm W4 1 4 3 Z I V W f g 'VV f '1 K ",-?si52fg,gg- s A If law gil? iii? 755 Veg. swf' i V .A 225242 , :Q-fs Viv- , V + - , 6 LWW2 -' . , U V V V V221 ' E 5 K 5, u f QW Y fi V fisff 4323 V ,.k,, A .1,LyQ..,, A A 51 - Y ' V. 1,,l ,ry wx -- A - 1 . V- ,. f 1. w V-. Q - , -Pu i V L, - - k E , V, af -N NW V wa lg, 4 I 3: 5. V ,fb . - . V ng.. .: f'f'3 2.- F1 5, ,3,.1,i-1, 4 ,- ,N 'l V 4 4 fin, ' K 57 it , igzj 'ii gg - 7,,: ,5lA - " 'li me 1 . f Vv- V: af ,H H-'A , W Y ' w gy A it WW 4 ' SE " 3 'F f fr , . 3 V mi 1 ,f 56623 X fx' 4 " ' " FK Q, . f s HW' V 14 ? EES N L V N wif mx ,i 35" 21 4 ,S S , . .Q gsm if .KZ Ing V V Wim-VV .AK Ng if .i . Yi? QQQVL., k f 5:5-v is W Q1 Hg f, Y 5 X S A 3 Q. K 1 5 Jax, , . , ,, .Qr SY N? QW! ,,v 4, , fin if V V as ,553 it , 1 7. 11 I 5 23 fx ,NX W ., N Mig . k ' ' -.. H' ? ' ,.- ' ,ff ,1 ,. 2 , fa ' ' S1 A X . ' ' Q as .,.. :""f3f'f1i ' A '- 'iklws h F' 1, 1' " E l -N M ,,,.., 1 kr 1 V-if , , 's-2'1.1:f.1' Q15 QQ Q I 1 K ,J gf 2 8 L 25 , X .k 3-Q Q X' W 4 , J L ,L.gggL:Jgg5Qsi:Q V' 1 .-svwlp.-I -I S4 31 FRESHMEN EUGENE GIBSON Memphis CAMPBELL GILLESPIE Corsicana PAULINE GOMER Dallas SERGIO R. GOSSMANN San Antonio GENE GREATHOUSE Oklaunion GENE GRIFFIN Graham MIKE GUINN Nocona ROSEMARY HAIRSTON Lubbock Page 129 EVELYN GIBSON Enochs GROVER GILLETT Lubbock IAMES C. GOOCH Dozier DON GRACEY Odessa IIMMY GREEN Loop BILLY I. GRIFFITH Electra HARRY GUNN Crane GERALD HALE Dalhart IOHN GIBSON Nazareth BILLY GILMER Seminole LLOYD GOODIN Claude IOE WAYNE GRAHAM Elecira IOHNNIE GREEN Lubbock CHESTER GRIFFITH Lockney KEITH HABERER Lubbock CLAUDY S. HALL Garland asa, The music stops on a solemn note at the Vivi tea dance . . . Mary Alice Christian indulqes in some girl talk at a Chap rush party. Lois lean Weeks has some of ihe same. MARIE HOMER ROBBIE RUSSELL GIKAS GILKEYSON GILL GILL Borqer Silverion Lubbock Lubbock CARSON ELLIOT FRANK MARY ANN GILMER GILMER GLOVER GODDARD Rocksp-rings Amarillo Mt, Pleasant Midland WILLIE LEE NEWTON DONALD L. I. S. GOODING GOODWIN GOODYEAR GORNLEY Lubbock Earth Stamford Hobbs, N. M. WESLEY CURTIS DORMAN IACK GRAHAM GRANT GRAVES GRAVES Levellancl Kermit Odessa Fort Vllorth DARRELL IIMMY C, M. LOWAYNE GREENLEE GREENWAY GREGG GREG-G Breckenridge Levelland Borger Meadow LEON ROY T. LANDON WILLIAM R. GRIFFITH GRIMES GRISSOM GRUNDY Skelleyiown Lubbock Liltlefield Amarillo NELLE LARRY R. E. ROBERT HAGAN HAGOOD HAHN HAIRGROVE Childress Tahoka Wilson Spur IOE NEVA IOYCE STANLEY BILLY HALL HALL HALL HAMBRIGHT Lubbock Snyder Midland Floydada BILL GILLENTINE Sherman SALLY GODFREY Carlsbad, N. M POLLY GDSSETT Lubbock LOUIS G. GRAY Franklin CHARLES GRIFFIN Dallas OLARENCE E. GUFFIE Floydada I. W. HAIRSTON Idalou GENELL HAMBRIGHT Floydada i ' :f 'Mya' N f 31 wi fx JE:-1 , me gy X if Em ,, , I ,N f ji 5 V V.. ,VL in :aw VR if FRESHM IEANNETTE HAMILTON Lubbock KENNETH M. HANCOCK Lubbock PAUL HARDWICK Lubbock I. C. HARVEY Santa Fe, N. M. THOMAS HAYNES LaRue EUGENE HENDON Lubbock ROBERT HESTER Merkel IAMES HILL Midland Page l3l IO ANN HAMILTON Andrews BAZIL HANDY Quanah WAYNE HANNON Dallas I. S. HARVEY Santa Ee, N. ROYCE HAYWOOD Sweetwater BILLY HENDRIX Lubbock IOHN HETTLER Lubbock OTELLIA HILL Ouomade N ROBERT E. HAMILTON Andrews RICHARD HANNIGAN Fort Worth NORMAN HARP Matador FRANCES HARWELL Merkel IAMES HEADSTR EAM Roby IOLENE HENDRIX Lubbock WILMETH HEWLETT Southland GERALD G. HILLER Hamilton as . XM 4-.,,.,,,.w Iohn Culver is impressive with the evidence in his hand as Freddy Libby tries to look innocent at his trial lor the murder of Rabbit Pardue . . . Vivi sponsors and officers wait lor the chow at a Vivi rush party. ROSA LEE IEAN NORMA IEAN ELEANORE HAMILTON HAMMER HAMMER HAMMOND Denver City Plainview Wink Lubbock PEGGY I. R. ALVIN LEE IOYCE HARBERT HARDCASTLE I-IARDER HARDIN Stamford Sudan Decatur Silverton IAMES LEE ROBERT L. D. ELWIN HARRINGTON HARRIS HARRISON HARVEY Marta Katemay Winfield Amarillo COOPER I. A. BETTY MANSON HASKIN HASLER HATCHER HAWKINS Goree Elnora, Ind. Monahans Lubbock CHRISTINE I. H. IOYCE LILA HEATH HEATH HEDRICK HEDRICK Lamesa Tokio Turkey Clovis, N. M. LLOYD BILLY WILLIAM CHLOE ANN HENDRIX HENRY HENRY HERRIN Lubbock Bonita Mineola Anton WILOLA IIMMIE VIERNON EARL HIATT HICKMAN HIGGINBOTHAM HILDRETH Dalhart Franklin Lubbock Lubbock RAYMOND TOMMIE ELLISON ALICE HILLIER HILLIS HITT HIX Odessa Lakeview Lubbock Abernathy IOHN HAMPTON Pasadena BETTY HARDISON Childress I-IERMAN HARVEY Muleshoe RUTH HAYNES Lubbock JERRY HENDERSON Weatherford BENARD HESS Houston DANNOND HILL Big Spring CLYDENE HODGE Morton Lg., 3" 4 - if .34 .M if im t53'x 4 ' Lx 3513 V: ERR ' l: ,. , 15:5 . X SANFORD S. A. MELVIN PAY FRESHMEN HODGE Stamford BEVERLY HOLT Crane ELIZABETH HOWARD Lubbock THOMAS HUDSON Lubbock TOMMY HULSEY Sunnyvale, Cal. BILLIE HUTCHINGS Lubbock IOHN IACKSON Eastland ELLIA IOBE Hobbs, N. M. Page 133 HODGES, IR Hale Center BILLIE IEAN HOOKER Albany IAMES HOWARD Lubbock I. L. HUEF Lubbcck MARY HUMPHRIES Lubbock E. I. HUTGHINGS Dallas ROYCE IAOKSON Quanah BETTYE IOHNSON Dexter, N. M HOELSCHER Rowena CAROLYN HOOKER Dallas MAROIA HOWARD Lubbock LEON HUFE Birmingham, Ala, WANDA HUMPHRIES Lubbock IEWEL INCE Lubbock TURNER IACOBS Littlefield BETTY IOE JOHNSON Victor, Colo. HOGG Lamesa CHARLES HOOVER Adrian MELVIN HOWE Parnpa IOHNNY HOGGINS Lockney LOUIS HUNT Lubbock RAY IRWIN Lubbock CARL IAMES Talpa GLEN IOHNSON Old Glory A .iz Gloria Holleyman gets a big laugh from something Lefty is about to say . . . I. C. Bartlett is an old master at the art ot rolling pretty girls in the snow. Marjorie Moorehead and Kay Parrish are finding this out the hard way. fix L. D. SAM IMOGENE HOLLAND HOLLOMAN HOLMES Lubbock Odessa Abernathy ARBA EUGENIA D'RUTH HOPKINS HOPPER HOPPING Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock ALYCE GEORGE STANLEY HOWELL HOWELL HUOKABY Lubbock lraan Lubbock BUDDY IAMES IOAN HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES Lubbock Lubbock Abilene CHARLES HAROLD lOHNNY HUNTER HURD HURLEY Midland Vera Lamesa GILBERT AVERY CLAY IVERSON IAOKSON IACKSON 'Wink Lubbock San Angelo ROY THOMAS IAMES IAMES IAMES IACQUET Talpa Thalia Clovis, N, M. IOHN MARGUERITE NEIL IOHNSON IOHNSON IoHNsoN Groom Hobbs, N. M. Slaton ROY HOLMES Phillips ERNEST HOPPER Mentone IONISUE HUD-SON Earth LEE HUGHES Coleman DOROTHY HURST Wink IAMES IACKSON Ballinger IOHN IENICINS Kaufman ROBERT LEE IOHNSON Petersburg mv' aw .4-uv 1 'L' FRESHM N DOROTHY IOHNSTON Pecos IAMIES IO NES Shamrock HIRAM IORDAN Pyote PAT KEEN Corsicana CURTIS KEMP Lubbock PAT KEY Weslaco EUGENE KING Lubbock WILLIAM KNIGHT Lubbock Page l35 GLYNN IOHNSTON Merkel IAMES IONES Uvalde MARVIN IORDON Lubbock ROXIE KEETER Groom PATRICIA KENDRICH Lubbock GXLADYS KIELY Nauqatuck, Conn. ROBERT KING Abilene BOBBIE KNOTT Crosbyton BILLY IONES Dimmitt LOUIS IONES San Angelo LAHOMA IOYCE Lubbock TREVA KEETON Ivanhoe DENNIS KENNEDY Goree GEORGE KIKER Sweetwater ROY KING Rockwood ELIZABETH KNOWLES San Antonio Panze Butler and her "ever lovin"' Peanut look mighty, mighty pleased about something at the Silver Key dance . . . The Home EC people are being very proper as they have cr cup. BOBBIE DARRELL DORIS DOROTHY IONIES IONES IONES IONES Saint Io Lubbock Pampa Iunction MEQRTIS RICHARD SHIRLEY STE'WART IONES IONES IONES IONES Sweetwater Goldsmith Iunction Wellington DOT LEWIS THELMA PAT KARR KAUFFMAN KECK KEEL Spur Fordyce, Ark. Levellarid Monahans ELLEN NATTIE RICHARD CHARLES KEFFER KE ARSEY KELISKY KELLY Seymour Amarillo Lubbock Lubbock IIM LORETTA WAYNE IOIE DON KENNEDY KENNEDY KENNY KENWORTHY San Antonio Childress Slaton Goldsmith LOUIS FRANKLIN GEORGE DAISY KIKER KILCREASE KILGORE KILPATRICK Sweetwater Bowie Anderson, Lubbock AARON IOI-IN NEIL PHILLIP KINSLOWE KIRKSEY KLEINER KLIGMAN Lubbock Lorenzo Sherman Lubbock DOWDEN BEVERLY RANDALL MELVIIN KOENINGS KRUSE KUHENA KUNKEL Hale Center Wickett Rockport Sequin IACK IONES Campo, Colo. BLOYCE IORDAN Newcastle PAUL KEELE Lubbock NENA KELLY Hamilton FRANK KERR Lubbock BETTY KIMBER-LING Wichita Falls IOHN KNIGHT Lubbock CANTON LAJMAN Borqer 1 V- MQ.: -of I n A :V as FV A I I .. TI.: .K :.-QF. ' 'g,f'K'i. -f. ' IL we S Q g,27m??? 5' 3 ' 1 53' ' f"?'i" i ww 3 . l Q 75 7',. ' 73 ,,. W? if ag:-'Q ,CZ , 51252151 - iliiiii .-,J 4 +A X x .9 .QP W sig no f 9525.45 Y f S5 ' X .2 J ,aff 4 A - y A S 1 . fi 7? r S ,L 5 J a' an C' , . , ,, .1 4 4.1 f v 9 44' L ? . .. nw f if . 3 V fx f 5 R x V 'K H, N snr- X. .11 lf' ,Sf X 1 . 1... , ZE: W ,... AN V , ,f ,W , rf, w X a Z 1 f 1 ,A , f 11 1 , A-F' , We sql s NM ' 'M' KX, 'mx ' ' 'Q 'K Q ,e f Y W ual, W . , WP , 2:5221 K :mi '5:- - f f l 2 1 Z' 3' H Q' N ., ' f ' H sg, , " : .5 gi , A : ,K 1 Q 3. ,.., 4' ., Y' .F ,g i 23 J' y . , . ff . J3 6 ,N kk: . sl f , " . ' if - ' 0 - Q ' . " Xi' V ax. 6 ' 9. 5. K, H W f ffiiff , ' . L. -L94 35' r. ' K X . f' .9 -- V- gi. ' ' ie .. 1 ' gm. , Q gr , . -, w S x Y. FRESHMEN IVIAURITA LAMAII Mobeetie MARTHA LaROE Lubbock FRANK LeBEAU Dallas MARY LEWIS Dumas MARY LOU LINDSEY Lubbock IOE LOVELACE Grand Falls DON LYLE Lubbock IACK MCGLELLAN Lubbock Page 137 ANNA LAMPP Seaqraves HELEN LAURITZEN Et. Worth LAMMTE LEDDY Levelland O. L. LEWIS Brownfield DAVID LINK Stamford MARILYN LOVELACE Grand Falls MARGIE MCADAMS Plainview IO?-INNY MCGLENNAN Kermit ELVA LAND Lubbock CHARLES LAWRENCE Aspermont BILLIE LEE Spearman WM. H. LEWIS Vtlellinqton MILLIE LIPSCOMB Albany ROBERT LOWEREY Lubbock ROBERT MCALISTER Abernathy WILSON MCCLELAN Spearman ELDON LANE O'Donnell MARY LOU LAWSON I-Iearne HINDA LEE Pasadena H, C. LIBBY Lubbock BIIJLY LONG Monahans ROBERT LUGENBYKL Stinnett MARGARET MCARTI-IUR Lubbock LOUGENE MCGLENDON Lubbock jean Stanfield smiles for the judges at the first beauty elimi- nation . . . George Acton dreams this one out while the rest of the people try to ignore the camera man. WALTER LANE Pampa MARTHA SUE LAWSON Hearne RUSSELL LEE Lubbock AVIS LUB Sfinneft BILLY LONG Waco BILL LUCK Lubbock CLAUDIE MSGAIN Littlefield VENITA MCGLESKEY Lubbock DORIS LANGE Friona ROYGE LAYGOOK McLean DOIROTHA LEMAN Rolls LOUISE LILES Albany GARLAND LOONEY Borqer HAROLD LUKE Nuercter HENRY MCGANDLESS Lubbock ELL MCGOMB Big Sprinq HAL LANGFORD WINSTEAD LAYMANCE Graham G V. LEONARD Cleburne I. P, LILLY Weatherford IACK LORAN Levelland EARL LUSK Biq Spring BILLY McC'ASLAND Lamesa IOEL McGONNELL Commerce KENNETH LARID Pampa DAVID LAYTON Tulia KATHRYN LEWIS Crane BETTY SUE LINDSEY Memphis DON IAY LOSHER Parnpa HARVEY LUTRICK Abernathy I. G, MCGLARNEY Dumas BOBBY MCGORD Cleburne fl' A A L f , 6 QW Aj if ' "" r FRESHM N GERALD MCCOY Merkel BETTY MCFARLING Abilene DON MCKENZIE Abernathy IEAN McNEILL Lubbock BOB MAGOUIRK Bonham BETTY MARTIN Childress WANDA MARTIN Lubbock CECIL MEAIDORS Dickens Page 139 FRIED McDONALD Lubbock DOYLE MCGOUGH Peacock IOI-IN MCKINZEY Sunray ROLAND McNILL Brownfield WILLIE MALLON Kermit BETTY LOUISE MARTIN Crosbyton CHARLES MARTH Loraine IACK MEARES Lamesa PATTI MCDONALD Big Spring ROBERT McGOWAN Denver City IAMJES MCLAIN Floydada DIANNABEL MCRAE Afton SAM MALVICA Lamesa CLARICE MARTIN Lubbock DELLA MASOIN Snyder KARL MEGERT, IR Lubbock CATI-IRINE McDO NOUGH Midland MEIRLE MCGUIRE Seymour WALTER McM EEN Breckenridge RI-IONDA MABRAY Wilson DWIGHT MANN Levelland ELWANDA MAR-TIN Matador S. F. MATI-IERS Canadian R. A. MEGERT Borger Little Alice goes to sleep on B. Wfs shoulder at Chap pre- sentation . . . It's the country life for some hardworking Coeds as they lean on an undersized feed shock. CLIFTON MCDONOUGH Petersburg DIANA McELLRAY Brownfield WILLIAM MCMILLAN Lubbock HOWELL MACKEY Odessa GLEN MARBURGER Ft, VVorth I. W. MARTIN Ennis WILLIAM MATI-IIS Graham DON MELTON Olton BUSTER MCDUFF Crosbyton I OHN MCKAUGI-IAN Tahoka I. L. MCMINN Post RAY MAEKER Wilson BETTY MARDIS Clovis, IN, M. LEONA MARTIN Matador AUBREY MAY Hermleigh EMO RY MEINEFEE GRANT MCFARLAND Sherman LAM McKAY Lubbock ERNEST MQMURRY Memphis LELAI-I MAGGARD Hale Center FRANK MARKHAM Tulia L. W. MARTIN Oran IAMES MAYFIELD Ouitaque IOE BOB MENZLER San Antonio IIMMIE MCFARLAND Claude IERRY McKEE Dallas IOI-IN MCNIABB Stamford SHIRLEY MAGGART Weatherford MARY MARKI-IAN Sudan MARY MARTIN Levelland ANNABELLE MEADOWS Crosbyton I-IAZEL MERIDITI-I Lubbock ,A --wo., T M . ' x L ,aww i 4 Gm- 8... ,, Ui'- -"'...".S-" 'ing W A 1 'bl "gif 1 1 f , ' , -'QF qs 1 N 'hub ', I an 6 A ,sv 2 1 '-"A u- M A "axial, 4,-A 5 .F"' a -my k ,M f 5 1., ' s- ! A X iz 5 ' f if l a,, L- . 2 1 H J. ' f S ' I ya . wt Q' r Q i Yi 2, , 5 aj + ' as' it A X sf A X , W x 'V-1.0, ,,., .H K -, , WW' 1 '1 "ew Q VG: . 5 gf y 5 i fy SE M K2 "ii 4- 3 19' af ff 5 3 3 , 2 My M ,W -2,5315 'inks X!Qri:ii Q Y. b, -nm! -GL ":2"' I' K a 1, M, RP? 81,4 FRESHMEN RAYBURN METCALEE Lubbock LOUIS MILLS Post MOZELLE MACK Seminole EMMITT MOOR Hankamer GEORGE MORRIS Lubbock BARBARA MOSS Ployclaaa PATTI MUSSON Lubbock WILLIAM NEAL Newsome Page l4I DORIS MILLER Graham THOMAS MILLS Seminole MARY MALONY Pyote ELVIN MOORE O'Donnell MARGARET MORRIS Haskell IACKIE MUELLER Lubbock MAX MYATT Lubbock BETTY NEBRIGH VVichita Falls ELIZABETH MILLER Texan RALPH MILLS Lodi, Cal. LEWIS MONRONEY I. W. MOORE Lakeview MELVIN MORRIS Henrietta MARY MULLEN Waco IACK MYERS I-'loresville AUDNA NEEIJEY Rocksprinqs IOAQNINE MILLER Snyder MARY MILNER Maxwell, N. M. ROY MO'NTA'GUE Silverton KATE MOORE Lubbock PAT MORRIS Et. Worth ROLAND MULLINS Ackerly FLOYD NAPIER Benarcl BILLY NEEPER Rule Iamie is making progress, but fiv wori't get her to an eight o'clock . all belief over Lem Tittworlh IOYCE MILLER Fluvana IESSE MINCHEW Lubbock LONNIE MONTGOMERY Lubbock MARIORIE MOORE Lubbock THALIA MORRIS Maria IOY MUNDEN Abilene ANE'I'I'E NASH Dallas ROBERT NEILL Sterling City PHILIP MILLER Plainview HAROLD MITCHELL Pampa PAT MONTGOMERY Lakeview PAT MOORE Ft. Worth ROBERT MORRIS Levelland MARY LOU MURPI-IEY Dumas NELL NASH Seaqraves BILL NELJSOIN Lubbock e minute . . Mary 'S line of s at that rate Arm Dykes is chatter. ROBERT MILLER Happy MARY ALICE MITCHELL Garden City L. G. MONTGOMERY R. T. MOORE Mobeetie DON MORRISON Pampa IOHN MURRY Lubbock NORMA NASH Lubbock CHARLES NELSON Brownfield IOE MILLICAN Slatori MELVIN MITCHEL Mineral ' L ells W CAROL MOOR Hankarner McKAY MOREMAN Dalhart LYNN MOSER Et, Worth MARY LOUISE MURRAY San Antonio THOMAS NASH Lubbock DOROTH NBLISON Lamesa Y IEAN X F Y dv S X 9-N . I ,AN Fi P - img z 1 9 ,,.,., 5, 4' 1' W Q, -n f-,gwhawf Q 5 1 3 ,W .. rg ,sf X X' 'bm-.,.. -mn. Z. ,vi s . . ' , , "- : ' : 4 Q XE' sa- 3 lvffafff f 4 , w 1'- . ' , . ' -' A A ,i ,ik K f ' ,um ,Ji X, IA, Ki, ,Q 5 M3 :QB 7 MW M 4 " e si W 9 H 1' 33655 G' "sf - 4mf,,:- X , 6. ti Rf ' fs? 4, 'N ,arf s is is ff N' X in 2' fL'g w h 1 ,i 5 K -of-ff xx "I v ,wen ' 5 if ,M :T V-wa rg is x, x FRESHM HERBERT NELSON Lubbock VIVIAN NICHOLS Carlsbad, N. M. C. C. NORTON Brownfield NORMAN OLSON Indian Creek CHARLES OSBORNE Pampa WILLIAM PARISH Kaufman TED PEABODY Espanola, N. M. CARL PERRY E1 Paso Page l43 CLARA NELSON Roscoe ORVIL NIEMAN Lamesa BERYL NOWLIN Ft. Worth BILL O'NEAL Levelland MARY IO OSW ALD McGregor GEORGE PARSLEY Denver City IESSIE PEARCE Lomeia EDWARD PERRY Houston N WAYNE NELSON Tahoka GARLAND NIX Lubbock ROBERT NUGENT Denver City ELBERT O'NEAL Lubbock I. C. OWQEN Plainview HOWARD PARSLEY Denver Ciiy GLYNN PEARCE Sundown IO ANNE PERRY Sundown - .,-. W I: xg Bobby Eubanks concentraies on some Kemas Watermelon . . . Some oi the people are fooled into believing that there is aciually room to dance. WM, WILLIAM ANN ALVIS NIELSON NEWBERRY NEWIMAN NIEWTON Aransas Pass Childress Ft. Worth Lubbock GILFORD LANE CHARLES MARY NOLAN NOLAN NORMAN NORMAN Shamrock Hobbs, N. M. Levelland Post RICHARD MARY EARNEST IAMES NUNN NUNINALJLEE NUNNELEY O'DANIEL Panhandle Dallas Borqer Tulia NANCY BOBBY LaVERNE PAUL O'NEAL ORR ORR ORR Tulia Big Spring Plaska Lubbock SUE IAMMIE IEAN BOB OWENS PADEN PARKHILL PARKINISON Gordon Brownfield Parnpa BUF ORD D-WAIN MARY STEPHEN PARMER PARRACK PAYNE PAYNE I-Iermleigh Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock BOBBY IEAN CLIFTON ANDRES PEARSON PEDERSON PENN PEREZ Lubbock Ft. Worth Rochelle Yanco, Puerto Rico ORREN FRANCY GERALD WARREN PETERMAN PETERS PETERSON PETICOLAS Brownfield Lubbock Amarillo Lubbock DORIS NEWTON Seaqoville IOE NORRIS Slaion IIEWELL O'DELL Monahans M'AX OSBORN Skellyiown l ACK PARKS Lubbock VETA PAYNE Amherst GEORGE PERKINS Lubbock IEW EL PHARR Lubbock fsoif :Qi an F H 5 ve. L A , I ' V fig 1 ' Q it , ?" f-' A 2 ' -W. M ' . 5' 2 V " Q f 15 lv .... iw " :" " ' ff ff , 2 72, ' f M1 ' f 9 9 44 'X' hw -rf--w 'Q' if , ,Ti jf , Mx, lf: Ht? E m x W' ' I A Q A e O l JX , L"A, Rf ,Q-f 5 .1--w ,vgz A. -- 1 'fw- 'F W1 "" w , 6 'T ,2, M' 'Q 2 I W f AF we 1 J R"2'3l'9 f W 6167 w, f , A -4.---A ' G. L. I CI-IAIRIJES GLENN PHARRIS PI-IILQLIPS Littlefield Farwell JEFF GEORGE PIR'IiLE PLILER Dallas Abilene DORIS BETTY ' PRATEIR PRICE Lubbock ' Matador IOAIN DON PROUTY PRUITT Lubbock Lubbock MARGARET BEN RAMSAY RANDOLPH Miarni Hobbs, IN. M. LOUISE RLOYD REA RLECTOR Lubbock Lubbock FARREL GAY REEDER REEVES Weatherford Vinson, Okla. ETHEL NOLAN RI-LINEHART RHODES Iraan Bovina Page 145 PHIIIJLIPS Brownfield LORIET PILUMMER F t. Worth CAROLYWN PIRIOE Karens W. E. PUILASKI Lubbock BOBBIE RANDOLPH McLean DIXIE REDF ORD Brownfield CHARLES REID Levelland ARTHUR RICE Ralls Beauty nominee Dorothy Hlavaty is poise personified be- fore the BMOC's . . . Iohn Wright smokes his pipe and Worries about roofs for veteran heads along with other members oi the Vet Housing Ass'n board. SAM WALIIER VELMA IOE PII-IHJLIPS PHILLIPS PIEIPER PIEROTT Slaton Big Spring Loraine Pampa ELIZABETH MARGLE E. L. RUBY PONCE PORTER POTEET POTTS Lubbock Lubbock Manitou, Colo. Lubbock R. L. WILLIS BE-RINADEAIN P'A'IISY PRICE, IR. PRICE PRIBBE PRIEST Lamesa Parnpa Wink Pear Valley I-IEILIVILVIIH O. IB. CALVIN CLOIS QUIEIBE RABURN RAINES RAINWATER Lockney Wellington Grandfalls Vernon WAYNE SHERMAN MORRIS IRMA RANDOLPH RANDEL RANTZ RATLIFF Seagraves Dalhart Abernathy Houston RUBY 'GENE ROBERT VERNA REDUS REED REED REED tMaGauley Decatur Paris Littlefield DAWSON CHARLES IAMES IOANNE REID REYNOLDS REYNOLDS REYNOLDS Paducah Odessa Odessa Lubbock GLE'NN ARNOLD IOE ROSEANN RICH RICHARDS RIOHERSON RICHTER Chillicothe Santa Anna Abernathy San Angelo IAJCK PINDIAIUE Denison DEI-MN POWELL Roswell, N. M K. E. PROBASOO Floydada LUTHER RAI NWATER Garden City IOI-IN RATTIFF Goree WAYNE REED Abilene 'TI-IURMLAN REYNOLDS Slaton ROBERT RIGIDON Lockney v fx Q 3 .. 3'9"" 3 Z 1 f' K Q ,. M as M? Wi A 2 si' - Yi fi 1 'lf 'Eg QQ, '13 FRESHMEN IAN RILEY Wichita Falls GLENNA ROBERTS Earth GERALDINE IRODGERS Plainview L. D. ROTHWELL Childress WINIERED RUSH Darrouzett VIRGINIA SAOI-ISE Wellington WILLIAM SAVEIR Eldorado R. I. SCHUETTE Slaton Page I47 ALBIN RIPPSTEIN Taft SUE ANNE ROBERTS Memphis IAMES RODGERS Winters WINSTON ROUNTREE Hale Center CARL RUSSELL Lubbock A. I. SALES Lubbock BILL SAYERS Lubbock IEAN SGHULER Lorenzo MARION RIVERS Turkey HARRY ROBERTSON Andrews GEORGE RODGERS Lubbock EFFIE ROWAN Saqerton PEGGY RUSSELL Turkey IIMMY SAMMONS Paris DON SAYRE Wheeler BETTY SCHULKEY Lubbock LEON ROARK Lordsburq, N. M. WILMA ROBERTSON Lamesa DOYLE ROGERS Parnpa IOE ROY G-Oodniqht RALPH RUSSELL Andrews L. I. SANDERS Baileyboro DORIS SCARBROUGH Lubbock WILLIE SGI-IUSTER Rockport 'E Steve Payne gives the gals an icy stare from the stag line . . Chap rushes tell Anne Talbot that they had a BILLIE IEAN ROBBINS Odessa IOI-IN ROBERTSON Lubbock FRED ROGERS Lubbock ROBERT RUMMELL Vernon BOBBY RUTHERFORD Odessa MARGIE SANDERS Seminole WESLEY SCHEEEEL Lubbock BARBARA SCOTT Shamrock nderful time. EARL ROBBINS Santa Ee, N. M. MARION ROBIN Santa Anna MARSHALL ROGERS Wink GALARZA RUIZ Yanco, Puerto B. G. RYALS Levelland BRYOE SANDLING Lubbock BOBBIE SCHMIDT Mason H. C. SCOTT San Antonio Rico ERANKIE ANN ROBBINS Whitetace RUSH ROBINETT Throckmorton AUSTIN ROSE. IR. McAdoo WYMIAN RUPLE Emerson, Ark. BETH ANN RYAN Lubbock DOROTHY SANDS Snyder CARL SCHOEEFLER Hitchcock UNA SCOTT Electra IAMES ROBERSON Rope sville IOSEPH ROBINSON Pittsburgh, Pa IUANITA ROSS Lubbock BILLY RUSH Slaton BETTY IEAN RYAN Winters LOU ANN SARLES Lubbock PAUL SGI-IOPPA Vernon ERNEST SEARS Brownfield 5, if 'iff Jw.. ,, Nu 'ii ,mv .nv ! Q31 an figs qw v :L s . A re.. 1 ug: WM-ff 3 1 W if f -ng 1 . '1 ififggxl? K V Q 'f'2v.C' , 34 if ' , r k ax ' 'ECT X' . 4 . ff E X 1. 1, 1 L 9 LL? -, f 0 Q wil-gg .ff n. ' Kia? 4' 'H FRESHME ROBERT SELF Brownfield ROSE MARIE SETITLE Lubbock MARSHALL SHELITON Tahoka BOBBIE SHIRUM Levelland ELVIN SIIMS HGPPY DORIS SMILTIH Ft. Worth MARGARET SMITH Lamesa CECIL SMYTH Miami Page 149 SAMMY SELF Lubbock IAMES SEVER Stinnett MARION SHEPHERD Ft. Worth ROBERT SHUMAN Lubbock IEAN SIRES Welch EUNIGE SMITH Kerrville SEALY SMITH Lubbock HERSHEL SNODDY Brad e if BILLY SELKPE Abernathy LYNDELL SHARP Lubbock MARVIN SHERRII. Dimmitt CLIFTON SHUMAIIIE Mt. Pleasant PEG GY SITTOIN Stamford FERN SMITH Arp STANLEY SMITH Rule VIRGIE SNEED Lubbock SLENINON SVEILKE Abernathy MAURICE Lubbock PAT SI-DERIDAIN Matador ELDEAN SHUMATIE Mt. Pleasant IAN E SKINNER Electra FOREST SMITH Monahans STERLING SMITH Sundown ELMHR SNYDER Dumas Home Ec girls take a last look at the snow before the warm home management house . . . Three of the fellows find out that what goes up must come down. ERANCIES SIENTELL Snyder N.E'I'I' IE SHEARLEIR Lubbock FRANK Sl-IIELDS Graham I. E. SIDES Lubbock DON SLAUGHTIER Roswell, N. M. FRANK SMITH Claremont, N. H. THEODORE SMITH-I Lubbock ARNOLD SNUGG Leuders BENNIE SETTIFF Enochs IOEL SI-IIEFFIELD Austin IORENE SHENN Paducah LAWTON SIDES McGamey SUE SLOAN Claunch, N. M. GENEVA SMITH Seagraves WAN DA SMITH Lubbock BILLY SOLLY Penwell DUANE SE'I'II'IFF Enochs CHARLES SI-MELTON Wickett LOLA SHIRES Lubbock RAY SIMMONS Lubbock IEFF SMART Spur IEIRIRY SMITH Lubbock ALLEN SMITHISON Lamesa BILL SOMERS Lubbock AARON SE'I'I'LE Abernathy FRANCES SI-IBLTON Wickett WAN DA SHOFNER San Benito WILLIAM SIMPSON Iacksboro DOIN SMITH Sundown L. W. SMITH Slaton KATI-IRYN SIMYER Levelland I-IELBN SOMIBRIS Lubbock ff'-5' it X! 'H FRESHMEN VIR GI.N IA SOIVLERS Lubbock IAIMES SPAIN Olton IAMES SPRINGIER Rotan ARTHUR STANDERFER Lcrmesa RO BERT STATION Midland WILLIAM STE PHENSON Rankin MALCOLM STOKES Littlefield WINIFRED STRYKER Ropesville Page l5l R, L. SO'NNEN.BURG Shamrock I-IEN-RY SPALDING Lubbock BILLIE SPUKRLOCK Richland Springs IEAN STANFIELD Plainview CLYDE ST. CLAI-R Ft. Worth AU BREY STEPP Pampa BONITA STONE Dexter, N. M. FRANCES SUD DRETH Farwell I-IO RACE SORLEY Hart LEE SPECTOR Borqer VINCENT STACIKHOUSE King City, Cal. DORIS STANLEY Lubbock WESLEY STEBBINS Clovis, N. M. KENNETH STERNE Panhandle IAMES STONE Harrold BOB SUDDRETH Farwell ELLEN S ORRELLL S Knapp WILLIAM SPEER Del Rio IMOGE NE STACY Silsbee IOYCE STANLEY Lubbock ROBERT STEBRITY Lubbock CALVIN ST EVENSON Odessa PATSY STOUT Seymour CLAUDE SUG-AREIK Beeville ferry Bailey, class good Techsan . . . ,EDITH SO'UlRS lordon, N. M. A. B. SPLAWN Greenville R. A. STAEIWEN San Antonio BETTY STARK Levelland IAMES STEELE Post lAM ES STEWAIRT Lubbock PEGGY STOVAL Kermit BILLY SUGGS Big Spring ,. . 1 of '67, learns Io Wear a T-shirt like a Bob Blake is serious about the whole situation. EUGENE SOUTI-llAIlL Friona IOYCE SOUYRES Lubbock WILLIAM STAFFORD Plainview O. R. STARK Quitaque LUTHER STEGER Dumas OILETA STEWART Lubbock H. L. STRACENER Mt. Pleasant BETTY SULLIVAN Lubbock BURWELL SOUTHERN Amarillo GLORIA SPRADLEY Seymour PHYLLIS STALCEY Lubbock JERRY STA-RKEY Seymour BETTY STEPHENS Lubbock BILLIE STILES Lubbock IOI-IN STRDBLING Lubbock IEANETTE SULLIVLAN Lubbock LEO SOUTHERN Amarillo ROY SPRAWLS Tulia W. D. STALLS White Deer CHARLOTTE STARR Levelland PATTY STEPHENS Anson GWYNDOLA STINNETT Tell PEGGY STRICKLAND Ropesville MILDRED SULLIVAN Big Sprinq S gilxn 4 ,M 315 'SE 4511! . 43414.- 'if ww . , p:. 1 A .ff sw 'J A F9295 5 .5 'La 'K .gl .. . - ? K .: .-... aw ' fi. ,:,..u1 Vu K ,Qi W 1 -.0 .Q -F , 4' fam? 53- , gxsn MW MW: A "ll" Q - f zi- Tg ' ' fl? iiff m f , A ff-f,f,1' ,fn .V . 41 5- by , 1.25-s ws 5' 5? j Q Y W , el fn Hj4.f4t 4. 045, W .A 'IU -q.po6k 0 af ,Max ff FRESHMEN PATRICK SULLIVAN Sanderson VICTOR TALMAGE Robstown lUA1NELLE TAYLOR Lubbock BETTY THOMAS Graham I ACK THOMPSON Lubbock CHARLES THUFI' Pampa VIRGINIA TREINFIELD Lubbock lOl-LNNY TU7NNwELL Stanton Page 153 FRANK SUTMTMERS Kermit MICKEY TARKENTO-N Lubbock L. B. TAYLOR Childress CORINE THOMAS McAllen MARTHA THOMPSON Lubbock BILLY TLBBETTS Seminole PHILIP TPUENV' Wellington MILDRED TURNBON Ropesville KENNETH SUTTON White Deer BILLY TARRANT Vernon WAADE TAYLOR Morton CUJRTIS THOMAS McCamey NORMA THOMPSON Electra B. W. TIERCE McCamey IOE TRIM BLE San Angelo ERWIN TURNER Floydada Karl Hansen and band knock one out for the usual mob scene . . . Buck Nesbit and Alice Meading look amazed at Carl I.'s philosophy oi lite, something about nickel ham- burgers and tree coffee. Yeah, hamburgers and coiiee. N.AlN'NElI"I'E CLIFTON l ANET lOl-IN SUTTON SWAIN SWINDLER TABER Melvin Childress Bowie Bovina DOROTHY DEM BILL C11-LAUNCY TARVER TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR Morton Gunter CLAZRIENOE RALPH-I REGENIA IOE LEE TEAGUE TEnN1N1I.SON TERRAL TERRY Pampa Wellington Lamesa Lubbock FRANCES IIMMY IOE LAWRENCE THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS, IR. THOMAS Sweetwater Sulphur Springs I-Iugher Springs Golney OLIVER GARLANID IIERRY MARTHA THOMPSON Tl-IREADGILL Tl-LRUSH THURMAN Lubbock San Antonio Lubbock Lubbock BILLY IEAN THURMAN C. L. TITLGER TIMBERLAAIQE TIMMONS TOMLINISON Meadow Corpus Christi Pampa O'Donnell FLOYD IROBIERT BETTY CHARLES TUBES TUBB TUBES TUCKER Levelland Sulphur Springs Lubbock Petersburg IAJCK ROBERT PAUL IO ANN TURNER TURNER TURPIN TYLER Sweetwater Levelland Abernathy Maria IEAN TALLEY Pampa HOWARD TAYLOR Bledsoe BETTY THOMAS Plainview C. H. THOMPSON Lubbock IPAT THURMAN Lubbock MARY TRA VERSE Waco LAMOINE TUNE Lubbock COLLEEN VALLIANT Lubbock l a ! 5' V " 2-f s al 4' ds is . U mdk ' ' , "Wi Ki . 3 V v lgfix Qi FQ sw zff 'fuf' 4 iff f 1: in " ik X ff- in ci G2 ,Y W I I iv na. 'VH we"'f" 'Z' gg .. L " .a. f lv i , v S v 9: 1 4 A Q .JAM ! "Ww- S 'Wg .iq , f ,. A . G' .. l' "f'sw .L iv ,kr .m . 'I y ' " Xi ' .- if Lf' ,Em X ia :P , N 3 , if ' , -H , y ., ip-f I :g fgf f ' V L 'aw 1 A 1 FRESHME LAWRENCE VAN DERGRIF F Grand Saline DOROTHY VROOMAN Amarillo IAMES WALLACE Seymour OI-IARLIE WARE Rotan WILLIE WATSON Plainview IRWIN WELCH Wellington IBM WEST Stamford SYLVIA WHITACRE Lubbock Page 155 IEAN VAN METER Lubbock IOHN WA DDELL Lubbock BERNADINE 'VVIALLS Lamesa BILLY WARREN Tahoka DOROTHY WATTS Cleburne LEWIS WELCH Friona LEWIS WESTER Sulphur Springs BETTY WHITE Crane CHARLENE VAUGHN Wink HILMAR WA GN ER Rowena LLOYD WALRATH Gainesville ROBERT WASSUM Dallas C. E. WEBB Abernathy BEVERLY WELLM AN Lubbock ROLAND WESTERMAN Lorenzo HENRY VVTHIITE Knox City A midsummet night catches a couple dancing on the tennis courts . . . Local boys make good on the pin ball machine in We1Iman's. BETTY IIMMY I. C. RICHARD VAUGHN VELVIN VERNER VICKERS Lubbock Midland Kirkland Eastland GLENNA IACK L. C. RANDOLPH WALDEN WALKER WALKER WALKER Lubbock Dallas George West Seymour GERALDINE ALICE MARY CONLRAD WALTHALL IMALTHER VVTALVOORED WARD Anton Dallas Amarillo Lubbock NANCY EUIGEN IA IOHN LAVERNE WAQRWICK WATKINS WATKINS WATKINS Bryan San Angelo Lubbock Pear Valley DARIRELIL DEDWIN IO AIN-N W. LB. WEBB WEBB WEBER WEBSTER Big Spring Hobbs, N, M. Shallowwater Waxahachie BILLIE BOB DEL IIM WELLMAN WELLS WELLS WELLS Lubbock Henrietta Anton Cleburne DORIS UOE CAROL I. A. WHEAT WHEATLEY WHEELER WHEELER ,Sundown Brownfield Ft. Worth Hawley HERBERT IACK KENNETH NEWELL WI-IITIIE WVHLTE WHITE WHITE Borqer Ft. Worth Stigler, Okla. Wickett HENRY VON .STUVE Abernathy GILJBERT WALLACE Midland EDGAR WARD Morton SAM WATSON Borger WANDA WEIENS Rotan HAZEL WEST Lubbock CAIRTTER WHEELOCK Lubbock ROBERT WHITE Lubbock 1. E ,, X gf , Q Q . Ca mf ek. : gil W Wg M wk 1 l 4-Siu! wir .5215 sq! -mc' FRESHMEN ROBERT WHITE Brownfield DIOK WILLBAN KS Lubbock RANDOLPH WILLIAMS Mt. Pleasant EARL WILSON Wichita Falls MARY WINN Iraan BOYCE WOOD Olney BOBBIE WR IGHT Big Springs THAD ZIEGLER San Antonio Page I57 ERNEST W H ITE D Elk City, Okla. ALLYN E WDLLIA MS Amherst T. H. WILLIAMS Sweetwater GEORGE WILSON Lubbock KATHIRY NE W ITTY Hamilton MARION WOODS Lubbock IERRY WRIGHT Lovinqton, N. M. I OHN WIHITESIDES Sundown BEIITTYE WILLIAMS Larnesa REX WILLINGHAM Muleshoe I OE ' WILSON Dawson DOUGLAS WOE FORD Slaton KARL WOODW ARD G reenville ALMA YATES Borger IOSIBIEL WHI'I'I'Y Iraan BIIIL WILLIAMS Abilene MILDRED WIILI.I.S Sanger LYNN WILSON Levelland RICI-IARID WOLFF San Antonio ALICE WOOILSEY Lubbock EILIZABETI-I YEARY Ft. Worth Q 4547, 1. v 9 K , Don Furr swings his pretty partner at a Silver Key dance . . . Freshman chow hounds line up ana' eat at a Souci CHARLOTTE WHITTAKER Lubbock BOBBY WILLIAMS Lubbock NELDIA WILLIS Littlefield MAMIE LOU WILSON Friona DOROTHY WOMACK Colorado City BETTY WORRELL Lubbock AUSTIN YEATES Slaton rush party. IEFF WIGGIINIS Edmondson IAOK WILLIAMS Abernathy BEN WILSON Claude LOUIS-E WILSON Plainview ALNINIE WOOD Lubbock BEVERLY WRIGHT Medford, Ore. EMMA YOUNG Belen, N. M. GENELLE WILEY Lubbock I. P. WILLIAMS Denver City BILLY WILSON Slaton LOIS WIMBERLY Ft. Worth BILLY WOOD Anton BILLIE WRIGHT Midland NEIIJL YOUNG Spur Q RICHARD WILKINSON Slaton MAIRGIE WILLIAMS Abilene BILL WILSON Plainview BILL , WINDER Wichita Falls O. W. WOOD Wichita Falls BILILY WRIGHT Electra NORRIS YOUNG Greenville A . . . H-f7L'g:1,: - , V vw1"2fL:eg2fse:f'ezmAf::g ,siswfk-f1f i 1.L?pE"' PATTI MCDONALD FRESHMEN CLASS FAVCDRITE Do L : 1- 1 f'i FWW' ., -Y ..:' .ls-ff' '. 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And they will meet in a great, shining gym and after the usual hilarious salu- tation, "My how things have changed", they will begin to reminisce. And they will remember one special year. That was the year that people were talking about: Drinkingwexcessive spirit at the football games was blamed on excessive drinking, everyone was worried about his future or his past and the attitude of the student body as a whole was expressed by the repeating of "l don't know what to tell you", "Don't tell me your troubles", and "Let's go have a few." The latter referred to coffee, cokes, milk, or what have you. Veteransfthe coeds went hog wild over the returning vets until they figured the percentage of returning wives. Competition in the classroom was terrific as the veterans settled down to study with a vengeance and there was no such thing at Tech as a snap course. Classes were held from 8:00 a.m. until lU:UU p.m. and there weren't enough dates on the calendar to take care of the dances and parties and banquets and meetings as every organization tried to make up for lost time. Footballfthe homecoming parade was held for the first time since everyone left to fight the war: and they say that in Dallas, people are still talking about the Red Raiders' State F air invasion when the SMU Mustangs met defeat and saw the old Tech spirit in action. Traffic-the campus became so congested that the circle had to be made a one way drive: the pedestrian Cwas there more than one?l didn't have a chance. Warfeven more than prices or campus politics, the most dis- cussed subject was war, the one just past. Besides the war, they were talking about the student cafeteria which was fine for the food situation but a sore spot where recreation was concerned. Campus beautification held its own over the coffee cup and people were still wondering about the museum bricks. 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A' ,, .' 1.. .!'ff1f??Z5SggF -3 '7'?E'I'fl ' - ggi- 3 Q -- . ,- Q f- I -4 A -v,.'gY,.4..-,-.,: .- f f ,-5 ,cw ' - -W 4-.43--,5.-1 1 -'..3-.-sf:4:5:p, 3: 7.-- - -. :fd4'--if-3,f.af'1.3"Aa??23'-2'-:-1-J- f 4 3 ffm-r '. f--f25?f?5ZFy.-1-.-1-f?a-F-43-vy,1:3'3ESRC? 13-1.:fa:,s:-1"'2-Y ' .I-1'f'-f-.-f.x..v1,1-1-ff. ..1 535. -- ff P -951 ..q- -",q.,.f'M,- '-Eff."-... .'1+:w11..'ff.f-v:..-u-2 I 434 '--gj.iQ'.-,of ' H - - zivl-2Y"47'f'f"mS-,df-xcwlfg-.5255-gf'i,s:-::sg?3s?fs7:-f-,-.'- -- - .-.. .- -,z -1 -'gg I - 3451- - .Lfm5eg1- 1...-rf--f'-"J - ' ' .-Q ---sh., ...ip-5:-H,-. - - - 1--aw w Mn - , mf...- , 1, A, ,.,. . . 'M - -' . - ' .-f""--A--::4'1'-3. - '-J---Q . f--Q.-.--...... W-:-. J f J.-.-.,,. .,,. - .J V 1' , -,ia f . - ,Q q . -53, 5- 1 is !f, . f-if-'Y . .,.. gz- . 1 3: . .- z., t'-- -' . -67 'zz -' 'Ef" ,lp -K . sq P N., -I - '- . fs 1 1 Sz- -- .J "z..5ui1w1K ,Hn-,..:5-1'."".,-.jg-7D'f.?f ---..,..,, ' ' 5 asf! 3 ' -I -1 'A I' F -1 -2 -' ' 5: - , 5 "W------3..-,Q, '-f 'iii Mg 5- I 1- .- 2 1- Iglnirul iffii' -' ' "- if - ' ' - ' z ' 4- r. 'N' 12501 1 """ if fx. -2 . A 555. - f " 5:3 ' 5 3 "M I 21 f f - vi- . if 2 - . ,- 5 - . 1 ' 'ami' ,,1,Q,., Egg.. ,1 I -.W,......,,..,m-w.. J fl ...M jgJ,,,M-WM .M pk -1 Z4-in , fi I E 5 fgggwg- 3 3- gg V ,T"-'h""M-1f---- jr, -.a --'F ,--M ...ing ,sg V Q. 1- 3 .f Z v 1. I f'f -a .6 Ps jr Q x f -K. 349' ,Q -. E Q is? -, 5? --.5 -- 1 ' 1 ' 511. ' f1Ax',-A-,.4'f ' ' - ' - .ff ff 'L -Z ' Q Eff 2 f,1w-- it--'f.1' ' ' . " w ififskw ff.. fait--M-mai. ' M--1315- -......-'-... N ' ' ' ' " " " ww-wnqwauw . .N ...M-M.-,W M mm' .v......v...-..-f....n..-mm-vu,.v.mAw,MQ.,.ww,..n1unw.1xw-N-wu4M vw va. . fl : "' ,. .w-1, f' ' . ' ' P I' wyff , , , V X an Qi' if gf F ' I? u . , A 1 . , L 3 x A ,sv 1 1 jr ,M 1, L PM 4 -Lg wwf' M Y , " I 5 " 'i A' Q' ,wggfhm-fff: ,M v"f"'7 " Q f" ? " I KfL.M551ff " In - . b 35,7 ff ,QW-hfw A. . -wg W-3' sPgf?'Fk'-,J lffk' ...M 4 1 ' ww . 1, , 5 Wt-3.1 'N' M , 5 .3 -' 'zz W1-was " 1 W' .,. ,Q V' U, , as ,,,,,.,.ff1!,,,,,E ,Hz va-if -. Y f- 1 5,35 Mm,4g.,Q,.+-1Wx5,,g,54,y5x:f4?,5 ,R , A W , M-'W-""" +2 Wwflizf V 1, . W .. A ,Wg-W -fx? A . A x R ,,.f'1tfi7i fs f'-e,,,a2?'5 i ' ' , fm wg.-wa-rM"""'M Y 5 9 57 if 'iezf wwM'i12vhw'ffW'..-,yzfxivwf ,Q,,,.w-'H-fffiz f f 'M 1'-ik 2 4 .1 tfw,v"v W4 ,L Mwvww ,w. v-v- ,Wy , ,L E ef, . W , H 4, , f zz-55 1 fm 3 ' fr"""': if 2' 5 , k A, E .'Q,,,,.-wifi Hf ii 2 sf if E Q ' Y F, ,,.,,u,.W-f , W 1 . ' , Q ' 'T :Lf 1 1 -P 3 pq 1 gg 1 A if gy 1 ++f-1 f 4 ' , K k 'f - fu , ! mail' 'Q 2 . Q- A. -H - ' rf A Jfvf' A ,,.nnll1""' I f " " ', . f J, 'kan V LA' V M ' ' K V' 1 - f- r fmwfa-9-fif1::,w , Q Q K 2 5 5 - , 5 ,K ' A 1 L ' L I 9 ff fi 2 i 5 Q 3 'W 4 ,, Q K ,.....,,,.,... as I ,ww ' 3 4 ' - V, if X" Kg W , 'LT A 2 ' - fli f '5 mm ,ff1Sf",,4, - ' fb .W , - 1 ' ir - "I ,asf K ' I 7' fvffffl A 3 - M A w 1, ,na V P k :H--,ns M, KL., p?WM-11 - . , .,.,J wash-'S 5 4 , ... fel.-M-Q , 6 i5..,4. J .M-,.,-.,, 'Q if .7 , f- 5 V: ,,.,,,, A: K 'H fw..,,? CONTENTS Homecoming Summertime White Ties ond TC1i1S Coy Nineties Boll Spring Fever Arsenic and Old Looe On the Avenue 'Sno F un Around the Campus Costume Donces Uniformed Techsons Club Scorlet Rodeo w qskfaglzgfsi XL 3, GMECGMING . it We o ,ii A , -ea-,rg L ' nrrr I ., on Wi? i i m, f, , 3. re. . f Q Q V lflf ' ,e,? L ,W r A h..,, ..,., . , L A. 1 . 1 L " " 3-sl '5 """ 5' A-x '?fa'5-UT ,. ' " if-tif izigff QAVQQ ' "" . . it ' . , ,qs SM A 4. .elif Troy Ddvidson, Student Body Presi- dent, Welcomes Elmer Tdrbox, Presi- dent ot Alumni Association. 5 Q .,,, W. 1 . I -f' aff f'5X5ei't.'?i?1f '. if i' .2 .I Lf ,sf N 4 .ig A . 4 1' RL., . -' f... . - i ,, , , . , x, r .1., - A I i ' ' r Q 1 9 M, . 1 -4- ,,f, , Q t . . T4 ' h qi A 6a?X"' 'm A Q . Wifxiw, X X x X XX-,S S ln the circles-Some Greek god performs at the swimming pool . . . Frances Clark serves an ace on the Tech courts. Left to right-Elayne Head plays hide-and-seek with the Wolves . . . Everybody plays tennis during the summer . . . Ioe France indulges in the favorite student recreation, summer or Winter . . . Art Labs are held outside to take advantage of the Weather . . . Dubby Montague must have won his match . . . Students study on the portico of the Library . . . Wh-at are Dorothy Brown and Nan Bradbury doing to Pat Owen? Page 158 X S X x Q P 159 XX X X Q X, N . Qi X SX X X X N .Ak .gn 'Sw 4' A 1 feta F' 5 F f Q ' ., -, gi :L M A 11- ' i , ez . ,, :QSM fg 5 P '05 M' 1 -S? .fff2:7?1iz4, 14 Eg 3- wb-'w f, Q A y , w i-f?f:if??gaS44i?ll , 5 . it - -ff:-.f . t ' v A 4.1 M ss"-Kdmg .pf 5 gs uf, 4, Wax S uf' .V 54553 .f , gkigikfmiiqzg f'f 5334: isa VF rgfszigiigy 5 ',,. ,gigaw ., ,fx iigfgffiyfw LSR' Q k5q9g2i,f2,i,,f ,K "-ffifffllz "n ,.,, 1, ,W .QL Hfgwgg, I V Exe- . 1 ' X h'w,,1, U ig a ' f 1 1 .am A 12:4 .1 in Q A Q Ain't love grand? Pottie Mae seems to think so, but lim takes it with a grain of salt. Below: The wall flowers watch a cou- ple of jive-hounds, ll S f-A QE ,x f, Jnaillitgi I t l I K ill Above: Everybody takes life easy at the Vivi presentation, Left: Betty McMurtry Devin and husband seem a little shy at the Ko Shari presentation. Below: "Wheels" Loy Catherine Barnett and Bob Click enjoy each other's company. Leif: Mrs, lrvinq St. Clair makes lier debut at the Socii Orchid dmlce- NSl99P1Y" Harlan looks pleased as Susie Way dances in her usual Susie Way. RIQIIYS FLASH! - Minor shows hole card Below: Uniformed Techsans and dates enloy the Military Ball . ,' . Y - A Paul Beavers strikes a serious pose as the Mrs. smile: for cameraman. "Snookie" Weeks and Rusty Rainwater swing out at D. F. D. presenta- tion. Fran Clark and Vic Hooper take one slow and easy. Mary King looks plumb out of ihis woild while Catherine Lee McDonough and part- ner just look liappv wi. fy . wh A. :gq"'lr'l as , .. J 1 K5-N Left: Mary lane l-linchey and lames Warren dance at D. F. D. presentation. Right: And what would a dance be without faithful Bob Strong? Bill Thurman involuntarily ends a dance with "Little Alice" Bird- well. Below: 'Twas a little bit of heaven . . . Complete with Stars and all. lane Coffee in somewhat of a daze. Betty McDon- ald dances-her partner sleeps. Peggy Hargrove, Max Walthall . . . Pherba Walthall and Clayton Roberts dance in the background. -Q ,lk i ,, be M, ,Pf5?i' ,pl I . :f?35fZ" ju fp K ,fvleffifns 1 ,Q 'Sgr , ff , fx wx I ' , , rg: if ii 1 W, A ww?Tf2f1, K ' Y wean .L F L, JW, ,:+ji?, 1, ' gms N1 V .gh ,423 4' ,, - ..12f,,y .,,f4ef.. , . 53:2 k , , 55-t if fgg, ,mf .. 0, Vs, ,MM ' 'mkifi V I 5 f ,A ' , I 1 k"7 f I ' , ' fi' ' ' ff W , , , ' : A A. ,k,W3,,,. W? W j g: 1 . 95 H' 3 +5 ig I 3 'Q 5' H Q 25 :Q 11 R ' .V f ,, w 'wi 5 'Qi ' f 1 " ig 3 " anna 'la 'Rig , Xi :Q 'Q Q23f'5A pg5z2 H .qi u4r,,wi45.ti'. ' is ,QQ vr W. I , ,V we ,Q f, ,2-H ,A A , ,4 , 6 ' fiw K ,Rr E 's Q' 1 .:I'1i' . fi if , A ts , 5 as 5 5 . wwifff , -fK74f 135:21 " A A 5 Wiivaaw, 4A H1 -J 'A 7 may rg 2 , l ,g .4 ,Ni I? H. ix 1-,V A.A: JH? sfsgfggfggfj fllifgiillfi if "' l e 535111 Hfiiliif 1 . . V, 4 1' Wu ff' i r u llvg la McKinley Hopper and pariner at all-college dance. Every- body looks happy at Kemas "Spring Festival" dance. - L. xr . xl N as 55 3 Mx Nma I-lxckman and lack Nesblt dance . . . lane Council dreams on lim Sammons' shoulder. Royce McNeil gives out with a big qrir.. l ... -"""f 2 its X, lillll mfg ll ff M . Em.. b"' : : W A . sm!!! . ,, , 'fn' lm q,1:af lutlq V ..i:' l Q? 3 --- vi 3103 "x' if '- ' '- 1-- - N is .,-,.- -V ..7-, ,igulif lvl Ai . . 'Sf Q' 'Id his A i mans w W1 A' ,wx x if iii Ir. gun ilu nge ,. Q ,N,, I A N V, illllllli 3 , 1 H6 ' Hg A , in var i f H Q, , . ,Q 5' A 'A X if Q .T b Q , ,-5, .3 Qld. .A ., s ' -- vff ll' Rl N 'K ., -4' K' 1 Lib Schmidt -miles over her partners shoulder ot all-college dance. "Boots" listens crtteniively to leff Smcxrfs usual dance line. Louise Walker cmd Tully Mitchell ccruqht in cr happy mood. Roy Boone looks like he might have or iouch of it . . . spring fever, that is. Nell Young and Mike Guy. Bob McGee whistles ihrough C1 slow one. 9 Qs .4 M I A swim g .LM K By Ioseph Kesselring Directed by Ioe Burson Abby and Martha Brewster, two plump little darlings, have a very bad habit of helping lonely old men find peace through a bit of arsenic and elderberry wine, and burying them in the cellar. Nephew Mortimer discovers their secret and tries to blame it on Teddy, who thinks he's Theodore Roosevelt. But criminal nephew Ionathan returns to renew operations in Brooklyn, and upsets Mor- timer's plans. The police finally recognize and take lonathan, leaving Mortimer and Elaine to be married as Abby and Martha are preparing to leave with Teddy for Happy Dale Sanitarium. Before they get packed, how- ever, the two old maids spy Mr. Witherspoon, Superin- tendent of Happy Dale-another victim! CAST OF CHARACTERS HENRIETTA IACKSON ' BILLIE HUTCHINGS . HM THOMAS RICHARD MILLER IACKIE COGDILL . IOE DePAUW HELEN MCDONALD ALICE BARRON D'RUTI-I HOPPING . FLOYD PARR . EDDIE ARYAIN . BOB NASH . BILL OLINGER IAMES SIMPSON . W. D. HOLLIS IOE GARRISON . SONN Y REDUS Abby Brewster . The Rev. Dr. Harper . . Teddy Brewster . . Officer Brophy . . Officer Klein . . Martha Brewster . Elaine Harper . . Mortimer Brewster . Mr. Gibbs . . Ionathan Brewster . Dr. Einstein . . Officer O'Hara . . Lt. Rooney . . Mr. Witherspoon . Mr. Hoskins and Mr. Spenalzo . . LA VENTANA goes to a Speech Department play. Teddy, Abby, Dt. Harper having tea-a Victorian Brewster ritual. Elaine dashes to freedom from Einstein and Ionathan as aunts await funeral services. Lt. Rooney questions Officers Brophy, Klein, and O'Hara after skirmish with Ionathan. Page 178 uw ,nutty r :Tr ABBY and MARTHA Weave their web IONATHAN and ElNSTElN are roused in "quiet" house by ABBY, TEDDY, MARTHA discuss "a state secret" over of "merciful charity" around GIBBS. TEDDY'S buqle. burial of a victim. MORTIMER questions ABBY IONATHAN announces intentions of burying his victim in Officer O'l-IARA catches IONATHAN and EINSTEIN "oper- about a new body in the AUNTS' cellar. ating" on MORTIMER. window-seat. c' it 3 Q 6' WITHERSPOON meets TEDDY. JONATHAN says goodbye to AUNTS as WITHERSPOON AUNTS entice WlTHERSPOON to his last glass of ROONEY and ELAINE witness observes proceedings. elderberry wine. TEDDYWS outraged wrath, Page l 79 v V H CGD Ilappgu HEIQI ' " fi-'X X Dead ,wg - ...-gui Look, no bricks. ' Pris the qarne. week beards have a strange attraction for beauties. Dou sy Brown and Russ Withers hurryt?J for a seat at g Coker finally finds some use for his text books ff ,'5 And some people spend CI good ! afternoon ihis Way. N1 l I X mg - ,f : O ff-2 - K I ..l r- Moll Coll V J f Dead we-ek. Uh huh. n f , l , l lf' , ,, X- 5 'f4f' 11lig s 1 n if' ll, -- , K f 5 , . of +93 E Dodie Stringer can offord to l be happy czs she lczkes o powder for home. l l Club IDYGSMGHTS HUG UP CI! llle Mlcc SmOl4GT TO receive Club C1WClYdSA Deon Allen and I C. Bartlett winch Specrker Charles Thompson receive o new Stetson ot the smoker. 5 " 51' t it ,X- 1.1 . , 5 7' 1 V' ,aa . ..4' ' Q ,pkg l,-Q' n Oh Hell' We done thls so damn many tlmes x1jK!V, r 'Q Duncan Elhson gets took l C Bartlett clobbers Susle Way f F X RUCXSQY he Suqtw' mt 'fx X' X gmc 9 WAX W Q Ck L Ei, J' f . S ,- 7A ..-iS., v R 1 f h V P s., 1, Q f is .fr dj ff ' ii ' 1 i s au... , SUW15 . 1 , Q 5- u Jin . 5 5 Q 5, A f I. Irma Rctlilf poses with h tar. tThis ctnnuczl is due C1 gotta soy sumpinfb MP, ,J 4 A , ,j tw ma mr Betty Vxfemver, ctlonq with several thousand other Techscns, shivered and clenched her teeth but still Went to Class dur- ing our frequent snow storms this winter. ,,f If . ' V . , 1 'SQ 55 K 5 f- aw S? . 323512 K 1 w igrfwggeivifftsy I 3' Y ' 5151? , fegfg "wg it Q- 'xh-f :S ' wks i Q I If S524 fi' vigil fr A. .Q -fa. ,.- , , . 1.1 4-1 -W.-'L t.yf,,,A ...,. ' yes ' " 1 . 0- 1 f ee : 9---f lift 'L yf'.wf5it- ':i-twstg-.33 -f, 'Ia Y. my 4 'Q-,JH PM ' :Qi A ililm Mi' " , cg ' 'jr f ' Se. P ' ' 5' ' ' -Qi? ., f ,. A 4 shi, ,Q ' t -'QW -U11-y. Bob, Reamo, leep, and Tulley, to repeat a Well-worn phrase, have a few. R t Nina Ray Hickman is Spellbouncl by lack Nesbit. Gene Iones, lane Council, and lim Cannon sleep in the sun. Above: Earlyne Reid Smiles sweetly at the Co-op cashier who tells her to get up oft the floor and pay for the magazine or get out. Left: Curious coeds query at Co-op excavation. Roy Boone and lim Humphreys take their qals to Wellman's for cz coke or something A . rfi 1 s P .S nv E, 'W s' is S fn 1 5 I" 1 ST Baby McDonald couldn't make it to 'the avenue loe France turns his back on ihe Silver Dollar. Betty Neal and Yank Hansen iry to talk limrny out of gum from under the counter. Duncan gels the passing parade . . . Martha Lively is her usual self and-Oh, Howard, We're so sorry. 'h"'iQ hw i s :milf ...,,'m.,,, wai- SX 'N , Xt 7'-Ta 7m Mnlll N. 1- , Iornesie Reed, Sheriff of Dry County, Techscrs, watches for some ornery unwestern furriner to throw in the hooseqow . . . Members of the Tech Rodeo Association Woit for Iim Humphreys to work up nerve for the steer riding event . . . Eloise Fram- bouqh, Dorothy Ccxrmcxck, and Betty Young, three beautiful dudes, tcrke it ecrsy on cr fence top. iii sv.. , Lt ' .- 15' .532 3,4 ' - I 1. gi , st . WX: by , 'Y ggi? K f ro " N -mi. ' .i , 1 fb .WM1 H ws ' ,Q 1, A If .V N . .W 9 "N ' + , Z ifr- o f f ' - ,. 'T J M Wi - 1. -'ff " 4' . ft my '.g'-rw 'A zu, eqfrwim l Q ny- SS' I N , ' 51. ' - X .1 5 " ' Sr .1 If .3 Q., , x r' .2 I f 5 6 ,wx ,..f .5 1 S Nw F5 .," Q-Q13 ,, J' A'A" :,F , ,. A kg? rg E 2 vi 3, 'F M W sf A, ah L , J 'Y In 'Y wr 1 PQ N 55 Q, fs IFGRMED Above: The Infantry and their dates at the R. O, T, C. Bali. Above: Ray Rhodes and date give profile and smile to the cameraman. Upper Zeit: Major Goodman compares notes about the ball with Lt.- Col. and Mrs. Adams. Lower left: Top Larson and Bud Enochs chot between numbers with Ray Rhodes and his date. Below: The Engineers and their dates at the H. O. T. C. Bail. "Eyes right" is the command. w , x Q ' ' ' , Ay' , I ' t K K .M ,f,M,""55f--' I 4M ' " K . 4 .Q-.A.w , 1 Y f f ' W il W . .4 .,,,. 1, 'f lm If if ,W ' K' W Q .-we Hi V 'WV fs . , K ' . ' r ,V 4 . I . .iv . V TECHSANS Above: 'Kicridikew Ichnscn looks very uiimiiitcry as he dance-s with Lci Rue Maiouf. Upper fight: Bcyce M. Woods's date should be impressed with that string of Cumpciqri ribbons on his chest. Lower riqhl: Mrs, Wocds bites her lips cmd ihee scloriei is very impressive and military-like. R, O. T. C, on Purcxii, Q aw Q K S K l ,J X ' S u w Q ,ig M -,,,,,..-- V. K 5, ' 'F Ni '52 23 'f fmf'fi3 23m -1 wifi, 'f 2 -- J V7 :QW is Lk i 'fi 'F fs :ff 'Qi , 33 .gi ' E , ,M TV A V fvw K N an -. Z, X, A , ff VS. 1 " V5 msg., , w al- Lf ' jg . "sf, Ay . QM W A -3 X 'ur L 4 ,V jig? xii? f Q 2 msg- 1 515 . 224,56 1' V, w,,,v ,W 52? ,nw ., ,H - 15923 x ff!-L, V M N Wd, ' "lx - .,... 'V -J -. I ,fi V 2 , L, ,,,, I 5 32: 1 ig ia? Y 'Rf 'V . , if f W Q' ,, K H ,fp H ,if ?'r ai ,.I..9M - " K , .QS-li sg. ,kg ,V ie s . ne '22 ...,- 1, b 9?' 3 'if3'?if 1 , . Y ' ., . .. . f ,.,, 1 I -5:7 ,f mf, , f , siifhz' - ' 5 Y' 5 5 ' 4, fx W' Z 'H M 'kv , fl Q!'fi'r' ff R 2 W A ' "' 'ga wx: K " W Nl if wifgzfifw . asf f S f-ZMQ: 224 A I, .sua 5 E , Q L 4 if, ig, s' 4 Q k , H., 535. X .. II 1 - g -1 E, as 52? W .MM "Hg, f-, ,, r- nf,....m- c art e t iff!! Presents Tech's Prettiest Man f 1. ff CHARLES ARNOLD f k F'1LV' WM k Y" ' E 'I P E- in E UA 3 N Eff X4 G6 c Q V Q Q .ww c. fi git ti MW' Q ,tgp W f, if it ,tr it Above: Bob Carr practicing, no doubt, a scene in the bar. Below: The "Dalton Boys"- -Iirn Elliott, Bill Puryear, Lamar lackson, Bob Burks, and Richard Dickey --'- "running through" a dance routine. Alice Ann Woolsey balances on limmy Carter while lim Elliott is used as a safeguard. may . -W . ey if K, f f ggi 5 2 V 2 i 'vt 1 1'- ' 1: at wa, , A HSVSB, g We don't know what's going on here, but the people are Bob Carr, Clinton DeWo1fe, Alice Walther, Bill Thurman and Maxine McCollum . . .Dancers Corinne Kennedy, Io Miller, and lane Council lounge on the piano that Burl Hubbard is beating on while Merilyn Anderson tries for an inspiration for a dance routine. Betty Weaver fell and knocked herself out-that's Buddy Sprague and lim Elliottwrushing to thirescue. - tw: , , ,, ,,, , J -J Q ga., ff 3 6 I CJ Script bv Maw Kim! Und Sarah McDonald. Practically the whole cast in action . . . Terry Sanders looks over 'the script between scenes . . , The whole shebanq relaxes with ciqarettes. -' G5 Above: lim Thomas looks like he's dancing we doni know what io tell you about Charles Washburn Below The chorus pauses long enough to have ts picture taken. Alice Ann Woolsey and Timmy Carter practice a semi-acrobatic dance for the finale f2?ix,Q . N V S' 'Z A Q 5 I o 0 If .14- 1 X I 1 f l df? 9 lnclian ruq cutiers at the Ko Shari Mas- Wolf Gal Watson bares her teeth. The better J querade are Dorothy Clift and Boclie to eat Hoyle Moss. ga McElroy, Q'- Doacatchers Marilyn Anderson, Aubrey Ferguson, Mary Lacy, and Daisy Mae Neal doesn't mind Lil' Lee Swimrrfs growl and Iohnnie Forest Daniel have fun at the Centaur Lil' Abner Dance. Mae "One of the Scraqq gals" Smith is plum happy with Hairless Ice Melton. City slicker Chuck Tabor candescends to dance with Indian Joe Wright. 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' .f S- : ' xii' H: Wulf Simi , L: vmh'5f?5,s,'f44,ZZ,f f -3:5042-bg 32? x 2463 qw Jaw f F5 his 'sf' W , Q figs? .ffl ,Q F 2 'mf 'W'EM"i'5' My ,, ffiigmfffvga , Ei 1 f Wi mf? sh -Si X gy me Q Q15 'T X WDM ' Rf Q38 sn, sf GW gi 1 ww 2 mm, S9 R WYMQ Mrginia ,Zwrw Zgaiig Y , M 15 ffggi W , X, 1 M ,W ,. I H, , , M'wkgngbfflfT4f'+iWMge5E'i 'vw Qxgm yii, 'iw-W ' f - ' -fwwle-1.5 v' 1" gay. '. "'j,viN 4 W 'gl .553 5, mv,-'f-i?5Tffk,F'Yf 7,-N559-gan 4 L f., " ' Y ., -f12w,',Kg5,':fQ, , Vu, ?'w' Vq 'i'y.1'f' W , . - -f M gwAgg:'Ar1fgf:,'.1fA , W 2 ' , ,Q 1-Wig! ,f -. ,,J ' "H 1' 2 'W agar-W q was ,. , ,,. ,f ,. M " l .313 "G, iak' f A ff, if, Ffjwff if N 1 wr ' iv MQ ,A Wg g, Q 1 TLA? S f In ,A 1 -V N. 'hu L Lf 'H 321 Q We ' 1 f 'fm WW iw 5 if Q ' +5 ' Eilggf' I . Y 1 i 1 ff ag ff. 52 , , M 10 M , ' ' H72 i'1fff1if4iWfz, ,'5?25a ,Mr Q5 K.: H -:mum 1 IEANNE STOVALL BAKER PEGGY GARRISON MARTHA LIVELY Www iiviigligxgiss X s Y iii k ra 1 SQ if Q ,gf WSG , E X 5 .Emi ,V A A 7 A ,fig , ti: P -1 -' A-S?'L'gEi M 'f 2,523 5,-Eg . f 'xii Qflixx 65 fix , , K ..,, wif! ,'fv1'g.f1 5 - 11.55151 . Af . Hs 22 95 ax ,ft Hg? GLORIA HOLLEYMAN PAT SMILIE BERNICE NEUGEBAUER is QE GERALDINE TAYLGR IOHNNIE MAE SMITH WHUS WHO AMO G AMERICAN Thirty-one students from Tech were listed in this year's publication, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. A committee consisting ot six students and tour faculty members, repre- senting each division, considered names submitted by the department heads to the deans ot the divisions. Names were considered on the grounds of scholarship, leadership, prospects tor iuture success, service to the school, and character. Orville Alderscn, Imogene Bagwell, Robert Bauxngardner, lane Burns, Panxe Butler. Bob Click, Dorothy Clift, Bettye lo Chrisler, Troy Davidson, Betty Devin. Mary Flatt, Barbara Green, lame-s Gunter, Gene Hardey, Maxine Harp. Page 214 COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Only luniors and Seniors with a grade average of l.E55 or better were considered. Five ot the students were automatically named this year due to their being selected last yearg they were Dorothy Cliit, Troy David- SOD, Maxine Harp, Elizabeth Schmidt, and Barton Willingham. Techs quota as prescribed by the national organization was twenty-six besides the ones mentioned last year. Tom Hassell, Maxine He-nnersdorf, Eugenia Hopper, Amos Howard, Iaclcie Lewis. Arnold Maeker, Bill Nugent, Betty Benner, Elizabeth Schmidt, Hedrick Shaw. 'Don Sloan, lamie Trainer, lim Wanner, Barton Vlfillinqharn, Burton Crossen Not pictured is Dan Young. lt. Ei rwsvlll Page 215 Page Troy Davidson, Pres. Student Association, Pre-Law-IRC Pres., Captain Saddle Tramps, T.W.V.A. Commander, Vice- Pres. Sophomore Class, Busi- ness Mgr. Student Council, Publications Committee, Pi Sigma Alpha, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities . . . Iamie Trainer, Pres Las Chaparritas, Pres. Tau Beta Sigma, Pres. Wom- en's Dorm ll, Vice-Pres. Mata- dor Band, Iunior Council, Forum, Student Council, Press Club, F.T.A,, WICC, General Manager Varsity Show, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. wang, rf-rw. T. C. Bartlett, Pres. College Club, Pres. Tech Chamber of Commerce, Student Council, Publications Committee, Election Committee, Execu- tive Committee TWVA, Saddle Tramps . . .Barbara fBeal Green, Editor Toreador, Pres. Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres. Press Club, Sec.- Treas. Pre-Law Club, DFD Reporter, Sock and Buskin Reporter, Editor Alumni News, Associate Editor LA VENTANA, Co-editor Varsity Show Script, Intercollegiate Debate Team, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. WHO'S WHO Page 217 Bill Nugent, Business Man- ager Student Association, Pres. Wranglers, Secretary Publications Committee, Sad- dle Tramps, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, MICC, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities . . . Lometa Hodge, Pres. Las Vivarachas, Hodge- Podge Queen, Cheer Leader '45-'47, La Ventana Beauty, Vice-Pres. Doak Hall, Vice- Pres. Theta Sigma Phi, Press Club, Tech Chamber of Com- merce. ,f Ns- wif. " 'fy i ,J 1 M .'W..,"f'ffMV 4' Qtr.: fff , , THE ' , CAMPUS Elizabeth Schmidt, President Freshman Honor Society, Vice-Pres, Ko Shari, A. W, S. Representative, Vice-Pres. Alpha Chi, Womens Bec- ognition Service, Engr. Society, Iunior Council, Who'S Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities . . . Boy Boone, Manager of Tech Rodeo, Los Camaradas, Aggie Club, Block and Bridle. wi new' Page 218 Frances Clark, Editor Summer Toreador, Art Editor LA VEN- TANA, Publicity Chairman Press Club . . . Ioe Meador, Student Council, Publications Committee, Saddle Tramps, Sgt.-at-Arms TWVA, Co-editor of Varsity show script, l.R.C. Cleveland fChubbyJ Cobb, President Silver Key, Cheer Leader . . . Maxine Hennersdorf, Pres. Forum, Pres. Book Reviewers, Treasurer Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. Ko Shari, Pres. Debate Club, Vice-Pres. Capa Y Espada, Stage Manager Alpha Psi Omega, Sec.-Treas. Sock and Buskin, Freshman Honor Society, lunior Council, Alpha Chi, Intercollegiate Debate Team, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. WHO'S WHO Page 219 Robert fRabbit7 Pardue, Busi- ness Manager of LA VEN- TANA, Vice-President Iunior Class, T.W.V,A. Sgt.-at-Arms '45-'46, Treasurer '46, Chair- man Red Cross '46-'47, Sheriff of Pre-Law Club, Reporter APO., Silver Key, Press Club . . . Mary Troy, Business Man- ager of Toreador, Associate Editor Toreador, Secretary Senior Class, Reporter Sans Souci, Press Club. . Chief' f - 4 eg 1 Q i. "1 ' . We ii:135.1f 4 .e X Rx . y,,-V1,fw5,.,5 -e ,a i ,t ir, Q., f V THE CAMPUS R Alice Gene Meadiriq, Editor of LA VENTANA '47, Reporter Sans Souci, Treasurer Press Club '45-'46 . . . Iames Reed, Co-Captain Red Raiders '46, Double T, Sheriff of Tech.Rodeo. . Dorothy Clitt, President Ko Shari, President Sigma Delta Pi, Treasurer Womens Dorm ll, Secretary Iunior Class, Vice-President lunior Coun- cil, President Capa Y Espada, Treasurer Freshman Honor Society, Member Book Reviewers, W.S,C1.A,, W.l,C.C., Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Delta, Cercle Francais, Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities . . . Burton Crossen, Business Manager of Toreador, M,l.C.C. Secretary, Saddle Tramps Treasurer, T.W.V.A. President, President College Club, Member Student Council, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. 5 ,Usb . l M5 .RWM Page 220 lames Gunter, President Block and Bridle, Member Aggie Club, Saddle Tramps, Publica- tions Committee, Student Coun- cil, Senior Dairy Cattle Iudg- ing Team, Livestock Iudging Team, T.W.V.A., high man Freshman ludging Contest, Sophomore Sears, Roebuck Scholarship, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities . . . Maxine Harp. President Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, President Iunior Coun- cil, Treasurer Home EC Club, W.S.G.A. Treasurer, Member W.S.G.A. Senate, A.W.S., Forum, Alpha Chi, Freshman Honor Society, Sock and Bus- kin, Book Reviewers, Las Vivarachas, Panhellenic Award, Forum Award, Home EC. Girl of the Month, Dele- gate to Phi Upsilon Omicron Convention in Minneapolis and to H.E.A. Convention in Cleveland, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. WHG'S WH wfnnu:.mu-,:xm-xnxx. , ima is -1. vxnmssvi Page 221 Iune Stine, Outstanding in Campus Personalities, Elected Iunior Class Favorite Fall Semester, Las Vivarachas . . . Gene Hardy, President Soph- omore Class, President Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Student Council, Double T Associa- tion, Liederkranz. THE CAMPUS ,4w-f Bolo Click, President Iunior Class, President Alpha Phi Omega, Mem- ber Student Council, Campus Beautification Committee, Saddle Tramps, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Socii, Engineering Society, A.l.Ch.E .,.. Carolyn Baldwin, Outstanding Personality on Campus, Elected Fresh- man Class Favorite Fall Semester, Ko Shari. ld' Page lim Wanner, Pres. APO, Pres, Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Show Manager, Board of Di- rectors Engineering Society, Pres. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi, Socii, Scroll and Key, Saddle Tramps, West- minster Fellowship . . . Betty Renner, Pres. Home Ec. Club, Sec. Freshman Honor Society, Sec. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Delegate to American Home Ec. Association, Delegate to Phi Upsilon Omicron Con- clave, Representative to Stu- dent Government Convention, Delegate to Texas H.E. Work- shop, Forum, lunior Council, A.W.S., Alpha Chi, Ko Shari, Costume Committee Varsity Show. L Panze Butler, Pres. Sans Souci, Vice-Pres. A.W.S., Student Body Sec., Sigma Delta Pi Reporter, Pres. College Chorus, Freshman Honor Soci- ety, Sock and Buskin, Book Reviewers, Alpha Chi, Junior Council, Forum, WICC, A.W.S. Representative to Chicago Convention, Choral Director ol Varsity Show . . . lim Humphreys, Pres. lunior Class, Vice-Pres. Saddle Tramps, Aggie Club, Double T Association, Student Council, Beautification Committee, Vice-Pres. Alpha Phi Omega, Pub- lication Committee, Vice-Pres. Student Council, Tech C. of C., Mgr. of Football, Business Mgr. of Summer Toreador, Pres. West Hall, Tech Rodeo Association. 'li E WHCJ'S WH Page 223 Frank Neal, Pres. Socii, Pres. Engineering Society, Student Council, Mechanical Engi- neering Dept.'s Superintend- ent for :Engineering Show . . . Barton Willingham, Pres. PI Club, Pres. Aggie Club, Vice- Pres. Socii, Saddle Tramps, Alpha Chi, Scroll and Key, Student Council, ROTC, Rifle Team, Student Lite and Rec- reation Committee, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. THE CAMPUS 9' Eugenia Hopper, Pres. Westminster Fellowship, Treas. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treas. Alpha Chi, Freshman Honor Society, Queen Home EC. Spring Festival, Iunior Council, A.W.S., Student Council, Home Ec. Club . . . Arnold Maeker, Commander T.W.V,A., Pres. Los Cama- radas, Pres. A.S.C.E. Tech Branch, Engineering Society, Saddle Tramps. Artist Course committee members, Ralph Cocanougher, Vivian Iohnson, R. A. Mills, Panze Butler, lames H. Murdough, and lohn-anna Iones, confer with Eastman Boomer, Columbia Concerts representative. RTIST COURSE Artist Course programs are selected by the Artist Course committee, headed by R. A. Mills and composed of an even number of faculty members and students. Two numbers are offered each semester. Whittemore and Lowe, duo-piano team, were presented in November after they had starred in an all- Navy musical and established a concert record of 500 performances before half a million servicemen. Arthur Whittemore, the "long lean factor" in this combination, studied at Eastman School and won a scholarship which took him to Rochester, N. Y., where he earned his master's degree. lack Lowe, blue-eyed and not so tall, won his master's at Eastman. They have appeared on Fred Waring's show many times and have done extensive radio and concert work. They are the only two-piano team to record V-discs, unbreakable records made by today's great in the music world and distributed by the government to troops all over the world. Frances Yeend, lyric soprano, and Walter Cassel, baritone, appeared in December. Miss Yeend first appeared on such radio programs as NBC Symphony's "Serenade to America" and the "Hour of Charm". During the last regular winter season, she sang with Serge Kousevitzky and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She was selected for the role of Micaela in Columbia Concerts opera production ot "Carmen" and as such was heard in many leading musical centers throughout the nation. Her vocal and dramatic portrayal of this role aroused unusual interest and unstinted acclaim by public and press. Walter Cassel, brilliant baritone, made his debut as an opera singer as Manon in "De Bretigny". He has since delighted audiences in many other performances. During the past two seasons, he has been a guest star of the San Antonio Opera Festival. Last year under the sponsorship of the Los Angeles Light Opera Company, he made a nation-wide tour and sang the starring role in "The Desert Song." C-assel and Yeend completely captured the hearts of the Tech audience. Page 224 Iussi Bjoerling is pronounced Yoosi Bee-url-ing and the "Yoosi" means Iohn, a name which fits the unassuming tenor who appeared in March. Bjoerling was described by the Chi- cago Times as probably the most beautiful lyric tenor in the world, but he slightly disappointed Techsans by not singing many of the familiar. His arias from "Rigoletto" and "Car- men" were more appreciated than any numbers in his faultless performance. Page 225 French violinist Zino Francescatti, who made his first public appearance at the age of five, was presented in Lubbock in February. Francescatti made his formal debut at 20 with the Crchestra of the Concerts de Conservatoire at the Paris Opera. He made his first appearance in South America with an or- chestra directed by Iose lturbi in Buenos Aires. His New York debut was with the New York Philharmonic Symphony in l939. Francescatti, after all his grand appearances, was not disappointed by his Lubbock audience, YNP-.LTER CASSEL AND FRANCES YEEND IUSSI BKDERLING ,X 7 1,- -a ,,, . sf . .. f ' , ,i gwf. Q . ff 1 if! v-.- s T 3 ! .4 ef 1 - 14' 1 QA ,X 43,09 . X 'K , XXX ,xx 4? 1 Page Back Row: lim Humphreys, Dr. A. B. Strehli, Clark Schooley, Bill Nugent, R. A. Mills. Front Row: Betty Ftenner, joe Meador, Virginia Blackburn, I. C. Bartlett, Gussie Teague, Haskell Taylor. PLIBLICATIGNS C0 ITTEE Publications committee for Tex-as Tech supervises the student newspaper and yearbook, and "The Coda." lt is composed of an equal number of faculty and student members with Student President Troy Davidson and President William M. Whyburn serving ex-officio. The student president appoints students to serve on the committee and the president of the college appoints faculty members. Officers of the Student publications are responsible to the Publications committee for expenditures, poli- cies, records, reports and budgets. Editors and business managers of the annual and newspapers are chosen by student election, but if one resigns, the committee appoints a successor. Associates are appointed by the student officers with the committees approval. Rarely does the Publications committee dict-ate the editorial policy, but they have the power to remove any officer from office for the publication of libelous or illegal matter, or other matter damaging to the reputa- tion of the college or of an individual. They sign contracts for photography, engraving, printing and other necessities of the two publications. 353415 227 X .2-' I' f',ul'lr'M, my mflfrw N . . v fl' ,,y,,,, ut. UA ft.- vv r rf if-A f W .,w,."' ,- EDITOR ALICE GENE MEADING BUSINESS MANAGER ROBERT PARDUE Mary Ann Dykes and Bob Watson see the light when Curley Smith from the Southwestern Engraving Co. does the explaining. :ma hu-.Qi El- 'Q g,.a-N Uninspired by surroundings and mod- ern equipment, with no theme and no title, the LA VENTANA staff vowed to produce an annual. Alice Meading, an inexperi- enced editor, faced the gloomy future with an inexperienced staff. Glynna Williams, associate editor, looked the situation over and decided to resign and get married. Carl Minor, who couldn't have known what he was doing and still doesn't, re- placed her. The story of how a clobbered-up college yearbook like this one came to be is long, dull, and broken up by trips to the avenue for a few thousand cups. Gerald Stokes, feature editor, did more work than anyone because he was so stubborn, uncoopera- tive, and pig-headed about doing things his way. Frances Clark did the crumby lettering and art work, that that wasn't imported. Duncan Ellison, photographer, tried to keep up with an overloaded so- cial calendar, getting shots of several dances, committee meetings, and a couple of dozen action game shots simultane- ously. He didn't make it. lt is a miracle that an ad section exists. Rabbit Pardue, business manager, didn't have a chance. He wasn't allowed to use his desk and was hit over the head with a T-square and told to shut up every time he opened his mouth. For this reason, fi- nances were also handled in a haphazard sort of way. Page 228 Under Cover Stuff . . . Associate Editors Glynna Williams and Carl Minor Art Editor Frances Clark La Ven ta na Maxey Pinson came over between trips to ,,..,f-' Ruidosa to write sports copy but he never seemed to get any written. Bob Watson tore himself away from the political machine to make some layouts and write a few stink- ing captions, overusing his favorite expression, "having a few" until it was a crying shame. Production on an annual usually begins with the inflow of hundreds of class, club, and snapshot prints which go through -a filing system. But not so produc- tion this year. People were pasted in clubs they never heard of, pictures and copy were filed away in books, drawers, and on the floor. Some were lost be- neath a mountain of cigarette butts and there was even a gremlin who hid every- thing not nailed down. To make this organized confusion worse, there was an endless procession of strange characters wandering through the office, digging in the pictures, and sneering at the pages as they were completed. Or wanting to know in April if it was too late to get their class pictures made. It would be nice to be able to say that making this LA VENTANA has been a great privilege to the staff and that they are grateful to have had the opportunity to present it. Getting the darn thing together was pure hell, and the staff has reached the conclusion that people are no d- good. R. A. Mills, sponsor, -and Harry M. Crenshaw and LaClair "Curley" Smith of the Southwestern Engraving Co. are the only nice things that happened all year long and Boles and Roper, photographers from Sneed, came to the rescue more than once. Contractors for the book were: Koen Studios, photographers: Southwestern Engraving Co. of Dallas, engraversg and Economy Advertising Co., printers. They are not to blame. Photographer Duncan Ellison Page 229 Feature Editor Gerald Stokes Maxey Pinson writes sports copy EDITOR BEA GREEN THE T TEXAS TEcHN6I0encf,5'i EQii Associate Eaiiors Mary Troy and Billie Burrell, fall and spring semesters respectively. Business Manager Burton Crossen Columnists Fran Clark and Virgil Miers EADUR ' HIBFQSK. TExAs -WL QQQQSQQM 'if' ' August' with mo wan O xiL13.'iEi YU ,Tn A B. A' in accountxng. He x-'fm mmwrabh wovk on ms M. A. m accountmg Um fm, H b :xx Northwestern for ten mouths. mga? ww: .--f.-wf,J--',.f-'-.,-",f,1-,,,.A'V,,.f""'A,,f','f,,'f' V cv A V 'L F Q, gwaz some Ui in 'a ccvursc 1' R ordm' that thc. H kgfe ' Cavry Q .L,...k,.E ,E TUREA 0 by wmLhwhiXe .rr S :Varsi s Technoxog do un Y 'Show , uw? of Texn 81.38.51 Ou the 08 IIXQCYXUB , I ' HWS Student news? ' e published every Fr students, ' othm' aciw , woheg , pus Kb bubbock. YJY Xass matter. Ocr. 31. Texas' whai am S M' Ks of 'Taxa igngred as second c L Pofnioffice in Lubbock, tx 3 1879. thnx Vwfc YDUXIQX A fins, at uv . under me Act of Marc , H A -A ?re-as Buihilmt, rooms 103. ' itchboardg uigm aw G. 54 1-H U C' wkwrpeare 1 H xnrmk oifice.. , omega Sw nba. . , ' 'f ing' no Y mis 105. Texepnfmes: Q3 editor. 8548. V g M WWW, ' M ing Dumw r, nximinfg these u 3 bdieve a in ' C , 0, thc H fi Y' IQ' Q V Q ' ilssocmokevd C06iQf5v3ie Press .,,,. n,..,M .L., W . who work asvmcsawrzo ron unfsomm.. Aovesnsma av Shouxd bi. 1-away Natmnzd Advertxsmg Servxee, Em-. Sm11diHg.'if'Gf11 Ooliege Publishers llvpreswszaliu 3 WR f:v1'c1C1wd 4-20 Mnmsou Ava New Yom: 1 X WUYYHG3 50? U19 Cnxcnu ' eesmw 4 MDG M-mf. f iff' 1 I ' 1'1XU'xE5l' ihuxl for ,,,,.,,,-,,f,,f.W, ,f,,f,,. ,NW .L.... ., , vim f W not L snuff R , P 'X ' Bm Gm-msn. mum 'Law-S UWM BYLLTS BURRELL, Associate Ecko: Jmmid provide MQAKY LOU S'?ENC1'3, Guest Ediior .X-hpve are BURTON CROSSSTV. Bus.-Mgr. i nd 6 John Anderson, Tiavkd Buckingham! Lu- A Eye Bxgrns, Bmie Jeagjgurrell, Margggretx Th? pggpyg mry, annex Clark, obby Chndersi, FO? , ,, X Q , , ' Mae. Denmn, Mary Exxemfhmxj' d QM A ' mdee Yfoster, XY mga Yvfh V '-mod vt' x . wary Wdson. CMR-1 FXHSQU, Ma Hwwxert. Jo ox Y W vv' Wmx Dan Xiwffy, Dmsczm , , ?iei,m1Kse Grasp. Newa Xmyw . Hassan, Margaret Hedrick. Imfcrn Hemirkcu, X ,KV imneta Hodge, Sue Horne, Chau Hmvneaon l SW' X ' A A Joe 'Terry Jackson, Mzxrg Kxng, Vkfmifred, Aki? Lfxrabee. Frank LBROQ. Herbert i.ee1x'erW0xxf ,,. ,. Vera Maas, Virgn Miers, Jve Meadow. Hat- ' R Cyon Ponarci. Mzmreeu Smith, Rogxar Enum- zm, Mary Lou Sqmmve. June Slim! sus rlkockard, Jerry Skmiz, CYmrSPa Lua Sm if-Xl! Sayers. JSYWSGN "I'vainQr Lum .ie-an A 'U Weeks-rs, G1-ynna Wmimns, Baum Wimaxns, VX LQ .,.,,.,- ,,, X 'S ROW 'Ymc' Bob Watson. XYGYHXXFCI And. wt Yo 3 5' Page 232 TECH PRESS rner "Toreador" editor. The press prints most college publi- cations, which include the "Tor- eador," college catalog, official bulletins devoted to various ac- tivities of the institution, and scientific and literary publica- 'iions. Wayne Kittley, Superintendent loe Bailey, linotype operator l- G. "Mac" MacDaniel works on the r h p 935 9 Dick Copeland works at lntertype between classes. installed when the Iournalisrn building was new. ll , 1 pw mv Tech press is under the su- pervision of Wayne Kittley, for- Sports ,4 9-g . g1:,i.4:-v.f.--.'4f':L,-,.,g,-.--,f --.--x..., ., . ,. fr . .-.- f-,. . -- .-, ' ,- ' , -my " ' -, , . .-. . - . -- -4-- M '- v -- '- f PNP?" 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'e'f: L'-QQ -..:H: fb, -f fm k. ...ii-rf"?Tr, ' ,..,-mv:-'. - f..13":-'.L1.'-L-'-W I . , -- Q., 'Hi 1-.+-.bile-trfefk-'ii-S.gf:--: J.,:-2.5---A . --? x .gz1'5:?'fm1'E'.'sE-+.1f"a-:rail-fi-f if---1' . 'TS-'f1Lb, - " ' - - P-nf? - " f :Q-gm g c '-m,gg3-f.::.g5Q-a.z-..-:ff1.. ' ' ' 1-rf--Q-f - ' :,:rg:a1t"J51' w w w- . - ,wgf-ei 5 "".-.pg . J --2-1-43 fg-J -5 1. 14:2-fi' I ' .. -3-?'.j::f- J4-I., fri.-.Zf,--"+131-.ifsg 'L ggigwilftgftilgh i " - If 1 'f' if N I u "A '3f5Qf'i fv '- Q? 555' ' c.2-eg4vpD- .- ,. 4- " . ' . ,'f2i'fifg- 141012.45 T.. . M -a ' 1 ' -2- v- -- -A 'f' rg.-N. :..- :"'3- A 4 ' --'wr " ..L'1ir. - . -5-'f .-4-11' --El.:-,-i:v:"' 2. J ,-N:-fr".--1 -- -- - ,f VI 5 , zgg5i,5,f,.v,L-1:3-54...Lg-5745.-,w-5.:g?i,fr-4.-E-rzfifaa:f-12.:wi -. '--A' ' lb fu- -. .- ' f 4. '.f5:.--...arf-'X-'H?-PM-4'-' .xr-1.-'ima'--fr":.f 15- - iff? "FTF H .r' , ' :a 'af-7?-Tin:--g2'.--1.-1 ' "' ' 1' . frmfm ,1.4-.1vzw:"'f-212-99 W-ff?-g""' .,,,,,, .vw ,-f-fff.,5?,,,:A 14.3.1-. .,.?3x,o1 .. -..., ,,,...,-1j.f?r4.mwif:11E5'g,5i?f,3xf3..,m'F.5i V . -1- .,--2.3.6-21-ffe,15:frf-----1 V, my -Af J .- ' ' . . .. 15.51 4, ,,,.. ,img 2 -T , K - .-. f. 1 mg., -r - - gg--71512pi,,u5:,-,g..5:.a,T'. 4 If rq,3gg,1w-gui-1i4.,.. Mind M "Fw, - 'W V I V h 1 ' M -":g""v m:vz" m""""-1--.N Y -Q , ,g lx . N-2'-2'----..L.-, ' ---1:-2, . 2 I 'Ig-Ligi. gzg 1-.J-rfrx Q HY: 1 gi if .-.,,, ' , IQQWL 1 lrpu 1 I sir' iff? . 2 7 1 ggi. 2:33 IE T fx 152 Z: g - ..-JJ iii- - Z Q - 'iff " - 51. , , ,Q 3. 7 W gut 1 N, .1 , ... 5. -.4 1 X A . - - , -. 93 , ,Y Fa? 1, ...-r-'-:"E1',"".,..-.-v'f3'Sf'-f'3f "M" '-h--- ' - - 5 9 2 ff? 1-4 ' -, : A ',-f:v-w.g- .- :-- - if 'H--W, - - -f ' L - - 1 -f-5'f1??' gs-J 1 rv' fi' " . "WN-----'....:.. - Q ' ' F 5 - . - I-L -fs.-a-w-1-f men .. , 1 . E- . : ... we . ' . 1'- iri-A-ff. lf: i ' Sf f 5- gi. H Y x L-PK: .V -Mg is 1 ffl N 2 A - - -- 1 sg .. 1 fi g agging: ,.3.3b,3L ,f I .,..,......,.,w....-M, .4 K-gg..-,.....m Eqiwhm-N'M4eii fi. I . , ,A 3 ' ss -if-mf--. -32: 'iff .1 V 1 ks' gm "' ky - fi .--- mm- , 2 .,. 3 .. ,VM , , , .. V My , Q . 5. .1 '-.-, -, -' .s'fQm',:--- 1 .X ,z -fm -" :L 1: . :vi ' 2 f fi ., --2 1 A -Q , " '-xy ? -52 '- -wail-3 ef Bw F :Qi . pu 4 fl ' ' '- S . ' 21- - 122 B L ?A ,,:f'f- . f 4. 4 .5 Zz - '9 SHE! 5' y' '. ' 5523 jk -' fvmg,-'LQ-mfg' 'Y - .V Ni c- ,, .' j Q. Z ' . . f- V. . 3 . .2'-iv515:,f.fg2-5:-',VA '41, . .A,1.'Q.Qe-.na . :..-"M ' f'5-W3f"'- - .ffiffv--'Gif' N JS""'?""N' ..-...f.'-1,-ww-men.w,, ' wfxxaugq - , ,,A,,w,,,,Q,.,.f-..., -. .-.. . --- - , ., ,.n....,.m.u.fv....,.u.,Qe.A,,fvfvw.x:f..n.m,,q.,,w,.J-u44+ ....-..,..-....,.....v- --1 1. uf - Q CONTENTS Football Basketball Minor Sports Intramural Sports First Row: lohn Case, Bill Kelly, lim Humphreys, Iames Reed, Ed Robnett, Dick Standefer, loe L. Thompson, Roland Nabors, Maxey McKnight, Russel Birclwell, Bobby Williams, Buster Melton, Glenn Lewis, lohnny Birclwell. Second Row: Cecil Norris, Frank Ottmers, loe Snodgrass, lames Gimmell, Don Orr, Clyde Black, Luke Thompson, Tom Pirtle, Arthur Shahan, I. W. Moyer, Roy Williams, Charles Hawkins, Hewitt Allison, Bobby Lewis, lames Cruser, Charles Roe. DOUBLE " " ASSCJCIATIO Members ot the Double T association are athletes who have been awarded the "Double T" by the Ath- letic Council for competition in an intercollegiate sport. The pledges were given their hell week this spring, and were identified by dyed hair and clothes Worn backward. The association strives to create unity among the wearers ot the college symbol, and members are always on the alert in attempting to advance the causes ot athletics at Texas Tech. Page 237 Members: Morley Ienninqs, Elmer Hargrove, H. F. Godeke, Wendell Killin, W. L. Stanqel, George Langford, Fred W. Sparks. ATHLETIC COUNCIL Responsibility of determining athletic policies falls to this group composed of three faculty members, one student representative, and an Alumni representative. This qroup determines department personnel, sched- ules games, rules on eligibility oi players and plans the budqet. W. L. Stanqel has been head ot the council since 1937. The athletic council strives year after year to make the athletic scheme at Tech more effective. Page 238 .Q ,Y ,L - .gm . few .m 55 i ' .-I 2 1 ti? '- 17" fl. 12: Q... fx ' ,5 ' 5:5 ,Qi 3' f-W... , .E fi.. ,,,. 2 T .5 Q wg,- x X?-My E, A 8 gi. 5 Hel if . ., fo ,. 5, :Vg ,J 5 fi? -24 if ug , Z. yi . L U ,f ff QQiz,,..fz W WA. 2 , K Ae Q... fir, jx: E, .- sv- X 1 Y h . 'wir 'Y 1. YVCYITI fxwgffv H, L + i rx ,, if ff .,4k.Vkm ii? 2225592 ,gi 3 me ag fs 'Q' S L vs41yWiifc7gf? 2v w'h1!'Z,ti2fw Q Q HM li X,-bf f ,, ,. 3 y 1' ,M .xr , X ff, 2.s,,w,,.M,g-1, ga M555 w aww-W Q 1 Sw 51f2,fQ'L-"Y : E53 A' 31 K 46,94 ,, '9 1 ff. , ' if 1 QW wwfkiziwyfgg 4 ' ii-?7V'QQ2 'Swag' ,Am -3 - sf. p W : iiiiig, , gin- .. lcgffiw A . -New . ' - K ,Q-fmii .. L'ii,1ff5s?ELf5' ,wp , f Swv x A 9 ,--..'.'l."-.5 Page 241 as. .. N 5 E,: V b sri' abs. Q. V 4- R ,.... Jaw. ' -, , , E, Q' A V ,.,,,.,,. vm ,, W: . ,KW 1 f I FCOTBALL f'W ww 'TX ' CLEVELAND COBB CHEER LOMETA HODGE Head Girl Cheerleader ' A f 1.-5 nf., 3 l . .I A was l DAN YOUNG Head Boy Cheerleader GLORIA HOLLEYMAN ELMER HABGROVES v r l LEADERS BILLY GILMORE AND FRANK SUMMEBS Twirlers for Matador Band Cheer Leaders headed all ihe pep and vigor displayed in Dallas ai ihe S. M. U. qame. Page 242 RED RAIDER C0-CAPTAINS Page 243 ROGER SMITH TAMES REED TECH vs. WEST TEXAS STATE Texas Techs mighty Red Raiders opened the l946 gridiron parade with an easy 26 to 14 victory over the West Texas State Buffaloes. Raider Coach Dell Mor- gan used five complete teams in an effort to determine the caliber of material he had on hand. The Win is especially note- worthy in view of the fact that the Raiders used only six different plays against the hapless Buffaloes choosing to run over the opponent rather than give the scouts a chance to view the Raiders' deception. Both Buffalo touchdowns were scored against Raider reserves as the West Texas State team could not move against the Tech regulars. Highlight of the opening game was halfback Charley Reynolds' long touchdown run in which he outran the entire Buffalo team. ROL PLN D N ABQRS. Cenlef s REED' GHG fd AME Mexico W by Byron Brock' Ne un vhcfk' Raiders Stop from Quail? TECH v A s. . 6: M. Texas A. and M., a two touchdown favorite, was upset by the fighting Red Raiders of Texas Tech, the Raiders winning the hard fought contest 6 to 0. Playing in San Antonio's Alamo Bowl before 23,000 football fans, the Aggies failed to make a yard from scrimmage until 10 minutes of play had passed, and failed to make a first down the first quarter. During the third stanza, the Raiders failed to score, but they amassed a total ground gain of 105 yards to 5 for the Aggies. In this quarter, as in the first, the Aggies could not make a single first down. Roger Smith took the second half kickoff on his own 7 and returned it to the Aggie 47. The opening mo- ments of the final quarter were a see-saw battle at mid-field until Tech's R. W. Moyer recovered an Aggie fumble on the A. and M. 26, from which point the Raid- ers marched to the 12 only to lose the ball when Bob Goode intercepted a p-ass be- hind his goal line. Two plays later, Charley Reynolds intercepted 1-1ollmig's pass on the A. and M. 30 and returned it to the 13. Fullback Leete Iackson made three at left guard, then Reynolds broke loose and went over the Aggie double stripe to score. The try for extra point failed, and the Raiders led 6 to 0 in the fading moments of the game. The Aggies received the kickoff and took to the air. Aided by a doubtful interference ruling, the Aggies moved to the Raider 4-yard line where time caught up with them, giving Tech its first victory over the Aggies in seven starts. VERNON RAY, End ROY WILLIAMS, End GLENN ' in LEXNTS. Rxq X Hgliback t i . TED CU MMINGS, Fullback MAXEY M KNIGHT S X C or -.gm DICK STRAIN, Guard Right Halfback vm l TECH vs. S. M. U. . f the Red Raiders con- To the screaming approval of 3,000 West Texas ans, quered their second Southwest Conference team by downing the Southern Metho- dist Mustangs 7 to 0 in the Cotton Bowl. After three quarters of sparring, Quarter- back Dick Standefer tossed a looping 62-yard pass which was pulled in by Halfback Ralph Earhart on a sensational catch before he was spilled on the Pony five-yard line. After a penalty which carried the Raiders back to the 9-yard line, Roger Smith carried to the one-yard stripe where I-'ullback Ed Robnett bulled his way over left tackle on the last down for the game-winning tally. Co-captain Smith then calmly added the extra point from placement to make the Pony defeat decisive. TECH vs. TULSA After Winning three consecutive games, Tulsa's mighty Hurricanes dumped the Raiders from the ranks of the undefeated to the tune of Zl to 6. The first stanza Was all Tech, as the Raiders completely controlled the play, Tulsa could not dent the Tech line which was paced by Roland Nabors, Floyd Lawhorn, Bernie Winkler and Co-captain Iames Reed. U , Mcrxe Y MCKHight interce Pts New Mexj CO Doss cmd Tet Urns it for 20 D ARRELL MCCU RRY, Guard yards. GENE RAY! T QOH e N' Center HOMPSO i Y' GGY his OWU M suiibcck. dowxiiiefiyend Kex N, - - kier, Rudi! Ktfluos Nobofsf Win xecxmmg 9 w wxowa' End ra. ' Xook On- Ed Robnett intercepted Clyde LeForce's pass and returned it to the Tulsa 38. Roger Smith moved to the 20. A five-yard penalty against Tulsa and Robnett's run gave the Raiders a first. Then big Ed gave the Techsans a first on the Hurricane ten-yard marker. On the next play Roger Smith raced around left end on a faked reverse to score standing up. His try for extra point was no good, the Raiders lead- ing 6 to U at the close of the first quarter. ln the second stanza, the Tulsa team moved to the Tech three-yard line. The Raider line held for two downs but Iimmie Ford became the first man to score upon the Raider regulars during the '46 season. Clyde Leljorce converted the extra point from placement to give the Hurricanes the 7 to 6 half-time lead. The Raiders fought back during the second half, but th were without the services of Co-captain Roger Smith, d the Bowl-minded Hurricanes. GY an they were no match for TECH vs BAY Texas T . LOR ech's Red Raide a rs downed the Baylo B pproval of over l3 OOO H r ears l3 to 6 to th , omecoming Da f ' quick touchdown d ' ' e screaming y ans by roaring back and scoring two s uring the third quarter. Opening the game with a boom, Bay- lor's mighty Bruins scored the first time they gained possession of the ball. Baylor back Sammy Pierce ran wild the first half until he was in- jured when tackled hard and cleanly by Tech's Cecil Norris. LUKE THOMPSON, End ROBERT I-HX, Center r r r ' l ,, 5' St -Q 1 V. T - -, its , trt' f 19,1 T .,,, LV K A k, .. ii"f it XY MARSHALL GETTYS, Tackle LEETE IACKSON, Fullback h d uarter after Roger Smith, The Raiderskfirst touchdown came in the t ir q d 'th Glenn Lewis to move the ball to the Bear ll Robnett and Ernst Hawkins teame wi h ard line Then on second down Robnett plowed over for the tying ta y. ut Tech in the lead 7 to 6. t ree-y . Roger Smith added the extra point from placement to p , -' - ' took over when Glenn Lewis batted down a d Two plays later, the Men in Red again ' f th down, Robnett went over stan ing lateral and covered it on the Bear 16. On our up to give the Raiders their l3 to 6 Homecoming victory. ER TECH vs. DENV Tech's mighty Red Raiders spilled the Denver Pioneers from the ranks of the undefeated to the tune of 27 to 6. Late in the final stanza, Charley Reynolds broke into the clear over left tackle to storm 64 yards for a touchdown only to have the play nullified and his team penalized five yards. Charley was not to be denied, for just two plays later he swept around left end and scampered 69 yards to score standing up. Roger Smith scored the first touchdown on a seven-yard jaunt, kicked three extra points, intercepted two passes, ran the Pioneers dizzy and thrilled the capacity crowd with his accurate, high spiraling punts, one of which went out of bounds on the Denver two-yard stripe. Tech's mighty line completely checked the ground game of the visitors, who made their lone tally on a pass. D 1cK STANDEFER BEHNIE W , Tack fe GI enn Lewis blocked b Y Cecil Norris in Raid er workout. GEQHGE ZOLLER Tqclfle fx ESON' EH CADIYN Swv aback f W1 PHY' HO RALPH En H BNI -+1 , cailtgw fr , y, the little QOH' lmouq , Giles Le-XNXS T9 X' ge. Glenn DQYWQY X TECH vs. RICE Rice's mighty Owls stampeded the Tech Red Raiders in Houston by a score of 4l to 6. Everything the O ' was terrific! ln short, the Owls " touchdowns the ti thi d a game l in wls did wa ' were hot". rst quarter, r , but mor p ayed s right. Their blocki The blue-clad Rice lad added another the seco d e than made up for it b The Raiders' lone t Orr's re HQ s scored t n stanza y chalking u ouchdown c covery ot a R' mov d wo , went scoreless the p three last quarter tallies. ame in the second quarter, being set up by Don ice tumble on the Owl 29. A Roger Smith to Billy Kelley pass e the ball to the 20, where his next pass to Vernon Ray tell incomplete. Quar- terback Ray Hopkins then tossed to Vernon Ray, who lateraled to Smith, and Roger went over standing up. Smith's try tor the extra point hit the crossbar and was no good. Thus Tech won three and lost one against Southwest Conference teams, which is a iine record tor any man's team. X lil Qmzmeilooc CHARLES REYNOLDS, Haltback lOE SMITH End TECH vs. NEW MEXICO U. Texas Tech's Red Raiders were victors over a scrappy bunch of men from New Mexico U. by a score of 27 to 0. After a dull first quarter, Tech beg-an a drive that ended with Leete Iackson going over standing up tor the initial score. Roger Smitl1's try for the extra point was good, making the half-time score 7 to 0. The third stanza went scoreless. The fourth quarter was unusual to say the least, with all the Raider scores coming from plays in which the Lobos put the ball in action. From the Raider 20, the Lobos tried a pass which was intercepted by Roland Nabors, who lateraled to Glenn Lewis. Lewis, behind a wave of blockers, went 80 yards to score. Smith again kicked the point. After the kick-off, Bryan of the Lobos swept right end to the 30, but fumbled as he was hit. Raider tackle Bernie Winkler took the ball in mid- re. Again Tech kicked off to the New Mexico team. b ck for a touchdown by air and raced over for the sco The Lobos tried a pass only to have it intercepted and run a ' ' t "Tuffy" Nabors. That ended the scoring and the Raiders Tech s mighty cen er, al h ame. ert defense won anot er g Leer - S faclg son goes Over t rx. I WARREN CUDD, Tackle HALF . , H EFL.: ,L GATTIS: En .. d . If . f, O SC01- . e flrsf touc hd own against NMU ROGER SMITH, Left Hryjfbqck TED MOSS' HALL. Tffdde GURE todae HX WWC Q- l- 1 GCRS N5 . aids wr YZ Y vt ser Swlfhqiasgcgllxu' O Q TECH vs. OKLAHOMA A. 6 M. Playing their last home game of the l946 season, Tech's Red Raiders trounced the Oklahoma Aggies 14 to 7. lt was a rugged game all the way-terrific tackles, booming blocks, and a packed stadium to cheer their favorites to victory. The Men-in-Red marched 60 yards to a touchdown the second time they gained posses- sion of the ball, the payoff coming in a short fourth down pass from Robnett to End loe Smith. Roger Smith's try for an extra point was good, giving the Raiders an early 7 to O lead. The famed Aggies then filled the air with passes, once reaching the Tech 4-yard stripe. ln the third quarter Tech's great center, Roland Nabors, gathered in an Aggie pass and returned it 21 yards before he Was blocked out of bounds on the one-yard line. On the next play, Iackson smashed over left tackle to score. Again Roger Smith added the extra point. Still the Aggies passed, their lone score coming on a "brother act" pass-B. I. Aldridge to Ben Aldridge. Aggie end Neill Armstrong made the extra point from placement to end the scoring. This game uncovered a new star for the Red Raid Zack Henderson, who tore th ' ' ers in the person of Halfback e Aqqle line to shreds. KEITH BUTLER Fullback I. D. MILNER, Guard CECIL NORRIS Right Haliback TECH vs. ARIZONA UNIVERSITY Coach Dell Morgan's Red Raiders kept their Border Conference slate clean by defeating the University of Arizona Wildcats l6 to O. Flying to Tucson in a char- tered four-engined airliner, the Men-in-Red started the game with a bang as Glenn Lewis took the opening kick-off and returned it 62 yards before he was bumped out of bounds on the Wildcat 23. Then the rains came and both teams played defen- sive ball with Roger Smith's punting giving Tech the advantage. Late in the opening period, Tackle Bernie Winkler broke through to block Art Pollard's punt with the ball falling out of the end zone to give Tech a two-point lead as the quarter ended. ln the second stanza Deverelle Lewis returned an Arizona punt 2U yards to the ' ' h d to a touchdown, with Full- mid-field stripe and from that point the Raiders marc e ' l rd. Co-captain Roger Smith added the extra back Ed Robnett carrying the fma ya point from placement. ln the final stanza, Roger Smith got off a punt from his own 20-yard line that h d b a Wildcat player. End sailed over the Arizona safety man and was touc e y ' i skin to give Tech possession on the Arizona Roy Williams fell upon the slippery p g l7. Again Robnett crossed the double stripe, this time from two yards out, and ' ' h nt l6 to 0 Smith's placekick split the uprights to make t e cou . ' ' h l' is shown by the scant two yards the Wildcats The superiority of the Tec me gained during the first half. Ed Rob Bo BB Y WILLIA M fs S' V917 fe,- nerf pic ks U -D Yard a ge against DS UVSI-. CARL SMITH Gllard X 2 I 5 . MATADCR BAND PROP. D. O. Wll.EY, Director Under the direction of Prof. D. O. Wiley, the Mata- dor Band has had an exceptionally busy season this year. The first of their many trips was to Dallas for the S. M. U. game where they stopped the crowds for the pep rally staged downtown and played again at the game that night. They, of course, played and marched for all the football games here in Lubbock. The lUO-piece concert band made three out-of-town trips to play concerts this spring. ln company with the 50-piece regular band, the concert band staged a series of concerts in the Tech gym on Sunday afternoons this spring. The final performance this year was a Formal Concert given in the High School Auditorium in May. Page 252 'V K ff' 43 K 4. Q ., We My-f ,Q M i .L U if ,JF ,, ,1.- my ihkgwggf 1- I i , W ,,jf:'9i w I4 Mag w ' A N5 A X ,Gigi - ' MSW . f ,fl X? ,H-:Q'L fi. K5 - is F1016 455 ffm W5 gk-:Rx Wm gf wt' if WQMJ' BASKETBALL gixwra " 'Wi BERL HUFFMAN, Coach GARLAND HEAD, Captain VARSITY BASKETBALL Costin Bufkin, Winston Churchill, Iames lWimlOYl Hill, Ernst Hawkins, lay Kerr, Harvey Lutrick, Clayton Roberts, Roland Nabors, Garland Head, William Banks, Gene Hardey, Roy Williams, Bob Loflin, Walter Crews, Wayne Bowles, Eugene Gibson. Iames Hill, Ardis Barton, Wayne Bowles, Garland Head, Gilbert McAlis'ter, Gene Hardey Ernst Hawkins Winston Churchill Clayton Roberts, Roland Nabors, Don Grove, William Banks, Eugene Gibson lay Kerr Berl Huffman T e c h ' s Red Raider Basketeers played all home games before ca- pacity crowds of students only, los- ing only one home game. That was a one-point loss to the Arizona State of Tempe Sun Devils. Page 255 ED ORR, Manager Mike lzquierdo C73 of School of Mines shoots. Winston Churchill plays ROY WlLT..lAMS the bcxckloocxrd. CLAYTON ROBERTS DON GROVE Page 256 Page 257 Once again playing under the tutorage of Coach Berl Huffman, who returned from the Army Air Corps, the Raiders had a very successful home season. The Red Raiders, however, had tough luck with Conference games played on the road. ln tournaments played against non-Con- ference teams, the Raiders turned in a creditable record considering the fact that they played some of the best teams in the Nation, including the de- fending National champions, the Oklahoma Ag- gies, to whom they lost by a score of 33 to 39. ln the game against the Aggies, Tech guard Gar- land Head scored 19 points, more points than had ever been scored by one man against a Hank lba-coached team. The Raiders started off fast, only to falter until the return of letterman center Don Grove, Who returned from the army in lan- uary. For the first time in several years the Raid- ers had adequate reserves and could use team substitutions. Only three of this year's Raider quintet will be lost through graduation. They are: Captain Garland Head, the only man in Confer- ence history to be three times chosen on the all- Conference team: Forward Roy Williams, Tech's best defensive man, and rebound artist Gene Hardey. Future prospects look bright as most of the remaining are freshmen and sophomores, and should develop into excellent players during their remaining eligibility. Tech Won one game and lost one game against their arch rivals, the West Texas State Buffaloes. Losing the game played in Canyon, the Raiders soundly trounced the Buffaloes to the screaming approval of the Tech student body in the last home game of the past season. Garland Head shoots over Henry Skousin. Roy Williams moves in to play backboard. COSTIN BUFKIN GENE HARDEY 'Don Grove shoots over I-Icmk Decke- IAMES HILL r cmd CIoyce Box CZQJ. GILBERT MCALISTER EUGENE GIBSON Page 258 ARDIS BARTON WAYNE BOWLES Gene Horde-y is shooting over Ioy Malone KZSU, Ludru Icrccxbs C273 Hunk Decker C223 of West Texas Stcfe. WINSTON CHURCHILL Oklahoma A. 61 M. Oklahoma U. . McMurry . Arizona U. Tempe . Flagstaff . Sam Houston . North Texas State . Texas A. CS M. . Hardin-Simmons . West Texas State . Texas Mines . . New Mexico Aggies New Mexico U. . Arizona U. . 'Overtime 39-45: 36-51 44-47 36-41 74-44 57-54, 49-51 1 1 SEASON'S SCORE Won 10 Tech: 1084 Lost 12 Opponents: 33-39 37-60 62-56 47-69 52-53 44-42 55-45 46-59 46-51 53-42 57-41 40-57 72-31 44-40 61-49 1067 Garland Head shoots over Decker and Box. WILLIAM BANKS Page 260 v O ""'1IY'--V ,,.,q-w, e- N8 yM.gx:w?5, Qxf' .55 , K 4 N kvk.Lkk wfs-1g,iV-Mm RQ Z7 -Z if ,ff CHARLES ROE GEORGE ETZ BILL KELLEY TRACK The Texas Tech Red Raiders of the track for the first time in the history of the Border conference ranked as possible conference champions. The conference was organized in 1931 and has held annual track meetings since 1932, with the excep- tion of war years. Arizona University has walked away with the title every one of the 12 meet years, but this spring Texas Tech and the Arizona State College at Tempe loomed as threats to a repeat. Walker Nichols launched' the 1947 track season as coach and turned over the duties to Maxey McKnight, senior physical education major from Littlefield and a Double-T man in the hurdles, when he left to assume new duties as assistant foot- ball coach at the University of New Mexico. Maxey, liked by all track candidates, made a successful start as the Red Raiders won their first meet since the war in walking over the New Mexico Lobos, 82 to 49, in Albuquerque. Coach Nichols sat in the stands and Watched his former charges move to victory without comment, his mind torn between loyalty to the school he then served and desire for success for the Raiders he had coached. A majority of points in meets this season have come from speedsters on the track, some of whom are shown on this page. Success at the conference meet May 9 and 10 rested with the runners, in the main, Charles Roe offered competition in workouts for the sprinters. George Etz, a freshman, came to the squad as a sprinter and ended up as a half-miler. Iames Cruser last season finished second in the mile and third in the half mile at the conference meet. Bill Kelley, one of six three-lettermen in Tech history, has run a good quarter mile and led off on the mile relay team which has been the sensation of the con- ference both last season and this spring. Kenneth Hite, also a freshman, is a KENNETH I-IITE sprinter and 440-man with much ability. A Selection of 440 runners in each meet has been a problemp not lack of material, but too much of it. Below are shown some of the boys who will take off on this ,v-. -..- . ,.,,.-...z ,.. . .,.-. ,...,.. . , . .. 1. , ti . 1 JAMES CRUSER FRANK MATHERS TEAM gruelling event and finish strong: Bill Kelley, Costin Bufkin, George Etz, Charles Reynolds, Ioe Wilson, and Captain Hewitt Allison. Opponents of the Red Raiders really have to get out and go when they face competitors in red smiling at what is ahead in pictures on this page. In fact, throughout the Border conference there was doubt that rivals could go fast enough to beat some of these Techsans. Bruce Shaw of San Antonio shifted over from football late in the season to do the low hurdles and was doing better as the season progressed. Frank Mathers has plodded some worthy miles and two miles during the season, although unfor- tunately spiked in his first three starts. Ioe Wilson, Claude freshman, was a spring man when he reported for track, but he turned out to be one of the most dependable quarter milers. Throughout the conference it was generally agreed he would be "in the money" at the annual meet. Ernest Hawkins, fighting Lamesa sophomore, earned the right to join the select circle of three-letter men with his track work. He earned his Double-T in football and basketball this school year and then shifted over to become the best half miler of the Border conference. Claude Freeman, Seagraves sophomore, was cr surprise trackster for Tech this year. A hard worker, he was expected to finish among leaders of the tiresome two- mile run at the Border meet. A new Border conference record in the mile relay was expected of the Red Raiders in Albuquerque May 10. Back in 1942 the Arizona U. quartet stepped the distance in 3 minutes, 23.5 seconds, winning the event in the record time for the llth consecutive year the Wildcats took the event. But last year the Red Raiders won the relay by inches and this season a repeat, in record time, was expected. At the Texas Relays the Techsans stepped the dis- tance in 3 minutes, 22.8 seconds, well under the conference record. They hoped to do even better at Albuquerque, did these racing Red Raiders shown below: Bill Kelley, loe Wilson, Charles Reynolds, and Captain Hewitt Allison. BRUCE SHAW .rt--7,1 , 'W , t lOE WILSON ERNEST HAWKINS CLAUDE FREEMAN DINGEY DAVIS G. W. HENSLEY TRACK Coaches generally agree "guts" is needed throughout track competition. Some people think the word is a bit vulgar and mention "intestinal fortitude". Still others speak of "visceral vitality". But whatever it might be called, track fans have found the Bed Raiders in the main have plenty of it. Charles Reynolds is cited frequently as a fine example. Champion of the Bor- der conference in the 100-yard dash with a flat l0 seconds last spring, he has been racing the distance consistently in 9.9 seconds this spring and was heralded to tie the conference record of 9.8 before the season was over. Then he raced the 220 to finish second only to Tech's Seth Murphey on most occasions. And then Old Bill raced the anchor of the mile relay, upsetting all opposition this season and hitting the tape out in front, sometimes blue or purple in the face from exertion. G. W. Hensley, Lubbock freshman, found the shift in height and distance be- tween hurdles from high school to college standards a little difficult, but he was developing fast as the conference meet approached. Costin Bufkin proved a good all-around man for the Raiders this spring. He came up most of the time with points in sundry events, including the broad jump, javelin throw, sprints and quarter mile. Ed Clepper was far and away Tech's high point man in track. In some circles he was picked to win the Border meet high hurdles and broad jump and to be well up among the leaders of the high jump, low hurdles, and perhaps the pole vault. His varied activities also called for plenty of the aforementioned "guts". Dingey Davis got the bug to win his track letter a bit late, but was developing fast toward the end of the season as a javelin thrower. He swore before the con- ference meet he would be "up among 'em." "What time do you want it in?" the boys below might be asking of coaches and team-mates. They also might be querying about what race was to be run. For Bill Kelley in competition could go the 440, half mile and low hurdlesp George Etz the 440, 880 or sprints: Reynolds the sprints, 440, pole vault and high jump: Allison the sprints and 440. COSTIN BUFKIN f 5 E Q ' BOB MARTYN HUBERT BURGESS TEAM All coaches give credit in a successful sport season not only to the front line athletes who win the games or the points, but to the reserves who make victory possible. No team can do well in competition against others unless it has struggled through intensive training and workouts against the unsung reserves at home, day in and day out. The two lads above, Bobby Martyn and Hubert Burgess, have furnished that daily competition at home-Martyn in the dashes and Burgess in the distance runs. To the right is Capt. Hewitt Allison, almost unanimous choice of the tracksters to lead them. Allison ran creditable quarter miles throughout the season, both 44K dash and on the mile relay team. Late in the season he shifted to the 220-yarc dash and found it to his liking. He did well throughout the season, not only com- peting but instilling confidence. The favorite, called "Ears" by the Red Raiders, Ralph Earhart, all season was a certain point winner. He was rated the best pole vaulter of the conference, a corn- petent broad jumper and as the season was closing was chasing Reynolds to the tape in the 100-yard dash each race. Ralph hastened the century in 9.9 seconds in the preliminaries of the Texas Mines Relays and swore he would beat Reynolds before the season ended, a feat which appeared to require a record-breaking per- formance. Tech fans were willing he do so, just as long as a Red Shirt was out in front at the tape. And below are those 440-men again-Bill Kelley, Costin Bufkin, Charles Rey- nolds and Hewitt Allison-just to show how proud we Techsans are of them. Fans of the Border conference rated the Red Raiders to win the Border confer- ence meet after a battle. Pre-meet performances indicated desires of the fans might materialize. The Editors are just sorry they couldn't hold off going to press with CAPTAIN HEWLTT ALLISON RALPH EARHART LA VENTANA long enough to print that the Red Raiders did win that coveted crown. But win, lose or draw at the meet, Texas Tech had its best track season and found greater favor with the fans. 5 1 ft K 2 1 Q , Q ,' v .1 sz . A -nv N x , 5 1-QVIYII E757 --W--Q if .4-1 2 yea Q' gl' f. lim-use mm ,MW Kim nv VN. Ioe Horne, E. H. McKinney, lack Walker, and lerry Stoltz "ling, Www Back Row: Tom Garniner, limmy Kilpat- rick, Guy White, Harry Gunn. Center Row: lack Carnell, lohn Harvey, Mark Smith, Sammy Self, Richard Dick- ey, lack Drain. Front Row: Bill Stevens, Georqe Beakley, Keith Wells, Lewis Kaufman, Page 267 Q ,- joe Home lines one u ,du fx! ,JM m f, .ie-M . P. GOLF FENCING Keith Wells and George Beakley battle it out Page 258 I TRA-MURALC SPORTS Each.year, WICC and MICC sponsor football, basketball, and softball tournaments for the men's social clubs, and softball for the women's clubs. This year, College Club was football champion, and Centaurs won the basketball tournament, With Wranglers coming in a close second. At the time LA VENTANA went to press, neither the men's nor the women's softball tournaments had been played. Hs Right: Wild Bill Hoffman makes, or tries to make a tackle. Below: Sociis pull a fancy shift against the Kemas. his Above: Lib McLarry puts a lot of oomph into a home-run. Below: The kick isn't blocked but the kicker is. QW Organizations "r-5:.L.-'FFQ--'-513Nj'-.-f:Lx:"5.:-,'-::.w.---sf 'M - "-wifi:flax!-I:-a':1f'-:S-"w.'.1:'--'lfrffwfwfs2f2g1-:q5:7:1-we- .-'wp Irf'l'?"'if".1-g'F'?r'P:p N. .-f., , -.-, - P . 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' 1 - . I' .2 -W5 - :Z-M . ' 7 s 1. , A f'-. " .- .z - u -ale: - . xp. NW----.. 5 .3 -1- f x 1 . -1 UF f- 1' --... .gy-v W ' 5 .L nafm ,J-.V.z A :Q w, v L I ff- .K 5, 2 f "m ,-427-g"Afg:-,.-, V -1 V E , -V 'L - N. , . 1 - -- f ... -.. 15-Ear xii-1 'P' g g '. L., ' ' if 1- Q' 4 wg la I -f f..-. wi. ' 3: :.- + vw- f - 1 'N---.iff 5 if ,xv -1' w --.,.,. ,ff , 21- - , -if ,V 5 ----g -. . 1 weffmf- "1-T112 - - x-."' Y' .. -.uw , X .- .- . - " - .F X ., 32:1 1 N Vg--, , V .....-Q..-,AYNAMH -1'-AV , , Q fi 5 V. V V VM, V , -,- . A ."f .-M., 5. ,. - ,,, 4 .."' 16 V A 'gf"X5 . my -4: X, :Ari ff." 45 ' i- . I . ,SH-3 MAE: z. " ff ' -"3 - ' '- 4 543 '-'ig I H?" - 'H'-:ff ---- ---..XF I , ,,. .. 1 . ,. ..-, 2 ,, .- ,, , -.- V f,,, rw - ps - -Q9 - - - ,f,. - -pm:-2 .Z F , . ru Sgt 4 1: 1, g . 43 -' Q - . ze., ,Q f- - -'AMW-A - -- ' 1 ' ' ,- -ff.-1. 3: 1 3. - -Q QJ - T- ' ' " " vi fn ' ' 1 ' I,-- -774 Q ' u ff, f -qw V gl , V-I1 ffhn f 'x - -QL , 5, -.-.,-.,,, . V - t.. -. --f.-,f:f,.-',.,g. .-. . V, I - .., Wmmwsmm- . ., -a . ..--.-. . -4--fi?--.-,C ,, - . wd,.,,w...,-,gel 5 wllfgmkkzk U M. - ,........,.-,,.-.-.......-.........-.,. our .....-...-,. wmwmnwunmmxwmnbnm CONTENTS Chorus Womens Dorms Mens Dorms Campus Organizations Social Clubs The Twelfth Presentation of the Seven Last Words. CHCRUS The Thirteenth Presentation tmobilization in truthl of the "Seven Last Words" did not take place. An artistic loss. Twelve times the College Chorus has been privileged to reflect a musical inter- pretation which in depth, logic, feeling, and style elevated the Dubois oratorio from a mere liturgical assignment to the realm of mystic realism. The chorus has further been privileged to witness during the rehearsals extending over twelve years a display of music telepathy between director and pianist tlvfrs. lulien Paul Blitz? which in itself made each rehearsal a delightful experience adding weight to the opinion of the master music critic, Iohn Rosenfield, Ir., that Mrs. Blitz is a "one woman orchestra." The tenth presentation literally proved that. l am sorry that it has been during my tenure of office that the "Seven Last Words" has been skipped, but l am happy that a new momentum has been started with "Dextera Domini." Adieu, Dubois! Welcome, Cesar Franck! fP1-XNZE BUTLER, Chorus President, l947 Page 273 PANZE BUTLER . . President MILTON BUTLER . . Vice-President MARGARET PHARR . . Secretary , 1-iv. ' ,- v ,.-:.. 1 :::.,... ' -- ' "', f f ,.'-, A T. P. BLITZ, Director MRS. ELIZABETH YOUNG, Social Director lohn Harp plays bridge with other Doak Hall residents. MEN S Women's Dorm No. l, formerly called Doak Hall, but whose name was changed in l942 because no state building can be named tor a living person, is the older ot the Women's dormitories. The tall sem- ester officers were Mabeth Mabry, president, Lo- meta Hodge, vice-president: Iune Stine, secretary, and Nell Rose Laliloe, treasurer. The only change made for the spring semester was that Lometa Hodge succeeded to the presidency and Mary Fran- ces Alexander Was elected vice-president. The W. S. G. A. consists ot, besides the otticers, cr House Senate that meets every Monday night. The mem- bers ot the Senate tor the dormitory are elected by t i it Y ,xc Q . V ' iw Q ,G tiwfl ,cvew ,XWB1 pin up board. Betty McWhorter and her roommates seem Very proud of their Page A14 DORM I Many of the girls do lots of their ironing in their rooms. This seems to be Blue Monday for these two. Four Vivis play bridge on the floor of the lounge. ., 'fa' A--ai Two girls spend their evenings sensibly lit says here in small print? quietly in the dorm, studying. popular vote once a semester. The spring semester members were Lometa Hodge, Mary Frances Alexander, Nell LaBoe, Tune Stine, Elizabeth Shaw, Gladys Daw- son, Ellen Wiese, Maxine Burroughs, Loy Catherine Barnett, Betty McWhorter, Max- ine Harp. The girls gave two dances this year. They were given in the dining hall on November l and March 28. The tall one was formal, and the spring one was a calico dance. Page 275 House Senate. Back Row: Nell LaRoe, Maxine Harp, Maxine Bur- roughs, and Mrs. Young. Front Row: Betty McWhorter, Elizabeth Shaw, Loy Catherine Barnett, Mary Frances Alexander, Gladys Dawson, Tune Stine, and Lometa Hodge, WOMEN S Women's Dorm ll, officially known as Drane Hall and familiarly known as Craddock, is the newest girls' dorm on the campus. Under the supervision of Mrs. Max Eikel, the girls receive much the same personal care and solicitude as they would at home. The officers of Dr-ane Hall for the year were: lmogene Bagwell, pres- ident: lean Holmes, secretary, and Dorothy Clift, treasurer. During the year, the girls had three dances: a sport dance on October ll, a formal dance on February 8 and another sport dance April 26. The dances were staged in the dining hall. - , session. So'ne of the inmates spent a quit fatter lU:OUl night in the Page 276 Frances Ann Eubanks, Verna Lou Stn gleton, lane Everline, lo Winders, Betty Hart have the usual and nightly bull DORM II The governing and discipline body ot the dormitory is the House Senate. This organiza- tion meets every Monday night to administer discipline and make the interpretations of the rules of the house. The members oi the Sen- ate are elected at the first ot every year. For this year they are Imogene Bagwell, lean Holmes, Dorothy Clitt, Mary King, lean Mc- Gregor, Billie Burrell, Patti McDonald, Peggy Smith, Mary Troy, Amy Sue Way, Frances Du- laney, Glynna Williams, Billie Hotchkiss, Sue Thompson, and Martha Scoggins. Betty Hart, Molly Pinlcston, Pat Smi- lie, Mary Hammock, and Doris Cor- nelius play a few hands While Vir- ginia Towns, Anita Oliver, and Sue 1 McGee look on. Gretchen Clitt does her Honey" act for some visitors in her room. Page 277 House Senate. They are: Back Row: Mary King, lean Mc- qregor, Billie Burrell, Dorothy Cliit, lmogene Bagwell, Patti McDonald. Front Row: lean Holmes, Peggy Smith, Mary Troy, Amy Sue Way, Frances Dulaney, and Glynna Williams, Kay Parrish and Sissy Harris Wait tor Betsy Ball to finish combing her hair so they can make the drag. i E e l its it Above: Social Directors Guy Barks, lack Cow- den, Earl Camp and Iames Evans. Right: Dorm Council: Bob Watson, Robert Peacock, O. B. Freeman, Forrest Carter, Maxey Pinson, Bill McClatchy, Marion Baurnqcxrdner, and Vic Castleberry. Below: W. T. Mitchell, Earl Camp, Norman Hobcrclc and Tack Morgan. President TERRY BEAVERS Vice-President BOB WATSON Secretary Treasurer TOM ROLUNS Reporter W T MITCHELL I f' Z' HALL OFFICERS tSpring Semester? President ..,... O. B. FREEMAN Vice4President . . . BOB WATSON Secretary-Treasurer . . . VIC CASTLEBERRY Reporter ...... W. T. MITCHELL DORM COUNCIL Forrest Carter, Bill McClatchy, Maxey Pinson, Norman I-Ioback, Robert Peacock, and Bill Phillips Left: Carl Iensen in an unusual position. Above: So- ciis Ted White, Andy Griffinq, ICIY Denton and Wellborn Willingham Chat in the hall. Right: Animal, vegetable or mineral? Above: Norman Hoback prepares for a heavy date. Left: A new game, perhaps? or just the effects of finals? Below: lust a FRIENDLY little game. 'Uh V, ie ' . pu ss s , Page 280 WEST Social Directors Don Sloan, I. A. McWhorter, C, W. Vtlhiteley, and George Wilmoth. Right: Don Sloan, Secretary: Buster Melton, President: Pug Hamrnon, Vice-President. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS . BUSTER MELTON . PUG HAMMON . DON SLOAN . HM HUTCHINS Left: Billy Babb pretends that he is studying, but we know better. Right: Clint Formby campaigns like Ghandi. loe France explains the intricacies of a press cam- era to two friends. Left: Bernard Bevis and room- mate in their well-deco- rated room. HALL Above: An informal party, judq- ing from the costumes. Right: This time it wasn't a sand storm. Left: Miss Nina Tynes, stomach robber. Right: A birthday party, with the honoree Wearing the Vertical stripes that are so popular this sea- son. Above: Bill Nugent soothing the savage beast in this case, Don Sloan. Lett: Sack-time finds these West Hall ers ready. N, 'sith " izaii ' t . l thi ,E uk""'m,. ta' V. L M fre, A 'Am-J l: 'uf-X'-"' .mm I , I gf' ACCOLI TI G SOCIETY The Tech Accounting Society Was organized in 1939 with 21 charter members, whose aim was to affiliate those students who are interested in ac- counting and who have completed the minimum requirements for club entrance into an active group. To be eligible tor entrance into the organization, the student must first be approved by the members. He must have completed eight hours of elementary ac- Page 282 OFFICERS RAYFORD MOODY . . . . President W. l. THOMAS . . . Vice-President lRENE KITTLEY . . . Secretary-Treasurer MARION W. SPRAGUE . . Reporter counting with an average oi "B" and three hours of advanced accounting with a "C" average. No stu- dent is eligible ior membership until his junior year. The Accounting Society became inactive in the tall ot l942 and Was reorganized this year. The club strives to uphold scholarship and is designed to in- crease the efficiency of the accounting student in his college work. First Row: Kenneth Boman, Myrtle Brown, Lanell Dunlap, Barbara Huyck, lrene Kittley. Second Row: Norma Laubhan, Freda McCaskill, Kathryn Paterson, Billy Phillips, Mary Ann Raley. Third How: Max Schulze, Eloise Shoemaker, Marion Sprague, W. l. Thomas, Virginia Young. .fl Q!!! .sa 2 K as 2 l A First How: Iack Chambers, Bob Click, Creed Coffee, Richard Edmonson, Charles Freeman, Pat Groves, Will Gillett. Second Row: Ioe Gilliland, Wayne Harman, E. W. Hill, Iohn Kimbrow, Sam King, Elvis Lee, Sue Livingston. Third Row: Bert Locke, R. H. McManus, Bob Mahafiey, Richard Nunn, Robert Payne, Henry Pederson, Roy Randolph. Fourth Row: Warren Thieme, Charles Thut, Henry Tims, W. iF. Vernon, Gene Wood, Iames Wright. OFFICERS IOHN PACE . . . President ELVIS LEE . . Vice-President SAM KING . . Secretary IAMES WRIGHT . . . . Treasurer WILL GILLETT . Engr. Show Manager A. G. OBERG . . . . Sponsor The Texas Technological College Student Chap- ter ot the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was established in l938 and was the first chapter in Texas. Membership in the organization is open to any undergraduate student majoring in Chemical Engineering. The purpose oi the club is to promote relations be- Page 283 . I. Ch. E. tween students and faculty and help the student understand the problems and situations encountered in the profession of his choice. The purpose is ac- complished by field trips and lectures by experi- enced engineers. The society has been represented at the National Conventions ot the A.I.Ch.E. and the A.C.S. First Row: larnes Abbott, Bennie Allen, Nathan Allen, 'Tommie Allen, Woodrow Allen, lames Ammann, William Atwood, Lee Baker, Henry Ball. Second Row: R. V. Ball, L. D. Ballard, Harold Barrett, Bruce Barrier, Marion Baunigardner, Robert Baumgardner, Bill Baxter, lohn Bayles, William Bean. Third Row: Glynn Becker, Gerald Bedenbender, lames Beight, M. D. Beight, Arthur Bell, Marion Benhan, Wayland Bennett, Max Billingsly, I A. I. Bishop. Fourth Row: Lesley Bishop, Clyde Black, Billy Blankenship, W. H. Bohner, Roy Boone, Billy Boyd, Iohn Boyd, Travis Bradford, W. C. Brewer. Fifth Row: loe Bridges, Raymond Brigham, Claude Brooks, l. B. Brooks, Lloyd Brooks, Robert Brown, lack Buchanan, Bernice Buck, Mary Kay Burqoyne. AGGIE OFFICERS BOBBY ARMSTRONG President JERRY BEAVERS Vice-President ALBERT DEVlN Secretary ROBERT BAUMGARDNER Treasurer H. G. SPRAWLS Reporter GILBERT MCALISTER Song Leader BOBBY ARMSTRONG, President I The Agricultural Club, more commonly re- ferred to as the Aggie Club, is the oldest or- ganization on the Tech campus. lt was iounded in l926 to promote interest in all mat- ters pertaining to agriculture. Other aims of the society include encouragement of coopera- tion among members in projects oi the college, promotion oi social events, athletic contests and Page 284 - Q L.. First Row: Earl Burum, Richard Cade, Garth Campbell, loe Cardwell, Richard Carrninati, Calvin Carpenter, lohn Caudle, Miles Caudle, lames Carver. Second Row: Elmer Criswell, Margaret Clark, Ralph Cleveland, Charles Clowe, lack Cole, loe Cole, Harold Conklin, lack Cook, l. B. Cooper. Third ROW: Delton Costlow, Earl Cox, Robert Cox, Eddy Crawley, Thomas Davis, William Davis, Ed Dawson, Robert Dean, Albert Devin. Fourth Row: Sandra De Bottari, lim Dixon, Kenneth Dopson, lack Douglas, lerrold Drexel, P. A. Dugger, lohn Dwyer, Earl Dyer, Harold Eastland. Fifth Row: Harold Elder, Olen Elkins, George Elliott, lack Erwin, Bob Ewen, Bryan Farris, Bob Fee, lee Fleming, Howard Fowler. CLUB programs tor the development and entertain- ment oi the members. Active membership is limited to students regularly enrolled in the Division of Agriculture of TeXas Tech who ex- press a desire to be in the club. Graduates oi any classification in the division of agriculture are eligible for active membership. Page 285 The Aggie Club sponsors a loan fund to aid worthy Agriculture students. The four annual social events sponsored by the club include the Aggie Pig Roast in November, Aggie Club banquet in Decem- ber, Aggie dance in December, and the Aggi.e-Home Economics party in the spring semester. 7.5 ff. iw- 22: .Tim - X 5 AGGIE Mita by 4.1 N Q .. Engfii . . ' X - a' . V- P ,K A 7, - V ' f Z Q,- ' .1 . L if 'A -A if . V , 7' i'i X, A V' i ' fa ' V V ' . ' L gg ' ' tgwn. L' 4 H214 1- - f if ifzi " 1 K . ...yy ,m., ,Q , .. V1 - ' 7 WZ STU, A YLQZHQJ' "'A 'X ,3,.g,tV , . 7. .. ,1,A .. QQ . Q l . + ,Q ,3 A . .5 Q Q Q i We L QV ig V , p V , ff . by f H M ' ,V I V V A .. ' ' L . i .5 V J- it L121, . VV ' VV 2 , . - V VV i - :1 V, - -wr . " , V 1. VV. tim 5' . i' 1. ., P :V if 3 W V ft . I V - P Q I - - " Wiwi' - 2.5 ' ' ' V . ' -2 V v, . . ig. . 1iV"Q M , ,. W. 5 U Nj , ., .91 i ' Q 5' Q , Q , :., ,,,,.:Q Q V . Q ,. . . -- V , 3, xt' .4 V- ,sg V. A . V Vg, . A' .L L .. -- . ...QQ . M gf 5 . g sm 1 Vt 1 A1735 is , V 5' is , . if ,L,V w ft . V 1 . Q V it 2 - L Vfiifif iii ' V V ' , '-ruff - ' .L . A . X We Y Q .Q QQ... ,1,,. .. QQ, . V L F" ' 'SQ ' J' ' V 'L li . V 'W' f .'AA' 5' ,V , 1 Qgff' H , W L VWZ L , ' , Q L ' 15 . -. 8 V 5- . G W 5' S G ' V ' I "' X L 4 . 'v . . . it 4 . Sr waiting W, , f.. V. . . 3 Q. V . J A I 1 V Lge if 'k:V-'V V V :Q 1 1 V - V V . ,,W. . .,. ' -- V A W ' ,H -,., , ,, , ,. . . W., , V , . . "':9Q?2igj ,fV ' if , Q SSTL ' ' VX . .,. , . fi Y, . """".. lt . 3 .1 .SV ' ' W, Ak., .i N, S QQ ' Q B is . ,Q Q QQQQ , N . I. Q ' . 2 . 'V A - ,, V ' . '.: , Q.QQ , 'Q ,' ' QQ 4 4 -5 we 7 Q .7 QQ , , QQQQ f Q V First Row: L. I, Foster, lames Putch, Lloyd Goodin, Ierry Goff, Iimmie Green, Chester Griffith, Lewis Grissom, Elton Groves. Second How: Barnsey Groves, Clarence Gutiee, lames Gunter, I. W. Hairston, Billy Hambright, Weldon Hancock, Edd Havran, T. I. Headstream. Third How: Robert Headrick, larnes Heath, iames Herring, Charlie Hickman, lohn Hines, Norman Hoback, Donald Hogan, Lloyd Holloway. Fourth Row: Charles Hudson, lim Humphreys, lim Hutchins, Clay laclcson, William Iackson, Charles Jones, Iarnes lones, Patsy lones. Fifth Row: B. F. Iorden, Dowden Koeninger, Bobert Kelly, C. L. Kemp, Floyd Lawhorn, Iohnny Leathers, Frank LeBeau, Kenneth Lewis. Sixth Row: William Lewis, Nora Long, iames Luclelce, Herbert Lubke, Olive Mathews, Mack Mauldin, Marion Mayes, loe May, less McClarney. Seventh Row: Charles McCormick, George McLeroy, Don Melton, Bob Mendenhall, Bernie Mika, Boy Montague, Don Montgomery, William Montgomery, Mar- tin Morgan. Eighth Row: Don Morrison, Charles Murphy, C. W. Nate, Wayne Nelson, Wyatt Nesbit, Bass O'Daniels, Bill O'Neal, lames Patrick, G, L. Phillips. Page 286' CLUB MZ si' i t fl 'if' . iijz?-, fi liiiff 3 A V . Qt . 'V , i i i 'W YM if X' V ti V -V A " V. If A 113' " , 5 -. WN 4 V V ' -- ' , A,,. . , II1i?I 01 I ' II I. 'friti V 3 ' ' -V -. . ' Q V T , .V l 1. gi - " F' . . , . 352, ' 'V , J' Q . X -61' PV . 55.1 U' if , Q I AI. I , ii. 3 , if Vr MV .f,,L .I, I F 1 l. J. M .. K' ' E lf ".- ",' f'i' t ' . A E '-A':A:- in 4 N 1 fl- , it 9' QB . .l . "-- ' ' . we . ,MV V. V II V ,'- I , , .-is ' ' 3 I yw ' 7 W f. a. V A Y 'A'V , lb ,. , .uf i , . T , . kgs 'Q I I . 1 l '. V A ..., '. 'F x i , 1 f - - '-v r ' if . ' Q Q 'lf . f M if ' f:,, if ',II fffi il' S 'L ' iii, ,, A . W . 1 , ,.,.k I asus. T ..r. ' 2 . . 4 . F ., , . Q r V V ' if ' I V,k. 5 II 4' III -S1 . .. . i Q , -.1 I . I, ' I If" I II I? yrk I .II.Qi IQ: I I I Q59 IW E 'V fi ' ' ' ' A-Q- ll ,,kA V , . ' ' SL if ' W is J an ll . W ":' Q I I V ' it ,.,V -V - L ilu!! - ' + . Q , of ,. ' ' Vita stltliffh' ' 9 'llgiggf f W , L-Y l .' I slghiffifl QSM 41:92. . 'F ,, .2 1 V - ml-.1,.y, gw5'lgII,z. X, wfw- f.4If,:,Q . , .. I III: , ,I 1. . ,I A A S . iii! A4215 :.' ' -:In !I:.g::.' 1 - Q ' ' - 5 I, . nf f, ,ff-f -. -. ez- r N A I In VV ,, 'ff , ss v ,,,,,,LL,. '4',TFi, 2 . 4 if , . V ' W : ,. 98325 ' - ' -2-in V A ,eg 3 1-' ,V gis- 'ff . i t ' F ' t ll ,lam H ARI? aj . . m .A , Vlnz I V Stiff 5' 1 First Row: Willis Phillips, George Pliler, l, B. Potts, lames Price, Willis Price, Billy Quatlebaum, O. H. Rahlfs, L. L. Ray. iii .,,, S- ,, . ' ' 1 sisitlsittjg ' 'f -it-,., lsgirfaiis. 5 :galil Vs . .15 ,,i, N, 1 ik 4 T. lx 1 1 1 HV i i an fvxiif. z? it E. . ,, .. ,Q Ee s, ,. , . .,,, I in Bi? fr i , 'gi V , , ' "" V f IRI. ,W . I ..Ii, Il: V .fi 'si-:. - I 2-1 5 . :QI Q iris .. Q Jngil' ' L'I. S 1 I ' .I IILII Q1 , Is R, , . -V PT ', f mf rwzeaw " X Second Row: Weldon Reynolds, Maurice Renick, Charlie Rivers, William Roberts, less Robinson, lames Rogers, W. G. Rogers, O. I. Rosenbaum. Third Row: Wuman Ruple, Eugene Russell, William Saver, Tom Scarborough, Henry Schwartz, Paul Schoppa, Wilford Schuster, Earl Sears. Fourth Row: Duane Setlifi, Gean Settle, Ernie Shaw, lames Simpson, William Simpson, Darrell Sims, Don Smith, loe Smith. Fifth Raw: loe Snodgrass, Eugene Southhall, H. G. Sprawls, Ray Sprawls, larnes Stalls, Henry Stence, Camille Stevens, Arthur Stoy. Sixth Row: Eugene Streger, Patrick Sullivan, Adrian Taylor, Bob Terry, Earnest Thaxton, L. S. Tilger, Phillip Trew, loe Trimble, Woodrow Turner. Seventh Row: Iohnie Tunnel, Lester Turner, Horace Turnbow, Horace Underw ood, Lewis Welch, Del Wells, Roland Westerman, Edd Whitesides, l. E. While. Eighth Row: lack Williams, Richard Wilkinson, Harold Williams, Kenneth Willis, Ben Wilson, Carrol Wilson, Warren Wood, F. W. Wright, Thad Ziegler. Page 287 Page 288 OFFICERS PRAY I-I. SMITH Chairman ROGER OWEN VicefChairman . I. E. E. IRENE KNOWLES Secretary-Treasurer Any student enrolled in electrical engineering is eligible for membership in the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, better known as AIEE. The purpose of the group is to further the advancement of knowledge concerning the theory and practice of electrical engineering. An opportunity to become better acquainted with the personnel and activities PRAY l-I. SMITH, Chairman of the institute is offered members, who are eligible to wear the club pin. The national organization pro- vides a professional magazine for all members. Bi- monthiy meetings this year featured student speak- ers, talks by qualified professional men and movies of interest to electrical engineers. First Row: I. D. Ball, Glenn Bandy, Douglas Blackburn, Durwood Corley, Winfield Evans, Iames Hardcastle. Second Row: lames laquet, Meritis lones, Irene Knowles, John Lilly, Charles Martin, lames McAnally. Third Row: Zackie Reynolds, Earl Robbins, Ioel Simmons, lohn Striblinq, Clark Sundy, Vernon Wade. t , I . 1 is is F355 J vim t K' K , , tits J ' K gi 111 . ,, ' - tvf stie:it1 , , - 'a V .j'2.lmr1.kt,,rir ff' f twine First Row: lrnogene Bagwell, Lotta Bess Baldwin, R. V. Ball, Louise Battin, Aubie lo Baucum, lohn l. Bayles, Barbara Bedford. Second Row: Charles Britton, Syble Carter Brown, Panze Butler, Elsie Bynum, Maisie Carter, Dorothy Clift, C. W. Coffee. Third How: Alex K. Cooke, 'Durwood Corley, William Neal Garrison, Barbara Green, larnes Gunter, Maxine Harp, Ava Hastey. Fourth Row: Maxine Hennersdorf, Eugenia Hopper, Betty lo laclcson, lohn VV. King, Naomi Langford, lane McGowan, Nila Massey. Fith Row: Willis P. Phillips, Alta Plernrnons, Betty Renner, Glenn Robertson, Wayne Roby, Elizabeth Schmidt, Roderick Shaw, Sixth Row: Mary Lou Stewart McNabb, Nancy Stiles, Peggy 'Weiss, 'Walter lamcs Wanner, Eva Ruth Turnbough, Barton Willingham. OFFlCERS IANE BURNS President ELIZABETH SCI-iMlDT Vice-President WlLLlS P. PHlLLlPS Secretary EUGENIA HOPPER Treasurer R. A. MILLS Sponsor lANE BURNS, President LPHA CHI Alpha Chi is ct national scholastic honorary fraternity composed of the upper ten per cent ot the junior and senior classes. Character, leadership and personality are stressed by the organization, with its real purpose being to stimulate, develop, and recognize scholarship and those elements of character that make scholarship effective for good citizen- ship. Monthly meetings feature various Well-qualified speakers. Highlight of the year s social activities is the an- nual banguet given in the spring. Members are given a mock intelligence test on initiation, the questions covering general information which discloses any narrow-mindedness among prospective members. Page 53 Q 'B Mat Page 290 ALPHA EPSILO DELTA A. E. D. is a national honorary preemedical frater- nity. The purposes of the fraternity are to encourage excellence in pre-medical work and to bind together similarly interested students. Qualifications for membership include enrollment in the pre-medical Recording Secretary-Treasurer OFFlCERS LAMAR IACKSON President PAT MYRICK Vice-President IACKIE LEWlS DOROTHY WATKINS Corresponding Secretary . if LAMAR IACKSON, President department, with one semester of college Work, B average, good character, and general ability and personality. Two formal initiation b a n q u e t s , monthly meetings, and various social functions are held. Sponsors are Dr. M. F. Landwer and Mr. Sealey. First Row: loe Arrington, Clark Bondurant, larnes Cannon, Betty Churchill, Walter Grizzle, Gene Hardey. Second How: lackie Lewis, Gene Malone, Pat Myrick, Betty Parsons, Frank Summers, Dorothy Watkins. 'HV' SL, gf Y .1 5353'E '. '. I -.., - 'eg' W rl K, n ek? ,, L ,. iq 9 II? .1-'T' 4 i R, if I J fr if L 6 V 1 t ,.,a,, ..L. .,. 42 A' we I' 5 I " I V I iii, err Ajit V 4 C First Row: Giles Carter, Marjorie Dameron, R. I Fairchild, Ioe Gilliland, Iackie Matthews, Second Row: Gerald McCoy, Avanelle Moss, Nena Kelly, Gladys Kiely, Sam King. Third Row: Gerald Pederson, Dolores Srnart, Marguerite Weeks, Iune Vlfilson. SUE THOMPSON, President The Texas Tech Chapter of Student Affiliates ot the American Chemical Society was organized in l939, with the purpose oi otterinq the beginnings oi professional associations and showing the student oi chemistry the other side ot his chosen Work. To this end the Tech Chapter meets once a month to OFFICERS SUE THOMPSON President IACKIE MATTHEWS Vice-President DOLORES SMART Secretary-Treasurer AVANELLE MOSS Reporter AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY enjoy a technical movie or quest speaker. The club has sent delegates to the National and Southern Conventions ot the American Chemical Society. Ac- tivities ot the year include a picnic and other in- tormal attairs. The sponsor is C. Ci Galbraith. .fi Page 291 " lv r .8 V ' 1? fiirga . ff.: Q silk SS . . AX, mg 13 fri ' y ' if 'Knew 1... ,',f'..Q frvgyrxrfff' fi 'f'wvw"TK'ae N : ' mfvwf'S3.i"'i!'ns.fwf." X 16 W Q K 12, 5 'Q' 2 'K 'M' at if x 'it 2 5 in Wiick' ,QCA-7 -- .- " 're ,Q arf - " 5' , .. 9 so ' x,, mi' Sri H., ,ALEX ,ky First Row: Wes L. Askew, lohn A. Barnett, Crawford Barrier, Bill Baxter, lohn l. Cannon, Bob Click. Second Row: Robert Lon Cole, Bob Cooper, Ben Cowling, William Elmer Crabtree, lerry Crawford, lack Cummings. Third Row: B. P. Davenport, lay Denton, Ted Forsythe, Pat Garrett, Toe Gilliland, Don Gracey, Richard I. Hanninqan. Fourth Row: Ioe M. Hefner, Foster Henderson, loe Hopkins, lim Humphreys, Thomas E. Kilpatrick, Richard Kleins Loveless. ALPHA PHI OFFICERS HAROLD A. TUNNELL . . . . HOWARD LOVELESS HAROLD A. TUNNELL, President ,,.,.g..35,5,i,51 7 wb. -fxefgszz-ifr,63',e,, f L .,,.,,, AA,, I gi., ,E E . 4 'Z , 'av 6 N Z 'if 3 .. Q 1 Q We Egger f X chmidt, Howard . . President lst Vice-President BEN COWLING . . . 2nd Vice-President ROBERT LON COLE . . . Secretary OTIS TURNER . .... Treasurer PAT GARRETT . . Reporter and Historian IERRY CRAWFORD . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Page 292 I L it fi 1' 1 X, .Q L - :-' E : " ,- irfllfffigfg Q,-av First Row: -Charles Martin, Sam McDutfey, limmie McFarland, Oliver McMahon, lack Mims, lohn O. Moore. Second Row: George Moore, Billy Mack Neeper, Bill Oney, Richard Perhamus, Zackie Reynolds, loe Robertson. Third How: lack vRobinson, Charles Sherrill, Don Sloan, Barron Spaulding, Irving St. Clair, Vlfarren G. Thieme. Fourth Row: Charles Thompson, Otis Turner, lim Vllanner, Bill Wheeler, Bobby Williams, Andrew Willingham, William Thomas Wood. MEGA Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, was installed on Tech campus in l939. The purpose ot the organization is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop triendship and to promote service to humanity. lt renders service to the student body and faculty in the form of club projects and activi- Page 293 ties. The creed ot Alpha Phi Omega is "Be a leader, be a triend, be ot service". It is required that a member must have had previous experience in the Boy Scouts oi America or a recognized Scout move- ment. Activities ot the year included a banquet and pledge initiation and an annual semi-tormal dance tor the members and pledges. Page 294 OFFICERS DALE FORMAN President FRANK VISHER Vice-President DOUG ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer 9 So Co E0 DALE FORMAN, President Until l933, when the civil engineering students re- ceived national recognition, their organization was known as Texas Tech Civils. The purpose ot the chapter is to promote a spirit of congeniality be- tween the members ot civil engineering classes, to foster a professional spirit, and to acquaint the stu- dents with some ot the practical problems ot the profession. Registration in engineering is the only requirement for membership. Voting privilege is withheld until the sophomore year. Annual social tunctions are the smoker held in October and the banquet staged in May. First Row: Doug Anderson, lack Collins, I. L. S. Hickey, Arnold Maeker, Alton Martin, Edward McGowan. Second Row: Lee Perry, lames H. Robertson, Howard Schmidt, R. C. Simmons, Ben Sides, Frank Visher. :F?QQ-klliffi r Q X 3 1 3 it .5 .. . . 556 ,Q-. 11" 1 MQ .. . 'F :iz 72 ,ssifg 'ggi E I W S - .sex 'Q .5 B . . 3,5 ,, . he -. . uf' K ' Tw -. f ' ' 3 ' A t A ftiaffg lx V. sv... -.fha . r First Row: Catherine Barnett, Mary Lou Bizzell, Panze Butler, Addierene Clay, Mary Platt, Barbara Fowler, Avis Fuchs, Second Row: Pat Groves, Iohnny Sue Hamilton, lean Holmes, Eugenia Hopper, Sarabeth Kimmel, Iaclcie Lewis, Betty Benner. Third Row: Iohnnie Mae Smith, Cleo Stringer, Ierry Taylor, Pat Vasen, Lois Weeks, Ellen Vtleise, Glynna Williams. 'fy'-ui ELIZABETH SCI-IMIDT, President The Texas Tech Association ot Women Students is a member of the Intercollegiate Association ot Women Students, the national purpose oi which to consider issues important in college and after graduation and to exchange ideas with member colleges. All women in school become members oi A. W. S. When they enroll. The governing body ot the association, A. W. S. Council, is composed oi representatives ot campus organizations for women, Each year A. W. S. sponsors Big Sister-Little Sister Week, a handbook entitled "Tech Tips", the activity OFFICERS ELIZABETH SCHMIDT A, , S, President PANZE BUTLER Vice-President SUE THOMPSON Secretary COUNCR IACKIE LEWIS Treasurer MISS MABLE SMITH Sponsor point system, freshman hats ior girls, and the spring Becognition Service tor women outstanding in schol- arship and leadership. This year they also spon- sored a reception honoring the Texas Tech Bed Raiders, during football season. Social aitairs ior the year included a "get acquainted" party tor "Little Sisters" at the opening of school and an all- girls dance in the spring at which nominations oi otticers ior the coming year are made. A. W. S. was organized in l925. Pa ge 295 -1 gm. 5 .-QA, A ' n'fW4" V '-,249-si ' 'I L- gg A K ,' :'.5.:?:':. . H W A..-1,35 Y '4 !7 'Y , ..f:.p,: Q fl. , n + L 5. fs iz? . Q. 5 ,L Q .. all 2 'F x .l A l x in 3 SK 1 5545 1? A' A 3 1 3 First Row: Harvey Arnold, Cfeorge C. Beal-tley, lr., lim Bostick, Randall H. Butler, Charles V. Chenault, Charles W. Coffee. Second Row: lohn E. Driskill, Billy W. Evans, Harry R. Evans, Iames Fl. Ferguson, larnes D. Fleming, Edmond Hugh Ford. Third Row: Dan Gilleit, David V. Haclce, Ted Hackney, Alvin Hanley, O. P. Harlan, Torn Hassell. 0 HAROLD E. GILLESPlE, Chairman HAROLD E. GILLESPIE DAN GILLETT . . IAMES R. FERGUSON RANDALL H. BUTLER OFFICERS O . Chairman ViQefChairman . Secreiary . Treasurer Page 296 First Row: Donald I. Helmers, Raymond B. lnce, Samuel George lackson, Maurice E. lury, W. W. Lauderdale, William S. Morrison, Marshall McDonald. Second How: Paul Nail, Frank M. Neal, Elvin Weston Rainey, Sherman Lloyd Handel, Howard Round, -Raymond Watkins Sartor, Donald E. Sloan. Third Row: Claud Slover, Floyd A. Smith, Mack Verhyden, Noel O. Waggoner, lack Vxfhite, lames S. Young. O O Any student registered for mechanical engineer- ing is eligible to membership in the A. S. M. E. The main purpose of this organization is the "advance- ment and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering." This group also offers the opportunity to become ac- quainted With the activities and personnel of the cle- Page 297 partment. Club programs at regular meetings con- sist of technical subjects. An annual celebration is held in honor of St. Patrick. A bronze plaque, bear- ing the Shamrock and club insignia, is placed in the floor of the south portico of the engineering building every year. ln keeping with the St. Patrick theme, the club flower is the Shamrock. ALPHA PSI MEGA Tau Cast of Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity, was organized at Tech in l926. New members are chosen by election from student members of Sock and Buskin Club, the local dra- matic group. These members must have shown outstanding talent and interest in dramatics. Mem- OFFICERS IACK TE-RRELL Director MAXINE HENNERSEORF Stage Manager IMOGENE BAGWELL Business Manager ANNAH IO PENDLETON Sponsor bership qualifications include varied activities in the field of dramatic art and a minimum grade point average of 1.6. When the requirements are met, the chosen students are initiated at a formal banquet. Alpha Psi Omega also sponsors programs, plays, and lectures in the dramatic arts field. First Row: lmoqene Bagwell, Mary Frances Brashear, Norma Crump, Maxine Hennersdorf. Second ROW: Iames Simpson, Buddy Sprague. Alumni Members: loe Burson, Lucian Upshaw. Page 298 Page First Row: Executive Council: Mary Ola Anderson, Iohn Beakley, Verna Dene Beene, Bill Cope, Gaylon Cothern, Binnie Griffin. Second Row: Lavenia Grisham, Charles Kennedy, Marshall McDonald, Norma Middlebrooks, Norma Grace Reid, Bryce Sandlin. Third Row: lerry Smyth, Naomi Teal, Mary Belle Teeters, Wanda Verner, Lavern 'Williams BETTYE IANE EWEN, President B. S. U. is composed of every Baptist student in Tech. He becomes an active member when he joins a Baptist church in Lubbock, or any unit or- ganization such as Sunday School classes, Young Peoples unions, Y. VV. A. circles, etc. The Union functions through a council composed of ten or more officers elected annually by B. S. U. Each year there are two semester open houses, a Hallow- een party, Thanksgiving breakfast, Christmas carol! ing, and annual banquety however, the most impor- 299 OFFICERS BETTYE IANE EWEN President IERRY SMYTH Enlistment VicefPresident BOBBIE TEAN RHODES Social Vice-President NAOMI TEAL Devotional Vice-President MARY BELLE TEETERS Secretary BAPTIST STLIDE T IO NORMA MIDDLEBROOKS Treasurer tant function this year Was the Lubbock Youth Re- vival which was held in the fall. The purpose of B. S. U. is to strengthen, correlate, and unify all of the separate Baptist unit organizations into one campus association with one all-inclusive program of religious activity. The B. S. U. "makes Christi- anity collegiate, college life Christian, spirituality preeminent, student friendships happy, student Christianity maximum." Page 300 BLOCK AND BRIDLE Texas Tech's Block and Bridle Club, a chapter of the national organization, was organized in the spring of l933. A large majority of its active mem- bers were called into the service during World War ll and the club became inactive in the fall of l943, but w-as reorganized in the spring of l946. Mem- bership is open to junior and senior students major- ing in animal husbandry, members of stock judging teams, college professors and specialists in the de- partment of animal husbandry. Faculty members are l. H. Baumgardner, N. C. Fine, Dr. E. G. Har- bough, R. C. Mowery, Delbert L. Devin and graduate OFFICERS lAMES GUNTER President H. G. SPRAWLS Vice-President IOHN B. WHEELER Secretary ALBERT DEVIN Treasurer KENNETH LEWIS Marshal ROY BOONE Rodeo Manager ll JAMES GUNTER, President student Edwin L. Dawson. Activities for the year began with the alumni breakfast at Homecoming, followed by the fall sem- ester steak fry, the traditional "Days of '49" party, all-college Rodeo, spring steak fry, honoring pledges, and the annual banquet held for the installation of next year's officers. The club held its regular meet- ings on the first Monday night of each month. Club emblem is a "B" with a meat cleaver and block in the upper half and a bridle in the lower half. Colors of the organization are royal purple and navy blue. First Row: Nathan Allen, Robert Baumqardner, Edwin Dawson, Albert Devin, Harold Eastland, Olen Elkins. Second Row: George Elliott, Robert Headrick, ,Lloyd Holloway, lim Humphreys, Robert Kelley, Kenneth Lewis, Third Row: johnny Leathers, George McLeroy, less Robinson, H. G. Sprawls, john B. Wheeler. ,I . mmm? ws k , -1- .1,..7Q-Emsrli-'f-11'S fvt:fz,51ftS" .- . , , .,... I V5 55:5 .4 Z . .1 A - JN :c yn. " -X2 ..: - -. - ,. . ,FM 5, A , , an ,QE 2 I, .. ,.5Lffffl'S 'E . f i A : NL,-LJ :-all I' : I 1 if f-fi, it f V ' .. ,r-ME i"' 'i "iv . . ,. ..,... i .,., , vfl.. , .. . .., . . . i's'5?"' YZ 3 71 ' f' - ' . . - r V. ,'3sA,ifr . First Row: Delane Adams, Mary Frances Alexander, Dorothy Appling, Imogene Bagwell, Glenna Bailey, Lotta Bess Baldwin, Betty Bomar, Pauline Bryan, lane Burns. Seoond Row: Dorothy Clitt, Gretchen Clitt, Marion Donaldson, Peggy Garrison, Bea Green, Betty Hanks, Maxine Harp, Martha Harris, Dorothy Hlavaty. Third Row: Iane Holden, Iean Holmes, Barbara Iackson, Sue Livingston, Iackie Matthews, Beverly Montague, Maye Mitchell, Pat O'Neil, Kay Patterson. Fourth Row: Betty Parsons, Eleanor Phillips, Barbara Ramsey, Gloria Ramsey, Marion Shepherd, Doris Smalley, Pat Smilie, Pat Sparks, Neva Taylor. Fifth Row: Sue Thompson, Maria Valdez, Dolores Vtfalden, Pat Wagnon, Ellen Wiese, Audrey Williams, Glynna Williams, Anne Webb, Iune Wilson, Beverly Wright. MAXINE HENNERSDORE, President Membership in Book Reviewers Club is by appli- cation. Any woman in Tech who is interested in literature, either in modern or classic, may apply for membership, which is limited to titty girls. The club endeavors to acquaint its members with mod- ern literature and to engender a deeper apprecia- OFFICERS MAXINE HENNERSDOI-IF BOOK REVIEWERS President SUE THOMPSON Vice-President SUE LIVINGSTON Secretary ELEANOR PHILLIPS Reporter IEAN HOLMES AINS Representative IIVIOGENE BAGWELL Treasurer tion for all types of literary arts. Books are reviewed regularly at each meeting by members. The chiei social function ot the year is the annual tea held in Mayg on this occasion Mrs. Doak has always re- viewed a book. Capa y Espada was organized on the campus in Spanish music, songs, and popular Latin-American Page 302 OFFICERS MARIA VALDES President LAURENCE MILLER Vice-President IULIA VICENTE Secretary CAPA Treasurer BETTY I-IANKS Reporter MARIA VALDES, President 1925, with the purpose to bring its members in closer touch with the Spanish-speaking peoples, the lan- guage, customs, and culture. Speakers through the year included students from Latin-America and per- sons who were well acquainted with those countries, dances. The motto is: "De mis vinas, no se nada." Membership in the club is extended to all students who have had or who are now taking Spanish, and who are interested in gaining a more thorough knowledge of our neighbors to the South. First How: Daniel Alford, Gayle Anglin, Betty Bomar, Gladys Brooks, S. E. Brown, Charles Bussell, Ruth Caldwell, Ann Carothers. Second How: Dorothy Cliit, Carolyn Cole, Gypsy Cooper, Calla Mae Deaton, Kay Finley, Victor Gerdes, Betty Hanks, lean I-Iolmes. Third How: Elizabeth Howard, Henrietta Iackson, Dee Keck, Pat Keen, Philip Kemp, Ioreen Kocurek, Bob Lilly, Pat Lively. Fourth Row: Mabeth Mabry, Io Mayfield, Laurence Miller, lean McKenzie, Iean McNeill, Pat O'Neill, Mary Ann Ousley, Keith Patton. Fifth Row: Guido Rodriguez, Laverna Powell, Betty Seaman, Marian Shepherd, lane Skinner, Corine Thomas, Iulia Vicente, Alice Walther, Nancy Wilson. Page First Row: Frances Atchison, Anita Burton, Addierene Clay, Marilee Dufek, Avis Fuchs. Second Row: loreen Kocurek, Peggy Kocurek, Frances Lay, Mary Ellen Maloney, Sue Owens. CASA LINDA Third Row: Cheroiyn Roberts, loy Dean Vardeman, Wanda Weems. OFFICERS lOANNE CRABTREE Social Director ADDIERENE CLAY Business Manager AVIS FUCHS IOANNE CRABTREE, Social Director Casa Linda, the only absolutely selt-governing co- operative house in the United States, is open to girls trom all divisions ot the College. Atter qualifications ot scholarship, good character, and cooperative abil- ity have been met, girls are invited to membership by the Dean ot Women, Dean ot Home Economics 303 Assistant Business Manager and residents ot the house. The club is under the leadership oi loanne Crabtree, Social Director, Addierene Clay, Business Manager, and Avis Fuchs, Assistant Business Manager. Various social func- tions are held at the house during the year. Page 304 CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is the recreational society oi the St. Paul Episcopal Church. It is for the enter- tainment of Tech students. The meetings are held each Thursday night at which time the members have a supper. Each Saturday night they hold a OFFICERS NANCY REA President DICK FEIDEN Vice-President MARGARET KLAUS Secretary GILES CARTER Treasurer EDMOND AUSTIN Sergeant-at-Arms NANCY REA, President dance in Seaman Hall where all of their functions are held. Various other parties and dances are held during the year. Rev. Iohn Winslow is the club sponsor. First How: Iean Boone, Giles Carter, Ioan Chapman, Charles Clowe, Ie-an Eisenberg, Dick Feiden, Ierry Frazier, lane Holden. Second How: Clifford Howell, Thomas Kilpatrick, Barbara Klaus, Margaret Klaus, Patricia McCall, Bill Nelson, Bah Norwood, Mary Ann Ousley. Third Row: Elizabeth Pounse, Frank A. Smith, Pat Vfagnon Dolores Walden, Iames Walker, L. C. Walker, Anne Vllebb, Katherine Witty. '50 9' 5155 VOD g ,Pang A W i Q! F l Page First Row: R. V. Ball, Bill Beshears, Toe Cardwell, Norman Hoback, Charles lones. Second Row: Luther Loveless, W. T. Mitchell, Kenneth Renner, Don Smith, Horace Turnbow, Woodrow Turner. DAIRY CLUB The Dairy Club was organized in i933 and na' tionally affiliated in l938. its purpose is to promote and foster professional fellowship among students, faculty, and professional and research workers in- terested in the progress of the dairy industry, and to aid and sponsor such activities as pertain to the interests of agriculture and the field of dairying. Qualifications for membership include at least ESO semester hours and a "C" average. The organiza- 305 OFFICERS HERSHEL LAMB President LUTHER LOVELESS Vice4President NORMAN HOBACK Secretary-Treasurer R. V. BALL Reporter tion maintains a loan fund whereby short term loans are made available to members of the club. The group assists in conducting the annual high school F. F. A. dairy products judging contest and buys medals for the Senior Dairy Product team. The outstanding event of the year is a banquet held in the spring honoring members of the national judg- ing team. DEBATE CLUB The Debate Club was organized tor the purpose ot bringing together students interested in discussing and debating timely topics ot interest. Regular Club meetings are held each second and tourth Tuesday in the Campus Playhouse. The programs OFFICERS IACKIE REYNOLDS President FLOYD SADDLER Vice-President BETTY IO MAYNARD Secretary-Treasurer TMOGENE BAGWELL Reporter IACKIE REYNOLDS, President of Debate Club are varied, including current prob- lems and humorous questions. Membership is open to all students interested in debate, and opportunity to participate is given each member. First Row: Dorothy Appling, lrnogene Bagwell, loanne Crabtree, Betty Dennison, Maxine Hennersclorf, R'Duth Hopping, Glenn lvy. Second Row: Marvin lordan, Kathryn Lancaster, Helen McDonald, Clarence P. Martin, Ida Matney, Betty lo Maynard, Margaret Melcher. Thjrd Row: Barbara Ramsey, Gloria Ramsey, Floyd Scddler, Pat Smoot, Terry Stoltz, lack Terrell, Pat Wagnon. . x ff Page 306 Page First Row: Imogene Bagwell, Lotta Bess Baldwin, lane Burns, Panze Butler, Dorothy Clitt. Second Row: Betty Io Chrisler, Mary Flatt, Maxine Harp, Eugenia Hopper, Modelle McClure. Third Row: Betty Renner, Elizabeth Schmidt, Sarah Swottord, lamie Trainer. MAXINE HENNERSDORF, President To promote and aid in any worthy movement ot the student body, titteen outstanding junior and senior girls, selected on the basis ot personality, ability, leadership, and character, become members ot Forum. Only three members of the organization are ot junior standing. Each girl must have at least a B grade average and maintain at least 20 activity 307 OFFICERS MAXINE HENNERSDORF President ELIZABETH SCHMIDT Vice-President MARY FLATT Secretary-Treasurer IANE BURNS Program Chairman BETTY RENNER A,W.S. Representative IMOGENE BAGWELL Reporter MODELLE MCCLURE Historian MISS SUE RAINEY Sponsor FORU points betore admission. Monthly Fireside Forums on Sunday 'atternoons are planned to create interest in students and their activities. New members are initiated in the spring at the secret sunrise ceremony and are honored at Women's Recognition Service held in May. E GI EERING First ROW: Brac Biggers, Dale Foreman. Second Row: Harold Gillispie, Pat Groves. Third Row: Emmett Hinson, Iames Roberts. Fourth Row: H. A. Tunnell, Iim Warmer. Fifth Row: George Wilmuth. OFFICERS FRANK NEAL President H. A. TUNNELL Vice-President PAT GROVES Secretary GEORGE WILMUTH Treasurer F. L. MCREE DEAN ADAMS Sponsors FRANK NEAL, President The Engineering Society, one of the largest organ- izations on the campus, fosters a spirit of unity and friendliness, provides a means for promoting enter- prises for the Welfare of the division, as Well as spon- soring a loan fund for Iunior and senior engineering students. The only requirement for membership is that the student be registered in the Division of Engineering. The Society was organized in 1926 and the mem- bers Wear a blue and gold shield pin adopted in l929. ln 1936 the Engineering Society was incor- porated under the laws of the state of Texas. The Board of Directors is composed of the four society officers and one representative elected from each of the official departmental societies. They have gen- eral supervision of the affairs of the Society between its regular meetings. Outstanding activities of the year were the Engi- neers' Ball in the fall, a dinnerdance in the spring, and the annual Saint Patrick's Day celebration when all engineers kiss the Blarney Stone. Page 308 PICS OE ENGINEERING ACTIVITIES '4 PX Students in lab slave away among the rocks. A test of the tensile strength of steel attracts a lot Roger Willett and Gem-qe Acton Work of Uttenlion- on an extra pair of pants. I ia ,Q .i i. Frank Lee demonstrates the electronic precipita- The principle of bending of light through a prism tion oi smoke and dust particles. Humm. is studied in a physics lalo, Bob Arnold, Cadet Sgt.-Major, demonstrates how ft dash of this, a dash of that, a pinch of salt, easy it is to build a military bridge -on a table. and you have it. Page 31.7 FRESHMAN Gmfiiliiifm President Vice-President I PAT ROBINSON Brrrirs HOTCHKISS Treasurer I Y iMoaENE roRrENBERRY Secretary Freshman Honorary Society is an honorary organization composed of freshman girls maintaining at least an A-minus average. It is the pur- pose of the society to aid freshman girls and discuss matters for their mutual benefit and interest. The society was organized in the spring of l939 under the sponsorship of AWS and Forum. Girls are eligible for membership from the beginning of the second semester of their freshman year to the end of the first semester of their sophomore year. New mem- bers are initiated each spring at a formal banquet. GRETCHEN Cl.lFT, President First How: Virginia Alexander, Billie Anderson, Virginia Barrow, Dorothy Clingingsmith, Marjorie Crews, Estelle Cummings, Pauline Evans. Second ROW: Mary Findley, Imogene Fortenberry, Barbara Fowler, Sue Lynn Guthrie, Laura Hall, Theresa Hargrove, Mary lane Hamilton. Third Row: Mary lane Hinchey, lean Holmes, Billie Hotchkiss, Doris Irvin, loreen Kocurek, Sue Magee, Olive Matthews. Fourth How: Gene Malone, lanet Moore, Mary Richards, Pat Robinson, Mary Speer, Mary lane Stucker, lerry Suits, Thelma Zimmerman. . X it T -' Q20 V L X7 -F XA r . fx 1 Page First How: Ioe Cardwell, Richard Carminati, Charles Cade, Richard Cade, Edwin Dawson, Albert Devin, lim Dixon. Second Row: Harold Eastland, Sam Ewen, Richard Gray, Lewis Groves, Herbert Lubke, N. L. Moss, O. H. Rahlfs. Third Row: William Roberts, Ir., Eugene Russell, Earl Sears, Ioe Smith. OFFICERS HENRY STENCE . . President ED ROBNETT . . . . Vice-President FRANCIS MONTANDON . . Secretary ROBERT DEAN . . . . Treasurer LEWlS GROVES . . Reporter IAMES MELLODY . . . Historian C. A. CRAWFORD . . Parliarnentarian EDWARD F. HAVERAN . . . Sentinel L. M. HARGRAVES . . Adviser The Texas Tech Collegiate Chapter oi the Future Farmers of America was organized on the Tech campus in 1933. Members must be of Iunior or Senior standing with the intention of qualifying to teach Vocational Agriculture. The Chapter motto is "Learning to dog doing to learn: earning to live: living to serve." lt strives to promote fellowship among Aggies and encourages higher scholastic Sli FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA standing. Activities ot the year included an annual banquet in November ot which George Mahon was the principal speaker, a barn dance in March, and a steak try in May. The Chapter also assists in sponsoring the Annual Texas Tech Vocational Agri- culture judging contests held tor high school stu- dents. The organization has 50 active members. Page 312 Fl I I R E OFFICERS FLOYD CAMP President BARBARA LEONARD Vice-President B. H. CARR Historian-Librarian of 1AMES HENNIGER Reporter MARY LOU STEWART AMERICA The Paul Whitfield Horn Chapter of Future Teachers of America was organized in 1938 and received its charter in 1939. Selected in 1931 as the Banner Chapter of America, it was organized as a national group during the Horace Mann Centennial in 1937. lt is an organic part of the state and national education associations. lt gives the student an op- portunity to become acquainted with the services of his professional organizations, state and national, before teaching. The philosophy and plan of the club movement are set forth in a series of Personal Growth Leaflets which are revised each year. Members are encouraged to read by adding to each chapter library volumes from year to year. First Row: lane Bates, Betty Bowden, B. H. Carr, Oleta Elkins. Second Row: Ann Foster, Pat Hillger, Marion Land, Barbara Leonard. Third Row: Howard Loveless, Irene McNeill, Mabeth Mabry, Mary Lou Stewart. N 5 5 A ' .vyth .r..k v..J FLOYD CAMP, President 1 1 4 Page First Row: lack Blake, N. R. C. Cress, Dean Dauley, Katy Dodd, Toe Gipson, Loleta Goss. Second Row: Farrell Hogg, Bryan Lovelace, lesse McAllister, Ioe Meador, Max Osborn, Douglas Shaver. Third Row: Martha Smith, lames Springer, Ann Sryqley, Peggy Weiss, Emmelyne Williams. OFFICERS RODRICK SHAW President PEGGY WEISS Vice-President lOE GIPSON Secretary-Treasurer FRED SIMPSON Reporter MACK KENNEDY Sponsor RODRICK SHAW, President The lnternational Relations Club was organized in l93l and operates under the auspices ot the Carne- gie Endowment fund tor international peace. The year's highlight was a West Texas-New Mexico re- gional conference held each spring to which all the international Relations Clubs in this region send delegates. 3l3 I TERNATIO AL RELATIONS CLUB The l. R. C. Library consists chiefly oi books and literature supplied by the Carnegie tund. Spon- sored by the government department, membership in the l. R. C. is open to any student interested in international relations and world peace. Meetings are held twice a month in which the best available speakers on international aitairs are utilized. 9-up First Row: Pat Allgood, A. D, Anderson, Martha Baird, Ruth Brown, Pauline Bryan, Margery Bullen, Billy Brown. Second ROW: Laura Burns, William Burton, William Campbell, Maudie Carpenter, Lee Clark, Gretchen Clift, Margaret Crocker. Third Row: Richard Collier, loan Conerly, lane Council, Talmaclge Day, leanne Douglas, Betty Dowdy, Hugh English. Fourth Row: Gale Etter, Pauline Foreman, Norman Harp, Hildegarde Hamer, Betty Hatcher, Lonnie Hefner, Beverly Holt, George Howell. Fifth Row: Stanley Huckahy, Betty Hudson, Iarnes Hughes, Sue Humphrey, Bobbie Tones, Marjorie Ioplin, Charles Kelley, Sarabeth Kimmel. GARGOYLE OFFICERS TURNER KIMMEL . . , . President DORlS TURNER . Vice-President SARABETH KIMMEL . . Secretary DOLORES THOMPSON ...... Treasurer LEE STUART .... Engineering Show Manager CARL I. YOUNG . . Asst Engineering 'Show Manager MR, W. L, BRADSHAW ....... Sponsor Page Sli! 'W' A,.V ,,.: Page First Row: Eugene King, Don Kittrell, William Knight, George l.aBoe, Martha Lalfloe, Millie Lipscomb, Elizabeth McDonald. Second Row: Sara McDonald, lohn Mcliaughan, Sue Magee, Mary Ellen Malony, Thomas Mills, Mary Ann Mullen, Wayne Nelson. Third Row: Io Anna Nix, Beryl Nowlin, lorge Padilla, George Perkins, Frances Peters, Dean Pierce, David Putteet. Fourth How: lack Robinson, Elizabeth Schmidt, lack Shelton, Doris Smalley, H. L. Stracener, Kay Stephens, l. F. Strickland, Bill Thorpe. Fifth Row: Bill Thurman, lane Thurman, Carol Trice, Sylvia Whitacre, Genelle Wiley, lames Wiley, Betty lim York, Carl I. Young. CLUB The Gargoyle Society was formed in l928 to stim- ulate interest in the study ot architecture and art, to give the department members a better chance ot getting acquainted, and maintaining a closer rela- tionship in their work. With ll9 members, the club has the largest membership in its history. Qualifi- cations for membership require that the student be enrolled in the architecture -and allied arts depart- 315 ment with a high scholastic standing. Highlight of the club's social activities for the year is the Gay Nineties Ball given every spring. Gther social ac- tivities include a "get acquainted" picnic in Octo- ber, a Christmas party, and a spring picnic. Pledges go through "hell night" before initiation. The club emblem is ta grotesque Gargoyle head. . 1 Page 316 OFFICERS I E BETTY RENNER President BETTY DEVIN Vice President Secretary Q I I I B LOY CATHERINE BARNETT Treasurer One of the oldest and largest organizations on Tech campus, the Home Economics Club W-as organized in l925. Membership is extended to any girl on the campus who is interested in home economics. The aims of the club are to strive to promote friendship, develop a professional atti- tude among home economics women, and promote interest in the field of home economics. The club maintains the Margaret W. Weeks Lo-an Fund, to be used by any student who majors in home economics, upon recommendation of the Home Economics Club Council, with five per cent interest charged. Some of the year's activities included participation in the World Christmas Festival by sending boxes overseas, the annual reception at the home management house for all college clubs, the Aggie- Home Economics party, a spring fashion show, Home Economics Open House and a spring banquet. First How: Dorothy Barnett, Loy Catherine Barnett, Addierene Clay, Gladys Dawson. Second How: Dorothy Hardy, Pauline Lockey, Katherine Nelson. BETTY RENNER, President w l l 54516555 Ruth Michaels is crowned queen of the Twelfth Night Festival , . . Home Ec Club home- coming float . . . lane McGowan, Eugenia Hopper and Addierene Clay pose behind gift boxes the Home Ec Club sent overseas at Christmas Iune Arrington Lorene Anderson Pat Arrington Nina Mae Atev Sue Bachelew Mary Nell Bailey Charlotte Ballow Sue Barden Peggy Barnard Dorothy Barnett Loy Catherine Barnett Ann Bates Io Baucum Billie Bechtol Dean Beene Silvy Bell lean Benson Amanda Berry Lucy R. Bibb Carvie lean Bishop Sue Boulter Evelyn Bowers Ian Boyer Nadyne Brewer Betty Brookes Bobbie lean Brown Billie Iune Burgess Maxine Borroughs Anita Burton lune Busman Mrs. Edna Buster Martha Buttrill Bonnie Byars Dean Cagle Billie lean Callan Io Nita Callan Mary Nell Callihan Leota Cardwell Billie Carr Lavern Carson Margaret Chapman Carolyn Cheatam Addierene Clay Gretchin Clift Berle Mae Cline Mildred Coates Edith Coleman Page 317 Edna Combs Roberta Conner Ruth Cook Elizabeth Craig Margaret Crocker Martha Cudd Clydell Cummings Pauline Cumpston Sara Davis Gladys Dawson Betty Io Deck Io Anne Decre Betty Devin Sara Dillingham Ioanna -Drake Lola Marie Drew Marilee Dufek Naomi Duff Annabelle Dyar Iean Eisenberg Gene Dyar Doris Engdall Mable Erwin Eloise Fambro Ruth Ann Fehr Marybelle Fields Nelda Findley Pauline Forman Mary Flatt leannine Francis Tommie lean French Avis Fuchs Betty Garrett Peggy Garrison Dorothy Greer Billie Griffin Ruth Gullege Nancy Grimard Sue Lynn Guthrie Neva Ioyce Hall Dorothy Harbin Mary Ann Harding Betty Hardison Dorothy Hardy Maxine Harp Ann Harrell Bettie Hart MEMBERS Faye Haffox Elizabeth Hawley Ianice Hall Ruth Haynes loline Hendrick Wilola Hiatt Alice Hix Dorothy Hlavaty Dolores Hodges Carrie Hoffman Carolyn Hooker Eugenia Hopper Alice Howell Mary May Iohnson Vee Iohnson Vivian Iohnson Shirley Tones Marjorie Ioplin Ellen Keffer Bea Keeling Ruth Evelyn Keith Patricia Kell Corinne Kennedy Elizabeth Knowles Bobbie Knott Peggy Kocurek Connie Lockey Iimelene Larrian Mauvita Loman Doris Lange Martha LaRoe Nell LaRoe Helen Lauritzen Frances Lay Martha Lewis Pauline Lokey Billie Lou Long lane Magee Mary E. Maloney Betty Martin Geane Martin Wanda Martin Della Mason Nila Massey Geraldine Mather lean Meter Ruth Michaels Ieanne Miller Lila Mae -Mills Mary Alice Mitchell La Rue Moody Kate Moore Marie Moore Margaret Morris Iackie Mueller Mary Lou Murphy Ina McArthur Mary Ruth McClellan Modelle McClure lane McGowan Lam McKay Annette Nash Nell Nash Dot Nelson Katherine Nelson Evelyn Newell Faye Nordyke Dorothy Norman loan Nowlin Norma Olsen l.oRena O'Neal Marjorie Osborn Mary Io Oswald lean Parkhill Celia Patterson Doris Payne Veta Payne Iessie Pearde Iewell Alice Pharr Loriet Plummer Martye Poindexter Ruby Potts Betty Price Helen Pyburn Helen Rayburn Norma Grace Reid Betty Renner Phyllis Reno Frances Rhodes Roseanne Richter Patsy Rivers Glenna Bell Roberts Virginia Sachse Margie Sanders Mary Sandusky Lou Ann Sarles Louise Scales Iean Schuler Frances Sentill Helen Shelton Thelma Shepard Mary Shoulders George Ann Simms Peggy Sitton Doris Smith Ieannine Smith Betty Snodgrass Ellen Sorrells Lucille Sorrells Gloris Soradlen Kathryn Starkey Charlotte Starr Dorothy Stinnett Winiford Stuyker Betty Sturk Nanette Sutton lean Talley Mary Traverse Mildred Turnbow Billie Tyson Betty Vaughn Dolores Walden Gertrude Waller Nancy Warwick Marydel Watkins Dorothy Watts Margaret W. Weekes Marguerite Weeks Wanda Weems Carol Io Wheeler Wilma Wheeler Charlene Whipple Ellen Wiese Rita Wilkinson Mildred Willis Mamie Wilson Lois Wimberly Opal L. Wood Marian Woods Nell Young Page 318 I DUSTRIAL ENGINEERI SOCIETY Industrial Engineering Society was organized to unite all students enrolled in the department of in- dustrial engineering and engineering drawing. Other aims are to train the members in the prepara- tion and the presentation of technical papers, to promote a spirit of cooperation and friendship among the members and to perpetuate the society until such a time as it is eligible and the members decide to affiliate with some national organization. Any stu- dent registered in the department of industrial engi- OFFICERS EMMETT E. HINSON President AILEEN MURTISHAW Vice-President BILLY WHITWORTH Secretary-Treasurer t MR. O. A. ST. CLAIR Sponsor EMMETT HINSON, President neering is eligible to become a member of the soci- ety. An informal fall banquet and a picnic in the spring are the organizations social functions. Men of the engineering profession speak at the monthly meetings, or technical pictures are shown. The so- ciety sponsors -a bi-annual field trip for industrial engineers in which members make a circuit of Texas, visiting and familiarizing themselves with different industries and manufacturing plants. First Row: Powell Adams, Herbert Belsher, Earl Christy, Leonard Collinsworth, Richard Campbell, Leon Davidson, Richard Dickey. Second Row: Iames Dement, Bill Gillentine, Charles Guy, lr., Louis Gray, D. L. Goodyear, Ieff Gentry, Richard Hannigan. Third Row: Jimmy Hickman, I. A. Hall, Victor Iury, Harold Kiger, lack Mims, Robert Means, H. I. MacKenzie. Fourth Row: Hugh Monroe, Frank Neal, Charles Poole, C. B. Sharp, E. L. Turner, Sherman Vaughn, George Wilmoth. Page First Row: Betty Bomar, Bobbie Childers, Norrna Crump, Gladys Dawson, Betty Ewen, Margaret Iane Farr. Second Row: Avis Fuchs, Billie Griffin, Patricia Groves, Nell Lalftoe, Iackie Lewis, Patricia Lively. Third Row: Betty Maynard, Avanelle Moss, Katherine Nelson, Betty Prichard, Barbara Ramsey, Gloria Ramsey, Naomi Teal. X BETTY DEVIN, President Iunior Council is composed of twenty outstanding Iunior girls maintaining a B average. This honor- ary council, organized in l933, aims to further friend- ship and stimulate interest in campus activities among women students and to help freshman girls on the campus. To help orient freshman and trans- fer girls, a convocation was sponsored the first week 3I9 OFFICERS BETTY DEVIN President IACKIE LEWIS Vice-President JU IOR COUNCIL KATHERINE NELSON Secretary-Treasurer BETTY BOMAR Reporter BETTY PRICHARD Parliarnentarian PATRICIA GROVES A.W,S. Representative DR. AGNES TRUE MISS DORIS NESBITT Sponsors of school. Social activities this year included a dinner party for members at the Chicken Village in December, a party for incoming transfer and fresh- man girls in February, and a picnic for new initiates in April. The highlight of this year's achievements was to design and adopt a pin for the organization. KAPPA ALPHA MU OFFICERS MARY KING ...... President BOB WILLIAMS . . Vice-President BILLIE BUERELI. . . Secretary-Treasurer MARY KING, President Eta chapter of KAM, national honorary photography tra- ternity, was organized on the Tech campus this year under the sponsorship ot lane Watson, photography instructor. Membership is limited to students with B averages in pho- tography courses and B averages in all college work. The round-robin print show which included prints from other chapters was exhibited in the Cafeteria, and later in the spring, Eta chapter staged a show ot its own prints. High point ot the year was the National Convention at the Uni- versity ot Missouri: a majority ot the Tech chapter attended. PI SIGMA ALPH OFFICERS DEAN DAULEY ..... President PEGGY WEISS . , Vice-President AMOS HOWARD . . Secretary-Treasurer DEAN DAULEY ' President Pi Sigma Alpha is an honorary national government tra- ternity open to students who meet the qualifications. This fraternity has chapters in many ot the leading universities and colleges in the United States. Membership is based on scholarship in government, as well as all other courses taken. 6 QL M -. w . ,ji is 2 First Row: Billie Burrell, Ada Crager, Deanie Griffin. Second Row: Ioe Terry Iackson, C. M. Southall, Iamie Trainer Third Row: Bob Watson. First Row: Troy Davidson, Amos I-loward. Second Row: Ftodrick Shaw, Fred Simpson, Peggy Weiss. Page 320 First Row: George Beakley, Hubert Bezner, Brac Biggers, Charles Britton, Maisie Carter, Bob Click, Wendell Coffee. Second Row: Durwood Corley, Bill Evans, Will Gillett, Patricia Groves, Sam G. Iackson, Elvis B. Lee, Shirley McRee. Third Row: Avanelle Moss, M. I. Phillips, Ir., Alta Plemmons, Edwin R. Scudday, loel M. Simmons, Andrew Willingham. OFFICERS I President Secretary Treasurer IAMES Ft. FERGERSON, President Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathe- matics traternity, which maintains as its purpose the development ot an appreciation tor the beauty of mathematics. The Texas Alpha Chapter received its charter on May 4, l94U. Membership invitation is extended to students who maintain a B average Page 321 IOEL M. SIMMONS .. KAPPA HELEN ROBIN Vice-P resident EDWIN R. SCUDDAY in mathematics as well as in all their college work and who have at least eight hours ot mathematics, including analytical geometry. Faculty members, as well as students, are eligible tor membership. Activities ot the year include a Christmas party and the initiation banquet. Page 322 OEElCERS WAYNE MCDONALD President GERALD ATKINSON Vice-President TOMMY SHOOK Secreiary DAVID BEAMAN Treasurer RAYBURNN MJETCALFE Sergeant-at-Arms FRANK PORTER Parliarnentarian First Row: A. D. Anderson, T. I. Anderson, Hubert Burgess, R. C. Burrows, lack Chambers, Edward ROBERT H STARNES Casados. ' C d Ed't Second Row: O. L. Caskey, lamie Cozby, Willard Edqeit, Harold Elder, Iohn I. Haynie, Lamar Iackson. WILLZED EJSEZTTETT Third Row: Iohn King, Donald Lummus, George Mayes, Wayne McDonald, Bill Morrison, loe O'Banion. P bl, P 1 t. Ch I Fourth Row: Frank Porter, Elmer Reed, Thomas Shook, Victor Williams, Terry Wilson. U lc 'e G Ions mmm KAPPA KAPPA PSI H Kappa Kappa Psi pledges going through mock initiation ...Alpha Omicron chapter delegates to the national Kappa Kappa Psi convention . . . Members and dates at the Homecoming banquet . . .Pledges singing at the Homecoming banquet. Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary band fraternity. Tech's chapter, Alpha Omi- cron, was the first to be organized in Texas. The members are selected from the Texas Tech band, and they have to prove that they are deserving before they are asked to pledge. The club issues a weekly paper, the "Coda", that has caused considerable comment on the campus this year. Perhaps the time when the club is most spectacular is the pledge initiation that takes place on the football field during the half of the homecoming football game. The pledges are also required, during a mock initi- ation, to wear part of their band uniforms back- wards and carry their instruments to all classes. Kappa Kappa Psi is the backbone of the band tour that is taken every year. New members for the spring semester not pictured are Gerald Atkinson, Grant Sherman, Lawrence Snively, H. L. Crouch, Travis Elliot, Paul Hardwicke, William A. McClatchy, Rayburn Metcalfe,and lerry Thrush. Page 323 x l fu. YRMM QQTT mm V., +. 3 'tr . z .Mg ,vi 'W 2 OFFICERS MAJQR-MINCJR President gi? VIRGINIA DACUS Vice-President SUE EVERIII Secretary Major and Minor Club is open to any student with a major or minor in PAYE HARLAN physical education or recreational leadership. The club was organized Treasurer in IQ36 by Iohnnye Lanqtord, head ot the Physical Education Depart- ARI-INE MILLARD ment and Dean ot Women, to promote and develop sportsmanship, pro- Reporter tessional poise and interest in the various types ot positions in these TERRY EUBANK tields. Activities ot the year included monthly meetings and various so- A. W. S. Representative Lois BASSEMIER' President cial functions. The hiqhliqht ot the year was a skiing trip between MARY FRANCES HILL semesters to Tres Ritos. gponsm First Row: leanne Baker, Romana Barker, Dorothy Cantrell, Gloria Caraway, Zoe Ann Callies, Ann Crawley, Virginia Dacus, Ierry Second Row: Sue Everitt, Gilda Galloway, Gloria Holleynian, Carolyn Harris, Faye Harlan, Ionisue I-Iudson, Betty lohnson, Mary Kelley Third Row: Virginia Kennedy, Hinda Lee, Mary Liles, Patti Musson, Reba Rains, Mary Louise Rea, Bobbie Rhodes, Zora SeGulia. Fourth Row: Geneva Smith, Kathryn Starkey, Nina Starkey, Polly Uttz, Beverlv Wellman, Allyne Williams, if 'b:E,.' , J Q i, 3 I f ' 3 Q I ,QIQQ Q K' - my , , A xi ,S we 37' . ' Yfff if e 'Q V, at sz' , Q 4- wr , 19" X R I it ki? is , 9 A5 -4 ig 3 V 1 ,K Q all , A . 5, I l, o L I I0- Eubank. Frances ' ,Vk, 1't f ,::A H J , y I i L 'w.7 f ff i 5 5 I X l Page 324 Page First Row: Theodore Alexander, Philip Altendorf, Bill Bellamy, Hubert Bezner, Ioan Dyar, Roy Grimes, Willis Gunn. Second Row: Victor Gerdes, Iohn Hickey, Marcia Howard, Loretta Kennedy, Ioreen Kocurek, Peggy Kocurek, Ed Lehman. Third Row: Iames Ludeke, I-Iarold Luke, Margaret Melcher, Phillip Miller, Pat Moore, Keith Patton, Ianette Pollard. Fourth Row: William D. Phillips, Betty Seaman, Iohnann Seyler, Martha Smith, Maria Valdes, Iulia Vincenie, Hilmer 'VVaqner, Gladys Wilde. OFFICERS . ROGERS WILLETT President VICTOR GERDES Vice-President GLADYS WILDE Secretary BILL PHILLIPS Treasurer ROGERS WILLETT, President Newman Club is a chapter of the National Federa- tion ot Newman Clubs. Their purpose is to conserve the spiritual lite of Catholic students in secular schools. The National Federation ot Newman Clubs is also open to other students interested. The year ot l946-47 opened for it with the annual open house 325 N EWMAN CLUB to welcome new Catholic students into the local club. Some ot the annual social events besides the open house are the Spring dance, the Mardi Gras celebration and the Christmas party. Every other month, the Newman Club has breakfast on Sunday morning. an . Y' gi wa ,,..-.. C, 'ff ,rf D 46" LL! M8441 ffm -qw JJ L First Row: Iohn Anderson, Pat Arrington, Wanda Bobb, Lotta Bess Baldwin, Patsy Ballard, Doris Barnes, Elizabeth Bedford, Alice Birdwell. Second Row: Ian Blackwell, Mary Faye Bonds, Lou Burns, Billie Burrell, Bobby Childers, Mary Alice Christian, Francis Clark, Skipper Cloud. Third Row: lane Council, Anne Crenshaw, Marjorie Crews, Girlene Dillingham, Billie lean Dorn, Ganell Etter, Kay Finley, Annabelle Flannagan. Fourth Row: leanine Frances, Margene Fry, Betty Garrett, Mary Dene Griffin, Nelva Ioyce Halbert, Elayne Head, Margaret Hedrick, Alice Howell, Lometa Hodge. Filth Row: Norma Hudrnon, Ioan Hughes, Sue Humphries, Lawrence Iackson, loe Terry lackson, Pat Keen, Betty Kimberling, Frances King, Mary King. Sixth Row: Doris Lange, Wiiiitred Larabee, Lou Lawson, Sue Lawson, Bob Lilly, Sue Magee, Shirley Maggart, Sam Malone, Ann Martin. PRESS CLUB VERA MAAS ,... Fall President NELVA IOYCE HALBEBT . Vice-President IAYNE THOMPSON . . Secretary MARY TROY , . . Treasurer . Spring President Y sos WEDDLE ,ww ff,, . gem +1 MSW 'ftp t Lf' le Q i , Ag is ,ft -, if v aries. ' iilgivsg . fn S? 17 -' ' MNH sy i ' it Ai?-fi. '5 0 iff' .69 J7ff?'s' BOB WEDDLE, Spring President VERA MAA-S, PGH President 'li PM -nw First Row: Clarice Martin, Alice Meading, loe Meador, Virgil Miers, Mary Alice Mitchell, toy Mundsen, Sara McDonald, Patty McDonald, Second How: lean McKenzie, Anita Oliver, Marjorie Osborn, Robert Pardue, Iris Parker, Iewell Alice Pharr, loan Prouty, Earlyne Reid. Third How: Phyllis Reno, Ian Riley, Frankie Robbins, Gerrie Rodgers, Beth Ann Ryan, Bill Sayers, Una Scott, Frances Sentell. Fourth Row: Carol Sherrod, Peggy Sitton, lane Skinner, Maurene Smith, Sue Son, Oleta Stewart, lune Stine, Dorothy Stinnett, Sue Stockard. Fifth Row: Dorotha Summers, Ann Talbott, lerry Taylor, Martha Terry, lone Thompson, Virginia Towns, Mary Troy, Alice Walther, lack Walker. Sixth Row: Eugenia W'atkins, Bob Vtfatson, Amy Sue 'Noy, Glynna Vtfillianis, Margie Williams, Marion Woods, Mildred Young, Elizabeth Yearly. PRESS With the leadership ot President l-loppy Maas dur- ing the tall semester, the Press Club was completely reorganized and placed on its ieet with a new con- stitution and by-laws. its membership was the largest on record. ln the spring a new set ot otti- cers was elected, as provided by the new constitu- tion, and with Bob Weddle as president and lohn CLUB Anderson as first vice-president and a program chairman, a successful newspaperman or journalist was obtained to speak at each meeting during the semester. The spring semester was highlighted by the First Annual Press Club banquet, at which For- rest Weimhold, publisher ot the "l-lockley County Herald", was the principal speaker. Page 328 PETROLEUM ENGINEER: cz A D GEOLOGY SOCIETY The Petroleum Engineering and Geological Soci- ety reactivated this year, having become inactive in l942 due to the war. Before the war, the society was affiliated with the Mining and Metallurgy Engi- neering Society, but this year it was independent. However, it plans to become reaffiliated with the na- tional society next year. The society meets twice a OFFICERS TESSE GEORGE President ALAN NELSON GLENNA BAILEY Secretary Treasurer BETTY LEONARD AVES Corresponding Secretary lESSE GEORGE, President month, the second and fourth Thursdays. At meet- ings the members enjoy the privilege of hearing special lectures from members of the faculty of the Geology Department, seeing moving pictures con- cerning matters of geological importance, and dis- cussing matters concerning Tech's Geology depart- ment. First Row: Betty Leonard Aves, Glenna Bailey, Vlfeldon Boyd, Bay Butler, Boy Butler, Russell Birdwell, G. I. Cadra, Carl Casey. Second Row: Archie Cockburn, lohn Coppinqer, R. I. Coffee, lack l. Cowden, B. A. Dean, T. A. Ferguson, C. D. Gaines, Leon Griffith. Third Row: Carl Gooden, William Halarnick, Boy Henson, B. VV. lohnson, Iohn Maclienzey, Bill McKee, Marshall Mason, France Meier. Fourth Row: Iohn Moore, Gene Nowlin, Maxey Pinson, O. M. Plemmons, Ronald Pruett, Marshall Pullen, Royce Riddle, Edwin Scudday. Fifth Row: Loraine Sparks, Marguerite Weelces, Delmer Wood, Wendell Wood, Douglas White, Elwood Wright, W. Floyd Wright, Iulian Zelner. , em WJ? 5 if' its 5 , First Row: Beryl Cline, Betty Crisler, Gladys Dawson, Betty Devin, Mary Flatt, Avis Fuchs. Second Row: Billie Griffin, Eugenia Hopper, Nell l.aRoe, Modelle McClure, lane McGowan, Nila Massey. Third Row: Katherine Nelson, Marjorie Owens, Norma Reid, Betty Renner, Marydel Watkins, Maria Valdes. MAXINE HARP . BETTY RENNER . . NILA MASSEY . MODELLE MCCLURE . EUGENIA HOPPER . BETTY IO CRISLER . BETTY DEVIN . GLADYS DAWSON . KATHERINE NELSON . JANE MCGOWAN . MARY FLATT . , Page MAXINE HARP, President Phi Upsilon Omicron is a National Home Econom- ics honorary fraternity. The chapter at Tech is the Omega, and was installed in l937 as an outgrowth of the Double Key organization. Some of the numer- ous activities include a tea for freshmen, an informal party for transfers, Founders' Day program, and an annual picnic. Highlights oi each semester are the 329 OFFICERS . Recording Secretary Corres. Secretary . President PHI UPSILO MICRO Vice-President . Treasurer . Chaplain . Chaplain . Historian Candle Editor . Librarian . Marshal initiation services which are held in November and April. Members of Phi U are outstanding students, not only in Home Economics, but on the campus as a whole. Six Phi U girls were included among Tech students selected for VVho's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, l946-47. Page 330 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Honor society for men, Was known until. this year as Scroll and Key. How- ever, at the beginning of this year it became affili- ated with the national honor fraternity and its name was changed. In order to become a member of this honor fraternity, a Tech man must have, at some time before he has thirty hours, a "2.5U" aver- OFFICERS HENRY COPELAND . . . . . President NEWELI.. REED . . . Vice-President WORLEY WRIGHT . . Secretary IOHN ALLEN ASH . . . Treasurer VINCENT STACKHOUSE . Historian IAMES G. ALLEN . . Sponsor age. The society was disbanded during the war and was reorganized in 1944, due mainly to the ef- forts of Dean I-ames G. Allen, Who is now the spon- sor. The local chapter, Technological College Chap- ter, had to change a few of its minor rules, but on the Whole it kept its same standards when it became affiliated with Phi Eta Sigma. First Row: Leslie Ansley, Joe Arrington, Milton Butler, lack Chambers, Wallace Collins, Robert Cooper, Frank Donahue, Billy Evans, Richard Feiden. Second Row: Ennis Fowler, Thomas Gamblin, Charles Guy, Lonnie Harrison, Bob I-Iassell, lames Henry, I. Loyd Huff, Lamar Iackson, Thomas Kilpatrick. Third Row: William McKee, Richard Nader, Willis Phillips, Newell Reed, Carl Schmidt, Ed Self, Ioel Simmons, Darrell Sims, Wayne Slater. Fourth How: Vincent Stackhouse, Iohn Stebbins, Bobbie Taylor, lack Tippit, Billie Whitworth, Andrew Willingham, Worley Wright. 3 fb is ,X vi.,.,. ,V . . . -ug? BI' S , is I , r H .S it I trier-If uw ik -rggif in iw 'ziggieiswz S1 1157622512 'iilfi Page First Row: lames Abbott, Bob Armstrong, Arthur Bell, Marion Benham, loe Cole, larnes Girnrnell. Second Row: Bernie Mika, LeRoy Olsalc, VV'illis Phillips, larnes Rosenbaum, Arthur Stay, George Wall. BARTON VVILLINGI-IAM, President Plant Industry Club was organized at Tech in l936 -and was active until l943. lt was reactivated in the spring oi l945. Membership may be com- posed of graduate and undergraduate students ot Texas Tech who have shown special ability and interest in subjects dealing with Plant lndustry, tac- ulty members oi Agronomy, Horticulture, Agriculf tural engineering, and any competent Plant lndustry 331 OFFICERS BARTON WILLINGI-IAM President WILLIS PHILLIPS Vice4President lUD-D MORROW Secretary BOB ARMSTRONG Corresponding Secretary LEROY OLSAK Treasurer PLANT I DUSTRY CLUB man. The purpose ot the club is to stimulate the spirit oi scholarship and leadership among students ot the Plant lndustry Department and to promote understanding and fellowship among its members. The Club sponsors Intercollegiate ludging Teams tram the Plant lndustry Department and Freshman- Sophomore and Iunior-Senior contests Within the Department. Page 332 OFFICERS AMOS HOWARD President BOB COOPER Vice-President BEA GREEN Secretary PRE-LAW CLUB AMOS HOWARD, President The Pre-Law Club is made up ot law students and meets twice a month. The programs consist of mock trials. Each semester the club presents a mock trial before the student body. This year it was a murder trial. The activities tor this year were the fall trial. a Christmas party, spring mock trial and a banquet held in the spring. First ROW: lack Blake, Billy Bounds, Marvin Brakebill, Sam Brown, Darrell Carpenter, lack Bondurant. Second Row: Robert Cole, Bob Cooper, Iohn Culver, Troy Davidson, Clint Formby, Iohnny Gibson. Third Row: Ioe Gipson, Bea Green, M. Gregg, Wesley Hamilton, loe Humphreys, Charles Iones. Fourth Row: Oliver McMahan, Robert Pardue, Max Osborne, Rodriclc Shaw, Iames Springer, Charles Thompson. Page Q. gl EE Seated: Elizabeth Schmidt, Panze Butler, Betty Renner, I. C. Bartlett, La Wayna Griffin, T. C. Root fSponsorl, Maxine Hennersdorf, Troy Davidson. Standing: Haskell Taylor CSponsorJ, Iames Robertson, Ed Cope, Mack Verhyden, Floyd Read, Mert Starnes, Harold Tunnell. OFFICERS l. C. BARTLETT . . , . . . President HUBERT L. BUBGESS . . Vice-President KAY PARRISH . . secretary RAYFORD MOODY . . Treasurer TECH CHAMBER OF CGMMERCE The Tech Chamber of Commerce was reorganized on December 6, 1946, with the following purposes: to create and foster a spirit of generous considera- tion among the students of this college through a study of the problems that arise in our relationship toward a better schooly to take an active interest in the civic, commercial, social, and moral Welfare of the college: to unite the members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, and mutual understand- 333 ingg to provide a forum for the full and free discus- sion of all matters of college interest: to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in our associations with the problems of this college, provided that this organization sh-all not hold as one of its objects financial benefits to its members. Membership in the Tech Chamber of Commerce is open to any undergraduate student who is duly registered in Texas Technological College. First Row: Nancy Io Anderson, Ice Arrington, Wesley L. Askew, K. A, Barrier, James Bearden, Bill Bellamy, Phillip Bennett. Second Row: Milton Butler, Iames Canon, Edward Casados, Vic Castleberry, Betty Churchill, Polly Cook, Iune Cox. Third Row: Avery L. Jackson, lane Holden, Gene Griffin, Wesley Graham, Ted Forsythe, William G. Erwin, Io Anne Deere. PRE- ED OFFICERS NORMAN GOODMAN . . . President IOE ARRINGTON . . Vice-President RUTH GEORGE . . Secretary-Treasurer MILTON BUTLER . . . Reporter Page 334 First Row Sam lohnson Franklin Kilcrease, Mary Knauer, Bert Lalftoe, Royce Laycock, Carol Lohoefener H A Mahle Dwight Mann Second Row Frank Markham Go don Mayes, Bill Meier, Dwain Parraclc, Betty Parsons, lean Pateet Sam Phillips Ioe Pieratt Thlrd HOW Elizabeth Ponce Floyd Rector, Mary Smith, Vlfesley Stebbins, Nancy Vlfarwick, Dorothy W'atk1ns Guy Howard White Betty SCCIETY The objectives of the Pre-Med Society are to join together mutually interested students, to promote fellowship, to encourage scholarship, and to acquaint the pre-medical student with his selected profession. The Society is mainly for Pre-Med students, but students other than Pre-Meds may become members if their se- lected profession is a phase of medicine. The insignia of the organization is the skull and cross bones, the motto is "The difficult We do now, the impossible We will do later." Page 336 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Westminster Fellowship of the First Presbyterian Church is composed of students who attend Tech and others of college age. The purpose of the or- ganization is to offer Christian Fellowship and in- spiration for Christian living. One of the primary goals is "serving Christ at Texas Tech", and the theme for the year was "Live Christ". Sunday ac- tivities include the Fellowship Sunday School Class, morning worship, vespers, and evening worship. Each Sunday evening there is an hour of fellowship OFFICERS EUGENIA HOPPER President LEM TITTSWORTI-I Vice-President KATHERINE NELSON Secretary DAVID I-LESTER Treasurer EUGENIA I-IOPPER, President followed by a light supper. Dr. I. M. Lewis is pastor, Rev. R. A. Partlow, director of student work, and Mr. Charles Galbraith, faculty sponsor. The highlights of the year's social calendar were a Bar None Ranch Party, annual Loyalty Banquet, Christmas caroling, and "Hearts are Trumps" Valentine party. Other social events were picnics, weiner roasts, and hay rides. The activities and Christian influence of Westminster Fellowship have meant much to Pres- byterian students and their friends. First Row: Susie Blackwell, Ralph Bucy, Don Conklin, Dick Copeland, Iohn Crowe, Robert Harvey. Second Row: Iaclcie Lewis, Martha Lively, Katherine Nelson, Howard Schmidt, Nancy Stiles, Lem Tittsworth, lim Wanner. L Page First Row: George Acton, W. L. Clark, Charles Harris, Harold L. Loveless, G. T. Neumeyer, Billy K. Powers. Second Row: lack H. Razousky, Iames A. Roberts, lack Robinson, lr., Iohn W. Rornine, Richard Stephenson, Roger Willet. OFFICERS H. D. PATTERSON President GEORGE ACTON Vice-President WELDON L. CLARK Secretary BILL POWERS Treasurer PHI PSI H. D. PATTERSON, President neering Show with its textile and dye exhibits dur- ing April. The organization sponsored a spring dance and was in charge of the presentation of the Cotton Carnival. At this celebration a coed was elected as queen to preside over the parade of cot- ton styles and frocks representing National Cotton Week. Another activity of the organization is open house each fall for all freshman engineering stu- dents. Purpose of the chapter is to promote scholas- tic standing, cooperation and leadership among its members. Phi Psi, honorary textile engineering iraternity, promotes better understanding and fellowship among the students in textile engineering. Mem- bers entering the fraternity must maintain a "C" average to be active. With l7 members, the organi- zation boasts one of the largest memberships in its his- tory. New pledges taken in each semester are bathed in dye. Members are taken in after having gone through a probation period which includes three degrees, the last one being climaxed by a banquet at a downtown hotel. Gave active aid in the Engi- 337 First Row: George Acton, D. V. Adams, Tohn Anderson, Ioe Arrington, R. V. Ball, L. D, Ballard, l. D. Bollew, Guy Barks. Second Row: I. C. Bartlett, Robert Baurnqardner, George Beakley, Charles Bell, Brac Biqqers, Clark Bondurant, Leroy D. Boone Third HOW: Billy Bucy, Bilton Butler, James Campbell, B. H. Carr, H. Carter Chapman, Charles Chenault, larnes Chorn, Winston Churchill. Fourth Row: Bob Click, Ralph Cocanouqher, Robert Cocke, Robert L. Cole, Gene Collins, Bolo Cooper, Don Cornelius, Ray Cox. Fifth How: S. l-l. Cox, lohn Culver. Troy Davidson, Duane Dawkins, Clinton De Wolfe, Richard Dickey, lames W. Donaghey, Claude Don- aldson. MAXEY PINSON, President SADDLE OFFICERS MAXEY PINSON . . . ROBERT BAUMGARDNER . ROY SUTTON . . BILL MAHAFFEY . D. D. IACKSON . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor Page 338 Q 4 Q, s T E54-"fi , ,Q J 49? An 34 9r 9' 1-fr ww' . .7 i X A Y g ffgftrtf? - . - ,' -t,,.fw .... : rw, ur-71 . ,, Page First Row: Olen Elkins, Billy Evans, Iames Ferguson, Roger W. Flanagan, S. I. Fowler, John F. Friberg, W. N. Garrison, Richard B. Gary. Second How: Iarnes Gunter, Tom Haley, Iohn T. Hall, Finley Hammon, Nllelclon Hancock, Alvin Hanley, O. P, Harlan, Charles Harris. Third Row: R. C. Harvey, Paul Haskins, Tom Hassell, Norman Hcback, WL D. Hollis, Lloyd Holloway, N. H. Houston, Thomas W. Hughes. Fourth Row: Tim Humphreys, Raymond lnce, Ioseph T. Tackson, Tames Iohnson, Victor Iury, Leo Kitch, Frank LaRoe, Bobby Lewis. Filth ROW: Kenneth O. Lewis, Howard L. Loveless, L. F. Loveless, Elvis C. McCarty, R. L. McClellan, S. N. McDuffey, Edward McGowan, H, I. MacKenzie. Saddle Tramps, wearing their scarlet and black shirts, White ten gallon hats and boots, comprise the most colorful group ot spectators at Tech athletic events. With the purpose ot supporting Tech in all activities, members are on hand to keep up the school spirit at all tootball and basketball g-ames and other competitive events in which Tech partici- pates. As sponsor ot the cheerleaders, they are di- rectly the instigators ot Tech spirit. To become a 339 member ot the organization, the applicant must have attended Tech a tull year, be in good standing with the college and be vitally interested in promoting spirit on the Tech campus. Freshmen are not ac- ceptable as members. The applicant writes a letter to the club stating his reasons tor Wishing to become a member and the club votes on the applicant to determine whether or not he is acceptable. 1? ravi, our First Row: Bob Mahaffey, Charles E. Martin, Marshall Mason, Bryan Miller, lack Mims, Carl L. Minor, Hugh Monroe, lames Montgomery. S9COnd HOW: Hoyle Moss, lack Nesbit, Walter Phillips, lr., lim Ed Poer, Ronald Pruet, Marshall Pullen, Oliver Ramsy, Zackie Reynolds. Third Row: Ray lRhodes, Charles Rivers, lame-s A. +Roberts, lames H. Robertson, Ioe William Robertson, lack Robinson, lr., 'Tom Rollins, Jim W. Rush. Fourth Row: T. R. Scarborough, Carl E. Schmidt, Edwin tE. Scudday, lames H. Simpson, Don Sloan, Fray H. Smith, Charles Snure, Barron Spaulding. Fifth Row: lames L. Stalls, lames Stewart, Gerald Stokes, john H, -Stokes, Roy Sutton, H. A. Tunnell, Horace Underwood, Mack Verhyden. Sixth Row: Frank Vernon, lack Walker, George 'vVall, Jim Wanner, Charles Washburn, Bob Watson, Glenn Werhan, lohn B. Wheeler. Seventh Row: Edd R. Whiteside, Andy Willingham, Barton Willingham, Wellborn Willingham, George Wilrnoth, Glenn Woodruff, lames H. Wright, Iames S. Young. Originally organized in l936, when men students were given credit in physical education for mem- bership, Saddle Tramps has functioned intermit- tently ever since. Reorganized in 1941 and again in 1944, it has served its purpose with a surprising amount of success. Through the participation of the cheerleaders and the Saddle Tramps, the school war. Saddle Tramps have a reserved section at football games. Members' dates are allowed to sit in the reserved section but are asked to wear red. Although the entire group were not able to attend all the out-of-town games, Saddle Tramps were usually well represented. The members learn all college yells as well as the Texas Tech songs. af spirit has made an excellent comeback since the Page 340 First Row: Mary Frances Alexander, Gayle Anglin, Howard Axton, Carolyn Baldwin, Mary Frances Brashear, B, H. Carr, Robert Carr. Second Row: Peggy Davis, Pat Everett, Mary Knauer, Martha Lewis, Beverly Montague, Kay Paterson, Mary Frances Payne. Third Row: Loriet Plummer, Frank Porter, Peggy Ream, Ramona Roland, Virginia Sachse, Rodrick Shaw, George Ann Sims. Fourth Row: Doris Smith, lerry Smith, Corinne Thomas, Bettye Weaver, Carol lo Wheeler, Gladys Wilde, Emmelyne Williams. OFFICERS MARIORIE TISDALE President CAROLYN BALDWIN SOCICLOGY CORlNNE THOMAS Treasurer C L U B MARIORIE TISDALE, President The purpose of the Sociology Club is to provide table discussions and speeches by specialists in the opportunity tor fellowship, self-expression and study field ot Sociology help to stimulate a sense ot re- of social problems. Any student interested in the sponsibility to present social activities ot the year. subject is eligible for membership. Forums, round Page 341 First Row: Henreida Archer, Imogene Bagwell, Dorothy Barnett, Betty Berry, Beverly Besancon, Ioan Booth, Mary F. Brashear, Patricia Brown. Second Row: Margaret Bruce, Margaret Clark, B. H. Carr, Ruth Cowart, Ray Cox, loanne Crabtree, Norma Crump, Audrey Davis. Third How: Walton Davis, Betty Dennison, Mary Ann Dykes, Ganell Etter, La Vern Gary, Sue Lynn Guthrie, Betty Hanks, Maxine Hen- nersdorf. Fourth Row: Gerald Hinchey, lean Holmes, McKinley Hopper, D'Ruth Hopping, Billie Hutchings, Henrietta Iackson, Billy Kathryn Lancaster, Mary Lewis. EDDY ABYAIN, President in , SOCK AN OFFICERS EDDY ARYAIN ..... . President lACK TERRELL . . . Vice-President BETTY MAYNABD . . Secretary-Treasurer FLOYD SADDLER . . Sergeant-at-Arms Page 342 First How: Shirley Maqgart, lane Magee, Ann Martin, Betty Martin, Geane Martin, Marshall Mason, lda Matney, Betty Maynard, Dell McComb. Second Row: Helen McLDonald, Margaret Melcher, Virgil Miers, Ianet Moore, Mary Lou Nolan, Bill Olinger, Barbara Ramsey, Gloria Ramsey, Iackie Reynolds. Third Row: Floyd Saddler, Jimmie Silman, Iames Simpson, Betty Seaman, Martha M. Smith, Pat Smoot, Ierry Smyth, Buddy Sprague, Oleta Stewa rt. Fourth Row: ferry Suits, 'Betty Sullivan, Naomi Teal, lack Terrell, Newma Timms, Pat Wagnon, Amy Sue Way, R. L. Williams. BLISKI Sock and Buskin, one of the oldest clubs on the campus, is an organization of students interested in the field of clramatics. Membership is attained by tryouts before a committee. New members are se- lected early in each semester. Regular meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month in the Campus Playhouse. Programs consist of one-act plays presented by members of the club, interpreta- tive readings, and lectures on themes relative to the theater, such as costumes, lighting, makeup, etc. At least two social affairs are held -annually, a Christ- mas Party and a picnic in the late spring. The Speech faculty, Miss Pendleton, Mr. Upshaw, and Mr. Burson, sponsor the club. Page 343 Among the one-act plays given during the year were "Wisdom Teeth," "Overtones," "More To Be Pitied Than Scornedf' "Pierrot, His Play," and "The Vali-ant." Mr. Burson presented his interpretation of Hlohnny Pye and the Fool Killer"g Mary Frances Brashear and Leonard Iansen read "Anniversary" and "My Lady's Iugglerf' respectively. Members of Sock and Buskin took part in the fall production, "Our Town," directed by Mr. Upshaw, and the spring production, "Arsenic and Old Lace," directed by Mr. Burson, given in the high school auditorium. The purpose of the club is to provide a mutual ap- preciation for dramatics and to aid members in keep- ing in close contact with "the theater." Page 344 STLIDE T RELIGIOUS COUNCIL The purpose of the Student Religious Council is to enrich and improve the religious lives of Tech students and to promote and establish better rela- tionships between the different churches. They meet once a month on a Thursday night for a supper meeting at the different churches. The churches which are cooperating with this program are First Methodist, Wesley Foundation, Asbury Methodist, OFFIOERS ROBERT BAUMGARDNER President ROBERT FAIRCHILD Vice-President TACKIE LEWIS Secretary GAYLON COTHERN Treasurer ROBERT BAUMGARDNER, President St. Iohn's Methodist, First Presbyterian, St. Paul's Episcopal, First Baptist, College Ave. Baptist, First Church of Christ, St. Elizabeth's Catholic, and the First Christian. The Council sponsors two interdenominational parties a year, a mass caroling party at Christmas, Religious Emphasis Week in February, and a sun- rise Easter service for all students. First Row: Gayle Anglin, lohn Beakley, Charlene Bucy, Margaret Carr, Gaylon Cothern, Ray Cox. Second Row: Bettye lo Crisler, Robert Fairchild, Roy Grimes, Doris Irwin, Ellen Keffer, Iackie Lewis, H. A. Mahle. SIGMA DELTA PI OFFICERS SU WALKER President ANN CASNER Secretary-Treasurer SU WALKER, President This Spanish honor fraternity, a new organization on the campus, was chartered in the spring ot l9-44. Require- ments tor membership are three years of college Spanish, a "B" average in all Spanish courses, and a "B-minus" average in all other work. The purpose of the fraternity is to toment a wider knowledge of and a greater love tor the Hispanic contributions to modern culture. SIGMA TAU DELTA OFFICERS President IAMES MERRIMAN Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MISS LUOILLE GILL Sponsor MARY LOU RAWLINGS President Psi Delta chapter ot Sigma Tau Delta, national English fraternity, was installed on Tech campus, April 3, l943. The purpose ot this fraternity is to foster high scholarship, general culture, and creative writing among English ma- jors. To be eligible for membership, one rnust be of junior or senior standing with a 2.00 grade average in all college work. Activities include meetings at which original compositions are read and literary matters are discussed. The motto, taken from the name, is "Sincer- ity, Truth, Design." MARY LOU RAWLINGS IMOGENE BAGWELL First How: Lucille Burns, Panze Butler, Ann Casner, Dorothy Clitt. Second Row: Calla Mae Deaton, Ann Foster, Betty Hanks, Bob Hassell. Third Row: Iorqe Padillo, Andres Perez, Lavena Powell, Mary Bell Richards. Fourth Row: Angel Galrza-Ruiz, Betty Seaman. First Row: Imogene Bagwell, Syble Brown, lane Burns, Dorothy Clift. Second Row: lane Everline, Bettye Hanks, Bob Hassell, Bettye Io Tackson. Third Row: Patricia Lively, Martha Terry, Marie Whitwell. Page 346 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILO Alpha Beta Chapter of the national geological fra- ternity was established at Tech in 1931 and was ac- tive until the Spring of 1943. lnactive then until the Spring of 1946, the chapter was activated with two active members. At the annual "Whoop-A-Doodle" officers for the following year were installed. Dedi- cated to the advancement of earth sciences, the aim of the society is furtherance of social, scholastic, scientific advancement of its members, and exten- sion of friendship between member schools. Mem- bers must have completed 12 hours of geology with a 1.75 average. Each semester pledges don pros- pector's clothes and lead a "geology pledge expe- OFFICERS LEE N. PERRY President A. G. MARTlN Secretary lOl-IN D. GORDER Treasurer MAXEY PINSON Editor GERALD MERKET Sergeant-at-Arms LEE N. PERRY, President dition" on the campus for a day or longer. Activities of the chapter are a smoker in October, a banquet following the initiation of members, and an annual "Whoop-A-Doodle" each spring for the installation of officers. The chapter sponsors im- portant speakers throughout the year, cooperates with the Engineering Show each year, and makes special field trips to gather geological information and materials. Alpha Beta sends one member to the biennial national meeting of Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. Eleven members were initiated last spring and thirteen members were initiated during the fall of 1946, bringing the active membership to 29. First Row: Theodore Alexander, Godfrey Cadra, Carl Casey, lesse George, Carl Gooden, R W. lohnson, Charles lones. Second Row: A. G, Martin, Marshall Mason, H. A, Nelson, Bill Nugent, Vernon Oakes, Cyril Perusek, Maxey Pinson. Third Row: Marshall Pullen, Charles Snure, Frank Visher, Neil Walker, Wendell Wood. First ROW: Anna Marie Bailey, Irma Rae Beavers, Bettye Bowden, Gwen Byers, Betty Churchill, Norma Eiring. Second Row: Io Hamilton, Norma I-Ianner, Anne Koerting, Ann Martin, Ramona Roland, Kathryn Smyer. Third Row: Sue Son, Sue Stoclcard, Peggy Stovall, Mary lane Stuclcer, Aline Whithy. IAMIE TRAINER, President Tau Beta Sigma, an honorary band traternity tor college bandswomen and the sister organization to Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band traternity tor men, was organized in l939 to promote band Work among college students, encourage musical ability and co- operation in musical organizations ot colleges and Page 347 OFFICERS IAMIE TRAINER President ANNE KOERTING Vice-President BETTYE BOWDEN Secretary RAMONA ROLAND Treasurer TALI BETA SIGMA universities. Members must have a "C" average and be a member ot the concert band. Social tunc- tions tor the year included a Tau Beta Sigma alum- nae dinner at I-Iomecoming, a tall dance and a spring dance and a spring picnic given Sunday, April l9. TEXTILE SOCIETY ENGINEERING The Textile Engineering Society is composed of students in the Textile Department. The Society is an organization for the purpose of promoting fellow- ship, interest in the field of textiles, and higher schol- astic standing among the students of the department. The Society sponsors an industrial tour through- out Texas during the Easter holidays. On this tour a number of textile plants and allied industries are visited in order to give the student a view of the Page 348 . OFFICERS I. C. LONG . . . President C. H. HARRIS .... . Vice-President MRS. MARY ROSS EVANS . . . Secretary lOHN ROMINE' . . . . Treasurer functions of ihe textile industry. This tour has be- come an annual event due to the success of the past tours. Meetings are held twice a month, where students get together and discuss different subjects of inter- est. Movies of instruction are shown, followed by some form of entertainment. The social activities are climaxed by a spring dance, that being the last major event of the school year. First Row: F. T. Black, B. P. Davenport, Lloyd Greenwood, lean Hampton, Billie Harrison, lohnny Hurley, Robert lohnson. Second Row: Bobbie Knowles, loel McConnell, Raymond Newton, Vtfalter Phillips, lack Razonsky, Nancy Rea, Jerry Rivers. Third Row: Mary Ross, Terry Sanders, Richard Siewert, Arthur Splawn, Cecil Turner, Felix Willett, Kathryne Witty. g - First Row: Lotta Bess Baldwin, Doris Barnes, Lucille Burns, Bobbie Childers, Calla Mae Deaton. Second Row: Lorneta Hodge, Winitred Larabee, Vera Maas, Maureen Smith. OFFICERS T H ET A President LOMETA HODGE Vice4President S I G M A DORIS REED BARNES Treasurer MAUREEN SMITH P H I Secretary BEA GREEN, President Alpha Upsilon chapter ot Theta Sigma Phi, na- lege Work. Iunior and Senior students are eligible. tional honorary fraternity tor women journalism stu- Functions ot the year are highlighted by Club Scar- dents, was organized at Tech in 1941. Qualitica- let, which is an annual night club, held in the Col- tions tor membership include a B average in all lege cafeteria. journalism work and a B-minus average in all col- Page 349 Executive Committee for Spring Semester: Front Row, left to right: Bedford Raley, Secretary, Leslie Nikkels, Finance Otticer: D. D. lackson, Sponsor: George Wilmothg Floyd Read, Commander. Back Row: Raymond lnceg l. C, Bartlettp Bob Watson, Publicity Directorg George Wally Earl Gilmore, Dick Copeland, loe Meador, Sergeant-at-Arms. T. . V. A. Members ot T. W. V. A. at a semi-monthly meeting. The Tech War Veterans Association was organized May l, l944, with a mem- bership ot nine men. To show the pur- pose ot this organization, the Constitu- tion, adopted Iune 12, 1944, is quoted: "Article l. Name and Object "We of the Tech War Veterans Asso- ciation do hereby pledge ourselves: "l, To uphold and tight tor the ideals in which our toretathers believed, the FOUR FREEDOMS. "2. To strive tor continuation ot im- provement on our school so that our brothers in arms upon return to Texas Tech may find a more democratic and stronger student association tor which they touqht and deserve to tind When they return. "3. To give aid in all possible ways to our brother veterans." Page 350 Above: loe Ann Bailey and Floyd Read accept book donations for the Veterans Memorial from Troy Davidson and Prof. Wiley. Below: Arnold Maeker looks over the Blue Cross situation with the Blue Cross representative and Iohn Wright, Above: At the Veteran's information desk at Spring registration. Below: Floyd Read, Troy Davidson and Iohn Wright investigate the Museum Brick Situation. tThey assure us that each brick has been accounted ior.l ln its program for improvement, the T. W. V. A. during the fall semester sponsored and aided the following programs on the Tech campus: Dormitory rental changes, membership, traffic situation im- provemeni, intramural relations, completion of the museum, contacts with Tech alumni, a nursery, pol- icy of organizations, radio programs for Tech, Blue Cross Hospital Service. During the spring, the T. W. V. A. Was behind such programs as the im- provement of the traffic situation, a pick-up station for L. A. A. F. students, the radio show for Tech, the Trust Fund Plan, a Veterans' Memorial Loan Fund, and ta campus Clean-up Drive. There is no doubt that the T. W. V. A. is one of the most influential organizations on the campus and that it is a credit to the veterans and an aid to both veteran and non-veteran students. Executive Committee for the Fall Semester: Left to right: Floyd Read, Vice-Commander: George Acton: H. A. Anderson, Sponsor, R. L. Mason, lohn Wright, Secretaryg Naomi Duff, Commander of Women's Division: Arnold Maeker, Commander: foe Meador, Sergeant-at-Arms, T. C. Hoot, Sponsor. '1 Q l, -f as 'J If ? 5? Q . t ts lt , W 5, l 31. is ., V, . , 2,-t -. First Row: Pat Allqood, Gayle Anglin, Lathrell Anderson, Dorothy Appley, Henreida Archer, Martha Baird, Loy Catherine Barnett, Virginia Barrow, Barbara Baurngardner. Second Row: Robert Baumgardner, Marian Sue Blackburn, Gladys Broads, Charlene Bucy, Billie Ian Burgess, Mary Callihan, Galen Carr, Margaret Carr. Third Row: Robert Carr, Ann Casner, Bob Cooper, I. B. Cooper, Bettye Crisler, Elizabeth Craig, Calla Mae Deaton, Mary Ann Dykes, Well Faris. Fourth Row: Iames Franks, Richard Gary, C. M, Gregg, Foster Henderson, Imogene Holmes, Henrietta Iackson, Marion Iohnson, Charles Iones, Frances Loy, Barbara Leonard. RODRICK SHAW, Presideni WESLEY OFFICERS RODRICK SHAW . . President Fall Semester IOHNNIE PRICE . . President Spring Semester DOROTHY WHITE . .... Secretary ADA IANE MAGEE . . . Business Manager REV. AND MRS. CECIL R. MATTHEWS . Sponsors Page 352 Page First Row: lack Loran, Lenora Lowe, lohn McNabb, lane Magee, Don Melton, Ann Moren, Barbara Moss, lean Nesrnith, Verna Orr Second Row: Ouida Orr, Evelyn Parrish, Dean Pierce, lim Poer, Newell Reed, Leroy Reynolds, Glenna llftoherts. Third Row: Iames Rodgers, Norman Shaw, Rodrick Shaw, Marion Shepherd, lames Simpson, Claud Slover, Doris Smalley, leannine Smith lack Snowden. Fourth Row: lames Spain, Betty Stephens, Mary Stewart, Larnoine Tune, Icy Vardernan, Su Walker, Wilma Wheller, Bettye White Dorothy White, Mildred Young. PLAYERS Alpha Eta Chapter of Wesley Players is affiliated with the National Society of Wesley Players which has chap- ters throughout the United States. Its purpose is the pro- motion of religious drama on college campuses. The Tech group meets twice a month for study of and prep- aration for the presentation of religious drama. Skits and plays are given for local churches. Directors of the group, Reverend and Mrs. Cecil R. Matthews, supervise the functioning of the chapter while a student directs each presentation. The chapter also prepares worship services for various times. Presented this year were: "Color Line," "The Gifts," "The Christmas Carol," and "The Corn Husk Doll," and also several other plays, worship services, choral read- ing, and skits. A banquet and initiation honors the pledges each semester. 353 lOl-INNIE PRICE Spring President L i RAY COX President EAMES PRICE Vice-President WESLEY Riqhi is ihe annual Christmas banquet, held this year in the norih ballroom of the Hilton hoiel. Page 354 Page 355 STLIDE T ASSOCIATIC The Wesley Student Association is made up oi Methodist students and others of college age. WSA was organized when Tech Was founded and has in- creased in size until the present council numbers over seventy. The association works through the First Methodist Church and the Methodist Student Center, which is directed by Rev. and Mrs. Cecil R. Matthews. Here is the nucleus of such activities as candy-making, bicycling, ping-pong, and other games and amusements. Open house is sponsored each semester and a Halloween party, Christmas banquet, and an an- nual-signing party are also held. Dine-A-Mite, con- cluded by a Friendship Circle, is held each Sunday night at the conclusion of church. Forum each Wednesday night, led by the students, rounds out the program of the center, a plan to create clean, Wholesome, Christian living among young people. Page 356 OM N'S RECREATIONA ASSOCIATIO Women's Recreational Association was organ- ized in l925 under the name ot Women's Athletic Association by Iohnnye Gilkerson Langford. The purpose ot the association is to create an interest in athletic activities and to promote good sportsman- ship and a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among the women of the college. lt is affiliated with state, regional, and n-ational groups. To be OFFICERS ANN CASNER President LOIS BASSE-MIER Vice-President MARGARET CARY Secretary WENDOLYN CAMPBELL Treasurer LUCILLE SORRELLS Recorder ZORA SEGULIA Reporter POLLY UTTZ A. W. S. Representative MISS MARY PEACOCK Sponsor I ANN CASNER, President eligible tor membership one must earn 24 points through participation in athletic activities, such as archery, tennis, dancing, etc., and maintaining a C average in scholastic work. Each year the sens iors are honored with a party and officers' are in- stalled and awards are presented at the spring ban- quet to outstanding members. First Row: Betty Ruth Barton, Lois Lee Bassemier, Carolyn Beane, Charlene Buoy, Virginia Byrd, Ruth Caldwell, Helen Calhoun, lo Nita Callan. Second Row: Wendolyn Campbell, Margaret Carr, Margaret Cary, Polly Cook, Sue Everitt, Marcedes Farrar, Mary Flatt, Abbie lean Flournoy. Third Row: Pauline Forman, Novaline Freeman, Martha lane Grundy, Mary Ann Hurst, Margaret Klaus, Charlotte Keinfelder, Betty Io Leonard, Margaret Melcher. Fourth Row: Marie Moore, Emma lewel Morrison, Doris Newton, Celia Patterson, Bobbie lean Rhodes, Frances Rhodes, Doris Louise Smalley, Ellen Sorrells. Fifth Row: Lucille Sorrells, Kathryn Starkey, Polly Uttz, Marguerite Weekes, Gladys 'Wilde First Row: Lelia Allen, Mary Anderson, Nadyne Brewer, luanelle Cearly, Nelda Chapman, Gypsy Cooper, Nadyne Davis, Frances Evans. Second Row: Bettye lane Ewen, Lolita Goss, Billie Griffin, Lavenia Grisham, Rowena Grisham, Faye Middlebrooks, Norma Middlebrooks, Faye Nordylce. Third Row: Norma Grace Reid, Bobbie lean Rhodes, Ioyce Stanley, Mildred Sullivan, Naomi Teal, Mary Bell Teeters, Charlene Whipple, Laverne Williams. YOUNG W MEN'S AUXILIARY OFFICERS BINNIE YOUNG . . . . President MAE DAVIS . . . . Vice-President NORMA MIDDLEBROOKS . . Secretary Every Baptist college girl is eligible for member- ship in the Ann Hasseltine Y. W. A., a missionary organization of the Baptist Student Union. The Aux- iliary meets every Thursday night and at all of the meetings interesting programs are presented. The social activities this year began with the installation of Officers Tea in October. The highlight of the Page 357 year was the Sweetheart Banquet held in February. ln the Wide variety of 1ife's interests, young women wish a haven of worship, and information regard- ing this strategic world enterprise of missions. Young Women's Auxiliary fulfills this natural desire and need. Page 358 OFFICERS WALTER I. WANNER President CHESTER A. GREEN B Vice-President IOEL SIMMONS Recording Secretary AUSTIN WILLIAMS I I Corresponding Secretary Beta chapter of Texas of Tau Beta Pi is comprised of the upper one-quarter of senior engineers and the upper one-eighth of junior engineering students. When selections for membership are made the chapter considers personal appearance, capacity for leadership, social qualities, and character. Ev- ery engineer is eligible to try for affiliation. Pledges must Whittle a Wooden bent, the key insignia, and wear it around their necks for two Weeks. The WALTER l. WANNER President chapter gives two initiation banquets each year, and an engineer's handbook is given to the fresh- man with the highest grade point average. Each year the 72 active chapters in the United States take part in a convention. H. F. Godeke is sponsor. Purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America as Well as to set an example of scholarship for the undergraduates. First Row: Orville Alderson, Herbert R. Belcher, Charles C. Britton, lack C. Chambers, Charles W. Coffee, Durwood E. Corley, Stanley Dale Foreman. Second Row: William Neal Garrison, Tom Hassel, Elmer B. lameson, I-Iorner A. Nelson, Vernon Oakes, Lee N. Perry, Glenn Robertson. Third Row: Ioel M. Simmons, Ir., Charles L. Snure, Raymond P. Swafford, Frank Visher, Felix R. Willet, David C. Williams. fnrvff ...Q Wa If q,-gba G , LF? ,' Q i4Qxg5wf ' . ' J fit ZW? Vx? 1- Qiegisfi fi, ' A Msg ' wa .ff ji K uqe 359 SOCIAL CLUBS 9 i X Left: Officers: La Wayna Griffin, Presim dent, and Pat Lively, Vice-President. WICC Members: Panze Butler, Sans Soucig Dorothy Cantrell, DFD: Dorothy Cliff, Ko Sharip Betty Devin, Ko Sharig Lometa Hodge, Las Vivarachasg Mary King, DFDQ lainie Trainer, Las Chaparritasy Lois lean Weeks, Las Chaparritas. Not pictured is Derah Brannen, Las Vivarachas. Composed of the president and one representative from each of the five social clubs, Women's Inter-Club Council solves prob- lerns of the clubs, promotes coop- eration and understanding among them and fosters democracy for all women students. Each year the council gives a fall luncheon and a spring breakfast for all so- cial club members. At the spring affair, the club maintaining the highest scholastic record is awarded with a plaque or loving cup. Page 360 Leit: Officers: l. C. Bartlett, Fall Semester President- Paul Nail, Secretaryy Mack Verhyden, Spring Semester President. MICC Members: Orville Alderson, Silver Key: Ed Cope, Los Camaradas, Roger Flanagan, Centaur. Second HOW: Ray Haskins Los Camaradasp Lamar lackson, Wranglers: Frank Neal, Socii. Third How Bill Nugent Wranglers amos l-I Robertson lll, Silver Key, Buddy Williams, Centaur. KSpeck Woods Socn not plcturecl J E t If 4 2. V if 1 'Q l S. S avg. A91 to Q2 ge Q it Men's Inter-Club Council was or- ganized in l938 to establish a me- dium ior solving problems of men's social clubs. lt is the endeavor of the council to promote higher ideals among men students and guide and support club affairs. The organizae tion consists of the president of each of the seven men's clubs. The mem- bership is changed only when the clubs elect new officers. Annual athletic programs, sponsored by MICC, include intramural football, basketball and tennisg awards are presented to the winning clubs of each season's activities. Each year the council presents a plaque to the club maintaining the highest schol- astic average. An annual spring smoker with a prominent business man or educator as guest speaker is the organizations chief social function. Recognition of the "Man of the Year on the Campus" was inaugurated at the smoker this year. Page 361 'R ,N MERILYN ANDERSON SAMMY ANTHONY BEA BAILIFF IEANNE BAKER AMANDA BERRY IOAN BOOTH IEAN BUSH DOROTHY CANTRELL IANE COFFEE LOIS CONE GWEN COWART RUTH COWART LOUISE CRIM AUDREY DAVIS SANDRA DE BATTARI ELOISE FAMBRO NELDA FINLEY IOAN FORBES POLLY GOSSETT BEA GREEN IEAN ANN HART CAROLYNE HARRISS MARY IANE HINCHEY BARBARA IACKSON PAT KEFFER SARA-BETH KIMMEL MARY KING 0 Fo 9 DOROTHY CANTRELL President D. F. D., the only women's social club whose secret name and meaning are known only to members, was founded March 2, l93O. Activities for the tall term included the Smorgasbord and Ranch rush parties, Homecoming banquet, tor- mal dinner-dance, and the Christmas party. During the spring semester the presentation ot new members and pledges was the outstanding D. F. D. event: Mary lane Hinchey was also presented as the new club president at this dance, which is a tradition exclusive to D. F. D. The dance is annually the last presentation of the school year, and this year it was held the night before the Easter Holidays began. The girls who were presented wore white dresses and came down a Pauline Lockey, Elizabeth Pounce, Barbara lackson, and Bea Green pause in the midst of a hot bridge game to show the cameraman their Ipana. Iii? Page 352 D. F. . OFFICERS DOROTHY CANTRELL , . . President LIB MCLARRY . . . . Vice-President SARABEITH KIMMEL . . . Secretary SUE THOMPSON , . Business Manager MARY KING . . . Reporter spiral staircase. Other functions included the spring formal, honoring graduating seniors: the Hawaiian spring rush party: the Founders' Day Dinner at which Dor- othy Cantrell, president, and Shirley Mag- gart, pledge, were chosen as the best member and pledge ot the year: and the baseball practice picnic at Buttalo Lakes. Outstanding members ot this year's ac- tivities are Pauline Lockey, junior class Ia- voriteg Mary lane Hinchey, sophomore class tavoriteg Mary King, Varsity Show script Writerq Bea Green, editor of the "Toreador"g Eloise Eambro, D. F. D. Ro- deo sponsor. The club entered tloats in both the Homecoming and Rodeo parades. The day exams have been completed, D. F. D.'s go to Ruidoso, New Mexico, where they hold their annual reunion. D.F.D. pledges made a big hit with their pledge program in which they impersonated the D,E.D. members. QL' 1-:cu Page 3 6 3 MARY EVELYN LACY CAROLYN LANGE DORIS LANGE PAULINE LOCKEY SHIRLEY MAGGART GEANE MARTIN DELLA MERLE MASON BETTY MCDONALD LIB MCLARRY MARGY MOORE ELLIE PHILLIPS NELL PIPKIN ELIZABETH POUNCE OLA REVILLE IOHNNY MAE SMITH PAT SMOOT ARLENE SPIVEY ELO DAER STEWART SUE THOMPSON BETTY LOIS TUBBS DoLoREs WALDEN MARY HAMMocK Esriarnz WELLBERN BETTY PAYE WHITE PEGGY WILLIAMS MAMIE LOU WILSON NELL YOUNG 1'5" I 'itil -'I s fm, 7 we we MARIORIE ALLEN IOE ANN BAILEY CAROLYN BALDWIN LOTTA BESS BALDWIN LOY CATHERINE BARNET BARBARA BEDFORD ELIZABETH BEDFORD VIRGINIA BLACKBURN DOROTHY BROWN MARIORIE BULLEN IANE BURNS GRETCHIN CLIFT GYPSY COOPER ELIZABETH CRAIG MARIORIE DAMERON ROSE MARY DAWKINS BETTY MCMURTY DEVIN MARY ELIJEN DUFFY PEGGY GARRISON BETTY HANKS MAXINE HENNERSDORF IANE HOLDEN MARCI HOWARD MARY MAY IOHNSON MARGARET KLAUS ' BARBARA K-LAUS IANE LAWSON IUNE LEFTWICH IACKIE MATHEWS KO DOROTHY CLIFT President "Delight Makers" is the meaning oi Ko Shari, the club with the background of ancient and historical Indian origin. Rush Week was climaxed With an Indian Din- ner, which carried out the tradition of the club. The I-Iallowe'en Masquerade Ball, the annual Patronesses' Barbeque, and the traditional Christmas Dinner-Dance were the main events of the Fall semester. The Ko Shari iloat Won second place in the Homecoming Parade, October 19. After the Presentation Dance in the spring, the Four good looking Ko Sharis-Peggy Garrison, Mary May Johnson, Iune Leitwich, and Dorothy Brown- head for the beauty selection in the Press Building. Page 354 SHARI OFFICERS DOROTHY CLIFT .... . President MAXINE HENNERSDORF . . Vice-President ELIZABETH ISCHMIDT ..... Secretary IO ANN BAILEY . . Corresponding KAY PATERSON ..... DR. AND MRS. W. C. HOLDEN . . Secretary . Treasurer Sponsors Ko Sharis, accompanied by patronesses and alumnae, made their annual mecca to Santa Fe for their Easter festivities. The spring dance closed the eventful year. Outstanding members of the club are Gretchin Clift, Freshman Honor Society president: Betty Devin, Iunior Council president, Maxine Hennersdorf, Forum president, and Elizabeth Schmidt, A. W. S. president. LA VENTANA beauties are Ioe Ann Bailey, Mary May Iohnson, and Peqqy Garrison. Laura Lou Iohnson beams on someone at the Ko Shari Presentation. Page 365 BEVERLY MONTAGUE KATE MOORE PATTIIO MUSSON BETTY NEAL IOAN NI-SLAR MARY ANN OUSLEY IEAN PARKHILI. KAY PATERSON MARY FRANCIS PAYNE VETA PAYNE BARBARA RAMSEY GLORIA RAMSEY NANCY REA PEGGY REAM BETTY RENNER ROSEANN RICHTER IAN RILEY ELIZABETH SCI-IMIDT HELEN SHELTON PAT SPARKS CORINNE THOMAS MARIORIE TISDALE MARIA VALDES SUSIE WAY CAROL IO WHEELER ELLEN WIES-E IUNE WILSON KATHRYN WITTY ELIZABETH YEARY PAT ARRINGTON PAT BALLARD BETTY BONIAR ALIQTE BIRDWELL UIARY EAYE BONDS BETTY RUTH COBB DORIS CORNEIQUS IANE TIOUNGIL BETTY DAVIS GIRLENE DILLINGI-IAM GANELL ETTER JANE EVERLINE KAY EINLEY ANNAEELLE FLANAGAN MARY ELATT DORTHY PORSYTHE IEANNINE FRANCIS BETTY GARRETT BETTIE I-IART DOROTHY HLAVATY NORIVIA I-IUDMON GLORIA HOLLEYMAN IOAN HUGHES SUE I-IUMPI-IREYS WANDA IENNINGS IOHNANNA ICTIES PAT KEEN ERANI ES RIT-lg, SUE I A'xR'SfQ7TI LOU LA WSON NII.,I.I? IEAN LII'5QlfD7vfiX PATTII, NIQIJONALD SA R A H QJICDO Nixbp' LAS CHA IAMIE TRAINER President Las Chaparritas the oidest social club on the campus was organized in 1926. Then as now the cIub's aim was to foster happiness among its own members as well as aII students and groups with whom they had contact. Rush attairs tor the year inciuded the traditional Hobo party, a tormai dinner, and a Root Beer Bust. Other tall activi- ties were the Homecoming coffee dance, barbecue given by the patronesses, tor- mal dinner-dance, and a Christmas party Where gifts were exchanged, Alumnae Towns, any in the first Dodie Stringer, Frances King, Virginia Anita Oliver going to represent Chaps Heauty tiizninfxtifgn. Page FU? PARRITAS OEEIISERS IAMIE TRAINER . . President SNOOKIE WEEKES Vice-President SARAH McDONALD . . Secretary ALICE BIRDWELL . . Treasurer HOPPY MAAS . . Reporter honored the club on its 20th anniversary with a tea. To the tune of "Sweethearts on Parade", BETTY MCEARLING MAYE MITCHELL MARY ALICE Mi'I'OHEI.L LYNN MOSER HOPPY MAAS IOY MUNDEN NORMA NASH ANITA OLIVER MARIORIE OSBORNE IRIS PARKER IEWELL ALICE PHARR EARLYNE REID new members and pledges were pre- sented February I4 in the traditional Val- entine Presentation. A tea for the patron- esses and alumnae, a tea dance, and a picnic for the seniors were held this spring, The farewell dance and slumber party, the last night of school, end the social activities for the year until the Re- union of alumnae, members and pledges in the summer. IN MEMORIAM Las Chaparritas dedicates these pages in LA VENTANA to Wynelle Cotton Spene cer of Lamesa who died Saturday, May 25, l946. We remember her as one who spread love and happiness among her friends and, in her unselfish Way, left us grateful for having known and loved her. Page 367 PHYLLIS RENO PAT ROBISON IUNE ROYALTY BETH ANN RYAN UNA SCOTT PEGGY SITTON IANE SKINNER FERN SMITH PAT SMILIE SUE SON OLETA STEWART DOROTHY STINNETT DORTHA SUMMERS ANN TALBOT IERRY TAYLOR IAYNE THOMPSON VIRGINIA TOWNS ALICE WALTHER EIIGENIA WATKINS SNOOKEY WEEKES NIARGIE WILLIAMS JUN.. 'Q IEAN ALGER BETTY BERRY MARY LOU BIZZELL MARY LOU BLAIR LUCILLE BURNS CAROLYN CI-IEATAM BOBBY CHILDERS f -Q CORLEEN CLARY ' w ig, RAMONA DICKEY PATSY EVERETIE ,,.1,, - I '.'- 3? WYNELLE GREEN LA WAYNA GRIFFIN IOI-INNYE SUE HAMILTON ei :iff MAXINE I-IARP PAT I-IILLGER IOHNNY IOHNSON MARY FRANCES ALEXANDER WANDA BAB3 Ll V I V LOMETA I-IODGE President Las Vivarachas means "the lively ones". They beaan their fall activities with rush parties: "Club Vivi" and the "orchid and White" formal dinner. The new pledqes were honored at a Starlite dance. A tea dance was also given in the tall. Ready for the beauty selection are Lucille Burns, Corrine Kennedy, and Carolyn Cheatarn. E. ky, gr' f , LV., A CORRINE KENNEDY IOCELYN MYERS LILA MILL-S - 1 Page 353 ARACHAS OFFICERS LOMETA I-IODGE . . . . President LA WAYNA GRIFFIN . . Vice-President BOBBY CI-IILDERS . .... Secretary TUNE STINE . . . Corresponding Secretary IOCELYN MYERS . . . . Rush Captain IOHNNYE SUE HAMILTON . . Treasurer VERNA LOU SINGLETON . . Historian MAUREEN SMITH . . . Reporter Spring activities included a coke dance for all boys' social clubs to introduce their new pledges, annual presentation given in March, Patroness parties, and a fare- well dance. A reunion ot exes and mem- bers is held in the summer. lo Winde-rs, Derah Brannen, and Lulu Vanlandinq' nam at Vivi Presentation. Page 369 IACKIE MUELLER BETTY NANCE ANETTA NASI-I BETH NEELY BERNICE NEUGEBAUER DOROTHY NORMAN DALPI-IINE PORTER IEAN PRICE GERALDINE RODGERS CARROL ANN SHERROD MAUREEN SMITH IEAN STANFIELD IUNE STINE MARY IANE STUCKER IUANELLE TAYLOR IUANDA TAYLOR MARTHA TERRY BETTY THOMAS MARY WALVOORD IO ANN WEBBER AUDREY WILLIAMS IO WINDERS DOROTHY ANDERSON SUZAN ARMSTRONG RUTH AUSTIN MARION BAIN DOROTHY BARNETT MARY FRANCES BRASHEAR IUNE BUSMAN MARY ALICE CHRISTIAN CAROLYN COLE ADA ORAGER ANNE CRENSHAW NORMA CRUMP DONNA DAVIS SARA DAVIS MARION DONALDSON MARY ANN DYKES IEAN EISENBERG MARY RUTH GARRISON BETTY GILBERT BETTY HARDISON MARTHA HARRIS NONA IOHN HARP ELAINE HEAD NINA RAY HIOKMAN IEAN HOLMES IEAN HOLT ELIZABETH HOWARD ALYCE HOINELL DOROTHY KINGERY MARTHA LA ROE SANS RANZE BUTLER President Sans Souci, second oldest girls' social club on the Tech campus, was organized in l927. Fall rush Week activities in- cluded a barbeque supper and the annual "gold and White" dinner. Sans Souci in- augurates the presentation dances With its annual Christmas presentation. Other activities oi the tall semester included the opening torrnal dance, Alumnae dance, and the traditional ranch supper given by patronesses at the Arnett-Benson Ranch. The Spring semester Opened with a din- ner-dance on February l. A picnic and a hayride were held in Ranch supper icr Souci rushees. U Page 370 SOLICI PANZE BUTLER . PAT LIVELY . . GLYNNA WILLIAMS BILLIE LACKEY . IEAN HOLT . MAIDY CLAIBORNE ALICE MEADING . . President . Vice-President Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary . .... Treasurer . Custodian . Reporter the spring. The annual Gypsy dance was held April 18 and the farewell tea dance climaxed activities oi the year. Outstand- ing members of the year included lean McGregor, Secretary of Iunior Class: Mary Alice Christian, Secretary of Fresh- man Class, Mary Troy, Secretary of Sen- ior Class and Associate Editor of "Tore- ador"g Panze Butler, Secretary of Student Body, Vice-President ot A. W. S.: and Alice Meadinq, Editor of LA VENTANA. The annual reunion is held each year between summer school semesters at Rui- doso, New Mexico. "Powder Horn" Gilbert smiles for the cameraman. Page 371 VIRGINIA LEONARD PAT LIVELY IO ANN MAYEIELD IEAN MCGREGOR LAM McKAY ALICE GENE MEADINC BERYL NOWLIN PAT O'NEILL MARY IO OSWALD KAY PARRISI-I BETTY PARSONS IANE PARSONS BETTY PRITCI-IARD IOAN PROUTY MARY ANN RALEY FRANCES RAMBO IRMA RATLIFF VIRGINIA SAAGE VIRGINIA SACHSE NANCY STILES MARY TROY PAT VASEN BETTYE WEAVER ANNE WEBB SYLVIA WHITACRE MARIE WI-IITWELL GLYNNA WILLIAMS ALICE ANN WOOLSEY BETTY IIM YORK EMMA YOUNG . 'A -ff' , rf :sv I Q ,, X Q, ..,. . ,, ,. ,...,, 'lla it fr- is 'rf 1 x ii-I -v,:, .... 1 w ,. V. .JY 'sbs if S IASEN ALLEN GUY S. CATI-IEY WALTER CLARK M. I. CRAIG VVM, CRAWFORD FORREST DANIELS L. F. DAVIDSON E. L. DERR CLINTON DE WOLFE RICHARD DICKEY AUBREY FERGUSON IOE FRANCE FINLEY I-IAMMON O. P. HARLAN S. A. HODGES TOM INGRAM TURNER IACOBS LAWRENCE IESTER DENNIS KENNEDY IOE LEE TOM LE MOND CENT ROGER FLANAGAN President The Centaur Club was organized in l929 and was the first men's social club on the campus whose members were all college students. The purpose of the club is to promote the ideals of honor, scholar- ship, and integrity and the fraternal spirit among the members. The club pledged fourteen men the fall semester and twenty-three in the spring. The club held its annual Li'l Abner Dance on November 23 and prizes were pre- sented for the best Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae costumes. This dance was followed by a formal on Ianuary 4 and a hayride on March 28. Centaur lost a good member ipoor thinql when M. I. Craig married Billie Lackey, I V Aman, Page 372 ALIR ROGER FLANAGAN . . . President FORREST G. DANIELS, IR. . . Vice-President DAVID IOI-INSON . Secretary BUSTER I. MELTON . Treasurer I'-IOYLE G. MOSS Rush Captain HENRY MORAN . . Reporter Social activities were culminated in the Annual Spring Dinner-Dance on May l0 at which all dates of members and pledges were presented gifts. The Dinner- Dance was followed by an annual Moth- er's Day breakfast honoring the mothers of members and pledges and following this all the club with their mothers at- tended church in a group. The club placed third in intramural football and won the intramural basketball champion- ship for the fifth -straight year for which they were presented a plaque by the MICC. Richard Dickey dances with Jane Lawson. Page 373 TROY LEMLY FRED MARTIN BUSTER MELTON IACK MEYERS HENRY MORAN I-IOYLE MOSS IERRY NASI-I T. I. NEUMEYER LEE PERRY BEDFORD RALEY IOI-IN RATLIFF BILL Rl-IODERICK GENE SCI-IAFER EDGAR SELF WAYNE SMITH LEE RAY SWIM LEWIS WALD DAVID WILLIAMS WENDELL INOOD ELWOOD WRIGHT ri? sf +5 -we N gi T I wr '-r- A A .2-,,,f.f WM, , ku, wwf: 2.12, fi 5, . 'W if E M523 'ju 'L V A 5 . . ,Q f EARNEST BABE CHARLES BELL lAMES BENNETT TACK BOONE HUBERT BURGESS BURTON CROSSEN DUANE DAWKINS IAMES DONAGHEY BILL EVANS HARRY EVANS SAMUEL FOWLER CHARLES FREEMAN ELMER HARGROVE PAUL HASKINS HARVEY HICKS THOMAS HUGHES IOE TERRY TACKSON ELMER TAMESON COLLEGE , 4-'Q E r U, W '. , 'I':: : . - : 2, l. C. BARTLETT President College Club, oldest mens social club on the campus, was organized in 1928. lt endeavors to promote a spirit of brother- hood and individual achievement among members. Traditional affairs include: "Big Brother-Little Brother" Breakfast, Homecoming Luncheon, First Formal Dance, First Sport Dance, Spring Picnic, and the Farewell Stag Dinner, given at close of school for graduating members. A neon-lighted double "C" is used as CI Page 37 4 CLUB I. C. BARTLETT . . President MACK VERI-IYDEN Vice-President GUY BARKS . . Secretary IACK STEWART . Treasurer IACK POWERS . . Sponsor theme for many of the club functions. The club competed in all intramural sports, Winning first place in football. Plans are being completed for the annual summer reunion. Officers for the spring semester are: Mack Verhyden, President, Luther Loveless, Vice-President: Tommy Hughes, Secretary: and Ellis Stagner, Treasurer. I. C. Bartlett was chosen by M. I. C. C. as the most outstanding man of the year. Page 375 LEO KITCI-I BOBBIE LEWIS LUTHER LOVELESS BRYAN MILLER OLIVER RAMSEY DEAN REDUS CHARLES RIVERS EVAN ROBERTS IIM RUSH CHARLES SNURE DOUGLAS STRAWN ROY SUTTON ROBERT WILLIAMS TERRY WILSON MACK VERI-IYDEN l l ., , , S -vu - ' -whiff? it - l f . CHARLES R. ARNOLD IAMES I. CAMPBELL IAMES M. CANON IAMES W. COCHRAN HORACE R. CRAWFORD HUGH ENGLISH BOBBY I. EUBANK IACK GERMANY I. A. HALL, IR. ROBERT C, HARVEY, IR. BILL HOFFMAN VICTOR L, I-IOOPER EMMETT E. HINSON RAYMOND B. INCE REUBEN IACKSON ROBERT S. IOHNSON MERTIS E, IONES CHARLES E. KENNEDY ROYCE H. MCNEILL BILL MATHIS CARL MINOR KEMAS PAUL C. NAIL Presideni Kemas is now in its thirteenth year as a social organization on the campus, eight years of which the same clubhouse at 2304 Broadway was maintained, but was lost during the war when the club went inactive. Kemas is an Indian name meaning "Friend". The purpose of the club is to promote fellowship among its members and the student body as a Whole. The Hotel Adolphus, Dallas, W-as the scene of the "Ninth Reunion-Convention" Iim Canon, Choclcy Fair, Alice Meading, Susie Way, Carl Minor: attend Tech-Baylor Homecoming game. mt' Page 376 KEMAS PAUL C. NAIL , CARL L. MINOR HUGH ENGLISH GEORGE R. WALL HOWARD W. SCHMIDT . . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Pledge Trainer last summer with sixty-tive members and Alumni present. Kemas is always a strong contender in intramural sports. Traditional social functions include Rush Week Activities, Homecoming Dinner, Christmas Party, Formal Dance in Ianuary, Dinner-Dance honoring new members and pledges, and a Spring Festival Dance. Mr. T. C. Root, well known as "Father" to the group, is back again as our spon- sor, as is Mr. H. A. Anderson, the co- sponsor. Howard Schmidt and Carl Minor at Kemas picnic, Page 377 I I WALTER NELSON HOWARD PHILLIPS M. I. PHILLIPS, IR. DAVID K. PUTEET O. B. RABURN, IR. FLOYD E. READ NEWELL REED IOHN E. REEVES, IR. HOWARD W. SCHMIDT IEFF SMART L. W. SMITH, IR. IACQUE STOLTZ IERRY STOLTZ PHILLIP SNIDER CHAUNCEY TAYLOR BILL I. THURMAN LEM TITTSWORTH, IR. GEORGE R. WALL RUSSELL L, WITHERS CARL IUNIUS YOUNG Qu -s if 3 i n ik . S i 'E+ -X 3- .,,. . it if f,,w.uff .wt-c in .rr 'I' , iff . .QL m f... Q 2' fs: I QR! 'Ba if Mega 'L Q: if XI yd Q .gs ,, Q 5 x J X E. . 1 V l4xfi',33?Nf'c9'f' "5Q,,.:?,,5-egg:-::g"1,g.-15,,z I ' .. f ' if-4, ugtizgsgkffi t - f P. - . 5 Q. ::,111ft2azeg . " - fiT1i.'1Q?5-1? I f I . Q I me- sk Z 4 V K , - Q 7I'3?21ffat f' . 1 2, , is . . L . W . . .' Yyyh , .. ' . Jai .,.,, - 1 ' f I '-is ffggakggiagialf , ff. , . - . GEORGE ACTOIN ORVILLE ALDERSON A. D. ANDERSON CLIFFORD BARR K. A. BARRIER W. G. BRASI-IEARS IACK BLAKE CLARK BONDURANT IACK BURK SILVER JAMES ROBINSON MILTON BUTLER President CHARLES CI-IORN CLEVELAND COBB RALpH CQCANQUGHER The Silver Key FIACIIGITIIIY, one of the old- ROBERT COCKE CREED COFFEE DOUG 'COKER RICHARD COLLIER ALEX COOKE DON CORNELIUS LEONARD COWDEN lOl-IN CULVER BILL GARRISON D. E. ELLISON est men's social clubs on the campus, was organized October 12, l929. It was or- ganized tor the purpose of cultivating a feeling ot brotherhood among its mem- bers. Among its most important functions is the Homecoming Alumni banquet, which was a great success this year be- cause many old members got together again after the long War years. Three Keys with dates enjoy a picnic: Frank Qualia seems to be stag. 1 I I . ! -H l ,f Page 378 KEY IAMES H. ROBINSON III . . . President WESLEY HAMILTON Vice-President BOB RENNER . . . Secretary AMOS HOWARD . . Treasurer IACK NOYES Athletic Director In the Fall the club also has its annual Formal Dinner-Dance, honoring new mem- bers and pledges, being supplemented by the yearly spring dance and the tradi- tional farewell breakfast honoring the graduating seniors. This spring twenty- five members were initiated, bringing the total membership to sixty. Plans are now being made to have the annual reunion in Ruidoso this summer. Members and pledges ski, etc., between semesters. Page 379 IOE GLOVER CHARLES A. GUY WESLEY HAMILTON I. B. HARRIS AMOS HOWARD GLENN IVEY IOE IONIES TURNER KIMMEL CHARLES MCELREE IACK NOYES ROBERT PARIDUE WILLIAM PHILLIPS EJLMER REED FLOYD SADDLER RICHARD SCALING CARL SCHMIDT I. A. SHAW IACK SI-IEILTON I. M. STVEVENSON HOOPER STILES NOLWEN SWAIN, IR. WAYNE RALEY ROY WILLIAMS hi HQ l' WI .X , ,..r I rf- i t 4 ---+ I I I Q Ji I tm. 1 V' Q x ii - ' fiizfgfkigggifif .. , t its H I .5.f 9 K .f tg '.lA Q . 'K 5. ,1 it X - Wir in V3 I , T' L Alf' if .1 'Si' . .,.M: F if . is f :'A,E , V A . 1 I A . , -, "::i Q ' ., g ' is . k WES L. ASKEW EDDIE ARYAIN BRAC BIGGERS DARRELL CARPENTER BOB CLICK ROBERT COLE RAY COOLEY GENE COLLINS IAY DENTON TOM DENTON I. C. ENOCI-IS, IR. ELDON L. ERVIN CLINT FORMBY ANDY GRIFFIN ROBERT GASTON TOM I-IALEY IOHN T. HALL ALVIN I-IANLEY TOM I-IASSELL HKLONDIKEH IOHNSON R. L. MCCLELLAN LAFAYETTE McKAY MARSHALL MASON LARRY MILLER IACK NESBIT SOCII FRANK NEAL President Socii is the youngest social club on the carnpus, being formed in 1935. It is based on a social organization ot the same name that existed at Oxford Uni- versity during the 18th century. The Club tries to follow the same principles and ideals as those set by the Oxford organi- zation. Activities for this school year were a closed dinner given for alumni at Home- corning, the annual Orchid Dance in Feb- Frances Ann Eubanks, Bruce Pipkin, Iackie Mathews and Barton Willingham have a typically Socii party. Page 380 SOCII OFFICERS FRANK NEAL .... . President I. P. SETTLE . Vice-President FRAY SMITH . . Secretary BRAC BIGGERS . . Treasurer ERVIN ST. OLAIR . Sergeant-at-Arms R. L. MCCLELLAN Pledge Captain GERALD STOKES . . , Reporter ruary and a spring sport dance in April at which they held their mock presenta- tion. Spring semester officers are "Spec" Woods, President: Clint Formby, Vice- Presidentp Ted White, Secretary: Brac Big- qers, Treasurerg and Don Sloan, Sergeant- at-Arms. Socii colors are maroon and white: the flower is the carnation. Socii is a Greek Word rneaninq "brotherhood". Toy Sawyer receives her orchid from the president "Spec" Woods at the Orchid Dance. Her escort is Torn Haley. Page 381 WENDELL NUTT STEVE PAYNE MAXEY PINSON BRUCE PIPKIN RAY N. RHODES BOB ROPER T. M. RYAN DON SLOAN FRAY SMITH HENRY SPAULDING ERVIN ST. CLAIR GERALD STOKES RAY SWOFFORD RICHARD TAYLOR IOE LEE TERRY FRANK VERNON IIM WANNER TED WHITE R. L. WILLIAMS BOBBY W. WILLIAMS AAN DR EW WILLINGH AM BARTO N WILLIN GH AM WELLIBORN 'WILLINGI-IAM GLENN L, WOODRUFF I , 1 L .... -,AP 53035 -I . gg, ,1- P T .fu- Q' . I F ,Q x . . .A I, if ' -5 25 , 1 '3 at QT ..,. ' ' A , .' wtf I , in .5 A-" L I-G Av E' it Q-.f 5i?livESif W Q- Q, W' SQ: BILL ABELL BILL AYCOCK WYNN BAKER FRANCIS BEARDEN DOUGLAS BOREN THOMAS BREEDING WINARD BUCK FLOYD CAMP EARL CHRISTY GENE CONLEY ROBERT COUCH ALLISON COZBY IAMES CURRIE IAMES DINNISON DAVID DURHAM I. L. GAMBLE IERRY GOFE RICHARD HARBORDT ROBERT HEADRICK NORMAN I-IOBACK STANLEY HUCKABY IOE HUMPHREYS LAMAR IACKSON WILLIAM IACKSON CARL IENSEN DON LEITH FRANK LA ROE C. V. LEONARD WRA BIIJL NUGENT President Wranglers Fraternity was organized in l929 to promote fellowship and coopera- tion on the campus. Each semester, Wranglers held a rush function for pros- pective pledges, and gave the traditional breakfast one Sunday with the "Big Brothers" honoring the "Little Brothers". The annual Christmas dance was given just before the Christmas holidays, and Some Wranglers and dates at the much-frequented Supper Club. .in funn enum -um llllillllllldilllliizg. Page 382 GLERS OFFICERS BILL NUGENT .... . President ROBERT I-IEADRICK . BILL AYCOCK . BILL IACKSON . HUGH MONROE VIRGIL MIERS . EARL CHRISTIE . . Vice-President . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary , . . Treasurer . . Rush Captain . Reporter and Historian the Nineteenth Annual George Washing- ton Birthday Ball, honoring new members, was given in February. A Spring Sport Dance in April and a dinner honoring graduating seniors at the end oi the year concluded the Fraternity's activities. Dur- ing the summer, Wranglers Will hold a iour-day reunion in Dallas. The Wrangler "Float" in the Homecoming Parade. BYRON MARTIN IIM MacMAHON LYNN MCCARTY VIRGIL MIERS FRANCIS MILLER W. T. MITCHELL HUGH MONROE HAROLD NORRIS GENE NOWLIN LEROY OLSAK BILL PURYEAR LUTHER RAINWATER ROBERT RAWLINGS TOM ROLLIN T. C. ROOT, IR. DAVID ROWLAND BILL SAYERS IIM SHOULTS A. I. SMITH IAMES SPRINGER CHAUNCEY TROUT IACK THOMPSON HORACE UNDERWOOI GEORGE WARREN CHARLES WASHBURN BOB WATSON Page 383 GUINN WILLIAMSON ROBERT ADAMS ROY BAKER L. D. BOONE ED COPE IACK DULANEY GEORGE ELLIOTT LOS CAMARADAS C. M. ELMORE CHARLES HARRIS LLOYD HOLLOWAY ELVIS LEE ARNOLD MAEKER HOWARD PARSLEY NEIL MONTGOMERY ELVIN RAINEY TED RAY EDWARD SMITH IAME-S STALLS W. D. STALLS A. D. WEIER GLENN WERHAN RAYBURN HASKINS President OFFICERS RAYBURN HASKINS . . . President IACK DULANEY . . Vice-President ELVIN RAINEY . . Secretary-Treasurer C. G. DECKER . . . . Sponsor X Los Camaradas, meaning "the com- rades", was organized in 1930. The pur- pose was to promote a more friendly re- lationship between its members and other students on the campus. The traditional smoker is included in the fall and the spring rush affairs. Activities for the year included a formal dance in the fall and a semi-formal in the spring. The final event of the year is a picnic dance at Meadow- brook Club. Page 384 Advertising .ff K f uf , Q 7 5 ,:' .:v::- MK ' ,K Q., Sf 1 . I , 4,4 -1 1,55 191 ' 4 153 ,E-7, .,,Qgi:v ,Z r: r :I 1 F5551 f' is-if.-'5f2',-v 3:1 +A' A . ,, .1nB. , .-,,,. , ix .: :EZ -,I.:,:gg::,:-,...' na .5 ,. :.g,1,5...,. ,Q if K I-F' -?'.fE:'?f:.":f.',2- '- iii? 'gl qiif kb -. ii. K K ,gg gig , gg15kf,4!:5g5:s:ge'5,."- ,:, -:-: Lee: f K ' , u -35111: My -- 2 ,. , .:,.... ,, ..,..... A . L41 .5-w,w:1f-. J .W K wif - ,le , o M, W .-Q4 - , -ga? TY, V N3 ' gy , ,ag gg i?" 0, - ' rw my Q w ifas-32233-fx fi? ' 5 Q as Q. 4 V V V J' V S V7 'a5E':i2:'2:f V x ,wird 57 mA ,fafV,,f Q , saggy: 0 QUALITY COSTS NO MORE LUBBOCK S OLDEST AND FINEST IEWELERS AT Ge e ev T ed U S 3 U DURHAM-BIIRDINE C0. MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S WEAR Make Our Store Your First Thouqht In Clothing - Shoes - Hats O 1103 BROADWAY LUBBOCK BUS COMPANY LUBBOCK CITY BUSES f 1 ht the Tech com Th 1 d t h 11 d FIRST N ATICNAL BANK LUBBOCK TEXAS S E R V I C E New Accounts Appreclated 10-.. B E S T O F -'- I i 1 ,ln HACKEL'S COLLEGE AVENUE Carolyn Baldwin is very pleased with the selec- tion of suits she finds at HACKEL'S COLLEGE AVENUE shop . . . just as you will be. THE HILTGN Lubboc:k's Newest and Finest Hotel SERVING TEXAS TECH AND THE SOUTH PLAINS ART GRIFFITH, Manager PQ ANNE FORD'S K b J At ANN l:'OPtD'S Te-cl? djdgds shop for the latest in fashion trends. These mannequins teature some of the lovely suits to be tound at Anne Fords Page 389 S 61 Q CLOTHIERS tbelowl Exclusive: Amos Howard finds a suit! Tech "eds" make selections tor all types of rnen's clothing for campus Wear. HINTS TO FUTURE HOMEMAKERS lt's been said that the way to win a man's heart is to feed him. It's been said, too, that the Way to win a Woman's heart is to provide her with modern, labor-saving house- hold appliances. The Way to Win the hearts of the man and woman at the same time is to install a beautiful new AUTO- MATIC gas range. Then it you want to practically guarantee domestic bliss, you can install a marvelous silent gas refrig- erator and a dependable automatic gas water heater. WEST TEXAS GAS COMPANY THUMHS JEWELRY 1301 COLLEGE AVE. CITIZENS EHTIUEM. Phone 2-3181 I OF LUBBQCK Prompt and Courteous Service I I GUARANTEED WATCH AND IEWELRY THE OLDEST BANK IN REPAIR WATCHES DIAMONDS L COSTUME IEWELRY MOVING FORWARD WITH TEXAS TECH The Lubbock National Bank is proud to be a part of the progress of Lubbock and West Texas Estabhshed for the converuence of the resrdents and merchants of Lubbock and v1c1n1ty Eqwpped to render efflclently all fman c1al serv1ces Whether you are iust "a snap- shooter" or an advanced "photographer" HERALD PHOTO IS headquarters ' ' ' ' ' for your Photo needs LUBBOCK NATIONAL BANK 11" Page 391 WHITIE'S IONES ROBERTS SHOE STORE The salesman at IONES ROBERTS is showing Anabelle Dyer and Carol lo Wheeler the latest in footwear. There is nothing quite like having the correct shoe tor every occasion and lones Bob- erts is ready any time to supply you with beautiful shoes. HOTEL LUBBOCK The friendly HOTEL LUBBOCK has otterecl Tech students enjoyable service for many years. For dinners, dances or receptions the management gives special attention and consideration. Page 392 ,- Lubbock Auto Company, Ltd. Sa les Service Dial 5525 9th St. at Texas Ave LUBBOCK, TEXAS TH ,f ,,,,,, ,. - LOW'S LOVELY THINGS FOR LOVELY LADIES Fashions for the Campus, Office or at Home 1409 COLLEGE AVE. DIAL 7380 COLLEGE AVENUE DRUG At COLLEGE AVENUE DRUGS Beauty Bar, coeds find a large and varied selection ot Well known cos- metics. Besides excellent cosmetics, they find school supplies, and good food for those "bull sessions." Pg 394 V ECONOMY COURTESY CONVENIENCE Iust a Step from the Beaten Path WHEN IT'S TIME TO SHOP EOR MANY THINGS-TURN IN AT THE TEXAS T ON COLLEGE CAMPUS "WEST OF GIRLS' DORMITORIESH n 1 s llWXLToN's s'roRE Fon MEN Q. lt l w l l A f , L - . J 1 '-li' Elstl i f i J if Our Line Means Something Electric Power, delivered to your door, means better living for you. lt means more industries and more jobs in this area. It means more business, better farming, greater freedom for hornemakers. Whatever career you choose, electricity will mean a lot to you . . . at Work, at borne, at play. l 4-apes?" ,fr Pusiigfffi was ' Page 396 HEADQUARTERS FOR TEXAS TECH COEDS AND YOUR FAVORITE FASHIONS FASHIONS . . . . Styled for Iuniors Sized for Iuniors Okayed by Iuniors .TO ANN SHOP ULIJSMUBILE WESTERN MUTIIB CIIMPHNY SALES AND SERVICE DIAL 6621 1301 AVENUE H l l LUBBOCK. TEXAS RIBBLE'S FLORIST Av-cr Stcmqel is helping Bill Tucker cmd Lotta Bess B ld k l t f h l l f d t BB Rbb b f h mc e Q ' ' t y fl Rl LES F if l h 'T fcrvorite flori t - .3 , ,, 9 V ,.,., ..W,, ,gy Q 5 , , Y at . K Vftnzegp, v wa'-el. M W CLOVERLAKE DAIRY STORE "lt's deliciously different" is the term used by students to describe CLOVERLAKE ice cream. Thirsty Techsons travel dll the wcxy to Avenue Q to ect their sundores cmd drink thick mdlts and shdkes. For Your Driving Pleasures and Business Needs :l1-t42-!-Z-Z-PZ-Y-- r - -.4,-.-1-:4:-:A1+1+1-2-I-I-1121.1-1-:-1-: :-1 :-:-: ' I 1,1551-1-:Az-. f:-:-:-::-:::::g:5:1.g.1-g-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:::g:g:g.g-g-.-1-:-1-z-:-:-:-:-:-:-,-:g:1.:.g.g.:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:5:g:g.g.g:g.:.:.g.g.g.g.1.g,:-1-:-:-37' -I-Iv'-:-:-z-:-:,z:15:1:g11212:1:1:1:31I:I:213:3:113:1:53.12121-1-:-:-:-:-:Z:-:1:55:1:1-:iz-:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:gt-I:Zz1:1:f:I:1:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:V:-:-:3:ggi:I:2:1:1:1:1:-:-:5:ga1:1:5:1z-z-z-1-2'1-11513:-:-:-:'2-2-11tg2g2g1:1:1:f:2:I:1:I ifiiiiiiiiiiiE111212221215ilE12221512:1:1:1:1:E:E25iii3EiEE1gI5:i:1:I.- 'ffl:5:QZEZQEQEQEQEQZQEQEQEQ23222522222222222235325322353 "" .51T11:f222-52:11-111212: filiizizlzi111121zizizizggijgi:5:i:1:5:5:1:?:1:5:1:I:5:l':3 We Know Chevrolet-You Know Us KUYKENDALL E CHEVROLET CO. 1115 13th ST. PHONE 5511 Page 398 ff v .Xl I . .K f N , E H A X I f 'bl r X .X X . 1, , f J X X if X 14, tl L g5X?cmRXxuTXYusXixxxgKom Quxxhes 1403 COLLEGE PHONE 2-1365 Visit our fountain and enjoy complete fountain service of the finest quality. We Specialize In Candies For All Special Occasions Mailed Anywhere in the U. S. A. KING S l EWELRY FY I'yElyL yPllyG l I Barbara lackson, Ma lane Hinchey, and Ma ve n acy are inspecting watches at KINGS IEWELRY, assisted b o ossett. The best in dia- monds, watches, and silver are to be found a Kings :sn STUDEBAKER: l Best by Far with 1 'U Cb 3 -4 O 'fe fn '-1 :- cu M :- o 'ca Q 'S o 2: :z Q. 05 :- eu fs o 't :n N 'K e er --""'-"-"- . I my "' 3 ou ua 5 51: Q fi P1 -1 ,U N '-' Q w E 3 g m G 'T" e ' W 0 2 ,A U3 3 Q Q " 'U 0 Q e e l oe B S. 2 rv -1 Q l sa O o -1 ' H Z ..- ',',., 1 Q U1 m '-:..- T W U1 1': 1 ' 1 W N x Penr0d,3 The sho around th corn hi D' ru N m Z' u 3 1 Q 9. 3 as C Q :1 B 1 2 Q.. 3 5' 2 5 sb 5 2 " ,. 'U N 3 'Q Q H va The shop around the corner Penrod's P y , ,. gg, gem ,ig a S lj 3 LUBBOCK BUS COMPANY The friendly and dependable service of the LUBBOCK BUS COMPANY is indispensable to the college student. Page 400 TECH DRUG ls the Colleqe Store for Both Boys and Girls. Besides Excellent Food the Store Carries a Full Line of Cos- metics, and School Supplies. DROP IN AT YOUR FAVORITE STOP ON THE AVENUE TECH DRUG "THE COLLEGIATE STORE" BOWEN'S DRUG STORES PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS I 1021 BROADWAY PHONE 4611 ' BALDWIN S FLOWERS - W1 W BALDWIN'S have d sel cto I HQVVQIS ffjf QVQIY O VARSITY SHOW 1947 SCOGGIN-DICKEY Gifts Worth Giving .... Moron co. - , DIAL 7416 . 1009 AVE. I I V A Q 1 1110 TEXAS AVE. V SALES AND SERVICE W t n 1 Q 4 Q ' 1 3 Za1e's Sells More Diamonds A 1 Than Any Ieweler in LUBBOCK, TEXAS I the Southwest 1 1 1 a t L 1 1 . Pg 403 BRAY'S CAMPUS TOGGERY BRAY'S is the college shop for both girls and boys. Iune Cox and Mary Frances Powers are just two of the many Techsans who shop here tor campus clothes. l DO YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE THAN IUST A LIVING? 1 I f ,Magi LUBBOCK TEXAS Diagonal lines show Lubbock s retail trade territory of twenty six West Texas cmd New Mexico counties Cross hatching shows the additional counties which are lncluded in Lubbocks wholesale trading area Countless opportunities await ag one of the r1at1on s most prosperous areas the South Plains of Texas Lubbock and 1lS trade territory pic tured to the left offer you a healthful! climate educational advantages a fertile unexploited agriculture em pire fine market facilities invest ment opportunities and a place you can proudly call your home Stay in Lubbock and the South Plains and grow with a growing country LUBBOCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and BOARD OF CITY DEVELOPMENT LUBBOCK, TEXAS O r r ' ' - , ' ',:-:-::':- 30.50, l . , A 4 .'.'. .fs o o 0 o I ' r Y .'.',' .',' o.o.o.o.o , . , , . I ',', ',',', ','.' ',t, . . A Vo '-3:4 zozozozozo' f ' 1 I f 98, '.-,N t 0 0 0 0 0 v . 4? 1 -'A 'A' n l'O,....Q'l.i' Y Y r A I 4 I ' ' ' ' 'I Vo'-'o'4 . . ' "'0"'-'- A za' .'.'. ' - . 0.03. -3. ' f - 0.0-Q, 0.0. W V 7 7 .zqzi - . :,:,:, A A A 50.41 QTGSSIVG YOUYIQ LUSH Und WOIHGH In . -...ev--Q... ,.. , o:0:o:o vzozozozof o:o:4 :ozoza .:o:o: I A E-.-.-.-. -.w .-.f.- .'.'. -.-.f. . v'o'o'o' v'o'o' r'o'o'o'a 'o':':': - fffqfq' .'e'o' u'o'o'o'4 'o'o'Q'1 . . . f'I'I'I'I'I" 3 ' ' O Q O O Q O ' - o o o o o 1 o 0 0 o , 1 1 I I - I , , I ' SILVER DOLLAR CAFE Students meet in the evenings over at the SILVER DOLLAR, located at llO5 College Avenue. Dining and dancing are the main attractions found here. Page 404 LMZWM WEST TEXAS DCMINANT DEPARTMENT STCRE Q loe Ann Bailey and lane Lawson are looking at - one of the exclusive dresses at HACKEDS. Hack- el's lead in smart costumes designed for every occasion. ' X, x HACKEL'S READY-TO-WEAR VOGUE CLEANERS VOGUE CLEANERS is conveniently located for quick and efficient service. The Vogue Cleaners is now under new management. Mr. Bassinger caters to college trade. Qrollngans L BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES FCR THE COLLEGE CO-ED 1106 Broadway Phone 6678 LUBBOCK, TEXAS Page 406 We Have Enjoyed the Privilege of Doing the Photography for LA VENTANA KOEN STUDIO 2222 BROADWAY COURTESY OF LEVINE S LUBBOCK S LARGEST CASH DEPARTMENT STORE I I I DIAL 7077 THE TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE STANDARD RING A Ad .. el' TYLE 1 REGULAR BACK M LITARY Boy 35.9 I Girl 26. Price IncIudes 202, Federal Tax PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE VARSITY BOOK STORE "DUB" RUSHING, Owner I305 College Ave. LUBBOCK 7 17 A-47 CAEY Y iq 'CEE 77 , A I I A ll Il I Co By, or Mail Your Order a+ Any T W For ny Year I Nam I I I I I d r I T D + I F g s Y D g I , I S S I I s I s I I Let's Meet at .... -gjicfww P "UQ Tfcofun qmame fam fuzzy fDlatuu" 1303 COLLEGE AVE. LUBBDCK, TEXAS ' 1003 COLLEGE AVE. I Those Good Steak A Dil'1I1e1'S CI SPeCiGltY B. R. HENDRIX, awuan DIAL 2-1222 SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. SEARS brings Lubbock the finest cmd most complete department store in West Texas. Page 408 Pg 409 THE I947 LA VENTANA The Clio Press ANNUAL DIVISION of the Econom Advertising Co. IOWA CITY, IOWA WYLIE'S DRUG STORE Students often qother ot WYLIE'S when doing their down town shopping. At WYLIE'S Beauty Bor Coeds find cr Iotrqe ond voried selection of Weil known cosmetics. E LUBBocK's N CCMPLETE DEPARTMENT STCRE A FEATURING THE NEWEST IN WEARING APPAREL PEN NEY'S 535 Q Constantly Doing Our Part to Foster and Promote School Spirit and School X Tradition at Texas Tech ...... 2 LD on l FAMOUS FOR BONDED DIAMONDS 1 1 A A THE END!! It or , l n Baird, Martha, 85 Booth, Ioan, 87 Bowles Bandy, Page 411 A Abbott, Edith, 115 Abbott, Hugh, 115 Abbott, Iames, 35 Abel, Wayne, 115 Acton, George, 35 Adair, Berth Nell, 85 Adair, Billy, 115 Arthur, George, ll5 Arwine, Gene, 115 Aryain, Edward, 85 Ash, Iohn, 85 Ashley, Margaret, 65 Askew, Robert, 115 DEX t Barrington, Morris, 115 Barron, Alice, 85 Barron, Bobby, 115 Barrow, Virginia, 117 Barsch, Dicky, 85 Bartlett, I. C., 85 Birmingham, Ray, 87 Bishop, A. I., 117 Bishop, Cara, 117 Bishop, Leslie R., 87 Bivens, Dorothy, 87 Bizzell, Mary, 65 Askew, Wes, 85 Atchison, Frances, 85 Adams, Atha, 115 Adams, Billy, 115 Adams Delane, ll5 Adams, D. V., 85 Adams, Iimmie, 85 Adams, Katherine, 35 Adams, Paul, 115 Adams, Powell, 115 Adams, Robert, 65 Adamson, Iohn, 85 Akers, Charles, 65 Akers, Mary Lee, 65 Akin, Norma, 115 Akin, Wanza, 115 Albertson, Dorothy, 65 Alderson, Orville, 35 Alexander, Alex, 85 Alexander, Betty, 115 Alexander, Lenoir, 65 Ater, Allen, 65 Atkinson, Gerald, 115 Atwood, William, 85 Austin, Ernest, 115 Austin, Ruth, 85 Axton, Howard, 115 Aycock, Billy, 85 B Babb, Elbert, 115 Babb, Ernest, 85 Badley, Peggy, 65 Baggett, Betty Io, 85 'Baggett, Marvin, 85 Bagwell, Imogene, 35 Bagwell, Iames, 85 Bagwell, Maxie, 85 Bagwell, Robert, 115 Barton, Ardis, 85 Barton, Betty, 85 Barton, 'Iean, 117 Barton, Marnie, 117 Bass, Raymond, ll7 Bassemier, Lois, 65 Bates, Ann, 117 Bates, H. S., 85 Bates, Iane, 36 Battey, Hurston, 65 Battin, Louis, 65 Baucum, fIo, 36 Baumgardner, Barbara, 117 Baumgardner, Marion, 117 Baumgardner, Robert, 65 Baxter, lBill, 117 Bayles, Iohn, 36 Beakley, George, 36 Beakley, Iohn, 36 Bean, Carolyn, 65 Alexander, Mary Frances, 35 Alexander, 71' heodore, 34 Alexander, Virginia, 85 Alford, Daniel, ll5 Alger, Iean, 85 'Bailey, Anna Marie, 85 Bailey, Glenna, 36 Bailey, Ioe Ann, 85 Bailey, Mary Nell, 85 Bailey, Shatter, ll5 Bailiif, Charlotte, 85 Alldredge, Vernon, 115 Alldredge, Robert, 1 15 Allen, B. L., 65 Bain, Marion, 85 Bain, Matha Lee, 85 Bain, Wayne, 115 Allen, Iason, 35 Allen, Iohnny, 115 Baker, Dean, 115 Allen, Lelia, 85 Allen, Marjorie, 85 Allen, Nathan, 115 Baker, Ieanne, 65 Baker, Phyllis, 85 Baker, Roy, 85 Allen, Woodrow, 85 Baker, Roy L., 85 Allgood, Pat, ll5 Allison, Hewitt, 35 Alspaugh, Wayne, 115 Alsup, Loyd, 115 Altendori, H. I., 35 Altendorf, Phillip A., 35 Ammann, lIames, 115 Ammons, B. 65 Amonett, Derwood, 85 Amonett, Glenn, 115 Amonett, Thayne, 35 Baker, Wilba, 85 Baker, Wynn, 65 Baldwin, Carolyn, 115 Baldwin, Lotta Bess, 36 Anderson, A. D., 85 Anderson, Billy, 85 Anderson, Anderson, B. L., 115 Dorothy, 65 L Anderson, E. D., 65 ' Anderson, Francis, 115 Anderson, Ioan, 85 Anderson, Iohn, 65 Anderson, Lorene, 115 Anderson, Marilyn, 65 Anderson, Mary, 115 Anderson, Nancy Io, 85 Anderson, T. I., 115 Ball, Betsy, 65 Ball, Boyd, 115 Ball, Henry, 115 Ball, Iohn, 85 Ball, R. V., 36 Ballard, L. D., 65 Ballard, Patsy, 115 Ballew, Harold, 65 Ballew, I. D., Ir., 65 Ballew, Marion, 115 Glenn, 1 15 Bean, W. L., ll7 Beard, Fred, 65 Beard, Yvonne, 117 Bearden, Francis, 65 Bearden, Iames, Ir., 65 Beaver, Irma, 117 Beavers, Allen, 85 Beazby, Aubrey, 117 Becker, Glynn R., ll7 Becker, Pat, ll7 Bedenbender, Gerald, 117 Bedford, Barbara, 36 Bedford, Elizabeth, 117 Bedford, Norman, 117 Beene, Verna, 65 Beights, Iames, 65 Beights, Marvin, 36 Beights, Royce, 117 Belcher, Hubert, 36 Bell, Arthur, 36 Bell, Charles, 36 Bell, Madine, 117 Bell, Roland, 117 Bell, Silby, 85 Bellamy, Bill, ll7 Bennett, Philip, 117 Bennett, Wayland, 85 Benson, Elizabeth, ll7 Benson, Iean, 87 Bentley, Billy, 117 Black, Clyde, 65 Black, Dorothy, 87 Black, F. T., 87 Blackburn, Douglas, 117 Blackburn, Sue, 117 Blackburn, Virginia, 37 Blackwell, I. A., 87 Blackwell, Ian D., 87 Blackwell, Susie, 65 Blair, ,Mary Lou, 87 Blake, Bill, 117 Blake, Iack, 87 Blanchard, Horace, 87 Blanek, Louis, 117 Blankenship, Billy, 117 Blevins, Harold, 117 Block, Iames A., 117 Blonkuist, Brent, 117 Bloomer, Tommy, 117 Blount, Shirley, ll7 Bobb, Wanda, 117 Bogart, Dorothy, 87 Bohner, William, 87 Boman, Kenneth, 37 Bomar, Betty, 65 Bomar, Fay, 87 Bonds, Kittie, 65 Bonds, Mary Faye, 117 Bondurant, Clark, 37 Boone, Fraser, 87 Boone, Boone, Iack, 37 Iean, 87 Boone, Leroy D., 87 Boone, Stephen, 87 Boren, Douglas, 117 Bostick, Iim, 37 Boswell, Dub, 117 Boulter, Sue, 117 Bounds, Billy, 117 Boverie, Edward, 87 Bowden, Bettye, 65 Bowden, Mary Lou, 117 Bowers, Evelyn, 65 Bowles, Evonne, 117 Bowles, Imogene, 117 , Wayne, 87 Bowman, Betty Iane, 37 Box, Don, 117 Boyd, Billy Bryan, ll7 Barclay, Winston, 115 Barden, Freda, 115 Barker, Ramona, 115 Barkowsky, Otto, 115 Barkus, Guy, 65 Bentley, Sylva, 65 Berg, Patricia Ann, 87 Bergman, Harold, 117 Berry, Amanda, 117 Berry, Betty, 65 Berry, Richard, 117 Boyd, 'Billy Eldon, 117 Boyd, Billy Wayne, 117 Boyd, Elizabeth, 117 Boyd, Iohn I., 87 Boyd, Ioseph, 65 Boyd, Weldon, 65 Anglin, Gayle, 65 Anglin, Roy, 115 Ansley, Leslie, 115 Anthony, Sammie, 85 Appling, Dorothy, 85 Archer, Henrieda, 115 Arguello, Norman, 35 Armentrout, Helen, 115 Armstrong, Suzan, 85 Arnold, Charles, 65 Arnold, C. I., 115 Arnold, Harvey, 85 Arrant, Iames, 115 Arrington, Ioe, 85 Arrington, Patsy, 85 Barnard, Peggy, 115 Barnes, Doris, 36 Barnes, George, 36 Barnes, Iames, 65 Barnes, Iames Mack, 85 Barnes, Joanna, 115 Barnett, Billie Ieane, 85 Barnett Barnett , Catherine, 65 , Dennison, 85 Barnett, Dorothy, ll5 Barnett, Iack, 65 Barnett Barr, C Barrett, Barrett, , Iohn, 85 liiford, 85 Doyce, 65 Harold, 115 Barrett, Harold T., 115 Barrier, Bruce, 85 Barrier, C. C., 85 Barrier, K. A., ll5 Besancon, Beverly, 87 Beshears, Bill, 65 Best, Iim K., 117 Bevers, Denzil, 117 Bevis, Bernard, 117 Bezner, Hubert P., 65 Bickers, Billy, 117 Biggers, Brac, 37 Biggs, Dwight, 117 Bigham, Ioylyn, 87 Bigham, William, 87 Billingsley, Iames, 37 Billingsley, Max, 117 Bills, Iack, 87 Birdwell, Alice, 65 Birdwell, Iohn R., 117 Birdwell, Russell, 37 Birkhead, K. G., 87 Boydstun, Felix C., 117 Boyer, Ieanie, 65 Boynton, Bert, 65 Bradberry, Lora Beth, 117 Bradford, Travis, 117 Bradley, Donald, 119 Bradley, Rhea, 119 Bradshaw, Iohnie, 87 Bragg, Charles, 119 Bragg, Nita, 87 Brakebill, Marvin, 119 Brand, Milton B., 87 Brandon, Charles R., 119 Brannon, Wilson, 119 Brantner, Doris, 65 Brashear, Frances, 37 Brashear, Keith, 119 Bratton, Betty, 119 Bray, Barbara, 119 Brazile, Keaton, 87 Brewer, Nadyne, 87 Brewer, Orlin, 87 Brewer, William, 37 Bridges, Garland, 119 Bridges, 1. R., 119 Brigham, Raymond, 119 Brinson, Mildred, 119 Britton, Charles, 37 Britton, Vernon, 119 Brixley, Frank, 119 Broach, Bobbie, 87 Burrell, Derrell, 119 Burroughs, Maxine, 119 Burrows, Claude, 67 Burrows, Mary Ann, 87 Burson, Betty, 119 Burton, Anita, 119 Burton, Otho, 119 Burton, William, 87 Burum, Earl, 87 Bush, Io Anne, 119 Busman, Iune, 119 Bussell, Charles, 119 Buster, loe, 119 Carruth, Burr, 121 Carson, Ruth, 121 Carter, ElLRay, 121 Carter, Forrest, 67 Carter, lames, 121 Carter, Iames Thomas, 39 Carter, Maisie, 36 Carter, Marvin, 121 Carter, Ray, 67 Carthel, Iune, 67 Carver, tlames, 121 Carver, Janis, 89 Cary, Margaret, 67 Brockman, Francis, 119 Brooks, Betty, 119 Brooks, Claude, 87 Brooks, Don, 119 Brooks, Gladys, 119 Brooks, James, 119 Brooks, Iohn L., 119 Brooks, Loyd, 119 Brooks, Myra, 119 Brooks, Stephen, 65 Brookshire, Dan L., 119 Browder, lames, 119 Browder, Maurice, 119 Brown, Betty, 119 Brown, Bobbie lean, 119 Brown, Dorothy, 65 Brown, George R., 119 1Brown, Iena, 87 Brown, iLaVerne, 119 Brown, M. Ynez, 119 Brown, Myrtle, 37 Brown, Robert, 119 Brown, Ruth, 87 Brown, Samuel E., 65 Brown, Syble, 37 Butler, Billy, 87 Butler, Darrell, 121 Butler, Dulyn, 121 Butler, Milton, 87 Butler, Panze, 38 Butler, Randell, 87 Butler, Ray, 67 Butler, Roy, 38 Butts, Horace, 67 Butts, Loy, 87 Byars, Byers, Bonnie, 121 Guin, 121 Byers, Troy, 87 Bynum, Elsie, 38 Byrd, Marjorie, 67 Byrd, Virginia, 87 Byrim, Alice Ioyce, 121 C Cade, Charles, 121 Cade, Richard, 38 Cadra, Godfrey, 38 Cagle, Dean, 121 Cagle, lames, 89 Casados, Edward, 121 Case, Iohn, 39 Casey, Carl, 39 Casimir, Jack, 121 Caskey, Owen, 67 Casner, Anna, 39 Castleberry, Victor, 89 Cathey, Guy, 67 Caudle, Iohn, 121 Caudle, Miles, 121 Cavett, Arlas, 89 Cayton, Peggy, 67 Cearley, Juanell, 39 Cearley, Wayne, 89 Chafin, Earl, 121 Chambers, lack, 39 Chambers, loyce, 121 Chandler, Vesta, 89 Chapman, Harold, 67 Chapman, Ioan, 121 Chapman, Margaret, 121 Chapman, Nelda, 121 Charlton, Betty, 121 Chatwell, Harwell, 121 Cheatham, Carolyn, 121 Browne, Patricia, 87 Brownfield, Kenneth, 119 Browning, Cheaney, 119 Broyles, Virginia, 119 Bruce, Betty, 119 Bruce, Charles, 34 Bruce, Margaret, 87 Brunson, Billy Ray, 87 Bryan, Pauline, 119 Bryant, ,Alene, 87 Bryant, Harry, 119 Buchanan, lack, 119 Buck, Bernice, 119 Buck, Winard, 38 Bucy, Bill, 87 Bucy, Charlene, 65 Bucy, Fred, 119 Bucy, Ralph, 87 Buffington, Delma Io, 119 Bufkin, Billy, 119 Bufkin, Costin, 119 Bugg, Ioyce, 119 Bullen, Margy, 119 Bullock, Dixon, 87 Bulls, Roy, 65 Bumpas, Margaret, 87 Bundrant, Luther, 119 Burchard, Frank, 87 Burgess, Billie, 119 Burgess, David, 65 Burgess, George, 67 Burgess, Hubert, 87 Burgoyne, Mary Kay, 119 Burke, lack, 87 Burkett, Iames, 119 Burkholder, Genora, 87 Burkholder, Iarnes, 119 Burks, Charles, 119 Burks, Robert, 119 Burnam, H. C., 65 Burnam, Mary F., 65 Burnett, Walter, 87 Calcote, Helen, 89 Caldwell, Betty, 67 Caldwell, Harold, 89 Caldwell, Nancy, 121 Caldwell, Ruth, 67 Calhoun, Helen, 89 Callan, Billie, 121 'Callan, Io Nita, 89 Calliham, Mary Nell, 121 Camp, Floyd, 67 Campbell, Edwin, 89 Campbell, Garth, 121 Campbell, Iames l., 89 Campbell, Joe, 89 Campbell, Richard, 121 Campbell, Wendolyn, 67 Cannon, James, 121 Cannon, Iohn I., 121 Cantrell, Billie Io, 121 Cantrell, Dorothey, 38 Cantrell, Walter, 121 Caraway, Dorothey, 38 Caraway, Gloria, 121 Caraway, Iohn Key, 89 Caraway, Max, 89 Cardwell, Ioe, 38 Cardwell, Mrs. Leota, 38 Cargile, Ioseph, 89 Carmack, Dorothy, 67 Carmichael, David, 89 Carmichael, lack, 121 Carminati, Richard, 38 Carnahan, Bobby, 121 Carnes, William, 89 Carothers, Anne, 67 Carothers, Buddy, 121 Carpenter, Calvin, 89 Carpenter, Darrell, 67 Carpenter, loseph, 121 Carpenter, Mattie, 89 Carpenter, Maudie, 89 Carr, B. H., 67 Carr, Bob, 38 Cheek, Clyde, 121 -Chenault, Charles, 39 Chick, Marilyn, 89 Childers, Bobby, 67 Childress, Iames, 121 Chitwood, Wanda, 121 Choate, Howard, 121 Choate, lnel, 121 Chorn, lames, 89 Christal, Pat, 121 Christian, 1Mary Alice, 121 Christy, Earl, 39 Churchill, Betty Lou, 89 Churchill, George, 89 Claiborne, Marilyn, 89 Clark, Frances, 39 Clark, lerry, 89 Clark, lesse, 121 Clark, Lee, 121 Clark, Margaret. 121 Clark, Walter, 39 Clark, Weldon, 39 Clarkson, Belmont, 39 Clary, Carleen, 67 Clay, Addierene, 39 Cleveland, George, 121 Cleveland, Ralph, 121 Cleven, Doris, 121 Click, Dean, 89 Click, Robert, 67 Clift, Dorothy, 39 Clift, Gretchen, 89 Clifton, Burton, 67 Cline, Beryl, 34 Clingingsmith, Dorothy, 89 Clonts, Sam, 121 Cloud, Helen Ruth, 67 -Clowe, Charles, 89 Coats, Gail, 89 Coats, Mildred, 39 Cobb, Bettye, 121 Cobb, Dalos, 121 Burnham, Margaret, 87 Burns, Billy, 65 Burns, lane, 38 Burns, Laura, 119 Burns, Lucile, 67 Burrell, Billie lean, 38 Carr, Frances, 121 Carr, Galen, 67 Carr, Margaret, 67 Carrell, Clyde, 121 Carrithers, Hilda, 121 Carroll, Iames, 89 Cobb, Harold, 121 Cocanougher, Ralph, 40 Cockburn, Archie, 89 Cocke, Robert, 40 Cockerham, Iimmie, 121 Coffee, Creed, 40 Coffee, Wendell, 40 Coffey, lane, 89 Coffey, Romey, 40 Cogburn, Betty, 67 Coke, Coke Coke Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, 1 Arlin Ray, 121 Douglas, 67 Henry, 121 Carolyn, 121 lack, 89 Ioe, 40 Robert, 89 Robert L., 67 Shelby, 121 Cole, William, 121 Collie, Iohn, 121 Collier, Richard, 123 Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Gene, 67 Imogene, 67 lack, 69 Roy, 89 Wallace, 67 William, 67 Collinsworth, Leonard, 67 Colties, Zoe Ann, 123 Combs, Douglas, 67 Compton, Peggy, 123 Conder, Nancy, 123 Condray, Kenneth, 123 Cone, Lois, 89 Conely, lames, 89 Conely, Iohn, 89 Conerly, Ioann, 123 Conger, Ioe, 123 Conklin, Donald, 67 Conklin, Harold, 123 Conkling, Barbara, 67 Conley, Gene, 123 Conley, Iames, 121 Conley, Robert, 89 Connally, Aubrey, 123 Conner, Bobby, 123 Cook, Bill, 67 . Cook, Forrest, 123 Cook, lack, 123 Cook, James, 123 Cook, Ioe, 123 Cook, Iosh, 123 Cook, :Louis V., 123 Cook, Polly, 40 Cook, Ray, 89 Cook, Ruth Nell, 89 Cooke, Alex, 40 Cooksey, Noel, 89 Cooley, Ray, 67 Coonrod, lanice, 40 Cooper, Bob, 89 Cooper, Gypsy, 89 Cooper, Iames, 123 Cooper, lurd, 123 Cooper, Merril, 123 Cooper, Wallace, 123 Cope, Edward, 67 Cope, Ioe, 89 Cope, William, 89 Copeland, Alice, 123 Copeland, Betty, 67 Copeland, Henry, 89 Coppinger, Iohn, 123 Corcorran, D'Ann, 123 Corley, Durwood, 40 Cornelius, 1Donald, 67 Cornelius, Doris, 40 Corry, Iames Ray, 123 Costlow, Delton, 89 Cothern, Gaylon, 67 Couch, Daniel, 67 Council, lane, 67 Covington, Billy, 123 Cowart, Earl, 67 Cowart, Gwen, 40 Cowart, Ruth, 89 Cowden,- lack, 40 Cowden, Leorrard, 89 Cowling, Ben, -40 Cox, Charles, 67 Cox, Earl Ray, 89 Page 412 2 1 Page 413 Cox, Gilford, 89 Cox, Mary lane, 40 Cox, Ray, 67 Cox, Robert, 123 Cox, Robert Ellis, 123 COX, Streatfield, 67 Cozby, Allison, 123 Cozby, Edwin, 89 Crabtree, loanne, 67 Crabtree, William, 89 Crager, Ada, 41 Craig, Elizabeth, 123 Craig, M. l., 123 Crandall, Richard, 89 Crawford, Donald, 89 Crawford, Durwood, 123 Crawford, Horace, 89 Crawford, lerry, 89 Crawley, Ann, 89 Crawley, Eddie, 123 Cree, loe Don, 123 Crenshaw, Anne, 41 Crenshaw, Billy lRay, 123 Cress, N. l..., 123 Crews, Marjorie, 89 Crews, Walter, 41 Crim, Mrs. Louise, 89 Crisler, ,Bettye lo, 41 Criswell, Argus, 123 Criswell, Elmer, 123 Criswell, Otis, 123 Crocker, Sherry, 123 Cross, Bob, 91 Crossen, Burton, 41 Crosslin, Ray, 67 Crouch, H. -L., 123 Crow, Don lohn, 123 Crowe, lohn, 91 Crownover, Bobby, 123 Crump, Norma, 67 Cruser, lames, 123 Cuba, Stanley, 123 Cudd, Martha, 123 Culver, lohn, 91 Cumbie, Beverly, 91 Cummings, Clyclelle, 91 Cummings, Estelle, 91 Cummings, lack, 91 Cummings, Ted, 123 Cumpsten, Pauline, 91 Cunningham, Udell, 123 Currie, lames, 123 Curtis, Claude, 41 D Dacus, Virginia, 67 Dameron, Mariory, 67 Daniel, Lawrence, 123 Daniel, Margaret, 123 Daniel, Wynona, 123 Daniels, W. R., 67 Danniel, Forrest, 67 Darling, Rex, 123 Darter, Clarence, 123 Darwin, Charles, 91 Dauley, Dean, 41 Davenport, B. P., 91 Davidson, lames, 91 Davidson, lean, 91 Davidson, Kenneth, 67 Davidson, Leon, 91 Davidson, Troy, 41 Davis, Audrey, 91 Davis, Betty, 123 Davis Bill, 91 Davis, Donna, 123 Davis, Dorothy, 67 Davis, E. R., lr., 41 Davis Gwynnelle, 123 Davis, lay, 123 Davis, left, 41 Davis, Margie, 91 Davis, Mike, 67 Davis, Mildred, 123 Davis, Peggy, 91 Davis, Sara, 123 Davis, Thomas, 123 Davis, Walton, 91 Davis, William, 91 Dawkins, Dorothy, 123 Dawkins, Duane, 91 Dawkins, Rose Mary, 125 Dawson, Edwin, 34 Dawson, Gladys, 69 Day, Glenn, 125 Day, lesse, 41 Day, Talmadge, 125 Dean, Robert, 69 Dean, Talmadge, 125 Deardorft, LeRoy, 125 Deaton, Calla Mae, 41 lDefBord, Connie, 125 deBottari, Sandy, 125 Deck, Betty tlo, 125 Deck, Twila, 125 Deere, loAnne, 125 Dement, lames, 69 Dement, Mrs. Marcine, 69 Dendy, Stanley, 125 Dennison, Betty, 91 Dennison, James, 125 Denny, Bruce, 91 Denton, lames, 125 Denton, lay, 91 Denton, Thomas, 125 DePaw, loe, 125 Derr, W. -L., 91 Devin, Albert, 41 Devin, Mrs. Betty, 69 Dewhirst, Marion, 41 DeWolfe, Clinton, 41 Dickens, Wanda, Dickey, Ramona, -Dickey, Richard, 91 Dillingham, Girlene, 125 Diltz, Emory, 91 'Dilworth, -Rogers, 125 Doan, lames, 125 Dobbs, Dorothy, 91 Dodd, Katy, 69 Dodge, Frances, 125 Dodson, Carlton, 125 Donaghey, lames, 42 Donaghey, William, 125 Donahue, Frank, 91 Donaldson, Claude, 91 Donaldson, Marion, 91 Donelson, Morris, 91 Dopson, Kenneth, 91 Dorn, Billie lean, 91 Doss, Maxine, 69 Douglas, Dean, 125 Douglas, lack, 125 Douglass, Frank, 91 Douglass, leanne, 91 Douglass, loe, 69 Dowdle, lohn, 125 Dowdy, Betty lo, 69 Drain, lack, 125 Drake, Joanna, 91 Drake, Roland, 125 Drexel, lerrold, 125 Driskill, lohn, 69 Driskill, Robert, 125 Dryden, Mary lo, 42 Dubberley, lohn, 125 Dudley, Dixie, 125 Dudley, leanne, 125 Dufek, Marilee, 125 Duff, Margaret, 125 Duff, Naomi, 42 Duffy, Mary Ellen, 69 Dugger, P. A., 125 Dulaney, Frances, 42 Du.1.aney, lack, 91 Dunavant, Welton, 125 Duncan, Malcolm, 125 Dunlap, 1.atNell, 69 Dunn, Bill, 91 Durham, David, 91 Dwyer, Carl, 69 Dwyer, John, 125 91 X 91 Dyar, loan, 69 Dyer, Annabelle, 125 Dyer, Gene, 69 Dyer, lolly loe, 69 Dykes, Mary Ann, 69 'Dykes, Roy, 125 E Eagan, Guy Clark, 125 Eastland, Harold, 42 Eastman, Willie Marie, 91 Eaton, Patsy Ruth, 125 -Ebeling, Weldon, 125 Edgett, Willard, 91 Edmonson, Richard, 91 Edwards, leanne, 69 Edwards, Opal, 125 Eggleston, 'Rodneyf 125 Ehrlich, Richard, 125 Eiring, Norma, 125 Eisenberg, Betty, 69 Eisenberg, lean, 125 Elder, Harold, 91 Eldredge, lean, 125 Elkins, Olen, 69 Eller, Wade, 125 Ellerd, Walter, 125 Ellerd, Waymon, 125 Elliott, George, 69 Elliott, lim, 125 Elliott, Sue, 91 Ellis, Will, 125 Ellison, Dewey, 42 Ellison, Duncan, 91 Elmore, C. M., 91 Elrod, Festus, 125 Elston, Emens, Norris, 125 Sterling, 125 Emmett, Glenn, 125 Engdahl, Doris, 125 English, Hugh, 42 English, lack, 125 Enochs, 1. C., 69 Ervin, Eldon, 69 Erwin, Bill, 125 Erwin, Escoba lack, 91 r, William, 125 Etter, Gale, 42 Etter, Ganell, 125 Etz, George, 125 Eubank, Bobby, 69 Eubank, Frances Ann, 69 Eubank, Mrs. lerry, 42 Eubanks, Tyson, 91 Eudy, Billy lack, 125 Evans, Billy, 69 Evans, Carol, 125 Evans, Frances, 127 Evans, 1-larry, 91 Evans, lames, 42 Evans, lesse, 42 Evans, Pauline, 91 Evans, Regina, 91 Evans, Thomas, 42 Evans, Winfield, 69 Everett, Patsy, 127 Everitt, Billye Sue, 69 Everline, lane, 69 Evins, Charles, 127 Ewen, Bettye lane, 69 Ewen, ,Sam Bob, 69 Fahle, F Wayne, 127 Faiks, Carl, 91 Fairbetter, Marilyn, Fairchild, R. l., 42 Fambro, Eloise, 42 Fancher, Elizabeth, 91 Faris, Willa Mae, 127 Farmer, lames, 91 Farmer, Orval, 127 Farr, Margaret, 69 Farrar, Marcedus, 91 Farrell, luanita, 69 Farris, Bryan, 127 Faucett, Dwane, 127 Fee, Bob, 127 Fehr, Ruth tAnn, 91 Feiden, Richard, 91 Fenn, Herbert, 127 Fenner, 1... D., 127 Fergerson, James, 69 Ferguson, Eleanor, 91 Ferguson, 7l'ylen, 91 Feynn, Robert, 127 Ficklin, Frank, 127 Field, Albert, 127 Fields, Bennie, 127 Fields, Marzelle, 127 Fillingim, Christine, 42 Findley, Mary Lois, 91 Findley, Nelda, 91 Finkner, Mary, 127 Finley, Erma, 93 Finley, lean, 93 Finley, Kay, 127 Fisher, Dennis, 127 Flanagan, Annabelle, 127 Flanagan, Roger, 43 Flatt, David, 127 Flatt, Mary, 43 Fleming, loe, 127 Fletcher, Fred, 127 Fletcher, Grady, 43 Florence, Charles, 69 Florence, lames, 69 Florey, Glendolyn, 93 Flournoy, Allie lean, 127 Flowers, Abye flo, 127 Fly, Anderson Billy, 69 Foerster, M. l., 127 Fogerson, Russell, 127 Forbes, tloAnn, 93 Ford, Edwin, 69 Ford, Frank, 93 Ford, Martha lune, 93 Fore, Robert, 127 Foreman, Dale, 43 Forman, Mary Gene, 93 Forman, Pauline, 93 Formby, Clint, 93 Forsyth, Dorothea, 127 Forsythe, Ted, 93 Fortenberry, lmogene, 93 Foster, Mrs, Ann, 69 Foster, L. l., 127 Foster, Ray, 93 Fowler, Barbara, 93 Fowler, Bob, 93 Fowler, Clois, 93 Fowler, E. R., 93 Fowler, Howard, 127 Fowler, Samuel, 127 Fox, Betty, 127 France, loe, 93 Francis, leannine, 127 Franks, lames, 93 Frazier, Geraldine, 127 Freeman, Charles, 43 Freeman, Daniel, 127 Freeman, Mary Loy, 127 Freeman, Novaline, 43 Freeman, Vernemma, 43 French, Roland, 93 French, Tommie lean, 127 Friberg, Floyd, 93 Fry, Margene, 93 Fuchs, Avis, 69 Fulkerson, W. H., 127 Funk, Gerald, 127 Funk, Marcie, 127 Furgeson, Thomas, 127 Futch, Lynn, 127 G Gainer, Eleanor, 127 Gaines, C. iD., 93 Gaines, Gordon, 127 Gaither, Donnie, 127 Galloway, lean, 127 Galloway, loan, 127 1 t L Galyon, Hobert, 127 Gamble. 1. L., 69 Gamblin, Thomas, 93 Gardiner, Tom, 127 Garland, Mrs. Earlene, 69 Garland, Thomas, 127 Garrett, Betty Ann, 93 Garrett, Bill, 127 Garrett, Pat, 69 Garrison, Bill, 43 Garrison, Joe, 127 Garrison, Mary Ruth, 93 Garrison, Peggy, 93 Gray, Kit, 44 Gray, -Louis, 129 Greathouse, Gene, 129 Green, Bea, 44 Green, Jimmie, 129 Green, Johnny, 129 Green, Wynelle, 93 Greene, rElizabeth, 93 Greenlee, Darrell, 129 Greenway, Jimmie, 129 Greenwood, Lloyd, 93 Greenwood, Thomas, 93 Greer, Dorothy, 69 Gary, tLaVern, 93 Gary, Richard, 43 Gaston, Gene, 127 Gregg, Lowayne, 129 Gregg, Mann, 129 Greiner, Mrs. Marianne, 93 Gaston, Robert, 43 Gattis, Benoy, 127 Gauntt, John, 93 Gay, Murry, 127 Gay, Robert, 93 Gentry, Bruce, 127 Gentry, Jeff, 127 George, lBonnie, 127 George, Jesse, 43 Griffin, A. C., 129 Griffin, Billie Lu, 69 Griffin, Eugene, 129 Griffin, Henry, 69 Griffin, lLaWayna, 69 Griffin, Mary, 93 Griffith, Billy, 129 Griffith, Chester, 129 Griffith, lLaNe1le, 69 George Jimmy, 93 George, Joseph, 127 George, Ruth, 43 Gerdes, Victor, 43 Germany, Jack, 127 Germany, John, 127 Gibson, Eugene, 129 Gibson, Evelyn, 129 Gibson, Johnny, 129 Griffith, Leon, 129 Grigg, Samuel Paul, 93 Grimes, Robert, 69 Grimes, Roy, 129 Grimsley, Jack, 93 Grisham, Lavenia, 93 Grisham, Rowena, 93 Grissom, Landon, 129 Grissom, Lewis, 93 Gibson, Richard, 93 Gikas, Marie, 129 Gilbert, Betty, 34 Gilbert, Wade, 93 Gilkeyson, Homer, 129 Gill, Bobbie, 129 Gill, Russell, 129 Gillentine, Billy, 129 Gillespie, Campbell, 129 Gillespie, Harold, 43 Gillett, Dan, 69 Gillett, Grover, 129 Gillett, Will, 44 Gilliland, Joe, 93 Gilmer, Billy, 129 Gilmer, Carson, 129 Gilmer, Elliott, 129 Gimmell, James, 69 Gipson, Fred, 93 Gipson, ,Joe Bill, 69 Glaze, Ross, 69 Glazner, Burt, 44 Gleghorn, Henry, 69 Glover, Darrell, 93 Glover, Frank, 129 Glover, Joe Ed, 69 Goddard, May Ann, 129 Godfrey, Sally, 129 Goebel, Kenneth, 69 Goff, Jerry, 93 Gomer, Pauline, 129 Gooch, James, 129 Gooden, Carl, 69 Goodin, Lloyd, 129 Gooding, Willie, 129 Goodman, Norman, 93 Goodwin, Newton, 129 Goodyear, Donald, 129 Gordon, John, 93 Gordon, Martha, 93 Gormley, James, 129 Goss, Lolita, 44 Gosseft, Polly Ann, 129 Gossman, Sergie, 129 Gracey, Don, 129 Gracey, Joe, 93 Graham, Joe, 129 Graham, Wesley, 129 Gramstorff, John, 93 Grant, Curtis, 129 Graves, Dorman, 129 Graves, Jack, 129 Grizzle, Walter, 93 Groves, -Elton, 93 Groves, Patricia, 69 Groves, Ramsey, 93 Grundy, Martha Jane, 93 Grundy, +William, 129 'Guffee, Clarence, 129 Guinn, Mike, 129 Gullett, Eloise, 69 Gunn, Harry, 129 Gunter, James, 44 Guthrie, -Sue Lynn, 93 Guthrie, Vondell, 69 Guy, Charles A., Jr., 93 H Hebefer, Keith, 129 Hacke, David, 69 - Hackney, Ted, 44 Hagan, Nelle, 129 Hagood, Larry, 129 Hahn, Rayburn, 129 Hairgrove, Roland, 129 Hairston, J. W., Jr., 129 Hairston, Rosemary, 129 Halamicek, Bill, 93 Halbert, Nelva, 69 Hale, Gerald, 129 Hale, Mary Frances, 93 Haley, Tom, 93 Hall, Carroll Gene, 93 Hall, Clyde, 129 Hall, Elmo, 95 Hall, J. A., 44 Hall, Janice, 44 Hall, Joe H., 129 Hall, John T., 93 -Hall, Laura Beth, 93 Hall, Lee Ola, 93 Hall, 'Neva J., 129 Hall, Stanley, 129 Hambrighf, Billy, 129 Hambright, Genell, 129 Hamer, Eberhard, 69 Hamer, Hildegarde, 71 Hamilton, Jeanette, 131 Hamilton, JoAnn, 131 'Hamilton Johnye, 71 Hamilton, Mary Jane, 95 Hamilton, Robert, 131 Hamilton, Rosa Lea, 131 'Hamilton Wesley, 71 Hammack, Mary, 95 Hamman, Finley, 95 Hammer, Joel, 95 Hammer, Mary Jean, 131 Hammer, Norma, 131 Hammond, Eleanore, 131 Hampton, Jean, 71 Hampton, John, 131 Hamrick, Betty, 95 Hancock, Kenneth, 131 Hancock, Weldon, 95 Hancock, Weldon, 95 Handy, Brazil, 131 Hanks, Betty Jo, 71 Hanley, Alvin, 44 Hannigan, Richard, 131 Hanson, Billy, 95 Harbert, Peggy, 131 Harbordt, Richard, 95 Hardcastle, James, 131 Harder, Alvin, 131 t Hardey, Gene, 44 Hardin, Calvin, 44 Hardin, Joyce, 131 Harding, Mary Ann, 71 Hardison, Betty, 131 Hardy, Dorothy, 44 Hardwick, Paul, 131 Hargrove, Elmer, 45 Hargrove, Theresa, 95 Harlan, Faye, 34 Harlan, Oliver, 45 Harman, Wayne, 131 Harp, Maxine, 45 Harp, Nona John, 71 Harp, Norman, 131 Harp, Wynema, 71 Harrell, Anne, 45 Harrell, Paula Jean, 95 Harrington, James, 131 Harris, Charles, 45 Harris, J. B., 95 Harris, Martha, 95 Harris, Orville, 95 Harris, Robert, 131 Harrison, Lonnie, 131 Harriss, Carolyn, 71 Hart, Bettie, 45 Hart, Jean Ann, 71 Harvey, Edwin, 131 Harvey, John, 131 Harvey, Robert, 45 Harvey, Rudoph, 131 Harwell, Frances, 131 Haskin, Cooper, 131 Haskins, Paul, 95 Haskins, Rayburn, 45 Hasler, Jack, 131 Hassell, Bob, 71 Hassell, Tom, 71 Hastey, Ava, 45 Hatcher, Bettye, 131 Haverstock, Guy, 45 Havran, Edward, 45 Hawkins, Jack, 95 Hawkins, Manson, 131 Hawn, Frances, 95 Haydon, Milburn, 95 Hayes, Jesse, 95 Haynes, Billie Ruth, 131 -Haynes, John, 95 Haynes, Thomas, 131 Haynie, John James, 95 Haywood, Royce, 131 Head, Elayne, 71 Head, Garland, 45 Headrick, Robert, 45 Headstream, James, 131 Heard, Dell, 71 Heath, Christine, 131 Heath, James, 131 Heatley, Tomme lLue, 95 Heckman, Lowell, 71 Hedrick, George, 45 Hedrick, Lila, 131 Hedrick, Margaret, 71 Hefley, Mrs. Bobby, 95 Hefner, Joe, 71 Hefner, Lonnie, 95 Helmers, Donald, 71 Henderson, Bill, 95 Henderson, Don, 95 Henderson, Foster, 95 Henderson, Jerry, 131 Henderson, Zac, 95 Hendon, Eugene, 131 Hendrick, Dorthea, 95 Hendrick, Mildred, 95 Hendrix, Billy, 131 Hendrix, Joline, 131 Hendrix, Lloyd, 131 Hennersdorf, Maxine, 45 Henry, Billy, 131 Henry, Jack, 71 Henry, James, 95 Henry, 'William, 131 Henslee, St. Elmo, 46 Henson, Roy, 95 Herrin, Chloe Anne, 131 Herring, James, 71 Herring, Jean, 46 Hess, Benard, 131 Hess, Jane, 46 Hester, Robert, 131 Hettler, John, 131 Hewlett, Wilmouth, 131 Hiatt, Wilola, 131 Hickerson, John T., 95 Hickey, John, 71 Hickman, Charlie, 95 Hickman, Jimmie, 131 Hickman, Nina, 71 Hicks, Harvey, 46 Hicks, Richard, 71 Higdon, Buster, 46 Higginbotham, Vernon, 131 Hildreth, Earl, 131 Hilgenfeld, William, 71 Hill, Andrew, 71 Hill, Andrew Donald, 95 Hill, Darmond, 131 Hill Eldon, 46 Hill, James, 131 Hill, Otellio Lea, 131 Hill Mrs. Peggy Hiller, Gerald, 131 Hillger, Patsy, 46 Hillier, Raymond, 131 Hillis, Tommie, 131 Hinchey, Gerald, 71 Hinchey, John, 95 Hinchey, Mary Jane, 95 Hines, John, 71 Hinson, Emmett, 46 Hitt, Ellison, 131 Hix, Alice, 131 Hlavaty, Dorothy, 71 Hoback, Norman, 46 Hodge, Clydene, 131 Hodge, Lometa, 46 Hodge, Sanford, 133 Hodges, Dolores, 95 Hodges, S. A., 131 Hodges, Veda, 95 Hodgson, Chris, 95 Hoelscher, Melvin, 133 Hoffman, Billie Jeanne, 95 Hoffmann, William, 95 Hogan, Donald, 95 Hogg, Farrell, 71 Hogg, Foy, 133 Holden, Jane, 95 Holder, Donald, 95 Holland, Mrs. Adelle, 46 Holland, Frank, 133 Holland, Patsy, 95 Holleyman, Gloria, 71 Hollingsworth, Dick, 95 Hollis, Wilburn, 95 Holloman, Sam, 133 Holloway, Lloyd, 71 Holmes, Imogene, 133 Page 414 Howze, loplin, Klau K l Page 415 Holmes, lean, 95 Holmes, Roy, 133 Holt, Beverly, 133 Holt, lean, 95 Hooker, Billie, 133 Hooker, Carolyn, 133 Hooper, Victor, 95 Hooser, Ale, 95 Hoover, Calvin, 46 Iackson, Clay, 133 lackson, Edward, 97 lackson, Henrietta, 97 Iackson, Greta, 71 lackson, lames, 133 lackson, Ioe Terry, 47 Iackson, lohn, 133 lackson, Kenneth, 97 lackson, Lamar, 97 Keeter, Roxie, 135 Keeton, H. B., 97 Keeton Texie, 71 Keeton Treva 135 Keffef, 'E11en, iss Keffer, Patsy, 97 Hoover, Charles, 133 Hope, Geraldine, 95 Hopkins, loe, 95 Hopkins, Vincent, 133 Hopper, Eugenia, 133 Hopper, McKinley, 71 Hopper, Thornton, 133 Hopping, D"Ruth, 133 Horne, loe, 46 lackson, Reuben, 71 Iackson, Royce, 133 lackson, Samuel, 71 lackson, William, 97 Iacobs, Turner, 133 lames, Carl, 133 lames, Elwanda, 71 lames, Roy, 133 lames, Thomas, 133 Keirsey, Nettie, 135 Keith, Billy, 97 Keith, Don, 97 Keith, Ruth, 48 Kelisky, Maury, 71 Kelisky, lRichard, 135 Kelley, Charles, 97 Kelley, ,Mary Frances, 97 Kelley, Robert, 97 Kelley, Thomas R., 97 Kelly, Charles, 135 Kelly, Nena, 135 Hotchkiss, Billie, 95 Houston, Nade, 95 Howard, Amos, 71 Howard, E. A., 95 Howard, Elizabeth, 133 Howard Howard Howard , lames, 133 , Louise, 71 , Marcia, 133 Howe, Melvin, 133 Howell, Alyce, 133 Howell, Clifford, 95 Howell, George, 133 Drucille, 46 lameson, Elmer, 47 laquet, lames, 133 lenkins, Iohn, 133 Iennings, Wanda, 71 lensen, Carl, 47 lester, Lawrence, 97 lobe, Boots, 133 Hubbard, Chester, 46 Huckabay, Huck, 133 Hudmon, Norma Joy, 95 Hudson, Betty, 95 Hudson, Charles, 95 Hudson, C. M., 95 Hudson, lonisue, 133 Hudson, Margaret, 71 Hudson, Thomas, 133 Hutt, 1. L., 133 Huff, Leon, 133 Huggins, Johnny, 133 Hughes, Buddy, 133 Hughes, Iames, 133 Hughes, Ioan, 133 Hughes, Lee, 133 Hughes, Tommy, 47 Hughey, Charlcie, 97 Johnson, Betty Ioe, 133 lohnson, Bettye Cecil, 133 lohnson, David, 97 lohnson, Daylon, 71 lohnson, Ethel Vee, 47 Iohnson, Glen, 133 Iohnson, Glynn, 135 lohnson, James F., 97 Iohnson, Iohn, 133 Johnson, Iohnnie, 71 Iohnson, lohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, lohnson, lohnston, Iohnston, Iohnston lohnston Iohnston Marguerite, 133 Mary, 97 Neil, 133 lRobert, 133 rRobert Lee, 133 Rogers, 47 Dorothy, 135 Evelyn, 97 Marion, 71 Sam, 97 Stephen, 71 Iones, Billy, 135 lones, Bobbie, 135 lones, Charles, 47 Kemp, Curtis, 135 Kemp, Philip, 97 Kendall, Mayella, 97 Kendrick Kathryn, 97 Kendrick Patricia, 135 Kennedy, Charles, 97 Kennedy, Corinne, 97 Kennedy, Dennis, 135 Kennedy, lim, 135 Kennedy, Loretta, 135 Kennedy, Virginia, 97 Hughs, larnes, 71 Hulsey, Tommy, 133 Humble, Marjorie, 71 Humphrey, Mary Ellen, 133 Humphrey, Mary Sue, 71 Humphrey, Wanda Sue, 133 Humphreys, lim, 47 Humphreys, loe, 97 Hunnicut, Martha, 97 -Hunt, Louis, 133 Hunter, Charlie, 133 Hunter, Norma, 97 Hurd, Harold, 133 Hurlbut, Elizabeth, 47 Hurley, Iohnny, 133 Hurst, Dorthy, 133 Hurst, Mary Ann, 97 Hutchings, Billie, 133 Hutchins, Edward, 133 Hutchins, lim, 97 Huyck, Barbara, 47 I lnce, lewell, 133 lnce, Raymond, 71 Ingram, Tom, 95 Irvin, Doris, 95 Irvin, loe, 47 Irwin, Ray, 133 lones, Charles W., 47 Iones, Clyde, 97 lanes, Daris, 135 lones, Darrell, 135 Kenney, Pauline, 48 Kenney, Wayne, 135 Kenworthy, loe, 135 Kerbow, Kyle, 97 Kerr, Charles, 97 Kerr, Frank, 135 Kerr, lay, 48 Kersh, Blake, 97 Ketchersid, loe, 97 Key, Pat, 135 Kiger, Harold, 71 Kiker, George, 135 Kiker, Louis, 135 Kilcrease, Franklin, 135 Kilgore, George, 135 Killion, Coleen, 97 Kilpatrick, Daisy, 135 Kilpatrick, Thomas, 97 Kimberling, Betty, 135 Kimbrow, Iohn, 71 Kimmel, Sarabeth, 48 Kimmel, Turner, 71 Kincaid, lohn, 97 Kindrick, Samuel, 97 King, Claude, 71 King, Eugene, 135 Kubena, Randall, 135 Kunkel, Anieta, 48 Kunkel, Calvin, 73 Kunkel, Melvin, 135 Kuykendall, Christine, 73 L Lacy, lames, 97 Lacy, Mary Evelyn, 97 Lafon, Bracie, 97 Laine, William, 48 Lair, A. I., 97 Lake, Doris, 73 Laman, Carlton, 135 Laman, limelene, 99 Laman, Maurita, 137 Lamb, Brownie, 99 Lampp, Anna, 137 Lancaster, Billie, 73 Lancaster, William, 73 Land, Elva, 137 Land, Marion, 99 Lane, Eldon, 137 Lane, Walter, 137 Lange, Carolyn, 73 Lange, Doris, 137 Langford, Hal, 137 Langford, Naomi, 48 Lanham, Sammie Iune, 99 Larabee, Winifred, 73 Lard, Kenneth, 137 LaRoe, LatRoe, Bert, 99 Frank, 73 LaRoe, George, 99 LaRoe, Martha, 137 LaRoe, Nell, 73 Larsen, Rose Nell, 99 Laubhan, Norma Lee, 73 Lauderdale, Wilson, 48 -Lauritzen, Helen, 137 Lawhorn, Floyd, 73 Lawrence, Charles, 137 Lawson, lane, 99 Lawson, Karl, 73 Lawson, Mary Lou, 137 Lawson, Sue, 137 Lay, Frances, 99 Laycock, Royce, 137 lones, Dorothy, 135 Jones, Henry, 47 lones, lack, 135 lones, Iames Paul, 135 lones, lames W., 135 Iones, Ioe, 97 Iones, Iohn-anna, 97 Iones, Louis, 135 lones, ,Mertis, 135 lones, Patsy, 97 lones, Richard, 135 lanes, fRobert H., 97 Iones, Shirley, 135 lones, Stewart, 135 lones, Vera Nell, 97 Marjorie, 97 King , Frances, 71 King, Iohn, 48 King, Mary, 71 King, Paul, 135 King , Robert, 135 King, Roy, 135 King, Samuel, 71 King ery, Dorothy, 71 Kinslow, Aaron, 135 Kirksey, Iohn, 135 Kitch, Leo, 97 Kittley, Irene, 48 Kittrell, Don, 73 s, Barbara, 97 Laymance, Winstead, 137 Layton, David, 99 Layton, David, 137 Lea, Mary 'Nell, 48 Leach, Bess, 73 Leathers, lohnny, 48 LeBeau, Frank, 137 Leddy, Lamonte, 137 Lee, Audie, 99 Lee, Billie Bob, 137 Lee, Elvis, 73 Lee, Hinda, 137 Lee, loe T., 99 'Lee, Russel, 137 Lee, Thomas, 73 Leftwich, Iune, 48 Lehman, Edward, 99 Lemley, Troy, 99 Lemon, Dortha, 137 LelMond, Tom, 99 Iverson, Gilbert, 133 Ivey, Glenn, 71 I Iackson, Avery, 133 Iackson, Barbara, 97 lackson, Bertell, 47 lackson, Betty, 47 Iordan, Bloyce, 135 lordan, Hiram, 135 Iordan, Marvin, 135 loyce, Lahoma, 135 ludia, Frank, 71 lury, Maurice, 71 lury, Victor, 71 Karr, Dot, 135 Kauffman, Lewis, 135 Kaufhold, Ross, 97 Keck, Thelma Dee, 135 Keel, Patricia, 135 Keele, Paul, 135 Keeling, Bea, 97 Keen, Patricia, 135 Klaus, Margaret, 97 Kleiner, Neil, 135 Kleinfelder, Charlotte, 97 Kligman, Phillip, 135 Knauer, Mary, 97 Knight, Keith, 135 Knight, William, 135 Knott, Bobbie Alice, 135 Knowles, Bobbie, 97 Knowles, Elizabeth, 135 Knowles, Irene, 48 Kocurek, Ioreen, 97 Kocurek, Peggy loe, 97 Koen, Irene, 48 Koeninger, Dowden, 135 Koerting, Ann, 97 Kruse, Beverly, 135 Leonard, Barbara, 73 Leonard, Betty Io, 49 Leonard, C. V., 137 Leonard, Virginia, 99 Lewis, .Bobbie, 73 Lewis, Glenn, 99 Lewis, lackie, 73 Lewis, lames, 73 Lewis, left, 99 Lewis, Kathryn, 137 Lewis, Kenneth, 49 Lewis, Martha, 99 Lewis, .Mary V., 137 Lewis, Oscar, 137 Lewis, William, 137 Libby Henry, 137 Light,lIack, 99 Liles, Louise, 137 Malouf, 1, l Liles, Mary, 99 Lilly, Bob, 73 Lilly, lohn, 137 Lindsey, Betty, 137 Lindsey, Mary L., 137 Lindsey, Peggy, 73 Link, David, 137 Lipscomb, Millie, 137 Little, Clarence, 49 Lively, Martha, 73 Lively, Patricia, 73 Livingston, Sue, 73 Lobley, Carl, 99 Lochridge, Hugh, 73 Locke, Bert, 73 Lohoefener, Carol, 73 Lokey, Pauline, 73 Long, Billie Lou, 137 Long, Billy lRay, 137 Long, lohn C., 49 Long, Nora Faye, 99 Looney, Garland, 137 L.opez4Cepero, lose R., 49 McDonald, Betty, 73 MaDonald, Elizabeth, 73 McDonald, Fred, 139 McDonald, Helen, 49 McDonald, Pattie, 139 McDonald, Sarah, 50 McDonald, Wayne, 99 Loran, lack, 137 Losler, Don, 137 Lovelace, Bryan, 99 Lovelace, Joe, 137 Lovelace, Mrs. Marilyn, 137 Loveless, Clarence, 99 Loveless, Howard, 73 Loveless, Luther, 49 Lowe, Lenora, 73 Lowrey, Robert, 73 Lowrie, Rita, 99 Lub, Avis, 137 Lubke, Herbert, 73 Luce, Christine, 99 Luck, Billy, 137 Luckett, Ioseph, 73 Ludeke, Iames, 99 Lugenbyhl, Robert, 137 Luke, Harold, 137 Lummus, Donald, 49 Lundberg, Doris, 73 Lusk, Earl, 137 Lutrick, Harvey, 137 Lyle, Don, 137 Mc McAdams, Margie, 137 'MoAlister, Bobby, 137 McAlister, Gilbert, 73 McAllister, Jesse, 49 McAlpine, Billie, 99 MoAnnally, J. 'W., 49 McArthur, Margaret, 137 McCain, Claudie, 137 McCall, Patricia, 99 -McCandless, Henry, 137 McCarty, Elvis, 99 McCarty, Lynn, 73 MaCaskill, Freda, 73 McCasland, Billy, 137 MoCelvey, Dorothy, 99 MoClarney, I. G., 137 MoClarney, Maxye, 49 McClellan, lack, 137 McClellan, Johnny, 137 'MaClellan, Mary Ruth, 73 Mflellan, Roy Lee, 49 McClellan, Wilson, 137 McC1endon, Lougene, 137 1MaCleskey, Venita, 137 McClure, lames, 73 McClure, Modelle, 49 McCollum, Maxine, 99 McCollum, Robert, 99 McComb, Dell, 73 McComb, Ell, 137 McConnell, loel, 137 McCook, James, 99 McCord, Bobby, 137 McCormick, Charlie, 49 McCoy, Gerald, 139 McCoy, Doug, 49 McCraw, Martha, 99 McDonough, Catherine, 139 McDonough, Clifton, 139 MaDuif, Buster, 139 McDuffey, wSamuel, 73 MaElligott, Daniel, 73 McElree, Charles, 99 McElroy, Edgar, 50 McEwen, Mrs. Gertrude, 50 McFadden, Aileen, 50 McFarland, George Ann, 99 McFarland, Grant, 139 McFarland, Iimmie, 139 McFarland, .Louis Jean, 73 'MaFarlinq, Betty, 139 MoGaughey, Mrs. Mary, 50 MaGlaun, Marian, 73 MoGonagill, Frank, 50 MoGough, Doyle, 139 McGowan, Edward, 73 McGowan, lane, 50 McGowan, Robert, 139 McGregor, lean, 50 .McGuire, Merle, 139 McHenry, Mary, 50 Mollray, Diana, 139 Mcllroy, -Dale, 73 MaKaughan, Iohn, 139 McKay, Lafayette, 50 McKay, Lam, 139 McKee, Bill, 99 McKee, lerry, 139 McKenzie, Don, 139 MacKenzie, Horace, 73 McKinzey, Iohn, 139 McKinzie, Jean, 99 -McKnight, Maxey, 50 MaLain, lane, 139 .McLarry, Billy, 99 MoLarry, Elizabeth, 50 McLean, Iohn, 73 MoLeland, Kenneth, 99 MaLendon, Gene, 73 McLeod, Charles, 73 McLeroy, George, 50 MaMahan, Oliver, 73 McMahon, Iames, 50 McManus, R. H., 99 MoMeen, Walter, 139 MaMenamy, Billy, 99 McMillan, William, 139 tMc!Minn, Iohn, 139 MoMullan, lohnnie, 73 -McMurry, Ernest, 139 McNabb, lohn, 139 McNeal, lim, 139 McNeill, Mrs. Irene, 73 McNeill, lean, 139 McNeill, Royce, 99 MoNiel, Boland, 139 McPherson, Clinton, 50 McPherson, Mrs. Wanda, 99 McQuain, Charles, 73 McQueen, Donald, 139 McRae, Donnabel, 139 McRee, Shirley, 73 MoSpadden, Verlene, 99 McWhirter, Glen, 99 McWhorter, Betty, 73 McWhorter, I. A., 99 McWilliams, Donald, 99 McWilliams, Raymond, 50 M Maas, Vera, 73 Mabray, Rhonda, 139 Mabry, Mabeth, 50 Macina, Bob, 73 Mackey, Howell, 139 Maeker, Arnold, 50 Maeker, lRay, 139 Magee, llane, 99 -Magee, Sue, 99 Maggard, Lelah, 139 Maggart, Shirley, 139 Magouirk, Bobby, 139 Mahaifey, Bob, 34 Mahle, Howard, 99 Michaels, Ruth, 51 Middlebrooks, Nona Faye, 51 Middlebrooks, Norma, 51 Miers, Virgil, 51 Mika, Bernie, 51 Miles, Patricia, 75 Millard, Arline, 75 Mallou, Winnie Sue, 139 Malone, Gene, 99 Malone, lames, 99 Malone, Sam, 99 Matilda, 50 Maltby, Donna Marie, 99 Malvica, Sam, 139 Maner, Loreta, 99 Mann, Dwight, 139 Mapes, Clois, 50 Maples, Bennett, 99 Marburger, Glen, 139 Marconi, Gordon, 50 Mardis, Betty, 139 Markham, Frank, 139 Markham, Mary Pearl, 139 Marth, Charles, 139 Miller, Bryan, 75 Miller, Charles, 101 Miller, Doris, 141 Miller, Elizabeth, 141 Miller, Francis, 101 Miller, lo Ann, 141 Miller, Joyce, 141 Miller, Larry, 101 Miller, Laurence, 51 -Miller, Philip, 141 Miller, Robert, 141 Miller, Tinker, 75 Millican, ,Millican, Bill, 101 'loe Bob, 141 Mills, Louis, 141 Mills, lRalph, 141 Mills, Thomas, 141 Milner, Mary, 141 Martin, A. G., 50 Martin, Alton, 73 Martin, Ann, 99 Martin, Betty, 139 Martin, Betty Louise, 139 Martin, Charles, 50 Martin, Clarence, 99 Martin, Clarice, 139 Martin, Elwanda, 139 Martin, Fred, 101 Martin, Geane, 73 Martin, I. W., 139 Martin, Kathleen, 101 Martin, Leona, 139 Martin, Lloyd, 139 Martin, Mary, 139 Martin, Monroe, 101 Martin, Wanda Lee, 139 Martin, -Wesley, 73 Martin, William, 50 Mason, Della, 139 Mason, Marshall, 50 Massey, Nila, 51 Mathers, Samuel, 139 Mathis, William, 139 Matney, Ida, 51 ,Mims, lack, 75 Minchew, jesse, 141 Minor, Carl, 51 Minshew, Clyde, 101 Mitchell, Harold, 141 -Mitchell, John, 75 Mitchell, Mary Alice, 141 Mitchell, Maye, 75 Mitchell, Melvin, 141 Mitchell, W. T., 75 Mock, Mary, 101 Mock, Mozelle, 141 Molony, Mary Ellen, 141 Monk, Olin, 51 Monroe, Hugh, 75 Monroney, Lewis, 141 Montague, Beverly, 51 Montague, Roy, 141 Montgomery, Don, 141 Montgomery, Fred, 75 Montgomery, lames, 101 Montgomery, L. G., 141 Montgomery, Lonie, 141 Montgomery, Neal, 101 Montgomery, Patricia, 141 Montgomery, Pauline, 75 141 Matthews, lackie, 73 Matthews, Olive, 101 Mauldin, Mack, 75 Maxey, Chester, 101 May, Aubrey, 139 May, Bill, 101 Mayes, George, 51 Mayes, Gordon, 101 Mayes, Mrs. loan, 101 Mayes, Mayes, Marion, 51 Wendell, l 0 l Moor, Carol, Moor, Emmett, 141 Moore Bruce 51 Moore: Elvin: 141 Moore, James, 75 Moore, lanet, 101 Moore, lay, 141 Moore, leanne, 101 Moore, lohn, 101 Moore, Kate, 141 -Moore, Lucile, 75 Mayfield, Iames, 139 Mayfield, Ioanne, 101 Maynard, Betty, 75 Meading, Alice Gene, 75 Meador, Joe, 101 Meadors, Cecil, 139 Meadows, Anna, 139 Means, Robert, 101 'Meares, lack, 139 Medlock, Geraldine, 101 Meeks, Mary Elizabeth, 75 Megert, Karl, 139 Megert, Russell, 139 Meier, Bill, 101 Meier, France, 101 Melcher, Margaret, 75 Melton, Buster, 51 Melton, Don, 139 Mendenhall, Robert, 101 Menefee, Emory, 139 Menzler, Ioe Bob, 139 Meredith, Hazel, 139 Meredith, lim, 75 Metcalfe, Rayburn, 141 Moore, Marie, 52 0 ' Moore, Marjorie, 141 Moore, Patrick, 141 Moore, Talmadge, 141 Moran, Henry, 75 Morehead, Marjorie, 75 Moreman, McKay, 141 Moren, Anna, 101 Morgan, Martin, 101 Morris, George, 141 Morris, Harold, 52 Morris, Leo, 75 Morris, Margaret, 141 Morris, Melvin, 141 Morris, Pat, 141 Morris, Robert, 141 Morris, Thalia, 141 Morrison, Don, 141 Morrison, Emma, 101 Morrison, William, 75 Morrison, Wm. S., 52 Moser, Lynn, 141 Moss, Avanelle, 75 Moss, Barbara, 141 Page 416 -Nader, Richard, 101 Osborn, Rice, Page 417 Moss, Hoyle, 101 Moss, 'Nuel, 34 Moss, Perry, 101 Moudy, Lois, 101 Mueller, Jackie, 141 Mullin, Mary Ann, 141 -Mullins, Roland, 141 Munden, Iloy, 141 Murphy, Charles, 75 Murphy, Mary Louise, 141 Murray, Iohn, 101 Murray, Iohn, 141 tMurray, Mary Louise, 141 Murray, Rheuben, 101 Murtishaw, Aileen, 75 Musson, Patti, 141 Myatt, Max, 141 Myers, lack, 141 !Myers, Jocelyn, 52 Myrick, Patricia, 101 N Nail, Paul, 52 Nale, Wayne, 75 Nall, C. W., 101 Nance, Betty, 75 Napier, Floyd, 141 Nash, Annette, 141 lNash, Jerry, 52 Nash, Nell, 141 Nash, Norma, 141 Nash, R obert, 75 Nash, Thomas, 141 Neal, Betty, 101 Neal, Bi ll, 141 Neal, Frank, 75 Neal, Frank, 52 Nowlin, Beryl, 143 Nowlin, Gene, 75 Nowlin, loan, 101 Noyes, Jack, 101 Nugent, W. I., 75 Nugent, Robert, 143 vNunley, Morris, 75 Nunn, Richard, 143 tNunnallee, Mary, 143 Nunnalley, Earnest, 143 Nutt, Wendell, 101 O Oakes, Vernon, 52 O'Banion, Joe, 101 O'Daniel, Ilames, 143 O'Dell, lewell, 143 Olinger, 'William, 52 Oliver, Anita, 101 Olsak, LeRoy, 53 Olson, Norman, 143 O'Neal, Billy, 143 O'Neall, Elbert, 143 O'Nea1l, Nancy, 143 Perry, Carl, 143 Perry, Edward, 143 Perry, Lee tN., 53 Perry Sequoyah, 103 Perusek, Cyril, 34 Peterman, Orren, 143 Peters, Francys, 143 Peterson, Gerald, 143 Peticolas, Warner, 103 Pharr, lames, 103 Pharr, Iewell Alice, 103 Ouebe, Ben, 103 Quebe, 1-lelmuth, 145 R Rabum, O. B, 145 Rahlfs, O. 1-1., 54 Rainer, Robert, 103 Rainey, Elvin, 54 Rains, Calvin, 145 Rains, Reba, 103 O'Neil1, Pat, 101 Oney, Billy, 101 Orr, Bobby, 143 Orr, LaVeme, 143 Orr, Ouida, 75 Orr, Paul, 143 Osborn, Marjorie, 101 Max, 143 Pharrid, Charles, 145 Phillips, Billy, 75 Phillips, 'Mrs. :Eleanor, 103 Phillips, G. L., 145 Phillips, Glenn, 145 Phillips, Howard, 53 Phillips, Merrill, 103 Phillips, Mrs. Nora, 75 Phillips, Samuel, 145 Phillips, Walter, 145 Phillips, William, 103 Phillips, Willis, 53 Pickens, Harold, 103 Pieper, Velma, 145 Pierce, Dean, 103 Pierso n, Eudora, 145 Pindale, lack, 145 Pinkston, Charlene, 103 Pinson, Maxey, 53 Pipkin, Bruce, 53 Pipkin, Nell, 105 Rainwater, Luther, 145 Raley, Bedford, 77 1Ra1ey, Mary Ann, 54 Rambo, Frances, 103 Ramsay, Margaret, 145 Ramsey, Barbara, 77 Ramsey, Gloris, 77 Ramsey, Oliver, 54 Randals, Bennie, 103 Randel, fSherman, 145 Randolph, Ben, 145 Randolph, Bobby, 145 Randolph, Roy, 54 Randolph, Wayne, 145 Range, James, 103 Rantz, Morris, 145 Rather, Eloise, 103 Ratliff, lrma, 145 Ratliff, John, 145 Ratliff, Mary Nan, 103 Osborne, C. -W., 143 Oswald, Mary, 143 Ottmers, Frank, 103 Ousley, Mary'tAnn, 75 Owen, 1. C., 143 Owens, Marjorie, 53 Nebrig, Betty, 141 Neeley, Beth, 75 .Neely, Audna, 141 Neeper, Billy, 141 Neill, G. B., 101 Neill, Robert, 141 Nelson, Nelson Alan, 52 Bill, 141 Nelson: Charles, 141 Nelson, Clara, 143 Nelson, Dorothy, 75 Nelson, Herbert, 143 Nelson, Herman, 101 Nelson, Katherine, 75 Nelson, Virginia, 101 Nelson, Walter, 101 Nelson, Wayne, 143 Nesbit, Buck, 101 Nesbit, lack, 101 Owens, Sue, 143 P Paden, Iammie, 143 Padilla, Iorge, 53 Pardue, Robert, 75 Pardue, Thomas, 75 Parker, lris, 103 Parkhill, lean, 143 Parkinson, Bob, 143 Parks, 1ack, 143 Parner, Buford, 143 Parrack, Dwain, 143 Parrish, Evelyn, 103 Parrish, Kathryn, 103 Parrish, William, 143 Parsley, George, 143 Parsley, Howard, 143 Parsons, Betty, 103 Pirtle, left, 145 Pittman, Gardner, 103 'Plemmons, Alta, 53 Plemmons, O. M., 103 Pliler, George, 145 Plumlee, Odell, 103 Plummer, Loriet, 145 Poer, lim, 103 Pollard, Ianette, 75 Ponce, Elizabeth, 145 Pool, Frank, 103 Rawlings, Mrs. Mary Lou, Rawlings, Robert, 77 Ray, L, L., 103 Ray, Ted, 54 Razousky, Jack, 77 Rea, Louise, 145 Rea, Nancy, 54 Ream, Peggy, 103 Rector, Floyd, 145 Redford, Dixie, 145 .Redus, Hardy, 54 Redus, Ruby, 145 Redwine, Fletcher, 101 Nesmith, lean, 52 Neugebauer, Bernice, 101 Neumeyer, Griffith, 101 Newberry, William, 143 Newell, Evelyn, 101 Newman, Anne, 143 Parsons, lane, 103 Paschall, Rosie, 103 Paterson, Kathryn, 53 Patrick, James, 75 Patterson, Celia, 103 Patterson, Richard, 103 Newton, Alvis, 143 Newton, Doris, 143 Newton, Madison, 52 Nichols, Vivian, 143 Nieman, Orvil, 143 Nislar, lames, 52 Nislar, Ioan, 101 Nix, Garland, 143 Nix, lo Anna, 101 Noble, Mary, 52 Nolan, Gilford, 143 Nolen, Lane, 143 Nolen, Mary Lou, 75 Nordyke, Faye, 75 Patton, Keith, 53 Payne, Bobby, 103 Payne, Doris, 75 Payne, Mary Francis, 143 Payne, Robert, 103 Payne, Stephen, 143 Payne, Veta, 143 Peabody, Ted, 143 Poole, Porter Charles, 75 Betty, 53 Porter, Delphine, 103 Porter, Frank, 75 Porter, Margie, 145 Porter, Mary Helen, 75 Porter, Theda Beth, 75 Poteet , Elmo, 145 Poteet, lean, 103 Potts, Potts, Potts, Powel -Powel Power, 1. QB., 75 Nina, 75 Ruby, 75 1, Dean, 145 1, Lavena, 103 Reed, Elmer, 103 Reed, Gene, 145 Reed, Newell, 103 Reed, Robert, 145 Reed, Verna, 145 Reed, Wayne, 145 Reeder, Farrel, 145 Reevesz Gay, 145 Reeves, Iohn, 77 Reid, Billy Ray, 103 .Reid, Charles, 145 Reid, Dawson, 145 Reid, Earlyne, 54 Reid, Norma Grace, 77 Bill, 53 Prater, Doris, 145 Prater, Evelyn, 53 Price, Betty, 145 Price, Carolyn, 145 Price, Iames, 54 Price, lean, 75 Renick, Maurice, 54 Renner, Betty, 54 Renner, Kenneth R., 77 Reno, Phyllis, 103 Reville, Ola, 54 Reynolds, Charles, 145 Price, Iohnnie, 75 Price, Reuben, 145 Price, Richard, 145 Price, William, 54 Price, Willis, 145 Priebe, Bernadean, 145 Priest, Patsye, 145 Pritchard, Betty, 75 Reynolds, lacquelyn, 103 Reynolds, lames, 145 Reynolds, Ioanne, 145 Reynolds, Leroy, 103 Reynolds, Ralph, 103 Reynolds, Thurman, 145 Reynolds, Weldon, 103 Reynolds, Zackie, 103 Rhinehart, Ethel, 145 Pearce, lessie, 143 Pearcy, Glenn, 143 Pearson, Bobby, 143 Pearson, lo Ann, 75 Pederson, Henry, 53 Pederson, lean, 143 Norman, Charles, 143 Norman, Ella, 75 Norman, Mary, 143 Norred, Iames, 101 Norris, Cecil, 75 Norris, Harold, 101 Norris, loe, 143 Norton, Charles, 143 Norwood, Robert, 101 Penn, Clifton, 143 Penney, lHulin, 75 Perez-V Perham elez, Andres, 143 us, Richard, 75 Perkins, Charles, 103 Perkins, Dwight, 103 Perkins, George, 143 Perkins, lohn, 103 Perkins, Perry, 105 Probasco, Kenneth, 145 Prouty, Ioan, 145 Pruet, Ronald, 103 Pruitt, Don, 145 Puckett, Billie, 103 Pulaski, William, 145 Pullen, Marshall, 75 Puryear, Bill, 103 Putteet, David, 103 Pyburn, Helen, 75 Q Oualia, Francis, 77 Ouattlebaum, Billy, 103 Rhodes, Bobbie lean, 55 Rhodes, Frances, 103 Rhodes, Nolan, 145 Rhodes, Ray, 77 Arthur, 145 Rich, Glynn, 145 Richards, Arnold, 145 Richards, Betty, 103 Richards, Mary, 103 Richardson, Ioe, 145 Richter, Roseann, 145 Riddle, Royce, 55 Rigdon, Robert, 145 Riley, Ianet, 147 5 t 1 l 1 t L E I Rippstein, Albin, 147 Rippy, Helen, 77 Ritch, Thomas, 103 Rivers, Charles, 103 Rivers, lerry, 103 Rivers, Marion, 145 Rivers, Patsy, 77 Roark, Leon, 147 Robbins, Billie, 147 Robbins, Earl, 147 Robbins, Frankie, 147 Robbins, Lee, 55 Roberson, Roberson, lames, 147 Byrdean, 105 Roberts, Cherolyne, 105 Roberts, Clayton, 77 Roberts, Evan, 55 Roberts, Glenna, 147 Roberts, lames, 55 147 Roberts, Roberts, Sue Anne, 147 Roberts, William, 77 Robertson Glenn, 55 Robertson Harry, 147 Robertson lames, 55 Robertson loe, 105 Robertson lohn, 147 Robertson, Mary Helen, Robertson, Wilma, 147 Robin, Marion, 147 Robins, Charles, 105 Robinson, Barbara, 55 Robinson, lack, 55 Robinson, less, 55 Robinson, loseph, 147 4Robinson, Richard, 105 Robison, Betty, 105 Robison, Pat, 105 Roby, Wayne, 55 Rodgers, George, 147 Rodgers, Geraldine, 147 Rodgers, lames, 147 Rodriguez, Guido, 77 Roe, Charles, 77 Rogers, -Doyle, 147 Rogers, Fred, 147 Rogers, Marshall, 147 Roland, Ramona, 105 Rollins, Tom, 55 Romine, lohn, 55 Root, Trent C., 105 Roper, Robert, 77 Rose, Austin, 147 lRosenbaum, larnes, 55 Ross, lames, 105 Ross, luanita, 147 Ross, Mary, 55 Rosser, Billy, 77 Rothwell, L. D., 147 Rothwell, Raymond, 105 Rountree, Winston, 147 Rowan, Effie, 147 Rowland, Clarence, 105 Rownd, Howard, 105 Roy, Ioe, 147 Royalty, Iune, 56 Ruiz Galarza, 147 Rummel, Robert Lee, 147 Rush, Billy Wayne, 147 Rush, lim, 105 Rush, Winfred, 147 Russell, Carl, 147 Russell, Eugene, 56 Russell, Peggy, 147 tRussell, tRalph, 147 Rutherford, Bobby, 147 Rutledge, Mavis, 56 Ryals, B. G., 147 Ryan, Beth Ann, 147 Ryan, Betty, 147 Ryan, T. Moffett, 56 S Saage, Virginia, 105 Sachse, Virginia, 147 Saddler, Floyd, 105 Sadler, Russell, 105 Sageser, Martha Lou, 77 Sales, A. I., 147 Sales, 'Lois, 56 Sammons, lames, 147 Sanders, Doyle, 105 Sanders, Hooper, 105 Sanders, lames, 105 Sanders, ll... I., 147 Sanders, Margie L., 147 Sanders, Terry, 77 Sandlin, Bryce, 147 Sands, Dorothy, 147 Sarles, Lou Ann, 147 Sartor, Raymond, 56 Saver, William, 147 Sawyer, Ioy, 105 Sayers, Bill, 147 Sayre, Donald, 147 Scaling, Richard, 105 Scarborough, Doris, 147 Scarborough, Tom, 105 Schafer, Gene, 105 Schefft, Wesley, 147 Schmidt, Bobbie, 147 Schmidt, Carl, 105 Schmidt, Elizabeth, 56 Schmidt, Howard, 105 Schoeffler, Carl, 147 Schooley, Dorman, 77 Schoppa, Paul, 147 Schreier, Rosalyn, 105 Schudell, Norma, 105 Schuette, R. l., 147 Schuler, lean, 147 Schulky, Betty, 147 Schulz, Earl, 105 Schulze, Max, 77 Schuster, Wilford, 105 Schuster, W'illie, 147 Schwartz, Henry, 56 Scott, Barbara Ann, 147 Scott, H. C., 147 Scott, Una, 147 Scott, Wallace, 147 Scudclay, Edwin, 77 Seaman, Betty, 55 Sears, Earl, 56 Sears, Ernest, 1117 Seay, Betty, 105 Segulia, Zora, l'l5 Self, Robert, 149 Self, Sammy, 149 Selke, Billy, 149 Selke, Glennon, 149 Sentell, Frances, 149 Sessums, Iohn, 77 Setliff, Bennie, 149 Setliff, Duane, 149 Settle, Aaron, 149 Settle, Rosa Marie, 149 Sever, Iames, 149 Seyler, Iohn-anna. 77 Shaffer, Garmer, 77 Shahan, Arthur, 56 Sharman, Grant, 56 Sharp, Billy, 77 Sharp, Lyndall, 149 Shaver, Douglas, 56 Sherrill, Charles, 105 Sherrod, Carol, 105 Shield, Frank, 149 Shinn, lorene, 149 Shires, Lola -Beth, 149 Shirley, Henry, 105 Shoemaker, Eloise, 77 Shatner, Wanda lean, 149 Shook, Tommy, 105 Short, Donald, 77 Short, Ernestine, 77 Shoults, limmie, 105 Shrum, Bobbie, 149 Shuman, lRobert, 149 Shumate, Clifton, 149 Shumate, Eldean, 149 Sides, Ben C., 57 Sides, lames E., 149 Sides, lerry, 105 Sides, Lawton, 149 Siewert, Richard, 105 Silamn, limmie, 105 Simmons, loel, 57 Simmons, Ray, 149 Simmons, 4Roy, 77 Simms, George Ann, 77 Simpson, Bill, 149 Simpson, Fred, 57 Simpson, lames, 77 Simpson, lulian, 105 Sims, Darrell, 105 Sinclair, Frank, 105 Sires, lean, 149 Sittel, Paula lean, 105 Sitton, Peggy, 149 Skinner, Jane, 149 Slagel, Bette, 105 Slappey, PGQQY, 105 Slater, Alice, 77 Slater, Wayne, 75 Slaughter, Don, 149 Sloan, Don, 77 Sloan, Sue, 149 -Slover, Claude, 105 Stover, lean, 57 Small, lacqueline, 105 Smalley, Doris, 105 Smart, Dolores, 77 Smart, leff, 149 Smart, Margaret, 105 Smart, V. C., 57 .Smilie, Patricia, 105 Smith, Albert, 105 Smith, Ann, 105 Smith, 'Don, 149 Smith, Doris, 149 Smith, Edgar, 105 Smith, Edward, 105 Smith, Eunice, 149 Smith, Fern llane, 149 Smith, Floyd, 77 Smith, Forest, 149 Smith, Frank, 149 Smith, Fray, 57 Smith, Genera, 149 Smith, larnes, 57 Smith, lerry, 149 Smith, Ioe T., 57 Smith, lohnnie Mae, 77 Smith, loyce, 105 Shaw, Earnie, 77 Shaw, Elizabeth, 56 Shaw, I. LA., 105 Shaw, Maurice, 149 Shaw, Norman, 34 Shaw, Preston, 105 Shaw, Rodrick, 57 Shaw, Sara, 77 Shearer, Nettie, 149 Sheffield, loel, 149 Shelton, Shelton, Charles, 149 Frances, 149 Shelton, Helen, 105 Shelton, Marshall, 149 Smith, Louise, 149 Smith, Margaret, 149 Smith, Martha Lou, 105 Smith, Martha 57 Smith, Mary F., 77 Smith, Maureen, 57 Smith, Paul, 105 Smith, Peggy, 107 Smith, Sealy, 149 Smith, Stanley, 149 Smith, Sterling, 149 Smith, Theodore, 149 Smith, Victor, 107 Shepherd, Marian, 149 Sheridan, Pat, 149 Sherril, Marvin, 149 Smith, Virginia, 107 Smith, Wanda Lou, 149 Smith, Wayne, 107 Smith, William H., 107 Smithson, Allen, 149 Smoot, Patricia, 77 Smyer, Kathryn, 149 Smyth, Cecil, 149 Smyth, Jerry, 107 Sneed, Bogan, 149 Snelleman, Laurance, 34 Snider, Philip, 107 Snively, Laurence, 34 Snoddy, Hershel, 149 Snodgrass, Bettye, 107 Snodgrass, Billy rloe, 107 Snowden, lack, 107 Snugg, Arnold, 149 Snure, Charles, 57 Snyder, Elmer, 149 Solley, Billy, 149 Somers, Bill, 149 Somers, Helen, 149 Somers, Virginia, 151 Son, Sue, 107 Sonnenburg, Raymond, 151 Sorley, Horace, 151 Sorrells, Ellen, 151 Sorrells, Lucille, 107 Sours, Edith, 151 Southall, Culver, 107 Southall, Eugene, 151 Southall, Roger, 77 Southern, Burwell, 151 Southern, tLee, 151 Sowder, Madison, 107 Spain, lames, 151 Spalding, ll-lenry, 151 Sparks, Loraine, 77 Sparks, Patsy, 77 Spaulding, Barron, 107 Spector, Lee Doris, 151 Speer, Lynn, 107 Speer, Mary Catherine, 107 Speer, William, 151 Spence, Mary Lou, 77 Spencer, Harry, 107 Spivey, Arline, 77 Splawn, Arthur, 151 Spradley, Gloria lane, 151 Spradling, Orville, 107 Spraggins, Patsy, 107 Sprague, Marion, 77 Sprawls, uE. Ray, 151 Sprawls, Henson, 57 Springer, lames, 151 Springer, William, 107 Springstun, Richard, 57 Spurlock, Billie, 151 Squyres, loyce, 151 Srygley, Ann, 107 Stacey, lmogene, 151 Stacey, Phyllis, 151 Stackhouse, Vincent, 151 Stafford, Bill, 151 Stagner, Ellis, 58 Stallings, Iimmy, 107 Stalls, James, 77 Stalls, William, 151 Standefer, iArthur, 151 Standefer, Prather, 58 Stanfield, lean, 151 Stanley, Doris, 151 Stanley, Joyce, 151 Stark, Betty, 151 Stark, O. R., 151 Starkey, Ierry, 151 Starkey, Kathryn, 77 Starkey, Nina, 107 Starnes, Mert, 107 Starr, Charlotte, 151 Statton, Robert, 151 St. Clair, Clyde, 151 St. Clair, lrving, 77 Stebbins, Wesley, 151 Stebritz, Robert, 151 Steele, lames, 151 Steele, I. O., 107 Steger, Luther, 151 Page 418 Layton, 60 Thut, Charles, 153 Page 419 Stence, Henry, 58 Stephens, Betty, 151 Stephens, Kay, 107 Stephens, Patsy, 151 Stephenson, Bill, 151 .Stephenson, Richard, 77 Stepp, Aubrey, 151 Sterne, Kenneth, 151 Stevens, Camille, 107 Stevens, Louis, 77 Stevenson, J. M., 77 Steveso n, Calvin, 151 Stewart, Andrew, 77 Stewart, Billy, 107 Stewart, Charles, 107 Stewart, lack, 58 Stewart ,lames D., 151 Stewart, Mariean, 107 Stewart Stewart , Mary 1l.ou, 58 Oleta 151 Tarkenton, Mickey, 153 Tarrant, Billy, 153 Tarver, Alberta, 107 Tarver, Dorothy, 153 Taylor Aaron, 79 Taylor Adrian, 107 Taylor, Billy, 153 Taylor, Burrell, 79 Taylor, Chauncey, 153 Taylor, Geraldine, 58 Taylor, Harold, 107 Taylor, Howard, 153 Taylor, lames, 107 Taylor, luanda, 79 Taylor, Iuanelle, 153 Taylor, L. B., 153 Taylor, Neva, 58 Taylor, Richard, 59 Taylor, Wade. 153 Taylor, Wm. Melvin, 59 Traverse, Mary Elizabeth, Traverse, Patsy, 109 Trentield, Virginia, 153 Trew, Philip, 153 Trice, Carol, 109 Trimble, Ioe, 153 Trout, Chauncey, 79 Troy, 'Mary V., 59 Tubb, Floyd, 153 Tubb, Robert, 153 Tubbs, Betty, 153 Tucker, Bill, 79 Tucker, Charles, 153 Tune, 1Lamoine, 153 Tunnell, 1-larold, 79 Tunnell, Johnny, 153 Turnbough, Ruth, 59 Turnbow, Horace, 79 Turnbow, Mildred, 153 Turner, Cecil, 109 153 Stiles, Billie Ruth, 151 Stiles, Hooper, 77 Stiles, Nancy, 58 Stillwell, Herbert, 107 Stine, lune, 77 Stinnett, Dorothy, 107 Stinson, Lewis, 107 Stockard, Susan, 77 Stokes, Gerald, 107 Stokes, John, 107 Stokes, Malcolm, 151 Stoltz, lacque, 107 Stoltz, Ierry, 77 Stone, Bonita, 151 Stone, lames, 151 Stout, Patsy, 151 Stovall, Peggy, 151 Stoy, .A. M., 77 Stracener, Hilton, 151 Strain, Robert, 107 Strawn, Douglas, 58 Streger, E. P., 107 Stribling, John, 151 Strickland, I. F., 107 Strickland, Peggy, 151 Stringer, Cleo, 107 Strong, D. Orval, 77 Strong, James, 107 Strother, lanief 58 Stryker, Winnifred, 151 Stuart, Floradare, 107 Stucker, Mary lane, 107 Sturdivant, May, 107 Sturges, Alma, 107 Sturges, Margaret, 107 Sublett, Iames, 77 Sudderth, Frances, 151 Teague, Clarence, 153 Teal, Elizabeth, 79 Teal, 1Naomi, 79 Teeters, Mary Belle, 79 Tennison, Ralph, 153 Terral, Mary, 107 Terral, Reginia, 153 Terrell, lack, 79 Terrell, Joe, 79 Turner, Dorris, 79 Turner, lack, 153 Turner, Lester, 109 Turner, 'l..oyce, 153 Turner, Otis, 109 Turner, Robert, 153 Turner, Woodrow, 79 Turpen, Paul, 153 Tyler, lo Ann, 153 Walker, Randolph, 155 Walker, Su, 79 Walker, William, 60 Wall, George, 79 Wallace, Gilbert, 155 Wallace, Harry, 79 Wallace, lcmies, 155 Walls, Bernadine, 155 Walls, Elwancla, 109 Walrath, Lloyd, 155 Walter, lack, 109 Walthall, Geraldine, 155 Walther, Alice Iune, 155 Walvoord, Mary, 155 Wanner, Jim, 60 Ward, 'Benita flean, 79 Ward, Conrad, 155 Ward, Edgar, 155 Wardroup, Wallace, 109 Ware, Charlie, 155 Ware, Grady, 109 Ware, Mrs. Odessa, 79 Warren, Billy, 155 Warren, George, 79 Wartes, Bennie, 109 Warwick, Nancy, 155 Washburn, Charles, 60 Wassum, Robert, 155 Watkins, Billy, 79 Terry, Bobby Edmond, 107 Terry, Ioe tl.ee, 153 Terry, Martha, 79 Terry, Wanda, 59 Thaxton, lEarnest, 59 Thibodeaux, Arthur, 107 Thielman, Charles, 107 Thieme, Warren, 107 Thigpen, Patsy, 107 Thomas, Betty, 153 Thomas, Betty Jean, 153 Thomas, Corine, 153 Thomas, Curtis, 153 Thomas, Frances, 153 Thomas, Thomas, limmie, 153 loe, 153 Tyler, Robert, 79 Tyson, :Billye Sue, 79 Tyson, Lorene, 34 Tyson, Sue, 109 U Underwood, Horace, 109 Uttz, Polly, 79 V Valdes, Maria, 59 Valliant, Coleen, 153 Vandergriff, Lawrence, 155 Van Meter, Dorothy, 155 Vardeman, Ioy, 109 Vasen, Patricia, 109 Watkins, Dorothy, 109 Watkins, Eugenia, 155 Watkins, lohn, 155 Watkins, Laverne, 155 Watkins, Marydel, 60 Watkins, Robert, 60 Watson, Bob, 79 Watson, 1oRae, 109 Watson, Samuel, 155 Watson, Willie Dee, 155 Watts, Dorothy, 155 Way, Amy Sue, 109 Weaver, Bettye, 79 Webb, Anne, 79 Webb, C. E., 155 Q Webb, Darrell, 155 Webb , Delwin, 155 Webb, Thomas, Lawrence, 153 Thomas, Mary Ruth, 59 Thomason, Roland, 79 Thompson, Adele, 107 Thompson, Charles, 153 Thompson, Iayne, 109 Thompson, Martha, 153 Thompson, Norman, 153 Thompson, Oliver, 153 Thompson, Sue, 59 Thompson, V.t1ack, 153 Sudduth, Bob, 151 Sugarek, Claude, 151 Suggs, Billy, 151 Suits, lerry, 107 Sullivan, Betty, 151 Sullivan, leanette, 151 Sullivan, Mildred, 151 Sullivan, Patrick, 153 Summer, Dorotha, 79 Thompson, Wanda, 79 Thorpe, William, 109 Threadgill, Garland, 159 Threadgill, Mrs. Sue, 109 Thrush, lerry, 153 Thurman, Bill, 79 Thurman, Doris, 109 Thurman, Hollis, 109 Thurman, Martha, 153 Thurman, Pat, 153 Summers, Frank, 153 Sumrall, Edward, 107 Thurman, William, 79 Sundy, Clark, 107 Sutton, Kenneth, 153 Sutton, 'Nannette, 153 Sutton, Roy, 58 Swain, Clifton, 153 Swain, 'Nolen, 107 Tibbets, Billy, 153 Tibbets, LaRue, 109 Tierce, Wayne, 153 Tilger, Billy loe, 153' Tilger, Loys, 59 Timberlake, lean, 153 Vaughan, Charlene, 155 Vaughan, Sherman, 109 Vaughn, Betty, 155 Veazey, loe, 109 Vecera, Paula, 109 Velvin, lames, 155 Verden, Iosephine, 109 Verhyden, Mack, 59 Vermillion, Wm., 60 Verner, Charles, 155 Verner, Wanda, 79 Vernon, Frank, 60 Vestal, Charles, 109 Vicente, lulia, 79 Vick, William, 109 Vickers, Richard, 155 Viertel, Wanda, 79 Visher, Frank, 60 Von Roeder, Carla lean, Von Struve, Henry, 155 Vrooman, Dorothy, 155 W Waddell, lohn, 155 Wade, 'Mary Ellen, 79 Waggener, Noel O., 60 Wagner, Hilmar, 155 109 Swim, Lee Ray, 107 Swindler, Ianet, 153 Swolford, Raymond, 58 Swoiford, Mrs. Sarah, 58 T Tabor, Iohn, 153 Talbott, Ann, 79 Talley, lean, 153 Talmage, Victor, 153 Tankersley, Henry, 107 Tannahill, Clifton, 58 Timmons, Thurman, 153 Timms, Newma, 109 Tims, Henry, 59 Tims, Leatrice, 79 Tippit, lack, 109 Tisdale, Marjorie, 59 Tittsworth, Lem, 79 Tomlison, C. L., 153 Toolen, ll.aura, 109 Toombs, Billy loe, 79 Towns, Virginia, 109 Trainer, lamie, 59 Wagnon Wagnon Wagnon , Dixon, 109 , Patsy, 109 Wynelle, 60 weld, Lewis, 109 Walden, Walden, Walden, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Dolores, 79 Glenna, 155 Ray, 109 Arvie, 79 lack, 155 lack, 60 lames, 109 L. C., 109 L. C., 155 Weber, lo Ann, 155 Webster, W. B., 155 Weddle, Bob, 60 Weekes, Lois, 79 Weeks, Marguerite, 109 Weems, Wanda, 155 Weier, Ambrose, 109 Weiss, Peggy, 60 Welch, lrvin, 155 Welch, Louis, 155 Welch, Mary, 109 Wellborn, Estelle, 109 Wellman, Beverly, 155 Wellman, Billie, 155 Wells, Bob, 155 Wells, Del, 155 Wells, lames, 155 Wells, lohn, 109 Werhan, Glenn, 60 West, George, 79 West, Mrs. Hazel, 155 West, lim, 155 West, Richard, 109 Wester, Louis, 155 Westerman, Roland, 155 Wheat, Doris, 155 Wheatley, loe, 155 Wheeler, Carol, 155 Wheeler, l. A., 155 Wheeler, lohn, 61 Wheeler, Wilma, 109 Wheelock, Carter, 155 Wheelock, Mrs. Ernestine 34 Whipple, Charlene, 61 Whitacre, Sylvia, 155 Whitby, Aline, 109 White, Betty, 155 White, Bettye, 109 White, Dorothy, 109 White, Douglas, 109 White, Guy, 109 White, 'Henry, 155 White, Herbert, 155 White, lack, 109 White, Jack, 155 White, Kenneth, 155 White, 1LotDot, 79 White, Newell, 155 White, Robert, 157 White, Robert, 155 White, Ted, 109 White, Thomas, 79 Yeats, Austin, 157 Whited, Ernest, 157 Whiteside, John, 157 Whitesides, Ed, 61 Whitley, Iosibel, 157 Whittaker, Charlotte, 157 Whitten, Marion, 109 Whitwell, Marie, 79 Whitworth, Billie, 109 Wiese, Ellen, 109 Wiggins, Iefferson, 157 Wilde, Gladys, 70 Wiley, Charles, 61 Wiley, Duval, 79 Wllkln Woods Wiley, Genelle, 157 WileY, James, 109 Wiley, Kenneth, 109 S, 1H. T., Wilson, Carrol, 79 Wilkinson, -Dick, 157 Wilkinson, lRita, 61 Willbanks, Richard, 157 Willett, ll-Rogers, 61 Williams, Allyne, 157 Williams, Audrey, 61 Williams, 1Bettye, 157 Williams, Bill, 157 Williams, Bobby, 157 Williams, Clyde, 79 Williams, David, 61 Williams, Emmelyne, 61 Williams, Glynna, 79 Williams, Harold, 109 Williams, Jack, 157 Williams, Mrs. Jo Anne, 109 Williams Williams Williams 1. P., 157 , Lavern, 79 -Marjorie, 157 Williams Peggy, 79 Williams Randolph, 157 Williams R. L., 109 Williams Robert, lll Williams aRoy, 61 Williams, T. H., 157 Williams, Victor, 61 Williams, William, lll Williamson, Guinn, 61 Willingham, Andrew, lll Willingham, Barton, 61 Willingham, Rex, 157 Willingham, Welborn, lll Willis, Wilson, Iune, 79 Wilson, Louise, 157 Wilson, Lynn, 157 Wilson, Mamie Lou, 157 Wilson, Nancy, lll Wilson, Oran, 79 Wilson, Terry, 79 Wimberly, Lois, 157 Winder, Billy, 157 Winders, Io, 79 Winkler, Bernie, 79 Winn, Mary, 157 Wiseman, Alice, 79 Withers, LR. L., lll Witt, larvis, lll Witty, Kathryn, 157 Wofford, Douglas, 157 Wolff, Dick, 157 Womack, Dorothy, 157 Wright Beverly, 157 Wright Billie, 157 Wright, Billy, 157 Wright Catherine, 111 Wright Connie, 34 Wright, Elwood, 80 Wright, 'Floyd, lll Wright, Iames, 80 Wright, Jerry, 157 Bobbie iM., lll Willis, Kenneth, 111 Willis, Mildred, 157 Willis, -Nelda, 157 Wilmoth, George, 79 Wilson, tBen, 157 Wilson Wilson , Bill, 157 , Billy, 157 Wilson, Earl, 157 Wilson, George H., 157 Wilson, loe, 157 Wood, Annie loe, 157 Wood, Billy, 157 Wood, Dean, lll Wood, George, lll Wood, lean, 79 Wood, O. W., 157 Wood, Wendell, 79 Wood, W. T., lll Woodruff, Glenn, 61 Woods, Boyce, 157 Woods Woods . Delmer, 61 , Mrs. Margy, 34 , eMarrion, 157 Woods, Warren, 80 Wright, Vaughn D., 80 Wylie, Robert, lll Wynn, Betty, 80 Y Yates, Alma, 157 Yeager, Donnie, 111 Yeary, 'Elizabeth Ann, 157 Yeats, George, lll Yocum, loyce, lll York, Betty, lll Young, Binnie, 80 Young, Carl, 61 Young, Emma, 157 Young, Young, Iames, 80 Nell, 157 Woodward, Karl, 157 Woolsey, Alice, 157 Worrell, Betty, 157 Young, Norris, 157 Young, Virginia, 61 Z Zanowick, Paul, lll Zeleny, Donald, 80 Zellner, Iulian, 61 Ziegler, Thad, 157 Zimmerman, Thelma, lll Zoller, Marvin, lll Page 420

Suggestions in the Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) collection:

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