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 - Class of 1941

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,.,,, inn L f-sb ,,,. ' 1 - , . 1 1:-' ...ma-.::4,.1 M: 1, .V .- 1- , x I .-.ng W. .. ff :I ,Q V4 . Xf2l'?:f5Sz 5' vi -. .,.,.,p-:xv V .. A 5 4- V 41 'W?5fE:'-425951 3 53-5:i53?'f:M Ii-. - k:.:f: :T -. 1' . 21141:-E"1E ff? ,. a . fy - .-mf. af 3' 51:52-3' 4 ff V x f 4 if 1 , 5 y 6 4 , ,ff c 1 5 W A '65 4 1 6 Fi ,Q fy .ff e GEN un: ..... L -Q-AQ? 9 K :N ' I y Q s .W 1 Q Xi s f 5 . .? ' is 9, .vw xx -V:-J' . ?":i' I V. 3251.2 359 ' 1 2 fs lb lt? 'ft 3 'W 1 xx Z ' 'W Q E 2 5 A yi e 3 F ' K s 9 N 2 v.. f 'lk F D s " s-,,, 0 x 1, 4 . , I 3 ,, .,.. A 1. nfi an " 'R W f -Q " 5 '45, sh, f-wi V .S . 'X' 4 xx 11 5 i 7. ' '- 1 15 -3, ,. o X4 :g3?? ,,f:s...2:f: 514 , f ....sm,. .Q-:,:-v:q,, . 315.5 K N K ,pl LA VENTANA I Student Publications of Texas Technological College Lubbock, Texas A J KEMP FRANK SPITLER Ed t B M h : 5, V+- A ifnaym. L..-f . W- WE A W.. V " . - :PF N K. Qi! lt, " 7 'SQ V 'QA vt inf? J! Ah H WL '-s. Q .Q If , A "'f-- "N gk .' ' -- .j3'72?nf ,. ' . ' ' -f y ,L 4j,,1 z,, ,YV ig 'wL:.'SfL , ' L If ,W L 'lE'7'm"W . 3. " , . f 1 N ' M N . '-1-2'2:z,. 1 l94l l Ellillllll TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE LUBBOCK, TEXAS it FGREWORD. For TiTTeen years on Tech campus a spiriT has prevailed which makes The school. more Than any oTher, one oT Triendly, democraTic and close relaTions beTween sTudenTs. The sTaTT oT The l94I LA VENTANA has endeavored To reTlecT ThaT spiriT in This book. IT is our hope ThaT as you Turn iTs pages you will be reminded oT The liTe you lead: an inTormal, unpreiudiced exisTence, prided wi+h The privilege To associaTe wiTh everyone. We have Tried To picTure every phase oT campus liTe. IT has been our desire To produce a book which will remind you in laTer years. noT of The book shelT ThaT you seldom dusT, buT oT The liTe which was yours on Tech campus in l94O-4l. If we have accom- plished This we have only done our parT in an insTiTuTion where dem- ocracy is ToremosT and noT phraseology. DEDICATICDN. ln a Time when world problems dominafe our Thinking. we may iusfly be proud of The feeling of which we are conscious day by day. From The Time when The firsT covered wagon moved across Wesf Texas, our forefafhers have been free To do as They pleased. Unhampered by The influence of biased and infolerable opinions, freedom of speech, press, and religion have been held in The highesf of regard. Wifh The esfablishmenf of Texas Tech, Those same Theories were puT inTo pracTice. They have remained unchallenged Through The years. We Talce pleasure in dedicaTing This volume of LA VENTANA To ThaT spirif of democracy which prevails, and To Those Wesf Texas pioneers who are responsible for iTs exisfence. IN MEMCDRIAM MR. JOE T. SNEED. JR. Amarillo Chairman of Board of Direclors MISS FLORA POWELL MCGEE Lubbock Associale Professor of English MRS. STELLA KNAPP ' Lubbock Assislanl' Cusloclian of Wesl lexas Museum 5 9 qv f.. , ,. Wf ,-V,-9 J. ,fm ., -' 'w fw ff, Q india' M ,aw .., - . ,A I w A, Q' W V ' J: A I A"' Q 1, c,., , 4- H ., I "' K HU' ry V H wnah, 4- L It KJV!!-ff' I ,ui 'ffl I 1,5461 ,,,, A , uv TK, K fx! U' 'W'?"?:' I ,mf-fm gl, .., '-1'av3,:,g f N.,-f,,:k,, , ,ff . ,X Vg, ,A . . . ' , W -,Y V V, , . M fu. . gp - f 3- .An 4 143, we 3. ' N H 'W 4 +- ' 1 ' x M' ' H V A 1 ' 'sz' 'H 1 ffl, - M f .'?65g"'L-W 1' W L - V. f 51'-if 'Uh'-A 5,5 JQ,.',r . .1 HA. .zu n -6,40 g .D uf , -V' 4 Je, W Q ,,,. . wx An.: if vivo ,gf 1 "- nl' rw. s .N .myhfmil - vw my ' .?::1r,W9???ff-5 ,. ,,, , J L'q-I3P5135,i,'gMh: ' ' fL'i2if"'i, ' ' f. ' x My ,- , .W -' 'J V L g ' "ali U - ji MM - , an A , , vw- jd' KJ, , rv-.1 ' ' K Q, Q'-R . , ,N I 4 LV: gs J, A 'Z . .X- ,4 iff.: mf f',.1,f ' 1 .sf , " , .af 4 Ml v' , X, f A' Q 5 4,019 we Dfw f , s W,-ml' , ,A,, , I P wid? , b , .1 ww 'f ,. f K ,LJ .Rf t ,4 ' A , A I 4 1 .1 1 . 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Y, K 5 w, ' xr .1 , ., , W, f -., - .. , ' :Mg-X -, m H 4 J.. - "' zsf, ' fn' X, H, ff ,i a, - :wx " 0 M' - ks Xm N , . . X 'Cv Q. 4 J- Y Vxwfx - 1 ' ., ,-- i., . X , 1-4, A .1 i ,M Q, u Y K r a 'nn A ev. I Iv. ..... -,, , i ' . - N, . V 5 N iw Liv: Y' 'N b -N fwqwu, ,ffm , 4. .. Af Q A A ., 1'-fm .. W-,5 .,f- 1 .,, Q 2-'V-+ A QM X M Ng V' ff , - v 2 as-iw' . . "K" gr ,V y '5 1, 1f"'.,-- ,, ., gk maid- xl is..-..,s4. f- M Q1 f z-1 ., H A ' X V " ' . ,., W M. , .zn I K V h " . M f' K- H mfmgmwf '.,. ' - My -M W . Q 'x-x.. 1 . ' .. N A 1- L- Wgqg -gin. 1 , ,kb - . ,,,,, vw 2 ' -' 1 , V N.- .1- . - - Wham 74 M 4 ,M Z, Kwik .X .. Q 'V I .x 'f ,ig-. '4,a 4 .5 M 1, ., ,N I . Lk,-A x . Q.. .A . , Af... - - , e Maw A- - Q, .. . ' f .. KW, X n 'Qikig , - . -'ij-km mv' A - " K " f-- ' K-. 1? -W -'. - :,"w'1..ff --M 5 ' ,, , . V - "W , f W, v. 6 lx ,Q K .r . , m , 1 Wfgw. ' Lf. .4 - J - k . "'W?"R' 5 Q-Lf 'Y ,-if " 11, Y' b 'I' ' K g A -5 'nm-., " 3 56212 ,, 1: A X . if f 1 ' F . 1 A .xxrrr-.' "xx" ' N : '. ' F K :QTY ,L T4 M , f 5, .rw , ,4 5 . A ,X Nxsfw ' r""'- 1 - ! ' 1 ' f L L F -" ' I fs . 1 3 - '..i.:.' f - " H" V 3 '- " Q f' 3 ' 4 ph L f A ', 2 2 - '- f " W ' ',, rg.: ' ' 2 ' f' - .' Q, R1 X , E ' 1 "' . - wif., ' X A, g gm 1 "" g -----. ' Q . . .. L-. , - - W ,LJ 'V a , , 1 , A , I ' Q N 5 1. :aww ' sv, -v - - ' new A--QQ 4 b ,fl me-nf..gp. .2f . Q.- ., -WP!-x. ' .,5,,,.,,,, V. 0-4 'w'!rgl.,!'hg , - K 1. - X K . - - . wi my-3" ' x .-I,"w- wa- "Pu , . . . 1: 1 .y ,.- " '- K. W - ' ,, Q A--. "' ,K g , f , K . y , 1 WI K K ' ' " ,g, "' f . Y ,. WU v J. f 1,5 M F 2 'Q -I-w,,kh K-33:44. .mm I Y ' mu- r n. 'f,,,,,..,4, "NIV tvnn d 'V K A f . 10,71 gm , V . 6 it-Y ,,'9,' . 'I ' ' ' .yvll Z ' A uv r . .' , 'Q J Q . f- s .. - R 1 , A , A I X' 114' A-l,' ' 1 ' .4 'wg ,Mm ' 0'n'r ' I I' A A wg: , ff ,.'l,s4:','."'n .'1 ' . '- . . "A- , - - w f y -- . I sl ' . - '.,i ' X '-w , 'f " tllxf ,fbi It " . 'fl v.' . A -. 5 X l , ' l T' x L , f .' K s . '. - x .gf -0. M Q U I .I I J: x' .faq J, s 'N y,,.,. .L ' t r ' 'du' N '-'NL ' . I V l f , . U . .HEL A T854 - ' ffm . fu E Ie ' - '. .' I' -i -Ayx qu' wi 5 D? Q ivy' ' . I g 'I ,ff-f X4": fn-'WW 'I 'Ur , I A V 'i 'O -2 'A -ff' ' ol" " 'K ,. X , f,..-v if 4+ " , 1 f i i ll A ' 'W' . 3 'Sf ' V 2 U 6 .Mi- : ,f l if .loin ..., 1 X FX1 'X X Li fi Q f' sw., , n-ui" 1 -vc .2 vw--N' lliu :Ill ll S -1 lr """-" . .f'L.x3.s: . j fi, , ,w.,.,.... ,. 14 4 X ' ' 1- iff? 751 ax .4 Q 1 .f-nxly. . 1 x 5, ,, , K f,-.4 -. IZ K , .. lu., .- ' W 1 ' " J .Wm .1 . it W5 I , A - Ulf., P' a nvil Q, .4 ' ?". . - 'F3-SYN -f 'Tn ' . " ':-. "' W "0 ' 1 .. 1 1-,fv 4 ir -P - . V- K- ,'.,...frr'-P, -,,,- i, .,,. V ' 'A 1, ' ., ,x , -rw A lv.-.sxwvl-fi-. v.-,Rf ,JIM . f "1 -- -v ' " ifvf'-'ff -' J 'L Q 51 X 114312 1 'fl Q 5, f -.J "" V' "Fa-. , KH 'Y 1, I M45 fl- .' H ' ' , Sv: -. - N ' .- i'ssp:wgQ,,4+ M. .P ' ,.-.ap ,, 1 - ' M- ' " . L, , ' ' " " -U3 , , , - ' , k ,XW,A3.J.,,Vx ' -n . r , .Q -. . ' Q --. L V . .vrxixibwgrmv I I w ' ' 3" "" ' V F --on , . , , ""' " -' . - " . ' .,.,.,Q,3,,.-H. A NEW. 'M ' :mmf 4 , r CONTENTS PRESIDENT STUDENT COUNCIL BOARD OF DIRECTORS ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL BUSINESS OFFICIALS DEANS DEPARTMENT I-IEADS IX MINI T TIU NRL I 9 A. A+ his desk, Presiden+ Jones performs his duiies as Jrhe college execufive. i s Formally dressed, +he Presiden'r makes an evening appearance. In +ypipai Wes'r Texas sfyie, The Presideni' 'fakes Speakers plaiform a+ a s+a+ion pep rally fo wish luck To Red Raiders. PRESIDENT CLIFFCDRD B. JCDNES STUDENT LEGISLATIVE FirsT Row: Billy Akers Haynes Baumgardner Phyllis Bowen Raymond Goodrich Milne Kelley Emily Ann Maclc I-luberf Moseley Paul Redding Second Row: BeTTy Savage, l-larT Shoemalcler, DoroThy Dlell STovall, Dexy SudduTh, Harold Thompson, Roy 'Wilkes, John Williams, Mary Burk Yeager. Members no+ picTured: Louise Chappelle, Linn Cooper, George Hedrick, I-Iershel Lamb, KenneTh Lewis, James STolces, ArT Weber, Jack Wheelis. STUDENT COUNCIL OTTicial legislaTive body Tor Tech sTudenTs, The STudenT Council is composed oT Tour oTTicers, sTudenT aThleTic rep- resenTaTive, and represenTaTives Trom classes and The Tour divisions OT The college. ReTlecTor OT sTudenT opinion, The body holds all elecTions and disperses wi+h problems which concern The sTudenT body as a whole. The group sTresses high ideals, good will, and sTrives Tor closer relaTionship beTween sTudenTs and adminisTraTion. The council meeTs Twice each monTh unless special meeTings are called by The STuclenT PresidenT. During The year The campus legisla+ors acTed as hosT Tor ParenTs Day, OcTober l8, and also con- ducTed l-lomecoming plans wiTh The assisTance OT Alumni and Ex-STudenTs AssociaTion. l-lomecoming highlighT was a parade in which a sTudenT council award was given Tor The mosT ouTsTanding TloaT. The body was responsible Tor a I-lomecoming bonTire and pep rally which was broadcasT over The local broadcasTing sTaTion. The group sponsored a special Train Tor The gridiron clash beTween New Mexico Lobos and Red Raiders. The council insTiTuTed Tor The TirsT Time The use oT convalescence and sympaThy cards Tor sTudenTs. ForemosT in acTiviTies Tor The year was The coun- cil's leadership in auThorizing The TirsT varsiTy show To be held on Tech campus. The show was held March 28. Page 20 BODY Pg 21 JAMES SNYDER. S+uden+ Presidenf STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS JAMES SNYDER ....... Presidenf JOHN WILLIAMS . . Business Manager ROY WILKES . . . Vice-Presidenf EMILY ANN MACK . Sec:reIary BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mrs. W. R. Polrlerg Mark McGee: Charles C. Thompson, Treasurer: W. T. Gaslon, Secrefaryg Spencer A. Wells. Vice-Chairman: Clifford B. Jones, College President Milburn McCarIy. Members noi' picfuredz J. M. Wes+, Chairman: Tomas G. Pollard: L. L. SI'eeIe. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Harry L. Kent Clifford B. Jones. James G. Allen. O. V. Adams, W. T. Gasfon. Bruce D. Rindlaub, J. F. McDonald. James M. Gordon, W. P. Clement A. I-I. Leidiglw. R. C. Goodwin, MarykW. Doalc, W. C. I-Iolden, Elizabefln I'I. Wes'r, and Jonnie McCrery. proxy for Margarel Wee s. I Page 22 BUSINESS CDEEICIALS lRigh+l Business Manager of Jrhe college, W. T. Gaslon a+ his desk. lBelowl Chief Accounlanl G. W. McCleary and slaffr l-luberl L. Burgess, Flossie Burkholder, Mary Louise Douglas, and Mary Snyder. -,.., i , ll lRl9l'i'll W. P. Clemenl, College Regislrar. lAbovel Regislrar office force: Wayne Rash, Berniece Bur- kell, Rozelle King, Evelyn Clewell, Dorolhy Margarel Forbis, Mrs. Ralph Cald- well, Mrs. Sara Bogan. Mrs. Gordon Thompson, Mrs. Leonard Earnest and Mrs. Harmon Jenkins. Pfrqe 23 lAbovel Purchasing Agenl S. T. Cummings and office slaf-F memloers: l-larold Thompson, Mrs. Nell Mar- lin, Mary Jo Cole, Rex Jackson, and Mrs. Virginia Snelling. ANS CDF CAMPUS Guidance of sludenl aclivilies is under Jrhe immediare direclion of 'rhe seven Deans. Di- recling Jrhe life lhal' exis+s on Tech campus and planning curriculum, bolh scholasric and social. are only par'r of 'rheir dulies. The five Academic Deans are in charge of s'rudenl"s scholaslic life: each is an execulive over a par+icular division. The Dean of Men and Dean of Women are responsible for 'rhe lormula+ion and enforcemenl of rules concern- JAMES G- ALLEN- Dean Ol Men ling social life on Jrhe campus. ,- J. lvl. GORDON. Dean of Arls and Science School R. C. GOODWIN, Dean of Graduale Division Page 24 AND SCI-IGLASTI O. V. ADAMS, Dean of Engineering School MRS. MARY W. DOAK, Dean of Women il, EAL X. if A . vf' mf. A. H. LEIDIGH. Dean of Agricul+ure School MARGARET WEEKS, Dean of Home Economics School . . Page 25 LIFE CO LLECE ACADEMI WENSEL LOUIS STANGEL ELMER LEON MCBRIDE Professor and Head Deparfmenf Professor and Head Deparfrnenf of Animal Husbandry of Agriculfural Economics KENNETH MILLER RENNER ARTHUR W. YOUNG Professor and Head Deparfmenf RAY LEON CHAPPELLE Professor of Agronomy and Head of Dairy Manufacfures Professor and Head Deparfmenf Deparfmenf of Planf Indusfry of Agriculfural Educafion Page 26 DEPARTMENT HEA JAMES HAROLD MURDOUGH FLORIAN ARTHUR KLEINSCHMIDT Professor and Head Depa,+men+ of Professor and Head Deparrmenr of Civil Engineering OSCAR ALLEN ST. CLAIR Professor and Heacl Depar+rnen+ lnduslrial Engineering and Engineering Drawing Page 27 ol Archirecfure and Allied Ar'rs HARRY FREDERICK GODEKE ROBERT CABANISS GOODWIN Professor and'Head Deparrrnenr of Professor and Head Depar+men+ of Chemisrry and Chemical Engineering mfr . , -' lvleclwarncal Engineering DS CO LLECE ACADEM I C XM. 5. LEROY PATTON CHARLES VICTOR BULLEN Professor and Head Depar+men+ of Professor and Head Deparfmenf of GGOIOQY and PGJFFOIGUVN Engineering Elecjrrical Engineering CAPTAIN BRUCE D. RINDLAUB Professor and Head Deparrmenr of RQLAND L. LEE JR. Professor of Milirery Science Applied AHS Professor and Head Deparrmeni of and TaCi'C5 MARTYE POINDEXTER Texfile Engineering Page 28 DEPARTMENT HEADS E M Y- Professor of Nu+rifion, Head Depafffmenf Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Home Managemewf --o - of Clofhing and Texfiles f ADA VIVIAN JoHNsoN Professor and I-lead Deparfmenf of Home Economics Educafion SANNIE CALLAN "' Professor and Head Deparfmenf of JOHNNIE HEMPHILL MCCRERY Child Developmenf and Family Relaflons Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Foods and Nufrifion . 11 I l 4 i Page 29 CO LLECE ACADEMI Q X R RICHARD ARTHUR STUDHALTER W'LUfW CURRY HOLDEN professor and Head Depamrmemr Professor of Hlsrory and Annflwropology, of Biology Member of Comm1H'ee In Charge CHARLES BLAISE QUALIA Professor and Head Deparrmenr of ARTHUR WILSON EVANS Professor and Head Deparfmenr of Economics and Business Adminisrrarion Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Foreign Languages JOHN ORVAL ELLSWORTH Educafion and Psychology 1 . x 1 . v Page 30 DEPARTMENT I-IEA CECIL HQRNE RUFUS ARTHUR MILLS professor and I-lead Professor of English, Member Deparfmenr of Journalism ALBERT BENJAMIN CUNNINGI-IAM of CommiHee in Charge RUTH PIRTLE . fessor and Head Professor of English, Member of WILLIAM BRYAN GATES Pro C0mmiJf'fee in Ch5VQe Professor of English, Chairman Depadmewr of Speech of CommiH'ee in Charge Page 31 DS DEPARTMENT HEADS si-, HARDasoN oscar PENDER JPLfHfQ'Of'ffLJdL Biff Professor and Acfing Head . Deparfmenf of Governmenf JOHNNYE GILKERSON LANGFORD Associafe Professor and Head Deparfmenf of Physical Educafion for Women Deparfmenf of Musuc ENOCI-I FRANKLIN GEORGE JAMES NEWTON MICHIE Professor and Head Professor and Head Deparfmenf Deparfrnenf of Physics of Mafhemafics , . .Xi ..!i:1 f M Page 32 FT' Y' ra 2?-2.'i,'4h 4? L-6 W 'r 5. ij 512 .v 5 u a. lf- ' -i'i'v' 1 4' , ', 7: We . 47 f nh 'Q' wa 1,- J if I' W Ol 535 ,Pa 1 nr Ny Lf 0.3 x B911 MAX 5 ' ' , U i I U . ww Q- wif ' i 1-41 - W, 4 1 iw , Q . J X ' Q M'-Mn.,!,,. tvk J Y 9' 33fFf2" W ' M.,-4' at 5 ", A r 4 f. -q...... 1580125 E ' I 5 . fn V I rw? E. " 2 '31 Y , , ., , LQ: ,, , K, , X 523 G : ' ' T21 in . I. X Y - X ... , 5 K !, ...X -, , v i , x .X 'u, Y i .6 1 V Q f.nL' , 1 , 'L ,I ' 'a : K Q . gf' ff' J . 1 N' - 1 'L I JF ' 5 T '?ffFr.45 1 ' i 9 N Q , .1 - 1 ? w 3 5 52421 " A' 5 ftp . I Q b Fx' ,I -KM f 1 7 10" I 4 p.. Lf, A-FH.. E ,,.n.'? 5-wi ' xii? N --vfr-7 . - , x fl. 4-1. 3 'lla -r- ,lgi W .n . N. ,131 N, in X A 5051 ., QQXYA l,,1n1 Q 1 'gals' 7 gl 1 -' - ww' 'l 11-u QL.. A M 472 J.,.b: 'IM Q gifs 'Fm-N .. 3 I . L J gr ' Qs W . Qs, . it if ' i ' ' ' al EW? .Fzi3,' sv W' W "Yr, QIMCOI 4 2 4 Zf 4f 2f f, Q , :gif , A 1-'-K-na K , if-f jug X K f"Q . AAS ?'i?'F'P:. xwy ' I z - . I 1. W! Y r ' ' ' " ' ""'x ...,, -,ex.f, . ww,"- Q .f'WH9"i:T'vl7353Qgj .' ' '. , Q, 'xx 'TMJ' " , x on Gbfin' ? "Fig As mwsxf.-um, . l 5 . X 4 XNX1KXX,,X,Ux 0 QR, I . ,wi -Aw, xxxuxw ,N f VW g . ' P M' V ... :V gn' xx I X U5 . i E2 , 4-i ilriin q.nlg. V..w. 1 TEXAS , S ig. E 2 2. I, i S! X J M143 I' 4 X lg., , I A xR11'.,,, .1,.md gaftigli awk Y5a: 3'.vQb Q A N.. M Q x 484, .il A A M . X 19- 6 4' 1 , X ig' 'wt 1 w Q J 1!!i v lr 'as 1' f 15' IQ' 1 .M R. v.. , x 4 N .W 9 i E , 4 rf w ' Mig' J . 1 ' . K 1 6 N ws? 1 ,V Q. X, Y '33 1.8" 'x,,f i N Q, Q X sqlm I H if . Q I www-ed 'Ki . W1 V. 'x fl 1. "H Turf da- W tx' ' EL vt I. ,- ......-.., . 'H he-r, X . , 1 f J ,S 1, al Qi , 1 if W3 X '- Q., srl 4 W' sm QW., ag, ws iw, T tw . U f I X It . hw... i 3 rg xa P WJ L+' 1,1 4 ' 02 L ,S fs. 1 ' -Q ' K., fmx L. ' ' A x W3 fl 'xx I X -Q ,f Q . ',,,,.. . , fx 3:::i5- wwf' .1 I My vm ,i .M . 'AH , 5 g 'Q 2-4.l 2':' i:Q X -. A L ' L, "4-'..,:rE'V'fy A, 1' '-k ip. .Q 'Yi " -"E,--'1-Eg ' .. Q 1. "4 X 'ig K I -in tfQi3,Eij','f I1 H Q N , gf . V. 1 in f -'- ' -rw? ww M - w., . N2 iss? f sis 1 ff ff' .5 -.. "'3." "' M F' f if W -V I J J 'A ,. 'IRQ ts is X ' Q xv I 'AM' X, N1 M.. . nf- M, ig f2E i+ if A' R 1 ifhmf X fx ' J-31 . Y N : gl T I n 1 -M-. V QQWQJ 3 ' " ' Q l 1, - L:.:,,L I V ,S ii F, f' X . Q NK, X " A ' ,Q- D . ,. , f Q -ui V was , , tg 'A V . . N ,,, A M1 1, qu N ' .-N 1 Q by .Rl 21 "cr, f fl Ar' Q J 1 A "' 1 Wi . X ,, L ..,,:, kgtkfgflwx Q- 7 .Q ' g , E :LX , v. js .jg-if W ff 5 1 Q' X. ' - 1 ' f f 1' x H, t., JH. N y ll., Wx, A, I " . ,' 1-.1 x xx L 5-in X .ibv 2.1 ,,...... .. , P .--' gif f xv' W? ..,,.... . 1' , ,W A , .J-.4-u, ? .vwiv , .0-fe, .-wg.: 13f'i'f3'5-7'.'I?.'5s q,. 4,6 -1 -f 1' f? T" 4 Q I , I 6 QR Tim x A ,f ' Q '4 , A PM MGI gllifx 75, H. , XX,-, i' R I f 4 v . l 4 J . , Q,,,.L L. , . lf? , .M if-'uv' 3 N 'ini I !'. 'S gpm: iw K 'i 1A " A Hu. 'f'-v W f . Lk 4 V X 1 x V K Y ,PY-fQ':'4 Q: wu , : 'ST 1.481 44 Q, iz., I A "All logellwer, boys!" . . . Roberla Owens and Davis Rodgers lope info The lens . . . Sludenls walcli Wake Foresl pep rally demonslralor . . . Feigenspan slrrums while fiddler burns ine slrings . . . Before flue museum llwermomeier boiled over in mid-winlrer . . . Slime slinlcs under llwe lable for dinner. Five persons al Albuquerque who could walk a slraiglwl line . . . Wayne Raslw breaks oul in a dance wi+l1 .lane Hill . . . Horrors! l-low did flmis gel in? l-low did Huey gel oul? . . . Cawlhon and capfains alfer warming viclory over lvlarquelle . . . Snug as a loug in a rug . . . Junior Council Clwrislmas dinner. Qs' W -' ,,' "4 K , , 4.2 if . , , g Q2 if MUG' 5' 'iq W lk 'Q qu Z Tw wif! 1 W 'ish I1 , n V -X, A -, ' R 22- 1 ""' ' S23 l vi I ,,. an .,,.w ,, ,V 9 4 wk- . S... y 'G ..v - 15 .. 1 'J' ...U 3 - w . , at 1Q'. Q? W 1 "fl f' R I . ' - N 0 Q ' - Q :- :J 'b"V -fgjgg .,L,,Q 92 M.-T' I xx' 1 l i l l l Charlie and "l'li-poclce+s" gel help for dorm pep rally . . . Anolher Daisy Mae and Lillle Abner leave . . . Selby suclcs slraws while Grider pulls sfrings . . . Sludenrs berlh, l'he chair Car fare . . . Prelude +0 wedding bells for Aflon and Nell . . . Charlie Daniel leads in Marador dance parade. Thespian in hands of make-up arlisl a+ El Capa y Espada play . . . Coffee pour during men's rush week . . . Parading for vicfory which ended in a loss . . . George Weiss and Fussy Yeager a+ Chap formal . . . Roberl Kelly and Florence Slone dance lighlly on . . . Presenlee Ophelia May Beall shorlly alier 'rhe big momenl: p.,....,..:q4 'K-fa4 v , AW 'GI s, I mfN,f -s--1 I lg ' 1' 1 gffgq, 1 , .E .. if ' X ' 'nl V' f 341 4-f T", 5 s-.....,, 0 Q o N -is ,ix fi ff l , 'A Q ' ' n 'J Q mu I affx f, 4-I7 , I X . AI as ' . f I f ,. Y l Q ,F .' M ww , 1 T 'ia Qlixsgxxhggxx I I W, 4 an if MV Yi: ,HJ ,- .1 fl' . 'I J 3, W i 3, ,.,4. 2.3 .r I i 1 X. ff! 1 gy fx ,iw , P 5 ffm: . ,., ., .am .fm -A .e'::,wf., , .zf - ' Axfl li . ' ff' - yv, irzkw., ' A .,, 4 Hy' f X 9 ' . H. KW b I . A Xr K 1 MM Q Q V 3 I ,Al ll, I ' , F ff f RQ Ar? I M, ii 1, STK 4 My ,M A x, .w . r "-f .1.. M' 4. . -X2 'i-ttf' 'A 44.2. ' s-. ur AXQ 4 N . 'mm ' ',:4 f .ff X Q 2, . I -Q. S 5 Q A My Q si' gs 'E ' 4 n. Zhflst 5 QQ :U ,X f. YQ 4 3 , sl LL' fig, mg , L1 .0 ds' H '4'f:..1 .wg .721 , 1. gg 5195 5 3 lid 15 H4 VIP fl. r 4' .g .AX . 4 'J 1: " 'I .l p . b xx ff 4551, , , M 5' ,V :nn . . ' . -51 suv - 9 H Y 1 'V K - ,f ,X . G . ' 'iff V V K ,B ,wa t N , 2 rw N ' -, W 3 51 1 1 2 f ' Q 4 Q ff m ,X ' N 1 v ..,.. gig w , N fk QJ '?4Fr ' k 5 up - 1 Ns x 'a '. rex X .1-H :fur .- ' Q X5 A 14:1 ,fa :wc ,mf 4.2 w, ,pw ..x.!,f. . .K , u. , '. f P in --xt ,ffbwH.f4' , Y 1. , , ,gf H , 1, A dr ' 5 'N' ' x 1: , -N - .V 4 I . , 1 T 5 l ':'A ' ka? ,, ' . - , 3, fe " x+m K? SQ, YW! 3 wwlgixtsgkfyli ,Vt 4 Qi. 1 'L' U 'N V I A f 1 Q ji R . . 5 Y fi 22' A g k uh M wr .1 K5 Q , 7 Q.1-4'pgwk5 4.AfeE: 3.1 1 59.1 M. . W e wax 'Q ,A W' I 5 fix 'E :X "- 'Y J v K ,s 'A .fl f -1 V- M 4 4 I Y X Q! A., . . ew W ' 1 , . W -A AL' UA , J fx W Q xi'-ww y-1 'B I' f if X 1' hr, L M ' , r r 'X ft Q if ng ,. K Q 'L' . f"ew , Kr Q Q 4 v. t A Y . 'N v A W 4 lf' Qi" mr J fl' I Q12 1 vs ff-Q97 ' ' I f L - HI? ' ' ' f, ,f 5?g.,:,, ' 142'-'Jf f45f?i42f3 l 4 x fx , ' 5' ,' ,-'P ',"5f:'fi1fgiQ" J ,'-- .fig- . ff1'5'77'fFL' R 4 Q' ' rl J' , 'Q I V '-,,4 "Daisy Mae" Fullbrighl fries sirong persuasion on "Lillie Abner" Bradley . . . Mona Pierce, Jayson Young, Jean Renner and Diclc Sfory carry on "be'rween dance" conversalion . . . Life begins ai 40, so ihey say . . . When rodeo is over cowboys and cowgirls lake in nighl life: iis Byron Range and Frances Gordon. l+'s Helen Rosenquesfs "Thrill of a Lileiimeu as she prances wilh Kellog Manchee . . . Palsy Wharion and some gadgei . . . Willouise seems perfecfly salisfied wilh "Spook" Spraque's rug-cuilin' . . . Jimmie Day, please smile . . . Bill Fuller and Louise Lewis "Dream This One Ou+" . . . Joseph Boyd's uniform charms Ophelia May Beall . . . "Pop" Siory and Evelyn Jones go dog-paich ai Lillie Abner dance. ml... .- --i 1n--I-1 4' .ag The serious side of life for Vada Belle Tomlinson and Jimmie Davis . . . Jean Renner and Dick Slory make exil . . . Noel Benger and Calherine Browning in Jrhe "lens" lighl . . . l+'s welcome home lor C. L. Slorrs as he sleps oil Train . . . Elwanda Oliver adds feminine louch lo mililary life as presenlee . . . Camille Graves and Earnesl Gloyna coke leasl . . . Sara Worsham hears Fish line . . . No chain gang for "Convic+" l-lensley as he dances wilh Dorolhy Allen. Bill Selby examines reqislralion passporls . . . Fish Nolan lakes iillerbugging wilhoul usual facial unresl . . . "Gel a deep hold. cowboy" were phrases passing around lhe chules al lhe rodeo when college sludenls rode 'om high, wide and handsome . . . l+'s pul your lillle fool lor Jane Gilby and parlner. 'Q-I' 1' 1 xi I u 1 . G' 1 ,jwwi H A- so 7 1 px 0 to 1 ll u .l if m .Egg C . Ram 4131 F ,. - o tix ,I W x '3 P 'its A Q X 9 f 5559 ,V N . ' A 2 gf- Y 'L N5 E5 X.,... Y W'fiai,n2Qf ,, ra ' I s, YJ F .Hi A ' 4 -nl R59 , ,- L 1.. , - z K Q' . Mi: li .I 4 ! 'ff ' H 1 , . My V U 5 fflfjb x" F5 QS-Af. WY, ffw Y,--. N.. 4 'I ' r 5 .-1-' 7' u- .4 if-f""1' . 7 IN - ' .r A, 1 've' 'J .i J., ' 1 ff . 1 1 us . "M v , ' ww, '93 4,2 5 I Q, P 1 . K 1' I I Q "iw AHL 'w I ,I f 11 sw Y, 7 Qgrn, . 'v ..' N? Pm X ki -'49 fy 1 Q . 4 f f .. A' z I 0 ,,,. 5,3 . uw? 1 a gg v-fi S Q 1 1 A 5' ff, ,fffff 's-'f, 1 ag- ,aff-r in-w tw '11 Q 'v ,I ' gr.. " , -Q 41 , - .AM -::4 7 , +1 fa' I Q-K v I .Q ,w',4 S 15 . -gm 1 ' . - 15 . v- V M "' my swf I5 3. 9'- .J 31554 f Q 1 A U w 1 5 iv? gif f-,xx X We f' I P' iii' X fy -45 1 . 5 f 2 " 2 iii ' ' 3 , 'Y Y :Q L if 'G gut '1e11,, i, Ml P' Og! " 1 nw 8 eg 45' ,ff X Q, A, gxuk V' 4 ffl: 5 1 Q2 i , . rw. ,L XN21 . , F, ,I W,--.,. ' , ,ga -, ' ,n L "'v":q ki lnlfx Q 5 . v 31 V A . Rf , 'KJ X , 5 1 ' 1 7 wp. in 71 ag ..Q uI 1' r is W :W ji, 2 W, it . ,,,. .i 4, .. A Q' wmQ52?3'v2,HgMw- rf 4 l 'll ' Wynn 45 ii 'W Q5 , 3, A as ww Xa rm ' I 6, . J" ' .A . -4. 5 .Q m I QQ," .r, """'9 I wg, ii v , Y ' I Til 'lk fl 5' 8 .MW .X :wa 5.1 - fi xv f, , , M., sw, - iygw x T75 ' mf If W . r Y.,u'.- b . .J gi. it ' f f ,,....-- 'X 'iff ,W Umm 'Qf X B ' f wx? K 4: f , y nv 5 L R X Ur' ,-P j xx Ve 5? me-if' -L. Rodeo Queen Elizabeih Miller pauses on campus slreps . . . Tom Green relaxes on mouni' . . . Rodeo performer Sonny Nance sieps from horse ai' full speed . . . S+uden+ Prexy Snyder mounied for Jrlie rodeo on Old Silver . . . Rodeo nominees leaning on 'flue old lop rail . . . Rodeo Manager Elberr Qverion in aclion. Fred Owen, Courlney Cowden, and Sonny Anderson hook 'em from shoulders +o flank in bareback loronc riding con'res'r . . . Billy Lewis performs for speciaiors by spinning rope . . . Sonny Nance s+ar1's run for Jrlwe chuies in cow milking coniesr . . . Glenn Ellio'r lying luis calf in record lime . . . Bill Miller mugs cow for milker. :Jax Til fr UA., .-"' ig. .4-A . 'i CONTENTS VRESHMEN SC,DPl' lCDIv1ORIQS .JUNIORS SENIORS C2blQfXlQDL Jfx'HQS E J Bh fb J is MAB 1? li' vQ"f? ,L f,, , rm. ,- M, .if 93435 . 15 lv k ' 'TQ ., 'QP M ,I .Q , -'55 , Qvz:i?+ W ,N U A .. N :ju ff.. ,W , ,J ' vgxh' . n vm YB, Alu Q n Q .-1 ff E wwvxg. ,jr 4. 'Q .su J vb M M, 4.-V, Q, Vw x ,- x 4- - -1.1-aa., .AN a s W., ., .x .x 3 ' ge. ny' , . 1 1. ' A V -1,-f ,cu , -477 f L57-5 P.: x LINN COOPER Freshman Class Presiclenlr NORMAN HARP Freshman Class Vice Presidenf BETTY O'MARA Freshman Class Secrelary FRESI-IMEN 3- I Freshmen scramble over shoes a+ Homecoming foo+ball game. :MF Fw ,ai L' i if Buiclfu Jones and Spanky I-lousewrighf engage in 1 checker board russle. P ji 5 ' " my '75 JACK ABBOTT GEORGE ACTON VIVIENNE ADAMSON Lubbock Wichifa Falls lurkey JOHN E. ALBERS JR. HARRY ORVILLE BEN ALEXANDER Canyon ALDERSON Lubbock Lubbock RALPH ALEXANDER KENNETH ALLISON CHARLES ALLMON Lubbock Corsicana Plainview ELIZABETH ALLS MABEL AMEEN PAUL ANDERSON Swenson Lubbock JR. Forf Worfh l l BOBBIE NEAL TOM ARNETT REVERDIE ATER JR. Coach Pe+er Willis Cawlhon and crowd a+ a Pep rally ARMSTRONG Smyer Ropesville boos+ing Red Raiders. Lifilefield Page 66 1 941-I I ' Q C .,,' i I 35. SAM L.AUGUSTINE VIRGIE LOUISE J. O. AYERS BETTYE BABB BETTIE BAILEY Sferling Cify AUSTIN Dir-nmi++ Lubbock San Angelo Lubbock MARGARET BALL ALTON R. BARKER MYRNAVAE BARKLEY GUY BARKS CARLENE BARR Handley Lubbock Mafodor TUIIG Lorenzo FRANCES BARROW GLENN BATSON ALBERT BAUCUM GEORGE V. BAYLES OPHELIA MAY BEALL Lamesa Amhergf Anson Balmorhea Lubbock MAXINE BEASLEY ANNAH JO BEAZLEY JERRY BEAVERS LOLA MAE BELLAH OUIDA BELLAH Lubbock Vernon Comp Springs Throckmorfon Throckmorfon ANNE BIRKMAN EUGENE BLAIR ESSIE MAE ADDIE BETH GOLDIE BOATMAN Lubbock Plainview BLANKENSHIP BLOCKER For? Sfockfon Roscoe S'I'dn'I'Or1 P399 67 BETTE BALLARD Las Vegas, N. M. LEONARD A. BARR Newgulf DAVID K. BEAMAN Laredo PAUL BELL Vernon GENE BODENHAMER Paducah MARY LOUISE F X. BALLARD BrownfieId r FERN BARRON, Paducah -H J. C. BEARDENE Lubbock MARY Tom BELI' Ackerly eeonee nor-:NBR Olfon 5 ws? Coach Cawlhon, Chocola+e Favors and Raymond Flushe converse a+ a Knapp hall pep rally. i Fiddler "Hi-Pocke+s" Overfon swings ou'r wi'rh The "Wabash Cannon Ball" 'lo enlreriain Knapp hallers. KENNETH BOMAN Vernon LUTHER BORDEN Galvesfon VIRGINIA BOWMAN Slafon GLENNA BOYD Lubbock . . Joe BRADLEY Snlhng on fhe floor was in fashion when dormifory boys go? Tulia iogefher +o whip up a liHle spirif. .7-:,.-.L-,f7.,.,,, ...,.. ,A ,,.?,5,.i,,T,.7.......-. 1,-ffl ---' --,- 51 - , ' ' I L fi uf J A . :' 2 fl , 1' -3 13 'Cl' QW' CLAUDE BOONE Seymour ALETH EA BOREN Dallas BOBBY BOYD JR. Sweelwafer JOSEPH BOYD Lubbock CECIL BRANSCUM Pampa ROY BOONE Seymour BETTY JEAN BORN Lubbock GLENN BOYD Cisco CHARLES W. BRADLEY Fife MONTE JO BRASHEAR Lubbock Page I - 1 Y kit f FW 'Q' .Im I 4 ' 33 Q. LT Ll.: , gp' V - ' I N . L ,, . f : :gtg ' .h I . I 333534 ' MARVIN BRELAND W. C. BREWER D'LYLE BROOKE Lubbock Oifon Lubbock WILLIAM E. BROWN POLLY BRUNSON MARCELLIOUS JR. Wichifa Fails BURELSMITH Floydada Vernon EUGENIA BUTLER RAYMON L. BUTLER CAYLOR CADDELL Mcfxdoo Goree Texlirie HAZEL CAMP MARJORIE CANON B. H. CARR Lamesa Sanderson Girard PATTYE JANE LOUISE CHAPPELLE FANNIE DALE CAYTON Lubbock CHEEK Marr Tyler Page 69 51 '5 Rx'.1' GEORGIE NELL BROWNING Lefors AMO LEE BURKHOLDER Lubbock BETTY RHEA CALDWELL Lubbock WARREN CARTER Crowell JIM CHRISTIAN Seaqraves 14' If 'K 40'v"f'5v 2 wr ELIZABETH BROWN FRANCES BROWN Knoff ROSEMARY BURNS Paicsiine MARGARET CAMMACK Lubbock BILLY CASEY WoII'IorII1 SNEED CHRISTIAN Big Spring MARY ELLEN Roaring Springs BROWN Slafon 5, JOE BURTON OUIDA BUTLERI Knox Ciiy DeKalb EDGAR E. HELEN EAYE CAMPBELL CAMPBELL Q Tyler Lubbock Q' IMOGENE CATE MILDRED CAUBLE Paducah Big Lake F' CAROL CLAIBORNE JACK CLAITORf Lubbock pefersburq F , 7.1 ILL5 if 4 ,e-, 1 PN' iff o 'X Jusf a few hours of wailing, signing on a doJr+ed line and , 3. ' slucienrs gel' European lwuniing license. 'P I frfhiv , V .J J. Lee l-laclcler signs applicaiion 'lor iob wi+l'1 Uncle Sam. MARTHA CLARK WALTER CLARK CLYDE W. CLYBURN Waco Lubbock Hawley JACK COATS CLEVELAND COBB JIMMY COCHRAN in A Lubbock Lubbock Wellinglon CREED C. COFFEE SYBIL COFFEE LOUIE COHN JR. Vernon Borger Big Spring FRANCES COLLIER SAMUEL A. COMBS ANNIE LEE CONE Rails Wellingfon Lubbock l ' HARVEY COOK JR. JANE COOK LlNN S. COOPER Teddy Vinson and Ralph Jol'1ns+on lake drafl business serious. Colorado Cify piagnview Housfon Page 70 A " fi""' f7I7Y3:!Q:11:TT3Q1 L. .1 T512 i-rg" '. w 1 ii si 'N x li A , 2 '-Fw, A 'f' ,! A , Vin! l 1 V . i i 953 3 l -9 A31 Q DOLORES CORBIN Lamesa MAXINE CRADDOCK Roberf Lee JAMES PATRICK CUNNINGHAM Lubbock GRADY DAVIS Brownfield JOYCE DILLON Henderson page 71 DOROTHY FAY CORCORRAN Lubbock JAMES PAUL CRAVER Yanlis BETSY CU RLEE Forf Worlh W. J. DAVIS Abilene BETTY DILTZ San Angelo DOROTHY LEE CORNELIUS Crosbylon PATTI CRAWFORD Abilene BOBBY CURRY Sanford DOROTHY DAY Lubbock MORTON DISMUKE Slearn Boar Springs. Colo. JOHN J. COSTOLOW Spur TOM MY CREEL Seagraves DAN DAFFERN Sweefwaier EMPRESS DRY Rofan JIM C. DIXON Farwell EMILY COWAN Spur DOROTHY CROSS Waco TOMMY DARSEY Flomol' FAY DAY Claude JAMES W. DONAGHEY Trenlon A ' A M52 f-di 1 x l'i 'A . . f Qs, it f ' 2 WELBY COX Pearland we . l WALLIS C Eldorado JOHN M. CROWE LYLE L. CRUME Ralon, N. M. JO ANN DAUGHERTY Roscoe RUSSELL DAY Brownsfield G. S. IPETEI DOWELL Quail Levella nd lli if GUINEVERE DAULEi Ackerly fa l 6 FI ri GENEVIEVE DECKE A Childress Sw JIMMY omeesnsif JR. I -. Sanla Rosa, N. M.gL l 1 i an Jack York and his orclweslra in ilwe background as Las Vivis and boy friends swing our. Lee l-la2:kler sleps liglilly and closely wi'rl1 speech inslruclor Rulli Pirlle. lohn Brooks ancl Bill Williams iilierbug al Las Vivi semi-'Formal A 2 2 5 4' C' S so , Nui , JOHN DRISKILL HELEN DUFF VIRGELLA NAN Coleman Roian DUNN Brownfield CARMON DUREN ARA SUE EDWARDS SARAH EILAND Lakeview Floyclada Lamesa FRED A. ELSTON PANSY JANE ERWIN GALE ETTER Lubbock Lubbock Liiilefield WANDA FARRELL BETTY FARRINGTON MAXIE FELTZ Muleslioe For? Worllw Forl Worlh A. J. FIRES DORALENE CHARLES L. FOSTER Wellinglon FLANAGAN Malekofl Sfanlon Page 72 J 'llfrnl I i . I 4' 'VP -ng., H 1 A. T. FOUTS JR. Rule CHARLES FUGITT Greenville MORRIS GASTON Lubbock LEONARD E. GLASS McLean FRED P. GRANGER Garland Page 73 HELEN FOWLER TOMMIE FOWLKES Frifglq DIfT1fTlI'II' W. H. FULKERSON ORIS GAMBLE JR, Sfralford Taholca DOLLIE GEE LINIOEL GEYER Sweefwaler Borqer JUANELL GLOAR DARRELL GLOVER Childress Pecos HAULEY GRAVES MARGARET GRAY Gulhrie Snyder HAROLD FOX Sudan VIRGINIA BELLE GAMBLE Lubbock MARY DENA GIBSON Lubbock FIKE GODFREY Spur RENA GRAY Gorman Q ' I ,Q iii I x I l Ili 'L 1 l CHARLES FREEMAN FLOYD FRIBERG V. T. ERITZ E Coleman Wicl'1H'a Falls Dallas I I WALTER GARDNER PASCAL GARRISON LULA MARGARET: Ropesville Silverfon GARY I Pelersburg BOB F. GILBERT ELWANDA GILBERT ELEANOR GILLHAM Wellinglon Lemesa Brownfield I ' l LANNEAU NEWTON EDWARD GRAF f , GOLUCKE GOODWIN Vernon EI Paso Spring Lake CHESTER GREEN NAYDEEN GREGORY L. B. GRESHAM , Mobeelie Idalou Newlin E' QFFW r 'Wt 1 WTF i li I K I-. ir, .gi 5 '. 'T A I 4 I Q 94 vig- V iafigl I. 0? if Onira Belle I-lufsledler and Mildred I-Iankins don "Ask Me" "' lx cards and hope. P? A f- , .mv atv? Ploliing againsi Ihe Dr. McKay and lns+ruc+or Loesel confer during fall regislralion. GEORGIA GRIFFIN JAMES W. GRIFFITH RUTH GRIFFITH Big Spring Dallas Loraine DOROTHY GRIMES JAMES H. GUNTER ROGER HABERER Claude Conway Muleshoe I I . MARIE HALL BLAKE HAMMAN HOWARD ELLIOTT J 'I n , Ouifaque ForfWorIl1 HAMMOND ' lad-' T", 'If Q' Moran SARAH HANNON MARGARET JEAN NORMAN HARP Vernon HARDIN Mafador Munday AVERLYNE GUY H. DOROTHY LA VENTANA solicifors push d.o'r+ed lines al' sludenls. HATCHER HAVERSTOCK HAWKINS And SOYTIS SIQFI- Lubbock Crosbyfon Amarillo Page 74 5' '-S' rx... safe -"N ics' I 'Nb BILLY LOU HAYS DAVID HAYS GARLAND HEAD H. D. HEARN GEORGE HEDRICK GARNETTE HEGGEN OVERTON HEIDEL Snyder Qlney Clovis, N. M. Perrylon Clovis, N. M. Abernaihy Lovingion, N. M, DALE HENDERSON HOPE JACK HENRY HERMAN HENSON FRANCES HERBERT VERNON HERGERT BILL HERRICK I Higgins HENNINGTQN Lorenzo Farwell Dallas Perrylon Glassporf, Pa. I Slaion JOHNNY HERVEY JANE HESS VERNA MAE PATTI HICKS MARJORIE HILBUN MARY LOU HINSON HAROLD HODGES Qreenville Lubbock HICKMAN Snyder Roby Spring Lake Aloernallwy McAdoo l CHARLES HOFFMAN OLIVIA HOFFMAN GEORGE HOLMAN WILBURN L. JACKIE HOLT RICHARD HOLTON MCKINLEY HOPPEII Demon Pain? Rock Lubbock HOLLOWAY Brownfield Spearman Menfone Lubbock MAXINE HOUCHIN NADE HOUSTON DIAMOND ELEANOR HOWARD JAMES HOWELL CHESTER BURL JANE HUDDLESTOLB Lefors Wichifa Falls HOWARD Plainview Kamay HUBBARD Crosbylon sl. A Silverlon l-Ul9b0Clf ug Pgge Ii r Yell leaders Sandy Sanderson, Billie Bess Shive and Bud Barnes bring ou'r yells from Doalc hall sleps. I, ' i 44 an v--ed ...f' .ar A , , ' .' I cp l' .7490 I 55134. 1 M -S ' if if-'a , if .M . A s M 1 V f.Sl:.':. YK ,a. A, ,fi Walldeen Donnell and Beisy Dan Bihl open spiriled moulhs al pep rally. Ladies firsf in lronl of Doalc hall To supporl Red Raiders. -R MILLA RAYE TOMMY HUGHES JAMES HUMPHREYS HUDDLESTON Trenfon Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Crosbyfon MARIE HUNSUCKER LEROY HUNTON ATHALEE Mafador Clovis, N. M. HUTCHERSON Memphis LOIS JANE IRVIN RANDELL IRWIN A. L. JACKSON JR lfasca Floydada Spearman REUBEN JACKSON LAMAR JACQUES ERNEST JAMES Dallas Dalharf Pampa ELMER G. ROBERT P. JARRETT DOROTHY JANE JAMESON Temple, Olcla. JEFFREYS Malador Crosbyfon Page 76 W.. , Lk. f 3 . if ' 'x BETTY JEAN JENKINS ' Lorenzo HENRY JONES Big Spring JOHN w. KEFFER Seymour MARY MARGARET KNISLEY Lubbock EARLINE LANE Levelland P4199 77 fag: CHARLES JOBE Slalom JULIA JONES Lubbock VELMA KELLER Lubbock MILDRED KUYKENDALL Lubbock SHIRLEY LA ROE Happy NELL ARNETT JOHNSON Lubbock R. D. JONES Brownfield JUANITA KERR Lubbock GERTRUDE LAIRD Benlamln JACK LARRICK Wichifa Falls ROBERT S. JOHNSON Dallas EUGENE MAURICE JURY Borqer JO KILLIAN For? Worlb NANCY LAI RD Lorenzo HAROLD LATIMER Lilflefield MARY JANE JOHNSTON Graham MASON J USTICE Pos? SARABETH KIMMELL Lubbock HARRY ETTA LANDERS Lubbock ALVIN LAUBHAN Follell FINIS JOLLY Bellevue SHIRLEY JUSTICE Jusliceburq TURNER KIMMEL Lubbock TOM J. LANDERS JR. Lamcsa OUIDA LAUBHAN Follell EVELYN JONES Brownfield VERNON KEESEE Roposvillo WILMA JEAN KITTLEY Sudan JIMMIE LEE LANDRUM Perrylon HEN RY LAWSO Lubbock i , 1. fi.: -I' . In-5,5 ,aw Happy freshmen learn Ihe fads of life a+ Soufh Plains Fair. TM' . i Q it I Zeb Moore sieps from hor spof on The micl-way al' fair. One never lcnows where he will find a freshman. And such leg ar'rI W- .--..,. ... . ,.-...,.... .........,.,.,. . ,.-1.-...-m...,-..-.-,.....,,-.W-nf..-.-........,.....,-.......,-,,.. . -, V ,.. ,MM I. ,, i , . -,I ,,,:.ga,','. I, , H : I 'V g.-:if T- ji". , 3 .. EVELYN LEA Lubbock WINIFRED LEE Spur LOUISE LEONARD Brownfield MODETTE LEWIS Earfh ESSIE LITTLE Anfon fw- ALMA RUTH LEE Clovis, N. M. MARION LEGGE Lubbock BOBBY LEWIS Brownfield RICHARD EDWARD LIEURANCE Amarillo LON LIVSEY Sinlon snr! eh, 1? K HELEN RUTH LEE Spur BETTILOU LENT Dallas LOUISE LEWIS FI. Worfh ANNABETH LIGHT Sfeamboal' Springs, Colo. EMMETT LOCKE Sayre, Olcla. Page 78 I, 'UI A05 -T' .WWI ,Aan I I EDNITA LONG MARGARET LONG OLIN LONG BETTY Esperanzg Crowell Mulesl1oe LONGABAUGH Midland PAUL LYONS RUBY DORIS PATRICIA MCCANN COLLEEN McCARTY Hereford MCALPIN Lubbock Mundav Crane JEWELL MCCOY BILLY JOE WILLIAM C. SUE MCCREARY Malador MCCRARY MCCRAY Rockwood Lubboclc Johnson, Kans. SAMMIE Mceee BILLY McGLOTHLlN BILL Mae-oueI-I IVA LEA McKAY Spur Marble Falls Hamlin Lamesa W. B. MCMILLAN H. A. MAASEN SAM MAJORS EARLENE MARKS Crosbylon Tahoka Colorado Cily ldalou Page 79 LUTHER LOVELESS CHRISTINE LOWE WILLIAM ERNES Friona Haskell LOUISE McCARTY LOUIE Lawn McCLANAHAN Rowena DOROTHEA ROSA JO McDUFF McDANIEL Ralls Houslon ELMER GEORGE B. McLAUGHLIN McLEROY Miami Brownfield CRYSTELL MARR DOROTHY ROSE Lamesa MARRS Wichila Falls I I I I I If ,i-I l.. I , I-' I2 IB. lg. LowRANcE ily' J. c. MCCLURE Memphis JAMES D. Farwell Clif CARRYE Jo 'I'l f MCLOEN lv .I.. Tyler I BILLY MARTIN I I Lubbock ll l Q' X . Ii -',. , .... ., . fy. IW. I Aiilla ,I gf, A5152 J ,VI AA!-I 1.5, ar: H ,- q rn M W! .gf lv f 1 V f I, 4, , , A1 .f , ,fff A1 ' I x X275 -I , rf 'rj uf, . j, t -. Ip, ni fl 1 J, . , 'Ill If ' I I x - .K M' If -'N .-:Q I lf! , ,.- - ' -I -,,. -:' .' x - u:.:.., 1, 1 ,, , Lv-I, Nm., . ,,,uv,.. ,,, RL, Il ,A .5 -, fl f fyjl J 'rin' 1 I ' -I gf I-.1 A Ioasll Well, maybe. Bul whalls a 'loasl' wifhour Ihe proper ingredienls? To whal lenglhs a person will go Iusl Io hold hands! Texlile Head Lee pours punch for guesl, and a handsome "ff fl i A I M , , I I ., ,,.A I, I .1-2 fi, punch pourer he Is. I, M. gg, . ,i . QC , .,,,f1-IH I, 'l,fv'.'-uf IT'Uw f:"---.""' I-V7 ff-""'f' '-. mwll' NI' ,Q 'V "- JU. - 54-flgiyy:5g?g.g,ggz:-,gf-V zjjxj. A 1, - ,- ' ' --15,1-f igfxzjr-ff -,135 W-gf'-fEr,lIy:f'i", I x 1 ' ' NIV" N, wsfT7',f',2-iI?gfi"3-xw 2115: , Aww. '. -5 ,',,gfv,3.'m'j. W ,":.f'm?5 gum "gl, 53542.11I4v:.iZze.-.a:annaaa'-'.'.:l-A '2IAuLv4LL,fia:1a21::E1.f'a.-WISIIIHEIMI I JI? T ang., I' -17 I 'J-D fs- MARIE MARTIN Monahans Weslover WESLEY MARTIN L3 CLIFTON B. MASONER Lubbock ARNOLD MATHIAS ROSEMARY MAXEY JESSE MAY JR. Copperas Cove Nederland Mercedes GEORGE L. MAYES MARGARET FRANCES METCALF Laredo MENAUL Chillicolhe Odessa TED MICHIE DOROTHY MILLER LOUIE MILLER Wichlfa Falls Sudan lraan SARAH ELIZABETH ELEANOR JACK MITCHELL MILLER MITCHELL Imperial Fluvanna Lublooclc Page 80 Iv 'Uh '.'? '19 'Z' FRANCIS L. MONTANDON JR. K nox Cifyl GEORGE MORELAND Plains FRANK EARL NEAL Weslbrook LENA NOAH Sweelwaler ELNITA OSTROM Phillips Page 81 DORIS MONTGOMERY Colorado Cily ELLA FRANCES Archer Cify Lubbock GARTH MORSE WILLIAM STEPHEN MORRIS Floydada Lubbock MORRIS NEEL LOUIS H. NEWELL Palesline Floydada BOB NOLEN CHARLES NORMAN Midland Odessa LAVON OSTROM ROBERTA OWEN Phillips Winfers MOSS Lubbock EARL NEWLAND Tarzan ISABELL NORRIS Lubbock MARY PALMER Rohan RAYFORD MOODY C. L. MOORE KATHLEEN MOORE BOB MORGAN KEITH Lubbock Spur Cheyenne, Wyo. VIOLET LEE MOTL Anfon ELMERENE NEWSOM Lubbock LOREN RAY ODLE McKinney REDELL PARKS Tokio MABLE MURRAY WANDA NAIL Merkel Dunn R. P. NICHOLSON MARY NICKS Lorenzo FI. Worfh MELBA ANN ODOM BETTY O'MARA Snyder Lubbock CHARLES PARTIN LA RUE PATRICK Lubbock Quilaque '-1-pv-rw .W .M fi f Orville Alclerson has some-Thing on Ilwe Wood. A good example of wl'1a+ a uniform will clo. Ollie Sue Armsirong sieps from preseniee plallorm al Miliiary Ball. Bob Blake disregarcls all army forrnalily wi+l1 lighhfooled Kaly Dillard. ., I-vj-Wy-rf-1, . ,, H . , z 1 5 1' 5 . in A I. IL- 'LQ i' "'- ijiS.15fl,..' v:',zQQ1,i:-Q .iii-'ini' ' ,L ,552-g'1'. ".-11 gov" ,. 1" " f.Y5izf':i'Ff?2I 'fvl?1'ifv23'Dlf?il"??iifIWgiia-i'a1'W3iE52'I'i,f1llQf ' ,:Y4'qfZiQ": J ' ' 'f-Ffifg,':Q"si1KTQ1f'32f:g9f'5 51:'i'f'f:-R' VN- 3 MZVVIIL ' Ii-l"131fft,,'xC..5"' 'fr"f-.PFW-vu' Ewa kia-Iir,1wf:ff:.i, ,- mem.'ew.Zw1s-!f,sxm,. all Y, -15,1 Ilwgef.-Aeu1T5fC'.c'-II, H H.: A -1 HAROLD PATTERSON Forsan HAZEL RUTH PEAYS Roberl' Lee NOEL PERCIFULL Bronfe BERTHA MARIE PHILLIPS lredell CLOIS POINDEXTER Guion .I ' 43' ', 'Z I. M1 -f L I KEITH PATTON lvlafador JACKIE BOB PEEK Lubbock MARIE PETERMAN Lubbock MONA PIERCE Lubbock JERALDINE POOL Lifflefield i HOUSTON PEARSON Lorenzo GENE PENDLETON Crane CHARLENE PHELPS Amlmersf BONNIE PITMAN Lamesa W. V. PORTER McAllen Page 82 oy? JB 5 ,vias -1' 'UK -OJ 'D ff? . , Q pi L . . .....A. .-..,, BILLIE POWELL JAMES LARRY JOE TOM PRESTON MAURINE PREWITT DAVID C. RABB BEE RAGAN EUGENE RAGLANP Spur POWELL Childress Happy Garland Sweelwaler Plainview Seminole RICHARD W. BEDFORD M. RALEY CHARLOTTE ROBERT E. RAPIER MARIE RASCO LOUISE RAYFORD MARGIE LUCILEI RAGSDALE Lubbock RANSOM WGCO Memphis Sranron REA Slalom Forf Worlh Anfon BETTE BOB KATHERINE REESE E. B. REINHARDT JEAN RENNER AGNES REYNOLDS FRED REYNOLDS BETTY JO RICE REDWINE Shallowaler JR. Lubbock I-Ienriella Roundup. Monf. Lubbock I Lubbock Sfanlon V lf L. A. RICHARDS WALTER ROY RIXSE MARY ADELE RUTH ROACH J. B. ROBERSON BETTY JANE Memphis RIETHMAYER Imperial ROACH Eliasville Lockney ROBERTSON I Sparenburq Shamrock Levelland JEANNE ROCO JIM ROY RODEN DAN RODGERS GRACE ROONEY EDWARD ROREX GEORGE R. RUSH ALICE LEE RUSSELL Housfon Friona Post For? Slockron Panhandle Lubbock Easl Prairie, Mo. Page 83 I I I I Leon I-Iarris, Ni+a Furr, Frank Graydon, and o'rI1er Red Raider boosfers "deal a few" on Albuquerque special. ...Q Chief Morgan is a generous soul, buf why nol? We don'I ride a special every day. Ray Norman and Rex Lanier vie 'lor company of Doris Bunger on special. ......,, .,., -.,.-......-..,.-..,,......,....,...,..-......,....-. .,....,..,,. , V ' f' mf- . 'I TI im A Q ,, :iii . . I , Nd ,Ly ,. V .. ,S ,N I I ,. X tr... lg nie' MARY JO RYAN MARION RYDER JR. MARGARET SALEM Lubbock ROBERT LEE SALTER Mabank JOYCE SAUNDERS Lubbock HEIDI SCHNEIDER Pampe DOROTHY MAE SCH USTER Muleshoe Gilliland A. B. SANSOM Lubbock JOY SAWYER Brownfield ELROY SCHOPPA Vernon BARBARA SCOTT Amarillo Morfon JEANNE SAUNDERS Morfon MILTON G. SCARBROUGH Lubbock BOB SCH USTER Perryfon JUNE SCOTT Slalon Page an 8' ,dvr W V I ,, fa! 4 3 fa IQ' fn - In Lx? . 4 .1 n, bi 1 'wi , I a' vp Jw' 1 ffl. I 625' pQff3irf. fi 'S 'ian . I 'krpr I I3 PAU L D. SCOTT Dodson MARY ANN SHAUNTY Alvord JACK SIDES KirkIand BONNIE LYLE SMITH DeKalb LOUISE SMITH Lubbock Page 85 '2- ,-3 SAM UEL PRICE SCOTT JR. Pefersbu rg AURAL SHAW Olion NAOMI SILVEY Vernon CHARLES SMITH JR. Lubbock MARY L. SMITH Beniamin ROBERT LEE SEARS WoIfIorII'1 NORMAN J. SHAW Olfon ROY SIMMONS LeveIIand CIVOLA SMITH Dike WILSON SMITH For? SIockIon PATRICIA SELBY Lubbock RODRICK L. SHAW OIIon SUZANNE SIMONS Colorado Cify DONALD L. SMITH WaIkersvIIIe, Md. W. SANFORD SMITH LIIIIe Rock, Ark. BOYD SELF Elida, N. M. ERNEST SHEETS Dalharf BILLY SIMS Fluvanna J. D. SMITH Lubbock HUGH SNIDER Wolfzforih , nf! CHARLES SENNING Spur BERTIE JO SHELL Ralls CATHERINE SLAGEL Colorado Cify LA VERNE SMITH Larnesa R. C. SNIVELY CoIorado CI+y DOROTHY SEXTON BrownIieId LONNIE C. SIBLEY Wink AVA LOUISE SMITH Wkmifeface LOIS SMITH Gibson, N. C. W. B. SPENCER RaIIs 1 'Y' 1:2 f 2 ' 1 , . Freshman couple don fish caps and lake in dance. fad. 'Q im -L... W ,sa- .-J! I..n1+ 1 8 M 1-, .c-c 'I- 'YZV , f tif uv , -1 ' 2. - 1, 1' 'W I if. K, .far , 31 . , Q I ' -J-. A T' 1 i As. s . ,,.,-v , 'Li 'lf I I , , xr . Wailing, wishing or wallflowers? Q j ,-we, . . BUDDY SPRAGUE I l I Lubbock VERNA SPRINGER Lubbock EVELYN STANFIELD Anfon BETTY JO STEELE Lone Wolf, Okla. 1 MARY ANN Weldon McCallum and Fish Donaghey amuse Marjorie STEPHENSON Spencer belween dances. Lubbock ,-vw. .,., ...msn . 4 l -' I H. G. SPRAWLS Tulia BERRY N. SQUYRES Lubbock MARY MENON STANGEL Lubbock HENRY STENCE Lorenzo PATRICIA LEE STEWART Payelle, Idaho A, J I , 4 . LYDIA MARIE SPRING Friona ELLIS STAGNER Amhersf JOHN ALLEN STAVELY Fluvanna BOBBIE STEPHENS Hamlin DORIS STILWELL Memphis Page 86 I I I i 4 I I ra ' l 14 .3 ' 'I 49 I, vn- Q -Q1 I 3 JAMES STOKES ROBERT STONE IMA JEAN STORM 1 I BUCK STRICKLIN Lifflefield Dallas Clovis, N. M. Clovis, N. M. CAROLYN SURRATT WILBORN DELTON TATUM ELMIRA MAY Pampa TANNAHILL Lovingfon, N. M. TAYLOR Lockney Seminole LULA LEE TEAL JANE TEMPLE CECIL TEVIS OPAL THACKER Floyclada Lubbock Perryfon McLean PETE THOMPSON MELVIN THORNTON BILL THURMAN J. UDELL THURMAN Abernaflwy Lifflefield Lubbock Anson WILLIAM J. C. TUCKER WOODIE TUDOR AUSTIN L. TURNER TROUSDALE Slalom Lubbock Lubbock Housfon Page 87 HARRY N. STRICKLAND DeLeon RICHARD TAYLOR Hobbs. N. M. BETTYE ALYCE THAXTON Lifflefielcl H. C. TIMS JR. Claude RAY TYLER Longworfh K3 lg I , , ,-Y Ii, In dwfti' 3,3 F "i F PM Y 'Nav' CN ,ff I . 1. at .t 21 Q: I I i . va ' l MARY MARTHA CHARLES SUGAREIC SUFALL Beevillo Idelou I WILTON TAYLOR W. J. TAYLOR Lubbock O'DonneIl I l GERALDINE HAROLD JOHN i THOMAS THOMAS Texico, N. M. Sleamboal Springsq Colo. il iv.. JACK TOMPKINS MYRA JEANE 4 Throckmorion TOMPKINS Cisco EVERETT VAN VELMA DEE PATTEN Lubbock 353, Dallas ill: I . . H. iq: Home EC sfudenis don glad rags To feed ar banquef during Convenhon They should know how +o do boih. -Q xx L..A,-, Rodney Spencer grabs a+ apples af Home EC Hallowe'en pariy. Balloons floai over Home EC Hallowe'en bingo game. J Y KL. 'r ,I lf- xr 1 Af l I MACK VERHYDEN HOWARD Richland VINEYARD Amarillo RALPH WALLACE BETTY WALLING Lubbock Lubbock KATHLEEN GEORGE WARREN WALTHALL Baird Anfon JOYCE WATSON REBECCA RAY Lubbock WEAVER Memphis WADE H. WEBB ALTON D. WELCH Hillsboro Elecfra GEORGE WALL Knox Ciiy WALTER PATRICK Ouifaque EULAMAE WATSON Lubbock LAYTON WEBB Roby HELEN RUTH WEST Lubbock Page 88 fy? U ii U? 41? fe ,... 'ik ' rw I s 15 -15, Q HOY WEST YVONNE JOYCE WHITE RAYMOND WHITE Winqale WESTMORELAND Crowell Sudan O'DonnelI H. T. WILKINS JEAN WILKINS DAVID WILLIAMS EDWARD WILLIAMS Lubbock Krum Posf Bronle NORMAN E. RAYBERN ROY WILLIAMS WANDA BETH WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Abernafhy WILLIAMS Liberfy Denver Cify Sweelwaler ORAN WILSON THOMAS J. HOWARD P. WIMAN ALICE WINSTON Lubbock WILSON Tulia llaly Waco WILLIAM WOOD DORA WOODS HOUSTON WOODY ROBERTA WRAY Posf Lubbock Slanfon Slralforcl Page 89 TED M. WHITE TRAVIS WHITE KATHRYN N El Paso Friona Bronle HELEN WILLIAMS JUANITA LLOYD L Talwoka WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Levelland While Deer MOZELLE LA VERNE WILSON OCTAVIA WILSO WILLIAMSON Wills Poinf Lubbock Dallas JIMMY WITT LORENE WOLFE HERBERT L. Lubbock Seminole WOMACK Tahoka BERNICE BILLY ELWOOD WRIGHT JIM WRIGHT WRIGHT Posf Floydada Girard ,SO- 4-1 Mary Elizaberh Bowden fells regis+ra+ion 'lrouble 'lo M , ' sympailwelic lisfeners. f - fi ,. ' :N ,Sn i June Crosby wails pafienfly in Ad building +0 complefe regisfralion. Ralph Jolwnslon deals wiflw Mule Dowell, whose middle name is "Ac+ivi+y Ticlce+". ' 1-'tw 71""7w-'rr'n':"rr:1ff'T""""f1-:'I':':r"""'fF7:1-f""rvv"sf"z'rTf":fwfr Y .-,, .3 .. , .1 ,a-,mi 3.1 ,-.V f 1 i 'iw rl-,7:3,"5 rf 1 -Y 1' ' ' r MABEL BEATRICE WRIGHT Eldorado JAMES D. WULFJEN Colorado Ci+y JUNIUS YOUNG Lubbock DORIS WULFJEN Colorado Cify JACK YORK Lubbock ZEARL T. YOUNG Hawley Page 90 I-IERSCI-lEL LAMB Sophomore Class Presiclenl sf KENNETH ROBBINS Sophomore Class Vice Presidenl PATSY AYERS Sophomore Class Secrelrary SGP!-ICDMORES M. so ff 1' 5' ,, I gfrfgl 4 y ,fr Y. 5? ve! Elf Sophomore Queen Rulh Loflin smiles as she 'fakes Ihrone al' Sophomore Hodge Podge. Sophomore class Presidenlr Herschel Lamb helps queen from "Days of '49" slage. Aller Ihe Coronalion Queen Rulh relaxes lor a colce wifh Johnny and Red Phillips. "" ""f W" iQ'xr.r"'r.-...f:rr"f,iyg.niw"U",...mi I ' H 1JfAi'N'f' .',fi:l'l,s .":.-",':,.,r..-I.. 223, lj," 'grief E"1"j'i --ff 345 fn'-5 QL.- - fffi- 'I:far-zf'f:"'1f,4i-IZW.. e. ff1.fk1.s'.gy1lf25m f -Mlifuwi-x.f5il,?,C?1f I gr-2:5-11 ' .I-I-, ,.-'.f-fa: 1..,.1r.-.I 'gm-M ,-1.1.2,-b . ..-i,, if -I-xv f'.,,J,....: -gn I-1, :JAN ,ull .I , . f',-w.z..'o.- ul H I. , .mefye W x, . ' 41" n.. JHfJIf'3r ' lm 'ani Iva- ' :""1..'?:hIwi- -:r.,"f7.-2121 .IW -'I3'XQ'Q.' ' fQIf7f':L"I,3 I,f?9i1'.'f'9Q"E!LLIiLI?iI'?IE:lf ,ii ABNER A. AARON JAMES H. AARON WILLIAM W. AKERS Rolan DOROTHY ALLEN Lubbock ROY ALLTERS I-Iobbs, N. M. BOB ANDIS Pampa W. H. AWTREY JR. Muleshoe Rofan LaVERNE ALLEN Lubboclc WARREN D. AMBROSE JR. FI. Worfh J. C. ANGEL Loraine PATSY AYERS Slalon Lubbock NATHAN ALLEN JR. Big Spring BILL G. ANDERSON Albany NINA MAE ATER Roscoe JANICE BAGWELL Claude Page 92 FRANCES BALLOW Levelland J. W. BARNETT Borqer BARBARA BELL Aclcerly EDWIN BOBBITT Panhandle JACK BOST Amarillo Page 93 ff I I, . I as f: ' I I if i YZ i I , , I I I , I BOB BANDEEN THOMAS ED BANDY NORMA GENE PAUL BARBER GEORGE G. BARNES GLYNN BARNESIV Abilsno Happy BANKSTON Seaqraves Dallas Honey Grove I Ballinger I HELEN ELNORA WELDON BARTON EDWARD BAUMANN PAULINE LOIS BAYLESS HERBERT BELCHER BARTLETT Earflu Loraine BAUMGART Kermil Swoofwaler Housfon Mercedes 'I I MARY FRANCES JOHN D. BICKHAM BILLYE BLACKBURN SNOW BLACKBURN BILL BLEDSOE JOHN B. BELL Lubbock SGYYUOUV Iraan Amarillo BLOMSHIELD I Elcclra Big Spring I HAYDN RAE JACK BOGAN JIMMIE AMELIA HARRIET BORDWELL HARRY KAY BORN BILLY BOSTON BODENHAMER McLean BOONE Amarillo Lubboclc Perryfon I Lubbock LUIDIDOCIK 1 PHYLLIS BOWEN IMOGENE BOYD JOHNIE BRADSHAW MARGUERITE BILLY BRASSELL LAURISSA BRATTON San Angelo Lubboclc Sweefwafer BRANNEN Mineral Wells Rochelle Li++Iefield I i I l James Lovelace ge+s scheduled for semes+er's hard work. ASK MI Ivlargarel Simmons answers regislralion queslions 'lor Louise Smillw. Marguerile Harris adds anollwer slip 'ro Madge Lawrence's lweavy regis+ra+ion load. BILL BROOKS Gainesville DAVE BROWDER Giles JANE BROWNFIELD Brownfield MATTIE LOU BRYANT Bledsoe JUNE BURNISON Munday JUNO BROOKS DORIS BROTHERSON Lubboclc Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone GLENN BROWNE MARY AMA BROWN Lubboclc Coaliorna FLOYD BROWNLEE LOYD E. BRUNSON Pecos Longworfh DORIS BUNGER BETTY BURKE Ozona Lubboclc HELEN BUTLER HELEN MARIE BUTTS Amarillo Morlon Page 94 w if in --1' HORACE W. BUTTS JEANETTE BYNUM GODFREY CADRA GEM BOB CALLEY BYRON CAMPBELL Fl. Worfh Lubbock LOUISE CARROLL PEARL CARY Borger Goldsmilli M. C. CHURCH ERNEST CLEMENT Merkel Valley View W. E. CONNELL RUTH JOAN Slwallowaler CONNELLY Plainview COURTNEY BERNICE COX COWDEN Lamesa Midland Page 95 Shamrock Lubbock WINIFORD CASEY ROBERT CASTLE l-lermleiqli Lubbock MARIANNA COFFEY C. E. COFFMAN Childregg Ropesville MAXINE CONNER OLENE COOK Slalom Posl JO NELL COX MARY LOUISE COX Lubbock Ferris Wildorado BILLIE CHANCE Lubbock MARIAN COFFMAN Lubbock BILL COOKE McLean ANN CRANE Dallas ROBERT A. CAMPBELL Odessa DONALD CHEEK Hobbs, N. M. BOB COLLIER Fl. Worfh MAISIE COON Lubbock PAUL B. CRAWFORD Haskell TOM CARLE Lubbock A. B. CHISUM V Levelland CLAIRE COLLINGSWORTH Oklahoma Cily, Okla. EVELYN coovsii El Paso GERTRUDE CROUCH Dallas lusl whal' is going ,,QA Q3 I7 Regnslralion is no simple malfer when dozens of coeds decide io lake lhe same course. lnking away one's life hislory as Clolhille wonders OH. J, Fish Lewis Fish Jones, Fish Odle and Fish Lieurance form Ironl line and yell, as only freshmen can, in shir'r-'rail parade. ,..... .,-...s. -v..,,..., .....,.....,.,.. ,....- .....,,...,....r..., ,....-.......,- , ,Qi A lei O'DELL CROW Lubbock BILL DANSFIELD Lubbock PAUL DAVIDSON Dallas SARA DAVISS Lubbock FLOYD DAWSON Bells .1 MARY CULWELL Slalom ANNA KATHERYN DAVENPORT Memphis GLENN DAVIS Lubbock JAMES DAWLEY Conlon, Miss. JIMMIE DAY Lubbock MARY KATHERINE DANIEL Floydada TOM O. DAVENPORT Easfla nd JIMMIE DAVIS Dallas EDWIN DAWSON Tulia ROBERT WILLIAM DEATS Graham Page 96 , 0 . I LSR, IHIQJSFSIIYI - 225 :Iii .'5fe'f-iIIIiIfi" f MONROE DeBUSK Idalou ERLENE DOWELL Quail ROY G. EDWARDS OIIon PAT ETTER Shamrock PATSY FERGUSON Handley Page 97 NELL DeLONG DOLORES DENTON ERNESTINE DITTO JENNETTA DODGE BILLIE JO DODSON OSCAR H. i I I I I Merfzon Denison ArIingIon Big Spring CI1iIIicoII1e CI1iIIicoII'1e I CLEVE DRAKE BOWEN DuLANEY MRS. WANDA GENE DUPREE ANNIS DURHAM CABOT DYSART Pampa Sfinneff DUNLAP Wink Aspermonf Vega I Lubbock I I MAXINE EILAND PEGGY EILAND LEWIS ELLIS JOHN EMMITT ELVIS ERWIN MARLON ESMOND Munday Lamesa Lubbock Tulia Sfanfon BaIIinger I I JESS CARL EVANS MARY HELEN WILBUR EVANS WINFIELD EVANS WYNETTE FARMER DENNIS JR. EVANS Dallas Shamrock Knox Cify FEIGENSPAN I Merfzon MerIzon Roxana I I HERBERT FLOWERS ERMADEL FLOYD JANE ANN FLOYD WILMA RUTH MART FORD WYNON FORD Jacksboro McLean Lubbock FORBIS Ralls RaIIs I WeIIing'ron I 1 I I l Smiling Coach Cawlrhon, Caplain Primo McCurry, Joe Allbrighl and rambling Red Raiders relurn affer vicforious Marqueffe lrip. Foolball Capfain Ty Bain, followed by Tom Douglass, leaves slaiion as band and sludenis cheer. 1 3. a f ca '86 'O' ' fin SALLIE LYNN JO JEAN FORT ALBERT FORREST Mafador FORTENBERRY Plains Lubbock BARBARA FRYE IRENE FUESSEL DICK FULLAWAY Lubbock Eola Los Angeles, Calif. NITA FURR BONNIE LOU JEANNE GARRETT Borger GANTZ Dallas Dallas SUE QWILLIE BEEI ARLENE GANT TOM GARDNER GARRETT Slafon Plainview Dallas Sleepy-eyed s+uden+s galhered 6'l"l'l18 railway sfalion in a MAX GARMON FRANCES H, GARY JESSE L, GEORGE sunrise pep rally +o welcome Red Raiders. Lorenzo Fi. Worfln Wichifa Falls Page hum. Q' OLIVE MORRINE ANNA LEE GIBBS IRBY A. GIBBS OWEN GILBREATH JANE GILBY HAROLD GILLESPIE RUTH GILLESPIE GEORGE Deiwin Teague Ralls FI. WorIIn Lubbock Crosbyfon Lubbock EPPRIGHT GLASS FRANCES GLEATON JO BESS GOODLOE C. M. GORDON FRANCES GORDON WILLIAM ADAIR ARLEE GOWEN Lmlefield Rails Mf. Gaim Aflinqfori Anson GOSSETT Lamesa Lubbock FRANCES EILEEN HENRY J. GREBING ALLISON GAIL HENRY GRIFFIN BARBARA GRIGGS EDITH HADDICK MARIAN HAGAN GRAVES Menfone GREGG GGIVESTOU Wink Pefersburg San Angelo Gufhrie Borqer KENNETH HALBERT LEON HALE ROBERT HALL VIRGINIA HALL MARGIE HAMILTON GLORIA BETH HAMPTON Foard Cify Easfland Quifaque I-UIUIIJOCIY COIOFGCIO Cify HAMMONDS Plainview Floydada ROBURTA NEIL HARDIN DOUGLAS M. ROBERT HARGROVE NOVA LOUISE MERRELL HARPER CLARK HARRIS HARBISON Le-veIIand HARDY Rofan HARLESS Posf BurIingame, Caiif. Lubbock Lubbock Baileyboro PUQ9 99 41" . fm 51 if wg. JS' Zi 5" F P , f I .sis J 3' Qi. ii. I 'if All L52 gif dill? X4 if E4 4" 5l2.::p'::W I gp .v"i'2iwlr 4rz..,v4ih1'.uv5-42.42-kan" rfia-r'yA6,"'?v.:.-1' 5 7-1'5-25" Ls! .wr 'KF ,I .. J ' 0-Ks Harry Shaw whispers sweel nolliings in 'rhe ear of Audrey Binlcley as Jolnn Liille silenily Takes swing in srride. Coiion Ellis and Ollie Sue Armsfrong flash personaliiy smiles and swing on. Liifle buf Loud" Buddy Sprague and Belly Rhea Caldwell prepare for dance on Hillon Hofel mezzanine. sy!! -0 ....,. VS' 2 xg, H wlii-Q'-ii-tv.-.f. . 1e.Q.sf,' if rf --,I ,J "h -. I+ . sg W sf, ' 4- ,I , " 'ka' '-'ffl ' - .I .ALJ QNX- 's ia I' '9 XTZIZV -T-Y xe- IVN V RAYBURN HASKINS TULL HAVENS Wollforlli HOWARD HEARD Brownwood KATHERINE HENDERSON I-Iamilfon MARY HERRING Knox Cily ARVIS HILTON Lamesa Clairelle HOWARD HEATH JR. Vernon HOMER HENSLEY JR. Lubboclc PEGGY HESS Lubbock BILLYE J U NE HITTSON Sweefwaier 'X CHARLES HAWES Lubbock LOUISE HEATH Brownfield T. A. HENSON Lililefield BEN HILL JR. Vega LYNDON HOBBS Amarillo Page IDU CAROLINE HOCH OWEN HOFACKET VIRGINIA RUTH Bryson Levelland HOGAN Lubbock T. H. HOLMES JR. ALFRED HORNER COMORA HUGHES Ralls I-Iallsville Merkel CHARLES INGRAM ELMER TAYLOR CHARLES E. JR. IRETON JACOBS Mexia Lamesa Lamesa MARION JENNINGS GLADYS JOHNSON GLENN JOHNSON Coleman Brownfield Dallnarl DICK JONES DOROTHY JONES EARLENE JONES Colorado Cily Lubbock Brownfield Page 101 MARY EDITH HOLDEN Lubbock WILLOUISE HUMPHRIES Lubbock LEONARD L. JANSEN Amarillo BRUCE JOHNSTON Graham LOUISE JONES Tulia :pa 41. I 3-.. .. f,i. F-.J 4, .3 "- 2 'fw,.?'iltllI'3 :X ,. IJ If , ll V II I . ' iv ill I M LOUIE HOLDER MERL E. HOLLEY JANE HOLMAN Vernon Paducah Seymour KARA HUNSUCKER LANELLE HURLBUT NORMAN IGO Malador Lubbock Ralls CLAUDE E. JARRETT HELEN JARROTT CLOTHILLE JENKINS Lubbock Lubbock Levelland if Q JOZELLE OUIDA JOHNSTON BILL JONES I ESICOIB Lubbock O'BrIen R. E. JONES JR. VIRGINIA ROSE WYNONA KELLERI"A4rAl,EeI'lllI Lubbock Snyder Cleburne lm I I S1 ,,...,,,.....,...-....w,.,,...,.,...,.,,,-,.,.....-... ,.....,-.-.- 5+uden+s Hwrong gymnasium for year's Iirsf convocaiion. Convocarion brings sfudenrs Iogefher for an hour of Iisfening. ffm . 22,.,,.- BOB KEASLER LOUIS B. KELLETT ww,..-1' Easfland Jayion JEAN KILLAM CHARLENE KING Eola Roaring Springs RANDELL KING EUNICE KLETT Floydada Lubbock HERSCHEL LALIB GWENDOLYN LAM FI. Worfh Denver Cify A -H HOWARD LATIMER BILL LATSON The Adrninisirarion sI'ancIs up Io begin year's Lifflefield CI5rgnd0n Iirsf convoca+ion. ,..-..... W,--.--,,.s, ROBERT KELLEY Sonora MARY NELL KING Albany RALPH KREBBS LeveIIand BOB LARSON Dallas HUGH LAWLESS Sfearnboaf Springs, CoIo. Page 102 . 4 . T' . ,H -. a - x "SY 1,3 V ' Q' - , ,K l , fd4pf '7 4 'I' MADGE LAWRENCE ALLEN LEACH Pampa Dallas BILLYE LEVENS KEITH LEVY Lubbock Farwell PRISCILLA RUTH LOFLIN LITTLEPAGE Ralls E+. Worflw CHARLIE T. AURELIA MCCORMICK McDONALD Merkel Lubbock FANNIE LOU ALVA McREYNOLDS MCMENAMY Floydada Lubbock Page 103 NJ Y? LOUETTE LEARY Lubbock JO ANN LEWIS Tyler J. C. LONG Lubbock MACK A. McLAIN FI. Worllm HERBERT LEAVERTON Lubbock JIMMY LINN Lubbock REX W. LOWE Cameron WOODYARD L McDOWELL Liffle Rock, Ark. ZOE McREYNOLDS NORMA MALONEY Muleslwoe Roscoe REGINIA LEE Spur BOB LIPSCOMB FI. Worfh FOREST LOWRY Quanalw GERALDINE MCELHENY Dallas DOROTHY ANN MANNAN Dallas .a af 5 nv' ALBERT LEONARD Sleamboal Springs, Colo. JOHN LITTLE San Saba HENRY LUCCOCK Keene CHARLINE MCFARLAND Friona BEULAH RAE MARKHAM Ropesville RALPH Sleamboal Colo. OWETA LITTLE Anfon BETTY LYNCH Dallas WANDA McLAUGHLlN McAdoo SARA BELLE MARKHAM Sudan lla v gy, '. 5 Is ar. I I1 I ll? ll W lrx liz ,. li , A :I- E .gf-Aja .1 ri .rf .Vg 'l 'I 'T :sl.f1::,:L.:ff5..dQw+' I .J 0 pfxivfal! 2:1 ly ,.,, ,, 'MITIJ' r'?f I' fl' 'A l f SJ: , ,rf .1,fi-, f ,af , . 1' 4 psf Phil Harmon, Belly Clark, Fred Yellon, and Rulh Campbell are oul in Ironl al 'rhe Malador dance. Tom Murray delivers speech Io surprised class on how Io pin a diaper on a baby. Preslon Gill raises head from midsl of dancers al Ihe Malador dance. 1 TT'7""5'Y'T?f"fI"'," :xr swrrff:'r1vi--rvfr-wa-f-ff-r'f':-f "W: ve-'P .,... . yg-4-v-1.-..,,,7..7,.,.,.1 'A -i'-.411 ,I f Jim'-k,?Q'. nl mr I E I ' si? 'L ,bi 'S-' Xi . 4 'H F . - frv ' ' I .' 'll e 8' :fl II I . r 1' ' A L' I4 7 'L ' T ' Q x 5 ' .. 1 ,go ,Q , . ..f5.fI'g,,.fb 0 I. i .dk -av: Q!" wb 'si end' f ig: I Fw! 34 9 2' I Yi. " ' I I SQ Av'-' -n ' .R lf., I i ' QUT! J LORRAINE MARR VERA NELL Rolan MARSHALL Floydada MARGARET MARTIN MOZELLE MARTIN Lornela Lubbock W. C. MAUZEY JR. CURTIS G. Blackwell MAYNARD Amarillo HOMER MEDLIN STANLEY DEE Garden Cify MEREDITH MARY ETTA MILLER Lubbock Lexinglon, Tenn. RICHARD MILLER Ozona Q J 3 DICK MARTIN Easlland ROSE MARIE MARTIN Corsicana MURIEL MAYS Slrawn ZADA BEA MEYERS Lubbock KELTON MILLER Pampa Page 104 I I I I '3' 4 'U MARILYNN MILLER THELBERT MILLER MARY ADNA Lubbock Seymour MITCHAM Odessa ANN MOORE ELEANOR MOORE GILFORD MOORE Albany Lubbock Quifaque CLARA MUELLER LEE MURPHY MARJORIE MUSICK Roscoe Amarillo Tulia JONES PRATT BILL NELSON JOSEPH W. NEW NELSON Lubbock Skellyfown Hughes Springs ELIZABETH OATS Lubbock Page 105 BILL OLINGER Garland ELWANDA OLIVER Lamesa ..44., T1 I ELIZABETH FRANK MITCHELL MITCHELL Lovingfon, N. M. HUBERT MOSELEY Rochelle CARL NALL Lockney ROXIE NEWTON Lubbock EMALU O'NEAL Lubbock Lubbock H. G. MOSS Fr. Worfh JERRY NASH Lubbock GENE NICKELL Dallas FRED THOMAS OWEN JR. Whifney WE LDON M IZE Rofan JOHN ROBERT MOXLEY Lubbock C. SIBLEY NEEL Coahoma NEAL NICHOLS Borger JAMES PARKER JR. Ft Worih AB T. MOORE Lubbock FRANCES MUDGE Cleburne ' JOE NELSON Pampa MARY ANN NUGENT Seymour J UAN ITA PARKER Lubbock Emily Ann Mack helps Wynell McClure pour A. W. S. lea. Willm all poise Virginia Hogan and Killy Moore sample lea and cookie pIa+es for big and Iilfle sisfers. Onifa Belle Hufsfedler ac+s as recepfionisf 'ro A. W. S. 'rea sippers. .,,, i t l gp-, GLADYS RUTH I'--7 .1 ,E 1 , . , ,ff A , w. o. PARmsH PARNELL Childress Lubbock OLIN PARRIS SHIRLEY PARSONS Wilson Lubbock EMORY PAYNE LUCILLE PAYNE Lubbock San Augustine THELMA PAYNE MIRIAM FRANCES Levellancl PECKHAM Amarillo HULEN J. PENNEY ROBERT G. PERKINS Lubbock Easfland JANE PARRIS Amarillo MARY PAXTON Sweelwafer LUCY MARY PAYNE San Augusfine MILDRED PENDLETON Sfrafford RICHARD T. PHELPS JR. Trinidad, Colo. Page 106 if 'II ,ff H. R. PIERCE Tuha ORE. SHERILL POWELL Slalom ELVIN RAINEY Dalharf HUGH REYNOLDS Shamrock EI-OISE ROBERTS Talioka Page 107 HAROLD PILCHER MARTHA FRANK ED POOL I DARRELL PORTER CLOVIS POTEET Lubbock PLANTS Dallas Mullen Ollon Seymour TED J. POWERS EDNA LOUISE GLENDON PRESSON DAN PRICE ROWLAND W. Barksclale PRANGE Posl Rochelle PROGRESS Cisco San Francisco, Calif. MAURINE RAINS RAY E. RAMSEY BOBBIE READ DAVID REDDELL RICHARD REDICK Lubbock Floyclada Lubbock Talwoka lraan EVELYN RHODES REUBY TOM SAM RICHARDSON MERILU RIPLEY DAVID ROBB Hough-,n RHODES Colorado Cily Sudan Gainesville Lubbock IRETA ROBERSON DAVIS RODGERS JANE ROGERS HAL ROLLEY JOHN W. ROMINE Logkney Winfgrg Lubbock Joinerville Valley Mills R. B. POTEET Ollon O. H. RAH LFS Happy ZENOBA REED Ralls BOB ROBERTS Amarillo BILL ROSSER Cleburne Freshmen, galhered around Iheir president Linn Cooper harmonize a Iune. Lanky foolball cenler, Ed Irons, is hoisfed 'ro shoulders of sfudenis afier vic+orious game. Amazed freshmen wafch campus polilics breeze during Iheir firsi' convocafion. :MQ "Vi 1 Az. 3' . -la n .4 , 'Y' I I fl I f - . if ff Yf iii? if ' "MII Yip! I , I ' nk" 4 54: DORTHE ROWLAND HUGH ROWLAND Sweelwaler Lubbock NORMAN M. EDITH SARCHET RUSHING Tulia Calverl' HELEN HOUSTON SCHNEEMANN SCHWEITZER San Angelo Mafador LULA ALICE SCOTT LINA LEE SHAHAN Lipscomb Lipscomb JANELL SHANAFELT P. B. SHANNON JR Bryson Levelland J 1 ' J I I into BONNIE RUSHING Farwell ELLENE SCHLUETER Roby JEANNE SCIANCE Lubbock TED SHAIKEWIIZ FI. Worfh DORMA LEE SHELTON Merkel Page 108 . 0 ,wil 'Q' I I ff- 3? .I-mv T T I ,ff Q' DON SHEPHERD NORMA SHERMAN CHARLES Goose Creek MARJORY SHOTTENBERG Wheeler OLIVE SMILEY Roaring Springs BETTY NELL SMITHEE Ropesville Mineola H. C. SHULER Snyder MARGARET BENTON SMITH Jusiiceburg LAURANCE W. SNELLEMAN Wellingion, Kans LULA STAPLETON ROBERT STARKEY Flomoi Page 109 Muleshoe SHERWOOD Roaring Springs ELAINE SIMMONS Waco CLINTON SMITH Holliday CHARLES SNURE Dallas DOROTHY STEPHENS Lubbock PM HERMAN ROY SHERROD Pos? JIM SIMMONS Amarillo JOE T. SMITH Floydada MARY R. SPARKS Lubbock CHARLES STEPHENSON Canyon NEOMA SHERROD Big Spring VOLNEY SKINNER Perryion MARION SMITH Magic Cify MARJORIE SPENCER Midland DORIS STEVENS Housion I, I I L S .S-s '36 J: ,442 ,114 ew' pq BILLIE BESS SHIVE FREELIN Big Spring SHOEMAKER Abilene CLOYD SLATER V. C. SMART JR Sweeiwaier Spur WALLACE W. VESTER LEE SMIT SMITH McLean Snyder RODNEY LEROY EVELYN LEE SPENCER STALCUP Midland Lockney JIMMIE STILES DAVID C. STORE Clarksville Liiilefield .fx ii .N 5: ? lfxr L J! KES Mary Ann Siephenson keeps Jimmie Williams a cool disfance away ai College Club formal. College Club Presidenf L. Dean Bulrler reads 'relegram To formal guesl. Jane Hull and Hugh English exchange lines, as Bill Larmer WGIIS pahenily for a number Io begin. ID' JERLENE STOTTS Lynn, Ark. NETHA STRICKLAND Enoch RICHARD SUGAREK Beeville WARDELL SWEATT M u nday KENNETH TAYLOR Hillsboro DOROTHY DELL STOVALL Floydada REID STRICKLAND Floydada MARGIE SULLIVAN Lubbock WARREN GENE TABOR Lubbock JOHNNIE FAYE TEMPLETON Shamrock HURSHEL C. STRAWN Lubbock BERNA DENE STUBBLEFIELD Woodson LLOYD WELTON SURSA Childress CLIFTON TANNAH I LL Fi. Worfh H. M. TERRY Dallas Page 110 -Sui -as. "IWW f -S .gkliixli ,., , 5 ' 130 If W U-,:'f2.4 L MC, A . I F u l 'Y 'Q' I 7 Wx W '-rf gil' -I . 13 ig YD 1 "3" AK '99 '53f, 'wr -if 'di '.""'1G REBLE THOMAS LA VERE THOMPSON JOHN PATTY THORNTON Posl Iowa Parlc THORNBURGH Lueders Wichila Falls MARGARET TIPTON WALTER Y. TOOKE WINFRED TUCKER VIRGINIA TURNER Plainview Teague Meadow Friona EARLENE VANCE JEAN VERNER BEVERLEY WADE MANCEL Panhandle Spur FI. Worfh WAKELAND Milford RUTH WALLING CHARLES WALTON GLENNIS WALTZ BETTY JANE WARD Palesfine Muleshoe Denison Lubbock JOE WATKINS OLIN WATSON WINSTON WATSON KATHERYN WEETH Painl' Rocl: Floydada Lubbock Vernon Page 111 SMITH TILGER Meadow WYLMA RUTH TURNER San Angelo F. V. VVALKER Sweofwalcr ELSIE MAE WARD Rafon, N. M. W. B. WETSEL JR. Sweeiwafer RUTH TINKLER Larnesa DOROTHY U LIT Ausfin HELEN WALKER Ollon CECIL OTTO WARREN Dalharf JOHN BILL WHEELER Eola IF DORIS NELL Lubbock DORRIS Memphis JACK WALKER Memp,:i BURGIN WATKI Panhandle GEO RGIE SUE WHARTON FI. Worfh nm ,W ,,. , I 4 BILLIE FRANCES WHARTON Anson FLORA LEE WILLIAMS Farwell JAMES EDGAR WILSON Bovine WENDELL WOOD JR. FI. Worfln 5 A TY, II- ' . , -H 1, I Xi Sa , -E 1' HELEN WHITE M65 .ra MARGARET WHITE DICK WHITWORTH BERNARD WILDER ROGERS WILLETT Texico, N. M. I-Iarniifon Waco Hereford Amhersf JACK WILLIAMS JEAN WILLIAMS JOHNNY WILLIAMS JAMES D. WILLIAMS JAMES W. Dalharf Lubbock Borger Borger WILLIAMS III Marlin DOROTHY ERNEST WINTER HELEN MARGARET TREVOR WOLFE JACK WOLTMON WINSTON Lubbock WISEMAN Lefors Muieshoe Snyder Lifflefield DELMER MAURICE WINIFRED WOODS WALTER WORD ROBERT WYLY MAE DELL YORK WOODS Lubbock Amarillo Friona Lubbock Olney -. . VIRGINIA WILLETT Winifeface VICTOR WILLIAMS Lubbock JEAN WOOD Brownfield ELIZABETH YOUNG Wesibrook Page 112 RAYMOND GOODRICI-I Junior Class Presiolenl' JAMES E. ALLEN Junior Class Vice Presideni POLLY PRICE Junior Class Secrelary .ILINICD In all seriousness we lincl Harold Beclcmeyer and Doris Brolherson be+ween dances. Chivalrous Bill Miller uses lace of Wynona Keller al homecoming Bonfire. To profecf Jrhe beaufiful , :X -iw'-L Freshmen swing and sway +0 music af Brigham Young pep rally. 1 DARLENE ABEL Lubbock LONA BELLE ADAMS Anfon JACK W. ALLEN Wichifa Falls GEORGE L. ARENSMAN Irving HUGH J. AYRES Floydada ,as ELMER ADAMS Spur PEGGY ADAMS O'Donnell JAMES ALLEN Hale Cenler OLLIE SUE ARMSTRONG Ff. Worfh WINCER BAKER Pampa r, """'? FRANCES ADAMS Lalceview CHARLES ALEXANDER Arlingion ROBERT T. ALLEN Lubbock MONTEREY ASHLEY Melrose, N. M. GERALDINE BALL Lubbock Page 114 IIA 'W -'G' Mi 1-45. V iv' Wi L.- I I , I Iv' P if Y? A , -dl f . f' - NAOMI BANNING Burkburnefl HAYNES BAUMGARDNER Wellinglon ADELE BERGHOLM Lubbock JACK WARREN BOONE Lubbock LA VERNE BROCK Eliasville Page 115 OPAL BARGSLEY MARIE BARNARD PAULINE BARRIER Denver Cily Lubbock KENNETH BEANE MARIHELEN Edinburg BEASLEY Lubbock MUREL BEVERS ELIZABETH BICKLEY Lakeview Clovis, N. M. MARY ELIZABETH JOHN ROSS BOWDEN BRADFORD Fabens Amarillo HENRI ELIZABETH JACK WARREN BROWN BROWN Sweelwaler Eoslland Lubbock JACK BEAVE RS Hillsboro WINSTON BLEY Ollon GORDON BRANHAM Plainview JIMMIE BROWN Abilene LOIS MAE BARRY Bowie WILLIAM F. BE LCHER Lubbock NORA LEE BOAZ FI. Worlln BERRY D. BRAZI LE Lubbock ANNA KATHERINE BROWNING Truscoll NETTIE BELLE BATTON Lilllelielcl J. WELDON BEN NETT Sfamlord BERNARD BOGAN Lubbock JEANNE BRESETT Las Vegas, N. M. CHARLES BRUCE Ml. Vernon fgffff :fi Q2 I .JM '3-,-2217-1 '., '.J.i'f2 . 5: 'uxi'II:' ff? 'Mm-aur':iQ 5 '-12 :rain 'W - t vb , I I ' -'Inv ,X I iii . Ax 4 "M JI flxl 1, "Milf 5 , 553-"rI5v ' ' '71wi"'v. s will ti:fii'f?'Y I LEE BAUGH Brownwood MARTHA NELL BENTLEY Anfon DICKSON P. BONNER Dallas JIM BRIGHAM Big Spring JANICE BUIE Sfamford . I Me- , I .1524 ' . JIW'a"3 fl? g I . I 'l I I' 'If' I . IM ,' .' I I Fug" M Nils- nirdii fi- , f II I dag lr. .wr rv ri, 'luxjfa -lf 1 wg? ff ,K ii-kiriifl IJ: If IE' In I "M .12 'li 'JET v' ,gm " Q44 5 ,V W. ni, 'J , MX if in 93 GXIWSI 'lgfz IV: 'TWH' :4i,,Yjl35v:f . lg faint? :Q F' QI i24.'rg'IR'i' ali ,Iam Ig.: Q rw I5 ww 4, . I W I Ib v Qiww wi Im,-"za, -is 2:1-F .pr '-f rf' f' .1 .f 1 cgi' jwgfi- ,.: Iv, II 1 ,Irwin - if 1 'I F, I.. l1','i.J,W'. I: LA..-rf? . Afforneys P. B. Shannon and Homer Foers'I'er urge Iheir colleague, Paul Caslleberry, Io obiecl Io quesfion al Pre-law Irial. Wilness Ann Moore gingerly fakes flue sland besides exlwibils, A, B, and C. I ,X ,W I I VERNON BUNDRANT FONTELLA BURROW DOROTHY BURTON Meadow Tulia CHARLES BUTTS JESSE BYARS Wiclwifa Falls Affon WATSON CARLOCK MARY HELEN Lubbock CARROLL Crowell MONCURE CARTER JOHN CHALK Lubbock Lubbock Defendam' Mailland Beseda samples some of Ilwe evidence CHARLES SAM CHISHOLM Iwa+er?l as Pre-lawyers Ilwrealen Iwim willw sfrelcln CHENAULT Brownfield for boollegging rap. Wichifa Falls Pampa H. T. CARDWELL JR Vernon WILLIS T. CARSON Ausfin EDGAR CHANCE Lubbock WELDON CHRISTIAN Big Spring Page 116 K.-.. F0-N 'K BETTE CLARK Canadian ALENE COMER Aspermonf RUTH COWAN Spur JAMES KENNETH CURRY Delharl B. H. DENNISON JR. Denfon Page 117 CLIFTON W. CLARK WELDON L. CLARK JEFF COFFEY Wichila Falls KATHRYN COOK Pos? BARBARA COX Posf JOE DAVIDSON Lubbock HAZEL DICKINSON Lubbock Wiclmifa Falls PAU LINE COOK Lilflefielcl LOUISE COX Woodson RITA Z0 DAVIS Clwillicollwe CATHERINE DILLARD FI. WOFII1 GERALD COLLIER McLean Ralls MIRIAM COOPER WILLIAM A. Lubbock COPELAND Wewoka, Okla. BETTY CRAM THELMA Dallas CRAWFORD Ollon ROBERT H. DAVIS R. B. DAWSON JR. Posf Tulia DORIS DOBBS EDWARD L. VVicI1i1'a Falls DONELSON Lubbock MARIE COLLINS Rofan FOUNT CORDER Uvalde UNA FAYE CUMMINGS Byers ANN DAY Claude WALLDEEN DONNELL Mexia JERRY , COLLINSWORTH Borger J. R. COUNTS Rohan CORA NELL CUNNINGHAM Linlefield JAMES WOODIE DAY Plainview CLEDITH DOZIER Sylvesfer W Red Hill gels cur in on by "JiHer-bug" in disguise, Toreador columnist Jimmie Wilson. Earfhqualce McGoon, alias Harold McDaniel, wifh persuader al' Hallowe'en Masquerade. Everyfhing from sailors and cowboys lo 'flue Shiek of Araby was presenl' a+ +I'1e Ko Shari Masquerade. y . i 1 JEANNE DRAPER Memphis W. BUFORD EAGAN Olney G. VERLON EDGAR Wlwiilwarral MAXINE E. ELLIS Clarendon DOROTHY LOU EMMITT Tulia 19" 1 ,I RONALD DUFF Hillsboro EDWIN EASTERWOOD Larnesa HAROLD T. ELDER Cuero WILLIE LOU ELLIS Larnesa HUGH ENGLISH Plainview WILLIAM DEAN DUNLAP Hereford JOHN ALVIN EDEN Rocky, Okla. KENT ELLIOTT Lubbock LORENE ELLISON Aspermonl' ALDREDGE ESTES Midland Page 118 4? 3 . X DF" 'G I 5 GLADYS MARIE EVANS Shallowaler WAYNE FINNELL Holliday ROBENA FO RMBY McAdoo JACK E. GARRETT Lubbock MARY JANE GODDARD O'Donnell Page 119 M mg, I ivy 'S' CHARLES FAIR DELBERT FALLS Odessa Lilllefield MARTHA FISK BETTY FITZPATRICK Amarillo Kermil' LOIS ILENE FOSTER PAULINE FREY Par-npa FI. Worlh HOWARD RAY THOMAS BRASWELL GARRISON GILBERT Fl. Worlh Lamesa ELWANDA MARY FRANCES GODFREY GOINS Roaring Springs Burkburnell' J. C. FARRIS Iowa Park R. L. FLOYD M :Lean WAYDE K. FREY FI. Worfh JACK GILES Lubbock RAYMOND GOODRICH Amarillo 1 I gi l MOLLY ANNA BOBBIE FELTS HENRY MARVIN FEECE Kirkland FELTS JR. 7 Lubbock Carlsbad, N. BILL FLYNT HOMER FOERSTER ELMER E. FOLK Fl. Sfocklon Vernon Marlin PATSY FULLBRIGHT BILL FULLER GERRY GAMBLIN Smillwille FI. Worlh Floydada , PRESTON GILL MILLARD GILLHAM EARNEST GLOYNA Groom Hughes Springs Thalia 1 JAMES GRAHAM ORVAL GRAHAM CAMILLE GRAVES Sweelwaler Quifaque Crowell ' Daniel Sfeen and Charles Smilh look for place Io fag. .ov Q, 1 ,S 'I 1 xu I A lr fi L A lglflx x.,+I 'I me Charles Bucy has fun as he glides across The floor wilh Blanclina Nealherly. James Donaghey face Io face wi+h parfner as he hands usual dance floor line. JACK E. GREEN Lamesa HENRY GRIFFIS Dallas ELSIE HABERER Muleshoe DUANE HALEY San Angelo JIM HAMLET Coffeyville, Kans. JOYEDENE GREER Carbon DORINE GRIFFITH Lockney BETTY JEAN HAFFEY Lubbock SARABEL HALL FI. Sumner. N. M. BILLY HANCOCK Tahoka WILLIAM GRIFFIN Sylvesfer BILL GRUBEN Spur LLOYD HAHN Lamesa MARGARET HAMILTON Lubbock MILDRED HANKINS Lubbock Page 120 'F7 .-4? f an -ef Q 'B' ff: FISKE HANLEY FI. Worfln CALLA ROSE HARTLEY Lomefa MILDRED HEAD Lubbock VIRGINIA ANN HILLIARD Lamesa W. D. HAN EY Lubbock Page 121 JI 77531 vQ" 'Q bd KATH RYNE HARDING Byers YVONNE HARTSELL Magnolia, Ark. PARRISH HEATH Lubbock PAUL HILL Nocona PERRY HORTON Big Spring KATHERINE HARMON Lubbock ROY HASTINGS Hereford WALTER RUSSELL HEDRICK Lubbock MARGERY HILLS Lubbock KATHLEEN HOUSE Roby I JEAN HARP DOROTHY HARRIS MARGUERITE SYBIL HARRIS Malador Lubbock HARRIS Abilene Lubbock RUTH HATCHER DON HATCHETT EDWARD F. CLIFTON HA Dallas Lubbock HAVRAN Lubbock Knox Cily JOE E. HERBST MARTHA HERRING BILLY HIERONYMUS BILLIE Borger Hillsboro Temple Henriefla GERALD W. ADELENE HODGES BRADFORD C. ZENO HINCHEY Abe-rnafhy HOLLEYMAN Gruver Lubbock Gladewafer " ONITA BELLE JIMMY HUNDLEY G. B. HUTCHINGS ROY ISLER HUFSTEDLER Posl Olney Grady, N. M. Lubbock 2 r I 2 3: K' Q as s if I 5 r f If g A -I n 1 Slanley Williams and Helen Buller are bug-lciclcing as Boyce Dunigan loolcs inlelligenl. In a world ol his own, is Lewis Jobnslon as he lalces dance lloor by slorm. A lormal selling. Tech sludenls pul on llneir glad rags and sel a wicked niqlil lile pace. AILIIU 'K 41 AD MRS. ELLA KATE W. E. JAMES JR. JAGGERS Pampa Ml. Vernon JULIA JOHNSON LEWIS H. Posl JOHNSON Dallas RALPH H. ROBERTA JOHNSON JOHNSTON Haslcell Eskola LOUIE JOHNSTON CHARLES W. JONES Dunn Lubbock GERALD SPRAGUE MILTON JOYCE Canadian Snyder ALEX R. JARRETT Temple, Olcla. ROGERS JOHNSON Overlon JOE BOB JOHNSTON Lubbock MARION LUTHER JONES Linden DEE KELLY Lubbock Page 122 I fig' Fil Z. 1 1 . J. wfy A. J. KEMP CIovis, N. M. BILLIE KNUTSON Idalou JOHN LEE EIec+ra DAN LONG Ralls WELDON MCCALLUM Trinidad Puge 123 GENE KENDALL Lubbock LETA MERLE KOENINGER O'DonnoII NVINN LEHMAN Booker JACK LONGLEY Lubbock DOROTHY McCARTER Corsicana I LOWELL KENDRICK VIRGINIA KENNEDY ARCH KEYS VXANDA KIMBRELL EVELYN Lubbock Rofan Plainview ldalou Peacock LOURENE KOLB LLOYD LAIRD A. C. LAMBERT R. REX LANIER TED LAWSON I Rafon, N. M. Lorenzo O'DonneII FI. Worfb Defroif I ERVIN JOE LEVERS G. D. LEWIS VONDEE LEWIS VVARREN LINER EDWIN LOCKEI Roswell, N. M. RopesviIIe Brownfield Lubbock Sayre, Okla. 5 JAMES LOVELACE VERNON LOVELESS BEN F. LYMAN JR. P. A. LYON JAMES WELDON DaIIas Friona LH+IefieId Spearman MCANALLY Q Chicofa 2 RHENARD MCCARY NEAL MCCASKILL ROY L. McCLELLAN A. WILLARD CHARLES MCCLURE Mafador Lubbock Spearman McCLOY Jacksboro Morse i ,ug K 1 it Y Af Roberl' Duncan gives Bud Barnes a slap on lhe back al pep rally. Jimmie Cochran ancl Bill Williams clon solemn expressions on a sleepy number. Sludying live page books all al one lime is one way lo gain an eclucalion. X x I A 4 1 Ni GQ? g721z.i-.2-1'-1-wif , ,sf , - r ' W vg a 'JR' 1 , I Q 'F G2 1 Q 'UK . ,gy WYNELL McCLURE Spur JEAN MCCROREY Wichifa Falls WILLIAM TANSLEY MCEACHERN Amarillo GEORGE B. McKEE Archer Cily WILLIAM WAYNE MADDEN Lilflefield l . l 3'-TN ' ' ffl -. ' ..M',,.-': X 4 'fl ' i7'4rA I 1 ' . 'T I 1 . 111' . I . .Im '4' ., fi K ,I , , . J7 1. 1 -. . A .'l,3' BILL McCOY MARIE MCCREARY Baird Rockwell MARIE REGINALD McCRUMMEN McDERMOTT Lubbock Decalur MILDRED JOE McGREGOR McGLASSON Lubbock Plainview A. REID VIRGINIA McLAUGHLlN McPHERSON Mcfxdoo Shamrock RNOLD MAEKER DOROTHY MILDRED Wilson MAGEE Levellancl Page 1 24 If i 'UH MADGE MALONE KELLOGG C. RALPH MARSHALL Lubbock MANCHEE Coalwoma Dallas BILL MATHEWS MARJORIE BEULAH FRANCIS Pampa MATTHEWS MAY Odessa Iowa Park MARK MILES JOHNNIE MARJORIE MILLER Dallas MARCELLE MILLER Fabens McAdoo TRAVIS MOORE ZEB A. MOORE JR. J. P. MORGAN Lamega Amarillo Odell ELIZABETH MUSICK MARY E. NABERS NANCY NANCE Lubbock Big Spring San Anfonio Page 125 QW fx , CHARLES D. WANDA MARTIN MARTIN Crane Corslcana FLORENE MAY KATHERINE SUE Lockney MEBUS Tornillo MILDRED MITCHELL RHEA MITCHELL Lubbock Lockney ANDY MORRIS CLIFTON MORRIS Odessa Lubbock DOROTHY NEELLEY PAUL NEW Waco Skellvlown A .QQ ' ilk I Y , A I K , , A I , I I WILLARD MARTIN BOB MARXEN Lamesa I-Iouslon G. C. MERKET LEANELL MEYERSI Cisco Lamesa Q ROSALIND MARJORIA MOORE MITCHELL Roaring Springs EDITH MOSELEY Frlona BETH NEWTON Dougherly Malador GEORGE M USICR k I . Lubbock I JACK NICKS Hereford 71" I .. fi 5 . If A, , ,fl L, , , W: ,, - 2 , w , X . ,-5. rn- -n rc S d...i'.7.L'? ' g I K.QQg3" LJ" ff . . E N-v .nf 3. Q an x ..-qv NG' , . Y , George Aclron makes a surprised survey of +I'1e dance floor. N I k..,r- I 3" Here is a 'rypical Albuquerque special Ian who has fallen asleep over The Toreador. Bearded deadweek parricipanl, Cephus Wilson, gives a microscopic examinarion of Jrhe face of Billy Casey. L. E. PARISH Iowa Park ROSEMARY PATTERSON Lubbock DORIS FAYE PEEPLES Lubbock MAX PERRY Brownfield JOHNNY PHILLIPS Dallas NATALIE PARKER Ga rclen Cily JOHN PATTON Amarillo MAVIS PENDLEY Lubbock SUSAN PERRY Lubbock JOE ED PIERCE Lubbock RACHEL PARKER Tulia BUFORD PEAYS Roberf Lee RODOLFO PEREZ Premonl' BOB PERRYMAN Denison TH URMAN PINKERTON Lefors Page 126 ,Q 'D 2 , U --A-'S-W :Q .ir-:Xi fm- .GK 45 FRANCES RAY PITTS CLAY PLUNK BILLY POPE ELIZABETH POWELL MARTHA LUCILLE Amarillo Hedley Henriella Spur POWELL Slalon POLLY PRICE RUTH PRICE JANE PRICKETT TOM PRICKETT TOM PRIDEAUX Childress Morlon Lubbock Mexia Lubbock MARGARETTE FRANK RAPSTINE DAYLE RASBERRY HOPE READ MARY FRANCES RALSTON While Deer Ackerly Lubbock REAVES Iowa Park Iowa Park ROSA LEE SARAH BETH RICE MARJORAY RIDLEY INEZ RITTER JOE HARRY RENFROW Lubbock FI. Worfh Sweelwafer ROBERTS Muleshoe Canyon JAMES ROBERTSON JACK ROBINSON JACK ROBINSON LOMETA ROBINSON M. H. ROBINSON Aspermoni' Capifan. N. M. JR. O'DonneII McAllen Paducah Pcqe 127 I I K .. 40' 3' I. I, , , I JACK PRATHER MARTHA I Dallas Pampa JACK WADE BURNEY RAGLEEI OUALLS Olfon Beniamin ' Q54 PAUL REDDING CLAUDIA lj Punxsulawney, Pa. REINHOLD Q.. Lubbock EDITH ROBERTSON ERNEST C. Tahoka ROBERTSON IQ Lubbock ' I J. T. ROGERS WILMA RODGERS Lubboclc Lubbock lifafuini ,ay . . U 'p x P, dxf In :Y :I .v 1 7 ,- W ' ,gn-' ,I -X 1. :Y ' I ' 'l .4 f , - , . ,-1 A .X-.- Selling seclionized is no easy iob during regislralion. u The aclcl lesl in being admilled lo college. "lf your wrisl' holds oul you'll make I+," says Bill Wallace. l-lomesrrelch of lhe heclic day: 'lhe masler checkers. S' 3 -9 A RUTH ROGERS Alpine RENAL ROSSON Snyder MAX RUTLEDGE Lubbock LEE R. SCOTT Olney LOTTIE SELF Lamesa .f ,7 4. 9' fi., 9, s. 6 HELEN JEANNE ROSENOUEST Easlland LOLA FRANCES ROUNTREE Hale Cenlcr BERNICE SAN DERSON Goodland ROBERT SCOTT Sylvesler TONY SELMON Slamford LORRAINE ROSS Slrafford ROBERTA RUSHING Farwell DOROTHY DELL SCHEIHAGEN Amarillo ELIZABETH SEARS Amarillo J. P. SHARP JR. Tu lin Page 128 L 2 l l 1 , I if ' , Q VX., . Hz I .WSJ if 'df w fill' Fi 4 'QM l 1 l HARRY SHAW RICHARD M. Lubbock SHEEHAN l-lerrnleigln MARGARET JACK LOUIS SIMMONS SIMPSON Pecos Abilene NANCY LEE SPARKS W. S. SPEARS JR. Panhandle Ff. Worflw O. D. STALLARD PRATHER Dallas STANDEFER Cliffon CHARLES A. L. M. STEVENSON STEWART FI. Worfh Aspermonf Page 129 BOB SHELLBERG LANELL SHIREY ORVILLE W. Fl. Worllw Floydada SHOFNER Levelland KELLY SKEEN C. E. SMITH DRUCILLA SMITH Carlsbad, N. M. Skellylown Lubbock JEAN SPENCER SARA SPENCER BERL SPRINGER Ralls Lubbock Memphis JOHNIE STARKEY T. M. STEED JR. JOE STEELE Muleshoe Aflanla Allison FLORENCE STONE LAVERLE KENNETH WELDON STREET Muleshoe STOUT O'Donnell Dalharf STERLING SHORT Lubbock JOHN EVERETT SMITH Amlwersf MARGIE SQUIRES Slwallowafer DANIEL STEEN Becion WALTER STUDHALTER Lubbock BETTY sHRYocK L Pampa L JUANICE SMITH? Lubbock l L. M. STALEY JR.l Ringgold I . i PAUL STENGEL Munday I i o. w. SUMNER Jii. Lubbock l i i ll U2 aigl' ', 'iv in A A 1 Milling crowd of s+uclen+s during regis+ra+ion. I E it Q3 ', ARF leaf? A -of A i'l i Y ' 4 U2-Ga 'inn GJ Q Q. -R sf ,F r KE as Marcus Owens The R. O. T. C. does ils advises sluclenls. HOWARD SWAIM JOYCE SWAN LlLLlAN TARTER Wichila Falls Plainview Lazbucldy D. E. TAYLOR W. M. TAYLOR KATHRYNE TEMPLE Loraine Plains Lamesa DEVERAL TERRELL GLENN MORRIS HELEN THOMAS Rohan TERRELL Lubbock Vernon CAREY THOMPSON HAROLD R. FRANCES TIDWELL Arlesia, N. M. THOMPSON Lorenzo Denver, Colo. l . . I BLANDINA JOE WILL TRIPLITT MARY MARGARET The lines for sechomzing are all a par? of The clay. Ancl TREDWAY Lubbogk TUNNELL wha+ 5 daYl Lubbock Toholra Page 130 1 1 I xi' . 13' tri' 1 5 gl 1 5 JACK TURNER ESTELLE DARRELL VERNER JERRENE VERNER FURMAN VINSON NOEL WAGGONER BLANCHE WALESl Lubbock TURNIPSEED Meadow Rule Mafador Claude Lilllefielcl Meadow f FRED WALLACE GRANVILLE WATERS MARGUERITE T. J. WATSON CORA JEAN BUDD WATT ARTHUR J. WEBER Waco Abilene WATKINS Lubbock WATSON Pampa Sherman Melvin Lubbock I ANGELENE WEST LAVERNE WEST PATSY WHARTON JOYCE WHEELOCK KATHRYN BILLY ED WHITFILL FRED WIDMOYERI Lubbock Wingafe FI. Worlh Lubbock WHITEHEAD Lockney Iowa Park Slalon JAMES GILBERT BEN WILLIAMS PATSY WILLIAMS OCIE HUGH ANNABEL WOOD MILTON HOWEL W. VIRGIL I. 3 WILHITE FI. Wor+h Mineral Wells WILLIAMSON Lubbock WOODALL WOODFIN WOODFIN 2 Slalon Lubbock Duncanville Mexia Mexia LUTHER EARL J. H. WRIGHT JR. NEIL WRIGHT NINA WRIGHT MARY BURK HOMER YORK MILDRED YOUNG CAREY M. BUIEQ WOSSUM Eslelline Leonard Shallowafer YEAGER Snyder Roby JR. ' Levelland Lubbock Kopperl Page 131 1 , HART SI-IOEMAKER Senior Class Presidenl' RAYBON LAM Senior Class Vice Presidenl KATHLEEN WEBB Senior Class Secre'rary el N 0 NOBLE S. ABBOTT ....... Abilene B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, F. F. A. JAMES H. ADAMS ....... Tulia B. S. in Agricullure, Block and Bridle, Aggie, F. F. A. HOWARD ALLEN ...... Lubbock B. S. in Engineering, Alpha Chi, Engineering Sociefy. RAY CHARLES AMEEN ..... Lubbock B. A. in Zoology, Silver Key, Pre-Med., Biology. J. CLIFTON ARMSTRONG .... Lubbock B. B. A., Alpha Chi, B. A., Advanced C. A. A. ALMARENE ATKINSON ..... Shamrock B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Ec., Pres., Sludenl Re- ligious Council, Vice-Pres. Home Ec. Seniors, Y. W. C. A. JAMES SEWELL ....... Shamrock B. B. A., Tres. B. A., Accounling Sociely. JANE AXTELL ....... Weslbrook B. B. A., Las Chaparrilas, B. A., Associale Edi- 'ror LA VENTANA. KATHRYN BAILEY . . Lubbock B. S. in Educalion. GEORGE BAKER ....... Amarillo B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. MARY ALICE BAKER . . Lubbock B. A. in English. DEMPSEY BALLOW ...... Levelland B. A. in English, F. T. A., Capa Y Espada, Na- lional Educ. Assoc. VIRGINIA LEE BARR ...... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Biology, Home Ec., Phi Up- silon Omicron. C. MILTON BARRICK ..... Abernalhy B. A. in Archileclure, Gargoyle, Engineering Sociely. ELMERINE BARRON ...... Lamesa B. S. in Home Ec., Las Chaparriias, Horne Ec. av? il Belly Burke, Andy Mclnlrosh, and Jeanne Sciance relax beiween dances. Klan, Page 134 i Page 135 IVE 1- 'K Lip. Perry I-Iorlon, Elmer Folk. and Jack Bogan compare impor+an'r noles. 9,4191 MARY GLEN BATES ....... Roby B. S. in Home Ec.. E. T. A.. Home Ec. WILLARD E. BAUMAN ..... Munday B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Pres. A. S. M. E., Engineering Sociely. HAROLD BECKMEYER ..... Sparenberg B. A. in Governmenl. Los Camaradas. Alpha Chi, Pres. Phi Sigma Alpha, Varsify Tennis Team, Double T Assoc. HOWARD F. BELL ....... Rankin B. S. in Mechanical Engr.. A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Socie+y, Alpha Phi Omega. NOEL BENGER ........ Eriona B. S. in Agricullure. Pres. Aggie Club, Vice- Pres. E. F. A.. Vice-Pres. Parmer Couniy. J. MAITLAND BESEDA ..... Caldwell B. B. A.. Pres. Horn Hall, Vice-Pres. Sock and Buskin, Alpha Psi Omega. BETSY DAN BIHL ...... E+. Slocklon B. B. A., Pres. Las Vivarachas, A. W. S. Rep., B. A., Secy. Junior Council. BARBARA BINFORD ..... Wildorado B. S. in Physical Educ., Vice-Pres. W. A. A. AUDREY BINKLEY ...... E+. Worlh B. S. in Pre-Med, Sans Souci. CHRISTINE BIRDWELL . . . . Lubbock B. A. in English. Las Vivarachas. CAROLYN BLACK .... . Bars+ow B. S. in Eclucalion, E. T. A. CHARLES EDWARD BLACK . . Barslow B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. LEWIS P. BLACKBURN ...... Iraan B. A. in Archifeclure. Bancl '37-'40, Engineering Sociely, Vice-Pres. Alpha Phi Omega '39-'40, Pres. Gargoyle Sociely '39-'4-O. SIBIL BLAIR ........ Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Sec. W. A. A., Home Ec. WILLIS BLEDSOE ....... Lubbock B. A. in Hisfory, Pre-Law, LA VENTANA Slrafi. IVAN L. BLOCK . . Pampa B. B. A.. B. A. JOHN BLOCKER . . Sianion B. B. A., B. A. RALPH BLODGETT . . Spearman B. B. A., B. A. NANCY BOGGESS ..... . Wesir B. S. in Eclucaiion, Las Vivarachas. MARY CATHERINE BOOTH . . . Searcy, Ark. B. A. in English, Sans Souci, Inler-Club Council. MAYO BOUCHER ...... McAcIoo B. A. in Government Pre-Law, Pres. I. R. C., S. P. O. R., Phi Sigma Alpha. ADRIAN C. BOWDE N... ASC.E. B. S. In Civil Engr., . . FRED BRADSHAW B. S. in Agriculfure, Alpha Chi, Aggie, and Bridle. HUNTER BRANNON B. S. in Band, Kappa Kappa JIM BOB BREWER B. B. A., B. A. MRS. J. R. BRIDGES B. S. in Educalio n, F. T. A. LOWELLE BRISTER . . . B. S. in Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Harrold Lorenzo Block Sundown Memphis Lubbock Elecira VIVIAN HUGH BRITTON ..... Delwin B. B. A., Pre-Law, Philosophical Socieiy, Soci- ology. MANUEL BROOKS ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie, P. I., Alpha Chi, Nalional Flower Team '4-O. BETTY BROOKS .... . Lubbock B. B. A., B. A. -V ., Q 1 ar.. M , ,fw.'K ' Helen Jarroii enjoys company of Ben Alex- ancler, Bracly Lowe, and Bill Coker while "se++ing one ou+." flaw. Page 136 . U5 L' Waif? IS 61 'R s Page 137 James Lovelace, Wesley Powell, and Har- lan Dowell cram wi'rh 'rhe aid of a slip- sfick before an exam. ERNEST D. BROWN ...... Elec+ra B. S. in Geology. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. FRANKLIN D. BROWN B. S. in Geology. . . . . . Lubbock . , Lakeview B. S. in Eclucaiion. HAZEL ANN BUCKNER ..... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Las Leales. Pres. Home Ec.. Alpha Chi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Forum. D.F.D.. Chorus '39-'4O. CHARLES LEWIS BUCY . . Rising Sfar B. B. A.. Pres. Wranglers. BERNICE BURKETT . . . . l-lenrieH'a B. A. in English. JOE K. BURSON ....... Borger B. A. in Speech. Pres. Sock and Buskin, Debaie. Pres. Alpha Psi Omega. Alpha Chi. GERALDINE BURTON ..... Childress B. S. in Home Ec. L. DEAN BUTLER ........ Tulia B. B. A.. Pres. College Club. B. A., Pres. Tech Accouniing Sociery, Men's ln+er-Club Council. Alpha Chi. CARL BUTTS ..... . Morron B. B. A.. B. A.. Wesley Players. IRENE BYRNE .... . Lifllefield B. B. A. NORVELL CALDWELL . . San Angelo B. B. A. EARL CAMP ...... Magazine, Ark. B. S. in Boiany, Biology, Y. M. C. A. LANELL CAMP ....... Abilene B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. VIRGINIA RUTH CAMPBELL .... Amarillo B. A. in English, Sans Souci. El Capa Y Espada. li llxfi ' . , -3 GORDON CARLISLE . . Hous+on B. S. in Physics. JIM TOM CASEY ...... Hermleigh B. S. in Texfile Engr.. Engineering Sociely. DOROTHY CASEY ...... Wolfforlh B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Ec. SCOTT CASEY . . . Olney B. B. A.. Cenlaur. LILA ERLINE CASTLE . . Knoll B. S. in Educalion. H. PAUL CASTLEBURY ...... Dalharl B. A. in Government I. R. C., Pre-Law, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Chi. JAMIE CAVINESS ...... Hurlwood B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, Block and Bridle. F. F. A., Judging Teams. ALVIN G. CEARLEY ...... Lubbock B. S. in Engineering, A. I. E. E. ROY CHAMBLISS ...... Brownfield B. S. in Speech, Debale, Sock and Buslcin, Alpha Psi Omega, B. S. U. DAVID CHAPMAN . . Win+ers B. S. in Archilreclure. VOORHEES CHEATHAM . B. B. A., Jaywallcers. B. A. HAROLD CHEEK ....... Lubbock B. S. in Chemisfry, American Chemical Socieiy. Pre-Med. Plainfield, New Jersey MATTIE LOU CHRISTIAN .... Seagraves B. A. in Commercial Arr, Gargoyle. VIRGINIA CLAIR ..... Wichila Falls B. B. . CARROLL CLAITOR ..... Pefersburg B. S. in Chemical Engr., Silver Key. Pres. Tau Bela Pi, Pres. Torch and Caslle. Engineering So- ciefy. A. I. Ch. E., Alpha Chi. 5' I .A 2? I I r aw, lv-wa-"Q Yell leaders Bud Barnes, L. D. Whiieley. Cowboy Nance. and Billie Bess Shive 'rypically call for more yells. Klan, Page 138 .-Q low Page 139 I 'I Barbara Bell is "swearing" bridge game and Haynes Baumgardner is worried abour whar card +o play when wail- resses of Doak Hall and wailers ol Horn Hall ga+hered. 4,191 JAMES ROSS CLANAHAN . . Amarillo B. A. in Economics. ANITA CLARK ........ Ralls B. S. in Educalion. W. A. A., French. A. C. E., F T. A. CHARLIE BOICE COATS . . . Lubbock B. S. in Agriculfure. Aggie. MARY JO COE ....... Lubbock B. A. in Spanish, French, Capa Y Espada. W. A. A. CATHERINE VIRGINIA COLLIER . . . Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Junior Council, Home Ec.. Las Vivarachas Treas. '39-'40, Vice-Pres. '40-'4I. RALPH COON ....... Lubbock B. S. in Texiile Engr., Phi Psi, Pres. Texlile Engr. Soc., Band '36-'38. GUS COOPER ...... Clayfon, N. M. B. S. in Agricul+ure. Kemas, Aggie, Dairy. ELIZABETH COPELAND ..... Ropesville B. S. in Educalion. ALFRED COUCH ...... Aspermonl B. B. A., Pres. Wranglers, Accounling Sociefy. B. A., Alpha Chi, Ar+is1' Course Commillee, Treas. Dormirory Assoc. SUE BELLE COUCHMAN . . . Brownfield B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. JOANNE COX ....... Denison B. S. in Home Ec., Ko Shari. Home Ec., Y. W. C. A. LAWRENCE COYNE ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agriculfure, F. F. A., Los Raros. Aggie. BILL CRADDOCK ...... Rober+ Lee B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie, Block and Bridle. C. M. CRAVY ......... Poslr B. S. in Agriculfure, F. F. A., Aggie. DUFFER CRAWFORD ...... Haskell, B. S. in Chem. Engr.. Kemas, Engineering Soc., A. I. Ch. E. JOHN S. CROMEANS . . . . . . Mexia B. S. in Chemislry, Pre-Med, La+in. FRANK CROWELL . B. B. A., Silver Key. H. ERNEST CURREY . B. A. in Journalism. DORIS DAMRON . . Wichila Falls . Wilson . . . . Crane B. A. in Speech, Sock ancl Buskin. ARTHUR DANIEL . . . . . . Ballinger B. A. in Zoology, Vice-Pres. Pre-Med. JUSTON DANNER . . . . . . . Farwell B. S. in Agricullure. Sock and Buskin, Aggie, Alpha Chi, Chorus. R. J. DAVIS . . . . . . . . Lubbock B. S. in EIec+ricaI Engr., Tau Bela Pi. Engineer- ing SocieI'y. A. I. E. E. HOLLIS DEATS. . . . . . . Chrisloval B. S. in Pe+roIeum Engr., Pefroleum Engr. Soci- e+y, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineering Soc. MARGARET DEFENBAUGH .... Amarillo B. A. in Journalism, French, Book Reviewers. ERNEST DEMENT ....... Plainview B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. LOUISE DEMPSTER . B. S. in Educalion. MARY ELEANOR DIG-GS B. S. in EcIuca+ion, Las cron, Home Ec. RICHARD DILLINGHAM B. A. in English. G. W. DINGUS . . I'Iamil'ron . . . . . Haskell Leales, Phi Upsilon Omi- . San+a Anna . . . . . Munday B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E.. Engineer- ing Sociely. MARTHA JANE DONELSON .... Lubbock B. B. A., Accounling Socieiy, B. A. YT f 57 an ! Z Aliene May is slealing a glance a+ Billy PoweII's cards al' 'rhe waifer-wailress Irolic. Klan. .1 3 : WA ,. Page 140 SUE DONELSON . B. B. A.. B. A. ELEANOR DOSS . . Lubbock Bonham B. S. in Home Ec., Home EC., Las Chaparrilas. ELIZABETH DOSS . . Bonham B. S. in l-lome Ec., Home Ec., Las Chaparrilas. WADE K. DOVER . B. B. A. MYRA DRUMHELLER . B. A. in English, El Capa DONNA DUCKWORTH B. S. in l-lome EC. JAMES BOYCE DUNIGAN B. B. A. EULENE DURHAM . B. S. in Eclucalion. Newcasfle Whileface Lubbock FT. Worlh Snyder RONALD DYER ...... Mineral Wells B. B. A., Accoun+ing Sociely. ALMA RHEA EADES ...... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Y. W. C. A., Home Ec., Las Leales. Forum, Junior Council '39, Pres. Phi Up- silon Omicron, Sec. A. W. S. JAMES HARDIN EASTERWOOK . . Lamesa B. S. in Chemisfry. GRACE R. EDGAR . . . Whilharral B. S. in Educalion. BEATRICE ELLIOTT ....... Anlon B. S. in Home Ec., Y. W. C. A., Home Ec., A. W. S. Represenlalive. DON ELLIOTT ....... Shallowaler B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. ZELMA ELLIOTT ....... Mobeelie B. S. in l-lome Ec., W. A. A., Book Reviewers, Chorus. MARY GRACE ELLISON ..... Lubbock B. A. in Music, Chorus, Alpha Chi. LOlS EMMETT . . . . . Roswell, N. M. B. S. in Eclucalion. ANDREW H. ESSARY ...... Morlon B. S. in Agricullure, F. F. A., Aggie. THOMAS WELDON EVANS . . Talum, N. M. B. B. A. FERN IRENE EVINS . . Sudan B. A. in English. R. B. EZELL ..... . Farwell B. S. in Agriculfure, Aggie. GEORGE GLADWIN FAIRLEY .... Denison B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. GENEVIEVE FERGESON ..... B. A. in Hisiory, S. P. R., W. A. A., Pre-Law, Wesley Players. Crowell FRANCES JOYCE FINCH . . . Amarillo B. B. A., B. A. HERSCHEL FINNEY . . . . Cheney, Kans. B. S. in Mechanical Engr. HUGHES FISH ....... Crowell B. S. in Agriculrure, Aggie, Alpha Chi. L. M. FLANARY ....... Houslon B. A. in Pre-Med, Alpha Epsilon Della, Biology Club, Pre-Med. GARELD FONCANNON ..... Mercedes B. S. in Chemislry, A. I. Ch. E., Engineering Sociery. NORMAN C. FOOTE ..... Longview B. S. in Civil Engr., Tau Bela Pi, Alpha Chi, S. A. M. E., Engineering Sociely, A. S. C. E. DOROTHY MARGARET FORBIS . . Wellinglon B. A. in Lalin and English, Forum, S. P. R., Sans Souci, Alpha Chi. -25 '2- N, E . ' 'Shi' g, lum. , qos. K 'lf' ,....4 - -n .fl sfff g x 'X .aws- 3 I 2 1? Laborarory worlc inreresls Weldon McCal- T5- 15 Page 142 i I .Q - it Page 143 FuI'ure clraffsmen al' work in Engineering drawing lab. 0,4191 ARTIE B. FOREHAND ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agricullrure, F. F. A., Aggie, Alpha Chi. LOUISE FRYE ....... I-Iereforcl B. S. in Sociology, Sociology, A. W. S. MARTHA SUE FUGATE ..... Lubbock B. B. A. MARY GAITHER ...... P+. Wor+h B. A. in His+ory, Ko Shari, Forum, Las Leales, Sock and Buskin. J. W. GAMBLE ....... Lubbock B. A. in Speech, Sock and Buskin, La+in '37-'38, Deba+e '37, Vice-Pres. Freshman Class '38, Slu- clen+ Council Rep. '39, Vice-Pres. Junior Class ' '39-'4O. W. FOSTER GARLAND ..... FI. Wor+h B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. EMMA E. GATHING . . . . Roscoe B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. FRANK GAY ........ Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., A. S. C. E., Engineering So- cie1'y, Los Camaradas J. JEROME GEORGE . . . . Lubbock B. A. in Pre-Med, Kemas. LELAND GEORGE . . . . Lubbock B. A. in Pre-Med, Kemas. ELSIE GHOLSON ....... Haskell B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec., Y. W. C. A. ROBERT H. GIBSON ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. VIRGINIA GLENN ...... We-Ilinglon B. A. in Journalism, Pres. Womer1's Press, Press Club. A. WEBB GOBER ....... Farwell B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, F. F. A. FRANK GOBER ........ Farwell B. S. in Home Ec. .fy MRS. GENEVA GOFORTH . . Lubbock B. S. in Educalion. MAURICE GOODPASTURE .... Levelland B. A. in Governmenl, Pres. Pre-Law, I. R. C. OPAL GOODWIN ....... Borger B. S. in Educalion, W. A. A. HUGH GRANBERRY ...... Mr. Calm B. S. in Elecfrical Engr., Chairman A. I. E. E., Vice-Pres. Engineering Socieiy, Sec. Tau Bere Pi. Alpha Chi. HERBERT M. GRAY ..... Shallowaler B. S. in Civil Engr. A. S. C. E., Engineering So- ciely, Tau Bela Pi. MURRAY GRAY ....... Snyder B. S. in Geology, Pres. Los Camaraclas, Trees. Men's In+er-Club Council, Sec. Publicalions Commirlee, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. FRANK D. GRAYDON . . . . Lubbock B. B. A., Band. HELEN ROSS GREEN ...... Ausfin B. S. in Home Ec., Lamb Counly, Home Ec. TOM GREEN ........ Albany B. S. in Agriculfure, Sec. Block and Bridle, Col- lege Club, Alpha Chi. GERAL G. GREENE . . . . Snyder B. A. in Journalism, Press. GUION GREGG ....... Dallas B. S. in Texlile Engr., Pres. Socii '40, Pres. lvlen's Inier-Club Council '40, Texlile Engr. Sociery, Vice-Pres. Dallas Club, Sec. Phi Psi, Adv. Mgr. Engineers Show, Engineering Board of Direclors. HAYDEN GREGORY ...... Lubbock B. S. in Pe'I'roIeum Engr., Perroleum Engr., En- gineering Sociely. JACK GRIGG ........ Tulia B. S. in Eleclrical Engr., Vice-Pres. A. I. E. E.. Sec. Engineering Sociely, Tau Bela Pi. KENNETH GRISSOM ...... Farwell B. S. in Agriculiure. F. F. A.. Aggie, Jaywalkers. LEE H. HACKLER ..... Oakley, Kans. B. S. in Educafion, Kemas, Kappa Kappa Psi, Orcheslra, Band, Drum lvlaior '39-'40, Co-di- recror Varsily Show. wg Wi+h a handful ol modeling clay, Insrruclor R. I'I. Williams is felling Iwo inieresled class members whal lo do. Klan, Page I 44 Page 145 Frances Pills and lna Bacon share +he al- 'renlion before The Women S lnlel'-CIUIU Council luncheon. JANE HALE. . . . F+.Wor+h B. S. in Zoology. J. S. HALE ........ Floyclacla B. S. in Agricullure, F. F. A.. Los Carnaradas. SARA NELL HALL .... . Sweelwaler B. S. in Home Ec., Home EC. WAYNE HALL ....... Lubbock B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., A. I. M. E. J. R. HAMILTON ..... . Eleclra B. B. A. FRANCES HAMPTON ...... Pampa B. B. A., D. F. D., Y. W. C. A., B. A. CARL HANSHU ...... Darrouzell B. S. in Agriculfure, Aggie, Block and Bridle. GUY W. HARDING ....... Byers B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, Hislorian F. F. A. JACK HARRIS ........ Haskell B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. Plan'r lncluslry. LEON HARRIS ....... McCamey B. A. in Speech, Soclc ancl Buskin, Pres. B. S. U., Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi, Debale, Bancl. RICHARD CLAYTON HARRIS .... Ralls B. B. A., Alpha Phi Omega, Hislorian B. A. PETER HARMONSON ..... Big Spring B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Wrangler. DOLORES HASELOFF ...... Dallas B. S. in Home Ec.. Sec. Sans Souci '39, Pres. Dallas Club '40, Home Ec.. Press. LOYD HATCHER ..... . Bellevue B. B. A., Accounling Sociely. MRS. ADDIE JANE HAYS . . . Lubbock B. S. in Educalion. W. LEE HEATLEY ....... Lubbock Arclwileclure, Gargoyle, Deparlmenlal Mgr., Engineering Show, Direclor Engineering So- cieiy. ' Q RAYMOND E. HELLER ...... Happy B. S. in ArcI1i+ec+ural Engr., Gargoyle, A. S. C. E., Engineering Sociely. J. L. HEMBY ....... Sweelwaler B. S. in Agricullure, Block and Bridle, Aggie, Vice Pres. Horn Hall. ROBERT HENARD ....... Plains ' 7' B. S. in Agriculfure, Block and Bridle, Aggie. ALLIE HENDERSON ...... Farwel B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. A DOT HENDERSON ...... SlwalIowa+er B. S. in Educaiion, F. T. A., Biology, A. C. E. RUTH HENRY ........ Lorenzo B A. in Journalism, I. R. C. vice-pres. '39-'40, reporler '40-'4l, reporler Pre-law, Press. . 1 AUDENTIA HENSON . . . . Farwell B. S. in Home Ec. MAGGIE HENSON .... . Meadow B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. ROLLIN T. HERALD ....... Auslin B. A. in Journalism, Alpha Phi Omega, LA VEN- TANA SI'a1Cl: '38-'4O. LEWIS HERRON ...... Archer Cily B. S. in Agricul+ure, Aggie, Treas. Block and J Bridle. T. B. HICKS ..... . . Snyder B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. JAMES GRIFFIN. HIGH . . Slamiord WAYNE HILDRETH ..... Fairview, Olcla. F B in gricu lure ggue airy in Q gl 1, . S. ' A ' I , A ' , D ' . ,G Y JANE HILL ......... Dallas 5- B. S. in Educarion, Pres. Las Chaparrilas, Pres. A. W. S., Vice-Pres. Forum, Las Leales, F. T. A., Women's Inler-Club Council. Jolmnye Langford pins corsage on Marian Coffman a+ Double-T dance as Doyle Caraway and Cecil Scolf wa'rcl'1 cam- eraman. 6 'X Page 146 if Pegs 147 Dean Weeks pours coffee aI Home Eco- nomics galhering. JOHN HILL, JR. ....... Midland B. S. in Geology, Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, El Capa y Espada. MILTON HILL ..... . . Lubbock B. S. in Educalion, Pres. Double T Assoc. NELL HILL ......... Carey B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. GERALDINE HOCHSTEIN .... Nazarelh B. S. in Home Ec., Caslro Counlry, Newman, Home Ec. BILLIE KATHERINE HODGES . . . Childress B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. ORELLA HODGES ..... Slerling Cily B. S. in Home Ec., Pres. Book Reviewers '40, Home Ec., Chorus. CLAUDE C. HOFFMAN .... Painl Rock B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, Block and Bridle. ELMONT HONEA ....... Tulia B. S. in Agricullure, Block and Bridle, Aggie, Alpha Chi, Senior Liveslock Team, Junior Live- slock Team, Senior Dairy Team, Junior Dairy Team. WINNIE JO HOOSER ..... Plainview B. A. in Hislory, Pres. Ko Shari, Sock and Buskin, A. W. S.. Inler-Club Council. CHRISTINE HOPKINS ...... Byers B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec., Alpha Chi, Sec. Phi Upsilon Omicron. EVATT HORNE ....... B. S. in Chemical Engr., Pres. A. I. Ch. E. WILSON HOUSEWRIGHT . . . B. B. A., Wranglers. BUSTER HOUSTON . . B. S. in Chemislry. VIRGINIA HUDSON . . B. A. in English. LA VERNE HUGHES ..... B. S. in Home Ec., YWCA, Home Ec. Cisco Wylie Worih Novice Merkel MARGARET VIRGINIA HUGHES. . . Levelland B. S. in Ecluc.. F. T. A. IRENE HUGHES ....... Higgins B. S. in Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. DAPHEENE HUTCHINGS ..... Dimmilf B. A. in Journalism. Sec. Texas Tech Press, Press. IMA JEAN HYATT. . . . Carbon B. A. in Social Sciences THOMAS M. INGRAM ...... Idalou B. S. in Agriculfure, Block ancl Briclle, Alpha Chi, Aggie, Junior and Senior Livesfock Judging Teams. MARJORIE JACKSON . . Roaring Springs B. B. A., B. A. BILLIE B. JAGGERS ...... Morlon B. S. in Zoology, Pre-Mecl. Vice-Pres. Biology. ZACK JAGGERS ....... Talco B. S. in Agricullure. F. F. A., Aggie. WALTER E. JASPER ...... Grapevine B. S. in Peiroleum Engineering, Tau Bela Pi, Sig- ma Gamma Epsilon, Pe+roleum Engr. Socie+y, Engineering Sociely. RUTH JENNINGS ....... Davilla B. S. in Home Ec., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sec. Senior Home Ec. IRIS JERMAN . . . B. S. in Eclucafion. GRANVILLE JOHNSON. JR. B. B. A., Cenlaur. NAOMI JOHNSON . . B. S. in Eclucalion, W. A. A. OBER VAUGHN JOHNSON Amarillo Lubbock Lubbock Haskell B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. S. C. E., Engineering Sociely. R. C. JOHNSON, JR. . . Lubbock B. B. A. 4 .j-I .4 'Im s if " . A 'F - I T W. Jack Lewis sleps 'ro 'rhe microphone and clirecls The Presbylerian folk Iirolic. 6 Page 148 LEWIS GLENN JONES B A in Chemisiry JONI LU JONES B S in Educahon Recorder W. A. . ff A T I I, B.s.A. ', 'V "E " - Mas. FRANTON EATON Jones . . . . . A' 5 s", 29' 1 44 4? can I 1, .. x n -I ! ,. F I il '17 Page 149 '7 Sierling Lynch manipulales spol Iighl 'lor vi' annual homecoming bonfire. 797 MORRIS H. JONES . B. S. in Educaiion. RANCE JONES . . B. S. in Chemisiry. WAYNE JONES ...... San Angelo FI. Davis . Sia nlon Debale. . Lubbock Megargel . Vernon B. S. in Elecirical Engr., Publicily Direclor A. I. E. E., Engineering Show Publicily Manager: Engineering Sociely. WILLIAM GROVER JONES . . . B. A. in English, Alpha Phi Omega. W. L. JONES, JR. ..... . B. S. in Agriculiure, Sec. P. I., Aggie. BOB JORDAN ...... B. B. A.. Kemas, B. A. JACK JORDAN . . B. B. A.. Wranglers. JERRY JORDAN .... B. B. A.. Ko Shari, B. A. VICTOR JOYNER . . . B. S. in Agricullure. EVELYN KELLER ...... . FI. Davis . Lubbock . Abilene . Denlon . Blackwell . Spur . Lubbock B. A. in Speech, Sock and Buskin, Debaie. CLARENCE L. KELLEY .... . Lubbock B. S. in Pefroleum Engr., A. I. M. E., Pelroleum Engr. Sociely, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineer- ing Socieiy, S'rucIen'r Council, Engineering Show Mgr. DORA DELL KELLEY . . . Honey Grove B. A. in I-Iislory. GEORGE KELTON ..... Madisonville B. A. in Government Pre-Law, I. R. C., Phi Sigma Alpha. MARY ADELIA KENDRICK . . . Midland B. A. in Speech, Sock and Buskin. LEE KENT ....... . Perrylon B. B. A., College Club, B. A. ROBERT KEYES ...... Roswell, N. M. B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Treas. Pelroleum Engr. Sociely. ROZELLE KING ...... San Angelo B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. BEN R. KIRKPATRICK . . . . Gainesville B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Engineering Sociely. REBECCA KIRKSEY . . . . Lorenzo B. S. in Educa'l'ion, F. T. A. JACK KLEIN ..... . Lubbock B. B. A., B. A. DORIS CHARLOTTE KOLB .... Lubbock B. A. in English, Freshman Honor Sociely, Mc- Dowell, Orcheslra. LUDWIG KUBE ....... Farwell B. S. in lncluslrial Engr., Engineering Sociely, lnduslrial Engr. Sociely. RICHARD LOUIS LA JEUNESSE . Kenosha, Wisc. B. S. in Chemical Engr., Newman, A. S. Ch. E., Engineering Sociely. GERALD H. LAKE ..... . Lubbock B. A. in Archileclure, Gargoyle. GERALDINE CONNER LAM .... Haskell B. S. in Home Ec., Forum, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Ec., Las Leales, Pres. Las Vivarachas '40, Sec.-Treas. Junior Class '39-'40, Siudenl Coun- cil '38-'39, Vice-Pres. A. W. S., Junior Council, Sec. Y. W. C. A. '38-'39. RAYBON LAM ....... Lubbock B. S. in Geology, Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Wranglers, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. MARY ELIZABETH LAND . . . . Amarillo B. A. in English. L. A?- Slill sleepy Raider loolball Ieam arrives home in lhe wee hours of The morning. Klaus, Page 150 Page 151 Juanell Gloar, Doroihy Winsion and Bar- ffl bara Sco+I Taking E+ easy a+ Women's InI'er-club Council luncheon. 797 JIMMIE VAN LANDIS .... Clovis, N. M. B. A. in English, Alpha Chi, French, EI Capa Y Espada. Liederkranz. EARNEST LEE LANGLEY .... Sweeiwalrer B. A. in Philosophy, Band, Alpha Chi, Pres. Philosophical Sociely, Pres. Kappa Kappa Psi, Edifor Kappa Kappa Psi. BILL LARMER ....... For+ Worfh B. B. A.. Pres. College Club, B. A., Accoun+ing Socieiy. TRAVIS LA ROE . . . . Tulia B. S. in Peiroleum Engr. ESTHER LAUBHAN . . . Higgins B. S. in EcIuca+ion. MARY FRANCES LEACH . . . Brownwood B. S. in I-Iome Ec., I-Iome Ec. LAURAINE LEAVITT . . . Wilson B. S. in Eclucarion, Chorus. BERNEICE LEE ..... . Li+'rIeIieId B. S. in Eclucaiion, W. A. A. FRANK LEE ........ Lubbock B. S. in EIec'rricaI Engr., S. A. M. E., A. I. E. E., Engineering Socieiy. JIMMIE LEFTWICH . . Lubbock B. B. A., Wrangler. THERON LEHR ....... Lubbock B. S. in Texfile Engr., Socii. Vice-Pres. Phi Psi, Engineering Socie'ry. WALTER LEMKE ....... Adrian B. S. in Agriculiure, Vice-Pres. Aggie, Sec. Los Camaradas. MRS. MAVIS G. LEMONS . . . Loraine B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. . ARCH LEWIS ....... San Angelo B. S. in Eleclrical Engr., A. I. E. E., Engineering Sociely. DONALD J. LEWIS .... Loving'I'on, N. M. B. B. A., Kemas, Accoun+ing Socie+y, B. A. WILLARD A. LEWIS .... Roaring Springs B. S. in Mechanical Engr.. A. S. M. E. W. T. LILLY ........ Elberl B. S. in Geology, S. A. M. E., Engineering Soci- ely, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pres. Pelroleum Engr. Sociely. BOB LINDSEY ........ Lu bboclc B. S. in Civil Engr.. Engineering Sociely, Sec.- Treas. A. S. C. E. ROGERS LINDSEY ...... Lu B. S. in Agriculfure, Pres. P. I., Aggie. OLLIE LINER ........ Lu loboclc bboclc B. S. in Agriculrure, Block and Bridle, F. F. A., Aggie. LEWIS W. LOCKE ....... Miami B. S. in Chemical Engr., Doulole-T, A. l. Ch. E.. Engineering Sociely, B. S. U. ELIZABETH LUCE ...... Li++lefield B. A. in English, Chorus, Sock and Buskin. LUCILLE LOYD ........ Ollron B. S. in Home Ec.: Home Ec.. Phi Upsilon Omi- Cl"OI'1. HELEN LYTLE ........ O uanah B. S. in Home Ec., Pres. Las Leales, Vice-Pres. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Forum, Alpha Chi, Home Ec. WILMOTH MCARTHUR . . . Soulhland B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. CATHERINE McCALLUM ..... Dallas B. A. in Speech, Sans Souci, Sock and Buslcin. GEORGENE McCAULEY . . . . Lubbock B. S. in Educalion, W. A. A. ELMO McCLENDON ..... Hollis. Olcla. B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Tau Bela Pi. Perroleum Engr. Sociely, Engineering Sociely. KATHLEEN McCRELESS ..... Slanlon B. A. in Journalism, Press Assoc. HAROLD McDANlEL ....... Loop B. S. in Texlile Engr., Pres. Phi Psi, Texlile Engr. Sociely. Engineering Sociely. fa 'Pl Rex Rose. Mairlancl Beseda. Bulch Jones, and Jack Lovell enioy "bull session" while Fred Owens sleeps 'rhrough i'r all. Klan, I? 3 'wx' Page 152 L L i ARCHIE S. McDONALD ..... McAdoo B. A. in Governmenl, Pre-Law, Debaie, S. P. Q. R., I. R. C., EI Capa y Espada, Phi Sigma ,al- mr 4' Alpha. BILL MCDONALD ...... Slamford B. A. in Journalism, Vice-Pres. Knapp I-Iall, CAA, Chorus '37-'38. JEANNE MCDONALD ..... Clarendon B. A. in Journalism, Women's Press, Pre-Law, I. R. C., EI Capa y Espada, Book Reviewers, Tore- Pcge 153 ,gm ador. r ROBERT McDONALD. . A .... McAdoo QQ r45y 'Y' if B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie, B. S. U. JOHN BEN McEWEN ...... Terrell B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engi- neering Socieiy. LYMAN YORK McGEHEE .... Wayside B. S. in Agriculfure, Aggie, Block and Bridle, Pres. Y. M. C. A., Junior Dairy Callle Judging Team '40, Senior Livesloclc Judging Team. ANDREW MCINTOSH ...... Borger B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Vice-Pres. Cenlaur. ETOILE McLEOD ....... Lubbock B. A. in English, Sans Souci, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. ROY MCNEILL ....... Munday B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. WILLARD McSPADDEN ..... Lamesa B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Perroleum Engr. Socie'I'y, Engineering Sociefy, ALVA MCWHORTER ..... Wollilorih B. S. in I-Iome Ec., I-Iome Ec., Phi U. EMILY ANN MACK ...... E+. Wor+h B. A. in Spanish, LA VENTANA Slaff, Sec'y S+uden'r Body. Ko Shari, Capa y Espada, Eorum. Sec'y Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres. Women's Inler-Club Council. CLARICE MACKEY .... . Meadow B. S. in Home Ec., I-Iome Ec. PAT MACKEY ........ Mexia B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Engineering Sociely, Pelroleum Engr. Socieiy. I SARA MALONE ....... Merkel B. S. in Zoology, Pre-Med, Biology. Capl. Ty Bain, Coach Cawihon, Kennefh Robbins, Tom Douglass, and Charlie Daniel wi+h olher Red Raiders join in singing Mafador song. 0,4191 HELEN MARA ....... Decaiur B. S. in Educarion. Sec. and Treas. F. T. A. JOHN MARK MARSHALL .... Lubbock B. S. in Mechanical Engr.. A. S. M. E.. Engi- neering Socieiy, Tau Bela Pi. J. P. MARTIN .... . Wilson B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie. GLADYS MASON .... . Crane B. S. in Home EC., Home EC. ALIENE MAY ....... Wesibrook B. S. in Ma+I1emai'ics, Vice-Pres. K. M. S.. Biol- ogy. CAREY MAY ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, P. I. WAYNE MEARS ..... Fluvanna B. S. in Agriculiure, Dairy, Aggie. PAULINE MEDLIN . . . . Bula B. S. in Educarion. DAN T. MEREDITH ...... Lubbock B. S. in Zoology, Pres. Pre-Med, Biology. WILSON MONROE MIDYETT . . Breckenridge B. S. in Elecirical Engr. BILL MILLER ........ Snyder B. B. A., Pres. Los Carnaradas '38-'39. OBRA E. MILLER ....... Floydada B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie. Block and Bridle, Jaywalkers. WELBORN D. MILLER ..... Floydada B. S. in Agriculiure, P. I., Aggie. WILLIAM SHERWOOD MILLER . . . I-Iolliday B. S. in Elecirical Engr., Engineering Socieiy, A. I. E. E. WOODROW W. MIZE ...... Roian B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. I. Cb. E., A. C. S., Engineering Sociery. 'W 6 In JC Bob Jordan swings our wilh Doroiliy Jane Wright K Page 154 i Page 155 'R '4 B. B. A. s'ruden+s convene al Mexican Inn for annual banquef. 4,191 LOIS MONTGOMERY ...... Tahoka B. S. in I-Iome Ec.. Home Ec.. Alpha Chi. JACK MOORE ..... Gunnison. Colo. B. S. in Chemical Engr.. College Club. Band. Engineering Socie+y. A. I. Ch. E. J. C. MOORE ........ Dumas B. S. in lndusfrial Engr., Pres. Engineering Soci- e'ry, lndusfrial Engr. Sociefy, A. S. M. E. MARY ETHEL MOORE ..... Lubbock B. B. A.. W. A. A., Accouniing Sociefy. B. A. JOE ED PIERCE . . . . . Lubbock B. A. in Government SIDNEY J. MOORE . . . E+. Worih B. S. in Chemical Engr. TOM MOORHEAD . . Brownfield B. B. A. RAY MORGAN JR ...... Brownwood B. S. in Chemisfry. A. S. C. E. JAMES C. MORRIS ...... Ridgeway B. S. in Elecirical Engr.. A. I. E. E.. Engineering Socieiy. ED MORRISON ...... Colorado Cify B. S. in Geology, Vice-Pres. Wranglers. LEWIS ELTON NANCE .... Jusficeburg B. S. in Agriculfure, Aggie, Sec. Horn Hall, Vice-Pres. Block and Bridle. F. F. A.. Alpha Chi, Los Camaradas. LOIS NANCE ....... Jusiiceburg B. S. in Physical Educafion, Pres. W. A. A. '40- '4I. Sock and Buskin, Yell Leader '38-'39 and '40-'4I. KOY NEELEY ........ McAdoo B. S. in Agricul+ure, Block and Bridle. F. F. A.. Aggie. LUCILLE NEELY ..... . Brownfield B. S. in I-Iome Ec., Home Ec. NATHANIEL NELSON ...... Cliffon B. S. in Agriculiure. Aggie, Dairy, Senior Dairy Producls Judging Team. EARL NEW . . . . Skellyrown B. B. A., B. A. FRANCIS NEWELL ..... Roswell, N. M. B. S. in Elecirical Engr., College Club, A. I. E. E., Engineering Socieiy. LORENE NEWSOM .... . Li++lefielcl B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. THOMAS J. NORTHEN ..... Lorenzo B. S. in Elecrrical Engr., Engineering Socieiy, A. I. E. E., B. S. U. TRUMAN C. NOWELL ...... Arhens B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Tau Bera Pi, Engineering Sociefy. IRLESS M. O'DELL ..... . Lubbock B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie, P. I. ELBERT OVERTON ...... Abernaihy B. S. in Agriculiure, Double T, Aggie, Block and Briclle, Manager Block and Bridle Rocleo. HAROLD OWEN ...... Jacksonville B. S. in Chemisrry. MAX OWEN ....... Hollis, Okla. B. S. in Boiany, Boiany Club. CLIFFORD M. PARRISH ..... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., Pres. A. S. C. E., Tau Bela Pi, Engineering Sociery. LEO PATTERSON ....... Lubbock B. S. in Civil Engr., Engineering Socieiy, A. S. C. E., Tau Bela Pi, Double T. TRUETT H. PATTERSON ...... Merkel B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Socieiy. Los Comaradas. EVELYN PATTY ........ Waco B. S. in Home Ec., Ko Shari, Home Ec. Rep. +o Srudenr Council, '38-'39, Sock and Buskin, De- bale, Book Reviewers, Y. W. C. A., Horne Ec. MYRTLE LOIS PEARSON ..... Lorenzo B. S. in Home Ec., Las Leales, Home Ec. VIRGINIA PEARSON ..... Weaiherford B. S. in Music, Chorus, Ko Shari. lL PQ , pi' 'UI' 'L' war V' Prof. Ray Mowery insirucis young iudgers on fhe finer poimls of swine judging. 6 Page 156 Page 157 W!! Bob Lockard casis a crilical eye as arlisl Kalhryn Black applies finishing Iouches. 4.191 DORIS PEAVY ........ Slalom B. A. in Journalism, Sans Souci, Pres. ol Wom- en's ln'rer-Club Council, Press Club. CLYDE PEDERSON .... Clillon B. S. in Geology. CHRISTEENE PEEK ...... Lubbock B. S. in Educalion, F. T. A.. Na+. Educ. Assoc., Biology. RUSSELL PENICK .... . Rule B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie. THOMAS WOODROW PERRIN . . . Weinerl B. S. in Agriculiure, Aggie, Pres. E. F. A. LEE PERRY, JR ....... San Anlonio B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Cenlaur, Vice-Pres. Tau Bela Pi, Sec. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, S. A. M. E.. Pelroleum Engr. Sociely, Engineering Sociely. H. D. PHILLIPS. JR. . . . . Lubbock B. A. Chemislry, Kemas. JOHN PIKE ....... San Angelo B. S. in Geology. Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. CARL ELTON PITTS ....... Crane B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Pres. lEx-Ofliciol S. A. M. E., Rifle Team. JAMES C. PITTS ....... Amarillo B. S. in Geology. Kemas, Engineering Sociely, Pelroleum Engr. Sociely. DOROTHEA PORTERFIELD .... Amarillo B. S. in Eclucalion. Gargoyle, Engineering Soci- ely, Sock and Buskin, Y. W. C. A. BILL POTTS ........ Lubbock B. B. A., College Club. WESLEY POWELL ...... Clarendon B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Engineering Sociely, A. S. M. E. MARY PRICE ........ Pampa B. S. in Home Economics, D. F. D., Home Ec.. A. W. S. KATHERINE PRUITT ...... Lamesa B. S. in Physical Ecluc., A. W. S., Tennis, Treas. W. A. A., Major and Minor Club. KENNETH PURTELL . . . . Brownfield B. S. in Agricullure. Aggie. GERALD RAMSEY . . . . Loclcney B. S. in Educalion. JAMES WALLACE RANDOLPH . . . Lubbock B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, F. F. A. BYRON RANGE ........ Dallas B. S. in Agricullure. Block ancl Bridle, Aggie, Y. M. C. A. JESS W. RAY .... . . . Bivens B. B. A. ANITA RAY REDDELL . . . . Taholca B. S. in Educalion, F. T. A. ONEIDA REDING .... B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Ec. MRS. LOTTIE MAY REID ..... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Alpha Chi. Home Ec. ARTHUR S. REINHART ...... Del Rio B. S. in Chemical Engr.. A. l. Ch. E., S. A. M. E., Engineering Sociely. . Whilharral SHIRLEY REINHOLD ...... Lubbock B. S. in Voc. Home Ec., Las Vivarachas. J. VINCENT RENO ....... Auslin B. S. in Chemislry, Newman, Pre-Mecl. PAUL REYNOLDS ...... Pelersburg B. B. A.. B. A. MRS. MARY FRANCES RITCHIE . . . Lubbock B. B. A., Accounling Sociely. B. A. L. A. RlTTER, JR. ...... Sweelwaler B. B. A., Pres. Kernas, Pres. Men's lnler-Club Council, B. A. CLAYTON ROACH ...... Loclcney B. S. in Agricullure, Pres. Dairy, Aggie, Senior Dairy Producls Judging Team. ,D D 'rt Camera calches W. T. Gaslon 'raking a bile al A. P. O. banquel as Harry Blom- shield looks surprisecl. 6 s Page 158 12 Puqe 159 wi , - 1 lg. I+ musl be an inleresiing experimenl' as Carl Garner and Hugh Granberry indi- ca'l'e wilh exlreme inleresl. .4191 GLADYS ROBERSON . . B. A. in Spanish. DICK ROBERTS . . B. B. A.. Kemas. BERYL ROBERTSON B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec., Casa Linda. . . Spur . Los Angeles, Calif. . . . . . . Taholca WINSTON M. ROBERTSON .... Lorenzo B. B. A.. Los Camaraclas, B. A. PAULINE ROGERS .... . lclalou B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Ec. RAY ROGERS .... . Allison B. B. A. SIDNEY L. ROGERS ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agricullure. Aggie, Bloclc and Bridle. THOMAS ROGERS .... . Lubbock B. B. A., Silver Key, B. A. REX RALPH ROSE .... . Pampa B. B. A.. Pres. Knapp Hall. GEORGE O. ROSS ...... Lilllefield B. S. in Geology. C. C. A., El Capa y Espacla. AGNES ROWELY ...... PraH, Kan. B. A. in His+ory, Ko Shari, Book Reviewers. ALICE RUCKER ....... Abilene B. S. in Voc., Home Ec. RENDAL RUSSELL . . Lubbock B. A. in Hislory. TOMMIE RUTLEDGE ...... Childress B. A. in English, Pres. of Wesley Players, Fresh- man Sponsor Y. M. C. A. RYAN MOFFETT ....... B. S. in Agricullure. Treas. Socii Club, Dairy, Aggie. Lubbock -I ROBERT L. SAMS ...... Benjamin B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Silver Key, Engineering Sociel Pelroleum En r. Sociel Pres. Silver Y' 9 Yi Key. '39. GLEN SANDERSON ...... Lubbock B. S. in Agricullure. Aggie, F. F. A. V. C. SANDERSON ...... Lubbock B. B. A., Kemas, Head Yell Leader. WALLACE R. SASSER ...... Bonham B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. I. Ch. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. JAMES T. SAUL ..... . Miami B. S. in Agricullure. Dairy, Aggie. BETTY SAVAGE ....... Lubbock B. S. in Educalion, Vice Pres. Home EC., Vice Pres. Alpha Chi. Vice Pres. Jr. Council '39-'40, Vice Pres. W. A. A. '38-'39 ancl '39-'40, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Senior Home Ec. Rep. 'ro Slu- denl' Council, Ko Shari. ROBERT R. SCHMID ...... Lubbock B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Pelroleum Engr. Sociely. IRVINE SCRIBNER ...... Mobeelie B. A. in English, Sock ancl Buskin, Home Ec., Las Leales. CAROLYN SEALE ...... Lubbock B. S. in Educalion, Alpha Chi, Sock and Buskin, Book Reviewers, Bus. Manager Chorus, Vice Pres. MacDowell. WILLIAM R. SELBY ....... Dallas B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., S. A. M. E., Engineering Sociely, Lieulenanl Colonel R. O. T. C. LOIS VINCENTT SELL .... . Dalharl B. B. A. MERLE SELLERS ...... Rising Slar B. S. in Home Ec., Book Reviewers, Ko Shari, Home Ec. GORDON E. SHACKELFORD .... Friona B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. I. Ch. E., S. A. M. E. HUGH M. SHARPE ....... Delroil B. B. A., Wranglers. JUANITA MAXINE SHEPARD . . Childress B. S. in Home Ec. l Q3 jfr".K4 arnfj' Je Ja? Ill ,ffl-' "9! ff Glass par'-g adv!- pf? fA'c 5441-ofa qf.7ufxrfJ'b gd,-eff' :nc-7f -7'7f 56" java, -vjarrb j' fkdblf In-af Professor Sinclair explains blue prinl 'ro J. C. Moore and Wayne Rash. -Sf? 4:11767 71111: .L"ff J"'A'i-Wit Sc 61:7 ,gud .KM Klan, Page 160 41.1 I9 y -xv -::' :I Page 161 .99 .X , . P -vs -I 6. .IAP -5 1 ,fr PIP' Rock crushing holds Ihe afienlion of Engi- neers D. A. Thompson, J. B. "Whizzer" While, Don Langford, and Norman Ecole. 4191 HAZEL SHIPP ...... . Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Ec. HART SHOEMAKER ...... Abilene B. B. A., College Club, Pres. B. A., Pres. Senior Class, Alpha Chi. Accounring Sociely. LEWIS SHOWS ........ Donna B. S. in Pelroleum Engr., Kemas. Engineering Sociefy. GERALDINE SIDES .... . Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Ec. FLORENE SMITH ..... . Lubbock B. S. in Educa+ion, Treas. Chorus. JEROME SMITH ....... Pampa B. S. in Chemical Engr., A. l. Ch. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. LOLA JEAN SMITH .... . Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. LOLIE GLYNN SMITH ..... Groesbeck B. S. in Educalion, F. T. A.. Pres. Biology, Alpha Chi. NAOMI SMITH ..... . Muleshoe B. S. in Home Ec., Home Ec. ROBERT LEE SMITH ...... Lockney B. S. in Agricullure. Sec. Aggie, Vice Pres. P. l.. Alpha Chi. WAYNE W. SMITH ...... Whireface B. B. A.. B. A.. Wranglers, Bus. Manager LA VENTANA '39-'40, WILFORD SMITH ....... Lubbock B. S. in Eclucalion, Alpha Chi. Orcheslra. JAMES LAYTON SNYDER ..... Moran B. A. in Government Pres. Sludenf Council, Los Camaradas. Alpha Chi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Law, Arlisl Course Commiliee, Publica- lions Commirlee. ROBERT SNYDER ....... Lubbock B. B. A., Pres. Silver Key, Pres. Men's lnler-Club Council, B. A., Alpha Chi. CATHERINE LOUISE SPENCER .... Dumas B. S. Home Ec.. Home Ec.. Pres. D. F. D. FRANK SPITLER ........ Lufkin B. B. A., Accounling Socief , B. A., Business Manager LA VENTANA, Bioljogy '37. GERALD SPRAGUE ...... Canadian B. A. in Journalism, Double T, Toreador, Fool'- ball Manager '36 'ro '38, PAUL SPRING ........ Friona B. A. in Chemislry, Chairman, American Chem- ical Sociefy, Pre-Med. JAMES CLIFTON SPROULS ..... Jayion B. A. in Speech, Alpha Psi Omega, Sock and Buslcin, I. R. C. ALTA JANE SPYKES . . . Hermleigh B. A. in English. MARTHA STANTON . . Bogala B. S. in Educaiion. DORIS LaRUE STAPLETON .... Midland B. A. in Journalism, Press, Socieiy Edi+or LA VENTANA, Sec.-Treas. Women's Press. SAMMY LOUISE STATHAM ..... Cisco B. A. in Commercial Ari, Gargoyle. EDDY STAVLO ........ Gruver B. S. in Geology, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Peiro- leum Engr. Sociely. JOYCE STONE ........ Sudan B. A. in English, Sock and Buslcin, F. T. A., Chorus, El Cappa y Espada. ERNESTINE STORY ....... Taholca B. S. in Home Ec., Pres. of Texas Home Ec. Assoc., Forum, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Las Leales, Women's Self Governing Assoc. '40-'4I, Who's Who '40-'4-I, Vice Pres. Home Ec. ,Junior Coun- cil '39-'40, A. W. S. '38-'40, Manager of Home Economics Open House. T. J. STORY, JR. . . . . Vernon B. B. A. HOWARD STRAWN ..... Clarendon B. S. in Agricullure, Dairy, Aggie. ALICE LYNN STREET ..... Li++leIield B. A. in English, Treas. Las Leales, Debaie, ln+er-Collegiare Debaler, Book Reviewers, Junior Council '39-'40, DONALD STREET ...... O'Donnell B. S. in Agriculrure, Aggie, E. F. A. 'SN 'Q 'hm' . Q? N.: "s... I 4 r, A ... , K nu 5 The fine poinrs of archiiecrural work are being explained by Lee Hearley io Pruerr Garner and Oscar Schilling. Klan, Page 162 f 5 . 9 If 3 llx Page 163 A li 'IT Sl'ewar'r Dismuke peers Through speciro- gcope in Physics laboraiory under The walchlul eye of Prof. W. H. Abboi. 11,47 97 ANN JACK STROTHER .... . Anna B. S. in Home Ec., Las Vivarachas. JACK SUBLETT ........ Merkel B. S. in lnduslrial Engr.. Engineering Socieiy, C. A. A. DEXY SUDDUTH ........ Eden B. A. in Journalism, Sec. Silver Key '40, S+uden+ Council, El Capa y Espada, Publica+ions Com- miHee, Press Club. ROBERT SURRATT . . . Pampa B. S. in Chemislry. SHERMAN E. TAYLOR ..... Lubbock B. S. in Agricullure, F. F. A., Aggie. ABNER F. TEAGUE ...... Gainesville B. S. in Chemical Engr.. A. I. Ch. E., Engineer- ing Socieiy, Double T, Manager Eooiball- Baskeiball. HUGH THOMAS ..... . Lubbock B. B. A., Accouniing Socie+y. D. A. THOMPSON ...... Brownfield B. S. in Civil Engr., Torch and Casile, A. S. C. E.. Engineering Socieiy. JAMES THOMPSON ...... Bovine B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, E. E. A., Parrner Counly. MARY LOUISE TINKLER ..... Lamesa B. A. in English. Ko Shari, Sock and Buskin, F. T. A., Book Reviewer. VADA BELLE TOMLINSON . . . Mineral Wells B. B. A., Las Vivarachas, Accouniing Socieiy. B. A. FERN TOOMBS ....... Meadow B. S. in Educaiion, Book Reviewers, E. T. A. LOTTIE JO TOWNES . . . Tahoka B. B. A., D. F. D.. B. A. WANZA LOU TOWNLEY ..... Paducah B. S. in Home Ec., Vice Pres. Casa Linda, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec., Treas. Y. W. C. A., Pres. of Senior Home Ec. RUPERT A. TRIPLITT . . . . Lubbock B. B. A., Ceniaur. T' AGATHA TURNER . . B. A. in Archileclure. Engineering Sociely. K. LANSE TURNER . . . . . . Lubbock Gargoyle, Alpha Chi, . . . . Brownfield B. S. in Tex'rile Engr., Pres. Rifle Team. S. A. M. E.. Texfile Engr. Socieiy. Engineering Socieiy. FREEMAN C. TWISS . . . . . . EI Paso B. S. in Elecirical Engr., A. I. E. E.. Engineer- ing Socieiy. DONALD VAUGHN . . B. S. in Chemisfry, Soci . . . . Sherman i, Pre-Med. GERALD AUDINE VAUGHAN .... Hamlin B. B. A. in Accounling. Accounling Sociery. MARY ETTA VERNON . ..... Roscoe B. S. in Home Ec.. Alpha Chi, Treas. Phi Upsi- lon Omicron. Lubbock Linda. JAMES J. VICKERS . . B. B. A.. Los Camaradas. RUTH WADE . . . Dieieiics Assoc., Casa . . . Lubbock B. A. . . . . Hagerman B. S. in Music, Alpha Chi. Book Reviewers. DALE WALKER . . . B. B. A. EDDYTHE WALKER . . B. S. in Ecluc., Biology. ELMER WALL, JR. . . . . . Lubbock . . Lifilefield . . . . Knox Cily B. A. in Anihropology, Vice Pres. Kemas, Pub- licalrions Connmiliee. DON LYLE WALLACE . . . . Colorado Cify B. S. in Geology, Pres. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. ED WALTERS . . . B. S. in Engineering. RONALD WARE . . B. A. in Journalism. LaVERNE WARREN . . . Vicloria . Seagraves . Lubbock B. A. in English, F. T. A. 'S Bill Dingus, Willard Bauman, D. B. Wood. and Fosier Garland are preparing +o s+ar'r an S. A. E. engine 'resl' in lab. 6 '2 Page 164 gi Page 165 75'- CTS' Frank Turner and Frances lvluclge resl' Wylie's during inlermission. 0,4191 MARY WATKINS ....... Slalom B. A. in English. Vice-Pres. El Book Reviewers, Chorus. OPAL WATSON . . B. B. A., W. A. A. Capa y Espacla. . . Silverlon JANE WEAKLEY ........ Roby B. S. in Home Ec., Lubbock Diefelics Assoc. URAL GORDON WEATHERBY. . . Canadian B. B. A., B. A. EWING WEAVER ...... Jonesboro B. S. in Agricullure, F. F. A.. Aggie. KATHLEEN WEBB .... . . . Lamesa B. A. in Speech, Pres. Girl's Dorm, Sec. Senior Class, Sock and Buslcin, F. T. A., Alpha Psi Omega, Las Chaparriias. NINA ROSE WEBB . . . . . . Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec., Treas. D. F. D., Forum, Home Ec., Treas. A. W. S. "' J. D.BYvBSBfix-FFiBouBle-T, Accounling Sociely, Tr'eAairTlphIS Lg, Golf Club, cap+. Golf Team '39-'4o. JOYCE D. WEBSTER ...... Memphis A L B. S. in Agronomy. JACK M. WELLS ....... Lubbock B. S. in Zoology, Pres. Silver Keys '39-'40, Pre- Med, Men's lnler-Club Council '39-'4O. LOREN WEST ..... . . . Farwell B. S. in Agricullure, F. F. A.. Aggie, Parmer Couniy. MAXINE WHEATLEY . . . B. A. in Speech: Pres. Forum: D., Debale, Sock ancl Buskin, Dorm. JACK WHEELIS .... B. S. in Agricullure, Double-T, F. F. A., Aggie. L. D. WHITELEY .... B. A. in Journalism, Silver Leacler. DAN WHITESIDE . . . B. A. in Governmenl. . . . Pampa Vice Pres. D. F. Vice Pres. Girls' . . . . Mari Sludenl Council, . . . Wheeler Key, Press, Yell . . Lilflefielcl VIVIAN WHARTON ...... Fl. Worlh B. A. in English: Ko Shari: Book Reviewers. JULIA WILBANKS ...... Spearman B. S. in Physical Educ., W. A. A. ROBERT WILDER ...... Wellinglon B. S. in Pelroleum Produclion Engr., Tau Bela Pi, Alpha Chi. Engineering Sociely, A. l. M. E., Pelroleum Engineering Sociely. ROY PHILIP WILKES ...... Floyclada B. S. in Agricullure, Aggie, Block and Bridle. Alpha Chi, Vice-Pres. Sludeni Council, Junior Liveslock Judging Team. Nalional Dairy Ca++le Judging Team, Manager Jaywalkers. JIMMIE LYNN WILSON ..... Lubbock B. A. in English. AUBREY L. WILLARD ..... Wellinglon B. S. in Civil Engr.. A. S. C. E., Engineering Sociely. MRS. BILL WILLIAMS ...... Tulia B. A. in English, Las Chaparrilas, Lalin, French, Vice-Pres. Book Reviewers, Junior Council. JOHN E. WILLIAMS ..... While Deer B. B. A., B. A.. Business Manager Sludenl' Coun- cil, Accounling Sociely, Publicalions Comrnil- lee. HARRIETTE WILLIFORD ..... Fairfield B. S. in Home Ec., Book Reviewers, Treas. Casa Linda, Lubbock Dielelics Associalion. EULA TINCE WOLFSKILL ..... Lubbock B. S. in Home Ec.. Home Economics. D. B. WOOD JR ........ Olney B. S. in Mechanical Engr., A. S. M. E., Engineer- ing Sociely. NANCY VYOLA WOOD . . Fl. Sumner, N. M. B. S. in Hislory, Ko Shari, Y. W. C. A. MARY LELA WOODWARD . . . Sania Anna B. B. A.. B. A. SARAH WORSHAM .... Sulphur Springs B. A. in Commercial Arl, Sec. Gargoyle, Alpha Chi. MARIE YARBROUGH . . . Galveslon B. S. in Home Ec. VERNON J. YEAKLEY ..... Gainesville B. S. in Chemical Engr., Engineering Socieiy, A. I. Ch. E. FRED L. YELTON JR. . . . Alamogordo, N. M. B. S. in Mechanical Engr., College Club, A. S. M. E. JAYSON YOUNG ...... Lubbock B. S. in Mechanical Engr., Kemas. ' ll' is., fb W 2.4 IA s 01 .sa-. lr ,- '1-qi D. Whileley and Slerling Lynch seem more inleresled in Audrey Binkley. al lhe mornenl, lhan in Homecoming bon- fire and pep rally. is I 6la1m,n,Zl97 Page 166 Q ui 1-dl T7 Page 167 Ollie Sue Armsirong, Walldeen Donnell, Mary Price, Kalhleen Webb. Jane Brownfield, Frances Graves, ancl Jane Prickell ride on Red Cross floa'r around lhe loolball field a+ Homecoming fill. CHARLOTTE BALLOW ..... Levelland Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Economics. JOHN R. CUMMINGS . . . . Byers Sporls Edifor, LA VENTANA. ANNA LEE FISHER ...... Pelersburg Y. W. C. A., Pre-Med, Alpha Epsilon Delra. MRS. GRACE VESTAL LEUSCHNER Lubbock Alpha Chi, French, German, La+in. MARY LEDA MCADAMS . Lockney Home Economics. PEARL R. METCALFE . . Lubbock Alpha Chi. HARDY MASTERS . . Welch Kappa Mu Epsilon. GERTRUDE RICHTER . . Abernalhy B. A.. Accounling Sociery. T. DEANE RODGERS . . Lubbock Sigma Gamma Epsilon. LOCKERT SLEEPER JR. . . . . Waco Vice-Pres. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. NELL MARIE WILEY .... Lubbock Pres. Spanish, Alpha Chi. BLANCHE ZEMAN . . . Abernalhy Kappa Mu Epsilon. ' 'g'.. I- Rf s"' 'vvwwf' f' - ' I. L 12522, ,-J 5, , ' :Qi Sf- . QQ., if 5 " ,.':"'1 w .41 M ' s U. J-' L N C aatffwwfx g A' N in l R N 'QM .4 fY1f -. . 1:v5ffi. arf PERSW LITIES V P -,., ,M JL H045 gm N P HH- HARRIS 'I N lr. A. J. Kemp Ll Ventana y Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas ma. am, 1941 Dear Mr. Keno: The pictures have haen raenived and I have made my salecuona and forwarded them to you. But you Mdn't have to asm an so umm, or asa you? x had N aw troubles ptcklnl out Quai. night of than and you could have made it a lot. easier hi Quai saying pick sixteen. So tell the girls that lost that :hey all received very honorable mention - y anyway. Thanks sincerely for the honor of tes for the year aelecting your maui. , would really engoy ha-um: a copy . and I of the 1941 La Ventana. Kindeat. regards and best, washes. Z 'I' l N phlhr Phil Harris All N Bedlxy Pho+o5 L Y WIN'-. , AQ 10 te -1.2 fi ri '5 'N W 'fx Y ,aw 6 E K' ,-.. 'J ' J W'-., f 'U-16 ,, ia vm J?:pii.... W -' X?-1 qw X. x-Q.: .' ' pm-7 , sh.,-..,,. 1 1, ,ff 'pflgf fm 4 H+ MS m Q w w r 1, H x ,Q nv P1 my Q Syl -m ww ' ' '5"".-Tw ri 5 g 453.121 5..f5?7i'?'T' :fix ' . V- '-fix? , , M: , 1.x fi" ffzz' "ff 'YI,. . i f ,, ' ev A ,mi-'I' Q 1gi"'Nrf5,L "2 wx- w ' 1 v Aw'-T I ' .,-.,, X -V ,.,3f. .' ' fx' -5152 'i QM-2 f .L v - Hfig fr' , x Waszfff ' 'A 0 Q .qc V 1 W , f-v y 931 ami? x . S- , L , 1- . X I V x1, 4 My :J A sw- U. ,gy at X X A al 1' -3 I.,- -'wxy ,ML in e, .,'., . ,gf ,, . mx., 'C M -N , 'S-' 1 Q. 51,-tx - QSZNA X .5-fa 4' 1 0 ,eiwmw ' with , ,mf-1' ' ,,Lvg.s'- .P 5 vw V - x lf . .V ,, 1 f , -k '-if Ay f , rf' 1 . W Jjlrv "' my K Ev x JANE PRICKETT M ARY PRICE A . - 1'- 5, , 5 ,s-I. ig, ik' 1y.,3:L 5' .55 ,Q-W -, RUTH LOFLIN BOBBIE READ POLLY PRICE WALLDEEN DONNELL JANE BROWNFIELD ww FRANCES GRAVES Back Row: Miss Vivian Johnson, Mr. O. A. ST. Clair, Mr. Donald Murphy, Miss Rufh Pirfle, and Mr. R. A. Mills. Fronf Row: James Snyder, Jane Hill, Harf Shoemaker, Harold Beckmeyer, and Joe Burson. ARTIST CCDLIRSE Composed of an even number of faculfy mem- bers and sTudenTs, The ArTisT Course commiTTee, headed by R. A. Mills, makes The selecTions for ArTisT Course programs for The coming year. There are Two numbers offered a semesTer To sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in music. Lansing l-laffield capTivaTed his audience in OcTober wiTh a rich bariTone voice. l-le was engaged by The New York Philharmonic-Sym- phony Sociefy for The Bach ST. MaTThew Passion in l94O, and was also selecfed To Take Nelson Eddy's place on The Chase and Sanborn hour. Mr. l-laTfield fills all of Opera's requirernenTs, personalify, voice, youTh, and handsomeness. Being a Soufherner, he nafurally prefers Soufhern songs, and included several in his program. l-lis performance was appreciaTed by The audience because of The omission of hackneyed and "highbrow" music. ln March, I94I, Lansing lhlaffield was awarded a Sl,OOO prize and a con- Page 185 TracT wiTh The Mefropolifan opera-over several hundred oTher conTesTanTs. RoberT Virovai is acclaimed as The season's sensafion, and affer Two years The Tech ArTisT Course CommiTTee finally succeeded in bringing The eighfeen-year-old genius To Lubbock in No- vember. The young Serbian boy made his debuT in 25 minuTes wiTh The New York Philharmonic Symphony OrchesTra in I938, and is assured of life-long success. l-le produces Tones hirherfo unheard of from a violin which hold an audience breafhless and amazed. Virovai has been play- ing The violin since he was able To Talk. l-le ap- peared before royalTy aT The early age of seven. Glamorous conTralTo of The Mefropolifan Opera is Anna Kaskas, who appeared March 25 as The Third number on Tech ArTisT Course. She has sTudied in LiThuania, Milan, and in The Unifed' STaTes. Winning her way info The MeTropoliTan over seven hundred conTesTanTs in IQ36, she has LANSING HATFIELD ROBERT VIROVAI ARTIST remained fhere ever since. Miss Kaslcas is oufsfanding for her clelighf- ful performances in opereffa. Ac- cording fo Miss Kaslcas. her success is pure luclc, buf oufsiolers say if is abilify, brains, ancl charm. l-ler per- formance is unoloubfeclly unforgef- able fo Tech sfuclenfs. Vronslcy ancl Babin, infernafionally famous Russian Duo-pianisfs, were given an enfhusiasfic welcome from Tech sfuclenfs for Their highly enfer- faining and lorillianf performance in May. Vicfor Babin and Vifya Vron- sky mef in Berlin while sfuclying fhere, Page 186 CCDLJRSE ancl wilh Their marriage. a new sryle of piano playing was innovaleol. Per- fecfion was arlained in lhe +wo-piano playing which has Jrhe qualify of marched voices. They have ap- peared on The Krall Music I-Iall loroaclcasl anol in New York's mos+ imporlanl concerl course, lhe Town l-lall Enclowmenl Fund Series, and are now on a Transconrinenlal +our. l.as+ season The Two gave more Jrhan 50 concerls in 28 slares. Mr. and Mrs. Babin speak five languages, like "cinemas," sunclies, clam chowder, and live on a ranch near Sanra Fe. Page 187 FRANK SPITLER Business Manager A. J. KEMP Edifor LA VEINITAIXIA JAN E AXTELL Associa+e Edifor H. R. PIERCE Head Phofographer Page 188 TI-IE I94I LA VENTAIXIA STAFF Wi+h a campaign promise oT worlds oT snapshoTs and a romanTic idea abouT how much Tun iT would be To publish a yearbook, The ediTor spenT a whole summer geTTing a Tan and only wondering abouT The book oT The TuTure. Disillusioned abouT The Tun and laTer acTualIy convinced ThaT such a Task was noThing buT plain un- camouTlaged work, The I94I LA VENTAINIA sTaTT acTuaI-- ly sTarTed To work. EdiTor A. J. Kemp and AssociaTe EdiTor Bill Wood, unconscious oT The work ThaT could have been done, spenT mosT oT The TirsT Two monThs in The booksTore wiTh 'Feminine members oT The sTaTT. BuT under The circumsTances, and here we reTer To The Tem- inine members oT The sTaTT, could you have drawn lay- ouTs. clipped picTures, Tiled class prinTs or wriTTen end- less pages oT copy? I-Iundreds oT small whims abouT whaT should be done and whaT shouldn'T, how every division oT The vasT Tech campus should be represenTed, and noT one small acTiv- iTy overlooked, were discussed by members oT The sTaTT only laTer To realize ThaT one musT do whaT iT is possible To do and noT whaT he would like To do. Dropping inTo The oTTice one day, Jane Ax+eIl seTTled inTo a chair and beTore she knew iT she was in The misT oT a perplexed Tiling sysTem and involved in The produc- Tion oT a book oT which she laTer played no liTTle parT. JusT as clouds began To Torm in The minds oT The sTaTT as To how They would ever geT The darn Thing ouT, The versaTile Bill Wood was appoinTed Toreador EdiTor. This leTT an opening on The sTaTT which was eTTicienTly Tilled by AxTell. AbouT This Time The work really began and Trom Then on, many laTe evenings were spenT pasT- ing panels, or drawing layouTs. MARIE GEORGE, STaTT Member: DORIS LA RUE STAPLETON, SocieTy EdiTor: EDWARD ROREX, STaTT Member r i :..d JOHN R. CUMMINGS SporTs EdiTor TX-EDITOR DIESI , 'fi I BILL WOOD AssisTanT EdiTor WILLIS BLEDSOE PhoTographer Pg 189 - xx . -4 BOB SHELLBERG PhoTographer From The sTarT. PhoTographers l-l. R. Pierce and Willis Bledsoe, aided by Bob Shelberg, were on The job, and as nearly as was possible carried ouT The plans oT The ediTor, To cover every ac- TiviTy oT The year. Some oT Their work, because oT lack oT space never reached a layouT, bu+ To Them we are graTeTul Tor The hundreds oT pic- Tures ThaT iT required To make up This book. Frank SpiTler's Task was noT easy. ThaT oT con- vincing adverTisers +haT space in a yearbook has iTs advanTages and selling The necessary number oT books To make LA VENTANA possible. Back- ing The ediTorial sTaTT wiTh undying co6peraTion SARA DAVISS, EMILY ANN MACK, KITTY MCCALLUM, and VONDEE LEWIS, STaTT Members For The innumerable pages oT club copy The l94l LA VENTANA musT Thank SocieTy EdiTor Doris La Rue STapleTon and assisTanT, Mary Mar- gareT Tunnell. For The sporTs copy we are re sponsible To SporTs EdiTor John R. Cummings. To ex-ediTor Marie George and The resT oT The sTaTT wenT The Task oT working laboriously over TypewriTers To Type dozens oT pages oT copy which are necessary in a yearbook. And To you, The sTudenTs, we are direcTly re- sponsible and graTeTul Tor your TaiTh in us as we worked. You have cooperaTed excellenTly and as we puT The l94I LA VENTANA To bed we and an excellenT sense oT humor. The Business Manager did more Than his share. sincerely hope ThaT iT will live up To your expec- TaTions. mx Lingering in The minds oT LA VENTANA sTaTT LQ ive Rf members. are memories oT The laTe Tom B. Coker. 'T - ediTor oT The l939 LA VENTANA. The good na- ar, Tured ediTor was killed in an airplane crash in New gym' Mexico, SepTember 2, while preparing himselT To become a Civil AeronauTics insTrucTor. Tom aT- Tended Tech Trom I936 To l939. BeTore his ediTor- ship he was presidenT oT The Sophomore class in l938. The second publicaTion oTTicer wiThin a year To meeT his deaTh, Coker sTrove Tor equal represen- TaTion and picTuring oT college liTe as iT acTually exisTed. An inspiraTion, To laTe ediTors, he has leTT TOM B. COKER marks upon The oTTice oT LA VENTANA never To be Edifor, l939 LA VENTANA TorgoTTen by ediTors and sTaTT members. Page 190 5 Back Row: Ray L. Chappelle, Clarence Symes, W. E. STreeT, James Snyder, and Bill Hamm. d Th M 5 M T P T R Second Row: James G. Allen, Dexy Sud u , is ar ye oinclex er. and .A. Mills. FronT Row' John Williams, Elmer Wall, and Cecil Horne. PLIBLICATIQNS COMMITTEE Nucleus OT sTudenT publicaTiOns in Texas Tech since The OrganizaTiOn OT LA VENTANA and The Toreador has been The publicaTiOns commiTTee. Composed OT six TaculTy members and six sTu- denTs, wiTh STudenT PresidenT James Snyder serv- ing as an ex-OTTiciO member, buT wiThOuT vOTe, The group acTs in an advisory capaciTy TO The Two publicaTiOns. Through auThOriTy delegaTed by The sTudenT cOnsTiTuTiOn, The publicaTiOns commiTTee rules upon The eligibiliTy OT all candidaTes seeking elec- Tion or appOinTmenT TO publicaTiOns OTTices eiTher On LA VENTANA Or The Toreador. Cecil I-lorne, chairman OT The commiTTee and TaculTy sponsor OT The Toreador, and R. A. Mills, sponsor OT LA VENTANA, have served On The commiTTee since l926. Page 191 Advisory capaciTy OT The group includes The cOnsideraTiOn OT sTudenT publi.caTion problems, Tinancially buT rarely ediTOrially. All expendi- Tures OT bOTh The yearbook and semi-weekly sTu- denT newspaper musT secure approval OT The commiTTee. AppOinTed by PresiclenT Jones TO represenT The TaculTy On The commiTTee are: Cecil l-lorne. R. A. Mills, Ray L. Chappelle, James G. Allen, W. E. STreeT, and Miss MarTye POindexTer. STudenT members appOinTed by PresidenT Snyder during l94O-4I were: James PiTTs, Clarence Symes, Dexy SudduTh, Bill l-lamm, John Williams, and Elmer Wall. Wall was appOinTed TO Till The un- expired Term OT graduaTing Murray Gray. Gray served as secreTary TO The group unTil his gradu- aTiOn and Then The pOsiTiOn was Tilled by Clarence Symes. ' ,n BILL WOOD GEORGE MUSICK Second Semes+er Edifor Business Manager Tl-JE TOREADOR EDWARD KIDD Eirsf Semesfer Edi+or FANIBETH HARRIS Associafe Edifor Page 192 V THE TOREADCDR UNDER TWG EDITCDRS Judged lhe bes'r college newspaper among I3 semi-weekly, l'ri-weekly. and weekly Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma schools, The Toreador was edired Jrhe iirsr semesler by Ed Kidd. "Filly dollars salary is whal' l wan+" was lhe winning plahform of Edi'ror Kidd. Vilriolic edilorials on all affairs in- fluencing s+uden+s marked his eliforrs +o produce a 'rhird con- seculive all-American Toreador despile Wesl Texas sand- slorms. l-le blamed dusl' and The dingy Engineering building basemenl office for his losing encounler wilh a sinus ailmenl. Leaving his slaff +o conlinue under The leadership of Two i Toreador old-Timers he headed back home +o "Gods coun- SAM JOHNSON fry" around lvlexia, +o fish in lhe Sabine. Under Edilor Kidd. SPOHS Edliof The Toreador carried on an edilorial campaign lo assisl +he "give a brick drive" and his paper was characlerized by par- ables, wri++en as a lake off on campus life. Bill Wood. wrirer under live edilors, succeeded Kidd, a+ mid-ierm, by publicalion commillee decree. Fanibelh l-lar- ris conlinued as associale edilor. Splashing a beauliful make-up wilh plen1'y of pholographic sruicl fhrough his semi- weekly issue he held sludenl inleresl in lhe fashion ol: former Sfaff Members: Jim Brigham, Phyllis Henry, L. D. Whileley, Mary Margarel' Tunnall, Gilford Moore. Kafhleen McCreless, June Crosley, Louie Johnsion, and Melba Suifer. L ' 'I Q Page 193 ie FelTs, A. C. LamberT. Mar ueriTe WaTl:ins, and Sam Johnson. STaTf Members: RuTh FausT, Ernesl' Curry, BeTTy Shryoclc, Jack Nicks, Bobb g all-American ediTors: conTinued Kidd's sponsor- ship oT The evolving VarsiTy show. a perennial Toreador sTep-child which maTured This year wiTh an all-sTudenT casT and producTion, The TirsT oT iTs lcind in Tech's TiTTeen years: Told "iiTTerbugs" They should "iiT" in proper places: sTood Tor genTlemanly conducT among sTudenT hiTch-hikers: TGREADCDR IN MEMORIAM l-le has become The TirsT concreTe TradiTion of Texas Tech's sTudenT publicaTion, The semi-weekly Toreador. Genial, jovial Reeves l-lenly, cross- bearing ediTor oT l938-39, drowned lvlay 7, I94O aT GalvesTon beach aTTer The same Tashion by which he lived. ln aTTempTs To save The life oT a com- panion, Reeves l-lenly died: Tor The Tech sTudenT body, he ToughT, censorship oT publicaTions. con- ducTed anTi-syphillis campaigns and molded sTudenT spiriT and senTimenT wiTh his masTerTul ediTorials and unflinching sTands under Tire. EdiTor oT The school's only all-American Pacemaker publicaTion, l-lenly's liTe and worlc are headlighTs by which The Toreador has carried on since 1939. and carried on an ediTorial campaign againsT honlcy Tonlcs in This area. Aided by a sTaTT of willing reporTers, The ediTor closed his TiTTh year oT slavery To The press wiTh conTirmed evidence in his Tavor oT all-American possibiliTies and securiTy Tor anoTher Top-ranking sheeT nexT year. REEVES HENLY Toreador EdiTor, I938-39 Page 194 n .. 3 Z-1' , V . ., 'f ' , , 9 Ig Q Lv , N fl T T i 'lil'!l'Tfllli T XB-1.-iii: 1 Page 195 S 'if' fc? 'tv Z ,. was 'P usp r -- . 1. vip FirsT Row: Vernon BundranT, Doris Louise Bunger. Moncure CarTer, Maxine Conner, Jane Cook, Arlee Gowen, DoroThy Hawkins, Louise HeaTh, Dale Henderson, RuTh Henry. Second Row: Mary EdiTh Holden, Kara Hunsucker, A. J. Kemp, Jo Killian, A. C. LamberT, KaThleen McCreless, William McDonald, ElizabeTh Mifchell, Jack Nicks. Doris Peavy. Third Row: Jeanne Roco, Jeanne Saunders, Lee ScoTT, Billie Bess Shive, BeTTy Shryoclr, Dexy SudduTh, H. M. Terry, Beverly Wade, L. D. WhiTeley. Flora Lee Williams. Fourih Row: Herberf Lesfer Womack, Annabel Wood, Jeanne McDonald, Mary Tunnell, Doris STapleTon, Bobbie FelTs, MargueriTe WaTlcins, Sarah BeTh Rice, Maxine Beasley, Virginia Glenn, Howard EllioT Hammond. PRESS CLUB The Texas Tech Press club meT during The early parT oT The year and elecTed Toreador Business Manager George Musick, presidenT. AlmosT all members oT The club are engaged in publishing The Toreador and LA VENTANA and The club is only supplemenTary To Their work in journalism. Press club oTTicials called a meeTing aT which Pub- lisher Charles A. Guy OT The Avalanche-Journal lec- Tured To The neophyTe newspapermen and women up- on The professional piTTalls ahead. The TruTh was so greaT Tor The Press club ThaT They pursued vigorously Trom Then on Their primary obiecTive-ThaT OT supply- ing eTTicienT sTaTTs Tor boTh LA VENTANA and The semi-weekly Toreador. Members oT The club aTTend- ed The SouThwesTern Journalism Congress held in Abi- lene in which resulTs oT Their eTTorTs, The Toreador, won TirsT in The weelcly, semi-weelcly, and Tri-weekly Tield. Placing second, Their oTher sTep-child, LA VENTANA, 'Followed only The UniversiTy oT Texas CacTus. The group is sponsored by Cecil Horne, DirecTor oT Journalism. Members oT The club receive pracTical experience and knowledge in The basemenT oTTice oT The Toreaclor. GEORGE MUSICK PresidenT OFFICERS GEORGE MUSICK .... PresidenT MARY MARGARET TUNNELL Vice-PresidenT FANIBETI-I HARRIS . SecreTary-Treasurer CECIL HORNE ..... Sponsor Press club members "beaTing ouT" copy The Toreador oTiice. iI.lL.I Known Tor his sTrong charac- Ter and personaliTy, is GEORGE WILSON, pasT presidenT of The Aggie Club. Receiving his B. S. degree aT mid-Term, George was a member of Kemas. Dairy club, and The naTional Dairy Judging Team. Popular among his colleagues in The Aggie school, he draws respecT from sTudenTs in every deparTmenT in school. Lasl' year's l-lorn l-lall presidenT, George is now em- ployed by Borden's lce Cream Co. WI-ICD'S WI-ICD GN OuTsTanding among women sTudenTs is GERALDINE CONNER LAM. AcTive in l-lome Ec work, she is a member oT Forum, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Ec club. Las Leales, Junior Council and Y. W. C. A. Always smiling, Mrs. Lam was PresidenT oT Las Vivarachas I94-O, SecreTary and Treas- urer oT The Junior Class l939-40. This year along wiTh duTies as housewife Tor a hubbie she is Vice-PresidenT oT A. W. S. Dynamic characTer around Knapp l-lall is JAMES PITTS. Called "Bogie" by close Triends he has an inquisiTive and like- able naTure. Member of Publi- caTions commiTTee, Engineering SocieTy. and member of The Board of DirecTors of Kemas club, he Takes an acTive parT in anyThing Thai' he underTakes. l-lis love Tor Tried chicken has made eaTing his TavoriTe pas- Time. An excellenT leader, Dou- ble-T Club PresidenT MlL- TON I-TILL, Takes a deTiniTe inTeresT in all campus aTTairs. MilTon likes To Tly and spends much of his Time accumulaT- ing Tlying hours in a C. A. A. course. As a halTback on The Red Raider squad, l-lill drew The admiraTion of many Tor his sporTsmanship and excel- lenT aThleTic abiliTy. ln The Spring. MilTon Took over duTies as one oT The social direcTors in Knapp l-lall. ' Page 196 Tl-IE CAMPUS Known by all Tor his personaliTy and in- TeresT in Texas Tech is L. DEAN BUTLER who hails Trom Tulia. In his senior year alone, he was PresidenT oT College Club. Vice-PresidenT oT B. A. club and PresidenT oT Tech AccounTing SocieTy, and a member oT lvlen's lnTer-club council and Alpha Chi. Chairman oT The Senior bid commiTTee. BuTler hardly knows whaT he will do aTTer graduaTion now Thaf he has army possibil- iTies. T-le has been acTive in inTramural sporTs as well as in social, scholasTic, and dormiTory liTe. A crediT To any Who's Who secTion is genial JAMES SNYDER, energeTic PresidenT oT The sTudenT body. A collec- Tor oT arrow heads and raTTle- snake raTTlers. The prexy spends his summers digging posT holes on a ranch near Moran. Pres- idenT oT Three classes, member of Phi Sigma Alpha, Pre-law club, Alpha Chi, and Los Cam- aradas, he also serves on The ArTisT Course commiTTee and is an ex-oTTicio member oT The PublicaTions commiTTee. 4 l Page 197 The Type oT person ThaT makes college liTe pleasanT and lively is LOIS "COW- BOY" NANCE. Proud ThaT she is a naTive WesT Texan and prouder sTill oT Texas Tech, "Cowboy" is a leader among women sTudenTs. For Two years presidenT oT W. A. A. she is ouTsTanding as a woman aThleTe. and likes To dress in wesTern sTyle. WiTh a sTrong voice and spiriTed aTTiTude she did an excellenT iob oT leading Red Raider Tans in her posiTion as l-lead Woman Yell Leader. E -1 OT Engineering division Tame, is guieT CARROLL CLAITOR. l-le is PresidenT oT Tau BeTa Pi, PresidenT oT The Torch and CasTle chapTer oT S. A. lvl. E., SecreTary oT Engineering Soci- eTy and CadeT CapTain in R. O. T. C. Also a member oT Silver Keys, Alpha Chi, and A. l. Ch. E., ClaiTor likes a good game oT bridge and dislikes polyanna boys. EMILY ANN MACK, quiei and reserved unless called upon, has been a leader and conscien- fious worker since she came fo Tech. An excellenf sfudenf, Emily Ann is a member of Ko Shari, EI Capa y Espada, and Forum. Serving fhe sfudenfs as secrefary fo fhe Sfudenf Coun- cil, and secrefary of Alpha Chi, she has also falcen an acfive parf in social life. She has served as vice-presidenf of Women's infer-club Council and can be seen working in an English office or formally dressed af mosf any dance. 1' WI-lO'S WI-IO ON Known by everyone for his friendly line of chaffer, MAITLAND BESEDA is Presi- denf of l-lorn l-lall, member of Alpha Psi Omega, and Vice-Presidenf of Sock and Buskin. The cheerful Czechoslovalcian is a B. A. sfudenf and works in The Presidenfs office. Co-manager of The laundry conces- sion, "Bessie" can call nearly every residenf of l-lorn l-lall by firsf and lasf name. l-lis hobby is dramafics and he dislilces people wifh egofisfical complexes. A war horse in fearing up opposifion in any opponenfs line, foofball capfain LON- NIE McCURRY is iusf as genial and inferesfing off fhe foofball field as he is playing a guard posifion. Known by his friends as "Primo," he is an excellenf conversafionalisf and has fun af anyfhing he does. l-lis favorife pasfime is hanging around popular places on fhe avenue and al- ways has a friendly word for everyone. Senior Class Presidenf HART Sl-IOEMAKER is offen called "Prexy" by friends because he has held so many posifions. One fime Presidenf of College Club, Presidenf of B. A. Club, fhe senior Prexy is fruly a naf- ural. l-lis home is Abilene, he has a friendly word for every- one and likes fo play golf. l-larf goes sfeady and is iusf as de- pendable wifh his gal friend as he is in ofher dufies. l-le is also a member of Alpha Chi and Tech Accounfing Sociefy. Page 198 CAMPUS PresidenT oT The AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs and Las ChaparriTas is JANE I-IILL. Genial and likeable, "Pudgy" is one oT The mosT inTeresTing and ouTsTanding persons in Tech. A member oT Las Leales, Women's InTer-club Council, and Vice-PresidenT oT Forum, she has scores oT Triends and will do almosT anyThing They requesT. Producing a giggle aT The sIighTesT humor. Jane is wide- ly known Tor her wicked dance Tloor line. THE CLARENCE SYMES, known by his Triends as "Major," has always drawn respecT in The En- gineering division and by all who know him. "The paper boy who made good." Symes was CadeT Colonel of R. O. T. C. in I939-40. I-Ie is a member of Engineering SocieTy, PeTro- Ieum Engineering SocieTy. and secreTary oT The PubIicaTions commiTTee. I-Ie also served as TraTfic manager Tor The I94I W Engineering show. I-Ie likes chicken and Tennis. Keeper oT sTudenT coin and member oT B. A. club is STu- y denT Council Business Man- ager JOI-IN WILLIAMS. A member oT pubIicaTions com- miTTee Johnnie is a hard and conscienTious waTch dog over sTudenT inTeresT. A good man To have on your side in conTroversiaI discussion, "Ze- man" as he is called, Takes a greaT inTeresT in TooTball and oTher aThIeTics. Aside Trom oTher duTies he is sTudenT as- sisTanT in The B. A. deparT- menT. Page 199 One oT Those persons whom everyone likes, is Triendly CLARENCE KELLEY. "Mike" is a member oT Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Engineering SocieTy. PeTroIeum Engineering SocieTy. A. I. M. E. and STudenT Council. The robusT engineer doesn'T like To be called by his name buT insfead preTers "Mike," Truly a leader he was manager of one oT The TinesT Engineering Shows To be sTaged in school hisTory. An old hand aT The business he served as assisTanT manager IasT year. lf ,f is, Gracing The RegisTrar's oTTice is DOROTHY MARGARET FORBIS. Aside Trom Tending To The needs oT sTudenTs and duTies in ThaT oTTice, she is sec- reTary oT Forum. member oT The LaTin club, Alpha Chi, Las Leales, and Sans Souci. LasT year's presidenT oT Junior Council, DoroThy MargareT has been placed among Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies Tor Two consecuTive years. An honor sTudenT, she hopes To do graduaTe work aT- Ter receiving her degree. WI-IO'S A newspaper man who likes The game is Toreaclor Business Manager GEORGE MUSICK. PresidenT oT Press club and also PresidenT oT The Business Managers Associa- Tion oT SouThwesTern Journalism Congress. The iovial campus poliTician is generous in his personal liTe buT is eTFicienT and drives a hard bargain in business. l-le likes To play Tennis and Then iusT likes To "play," Musick is The TirsT Toreador Business Manager To be re-elecTed. WI-IO TallesT man in "Aggie-Land." Popular among Aggie sTu- denTs is ROY WILKES, vice- presidenT oT The STudenT Council and a member oT Block and Bridle, Aggie club. and Alpha Chi. Taking a deep inTeresT in inTramural sporTs, Roy is manager oT The champion Jay Walkers club. Friendly and congenial, The blonde-headed boy Trom Floydada is also on The Live- sTock Judging Team. is Typical wesTern he-man. EVERETT OVERTON. Called "l-ligh-PockeTs" because oT his heighT, he wears booTs and has played Tour years oT TooTball aT a Tackle posiTion. l-le managed The TirsT Block and Bridle rodeo in many years and did a good iob oT iT. Leads a sTring band and enTerTained girls Trom all over The U. S. wiTh music aT A. W. S. convenTion. The Tall Aggie is a member oT Block and Bridle, Double-T club, and Ag- gie club. EnTerTains residenTs oT dormiTories by "beaTing ouT" wesTern ballads on a piano. Page 200 CONTENTS N . ,W ,, ilu' wx -rw'iwx.1 'JI lf NR l-Wx W' I K, .....f?.,....... 1 - x---Ji ' his rj 1 If a 1 I I 7 3?-'tl . " ' '- ' 9 'Hi' 355: .3 94 'E Ev y ' .,, ,'?S.,,. 4 Aki 1 'H 'QQQN N, M 1 SP5 fl' +, 3 'l4m,l?"g, P, 1 O Q., 1 'S N. M 4 5 W- PM -V . ., gv fi qwfli if E r". iw 'I N u., !' 'nr- A. ' , ,ir ace.. 'Q ,?4' ru, l A 0 ,Q ' NO f l '2 1 V' JP , , if 331' ,A Q. .iw 3 M. YK ' 4 -9-1 f "3 45 1f-94 3, .5 '11 Lf -- -is 9,4 . N N 1 s 4' g,, R+ .-nn, -, 15,11 ,W 1 9 Q ,ln-f 1 san ' -' U W' -an y . 9 - - ' ne' -69' F " W on 1. . 's 0, -4. xx A' fgf' Q ,L , '1, A W ., ' . VVQ . , ' Q y Wi 'iflg 5 hw S 'Q it 1 E A x 3? A ' li, 'wg' QB4'-:'?' In-v bi K I J .- ?' 51,2 " '59 U. , ' ' f 9' i w in ' .1 px X T3 if ,W w ui" 1. 'S .Y LQ. J? 26' 71 NF' 1 W. ff' " Q l i lv ' r if ' s " u 'Wi 0 ' 49 xrfr 4- -wg I '5- 3 0 fi 4 5,1 . 1 'V ' Af' .4 W! h 1 1? A 'x-at Q , Q Q5 . A IIHII WT H I I .llll Q - in ii li M llll Ill F! ll HT-!.! ji Una!-ala-' ,f..,- Af-.Lf .4 'Balm is Double T AssociaTion wiTh PresidenT CliTTord B, Jones and Coaches P. W. Cawfhon and R. T. SmiTh. The Double T AssociaTion is an organizaTion com- posed oT male sTudenTs who have earned Their "leTTer" in one oT The various collegiaTe sporTs. Club meeTs every Wednesday nighT in The La Fonda, home oT The TooTball players. Annual Double-T semi-Tormal dance was held in February and They laTer sponsored an all- college dance. The annual "Double-T Red Raider Follies" was held May 5. Members Troliclced aT an- nual picnic in May. I-lad baslceTball Team lcnown as "Dr. Pepper's" and sponsored a game beTween The I94O ex-Tech cagers and The presenT l94I squad. MilTon I-IiII was eIecTed presidenT wiTh E. J. McKnighT, vice-presidenT. OTher oTTicers are Raymond Flusche, secreTary-Treasurer, and Prince ScoTT, sergeanT-aT- arms. This club Talces The place oT a "social" club Tor Red Raider TooTball and baslceTball players. Mem- bers come Trom such sporTs as TooTball, baslceTball, Traclc, golf and Tennis. TradiTionaI "I-lell Week" was held in January during which new members were iniTiaTed. MILTON HILL OFFICERS . . . . . PresidenT E. J. McKNIGI-IT . . . Vice-PresidenT RAYMOND FLUSCI-IE . SecreTary-Treasurer S g T TA PRINCE SCOTT . . . SI' SGH -6 - NTIS MILTON HILL P 'd TD bl FGSI en ou e T Club XX ATI-ILETIC COUNCIL Behind lhe scenes in Tech's progressive alhlelic deparl- 5 nnenl is lhe Alhlelic Council. Responsiloilily of delerrnining alhlelic policies falls lo lhis group. l-leaded since I937 by Chairman W. L. Slangel, lhe council delermines de- parlmenl personnel, schedules games, rules on eligibilily of players and plans Jrhe budgef. l-lighlighl of The I94O-4l council's aclivilies was a series of meelings +o delerrnine recomnnendalions for replacemenl ol open posilions in Tech's coaching sfralf. Composed of Jrhree facully mem- bers, one sludenl represenlalive and an Alumni represenl- alive lhe council includes: W. L. Slangel, l-l. C. Pender, l-l. F. Godelce, Paul Redding, and W. E. Slreel. A-wsu CHAIRMAN W. L. STANGEL 005 W. E. STREET Gcvwlllow H, F, QQDEKE H. c. PENDER PAUL Reooime JQULJM 0 ilootlwll idol Coach Peler Willis Cawlhon has dis- played colorful characler for years as he coached The Red Raiders. l-lere we find lhe slalwarl Cawlhon in aclion. 'ii xi .zz rx L ' f 'r f 'W R. T. "DUTCI-IY" SMITI-I Assisfanf Coach DIXIE WHITE Assisfanf Freshman Coach BERL HUFFMAN Freshman Coach and Varsify Baskefball Coach Now promofed fo Assisfanf Varsify Foof- baII Coach, BerI I-Iuffman has passed every acid fesf of coaching since coming fo Tech in I935. As Varsify BasIcefI:aII Coach, he has produced consisfenf cage winners, meanwhile furning ouf powerful freshman foofbaII feams and varsify fraclc sfars. ASSISTANT COACH ES Oufgoing Assisfanf Coach RusseII T. "Dufchy" Smifh for a decade has been 'rhe power behind fhe fradifionally impreqnable Texas Tech Iines. Quief, unassuming, he proved an invaIuabIe assef fo fhe reforma- fion era of Red Raider afhlefics. SPECIALIST From +op: Lewis "Doc" Spears, graduale Team Trainer, Ari' Weber, slrudenl' manager, and Abner Teague, sluclenl man- ager. l Of unfold worllm To Texas Tech has been 'rhe posilion of spor+s publicify direcfor, held by Bill Parker, for years a nafionally- known sporls wrH'er. As Allwlelic Business Manager, Gwynn "Mule" Dowell has proved 'rhe le-asibililry of employing graduafe a+l1le+es in Texas Tecl1's colleqiafe sporls planf. KINGS AND QUEENS DE Cl-IEER LOIS NANCE BILLIE BESS SHIVE SANDY SANDERSON Head Yell Leader ,T L. D. WI-HTELEY BUD BARNES Responsible for Jrhe overnighl revival of lagging sludenl spirif ai Texas Tech were lhe "Kings and Queens of Cheer," sludenl yell leaders. l-lead Yell Leader Sandy Sanderson and his hand-picked assislanis, Lois "Cowboy" Nance, Billie Bess Shive, L. D. Whileley and Glynn "Bud" Barnes, worlced harder lhan any previous yell leaders since IQ34. 'V ,, nf figfrw A Uv' ' 4 5 - A t if Max. ,,,l Y , lfiajigf is w,"f?5 3' 'V 'K'-? gp'tfjf'A fm 'X ' ' .Kj,3A?'?6:,ni J V 11,25 mQ31gmf1,: , mg fy m y , f 1 Q ,V I, ,,L , . I ,uf ,Z ww yy., xy: jfifgf. L j n fg' ff' . fx M391 "W ' 1 f :wh I X553 ,f,,4f'1fs!:Q' A V ,w f ,5 Aw fm 1 M ':,:,,v,w2 A -N ,5 5 ny... . 1,7 YJ hz if ll. u Q AM 5 I . W 1 ' ,,L, , flu 1 K ' QL , L, V, H AI wgdhrymim V fr'Z 'Wm 41:91 CAPTAIN LONNIE MCCURRY Guard D Ir n H W y To Pay DirT for Decisive Touchdown Play as Tech Defeahad MarqueTTe Red Raiders oT l940, wiTh The lighT- esT Team in iTs hisTory, came Through The season wiTh The record oT nine wins, one loss, and a Tie game. OKLAHOMA A. M. game did noT show Too promising Tor a good season. The Team blew boTh hoT and cold all during The game. They would Turn on power on The ground and in The air Tor 65 and 70 yard marches and Then Told up and lose The ball on a Tumble or hand-over. I-lowever, sTaTisTics showed clearly ThaT The Raiders ouTplayed The Aggies, in every deparTmenT excepT punTing. Tech made I2 TirsT downs To eighT Tor A. lvl., gained I76 yards Trom scrimmage To I24 by The STillwaTer boys. IT was C. L. STorrs 50 yard pass To Tillery in The closing momenTs oT The game ThaT gave us a 6-6 Tie and saved Tech Trom deTeaT. LOYOLA UNIVERSITY Lions oT The coasT was The TirsT home game. Tech had previously been deTeaTed Three Times by This Team. CawThon's men Ioolced more impressive in Their I9-0 vicTory Than in The previous weelc end 2 CAPTAIN TY BAIN QuarTerbaclr Q PRINCE SCOTT End JACK SI-IANKS Tackle S P g around Ieff end f bf + I 9 su s an ia ain Red AmoneTT as h b uf T b I kl d O 6 BC 9 O06 D BC I-TTY LyI Iwlfb lc. 5 e T hI9L ol 0 ec ,oya aT Olclahoma CiTy. Good defensive play by The line and sudden ouTbursTs oT speed while on The oTTense gave The Tans promise oT whaT To expecT Trom The Raiders during The season. MONTANA UNIVERSITY was hosT To The Raiders aT Missoula in a maTinee showing oT a savage ground and aerial aTTaclc by Tech which simply swepT ev- eryThing ouT oT iTs paTh. From scrim- mage our boys amassed a ToTal oT 403 yards To 283 by The grizzlies, and slashed down Tield Tor I9 TirsT downs. The lead changed Three Times during The melee. Red AmoneTT was a Thorn in The opponenTs side wiTh his consis- TenT oTT-Tackle and end sweep gains, score Tech 32, Iv1onTana I9. BRIC-Bl-IAM YOUNG gave The local Tans a scare when They broughT a sur- prisingly clever Team To give us baTTle. The Tinal score 2I-20. AlThough The Raiders ran up a much higher sTaTisTi- cal record They were TorTunaTe in win- ning The ball game. TOM DOUGLASS Fullbaclc CLARENCE TILLERY End E. J. MCKNIGI-IT End DON AUSTIN Miami U. back is broughi down by CapTain McCurry afTer long gain when Tech rumbled over The Hurri- canes bl-I4. Tech conTined Their TooTball mosTly To running plays. They compleTed only Two passes, one oT Them Trom C. L. STorrs To E. J. McKnighT Tor 48 yards and a Touchdown. IT came righT aTTer The Cougars had compleTed a scoring pass Tor The same disTance. IvIiITon I-IiII accounTed Tor anoTher score wiTh a 46-yard-run, shalcing him- selT loose aTTer being escorTed across The line oT scrimmage by Tine bloclcing. Big DuTch Dvoracelc wenT over Tor an- oTher Trom The Ten aTTer a Touchdown by AmoneTT had been called baclc. The saTeTy came in The second period when Dee Chapman, aTTempTing To Iciclc ouT, missed a snap back and was smoThered by AIlbrighT and LedbeTTer. MARQUETTE was The nexT vicTim oT The ScarleT's winning sTrealc aT Ivlil- waulcee. The speedsTers, I-Iill, Amon- eTT, SmiTh, and AusTin, l4epT The Mar- queTTe players grabbing aT air all aTTer- noon, while Dvoracelc and WebsTer ripped The lVIarqueTTe line To pieces wiTh Their power plunging. ...,---... .....,,"""""p 'v-' M M. ... ,. .............-Q... 7' ' v-vu.. .......I" "" " --fs.-..f.,,h A -..'....... ...Q f .,. an-r...,.,.,,,, .,,,,,.- .. nL"F"'If. I ,W 'X , r . Vatu We A Us ,. . . L.. xi . 'fs .-T, I ,, , ' ga bf ' 54 ' I for XV. M . sy. r, .. L 3 . if -'.' mf wif 'B' i 0 -' 4.4.1955 - . ' f i .f T .-1 .. i L' ' - 2- -"".'-Q,-gg .2 , .gif-' 'fi fp: . "mf Ai - Y. - -I B iw-f - .Q .1 --j 5 .I .1 . . . v' ., fZ".f'-".u- ' ' .: 4 T'E"1ai..i95fTfg BILL BROWN QuarTerbacIc ROGER SMITH I-IaITbacIc I-Ialfbaclc The Raiders' TirsT Tally came IaTe in The TirsT quarTer Tollowing a MargueTTe Touchdown. IvIiITon I-Iill and Dvoracek aITernaTed in a blazing march which ended wiTh The DuTchman plunging over Trom The I-IiIITopper one yard line. IvIcKnighT missed The conversion and Tech Trailed 7-6. Early in The second period, The Tech- sans goT The lead when STorrs riTIed a buller pass To McKnighT who whirled over Trom The Tour. E. J. converTed. MarqueTTe wasTed no Time in Tying The score, leaving The game in a I3-I3 deadlock aT The haIT. WiTh a scoreless Third quarTer The CawThon men came back in The TourTh when AusTin inTer- cepTed a pass on his TwenTy. Led by I-Iill and WebsTer They drove deep inTo enemy TerriTory. Then Dvoracek Iow- ered his head and plowed Through The Avalanche line To a Touchdown. SmiTh place kicked The exTra poinT. MIAMI UNIVERSITY. represenTing The gridiron sTrengTh oT The SouTheasT, received Tor Their noble eTTorT againsT Minoru HILL b T ck 'nxfi f 'Y auf. 3-Qin' .nf - W- ' -i f-, I T' ' 1' -1. A-,tp 1. , ,. . --gb ' , v ,il 'h , ' . " . --, 1- u.yal,.J'Q-5. .' 37,1570 -' ,U . .,, H T, T, . ---V ..s,,,t. , ,A . I--1, 'N ,q",:5 ,A I. 'vga L7 -sis,-ff.. J Fu' -ffliaihv, 'zflf' 'i v 's'-en.,-'imc' ::"1-frawrfa. -'- HM -sm. f wif--' ' Crucial momenl' in Wake Foresf +iIf as Ty Bain clears pafh for Tom Doug- lass. Score: Tech I2, Wake Foresf 7. .mnngl -'f'-' TT.. I i QQ WAYNE PIPES Canfer r I i V i 4 1 i Tech a long 'rrain frip, a lesson in foof- ball facfics, and fhe opporfunify of finding ouf where Texas Tech was lo- cafed. The Raider adverfised offen- sive gof going in a big way fo humili- afe fhe ioufed Hurricanes ol-I4. Nof since fhe greaf feam of i932 ran rough shod over eleven opponenfs has a Tech feam shown such offensive power. Everyfhing clicked and everyfhing happened. The blocking was superb and fhe fackling was ferrific. So su- perior was fhe Tech offense fhaf fhe Raiders weren'f forced fo punf buf fwice during 'rhe game. Passes from Sforrs fo lviclinighf were good for fwo fouchdowns. Sforrs plunged over for one, Glenn Lowe made iwo, skirfing wide around end fo score in The fhird period affer helping advance fhe ball fo scoring posifions. Clarence Tillery ran back a blocked punf for one, and Bill Brown infer- cepfed a pass and carried if 33 yards for fhe final counf. DOYLE CARAWAY Guard ROBERT DUNCAN BING BINGHAM End End LOYCE BAILLIO Guard GLENN LOWE Halfback Glenn Lowe makes fuTile H T l 'l' T 'T e or in as quarer a- Templ' for comeback as Th New Mexico Loboes hand Red Raiders only defea+ Score: N. M. U. I9, Tech I4. CENTENARY invaded The lv1aTador arena ArmisTice day wiTh a scrapping Team ThaT puT a scare in all players and Tans. The GenTs caughT us on a leT- down Trom The Miami game. The re- serves pulled The game ouT oT The Tire, aTTer The regulars couldn'T geT going in The TirsT halT. The score 26-6. WAKE FOREST Threw an early and sudden scare inTo The Techsans when They scored wiThin The TirsT Three min- uTes oT The game by recovering a punT Tumbled by C. L. STorrs on The Tech 25 yard line. The Deacons capiTalized on This break and in Two plays had a Touchdown. They kicked goal and mainTained This lead unTil The Third quarTer. ATTer an exchange oT punTs, Tech goT The ball on Their own l2, Then sTarTed The 88 yard march To a Touch- down. Douglass. Don AusTin, and AmoneTT ran iT To The Deacon 4 I. Tom ran Trom There To a Touchdown, geTTing pasT The line wiTh Tine blocking by AmoneTT and Bain. lvlcKnighT missed The Try Tor exTra poinT and The score 4- EDWIN TRONS Cenler WILL ALLBRIGT-TT Guard was 7-6 aT The haIT Time. The Wakes ThreaTened in The Third period buT Til- lery, The ouTsTanding player oT The day, rushed viciously, Throwing The passer Tor losses amounTing To 50 yards in ThaT guarTer. ATTer a double exchange oT punTs Tech Took charge on The opponenTs 38. Douglass picked up Twelve, and Then nine yards on Two plays, and SmiTh ran Twice Tor a TirsT down. Tom carried iT To The TourTh, Then SmiTh hiT Bing Bingham in The TlaT Tor The winning Touchdown. ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY was a Troublesome Toe and oTTered such sTrong opposiTion ThaT The Raiders were only able To eke ouT a 7-6 vicTory. WiTh Tom Douglass, Glenn Lowe. and SrniTh Iugging The ball on sTraighT ground plays, Tech marched 66 yards To score Three rninuTes aTTer Taking The opening kickoTT. Douglass wound up The sTeady drive by going oTT Tackle Trorn The seven yard line. SmiTh kicked The goal Tor whaT was To be The win- ning poinT. KENNETH ROBBINS CHARLIE DANIEL Q Tb I: 6 d '19 f -. 'Tuff r We.:--:F-f-"' Mu 'T' '5"'1iR"' W- .Q The Billikens launched a counTer aT- Tack and scored on an end sweep aTTer a series oT ground plays. The game Then became a sTaIemaTe. Each Team would pick up a TirsT down now and Then, louT neiTher could puT on a sub- sTanTiaI drive. NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY upseT our appIecarT when They came ouT on The heavy end oT a I9-I4 score. Trail- ing Three Touchdowns unTiI The TourTh quarTer The Raiders came Ioack wiTh Two Touchdowns, wiTh exTra poinTs. Our IasT minuTe passing aTTack Tailed when The Loboes pass deTense TighT- ened. SAN FRANCISCO UNIVERSITY'S home Tield, Keezar sTadium, was donned in a heavy cloak oT Tog all aT- Ternoon while Two Teams ToughT biT- Terly To win The IasT game oT The season. Again The Raiders pulled The game ouT oT The Tire in The Tading minuTes oT play. Clarence Tillery, playing heads up TooTbaIl, scored all Three Touchdowns and E. J. IvIcKnighT kicked a Tield goal in The IasT minuTe oT play Trom The 2I yard line To give us a 23-2I vicTory. fs., .Q-0 J - E- , " ,""-.Tn 4' -""- . .,'- , 1' . ,. . . " U fn.--E ,xv-', Q ' ..'- . . - "- ' -V Q.. ' - 1.2::.-:.aJ:'f. . - ..--:..1l-.ala-.,.vx'u- - 1.2 Q.. - . The I940 Red Raider Squad in Full Uniform. Oklahoma A. and M. . Loyola of Coasi . . Monlana Universily . Brigham Young Universily Ivlarqueiie Universily . Miami lizloridal Universiiy Cenienary College . . Wake Foresi College . S+. Louis Universily . . New Mexico Universiiy . San Francisco Universily Tolal . . . CHARLIE HENDERSON End SEASON RECORD SCORES OPPONENTS TECH 6 6 O I9 I9 32 20 2 I I3 20 I4 6I 6 26 7 I2 6 7 I9 I4 2 I 23 I3 I 24-I WARREN CUDD Tackle Page 221 Freshman grids+ers crashing herd againsf +he Hardin-Simmons lines. They downed ihe yellow-clad Hardin-Simmons 'freshmen 38-0. FRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL LETTERMEN SEASON RECORD GARLAND HEAD HAROLD CROSSEN opponems BILLY HALE JIMMY DRIGGERS - N M M I EOLJNT MERRELL WINTON RICHARDS ' - - - - - - PAT FARRIS J. R. CALLAHAN Cameron Junior College JAMES REED J. L. BATES MARVIN McKOWN MAXEY MCKNIGI-IT JACK EVERETTS ROBERT BAKER ROY WILLIAMS HOWARD ALFORD J. B. ROBINSON, Manager AVON SEWALT ALBERT WILLIAMS EARL WILLIAMS LEROY MELEY VERNON RAY WAYNE ROWDEN Coach Huffman and freshmen waich game againsi +he Hardin- Simmons Fish. New Mexico Universify Weslr Texas SI'a+e . I-Iardin-Simmons . Tec 27 I2 27 34 38 Top Row: Billy Hale, Glen Gray, Charles Marlin. Rex Hardin. and Vernon Ray. Boffom Row: Maxey McKnighI, Roberi Nicholson, Garland I-lead, Gregory McGowan, Roy Williams, and Coach Dudley Akin. Coach Dudley Akin came Ihrough again Ihis BASKETBALL will make fine replacemenls on nex'r year's var- year wilh a fine Fish baskelball Team. The Irosh si+y squad. Garland I-lead and Maxey Mc- made il Three sfraiqhl years +ha'r Ihey have gone Knighi were oulslandinq performers in floor undefealed. Gaining exceIIen+ experience Ihey work and baskei shooling. L E T T E R M E N GARLAND HEAD VERNON RAY REX HARDIN BILLY HALE GREGORY MCGOWEN GLEN GRAY ROY WILLIAMS MAXEY MCKNIGHT ROBERT P. NICI-IOLSON Page 222 .ns-' y ' '-if .wfin K Y Q in .V -PN E x - 1 -E . , -Q 1 J' ' Q , Jv- .- 3 ,yn Sygiwfm 2 1 Q 5 '?f'3?5AT'3"" S f',v'f'Q Sw SMI -V ,am w.Q9i1,,+my: Lx, ' Jw:l3f:,vS,: f 'ly ,lfqfji ' ' e A ,Ag . L4-. , My , f H M Q 'f iwQ',mf,m, f . 'xv A ,058 VARSITY SQUAD: Lefl To righT: Norman Valz, Lewis Loclze, Lawrence McCulloch, Jalce Geron, Ed Irons, CapTain J. B. Whife. Byron GiIbreTh, Elvis Erwin, Bob Andis, Melvin Taylor, Norman Cox, Gabe Gilley, Buck Rogers, George Allen, and Coaches I-luTFman and Gilley. VARSITY BASKETBALL WiTh noT a single sTarTing player oT IasT year's Team baclc in uniTorm, Coach I-IuTTman had To dig deep in The bag To aggregaTe a squad ThaT would carry on where The I940 Team had leTT OTT wiTh such a good season. J. B. WhiTe was ap- poinTed capTain and proved To be a main sTay in all games. Tech again was undeTeaTed on Their home courT Tor The sec- ond consecuTive year. Record Tor The season was I9 vic- Tories and six deTeaTs. WiTh a never slacking pace The Scar- leTs amassed I, I 38 poinTs To The opponenTs 864. Bob Andis was high poinT man wiTh 290 poinTs, iusT ahead oT Jalce Geron who counTered wiTh 204. The Raiders opened The season wiTh Two vicTories over EasTern New Mexico College aT PorTales and added Two more over Texas ChrisTian UniversiTy on our home courT by 40-24 and 35-27 scores. They wenT on The road Tor Three games, sTopping aT AusTin where They spliT a Two-game series wiTh The UniversiTy oT Texas Longhorns, To The Tune oT Tech 28, Texas 30-Tech 44, UniversiTy 40. STopping aT Brownwood The nexT nighT They losT one game To I-loward Payne 4I-55. CAPTAIN J. B. WHITE Guard Page 224 SEASON RECORD Opponenf Tech Easlern New Mexico . . 3I 48 Easlern New Mexico . . 28 40 Texas Chrislian . . 24 40 Texas Chrislian . . 27 35 Universily ol Texas . . 30 28 Universily of Texas . . 40 44 l-loward Payne . . 55 4l Warrensburg . . . 37 47 Pillslourgh Teachers . . 38 36 Wyoming Universily . . 66 56 New Mexico A. anol M. . . 36 38 New Mexico A. and M. . . 33 4l Abilene Chrislian . . . I7 53 Abilene Chrislian . . . 35 56 New Mexico Universily . . I9 34 New Mexico Universily . . 25 56 l-lardin-Simmons . . . 36 58 I-lardin-Simmons . . 39 69 Phillips Oilers . . . . 33 34 Phillips Oilers . . . . 54 48 New Mexico Universily . . 35 55 New Mexico Universily . . 25 40 l-larolin-Simmons . . . 3l 49 l-larolin-Simmons . . . 27 52 Chihuahua, Olol Mexico . . 43 40 Tolal 864 l I38 A. J. "JAKE" GERON BOB ANDIS Forward NORMAN VOLZ Forward GABE GILLEY Guard Page 225 l-luTFman and The boys made Their annual Trip To The Okla- homa CiTy lnviTaTion TournamenT during The ChrisTmas holi- days. ln The TirsT round They deTeaTed Warrensburg Teach- ers by a IO-poinT margin. Losing in The second round by a 36-38 decision To The powerTul PiTTsburgh Teachers, This same Tive going on To win The Tourney. LaTer in The meeT The Raiders losT a wild 56 To 66 consolaTion game To Wyom- ing UniversiTy. l-liTTing Their sTride wiTh The nexT home game The boys won eighT sTraighT To sTreTch Their home winning record To 22 in a row over The pasT Two seasons. They deTeaTed New Mex- BILL BROWN T E F game of series. Score: Tech 35, TCU 27. s win 4 24 Aggie player blocks Capfain WhiTe's goal- ward progress so he passes back To Bob Andis when Raiders won 38 To 36. Elki- ico Aggies, Abilene ChrisTian College, New Mexico Univer- SiTy, and l-lardin-Simmons, Twice each. All oT These vicTories were decisive and murmurs concerning Madison Square Gar- den TournamenT were heard around The aThleTic deparTmenT. NexT came The all imporTanT series wiTh The Phillips Oilers whom we had deTeaTed as a highlighr oT lasT year's season. ln a close Thrilling game aT Amarillo The husTling Raiders won over The naTional champions in an overTime period 34-33, buT dropped The second game in Borger, 48-54. AT Albuquerque The Crimsons solidly deTeaTed New Mex- ico's Lobos Two games, 55-35 and 4O-25. ln The reTurn games GEORGE ALLEN Guard ED IRONS Cenier MELVIN TAYLOR Forward New Mexico U. cenTer Talres Tip from Bob Andis in firsi' game, buf Tech weni' on To win 34-I9. Page 227 Whizzer While crouch- es as referee losses ball up for iump in second game of Abilene Chris- fian series as fhe Red cagers measured fhe Wildcafs 56 fo 35. al Abilene wilh The Simmons Cowboys our Raiders slill showed a revengelul spiril, a hangover from pas? years, Throwing Jrhe Cowboys in lhe lasr lwo scheduled games of The season, 49-3I and 52-27. Noi lelling well enough alone, we accepled an invilalion +o The EI Paso Tournamenl. Alier having drawn a bye in lhe lirsl round we played Jrhe Chihuahua Old Mexico Universily and wenl down 40-43. Young bul vigorous, Jrhe Tech live played srellar ball all season wilh lasl floor work, accurare passing, and consislenl baslcel hilling +o compile an enviable record. TOM "BUCK" ROGERS Guard Under fha beslref, Bob Andis is ready fo fire al' fhe hoop in final Lobo game. Score: Raiders 56, Lobos 25. LEWIS LOCKE Guard NORMAN COX Cenfer Page 228 V515 if in ,- , . V. vg- f if G. J MQW ,nf Af, ,Vx- X ,QV . ,A . ,.,.,..,.. '- I 12151- 'X A 'C b -.Ri 5 "V x- .- af 3. Sm QS QV, fu- ws., 'Q- 'K 853' rift' 'V' Q-'Q Xxx "bX'x'K" X 'xii li Q- v NX fx Qwfgmx 4 " Q' wx N' 113' N"'M 1 5 X mx 15,N'Q'i M 1. Q Q 1 iUx44NAxm.L 'is smssgxs xm'f'W'+?'v V x K S' sv 5 Sf S Q-' 116' ' 's,,x ,gem g 1,1 Z ,f ,f Z' fv' 1-aww' my 1111, LAWRENCE McCULLOCH High Jump ROBERT KEYES Discus Thrower VARSITY TRACK Tech's Track Team, having only a mediocre season. had such performers as RoberT Keyes. gianT weighT man from Roswell, New Mexico, who Threw The dis- cus and shoT. RoberT has anoTher year To wear The scarleT and black and should be one o'F The besT weighT men in The SouThwesT nexT year. RoberT Duncan was one of Tech's besT performers This year, his brillianT work in anchoring The 440 and 880 relays aT The SouThwesTern relay carnival aT EI Paso enabled The Raiders To place in Those evenTs. Lawrence McCulloch, Tall sophomore Trom Iowa, sTarTled The fans aT El Paso wiTh his peculiar buT ef- TecTive form of high-iump. He placed Third in The meeT and much is expecTed of This fine jumper on TuTure Raider Track Teams. LEWIS LOCKE High Hurdles . . l Page 230 BERL HUFFMAN Coach E. J. MQKNIGHT and THAYNE AMONETT V.. . Dash Men --4,4 Page 231 ROBERT DUNCAN and J. R. CALDWELL Dash Men JOHN CHANDLER Pole Vaulf . . - .., M, ,,f-,ry - fr., in 7 ,.fi-I-L34 . 1 ff l.gQ2sra.1-- W Tsar' 'f5?zfwn '-Al., ' ,.. FMW-'mmga - - ff lv., H.- nmswhqgggay Lefl' To righ+: Jack Walker, Jim Brigham, Melvin Best 'W ml!! Coach Jackson inslrucls Jack Mooney. GOLF Tech's golT Team, capTained by Jack Mooney, had Their besT season. Members oT The Team were Jim Brigham, Ford STurdivanT, Jack Walker, and Jack Mooney. During Their EasTer road Trip The boys won sevenTeen individual maTches and losT nineTeen. The Team's maTch scores were: Tech-Rice 4-2, ST. Mary's-Tech 3-3 Tie: Tech- UniversiTy of Texas 6-O: T. C. U.-Tech 4-2, A. and M.-Tech 4-2. Coach Jackson and The looys Travel To NorTh Texas and Oklahoma Tor a series oT Tive maTches in May. They play Oklahoma A. and M., NorTh Texas STaTe Teachers College, Texas Wesleyan, TriniTy UniversiTy, and Oklahoma Uni- verdTy. To righf: Coach J. W. Jackson, Jack Mooney, Roberl' Allen, Jim Brigham, Melvin Bes+, Ford Sfurdivanf, and Jack Walker. .fa-'X .iii Page 232 JACK LOVELACE COACH JAMES G. ALLEN Freshman Squad: Dick Lieurance, Howard Wiman, Leroy Hunfon. V hi J ksh I V -... TE-EPIA TENNIS This year's Tennis Jream, made up largely of sophomores, Iaired well in Jrheir fall marches buf spring comperi- Iion wirh colleges down s'ra+e were 'foo much for Jrhe Raider Jream. The 'ream consisred of Jack Shanks, Francis High- Iower, David Siorey. Jaclc Lovelace. and Loyd Brunson. Places were uncerrain during Ihe season and Coach Allen used 'rhe lad- der Io delermine Ihe seedings of play- ers. Any player could challenge Ihe ranking player above him for a march. The coaches emphasized our Tennis program by scheduling fall games. March scores in Ihe 'rwo series wi+h A. C. C. were 4-2. 4-2 in favor of 'rhe Raiders: wi+h Caynon Buwcfalos 6-O, 6-O: Easiern New Mexico College 6-O in one game played here. ersify Squad: Francis I-Iig ower, ac ,D si, ' 5 I 1 A O 0, 3' 'im DAVID STOREY COACH BILL PEARCE anks, Jack Lovelace, Trevor Wolfe, Dav d SI y Q Page 233 4 I 9 , K 1 Yi... lnlramural baskelball champions are independenl club lcnown -1. av FW! as Jaywallcers. gil qi o-X, fa INTRAMURAL The various inlramural sporls included base- ball. lraclc, lennis, golf, and baskelball. Jay- wallcers, independenl club managed by Roy Wil- lces, conlinued lo dominale 'mural play by win- ning bolh baslcelball and lraclc and were slrong conlenders in Jrhe olher sporls. Los Camaradas paced lhe social clubs. l Al' exlreme lell is social club lennis champ, Elmer Wall. Olher piclures show aclion in 'mural baslcelball, dormi- lory baseball and lancing rnalches. Also, girls' baslcelball. ATHLETICS Boss Lewis "Doc" Spears again aclecl as di- reclor of inlrramural aclivilies and Through his persisrence anolher successful program was corn- pleled. The program consisled of all sporls wilh The exceplion of foorball, which was dropped lasl year al The insislence of college aulhorilies. Lat' A Horn l'lall Isl easy wing nine copped 'rhe clormiiory baseball race lasl spring. More shols of inlramural ac'rivi+y. Fencing reached new peaks under +he direciorship of Julian Paul Blilz. Girls' P. E. classes parlicipaled in baskelball. L l ' 1 9 SCDFTBALL IN SHORTS , . "" 1 9 'A ,'AX Q 'Al b'i'+ ' las'r s ring's confesis. I cl' la s or+smanship and a+l'1le+ic a in y in p Playing a vicious brand of ball. social club girs usp y p l P! 'f 7-1 'lfn ' 4 I Page 236 CONTENTS 1 m " 1"1If 'aw ,n,,u ,f,. 7. 1f'v"fx .V .1 C 7 Wi I1 N 7 '71 if Q iii kb. 5' if 'Af 4 QMQQEFQ E W . .A x I . L ,.. '-'I ,.f"' '1 ' f H ..- L, i, """"1 . --f--1 ff M? L" , 4-,, AI I . f ,H J , l , , 1 . L, 9 fl .,,,1,,,N ,ff 1' f f f QNX' - 'N - , , Af ' z :Lus'a4 IIN THE UAMPU 'X fue' If' T' 'N' - "I VTR lr fi if 'Ill -6" ix fry I" hq , ,X .. .f,, fx,f,xy ' I , - . I ', 5 1 . .f ,.,f 'X-y I 4 s.,.,.. i I. 1... i ..... .. Book Reviewers, girls' lilerary group. is lo slimulale in- leresl in lileralure, lo inlorm members aboul new books, and give lhem an opporlunily lo learn lo review books. Membership ol lhe club is limiled lo 45 girls each year. Members were enlerlained al a lea in December. One social lunclion is sponsored each year. Mosl ol lhe books are reviewed by sludenls. This year lhe books included: "The Family" lFedoral-Miss Lucille Gill, "Escape" lVancel-I-lenri Elizabelh Brown, "Quielly My Caplain Wails" lEalonl-Nellie Belle Ballon, "Il ll Prove Fair Wealher" lPalersonl-Rulh Rodgers, "Trees" lRilchlerl- Merle Sellers, "For Whom The Bells Toll" lI-lemingwayl- Mary Walkins, "Morning ls Near Us" lGlaspelll-Reginia Lee, "I-low Green Was My Valley" lLlewelynl-Georgia Sue Wharlon, "Trousers Will Be Worn" lThompsonl-Ann Moore, "While England Slepl" llfennedyl-Kalherine Me- bus, "Who Walk Along" lBurgessl-Jean Renner, "Maude" lSlroull-Evelyn Cooper. Aller each book was reviewed an open lorum was held. The main purpose ol lhe club is lo encourage sludenl reading. ill? Dean Doak speaking lo members ol Book Reviewers in lounge ol girls' dormilory. ' OFFICERS ORELLA I-IODGES . . MERLE SELLERS . . . MARGUERITE BRANNEN ANN MOORE . . . ELAINE SIMMONS A. W. S. NETTIE BELLE BATTON . DEAN MARY W. DOAK . MISS LUCILE 6-ILL . ORELLA I-IODGES Presidenl . Prosidenl Vice-Presiclcnl . Sccrelary . Treasurer Represenlalive . Reporler . Sponsor . Sponsor Firsl Row: Pauline Barrier, Marguerile Brannon, Nellie Bell Ballon, Helen Buller, Mary Kalherine Daniels, Zelma Ellioll, Bobbie Fells, Peggy I-less, Marie I-Iunsucker, Reginia Lee. Second Row: Jerry McElhaney, Jeanne McDonald, Kalherine Mebus, Ann Moore, Rulh Price, Agnes Rowley Jean Renner, Rulh Rogers Dorolhy Scheihagen, I-lelen Schneemann. Third Row: Barbara Scoll, Carolyn Seale, Elizabelh Sears, Merle Sellers, Freelin Shoemaker, Elaine Simmons, Mary Menon Slangel, Dorolhy Dell Slovall, Fern Toombs, Jerrene Verner. Fourlh Row: Rulh Wade, Nina Rose Webb, Georgia Sue Wharlon. Vivian Wharlon, Palsy Williams, I-larielle Willilord, Mary Burke Yeager Kalheryn Weelh. 1 G0 3 3 - -3 J 'Q -.- ' Q 4 A f.L41Q,. , A ,cv -8 x 79' . 1 s A ' -' ff f I 1 F xg .V W Q? J N 4 A ., X g 6 , ,li-, J TT N! . I! -3: 4 -. Y I' has '1 vi -f""" . I -n I is ff fl 1 :SPIE I I , 3.'Nf' . 'N 43. 933: 2. " 'I I 'I' I a I Ir 4 'I J '1 A 5 I cr L9 J, . 1: 94 L I ii' J 'V It It Xx il QI' fig- 5 "i I , K. Q. 'Q la ,Q y, - if If -0 X 4 5 ," Xl QQ v t 'IM f? 1, X , . K A LL 2 A l Xxsf . - 1 4 1- , ri 5' i ' Fl. 3 Q 3 ',I if 1 , I sf'-fi' I i V I, J, 1 I It N v A . I ll I 3 no I 1, 0 I . in I K, ri. 4 , If-gl' ff 1. S a ll is :gl la I L lilfsfq I I 1 V' FP' .- Firsl Row: Adele Bergholm, Barbara Binlord, Sibil Blair, Phyllis Bowen, Anila Clark, Ann Day, Zelma Ellioll, Opal Goodwin, Adelene Hodges. l Second Row: Mildred Head, Onila Bell Hulsledler, Ouida Johnslon, Roberla Johnslon, Joni Lu Jones, Berneice Lee, Dorolhy Magee, Kalher- 1 ine Mebus, Georgene McCauley. l Third Row: Mary Elhel Moore, Inez Riller, Helen Rosenquesl, Dorlhe Rowland, Belly Savage, Lanell Shirey, Belly Nell Smilhee, Elsie Mae l Ward, Opal Walson, Julia Wilbanks. i Fourlh Row: Helen Wiseman: Pledges Gail Eller, Garnelle Heggen, Helen Jarroll, Jo Ann Lewis. Eloile McLeod, Marjorie Miller, Ellena 3 Schlueler, Margarel Walkins, Louise Smilh. T . i l F ,-, .... . . 5 l a Q Q 3 v . . - l i W. A. A. opened ils social aclivilies lor lhe year wilh a lradilional cabarel parly lor lreshmen and lransler women sludenls. Jack York and his orcheslra furnished lhe music T Lois ITJANCE amid a gala almosphere ol conlelli, balloons and whislles. T Pmdeni Mosl oulslanding aclivily was Play Day, held lhe lirsl OFFICERS Salurday in May every year. ll consisled ol all day con- ' Lois NANCE ..... Presidenl lesls in all lypes ol sporls by all lhe sporlswomen on lhe - S?5?.AgflAIi'NFORD ' Vlcegnesiftnl campus. Sporls included lennis, hockey, archery, base- KATHERWE fQRU,'TT 'U ' 'U T,e,,s,,,el ball, goll, ping pong, and olhers. Sybil Blair and Lois OPAL WATSON . . - Reporlef Nance, accompanied by Miss Margarel Baskin, repre- l'f1Q5.G,fg,ELT EEEELANAN' I senled Tech al lhe annual W. A: A: convenlion held in T Auslin in Oclober. This organizalion is open lo all women i sludenls inleresled in sporls. They musl have 24 sporl aclivily poinls and a "C" average lo become members. Officers can be selecled 'from members who have been in lhe club al leasl one semesler. The purpose ol lhe sociely is lo lurlher physical aclivilies among lhe Texas Tech co- eds. Some ol lhe oulslanding members lor I9-40-'4l in- clude Onila Belle l-lulsledler, A. W. S. presidenl lor I94I- '42, Lois Nance, yell leader, and Barbara Binlord and Kalh- erine Pruill, oulslanding women alhleles. Formal banguel in lhe spring lo iniliale new officers closed lhe social aclivilies for lhe year. l A. A. members show lrue alhlelic spiril as lhey I ride on lheir Homecoming lloal. Page 242 BLOCK AINTQ BRTDLE Bloclc and Bridle club, a branch oT naTional organizaTion oT Animal Husbandry sTudenTs was organized in I933. Junior and senior sTudenTs majoring in animal husbandry and members oT judging Teams are admiTTed To member- ship. The Tech ChapTer is one oT 22 chapTers in various agriculTural colleges oT The UniTed STaTes. This year in The place oT The annual La Remuda The club sponsored a Rodeo in OcTober wiTh "l-lighpoclceTs" OverTon as mana- ger. ApproximaTely T500 persons aTTended The show. In The TuTure The club inTends To sponsor a rodeo each Tall, due To This year's success. IT was The one maior acTiviTy underTalcen by The club. ln The spring "Days oT '49 Dance" and a sTealc Try was aTTended by members. RoberT l-lollo- way served as presidenT oT The group The second semesTer and Orba Miller, as Treasurer. AT a banqueT in April oTTi- cers Tor The coming year were insTalled. Winners oT The annual Freshman, Sophomore and Junior livesToclc iudging conTesTs were announced. The banqueT was held The nighT oT The conTesTs. Mr. A. L. Ward oT Dallas was elecTed honorary member oT The organizaTion Tor This year and was main spealcer aT The dinner. OUT oT The chuTe comes a bucking bronc in The Bloclc and Bridle college rodeo. OFFICERS Tuorvms E. MURRAY . LEWIS NANCE . . . Tom e-REEN . LEWIS HERRON . Ror wiLKEs . , BILL CRADDOCK . LYMAN MCG-HEE w. L. STANGEL . . Presidenf Vice-PresidenT . SecreTa ry . Treasurer ParliamenTaricn . Marshal . Reporfer . Sponsor Firsf Row: James Adams, Haynes Baumgardner, Bill Craddoclc, Jamie Caviness. R. B. Dawso , T G W'Il' Q 'ff' Second Row: Carl Hanshu, J. L. Hemby, RoberT Henard, Lewis Herron, ElmonT Honea, Thomgs lsgnramhegharleh h72rTinrlLly1mBhOh1TcClglZIl':2Tg Third Row: Obra Miller, Lewis Nance, Koy Neeley, Byron Range, J. T. Rodgers, Sid Rodgers, J. P. Sharp, Johnie STarlcey, Roy Wilkes I Pvqe 243 !i 405 fs-X 5. fQ FirsT Row: NeTTie Belle BaTTon, Hazel Anne Buckner, Alma Rhea Eades, DoroThy MargareT Forbis, Mary G-aiTher, Jane Hill. Second Row: Onifa Belle HuTsTedler, Geraldine Lam, Helen LyTle, Emily Ann Mack, ErnesTine STory, Nina Rose Webb. 5 li .4-I xl if Forum was organized To promoTe and help wiTh any worThy movemenT oT The sTudenT body. IT is To creaTe in- WIT-QKFNEY TeresT and exTra-curricular acTiviTies among The women p,eS5dej,+ sTudenTs. On The TirsT Tuesday oT each monTh The mem- bers have breakTasT TogeTher and discuss currenT campus OFFICERS MAXINE WHEATLEY . . . PresidonT JANE HILL ..... Vice-Presidem' DOROTHY MARGARET FORBIS SecreTary-Treasurer MRS. MARY W. DOAK . . . Sponsor Forum members and quesT enjoying a Sunday aTTernoon Tireside meeTing. problems. Fireside Forum meeTings are held once a monTh on Sunday aTTernoon. Every girl in college is in- viTed To aTTend These meeTings in The lounge oT Doak Hall, where They hear a speaker review a book or Talk oT sub- jecTs inTeresTing To women sTudenTs. Dean Mary W Doak spoke on "Making LiTe LivabIe" aT The TirsT meeTing oT The year. Forum is made up oT I5 ouTsTanding junior and senior sTudenTs. Only Three are oT junior sTanding. Each girl musT have a scholasTic record oT a "B" average and mainTain aT leasT 20 acTiviTy poinTs. Members helped wiTh The A. W. S. convenTion in The spring, and assisTed wiTh The supervising oT Freshman Honor SocieTy. Also helped wiTh Women's RecogniTion service in May. New members were iniTiaTed aT a breakTasT aT McKenzie park. A dinner was given aTTer The iniTiaTion To orienT new mem- bers wiTh Their duTies. Each spring They are announced and honored aT recogniTion service. Page 244 Page 245 CASA LINDA Casa Linda is The only co-operaTive house on Tech cam- pus and is occupied by eighTeen girls. The house was builT in The Tall oT I937, by an appropriaTion oT The STaTe Legis- laTure To relieve congesTed sTudenT living condiTions. IT was opened To sTudenTs Tor The TirsT Time in The spring oT I938. Each monTh The girls have some Torm oT enTerTain- menT. This year They included: a homecoming Tea Tor ex-residenTs, parTicipaTion in The homecoming parade, a show sponsored in The Tall. ChrisTmas parTy and a Tree Tor members which was Tollowed by caroling, and a TradiTional sunrise brealcTasT in The spring. Members oT This organiza- Tion are chosen by applying To a commiTTee composed oT Dean Mary W. Doalc, Dean MargareT W. Weeks, and The House DirecTor. The House DirecTor is usually some ad- vanced sTudenT who is worlcing on a masTer's degree. Each girl is assigned a duTy aT The beginning of school, which she carries ouT Tor The semesTer. The moTTo oT Casa Linda is "Co-operaTion wiTh educaTion-our goal." This moTTo is parallel To The purpose oT The club-co-operaTive living. Casa Linda members gaTher Tor a picTure in The parlor of co-operaTive house. OFFICERS EDITH ROBERTSON .... Presidenf WANZA LOU TOWNLEY . Vice-Presidenf RUTH GILLESPIE . . . Secrefary HARIETTE WILLIFORD . . . Treasurer WANDA KIMBRELL .... Reporfer DOROTHY STEPHENS A.W.S. RepresenTaTive CORA NELL CUNNINGHAM Work Chairman BEATRICE ELLIOTT . . House Manager MARY LEDA MCADAMS . I-louse DirecTor EDITH ROBERTSON Presidenf FirsT Row: Cora Nell Cunningham, Alma Rhea Eades, Beafrice EllioTT, Rufh Gillespie, Allie Henderson, Gladys Johnson. Second Row: Wanda Kimbrell, Mary Leda McAdams, Dorofhy McGee, Miriam Peckham, Edna Lou Prange, Zenoba Raed, Third Row: Beryl Roberfson, Dorolhy Sfephens, Wanza Lou Tawnley, Mary ETTa Vernon, HarieTTe VVilliTord. In .I YQ 1 7 1 ..., .wg . 'rhroughoul lhe year include plays, slcils, radio plays, dem- H322 QR .Mk J QQAA il 1 Z L A 1 'L . M Firsl Row: Reverdie Aler, Opal Bargsley, Nellie Belle Ballon, Belly Rhea Caldwell, Roy Chambliss, Claire Collingsworlh, Evelyn Cooper, Barbara Cox, Thelma Crawford, Doris Damron, Jo Ann Daugherly. Second Row: Marlha Fislc, J. W. Gamble, Mary Gailher, Morrine George, Gail Gregg, Leon Harris, Rulh l-lalcher, Frances Herberl, Jane Huddleslon, Mario l-lunsucker, Virginia Hogan. Third Row: Margie Hills, Evelyn Keller, Reginia Lee, Vonclee Lewis, Elizabelh Luce, Calherine McCallum, Jewell McCoy, Wanda McLaughlin, Carrye Jo McLoen, Earlene Marlcs, Cryslell Marr. Fourlh Row: Arnold Malhias, Ann Moore, Belh Newlon, Belly O'Mara, Roberfa Owens, Mona Pierce, Peggy Salem, Joyce Saunders, lrvine Scribner, Carolyn Seale, Barbara Scoll. Fiflh Row: Orville Shoflner, Ava Louise Smilh, Buddy Sprague, Cliflon Sprouls, Carolyn Surralf, H. M. Terry, Cora Jean Walson, Kalhleen Webb, Maxine Wheafley, Oclavia Wilson, Winilred Woods. SOCK AND BLISKIN Anyone inleresled in dramalics and can pass 'rhe "Try- ou+s" may become a member of Sock and Buslcin, speech organizalion. ln Seplember, many of The members look aclive parl in "The Enlrada Of Coronado", an oulslanding viii JOE BLJRSON nighl allraclion of lhe Soulh Plains fair. Leading roles pigment were acled by Joe Burson as Coronado, and Kalhleen OFFICERS Webb as Bealriz. The regular programs al meelings JOE BURSON ..... Prcsidenl J. M. BESEDA .... Vice-Prcsidenl l I CATHERINE McCALLUM Secrelary-Treasurer VONDEE LEWIS ..... Reporler CLIFTON SPROULS . . Sorgeanl'-al-Arms MISS RUTH PIRTLE .... Sponsor A scene from "Smilin' Through," a 'rhree-acl play given by Sock and Buslcin. onslralions, and diclion sludies. Among The plays pre- senled were "The Leap Year Leap", "Prayer For Our Sons", and "The Silver Cord". Seniors in speech direcled one-acl plays for lhe club during The second semesler. "Smilin' Through," a Three-acl play was given in Febru- ary. ln January, The club sponsored a leclure-demonslra- lion in malce-up, given by Thomas Horwilz, malce-up arlisl who had charge of The malce-up in lhe molion piclure "Brigham Young". The grealesl aclivily of lhe year was acling as hosl wilh Alpha Psi Omega lo lhe Texas lnler- collegiale Dramalic Feslival in March. This was allended by lhe leading colleges and universilies of lhe slale. Tal- enl scouls from l-lollywood were here and inlerviewed casl' members. Dr. C. M. Wise of L. S. U. acled as crilic iudge. Page 246 EL CAPA Y ESPADA EI Capa Y Espada, Spanish club, was organized in The early Tall oT l925 and has been very acTive. Any sTudenT who is inTeresTed and has had one year oT Spanish in col- lege or Two years in high school is eligible Tor membership. The club Tries To acquainT The members wiTh Spanish and LaTin-American liTe and culTure Through acTiviTies. To promoTe a greaTer inTeresT in The Spanish language and cusToms, The members presenT Spanish plays, songs and dances aT various meeTings ThroughouT The year. This year Mrs. A. B. STrehli direcTed "Rosina Es Fragil", a Span- ish comedy. Miss RuTh l-lorn spoke To The club abouT her summer Trip To CenTral America. In The spring Two moTion picTures were shown oT a SouTh American cruise in color and sound eTTecT. Each year The club presenTs The library wiTh a giTT oT Spanish boolcs, This year The books concerned SouTh America. The annual TiesTa was held Tor The mem- bers in May. All acTiviTies Tor This year were cenTered on The Pan-American Theme. due To The TacT ThaT we are Try- ing To bring abouT a more undersTandable aTTiTude Toward our neighboring counTries. The moTTo oT The club is: De mis vinas, no se nada. 31 I L MMR ParT oT The casT in a one-acT comedy. "Rosina E5 Eragilf' given by The Spanish club. OFFICERS NELL MARIE WILEY. . MARY WATKINS . . . JOHN ROBERT SPARKMAN . REX LOWE .... MRS. W. B. GATES . NELL MARIE WILEY PresidenT . PresiclenT Vice-Prosidenl . SecreTary . Treasurer . Sponsor l i FirsT Row: Mable Ameen, MarTha Nell BenTley, LuTher Borden, AleThea Boren, MaTTie Lou BryanT, RuTh Campbell Marianna CoTTey RuTh Joan Connelly, Guinevere Dauley, RiTa Zo Davis. Second Row: Edward Donelson, Myra Drumheller, Maxine Ellis, Wilma RuTh Forbis, RuTh Gillespie, Arlee Gowen, Parrish I-Iegflq John Hill Kara Hunsucker, Bruce Johnsfon. Third Row: Rex Lowe, Emily Ann Mack, Earlene Marks, Archie McDonald, Jeanne McDonald, KaThleen Moore, Mable Murray Miriam Peck. ham, Marie PeTerman, Marie Rasco. Fourih Row: Alice Lee Russell, Marjorie ShoTTenberg, CaTherine Slaqel, Dexy SudduTh, BeTTy Walling, RuTh Walling, Marguerile WaTlqin5 KaThryn WhiTehead, Virginia WilleT, La Verne Wilson, Howell Woodfin. iframe 36' TM-t. 2. , . EL Y rr 5, fa . A I , , 1 - -ii 1 I 4 4 l a , . 1.1 " , A ' I ' If 4 .. - f ,- . 1 35.2-w rf , T I En "' A "' ' I S 'Y T I im TI! T if if' X srl N5 ii T, A if Q Q T M A A-all r f I I - fa r 'Q N....,f A ' ft, Page 247 7 Q 17? r by-sa T L X X" s 72 pkg gm 2 , on 'YZ 51 '-14 J' sg. f l1:T"'Q.T5 .' ,Jr -vl A i.i'g'Ti I 'P l FirsT Row: Virginia Bowman, John Cromeans, Roy Edwards, Genevieve Fergeson, Dorofhy Margarei' Forbis, RuTh Gillespie, Jack Green. i Second Row: Mary Edifh T-lolden, John Kehler, Archie McDonald, Wanda McLaughlin. Thelma Payne, Miriam Peckham, David Robb, P. B. A Sl'15I'1f1OI'T. ' T i I fi - T T C D, fi Q 1 T fi TW TT. A F XJ . . X . . 1 L Ti 2 TX S. P. R., an abbreviaTion oT The old oTTicial Roman T WMM RUTH seal "SenaTus Populusque Romani", meaning The SenaTe oT I PFORdBlS+ The People oT Rome, is an organizaTion oT sTudenTs oT LaTin. Anyone inTeresTed in The language may become a member. OFFICERS The purpose oT The organizaTion is To sTudy Rome's culTure WILMA RUTH FORBIS . . MIRIAM PECKT-TAM . . TT-TELMA PAYNE . . CLIFFORD BROWN , . MRS. VVILLIAM DINGUS . . PresidenT Vice-PresidenT . SecreTary . Treasurer . Sponsor T Members oT S. P. R. gaTher To discuss plans f Tor The club. ,-., and iTs applicaTion To presenT-day liTe. AT The T-lalloween meeTing The main TeaTure oT The program was Delphic Or- acle TorTune Telling. Genevieve Fergeson reviewed "Pri- vaTe l.iTe OT l-lelen OT Troy" To The club. In The spring "New Deal in Old Rome" was reviewed by P. B. Shannon. Members oT The club presenTed a comedy slciT oT a scene Trom Vergil's Aeneid. The organizaTion sponsored "Ludi Romani", an all-college dance in The Tall. A lecTure on The characTerisTics oT The Germans oT 2000 years ago was given To The members by DoroThy MargareT Forbis. Roman aTmosphere prevailed aT The bangueT April I7. The main speaker was Judge T-l. C. Piplqin oT Amarillo. Mrs. Wil- liam Dingus has sponsored The organizaTion since iTs be- ginning. She has placed emphasis on The members appre- ciaTion oT Roman arT, music, language, and liTeraTure Through applicaTion. Page 24 8 A iunior girls' honorary council composed of 20 ouf- sfanding iunior girls wifh a B average, This organizafion began acfivifies by assisfing wifh regisfrafion in The fail semesfer. Members wore "Ask Me" fags and were in charge of The informafion fable af The enfrance of The ad- minisfrafion building. Ofher services performed by The Council included The campus clean-up campaign in coop- erafion wifh Alpha Phi Omega and lecfures given by The members To freshmen orienfafion classes on "OrganizaTions and Tradifions of Texas Tech". Money for The clean-up campaign was earned by showing sferling silver as an ad- verfising proiecf. Social highlighfs of l94O-'4I included The annual Chrisfmas dinner af Mexican Inn wifh Dean of Women, Mrs. Mary W. Doak, The club sponsor, as special guesf, and The picnic and skafing parfy given in May. Junior Council was founded by A. W. S. in I937 for The purpose of helping freshmen and Transfer sfudenfs adiusf Themselves To college life and as a service organizafion fo aid in campus problems and acfiviTies. Members are se- lecfed during Their sophomore year and are inifiafed af a spring service. During This year The consfifufion has been amended To fif The needs of The club. When Junior Council members gafhered for a , Chrisfmas parfy. oFFicERs , ONITA BELLE HUFSTEDLER . . Presidenf 1 KATHERINE MEBUS . . Vice-Presidenf l JANICE BUIE ..... Secrefary DOROTHY BURTON . . Parliamenfarian T' i i E BETTY si-iRYocK ,... Reporfer MARGARET simmons DEAN MARY r l W. DOAK . Club Sponsor 2 T A. W. S. Represenfafive E 'I T . l 5 2 E l T l l ONITA BELLE E HUFSTEDLER T Presidenf T A l Eirsi Row: Neffie Belle Baffon, Janice Buie, Dorofhy Burfon, Walldeen Donnell, Bobbie Fells, Camille Graves. Second Row: Mildred l-lankins, Margery Hills, Kafherine Mebus, Wynell McClure, Polly Price, Claudia Reinhold. Th d R : B ff Sh lc M f Simmons, Jean Spencer, Florence Sfone, Mary Margaref Tunnell. Jerrene Verner, Mary Burlce Yeager f ir ow e y ryoc , argare I f T. if fo Page 249 1. x 3, F, ,, 5 nf ' . ,f ik ...A 1 si ffiil J' ,WT .7.i.r nf .MW -iii ,yy ., H41 i, i.-un 3, .s. ,,. 4-53 -im, A., FirsT Row: Ray Ameen, J. W. BarneTT, Lois Bayless, Adele Bergholm, John Bickham, Audrey Binkley, Dick Bonner, Charles W. Bradley, John Chalk, l-larold Cheek, John S. Cromean. Second Row: Glenn Davis, Henry GriTTis, Callie HarTley, Charles Hawes, Owen HoTackeT, Billie Jaggers, W. E. James, DOroThy Jones, Jack Longley, Jean McCrorey, STanley Dee MerediTh. Third Row: VincenT Reno, Mary Jo Ryan, Bruce Spencer, Paul Spring, Dick STeed, James STOkes, Helen Thomas, Don Vaughn, Jack Wells, Billy WhiTTill, Emory Payne. PRE-MED The Pre-Med OrganizaTion is a pre-proTessiOnal club whose main ObiecT is To acquainT The pre-med sTudenT wiTh his chosen proTessiOn and To prOmoTe beTTer Tellow- DAN T' MEREDTTH ship among These sTudenTs. OTTicers OT The sOcieTy are PresidenT elecTed in The spring To serve Tor The ensuing school year. OFHCER5 The qualiTicaTiOns Tor membership require ThaT Those wish- DAN T' MEREDTTH ' ' '. Pwsfdenf ing To ioin The club be inTeresTed in medicine and be in ARTHUR DANIEL . . ViceAPresidenT l ' . n DICKSON BONNER , , , 5eC,e+,,,y good sTanding on The campus, especially in The Biology and JOHN BWKHAM - r PUUWCHY ChemisTry deparTmenTs. This sOcieTy, organized in l925, MR. J. SEALEY . . Sponsor h b -F I b d MR. W. Ml SLAGLE I U A Sponsor now as a mem ers ip O 52. e annua anqueT an DR. C. J. WAGNER . Honorary Sponsor dance, held in The s rin semesTer was The ouTsTandin IO Q evenT OT The year. Dean Moursund OT Baylor Medical School spoke To The group aT This aTTair. Several members OT The club aTTended The cOnvenTion OT pre-med sTudenTs held aT AusTin. Pre-Med members sponsored an all-cOl- lege dance in December, and The lasT meeTing OT The year was in The Torm OT a picnic. MeeTings OT The club usually deal wiTh some medical problems which are explained . Through Talks by local physicians or by Tilms. Dr. M. D. Pre-Med sTudenTs inspecTing bones in ChemisTry building laboraTory. ' VVaTkins, school physician, addressed The group on one Occasion. AT anoTher meeTing Tilms OT gall bladder re- moval were shown and explained by Dr. C. J. Wagner. , Club emblem is The skull and crossbones. urs Page 250 ALPHA PHI OMEGA BeTa Sigma ChapTer oT Alpha Phi Omega, NaTional Service EraTerniTy, was insTalled on Tech campus in l93O. Alpha Rho ChapTer oT The UniversiTy oT Texas conducTed The service. Members oT The Eagle ScouT club were char- Ter members. The purpose oT The club is To render service To The sTudenT body and TaculTy. The club Takes parT in many worThwhile acTiviTies. This year They sTarTed The "hospiTal visiTing service", in which They visiT Tech sTu- denTs who are siclc. They Take Tlowers, books, help wiTh Their lessons, run errands and anyThing ThaT The sTudenT wishes To be done. lnTormaTion booThs and guide service is oTTered on regisTraTion days. ParenTs' Day and Home- coming Day. Also The guide service is carried on any day ouT of The weelc when some group wishes To be shown over The campus. The moTTo is "Be a leader, Be a Triend, Be oT service". ln The spring The members sponsor an annual Men's SporTs Day. A waTermelon Teed was given Tor The freshmen sTudenTs. Members were enTerTained aT a sporT dance, as Their social acTiviTy Tor The year. The chapTer pledged 20 boys This year. A maior acTiviTy oT The club is To encourage The organizaTion oT a chapTer oT Alpha Phi Omega aT WesT Texas STaTe College aT Canyon. A. P. O. members cram down 'Food aT dinner held aT Mexican Inn. OFFICERS RICHARD C. HARRIS ARGO PEEK and BRUCE JOHNSTON WILLARD McCLOY . KENDRICK WRIGHT. JOHN BLOMSHIELD . BURGIN WATKINS . LA VERLE STOUT . DR. J. O. ELLSWORTH . PresidenT Vice-PresidenTs . SecreTary . HisTorian . Marshal . . ReporTer Alum ni Secrefa ry . . Sponsor FirsT Row: Lewis Blackburn, WinsTon Bley, John Blomshield, Billy BosTon, Dennis Feigenspan, Bill Fuller, Richard Harris, Bruce JohnsTon Grover Jones Second Row.: RoberT Kelley Charles MarTin, Willard McCloy, Jack Robinson, Bob Shellberg, Roberl' Volney Slcinner, La Verle STouT Burgin WaTlcins John Bill Wheeler. Third Row: Pledges George AcTon, Edgar Campbell, John Joe CosTolow, Filce Godfrey, James Humphreys, HousTon Pearson, ErnesT RoberTson Rollin T. Herald, Fred Widmoyer. "TP 1' K 4 3? ,las ,.. Firsl Row: Nalhan Allen, Bob Andis, Tom Arnell, James Adams, Thomas Bandy, Haynes Baumgardner, Jerry Beavers, R. B. Dawson, W. C. Brewer, Manuel Brooks, H. T. Cardwell, Jamie Caviness. Second Row: Charlie Coals, Lawrence Coyne, M. C. Church, Jim Chrislian, Bill Craddoclc, Juslin Danner, Edwin Dawson, Woody Day, G. S. Dowell, Andrew Essary, Aldredge Esles, Herberl Flowers. Third Row: Floyd Friberg, W. K, Frey, Millard Gillham, Kennelh Grissom. James Gunler, Lloyd Hahn, Kennelh Halberl, Hermann Henson, Elmol Honea, Jim Humphreys, Carl Hanshu, James Howell. Fourlh Row: Tom Ingram, W. L. Jones, R. D. Jones, Jacl: Jaggers, Roberl Kelley, Vilaller Lemlce, Rogers Lindsey, Vernon Loveless, Charles Marlin, J. P. Marlin, Wesley Marlin, Marla Miles, Welborn Miller. Fillh Row: Orba Miller, Roberl McDonald, Lyman McGehee, Billy McGlolhlin, Lewis Nance, Koy Neeley, Houslon Pearson, Woodrow Porrin, Membership is made up ol sludenls enrolled in lhe di- Noel Percilull, Russell Penniclc, Dan Price. Kennelh Purlell, Burney Ragle. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS . .... . . . vision of agrlcullure inleresled in lhe clubs acllvulles. The GEORGE WILSON .... Presidenl WALTER LEMKE .... Vice-Presidenl Aggie club is lhe oldesl club on lhe campus, founded in ROBERT LEE SMITH .... Secfeiary . . . HAYNES BAUMGARDNER I U Treasurer l926 by Dean A. H. Leidigh, who served as lhe llrsl club LEW'5 'VANCE ' ' - ' Repoflef sponsor. ll is nexl lo lhe largesl organizalion on Toch JACK WI-IEELIS . . . Marshall l . MORT G. PEDERSON . . Sponsor campus. The slaled purpose ol lhe soclely is lo losler and promole inleresl in all mallers perlaining lo agricul- lure, lo sponsor Social evenls, alhlelic conlesls and pro- grams lor developmenl ol members. ll gives aid and os- Aggie club winning Homecoming lloal as il rolls Sislance lo worlhy agricullural sludenls lhrough a con- lhrough parade. n . I . U slanlly increasing loan fund. Ollicers are elecled lwlce a - "i,si .. A Q, I year. The spring Semesler ollicers were: Noel Bengcr, presidenlg Tom Green, vice-presidenl: Lyman McGehee, Secrelary: Lloyd Hahn, lreasurer: Byron Range, reporlerg Jack Harris, Marshall. November lhe club enlerlainezl down lown men wilh a pig roasl in lhe aggie pavilion. Nice for mencn 'S' I T Q l A i., Aggie-Home Ec. sraged a barn parry in Jrhe gym. Over- alls and gingham dresses were worn. Elberr lHighpocke+sl Overlon called The square and Paul Jones dances, ping- pong and bingo were played. ln December lhe club gave a semi-formal dinner. Aggie members sponsored a sofrball league belween The oleparlmenls of Jrhe agricullure divi- sion. Also sponsored an essay conlresr wirh +he coopera- Jrion of The Toreador To give members experience in wriling and gain publicilry. Graduare slruolenrs in Jrhe Aggie Divi- sion may become aclive members. Some of Jrhe mosr oursranding men on Jrhe campus are found in Jrhis organiza- rion. Roy Wilkes, vice-presidenr of Sludenr Council and lisred in Who's Who. Clayron Roach and Tom Murray are also lisred in Who's Who. "Highpoclce'rs" Overfon served as manager for lhe Rodeo. Many of 'rhe members are in Alpha Chi. CLUB Aggie club members and da+es march info Annual banquer held al Holel Lubbock. FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS NOEL BENGER .... TOM GREEN . . LYMAN McGEHEE . LLOYD HAHN . BYRON RANGE . JACK HARRIS . MORT G. PEDERSON . Presidenf Vice-Presidenf . Secrefary . Treasurer . Reporler . Marshall . Sponsor Firsl Row: O. H. Rahlfs, Clayfon Roach, J. T. Rodgers, Glen Sanderson, James Saul, Roberl Scoff, J. P. Sharp, Donald Smifh Charlie Smgfh Roberl Lee Smirh W. S. Spears, L. M. Slaley. Second Row: Johnie Slarkey, Henry Sfence, Howard Sfrawn, David Slorey, Donald S'rree+, W. M. Taylor, Sherman Taylor, James Thompson J W ikins Loren Wesl, Roy Wilkes, Bill Wheeler oe a , . Third Row: Jack Wollmon, Virgil Woodfin, James Wulfien, Weldon Barron. Edwin Bobbilf, Bobby Boyd, Edgar Chance Gus Cooper Founf ' 'l'am Grifhn. ' ' Corder, F. R. Counls, Don Ellioff, Tom Green, Will Fourlh Row: Roberl Hargrove, Edward Havron, J. L. Hemby, Roberl Henard, Lewis Herron, T. B. Hicks, Wayne Hildrefh, Marion Jones Lulher Loveless Lewis Manlandon, Carey May, Wilmolh McAr+hur, Charles McClure. Fiffh Row: George McKee, Nalhaniel Nelson. Irless O'Dell, Waller .Pafriclc, Max Perry, Byron Range, Sidney Rodgers, Molileff Ryan Daniel Sfeen, Heidi Schneider, Winfred Tucker, Ewing Weaver, Jim Wrighf. A an 3 33.3. 9 Q A Page 253 . x .fm . is nl" I I iff I f 1 j FirsT Row: Thomas NorThen, Alvin Cearley, R. J. Davis, Jack Grigg, Wayne Jones, W. S. Miller, James Morris. ' Second Row: Tom PrickeTT, Douglas Taylor, Freeman Twiss, Charles Ingram, Gerald Collier, Lloyd Laird. Third Row: Arch Lewis, Hal Rolley, Dennis Feigenspan, O. H. Williamson, Ronald DuTT, Francis Newell. 6 i I I I l I -I -I 2 HUGH T GRANBERRY PresidenT 4 OFFICERS HUGH GRANBERRY . . . Chairman JACK GRIGG .... Vice-Chairman T TOM PRICKETT . . . SecreTary-Treasurer , WAYNE JONES . . . PubliciTy DirecTor PROFESSOR W. F. I-IELWIG . . Sponsor 2 1 PresidenT I'Iugh Granberry Tallcs To members OT A. I. E. E. in regular meeTing. I 1. l. E, E. The purpose oT A. I. E. E. is To TurTher The advancemenT oT knowledge oT The Theory and pracTice oT eIecTrical en- gineering. The socieTy oTTers To iTs members The oppor- TuniTy To become acquainTed wiTh The personnel and The acTiviTies oT The InsTiTuTe. Principal accompIishmenT oT The year was The IighTing oT The campus Tor Tech's annual Homecoming celebraTion and also Tor The Engineering Show in The spring. This socieTy cooperaTed wiTh The oTher Engineering branches in conTribuTing inTeresTing exhibiTs To The success OT The show. IT presenTed a Technical paper aT The annual A. I. E. E. convenTion held in ST. Louis aT which a large delegaTion Trom The local chapTer was pres- enT. AT several oT The bi-monThly meeTings numerous prominenT men in The proTessional world addressed The group, and aT The oTher gaTherings members presenTed Technical papers. Social acTiviTies ended The spring sem- esTer wiTh an inTormal Tarewell dinner in honor oT graduaT- ing seniors. Any sTudenT enrolled in ElecTrical Engineering is eligible Tor membership. A diamond shaped emblem bearing The club insignia is The pin worn by members. I-Iugh Granberry, presidenT, was lisTed in I94O-'41 Who's Who. ProTessor W. F. I-Ielwig counseled The organizaTion This year. Page 254 NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club was esTablished on The Tech campus Tive years ago. lTs purpose has been To proTecT The reli- gion OT The Ca+hoIic sTudenT by providing inTellecTual, spiriTual, and social acTiviTies oT a suiTable kind Tor iTs members. The qualiTicaTions Tor membership require ThaT The pledge be a Tech sTudenT and a CaTholic. This year represenTaTives were senT To The Diocesan ConvenTion oT CaTholic YouTh which was held in Amarillo on February l-2. George Arensman, one oT The represenTaTives Trom The local club was selecTed as presidenT oT This group Tor nexT year. AT The regular weelcly meeTings various social acTiviTies are held. Dances are generally given each monTh Tor acTive members and Their guesTs. The Newman club This year boasTs a membership of 50, The largesT in iTs hisTory. Crowning social success oT The year was The Spring dance, an annual aTiair, which was held April l9. Dr. Bessie League of The zoology deparTmenT is The Tac- ulTy sponsor To The organizaTion, and FaTher Jelinek, chap- lain, is counselor and advisor. All members of The club co- operaTe Toward The supporT of The organizaTion. .4 1 , ' "N ,mf ', Iss I M. i Newman Club soTTball squad gaThei-ed in Knapp Hall lounge. OFFICERS REe1NALD MCDERMOTT. VINCENT RENO. . . RUTH CONNALLY . ANN DAY ..., DR. BEssiE LEAGUE . . PresidenT Vice-Presideni' . Secrefary . Treasurer . Sponsor 'Z 1 R M. 1 REGINALD MCDERMOTT PresidenT FirsT Row: George Arensman, Rosemary Burns, RuTh Connally, Ann Day, Fay Day, Elmer Folk. Second Row: Geraldine Hochsiein, Hugh Lawless, Pafricia McCann, Vincenf Reno, Keith Morgan, Rowland Progress Third Row: Frank RapsTine, Mary Adele Roach, Paul STengel, Pafricia STewarT, Helen Thomas, Rogers Willaff. i 3' f. V W K ' 4. 'lisa L ,9 Page 255 i Y ' r, - . If iv- 9 g. 4. 5' ' ',,. i f QA? . f-f 4 -T , , . I v 4 S 2 , i s 4 Ak A I 6 1' milk , Q T w FirsT Row: James ATkinson, Virgie AusTin, Jane AxTell, Paisy Ayers, Mary Frances Bell, Ivan Block, John Blocker, Jimmie Boone, KenneTh Bow- man, Ralph BlodgeTT, Jim Bob Brewer, L. Dean BuTler. Second Row: Pearl Cary, Sam Chisholm, Clyde Clyburn, Marian Coffman, Frances Collier, Alfred Couch, Tommy Creel, Una Faye Cummings, Anna Davenport JenneTTa Dodge, Billie Jo Dodson, Walldeen Donnell. Third Row: John EmmiTT, Frances Finch, Frank Graydon, Sarabel Hall, Frances l-lampTon, BeTh l-lampTon. MargueriTe Harris, R. C. Harris, Marjorie Jackson, Lewis Jones, Bob Jordan, Lee KenT FourTh Row: Jack Klein, Harry ETTa Landers, Bill Larmer, Marion Legge, AlberT Leonard, P. A. Lyon, Norma Maloney, Rose Marie MarTin, R. L. McClellan, Mary Mifcham, Mary Moore, Zeb Moore. FiTTh Row: Marilu Ripley, Ellene SchlueTer, Freelin Shoemaker, Sue Simmons, Bobby Snyder, Frank SpiTler, Jerrene Verner, James Vickers, John Williams, Homer York, Truman Young, LomeTa Robinson. HART SHOEMAKER PresidenT OFFICERS HART SHOEMAKER .... PresidenT . Vice-PresidenT L. DEAN BUTLER . MARIAN COFFMAN .... SecreTary JAMES ATKINSON . . Treasurer DR. E. l-l. PLANK . . Sponsor l-l. A. ANDERSON . . Sponsor AdminisTraTion sTudenTs hard aT work. gain- ing pracTical experience in deparTmenT oTiice. B. A. CLUB Membership is made up oT Business Ad and Economics maiors wiTh a "C" average in I2 hours work in one oT The deparTmenTs. The club is one of The largesT organiza- Tions on The campus wiTh l25 members. lT was organ- ized in I937 under The supervision OT ProT. T. C. RooT. The club Tries To give To iTs members an imparTial enlighT- enmenT in business aTTairs oT The Time. AnoTher purpose OT The club is To mainTain a crediTable scholasTic sTanding among The members. AT each monThly meeTing some speaker was secured, who could help and advise The sTu- denTs in business Tields. Speakers included: Ralph Pen- ney, J. D. l-lassell, ProT. Weisen, W. T. STrage. Members oT The organizaTion acTed as sTudenT advisors To The Tac- ulTy commiTTee ThaT sponsored The Business Show April 26. They also provided enTerTainmenT Tor The visiTors. OTH- cers Tor The coming year were iniTiaTed aT The clubs annual banqueT in The spring. AT This Time ouTsTanding ex-sTudenTs spoke. One oT The chieT goals OT The club is To organize an acTive deparTmenTal alumni associaTion. Page 256 QLEXA FTLJI J! 'aL.... ll 5 ik Xxx! i Alpha chapTer oT The Alpha Chi, naTional scholasTic hon- orary TraTerniTy, has The highesT grade poinT average oT any organizaTion on The campus. WiTh II6 members, IT has The largesT membership oT any chapTer in The naTion. lTs members are composed oT The upper Ten percenT oT iunior and senior classes wiTh sTress placed on characTer and personaliTy. lTs purpose is To sTimulaTe, develop and recognize scholarship and Those elemenTs oT characTer ThaT make scholarship eTTecTive Tor good. MeeTings are held once a monTh wiTh diTTerenT speakers addressing The group Alpha Chi members, Hugh G b AH d Couch, Frank Graydon. and Haigldegxckmesfier Take Time ouT from Their sTudies in an ' Avenue hang-ouT. each Time. Annual banqueT is The highlighT oT The year's opriggng acTiviTies. AT This spring aTTair shingles are given To each ALFRED COUCH .... Presiaeni member and a brieT hisTory oT each person is given by Sf,m65AtK' ' VlCe'5'eSiie"' R. A. Mills, sponsor oT The organizaTion. AlTred Couch, R. A. MILLS . . T Q, Zcggnigx lisTed in Who's Who and presidenT oT The chapTer, aT- rended The naTional convenTion aT Nacogdoches, Texas, in March accompanied by Mr. Mills. lniTiaTion services 4 T include an inTelligence TesT and an exam on general inTor- maTion, and The organizaTion opposes narrowness and dis- TincTion on any basis excepT ThaT oT genuine worTh. OUT- sTanding members include James Snyder, sTudenT presi- 1 denT, DoroThy MargareT Forbis, Emily Ann Mack, Charles ALFRED coucH Bruce and Mary MargareT Tunnell. Presidem FirsT Row: DoroThy Margaref Forbis, WalTer STudhalTer, Howard Charles Allen, Hugh Gra b R W'Ik H In T Frances Joyce Finch, Lolie SmiTh, Tom Green, Joe Burson, Lee Perry, Carroll ClaiTor, Chighne CFilopkinsTSArchige MF:T3nd:2IldEaJ2FriZ1sLsng!ley' Second Row: Frank Graydon, Thomas Ingram, Mrs. Hazel Buckner, Jeanne McDonald, Elmo McClendon, Vivian WharTon RoberT Sn deiiylieri Neeley. Mrs, LoTTie Reed, Truman Nowell, Hughes Fish, Doris Kolb, L. Dean BuTlei, Emily Lois MonTgomery Joanne Cox Eymilyifxgh Mack. ' ' Third Row: Roberi Lee SmiTh, Vivian BriTTon, Carolyn Seale, CliTTon Armsfrong, Vyola Wood, L 'II N I H ld B Manuel Brooks, Virginia Glenn, Roberi Wilder, Lewis Nance, BeTTy Savage, HarT Shoemlfaiiia-r? Chejries Biuie, Sjii1krCehii?qElr-Sarah Worshami Fourfh Row: Mary MargareT Tunnell, Tom PrickeTT, Jean Spencer, Virginia Ann Hilliard, Marie McCrummen, Susan Perry Paiul Casfleber Frank Rapsrine, RuTh EsTelle Price, Edward Donelson, Billie KnuTson, Jaunice SmiTh, Janice Buie, MargueriTe Harris Jack Wade Quahisi Geraldine Ball. ' ' FiTTh Row: EdiTh RoberTson, R. B. Dawson, Jack Boone, A. C. Lamberi, Jane PrickeTT, MargareT S'm El' b Th L M BeTTy Shryock, Vernon Bundrani, Onifa Belle l-luTsTedler, Doris Peeples, Gerald Audine VaL1grTiiiei3riq,S VeTTc?n eEdgaLTTelj, E?rT23lqr:-eilqsjrlfliig Goodrich, Calla Rose HarTley, Norman FooTe. i, i L . K , . I 5 . T , . P. B E L l E. L . in Li ifb .' ,Vg -. ' ai in Y ,Q ii" .Mr . WS. .40 Q f Q ,I 1 -. fl ev . ', V Q' "W L 'V A ii Wa' kv v -' f .4-' ? if?" T ' ' j . A A ri: mfr' ,3 - I is ,fi A T A ':.':y ' ,L KA. T 5 9 s ' si-J L F' if Vg, .r,n3,y??T -2 - f I 1-a e L 11 . ' " . ,' 7 'T - . A -L F ' T if .... ' -,J ' , r f It 1 -7 5 AX., Q A i ' ' L Gin. N 1 I - Us Y V 1 T' ' I .vp r V g 5' 2 ' 4 L 0 ' "I, Q QW 'V 'Ira V M . .E - Q Q V V , . , I C:-Y, 7 l . I . r . N K . T T.: r g l .45 L , I F - T . ' ' ..- 'Z J Wm' i ' i i Y . I T' y I ig , T' T -E 5, A ' fr' J-S-:.. V- "' 'if-. .. Page 257 ,iii Firsl Row: Neffie Belle Balfon, Maxine Wheafley, Leon Harris, Roy Chambliss, Kafhleen Webb. Second Row: Cliffon Sprouls, Vondee Lewis, John Hill, Mariha Fisk. JOE BURSON Presidenf OFFICERS JOE BURSON .... Casfing Direcfor LEON HARRIS . . Casf Business Manager MAXINE WHEATLEY . Honorable Prornpfer ROY CHAMBLISS . Honorable Door Keeper MISS RUTH PIRTLE .... Sponsor Psi Omega members. Bud Thompson, Neffie Belle Baffon. and Roy Chambliss, during scene of "SmiIin' Through". ALPHA PSI OMEGA Tau Casl' Chapfer of Alpha Psi Omega, nafional honor- ary dramafic frafernify, is made up of sfudenfs doing ouf- sfanding work in fhe field of drama. Members are defer- mined by fheir work done in Sock and Buskin. The or- ganizafion helped fo sponsor fhe Texas lnfercollegiafe Dramafic Fesfival in March. They served as hosfs fo sfu- denfs affending from fhe leading colleges and universifies of fhe sfafe. The club puf on fhe fhree-acf play, "Smiling Through", ioinfly wifh Sock and Buskin. The fwo organiza- fions have worked fogefher on several performances fhis year. ln May new members were asked fo pledge and were inifiafed af fhe club's annual banquef. Casf Direcfor, Joe Burson, is also presidenf of Sock and Buskin. He was one of lhe direcfors of Tech's firsf "Varsi'ry Show". ln 'lhe fall members offered 'rheir help in fhe presenfafion of "The Enfrada Of Coronado". All members are oufsfanding sfu- denfs in fhe speech deparfmenf. The club is advised by club sponsor, Miss Rufh Pirfle, head of The speech deparf- menf. Members offen presenf plays a+ fhe regular meef- ings of Sock and Buskin. Page 258 ALPI-TA EPSILDN DELTA I A. Page 259 Texas Gamma ChapTer of Alpha Epsilon DelTa, honor- ary pre-medical TraTerniTy. was sTarTed aT Tech in l938. To become eligible Tor membership The sTudenT musT be engaged in courses leading To The sTudy oT medicine and have a "B" average in all work. Formal iniTiaTion of six pledges was held December 7. Preceding This, The pledges were required To wear a surgeon's mask, rubber gloves, and a caT skull necklace To classes. Once a monTh A. E. D. members have a dinner aT which Time a medical docTor or lecTurer Talks on subiecTs oT inTeresT To pre-meds. Several members aTTended The sTaTe meeTing oT all pre-med sTu- denTs sponsored by Alpha Epsilon DelTa which was held aT The UniversiTy oT Texas This spring. The TraTerniTy mem- bers in The spring sponsored Technicolor moving picTures oT diTTerenT Types oT surgery. The Tilms were Turnished by Dr. J. T. Krueger. The purpose of A. E. D. is To encourage excellence in pre-medical work. Also To oTl7er a goal To- ward which The sTudenTs may sTrive and bind TogeTher similarly inTeresTed sTudenTs. The members feel ThaT A. E. D. bridges The gap beTween The spiriT oT The pre-medi- cal school and ThaT oT The school of medicine. FirsT Row: John Chalk. Anna Lee Fisher, L. M. Flanary, J Second Row: Tom Prideauxg Pledges: Neal Nichols, Tony ames Graham Salmon, Joh Working wiTh TesT Tubes and skulls Alpha Epsilon DelTa members Take educaTional squinT aT bugs OFFICERS VERLON EDGAR .... Tom PRioEAux ..,, JAMES GRAHAM . , JOHN CHALR , , w. E. JAMES, JR. . , L. M. FLANARY . . . PI ag L. c. HANES, JR.. . . s lp IR p T DR. R. c. eooowin . , T W. E. James. nny Williams VERLON EDGAR Presidenf ,X 1, 1 L .L Q , ! I I, ,. Li? lv' M 1 fill I 1 I - 1 ' 4 T1 .,a. . 1 I s ,J NN 'f .V Ji, .w.i..'n. ,y ,Fr F 1. fiaii 'ni gif? ir -n. is my 'Mgr' in .,i 'HEMI . .il If -girl - A:',.,I QW' .Hi I ., . ,, 'Z-. I 1 ff i I fer 4 Firsf Row: James Afkinson, John Blocker, Sam W. Chisholm, Alfred Couch, Marfha Donelson, Buford Eagan, Frances Finch. Second Row: Frank Graydon, Bill Larmer, Don Lewis, Mary Moore, Gerfrude Richfer, Inez Riffer, Mary Frances Rifchie. Third Row: Har? Shoemaker, Frank Spifler, Weldon Sfreef, Hugh Thomas, Vada B. Tomlinson, J. D. Websfer, Gerald Audine Vaughan, L. DEAN BUTLER Presidenf OFFICERS L. DEAN BUTLER ..... Presidenf AFTON WILLINGI-IAM . . Vice-Presidenf MARY F. RITCI-IIE . . Secrefary-Treasurer GERALD VAUGI-IAN .... Reporfer I-IASKELL TAYLOR . . Sponsor T. C. ROOT . . . Sponsor Accounfanfs forger fine lines and pencils long enough fo dine af Mexican Inn. af.-MIX RCCOLIIXITIINEC SOCIETY Tech Accounfing Sociefy was organized wifh fhe pur- pose of bringing fogefher sfudenfs inferesfed in accounf- ing and fo sfudy fhe presenf day problems in Their field. If was organized May 5, l939, wifh 2l charfer members, buf membership has now grown fo abouf 35. Once a monfh af regular meefings problems are discussed and offen experfs in fhe field of accounfing are guesf speak- ers. Membership is limifed fo sfudenfs who make a "C" average in advanced accounfing and "B" in elemenfary accounfing. AI fhe lasf meefing of every semesfer The club has a banguef af which some local businessman or accounfanf is guesf speaker. The banguef for fhe firsff sernesfer was held February 4, wifh Ralph Brock as speaker. Anficipafion of affiliafion wifh some nafional honorary ac- counfing sociefy wilhin fhe nexf few years is fhe hopes and expecfafions of fhe members. Professor I-laskell Taylor and T. C. Roof, bofh of fhe B. A. deparfmenf have ad- vised fhe group since ifs organizafion. Af fhe lasf ban guef of fhe semesfer new officers for nexf year were an nounced. Page 26U F. F. A. ln l933 The Cy Lulcer CollegiaTe ChapTer oT The NaTional EuTure Farmers oT America was organized on Tech campus. The chapTer was named Tor The TirsT advisor. Main purpose oT The club is The proper Training oT prospecTive Teachers oT vocaTional agriculTure in organizing and carrying on The worlc oT a high school chapTer. The local chapTer is paTTerned aTTer The naTional organizaTion and Tollows close- ly Their rules and regulaTions. Members musT be of junior or senior sTanding and have The inTenTions oT Teaching. Club moTTo is "Learning To do, Doing To learn: Earning To live, Living To serve." The club promoTes Tellowship among Aggies and esTablishes higher scholasTic sTanding. Annual banqueT was held in February. Each year members co- operaTe wiTh Arbor Day program. l-lave ioinT session wiTh Home Economics club. They also Take an acTive parT in The Annual Texas Tech VocaTional AgriculTure judging conTesTs held Tor high school sTudenTs. This year The club enTerTained The sTudenTs wiTh a luncheon and a dance. The organizaTion has 59 acTive members. Club Sponsor Ray L. Chappelle conTers wiTh a vocahonal agriculTure insTrucTor in his Aggie building oTTice. OFFICERS WOODROW PERRIN . . NOEL BENGER . . , JAMES THoMPsoN . RAY eirriu . . , roRREsT Jones . . ALLAN WEBB . . , e. w. i-iARDiNe . JAKE e-ERoN . . RAY L. CHAPPELLE . WOODROW PERRIN Presidenf FirsT Row: James Adams, Jamie Caviness, H. T. Cardwell, Lawrence Coyne, R. B. D A d Second Row: Bill Griflin, KenneTh Grissom, Zack Jaggers, Lewis Nance, Koy Neeleyiiiillfseiirlhlon nLoliEevleEESary- Third Row: Glen Sanderson, Donald Sfreef, Sherman Taylor, James Thompson, Loren Wesi, Ewing Weaver wsu? f H' . Presidenf Vice-Presidenf . SecreTary . Treasurer Reporfer ParliamenTarian . l-lisTorian WaTch Dog Advisor Page 261 'vm r'9 xg 2 fo' FirsT Row: Jack Allen, Gordon Branham, Godfrey Cadra, CliTTon Clark, Jimmy Curry, Dan DaTTern, Hollis DeaTs, Edwin Easferwood, Hayden Gregory, Peler Harmonson. Second Row: WalTer E. Jasper, Rogers Johnson, C. W. Jones, Clarence Kelley, Roberf Keyes, Ervin Joe Levers, G. D. Lewis, Jimmy Linn, Jack Luccock, Neal McCaskill. Third Row: Elmo McClendon, Willard McSpadden, PaTrick Mackey, Travis Moore, Sibley Neel, Lee Perry, RoberT Sams, RoberT Schmid, Harold Thompson, RoberT Wyly. OFFICERS W. T. LILLY .... JAMES CURRY .... Vice-PresidenT . PresidenT HAROLD THOMPSON . . SecreTary ROBERT KEYES . . . Treasurer DR. W. l. ROBINSON . . Sponsor Engineering SocieTy members pay serious heed To PresidenT during regular meeTing. .1 T for 1 i fx 2' fa, fa f .L ', T: 1-i . Z 1 1 s ' l L . mv.: lk f '4- L 3 K-1 L.. L., Y LMA 'T ik..J . kj lgj "s,,,f 2 L.. Social acTiviTies opened in The Tall wiTh a smoker and ice cream parTy Tor prospecTive new members. MeeTings provide speakers upon subiecTs of inTeresT To The socieTy. The organizaTion aims To promoTe inTeresT among mem- bers in gaining a knowledge oT geology and peTroleum engineering. One oT The ouTsTanding accomplishmenTs oT The club is To help peTroleum engineers make conTacTs wiTh men oT imporTance in The oil Tield. Field Trips To near by oil Tields were sponsored by The club To acquainT members wiTh The pracTical problems oT The profession. OTher acTiviTies included The display oT The geology deparTmenT in The annual Engineering Show and The dinners given by The club To enTerTain iTs guesT speakers. WiTh a member- ship oT 87 Tor This year, The club is The largesT in size since iTs beginning. Any sTudenT in The deparTmenT oT peTro- leum engineering is eligible Tor membership. Principal speakers who have addressed The group This year include ChesTer Naramore, A. l. M. M. E. represenTaTive, and L. E. Young. Members aTTended The American lnsTiTuTe OT Mining and MeTallurgical Engineers meeTing in Oklahoma CiTy during OcTober, and The American PeTroleum lnsTi- TuTe convenTion which was held in Amarillo in March. Page 262 Vw! ' j--- Y . K 4 ,- . ,-.., V fx -, 1 f ,f L Q Tix v., i,ff.5f1i-M 3 3.4, A M, ' g 5 . ea T L T .-.uhm X, lr! Tv! ky T.J' The purpose oT This organizaTion is To acquainT The mem- bers wiTh The acTiviTies oT The Law school and The problems conTronTing The lawyer in his everyday pracTice. Any sTu- denT who is a maior or minor in The GovernmenT deparT- menT may become a member. The club brings ouT whaT The sTudenT can expecT oT a legal career. New members are iniTiaTed aT Lubboclc disTricT courT room. Each year The club holds mock Trials. The ouTsTanding case oT The year was The Trial oT "Bloody Bessie," Tor The TransporTa- Tion and sale oT inToxicaTing liquors and beverages. l-le was proved noT guilTy. Freshmen conducTed The case oT Paul New vs. STaTe oT Texas. l-le was Tound guilTy buT escaped beTore senTence was passed on him. During The year Archie McDonald was prosecuTing aTTorney, Paul CasTleberry, public deTenderg V. l-l. BriTTon, sheriTTg Orville Graham, courT clerk. and George KelTon, parliamenTarian. Second semesTer CliTTord Brown was courT clerlc and Dean Dunlap was TirsT associaTe jusTice. A dance was sponsored in February. Former members were enTerTained aT a coT- Tee held aT l-l. C. Pender's home on l-lomecoming day. ln March a banqueT was given aT Mexican Inn aT which W. l-l. Evans spolce on "Romancing The PracTice oT Law." 'Pledges oT Pre-Law club make sTreeT corner plead ings in preparaTion Tor TuTure courT room prachce oFFlcERs MAuRicE eooDPAsTuRE. . Pre-Sfdcni P- B- SHANNON .... Vice-Presidenl' Tl-TELMA PAYNE . . SecreTary-Treasurer MAYO BOUCHER . . . Chief JusTice HOM ER FORESTER , FirsT AssociaTe JusTice WILLARD MCCLOY Second Associaie JusTice J. W. JACKSON .,,, l Sponsor MAURICE GOODPASTURE PresidenT FirsT Row: Paul Bell, Mayo Boucher, Vivan BriTTon, Paul Casfleberry, Hazel Dickinson, Dean Dunlap Genevieve pergeson O G.Ib H1 - , wen i rea , Orval Gra ham. Second Row: Jack H nr , Rufh Hen y, Leroy I-lunfon, CloTh'lle Je lc' , J h K ff G ' . . Jeanne McDonaTd,lThelma Payne. I n ms O n e er' eorge Kellon' Wlllard MCClOY' AVCTNG McDonald, Third Row: WalTer Reifhmayer, Price ScoTT, Orville Shofner, P. B. Shannon, Rodriclc Shaw, Billy Sims James Snyder Richard Sh h J h ' . ee an, 0 n STavely, Udell Thurman 4,4 .fav Page 263 Tom PrickeTT and Truman Nowell play wiTh elecTriciTy in E. E. Lab. CliTTon Clark, Tom SweaTman, and Arnold Maeker decoraTe Tor Engineers ball. Mike Kelley and Herschel Finney Take pressures in a hydrolyTics lab. AlberT Jackson and Lewis Locke drink coffee made in chemisTry lab. 1 N. 'N : N. F T' I , 5 z 4 ! , T- .1 ' . , ' 1 5 w, ' : A 31 -. x i K i-is lf ii.. if X. JI it I 1 L-.. 1 X.. ni R ..... ,..,.. T. J 4 'Q Governed by a board oT direcTors, The Engi- neering SocieTy is The largesT club on The campus. Sponsored by Dean O. V. Adams, The purpose OT The club is To unify sTudenTs in The Engineer- ing division. The club is incorporaTed under sTaTe laws To loan money To deserving Engineer- ing sTudenTs. T-lighlighT of The clubs social acTiv- iTies was The Engineers' Ball held in November aT The Lubbock l-loTel. Also, imporTanT on The club's social calendar was Their banqueT March I, and a picnic May 9. LargesT TuncTion of The club was The ThirTeenTh annual Engineers' Show, April 'x.,.2 lnsTrucTor A. W. Reger gives help To sTudenTs wiTh sTeam engine Page 264 J. C. MOORE Presidenl 'I 5 r' K F-irsf Row: Carroll Clailor, Jaclc Gvrigq, Hugh Granberry, Lee Healley, Evall' Horne. Second Row: Mike Kelley, Sherwood Miller, Harold McDaniel, Clilford Parrish, Berl Springer C W, Fx ll: 1 .fikj NOEL-: 4-5, managed by Milce Kelley. Doors were opened for lhe occasion by sun lighl. The boarcl of clireclors is composed ol one represenlalive from each deparlmenlal club, one from Tau Bela Pi, and Tour eleclive officers from rhe sociely as a whole. OFFICERS J. C. MOORE ....... Presiclenl HUGH GRANBERRY . . Vice-Presiclenf CARROLL CLAITOR . . Secrelary JACK GRIGG . . . Treasurer Chemisr al' work. Mr. Vail supervising fesr in senior power lab. Chemisl ar worlc and play. S Page 265 Firsf Row: Marguerife Brannen, Jean Spencer, Louise Cox, Myrfle Lois Pearson. Second Row: Wanza Lou Townloy, Lorene Ellison. Helen Walker, Opal Thacker. HAZEL ANN BUCKNER Presidenf OFFICERS HAZEL ANN BUCKNER . . . Presidenf BETTY SAVAGE .... Vice-Presidenf MARGUERITE BRANNEN . . Secrefary JEAN SPENCER ..... Treasurer MYRTLE LOIS PEARSON A. W. S. Represenfafive MISS GERALDINE CLEWELL . . Sponsor Home Ec Presidenf Hazel Ann Buckner and BeTTy Savage greeT guesf aT Home Ec open house. I-ICDME EC. CLUB This is one of The largesf organizaTions on The campus wiTh a membership of 250. IT was founded in I925 wifh Miss Jonnie McCrery The firsT sponsor. The club is open To anyone who is inTeresTed in home economics. To creafe inTeresT in home economics, a sTronger bond oT friendship. and To develop a professional aTTiTude among home eco- nomics women, are The main purposes of The club. Each year aT leasT one professional proiecT is sponsored. Acfiv- ifies for The year included a "Howdy" picnic for freshman sTudenTs, Hallowe'en parTy and a recepTion for campus clubs held in The home managemenT house. In Ocfober The members were hosTesses for The sTaTe home economics convenfion. Each year some proiecT is underfaken To help wiTh The Margaref W. Weeks Loan Fund. Aggies and H. E. girls aTTended a ioinT parTy in February. AT The TradiTional "TwelfTh Nigh+ ParTy" Eula Mae WaTson found The bean in her cake and was crowned Queen for The nighT. Each spring The members have charge of The Open House for The home economics deparTmenT To inform The sTu- denTs of Their acTiviTies. Page 266 r PLANT INDUSTRY Planf lndusfry members are sfudenfs majoring in agri- culfural engineering, horficulfure, or agronomy, who have 60 hours wifh a "C" average. The organizafion was found- ed in l936 for fhe purpose of confacfing field represenfa- fives in landscape archifecfure. The club fries fo promofe comradeship and advancemenf of fhe profession. Each year The organizafion raises money fo send senior crop, grain, and flower judging feams fo nafional confesfs by selling flowers on official flower day. This year carnafions A fypical scene in The Planf lndusfry greenhouse Sfudenfs don aprons fo fend flowers were sold. Crop judging feam affended fhe lnfernafional QFFICERS crop judging confesfs af Chicago and Kansas Cify, refurn- ROGERS UNDSEY - - Pfesidenf l l l ROBERT LEE SMITH . . Vice Presiclenf ing wifh fourfh place. lnfra-collegiafe crops confesf was JACK HARRIS D 1 T,eaSu,e, held bef een freshman o homo e and 'u 'o seni sfu- W' LJONES "" SeC'e'a'Y W ' S p ' l n' 'P' Of ROBERT SPENCER . . sefg-mn+s+ArmS denfs. The club gave a homecoming breakfasf fo welcome E. L. MADER . . . Sponsor exes. Annual banquef was sfaged in fhe spring. A feel- ing of undersfanding and fellowship prevails among fhe club members. They help ofher organizafions in fhe agri- culfure division sponsor deparfmenfal acfivifies. Ernesf Mader, club sponsor. is offen assisfed in club work by O. B. l-lowell of fhe horficulfure deparfmenf. F rsl' Ro : . g . . . . y y, , Second Row: Welborn Miller, lrless O'Dell, Burney Ragle, Roberl Lee Srnifh, Charles Sfevenson i i w Manuel Brooks l-lu hes Fish W L Jones Care Ma Mark Miles L l f - l l i l Page 267 l , l i i ROGERS LINDSEY Presidenl' FirsT Row: Harold Beclcmeyer, Pres., Mayo Boucher, James Snyder. Archie McDonald. Second Row: George Kelfon, Paul CasTlebury, Raymond Goodrich OFFICERS HAROLD BECKMEYER . . . PresidenT MAYO BOUCI-IER . . . Vice-PresidenT JAMES SNYDER . . SecreTary-Treasurer DR. J. WM. DAVIS .... Sponsor Congenial sponsor oT Phi Sigma Alpha, Dr. J. William Davis relaxes Tor momenT Trom his work in The GovernmenT oTTice. PI-II SIGMA ALPHA Alpha ETa ChapTer oT Pi Sigma Alpha, naTional govern- menT TraTerniTy, was organized on Tech campus in I939. IT Tries To sTimulaTe producTive scholarship and inTelligenT inTeresT in governmenT and governmenTal aTTairs. Mem- bership consisTs oT sTudenTs who have a Tree "A" over a "B" average in I2 hours oT governmenT, 3 hours OT which musT be advanced, and aT leasT a "C" average in all oTher college worlc. ln order To ioin The TraTerniTy a sTudenT musT peTiTion The chapTer. The peTiTioner may be accepTed as a member OT The chapTer by an approval oT Tour-TiTTh oT Those voTing. Members oT The TaculTy oT The governmenT deparTmenT are eligible Tor elecTion To TaculTy membership wiTh righTs and privileges oT acTive members. There are IO acTive members This year. AT various meeTings Through- ouT The year members read papers and presenT lecTures on some inTeresTing phase oT governmenTal procedure. New members are recognized aT The beginning oT each semes- Ter, when Their peTiTions are accepTed. Dr. J. Wm. Davis, governmenT proTessor, has assisTed The group since iT was organized. Page 268 I I I I I I i I I I I I Page 259 PI-II PSI Phi Psi, honorary TexTile engineering TraTerniTy, pro- moTes beTTer undersTanding and Tellowship among The sTudenTs in TexTile engineering. Members enTering The TraTerniTy musT mainTain a "C" average To be acTive. Wi+h I7 members. The organizaTion boasTs one oT The largesT memberships in iTs hisTory. New pledges Taken in each semesTer are baThed in dye. Members are Taken in aTTer having gone Through a probaTion period which in- cludes Three degrees, The lasT one being climaxed by a banqueT aT a downTown hoTel. Gave acTive aid in The Engineering Show wiTh iTs TexTile and dye exhibiTs during April. The organizaTion sponsored a spring dance and was in charge oT The presenTaTion oT The CoTTon carnival. AT This celebraTion a co-ed was elecTed as queen To pre- side over The parade oT coTTon sTyles and Trocks presenTed aT The sTyle show. This aTTair is held annually during The NaTional CoTTon week. AnoTher acTiviTy oT The organiza- Tion is open house each Tall Tor all Treshman engineering sTudenTs. Purpose oT The chapTer is To promoTe scholasTic sTanding, cooperaTion and leadership among iTs members. C. lvl. STanley, Jr., is sponsor oT This group. Some oT The ouTsTanding members in oTher campus organizaTions are l-larold McDaniel, presidenT, Guion Gregg and Ross l-lendricls. In shops oT The TexTile building, where The Phi Psi members spend endless hours oT Their Time OFFICERS HAROLD McDANIEL . . Tl-IERON LEHR . . GLENN TERRELL . . ROSS HENDRICK . GEORGE ALLEN . . . CHARLES STOKES. . . C. M. STANLEY, JR. . . FirsT Row: Harold McDaniel, Jack Beavers, Ralph Coon, Weldon Clarlc. Second Row: Charles Fair, Theron Lenr, Glenn Terrell l ,..a. 1-9 ViPdT Sen W d Jun W d R Y ,avg if .rl Firsl' Row: Howard Allen, DuiTer Crawford, R. J. Davis, Norman Foofe, Hugh Granberry, Herberl' Gray, Jack Grigg. Second Row: Walfer Jasper, Truman Nowell, Elmo McClendon, CliTTord Parrish. Leo PaTTerson, Lee Perry, WalTer STudhalTer, RoberT Wilder. -9 CARROLL CLAITOR PresidenT OFFICERS CARROLL CLAITOR . . . PresidenT LEE N. PERRY, JR. . . . Vice-PresidenT HUGH GRANBERRY . Recording Secrefary NORMAN FOOTE Corresponding Secre-Tary TRUMAN NOWELL .... Treasurer ELMO MCCLENDON . . CaTaloger H. F. GODEKE. . . . Sponsor BeTa Pi members examine milirary problems. x,""L l. TAU BETA Pl BeTa chapTer OT Texas oT Tau BeTa Pi is comprised oT The upper one-quarTer oT senior engineers and The upper one-eighTh oT junior engineering sTudenTs. When selec- Tions Tor membership are made The chapTer considers per- sonal appearance, capaciTy Tor leadership, social qualTies and characTer. Every engineer is eligible To Try Tor aTTilia- Tion. Pledges musT whiTTle a wooden benT, The lcey insig- nia, and wear iT around Their neclc Tor Two weeks. The chapTer gives Two iniTiaTion banqueTs each year, and an engineer's handbook is given To The Treshman wiTh The highesT grade poinT average. John Ely was This year's Tish winner. Each year The 72 acTive chapTers in The UniTed STaTes Talce parT in a convenTion. The l94l convenTion was held aT KenTuclcy universiTy aT LexingTong Carroll ClaiTor was The Tech represenTaTive. The 34 members, including membership Tor boTh semesTers, were supervised by The Advisory board consisTing oT H. F. Godelce, spon- sor, J. H. lvlurdough and W. F. Gray. Hugh Granberry, Lee Perry and Carroll ClaiTor, engineer sTudenTs lisTed in Who's Who, are members oT The organizaTion. Purpose OT Tau BeTa Pi is To TosTer a spiriT oT liberal culTure in The engineering colleges oT America as well as To seT an ex- ample oT scholarship Tor The undergraduaTes. Page 270 Q Membership oT The organizaTion is made up oT all sTu- denTs inTeresTed in debaTing. During The year aT club meeTings debaTes were held concerning PresidenT Roose- velT's Third Term and The naTional deTense. lnTercollegiaTe debaTe Teams aTTended The debaTe TournamenT aT Birming- ham, Ala.: mosT oT Them were members oT The DebaTe Club. Members have some ouTsTanding speaker To speak aT one oT The meeTings. The main guesTion Tor This year was, Resolved: "ThaT NaTions oT The WesTern l-lemisphere Should Form a PermanenT Union." Members joined Sock and Buskin members in a ChrisTmas parTy. Again in May They had a ioinT picnic. The Two clubs oTTen work TogeTher on speech acTiviTies. T-lelped sponsor a lecTure-demonsTra- Tion in make-up, given by Thomas l-lorwiTz, make-up arTisT, who had charge oT The make-up in The moTion picTure "Brigham Young." The club pracTices varieTy programs, aTTer-dinner speeches, cross-quesTions and direcTs class de- baTes. The organizaTion is sponsored by Miss Annah Jo PendleTon who is also debaTe coach oT The lnTercollegiaTe debaTers. Firsl' Row: NeTTie Belle BaTTon, Joe Burson, Mary Helen Carroll, Evelyn Cooper, Barbara Cox, Thelma Crawford, Marfha Fisk, Raymond . G d' h DebaTe club sponsor, Miss Annah Jo PendleTon, smiles aT cameraman as she leaves her oTTice. l I OFFICERS ORVILLE Sl-TOENER .... PresidenT , DOROTHY DELL SCI-lEll-TAGEN Vice-PresidenT NETTIE BELLE BATTON . SecreTary-Treasurer MISS ANNAT-l JO PENDLETON . Sponsor i T 1 i i ,, Q T T T li i ORVILLE SHOFNER PresidenT s i i L oo ric . Second Row: Frances Gordon, Camille Graves, Gail Gregg, Leroy l-lunTon, CloThille Jenkins, Joni Lu Jones, Evelyn Keller, Reginia Lee. Third Row: Vondee Lewis, Ann Moore, GarTh Morse, Peggy Salem, A. B. Sansom, DoroThy Dell Scheihagen, P. B. Shannon, Maxine WheaTley. L , , ,T Page 271 " '-r 5 Flrsf Row Lowelle Brlsfer Ernesl' Brown Cliffon Clark, Jimmy Curry, Hollis Deals, Parrish Heafh. Second Row John Hill Waller Jasper Raybon Lam, G. D. Lewis, Neal McCaskill, Willard McSpadden. Th rd Row Travis Moore Rodolfo Perez Lee Perry, John Pike. Bob Schmid. Lockerf Sleeper. Harold Thompson. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Prospeclive pledges of Sigma Gamma Epsilon. nafional geological fralernily. are enjrerlained wi'rh a smoker. New members each semesier are honored a+ a banque+ follow- ing formal iniliafion. Pledges mus'r dress like prospeciors, and give a spiri+ of The +rue wes+ wilh donkey, packsaddle and prospecling equipment Officers for lhe coming year are inslalled al a picnic in May aliended by members and alumni. Organizarion sponsors field Jrrips +o nearby poinfs of geological inleresl. I+ also is in charge of open meer- ings al' which lalks and papers are presenled by well known geologisfs and pelroleum engineers on curren+ geological Jropics and problems. Several members aifended meel- ings of ihe Geological Sociely of America held in Aus+in, lhe American pelroleum ins1'i'rul'e convenlion in Amarillo and lhe American Associalion of Pelroleum Geologisis conveniion held in l-louslon. Any male s+uden+ majoring or specializing in geology, mining, melallurgy, ceramics or perroleum engineering, wi+h The abiliry +o mingle socially wilh his fellow men is eligible. l-le musf mee? scholaslic reguiremenis of 60 hours, I4 hours of geology, and a "B-" average in all geology courses. This organizalion is de- vo+ed To +he advancemenl of The ear'rh sciences. Page 272 KLM, , T-.WX I.,-.N KSN., .YN I, 1-. '. E' H 'J BF, 'L ix- 1' I F I -..,,w. ..: H. x.,.,: swf L '....i.--. WiTh 5I members, Gargoyle socieTy has This year main- Tained The highesT membership average in iTs hisTory, QuaIiTicaTions Tor membership require ThaT The sTudenT be in The ArchiTecTure and Allied ArTs deparTmenT wiTh a high schoIasTic sTanding. Pledges go Through "hell nighT" beTore iniTiaTion which is usually a TreaT Tor The members. Social acTiviTies are one oT The mosT imporTanT TuncTions oT The club. LasT Tall They sTarTed wiTh a "geT-acguainTed" hayride and picnic To McKenzie park, given Tor all mem- bers oT The deparTmenT. ProspecTive pledges were enTer- Tained wiTh a sporT dance during rush weelc, The TirsT oT OcTober. A ChrisTmas parTy was held in one oT The Archi- TecTuraI labs iusT before The holidays. The Gay NineTies cosTume ball ushered in The spring semesTer wiTh MaTTie Lou ChrisTian and Lee HeaTley winning The prize as The besT dressed couple. For The TirsT Time, a box supper was given by The organizaTion in The Aggie arena. ATTer a Tormal dinner-dance in April, The acTiviTies closed wiTh an all-day spring picnic aT Silver Falls in May. This socieTy was Tounded To sTimulaTe inTeresT in The sTudy oT archiTec- Ture and arT, and To give sTudenTs oT The deparTmenT a chance To become beTTer acguainTed. Mr. and Mrs. RoberT I. Loclcard are club sponsors. Jes . , .MTX x members spend mosT LEWIS BLACKBURN . . PRUETT GARNER . . SARAH WORSHAM . . JUANICE SMITH . . LEWIS Dee Kelly poses Tor arT lab where Gargoyle oT Their Time. OFFICERS . . PresidenT . Vice-PresidenT . . SecreTary . . Treasurer MR. AND MRS. ROBERT I. LOCKARD Sponsors BLACKBURN PresidenT FirsT Row: MaTTie Lou ChrisTian, Lee I-IeaTIey, Mary Nabors, I-Iugh Rowland, Juanice SmiTh, Sammy STaTham, AgaTha Turner. Second Row: Sarah Worshamq Pledges: La Verne Allen, Jack BosT, Edgar Campbell, Maxine Ellis, Hugh English, Barbara Fry. Third Row: Raymond Heller, Bob Marxen, Mildred McG-Iasson, Billy Pope, Sarah BeTh Rice, Davis Rodgers, Glennis WaITz, QT T 'T ' I ' 'Q' 'wr .iff X f fl Page 273 Lourene Kolb. Sec EirsT ul 3 Row: Hugh Ayres, Berry Brazile, WaTson Carlock, Paul CrawTord, Norman EooTe, EarnesT Gloyna. ond Row: Joe HerbsT, Lowell Kendrick, Frank Lee, Arnold Maeker, Lee Perry. Gordon Shackellrord. Third Row: D. A. Thompson, Lanse Turner: Pledges: Bill Anderson, Jimmie Day, Hugh English, J. B. Holleyman, Norman lgo. CARROLL CLAITOR .... PresidenT BOB ALLEN ..... Vice-Presidenf NORMAN FOOTE . . SecreTary SI SLAUGHTER . . . Treasurer HUGH AYRES ..... HisTorian JOE HERBST .... SergeanT-aT-Arms CAPT BRUCE D. RINDLAUB . . Sponsor LT HENRY D. WESTON . . Co-Sponsor sponsors, DOroThy Lou EmmiTT, Ollie Polly Price, and Elwanda Oliver pose wiTh Their escOrTs. S. A. M. E. Torch and CasTle chapTer OT The naTional SOcieTy OT MiliTary Engineers has as iTs purpose The TosTering OT gen- eral welTare OT The miliTary uniT. lT sponsors miliTary acTiv- iTies and provides Tor The proTessiOnal engineering develop- menT OT The members. OualiTicaTiOns Tor membership re- quire ThaT members be OT sophomore sTanding in The R. O. T. C. uniT and also ThaT They mainTain a "C" average Tor The semesTer preceding pledging. WiTh 57 members This year, The socieTy opened social acTiviTies aT The beginning OT The Tall semesTer wiTh a smoker. ConTinuing a TradiTiOn, The organizaTiOn had as The climax OT The year The annual lv1iliTary Ball December 4 in The Lubbock hoTel. Ollie Sue ArmsTrong, Honorary CadeT Colonel and sponsor OT The regimenT, was presenTed Trom an archway OT Two Tlaming Torches. DOroThy Lou EmmiTT, Polly Price, and Elwanda Oliver were presenTed as honorary cadeT majors and as band sponosor. This aTTair is closed To all buT members OT The R. O. T. C. uniT, Their daTes and special guesTs. SOcieTy held iTs usual open house in OcTober, Two inTOrmal dances during The year and a banqueT in March in honor OT The new members. Pledges were iniTiaTed Tollowing an overnighT hike. CadeT OTTicers acT as guides during The Engineering show. Page 274 C C' A. S. C. E. Civil Engineering srudenrs aT Tech have had an organ- izaTion since Tech was esTablished. UnTil I933, when The club received naTional recogniTion, The group was lcnown as Texas Tech Civils. AT presenT iT has The largesT mem- bership in iTs hisTory. The purpose oT The chapTer is To provide a closer conTacT wiTh The proTession, To acguainT The sTudenT wiTh some oT The pracTical problems in The proTession and To provide means Tor and encourage early enTrance inTo The socieTy on graduaTion. RegisTraTion in engineering is The only requiremenT Tor membership. VoT- ing privilege is wiThheld unTil The sophomore year. AT regular meeTings papers are read by sTudenTs on diTTerenT phases oT worlc in The proTession. and Talks are given by prominenT proTessional men. PicTures and slides are also presenTed aT meeTings. The Tech chapTer is a member oT The Texas ConTerence oT STudenT ChapTers of The Amer- ican SocieTy oT Civil Engineers. Papers prepared by sTu- denTs Trom each school will be presenTed aT The spring meeTing in May, I94l, aT New BraunsTels. Social TuncTions oT The year include The annual smolcer in OcTober and The banqueT in May. WaTson Carloclc is assisTanT manager oT The Engineer's show and a member oT Alpha Chi. Paul Redding is a member oT The AThleTic council and l-lerberT Gray is secreTary To The STaTe ConTerence. FirsT Row: Bill Anderson, Bernard Bogan, Adrian Bowden, WaTson Carl lr E T CI T D lb T F ll Second Row: Norman FooTe, EarnesT Gloyna, l-lerberT Gray, Norman Igo Ob L Third Row: Arnold Maelcer, CliTTon Masoner, Leo PaTTerson, Paul Redding J lc Q "" '20 Page 275 First Row Abner Aaron William Akers John Bradford Bill Brooks, Carroll ClaiTor, Duffer Crawford, Paul Crawford. Second Row Jimmy Day Tommie Fowlkes Howard Garrison, Joe l-lerbsf, J. B. Holleyman, Lewis Locke, Woodrow Mize, L. W. McCallum. Third Row l-l R Pierce Arfhur Reinharf Gordon Shackelford, Jerome Smifh, John Smifh, Walfer STudhalTer, Abner Teague, Vernon Yeakley. A. l. Cl-l. li Tech chapTer of American lnsTiTuTe of Chemical Engi- neers was organized To give The sTudenT The opporTuniTy for fellowship wiTh oThers of similar professional inTeresT by acTiviTies in chemisTry supplemenTing Those of The classroom. RegisTraTion as a sTudenT in chemical engineer- ing is The only requiremenf for membership. The sociefy enTerTained new members in The Tall wifh a smoker held in The chemisTry laborafories. Exhibifs presenTed by The chemical engineers in The Engineering show were a model gas refrigerafor and an alcoholic breafh deTecTor. ThirTy members of The socieTy aTTended a Three-day field Trip To Dallas To visiT chemical planTs in ThaT region. The picnic in The spring for members and Their daTes aT Buffalo Springs ended The social acTiviTies of The year. Club meeTings are held once monThly wiTh The programs consisTing of showing of films relaTed To chemisTry or speakers prom- inenT in The chemical engineering field. Duffer Crawford represenfed The Tech group aT The Nafional convenfion of A. l. Ch. E. in New Orleans held in December. OuTsTand- ing members include Carroll Clairor, presidenT of Tau BeTa Pi, and Walfer STudhalTer, member of Alpha Chi and Tau BeTa Pi. Page 276 PHI LIPSILON OMICRON Omega was The TirsT chapTer oT Phi Upsilon Omicron To be organized in Texas. IT was insTalled on Tech campus in I937. This was an ouTgrowTh oT The Double Key club. Members are chosen according To Their leadership, abiliTy To cooperaTe, and high scholasTic record. Purpose oT The organizaTion is To promoTe home economics, moral and in- TellecTual developmenT oT iTs members. They also sTrive To esTablish and sTrengThen bonds oT Triendship. New members in The Tall were iniTiaTed preceding a club break- TasT. A Tea was given aT The home managemenT house honoring The Texas I-lome Economics associaTion oT college clubs. ln The Tall, members aTTended a panel discussion on "PresenT World SiTuaTion." AT ChrisTmas They have a sale oT TruiT cakes. Spring iniTiaTion oT new members was held aT a Tormal bangueT. On Arbor Day The club planTs redbud Trees on The campus. Members cooperaTe wiTh The TaculTy in The orienTaTion of Treshman sTudenTs in The Division oT I-lome Economics. Annual news leTTer was pub- lished in April. Advisory council Tor The chapTer include Dean MargareT W. Weeks, Miss Mabel Erwin and Miss Jonnie McCrery. Members oT Phi Upsilon Omicron TeasT in dainTy s+yIe. OFFICERS ALMA RHEA EADES . . HELEN LYTLE .... CHRISTINE HOPKINS . MARY ETTA VERNON . MARGARET W. WEEKS MABEL ERWIN . . . JONNIE McCRERY A, . .4' . . PrasidenT Vice-PresidenT . SecreTary . . Treasurer Advisory Council ALMA RHEA EADES Presidenf FirsT Row: Virginia Lee Barr, CharloTTe Ballow, Hazel Ann Buckner, Rufh Cowan, Louise Cox, Mary Eleanor Diggs, Mildred I-Ianking, Second Row: Chrisfine Hopkins, Irene Hughes, RuTh Jennings, Geraldine Lam, Lucille Loyd, Helen LyTle, Alva C. McWhorTer, MyrTle Lois Pearson. Third Row: Claudia Reinhold, BeTTy Savage, Jean Spencer, ErnesTine STory, Florence STone, Wanza Lou Townley, Mary ETTa Vernon, Nina WrighT. 'vs I-Q-I Page 277 45 fi Aan wg- ! A if-a51i i ' ' Y 'i ii "f?:12'.:.."'B" X M A 1- 'Va f K Firsl Row: Opal Bargsley, Lois Bayless, Pauline Baumgarf, Barbara Bell, Billie Louise Blackburn, Jimmie Amelia Boone. lmogene Boyd, Laurissa Brafion, LaVerne Brock, Jane Brownfield, Maffie Lou Bryanf. , Second Row: Belly Burke, Louise Carroll, Marianna Coffey, Marian Coffman, Rufh Joan Connelly, Maxine Conner, Olene Cook, Evelyn Cooper, Gerfrude Crouch, Mary Kafherine Daniel, Anna Kafheryn Davenpori. Third Row: Sara Daviss, Billie Jo Dodson, Erlene Dowell. Gene DuPree, Ermadel Floyd, Wilma Rufh Forbis, Nifa Furr, Arlene Ganf, Frances Gary, Morrine George, Rufh Gillespie. Fourfh Row: Jo Bess Goodloe, Frances Gordon, Allison Gail Gregg, Barbara Jeanne Griggs, Frances Befh l-lampion, Peggy l-less, Carolyn l-loch, Virginia Hogan, Willouise Humphries, Kara l-lunsucker. DOROTHY DELL STOVALL Presidenl' regular meefing, Freshman Honor Sociefy girls engage in a song session. W FRESI-IMAN An honorary sociefy mainfained for freshman girls wifh a "B-" grade poinf average, fhis organizafion was found- ed in fhe spring of i939 under fhe leadership of A. W. S. and Forum, fwo oufsfanding women's organizafions on fhe campus. "We build fhe ladder by which we climb," fhe moffo, indicafes fhe high aims of fhis sociefy which are: fo discuss maffers of inferesf fo freshman girls for fheir mufual help and benefifg fo promofe scholarship and lead- ership among freshman girls: fo sponsor and promofe a friendship sociefy: and fo sponsor af leasf one social affair each semesfer for girls of fhe freshman class. The pins. which are small gold forches wifh a ruby insef, serve as a badge of knowledge and leadership for fhe members of fhe sociefy. Girls in fhe club are eligible for membership from fhe beginning of fhe second semesfer of fheir fresh- man year fo fhe end of fhe firsf semesfer of fheir sopho- more year. One of fhe principal services rendered fhe college by fhis group is fhe assisfance if gives A. W. S. in sponsoring fhe Big Sisfer-Liffle Sisfer plan. This offers aid fo freshmen and fransfers in geffing acguainfed wifh- girls and in faking more parf in campus acfivifies by plac- Poqe 278 ing fhem under fhe guidance of advanced sfudenfs. Social funcfions on fhe club calendar included fhe recepfion for all freshman girls in Ocfober af fhe home of Presidenf and Mrs. Clifford B. Jones and a formal banguef given fo inifiafe new members and insfall officers on May 6. Help- ing fo conducf a survey of women's professions in This area for fhe American Associafion of Universify Women under fhe chairmanship of Mrs. William Dingus was anofher ouf- sfanding acfivify. Membership in fhe club numbered l2O fhis year, fhe largesf in ifs hisfory. They are acfive nof only in fheir own organizafion, buf fake greaf parf in ofher cam- pus clubs. Frances Gary was fhis year's elecfed presidenf of Junior Council for I94I-'42, Dorofhy Dell Sfovall, presi- denf, was sophomore home economics represenfafive fo Sfudenf Council, Ann Moore. vice-presidenf, was freasurer of Book Reviewers club, and Evelyn Cooper was Doalc Hall's represenfafive fo A. W. S. and served on fhe Wom- en's Self Governing body. Sponsors of fhe sociefy since ifs originafion are Miss Marfye Poindexfer, insfrucfor in home economics, and Mrs. William Dingus of fhe foreign language deparfmenf. HONOR SOCIETY Freshman Honor Sociefy members leaving fhe meefing. OFFICERS DOROTHY DELL STOVALL . . Presidenf ANN MOORE .... Vice-Presidenf ANNA KATHERYN DAVENPORT Secrefary-Treasurer DOROTHY WINSTON . . . Reporfer EARLENE DOWELL . . Parliamenfarian MRS. WILLIAM DINGUS . . . Sponsor MISS MARTYE POINDEXTER . . Sponsor Firsf Row: Clofhille Jenkins, Ouida Johnsfon, Dorofhy Sferling Jones, Louise Jones, Charlene King, Mary Nell King, Gwendolyn Lam, Madge Lawrence, Reginia Lee, Billye Levens, Aurelia McDonald. Second Row: Beffy Lynch, Wanda McLaughlin, Madge Malone, Ann Moore. Clara Mueller, Juanifa Parker, Thelma Payne, Mildred Pendlefon, Marfha Frank Planfs, Edna Louise Prange, Reuby Tom Rhodes. Third Row: Merilu Ripley, Dorofhy Jane Rogers, Bonnie Rushing, Freelin Shoemaker, Elaine Simmons, Beffy Nell Srnifhee, Mary Romans Sparks, Dorofhy Mae Sfephens, Doris Sfevens, Margie Sullivan, Johnnie Faye Templefon. Fourfh Row: Rufh Tinlcler, Dorris Vallance, Helen Walker, Kafheryn Weefh, Georgia Sue Wharfon, Flora Lee Williams, Dorofhy Winsfon, Helen Wiseman, Barbara Jean Wood, Winifred Woods. 1 . E . 'V , tv 2- 5 t v . 'I xi N . 1 i T l i Page 279 . T r. 5 r-.77 T L X ' 3' F 'S' Q X 1 FirsT Row: Roy Chambliss, Barbara Cox, Welby Cox, R. B. Dawson, Ermadel Floyd, Morrine George, RuTh Gillespie. Second Row: Louise Heafh, Leroy Hunfon, Lourene Kolb, Madge Lawrence, Lewis Locke, Gladys Mason. Third Row: RoberT McDonald, ElizabeTh Musick, Thomas NorThen. Jane Rogers, Udell Thurman, Virginia Turner. sm .xi 1" T nl ' .pwd .. "-' LEON HARRIS PresidenT OFFICERS LEON HARRIS ..... PresidenT ROY CHAMBLISS . . Vice-PresidonT ERMADEL FLOYD .... SecreTary L. E. WAITE .... STudenT SecreTary DR. C. E. HEREFORD .... PasTor PresidenT Leon Harris poinTs ouT plans oT B. S. U. To members. B. S. U. BapTisT STudenT Union has as iTs purpose The promoTion oT sTudenT parTicipaTion in The religious programs oT The church and The keeping oT The aims and ideals oT The Bap- TisT denominaTion beTore The sTudenTs. lT enlisTs all BapTisT sTudenTs in acTive church. B. S. U. sponsors bi-monThly mass meeTing To have sTudenT discussion on religion and oTher conTemporary problems. OualiTicaTion Tor member- ship requires ThaT The person be a BapTisT and a sTudenT in Texas Tech. One OT The accomplishmenTs was ThaT iT was The TirsT organizaTion oT iTs lcind To publish iTs own- paper. Also, The Tech chapTer is The only sTaTe school wiTh a Bible chair. The group senT represenTaTives To The FT. WorTh conTerence and also To The sTaTe convenTion in Waco. The B. S. U. oT Tech was The only large Texas sTaTe school To reach FirsT MagniTude lasT year. Organiza- Tion is under The sponsorship and guidance oT Dr. C. E. Hereford, pasTor oT The local church. Club conTinually sponsors enlargemenT campaign designed To draw more sTudenTs inTo The organizaTion. BapTisT STudenT Union has an organizaTion on every college campus in The souTh. Page 280 I fly lg y'xM,? 1 .l V 4 X. -C . .. i...-. Maior acTiviTy oT The Tech chapTer oT The A. S. M. E. is The SainT PaTrick's celebraTion, which Takes place on March I7, SainT PaTrick's day, in honor oT The socieTy's paTron sainT. The M. E. sTudenTs lay a bronze plaque bear- ing The shamrock, club insignia, inTo The Tlooring oT The souTh porTico oT The Engineering building. Open House, held in The Mechanical engineering laboraTories in OcTo- ber, sTarTed The social aTTairs oT The club Tor The Tall semes- Ter. During The spring semesTer The Tech organizaTion, To- geTher wiTh similar chapTers in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas, held a sTudenT convenTion aT which Rice lnsTiTuTe was hosT. Each sTudenT branch presenTed Two original papers in a compeTiTive conTesT. This year The convenTion was held aT HousTon, March 28 and 29, wiTh Willard Bauman, presidenT, and Bill Dingus represenT- ing The Tech branch. Ten members aTTended The conven- Tion which made inspecTion Tours oT indusTrial planTs in GalvesTon and HousTon. Any sTudenT regisTered Tor en- gineering may be a member oT A. S. M. E., and iTs chieT purpose is Tor The "advancemenT and disseminaTion oT knowledge oT The Theory and pracTice oT mechanical engi- neering" as well as oTTering The opporTuniTy To become acguainTed wiTh The personnel and acTiviTies oT The mechanical engineering deparTmenT. Willard Bauman, D. B. Wood and Two oTher Mechanical Engineers work in lab. OFFICERS WILLARD BAUMAN .... Chairman GEORGE WlLLlAM DINGUS Vice-Chairman GEORGE GLADWIN FAIRLEY Secrefary-Treasurer PROFESSOR HAROLD l.. KIPP . Sponsor WILLARD BAU MAN Preside-nT Firsf Row: Carl Roy Allfers, Hugh Ayres, George Baker, Charles Chenaulf, Weldon ChrisTian, Ernesf DemenT, G. G. Fairley. Second Row: W. F. Garland, Paul Hill, George Holman, Lewis Johnson, James Lovelace, J. C. Moore, Roy McNeill, Truman Newell, Third Row: TrueTT PaTTerson. Harold Pilcher, Wesley Powell, E. C. Roberfson, STerling Shorf, Noel Waggener, Bernard Wilder, Jayson Young. ' -2 N, -C555 --r T3 Firsl' Row: James Woodie Day. Millard Gillham, PresTon Gill, NaThaniel Nelson, Max Perry. Second Row: MoTfeTT Ryan, James Saul. RoberT ScoTT, Harry Shaw, Howard STrawn, Virgil Woodfin. CLAYTON ROACH PresidenT OFFICERS CLAYTON ROACH .... PresidenT PEYTON TUCKER . . . Vice-PresidenT NATHANIEL NELSON . SecreTary-Treasurer HOWARD STRAWN .... ReporTer L. G. HARMON . . . Sponsor Dairy ManuTacTuring sTudenTs aT work in college dairy. DAIRY CLUB Dairy club was aTTiliaTed inTo a naTiona. organizaTion in I938. Members oT The club are acTive and associaTe. Ac- Tive membership consisTs OT junior, senior and graduaTe sTudenTs regularly enrolled in AgriculTure in Texas Tech who are inTeresTed in dairying and who have a "C" aver- age in all college work. AssociaTe members have The righT To aTTend all meeTings and Take parT in The business ses- sions, buT They do noT have The voTing privilege. The Dairy club breal4TasT held on The morning oT homecoming on November I6, ushered in The social evenTs Tor The year. OTher TuncTions were The bangueT given in The spring in The Women's DormiTory and The sTealc Try welcoming The NaTional Dairy ProducTs judging Team home Trom Their judging Trip. The organizaTion assisTed in dairy producTs judging Tor high school sTudenTs in F. F. A. conTesTs and in The CollegiaTe Dairy ProducTs judging conTesT. The group buys medals Tor The members oT The NaTional Dairy ProducTs judging Team which is made up oT senior Agri- culTure sTudenTs. STudenTs in The DeparTmenT oT Dairy ManuTacTuring are Tinancially aided by small loans made possible by The Dairy club loan Tund, aided and promoTed by The organizaTion. Members Take an acTive parT in oTher campus organizaTions. Page 282 LAS LEALES Las Leales is an honorary and Tellowship organizaTion wiTh iTs main purpose To sponsor The Paul WhiTeTield I-Iorn Memorial Fellowship Fund. This Tund is also sponsored by The QuarTerly club and The Council oT GraduaTe Women. The club was organized in l928. Las Leales members, which means The "LoyalisTs", are selecTed Tor membership according To Their exTra curricular acTiviTies and musT be oT iunior or senior sTanding wiTh a "B" average in all col- lege worlc. Members oT The socieTy sTrive To promoTe college spiriT, scholarship. and Tellowship beTween The TacuI+y and The sTudenTs oT The college. The club moTTo is "I-lonor Above All". During I-lomecoming an open house was held Tor The alumnae. AT ChrisTmas a parTy was given Tor The members, who broughT giTTs which were Talcen To The Milam Orphans' home. The club assisTs oTher campus organizaTions in collecTing arTicles Tor chariTy work. Las Leales sends news leTTers To women graduaTes. New members oT The club are presenTed aT an annual re- cepTion in May. Members helped wiTh The A. W. S. con- venTion in The Spring. Sponsors oT The club are PresidenT Jones, Deans Doalc, Allen, Gordon, Weeks, Adams, and Leidigh. Wk f' ' The head Table aT a Las Leales dinner OFFICERS I-IELEN LYTLE ..... IRVINE SCRIBNER . . . MARY GAITI-IER . . . ALICE LYNN STREET. . TWILA FARRELL . . . MARGARET SIMMONS A. W.S FLORENCE STONE . . HELEN LYTLE Pre-sidenT e. FirsT Row: Hazel Ann Buckner, Mary GraiTl'ier, OniTa Belle I-IuTsTedler, Geraldine Lam, KaTherine Mebus. Second Row: Wynell McClure, MyrTIe Lois Pearson, Irvine Scribner. MargareT Simmons, Florence STone, ErnesTine STory. Ah. I 1. ,-5 fi fri Y' PresidenT PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer ReporTer . RepresenTaTive I-IisTorian 2 '47 Z fs M X M Firsi Row: Paul Casileberry, Hazel Dickinson, Bobbie Felis, Maurice GoodpasTure, RuTh Henry, Mary EdiTh Holden. Second Row: Kara I-Iunsucker, Leroy l-IunTon, George Ks-lTon, Willard McCloy, Archie McDonald, Jeanne McDonald, Wanda Nail. Third Row: Thelma Payne, Edna Louise Prange, Jack Qualls, Sarah Befh Rice, CliTTon Sprouls, Joe Will TripliTT, Jean Verner. MAYO BOUCHER PresidenT OFFICERS MAYO BOUCI-IER .... Presidenf ARCI-IIE MCDONALD . . Vice-Presideni' JEAN VERNER . . . SecreTary-Treasurer DR. BENJAMIN BOCK .... Sponsor EUGENE BENTON . . Sponsor Members discuss inTernaTional problems in governmenT oTTice. md , ,V Vg A V I. R. C. lnTernaTional RelaTions club was organized on Tech cam- pus in l93O and is sponsored by The Carnegie EndowmenT Tor lnTernaTional peace. Any sTudenT is eligible Tor mem- bership. The clubs purpose is To TosTer and promoTe a higher degree oT inTeresT and undersTanding in inTerna- Tional relaTions and aTTairs. This year was The Third Time ThaT The Tech club has been hosT To The annual regional comcerence oT The New Mexico-WesT Texas lnTernaTional RelaTions Clubs. The convenTion was held on The campus March I4-IS. There were Ten colleges represenTed. STu- denTs delivered papers on inTernaTional subiecTs aT round- Table discussions. Principal speakers were Mr. CliTTon M. UTley oT The UniversiTy oT Chicago, who spoke on "Amer- ica's Big Issue," and Mr. C. Dale Fuller OT The UniversiTy oT Denver, who spoke on "lnTer-American RelaTions oT To- morrow." During The conTerence The guesTs were enTer- Tained aT a luncheon and a dinner Tollowed by an all-college dance. In The Tall The club helped sponsor The I-I. R. Knickerbocker lecTure, also heard Drs. Benjamin Bock. O. A. Kinchen, C. D. Eaves and C. B. Qualia speak on presenT world condiTions. Page 284 fl I- .- -v.. If-, T- . I. ...... ,-.,A ,N .V Y , , . V I, - , li ' g ' 'I , -.. i . 'I T.. -' '4- ef af Q Alpha ETa chapTer oT The NaTional SocieTy oT Wesley Players is an organizaTion aTTiliaTed wiTh The Wesley STu- denT associaTion oT The Lubboclc MeThodisT churches. Members aim To provide a means To geT a larger view oT liTe Through The sTudy and producTion oT religious plays and To develop a closer social relaTionship beTween MeTh- odisT sTudenTs. Membership is limiTed To college sTudenTs inTeresTed in The aims oT The club, and each musT pledge one semesTer beTore being iniTiaTed. Plays which are pre- senTed by The sTudenTs are selecTed by a voTe oT The mem- bership, as well as The direcTor oT The plays. "The LighT", presenTed Tor The "Y" in SepTember, "And The CurTain Fell", given in OcTober, "The Old Candlemalcer oT ST. John's", shown aT church service in November, and "DusT oT The Roaduyplayed in December were The principal dra- mas presenTed by The club. An EasTer play, "The Rock", Mr. and Mrs. Holly Cross, direcTors oT The Wesley dramaTics club, carry on a conversaTion. OFFICERS THOMAS RUTLEDGE .... Preside-nT OLIN WATSON ,... Vice-Presidenf OUIDA JOHNSTON .... Secrefary JOE T. SMITH . . . Business Manager ARVIS HILTON . . PubliciTy Chairman RAY RAMSEY .... STage Manager DOUGLAS HARDY . Membership Chairman KAY TEMPLE . . . Program Chairman REV. CECIL R. MATTHEWS Sponsor was The mosT seriously underTalcen proiecT oT The year. MR- HOLLY CROSS . . Direcfor OTher acTiviTies were The "bad manners" parTy given Tor members and pledges in December, and The "Wesley Players" nighT presenTed in The spring semesTer Tor The enTire Tech MeThodisT deparTmenT. AT each meeTing oT The chapTer pledges were required To presenT programs and slciTs To show Their acTing abiliTy. REV. cEciL R. MATTHEWS Sponsor T I FirsT Row: Thomas RuTledge, Genevieve Eergeson, Gail Gregg, Douglas Hardy, Arvis HilTon, Ouida JohnsTon, Gwendolyn Lam. Second Row: Charlie McCormiclc, Ray Ramsey, Claudia Reinhold, Joe T. SmiTh, Olin WaTson, NeTTie Belle BaTTon, Guinevere Dauley, Erlene Dowell. Third Row: Georgia Griffin, Mary Nell King, DoroThy Magee, Edward Rorex, Norman Shaw, Roy Simmons, Helen Wallcer, John Bill Wheeler. ui 'Q I If! 1 , as if X 1,7-ak . . nfl ,V 5,-. 'IF' A Pflqe 285 -, if vb z'3F',i -A3 15, 1-y X .an i'.u..4 Flrsi' Row. T-lerberT Belcher, Jaclc Boone, l-iarry Born, T-lunTer Brannon, Glenn Browne, R. L. Floyd, Leon Harris. Second Row: Arch Key, Richard Miller, Woodyard McDowell, Gene Niclcell, Jack AbboTT, Eugene Blair, Glenn Boyd, Lee l-laclcler. Third Row: Louie Holder, Bill McEachern, Richard Ragsdale, Charles Senning, Sanford SmiTh, Harold Thomas, AusTin L. Turner, Jaclc York. is J.. ,Q F 1. X. 1 l EARNEST LANGLEY PresidenT OFFICERS EARNEST LANGLEY .... PresidenT R. L. FLOYD ..... Vice-PresidenT WOODYARD McDOWELL . . SecreTary JACK TURNER . . . . Treasurer DICK RAGSDALE . . EdiTor D. O. WILEY . . Sponsor Kappa Kappa Psi and oTher band members pass Time in card game on way To Albuquerque. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Alpha Omicron chapTer OT Kappa Kappa Psi, The TirsT chapTer oT This naTional band TraTerniTy in Texas, was or- ganized on The Tech campus in I938. The purpose oT The socieTy is To TurTher The associaTion beTween college bandsmen, provide an organizaTion Tor The advancemenT oT music on The college campus and To assisT iTs members boTh socially and educaTionally. The TraTerniTy sTaged a smoker in SepTember Tor all new band members, a Home- coming dinner Tor members and exes in Mexican inn and a smolcer Tor all men enlisTed in The NaTional Guard band. Ollie Sue ArmsTrong was presenTed as band queen aT The l-lomecoming TooTball game in November. Members gave periodic dances Tor band men in The band room, and The organizaTion was sponsor OT an inTramural baseball Team in The league This spring. Members were enTer- Tained wiTh The Third annual Tormal dinner dance and a picnic in May. ProT. D. O. Wiley was The TirsT member To be iniTiaTed To a chapTer oT The TraTerniTy in Texas. Mem- bership is based on scholasTic sTanding, musical abiliTy and consisTency oT cooperaTion in band and musical TuncTions. The chapTer plans To move inTo a TraTerniTy house nexT year. The only oTher chapTer oT Kappa Kappa Psi in Texas is The Alpha Tau chapTer aT The UniversiTy OT Texas. Page 286 -4 The College Chorus is a course given Tor crediT in The music deparTmenT, buT iT has TransTormed inTo a socieTy wiTh 343 members. In The Tall The chorus sang Tollq songs. The lasT semesTer was devoTed enTirely To The pracTice Tor The EasTer presenTaTion oT "The Seven l.asT Words OT ChrisT" by Dubois. This was The sevenTh annual perTorm- ance aT The l-ligh School audiTorium. lT was given The evening oT April 7. Edouard Marguis BliTz, eighTeen-year- old violin cellisT, acTed as guesT conducTor. SoloisTs were Twila Farrell, BeTTy FiTzpaTriclc, and Madge Malone, so- prano: JusTon Danner, Tenor: and Rex WebsTer, bass. Mrs. Julien Paul BliTz was piano accompanisT Tor boTh The chorus and orchesTra. Four hundred appeared in The per- Tormance, including guesTs Trom The band, music deparT- menT, and Townspeople. Proceeds were donaTed To The Milam Orphans home. This year's presenTaTion was dedi- caTed To The memory oT The laTe Miss Flora McGee, Tac- ulTy member: Mr. Joe T. Sneed, Chairman oT The Board oT DirecTorsg and Mrs. BradTord Knapp, widow oT The laTe Dr. BradTord Knapp. OFFICERS J. T. LAM .... RUTH WADE . . . MARY GRACE PARKINSON FLORENE SMITH . . CAROLYN SEALE . . DR. JULIEN PAUL BLITZ . PC1ge 287 .4 1 .-3 . ,U H 1- 1-,xgfg , . ,. 2fi'l:1EY . mmb-w.r3ffl1l X The Mafador band in full dress on fhe concerf sfage. Kylix. l fwlykxlli. ffxlxyl Adding color fo campus life, fhe lvlafador band is direcfed by Prof. D. O. Wiley. Foremosf among ac- JEFF COFFEY Drum Maior fuvufles of fhe year was a frup fo fhe New Mexico and ' . 1 . Tech foofball game In Albuquerque, November 30. ljsiiif 4. . . . . The band IS one of fhe buslesf or annzafuons on fhe . 9 campus, playing for all foofball and baslcefball games, marchmg ID vlcfory parades and performing on many ' .5 5151- fre, - - - - occasions dunn fhe ear. The crimson clad or am- . 9 Y 9 - ftf' :gf 3 - . - zafuon made a sprung four fo nlne Wesf Texas and . . Easfern New Mexico fowns. One of fhe mosf success- ful frlps In fhe hlsfory of fhe loand. Aslde from ofher , . D- O. WILEY performances fhey presenf fwo fradlflonal concerfs. Band Difedor Officers of fhe band are: Jack Turner, Presidenfg gum-zfysv. Q. '. ' ',- .,q?13.5j1 . . . . Lllluan l-lorner, Secrefaryg and Oscar Schilling, Sfu- denf Business Manager. lvlafador band forms lar e "M" on New Mexico Unlversif Mafador band dlsplaylng marching alolllfy on field. foofloall field. Page 288 . .V,.'fi-q vzv'ii'W'?fwi ' ff, , f, A 'V ,xg W M , U , , MMI' ,N " U " 1, 1 mdll'fWSggz,'1,,,,3.,,4Aqq ,My - A , L- wma , www, 'A 4 5357 ,, 4 fha, X R., .. Q, .v- 45 -W v , fy 1 i "W" 'W ,N M M www, ., .W- . 1 .umm umm.-M 4, , mf- , -6 4 1 ,ra .N ck? X xv, . J r 'K Q, .1ff'13-'QQ 91' u .',:Yvh-Y" w 5 , fx' . Q 51 'Wfxgvg L.b. an wwf 4 ,, .4 51 ffa!C":f5iQ4"" 5 ? Q -1.-.Wig Ay, ffzi "XZ W! X , , gp I "lm w , A Y wi ,- , l f ' - X 5 , X 5' ,a 1 r ' . . 1 u.J MEMBERS OF HOUSE SENATE KATHLEEN WEBB .... Presidenl MAXINE WHEATLEY . . Vice-Presideni JERRENE VERNER . . . Secreiary KATHERINE MEBUS . Finance Chairman EVELYN COOPER A. W. S. Represenlalive DUAK Doalc l-lall is governed by a l-louse Senale. Each girl in The dorm is a member o1cWomen's Self-C-Bow erning Associalion. Lounge was open To parenls al a lea given on Parenls Day. Girls in lhe dorm cooperale wilh Jrhe A. W. S. in promoling The "Big Sisler-Lillie Sis+er" planned in order 'ro orien- lale freshman sludenls. l-lorn, Knapp and Doalc halls gave a receplion for foolball players and coaches in The Tall. This year lhe girls were enler- Jrained wilh a formal Chrislmas dinner, al which Jaclc Yorlc's orcheslra played. Aclivilies sponsored by The dorm are financed by a 5Oc social fee which Page 290 MEMBERS OF HOUSE SENATE EARNESTINE STORY Senior Represenlalive MARY MARGARET TUNNELL Junior Represenlalive FRANCES GARY Sophomore Represenlalive I-IEIDI SCHNEIDER Freshman Represenlalive MRS. ELIZABETH YOUNG Social Direclor MISS GEORGIA MAE SMITI-I . Dielrilian HALL each of Ihe 320 girls pay al The beginning of each Semesler. On lhe lirsl Tuesday nighl of each monlh al IO o'cloclc a house meeling is held lo dis- Cuss problems and aclivilies of lhe girls. Presidenl Kalhleen Webb had charge of discussions and elec- I'lOns. In April. Jerrene Verner was elecled presi- Clenl for The coming year. Girls and dares al- lended sporl dance in April. During lhe Nalional A. W. S. convenlion dorm rooms were opened lo house-visiling delegales. Mrs. Young acls as "molher" lo her 320 children each year. Page 291 , R.. KE- is FirsT Row Pauline Baurngarf Slbll Blair Marguerife Brannen, Helen Builer, Evelyn Cooper, Beify Cram, Anna K. Davenpori. Second Row Elizabeih Doss Alma Rhea Eadcs Be-afrlce Ellioir, Louise Frye, Geraldine Lam, BeTTy Lynch, Myrile Lois Pearson. Third Row Polly Prico Bobbie Read Inez Rifier RuTh Rogers, BeTTy Savage, Elaine Simmons, DoroThy Siephens, Nina Rose Webb. A. W. S. NaTional purpose OT A. W. S. is a Tree exchange OT ideas beTween member-colleges. Also To consider Timely issues which are imporTanT in college and aTTer-college liTe. The AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs includes all women sTu- denTs on The campus wiTh represenTaTives Trom various organizaTions. lT is The conTrolling body OT all women's acTiviTies. The Club sponsors Women's RecogniTion Serv- ice, Big SisTer-LiTTle SisTer plan, "As We Like IT" hand- book, l-lowdy Day, and The poinT sysTem. Social aTTairs oT The year included a Tea Tor Treshmen, and an all-girls dance and convocaTion. OniTa Belle l-luTsTedler is To preside over The organizaTion nexT year. The local socieTy was organized in I926 and has always senT a represenTaTive To naTional meeTings. This year The NaTional convenTion meT here wiTh over I7O delegaTes Trom leading colleges aT- Tending. OTher Than campus problems, The group dis- cussed women and Their place in naTional deTense. One OT The principal speakers was Senora JoseTe de Balomceda oT Mexico. l-lighlighT oT The convenTion was a chuck wagon supper in Aggie Grove conducTed by PresidenT and Mrs. CliTTord B. Jones. Page 292 WOMENS INTER-CLUB COUNCIL The club's membership is made up oT The presidenTs and one represenTaTive Trom each social club. Members see ThaT all rush rules are observed. Purpose OT The organizaTion is To promoTe congenialiTy among women's social clubs and democracy among all women sTudenTs. The club Tries To bring abouT a Teeling oT higher scholasTics and a greaTer inTeresT in exTra-curricular acTiviTies among The social club members. Each year The council awards a loving cup To The club mainTaining The highesT scholasTic average Tor The year. Dean Mary W. Doalc and PresidenT Doris Peavy explained rush rules aT girls' convocaTion. In OcTober an inTer-club luncheon was given Tor all social clubs. The girls sponsored a Silver Tea in January To increase Their "Social Club Loan Library". which Turnishes TexT-boolcs To working girls. This was The TirsT year To have The Silver Tea, buT Trom now on iT is To be an annual aTTair. During The spring members were enTerTained aT a brealcTasT and sponsored an all-college dance. Members Tor The TirsT Time sTarTed wearing a club pin which was adopTed lasT spring. Women's lnTer-club Council members don Tormal aTTire To acT as hosT Tor silver Tea. OFFICERS DORIS PEAVY . . . PresidenT EMILY ANN MACK . Vice-PresidenT MISS BONNIE K. DYSART . Sponsor X 3 .. I xi DORIS PEAVY PresidenT FirsT Row: CaTherine Spencer, Geraldine Gamblin, DoroThy Lou EmmiTT, Jane Hill, Margery Hills. Second Row: Mary CaTherine BooTh. Winnie Jo Hooser, Emily Ann Mack, BeTsy Dan Bihl, Marie Barnard. Page 293 ri H Firsi' Row: Jane Axiell, PaTsy Ayers, Elmeririe Barron, Lois May Barry, Phyllis Bowen, Kafherine Browning, Helen BuTler, Moncure Carier, Mary Kaiherine Daniel, ElizabeTh Doss, Eleanor Doss, Geraldine Gamblin, Gloria Hammonds. Second Row: Peggy Hess, Kara Hunsucker, Wynell McClure, Ann Moore, Polly Price, Bobbie Read, Hope Read, Reuby Tom Rhodes, Helen Schneemann, Freelin Shoemaker, Jean Sciance, Elaine Simmons, Doroihy Dell STovall. Third Row: KaThleen Webb, Kafheryn WeeTh, DoroThy Williams, DoroThy WinsTon, Fussy Yeager: Pledges: BeTTie Bailey, Anne Birkman, Evelyn Cooper, Emily Cowan, Jaunell Gloar, Marian Hagan, Virginia Hall, Jane Hess. Fourfh Row: PaTTi Hicks, Marie Hunsucker, Harry ETTa Landers, Reginia Lee, Eli2aloeTh Miller, Frances Mudge, Marie Pelerman, Barbara ScoTT, Pafricia Selby, Suzanne Simons, CaTherine Siegel, Jimmie STiles, Beiiye Alyce ThaxTon, Jerrene Vcrner. Tiwi A hobo parTy TeaTuring knapsacks OT red checkered A R handkerchieTs began Las Chap rush week acTiviTies. The .E:if', club enTerTained alumnae aT The annual breakTasT dance during Homecoming. The ballroom was decoraTed like a Jgfiidljrlkk TooTball Tield wiTh goalposTs and yardlines marking OTT The Tloor. They sTaged a dinner dance aT HoTel Lubbock in OFFICERS OcTober. Tables were decoraTed wiTh blue and gold ?fANRiA'iI'LLLEE 'MASON - - V'iCc-2223321 cellophane. SanTa Claus gave members and pledges re- WYNELL MCCLURE I' 5,,C,0,a,y,T,OaSu,e, TreshmenTs in sTockings and giTTs were exchanged aT The HELEN SCHNEEMAN . Scfqcanf-of-Arms annual ChrisTmas parTy aT The home oT Mrs. T. R. Prideaux. HELEN BUTLER . A. W. S. Represenialive MRS. GEORGE LANGFORD I I Sponsor To The Tune oT "SweeThearTs on Parade" The Chaps pre- senTed 29 girls walking across a moonliT sweeThearT bridge. Formal iniTiaTion in March was held aT dawn and was Tol- Iowed by a breakTasT honoring The new members. The club enTerTained paTronesses wiTh a breakTasT in The HilTon hoTel in April. Alumnae gave members and pledges a picnic in The spring, and Las Chaps sTaged Their annual Tarewell dance aT The HilTon The lasT nighT oT school. KaTh- leen Webb was presidenT oT W. S. G. A. and beauTy nom- inee. Jane Hill, presidenT, was presidenT oT A. W. S., vice-presidenT oT Forum, member oT Las Leales. and was lisTed in "Who's Who". Polly Price, beauTy nominee, was secreTary oT The iunior class, member oT Junior Council, and Honorary CadeT CapTain oT R. O. T. C. Dance Tloor scene OT The Las Chap presenTaTion dance. Page 294 K0 Sl-IARI Ko Shari club, which means "Delighf Makers", again fhis year holds fhe cup for fhe highesf scholasfic average. During rush week fhe club enferlained rushees wifh an im- pressive Indian dinner. Pafronesses sfaged annual barbe- que for members and dafes in Ocfober. Cosfume ball is annual Hallowe'en affair. In fhe Homecoming parade fhe club enfered a floaf, "Liffle Miss Muffef"--Carolyn Sur- raff. Pafronesses had fradifional "af home" for members and friends carrying ouf fhe fheme of "old fashioned Chrisfmas". A Chrisfmas parfy was given by pledges. Formal presenfafion was held in March. Thirly pledges were presenfed from an old fashioned fan made of whife marabou and red osfrich feafhers. Girls descended whife S "Miss Muffe+" is used as fherne of Ko Shari floaf fo welcome exes. OFFICERS WINNIE JO HOOSER . . . Presidenf VONDEE LEWIS .... Vice-Presidenf GEORGIA WHARTON Recording Secrelary AGNES ROWLEY . Corresponding Secrefary MARY GAITHER ,.... Treasurer DOROTHY RYLANDER . . . Sponsor LORENE HARDING . . . Co-Sponsor f', ' I d' +hl+lI'h++- s airs meefing escor s and descen ing e as ig o DR' AND MRS. HOLDEN Honorary Sponsors gefher. Pledges were inifiafed Easfer in Sanfa Fe and sfudied fhe baclcground of fheir club. Year was climaxed wifh a farewell dance. Rufh Loflin was elecfed Hodge- ., Podge queen. Three members of lhe club held posifions , 'X I on fhe sfudenf council. An oufsfanding member was Emily "'fi" 1y4.L i 1 52, Ann Maclc, serving as secrefary-freasurer of sfudenl body, , vice-presidenf of Infer-club council. A. W. S. chairman, vice-presidenf of Spanish club, Forum, and Las Leales. WINNIE JO I-IOOSER Presidenf Firsl' Row: Dorofhy Allen, Pauline Barrier, Marguerile Brannen, Jane Brownfield, Vyola Wood, Mary Gailher, Frances Gary Millon Joyce Virginia Kennedy, Vondee Lewis, Emily Ann Maclr, Mildred Mifchell, Evelyn Paffy. I 1 Second Row: Virginia Pearson, Agnes Rowley, Elizabefh Sears, Merle Sellers, Mary Louise Tinlxler, Beverley Wade, Georgia Sue Wharfon Pafsy Wharlon, Vivian Wharfon, Neffie Belle Balfon, Doris Brofherson, Joanne Cox, Frances Gordon. I Third Row: Earlene Jones, Rufh Loflin, Aurelia McDonald, Jerry Mcllheny, Helen Jeanne Rosenqueslq Pledges: Margarel Cammaclc Marjorie Cannon, Louise Chappelle, Jane Cook, Beffy Cram, Paffi Crawford, Belsy Curlee, Wynefle Farmer I Fourfh Row: Bell Farrin lon Maxie Feliz Eleanor Gillham, Billie Lou Ha es, Bill e June Hiflson, Evel n Jones Julia Jones Mar Mar arel Y Q I i Y Y , , Knisley, Mildred Kuylcendall, Jo Ann Lewis, Louise Lewis, Mildred McGIasson, Belly O'Mara. Y Y q Fiflh Row: Mona Lou Pierce, Jean Renner, Joy Sawyer, Dorofhy Dell Schelhagan, Heidi Schneider, Mary Menon Slangel, Carolyn Surralf Joyce Swan, Jane Temple, Rebbecca Ray Weaver, Palsy Williams, Mozelle Williams, Dora Woods. I i 'l H , ,-, 4: gg ylzyyli V W L V ' :Ay v V: QS, 4 V ? .Jf9lifMil'?l.l' e.. llll 1' . I 12 I -If Qi I A 0 an , . -. ,M I pl a . Q 'V A " I " I' Av f., , . -. L . I U . Y'-N x SI I A fa' I , I - 1 1,0 re 3 I S' 'i , .f S I. A " V, , N' . ' - '-. FS P 4' " - in ' v I " ' if , In Q. F , L, X ri f'i,iw I'l' . g s'-l 1 J, 1 I wiv m ilf'-fer I - ,' S I f' 4 ing ' fa W X is - gi, is .fi N I In ez XJ I Page 295 i : ll 5 fl - 4 .J , ffl e a an 44 1 'C' . 5 A A.- :mini Firsl Row: Marie Barnard, Norma Gene Bankslon, Pauline Baumgarl, Dorolhy Burlon, Billye Blackburn, Jeanelle Bynum, Mary Helen Carroll, Marian Collman, Calherine Dillard. Second Row: Billie Jo Dodson, Frances Hamplon, Willouise Humphries, Elwanda Oliver, Emalu O'Neal, Nalalie Parker, Frances Pills, Marlha Price, Mary Price, Billie Bess Shive. Third Row: Belly Shryock, Lollie Jo Townes, Dorris Vallance, Maxine Whealley, Elizabelh Milchellg Pledges: Annie Lee Cone, Doris Rose Dobbs, Marlha Herring, Jo Killian, Sarabelh Kimmel. Fourlh Row: Lena Noah, Bee Ragan, Belly Jo Rice, Marioray Ridley, Eloise Roberls, Jane Rogers, Peggy Salem, Jeanne Saunders, Glennis Wallz, Wanda Belh Williams. D. F. D. DFD gave lradilional lormal Smorgasbord dinner al Holel Lubbock lor rushees. Club honored new pledges al close ol rush week wilh open house al 2205 Broadway. Fealure ol lhe fall enlerlainmenls ol lhe club was lhe CATHERINE . . . . . SPENCER Thanksgiving Kick-oll dinner and dance belore lhe special P'e5'de"i lrain lell lor Albuquerque. Enlerlained alumnae Novem- OEEICERS ber I6 wilh a Homecoming luncheon. Pledges honored CATHERINE SPENCER I E Presiden, aclive members wilh a dinner al Mexican lnn, February 22. MARY PRICE .... vice-Pfesideni Members were presenled wilh silver hearl bracelels and a EI?NRl?I2F!D2EBLi5gg5N ' ' ' Q Seuelmy DFD hearl. Al lhe annual Yulelide parly members and . . Business Manager . ' I BILLIE BESS Si-HVE .... Reporter pledges exchanged gills. Al Founder s Day dinner March M55 ANNAH JO PENPLETON - SPOUSO' 3. Willouise Humphries and Marioray Ridley were given club lockels 'lor being lhe oulslanding member and pledge. D- F- D- "CUl5e5" don luf Coals and deCOfGle Ten new members and l l pledges were presenled lrom a beauiliul Homecoming float Unilecl Slales shield ol red, while and blue salin wilh silver slars. According lo lhe club lradilion, lhe newly elecled presidenl, Marie Barnard, was presenled lirsl. Club pa- lronesses and sponsors gave a spring lea-dance lor mem- bers and pledges aller exam week. Mary and Marlha Price were LA VENTANA beauly nominees. Maxine Whealley was presidenl ol Forum, vice-presidenl ol W. S. G. A., and a member ol Alpha Psi Omega. Hazel Ann Buckner was a member ol Forum and Phi U. Page 296 "' ,, l . ' SANS SOLICI During rush weelc Sans Souci sTaged a TradiTional gold and whiTe dinner. Alumnae gave a dance in honor oT new pledges. Homecoming was celebraTed wiTh a TloaT and a coTTee Tor exes. Sans Souci is nexT To The oldesT girls' so- cial club on The campus. IT is The only club To have pres- enTaTion oT members in The Tall. In December TwenTy-one y Posed as maioreTTes, Sans Souci pledges add Color To a beauTiTul parade. pledges and Two new members were presenTed Trom a large whiTe orchid. The whole Theme oT The presenTaTion was carried ouT wiTh orchids, each girl carrying one. Pa- OFFICERS . I . MARGERY HILLS .... PresidenT Tronesses enTerTaIned members and pledges wITh an In- DORIS PEAVY .lrl Viwpresidenf E, MARY CATHERINE BOOTH Tormal box supper aT The ArneTT-Benson ranch. Tradi- Tional "hell week" was held in February. On Texas Inde- pendence Day The paTronesses were given a brealcTasT. In March The club held Their annual gypsy dance, aT which a crysTal-gazing TorTune Teller helped guesTs wiTh problems. Recording SecreTary I RUTH RODC-SERS . Corresponding SecreTary CORA JEAN WATSON . . . Treasurer BILLYE LFVEINIS . . . ParliamenTarian SARA DAVISS ,.... CusTodian MISS JONNIF McCRERY . . . Sponsor Ballroom was decoraTed wiTh balloons, conTeTTi, and carica- MRS- EDNA LYLE5 - I Sponsor 3 I 1 Tures oT members. l.asT TuncTion oT The year was a Tare- lv I-, well dance. OuTsTanding members include: Doris Peavy, im, socieTy ediTor oT Toreador and member oT choreography g, . V I commiTTee Tor VarsiTy show, oT which Jane Ann Floyd was I also a member: Ollie Sue ArmsTrong, honorary cadeT col- -'Sr onel and regimenT sponsor oT R. O. T. C. y . . . ... I . V, ' I I I -v.' MARGERY HILLS l' PresidenT I . I Firsl' Row: Mary CaTherine Boofh, BeTTy Burlce, RuTh Campbell, Sara Daviss, Wilma RuTh Forbis, PaT FullbrighT, Dolores HaseloTT Lanelle Hurlburf, Helen JarroTT, Dee Kelly. ' Second Row: Billye Levens, EToiIe McLeod, Cafherine McCallum, Marilynn Miller, Jane Parris, Mary PaxTon, Doris Peavy, Jane PricIceTT RuTh f Rogers, Helen Thomas. Third Row: Blandina Tredway, Cora Jean WaTsong Pledges: Ollie Sue ArmsTrong, HarrieTT Bickley, Audrey Binkley, Virginia Bowman, Monle Jo Brashear, BeTTy Rhea Caldwell, Fannie Bordwell, Ophelia May Beall, Mary ElizabeTh 1 our ow: arT a ar, ane nn oy . e rne o nson, ynona e er, unice KI TT, Sh'l P , J S +I, M If 'rhR M Ii ClkJ A FldNIlA ++JII w KII E Dalecheel' I STephenson, Joyce WaTson, Yvonne WesTmorelarId, Carrye Jo McLeon. e 'Fey among une Co ary Ann I I A ,I Q . I A 5. Ay 5 y I . vi ia. .A M I ' WI I ' g , sf ff-rf s y , y 5,6 y y . .I ' "'35'fl XJ Q T 3 I 'Qi-. ' I bi . , 1 4 -'i" g I 5 A I HS .nail FT V T In A A Page 297 J . 1 'K I T ' :I f'.F if TY' TE 'ILIJI 4 3 V 5 n .ibjlr 53' H- 3 T ' it at s 4 f ,fill km- lx ., N , ' Cx , CQ i ' Q 8 .5 4 x .iff . i if , , N-.sly FirsT Row: Chrisiine Birdwell, Nancy Boggess, Cafherine Collier, Jo Nell Cox, Anna KaTherine Davenporf, Walldeen Donnell, DoroThy Lou EmmiTT, Camille Graves, Sarabel Hall, Louise Jones, Geraldine Lam. Second Row: Dan Long, DoroThy Neeley, Befh Newion, MarTha Frank Planfs, Shirley Reinhold, Vada Belle Tomlinson, Flora Lee Williams, WiniTred Woods: Pledges: LaVerne Allen, Mabel Ameen. Third Row: DoroThy Cross, DoroThy Day, Jean Harp, Dorofhea McDaniel, Lucy Mary Payne, Lucille Payne, Jeanne Roco, Grace Rooney, Mary Jo Ryan, Ann Jack STroTher, Lula Lee Teal. Q LAS VIVARACI-IAS Las Vivarachas, meaning "The lively ones", opened rush is ,. Q week wiTh a Tormal dinner. New Pledges were honored wiTh The TirsT dance oT The season in OcTober. The ballroom BETS! D33N+BlHL was decoraTed in carnival sTyle and conTeTTi and serpen- f'eSl en , , Tune added To The Tun. DoroThy Lou EmmiTT represenTed OFFICERS The club in The Homecoming Parade dressed in a whiTe BETSY DAN BH-ii. .... Presidenf saTin skirT which concealed The car on which she rode. VADA BELLE TOMUNSON ' V'Ce'P'eS'denT Alumnae were honored wiTh a coTFee. PaTronesses enTer- CAMILLE GRAVES .... secfefsfy , , WALLDEEN DONNELL , I T,e.,S,,,e, Tained members and pledges aT Their annual barbecue. BETH NEWTON ' - - RSPOVTGV Members and pledges exchanged giTTs aT The ChrisTrnas MISS RUTH PIRTLE . . Sponsor . . parTy December l5. Mud pig banks were given rushees aT spring semesTer rush dinner. NineTeen new members Las Vivi, DoroThy Lou Emmi++ a+op Homecoming and pledges were presenTed, March I4, in l-loTel Lubbock 'cloak Yell 'eadefWT1'+e'eY'SOn'vSPeak'HQ Trom a moonlighT Terrace seTTing. The ballroom was in Th d ' . , To e river ToTal darkness and as each girl was presenTed, spoT lighTs ranging Trom blue To whi+e were Turned on her. Accord- ing To TradiTion, BeTsy Dan Bihl, pasT club presidenT was also presenTed. Miss RuTh PirTle, club sponsor, honored members and pledges wiTh a spring picnic aT Silver Falls. LasT enTerTainmenT oT The semesTer was The spring Tarewell dance in May. Reunion will be held This summer aT a cen- Trally locaTed place. DoroThy Lou EmmiTT was nominee Tor LA VENTANA beauTy, Junior queen and R. O. T. C. Honorary CadeT Major. Geraldine Conner Lam was vice- X 5 presidenT oT A. W. S. Nqxxfi Page 298 Q w Q 1 Q. a- ,E A R .X 'A' .,- - 3 -Q.. K Q., M iW za 'W - , N4 ki in N 1 ,, A . A. 9 . 4. A ff A VY, ur 'A -al "ff-w' J V," ,thu-21-gy ' -if v . ' N . .9 ff . mv' ' ,-WJ? , .. fh?,,,Q f 5 . 1 ., , Vw JF. 5 v 'b' at QW , in .gf ,, wi 2 n 'F' .3 v Q s 1, ,, " W ' .., E. Qu? 5 .L ' A' 'i-arf . V K fig 'wb' 'ff-f , , . f , .'ge,fffi-A, . .' '35 'I X " ,,, Q 1' , N vc-'gf 7g,.g74 K. . , N , ,N Q 1 . ' -' X ,gi rl . xg. f Vw ,. . . . f ff' M' gf ' W ' " Af if -K R ak, tl W. ,A A, 'L Y W Zftmgilw . ."A- -J - . wx ' --42 fa' 5 ' ,,-'W , ,, i' E. ,E wwf V. - . . A K. . A Qty, vw. ,ar R . .Msgs k 'L fi jg 5:7 gm, A A , 3 Lltkgxffl , -,7, 4 NWT. . V Q :my LM., ,ik V, .mv L . , QR . 6? :V .R , 3.x may ?' ., ' I W ' . x M593 I WM: 'i . - , N X, r , ww .7 .. Q 'W' , . ., ' k f , Q w 1 K ' I 7 M ' 'V 'fm V' 'Y ff' if ' A . , 3'lui'X3iE-Xwlf .1 . ,f ' Wu 'g wx. "1 41215 ' L2 A 1 Q . ,tadcpa Y . g l W IN' ,y , , xr A nf-if W ., A Q3 , ,, fgygaf, ,fig f 7 ' tiff , , va f 1,,,l?a, ' 3 ' . f vu. ' ' XV ,T Wm, . w -X ' -f , 3 235- .., 'h54.vH.'5.,fq.. S.. 'X M '1'EiT'Q' 1 . ,X .A F ., gf Ei., ,wil . W . V2V,v,y,L . H ,, ' ,f fx, Q M., K, ' K. . .is M ,iz yy Z ' mL.h .'Qffff if 1'???'1f' - rw . if 11 .. H. . at , Q :ff T... ,hw A V' vm 'iijwgqyxggi . f , . 'L ,v My 251 TT 'M ilf Vwg. by X- 4 ' "' '+..L f ' A I .5 if 4. V V 1 3' wx ,K . ,,5T!,my. ,X . . N W Li., .f-,ey g gg M. 11,7 ,,f'g,, 'W 5+ :ff , . ', , 1. ff V. '71 -.rf1L'4,, .,3,, lj, 5 4 . 'Y ' .flw,4fc1gt,.' A , ' -ip,-f x 'A "' . 53325. 'X' "VV 1 W 'W ' ' , l ff:1?'i21' 5... 5, ,W W ,aa ,...,qg.,..Q, vw, T.. ff 73-f?vElf'fg73' ' W9vVif " ' ,:Q'3E?fi'f': - K 5 25 . I A ' ' 'f 3, If 65.6K rm -V ,,ge'4' , , ' sh . if . .. 1-i Q . ' V 'FVYJY i Wi a ' " 1. A P ,f ' - "k m 'W' A - f 1 ' ,R , A K' M1 wi Q, 5 9i1i:',' I 5' f., Vg. , ' , , . ', , 'fi g 5- , 'f fl wlgliz ST 'fx jx' ,hm 14' 3 . ,,,M ,,'Q, J YE. I. ' 5, " Q.. U' R", ' 3,2 A Mwf . '55 'SL , VL, .Y . . ' ... ' ' Ji 3 MH' fl-. f W ff L' H iw , ' QS? 'h , wgw"5f3i, fi x K 4' 1. :LX WH . . Q I , . 1- 1 252? kg . :ww , .fn'ff'Pif."f???i'5 Wil 'F' 'kiiiiwf uf ' ' " ...QF . 'f - -1 -.ap X ff an , f....wfQmf..Qw. 1 -f H 'K-ef, sf Mm., . .. I I, W V + 1 i,,1g,y. f Q f H l u , . .bw M? . vsrgww., W M., .-m y , . . .1 yaegm - IK, 19-r-H -A -"-'- ---- '- use i. 1 lin 04 sw. :rn -mn. -gn -x vw: WEST WING RESIDENTS OF HORN HALL OFFICERS MAITLAND BESEDA .... Presidenf J. L. l-TEMBY . . . Vice-PresiclenT LEWIS NANCE ..... SecreTary CLYDE PETERSON .... Treasurer HAYNES BAUMGARDNER . ParliamenTarian Mr. and Mrs. W. N. BobbiTT, Social DirecTors oT Horn Hall, in Their quarTers. HORN Housed wiThin The walls of "The Old Dorm". as iT is called, can be Tound a True represenTaTive group oT men on Tech campus. Three hundred and TwenTy sTrong, They are ready aT any Time To bring sTrong compeTiTion To Their neighbors, The Knapp l-lallers. They Talce pride in calling l-lorn l-lall The men's dormiTory and Knapp l-lall resi- denTs boys. A uniTy oT spiriT prevails here ThaT can hardly be egualed in any oTher group on The campus. l-leaded by lvlaiTland Beseda, Their dormiTory associaTion sTrives Tor uniTy and co- operaTion among The inhaloiTanTs. OTher oTTi- cers oT The dorm are J. L. Hemby, vice-presi- denTg Lewis Nance, secreTary: Clyde PeTerson, Treasurer: and Haynes Baumgardner, parliamen- Tarian. Their maior sporT is soTTball. Each wing boasTs a Team which is hard To beaT on The dia- mond. l.asT spring The lsT easT wing baTTled Through To win Trom The Tive oTher Teams and Then wenT on To Take down The dormiTory cham- Pcrge 300 - - ff.. ??' EAST WING RESIDENTS OF HORN HALL HALL pionship Trom The Knapp Hall boys. Each year during dead weelc The Two dormiTories go inTo compeTiTion beTween each oTher To produce The longesT, blaclcesT, ThiclcesT, and scanTiesT beards. This year Horn Hall emerged vicTorious by win- ning every posiTion excepT one Trom The Knapp Hall whislcer growers. Tom SweaTman won The blaclcesT, Jim Chalmers, The longesT. Lloyd Hahn oT Knapp Hall was The besT looking, and Fresh- man Billy Casey was The winner Tor having less beard Than anyone. Horn Hall residenTs conTrib- uTe a small amounT oT dues each semesTer. This year sTudenT dormiTory oTTicials purchased a pub- lic address sysTem wiTh a phonograph aTTachmenT To provide enTerTainmenT during meal Time. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Bobl:niTT are Social DirecTors. Horn Hall ioins Knapp Hall To hold several dances during The year Tor The loeneTiT oT dormiTory in- haloiTanTs. Page 301 WING REPRESENTATIVES JOHNNY PHILLIPS GORDON CARLISLE ED McIv1ENAMY JACK NEAL WALTER LEMKE BILL CRADDOCK OTTicers Clyde Pederson, J. L. I-lemloy, lvIaiTland Beseda, and Haynes Baumgardner gaTher in Horn Hall lounge. OFFICERS REX ROSE ...... pmwwww 5.5 "4" WEST WING RESIDENTS OF KNAPP HALL Presidenl' BILL MCDONALD . . . Vice-PresidenT GRANVILLE WATERS . . . ALFRED COUCI-I . . PresidenT Rex Rose and oTher Knapp I-lall o discuss dormiTory problems. Secrefary Treasurer Tficers KNAPP "A man's home is his casTle" is an old phrase ThaT remains in The minds oT hundreds oT sTudenTs who go OTT To school each year. l-lere, however, The casTle is home because 320 boys call Knapp l-lall home, and a large Tamily iT is. A cross sec- Tion oT The sTudenT body is hardly a iusTiTiable expression in reTerring To The young men who in- habiT The large sTrucTure iusT OTT The Avenue. AcTually They rnighT be reTerred To as a cross secTion oT WesT Texas, or even Texas, Tor ThaT maTTer. Pacing The same halls, eaTing The same Tood in The same dining room, They live as one big happy group. Large and small, Engineers, Aggies, ArTs and Science sTudenTs, Treshmen, and graduaTes seem like broThers as They ioin To- geTher in compeTiTion againsT ouTsiders. They borrow Trom each oTher, help wiTh sTudies, play pranks, and spend endless hours in bull sessions. Their parlor is a large lounge where dozens oT boys, aTTer each meal, read The Sunday papers or discuss everyThing Trom world aTFairs To girl Trienols. Page 302 K "4 Q'-Q6 N-TQ, - V :Q . A X . 1 ., 1 Y.. r' EAST WING RESIDENTS OF KNAPP HALL HALL Led eTiicienTly by Rex Rose, The boys are ioined TogeTher in The dormiTory associaTion, which sTrives To promoTe beTTer reIaTionship and acTiviTies among The residenTs. Each person pays a small amounT oT dues Tor The purpose oT buying sporTs equipment give giTTs To persons con- necTed wiTh The dormiTories, and Tor any neces- sary worThwhile proiecT. Playing TaTher and moTher To The group Tor The mosT oT The year, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Favor acTed as Social Direc- Tors. Several dances were held in connecTion wiTh The l-lorn I-lall residence in The dining room oT Knapp I-Iall. Upon The resignaTion oT Mr. and Mrs. Favor To accepT anoTher posiTion, Their du- Ties were Taken over by Raymond Flushe and MiITon I-Iill. Each wing has a soTTball Team and goes To baTTle each aTTernoon on a diamond be- hind The dormiTory. The Knapp I-Iall dining room has been The scene oT several dances which are held in connecTion wiTh residenTs oT I-lorn I-lall. Page 303 WING REPRESENTATIVES BILL LARMER JOHN BLOMSI-IIELD JIMMIE ALLEN PAUL ANDERSON LLOYD I-IAHN ELMER FOLK Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Favor, Social DirecTors aT Their desk in Knapp I-Iall. ' 8 Firsf Row: Bob Snyder 'S' P 'd r L A Riffer, Alfred Couch, L. Dean Bufler. oe Will Tripliff. Second Row: Murray Gray, H. M. Terry, J OFFICERS BOB SNYDER ..... Presidenl MURRAY GRAY . . Secrefary-Treasurer DEAN JAMES G. ALLEN . . . Sponsor Firsf Semesfer lnfer-club Council Presidenf Roberf Snyder carries dufies 'ro boolcsfore. MENS INTER-CLUB CCDLJNCIL Men's lnfer-Club council was organized in fhe fall of l938 fo esfablish a medium of working oul' problems of men's social clubs on fhe campus. lf fries fo promofe higher ideas among fhe men sfudenfs and fo regulafe club affairs. The or- ganizafion is made up of 'rhe presidenf of each social club. Membership is esfablished in Ocfo- ber and again in February. as fhe clubs elecf offi- cers. Spring members included L. A. Riffer, Ke- masg Bill Larmer. College Club: Lewis Nance, Los Camaradasg P. A. Lyon. Socii: Jim Brigham, Wranglers: Bob Snyder, Silver Key: and Andrew Mclnfosh, Cenfaur. Officers were L. A. Riffer, presidenf, and Lewis Nance, secrefary-freasurer. The maior funcfion of fhe group is an annual din- ner and smoker in fhe spring. This year 'rhe group had Rev. John Winslow as guesf speaker April 24. College cifizenship and club life was fhe subiecf of his address. Approximafely 350 members of men's clubs affended fhe fourfh annual dinner for presidenfs and pasf presidenfs honoring fhe club sponsors. Dean James G. Allen has advised and guided fhe group since ifs organizafion. Page 304 SQCTI Pall semesTer rushing Tor Socii was a dinner aT Mexican lnn. EnTerTained alumni Homecoming wiTh a geT-TogeTher. The Yellow l-louse Tearoom was The scene oT Their annual ChrisTmas parTy. Members, pledges and Their daTes were given giTTs wiTh individual verses as a greeTing. The verses parTicularly described The personaliTy oT each per- son. GiTTs were disTribuTed by a "real" SanTa Claus. February 28 was The daTe oT The annual Tormal dance given aT l-loTel Lubbock wiTh Jaclc York and his orchesTra Turnish- ing The music. WiTh The beginning oT The spring semesTer Socii sTarTed a series oT monThly "WanTa Play" parTies. Gave a buTTeT dinner and dance aT The Yellow l-louse Tea- room, March 20, on The Theme oT an air raid. DecoraTions were guns. helmeTs and war eguipmenT. Club enTerTained wiTh a sporT dance, April 26, in a downTown hoTel. LasT aTFair oT The year was The annual picnic Tor members, pledges and Their daTes aT BuTTalo Springs in May. Mem- bers and pledges plan a reunion wiTh The ex's in Dallas This summer. P. A. Lyon was prexy oT The group Tor The spring semesTer and Dale Lehr served as vice-presidenT. Club roll included I4 acTive members and IO pledges. l-l. lvl. Terry and Orville ShoTner were acTive in dramaTics and debaTe. Firsf Row: Theron Lehr, R. L. McClellan, MoTTeTT Ryan, Orville Shofner, P. A. Lyon, Charlie WalTon, Billy Ed WhiTTill. Socii members sing a Tew Tunes in a dormiTory . . PresidenT Vice-Pre-sidenT . SecreTary . . Treasurer Social DirecTor SergeanT-aT-Arms Pledge CapTain . . Sponsor . Sponsor .--.-.. .1 Second Row: Pledges: Glenn Boyd, Fiske Hanley, William Nelson, Dan Price, Donald Vaughn, PresTon Gill, Jack Longley. 509 is .qv FirsT Row: Jaclc Allen, RoberT Bandeen, Jack Boone, Billy Brassell, Roberi' Davis, John EmmiTT, Tom Green, Lloyd Hahn. Second Row: Charles E. Jacobs, Bill Larmer, Francis Newell, Bob Perryman, Edward Pool, Bill PoTTs, HarT Shoemaker, Fred YelTon. Third Row: Pledges: Guy Barlcs, Glenn Browne, Rob T DeaTs, J lc M H, J T P T , R' h d R d I , M. H. R b' , A. B. S Jack Yorlr. L. DEAN BUTLER PresidenT OFFICERS L. DEAN BUTLER ..... President' HART SHOEMAKER . . Vice-Presidenf BILL LARMER . . . Secrefary BOB BANDEEN . . Treasurer LLOYD HAHN . . . Chaplain CHARLES JACOBS . . SenTinel DR. F. W. ROLF . . Sponsor A vicTory Tor Tech was The Theme of The College Club Homecoming TloaT. I my ,C L' 1 el' BC OOM, O9 Om FBS on IC if GQS G9 O IFISOH GTISOFYI, COT -LECE CI LIB College Club enTerTained rushees aT a brealcTasT The Tall semesTer. Dinner dance was given Tor new pledges and alumni on Homecoming Day. The club gave The TirsT dance oT The Tormal season aT HoTel Lubbock. lT is one oT The oldesT men's social clubs on The campus, being or- ganized in l928. "Double C" is Theme Tor many oT Their aTFairs. The second semesTer rushees were TreaTed wiTh a dinner aT Mexican lnn. New pledges were honored aT a spring dance. ln May members and daTes aTTended a picnic aT The CounTry Club. A sTag dinner was given Tor graduares aT The close oT The semesTer. Bill Larmer served as presidenT of The group and Bob Perryman as secreTary in The spring. OuTsTanding members OT The club include Bob Bandeen, vice-presidenT oT Engineer's socieTyg L. Dean BuTler, presidenT of Tech AccounTing socieTy: and HarT Shoemaker, presidenT oT senior class and B. B. A. club. Lloyd Hahn is Treasurer oT Aggie club and Tom Green, vice-presidenT oT Aggie club and secreTary oT Block and Bridle. Page 306 PQ LGS CAMARADAS Organized in I93O 'ro promofe a more friendly relafion- ship among members and ofher sfudenfs on fhe campus. Opened rush week wifh a fradifional smoker. Members, pledges and dafes enioyed formal dinner dance on eve of Thanksgiving holidays. Dafes received a compacf en- graved wifh fhe club name. Semi-formal dance was given befween semesfers where Techsfers swung ouf soon affer fhe lasf final. Club enferfained wifh a formal dance in March in fhe Lubbock hofel wifh Sandy Sanderson and his orchesfra furnishing fhe music. Dance was given in honor of fhe spring semesfer pledges. Farewell picnic ended ac- fivifies for fhe year. Club ranks high in inframural sporfs, Busfer Smifh, Jim l-lamlef, Lewis Nance and Walfer Lemke were lisfed among mosf oufsfanding afhlefes. Los Cams won fhe loving cup given for fhe club winning fhe mosf poinfs af fhe Block and Bridle rodeo. lf holds ifs annual summer convenfion in Lubbock. Harold Beckmeyer, presi- denf of Pi Sigma Alpha, was vofed fhe mosf oufsfanding pledge for fhe fall semesfer. James Snyder, presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Body, has been lisfed in "Who's Who" for fwo consecufive years. Lewis Nance served as Los Cam presidenf for fhe spring semesfer and was a member of fhe Junior and Senior Livesfock Judging feams. Murray Gray was secrefary of Men's lnfer-Club Council. Los Cam members gafher around Arnold Maeke af fhe piano for a swing session. OFFICERS MURRAY GRAY .... BUSTER SMITH . . . WALTER LEMKE . . . LLOYD MORGAN . CASEY FINE M URRAY GRAY Prcsidenf . Presidenf Vice-Presidenf . Secreiary . Treasurer . Sponsor Firsf Row: Bradford Holleyman, Walfer Lemke, Arnold Maeker, Bill Mafhews, Bill Miller, Lewis Nance, Trueff Pafferson. Second Row: Frank Rapsfine, Busfer Smifh, James Snyder, James Vickers: Pledges: Harold Beckrneyer, Morfon Dismuke, Max Garmon, Jesse George. Third Row: Jim I-lamlef, Jack Larrick, Hugh Lawless, Charles Marfin, John Thornburgh, Fred Wallace, William McCoy, Bud Waff. rs 'Qgr ' ,A ..,,, 5' Q22 In T' 99 307 i 1 if: 4 X 1 T ir 13- . S T l F' T T . pg ii A - -T-Tia i in 'sr FQ: V 9 .- . . , . i .T xl 1 Q qv' , - ' 4 , .. Firsl Row: Jimmie Brown, Charles Buiis, John Chalk, Carroll Claiior, Frank Crowell, Joe Davidson, Lewis Ellis, Raymond Goodrich, Joe Bob Johnsfon, A. C. Lamberl, A. J. Kemp, Paul Redding, Thomas Rogers. Second Row: Max Ruiledge, Roberi Sams, Dexy Suddulh, Warren Tabor, Jack Wells, L. D. Whiieley, Homer York, Herberi Leaveriong Pledges: Orville Alderson, Ray Ameen, Paul Anderson, J. W. Barneii, Jack Bogan. Third Row: Willis Carson, Cliilon Clark, Weldon Clark, Bob Collier, Jeri Coffey, Cleveland Cobb, Joe Craver, Oscar Dodson, Blake Hamman, Roberi Keasler, Henry Lawson, John Liille. Fourlh Row: Ted Michie, J. C. McClure, Billy McGlolhlin, Neel Nichols, P. B. Shannon, Don Smiih, Vesier L. Smilh, J. C. Tucker, F. V. Walker W. B. Weisel, James D. Williams, Johnny E. Williams, EvereH Van Pallen, Bill Cooke, James Roberison. ROBERT SNYDER Presidenf OFFICERS ROBERT SNYDER .... Presidenl PAUL REDDING . Vice-Presideni CHARLES BUTTS . . Secreiary HOMER YORK . . Treasurer JOHN HARDING . . Sponsor Ollie Sue Armsirong and Bob Collier don ihe ironi of Key Tloai in Homecoming parade. ---:mini SllcVEl?. lil? Silver Key pledged 32 men afler fall semesler rush week. The club is recognized as The second oldesl social club on The campus, being organized in l929. New pledges were honored Ociober I2 wilh a cabarel dinner al Hillon holel. Members, pledges and Jrheir dales danced lo nickelodeon afler dinner. S. K. gave iis iirsl open house al Silver Key club house, 22l I Main, on November 3. Over 350 guesls aliended. Twenly-five alumni were honored ai lhe annual Homecoming dinner, November I6. Jack York "swung our" for The New Year's formal dance, January 4. The club enierlained wiih a spring sporl dance, April I9, in lhe Hilion Holel. Members and pledges allended lhe annual farewell breakiasl in May. This year lhe club is going lo repeal The "very successful" conveniion in Ruid- oso of lasi summer. Silver Key ranks high in iniramural sporis. The Keys are lhe only men's social club lo give pledges a formal inilialion. This club received second place in scholasiic average of men's clubs on The campus. Roberl' Snyder, president was presidenl of lVlen's lnler- club Council. A. J. Kemp was re-elecled as ediior of LA VENTANA, and Raymond Goodrich was presidenl of lhe iunior class. Paul Redding was sludeni represenlalive on +he Alhleiic Council. John Harding sponsors lhe group. Page 308 gg ,ig A Q Kemas, lndian name meaning Triends, is now in iTs ninTh year oT social organizaTion on The campus. FT. WorTh is The scene oT iTs summer convenTion. This club has main- Tained a club house Tor Tive consecuTive years and keeps close conTacT wiTh a sTrong alumni organizaTion. Kemas was a sTrong conTender in inTramural sporTs. TradiTional aTTairs include rush week acTiviTies, Homecoming dinner Tor reTurning exes. ChrisTmas parTy aT The house, daTe dinner aT which guesTs received monogrammed club play- ing cards, annual Tormal, spring picnic and spring TesTival dance. The club plans a gala TenTh year convenTion in Lubbock in l942. L. A. RiTTer, presidenT, was also presi- Symbolic of club name, Kemas Turn lndian Tor Homecoming parade. OFFICERS L. A. RITTER ...... Presidenl' FLMER WALL . . . Vice-PresidenT DUFFER CRAWFORD . . . SecreTary DON LEWIS ...... Treasurer denT oT Men's lnTer-club council Tor The spring semesTer. QTRRYLESGYNA . T .ATTSEJZQMTSSEZT George Musick is Business Manager oT The Toreador. JOHNNY PHILLIPS . . . ReporTer George Wilson prexied The Aggie club and was acTive in TEVSSRZLJSWS ' - - Rush gaplaln sTock judging evenTs and conTesTs. Lee Hackler was one ri. fi. ANDERSGN SEZEZZT oT The producers and direcTors oT The TirsT varsiTy show. James PiTTs, and Elmer Wall, vice-presidenT, were mem- bers oT The PublicaTions CommiTTee and Harold Thompson was STudenT Council member. T. C. RooT, known as TaTher R3 oT The group. has been sponsor Tor seven years. H. A. i Anderson was newly elecTed as co-sponsor oT The club. L. A. RITTER PresidenT FirsT Row: Jack Brown, DuTTer Crawford, Paul CrawTord, Leland George, Russell Hedrick, Lee Hackler, Claude JarreTT, Lewis Johnson, Bob Jordan. Second Row: Winn Lehman, Don Lewis, James Lovelace, H. D. Phillips, Johnny Phillips, Dick RoberTs, Lee Ray ScoTT, Harry Shaw, Lewis Shows. Third Row: Paul STengel, Reid Sfrickland, Harold Thompson, Elmer Wall, Jayson Young, George Musick: Pledges: Jack AbboTT, Lee Baugh, KenneTh Beane, Jimmie Cochran. FourTh Row: Hugh English, Charles Fair, Roy HasTings, Reuben Jackson, RcberT Johnson, Kellogg Manchee, Lee Murphy, Hugh Reynolds, Sandy Sanderson, George Wall. 'W' ld ffiai' 3 -,f. L .Li FirsT Row Jim Brigham Charles Bucy PeTer Harmonson Wilson HousewrighT, Jack Jordan, Raybon Lam, Allen Leach. Second Row Jimmie LeTTwich Ed Morrison Hugh Sharpe Wayne W. SmiTh: Pledges: George Barnes, Jack Beavers, Cabof DysarT, Bill Fuller. Third Row Charles FuggeT Howard Heard T A Henson Dick Jones. Roberf Meacham, Oran Wilson. Johnie Bradshaw, Cloyd SlaTer. XMRAN Cl eo, - 22 Wranglers led all oTher men's social clubs in scholasTic average The TirsT semesTer. IT is one oT The oldesT clubs, being organized in l929. IT was Tounded on The idea oT promoTing Triendship and broTherhood on The campus. BeTore The ChrisTmas holidays The club enTerTained mem- bers, pledges. Triends and daTes wiTh a dance. Formal George WashingTon dance was given February 22, an annual aTTair. ln The spring The group had a semi-Tormal dance. AlTred Couch became presidenT soon aTTer The Tall semesTer upon The resigning oT Charles Bucy. ln The spring Jim Brigham became presidenT. Allen Leach. vice- presidenT, and PeTe Harmonson, secreTary-Treasurer. OUT- sTanding members oT The club include AlTred Couch, presi- denT oT Alpha Chi and lisTed in Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies. Jim Brigham, a member oT The golT Team and placed second in lnTer-lvlural GolT Tourna- menT. Wranglers Talce parT in many campus sporTs. This year John WalTers, insTrucTor in The English deparTmenT, became new co-sponsor oT The club. Page 310 ,I 5 . 'M I '3 ' iii? . I F '- .' w 1 .. I .. . Q . CenTaur pledged a ToTal oT 25 men during This year. The club is organized on Big BroTher plan and can have only as many pledges as iT does members. Rush week TuncTion was a dinner Tor prospecTive pledges. Club gave a Dog- paTch barn dance aT The I-loTel Lubbock in OcTober. Mem- bers and guesTs were dressed To represenT all The DogpaTch characTers. FeaTures oT The dance were The hog-calling conTesT and The Sadie Hawkins race. Walls oT The ballroom were decoraTed wiTh large skeTches oT Li'l Abner and his Triends. I-lomecoming was celebraTed wiTh a sTag dinner and The club enTerTained wiTh an annual ChrisTmas cheer parTy in iTs house aT 2406 Broadway. Spring semesTer rush aTTair was a dinner aT Mexican Inn. Ballroom oT The I-loTel Lubbock was decoraTed wiTh The club cresT Tor The TradiTional Tormal dance February l5. Social highlighT oT The year was The Tormal dinner-dance honoring graduaTing members. DaTes oT The members and pledges were pre- senTed wiTh musical powder boxes. Club honored moThers wiTh The annual MoThers' Day breakTasT, and aTTending moThers were presenTed wiTh corsages. Social season ended wiTh The farewell dinner Tor members held on The lasT Sunday oT school. CenTaur was very acTive in inTra- mural sporTs. I-las an alumni associaTion consisTing oT ZOO alumni who keep in close Touch wiTh all club acTiviTies. CenTaurs, "Pig" Giles and Joe Will TripliTT perform Tor crowd aT "LiTTle.Abner" dance. OFFICERS JOE WILL TRIPLITT .... PresidenT ANDREW MclNTOSl-I . . Vice-PresidenT JIMMY ALLEN ..... SecreTary JOI-IN ROBERT MOXLEY . . Treasurer JERRY NAST-I . . . Sergeanl'-aT-Arms JACK GILES . . Rush CapTain BILL PEARCE . . . Sponsor JOE WILL TRIPLITT Presidenf Firsl' Row: James Allen, RoberT T. Allen, ScoTT Casey, Wayne Finnell, Jack Giles, Adair GosseTT, Granville Johnson, Rex Lanier. Second Row: Andy Mclnfosh, John Roberl Moxley. Jerry Nash, Lee Perry Jr., Richard Phelps Jr., Ben Williams: Pledges: Ben Alexander, Carol Claiborne. Third Row: Bedford M. Raley, Dan Rodgers, Wallace W. SmiTh, H. T. Wilkins Jr., David Williams, Roy WrighT, Wendell Wood, Perry l-lorTon. 'Z ,Asa Page 311 TO THOSE MEN AND BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE BEEN INSTRUMENTAL TO THE GROWTH OF TEXAS TECH. E DEDICATE THIS SECTION OF THE I94I LA VENTANA Gqcfvazfiiaza an Qigfwzfzgf, Tech Sfudenfs "Mee+ Their Friends" af W Y L I E ' S PERFUMES WYLIE'S has a com- plefe perfume bar where The coed will find fhese many fine names. Q LANviNs Q cARoNs Q LENTHERIC Q GUERLAINS Q CIROS Q WORTHS Q PRINCE MATCHABELLI For years fhe popular meefing place for all Tech sfudenfs when downfown has been WYLIE'S . . . Affer shows . . . parfies . . . dances . . . You'll always find fhaf "The gang" has gone fo WYLlE'S. COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE Complefe founfain service 24 hours a day . . . Lunches . . . Dinners . . . Sfeaks and Sandwiches . . . Speedy, courfeous service. Among fhe many ofher fhings feafured af WYLIES are Drugs Complefe camera supply and kodak deparfmenf And efficienf prescripfion service ai all hours OPEN ALL NIGHT COSMETICS A+ WYLlE'S fhe coed will find all fhe leading makes of fine cosmefics . . . WYLlE'S feafures Tussy and Du Barry exclu- sively in Lubbock. Q TussY Q DU BARRY DOROTHY GRAY HARRIET HUB BARD AYERS ELMO And Ofhers Freshmen slacken pace as fhey prepare for clash on shoe pine during Homecoming fradifional fighf Pag 314 Page 315 THE HILTGN Luloboclcs NewesT and FmesT HoTel SERVING TEXAS TECH AND THE SOUTH PLAINS VERNON HERNDON Manager Chicago was The 'FirsT sTop Tor The Senior livesToclc judging Team composed of RoberT l-lenard. Coach Ray C. lvlowery, Lyman McGehee, Lewis Nance, Bill Cradclock, Thomas Ingram, and ElmonT Honea. Warren Liner Coach Ray C lvlowery J P Sharp Byron Range Ollie Liner Wayne Burford and Glenn Sanderson are Junior l1vesToclc yudgers ThaT Trelclced To ForT WorTh includes Charles McClure J T Rogers Coach Ray C lvlowery Lloyd Hahn Nuge Rose R B Dawson and Bull Grihfnn l , I Junior livesToclc judging Team ThaT wenT To Denver Page 316 I , A A-M A-M --, -., Once again MOLLOY-MADE OuaIi+y and Workmanship Scores as Ihe I94l LA VENTANA is cased in a Molloy-Made Cover From Hor+iculI'uris'rs Bob Spencer and Mark Miles are Irying 'ro grow be-+'rer flowers in greenhouse. TIIE IIIIIIIII J. MIlI.I.0Y PLIIIIT 2857 NorIh Wes+ern Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE STUDENT'S HEADQUARTERS TECH DRUG MAIN AND coLLEeE Ari' class hard a+ work. GROLLMAN'S II06 BROADWAY LUBBOCK'S LARGEST CASH DEPARTMENT STORE 4 Big Floors of Dependable Merchandise More sfudenrs avidly Iis+en 'ro main speaker a'r APO Ioanquer. fwfr rr r-un Page 317 BACKING TECH IN EVERY RESPECT SOUTHERN AUTO STORES INC LITTLEFIELD SEAGRAVES MULESHOE LUBBOCK TEXAS RIDE THE BUS LUBBOCK CITY Bus co GROWING 2 9 5 323,93 X lt Eiilngl TECH W me Tech has grown from a small unsh 'ruhon In The pasf I6 years +o Ihe leading college of The soufhwesl' And we have grown rnghl alon wn+h Tech Our new bunldung compleled fhus year IS one of 'rhe hnesf In Texas and we are proud of Jusl' as we are proud lo be assocua+ecl wn+h Texas Tech LUBBOCK NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposnl Insurance Corp or ,Tm - A . .M .U T IZ "I ': - "-' '!U'0'lQ., 'v'v5ll.h.i.AxA.4.- A T "' -- , r - I Mafador band forms le++ers N M U a+ half +lme nn+ermnsslon durung Raider Lobo hlf lasf fall xi rg Earlene Vance and Speedy Roberfs are caughf Freshmen s+uden+s whoo up al pep r nn gymnasuum I 0 I I I 'hx I Il " 4592, '51- I '-'Tl' Q 4 , .51:fw,5 . ,I 'Q 5 ' 5f"'f?Ai3I-2 JK ' W? -, I 142 , use 7, -- 'iqi 'ffvg l T. ll rl WITH . . sfealung a glnmpse of +he cameraman. f' fffaaiff 12 f 1:32 A :-f-1:-EEf.E:' -:fs fi, 7 'Nl ' E 7554 1' ': 2225 rm" 5 rx e-- 5 . t5:.,4.. .,. ,' ' filfil- are 5 , ' iiaimx : .,eg9.:: -,--. - r ' sr l ,,.,....., I , , ' " "" 5+-Y ,. 4-:cgi-Q15-.-.-.-5g.,.f' -..i.:ff:-:I:5:-. A I lil . 9 . . . , - - . 1 . ll' . . . , - " p if " ally Page 318 Charles Wagner M D Surgery and Consultatxon C Hollzngsworth Supermtendent WEST TEXAS HOSPITAL SamG Dunn M D F A C Surgery and Genxto Urmary Diseases Allen T Stewart M D Obstetrics Gynecology Surgery Win L Baugh M D Surgery and Dxagnosxs Robert T Canon M D Eye Ear Nose and Throat W E Crauens M D General Medicine Denz1lD Cross M D F A C Surgery Gynecology and Urology OWEnglzshMD FAC Surgery Dxseases of Women S S Ewelll. Hunt M D F A C S Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrlcs C C Mansell M D Dermatology and General Medlcme W H Benson M D Infants and Children Surgery Gynecology and General Medxcme R C Douglas M General MCdlClH9 M D Watlczns M General M9dlClUC Martha K Haugsten B S R N Dxrector of Nursmg . , . . ,..., . , . ., . . , . F . d , M. D. . red W Stan eller Clyde F. Elkzns, M. D. Y Y Page 319 ALL ROADS LEAD TO LUBBOCK The Home of fhe Sou+hwes+'s Leading Educa+ional lns+i+u'rion TEXAS TECHNOLOC-BICAL COLLEGE Finesf and besl equipped. mos'r eificienlly and capably slraffed, largesf slu- cleni enrollmeni, largesl campus of any of +he sixleen year-old colleges loclay. Grealesl opporlunilies in lhe Soulhwesl awaii The Farmer, lhe Business and Professional Man and all who are inferesled in sane, proiilalole inveslmenls. This is an invi'ra'rion +o you +o malce your permaneni home in Lulolooclc or Jrhe Soulh Plains of Wes? Texas. LUBBOCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND BOARD OF CITY DEVELOPMENT LU Bsoclc TEXAS Hu d ecl of people ga+he ecl +o + e s Ho ecom g bo if e on ca pu cala a s e i 5+ one X - TN ff . . T 4222" A . '- - I ' ' . cl"x n r s r wi n s m in n ir m s. S w g burn d The ir P Q Texiile sIuden+s giving Wes+ Texas coiion "a going over" in coiion classing laboraiory. Engineers spend long hours in drawing lab. KINNEY'S SHOE STORE "Home of Educator Shoes" You Will Always Find Ilwe Newesi S+yles a+ PHONE I764 I005 BROADWAY Bild-U THE I000!0 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE DRINK BEN E. KEITH CO. 10070 T E C H B 0 O S T E R Yes, we are sfrong Iooosiers of Texas Tech . . . and we're sure Ihe feeling is mufual. For if you've ever dropped in af HOTEL LUBBOCK and enioyed Ihe sincere friendly almosphere Ihaf pre- vails, you iusl' couldn'I help buf eslablislw a feeling of friendliness. Alice Lynn S'free'r and Ruili Campbell assisl in TOM PENDERGRAFT Manager regisiering siudenis. Page 321 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES The managemenr and personnel of lhe Lubbock slore of Sears Roebuck and Co. exlends Iheir congralulalions Io +he I94l grad- ualing class. We sincerely hope you will achieve your goal in life and wish for you much happiness and success III5 Broadway Phone 2880 LUBBOCK TEXAS Hlggmbofham Bar+leH Co Lumber and Building Malerual Sherwin Williams Painls and Wall Paper I408 AVE H LUBBOCK TEXAS VOGUE CLEANERS Tailoring for Parhcular S+uden'I's Jus+ OFF 'rhe Campus izov and 9 coLLEeE PHONE zszo Official Class Rings of Any Year Boys SI4 up Grls SII up + o VARSITY BOOKSTORE I309 College Ave LUBBOCK QUALITY DIAMONDS FINE AMERICAN MADE WATCHES EXPERT REPAIRING KING'S JEWELRY I020 BROADWAY Use Your Credit Convement Terms A Miami Universily back is frying 'ro pierce Red Raider line for a gain Marlha Clark Mary Ann Slephenson Johnnie Williams and Neal Nichols coke up in avenue hang ouf The Toreador as scanned on Ad building sfeps by early morning class a+'render I l l O O " 0 i I 1 ' . O I ll ll I I I I Ji Wri e I r Cafalogue X- . ' rg A 14--friv- . ' f ..- A V -W Page 322 Herschel Lamb enloys a coke ber een dances a+ gymnas um wh Ie Jane Pr cke'H looks on L A R Her and Lee Hackler holds conversahon dur ng nlermlsslon al gym dance hnle Ihe g I Ir end enloys d k rl.. Fl Qui The dyer n Texr Ie class seems +o keep Sam Howell busy BLUE BONNET LAUNDRY "The S+udenI"s Choice For Fine Laundry Service For The Leasf Price" I2I2 AVE E PHONE I448 EVERYTHING TO WEAR For Men, Women, and Children HANNA POPE CO LUBBOCK TEXAS John Halsey Drug SI'ore I I I8 Broadway l330 Phones I33I Lubbock Texas COM PLIMENTS OF llllllllllllllg A IOI0 BROADWAY Complete Sportswear for the Co ed DRESSES COATS SUITS SHOES BAGS GLOVES MILLINERY I-IOSIERY JARETT S CINDERELLA SHOP A Pleasure To Serve You I I05 BROADWAY LUBBOCK Page 323 "Good Morning, Neighbor" MARK HALSEY DRUG No. 2 COLLEGE AND BROADWAY Lubbock Sash 8: Door Co. Manufaciurers and Jobbers of BUILDING MATERIALS LUBBOCK, TEXAS COM PLIMENTS OF R. C. ICLAYTONI HARRIS TECH BARBER SHOP I IO3 COLLEGE Where Tech SI'udenI's and FacuI+y Play- MEIIIJIIWBRUUK GULF CIIIIIISE 18 Holes Grass Greens ENTRANCE THRU MACKENZIE PARK TELFORD LUMBER COMPANY DEALERS IN ALL KINDS or BUILDERS MATERIAL I306 4+h STREET LUBBOCK, TEXAS SEE TED FOR A REAL SHINE "He Will Dye For You" Thompson's Barber Shop I I I3 COLLEGE Ella Breed is busy regisiering while poor Freshman Virginia Hall wonders where To go nexi. """ P I . XI- x The female side of Tech faculfy. ,..., .4 Texfile Engineers busy in spinning lab under Ihe waichful eye of Prof. C. M. Sranley. Page 324 1533? DANIEL'S STUDIO 4335 La Ventana Photographer 9336 'E+-e X ff-5 Presiden+ Jones and Coach Caw+hon 'ralk +o foofball fans a+ s+a'rions Ius+ before Raiders leave for foo+ball Jrrip. SL! 9 LES Your FIorls+ 'For +I1e Pas+ Nine Years HILTON HOTEL BUILDING PHONE 220 LUBBOCK TEXAS BRAYS cAMPus TOGGERY Everything for the College Mans Wardrobe nov COLLEGE AVENUE Luasocx TEXAS BOWEN S DRUC-3 STORES me jzwall .Store IO2l BROADWAY PHONE I I00 FOR MANY YEARS Kress Stores HAVE SPECIALIZED IN SCHOOL BIG VALUES Watch Kress Wmdows 5 I0 25 Ce s FURR S SUPER MARKETS uaIl'ry Price Service GROCERIES AND MEATS Come By To See Us Y P b+ I I E, "Cock " Robbins srudies plans before affem ring experiment I , D' X . REQUIREMENTS Coach Pe+e Cawfhon Iells dorm boys alI abouf it I'I Ie prices cc ' v I - - ni' I . . . IN . . . Eliza e I1 Miller. a friend. and Rober a Owen fall: if over in booksfore before going Io class. Pg 326 See auajdze BOOK TORE fa a gbgzczaa fgafa as 0 .sgcafa as f 5 am JLQJX We leave I+ lo you Where would you ralher Pause for a Coke or llghl up and smolce Meel a frlencl or malce a clale Than a+ lhe S+ore7 Where can you gel a bell r buy on Boolcs and anylhung else for 'rhal mal"rer 'rhan al lhe S+ore7 Where does Hr lake less fume Less Trouble Less money lo gel whal you wanjr Than al The S+ore7 Well, O K Then See You al' +he BOOKSTORE' MAIL ORDERS I Speclal Attentlon on All Mcnl Orders For Books and School Supplles TEXAS TEC:-I COLLEGE B O CD K 5 1 O I-Q I1 ON THE CAMPUS O "U I I C7 ' 6 C7 fzusn f ,al . A I fi QL 1. T' ik. T V 1 I Il ll e l ' J J . J O O O G- 4 ' ' ' lv --4 f' If Page 327 LET OUR STORE BE YOUR STORE COMPLETE Drug and Fountain Needs bn I U G "W" pw" 'E-' 4562 yu,-4ntumvrmw,, cause: South Plains Leading Theatres . . LINDSEY - PALACE TOWER- BROADWAY LYRIC-CACTUS-TEXAN THEATRES "Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment" MONTGOMERY WARD "The Students' Store" WE'RE l000f0 FOR TEXAS TECH AND ITS GREAT STUDENT BODY F o R T H E H o M E .... HOUSEWIVES DE MAND Mocierni+y - Comforf - Convenience Efficiency - Economy THIS DEMAND CAN BE MET BY USING NATURAL GAS FOR THE MAJOR HOUSEKEEPING JOBS: COOKING-WATER HEATING-REFRIGERATION-HOUSE HEATING WEST TEXAS GAS CO ybf Igl-i g d . ' n T I Q Q A A ff T- T .. Q .L .N .1 "' H 5-3 Tom Douglass is hi+ hard by Wake Fo + Jr kler when Red Raiders fougl1+ iheir way +o vidror e o n crow . l Holl Waldrep 505 8 Lubbock Nahonal 9 REPRESENTING SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INSURANCE C0 A Tec:-4 ALUMNUS sERvlNe TECH STUDENTS I6 S'l'ore for Men Fealurlng FASHION PARK CLOTHING COLLEGE CAFE MIKE PAvlcH Prop SPECIAL PREPARED DINNERS FOR STUDENTS LUFKIN FOUNDRY 81 MACHINE C0 LUFKIN TEXAS Oll Well Pumping Equlpmenl' Plpe Pole and Van Trailers Mlll Supplles Aulomoblle Equlpmenl' QUALITY MACHINERY SINCE I900 Luc1IIe Neely and Claruce Mackey seem 'ro be cloung aII rrghl al Home Economics banquel' II musl have been a funny s+ory as evldenced by Hal RoIIey s Iaughler as Don Shepard Iounges In bed ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Wulh Magnc Margin Segmenl Shufl and Touch Conlrol Prlced al S54 50 S59 50 and S64 50 May Be Purchased on Small Monlhly Paymenls y 1 OFFICE SUPPLY C0 "The Typewriler Sl'ore" l2I4 TEXAS AVE. LUBBOCK AZTEC CLEANERS The Students Choice For F1 C leanmg Servlce Wllllllfll SMITH llllMPllllY WHOLESALE GROCERS A Fruend To Texas Technological College LUBBOCK, TEXAS . Q, ' my 4' ,xp I -'7.w gj I f It " ' I , I 4 . uma-' It X f . . . ' lr A College S'l'uden'l' s Rendezvous A Q - U C O I A . I I I I ' l If ! ' 'ne . ' I ' I ' ' ' !! I " - f A - A - - 3 L Page ' .nn I . ' ' ' ' , Hin.. :QW .wh ' A ' Each year finds an even greater on time . K silndlif' ". part of iaotli time La Ventana Staff and our organization to lzeep up time high stanriarcl of La Ventana Masterpieces. We appreciate time journey through time years with your puinlication personnel ancl College officials. SCUTHWESTERN EN GRAVIN G' COMPANY OPDALLAS JAMES H. WEBB, President A A ' . A Producers of Better Colfege Annuafs . HARRY M. CRENSHAW, Manager, College Annual Department DALLAS, TEXAS A E Q E Q ei- Q E E gt Q E Q E Q E Q E Q E Q Qu' E mom to OT' Ol'lSfSqUSI'lC6S'l Every day we play a game with Annual Staffs. Its Truth or Consequences." Claims of Well prlntecl Annuals olellvered when you Want them are not enough. lf a prmter s performance oloes not equal claims the staff must take the consequences-in many lnstances. That is not true at Cho Press. Our many years of SGIVICG to Annual Staffs thruout the Middle- and South West is convlncinq proof that you clo not have any conse quences to take when you entrust your Annual prlntlnq and blndlnq to us. + CUC DRESS WaTch The Years To Come Now you are beTTer prepared Tor The "YEARS TO COME". They will slip by very TasT. Try To look ahead in order To plan and build, iusT as we, in The eIecTric power business. have had To plan and build To meeT any emergency. IT you do This noTh- ing can sTop your progress Through The "YEARS TO COME". TEXAS NEW MEXICO UTILITIES COMPANY Lover s Lane gone To be TorgoTTen WiTh The innovaTion oT The Lubbock police Torce on Tech campus The beauTiTuI drive became IusT anoTher Thoroughfare nnsTead oT The prelude To wedding bells oT old I I . . . . , . Page 333 Our Firsf Line of Defense . . Toclay's young men and women consfifufe fomorrow's farmers, bankers, indusfrialisfs, lawyers and plain cifizens who will confinue in fhe "pursuif of life, liberfy and happi- ness" in fhe fime-honored American Way of Life. These young men and women are America's firsf line of defense againsf fhe inroads of foreign "isms" and beliefs confrary fo our form of governmenf. Because fhey hold dear fhe righf of free speech. public assembly, and elec- five officials. fhe Unifed Sfafes will remain fhe sfronghold of a sfrong people. Congrafulafions fo you as fhe class of l94l . . . fo you who will fill fhe imporfanf role of cifizenship in Texas and fhe nafion. Page 334 Azlec Cleaners Blue Bonner Laundry . Bowen's Drug Sfores . Bray's Campus Toggery College Cafe . . . College Avenue Drug . Daniel's Sfudio . . Economy Adverlising Co. Furr's Super-Markei' Grollman's . John Halsey Drug Slore Mark Halsey No. 2 . Hanna-Pope . . R. C. lClayl'onl Harris . Hemphill-Wells Company Hes+er's .... Higginbofham-Bar+le'r Co. . . Hilfon Hofel . . . Jare+'r's Cinderella Shop Kieih and Company . King's Jewelry . . Kinney's Shoe Slore Kress Slores . Page 335 ADVERTISERS INDEX Les'rer's Credi'r Jewelers . Levines .... Lindsey Thealres. Inc. . . . Lubbock Ci+y Bus Company . Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Lubbock Holel .... Lubbock Nalional Bank . Lubbock Sash and Door Co. . Lufkin Foundry and Machine Co. M Meadowbrook Golf Course . David J. Molly Planl . . Mon+gomery Ward Company . O Our Firsl Line of Defense . R Ribble's . S Sears-Roebuck and Co. . . Soulhern Aulo Slores. lnc. . Soulhwesiern Engraving Co. T Ted Shines ..... Telford Lumber Company . Texas Tech Bookslore . . Tech Drug ...... Texas-New Mexico U'rilH'ies Company . . V Varsiry Booksfore . . . Vogue Cleaners . . W J. Holi' Waldrep . . Walker-Smifh Co. . . Wall'on's S'rore for Men . Wesl Texas Gas Company . Wes+ Texas Hospilral . . Wylie's Drug Slore . 323 3l7 328 3I8 320 32l 3I8 324 330 324 3l7 328 334 326 322 3I8 33l 324 324 327 3I7 333 322 322 330 330 330 329' 3 I9' 314 I Aggie sluclenls shool' 'llwe Lull be vf en classes Fufure arllsls clullgenlly al' work In arf laboralory Belly Slwyroclc and Collon Ellus do some fancy sfeps Dean Allen converses wrlh Erncslme Slory 6+ Q m dance Y NL Iv Home Ec sewung class musl be lnfereslnng snnce one Mane Felffs and Flolfcllslamps 'ndulge 'U 5 b'l Ol sfudenf ns already asleep VU9 CU++'f1 al' dorm dance Il. A .vc ,, XY I 4' , .f -E n ' - t H I . .. N + O r . , 9 ' 3 l l I .rin V' " 4 , ' 77991 l l As, , ,..- . , l 'll - 3 I 'b Page 336 A Aaron, Abner A. .. Aaron, James H. .. Abbofr, Jack ....... Abbofr, Noble S. Abel, Darlene ..... Acfon, George . . Adams, Elmer Adams, Frances ..... Adams, Lona Bell .... Adams, James H. Adams, Peggy .... Irene ..... . Adamson, Vivienne .. Akers, William W. .... . Albers, John E., Jr. Alderson, Harry Orville Alexander, Ben ........ Alexander, Charles .... Alexander, Ralph .... Allen, Jack W. Allen, Doroihy .... Allen, Howard .. Allen, James Allen, LaVerne .... Allen, Na+han, Jr. Allen, Roberf T. INDEX OF STUDENTS Barnes, George G. Barnes, Glynn "Bud" .. -'-92 BarneH',J.W. 92 Barr, Carlene 66 Barr, Leonard A. .. Barr, Virginia Lee Barrier, Pauline .... I34 . . . I I4 - - - 66 Barrick, Milion C. . .. - -- Barron, Elmerine . .. - -- Barron, Fern .. . . Barrow, Frances . .. Barry, Lois May ' '- Bar+le++, Helen Elnora .. - - - Barion, Weldon .. . . . -- - 92 Bafes, Mary Glenn ... Ba+son,Glenn....... - - ' - - Baifon, Nellie Belle .. Baucum, Alberl' II4 II4 ...II4 I34 II4 66 Baugh, Lee ........ - - - Bauman, Willard E. . . .. Baumann, Edward Baumgardner, Haynes . Baumgarf, Pauline ..... - ' ' Bayles. George .. . . . . ' - - Bayless, Lois ..... . .. ' - - Beane, Kenneih .... .. . ' ' ' Beall, Ophelia May .. .. Bohner, George Boman, Kennefh .. Boone, Claude ...... Boone, Jack Warren . . Boone, Jimmie Amelia Allison, Kennefh Allmon, Charles ....... Alls, EIizabe+h ......... Allrers, Roy .......... Ambrose, Warren D., Jr. Ameen, Mabel ........ Ameen, Ray Charles Anderson, Bill G. .. Anderson, Paul, Jr. .. Andis. Bob ......... .. Angel, J. C. ......... . Arensman, George L. .. Armsrrong, Bobbie Neal Armsfrong, J. Cliffon . . Armsirong, Ollie Sue . .. Arne'H', Tom .... .... . . Ashley. Monierey .... Afer, Nina Mae . ..... . Aier, Reverdie, Jr. Aikinson, Almarene .... Arkinson, James Sewell . Augusrine, Sam L. .... . Ausfin Vir ie Louise , g . .. Awirey, W. H., Jr. .. Axiell, Jane ...... Ayers, J. O. Ayers. Paisy .... Ayers, Hugh J. .. Babb, BeH'ye ...... Bagwell, Janice . .. Bailey. Beifie Bailey, Kafhryn .. Baker, George .... Baker, Mary Alice Baker, Wincer ..... Ball, Geraldine .... Ballard, Beife ....... Ballard, Mary Louise Ball, Margarei ...... Ballow, Charloiie .... Ballow, Dempsey .... Ballow, Frances .... Bandeen, Bob ....... Bandy, Thomas Ed ..... Banksfon, Norma Jean ...... Banning, Naomi ..... Barber, Paul ...... Bargsley, Opal .... Barker, Alfon R. .... . Barkley, Myrnavae Barks, Guy ....... Barnard. Marie .... Page 337 Beaman, David K. . Bearden, J. C. 66 66 66 II4 66 II4 92 .. . I34 II4 92 92 II4 66 66 66 92 Boone, Roy ................ Boo+h, Mary Caiherine ..... Borden, Lurher ........ Bordwell, Harrief .... Boren. Aleihea . . . Born, Harry Kay Born, Befiy Jean .... Bosf, Jack ........ Bosfon, Billy ..... Boucher, Mayo ........ Bowden, Adrain C. ........ . Bowden, Mary Elizabefh ..... Bowen, Phyllis .............. Bowman, Virginia ...... Boyd, Bobby, Jr. .. Boyd, Glenn .... Boyd, Glenna Boyd, Imogene .... Boyd, Joseph ....... Bradford, John Ross Bradley, Charles W. Bradley, Joe ........ Bradshaw, Fred Bradshaw, Johnie .. Branham, Gordon Brannen, Margueriie Brannon, Hunier .... Branscum, Cecil ..... Brashear, Monre Jo .... Brassell, Billy ........ Brarron, Laurissa .. - ' ' -' Beazley, Annah Jo - ' ' ' ' Beasley, Marihelen 92 Beasley, Maxine . 66 Beavers, Jack - - - I34 Beavers, Jerry .... 92 Beckmeyer, Harold -" Belcher, Herberf . Belcher, William F. Bell,Barbara........ Bell,Howard Bell, Mary Frances Bell,Paul........... Bellah, Lola Mae Bellah, Ouida Belr, Mary Tom - " BenneH', J. Weldon .. .. Benger,Noel -- - - - Beniley, Mariha Nell .. Bergholm, Adele ...... Beseda, J, Maiiland Bevers, Murel ....... - - - Bickham, John D. ... Bickley, Elizabelh .... - - - Bonner, Dickson P. ... - ' ' Bihl, Beisy Dan .... Binford, Barbara .. Binkley. Audrey . . . Birdwell, Chrisfine . Birkman, Anne ...... .. . Black, Carolyn ..... . . . . . . Black, Charles Edward . . . . Blackburn, Billye .... . . . . . . Blackburn, Lewis P. . . .. Blackburn, Snow Blair, Eugene Blair, Sibil .......... Blankenship, Essie Mae . Bledsoe, Bill . . . Bledsoe, Willis .... . . . Bley, Winsion .... .. . 92 II4 66 I34 .....ll4 66 II4 92 66 I34 .....I34 67 67 92 ...l34 67 92 ...II4 . . . Block, Ivan L. ..... . . . . . . . Blocker, Addie Beih . .. Blocker, John .... 93 Blodgelf, Ralph . . . 93 Blomshield, John B. . . . . 93 Boafman, Goldie .... ...II5 Boaz, Nora Lee .... 93 IIS 67 67 67 92 67 I34 I34 i34- . . .I I4 II4 67 67 67 I67 I34 93 . . . Bobbiif, Edwin ..... . . . Bodenhamer, Gene .. . Bodenhamer, Haydn Rae . . . Bogan, Bernard .... . . . ....67 Bogan,Jack ....lI5 Boggess, Nancy Brazile, Berry D. Breland, Marvin . BreseH', Jeanne . .. Brewer, Jim Bob Brewer, W. C. . . .. Bridges, Mrs. J. R. .. Brigham, Jim ....... Brisier, Lowelle ....... Briilon. Vivan Hugh .. Brock, LaVerne ...... Brooke, D'Lyle .... Brooke, Juno Brooks, Belly ..... Brooks, Bill ..... Brooks, Manuel .... Broiherson, Doris Browder, Dave .... Brown, Ernesl' D. .. Brown, Elizabeih Brown, Frances ...... Brown, Franklin D. Brown, Henri Elizabeih Brown, Jack Warren . Brown, Jimmie ...... Brown, Mary Ama Brown, Mary Ellen .... Brown, Ollie ......... Brown, William E., Jr. Browne, Glenn ....... Brownfield, Jane ...... Browning, Anna Kaiherine Browning, Georgie Nell Brownlee, Floyd Bruce. Charles ........ . . . Brunson, Loyd E. .. Brunson, Polly ....... Bryan+, Marrie Lou .. Buckner, Hazel Ann . . . Bucy, Chas. Lewis Buie, Janice ........ Buie, Carey M., Jr. . . Bundrani, Vernon .... Bunger, Doris ..... . . . . ... Burelsmiih, Marcellious Burke, Befiy .......... . . . Burke++, Bernice ..... Burkho Ider. Amo Lee Burnison, June . . . . . Burns, Rosemary . . . . Burrow, Fonfella . Burson, Joe K. Burfon, Dorofhy . . . Burion, Geraldine . Burion, Joe ...... Bufler, Eugenia . Buller, Helen .... . Bu+ler, L. Dean .... . Burler, Ouida ....... Bufler, Raymon L. Buffs, Carl ......... Bulls, Charles Dana .... BuH's, Helen Marie .... Buiis, Horace W. . Byars, Jesse ....... . Bynum, Jeaneiie .. . Byrne, C Caddell, Caylor ..... Cadra, Godfrey ........ Caldwell, Be++y Rhea Caldwell, Norvell ...... Calley, Gem Bob ...... Cammack, Margare+ Camp. Camp, Earl ......... Hazel Camp, Lanell ..... Campbell, Byron .... Campbell, Edgar E. Campbell, Helen Faye .. Campbell, Roberl' A. Campbell, Virginia Ru+h Canon, Mariorie ....... Cardw ell, H. T., Jr. .... . Carlisle, William Gordon Carle, Carloc Tom ............ k, Waison ....... Carr, B. H. ........ . Carroll, Louise ........ Carroll, Mary Helen Carson, Willis T. Carrer, Moncure .. Carrer, Warren Cary, Pearl ......... Casey, Carl Henry .... Casey, Doroihy ..... . Casey, Jim Tom Casey, ScoH' ...... Casey Winiford .. Casilel, Lila Erline Casile, Rober+ ........ Casileberry, H. Paul Cafe, Imogene ...... Cauble, Mildred Caviness, Jamie ..... Ceylon, PaHye Jane . Cearley, Alvin G. . . Chalk, John .... Chambliss, Roy Chance, Billie .... Chance, Edgar .... Chapman, David .... . Chappelle, Louise ...... Cheaiham, Vorhees G. .. Cheek, Donald ........ Cheek, Fannie Dale .... Cheek, Harold ...... Chenauli, Charles Chisholm, Sam W. . .. Chisum, A. B. ...... . Chrisiian, Jim ........ Chrisfian, Maifie Lou Chrisiian, Snead ....... Chrisfian, Weldon ...... Churck, M. C. ........ . Clanahan. James Ross .. Claiborne, Carol ...... Clair, Virginia ..... .... Clailor, Carroll . . . . . . . . Clailor, Jack . . . . . . . . Clark, Anila ....... .... Clark, Belle ......... .... Clark, Cliflon W. .... . . . . Clark, Marlha ..... .... Clark, Waller .... ,,,, Clark, Weldon L. . . . . . . . Clemenl, Ernesl ...... . Clyburn. Clyde W. ........ . Coals, Charlie Brice ..... Coals, Jack ......... .... Cobb, Cleveland . Cochran, Jimmy ..... .... Coe. Mary Jo ............. Collee, Creed C., Jr. ...... . Collee, Sybil ......... .... Collman, C. E. .... . Coffman, Marian Colley, Jeli ..... .... Coffey, Marianna ........... Cohn, Louie ............. Collier, Bob ............... Collier, Collier, Calherine Virginia Frances Crume, Lyle L. . Culwell, Mary .......... Cummings, John R. ..... . Cummings, Una Faye .... Cunningham, Cora Nell .. Cunningham, James Palrick Curlee, Belsy ........... Currey, H. Ernesl ....... Curry, Bobby ......... Curry, James Kennelh D Dalfern. Dan .... .. Damron, Doris .......... Daniel, Arlhur ........... Daniel, Mary Kalherine .. Danner. Juslon .......... Dansliell, Bill ......... Darsey, Tommy ..... Daugherly, Jo Ann ...... Dauley. Guinevere ....... Davenporl. Anna Kalheryn Davenporl, Tom O. ..... . Davidson, Joe .......... Davidson, Paul Dull, Ronald ........... Dunigan, James Boyce .. DuLaney, Bowen ....... Dunlap, Mrs. Wanda .... Dunlap, William Dean .. Dunn, Virgella Nan ..... DuPree, Gene ....... Duren, Carmon Durham, Annis .... Durham, Eulene Dyer, Ronald ..... Dysarl, Cabol ..... E Eades, Alma Rhea ...... Eagan, Buford ......... Easlerwood, Edwin ..... Easlerwood, James Hardin Eden, John Alvin ....... Edgar, Grace R. ...... . Edgar, G. Verlon ..... Edwards, Ara Sue .... Edwards, Roy G. Collier, Gerald ............. Collins, Marie ....... .... Collingsworlh, Claire ....... Collinsworlh, Jerry . . . . . . . Combs, Samuel A. .... . . . . Comer, Alene ...... .... Cone, Annie Lee . . . . . . . Connell. W. E. ....... . Connelly, Rulh Joan Conner, Maxine ...... .... Cook, Harvey, Jr. Cook, Jane ...... .... Cook, Kalhryn . Cook, Olena ... Cook, Pauline .... .... Cooke, Bill ..... .,,, Coon, Maisie .. . , . , Coon, Ralph H. .. .. . . Davis, Glenn .. Davis, Grady Davis, Jimmie . .. Davis, R. J. .... . Davis, Rila Zo .... Davis. Roberl H. .. Davis s, Sara Davis. W. J. .... . Dawley, James .... Dawson, Edwin .... Dawson, Floyd ...... Dawson, R. B., Jr. Day, Ann ......... Day, Dorolhy Day, Empress ..... Day, Fay ........... Day, Day, James Woodie ..... Jimmie Eiland, Maxine .... Eiland, Peggy .... Eiland, Sarah ...... Elder, Harold T. Ellioll, Bealrice Ellioll, Don .... Ellioll, Kenl .... Ellioll, Zelma Ellis, Lewis ..... Floyd, R. L. ..... . Flynl, Bill ......... . Foersler, Homer .... . Folk, Elmer E. ......... . Foncannon, Gareld ..... Foole, Norman C. ..... . Forbis, Dorolhy Margarel Forbis, Wilma Rulh ..... Ford, Marl ............ Ford. Wynon ...... Forehand, Arlie B. .... . Formby, Robena ........ Forresl, Sallie Lynn .... Forl, Jo Jean ......... Forlenberry, Alberl .... Fosler, Charles L. .... . Fosler, Lois Ilene Fouls, A. T., Jr. . . . . Fowler, Helen .... Fowlkes, Tommie .... Fox, Harold ....... Freeman, Charles .... Frey, Pauline ...... . Frey, Wayde K. . . . . Friberg, Floyd .... Frilz, V. T. ...... . Frye. Barbara .... . Frye, Louise ........ . Fuessel, Irene ........ . Fugale, Marlha Sue .... Fugill, Charles ......... Fulkerson, W. H., Jr. Fullaway, Dick ....... Ellis, Maxine E. .... . Ellis, Willie Lou ...... Ellison, Lorene ......... Ellison, Mary Grace .... Elslon, Fred A. ...... . Emmell, Lois ........ Emmill, Dorolhy Lou .... Emmill, John ........ English, Hugh ....... Erwin, Elvis ......... Erwin Pans Jane Fullbrighl, Palsy Fuller, Bill ......... Furr, Nila ........ G Gailher, Mary ......... Gamble, J. W. ........ . Gamble, Virginia Belle .. Gamble, Oris .......... Gamblin, Gerry ...... . Ganl, Arlene ...... , y .... Esmond, Marlon .... Cooper, Gus .... .... Dingus, G. W. ...... .. George. Cooper, Evelyn .... .... Cooper, Linn S. ...... . . . . Cooper, Miriam ............ Copeland, Elizabelh ........ Copeland, Wm. A. ...... . . . Corcorran, Dorolhy Fay . .. . . Corder, Founl ............. Corbin, Dolores ............ Cornelius, Dorolhy Lee ...... Coslolow. John J. ......... . Couch, Allred ....... .... Couchman, Sue Belle ....... Counls, J. R. ....... Cowan, Emily ...... .... Cowan, Rulh ........ .... Cowden, Courlney .. . . . . . Cox, Barbara ...... .... Feece Moll Anna Cox, Bernice Cox, Joanne..... Cox, J o .Nell .... .... Cox, Louise ........ .... Cox, Mary Louise . ........ . ox Welb Crane, Ann .... C , y ......... ..... Coyne, Lawrence Wilson .... Cozzens, Wallis . . . . . . . . . Craddock, Bill ....... .... Craddock, Maxine .... .... Cram, Belly ....... .... Crawlord, Dulfer . .. . . . . Crawlord, Palli ...... .... Crawford, Paul B. .... . . . . Crawford, Thelma .... .... Craver, James Paul . . . . . . . Cravy, C. M. ...... . . . . Creel, Tommy ...... .... Cromeans, John S. . . . . . . . Cross, Dorolhy ..... .... Crouch, Gerlrude .... .... Crow, O'Dell ...... .... Crowell, Frank Crowe, John M. .... .. . . Day, Russell ........ Deals, Hollis ............ Deals, Roberl William DeBusk, Monroe ......... Decker, Genevieve ...... Delenbaugh, Margarel .. DeLong, Nell ........... Dennison, B. H., Jr. .... . Denlon, Dolores . . . . . . . . .. Demenl, Ernesl .. Dempsler, Louise .. . . Dickinson, Hazel .... .. Diggs, Mary Eleanor ..... Dillard, Calherine . .. .. Dillingham, Richard ..... Dillon, Joyce ....... Dillz, Belly ....... .. Dismuke, Morlon .... Dillo, Ernesline Dixon, Jim C. .. Dobbs, Doris ..... .. Dodge, Jennella .... Dodson, Billie Jo .... Dodson, Oscar H. .... . Donaghey, James W. Donelson, Edward L. .... . Donelson, Marlha Jane .. Donelson, Sue .......... Donnell, Walldeen ....... Doss, Eleanor ..... .. Doss, Elizabelh .. Dowell, Erlene Dowell, G. S. .... . Dover, Wade K. .. .. Dozier. Cledilh .. Drake, Cleve ..... . Draper, Jeanne ......... Driggers, Jimmy, Jr. .. Driskill, John ....... .. Drumheller, Myra .. Duclcworlh, Donna .. Dull, Helen .... Essary, Andrew H. . . Esles, Aldredge ..... Eller, Gale .......... Eller, Pal ............. Evans, Gladys Marie Evans, Evans, Jess Carl, Jr. .. Mary Helen . .. .. Evans, Thomas Weldon . . Evans, Wilbur .......... Evans, Winlield ...... Evins. Fern Irene Ezell, R. B. ...... . F Fair. Charles .......... Fairley, George Gladwin Falls, Delberl .......... Farmer, Wynelle ....... Farrell, Wanda Farringlon, Belly .... Farris, J. C. ....... . . y . . . Feigenspan, Dennis Fells, Fells, Fellz, Bobbie .......... Henry Marvin, Jr. . Maxie ........... Fergeson, Genevieve .. Ferguson, Palsy ...... Ganlz, Bonnie Lou .... . Gardner, Gardner, Tom ..... Waller ...... Garland, W. Fosler ..... Garmon, Max ........ . Garrell, Jack E. .... . Garrell, Jeanne ...... . Garrell, Sue ........... Garrison, Howard Roy .. Garrison, Pascal ....... Gary, Frances H. .... . Gary, Lula Margarel Gaslon, Morris Galhing, Emma E. .... . Gay, Frank ........ . Gee, Dollie ....... Jesse L. ...... . George, J. Jerome ..... George, Leland ........ George, Olive Morrine . Gezer, Linioel ......... Gholson, Elsie ......... Gibbs, Anna Lee Gibbs, Irby A. ...... . Gibson, Mary Dona .... Gibson, Roberl H. Gilberl, Bob F. ....... . Gilberl, Elwanda ....... Gilberl, Thomas Braswell Finch, Frances Joyce Finnell, Wayne ....... Finney, Herschel .... Fires, A. J. ...... . Fish, Hughes ..... Fisher, Anna Lee Fisk, Marlha ....... Filzpalrick, Belly ..... Flanagan, Doralene Flanary, L. M. .... . Flowers, Herberl Floyd, Ermadel Floyd. Jane Ann Gilbrealh, Owen ....... Gilby, Jane ........... Giles, Jack ...... Gill, Preslon ....... Gillespie, Harold Gillespie, Rulh Gillham, Eleanor Gillham, Millard Glass, Epprighl ...... . Glass, Leonard E. Glealon, Frances Glenn, Virginia .... . Gloar, Jaunell .. Page II9 II9 II9 II9 I42 I42 I42 97 97 97 I43 I I9 98 98 98 72 I I9 73 73 73 73 73 I I9 I I9 73 73 98 I43 98 I43 73 73 98 I I9 I I9 98 I43 I4-3 73 73 I I9 98 98 98 73 I43 98 I I9 98 98 I I9 73 98 73 73 I43 I43 73 98 I43 I43 99 73 I43 99 99 73 I43 73 73 I I9 99 99 I I9 I I9 99 99 73 I I9 99 73 99 I43 73 338 Glover, Darrell ..... Gloyna, Earnesl' ..... Gober, A. Webb .... Gober, Frank ....... Goddard, Mary Jane Godfrey, Elwanda . .. Godfrey, Fike ....... Goforfh. Mrs. Geneva Goins. Mary Frances Golucke, Lanneau Goodloe, Jo Bess .... Goodrich, Raymond . Goodpasfure, Maurice Goodwin, Newron Goodwin, Opal ..... Gordon, C. M. .... . Gordon, Frances .... Gossell, Wm. Adair . Gowen. Arlee ....... Graf, Edward ...... Graham, James .... Graham, Orval ..... Granberry, Hugh .... Granger, Fred P. . . . . Graves, Camille ..... Graves. Frances Eileen Graves, Hauley ..... Gray, Herberl' M. Gray, Margarel' .... Gray, Murray .... Gray, Rena . ....... Graydon, Frank D. .. Grebing, Henry J. . .. Green, Chesfer ..... Green, Helen Ross .. Green, E. Jack ...... Green, Tom ......... Greene, Geral G. Greer, Joyedene .... Gregg, Allison Gail . Gregg. Guion ....... Gregory, Hayden Gregory, Naydeen .. Gresham, L. B. .... . Griffin, Georgia Griliin, Henry ...... Griffin., William ..... Grifiiih, James W. . . . Griflis. Henry ...... Griflifh, Dorine ..... Griflilh, Rufh .... Grigg, Jack ..... Griggs, Barbara .... Grimes, Dorolhy Grissom, Kennelh Gruben, Bill ........ Gunler, James H. H Haberer, Elsie Haberer, Roger .... Heckler, Lee H. Haddick, Edifh ..... Hafly, Belly Jean Hagan, Marian ..... Hahn. Lloyd ..... Halberf, Kennelh Hale, Jane ...... Hale, J. S. .... . Hale, Leon ...... Haley, Duane .... Hall, Marie .... Hall, Roberl' ..... Hall, Sarabel .... Hall, Sara Nell Hall, Virginia .... Hall, Wayne ....... Hamilron, J. R. .... . Hamilion. Margarel' . Hamilfon, Margie Hamlel, Jim ........ Hamman, Blake ..... Hammonds, Gloria .. Hammond, Howard Elliol Hamplon, Beih ............. Hamplon, Frances .... ..... Page 339 Hancock, Billy .... .. Hankins, Mildred .... Hanley, Fiske ..... Hannon, Sarah .... Hanshu, Carl ........ Harbison, Roburra Hardin, Margarer Jean Hardin, Neil . ...... .. Harding, Guy W. Harding, Kafhryne Hardy, Douglas M. Hargrove, Roberl .... Harless, Nova Louise . Harmon, Kaiherine Harmonson, Peler Harp, Jean ....... Harp, Norman .... Harper, Merrell Harris, Clark .... Harris, Dorolhy Harris, Jack ...... Harris, Leon ......... Harris, Marguerife Harris, Richard Clayfon Harris Sybil ......... Harfley, Calla Rose . .. Harisell, Yvonne ..... Haseloff, Dolores Haskins, Rayburn .... Hiasfings, Roy .... Halcher, Averlyne Hafcher, Loyd ,... Harcher, Rulh .... Hafchelf, Don ...... Havens, Tull ......... Haverslock, Guy H. .. Havran, Edward ..... Hawes, Charles Hawkins, Dorofhy ..... Haynie, Cliflon ...... Hays, Mrs. Addie Jane Hays, Billy Lou ....... Hays. David ......... Head, Garland Head, Mildred .... Heard, Howard ..... Hearn H. D. ....... . Heafh, Howard, Jr. .. Healh, Louise ...... Healh, Parrish .... . Healley, W. Lee ..... Hedrick, George ..... Hedrick, Walier Russell Heggen. Garnell ..... Heidel, Overion ..... Heller, Raymond E. .. Hemby. J. L. ...... . Henard, Roberi .... Henderson, Allie .... Henderson, Dale ..... Henderson, Dol ...... Henderson, Katharine Henningfon. Hope .... Henry, Rulh ........ Henry, Jack .... Hensley, Homer Henson, Audenlia Henson, Herman .... Henson, Maggie . .. Henson, T. A. .... . Herald, Rollin ...... Herberr, Frances .... Herbs'I', Joe E. ..... . Hergerr, Vernon .... Herrick, Bill ...... Herring, Marlha .. Herring. Mary .... Herron, Lewis Hervey, Johnny Hess, Jane ........ Hess, Peggy ......... Hieronymus, Billy ..... Hickman, Verna Mae . Hicks, Palli .......... Hicks. T. B. ........ . High, James Griffin .. Highlower, Billie ., Hilbun, Mariorie Hilbreih, Wayne Hill, Ben, Jr. .... . Hill, Jane ..... Hill, John, Jr. . . Hill, Milfon .... Hill, Nell ......... Hill, Paul ............ Hilliard Vir inia Ann . Q -- Hills, Margery ....... Hilfon, Arvis ........ Hinchey, Gerald W. Hinson, Mary Lou ..... Hiflson, Billye June Hobbs, Lyndon ...... Hock, Caroline ....... Hochsfein, Geraldine .. Hodges, Adelene ...... Billie Kafherine .... Hodges, Harold ....... Hodges, Orella ....... Hodges, Hofacker, Owen HoFFman, Charles .......... Holilman, Claude C. Hoffman, Olivia ....... Hogan, Virginia Rulh .. Holden, Mary Edilh Holder, Louie ....... Holley, Merl E. ........... . Holleyman, Bradford ........ Hollowa Wilburn L y, . .. Holman, George .... . Holman, Jane ...... Holmes, T. H., Jr. . Holi, Jackie ....... Holi, C. Zeno ...... Hollon, Richard Honea, Elmoni' Honey, W. D. .... . Hooser, Winnie Jo .... Hopkins, Chrisline .... Hopper, McKinley .... Horne, Eva++ ....... Horner, Allred Horlon, Perry .... Houchin, Maxine House, Kalhleen .. Houslon, Busler .... Houslon, Nade ...... Housewrighf, Wilson . . Howard, Diamond .... Howard, Eleanor ...... Howell, James ........ Hubbard, Chesrer Burl . Huddlesron, Jane ..... Huddlesron Milla Ra e I Y Hudson. Virginia ...... Huisledler, Onila Belle Hughes, Comora ...... Hughes, Irene ........ Hughes, LaVerne ...... Hughes, Margarel' Virginia .. Hughes, Tommy ............ Humphreys, James .......... Humphries. Willouise ....... Hundley, Jimmy .... Hunsucker, Kara Hunsucker, Marie . . . Hunlon, Leroy Hurlburl, Lanelle ..... Hurcherson, Alhalee ........ Hufchings, Dapheene . Hulchings, G. B. HyaH', Ima Jean lgo, Norman ....... lngram, Charles, Jr. .. lngram, Thomas M. lrelon, Elmer Taylor .. Irvin, Lois Jane .... Irwin, Rendell .... lsler. Roy .... J Jackson, A. L., Jr. Jackson, Marjorie Jackson, Reuben .... Jacobs. Charles E. Jacques, Lamar ..... Jaggers, Billie B. .... . Jaggers , Mrs. Ella Kal'e Jaggers, Zack . ...... James, Ernesl' ....... James, W. E., Jr. . . Jameson, Elmer G. .. Jansen, Leonard L. .. Jarre+I', Alex R. .... . Jarrell, Claude E. JarroH, Helen ...... JarreH', Roberf P. Jasper, Waller E. .... . Jeffreys, Doroihy Jane Jenkins, Belly Jean . .. Jenkins, Clorhille .... Jennings, Marion .. Jennings, Ruih Jerman, Iris ...... Jobe, Charles ....... Johnson Johnson , Gladys ..... , Glenn ...... Johnson, Granville, Jr. Johnson ,Julia ........ Johnson, Lewis H. Johnson Johnson , Naomi ...... , Nell ArneH' . Johnson, Ober Vaughn Johnson, Ralph H. . Johnson, Roberl' S. .. Johnson, R. C., Jr. .. Johnson, Rogers Johnsfon, Bruce ..... Johnsfon, Joe Bob Johnsfon, Jozelle .... Johnsron, Louie ..... Johnsron, Mary Jane . Johnslon, Ouida .... Johnslon, Roberia Jolly, Finis ....... Jones , Bill ......... Jones, Chakrles W. . . . Jones Duc ....... Jones, Dorolhy ....... Jones, Earlene ....... Jones, Evelyn ........ Jones, Mrs. Franlom Ea Jones, Henry ........ Jones, Joni Lu ....... Jones, Julia ........ Jones, Lewis Glenn Jones, Louise ........ Jones, Marion Lulher . Jones, Morris H. .... . Jones, R. E., Jr. .... . Jones, R. D. ....... . Jones, R. Weldon Jones, Virginia Rose .. Jones, Wayne ...... Jones, Wm. Grover Jones, W. L., Jr. . .. . Jordan, Bob ...... Jordan, Jack .... Jordan, Jerry .... Joyce, Joyner Milron ...... , Viclor ........ Jury, Maurice Eugene . Jusiice, Mason ...... Jusiice, Shirley ..... K Keasler, Bob ....... Keese, Vernon Kefier, John W. . .. . Keller, Evelyn .... Keller, Velma .... Keller, Wynona .... Kelleil, Louis B. .... . Kelley, Clarence L. .. Kelley, Dora Dell .... 'lon ss. ..- ss .- McNeill, Roy ......,.. ... Maeker, Arnold ............. Kelley, Roberl' .... Kelly, Dee ...... Kelion. George Kemp. A. J. Kendall, Gene ........ Kendrick, Lowell ...,,,, Kendrick, Mary Adelia ...... Kennedy, Virginia ...... Kenr, Burley Lee ....... Kerr, Juanifa .... Keyes. Roberi .. Keys, Arch .... Killarn. Jean .... Killian, Jo .......... Kimmel, Sarabefh .... Kimmel, Turner .... Kimbrell, Wanda .... King, Charlene ...... King, Mary Nell .... King, Randell ..... King, Rozelle ..... Kirkpafrick, Ben R. .. Kirksey, Rebecca ...... Kiirley. Wilma Jene Klein, Jack ......... Kleif, Eunice ......... Kluiing, Evelyn .. ....... Knisley. Mary Margaref . Knufson, Billie ......... Koeninger, Leia Merle ...... Kolb, Doris Charlofle Kolb, Lourene ......... Krebbs. Ralph ...... Kube, Ludwig ......... Kuykendall, Mildred L Laird. Gerirude ..... ..... Laird, Lloyd ........... Laird, Nancy .......... Laieunesse, Richard Louis Lake, Gerald H. ....... . Lam, Geraldine Conner . Lam, Gwendolyn ...... Lam, Raybon .....,. Lamb, Herschel ..... Lambert A. C. ,...,. . Lanier, Rex ............ Land, Mary Elizabeih Landers, Harry Efla Landers, Tom ....... Landis, Jimmie Van Landrum, Jimmie Lee Lane, Earline .....,... Langley, Earnesf Lee Larmer, Bill ......... LaRoe, Shirley .... LaRoe, Travis Larrick, Jack Larson, Bob ..... Laiimer, Harold Lafimer, Howard .... Laison, Bill ....... Laubhan, Alvin .... Laubhan, Esiher Laubhan, Ouida Lawless, Hugh ..... Lehr, Theron .......... Lemke, Walier . Lemons, Mrs. Ma Lenr, BeHilou ......... Leonard. Alberi' ..... Leonard, Louise Leonard, Ralph Leuschner, Mrs. G Levens, Billye .. Levers, Ervin Joe . . . . . . Levy, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis. Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lewis, Lieura Keilh ....... Arch ..... Bobby . . . Donald J. .. G. D. . . . . Jo Ann . .. Louise . . . Modeffe ... Vondee ........... . . Willard A. .......... . nce, Richard Edward vis G. ...... race Vesfal . Lighl, Annabefh ....,....... Lilly, W. T. .... . Liner, Warren Lindsey, Bob ...... Lindsey, Rogers .... Liner, Ollie ..... Linn, Jimmy ..... Lipscomb, Bob .... Lil"rle, Essie ..... Lifile, John ......... Liiile. Oweia ......... Lililepage, Priscilla . . . . Livsey, Lon .......... Locke, Locke, Locke, Loflin, Long, Long, Edwin ...... Emmefl' .... Lewis N. . . . Ru'l'h ..... Ednifa . . . Dan ...... Lawrence. Madge Lawson, Henry ...... Lawson. Ted ...... Lea, Evelyn .......... Leach, Allen ........... Leach, Mary Frances Leary, Loueiie ........ Leaverion, Herberi .... Leavi++, Lauraine .... Lee Lee Lee, Alma Rufh Berneice .... Frank .......... Lee, Helen Ruih .... Lee John ........ Lee Reginia ..... Lee Winiired .... Lefiwich, Jimmie .... Legge, Marion .... Lehman. Winn .. Long, J. C. ....... . . . Long, Margarel' . .. ... Long, Olin .......... . . . Longabaugh, Beiiy .... .... Longley, Jack ....... ... Lovelace, James ... .... Lovelace, Luiher . .. . . . Loveless, Vernon . .. . . . . . . . Lowe, Chrisiine ............ Lowe, Rex W. ............. . Lowrance, William Ernes+ .... Lowry, Foresl .............. Loyd, Lucille ............... Luccock, Henry .... . .. Luce, Elizabeih .... . . . Lynch, Befiy ........ ... Lyman, Ben F., Jr. ... Lyon, P. A. ....... .. . Lyons, Paul ..... ... Lylle, Helen ...... ... Mc McAdams, Mary Leda ...... McAnally, James Weldon .... McAlpin, Ruby Doris ........ McAr+hur, Wilmolh .... ... McCallum, Caiherine .,..... McCallum, Weldon .... .. . McCann, Palricia .... ... McCarler, Doroihy .... . .. McCauley, Georgene ....... McCariy, Colleen ..... . .. McCarly, Louise .... . . . McCary, Rhenard .... . .. McCaskiIl, Neal ..... ... McClanahan, Louie .... McClellan, Roy L. .. . . .. McClendon, Elmo .... . . . McCloy, A. Willard .... ... McClure, Charles .... . .. McClure, J. C. ........ . . . McClure, Wynell ........... McCormick, Charlie T. ..... . McCoy, Bill ........... . . . McCoy, Jewel ....... . . . McCrary, Billy Joe . . .. . McCroy, William C. . .. . .. McCreary, Marie .... ... McCreary, Sue ...... ... McCreless, Kaihleen . .. ... McCrorey, Jean ..... . .. McCrummen, Marie .... ... McDaniel, Doroihea ... ... McDaniel, Harold .......... McDermoH', Reginald ....... McDonald, Archie S. ... . . . McDonald, Aurelia .... . . . McDonald, Bill ...... ... McDonald, Jeanne ..... ... McDonald, Roberl' .......... McDowell, Woodyard L. McDuFi, Rosa Jo ........... McEachern, William Tansley.. McElheny, Geraldine ........ McElroy, James D. ......... . McEwen, John Ben .. . McFarland, Charline ... . .. McGee, Sammie ........... McGehee. Lyman York ...... McGlasson, Mildred ........ McGlo+hlin, Billy ...... ... McGough, Bill .... ... McGregor, Joe ... . . . Mclniosh, Andrew . . . ... McKay, Iva Lea ... ... McKee, George B. ... .. . McLain, Mack A. ...... . . . McLaughlin, A. Reid ... ... McLaughlin. Elmer ..... . . . McLaughlin, Wanda ... . .. McLeod, Eioile ........ ... McLeroy, George B. . .. ... McLoen, Carrye Jo ......... McMenamy, Fannie Lou ..... McMillan, W. B. .......... . McPherson, Virginia .... ... McReynolds, Alva ... ... McReynolds, Zoe ...... ... Mcspadden, Willard . .. ... McWhorl'er, Alva .... . . . M Maasen. H. A. .... Mack, Emily Ann .. ... Mackey, Clarice ... . . . Mackey, Pai .. ..... . . . Madden, Wm. Wayne ....... Magee, Doroihy Mildred .... Maiors, Sam ............... Malone, Madge ..... ... MaLone, Sara ......... ... Maloney, Norma ........... Manchee, Kellogg C. ...... . Mannan, Doroihy Ann . Mara, Helen .......... ... Markham, Beulah Rae ....... Markham, Sara Belle ... ... Marks, Earlene ...... . . . Marr, Crysiell ..... ... Marr, Lorraine ...... ... Marrs, Doroihy Rose ... ... Marshall, John Mark Marshall, Ralph ..... ... Marshall, Vera Nell .... Marfin, Billy ........ ... Marfin, Chas. D. ... Marlin. Dick ...... . .. Marlin, J. P. ........ Mariin, Margarel' .... ... Mariin. Marie ..... . .. Marfin, Mozelle ..... Mariin, Rose Marie .... ... Mariin, Wanda ..... ... Marfin, Wesley .... ... Marfin, Willard . .. . .. Marxen, Bob ...... . . . Mason, Gladys ...... . . . Masoner, Cliiion B. .... . . . Masfers, Hardy . . . . . . Mafhews, Bill .. . . . . Ma+hias, Arnold ....... ... Mafihews, Mariorie .... . . . Mauzey, W. C., Jr. .... Maxey, Rosemary .... ... May, Aliene ........ . .. May, Beulah Francis ... ... May, Carey ......... . . . May, Florene ...... ... May, Jesse, Jr. ...... ... Mayes, George L. ..... Maynard, Curiis G. .... ... Mays, Muriel ........ ... Mears, Wayne ........ ... Mebus, Kafherine Sue ....... Medlin, Homer ...... ... Medlin, Pauline ...... ... Menaul, Margaref ... ... Meredi+h, Dan T. .. ... Merediih, Sfanley ... ... Merkel: G. C. ..... ... Mefcali, Frances ... ... Meicalie, Pearl R. ... ... Meyers, Leanell ... ... Meyers, Zada Bea .......... Michie, Ted ................ Midye+'r, Wilson Monroe .... Miles, Mark ................ Miller, Bill ................. Miller, Doroihy ........ Miller, Johnnie Marcelle Miller, Kelion ......... Miller, Louie ...... Miller, Marilynn . .. Miller, Mariorie Miller, Mary Elia .... Miller, Orba E. ...... . Miller, Richard ........ Miller, Sara Elizabefh .. Miller, Thelberl' ........ Miller, Welborn D. .... . Miller, Wm. Sherwood . Mifchan, Mary Adna .. Mifchell Eleanor .... . . . Milchell, Elizabefh ... ... Milchell, Frank .... ... Miichell, Jack ..... ... Mifchell, Mildred .... ... Miichell, Rhea .... . . . Miichell, Rosalind .......... Mize, Weldon .............. Mize, Woodrow W. ........ . Monfandon, Francis L.. Jr. . . . Monigomery, Doris ......... Mon+gomery. Lois .......... Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore. Moore, Moore, AbT. ..... Ann .... C.L.... Eleanor .... Gilford .... . . . Jack .... J. C. .... . Kafhleen . .. ... Mariorie ..... .. . Mary Eihel .... ... Pinkney Sidney J. .. Travis ....... Zeb A.,Jr. .. Morgan, J. P. ..... Moody, Rayiord .. . ... Moorhead, Tom . .. . .. Morgan. Bob ..... . .. Morgan, Ray, Jr. .. . . . Morgan, Keilh ...... .. . Moreland, George .. . . . . Morris, Andy ..... . . . Morris, Cliifon ...... . . . Morris, Ella Frances . .. Morris, James C. .... . . . Morse, Garlh ..... . . . Moseley, Edifh ..... . . . Moseley, Huberl' .... . . . Morrison, Ed ........ . . . Moss, H. G. .......... . . . Moss, William Sfephen ...... Moll, Violef Lee ....... . . . Moxley, John Roberl' ........ Page 80 I25 IO4 80 l54 I25 I54 I25 80 80 IO4 IO4 l54 I25 IO4 l54 80 l54 IO4 I25 80 I67 I25 IO4 80 l54 I25 IS4 80 I25 IO4 80 IO5 I25 IO4 l54 IO4 80 l05 l54 IS4 IO5 80 IO5 IO5 80 I25 I25 I25 IO5 l54 8l 8l I55 IO5 IO5 8l IO5 IO5 I55 I55 8l I25 I55 I55 I55 I25 I25 I25 8l I55 8l I55 8l 8l I25 I25 8l I55 8l I25 IO5 I55 IO5 8l 8I IO5 340 Mudge. Frances .... Mueller, Clara Murphy, Lee ..... Murray, Mable ..... Musick. Elizabeih Musick, George .. Musick, Mariorie N Nabers. Mary E. Nahs, Jerry ...... Nail. Wanda Nall, Carl Nance, Lois ...... Nance, Nancy ..... Nancy, Lewis Elfon .. Neal, Frank Earl .... Neel. C. Sibley .... Neel. Morris ........ Neeley, Kay ......... Pa++erson, Trueff H. . .. Pafion. Keifh .... Pa'r+on. John ... Pa++y, Evelyn Paxfon, Mary ... Payne. Emory .... Payne. Lucille ...... Payne, Lucy Mary ..... Payne. Thelma ....... Pearson, Housion ..... Pearson. Myrile Lois . Pearson. Virginia .... Peavy. Doris ....... Peays, Buford ......... Peays, Hazel Ruih ..... Peckham, Miriam Frances Pederson. Clyde ....... Peek. Chrisieene ..... Peek, Jackie Bob ....... Peeples. Doris Faye ,... Pendleion, Gene .... Pendleion. Mildred .. Nolen, Pilcher, Neelley, Doroihy Edwin' I I U i i Neely, Nelson Lucile ......... , Bill ......... Nelson, Joe .......... Nelson, Jones Praif Nelson, Nafhaniel New. Earl New, Joseph W. New. Paul ....... Newell, Francis Newell, Louis H. Newland, Earl ...... Newson, Elmerene Newsom, Lorene .... Newfon, Be+h .... Newion. Roxie Nichols, Neal ...... Nicholson, R. P. Nickell, Gene .... Nicks, Jack .... Nicks. Mary .... Noah. Lena .... Bob ...... Pendley. Mavis ..... Penick, Russell .... Penney, Hulen J. Perciful, Noel ......... Perez, Rodolfo ........ Perkins, Roberi G. .... . Perrin. Thomas Woodrow Perry. Lee. Jr. ....... . Perry, Max ............ Perry. Susan Perryman, Bob Peierman, Marie ..... Phelps. Phelps. Charlene ....... Richard T.. Jr. .. Phillips, Berfha Marie .. Phillips, H. D.. Jr. .... . Phillips. Johnny ....... Pierce. Pierce, Pierce, H.R.... Joe Ed Mona Pike. John ....... Harold ..... Norman. Charles Norris, lsabelle ...... Norfhen. Thomas, Jr. . Nowell, Truman C. .. Nugenr, Mary Ann . O O'Dell, Irless M. Odle, Loren Ray .... Odom, Melba Ann . Olinger. Bill ...... Oliver, Elwanda .. Pinkerion, Thurman . Pifman, Bonnie Piffs, Carl Elion .... Pills, Frances Ray ..... PiHs, James C. ...... . Planfs. Mariha Frank Plunk. Clay ........ Poindexfer, Clois . Pool, Ed ....... Pool. Jeraldine . Pope. Billy ....... Porier. Darrell ...... Porier, W. V. ........ . O'Mara, Beiiy ... O'Neal, Emalu Osirom, Elniia ... .. Osirom, Lavon ....... Overion. Elberi ....... Owen, Fred Thomas. Jr. .... . Owen, Harold ..,..... Owen, Max ...... . Owen, Roberia P Palmer, Mary ....... Parish, Leonard Lee Parker. James. Jr. .. Parker. Juaniia Parker, Nafalie . Parker, Rachel ....... Q Parks. Redell ......,.. Parnell. Gladys Ruih .. Parris, Jane ......... Parris, Olin ......... Parrish. Clifford M. Parrish. W. D. ..... . Parsons, Shirley ... Pariin. Charles Pafrick, LaRue ...... Pafferson. Harold ... Pailerson, Leo ....... PaHerson, Rosemary .. Page 341 Porierfield. Dorolhea .. Poleef. Clovis ........ Po'reei'. R. B. Polls, Bill ........ Powell. Billie ....... Powell. Elizabefh ..... Powell, James Larry .... Powell. Powell. Powell, Martha Lucille .. Sherrll ......... Wesley ....... Powers. Ted J. ..... . Prange, Edna Louise Praiher. Jack ..... Presson, Glendon Preslon. Joe Tom PrewiH'. Maurine . Prices, Dan .... Price. Mariha .. Price, Mary .... Price, Polly .... Price, Ruih .... Pricke+i', Jane .... Prickefi. Tom ......... Prideaux, Tom Moore .. Progress, Rowland W. . Pruiil. Kaiherine ....... Puriell, Kennefh ...... R Rabb. David C. Ragan, Bee .......... Ragland. Eugene ........... Ragle, Burney .............. Ragsdale, Richard W. ..... . Rahlfs. O. H., Jr. ......... . Rainey, Elvin ......... ..... Rains. Maurine ..... ..... Raley, Bedford M. Ralsfon, Margareffe .. ..... Ramsey. Gerald . ........... Ramsey. Ray E. ........... . Randolph, James Wallace Range, Byron .............. Ransom. Charloile ..... Rapier, Roberi' E. Rapsfine, Frank ... ..... Rasberry, Dayle .. ..... Rasco. Marie ..... ..... Ray, Jess W. ...... .... . Rayford, Louise ...... Rea. Margie Lucile Read, Bobbie ...... ..... Read, Hope ......... ..... Reaves. Mary Frances ....... Reddell. Anifa Ray ......... Reddell. David ....... ..... Redding. Paul ..... ..... Redick, Richard ..... ..... Reding, Oneida ............ Redwine. Befle Bob .... Reed, Zenoba ........ ..... Reese. Kafherine ........... Reid, Mrs. Loiiie May ...... Reinhardf. E. B., Jr. ....... . Reinharf, Arihur S. ... ..... Reinhold, Claudia .. ..... Reinhold, Shirley ... ..... Renfrow. Rosa Lee .. ..... Renner, Jean .... Reno. Vinceni' .... ..... Reynolds, Agnes .. Reynolds. Fred ..... ..... Reynolds, Hugh .... ..... Reynolds. Paul ..... ..... Rhodes, Evellyn ...... ..... Rhodes, Reuby Tom ......... Rice. BeH'y Jo ........ Rice, Sarah Befh ... ..... Richards, L. A. Richardson. Sam .... ..... Richfer, Gerfrude .. ..... Ridley, Marioray ..... ..... Rieihmayer, Waller ... ..... Ripley. Merilu .............. Rifchie, Mrs. Mary Frances Rifler, lnez .......... ..... Ri++er. L. A., Jr. .. ..... Rixse, Roy ......... ..... Roach, Claylon ...... ..... Roach, Mary Adele Roach, Ruih ....... ..... Robb. David ..... ..... Roberson. Gladys .. ..... Roberson, lrela ..... ..... Roberson, J. B. Roberis, Bob ... ..... Roberls, Dick ..... ..... Roberis, Eloise ..... ..... Roberis, Joe Harry ... ..... Roberfson, Beryl .... ..... Roberison, Bell Jane Y Roberlson, C.. Ernesf ....... Rodgers. J. T. Rodgers. Wilma .. Rogers, Jane .... Rogers. Pauline . .. Rogers, Ray ...... Rogers, Ru+h ..... Rogers. Sidney L. . Rogers. Thomas .. Rolley, Hal ...... Romine. John W. . Rooney, Grace . .. Rorex. Edward ... Rose, Rex Ralph .. Rosenq ues+. Hele Ross. Geo. O. .... Ross. Lorraine .... Ross. Velma Dee .. Rosser, Rosson. Bill ....... Renal . . .. Roun+ree, Lola Frances .. Rowland. Dorihe .. Rowland, Hugh .. n Jeanne Rowley, Agnes . Rucker, Alice ...... . Rush, George R. Rushing. Bonnie ...... . Rushing, Norman M. Rushing. Roberla ..... . Russell, Alice Lee .... . Russell. Rendal ..... . Ruiledge, Max ..... . Rulledge, Tommie .... . Ryan, Mary Jo ..... Ryan, MoHie++ .... . Ryder, Marion, Jr. .. S Salem. Margarel' Salier. Roberi Lee .. . Sams, Roberr L. .... . Sanderson. Bernice .... . Sanderson, Glen .... . Sanderson. V. C. Sansom, A. B. ...... . Sarchef. Edifh ........ . Sasser, Wallace R. .... . Saul. James T. .... . Saunders, Jeanne ... Saunders, Joyce .... Savage. Beliy ........ Sawyer, Joy ............ Scarbrough. Milion G. .. Scheihagen. Doroihea Dell Schluefer. Ellene ........ Schmid. Roberl' R. ..... . Schneemann, Helen Schneider. Heidi Schoppa, Elroy ....... Schus+er, Bob .......... Schusier, Doroihy Mae .. Schweiizer. Housfon .... Sciance. Jeanne ...... . Sco++ Scoli' Barbara Jayne .. June ........ . ScoH'. Lee R. . . .. Scoil. Lula Alice ScoH', Paul D. ....... . ScoH'. Roberf .......... ScoH. Samuel Price. Jr. . Schribner, Irvine ........ Seale, Carolyn ....... Sears. Elizabelh .... Sears. Roberf Lee ... Selby. Pairicia Roberison, Edllh ...... Roberfson. James Henry Roberfson, Winsion M. Robinson. Jack ........ Robinson, Robinson, Robinson. Jack, Jr. Lomeia M. H. Roco, Jeanne .... Roden, Jim Roy .... Rodgers, Dan .... Rodgers, Davis . Selby, William R. Self. Boyd ....... Self, Lofiie ........ Sell. Lois Vincenl' Sellers, Merle .... Selmon. Tony .... Senning. Charles ...... Sexion, Dorolhy ........ Shackeliord. Gordon E. . Shahan, Lina Lee ..... Shahan, Richard M. Oualls, Jack Wade Rodgers. T. Deane ..... Shaikewiiz, Ted ... Shanafell, Janell ..... Shannon, P. B., Jr. Sharp, J. P., Jr. .... . Sharpe, Hugh M. Shaunly, Mary Ann .... Shaw, Aural ......... Shaw, Harry, Jr. . .. Shaw, Norman J, ,, Shaw, Rodrick L, Sheefs, Ernesi' ......... Sheehan, Richard M. .. Shell, Berfie Jo ...... Shellberg, Bob ........ Shelfon. Dorma Lee Shepard, Juanira Maxine Shepherd, Don ........ Sherman, Norma ...... Sherrod, Herman Roy .. Sherrod, Naoma ...... Sherwood, Charles . .. Shipp, Hazel ...... Shirey, Lanell ..... Shive, Billie Bess ..... Shoemaker, Har? .... Shoemaker, Freelin ..... Shoiner. Orville W. . . . . Shorf. Sierling ...... Sholfenberg, Mariorie . . Shows, Lewis ........ Shryock, Beliy ..... Shuler, H. C. .... . Sibley. Lonnie C. Sides, Geraldine .... Sides, Jack ....... Silvey, Naomi ..... Simmons, Elaine ..... Simmons, Jim ......... Simmons, Margarel' .... Simmons, Roy ...... Simons, Suzanne ..... Simpson, Jack Louis Sparks, Spears, Nancy Lee ...... W. S., Jr. ..... . Spencer, Calherine Louise Spencer Spencer , Jean ......... Mariorie ...... Spencer: Rodney Leroy .. Spencer, Sara .......... SweaH', Wardell T Tabor, Warren Gene Tannahill, Cliiion .... Tannahill, Wilborn .. Spencer, W. B. ...... . Spiiler, Frank ..... Sprague, Gerald Sprague, Buddie Sprawls, H. G. .... . Spring, Lydia Marie Spring, Paul ....... Springer, Berl ........ Springer, Verna ........ Sprouls, James Cliflon .. Spykes, Alfa Jane ...... Squires, Margie ...... Squyres, Berry N. .. Sfagner, Ellis ..... Slalcup, Evelyn Lee . Sraley. L. M. ...... . Sfallard, O. D. ...... . Sfandefer. Prafher .... Slaniield, Evelyn ....... Sfangel, Mary Menon Sranfon, Mar+ha ........ Slaplefon, Doris La Rue . S+aple+on, Lula ........ Sfarkey, Johnie ...... Sfarkey, Roberi' ........ Siafham, Sammy Louise . Slavely, John Allen ..... Tarier, Lillian .... Tafum, Dellon Taylor, D. E. ...... . Taylor, Elmira May Taylor, Kennelh .... Taylor, Richard .... Taylor, Sherman E. Taylor, W. M. ..... . Taylor, Wilion Taylor, W. J. .. .. Teague, Abner F. . .. Teal, Lula Lee ......... Temple, Temple, Jane ......... Kafhryne ...... Templefon, Johnnie Faye Terrell, Terrell, Deveral Glenn Morris Terry, H. M. ........ . Tevis, Cecil .......... Thacker, O al Thaxlon p ........ , BeHye Alyce .. Thomas, Geraldine ..... Thomas Harold John .. Thomas, Helen ........ Thomas, Hugh ....... Thomas, Reble ....... Thompson, Carey ..... Thompson, D. A. ...... . Sfavlo, Sreed, Eddy ...... T. M., Jr. Sfeele, Beffy Jo .... Sieele, Joe ....... Sreen, Daniel ..... Sfence, Henry .... Sfengel, Paul ..... Sfephens, Bobbie Thompson, Harold R. . .. Thompson James .... Thompson LaVere .... Thom son S6 p , P + .... Thornburgh, John .... Thornlon, Melvin Thornfon, Paliy .... Sims. Billy .......... Skeen, Kell ...... Skinner, Volney Slage l, Calherine .... Slarer, Cloyd ......... Sleep er, Lockerf, Jr. Smari, V. C. ....... . Smiley, Olive ......... Smifh, Ara Louise ..... Smifh, Margarel' Benlon Smilh, Bonnie Lyle .... Smilh, C. E. ......... . Smiih, Charles, Jr. .. Smilh, Civola ..... Smifh, Clinlon .. Smirh, Donald L. .. Smifh, Drucilla .. Smilh, Florene .. Smifh, Jerome .... Smiih, J. D. ....... . Smilh, Joe T. ........ . Smifh, John EvereH .... Smifh, Juanice ...... Smifh La Verne Smiihl Lola Jean .... Smiih , Lois ......... Smiih, Lolie Glynn .... Smirh, Louise ..... . Smifh, Marion .. Smiih, Mary L. Smifh, Naomi ....... Smiih, Roberi' Lee ..... Smifh, W. Wallace .... Smilh, Wayne W. Smi+h, Wilford .... Smirh Wilson ..... . Smiih Smiih 1 W. Sanford . . Vesfer Lee . .. Smifhee, Be'Hy Nell Snelleman, Laurance W. Snider. Hugh ......... Snively, R. L. ........ . Snure, Charles ........ Snyder, James Layion . Snyder, Roberi' ........ Sparks, Mary R. Slephens, Doroihy .... Sfephenson, Charles .... Srephenson, Mary Ann .. Slevens, Doris ........ Sfevenson, L. M. .... . Slewarf, Charles A. .... . S+ewar+, Pairicia Lee Sfiles, Jimmie ........ Slilwell, Doris ...... Siokes, James Sione, Florence Sfone, Joyce ...... Sfone, Roberi' ..... Siorey, David C. Slorm, ima Jean .... Sfory, Ernesiine Siory, T. J., Jr. ....... .. Sioffs, Jerlene ......... S+oul', La Verle Kennelh . Slovall, Dorolhy Dell .... Sfrawn, Howard ...... Sirawn, Hurshel C. Sireef, Alice Lynn .... Sfreei, Donald ..... Sl'reel', Weldon .... Sirickand, Harry N. .. Sfrickland, Neiha Slrickland, Reid Slricklin, Buck .......... Slrolher, Ann Jack ...... Siubbleiield, Berna Dene Sludhaller, Waller ..... Subleif, Jack .......... Suddurh, Dexy ....... Suiall, Mary Mariha .. Sugarek, Charles Sugarek, Richard Sullivan, Margie Sumner, O. W., Jr. . Surrafl, Carolyn SurraH', Roberl' ....... Sursa, Lloyd Wellon .... Swaim, Howard ...... Swan, Joyce ....... Thurman, Bill ......... Thurman, J. Udell .... Tidwell, Frances .... Tilger, Smilh ....... Tims, H. C., Jr. ..... . Tinkler, Mary Louise Tinkler, Ruih ........ . Tippir, Doris Nell ..... Tiplon, Margarel ...... Tomlinson, Vada Belle .. Tompkins, Jack ........ Tompkins, Myra Jeane . Tooke, Waller Y. ..... . Toombs, Fern ........ Townes, Loliie Jo ..... Townley, Wanza Lou .. Tredway, Blandina .... Tripliil, Joe Will ..... TripliH', Ruperr A. ... . Trousdale, William .... Tucker, J. C. ...... . Tucker, Winfred ....... Tudor, Woodie ....... Tunnell, Mary Margarei Turner, Agaiha ........ Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Ausiin L. ..... . Jack ....... K. Lanse ...... Virginia ....... Wylma Rulh . .. Turnipseed, Esfelle .... Twiss, Freeman C. Tyler, Ray ......... U Uli+, Doroihy ...... V Vallance, Dorris ...... Vance, Earlene ........ Van Paifen, Evereil' .... Vaughn, Donald ....... Vaughan, Gerald Audine Verhyden, Mack ....... Verner, Darrell .... Verner, Jerrene Verner, Jean ...... Vernon, Mary Eifa . Vickers, James J. .. Vinson, Furman .... Vinyard, Howard .. W Wade, Beverley Wade, Rufh ...... Waggoner, Noel .. Wales, Blanche . .. Wakeland, Mancel . Walker, Dale ...... Walker, Eddyihe .. Walker, F. V. Walker, Helen .... Walker, Jack Wall, Elmer, Jr. Wall, George ..... Wallace, Don Lyle . Wallace Wallace , Fred .... , Ralph Walling, Beffy .... Walling, Rufh ..... Walfer, Pairick . . . Wallers, Ed ....... Walfhall, Kaihleen . Wa lion, Charles . . . Waliz, Glennis .... Ward, BeH'y Jane . Ward, Elsie Mae .. Ware, Ronald ..... Warren, Warren, Warren, Wafers, Cecil O++o George . . La Verne . Granville . . Walkins, Burgin Wa+kins, Joe ..... Waikins, Marguerife Walkins, Mary .... Wafson, Cora Jean Waison, Eulamae .. Wa+son, Joyce .. . Waison, Olin Wafson, Opal .. Walson, T. J. .... . Wa'lson, Winsfon . . WaH', Bud ........ Weakley, Jane .... Weaiherby, Ural Go Weaver, Ewing ..... Weaver, Rebecca Ray rdon Webb, Kafhleen ..... Webb, Layion ...... Webb, Nina Rose Webb, Wade H. Weber, Arihur J. Websler, J. D. ..... . Websier, Joyce D. . . . Weelh, Kaiheryn . .. Welch, D. Alfon . . . Wells, Wesf, West Wesr, Wesf, Wesl, Weslm Jack M. . . . . Angelene ..... Helen Ruih Hoy ........ La Verne ..... Loren . ...... . orela nd, Yvonne Welsel, W. B., Jr. . . . Wharfon, Billie Frances Wharfon, Georgie Sue Wharfon, Pafsy ...... Whea+ ley, Maxine . .. Wheeler, John Bill Wheelis, Jack ..... Wheelock, Joyce .... Whiie, Helen ..... Whife, Joyce ..... Whife, Margarel' .... Whiie, Raymond .... Whiie, Ted M. . While, Travis ....... Whifehead, Kaihryn . Whifel ey, L. D. ..... . Page l3l l3l Ill I64 I64 l3l 88 Ill I64 l3l l3l III I64 I64 Ill Ill III I64 88 I64 l3l 88 88 III 88 I64 88 III Ill Ill III I64 III 88 I64 l3l lil Ill l3l I65 l3l 88 88 III I65 l3l Ill l3l I65 I65 I65 88 I65 88 I65 88 l3l I65 I65 III 88 I65 l3l 88 89 l3l I65 89 Ill Il2 lll l3l I65 III I65 l3l Il2 89 I I2 89 89 89 l3l I65 342 Williams Whileside. Dan ..... Whilfill. Billy Ed .... Whi'H'. Kalhryn .... Whilworfh. Dick Whorion. Vivian . . . Widmoyer, Fred . .. Wilbanks, Julia . . . Wilder. Bernard Wilder, Roberl' ..... Wiley. Nell Marie Wilhile, James Gilloeri' Williams. Johnny Williams, John E. Williams. Juanifa .... Williams. Lloyd George Williams. Norman E. .. Williams, Palsy ...... Williams. Raybern .... Williams Williams . Roy ........ Vicror ,..... Williams: Wanda Belh on, Mozelle .. Wilkes. Roy Philip Wilkins. H. T. ...... . Wilkins. Jean' . .. WilleH', Rogers .... Willilf. Virginia . . . Williams. Ben ....... Williams. Mrs. Bill Williams. David Williams. Edward Williams. Flora Lee .. Williams. Helen ..... Williams. Jack ...... Williams, James D. .. Williams, James W., lll Williams. Jeane Williamson, Ocie Hugh Willard. Aubrey L. ........ . Williford. Harriefie ......... Wilson. James Edgar ....... Wilson. Jimmie Lynn ........ Wilson. La Verne ..... Wilson. Ocfavia Wilson. Oran ...... ........ Wilson. Thomas J. ......... . Wiman, Howard Palerson Winsfon. Alice ............. Winslon, Doroihy .......... Winler. Ernesl' ............. Wiseman. Helen Margarei' .. Will, Jimmy .......... 'sf 4,77 Page 343 ll? xx Wolfe, Wolfe. Lorene . . . Trevor . . . . . Wolfskill. Eula ...... Wollmon. Jack ........ Womaclc. Herberf L. . .. Wood . Wood . Wood. Wood. Wood, Wood Annabel ..... D. B., Jr. .. Jean ,....... Nancy Vyola ... Wendell. Jr. .. : Wm. ....... . Woodall. Menon ...... Woodlin. Howel W. Woodli n. Virgil l. .... . Woodward, Mary Le La Woody. Woods. Woods. Woods. Word, Houslon ...... Dora ......... Delmer Maurice Winifred ..... Waller ........ Worsham, Sarah ...... Wossum, Lurher Earl .. Wray, Roberia ........ Wrigh+. Bernice Billy .. Wrighr. Elwood ....... Wright Jim ........ Wrighl, J. H.. Jr. Wrighf, Mabel Bealrice Wright Neil ......... Wrigh+, Nina ........ Wulfien. Doris ....... Wulfien. James D. Wyly. Roberl ....,, Y Yarbrough. Marie .. Yeager, Mary Burk Yeakley. Vernon J. . .. Yellon. Fred L.. Jr. . Yorlc. H.omer ..... York, Jack ....... York. Mae Dell ..... Young. Elizabeih .... Young. Jayson .... Young. Junius ..... Young. Mildred Young. Zearl T. Z Zeman. Blanche . .. FINIS Oh. god of work, Oh, haven of desire, Deliver me from ever ano+her such job. The balmy days of aulrumn I Wane in+o Jrhe cold of win+er. Our work progresses, We siruggle, we pull. Un+il ou+ of +he barren days of labor. seemed in vain. We come +o spring, ihe Jrempfress of our Time. The days grow long. The sun. ihe wind. +hey call us, Bui yell There is worlc. We slrive +o play, buf no, Our work musl' be done. Our laslcmasiers siand over us, our obligaiion And lhen we reach +he end, Thai soul-saiisfying end, when all seems losi ln ihe apprecialion of +he days To come Of luxurious ease, Of days wiih nolhing sei before us buf our will Of nighis Wi+h all Jrhe beauiy of Tech 'ro enioy. A shorl monlh of il, and 'rhen Jrhe year is over. Our 'raslc is done. We have worked. NOW WE PLAY. s are sirong Q- 1e.wf51s::a..IZji ,,, .Q - 9 .. .-We ,. I , an-f -3111: vw , trlf.-.,-:-q:yA..,-:fm ' ' "' " '- , Q-' .,:3igli:c4.2:2.-:5e?a.5,. , A U -9f1f4E5"'fi9t3:E:f:" f2?G:?E2515I?55:525ii1i 4I1 WEEiE22:iif222f2F , cf f":2E'ff?2' .:'f33:'5'1'1,-:iEfE':l ::., - -:, F21-'ifiiili mir:sf,ggs,iy:ga5:w f-'IMG' 3 22. L 4 4. , V 4 , 1, P f, if 4 K' N124 1 4 . . 4. 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