Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX)

 - Class of 1942

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Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 380 of the 1942 volume:

fN The 1942 Hzglylzglafs Issue of Lal Ventana QQWT' ummm 'M M- ummm -5'-'frm WNW' , , mm H... Wm M ' 'A ls Elm. ...7 f , J if" w Wwe 2? MZ, X942 A. I. KEMP ...... Editor ARTHUR I. WEBER . Business Manager KARA HUNSUCKER . Associate Editor ,fa Mk f ' ' V , r . - T AT A! . N ft-'T ' - . ffsrzzftf-413W " i' '2- - 5- -fd-ffm? -Sa'-:V f :ez-F-ffl Q wif" , .. f . . . those former Texas Tech students who are 'f , ' . . . now in the armed services of the United States. To ,. . . . iii those on land, in the air and on the sea who are in- " "3 A . Y I i strumental in an effort to make secure the educa- ' 5 g 1, tional opportunities, the social and economic wel- fare, and democracy that Texas Tech has lonq held l . Q .1 - so hiah. ,f 335-114 , Y-liz!!! A 1 ,...iv wi, su! i' f -.rliiiif tn ' . -- LEE: ,el " ' . 12:33-Y Ali. :L ggi. -::.'-" ' 4 -M1-kr, .15 .- -.- I-C!! iQf:?iiQij-c':--. mf ii? .:.-fue?-' 4,.zgg.f:t:,g-1' -s Qf1?'?5a2ff51-.qu .. -f .-1 .sf -Y it X its-. E.,-1.W,-.,:-..'-,-'f-.." -, . SEQ J"'-:gif-.---gf aww-Q. -favs-if 'iigzgsf 51:-Mi-if f' u im-arf X 2 ff-,z V "1 .- t T . if y Those "Techsans in Uniform" are Texas Tech's first line of defense, for it is they who once lived Tech and loved it. To them We are indebted for its traditions and for its life blood. Those who once were "the front" for an educational institution which stands as a monument of their character, their lives and their very thouqhts are now standard bearers for its survival. Techsans Whose names have become synony- mous with the word "Tech" itself are now makinq history. We have felt the effects of their existence before as students of Texas Tech. Now once again their actions become the object of our observations. So it is to those who emerged from the classroom to the battlefield- with all the zeal and courage of any Texan, that we dedicate this 17th volume of , l . QV . 1. f -ft . rl fx... .. ,, 'msg st . L P . ligyiill -5 ,HS -'fi-1 LA VEN ANA Qian, "1-' - , - ' - Par' .livtiltgllssa-4' .Z-55's"5ivi5zb. . RTX: ' f A 'Wt' 'wwff Swift-f3rI1g4:gk1ii:-.??'4 ' ' "-.-f-IES:-' f'st,esf.vi'.'f?4.-. Q . . - H " 'W . ' Lew . ge.-t ' .- 1-15:H,if?93' . ' , , sw-+A. .3--2 " ' A " ' - . " 1, .-555 9-" ' ---21-rzlpiin-,.. 1 ' A -"' 1 ' . .wish--. . 'df-.W ,-4+ aER?E'i9?i3E',, -- ,.5,g-- , ,. ,pw-H11-f "K l.-,-3-s-ts4:.iz.,Qg..5.g., --l- '- W -'ffvm'-1-.f.t:e24a-- ' .if:4e:f-:1'm:,'--5-.f'.z.-:-'f1f1ff-'-'Rise' ,. .. ' ,.,j-eI,gze,i. . H A -5:-gsgg f 3 2EfV?f'it1'f'ffr?-fl-A't:"ff'1-a -2. '- ,,-.-., . ., -i--f56i11'.:vu:, Q-,:,,,:,,QL-'gif E'-3?-5i"'::'-" 2?'9fS1fWs5, " ' " - ' ' - A .qqf.l,2g .. Q ,...,,,.. t as--g.:s.g12g.525,isniiif-'mf-.-a., iw,-smnszqsrl..f,:. K.-:ig-up-v,MiiT.qw-f Gigli? we' M.-'S 5.5.1- zu ' E3'f'??if i, S1i - " Y ...-,..:--.-1V-:-ff-Zeus-ifmkfw5'Wf'fi5gEis,1.5xq.1taltii:s.aH,4,mi,W V Y. ".-Rf-5 gr---" " - ' J,:.1:- -A-uf .-.f .--..,...,,-.-.....v .. - - , 'bv' "Kr ' , . ' ' LMT- - . -was ' 'aw' ' Wi' . ., ,. ' ' -, """"' '-'Y -'15NN+s?t-4'-,Sw . !"'5 -. .. . 1 , "5f.l7iL:iiia:w4t:"' - - . .. 'f,..,5-fiffwrtif ff-YT . 1.i.zff:ff- , 1- .., . 3g!'9F't"' 3 - ' .4 - . - ' r . 'Nr .. ffff-'f-A-Jr-sff,.f:ff-.f-f.iv2+'1"L+ 1 5 M ' . 'i,'.'fff'f4ief--at-"5 :swf .. . . ,. - ,., .. ' W' H:P't mm.. ' f'-"iw ' --wwf, my ,' t'fff.',:rafip. . 'f -1-.ws Q- ., +:-s3i,s7f:st,,-fwaffwrs--'frfeikfufevffw-gff-'HSS-ftrp.-:fu-gfrih, Sisfiz. --,...,' ,,.,,,-,. .wqfr . . sf. MN: A . t .. ,N 41,-iff-w.,..,,,...1:-..-,...... Y N ...,--.-. . 1. Q-.,,.t-,-sg, . ..-2,41 ' ' Y'-' f--wars. ' ' K' we fi., '- " f-"' ' " - 'ri " -iw'--'1f'e-:Es-'..:11-.-:f.: ,--'f-.a-2.:'c",7-'-'Asrw 'inf'-1-1-"-1' fL5SB'3'v-.. "1'-f-f'-.w---f"'1.d5- ' . .. -mf'f-eKT"'-f- Vi.-:-rt:-" --ix ' ,. F ' " ' M if t 't 1, . . 7'tN"W"f ' i T' . ' ' H K .tl -2.-1 v.:..v.., if-.12w" we?--'W'-1'ff::sikkf::31's-'-'- ! : .f . 1, . . ft-,fwfr 1 1 mCn--::Emi11- zfvi' LQ, .. . 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'K f Eli- N. fm my J , L X r 9, , tr' Q . vi C, 1' 2 X f' A ,il T .QQ . -lil, 'J X ., pu... -:1rfrx.ff::C:'m'5'?'?' 5 ,..5L.-.Vu , .. S, -Y-Eufieiyisgzg -E:zf55,,m'If-mifgef-"if, ......gg,Vw Climaxing a year full of outstanding events, both on the campus and in world affairs, it is nothing but proper that the 1942 LA VENTANA be christened the "l-IIGHLIGHT EDITION." The staff of LA VENTANA has endeavored to present Texas Tech just as it has been during a year in which our country declared War. We have tried not to over-emphasize the effect of the War upon the campus but to present our activities here just as they have occurred, most of them unhampered by the influence of World affairs. We have given the introduction to the book a theme which we feel can be left as a marker for the big event of 1942. The rest of the book we have taken away from this theme into a panorama of highlights in campus events alone. We have made an effort to represent every phase of campus life. It is our hope that this book, your book, will serve as a reminder to you of the "Highlights of l942" and the pattern that they have made to form a part of your life at Texas Tech. ,ip ,,. f WA ..... ,. . If , -- V ,f . ,A- k . . V ,'f-.-wi-1.,i..,-1 'lt :,is.i-1.54, -1' ,.- v R. . x ,t r.a:.w:fe3.,,a,f.,,.-,. f. J' .' its-'rr V-,-1-r. . ' 1 ..Ef"' ., .? :fit :i.,55 , A '?i-fff5E-1Z.'.-.-q,.,- i A' " . f'...if'f1I915:l.' -J s-'ff 'wud-V6 - t wgiiiil , V- , . ., ,. frcearfai-'Q-,i',55453635 , .. , ..,., . ,W Q 34. f M We . ,T V.-T112 i ie - . V4 - gifeaifkg-115:-1 ff:- - '- 1-fs Ama- 1.,-se' rr. .2 -..g-ggi' fx. tgifk ' .- ' ' ftfff r :Vic .ss EV-' 'Til' ,' fx .-I ,. ggi I 1 F' G W2 ' , Y, ,li 'A T X . J , a Y , I R . ., . ,... . F95--1 w 'f r V, . Q pm, .Q V, , ew V, A' '- :ff ff.. f-5 ' .,-:ls ' at ' gu y.: My' fs - '-- -- :. 52.159 , " ri " grail:-'. 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CSS Qvfh 'fjnilid 55229 Ser Killed n plane crash at Lubbock, Editors Note: Information September 21' bout other students who have ' ' ded in the armed services was l ' t available at the time the y b k went to press.l . 911: ,f 11 W y,,1,' g5111'1i11:w 1-A L' .115-121.-,j1,g511 1 3,111.1 1 111119 1, 93,15 :.2.i'1:7f1 "'.'i"V1: ,1 111 -z?ff14?11.1 ' 1'.1 11f:Q.1-W1 WA., 1 f 1 .1 71, lg.. . I 41.121, .5'kJ2'1 'ii' ff 5.f1114lQii.j?241gj.155112-1-, -- 111, e.11f.,rf11,m1,11.:,,,71? ' ' 'fu-Y 'if '1,1'fff'51Z1s1f2 F31 mi ,.1 IW 51 ,g1:g55,:.1 VF! ,:15e14::' 1 1L111111121.193.11.211-i211a'1 ' ' ,'1,Q!,,-MVP '51-kfr? 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V if 1 Al Y 3 -gg .wi gm.-,r rfaewzi-:M f:f:'ewg.- Y :z1ggz?gf,f 'J 'P KM, y-,1+,',41. fX2't2Qf3?y?5zE5 wi, Q ,. 52 Af ,qw .,N,L, 9.5, :','a:1f:giiQ4 .H-Exif-rsh 13 V. .X1, ,,1,, .TW 1' ,swf ,. ., .,f Mp- ,,",4wJ. ,,,, 1.-1 qw.,-,, fpafiiqwwfz , ,MM ,af , M' PQ' V 1 X. ,,:,: g 5 - ':: :,.--: , - fig ::A2 gs? 3 W sg, ? 'E i -k' f E , 7' K ,W 4:- 5 u --,-: E x 1- fn M1 as g if E E le 2 i 1 x w E E S Af gs 3 RL n Q EF as 25 Q ZA 9 25 E A is ii 95 if ff 95 3 5 5 K, 34 5 QQ 2 fi ii E3 ii P3 if 3 A gl Q Q E5 fs Fi Q? 5. as Q EH 3 ft' E EQ Q1 ,A 32 S iff 35 E A, 'Ze E :Q fa 5, .Le if ts if X, xy 3 S 3 S ,X as .Si Q, 'Ai E3 5 Q? of 1 H, Q As fi Q Al I-...-. .A ., A, .W ,..,h..A, ,A A ,. ,A . .WA .,A, ,. ..,. A ..,. Aw. A,AA W., ., AA A..,, .,,,. AA .A, ., ,.,,AAA,,,.A,,,-A .,,AAA ,WMA-,.,,A .A W,-,AVAA A. ,,-.V .A ., .A , .W w,,AA,A .,,A --M A ,AAA W. A.. V. ,,...,,., AWA ,A W . fm.. ,A A.. A f., AWA V, A ,A W.. ,.,AA,A, A , AA. ,, ..,.,,AA,, ..,,..,, ..,,.,AA, .A . , AA A , A , W H s CONTENTS Administrative Council Board of Directors Administrative Offices , Student Council Deans Department Heads Hubert L. Burgess, Cashier and Bookkeeper. President Jones addresses year's opening conv Audilor G. W. McCleary holds consul+a'rion Regislrar W. P. Clemenl' a+ his desk. Purchasing Agenl' S. T. Cummings gives wi+h his secrelary, Jimmie Van Landis. insfrucfions +o EmmeH' Wood. Dr. H. L. Kenf, assislanf +o 'I'he presi- den+, glances over one of his many dufies. Business Manager W. T. Gaslon diclales lo his secre'l'ary, Mrs. Verna Alder. vat i TE mr , ri rr it 'Aff ' F l 1 M A lt- A , 52 ,V-, ti- Q' W.-his-, - 5 ii li , . -J VW il tl 'I ' 2' 1 'Tl ww at 'f'7l'l?-lt 1? , Ln'l'1if-H152 ' lztll till- 25" 'Entre .lr EL1t.iil.l,rl.JitiiL f JJ, Li zhllllihull Under the eiiicient administrative leadership oi President Cliiiord B. lones, Tech has enjoyed four years of inspired progressive growth. A member of the Board oi Directors since the college was established and chairman of the board for ll years, President Iones took over executive duties at Tech in February oi l939. Prior to l939 Dr. lones was manager oi the Swenson Cattle lnterest. Adapted to this country and his Work here, he came to West Texas in l9ll. President lones was one oi the organizers oi the West Texas Chamber oi Com- merce and has always been active in civic aiiairs. Mark McGee, Chanslor Weymoufhg Charles C. Thompson, vice-chairman and 'lreasurerg Presideni' Clifford B. Jones: W. T. Gasfon, secre+aryp Milburn McCar+yg A. J. Riddle and Spencer A. Wells, chairman. Members noi' picfuredz John B. Collier, Jr., L. L. Sleele and Karl Hoblilzelle. Presidenl' Clifford B. Jones, Elizabelh H. Wes+, O. V. Adams, Fred W. Sparks, James G. Allen, J. F. McDonald, W. C. Holden, A. H. Leidigh, Mrs. Mary W. Doak, James M. Gordon, Margarei' W. Weeks, W. P. Clemenl' and Harry L. Ken'l'. Siudenl' Body Presideni Harold Thompson Below, lefi' +o rigl1+: STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Huberi' Moseley, EvereH' Dale, Reuby Tom Rhodes, Kenneih Robbins, Dennis Feigenspan, Glynn lBucll Barnes and Billy Beaver. Above, lefl' +o rigl1'r: STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: James S+okes, Opal Thacker, Homer York, Jerry Beavers, George Hedrick, Dorofhy Burion, Paul Redding and A Raymond Goodrich. STUDE T EDU EIL BOB BANDEEN HAYNES BAUMGARDNER MARGUERITE BRANNEN TOM DOUGLASS Sfudenl' Council Business Sfudenl' Council Vice-Presideni Siudenl' Council Secrefary S+uden'r Represen+ai'ive 'I'o Manager A'I'hle+ic Council Mrs. Virginia Snelling, purchasing office clerk. Mary Snyder and Marjorie Sneed ai' work in 'fhe business office. Mrs. Nell Marfin and Ed Graff deal wifh requisifion problems in fhe purchasing office. Pounding fhe fypewrifer is Flossie Burk- holder, cashier and bookkeeper. Kennefh Bowman, Wallace Wood ancl Charlene King spend endless hours a+ purchasing office fypewrifers. Mary Jo Cole 'fakes care of secrefarial clufies. Secrefary 'fo Regisfrar Mrs. Jean Jenkins, af her desk. Mrs. Eleanor Earnesf, Mrs. Genevieve Caldwell and Rozelle King fhumb hun- dreds of cards in 'fhe informafion office. La Verdana Cameraman finds Mrs. Loucille Thompson and Evelyn Clewell af desk work in regisfrar's office. Ruby Jo Popejoy and Edna Lou Prange confer in fhe pre-siden1"s office. Lucile Robinson, secrefary fo 'rhe Presidenf, and Charles Briffon carry on office dufies. Thelma Payne in fhe regis'rrar's office. l A. H. Leidigh, Dean of Agriculfure Margare+ W. Weeks, Dean of Home Economics Meow. -.,,. -, .. W, ,......,. fd , r 1 e -- ly 1 FZ 5 1: 2 cg V" r nv w ' 1 me P 'Il ,., u L .4 L, If gf-- j - . , del QQ? IKTNN-J Ar T f"""fiT:if .,g1,gIfi.4 U -i M ,X J 3 ws rw 3 5 x....AJ James M. Gordon, Dean of Arfs and Sciences James G. Allen, Dean of Men R. C. Goodwin, Dean of Gracluaie Division Mrs. Mary W. Doak, Dean of Women O. V. Adams, Dean of Engineering . Above: James Harold Murdough, Pro- fessor and Head Deparfmenf of Civil Engineering Above: Oscar Allen Sf. Clair, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of lndusfrial Engineering and Engineering Drawing Above: C. M. Sfanley, Jr., Professor and Head Deparf- menf of Texfile Engineering. A+ righf: Charles Vicfor Bullen, Professor and Head Deparfmenl' of Elecfrical Engineering 1 , + 9 1 l I islss 'Y :ff 'Xv' f lil A 5,1 .N -.4. ... i..,.s, nm.,- Above: Florian Arihur Kleinschmidl, Professor and Above: Colonel H. A. Finch, Professor of Mililary Science and Taciics Head Deparfmeni' of Arcl1i'I'eci'ure and Allied Ar'I's. Above Leroy Thompson PaH'on Professor and Head Deparrmeni' of Geology and Perroleum Engineering. A'I' right Harry Frederick Godeke, Professor and Head Depar'l'rnen'I' of Mechanical Engineering Above: Arfhur W. Young, Professor of Agronomy and Head Deparfmenf of Planf lnclusfry 5 , of E T -Q! Tl ' E -el Wfdil fl l ful M te 1 'Y f' fd' Y 2 w 1 M' .gl ,Q Above in upper corner: Ray Leon Chappelle, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Agriculfural Educafion. Above Elmer Leon McBride, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Agriculfural Economics. Af righf: Kennefln Miller Ren ner, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Dairy Manufacfurers oove: Wenzel Louis Sfangel, Professor and Head Deparlmenl' of Animal Husbandry -1,--sg fs- sp-is-V , 1 ,. I, , , Above in upper corner: Ada Vivian Johnson, Professor and Head Depar+men'I' of Home Economics Educafion. Above: lviarfye Poindexier, Professor and Head Deparf- meni' of Applied Ar+s. A+ leH: Mabel Deane Erwin, Professor and Head Deparlmenl' of Clofhing and Texliles Below: J. F. McDonald, Direcior of Exlension Above: James Newlon Michie, Pro sor and Head Deparimenf of Mafhemaiics 'Fes- - Above: Jonnie Hemphill McCrery, Professor and Head Deparfmenl of Foods and Nu+ri+ion. Ai' rigl1+: Sannie Callan, Professor and Head Deparfmeni' of Child Developmeni' and Family Relalions Below: Julien Paul Blifz, Professor and Head Depar'rmen+ of Music Above: William Curry Holden, Profes- sor and Head Depar+men'r of Hisrory and Anflnropology K Above: Annalfi Jo Pencllelon, Professor and Head Deparimenl' of Speech. Ai' leH: Charles Blaise Qualia, Professor and Head Deparfmeni' of Foreign Languages Above: Hardison Cecil Pender, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Governmenf Above: Enoch Franklin George, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Physics Above: John Orval Ellsworfh, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Economics and Business Adminisfra- fion. Af righfz William'Bryan Gafes, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of English Above: Arfhur Wilson Evans, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Educafion and Psychology Above Cecil Horne Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Journalism Above: Johnnye Gilkerson Langford, Associafe Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Physical Edu- cafion for Women. Af leff: Richard Arfhur Sfudhalfer, Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Biology 41 CONTENTS Graduates Seniors luniers Sophemeres Freshmen wwww Aggie sfudenis learn fo judge dairy caH'le. Typical freshman, Slime Johnnie Mariin Corinne Abney, Frances Ford and Palsy Dairy manufacruring sludenfs 'l'es'l milk Freshmen and sophomores clash in Baker slave in drawing lab. in lalooralory. +radi+ional flag pole 'Fight Sophomore Prexy James Slolces be- s'rows crown on Queen Louise Lewis a+ Sophomore Hodge Podge. Enjoying +he sun, srudenfs awaii' class 'l'ime in froni' of new Press building. Charlotte Ballow ....... Levelland Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Vivan H. Britton ........ Delwin Senate, l. R. C., Philosophical Society, Sociol- ogy, B. A., Alpha Chi. Paul Castleberry ....... Dalhart Pre-Law, Alpha Chi, I. R. C., Pi Sigma Alpha. Iamie Caviness ....... I-lurlwood Aggie, Block and Bridle, F. F. A. Mary Io Coe ........ Lubbock Capa y Espada, W. A. A., French. Roberta Marie George . . . Lubbock LA VENTANA STAFF. T. B. Hicks . . . Snyder Aggie, F. F. A. Doris Hopping . . Lubbock Buster Houston . . Fort Worth Double T. Ronald McCoy ...... l-lardesty, Okla. Plant lndustry, Aggie, Science. Harland. Soper ..... Emmetsburg, Iowa Sec. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Howard Wilkowske ....... Athens Aggie, Dairy, Science, American Chem. So- ciety, lunior and Senior Dairy Products Iudging Team. Marie Yarbrough . . Galveston BRAD ATES Professor W. M. Slagle keeps a watchful eye on chemistry lab students at work. Senior Class Presideni Raymond Goodrich: Marioray Ridley, secretary: and V1ce President Iohnny Phillips WI 'SE 'TTFYMWE 71 QT if 'M W W la l l WE L V' ll K1 if ,sh s. 1.3. .33 5. mx ' ll l lf llhl lg-Q u 1, l H I3 ,Ag,.,6Tf ug Q B1 l l N QE-L Q z l QI bg Qv' - " N rn? Darlene Abel ........ Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Gargoyle Engr. So- ciety. Ioe Allbright ......... Loraine B. S. in Physical Education, Double T. Iames Allen ........ Hale Center B. B. A., Pres. Centaur, Business Ad. Kenneth Allen ........ Quail B. S. in Vocational Agriculture, Historian F. F. A., Aggie, Alpha Chi. Marie Allen . . . . Lubbock B. S. in Education. Robert T. Allen ..... . Lubbock B. S. in Chemistry, Centaur. George L. Arensman ....... Irving B. S. in Industrial Engr., Newman, Industrial Engr. Society. Fred Armstrong ........ Pecos B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E. Monterey Ashley ..... Melrose, N. M. B. S. in General Home Ec., B. S. U. Council, Home Ec. Mack Atcheson ....... Lubbock B. S. in Chem. Engr., Pres. Engr. Society, A. l. Ch. E., Tau Beta Pi, S. A. M. E., Officers' Club Alpha Chi. Loyce Baillio ....... . . Boby B. S. in Physical Education, Double T, Kemas. Tyrus Bain ......... Mexia B. S. in Physical Education, Double T. Dorothy Baker ...... . Lubbock B. S. in Public School Music. Mrs. Mary Lois Baker ...... Cleburne B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Home Ec. Elizabeth Baldwin ....... Slaton B. S. in Chemistry, Secy. A. C. S. SEIU Dorothy Hawkins smiles happily down from her high horse and prepares for a ride. HS Rusty Brown, Iva Ella Brannen. Ierold Knox. Dorothy Hawkins. and Mary Iarrott seem ac- customed to the camera as they develop pictures in photography lab. Geraldine Ball ........ Lubbock B. B. A., Capa y Espada, Alpha Chi, B. A. A Iohn B. Barber ........ Forsan B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society, Petro- leum Engr. Society. Marie Barnard ........ - Lubbock B. A. in Speech, Pres. D. F. D., lnter-Club Coun- cil, Sock and Buskin, Debate. Mary Clare Barnett ....... Lubbock B. A. in English, French, Collegium. Elmerine Barron ....... Lamesa B. S. in Voc. Home Ec., Las Chaparritas. Albert Bartel ......... Dallas B. S. in Arch. Engr., Pres. B. S. U., Gargoyle, Saddle Tramps, Engr. Society. William C. Bass . . Whitesboro B. B. A. Mary Glen Bates ........ Roby B. S. in Voc. l-lome Ec., F. T. A., Home Ec. Nettie Belle Batton ....... Littlefield B. A. in Speech, Pres. Book Reviewers, Ko Shari, Forum, Alpha Psi Omega, Debate, Sock and Buskin. Lee Baugh ........ Brownwood B. B. A., Kemas, Business Ad. Haynes Baumgardner ..... Wellington B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Vice-Pres. Student Council, Los Camaradas, Publications Com- mittee, Aggie, Block and Bridle. Kenneth Beane ...... . Edinburg B. S. in Chem. Engr. Billy Beaver ......... Mexia B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle, Student Council, Aggie, F. F. A. William Belcher ....... Sweetwater B. A. in English, Philosophical Society. Alvin Bell ........ Dorchester B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. K Forrest Bell ......... Farwell B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pet. Engr., A. I. M. E. Mariorie Miller Bellamy ...... Fabens B. S. in Physical Education. Roy Bellville ..... . Dallas B. S. in Animal l-lusbandry. Byron I. Bennett ........ Loraine B. S. in Electrical Engr., Socii, Alpha Chi, Engr. Society, A. l. E. E., Tau Beta Pi. I. Weldon Bennett ..... . Stamford B. S. in History, Parl. F. T. A. Vernon E. Bennett ....... Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engr., A. l. M. E., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Petroleum Engr. Society, Eng. Society. Martha Nell Bentley . . . . Anton B. S. in English, Alpha Chi. Adele Bergholm ....... Lubbock B. S. in Chemistry, Sec-Treas, Pre-Med, Sec- Treas. Liederkranz, W. A. A., Biology, Col- legium, Y. W. C. A., American Chem. Society. Clinton O. Bergman. ....... Clifton B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. Murel Bevers ...... . Lakeview B. S. in Vocational Home Ec. Audrey Binkley ..... . Fort Worth Pre-Med, Sans Souci. Iunior L. Birdsonq ....... Pittsburg B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Alpha Chi, Engr. So- ciety, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pet- roleum Engr. Society. Lewis Blackburn ........ Iraan B. A. in Architecture, Pres. '39 and Treas, Gar- goyle, Vice-Pres. Alpha Phi Omega, Band. Rea Blossom ........ Amarillo B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E. Lee Blundell ...... Lubbock, Texas B. S. in Physical Education, Treas. W. A. A., A. W. S., Major and Minor Club. 512 IU Professor Casey Fine takes a look at the cam era before returning to his dairy iudging class. HS Patty Thornton, among others, looks a little worried as she goes through hectic registering. Bernard Bogan ........ Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engr. Society. lack Boone ........ Lubbock B. S. in Chem. Engr., College Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi, Band, A. C. S., Engr. Society, A. l. Ch. E. Elizabeth Bostick ........ Slaton B. S. in Public School Music, Chorus. Mary Elizabeth Bowden ...... Pabens B. S. in Education, Las Chaparritas, Press, F. T. A., Capa y Espada. Iohn R. Bradford ....... Amarillo B. S. in Chem. Engr., A. I. Ch. E., Engr. Society. Hugh Alton Braly ....... Paducah B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon, Engr. Society, Petroleum Engr. Society. Iirn Brigham ....... Big Spring B. A. in lournalism, Pres. Wranglers, Assoc. Ed- itor of LA VENTANA and TOBEADOB, Inter- Club Council, Press, Yell Leader, Saddle Tramps, Secy. Chorus, Liederkranz, Double T. Clifford Brown ........ Higgins B. A. in Government, Pre-Law. Henri Elizabeth Brown ..... Sweetwater B. A. in English, Book Reviewers. lack Warren Brown ...... Eastland B. S. in Mech. Engr., Kemas, A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. Anna Katherine Browning ..... Truscott B. A. in Education, Las Chaparritas, Book Be- viewers Charles Bruce ....... Mount Vernon B. A. in English, Alpha Chi, Pres. P. T. A. Loyd Earl Brunson ...... Longworth B. B. A., Tech Accounting Society, Double T, Varsity Tennis Squad, '40, '41, '42. Billye Buckner ....... Cotton Center B. A. in English. Carey M. Buie, Ir. ....... Kopperl B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie, Philosophi- cal, Block and Bridle, Senate, l. B. C., Sociol- ogy. JE? HOL ftfttgzgg PLUSH L M ESGNTQ STAR 4 Hiatt Ianice Buie ......... Stamford B. B. A., Treas. Las Leales, Alpha Chi, Senior Council, Business Ad. G. K. Bullock ......... Becton B. S. in Agricultural Educ., F. F. A., Aggie. William I. Burck ....... Lubbock B. S. in Horticulture, Aggie, Plant lndustry, F. F. A., Capa y Espada. Wcryne Buriord ....... Lazbuddy B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle, Aggie. Fontella Burrow ........ Tulia B. S. in Vocational Home Ec. Dorothy Burton ........ Pampa B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., V-Pres. D. F. D., Student Council, Home Ec. Geraldine Burton ..... . Childress B. S. in Home Ec. Education. Iesse Byars ..... . Afton B. S. in Petroleum Engr. Mary Frances Caftey ....... Loop B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. . Corsicana Dick Calkins ....... B. S. in Mech. Engr., Wranglers, Saddle Tramps, Engr. Society. H. T. Cardwell ........ Vernon B. S. in Aggie Educ., F. F. A., Aggie. Watson Carlock ....... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., Who's Who, Pres. Alpha Chi, Mgr. Engr. Show, Corr. Secy. Tau Beta Pi, S. A. M. E., Engr. Society, A. S. C. E., Sad- dle Tramps. Willis T. Carson ........ Austin B. B. A., Treas. Silver Key '40-'41, Business Ad., Inter-Club Golf Champion. Moncure Carter . . . . Lubbock B. A. in lournalism. Quentin Cauley . . . Comanche B. S. in Education. P SEIU Lewis Blackburn looks dubious as he points toward "master builder" with Howard Swain. HS Deep in a drawing dream that might be a nightmare. this class seems oblivious to anything else. Iohn Chalk ......... Lubbock Pre-Med, Sec. Silver Key, Sec. Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre-Med. Edgar Chance ........ Lubbock B. S. in Vocational Agriculture, F. F. A., Aggie. Winona Chaney ....... Littlefield B. S. in Physical Education, W. A. A., A. W. S. Council. Sam Chisholm ....... Brownfield B. B. A., Alpha Chi, Pres. Tech Accounting Society, Business Ad. Weldon Christian ...... Big Spring B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Soc. Frank Clements ....... Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon, Engr. Society, Petroleum Engr. Ieff Coffey ......... McLean B. A. in English, Silver Key, Sock and Buskin, Band. Ionisue Cogdell .... . Snyder B. B. A., Las Chaparritas. Gerald Collier ......... Balls B. S. in Electrical Engr., College Club, A. l. E. E., Engr. Society. Marie Collins ......... Botan B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Home Ec., Senior Council, Lubbock Dietetics Ass'n. Senior Home Ec. Ray Conley ......... Borger B. S. in Geology, Saddle Tramps, Petroleum Engr. Society. F. W. Conradt . . ...... Lometa B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. Iohn D. Copeland ....... Lubbock B. S. in Architectural Engr., Socii, Gargoyle, Engr. Society. Fount Corder ........ Uvalde B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aqqie, Saddle Tramps. Ruth Cowan ......... Spur B. S. in Vocational Home Economics, Treas. Home Ec., Pres. Phi Upsilon Ornicron, Las Lea- les. Barbara Cox ......... Post B. A. in Speech, Sock and Buskin, Debate, B. S. U. Council. I oanne Cox ......... Denison B. S. in Home Ec., Ko Shari, Alpha Chi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Betty Cram ....... . Dallas B. B. A., Ko Shari, Business Ad. Thelma Crawford . . Olton B. S. in Speech. Iune Crosley ........ Plainview B. A. in lournalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Press, Alpha Chi, Colleqium. Leslie Culwell ........ Henrietta B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Newman, Engr. Soci- ety, Petroleum Engr. Una Faye Cummings . . . Byers B. B. A., Business Ad. Cora Nell Cunningham ..... Littlefield B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Casa Linda, Y. W. C. A., Home Ec. Iarnes Kenneth Curry ...... Dalhart B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Who's Who, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alpha Chi, Petro- leum Engr., Engr. Society. Glenn Davidson ....... Abernathy B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. I. E. E., Engr. Soci- ety. ' Garnett Davis ......,. Stanton B. B. A., Tech Accounting Society. Rita Zo Davis ...... . Hedley B. A. in English. Robert H. Davis ......... Post B. S. in Animal Husbandry, College Club, Ag- qie, F. F. A. R. B. Dawson ......... Tulia B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Who's Who, Ag- gie, F. F. A., Block and Bridle, Alpha Chi. Ann Day ......... Lubbock B. B. A. SE IUHS Betty Io Wagner, Winn Lehman, getting last minute conversation in with L. A. Ritter before he left for the air corps last summer. Newman Ledbetter ponders over courses as others look on at registration. Iames Wooclie Day ...... Plainview B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. Herman Deinken ...... Amistad, N. M. B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie, Block and Bridle. Ernest Dement ....... Plainview B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Nice- Chairmanl Engr. Society. B. H. Dennison, Ir ........ Denton B. S. in Electrical Engr., I. R. E., A. l. E. E., Engr. Society. Hazel Dickinson ....... Lubbock B. A. in Government, Sec. Pre-Law, l. B. C., Pi Sigma Alpha. Catherine Dillard . . . . Port Worth B. A. in Speech, D. F. D. Riley Donnell ......... Dall-as B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. l. E. E., Engr. Soci- ety. Walldeen Donnell ....... Mexia B. B.A., Pres. Las Vivarachas, Chairman Wo- men's Dorm No. 2, Secy. Business Ad., Inter- Club Council. Tom Douglass ...... Corpus Christi B. S. in Industrial Engr., Student Council, Dou- ble T, College Club, Engr. Society. Harlan Dowell ........ Lubbock B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. Ioe L. Doyle ....... Shallowater B. S. in Agricultural Education, Block and Bridle, Aggie, Watchdog F. P. A. Cledith Dozier ........ Sylvester B. S. in Vocational Home Ec. I. Donald Duff ........ Hillsboro B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. l. E. E., Engr. Soci- ety. Robert Duncan ....... Henderson B. S. in Physical Education, Double T. William Dean Dunlap ...... Hereford B. A. in Government, Pres. Pre-Law, l. B. C., A. P. O. Charles Dvoracek ......., West B. S. in Agricultural Education, Double T, F. F. A. Iohn Edwin Easterwood ...... Lamesa B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Socii, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society. Alvin I. Eden ....... Rocky, Ckla. B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle, Aggie. Charles B. Ellis, Ir ....... Fort Worth B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Publicity Chairman of A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. Maxine E. Ellis ....... Clarendon B. S. in Commercial Art, Gargoyle, Engr. Soci- ety. Lorene Ellison ...... ' . Aspermont B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Y. W. C. A., Home Ec. ' Hugh English ........ Plainview B. S. in Architectural Engr., Sec. Kemas, Gar- goyle. Geneva Eubank ........ ldalou B. B. A., Business Ad. Gladys Marie Evans ..... Shallowater B. S. in Primary Education, F. T. A., Sociology. Charles Fair ......... Dallas B. S. in Textile Engr., Kernas, Phi Psi, Textile Engr. Society. G. L. Farrar ,....... Wolfforth B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. I. Ch. E., Engr. Society. Twila Farrell ........ Muleshoe B. S. in Public School Music, Pres. Las Leales, Forum, Pres. Wesley Student Ass'n., Wesley Players. I. C. Farris ........ Iowa Park B. S. in Petroleum Engr., A. l. M. E., Petroleum Engr. Society, Engr. Society. Ruth Elise Faust ....... Wheeler B. A. in Government, Pre-Law, Y. W. C. A., Secy. l. B. C., Theta Sigma Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha. Norman Feller ..... . West B. S. in Chemical Engr. SEIU Arch Keys and I. E. Gerber seem enthusiastic over a new find st1'aight from Abilene. ,. W i C Taking it easy aiter one of the longest days in the year. Ted Serrurier checks the registered as they call it a day. Henry Marvin Felts. Ir. . . . Carlsbad, N. Mex. B. S. in Business Ad., B. B. A., Tech Accounting Society. Wayne Finnell ........ l-lolliday B. B. A., Centaur Vice-Pres., B. A. Martha Fisk ........ Amarillo B. A. in Speech, Sock and Buskin, Debate, Bus. Mgr. Alpha Psi Omega. ' Betty Fitzpatrick ..... . Kermit B. S. in Public School Music. Helen Foote ........ Petersburg B. S. in Home Ec. Education, Casa Linda, Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Ornicron. Sallie Lynn Forrest ....... Plains B. B. A., l. B. C., Business Ad. Louise Foster ........ Lamesa B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Home Ec. Pauline Gordon Frey ...... Lubbock B. S. Home Ec. Education, Phi Upsilon Orni- cron, Secretary Home Ec. , Wayde K. Frey . . ....... Lubbock B. S. in Agricultural Education, Aggie, Parlia- mentarian F. F. A. Bill Fuller .,....... Ft. Worth B. S. in Civil Engr., Wranglers, Et. Worth, Alpha Phi Omega, C. A. A., Saddle Tramps. Carl Garner ......... Dalhart B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. l. E. E., Engr. Socie- ety. Howard Garrison ..... ' . . Ft. Worth B. S. in Chem. Engr., A. l. Ch. E., Engr. Society. Bernhardt Geldmeier . . Appleby B. S. in Ind. Engr. W. A. George .... . lowa Park B. A. in Economics. William Toy George . . Roby B. S. in Textile Engr. Byron Gilbreath . ..... . Gatesville B. S. in Education, Double T. Preston Gill ....... . Groom B. S. in Dairy Mig., Aggie, Dairy. Millard Gillham ...... Hughes Spring B. S. in Dairy Mfg., Aggie, Secy. Dairy, Sr. Dairy Products Iudging Team. Earnest Gloyna ........ Thalia B. S. in Civil Engr., S. A. M. E., S. l. C. E., Engr. Society, Saddle Tramps, Officers' Club. Mary Frances Goins ..... Burkburnett B. S. in Home Ec., Home EC. Charles Gollihar .... . McAdoo B. B. A. Raymond Goodrich ...... Amarillo B. A. in Government, Vice-Pres. Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres. Silver Key, Student Council, Pres. Senior Class, Pres. Debate, Who's Who, Sec'y. Publications Committee, Pi Sigma Alpha. Eugene Goodwin ....... Lubbock B. S. in E. E., A. l. E. E., Engr. Society, S. A. M. E., Cadet Maj. in B. O. T. C. Camille Graves ........ Crowell B. S. in Voc. Home Ec., Forum, Las Vivarachas, Debate, Inter-Club Council, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Who's Who. Pete Grayum ...... . Paducah B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E. Eddie Griffin ........ Childress B. S. in Chemical Engr., Childress, A. l. Ch. E. Enqr. Society. Irma Griffin ........ Childress B. S. in Voc. Home Ec., Childress, Home Ec. William Griffin ....... Sylvester B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle, Aggie, International Livestock ludging Team, American Royal Livestock Team, Bodeo Mgr. Dorine Griffith ........ Lockney B. S. in Home Ec., Casa Linda, Home Ec. C. I. Griggs ......... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., Member Board of Directors Engr. Society, Pres. S. A. M. E., A. S. C. E., Cadet Major of B. O. T. C. ' SEIU Registration time finds long tables surrounded as the ink flows into names and even history. HS Eugene Ragland exerts barrel-like dance grip on Dorothy Looper. Elsie Haberer ..... . Muleshoe B. S. in Voc. Home Ec. Warren Haddock ....... Lubbock B. S. in Aggie Ed., Aggie, F. F. A. Betty Iean Hcrtiey ..... . Lubbock B. S. in Voc. Home Ec. Buford Hailey ....... Red Springs B. S. in Agronomy, P. I., Aggie Dessie Hale ...... . Fieldton B. S. in Primary Education. Duane Haley .... . San Angelo B. S. in Petroleum Engr. Sarabel Hall ..... Ft. Sumner, N. Mex. B. B. A., Las Vivarachas, Business Ad. Howell Hamilton ........ Llano B. S. in Petroleum Engr., A. I, M. E., Petroleum Engr. Society. Bill Hamm ......... Mission B. S. in Civil Engr., A. l. C. E., Engr. Society, Publications Committee '40-'41-'42, Pres. Sad- dle Tramps, Head Yell Leader '39-'40, Who's Who, LA VENTANA, '39-'4O. Mildred Hankins ....... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Forum Pres., Vice-Pres. A. W. S., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wl'1o's Who, Home Ec. Fiske Hanley ........ Ft. Worth B. S. in Mech. Engr., Sec. Socii, A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. I. B. Harbi.n ........ Levelland B. S. in Dairy Mfg., Aggie, Dairy. Kathryne Harding . . . . Byers B. S. in Education. Dan Harmonson ........ Balls B. S. in Voc. Home Ec., Las Vivarachas. Peter Harmonson ..... . . Big Spring B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Wranglers, Engr. Society, Petroleum Engr. Society, Saddle Tramps. Eugenia Harper ........ Lubbock B. A. in Speech, W. A. A., Sock and Buskin, Debate, Wesley Players. Dorothy Harris ........ Lubbock B. S. in Clothing and Textiles, Senior H. E., Senior Council, Home Ec. L. G. Harris ......... Friona B. S. in Civil Engr., Pres. A. S. C. E., Board of Directors, Engr. Society. Marguerite Harris .... . Lubbock B. B. A., Alpha Chi, B. A. Calla Rose Hartley ....... Lometa B. A. in Chemistry, Pre-Med, Liederkranz, Biol- ogy, Alpha Chi, F. H. S., A. C. S. Edgar Hash ........ Levelland B. S. in Chemical Engr., Pres. Chemical Engr. Society, Treas. Tau Beta Pi, Engr., S. A. M. E., Alpha Chi. Don Hatchett ........ Lubbock Pre-Med, American Chemistry Society, Biol- ogy, Pre-Meol. Ralph Havis ........ Lubbock B. S. in Horticulture, Alpha Chi, Agriculture, Plant lndustry. Iames Hays ........ Lubbock B. S. in Textile Engr., Engr. Society, Pres. Textile Engr. Society. Parrish Heath . . . Lubbock B. S. in Geology. Beatrice Heatley ....... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. W. Lee Heatley ..... .... L ubbock B. S. in Architectural Engr., Gargoyle, Board of Directors Engr. Society, S. A. M. E., 1942 Engr. Show Mgr., Director oi Stage and Cos- tumes, Varsity Show. W. R. Hedrick . . . . Lubbock B. S. in Mech. Engr. Lester Henry ......... Roby B. S. in Agricultural Education, F. F. A., Aggie. Frank Herring. Ir. ...... Lubbock B. S. in Band, Sec. Kappa Kappa Psi. SE IU Students gather pockets and hands full of reg- istration material as they are checked and double checked. HS Feminine voices are in the vogue at the Home Ec party. Martha Herring ....... Hillsboro B. A. in Sociology, D. F. D., Y. W. C. A., Pres. Sociology. Bill Dick Hickman ....... Coleman B. S. in Chemical Engr., Vice-Pres. A. l. Ch. E., Engr. Society. Billie Hightower .C ...... Henrietta B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Las Chaparritas, Home Ec., Lubbock Dietetics Association. Francis Hightower . . ...... Amarillo B. B. A., Los Camaradas, Double T, Tech Ac- counting Society. Iohn Hill, Ir ......... Midland B. S. in Geology, Pres. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega, Who's Who, Artist Course Committee. Nell Hill .......... Carey B. S. in Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Virginia Ann Hilliard . . Lamesa B. B. A. Margery Hills ........ Lubbock B. A. in English, Pres. Sans Souci, Forum, De- bate, Sock and Buskin, Senior Council, Inter- Club Council. Adelene Hodges ....... Abernathy B. S. in Education, W. A. A., SocioloQ'Y, F. T. A., Philosophical Society, I. B. C., Y. W. C. A. Bradford Holleymcm ..... Gladewater B. S. in Chemical Engr., S. A. M. E., Los Cama- radas, Engr. Society, Chemical Engr. Society. Lillian Horner ......... Wink B. B. A., Accounting Society, Business Ad., Band. Kathleen House . . . Roby Social Sciences. Elaine Hutt ...... Silver City, N. M. B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Home Ec., Lub- bock Dietetics Association. Olive Huff ......... Lubbock B. S. in Public School Music, Chorus. Onita Belle Hutstedler .H ..... Lubbock B. A. in History, Pres. A. W. S., Who's Who, Forum, Las Leales, Sec. Alpha Chi, W. A. A. Ed Irons ....... . Paducah B. B. A., Double T, Silver Key. Roy Isler ........ Grady, N. M. B. S. in Agricultural Education, F. P. A., Aggie. lean Iackson ,....... Abernathy B. B. A., Business Ad. Earl W. Iacobs ........ Lamesa B. A. in Government, Vice-Pres. College Club, Saddle Tramps, Pre-Law. Iulia Iohnson .... . Post B. A. in English. Phillip Iohnson ........ Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon, Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society. Ralph H. Iohnson ....... Haskell B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. l. E. E., Alpha Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Board Member Engr. Society. Roberta Iohnston ........ Eskota B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., W. A. A., Home Ec. Orville Iordan ........ Amarillo B. S. in Chemical Engr., Socii, Engr. Society, A. l. Ch. E. Milton Ioyce ..... . Snyder B. A. in History, Ko Shari. Finis Keeton ......... Bonham B. S. in Civil Engr., Engr. Society, Civil Engr. Society. A. I. Kemp ........ Clovis, N. M. B. A. in Iournalism, Editor LA VENTANA, Who's Who, Pres. Press, Silver Key, Saddle Tramps. Gene Kendall ........ Lubbock B. S. in Zoology, Pre-Med, Biology. Lowell Kendrick ....... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engr. Society, S. A. M. E. Robert Grant Keyes ..... Roswell, N. -M. B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society, Petro- leum Engr. Society. SE IU Robert Kelley. Iohnie Starkey and Bill Griffin place bets at fun making "Days oi '49" given by Block and Bridle. HS "Beat Creighton" is theme oi pep rally as stu- dents cheer to boost Red Raider spirits after Miami defeat. Arch Keys ......... Plainview B. S. in Horticulture, Socii, Kappa Kappa Psi, Aggie, Band. Wanda Kimbrell ........ ldalou B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Y. W. C. A., Casa Linda, Home Ec., Philosophical Society. ' Rozelle King ........ San Angelo B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Las Leales, His- torian Phi Upsilon Omicron, A. W. S. Council, B. S. U. Council, Home Ec. Club. Bill Knight . . . . Lubbock B. S. in Geology. Billie Knutson ..... . ldalou B. S. in Public School Music. Leta Merle Koeninger ...... O'Donnell B. B. A., Alpha Chi, Business Ad., Accounting Society. Martha Lane . . . . Sudan B. A. in English. I. W. iDonl Langford ....... Tolar B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engr. Soc. Lloyd Laird ......... Lorenzo B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. l. E. E., Engr. Soc. A. C. Lambert ........ O'Donnell B. A. in Iournalism, Silver Key, Press. Bryant Lassiter ........ Lubbock B. A. in Government, Pre-Law, l. B. C., Treas. Socii. Ted Lawson . . Detroit B. B. A. Newman Ledbetter . . . San Benito B. B. A., Double T. Iames Ledwig ...... . Groom B. S. in Chem. Engr., Engr. Soc. Iohn Lee ....... . Electra B. B. A. Iimmie Leitwich . . . . Lubbock B. B. A., Wranglers. Melvin Legge .... . Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engr. Winn Lehman .... . Booker B. B. A., Kernas. Dale Lehr ......... Lubbock B. S. in Textile Engr., Socii, Phi Psi, Textile Engr. Society, Engr. Society. Lubbock Theron Lehr ........ B. S. in Textile Engr., Pres. Phi Psi, Sgt.-at- Arms Socii, Engr. Society, S. A. M. E., Treas. Textile Engr. Society. Walter Lemke ........ Adrian , B. S. in Agricultural Economics, Vice-Pres. Ag- gie, Pres. Los Camaradas, Inter-Club Council. Arch Lewis ........ San Angelo B. S. in Electrical Engr., Sec.-Treas. A. l. E. E., Engr. Society. G. D. Lewis. ........ Ropesville B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Vice-Pres. Petroleum Engr. Society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, A. I. M. E., Engr. Society. Ila Pauline Lewis . . . . . Earth B. A. in English, F. T. A. Vondee Lewis ....... Brownfield B. A. in Speech, Ko Shari, LA VENTANA Staff, Alpha Psi Omega, Sock and Buskin, Debate, F. T. A., Book Reviewers. Ollie Liner ...... . Lubbock B. S. in Animal Husbandry. Warren Liner ........ Lubbock B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie, Block and Bridle, F. T. A. Edwin Locke ...... , . Sayre, Okla. B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. Iack Longley ........ Lubbock Pre-Med, Vice-Pres. Socii, Pre-Med Club. Iames Lovelace ........ Dallas B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Kemas, Engr., A. S. M. E. l E SE IU Howard Webb, P. A. Lyon. Leslie Nikkel and Peanut Robertson head sign-roofed cheering section as train pulls into the station. HS Unsatisfied by one pep rally, boosters raced to football home, West Hall, to give more cheers to the roving Red Raiders. Vernon Loveless ........ Eriona B. S. in Agricultural Educ., V.-Pres. E. E. A., Pres. Aggie, Block and Bridle, Saddle Tramps, Meats Iudging Team. Glenn Lowe ...... . Groesbeck B. S. in History, Double T. Elizabeth Erle Luce ...... Littlefield B. A. in English, Alpha Chi, Sock and Buskin. P. A. Lyon ........ Spearman B. B. A. Pres. Socii, Business Ad., Press, Pres. Men's Inter-Club Council, Biology, Pres. Sneed Hall, Publications Committee. Roberta McCain ........ Slaton B. S. in Home Economics Education. Catherine McCallum ....... Dallas B. A. in Speech, Sans Souci, Sock and Buskin, Alpha Psi Omega. V Weldon McCallum ....... Trinidad B. S. in Chemical Engr., Socii, A. l. Ch. E., Engr. Society. Dorothy McCarter ....... Corsicana B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., D. F. D., Home Ec. Neal McCaski1l ........ Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Pres. Petroleum Engr. Society, Board of Directors of Engr. Society, Treas. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, A. I. M. E. Willard McCloy ........ Morse B. A. in Government, Pres. Alpha Phi Omega, Pre-Law, Y. M. C. A., I. B. C., Debate, Capa y Espada. Charles Clement McClure ..... Iacksboro B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle, Aggie. Harold McDaniel ....... Seagraves B. S. in Textile Engr., Phi Psi, Engr. Society, Textile Engr. Society, A. S. M. E. Elizabeth McEachem ...... Amarillo B. S. in Home Ec., Ko Shari, Home Ec. W. T. McEachern ....... Amarillo B. A. in Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. Iohn B. McEwen ........ Terrell B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society, Tau Beta Pi. Dorothy McGrath ...... Wichita Falls B. S. in Education, P. T. A., Newman, W. A. A., Biology. Ioe McGregor ........ Lubbock B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. Andy McIntosh ........ Borger B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Pres. Centaur, Men's Inter-Club Council '41, Engr. Society. Iohn McKee ......... Slaton B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engr. Society, G. D. I. Kelly K. McMillan ....... Childress B. S. in Chemical Engr., Alpha Chi, Childress, Tau Beta Pi, A. l. Ch. E., Saddle Tramps, Engr. Society, S. A. M. E. Clint McPherson ....... Gainesville B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. C. S., Engr. Society, A. I. Ch. E. Tommy -Virginia McPherson . . . Shamrock B. S. in Education. Georgia Macha ........ Tahoka B. A. in Vocational Home Ec., Newman, Home Ec., Collegium. Wayne Madden ....... Littlefield B. S. in Chemical Engr., Wranglers, Engr. So- ciety, A. l. Ch. E. - Arnold Maeker ........ Wilson B. S. in Civil Engr., Los Camaradas, Dormitory Ass'n., Engr. Soc., A. S. C. E., S. A. M. E. Dorothy Magee ....... Levelland B. A. in English, Casa Linda, Wesley Players. Verne Marrs ........ Paducah B. S. in Civil Engr., S. A. M. E., Engr. Society, A. S. C. E. Charles Martin ....... Corsicana B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Block and Bridle, Los Camaradas, Aggie. Iay W. Martin ........ Houston B. S. in Chemistry, A. E. D., Alpha Chi. Pharene Vinzant Martin ...... Lamesa B. S. in Home Ec. SE IU Techsans take over "O1d Hay1oit" for enter- tainment at fall all-college dance. HS Looking skyward, student boosters enioy out- door pep rally. Travis Martin . . . . Lubbock B. S. in Agronomy. Willard Martin ........ Larnesa B. B. A., Tech Accounting Society. Bob Marxen ......... Houston B. S. in Architectural Engr. Elwin Matthews ....... Lubbock B. S. in Vocational Agriculture, E. F. A., Aggie. Mariorie Matthews ....... Odessa B. S. in Zoology, Pre-Med, Sociology, Biology. Mrs. Virlea Matthews ...... Lubbock B. S. in Primary Education. Florene May ........ Lockney B. S. in Home Ec. Education, Home Ec., Phi Up- silon Omicron, Senior Home Ec. Craig Mays ....... . Wink B. B. A., Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. Evelyn Meading ........ Slaton B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Home Ec. Club. Abdul Khaliq Mehta ..... Oadian, India B. S. in Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, I. B. C., A. l. M. E., Petroleum Engr. Society. Herman Mendell ....... Houston B. S. in Civil Engr., A. l. C. E., Engr. Society, l. B. C., Philosophical Society. Lynette Merrell ........ Lubbock B. A. in English, Alpha Chi, E. T. A. Mark Miles ......... Dallas B. S. in Horticulture, Plant lndustry, Aggie. Francis Miller ........ Amarillo B. S. in Chemical Engr. Nancy Ann Miller ....... Lubbock B. S. in Mathematics, Vice-Pres. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Welborn Miller ....... Ploydada B. S. in Agronomy and Farm Management. Mildred Mitchell . ....... Lubbock B. B. A., Ko Shari, B. A. Rosalind Mitchell ..... Roaring Springs B. S. in Speech, Sock and Buskin, Debate. Roy Moffett ....... Camp Springs B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Pres. Aggie, Dairy, Who's Who, Alpha Chi, Saddle Tramps. Iohn P. Mooney ........ Ranger B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society, Golf Club, Golf Team. Travis Moore . ....... Lamesa B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon, Petroleum Engr. Society, A. l. M. E., Engr. Society. t t Z. A. Moore. Ir. . . . Amarillo B. B. A., Treas. B.A. Andy Morris . . . Odessa B. B. A. Nanetta Pauline Morris ..... Clarksville B. S. in Nutrition, Collegium, Home Bc. Walter A. Myrick ....... Lubbock B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. l. Ch. E., Engr. So- ciety. Mary Nabers ......... Pecos B. S. in Commercial Art, Gargoyle, Engr. So- ciety. Nancy Nance ...... . San Antonio B. S. in Vocational Home Bc., Book Reviewers. Nancy Nelson . . . Shallowater B. A. in History. Douglas Neves . Bells B. B. A. Paul New ........ Skellytown Pre-Law, Sock and Buslcin, Alpha Phi Omega, Secy. West Hall, Saddle Tramps. SEIU Wayne Finnell handles the cash as H. M. Ten'y hands out receipt with rubber stamp to Dorm dance arrival. HS Sneed Hall boys gather in dormitory lounge for after-dinner fun-making. Beth Newton ........ Dougherty B. S. in Primary Education, Secy. Las Vivara- chas, F. T. A., Debate, Sock and Buskin. Ia-ck Nicks ......... Hereford B. A. in Iournalism. Billy F. Nivin . . ........ Roby B. S. in Horticulture, Plant lndustry, Aggie. Ray Norman .... . Electra B. S. in Industrial Engr. Iohn Louis Non'is . . . . ldalou B. S. in Petroleum Engr. Katy Faye Norris . . . . Ranger B. B. A., I. B. C. Arch Nystel ........ Abernathy B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. Frances O'Connor ...... Hillsboro B. A. in Foreign Languages, Capa y Espada, Pre-Law, I. R. C., French. Mariorie Oliver ....... San Saba B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Home Ec. Harold Owen . . . . Iacksonville B. S. in Chemistry. Max Owen . . . . Hollis, Okla. B. S. in Botany. Rosemary Patterson ...... Lubbock B. A. in English, F. T. A., Capa y Espada. Iohn W. Payne . . . . Hale Center B. S. in Government. Lendon Penrod Pearson ...... Waco B. A. in History, Varsity Track Team. Buford Peays ....... Robert Lee B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society, Petro- leum Engr. Society. Miriam Frances Peckham ..... Amarillo B. A. in Foreign Languages, Pres. French, Pres. S. P. Q. B., Vice-Pres. Capa y Espada, Las Leales. Mavis Pendley ........ Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Gargoyle, Engr. So- ciety, Iunior Council. Lee Perry ........ San Antonio B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Secy. Tau Beta Pi, Who's Who, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Centaur, Alpha Chi, S. A. M. E., Petroleum Engr. Society, Engr. Society. Max Perry ........ Brownfield B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy, Wesley Student Assn., E. F. A. Susan Perry ....... . Dallas B. S. in Chemistry, Alpha Chi. Bob Perryman ........ Dennison B. S. in Architectural Engr., Gargoyle, College Club, Engr. Society. Iohn L. Phillips ........ Dallas B. B. A., Pres. Sophomore Class, '39-'40, Student Council, '39-'40, Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Pres. Kemas. Ioe Pierce ......... Lubbock B. A. in Government, Vice-Pres. l. B. C., Press, C. A. A. Cecil Pinkerton ...... . Plainview B. S. in Chemistry, A. I. Ch. E. Carl Elton Pitts ........ Crane B. S. in Mechanical Engr., B. O. T. C., A. S. M. E. Bill Pope ....... . Henrietta B. S. in Architectural Engr. Bill Thomas Posey ..... Duncan, Okla. B. S. in Electrical Engr., Engr. Society. Imogene Powell . . ' . Lubbock B. S. in Education. Wesley Powell ....... Clarendon B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Pres. A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. lack Prather . .. ....... Dallas B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society, Petro- leum Engr. Society, Saddle Tramps. SEIU In the stag line are Rosa Io McDufi and Marie Martin at girls' tag dance in dining room oi Women's Dorm No. 1. H3 Betty Io Rice and Bill Thurman swing out without changing expressions. Lewis Price ......... Roby B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. Martha Price ........ Parnpa B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., D. F. D., Pres. Women's Inter-Club Council. Ruth Price ......... Morton B. A. in English, Alpha Chi, Wesley Players, W. A. A., Book Reviewers, Girls' Rifle Team. Iane Prickett ...... . Lubbock B. B. A., Sans Souci, Alpha Chi. Tom Prickett ......... Mexia B. S. in Electrical Engr., Vice-Pres. Tau Beta Pi, Vice-Chairman A. l. E. E., Engr. Society, Alpha Chi. Iack Qualls . . . Benjamin B. A. in History. Burney Ragle ......... Olton B. S. in Agronomy, Aggie, Corr. Secy. Plant ln- dustry, Alpha Chi. Byron Range ........ Dallas B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Pres. West Hall, Aggie, Who's Who, Block and Bridle, Iunior Livestock ludging Team, Senior Dairy Cattle ludging Team, Saddle Tramps. Frank Rapstine ....... White Deer B. S. in Agricultural Education, Aggie, Los Camaradas, Newman, Alpha Chi. Marian Hope Read ....... Lubbock B. S. in Primary Education, Las Chaparritas. Paul Redding ..... Punxsutawney, Pa. B. S. in Civil Engr., Silver Key, Engr. Society, A. S. C. E., Student Council, Publications Com- mittee. Mary Frances Reaves . . Iowa Park B. S. in Education. Eugene Reid . . Plainview B. B. A. Claudia Reinhold ....... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., A. W. S. Council, Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, Home Ec., Y. W. C. A., Wesley Players. Shirley Reinhold ....... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Las Vivarachas, Home Ec. Sarah Beth Rice ....... Lubbock B. S. in Primary Education, l. R. C., Philosophi- cal Society, Sociology. Marioray Ridley ...... Fort Worth B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., D. F. D., Home Ec., Cheer Leader, Pres. Senior Home Ec., Secy. Senior Class, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Ioe Harry Roberts ....... Canyon B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Engr. Society. Edith Robertson ........ Tahoka B. B. A., Who's Who, Alpha Chi, Secy.-Treas. Forum, Pres. Collegium, B. A. lack Robinson, Ir. ....... Paducah B. S. in Textile Engr., Alpha Phi Omega, Engr. Society, Textile Engr. Society. Lometa Robinson ....... O'Donnell B. B. A. Wilma Rodgers ..... . Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec. Education. Rodolfo Perez ........ Premont B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon, A. S. M. E., Petroleum Engr. Society, New- man, Engr. Society. Arol Rogers ....... Breckenridge B. S. in Textile Engr., Engr. Society, Rifle Club, Textile Engr. Society, R. O. T. C. I. T. Rogers ........ Lubbock B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie, Block and Bridle. Vesta Grace Rogers ...... Lubbock B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Home Ec., Colle- gium, Casa Linda. Helen Ieanne Rosenquest ..... Eastland B. S. in Physical Education, Ko Shari, W. A. A., A. W. S. Council. George O. Ross ....... Littlefield B. S. in Geology, C. A. A., Capa y Espada. Lorraine Ross ........ Stratford B. S. in Public School Music, McDowell Music Club, College Chorus. Renal Rosson ........ Snyder B. B. A., Accounting Society, B. A. SEIU Basketball game iinds stands filled to the brim as front row boasts feminine boosters. l HS Women students gang registration tables as noon day rush begins for spring session of classes and laboratories. t Lola Frances Roundtree . . . Hale Center B. B. A., Business Adm. Roberta Rushing ....... Farwell B. S. in Vocational Home Bc., Home Ec. Bernice Sanderson ...... Goodland B. S. in Primary Education, F. T. A. Glen Sanderson ........ ltasca B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Pres. F. F. A., Vice-Pres. Aggie, Block and Bridle. Wallace R. Sasser ....... Bonham B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. l. Ch. E., Engr. So- ciety, Band, Alpha Phi Omega. Lucille Savell ........ Slaton B. B. A., Alpha Chi, Secy.-Treas. Accounting Society, B. A. Dorothy Dell Scheihagen ..... Amarillo B. A. in History, Ko Shari, Senior Council. Oscar Schilling ....... Amarillo B. S. in Architectural Engr., Gargoyle, Kappa Kappa Psi, Engr. Society, Stage and Costume Director for Varsity Show. Robert Schmid ........ Lubbock B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society, Sgt.-at- Arms Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Petroleum Engr. Society. Lee R. Scott ......... Olney B. A. in Iournalism, Press, Kemas, S. P. Q. R. Robert Scott ........ Sylvester B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Dairy. Lottie Sell ......... Lamesa B. B. A., Book Reviewers, Freshman Honor So- ciety, B. A., Press. Mary Lucy Settle . Albernathy B. B. A. Iack Shanks . . . . Big Spring B. B. A., Double T. I. P. Sharp. Ir. ......... Tulia B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie, Block and Bridle, Senior Dairy Iudging Team, Senior and Iunior Livestock ludging Teams. C Hugh Sharpe . . . . Detroit B. B. A., Wranglers. Harry Iames Shaw, Ir. ...... Lubbock B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Kemas, Aggie, Dairy. Richard Sheehan ..... . l-lermleigh B. A. in Government, Pre-Law. Orville Shotner ....... Levellanol Pre-Law, Socii, Alpha Psi Omega, Debate, Sock and Buskin, Pre-Law. Betty Shryock ......,. Pampa B. A. in lournalism, Pres. Theta Sigma Phi, Forum, A. W. S. Council, Who's Who, Press, Co-Society Editor of LA VENTANA, Secy. D. E. D., Senior Council, Alpha Chi. Margaret Simmons ....... Pecos B. S. in Public School Music, Forum, Las Leales, E. F. A., Alpha Chi. Kelly Skeen . . . Carlsbad, N. M. B. B. A. ' I. W. Slover ........ Memphis B. S. in Engr., A. l. Ch. E., Engr. Society. Drucilla Smith . . .. ..... Lubbock B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Home Ec. Elizabeth Iane Smith . Lamesa B. A. in English. Helen Ioy Smith . ...... Amarillo B. A. in lournalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Press. Iohn Everett Smith ....... Amherst B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. l. Ch. E., Engr. So- ciety. Iuanice Smith ........ Lubbock B. A. in Commercial Art, Pres. Gargoyle, Alpha Chi, Engr. Society, Senior Council. Mary Lorraine Smith ...... Plainview B. A. in English, Theta Sigma Phi. Roger Smith ........ Rising Star B. S. in History, Double T. SE IU Watson Carlock gives registration a facial twist as lines of cardpladen students pass by. HS I Double "T" pledges Red Hightower, Pete Blanda, Billy Hale. Maxey McKnight, Iimmie lay, Iack Walker, :Harold Crossen, Albert Williams and I. R. .Callahan make shabby- looking crew during "Hel1 Week". t 1 N Iohn Robert Sparkman ..... Santa Anna B. A. in Spanish, Capa y Espada, l. B. C. Nancy Lee Sparks ...... Panhandle B. S. in Vocational Home Ec., Home Ec. Velma Dean Spear ...... Childress B. S. in Home Ec. Education. W. S. Spears, Ir. ....... Fort Worth B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie. Iecm Spencer ......... Rails B. S. in Foods and Nutrition, Pres. Home Ec., Iunior Council '40-'4l, Treas. Alpha Chi, Fresh- man Honor Society '39-'4U, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, Who's VV'ho, Las Leales, Forum. Robert A. Spencer ....... Lubbock B. S. in Agronomy. Lee Spring .... . Friona B. B. A., Business Adm. Berl Springer ........ Memphis B. S. in Industrial Engr., College Club, Pres. I. E. S., Engr. Society. Margie Squires .... . Shallowater B. S. in Primary Education. Ringgold L. M. Staley. Ir ........ B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie. Iohnie Starkey ....... Muleshoe B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Vice-Pres. Block and Bridle, Aggie, Saddle Tramps, Vice-Pres. Wesley Student Assn. Daniel Steen .... . . Becton B. S. in Astronomy. Clarence Stephens . . Whiteface B. A. in Speech. Alene Comer Stewart . . . Aspermont B. S. in Physical Education. La Verle Stout . ....... Dalhart B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engr. Society, Alpha Phi Omega. Douglas Strawn ....... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engr. Society, A. S. M. E., Saddle Tramps. Weldon Street .... . O'Donnell B. B. A. Walter Studhalter ....... Lubbock B. S. in Chemical Engr., Pres. Tau Beta Pi, Engr. Society, A. I. Ch. E., Alpha Chi. lack Sublett ......... Merkel B. S. in Industrial Engr., Engr. Society, lndus- trial Engr. Society. Melba Suiter ........ Lubbock B. A. in Iournalism, Associate Edit. Toreador. Lloyd Sursa ........ Childress B. B. A., Pres. B. A., Parl. Accounting Society, Alpha Chi, Pres. Childress County Club, Saddle Tramps. I. Frank Svetlik ....... Bay City B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. I. Ch. E., Pres. New- man, Engr. Society, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi. Howard Swaim ...... Wichita Falls B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Engr. Society. D. E. Taylor ......... Loraine B. S. in Electrical Engr., Alpha Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Chairman A. I. E. E., Engr. Society. W. M. Taylor ........ Plains B. S. in Animal Husbandry, Aggie. Abner Teague ....... Gainesville B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. I. Ch. E., Engr. So- ciety, Double T, Manager of Football and Bas- ketball. Kathryne Temple ....... Lamesa B. A. in Speech, Sock and Buskin, Debate, Alpha Psi Omega. Deveral Terrell ........ Rotan B. S. in Zoology, Baptist Student Union. H. M. Terry ......... Dallas B. A. in Speech, Pres. Sock and Buskin, Socii, Secy.-Treas. Saddle Tramps, Secy. Sneed I-Iall. Helen Thomas ........ Lubbock B. S. in Chemistry, Pre-Med, Newman, Secy. Sans Souci. SEIU Double "T" pledges gather to stage midafter- noon show in bookstore as Bernice Cocanougher makes exit. IIS Inter-collegiate Debate team in 1940-41 appear in Chattanooga, Tenn. They are: Orville Shof- ner. Mary Helen Carroll, Camille Graves and Raymond Goodrich. D. A. Thompson . . Brownfield B. S. in Civil Engr. Harold Thompson ..... Denver, Colo. B. S. in Petroleum Engr., Pres. Student Council, Who's Who, Engr. Society, Sigma Gamma Ep- silon, Petroleum Engr. Society, Band, Kemas. Frances lone Tidwell ...... Lorenzo B. S. in Foods and Nutrition. Clarence Tillery . ...... Grapevine B. A. in Physical Education, Double T. Blandina Tredway ....... Lubbock B. A. in Speech, Sans Souci, Sock and Buskin. Peyton Tucker ........ Taholca B. S. in Dairy Manufactures, Aggie, Pres. Dairy, Senior Dairy Products Iudging Team. Mary Margaret Tunnell ...... Tahoka B. A. in Iournalism, Forum, Secy. W. S. G. A., Senior Council, Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres. Theta Sigma Phi, Secy. Press, Society Editor of Tor- eador, Co-Society Editor ot LA VENTANA, Who's Who. Marion Turner ........ Lubbock B. S. in Clothing and Textiles, Secy. Phi Upsi- lon Omicron, Home Ec., Wesley Players, Pub- licity Chairman W. S. A. Leland Turner . . . ..... Lockney B. S. in Agricultural Economics. Darrell Verner ........ Meadow B. B. A., Accounting Society, Business Adm., Alpha Chi. Ierrene Verner ......... Rule B. B. A., Pres. W. S. G. A., Secy. Las Chapar- K ritas, B. A., Forum, Senior Council, Book Be- viewers, Secy. Artist Course Committee, Who's Who. Norman Volz ...... Fort Cobb, Okla. B. S. in Vocational Agriculture, Double T, Ag- gie, F. F. A. Aubrey Walker ....... Altus, Okla. B. A. in Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. Elmer Wall ........ Knox City B. A. in History and Anthropoloqif, Kemas, Business Mgr. Toreador, Saddle Tramps, Vice- Pres. Press. Fred Wallace ........ Waco B. S. in Industrial Engr., Los Camaradas, l. E. S. l tm... M........ .n.u... ..,.....N.. ..,-,.,....,.......... Marguerite Watkins ....... Melvin B. A. in Iournalism, Treas., Theta Sigma Phi, Las Leales, Tech Press Club, W. A. A. Cora Iean Watson ....... Lubbock B. A. in Speech, Treas. Sans Souci, Vice-Pres. Sock and Buskin, Debate. Lee Weatherby .,.. . Pecos B. S. in Petroleum Engr. Arthur I. Weber ....... Lubbock EB. S. in Physical Education, Who's Who, Busi- ness Mgr. LA VENTANA, Double T, Wrang- lers, Secy. Southwestern Iournalism Congress, Saddle Tramps. Madge Malone Webster . . . Lubbock B. S. in Public School Music. Oletha S. Webster ....... Lubbock B. A. in Spanish, Capa y Espada. I. B. White ......... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., Double T, A. S. C. E., Engr. L Society. I. B. White ......... Vernon B. B. A., Business Adm. Richard White' . . . . Vernon B. B. A. . Iowa Park Fred B. Widmoyer ..... B. S. in Botany, Vice-Pres. F. T. A., Historian Alpha Phi Omega, Biology. Amy Gladys Wilhelm ...... Lubbock B. S. in Primary Education, F. T. A. Iames Gilbert Wilhite ...... Slaton B. S. in Electrical Engr., A. l. E. E., Engr. Soci- ety. Floyd Williams. Ir. ....... Lubbock B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Secy. Treas. A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. Iuanita Allene Williams ...... Slaton B. B. A., Reporter B. A., Y. W. C. A., Collegium. Frances Pitts Wilson ...... Amarillo B. S. in General Home Ec., D. F. D., Home Ec. SEIU Engineering bookstore attendant, Doug Strawn. deals in terms oi money with "the little yankee" Paul Redding. RS Weldon McCallum and Charles Allen head long line of chemical-minded experimenters. Woodrow Wiseman ....... Haskell B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society. V. Claude Witten ....... Plainview B. S. in Agricultural Education, Aggie, F. F. A., B. S. U. Annabel Wood . . . . Lubbock B. A. in Iournalisrn. Milton Woodcrll B, S. in Cl' Engr. Societ Duncanville iemical Engr., Secy. A. I. Ch. E., iy, A. C. S. Howel W. Woodtin . . . B. S. in Zoology, Biology. Virgil Woodiin . Mexia . Mexia B. S. in Dalry Manufactures, Aggie, Reporter Dairy, lunicim Albert Woodward ...... echanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engr. Society, Alpha Phi Omega. B. S. in M Luther Earl Wos B. S. in Arch goyle, Wesl I. R. Wright, Ir. B. S. in Agriculture, Aggie. Kendrick Wright ..... B. S. in lncll l. E. S., Englr. Society. Neil Wright . B. S. in History. Nina Wright . B. S. in Voca cron, Home Mary Burk Yeag B. S. in Food r Dairy Products Iudging Team. . Borger stun ...... Levelland itectural Engr., Engr. Society, Gar- ey Players. . . . . . Omaha . Vernon ustrial Engr., Alpha Phi Omega, . . . . Leonard . . . . . Shallowater tional Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omi- Ec. y ritas, Inter-Club Council. Homer York . B. B. A., Pre A., Men's lla I. T. York . s. Silver Key, Student Council, B. ter-Club Council. er ....... Lubbock s and Nutrition, Pres. Las Chapar- . Snyder . Dallas B. S. in Textile Engr., Textile Engr. Society. Nonna lane Zeleny . . . . . . B. S. in Education. Plainview 7 , Iunior Class Vice-President Don Shepherd. Secretary Ruth I1oflin, and Iunior Class Presideni Kenneth CCockyD Robbins. 3 Edna Earl Linebery and Buck Wet- zel smile and 'snuggle . . . Tea time for Frances Homme. Faith McNamara and Marie Hunsucker at dormitory football reception . . . The brawn of the gridiron be- comes tea sippers: mid afternoon finds Roger Smith. Doyle Cara- way and Newman Ledbetter in a "tea formation." l l I Elmer Adams Iames H. Aaron William Akers An Alexander Lorena Alexander Dorothy Allen Spur Rotan Graham Greenville Lubbock Lubbock Nathan Allen Carl Roy Allters Mary Amick Thayne Amonett Bill Anderson Allen Andrus Big Spring Hobbs, N. M. Lubbock Flornot Albany Anson Alfred Arker Ollie Sue Robert W. Arnold Nina Mae Ater Don Austin Hugh I. Ayres Lubbock Armstrong Lubbock Roscoe Wellington Floydada Lubbock Truett Babb Ianice Bagwell Kenneth Bain Margaret Ball Bob Bandeen Arthur Barker Post Claude Floyolaola Handley Abilene Lockney Carl Barnett Elnora Bartlett LaVerne Barton Weldon Barton Horace Pauline Baumgart Dallas Houston Lubbock Earth Battenfield San Angelo Whitetace Nellie Beebe Mary Frances Louise Bennett Charles Benson Regina Bentley Iohn Bickham Portales, N. M. Bell Amarillo Hale Center Amarillo Lubbock Electra Merlin Birdsong Billye Blackburn Snow Blackburn Iohn Blomshield Iack Bogan Iimmie Amelia Pittsburg Seymour lraan Big Spring McLean Boone Lubbock age 75 LaVerne Allen Lubbock Mary Helen Appling Slaton Patsy Ayers Slaton Glynn lBudl Bames Honey Grove lack Beavers Hillsboro Nancy lean Binford Wildorado Harry K. Born Lubbock Beth Hampton is camera con- scious as she listens to heavy- weight Rhea Mitchell . . . Honey Bee Rooney and Iane Gilby are entertained the lPatl Blount way . . . Bridge atmosphere changes irom bookstore to dorm playroom as Ieif Burk deals between Mozelle Williamson and Elizabeth Leggott. Felicia Boulter Buddy Bowen Lubbock Fort Worth Iva Ella Brannen Marguerite Aspermont Brannen Littlefield Graham Evalyn Brown Brotherson Carlsbad, N. M Pedro Miguel, C. Z. Iune Burnison Helen Butler Munday Amarillo Elva Cartrite Pearl Cary Sunray Goldsmith Guy Chisolm LaVerne Clark Amarillo Lubbock Bob Collier Ruth Ioan Fort Worth Connelly Plainview Phyllis Bowen Iames Bowlin Imogene Boyd Madge Alden Mac Brandon San Angelo O'Donnell Lubbock Boyd Plainview Plainview Richard Wiley Laurissa Bratton George E. Briggs Iuno Brooke Bill Brooks Brassell Rochelle Barstow Lubbock Gainesville Mineral Wells Marvin Brown Glenn Browne Iane Brownfield Floyd Brownlee Mattie Lou Bryant Bledsoe Lubbock Brownfield Pecos Morton Helen Marie Butts Gem Bob Calley Doyle Caraway Charles R. Carlton Cecil Carroll Morton Lubbock Sherman Plainview Crowell Evelyn Cooper Frank Chaney R. Hood Chatham Fannie Dale Elliot Childress El Paso Commerce Fort Worth Cheek Houston Tyler Belmont Clarkson Ernest Clement Wayne Coffee Marianna Cofiey Ioe Cole Lubbock Gainesville Tahoka Childress Olney Maxine Conner Bill Cooke Floyd Cooper, Ir. Ed Cope Ruby Cowan Slaton McLean Amarillo Monahans Spur l Benny iiddles while smiling poli- tician "Iel1y" Ragsdale burns the ivory . . . On the dancing "front" are Milton Broyles, Moreene Ro- bertsg Roberta Owen and Buddy Sprague . . . Techsans irolic lights and shadows oi new dorm- itory dining room. in UNIUHS Mary Louise Cox Louise Cox Homer E. Cravy Paul B. Crawford Elaine Cross Gertrude Crouch Ferris Woodson Post Haskell Chicago, lll. Dallas Warren Cudd Mary Leslie Eugene Cupp Mary Curnutte Anna Katheryn Tom Davenport Perryton Culwell Earth Snyder Davenport Eastland Slaton Memphis Martha E. Glenn Davis Iimmie Davis Sara Daviss Edwin Dawson Iimmie Day Davidson Lubbock Houston Lubbock Tulia Lubbock Levelland Robert W. Deats Frances Lou Deen Nell DeLong C. W. Denison Delores Denton Albert Devin Graham Sweetwater Mertzon Floydada Denison Tulia Stewart Dismuke Ieann Etta Dodge Billie Io Dodson Caramae Dodson Erlene Dowell Hugh C. Dryer Steamboat Big Spring Chillicothe Goose Creek Quail Lubbock Springs, Colo. Helen Duckworth Bowen DuLaney Wanda Dunlap Annis Durham Ann Dysart Harold Eastland Loving Dumas Lubbock Aspermont Coulee Dam, Hillsboro Wash. Maxine Eiland Peggy Eiland Van Elkins Glenn Elliott C. W. Ellis Lewis Ellis Munday Larnesa Richland Albany Lubbock Lubbock ge 79 Iohn Crozier West Eugene Neil Davidson Abernathy Milton Dean Dawson Delbert Devin Tulia lack Dubberly Lubbock Roy Garland Edwards Olton Dorothy Lou Emmitt Tulia F t Betty Caughron goes Hawaiian at Gargoyle dance . . . Gulping Mary Anthony at refreshment time . . . Evelyn Patty takes cam- era spotlight at Ko Shari dinner- dance. UNIURS Iohn Emmitt Tulia Wilbur Evans Dallas Albert Fortenberry Lubbock I. L. Gauntt Vernon Iane Gilby Fort Worth Arlee Gowen Lamesa Leon Hale Eastland ge 81 Elvis Erwin Stanton R. S. Fairbetter Boyd Dorothy Sue Foster Southland Iesse George Wichita Falls Iack Giles Lubbock Frances Eileen Graves Guthrie I. A. Hall, Ir. Lubbock Aldredge Estes Pat Etter Zelda Eubank Iess Carl Evans Mary Helen Evans Midland Shamrock Lubbock Mertzon Mertzon Dennis Ernest L. Fisher Ermadel Floyd Wilma Ruth Frances Ford Feigenspan Mullin McLean Forbis Nacogdoches Roxana Wellington Ioe Bob Foster I. A. Foy Barbara Frye Bonnie Lou Gantz Frances Gary Lubbock Lorenzo Lubbock Dallas Fort Worth Morrine George Ruth Gibbons Frances Gibson Billie Lou Gilbert Owen Gilbreath Lubbock Dallas Spur Clarendon Balls Harold Gillespie Ruth Gillespie Earl Gilmore Fran-ces Gleaton Io Bess Goodloe Lubbock Crosbyton 'Wheeler Balls Lubbock Henry Clay Griffin Barbara Griggs Lester Grimes C. M. Gordon Kenneth Halbert Galveston Wink Lubbock Arlington Foard City Robert P. Hall Virginia Hall Merl E. Holley Mona George Beth Hampton Quitaque Lubbock Paducah Hamil Plainview New London v Bill Montgomery experimenting with the "silence is gold" theory . . . On the mezz at Chap formal with Ed Poole. Iackie Titsworth. 'Genevieve Decker and L e o n Hughes . . . Billie Marie Miller and Fussy Yeager sit one out with dates. Bill Miller and Clark Kim- mel. Wyatt Hanks Roburta Harbison Fay Ruth Brownfield Carolyn Haynes Lubbock Paul Hill Nocona Louis Holder Vernon A Nonnan Igo Ralls Clothile Ienkins Levelland Iozelle Iohnston O'Brien age 83 Lubbock Harding Byers Louise Heath Charles Helms Brownfield Plainview Arvis Hilton Raymond Hinds Larnesa Tye T. H. Holmes, Ir Victor Hooper Balls Plainview Charles Ingram Elmer Taylor Ir. lreton Mexia Lamesa Loyd Ienkins Dorothy Iones Amarillo Lubbock Ouida Iohnsto Bob Keasler Eskota Eastland Douglas M. Robert Hargrove Harlan Harman Hardy Rotan Winters Lubbock Katharine Billie Hendrick Mary Herring Henderson Rogers Knox City Hamilton Caroline Hoch Lucille Hodges Virginia Hogan Bryson Sterling City Lubbock Iane Elizabeth Willouise Kara Hunsucker Hughston Humphries Matador Clarksville Lubbock Charles Iacobs Leonard Iansen Claude E. Iarrett Lamesa Amarillo Lubbock Rayburn H. Haskins , Woliiorth Ben Hill Vega Mary Edith Holden Lubbock Elba Glendon Hunt Dodson Iimmie lay Sweetwater R. E. Iones, Ir. R. Weldon Iones Glenn Iohnson Doris Iohnston Lubbock McAdoo Dalhart Abernathy Louis Kellett I. Ross Kelley Robert Kelley Sydney Key layton Santa Anna Sonora Kirkland I - i . Peanut Robertson and Sara Bour- land enioy carefree college days . . . Sonny Allen and Ruth Gray in typical banquet pose . . . Mil- dred Kuykendall reaches for a roll as Bill Montgomery dives in. UNIUHS ll Gilbert Knox Gwendolyn Lam Iames I. Charlene King Connie King Randell King Mary Lee Kittre Kilpatrick Roaring Springs Lamesa Floyolada Lorenzo Amarillo Denver City Lubbock Henry LaMaster Phil Larimore Bill Latson Gola Grace Hugh Lawless Madge Lawrence Allen Leach Perryton Olney Clarendon Laughter Steamboat Pampa Dallas Lubbock Springs, Colo. Louette Leary Herbert Leaverton Madeline Ledwig Elizabeth Ann Marguerite Otis Levens Keith Levy Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Leggott Lehman Rotan Farwell Amarillo Vernon Ioan Lewis Phiier Lewis Maxine Lindley Bob Lipscomb Oweta Little Ruth Loilin I. C. Long Dallas Olney Graham Grapevine Anton Balls Lubbock Iack B. Lovelace Rex W. Lowe Henry Luccock Allen McArthur Betty Maurine Mary Beth Lawrence Lubbock Cameron Keene Southland McBride McClung McColloch Lubbock Amarillo Burlinqton Bill McCoy Margaret Woodyard Geraldine Mildred McEntire Charline Cyril McGilvray Baird McCrummen McDowell McElheny Graham McFarland Lamesa Lubbock Little Rock, Ark. Dallas Friona Charles Gollihar Virginia Iean McLaughlin Wanda Doyle McLeod Fannie Lou Zoe McReynolds McAoloo McGowen Wichita Falls McLaughlin Lubbock McMenamy Muleshoe Anton McAdoo Lubbock Dage 85 I I Iohn Feaser looks far into the dis- tance as he manuevers about the floor . . . Mary Smith and Bobby Armstrong on the front at football game . . . George McClean and Bob Gilliland bargain for candy with Ross Kelly. UNIUHS Dorothy Norma Maloney Muriel Mann Dorothy Ann Macdonald Roscoe Lubbock ' Mannan Borger Dallas Margaret Martin Rose Marie Bill Mathews D. B. Mauldin Lometa Martin Parnpa Breckenridge Corsicana Horner Medlin Stanley Dee Zada Bea Meyers Marilyn Miller Garden City Meredith Lubbock Lubbock Lexington, Tenn. Frank Mitchell Rhea Mitchell Weldon B. Mize Bill Moody Lubbock Hubert I. Moseley . Rochelle Lee Murphy Lubbock Madison Newton Anton :ge 87 Lockney Coty Moser El Paso Ierry Nash Lubbock Gene Nickell Dallas Rotan I ohn Robert Moxley Lubbock Iack Neal Honey Grove Neal Nichols Boraer Fort Stockton Frances Mudge Cleburne Sibley Neel Coahoma Mary Nicks Fort Worth Buelah Rae Lorraine Marr Dick Martin I Markham Rotan Eastland Ropesville Muriel Mays Miriam Meading Ralph Mecusker Strawn Slaton Lonq Branch, N. I Mary Etta Miller Thelbert Miller Mary I-ldna Lubbock Seymour Mitcham Odessa Ann Moore David B. Morrison Rachel Morrison Albany Lubbock Lubbock Clara Mueller Max Munn Iames Murdough Roscoe Iunction Lubbock Bill Nelson Ioe Nelson Edith Newman Lubbock Pamper Ralls Bill Olinger Emalu O'Neal Fred Owen Garland Lubbock Whitney I1 1 'W l sr N Mariorie Greene is wide awake to dance floor lingo oi Gene Nickell . . . Emily Cowan. Ro- berta Owen and Elizabeth Miller flash toothpaste smiles . . . High- lighting the night are smiling Mary Beth Smith and Dennis JU Iulia Parker Eastland Thelma Payne Levelland Martha Frank Plants Seymour Isabelle Price Vernon Cora Lee Reed Lubbock Bobbie Roberts Fort Worth William Hall Robertson Dallas 'age 89 Feigenspan. IUHS Clyde Paschall Ira Patterson Cliff Payne Lubbock Lubbock Hale Center Mildred Ben T. Harold Pilcher Pendleton Phillips, Ir. Lubbock Stratford Levelland Clay Plunk Ed Pool Mackie Porter Hedley Lancaster Galveston Iames Price Ol. H. Rahlfs, Ir. Elvin Rainey Tahoka Happy Dalhart Zenoba Reed Hugh Reynolds Reuby Tom Balls Shamrock Rhodes Lubbock Evan Roberts I. A. Roberts Kenneth Roberts Memphis Skelleytown Mobeetie Geraldine Iane Rogers Hal Rolley Robinson Lubbock Ioinerville Littlefield Emory Payne Lucille Payne Ruth Marie Lubbock San Augustine Payne Lubbock Raymond Piller Thurman George Pinkus Plainview Pinkerton Toledo, Ohio Lefors R. B. Poteet Edna Lou Prange Glendon Presson Olton Cisco Post Max Rampy Theda Rattan Leland Redline Clarendon Richmond Lubbock Geraldine Pauline Riley Kenneth Robbins Richardson Clarendon Dallas Lamesa Mrs. Kenneth Iames H. Melvin Robertson Roberts Robertson Lubbock Lubbock Aspermont Floyd Ross Hugh Rowland Bonnie Rushing Hereford Lubbock Farewell 'v Kara Hunsucker looks suspicious as Arlee Gowen tries new step at Chap dinner-dance . . . Ann Moore dodges the dance floor for a brief sit-out with sleepy Lee Perry and talkative Omer Whit- well . . . Warren Tabor loops the loop with tiny Dorothy Looper . . . Mary I o Ryan Loyd Sanders William Houston Lula Alice Scott Christine Seaman Ganner Shatter Lina Lee Shahan Lubbock Lubbock Schweitzer Lipscomb Lockney Lubbock Lipscomb Matador Ted Shaikewitz Ianell Shanafelt P. B. Shannon Travis Shelton Don Shepherd Norman Sherman Neoma Sherrod Brady Bryson Levelland Tahok-a Goose Creek Mineola Lubbock Charles Iohn Sherwood Freelin H. C. Shuler Robert V. Skinner Cloyd Slater V. C. Smart Sherwood Roaring Springs Shoemaker Snyder Perryton Sweetwater Spur Roaring Springs Abilene Ioe Clinton Marion Smith Mary Sue Smith Vester Lee Virginia Smith Betty Nell L. W. Snelleman Smith Magic City Hamilton Smith Kansas City, Mo. Smithee Wellington, Kans. Holliday McLean Ropesville Charles Snure Mary Romans Mariorie Spencer Rodney Spencer Evelyn Stalcup Prather Standefer Charles V. Steed Lubbock Sparks Midland Midland Lockney Clifton Clovis, N. M. Lubbock Dorothy Stephens Gloria H. Stewart Faye Stone Raye Stone David Storey Richard Story Marie Street Lubbock Hamlin Talpa Talpa Littlefield San Angelo Henrietta Margie Sullivan Pat Sullivan Wardell Sweatt Warren Tabor Clifton Tannahill G. D. Taylor Kenneth Taylor Lubbock Texico, N. M. Munday Lubbock Port Worth Lubbock Hillsboro age 91 Martha Herring says, "I've seen everything now." Alter sopho- more Hodge Podge . . . Dean Leidigh and the Baumgardner brothers enioy some real food at the Aggie pig-roast . . . Aggies' cheer speaker Hop Halsey at the annual feed. JU IURS Melvin Taylor Frankie Lou Iohnnie Faye Glenn Terrell Christine Thomas Carey Thompson LaVere Fort Worth Teague Templeton Vernon Loraine Artesia, N. M. Thompson Anton Shamrock Iowa Pflfk Vera Thormann Patty Thornton Smith Tilger Ruth Tinkler Doris Nell Margaret Tipton Iacqueline Roscoe Lueders Meadow Lamesa Tippit Plainview Titsworth Lubbock Taylor Robert D. Tollett Winfred Tucker Charlotte Ulrich Dorris Vallance Earline Vance Betty Io Wagner Helen Walker San Antonio Meadow Mentone Memphis Panhandle Mertzon Olton lack Walker Gertrude Waller Ruth Walling Glennis Waltz Burgin Watkins Olin Watson Margaret May Memphis Morgan . Palestine Denison Panhandle Floydada Vigeaver pur Walter Webster Katheryn Weeth Carl Weidling Iames A. Welch Georgia Sue Raymond R. Iohn Bill Lubbock Vernon Dumas Crowell Wharton Whatley Wheeler Fort Worth Lubbock Eola Margaret White Ted White Mariorie Bernard Wilder Norman Wiley Flora Lee lean Williams Hamilton El Paso Widmoyer Hereford Lubbock Williams Lubbock lowa Park Farwell Iames W. Ioe Williams Victor Williams Wayne Williams Ocie Hugh Iames E. Wilson L. G. Wilson Williams III Clarendon Estelline Whitesboro Williamson Bovina Lubbock Marlin Lubbock age 93 t Dorothy Winston Snyder Winitred Woods Lubbock Robert Wyly Muleshoe Ernest Winter Wellington Dave Worley Olney Mae Dell York Lubbock Helen Wiseman Littlefield Dean Wright Phillips Elizabeth Young Westbrook Bert Wolfram Galveston Ianet Wright Ulysses, Kaus. Mildred Young Abilene Iack Woltman Muleshoe I. C. Wright Amarillo Mary Youngblood Bronte Emmett Wood Lubbock Iohn H. Wright Dallas Norma Younger Vernon Sophomore Class President Iames Stokes. Secretary Betty O'Mara and Vice-President Richard Taylor. W -"I"" "'Z":"'-N " " "'f'f f-"' "W T, ':"" "' "7" Q- 'f"""A1: fvfaip 1- 'N V I x , f . f 1 t A 1 sf F' ' I EY ? A ' 2 f' ' 1 , f' '. Ib 1 1 fi ' I 5 -Mt 3 5 J 3 : fi---'-ay, Hr -ef., 1 : L Lf - V 3 ., 1 -1 V 1 ,I ' 5 i 2 N 5 'fr 3, - 1 5. ' 1 y 3 5 gp' ff ,Af .41 .YM ,. '-,,...,,., ,,.1., .,A,,. H A,..f' ..Ll., .g.,,,,m,,..,.,...u 2.a..r.-'I A Ioseph High and Bill Arledge en- gage in water battle in dormitory hall way . . . Burton Crossen and L. A. Storrs put forth their best efforts to Bettye Bruton and Mary Ann Stephenson . . . Iohn Lee flashes a wide-mouth smile. SUPHUMUHES George Acton lack Abbott Vivienne Betty Albin Orville Alderson Ralph Alexander Theador W. Wichita Falls Lubbock Adamson Taft Lubbock Lubbock Alexander Turkey Vienna, Austria Charles Allen Mabel Ameen I. E. Archer Billy Arledge Tom Arnett Charles Arnold Reverdie Ater. Ir Shamrock Lubbock Anson Roscoe Smyer Goree Ropesville Sam Augustine Virgie Louise Bettye Babb Albert Baucum Lola Mae Bellah Ouida 'Bellah Mary Tom Belt Sterling City Austin Lubbock Anson Throckmorton Throckmorton Ackerly , Lubbock Barbara Boggs George Bohner Bob Bond Roy Boone Richard Borden Betty Iean Born Dan Boston Wichita Falls Olton Fort Worth Seymour lunction Lubbock Clarendon Sara Bourland Virginia Bowman Glenna Boyd Ioseph Boyd Ellis Boyles W. Charles Cecil Branscurn Pampa Slaton Lubbock Lubbock Sudan Bradley Pampa Fife Monte Brashear Virgil Brasher W. C. Breland W. C. Brewer D'Lyle Brooke Mary Ellen Brown William E. Lubbock Mosheim McCamey Olton Lubbock Slaton Brown. Ir. f Floydada Ieff Burk Marcellious T. Rosemary Burns Mary Butler Iohn Carter Byers Doris Bynum Granville Byrom Hereford Burelsmith Palestine Graham Lubbock Levelland Trent Vernon ye 97 K i v Alfred Rhode manages iron-grip on Faith McNamara for a little iive . . . Tom Douglass takes off on Betty Carol's line . . . Frances Clark and Paul Nail find time for some chit-chat before going back to the dance. SUPHUMUHES I Ophelia May David K. Beaman Fred Beard I. C. Bearden Maxine Beasley Ierry Beavers Mariorie Beck Beall Laredo Floydada Lubbock Lubbock Camp Springs Talpa Lubbock 1 August Behling Elizabeth Belew Arthur Bell, Ir. Lee Bickerstaff Anne Birkman Frazer Blackwell Eugene Blair Albany Vernon Vernon Slaton Lubbock Lubbock Plainview Alyce Ioyce Bettie Bailey Patricia Lou Baker Marie Baldwin Bette Ballard Mary Louise Alton Barker Bagley San Angelo Midland Morton Gallup, N. M. Ballard Lubbock Kress Brownfield Billie Barkley Myrnavae Barkley Guy Barks Frances Barnes Leonard Barr, Ir. Wolsey Barrett Fern Barron Greenville Matador Tulia Anson Newgulf Snyder Paducah Frances Barrow Iohn Bayles George Carroll Goldie Boatman Kenneth Harold Caylor Caddell Betty Rhea Lamesa Balmorhea Beakley Fort Stockton Boman Texline Caldwell Levelland Vernon Lubbock Margaret Hazel Camp Bonnie Campbell Ioe Cardwell Carl Casey Gwen Castle Imogene Cate Cammack Lamesa Spur Vernon Wolfforth Perryton Paducah Lubbock Mildred Cauble Betty Caughron Wayne Cearley Louise Chappelle O. L. Cheaney Iim Christian Sneed Christian Big Lake Dallas Levelland Lubbock Santa Anna Seaqraves Big Spring ge 99 Betty McBride and Dick Sheehan cling to the wall a bit wistiully . . . "Sweet Adeline" or iitter-bug expressions oi Looper and Iohn- son . . . Iohnnie McKee brings laugh from Ruth Campbell while Iimmie Curry looks on. SUPHUMUHES Susanah Clapp Ada Marie Clark Walter Clark, Ir. Zelda Clemage lack Coats Fred Cobb Childress Lubbock Lubbock O'Donnell Lubbock Longview Iimmy Cochran Creed C. Coffee Frances Collier Annie Lee Cone Loy Cook Linn S. Cooper Wellington Big Spring Balls Lubbock Hereford Houston Io Nell Cox Wallis O. Cozzens Maxine Craddock Patti Crawford Martha Iane Ted Crosnoe Lubbock Eldorado Robert Lee Abilene Crocker Crowell Tulia Ienne Curry Bill Dainton Earlene Damron W. R. tBuzzl Io Ann Daugherty Guinevere Dauley Plainview Cherokee, Oklor Dalhart Daniels Roscoe Ackerly layton Sammie DavidsonGenevieve Decker W. I. Davis Raymond P. Ruedeen Nancy Dennis Levelland Childress Abilene Dehnel Dennington Hillsboro San Angelo Lubbock Betty Diltz Iim C. Dixon Iames W. Pete Dowell Iohn Driskill Helen Duff San Angelo Farwell Donaghey Quail Coleman Rotan Trenton Kenneth Duke Mary Dunbar Marie Dunham Virgella Dunn Cannon Duren Sarah Eiland Lubbock Palo Pinto Big Spring Brownfield Lakeview Lamesa age 101 Ralph Cocanougher Lubbock Emily Cowan Spur Elven Crow Sudan Martha lane Davidson Graham Ioyce Dillon Henderson I uanita Duil Southland George Elliott Anton ' .M ,, W.. , T 1 .L Cabot Dysart makes ready for personal sabotage . . . Cheer up. Neal. Peggy and Buster. things can't be that bad . . . A close-up featuring Gee Waltz, Ed Pool. Marilyn Miller and Richard Tay- lor. Fred Elston Alvin Eppes. Ir. lane Erwin Lubbock Wilson Lubbock Alice Christine Virginia Ferguson Gene Finley Ferguson Amarillo Baird Houston lack Flynn Kathryn Forsyth Dorothy Foster Breckenridge Qufanah Amarillo Iames R. Freeman Floyd Friberg Herbert Friddle Fort Worth Wichita Falls Parnpa Pascal Garrison Lula Margaret C. W. Geron Silverton Gary Fort Worth Petersburg Eleanor Gillham Fike Godfrey C. L. Goble, Ir. Brownfield Spur Petersburg Chester Green Mariorie Green Evelyn Griffin Mobeetie Seagrawes Littlefield :ge 103 Gale Etter Anna Lois Evans Minnie Fay Maxie Feltz Littlefield ldalou Fairbairn Fort Worth Odessa lack R. Fitzgerald Doralene Ioyce Floyd Alta Fly Sweetwater Flanagan Lubbock Hale Center Stanton A. T. Fouts, Ir. Tommie Fowlkes Frances Franklin Charles Freeman Rule Dirnmitt Ingleside Coleman Vernon Fritz Charles Fugitt Billy Gafford Virginia Belle Dallas Greenville Sulphur Springs Gamble Lubbock Penny Geyer C. Norman Gibson Mary Dena Dan Gillett Borger Henrietta, Okla. Gibson Shallowater Lubbock Lanneau Golucke Horace Goodrich Lehmer Graham Rena Gray El Paso Kerrville Lubbock San Angelo Georgia Griffin Iames W. Griffith Hazel Grisham Minnie Kate Big Spring Dallas Littlefield Grissom Littlefield s 5 Louise Anderson and Charles Holman say. "Easy does it, on a slow one" . . . Dan Rogers tries to keep up with fast dance step of Yvonne Westmoreland . . . Mary Helen Vestal and Frances Gary "on the beam" once more as they hoo-doo Wesley Powell and the missing link. SUPHUMUHES Margaret Gray Iames Gunter Ted Hackney Billy Hale Lucille Hall Eberhard Ernest Beth Hamilton Snyder Claude Fort Worth El Paso Lubbock Hamer Brownfield Oak Hill, Ill. Howard Hampton Sarah Hannon Harvey Hanson Margaret Iean W. G. Harlan Averlyne Hatcher Guy Haverstock Pampa Vernon ' '- "wLamesa Hardin Muleshoe Lubbock Crosbyton Munday Bernard Frank Bill Hawkins Dorothy Hawkins Marydel Hawkins David Hays Robert Headrick George Hedrick Havron Skellytown Lubbock Morton Olney Sweetwater Clovis, N. M. Silverton Garnette Heggen Overton Heidel Hope Hennington lack Henry Ruth Hereford Avis Herring Iulia Herron Abernathy Lovington, N. M. Slaton Lorenzo Lubbock Amherst Archer City Iohnny Hervey Iane Hess Peggy Hess Neyland Hester Dean Hiatt Harvey Hicks Patti Hicks Greenville Lubbock Lubbock Bovina Lubbock Carlsbad, N. M. Snyder Emmett Hinson Mary Lou Hinson Iean Holloman George Holman Iackie Holt Richard Holton Frances Homme Floydada Spring Lake Muleshoe Lubbock Brownfield Spearman Electra McKinley Hopper Maxine Houchin Anthony F. Hauss Nade Houston Diamond Howard Chester Burl R. Leon Hughes Mentone Leiors Mexico City, D. F. Wichita Falls Silverton Hubbard Lubbock Lubbock 'age 105 fi-1 w A L Fussy swings on as Earl Dominy hands out his line . . . Winsome Francine Young smiles shyly while less Ballew and Dennis Feigenspan gab . . . Dot Looper and Bud Iackson take iitter-bug- ging seriously. Tommy Hughes Iim Humphreys Marie Hunsucker Trenton Kansas City, Mo. Matador Robert Iackson Virginia Iackson Lamar Iacques Phillips Lubbock Dalhart Betty Ienkins Marion Iennings Mary Iane Lorenzo Coleman Iohnston Graham Imogene Iones Iarold Iones Iuanice Morine Loving Littlefield Iones Amarillo Gene Keel Bernice Keeton Iohn W. Keifer Houston Lubbock Seymour Sarabeth Kimmel Turner Kimmel Ierold B. Knox Lubbock Lubbock Amarillo Bill Laine Nancy Laird Iimmie Lee Spur Lorenzo Landrum Perryton icrge 107 Eloise Hyer Archer City Ernest Iames Pampa Nell Arnett Iohnson Lubbock r Iulia Iones Lubbock Velma Keller Lubbock Irene Kral Roby Earline Lane Levelland A. L. Iackson, Ir. Ioe T. Iackson Reuben Iackson Spearman Lubbock Elmer Gene Robert Iarrett Iarneson Temple, Okla. Matador Robert S. Iohnson Evelyn Iones Dallas Brownfield Sarah Francis Travis Iones Jones Lubbock San Angelo Mallory Kelly Harry Kilgore Lamesot Brownwood Ed Kuhn Mildred Fort Worth Kuykendall Lubbock Gene Laniord Wanda Langford Lubbock Olton Dallas Dorothy Ieiireys Lubbock Henry Iones Big Spring Maurice Iury Borger Durwood Kimbrough Lazbuddy Robert Lacey Colorado City lack Larrick Wichita Falls Homecoming found Dairy students interested mostly in entertaining and leeding exes . . . Home Ec girls exhibit talented voices dur- ing annual party . . . Freshmen look skeptically over long line ol registration questions. SUPHUMURES Georgia Laseter Evelyn Lea Alvin Ledwig Alma Ruth Lee Helen Ruth Lee Winiired Lee Marion Legge Westbrook Lubbock Lubbock Clovis, N. lvl. Spur Spur Lubbock Frances Lesovsky Peggy Ann Levi Bobby Lewis Kenneth Lewis Louise Lewis Richard E. Bob Lilly. Ir. Cameron Corsicana Brownfield Sweetwater Fort Worth Lieurance Elbert Amarillo Ednita Long Margaret Long Dorothy Looper Luther Loveless Charles Lutrick Maxine Charles L. Esperanza Crowell Plainview Friona Abernathy McAllister McCalister Tahoka Wichita Falls Colleen McCarty Louise McCarty Louie Lucille Iewell McCoy Ioe McCraw Marrion Q. Munday Lawn McClanahan McClellan Matador Lubbock McCurdy Abilene Gruver PUICGU, Oklcr. Io McDu.ti Ed H. McElroy, Ir. Sammie McGee Billy McGlothin Bill McGough Edward McGowan Iva Lea McKay Ralls Waxahachie Spur Marble Falls Hamlin Sweetwater Larnesa Rowena McKinleyElmer McLaughlin Iohn D. McLean Carrye Io McLoen Gladys Virginia Lee H. A. Maasen Hamilton Laketon Lubbock Lubbock McNamara McSpadden Tahoka San Antonio Phillips Bob Macina Mary Ellis Iola Malcolm Virginia Maley Earlene Marks Dorothy Rose Marie Martin Shamrock Maedgen Brownfield Levelland , ldalou Marrs Monahans Lubbock Wichita Falls Page 109 1 L Light-looted Alice Whitehead and Kara Hunsucker spin at AWS all- girls' iamboree . . . Ioyce Dillon and Burton Crossen listen closely for strains of music to begin . . . Girl donnitory residents spent much of their time in dorm lounge. Mozelle Martin Wesley Martin Harold Massey Lubbock Westover Abilene Margaret Eloise Merritt Frances Metcalf Meinecke Roswell, N. M. Chillicothe Plainview Billie Marie Miller Dorothy Miller Elizabeth Miller Coleman Sudan Fluvanna Margaret Ruth Monk Francis L. Moncrief Lubbock Montandon, Ir. Sulphur Springs Knox City Benton Moores George Moreland Billy Morrison Price Earl Newland Lamesa Vidabelle Orr Hereford Dage 111 Plains Lubbock R. P. Nicholson Frankie Novak Lorenzo Palestine Earl I. Osborn, Ir. Elnita Ostrom Wichita, Karts. Phillips Arnold Mathias Lampasas E. B. lBuddyl Meyer Amarillo Pauline Miller Wichita Falls Dorothy Montgomery Memphis Robert Mullin Lubbock Vernon Oakes Santa Anna Lavon Ostrom Phillips Peggy Maxwell Iesse May, Ir. George L. Mayes Wichita Falls Mercedes Laredo DaOnne Bernie Mika Emmett Mikeska Middleton San Angelo Eola Slaton Carl Lester Minor Barbara Mitchell Eleanor Mitchell Floydada Electro: Lubbock Rayford Moody Bruce Moore Darrell D. Moore Archer City Lame-sa Carbon Paul Nail Mary Nance Earl Neal Lubbock Morton Westbrook Ben Oglesby. Ir. Le Roy Olsak Betty O'Mara Lubbock San Angelo Lubbock Roberta Owen Roger K. Owen Walter Page Winters Vernon Valera Lounge seekers Mallory Kelly. Annis Durham and Ioan Lewis . . . Seven pretty maids exchange comments in lounge of Girls' Dorm No. 1 .... Sounds in the night: Wayne Finnell, Paul New. H. M. Terry and Frank Rapstine. Iames Parker San Antonio Walter Patrick Quitaque Howard Phillips Lubbock Ioe Tom Preston Childress Charlotte Ransom Fort Worth Marian Rendall Dallas Theta Mae Riley Millersview ge 113 Redell Parks Gertrude Parrott Harold Patterson Iack Patton Tokio Sibley, lowa Paul L. Payne Houston Pearson Lubbock Lorenzo Carson E. Pierce Mona Pierce Lubbock Lubbock W. D. Price David C. Rabb Rankin Garland Mary Elizabeth Robert Rapier Ranspot Waco Graham Iean Renner Mary Frances Lubbock Reeder Knox City Roy Rixse Iack Robbins Imperial Fort Worth Biq Spring layton Hazel Ruth Peays Hulen Penney Robert Lee Lubbock Martha Lee Bobbie Pirkle Pierson Levelland Lubbock Bee Ragan Eugene Ragland Sweetwater Plainview Marie Rasco Richard Wayne Memphis Redick Iraan May Ona Reeder Katherine Reese Lubbock Shallowater Ieanne Roco I. R. Roden Houston Friona Keith Patton W. Franklin Matador Patrick Littlefield Marie Peterrnan Bertha Marie Brownfield Phillips lredell Bettye Plummer Edith Poole Fort Worth Benjamin Dick Ragsdale Bedford Raley Slaton Lubbock Dean Redus Bette Bob Redwine Rotan Lubbock Betty Io Rice Walter R. Lubbock Riethrnayer Lamesa Dan Rodgers Grace Rooney Post Fort Stockton Ice-munchers Bettie Bailey Davis Rogers look serious for a brief moment . . . Aggies pare food for a feast on wholesale basis . . . Patsy Ayers exposes usual smile as Robert Hall Davis cautions cameraman. Edward Rorex Bonnie Lea Rose and pre- SUPHUMUHE5 Iulia Anna Ross Velda Dee Ross George Rufus Ernestine Russ Robert Lee Salter Panhandle Pampa Huntsville Lubbock Rush Lubbock Mabank Lubbock A.pB. Sansom Ieanne Saunders Heidi Schneider Elroy Schoppa Bob Schuster Iune Scott Paul Scott Lubbock Morton Pampa Vernon Perryton Slaton Dodson Mary Louise Seale Wortham Seale Charles Senning Betty Sessums Aural Shaw Norman Shaw Rodrick Shaw Lubbock Lubbock Spur Lubbock Clton Olton Olton Mary Ann Douglas Shaver Rex M. Shearer Ernest Sheets Bertie Io Shell Beatrice Sherrill Paul Shick Shaunty Baileyboro Parnpa Dalhart Balls Tahoka Plainview Alvord Iames Lloyd Lonnie Sibley, Ir. Iack Sides Naomi Silvey Harold Simms Clem Simpson Frankie Simpson Shoemaker Wink Kirkland Vernon Brownfield Graham Graham O'Donnell Iackson Sisk Ava Louise Smith Bonnie Lyle Smith Donald Smith Elizabeth Ann I. D. Smith Louise Smith Levelland Whiteface DeKalb Lubbock Smith Lubbock Lubbock Brownfield Mary Smith Mary Beth Smith Sanford Smith Wilson Smith Patricia Snider Robert C. Snively Nelda Snow Benjamin Graham Little Bock, Ark. Fort Stockton Lubbock Colorado City Clovis, N. M. 'age 115 . .. rf" l l Elizabeth Baldwin and lack Baker resemble page from "hickory stick school days" . . . Cheery Dell Morgan receives iish cap from Leete Iackson as Don Austin and the boys look on . . . Football- mad students arose at 7:30 to give team a send-off to Wake Forest. SUPHUMUHES Nell R. Snow Wilodine Snow Dorris Lorrene Brooks Speer Bruce Spencer I. T. Spivey Abilene Abilene Sowder ldalou Balls Gruver ldalou H. G. Sprawls Loyd Sprawls Maxine Sprcrwls Verna Springer Berry Squyres Ellis Stagner Tulia Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Amherst Mary Menon Alonzo Stanphill Henry Stence Bobbie Stephens Daphne Stephens Mary Ann Stangel Denison Rockdale Lubbock Roby Stephenson Lubbock Lubbock Doris Stilwell Iames Stokes Lucile Stoy Buck Stricklin Mary Martha William W. Memphis Littlefield I Crandall Clovis, N. M. Sutall Suggs, Ir. ldalou Crosbyton Iack Swain Delton Tatum Richard Taylor Iane Temple Opal Thacker Rosa Thaxton Sundown Lovinqton, N. M. Hobbs, N. M. Lubbock McLean Lubbock Tommy Thomas William I. Bernard Pete Thompson Iohn Thornburgh Gerald Thornhill Steamboat Thomas Thompson Abernathy Wichita Falls Lueders Springs, Colo. Comanche Lubbock Catharine Bill Thunnan Udell Thurman De Troy Trammell Doreen Tucker Woodie Tudor Thruston Lubbock Anson Munday Rockwood Lubbock Olton age 117 Buddy Sprague Lubbock Iames Stalls White Deer Patricia Stewart Payette, Idaho Dudley Sullivan Lubbock Hazel Thomas Tahoka Melvin Thornton Littlefield Austin L. Turner Lubbock Betty Carol Wood and Eleanor Cotton scan copy in Toreador office . . . Techsans turned out en masse to welcome the Red Raid- ers home after heart-breaking de- feat at Miami . . . Students form victory row for "Men in Red" as they return to dormitory quarters. SUPHU UHES Daniel Turrentine Hereford George Wall Knox City George Watford Midland Helen Ruth West Levelland Alice Whitehead Temple Iuanita Williams Levelland Oran Wilson Lubbock :ge 119 Ray Tyler Iuanita Vaughter Mack Verhyden Mary Helen Pollyanna Walker Oliver Walkup Longworth Amherst Richland Vestal Lubbock Dawson Fort Worth Wallace Wall Ralph Wallace' Betty Walling Ioy Anne Walter Kathleen Vasti Warren Amarillo Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Walthall Tahoka Anton Walton Watkins Eulamae Watson Ioyce Watson Layton Webb Frank Wentz I. V. Wescott Winnsboro Lubbock Lubbock Roby Big Spring Seminole Hoy West Yvonne Rosemary Ray White Raymond White Travis White Wingate Westmoreland Whatley Whiteface Sudan Friona O'Donnell Taft Marietta Wilcox Omer Dwight H. T. Wilkins Iean Wilkins David Williams Dorothy Williams Abilene Whitwell Lubbock Krurn Post Moran McKinney Roy Williams Wanda Beth Mozelle Leo I. Wilmeth Albert Wilson Norman L. Abernathy Williams Williamson Amarillo Dalhart Wilson, Ir. Sweetwater loplin, Mo. Santa Fe, N. lvl. Thomas Wilson Pat Wiman William Lorene Wolfe Betty Carol Wood Dora Woods Austin Tulia Winchester Seminole Morton Lubbock Parnpa swgtttisfq Bill Wotipkcr Beatrice Wright Dorothy Wright Elwood Wright El Paso Eldorado Lubbock Post Carl Iunius Young Robert Young Zecrrl Young lack York E1 Paso Miles Hawley Lubbock Freshman Class Vice-President Robert Baurngardner, Secretary Ierry Larrick and Class Presi- dent Everett Dale. f , .,,, ,. X N s ,, yr ii t 'X 1 ,, l Annis Durham and Cotton Allen smile through a slow one . . . Life takes a serious turn for Iane Prickett and Dan Rogers . . . Dorothy Marrs laughs discreetly at a Blomshield ioke between dances. Malcolm D. Abel Corinne Abney Eloise Adams Warren Adams it Dorothy Agnew Ruth Alldredge Iason Allen H l C t Levelland Lubbock Houston Hamlin Lubbock Allred a e en er Kathleen Allen Thelma Lois Allen Stuart Alley Tennie G. Allison lack Allmon Bart Anderson Bonnie Dale Perryton Lovington, N. M. Lubbock Lubbock Hereford O'Donnell Anderson , Big Spring lean Anderson Louise Anderson Virginia Anderson Charles Angel Lenore Frances Bill Anthony Mary Anthony Wellington Wellington Westbrook Plainview Anglin Lubbock Balls Tahoka Charles Arnold Robert N. Arnold Delores Ashley Helen Atkisson Lena Mae Austin Graham Bachman Iohnnye Lou Mineola Floydada Melrose, N. M. Childress Childress Throckrnorton Bagwell Claude Bryan Bailey Io Ervin Bailey Iohn Ed Bain Anna Baker E. B. Baker Helen Ball R. V. Ball M Wichita Falls Lamesa Silverton Amarillo Ackerly Lubbock Junction Durwood Ballew less L. Ballew Melba Bankston Helen Ruth Lowell Iosie Lee Barnett Clifford Barr Archer City Fort Worth Ballinger Barber Bark1ey,Ir. Earth Newgulf Lubbock Matador Anita Barrett Baity Bartel Billie Io Bascom Iacquelyn Barry Robert Io Ella Baumgart Louis Beale Claude Dallas lraan Lubbock Baumgardner San Angelo Dallas Wellington Dage 123 Betty Diltz puts on best of facial acts for smirking I. T. York . . . C. W. Denison heads interested row of feasters at Aggie banquet . . . Prof O. B. Howell and guest start in on final Aggie course. FHESHME Francis Bearden- Laneta Bechtol Betty Bell Stella Benefield Billie Louise Othela Bertram Theola Bertram Lubbock Lubbock Amarillo Lubbock Berry Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Ioe W. Beverly Lilly Merle Bibby Maurice Biennan Ina Mae Burchard Iolene Bingham Mary Louise Bird Arline Birdwell Crowell Lubbock Anton Toyah Vernon Odessa Lubbock W. B. Blankenship Barbara Lee Mary Frances Pat Blount Wilda Bobo Nancy Louise Clark Bondurant Levelland Blanks Bledsoe Lubbock Lubbock Bollinger Lubbock Lakeview Becton Ackerly Dorothy Lee Melvin Boothe Ida Christine Bobbe Boulton Bobbie Virginia Sarah Bowman Iohn H. Boyd Boone O'Donnell Botkin La Iunta, Colo. Bowers Alexandria, La. El Campo Crane 'Tahoka Brownfield Betty Lynne George Bradley Carrol Bradshaw Earl Bradshaw Bill Brady Io Ann Brazier Thomas -Berry Boynton Dallas Eopesville Slaton Pampa Lubbock Breeding Hobbs, N, M, Sweetwater Wilson Brillhart Gerald Brindell Betty Brown Charles G. Brown Frank Brown Ola Lee Brown Milton Broyles Perryton El Paso Fort Worth Quanah Truscott Cleburne Fort Worth , 4 Buster Bryant Donella Bucy Beverly Buie Wyle Bullock Ioyce Bumpass Frank Burchard I. V. IBurdett, Ir. Lorenzo Wink Stamford Becton Quanah . Toyah ODonnell ge 125 E 3 'mn Jay Hugh Braly receives slide rule prize given by Engineering soci- ety . . . Homecomers sing before breakfast at Home Ec affair . . . Recalling days gone by with former Home Ec students are Dor- othy Harris and Marie Collins. FHESHME Meyrul lake Burkett Burelsmith Mullen Vernon Lewis Byars Iuanita Caldwell Fort Worth Pampa Doris Elaine Maxine Carroll Cayton Borger L Thornton Marion Chandler Cullen Chapman Lubbock Lubbock Bernice Robert Cocke Cocanougher Corsicana Lubbock Kidy Belle Cole Iohn L. Coleman Lubbock Lubbock Marian Coolidge Mary Louise Houston Cooper Kermit :ge 127 Ethel Burns L. D. Burns Houston Plains Tida Camp Ethelmae Sweetwater Campbell Raton, N. M. Pat Carter Edward Levelland Cartwright Santa Fe, N. M. Bill Christian Virgil Chron Fort Worth Balls Roland Cocke Egbert Cofield Liberty Del Rio Bobby Collier Wayne Collins Post Floydada Tad Copeland Donald Cornelius Caddo Floydada Louise Burrus Nettie Mae Busby Adaline Byars Lubbock Lockney Afton Earl Cantrell Iames Carlisle Evelyn Carpenter Dalhart Pampa Lubbock Robert S. Ioyce Casey Elzan Castleman Cartwright Plainview Westbrook Santa Fe, N. M. Frances Clark Roy Clark Carole Cleavinger Lubbock Stamford Spring Lake Foy L. Cogburn Bettye Louise Buster Cole Lubbock Colbert Midland Odessa Leonard Ernest A. Conley Betty Cook Collinsworth Lubbock Colorado City Borger Ruth Costello Eleanor Cotton Robert Couch Uvalde Dalhart Aspermont Qin A I ' AQ, all M 'NSHQ Q 3 K W ff is K, ,,,E , gzvn ,V AWS convention delegates take in the West as Tech girls play host . . . B. H. Carr. Bill Kings- bery and Louis Beale crowd door with pens and papers ready . . . Peter Blanda and Doyle Car- away take in night pep rally. FHESHME Marinez Cowart Iuanell Cox William Crabtree Charles Phillip Iames Crane C. A. Crawford Silverton Rails Olton Craig Wellington Wellington Lubbock Thurman Thelma Crockett Christine Crook Burton Crossen Dorothy Crouch Ben L. Crowell Creekmore Alice Godley Dallas Garden City Wichita Falls Mobeetie Vera Culwell Katherine Oleeta Cummings Luther Ianye Ruth Curry Mariorie Curry Avoca Cummings Odessa Cunningham Seminole San Angelo Lubbock Littlefield Billy Ray Dahl Everett Dale Bill Daniel Charleen Daniel Robert Daniel Forrest Daniell Seminole Oklahoma City Lubbock Royalty Lubbock Goree Dean Dauley Frances E. Davis Helen Davis Ieff H. Davis Leland Davis Mary Catherine Ackerly Levelland Childress Levelland Hedley Dawson f Dalhart Gerald Deahl Carl Dean Maxine Deardorii George Deen Iames Denton Hazel Dickson Lockney Lubbock Lubbock Fort Worth Bonham Borger Geneva Dixon Harold Dixon Robert Dorough Richard Dortch I. C. Doss Berneice Douglas Lubbock Lubbock Plainview Stratford Stamford Abernathy ge 129 .A Io Hanna Crawford Abilene Flores Crump Lubbock Sidney Bill Curtis Lubbock Iohn Darden Holliday Iesse Day Donna Dudley Sue Dinwiddie Hart Rex Douglas Silverton P 3 L, tn' Alyce Ioyce Bagley and Vester Lee Smith dance in the back- ground as the camera catches Bee Ragan and Iack Bogan in a se- rious moment . . . Peanut Rob- ertson cuts up with Ollie Sue Ann- strong . . . Dick Lieurance shoots the ordinary dance line. FHESHME William I. Dryer Wilson Dutiey Inez Duncan Leldon Dunn Mariiane Dunn Maurita Dunn Wayne Dunn Oklahoma City Meadow Lubbock Coahoma Fort Worth Mobeetie Haskell t Leslie DuPuy Margaret Eagan Gordon Eastman Faydell Edwards Mary Lou lim Elliott Helen Ellis l Waco Bynum Fort Worth Post Edwards Rankin Odessa' t Lubbock Elton Ellison Glenodine Bryan Ethridge Tyson Eubanks Tom Eudy Harry Evans Billie Louise W Lubbock Esmond Anson Dirnmitt Turkey Fort Worth Ewing Lamesa Waco Wayne Fade Nina Iewell Frankie Ruth Martha Ferguson Silva Ficke Beth Alyce B. W. Finnell. Ir. Pampa Fairbairn Faris Childress Midland Fillingim Holliday Paducah Sudan ROiC11'1 William Beth Floyd Virginia Forbes I. B. Fore Stanley F. Forker Clint Formby Barbara Forrest Fitzpatrick McLean Lubbock Graham Pampa McAdoo Dallas Gallup, N. M. Imogene Forrest lean Forrest Lynn Foster Ray Foster Edward Fox Betty Lou Frazier Belle Freeman Plains Guthrie Cleburne Seminole Lubbock Tahoka Lubbock Betty Rae Fryar Merle Futch Dora Gaither Ernestine Nettie Faye Eloise Garrett Margarett Garrett Knott Dickens Merkel Gambell Gardner Abernathy Dallas Lamesa Girard rge 131 l . 1 l P F I s C3 When the gals from the North had their first taste of cowboy chuck during national AWS convention . . . These Techsans climbed on the bandFwagon for rodeo parade . . . Yell leaders line up Raiders while Tech students give 'em a pep talk. Red FHESI-IME Bill H. Gatlin Dallas Leonard Gill Snyder Thomas Gower Pampa Katherine Green Balls D vid Halbower cllforth Worth R. C. Hall, Ir. Slaton Weldon Hancock O'Donnell :ge 133 Ross Gee. Ir. Lubbock I aney Gilmore Lubbock David Graham Pampa Harold Grigsby McCamey Barbara Hale Lubbock Louise Hallmark Loraine Lafara Harbison Lubbock Gloria George I. E. Gerber, Ir. Iack Ge any Lois Evelyn Kenneth Gilbert Lubbock Spearman Eastldnd Gibbins Newqulf Krum Thomas R. Glimp Nonnan Goen Phylis oeth Wanda Goins Tommie Io Gooch Menard Floydada Abern thy Burkburnett Winter Iean Graham Tom Graham Frances Graves Ruth Gray Iames Green Breckenridge Guion Fort Wortlu Lubbock Hobbs, N. M. Mary Elizabeth Douthit Grinstead Wayn Dee Iohn Hackney Anne Hagy Grimes Slaton Gro e Fort Worth Fort Worth Lubbock Lubb ck Verne Hale Errolene Haley Barbaral Hall Harwell Hall Mariorie Hall Corsicana Big Spring Lubb ck Lefors West Hartford, Conn. Grace Halsell lack Hamilton Monda Hy 'ton Robert Hamilton I. Y. Hammack Lubbock Westbrook Lubb ck Lubbock Goodlett Doris Hardin Louise Hardin Elmer H grove William C. Eileen Harrison Hobbs, N. M. Ballinger Rot n Harlow. Ir. Odessa Throckmorton i I , X F Ierry Beavers. Bud Barnes and Bernice Cocanougher sign stu- dents lor LA VENTANA . . . Martha Frank Plants gets long registration card to sign away 1iie's history . . . Mariorie Green swings out at formal dance. I-'RESHME Eugene Harrison I. M. Hartness, Ir. William Blair Donnie Heap Ellen Helm Stratford Levelland Hays Taylor Austin O'Donnell Donald Dee Betty Herring Iames F. Herring Vena Hershberger Ross Hester Henslee Roswell Iunction Lubbock Lubbock Hereford Mariorie Higday Margaret Higgins Herman High Ioseph L. High Ioe Hill Rankin Hereford Lamesa Stamford Fort Worth O. G. Hill, Ir. Ieanne Hines O'Dell Hixon Iohn F. Hobgood Norman Hoback Hereford Lubbock Kermit Lubbock Lamesa Novelle Holder Wilma Holland Lloyd Holloway Charles Holman Robert Holt Rankin Perryton Wellington Vernon Perryton Winiired House Charles Raymondlosephine Houston C. W. Howard Recla Iane Turkey Houser Stanton Throckmorton Hughey Odessa Wellington N Betty Hurt C. B. Hutcheson B. I. Hutson, Ir. Betty Hyer Orville Ice Larnesa Sundown Lubbock Coleman Van Page 135 Ray Helton Mary Iune Levelland Hemenway Laredo lane L. Hiatt Tommy Hicks Lubbock West L. C. Hill Leslie Calvin Hill Dallas Floydada Willis lBobl Louis Holder Hodges Lubbock Lubbock Iimmie Hooser Iimmie Horton Plainview Wbitharral Helen Mack Helen Humphries Hume Levelland Post Raymond Ince Mary Pat Inman Spur Amarillo I f Ex-student Mayo Boucher appears in the night at Homecoming pep rally . . . Helen Ruth West, Ne- oma Sherrod and Doris Iohnston await final approval of schedule by Dean Doak . . . Lines like this are not unusual during regis- tration. r l 7' Q , w .nt k n Mary Patricia Narvell Ieifreys Stanley Irvine Shirley Irwin Glenna Iack Ioe Terry Iackson Leete Iac so Fort Worth Floydada Lubbock Lubbock lames Lubbock Dalhart Iohn Iennings Harrel lobe Mary Lu Iobson Audrey Iohnson Iames F. Iohnson Iohnny Iohnston Robert Iolly Wylie Sweetwater Lubbock Larnesa W-ater Valley Coleman Aubrey Winired Margaret Mayfair Iones Tillie Iones Allene Iungman Victor Iury Ianice Keith Iones Elizabeth Iones San Angelo Odessa Munday Borger Crosbyton Brownfield Tulia Evelyn Keller Bert Kennard Beniamin Kessel Martha Lou Ennis Kidd David Kilpatrick Bette Kimsey Del Rio Denver City Roswell, N. M. Kestler Lockney Lubbock Crowell Lufkin Mary Iane Kinard Betty Faye Lewis King B. T. Kirkpatrick Edward Kline Bill Klepper Doyle Knowles L Lubbock Kindrick Ierrnyn Tulia Denver, Colo. Crowell Tulia Big Spring Bernard Koetting Calvin Kunkel A. I. Lair A. I. Lambert Marilyn Landrum William D. Lang Betty Langford Groom Lubbock Lubbock Vernon Fort Worth Girard Girard Nancy Langford Oscar Large Suzanne Larmour George LaRoe Ierry Larri-ck Gladys Lawrence Mary Louise Stamford Crane Graham Tulia Wichita Falls Asperrnont LeCompte Lampasas 'age 137' q 1 Kara Hunsucker puts the ball down the alley with typical femi- nine form . . . Gwendolyn Ste- vens tlashes a smile from midst of registration group despite ordeal . . . Students commonly compare schedules and check profs during registration in anticipation of long days ahead. FRESHMEN Whitney Lee Mariorie Leitwich Shotner Gayle Tom LeMond Everett Carrie Dell Lenoir Margaret Leonard Donna Lubbock Lemons Lubbock Lennington Memphis Lamesa l-lale Center Graham Oveta Linda Edna Earl LaVon Linker Eugene Little Iack Lloyd Elizabeth Locklar Billye Iim Lott Light Linebery Levelland Andrews Lubbock Odessa Odessa Vernon Midland Marilyn Luker Ioe Luscombe Burma LyBrand Fred Lynn Tommye Bea lack McBride Fred McCarroll Amarillo Dalhart Sudan Clarendon McAlister Lamesa Mobeetie Lubbock Nell McClellan Corinne McClure Harvey McClure Howard McClure Betty McCoy Martha Frances Lee McDaniel lraan Amarillo Mentone Claude Baird McCro1'Y Farwell Lubbock Dorothy Gene Lee McDuii Yvonne Sampie McGehee Sam McGill Frank McGonagill Sherwood McDuti Balls McFarland Merkel Hale Center Fort Worth Mclntire Crosbyton Friona Claude Libby McKennon Robert L. Gene McLendon Mary Evelyn Faith McNamara Dan McNeill Eva Mae Dalhart McKinnon L-amesa McMillan San Antonio Winters McPherson Lubbock Idqlgu Waco .Ioycelyn Maasen Horace Maddux Valeia Madry Charles Connie Mahone Marian Manning Robert Manning Q Tahoka lunction Levelland Mahafiey. Ir. Marta Lubbock Alpine age 139 Mount Vernon lean Spencer gets domestic ex- perience bathing Practice house adopted baby . . . LA VEN- TANA comeraman catches Ro- berta Owen enioying leisure time . . . Streaming red. white and blue crepe paper redressed gym- nasium ior iirst Double T dance oi year, Mallory Kelly swings out as Mildred Hankins stands one out. FRESHME Dean Marshall I. C. Martin Iohnnie Martin Leon Matthews Arthur May Frances May Gene May Whitesboro Lorenzo Cleburne Dimmitt Westbrook Lubbock Hamlin Io Pete May Marion Mayes Shirley Medlin Patricia Meekma Bill Meier Lucille Melton Daniel Messenger Brownsfield Anton Garden City Olton Big Spring Olton Channing Mary Lou Metcalf Olin Monk Wayne Monroney Christine Moore Velda Lou Moore Wilbur Moore Ioyce Lee Lubbock Lubbock Forsan Lubbock Lamesa Mobeetie Moorhead Brownfield George Wylie Betty Iane Morris Buddy Morris Wilbert Leo Harold Morrow Catherine Mott Gene Miller Morgan Fort Worth Reagan Morris Nolan Dallas Happy Rule Denver City Louise Miller Maxine Miller Nila Rae Miller Nana Millikin Spencer R. Don Mills Iimmie W. lraan Amarillo O'Donnell Monte Vista, Colo. Milliken Tulia Minyard Dallas Odessa Dorothy Leo B. Mullin Anna Mae Marianna Nail Billy Narramore Edwin Nettles Dan Newby Miskimins Turkey Nabers Lubbock Greenville Meadow Santa Fe, N. M Wichita Falls Snyder Hubert Newman Elizabeth Eileen Newton Nelson Nichols Leslie Nikkel Margueritte R. A. lSkeetl Noret Meadow Newport Saqerton Sudan Wichita Falls Nobles Lamesa Eunice, N. M. Hamlin :age 141 Frequently-seen couple, Frances Graves and Glenn Lowe. take over the dance iloor . . . Orville Shoiner, Thelma Crawford and Burl Hubbard form waiting line during registration . . . Fish Booth and Fish Collier try to figure out card mysteries. FHESHME I. Harold Norman Reta Norman Trinka Norman Eldon Norris Phillips Plainview Lamesa Mabank William Orr Helen Owens Bessie Lou Parker Bob Park ldalou Sunset Odessa Lubbock lack Parsons Edna Paschal Harold Patterson Rachel Patterson Hale Center Brownfield McCarney Amarillo Adelia Perkins Iohn L. Perry Tommy Perry Billy Phillips Paducah Lubbock Odessa Fort Worth Irene Pope Martha Post Gladys Postert Ada Lee Powell Henrietta Denver City Lubbock Balls Harriett Price Melba Faye Price Ray Price Ala Gene Pritchett Pampa Estelline Thalia Flomot David Putteet Oliver Ramsey Vernon Rannefeld Floyd Read, Ir. Bonham Balls Roscoe Mc!-Xlester, Okla. :ge 143 Iane Oliver Dallas Miriam Parks Iayton Don Patton Higgins Roxie Pierce Bledsoe Billie Powell Rule Ires Prosser Roscoe Lucile Read Lubbock Lenola O'Neal Peggy O'Nei11 Panhandle Canadian Roy Parks B. Parrack Midland Lockney Iohn Payne Paul Payne Ouitaque Byers Maxine Poe Ierry Ponder Hamlin Canadian Iean Powell Beverly Price Sweetwater Morton Betty Grace Pugh Luween Putnam Odessa Gouldf Okla. Norma Reding Io Reeves Levelland Post 1 E i R. O. T. C. students check all registrants carefully before allow- ing them to go on to the next step . . . Sarabeth Kimmel and Vena Hershberger work in engineering drawing lab . . . Ed Walter and Ralph Iohnston study indirect lighting. Lillian Reeves Thomas Renfroe Carolyn Reynolds Lubbock Mount Pleasant Lubbock Delbert Lee Riddle Lynette Riordan Charles Ritter Vernon Borqer Sweetwater Martha Ann Campbell Wayne Earline Rodgers Robinson Roby Winters Chicago, Ill. Pampa Iames Carl Ross Iohn L. Ross, Ir. Raymond G. Lubbock Lubbock Rothwell Fordyce, Ark. Iuanita Sartin Ira Schantz Marietta Childress Lubbock Schermerhorn Slaton Corrine Scroggins Earl Scudday Kirby Scudder Hale Center Alpine Slaton Frank Shellberg Holloway Shelton lack Shelton Fort Worth Odell Marlin Alfred Rhode Rudolph Rice Colorado City Shallowater George Rivers Donald Robbins Roxton Santa Fe, N. M. Bill Rolluage Thomas Rollins Dallas Littlefield George Russell Naomi Russell Levelland Levelland C. T. Dorothy Schoremoyer Schumacher Fort Worth Dallas George A. Sealy Charles Seed Tahoka Odessa Virginia Mae Elizabeth Ann Shoemaker Sikes O'Donnell Eastland Cliff Richards Martha Ann Canalillo Richardson Plainview Moreene Roberts Ioy Robinson Fort Worth Post Doris Roman Lucy Dean Rose Knott Lockney Fritz G. Sandlin Virginia Sansom Lubbock Uvalde Henry D. Schwarz Winnell Scott Sweetwater Lipscomb Elbert Seitz Iames Sheehan Mobeetie l-lermleigh Lorene Silman Polly Silman R Munday Munday Smiling Ioyce Dillon and Burton Crossen . . . Dairy Cattle Team: Coach Casey Fine. Nuge Rose, Edwin Dawson, Byron Range. R. B. Dawson . . . Senior Livestock Team: Charles McClure. Ollie Liner, I. T. Rogers, Bill Griffin, Coach R. C. Mowery. Iohnie Starkey and I. P. Sharp. FHESHME Belvin Simmons Clarence Evelyn Simpson Gwendolyn Elton Singer Charles H. Robert A. Slater Bula Simmons Big Spring Simpson Dimmitt Skipper Lubbock Lubbock Big Spring Morenci, Ariz. Capitola Ieif Smart Bobby Lou Smith Bourdon Smith Iean Ann Smith Iowilla Smith Louis Smith Smallwood Spur Stamford Stamford Knox City Tulia Slaton Levelland Dolores Iris Snoddy Neysa Son Iohnie 'Sparger Iames W. Spears Lois Spencer William Orville Snodgrass Brad Plainview Monument, N. M. Plains Midland Spradling Tokio Greenville Weldon Squyres Roulande Kathryn Starkey Dorothy Staton Billy Stephenson Sara Lee Curtis Sterling Fluvanna Kathryne Stanley Muleshoe Fort Worth Rankin Stephenson Snyder Lubbock Rankin Iack Stewart Mary Stewart Wanda Ruth Winnell Stiles Charles E. Monna Stivers Bill Stockstill Monahans Tahoka Stiles Lubbock Still. Ir. Ralls Pampa Lubbock Dallas Iohnny Stokes Thelma Ruth Waddell Strain Betty Studen Clarence Rex Sullivan Mary Virginia Post Strain Colorado City Canadian Sturdivant Quanah Sutton Tahoka Hylton Houston Dorothy Nelle Chloe Swart Nanette Tanner Grace Tarpley Cynthia Taylor Ieanne Taylor Maggie Charlene Swanson Lubbock Eastland Brownfield Corsicana Snyder Taylor Lubbock Rankin A v l 1 Red Amonett and Abner Teague on the move . . . Dean Weeks serves tea to Home Ec girls and guests at Home Ec open house . . . Prof. W. F. Gray lectures to an electrical engineeri.ng class. Sallie Ann Taylor Ulys Taylor Crosbyton Moguyreta Thompson Lubbock Clarence Treadwell Shallowater Frank Vernon Spur Iack Walston Menard Felton Webb Leiors Annie Mae Whatley Lubbock , Voncille Taylor Katie Teague Bob Terrell Iack Terrell Carol Thompson Longview Lubbock Bells Fort Worth Lubbock Crowell Pauline Horace Edward Iacalyn Faye Iean Tinsley Louis Tipton Helen Marie Titus Thompson Thornton Thurman Carthage, Mo. Dallas Pecos Lubbock Menard Medford, Ore, S. M. True, Ir. Billy Tucker Ava Nell Turner Iim Turner Edward Martha Verner Plainview Lubbock Lubbock Co-ahoma Turrentine Ropesville Tahoka C. Edward. Margaret Wagner Iess Lloyd Lowry Wallace Doyle Walls Carl Walser Vincent Amarillo Walker Lubbock Floydada Plains - LefOIS Pqmpq Addie Lee Iohnny F. Wasson Gilbert Watkins Frances Watson Rosalyn Watson Buena Allyn Watt Wassell Odessa Farwell Lubbock Lubbock Corsicana Higgins Allan R. Webster Io Margaret Dorothy Weiss Dewey Wells Mary Frances Robert Werneburg Memphis Weddington Lubbock Balls Wells Perryton Hale Center Anton Lee Wheat Celestine Sylva Wheelock Mona Whetstone Iack White Kathryn Whitwell Beaumont Wheeler Lubbock Dalhart Amarillo McKinney Tulia s i f 5 I E l Boyd Glover is cutting butter . . . Senior Livestock Team: Haynes Baumgardner, Ollie Liner, I. T. Rogers. Bill Griffin, Coach R. C. Mowery. Iohnie Starkey. I. P. Sharp, and Warren Liner . . . Iunior Livestock Team: Otis Levins, Albert Devin. Coach R. C. Mowery, Hubert Moseley. Edwin Dawson, Bob Flowers and Delbert Devin. Iack Williams Wanda Sue Iacquelyn Roger Wilkowske Aldine Williams Charles Williams Maxine Wiese Vernon Wilhite Wilkison Athens Floydada Memphis Petersburg Lubbock Friona H Clyde Williams Clyde Ray Iames P. Williams Kathleen Williams Robert Hartwell Troy Williams Benjamin Williams Lubbock Childress Williams Abernathy Post Lubbock Douglas Guinn Williamson Jimmie Howard George Wilmoth Helen Wilson Vafilliamson Silverton Williamson Willingham Claude Lubbock Kirkland Lubbock Lubbock Iames Harold Wood Iean L. Wood Robert Wood David Workman Mary Ann Worley Wohlgemuth Crane Lubbock Athens Rankin Taylor Seminole Eugene Wright Mary Doris Wright BILL Wych Nova Wyly George N. Yeats Maud Alice Zorns Vernon Ulysses, Kans. Midland Friona Slaton Meadow CONTENTS Snapshots Campus Life Formal dances play a big par+ in campus life. Tom Breeding informally dances wi+l'1 Bee Ragan. Floyd Friberg comes ou'i of clmule Dormi'l'ory girls ga+l1er around piano for swing Slime LiHle and Hui-Sui do viclory number four on "6reased Lighf- session, dance aHer game. nin"' in Block and Bridle rodeo. Millon Gripp and Dean Dauley escorl' dales from foolball game. Tackle Jack Shanks is cheered 'ro yell leaders' plafform during railway sla- +ion pep rally. X . 5 x W i w ' ' f 7 -. 1- xxx XX xx ' Xxx N AH'er 'I'he Rodeo, Bonnie Rose and James Gunfer iive in +he gym. Rodeo Queen Billie Marie Miller accepfs Block and Bridle's prize cup from Bill Griffin. Fish Johns'l'on, Billy Arledge, J. C. Doss Fancy l'wo-sfeppersz Cowgirl Elizabefh Miller Joseph High lhrows surcingle on and lvlargarei Moncrief defy nor+h wind and Roy Boone. bronc. Wrapped head is +o keep lo cheer bronc riders. ears warm. This group of cowgirls from +he hearl' of Wes+ Texas includes Bonnie Rose, Elizabeih Miller, Billie Marie Miller, Nancy Bin- ford, LaVerne Allen and 'Cile Read. Afler-'lhe-rodeo Ball scene shows Juanell Cox and Virgil Brasher. ,-M - -e--5 - -4- -W- im-1 N""" wi Bill Slocksfill hoolcs our a bare- Besl' all-round cowboy prize winner, Bill The chu'I'e gale opens and our comes Pascal Gar- back bronc. Wyche, "rakes" a bronc from shoulder 'ro rison wi+h a deep hold. flank. Above he 'lies a calf in record lime. "Beal Creighl'on" is challenge 'ro Red Raiders . . . Horn-l'oo+ers slep high fo cross moa'l +o gridiron 'For half-lime review . . . Miami 'ForgoHen, Techsans unfurl new banners . . . Dell Morgan 'rells slu- den+s a+ rally 'rhai' his boys will pull ihrough. AWS delegales 'rrudge dorm-ward afler chuck wagon feed . . . Wa'l'ching 'for lrain laden wilh foolball squad are Dorolhy Lou EmmiH, Walldeen Donnell, Evelyn Jones, Cora Jean Walson, Marie Barnard and Calherine Dillard. Roburra Harbison and Joy Jackson leave sfadium aH'er 'fooiball clash . . . Anoiher depol' rally 'lo welcome 'lhe Raiders . . . Drummer and corner player provide alfer-game marching +ime. Coeds cheering 'lhe players are Minnie K. Grissom, Mozelle Williamson, Willouise Humphries, Janell Shanafell, Cora Jean Waison, Penny Geyer, Bee Ragan and Gee Walfz . . . Marioray Ridley, Choclcy Fair Joan Lewis and Bud Barnes lead yells in Oklahoma Ci+y ho+el lobby. Fish shiri'-fail parade gains momenlum . . . Elmer Wall and Mariha Price, complere wi+h a mum, leave 'rhe sfadium . . . Freshman cheering squad a'H'er ihe game . . . Presi- deni and Mrs. Clifford B. Jones are caughfi' by cameraman a'l' awkward moment ffwll raw nmimrim rr if rl ez iz 'z i fl 2 is i ' I gy- if il My gl li 11 l M I ' l. " '. V V i bl .sf .JH Fish Doss hangs on as The line moves on . . . Coach Mor- gan gives lasf-minuie counsel as Ty Bain and Coach A. B. Murphy waich plays closely. Techsans pul' finishing louches +o giganfic banner before Hardin-Simmons game . . . Freshmen sfage iiHer-bug acl' in posl'-game iamboree . . . Viclory march down College Avenue. .... T. ET. W. Wi, W., ..,. -W -WM il ii T 'i r 'A 'z 4 li a ig li 1 il ll 31 Q: E3 ,- l W ,zz V. X 1 If A .Q Q I W1 ,. E E W cm-, ,N am ' fa ll L! ,L 1 l il l l lg l i '1 1 1 1 Qi ef ll 'J my -.,.'- -.- -f....... .4:.. M...J -2. ,.... .4g,.. Thrilling momenls of a 'fooiball game bring Red Raider bench warmers up in +he air . . . Baskeiball booslers cheer 'From slands of gymnasium while Tech's scrappy bunch of Red Raiders burn up lhe floor. A+ le'H': S'ruden'l's invade a Malador cafe enroure 'lo Oklahoma . . . Slepping from bus a+ +heir desfinalion are band bers, Sherwood Mclnfire and Bobbie Rober'l's. Wilh all +he enlhusiasm 'lhal comes forlh for a rension packed foo+ball season, dyed- in-fhe-wool backers of l'he Red Raiders 'rook 'I'o special busses 'For a 700 mile 'rrek Claude JarreH, Wimpy Wimberly, Raymond Goodrich, Louise Lewis and Bill Fuller arrive home safely afler +rip. Glenn Johnslon and oiher win-rhrilled fans scramble madly +o carry Don Auslin from 1-he field afrer 1'he game. Scenes like fhis of Bud Jackson were common as Techsans aHemp+ed 'l'o refresh fhemselves affer a I4 hour lrip. mem A cheering bunch of delegaies are Fish Woogie, Fish Vernon, Fish Kunkel, Evelyn Jones, C. T. Schoremoyer, John Lee and Gabe Gilley. A+ Righ-'iz The special siops a+ Ma+ador. ,Wx A J Q, ,A J? i w ry" li If T 1 g jf ay., " T lo Oklahoma Cily. Characierized by holel pep-rallies and noisy crowded busses l'he l'rip was climaxed by ihe Morgan men handing a I6-6 defeal' +o Oklahoma A. M. A Red Raider line-up in rally a+ Wesi Hall. Red Raider +hrows a bull dog 'rackle on an A. and M. man. Paul New and H. M. Terry look exhausled afier l'he 'l'rip. If a if W W' ii ' Ti' ' fi 'Fig fi Q5 52 I if il ,f I'-W, 4 11 4 3 ' la' -:Wei LL,-R R", Qi ee is ki :Q 'F ll fl 52 I l vl il 1 r ,: -4, f , r r ,1 1 LJ 1153.45 wls...,.Ar ns. -4 ..1,... al Amid confeH'i and Coslumed in Hawaiian grass skir'I', smiling Dorolhy Dell Scheihagen dances ar Ko Shari masquerade . . . George Wall and Eleanor Gillham recall 'l'l'1e ninelies . . . Pigfails were in vogue 'For Doro'I'l1y Nell Swanson al' Hodge Podge . . . Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Srrehli "look +l1e par1"' . . . James Sfokes pulls Hodge Podge Queen Louise Lewis' wagon, 'Followed by aH'endam's Roberla Owen, Mary Ann Sfeplwenson and Penny Geyer . . . Bill Williams and Bill Arleclge cling +oge+her a+ Hodge Podge. WT :Tie We Wil 13' VW V fl , li 1' 12m ff 22 .2 ! LM , . F N. if lg., A is gi in iz LJ 4, Ml if lg. L-.J Sailors Dean HiaH' and Wayne Finnell argue over Drum Maior Jeanne Rosenquesi' . . . Marian Coolidge and Billy Smifh seem happy ai 'ihe Block and Bridle dance . . . Jean Renner, as Mexi- can senoriia, and "Uncle Sam" Roberi Hargrove s+reng+hen hemis- pheric 'I'ies . . . Elvis Erwin is duded our as bandana cowboy . . . Bill Fuller, masquerading as a clown, and Louise Lewis pause +o refresh . . . Wafson Carlock wore a Chrisfmas 'free 'io +he Ko Shari dance: oihers hanging around 'rhe counier are: C. T. Schore- moyer, Billy Arledge, Alberi' Barlel and Doug Sirawn. Aggies and gues+s in cocldail sfage al' annual banquel . . . Johnny Presidenl' Roy MoFFeH' and Sponsor Marl Pederson lis+en Phillips, Lee Scoll and George Wall go down The line while Miss as guesl' speaker Arch Lamb orales . . . Kenne'l'h Allen Twyford pours. lallcs across lable, while olhers wail' paiienlly +0 begin ealing. """"'l .f -4 I Abdul Mehfa is xcenler of aHrac+ion as guesl ai' Home Managemenl house dinner. Prof. Ray' Cha-Rpelle ai' fhe Aggie affair . . . Claudia Mrs. Arch Lamb receives guesfs a+ Home Ec open house . . . Tea was Reinhold is smiling hosfess while Camille Graves, Ruby poured for +he affair beneaih cedar wrealh adding Chrislmas spiril- Cowan and Clark Kimmel lislen aH'en+ively a+ Home al Prof. O. l I Managemeni' house enrerlainmenl. Aggies and guesls enloy food In dormlfory dining room. Howell and guesls dining al Aggie banquet f , 5 fy q,.wwm,m,,,,,.,m,,, . ..v, A. .., ,. v,,, ,W ,YAV .W..W,,W ,HW , i '. gf, , "Hui-Su'I"' spills his line +o Jackie Wilkison ai' Engineers' dance . . . Leon Hughes and Bud Barnes are aHrac+ed by Beaufy Mary Ann S+ephenson . . . Dick Borden braces for flash-bulb. Q-sm., '99 Refreshing al' McGuire's are Mackie Porfer and Chris Allan . . . Buck Welzel leads Jerry Larrick info fancy slide al' Old Haylofl' . . . Smiling belween sleps are Joanne Cox and Byron BenneH'. i X Nade Housion lends bar a+ Gargoyle pariy wiih "bar room nude" in background. Punch served over a bar, paper money for gambling and la+e nineieenfh cenlury cosiumes characierized 'lhe Gar- goyle "Gay Ninei'ies" pariy . . . Bedeclced in grand pa- renlal coslumes, Techsan's play rouleH'e . . . Ted While, Mary Nabors and Vernon Fri+z pause in 'Froni' of bar . . . Pinky Pinlcerion heads musiached s'l'ag line. In iypical "Gen+lemen of 'lhe Nine+ies" fashion, Lee Heafley and "Lady" pose . . . Derbied Turner Kimmell "wal+zes" wi+h Ruih Gray. Q 'Q K W 3 5,55 2 M, U .5 -:... Tk,, ,I 3 ,ia Li Q' 'Qi W , ff' Ei 5 Z g ,A T ,x uk E ' fi . fQ ?i f'-- "iff . My r, mx V ma gigs , ,. 1,4529 7.5 2 gash- ' . 1 2221 V 'R "7" J CE:-::5!S:. 'V : 51 .. - 6 .- . -fra? W. K Fit. , 'VMW i3Z5Eilf5f:?:'--H: , QHW- " :. ' ' LEE' Msg. wwf -Sw , ,V ' ,. :- Z F' sf?" '7 K' X -f ,.., pw .,fzw1-F-,,r,gm, 1-,mf my . A -,,:fggfgg5g:g, ,wx V - . 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W ,,,,-3-L ,ffl-ff2f2l-V 0 W , ,.f,l':,'f'QQ:15f21f.-,,z3:,,:l 553,L523253455325iiTQ??f?f?i153-Ties?f?iSf?ef?fIEffb?i' M gf W 2 :vwgeisfzgfzieiaeis-i-ejzgfzyfflp1: fsg:,,535,::-, 1,z,Z3,.1 5:M1fpgfgf-lx-7,,:ef5kg5l M Mm .-'25 V51 :QT2l5TT5fiTsv2,5f Spanish club members slage play wifh Mexican seHing . . . l li Dorm girls are +rea+ed lo Chrisfmas dinner . . . Coke fime 'for Avenue Kids . . . Harold Thompson, Mary Belh McClung, Richard Taylor, Rulh Loflin and Johnny Phillips lake 'rime oul' 'For coke. Wayland BenneH' demonslrales mill: +es+er . . . W. T. Gaslon, Presideni' Jones and H. M. Terry receive guesfs. UL,- Wi+h large rhunder-bird selling in background, dancers 'lrip off l'he nighl al' Ko Shari presenlarion. Punkin-ea'I'er Leele Jackson and Virginia Hall do iilrerbug number in varsily show rehearsal. Dorolhy Lou Emmi'H, Willis Carson, Frances Mercalf and Bob Hargrove during slow piece al' Vivi presenralion. ,WW Qi 9, r 'ff 6 , 1 Ep, sl 9 A.,,..., ..... .WM .....f., .. m - Dan Bos1'on dances during serious momenls . . . Vir- ginia Hall, Pefer Blanda, Sylva Wheelock and Lee+e Jackson during dress rehearsal of "Varsi1'y Row" number. Buddy Sprague, as dancing direcior in Varsiiy Show, makes love 'ro school girl, Jane PrickeH'. - ,.., . W- .s.,.-..,, -,..- -,-.,,,5,n3 5.2 l " ' l Q 1 Tj N' .l l li Q-ii , , ' 1 C - -1 5 N : 5 wg ...W Ls. M- -.,.Qw....v, -Hs -,- -.,,. -..,,- Happiness defeafs sorrow as Sylva Wheelock sings leading role in climaxing scene of second annual Varsiiy Show. Jack Terrell, Mona Pierce, Ernesline Gambell, Lee+e Jack- son and Margueriffe Nobles rehearse opening scene of Varsiiy Show. "The Zagfield Girls" are 'Cile Read, Grace Rooney BeHy Dil+z, Annis Durham Jackie Wilkison, Bernice Cocanougher, Mar'l'ha Her- ring and Frances Homme. 5 5, 1QmMLwWfwmaszfwwwzww-M N.wufvfwwwzywm--7AwWM,wsezmwfmwwgwwnisgwWff Q .,,,1., W.f,W V 4 f George Ac'I'on and Alyce Joyce Bagley berween dances a+ milirary ball . . . Fall group leaving for Army Air Corps pose in froni' of U. S. posioffice . . . R.O.T.C. engineers work on model bridge . . . L. A. RiH'er pasies "Keep "Em Flying" sficlcer on bag before leaving for Air Corps . . . R.O.T.C. engineers were given excelleni' raring by army inspecrors. Mary Belh Smi'rh uses cabinel' 'for signing . . . Bu'H'on Esles in 'lypical wes'rern pose . . . Freshman +akes advanlage of A.P.O. informa+ion desk run by Bruce Johnsion . . . Band mem- bers rehearse in Texrile building band room. Er Hugh Rowland, Lewis Blackburn and lvan Allen conslrucl engineering floal' . . . Frances Gary, Beih Alyce Fillingim and Lorraine Marr al' dormiiory Chrisfmas dinner . . . Fish Booih, Fish Sullivan, Fish Col- lier, Ed Armslrong, Joseph High and Bill Herndon are members of bull-session . . . Homer York, Vesier Lee Smiih, Jeff Coffey and KiHi McCallum become 'rea-snippers. no .., -,. T- ,1 . J- ,X JI: 5 . N l? J 'H lx if E ll..,Q.f ' ll . x lf!! l li ii , 1 pun sl, if f .Q sf I Yell leaders do acrobalics a+ ni hi foolball ame H g g . . . ouse meer- ing .finds Alice Whirehead, Gale EH'er, Jackie Ti'l'swor+h and Palsy Ayers lounging in lounge . . . Pre-med srudenrs hard a+ H' . . . Sara Bourland, Jerry Larrick and BeH'y O'Mara +ake +o +ea and cookies. I Fish High does weekly wash in dormilory . . . Genevieve Tay- lor sils one our wirh lwo engi- neers . . . Frankie Lou Teague walks rhrough Vivi "Hell Week" . . . Papa Lewis and Mama Fair wi'rh Their children Bill Arledge, Jeff Burk, George Dean and C. T. Schoremoyer. 53855: 35 K S Ml 5 ., .. mg :Q gee- saifteggg smwvw- W 'M QW. -'ww SW, 1 L1 -1' L ,.sfiwsgsa?i35N- S .Q ., M. W ix, , . E xi , -- ...:: ,: , ,x H Lf X W is 5 wx 'Q fs agp xp E' : I A X S3 5 A 3, 1 in . , ,W 5 fzigffagi aw s I L ' 225. 1 be R' 133 f rg S5 . fm Q 31 ww Q 1 -an V . E ,fp 55 5? A 'NCT 3:55 Y ? 553525 -Q X W 'sw E gb, Doro+hy McCar+er and Gerald Collier seem happy a'I' Junior prom . . . Pe'I'e Thompson involuniarily ends dance wi'l'h Harrie'H' Price . . . Anna Baker and Slim 'l'ry 'Fancy siep . . . Mona Pierce, Chocky Fair and Wa'l'son Carlock carry on beiween-dance conversaiions . . . Dorolhy Mccarier, Charlie Mar+in and Frank Raps'l'ine divide refreshmenfs. Below: Genevieve Decker and Lewis Blackburn smile for camera- man . . . 'Cile Reed falls prey 1'o line of Charlie Benson. Frances Homme and Richard Taylor sfruggle in 'formal ar- 'iire . . . Alyce Joyce Bagley dances wi1'h far-away look in her eye. Q Bill Cooke dances wi+h Frances Gary a+ Junior Prom Sfeadygoers Frank Chaney and An Alexander 1'rip llghlly Jerrene Verner ouH'alks Buck Rogers . . . Evelyn Griffin smiles 'lhis 'fume for Wayne Madden and noi' l'he cameraman . Monle Jo Brasher hands 'leasing line al' 'Formal Below: The blonde bombshell, Ber- nice Cocanougher, and Sea- man Second Class USNR V5 Bud Barnes . . . Failh McNamara and Lee Murphy dance for dark corner. Below: Marioray Ridley cuddles wilh Burfon Crossen . . . Loco Jeanne Roco and Killer Bill Mon+gomery gel- phofo- genic. W.A.A. Club displays gymnasium in miniarure on Homecoming floai' . . . Wha'I' could be more 'lradifional ihan Tech's pep rally spirii . . . Mary Ellis Maedgen, Cora Jean Waison and Mary Elizabeih Grimes afop San Souci Homecoming floaf . . . Class Prexy Cocky Robbins crowns Junior Queen Bill Williams . . . Freshmen iug a+ fire hose in 'rradiiional Fish-Soph flag fighi . . . Maasen, Doss, Fair and Cul- well cheer ai' Canyon . . . H. M. Terry and Tom Douglass during Buffalo game . . . Homecoming bonfire warms hearis of exes. ' 2 Tech's alumni ride Homecoming floa+ . . . Jerry Larrick and Mar'rha Herring luclge deadweelc beards . . . Saddle Tramps go wild ai' Raider- Bulifalo game . . . Freshmen and Sophomores pile up in annual flag fighi' . . . Virginia Hall is awarded plaque by Siudeni' Presideni' Harold Thompson 'for Las Chap winning Homecoming floa+ . . . Freshman a+- +emp'l's +o ascend flag pole during mid-nighi' fighf . . . Horn boys use old car and foo+ball uniforms +o characrerize residenls of +heir dorm . . . Beau+ies search for smoo+hes+ face of beardless dead week pariicipanrs. CONTENTS Beauties Artist Course Wh0's Who Publications Bill Arledge is typical hayseed al' Sophomore Hodge Podge Joanne Cox and Don Shepherd dress 'For +he occasion al' costume dance. Sfudem' Prexy Harold Thompson Coach Huffman gives Tom Douglass las+ minule John Carler, Meiropoliran singer makes radio speech in Oklahoma inslrucfions. gives aulographs +o hobbiesf. il'y. Yell Leader Jim Brigham sirikes characferisfic pose. Joan Lewis, Don Shepherd, Sara Bourland, Jim Brigham, Mary Ann Slephenson, Mallory Kelly, Jerry Larrick, Pai' Wyman, and Jeanne Roco fighi' for lone coke. Orcl1es1'ra Leader Pinky Tomlin personally selec'l's eighl' beaufies from sixleen nominees. Nominees were: Jerry Larrick, BeHy Carol Wood, Fannie Dale Cheek, Marina Herring, Virginia Hall, Jane Pricke'H, Dorofhy Lou Emmi'H', Marian Renclall, Mary Ann S+ephenson, Pafsy Baker, Edna Earl Linebery, Ollie Sue Armsrrong, Louise Lewis, Fai+l1 McNamara, Marfha Price, and Sylva Wheelock. Beaury por+rai+s by Reeves Siuclio. Cqrcfzestrcz eczaler eets Mf s MARIAN RENDALL MARY ANN STEPHENSON DOROTHY LOU EMMITT MARTHA HERRING resen ting Q 4942 eau ties FAITH MCNAMARA IERRY LARRIOK SYLVA VVHEELOCK OLLIE SUE ARMSTRONG S 2 E E 5 3, ef 5 2 5 gmafmn cAjs:zQ!afT s X fmfvf,ggf0cfL 500' gm 1 M. ,-,..fH N---f M . :WMVwmuMWm,.aWM Y Bmu..,....k lm... , B " i3igfa5i:51:12'12A'- Sbofcofgy .Qu fmmiff el-Ewwfmi g 3 f W mg fig E ww 5? I m SE nga' zgz 5' ET Mwgw, E ,s U K 'QE E s ,EE ' s f- sg 2 ' 1 E ig + 3 ,f IE 5255121 wg . L51 3 V' 3222! f m E , sa E375 5 I ' , 2? 2 E2 2 si ff Q I' 1 I , S 2, S if .' ' g x '-5 1 ! i Q BETTY CAROL WOOD A WQMMQSS X Q wi FANNIE DALE CI-IEEK cz Ven tcma LOUISE LEWIS Qecm ty Tlominees VIRGINIA I-IALI.. cz Ven tuna EDNA EARL LINEBERY Qeauty Tzominees M R APRICE ' ATH Front Row: lerrene Verner, Harold Thompson, limmie Curry, R. A. Mills. Middle RCW: Marguerite Brannen, Frances Gary, Iohn Hill, H. M. Terry, Miss Annah lo Pendleton. Back How: Miss losephine Looney, Donald Murphy, O. A. St. Clair. N Not pictured: Dr. lulien Paul Blitz. Head of Artist Course Committee R. A. Mills HTIST EU HSE The Artist Course committee, headed by R. A. Mills and composed of an even number of fac- ulty members and students, selects the Artist course programs for the coming year. Two numbers are offered each semester. Rise Stevens, with her rich mezzo-soprano voice and a magnetic stage personality, cap- tured the interest and enthusiasm of her audi- ence When she appeared on the lanuary pro- gram. Miss Stevens is the girl who startled Metropolitan and M-G-M officials by refusing their first offers of a contract and choosing Europe for study instead. Later, in l938, she signed with the Met. and in 1940 with l-ler first picture was "The Chocolate Soldier"- a huge success. Enya Gonzalez and Iohn Carter appeared in a dual recital on the October Artist course ticket. Petite, charming, and vivacious, Miss Gonzalez Won the hearts of her audience im- mediately with her stage manners and her singularly clear soprano voice. lohn Carter, a RISE STEVENS Cast of "The Marriage of Figaro ' ' star oi the Metropolitan, as is Miss Gon- zalez, won equal approval from those out in front. Mozart's greatest, gayest lyric opera, "The Marriage of Figaro," was pre- sented in April by the Nine C'Cloclc Opera company, a group oi young, gifted American singing-actors. Trans- lated into crisp, idiomatic English, the 18th Century masterpiece was per- formed 20th Century style with modern costumes and under musical direction of Albert Stoessel. This high-spirited comedy-opera completely captured the fancy of its Texas Tech audience. lOl-IN CARTER CARMALITA MARACCI HTIST CUUHSE EN YA GONZALEZ Carmalita Maracci, trained in New York by an ltalian ballet master of the old school, appeared with her troupe of dancers in Lubbock in November. Maracci, who is doubtless an expert in the ballet, did not find her audience as appreciative as did the other artists. Nevertheless, she has been hailed by critics such as lohn Martin of the New York Times, who says . . . "Certainly not more than once in a generation can one expect to find a young dancer so manifestly destined for a areat ca- reer" . . . First Row: Paul Redding, Bill Hamm, P. A. Lyon, Raymond Goodrich, E. V. Middleton, T. C. Root.. . Second Row: Iames Gunter, Ray L. Chappelle, Miss Martye Poindexter, Haynes Bczurngardner, R. A. Mills, Cecil Horne. PUBLIEATIU S EUMMITTEE Serving as advisor for the Texas Tech student newspaper and annual, the Pub- lications committee was organized when publication of LA VENTANA and Tl-IE TCREADOR began. Six faculty and stu- dent members, with Student President Har- old Thompson serving ex-officio, compose the committee which deals with various problems of policy, financing and budget- ing the yearbook and semi-weekly news- paper. Authority delegated by the student con- stitution gives the committee the right to pass upon eligibility of all candidates seek- ing election or appointment to publications offices. Editors and business managers of the annual and newspaper are chosen in a student election. Associates are ap- pointed by the student officers with ap- proval of the committee. Faculty members are appointed by Pres- ident Clifford B. Tones. Students on the committee are named by President 1-larold Thompson with approval of the Student council. Chairman Cecil 1-lorne, sponsor of Tl-IE TOREADOR, and B. A. Mills, LA VENTANA sponsor, have served on the committee since 1926. The committee approves all expenditures and signs contracts for photography, en- graving, printing and necessities of the publications. Rarely does it dictate as to editorial policy. Faculty members are Cecil 1-lorne, R. A. Mills, E. V. Middleton, T. C. Root, Ray L. Chappelle and Miss Martye Poindexter. Students appointed in the fall of 1941 were Paul Redding, Bill 1-lamm, P. A. Lyon, Ray- mond Goodrich, 1-lubert Moseley and Haynes Baumgardner. Iames Gunter re- placed Moseley during the spring semes- ter. Goodrich served as secretary of the group. HITS WHU Each year it has been the custom ior LA VENTANA to select a "Campus Who's Who" from those persons with outstanding personalities and achievements. We introduce to you those people who have been foremost in leadership and service during their college careers. HAYNES BAUMGARDNER: Vice-President Student council, President Block and Bridle, Publications committee, Aggie club, Los Camaradas. RAYMOND GOODRICH: President Senior class, President Debate club, President lunior class, '40-'41, Vice-President Alpha Chi, Vice- President Silver Key, Student council, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities, Secretary Publications committee, Pi Sigma Alpha. MARGUERITE BRANNEN: Secretary Student council, Vice-President Book Reviewers, Treas- urer A. W. S., Women's lnter-Club council, Ko Shari, Cotton queen l94U. THE EAMPUS BOB BANDEEN President College club Spring President Men s Inter Club council Business Manager Student council Engineering society MARY MARGARET TUNNELL Vice President Theta Siqrna Phi Secre tary W S G A Forum Alpha Chi Secretary Press club Senior coun c1l Society Editor The Toreador Co Society Editor LA VENTANA Who s Who in American Colleges and Universities. TOM DOUGLASS President Double T, Student Representative to Ath- letic council, Colleqe club, Student council, Enqineerinq society, Varsity Football and Track. WHITE WHU ONITA BELLE HUFSTEDLER: President A. W. S., Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities, Secretary Alpha Chi, Las Leales, Porum, W. A. A. HAROLD THOMPSON: President Student council, Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities, Engineering society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Petroleum Engineering society, Band, Kemas. BETTY SHRYOCK: President Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary of D. E. D., Forum, A. W. S. council, Senior council, Alpha Chi, Press club, Co- Society Editor of LA VENTANA, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. THE CAMP S WATSON CARLOCK: President Alpha Chi, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Manager Engineering show, Corresponding Secretary Tau Beta Pi, Engineering society, S. A. M. E., A. S. C. E., Saddle Tramps. ELMER WALL: Business Manager The Toreador. Vice-President Press club, Vice-President Kemas, '40-'4l, Saddle Tramps. ROY MOFFETT: President Aggie club, Alpha Chi, Who's Who American Colleges and Universities, Saddle Tramps, Dairy club. WHKVS WHU PAUL REDDING: Student council, four years, Publications committee, Yell Leader, '39-'40, Silver Key, Engineering society, A. S. C. E. ART WEBER: Business Manager LA VENTANA, Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities, Double T, Saddle Tramps, Wranglers, Secretary Southwestern Iournalism congress, Varsity Football. P. A. LYON: President Socii, President Knapp Hall, Fall President Men's Inter-Club council, Publications committee, Business Ad club, Press club, Biology club. THE CAMP 5 IERRENE VERNER: President W. S. G. A., Secre Secretory Artist Course committee, Who's Who in ond Universities, Forum, Senior council, Business viewers. BILL HAMM: President Sorddle Trormps, Heor licortions committee, '40-'41-'42, A. S. C. E., En DON SHEPHERD: President A. C. S Pe ci. Y .gi torry L-ds Chorporrritos, Arne-ricorn Colleges Ad club, Book Re- ell leader, '39-'40, Pub- neering society. sident Korppo Mu Epsilon -I F Spring Vice-President College club, Vice-President Iunior class, Secre torry Engineering society. Business Manager Elmer Wall Leon Hughes, sophomore journalism major from Lubbock, became Business Manager by publication committee de- cree following the resignation of Elmer Wall. Hughes, who had served as as- sistant last year and this tall, was re- elected as Business Manager for next year. THEY HEAD Elmer Wall, senior history and an- thropology maior from Knox City, be- came Business Manager of The 'l'ore- ador by publication committee appoint- ment following the resignation of George Musick, who was elected last spring. Musick joined the Naval Air Corps. Wall served as Business Man- ager during the tall semester only to join the navy himself in February. Business Manager Leon Hughes THE TUHEAUUH Bill Wood became editor of The Toreador in February of 1941 and was re-elected for this year. He resigned late in December to accept a sports job on the Fort Worth Press. Wood began his work on The Torecrdor as a fresh- man in 1937 and clirnaxed his career at Tech by putting out an All-American paper for two semesters. t 1 1 Editor Bill Latson no 1 Editor Bill Wood Bill Latson, sophomore journalism student from Clarendon, became Tore- crdor editor in December following the resignation of Bill Wood. Latson and Hughes were the first sophomores to pilot The Toreador in the history of the school. Latson was re-elected for next year. Betty Shryock and Flora Lee Williams. society staff as- sistants, and Soc Editor Mary Margaret Tunnell round up news for the back page. TUHEADUB Under the editorship of Bill Wood, The Toreador gained national recognition for its fiery editorials and flashy make-up. Various campaigns were carried on during the year, such as for removal of the ban on campus parking and for expulsion of Tech's "Copper Kids," students Who over-zealously tossed pennies at the twinkling toes of Artist Course Guest Carmalita Maracci. A revival of the Saddle Tramps Was instigated through the editorial matter of the semi-weekly in its sixteenth year of publication. The Toreador and Iournalism depart- ment also played host to high school delegates visiting Tech for the West Texas Scholastic Press clinic. During the regime of versatile Wood, a capable staff functioned to record the annual events. lim Brigham was associate editor until his withdrawal from school in De- cember, when Melba Suiter replaced the Tech yell leader. Sports were ably recorded under direction of Sam Ma- lone, until the second semester, when he was replaced by Arlee Gowen and Vernon Bundrant. The society staff heeded the Word of Society Editor Mary Margaret Tunnell, who also penned the "Coed's Corner." Other columns in The Toreador were "Techsans and Texas," by Bill Wood, "Student Opinion," by Clem Simpson, and "Musings on Amusements," by Arlee Gowen and Raymond Piller. Bill Wood resigned his position in Ianuary to accept a job on the Fort Worth Press as assistant sports editor. The Publications committee appointed Bill Latson to succeed the colorful "writer under five editors." At the close of the second semester, Elmer Wall, Ir., resigned his position as business manager to go into the Navy, and B. Leon Hughes, who had been Wall's assist- ant, was appointed to fill his unexpired term. Latson and Hughes wound up victorious after a heated February stu- dent election in races for The Toreador head-men next year. Reporters Louise Heath. Marie Street, Helen Ioy Smith. Vernon Bundrant and Arlee Gowen meet sports page Clifton Morris, Leon Hale and Annabel Wood read ex- dead-line. changes and write stories. ELUSE-UPS Under Latson and Hughes, The Toreador strived for campus-wide representation. There were few editorial crusades but frequent student-interest edi- torials. Other staif members included Mary Dunbar, Betty Shryoclc, H. A. Maasen, Felicia Boulter, Vernon Bundrant, Bo Bachman, Gem Bob Calley, Maxine Conner, Roy G. Edwards, Leon Hale, Louise Heath, Kara Hunsucker, Mary larrott, A. I. Kemp, Clifton Morris, Georgia Lee Powers, Helen loy Smith, Marie Street, Lewis Terrell, Flora Lee Williams, Annabel Wood and Elizabeth Young. The Toreador completed another successful year of publication when the last issue went to bed on May l6. Reporters relaxed and the staff sighed a last long sigh ot relief: their job was done for '4l-'42. Toreador Mascot "Professor It," crated from the Florida swamp-lands, poses on lay-out board with Flora Lee Wil- liams and Elizabeth Young, Toreador reporters. Typical scene in the newspaper office shows Reporters Elizabeth Young, Georgia Lee Powers, Frances Schultz. Louise Heath, R. G. Edwards, A. I. Kemp, Felicia Boulter and Kara Hun- sucker at work. Melba Suiter, associate editor of The Toreador, checks over long line of copy. ' Business Manager Leon Hughes and Assistant Iack Green write ad copy. Editor A. I. Kemp Credit for all snapshots from cover to cover goes to Floyd Ross, photographer, who was everywhere at once at cam- pus activities, shooting, developing and printing pictures. Ross is a junior jour- nalism student from Hereford. LA VE TA A It has been more than a pleasure and a great experience to have had the opportunity to edit LA VENTANA for two years. Instrumental more than anything else in making this Year en- joyable was the Work and enthusiasm of an excellent staff and student co- operation. We have made an effort to produce a book that will portray the highlights in campus events and one that you will be proud ot. We hope that the 1942 LA VENTANA will live up to your expectations. Photographer Floyd Ross EHIEFS Topping all records in annual sales in the history of Texas Tech, Business Manager Arthur I. Weber was respon- sible for the financial success of the 1942 LA VENTANA. Under his super- vision, advertising sales and the sale of club pages also reached a new high for several years. Associate Editor Kara Hunsucker Business Manager Arthur I Weber Hardest Working person on the office force of LA VENTANA was Associate Editor Kara I-Iunsucker. Duties of han- dling the delicate filing system and typing endless pages of copy went to her. Kara is a junior journalism stu- dent from Matador. Edward Rorex checks over lay-outs as Charlie Bob Hutcheson, sports editor. writes copy for LA VENTANA. Staff Members Elizabeth Young and Sara Daviss thumb through dummy pages of the.annual. Frances Gary, secretary of LA VENTANA. and Mary Dunbar, feature editor, check names and pictures. BEHI ll LA Inspired by surroundings of a new office and modern equipment and vowing to pro- duce an annual with more color and cam- pus life, Editor A. I. Kemp and Associate lim Brigham began by titling the l942 LA VEN- TANA the "Highlight Edition". Kara l-lunsucker became associate editor in November after lim Brigham left to take a defense job and proved to be one of the most valuable persons on the staff, handling the intricate filing system of the club and class sections. The story of producing a college yearbook begins with the inflow of hundreds of class, club and snapshot prints that go through a filing system and are separated into various clubs and classes. After that layouts are made, pictures mounted on cardboard and sent to the engravers for reproduction. Dum- mies must be made for the arrangement of VE TA A SEE ES the book, copy written and then sent to the printers for final production. Floyd Boss, head photographer and editor-elect, was responsible for the hundreds of snapshots and pictures taken on the campus. Covering almost every event dur- ing the year, his job was one of the toughest on the staff. Boss' ability to assume responsibility as well as take good pictures rnade him a great asset to the success of the book. Business Manager Art Weber handled the business department alone. One of the most efficient Business Managers in the history of the school, Weber's job was to manage the annual sales, sell and layout advertising, accept money for club pages and handle all finances connected with the book. Co-society Editors Betty Shryock and Mary Margaret Tunnell, with the assistance of Kara I-Iunsucker, Mary Dunbar, and Elizabeth Young, wrote the club section copy. Charlie Bob Hutcheson handled the sports copy like a veteran and other staff members-Edwin Borex and Sara Daviss-performed endless duties of filing and typing that prove to be one of the heaviest burdens in producing a book. lerold Knox and George McLean were invaluable as assistant photographers, aiding in taking pictures and darkroom work. The cooperation and suggestions of Harry M. Crenshaw of the Southwestern Engraving Co. were of inestirnable -assistance to the staff and editor. Contractors for the book were: Daniel Studios, photog- raphersy Reeves Studio, beauty photographers: South- western Engraving Co. of Dallas, engraversp and Econ- orny Advertising Co., printers. Ierold Knox and George McLean. assistant photographers, develop pictures in press building darkrooms. Co-Society Editors Mary Margaret Tunnell and Betty Shryock turn out club copy. Tech Press Superintendent Wilmot Eaton consults with his secretary. Kay Chauncey. Neil Wright and Shop Foreman Dexy Sudduth make up pages of one of the many college bulletins that they print each year. TECH PRESS ln the modern, fluorescent-lighted Tech Press, practically all college printing is done under the efficient management of Superintendent Wilmot Eaton. An average of ten students, who earn all or part of their college expenses, and one full-time em- ployee, Foreman Dexy Sudduth, are employed in the plant. Up-to-date equipment includes two lino- types, two platen presses, a cylinder press, folding machine, perforator, paper drill, stitcher and other miscellaneous machines. Besides printing the semi- Weekly student newspaper, "The Toreador," the Tech Press prints all college bulletins, the monthly Linotype Operator Ben Oglesby sets type for Toreador pages. alumni magazine, office forms, football programs, artist course programs, posters and other college jobs. The Tech Press was moved from the basement ot the Engineering building in September, 1941, when the Press building was completed. Entirely self-sustaining, the plant aids Texas Tech by print- ing college publications on the campus and by em- ploying students. lt occupies the entire first-floor north Wing of the press building. Wilmot Eaton, a Tech graduate, began Work on Tech Press when it was organized in 1934 and h-as served as superin- tendent since l937. Raymond Rothwell feeds iob press in the modern equipped shop of Tech Press. t First Row: Graham Bachman, Felicia Boulter, lim Brigham, Carole Cleavinger, Marianna Coffey, Maxine Conner, Eleanor Cotton, Helen Davis, Helen Duff, Mary Dunbar, R. G. Edwards. Second How: Arlee Gowen, R. Leon Hughes, Kara Hunsucker, A. C. Lambert, Marilyn Landrum, Bill Latson, Elizabeth Leggott. Margaret Long, P. A. Lyon, Marrion McCurdy, H. A. Maasen. Third Row: Dorothy Miller, Dorothy jean Montgomery, Raymond Piller, Marian Rendall, Martha Richardson, Lynette Riordan, Iay Robinson, Edward Rorex, Jeanne Saunders, Lee Ray Scott, Lottie Self. Fourth Row: Betty Shryock, Helen Ioy Smith, Marie Street, Mary Margaret Tunnell, Elmer Wall, Betty Walling, Marguerite Watkins, Annabel Wood, Betty Carol Wood, Elizabeth Young. PRESS EL B Primary source oi talent for Texas Tech's student publications, THE TOREADOR and LA VENTANA, is the Press club. Made up oi journalism majors and minors and other students interested in pub- lications work, the club meets in the Press building. Purpose oi the club is to promote friendly relations between journalism students and to discuss mat- ters which are ot interest concerning professional newspaper work. Highlight oi the group's activities was a trip to the Southwestern journalism Congress held in Dallas. The Congress is made up oi l3 schools in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Twen- ty students and Sponsor Cecil Horne made the trip by bus. TOREADOR Editor Bill Wood and Busi- ness Manager Elmer Wall spoke at one meeting of the year concerning students' work on the semi- weekly paper. Cecil Horne appeared beiore the club and told oi the work of Tech graduates in the newspaper business today. Leon Hughes served as vice-president during the spring semester. Cecil Horne acts as sponsor for the club. PRESIDENT A. j. KEMP OFFICERS A. I. KEMP ......... President ELMER WALL ....... Vice-President MARY MARGARET TUNNELL . Secretary-Treasurer Press club members spend much oi their time gaining actual experience on The Toreador. CONTENTS Football Basketball Nlinor Sports Two young golden-glove hope- iuls mix it up during tournament held in gymnasium. Charlie Dvoracek drives hard through the line against Creighton. Mad scramble during Sun Bowl game Gigantic trophy won by Tulsa from the Red Red Raiders go wild during thrilling between Tech and Tulsa. Raiders by only seven points. moments in Sun Bowl stadium. With only a few minutes left before the kick-off Raiders, Cudd, Bingham. Irons, Ledbetter. Shanks and Smith dig out headgear. Yell Leader Marioray Ridley does her stuif dur'ng Homecoming bonfire. President Tom Douglass prom- ises victory on station platform as Red Raiders prepare to leave for game. UU BLE T ASSUEIATIU The Double T association was organized after the first football season following the establishment of Texas Tech in l925. lt is composed solely of athletes who have been awarded fthe "Double T" by the Athletic Council for competition in an inter- collegiate sport. Striving to create unity among the wearers of the college symbol, members of this group are always on the alert in attempting to advance the causes of athletics at Texas Tech, and is an organization to which all Red Raiders aspire. The annual semi-formal dance was staged in February and an all-college dance was sponsored by the club in the fall. Turning from the sublime to the ridiculous was the "Red Raider Follies," a show given by the group each year at which members are the only characters. Double T association was co-sponsor of the Golden Gloves tournament with the "Lubbock Avalanche-lou? nal." After the traditional "hell week" in February, pledges were initiated at a secret ceremony in the gym. All pledges wore gym equipment to classes and had their hair dyed Mae West blond. Members of the club may be identified by the Double T key they wear as watch charms. Officers were: Tom Douglass, president: Gabe Gilley, vice-president: Ed Irons, secretary: Roger Smith, treasurer, and Clarence Tillery, sergeant-at-arms. First Row: Ioe Allbright, Don Austin, Thayne Amonett, Ty Bain, Loyce Baillio, Loyd Brunson, Doyle Caraway, Tom Douglass, Robert Duncan Second Row: Charles Dvoracek, Elvis Erwin, Byron Gilbrecrth, Francis Hightower, Buster Houston, Ed lrons, Newman Ledbetter, Glenn Lowe, lack Lovelace. Third Row: lack Shanks, Roger Smith, David Storey, Abner Teague, Clarence Tillery, Norman Volz, Walter Webster, Art Weber, I. B White, limmie lay. Not Pictured: Francis Bingham, Norman Cox, Gabe Gilley, Billy Hale, I. R. Callahan, Albert Williams, Maxey McKnight, Peter Blanda, Pat Farris, Kenneth Robbins, Warren Cudd, Harold Crossen, lack Walker. 'i Q Looking up Christmas dinner table ar Martha Ferguson, Mary Beth McClung, Vondee Lewis, Eleanor Gillham, Fern Dormitory play-room is scene of House Senate meeting. and Lucille Payne. Around the table are Wilma Ruth Forbis, Ianice Buie, Anna Baker, Prexy Ierrene Verner, Walldeen Donnell, Katheryn Weeth and Mary Margaret Tunnell. i""" The 320 occupants of Women's Dormitory N 2 are "proud as punch" of their modernisti and streamlined house which is the newe building on the campus. Governed by a hous senate composed of officers selected fro their number, each girl is a member of Wo en's Self-Governing association. All dormitor activities are financed by a 5Uc social fe which every girl is required to pay each seme ter. On the first Tuesday night of each mont at 10 o'clock a house meeting is held to di cuss problems and activities of the girls. Dea Mary W. Doak addressed the group on on such occasion, and Abdul Mehta talked to th girls of interesting facts pertaining to hi native India. Open house for the purpose Mary Dunbar plays for football reception 'as Marie Rasco and Elmer dlSP1UYi1'1q the new building to the People Folk look on. Lubbock was held in the fall, and football pla Theda Rattan, Mary Helen Vestal, Patti Crawford, Regina Bentley, Helen Davis and Eloise Hyer in midst oi holiday meal. Ienn Etta Dodge, Sarabel Hall, Gee Waltz, Bee Ragan and Nancy Nance relax on lounge floor for house meeting. Coeds at long, long table include Ieanne Taylor. Alyce loyce Bagley, Rowena McKinley and Martha Vernon. , it 'ff 'fa 'IN . 9 1' is-9 'i,'.w M 1. 1 it i -2 S 5 1 t " X , 97 ii! 1 if 4+ f iw. Q V, 1 it , I 1 1 Q A LJ L . 4 1 , t .4 L , .num .ms rr. .,,,,p, , ,... -i 1 Y pg ,. loWe'en surprise dinner at Which little orange sherbert men with cake cone dunce caps Were the dessert. At the Christmas dinner given each year, lack York and his orchestra played While the girls dined from tables decorated in a Christmas motif of red oilcloth and candles with children's toys as favors. The group co- operated in donating clothes and toys to the underprivileged district of Lubbock. Mrs. Wal- ter Barr, house mother of the group, never says the same grace twice at mealtime. Officers Were: President, Betty Nell Smithee: Vice-Pres., Bose Marie Martin: Sec., Gerry Cunningham: Finance Chairman, Barbara Griggs: Senior Bep., Nina Wright: lunior Rep., Fay Buth Hard- ing: Sophomore Rep., Alyce loyce Bagley: Freshman Bep., Mary Lou Edwards and A. W. S. Rep., Evelyn Stalcup. Grouped around the lounge piano for a session oi music are Doris Hardin, Mary Frances Bledsoe. Marie Martin, Rosa Io McDuii and Martha Post. Line of candles runs for yards. Beginning the second course are Maxine Carroll, Elizabeth Belew, Mary Dell Butler and Mary Lucille Smith Beth Floyd heads this table decorated with Christmas toys. Capitola Smallwood looks solemn during Christmas dinner. Virginia Smith, Dorothy Williams, Elizabeth Sik Margaret Moncrief, Harriett Price and Dorothy Mrs i mins smile and dine at Christmas dinner House Senate controls dorm disciplinary problems in weekly meetings. Included above are Rose Marie Martin, Nina Wright. Gerry Cunningham, President Betty Nell Smithee, Alyce Ioyce Bagley, Fay Ruth Harding, Barbara Griggs and Rowena McKinley. Nina Mae Ater and Betty Diltz pass rolls down Yuletide-decorated table. Coeds "Rusty" Brown, Virginia Smith, Dorothy Williams and Elizabeth Sikes eat holiday deli-cacies. Women's Dormitory No. l, formerly called Doalc hall, but Whose name was officially changed this year because no state building can be named for a living person, is the older dormitory for Women students. Until February, this dormitory and Women's Dormitory No. 2 were unified in government into what was called Women's Self-Governing Association, but at the first of the second semester, this group or- ganized independently With its own house senate. A heated political campaign preceded the election at which Betty Nell Smithee was selected as house president. This dorm co- operated With the other campus dormitories in giving the yearly tea for football players and the coaching staff. During both semesters, girls' tag dances were given by occupants in the dining-room. The 320 girls enjoyed a Hal- Zelma Clemage and Billie Ewing pose between CO111'S8S. f-W f-YY , i' ' I 6 ,N fi ww. ,H 1 Kin,-. 13 W,-1 'Q1 A . X. -M-..4,.:. .4 Half-time review features famous Double T. Ieff Coffey leads Matador band into formation JAMES B. NEVINS Assistant Band Director One of the most colorful organizations on the campus, the Matador band is directed by Prof. D. O. Wiley. lim Nevins is assistant director. l-lighlight of the band's activities was a trip to Galveston to act as the official band at the Texas Music Edu- cators' Association clinic for music teachers from all over the state. ln October the band Went to Okla- homa City for the game between the Red Raiders and Oklahoma A. of M. They played concerts at several high schools While in Oklahoma City. Dress- ed in red and black uniforms the Matador band is on hand to boost spirits at every football and basketball game, pep rallies and other occasions during the year. left Coffey was drum major for the scarlet clad group. Officers were: Bill McEachern, presidentp lames Williams, vice-presidentg Lillian l-lorner, secretary, and Norman Wiley, and Wood- yard McDowell student business managers. D. O. WILEY Band Director Concert band performs in Oklahoma City when the Red Raiders invaded city for the Tech-Oklahoma A. 61 M. game. Director Edouard Blitz poses with College chorus after successful presentation of "The Seven Last Words" in ,N CHARLES BRUCE President OFFICERS CHARLES BRUCE ....... President BURL HUBBARD . . . Vice-President BILLIE KNUTSON . . Secretary-Treasurer Dr. O. A. Kinchen and Chorus Sponsor Iulien P. Blitz. with his cello, are snapped on Ad building green. spring of 1941. CHORUS With a membership of more than 300, College chorus is the largest such organization in Texas receiving college credit. Dedicated to Texas Tech students who have lost their lives in American mil- itary service, "The Seven Last Words of Christ", an oratorio by Theodore Dubois, was presented at the Lubbock l-ligh school auditorium in March. This eighth annual presentation Was conducted by Edouard Marquis Blitz, nineteen-year-old son of Dr. and Mrs. Iulien Paul Blitz. Soloists were Twila Far- rell, Betty Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Rex Webster, soprano 7 lra Schantz, tenorp and Rex Webster, bass. Mrs. Iulien Paul Blitz was piano accompanist for the chorus and orchestra. As has been the custom, proceeds from the oratorio were donated to the Milam Orphans' home. lncluded in the performance were guests from the band, music department and townspeople. During the fall, College chorus learns folk songs and Christmas carols. E our annual major events sonsored by the club include a pig-roast in November, Aggie club ban- quet in December, Aggie-home economics party in February and the Aggie dance in March. The pig- roast, a stag affair, is given to stimulate interest among underclassmen in judging teams, and serves as a send-off for the livestock and grain judging teams who attend the lnternational Expo- sition at Chicago. Mark Halsey, state representative, was guest speaker at this 'year's pig-roast. Officers are elected twice a year. Spring officers elected at a February meeting were: Vernon Loveless, presi- dentg Aldredge Estes, jr., vice-presidentg Claude Witten, secretaryg Harold Eastland, treasurerg james Gunter, reporter, and Thelbert Miller, mar- shal. Some of the most outstanding men on the campus are found in this organization. Among them are Haynes Baumgardner, vice-president of the Student council and president of Block and Bridle, Roy Moffett, member of Student council listed in Who's Who and member of judging teamsp R. B. Dawson and Vernon Loveless, judging team members. LLB ROY MOPFETT . . GLEN SANDERSON EDWIN DAWSON . HAROLD EASTLAND DELBERT DEVIN VERNON LOVELESS M. G. PEDERSON The head table at Aggie Christmas dinner OFFICERS . . . , . President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . Reporter . Marshal . Sponsor First Row: O. G. Hill, jr., jim Humphreys, Roy lsler, Weldon jones, Robert Kelley, Arch Keys, George Kimbrough, Bernard Koetting, Henry LaMaster, Walter Lemke, Otis Levens, Keith Levy, Bobby Lewis, Kenneth Lewis. Second Row: Warren Liner, Vernon Loveless, Charles McClure, Howard McClure, Bill McGlothlin, joe McGregor, Martin, Elwin Matthews, Marion Mayes, Pat Messenger, Bernie Mika, Emrnitt Mikeska, Mark Miles. Horace Maddox, Wesley Third How: Thelbert Miller, George Moreland, Hubert Moseley, Billy Nivin, Le Roy Olsak, Walter Page, Roy Parks, Clyde Paschall, Cliff Payne, Houston Pearson, Max Perry, RV. B. Poteet, james Price, Lewis Price. Fourth Row: Ray Price, Burney Ragle, Byron Range, Frank Rapstine, Walter Riethmayer, j. T. Rodgers, Glen Sanderson, Heidi Schneider, Robert Scott, Earl Scudctay, Henry Schwarz, George Sealy, Elbert Seitz, Harry Shaw. Fifth Row: Ernest Sheets, Donald Smith, W. S. Spears, H. G. Sprawls, johnie Starkey, Bill Stockstill, David Storey, W. M. Taylor, Smith Tilger, Peyton Tucker, Winfred Tucker, Leland Turner, Norman Volz, Doyle Walls. Sixth Row: Carl Walser, Gilbert Watkins, james Welch, john Bill Wheeler, Raymond White, Roger Wilkowske, Williams, Claude Witten, jack Woltman, Virgil VVoodfin, j. R. Wright, Bill Wyche. Aldine Williams, joe 1 V - V VV -'--' VVVV- V V V Vw V - ' "Af iii: ' '- 'iff ' V - -- ' 5 V' - V . tt - ' V X ' if ff 'f 'fly if L' 'li 799- ' ,js jf--V11V't itil .V -t- V V S .I ,K , .. - V -, VVV.gV'.g,:. V, . V 'sy -V Va VV, VV VVVV. QQCVE TVVQVV .si':1VtV? tit? - - V Vtfttt , Q ' " . 2 9 :V. V'tV, V VVVQV, g , F V , .I L 2, '-sfV1V ,give 'i f VVV ffl'-ra -Vffggfrf IVV 1.54.1 . V tit-VFV2 'fitiissz Vft"'tfV 13" 5 A V, .V V ' 1 1 V 'T .. ' - V ' I V. V .V ' V' V Q V ggwrt ..g5hytfV - V 3 'V il- BV V , VVf,V -- i45V,,gVVg.gVVVV,.V.,V V VV:,tf:V.V"Vff5V 5 WV, vVt'VVVVV. fV,fVV31VV, -VVVQ-wif - "Vert: ww . -?' -. 'V:..2. -V-1' Vatitfmjiiai' 'V'V:+ ws' X Wig V Vzgrg. V.: .-:V - " -. 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Vi V,QpMfV V5 , VV1-IV V- V,-tm, VV VVV1Vt:fVV 1 52,-'V-VW EVM.--ffi.25' K fgV5V ,VVs:flteV255 llitf, V-f5V'si tQ'VeV,Vg: is, Vj V f -aan. lg'-tVf'fV1rZiVV . , it-f. fV I V--k V. , issffs' -.4fViV:-'Z-2 V 'W V if -V . t ' iii " ' V-.Ziff ' ' '- E-wr-2.2 'xr "i :1VV4f3v ' Y ' - fV+V's'ViVfil ' fe: cf 2' 'A err- V V., VV ,QV IVV- VVV - . . 4 '--as ,ms -Vt-V V- .iv VV VV '- +V -'tr,gr,f1w' mia VVV VV VV f V VVVVVW f'2VesVfV-'V V r, ,V VV... V -1,-V-Wi sir: V-V.,VVVtV I V1 fir . VVVVW Vw-'f ' 's'i,lrfir iiizstl- . - iflitft Vir' V92 1,-VV' V-"Viet V ' -if .,.. V .VVV "Vw fail' 2- V Nrriri itil-ztV'V1'iV ViV' fri,-' ' -ii! VGVV--'Visa '-,fVVVf QVV1 Vzffifls -fi' fV' 15VvV?1 ilk VV wV'tW1..'V5 V.V:V:'rf SW V-1 SYVV-"fVeVzl"i ,Via ttsw!'s'V fVi--VEVV:'1 V 'V V f-W5 '5VlZVf'VV V Us .V - it iles'-72-til' is, tit," i V . D ' it it V V ' V ' .' V ' ti f ' 1 " V at , Viitiltist .. V 'ttzssrftz-if W H . 'git fl '-IV ' iff! flwtitt-:V -'fitf-t "iff?ii'2tilr5VK't' it ir -gf et' ...ty i" 1t5fizli, '- XV glial' ' tr-I' V- V i t . ff fttiiiii V .V stiff 'Vr.2VV V ,, .if it 251 5, f,i,i2VVVsft: .w k 'i ii' 1. V VV-' ei f ne" VV V 'V " ' Va ,VV V ,JV 'iiiiis glasgi-V i' it-'VfV fl' rf' VV .V V V V V- -f Vg, VV - VV qs- , ,V VV I ' WV' Vx l -'- . v . First Row. Iames Aaron, Kenneth Allen, Nathan Allen, Billy Arledge, Sam Augustine, Truett Babb, Haynes Baumgardner, Robert Baum- gardner, Iohn Bayles, Ierry Beavers, Billy Beaver, Alvin Bell, Arthur Bell, Clinton Bergman. Second Row: Roy Boone, Mac Brandon, Frank Brown, Carey Buie, Frank Burchard, W. I. Burck, Wayne Burford, H. T. Cardwell, Ioe Card- ' well, Iamie Caviness, Edgar Chance, Buster Cole, Ioe Cole, Wayne Collins, F. W. Conradt. Third Row: Fount Corder, Charles Crawford, Thurman Creekmore, Eugene Cupp, Iim Christian, U. H. Daniels, Robert Davis, Edwin Dawson, R. B. Dawson, Woodie Day, Bob Deats, Herman Deinken, C. W. Denison. Fourth Row: Albert Devin, Delbert Devin, Iames Dixon, Pete Dowell, Ioe Doyle, Leldon Dunn, Gordon Eastman, Harold Eastland, Alvin Eden, Glenn Elliott, Elton Ellison, Elvis Erwin, Bert Eubanks, Tom Eudy. Fifth Row: Eugene Finley, A. T. Fouts, I. A. Foy, Wayde Frey, Preston Gill, Millard Gillham, Torn Graham, William Griffin, Douthit Grinstead, C. L. Goble, Norman Goen, Horace Goodrich, Iames H. Gunter, Warren Haddock. Sixth Row: Buford Hailey, Kenneth Halbert, Robert Hall, Harvey Hanson, I. B. Harbin, Elmer Laverne Hargrove, Robert Hargrove, Ralph GEIE The Agricultural club, commonly known as the Aggie club, is the oldest organization on the cam- pus. lt was founded in l926 to promote interest in l all matters pertaining to agriculture. Other aims of the society include encouragement of cooperation among members in major projects of the college, and promotion of social events, athletic contests and programs for the development and entertain- ment of the members. Active membership is limited to students regularly enrolled in the division of agri- culture who express a willingness to be members of the club and who agree to accept its constitution and by-laws and perform the duties assigned to them. Members, to be in good standing, must have paid their dues as provided in the by-laws. Grad- uate students of any classification in the division of agriculture are eligible for active membership. The society gives aid and assistance to worthy agri- cultural students through a constantly increasing loan fund. Havis, William Hays, Lester Henry, Donald Henslee, Iames Herring, T. B. Hicks, Ioe High. ROY MOFFETT President Wayne Burford serves plates at Aggie pig-roast. .I. E. E. Any student enrolled in Electrical engineering is eligible for membership in A.I.E.E., better known as the American Institute oi Electrical Engineers. The group is guided by its purpose, which is to further the advancement of knowledge oi the theory and practice of electrical engineering. An oppor- tunity to become better acquainted with the per- sonnel and the activities of the institute is oiiered all the members, who are designated by the club pin, which is a diamond-shaped emblem bearing the insignia of the organization. This campus branch of engineers cooperated with the other engineering groups in contributing interesting ex- hibits to the success of the annual Engineering show held in April. Principal accomplishment of the year was the lighting of the campus for both Tech's annual Homecoming celebration and the spring show. Several Tech members attended the yearly A.I.E.E. convention in St. Louis at which technical papers were presented, and plans for increased production to meet the national emer- gency were discussed. Student speakers were iea- tured at the bi-monthly meetings, and members as- sumed additional responsibilities in radio courses relative to the war program. Electrical engineers intent on experiments. OFFICERS DOUGLAS TAYLOR ...... Chairman TOM PRICKETT . . . . . Vice-Chairman ARCH LEWIS, IR. . . Secretary-Treasurer IOHN ELY . . . Publicity Director 'W'. F. GRAY . . . Counselor DOUGLAS TAYLOR Chairman First Row: Byron I. Bennett, Graham Brotherson, Glenn Browne, O. L. Chea1'1eY, lr., Gerald D. Collier, Glenn M. Davidson, B. I-I. Dennison, Ir., Riley Donnell, I. Ronald Dutt. Second Row: Dennis Feigenspctn, Carl R. Garner, Eugene Goodwin, Elba G. Hunt, Charles Ingram, Ir., Ralph H. Iohnson, Gilbert W. Knox, Lloyd E. Laird, Arch Lewis, Ir., Frank Mitchell, Ir. Third Row: Dan Newby, Tom Prickett, Ir., Alfred Rhode, Hal T. Rolley, Ir., H. C. Shuler, Omer Whitwell, Iames Gilbert Wilhite, Ir., Ocie I-I. Williamson, Eugene Wright, Iohn H. Wright. Council Members: First Row: President Albert Bartel, Madge Lawrence, Morrine George, Monterey Ashley. Second Row: Ermadel Floyd, Claude Witten, Rozelle King, Barbara Cox. OFFICERS ALBERT BARTEL .... MORRIS BRITTON . MILDRED MCINTIRE . . LATTIMORE EWING . DRL C. E. HEREFORD . W. P. CLEMENT . . . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Student Secretary . . Sponsor Faculty Adviser Baptists during rush hour on weekly newspaper. HS. . Tech chapter of the Baptist Student union was founded in l925, and its first president, lrwin Cole- man, was the first student to be enrolled in Tech. Membership in the group may be obtained by en- listment of a Baptist student in the Sunday school, B.T.U., church membership or Y.W.A. lts object is to strengthen, correlate, and unify all of the sepa- rate Baptist unit organizations into one campus as- sociation with one all-inclusive program of relig- ious activity. B. S. U. sponsors a weekly publication of activities, local and state-wide. l-lighlights of the entertainment for the year included a U. S. A. military party and the annual banquet honoring old and new officers and the winner of an enlist- ment campaign, which is sponsored each year by the union. "Open l-louse" has been held each Sat- urday evening, and the group holds an hour of "fellowship" every Sunday. Members attended two Baptist Student union conventions at Fort Worth and Austin. The organizations' is under the leader- ship of Dr. C. E. I-lereford, pastor of the First Baptist church. BI LUEY EL B Membership in the Biology club is open to any- one interested in the biological sciences. Designed to stimulate interest in biology by the sponsoring of field trips, presentation of professional and semi- professional papers, and the entertainment of its members, the club was organized as an outgrowth of the former Botany club which existed from 1934 until the fall of l937. Meetings are held in the chem- istry building or in homes of members. This year's first meeting was held in the home of the club spon- sor, Dr. M. F. Landwer. Members met in December for a Christmas party in the playroom of the New Women's dormitory. The club strives to keep pace with recent scientific events and discoveries. Speak- ers from scientific fields talk at meetings. Dr. Waldo S. Glock and Dr. C. I. Wagner spoke at group gatherings this year. Season's activities are cli- maxed with an annual picnic held in the spring of the year at Silver Falls. Biology students survey bugs through microscopes in science lab. OFFICERS STANLEY MEREDITI-I ...... President KATHERYN WEETH . . . Vice-President LEONARD IANSEN . . Secretary-Treasurer DR. D. R. PARKER . . . . Sponsor DR. M. F. LANDWER ...... Sponsor STANLEY MEREDITH President First Row: Allen Andrus, Adele Bergholrn, Anne Birkman, Martha E. Davidson, Monda Hamilton, Douglas Hardy. Second Row: Don Hatchett, Betty Hurt, Leonard Iansen, Dorothy Iones, Gene Kendall, Marjorie Matthews, Mary Io Ryan. Third Row: Christine Seaman, Aural Shaw, Norman Shaw, Rodrick Shaw, Katheryn Weeth, Fred Widmoyer, Howel Woodiin. First Row: Cora Nell Cunningham, Helen Foote, Dorine Griffith, Wanda Kirnbrell, Dorothy Magee, Miriam Peckham, Ada Lee Powell, Edna Lou Prange. Second Row: Zenoba Reed, Vesta Grace Rogers, Lucy Dean Rose, Mary Beth Smith, Dorothy Stephens, Doris Stilwell, Katie Lee Teague, Vera Thormann. RUTH GILLESPIE President OFFICERS RUTH GILLESPIE .... . . President DOROTHY STEPHENS . . . Vice-President EDNA LOU PRANGE . . Secretary-Reporter ZENOBA REED . . . .... Treasurer MARY BETH SMITH . . . A.W.S. Representative WANDA KIMBRELL .... Business Manager CORA NELL CUNNINGHAM . . . Social Director Casa Linda Coeds relax in living-room of the co-op home. 'lb EASA Ll UA Tech's only co-operative, Casa Linda, was built in the iall oi l937 with an appropriation from the Texas Legislature. lt was opened to students tor the first time in the spring of l938. This year Casa Linda tested absolute self-government. Under the direction oi two senior students, a business manager and social director, elected by a council composed of senior girls, the house was operated without super- vision of a director as in former years. Casa Linda activities included a show sponsored in the fall, participation in the Homecoming parade and an entertainment ior the exes, Christmas party, sunrise breakfast in the spring, skating parties and picnics. Members oi the organization are selected by Deans Mary W. Doak and Margaret W. Weeks and by residents oi the house. Purpose oi Casa Linda is economical, co-operative living. The building is lo- cated on the campus. l. H. E. Operating under sponsorship of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the l.R.C. was organized in l93U. Eight members and Sponsor Benjamin Bock attended the West Texas-New Mexico regional conference held by Eastern New Mexico college at Portales in February. Programs TRCmsmbsrsdisCussW01'1f1Problems at at bi-monthly meetings included a book review by round table session' Dr. C. A. liinchen, a tallc on Mexico by Dr. T. Earle Hamilton, Rex Webster in a discussion of "Radio T ttlyt if ttlttllsitfi A l and the News", a student debate, a talk by Dr. Eunice l. Gates on "Brazil", Abdul Mehta's discus- sion of lndia, "Meaning of a A Two-Front War" by ll Dr. Bock and other studies of international relations and affairs. l-lomecoming float featured flags of the Latin-American countries and a Statue of Liberty. The Carnegie Endowment fund furnishes books each year for the l.R.C. library. Club members at- tended picnic in the spring. Membership is open to Presfdsnf any student interested in world affairs. i T , V -'Yse'.lEixzzr212i1,fi3f5, . f'',izzfz:1gggs2f,gr5i ' f ' -il:'Ef'-'V 5,115 Q ,!i3'ji7 k . Ti. QW , . A 'A , f,::elil.:t h'i' . was " KARA I-IUNSUCKER OFFICERS KARA I-IUNSUCKER ...... President IOE PIERCE . . . . . Vice-President SARAH BETH RICE . . Secretary-Treasurer WILLARD MCCLOY . . . Parliamentarian MARY EDITH HOLDEN . . . . - Reporter First Row: I. C. Bearden, V. H. Britton, Carey Buie, Paul Castleberry, Betty Caughron, Marianna Coffey, Dean Dauley, Helen Davis, B. H. Dennison, Ir. Second Row: Hazel Dickinson, Dean Dunlap, Margaret Eagan, Ruth Faust, Sallie Lynn Forrest, Ruth Gibbons, Eleanor Gillham, lane Hiatt, Adelene Hodges. Third Row: Mary Edith Holden, Bryant Lassiter, Willard McCloy, Abdul Mehta, Herman Mendell, Madison Newton, Katy Faye Norris, Frances O'Conner, Thelma Payne. Fourth Row: Toe Pierce, Roxie Pierce, Sarah Beth Rice, Ieanne Saunders, Elroy Schoppa, Douglas Shaver, Iohn Robert Sparkrnan, Sallie Ann Taylor, Iuanita Vaughter, Elizabeth Young. First Row: Darlene Abel, Corinne Abney, LaVerne Allen, Louise Anderson, Patsy Baker, Art Barker, Carl Barnett, Albert Bartel, Lewis Blackburn, Glenna Boyd, Beverly Buie, Bill Cartwright. Second Row: Hood Chatham, Frances Clark, Iohn Copeland, Flores Crump, Bill Dainton, Hugh Dryer, Ann Dysart, Maxine Ellis, Hugh English, Virginia Ferguson, Frances Ford, I. R. Freeman. Third Row: Barbara Frye, Bill Gafford, Lee Heatley, Betty Herring, Vena Hershberger, Sydney Key, Sarabeth Kimmel, Turner Kimmel, Nancy Laird, Iirnrnie Landrum, Mary Ellis Maedgen, Peggy Maxwell. Fourth Row: Margaret McCrun1men, Bob McKinnon, Libby McKennon, Mary Nabors, Billy Narramore, lane Oliver, Mavis Pendley, Bob Perryman, Luween Putnam, Bee Ragan, Robert Bapier, Lucille Read. Fifth Row: Bette Bob Redwine, Betty Io Rice, Evan Roberts, Oscar Schilling, Heidi Schneider, Melvin Taylor, Voncille Taylor, Bill Thurman, Margaret Wagner, Glennis Waltz, Ted White, Earl Wossum, Iunius Young. G RGUYLE Gargoyle society was formed in 1928 to stimulate interest in the study oi architecture and art, to give TUAEICEEMITH the department members a better chance of getting ' f . , . . . . ' ml an acquainted, and maintaining a closer relationship IUANICE SMITH OFFICERS P ld t in their work. With 77 members, the club has this SIDNEY KEY g U' ' ' ' l' Xjiceliiildig, year maintained the highest membership average VONCH-LE TAYLOR . . Secretary in its history. Qualifications for membership require EiVgi1i'ASffgRN' ' G 'l 'l that the student be enrolled in the architecture and DARLENE ABEL ..... Aiumm secretary allied arts department with a high scholastic stand- BOB PERRYMAN - Em-'ineefinq Show Dept- Mfmqef ing. Highlight ot the club's social lxctivities for the Gargoyle club members gather an-,und Hugh year was the Gay Nineties Ball given in February. D1'Ye1' Uffhe drawing board- Members wore costumes in keeping with styles in the nineties. Departmental laboratories were deco- rated in a similar fashion with typical bar rooms, photo booths, and a dance hall. Other social activ- ities included a "get acquainted" hayride and pic- nic, a sports dance at the l-laylott in November, a Christmas party, a banquet and a spring picnic. Pledges go through "hell night" before initiation. The club emblem is a grotesque Gargoyle head. Bobert l. Lockard is the club sponsor. Melvin Taylor served as president during the spring semester. sm....r..Mt WW-.-,W ,ft. ,Q,,m ALPHA EPSILU DELTA Pledges wore a surgeon's mask, rubber gloves and a cat skull necklace to class before being formally initiated Tanuary lO. To become eligible for membership, students must be engaged in courses leading to the study of medicine and must have an average of "B" in all general work. Texas Gamma chapter of the honorary pre-medical fraternity was started at Tech in l938. One business meeting and one dinner is held each month. Guest speakers this year were Dr. B. O. Douglas who spoke on "Mental lllnessf' Dr. l-l. M. l-lefley who dis- cussed "Paracitology," and Dr. Malone who gave the "l-listory of Medicine." Dick Lieurance was the official delegate from Tech to attend the national Alpha Epsilon Delta convention held at West Vir- ginia University. Keynote of the convention was national defense. The primary purpose of A.E.D. is to encourage excellence in pre-medical work. lt also strives to offer a goal toward which students with similar interests can work. Members feel that A.E.D. bridges the gap between the spirit of the pre- medical school and that of the school of medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delta members examine human skeleton and microscopes. OFFICERS NEAL NICHOLS ...... TAY MARTIN . . . A. B. SANSOM .... . . NORMAN WILEY . Historian and Sc DR. R. C. GOODWIN . . . . First Row: lack Abbott, Iohn Chalk, Glenn Davis, Gene Lanford, Dick Lieurance. Second ROW: lay W. Martin, Robert Mullin, A. B. Sansom, W. B. Spencer, Melvin Thornton, Norman Wiley. . President Vice-President . Secretary alpel Reporter . Adviser First Row: W. I. Burck, Guy Chisolm, Buford Hailey, Robert Hargrove, Ralph Havis. Second Row: Mark Miles, Billy Nivin, R. B. Poteet, Burney Ragle, I. R. Wright, lr. ROBERT A. SPENCER President OFFICERS ROBERT A. SPENCER ...... President RALPH HAVIS .... . Vice-President W. l. BURCK . . . Secretary E. . , Spgnggr Plant Industry club sells flowers each year to send judging team to national contest. This year's team won fourth in the nation. PLA T 1 DUSTRY This organization was founded in l936 for the purpose of contacting field representatives in land- scape architecture. Any student majoring in agricul- ture who has 60 hours to his credit with a "C" average is eligible for membership in the club. The club strives to promote comradeship and advance- ment of the profession. Social activities for the year included a Weiner roast for plant industry majors, a homecoming breakfast, and "Flower Day" on the campus in lanuary when club members sold carna- tions. ln March the flower judging team went to Chicago to participate in the lntercollegiate flower judging contest. The senior crop judging teams placed ninth and tenth on trips to Kansas City and Chicago in November. Qualified men in various fields of special interest to members were called in to speak at club meetings. Freshman crops and horticulture contests were held in April, and awards were presented to the high men at the year- ly Plant lndustry club banquet. AEEUUNTING SUEIETY The Tech Accounting society was organized in l939 with Zl charter members, Whose aim was to affiliate those students who are interested in ac- counting and who have completed the minimum requirements for club entrance into an active group. To be eligible for entrance into the organization, the student must first be approved by the members. Also, he must have completed eight hours of ele- mentary accounting with an average of "B" and three hours of advanced accounting with a "C" average. No student is eligible for membership until his junior year. Meeting on the first Monday night in each month, the group discussed and pre- sented papers on current accounting problems and practices. Social event of most importance during the year was the semester banquet which was sub- stituted for the last monthly meeting and at which time shingles of the society were presented and recognition of honor students in the group was made. An accountant's handbook was presented to the most valuable and best accounting student of the year. The club strives to uphold scholarship and is designed to increase the efficiency of the accounting student in his college Work. Accounting Society members and their sponsor, Haskell Taylor. OFFICERS SAM CHISHOLM ....... President DARRELL VERNER . . . Vice-President LUCILLE SAVELL . . Secretary-Treasurer OLIN WATSON . . . Parliamentarian HASKELL G. TAYLOR T. C. ROOT . . . . . . Sponsors SAM CHISHOLM President First Row: Kenneth Bain, Mary Frances Bell, Loyd Brunson, limmie A. Boone, Anna Katheryn Davenport, Garnett Davis, Marvin Felts. Second ROW: Lester Grimes, Francis Hightower, Lillian Horner, Leta Merle Koeninqer, Madeline Ledwiq, Eloise Merritt, loe Nelson. Third Row: Glenclon Presson, Renal Rosson, Lucille Savell, Lloyd Sursa, Kenneth Taylor, Darrell Verner, Olin Watson, Haskell Taylor, SPOIISOT. First Row: Nettie Belle Batton, Marguerite Brannen, Twila Farrell, Wilma Ruth Forbis, Frances Gary, Camille Graves, Margery Hills. Second Row: Onita Belle I-Iufstedler, Edith Robertson, Betty Shryock, Margaret Simmons, lean Spencer, Mary Margaret Tunnell, Ierrene Verner. MILDRED 'HANKINS President OFFICERS MILDRED HANKINS ...... President NETTIE BELLE BATTON . . . Vice-President EDITH ROBERTSON . . . Secretary-Treasurer BETTY SHRYOCK . . . A.W.S. Representative Edith Robertson, Onita Belle Huistedler. Mildred Hankins. Marguerite Brannen and Wilma Ruth Forbis have fireside session. PUR M Fifteen outstanding junior and senior students are selected each year for membership in Forum, an organization which strives to create interest and extra-curricular activities among Women students. Current campus problems -are discussed by mem- bers at breakfasts held the first Tuesday of each month. Every girl in college is invited to attend Fireside Forum meetings held each month on Sun- day afternoon. Miss Buth l-lorn spoke on her trip to South America at the first meeting of 'Fireside Forum. Other programs of the year included a speech by Dr. Eunice Gates on cultural exchange with Brazil, and a demonstration on Wrapping Christmas packages by Mrs. Robert l. Lockard. Only three Forum members are of junior standing. Each girl must have a scholastic average of "B" and maintain at least 20 activity points. Each year a necklace fashioned on the pattern of the club's triangular-shaped gold pin is awarded the sopho- more girl having the highest scholastic average. New members are initiated each spring at an early morning secret ceremony. UNIUH EUUNEIL Composed of 20 outstanding junior girls main- taining a B average, this honorary council was organized in l933 for the purpose of aiding fresh- man girls on the campus. A convocation was held during the first Week of school to help orient fresh- men, and members Wore "Ask Me" tags on regis- tration days. The council sponsored a page in Tl-lE TOREADOR describing campus clubs for benefit of new students. Through orientation classes, lunior council aided A.W.S. in the "Big Sister, Little Sister" project. Dean Mary W. Doak was special guest at Christmas dinner held at the Mexican lnn. ln the spring, money was earned by displaying sterling silver in an advertising research campaign. Activ- ities of the organization are recorded in a leather- bound scrapbook. Outgoing council selects new members in the spring from list of outstanding sophomore girls. A picnic was held this spring to honor. the l942-43 council. Iunior council members gather in lounge of Women's Dormitory No. 2. OFFICERS FRANCES GARY .... . President WILMA RUTH FORBIS . . Vice-President EVELYN COOPER . . . . . Secretary MARY SPARKS . . . Parliamentarian KARA HUNSUCKER . .... Reporter ERMADEL FLOYD . . . A.W.S. Representative DEAN MARY W. DOAK ...... Sponsor FRANCES GARY President First Row: Evelyn Cooper, Anna Katheryn Davenport, Erlene Dowell, Errnadel Floyd, Wilma Ruth Forbis, Morrine George. Second Row: Ruth Gillespie, Barbara Griggs, Carolyn Haynes, Kara Hunsucker, Mavis Pendley, Martha Prank Plants. Third Row: Freelin Shoemaker, Mary Sparks, Dorothy Stephens, Doris Nell Tippit, Vera Thormann, Helen Walker, Georgia Sue Wharton. First Row: Billie Louise Barkley, Louise Bennett, V. H. Britton, Carey Buie, Gertrude Crouch, Fred A. Elston, Gladys Marie Evans, Martha Herring. Second Row: Neyland Hester, Beulah Rae Markham, Marjorie Matthews, Edith Newman, Sarah Beth Rice, jariell Shanaielt, Beatrice Sherrill, Burgin Watkins. lOHN D. MCLEAN President OFFICERS IOI-IN D. MCLEAN . . . 1 .,.. President LOUETTE LEARY . . . . . Vice-President GLADYS MARIE EVANS . . Secretary-Treasurer BEULAH RAE MARKHAM . . . . Reporter DR. A. I. BAHM . . . . Sponsor Sociology Club members have a round table discussion with their sponsor, Dr. A. I. Bahm. SUEIULUGY EL B Social settlement work, racial problems, juvenile delinquency, marriage problems, social security, unemployment -problems and rural resettlement projects are among some of the many topics taken up by the Sociology club at its monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. .Any students interested in sociology are eligible for membership in the club. Members are concerned both with un- derstanding themselves in relation to others and with training themselves to become competent members of "one of the leading professions today, attempting to prevent, as well as reduce terrific social waste and wreckage". Students realize that the profession is still in its infancy but it is also the purpose of the club to generate appeal for this new, alert and growing profession of social work. Stud- ies in fellowship, self-expression and professional opportunities are taken up at club meetings. Dr. A. I. Bahm, associate professor of philosophy and sociology, is the club sponsor. TA BET SIGMA 'Texas Tech's chapter of Tau Beta Sigma is the first organization of its kind in the United States. The club was organized in l939 to promote band work among college women, to encourage develop- ment of musical ability and cooperation in musical organizations of colleges and universities, and to help new members of the band to adjust them- selves to a new environment when entering col- lege. Membership in the society is by invitation. All candidates for membership must have been mem- bers of the Tech "A" band for at least one semester, have a "C" average during the previous semester, and by their conduct and attitude show themselves interested in the betterment of music as a profes- sion. Members entertained l-lardin-Simmons Cow- boy and Cowgirl bands with a coffee after the l-lar- din-Simmons game. A spring dance was given in honor of new pledges. Officers were installed in a candlelight ceremony by the officers of Kappa Kappa Psi. Members desire affiliation with Kappa Kappa Psi as a sister organization. Colleges in Oklahoma and Florida have organized similar societies since Tau Beta Sigma was founded. Tau Beta Sigma members play in Texas Tech's Matador band. OFFICERS BARBARA GRIGGS SARAH EILAND . . VIRGINIA HOGAN . PEGGY EILAND . . PENNY GEYER . . MRS. WALDO TROTTER MRS. D. O. WILEY . First Row: Barbara Griggs, Betty Born, Peggy Eiland, Sarah Eiland. Second Row: Linioel Geyer, Virginia Hogan, Connie King, Marjorie Spencer. A.W.S. . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Representative . Sponsor . Sponsor Council Members: First Row: Twila Farrell Cpresidentl, Iohnie Starkey, Claudia Reinhold, Virgie Austin. Second Row: Arvis Hilton, Kenneth Allen, Marion Turner. OFFICERS TWILA FARRELL ..... IOHNIE STARKEY . . . CLAUDIA REINHOLD . . . VIRGIE AUSTIN . . . ARVIS HILTCN . . KENNETH ALLEN .... MARRION TURNER .... REV. CECIL R. MATTHEWS Director of Below is pictured a large group of . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Assistant Secretary . . Treasurer Assistant Treasurer Publicity Chairman Wesley Foundation Methodist students who are members of the Wesley Student Association. WESLEY STUDE T ASS' The Wesley Student association is an organi- zation tor Methodist students on Tech campus, working through the First Methodist church and the Methodist Student center. lt began as a small Sunday school class, and because oi the interest and enthusiasm oi the group, the class has grown into a self-supporting organization oi about 350 members. lts council is composed oi about 50 members who plan and execute the activities of the association, operating under the purpose of giving opportunities for Christian development of students through worship, fellowship and service. Included among its activities are an open house each semester, an annual Thanksgiving banquet, iolk game parties, a spring picnic, ping-pong tour- naments, group singing and class parties. Deputa- tion teams are sent to surrounding small churches to help strengthen weak organizations. The Student center is known as the "l-lome Away from Home" tor all Methodist students. lt is open every day and is used tor all meetings, as well as being head- quarters of the Tech Methodist Bible chair. Members oi W.S.A. write devotionals and publish a booklet oi daily devotionals each semester. LPI-I PHI UMEGA "Be a leader, be a friend, be of service". This is the guiding motto of Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Sigma Chapter of the National Service fraternity. The Tech chapter was installed on this campus in l939 by members of the Alpha Rho Chapter of the Univer- sity of Texas. Activities for the group began with conducting information booths during registration and Parents' day as Well as guide service. Several of the members and pledges call at the hospital each day to be of any service to any of the Tech students who may be there. Old razor blades are collected by the group which are to be made into braces for crippled children. ln the spring the club sponsored the clean-up campaign as well as a "Keep Off the Grass" campaign. They undertook the repainting of curbs in front of the campus build- ings and helped in the enforcement of "No Parking" in front of buildings. Socially active also, A. P. O. members attended a club smoker for prospective pledges in the fall, a theater party for members, pledges and dates, a steak fry and game party in the home of Dr. A. W. Young, the annual l:'ounder's day banquet at which Mr. lames I-I. Murdough was the speaker, and the dance and picnic given in the spring. A.P.O. member, Whitney Lee pins a sticker on a mother during Parents Day OFFICERS WILLARD "SI" MCCLOY . . . President DAVID MORRISON .... Vice President flstl LEWIS BLACKBURN . . Vice President C2nd7 FRED WIDMOYER . . . Secretary IOHN BILL WHEELER . . . Treasurer WINTON RICHARDS . . Historian IACK ROBINSON . . Sergeant at Arms LOUIS K-ELLETT . . . . . Reporter RICHARD C. HARRIS .... Alurnnl Secretary DEAN IAMES G. ALLEN . . Senior Faculty Advisor DR. I. O. ELLSWORTH DR' A' W' YOUNG . Faculty Advisors MR. W. T. GASTON 7 LEO NOTHSTINE WILLARD MCCLOY President First Row: Lewis Blackburn, George Bradley, Iett Coffey, Dean Dunlap, Dennis Feigenspan, I. E. Gerber. Second Row: Pike Godfrey, larnes Humphreys, Louis Kellett, Whitney Lee, David Morrison, 'Houston Pearson. Third ROW: lack Robinson, lr., David Storey, LaVer1e Stout, Frank Vernon, Hoy West, Iohn Bill Wheeler, Fred Widmoyer First Row: Ianice Buie, Evelyn Cooper, Ruth Cowan, Erlene Dowell, Ermadel Floyd, Wilma Ruth Forbis. Second Row: Ruth Gillespie, Onita Belle Hufstedler, Rozelle King, Miriam Peckham, Margaret Simmons, lean Spencer. T hzrd Row: Mary Sparks, Dorothy Stephens, Doris Nell Tippitt, Helen Walker, Marguerite Watkins. TWILA FARRELL President OFFICERS TWILA FARRELL .... . President DOROTHY STEPHENS . . . Vice-President EVELYN COOPER . . , Secretary IANICE BUIE . . . . . Treasurer MARY SPARKS . .... Parliarnentarian ROZELLE KING .... A.W.S. Representative RUTH COWAN . . P.W. Horn Fund Representative ONITA BELLE HUFSTEDLER .... Reporter RUTH GILDESPIE . . . . . . Historian Las Leales stage Homecoming breakfast for exes. L SLE LES Las Leales is an honorary service organization composed of 20 outstanding Women students, Whose aim is to increase fellowship among students, to develop personality and bring about self-improve- ment, to help in bringing outstanding speakers, musicians and entertainers to the campus, to pro- mote college spirit, and to raise the standards of the student body as a Whole. These members are chosen on outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership, personality, and participation in extra- curricular activities. They must be of sophomore standing and maintain a B average. Meaning "The Loyal Ones", Las Leales has the motto, "Honor Above All". Las Leales which was formed in 1928, organized A.W.S. The Big Sister, Little Sister move- ment, an introductory open house for freshman stu- dents, and sponsoring of speakers at convocation have all been activities of the society. One of the club's projects is aiding the Quarterly club in per- petuating the Paul Whitfield Horn Memorial fund. An annual project is a Christmas benefit dance, the profits of which go to buy gifts for the underprivi- leged in Lubbock. ' TEXTILE E GR. SUCIETY All students in the textile department are eligible for membership in this organization. Organized on the campus in l937 as a professional society, it seeks intellectual advancement of the students in the department and tends to promote good fellow- ship among the textile engineers. The club meets twice monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The society sponsored every semester, various projects such as the sale of laundry bags which they made themselves in order to raise money. The funds were used tolmake the annual industrial tour in April. This year the trip was made during the Easter holidays. The group made a wide swing through most parts of Texas visiting industrial plants in Dallas, ltasca, Waco, Bryan, College Sta- tion, l-louston, Galveston, San Antonio, New Braun- fels, San Marcos and Austin. The tour is an edu- cational insight for a society backed by natural in- terest and enthusiasm. IAMES HAYS . MERLIN BIRDSONG RUBY STEWART THERON LEI-IR . l. W. GAMEL . Textile engineers at work at one of their mcmy machines. OFFICERS . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor First Row: George Acton, Elmer Adams, Merlin Birdsong, Egbert Cofield, Maxine Craddock, Charles Fair, Ross Gee, Ir., Iames Hays. Second Row: Mary Patricia larnes, Dale Lehr, Theron Lehr, Elizabeth Locklar, I. C. Long, Harold McDaniel, Max Munn, Ed Pool. Third Row: Betty Grace Pugh, I. A. Roberts, lack Robinson, Ir., Arol Rogers, Bob Schuster, Kirby Scudder, lack Sides, Glenn Terrell. First Row: I. C. Bearden, Clifford Brown, Cullen Chapman, Marianna Coffey, Hazel Dickinson, Owen Gilbreath, Verne Hale, B. I. Hutson. Secondp Row: Earl Iacobs, Iohn Keffer, Louie McClanahan, Willard McCIoy, Marrion McCurdy, Frances O'Conner, Thelma Payne, Edith oo e. Third Row: P. B. Shannon, Douglas Shaver, Rodrick Shaw, Richard Sheehan, Travis Shelton, Orville Shofner, Iackson Sisk, Buddy Sprague, Winifred Woods. DEAN DUNLAP TI-IELMA PAYNE . I-IAZEL DICKINSON CLIFFORD BROWN P. B. SHANNON . WILLARD MCCLOY LEROY HUNTON . RODRICK SI-IAW IACKSON SISK . EARL IACOBS . BILLY SIMS . . DEAN DUNLAP President OFFICERS . . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Attorney-General Public Defender . Chief Iustice . First Associate Iustice . . Second Associate Iustice Parliamentarian . . '. Clerk . . . Sheriff DB. I. WILLIAM DAVIS ...... Sponsor Pre Law attorneys, P. B. Shannon and Leroy Hunton and defendant Raymond Goodrich. PHE-LAW EL B Pre-Law club, organized in 1926, is one of the old- est clubs on the campus. Its framers had in mind to acquaint students with many phases of law prac- tice, and through the Texas Tech Supreme court, give the students training in actual court procedure. Realistic enactments of crime are staged from which club attorneys gather evidence and present it as a colorful trial before a mock grand jury. This year, an assault and battery suit, a murder trial and a libel suit were enacted and presented for prose- cution. Besides mock trials this year's program in- cluded a coffee honoring club alumni during I-Iome- coming, a spring banquet with a prominent state official as guest speaker, a picnic in May and a spring dance. Membership in the club is open to all regularly enrolled students who are interested in the study of law. Spring semester officers elected to fill vacancies were: Ruth Faust, vice-president, Cullen Chapman, public defender, P. B. Shannon, chief justicep Paul Bell, first associate justice, and Winifred Woods, clerk. Initiation ceremonies were held in the Lubbock district courtroom in a candle- light ceremony. Dr. I. William Davis is club sponsor. EWMAN EL B Newman club requires that its members be Tech students and Catholics. This club was established on Tech campus five years ago. lt attempts to pro- tect the religion of the Catholic student by providing intellectual, spiritual, and social activities of a suita- ble kind for its members. This year a course in "Christian Ethics" was conducted by Rev. E. C. lelinek, club chaplain, at two of the four regular fall meetings. Guest speakers for the year included Miss Ruth l-lorn, who spoke on her trip to South Americap Mrs. Roscoe Wilson, who talked on her journey to Alaska, and Dr. Charles B. Qualia, who told of Mexico and its culture. Seasonal parties were given at l-lallowe'en, Thanksgiving and Christ- mas, and a Mardi Gras party on Shrove Tuesday, the last party before the beginning of the Lenten season. The yearly spring formal dance on April ti i l --lsr M ,.,,.,,e ., K, recreation room. OFFICERS FRANK SVETLIK ...... GEORGE ARENSMAN . . . RUTH IOAN CONNELLY . . MADELINE LEDWIG . . DR. BESSIE B. LEAGUE . . REV. F. C. IELINEK . QQYSEKLI if nf my , 18 was the most important affair on the club's social nj, .ll calendar, at which the traditional strawberry punch if . ,vii made by the sponsor was served. On the third ylti Sunday of each month, Communion breakfast was served to the members by their sponsor, Dr. Bessie B. League of the zoology department. L it. 5 an 1 wi it 25 233 xisw gg ,gina I' 3 B s 35,538 ' a rw fti trtir tt w,.,s,r.,,,..gt.,g.u., Q., A mtiwgggai., W1b12sst.itt25fltestzzitstifi .f - .- : m,?it3rliis22,5lx FRANK SVETLIK President First Row: George Arensman, Iohn Barber, Marjorie Beck, Rosemary Burns, Ruth Ioan Connelly, Ruth Costello, Leslie Culwell. Second ROW: Hugh Dryer, Tommie Io Gooch, Marjorie Green, Bernard Havran, Mary Pat Inman, Mary Patricia Iames, Alvin Leclwig, Madeline Ledwig. Third Row: Dorothy McGrath, Marguerite Ann Lehman, Georgia Macha, Rodolfo Perez, Lynette Riordan, Patricia Stewart, Helen Thomas, Charlotte Ulrich. Newman Club members play table tennis in . Preside Vice-Preside . ' Secreta . Treasur . Spons . Chapla First Row: Guinevere Dauley, C, M. Gordon, Douglas Hardy, Eugenia Harper, Arvis Hilton, Ouida Iohnston. Second Row: Dorothy Magee, Ruth Monk, Norman Shaw, Rodrick Shaw, Kathryne Temple, Catharine Thruston, Earl Wossum. Thlrd Row: Olin Watson, Kohn Bill Wheeler, Billie Louise Berry, Neyland Hester, Charles Lutrick, Ava Louise Smith, Kathryn Starkey. GWENDOLYN LAM President OFFICERS GWENDOLYN LAM . . . . . President NORMAN SHAW . . . Vice-President DOROTHY ZOE WHITE . . . . Secretary lOE SMITH . . . . Business Manager .ARVIS HILTON . . Publicity Chairman RODRICK SHAW .... Membership Chairman OUIDA JOHNSTON .... Program Chairman REV. CECIL R. MATTHEWS ..... Sponsor MR. LEWIS MAGEE . . . . . . Director A group of the Wesley Players pose for cameraman. WESLEY PLAYERS Alpha Eta chapter of the National Society of Wesley Players is an organization affiliated with the Wesley Student association of the Lubbock Methodist churches. This Tech group is one of four such chapters of Wesley Players in Texas, and membership is limited to college students Whose aim is to obtain a broader view of life through the study and production of religious drama and to gain a better understanding of each other. Alpha Eta chapter Was represented at the regional con- ference in Baldwin, Kansas, in lune of 19415 the national convention in Urbana, illinois, in Decem- ber of l94lp and the state convention in Dallas in March of this year. Other activities of the players were programs given by members and pledges at regular meetings, special entertainments presented once each month for the members, several one-act plays, a sock supper and a fifteen-minute radio program presented over KFYO. The plays, under the direction of a member of the club, are presented to the college departments of the churches, and the radio program was Written, directed, and produced by members of the organization. DEB TE EL B All students interested in debating are eligible for membership in the Debate club. Topics of cur- rent interest are discussed during the year at de- bates, forums and lectures. Outstanding debates this year were held on the subjects of capital pun- ishment, equalization of educational opportunity through federal aid, and the federal regulation of all labor unions. Of special interest in the spring semester was the national extempore discussion Debate club members meet with their sponsor, Miss Annah Io Pendleton. question on inter-American affairs. Members of the OFFICERS inter-collegiate debate squad are always members Q?1ffFlfOg?WERiODRICH "" VC Qejiiii l I I ....., 1 e- e of Debate club, but the two activities are distinctly NETTIE BELLE BATTQN , , , SeC,etG,,,.T,e,,Su,e, different. l-lighlights of the club's activities for the MISS ANN!-KH IO PENDLETON ---- Sponsor year are the joint annual Christmas party held in December and the spring picnic held in May with members of Alpha Psi Omega. The organization is sponsored by Miss Annah To Pendleton, newly- named speech department head, who is also debate coach of the lntercollegiate debaters. RAYMOND GOODRICH President First Row: Marie Barnard, Nettie Belle Batton, Bety Rhea Caldwell, Cullen Chapman, Evelyn Cooper, Ruby Cowan, Barbara Cox, Thelma Crawford, Dudley Sue Dinwiddie. Second Row: Bonnie Lou Gantz, Camille Graves, Eugenia Harper, Margery Hills, Vondee Lewis, Bob Lilly, Ir., Earlene Marks, Billie Marie Miller, Elizabeth Miller. Third Row: Rosalind Mitchell, Carrye lo McT..oen, Frank McGonagill, Beth Newton, Betty O'Mara, Elnita Ostrom, Roberta Owen, Mona Pierce, Edith Poole. Fourth How: Edna Lou Prange, P. B. Shannon, Orville Shofner, Ava Louise Smith, Doris Stilwell, Buddy Sprague, Kathryne Temple, Cora lean Watson, Norma Younger. First Row: Mack Atcheson, lohn B. Blomshield, lack Boone, Richard D. Borden, Iohn Ross Bradford, Bill Brooks, Mattie Lou Bryant, W. A. Christian, Wayne Coffee, Leonard Collingsworth. Second How: Paul Crawford, I. W. Day, G. L. Farrar, Howard Garrison, Eddie Griffin, I. A. Hall, Bill Dick Hickman, Bradford I-lolleyman, Charles Holman, George lordan. Third Row: D. B. Knowles, Calvin Kunkle, Weldon McCallum, Frank McGonagill, Clint McPherson, Kelly McMillin, Wayne Madden, W. L. Meier, Walter Myrick, Roger K. Owen. Fourth Row: R. W. Redick, Donald Robbins, Don Shepherd, I. W. Stover, V. C. Smart, I. E. Smith, Charles Steed, Walter Studhalter, I. Frank Svetlik, Frank Vernon, Milton Woodall. EDGAR HASH President OFFICERS EDGAR HASH ..... BILL HICKMAN . . MILTON WOODALL . l. W. SLOVER .... WALTER STUDHALTER . WALTER STUDI-IALTER . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian Show Manager Chemical engineers gather in basement classroom. A I. Ch. E. Chemical engineers at Tech were the first to get a student chapter oi A. l. Ch. E. in Texas. Any student enrolled as an undergraduate in chemical engi- neering is eligible for membership. The chapter was established to promote student and teacher relationship and to aid the student in his under- standing oi the profession he has chosen. A junior scholarship award is made to the highest-ranking member oi that class. The national convention was called oti this year. Chemical engineers attended the American Chemical society's convention held in Memphis, Tennessee. New members were enter- tained with a tall smoker. Members made inspec- tion trips oi chemical plants in operation Easter. Highlight oi the society's activities was a spring pic- nic ior members and their dates. Exhibits were pre- sented by the chemical engineers in the Engineer- ing Show with concentration placed on plastics. Club meetings are held once a month. Walter Stud- halter was show manager for the chemical branch, and is president of Tau Beta Pi. Mack Atcheson was president oi the Engineering society. B . fi ' - ' MACK ATCHESON President Council Members: Bob Bandeen, Bradford Holleyrnan, Norman lgo, George Arensman, Watson Carlock, Ernest Dement, C. I. Griggs, L. G. Harris, Edgar Hash, Iames Hayes, Lee Heatley, Ralph Iohnson, Neal McCaskill. the society and lighted signs ot each department oi E . engineering. The 16th annual Engineers' banquet Was given March 7 in Women's Dormitory No. 2 for members, dates and guests. Mr. C. A. Miller, Divi- sion Manager oi the Southern Division of the Texas company, addressed the group. At the same time 200 alumni and eXes held banquets in various parts of the United States. A spring picnic, in honor oi all members, is given -at which a softball tournament between departmental societies is held. Among the members of the society are 22 presidents of campus organizations, and tive are listed in Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Col- leges. Mack Atcheson Was spring semester presi- dent, with Jimmy Murdough serving as vice-presi- dent. M ' P dl ' 1 ' f 1 t ' h 'D mils en ey pams slgn or as Years S ow Above: Engineering Society Homecoming float on the mana er Lee Heatle . g ' Y march in parade. Below: Billy Rosser operates an electrical radio controlled car. OFFICERS MACK ATCHESON ..... . President BOB BANDEEN ....., Vice-President BRADFORD HOLLEYMAN . . Secretary NORMAN IGO .... . Treasurer DEAN O. V. ADAMS . . . Sponsor Fostering a spirit of unity, cooperation and friendliness among all its members, the Tech Engineering society attempts to t provide a means for promoting any enter- prise for the Welfare oi the division of engi- neering as Well as sponsoring a loan iund for engineering students of the college. Any student registered in the division oi engineering may be eligible to Wear the blue and gold star and shield pin which signify membership in the society. Estab- lished in February, l926, the organization has continued to grow in membership. Traditional Engineers' Day is held at which time all engineers are released from class for the ritual of kissing the Blarney Stone, a practice begun March l7, l939, when the monument was un- veiled. The yearly Engineers' ball was held in November at the Lubbock hotel With lack York and his orchestra playing. The ballroom was decorated in keeping with the organization With the shield of Above: R.O.T.C. unit comes to attention in front oi military building. Below: Delton Tatum and Oscar Williams adiust surveying Students operate a gasoline motor-generator in the instrument for campus work. power laboratory. I DAIRY CLUB Although organized locally in l933, Dairy club did not gain national affiliation until l938. With a membership of 25 this year, the club has as its pri- mary purpose the fostering and promoting of pro- fessional fellowship among students, faculty, and professional and research workers interested in the progress of the dairy industry. To be qualified for membership, a student must have completed 60 semester hours with at least a "C" average, must be designated as a dairy manufacture major, and also must be a member of the Aggie club. The organiza- tion maintains a loan fund whereby short-term loans are made available to members of the club. The group assists in conducting the annual high school F. F. A. dairy products judging contest and buys medals for the Senior Dairy Products team. During the Easter holidays, senior students in D. M. make a yearly field trip visiting various types of dairy manufacturing and food processing plants in Texas. Outstanding social function is the banquet held in the spring honoring graduating seniors. A steak fry and a dance are customary features of the en- tertainment calendar. Lewis Price was spring pres- ident. Dairy Club entertains exes at annual Homecoming breakfast. LEWIS PRICE President OFFICERS IAMES WOODIE DAY . . .... President CLINTON BERGMAN ..... Vice-President MILLARD GILLI-IAM . . . Secretary-Treasurer VIRGIL WOODFIN . . . . Reporter L. G. HARMON . . . . Sponsor First Row: Alvin Bell, Clinton Bergman, F. W. Conradt, Iames Woodie Day, C. W. Denison, Millard Gillham. Second Row: I. B. Harbin, loe McGregor, Roy Moffett, Clyde Paschall, Max Perry, Robert Scott. Third Row: Peyton Tucker, Winfred Tucker, Howard Wilkowske, lack Woltmon, Virgil Woodfin. First Row: Lilly Merle Bibby, Clifford Brown, Wilma Ruth Forbis, Ruth Gillespie, Grace I-lalsell, Travis lones, Linda Light, Second Row: Rex Lowe, Edith Poole, Wortham Seale, Christine Seaman, Rodrick Shaw, lackson Sisk, Virginia Sutton, Udell Thurman. MIRIAM PECKI-IAM President OFFICERS MIRIAM PECKHAM ..... l. D. WALKER . . . LYDIA ANN DUFF . . RODRICK SHAW . . MRS. WILLIAM DINGUS . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor S.P.Q.R. members gather in the office of Dr. C. B. Qualia. S. P. U. . Purpose oi S. P. Q. B. is to promote interest in the Latin language and literature and to connect it With modern-day Rome. Membership is open to students of Latin. Dr. Mary Louise Breedlove discussed modern and ancient Bome and value of Latin today at the November meeting. Annual Christmas party was held at the home of Mrs. William Dingus, spon- sor. At the Ianuary meeting papers on "lulius Caesar and Modern Blitzkrieg Methods," Written by Rena Belle N oack and Kline Nall, Were pre- sented. S. P. Q. B. sponsored its annual all-college dance on Valentine's day in the Double T gym- nasium. Motion pictures on Venice and Home were given at the March meeting, and in April the group discussed Ovicl's "Art ot Love." At the spring picnic on May l9, the president for next year was elected. Through application, the members learn to ap- preciate Boman art, music, language and literature. .CS The Texas Tech Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society was formally organized in l939, and its present membership is the largest in the whole affiliation. lts primary purpose is to pro- mote a better fellowship among students of chem- istry, whether they be pure chemistry majors, pre- med chemistry majors, or chemical engineers. Membership is open to any undergraduate student whose central scholastic interest is the study of this science. Meetings are held twice each month at which time programs usually prepared by the stu- dents are presented. This year Dr. R. C. Goodwin addressed the group and Prof. loe Dennis spoke at one of the club meetings. A motion picture on "Plas- tics" was presented in the spring. Social function of the year is the spring banquet held for members, guests, and faculty members. A large group of sen- ior Tech members attended the semi-annual na- tional meeting of the society in April which was held in Memphis, Tennessee. Don Shepherd, listed in W'ho's Who 5 was prexy for both semesters and Mary Sparks, spring secretary-treasurer, is a member of Alpha Chi. Dorothy Iones served as spring semes- ter vice-president. Laboratory scene finds chemists hard at work. OFFICERS DON SHEPHERD ....... President DOROTHY IONES . . . . . Vice-President ELIZABETH BALDWIN . . Secretary-Treasurer DR. FREDERICK ROLF . . . . Sponsor DON SHEPHERD President First Row: Elizabeth Baldwin, Regina Bentley, lack W. Boone, Margaret Cammack, Creed Coffee, Wayne Coffee, Don Hatchett. Second Row: leanne Hinds, Dorothy Iones, Elizabeth Newport, Vidabelle Orr, Susan Perry, Cecil Pinkerton, lean Powell. Third Row: Geraldine Richardson, lim Roy Roden, Mary R. Sparks, Charles Steed, Abner Teague, Milton Woodall, F. W. Rolf, sponsor. First ROW? ROY C. Alters, Hugh I. Ayres, lack Warren Brown, Elliot Childress, Weldon Christian, Eugene Neil Davidson, Ernest Derrient, larnes W. Donaghey, Harlan Dowell, Van Elkins. Second Row: Charles B. Ellis, Ernest Fisher, Fiske Hanley, Paul Hill, Edwin Locke, Iarnes Lovelace, Charles L. McCalister, Harold McDaniel, lohn B. McEwen, Iimmie W. Minyard. Third Row: Iohn P. Mooney, Arch Nystel, Harold Pitcher, George Pinkus, Carl E. Pitts, Elvin Rainey, lRobert A. Slater, Mack Verhyden, Floyd Williams, lr., Woodrow Wiseman. l WESLEY POWELL President OFFICERS WESLEY POWELL ....... President ERNEST DEMENT . . . . Vice-President FLOYD WILLIAMS . . Secretary-Treasurer H. L. KIPP . . . . . Sponsor President Wesley Powell and mechanical engineers operate equipment. .S M. E. Major activities for the Tech chapter of A.S.M.E. this year were the Saint Patrick's Day celebration and the club trip to Houston to the national A.S.M.E. convention. The Saint Patrick's Day celebration honors the club's patron saint. A bronze plaque, bearing the Shamrock and the club insignia, is laid into the flooring of the south portico of the engineer- ing building. The organization this year supports the largest enrollment in its history. At the conven- tion in Houston the chapter presented two original papers in a competitive contest. Any student regis- tered for engineering is qualified to be a member of A.S.M.E., the chief purpose of which is for the "ad- vancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering." This group offers, also, the opportunity to become acquainted with the activities and personnel of the department. Club programs at regular meetings consist of discussion of technical subjects. A.S.M.E. flower is the shamrock. EHILDRESS COUNTY One of Texas Tech's newest organizations, Child- ress County club, was organized in the fall of l94l for the purpose of building better relationships be- tween Childress county students of the college and to foster an interest in Texas Tech at home. Mem- bership is open to any student who lives or has lived in Childress county. Slcits and varied programs were given at monthly meetings. A banquet was held at Childress during the Christmas holidays and another one closed the year's activities. A skating party was held in the spring. Club sponsors are Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Horn. Outstanding mem- bers include Lloyd Sursa, also president of Business Administration club and Alpha Chi memberg Mar- ianna Coffey, Alpha Chip Kelly McMillan, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Chi, A. l. Ch. E., and S. A. M. E4 Genevieve Decker, member of W. S. G. A. house senate. Childress County club outstanding members are Marianna Coffey. Sidney Key. Martha Ferguson and Helen Davis. : Q f2il?15 L I I 4 ww -.-. ' 5Ti if Q E .sf '.... I . IE LLOYD SURSA President LLOYD SURSA ........ ' President SIDNIEY KEY . . . . . Vice-President GENEVIEVE DECKER . . Secretary-Treasurer MARIANNA COFFEY ...... Reporter LENA MAE AUSTIN . . Corresponding Secretary CLIFFORD R. HORN ....... Sponsor First Row: Lena Mae Austin, Marianna Coffey, Helen Davis, Genevieve Decker, Eddie Waymon Griffin, Irma Mae Griffin. Second ROW: Nell Hill, Sidney Key, Kelly McMillin, Ioe Tom Preston, Juanita Sartin, lack Sides. Council Members: First Row: Helen Barber, Louise Chappelle, Ruth Cowan, Pauline Frey. Second Row: Gwendolyn Lam, Claudia Reinhold, Wilma Rodgers, Doris Nell Tippit. mliisiil 2 i A ' '-'VFW-'K' ' 'EWiii:'.if,i.i1',i' . '.1i'f,,1'757?f', -gt W I ' w i 'illkfilzfii-3 ' glfliiflififlislfiilii t ixitiliggiiw. fJZ,,5t3:gg , will Qggigfdvfztsgggi ggiggmlqgs- if wife' ' Mfrltiilfzi e will ws' fif'i5i',1hgi "":'12i: 5'2 - iilllityilfii' ' mgkilv'-it if., A 3. I - --ga-.1 2 3,35-E .tif H t will , QZft2lHg2+ 'lifts . " ' 2 u:i2lf.?z5.f:'f'ff:f .': in 3 9 fd' ,..4:g.,U. ' isifflttigi ,g',f',f .mfr ,' skiing tggqsiv l3flf2siilfl:TV'f . . i-iff: We Nxt- W " if 'Q Ln3ii?2ff2l2i!l w g igft is rg 2, its 11 te, : i XY if ,gsm if f 1 2 riff., w g E.: K ,Wire lifts 'remix-,. . Swisietzz ffiliili i ' 'fi5'55f55Ii5?Ql!5 . , ..15i,v1E2.l:' Ullg " 5E. ' liilffiii .tif , , . .. ,www - , . xg .t -X - xitg a t-miie I '4-i is lfgll Ji Us K K rkygwilp W EEK. , l EAN SPENCER President OFFICERS IEAN SPENCER .... . DORIS NELL TlPPlT . . PAULINE FREY . RUTH COWAN . . . RUTH MARIE PAYNE . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian Home Ec club holds annual open house. HOME EE. A "Howdy Picnic" was initial Home Ec Club ac- tivity for the year. As one of the largest and oldest organizations on the campus, it was organized in l925 and now has a membership of 250. Any girl interested in home economics may join the club, which strives to foster interest in home economics, to promote friendship and to develop a professional attitude among Home EC students. This year the club was active in defense work and sponsored a Red Cross course in first aid. The Margaret W. Weeks Loan Fund was increased with various pro- jects. Annual affairs included a l-lallowe'en party, a Christmas reception for campus clubs, a Twelfth Night party, Aggie-Home ,Ec party, a spring style show and the formal banquet in April when officers for next year were installed. Defense was the theme of the open house held in May, which attracted hundreds of visitors. TA BETA Pl Beta chapter oi Texas oi Tau Beta Pi was or- ganized on the Tech campus in l937 and was the second chapter in Texas. lts purpose is to foster and promote a spirit of liberal culture in the division of engineering. lts members are chosen from the upper fifty oi the senior class and upper eighth of the junior class scholastically. Every engineer is eligible for membership. Personal appearance, capacity tor leadership, social qualities and char- acter are considered in connection with member- ship. One formal initiation banquet is held each semester, and a monthly informal dinner-meeting of the student members is held. Highlight of the club's activities was the large bronze emblem of the so- ciety which was hung in the main arch oi the engi- neering building. An unveiling ceremony was held. The emblem, which is the "Bent" was cast and ma- chined by members. President Walter Studhalter spent three days in Philadelphia at a national con- vention of Tau Beta Pi. Some of its outstanding members for the year were Timmy Curry, president of the Presbyterian Student league in Texas, Wat- son Oarlock, manager oi the engineering showy and Mack Atcheson, president of the Engineering Society. , H Tau Beta Pi symbol hangs in sallyport of Engineering Building. U... M W- 7- f , ft ft -vt Maw: w-rgwgtfw-wif www S 2 1, f:f'fv1rl'I.t .Mtn M-:W - ' ' - 4 K' 'z,-Qfttw .ltgtglgzts tml 'nyfatzf ' T emi mzff,?twti.f ig., ,-.t...m,t -'ii w V 1' "'- : '- . -tt ttilffggtgtyfisl .'-H112't.'.,,,t:.1gQ1:faf A H , V' 14,0-.w':+titftS. ff1g1fQ,2f,ef me , Yttiaflf Mig at tt -- ttf Mt? ts. .V Y 352. fs',f!',ffi3:E,, .f5?!FF'!l'if fl 2 tlilifiw ' Il? fr-tgt:,Jw!22itiw ' " . fsffiifiltyt it itE'y'f'f" ttf' ...Mg s.,: :S 52 5' fi !2t5:S'!5H,":T:-1 twitttf tl?t f1t!4tfti'f!Q'5 if f 1-4. 3 -5 :tf'."2lF'f:t3g1'ff-it 2't!1mt .v,ff14 - S - .. 11z2M lift ........ 1 , . , ... ., . . ..,.. . L,,+...1.t,ttfsw,iQ-2 .sv t.-tmfiiirqzfefl - ,.5Lw,Qjtf.t',ia,- , ' .. tr J.i4'si:d29'2,f'-'!v'Qf.e,f J,'.ej5',-gs.fg,'gqtt.fgM 5:5335 j? ,Ew-iff,U,:t1,.t,,'.s,tt,1,fg 't lf-'ff3f.t's'2l5+., Q, . .P .U . W WALTER STUDHALTER President h OFFICERS WALTER STUDHALTER ...... President TOM PRICKETT . . . . . Vice-President LEE PERRY . . . . . Recording Secretary WATSON CARLOCK . . Corresponding Secretary EDGAR HASH . . .... Treasurer H. F. GODEKE . . Faculty Sponsor First Row: Mack Atcheson, Forrest Bell, Byron Bennett, Vernon Bennett, lunior Birdsong, Watson Carlock. Second ROW: larnes O. Curry, Howard Garrison, Edgar Hash, Ralph lohnson, G. D. Lewis, Iohn McEwen. Third ROW: Kelly K. McMi1lin, Travis Moore, Lee Perry, Tom Prickett, Ioseph F. Svetlik, Douglas Taylor. First Row: Vivan H. Britton, Carey M. Buie, Owen Gilbreath, C. M. Gordon, Bob Macina, Madison Newton. Second Row: Toe Torn Preston, Udell Thurman, Charles Allen, Dean Dauley, Calvin Kunlcle, Iarnes Green. Third How: Dean Marshall, Iohn T... Ross, Henry Schwarz, I. T. Spivey, Clyde Williams. ELROY SCHOPPA President OFFICERS ELROY SCI-IOPPA ....... President UDELL Tl-IURMAN . . . Vice-President CAREY BUIE . . Secretary-Treasurer W. G. LOESEL . . . . Sponsor Senators Elroy Shopper, Carey Buie and Udell Thurman hold conference with Sponsor W. G. Loesel. SE ATE CLUB One of this year's crop of new campus organi- zations is the Senate club, organized to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ameri- can democracy. The club initiates the desire to follow the ethical standard of service found in pio- neer American statesmen. Members are male stu- dents maintaining a "l" point grade average. They are required to refrain from hazing pledges and must be active in club affairs. Only those interested in the progress and spirit of the school and state are acceptable as members. Club activities include de- bates on current problems, guidance for freshman students and encouragement of student participa- tion in college affairs. Club colors are red, white and blue. The Senate club was represented on the joint faculty-student defense committee by its presi- dent, Elroy Schoppa. Much of the club's success. is due to the organizing ability of Britton, Schoppa, Preston, Buie, Thurman and Gordon. The clubs' sponsor is W. G. Loesel. BUUH HEVIEWERS With its membership limited to 50 girls, Book Re- viewers endeavors to acquaint its members with modern literature and to engender a deeper ap- preciation for all types of literary art. At each meet- ing, books are reviewed by members, after which an open forum is held. Members aided the campus campaign in providing recreation for the soldiers at the local air base by donating books which had been reviewed and were not in use by the club. The club joined the Red Cross as a group project. At the one social function of the year which the group sponsors, members and special guests were enter- tained at a tea in May at which Margueritte Nobles gave an impersonation of "White Cliffs" by Alice Duer Miller. Some of the books reviewed at meet- ings this year included: "King's Row" CBellamanD- Nettie Belle Batton, ,M. Pulham, Esgf' CMar- guandl-Mary Menon Stangel, "The Keys of the Kingdom" CCroninJ-l-lenri E. Brown, "lnvitation to Live" Cllouglasl-Freelin Shomaker, "What Makes Sammy Run" CSchulbergl-Ann Moore, "The Time- less Land" CDarkl-Ann Dysart, "Not For the Meek" Cliaupl-Evelyn Cooper, "The Sun ls My Undoing" CSteinJ-lean McLaughlin and "Random Harvest." Book Reviewers hold regular meeting in Home Ec building. OFFICERS NETTIE BELLE BATTON . . . . . President MARGUERITE BRANNEN . . Vice-President ANN MOORE ........ Secretary GEORGIE SUE WHARTON ..... Treasurer MARY MENON STANGEL . A. W. S. Representative MISS LUCILE GILL ....... Sponsor NETTIE BELLE BATTON President First Row: Alyce loyce Bagley, Margaret Ball, Regina Bentley, Marguerite Brannen, Henri Elizabeth Brown, Catherine Browning, Evelyn Cooper, Trudy Crouch, Mary Leslie Culwell. Second Row: Thelma Crawford, Maxine Conner, Ann Dysart, Billie Io Dodson, Frances Ford, Eleanor Gillham, Frances Homme, Marie Hunsucker, Billie Knutson, Madge Lawrence. Third Row: Vonclee Lewis, Virginia McPherson, Mary Beth McClung, lean McLaughlin, Billie Marie Miller, Corinne McClure, Ann Moore, Nancy Nance, Margueritte Nobles, Edna Lou Prange. Fourth Row: lean Renner, Freelin Shoemaker, Mary Menon Stangel, Lottie Self, Heidi Schneider, leanne Saunders, Dorothy Staton, Ierrene Verner, Katheryn Weeth, Georgie Sue Wharton. First Row: Forrest Bell, Vernon Bennett, Junior Birdsong, Hugh A. Braly, Frank Clements, Iames Curry. Second Row: Edwin Easterwood, Raymond Hinds, G. D. Lewis, Abdul Khaliq Mehta, Travis Moore, Neal McCaskill, Sibley Neel. Thlrd Row: Rodolfo Perez, Lee Perry, Robert Schmid, Harland Soper, Howard Swain, Harold Thompson, Bert Wolfram. lOHN HILL President OFFICERS lOHN HILL ...... . . President lAMES K. CURRY . . . Vice-President HARLAND SOPER . . . Secretary LEE PERRY . . , , , Editor PEREZ . , , . Hisfgfjqn ROBERT SCHMID . . . Sergeant-atAAr1-ns . . . , , Tfeqsufef DR. M. A. STAINBROOK . . . Spansor Sigma Gamma Epsilon pledges lead mascot in Homecoming parade. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILU Alpha Beta chapter of the national geological fra- ternity was established in l93l. Dedicated to the advancement of earth sciences, the society is organ- ized on an ability basis. ln addition to initiative. personality and willingness, members must have completed at least 60 hours, l2 hours of geology, and must have a "B" average in all geology courses. Each semester, pledges don prespectors' clothes and lead a "geology pledge expedition" on the campus for one week. At end of hell week formal initiation is followed by a banquet. Official dele- gate to the biennial convention at Columbus, Ohio, was lohn l-lill with limmy Curry as alternate. Biggest event of the year was a banquet given in March for all West Texas and Eastern New Mexico geologists. Two professors from the New Mexico School of Mines spoke. New officers are installed in the spring at the annual "Whoop-A-Doodle" stag picnic. Chapter brings important speakers throughout the year. All club activities aim at bettering members' knowledge and standards in geology. Four mem- bers were mentioned in Who's Who, seven are Tau Beta Pi members and three are Alpha Chi's. t t ' T' f?9""i3, wr -'rs rf' 15" :I t j' 2. 'W i I . 3 ' .1 t .t 1 , , I" 5.,L,,ifN gut tn, ,. gh. Q, Ryu.. -Y ..,. ix M st tt , gl -,jj ,, t . s' ,, ' A f. -1 T -1 3. FI te. 1' --,sham Lesh' ,.f,....Le ya ...iL....4: - ,tr trunk" .L -ur.-J-:ww 1' Cne of the largest organizations on the campus, the B. A. club was begun in l937 under the super- vision of Prof. T. C. Root to stimulate interest among students majoring in B. A. The purpose of the club in the past has been to assist the faculty in accom- plishing a Division of Commerce which was formed this year. lts l25 members must maintain a "C" av- erage and be majoring in business administration or economics. Annually the club sponsors a business show displaying new machines from lnternational Business Machine, lncorporated, and holds a ban- guet at the end of the show at which a nationally- known figure in the business world speaks. Speak- ers at local meetings were T. F. Wiesen and Lonnie Langston. Social affairs included a February dance for members and guests and an April hayride at Mackenzie park. Officers were installed the second LLOYD SURSA B. A. Club members Doug Neves, Zeb Moore Iohn Lee and Walldeen Donnell confer wrth sponsor E. I-I. Plank. President Tuesday in May at a regular meeting. Shingles of OFFICERS membership were presented at the end of the first LLOYD SURSA ,,,,, , , president Semester. IOHN LEE .... . Vice-President WALLDEEN DONNELL . . . . . Secretary First Row: Vivienne Adamson, Ralph Alexander, jimmie Allen, Geraldine Ball, Melba Bankston, Glynn tBudJ Barnes, Fern Barron, Laneta Bechtol, Mary Frances Bell, jimmie Amelia Boone, lmogene Boyd, Loyd Brunson, lanice Buie, Willis T. Carson, Sam Chisholm, Annie Lee Cone. Second Row: Iuanell Cox, Bill Daniel, Anna Katheryn Davenport, Genevieve Decker, leann Etta Dodge, Walldeen Donnell, Marvin Felts, Beth Alyce Fillingim, B. W. Finnell, Wayne Finnell, Sallie Lynn Forrest, Margaret Garrett, Mary Elizabeth Grimes, Sarabel Hall, Beth Hampton, Fay Ruth Harding. Row: Marguerite Harris, Lillian Horner, Willouise Humphries, Helen Mack Hume, Raymond lnce, Bernice Keeton, Lela Merle Koen- inger, john Lee, P. A. Lyon, Mary Beth McClung, Connie Mahone, Virginia Maley, Norma Maloney, Mary Lou Metcalf, Mildred Mitchell, Zeb Moore. Fourth Row: Catherine Mott, Douglas Neves, Earl Newland, Trinka Norman, Katy Faye Norris, julia Parker, Rachel Patterson, Mildred Pendleton, john L. Phillips, Martha Frank Plants, Glendon Presson, Max Rampy, Edith Robertson, Renal Rosson, luanita Sarten, Elroy Schoppa, Lottie Self. Fifth Row: Freelin Shoemaker, Naomi Silvey, Mary Sue Smith, Lee Spring, Dorothy Stephens, Charlene Taylor, Kenneth Taylor, Austin L. Turner, Darrell Verner, Ierrene Verner, Betty Io Wagner, Helen Ruth West, I. B. White, Marjorie Widmoyer, luanita Williams, Kathleen Williams, Homer York. Third tttt, .,sljj - . iii" . T ' r"' T T s " . A - ..,... A ' i'i'i , . . .. . 'f fi' 'iifts-: r t. " ' Q IL... '1 4 wi.: " 1,51-f su e ig: 1 .:. -.. 'ir " .-', rig - M" ,, ., ggrs -,..-,, ,.,, t,'t . . . ,..,.. 1.. . i , .. ..,. M, , ,, 724 .. 5 .--.-. . rt. . .. ,. . , . A ".' . A it i'i't - .-. .- ltli ...,,. .. . ....,. . , ,,... .,.., V .. ....I l..t . i A i , T . f A tt . it --I P I E "i't'it 'E . F2231 5 : it gif Y of f We 5 Kp 3 3 X 1 S N K 2 S 23' X S Q 3 S Q ,st Q. . M sf.. tm, 2 M., W. S. . st Ji L H V' lltifl' rr . . . ..,... S t ,.,.. i t --rvr '- ... " - . -. . . ,... 1. . .I Q -.... ,,,. I ., . , V A y- Q , 5? V, .:-k 5, E -,,, if t g l I f r ' .Vg L I M H . - Vkrkr I Vkkr I liis f " tt'l' , " , " it ' - it -,is " wrt , 51:3 '3 2 5.52525 I '--ti- r Sf!" Z' it Z- -t55'5?51 S. ' fl i - Zigi! Tw , rr ff 2123, : ,gt f'z?:' . H,'s . - 111' f.' 51, ff rfgijt-Q kg- K . I 1.166 BL -5: ..-. ..,., , -w15Qi -1.---,j::'g,:,.f2f7f-ff . 1 f' ' " 'i" - j ' . 1 ' T . ttt' 'Q tt. it ll t is ' ' ' s ' F5331-at V T T i 5 ' '... ' -1r.E fi tif -' .: 2325? .:.-'? ..Et2::f'I"' '- , . . 2173 I - ' . ' 'slit . ttf . . .V t 2' 1- 49 I V if R. H rg 1 .. ai ' H ., . I .fit I I . 3. . ii, s rg? .g5Qt5f,.f3 qw .t M.: . ,lr .Ri J 3 2 K .. V ...-5 ,E fl-'S UT. Sf " . ii' I 'Q Itiw' - 'ai' '::,,.,t. Q -l' 3. 7 " ' ' 22. 1 ii . ' '1. "" 1 . tm 5" ' ' ' f "..' ,H 11 -u .E,, ,z.lff .5 1- Vg. f , . tl . "- V I it 1 - . f ..i,, . . i.. ,.. . ., ., ..,,,, ,, 1... . ., .s, . , I ,, .,,,, K . 3 , , , . . . . ,t.,.. ,..,.,4 , , zip ' ,. . A ' I Z 1 1 tt I ' V t Q t ,T " . . I V ' ,W-.. ,VI, X r f I In 1 2 K V . M - , Tig tx t , . . EM, lg, .,Mi-q.. 11:2 52 " ft , ,,, Lgxkivgy . H F. ,, , L. fn -t., 5,4 .. ,H ' 9t is ms 1 JV an ,, - 1 yi i . in -' .. 3 3 1 ' .. A 1 . . f 5,3 V f .-gk. .if . ,S Y - - ,Q . . -..,,- 1 1 ' - lg.. .t- it ., -V - .- ., .14 . M ,... 'gt ,Z .f .:, :J ., W.. . .gg E. . . 53,53 - , nf .4 Wt, are K , tt' K 'U , I . f it W' Y L .. 2 ,,. . H , t .V , H 5 lift' 'S A - . 22.2 2,,2.222 , IH' " -'w,'5i5.5- 1 M f x... .hlisz F ' , . , -...t H '.p1tM,z... V 'I 1.155 , I Z Z .t, . ..... ..!... milf Cf? fri- f.f.'.7 ' rf .' f, 1- it f - tt'K'- W' V -1 " -.nit 5 : 2. ff' f. -7 t . 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X A W K C gg flag K 1 Hg, , iii in ,Hy 1 ,Q AEM, ,ww 3 -,it ig ,sm if , N H 1 ft Q Sgt, 2 "ti f tt' 9, ' 'ti it . if wit ,tt ,' W: , 2, W 8 bt 3 M mg t ' K It 4 vt g ggm . , +1 L., A W 1. . . xi-xg 4,5 lv wttgtl V , .. .. H. E .V us.i.na:g .k'sfszx: V,..t-th stint A vslizt ,,'..,z wp. H 7 V A 7 7 'at .2 . H 4.. . 7 Q H L 77 2 1 W-Mit " A iffj, 2.-'L ' . 22-- if .5 - Z '7'L, ,2,'. '22. if ' 5 ' ' -7,L ' ,V ' ' V Q5 1 sa 2 . .Mft 'lm' 2. . 2 i 'Z Wit- M' - . . . ' 9- 2 'l' - ff W 9 "tQ.zii.2 ,wi if i t ri' tiifttt W ' 5 " 2"22 t 'ist QS-HY 2 Z, -.2' . , " mis' 2 w 1 far., 22 '1- ui., it wie- ttf M y ,. - . W: .11 .. 3 2' - MJ? QW? t I .X ,it gn ,, k,V.m g t ,,I.,,Ql,l ,,,y , . M6 , ,V it 7777 . at ii. , grit. . Af.. - -A . . ,EEL :I Vi K .,t. 7777 V , I gg - ' r g . : ,, '-,:,.4- ,j, - ',-,513 In -I " ,. -A,f.5,' 72 'I ftnij, K 5 'Q Zig . Q A-vvjjvf ,E 5-gg N 1:6 A xv V- 5: -ff -:.3".:,.,-g ' EEZ' -' digg? L: , gg :-.:Z,.,5 -, 't 1 V r "2'2 . r T it it . , L at 1 .--- 2 1 -2 2 - ' ' li . if - I-5 , f 2.'2 P 22'- 2 rf Y tr. " 1" . .' . : 5 . Q '- if it ' A i r .2-2 . S T - , 1 Sizaiilttfim e-V.. T- if tt' . 'V g,Q,Q f .4g tt 52,1,Qg5ff,Qi,gg5,f'5 it.5,tqigQg'zi't'. ' ' -',.f K , 29 . its if -2.- rfi1' , f"ff'.wtQi i -"' ' ' '222 - '2'. i '.22 I W t ' get nr. fmt is 2 fig if 'iff t ftfrif' ' .txt-f '.,:f.J1t .4 lisfiil it ss- : wizrii . 1, f .Q az' eg, .rm jg 3421, ., -1-gg. 2 2 :Q Q. Q, ft-- tltl Si. livin SEL, Flirt tx " fi. W tl S Stl K itftfrtl lf? ,if 'G-fit .1592 if-2 '5'gg,tE't, .".,. gif t lfgft tit? -:gf ,. 'Lfzf,Vtt 2- H gi, L ' sl: it ,tr -' F .- t "fl t ' ,E " .- 2 it ' L ' A ' fi . . ' W " . 1 ., ,e21fgsi'. 'tits' Piper- wi Mu 1' :- r tiger 'tt'-Tr. .11 . rdf" , Haiti i3.t,:m- 'I fzrtwz .2 'fm .1 t -.s,5l'l fftiiefrtt mite ,-1 - 7 2' t V , W - '- X '-'2 . V 9 'wtf f 1 it A . H ' 5. ' " -1, F ' 'nf 3tii5t Wt" fWt?ti 'i w ftitftt Wt'-tii?fi2.t 'l" f5'.'.ff'Q filfi 7 7. '-2' . :iii "'h 55" '- tf':"' 'i7.1tfEft.s'tt4.tii' F' . . . ' I , . ., .... is . 'st . is if ' - . -2-- ' wrt I - f , . I T S 22-2 T it wat. ' ' fb. ..atfi1.i2f tt. If 5 ' "ZW fi fggsif' J' HWY' t ' 'it "tit ist, , . , - nz 2-2.2 .11-rg: ,, H -,vw 1 , ..: .' fin- - Q tt, tw. 'f:, , fp .gf it -,wa , .-,,: .ff.pzv,ts1f.,q ,if my 1: :' .1 ff ,.,-,mv tr, .154 -' My , K ..-rbi, F ' "-' - ., ,"LL YE ww V . ti' First ROW: Vivienne Adamson, Bettye Babb, Marie Baldwin, Bette Ballard, Myrnavae Barkley, Fern Barron, Frances Barrow, Maxine Beasley, Anne Birkman, Virginia Bowman, Rosemary Burns, Betty Rhea Caldwell, Margaret Carnmack, Hazel Camp, Mildred Cauble. Second Row: Louise Chappelle, Frances Collier, Annie Lee Cone, Maxine Craddock, lo Ann Daugherty, Guinevere Dauley, Genevieve Decker, Ioyce Dillon, Betty Diltz, Helen Duff, Sarah Eiland, Gale Etter, Dorothy Foster, Alta Ellen Fly, Virginia Belle Gamble. Third How: Lula Margaret Gary, Linioel Geyer, Eleanor Gillham, Sarah Hannon, Averlyne Hatcher, Marydel Hawkins, Garnette Heggen, Hope I-lennington, Mary Lou Hinson, lean Holloman, Marie l-iunsucker, Virginia lackson, Mary lane Iohnston, lulia Tones, Sarabeth Kimmel. Fourth Row: Mildred Kuykendall, Nancy Beth Laird, limmie Lee Landrum, Alma Ruth Lee, Louise Lewis, Ednita Long, Margaret Long, Iewell McCoy, Rosa lo McDuff, Sammie McGee, lva Lea McKay, Gladys Ruth McNamara, Earlene Marks, Dorothy Miller, Eleanor Mitchell. Fifth Row: Betty O'Mara, Vidabelle Orr, Helen Elnita Ostrom, Roberta Owen, Marie Peterman, Bertha Marie Phillips, Edith Merle Poole, Bee Bagan, Katherine Reese, lean Benner, leanne Roco, lune Scott, Betty lean Sessums, Mary Ann Shaunty, Aural Shaw, Bertie Io Shell. Sixth How: Naomi Frances Silvey, Ava Louise Smith, Louise Smith, Mary Beth Smith, Mary Menon Stangel, Daphne Stephens, Mary Ann Stephenson, Mary Martha Sutall, Catherine Thruston, Doreen Tucker, Betty Walling, loy Ann Walter, loyce Watson, Helen Ruth West, lean Williams, Wanda Beth Williams. FRESHMAN HU UH SUEIETY OPHELIA MAY BEALL President OFFICERS OPHELIA MAY BEALL . .... President LOUISE CHAPPELLE . . . Vice-President MAXINE CRADDOCK . . . Secretary-Treasurer BETTY RHEA CALDWELL . A. W. S. Representative Freshman Honor Society members gather for a discussion. "We build the ladder by which we climb" is the motto which guides members of Freshman Honor society, an honorary organization composed of freshman girls maintaining a B average. The soci- ety was organized in the spring of l939 under the sponsorship of A.W.S. and Forum with Miss Martye Poindexter and Mrs. William Dingus as faculty ad- visors. Girls are eligible for membership from the beginning of the second semester of their freshman year to the end of the first semester of their sopho- more year. The pins worn by the members are small gold torches with a ruby inset. lt is the pur- pose of the organization to aid freshman girls and discuss matters for their mutual benefit and inter- est. They endeavor to sponsor and promote a friendship society, and to sponsor at least one social affair each semester for freshman girls. This group assists A.W.S. in the Big-Sister-Little-Sister plan and aids freshmen and transfers in becoming better acquainted on the campus. Social functions on the club calendar include a reception for fresh- man girls, a girls' tag dance and a formal banquet to initiate new members and install officers. SA. .. Tech's local chapter of the Society of American Military Engineers was formerly known as Torch and Castle before its national affiliation. With 57 members this year, the group endeavored to spon- sor military activities and provide for the profes- sional engineering development of its members. To become a member, the applicant must be of soph- omore standing in the R.O.T.C. unit and must main- tain a "C" average for the semester preceding pledging. A fall semester rush party for prospective members opened the social calendar for the group, and the Military Ball, a yearly entertainment, was the other fall semester social function. Dates for the affair were presented with miniature sabers and the theme of the dance was patterned after Life Magazines personified tank attack on a surrealistic battlefield. Mary Ann Stephenson was presented as Honorary Cadet Colonel, Roberta Owen and Marguerite Lehman, as Honorary Majors, and Vir- ginia Hall as Honorary Band Captain. At the spring dinner dance honoring the new members, dates were given red, white and blue compacts designed on the order of an officer's garrison cap. Cadet Colonel sponsor Mary Ann Stephen- son is presented by Doug Strawn at Military Ball. gr L 1 llrtlt lllgi I 1 Y qt 1 5' ill ' 3 T " it Kimi-.i,,ii+gs5igaim -H ifilf 5Eei1'ff+2biHis-is X i'i?25:igi3taE'gr2tz1et ts iatwtn 'fsiitzstsgiziriggigrg Elikgsilil ,Q gif! 5, f.r,Efgig9smr?9?wl2 rsi gttfiittr A 'iiiizairzaisiitrfria a tlilittfe. Sr25fflf'f:3iifift5 . grim gk . p,,,.,p.. s, ., - fit P is n ew-f 2292125 .c. s ,ri .... . .rr re--.sfrtrtsl ittfilisfiefitivfdtl 3252551 -Q .. V Ztifiigigfgsggyrgitiffi LE? 55 ..r:-':f:.,t'32f"- 'W' it 7 A ' Zfrtlfiitigrflilllfii ftigr-Witte :E":i15:5i.!w:I: - ' tis ' -X if V :,5:S55"' AEE.-F' WWE. K ' 9-5-1,5 ' ml .isis s . ,rr C. l. GRIGGS President OFFICERS C. l- GRIGGS . . . . BOB ALLEN . . VERNE MARRS . . EARNEST GLOYNA . . . LT. HENRY D. WESTON . COL. H. A. FINCH . . First Row: Mack Atcheson, Hugh Ayres, Watson Carlock, Paul Crawford, Iames Day, Bowen DuLaney, Van Elkins, Earnest Gloyna, Gene Goodwin, Edgar Hash. Second Row: I. B. Holleyrnan, Norman Igo, L. O. Kendrick, Arnold Maeker, Verne Marrs, D. B. Mauldin, Iirnmie Murdough, Lee Perry, Doug Strawn, Carey Thompson. Third Row: George Acton, Orville Alderson, loseph Boyd, Vernon Fritz, Fike Godfrey, I. A. Hall, Harlan Harman, Rayburn Haskins, Lee Heatley, lack Larrick. Fourth Row: Henry Luccock, Iesse May, Kelly K. McMillan, George Pinkus, W. D. Price, larnes Robertson, Paul Scott, Robert Skinner, Mack Verhyden, Hoy West, Omer Whitwell. . Presict . . Secret . . Treasu Sergeant-at-Ar . . Spon . Co-Spon l First Row: lean Anderson, Louise Anderson, Reverdie Ater, Marie Barnard, Nettie Belle Batton, Louis Beale, Goldie Boatman, Betty Rhea Caldwell, Tilda Camp, Bernice Cocanougher, jeff Coffey, Kidy Belle Cole, Evelyn Cooper. Second Row: Ruby Cowan, Barbara Cox, Ioan Dougherty, Dudley Sue Dinwiddie, Martha Fisk, Ernestine Garnbell, Bonnie Lou Gantz, Morrine George, Lehmer Graham, Eugenia Harper, Virginia Hogan, Iimmy I-looser, Marie Hunsucker. Third Row: Allene lungman, Mallory Kelly, Doyle Knowles, Peggy Ann Levi, Vondee Lewis, Bob Lily, Kitti McCallum, Corinne McClure, Libby McKinnon, Wanda McLaughlin, Carrye Io McLoen, Earlene Marks, Billie Marie Miller. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Miller, Rosalind Mitchell, Ruth Monk, Ann Moore, Paul New, Beth Newton, Betty O'Mara, Elnita Ostrorn, Roberta Owen, Mona Pierce, Raymond Piller, Edna Lou Prange, Theda Rattan, Orville Shofner. Fifth Row: Norman Shaw, Ava Louise Smith, Virginia Smith, Buddy Sprague, Doris Stilwell, Kathryne Temple, lack Terrell, Catherine Thurston, Blandina Tredway, Cora lean Watson, Kathryn Whitwell, Wanda Sue Wilhite, Dave Worley, Norma Younger. SUCH A U B SHI Eligibility for membership to Sock and Buskirl, speech organization, is determined by "try outs'l. H. M, TERRY Anyone interested in dramatics may try his talent President ior club membership. The programs for regular meetings during the year are comprised oi plays, H M TERRY OFFICERS President skits, radio plays, demonstrations and diction stud- EQELQN COOPER " I' ' ' -' We-President ies. Meetings are held on the iirst and third Tues- Tl-PELMA cmwrosn . . seeretefy day oi each month. This year's productions oi plays MARTHA FISK -'-"--- Reporter included "Quality Street," "A Quiet Little Place,l' Sock and Buskin members apply make-up "Poor Old lim," "The Third Angle," "Ring on Her befgre Cul-fain tirnel Finger," and over the communication system, the radio class presented "Outward Bound." Pledges are required to present pantomimes at various meet- ings. Besides having a lot oi fun, mutual apprecia- tion oi dramatics, and a desire to act, the organiza- tion aids members in keeping close contact with "the theater." All speech teachers, Miss Annah Io Pendleton, Iohn Watson and Dr. I-l. L. Curry, sporr- sor the society. A Christmas party was given just bd- iore the holidays ior all members oi the club and special guests. Orville Shoiner served as president during the spring semester. W PHE-MED The Pre-Med club is a pre-professional club whose main object is to acquaint the pre-med students with their profession. Qualifications for membership re- quire that the student be interested in medicine and be in good standing with the college. With 57 mem- bers, the club now maintains the largest enrollment since its organization in l925. l-lighlight social ac- tivity for the year was annual pre-med day, cli- maxed by a banquet and dance for sponsors, mem- bers and dates, and alumni. Deans from well- known medical colleges are guests on this day. The club sponsors a guest speaker monthly at its meet- ings. Dr. C. I. Wagner spoke on one occasion, illus- trating his lecture with pictures. Dr. l-lunt, physician and surgeon, spoke to the club on the "l-listory of Medicine". l-lunt was the first Tech graduate to re- ceive a medical degree. Social functions included a Christmas party and an all-college dance. Don l-latchett was elected in the spring, l94l, to head the club for the year, 1942. lohn Bickham was elected in the fall to fill the place left by l-latchett's resigna- tion. Club emblem is skull and cross-bones. Pre-Med club members spend much of their time in laboratories. lOl-IN BICKHAM MYRICK TRIPLETT . ADELE BERGHOLM TESSIE O. SEALEY W. M. SLAGLE . OFFICERS . President . Vice-President S e SCI' tary-Treasurer . Sponsor . Sponsor First Row: Allen Andrus, Adele Bergholm, Audrey Binkley, Clark Bondurant, lva Ella Brannen, Margaret Camrnack, Earl lay Cantrell, lohn Chalk, Marinez Cowart, Homer E. Cravy, Thelma Crockett. Second Row: Martha E. Davidson, Glenn Davis, Maxine Eiland, Fred Elston, Alta Fly, Douglas Hardy, Don l-latchett, Dorothy lones, Gene Lanford, Alma Ruth Lee, Marguerite Ann Lehman. Third Row: Dick Lieurance, Charles B. Mahaifey, lay W. Martin, Marjorie Matthews, Stanley Dee Meredith, Billy Phillips, lean Powell, Bobbie Roberts, lune Scott, Christine Seaman, Aural Shaw. Fourth Row: Norman Shaw, Paul Shick, Bruce Spencer, Betty Studen, Chloe Swart, Nanette Tanner, Helen Thomas, Horace E. Thornton, Ir., lack Walston, Katheryn Weeth. v First Row: Ruth Alldredge, Lenore Anglin, Geraldine Ball, Helen Ball, Frances Barnes, Iacquelyn Barry, Louise Bennett, Bobbie Virginia Bowers, Betty Caughron, Mary Io Coe, Marianna Coffey, Ruth loan Connelly. Second Row: Marian Coolidge, Guinevere Dauley, Helen Davis, Dudley Sue Dinwiddie, Helen Duff, Mary Dunbar, Margaret Eagan, Glenodine Esmond, Wilma Ruth Forbis, Frances Gary, Eleanor Gillham, Ruth Gillespie, Monda Hamilton. Third Row: Averlyne Hatcher, Kara Hunsucker, Betty Hurt, Virginia Iackson, Sydney Key, Iimmie Landrum, Elizabeth Ann Leggott, Marilyn Luker, Burma LyBrand, Corinne McClure, Rowena McKinley, Peggy O'Neill, Rosemary Patterson. Fourth Row: Keith Patton, Miriam Peckham, Ierry Ponder, Bobbie Roberts, Moreene Roberts, Ie-anne Roco, Earline Rodgers, Mary Martha it Q '1 ti l wmifi il, si ' ' . . . . ll it , , .!. 4-.-ll I, lf'v7s"ft25s'- 211- I ll l l ' I x ' 1 52.16222 9 tiff "HL21'iW -xt W .. .7 . Sufall, Ieanne Taylor, Catherine Thurston, Betty Walling, Ruth Walling, Flora Lee Williams. if i t' up . ' Q ' 2,iigztfflllgisftigtfitif tgs.:'fs x fS'it5.., .V "' ' ffl we,u,1.,,y,,3..2,' tt - , X f ir . - . . S . si it it ggQt,5,1,,',,'.3.553 t if sz .igiu iig zgt'-f4rf"l5'i5fJQ'F "5:l':'ae' ":""' 151515 .lf- - , im... ,.,. . , . '..f- ..,-,- ' ol p-liglmlxlslgll XZ: MQ if ,, -sfifln 'gyllnix ,. ,,igYtNufU, ,input .AEM tvlgh jnmflrfxt 2. -QW' ,IS wig in fi? 'S REX LOWE . . MIRIAM PECKHAM BETTY WALLING BRUCE IOHNSTON MRS. W. B. GATES its :rs A - , REX LOWE President OFFICERS Capa Y Espada members inspect Spanish guitar and cane. . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor EAP Y ESPAD Western hemispheric cooperation was empha- sized this year by Capa y Espada, Spanishorgan- ization. ln carrying out the Pan-American theme, Miss Ruth Horn lectured on her South American tour last summer, and Dr. T. Earle l-lamilton and Dr. Ed- gar T. Rutt showed colored screen pictures made in Mexico. Breaking of a pinata was highlight oi Christmas party which also included Mexican songs, legends and a peasant dance.. Visit of a North American to Mexico was the theme oi a skit directed by A. B. Strehli and presented in March. At the annual Mexican lnn banquet in May, the club presented the library with a gift oi Spanish books. Membership in the organization is open to any stu- dent who has had one year oi Spanish in college or two years in high school. Capa y Espada gives stu- dents a broader understanding -oi the life and cul- ture of Spanish-speaking countries. "De mis vinas, no se nada" is the club motto. . . A , A ' ' Alpha Omicron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Fsi, the first chapter of the national band fraternity in Texas and one of 43 in the U. S., was organized on Tech campus in 1938. Fraternity flower is the red carna- tion. its motto is a secret, but the Greek letters are AEA. ln cooperation With the band girls, a band sorority was organized and installed in the spring, 1942. Oualifications for membership require that the student must play in the Tech concert band one semester, must have a average scholastically, and must have an interest in band music. Members control the band-directing vocation in Lubbock- Professor Wiley and lim Nevins at Tech, Charles Eskridge at Senior l-ligh school, Bill McEachern at Wilson Grammar school, Gene Nickell at l-lunt Grammar school, Norman Wiley and Charles Sen- ning at Dupre Grammar school, and Woodyard McDowell at K. Carter Grammar school. lt was through the efforts of this club that the new Tech fight song was composed and broadcast this spring by Fred Waring. Band members were entertained early in the semester with a smoker. Other social activities included a reception for the l-lardin-Sim- mons university band and pep squad, and a Christ- mas dance. Kappa Kappa Psi members all play in the band: here we find them in Oklahoma City. . . .,v.- F T.e-' E T . ":' ' WOODYARD L. McDOWELL President OFFICERS WOODYARD L. MCDOWELL . . . President IAMES W. WILLIAMS . . . . Vice-President FRANK HERRING . . . . . Secretary IACK TURNER . . . . Treasurer ARCH KEYS . . . . Parliamentarian ED ARMSTRONG . . . . Editor HARRY BORN . . . Sergeant-at-Arms First Row: David Beaman, Harry K. Born, Glen Brown, Louis Holder, Lloyd lenkins, Arch Keys, George Mayes. Second Row: Craig Mays, Dick Ragsdale, Sammy Smith, Charlie Shure, Austin L. Turner, Aubrey Walker, Iames W. Williams IH, Victor Williams. - . i First Row: Billy Beaver, Carey Buie, Wayne Burford, Iarnie Caviness, Edwin Dawson, R. B. Dawson, Bob Deats, Delbert Devin, Albert Devin. Second Row: Herman Deinken, Ioe Doyle, Alvin Eden, William Griffin, Kenneth Halbert, Robert Kelley, Otis Levens, Warren Liner, Vernon Loveless. Third Row: Charles Martin, Thelbert Miller, Rhea Mitchell, Hubert Moseley, Charles McClure, Byron Range, I. T. Rodgers, Glen Sanderson, Iohnie Starkey, Iohn Bill Wheeler. HAYNES BAUMGARDNER President OFFICERS HAYNES BAUMGARDNER ..... President lOl-INIE STARKEY . . . . Vice-President R. B. DAWSON . . . . . Secretary BILLY BEAVER . . , Treasurer BYRON RANGE . . . Reporter l. P. SHARP . . . . Parliamentarian CHARLES MCCLURE . . . Marshall Bill Griffin presents Block and Bridle Rodeo cup to Bill Wyche for best all-round cowboy. lunior and senior students majoring in animal husbandry and members of judging teams are ad- mitted to membership of the Block and Bridle club. This local group is a chapter of the National Block and Bridle club and was organized in the spring of l933. lt is one of 22 chapters in various agricultural colleges of the United States. Highlight of the year's activities was the second annual rodeo staged November 5 and 6. At the all-college Western dance sponsored by the rodeo organization on November 7, Billie Marie Miller was crowned queen of the cele- bration. On December 6, memories of pioneer days were brought to the campus with the annual "Days of '49 Party". ln the spring the club sponsored a feast for the Feeders' Day convention which was held on the campus. Other social activities included a steak fry at Mackenzie park and the traditional banguet held for installation of next year's officers. The club sent delegates to the National Convention in Chicago, where the organization won third on its annual report and third on its achievement record. ALPHA CHI Alpha Chi, national scholastic honorary fraternity composed oi lO4 members from the upper ten per cent scholastically oi the junior and senior classes, places stress upon character and personality. lts purpose is to stimulate, develop and recognize scholarship. At the annual banquet held in the spring as the highlight of the year's activities, shingles are given to each member and a brief his- tory oi each person is given by B. A. Mills, sponsor of the organization. lnitiation services were held in December. The society opposes narrowness and distinction on any basis except that oi genuine Worth. Watson Carloclc, listed in Who's Who and president ot the chapter was manager ot the En- gineers' show held this spring. B. A. Mills attended the National Convention at San Antonio, March 27- 28. Outstanding members include lean Spencer, B. B. Dawson, Edith Robertson, Don Shepherd, Betty Shryoclc, Onita Belle l-luistedler, Frances Gary, Mar- joray Ridley, Walter Studhalter and Mary Margaret Tunnell. Membership entitles one to wear the key denoting high scholarship. Alpha Chi members Raymond Goodrich. Don Shepherd, Frances Gary, Watson Car- lock and Mary Margaret Tunnell assemble with Sponsor R. A. Mills. WATSON CARLOCK President OFFICERS wATsoN cARLocK .... RAYMOND oooDR1cH . . . ONITA BELLE HUFSTEDLER . TEAN SPENCER . . . R. A. MILLS ....... . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor First Row: Darlene Abel, Geraldine Ball, Mary Clare Barnett, Byron Bennett, Martha Nell Bentley, Charles Bruce, Mattie Lou Bryant, Carey Buie, Ianice Bute, William I. Burck, Sam Chisholm, Marianna Coffey, Ruth Ioan Connelly. Second How: Maxine Conner, Evelyn Cooper, Anna Katheryn Davenport, Glenn Davis, Edwin Dawson, limmy Day, Delbert Devin, Hazel Dickinson, Erlene Dowell, C. W. Ellis, Maxine Ellis, Wilma Ruth Forbis. Third Row: Pauline Frey, Howard Garrison, Frances Gary, Morrine George, Marguerite Harris, Edgar Hash, Carolyn Haynes, Virginia Ann Hilliard, Onita Belle Hufstedler, Kara Hunsucker, Leonard Iansen, Billie Knutson, Rex W. Lowe, Wanda McLaughlin. Fourth Row: Muriel Mann, Miriam Meading, Clara Mueller, Sibley Neel, Miriam Peckham, Cecil Pinkerton, Martha Frank Plants, Edna Louise Prange, lane Prickett, Burney Ragle, Marjoray Ridley, Edith Robertson, Houston Schweitzer, P. B. Shannon. Fifth Row: Don Shepherd, Freelin Shoemaker, Betty Shryock, Margaret Simmons, lean Spencer, Walter Studhalter, Melvin Taylor, Vera Thormann, Mary Margaret Tunnell, Darrell Verner, Helen Walker, Ruth Walling, Georgie Sue Wharton, Robert Wyly. First Row: dlol'1nCBT:rber, Forrest Bell, Vernon Bennett, Hugh Braly, Frank Clements, Roy Conley, Leslie Culwell, lames Curry, Edwin Easter- woo , . . arris. Second Row: I. L. Gauntt, Howell Hamilton, Peter Harmonson, Elmer lreton, Phillip Iohnson, Robert Keyes, G. D. Lewis, Abdul Mehta, I Travis Moore, David Morrison. Third Row: Iames Murdough, Sibley Neel, Rodolfo Perez, Melvin Robertson, Robert Schmid, Robert Skinner, Harold Thompson, Bert Wolf- ram, Robert Wyly. ,,il T T ' I i tll J S llllli Members oi the Society ot Petroleum Engineers NEAL MCCASKILL and Geologists learn about the oil industry, techni- President cal problems concerning oil drilling, geology and oil production relationships. lts object is to promote OFFICERS . . . . . NEAL MCCASKILL P ,d t professional pride in the chosen field. This year for . . . . . . resi en , , G, D, LEWIS , , y Viwpresidem the first time the club was known by its present JUNIOR BIHDSONG- . Secretary name. The Society oi Petroleum Engineers has SIBLEY NEEL . . . Treasurer . been organized on the campus for several years but not until this year were the geologists added to the club. All students registered in the departments Petroleum Engineers make study in oi petroleum engineering and geology are eligible 1Ub01'Cit01'Y- tor membership. Social activities opened in the iall with a smoker tor prospective members. Other meetings provided speakers upon subjects oi inter- est to the society. One ot the outstanding activities of the year is the display ot the geology department in the engineering show. This club boasts several outstanding members - l-larold Thompson, presi- dent ot the student body: Kenneth Robbins, presi- dent oi the junior classy and Iohn l-lill, president of Sigma Gamma Epsilon. C. R. l-lorn sponsors the club. J PHILUSUPHIE L SUEIETY The Tech Philosophical society has two funda- mental purposes-to provide opportunities for the discussion of philosophical questions and to pro- mote general interest in philosophy among students. To help every man find the meaning of his life is the function of philosophy. Friendly consideration of varying opinions and ideas form the foundation of society. "Food for thought" which is served at most of their social functions is popcorn. The club spon- sors monthly programs including discussions of the philosophy of music, life, poetry, religion, marriage, fear, problems of certainty, economic systems, as- pects of astronomy, mathematics, and anthropol- ogy. ln addition, the society heard several book re- views, were entertained in the home of their spon- sor, Dr. and Mrs. A. I. Bahm, heard an address by Abdul Khaliq Mehta of lndia on the philosophy of India and sponsored a spring picnic. Prexy Elroy Schoppa served on the joint student-faculty de- fense committee. Philosophical Society officers cmd their sponsor. Dr. A. I. Bahm. ' A .. ' cis. . . A "-' 1 '..- " st r V " K Q -4 'if Si m -11' ff ' 4 .ff-H'fT-':"'f"' "15::52'..f..f .iz 3 A '-'- 1 ELROY SCI-IOPPA President OFFICERS ELROY SCHOPPA .... . . President DOREEN TUCKER . . Vice-President SARAH BETH RICE . . . Secretary First Row: William Belcher, Vivan H. Britton, Graham Brotherson, Carey Buie, Neyland Hester, Mary Edith Holden, Adelene Hodges. Second Row: Wanda Kimbrell, Iohn McLean, Herman Mendell, Madison Newton, Sarah Beth Rice, Henry Schwarz, Doreen Tucker, Burqin Watkins. First Row: Fred Armstrong, Ernest Clement, Watson Carlock, Rea Blossom, Bernard Bogan, Earnest Gloyna, Pete Grayum, Chester G. Green. Second Row: Norman lgo, Robert larrett, Lowell Kendrick, I. W. Lansford, lack M. Larrick, lohn McKee, Bruce F. Moore, Verne Marrs. Third Row: Herman Mendell, Paul Redding, lack Robinson, Houston Schweitzer, LaVerle Stout, Douglas Strawn, Pete Thompson, I. B. White, George F. Watford. L. G. HARRIS President OFFICERS Fall Semester L. G. HARRIS ........ President IOHN McKEE ....... Vice-President LA VERLE STOUT ....... Secretary Spring Semester L. G. HARRIS ........ President FRED ARMSTRONG ..... Vice-President LEROY FOERSTER . . . . Secretary Civil Engineers make experiment in laboratory. A S. E. E. Until 1933, when the civil engineering students re- ceived national recognition, their organization was known as Texas Tech Civils. The purpose of the chapter is to promote a spirit of Congeniality be- tween the members of civil engineering classes, to foster a professional spirit, and to acquaint the stu- dents with some of the practical problems of the pro- fession. Registration in engineering is the only membership requirement. Voting privilege is with- held until the sophomore year. An unusual interest has been taken this year in the presentation of stu- dent papers by members. Talks by an army en- gineer, a representative of the Portland Cement as- sociation and the president of the senior society have aided professional relations of the society. Educational trips taken by the society included in- spection of the Twin Engine air base and the Sweet- water treatment plant and water supply. Annual social functions are the smoker held in October and the banquet staged in May. Outstanding members are Arnold Maeker, president of the state confer- encep Watson Carlock, manager of the engineers' show and president of Alphi Chi 7 and Paul Redding, student council member. 1 lf. lf. A. Cy Luker Collegiate Chapter of the National Fu- ture Farmers ot America, better known on the cam- pus as the EEA., is a service organization that was installed at Tech in l933. Composed of would-be teachers of agriculture, the chapter was named tor its first adviser. lts motto: "Learning to do, doing to learng earning to live, living to serve," is the funda- mental purpose ot the club which strives to train prospective teachers to organize and carry on the work of a high school chapter. The Tech chapter is closely patterned after the national organization. Members must be of junior or senior standing and intend to teach. A barn dance and party was held as one ot the social activities ot the year to replace the yearly banquet, called-ott due to the war emer- gency. The club has always had an active part in the annual Texas Tech vocational agriculture judg- LA VENTANA picture contest winners F.F.A. members pose. ' GLEN SANDERSON President ing contests held for high school students, but the contests were cancelled this year due to the war. OFFICERS p - GLEN SANDERSON .... . . President .zach year, members ot the club cooperate with VERNON LOVELESS I . Vice-President Arbor day programs and have a Joint session with WARREN LINER , , . Secretary the Home Economics club. Forty-tour members are R- B- DAWSON' TR- ' - Treasurer . . 1 b CLAUDE WITTEN . . . Reporter DOW Gctlve ln e C U' ' WADE FREY . . . Parliarnentarian KENNETH ALLEN . . . Historian 'T. B. HICKS , . . . Watch Dog EAY L. cHAPPELLE .... . Adviser First How: Kenneth Allen, Truett Babb, G. K. Bullock, lr., William I. Burck, H. T. Caldwell, Edgar Chance, Robert Hall Davis, R. B. Dawson, Ir. Second Row: Delbert Devin, loe L. Doyle, Charles Dvoracek, Harold Eastland, Waycle Frey, William W. Haddock, T. B. Hicks, Lester Henry, Roy lsler. Third Row: Warren Liner, Otis Levens, Keith Levy, Vernon Loveless, Elwin Matthews, Thelbert Miller, lames Price, Garland Taylor, Smith Tilger, Norman Volz. I First RZT1: lltflary Clare Barnett, Adele Bergholm, Betty lean Born, Mattie Lou Bryant, Imogene Cate, Ruth loan Connelly, Maxine Ellis, ta y. Second How: Barbara Frye, Sarah Hannon, Maxine Houchin, Billie Knutson, Rose Marie Martin, Wanda McLaughlin, Mary Etta Miller, Nanetta Pauline Morris. Third Row: Faye Norris, Edna Lou Prange, Luween Putnam, Cora Lee Reed, Geraldine Richardson, Vesta Grace Rogers, Betty Sessums, Ava Louise Smith. Fourth Row: Drucilla Smith, Dorothy Stephens, Betty Ann Studen, Doreen Tucker, Betty Walling, lean Wood, Ianet Wright, Mary Doris Wright. ,-r, ..,, ttiri .'1": I U I I E I 2" .rtsj Collegium is one of the newest clubs on the cam- .L-. ,,k. i-'y A ,.7,' I I I do o ,f s pus, having been organized in the fall semester of EDITH ROBERTSQN l94l. lt has a two-fold purpose:-to provide activi- President ties that will satisfy the needs and interests, socially OFFICERS and culturally, of those women who have no or- EDITH ROBERTSON I I I ' I President ganized social life and to cooperate with other cam- MARY cams BARNETT , . viCe.p,eSidem pus organizations in furthering the aims and ideals RUTH CONNET-LY - - - - - SQCTQMTY of the entire college, exemplifying the ideals of dem- VESTA GRACE ROGERS . . Treasurer . . . . ocratic procedure in organization. Any woman stu- dent who believes in the avowed purposes of the Collegium members at reguku- meefing organization and who is in good standing with the listen to speaker. college is eligible for membership. A weiner-roast in Aggie grove began fall activities. Other social ac- tivities of the year were an open house in the home of Vice-President Mary Clare Barnett, a valentine tea dance honoring fifty soldiers from the Twin En- gine air base, a spring hayride and a formal dinner for sponsors and members. Dr. Bessie League was the organization sponsor. Committee sponsors were Misses Velma Floyd, Georgina Conner, Bernice Borgman and Mrs. Bill Callan. ,.. K., , .,,A . ..K-, ... - i211 credit" reasons, the group was disbanded in l939. This year, a re-organization was begun largely pro- moted by members of Student Council, Bill Hamm, president, and Bill Wood, Toreador editor. Under Hamm's leadership the club boomed to a member- ship of l5O and set a new all-time record in school spirit. Saddle Tramp dates wear scarlet and black arm bands, bearing the name of the club, to all games and sit in a reserved section. Many Saddle Tramp dates donned red coats and blouses during the year to add to the colorful "Techsans in Red" section which was created at each game. Outstand- ing activity of year besides participation in local games was the organization 'of special busses to at- tend the Raider-Buffalo game in Canyon in a body. Meetings of the organization are not regular but are called by the officers whenever necessary. Many Saddle Tramp's members were present at the Sun Bowl game in El Paso. . Garbed in red shirts with black lettering, Saddle Tramps boost Red Raiders. OFFICERS BILL HAMM . . . President ALDREDGE ESTES . . Vice-President H. M. TERRY . . . Secretary-Treasurer THAMPS First Row: lack Longley, Vernon Loveless, P. A. Lyon, Neal McCaskill, Bill McCoy, Billy McGlothlin, Kelly K. McMillan, H. A. Maasen, Arnold Maeker, Verne Marrs, M. R. Mecusker, Rhea Mitchell. Second Row: Roy Moffett, Zeb Moore, Hubert Moseley, Iarnes Murdough, Paul New, I. Leslie Nikkel, Vernon Oakes, Paul L. Payne, Max Perry, Iohn Phillips, Thurman Pinkerton, Ed Poole. Third Row: Iack Prather, Byron Range, Frank Rapstine. Paul Redding, Leland Redline, Iarnes Robertson, A. B. Sansom, Houston Schweitzer, Lee R. Scott, P. B. Shannon, Don Shepherd, Orville Shofner. Fourth Row: Iack Sides, Vester Lee Smith, Iarnes Stalls, Iohnie Starkey, Charles Steed, Henry Stence, larnes Stokes, Douglas Strawn, Lloyd Sursa, Warren Tabor, Richard Taylor, H. M. Terry. Fifth Row: Harold Thompson, Iohn Thornburgh, Melvin Thornton, Robert Tollet, lack Walker, Elmer Wall, George Wall, Iohn Wheeler, L. G. Wilson, lack Woltmon, Kendrick Wright, Horner York. 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'ggzian W ,,, :r: 2'i'tl3 -i,'11-'f if ' lysittfi i'Eti',iTii rfgffy Ziff: K if Fifi, 'E :ref-1 ' t. ifii? it itfrtiiiiiii 'iii at ' A ,Jef ,t iffiiiii f Z 67221. r c A efzifyil ifgiiiitiifia A . ligffvtitsffft' ,. -- f 1 J ' K . ' ' gg1G7y3.:.',,f,,tt- Wi. - V ,. ,,VVV.s,z. .t f ' ,EVE 11 tw Mfg ,ffrgfh I f,-,,,4 Vg - iw., aaa? .,. .- 11 gs.: ,gg , - L - f-fg-,..,: ' "ii" ,asf , it t 25.11139 2 t My if ' P in ii.. ' .. .--ai' ' 1:--1, 225952 2 t T ri First Row: George Acton, Billy Arledge, Torn Arnett, Robert Bandeen, Glynn iBudD Barnes, Leonard Barr, Albert Bartel, Haynes Baum- gardner, Iohn Bayles, lack Beavers, Ierry Beavers, Arthur Bell, Ir Second Row: Max Brandon, lim Brigham, Carey Bute, Caylor Caddell: Dick Calkins, Watson Carlock, Paul Castleberry, Ray Conley, Linn Cooper, Fount Corder, Eugene Cupp, Bob Deats. Third Row: lack Dubberley, Bowen DuLaney, Aldredge Estes, I. C. Evans, Wilbur Evans, Gene Finley, Vernon Fritz, Bill Fuller, William T. George, Harold Gillespie, Ernest Gloyna, Raymond Goodrich. Fourth Row: Arlee Gowen, Pete Grayum, Iames Gunter, Ted Hackney, Robert Hargrove, Peter I-larmonson, lohn Hervey, Wayne Arvis Hilton, Nade Houston, Leon Hughes, Iim Humphreys, Norman Igo. Fifth Row: Earl Iacobs, Robert G. Iarrett, Glenn lohnson, A. I. Kemp, Bill Laine, A. C. Lambert, Gene Lanford, Iames Ledwig, Walter Lemke, Otis Levins, Kenneth Lewis, Richard Lieurance. , s 4 an P X rf Witty: ,. sd, , A H 1 1 ,Q ,rl , t ,- ' "' - V- V,,1t,-viii? 'W' fig mi' .41 -i2i+s,s1z,s ,,5iss.4,i? nf2tVi1V:Vi:11.'fi , . . 2 EW: ,'1r:f'-ti? iqugify 4 xiii, . sz si? -V.,.z,,1 wi sg ?fa,.eVg L 1 g f gli5iEg53tgst,gfgfz5sQgg ,5',fi5i,1fi"tVjg is K , K wi'tii-ESM-'i,ts . 1 , - f te U N K, .,,,2.f.11.w,f f r ,Ir iw. fi. -: ' ww, 1 ,g,gt,,V ...uw-, ., ., ,. ,V . . -4. .. , , ..V,..,,..,.t ,- is ligtzfn lii t tlw,'1mf2if21f2i. ff? Vi ?'ij':ZE'I" ' "" LMS ,i?Q1'L:Y75i'?Qfii4,,t if Ill? 2 MS 131-if ' 411:51 . 'tl TK ill: 5 f'NNI.,lU-lV5-XM ,5i,'5', 3 5 if,?',-QS' ' Milt-,Eli fiiiitz i'2.iEt3U.i ,SKS ig 7 5 .il-'L 25525 i fi I .si 3:5-'Iii' 1 ' gi , 1 1 X l t:.,.,:Qf55' "'w.,,E35,5g.gx7 . ' ,wfirlui iziiiit A . ":.i!I"Hi , :ff ' if 11 g ,w , l1',i: BILL President HAMM Saddle Tramps ioin in "Chant" yell during basketball game. SADDLE With scarlet and black velveteen shirts and white ten-gallon hats, members of Saddle Tramps com- prise one of the most colorful organizations on the campus. With its supreme purpose of supporting TeXas Tech in all activities, Saddle Tramp spirit rousers were found this year on the firing line at all football and basketball games as Well as other ac- tivities in which Techplayed a hand. The only qualifications for membership in this spirited organ- ization are that applicants must have been enrolled in Tech or some other college for at least one year and must be willing to support Tech in every Way possible. Freshmen cannot become members. Pro- spective members must write a letter to the organiza- tion stating their purpose in becoming a member of the Saddle Tramps. A governing committee com- posed of il-l. M. Terry, Button Estes, lack Prather and Peter f-larmonson helps to set standards for the group and determine maintained membership. Saddle Tramps organized in l936-'37 and with its member- ship, men students were given credit in Physical Ed- ucation. Due to a lack of interest and pure "grade Frances Gary and Berl Springer at Billie Beaver dishes out food to AWS Social minded girls sip tea at Engineer's dance. convention delegate. dormitory reception. S.A.M.E. displays Homecoming float with military theme. Crowded dance floor characterizes dances given during the year by various organizations. Page 259 CONTENTS Campus Clubs Wumelfs Clubs lVlen's Clubs Freshmen carry rodeo sign at football game. Band plays pep tunes in front oi Oklahoma City hotel. s 'Q 1 W4 if if! V-,pmiii-' .Q 2..,. . Vi- K fi' V . -, .se V m'-' . i f ' :,.. .,,, . 5 ,,v..:A i Anlz ' V. ,. . .. 4 W A. A ., Q at Y in . .... 9.- 9 4 Wx xexv r , my 4 5 sax 1 S 4 3 .L .3 3 .2 mx .1 4 -4. M. 1 A 'K '63, WJ .Mm K Ni it ,, , xwf Q 4 1 J.. , . gf V2 ., H ' - - -- -- ' , -----f: .. -M..-s.si.,f..iQ5ggi -,,,- .W.1.gs.. w at 3 it 2 . wt X S. S .. wi , ,ps an si an me .. .0255 S, eww? fag? as X 0 K M S .V S ga B Jigga We 'B B42 if :L 5532 'KK :sat Listera W im 9 M if H, 95 swf W X . ..l .i. . .l . . . . ., ,.. K . V?.eti42a.Lw'2Q2f1f?2,EiiL 'M 'i me vfA-- ,-,f: ...tw .': M.-...K W A... Q,.LQ, ,, -gif. v..ts.4Vf 4. --,fare A t Social Club basketball champions were the Silver Keys. Final game of tournament to determine intra- . -. , 5, - V...i..' ,l ,,., . .,n,,.n, ',-',-',n. . . - ,e.f- TRAMUHAL SPORTS Winter intramural s p o r t s Were highlighted this year by basketball. Bowling between social clubs Was introduced for the first time and Tech boxers entered a Golden Gloves tour- nament in the gym. Late spring finds Wornen's social clubs par- ticipating in sottball. mural champions. Runner-ups in the social qlub league were Los Camaradas. Intramural basketball champions, the Tortoise. ..,... ..., . V ,. ..., -vff , W. .. . .... We . . A H , ,.a..,.. .U vcgfwwwwm-fQxw QE, .V W.-. ,.., , .,....s-, . -Q r .. . l W. raw. . - .' , ' sf . -L. '.'1 -at ' ??iwM,,.. - 'af .. dv' 4 V. msiwwaax' MDW e2 r- 'mil A V .. f-91V : . 1,11 fr.. .A ff- Lip. Sf . 4 Y Qs.. . .Q . ., , , .. .... W. .. t Wa... W, .. ,sf ,. ,M ,A A ,GMM we . : . : . .Nj ,..Vw .,iV.. a,.,,.wim. my ,..-., , g. -.-. . ' ' r"" 1 . .' "':: "..-my: ".,,1:'. ,42z.ig5,1g5jt- tbl 1. E ' lfiE1lif."1a5 , - 3:. 'V -'51 2'..'fg,y5 , Q l -: 'r.lr:.,,' ? LSSg-fz.2w i'Li- t Qkiilixii- ' ' -a s sr , wzff111V.f:sf sa za.. wwe? V151 Q -, gag on- .-w fw-1v.':vt'f3. m,Q z1FEfw.- :frm - .,: -f if X. .V , . ""' - seifgyfgff gf. :' .. ... gf - ' w as fa, any-3p..5 .- Ma .a.,.- . - V gqvl-...t,..VfH 4 sf mf- H 1V - :,,x11,- - .. -g , f-1 gg V' V FV' ' s .fi to tif " -, .. . it we ,a. . Q.. I.. '.5"1??k .. . .V "'HiVVim .wg z...Q.V,.- 1 2:55 , ,ll a , if.. .:-: ff 't:.'i: :sa, 'iii .f-1 ii wfertgg ,.VVZsi'ig - p w - - 5 ,. ,5 'V ' , Jig . we .V 3 t N, A V I " f ff it -- . Z f . . .sis Walter Webster, Discus Thrower VARSITY TRACE Although the Raider track team enjoyed only a mediocre season, most ot its outstanding performers have at least another year of eligibility left. I. R. Cal- lahan, sophomore discus thrower, took iirst place in that event at the Border Olympics at Laredo. Lawrence lVlcColloch, junior high jumper, placed both at Laredo and the Southwestern Exposition meet at Fort Worth. Tom Douglass and I. V. Burdett, Dash Men I. V. Burdett, Herman High. and A. I. Lair Maxey McKnight High Hurdler Lawrence McCulloch High I umper M I .,... M Loyd Brunson Captain Francis Hightower Iames Stokes Featuring the best rounded and balanced squad in lO years the Red Raider tennis squad made a good showing this year with five letter- men back. Coached by larnes G. Allen the squad is made up of Loyd Brunson, Captain Francis I-lightower, David Storey, lack Shanks l-larold Yeager and Max Munn. Harold Yeager David Storey The squad defeated School of Mines, N. T. A. C., S. M. U., West Texas State and Were de- feated by Texas and West Texas State. Making their annual Southwest Conference tour they were rained out at Baylor and A. of M. ln May they played West Texas, l-lardin-Simmons, A. C. C. and the Border Conference. Iack Shanks Left to right: Coach I. W. Iackson, Captain lack Carol Claiborne watches the ball as Iack Walker Vester Lee Smith. Carol Claibome. Dan Mooney tees off. McCammon and Rodney Spencer. .rys5i2.,s1gs3g5fg,.a,iffife2v2f.1fz:f,zfr--V..-g.w:',-1-ue gQ,yg,fgLg9ggfgf,y51wir,gg .3-, 359554515.swf2.mf2g,g3gsmz'ft2f2ismei-11,-mae . , v,.. ,. L.,: ,gM,,5,.,, W -"-,.,,.. .,.,.. .,,. V . r.,k. ...1zz.sg,Qg:as21 . t - ff: 5 Swufxgwx 115,-.rgg.,5.ff..k,... QL Ml' 1 3 fi5i.is?7G-11.55 iieiikpbegzi'Qziigiszil- .. .. . . r,, ...Q .. M v,,, , ,, ., Zi .w ,f1r - , ew, w ,, - ,-..,Q.,:q:f.q: 01 giwgrflxg. 2s.sagGnTfe,g it rg , i. ,..,, q,, yyr- rfl A H 1 it T 4, as if '?i?ee2z.1fi1.et -1 4, 4 l 5. fi ,-il? , 'll' ein? Q . X -. Sk is sais ? A V' w w f-11 , .. 4 ,geese 1 '-f'3'., a'ki-" Tfx.1sfl2,1H3?4- i i i'-' 'f:?5"::x f i? ,,,fs.f'fv :" . . X. 3nn,.., . .. Y, . ,, . . .,.-'i'.':'I' -5252 .. . af? ::,'...fI..' ":ii?.,'ii-fb : ..Z'fffL.f -fi? . ,. ,.,. .. . J. 1 ' g ,.,...,,,,,...s..t,, ,we ,- U, .-...-jx!-x : .- wr f ff-' , ........4--- 1 . 1.9.4. A '- Pk' -f B' Qtr .-' ,if fist.. l, ,.f'.i'f , if ,.'. - .Q UL .wi . ,f f f fl 3 b J? ,f Qi E f if I at 9 if 2 Eye! ll I if- 3,4 lf, . 2 V arol Claiborne GULF Texas Tech's golf team opened the season here by de- feating University of San Antonio lflh-7 Vi, March 23. Cap- tained by lack Walker, the only letterman back on this year's squad, the team is composed Wholly of first year men except for Walker. The traveling sguad was composed of lack Walker, Carol Claiborne, Rodney Spencer, Vester Lee Smith and Wallace Martin. During the Easter holidays the team lost to Texas Wesleyan 5-l on Meadowbrook course in Fort Worth on April 2 and beat North Texas State Teacher's college in Denton to the tune of 4-2 on April 3. During April and May, Coach lackson's boys played University of San Antonio, Rice, Baylor and the Border con- ference. l. W. lackson has coached Tech golf since l934. C Dan McCan1mon Captain lack Walker Vester Lee Smith Rodney Spencer MINOR SPORTS FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD. Standing, left to right: Manager Iim Humphreys, R. A. Dean. lack Dillon. Ralph Geddie. Floyd Reed, Manager Abner Teague. Kneeling: W. L. Miller and Wallace Martin. TRESHMAN BASKETBALL Directing the freshmen for the first time light schedule but gained excellent expe- Coach Walker Nichols came through with rience which qualifies them for varsity re- a good squad this year although ii was placements on next year's squad. limmie small in number. Coach Nichols is a former Humphreys and Abner Teague aci as stu- Lublooclc l-ligh School Coach and Red dent managers to the group. Raider. Tech's freshman squad played a LETTERMEN L. A. STORRS LEETE IACKSCN I. L. GAMBLE TOE SMITH WALLACE MARTIN WALTER SCI-ILINKMAN Max Munn, Guard Lawrence McCollocl1. Forward ln their last home game oi the season, the Raiders were unable to preserve a record which had seen them go undefeated on the home court tor three successive seasons, losing again to the giant Bui- faloes of West Texas State in one oi the most thril- ling games ever staged in the local gymnasium, 39-50. After this game came the trip to Kansas City, marking the end oi another Texas Tech basketball season. Tom Rogers. Guard Byron Gilbreath. Tech's All-Conference center, goes up for George Allen shows how to overcome height by leaping lay-inf shot in West Texas game. Tech lost, 63-49, after and shooting over head of a towering West Texas Buff. leading at half. Vernon Ray. Center I R Callahan. Guard tore losing by 63-49 count. Tech held the lead at the end of the half, lout the Butts' great advantage in height proved too much for them in the last half. ln a series of home games, Tech Won over all three of the Arizona guintets-Flagstaff, Tempe, and Arizona University. The Techsans then made a brief road trip, Winning from New Mexico Univer- sity and the New Mexico Aggies While losing to Texas Mines, Whom they had defeated earlier in the season. Charles Halbert West Texas State s six foot ten rnch cen A cluster of Techsans and Buffaloes wait for rebound rn ter puts ball 1nto play following Rarder goal as Tech suf first Tech-West Texas game. No. 21 is Price Brookfreld fers f1l.'Sl home defeat in three seasons 50 39 the Buffs' great All-American forward. Norman Cox. Center Edwin Irons, Center however, eliminated the Techsans with a 55-45 triumph. ln a consolation game, the Baylor Bears niloped the Baiders in a wild-scoring affair, 59-58. On their first swing through the Border Confer- ence, the l-luffmanites edged out Arizona State of Flagstaff, 5l-50, lost to Arizona State of Tempe, 53- 39, and bested Arizona University, 53-47. After these games came three consecutive conference wins, over New Mexico University, the New Mexico Aggies, and l-lardin-Simmons. Going to Canyon, the Baiders threw a real scare into the Champion West Texas State Buffaloes be- Glenn Lowe. Guard Norman Volz flips a one-handed shot in Raiders' high- Garland Head goes up for shot as Tech triumphs over scoring battle with Arizona State of Tempe. Hardin-Simmons. 47-28. George Allen, Forward chosen by the coaches of thei13order Con- ference on the annual A11-Conference team. Crilbreath bucketed 294 points as Tech won 15 of its 25 scheduled games. He was closely trailed in the scoringi department by Elvis Erwin, junior forward, who rang up a total of 236 points. Garland Head, Norman Volz, and Captain Gabe Gilley followed in that order, each scoring more than 100 points. The Raiderst opened the season with a loss to the ever-powerful Oklahoma Aggies, 53-40, but bounced back Erwin drops one through as Tech rallies to beat Arizona State of Tempe. 61-52. Garland Head, Guard to take a 42-31 decision from Omaha Uni- versity. ln their next outing, the Crimsons overwhelmed Texas Mines on the home court, 56-33. Cfoing on a road trip "deep in the heart of Texas", Tech 1ost to Rice, 56- 43, won from the Tex-as Aggies, 43-36, and dropped a pair of games to Texas Univer- sity, 61-34 and 47-36. Coach Huffman next took his charges to the annual Oklahoma City tournament, where they won from Washington University of St. Louis, 42-37, in the opening round. Texas University, An exciting moment as Tech scores in 49-42 victory over Arizona University. Elvis Erwin. Forward Byron Gilbreath, Center Norman Volz Guard SEASON RECORD SEASON RECORD Tech Opponents Tech Opponents Oklahoma A. 61 M. . . New Mexico A. Or M Omaha University . . Hardin-Simmons College of Mines West Texas State Rice Institute . Hardin-Simmons Texas A. 6: M. Flagstaff . . Texas U. . . Arizona U. . Texas U. . . Tempe Teachers Washington U. New Mexico U. Texas U. . . New Mexico A. ci M Baylor U. . . Texas Mines . Flagstaff . . West Texas State Tempe Teachers Louisiana Tech Arizona U. . Southeastern Oklahoma New Mexico U. New Mexico Aggie is a split second late and Gilley rolls Another field goal for Tech against New Mexico A 6. M in a crip shot to give Tech two points. as Erwin drops one in from close range Tech won 48 32 Captain Gabe Gilley, Guard TECI-l'S VARSITY SQUAD. Left to right, standing: Norman Cox, Edwin Irons, Lawrence McCollocl'i, Billy Hale, Captain VARSITY B SHETBAL ln their first season after re-entering the Border Conference, Coach Berl l-luffman's loasketeers finished second to West Texas State in the nine-team loop. Then, to cap off another successful season, the Baider cagers played in the National intercollegiate Tournament at Kansas City. The Techsans won their opening game at Kansas City from Louisiana Tech by a 59-47 score, thus loecoming the only one of the three Texas teams in the tourney to advance past the first round. ln the second round, the Baid- ers, after leading throughout the game, lost to the Southeastern Oklahoma Teachers of Durant, one of the tourney finalists, in a 33-32 thriller. High scorer for Tech during the regular sea- son was Center Byron Gilloreath, who iwas Gabe Gilley, Roy Williams, Max Munn, I. R. Callahan and Garland Head. Kneeling: Norman Volz, Coach Berl Huffman, Byron Gilbreath, Elvis Erwin, George Allen, and Vernon Ray. BASKETBALL FHESHMA FUUTBALL SEASON RECORD Tech Opponents New Mexico Military lnstitute 2l 6 Cameron Aggies ..... 6 'U West Texas State . . . . 33 U Hardin-Simmons . . O 6 Total . . . . 60 l2 Fish footballers study play from bench. Lett to right: Walter Schlink- man, Iames Carlisle. Leete Iackson, and Ioe Smith. Kneeling in front of bench is Coach Walker Nichols. FRESHMAN LETTERMEN Max Akins less Ballew Anton Bartole l. P. Russell Lewis Byars, Manager Bill Campbell lames Carlisle Clyde Clark lack Dillon George Essex Wayne Fade Ralph Geddie Bill Geter Verne Hale Clyde Hall Leete Iackson looks on as Coach Nichols tapes ankles of George Zoller. Freshman back goes for gain as Tech wins from West Texas State freshmen. 33-0. Elmer Hargrove Ray Hopkins Roy Hull Leete lackson Wiley Kennedy Kenneth Mayes Desmond Monroe Hoyt Page Floyd Reed Walter Schlinkrnan loe Smith Dick Standefer lohn Stevens L. A. Storrs George Zoller Iames Reed, Guard I. L. Bates Halfback HARDIN-SIMMON S renewed rivalry with Tech, only to drop a 7-O game to the Raiders. This game was hotly contested all the way, but both teams lacked scoring punch. The decisive touchdown came in the second stanza when Smith passed to Bain, who took the pass in the flat and went 25 yards to the double stripe. Hardin-Simmons' offense consisted chiefly of a passing attack sparked by Murray Evans. Don Austin was easily Tech's offensive star, breaking away several times for long gains. The Raider line, led by Co-Captain Loyce Baillio and loe All- bright, stopped every potential Cowboy scor- ing drive. I. R. Callahan is hauled down by Centenary sec- ondary man after long' gain as Tech trounced the Gents 25-0. Warren Cudd, Tackle Wayne Rowden. End ' Earl Wflliqms Taclfje Page 243 Bill Posey, Tackle Ed Harris Haliback Vernon Ray. End i S ,, , 1 , 1 A 13 .gr X . x,1 l ,Y ,1 Y , ,N X r 1 1st ' - 1 1 1 1 X. I 3 1 , t t rtf.ms,W""i"W V '- 1,:!1r ' 1,13 ""'W ul H' ' Two Raider blockers clear path for Don Austin against Tulsa in Sun Bowl ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY absorbed a humiliating 46-6 defeat at the hands of the Raiders, who put on their greatest scoring display of the season in this game. Tech gained at will, either through the Billiken line-Which, as a "hole," was very good-or through the air. Tom Douglass had a field day, personally accounting for four touchdowns. Charlie Dvoracek scored one, Iirnniy Driggers one, and "Bing" Bingham one. In the extra points department, Pete Blanda kicked two, Callahan one, and Smith passed to Tillery tor one. Dick Weber, the Billikens' ace passer, kept the fans interested While St. Louis was on otfense, and in the closing seconds of play con- nected With three consecutive tosses to give the Missourians their only score. Troy Davis. Tackle Howard Alford. Fullback Page 242 X , 1 1 1 H ' llllll' l Charlie Dvoracek, Fullback I erry Nash. Guard Tech's eleven before Don Austin caught hirn from behind. The Nebraskans scored a few plays later, and the outlook for Tech was gloorny, to say the least. Coach Morgan's boys wasted little time, however, and before the end of the first quarter they went into the lead when Dvoracek plunged over and Roger Smith added the extra point. Clarence Tillery, Tech's great offensive end, snatched a Creigh- ton furnble out of the air and went forty yards to a touchdown in the second quarter. The Bluejays never threatened seriously again, and Art Weber, Quarterback I R Callahan. I-Ialtback only great punting by Mullins prevented the Raiders from scoring again. Charlie Dvoracek mows down Cowboy as Red Amonett gets away for gain against Hardin-Simmons. Billy Hale, Center Don Austin, Haltback ,,,,,.,W,. Q Peter Blancla. Haltback Garland Head Roger Smith tries to elude two Tulsa tacklers as Raiders lose to Hurricanes by 6-0 score in Sun Bowl at E1 Paso. the game, but could never manufacture th e necessary scoring punch. After Miami had scored on a pass following a Tech fumble, the Raiders Went on the offensive, driving to the 1am1 s1X before the gun signaling the end of the half caught them. In the second h lf th a , e Techsans were a constant threat, once going t . ., . o Miami s one-yard line before losing the ball on downs. CREIGI-ITON caught the Raiders on the rebound from the 1am1 disappointment and almost upset the Techsans again Moon Mullins f th . o e Blue- iays took the opening kickoff and raced to . Center Bing Bingham, End Glenn Lowe, Fullback Walter Webster, Haltback Kenneth Robbins Quarterback and Lowe passed to Bingham to end the scor- ing. Callahan and Smith each kicked two extra points. The Raider line lolanketed the New Mexicans' offense throughout the game. MIAMI'S HURRICANE shattered Tech's dreams With a startling 6-0 victory over the Raiders before a crowd oi 25,000 in the Orange bowl stadium. The Tech- sans were healthy pre-game favorites, but the sultry Florida climate coupled with a iighting Hurricane eleven to spring the upset. Tech held a definite edge in the statistics and camped along the Miami goal-line throughout Red Arnonett splatters through mud for gain as Raid ers trounce New Mexico 36 0 to avenge last season's loss to the Loboes. Avon Sewalt, Tackle Albert Williams Tackle Page 239 Iimmy lay. Guard 44 Maxey McKnight. Haliback mv-ww' Iimmy Driggers End Harold Crossen. End ii" Oklahoma Aggie rams into Don Austin as Raiders take I6-6 victory under the lights at Oklahoma City. NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY returned to Albuquerque with a "Paid in Full" note signed by the Raiders. The Loboes, who handed Tech its only defeat of 1940, were given a sound lesson in football tactics and a 35-U trimming before a "Parents' Day" crowd of 7,0UO. Even on a rain-soaked field, the Tech- sans got their scoring machinery into high gear. Smith scored on an end run to start the fire- works, then passed to Gilbreath for another score. Ty Bain, Tech's captain and blocking back, scored his first touchdown as a Raider on a pass from Callahan. Austin took -another pass from Callahan to tally in the third quarter. Tech's line swarmed a Lobo punter for a safety, Byron ilbreath. End Pat Farris, Guard , Newman Ledbeiter, Tackle Will Allbrighi, Guard Doyle Caraway, Guard Coach Morgan, using some unorthodox strat- egy, sent in several sophomore linemen, and the Loyola drive was stopped. CEN TENARY was no match for the hard-driving Tech Ina- chine. The Raiders were off to a fast start when Callahan uncorked a long touchdown pass to Tillery on the first called play of the game, and Went on to decision the Gentlemen 25-O. Callahan skirted end for the second touchdown, then passed to Byron Gilloreath for another score. Don Austin tallied the final score in the fourth quarter. Callahan passed to Tillery for the Raiders' only extra point of the garne. Centenary had little success on offense, finding no openings in the stout Tech line. Creighton tackler dives for Glenn Lowe as Raiders win Homecoming game by 13-6 score. ::.L.'s5 'x,,,.,.. , i g, Iack Shanks. Tackle W.. WM: f-f-q Tom Douglass. Fullback Robert Duncan- E-nd t as ? t r ...-.-- Thayne Arnonett, Halfback Roger Smith attempts to stiff-ann cz Cowboy tackle: as he breaks through Hardin-Simmons line. clincher for Tech, however, when, on the first called play of the second half, he dashed sixty yards around left end for a touchdown. Oklahoma A. 6: M. continued to threaten, but superb puntinq and a stout defense turned the Cowboys back, once from the ten-yard line. LOYOLA'S LIONS were hosts to the Raiders, and the Gentlemen in Red re- turned to Lubbock with or well-earned 14-O victory. This qarne was a defensive battle most of the Way, but Tech broke the scoring-ice in the third quarter on an aerial from Smith to Clarence Tillery. In the fourth quarter, Callahan cracked through the center of the Loyola line and sprinted thirty yards for another touchdown. Smith kicked both extra points. The Lions threw a scare into the Raiders when they surged to the Tech eight-yard line in the first quarter. Edwin Irons, Center Clarence Tillery, End Roger Smith, Haliback Ty Bain ambles through Creighton sec- ondary after t a k i n g pass. Tech came from behind to win. 13-6. Iubilant students hoist Captain Bain after Raiders' 16-6 triumph over Oklahoma' A. 6 M. SE SU one each. The Wildcats threatened only in the first quar- ter, when Dixon sparked a passing attack that carried to the Tech thirty before the Raider defense stiffened. OKLAHOMA A. 62 M., after holding Tech to a 6-6 tie last season, fell before the Raiders by a score of l6-6. In this game, Tech's line meant the difference between victory and defeat. The Morgan- rnen jumped into an early lead when Smith scored after an Aggie fumble. A few plays later Smith booted a field- goal to give Tech a lU-O lead. The Aggies, with Iimmy Reynolds at the helm, stormed back for a touchdown, leav- ing the score lO-6 at the half. Tom Douglass added the Page 235 GAMES AWAY FROM HOME Tech Opponents Oklahoma A. ci M. . . . 16 6 Loyola ..... . l4 U Miami University . . . O 6 Wake Forest . . . 35 6 Tulsa University . . U 5 Total ....... 65 24 Total Points, All Games 226 36 Captain Ty Bain, Quarterback Don Austin breaks into clear against Hardin- Simmons as Loyce Bail- lio helps block out would-be Cowboy tack- ler. Tech bested the Cowboys. 7-0. HOME GAMES Tech Opponents Abilene Christian College . 34 O Centenary ....... 25 0 New Mexico University . . . 36 U Creighton ....... l3 6 St. Louis University .... 46 6 Hardin-Simmon University . 7 U Total , . . 161 12 Captain Loyce Baillio, Guard Exhibiting Tech's "win, lose, or draw" spirit. students boost Captain Baillio to shoulders at station pep rally on Raiders return from 6-U loss to Miami. UN BOWL ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE was the first of nine teams to fall before the Morganized Raiders. The Techsans, using fifty-two players, overpow- ered the scrappy Wildcats 34-U before a home crowd of 7,UOO. Tech scored on the second play of the game when Roger Smith swept around right end. Don Austin scam- pered thirty yards for another first-period score. The Raider reserves scored in the second quarter on a Callahan-to- Bingham pass. After a scoreless third stanza, Tech counted again on another Callahan-thrown pass, this one to Tilleryl Maxey McKnight added the final touchdown late in the game. Avon Sewalt, giant soph tackle, kicked two extra points for the Raiders, with Smith and Callahan kicking Page 234 A On the cheering front are Bud Barnes. Ioan Lewis, Chocky Fair and Marioray Ridley. Head Yell Leader Chock Fair is interviewed in Okla- Y homa City radio studio. Without uniforms the cheer leaders lead students in station pep rally be- fore Red Raiders leave for game. Led by Yell Leader Charles fChockyl Fair. Iim Brigham, Ioan Lewis. Glenn fBudl Barnes and Marioray Ridley guided Tech's student body through one of the most spirited years in the history of the school. Doing their stuff at every football and basketball game the leaders introduced new yells and promoted railway station pre-frame and post-game rallies. Yell Leaders Marioray Ridley, Chocky Fair, Iim Brigham. Ioan: Lewis and Glenn tBudl Barnes along with Drum Maior Ieff Coffey perform in streets of Oklahoma City. UAEHI E ST Fl? Tech's first season under the newathletic regime proved to be one of the best in Raider history. Morley lennings, who resigned as head coach at Baylor University to take a position as athletic director here, headed a staff which promoted a Wide variety of athletics, both var- sity and intramural. Dell Morgan, who for the past several years has been turning out great lines for Rice, came to Tech as head football coach. Berl Huffman, last year's freshman coach moved up to take the position of line coach and head basketball coach. Walker Nichols, former Lubbock High coach and Red Raider, piloted the freshman sguad through their year for the first time. At right from top to bottom: Assistant to the Athletic Director' Gwyn tMulel Dowell, Publicity Director Bill Parker and Trainer Lewis tDocl Spears. Assistant Trainer Rafe Nabors Assistant Student Manager Bedford Raley Assistant Student Manager Monk Iones Student Manager Abner Teague Athletic Director Morley I ennings PHESENTING TECH Head Football Coach Dell Morgan Assistant Football and Head Basket- ball Coach Berl Huffman Freshman Coach Walker Nichols Chairman W. L. Stcmgel H. C. Pender Tom Douglass ATHLETIC EUUNEIL Headed since l937 by W. L. Stangel, the Athletic coun- cil determines department personnel, schedules games, plans the budget and rules on eligibility of Tech's athletic department. Composed of three faculty members, one student representative and an alumni representative, the group includes Chairman W. L. Stangel, H. C. Pender, H. F. Godeke, Torn Douglass, and Iirnmie Kerr. Iimmie Kerr H. F. Godeke -.... 4 4 ,. .555 Beth I-Iampton, lean Wilkins, Norma Younger and Billie Barkley finish grape-iruit cocktail. ers and coaches were honored at a tea in the lounge sponsored by Sneed and West Halls and Women's Dormitory No. l in cooperation with this organization. Candles held in toy trumpets and children's toys as favors, along with the music ot I-ack York's orchestra, pro- vided the setting for the annual Christmas formal dinner. Toys and clothing were given to an underprivileged district of Lubbock by the girls. Playroom was made open for meetings ot campus organizations and a girl's tag dance was sponsored each semester. Officers Were: President, Ierrene Vernerg Vice-Pres., Walldeen Donnell: Sec., Mary Margaret Tunnellg Finance Chairman, Wilma Ruth Forbisy A.W.S. Rep., Evelyn Cooper, Senior Rep., lanice Bute: Iunior Rep., Katheryn Weethy Sophomore Rep., Gen- evieve Deckery Freshman Rep., Anna Baker. ormmates Iewell McCoy, Mymavae Barkley, Empress Dry, athryn Whitwell, Goldie Boatman and Ianice Bagwell look bored in lounge house meet. . .wrwg Billie Marie Miller casts smile toward camera during house meeting. Lucille Payne, Beth Newton and Ola Lee Brown pass down football reception table. Margaret Simmons examines Christmas doll as Maxine Craddock, Mary Iane Iohnston, Libby McKennon and Billie Lou Gilbert enioy the year's dormitory high-light. -svmmsu-m-mmm smwzrsqswrfrsgssr-nfmmmam--Q.-u-s,,i rw. .tr slum-.,.fy,rff.-umlMwwMWMsr.:,rw-1, we f--ff- uf -sm f--f - 11... - --W-----nun.-Y - 1- First Row: Marguerite Brannen, Mattie Lou Bryant, Helen Butler, Betty Rhea Caldwell, Winona Chaney, Anna Katheryn Davenport, Erlene Dowell. Second Row: Errnadel Floyd, Penny Geyer, Mildred Hankins, Rozelle King, Claudia Reinhold, Sarah Beth Rice, Marjoray Ridley. Third Row: Helen Rosenquest, Heidi Schneider, Betty Shryoclc, Mary Beth Smith, Mary Menon Stangel, Mary Ann Stephenson, Helen Walker, Helen Ruth West. ONITA BELLE HUFSTEDLER President OFFICERS ONITA BELLE HUFSTEDLER . . . President MILDRED l-IANKINS . . . . Vice-President ERLENE DOWELL . . . . . Secretary MARGUERITE BRANNEN . . Treasurer President and Mrs. Clifford B. Iones and Student Prexy Iames Snyder appeared in cowboy garb when Techsans entertained AWS convention delegates last spring. .W.S. All women on the campus are members of the Association of Women Students, the controlling fac- tor of all women's activities. The A.W.S. council is composed of representatives of various campus organizations for women. National purpose of A. W. S. is to consider issues important in college and after graduation and to exchange ideas with member colleges. The club sponsors women's an- nual Recognition Service each spring, "Howdy day" and the point system. Social affairs this year included a reception in the fall for all women stu- dents given with the Women's Self Governing Asso- ciation, a party for transfer girls, and two all-girl dances. A. W. S. sponsored the Senior council which consisted of 20 senior girls, each responsible for lO big sisters who, in turn, were responsible for two or three little sisters. Publication of the new handbook for women, "Tech Tips," was under the direction of A. W. S. The local society was organ- ized in l926 and has always sent a representative to national conventions. This year, delegates at- tended the meeting held in Columbus, Ohio. WU E 'S l TER- EL B CUU EIL Composed of the president and one representa- tive from each of the five social clubs, Women's lnter-Club council solves problems of the clubs, pro- motes congeniality among them and fosters de- mocracy for all women students. The organiza- tion sponsors rush, week convocations and guides rush week rules and activities. Each year the council gives a fall luncheon and a spring break- fast for all social club members. At the spring affair a loving cup is awarded the club maintaining the highest scholastic average. With proceeds from a fall dance and a silver tea, the council maintains the "Social Club Loan Library" for working girls. This year the council was the first organization on the campus to make an active drive to increase the Student Union Building fund. During "Defense Week" in March, members made money by spon-- soring a motion picture show and rummage sale, then later sponsored a style show. Defense bonds were purchased with profits and added to the build- ing fund. First Row: Marie Barnard, Marguerite Brannen, Sara Daviss Walldeen Donnell Frances Gary Second Row: Camille Graves, Margery Hills, Freelin Shoemaker Glenrus Waltz Mary Burk Ye First Row: Pauline Baumgart, Billye Blackburn, Billie Io Dodson, Io Bess Goodloe, Dorothy Burton, Frances Collier, Annie Lee Cone, Catherine Dillard, Penny Geyer, Garnette Heggen, Martha Herring, Willouise Humphries. Second Row: Sarabeth Kimmel, Dorothy McCarter, Emalu O'Neil, Martha Price, Bee Ragan, Bette Bob Redwine, Marjoray Ridley, Betty Shryook, Dorris Vallance, Betty Io Wagner, Glennis Waltz, Wanda Beth Williams. Third Row: Pledges: Melba Ruth Bankston, lo Ella Baumgert, Elizabeth Belew, Mary Frances Bledsoe, Louise Burrus, Maxine Carroll, Betty Diltz, Barbara Hale, Mona George Hamil, Bernice Keeton, Margie Leftwich, Edna Earl Lineberry. Fourth Row: Billye Lott, Connie Mahone, Marian Manning, Dorothy Miskimins, Dorothy Montgomery, Harriett Price, Betty lo Rice, lane Rogers, Ianell Shanafelt, Virginia Sutton, Patty Thornton, Rosalyn Watson, Iacguelyn Wilkison. MARIE BARNARD President OFFICERS MARIE BARNARD ..... . President DOROTHY BURTON . . Vice-President BETTY SHRYOCK . . . Secretary BILLIE IO DODSON . . Business Manager DORRIS VALLANCE . . . . Reporter BILLIE BLACKBURN . . . Sergeant-at-Arms D.F.D. Homecoming float exhibited Drum Mcrior Edna Earl Linebery emerging from or large drum. U. F. D. Rush week for the D.F.D. began with the tradi- tional Smorgasbord dinner at the Hilton hotel. New pledges were honored with open house October l5. Highlight of the fall's entertainment was the Thanks- giving reveille dance. Novel reproductions of Walt Disney army insignia decorated ballroom walls. Alumnae were entertained November 8 with a Homecoming luncheon. D.F.D. was the first to con- tribute services to the Red Cross in a body. Mem- bers exchanged gifts at the annual Christmas party, and honored patronesses in February with a din- ner at Mexican lnn. Pledges gave actives heart lockets at dinner in February. Marie Barnard and Betty Diltz received bracelets at Founders' day din- ner for being best member and pledge respectively. New members and pledges were introduced in March from a flower-decked parasol centered on a revolving stage. Patronesses gave a farewell dance for club in May. D.F.D.'s plan to hold reunion in Ruidoso again this summer. Martha Price was presi- dent of lnter-Club council, Marjoray Ridley was a yell leader, senior class secretary and Phi U mem- berp Betty Shryoclc was president of Theta Sigma Phi, named in Who's Who and in Forum, Martha Herring was a LA VENTANA beauty. SA S SUUEI Packages of gum with "Stick With Souci" were given rushees at fall semester rush party 5 traditional gold-and-White dinner was club's final rush fuction. The Arnett-Benson ranch was a chuck Wagon sup- per and a cowboy band set the scene when club patronesses entertained members and pledges in October. Sans Souci celebrated Homecoming at customary open house for alumnae, and a float designed on the order of the horn-of-plenty with girls dressed as various branches of the service Was entered in the parade. Members and pledges exchanged gifts at the monthly "coke" party after club meeting in December. December lil brought forth club presentation of pledges in all its glory. The girls were introduced to the strains of "Roses of Picardy" from the Hilton hotel ballroom balcony decorated in a Christmas scene of shredded cel- lophane and mirror cloth, colored lights playing on the dress of each girl as she stepped forth. A re- volving tree and a miniature sleigh full of packages were also included in the scene. "Hell week" was observed in February and patronesses were hon- ored at a Southern breakfast in March. Three mem- bers Were LA VENTANA beauties. "It's Worth Fighting For" was the theme of Sans Souci float pulled by convertible. OFFICERS MARGERY HILLS ....... President SARA DAVISS . . . . Vice-President FANNIE DALE CHEEK . . Recording Secretary HELEN THOMAS . . . Corresponding Secretary CORA IEAN WATSON ..... Treasurer MARY ANN STEPHENSON . A.W.S. Representative MISS IOHNNYE MCCRERY ..... Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH HAWLEY ..... Sponsor MARGERY HILLS President First Row: Ollie Sue Armstrong, Ophelia May Beall, Audrey Binkley, Virginia Bowman, Monte lo Brashear, Betty Rhea Caldwell, Fannie Dale Cheek, Sara Daviss, Wilma Ruth Forbis, Nell Arnett lohnson, Dorothy Rose Marrs, Kitti McCallum, Marilyn Miller. Second Row: lane Prickett, Mary Ann Stephenson, Helen Thomas, Blandina Tredway, Cora lean Watson, Yvonne Westmoreland. Pledges: lean Anderson, Louise Anderson, Billie Barkley, Elnora Bartlett, Betty Caughron, lenne Curry, Frances Lou Deen. Third Row: Ann Dysart, Barbara Forrest, Margaret Garrett, Ruth Gray, Frances Graves, Mary Elizabeth Grimes, Marjorie Hall, lane Hiatt, Mary lane Kinarcl, Marilyn Landrum, Elizabeth Ann Leggott, Marguerite Ann Lehman, Carrye lo M':Leon. Fourth Row: Mary Ellis Maedgen, Libby Mcliennon, lean McLaughlin, Mary Lou Metcalf, Margaret Moncrief, Katie Mott, Theda Rattan, Dorothy Schumacher, Dorothy Staton, Wanda Stiles, Dorothy Nell Swanson, Sylva Wheelock. First Row: Dorothy Allen, Nettie Belle Batton, Marguerite Brannen, lane Brownfield, Margaret Carnrnack, Louise Chappelle, Ioanne Cox, Betty Crarn, Maxie Feltz, Eleanor Gillharn, Evelyn Iones, Iulia Iones. Second Row: Milton Ioyce, Mildred Kuykendall, Ioan Lewis, Louise Lewis, Vondee Lewis, Ruth Loilin, Elizabeth Sears McEachern, Ierry McElheny, Mildred Mitchell, Betty O'Mara, Mona Pierce, lean Renner. Third How: Helen Ieanne Rosenquest, Dorothy Dell Scheihagen, Heidi Schneider, Mary Menon Stangel, lane Temple, Ruth Tinkler, Georgie Sue Wharton, Dora Woods, Mary Helen Vestal. Pledges: Alyce Ioyce Bagley, Sara Bourland, Madge Boyd. Fourth Row: Helen Davis, Mary Dunbar, Beth Alyce Fillingim, Frances Ford, Ruth Gibbons, Beth Hampton, Ierry Larrick, Rowena McKinley, Mary Beth McClung, Reta lane Norman, lane Oliver. Fifth Row: Iulia Parker, Marie Rasco, Marian Rendall, Lucile Read, Martha Ann Richardson, Moreene Roberts, Elizabeth Sikes, Nanette Tanner, Mozelle Williamson, Kathryn Whitwell, Mary Youngblood. HU SHAHI Ko Shari club is unique in that its background is ancient, historical, and of Indian origin. The words, Ko Shari, mean "Delight Makers". During rush week the club entertained rushees with a Plantation party FRANCES GARY and an impressive Indian dinner. Patronesses gave President the annual barbecue for members, pledges, and FRANCES GARY OFFICERS President dates, in October. The highlight of fall social ac- VONDEE LEWIS D' l' " ' ' Q me-President tivities was the Costume ball. Pledges entered a trim' MCELHENY . . . . secretary float called "Keep 'Em Flying" in the Homecoming S5,g1f1GgN?E15AWHAR'TON gushTfgZifl'fi parade and closed the day with a formal dinner- DORQTHY Ry-LAN5ER' , ' , , ' , , Spouse, dance for alumnae. A Christmas party was held at 1gl1SSAIIUDH3R2A5?I1gGHOiDEiq . H . CG-SDOHSOI the home of Mrs. lohn l-larding, where toys were ' ' ' ' ' eww Sponsors gifts, to be donated afterwards to the Bed Cross. Ian- Ko S1mfiP1edge MGfYY0unQb100d dances uary marked the Founders' Day dinner. Twenty- 'th I. C. B cl 1 b 11. . . W1 em. en atcmnua costume G eight pledges were presented in March, before a background of draped turquoise satin, which em- phasized a huge metallic thunder-bird, symbolic of the club, and rain altar. Pledges were initiated in Santa Fe, N. M. Outstanding members include Frances Gary, president of lunior council and pres- ident-elect of Forum 5 Marguerite Brannen, secretary of Student council, Betty O'Mara, president-elect lunior council. Also l-lodge-Podge queen, LA VEN- TANA beauties, and loan Lewis, yell leader. LAS EH PAHHITAS Oldest girls' social club and second in scholarship this year, Las Chaparritas opened the formal season with a dinner-dance. Other fall affairs included a l-lomecoming breakfast-dance, patroness Christmas dinner and alumnae buffet supper. "Sweethearts on Parade" introduced 32 Las Chaps from red cello- phane-covered heart at Valentine presentation. Pa- tronesses were honorees at spring dinner, and in April they entertained members and pledges with tea dance. Last college dance was the annual farewell affair on the final day of school. Cedarvale, Okla., is scene of the club's summer reunions. Rush affairs included traditional hobo party and dessert- coffee. Ierrene Verner was club's second successive president of W.S.G.A., listed in Who's Who and a Forum member. Evelyn Cooper is prexy-elect of A.W.S., and Billie Marie Miller was Rodeo queen. Kara l-lunsucker was l.R.C. president and associate editor of LA VENTANA. Roberta Owen and Virginia Hall were honorary R.O.T.C. sponsors, and Faith McNamara was Las Chap beauty. "V for Victory" was the theme of Las Chaparritas winning Homecoming float. OFFICERS MARY BURK YEAGER . . . . . President FREELIN Sl-IOEMAKER . . Vice-President IERRENE VERNER . . . . Secretary' KABA HUNSUCKER . . . Treasurer MRS. GEORGE LANGFORD . . . Sponsor MARY BURK YEAGER President First Row: Patsy Ayers, Elmerine Barron, Anne Birkman, Phyllis Bowen, Catherine Browning, Helen Butler, Ionisue Coqdell, Evelyn Cooper, Genevieve Decker, Minnie Kate Grissom, Virginia Hall, lane I-less, Peggy Hess. Second Row: Patti Hicks, Billie Hightower, Kara Hunsucker, Marie Hunsucker, Sammie McGee, Gladys Ruth McNamara, Elizabeth Miller, Ann Moore, Frances Mudge, Roberta Owen, Marie Peterman, Marion Hope Read, Reuby Tom Rhodes. Third How: Freelin Shoemaker, Ierrene Verner, Katheryn Weeth, Dorothy Winston, Beatrice Wright. Pledges: An Alexander, Bettie Bailey, Anna Frances Baker, Patsy Baker, Margaret Ball, Fern Barron, Elizabeth Bowden, Beverly Buie. Fourth Row: Emily Cowan, Ruby Cowan, Thelma Crockett, Trudy Crouch, Nancy Dennis, Faydell Edwards, Kathryn Forsyth, Ernestine Garnbell, Margaret Gray, Frances Homme, lane Hughston, Mayfair Iones, Sarah Francis lones, Mallory Kelly. Fifth Row: Betty Kindrick, Dorothy Looper, Marilyn Luker, Peggy Maxwell, Faith McNamara, Billie Marie Miller, Margueritte Nobles, Trinka Norman, Rachel Patterson, Ieanne Taylor, Hazel Thomas, Jackie Titsworth, Margaret Wagner, Alice Whitehead. V . . . -" emphasized by Vivi cuties dressed A V - V V ,L , V- V VV - V,V.VV.asgEeg V V V V 2,,V,,, Vt- ,, K LVV-V91 ' 6 V V ' fisiiflzvig -V K if Q- K2 fQf i1,2,'i' fu V V . V Viifljgllli V VV. - if - V K " 'ff - -V ..., xii' fl V V" QC 'K fs gli . V' 'Kefikiftllff' ' if " V -Zigffi f V E L V V K V V li? i I ' ' Hilti? V i l VI' ' VV , , V. ' - ' Vi' K VV .. V iilitiiit V 'I ,.., - ,ii V V V V I I V-If,-I. I V., ,sg , t -V gg- ., I yr ' V ip VVVIs gg,fzgS5V!fgie .-.VSV ' w r? 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' tm: if -V im 'V . . 'VVVV ,, V V, - z,V..V5?.M2,tml 13.1...lKfiiE5 1Q'!i.li,DZf9QIiiil. Qi' Q-W tV..VVVV.V. Vt- V'-'V i sniff - A f,'VVV..VVVqV:V:Eel?V V-.tar-VW.-tf,mV lfij.ts.RLlu First Row: LaVerne Allen, LaVerne Barton, lo Nell Cox, Anna Katheryn Davenport, Annis Durham, Dorothy Lou Ernrnitt, Camille Graves, Sarabel Hall. Second Row: Dan Long Harmonson, Betty McBride, Iewell McCoy, Frances Metcalf, Dorothy Miller, Beth Newton, Lucille Payne, Martha Frank Plants. Fourth Row: Shirley Reinhold, Ieanne Roco, Bertie lo Shell, Winifred Woods. Pledges: Myrnavae Barkley, Iva Ella Brannen, Ola Lee Brown, Ethel Burns. Fourth How: Mary Dawson, Helen Duff, lane Gilby, Mary Pat Iames, Nila Rae Miller, Grace Rooney, Mary Io Ryan, Betty Carol Wood. V LAS IVAHACHAS V Bush week began with a formal dinner at which WALLDEEN DONNEU- corsages of roses were given as place favors. New pledges were honored in October at annual carni- OFFICERS val-style dance. A for Victory theme was WALLDEEN DONNELL . . . . V President carried out in the club's float in the l-lomecoming ANNE DURHAM '--' V Vicrpfesidem parade. Las Vivis were the first to advocate buying BETH NEWTON ....V.. Secretary , , ANNA KA-FHERYN DAVENPQRT I I I Treasure, defense bonds and reducing presentation expenses. CAMILLE GHAVES V V V W.I.CVC. Representative Members and pledges were given holly corsages and exchanged gifts at the club's traditional Christ- mas breakfast. A kid party with rubber dolls and in red and blue Vfvidoryff uniforms gave G balloons as favors started the spring rush season. C010rf111i011Cht0 Homecoming parade. New pledges were honored at a Mexican dinner. Flora Lee tBilD Williams was elected queen of the lunior prom. Fifteen pledges and members were introduced from Va garden scene at the Lubbock hotel March lil. Patronesses entertained with a fare- well dance in May. Reunion will be held in Lub- bock in luly. Dorothy Lou ,Emmitt was LA VENTANA beauty for third time. Camille Graves was a Phi U and Forum member, and Walldeen Donnell was chairman of Women's dormitory No. 2. New club sponsor named was Miss lohne Bowles. President MISS IOHNE BOWLES . .... Sponsor , . 4' BYRON RANGE BUD BARNES . TIM HUMPHREYS PAUL NEW . ED IRONS . . W. N. BOBBITT OFFICERS . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Parliamentarian Social Director Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bobbitt. social directors. are "mother and father" to West Hall boys. West Wing Residents of West Hall .., ..s.., .,,....,,,....s,, ,-,-., .,,- ...,- ,ua ,.:., tw Q 1' 5: 22: H JL 'g tl ' '- If 4 3 Y fl f i l" fa tu ,Y A' 4 ss 1 ,y Q et, gr it 5' EXW' b"'ix, 'y lwric my , slr 'lt' ' J 1 r 1" ! .1 lui ls!! ll....f' limb sl" With "Men's Dormitory" on its cornerstone, West l-lall is the adopted home of 320 Techsans. Contrary to ordinary practice, this dormitory Was this year designated as the official home for all members of the Red Raider basketball, football and track squads. Formerly, this residence was known as l-lorn l-lall, but by the Administrative Council, it is now officially designated as West l-lall, in honor of lim West, past chairman of the Board of Directors. Living as one big happy family, the boys are more or less brothers under the skin-most of them being native Texans and more particularly West Texans. Dwelling under the same roof, taking part in the same sports, attending classes together, and eating in the large dining room has formed a feeling of com- mon dependence among the boys. Iimmie lay be- gan the spring semester as house president, but due to his participation in the matrimonial field, he was replaced by pep leader, Bud Barnes. Ioined to- gether in the dormitory association, the boys strive to promote better relationship and activities among themselves. Bull sessions "etc." give entertainment to the "fraternity" and the lounge on second floor serves as a gathering place after meals and particu- larly on Sundays Where all the current problems are discussed, ranging from an American offensive to "tonight's date." Each boy in the dorm pays a small amount oi dues for the purpose oi buying sports equipment, giving gifts to persons connected with the dormitories, and tor any necessary Worthwhile proj- ect. During the fall, this hall cooperated with the three other campus dormitory associations in acting as host to Tech Mothers and Dads on Parents' Day. ln partnership With Sneed l-lall, residents of both buildings were entertained with a sport dance. This group took an active part in intra-mural sports, win- ning second in track participation and first in bas- ketball. The West l-lall baseball team made a good showing While not winning a major place. Acting as Mom and Pop for the boys were Social Directors, Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bobbitt. Miss Marian Draper, dietician, planned a Wow of a Christmas dinner for the West Hallers. East Wing Residents of West Hall West Hall Oificers: Bud Barnes. President Iimmie Icxy, lim Humphreys. Ed Irons and Paul Newh l l WING REPRESENTATIVES LoYcE BAILLIO BYRoN GILBREATH GILBERT KNOX ROY WILLIAMS PAT ETTER TY BAIN P. A. LYON . ELMER FOLK . H. M. TERRY . WAYNE FINNELL MR. AND MRS. W. OFFICERS D. BIGGERS . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Social Directors Serving their first year as Social Directors of Sneed Hall are Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Biggers. West Wing Residents of Sneed Hall SEED H LL Like one big family of 320 boys, Sneed hall stu- dents keep things going around the clock in their modern three-story dormitory. As cosmopolitan as an army camp, the list of inhabitants includes all types of students, enrolled in the engineering, aggie and arts and sciences divisions. At meal-times they crowd the dining-rooms doors and after midnight they can be found in endless bull sessions. They also find time to play pranks and study during Dead week. Many a true Western character, "sons of the range," complete with ten-gallons and boots, call Sneed hall "home." The city-bred, ranch-bred and farmers' sons mingle together in perfect congenial- ity as they join in competition against outsiders. ln their spacious lounge on the first floor, which re- sembles a hotel lobby, the youths read newspaper accounts of the war and engage in numerous con- versations. loined together in the dormitory association which strives to promote better relationships and activities among the residents, the boys are led by P. A. Lyon. A small tee is charged each semester to purchase sports equipment, sponsor dorm dances and for miscellaneous expenses. Parents of dorm students are honored with a Parents' day reception. This year Sneed hall was winner in the traditional beard growers' contest in which the heaviest, darkest, ugliest, most handsome, reddest and slickest beards are chosen by Tech beauties. Winners included Bonnie Rapstine, I. W. Slover, Colie "Bear" l-luii- man, Bill McCoy and Wallace Sasser, West hall stu- dent. Spring intra-mural track, baseball and bas- ketball are important in dormitory activities. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Biggers served as social directors. East Wing Residents of First Row: P. A. Lyon, Iames Allen, Bob Bandeen, lim Brigham. Second Row: Walter Lemke, Iohn L. Phillips, Homer York. OFFICERS P. A. LYON ........ President IIMMIE ALLEN ..... Secretary-Treasurer DEAN JAMES G. ALLEN ..... Sponsor P. A. Lyon served as president of Men's Inter- club council for the first semester. ME 'S l TEH- ELUB EDU EIL Men's Inter-Club council, organized in 1938, was designed as a medium for working out problems of the seven men's social clubs on the campus. Pres- idents of the individual social clubs comprise the membership of M. l. C. C. The group changes mem- bership each semester, as the various clubs elect officers. Football boys were entertained with a smoker by the club in the fall, and for the traditional semester dinner, Coach Matty Bell of S.M.U., was the speaker. Special guests were members of the coaching staff and athletic council. At a smoker, a placgue was presented to Silver Key club for main- taining the highest scholastic average during the tall semester. Members for the spring session were lack Longley, Sociig Wayne Finnell, Centaur, Iohnny Phillips, Kemas, l-lomer York, Silver Key: Bob Bandeen, College Club, Bill Fuller, Wranglerg and Arnold Maeker, Los Camaradas. Bob Bandeen served as president and Iohnny Phillips, secretary- treasurer. The council instituted the new system of deferred rushing and honored club sponsors with a spring dinner. Dean Iames G. Allen has advised the group since its founding. Sllflll A Swedish dinner given for rushees was the first Socii social activity of the year. Alumni were hon- ored at l-lomecoming with a dinner at l-lotel Lub- bock. November 22 was the date of the club's pre- holiday semi-formal dance. The club closed men's rush week with a smoker. Members entertained with their annual anniversary formal February 28 at the Lubbock hotel. Dates of members and pledges received orchid corsages in keeping with Socii tra- dition. The club concluded the year's social activ- ities With a farewell party for graduating members in May. Members and pledges are planning an- other reunion With the exes in Dallas this summer. P. A. Lyon was president of Sneed hall, fall presi- dent of Men's lnter-Club council and member of the Publications committee 5 Theron Lehr Was president of Phi Psi, l-I. M. Terry was president of Sock and Buskin and secretary of Sneed hallg Orville Shofner was president of Alpha Psi Omega and a member of the varsity debate teamg and Richard Taylor was vice-president of the sophomore class. lack Longley served as Socii president during the spring semes- ter. 5 A E 3 Socii float in Homecoming parade pictures Creighton in graveyard. P. A. LYON . lACK LONGLEY . FISIGE HANLEY BRYANT LASSITER lACK LONGLEY . ORVILLE Sl-IOFNER OFFICERS . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Rush Captain Social Director MAURICE ERICKSON ...... Sponsor P. A. LYON President First How: Byron Bennett, Iohn D. Copeland, Fiske Hanley, Bryant Lassiter, Dale Lehr, Theron Lehr, lack Longley, Bill Nelson. Second Row: Orville Shofner, H. M. Terry, Layton Webb. Pledges: Alton Barker, Bill Brooks, Richard Holton, Orville Iordan, Arch Keys. Third Row: Weldon McCallum, Lawrence McColloch, Franklin Patrick, Paul L. Payne, Clay Plunk, Rex Shearer, lack Swain, Richard Taylor, Ted White. ' First ROW: Billy Arledge, lim Brigham, Dick Calkins, limrnie Davis, Wilbur Evans, Bill Fuller, Peter Harnionson, lirnrnie Leftwich, H. A. Maasen. Second Row: Earl Osborne, Hugh Sharpe, Art Weber, Oran Wilson. Pledges: Vlfolsey Barrett, lchn Blomshield, Floyd Brownlee, Graham Brotherson, Wallis Cozzens. Third ROW: Charles Fugitt, Robert Hedrick, Wayne Madden, Houston Pearson, lim Roy Roden, Rufus Rush, Robert Lee Salter, L. G. Wilson, Haskell Taylor and lohn Walter lsponsorst. w ALLEN LEACH President OFFICERS HM BRIGHAM ..... . . President ALLEN LEACH . . . . Vice-President PETER HARMONSON . . Secretary-Treasurer DICK CALKINS . , . Sergeant-at-Arms HASKELL TAYLOR . . . . Sponsor lOl'iN A. WALTER . , Sponsor Wranglers go aboard old-time stage-coach for Homecoming parade. X WHANGLERS Wranglers is one of the oldest clubs on the cam- pus, having been organized in l929 with its princi- pal purpose being the idea of promoting friendship and brotherhood at Tech. The club boasts a mem- bership of approximately 300 members including alumni actives, exes and pledges. Rush smokers are traditionally staged for prospective pledges each semester. The fifteenth yearly George Wash- W ington formal was given February l3 in the Lub- bock hotel ballrooms at which Durwood Kline and his orchestra from Dallas played. The stagecoach float, an old Wrangler custom which indicates the group's name, was entered in the Homecoming pa- rade. Members and pledges enjoyed a club break- fast in the spring. A picnic for members, pledges and their dates was another spring function. A stag farewell party was the final social event. The club took an active part in all intra-mural sports. lim Brigham was assistant editor of LA VENTANA, The Toreador and yell leader. Bill Fuller became club president on the resignation of Allen Leach in lanuary. Members frolicked in Ruidosa at their summer reunion. HEMAS Kemas club is now in its tenth year as a social or- ganization on the campus. Members are planning a gala tenth-year celebration this summer in Lub- bock. This club has maintained the same club house at 2304 Broadway for six consecutive years and is always a strong contender in intra-mural sports. Traditional affairs include rush week ac- tivities, Homecoming dinner for alumni, Christmas party for members, pledges and their dates, fall dance in November, formal in lanuary, spring festi- val dance in April, date dinners, and spring picnic. T. C. Root, sponsor for the group for the last eight years, is a real father to members and pledges. l-l. A. Anderson, now in his second year as co-sponsor of the club, is a regular attender of meetings. Out- standing members include l-larold Thompson, Stu- dent council presidentp Choclcy Fair, head yell leaderp lohnny Phillips, vice-president of the senior classy Loyce Ballio, co-captain of the Red Raiders and Elmer Wall, business manager of Tl-lE TOR- EADOR. l-lugh English and Lamar lacgues con- tributed new songs to the varsity show. IOHN L. PHILLIPS WINN LEHMAN HUGH ENGLISH CHARLES FAIR ROBERT IOHNSON HARRY SHAW LEE MURPHY . Kemas members Chocky Fair. lack Brown Iohnnie Phillips, Lee Murphy and Iirnmy Cochran study papers. OFFICERS . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Pledge Adviser Athletic Manager . Rush Captain .t.. I af I IOHN L. PHILLIPS President First Row: lack Abbott, lack Brown, William Brown, limrny Cochran, Paul Crawford, Hugh English, Charles Fair, Norman Igo, Reuben Iackson, Claude Iarrett. Second Row: Robert Iohnson, Winn Lehman, lames Claude Lovelace, Rhea Mitchell, Lee N. Murphy, Lee R. Scott, Harry Shaw, Kenneth Taylor, Harold Thompson, Elmer Wall. Third Row: George Wall. Pledges: Tom Stanford Arnett, Loyce Ballio, I. C. Bearden, Frazer Blackwell, leff Burk, Eugene Cupp, James W. Day, Dennis E. Feigenspan, Lamar Iacques. Fourth Row: Henry Iones, Paul Nail, William O. Narramore, Howard M. Phillips, Lonnie Sibley, William Suggs, William I. Thurman, Dave R. Worley, Iunius Young. r 1--:fi ,Q , W f -S t2t:2gf35fgi3ggir1i2,' w ifi I I mia?-wfigtf fiwiigiiRSEfi2"ft1Sif1PfigfWt?-?51W1S2'5'ErFriliiwlfiihlfi'fi2'iiic'iiiimWi55fi?1f ,..ii2f'f?1e?"?'iiirE'iKitt'iQ'5Iie12'r'+f2"MWi"12f'i'st?sWgi?xW5292, 1 . igiffitggitfiiff f - .,,ifMf X I 5it 2255223251-ggttiigg - ' f Kititiiragiittiifgiizg 1fm:fgzggigziigtiifgt5,3,3tt2tsigglg22f"i f 1s33,t5rgt55gEg3ff111f - - .- r - , . it I .if ... w i 'ggit2gg,,fe,-gi iggifitgggg , -it-fgffgiqffli 3,5553 . - in t in flpfiggfgr w H rgge-ygggg3gy:,q251zjr,fg:gt iwj,s,sfiQg,tj ,,gftgQ2t.e,Wj ugsgrzlsigziw' -.ggffettgirqfgilgiig Igiigmitr iwfsrv, txfmirltaiw aw ,Ziggy w iflijfg, 1 ' . igegtffkgfe ,tp iivtiifisiffff Eiiiiiiiiiigtifsi? ir- I 'fiihiifiiiiiziiig gtitgtiggbszfgr . TIM c - affirm, . 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W' is ' . 1 , L' :fu ... f First Row: George Acton, Orville Alderson, lack Bogan, Willis Carson, Iohn Chalk, Hood Chatham, Bobby Collier, Ieff Coffey. Second Row: Lewis Ellis, Raymond Goodrich, Robert Keasler, A. I. Kemp, Redding. Third Row: P. B, Shannon, Donald Smith, Vester Lee Smith, Warren Tabor. Lanneau Golucke. Fourth Row: Dean Hiatt, Ed Irons, Turner Kimmel, Rayford Moody, Harold Gillespie, Bobby Lewis, Eugene Ragland, lack Walker. HOMER YORK . LEWIS ELLIS . lOl-IN CI-IALK . HOMER YORK President OFFICERS WILLIS CARSON . IEFF COFFEY . GEORGE ACTON VESTER LEE SMITH VESTER LEE SMITH . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Reporter Sergeant-at-Arms Rush Captain House Manager Silver Key members engaae in bridge game as Sponsor Iohn Harding looks on. A. C. Lambert, Herbert Leaverton, Richard Lieurance, Paul Pledges: Ralph Cocanougher, Creed Coffee, Ioe Bob Foster, SILVER HEY Recognized as the second oldest social club on the campus, the Silver Keys pledged l5 men after fall semester rush week and 30 the second semester. New pledges and members were honored at dinner dances after each rush period. Club holds annual open house at the Silver Key club house, 22ll Main. lack York played for the formal dance December l3. The Keys entertained with a sport dance in the spring. Members and pledges attended the yearly farewell breakfast given in the spring to honor grad- uating seniors and those leaving school. A reunion in Ruidoso is being planned again this summer. Silver Keys won the scholarship award with the highest average ever made by a men's social club. Keys ranked high in intra-mural sports and won the social club intra-mural basketball championship. lack Walker was named best pledge of the year. Raymond Goodrich, Paul Redding, Homer York, Everett Dale, Jimmie l-looser, Frank McGonagill are Student council members. A. I. Kemp is LA VEN- TANAAeditor for the second time. Raymond Good- rich and Paul Redding are members of the Publica- tions committee and Goodrich is president of the senior class. l"?7WS5, XXXX X ll ij fii X' if 4 . 2 :Metz-it EULLEGE CLUB College Club entertained fall rushees with a din- ner at Mexican lnn. New pledges and alumni were honored with a dinner dance at the Lubbock hotel on Homecoming. lt is one of the oldest men's club on the campus, having been organized in l928. An- nually, the College Club gives the first formal of the year. This year lack York, a member, played for the affair which was held at the Lubbock hotel. A neon lighted double "C" is used as a theme for many of club's social events. Second semester rush- ees were entertained with a smoker, and a spring dance was given for the new pledges. Members, pledges and their dates attended a spring picnic at the Country club. An annual farewell stag banquet for graduating members climaxes College Club so- cial functions. Outstanding members include Bob Bandeen, business manager of the Student body and president of Men's Inter-Club council, Don Shepherd, president of A.C.S. and K.M.E., vice-pres- ident of the junior class and listed in Who's Who, Dick Ragsdale, l942-l943 LA VENTANA business manager, and Leon Hughes, business manager of The Toreador and vice-president of Press club. First Row: Guy Barks E Bl , ugene air, Tack W Boone Glenn Brown W'l B ll Ch Large double "C" was mounted on the side ot College Club's Homecoming float OFFICERS BOB BANDEEN . . . . President EARL IACOBS . Vice-President A. B. SANSOM . LEON HUGHES ROBERT MULLIN GUY BARKS . DR. F. W. ROLF . . Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sentinel Sponsor BOB BANDEEN President . , , iey rasse , arles Benson, Tom C. Douglass, Robert Hall Davis, Robert H. Deats, lohn Ernrnitt. Second Row: R. Leon Hughes, Charles lacobs Ea l I b , r aco s, Robert Mullin, Glendon Presson, Bob Perryman, Ed Pool, Evan E. Robe Ragsdale, Houston Schweitzer. Third Row: Don Shepherd Ch l S Collier, Charles Freeman. Fourth How: Robert Hargrove, Tommy Hughes, Harold Torn Preston, Pat Wiman, F. W. Rolf tsponsort. , ar es nure, Berl Springer, Richard Story, A. B. Sansom, Melvin Thornton, lack York, Elven Crow, Pilcher, Robert Rapier, Charles Sherwood, Sanford Smith, lames Williams X X.XX.,X..ffXXf4Xi,iX ., KX 'sXJf'st.tt?iX?iXfl2.i-i'XX' 'tt if-Wi 1-,:X2"r,'Q-'QXifffrtif ffX,,r,X2X.fe'et1' .5 X A' X- w. H,,,X,3t'Xf' ff'-Xtspwstt XX-,,iXf-351 A-rs,.,s. lr, 2-ESFXELXK 1'i,XliXf..,.2S's2s-K t . fr1Xttt5rXsrXXf , ' Qrffgffi2a5X"105Y ww tXs,XrtXi"t ' 't1XsrXX,?, i.,i,X, ' 'tt.:,tXvtft1XfXr ' V X , 'X7,,,,,, 5 ,V .,,,. , ., yy: g,-1.2. 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Second Row: Ierry Nash, Ioe Dale Nelson, Lee N. Perry, Dan Rodgers, Loyd Sanders, Iames Stokes. Third Row: David Charles Williams, Emory Turner Payne, Bedford Raley, Omer D. Whitwell, Iohn Carter Byers, Walter Clark. IAMES ALLEN . WAYNE FINNELL DAVID WILLIAMS LOYD SANDERS ROBERT ALLEN IAMES STOKES BILL PEARCE . ROBERT NEWELL I AMES ALLEN President OFFICERS 'Bag The B1ueiays" was the theme of the Centaur float. . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Historian Rush Captain . Sponsor Co-Sponsor EENTAU Centaur, one of the oldest men's club on the cam- pus, was organized in l929 to promote a spirit of fellowship and fraternalism among its members. Fall rushees were entertained with stag dinner at Lubbock hotel. Club gave an informal "Air Raid" dance in the fall. Ballroom decorations were sand- bags and barbed wire. Exes were honored at a stag dinner at the Lubbock hotel during Homecom- ing. Members and pledges attended annual Christ- mas party. lack York played at the traditional formal dance in February honoring new members and their dates. All pledges have a "big brother." Club gave a smoker and "floor show" as spring se- mester rush function. Twenty-one men were pledged during the second semester. Centaurs plan to re- peat their successful reunion held in Ruidoso last summer. Club is active in intra-mural sports. Dates of members and pledges received gifts at annual formal program dinner dance given May 9 at the l-lilton hotel. Mothers of members and pledges were honored at Mothers' day breakfast and reception. Social season ended with stag dinner for members and pledges only. The club has an active alumni association of ZOO members. Iames Stokes was soph- omore prexy and Lee Perry was listed in Who's Who. LUS EAMARADAS Los Camaradas, meaning "the comrades," has since its organization in l93O, attempted to promote a more friendly relationship among its members and other students on the campus. Rush week for both semesters was observed with the traditional smokers at the Lubbock hotel. Dates of members and pledges attending the pre-Thanksgiving formal dinner were given silver ash trays with "Cams" en- graved on them. Due to the national emergency, the usual between-semester semi-formal dance was not given by the club, but a farewell party for the boys who were leaving for the armed forces was staged. Homecoming was celebrated with a stag party for members, pledges and exes, and spring semester pledges were honored at the formal dance March 7 in the Lubbock hotel at which lack York and his orchestra played. Los Cams ranked high in the intra-mural sports contests of basketball and baseball held each spring. "Hell week" was ob- served in February, after which fall semester pledges became members. To be eligible for mem- bership, one must maintain a "C" average. Arnold Maeker, spring prexy, is state president of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Haynes Baumgardner is vice-president of the Student coun- cil. WALTER LEMKE IACK FLYNN . IESSE GEORGE FRANK RAPSTINE CHARLES MARTIN CASEY FINE . Arnold Mcreker. Haynes Baurngardner. Robert Kelley cmd Iesse George look over Los Carnaradas club book. OFFICERS . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms . . Sponsor WALTER LEMKE President First Row: lohn Flynn, lesse George, Arlee Gowen, Francis Hightower, Bradford Holleyman, Arnold Maeker, Charles Martin, Fred T. Owen. Second Row: Frank Rapstine, Fred Wallace, Iames Clyde Wright, Haynes Baurngardner, Homer Cravey, Bowen DuLar1ey, Bill Hawkins, Robert V. Kelley. Third Row: Gilbert Knox, lack Larrick, lack Lovelace, W. E. McGlothlin, Lawrence Snelleman, Iames Stalls, I. Pete Thompson. E r T I Q- h',, gig!! . M11 .1 .tmsfrslsssfww -ti-mf.1,,f,, ,qv 1 11 .11 ,w,1f,f1Ml, 41? , 1,51 11,Ms1,.fw,11Ef 1-iz1911725521?IQgifIf1V5E?i?'Jii '4 ' S 1 it ,ZVVL , ,,,L. may f f K'-f,,,1,fwM, .ref as-1z'1g2M 1.,,,,,fQ, m1,1,,1 1, 21 ,U w?3as-Iifw2,fJ vit' sk' 'ff:,5':x'.1x'Hmvx 95?:,1gs3fw15z1:fi+ K swim 14 1,-111115, Qi fi' 5 , X My 5"r'f'ff-i . - K ,ai fiiifilslii31i2Y5lQf?H111fcf,1,1vf ' time-wi giggylgmtjgmggiii 'gel 2 + f sa--11,-:..:---.- , YH- ,tg-.1-5 . 1-5,.E:::: lf -' . a lllfgp il 1 E gli 1 . 1 1 As the sun sets behind the horizon and another day is done, so we approach final pages of our seventeenth volume out the LA V AIfIA.' Let us always recognize the important part that ,business men and establishments have played. from to year, in building a greater Texas Tech. and ,a more l annual. 1 To thesemen and business organizations' we :dedicate this sectionot 1942 LA VENT!-RNA. ' A ' it We students may display our sitlcere appreciation by patronizing the business organizations of these friends ot Texas Tech. throughout the school All 12111151 AIITI 11112 5 Tech Students "Meet Their Friends" at WYLIEYS F or years the popular meeting place for all Tech students when downtown has been WYLlE'S . . . After shows . . . parties . . . dances . . . You'll always find that "The gang" has gone to WYLlE'S. COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE PERFUMES WYLlE'S has a corn- plete perfume bar where the coed will find these many fine names. COSMETICS At WYLlE'S the coed will find all the leading makes of fine cosmetics . . . WYLlE'S features Tussy and Du Barry ex- clusively in Lubbock. : LANVINS d Complete fougtain servige 24 hours a ' TUSSY CARONS Sfgaks and Srairdiiiches . lnlleS1Soeedy, . DU BARRY . LENTHERIC courteous service. Q DOROTHY . GUERLAINS Among the many other thingscfea- GRAY t d tWYLlE'S D . . . - . CIROS pllbie iamera supcpli' diggs Kodak Odple- . HARRIET HUB' Q WORTHS partment . . . And efficient prescrip- BARD AYERS tion service at all hours. . L 0 PRINCE E M0 MATCHABELLI O P E N A I. L N I G H T 0 AND OTHERS Roger Smith gets out in the open for a long gain against Creighton. Page 342 wwf W M f mu . 2, 0 3l,QiC'5-ES555535t-f- l:'1i22'25, 5 iii-. I f:f2zeas52iLv-aifflgs g .,,,A FORWARD ,waz r 3 .I ,f: 535 -51: 1 '- . ":": WITH ' TEXAS TECH if Egg if I 5 5 " 'tx Ilia? 59345 Q XML ga at if 'mg I ,fe .4 Q 1 2 ff. is W 2 tlfbf' 9 "" ,I , , 333 i ,ul 3' .493 I f I W , tf , Q wc- M as a W gzgg Q 9.375 -c. .,'.-.-.-.. g.45 Q.,: :.-: "f'f.QQ .zfwziwfflfi X, The Lubbock National Bank is proud to be a part of the progress of Lubbock and West Texas ........ Established for the convenience of the residents and merchants of Lubbock and vicinity ............. Equipped to render efficiently all finan- cial services ......... The Lubbock Natlonal Bank LUBBOCK TEXAS Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp RIDE THE BUS LUBBOCK BUS co BACKING TECH IN EVERY RESPECT SOUTHERN AUTO Littlefield Biownfield Muleshoe LUBBOCK TEXAS President Clifford B. Iones, Frances Gary, and Iohn Hill at head table of Ko Shari dinner- dance. Glenn Elliott and Roy Parks lead Block and Bridle Rodeo parade Red Hightower and Iewell McCoy take time out at Double T dance 5c ' . . sroafzs, INC. I Page 344 L. G. lBurrheadl Wilson in all formality, except hair. at Wrangler formal Ol1n Monk takes spotlrght wxth ntterbuqgmg step B1olog1cal scrence class peers 1nto the rnystenes of smaller hte vxa rnrcroscope I E I l THE HILTCN Lubbock s Newest and Fmest Hotel AND THE SOUTH PLAINS VERNON HERNDON Manager l .. E, I SERVING TEXAS TECH Page 345 You find what you want at LEVINES I.lIBBOCll'S LARGEST CASH DEPARTMENT STIIIIE 4 Big Floors of Dependable Merchandise You Will Like Shopping at . . . many I as 4 7 Q lL'FlllUIH AVE. 0 2f!lX Y Q BlllI.llElI'S LUMBEII EUMPHIIY lFormer1y Telford Lumber Co.l . . . DEALERS IN . . . ALL KINDS OF BUILDER'S MATERIAL 1306 4th STREET LUBBOCK, TEXAS FOR MANY YEARS . . . Kress Stores HAVE SPECIALIZED IN SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS BIG VALUES lttle prices "Watch Kress Windows" 5-10-25 Cents Double T pledges stage mass melee at half- time of West Texas-Tech game. Students pack stadium to see Buffaloes down Raiders in a fast but furious contest. Gingham dresses and open collared shirts typify gymnasium dance. Pg 346 LUBBOCK GENERAL HOSPITAL AND CLINIC FORMERLY LUBBOCK SANITARIUM CLINIC A Modern Fireproof. 100-Bed Hospital Equipped for Medical and Surgical Cases RADIUM. X-RAY AND PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORY A Chartered Training School for Nurses is Conducted in Connection with the H Applicants for Admission May Address the Director oi Nurses Lubbock General Hospital Clinic Medical, Surgical and Diagnostic GENERAL SURGERY I. T. KRUEGER, M.D'., F.A.O.S. I. I'I. STILES, M.D., I:'.A.C.S. IOIIIIOJ H. E. MAST, M.D. CUro1oqyJ EYE. EAR. NOSE 6: THROAT I. T. HUTCHINSON, M.D. BEN B. HUTCHINSON, M.D.' E. M. BLAKE, M.D. fA1lergyJ INFANTS AND CHILDREN M. C. OVERTON, M.D. ARTHUR IENKINS, M.D. INTERNAL MEDICINE W. H. GORDON, M.D.' R. H. MCCARTY, M.D. CCardiologyl - CLIFFORD E. HUNT, Sperintendent 'In Service. GENERAL MEDICINE 1. P. LATHMORE, M.D. H. C. MAXWELL, M.D. G. S. SMITH, M.D. W. A. RESER, M.D. 1. D. DONALDSON, M.D. W. P. BIRDSONG, M.D. OBSTETRICS O. R. HAND, M.D. X-RAY AND LABORATORY IAMES D. WILSON, M.D. RESIDENT PHYSICIAN WAYNE REESEH, M.D. I. I-I. FELTON, Business Manager ospital Page 347 1 The Shop Around The Corner on Main-Ave. I I ohn Halsey Drug Store 1118-1120 Broadway Neophyte engineers talfe to T square and tri- 6401-PHONES-6302 LUBBOCK, TEXAS angle in drawing lab. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . rv A---BH1 U1 - V 1: , . .j,19l0 J 1010 BROADWAY Aggies down roast pig in all zeal that tasty food demands. W. C. BOYD SERVICE "Magnolia Products" PHONE 5211 2402 BROADWAY FURR'S SUPER-MARKETS Quality-Price-Service . . . IN . . . Groceries and e t A M G S Thelma Crockett, Minnie K. Grissom, and Billie Io Dodson form "teasipping row" at football Come By To See Us reception. Page 348 Dean Lerdrgh drscusses future courses wrth Aggre student Texas Techs Red and Black Matador band adds to color of basketball game Band goes through marclnng formatron at half trme of football game PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE PHOTOGRAPHERS COMMERCIAL ART KODAK FINISHING Photo Engravings For e ADVERTISER e NEWSPAPER e MAGAZINE e PUBLISHER EIEVES T719 Broadway Phone 8412 Walker Sm1th Company WHOLESALE G-ROGERS A Frrend To Texas Technologlcal College TIIOIVIPSOIIS BIIIIBEII SHOP Servrng Tech s Faculty and Students lll3 COLLEGE AVE st y R ay T day F R R HE WILL DYE FOR You Let s Meet At TECH DRUG The Student s Headquarters FOUNTAIN DELIVERY AND PRESCRIPTION SERVICE PHONE 21051 COLLEGE AND MAIN A I I o I " o o o . I . . . . 'I'I1 - . th W 'I'I1 'I'I'l f g I LUBBOCK, TEXAS , , N . -- See " a ee " e or a " eal S ine".- ff 3 5, Pag e 349 Opportunities Afwai t You Plenty A f' A-UBBDCK and 'he SBUTH : iJ' A ii i PLAINS offer: W l BB BB B B ' A Healthful Climate 'B' V- C-E :2'2 1 My ' Educational Advantages p E y .ai' , I 0 Fertile Agricultural Empire jf ig xg kj "tx N QU 'lii A 3 1? 7,-5 I ' Fine Market Facilities ,,l,.A , ,.t. if , U Investment Opportunities 'f "ii .ei' -B f ' .M m irna t fw' 0 A Delightful Place to live The Home of TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE, the Soutl'1west's Leading Educational Institution, now in its Sixteenth Year, and with an Enrollment oi Nearly 4,000. The LUBBOCK PUBLIC SCHOOL System has 42Vz units of Affiliation, and is a Member of the Southern Association of Accredited Schools. tiiissioirfhilC?E,ufa2f535qngifBa?St LUBBOCK BHAMBBB BF BBMMBBBB Parks embracing 116 Acres, and Mackenzie ' ' ' AND ' ' ' State Park of 547 Acres Adjoining City. YOU'LL ENIOY LIFE ON THE SOUTH PLAINS LUBBOCK. TEXAS Another Lobo bites the mud as Don Austin tears out around left end in thrilling New Mexico U. tilt. Page 350 Tames Huffman instructs student in operation of dairy manufacturing machinery. Claudia Reinhold. Camille Graves. Betty Iean I-Iaffey. Pussy Yeager, and Iean Spencer relax in practice house. Woody Day, dairy club prexy. dips refresh- ments at homecoming affair for exes. Compliments of . . . 1. Holt Waldrep REPRESENTING SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Lubbock National Building Rooms 505-8 A TECH ALUMNUS SERVING TECH STUDENTS AT 10-2 AND 4 . ..TO .. . Three I I Enioy Good Life Times I I I MORE STUDENTS MEET AT THE RED RAIDER INN Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner MR. 6. MRS. Tasty Sandwiches LAUBHAN MAIN AND AVE. X FIB IENIIS For a great many years Texas Tech Students have been our friends. We of Hotel Lubbock keenly regret the passing of each Senior Class. With almost equal keenness we anticipate the coming of new friends . . . But friends, old or new, may always be assured of the finest service at this friendly Hotel .... TOM PENDERGRAFT, Manager It Page 351 LET OUR STORE BE YOUR STORE ...CoMPLETE... Drug and Fountain Needs I If DU R U G W" Wasaz yu-fanumnrmw., mic: "THE STUDENT'S STORE" LUBBUCK SBSH E llllllll C0. Manufacturers and Iobbers of BUILDING MATERIALS LUBBOCK, TEXAS BRAY S CAMPUS TOGGERY 2422 Bioadway LUBBOCK TEXAS Official Class Rings of Any Yea1 Wrlte for Catalogue VARSITY BOOKSTORE 1309 COLLEGE AVE LUBBOCK AZTEC CLEANERS THE STUDENTS CHOICE FOR FINE CLEANING SERVICE ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Wlth Magzc Margin Segment Shift and Touch Control Leather Trimmed Airplane Luggage Carrying Cases May Be Purchased on Small Monthly Payments UI OFFICE SUPPLY C0 The Typewriter Store 1214 TEXAS AVE LUBBOCK Paul Lyon stacks room visitor in traditional dormitory method. Frances Watson smiles coyly in dancing arms oi Melvin Thornton Thrilling moments of West Texas Tech game bring crowd to thelr ieet I n 1 . I - I . Q I I ll I ll - . . . I 3 I Q . ' v ' S . ' f A 4 4 44 4 4 .1 rt ' J: , , 0 . . . Page 352 In the years to come, whatever your task may be, you may always remember ELECTRICITY will be one of the cheapest servants you can have in your I-Iome or Business. am Zleahic flown 6 TEXAS-NEW MEXIBO Utilities Company Fullback Splat' Douglass tears up midfield turf with broken field running as the crowd comes up screaming. Page 353 i !?i13LE's z Your Florist for the Past Ten Years HILTON HOTEL BUILDING Dial 5744 BOWEN'S DRUG STORES Prescription Specialists Y,Dli.UGg sronrzs 1021 BROADWAY PHONE 461 1 QUALITY DIAMONDS-FINE AMERICAN MADE WATCHES-EXPERT REPAIRING KING'S JEWELRY 1020 BROADWAY Use Your Credit Convenient Terms Dormitory girls enioy true spirit of Santa Claus in annual Christmas dinner. LUBBOCK'S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE AT Featuring THE NEWEST IN WEARENG POPULAR APPAREL . . . PRICES MUNTGUMERY WARD Constantly doing our part to foster and promote school spirit and school tradition at TEXAS TECH . . . Toys and favors brought delight to dormitory residents for Yule-time feast. Tea-time for glad-ragged guests at donnitory football reception. Page 354 See au al Me BOOKSTORE . rfffh 0, .qbgzaaa fgczfk as Uoffsgiafa ai fga Cyamfzain We leave it to you . . . Where would you rather "Pause for a Coke" . . . or liqht up and smoke . . . Meet a friend or make a olate . . . Than at the Store? i Where can you qet a better buy on Books Canol anything else for that matterl than at the Store? Where oloes it take less time . . . Less troulole . . . Less money to qet what you Want . . . Than at the Store? Well, O. K. Then-See You at the BOOKSTORE! MAIL ORDERS G ' 4I Special Attention on All Mail Orders IP ' 4 For Books and School Supplies TEXAS TECH ool.n.EeE B O CD K S 'I G I-Q I1 "ON THE CAMPUS" Page 355 "Good Morning. Neighbor" -Hop Halsey MARK HALSEY DRUG No. 2 COLLEGE AND BROADWAY s. 6. O. CLOTHIERS Home of "Genuine" Hollywood Clothes 1108 BROADWAY PHONE 6111 For the 17th consecutive year, a LA VENTANA staff has specified ueaamdi by fwaflaqn FOR INFORMATION AND PRICES WRITE TO ...THE... DAVID I. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO ILLINOIS Little grown-up girls caper at dormitory Christ- mas dinner. - 2 Louise Lewis. caged in cellophane. appears on homecoming parade float. Dancing time finds lack York and band under the Double T. Pg 356 Fon THE HOME . HOUSEWIVES DEMAND Modernity - Comfort - Convenience Efficiency - Economy THIS DEMAND CAN BE MET BY USING NATURAL GAS FOR THE MAIOR HOUSEKEEPING IOBS: COOKING-WATER HEATING-REFRIGERATION-HOUSE HEATING WEST TEXAS GAS CC. Flomot flash, flaming "Red" Amonett battles mud and Loboes. Tech found revenge in bea New Mexico lads to fhe iune of 36-0. BLUE BONN ET LAUNDRY "The Student's Choice For Fine Laundry Service For The Least Price" 1212 AVE. E PHONE 5534 Higginbotham-Bartlett Co. "GOOD LUMBER" SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS AND IMPERIAL WALL PAPER 1408 AVE. H LUBBOCK. TEXAS See Us For LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING-ALSO STORAGE Armstrong Warehouse and Transfer Co., Inc. LUBBOCK, TEXAS Daily Service VOGUE CLEANERS Tailoring for Particular Students "lust Off the Campus" 1207 and 9 COLLEGE PHONE 2-2491 SOUTH PLAINS LEADING THEATRES LINDSEY - PALACE TOWER - BROADWAY LYRIC - CACTUS - TEXAN T HEATRES Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment Aggies lead girl friends to feedbag at annual banquet. "Keep 'em Flying" was seen on Ko Shari home- coming parade float. Faced with grim possibilities of being turned away from a fan-packed Canyon gymnasium, Tech students took to roof and skylights. Pg 358 Each year finds an even greater effort on the part of both the La Ventana Staff and our organization to keep up the high stand- ard of La Ventana Masterpieces. We appre- ciate the journey through the years with your publication personnel and College officials. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING coMPANY of DALLAS JAMES H. WEBB, President Proclncers of Belter College Annnnls Harry M. Crenshaw, Manager, College Annnezl Department DALLAS, TEXAS 1:-'S 'tx Il UCCESSF L ANNUAL Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating, planning, layout and design, typesetting, printing, lithographing and binding . . . Through- out hali a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization . . . Abundant equipment, modern and complete . . . Prices representing maximum in value -Ir CLIO PRESS ANNUAL DIVISION . ECONOMY AOVERTISINC COMPANY IOWA CITY, IOWA Page 360 Tech Students . . . MEETl YOUR FRIENDS AT BLUVERLAKE DAIRY STURES 1210 Ave. Q 1309 College 8742 Phone 9671 Featuring . . . I Cloverlake Ice Cream "It's Deliciously Different" 0 Complete-Fountain Service 0, 'Tempting Sandwiches 0 Refreshing "Pickup"Treats CO-ED CLOTHES THAT REGISTER ON OR OFF THE CAMPUS 7!ze Wayne Broadway at Avenue I SPORT SHOP DOWNSTAIRS BROWN'S SADDLE SHOP Shoe Repairing Shine Parlor Dog Supplies Hand-Made Boots-Belts-Novelties DIAL 2-2962 LUBBOCK. TEXAS KINNEY'S SHOE STORE "Home of Educator Shoes" You Will Always Find the Newest Styles at PHONE 7141 1005 BROADWAY Aspiring artists make sketches of iull life model. Alyce Ioyce Bagley at helm of Ko Shari piper cub float. Page 361 n CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES The management and personnel of the Lubbock store of Sears, Roebuck and Co. extend their congratulations to the 1942 graduating class. We sincerely hope y o u W i ll achieve your goal in life and wish for you much happiness and success. O Sears, Roebuck XI Company 1115 Broadway LUBBOCK, TEXAS Art students wield pencil points in architectural lab. EVERYTHING TO WEAR For Men. Women and Children HAN N A-POPE 6. CO. LUBBOCK, TEXAS BILD-UP THE 1001, GRAPEFRUIT IUICE DRINK DISTRIBUTED 'BY BEN E. KEITH CO. EDGAR A. GUEST once wrote. .. "Time never turns backwards Its old charms to give ln photographs only Can yesterdays live" DANIEL STIIIIIU OFFICIAL La Ventana Photographer SINCE 1937 o 1622 Broadway Phone 9551 LUBBOCK, TEXAS Page 362 X 7 v l w RE lor VICTIIRY Toduy... und SECURITY Tomorrow' . If ,. 'V A -Q5 7 F ,,?A,x-ix.. r I ,V 1 . f A Q fx Qt 3 . 'gf-Ext D .1-M A4 I 5 tw Qirgf N I .-Rl' ' ,diggs Cf 5' M S? - Q2 , .N XXV' I 5 ,Q jxgx S ' life W, w g ' ff 6 1Il. - l"' xl' l+ff ,Qnim nl .'nnn1lt1ltt"t ummm fl .ew' NN Keep the Army of Dollars marching NOW aqainst the enemy by buying Defense Savings Bonols and Stamps- the surest Way that everyone can help to win the war! You needn't be rich to clo your part. Defense Bonds cost as little as Sl8.75, ancl Defense Stamps as little as lOc. Ancl your money oloes clouble duty . . . it helps Win the War today and buys per- sonal security for you in the years that lie aheacl. H To Keep 'Em Flying Keep on Buying ILS. DEFENSE B0 DS and STAMPS Page 363 ADVERTISERS 1 DEX A Aztec Cleaners . . . Armstrong Warehouse and B Blue Bonnet Laundry . . Bowen's Drug Stores . . Bray's Campus Toggery . Browns Saddle Shop . . Builders Lumber Co. . . C Cl. verlake Dairy Stores . Co. ege Avenue Drug . . D Danie1's Studio . . Dr. Pepper . . . David I. Molloy Plant . . E Economy Advertising Co. . F Furr's Super-Markets . . H Iohn Halsey Drug . . . Mark Halsey DrugNo. 2 . Hanna-Pope Co. . . Hemphill-Wells Co. . Hester's Office Supply . Higginbotham-Bartlett Co. Hilton Hotel .... K Keith and Company . . King's Iewelry . Kinney Shoe Store Kress Stores . . L Lester's Credit Iewelers . Levine's Department Store Transfer Co. . . . 352 358 358 354 352 361 346 361 352 362 351 356 360 348 348 356 362 343 352 358 345 332 354 301 346 348 346 Lindsey Theatres, lnc. . . Lubbock Bus Co. . . . . Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Lubbock General Hospital . Lubbock Hotel .... Lubbock National Bank . Lubbock Sash and Door . . M Montgomery-Ward Company . P Penrods . R Bed Raider lnn . . Reeves Studio . Bibble's Florist . S Sears, Roebuck and Company Southern Auto Stores . . . Southwestern Engraving Co. . Sunbeam Laundry . . S GQ Clothiers . . . T Tech Drug ..... Texas Tech Book Store . . Texas-New Mexico Utilities . Thompson Barber Shop . . U U. S. Defense Bonds-Stamps . V Varsity Book Store . . . The Vogue . Vogue Cleaners .... W 1. Holt Waldrep .... Walker-Smith Co. . . . W. C. Boyd Service Station . West Texas Gas Company . Wy1ie's Drug Store . . . . 358 . 344 . 350 . 347 . 351 . 344 . 352 . 354 . 348 . 351 . 349 . 354 . 362 . 344 . 359 . 346 . 356 . 349 . 355 . 353 . 349 . 363 . 352 . 361 . 358 . 351 . 349 . 348 . 357 . 342 Page 364 A Aaron, Iames H. . . . . Abbott, Iack ...... Abel, Darlene ...... Abel, Malcolm D. . .. Abney, Corinne . . . Acton, George .... Adams, Elmer .... Adams, Eloise ...... Adams, Warren ...... Adamson, Vivienne .. Agnew, Dorothy ..... Akers, William ..... Albin, Betty ........ Alderson, Orville .... Alexander, An ...... Alexander, Lorena . . . Alexander, Ralph .... Alexander, Theodor W. Allbright, Ioe ........ Alldredge, Ruth ..... Allen, Charles .... Allen, Dorothy .... Allen, Iames .... Allen, Iason .... Allen Kathleen . . . Allen Kenneth .... Allen LaVerne . . . Allen, Marie .... Allen, Nathan .... Allen, Robert ....... Allen, Thelma Lois . . . Alley, Stuart ......... Allison, Tennie G. Allmon, Iack ........ Allters, Carl Roy .... Ameen, Mabel .... Amick, Mary ....... Amonett, Thayne ..... Anderson, Bart ....... Anderson, Bill ....... Anderson, Bonnie Dale Anderson, lean ...... Anderson, Louise .... Anderson, Virginia . . . Andrus, Allen ........ Angel, Charles ....... Anglin, Lenore Frances Anthony, Bill ........ Anthony, Mary ...... Appling, Mary Helen . Arensman, George L. . Archer, 1. E. ........ . Arker, Alfred ....... Arledge, Billy ....... Armstro ng, Fred ..... Armstrong, Ollie Sue . Arnett, Tom ......... Arnold, Charles R. . . . . Arnold, Charles W. .. Arnold, Robert N. . . . Arnold, Robert W. . . . Ashley, Delores ..... Ashley, Monterey .. . Atcheson, Mack . . . Ater, Nina Mae . . . Ater, Reverdie .... Atkisson, Helen . .. Augustine, Sam . . . Austin, Don ........ Austin, Lena Mae .... Austin, Virgie Louise . Ayers, Patsy ......... Ayres, Hugh I. ...... B Babb, Bettye ..... Babb, Truett ......... Bachman, Graham Bagley, Alyce Ioyce . Page 365 1- 74 96 40 122 122 96 74 122 122 96 122 74 96 96 74 74 96 96 40 122 96 74 40 122 122 40 74 40 74 40 122 122 122 122 74 96 74 74 122 74 122 122 122 122 74 122 122 122 122 74 40 96 74 96 40 74 96 122 96 122 74 122 40 40 74 96 122 96 74 122 96 74 74 96 74 122 98 UE Bagwell, Ianice ..... Bagwell, Iohnnye Lou Bailey, Bettie ....... Bailey, Bryan ..... Bailey, Io Ervin .. . Baillio, Loyce . . Bain, Iohn Ed . . . Bain, Kenneth . . . Bain, Tyrus .... Baker, Anna .... . Baker, Dorothy ...... Baker, E. B. ........ . Baker, Mrs. Mary Lois Baker, 1 Patricia ...... Baldwin, Elizabeth .. Baldwin, Marie ..... Ball, Geraldine .... Ball, Helen ..... Ball, Margaret .. Ball, R. V. ......... . UF ST DE. TS . . . . . Behling, August . . . . . . . . . . . . . Belcher, William . . . . . . Belew, Elizabeth . . . Bell, Alvin rthur . . . . . . Bell, Betty ...... . . . . . . Bell, Forrest ..... . . . . . . Bell, Mary Frances . . . . 74 122 98 122 . . . 122 Bell, A 40 122 74 40 Bellah, ...122 Bellah, .. .... 40 .......l22 40 98 1 I 1 I l Bennett Bennett Lola Mae .... Ouida . ...... . . Bellamy, Marjorie M. . . Bellville, Roy ....... Belt, Mary Tom .... Benefield, Stella .... Bennett, Byron ...... , I. Weldon .... , Louise ...... Bowman, Sarah .... . Bowman, Virginia .... Boyd, Glenna ...... Boyd, Imogene . . . . Boyd, Iohn H. ...... . Boyd, Ioseph ........ Boyd, Madge Alden .... Boyles, Ellis ........... Boynton, Betty Lynne Bradford, Iohn R. ...... . Bradley, Charles ..... . Bradley, George ..... . Bradshaw, Carrol .... . Bradshaw, Earl .... . Brady, Bill ......... . Braly, Hugh Alton .... Brandon, Mac ........ Brannen, Iva Ella .... Brannen, Marguerite .... Branscum, Cecil ...... Ballard, Bette ....... Ballard, Mary Louise Ballew, Durwood . . . . Ballew, Iess L. ..... . Ballow, Charlotte . . . Bandeen, Bob ..... Bankston, Melba .... Barber, Helen Ruth . . Barber, Iohn B. .... . Barker, Alton ..... Barker, Arthur .... Barkley, Billie .... Barkley, Lowell ..... Barkley, Myrnavae .. Barks, Guy ......... Barnard, Marie ..... Barnes, Francis ..... Barnes, Glynn lBudJ . Barnett, Carl ........ Barnett, Mary Clare . Barnett, Iosie Lee . . . Barr, Clifford ..... Barr, Leonard . . . Barrett, Anita . . . Barrett, Wolsey .. . Barron, Elmerine .... Barron, Fern ........ Barrow, Frances .... Barry, Iacquelyn .... Bartel, Albert ..... Bartel, Baity .... Bartlett, Elnora . . . Barton, LaVerne .... Barton, Weldon ..... Bascom, Billie Io .... Bass, William C. . . Bates, Mary Glen . . . Battenfield, Horace . . Batton, Nettie Belle . . Baucum, Albert ..... Baugh, Lee ......... Baumgardner, Haynes Baumgardner, Robert Baurngart, Io Ella .. . Baurngart, Pauline .. Bayles, Iohn ........ Beakley, George C. . Beale, Louis ........ Beall, Ophelia May . Beaman, David K. . . . Beane, Kenneth .. . Beard, Fred Bearden, Francis .... Bearden, I. C. . . . . Beasley, Maxine . . . Beaver, Billy ..... Beavers, Iack .... Beavers, Ierry .... Bechtol, Laneta .... Beck, Marjorie . . . Beebe, Nellie ..... , , , Bennett, Vernon .... . . . , , , , Benson, Charles . . . . . . , , , Bentley, Martha Nell . . , , , , , Bentley, Regina ....... . . . 74 Bergholrn, Adele 42 Bergman, Clinton .......... 42 Berry, Billie Louise ......... 124 , , , , Bertram, Othela . . . . . 124 Bertram, Theola .... ..... 1 24 Beverly, Ioe W. . . . . ,, Bevers,Murel...... . .... 124 42 , , , , Bibby, Lilly Merle . . . . . . . .124 , , , , Bickerstaff, Lee . . . . . . . 98 , , , , Bickham, Iohn . . . . . 74 , , , , Bierman, Maurice . . . 124 Binford, Nancy 74 124 42 40 98 41 122 74 122 98 98 122 . . . .122 38 74 122 122 41 98 74 98 122 98 , , ,,,, Bingham, Iolene . . . . . . . . Binkley, Audrey 98 41 Bird, Mary Louise .....l24 , , ,,,, 98 Birdsong, Iunior L. . . . . . 42 , , ,,,, 74 Birdsong, Merlin . . . . . . 74 , , , , 74 Birdwell, Arline . . . . . . . . . l24 , , ,,,, 41 Birkman, Anne . . . . . . 98 , , , , 122 Blackburn, Billye . . . . . . . 74 , , , ,122 Blackburn, Lewis . . . . . . . 42 , , , , 98 Blackburn, Snow . . . . . . 74 , , , ,122 Blackwell, Frazer . . . . . . . 98 ,,,,98 Blair,Eugene....... ...98 41 Blankenship, W. B. ........l24 , , , , 98 Blanks, Barbara Lee . . . . . . .124 , , , , 98 Bledsoe, Mary Frances . . . . . .124 , , , ,122 Blomshield, Iohn . . . . . . . . . 74 41 Blossom, Rea ....... 42 122 Blount, Pat .... 124 74 42 74 98 74 124 Blundell,Lee..... Boatman, Goldie . . . Bobo,Wilda....... Brashear, Monte .... Brasher Virgil ....... Brassell, Richard W. . Bratton, Laurissa .... Brazier, Io Ann ...... Breeding, Thos. Berry. , , , ,122 Began, Bernard . . . . . . . 43 ,,,,41 Bogan,Iack..... ...74 41 Boggs, Barbara 96 , , ,,,, 74 Bohner, George ............ 96 . , ,,,, 41 Bollinger, Nancy Louise .... 124 , , ,,,, 96 Boman, Kenneth ............ 98 ,,,,,,,41 Bond, Bob.................96 41 Bondurant, Clark .....l24 ,,,,,,,122 Boone,DorothyLee.........124 , , , , ,122 Boone, Iack ........... . . . 43 , , ,,,, 74 Boone, Iimrnie Amelia . 74 . , ,,,, 98 Boone, Roy ........... 96 , . , , , 98 Boothe, Melvin .... . . 124 , , ,122 Borden, Richard . . . . 96 , , , , , 98 Born, Betty Iean . . . . 96 , , , 98 Born, Harry K. . . . . . 74 , , , 41 Bostick, Elizabeth . . . . 43 , , , 98 Boston, Dan ...... . 96 ,,,124 Botkin, lda C. , , , 98 Boulter, Felicia . . . . , , , 98 Boulton, Bobbe . . . , , , 41 Bourland, Sara . . . . . , , , 74 Bowden, Elizabeth . . . , , , 98 Bowen, Buddy ..... . . . , , , 124 Bowen, Phyllis ..... . . . . . . 98 Bowers, Bobbie Virginia . . . 74 Bowlin, Iames Breland, W. C. ...... . Brewer, W. C. . . . Briggs, George .. Brigham, Iim .... . . Brillhart, Wilson . . . . . Brindell, Gerald . . . . Britton, Vivan H. .. Brooke, D'Lyle . . . Brooke, Iuno ....... Brooks, Bill ......... Brotherson, Graham Brown, Betty ........ .. Brown, Chas. B. .. Brown, Clifford ....... Brown, Evalyn ......... Brown, Frank .......... Brown, Henri Elizabeth.. . Brown, Iack Warren ..... Brown, Marvin ....... Brown, Mary Ellen ...... Brown, Ola Lee ...... .. Brovtm, William .... Browne, Glenn ......... Brownfield, Iane ........ Browning, Anna Catherine Brownlee, Floyd ........ Broyles, Milton .. . Bruce, Charles . . . Brunson, Loyd . . . . . Bryant, Buster ..... . Bryant, Mattie Lou .... Buckner, Billye .... Bucy, Donella . . . . Buie, Beverly . . . Buie, Carey . . . Buie, Ianice .... Bullock, G. K. Bullock, Wyle Bumpass, Ioyce .... . Burchard, Frank . . . . Burchard, Ina Mae .... . Burk, Ieff .......... Burck, William ......... Burdett, I. V. .......... . Burelsmith, Marcellious .. Burelsmith, Meyrul ...... Burford, Wayne ........ Burkett, Iake .... . Burnison, Iune Burns, Ethel .... . Burns, L. D. ....... . Burns, Rosemary . . . Burrow, Fontella . . . . Burrus, Louise . . . . Burton, Dorothy .... Eurton, Tusby, itler, butler, Geraldine . . . I' -ttie Mae... lf-elen ....,. Mary ....... Butts, Helen Marie.. . Byars, Adaline .... Byars, Iesse ..... Byars, Lewis ...... Byers, lohn Carter... Bynum, Doris ...... Eastland, Harold .... Ethridge, Bryan . . . . . . . Crosley, Iune .... Byrom, Granville .. C Caddell, Caylor ..... Caffe-y, Mary Frances ....... Caldwell, Betty Rhea Caldwell, luanita . . . Calkins, Dick ....... Calley, Gem Bob .... Cammack, Margaret Camp, Hazel ....... Camp, Tida ........ Campbell, Bonnie . . . Campbell, Ethelmae . Cantrell, Earl ....... Caraway, Doyle . . . Cardwell, H. T. .. Cardwell, loe .... Carlisle, Iames .. Carlock, Watson . . . Carlton, Charles . . . Carpenter, Evelyn . . . Carroll, Cecil ...... Carroll, Maxine .... Carson, Willis T. Carter, Moncure . . . Carter, Pat ........ Cartrite, Elva ....... Cartwright, Edward . Cartwright, Robert .. Cary, Pearl ....... Casey, Bill ...... Casey, Joyce .... Castle, Gwen ...... Castleberry, Paul . . . Castleman, Elzan Cate, Imogene ..... Cauble, Mildred . . . Caughron, Betty .. . Cauley, Quentin .... Caviness, Iamie .... Cayton, Doris Elaine. Cearley, Wayne .... Chalk, Iohn ........ Chance, Edgar ..... Chandler, Marion . . . Chaney, Frank ..... Chaney, Winona .... Chapman, Cullen .. . Chappelle, Louise .. . Chatham, R. Hood. . . Cheaney, O. L. .... . Cheek, Fannie Dale. . Childress, Elliot .... Chisholm, Sam . . . Chisolm, Guy .... Christian, Bill . . . Christian, Iim .... Christian, Sneed .. . Christian, Weldon . . . Chron, Virgil ...... Clapp, Susanah .... Clark, Ada Marie .... Clark, Frances ..... Clark, LaVerne .... Clark, Roy ........ Clark, Walter, Ir. . . . Clarkson, Belmont . . . Cleavinger, Carole .. Clemage, Zelda .... Clement, Ernest .... Clements, Frank .. . Coats, lack ........ Cobb, Fred ......... Cocanougher, Bernice Cocanougher, Ralph Cochran, Iimmy .... Cocke, Rob t Cocke, Roland . .. Coe, Mary Io ..... Coffee, Creed C. . .. Coffs e, Wayne Coffey, left ........ Coffey, Marianna Cofield, Egbert .... Cogburn, Foy L. .. .. Cogdell, Ionisue ..... Colbert, Bettye Louise ....... Cole, Buster ........ Cole, Ioe ........... Cole, Kidy Belle .... Coleman, Iohn L. .. Collier, Bob ....... Collier, Bobby .... Collier, Frances . . . Collier, Gerald .... Collins, Marie ...... Collins, Wayne ..... Collinsworth, Leonard Cone, Annie Lee .... Conley, Ernest .... Conley, Ray ...... Connelly, Ruth . . . Conner, Maxine .... Conradt, F. W. Cook, Betty .. Cook, Loy ........ Cooke, Bill ........ Coolidge, Marian . . . Cooper, Evelyn ..., Cooper, Floyd ..... Cooper, Linn S. .... . Cooper, Mary Louise. Cope, Ed ........... Copeland, Iohn D. .. Copeland, Tad .... Corder, Fount ...... Cornelius, Donald . . . Costello, Ruth ..... Cotton, Eleanor .. Couch, Robert . . . Cowan, Emily . . . Cowan, Ruby . . . Cowan, Ruth . . . Cowart, Marinez .. Cox, Barbara .. . Cox, Ioanne .... Cox, Io Nell ..... Cox, Iuanell ..... Cox, Louise ....... Cox, Mary Louise .... Cozzens, Wallis ..... Crabtree, William . . . Craddock, Maxine .. Craig, Chas. Phillip.. Cram, Betty ........ Crane, Iames ..... Cravy, Homer ..... Crawford, C. A. .... . Crawford, Io Hanna. Crawford, Patti ..... Crawford, Paul B. .. Crawford, Thelma . . . Creekmore, Thurman Crocker, Martha lane ....... Crockett, Thelma ........... Crook, Christine ..... .... Crosnoe, Ted . . . Cross, Elaine .... Crossen, Burton .... Crouch, Dorothy Crouch, Gertrude .. Crow, Elven ..... Crowell, Ben Crozier, Iohn .... Crump, Flores . . . Cudd, Warren ..... Culwell, Leslie ...... . . . Culwell, Mary Leslie .... Culwell, Vera .............. Cummings, Katherine Cummings, Oleeta . . . . . . . Cummings, Una F. . . . . . . Gunning' Cora Nell ..... Cunnint am, Luther Cupp, -ugene ........ Curr Lie, Mary ..... Curry, Iames ........ Curry, Ianye Ruth .... Curry, lenne ....... Curry, Marjorie Curtis, Sidney B. . . . . D Dahl, Billy Ray .... Dainton, Bill ...... Dale, Everett ....... Damron, Earlene .... Daniel, Bill ....... Daniel, Charleen .... Daniel, Robert .... Daniell, Forrest . . . Daniels, W. R. . . . . Darden, Iohn ....... Daugherty, Io Ann .... Dauley, Dean ...... Dauley, Guinevere . . . Davenport, Anna K. .. Davenport, Torn ..... Davidson, Eugene . . . Davidson, Glenn .... Davidson, Martha . . . Davidson, Martha I. . Davidson, Sammie . . . Davis, Frances ..... Davis, Garnett .... Davis, Glenn Davis, Helen . .. Davis, Ieff .. . Davis, Iimmie . . . Doss, I. C. ...... . Douglas, Berneice .. . Douglas, Rex ..... Douglass, Tom . . . Dowell, Erlene .... Dowell, Harlan . . . Dowell, Pete ..... Doyle, Ioe ....... Dozier, Cledith .... Driskill, lohn .... Dryer, Dryer, Hugh ...... William . . . Dubberly, lack . .. Duckworth, Helen . . . Duff, Helen ....... Duff, Iuanita .... Duff, Ronald ...... Duffey, Wilson Duke, Kenneth . . . DuLaney, Bowen Dunbar, Mary .... Duncan, lnez .... Duncan, Robert . . . Dunham, Marie . . . Dunlap, Wanda . . . Dunlap, Dean . . . Dunn, Leldon . . . Dunn, Marijane .. . Dunn, Maurita .... Dunn, Virgella .... Dunn, Wayne . . . DuPuy, Leslie . . . Duren, Carmon . .. Durham, Annis ..... Dvoracek, Charles .... Dysart, Ann ........ E Davis, Leland .... Davis, Rita Zo ....... Davis, Robert H. . . . . Davis, W. I. ..... . Daviss, Sara . . . Dawson, Edwin . . . Dawson, Mary C. . .. Dawson, R. B. . . . . Day, Ann ........ Day, Iames W. . .. Day, Iesse ..... Day, Iimmy .... Deahl, Gerald .... Dean, Carl ....... Dean, Milton ....... Deardorff, Maxine Deats, Robert ....... Decker, Genevieve . . . Deen, Frances ..... Deen, George ....... Dehnel, Raymond . . . Deinken, Herman DeLong, Nell ..... Dement, Ernest ...... Denison, C. W. ..... . Dennington, Ruedeen . Dennis, Nancy ....... Dennison, B. H. .... . Denton, Delores . . . Denton, Iames .... Devin, Albert Devin, Delbert ...... Dickinson, Hazel .... Dickson, Hazel .... Dillard, Catherine . . . Dillon, Ioyce ........ Diltz, Betty ........... Dinwiddie, Dudley Sue. Dismuke, Stewart ..... Dixon, Geneva ...... Dixon, Harold .... Dixon, lim ........ Dodge, Ienn Etta .... Dodson, Billie Io ..... Dodson, Coramae . . . Donaghey, lames . . . Donnell, Riley ...... Donnell, Walldeen . . . Dorough, Robert .... Dortch, Richard . . . Eagan, Margaret ..... Easterwood, lohn E. Eastman, Gordon . . . Eden, Alvin ...... Edwards, Faydell . . . Edwards, Mary Lou .... Edwards, R. G. .... . Eiland, Maxine . . . Eiland, Peggy .. Eiland, Sarah .... Elkins, Van . . . Elliott, George .. Elliott, Glenn .. . Elliott, lim ...... Ellis, Chas. B. Ellis, C. W. .. . . Ellis, Helen .. . Ellis, Lewis .... Ellis, Maxine Ellison, Elton .... Ellison, Lorene ...... Elston, Fred .......... Emmitt, Dorothy Lou... Emmitt, Iohn . .... .. English, Hugh .. Eppes, Alvin Erwin, Elvis ...... Erwin, lane Esmond, Glenodine Estes, Aldredge ..... Etter, Gale ..... Etter, Pat ........ Eubank, Geneva .... Eubank, Zelda .... Eubanks, Tyson .. Eudy, Tom .. ...... . ...l28 ...l28 ...l28 47 78 47 ...100 47 47 ...l00 78 ...l30 78 78 ...l00 ...100 47 ...l30 ...l00 78 ...l00 ...l80 47 ...l00 78 47 130 l30 130 . . .100 . . .130 . . .130 . . .100 . . . 78 . . . 48 78 ...l30 48 78 130 48 ...l30 ....l30 78 78 78 ...l00 78 ....l00 78 ...l30 48 78 ....l30 78 48 ...130 48 ....l02 78 80 48 ....l02 80 ....l02 ....l30 80 l30 ....l02 80 48 80 130 l30 ....l02 48 ....l30 80 80 80 ....l30 Evans, Anna Lois .... Evans, Gladys M. .. . Evans, Harry ..... Evans, less Carl ..... Evans, Mary Helen .... .... Evans, Wilbur ...... Ewing, Billie L. .. . F Fade, Wayne ..... . . . . .130 Page 366 Finley, Gene ...... Herron, 132 Fair, Charles ..... Fairbairn, Minnie .. Fairbairn, Nina I. .. Fairbetter, R. S. . . . . Faris, Frankie R.. Farrar, G. L. .... . Farrell, Twila . . . Farris, I. C. ..... . Faust, Ruth ........ Feigenspan, Dennis Feller, Norman .... Felts, Henry M. Feltz, Maxi' .... Ferguson, Alice Ferguson, Martha .. Ferguson, Virginia . Ficke, Silva . ..... . Fillingim, Beth Alyce ..... . . Finnell, B. W. ..... . Finnell, Wayne Fisher, Ernest .. Fisk, Martha ..... Fitzgerald, Iack Fitzpatrick, Betty .. . Fitzpatrick, William Flanagan, Doralene Floyd, Beth ........ Floyd, Ermadel . . . Floyd, Ioyce .... Fly, Alta ..... Flynn, Iack ..... Foote, Helen .... . . Forbes, Virginia Forbis, Wilma Ruth. Ford, Frances ...... Fore, I. B. ........ . Forker, Stanley .. . Formby, Clint ..... Forrest, Barbara . .. Forrest, Imogene . . . Forrest, Iean ....... Forrest, Sallie Lynn . Forsyth, Kathryn . . . Fortenberry, Albert . Foster Dorothy .... Foster, Dorothy Sue. Foster Louise I. ..,. Foster, Ioe Bob ..... Foster, Lynn Foster, Ray ..... Fouts, A. T. ...... . Holder, H Fowlkes, Tommie .. Fox, Edward .,... Foy, I. A. ....... . Franklin, Frances .. Frazier, Betty Lou .. Freeman, Belle .... Freeman, Charles .. Freeman, Iames . . . Frey, Pauline ..... Frey, Wayde ..... Friberg, Floyd .... Friddle, Herbert . . . Fritz, Vernon ...... Fryar, Betty Rae .... Frye, Barbara .... Fugitt, Charles . .. Fuller, Bill ...... Futch, Merle G Gafford, Billy ..... Gaither, Dora ..... Gambill, Ernestine . Gamble, Virginia B. Gantz, Bonnie Lu... Gardner, Nettie Faye ........ Garner, Carl ........ .... Garrett, Eloise ....... .... Garrett, Margarett . . . . . . . Garrison, Howard . . . . . . . Garrison, Pascal .... .... Gary, Frances .... Gary, Lula M. . . Gatlin, Bill Gauntt, I. L. . . Page 367 48 102 130 80 130 48 48 48 48 80 48 49 102 102 130 102 130 130 102 130 49 80 49 102 49 130 102 130 80 102 102 102 49 130 80 80 130 130 130 130 130 130 49 102 80 102 80 49 80 130 130 102 102 130 80 102 130 130 102 102 49 49 102 102 102 130 80 102 49 130 102 130 130 102 80 130 49 100 130 49 102 80 102 132 80 Gee, Ross ........ Geldmeier, Bernharat George, Gloria ...... George, Iesse ........ George, Morrine ..... George, Roberta Marie ...... George, W. A. ...... . George, Wm. Toy ..... Gerber, I. E. ..... . Germany, Iack Geron, C. W. . . . Geyer, Penny .. Gibbins, Lois . . . Gibbons, Ruth .... Gibson, Norman .... Gibson, Frances ..... Gibson, Mary Dena... Gilbert, Billie Lou .... Gilbert, Kenneth .... Gilbreath, Byron .... Gilbreath, Owen .... Gilby, Iane ...... Giles, Iack ..... Gill, Leonard Gill, Preston ...... Gillespie, Harold .... Gillespie, Ruth . . . Gillett, Dan ........ Gillham, Eleanor . . . Gillham, Millard .... Gilmore, Earl ..... Gilmore, Ianey Gleaton, Frances . . . Glimp, Thomas ..... Gloyna, Earnest .... Goble, C. L. ..... . Godfrey, Fike .. Goen, Norman .... Goeth, Phylis Goins, Mary F. . .. Goins, Wanda ...... Gollihar, Charles .... Golucke, Lanneau .. Gooch, Tommie Io .... Goodloe, Io Bess ..... Goodrich, Horace .... Goodrich, Raymond .. Goodwin, Eugene . . . Gordon, C. M. . . . . Gowen, Arlee .. Gower, Thomas . . . Graham, David Graham, Iean ...... Graham, Lehmer Graham, Tom .... Graves, Camille .. Graves, Frances .... Graves, Frances E. . . Gray, Margaret .... Gray, Rena ...... Gray, Ruth .... Grayum, Pete .. Green, Chester . Green, Iames ...... Green, Katherine Green, Marjorie .. Griffin, Eddie . . . Griffin, Evelyn . . . Griffin, Georgia .. Griffin, Henry C. . . . Griffin, Irma ...... Griffin, William .. . Griffith, Dorine . .. Griffith, Iames . . . Griggs, Barbara .. Griggs, C. I. Grigsby, Harold .. Grimes, Lester ...... Grimes, Mary E. .,.. . Grinstead, Douthit . . . Grishan, Hazel ...... Grissom, Minnie Kate. . . . . . . Groce, Wayne Dee ......... Gunter, Iames ........ . . . Haberer, Elsie .. 132 49 132 80 80 38 49 49 132 132 102 102 132 80 102 80 102 80 132 50 80 80 80 132 50 80 80 102 102 50 80 132 80 50 102 102 132 132 50 132 50 102 132 80 102 50 50 80 80 132 132 132 102 132 50 132 80 104 102 132 50 102 132 132 102 50 102 102 80 50 50 50 102 80 50 132 80 132 132 102 102 132 104 51 Hackney, Iohn .. Hackney, Ted ..... Haddock, Warren .. Haffey, Betty Iean.. HCIQY. Ann ........ Hailey, Buford ..... Halbert, Kenneth .. Halbower, David . . . Hale, Barbara . . . Hale, Billy .... Hale, Dessie .. Hale, Leon .. Hale, Verne . . . Haley, Duane ..... Haley, Errolene Hall, Barbara .... Hall, Harwell .... Hall, I. A. .... . Hall, Lucille . . . Hall, Marjorie . .. Hall, R. C. ...... . Hall, Robert P. .. . Hedrick, George . . . Hedrick, W. R. ..... . Heggen, Garnette .... Heidel, Overton . . . Helm, Ellen ...... Helms, Charles ...... Helton, Ray ......... Hemenway, Mary Iune. . . . . . Henderson, Katharine Hendrick, Billie ...... Hennington, Hope . . . Henry, Iack ......... Henry, Lester ........ Henslee, Donald Dee. Hereford, Ruth ....... Herring, Avis ........ Herring, Betty . . . Herring, Frank .. Herring, Iames .. Herring, Martha . .. Herring, Mary Iulia ...... Hall, Sarabel .... Hall, Virginia .. . Hallmark, Louise . . . Halsell, Grace ..... Hamer, Eberhard .. Hamil, Mo Hamilton, Beth ..... Hamilton, Howell .. Hamilton, Iack .... Hamilton, Monda .. Hamilton, Robert .. Hamm, B111 ........ na George ........ Hershberger, Vena . . . Hervey, Iohnny .... Hess, Iane ...... Hess, Peggy ..... Hester, Neyland Hester, Ross .... Hiatt, Dean ...... Hiatt, Iane ........ Hickman, Bill Dick. . . . Hicks, Harvey ..... Hicks, Patti ..... Hicks, Tommy Hammack, I. Y. . . .. Hampton, Beth .... Hampton, Howard . Hancock, Weldon .. Hankins, Mildred .. Hanks, Wyatt ..... Hanley, Fiske ..... Hannon, Sarah .... Hanson, Harvey . . . Harbin, I. B. ..... . Harbison, Lafara .. Harbison, Roberta .. Hardin, Doris . .... . Hardin, Louise ..... Hardin, Margaret .. Harding, Fay Ruth . Harding, Kathryne . Hardy, Douglas . . . . Hargrove, Elmer . . . Hargrove, Robert .. Harlan, W. G. .... . Harlow, William . .. Harman, Harlan . . . Harmonson, Dan . .. Harmonson, Peter .. Harper, Eugenia Harris, Dorothy .... Harris, L. G. ..... . Harris, Marguerite . Harrison, Eilene . .. Harrison, Eugene .. Hartley, Calla Rose. Hartness, I. M. .... . Hash, Edgar ....... Haskins, Rayburn .. Hatcher, Averlyne . Hatchett, Don ...... Haverstock, Guy . . . Havis, Ralph ...... Havran, Benard F. . Hawkins, Bill ...... Hawkins, Dorothy . Hawkins, Marydel . Haynes, Carolyn .. . Hays, David .... Hays, Iames ..... Hays, Wm. Blair .... Headrick, Robert . . . Heap, Donnis , . . . Heath, Louise .... Heath, Parrish .... Heatley, Beatrice .. Hicks, T. B. ...... . Higday, Marjorie .... Higgins, Margaret High, Herman ..... High, Ioseph ...... Hightower, Billie ..... Hightower, Francis . . . Hill, Ben .......... Hill, Ioe ........ Hill, Iohn . . . Hill, L. C. ...... . Hill, Leslie C. . . . Hill, Nell ..... Hill Hill 1 O. G. .... . , Paul ........ Hilliard, Virginia .. Hills, Margery . . . Hilton, Arvis ...... Hinds, Raymond . . . Hines, Ieanne . . . Hinson, Emmett .... Hinson, Mary Lou .... Hixon, O'D'ell .... Hobgood, Iohn ..... Hoback, Norman .. . Hoch, Caroline .. Hodges, Adelene .. Hodges, Lucille '. . Hodges, Willis ....... Hogan, Virginia ..... Holden, Mary Edith. . . Holder, Louie ........ Holder, Louis ...... Novelle .... Holland, Wilma ...... Holley, Merl ......... Holleyman, Bradford . Holloman, Iean ...... Holloway, Lloyd . . . Holman, Charles . . . Holman, George . . . Holmes, T. H. . . . . Holt, Iackie ...... Holt, Robert ....... Holton, Richard .... Homme, Frances . . . Hooper, Victor . . . Hooser, Iimmie ...... Hopper, McKinley .... Hopping, Doris .... Horner, Lillian . . . Horton, Iimmie ..... Heatley, Lee ...... Houchin, Maxine . . . 104 577 10' 104 134 82 134 134 82 82 104 104 52 134 104 104 134 52 134 53 82 104 134 104 104 104 104 134 104 134 53 104 104 134 38 134 134 134 134 53 53 82 134 53 134 134 53 134 82 53 53 82 82 134 104 104 134 134 134 82 53 82 134 82 82 82 134 134 134 80 53 104 134 134 104 82 104 134 104 104 82 134 104 38 53 134 104 House, Kathleen .. House, Winfred . . . Houser, Chas. R. . . Houss, Anthony .. Houston, Buster .... . Houston, Josephine . . Houston, Nade ...... Howard, Howard, C. W. . . . Diamond .. Hubbard, Burl . . . . Huff, Elaine ........ Huff, Olive ......... Hufstedler, Onita B. . Hughes, R. Leon ..... Hughes, Tommy .... Hughey, Reda Jane.. Hughston, Jane ..... Hume, Helen Mack. . . Humphreys, Jim .... Humphries, Helen . . . Humphries, Willouise Hunsucker, Kara .... Hunsucker, Marie . . . Hunt, Elba G. .... . Hurt, Betty ........ Hutcheson, C. B. Hutson, B. F. . . . . Hyer, Betty .... Hyer, Eloise ....... I Ice, Orville ..... lgo, Norman ...... Ince, Raymond Ingram, Charles .. Inman, Mary Pat .... Ireton, Elmer ..... Irons, Ed ........ Irvine, Stanley Irwin, Shirley .. . Isler, Roy ....... I Jack, Glenna ..... Jackson, A. L. . . . Jones, Aubrey . Jones, Dorothy . . . Jones, Evelyn .... Jones, Henry ...... Jones, Imogene .... Jones, Jarold .... Jones, Juanice . . . Jones, Julia ..... Jones, Margaret . .. Jones, Mayfair .. Jones, R. E. ........,. . . . Jones, R. Weldon ........... Jones, Sarah Francis ........ Jones, Tillie ............... Jones, Travis ........ ..... Jordan, Orville .. I Ovce. Milton ...... Jungman, Allene .. Jury, Maurice Jury, Victor ..... K Keasler, Bob .... Keel, Gene ........ Keeton, Bernice .... Keeton, Finis .... Ketfer, John Keith, Janice .. Keller, Evelyn . .. Keller, Velma .... Kellett, Louis .... Kelley, J. Ross ..... Kelley, Robert . . . Landrum, Marilyn . . . Lane, E' .line ...... Lane, Martha Lanfcrd, Gene Lang, William . .. Langford, Betty .. Langford, J. W. . . . Langford, Nancy Langford, Wanda .... Large, Oscar ...... Larimore, Phil ..... Larmour, Suzanna . . . LaRoe, George .... Larrick, Jack .... Larrick, Jerry ...... Laseter, Georgia .. Lassiter, Bryant ...... Llatson, Bill ........... Laughter, Gola Grace.. Lawless, Hugh ....... Lawrence, Gladys .... Lawrence, Madge .... Lawson, Ted ...... Lea, Evelyn ..... Leach, Allen . . . . Leary, Louette ........ Leaverton, Herbert .... LeCompte, Mary Louise ..... Ledbetter, Newman .... Ledwig, Alvin ........ Ledwig, James ..... Ledwig, Madeline Lee, Alma Ruth .... Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Jean ..... Joe B. ..... . Joe Terry. . . Jackson, Leete ...... Jackson, Reuben . . . Jackson, Robert ..... Jackson, Virginia . . . Jacobs, Charles .... Jacobs, Earl ..... Klepper, Bill ....... Jacques, Lamar ..... James, Ernest ....... James, Mary Patricia. Jameson, Elmer Gene. . . . . . . Jansen, Leonard .... Jarrett, Claude . . . . . . Jarrett, Robert . . . Knox, Jerold ............... Jay, Jimmie . . . . . Jeffreys, Dorothy . . Jeffreys, Narvell . . . Jenkins, Betty ..... Jenkins, Clothile .. Jenkins, Loyd .... Jennings, John .... Jennings, Marion . . . Jobe, Harrel ...... Jobson, Mary Lu. . . . Kelly, Mallory . . . Kemp, A. J. .... . Kendall, Gene ..... Kendrick, Lowell .. Kennard, Bert ..... Kessel, Benjamin .... ..... Kestler, Martha Lou ........ Key, Sidney ......... . . . Keyes, Robert G. .. Keys, Arch ...... Kidd, Ermis . .. Kilgore, Harry . . . Kilpatrick, David .. Kilpatrick, James ..... . . . Kimbrell, Wanda .......... Kimbrough, Durwood ....... Kimmel, Sarabeth .......... Kimmel, Turner ...... ..... Kimsey, Bette ........ Kinard, Mary Jane. ......... Kindrick, Betty Faye ........ King, Charlene ....... . . . King, Connie ........ . . . King, Lewis King, Randell . . . King, Rozelle ...... Kirkpatrick, B. T. .... .... . Kittrell, Mary Lee. .,.. .... . Kline, Edward . . . Knight, Bill ...... Knowles, Doyle .... Knox, Gilbert .... . . . . . . . Knutson, Billie . ........... . Koeninger, Leta Merle ...... Koetting, Bernard .......... Kral, Irene .......... ..... Lee, Helen Ruth .... Lee, J ohn ....... Lee, Whitney Lee, Winifred .... Leftwich, Jimmie Leftwich, Marjorie Legge, Marion ..... Legge, Melvin ....... Leggott, Elizabeth .... Lehman, Marguerite .. Lehman, Winn ....... Lehr, Dale ........ Lehr, Theron ...... Lemke, Walter ....... Lernmons, Gayle S. . . LeMond, Tom ..... . Lennington, Everett .. Lenoir, Carrie D. . .. Leonard, Margaret . . . Lesovsky, Frances . . . Levens, Otis ...... Levi, Peggy Ann . . . Levy, Keith . .... . Lewis, Arch .... Lewis, Bobby ..... Lewis, G. D. ........ . Lewis, lla Pauline .... Lewis, Joan ..... .. Lewis, Kenneth .. Lewis, Louise .... Johnson, Audrey . . . Johnson, Glenn . . . Johnson, James . . . Johnson, Julia ....... Johnson, Johnson, Mary Jane. . Nell Arnett . Johnson, Ouida ..... Johnson, Phillip ..... Johnson, Ralph . . . Johnson, Robert . . . Johnston, Doris ..... Johnston, Johnny . . . Johnston, Jozelle .. Johnston, Roberta Jolly, Robert ..... Kuhn, Ed ........... ..... Kunkel, Calvin ............ Kuykendall, Mildred ....... Lacey, Laine, I. Robert . . . Bill .... Lair, A. J. Laird, Laird, Lloyd ..... Nancy ..... Lam, Gwendolyn .... . . . Lambert, A. C. .... . Lambert, A. J. ....... .... . LaMaster, Henry . . . . . . . . . Landrum, Jimmie Lee ....... Lewis, Phiter .... Lewis, Vondee ...... Lieurance, Richard . .. Light, Oveta ...... Lilly, Bob ........... Lindley, Maxine ...... Lineberry, Edna Earle . Liner, Ollie ........... Liner, Warren . . . . . Linker, LaVon . . . Lipscomb, Bob . . . Little, Eugene . . . Little, Oweta . . . Lloyd, Jack ....... Locke, Edwin ........ Locklar, Elizabeth .... Loflin, Ruth ........ Long, Ednita .... Long, J. C. .... . Long, Margaret .. Longley, Jack .... Looper, Dorothy . . . Lott, Billye Jim . . . Lovelace, Jack . . . Lovelace, James .,.. Loveless, Luther .... Loveless, Vernon . . . Lowe, Glenn ..... Lowe, Rex ..... Luccock, Henry Luce, Elizabeth E. . .. Luker, Marilyn . . . Luscombe, Joe .... Lutrick, Charles .... LyBrand, Burma .... Lynn, Fred ....... Lyon, P. A. ...... . Mc McAlister, Tommye Bea ..... McAllister, Maxine .... McArthur, Allen .... McBride, Betty .... McBride, Jack .... McCain, Roberta .... McCalister, Charles .. McCallum, Catherine .. McCallum, Weldon . . . McCarroll, Fred ...... McCarter, Dorothy .. . McCarty, Colleen McCarty, Louise .... McCaskill, Neal ..... McClanahan, Louie .. McClellan, Lucille McClellan, Nell ...... McCloy, Willard ...... McClung, Mary Beth. . . McClure, Charles .... McClure, Corinne . . . McClure, Harvey .... McClure, Howard .... McColloch, Lawrence .. McCoy, Betty ........ McCoy, Bill ......... McCoy, Jewell .... McCoy, Ronald ...... McCraw, Joe .......... McCrory, Martha F. . .. McCrummen, Margaret McCurdy, Marrion Q. . . McDaniel, Harold .... McDaniel, Lee ........ McDowell, Woodyard . . McDuff, Dorothy Gene. McDuff, Jo ............ McDutf, Lee ........ . McEachern, Elizabeth . McEachern, W. T. .... . McElheny, Geraldine . . McElroy, Ed ..... .... McEntire, Mildred . . . McEwen, John ....... McFarland, Charlene . . McFarland, Yvonne .. McGee, Sammie .... McGehee, Sample . . . McGill, Sam ........ McGilvray, Cyril .... McGlothlin, Billy McGonagill, Frank . . . McGough, Bill ....... McGowan, Edward . . . McGowen, Mary .... McGowen, Virginia .. McGrath, Dorothy . . . McGregor, Joe ...... Mclntire, Sherwood . . . McIntosh, Andy ..... McKay, Iva Lea . . . McKee, John ...... McKennon, Libby . . . McKinley, Rowena . . . McKinnon, Robert .... McLaughlin, Elmer . . . McLaughlin, Jean .... McLaughlin, Wanda . . . McLean, John D. .... . McLendon, Gene .... McLeod, Doyle ........ McLoen, Carrye Jo .... 56 ....l08 57 57 84 84 ....l 57 38 138 ....l08 ....l38 ....l38 57 188 .....lO8 84 84 ....138 57 ....l08 57 57 ....l38 57 ....108 ....l08 57 ....l08 ....l08 ....l38 57 84 57 ....l38 ....138 ....l38 84 ....138 84 ....l08 38 108 .....l38 84 . .... 108 57 .....l38 84 .....l38 ,....l08 ....l38 57 57 84 ....l08 84 57 84 138 108 ....l38 ....l38 84 ....l08 ....l38 ....l08 ....l08 84 84 58 58 138 58 108 58 138 ....l08 ....l38 ....l08 84 84 ....l08 ....138 84 108 Page 368 Payne McMenamy, Fannie Lou McMillan, Kelly K. . . . . McMillan, Mary E. . . . . McNamara, Faith ..... McNamara, Gladys . . . McNeil, Dan ........ McPherson, Clint ...... McPherson, Eva Mae .. McPherson, Tommy V. . McReynolds, Zoe ...... McSpadden, Virginia L. M Maasen, H. A. ..... . Maasen, Ioycelyn ..... Macdonald, Dorothy . . . Macha, Georgia .... Macina, Bob ........ Madden, Wayne .... Maddux, Horace .. Madry, Valeta ...... Maedgen, Mary E. .. Maeker, Arnold .. . Magee, Dorothy . . . Mahaffey, Chas. .. Mahone, Connie .. Malcolm, lola .... Maley, Virginia . . . Maloney, Norma .... Mann, Mrs. Muriel .... Mannan, Dorothy Ann . Manning, Marion ...... Manning, Robert ...... Markham, Beulah Rae . Marks, Earlene ....... Marr, Lorraine ...... Marrs, Dorothy Rose Marrs, Verne ....... Marshall, Dean Metcalf, Frances .. . Metcalf, Mary Lou . . Meyer, E. B. ...... . Meyers, Zada Bea . . Middleton, DaOnne . Mika, Bernie ....... Mikeska, Emmitt . . . Miles, Mark ....... Miller, Billie Marie . Miller, Dorothy ..... Miller, Elizabeth . . . . Miller, Francis . . . Miller, Gene . . . Miller, Louise .... . Miller, Marilyn .... Miller, Mary Etta . . . Miller, Maxine ..... Miller, Nancy Ann . Miller, Nila Rae .... Miller, Pauline . . . Miller, Thelbert .... Miller Welborn .... Milliken, Spencer . . . Millikin, Nana ..... Mills, Don ....... Minor, Carl L. .... . Minyard, Iimmie Narramore, Billy . . . Nash, Ierry ...... Neal, Earl ...... Neal, lack .... Neal, Sibley .... Nelson, Bill . . . Nelson, Ioe ..... Nelson, Nancy . . . Nettles, Edwin ..... Neves, Douglas .... New, Paul ....... Newby, Dan .... Newland, Earl .. . Newman, Edith .... Newman, Hubert ..... .... Newport, Elizabeth . . . . . . . Newton, Beth ...... Newton, Eileen ..... Newton, Madison .... . . . Nickell, Gene .... Nichols, Neal ...... Nichols, Nelson .... Nicholson, R. P. .. Nicks, lack ..... Nicks, Mary .... Nikkel, Leslie ........ .... N ivin, Billy ................ Patton, Keith .... Payne, Cliff ...... Payne, Emory .... Payne, Iohn H. .. . Payne, Iohn W. . . . Payne, Lucille .... , Paul ...... Miskimins, Dorothy . Mitcham, Mary Adna Mitchell, Barbara .. Mitchell, Eleanor . . . Mitchell, Frank . . . Mitchell, Mildred . . . Mitchell, Rhea ..... Mitchell, Rosalind .. Nobles, Margueritte ........ A. .......... Noret, R. Norman, Harold .... Norman, Ray .... Norman, Reta .... Norman, Trinka .... Norris, Eldon ..... Norris, Iohn Lewis Martin Charles Martin Dick ..... Martin lay W. . .. Martin, I. C. ..... . Martin, Iohnnie ..... Martin, Margaret .... Martin, Marie ..... Martin, Mozelle . .. Martin, Pharene ..... Martin, Rose Marie .... Martin, Martin, Martin Travis ...... Wesley . . . Willard . . . Marxen, Bob ..... Mize, Weldon ...... Moffett, Roy ....... Moncrief, Margaret . Monk, Olin ........ Monk, Ruth ........ Monroney, Wayne . Montandon, Francis Montgomery, Dorothy Moody, Bill ........ Moody, Rayford .... Mooney, Iohn .... Norris, Katy Faye .... . . . Novak, Frankie .... Nystel, Arch ..... Massey, Harold Moore Posey, Bill T. . . . Mauldin, D. B. ....... . Mathews, Bill .... Mathias, Arnold .... Matthews, Elwin .... Matthews, Leon ..... Matthews, Marjorie .... Matthews, Mrs. Virlea . Maxwell, Peggy .. Moore, Ann .... Moore, Bruce .... Moore, Christine . . . Moore, Darrell . . . Moore, Travis ...... Moore, Velda Lou .. Moore , Wilbur ..... Moore, Z. A. ...... . s, Benton . . . . Morehead, Ioyce Lee Moreland, George .. Morgan, George W, Morris, Andy ...... Morris, Betty lane .. Morris, Buddy ..... Morris, Nanetta P. . . O Oakes Vernon ..... , O'Connor, Frances . . . . . . . Oglesby, Ben ...... Olinger, Bill ..... Oliver, lane ..... Oliver, Marjorie .... Olsak, Leroy ..... O'Mara, Betty .... O'Neal, Ernalu . . . O'Neal, Lenola . . . O'Neill, Peggy . . . Orr, Vidabelle . . . Orr, William .... Osborn, Earl 1. .. Ostrom, Elnita .. . Ostrom, Lavon . . . Owen, Fred ..... Owen, Harold .. . Owen, Max .... Owen, Roberta .. Owen, Roger .... Payne, Paul L. . . . . Payne, Ruth Marie Payne, Thelma .... Pearson, Houston . Pearson, Lendon P. Peays, Buford ..... Peays, Hazel Ruth Peckham, Miriam . Pendleton, Mildred Pendley, Mavis . . . Penney, Hulen .... Perez, Rodolfo .... Perkins, Adelia .. . Perry, Iohn ..... Perry, Lee .... Perry, Max . . . Perry, Susan .... Perry, Tommy . Q . . Perryman, Bob .... Peterman, Marie .. Phillips, Ben ...... Phillips, Bertha M. Phillips, Billy ..... Phillips, Howard .. Phillips, Iohn ..... Pierce, Carson .... Pierce, Ioe ..... Pierce, Mona ..... Pierce, Roxie ..... Pierson, Martha Lee Pilcher, Harold .... Piller, Raymond . . . Pinkerton, Cecil .. . Pinkerton, Thurman Pinkus, George .. . Pirkle, Bobbie .... Pitts, Carl E. ..... . Plants, Martha F. . Plummer, Bettye .. Plunk, Clay ...... Poe, Maxine .... Ponder, Ierry .. . Pool, Ed ...... Poole, Edith .... Pope, Bill ..... Pope, Irene ..... Porter, Mackie .... Post, Martha Postert, Gladys . . . Poteet, R. B.' ..... . Powell, Ada Lee .. Powell, Billie ..... Powell, Imogene .. Owens, Helen . .. Powell, lean ...... May May May , Arthur ..... , Florene .... , Frances .... May, Gene .... May, lesse .. May, Io Pete ...... May May May May es, George es, Marion .... s, Craig ..... s, Muriel ..... Meading, Evelyn .... Meading, Miriam .... Mecusker, Ralph .... Medlin, Homer .... Medlin, Shirley .... Meekma, Patricia Mehta, Abdul K. .. Meier, Bill ............ Meinecke, Margaret . .. Melton, Lucille ...... Mendell, Herman .... Meredith, Stanley . . . Merrell, Lynette . . . Merritt, Eloise ..... Messenger, Daniel . . . Page 369 l Morris, Wilbert L. . . Morrison, Billy ..... Morrison, David .... Morrison, Rachel .. . Morrow, Harold .... Moseley, Hubert . . . Moser, Coty ..... Mott, Catherine .... Moxley, John Robt. . Mudge, Frances .... Mueller, Clara . . . Mullin, Leo .... Mullin, Robert Munn, Max ........ Murdough, Iames .. Murphy, Lee ....... Myrick, Walter ..... N Nabers, Mary ...... Nabors, Anna Mae . Nail, Marianna .... Nail, Paul .....,. Nance, Nancy Nance, Mary .... P Page, Walter ..... Park, Bob .......... Parker, Bessie Lou . . . . . . . Parker, Iames ..... Parker, lulia ..... Parks, Miriam . . . Parks, Redell . . . Parks, Roy ..... Parrack, B. ..... . Parrott, Gertrude . . . Parsons, Iack .... Paschal, Edna ..... Paschal, Clyde ...... .... Patrick, W. Franklin Patrick, Walter .... Patterson, Harold .... .... Patterson, Harold D. ....... . Patterson, Ira ........ .... Patterson, Rachel ..... .... Patterson, Rosemary .... . . . Patton, Don .......... .... Patton, Iack ....... Powell, Wesley Prange, Edna Lou . Prathe r, lack ..... Presson, Glendon . Preston, Toe Torn . . Price, Beverly .... Price, Harriett .... Price, Isabelle .... Price, Iames .... Price, Lewis ...... Price, Martha ..... Price, Melba Faye Price, Ray ........ Price, Ruth Price, W. D. .. . . Prickett, lane ..... Prickett, Tom ..... Pritchett, Ala Gene Prosser, lres ...... Pugh, Betty Grace . Putnam, Luween .. Putteet, David ..... Q Qualls, lack ...... 112 88 88 l42 161 88 142 112 88 88 112 61 61 112 62 88 62 112 64 142 142 62 62 62 142 62 112 88 112 142 112 62 ll2 62 112 142 112 88 88 62 88 88 112 62 88 112 88 142 142 88 112 62 142 88 62 142 142 88 142 142 62 142 62 88 62 88 112 142 142 88 88 63 63 142 142 63 112 63 63 142 142 142 142 142 63 R Sowder, Reinhold, Shirley . . . Rhode, Alfred .............. Riddle, Delbert Lee . . Stewart, Elizabeth Iane bb, l .tt ...... gan, ee ....... Ragland, Eugene . . . Ragle, Bvrney .... Ragsdale. Dick . . . . Ra"1lfs, O. H. Rainey, Elvin ..... Raley, Bedford . . . Ramsey, Oliver . . . Rampy, Max ....... Range, Byron ........ .... Ranneield, Vernon . . . . . . . Ransom, Charlotte .... .... Ranspot, Mary E. .. Rapier, Robert . . . Rapstine, Frank . . . Rasco, Marie . .. Rattan, Theda ..... Reed, Floyd ......... .... Read, Marian Hope ........ Read, Lucile ......... .... Redding, Paul ........ .... Redick, Richard W. .. .. .. Reding, Norma .... Redline, Leland ...... .... Redus, Dean ............... Redwine, Bette Bob ........ Reed, Cora Lee ...... . . . Reed, Zenoba ...... Reeder, Mary F. ..... . . . . Reeder, May Ona .... .... Reese, Katherine .. . Reeves, Io ........ Reeves, Lillian .. . Reeves, Mary F. Reid, Eugene ...... Reinhold, Claudia .... . . . Rendall, Marian Renfroe, Thomas . .. Renner, lean ...... Reynolds, Carolyn . . . . . . . Reynolds, Hugh .... Rhodes, Reuby Tom ........ Rice, Betty lo , ....... . . . . Rice, Rudolph ..... Rice, Sarah Beth ..... .. . Richards, Cliff ............. Richardson, Geraldine Richardson, Martha Ann .... Ridley, Marioray .... Riethrnayer, Walter . Riley, Pauline ...... Riley, Theta Mae . . . Riordan, Lynette . . . Ritter, Charles . .. Rivers, George .... Rixse, Roy ........ Robbins, Donald . . . Robbins, lack ..... Robbins, Kenneth .. Roberts, Bobbie . .. Roberts, Evan .... Roberts, I. A. ..... . Roberts, loe Harry . . . Roberts, Kenneth .... ie . . . r . esta. f. F. tge, Bill . . . Rclley, Hal .... Rollins, Thomas .. Roman, Doris .... Rooney, Grace .. . Rorex, Edward .... Rose, Bonnie ........ Rose, Lucy Dean ..... Rosenguest, Helen I. . Ross, Floyd ......... Ross, George O. . . Ross, lames C. .. Ross, Iohn L. . . .. Ross, Iulia Anna . Ross, Lorraine Ross, Velma Dee . Rosson, Renal ........ Rothwell, Raymond . . . Rountree, Lola F. . . . . Rowland, Hugh Rush, George R. .. Rushing, Bonnie . . Rushing, Roberta .... Russ, Ernestine Russell, George .. . Russell, Naomi . . . Ryan, Mary lo .... S Salter, Robert Lee Sanders, Loyd ...... Sanderson, Bernice Sanderson, Glen .... Sandlin, Fritz ..... Sansom, A. B. . . .. Sansom, Virginia .... Sartin, Iuanita .... Sasser, Wallace .... Saunders, leanne Savell, Lucille .... Schantz, lra ......... Scheihagen, Dorothy . . Schermerhorn, Marietta Schilling, Oscar ...... Schmid, Robert ....... Schneider, Heidi .. Schoppa, Elroy ...... Schoremoyer, C. T. . . . Schumacher, Dorothy . Schuster, Bob ........ Schwarz, Henry D. .. Schweitzer, Houston .. Shaw, Roclrick .... Shearer, Rex .... Sheehan, lames . . . Sheehan, Richard .. Sheets, Ernest ..... Shell, Bertie lo ..... Shellberg, Frank . . . Shelton, Holloway .. Shelton, lack ...... Shelton, Travis .... Shepherd, Don .... Sherman, Norma . .. Sherrill, Beatrice Sherrod, Neoma .... Sherwood, Charles . Sherwood, lohn .... Shick, Paul ...,.... Shoemaker, Freelin . Shoemaker, lames L. Shoemaker, Virginia M. .... . Shofner, Orville .... Shryock, Betty ..... Shuler, H. C. ..... . Sibley, Lonnie Sides, lack ...... Sikes, Elizabeth .. Silman, Lorene . . . Silman, Polly . . . Silvey, Naomi .... Simms, Harold Simmons, Belvin Simmons, Clarence . Simmons, Margaret . Simpson, Clem ..... Simpson, Evelyn . .. Simpson, Frankie . . . Simpson, Gwendolyn Singer, Elton ....... Sisk, lackson ...... Skeen, Kelly .... Skinner, Robert Skipper, Chas. H. .. Slater, Cloyd ....... Slater, Robert ...... Slover, I. W. ...... . Smallwood, Capitola Sp,arger, Dorris L. Iohnie . . . Spbtrkman, Iohn R. .. Sparks, Mary ........ Sparks, Nancy Lee Spear, Velma D. .. .. Spears, Iames .... Spears, W. S. .. Speer, Brooks .... Spencer, Bruce . . . Spencer, lean .... Spencer, Lois ..... Spencer, Marjorie . . . Spencer, Robt. ..... . Spencer, Rodney .... Spivey, I. T. ....... . Spradling, William . . . Sprague, Buddy ..... Sprawls, H. G. Sprawls, Loyd .. . Sprawls, Maxine .. Spring, Lee ...... Springer, Berl .... Springer, Verna . . . Squires, Margie . .. Squyres, Berry .... Squyres, Weldon .... Stagner, Ellis ..... Stalcup, Evelyn . .. Staley, L. M. .... . Stalls, Iames ....... Standefer, Prather Stangel, Mary Menon Stanley, Roulande .... Stanphill, Alonzo .... Starkey, Iohnie Starkey, Kathryn .... Staton, Dorothy Steed, Charles .. . Steed, Daniel .... Smart Smart, Smith, Ieff ......... V. C. ...... . Ava Louise . . Smith, Bobbie ...... Smith, Bonnie Lyle . Smith, Bourdon ..... Smith, Donald ...... Smith, Drucilla ..... Smith, Elizabeth A. . Smith, Stence, Henry ..... Stephens, Bobbie .... Stephens, Clarence .. . Stephens, Daphne Stephens, Dorothy .... Stephenson, Billy ..... Stephenson, Mary Ann Stephenson, Sara Lee . Sterling, Curtis ....... Stewart, Alene C. Stewart, Gloria . . . Stewart, Patricia .. Stewart, lack ....... Mary ....... Scott Scott , Iune . .... .. , Lee ....... Scott, Lula Alice . Scott, Paul ...... Scott, Robert ..... Scott, Winnell Smith, Helen loy . .. Smith, I. D. ....... . Smith, lean Ann Smith, loe Clinton .. Smith, Iohn E. ..... . Roberts, Roberts, Mrs. Kenneth Moreene . . . Robertson, Edith .... Robertson, lames . . . Robertson, Melvin . . . Robertson, Wm. Hall Robinson, lack ...... Robinson, Geraldine . Robinson, Ioy ....... Robinson, Lometa . .. Robinson, Martha Ann Sullivan, Roby, Campbell W. . Roco, leanne ....... Roden, I. R. ..... . Rodgers, Dan ..... Rodgers, Earline Rodgers, Wilma .... Rogers, Arol ...... Scroggins, Corrine .. Scudday, Earl ..... Scudder, Kirby ...... Seale, Mary Louise .. Seale, Wortham .... Sealy, George .... Seaman, Christine . . . Seed, Charles ..... Seitz, Elbert ..... Self, Lottie ........ Senning, Charles .... Sessums, Betty .... Settle, Mary Lucy Shaffer, Garmer .... Shahan, Lina Lee Shaikewitz, Ted . . . Shanafelt, Ianell .. Shanks, lack ..... Shannon, P. B. Sharp, I. P. ...... . Sharpe, Hugh ....... Shaunty, Mary Ann .. Shaver, Douglas .... Shaw, Aural . . . Shaw, Harry . . . Shaw, Norman . . . Smith, Iowilla ..... Smith, Iuanice .... Smith, Louis .... Smith, Louise .. . Smith, Marion . . . Smith, Mary ...... Smith, Mary Beth . . . Smith, Mary L. .. . Smith, Mary Sue Smith, Roger . . . . . Smith Sanford ...... Smith, Vester Lee . . Smith, Virginia ..... Smith, Wilson ...... Smithee, Betty Nell . Snelleman, L. W. . . . Snider, Patricia . . . Snively, Robert .... Snoddy, Iris ....... Snodgrass, Dolores Snow, Nelda ....... Snow, Nell ...... Snow, Wilodine .. Snure, Charles .. . Son, Neysa ..... Soper, Harland . . . Stiles, Wanda Ruth . . . Stiles, Winnell ...... Still, Chas. ...... . Stilwell, Doris Stivers, Monna . . . Stockstill, Bill .... Stokes, lames .... Stokes, lohnny Stone, Faye .... Stone, Raye ...... Storey, David .... Story, Richard . . . Stout, LaVerle .... Stoy, Lucille ......... Strain, Thelma Ruth .. Strain, Waddell ..... Strawn, Douglas .. Street, Marie ..... Street, Weldon . . . Stricklin, Buck Studer, Betty ...... Studhalter, Walter . . . Sturdivant, Clarence .. Sublett, lack ......... Sufall, Mary Martha .. Suggs, William ..... Suiter, Melba ..... Sullivan, Dudley .. Sullivan, Marque .... Sullivan, Pat ...... Rex ....... Sursa, Lloyd ......... Sutton, Mary Virginia ...ll6 ...l46 67 90 67 67 ....l46 67 ....ll6 ....ll6 67 ....l46 90 67 90 ....ll6 ....l46 ....ll6 ....ll6 ....ll6 ....ll6 67 67 ....ll6 67 ....ll6 ....l46 ....ll6 90 67 ....ll6 90 ll6 ....l46 ....ll6 67 ....l46 ....l46 90 67 ....ll6 ....ll6 67 ....ll6 90 l46 .....ll6 ......l46 ....l46 67 90 ll6 l46 l-'16 l46 l46 ....l46 ....llG ....l46 ....l45 ....ll6 ....l46 90 90 90 90 67 ....ll6 ....l46 ....l46 68 90 68 ....ll6 ....l46 68 ....l46 68 ....ll6 ....ll6 68 ....ll6 90 90 ....l46 68 .....l46 Page370 Swaim, Howard .... Swain, lack ....... Swanson, Dorothy N. Swart, Chloe ...... Peyton .,... . . . Tucker, Billy . . . Tucker, Doreen .. Tucker, Tucker, Winfred .... . . . Vernon, Frank Deveral ..... Wright, Dorothy . . . Sweatt, Svetlik, Wardell ..... I. Frank .... T Tabor, Warren ...... Tannahill, Clifton . . . Tanner, Nanette . . . Tarpley, Grace .... Tatum, Delton . . Taylor, Cynthia . . . Taylor, D. E. . . . . Taylor, G. D. .. . Taylor, leanne .... Taylor, Kenneth . . . Taylor, Maggie C. Taylor, Melvin .... Taylor, Richard ..... Taylor, Sallie Ann . . . . . . . Taylor, Ulys ......,. Taylor, Voncille . . . Taylor, W. M. ...... . Teague, Teague, Teague, Temple, Temple, Templet Terrell, Terrell, Terrell, Terrell, Abner ....... . . Frankie Lou Katie ....... .... lane ........ .... Kathryne ...... . . on, Johnnie F. Bob .......... .... Glenn . . . lack .... Terry, H. M. ..... . Thacker, Opal .... Thaxton, Rosa .... Thomas, Christine .. . Thomas, Hazel .... Thomas, Helen .... Thomas, Tommy .... Thomas, Wm. 1. .... . ,Bernard Thompson Thompson, Carey . . . Thompson, Carol .... Thompson, D. A. . . . . Thompson Thompson , Harold .... . . , Lavere .......... Tudor, Woodie . . . Tunnell, Mary M. . . . . , . . Turner, Austin ..... ..... Turner, Ava Nell . . . . . . . . Turner, Iim ...... Turner, Leland . . . Turner, Marion . . . . . . . . Turrentine, Daniel . . . . . . . . . . Turrentine, Edward Tyler, Ray ........... ..... U Ulrich, Charlotte . . . . . . V Vallance, Dorris .... . . . Vance, Earlene ..... . . . Vaughter, Iuanita . . . . . . Verhyden, Mack . . . . . . Verner, Darrell .... . . . Verner, Ierrene .... . . . Verner, Martha .... ..... Vestal, Mary Helen .... . . . Vincent, Edward .... . . . Volz, Norman ...... . . . W Webster, Walter ...., Webster, Madge M. . Webster, Oletha ..... Weddington, Io M. . . . Weeth, Katheryn .... Weidling, Carl .... Weiss, Dorothy Welch, Iames ....... Wells, Dewey ....... Wells, Mary Frances . Wentz, Frank ........ Werneburg, Robert Wescott, 1. V. ..... . West, Helen Ruth .... West, Hoy ........... Westmoreland, Yvonne Wharton, Georgie Sue Whatley, Annie M. . .. Whatley, Raymond . . . Whatley, Rosemary .. Wheat, Lee .......... Wheeler, Celestine Wheeler, Iohn Bill . . . Wheelock, Sylva ,... Whetstone, Mona .... White, Iack ....... White, I. B. .. . . White, Iesse B. . . . . White, Margaret ,... White, Ray ....... White, Raymond .... White, Richard .... White, White, Ted ..... Travis ..... Wagner, Betty Io .... . . . Wagner, Margaret Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Walker, Aubrey . . . . . . Helen ..... . . . lack ....... . . . Iess Lloyd Pollyanna Walkup, Oliver .... . . . Whitehead, Alice Whitwell, Kathryn Whitwell, Omer ..... Widmoyer, Fred ..... Widmoyer, Marjorie .. Wiese, Maxine ...... Wilcox, Marietta .... Thompson, Moguyneta Thompson, Pauline ......... Thompson, Pete ...... .... Thormann, Vera . . . Thornburgh, Iohn Thornhill, Gerald ..... .... Thornton, Horace E. .. Thornton, Melvin .... Wall, Elmer ..... Wall, George .. Wall, Wallace . .. Wallace, Fred .... Wallace, Lowry .... . . . Wallace, Ralph .... . . . Waller, Gertrude . . . . . . Walling, Betty .. . Walling, Ruth .... Walls, Doyle .. Walser, Carl ..... Walston, lack A. . . . . . . Walter, Ioy Anne . . . . . . . . Walthall, Kathleen Waltz, Glennis ..... . . . Warren, Vasti ....... . . . Wilder, Bernard . . . Wiley, Norman . .. Thornton, Patty ..... Thruston, Catharine Thurman, B111 .............. Thurman, Iacalyn F. Thurman, Udell ...... .... Tidwell, Frances .... .. Tilger, Smith ........ . . Tillery, Clarence .... . . Tinkler, Rtuth ..... Tinsley, lean ..... Tippit, Doris Nell .... .. Tipton, Louie ....... .... Tipton, Margaret ..... . . Titsworth, Iacqueline Titus, Helen Marie . . . . . . . Tollett, Robert ...... .... Trammell, DeTroy .,........ Treadwell, Clarence ........ Tredway, Blandina . . . . . . . True, S. M. ......... .... Page 371 Wassell Wasson , Addie Lee .... . . . , Iohnny . . Watford, George . . . . . . . . Watkins, Burgin .... . . . Watkins, Gilbert .... . . . Watkins, Marguerite Watkins, Valton .... ..... Eulamae Frances... Watson, Cora lean Watson, Watson, Watson, Ioyce . .. Watson, ' Watson, Olin ...... ..... Rosalyn... Watt, Buena A. .. Weatherby, Lee .. Weaver, Margaret Webb, Felton .... Webb, Layton Weber, Arthur 1. Webster, Allan . . . Wilhelm, Amy G. Wilhite, Iames G. Wilhite, Wanda . . . Wilkins, H. T. .... . Wilkins, lean ....... Wilkison, Iacquelyn .. Wilkowske, Howard .. Wilkowske, Roger .... Williams, Aldine Williams, Bill . .... Williams, Charles . . . Williams, Clyde ...... Williams, Clyde Ray . Williams, David ..... Williams, Dorothy . . . Williams, Floyd .. . Williams, lack ...... Williams, Iames ...... Williams, Iames W. .. Williams, lean ...... Williams, Ioe ..... Williams, Iuanita . . . Williams, Iuanita . .. Williams, Kathleen . . . Williams, Robt. H. Williams, Roy .... Williams Troy ....... Williams, Victor ..... Williams, Wanda Beth Williams, Wayne .... Williamson, Douglas . Williamson, Guinn Williamson, Iimmie . . . Williamson, Mozelle .. J 48 llffaz ....,92 148 92 148 148 118 148 118 118 118 118 92 ......l48 92 ....l18 ....l48 ....l48 92 148 148 148 70 ..7O ..92 ....l18 ....118 70 92 ....118 ....118 ....148 ....l18 .. 70 92 ....l50 ....ll8 92 92 .. 70 70 ....l50 ....l18 118 150 38 ....l50 ....l50 92 ....l50 150 150 118 ....118 .. 70 ....l50 ....l50 92 92 92 ....1l8 70 150 150 118 150 92 118 92 ......150 ....l50 ....l50 ......ll8 Williamson, Ocie H Willingham, Howard Wilmeth, Leo ..... Wilmoth, George .. Wilson, Albert . . . Wilson, Frances . . . Wilson, Helen . . . Wilson, Iames . . . Wilson, L. G. .. . . Wilson, Norman . . . Wilson, Oran ..... Wilson, Thomas . . . Wiman, Pat ...... Winchester, William Winston, Dorothy . Winter, Ernest . . . . Wiseman, Helen .. Wiseman, Woodrow Witten, V. Claude . Wohlgemuth, Iarnes Wolfe, Lorene .. . . . Wolfram, Bert .... Woltmon, Iack .... Wood, Annabel Wood, Betty Carol . Wood, Emmett Wood, Harold .... Wood, Iean .... Wood, Robert .... Woodall, Milton . . . Woodfin, Howel . . . Woodfin, Virgil . .. Woods, Dora ..... Woods, Winifred .. Woodward, Albert . Workman, David .. Worley, Dave ..... Worley, Mary Ann Wossum, Luther E. Wotipka, Bill ..... Wright, Beatrice .. Wright ,Dean Wright, Elwood Wright, Eugene .. . Wright, Ianet .... Wright, I. C. Wright, Iohn . . . Wright, I. R. ..... . Wright Kendrick .. Wrightl Mary Doris Wright, Neil ...... Wright, Nina ..... Wyche, Bill . . . WYIY, Wvly, Nova .... Robert ..... Y Yarbrough, Marie . Yeager, Mary Burk Yeats, George .... York, Homer .... York, lack ....... York, I. T. ....... . York, Mae Dell Young, Carl Iunius Young, Elizabeth . . Young, Mildred . . . Young, Robert . . . Young, Zearl ..... Youngblood, Mary . Younger, Norma .. Z Zeleny, Norma lane Zorns, Maud Alice ff ff WQQM f V CJy1'ffy' . fly A. M WW M f ,W wffwlffffffff ff ,MfJQf, , JW fW2W wW WWW 'I . ?Mf MMQWWW W M M WWW 7 W WWW WMM WXWQW if W if M WJ W fmwffzw WWW! W, WW QW Way WWW ff W Y .V , . V V V. .-V V.- Y ,N . . 5--.V ..., ---W.. 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Suggestions in the Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) collection:

Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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