Texas Tech University - La Ventana Yearbook (Lubbock, TX)

 - Class of 1933

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Text from Pages 1 - 340 of the 1933 volume:

'N W -x""i . M , Here, beiween +owers ioined by long shadowy halls, echoing hurried fooisreps, Iaughfer, saIu+a+ions, friendships are cemenred. Siudenf-congesfed s'rairs unwind in+o rofundas, where you pause +o adiusf garmenrs or books before fugging ai 'rhe door and diving info +he windy sallyporf on 'rhe way fo +he Engineering building. 3 'xb- v Here bool and boolee shocl engineers loiier, pull a+ pipes, exchange problems, social and scholasiic. Here whir of elecfric moiors, ihe crashing sounds of a cemenf +es+, lhe 'runeless song of an archiiecl echo fhrough picfure sfrung halls. Then a whang of elec+ric bells and you go on +o +he Tex+ile building. King Co'Hon's 'l'hrone is sirenglhened here. Flimsy lini' minus seeds is run fhrough sfudenl' operaied machines, is crilicised and passed on +o ofhers, becoming smaller in size. I+ is ioined wi'I'h like 'rhreads and emerges a woven, dyed, and finished produci. Snilif lhe dye, marvel ai' 1'he machinery, and pass on +0 fhe Home Economics building. 0-5 'X , V- ., . . ,,:4?'7Q sv ,A is 1 X - I ' px. ' ,gig .,v?'A' The pungenl' odor of cooking, of dyes and painis offen pene'rra+e 'rhe halls. Some while-aproned girls huddle around coolcsfoves and fables, ofhers direcl' new malerials under +he needles of whining sewing machines. The bell, shuffle of feel, swish of slcirfs, girlish laughfer, and conversaiion echo in our ears and we go on fo +he Chemislry building. , if 1-5' 'flu' 52:1 I cufizfqii .A . , ff' by 'gf-141. i 1 l i i S'rroll +hrough 'rhe long shadowy arcade, en'rer clark halls, cha'r wi+h s+uden+s wailing for classes 'ro be dismissed, sniff ihe occasional miscarried fumes from laborafories inhabiled by rubber-aproned chem- is+s. Direcf your sfeps 'foward 'rhe Aggie building. V .113 ",i iz, V K V.,, A .',,E Z My ww, , he a i .L , ,KE g A - , ,J ,M A Small of s1'ruc'I'ure, 'rlnriving wi+l1 ac+ivi+y, peoplecl wi+l1 friendly clemocralic Aggies who experimenf, exchange Hmeories and absorb resulfs here. Cl1a+'I'ing groups in froni of The building are separafed and scaifered in direciion of pavilion, chemisiry building, and booksfore. i , 36" an ,V- I 755, V 1:,, , ,f fl Ag nf" .'. Ui if J Safurday morning is clean up lime in lhe Praclice House, elecfrical appliances whir as 'rhey bear, sweep, clean, and wash. Telephone rings, girls call lo each o+her from room ro room. Foolsleps 'rhaf go 'rripping clown The siairs go lagging up again. Farewells, and siroll loward Prexy's home. 3 .9 A ar i , Duck benealh a few shade rree branches as you lread across lhe lawn 'I'o our presiden+'s home, a while siucco of Spanish archireciural design, 'ropped wi+h red file. A friendly Airedale rises +o gree'r you as you ring +he doorbell +ha+ sounds far back in 'rhe house. . I x' iru A V V A In con'rras'r of our 'lhemez Scienlisls aslc us lo imagine man's achievemenls and 'l'he living condi- 'rions of 'lhe furure. When rocker-powered planes and lrains circle lhe globe, when lhe earrh shall be honeycombecl wi+h dwellings, inrernarional subways and pipelines, when concenlrarecl, arri- ficial foods will salisfy man's hunger, when food, leisure, professions, mar- riages and birlhs shall be confrolled by law, when church and sl'a1'e func- 'I'ion separarely and admif absolule freedom of speech and press- Le1"s imagine Piece +oge+l1er lhe fossils of +l1e pasf and imagine wi+l1 us an un- peopled world, our world several million years younger, revolving in space in much fhe same way as il' now does. A world wilhoul fish in fhe seas, birds in +l1e air, animals or vege'ra'l'ion on flue land, desolale and rocky, wi'I'h no lrace of 'rhe lengl'l1y rivers and deep valleys lhal eons laler would efch +l1eir courses deep in +l1e fopography. Le'I"s imagine wl1a'I' Man's living condifion would have been +l1en- wlnich is our fheme. LA VENTANA VOLUME EIGHT' Man awoke wifh a spliH'ing , headache, severe bruises, and emp'l'y slomach. Yes- ferday he had been moulded by 'lhe gods, 'I'oday he was an exile on an unpeopled, barl- ren earfh. Once common dusf, he had been moulded by fhe gods in carica- fure of an absenl' brofher. They had breafhed immorfal life in'l'o his clay s1'ruc+ure whereupon he became a man in flesh and blood. They were pleased wi+h +heir handiwork, and They ridiculed and buffeied him aboul' un'I'il fear of 'l'he abseni' god's reiurning caused his creafors 'l'o deposii Man none +o genily on fhe ear+h - a place seldom visifed by +he gods +hen as now. TEXAS TECHNOLOC-SICAL COLLEGE This is your book. If was designed and edifed for your pleasure and convenience-fo help you recall scenic views, inferesfing and familiar-fo record fhe college ad- minisfrafion and senior hisfory-fo presenf fhe undergrad- uafe fo group organizafions, fo give a perspecfive of fhe year's afhlefic achievemenfs, fo lisf 'l'he maior acfivifies- and, finally, fo close wifh a "Razz" secfion fhaf may or may nof be all ifs name implies. The earfh qualced as if had offen done before fhis lasf convulsion had lowered 'rhe surface below sea level. A confinenfal sea poured in and covered man and fhe land for miles around. He adiusfed himself fo fhe sea: learned fhaf by propel- ling his limbs he could move aboufg learned fo crush fhe profecfive shells of ammo- nifes, clams and gasfropodsg and learned fo free himself from fhe slimy, fenacious grip of gianf gasfropods. . When Tech was very young and fhe masses clamored fo esfablish fradi- fions, some 'Foolish and some imprac- fical, open-minded fech-loving sfu- denfs, fhen as now, refused fo sponsor anyfhing nof wor'I'hy of fhe school. Fish grew sfreamlined and elusive. Where fhe weaker classes of marine life lived, 1-he sea boffom was a maf of ferns and wafery shrubbery. Clumsy furfles, invading fhis submarine foliage fo devour fheir wanf of small fish, offen charged af Man wifh infenfions of including him in fheir menus. .Mafador fashion, Man would sidesfep fhem and grasp fhe ridge or scaly surface of fheir backs fo prevenf anofher charge and fo save himself from fhe churning, finlilce legs. Roll- ing righf and leff, up and down, in an efforf fo dis- lodge Man, fhe furfles foughf unfil exhausfed. These same Tech-loving sfudenfs, wifh fheir own records, counferacfed public opinion caused by fhe lack of principle of ofhers. They foughf secref polifical machines, spon- sored worfhwhile organizafions, demanded fair play and sporfsmanship. To fhe Tech-loving exes, fo fhe Tech-loving undergraduafes, we dedicafe fhis eighfh volume of La Venfana. MRS. F. N. DRANE WALTRUDE ROGERS CANTRELL JOHN T. BROWN E. L. DOI-IONEY Jaclc Highfower, philosopher, Irish genfleman, and dean of 'rhe campus from sundown fill sunrise, has a supply of approved jokes ready +o march everyone's. This campus personalify, armed wi1'h cheerful words and smiles, has a fafherly in+eres+ in anyfhing for, by, or of Tech. BOOK ONE 5. lA.u.,., A-W,.,L,..,T.-. nge-"""-.,.. PV- -ffl' - "-'-- llLfi"'A' ' 3 " M' i -Q 1' t:g.1iy '53, M jiiw , T1 f N- fe. -ee -e V- A-'f M HUI, U! up -...A ., K ,321 V-- l-5 1 CS-ev 9:5 4 ,ill S 5Q?5i53z,,1N ' .. Ami xy' , Aft X M kgrl, - V 1 Tw. in f -'N affair. -11 , 3 , . ,wqqh 5 I M b TQ' f j , Crinolds, or sea flowers buf 'rhe animals. Ii y are in +ru1'l1 lies, resembling Vegefalion, mossy spongy sfuff, flour- ished along lhe shores of 'l'he shallow seas and in +he swampy places. .lnsecl's, drag- on-flies, worms, and scorpions were 'lhe only live fhings on fhe ear'I'h's surface capa- ble of self-navigafion and locomofion. They were Man's 'Food sup- ply when hungry, his Nemesis when frying To resi' or sleep. The occasional fhun- der-slorm, +he slir of insec+s powered by +wo pairs of wings, +he ripple of wafer, and fhe whine of 'l'he wind 'rhrough +he frees were 'I'he sounds Man heard during ihis, 1' h e Pennsylvanian period. PERSCJNALITIES A +oas+ lo 'rhe blue-eyed girl from Clovis, New Mexico . . . five feel' seven inches fall . . . uses no lip slick . . . has nal'- urally curly brown hair . . . a pair ol: dimples near 'l'he corners of her moufh . . . Pauline Caw- l'hon . . . would lfke +o live on a sheep ranch for four monlhs wi+h only a radio for company . . . lefl-handed . . . resem- bles Elissi Landi . . . Jesse Crawford and Eddie Canlor are her 'lavorifes of fhe air . . . is a Fresh- man . . . lives on Avenue X . . . her +elephone number is 789W .... -' 'A - .Maia-ears . - ' m.?2'icf- ggrki g ya n -25,1l'Ia?:ai , -1 -'39, ' 4 I., W ,.., 6, X, W. , ., 'i331g.l,f 61, . .7 ' -Jil. 11 - -If wp: -f - fl 2 V .2 1 .. Wim. rv- :ei , f "il 1, E53-' J, . - w . as , K ,ga Q F Ii, I Mig? xi 4 i 6 'f by 11 H1 Q. fi' , M, is 4 " , . y ,-, x l . K if als, 1+ ' Q q .4 H U 55,1 K f x -lim 4 wig? is it is 1 waiqw xxilzi, I 'xg 1 1 , 'if' ' 1: rs ' , s gn? Pj 'X' K , , 1+ e f mf. ww' 1 'H 1 'L Q'-fs gg! gl F' E7 rg l J li I x 7 f"'- 415' ' , QL -:fr 'V 2 1 Ji ., i" ' qw rg 51 : Q.-4 f 1- iv- - el .,.,. N, 'E r I , 1 , 35- 2 Pig ' I PE' fp- 1 , be-' -r V v 3 ff "-'S' ,f glifzgvm Mg?-wr rg .irffxioilfix oi , . ,. .. ,. we 11-. . :W , . lcwiinyjlf- .4 ' -w , ,:' L "rw-5539 -if Q 12: ,e:-waz? -'Arr Fit' iff? -4- , ' ki, bziif , 'f 15,2 I -- si'-new -va - ., ,. n' V . in I f- V' up F t-1 1' ,. rf.,-Q ' , , . -' ' X ' rw ,sf-:A in 'Fifi-',53s'V1f:2' ,-rr?-'21 R"fES1,L , ' S 11 ggiii ., . '-Lf: f :Qs H .,.,.. , , -'.1i'v'.f .div I J- v, r , 'Eff - '5'7QI5f,1f3.5f7.c55. Li .Pri ' K ,Lf 32:fr,1gl14:a4f',-an t if .,.. ,ff . . 1 ,N E A 5550 f ii' f Serin' i CM-2515 ' . ,ET 1 , ,, . I ' ' 92? : x sv A " , 1 e x . f L? L i?v,.,j 3 s ,K 1. 1- 'gf 212 . zu Llrjrr f . gi'-1 5-,VT M , 4' J '35, Nl ' H l -5 f' 5 M it ' . " N f x x Y I. , , l FW Q' ' j , . ws ' 5 fa . gf' 3, A-E 3 3 L .I N rx f ' r R y Q7 l L is B Fi, Q A Q E'-4135? G. ,r if 3 Xie If :fi bv ,- ,- if 5 J wily' 31 ,cf Lmw." iffiilifi E E3 ' N -fx Hia. l'::3f'.i"1-:TEC ,ff , zfiV2"if2:.? ' - 4 V . R N' -'.-.12 ra.-f,'.' N 1 5 x ' V.: ' . 5.3211 Cf' ' .li Till-- HWQE , JU-'Y V- J-PT ,SM 7,-,ALA M,--e .,.gf ,. ,,, Tse :ga ': Z i ' n"F'f-ff' ' , . A Wcefff--5-: ' 5 :. V .i,: .,5M',3"i" 1 N15 ?Ql'iw3: z . K 1- nf , . H is 'A '34 A' l N 1 w 4 w i 4. 91 Sweelhearl of 'I'he band by popular vo1'e of lhe bancl boys . . . marches grace- 'fully and maneuyers wilh lhem when 'ihey enlerlain on 'ihe gridiron . . . wears a scarle+ riding coal' and black bools . . . Helen Barsfow . . . gray eyes and brown hair . . . would like +0 be an Enlerior decoralor . . . on ,a rainy day she curls up in a chair wilh a volume of poefry . . . Poe is her 'favorile poel' . . . has had dancing lessons . . . can 'ioe dance and do bal- lel' numbers . . . lhinlcs Fredric March is a "grand" and handsome man. . C, .1-v.,.. we wg, ,, .qi , L,..,:11g-3342 ' Y Ps Q, . 3 C121 ' .il 7 '51 r --' 1 '., fi ..f4x-'- we - 312 - ' gy?-,frgg xv ? id W-1 1 " Q 'N I". at . waegf -. f - ,m, -vgf .-1. ,mf gif , Q1-. , , ,L -f-A., i mf - : L sgizfyaiw -21 1'- 1:1 rg w,,S,1, .r -1. A'5f"f:N 3: 19:7 xlil.. A . ' '- ' +2 'ik-L. N:-9 551. .- 'S Mi'-vw-fs -15:,n. 1 6 Ki 1, . .1.. A , ,, . Q M3173-2.35.2 1: - -,engefe 2, , Q ,,, , . ' "S+ -?'?'JI- 'I , fy ,fl 1' .. " ,JF ff -Lf' '95 . . ,e,g,155,yx, , , , . -. AM QM!-.-, Q. '-'ff J-29 if su. . - '- 'ivgwggg aff fr.: J . Z ,gg 53-.v , v,--,N , .V 0 , 2 - ..v,: : 1 - -wwf.. me-ew 5-Lv? . L-,.,., ,vu ,,,. 1- ,ew ,f i 'JfZfi'?.'w.,,,w3 -Q-.1-me-va f.- . V: -' r-:iw-u 1 nv D, fi X is ': f-X 3 1. ge -"-1.1 am- f. s wr' ' ,- bn, fei, F G ..- .,.+ . - .,, .,. , i ..:,..z HW 'ii Y 1 551322 Q jg! fr? 25? 3 if QA ,, , Q P125 - Q ' - '- 1" If 17:04 :S ' '-f fwfr'-e Mm' 4, - ' ,Ly 5 ' 'ri fs'-Au ' wif! mfr 4' ,Mfiisisi ,5rj.1.,v q 'fpzg 1 ,L.:'Q5qg'Q 5.-,Q 1 - - , 1255 .j A "'i if vfifcfxur g .. 17 21 Q' nifty if r 6 1 5 f 4 lf I y ,J D pr Q gd vi . A x r .ng it ,is , -- - A .f- ' -v' U: r- lx, i f ' - -Hia ' QQ "-' 4' .refs , e- gf: -NX, is jggigm 5- fs- , ' .i .wf - Z,-:'fF' "3fNiit', wif.. .3 ,, K. I . , irlwiff-5 av: 'I 1'?.qZg413gQf. . , 45113 v wig 5:59 151 ' 5555 ' M- V :gui F 1311- SLM" .Vw Q A 0 wa' "QR , .1,.,3::+:':'5 'f:g.,,q.,f,H C 11 .1 -. Q +ffz,s,'g..5f,.v.- ,-1:12, ,. .4,,,..f , 3 ,4-x , ' ' - mfs, . . mv. --.,. .. -N, - nu,-+v5.g.1ys A - U' X . ,sfqgm , ve J amz, v . 5 , -3 .m:fe,.,.,1g ff-. 1, -.211-1.-flag'-4-. za. rv.. l 1 ' , " ki Q 459 ,fi V 44-,-,.A,,. - fl.f2'E'-1 ...f U1 -A ,. .- ' no 55523-5 -. K: J. , .-. Z- cg Q M 'F L W ,' aw 1 .aw 4 . -. . .., J is-5 .laik .. W 555. . .-.x,, 55 :ig E' . X 'fs . .5--, . . ,.. ,Hi f i 3 - 9 5 E, L ' if? 32 . f 1 12 yfifyg ,Z gf a i 1 .v G 1 ,, U F 41 E T a f ' J 3 , , -2-'l ' T N'z,1:, J ff , , af 4 , if it 1 5 3 ' ef 5' u1E' L " iv F 'S I ,f '?:,gkiMJ , 5. ,J ' 13 ' 9 9 'f .-e 1 1 W E ' is 1 3, Qt S " H. K 3,55 , 1 ' . mf We at .- 4 M, A J, S A 6 ra -. 8 4 , 1: A Qi? . , A f F -32? 1 'fx' 1- if--iv 5' 1 ' V 1553 . A 4: g 1' gags., , QQ 5 5 1 W 5 Q A .2 2 ,5 is nw ' ,. if - - 3 , -f ' I 2 sf 1' N z jf, "9 - Q"t'ffJ ' ,, A- . - H x 4,32 f f' -f gizgf .Q v' 2- 0 2 M-5111: 'sf . . si 5, i f. L-Q--W Q, . -ln. df- gi-,xi - gs Zj,.,5-S56 i f --,em-y ' if I Friendly, lovable, and en- erge'I'i,c . . . "Jerry" or Geraldine as you like . . . hails from Hamilion . . . sis+er of a former foofball capfain, Jack D u r h a m . . . grayish blue eyes mas'l'er of ping-pong, plays bridge also . . . never leaves a crossword puzzle or iig-saw unsolved . . . believes woman's place is in +he home . . . expecls her prospecfive husband fo be a good sporf, hand- some, and no'r quarrelsome . . . has a suppressed de- sire l'o be an Amelia Ear- hari and yef she says woman's place is in 'rhe home .... S Q11 :1 43 -. V 1 ug. if-s-2 aw-r 112- . sf ..f -+4 4- ff: - 1-, - fire MQ: 2 V' --1 ' ' TEL. '?,V..1 V' fu: 'i ,fT'f 9-H ' 1? . T i' ':'g5'5-,j5?:v,,fQ Sifgif, -Vu f 4.5 " I: aw if aff ,asa -ga ,wif eq., 2 X Y gym , - X H-V 2 515- - - - ,' - .ijfiff L ,Q S54 gi F 'if V 4-S5 2.35535 S ' rggkfg? ' .- --- '-'-. . 'f Flff -Q .. , ,:2af:-awp V if: lf i.,u:,:,., v,'..,.V . , Mt .. ,,.a ,yam5','v: - .leg-,,. .' Q, f - W V 5. -, .. -ep. sf., fg greg ,i , si wie--Wlfgzr' -L, r A Y 6' .1 -:I 'B V: 291 . as V 1651: 1 S sg Q, ,gg QA. ' rt -f-354 ,at Egg 55 9 :W w ' fm' 7: Qi , "1 .3 'Vg A 4 is F E., - :seg z,, ' ' T ' 1- ' :--f: :G X - - -mn.-. .MEL gym, .J .1 '1l4.f"v 4, fs-ffm., 1: ' -Wiriilii "' 5 " vm' ' ' Hn:-' -nge. TE 21: gg f f-f - :V v. L- , V ' V 'F V1:V- ,. be 1JSF':a,- . 4. -La. gi , ,ts up :"u,-54235 2-- - - .V ,.:.g.1g 1143 .' liigie- Q Q' 'l.fN"Ql' 'Fryer .54 V,g,A12Vf'r ' A: . , , Y 9,,., ., - ' , LV? .uw n ' wg: 4910 1 sf X " ' ' vial. l:5ig512?:ZQi:ffe , i ' ' ' " ' V, ., ml ' ' 'te ul .LVM-'EEE :L iff, if .wve ,- V- i' ' s5.i,,g.A,q .- , A , . 5, ,gr 4 A ,Aw Y Ka 1' , , .Xt Q 5 sig? A N ' if E P I- , . ji 1: .4 V , in ' 22 f l A gs wi' X5 lf A sf 1 9 1 'f 3 rg S' '1- l 5 'fi 1 l mf f-L ' P ,V 3' 2 W' A I Q x- r Q ' P-' R , - 2 F .J-QW, ,, t 1 Lfef.. '9I'?'.f1" , 'sa . a?y.V:: , mic? A n 5 " are F , e e , az f f R hgi 'K' 2 M 23 Y 1 x M ,gf L Q35 A 1 13 L. sf A44' J 5 .ann ' 4 iff sscey ycvly ir , fi Lani sf p " 1? xif' --5 - -ff 4 -- .. 4 W + X V J ,,.,. . , , gg... , , - , , l' 'Wg A 5, 2525, '51 Beau+iful name, beaufiful girl . . . won'+ even de- four a black cal' or sfoop +o pick up a four-leaf clo- ver . . . slender, calm, and poised as a fashion plale model . . . Melba Wa+son . . . brown eyes . . . five 'feel' seven . . . plays confraci bridge . . . expecls her dream boy 'ro have some of 'Phe characlerisfics of her 'fa- vorile crooner, Bing Cros- by, and her movie idol, Fredric March. . . doesn'1' admire 1'he man who smokes a pipe . . . wanis +o lravel, anywhere, everywhere, any fime . . . likes music . . . and she also dances .... ES 955- fx I' U ,. 1' sn. . af-.1. .-:1:.-- 1 . F,-5,55 fy. s .,--.-.,,SSa'4-fri-rv, , .1 xg. ., 'I ...p 2 ' T '. 1 A 'Q A' 1? " ' 1,A"fy4 11 . '19 ::-r 5 :M 1. 'LJFTE 1 ',v fg1fe'5eaI-,mfg ,gm - 'fem L -"fQZ,'2 ' v ' " " 315' :i'?"5! ,1Qg:'.,T"iij TE ' . - fig. if U ... , . , .s.- ., vi' , Q 'Y , 2:5 .Biff " ,,-, la Ft' V- 5' 15' , , 'fri ' nn-'f in QE4 V gi if 4 X ., .-f , f V , ZF' ,,,f2?v5i1'7 7': ' D 'A 9 ' -1 1f,.1'.- v irgxlthgs , ,-,, 1 ' 4. ' - . 113' , ' wg A- ,, if ,,s-,-m,,fqg,,': . ' 4:11--n.1'if:1s:.'16'-3 . 1 Q.. . szffi-qs'-SsGfa1':f.e1: 8 :Q .-i L . . uv.,-:"r'-9e'5,v-v I f' ,r , v?,,,g -P c r Q -1- .,.l ., V f - .. RM- f 'Ib - an ,' lf. 'Q-1 X, , 4 . . .. L W :':f1,-:-:- .-in 'L' . "-'51 3. rf? a , . V E I 'QW U 'f'- -'9 ifisf " " - . 5w2'IZ':X:j fpfqgf, ' " ' ' 15" 0 . 2561-3 +L'-:IW :L , V sl .,,,,- , 'I-fha? 2'1g"?"v"Z 4351 "jx-' . ' 35 " i f,ffSi7?,fsaz5hEggZ ., ' -1- . fn. A Hf.',QLc5:, cfgwf A :s,,'1':,',,1' H - " v I. v "' mfeii - X5 , ' ' ' 3:55 v I 'fy f x,..-.., , . v. L-,ff .-:,- w , ,g '-15.45 if S Y xr J , ., ,i.,, pg, P Pfr afal f ' '?1?L9.f',:? : ,. x 5 xg. 3:55 3- . V- - ' -- ,.--r SYl'lii3f,1.1L:?f 25 . 21 ., f-Z'i1'.' NRE 'F' xi x I1 A X, " 1 i 'S Q ' 1 ,U ii' , W I 5-fx 1 L if , :.N I i 4-H 1 'il lg, f 7,0 ' ang? X if sf 3, , J x . , 4, A, href R A Q, X f, ,ci ,JL ' J ,X w-L 1 93-1 ' 'Y fda N 1 fa ' 53 . 5- V , E.. Air, V 2'1:?f.? la- sf ' f " :' "".A' F ,' ie. -e i fig, . gg" 2,39 'I ' A 'L 2 2 A 3511, no V , 6, W, 1 7 ' L .fm 'l' " V- K Q' X S 'FE 1,2 . Q 2' fy, .- R ,231-aw froze, 1 f v "-5u""'- , sw 3?-H , 1 in . I J i, ,. , . 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I 1 Lois Waison of Lubbock . . . coy li1"l'le 'Freshman . . . wanis fo go fo Paris +o sfudy music . . . five feei five and a half inches fall . . . gray blue eyes . . . plays 'rhe violin and piano . . . member of 'Phe liHle symphony orches- +ra . . . rick-racks . . . si'rs aH'en+ively by +he radio when Guy Lombardo and Cab Calloway are on 'rhe air . . . admires Gre- +a Garbo . . . serving 'Fas'l' and friclcy 1'ennis balls is her 'Favori+e spor'r . . . prefers a career 'I'o marri- age . . . college has no+ aliered her requiremenfs of a man . . 'Fl M F if-Fi ' - v ,. .Q V. 'frs -vm .1 ,I S-W , A fi? x mf. 2 'f!f.gQ"W-.' we , es , Q , Ei' na 'G ' ff? Qu 'fi A g fr: if- ' 4 igfw. 4-5 .. . iss.-i. ': N, Q 2 "':- -3. H 1 'f K1,,sz-f fm xv- 'gp u . 1' . X ' gs, S 1 R . typ'-Lil 21:11 F Lv, L 5 tis: 13, 1 5 iff? ' 'T' 1 1.9!-Ji ,J N , c V., , is i '-2 555 if i J. -. , .- 1- .- . 1 if f J 35 1- M 4 if 1 Mr 'sk ff ,' - v V QV' J .J , ' ' 5? Q. 1 'SQ' L ' ' . ' 11 ? 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L-2 W ' ': 1 Xiwgggglf 5 2.35. l. if f arf ?i:5i'iF52-75255, '21-2 f:a+',ia1n,aw:,-up 1 Me,-.s -V 1 - f 2, A-zvzrciar. --,Q 122-fzfi gi' 1? ,Lv 2.'lQ-2511. -1:51 F .rg -fps. . 11 -w 2- wr- , ' - :'i.' -5, f, -. , , . , ' 1:f57fv""fi'f5 1 U if ' T . Tv ' ".?' '-' 'Tr ' .- -Yiii., JJf.7 ni , if 1 f L 'f ,541 ' eff' 1 5615? Q , . v .:'wl.?iJ:'- "H Ag a ' 11 B' , 'iii E .YK ai F 41-., .igenw-.-P Wg, ..., , -ns' gn? E, ag sf 'Q 9 .-:n..,,,w-, 41.1 .- ,.Mi.- . 'pf -2 2 sv..-1-H ' 1-ws-, r. ,fam 5,2-rf 'J .,'.' : H' 'f?FT-" - i g? . -A ,, 22:51-f.?f1.xgy ,r e . 5 .f U w:f+g5..4iQg, S 2 fan fs-ggiagispsw Q -L -' ay: if gg ,z , ' t-f: 24.5 ,- -, ' A-1, 'SXU 1 A .5-,s ,agp ,.., 5 1 a.1s,.,g-551-'4g.,. sf' sr - ' , - 'R , J? y ,, ,lr ig' vw. a- ' A 6:57 'Z' V "" 'V-. ,s..,,1- . , uf f-cf-.f '1' , i:Mg,::1?eAfesQ:s4 ' - . ' 1 1 :L " ""i::+A'3745L:Q. Y " ' -I 4 , 1.6 -. . 4' .-152' K ,V , '1- . ',"frsE:E3S:st 5:-'. . . ' .. '. iiiifrril: Eff," gmgikfi A '1 gf' ggyss,, ., E Ig 1-3 " is by lf. 'S . i 7 A iillw, 'J-1 ' 5 l- -gf,-1,71 2: , . ,V ,. A X ,, ,f, Trlikwrfi i 'L' f 5 I-"lf ga! Q sz' 1 i X .- 1 Q, 5 V' 1 Xe 1 ' S fl? s x f' E X S I f 'fi x 425 lil' 'gl G lx g a x l 1 g 3: f N A 1 g 2 fx M, I 1' 1 x I , , f Ric, . 5 E . 4, L i Al.. Q vi gif .f 1 " 1j:f'- .J We 'x -3 Li: n N S 5 1, in ' Q, s Qlkf ,R kat L 'sf' A 111. ,. 'PH ra. a Y If A ,L Iii' V Q L' 1 A '38 ' -'l q m sf 2:2151 Hgh ji-3 heir 2 we f LF sou, ' 'fin .ii 5 , : ef gk Q ,031 I -F i w- .rn -afdv?'fE+5::f -4 Q " 2. 1? f if Z' ' '? W7 ' i 1 , + I l l l r l l K Five 'Feel' lwo and fhree- 'Fourihs inches fall . . . brown eyes . . . nafurally curly hair . . . from De- cafur . . . Eva Ru1'h Brady . . . likes 'I'o dance, can 'rrip as lighlly and grace- fully across +ennis cour'I's . . . . ln spi're of fheinflu- ence of college, she ex- pec'l's her dream boy To be fall and handsome . . . believes in lucky horse shoes . . . plays golf bui- quiis counfing sfrokes al' fiHh hole . . . care-free girl . . . leaves +he cap off her 'loo+h pasfe . . . and wouldn'+ we like +o know +he brand of +oo+h pas+e she uses . . . ' - " sizafz'-f 'TY , .5 ,L ,, .k . ,v . Vw n,5,f.'5x wg km. -, ,,,,1.v'f1 . - as ,,.,i--. V Y -14'..- . V. rs. in -1 'Q-1 W'-1.3 Erma' "rim " V. ---, , o ,. ,l , f , 4 I y . fwy.-.'gf,uQ.aa:-L, - w in- 1- fi .. rsmgsg, 1 V: ,E sg --f-UEQP 1- 'iif V -' , ' 1, a?:z5Fw5, Exrlgza - A "mf ,L f1..3:1: -f , se s T. 'ea s , 1 ff- K f i, - ..-f ' 'yiwf :Q 2 -A kv Ey'.g5f'j W' . ,. ,: 'Lk' f5f3E2Ab,.3:si'-::g1ffF 1-, -Y 5 " 'fix-2-'fzii-sy gf V - 322 J ,-ivf.4s,,'gg5K.?,a.f ,Q -rv I' Jtzgsy' ' .- 1 ., Q' r 'SL ff: pieizi?-' - rj :mg QQ'-Q: ' 32 if,-'ww ff- ' -"- mg - fy?-as ' . A 57. ,gf 'i ,J:'9.!'i' - aft L rg- f ,gg f 13.3, 1 ' ' ' - 1- my 2::1v,',- ff' I Q,fFj',12,ziia'fff-2:34-' ?' I ' Jl'if-'v,,7'F.:?'dG7f' ' S . ' 4 . . , , .ljfh - 2 Q .ffs.r4i.f.S:4i2fs ' sf? 31. f 4 -fffrwff Gs 14 " if .3 A ,-5 -27 4 . 6-242 1 A if 1 , 11 v , .gi J W by fb ,wg ' . "f'21.H'xvJf-r- 5 F' . s Q-Wi,-is qi. -1 1-. :msg qgzcas. .- .1 X . 4 f- L 0 f' fi 'V swag:-xfzzg -V f-11. . " ' X '4rf'f'1Qf?PQi , P . 'L -Q.. sa. ,,. ,,gx: Q' ,sf . "Z ' ' QTJQQC li-15 .,, 355 .-4, MF 15: F65 Q 1- ' f1-' J' lg T- .,t.5wf -.sz-m.:,h . ,. -Q.r,g'.'fe 1ii3,,,,fL,m. , 4, , - u . ,' X, up-.gy 1. i , ,Z 15955 -3 'ggi -f . '- 54' i ' 1 f J - .- -12 ,lixrigz ' a s gisrmagwf .- L -'y -.1 r ww ?l?f QF lag? 133 if Jwesfv if ,W-.xv 5 1 V, .uw P fan A Ar ' Y it 'T l S if X 9 ' gas 6 -gs Y- x x , fin., v f X 5 fi I 5, . ' . 511, 4 4 X Y if 1, ix 1 Ymzh Q s 5 f HX1 3, ' A A if , V 1 W, 4 . , 3 lg, -I 5 USE . 'E 1 is li A ,f I V We "' ' 2 is X if 1' 1 ' 5 'rlfruf' fl" i' i '5i g?.1 i, Gf ' 'fi . 'ff vi Q kgs? if C V- 1 '11 ..-3' . ffff, gf -J flff " ' -"3 li :V .wif .44 5? 5. 'igffifi ' 551-is .f QFEG -' g '21 7 4-f' .. -ef J. . lg, 5 .1 Y V I A J in-V -., ,g, ..,Y..,.5Vv.. N - c Me" ' may i,6,.,4Q,,s ' :umm . 1 . 2104! 29' Was ff-swf, i l f 4fx0'z!z"'52',ggf.,,,,fg1 'W uvwfjmshda Jgwfvflffjfcwmfmfsjifwf Ml from Texas" . . . inlernalionally famous as an illuslralor . . . crealor li K i i Herson Girl" Jrype ollen imilal a in arl, screen, and life . . . modern a ol Q age gi successful . . . unpreiucliceol anol impa . KW MQ ' l l Mr. Russell Pallerson was llwe logic l My f man lo selecl llwe eiglil prelliesl girls J! ' Texas Technological College. RUTH RUTLEDGE HELEN SETTLE v gh LOUISE SNEED ALLIE EAsoN MAXINE CLARK SUE BARTON wlNoNA PARDUE FRANCES BEASLEY ANN Do:-loNEY f A VERNA MAE SULLIVAN l I E L X drag ,WX My X472 2 Agia Rfcja L V Q ,QQ t A v"'rf1 DOROTHY DOBBINS ALLIE RAE COLLINS LaZELLE GOLDSMITH EUNICE CONE JEAN SHELLEY JENNINTGS RUTH HUTCHINSON SUE MICHIE YONE STONE MARTHA GHOLSON KATE MAHAFFEY TF 2 t mu l Til-.ANL T MARY FRANCES SENTER KATIE WALKER RUTH THOMPSON FAY BROWN LYNN HERRELL GERALDINE WICKER PAULINE YEAGER GENE DUBBERLY OPAL LOUISE O E H315 1 T LJ. TOASTS In college, we Tind Those who sTand above The crowd due To Their own eTForTs or The eTIorTs oT Their Triends. Those who revel in pubIiciTy and Those who sacriTice personal gain and recogniTion, while working silenTIy Tor a good cause, pio- neering new ideas, and aiding consTrucTive campaigns. Who is who? By whaT scale shall we measure Them? To give crediT where crediT is due is The purpose oT These Two pages. GARLAND SMITH . . . win- ner oT ciTizenship award . . . Three years' debaTe work . . . deba+e scholarship Two years . . . JAMES TOOTHAKER . . . a scholar . . . winner oT The Treshman scholarship IasT year . . . an ouT of sTaTe sTudenT who is hearT and soul Tor Tech . . . MANUEL De- BUSK . . . pre-law major . . . hard worker, loyal and True . . . BASIL HILL . . . sTudenT council prexy . . . conscienTious and TrusTworThy . . . a TexTiIe major . . . PROF. R. A. MILLS . . . ar- denT believer in Tech publica- Tions . . . an innovaTor . . . progressive yeT conservaTive . . . ELIZABETH CONNER . . . W. A. A. vice-presidenT . . . CampTire execuTive . . . Y. W. C. A. cabineT . . . MARY LEIDIGH . . . scho- IasTic leader OT The Home Ec school . . . worksand Then play her moTTo . . . PRESI- DENT BRADFORD KNAPP . . . a TighTer Tor Tech's righTs . . . liked by The sTudenT body . . . a college sTudenT him- seIT . . . a leader Tor bigger aThIeTics . . . J. M. JACK- SON . . . eTTicienT worker . . . conscienTious and serious . . . besT news ediTor The TOREADOR ever had . . geTs an M. A. This year . . . PROF. M. E. OGDON . . . college ciTizen TirsT and proTes- sor second . . . jolly and in- spiring . . . a pleasanT word Tor everyone . . . The Triend- liesT man on The campus . . . PROFESSOR W. C. HOLDEN . . . WesT Texas hisToricaI leader . . . auThor oT "Alkali Trails" . . . Plains Museum socieTy sponsor . . . WAR- REN POOLE . . . prexy oT Pre-med . . . a good Teliow . . . serious worker . . . EULALA HENDERSON . . . excels in dramaTic acTiviTies . . . winner oT speech scholar- ship . . . known Tor her ready smile . . . RUTH THOMP- SON . . . Las Leales presi- denT . . . A. W. S. council . . . beauTy wiTh brains . . . MISS ELIZABETH WEST . . . accomplished IinguisT . . . re cenTIy did original research in Spain Tor Congressional Libra- ry . . . HARLAN HOWELL . . . senior Aggie . . . member oT sTock judging Teams . . . presidenT oT Aggie club . . . J. SAM HOPPER-. . . The ouTsTanding Engineer . . . scholasTic leader . . . engineering show direcTor IasT year . . . pubIiciTy direcTor This year . . . ELLIS MILLS . . . scholar, acTor, humorisT or masTer oT puns . . . VONCILE GILKERSON . . . member oT The Forum, Takes an acTive parT in aThIeTics, classes, social evenTs . . . FRED SEELY . . . pre- med, SSS, cjuieT, sTudious and Triendly . . . JESSE YOUNG . . . popular Aggie wiTh an inTeresT in The Aggie school hard To equal. HELEN SETTLE . . . likeable . . . friendly . . . makes friends easily . . . a real sporl . . . LLOYD REEVES . . . lexlile engineer . . . 'lakes parl in all engineering evenls . . . able campus cilizen . . . MRS.J. G. ALLEN . . . iour- nalism inslruclor . . . helps you meel campus problems . . . able and elficienl . . . BILL TEAL . . . junior class prexy . . . a boy who came back . . . a Double T club prexy . . . varsiI'y leller man . . . LACY TURNER . . . varsily leller man . . . crack guard . . . honor roll man . . . quiel . . . an English sludenl . . . LAURANCE PRIDDY . . . honor roll slu- denl' . . . crack varsily guard . . . married man . . . malh- emalics maior . . . J. PRES- TON CONNER . . . direclor- general ol engineering. show ...Y.M.C.A .... and diversified sludenl' . . . PROE. CECIL HORNE . . . a sage adviser . . . a iob gel- 'ler . . . overseer ol sludenl publicalions . . . LAURA SONG . . . Home Ec sludenl' 'From Korea . . . guiel and ef- licienl' . . . Ihe nealesl' girl in school . . . JEAN SHEL- LEY JENNINGS . . . all-col- lege cilizen . . . member of Forum . . . slands for whal' is besl' in coed life . . . a girl you like lo know . . . MELBA WATSON . . . iunior queen . . . secrelary of iunior class . . . a leader in feminine ac- Jrivilies . . . VIRGINIA HASH . . . presidenl of W. A. A. . . . slar coed alhlele . . . noled for her democralic ways . . . KATHLEEN JENNINGS . . . assislanl' news edilor on TOREADOR . . new presidenl ol A. W. S .... an accom- plished young lady . . . PETE CAWTHON . . . a molder of Ioolball players and men . . . a Iandscaper as well . . . a successful season of sporls wilh inadequale means . . . ELEANOR SIMMONS . secrelary of A. W. S .... Lalin club presidenf . . . a real scholar . . . Y. W. C. A. cabinel . . . EFFIE SMITH . . . Double Key . . . a-senior in The Home Ec school . . . Scholarship Sociely . . . RAY MOORE . . . Tech Chamber ol Commerce presidenl . . . his Tech enlhusiasm is calching . . . W. T. GASTON . . . efliicienl business manager of lhe school . . . conslanl worker for Tech's bellermenl' TOASTS . . . slands good for all slu- denls who regisler on credil . . . GLYNNE COKER . . . ideals and ideas his mollo . . . pre-law presidenl . . . PROF. CARL LARS SVENSEN . . . a "who's who" in engi- neering . . . a builder of characler and principle . . . PARKER TAULMAN . . . able TOREADOR ediI'or . . a serious worker . . . A. H. LEIDIGH . . . dean of 'I'he Aggie school . . . leader in farm affairs . . . noled lor his democralic allilude and wise counsel . . . CURTIS WILLIAMS . . . Aggie club presidenl . . . slock iudger . . . an all-around fellow who could make good anywhere . . . ROSS AYERS . . . si- Ienl bul' elleclive leader . . . Picador coach . . . Malador caplain . . . CHRISTOVA SAWYER . . . Home Ec school . . . member of Dou- ble Ke . . . leader in worlh- while lliings for college women . . . ELIZABETH MONT- FORT . . . Aggie sluclenl' . . . lakes aclive inI'eres+ in Aggie club affairs . . . SPEEDY MOFFETT . . . +hree years a Malador . . . lillle bul' all dynamile . . . smarf quarlerback. ' 'i I if , FX in My Y, - -- x ,g M km-ww . f Q -f QQ, ' ' Q Sz , , :'1 'v ,PY QW. f ss' H A vm if H' 1, QM, V, H 1 ' 1 I B - .4. 41:11 1 f -Q' ' '1 .- . w K . - f51f?52if'f 'm4.3fa..,,,4,-,,,,,g- mlgwiiumialegm Q:p'mMfw 3751325229-44:2 w,w..m-5.24.--W-1 ' :Ania-wm.,...m-..,x,.,xU,.,,L,,M,Q..m..z.-,Nm N X ,.,w-u p -Qui k - n l-. . .I I , u fm i ' i f -vi'-i- 'mn . , H 3 5 . I ,I I 5 5,53-in-.3 A his 535 na N55 I-gi i iii 1 "Prexy", 'ro you: +0 'rhose oufside 'rhe school, Dr. Knapp. And Hwey speak wi'rh pride and reverence. "Prexy" 'ro us means friend, rhinker, wriier, and man: a lover of oufdoor life, horses, and Young America, and, above all, of Tech srudenfs. BOOK TWO kc- "" if-----'14---..--....:.::m:::f, """' 2 511, ., 3' :iz I bllqquq -V AA'V:V-l: A-A:IE V AiA,,,A:,5:.:.:,A.l: 5 E ,V4 'A if 1 ' " 2 Z : Iiz e 'bw A . 'SEEES W A ffl . ,.,., H if ..... The rhanphoryncfus, or flying dragon. The wings were com- posed of elongafed Engers wi'I'h a membrane s+re+ched across 'l'l1em. Man glared aI' I'he flock of flying repI'iIes circling Ihrough 'Ihe air above him. Club in hand he waiI'ed 'For one I'o 'Fly I'oo Iow or Io a'H'acIc him 'Ihrough curiosiiyg and he ha'I'ed and envied I'hem. They were noi' earfh bound as he was d o o m e d I o b e. Through 'I'he cenfuries oI'her life 'forms had changed, bui' he, im- morI'aI Man, remained +he same. ADMINISTRATION The Board of Direciors are: Clifford B. Jones, chairman, Spur: Roscoe Wilson, vice-chairman, Lubbock, Housion Harle, ireasurer, San Angelo, John W. Carpenler, Dal- l a s 1 R i l e y Siriclcland, Amarillo: Thomas John- son, McKinney: John A. Hulen, Fori' Worfhg R. A. Underwood, Amarillo, R. A. S'luar+, Fori Worihg and W. T. Gasion, secre- +ary, Lubbock. The library siaffz Miss Elizabefh Wesl relurns from a +wo year slay in Spain. Miss Main, Miss Wesl, Mrs. Holden, Ag- nes Klein, Soufhworih, Nelle, Harper and Wal'- son complefe +he layou+. The place where loilering siudenls meel' and mingle in daily college life, lo block lransporfaiion and lo malce dares wilh lheir O. A. O. A811444 ,445 t I ff 5 , -gg! A .W 5 ' -x Friends of Tech wiih +he board of direciors gafher on ihe soufh lawn afler a meefing wiih +he new president , . . 1 p Whal' a view of lhe campus +he collegian gels who climbs +0 lhe aw H' is summer 'lime and in +he Ho'l'el Hilfon Tech sluclenls have gafherecl lo welcome our new prexy fresh from Ala- bama. Here is an unusual pose for 'lhe business office crew. They never idle like lhis cluring regislralion when 'I'here are 'Fees +o be collecled. From lefl fo righh Flossie Burlcholder, Florence Rogers, Mrs. V. Lorenz Ellis, G. W. Mc- Cleary, Selh T. Cumm- ings, W. T. Gaslon, Mary Jo Cole, and Virginia Tiner. Wifh such comiorfable quarlers why shoul-:in"r a cow be confenfed. May- be lhal' explains 'lhe cle- mand for Tech clairy pro- clucfs. .. if fm. a if f Q T T l . . T V 55753 W IZ .. ..,........u... ...... T 5' llvl . , i , +op of 'lhe wafer lower lo painl his class numerals lhere. Whal' a fM"'if.IM 5' I ' l 'T' 55'-'i'z.s:,2, if ' fhrill fhe cameraman gol' carrying a bullcy camera lo lhe lop on a windy day +o make fhis picfure. QE l Y ,g f :.:... ,,,,.y,:g:i,.5....,.....,.., ..... , W T li . ,T i1f..N ff' T, 1E'iff..-my l The regis+rar's office. Mr. E. L. Dohoney ideceasedl was a member of 'rhe fac- ul+y when 'I'he college s1'ar+ed. Through +he passing years he buill 'lhe office inlo a model of efficiency and accuracy in rhal' line of work. The power house, buill' las+ year lo house +he col- lege power plan+ and "Al" Simmons, ve+eran engineering foolfball 'ieam dynamo of several sea- sons. Mr. Cecil Horne gives you informalion, helps you gel' a room or iob, recover losl' arficles, se- cure rides home, leaches you 'I'o be a iournalisl and ye+ he has lime +o lis'I'en 'lo your s+ory of woe and fo give sound fafherly ad- vice. Mr. R. A. Mills, chairman of +he publicalion com- miHee which confrols 'rhe policies, fosiers +he growlh, and preven1's fi- nancial failures of La Ven- fana and The Toreador. Wanf his iob? Frankly, we don'+. ,,,, l 1 . . a X ,X 9 Freshman Goen has an iniured knee. As 'The doc'l'or wraps l'he in- jury and 'rhe nurse looks on, he underslands where his medical 'Fee oes. The besl hangouf in fown for free rooms, +hree meals a wx day served by preH'y nurses. EQ Nl Ex. e . r . e-k, ,1'2','.,h"- i T 1--,' Sacred ground of flue goddesses, Hue pracfice luouse. .H is never profaned by 'lobacco smoke, muddy shoes, scaHered newspapers or discarded clo+hes. Really i+ isn'+ as cold as if looks. W lfu e n your aeslluelic sense was clulled by a nor'rl'u wind +l'ua'l' forced mercury below +l'ue zero marker, you didn"l' ap- precia+e snow scenes or snow. View flue piclures on 'Hue lefi' in flue summer lime or comforlably close 'lo a fire, and you will en- ioy fluem. According 'lo flue engin- eer's slipslick il' is 5,3l7 sfeps from llue Acl build- ing lo Hue Texlile cloisfers in +l'ue summer 'I'ime, bu+ il' is only 2,4I7 on a day like 'r lu e'one luere piclured. Tlue building in +l'ue disfanl' background is 'l'l'ue cause for many a cuf in Englislu. E 1 I -. u ' 1 rex... x. il 1 X 2 gg G-E l jul-gniQ1 : 4 gs 5.. XL 0 K 2 3 Q X uf si K 5 X iw 3 , 5 5. M lf S 3 TH Q S 1, 1 A J PREXY'S LETTER The spiriT oT an insTiTuTion is The producT oT iTs years oT experience, iusT as The characTer oT an individual is The producT oT his liTe. Such a spiriT is more easily apparenT as The years go by Than when liTe is young. Tech is iusT beginning To build iTs life, iTs characTer, and iTs spiriT. Some charac- TerisTics are already maniTesT-democracy, earnesTness, Triendship, willingness To work, an aTmosphere oT quieT endeavor and genuineness. These are apparenT in iTs sTudenT body, iTs TaculTy, and in The very aTmosphere oT iTs campus. lT is a source OT pride To know ThaT men can TesTiTy To unusual gualiTies in The graduaTes oT This insTiTuTion. IT, as The years go by. we may each creaTe some- Thing oT These worThwhile virTues and characTerisTics, The Texas Technological College may noT only be an insTiTuTion oT higher learning, buT iTs graduaTes will, as The years go by, wriTe The record oT iTs hisTory high in The annals oT Texas and America. This book is The hisTory oT a year oT sTudenT liTe. lvlay iT reTlecT accuraTely a record in which all oT us may Take pride. ln The TuTure years may Those whose names are wriTTen in This book recall The many inTeresTing and TascinaTing experi- ences oT college liTe here recorded, and may iT Tend To hold sacred The Triend- s'1ipsTormed here, and The Teeling oT loyalTy and devoTion To The insTiTuTion. BRADFORD KNAPP, PresidenT. The AdminisTraTive Council meeTs in Dr. Knapp's office. From leTT To righT, W. T. GasTon, business manager, O. V. Adams, acTing dean oT engineering, Bradford Knapp, presiclenTg A. H. Leidigh, dean of agriculTureg J. M. Gordon, clean of liberal arTsg MargareT W. Weeks, dean of home economics, Mary W. Doak, dean of women, E. L. Dohoney ldeceasedl, regisTrar. A MiIIs, Garlin, Shaver, McGee, Smallwood, Doak, Cunningham, LIBERAL ARTS I have recenTIy gone Through The several volumes oT La VenTana and I have Tried To geT a picTure oT The eighT brief years oT The Texas Techno- logical College as They are recorded in The college yearbook. Four members oT The original TaculTy and aclminisTraTive oTTicers have com- pleTecl Their earThly records. "ln Memoriam" has been paged Tor Three oT Them: The TourTh is To come in This issue oT La VenTana. Each wenT away wiTh a suddenness ThaT sTarTIed and shocked us. Each leTT a Tine impress on The lives oT TaculTy and sTudenTs who were privileged To know Them. In The Tew busy years oT The college Thus Tar, "ln Mernoriamu has been chronicled Tor nine sTudenTs, The phoTographs oT several oT whom are Tound in La VenTana. The guesTion may someTimes be raised as To The grades oT These young men and young women, The expression "brillianT" being used aT Times. OTTen Times, Their inTeresT in exTra-curricular acTiv- iTies is called To mind. BuT nobiIiTv oT characTer and greaTness oT soul, do noT These consTiTuTe The essence oT The observaTion mosT generally made? My personal greeTings and sinceresT good wishes To La VenTana sTaTT Tor I933 and To The sTudenTs and TaculTy whose acTiviTies are herein recorded. J. M. GORDON. Craig, Allen, LangsTon, Robinson, Waghorne, Sidwell, Pender, Fowler, STainI9rooIc, Goodwin. AbbiTT, Nissley, CIemenT, Thompson, MasT. J. M. GORDON Dean of The School of Liberal ArTs WesT enTrance of Ad Building LIBERAL ARTS The School oT Liberal ArTs oTTers subiecTs OT culTural value. IT is very advanTageous To receive The menTal developmenT derived Trom The courses oTTered in This school. IT gives a sTudenT a background which en- ables him To have a Tuller appreciaTion oT his surroundings. T-Tere, he can be Trained To goin search oT The subsTance, The TundamenTals oT subiecTs. An appraisal oT This sorT aihiords deep saTisTacTion. This is parT oT The compensaTion which one receives Tor his exerTion. College is noT iusT a place Tor acguiring inTormaTion. However, in order To expand, iT is necessary To have This menTal eguipmenT. TT gives us The power To iuclgo The occurrences abouT us. Mere sToring oT inTormaTion does noT suTTiceg The sTudenT should have The TacTs so classiTied ThaT They are useTul To him as The relaTion which They bear To each oTher. The maioriTy of Treshmen who enTer college enroll in The School oT Liberal ArTs. A course in This school is highly beneTicial To anyone, Though he may inTend To pursue a more Technical or specialized educaTion. T-le will have a broader concepTion oT his chosen work. T-Te will have The advanTage oT a Trained mind. SmiTh, Jackson, Evans, Ogclon, Sparks, ChrisTianson, Connell, George, CarTer, Drake. Ton, STudhalTer. u - 1 MoulTon, Davis, McKay, Holden, Teague, WhaTley, GaTes, PaT- LA Leldlgh, Mowery, Harbaugh, I-Nooclbury, Renner, Russell, Pe- SCHCDOL OF AGRICULTURE The duTy oT The School oT AgriculTure is To be oT The uTmosT service To Texas. EducaTion in agriculTure is very speciifically a service To The re- gion as well as a service To The sTudenT. We hope ThaT a sTudenT may ad- vance as Tar as he wishes To go in The TheoreTical, The scienTiTic, and The priacTical sTudies having To do wiTh The greaTesT indusTry oT Texas-agri- cu Ture. While The sTaTe oTTers The sTudenT opporTuniTy Tor seIT-governmenT, iT musT be realized The aim is ThaT oThers besides The sTudenT are To be ben- eTiTed by his educaTion. This aim, in TacT, is imposed by The sTaTe and TypiTies The hope ThaT Those who sTudy here may reTurn beneTiT To The re- gion by reason oT The educaTional advanTages and Training received in This insTiTuTion. IT is predicaTed on a need Tor college Trained men going inTo The indusTry among our oTher Tarmers, who possess knowledge ThaT will make our agriculTure progressive wiTh The hope ThaT They may assisT in making iT boTh proTiTabIe and permanenT. Such an educaTion may noT be obTained by one who dabbles in The higher learning in a cloisTer, nor may iT be dug enTirely Trom The books oT The dead pasT in even The besT oT libraries. IT musT be alive. The sciences musT be applied and prac- Tical and The pracTice musT be economical and TunclamenTally sound. WiTh The college as a background Tor service courses and Tor elecTives, agriculTure sTudenTs are direcTed To many of The Typical college subiecTs available Tor personal improvemenT and a broader knowledge. These are blended in wiTh The reguired courses To lead Toward The aim iusT seT TorTh. derson, EIIsworTI1, Bell, Wherry. X A. H. LEIDIGH Dean of The School of AgricuI+ure MARGARET W. WEEKS Dean of The School of Home Economics T gm tn 5553.5 .wg A me 3 HCDME ECONOMICS The School oT l-lome Economics oTTers an opporTuniTy Tor a young woman To obTain a college educaTion and aT The same Time To prepare herselT Tor a speciTic vocaTion. There are Tive curricula oTTered. All oT Them have Training Tor home-making as an obiecTive and aT The same Time each prepares Tor a wage earning occupaTion. One course oT sTudy prepares sTudenTs To Teach home economics in vocaTional high schools ol: The sTaTe. GraduaTes are eligible Tor The special cerTiTicaTe oT approval Trom The STaTe DeparTmenT of EducaTion. This cerTiTicaTe enTiTles The holder To Teach in vocaTional home economics deparTmenTs oT Texas high schools. 0Ther young women are inTeresTed in dieTiTian service in hospiTals and schools. There is a course oT sTudy which prepares sTudenTs Tor each oT These vocaTions. OTher sTudenTs are inTeresTed in becoming home dem- onsTraTion agenTs, and oThers in vocaTions Tor which a special knowledge oT TexTiles and cloThing is necessary. These young women will Tind special curricula To meeT Their needs. l-lome economics aT Texas Technological College has grown rapidly dur- ing The years in which The School oT l-lome Economics has been in exisT- ence. The TirsT year oT The college, There were 67 sTudenTs enrolled: lasT year, There were 206. ln I928, The TirsT class was graduaTed, consisTing oT Ten young women. LasT year, 27 young women compleTed The various curricula and were awarded home economics degrees. Several oT The graduaTes have done advanced work Towards The masTer's degree aT oTher insTiTuTions and one was awarded The masTer's degree Trom Columbia UniversiTy lasT June. Jonnie McCrery. DoroThy Pray, Edna BusTer, Vivian Johnson, Mabel D. Erwin Mayme Twvford, Margarei' W. Weelcs, HarrieT Tilden Helwig, Heard, Adams, KleinschmidT, Godeke, Bullen, Svensen. STreeT, Parkhill, Boller, McRee, HoughTon, ShelTon, BrandT, SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The pasT year has been one which has TesTed The very ToundaTions upon which The School oT Engineering has been builT. lT has been one oT ru- mors, quesTionnaires, and reporTs. The TaculTy has been harrassed, and The sTudenT body has been somewhaT worried and resTless. Such condi- Tions, which may, no doubT, be looked upon as a by-producT oT The gen- eral economic condiTion aT This Time. are noT conducive To besT work on The parT oT eiTher TaculTy or sTudenTs. ln spiTe oT This, l have noThing buT praise Tor all who have labored in any way in The School oT Engineering during The pasT year. Their loyalTy and perseverance have been rnosT graTiTying. Our enrollrnenT has been all ThaT could be expecTed under The condiTions, and we are sure iT would have been much larger had The prices oT Tarm crops been more saTis- TacTory. IT is The ideal oT The engineering school To develop habiTs oT honesTy and dependabiliTy, and To encourage clear and original Thinking in iTs sTu- denTs. This, iT is believed, will resulT in The TormaTion oT characTer which will lead To success in liTe. More and more The convicTion grows ThaT such habiTs oT ThoughT and ac- Tion will make Tor success in any walk in liTe. They are noT only indispens- able To The successTul engineer, buT are equally valuable To Those who would Truly succeed in The oTher proTessions or in The realms oT business. We look Toward The TuTure wiTh hope and TaiTh ThaT The work which has been sTarTed may be carried Torward wiTh no reducTion in sTandards. Perryman. O. V. ADAMS AcTing Dean of The School oT Engineering J' J DEAN OF WCMEN To La VenTana STaTT: lT is a pleasure To be able To express Through This medium my deep appre- ciaTion oT The good will and cordial co-operaTion shown me by sTudenTs oT Texas Tech in The eTTorTs ThaT have been made To work ouT a sane social liTe Tor The whole group. A growing college, wiTh a varieTy oT inTeresTs such as a modern sTaTe college aTTords, necessiTaTes an elasTic program. l am parTicularly graTeTul To Those sTudenTs who as individuals or as repre- senTaTives oT social clubs, proTessional clubs, scholarship socieTies, and service clubs have given me The beneTiT oT Their counsel. lSignedl MARY WOODWARD DOAK is also chairman oT The Discipline commiTTee. Dances, parTies, meeTings, or any oTher social Tunc- Tion musT be placed on The college calendar. All college social evenTs musT be approved by The Social AcTlv iTies commiTTee of which Mrs. Mary W. Doak is chairman. She Collins, Holly, MinTer, Jenson, Beauchamp, Leicligh, Yeager, STUDENT COUNCIL The STudenT council was organized The opening year oT The college. This organizaTIon is composed oT TwenTy-one members. The Tour oTiicers, presidenT, vice-presidenT, secreTary, and The aThleTic council represenTa- Tlve, are chosen by popular eIecTion near The close oT The spring Term, and Talce The oaTh oT oTTice aT The IasT meeTing oT The year. Class represenTa- Tion is composed oT one represenTaTive each Trom The schools oT liberal arTs, engineering, agricuITure, and home economics Tor each class. This grpupl oT sixTeen sTudenTs allows represenTaTion Trom every phase oT The sc oo. The purpose oT The STudenT council is To provide a semi-governing body Tairly represenTaTive oT The sTudenT opinion To promoTe any worThwhile acTiviTy aTTecTing The sTudenT body in general, To provide a compeTenT organizaTion ThaT is accessible To The school auThoriTies Tor use in improv- ing condiTions and sTandards oT sTudenT IiTe in The college. This year The council has aided in The promoTion oT several proiecTs. Early in The Tall Term, The council and The Tech Chamber oT Commerce had charge oT The sale oT aThleTic TicI4eTs. They succeeded in having a greaTer number oT sTudenTs purchase The TicI4eTs Than ever beTore in The hisTory oT The school. Through The Council, The schedule oT meeTings Tor every organizaTion on The campus was revised in such a manner ThaT There is now a minimum oT conTIicTs beTween The various organizaTions. This IegisIaTion has been seriously needed Tor several years. Gilmore, Hill, Dean, Halsey, Loughridge, Edwards, Ince, Moore, Nixon. Teal. ' BASIL HILL PresidenT of STucIenT Council RAY MOORE Pr s denT of The Chamber of Commerce . CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Texas Technological College Chamber oT Commerce, now in iTs sixTh year oT exisTence, is composed oT a represenTaTive group oT men who desire To make Texas Tech a beTTer school Tor all. Mr. H. C. Pender, associaTe proTessor in The governmenT deparTmenT, and Mr. Ben F. Condray, head oT The business admin- isTraTion and economics deparTmenT, are The sponsors oT The organizaTion in The school. The charTer members were selecTed by Them Trom The leaders oT various groups and organizaTions oT The college. Since ThaT Time members have been Taken by voTe. The Chamber oT Commerce is non-social and non-poliTical. IT TuncTions wiThin The sTudenT body as a l.ion's club or a RoTary club does wiThin a Town. The or- ganizaTion works in a group Tor The sole obiecT oT The beTTermenT oT Tech and noT Tor any individual or group. The Chamber oT Commerce TosTers any meriTorious work which beneTiTs and promoTes The democraTic spiriT oT The college. ln The pasT iT has sponsored several picnics and barbecues Tor The alumni on homecoming day, and Tor visiTing high school aThleTes. ln I927 iT presenTed Ransom Walker oT The MaTadors wiTh a ring commending his eTTorTs and good work in The EasT-WesT TooTball game. LasT year iT sponsored The sale oT aThleTic pledges. This year The Chamber oT Commerce was in charge oT The sTudenT re- cepTion Tor Dr. and Mrs. Knapp. IT sponsored an old cloThes campaign Tor The needy oT Lubbock. The organizaTion was hosT To The Baylor Chamber oT Com- merce during The Baylor-Tech TooTball game. Moore, Seely, Nixon, Taulman, Halsey, Loughridge, Abraham, Simmons, Godeke, Gordon. Maddox, Knapp. Young. McAdams, Eubanks, MarTin, HolT, Tracy, HubberT, ClemenTs, Keffer, STubbs, Sparks, Edwards, Teal, Bobo, Fairly, Hill, Hopper, Fuller, Fairchild, l l l . .....-.........4i EXTENSION DEPARTMENT A parT oT The service which The Texas Technolgical College renders To The people oT This secTion oT The sTaTe is The work oT iTs exTension deparTmenT, which gives college crediT work in correspondence courses and exTension classes, non-crediT work in adulT educaTion, group-sTudy courses Tor sTudy clubs, and sub-college correspondence courses To gualiTy Tor college admission. This work serves a number oT imporTanT TuncTions Tor The sTudenTs aT This insTiTu- Tion and Tor The people oT The surrounding TerriTory. IT enables sTudenTs To com- pleTe work Tor Their degree, in many cases, wiThouT The necessiTy oT The expense oT reTurning Tor an exTra semesTer. IT enables sTudenTs who have To drop ouT oT college To conTinue some oT Their work, pending a Time when Thev earn enough money To reTurn To college. IT enables sTudenTs who are anxious To enTer The college To pursue some work Tor crediT, eiTher in summer vacaTion or aT Times when They cannoT aTTend college personally. IT enables sTill oThers To meeT col- lege admission reguiremenTs, or gualiTy Tor a Teachers cerTiTicaTe. IT exTends pracTical and culTuraI beneTiTs oT The college To adulTs, singly or in groups, who are noT inTeresTed in college crediT work. STudenTs will Tind The exTension serv- ice convenienT in changing Trom The quarTer Term To The semesTer basis in many subiecTs. During The pasT year exTension class worc has been done in Big Spring, Plainview, Snyder, and WellingTon. Evening courses have been conducTed in Lubbock and oTher poinTs near The college. Correspondence work has been done by sTudenTs in eighTy counTies, and in seven sTaTes. ApproximaTelv one Thousand sTudenTs have been enrolled. The exTension service is selT-susTaining. J. F. McDonaIcI, DirecTor of ExTension Deparfmeni' i I l Uncle Sam's carriers deliver correspondence courses T sTudenTs Throughoui' The sTaI'e The Chemislry Building HEADS GF DEPARTMENTS CARL D. BRANDT, Texiile Engineering C. V. BULLEN, Elecirical Engineering ALLAN L. CARTER, English PETER WILLIS CAWTI-ION, Physical Educa- lion BENJAMIN E. CONDRAY, Economics and Business Adrninislraiion JOI-IN ORVAL ELLSWORTH, Agriculiural Economics and Farm Managemenl MABEL DEAN ERWIN, Clolhing and Texiiles ARTHUR WILSON EVANS, Educalion GUS L. FORD, Acling Head ol: I-Iisiory ENOCI-I FRANKLIN GEORGE, Physics HARRY EREDRICK GODEKE, Mechanical Engineering ROBERT CABANISS GOODWIN, Chemislry WILLIAM ALBERT JACKSON, Governmenl ELORIAN ARTHUR KLEINSCHMIDT, Archi- Ieclural Engineering JONNIE HEMPHILL McCRERY, Foods JAMES NEWTON MICHIE, Maihemalics JAMES HAROLD MURDOUGH, Civil Engi- neering LEROY THOMPSON PATTON, Geology RUTH PIRTLE, Speech CHARLES BLAISE QUALIA, Spanish KENNETH MILLER RENNER, Dairy Manu- Iacluring CLIVE E. RUSSELL, Horiicullure WENZEL LOUIS STANGEL, Animal Hus- Ioandry RICHARD ARTHUR STUDHALTER, Biology CARL LARS SVENSEN, Engineering Drawing WILLIAM RICHARD WAGHORNE, Music Evans, Jackson, Pirlle, Condray, Erwin, Slangel. Ford, Brandi, McCrery, Michie, Waghorne, Ellsworfh. Goodwin, George, Gilkerson, Murdough, Kleinschmidf, West I Carlsbad Cavern in ihe summer of '32. This is +he giani' dome +ha+ Dr. Mc- Kay played hide and seek behind. Col. Boles, supervisor of +he Cavern, plays hosi' io Dr. Evans and Dean Gor- don. ,Nofe +he official badge on Dr. Evans. A+ lhe beginning of Thai' long, long frek down +ha+ dark, dark hole. When +hey came ou'i of fhe Cavern fhese people didn'+ look so fresh and energefic. Tech s1'uden1's line +he Sfionewall a+ +he Cavern wifh Col. Boles leading 'rhe parade. This is +he end of 1'he s+one wall a+ 'Phe mou+h of ihe big hole. "l 51 , gg Qiwillllfffffys T N ff la x s r s r A ef j, W l ,M ,,,. Wnwrgff mm-q 5 This is iusl' a mild specimen of 'l'he queer forma+ions found in lhe caverns. ' T "An old fradifion is dying," moans an alumnus. "l remember baclc in '3I and '32 when fhe +ower numeral was changed weekly, and someiimes daily. Maybe i+'s because 'ihe presenf crop of sfuclenis lack 'rhe class spirii +o climb +o such dizzy heighfs. Or," refleciing, "is if fhe high cosl' BOOK THREE of pain+?" -,,- ,,,,. .. 1 "" 'f x AE' , Z X 1l r Sharks were common in The shallow seas covering Wesl Texas. Shark leelh anol olh- er marine fossils may be lounol near Lubbock in lhe Yellow l-louse Canyon or al Gulhrie Lake. Greal' sporf 'I'his-'I'he blinding of fryanasour, an immensely enlarged lizard and kangaroo- s h a p e d crealure. Clumsy aciion and a diminufive brain in proporfion 'lo Hs +ons of flesh and bone, made The 'lryanasour a comparafively easy vicfim. Man, avoid- ing any 'Flop of ihe fail caused by reflex aclion, bu'r wilh suffi- cienf force fo break mosi' of fhe bones in his body, would climb up ihe scaly backbone +o keep ou? of reach of 1'wo small feel equipped wi+h sharp claws for flesh-fearing purposes. Afew gouging blows wi'l'h a sharp poinfed s'rick generally deprived 'lhe repfile of his eyesight CLASSES This is fhe second bon- fire, ladies and genfle- men, erecfed by fhe hands of freshmen fhaf combed alleys, byways and fhe "fla'I's" for mafer- ial. Local merchanfs sympafhized wifh fhe "slirnes" and by fhe fime fhe premafure bonfire ashes had cooled fhey began fo confribufe boxes, fires, and barrels fo fhe cause. Wafer seeks ifs own lev- el. Can fhere be any connecfion fhen in Rob O'Hair and fhe frash heap? Nof even anfiquafed windmill 'l'owers were safe from fhe raiding freshmen. pi -I i , ' .,.Ej:'5jf' -az, " ffiif-' "i52iE -- '1'g1f,. iililfff T4 if l , ..... 1 K 1 YVMQM arf' ff f We .13 ,ylu y V Thar she glows, lads! Crowds circle around if, cheer ' :Vi 'Ii l leaders fry fo generafe enfhusiasm info fhe sfudenfs l , , , ,ly lllw icl?i?il' and fhe heaf widens fhe circle and drives all back fo 3'ln4,. so 7 MMR: as .,.. a safe disfance. Tech co-eds don'+ have +o "walk a mile for-." Noi when fhey are dis- fribufed free by good looking adverlising men like fhese. Bill Weddle assumes a Napoleonic pose. He conquered 'rhe heigh+s and whal' a climb lhai' musi have been sfarfing from l'he river below. Convoca+ion- The fish pond in fronl' of lhe gym. Tck, 'ick, 'lhings like +his do happen and wha'r could be? a worse lime 'rhan picnic 'l'ime. , W., ...... 2 nl 4 l 3 ls ::.: 3 1 -P ., IEE V 3 M C Wesf lhanks +o 'rhe Influence of lhe girl 'Friends i' Q? ll IS being revived afler a seven mile launl' lhrough 5'llll2 lWA-Yismw l,,2::: 2 W I v1v-W V":': "i"'1-f 5 5 s:s" l',:E.i "E2s i , ,, 4 XXX Rx A QL. 51.7. I Yale uw Carlsbad 5' i A geological display case in l'he Chemisfry build- ing. Nofe 'rhe head of a de-headed snake. Ray Halsey a+ ihe old kifchen sink. In 'lhe background Travis Parker is ar +he confrols. Loughridge 'lakes no+es and Ordis Forbess reads over his shoulder. A view of +he Physics lab. .... ...... ...,.....,..,...............,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,N,,, ,,,,, wmmmmw 3 5' f " , f Civil engineers in Their lab reshng cemenfs rocks efc if ii? ,giy izi' fr 2 "i:i:i:i:4:' :':1:::' M... r. or 1 .+C M r.4....,m3 N.: III 5 LQEEEZMI zyy E rw iigsfffg A pari' of +he biology lab W A The applied arfs laboraiory in +he home economics building. Those picfures, on 'rhe leff, are original charcoal drawings made by 'rhe class. The girl in +he foreground, lna Belle Wharlon, is making a design for a ba+ik. The ofher girls are doing wafer color 'fashion pla+es and pen and ink leH'ering. Jusf a group of Tech co- eds making liH'le boys' clolhes. No, 'l'his is no'I' 'rhe sewing circle: il is a clolhing class of home economics. Among +hose presenl' are Mrs. Odis Holly, Mrs. Homer Max- ey, Misses LazeH'e Kun- kel, and Chrisfova Saw- yer. The one in +he back- ground demons+ra'I'ing lhe suil' is Miss Mabel Er- win, head of ihe clolhing depar+men+. To her lefl' is Mrs. Maxey. Ten nighls in prac+ice house. Are lhey all like lhis? When lhe girls are nol' busy scrubbing floors, washing dishes, laundering clolhes, cook- ing, making beds, and do- ing all 'l'he peHy fasks housekeepers have +o do -well, 'lhen, They sil' down +0 a nice, quief book or iigsaw puzzle. The dining room of l'he praclice house. This is proof of lhe absolule spoflessness of 'lhe house. No fooling, lhey keep il' 'rhis clean all l'he lime. ew-'J N... -- 'ri g ...,....... WWE? 5 ,. . 4' '-" +- 2"'J.... - N sr.:-U" X,gj--- V --.E W. W-IL.qX.,.'1'.." S..'k-snmx?-.."-x ' 8, T"""3""i"':"'---M N-Z:-' uwmw-'-fs M 'WMA AN M.-si S ..,. , gli- ts-.,.:1 " - rsrs GEORGE A. HEATH Presidenl ol Summer School Graduales Mrs. Ruby Anlhony S. G. Anlhony Selma Baird Gladys Barrell Sallye W. Bean Huberl Bell' Maynard J. Belson Jessica W. Bennell Melvin J. Bimlord Minnie Blackmon ' Mrs. Lucille Bludworlh Ella C. Body Elhel Brown Mrs. Kalharyn Brown LaVerne Burgess J. L. Burke, Jr. J. B. Caldwell Mrs. J. B. Caldwell E. W. Camp W. F. Cannon Mavice Carney J. T. Carler James Chamberlain Calherine Chapman Ray L. Chappelle Brislol Chesser Conrad Clark Herschel Clawson E. J. Cobb Mrs. E. J. Cobb Lena Sue Cole S. V. Colley C. H. Connell John A. Copeland Jewell Cousins R. L. Craig Delmar R. Criswell Lloyd Croslin J. H. Cross F. B. Cromley Dewey Davis Jesse Davis Claude S. Denham 'vIrs. Pauline Denham G. S. Dowell Horace F. Dowell Louise Durrenberger Bruce W. Edwards Mrs. Bruce Edwards Mabel Eubanks Anna Cecil Evans F. W. Fonville Jell Fowler Homer Franklin Rulh Claire Frazier Frances Freeman Mrs. Marion Evans Freeman Lollie Graves Max H. Greenwood C. S. Greer H. L. Groner R. T. Groves Alice Leah Haman Anne Hammons Lealha Handley Wade Harlrick Chas. F. Halchell Nell H. Hawlhorne Elizabelh Hayes Guy Haynes George A. Healh Mrs. George A. Healh Calherine E. Heierman Gladys Henderson Mary Bess Hickey Berlha Hicks Alla Mae Hill Earl Hobbs Tom C. Holden V. C. Holley Glenys Honey R. L. Hoolon Charles E. Houslon Lucille Houslon Marshall Howard May Ellis Howell Mabel Howell J. W. Hulse Y Mrs. Mary Frances Hurley Maggie Lee Inman Florence Jackson J. M. Jackson Marion James Billy Jarvis Doris Ladd Johnson Nalnan Johnson Tom W. Johnson Allyne Jones Bernice Jones Ellie Lou Keasler J. H. Kelley Sidney Knowles Arvy G. Ligon Daisy Lockwood Mrs. J. A. Loughridge Roberl Wells Loveless E. J. Lowery Arlell J. Lynn McAlee Arline McCarly Madie L. McCIeskey Billie McCIare R. McDearmon Rulh McKee G. R. Marlin A. Melendez S. M. Mellon Oueda Middlelon C. C. Miller Kimsey T. Miller Travis Monlgomery Elmer J. Moore Collins C. Moorhouse Mrs. Lula Belle Moreman M. B. Morse Lillian Nealhery William H. Nelle Alyne Odom Nance O'NeaII Rossell E. Paige H. C. Pannell Lillian Park Bob Parker Carl E. Pallerson V. S. Payne Marlha Plall Florence Pickell Violel Mae Pickell Grace Polls Carlyn Powell Mrs. Maureen Puringlon C. G. Rankin Helen Rulh Reeves Harry W. Rice Miss T. Riley Mrs. Thad Risinger Jennie Robinson Elhel Mae Russell Marie Sears Mrs. George Shockley Prince E. Sholwell Ray L. Showaller Mrs. Bessie Lee Smilh Dewill T. Smilh Mae Smilh Evelyn Willoughby Smilh J. B. Speer Slella Slanlield M. F. Slephens Wilmer E. Slill S. S. Slover J. H. Taylor Royal Terrell N. E. Troslle Earl Turner Mrs. Zelda Ray Underwood R. K. Valenline Jim Vannerson M. P. Vannoy Wula Marie Wales Lola Fae Wales Claylon Payne Wall Lewis Ward P. C. Ware Irwin J. Warren Tom V. Walson Willie Claylon Walls Holmes Webb H. P. Webb M. R. While Turner D. While Abe M. Whilis R. L. Williams James E. Williamson Adelyn Willingham Carl H. Willingham I. R. Will Mrs. H. A. Wood Mrs. Roland Zeigler J. L. BURKE, JR. Secrelary ol Summer School Graduales During +he summer, fhe men sl'udenl's have a "for men only par+y." Members of +he facully display 'rheir alhlelic powers when l'hey compele wi'rh sfudenls in swimming, iennis, rowing, volley ball, baseball and ealing. Here is par? of lhe bread line. Carl McAdams and Cur- 'l'is Williams ready +o lead +he big parade. Cap and gown clad seniors, iesf- ing, nervous laughs, dig- ni+y and pride, quief and gloomy lhey wail' 'rhe command +o march. On +o 'rhe gym, a brief formal ceremony, diplo- mas awarded and lhey are ready for world. Dean Gordon and Dr. Truell. Vllalermelons and sum- mer sludenfs. Though you'd never suspecl' il', 'lhis piclure was laken on lhe lawn soulh of lhe ad building. rr rrrr 1', 4 V,,:- r H is .5 ""2-':: 1 5, 1 1.7. NL H ",, r ',,. ' fi r rrr in rs s glliif' f is v s a igv A I I Af.. ' .,"ff,'fM 'Ap A aug! l 4 The spring 'ierm of I933 marked ihe or- ganizaiion of 1'he firsi' gradua+e siudenfs' club 'For The long session. Alihough grad uaie s+uden1's of +he previous summer ses- sions have formulaied organizaiions, 'rhis praciice has no'r been coniinued in The long session. The gradua'I'e class was organized in an eliforf +o help bring closer unify befween graduaie s1'uden1's. Because of 'ihe 'faci' 1'ha+ graduaie s1'uden'I's have liH'le 'rime 'io spend wi+h 'l'he o+her ouiside acfiviiies of college life, +his organizafion proved mosi' eFFicien+ in accomplishing i'rs purpose. This con+ac'l' creaied an in'l'eres1' in gradu- a+e s'rudy and research. The officers of ihe Gradua'l'e Sfudenis' Class of i933 were elecfed during +he spring +erm. They were: Canon Clemenis . . . Presideni Carl S+uH's .... Vice-Presidenf M. G. Pederson . . Vice-Presidenf Ena Armsirong .... Secrefary Mrs. J. B. Caldwell . . . Treasurer Dean J. M. Gordon . . . Sponsor Ofher members of ihe organizaiion in I933 were: Margarei' Baskin Henry Burkhalfer J. T. Carier John Chamberlin L. C. Chrisfianson Hollie Cross Billye Perarl Eubanks Lois Freeman Inman Galbrai'l'h Mrs. Queen Gray Terrell Hlaymes Virginia Hufsiedler D'Aun Hunfer J. M. Jackson Addie Jeffres George Langford Quanah Lewis Zona May A. Melendez Juaniia Price Zella Riegel Homer Roberis Rec'l'or Rober'l's George Rush King Sides H. F. Souihworih Lulu Sfine Gordon Treadaway Curiis Vick Tom Waison Mae Williams Sylva Wilson GRADUATES if .1,: 1 Ia' L Ig 1 X W ,f .,A':" ":. ' ' , 1',ff,fi5.55.511135igiiifgif-ZQEIQ.1 Ilyf. 725152312gyffggfgEQQ-5ZQl2f:' fsafif-::Q: "" ' " im" w 5-A-3 3 1 ff"5.5? 'I:f5.V:jEg,, 11355, -.-f::Q:.- .-.::Q.s::.: z:.:,'.:f:f:1 V ' Q -4 if ,:, , -1:',.,E:::.:..:V-:A,153 p ,.'..."'1,,5..E.:x,. Ml . 3.5 X If ff jf , , ' 4 1-j f! i ' x rf f ' v Q . l ' 1 J4, -:aj 3151.5 H 2 fl , 4 X , if -Q' If ia I K -::-.. --. - V, 1 Ng- . g K, l -. 1 f - , W ff ff . v 1 ' ,. , f .J ' ' 7' X ' .-.ig , ,C . A-:Q K f' :by ,A - 14. 'I AM f I ., I 1 GRADUATES ENA ARMSTRONG MARGARET BASKIN Thritty Lubbock i M. A. M. A. Las Leales, Physics Club. Forum, W. A. A. SOLON CLEMENTS Lubbock M. A. Asst. Dept ot Govt, GA- MELENDEZ mc. Pfetaw, Band, D'AUN HUNTER Ualemah- C- A- sss, B.A., B.B.A., Lubbock I + VM-fx-R I +. M.A., 1932-1933, Re- M.A. EIQQIGPIONEA dee 'Ons ceived Fellowship to Sans SOUCi Club- U ' re' e ' University ot Iowa I933, Scholarship to University ot Chicago, l932-33. ERNELSUTMLXIOERSON HOMER ROBERTS M. A. Sweetwater "Cost Finding Methods in Textile . M'AZ Mmslf- Sigma Gamma Epsilon. GORDON TREADAWAY GEORGE RUSH Durant, Okla. M.A. Chamber ot Commerce. Lamesa M. A. Graduate Assista nt, Department ot Government. "Minor Party Activity in the Presi- dential Campaign ot I932." CANON CLEMENTS Lubbock M.A. TOM V. WATSON Econ. and Bus. Adm., Culgillsblm VICK Graduate Asst Dept. LKFEXCF Stine ot Econ., C. ot C., Cefwallr Simi Es:,5i:+. Ati., 83:51 i'CQ,1gg,1,gf.f1CUi+Ufaf "Position ot Stockhold- i ers in Texas State Banks." J. M. JACKSON Houston M.A. Department ot Economics and MYRTLE SANSOM Business Administration Rochelle Press Association, News Editor M A Toreador, Copy Editor LA VEN- ' ' TANA. "Accounting Problems Peculiar to Cotton Gins." Four years ago, in I929-'30, fhe class of '33 was led by True'H' Brooks and Lynn Gray Gordon as officers. The class spon- sored several social aciiviiies, including a barn dance ai +he gym when Mary Chauveaux of Claude was crowned queen, and Fish Day celebraied a+ Silver Falls. Miss Rur'l'h Pirile and Lonnie Langsion were 'laculiy advisors. Theodore Hazlewood was presidenl' during lfhe second year. The sophomore hodge- podge and a class picnic a+ 'rhe Coun+ry club cons1'i+u1'ed major acfiviiies. The Junior Prom in honor of seniors marked a high lighl' lasl year for +he class. Ann Lou BenneH, liberal aris sl'uden1', was crowned queen by Mr. Edgar Shelfon, class sponsor. Miss Johnnye Gilkerson was co-sponsor. Milion MoFFeH', foofball sfar, presided over 'lhe class in '3I-'32. This year, lhe senior class will consisl' of lwo hundred and sevenfy-one graduales. Officers for +he year are: Eugene Edwards, Jack Flowers, and Jean Shelley Jennings. The cusfom of leaving a senior lribule has been abandoned in favor of using +he funds for caps and gowns 'lo be worn by all seniors ai gradualion. Mr. Ben Con- dray and Presiden+ Bradford Knapp have proved efficienl' leaders in advising and aiding +he class fhroughouf fhe year. In fhe winfer ierm, +he members aH'ended a pariy af Seaman hall. During fhe lasl' of 'rhe spring ferm, 'Ihe memorable senior banquef and senior day, annual affairs, cli- maxed pre-commencemenl acfiviiies. The class of '33 will always carry wilh if memories of worrhwhile, 'rruifful years of service and happiness on Texas Tech cam- pus. OFFICERS '33 CHUNC5 WO AU l-long Kong, China B. A. lniernaiional Relafions Club. RUSSELL BEAN Lubbock Agricullrure B. S. JESSIE REE BRISTOW Sianion B. A. Simmons U. LESLIE VAN BU RGESS Lubbock B. A. J. PRESTON CONNER Lubbock Engineer B.S. in E. E. S. P. E. S.: A. I. E. E.: Y. M C. A.: Engineering Socieiy Souihern Scholarship Sol ciefy. C. LEWIS CROMWELL Siephenville B. A. ROSCOE I. BAYLESS Lubbock B. A. Sock and Buskin: Alpha Psi Omega. JUANITA H. BEARD Lubbock B. A. W. T. S. T. C.: Souihern Scholarship Socieiy. J EWEL BROWN Rochesier Home Economics B. S. A. C. C.: Home Economics Club: W. A. A. GLADYS BUTLER Lubbock B. A. Burleson College. SETH B. COX Sramford B. B. A. Silver Key: College Orches- fra. IONE DODSON Whi'rney B. A. Baylor Universilyg Sock and Buskin: Spanish Club. . . -, ,,.. . .. 'Q-fa ..w.,-,.,'-W-m-:e:-.:-.,2:f-If-Q-xe:e.w f:-:f:.:..-H -, - - ' V f X Zfx X ff fff fi f K . . V. ,, V .,. , , -- , . .. A... ,.,:,,,..,. ,. f . J. gfggff .. .,,g...2 31 1 em... 'gf 1 5. .:. 1 - " - A N .. .1 :',..g-,:g::..: 5,5-ff-1-5...3g:-.5.g...5.5.5.g,f.-5'-..1.:.'",-:-wa.:-.g'-.5 1.3-g::'g-ff 5... 3.51 , :,':..." .',E-:5E- 'Sl ' i':"f'1l X. N ' ' .V f Eff! .. " .43--1 ',..',5.::lf-ifi-I,,e-'fi I.:':.ii:i::iii' IN" '32 .If 'V .5315 I"f 'II-f'fff3:52f'-3':f ..,.,.,. 1 .. lf ff '-.f:E2::3i1" ,f izfiiiiiifi ff5Eif:E'1'.'if -. - f :a H .rfs 3. -.:..:':.::.: "" I 55515.-..:.-:.:.:-'-f::::..- .... .. . ,, -5.55 ::.::v..' I' . M: -- - . 1 .... H I 5:5 -zu.. .v.. ,-:-. , , V. -V+ -.,., Q .-:L .,. '-.- 1. '-" f-'::y.- .. . .f,.,.:.:1::.--:Ez ----'-f Q -.T ., . .11 1. . 11,5 ...-1...-.3 :..:,f,'.f- - 1 4 ,f .. , L .,,'g-,..e:..,....-,lm - My .f ...,:1f' V- .1- .12 4-..s,.,:.:.:,:-m" ' J .:, - X "' .j::z::izEs'z'1'32125.153'-'ii':.f2::1i5f'-1-' V'-.df f- . ' '.52'.zfs".J'i AL' ii . '::5fi" " 5522? .ffff-"1:':':'3z5.-f 1' 1' A -3232215-:en , 1 ' ' 4. ff! v.v---- .... . , ....'.,. - -... . - f -M V+ . . .-....- - an --v. 1 --7 1. ......., .- I .. .. ,,., 1 . A 5 ., ,. -,f 1.5'sfgsg,sz5:s5agagsrzffe5a,sA11" , fZ,'7J'ffZ0 ,.,. gfsfzvf' ' .-..,.g,2.sf ' "'3:23f" .1. 'I " f"j1',fajaI-if -fa -1- g f "" ' .4 , .:. 51252 f.'i1,'.is1' f - f f 5:55-: 'Vi' . ...J M HOMER DUNCAN Lubbock B. A. MARY EVELYN GORDON Albany B.A. OLA IRENE HUGHES Lubbock B. A. Soulhern Scholarship Soci- eiy: Choral Club: Y. W. C. A. ROBERT HUSER Granger Agricullure B. S. Los Lecheros: Aggie Club. NOVIS LEWIS Lubbock B. S. NORA NEAL Rule B. A. Sul Ross: Y. W. C. A. ff ffm NORA ELLEN ELLIOTT Dumas Home Economics B. S. W. T. S. T. C.: Home Eco- nomics Club. LANOY HAZEL Spur Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club: Block and Bri- dle Club. W. F. HUGHES Channing Agricul'l'ur'e B. S. John Tarlelon A. 8: M.: Ag- gie Club. GLENNA KELLER Lubbock B. A. W. A. A.: Spanish Club. KATHERINE MCGLOTI-ILIN Lubbock B. A. Simmons Universily: Soujrh- ern Scholarshi Socie'r P Yi Spanish Club. MAURINE PATTEN Dallas B. A. f 'WI X , """" 1 .... f KW . ff - f ff' i'ii .4 " 0 A I- ii'i?15if2 ' ,15 1-f1i5f i 3 3 . A .,e. f x .I . f fl, ,Ag 43... .5 .' .sv f.Q:5g55..1' ...::ggg5g: yy, ,. , uf' ., f A 2 f f'fi1QfQ" 2 9 C- " I - 5... T MAL H! Mmm f A A WARREN POWERS Lubbock B. A. Texas U niversily. MARGARET CARROLL ROBERTSON Lubbock B. A. Engineering Sociely: Sock and Buskin: Soulhern Schol- arship Sociely. CARL N. ROTl-l Wilson B. A. Texas Universily: Warlburg College: Soulhern Scholar- ship Sociely. JOl-lN Sl-lEPARD Lubbock Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club: Block and Bri- dle Club. DUNCAN SIMMONS Denver, Colorado Home Economics B. S. Denver Junior College. LAURA MACKUNE SONG Chung San, Korea Home Economics f B.S. U. S. California: Home Economics Club: lnlerna- lional Relalions Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. ERNESTINE REYNOLDS Lubbock B. A. Sock and Buskin. JACKIE LUCILLE ROGERS Plainview B. B. A. MYRTLE SANSOM Lubbock B. A. E. CLIEEORD SlMMONS Sanla Anna Engineer B. S. in A. E. MAUD DEE SKEEN Lubbock B. A. Universily ol Missouri: W. A. A.: Sock and Buskin. l'lAZEL SPYKES Hermleigh B. A. McMurry College. f fix, f 1112? :.-.- - ,, ,Z , ..,,,.,f:.'. ,. . .. -- Q . " '15 1" ROE BAVOUSETT Snyder Agriculiure B. S. Iniramural Baskeiball '3O: Los Lecheros: Aggie Club: Scurry Couniy Club. CECIL BICKLEY Lubbock B. A. Tennis Club. LOIS BUTLER Lubbock B. A. LaI'in Club: Choral Club Y. W. C. A.: Tennis Club. ALLIE RAE COLLINS Claude B. A. Souihern Scholarship Soci- eiy. EVA DEERING Roswell B. A. Las Vegas Normal: Color- ado Teachers College: W. A. A.: Glee Club. RAYMOND DUNN Slaion B. B. A. B. S. U. Q fffm G. L. BEENE Roby Agriculiure Aggie Club: Iniramural Bas- ke+baII: Wresiling: Eooiball. LESEY BULLOCK Labbock Home Economics B. S. Las Vivarachas Club: I-Iome Economics Club: A. W. S. Council. RUTH CARTER Lubbock Home Economics B. S. President Home Economics Club: Souihern Scholarship Sociely. OPAL LOUISE CREIGI-ITON Abilene B. A. Universiiy of Texas: Sock anol Buskin: Choral Club: B. S. U. Council. ROBERT E. DRAKE Kress Engineer B. S. in M. E. S. P. E. S.: A. S. M. E.: En- gineering Sociely. EUGENE EDWARDS EI. Worih Engineer B. S. in M. E. President Senior Class: Sil- ver Key: Siudenl Council: Chamber of Commerce: Engineering Socieiy: A. S. M. E. ff fl f fx ff If 2si:5::2::.5-25525525'55' f :aa-sara' FS" 1.::.s:s5s:5:5-1221" 31 '- ..::5Es:525Si5i5l5fsI.11...' "fy ,Af . . f 1 1. ""' f' - .2 ' :'fL:f,.,..5sgEE .5355 ' I "" , . ff, . I Z AIIIUWW X Y g f P f I Ay, 4 f 41 , , , f Y vm .fi f iii .ff is A f CAMPBELL HILL ELKINS Lubbock B. A. AUGUSTA MAYE FOSTER Lockney B. A. LOIS HALL Quiiague B. B. A. Y. W. C. A. SAM HOPPER Wellborn Engineer B. S. in M. E. Engineering Socieiyg A. S. M. E. JEAN SHELLEY JENNINGS Lubbock B. A. Las Chaparriias: Secrelary- Treasurer, Senior Class: Eor- urn: InIer-Club Council. MILTON KIRKSEY Lorenzo Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club: Los Lecheros. ORDIS EORBESS Lubbock B. S. in C. E. Los Camaradas Club: C. E. Club. LESLIE HALL Sfanion B. A. Schreiner Insrirufe: Pre-Med Club: Chernisrry Club. RUTH HEARRELL Lubbock Home Economics B. S. Home Economics Club: Souihern Scholarship Soci- eiy. HARVEY JACKSON Roaring Springs B. A. Pre-Med Club. AL JENSON CIif'ron B.A. in Chemisiry President Silver Key! Chem- ical Socieiy: Pre-Med Club: Siudeni Council. MARTHA BELLE LOGAN Lubbock B.A. W. A. A.: Spanish Club. I I , ,f ff ff ,ff fff . V QQ f n LAWRENCE MAGEE Lubbock Engineer B. S. in E. E. A. I. E. E.: Engineering So- ciely. B. L. MANIRE Slalon Engineer B. S. in M. E. Ch. Oplr.: Engineering Soci- elyg Chemislry Sociely. HARRISON MUNROE Abliene B. A. A. C. C.: Pre-Med. TRAVIS J. PARKER Sudan Engineer B. S. in C. E. Tech Civils: S. P. E. S. IRIS PRIBBLE Hamlin Agricullure , M.S. Aggie Club. RUTI-I WINTON REED Lubbock B. A. Y. W. C. A.: Soulhern Scholarship Sociely. MABLE LESLIE MAGGARD I-Iale Cenler Home Economics B. S. C. I. A.: I-Iome Economics Club. CARL MCADAMS Gordonville Engineer B. S. in A. E. Engineering Sociely: Archi- Jreclural Sociely: 'I' e ch Chamber of Commerce: Soulhern Scholarship Soci- elyi S. P. E. S. ADA MYERS Cleburne B. A. Inlernalional Relalions Club: Souihern Scholarship Soci- e+y: Y. W. C. A. JAM ES POTTS Lubbock Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club. JOI-IN S. RANKIN Kenna, N. M. B. A. Vifaylanol: Howard Payne College. LLOYD S. REEVES Dallas B. S. Phi Psi: A. S. M. E.: Engi- neering Sociely. :sf .-:was-''-' -e.,..,,.-qm,.- . .,..9,.:.:.x.4-g,.3..:.:5:.,,-11.5-::...g.::,i.,.,,.,.:.,.:-I-.j,.,:,...,,,,,: . . .g.3...::zz1:s:e:.-1'1' . ': f gi 3 y .-.ffm-.'-a:..rx:::.ift-.41-Q .-.- - -,.1:42s..,.:.1-we-:--:if-1-: .-.. 1 +1 -,------.- v -"1 - . .:strQu:.:-'mx.'.::!:-iz.. '-Q'-if"'e,..iIz:':iZ5S1E::"'-e1a5.2"::::5:z:31:2::5::..a5:5:5i:eS5:5555152 E35--1 f Q ffffx fjyfit ,erik , .........,,.. . .... . .......,............. . ...... X. ..... . . .:.. ,.,.,.. ,..... . ,. ...... ........ . -ivv . 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Physics Club. ELEDA TUNNELL Duflan B. A. John Tarlelon. JOHN EDWARD VICKERS Lubbock B. A. Pre-Law: Soulhern Scholar- ship Socielryg LA VEN- TANA: Band: Los Comara- das. ALLEN B. SEALE Lamesa B. A. LOUISE SNEED Dalharl B. A. lnrer-Club Council: D. E. WILLIAM T. STITT E+. Wor+h Engineer B. S. in M. E. T. C. U.: A. S. M. E. JOE E. TAYLOR Amarillo B. B. A. Amarillo Junior Colle Cen+aur. DAYLE VANNOY Lubboclc B. B. A. Tech Band. MARY E. WARREN Cleburne B.A. Trinify Universily. X ,,,,, ff ,,Q ,f 4-M N , , 4' A ' ' 'V f fjlf- f i' - Z' 5' f i - -. Z - f:':1:1::--.:-:.--I-5-ew2' 1 . .:.f. f.' -F vfx -r '.,,.,.--.g:2:-1' .',... ff -. V 4 ' f i?.f5F'55i ' 3 .V 'S -:fiEii:i'viii":-I,:. 1' i "" F522.iff'.1'-'f2f."1':i""'i' T' ' 4' A 1.41 39,13 ' "F '- :,.i.'Qi: i 35 1 ,35 , i1f1:5'I:.i" ff1s'if: . fi'-':eg:s"' .5.g,fii' 1 'I ' ,g:i75!f ',Q3-.-ivy A ' N" , ' , .... . "" .-. X. Y' 3 "" U75 1' fiQi?2f'zff1':3i3i.I,f'Il'E-F'i555 H"l47' 2' 'I 1:-'Vi fu .1-51?'?'.' fi rf 'P . iiifi i N V ' fI?5f'.ff . ' G'f'f .r-:Q A iw' 1 E-EY.. iff V , , - , D ge: MARY LOUISE BASKIN Lubbock B.A. W. A. A. GIRDY PEARL BEARD Rule Horne Economics B. S. ALMA DeSHAZO BRESLER Lubbock Home Economics B. S. ALEEN BROWN AckerIy B. A. President Ko-Shari: Sock and Buskin: AIpI1a Psi Ome- ga. JAMES MORGAN BUIE Fori Worib Engineer B.S. in E. E. A. I. E. E.: Engineering So- cielry. BILL CALDWELL Lubbock B. A. College CIub. X f Q if M VICTOR C. BEARDEN Lamesa B. A. Pre-Lawg Y. M. C. A. RALPH T. BRANDENBURG San Anlronio Engineer B. S. in E. E. Engineering SocieI'y. A. B. BROWN Lubbock B. A. Business Manager of Torea- dor: SiIver Key: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. BUEORD BROWNING Huvanna Agric:uIIure B. S. Senior Livesfock Judging Team: Aggie CIubg Scurry Counfy CIub President I93I-l932, I932-I933. BILLY BUSH , Greenville B. A. Wranglers. RALPH BERNARD CANTRELL Mexia B.S. in GeoIogy De Que Club: GeoIogy So- ciery. 91312?f:"'5?fg5giQ,l.Qiaiif'5f5E5555ifff2ii?:TIiiI'TII'i:.fEifI:f5fPi-iQ'2. ziiijigiEfiiifflfff-2-f' 55f:5if5iQ1f f " ' 'I f. 4 " J X Jr' 5-pf-:S -55:1 f.s.sia1s'e-1' -' 2-35f5.EE-5115" ' ' ,.,.s:s.1.s:s:svZ..2:Y- ,. ' .-f-a:ss:s:s3.-asfasfa::ai:152f::z::g1,':'.':s.s::,.'5-' ""I 1::2z2.2'2-5,2-2-1'..a's'sJs'1f"..::E1 1 A! fi I 'ff' 'Iii'EP55,525"'5F..zE?:1' I I f "" if 3 A 'I Y. A ,QM sig., , -:QE-gE.f::.5v1:g,: ,.., 5,:.--QVIEEE:-:ii-33,1 -1 :15:55 I, If Mia ., .,., IEE Xi! 'Sg N X T " I 'T 4 wf 1' Xl ' 4. f fw? fum X DICK CARTER Plainview B. B. A. Wayland: Ceniaur. JOHN lvl. CHAMBERLIN Mineral Wells S. M. U.: Sock and Buslcin. ROGER CLAPP Childress Engineer B. S. in lvl. E. S. P. E. S. EUNICE CONE Lubbock B. A. Texas Universiiyp Las Leales W. A. A.: Capa y Espacla. IMOGENE COUCH Gusiine Home Economics B. S. John Tarleioni Home Eco- nomics Club. WA LTER A. COX Abilene Engineer B. S. in E. E. A. I. E. E. E. C. CAUBLE Siiles Agriculiure Aggie Club. DOROTHY OLSEN Seymour B. A. Spanish Club. CHARLES COBB Lubbock B. A. Debaie Club: Pre-Law Club. VELMA COPELAND Bowie Home Economics B. S. A. C. C.: W. T. S. T. C.: Home Economics Club: Sock and Buslcin. CATHERINE COX Snyder B. A. Pre-Med Club: Scurry Courriy Club. AUD DARR Melrose, New Mexico B. B. A. Baylor Universiiyg Double T Associaiiong Los Camara- das. .. ff! if ,ITL , 5.35,-v 1, . .. ., ,V - F -I g A H . Z ,,., n visiiil ff L assi -if'1'.."'I1-i.:1s"1 " 5515551E?'2:f'i5Ii:':' "F '21'2.'L 1' 1' , R f i g 1 N 2 .5'::'iifII-5lfififiii -' 'iii I ii'-iiil:12A5':i :5-'2' f""',- 'Af 'J 4' 5.13: F.. V . .. .V ,,-ffiEi',,f1 ., T Q" 1 .if -ig b , ., ...fy .,,,.-..,,3:, - ,,,.,. ,,:.:..,-,- D..-. I.. Q I . , s ,-.,.n,.N,.',v:v .AZ ff! K 5 -.:5...g., , i :5:Eg- ,gf 5:15-Ee gg' KE' if M Ieiafjifyg 5,51 Qi-.:.S.?EE,L, .E f 5.55.15 I ff Lf iyiii '-i ...f: fiBi 1355. -if ' :--2'-.ffl-ffiii z.. XX 'sEz':5Ef3:25'f:5ifi5 " .3:.X.':'1 I , K vff.!33'-3-'ij .:3.3- 1"-A jig? EEE: .I.'5' 1 "ff, ,v " '-:":::f 3-ff' .I -'-- iii, 'yi .f.- J 51-'5 ..':i',ff::2::f:v."' V v.7I'f:f'H 12.51 "g.'fE:51'i.5i I Y f ,f f' ff ,W I ff ,W I 1 .,,., .., 4 W X 1 'IG I f ff? f I I 5,9 . N X 1 , R. V. DAVIS El Paso Engineer B. S. in A. E. Texas College of Mines: Archileclural Sociely: S. P. E. S. WILSON B. I-IOLDEN, JR. Clarksburg, W. Va. Agricullure B. S. College Club: Inler-Club Council: Chamber of Com- merce. FRED DeLASI-IAW Ivanhoe Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club: B. S. U.I Chor- al Club. NANCY CAROLYN DIXON Bellevue I-Iome Economics B. S. C. I. A.: I-Iome Economics Club. MARGARET RUTI-I DUNLOP Lubbock B. A. EVERETT D. EAIRCI-IILD Plainview B. A. Press Associalion: Eolilor, LA VENTANA: Chamber ol Commerce. JOHN L. DEAN Crockell B. A. Schreiner Inslilule: De Oue: Pre-Mecl Club: Inler-Club Council: Chemical Sociely. MANUEL DeBUSK Idalou B. A. Wayland: Pre-Law Club: Debalre Club: Inlernalional Relalions. HERBERT E. DeSI-IAZO Lubbock Engineer B. S. in C. E. A. S. C. E. GLENN DOBKINS Roaring Springs B. A. Baplisl Universily, Okla. TOM LEE EAS LEY Seymour Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club: Sludenl Coun- cil MILO EEIERABEND Amarillo B. B. A. Texas Universi+y: Silver Key f , .-.- : X . ...... . ..,..., .. ...... . .,.. .. . . . 5 .- ..-.-.-.-.- 4 ,.,,,,-,,:.,.,.. ...... .I+.IIff...:..:.:.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,. .... ... , ----: -...ws fx J , ..,.,..., .... - ..,.. 1 .,.,.,.,., : ,z , , ., ..,.. .,., ,. ,.,. A W... N ,.,.,.,.,. :,,,,,,, ...,.,, ....,. . .,.. A .,,,. ,.,. .. ...... .. .,,,. . . .... ...........,.-,Q , . -4'4 :-:-:.::...- 42.-.::, ..-. Q .:,.:.,,,,::,:::-:MI..:,:::.:':.:.:f--:mr ::1:.:s.:-:,:-:v:-:,:-:-:-:-:.:-:-:-.-:-::-- :s-155+--':g.....:-:.::s:5:m1' . Q:-:,: iff' ..:asf-:':s.5-5:5:ss:e:25isP5E2EeEE.'s:afaf" asv-.:' 352122si.5193,Z:-::1:5:::s:.1.5-ae.ae:is:2:::1.,2:2:I:E.s:'f,1-I-' 1:2:5:s:.s.e:5:e:e:s-as-s..221s.:' ' - " """ lil f J I, fd 4- . ,. 5.5-Q3.g::.5::,:5:1::1:2:5g:f.. .:.:.:.f- 5:3 ' ...:se--51:.r.1.:.:.:.:.,. -5.-el.:-:::,1,.,:,.:........:::--FC'.:1eq.:.:.:y If if " , M "4 I f 'X ff . - .-.-. X --v- ' 1' "ff f ' s. 5 ..., ..:, :i:::EH5 ::.:.. :::,. J 5 P fn: .. '-:' IJ! W. R. FICKAS Lubbock B. A. VINCENT FOSTER Amarillo B. A. Wranglers: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. GERALD G. GORDON Lubbock Agricullure B. S. Aggie Club. K. P. GREEN Graiorcl Engineer B. S. in E. E. MILTON I-IARBER San Saba Engineer Schreiner Inslilule: Wrang- Iers. JULIA MARGARET I-IARIVION Idalou B. A. Norlh Texas Sfale Teachers College: Lalin Club. JACK FLOWERS Big Spring B. A. Vice-Presidenl ol Senior Class: Vice-Presidenf Col- lege Club: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. VONCILLE GILKERSON Lubbock B. A. Universily of Soufhern Cal- ifornia: Las Chaparrilas: Forum: Bridle and Bil. LYNN GRAY GORDON Lubbock B. S. Chamber of Commerce: Wranglers: Bancl: Pre-Med Club: LiHIe Symphony Or- cheslra. GLENN T. I-IACKNEY Picklon Agriculfure B. S. Aggie Club. FENTON I-IARDING Dallas , Engineer B. S. in C. E. I-I. C. I-IAZEL Spur B. B. A. Simmons: Baylor: Band, '3I- '32, '32-'33: Spur Club. I ? ,, ff!! 2:1-'V' ..., : ,Bw ,,,, -.m1::.:':.:--1 ' 1... ,,,, 1 3,5552-,55.,.g55..5.:.'' g.,-5:5 lu.. My iff i . f ji v JAMES R. HEN LEY Brownwood B. A. Daniel Baker: Cenlaur Club: Pre-Med Club. MURRAY L. HOLCOMB El Campo B. A. JOHN HOPPER Lubbock B. A. JOHN T. KENNON Godley Agriculiure B. S. McMurry: Aggie Club. ARCH L. KING Lubbock Engineer B. S. A. S. C. E.: Texas Tech Civilsp Engineering Socieiy. EDGAR KUEBEL Spring Branch Agriculiure B.S. Aggie Club. GERTRUDE HOEMANN Carrollion B. A. S. M. U.: N. T. S. T. C.: Alpha Psi Omega: Sock and Busking Souihern Scholarship Sociejry. ALFRED HOLEMAN Lubbock B. A. CHESTER HUESTEDLER Springiown Agriculrure B. S. Aggie Club: Junior Dairy Judging. CECIL KERSEY Amarillo g B. B. A. ROGER SEAMAN KNAPP B. A. Emory Universi+y, Georgia: A. P. l., Alabama: Band: Wranglers: Chamber of Commerce: Orcheslra. JOHN JACOBSEN Hereford Engineer B. S. in M. E. A. S. M. E.: Engineering So- cie'ry. ff -..:-:S-iss' K 'v2'1-2.23 Iff,I':fsfsjes:aegs?s'sf1:111 ' -."1 Q 3f 6 .,.: .... if rS'ei gee' f "' f .A.A.-.4..A. , ., fzfsi f B ff a' ..,. ' f Vai- 1 . C f 2 f ,J CLYDE JAMES Lubbock B. A. Pre-Law: Debaie VERALEE JONES Yuma, Arizona I-Iome Economics B. S. I-Iome Economics Club. DOLLIMAE LINN Lubbock I-Iome Economics B. S. I-Iome Economics Club. JAMES A. LOUGI-IRIDGE Waco Engineer B. S. in C. E. College Club: Tech C. of C.: Siudeni Council. ALTON MILLER Hereford Engineer B.S. in M.E. A. S. M. E.: Engineering Socieiy: S. P. E. S. RAY C. MOORE I-Iamilion Engineer B. S. Vice-president S I u cl e n I Council: Tech C. of C.: Archiieciural S o c i e I y I Wranglers: Engineering So- cieiy. BEN JENKINS Gail Agriculiure B. S. Aggie Club: Souihern Scholarship Socieiy: Junior and Senior Livesiock Juolg- ing Team. EBBIE LEE Lamesa B. B. A. Baylor GERTRUDE LOMAX Meridian I-Iome Economics JOHN MAST Lubbock B. A. Souihern Scholarship Soci- eiy: Chemical Socieiy: Pre- Med Club: Wranglers. ELLIS MILLS Lubbock B. A. McMurry: Sock and Buskin: Spanish Club. VIOLA MORGAN Spur B. A. Baylor College for Women: W. A. A.: Spur Club. EMMA CHAPMAN Lubbock Home Economics B. S. Home Economics Club: Spanish Club. M. L. PATTERSON Big Spring B.A. Wrangler: President Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Geology Socieiy: Inier-Club Council. R. O. PIERCE Lubbock B. A. College Club. JUANITA POOL Lubbock B. A. Infernaiional R e I a I i o n s: Soufhern Scholarship Soci- ery. SHELBY G. READ Henderson B. A. Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Geology Socieiy. JAMES ROLIN RENERO Lubbock Engineer B. S. in M. E. College Club: A. S. M. E.: Engineering Socieiy. DUANE ORR Hereford Engineer B. S. A. S. E. E.: Engineering So- ciefy: S. P. E. S. LELAND PAYNE Eddy B. A. Texas A. and M. CAROLYN POE Harrisonville. Missouri B. A. Ceniral Missouri Teachers: Souihern Scholarship Soci- eiy: Orchesira: Glee Club. MARIE PRICE Lubbock B. A. Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club. DELENE REID Clyde Home Economics B. S. W. A. A.: Home Economics Club. . CARL P. ROGERS Housion B. A. Texas A. gl M.: Sigma Gam- ma Epsilon: Silver Key. . 5 ,if-:'Zf'. 796' ., :f""- - JN., - .L ,nf .e5':5-5:ff5i',:'.g:'::...:,:..Lg Rf 4 '- f I ' I-' ' .3 ' dffl, " . ' ,fir Q Q ., ' -f yyjjzygf -'-" - ' ff "',:..C I . f,.'i I-' if . :'.,- I, ,.. ..-- 'fe ::g'.j,::11.-'-, 1-M... .. VIRGIL ROWLAND Anfon B. A. Ceniaur. CECIL O. SCHWALBE Jonesboro B. A. Meridian College: Spanish Club: Debafe Club. MARY BETI-I SI-IEELY Lubbock . B. A. ELTON SMITH Longworlh Engineer B. S. in M. E. Souihern Scholarship Soci- efyr A. S. M. E.: S. P. E. S. MARY SPRI NG Eriona B. A. Iniernaiional Relalions: Y. W. C. A.: Soulhern Scholar- ship Socieiy. ROBERT A. TAYLOR Slraiiorcl B. A. Universify of Texas: Cen- Jraur: Pre-Law: Soclc ancl Buslcing Debafe '29: Debale Club: Baslcefball '29-'3O: In- Jrernaiional Relaiions Club: Oralorical Scholarship '30- 'BI J. ORAN SANDERS Big Spring B. S. in G. E. Engineer Engineering Sociefy. FREDERICK E. SEELY Englewood, Colo. B. A. Silver Key: Tech C. of C.: Soulhern Scholarship Soci- eI'y: Pre-Med Club: Chemi- cal Sociely. EEEIE SMITI-I Crosbylon I-Iome Economics B. S. Texas Woman's College: Sans Souci Club: Forum: Double Key: Home Eco- nomics Club. LEON O. SPARKS SaI+iIIo B. S. in C. E. Engineer C. E. Socie+y: Engineering Socieiy: Tech C. of C. THOMAS H. S STEWART, JR. Loclcney B. A. N. T. S. T. C.: Chemical Socie+y. W. R. UN DERWOOD Bar+IeH B.S. in Archiieclrure Engineer Engineering Socie+y: Archi- 'reciural Sociely: Business Manager of La Veniana '33: B. S. U. Council: Press Asso- ciajrion. CLARENCE WOODS Lubbock B. A. EREDICE WEATHERS Big Spring B. A. Simmons UniversiIyq Y. W. C. A. LEONA H. WHARTON Ga rI and Home Economics B. S. Home Economics Club. ALPHA M. WIGGINS Lubbock Engi B S in CHARLES Ty Engi B S i neer E. E. L. WILIE Ier neer . . nE.E. A. I. CHESTER H E. E. . WILLIAMS Clarendon B. B. A. CIarendon Ju ffl J f .,.: : .--- : nior College. ARTHUR C. WAGHORNE Lubbock Engineer B. S. In E.E. A. I. E. E. DONALD WEILENMAN Amarillo Engineer B. S. Y. M. C. A.: A. S. M. E.: Engineering Socieiyg S. P. E. S. WILBU RN WHEELER Lubbock B. A. McMurry College: Band: Orcheslrra. MARY WILBANKS Spearman Home Economics B. S. Sans Souci Club. NEAL WILKINS Lubbock B. A. CURTIS WILLIAMS Lubbock AgricuI'rure B.S. Los Camaradas: Aggie Club: Chamber of Com- merce: Sou+I1ern ScI1oIar- ship Socie+y: Junior and Senior Siock Judging Teams. 'S f' 'ff f 1' ff C P 9 , f 1 fy- " "" fl' IIA ...wif f mf? f gf HUGH WILLIAMS Comanche B. B. A. Daniel Balcer College: T. T. Club: Manager Foolball Team '30, '3I, '32. ROBERTA WILLINGHAM Lubbock B. A. College of Inclusfrial Arls. PAINTER C. WYLIE Valley View Agriculfure B. S. Aggie Club: Junior Dairy Judging Team. J. C. WILLIAMSON Lubbock B. A. ARTHUR WOODBURN Porlales, N. M. B. A. J. DOYLE SETTLE Abernaflwy B. A. and M.A. Texas Universilyq Golf Club: In'rernaI'ionaI Relafions Club: Debafe Club: Pre-Law Senior Edifor, LA VEN TANA. '1 For 'rhe Freshman year, T. B. Odam was elecled presidenl, Norman Duke vice- presidenl, and Tempe Boone secre+ary- lreasurer. On 'l'he wilhdrawal of Odam and Duke, Mall Seymour and Charles O'Neall were made prexy, and vice- presidenl. Mall' Seymour, Garland Smilh, Wal+er S+orrs, Jesse Young, and E+hel Green represen'l'ed lhe fish on lhe Slu- denl' council. Rob O'Hair was fish yell leader. George Cowan was made sophomore presidenl, Bill Slubbs vice-presidenl, and Harrielle Roach secrela ry - lreasurer. Slubbs became prexy when Cowan wil'h- drew, and Smilh, Hoffman, Young, and Leidigh were elecfed 'lo +he Sfudenl' Coun- cil. O'Hair became a varsily yell leader. This class wro+e an inleresling chapler in 'lhe al'hlel'ic hislory of Tech in l93l-32. Teal, Harris, Young, Tribble, Price, Hiljch- cock, Greer, and McWilliams leHered in foolball, and Crews leH'ered in baskelball. Three hundred +hiri'een of +he 573 sopho- mores became juniors in l932-33. Bill Teal was elecled presidenh Jesse Young, vice- presidenl, and Melba Walson, secrelary- lreasurer. Rob O'Hair was made head yell leader. Fi'H'een members of 'rhe class helped make I932-33 a high spol in Tech alhlelics. Teal, Price, Hifchcock, Harris, Sollis, Bar- l'on, Tribble, Young, M. Harris, Greer, Baker, and McWilliams were leH'er men who helped elevale Tech 'lo a posilion of rank among foolball +eams of l'he Sou+h- wes+. Crews, Robinson, and Green lei'- 'Fered in baskelball. Charles O'Neall, Garland Smifh, Carroll Thompson, Fred Barron and Mary L. Shropshire represenfed Tech in in'I'er- collegiale debaling. Smilh served as junior edifor. The chief social funclion of The junior class was l'he Junior Prom, al' which Melba Walson was crowned queen. GFFICERS f fri' ff l I 'gf-T 1, ix J' if - J 2 -Q' ERIE DELL ADAMS PAYE ALGER PAUL ALLISON Lubbock Seminole Forf Wor+Ii MARY BARNETT IZELIX BALLENOER POLLY BARROW McCarney Lubbock Lubbock Home Economics JACK BEYI-IAN CLARENCE BOBO BERNARD R. BOGAN Texon Paducah Lubbock Engineer NED BRADLEY LOUISE CAMPBELL LEOPAL CI-IISUM Lubbock Lubbock Levelland GLYNNE COKER MARVIN L. ELIZABETH CONNER AI'I1ens COLLINS Lubbock Celina HOWARD CORLEY VINCENT COX J. WALTER CASTEEL Corpus Chrisfi Poriales, New Mexico Lubbock WINSLOW DAI-INKE AUSTIN DAVIS DREW DICKSON Boyce Swee-Iwafer BaIIinger Engineer FREDDIS OPAL URSEL S. COLETA JOY ADKINS ARMSTRONG BAKER Lubbock Panhandle Lubbock Home Economics EARl-INE BALL WILSON BARKER SUE BARTON Hobbs, N. M. Weallwerford San Angelo Engineer Home Economics FRANCES BENSON NOEL CASON GEORGE COWAN Amarillo Cleburne Seymour . B. CHURCHWELL LOUISE DOUGLAS RUTH DOUGLAS Trinidad TexI1oma, Okla. Lubbock Engineer ADA FOSTER MATTYE VESTA WILLIAM GREGORY X-3' Lockney GEPPERT Lubbock Teague Agricullrure Home Economics LORRAINE GORDON MARY FRANCIS H. HOUSTON Hamillon HART HINSON Aguilla Lubbock Home Economics Engineer WRIGHT IRELAND NOBLE JAMES KATHLEEN Amarillo Lubbock JENNINGS Engineer Plainview '34 c ,. I ,..' Q if g',. -13.1 i1:f,' Xf f E: EE fi . :gil-iii PQ.. D , l 479 . vllz vAv:,,.,:v, IH lv -Q .VVQ I, x i g: .,., l Auvz ,.,. gn f J if hy: 1 ,fn :. - x . M177 , L 1, -, ,-l. .I -el-al , .. 5, , . rlrux X' 513, is ks' Ggifif' I Q-Q.:- Mt erzz' "- Y lrf' ELOISE LANCASTER Teague I-Iome Economics WILTON E. LYNN Lubbock ILA STEELE PATTERSON Ouiiaque JIM FRANK POTTS Lubbock Engineer FLOYCE SNODGRASS Lubbock E. R. STEEN Graham Agriculiure JOE B. TAYLOR Big Spring Agriculiure MARY LEIDIGI-I Lubbock I-Iome Economics JOE MOODY Mineola FRANCES PARKINSON Amarillo MAY REED Vernon I-Iome Economics EUGENIA SMITI-I Sherman YONE STONE Lubbock BILL TEAL Lubbock MORRISON LISTON Wills Poinl' Engineer MRS. FRED NEEPER Sweelwaler WARREN POOLE Floyclaola JOHN G. READ Hillsboro LOGAN STAYTON Wichiia Falls J. D. STRICKLAND Silverlon Agricullure BYRON TERRELL Lubbock Assisianlr Ecliior LA VENTANA '34 MALOUE ABRAHAM ALMA MARY ALEXANDER Canadian WILLIAM BATES Pasadena, Calif. Engineer OTHNTEL BROWN Larnpasas Engineer EVA RUTH BRADY Decalur ALEXANDER Lubbock Lubbock ALVINA BERAN EARL BAKER Anfon Agricullure Lubbock ERNEST E. BARTON Lubbock Agricullure R. C. BRUMMETT Roswell, N. M. Engineer RALPH COGDELL Crowell Agricullure FAY BROWN Brownfield MAXINE CLARK PAT C. CARUTHERS JEAN DALY Lubbock GENIA DUNN Crosbyion OTIS EINCHER Clnillicollwe Kopperl Tulsa. Okla. GAlL EUBANKS PEARL EDMONSON Corpus Clwrisli Slaion Engineer VIRGlNlA HASH WARD GARRISON Levelland LUl3lOOClf f ,,,, ' ' -, -. 13 "" f' jg 2'1:i 'ff .A ' -"' .7 .iff fin e, A C f . rfsisx: , 1 A aff f f ezine-'5s: 1 f T f 9 ' fy 1, ' f ffwf l 4 fri .,:,..:.:,.,.,. , l ..,,,.,..,, , .,.,.,..,.,.,..,..V..A.,.,.,.,.., QQQ, , 4 Q. 'ji 4 5, of r ria r , r r i rR J w A-0 ...,.,,,,.,. ,, .. if T 'fi gr 1 1 ' K.. f .. 1: .' . of i I ' 1' f ,M :rg . J,,fx, ' . .f-iw' nge- ::-rw 1 :mf-. ,::... .eff .V -4 .--1? '-31:11, 5-sfssza. f if -5- SANEORD H. WILLARD GRAY MAURINE HAVIS GABRIELL Tyler Lubbock Naslwville, Tenn. Engineer Home Economics Engineer MELVIN HAVIS LUCILLE HUNT BRYAN HARPER Lubbock Claude Lubbock Agricullure Home Economics Engineer TED HUBBARD RUBY ETHEL LA ZETTE KUNKEL Crane HAYDEN Abilene Engineer Picklon Horne Economics Home Economics PARKER H. LOIS MCKENZIE MAUREEN lvlcADEN TAULMAN Abernallwy Abilene Eorl Worllw Home Economics WALTON NIXON GARLAND NYSTEL LOMER NELSON Waco Abernallwy Lubbock Agricullure Engineer Sloorls Edilor, LA VENTANA T. RODERICK GEORGE PRATAS WINONA PARDUE O'NEALL Breckenridge Lubbock Lubbock LA VENTANA slaff CHRISTINA POTTS H. L. "BUTTON" W. A. ROUSSEL Hillsboro ROBERSON Brownwood Lorenzo Engineer X I AQ0-X I mi ,:--- A ffl f fl if iii,i. f T Q: :-:-'wnpz::..z:f::-.- v .-wh:s-:as:Giza-21-2I'9:1:2E1i155E5i:::1i'i':if-'i-:fEv:1:1-1-'If v-1:1.1'q1515':'-v: -I ,-,- - 2:1f'2SE-5152 E:::'EEvEE'EErE-'FII fx Qz.5.25:1::':1f1..1::1-1' 1 1-in-X '- 3EfE'E':':' K ff '15::5:::5's1,zs:1:e:::,. 4 x 132:.'5:2:.Q:::?1E2 f ry Ln- ff' .-1-222' H: ,, ,,g:5fg2525:2z1z2::11 M f fi E 5- ' X f -,-,-1 Q ...L : fy 7',fffWf .1 21 .za ,,.. ' q Y K if "ii "" 7. 5555.5-ll.I'5If?fE5?f-::.:JE2:i,. 4 i P .,.. - 5225455 ' ' W' I V!!! i! 25:22 figz r',::iVir-1f1f51E: 'T f f! X Qiilf f" R'fQ'f :i: ' 5213 61 ,,,. L .,,, l -,,--v , -, ,, f--- 5 ,- .- , -.,.,,,v..Y.v.,,., . rv ,LL W- ,gig .,:,,,1:::1:,:g:,- 4-J, In DOROTHY DOBBINS RUTH DONNELL JACK DOWNS Waco Lubbock BaImorI1ea Agriculrure EDITH EARNEST AUBREY EDWARDS FRED FAIRLY Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock Engineer BRITIAN FORBIS J. RANKIN WORTH GAMEL Spur GAMMILL Lubbock Lubbock Engineer HENRY L. GODEK MARGARET GREEN EVELYN GULLEDGE Lubbock Lubbock Roaring Springs Engineer VARNELL HALE SARAH HAYNES CALVIN Lubbock Lubbock HAZLEWOOD Lubbock CHARLES HENSON C. J. HENSON RICHARD H. Seymour Lubbock HOFFMAN Engineer HannibaI, Mo. Engineer ODIS HOLLY HORTENSE HICKS SAMMIE MARIE Spur RosweII, N. M. HITT AgricuIIure Lubbock If W' fmff me Home Economics uuqqgu 1 I x I I 'A I jf f If .5:5539 l,2'EIiIfIf12fiE5'2:iI55j'355fI' 4:52559 7 'X D' X f " .4119-:'5 ' 5235 ,ggggif 'f K ,'f 'fif,Q,IQQ':.5iE,. .EI Ef"f"-.:::fI,.,.g E ii-fi , IQ? N ,,.,.,:,s.g,g:g3-:-f5A,- fa ffl ' V, I ff ff. f ,- inf 5 ak "2q JASPER S. HUBBERT Forl' Wor+I'i GARVICE JOHNSON Jewell NORRIS KELTON Baird JIMMIE LAUDERDALE Sainl Jo F. M. MADDOX Lubbock LUCILLE MCCRUMMEN Lubbock JACK MICKLE Lubbock DAISIMAY ORVILLE W. HUMPHRIES JENKINS Lubbock Lubbock CHARLOTTE JONES W. DOUGLAS Painl Rock KEEEER Slwailuck. Okla. Engineer WILLARD KELTON WILLET KUHN Baird Weafherford Engineer Engineer MARGARET J. H. LOCK LINDSEY Jacksonville Lubbock MARTHA KATE WINERED MASSAY MAHAEEEY McLean Hillsboro JESS MCILHANEY CRAIG MCNEESE Lubbock San AnI'onio Engineer FRED C. MILLER EUGENE R. Granbury MITCHELL Engineer Collinsville f ff!! JKT FN I,-j':'fIfF-51553.Q3-j"EI-xg,-.-fi:-1 . 'Q' -if ' :fn "j:fZ'? 135.3 3-I-f"2. 1, 11- . ,. ,. , , .3 3- ff .- , , . - f 5::g..j"2'i-lilfi::'1- " fiffiisfl. 5-i-31-1' .J , 5' H - f E. ,e5.f:E5:2' ' .'fff'.1fEf,-'1i5'E?:5',HZ' -V1:5553fi'5?5E52f1I2Efiff.i5'5'si.5515i" I . .,I::ffi'ii55'-5:'5?5'5fif':':i 'i f J 71 If I f IA ' , ,f " A! 'ii' '- 'I.v.I2F:.'::v , ck sf ' 'Z -.II-"F5frf' - -'-- :I vv-v '- . , ,. ...,... ,..2:I:l::'25I51-'F' " ' fi' -: 1 'iii' In 'ff 5.259 ,-,N ' ix 'f 'f:Q,a5-5" ,..::.31.25:s'i5-iw' I 'P' I if-22:5-,Q 1,1 f ,. f ,S ,, , . ,.,. " I "f: 1' f W 74,7 ff' --:.5"l '..::2'5izf1:E1ff' If 7 " H fi S ,, ,, .,., . V, f, 1 .A ,I .. .. I ,,, . A X -I , .. S .. . .41-gf::,g1gg:.'gs5:52f:,55-5: I-1" .4 1 off X7 " " 'I' .:' .. f"' -3 f if .. .1 -'-': im. 1 .,:-:::.: 'fff iff 1 1 . I I W1 V- 1.1,'ffrf'?i51Q,,',5'fi'5.,g2,-4 1'2"2' 42" ' Aff . ,-,g5:2:'5:-' V 72: Z, X R ilx ,K X1 'EE 1E"'.:fff:?5Effif' Il' I A I I 'fm ' 'Z S '-1 J W ff f , YW, Eff A I ' , M If ,, I . .... , ,... , if f 1 ff ' f f 1 f 11 I I '34 Eff-31i':352:i:,.f''-QEQ555.ff" t 1" 5553521-E153-Er5.5.-., ' ..-.rar:55152553515:5151523-5-5.5?5:5:1f' ' RUTH M. MOORE ROBERTA MYRICK CHARLES E. Lo+'r LYALL PICKETT Posi' JIMMIE ROBERTS Lubbock A. C. SANDERS Lubbock DORIS SI'IIELDS Lubbock Home Economics Lubbock PHYLLIS POOL Lubbock JESSE ROGERS Housion Engineer LENA GRACE SANDERSON San Saba MARY LOUIE SHROPSHIRE Lubbock O'NEALL Lubbock DAVID O. POWELL Lubbock DOUGLAS W. ROSS, JR. Brownwood Engineer ROY T. SHAM BU RGER I:or+ Wor+I1 Engineer T. Q. SCOTT Lubbock VIRGINIA SIMMONS HAROLD SIMMS GARLAND SMITH Coleman PanI1andIe Lubbock REUBEN SMITH CLARENCE SPACEK ROBERT SPARKS Karens Granger AbiIene :rr:'r1' -3555.515iEiEEE1E.EfE1E5EE':-ij:Ei:-:5-1:-3.43: X 5 " "2s:z:::-:-:51.:5:5:smmf:-:,:,:3:,. f L . '- 'E2E1.'E2E,::-522251 1.-5215" ,f1,. .s:a.,.,,:., ,- X in f ff Agriculiure k A X f + .a .,551:ag5g5g5:eg552'2,eE1g5si'35i'1 . .. .. .. 4, ff .... .:ii:':" I ,Zi .42 ,,.5x1:s:s::'a.:-.....f Rf' , ,. f ,.::z::js55za- ,2i:Ef2.i. .v,i2-.5:3..f ,I..:js::g:5sEsFsifi2l"-2 I " I . .,:f2.2zI''?s2e:zi2:z..2s5-2'2121:-f if ...,:.2g:1:1:1.:-4 -:.:':.:.:f::212f" :is f - , ,313-51513.54...large241:1,--,..,.,.,.,f...5' -:WL -1 ,f . f f ., . ...:sfs.s.s::g:gs.2:f- '?s:s:s:e:' .f ,::a::-ar ' .ss-s:1" ..s:sa:sgs:sga2" .gas-5. X ,1,-15.:,:,,.-1,-,.,.,,:.,., V:5,.,,.-.-H.:,A-:,,:.:.-.-9... yf. 1, Q1 . - ..--we 1 am :..-.-.- M:.::3.::1g.5:.::: .. ::-5515, I i'i': 1., . ....- S 5 fi r" .,.,.,. 1 -I if f . ..- ,. I" ' .I zi' f f' f f 'II L rzrflzfzi, 2:" .4 ff X 1'. .Q ':-,. 1" f iffv """"" I2 :f" ' f l ,f if 'x -1"'1r'r"" ' 1 f Q f ,F .,...f I II. ',., 'ff f " A f T ,,.. , Itz V- f . ,y7,w,v . ' . qaasisf ,N f ...Q ' ' 9 ug 5 ,Egg JI, '4' . :.:5'5'5i"?' I4 ' ..:51.f"Qs5:2Es:s'5255:e, KIA "'2:'53:221255"Is's-21.515-iii-Fi:, , ...1z:,:'g.'f' ..5f:".. .nf IA- ,.5215' 'mia .'s3A51, 555.533 'iff X Engineer H FRANK SPUHLER WILLIAM F. JACK THOMAS Tucumcari, N. M. STUBBS Lubbock Engineer Corpus Clwrisli Engineer Agricullure CARROLL MAX WAGHORNE WOODROW THOMPSON Lubbock WAGGONER Lubbock Ranger EUGENE WATKINS MELBA WATSON NELMS WEDDLE Sanfa Anna Lubbock Bonham Engineer Agricullure ED WEISS RUBY RAE RALPH WYATT Plainview WILLIAMSON Levelland Engineer Spur Home Economics JESSE YOUNG GEORGE A. BRUCE ZORNS Co'l'ulla ZARAFONETIS Meadow Agricullure Hillsboro Engineer MATTY LYNN BETH GORHAM JACK GRUNDY BEAVER Garden Cily, Kansas Ouilaque Fluvanna Engineer Home Economics HARLAN HOWELL ROB O'HAlR RUTH ANNA Brownfield Lubbock THOMPSON Agricullure Yell Leader Lubbock Home Economics n, .. V l This class made a record for ifself during ifs firsf year in Texas Tech. Russell Brown from Brownwood was elecfed presidenf of fhe class and proved very efficienf. The ofher officers of fhe '35 fish class were Johnie Jo Whifley and Jeff Murphy. During 1-he firsf ferm, fhe freshmen held a gef-acquainfed parfy in The gymnasium which proved fo be very successful. Dur- ing 'l'he second 'I'erm fhe class gave one of fhe oufsfanding dances of fhe year. On Fish Day, in fhe fhird ferm, 'rhe class boarded a special 'I'rain and wenf fo Silver Falls where fhey spenf fhe day dancing, swimming, skafing and boafing. The milifary organizafions picked a fresh- man for 'lheir queen, Julia Davis. Gerald- ine Durham was firsf of fhe eighf La Venfana beaufiesg again fhis year she was selecfed as a beau'l'y. Af fhe beginning of 'I'he sophomore year, fhe officers elecfed were: D. M. McElroy, Malcolm Mar'I'in and Geraldine Durham. Due 'I'o adverse condifions, if has been hard for fhe class +o keep 'fhe sfride if sei ifs firsf year. The '35 class has been oufsfanding in foof- ball, frack, 'iennis and all ofher school acfivifies. ln foofball, fhe Sophomore class has confribufed several sfar players: Demp Cannon, Wilson and Brax'l'on Gil- more, D. M. McElroy, Malcolm Marfin and Woodrow Wilson. Lloyd Glover is a soph- omore sfar in fennis. May Alexander, Thelma Moss, Gwendolyn Thompson, and Arfie Rodgers won laurels for fheir class in Tri-Sfafe music confesf. Walfer Labai represenfs his class as a high-poinf man in fhe aggie school. Mary Earle Lofland is anofher represenfafive of fhe class among La Venfana beaufies. A sopho- more, Mary Alice Scoff, is presidenf of fhe Bapfisf sfudenf union. Emily Davis is vice-presidenf of fhe Associafion of Wo- men Sfudenfs on 'ihe campus. Bafes Thornfon served as sophomore edifor for La Venfana. .... . ,- 1. .,,,1 1,+,,:,',,-,.,:,:.::.....,,.,,.,,1,-1,:..:-.51-any fa..-..,:,.,-.. I.,-,iga ::-1' :ff.-..:.f- :-2:-1: -fe f """2s2.':-:r::ff--.' w '- V ., ., .... , .... . ---. , , --,,-,,, V. Y::-: -',-v - ::.:-:Q Q T053 iffy j ff! fill J' 4 fha! ' . ,ff f Ay' 1 OFFICERS " we55535122555i'F35i53f1f'f:fTffi f 11:5El5i555s5I5i5a5s:121ff53.ii2?E?f1f5Ef'5':' fs5EIs?f' 1 ':'::'T "" 1 '4" , A' ,, 'Q ' R' 5.5:-1 -'-' - ' 5:91 sfs'5.5'52231fj...s.s.s.s-a:s5.5 yy . ,V ,sp ...,.. My Q: s:..f.-5...--.,:.11 . ....f..- V lf. N ,M ,N : gg-511.5313-'Q 111-11.z:F211s2s21::s.f1 3 .522:E2's'sj:5: ' f As - "Ia5:L.:-s::-,:..:--- ' ' :aff45:55-1'-115-1.2::2 'P ' "" R - " H 'V f .aa MARGARET ROSE ADAMS LeveIIand LUCILLE BAKER Arfesia, N. M. GRADY BOX Shamrock VELMA BROWN SI1aIIowaI'er Home Economics T. Lockharlr Engineer GORDON M. DEERING Mason HEN RY ELDER Cuero AgrIcuI'rure '35 MELVIN CHESSER RUTH COLLIE HAZEL LYNN ARTELLE APPLING ANGLIN FI. Wor+I'1 Tahoka MRS. WILSON JORGA BARKHAM BARKER Lubbock WeaII1erIorcI Home Economics CLAUDE H. BROWN JEAN BROWN Saini' Jo Rochesfer AgrIcuI+ure CLARICE BUIE SYLVA BYRD Sfarnford Crosbyfon TRENTON T. DAVIS I-Iobbs, N. M. Sain'I Jo Home Economics ALVIN A. DONNELL GERALDINE EIIasvIIIe DURHAM AgrIcuI'rure I'IamiI+on CLAUDE GAYLORD WILSON GILMORE Lubbock OIney Engineer ff Wy? -i .v:: I .,,. .,.v, l,-y f fy f fm , I "22' -' ,.' I 'tgQ5::5'i,-Ewa:-:.1.,"' 32.5.5 3. :- , ' , fi 1...--"-': " - -.1-ff ' ,.:jrrfQ":"'f,5s'I'f'E'.3""5 fix 'ff Qiif.7'5'Zf'Ef,'.f ,,.,,. . -'32-'ga I 37' ' f' ' " ' .af fi -' ,, :f'15'f' 'Igg:ESQ':'51I'f':1If.fE:f'.?,I-f'nf 2 ' f I I , V - ' - ' B' 32, 'I1EQ".4 .Shir-f-V .. ff 1fE5:'1?iE5E?'E3:f:.52E.i5'f.?Ei-f 2E1f".' -f' . f-1' ' ,.1-'K G' . 'f - - , 1522? " I' ' ' .gf , - Jr-L If .VN . ' ' , A I f', ff 5:4 M ' Q af' , , 1. f .af H .Q f, , , .., ., X I ..,,. X 0 , l , c , ' '- , uffflf. f v- If EAI r , .. . . A X I I A I Y , '-1 .. ,,. X , I :Inf - f V ' .df ' ' . 1 Kr, I -' , ,gif ,ff 1-5. V' 9:53. , hy 'X 1 A I' I1 '11, f' ,f .... , X ,ff I- N , 'E I .5,:ff.'fM c H1-If-.-2 -'-- i5f .. ,f1'fIkL47 If 125559: i i 5,9525 S-, , I., . - -::25:?.:..s:52:'I Z' I .Yffi MII." 'V - BEATRICE GLIDEWELL Truscoflr PRICE HOLLAND OI+on PAUL HALL EI: WorII1 Engineer MADELINE HUGHES Lubbock' RUTH HUTCHINSON RUBY JO KARLIN Lubbock WALTER LABAJ Granger AgricuI'fure TALBOT LEDBETTER Brady Engineer ELIZABETH MONTEO RT Lubbock AgricuI+ure HELEN PIERCY Lubbock X ff! f f Springer, N. M. CARSON LEATHERWOOD Es+eIIine ROBBIE McCAY ldalou LaTRELLE MOORE LeveIIand T. B. POE, JR. Winfers Agricullrure If jbfkf 1 W, LUCILLE HEGGEN Abernafhy W. HUGH HUNTER DaIIas THELMA KUNKEL MegargeI Home Economics WILTON LEATH ERWOOD Es+eIIine CURTIS MQCOLLUM Porlrales Engineer G. B. MORRIS Seymour FRANK W. 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PHARR Cooper ARTIE RODGERS Lubbock SALLY RUSSELL Bonham ARNOLIA SERVER Rochesler SARAH LOU STEVENS Coleman BATES THORNTON Lubbock Engineer Sophomore Eclilor ROSS WATSON Mineral Wells Engineer I-IUBERT ALLENSWORTI-I Lubbock ELIZABETH BICKLEY Eabens K. BASKIN Lubbock LOREN E BEASLEY Iowa Park FRED BIEELE ROYCE BLACKWELL Silverion Spur DON BLUE I-IOMER BRUMLEY BLANCI-IE Amarillo Engineer I-Iereford AgricuI+ure VANE BURNETT TI-IEO CI-IEANEY DubIin DOROTHY FRANK CLEMENTS EI Paso JAM ES CAM PBELL Caddo DAN DAVIS Childress Engineer Elecira J. BARRIE COEEIELD Bowie CI-IES CASS Haskell BETH DOSS Seminole f .,., I-:J 4525511-555.215:a5:,2:'.1-'::,.1.5-5-545:s:' ,..:s:':,:f:,.15'f:' j ,ff BRAININEN Li'H'IeIieId LORENE CI-IILDERS Lubbock ANN CALDWELL Lubbock I-I. CLIFTON CRAWFORD Haskell Engineer JACK DOIJGI-ITIE Cleburne ,,r I . ..r-,,. "" . 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LEONA SLAUGHTER CHARLES SMITH, DEL SMITH Sudan JR. Brownfield Kerens TRAVIS SMITH MAVIS STAFFORD JEROME STOCKING Winlers Spur Plainview JIMMIE STONE VIVIAN TAYLOR -GWENDOLYN Dallas Cliilclress THOMPSON Lubbock JUDSON JAMES TOOTHAKER DOROTHY THOMPSON Downs, Kansas '- VANDAGRIEE Rolan Big Spring 7 I WL.-i.L....A LESSIE MAE VON ROSENBERG Lubbock I-Iorne Economics VIRGINIA WESTER KATIE WALKER Conroe GEORGIA Las Vegas, N. M. WESTMORELAND AgrIcuI+ure NAOMI WHITAKER LIHIeIIeId FRED WILLIAMS EIdoracIo Engineer M RS. ROBERT WITI-IERS Swee+waIer LEE FRANCIS YORK Snyder f fffgjj Matador AUTHALA WILLIAMS Brownwood JENN I E FAYE WILKERSON AIedo DOROTHY WOLEEARTH Lubbock JACK A. WRIGHT SiIver+on Engineer JOHN ARNOLD WALTER Lubbock jam fx X71 X FRANCES WEIMI-IOLD Sudan I-Iome Economics INA BELLE WI-IARTON LIHIefieIcI I-Iorne Economics CONNIE WILLIAMS Lubbock J. ALTON WILSON Knox Cify JESSE WOMACK Dallas TOM BOROUGI-IS MarI' jfw --"' f .1 +5?.'.'4::::::::'s:::::::,:::::::::f-gzi. 1w .5.:::,::::::5::4: wr: V::':+::2:::,5:5:5:5:z:a :-:-'f::-"' "---' . 12:-::::::':",',.:-55-5-5.41" ff " fr W. f ,L .....A., . .,.,.f ""' ..., J f f iv" .,.,,. f .,,.,.. , L I " 1- T ,,, .s2Ssfg:i.,.,f11:f " " V. I if 22331.252125',.:E22i:if'2s:2Z5- ff:-" ,fl , fQ,7'fff I V I H I """""""' f' X Q.:'Q,4.f:g:l1:f:g::j.5:I:5f::-g:gf--1-"' If 1 ,, f R' 1' ' -iff" ' ,553 :IS ' ,551-:,:-" ""' """' ' ' ' ' f ss' , K I AI' 1 P- ,iikv s' "--o f ' ,.,.., Q, ', I ,'- As we waich 'ihe liH'le 'Fish swim our of +he Texas Tech aquarium, The largesi' school of fish ever assembled here, le+'s observe a 'Few of rhe leaders and see whar ihey have accomplished. Marcus "Hop" Halsey, presiden'I', has suc- ceeded in keeping 'rhe 'fish swimming along a'H'er him wiih 'lhe assisfance of Clayborn Norris, vice-presidenr, and Thelma Reed, secreiary and +reasurer. F. A. Landers, yell leader, has done his share in keeping up fhe class spirii' ai pep rallies and 'foo'r- ball games. The Picador fooiball ieam sfarring such men as "Delica+e Ted" Wilson, "Sad Sam" Jones, Joe Barlow, and many oihers, had a very successful season winning 'l'hree oul of four games and defeaiing 'Phe varsiry reserves. Foriy players received 'fooiball numeral swea+ers. Befween halves of 'ihe Arizona game, a shoe scramble was held, and befween halves of 'Phe Baylor game, +he lowly fish oui'-pulled +he sophomores in a hard 'lug of war. Led by Jesse Briscoe, Leon Marks, Leroy Crews, "Red" Wesier, and Clayborn Norris, 'ihe 'Fish baskefball feam won four- feen games and promise plenry of ma- ferial 'For nexi year's varsi+y. Ten men were awarded numerals. The class of '36 is 'rhe firsr in ihe school's hisiory fo build 'iwo bonfires. Affer 'rhe firsf was burned premaiurely, rhe fish iurned oui' and buil'l a bonfire 'l'ha'I' sur- passed +he previous one. ln an elecfion sponsored by The Toreador, Miss Rose Marie Turner was elecfed 'Fish queen. O. B. LippincoH' served as fresh- man ediior. OFFICERS A FN ff! We r ' .rr r l i i 1 .- H , '- 'Z i f ff' ' --,-- ny ' " 11' vi: .. X -in A 3 fl Mix! i 5 4 jf. I , ., .1 , 1 , ,:,Hj:. .... yy J U If sv If in v i ,A , ff f fy X 1 ff"ff ' I ' ' ff' in r ' A' f 0 VV ' s. f "" 'sf ,vs ' "'i s .,.. r 1'r" so - - - , wx.,-,ff . . , f ,.,, . . .. - ., . . , - . r f.- ' "" B' - f if-:ii ,Uri I' A . :fd 1 'iii i:a5:I5"" '5:22fff2'2 W .- .. .gags-1:5-2-f-2: 2- , D i A X L I L 4 '36 JOHNNIE AMMONS I-IAUTENSE Roby SOL BUNNELL TayIor RUTH BROWD ER TruscoH DORIS BRAUDT I-IaIe Cenier VIRGINIA BEASLEY Iowa Park MARY LEE BARDWELL Lubbock A. B. Senior Sans Souci MAE CARRIKER Clairemoni' ASI-IMORE Lubbock DONALD BROWN Clovis, N. M. I-IUBERT BRASI-IER Las Vegas, N. M. Engineer MARSHALL BRADFORD Seagraves BERNICE BEARD Lubbock GORDON BALL CIeburne MORRIS BURCI-IFIELD Vernon CLAUDE BROWN Mexia CECIL BRASI-IEAR Lubbock AgricuIIure WILMOT BELLAMY Ouanah JAMES C. BARRY Slalron Engineer LINDA CALDWELL Lubbock JUANITA CHANCE LaVERNE COKER RaIIs I-Iome Economics Arne-ns I-Iome Economics f iff! by T A fi ff Q.: 1.52 ,,,, 3,3 If li,.E,.!,:f., ,I : ., I V :V N, 'IEEE ,.,, . .:V:?5j,,. .nvn ,A .:,i5:..,..,,,, - ,. V .5 -' .Q-se: 1:'Ij5:,-' gi?Q15:g':g-gif.:E-gb.. s ,,,,. 5, ,jAj.g, ' ,V 4, . gi '- ,j-'FI j5jfQ.I.:,. .31 ' ,Q ij, -3-ff: I III .:4"::s.ff:'AAI-'1f5':'12-fl55i2-".'-"Iit :Sui.fi.friff-52-i:.:f5'55552 . ff -' :,,f2:j:' ,514 AEE.,-:Q 35:-'I,'-3,..,3:E5.1,:2,.-.- I 31 A ,ji A A I M K. Qi ...- , ff -. -- , V f' I- . . "" 'K . i '."i":' 51" -, ffF1":5'5:5 22:53 :5'5s:f'i 55" M .5 zfmfiiii-i:'f1f32f5.5aa'E'f I ':Z':f1'f5'f":-,'g::, ' " - V' E .zssiffiagi5125?'-lfcf'iwsgf5 -"35j5fP 775 ,I ' ' 1 if . -'ii' - 1 1 ' X QQ in f' ' V ff? " -- ,f"fwfw' 55' A " ' I ' ..f' 'rw , 5 fx K if DONNY LOU DOUGLAS ADAMS VERA NADENE ADAMS Lubbock JACK AGN EW Rising Siar Engineer LUCILE ARNOLD Arp Home Economics ELEANOR BAILEY Wollifarili Lubbock ADAMSON Poslr MARGARET BERNICE ANDERSON ANDERSON Raclucalw Posl' Home Economics IDELL BACON JOHN W. BAKER Lubbock Bellevue JEAN BAIN CARMEN JO BARON Floydada McCamey Home Economics HELEN BARSTOW FRANCES BEASLEY JAMES BENNETT Albany Greenville RAYMOND BENSON WANZA MAE Lubbock BISHOP Engineer Clarksville Home Economics GEORGE L. BOLAND LEMUEL BOREN Girard Lubbock Engineer X72 Zig ff! ,f f -f' 'C-Afrm' gm, . ..,. -fi .,,. , ,g, -1,-,.: ' A 2. 'lg f , f: ,,,,.,, , A 15. . 'lf 1 'f rw ' f M ' X , ,I xg, XX ff " ' ' ' 'fifi1f'f-f-, 1 'J 71 I FI. Worih Agriculiure WILLYS G. BLOUNT San Augusline ALICE JOY BOWLIN O'DonneIl We-f. ,, - ,.,.-' ,-.ul -H - 1' . HENDERSON Idalou Posr NOEL BRYANT Hereford THOMAS BUCY Rising Siar Engineer Crosbylron Marador Aihens Piano Engineer Engineer J. C. CARNES HOLLIS CARROLL Covingion Lubbock Engineer ALMA LEE CAUDLE M. S. CAUDLE Tarum, N. M. Ballinger Home Economics ELOISE CLARK MARGARET COBB Taiwoica LiJr+ieiielcl '36 FRANCES BRANDON RUTH LaVERNE BROWN Levelland PAULINE BUIE Sramford RUTH BUIE ADELE BURLESON WESLEY BURNETT Graham J. W. CALDWELL DICK CAMPBELL ALLENE CAREY Kilgore MARY RUTH CARTER Ouinian PAULTNE CAWTI-ION Clovis, N. M. RAYMON D COFEMAN Cleburne Engineer 7 he fd 111121 ,, H i'i' If i jfffjgflik-Q , ..,,,,. , V "": fs 'nftxiitiiilf "I3:5:f5' V' L' " .:i:l:3:312:2:21212:I:f:I:IpI:IgIgLI!QI4',lgI,I' ,J .21:,Iglgiflfig:f:2v:f:':::f:f:v:f:5:i:i:f' .g:Q.:.::5: f:f:Q:fi:f:f:I:f:':-151355::fi:i'3.:: " " I,'fIfIfI3IfIfIfIfIffE:3'f,5fI3I3" .."' :..::.f2.2:fIfI'Ig:fIEIfIjgIi"' ,gIfIgI4I5IfI2I:If' 3 f lf! 11- 2 '--"' '-'2--1-':1-Lg:5i5Qgj5g5gg-g5-- 5,1 A .z -r f 'NA 1 .,,,,,, ,. ..,..,,.,.. 32, ........,. , 5 ,Q ,,..,.,. Q ,.,., . 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MARCUS HALSEY MARY DORCAS HACKNEY Lubbock HAMILTON Taboka President Fish Class Ouifaque BENETHA HARDY Lamesa LOMA HAWKINS Meadow BILLY HAZLEWOOD Mineral Wells HORACE HARRINGTON PorIaIes, N. M. EVELYN HAWKINSON Lubbock JHONNIE RUTH BRASHEAR IdaIou Home Economics Home Economics ASTENA HARTER Tahoka CHARLES HAYES Lubbock MARGARET HESS McLean :VN J' W X f X MJLXA Q"5:2,2'5,5g2g:,,j:,iiiIiiE'Eg2:.'F'r2sE55-5'2' .. 'lvsgizisfaa fff21:5':f5ir:Q5'i: . j 4I5j:i2Q55:i5i515fI zggirgsiggsgsgaia 1' ,- " I """ I -V f I. ,.. aiPa2ais2a2e21 -""" sf 'x if .I '. f ' X 32. """"""A E ' " iff! 'ff ' A yy! -fgsrsQ,zs's:1'e,siff'f':f-1-- ,Uffff -ff gg' ,..gE':-Ei: "" g,:.2-Eff' I :1i.z's:::' , :gsgzf 2If:"" .::a:s:sgsg.g1 - .f5:..- 25535, f Z1..:s.s:s-w as-' A -- ' ., f7!"l"d7 ' I EL .. if- "" .I 'X :FII x Wish. 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BENJAMIN PRIEST PAULINE OLETA ROGERS Rusk RANDOLPH Idalou Engineer Lubbock EFEIE RAUN PRUDENCE ROBERTS THELMA REED EI Campo Breckenridge Vernon Secrelrary-Treasurer Fish Class A. B. RIGLER SAM RIEGGER REX SAMS Plainview Greenville Lockney Agricullure Engineer GERTRUDE BESSIE SCOTT HERMONA SHADLE SCHANTZ Morlon Aspermonl' Lubbock KENNETH SHAEER EVERETT T. VIRGINIA SIMS E+. Worilw SHAHAN Lubbock Lipscomb Engineer DORIS SMITH J. H. SMITH MARY HELEN SMITH Lubbock Big Spring Lilrflefield Home Economics RALPH SNYDER GROVER VINSON STANPHILL Moran SPRINGER Denison Lenoralw f ,f ..., , f ,f'-1. ,-EfE:EEEj:' ' YE13E,E3Er-' .145 ? 33,1":jEk2'5:5'5E5iIg.E1E1I.:'5f , ,, ..,, :"f:' , , .' "" -. 3' r ffl .. ' . ,pf 1' faq: gg, 1, ' 'X -,g -,:---.-::: , ff :z ,Q . ..,., -,-. 1 -:.:.::'-. ,r f:.',:g- .- f-,- . -::--:::::,-:-:.- iz' .ff 1-Y gn. I . v '::::-:.p-:' ' . V EQ:-::'.:E..-12 17 -. . "" ,1s:5"" ' II ': "1-E'511:'- .r :Q-5'f:f,-Ei' :-'-f:E:5E-f25I:I.'s.5,2::,5::5.i.I' - fi", . 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SweeIwa+er Engineer MABEL ASHMORE J. M. CROWELL Lubbock Crowell LOUISE URNON BORUM BILLINGSLEY Floydada Lamesa R. S. BRANNIN. JR. LETTYE BROCK Beniamin CI'iiIIico'rI1e Engineer WAYNIE BYLER RACHEL CAMPBELL Ballinger Lubbock Home Economics SPENCER CAMPBELL EMA JO CARTER GEORGE CARTER Spur OuinIan Lubbock BLANCHE MARSHALL COOK SARAH LOUISE CHOWNING Garden Cify COOK EIecIra AgricuI'rure Sirawn Home Economics -.pup ROBBIE LEE JUEL CUMMINS RACHEL DARWIN CRAWFORD Wink Lubbock Lubbock Home Economics FRANCES MARIE ANN DOHONEY FLEETA EAGAN DIERSING Lubbock LiHIefieIc.I Munday FRIEDA FISHER FREDDA FITE WENONAH FORD SI1aIIowa+er SI1aIIowaIer Swee+wa+er Home Economics CLARA BELLE HOMER GARRISON CONRAD GEESLIN FURGESON Lubbock Brady Lubbock Agricullrure RAYBURNE W. LAZELLE TALMAGE GOEN GOLDSMITH GORDON Tulia Cleburne S+. Louis, Mo. Home Economics MARY PAULINE RUTH GRAY JOHN GRISSOM GROTE Lubbock Lubbock Brenham Home Economics PETE HAWKINS HELEN HICKS JAMES H. HILL Harnilfon Roswell Clovis, New Mexico Home Economics I '36 TFT I "4 D BLANCHE HILTON JOHN J. PAULINE HUNTER l:lOyCl6da l"llNCl'lEY Brownfield Glassporl, Penn. STANTON CAMILLE JOHNSON DORIS JOHNSON HUTCHINS Colorado Vernon Loraine ELIZABETH KEEN JEAN JEANNETTE LENRO KEETON Spur KEETON Bonham Bynum WARREN KING JUNE LAWRENCE NAOMI LEE Vernon Dallas lclalou Engineer CATHERINE LILES WILLIE MARIE RAY LEON MARKS Vernon LYON Clovis, N. M. Home Economics SIaml5ord Agricullure Home Economics RAYMOND BILL MQDAVID LEE MCEACHERN MCDANIEL Amarillo Crosbylon lolalou Engineer FRANCES McKEE JAMES H. MOSS HELEN Lubbock Bonham NACHLINGER I-lermleiglw EVELYN PARISH LILLIAN PARISH WELDON PARKER Big Lake Big Lake Garden Ciiy Agriculrure CLIFFORD FOY PRIBBLE ALFRED RENN PHILLIPS Hamlin EIkI1arI', Indiana Peiersburg Agriculfure RUTH RUTLEDGE NINA SCOTT ENID D. SEARS FIoydada Lamesa Snyder RUTH SENTER GEORGE SIDLO EVELYN SLOAN Lamesa Imperial CroweII Home Economics Engineer EMMA SMITH LOUIS SMITH GLENN Childress Coleman STEVENSON Engineer Lockney GEORGE MARK TOWNSEND ROUBLE TOWNSEND Lovingfon TRIPLETT Lubbock Engineer Lubbock Agriculfure JOHNNIE TYLENE WALKER LOUISE WARDLAW WADSWORTH LeveIIancI BaIIinger Fabens TSO I I I I I J MARTHA ENNA BILLY CRENSHAW CHARLES COX Lubbock CRENSHAW Snyder Lubbock DORA BELLE VELDA CROUCH DOROTHY DARBY CRAWFORD Spur Snyder Big Spring Home Economics Home Economics GLADYS PEARL DEDMON GENE DUBBERLY DAVENPORT Sagerlon Big Spring Kress Home Economics MARGARET DUFF MARY DUNCAN ALLIE EASON Byers Lilllelfield Rolan JOE ELDER J. T. EPPERSON ALTON FARR Cuero Cleburne Bellevue GERTRUDE FORD M. K. FOSTER KENNETH FRAZIER Sudan Lubbock Farrnersville Engineer Agriculfure HERMAN GEORGE ROBERTA GlBSON SID GOLDSTEIN Dallas Ralls Crane Engineer Engineer li iiiii T i ii: :ri :,:iii,i. H T f T ' SYBAL HAZEL LORETTA Spur HANCOCK Lamesa ROBERT HARDING JOE HARDESTY Dallas Larnesa Engineer ERNESTINE VAN S. HINDS HENDRICK Lubbock Rogers FRED HOLLAND LEE HOGLE Sainl Jo Eleclra LOIS HOUSTON MINNIE HORTON Levellancl Hale Cenler KATHRYN HUDMAN TOM Lubbock HUTCHINSON Lubbock KATHRYN IMMEL CLYDENE JONES Borger Lubbock Home Economics MARY GENIECE HARDBERGER Lubbock ELEANOR HALBERT Plainview ELEANOR HODGES Lubbock Home Economics W. C. EOOTE, JR. Pelersburg Engineer GRAHAM HOLMES Lubbock J. W. HYATT Ralls F. A. LANDERS Jacksonville Fish Yell Leader ,, fs I fj A X . u ff 4 I., .t ,: V .,.v ET .. , ,,., 5 :Pt 'vvlv I F QQAQ, A fx :TEE 'e.i' 1 l'.'.. Qi 5 ,fr ,,,. 55? ....,. A - A ',i ,,., . 1 'f "e'Q' f ',i.5 ,'.'. yr A -2 1 f if l X f i.i,.1 -1-M s' -FW "" ' F11 ffgegg-531,iziaigiapziifgggfgg--.g .,,,,. if licgfi f c f, - Z , .My ,.,,..' 2 "22-E5-':r':45:E-5'5:z:5:f-' -' .. :2 2 "' J ' Ay Az' 1 435. 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SHANNON Levelland MARGUERITE STREET Dickens JOE TU RN ER Lubbock VAUGHN E. J. S. PIERCE PETERSON Ozona Delia, Ufaln Agricullure LOIS PITTS LEORA PROCTOR Lubbock Brownfield Home Economics HOPE ROBERTS DAVID RUTLEDGE Lubbock E+. Worilw ADELAIDE SELE EREDlNAND Ouiiaque SELLERS - Melvin MARY SNEAD CHARLES A. STILL Parnpa E+. Wori'l1 Engineer TOMMIE TAYLOR ROSE MARIE Cleburne TURNER Lubbock Freshman Oueen FORREST ANCEL VAUGHT UNDERWOOD Pampa Big Spring Engineer Engineer ,ff I am A k fig? iff! T f ll '-'ff , ':fT":': :"""':11 'iIIf::Zz-E.':-zzff,'5E::22:f:f2:ff1z.:. zE2f2'2'222as1m.'59223.:s:'.2-:few ' 7 A .,i, - . fy f.g,::.f1i'?' f if ':',If2QQ31351-s55.E515ii5'5"51" f "" ii"-x '5 ., ' 'i:5'5f5ifi3:f:iZfQi?5fi:" , g::' f,5i3i5:5.2f'-' ff x 4-3Eff:E." , 13 11' X .,,g'::,154g1.'g,,,,"l:3::12- 'P -".:::g,g X141 2 351,15-I-3: '-'-.1Eygqv5-53,5:,.,ggw.:' f :gi-if.5:g:5's.5'5'a15z5s-121. ' 551, ,52g:g5g5g5:sgqz"' ,. -,3:. 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WINN LeveIIand Home Economics KATH LEEN WOODY Crosbylron PAULI NE YEAGER Lubbock Home Economics ,,.,.,.,.,,.m,,',1,,::mv,:ui.:.., ,.,.,.... jiri e'::s.1y,,.,::..:i:: A::.::::,:,,,.-.5:g:::g:a f .-.-5:s:s':-s's::1sfa:a1: E:1:s:.. ..:,551.55'::,:::-As' S ' f-V.V:-es:?f"':e:s:sf5:5gsfa,af2- .s:s:::::z :':':E5E:EEEEEE3 ,::ege5I515sg'5fgsgz.zg ff , . VA lklfi .:::. if :':Q L E S T E R L E E W A L R A V E N W a co WAY N E W ATTS Breckenridge E n g I n e e r WAYNE WILKINS L u Io b o c k L U C I L L E R . W I L L I A M S C r o s b y+ o n TALMADGE NNI MAN R o s co e A g ri c u I I u r e RO LLI N S WOODALL' I owa Pa rk HAROLD WRIGHT K r e s s , TAIIIIIA el I 1 , A f R , f- , I fs' , 1 'I K ,,.: ,,,,,,.:.,,,.,., ..,.. . .-. f f ff 5 I S1: JI I I fl 1:':: :1: 2 :::. fn- ""' "" L In X' -1: 1:: ss: gg X WE: I M ..:: 1Qkf111'2 MORRIS ALFORD V. R. DOCKRAY HAROLD DOW T 'l SIaI'on Lubbock Lubbock GEORGE P. AUDREY GAMBLE EVELYN GREGORY EINLEY, JR. Ropesville Lubbock Aspermonlr MARETTA ELMER McCOLLUM ETI-IYL MURRAY HOLLOWAY NorwoooI, New Jersey Lubbock Lubbock Home Economics I I PATON PRICE HOWARD REED LUCEIL ROSE Lubbock Lubbock McAdoo Engineer I-Iome Economics CI-IESTLEY JULIA YOUNG SULLIVAN Lubbock Temple LEO TRI MM Belen, New Mexico Engineer IVAN ZICKEEOOSE ROBERT VARNELL 5 Kress Barry g A fl. ' 5 II':? ble. jiiiiii :'1 fig? 5 es-" 'I",I I:'I M E 1" ISII I':, 'III A I:"I IZII' ' ,, .,:-:I 3 "'I.. s:'1 ,,.i,1 IZII szz , " cccw n-bbJc ff if 1 1f21":'2 :I: :V:" i I I , MQW ' si" ' 1'-' ,.,." 1 -fi' ,I. 1 -'.:" ff f "I ,riff Alf-'A I 'Q -f"2 ILIIIQ I V :.,Q' ' 'III , ,zvf , ':- 'III if J - 'fi I - I ' I IK "" A .," ...,-I 41 BATES THORNTON Lubbock RUTH GRINSTED Rochesier Sophomore W. T. S. T. C. J . DOYLE SETTLE Aberna'rhy Senior ELIZABETH YOUNG Bowie B. A. Texas Universiiy. W. R. UN DERWOOD Barileif Junior GEORGE B. LONG Tafi' Sophomore SUMMER STUDENTS J. SAM HOPPER Weiiborn Engineer Senior MRS. LUCILE EDWARDS Whifney M. A. Kidd-Key: S. W. T. S. T. C.: E. T. S. T. C.: Vice-Presidenf of The Graduajre Group. HATTI E UN DERWOOD Rochesfer Home Economics Junior MRS. WTLL S. YOUNG Bowie B. A. S. M. U.: N. W. U. ELOYCE SNODGRASS Lubbock Junior BYRON TERREl L Lubbock Junior V mf.. Dances beneafh colored slreamers, draperies, mosses, or lan'lerns-sl1urF- 'Hing 'Feel-couples gliding, circling and whirling-Ned Bradley and music makers se? +l1e pace-crooners before +l1e "mike" gaze indifferenlly loward +l1e ceiling-friendships, school spiril' and unily in organizalions. BCJOK FGUR FY I I , -. ,. - gn: ,.,. f,x,::::.,-:.: ,I '-" up 11.:.:1:a1:':.5::.i:,g-::- ::: ::::: 1 -:,,'-:1',,- , -,-,,,,,:: 5 :5.5r:5:5,,., zii 'V'V 1 zz, 1,, - 1 h h h e Saber-foofhed iiger, a Smiloclon, had canine 'reefh six inches long and musi' have been fhe mosf +errible of +he 'Flesh eaiing crea- fures fhen or now. Food was scarce al' 'limesg lhen The saber- +oo+hed liger became hungrier and bolder, bold enough 'l'o aH'ack a man. Man depos- ifed his kill, a small l'hree-l'oed horse, and wi'lh 'l'he limb of a 'I'ree serving as a spear, foughf for his life and properly. A swiH' 'lhrusf 'lo fhe solar plexus, a iab in 1'he eyes or a whack be- fween 'l'he ears al' fhe base of +he skull offen discouraged or ended permanenfly 1- h e charges of his enemy. An enemy many fimes more dangerous 'khan 'I'he clumsy dinosaurs of 'lhe pasf, armed wifh claws and flesh- 'learing 'Fangs six inches in lengfh, brainy, swiff, and agile, 'rhe liger deserved 'lo be re- specled. CJRGANIZATIONS The Wranglers produced ihis pic'l'ure as proof l'ha'r lhey are really progress- ing, and fo give a reason for rhe popularify of l9l'h S+ree+. Raymon Pfluger wi+h lhe grin lhal is missed more from 'lhis campus rhan perhaps any olher. The headquarlers of Las Chaparrilas club, localed on "hil'ch hikers' " lane. Anoiher piciure of some of Tech's exes, Caplain Jack Durham land Clar- ence Hodges. A lesson in Campusology is being 'laughr +o rhese co-eds and swains. Demp and Speedy are 'ihe mos'r api pupils in 'ihe class so lhey can well af- ford 'lo lay down on lhe iob. We were unable +o find oul' l'he name of +he insirucior of fhis class be- cause ioo many likely names were rumored. M ..,,. ,,,:,:,u,r,r.,.. i, 5 5 , ,, yr,...,,,,,.,., ii, -r:, fiiww :1:1'r: 12'r l gf if '-:,-l: :',Iv '::, ,p,""""""""""r-1" .r.' r.1:---V. i re? ",3E5 'TSE iii 5 GJQ? Ai ' H I U' 'f:i59f.,...-.,.,,.i Homecoming broughl back +o our campus such nofables as Fry, Hickey, Foreman, Bergfield, lRedl Huff, DeWiH', and PuckeH'. College Club house is localed on Broadway lhis year. The Wranglers' waiering irough, fheir favoriie drinking place. No+e 'ihe ol' oaken buckef. Arizona-Tech parade. A+ rhe head of fhe line was lhe Silver Key hearse bearing 'I'he coffin of 'rhe Wildcals of Arizona. Ned Bradley occupies +he honorable posirion of chauffeur of 'I'he coffin. Ladies free? You iusl fhink ihey are. They are 'rhe mos+ expensive rhings on record. The gallows rree bears 'rhe mainspring of +he Wildcaf 'I'eam, +he dummy. Nurse Smiih didn"I' know +ha'r nurses wear whife hose and shoes. The Cenfaur house looks deseriedg everybody musf be over a+ 'ihe Sans Souci house. s fuimm-W.,w-.M-mq,- 3-QQ rrss f ?u-q i: , ., ,.,.: ,.:.,. Z - y y ...:,,, H 'i': Egiizf .N is ill .s llllll -L- .- fthe. i A : ge K" , , : -. 5 ' , -',. a ': .1 - , 2, w..,,u The firsl' dance of 'rhe year. This is +he place where lone- some lassies mee'r fheir fale. Heap Big Chief Holden's privafe cisfern. The Silver Key house, a place where good fellows s+ay. .... , ,.f'2,4x-2""""'T T 13 Q ,'7ff?f' ifliiiiiii T ,,......-W wmpdw-My , All-College 5 iliil i':: ' :iE::5i2,22:e: We can sympafhize wi1'h sarclines affer aH'encling lhe "Slips1'iclc" ball. Don'+ ge+ +he iclea lhai' everylhing was lhis dark. The boys - A x-asses-W. iusl' furnecl off l'he lighfs +o make a new experiment This house has a special appeal +0 'rhe young men of ihe campus, l for if is here 'rhe Sans Soucis make lheir home. Over on Eighfeenlh slreel' you will find l'his club house. H be- T longs +0 lhe Los Camaradas. A fair represenfalion of 'lhe Cenlaurs on fhe sleps of +heir club house. Leif +o righ+, 'Fron'r row-Cas- +erlin, Smifh, Newsom. B a c k row-Goldsmilh, Lane, Walson, Joe Tay- lor, "Pinky" Taylor, Cook, Hoffman, Hun'rer, Bain, Carler, Henley, and Mickle. Here we have +he D. F. D. club house. A group of Los Camara- das: Darr, Marr, Bobo, Srubbs, Moxley, Jones, Corley, Forbes, Vickers, Holmes, and Grundy. Two College club men sfanding on 'rhe porch io +heir club house. The former De Que house now known as +he co-op. I+ appears 'I'he swing was no'r large enough lo hold all fhe Las Chaps presenf. , ,,., ff Q fm? Aii:Ek:':i' .51-. at U , D' : R g:H- '-.,. iiillii H iii ' is life , XX A y, ,... i i l l l 41. The pre-med. How could anyone ea+ wi+h such a mug as 'rhal in 'I'he rear looking on? They musl- be used 'lo preHy faces by now. X, or is il' 'rhe cross bones, marks +he spo+. ln +he Aggies' hoihouse. This is one place in Ag- gieland 'lha'r is popular wi'lh The ladies. Sans Soucis sunning on lhe fronf porch. On 'rhe sou+heas'I' corner of College Avenue and Four'l'een+h Slreel' is a house 'rhal"s lcnown 'l'o every freshman-Lovell Hall. A sacrifice on lhe Double T. Anolher scene in 'ihe greenhouse. This is lhe haunling ground of 'rhe hor+icul'rure maiors. is Ff h. ifyf m ..:. S. qzvzvg IIZII u p T ,,.,,.. .vAv,:.,.,.,:,::,: , .LQ Pre-law banque'l'. Tha+'s lhe "pal'ron sain+" in lhe cenler of lhe lable. Mr. Pender has +he place of honor a+ +he head of lhe :..... ,.,..... ,fi 'i':': r'1'2"'--111 .1 ..,.. 'T 'l-'-1 ,.,.. 'YM fable. 'ww COLLEGE CALENDAR SepT. 30-Las ChaparriTas annual open house was held in The home oT Mrs. Cecil Horne. The alum- nae were hosTesses and The social clubs oT The campus were guesTs. Club colors were used in The decoraTions. PaTronesses were special guesTs. OCT. 6-RecepTion Tor PresidenT and Mrs. BradTord Knapp in EasT RoTunda oT Ad Building, sponsored by Tech Chamber oT Commerce. OcT. 8-Sans Souci annual open house was held in The home oT Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parsons. Club colors were used in The decoraTions. AbouT Tour hundred called during The eve- ning. The paTronesses oT The club were in The receiving line wiTh The members. OCT. 8-Silver Key members aTTend dance aT The CounTry club. Fall Tlowers and leaves carrying ouT The Tall moTiT were used in decoraTing when Mr. and Mrs. Evans enTerTained wiTh a dance Tor The club members and guesTs Tollowing The Sans Souci open house. OCT. 20-Sans Souci club members sponsored a beneTiT-bridge parTy Tor The MaTador band aT The Lubbock hoTel. The proceeds wenT inTo The Tund Tor sending The band To Denver, Colorado. OCT. 22-Members oT Las Vivarachas club held Their annual recepTion in The home oT Mr. and Mrs. Maple Wilson. They were aT home To all social clubs on The campus. The decoraTions were in The club colors. OCT. 22-The l-larvesT-l-lallowe'en moTiT was used in The decoraTions aT CenTaur dance aT The Coun- Try club. DaTes and The club members were spe- cial guesTs. A lighr supper was served during The evening. M ELBA WATSON Orga nizaTion Edifor Nov. 5-Las ChaparriTas had a leap year dance aT The Lubbock CounTry club. The Thanksgiving moTiT was used. DaTes oT The members were special guesTs. Nov. 12-Sans Souci enTerTained wiTh a Tormal dance aT The CounTry club. Club members. daTes, and special guesTs were presenT. The Thanksgiv- ing moTiT was used. Nov. I8-Engineers' Ball. Nov. I9-Wranglers dance aT l-lilTon hoTel. The TooTball moTiT was used in decoraTions. Nov. 24-Band Dance aT Gym. PresenTed band sweeThearT, Helen BarsTow. Dec. 2-College club members were hosTs aT an inTormal dance given in The ballroom oT l-loTel Lubbock. Special guesTs were daTes and rushees. Dec. 3-Ko-Shari club members and guesTs danced aT The Lubbock CounTry Club. GuesTs were daTes and special guesTs. Dec. 9-The Forum held iTs annual recepTion Tor all women oT The college in The home oT Dr. and Mrs. BradTord Knapp. Jan. I3-College club enTerTained wiTh Their an- nual Torrnal dance aT The l-lilTon hoTel. This dance begins The Tormal social season Tor Tech. Jan. 20-The CenTaur club enTerTained wiTh Their annual Tormal presenTaTion dance. Spanish moss hung Trom The chandeliers and was arranged wiTh Tern over doorways and orchesTra sTand. Jan. 27--Ko-Shari Club presenTed new members Tormally aT Their annual presenTaTion dance given in The l-lilTon ballroom. 4 l i l l l gli Jan. 28-The Silver Key club, honoring new mem' bers, enferfained guesfs wifh fheir annual formal dance in fhe ballroom of fhe Hilfon. Feb. 3-Sfepping from huge pink roses, new mem- bers of fhe Sans Souci club were presenfed for- mally af fhe club's annual presenfafion dance held in fhe Upfown Dance Palace. Feb. IO-Wifh fhe hearf fheme predominafing in fhe decorafion mofif, Las Chaparrifas club mem- bers enferfained af fhe Upfown Dance Palace wifh fheir annual Valenfine dance. New members were formally presenfed. A Feb. I7-Los Camaradas formal dance was held af fhe Hilfon hofel. This was fheir annual presenfa- fion dance. The club cresf was suspended above fhe orchesfra pif. V Feb. 25-Las Vivarachas annual formal dance was held af fhe l-lilfon. The new members were pre- senfed as fhey sfepped from fhe doorway of a miniafure Cinderella coach. Feb. 25-Pre-med banguef was held in fhe main ballroom of fhe l-lofel Lubbock. The decorafions of fhe banquef were in fhe pre-med colors. Feb. 25-Pre-law banquef was held af fhe l-lofel Lubbock. The "pafron sainf" of fhe pre-law club was fhe cenferpiece of fhe banquef fable. March 4-Engineering banquef was given af fhe Hilfon. This is an annual affair given by fhe Tech Engineering sociefy. March 3l-Kemas formal held in fhe l-lilfon hofel. This was fhe firsf affair given by fhe newly organ- ized club. A formal presenfafion of members was made. ' April l-Double T picnic was held in fhe gym. This is an annual affair of fhe leffermen of Tech. April 7-Pre-med dance. April 8-Milifary ball. April I5-T Club Minsfrel was given in fhe high school audiforium. April 2I--The D. F. D. club enferfained wifh fheir annual open house honoring new members. This was held af fheir club house. April 22-All College dance. April 28-J unior Prom. April 29-Aggie dance was held in fhe gym. All sfudenfs in fhe agriculfural school were invifed. May 5-lvlafador dance was held af fhe gym hon- oring all lvlafadors. May 6-College club members have annual picnic and sporf dance af fhe Lubbock Counfry club. Special guesfs were dafes of fhe members. lvlay I3-The Wranglers had a spring dance af fhe Counfry club for members and dafes. Club col- ors were used in decorafions. May I8-The pafronesses of Las Chaparrifas en- ferfained fhe acfive members wifh an annual fea dance. Club colors were used in decorafions. May I9-The D. F. D. club enferfained wifh fheir annual breakfasf and dawn dance af fhe l-lilfon. May I9-Cenfaur club enferfained af fhe l-lilfon wifh fheir annual formal dinner dance honoring graduafing members. Club colors and flowers were used in decorafions. Favors were presenfed fo fhe dafes. June 3--Sans Souci annual 'rea dance was held af fhe Hilfon. Decorafions were pink and green, club colors. The seffing was fhaf of a huge garden. COLLEGE CALENDAR A fi? 513 T T :,2,:. .:,.:. T ,2,. z Lev i ,,,:, ,:,:A The Silva' Kel' bOYS can a"a"9e music- decofailons' lime and t., place for formal dances in a way fhaf leaves nofhing fo crificize. IAI5 The Cenfaurs fhrow a formal dance, good mu- sic, decorafion colorful: very similar fo ofher dances, buf fhe grouping for fhe picfure is a Ii++Ie differenf from ofher dance picfures, don'f you fhinlc? The Ko-Shari girls also presenf fheir pledges in a formal dance af fhe Hil- fon. The Sans Soucis gafher in fh e enfrance of fhe Dance Palace for a pic- fure a few minufes affer fhe presenfafion of fheir pledges. F ,.:.. :.g., :,.4,,,,, , ...z.1.., .1.,. : L 1"1 Iz' 2 'zrz W ' e rrsrsf i is ' :-1: 4"'i' fn LH ' Organized in l93O, The lnTer-Club council is composed oT The presidenT and one oTher represenTaTive Trom each social organizaTion on The cam- pus. lTs purpose is Tour Told: To regulaTe The social acTiviTies oT each club: To conTrol The charTering oT new clubs: To seT a sTandard Tor club members: To creaTe a co-operaTive inTeresT beTween all The clubs. IT meeTs once a monTh. Each Term The council awards a plaque To The social organizaTion malfing The highesT scholasTic average. This Tends To encourage a high sTandard oT scholarship. PresenT oTTicers are: Marvin Collins, presidenT: Audrey Brown, vicebrec- idenT: RuTh l-luTchinson, secreTary-Treasurer. Marvin Collins--PresidenT: Audrey Brown -vice-presidenT: RuTh l-luTchinson-secre- Tary-Treasurer. RepresenTaTives: College club-WalTon Nixon, Wilson l-lolden: Wranglers-MilTon l-larber: Silver Key-Ford Benham: Los Camaradas -Bill STubbs. Clarence Bobo: CenTaur-Jack lvliclcle, l-lugh l-lunTer: Kemas-Morrison LisTon WalTer l-licks: Sans Souci-lvlelba WaTson, Las ChaparriTas-Jean Shelley Jennings: Las Vivarachas--KaThleen Conrad Sue Brown: D. F. D.-Louise Sneed, Virginia Simmons: Ko-Shari-Aleen Brown HE INTER-CLUB COUNCIL I 'fm FN ff!! in 771 6 'T' f . N ' ff ' """ ffkfef --ii " ,,,, y 55:Q5j-jijs'QA:I555,:j5'5'g,555:::1:-' f iff' 1I:.1:f:::::3:g5:i,:g:55ggf1.35: 2.1 Y1+I-2:2:5:5.5.E:5'23j:f:55r5'5Ev: 15 :ggi A 53525355562 -E2E2QE5EIQE,EfjE4':E3E-Ej3EgE5E:E5Q5E5155523: 13213, 1.-E'E551-5,f5i2f5f5f3:j:,:'I'1' ,U ::5:5i3'g:5'5E5-5E5:5I'.1"' -::5:'Q:jEgEg:j" 1' ,LEE 'T 4 "" -'ii ,.,.f i -' rv ff .., 9 -V "" , sflfl '- ,fff ,,,. 'T 'f 'L 'N 11.1.11:1.'-fsiiiifiiiziiiiiifz'.,.2iEi?5f:i-,12:5T "' . """ T' f T iI:II'i"' f """ .. ,, ,, .,..... iffy, ffl, R X ,E F s nu g if X 4-,4 , f 1 y, , A, ,J I 1 Q 6 3' x ij! KaThleen Conrad, Lois Morrison, Eileen Graves Sue Brown, Lesey Bullock lvlelba TaTom Maxey, Mar- gareT Blackwell, Rachel Campbell, RuTh l-lurmence, Frances Beasley, Tylene Walker Lois l-lousTon ldell Bacon Sponsors-PirTle, Tilden The aim oT Las Vivarachas is To promoTe a higher scholasTic sTanding as well as To sponsor beTTer social aTFairs. The club was organized in The winTer oT T929 wiTh TiTTeen charTer members. The membership limiT is seT aT TwenTy. Several members have been honored aT Tech Recogni- Tion Day services Tor women in The spring. The club made The highesT scholasTic record oT any campus social organizaTion Tor The Tall Term oT This year. The presidenT oT The AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs is a member oT Las Vivarachas. Among exTra-curricular acTiviTies in which The club is represenTed are in- cluded deparTmenTal clubs oT speech, music, and home economics. Annual social acTiviTies oT Las Vivarachas are The Tormal presenTaTion dance, open house, and garden parTy. Sponsors are Misses RuTh PirTle and l-larrieT Tilden. PaTron- esses oT The club include Twelve Town women. LAS VIVARACH 'Q ' T i l l T ...J The Kemas club, Tech's youngesT social club, was organized in January, I932, wiTh The purpose oT promoTing Tellowship beTween The club mem- bers and The sTudenT body. lTs social acTiviTies during The remainder oT Thar year included a banqueT aT l'loTel Lubbock wiTh ProTessor C. S. MasT as principal speaker, and a dance aT The CounTry club. The club iniTiaTed Ten new members in The winTer Term oT This year. They are: Roscoe Clark, George McDonald, Edward WaTson, Chancy WaT- son, Byron l-larper, Sam Black, Neil Brown, Eugene WaTkins, l-larold El- lioTT, and A. C. Sanders. These men were honored wirh a banqueT aT The l-lilTon hoTel. AT This aTTair Dr. A. B. Cunningham addressed The club and iTs guesTs. C. C. Perryman and MarT Pederson are co-sponsors. The annual home- coming dance was March 3 I, aT The l-lilTon l-loTel. Morrison W. LisTon, presidenT: Roscoe Clark, vice-presidenTg Eugene WaTkins, sec- reTary-Treasurer: Craig McNeese, reporTer: WalTer N. l-licks, Gail Eubanks, Gordon Brown, Carl l-larris, George McDonald, Ed- ward WaTson, Sam M. Black, OThneil Brown, . Bryan l-larper, Chancy WaTson, A. C. San- i ! i ders, Harold EllioTT. il Wranglers organized Ocfober 2I, i929 fo promofe fhe ideals of fellow- ship, brofherhood and scholarship. The following are charfer members: Earl B. Collins, Claire Davenporf, Wade Youngblood, Roy Shelby, Rufus Whife, Porfer Pierce, Carl Meriweafher, l-lenry Carfer and W. W. Her- ring. The firsf four men named served as officers for l929-30. From fhe beginning of fhe club, persisfency in esfablishing fradifions char- acferized fhe leaders of fhe organizafion. The Wranglers have always adhered fo fheir aims and purposes. ln keeping wifh fhe sfaunch pioneer- ing spirif of ifs founders on fhe Texas Tech campus, fhe organizafion ever looks fo fhe fufure. Many developmenfs and consfrucfive pracfices have been puf info effecf in recenf years. The club house, locafed af 26Ol l9fh sfreef, is managed on fhe co-operafive basis, and is fhe cenfer of mosf of fhe social acfivifies of fhe Wranglers. 1 Officers for fhis year include T Marvin Collins, Douglas Kef- fer and Fred l-linger. Ray Moore, Marvin Collins, l-lomer l-lall, James Lauderdale, Gene Mifchell, Doug Keffer, Bill Teal, M. L. Pafferson, Vincenf Fosfer, Fred Miller, Milfon l-larber, Basil l-lill, Ed Weiss, Ausfin Davis, Lewis Kerr, Billie Bush, Aubrey Edwards, Jack Thomas, Noel Cason, Earl Penny, Bill Jones, Jerry Dean, Elmer McCollum, Joe Turner, Roger Knapp, Joe Fauceff, Lynn Gray Gordon, Jack McGuff, Marcus l-lalsey, John Masf, l-lenry N. Godelce, Sam l-lopper, Vincenf Cox, Fleming Ausfin, Lindsay Ausfin, Fred Fairly, Truman Green. WRANGLE Los Camaradas was Tormed during The Tall Term oT l93O wiTh eighT char- Ter members: Earl l-lobbs, Marshall Formby, Lyle l-lolmes, Eugene Snyder, Clarence Bobo, Jerome Grayum, KeiTh Ward and James Dominy. The club was organized Tor The purpose of providing a means oT beTTer social recreaTion Tor iTs members, To sTimulaTe closer Triendships, anol To provide an incenTive Tor a high Type oT college work. For The pasT Three years, Los Camaradas members have sTriven To uphold The goal oT The organizaTion. Social acTiviTies have included several smokers, bangueTs, and dances. The annual Tormal dance was given This year on March I7, aT The l-lilTon hoTel. Members who will graduaTe This year are: John Vickers, Ordis Forbess, and CurTis Williams. Bill STubbs-presidenT, Ordis Forbess-vice- presidenT, Clarence Bobo-secreTary-Treas- urer, Jack Grundy, l-loward Corley, CurTis Williams, John Vickers, Fred Williams, AlberT McC'inTy, BusTer Moxley, WalTer PendleTon, Billy l-lolmes, Merle Jones, Aud Darr, Ralph Snyder, Lloyd Marr. S CAMARADAS c 14? ix X if " 5i":"-.51i,if,"'fEf:5,3-f:EE555EfEj''i'f'1I:I"5IfE-Ef S cc-:iifiiii:ZETETETZQI5:iQE5f2?2?Ei5:55" 'ifllfifiiiffiffiifililizf 'E-2:55221 "'i E Z.:E:E:f'E55:-i2:?f'2'5,522:2,'"5i5'i'f' M ff ".'i':,I":'f5'I'f'2525 :E-'fE:.:iv::'5:f5' " ,ZE.E1E'2:is2155.1..':'2,:s:s:2a2s5'f'22-. 512252-,3"s:f-" S+'i'sisies-as5:ass1aszz35zs,5551izf5:s2fr' 213351513 T' "I:255'5:::-,.iI'E5EE,E,:E'E-E:-.,',:' -"- iff' :'l:iE5,:,:1 Es5'5zfi3E:-2. '95 f if V' , V, ' , 315125255 " Z? :s:s:':::fs:s:::a.aifS2s1afs2s ""' T1-E'i-'gi-" ,,a2iZE1:1.E,1g3,, rw: ' "if, .ff l ' """ .... 'f 'if fra--1riE5:5'515I555455:" il"I ' ' if-RE. :EES:EiEiEi?ii5555':'ff?5E5-fZi?'55:':'.-.r.ii5f5?55".:'?53" i 'ii """ 2 ' F' R "f'f:i:':'::':':':i:": E- -- 'f 035240 14" , l .5 125 .-:121W"' 5555: f" "'A'! f ': i "iiHi:'M A: Y fs-ff' ' Z ia 'lf!' I6 PDL ' ii ' 1 T ff is kxw X' ji ""' i'l"i ,. ,,.,, 41 -A "'. ' ' Q Reorganized Trom Les Cigales in I932 Ko-Shari, meaning "DelighTmalc- ers," derives iTs name Trom an ancienT Indian socieTy. The Ko-Shari were noT a Tribe buT a group oT selecT individuals in each Tribe. Such organiza- Tions. Thousands oT years old, sTill exisT in Indian naTions oT The souThwesT. Tribal riTual is used wiThin The club. ParTial iniTiaTion is given in Lubbock, while The compleTion is made in The spring Term aT a ceremonial lciva in New Mexico, aT El RiTo de los Friioles. The members combine scholarship wiTh social liTe and parTicipaTe in col- lege acTiviTies. Tendencies oT members Toward exTra-curricular work are encouraged. Ko-Shari is represenTed on college publicaTions sTaTTs and in deparTmenT- al and proTessional organizaTions. Sponsors are Mrs. W. C. l-lolden and Miss DoroThy Rylander. Aleen Brown Mary Frances SenTer RuTh Mildred Rylander ElizabeTh Dryden Rouble TripleTT BeTh Gorham Lorene Childers KaThleen Jennings CharloTTe Lindsey KaTie Walker Avanell Boyd V Las ChaparriTas was organized in l926, The year Texas Tech opened. lT is The oldesT social organizaTion on The campus. From a charTer member- ship oT eighT, The acTive membership now has grown To ThirTy. Las Chap- arriTas has been represenTed Tor The pasT seven years by class oTTicers, queens, Tech represenTaTives and college TavoriTes. The club annually presenTs new members aT iTs Tormal ValenTine dance. A sporT dance in The Tall and Tea dance given by The paTronesses in The spring are also annual aTTairs. Former members now on oTher universiTy campuses are Sarah Michie, who is working on her docTor's degree This year aT The UniversiTy oT Vir- ginia: Frances Ford, a Tri-DelTa Trom S. M. U., who is doing graduaTe worlc aT SmiTh college, NorThampTon, MassachuseTTsg l-Telen BlyThe, who is a Tri-DelTa aT The Univer- siTy oT Oklahoma: and Melba and Ada Mae GilberT, who are aTTending The UniversiTy oT Texas where They also pledged Tri-DelTa. Johnnye Gillcerson sponsors Las ChaparriTas. Mrs. Mary W. Doalc, dean oT women, is a paTroness. ,K Jean Shelley Jennings, presidenTg RuTh menTariang Polly Barrow. Ann Caldwell, Maxine Clarlc, Jean Daly, Ann Dohoney, Johnnye Gillcerson. Voncile Gillcerson, Glyds Grimsley, Cecile l-lorne, June Lawrence, Mary Earle LoTland. ses, Sue Michie, Lyall Picl4eTT. Gail Quinlan, Zella Riegel, l-larrieTTe Roach, Sally Russell, RuTh RuTledge. Eugenia SmiTh, Sarah Lou STevens, Camille T STobaugh, Sylva Wilson, Pauline Yeager. S CHAPARRITAS 5 DQR jx K K X fi I0 ff!! X Mba ' if ' ,P ff , ., 'T V - ,,,,: - -. -J .-::: ,..- : vm.: ,s-s,,- ,.s-:-- Af?-rf .- ,s,.,. .5,.,.,. .- f-1-:--1::::::.-:+- ,.,:,::. :.- .ss .,...v, V ., v.,, :,, -- ,., V... I .65 M , H . H ,,,,,,,,,,,.-,-.,.,. 3:- ,.f::--,: :5.3,j ,-':,5-g::- 2: - V':3'2-55,Ajgj"f:E':'E':'I5E:E'gy: I-Ng.:22l":"IIIIE-EjE:5." - ' gg -.-' iz5,55'5:-'Q'-E:Q'.",.,: 'fr , , , Q " fi'222I2r'- rf' '. .wif - T ""' ' "' I'EEE'E"" . -EEE-L .g.:51,5':isj:ss.:g- -' , "" , ,22z?2'21f'2P'-', gg55::'5'Z:f's-' ,,fgrgkg53sf:,gr-1'z32gi.iI.2s-I'1-' , ifEF1j1"' fE's'2gi' ..:z,5i?:,2i",g51:2ggI5i'Ei""" -,1aj,E,i:,,g:'-22-"T-I " --1-5 If , -' 5' 1' 'fs3g5,Qg5ggfg'Q,.2:v'55, f " ' H 1' l , Ill-1 ' 2 ,2-2-5231555 , 'S T .3552'if':'f':l5:i.f5Ti77'.1555 .1 , X TF T ifiisr' ' - g,,:,g.:,:-.3 5:31 sm'-1,-'Q-., .,.. ,-,- '1-2je"1'-1f"' ,.qgE',- .3 2 ,j,Q'fZ .',: ' 23, "N-W. ,- ,I f --F-'gig JV' ,:':,-:- - sf ,, iii''.ig.f'iE55.2,,1,E1E2E:2 fa 'QYZQIY J- T m s.--,.:' W Q g:. ' jgglv ' if K Qi:--If ff ,AA rl A 1 14 2 ff- f " fx H l-luTchinson, vice-presidenT: Sue BarTon, sec- reTary-Treasurerp Geraldine Durham, parlia- KaTe MahaTTey, EThel Murray, Florence Mo- Melba Walson, Chrisrine Bundy, Eleanor l-lalberr Virginia Bacon, Wanda Burler, Colela Baker Faye Brown, Lois Walson, John Anna Boyd, Dorofhy Rushing, Evelyn Price Dorolhy Dobbins, Effie Smilh, Mary Wilbanks Roberla Myriclc, Frances Snyder, Rosemary Leaverron, Johnnie Jo Whirley, Carherine Jameson, Mary Lee Bardwell, Ann Lou Bennell. Olher members are: Helen Barsrow, Mary Geniece l-lardberger, Nancy Rulh Leaver- lon Lena Grace Sanderson, Sue De La Posse Audrey Farris, Lois Pills, D'Aun l-lunler Rurh l-leard, Polly Schullz, Julia Realizing The need of an organizalion whose purpose would be +o pro- mole social and scholaslic srandards on The campus, Sans Souci was or- ganized in l926. Unsehfish in ils aclivilies, lhe club has always co-operaled wirh every en- Jrerprise for rhe good of Jrhe slrudenl body. H has always been acrive in social funclions, having several maior evenls each year. New members are formally presenled al The annual January dance. In June, a farewell lea dance is given ar The close of final exams. Smaller parries and affairs are scaHered lhroughour lhe year. Club palronesses, alumnae, and sponsors enlerjrain also. The club house is localed in rhe Jrwenly-four hundred block on Broad- way. Mrs. V. Lorenz Ellis and Miss Jonnie McCrery are spon- sors. SANS SCU Realizing The need Tor promoTing social acTiviTies and sTrengThening The associaTion among men sTudenTs, The College club was organized in The Tall oT I928 as The TirsT men's social organizaTion on The Texas Tech cam- pus. From The iniTial group oT Twelve men, The College club has grown unTil now The acTive members and alumni number one hundred and Twen- Ty-Tive in Texas and oTher sTaTes. Since iTs organizaTion, The College club has seT a precedenT oT having annual social aTTairs. The ChrisTmas Tormal dance is an annual aTTair, as is The spring sporT dance, and The Tarewell dinner given aT The close oT each school year. A reunion was held The summer oT l932 in Waco, wiTh Waco members and alumni as hosTs. ln The Tive years oT iTs exisTence, The College club has Tried To promoTe The higher ideals oT Triendshio and To raise social sTandards aT Texas Tech. WalTon Nixon, presidenTg Jaclc Flowers, vice- presidenTg Franlc Maddox, secreTary-Treas'- urer. John WulTman, WorTh Camel, Roger Pierce, Bill Caldwell. RoberT J. Wallcer, Charles E. SmiTh, Reuben R. SmiTh, Drew Dickson. Jaclc CasTeel, lVlilTon lvloTTeTT, James Loughridge, Wilson l-lolden. Jerome STocl4ing, George ZaraToneTis. GLLEGE CLUB X .2135-,E v.: 14,31 -:1i 1-1 , 53' .T ,,., f, 1- 1.,,, V QA . ,.'. ....V.,,,: . V ,,.,, A, :IEEE :VQ -...,, I AEE :Eg QAIZIV E 5 Iqgg, I, E., :,, Ib :,, V gzlzgnzw V . , V' 1.5. ij, ig VIAILIZQ ,. jf, 'Q N . !v.:v', 5 12. 511 : .v::,.: 1.2, 55:3 :-2 v,g2,i:. ,,':: , .iisvz '- sr- ,:iE:':x,?F:'Q N. i."i T "i'i "" I """"' ',i, "'ii V 'Ti ,-,"' , gf I ,- I ff' "i" 1211: "" V "" 3'-22551: .f5g.1:5i1 VV.. ",- I 1222 --'- +- ' .',- -I :.Q.'j 'Vi. f ' 5Q3f,.,:'3.ij-1 v',' i .' X, 2 if-. i-v' . ,vfi1'fsffff:5"i . ' ,?"5"1T3'Qf"iE.5QE ""' if .1:i' H f f ""' ' MRM "" , gi, , ".' 3 ."- 1 f , , x , 1,3 , ,J . fffd' K,ff! ff ,g g X Q. , f ,ff X ff lmfvfwy 5, I K 'J if 4 ,lg ff f G if R. i. .T . 123.1-,g '--' ' 'if ' 1, 1 " ,I " ,A g .V- :E5,,:.s,5E5-fj-ji 1' . 1 H uv..,,15,:: ' E . In X 1,73 i .. 5, 'Uwe' I ' so 4235 I' -1, ' f ' L- , ff, 'is XX asf! 1.1 .1 ' ,K A-: rf. Q , H, I ' - ,- 1 K, . ,. xiii? L1 .- . , .,. 4 .ff di- - g '. 1 , ,Q .gf . 'MAMA - . flf A . . ,Af , . ' ' ...im a ' .grasp . ' . ' A w The Cenfaur club is one of fhe oldesf social clubs on fhe Tech campus. If was orga- nized in fhe fall of l929, and was fhe firsf men's social organizafion fo be composed enfirely of Tech sfudenfs. Enrollmenf in fhe college and mainfenance of a specified scholasfic sfanding have always been prerequisifes fo membership in fhe organiza- fion. The club's chief purpose is fhe promofing of lasfing fellowship among fhe mem- bers and 'rhe encouraging of each member fo find a definife place in fhe college life. The organizafion is essenfially a social one, and has sponsored many social funcfions. Each year fhe newly elecfed members are honored af a formal presenfafion dance. On each Mo'rher's Day fhe club is hosf fo fhe mofhers of all members af an informal breakfasf. Formal social acfivifies are concluded wifh a dinner-dance lafe in fhe spring, af which fime all graduafing members are honor guesfs. The club, since ifs beginning, has operafed a club residence. Each July 4+h fhe club holds whaf is known as fhe mid-summer meefing. The Cenfaur alumni associafion was formed in November, I932, and has been acfive in promofing fhe welfare of The club. Jack Mickle, Hugh Hunfer, James Henley, Richard Hoffman, E. G. Pharr, Joe Taylor, Del Smifh, Billy Lane, Dick Carfer, Claude Goldsmifh, Bob Taylor, Don Casferlin, Don Blue, Billy Crenshaw, Charles Crenshaw, T. Scoff, Rob O'Hair, Charles Maeol- gen, Calvin Hazlewood, Ches Cass, John Gray, John G. Read. Morris Burchfield, Bafes Thornfon, Wallace Sanders, George Newsom, Orland Sea- man, Van Hinds, Tom Hufchinson, Jack Beyhan. Tom V. Wafson, Virgil Rowland. CENTAUR The Silver Key club was organized in OcTober oT I929 wiTh a charTer membership oT TwenTy-Tive. The purpose oT The organizaTion was To promoTe a beTTer feeling oT broTherhood and Tellowship and To uphold democraTic principles on The campus. The TirsT Tew meeTings were held in homes oT iTs members. ATTer organizaTion had been compleTed, iT meT aT The l-lilTon hoTel. ln SepTember, l93O, The club moved inTo iTs TirsT house, sTaying There Tor The Two Tollowing years. ln I932, The presenT clubhouse on Broadway was obTained. Among The regular social TuncTions oT The club are included an inTormal dance in The Tall, a Tormal dance in The winTer, and a Tarewell brealcTasT in The spring Tor iTs grad- uaTing members. Members graduaTing This year are: Carl Rogers, Fred Seely, Ai Jenson, Ford Benham, FenTon Harding, SeTh Cox, Milo Feierabend, Lou Edwards, and Aubrey Brown. A. Jenson, M. Feierabend, F. Ballenger. N. Bradley, F. Benham, F. Harding, l-l. Reed. J. Renlcin, E. Edwards, D. RuTledge, B. Murray. F. Seely, L. Baugh, C. Spacek, C. Rogers. S. Cox, R. Tracy, J. Rogers, K. Rollo. OTher members oT The club are: Wayne Greer "Whacker" BarTon, W. A. STephens, Jack STephens Woodrow l-lolT, l-larold Welch, Rhoe Harris, "Jelly' Brown, Van Earl Sams, S. S. ShulTz, PeTe Boverie ILVER KEY ff' ff ' fs 4, fx. flf K VW' 2', ..,.r. :-f-:" -- .,.,,., f ..-f ,Q i, :Elgf if -- 1" i X "" 1 1' . ......... . . .. . ?5'ffv 1 -"i" f , + ...af 12'-. . .' ,ffffyfii ' fy' ' 'f Wi 1 1 id! " f ii f Af Z ' FIi":'5:f.1f'1.i15':g.:.5'Q..':i'S :Q 54' 'i' ' i- ' 1-"fi:--f 'iiffl' " jliuiif f?'T2i'f 'f ':1 ,f.,.h"'5'5f..:i5Ei':i'i . 1:3 VI!-5':?'5'5"::':T-55:-1 " A Louise Sneed Virginia Simmons. Lorena CarTer lviariorie ST. John, Louise Wardlaw. Ev lyn Parish ElizabeTh Biclcley, Lillian Parish. D. F. D. was organized March 2, I93O, Tor The purpose oT promoTing Triendship among girls and To uphold The ideals oT The college. There were eighT charTer mem- bers: Fay FooTe, Sarah Price, lvlarTha KnighT, RuTh Sparks, Sue Dunn, Mary BeTh Miller, Louise Sneed and KaThleen Harmon, The TirsT Tour holding oTTices. The TirsT dance was in May, l93O, aT The Lubbock CounTry club. An annual aTTair of The club is Their Dawn Dance: breal4TasT is served Trom Tive unTil six, and dancing Tollows unTil nine. A Tormal open house is held each year honoring new members. OTTicers are elecTed The TirsT regular meeTing oT The spring Term. Those Tor This year include: Louise Sneed, lVlarTha Alice Penney, and Virginia Simmons. Formal iniTia- Tion is held several Times during The year. D. F. D. was The TirsT girls' club To have a club house. The TirsT house was locaTed aT 2347 NineTeenTh STreeTp The one This year is aT 232I ThirTeenTh STreeT. lvliss Annah Jo PendleTon is sponsor. D. F. D. oi. M .a l rf Las Leales clulo was organized in Jrhe spring ol l929. I+ is a fellowship sociely orga- nized for The purpose of making conlacls wifh fellow slrudenls. The firsl sponsors of 'rhe club were Presidenl' P. W. Horn, Deans J. M. Gordon, Mary W. Doak, and Margarel W. Weeks. Each of 'rhese sponsors was asked +o name Jrhe Jrwocmosr oursranding characlerisrics of a s+uden+ and around Jrhese characrerisrics 'rhe purpose of Jrhe clulo was woven. The club sponsored a 'lea for freshman girls, a receplion. a banquer, a picnic, and several olher social garherings during +he year. Graduales for 'lhis year are: Chrislova Sawyer, Eunice Cone, Mary Evelyn Gordon, Ena Armslrrong, Geraldine Clewell, and Juanila Price. Rulh Thompson, presidenli Geraldine Clewell, vice Jrova Sawyer. Mary Leidigh, Margarer Green, Louise Lawson, Lucille McCrummen. SOFS. Ena Armslrong, Ruby Rae Williamson, Roma Yarlorough, Pauline Garrigues. Mary Evelyn Gordon, Lois McKenzie, Juanila Price. S LEALES X , 1595 ima fx f pil iffy '-'- s '--52,1-i:I'.'"':'1.:22.5.,.'- -'-52,55 "" X 'E:5'5.'.j-:,3-gjz,-5:-.j.2:::5':r::'-f"" .-'III1 241-I.325:3j:i3,,.553'4 tI:Ij-553 2E3.5.5:5:E5:375252525255:-gg:-:-:::. Y' -'F'-":-: 'I,I-2:E,.1'EEfEiEIEiE'EVEE'EIi'EI-E'11:E:-595' ,E2E2E2'-'2iIf2.2'2'2' -,-,v : :IF filii-SEP'-:--Q-il -, ,1,,-.15-:55,,. f---.-,-,- 11,-A ..'. I ,fy s2fg:g:':.:-.gg-g1g--,rl-V,-,3,f,:,:,:.:.. ,,,,5.5,5:5:g:g5:,1. ...gil ':z5::.::::.::g:.1::.:1:i.,:,g:,:1 .,.. V-1:,:::rr:-:.::::':s.::,-is--'1"' Amr.-rf 'Z-:5-:515:5-515f5-5:5:5:- 5 :-155,-11515. 41:-gwgvg.15-55+ ,jf . ...... , 2?sIf':":'f':Z.':1z"'..E.E.- ""' Z "'- T81 ,.:555'5ff22Es3.5E-5iff,:55'535.5a"12'::"' .QSEQLEEFZ feiiiiEf'fZ':I2:5:E:?I? ,..:fI':' f ff' M, 512231, rg.,-:.f.-. ,L :If"i':"::"' f f "in K f' ..,. , I 6-af... ,fn , Q W , ,, ..., 1 .,.... Zi..-.':i2 fE.EfE5I:Q ""' f X 1 iiiiffiiig: X fi' J' ':3::'1f":' f fl' 'i ' x ---' X ,, '2'i:5"f5'I 1,:j5,,, , .4 "',qf' -1' 51- ,:-.s:- "" i f. ' ' -X ,s,I.fag::.,51i5'5ii2fi-iii' -' "1 - Y ,gffyllf . Q f " f xx ' 4 , 7' .:,1..1.- A'f'x .sfff2-. . f- ' scifi, I ..-f ef' as f ag: president Eunice Cone, secrerary-rreasurerg Chris- M. W. Weeks, J. M. Gordon, M. W. Doak, spon- The chief obiecTive oT The Tech DebaTe club is To oTTer sTudenTs The opporTuniTy To engage in Torensic encounTers. AT all Times The eThics oT debaTe are emphasized. and only secondary concern given To The decisions. The TirsT halT of The year, The DebaTe club spends almosT exclusively in assisTing in The organizaTion oT The debaTe squad, which is noT a parT oT The club iTselT, louT which is composed oT Those sTudenTs who are working ouT Tor inTercollegiaTe debaTe. The second parT oT The year is usually devoTed To incidenTal debaTing wiTh some aTTenTion given To inTramural compeTiTion. The oilficers oT The DeloaTe club are: Charles O'Neall . . . PresidenT Manuel DeBusk . . . Vice-PresidenT Helen SeTTle . . . . SecreTary-Treasurer Miss Annah Jo PendleTon . . . . Sponsor Charles O'Neall Helen SeTTle Manuel DeBuslc J. C. Davis J. Mason Moxley Blanche Brannen Garland SmiTh George Long Fred Barron Mary Louie Shropshire Carroll Thompson Cecil Schwalbe Wallace Sanders Charles Cobb Glynne Colfer Evelyn Hudman Eleanor Simmons L54 The Texas Technological college chapTer is The local member oT The Scholarship So- cieTies OT The SouThg The obiecT oT This socieTy is The sTimulaTion, developrnenT, and recogniTion oT scholarship and Those elemenTs oT characTer ThaT make scholarship eTFecTive Tor good. The socieTy colors, emerald green and sapphire blue, represenT vicTory and TruTh. The moTTo Taken Trom The Bible is, "Ye shall know The TruTh and The TruTh shall make ye Tree." The key oT The socieTy is a shield, bearing a lamp. ApproxirnaTely The Top or ranking TenTh oT The iunior and The senior class oT each re- specTive school is eligible Tor membership in The socieTy: good repuTaTion and charac- Ter are essenTial qualiTicaTions Tor membership. A delegaTe is senT To The annual con- venTion oT The socieTies every year. This year Fred Seely and John Vickers represenTed The local chapTer aT San Marcos. Texas. LINDSEY E. SMITH E. CLARK POOLE J. MAST BAKER HENSON J. VICKERS SPARKS BEARD BURKHOLDER STINE GRAY HINSON SAWYER HASH DOUGLAS McADAMS REED BALL W. POOLE ROTH SMITH HUGHES WEDDLE CONNER CLEWELL ROBERTSON CARTER MYERS McGLOTHLIN HEARRELL ARMSTRONG Downs Mcksou SEELY sPuHLER EVANS HOLLY PEDERSON mms - eoRDoN RN SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY J 'Ts X g If A T ff A .., ,f 2:5-, -'.,:.:f::Qaaz5:s1f " reefs-2.52s:i:.I222':22sEiQ2i. .-IIss:2slsE::a2z2e2zE:2fSsSs2s:e1 :i5?5iE'Elf: we :s:s23aa2isE2:iE1: , ... ,,.. ' 5::'T'T!f . i5f53i" . .,., "I:::':':i"5Tf:':5: 255'-:'iE552I,5fEi55E'5': fl .,,,, , If 24 ......., Q , I ff r 22512-2'f22s..'22fff I , : .fi5s2Eieffs-51-I Ts. E. U1 .1,E.siIEQigii3j'gE?jEffT15F' "ff .2.,:-:12:2s1sa52e:1:z2"-f., ,.5aff2,f'f- F' " T-52525252 f fff . . A . ,,,., , uf- ' ,' if - I ,A ,-,:Q',fE2E5I':'1':" ,,,5.Esifffii 1 fl? 1 ,1::fE?Qg",' 1531! " "" i'?'2 ! 'za T .1 fT,'Zf?'l5C5 i 5' M N X ii! I K f' , 157: l I 3 " A iv ..:f,f.'-" 1 Iii: 5: -:ii 1 KLEIN WATKINS WILHITE LEIDIGH COLLINS C. CLEMENTS WILLIAMS SPRING JENKINS The AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs on The Texas Tech campus is a branch oT a larger associaTion oT college women known as The lnTercollegiaTe AssociaTion oT Women STudenTs in co-educaTional insTiTuTions. lT has as iTs purpose The discussion OT maTTers OT inTeresT To women sTudenTs Tor muTual help and beneTiT. ln I929 an inviTaTion was exTended Tech To send a represenTaTive To The biennial convenTion, which was held ThaT year aT The UniversiTy OT Oklahoma. Sylva Wilson was senT as represenTaTive. AWS in Tech began iTs exisTence Then. The council is composed oT represenTaTives Trom each girls' club on The campus. This year, iT has done excellenT work under The able direcTorship oT Ivlelba Mae Maxey, presidenTg Eunice Cone, vice-president and Eleanor Simmons, secreTary- Treasurer. KaThleen Jennings was elecTed presidenT by popular voTe Tor The year I933-34. Emily Davis was elecTed vice-presidenT, and Lucille McCrummen, secreTary-Treasurer. Miss Jennings was represenTaTive To The lnTercollegiaTe AssociaTion OT Women STU- denTs in lThaca. New York. The convenTion meT in April. During The pasT years AWS has sponsored The LiTTle SisTer move- menTs, Howdy Days, poinT sysTem. sTudenT mixers. girls' camps, and sending a represenTaTive To The naTional conTerence. lvlelba TaTorn Maxey, presidenT: Eunice C. Cone, vice-presidenT: Eleanor Simmons, secreTary- Treas- urer: Louise Campbell, W. A. A.: Lesey Bullock, Las Vivarachas: RoberTa Myrick, Sans Souci: Lucille McCrummen, Las Leales: Sara Lou STevens, Las ChaparriTas7 Lyall PickeTT, Forum: Mary Frances SenTer, Toreaclorg CharloTTe Lindsey, Ko Shari: Lorena CarTer, D. E. D. A. W. S. COUNCI Alpha Bela, 'rhe local chapler of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, was organized and inifialed Jrhrough The efforl of Jrhe old Geological sociely of Texas Technological college. The chapler was accepled and ini+ia+ed June 7, I'-73l, Jrhus becoming a unil' of one of +he besl recognized geology fralernifies in 'rhe world. The charler members of Alpha Be'ra were: W. T. Nellles. M. L. Pallerson, Wallace Varley, F. M. Gisl, E. A. McCullough, Roberl C. Spivey. M. H. Ford, W. Malheny, Everell' Perkins, Howard F. Hopkins, A. Carl Slullz, Conrad Clark, L. B. Worley, Elmer J. Moore, Clarence A. Cole, H. E. DeShazo, Leon W. Gaines, Carl M. Sl'ul'lz. Honorary members were: Drs. Leroy T. Palfon, M. A. Slainbrook, and W. l. Robinson. Each year, Alpha Bela fealures several professional programs of various lypes, a smoker each Term, and an annual banquel on February I3. M. L. Pallerson, president Carl Rogers, vice presidenl. Jack Flowers, sergeanl-al-arms: H. Hopkins, cor responding secre'rary7 E. Perkins. A. B. Brown, J. Lock. H. H. Hinson, secrelary Treasurer. Shelby Read, Homer Roberls. IGMA GAMMA EPSILON f . llBl K 52 A PI-"z . fl ,if Ji"'f "1 :P .' R,F.14y The purpose of The Forum is 'ro promoie on The campus of The college all worrhy underialcings, organizaiions, movemenls, and a'r+emp'l's of The slrudeni body 'foward bel"rer Things: To creafe so Tar as possible in The s'l'uden'r body an unselfish inleresl in The welfare of 'rhe college and i+s s+uden+s: To furnish a means To a beifer under- slanding of human narure by holding as many general social mee+ings as is found praciicable, Thereby helping every s'ruden+ To broaden her scope of friendships: To 'fry To give every woman siudeni a parl in some exlra-curricular aciiviiy 'rhrough which her inleresis may be broadened and her service appreciafed. Only iunior and senior sludenis, having been regisiered in school for one long session or more, are eligible. They mus'r be acfively regisiered in school: wiihdrawal from school auiomaiically drops a member from acl'ive membership, Though an honorary membership may be mainrained by such sludenis. The membership canno+ exceed Tifieen. Voncille Gillcerson, Presidenl Rulh Douglas, Business Manager Lucille McCrummen, Secrelary Lyall PiclceH', Chairman of Membership Ruih Thompson Cecile l-lorne Chrisiova Sawyer Geraldine Clewell Melba Talom lvlaxey ETCTie Smilh Jean Shelley Jennings Margarer Baskin FORU 3aS A ' F'lF'2f 'fix1.?f1'f i.s-i1ETQ':I.'t4-X'f1f ,: " X I ,..J The Pre-Med club is one of fhe oldesf professional clubs on 'The campus. If was esfablished in fhe fall of I926 by fhe pre-medical sfudenfs who believed fhaf a need for such an organizafion exisfed. The purpose of fhe organizafion is fo pro- rnofe a professional confacf wifh fhe medical profession. Represenfafive physicians are chosen for speakers and sponsors. The club meefs every firsf and fhird Monday of each school rnonfh. Included in fhis year's lisf of speakers were surgeons. ear, eye and nose specialisfs, genifo-urinary specialisfs, general pracfifioners, and one nurse superinfenclenf. Mofion picfures and slide proiecfions were used in many of fhe lecfures. The social program included a fheafer parfy in fhe fall ferm and fhe annual banquef in fhe winfer ferm. Dr. F. B. Malone was fhe principal speaker for fhe evenf. Ofher affairs included fhe annual dance and fhe annual spring picnic. Sponsors are: Dr. W. L. Ray, Dr. R. A. Sfuclhalfer, and Dr. F. B. Malone. Warren Poole, presidenfg Felix Ballenger, vice- presidenf: Hughes Gilliam, secrefary-freasurerg Jasper Hubberf, reporfer: Glenn Sfevenson. Harrison Munroe, Ferdinand Sellers, S. J. Furr, A. J. Jenson, Carroll Thompson. Cafherine Cox. Travis Smifh, John Hinchey, Frank McElroy, Leslie Hall. J. M. Crowell, Effie Raun, Harvey Jackson, Bernice Morgan, Hollis Carroll. Joe Moody, Fred Seely. John Dean. Harold Dow, . Lorraine Sea rs. - f fl Xi! Aix X fo f X 1 M 5 K .1.-13-,Q2.Qiifi.:' T' in L ':'I.E'E'j ' , -1.1, Q , A' ,Li 'NJ' "" T Tl Aw F , 'T ' .. .:353f-f'j..Q5,'lI5fif5i4i::'5Q-12:g5eg.fif 4' .i 117 " 1 1 13215-5,5j53l'i mf ' '13':':i1ii-ffi f 5-.fa2::fsg2.-1::.s,zg:s...,.2"'-- -Af-'-- ff -.-Is::ag-.f:1:11g',.g2g'1,,I ,..s:':-,V-1 2g2:.:2" .. .,.. 3.2::sssa.s'a'2se-srl-:H . .-:.-1 .-1 " ,-41' . ' f.sQ.'.-j'E'i J 7176 .- -iii?-riff., "-4 -23225 p..iI53Ff5i 4 H' ..:'si.Ef5f2'f.:f'f:'i-.2.i " 'T 1 ...i5E'5f235f: -if 'T 1' 5-is 'V "ig . 5. ' - f1.i5fs'Ef?f".:.if--ff X 71 1 l' ' 4 V' I 5. , .- . - ', . . ' " ks . if ' ET? T9 ' 'Y 'iii -'-'-s ' . WW if f- q r - ' ff' .5 1 - wr f 72' 4 'A - ,P , ' i ' V - r-" ff' ' X. 1 . if , ,ff1ffMjlx -, i k! 'L' fr . -- - ' ' Glynne Coker Harold EllioTT, Helen SeTTle, J. Canon ClemenTs, CliTTon CrawTord, ElizabeTh Dryden Garland SmiTh, F. L. Heidel. Blanche Brannen, Hayes WaTers, Odie Hood, Charles Fike Wallace Sanders. VicTor Bearden J. C. Davis, George Long, AlTred Renn BriTian Forbis. BurTon Hackney J. Rankin Gammill, D. C. ThriTT, i Charles O Neall Manuel DeBusk. ' The Texas Tech Pre-Law club was organized in The TirsT year oT The college, under The sponsorship oT Dr. W. A. Jackson, Tor The purpose oT acquainTing sTudenTs Taking pre-law courses wiTh problems oT The pracTice oT law. IT has given many pre-law sTudenTs laboraTory experience in law cases Through conducTing mock Trials involving campus scandals. The club has conducTed a mock Trial each Term. In The DeBusk bigamy Trial, The iury was hung, and no verdicT was rendered. ln The case oT STaTe v. Cobb, Charles Cobb oT Lubbock was acquiTTed Tor The murder oT F. H. Heidel. The courT dockeTs have been crowded ThroughouT The year, and oTher cases will be Tried beTore The year is over. The chieT social TuncTion oT The year was a banqueT aT which DisTricT ATTorney Dan Blair was principal speaker. Glynne Coker, presidenTq Harold EllioTT, vice-presidenT: Helen SeTTle, secreTary-Treas- urer: Canon ClemenTs, prosecuTing aTTorney7 and Clyde James, chieT iusTice. J L AusTun H L. Haag, Clyde James. A PRE-LA J i . " Morro: "De mis vinasq no se nada . . ."-Sancho Panza. The Spanish club was organized in Jrhe fall of l925 for rhe purpose of crearing an inieresi' in all rhings Spanish. Programs for The year cleall wilh 'rhe presenl' polilical siiuaiion in Spain. The principal even+s of Jrhe year were a ioini meering of all foreign language clubs a+ Chrisrmas, and +he annual Cinco de Mayo banquer and dance. Each year Jrhe Spanish club donares To 'rhe library +he work of some noiecl Spanish aulhor. Gills already made include a Francisco Rodrigues Marin edilion of Don Quixole and Jrhe works of Esrebanez Calderon. The o'FFicers are: presideni, Margarei Lindsey: vice-presidenr, lone Dodson: secrerary, Jay Gordon: lreasurer, Lois Freeman: reporier, Lucille Mccrummen: sponsors, Miss Frances Whalley and Mrs. W. B. Gales. Bain. Wischlcaemper. APA Y ESPADA 1 1' X J .U A ,fri W' fmff ,es ' ,,... -.-' i i-35-if.. .fi - '5 1:34, , ':I.5i'5' My V ff ,f,,55Qi, ' ""i M " ffif'Q5.52,51'1'21,E:51:5 f ' ' "5.:- 'Ier::fIfgif53Ei5Q2iE: T: , ,f1'13'::'5i"25352522515-iii" A 'R A ,.,,,., . ,. , 53-1 fff: 1-'.,ffi2,5Z5-Ei ' ,- .f s-:-,.'.u::s::.--..i-rf f ,.,g.:'.gg,,,5::5f5-5g- ff' r 3-:fEE H--:.g5g.g.-ss:s2s:.:.,-5 es" .ia 51.1 f -:5' :E51EE5:EvE:E:,.:v,'5f:vziiligzEggliifvm, W: L," -.3113-:'z f :uid Q! " ,, ' lla' " Q" 1 "" ' ' .- f,,,7'QiffWff "" ' A ., -f wg-, 1. ""iE:"f:'.:f:E:Eiff'-,E ' ,-:IEE15:"' fff,"' fff a, ..:.fi5E.-:','.'f1If'A:'35g Q:-' .J "' lfrrsr. ..:2'-f . 'Y X 'F-J' " ff ' :""'-- :'5fS:5faI2'.55II"E2f5'1:12-ff!iii" ' fi'-'li i if "'f:f7'1i 4. ' ' .. ' K , 'Y f -' 5?z.." .V .1 .Y ff' x "35:-212'S'-:I::'E:25'2lfi5'EK"':'53' . I ...-A ,' ,Q :f.f, f i :'5"l, ' , .Q 1' gr --:" '217' . 1 Pal' Caruihers, Eloise Clarlc, Gordon Deering Sarah l-laynes, Johnnie Jackson, Margarel Lindsey Lucille McCrummen, Florence Merriman Kalherlne Mc Glorhlin, Ellis Mills, Dorolhy Olsen Frances Parkin son, Pauline Randolph, John Grissom Lois Free man, Jennie Beih Alexander, lone Dodson Jean Oiher members are: Lowell Doulhil' Jay Gordon Sarah Jones, Vivian Keasier, Edna Morris J W Morris, Marjorie Van Meier, Opal Monrgomery Genelle Wilhiie, J. S. Pierce, Lois Wall Erolene Roscoe Bayless Charles lvlaedgen Olher members are: Bob Tipps, Eulala Henderson. I Gerfrude Hoffman Rufh Pirfle, Sponsor Alpha Psi Omega, nafional honorary dramafic fraiernify, was organized Augusf l2, l925, af Fairmonf Sfafe college, 'for Jrhe purpose of providing a reward for sfudenfs dislinguishing fhemselves in college dramaiic produclions. The frafernify is purely honorary, and as sfudemfs qualify by faifhful work in playing a cerlain number of maior and minor roles in The plays of fhe regular college dramaiic club, They become eligible for membership. Membership has always been open io men and women on an equal basis. Nalionally The frafernify provides a wider fellowship for direcfors and sfuclenfs inferesfed in promofing dramafic acfivifies. The sociefy publishes an official magazine, The Playbill, and an official paper, The Callboard. As 'rhe frafernily is disfincfly dramaiic in Hs organizafion and rifual, each chapier is called a casf. Tau Caslr was organized in Ocfober, l926. Ellis Mills Aleen Brown Dorofhy Rushing ALPHA PSI OME6 Qcqfs f'X X ff 1 "rJfffflfi55:f55e2?5:'.5.E'.,sasf: ffm' V .iisfiif 5 ' 5 : 5 2asrsgsisisfifilifigififsiai ff' . 'r"' 2 M I 1' X 'LQIE?ifEffIj"f,,,f'::,5':i::: f V":g.-2335.-fg.f.E:,'5':'1 'li'i'5'. 95" izi l. Z- ,VEQEEEEEEEEES'5:f:EEEEf:1E1i5EfEfi55ffiQ:V -1-3 ' 1 ":i5i5'5i:" .f"'i',5'i:5:i v:1 :E,i'i:iilf5i5'5":,v ffl. "" ls ' - ,F iifif' 1574 5' 57,, i, K. 'lf ff --" 'Ref ff Q W I! Lb. The Sock and Buslcin club is a dramaiic organiza+ion which has for iis purpose To promoie inieresf in dramaiics in Jrhe college as well as To bring our and develop +he Jralenis of i+s members. Club meeiings are held Jrhe Tirsi and fhird Tuesday nighis of each monlh. A play is presenied by The members of lhe club in order ihai each member may have a chance To be in a play as well as io see l'he olhers inlerpreling difliereni roles. The club sponsored a casl playing in "The End ol: 1'he Dance," by Hudson Slrode, in 'rhe Texas lniercollegiaie Dramaiic iournamenl held al Baylor college, Bellon, March 24-25. The play won firsl place among The colleges of 'rhe siale and Lloyd Marr won individual recognilion 'lor his porirayal of Dr. Gregg. Oihers in The casi were Mariorie S+. John, John L. Coolc, and Frances Marcia. The iournamenl' is 'io be held in Lubbock in l934. The big eveni oi ihe club year was ihe public presenlaiion of Shalce-speare's "Romeo and Juliet" under The clireciion of Rurh Pirile ol The speech cleparimenl. Mills, Creighlon, l-lazlewood, Bayless, Brown. Chamberlin, Dryden, Handley, l-lardy, Hoffmann Mullins, Reynolds, Roberrson, Sell, Taulrnan. Tooihalqer, Mcllhaney, Taylor, Dodson, l-lolgale Barlsham, Lindsey, S+. John, Adams, Shropshire GCK AND BUSKIN Escalus, prince Paris, kinsman Monfague . Capulel . Romeo . Mercuiio . Benvolio . . Tyballr . . Friar Lawrence ROMEO AND JULIET CAST of Verona . . . Friar John . . John Louis Cook . . Chas. Maedgen Balfhazar . . . Jack Mickle 'ro The prince . . Peier . . . John Louis Cook . . . Roscoe Bayless Sampson . . . James Tooihaker . Claude Goldsmirh Gregory . . . . . Bob Taylor . . . Ellis Mills An Apofhecary . . . . Ellis Mills . Lloyd Marr Lady Capulei . Mary Griilirh . James l-lenley Juliel' ...... Eileen Graves . John Marr Nurse . . . . Marjorie S+. John . . Paion Price Orher srudenis have paris ol: maskers, . . Palon Price guards, wafchmen and ailrendanis. Maedgen, Goldsmiih, Rylander, Gray, Hendrick, Thompson, Adkins, Marr, Lynn, Adams, Price, A Smiih, Barron, Walker, Senier, Marr, Eooie, Roach, Alger, Marcia, Earnesl, Hudson, Wadsworih, Ruih Pirile, sponsor. SOCK AND BUSKI 3.3, an K ff-952 J ,i-3 The ArchiTecTural socieTy was organized in l928 Tor The promoTion of Tellowship among The sTudenTs in The deparTmenT oT archiTecTure. IT has had Tive years oT conTinuous exisTence and has done much during ThaT Time To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh proTessional men as well as promoTe iTs original purpose. The socieTy is composed of all sTudenTs Taking work in The deparTmenT of archiTecTure, and noT limiTed To Those inTending To Tollow archiTecTure alone. Because oT The misundersTanding of This membership requirement The archiTecTure socieTy will from This Time on be recognized as The Gargoyle socieTy. To promoTe Tellowship among The sTudenTs The socieTy sponsors some social evenT each Term. New members are iniTiaTed inTo The socieTy wiTh suiTable solemniTy. The value oT good archiTecTure is deeply impressed upon Them. Annual social acTiviTies OT The socieTy are a deparTmenTal parTy in The Tall Term and a picnic in The spring. , Ray Moore, Bruce Zorns, W. R. Underwood. ATmar ATl4inson, E. C. Simmons, Merle Jones Howard Reed. William Meacham, Jimmy RoberTs, Reuben SmiTh William Worley. R. V. Davis, Carl McAdams, F. A. KleinschmidT. FT . RCHITECTURAL SGCIETY X' ef fx f I ff! I 'J Ax Wiki Ti' -:L "'- Ii' . " "" :::5':'::" ff, X , if X T....j T' S-Y.V:5:2::E?':::.:"Tiai:1:sI5:55I5fZ3'- 'fr " '1'T:' . W i3'5'2.5Ii.215E'E5EfE5'Iii' ,.2-52':E5's's'5a .J ,,,,, , ,, .,-, ...,.,..,.,. , .... . V. ,,,, ff , .i..,.:e..,.imv.1.,.gk,,:,i.g,.:.v ,r .... -,.-.-.- . , .,.. .,,,,.:.5:.1.,,.,.,.1.,.-.-.4.,is si., ..,... - ,- .,...,.. - ..., 4 - ,- .--,.--.- - '.:z2?s:s2zi'2T1"'IIIII::fs::.5:,'s:s: ' 'Ei'3.2..5.:::,15g.,saz2l:ieEfEs:' ff' ,-1rviiffif'515151523iisi'E?EzE?sE23E9E5:112f"'-x ' ' 5555: 515255555555122Eis1i2ii5:i2E.E2fiE1--4EsE.EaE1E.E. .f. 1-:f-:fiE:E::E:'i-E2SEE.i"' .:1EiI5EiI1:fffE':'1' 1115: .72 "EEZ .:f'2.::' -Iszszsisisiiziiiizisiii:aE:Z2EE?5Ee5.E-" f ' "':'2.121532-:-:SEi5'E?:f.?F' i " ' 54: 2512" .sisaiaiaifigkg:g5,::-.g.1sga:s-5zggzqe' '':.553Igi2515'525i5'5sg:g.:s'f' 3515.2131.1-e5':552,Z'1s1'I 15:55:51-1' ' X ...ii " i il? 3.5, ,--f ,- , q1gg-gg:g:':.:-'-:- '-'-it-1-11: '-'-: f, .., J - .fi .::.:.--i-'- M: ,- e , X ff ffuffw 33 f 5' f 1 X 'A' K "K," The purpose oT The AgriculTural club is To promoTe, among The members oT The club, inTeresT in all maTTers perTaining To agriculTure7 To encourage co-operaTion wiTh every acTiviTy in The college: and To TosTer a general Tellowship among The sTudenTs oT The AgriculTural school. Some oT The annual evenTs sponsored by The AgriculTural club are The rodeo, pig- roasT, aggie dance, and aggie-home economics parTy. A loan Tund has been esTablished by The club Tor The purpose oT helping members OT The organizaTion. This Tund has been increasing sTeadily since iT was Tounded. Cdis Holly, Joe Liles, Bill Gregory, W. F. l-lughes J. D. STricl4land, A. B. Rigler, Jerry Lee Dean George Townsend, John T. Kennon. Talmage Wiman, Harlan l-lowell, EarnesT BarTon Edgar Kuebel, Clayson Fuller. CurTis Williams, E. R. STeen, AlberT McGinTy Lanoy Hazel, l-lomer Brumley. Jesse Young, Ben Jenkins, Jack Downs, R. C MiTchell, Jack Welch. Buford Browning, ElizabeTh MonTTorT, PainTer C. Wylie. AGRICULTURAL CL TW Under The auspices OT The Carnegie EndowmenT Tor lnTernaTiOnal Peace and under The direcTion OT Mr. M. E. Ogdon, The Texas Tech InTernaTional RelaTions club was Organized in The spring Term OT l93O. This organizaTion was TormulaTed Tor The purpose OT sTudying and discussing in an imparTial and non-parTisan manner Those naTional and inTernaTional evenTs and issues which are daily Transpiring wiThin and wiThouT our naTional borders and which viTally concern our American liTe and insTiTuTiOns. Among The more noTable OT iTs accomplishmenTs have been The sponsoring OT The Third Annual lnTernaTional RelaTions conTerence OT I93l, The TOrmaTion OT InTer- naTional RelaTiOns clubs in WesT Texas and New Mexico schools, The TormaTion OT The WesT Texas-New Mexico lnTerr:aTional RelaTions cOnTerence, The presenTaTion OT a model DisarmamenT conTerence, The sponsoring OT inTernaTionally lcnown speakers on The Tech campus, and The presenTaTion OT programs dealing wiTh every phase OT inTernaTional acTiviTy. James ToOThalcer, presidenT7 Garland SmiTh, secre- Tary-Treasurer: Manuel DeBuslc, Charles F. O'Neall, Jr., Laura Song. Wallace Sanders, George B. Long, Gordon Tread- away, Blanche Brannen, JuaniTa Poole. J. C. Davis, Lloyd Glover, Mary Spring, Lindsay AusTin, F. L. l'leidel. Charles Cobb, Ada Myers, Carroll Thompson, l-luberT AllensworTh, Rob O'l'lair. Glynne Colcer, J. Doyle SeTTle, A. Melendez, David Au, Canon ClemenTs. Dollie ClemenTs, Orville Jenlcins. TERNATIGNAL RELATIONS i 2 J I ENGINEERING SOCIETY The TirsT meeTing oT The engineers aT Tech was held in room 220 oT The admin- isTraTion building, Feb. 5, I926. This group oT engineers voTed To organize a socieTy known as The Texas Tech Engineering socieTy. The obiecT oT The socieTy was To TosTer a spiriT oT uniTy, co-operaTion and Triend- liness among all sTudenTs oT The school oT engineering. IT also provided a means oT promoTing any enTerprise Tor The welTare oT iTs members. . The socieTy sponsors a dance in The Tall Term, a bangueT in The winTer Term, and a picnic in The spring Term. The socieTy also sponsors a loan Tund Tor engineering sTudenTs. This Tund was sTarTed in I926 and has grown To be one oT The IargesT on The campus. STanding: WaTson, TaTum, Simmons, DoughTie, I3rummeTT, Ewing, B. Manire, Gray, FosTer, Ullrich, Godeke, MargareT Robinson, Nysfel, Cole, Bowers, J. King, Reeves, Symes, Green, CurTman, Johnson, Wilson, I-Iardgrave, I-Iale, ATkinson, Kirby, SmiTh, Murchison, KeTTer, Blue, Moore, Sparks, I-Iopper, Miller. Middle: Barker, Barry, JeTTries, F. POTTS, Manire, Manley, Williams, I. SmiTh, PoTTs, E. WaTson, Mapes, Ross. BoTTom: Williams, Spencer, Hardgrave, Kuhn, Boren, A. King, Jacobson, Clapp, Miller, Drake, W. King, Fairly, Weilenman, Kelley. V ?'x HOME ECONOMICS CLUB RuTh CarTer, presidenTg l-lazel Price, vice-presidenTg Geraldine Clewell, secreTary- Treasurerg Miss Mabel Erwin, sponsor. The l-lome Economics club was organized To TurTher Triendship, social liTe and democracy among iTs members: To keep in Touch wiTh some oT The broader Tields oT knowledge such as Travel, arT, drama and archiTecTureq and To become ac- quainTed wiTh recenT developmenTs in home economics noT Touched in The regular curriculum. Membership is open To all girls who are inTeresTed in developing ap- preciaTions Tor subiecTs more or less direcTly relaTed To homemalcing. The club sponsors social acTiviTies given aT The l-lome Economics Tea room, such as The oysTer supper, The chop suey supper and The dancing club. The club main- Tains a loan Tund To be used by sTudenTs who major in home economics. The Double Key is a l-lome Economics honor socieTy whose members are selecTed Trom The iunior and senior classes. Membership is based noT only on scholarship buT on qualiTies oT leadership, conTribuTion To college acTiviTies, personaliTy, ouT- loolc Tor The TuTure and The abiliTy To carry on. No sTudenT is eligible To The Double Key who has noT mainTained aT leasT a B average ThroughouT The college course. The Double Key members in The l-lome Economics club are sTarred. Reed, Rose, Wilbanlcs, Liles, Linn, Johnson, Bain, Brown, Dillard, Tilden, Eklund, BuTler, T-layden, BusTer, l-liTT, LancasTer, Lawson, Song, l-lavis, Thompson, AbernaThy, l-lolly, BarreTT, Weelcs, Dixson, l-lerrell, Gulledge, Walker, Claclq, ln Erwin, Jones, WharTon, McCrery, SmiTh, CarTer, Price, EllioT, l-lowell, GepperT. A.S 455 i M. E. The Texas Technological college branch oT The American SocieTy OT Mechanical Engineers is a sTudenT chapTer oT The naTional organizaTion represenTing The me- chanical engineering proTession. The naTional socieTy is The second largesT pro- Tessional organizaTion in The world. The purpose oT The sTudenT organizaTion is To bring abouT a closer associaTion among The sTudenTs wiThin The deparTmenTg To promoTe scholasTic sTandards, and To creaTe a greaTer inTeresT in The work. IT also aims To promoTe The advancemenT oT The Theory and pracTice oT mechan- ical engineering and oT The allied arTs and sciences, The mainTenance oT a high proTessional sTanding among iTs members, and The developmenT oT The individ- ual engineer. PresidenT, Roger Clappg vice-presidenT, RoberT Drake, secreTary, Don Weilen- man: sponsor, V. L. DoughTie. Hopper, DoughTie, Weilenman, Godeke, SmiTh, E. Simms, l-largrave, STiTT, Johnson, KeTTer, F. Miller, l-largrave, BoTTom. l-largrave, Jacobsen, Blue, WaTson, Reeves, Kelley, NysTel, King, A. lvliller, Clapp, Drake. 44. ,LT 411255, ,., A. S. C. E. The Texas Technological college sTudenT chapTer oT The AMERKTAN American SocieTy oT Civil Engineers is a proTessional organi- SOCIETY OF zaTion oT The sTudenTs in The cleparTmenT oT civil engineering. CIVH. The purpose oT The club is To promoTe a union among The ENGINEERS sTuclenTs oT The Tour classes and To sponsor a program which FOUNDEU will lead To a broader ouTloolc in The Tield oT civil engineering. ,552 The programs are designed To Tamiliarize The sTudenT wiTh The pracTical problems in Their Tield. Regular meeTings are held only Twice each Term buT addiTional meeTings are called when Tound advisable. The presenT organizaTion is The resulT oT a goal seT by The Texas Tech civil engin- eers, a club Tounded in nineTeen hundred ThirTy by a group oT civil engineering sTudenTs. This cluo was recognized by The naTional socieTy January l5, I933, as The Texas Technological college sTudenT chapTer oT The American SocieTy oT Civil Engineers. When The Texas Tech Civil Engineers club was organized, iT was noT eligible Tor aTTiliaTion wiTh The naTional socieTy because The college did noT have enough graduaTes oT The school oT engineering To comply wiTh The naTional socieTy requiremenT. This reguiremenT oT one hundred graduaTes was TulTilled only lasT year when The ToTal number oT graduaTes Trom The engineering school was one hundred ThirTeen. The sTudenT organizaTions have always enioyed The splendid cooperaTion and as- sisTance oT The A. S. C. E. Top Row: Travis J. Parlcer, presidenT7 Arch L. King, vice-presidenT: Jim Eranlc PoTTs, secreTary- Treasurer: Roy T. Shamburgerg Duane Orr, James A. Loughridge, l-lerberT E. DeShazo, EenTon l-larcling, Noble James. BoTTom Row: Van Earl Sams, Grover Green, Ordis Eorbess, W. A. Roussel, Douglas Ross, Jr., J. B. Churchwell, R. C. BrummeTT, Bernard Bogan, Paul Hall. OTher members are: RoberT Sparks, Wm. Ray WaTTs, Bruce Bryan, Oliver R. McElya, William Luce. Hilfilianull-v MW "Wm Spoflighfs 'Focus on fhe double T. Bands blare, people hurry. "Programs, Programs! Names, weighfs, and posilions of each and every player!" Yells, cheers rhyfhmically execuied, sponfaneous applause. Gridiron or courf, our Mafaclors baffle: which explains +he record +hey have made and +he preslige won. BOGK FIVE 'f:,i,,." A :":"" Q ' 1 'Mui l I i "v' . 3 FN ...pg 5 555232 '1--,, Vw .. A vfifl J V I! U 32f': ,.:: Q., 1 iio 1 ., if " 21 ':' f 2 im., "'- ':.', ' 5 ir :rv ::EE?':I,, , :'Zb 3 'I f ii.s mf Q E W mx 'Wisem- i3"i'5'a"",,-Q--f-".fE"' ,, f.me-ef A T Tfc. -:Mu One of 'H1e largesl' of all elepl1an'rs, +l1e mammo'l'h, was profeclecl from +l1e colcl by a covering of long hair. Some compleie specimens have been found in glacial ice. A bleak and colorless world gripped in an ice age +ha1' came aboui' so slowly Man scarcely no+iced +he change of climafe or plani life. Animal life adiusfed ifself fo fhe change or perished. Man 'Found 'Phe skins of fhe mammofhs were some pro+ec+ion from glacial winds. Glaciers expanded in fhe nor'I'h, pushed sou+h, broad- ened valleys and made new ones. ln 'lhe sum- mer fhey refreafed, radiafed rivers of melfed ice, and fhen came back +he nexi' win'l'er fo shove 'ihe ice fronf farfher Soufh. ATHLETICS " 'ii , f 455192 vwilfff . i , y l 'Q ,, 4.4 Mafador Hall, Ihe hang- ou+ of Ihe greai' and near-greal a+hIe'Ies of Texas Tech. "Whacker's" car and fhose fellows longing 'For a ride. The leading sporl' wrifers of 'Ihis +erri'rory in +he new Tech press box. Our home schedule +he pas'I' fall, as colorful as The background of Ihe fire cover. Prexy legalized Novem- ber I2 as a holiday due Io 'Ihe Baylor vic'rory. II' was I'his fighling Tech 'Ieam 'lhal' made Ihe holi- day possible on Novem- ber I I. Jusl' look a'I Ihe "BuII FighI'ers" running over, around, and Irhrough I'he Golden Bears. i I I X .....,. 3 ,ff ' I Ilillll ff f fill s s ,.,.g-' A fig. T IQ I I Is "Bo" resling, medifafing or observing: we ask you? . f s Q Q xr Q li 5 Q The Cowboy band accompanied 'I'he Simmons univer- si+y foofballers +o Lubbock for +he 'l'radi'rional Thanks- giving Day clash wifh fhe Mafadors. The musicians showed +heir abilily and +he foofballers Theirs. Parf of +he scenery easi of 'l'he grandsfand. Rob O'Hair looks 'Things over before leading a yell. The coaches are walch- ing 'lhe game closely. Par'r of fhe crowd al' +he Tech-Texas Aggie game in 'rhe mud a+ Amarillo. The crowd slayed unlil 1'he game was over. In 'l'he spring a young man's 'Fancy lighlly +urns 'ro +hough'rs of-'rennis. Campus +ennis sharks line up for a couple of pic- +ures. Skinny Roberfs and Cecil Bickley have a nice pose! il"' iii T 5 I gil, In f Bill Sfubbs and his 'l'um- blers demonsfrafe be- 'lween halves ai' 'l'he Bay- lor game. One of 'rhe boys can walk wifh his hands as well as wi+h his feet Del Morgan and Collier Parris lon each side of +he doorl look pleased a+ somefhing, perhaps I+ is +heir company or fhe way +he game is 'lurning oul'. Anofher pile-up in 'rhe Tech-Baylor game. The Good Old Baylor Line wasn"l' so good agains+ fhe Ma+adors. Some of 'Phe Cheri Casa Gigolos gel back +o na- 1'ure despife 'rhe facl' +ha+ 'rhey had 'ro be safisfiecl wi+h climbing +he goal posfs ins+ead of leafy frees. Demonslrafion work on ihe blocking dummies al 'rhe coaching school Frequenf pracfice af blocking is fl. www!! M E one of fhe reasons +ha+ Dufchy Smilh was able fo pul' '2 f IV oul' a line which played on even 'rerms wifh 1'he bes'l'. 'if:ff.i......,.... r liyziuy sr.1 yyizyzz :g:c,, w i L SGWL, we ff' Tech sfuclenfs rallied affer fhe bonfire and broadcasf yells and music from fhe Lubbock hofel balcony. Bob is looking for one of fhose Golden Bears. Some of fhe pre-game ballyhoo on Armisfice Day. The slimes builf one bonfire sfack which was burned premafurely. Wifh fhe aid of local merchanfs, fhe fish builf a bigger and beffer pile before fhe sun sef. How many please? Parf of fhe crowd buying du- cafs af an affernoon game. The sfuclenf gafe fo fhe grandsfand. This gafe was guarded by Lou Ed- wards and no one ever crashed fhe handsome senior prexy. "Sign your fickef and fear if ouf." "Speed" Moffeff seems fo be concenfrafing abouf somefhing. Some of fhe boys mel' fhe frain when fhe SMU Musfangs came fo Tech. Jack Meagher, Rice lnsfi- fufe coach, was presenf af fhe coaching school. He demonsfrafed fhe Nofre Dame sfyle of line play. Pefer Willis Cawfhon and Hunk Anderson look pleasanf, perhaps fhere was some good blocking going on. Grass cloesn'f grow on a busy sfreef. Dufchy Smifh and Del Morgan look dressed up and pleased as pie abouf somefhing. n,w,,m.......aZ"""' - ..,...,.,. T wwfafffzffw l lg-3-'..2-62. 'ff 'S-9: - q....,.....--1 A we ...,...-.ff - ...,:: M.. """"', 'A ' 1-1":"' Xi- -, Mx -. X 5-4 gb sxkx . G -wc.-xx..,- s.-.. R N Vx Ns,-xA - I 'N TAB' . . , 'X in Q A icq S A rll, I iii: 1. . ....s. 1 rfrf " l COACHES "No Team is beTTer Than iTs coaches" is a law recognized in all aThleTics. In This respecT, Texas Tech is exTremely TorTunaTe. Under The presenT coaching regime, Tech has risen Trom a mediocre To a naTionally known Team. P. W. CawThon, head TooTball coach and direcTor oT aThleTics, Took charge oT Texas Tech aThleTics Three years ago and since Then has been engaged in The making oT men, The moulding oT Teams and The developmenT oT champions. l-lis TooTball Teams have developed inTo one oT The mosT powerTul aggregaTions in The SouThwesT. Coach CawThon came To Tech aTTer serving as an oTTicial in The SouThwesT conference. BeTore ThaT, he coached aT AusTin college and devel- oped some oT The greaTesT Teams ever To represenT ThaT insTiTuTion. "PeTe" is a Tirm believer in The NoTre Dame sTyle oT play and has used iT wiTh crediTable suc- cess. "Coach CawThon has Turned ouT some oT The greaTesT backs Tor Tech ever To play under The NoTre Dame sysTem." l-lis Tireless eTTorTs and Thorough knowl- edge oT aThleTics combined wiTh his usual knack oT geTTing The besT ouT oT his men are his mosT valuable asseTs. AssisTing CawThon in coaching varsiTy TooTball is Russell T. SmiTh, line coach and business manager oT aThleTics. Coach SmiTh learned his TooTball under CawThon aT AusTin college. "DuTchy" came To Tech Trom Amarillo high school wiTh a good record. l-le has given Tech some OT The greaTesT Torward walls in The hisTory oT The school, and has a personaliTy ThaT insTills TighT inTo The seven men in The TronT Trenches. Coach Del Morgan also served his apprenTiceship aT AusTin college where he sTarred in Three sporTs. BeTore aligning himselT wiTh Texas Tech aThleTics, he did a good iob oT coaching aT Lubbock l-ligh school. l-le has produced some excel- lenT lv1aTador baskeTball Teams, and is an ideal Treshman TooTball, boxing and wresTling TuTor. R. T. Smi'l'h, business manager of aThleTics and varsify line coach: P. W. CawThon, direcTor of iaThleTics: Del Morgan, 'Freshman foofball coach, varsi'I'y baskeTball, inTramural sporTs. ATHLETIC COUNCIL Keeping pace wiTh and direcTing The general policy oT Texas Tech's aThIeTics is The AThleTic Council, composed oT seven members and headed by The chairman, W. L. STangel. Under iTs iurisdicTion comes The seIecTion oT The personnel oT The aThIeTic deparT- menT, scheduling all conTesTs Tor boTh Treshmen and varsiTy, checking The eligibil- iTy oT all players, deTermining who shall be given leTTers and awards, recommend- ing The aThleTic budgeT, and Taking care oT aThleTics in general. Members comprising The council besides Chairman STangeI are: Dr. W. A. Jack- son, head oT The governmenT deparTmenT3 E. L. Dohoney Ideceasedl, regisTrarg P. W. CawThon and Russell T. SmiTh, varsiTy coaches: C. W. RaTliTT, alumni mem- ber: and WaITon Nixon, who represenTs The sTudenT voice on The council, casTs a voTe in accordance wiTh sTudenT opinion. The aThleTic council was insTrumenTal in securing Tech's admiTTance inTo The Border STaTes conTerence, a compacT organizaTion oT six schools. In I932 The council broughT "big Time" TooTbalI To Lubbock and Tor nexT season iT has sched- uled some oT The naTion's ouTsTanding Teams. IT is The aim oT The council To build up The aThIeTic organizaTion and noT To be conTenT wiTh anyThing shorT oT The besT. The aThIeTic program oT any insTiTuTion is always very imporTanT. AThIeTics are noT over-emphasized aT Tech, buT an aTTempT is being made To develop iT in keeping wiTh The growTh of The school. The sTudenT body oT Texas Tech wishes To commend The work oT The Council, and LA VENTANA is glad To give recogniTion To iT aT This Time. P. W. CawThon, E. L. Dohoney Tdeceasedl, R. T. SmiTh, W. L. STangeI, C. W. RaTIiFF, Dr. W. A. Jackson, WaITon Nixon Ae ., F -"Ai-- g.. +. H-.4 ,, T- 3. T" ,J DOUBLE T CLUB In 'rhe piciure below you see some of +hose figh+ing, hard-'Tackling Maladors. This comfy li'Hle scene shows how Pe+e Caw+hon's "Red Devils" spend 'Their 'lime when noi' engaged on 'lhe gridiron. The boys are in +he Double T re+rea+ in 'lhe gym. Big George Langford, former Malador tackle, and Toby Greer, guard, are engrossed in a friendly liHle game of ping pong while "Bo" Williams and Basil Hill look on. Elva Baker and MaH' Hifchcock are enjoying 'lhe "funnies," and "Speed" MoFFeH is probably scanning 'Phe spor'I's page. Bennie McWilliams appears 'lo be in a deep s+a1'e of mediialion. Ross Ayers is 'rhe none-loo-inleresfed onlooker in +he background. Bill Teal Ben Anlhony Ross Ayers Elva Baker Raymond Barron Adrian Clarlc Alvin Crews Harold Criies Aud Darr Gwynn Dowell Harvey Dunn Jaclc Durham Leonard Curlman Truman Green "Toby" Greer Ealey Harris Marion Harris Mail Hi+chcoclc Basil Hill Leon Fisher Harlan Howell The Double T club is com-- posed of members who have made +heir leH'er in some varsi+y sporl' ai' Texas Tech. The presid- ing officers are: Bill Teal, presiden'I': Basil Hill, vice- presidenh Ross Ayers, secreiary -lreasurerg Ben- nie McWilliams and Mil- lon MoFFe+, wielders of mercy. A picnic 'for Double T members was held iai- BuFFalo Springs April I. The boys siaged fheir an- nual mins+rel April I5. This hilarious even+ was received 'favorably and aHrac'led much a'l"renlion. Wilson Gilmore George Langford Milion Moicleil Bennie McWilliams Ed lvlclieever D. lvl. McElroy Walion Nixon Truell Owen Yancy Price Lawrence Priddy Cyrus LaMas+er J. C. Thomas Pollc Robison Lacy Turner L. J. Sollis E. C. Simmons J. H. Tadloclc Lesler Tribble Woodrow Wilson "Bo" Williams Parl' of The Double T room decora'l'ed wi'l'h pennan'I's, plaques, honor rolls, records, snapshols, schedules, and auiographsg is a rosy hang-our for fhe leH'er men. FRESHMAN FOGTBALL WiTh nearly a hundred candidaTes reporTing, Coach Del Morgan iniTiaTed Treshman TooTball pracTice early in SepTember. LaTer, The large squad was Trimmed To TorTy players. The Tresh- man TooTballers Turned in The mosT successTul season ever experienced by a Picador aggrega- Tion. 0uT OT Tour oTTicial TilTs, The Picadors won Three and losT one, rolling up 96 pOinTs To opponenTs' I9. Two OT These vicTories were regisTered aT The expense OT iunior college elevens. OcTober I5, The Trosh journeyed To Roswell and launched Their grid campaign againsT The New Mexico MiliTary lnsTiTuTe. AlThough roundly ouTplayed, The CadeTs managed To win, 7 To O, as a resulT OT a pass. The Trosh again Trelqlced To New Mexico buT This Time They smoThered The UniversiTy OT New Mexico Treshmen, 46 To O. On OcTober 29, The TuTure MaTadors enTerTained The Amarillo Badgers, The mosT powerTul iunior college club in The sTaTe. ATTer a hard-ToughT baTTle, The Picadors nosed ouT The Amarillo eleven, 7 To 6, breaking 6 Two-year winning sTrealc OT The Badgers, who had annexed TiTTeen consecuTive wins. Teol Wilson, TransTer Trom The Haskell Indians, regisTered The Touchdown, and big Gaines Davis lcicked The exTra pOinT ThaT spelled The diTTerence beTween deTeaT and vicTory. ATTer remaining idle a couple oT weeks, The Trosh wenT on a rampage To Trample The Wayland college JaclcrabbiTs, 43 To 6, To end The season. In addiTion To These conTesTs, The Morgan crew won one game Trom The varsiTy reserves, I2 To O, aTTer losing Two To The same Team. Several OT The Picadors will be OT invaluable service To PeTe CawThon's varsiTy nexT year. The ouTsTanding Treshman gridsTers include: Grigg, Barlow, L. Jones, S. Jones, Wilson, Davis, Beauchamp, Pucl4eTT, PraTher, CrawTord, Brandon, WesT, Scoggin, Mason, and Kincaid. Back Row: Klein, Poole, Madeley, Dowell, Walker, Williams, WesTer, Borden, B. Williams, Barlow, Marks, Turner, LancasTer, Powers, Cunningham, Davies, Scoggin, Morgan lcoiachi. Middle Row: Halsey, Thompson, ScoTT, Mason, Marr, Vannoy, PuckeTT, Grigg, Kincaid, WesT, L. Jones, ST. John, Crews, LancasTer, Nichols, Briscoe, Jones, McCubbin. FronT Row: Burris, Welch, Williams, May, WhiTe, Beauchamp, Alford, VaughT, Williams, Brandon, Archer, Brady, WaTers, Wilson, HiTchcock. T "Pop"-roTund, iovial, magneTic-is one of The mosf colorful personalifies in The coaching pro- fession Today. He is a real characTer of foofball and has been in The game a long Time, yef he is sTill acTive and perhaps knows more foofbiall Than any oTher coach. Nof safisfied wifh The exisf- ing sfyles of play, "Pop" conceived one of his own invenfion, The Warner sysTem, The mosf popu- lar sfyle Today. Yes, "Pop" is a True foofball builder. While direcfing The Carlisle indians, he made fooT- ball hisfory. Wifh only a handful of players al' his disposal, he defeaTed Harvard, DarTmouTh, and ofher large universiTies. Jim Thorpe, The greafesf all-around afhlefe The world has ever known, was developed by "Pop" aT Carlisle. Warner 'assumed The coaching iob aT The Univer- siTy of PiTTsburgh, and undefeafed years followed. He Then moved To The Pacific coasf To Take charge of The Cardinals aT Sfanford universify. STanford held The spoflighf in Pacific coasf foofball circles for years, and was one of The mosf formidable elevens in The Unifed Sfafes. Earlier This year "Pop" accepfed The offer of head foofball coach aT Temple universify. He begins his dufies There nexT fall. NaTional TooTball hisTory is generally associaTed wi+h colleges and universiTies wiTh years of Tradi- Tion behind Them. YeT Texas Tech, sfill in iTs in- Tancy, is manuTacTuring gridiron hisTory ThaT is sTarTling in iTs magniTucle and success. The second annual Texas Tech Coaching school, held July II-22, l932, was The highlighT of The year in Tech aThleTics. The school boasTs of Two naTional records. The TirsT is ThaT iT was The largesT ever held anywhere: The second is, no greaTer array of insTrucTive TalenT has ever been assembled Tor such a school. Drawn by The imposing sTaTT of Teachers, 450 coaches came from 25 sTaTes. While The maioriTy were high school coaches, many were menTors of universiTies and colleges ThroughouT The naTion. Among Those aTTending were coaching luminaries who have aTTained naTional Tame in The realm of sporT. "l have aTTended sevenTeen coaching schools," commenTed Jack Meagher, head TooTball menTor aT Rice lnsTiTuTe and one of The insTrucTors in The school, "and The Texas Tech school is by far The greaTesT of all. I aTTribuTe Tech's success To The well-rounded program which embraces every branch of rnaior college sporTs in a pracTical way." The sTudenT coaches were shown The fundamenTals of The Two sysTems mosT successful Today-The NoTre Dame sTyle and The Warner-Jones Type. And The very men whose hands guide The clesTiniefa of These Two sysTems demonsTraTed Them. To PeTe CawThon, direcTor of aThleTics aT Texas Tech and his assisTanTs, "DuTchy" SmiTh and Del Morgan. go The crediT for The success of The I932 coaching school. They TirsT conceived The idea oT a naTional school in l93I and accordingly The TirsT was held in The summer of ThaT year. COACHING SCHOCJL J Q T Y Taff- in 'fc' .51 , IT meT wiTh such widespread inTeresT ThaT The Tech coaches decided To make The evenT an annual aTTair. The oTTicial insTrucTors oT The school were "Pop" Warner, "Hunk" Anderson, Jack Meagher, "Phog" Allen, and Clyde LiTTleTield and They were ably assisTed by a personnel renowned The counTry over Tor Their accomplishmenTs in sporT. "Pop" Warner oT STanTord lnow oT Temple uni- versiTyl aided by his assisTanTs, "Tiny" Thornhill and "Chuck" WinTerburn, insTrucTed The TooTball classes The TirsT week. Warner, Tamed Tor his wing back sTyle oT olzfense, illusTraTed The Tine poinTs oT The Type oT play oT his own creaTion. HearTley "Hunk" Anderson oT NoTre Dame, aided by Frank Carideo and Jack Meagher, had charge oT The TooTball deparTmenT The second week. Anderson devoTed a week To lecTuring and demon- sTraTing The shiTTing NoTre Dame sysTem. Carideo, All-American quarTerback oT NoTre Dame in '29 and '30 and now head TooTball coach aT Missouri universiTy, held The assemblage spell- bound wiTh his marvelous exhibiTions OT punTing. He also gave lessons on quarTerback sTraTegy, backfield play, passing and blocking. "Tiny" Thornhill, an All-American Tackle aT PiTTs- burgh during Two undeTeaTed years, sTressed The correcT block Tor double wing back TormaTions in addiTion To giving The laTesT poinTers on line play. ForesT "Phog" Allen, aThleTic direcTor and baskeT- ball coach OT Kansas universiTy, recognized as The ouTsTanding baskeTball rnenTor in The UniTed STaTes, TuTored in baskeTball and lecTured on and demon- sTraTed The TreaTmenT oT iniuries. HearTley "Hunk" Anderson, head TooTball coach of NoTre Dame, helped To make The Texas Tech coaching school a big success lasT summer. He explained and demonsTraTed his peT Theories of The shiTTing NoTre Dame sysTem To The coaching TraTerniTy. IT has been said ThaT The laTe KnuTe Rockne builT COACHING SCHOGL ,. QFE 7 Tor The TuTure, and his heriTage was "Hunk" Ander- son. "Hunk" does noT have much To say-modesT buT Torcefulg he is iusT The Type To lead The Irish of NoTre Dlame. Taking Rockne's place was one oT The hardesT Things in The world buT he has come Through in grand sTyle. Anderson was one of The greaTesT linemen in NoTre Dame hisTory. He was The TirsT of The waTch- charm guards and an All-American. NoT geTTing enough TooTball in college, "Hunk," aTTer gradu- aTion, enTered The professional TooTball nanks Three years. Tiring oT playing The sporT himself, he de- cided he would like To iniTiaTe oThers inTo The mysTeries oT TooTball. Accordingly he reTurned To his alma maTer and became line coach Tor KnuTe Rockne, serving in This capaciTy Tor eighT years. He Then Took over The reins of head coach aT ST. Louis universiTy where he direcTed TooTball Tor Two years. In I93O he reTurned To SouTh Bend and moulded The naTion's championship line. ATTer Rockne's Tragic deaTh in l93l, Anderson Took The helm oT NoTre Dame aThleTics and piloTed The Ramblers Through Two successful seasons, losing Tour games by narrow margins To The ouTsTanding Teams of The counTry. 'ni l 1 . Clyde l.iTTleTield, TooTball and Track coach aT Texas universiTy, gave courses in Track and puT on a series oT lecTures dealing wiTh The Tive-man line deTense in TooTball. "Rip" Miller, who direcTs TooTball Tor The Navy, illusTraTed The Tine poinTs oT Tackle play and blocking in general. Bill Hargiss oT Kansas A. and M. ciTed The advanTages oT The spinning huddle. Ray Morrison, head TooTball man oT The S. M. U. MusTangs and a member oT The Na- Tional FooTball Rules CommiTTee, discussed and inTerpreTed The new rules. "Lone STar" DieTz oT The Haskell indians who played Tor Warner aT Carlisle, explained The reverse plays oT The Warner sysTem. "Chuck" Taylor, an All-American pro baskeT- ball player and a Trick shoT arTisT who passes and handles The ball in a "Tunny de luxe way", was presenT To help "Phog" Allen wiTh The baskeTball course. OTher noTables in The TooTball proiession aTTending were "Clipper" SmiTh oT SanTa Clara universiTy: "FaTs" CranTill oT Sim- mons, "Bochy" Koch, Tormer All-American guard aT Baylor: "Bull" Elkins, a Tormer sTar player Tor The Texas Longhorns. EnTerTainmenT TeaTures were noT lacking during The Two weeks school. The visiTors were TreaTed To a golT TournamenT, wresTling and boxing maTches, waTermelon TeasTs, and banqueTs. The T933 Third annual Texas Tech Coaching school, To be held July 3I To AugusT l2, prom- ises To be The largesT and besT ever aTTempT- ed. When La VenTana wenT To press, Tive oT The naTion's ToremosT coaches had been deTi- niTely signed. Harry Kipke oT The UniversiTy oT Michigan, an exponenT oT The shorT punT sysTem, will be one oT The insTrucTing TooTball coaches. The Wolverines won The Big Ten TiTle lasT Tall and were acclaimed 1932 naTional TooTball cham- pions, receiving The Rockne-Erskine Trophy as a resulT oT ThaT honor. Bernie Bierman oT The UniversiTy oT MinnesoTa will also conducT TooTball lecTures aT The school. Bierman, Tormer head man oT The Tulane Green Wave aT New Orleans, employs The "MinnesoTa shiTT," a modiTicaTion oT The single wing back sysTem. "Wee" Andy Kerr, who piloTed his Red Raid- ers oT ColgaTe universiTy Through an unTied, undeTeaTed, and unscored-on season, will be presenT To Teach The wing-back sysTem. Kerr's ColgaTe Team lasT year was one oT The high- esT raTing gridiron machines oT The counTry. His specialTy and The subiecT oT his lecTures and demonsTraTions is a modiTied sysTem OT The double-wing-back sTyle. His double spin and new variaTions oT play have been ac- corded naTional Tame. Noble Kizer, who guides The Tamed Purdue Boilermakers oT The Big Ten conTerence, will seT TorTh his Theories oT The NoTre Dame sys- Tem. He was an All-American aT NoTre Dame under Rockne and was one oT The seven "mules" ThaT cleared The paTh Tor The immor- Tal Four Horsemen in 1924. Ed Gallagher, wresTling coach oT Oklahoma A. and M., has been secured To insTrucT in The grappling arT. He will also Teach physi- cal educaTion. For a score oT years Galla- gher has led his Aggie maT men To naTional inTercollegiaTe championships and has devel- oped several Olympic sTars. PeTe and DuTchy meeT incoming Trains, buses, and even planes as The counTrys coaching TraTerniTy arrives for The I932 Tech coaching school. A Frank Carideo and Pele Cawihon, head fooiball men of +he Universify of Missouri and Texas Tech respec- +ively, +ook lime ou+ long enough +o pose for +his in- formal piciure. "Phog" Allen, one of +he foremosi baskefball menlors of +he couniry. T Among lhose presenf ai' fhe I932 Texas Tech Coaching school: "Bo" Williams, Texas Tech: Jack Meagher, Rice lnsfi- +u+eg "Clipper" Smifh, Sanfa Clara universifyg "Hunk" Anderson and Lou Herienberger, Nofre Dame, "Rip" Miller, Navy: Pe+e Cawfhon and Jack Durham, Texas Tech: and Williams. Three foolballers demon- s+ra'iing 'The high-low block for +he benefil' of s+uden+ coaches. Thinly clad gridsiers exe- cu+ing +he baskel' pass under a broiling summer sun. Frank Carideo, All-Amer- ican quarferback, who made 'foolball his'rory ai' Nolre Dame, showing his form on puniing. "Chuck" Taylor, a pro baskefball player of no mean abili'l'y, maneuver- ing for an overhead hook pass. Here you see "Rip" Mil- ler, who coaches 'The Mid- shipmen of ihe Unifed Sfales Naval academy, as he looked al' fhe Tech school las+ summer. A l g Q - fl 3 in l ..-- '-i'. fir .41 Coach Cawfhon oversee- ing his cons+ruc'I'ion gang doing i'rs daily chores. Tech's boxers. Fronl row: Wolfe, Havis, Casferlin, F. Ausiin, McGrady, Aus- +in, May, Ball, Curfman, Greer. Back row: Coach Cawfhon, Bogan, Harris, McGuFf, Crow, Bunyard, Gu'l'hrie, Graham, Sfubbs, and Hiichcock. Tech boxing champions. Heavyweighf: H a r r y Guihrie, Lighf Heavy- weighh Toby Greer, l68 pound class: Gil Car'l'ier, I5 5 po u n d division: Demp Cannon, I45 class: George Lancasfer, I35 division: Morris Alford, I25 pound class: Grady Box, II5 pound division: Roberl' Graham. Bill Teal, presidenf of lhe Double T, 'lhree year var- sify leHer man, and a splendid Maiador end. Wres+ling champions. Heavyweight Trueh' Owen, Lighl' Heavy- weighi: Ted Wilson, I68 division: MaH' Hi+chcock, I55 class: James May, I45 division: Waller Nic- hols, I35 pound class: Tom Zorns, I25 pound division: Joe'Turner, I I5 pound division: Delberf Jones. 1 ,.,.2 ,.- T T Iirz .--- l .,.. 2 . f -Li es B :,. ffim 5 Mafador wresflers. .Froni row: Smiih, Caslerlin if-5' K Bloun'l', Turner, Ausfin, Zorns, May, Ball, Lolcey. Back . , :XF . :rsr ::si i a r iiis.is T i.ir. . row: Tribble, Owen, Curfman, Brown, Beene, Davis Ausfin, and Beauchamp. WresTIing All holds, Trom The TraTerniTy grip To The sTadium squeeze, The laTTer no doubT The mosT popular: lusTy shouTs oT approval and disapprov- al Trom The crowd: perspiring, weakened conTesTanTs sTruggling abouT The ring: mix Them all To- geTher and you have a nu+sheII view oT The dual wresTIing meeT beTween Texas Tech and New Mexico MiliTary lnsTiTuTe. ApproximaTely TwenTy grapplers answered The call Tor Training laTe in The Tall under The direcTion oT l.esTer Tribble. The MaTador maT Boxing Boxing gained a sTrong TooThoId aT Tech during The year and The gym was jammed To capaciTy Tor each TisTic exhibiTion. AbouT TwenTy miTT arTisTs enrolled in The boxing class in The Tall under The direcTion oT Marion Harris, a candidaTe Tor The I932 Olympic boxing Team. The boxers made Their TirsT public appearance aT The college "Fun NiTe", February 6, and were greeTed wiTh cheering approval. February IZ, The MaTador ring men invaded Roswell Tor a pugilisTic program wiTh N. M. M. I. The CadeTs swepT mosT oT The evenTs, buT Demp Cannon, welTerweighT, Morris AITord, lighTweighT, and I-larry GuThrie, heavyweighT, slugged ouT decisions over Their opponenTs. Tech's leaTher pushers enTerTained The lnsTiTuTe March I2 be- Tore Two Thousand boisTerous Tans. AT The conclusion oT a series oT TasT and Thrilling bouTs The score sTood I4-all. AlTord, Greer, and GuThrie pounded ouT decisions Tor poinTs. Gil CarTier won a moral vicTory by gaining a draw wiTh "Wop" ChiaramonTe, The collegiaTe boxing king who had won 65 consecuTive bouTs via The knock-ouT rouTe. Demp y 1 Cannon IosT The TirsT maTch oT his I career To Kilgore oT The lnsTiTuTe. The MaTador TighTers carried The I ScarleT colors To Roswell again March 24 To parTicipaTe in a TournamenT sponsored by The NaTional A. A. U. FnTranTs in- cluded Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona schools. Big Harry GuTh- rie won The heavyweighT champi- onship. AITord and Grady Box were eliminaTed in The semi-Tinal round. The charging, viciously slugging ChiaramonTe again Tound diTTiculTy in coping wiTh The clever Technique oT Tech's CarTier. The l934 SouThwesT lnTercollegi- aTe boxing TournamenT, sponsored by The NaTional AmaTeur SporT 2Years Champion WresTler union, will be held aT Tech The TirsT week OT March. LESTER TRIBBLE men popped The lid OTT The l933 wresTling season February I2 againsT N. M. M. I. aT Roswell, New Mexico where The power- Tul CadeT ring men rolled up a 23-ll score in a program con- sisiTing oT boTh wresTling and boxing maTches. Joe Turner, I25, G. L. Beene, I35, and TrueTT Owen, heavyweighT, pinned Their opponenTs To The maT Tor decisions. On March 3, The CadeTs invaded The MaTador gym, Tor a re- Turn meeT. BeTore several hundred Tans, The TechsTers and The soldiers puT on a splendid display oT boxing and wresTling. The MaTadors Tucked The grappling honors in Their belTs by a 23-IO margin, giving Tech iTs TirsT collegiaTe vicTory in This sporT. The ScarIeT won Tive oT The seven bouTs, winning in all divisions ex- cepT The lighTweighT and middIeweighT. Members oT The MaTa- dor Team were: Joe Turner, Tom Zorns, Walker Nichols, Leon May, TrueTT Owen, Ted Wilson, MaTT l'IiTchcock, and G. I.. Beene. ATHLETICS I if I I I 4 J Golf The I933 golT season opened aT Texas Tech wiTh The promise oT a prosperous year Tor The Team. FiTTeen linksmen, under The direcTion oT Lonnie LangsTon, organized early in March. Billy Holmes, whose sensaTional sTroking has characTerized his play on The green, was elecTed presidenT OT The Tech iron arTisTsg Jack Wilson, vice-presidenTp and WalTer PendleTon, secreTary- Treasurer. Weeks oT pracTice Tollowed on The Meadowbrook course. The annual Tech TournamenT was held The lasT oT March over The Meadowbrook layouT To deTermine The par shooTers who would carry The ScarleT banner againsT oTher colleges. FourTeen golTers qualiTied over The I8 holes and were divided inTo Two TlighTs Tor championship play. Billy Holmes, deTending cham- pion, Tired a 73 To carry OTT medalisT honors. Jack Wilson Trim- med par by Two sTrokes in a blinding sandsTorm To deThrone Holmes Tor The Tech championship in The Tinal 36-hole maTch. Harold CriTes deTeaTed VicTor Bearden Tor The championship oT The TirsT TlighT. When This was wriTTen Tech was WesT Texas college golT Tourney To be held in Lubbock in eiTher April or May. NegoTiaTions were being made Tor maTches wiTh oTher colleges during The spring monThs. Among Those making a deTer- mined bid Tor posiTions on The golT Team were: Billy Holmes, Jack Wilson, WalTer PendleTon, Panny Farmer, C. J. CanTrell, Leon Fisher, John Bell, Harold CriTes, .and AI Jenson. planning To be hosT To The Tennis AlThough Tennis is regarded as a minor sporT aT Tech, The sTaTus oT The game is being rapidly im- proved. WiTh The advenT oT spring some TwenTy-Tive neTTers began pracTicing under The super- vision oT Homer RoberTs, gradu- aTe sTudenT. Every day, during The Tennis season, regardless OT weaTher condiTions, Tound The Tech courTs crowded wiTh ambi- Tious young Tildens. These rackeT- slingers worked diligenTly and - accomplished much in sTimulaTing BILLY HOLMES inTeresT in minor sporTs on The Tech Golf Champion '3l and '32 campus. An all-college men's singles Tour- namenT was held in March. Cecil Bickley deTeaTed Gordon May in a maTch ThaT wenT Tive gruelling seTs beTore The champion- ship was decided. Bickley and May survived a Tield OT ThirTy enTranTs. An all-college doubles Tourney was sTaged The laTTer parT oT March. When This was wriTTen The Tech neT men were negoTiaTing wiTh oTher colleges Tor meeTs and planning To enTer The Border con- Terence championship Tourney laTe in The spring. OuTsTanding Tech Tennis sTars include: Cecil Bickley, Gordon May, J. D. Donaldson, Polk Robison, James TooThaker, Lloyd Glover, Byron Terrell, H. Bivin, Gordon Deering, and Marvin MessersmiTh. ATHLETICS :z-.5825 : 'Lei 1-1:-.11--9.361 'r . 'T' s . ,:g T- if , H - .',2.f, Y Some of Tech's premier golfers wifh 'rheir s+ock in +racle: Jack Pope, Jay Slewarl, Harolcl Criles, Leon Fisher, Billy Holmes, Cecil Canlrell and Wal- fer Pencllelon. l 1 v ' Sixleen Texas Tech nef- ,MTJYMN +ers: Fronf row, Gold- T - A l s'I'ein, Brashear, Lewis, Toolhalcer, Glover, Bivin and Donaldson: Back row, Deering, Payne, Thrill, Neill, Bickley, MoFfeH', May, Grimes and Terrell. 'Fi lu 5, l I i , l . lniramural b a s lc e + - ball champions. From' row: Cy LaMas'I'er, "Lef- +y" Bryan+, Demp Can- non. Back row: Wilson Gilmore, Polk Robison, Odell Moore, Braxlon Gilmore, and George Cowan. Generafing pep and en- 'rhusiasm a+ a mammoih pep rally for +he home- coming game wi'l'h Bay- lor's Golden Bears. Ned Bradley deserfs his Rhyfhm Kings 'ro go skim' ming over 'Phe whiie, whife snow. Pele has added sledding fo +he college spori' curriculum. 3 r"'! f r , i 'fn qfwwui ivifpb i i Tumbling squad Froni' row Box Johnson Byrd rv Br anT Robison Gilmore Cannon lnTramural baskeTball was held during The Tall Term wiTh sixTeen guinTeTs enTered in The race. ATTer Tour weeks oT baskeT Tossing, The lv1aTador hall cagers won The championship. Teams com- peTing were lvlaTador hall, junior Aggies, soph Liberal ArTs, Y. lvl. C. A., Army, Tech shoeshop, Tish Engineers, iunior Liberal ArTs, Tish Liberal ArTs, Pre-Med, soph Engineers, soph Aggies, senior Aggies, iunior Engineers, Tish Engineers, and The Alley RaTs. The Teams were divided inTo Tour brackeTs oT Tour Teams each and played a round robin sched- ule. The Tour brackeT winners and Their capTains were: MaTador hall, "LeTTy" BryanTg Army, "SToops" BryanT, Tish Liberal ArTs, Clayborn Norris: and senior Aggies, Tom Easley. The brackeT champions clashed in The play-oTT To de- Termine The championship. lVlaTador hall dis- posed oT The Army by a 33 To 7 score and The Tish Liberal ArTs Turned back The Aggies, 34 To I7. The championship game was biTTerly conTesTed wiTh The Teams dead- locked Three Times. ln The Tinal pe- riod, The sharp-shooTing oT CapTain BryanT, Polk Robison, and Wilson Gilmore proved Too much Tor The Treshmen and The Casa boys won 30 To 24. lvlaTador hall annexed eighT consecuTive vicTories wiTh no de- TeaTs in winning The maraThon. Texas Tech's Tumbling Team, consisTing oT abouT TwenTy members, meT wiTh greaT success This year. In oTher secTions oT The counTry, Tumbling is a recognized sporT, buT in wesT Texas iT is an innovaTion. Bill STubbs, an accomplished gymnasT, coached The Team and was one oT iTs mainsprings. Much crediT is due To The abiliTy oT The members oT The lv1aTador Tumbling squad. They worked hard during Their long pracTice periods, and devel- oped a Team ThaT would compare Tavorably wiTh any oTher college aggregaTion oT This secTion. Their exhibiTions beTween halves oT The TooTball and baskeTball games Thrilled The specTaTors and gave The Team an opporTuniTy To show whaT iT could do. Included in The Tumblers' reperToire were several novelTy acTs, in which circus clown- ing was TeaTured. CandidaTes Tor The Team in addiTion To CapTain STubbs were: Grady Box, Claude Brown, R. S. Brannin, Sol Bunnell, John Byrd, LayTon Downing, lvloss Farmer, l-lomer Gar- rison, J. T. l-lenry, Merle Jones, Al- berT lvlcGinTy, Woodrow MonTgom- ery, Fred Penn, Josh Parks, Bill PoTTs, Beniamin PriesT, Edward Redmon, Harold Spaulding, Williams, and AusTin. The law oT graviTy meanT noThing To These boys. Y iiii B. Gilmore, Rogers, and Cowan comprised The lvlaTador hall lineup. The Liberal ArTs Team was com- - posed oT Norris, Briscoe, Crews, Mayo, Payne, McEachern, STanphill, and Wilkins. LOMER NELSON Sporfs Edifor of La VenTana When gridiron, Tennis courTs, and golT links are blankeTed wiTh snow, when swimming pools, radiaTors, and proTruding ears are Trozen, Then The TechsTers Turn Their ThoughTs To sledding. The arT is all in keeping The upper parT oT The sled uprighT, including all riders sTacked one behind The oTher. Clinging desperaTely To each oTher or porTions oT The sled, They round corners wiTh a shower oT icy snow and a chorus oT shouTs. SomeTimes The lack oT equilibrium and Too abrupT Turns cause a compleTe spill. Cars skid To a halT, sTudenTs pick Themselves up, spiT ouT a mouThTul oT dirTy snow, brush more oT iT Trom Their cloThing, and rush Tor a back seaT posiTion. OTT again! The smoke Trom The exhausT mingles wiTh a spray oT snow Trom The car wheels and a biTing wind. YeT They call iT sporT. Several sTudenTs deserTed Their exams iusT beTore The ChrisTmas holidays and wenT naTive when The Snow king covered The Plains wiTh a Tive-inch manTle oT snow. ATHLETICS The T933 Texas Tech Picador baskeTball Team, coached by Ross Ayers, Turned in one oT The mosT successTul seasons in The hisTory oT The school in winning TourTeen consecuTive games. SixTy-Tive young aThleTes, hailing Trom all sec- Tions oT Texas as well as Trom several oTher sTaTes, answered The TirsT call Tor pracTice. LaTer in The season The sguad was reduced To TwenTy-one players. ATTer a Tew days oT preliminary Training The Treshmen began deTeaTing sTrong high school guinTeTs. The Picadors' TirsT maior vicTory was regisTered over The Wayland college Jackrab- biTs by a 65 To 30 score. Coach Ayers' Tish con- Tinued Their rapid pace by brushing aside wiTh comparaTive ease The ldalou IndependenTs and Grovesville and Ropesville high schools. Draugh- on's Business college WildcaTs suTTered Three de- cisive deTeaTs aT The hands oT The Trosh. Way- land's JackrabbiTs were again sTopped by The Treshmen. The Picadors climaxed The season by Taking The Ralls inviTaTion TournamenT wiTh Three wins. The Picadors boasTed oT some oT The besT Tresh- men baskeTeers ever To grace The Tech courT, which means nexT year's varsiTy will be sTrengTh- ened by The addiTion oT These sTars. Coach Ross Ayers and his hard working youngsTers righTTully deserve The crediT given Them Tor such a highly successTul season. The Tollowing sTellar players were recommended To The aThleTic council Tor The oTTicial "I936": Jessie Briscoe, Leroy Crews, Leon Marks, Joe l-TardesTy, Clayborn Norris, ChesTer lvlcCarTy, l-lousTon WesTer, l-l. E. Archer, Marshall Cook. and Vinson STanphill. The Tech gym is packed To The TopmosT gallery wiTh noisy, exciTed men and boys. The band blares "Peruna" and Then concenTraTes on The sTrains oT "C5ooTus." All eyes are Tocussed on an ominous roped sguare in The cenTer oT The Tloor. Flashing, sweaTing Tigures are bouncing abouT on The whiTe canvas maT To The accompanimenT oT deaTening cheers and ieers. A Texas Tech "Tun niTe" is in Tull sway. The aT- Tair is sTaged every monTh and is adverTised Tor "men only" and no admission is charged. These sTag parTies creaTe much inTeresT and enThusi- asm and are eagerly looked Torward To by The male populace oT The Town and college. Boxing, wresTling, and Tumbling TeaTure The programs, occasionally inTerspersed wiTh novelTy numbers. The TirsT Tun nighT oT The school year was held February 6. AT This Time varsiTy awards and Treshman numerals were presenTed To sixTy-six TooTballers by Coaches CawThon and SmiTh in recogniTion oT a successTul season on The grid- iron. Boxing and wresTling bouTs Tollowed and some 2,000 leaTher-lunged Tans goT Their "money's worTh" and no one was disappoinTed. The programs oT These Tun nighTs do noT vary To any exTenT. The coaching sTaTT lisTens To popular demand and arranges The sporT card accord- ingly. The only criTicism sTudenTs have To oTTer oT These aTTairs is ThaT They are noT held oTTen enough. lnTramural TooTball direcTed by "Speed" MoTTeTT, varsiTv guarTerback, was inauguraTed aT Tech in January wiTh more Than a hundred sTudenTs parTicipaTing. Much inTeresT and rivalry was maniTesTed by The Tour compeTing Teams which were well coached and oT abouT egual calibre. ln The only Two clashes oT The league, The Army and The Liberal ArTs baTTled To a O-O deadlock, and The Engineers, raTed as underdog, walloped The Aggies, 6-O. ATTer The Two games were played, The college coaching sTaTT disconTinued The sporT because oT Tailure oT a suTTicienT number oT players To reporT Tor daily pracTice sessions. AlThough The Army-Liberal ArTs TilT ended in a scoreless Tie, The soldiers dominaTed in nearly every deparTmenT oT play and ThreaTened To score on Two occasions buT Tailed To Take advanTage oT The opporTuniTies. ConTrary To all campus predicTions, an inspired, TighTing band oT Engineers subdued The TouTed Aggies. Ted l-lubbard, Engineer backTield ace, made The Touchdown. The league produced a galaxy oT grid sTars. lvlcCrummen, Moore, FosTer, WaTson, and Baird were The big guns Tor The Army. CarTier, Lauderdale, and McClain played brillianTly Tor The Liberal ArTs. "Al" Simmons and l-Tubbard were ouTsTanding Tor The Engineers. l-lowell, Davis, and l-lolden sTarred Tor The Aggies. A T H L E T I C S 3 En ineers and A ies mix iP in Phe second clash o'P UndePeaPed 'Fish baskeP-- ball Peam. FronP row: Poole, Crews, Payne, Ar- cher, Briscoe, SurraPP. Second row: Morris, Van- noy, HardesPy, Moore, McCarPy, SP. John, Ay- ers lcoachl. Third row: Key, WesPer, WesP, Johnson, Cook. Back row: SPanphill, Williams, Norris, Marks, and Wil- kins. CapPain Harvey Dunn wound up his baskePball career wiPh Phe MaPadors by piloPing Phem Phrough Pheir banner season. Har- vey sParred Phree years on Phe Tech courP. lnPramural PooPball in Phe raw. "Squarehead" Col- lins in Phe acP oP gePPing off a long punP in Phe Army-Liberal ArPs skir- mish. A lasP dull crunch of leaPher meePing Plesh and Pwo gladiaPors of Phe ring Pinish a Phree round bouP. A view oP 'Phe PirsP "Pun niPe" of Phe year. 9 99 ig ' 5 Phe inPramural league. The Slide Rule boys Purned 'f' I back Phe Farmers. HluUM'fwM'w'l, 6? K l iiiiii ffm, A J L" ' r 3 , Firsi' All-Girls Dance, sponsored by W. A. A. The decorafions carried ou'I' 'ihe 'rheme of W. A. A. Sporrs-'l'ennis, arch- ery, volley ball. The pa- per caps were for hilarify. Enclosed in a gym, wifh a baskerball couri' below 'I'hem, fennis nel's above, and card lables and 'lar- geis around +hem, rhe girls elec'l'ed +0 dance. The wise girls decided +0 do 'rheir own Cupiding. H' fakes a real woman +o draw a bow like one of +hese. From 'rhe looks of +he 1'arge+, if musi' be +he firsi' of 'rhe season. Brown, Yarbrough, and Lassirer share honors wifh Ed- mondson, Sowell, and Hash. One capiured hear+ is fhe requiremenr 'For a leH'er in archery. The name of +his class is +he "slimming" class. No underweighi' people need apply. Number 53 is do- ing a marafhon. Affer aboui' an hour of fhis, a girl begins 'ro ge'r weak in 'l'he knees. Rope iump- ing vied wi+h iacks for populariiy on Play Day. . . . r irii l , --2v:., .f xxxxx , ::': A 'X W5 Q V Y Look af 'lhal' poise! Langford pu1's fhe discus +hrower in fhe shade. Horseshoe pirching is guaranieed +o bring calmness and precision. Virginia Hash, presideni' of fhe W. A. A., olherwise known as "Jimmy." The Woman's AThleTic associaTion, under The capa- ble leadership oT Misses Johnnye Gilkerson and Zella Riegel, has made women's aThleTics an impor- TanT acTiviTy on The Texas Tech campus. College women inTeresTed in TurThering all Torms oT aThle- Tics and in The promoTion oT healTh educaTion com- prise The membership oT The associaTion. This year's oTTicers were: Virginia Hash, presidenT: ElizabeTh Conner, vice presidenT: Louise Campbell, secreTary and A. W. S. represenTaTive: and Delene Reid, Treasurer. LeTTers are awarded each year according To The poinT sysTem. All members oT The WAA are en- TiTled To poinTs Tor each sporT in which They parTici- paTe. The holder oT l,000 poinTs is given a Trophy in The shape oT a Double "T" and The owner oT 500 poinTs is awarded a miniaTure Double "T". SporTs ThaT give poinTs are: Tennis, 3 poinTs an hour: bowling, 4 poinTs an hour: baskeTball, base- ball, soccer, speed ball, and Tield ball oTTer I00 poinTs To The TirsT Team, 75 To The second Team, and 50 Tor membership in The squad: horseback riding oTTers 4 poinTs an hour. AT The WAA ban- queT May Zl, I932, leTTers were given To Virginia Hash, Louise Campbell, Delene Reid, and Lois JeTTreys. Ph sical Training Tor women is com- pulory Tor The TirsT Two years oT col- lege courses. There is a wide diversiTy in WAA sporTs including baskeTball, soccer, baseball, archery, skaTing, Tield-ball, bowling, Tennis, speed-ball, riding, and Tap dancing and Tolk dances. Each sporT is sponsored by a chairman. The chairmen oT each sporT included: Jorga Barkham, soccer: KaTherine Baskin, skaTing lone half oT Tall Terrnl: Mary Louise Baskin, archery: Magda- len Dederick, baseball: Vivian KeasTer, skaTing: Winona Pardue, Tennis, Tall Term: Marie Reddell, bowling: Eloyce Snodgrass, baskeTball: Leopal Chisum, Tennis, winTer Term: and Voncille Gil- kerson, riding. WAA sponsors a Play Day each spring wiTh all girls on The campus being eligible To parTicipaTe. The I932 Play Day was held May 7, and anoTher was insTiTuTed in The spring oT IQ33. The conTesT- anTs were divided inTo Teams and senT To various parTs oT The campus To carry on Their chosen acTivi- Ties. SporTs ranging Trom iacks and mumblepeg go baseball and volleyball were The order of The ay. A varied aThleTic program was scheduled during The year. The WAA sTaged a baskeTball Tourna- menT during The Tall Term. A maTch beTween The physical educaTion field-ball class and The WAA Team TeaTured The winTer Term's sporT calendar. WAA emerged vicTorious wiTh an 8-7 score. W. A. A. JOHNNYE GILKERSON Assf. Prof. P. E. The WAA senT delegaTes To The aTh- leTic conTerence oT college women aT AusTin, April I8-20. Tech is a member oT This associaTion. Tech's WAA consisTs oT approximaTely TiTTy members. The membership has increased yearly in number since The college was Touncled. The member- ship is confined To girls who have earned 25 poinTs bv Taking parT in some sporT in college. The compleTe rosfer Tollows: Floyce Snodgrass, Winona Pardue, Jorga Barkham, KaTh- erine Baskin, Mary Louise Baskin, Jean Brown, Louise Campbell, ElizabeTh Conner, Magdalen Dederick, Eva Deering, Virginia Hash, Daisimay Humphries, Vivian KeasTer, Marie Redell, Delene Reid, Laura Song, Geraldine Turner, Ruby Beasley, Jewell Brown, Dolly ClemenTs, Leopal Chisum, Pearl Dedmon, GerTrude Ford, 5Tella Mae Green, Evalene Holly, Evelyn Gregory, Evelyn Hawkinson, Sybal Hazel, Lorrayne Horrocks, Flor- ence Merrirnan, Frances Parkinson, Pauline Ran- dolph, Johnnie WadsworTh, lna Belle WharTon, AuThala Williams, Eunice Cone, Mary EulTon, Ro- wena GranTham, Leona Gelin, Lois JeTfreys, Velda Crouch, Lois HousTon, Marjorie Johnson, Lorene OliphinT, Virginia Toole, Erline Dunn, and Voncille Gilkerson. A liTTle whiTe ball sTreal4s across The neT and is reTurned wiTh bulleT-like speed. The girl racqueT wielder caTches iT on The rebound and drives iT inTo The neT Tor The opponenT's poinT. Tennis is played The year around among The Tech girls and is accorded much inTeresT. Approxi- maTely Twelve members comprise The WAA Tennis club. Winona Pardue was chairman oT The girl neT- Ters in The Tall Term and Leopal Chisum served in This capaciTy dur- ing The winTer Term. A Tourna- menT was held in The spring. ZELLA RIEGEL Misses Johnnye Gilkerson and Zella Riegel made Their l932-33 WAA aTh- leTic program com- ' pleTe by including bowling on The sporT card, which was played The year round wiTh much inTeresT maniTesTed among The players. Four poinTs an hour were given Toward a leTTer. WiTh Marie Reddell as chairman, The bowling club was composed oT seven mem- bers. Every Wednesday aTTernoon during The school year The girls wenT To The MaTador Bowling Alley down- Town and bowled Tor an hour. W.A.A Bowling club: Virginia Hash, Louise Campbell, Marie Reddell, lna Belle Wharion, Floyce Snodgrass, Mar- garel' Baskin, and Auihala Williams. W. A. A. +ennis s+ars: Leopal Chisum, Helen Williams, Au+hala Wil- liams, Gerrrude Ford, Ina Belle Wharlon, Floyce Snodgrass, and Jane Alexander. W. A. A. baslcerball, firsi +eam: Ruby Beasley, Pearl Dedmon, Louise Camp- bell, Marie Reddell, Daisi- may Humphries, and Lor- rayne Horroclcs. Feminine archers ready +0 pierce +he larger. These girls possess a slrong shoulder-arm pull, a s'I'eady eye and lo'rs of accuracy. Archery is a popular sporl' among l'he women a+hle'l'es. i iiryiii st .,.... ... . ,- Sf 1 ....,... Q r.:1'1-r-..1 I E': H 1 X 4 ff. N 'Y i X' 5 One of The +wen'ry-Three ways of coming ou+ of college wi1'h a cool knowl- edge mighl' be found in This group. They repre- sen? swimming class faughl ou+ al' Tumble N during +he summer ses- sion of school. The in- sfrucfor was Miss Riegel. Mr. Nelson is shown wilh l'he W. A. A. soccer squad. He was referee and Miss Riegel. shown a+ 'I'he exfreme end of +he row, was coach. W. A. A. has anofher pic- +ure in This seclion, 'This lime fhey presenl' +o us a memory of fheir Skaling club. Reading 'From lefl' 'l'o righ'I': Misses Riegel lcoachl, Williams, Ford, Dedmon, Gregory, Park- inson, Randolph. The reasons 'rhe ska+es are missing from l'wo of +he girls are noi' To be dis- cussed, bul' maybe all of +hem have memories of beH'er places +o ska+e ihan +he upfown rink shown in 'This picfure. T T 'lf ii xssxxllllllllllllffffw . SSX , ,lwllllillllllliiijgyzw-WM , me r E uu .... r 'A . . f . ,,..,.,., 1 .:,,:,, I glgylii 2 'zrfr .'., ,', , ..,, ,.. T zzy- if -"-, f . ,-f- I .:.,:.:.: , .,1, Alviv ' ..'-5 P--.F Speaking oT swimming, The W. A. A. girls had Their share oT iT lasT summer. The TacT ThaT The Tech campus is devoid oT a swimming pool did noT prevenT The girls Trom indulging in The good old summer sporT. They conTined Their acTiviTies To The Tumble N pool norTh oT Town. Classes were oTTered during boTh Terms oT summer school under The direcTion -oT Miss Zella Riegel. Approx- imaTely ThirTy-Three aguaTic aspiranTs were en- rolled in The second Term class. The courses opened wiTh TundamenTals, including elemenTary sTrokes and worked up To The American crawl, and siTTing and sTanding dives. Baske+baII proved To be a very popular sporT aT Tech among The W. A. A. girls during The Tall Term of school. Three compleTe Teams were selecTed Tor compeTiTive play and several games were played each week. A TournamenT was or- ganized and play was sTarTed buT The schedule was never Tinished. The TirsT Team oT Teminine baskeT shooTers was composed oT Pearl Dedmon, Lorrayne l-lorrocks, and Daisymay l-lumphries, Torwardsp Ruby Beasley, Louise Campbell, and Marie Reddell, guards. These goal shooTing girls received IOO poinTs each Toward leTTers in The W. A. A. lvlargareT Baskin SkaTing is included in The W. A. A. caTegory oT sporTs and comes in Tor iTs share oT The limelighT. Every Wednesday and Friday nighT during The school year The girls could be seen whirring along aT a rapid clip on The sidewalks oT Broadway and College Avenue. KaTherine Baskin was chairman oT The skaTing club in The Tall Term and Vivian KeasTer was chairman during The winTer Term. The skaTing club consisTed oT Tour Treshmen, Two sophomores, Three iuniors, and one senior. All Treshmen and sopho- mores were iniTiaTed inTo The club in November. Members received poinTs Toward Double T's. W. A. A. 1415! ' N l l i i l i l 4 1 l i i i Three hundred and eighTy-Two poinTs To opponenTs' ThirTy-six To lead The na-- Tion's Teams in scoring, a Border cham- pionship in The TirsT year OT compeTiTion, Ten vicTories ouT oT Twelve games is The season's resulT. ThaT, brieTly, is The enviable record made by PeTe CawThon's I932 MaTa- dor TooTball ecliTion. The gridiron achievemenTs OT The MaTadors marked The highesT peak in The hisTory oT Texas Tech aThleTics. The season was marred by only Two de- TeaTs. Embarking on Their "suicide" schedule, The Techsfers suTTered a seT- back in Their second game, buT There- aTTer They swepT over every Team in Their paTh unTil The Tinal grid TilT on Thanksgiving Day. MaTadors Trample Oklahomans In Opener Making Their grid debuT SepTember 17, The TviaTa- dors made an auspicious sTarT by crushing Panhandle A. and M. OT Oklahoma, 44 To O. Clad in Their naTTy scarleT uniTorms and showing plenTy OT punch and Team play, The TechsTers made an impressive showing in Their iniTial appearance. AlThough ThreaTening conTinually in The TirsT quarTer In The course of The seiason, The MaTadors pushed over 57 Touch- downs To opponenTs 5. Simmons universiTy was The only Team able To make Two Touchdowns againsT The MaTadors. buT unable To score, iT was noT unTil The second period ThaT The Bull FighTers broke inTo The Tally column when big Gwynn Dowell Tlipped a beauTiTul 40-yard pass To Ed ivlcKeever who raced across The end marker Tor The TirsT Touchdown oT The season. From Then on, The ivlaTadors dominaTed and every man on The squad saw service. The Sooner Team had noThing in The way oT aTTack capable oT making a denT in The Tech line. Time and again The Aggie backs sTarTed TasT buT sTopped TasTer when The heavy MaTador linesmen came crashing Through To Throw Them Tor losses. FronT row: Priddy, Clark, Pool, W. Gilmore, Wilson, lsom, Cowan, E. Harris. Middle row: Goode, Hamrick, L. Harris, L. Curfman, McElroy, MarTin, Morris, Ayers, Fuqua. Back row: Williams, LaMasTer, BarTon, BuTTs, Bush, Price, Nichols, McWil- liams, Eddleman, Owen, Crawford. Tech piled up l83 Tirsl' downs againsT opponenTs 57. TwenTy-seven Tirsi' downs were rolled up againsT boTh TriniTy and AusTin colleges. The TechsTers averaged I5 Tirsf downs per game as compared To Tour for opponenTs. During The game, The Tech loaclcfield flashed brillianT offensive TacTics aT Times. Dowell, playing his firsT game on The varsiTy, led The scoring parade wiTh Three Touchdowns, while Harold CriTes chalked up Two in addiTion To baTTering The Panhandle line for con- sisTenT gains. McKeever and "Speedy" MoTfeTT, dy- namic liTTle quarferbaclc, Turned in excepfional games. LesTer Tribble aT cenTer, "Juicy" Owens aT Tackle, and Yancy Price aT end led The veTeran Mafador line and sTopped many plays. TechsTers Bow To Texas Aggies ln Mud The following Safurday found The ivlafa- dors aT Amarillo baTTling The Texas Ag- gies of The SouThwesT Conference on a slippery Turf. The ScarleT and Black foughT desperafely for presTige and grid supremacy, only To see The Farmers elce ouT a 7 To O vicTory. A. and lvl. was roundly oufplayed in almosT every deparTmenT. AlThough The Aggies foughT as if They were on Their own his- Toric Kyle Field and Turned in a greaT game, The lVlaTaclors excelled for Three periods. Coach Cawfhon sTarTed his shoclc Troops and midway of The TirsT period The Aggies puT over a counTer. "Frenchy" Domingue, Aggie field gen- eral, swepT around The Tech righT end for a 37-yard sprinT and a Tew plays laTer plunged over from The Two-yard sfripe for The lone Touchdown, buT only aTTer The MaTaolor line had held for Three downs in The shadows of The goal posTs. Following The Touchdown, Domingue boofed The exTra poinT, ending The Aggie ThreaT for The affernoon. MOST of The lvlaTador regulars now enTered The Tray and in- Troduced Themselves by marching 45 yards in a sus- Tained drive Toward The enemy goal line wiTh Dowell lvlclieever, and CriTes lugging The ball. ln The fading I ci. l FronT row: Greer HiTchcock Teial McAdams Carnes Lenoir Cannon, Beauchamp, MoFFeTT, CriTes, McCommis. Back row AnThony, Young, Dowell, BurTon, ForTner, Baker, R. Curfman Walker, McKeever, Coaches Cawfhon and SmiTh. . Welch. Middle row: Tribble, Turner, PraTher, Luper, Sollis, minuTes OT The game, The TechsTers drove To The A. and M. eighT-yard mark, buT were unable To capiTalize on The opporTuniTy. Tech's sTalwarT Torwards made spiriTed sTands Through The conTesTs, holding The Aggie gains To a minimum. Time aTTer Time MaTT l'liTchcock. Yancy Price. "Whacker" BarTon, and "Juicy" Owens siTTed Through The "Thin red line oT Ag- gieland" To nail The Aggie ball ToTers Tor losses. S. M. U. Aerial Circus Grounded There came a SaTurday nighT on OcTo- ber I and SouThern MeThodisT univer- siTy To clash wiTh The lvlaTadors under The arcs in a deluge oT rain. ln The hardesT ToughT and mosT dramaTic baT- Tle ever seen on Tech Field, The Caw- Thonmen nosed ouT The I93l SouThwesT Conlierence champions 6 To O. The Tussle marked The TirsT Time in hisTory Tor a Tech Team To Triumph over a SouThwesT ConTerence club. The TirsT halT was scoreless and was Tor The mosT parT a punTing duel beTween Adrian Clark oT The lvlaTadors and BurT BaxTer oT The lvlusTangs, wiTh The Tormer holding The edge. Early in The second quarTer, The MeThodisTs ThreaTen- ed To score when a MusTang back slashed Through The The CawThonmen iamassed 3,342 yards lequivalenT To nearly Two milesi To opponenTs 87l. Tech averaged 278V2 yards a game To 72 for The opposiTion. The high mark of The season in This deparTmenT came when Tech marched 620 yards againsT TriniTy. line, eluded The secondary and saTeTy and canTered 40 yards beTore he was dropped Trom behind by Har- old CriTes on The Tech Two-yard mark. Five Times The Pony leaTher-luggers hiT The line wiTh all The power They could musTer and Tive Times The Torward wall, composed oT CapTain Ayers, l'liTchcock, MarTin, Owens, Baker, BarTon, and Greer, repulsed Them Tor losses and Took The ball on downs on The Ten-yard line. The vicTory Touchdown came in The Third period. as a resulT oT a cleverly execuTed end around play, Caw- The Thanksgiving day crowd saw CapTain Ross Ayers play his lasT g-ame Tor The ScarleT. Ross has crediTably held down a guard i posT Three years Tor The MaTadors and his leadership coupled wiTh his dependable, consisTenT play served as an inspiraTion for his Team in iTs greaTesT season. F.. g V The punTing oT Adrian Clarlc, diminuTive - my '- Tech signal chanTer, was The high-lighT oT The game despiTe The elemenTs. T-lis long punTs, experTly placed, lcepT The MusTangs aT bay ThroughouT The TilT. AusTin College Fails To DenT Tech Line Following Two gruelling games wiTh SouThwesT ConTerence elevens on suc- cessive SaTurdays, The MaTadors Tangled wiTh wealcer opposiTion in The AusTin college TilT. They smoThered The Kanga- roos under an avalanche oT Touchdowns To win 64 To O. Special signiTicance was aTTached To The encounTer in ThaT The members oT The Tech coaching sTaTT, Tech punTed 75 Times To I27 Tor The opposiTion. The ScarleT had Pefe Caw+I-mn, "Dinghy" Smifh, and Del an average oT 4I yards Tor I2 games agiainsT 3I Tor opponenTs. Morgan' were formerly Cgrmeded wilfh Tech ran up 3,526 ToTal yards on punTs, and The opposiTion 4,304. +56 Sherman School as Coach and play- Thon's ace up The sleeve. Malcolm MarTin, sopho- more end, Took The ball and scampered around end Tor 22 yards and The marker. When The Tinal gun sounded, The Ponies had posses- sion oT The ball on The Tech Two-inch line wiTh Two downs To go To eiTher Tie or win The game. S. M. U.'s heralded aerial circus Tailed To maTerialize, The Ponies being prevenTed Trom cluTTering up The aT- mosphere wiTh passes in The TirsT halT by alerT MaTa- dor baclcs, and by rain and a charging Tech line in The second half. SFS. The Kangaroos' oTTense was compleTely boTTled up by a swarming, ever-charging and ever-changing horde oT scarleT MaTadors. AusTin college Tailed To regisTer a single TirsT down and gained only I2 yards Trom scrimmage, while Tech amassed a ToTal oT 499. FiTTy odd MaTadors were lcepT busy parading To and Trom The bench wiTh The TirsT sTringers playing only a Tew minuTes, buT long enough To Tally Three Touch- downs in rapid succession. The Tech lines and baclcTields cliclced To perTecTion, Snap ouT of iT! Zip, ginger, and hep! The MaTadors sTruT Their sTuFF. Judging by The expressions on Their faces, These boys look unsToppable. Priddy, Tribble, Harris, and Luper clear The way Tor The ball ToTer-Adrian Clark. Harold CriTes, "Double Ugg" Curfman are also doing Their biT. 'Y11 i l i l .A CapTain Ross Ayers, Tribble. and Toby Greer conTrib- bewildering The Kangaroos by a daz- zling reperToire oT plays. All The backs seemed To be in a hip-shaking mood and inclined To run wild. Gwynn Doweli and "LeTTy" Sollis reeled oTT long gal- lops, The Tormer TwisTing 69 yards Tor a Touchdown and The laTTer zigzagging 67 yards Tor anoTher. MiaTadors Win FirsT Conference Game On OcTober I4. The lvlaTadors made Their bow inTo The Border STaTes Con- Terence by Trouncing The invading Uni- versiTy oT Arizona WildcaTs. ln spiTe oT ineligibles and a divided squad. The TechsTers blanked a hard-TighTing, hard- Tackling band OT Arizonians, ZI To O. in a game TeaTuring a dual aerial aTTack. Discovering early The TuTiliTy oT Trying To peneTraTe The Tech Torward wall, The WildcaTs Took To The air Tor mosT oT Th The Bull TighTers aTTempTed I44 passes, compleTing 50 Tor a ToTal gain of 752 ards. OpponenTs aTTempTed I32 passes, compleTing 44 Tor a ToTaTl gain of 52I yards. Tech iaveraged 62 2X3 yards per game and opponenTs 43 lf3. The Mafadors had 27 passes inTer- cepTed while opponenTs had 28. eir gains. NoT To be ouTdone. The Bull FighTers also became aerial- isTs, compleTing passes hiTher and yon in The mosT ap- proved sTyle. Harold CriTes scored The TTrsT Touchdown in The sec- ond sTanza aTTer an Arizona punT had been parTially blocked: he again counTed when he slipped Through Tackle Tor l2 yards laTe in The Tinal period aTTer LesTer Tribble had inTercepTed a WildcaT pass and ambled 30 yards To The Arizona eighT-yard mark Trom where "Loping LeTTy" Sollis carried iT over a Tew plays laTer. uTed specTacular biTs oT deTensive play in The line. Tech Cops Second Game WiThin Two Days A conTingenT oT lv1aTadors Trekked To New Mexico and annexed The second game wiThin Two days Tor The ScarleT wiTh a win over The New Mexico Normal Cow- boys. ATTer The Tinal whisTle, ending a raTher lisT- less scrap, The lv1aTadors Tound Themselves on The long end oT 43 To 7 score. The Tech machine Tailed To click eTTecTively in The Lacy Turner, guard, a defensive player of meriT: besT againsT Bfaylor and Simmons. L. J. Sollis. halfback. iackrabbiT of The Team, shiTTy ball carrier and souThpaw passer. LesTer Tribbleli cenTer, noTed Tor inTercepTing passes and reTurning"Them for Touchdowns. Malcolm MarTin, end, scored Touchdown on'SMU, Ed McKeever, halfback, driving ball ToTer, and good blocker. The TechsTers ran up a ToTaI yardage of 355 on kick-off reTurns againsT 44I yards for opponenTs. Tech oalled Time ouT I8 Times and opponenTs 55. Tech fumbled 35 Times Ia TourTh of Them were made in The Simmons game, To opponenTs' 23. TirsT half, regisTering only 9 poinTs To O Tor The Cow- boys. BuT wiTh The beginning oT The lasT session. CawThon's warriors sTarTed rolling up The markers xcyhile The Normal boys managed To Tally one Touch- own. "Double Ug" Curfman, burly Tech Tullback, crossed The New Mexico goal line Three Times. QuarTerback EsTil Carnes grabbed a New Mexico punT and Travel- ed down The Tield 90 yards Tor a counTer. A Tew momenTs laTer, The Cowboy quarTerback reTaliaTed by recovering a Tech Tumble and galloping 95 yards Tor The only score oT The New Mexico Team. Bull FighTers Blank Colorado Miners The MaTadors now iourneyed norTh To Denver To adminisTer a 2l To 0 drub- bing To The School oT Mines aT Golden. Colorado. Combining a Tricky, decep- Tive running oTTense wiTh a versaTile pas- sing aTTack, The MaTadors gained aT will Through The Oredigger line. "LeTTy" Sollis wenT over Tor The TirsT Touchdown in The second period aTTer Harold CriTes had recovered a Miner Tumble. On The kick-OTT, Sollis TwisTed 72 yards behind perTecT inTerTerence beTore he was broughT down on The Colorado I3 yard sTripe. On The nexT play, he passed To MaTT HiTchcock Tor The second score. CriTes rang up The Tinal counTer in The Third quarTer on an aerial Trom Sollis. Big Ben AnThony, MaTador cenTer. roamed all over The Tield, smoThering Miner passes and runs To TeaTure The play oT The Tech line. MaTadors RouT NoTre Dame Ramblers WiTh Three vicTories over ouT-oT-sTaTe Teams Tucked saTely away. The MaTadors began preparing Tor an- oTher invader. The "B" Ramblers oT NoTre Dame loomed as The eighTh long-awaiTed game on The schedule. Campus enThusiasm was riTe and The Bull Adrian Clark, quarTerback, sophomore sensaTion of The SMU game. .Raymond BarTon, cenTer. a red-headed, 'FighTing Irish- man.i Harold CriTes, fullback, one of The TinesT backs in The SouThwesTg Three varsiTy IeTTers. Ben AnThony, cenTer. played a greaT game againsT The Colorado Miners. T T 4 i i ,A FighTers caughT The spiriT and worlced accordingly. From The sTandpoinT oT scoring, The me- lee was iusT anoTher oT Those goose egg aTTairs Tor The opposiTion, buT repleTe wiTh Thrilling biTs oT TooTball neverThe- less. Tech dashed and passed, punTed and plunged, To send The NoTre Dame "B" To deTeaT Tor The second Time in Their hisTory. ATTer The roar oT 8,000 delirious Tans had subsided and lighTs had dimmed, The score read: Tech 39, NoTre Dame "B" 0. The aggregaTion ThaT rode ouT oT SouTh Bend Tailed To live up To expecTaTions, while The MaTadors clicked wiTh ma- chine-lilce precision in every deparTmenT oT play. The Irish held The shock Troops oT The MaTadors score- less in The TirsT period, alThough The hard-driving Troopers gained The NoTre Dame one-TooT line. BuT The lasT Three quarTers are anoTher sTory. ATTer The regulars Toolc The Tield in The second Trame, iT was noT a quesTion oT who would win buT how many poinTs The Bull FighTers would ring up. Finding Their plunges neTTed Them noThing, The SouTh Benders unleashed an aerial aTTaclc ThaT gained Them The same Thing. In The lasT halT, The lrish, wealcened Tech converTed 29 poinTs aTTer Touchdown while The opposiTion made 3. Tech was penalized Tor 880 yards as compared To 390 Tor The opposiTion. Coach CawThon made 295 subsTiTuTions and The opposiTion made only 96. Tech hiad only one punT blocked, while opponenTs had approximaTely Three blocked. and Tired, could noT sTop The iuggernauT oT The lvlaTa- olors. Tech sTarTed up The Touchdown Trail when CriTes riTled a sizzling pass To MaTT l-liTchcoclc ThaT was good Tor 58 yards, and The Tormer wenT over The goal line Tour plays laTer Tor The counTer. Malcolm MarTin regis- Tered anoTher on an end-around play. Demp Can- non Tallied a Third as a resulT oT a NoTre Dame Tum- lole. l-liTchcock romped To a Touchdown on an inTer- cepTed pass. D. M. McElroy dashed 50 yards Tor The MIlTon MoFFeTT quarTerbaclc clever ball carrier and a flawless Tield general Three leTTers Bill Teal end The gamesT man on unusual abIlITy To smash The line Tor gains Marion Harris Tull mfr' i i . ' ' . i .. :fm "'i. I ' I I The squad: Three varsiTy leTTers. Gwynn Dowell, fullback, has back a hard running low charging ball carrier 'From Oklahoma The Mafadors losT 250 yards from scrimmage as compared To 326 for opponenfs. The Texas Aggies were Thrown for losses Tofaling 50 yards aT Amarillo. fiffh Tally, followed by "Speedy" lv1offeTT Tli++ing 54 yards for The lasf score afTer infercepfing a Nofre Dame aerial. TriniTy's Tigers Tamed by Cawfhonmen Trinify universiTy's Tigers now visifed The Tech arena and were effecfively Tamed by a sfampeding band of MaTadors wiTh a 79 To O score. AlThough fighTing To The lasT whisfle, The Bengals were uTTerly helpless be- fore The onslaughf of The TechsTers. The game seT an all-Time high-scoring record for a Tech Team. Making firsf downs on nearly every oTTensive Thrusf, The Scarlef gridsfers flashed from one end of The field To The ofher wifh monofon- ous regularify. Power and sTilI more power on The parf of The Mafadors 'fea- Tured The fracas. To affempf To name The Tech sTars Thaf nighT would be To name 25 foofballers who harassed The Bengals for some Two hours. "Speed" Moffeff converfed five exfra poinfs. Baylor Bears Whipped by Mafadors Armisfice Day-Homecoming-Baylor Bears! Amidsf The noisy acclaim of 5,000 fans, The Mafadors muzzled The Bears effecfively and came off The field wifh a I4 To 2 Triumph, The ninTh of The campaign. Baylor was The Third Soufh- wesT Conference club on The lvlafadors' "suicide" schedule and The second To bow To The TechsTers. Baylor's highly TouTed line was baTTered and broken Time affer Time by Tech forwards. Rugged Scarlef ball ToTers poured Through gaping holes, repeafedly Tearing off sizable gains To ThreaTen confinually. CawThon's men drew firsT blood in second quarTer. "LefTy" Sollis broke Through Tackle behind good in- Terference and raced 40 yards before being downed. A few plays lafer, D. M. McElroy passed To Sollis for The Touchdown. Aubrey "One PoinT" Buffs TroTTed on The field, kicked goal and wenT off again. ln The final Elva Baker Tackle one of The reasons Tor Techs greaT line Brigham Young Tackle has a love Tor The game and a fighhng can Take iT. MaTT Hifchcoclc end a demon on The defense and a ' ' . A spiriT. Woodrow Wilson, Tackle, plays a greaT brand of ball: " good pass receiver session, Two consecuTive Tumbles seT The sTage Tor a saTeTy Tor The Gold and Green. Yancy Price, back To kick, was Tackled behind The goal line by "Red" Clem, Baylor guard, Tor Two poinTs Tor The Bears. This was The TirsT Time The MaTadors' goal line was crossed on The home Tield during The season. The lasT Tech score came a Tew minuTes laTer when LesTer Tribble gaThered a wild Baylor pass inTo his arms on The 30- yard line and scuTTled over The pay-OTT sTripe unTouched. Again BuTTs enTered The game To send The pigskins squarely Through The uprighTs. The playing oT Lacy Turner aT guard was one oT The big TacTors in The lv1aTa- dor vicTory. , New Mexico Lobos Crushed by TechsTers ln The lasT Border Conference game oT The schedule, Tech's "Red Raiders" invaded The lair oT The Univer- siTy oT New Mexico Lobos and spoiled Their Home- coming plans wiTh a 39 To 6 win. The vicTory carried wiTh iT The myThical championship of The Border ConTerence Tor The lv1aTadors in Their TirsT season oT compeTiTion in The loop. ln The second period, The New Mexicans drove 60 yards up The Tield Tor six poinTs. New Mexico en- Thusiasm visioned a vicTory buT iT Tadecl when l-larold Tech kicked off 65 Times and opponenTs only 22 Times due To The 'FacT ThaT The MaTadors made The mosT Touchdowns. The Mahadors regisTered a ToTal of 2,386 yards on The kick-off and opponenTs l,l23. CriTes broke Through Tackle and raced 65 yards To cross The New Mexico goal-line. The remainder oT The skirmish was a rouT, The Bull FighTers scoring al- mosT aT will. The score mounTed sTeadily as CriTes, D. lvl. McElroy, "Speed" MoTTeTT, and "Double Ug" CurTman carried The ball on disTanT journeys. ' Inspired Cowboys Down Tech in Final Thanksgiving Day broughT The MaTadors' TradiTional rivals, The Simmons universiTy Cowboys To Tech Field. ln The season's greaTesT upseT, Tech lowered The Scar- leT and Black To Simmons, I3 To I2, when The Ranch- ' and offense. TrueTT Owen, Tackle, a Terror To The opposiTion: an iasseT To The line. Dempzl Cannon, halfback, The blond flash: a speedy, shiTTy ball Iugger. Toby Greer, guard, a hard TighTing, hard hiTTing lineman. .Bennie McWillams, Tackle, a power on The defense Playing Teams from six sTaTes, The MaTadors were undeTeaTed excepT by Texas elevens. NoTre Dame "B" Traveled from SouTh Bend, Indiana, To suFFer deTeaT iaT The hands of The Bull FighTers. The IongesT Trip made by Tech was To Denver. ers Took advanTage oT a series oT Telling Tumbles and The TechsTers Threw away several opporTuniTies To even The score or win The game. SmarTing Trom The 6 To O Iashing oT The previous year, Coach Les CranTiII Turned his Cowboys loose and waTched Them gallop Their way To The Tech IasT Iine oT deTense Twice beTore The Tinal whisTIe. CriTes puT over a Tech TaIIy in The TirsT quarTer aTTer a Triple pass had placed The ball on The eighT-yard Iine. The Try Tor exTra poinT Tailed. Recovering a MaTa- dor Tumble early in The second period, Byron, Cowboy back, broughT The crowd To iTs TeeT by placing a 25-yard pass in The hands oT I-IuesTis, who raced across The goal Iine unTouched. The final IvIaTador counTer came in The Third Trame via The aerial rouTe, Sollis To Ivlar- Tin, who made a sensaTionaI caTch. The aTTempT Tor poinT was Tumbled. Taking advanTage oT anoTher Tech miscue IaTe in The game, The BapTisTs clinched The vicTory by pIanTing The sphere pasT The IvIaTadors' lasT chalkline and kicking The exTra poinT. The ScarIeT IosT a game and IosT iT To an inspired, TighTing Team. CapTain Ross Ayers, Bill Teal, MiITon IvIoTTeTT, and I-Iarold CriTes played Their lasT TooTbaII under The "Double T" ThaT day and Their playing IeTT noThing To be desired. FK wk lk lk Three oT The Iv1aTadors were placed on myThicaI aII-conTerence Team and Two won second places. I-Iarold CriTes, IvIaTT I-IiTchcock, and TrueTT Owens were given berThs on The TirsT Team and "Speedy" MoTTeTT and Bennie IvIcWiIIiams capTured posiTions on The second Team. Border ConTerence STa nding Team Won LosT Tied PoinTs PcT. Texas Tech ............. 2 0 0 382 I.OOO Arizona UniversiTy ........ 3 2 0 86 .750 FIagsTaTT Teachers .. .... I I I 4I .500 Arizona STaTe ........... I I I 55 .500 New Iviexico Aggies ...... 2 2 I I66 .250 UniversiTy oT New Mexico. .2 2 2 48 .I25 if ,7 D. M. McElroy, halfback, a crack ball carrier and passer. Ealey K, V, Harris, guard, one of Tech's mighTy aToms in The line., Leonard f' Curfman, fullback, a good Iine plunger and blocker. Lawrence Z' D Priddy, guard, a blond TighTer wiTh The "rock 'em and sock 'em" , .fi aTTiTude. I ' 1 I Q Coach Del lvlorgan's T933 lVlaTador baskeTball Team enjoyed The mosT suc- cessTul season in The hisTory oT The school and broughT Tech iTs TirsT baskeT- ball championship by making a clean sweep oT Border conTerence compeTi- Tion. OuT oT Zl sTarTs The lvlaTadors losT only seven games. Four oT These losses were susTained aT The hands oT The WesT Texas Teachers, sTrong naTion- al A. A. U. conTenders. CapTain Har- vey Dunn, Wilson Gilmore, Polk Robi- son, and Alvin Crews bore The brunT OT The Tech aTTack all season and Their de- pendable, consisTenT play was a big Tac- Tor in The Team's success. The TechsTers ushered in The T933 courT campaign January 5 and 6 by spliTTing a Two game series wiTh The colorTul House oT David goal loopers oT BenTon l-larbor, Michigan. Tech Took The TirsT conTesT 48 To 34. The DavidiTes jumped inTo an early lead buT were soon overTaken by The lv1aTadors. The second game was a Thrilling encounTer wiTh Tech holding The lead unTil The closing Tew minuTes oT play, when The bearded men rung Two Tield goals To give Them a 35-33 vicTory. SouThwesTern Oklahoma Teachers invaded The lvlaTa- dor arena Tor Two skirmishes. The TirsT game was a Five poinTs difference in The score isn'T any Too safe a margin To leave and go home on. rough and Tumble aTTair which smacked more oT TooT- ball Than iT did baskeTball. ATTer abouT 40 minuTes oT rough play, The Bulldogs were vicTorious, 35 To 29. The second game was played more according To The rules oT The game and The Bull FighTers rang up a 33 To 28 win. Tech was OTT To an early lead which iT never relinquished, alThough hard-pressed in The wan- ing minuTes when The Teachers Trimmed The margin. Will Gilmore, speedy Torward, looped The hoop Tor eighT poinTs To lead The lvlaTaclors. Randolph Fields Pliers oT San AnTonio were nexT on The schedule. AlThough presenTing a lineup conTain- ing sTars acclaimed as All-Americans and ex-college as From' row LaMasTer Eddleman, Crews, Thomas, Owens, Coach Morgian Back row Gilmore, LoTer, Gray, Dunn, Priddy, S. ' . ,' - BryanT, Robison, and Flake. Crews prepares To shooT, apparenTly ignoring Dunn's defensive wing spread. luminaries Trom over The counTry, The AviaTors wilTed beTore The rushing aTTack oT The Morganmen, 42 To 26. The CadeTs sTarTed oTT aT a rapid clip, buT as The game grew old, began To slow down while The ScarleT gained in speed. Ray STecker, Tormer All- American aT WesT PoinT, was The big gun Tor The Fliers. Henry LoTer, lv1aTador Torward, rang The iron Tor I4 markers To capTure high scoring honors. A road Trip was nexT in order Tor The Tech dribblers. STopping oTT aT Alpine on The TirsT leg oT The iourney. The lv1aTadors deTaTed The Sul Ross Lobos, 37-I8. lvlaTador shoTs drummed The backboards almosT con- sTanTly ThroughouT The conTesT, The MaTadors goT Their TirsT TasTe oT Border ConTerence compeTiTion on The hardwoods when They maTched baske+ shoTs wiTh The New Mexico Aggies. In The TirsT Tracas. The TechsTers' superior Team work resulTed in a 48-24 Triumph. In The second game The Bull FighTers hopped oTT To a big lead and main- Tained iT ThroughouT To Take a 42 To 25 vicTory, and To make iT Two sTraighT over The Aggies. ReTurning To Texas, The TechsTers en- counTered Their old Nemesis-The Tow- ering BuTTs oT WesT Texas STaTe Teach- ers college. The BuTTaloes proved why They are 'Teared and respecTed in baskeTball circles oT The naTion by Trouncing The ScarleT 66 To 30 in The TirsT Tussle oT The annual Tour-game series. The Bull FighTers, dwarTed along side The Canyon GianTs, aT- Tacked The BuTTs wiTh Tury, commiTTing 24 personal Touls in The heaT oT The baTTle. BuT BurTon's BuTTaloes demonsTraTed ThaT heigh+ makes mighT. The Teachers made iT Two in a row over The Morgan- men by copping The second conTesT, 42 To I7. IT was The same old sTory. When The BUTTS geT under The baskeT iT meanT Two more poinTs on The score- board. Back again on The home courT, The lv1aTadors played 1 1 i . t f Aud Darr, Torwardg CapTain Harvey Dunn, guard, Henry LoTer, Q- . forward: J. C. Thomas, guard: Polk Robison, cenTer. X hosT To The Oklahoma CiTy universiTy Goldbugs in a Two nighT sTand. The firsT seT-To was a close and hard foughT affair, buT The final whisTle found The Bull Fighfers on The long end of a 37 To 30 counT. Tech assumed a lead in The firsT half +haT held. There were flashes of careful goal shooTing and drilled of- fense on The parT of boTh Teams, buT as The game grew old The visiTors Threw caufion To The winds in a desperaTe aT- TempT To rally. The sharp-shoofing of Polk Robison was a big facTor in The Mafador vicTory. The second nighT The superior Teamwork of The Iv1aTadors paved The way for The second win over The Bugs, 44 To 28. Polk Robison and Will Gil- more played Their usual sTarring roles aT cenTer and forward respecfively, and The work of Laurance Prid- dy aT guard was oufsfanding. lv1organ's Tviafadors Then embarked on an epoch-mak- ing road Trip inTo New Mexico. The nexT six games wifhin six days, wiTh miles of Tiresome Traveling in sub- zero weafher Thrown in, Tesfed The meTTle of The champions. They sTopped off aT Roswell and swepT a Two-game series wiTh New Mexico lvlilifary insTiTuTe, winning The firsf encounfer 47 To 31, and smoThered The CadeTs in The second game by a 69 To 22 score. "LefTy" BryanT in The acT of sinking one from The free-Throw line in a pracTice game. Moving on To Las Vegas, The Techsfers copped Two engagemenfs from The New lvlexico Normal Cowboys, winning The firsf TilT, 35 To 24, and The second, 42 To 35. WiTh The Mafadors Trailing by one poinT and only eighT seconds To play, Wilson Gilmore sank an over- hand, overhead field goal, and Tech defeaTed The UniversiTy of New lvlexico Lobos, I4 To I3, for The Third conference win of The season. By sTopping The Lobos The following nighT, 28 To 25, The Tv1aTadors cinched Their firsT Border Conference baske+baII TiTle wiThouT a defeaT and exfended Their winning sTreak To eighf consecufive wins. The game Alvin Crews forward Wilson Gilmore forward 5 M. F. Flake, cenferg Odell Moore, guard: TrueTT Owen, cenTer: CapTain Harvey Dunn drops in a graTis shoT againsT The Randolph Field Fliers. was hoTly conTesTed ThroughouT. Alvin Crews locaTed The hoop Tor nine poinTs. SouTheasTern Oklahoma Teachers oT DuranT were The opposiTion Tor Tech's nineTeenTh game oT The season. WiTh The Teams deadlocked aT 3l, and only eighT seconds To go. Bowden, capTain and Torward oT The Savages, shook The hoop Tor Two poinTs which spelled vicTory by ThaT margin. The lead see-sawed back and TorTh conTinually, The score being knoTTed seven Times during The game and six Times Tech was ahead. Tru- man Green oT The MaTadors Turned in a greaT game aT guard. The lvlaTadors Tailed To end The season in a "proverb- ial blaze oT glory" because The oppo- siTion happened To be none oTher Than The WesT Texas Teachers BuTTaloes. Tech ouTrushed and ouTplayed "The Tall- esT Team in The world" buT The peren- nial T. I. A. A. champs Took advanTage oT superior heighT To win 43 To 29. ln The Tinal game The MaTadors swarm- ed all over The BuTTs like aroused hor- neTs and Tor Three quarTers iT appeared They would break The Three-year iinx, buT The Thundering Herd Trom The Pan- handle reTused To be pushed aside, reg- isTering a 39 To 25 Triumph. IT was noT unTil personal Touls called Three Tech regulars To The sidelines ThaT The Bisons were able To run up a comTorTable lead in The lasT Tew minuTes. J. C. Thomas made a crediTable showing aT guard Tor The Bull FighTers. CapTain Harvey Dunn finished his baskeTball career wiTh The MaTadors by playing one oT his besT games oT The season. QA E Frank Eddleman, guard: S. BryanT, Torwardg Lawrence Priddy, ' guard: Truman Green, guard: Roberi BryanT, guard. CHEER LEADERS T Under The able leadership oT Yell Leader Rob O'l-lair and his assisT- anTs, Bob Walker and F. A. "Fish" Landers, There was creaTed on The campus This year The besT spiriT ThaT Tech has ever known. The spiriT oT The sTudenT body in The pasT has been aT a raTher low ebb, buT This year iT was sTirred and roused To a high piTch. This en- Thusiasm was mainTained Through- ouT The season and The lvlaTadors were always aware ThaT The sTudenTs were behind Them. Much oT This good work was accomplished aT The gianT pep meeTings held each week during The TooTball season. One oT The biggesT rallies was held The nighT beTore The clash wiTh NoTre Dame. The yell leaders recruiTed a corps oT hand- picked Treshmen who depleTed The alleys oT Lubbock oT several hundred barrels and vari- ous sorTs oT kindling which was To have been igniTed The nighT beTore The game wiTh Bay- ,Q E. as Rob and Bob sTanding in The ashes oT Their second bonfire. lor's Golden Bruins. The conTlagraTion was seT oTT premaTurely, buT This did noT discourage The cheer leaders. They puT The bonTire gang To work again early in The morning and by nighT anoTher pyramid oT aebris had been consTrucTed larger Than The TirsT one. And so Tech had iTs mammoTh bon- Tire and pep rally as scheduled. Rob and his yellers worked unTiringly during The TooTball season. Leaders oT TuTure years will do well To carry on The spiriT creaTed aT Tech by Rob, Bob, and "Fish" Landers. "Fish" Landers, Bob Walker, and Rob O Hair. "Bo" Williams, Three years manager of The TooTball Team, and handy man abouT The g m C baMasTer, assisTanT manager of TooTball Y ' Y and baskeTball manager. STUDENT MANAGERS Five sTudenT managers, selecTed by The col- lege coaching sTaTT, supervised The manage- menT oT all varsiTy and Treshman sporTs lisTed on The Texas Tech l932-33 calendar. Included among Their many managerial duTies were The handling oT all equipmenT, TransporTaTion problems, and hoTel reservaTions oT The a+h- leTic squads. The managers accompanied The Teams on all oT The playing Trips. The Tive managers who served The Tech squads so TaiThTully were: Williams, l.aMasTer, l-lalsey, Klein, and l-liTchcock. These boys are To be commended Tor Their good work. l-lugh "Bo" Williams, a senior, wound up his Third year as man- ager oT lvlaTador TooTball Teams lasT Tall. Cy l.alvlasTer, a iunior, served as assisTanT manager To The MaTador TooTballers and was manager oT The Tech baskeTball Team during The I933 season. "l-lop" l-lalsey oT Lubbock, l-lal "LiTTle" l-liTch- cock oT LexingTon, and Ed Klein oT Waco looked aTTer The problems oT The Tish squads. All Three caTered To The wanTs oT The Picador TooTball men and Ed Klein served as manager oT The undeTeaTed Treshman baskeTball aggre- gaTion. Williams and l.alvlasTer were awarded varsiTy sweaTers as a Token oT Their services. Klein, l-lalsey, and l-liTchcock were presenTed wiTh Treshman numerals as a reward Tor Their work. 1, .- Hal HiTchcock, Cy LaMasTer, "Hop" Halsey, Ed Klein, and "Bo" Williams. J J S. lvl. U. coaching sTaTT: "The hard- esT blocking, The Toughesr Tackling TooTbaIl Team we have played in The IasT Two years wiTh The possible ex- cepTion oT NoTre Dame." The Colorado Oredigger: "When They lThe MaTadorsl Tackled They wenT aTTer The legs somewhere be- Tween The knee and ankle, noT some- where beTween The Adams Apple and The ozone." Denver PosT: "The smooThesT work- ing and mosT decepTive Team To ap- pear in Denver sTadium This year." "Red" Clem, Baylor guard: "The MaTadors have a harder blocking Team Than Texas. IT They were in The conTerence, They would beaT A. 84 M., Arkansas, Rice, Baylor, S. M. U., and give Texas a hard TighT. There is noT a Team in The Comcerence ThaT can run Through and around us as Tech did. The enTire Team was unan- imous in saying ThaT The blocking oT The Tech Team was beTTer Than any They Taced all season." BASKETBALL CONFERENCE STANDING Team Texas Tech . . . Arizona UniversiTy . . FlagsTaTT Teachers . . UniversiTy oT New Mexico Temple Teachers . . New Mexico Aggies' . W L PcT. 4 0 I.000 7 3 .700 7 5 .583 8 6 .57I 6 ' I0 .375 2 I0 .I66 . LETTER MEN SCORING Player ConT. Non-ConT. Gilmore . . Robison . . Crews . . LoTer . Dunn . . Priddy . . Green . Thomas . . ToTals . . I29 ToTaI I68 158 I53 8 I 70 48 40 I3 73I Aclivilies, The pulse beal of college. Play producing, music, sewing, and carpenlry mixed wilh good cheer. Collecling news, debaling clebalers, promolring Carnivals, rocleos, convenlions, and campaigns. All in all, The 'rrue college life. BCOK l SIX V 1 4 3 l i I 1 l l l l l l l Y ,, , V A Jijv- 1 . ... . is Avzll lg ffwffffwg ' "' x b r u,-fsasulux-Vg -A ""A ' -. 'A J N H '.1,'f 1 ff. .. The Three-Toed horse, nor any larger Jrhan Jrhe average dog of Today, flourished in Jrhe weslrern Unifeol Sfafes. Some excelleni specimens have been 'found near Lubbock. From Ihe norI'h and e a s I' in+ermiI'I'en+Iy came 'Iribes of Indians differing in language, cusfoms, and physical characierisiics. While- skinned man, immune as he was 'Io any of +I1eir weapons, was readily accepied as a greai' Spiril and was worshipped according- Iy. Droughis, prairie 'I'ires, land scarcify of game offen necessiI'aI'- ed fhe red man's de- pariure. One fribe, more civilized and peaceful +han Ihe res'I, erecfed houses, a pro- 'recfion againsi +he elemenis man had never known. ACTIVITIES 'N' I I Q. Reach for a l l ins+ead of a sweef or reach for ia swee+ inslewad, il' doesn'l' maH'er. Le+'s ge+ a cup o' coffee. Jean Ayres makes A's and all +ha+ in addilion +o being ad- minisl'ra'I'ion edilor. Thal guy you see looking al' you from 'l'he corner of 'l'his page is none ofher l'han Bruce Zorns, The assislanl' business manager of +his book. H' is rumored +ha'I' he 'lried +o sell l'he posl-office an adverfise- menl. This piclure is lo be shown +o all mo+hers 'lo bear oul' ihe facl' +ha+ 'Their young 'Fresh- men sons lor daughlersl are well cared 'For wal' college. "Fish" Wafers is al' lhe con- 'I'rols and "Fish" Collier is on 'The receiving end. The engineers iusl' can'+ gel along wi+hou+ a+ leasi' one square meal a year so +hey have wha+ is known as "The Engineers' Banquet" From 'lhe looks of everyone, 'rhey didn'+ have +o have a slide rule 'lo masfer 'I'he meal. The Sunday evening +ha'l' 'l'his piclure was made, There was no sands'l'orm blowing so 'l'he Lubbock Chamber o'F Com- merce asked us +o pu'I' i'l' in. The man basking in 'l'he warm sunshine of l'he Plains is Alfred Holeman, L. A. senior. Ig Ns "Piggy, piggy, piggeeee, come and gel' i+." We don"r mean Bill Gregory bu+ +he feed he has for fhem. The camena man was caughl "ca'rching" somebody else in 'rhis picfure. ll- looks like il migh'r be one of +hose wedding day piciures. Who are +hese cu'I'e li'H'le boys wi+h +he Tricky caps on? They mus'l' be freshmen 'for none else would wear such lhings. Some girls gel' all +he breaks. The free was pul' fhere for profeclion. This is noi' 1'he Sco+ch club: il' is fhe band ius'I' before i1's 'I'rip 'lo Denver. Think of fhe im- pression ihose Denver lassies gol of Tech. Yoo hoo, Mickey! When The engineers ge+ +o surveying, +he girls sho' do wave fheir hands. The slipslick boys are iusl' frying +o 'figure ou+ how many sfeps fhey 'lake from lhe ad building +o 'lhe engi- neering building. This is one more popular man, says College lnn. From ihe smiles all musi' have received a leffer. He is iusl' showing off: "Brig- ham" Young hasn'i' fhe slighf- es+ ideia of how +o opera+e a popcycle. Exodus of sluden+s from an eleven o'clock class. Wllilazzffffyffy 1 up - ill f I 1 fxlililiilll M1 sri., ,ali I T xpxwwiiiiwl:-: ia.i4Ji1'1' "": 1 , X 'N T--'f'l'!!f!i f ' , T r 1' ,F 1' '29 l .rrr 1 ' i :Ez-Ez. 2 .-., 1, is 1 gqpwg. 'wif ' Y lV'LiSi Fish Weddle an Aggie sings a love song fo himself as no Q . X Q Home Ec gurls are handy ai' 'l'he momenl' or maybe he is lusi -'fb prachclng 'rr ff N 72 i 'i l l T Lasl minule news released from fhe Manuel S. A. De- Busk bigamy irial. The pic+ure was smuggled 'from 'lhe couri- room by a repor+er. On l'he lefl' is fhe defense, on The righ'l' 1' h e proseculing aH'orney wilh 'l'he "Frail", reason for The l'rouble, plali- num blonde Helen Se++le. Top hand al 'rhe Tech-Sim- mons 'Fool'ball game. The greai big caHleman is Chief Wiley of 'I'he Cowboy band. Thai' self-safisfied smile was prophefic. The man in while is ihe Ma'l'ador band's pride and ioy, Harry LeMaire, play- ing hosi 'io 1'he Cowpunchers. Some young lady has such ian appealing personali+y 'Thai she can rale 'rwo escorls. There mighl' be fwo reasons 'For ihis, ihey mighi' noi' 'lrusl her or 'l'hey mighl noi' lrusl' each oiher. F. G. Harbaugh reaches 'for anolher hofdog. Ber'l' Rigler is sfanding 'For Dr. Harbaugh, or lhe ho+dog. The reques'l' was miade +o pub- lish ihis pic'I'ure of Jimmie Roberfs al' work. He seemed 'I'o lhinlc 'lhere were a few slcep'l'ical people. ... ..,. wi......,,,,,,,,,,n,,,,,,,,-MWF! fiyilllllia s nn .. A s' .,,.. y . ff" ' 1's4....,-mj A poli1'e 'Fellow lor is if a freshmanl, plays fhe hero. A 'lhrilling momen'I' al' 'l'he Aggie Rodeo. The one wi1'h 'rhe beard is an Aggie. Dr. Holden's home and The Ko-Shari meeling place. The house of Indian adobe was designed by Jimmie Allcinson, an archi- Iecfural sfudenf, and Dr. Holden of 'Ihe his'rory deparimeni. Duck Inn: So named because of I'he "ducIcie wuclcies", goosie woosies, hennie pen- nies and olher brands of 'I'he fowl specie Ihey Iceep Ihere. A+ Duck Inn I I o'cIocIc means Il o'cIock and one minule a'Her eleven means bed lime. Allie Rae Collins is Ihe one who Ie+s Ihe inhabiianis in aHer +he doors are locked ai' ll o'cIocIc. Here is David Powell hesiI'a'I'- ing a second on 'Ihe sfeps of Miclcey's Log Cabin. I+ mus'I' be Sunday afiernoon or per- haps +here is a 'fooiball game for fhere are no collegians Ioafing around. A scene from "Submerged." The ac'I'ors are in a hard wiay for fhey are ge'H'ing dark spo'I's under Iheir eyes. Garland Nysiel . . . wi+houI' comment On 'Ihe firing line of Tech's "ou'Idoor" rifle range. Our picfure of The indoor range, an exacl' copy of 'I'he black ca'Is in an alley on a dark nigh'r, was los+. HI I 1 li I, If I 3 I Confacf. Air-mindecl Jimmie Rober+s aH'acks 'rhe business encl of his plane. A shoe exhibii' fea+uring ihe soles of Tracy Waison, Ken- neih BenneH', Warren Smifh, Jack Wilson, Le'H'y Sollis, and Pe+e Smifh. Thai long lonesome +rail be- fween Engineering and Ad building. Lecfures are over and here come Drew Dickson and Slime Grimes. VZV: Eii 2 f ' 1,121 ,,,.- 5,1 I .::,.faff' 5 f W' L i w ,kg We envy Jimmie Roberfs when he swoopecl down over ihe X5 Ks campus and snapped ihe piciure above A good view of 1,. 'iii'21r 2 .ai. if? lililszfvi r1""'l 'i'i Z The pride and possession of 'Phe School of Agriculfure: Senoriha Sue Barlon, La Reina del Rodeo. She belongs +o 'rhe iunior class of ihe Liberal Ar+s school, Las Chaparrifas, and fo Bob Walker. I+ 'fakes a queen 'I'o keep whi'l'e during all fhe rain and mud of 'the Rodeo. Any girl would smile if she had been honored like Sue. All +ha+ popularily musl' be deserved. Anofher one of 'lhe major aH'rac+ions of +he Rodeo. The faggie school grows fhem wild, or do we iusr have an example of how fhey spend lheir +ime. Milk from discon+en'red cows. A prize was given 'l'o +he boys who could gel' +he mos+ milk in 'Phe leasi' lime. Jessie Young and Mouzon Rosser were +he 'Firs+ To gel a couple of drops of milk in fheir pop boHle and reached +he judge before Al Simmons and his +eamma+e. .X Adil Q , i Sammie Marie Hi++ was lhe choice of her Home Ec sis+ers for queen of 'l'he Twel'Hh Nighl' celebra+ion held in +ha'l' school. "The Queen of 'lhe AWS Carnival," +ha+ is +he +i1'le l'ha'l' Pwauline Yeager received a+ The annual AWS Carnival. She is also a member of 'l'he Home Ec school. "Now I lay me down +o sleep", Fish Wa+ers and Col- lier spend +he nigh+ in ihe haysiack back of +he Aggie barns. "When i1"s spring 'lime down in Texas," ii is also roundup lime. Here we see +he Ag- gies puH'ing 'l'he Tech brand on one of 'lhe beeves. Even hogs mus'r have wa bafh, b u 'l n o + every Sarurday. These prize winners are being prepared for fhe Fai' Sfock show af "Cowl'own." Queen of +he Slime Broil and Her Court This celebrafion +akes place every cen+ury and is exclusively 'for slimes. The place is ihe mule barn. From lhe balmy islands of +he Pacific comes 'lhis exclusive news picl'ur.e of 'l'wo of our Aggies, Pederson and Har'l'er. They reporled fhiai' crops on fhe island were good, espe- cially along 'l'he beach. ,T -I J .,'. vi:.:. I SL- AAV, an X ' i l. , .V,. X 2 Q-' X ,. 2' '..' 1 +I , . . ,qll illll r yyr I: gl ', vzi' 'll "', 'ill' i - .Z L, .F R 1 -L RN w W lyllfm lf is rumored +ha'I' +he Cen+aurs fried fo sfeal Liga'l'iarre ll and use him for a door prop or las a pa'I'ron sainf. l l i l Helping a Ceniaur brofher fo gel' down and slay +l'1a'l' way. Gel' James Henley's opinion of a pledge? Doyle Selfle, our senior edi- +or, evidenily lilces l'l1e snow. "Mamma, are flmese men playing Jacks?" The emp+y bo'Hles indicafe depar+ed spiri+s. A good 'lime was had by all. Below Miss Boopboop or Win- ona Pardue, radio enlerfainer, masier of l'l1e violin and 'iypewrifer keyboard. Doc Harbauglw going +o class. A collegian's room and il' wasn'+ cleaned up especially for +l'1is picfureg voucl1es for 'l'l'1e proud houselceepers, Nys- 'rel and Kuhn. Ylf., - 'vor V If I V4 ':I. :fI:. . '. A.,.,. :-l' 'Q ' l :'sf i1:'i, -1Q- il l..- ga f F9 T Yfnu D. F. D.'s aHeniiong iusi' a few of iheir aHrac'rive members. Missouri girls are camena shy. The Tech s+ock judges dis- covered and lavished 'rheir falenis in ge1'+ing 'rhese +o pose. Now "You've go? me in be- iween fhe devil and 'lhe deep blue sea." The ocarino quarlefle, Fairly, Gordon, Hill, Knapp, NBC radio en'l'er'l'ainers for almosf 'ren minules, and have played over local sfaiions hui we are noi' supposed 'ro men+ion ihal in public. Willel Kuhn a+ +he oiher end of 'lhe camera l'his lime, and his "roomie" Garland Nys'l'el. Ti I R llf 5? s .. ii i was ,X A fa!!! 1 Yin,-1:5 ,............,,,i..........,, ,,,.i..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,m,, Feaiuring lhe LA VENTANA fealure wrifer "Tommy" or Miss May Tom Howell. Above, a pair of young sack clad pledges wailing for ihe club members 'lo conceive more inilialion slunis. Fred Hinger cerlainly has plenfy of back seal' driv- ers. Everyfhing was all righl unfil . . . Sonny Seaman and Vir- ginia Brown are 'rhal' way aboul each ofher. For all +hey care, fhe sun migh'I' be shining. Believe ii' or no+, l'his pic- +ure shows +ha+ ii' snows knee-deep in Wesi' Texas. Charley and Prudence are snowbound. Jusl' a viewpoin'r on Alma Maier when you have an eighl' o'cloclc and i+ is fwenfy below zero. Three Jacks and fhree queens, +oo many 'For a 'Full house! H' is iusl' a crowd. The Prac'I'ice house, knock fhe snow off your feel' bee fore enfering. Q K.. 5354" "" "" 3" ""A"A""' rms V:,, vvvv zu. Q 7 fa The Smifh and Roberfs children fighfing again. John R. Cummings .and Camille Johnson are iusf y walhng for curb service. :QWl'Mrg:?f:: Ye Z: 2 'C 'A' lx.: NIE ' " J E :ll :'rf't1e1 - Q W ' '7' wir. a , ,., -7-,il Helen Barslow makes 'lhe hearis of +he band boys s'rand a+'aHen+ion. Lucky boys, lucky girl. Chosen queen of +he band and here she is caughi' by +he cameraman afler receiv- ing +wo bouqueis +ha+ passed lhrough 'lhe hands of every band boy. Three of a kind. All Jef- 'Freys and all smiles. Read- ing from leH' 'lo righ'r: Lois, Evelyne, and Es+- elyne. Dr. C. B. Qualia pauses wi'rh Luisa Espinel, Span- ish dancer and songsfer, and Mr. Voorhies, her ac- companisf. This is how 'rhe double T appears from fhe ihird floor. Nofe l'he absence of fish. Byron Terrell is impafienf- ly wai+ing for Lomer Nel- son fo peck oufsome La Ven+ana copy. ,fow-...f"" f'5"m"' ,.,,,, , - -,-- . ,, W .... ""' -mv WW ' "' --"'-' .... I ,,, .,... Wwiiffigi H793 :': --.:. ...- ' ' ' as :,:. --:, - g s . ,. y 1.. U E...-'+"":?'.?- A Remember ihe snow. Sure, lhe snowballs, slippery 'QZQWQTE sidewalks, frozen radia+ors, and +hen +he sunshine. r'sff""" . 'N TMMQN T' e man wilh 'lhe hoe is clearing a palh for you if by ji chance you are going +o +he engineering building. iff? Parl of l'he spinning machinery in lhe 'lexlile shop. Righl afler 'Four or five hours of regislralion you feel like you'd been run lhrough il. U ln lhe 'lexlile school spin- ning yarns, and col'l'on, loo, is parl of 'lhe every day lask. Two collegians find an ideal place lo discuss lopics of lhe day. This is one way lo gel away 'From lhe pursuing lem- mes. These civil engineers will 'rell you lhis is a cemenl 'resling machine bul' il' looks like a guilloline +o us. Men of leisure in lhe eleclrical laboralory . . . and 'lhey say 'lhere are no snap courses in lhe Engin- eering school. Righl' lhis way, ladies and genllemenl l H e r e 's where you gel' your Tore- ador. Tomorrow's news 'l'oday. The place doesn'l' look nalural so deserlecl. Engineering drawing lab. Al firsl glance lhis looks like modern arf, buf if you look closer you can make oul Sue Michie, archilecl, who paused in her work 'lo accomodale lhe cameraman Kuhn, and a piclure of lhe old swimmin' hole in lhe background beside lhe nolorious sink wh e r e washouls lerasing smeared waler colorsl occur. ,Fi 2 s y l ii ii 1 M- w Whal' an inferesling birdie lhe camera man had +o aHrac+ 'rhe aH'en- lion of so many collegians and co-eds a+ once. The SeHles musl hang 'ro- gefher, and by his smile Doyle likes 'l'he idea. Two Aggies in ihe acl' of unifing frailer and car. Three Horsemen pause while Dobbin grazes. SeHle and Fisher address 'I'he ball while "Pinlcie" Crawford is +hinking of fhe pholographer rafher 'I'han 'rhe drive he should make. riiyy ifgifbi xxli i I r T- fl :'af 4 L , L 6. 2 I M4 Mzfff. 1 ,2e?So-V T Sans Souci girls have visiiors and en+er+ain ihem ac- cording 'l'o "The Rules and Regulafions of Women Sludenfs on Texas Technological College." - Once popularly called drug s+ore cowboys, bu+ Mar- l'ini'res would be more appropria+e. "I'lI gladly pay you lomorrow for a hamburger +oday" was adopiled as +heir mo+'ro. Brummelf, Thomas, C. Terrell, Chamberlin, Man- ley, Joseph, Messersmilh, B. Terrell, L. Terrell, and Coles, Idlewild 'Family come ou'I' of hibernalion 'ro glimpse +he snow be- fore if all mel'rs. Tracy Walson, how do you ra+e a girl like 'lhal' and so much like a piclure loo? Mickey lHimselfl Mc- Guire and Vice Prexy Norris seem 'ro have a lol' in common, namely yel- low caps and brolherly love. When you looked oul' on a snow covered campus, buHoned your overcoal +igh+er and said "-- a class in lhe 'lexlile build- ing on a day like l'his." Will +he opposifion please cease firing un+il we snap lhese snowball- ers? Thanks. l , 5 r r ,r i IE, lziizizi Viiiilz i?:liElii'Ei'i' Z i'i:"i ilirii ,.-f,,gga 2 ZQA? N 'WU 'Q T X N I wx T S- Qu I ' "1: 2513.3 ,,.Ay. , Vlvyl y Iii.. uiii 5: llili il . rfzi l 4 Rain or shine Jay and Sfell hifchhike fiffeen miles every morning fo school. Though fhey live in ldalou, fhey gef fo classes as early as mosf sfudenfs. Rose Marie Turner, shorf buf sweef, is Fish queen, I933. Ask Hop Halsey for defails. Le Honorable Reform Club lCoffee Clubl meefs every Sunday aff- ernoon. Purpose is fo smoke cigareffes and drink coffee. Back row: Cobb. O'Neall, Smifh, Chamberlin: fronf row: Ausmus lschool feacherl, Thompson, Treadaway. Hammond Ausfin sun- ning his red hair and, in- cidenfally, acquiring a few freckles. John Chamberlin a n d Graydon Ausmus, ex-vic- fim of Tech. The Reform Club plof- fing againsf fhe sfudenf governmenf. ?ff-figs'-.ey flag y,'-, :yi zyiy Seniors of I933 planf fhe fradlfional free in Senior s,yQ Pauline Garrigues and Melba Maxey renovaiing household furniiure. The chair on 'lhe lefl' is being made oui' of a barrel, and will be upholsiered. The sfudio couch was made by a carpenferg ii will have a box cushion 'lop and fhree box cushions for +he back. Two home economics siudenis weaving a lap- esiry. They can beal' l'he lexiile sfudenis any day. These girls design fheir own clolh, weave il' and make if up in'ro purses, wall hangings, scarves, or lable runners. Kemas club house on Fif- +een+h sireei. Af +he door of The prac- +ice house is Laura Song in her naiive Korean cos- iume. This dress of bro- cacle silk was sen'I' +o her +his year by a friend from Korea. Laura is a senior home economics siudeni. M. T. s'I'uden'rs praciicing loading a cannon behind ihe armory. 5 .........,....... 1 -v:-:v:- - :1: gg ',.,. Q5.ji,::.f.1gQ.Ijj..'g5E:..V l viva? ,.'ii2V - E , ,.. 2 k r l fi. .... . No+ a member of 'rhe House of David buf merely H. H. Hinson of l'he geology pariy swim- ming 1'he rapids in lnde- pendence Gorge, upper Piedra River valley, Colo- rado. These men are noi on l'he rockpile cracking rocks. They are merely in search of hidden 'lreasures +0 add fo +heir archeology lore. Banfa leads fhe geology pack irain on a mounlain +rail during fhe 'l'rip info Colorado. Perhaps fhis lone discov- erer has seen a foo'r prini' in +he sands of fhe play- house he is s+anding in. Saddle mounlain visiled by 'rhe archeology sfu- den'rs. A vis'ra fhrough +he frees on +he frail fhrough lnde- pendence Gorge. In fhe foreground are 'rhe San Juan mounfains and fhe valley of 'rhe upper Pie- dra River where fhe ge- ology par+y did much of i+s work. Ti l l L A+ lasf LA VENTANA has secured a pic'rure of "de- pression" wi'rh +he only camera which ever go'r aro-und fhe corner: and +o fhink if is ours 'ro behold! All a de- pression is, we are fold is a hole, and +hai' is nofhing so we will have +0 name fhis picfure "No+hing bul' a Pick." Q, T Peck! Peck! WiTh ThaT sound The Third annual archeology expediTion oTTicially began. Picks and shovels waxed TasT and Turious To un- cover The buried pueblo, which lay underneaTh Saddle Back Ridge. ' - one mile sOuTh OT Tascosa, Texas, once The wiIdesT Town OT The WesT and an old hangOuT OT Billy The Kid. For Two weeks no walls came To sighT, only arrowheads, bone beads, Turquoise. reamers, spear heads, broken poTTery, bone spades and burnT corn cobs-TogeTher wiTh bones OT buTTaloes and oTher ani- mals ThaT once roamed The plains. EvidenTly The Indian women were noT The good cooks They should have been, since The poTs and even some OT The bones were Turned black. Quick, EVERYBODY! A wall in Trench number Tive. and Then The digging began in earnesT aT The. The beginning OT The Third week. AT The end OT a week a pueblo arose Trom The bare ridge OT Saddle Back. A compIeTe pueblo was now on The hill wiTh a kiva and even The chieT's clay "baThTub". To SanTa Fe and a sTudy OT The arTiTacTs excavaTed in The archeology labOraTory There. Three inTeresT- ing days OT sTudy ensued while The pueblo was be- ing daTed and The Indians cIassiTied. A TeaTher in The parTy's capl They had discovered an enTirely new'civilizaTion OT Indians. A Two week's sTudy OT The modern pueblo Indian Tollowed, as They Trav- eled Through norThern New Mexico. The parTy reTurned by way OT Chaco Canyon where The oldesT aparTmenT house in The world, Pueblo BoniTa, is locaTed. Some OT The parTy were even brave enough To spend The nighT in The de- serTed old ruin, and whaT a nighTl The wind howled, and The rain came down in TorrenTs. IT seemed ThaT The spiriTs OT The Indians were resenT- ing The invasion OT The whiTe man. OThers in The parTy celebraTed The reTurn by Taking a True lndian baThg ThaT is, one composed OT sand and Tew drops OT waTer. KATI-I LEEN JENN INGS AcTiviTy EdiTOr GEOLOGY FIELD TRIP Geology in The raw is seldom color- Iessl The rouTe chosen by The Tield class sTudenTs as They headed wesT Trom Lubbock lasr June 7, Took Them To The Carrizozo lava Tlow, The painTed deserT, The Navajo counTry, and many oTher places OT geogra- phic and geologic inTeresT. ATTer going Through New Mexico. a Two-day sTop was made aT Mesa Verde NaTional park. One week aTTer leaving Tech work was sTarTed on The Piedra river in The Pagosa Springs quadrangle OT Colorado, where The parTy packed inTO The mounTains wiTh The aid OT several horses. Base camps were esTablished and deTailed work was clone ouT OT each camp. The purpose was To make a geologic map OT a given area, cOllecT suTTicienT daTa Tor a lengThy reporT. Four weeks were spenT in going up one side OT The rnOunTain and down The oTher-Through, under and Over The under- brush. On July I4, eleven bewhiskerecl and exceedingly rough-looking would-be geolOgisTs reTurned To Lub- bock. The horne Trip was made Through Taos and SanTa Fe, wiTh a halT-day sTop aT SanTa Fe. FIELD TRIPS 1 QA I' . I iw: if if, ' 2' ---w'-if-,. 3, aw T T- 1-v SPANISH DANCER PRESENTS PROGRAM LAST NIGHT ON HIGH SCHOOL STAGE . . . . .SenoriTa Espinel has sTudied in New York and Holly- wood and, as a Tinishing Touch, she lived in Spain a year and sTudied The original dances oT The inhabiTanTs. Her Mill Dance, a Tolk "baile" given by Spanish peasanTs aT Their an- nual TesTival in Galicia, is a producTion TaughT her by The win- ner oT The I927 TiesTa conTesT, .........,..,... . . , . . . . . . . . . .The TirsT JiTney Players were college sTudenTs. Today There are Twelve in The Troupe, and all oT Them are ex- perienced New York players. The New York Times gave The pioneer group iTs presenT name when, in I922, Miss KeaTing purchased a "iiTney," builT a pIaTTorm on The back oT iT, and seT TorTh, ................. SHAKESPEAREAN PLAYERS PLEASE PACKED CROWDS . . . . . . . . . . . .As demonsTraTed by The Shakespeare Players Tuesday evening, The use oT music To accenT The swell oT hu- man emoTions was proven mosT eTTecTive ..... . . . . . . , COLORFUL ARTISTS TO APPEAR HERE Tenor and VioIinceIIisT To Preseni' JoinT Reci+aI I aT High School AudiTorium on February 22 When The Sylvia Tell Ensemble appears in concerT aT L. H. S. audiTorium, Velma Lyon, IvIeTropoliTan soprano, will be carry- ing one oT The principal parTs oT The program. MARTINO-ROSSI TO SING IN AUDITORIUM TONIGHT Giuseppe IvIarTino-Rossi, briIlianT operaTic bariTone, will ap-- pear aT The Lubbock High school audiTorium, aT 8 o'clock To- nighT. Rossi's career has been noThing shorT oT phenomenal: Trom an ITalian youTh in a sTrange land, whose one prized pos- session was his gorgeous voice and a desire To sing opera, he has risen To be one oT The besT known operaTic bariTones in American Today. ARTIST COURSE J J I 4 I ARTIST COURSE CALENDAR Summer School The Deep River Negro Quarfef The Cornish Players in "Love and Chance" The Arl'is'rs' Ensemble Fall Term Ji'I'ney Players in "Arms and +he Man" and "Mur- der in +he Red Barn" 'four performances Win+er Term The Hendrickson - Bruce Shakespearean Players in "Merchan+ of Venice" "Macbel'h" Raggini - Rehberg Recilal +enor and cellisf Spring Term Guiseppe Mariino - Rossi bari+one 3 vm" I l , feel 6 9' 49 K T L . "ff A W S CARNIVAL l-lullabaloo! Ears!! Queens!!! The Social clubs furnished Jrhe "Mardi Gras" almosphere wirh lheir gypsy boolhs. Whal-have-you was Jrhe order of lhe hour. and Feslivily was king. More Fesriv- ily was even beller. Pauline Yeager, freshman Las Chaparrilas candidaie, won The race for queen. Ned Bradley, masler of ceremonies, presenled her wilh a big bouguel of yellow roses. l-lis Varsily Rhylhm Kings made lhe music for lhe dancing. Sponsored by +he execulive council of The Associalion of Women Sludenls, lhis 'Fun-nigh! was a means of raising money To send Tech's represenlalives +o rhe conference of A. W. S. presidenls of all American colleges, held in lrhaca, N. Y., in April. The cameraman caughl Tom Zorns ius+ as he was on his way fo have his piclure drawn a+ fhe boolh in fhe rear. Home Ec girls are busy waifing for a crowd a+ fhe Bingo boolh. wif f L9 HCMECOMING A TasT-growing lumber pile on The campus corner aT College and Broadway gave Tech undergraduaTes Their TirsT hinT oT The close advenT oT l-lomecoming Day and The sixTh Tech-Baylor clash. l-lardworking Fish crews guarded The bonTire pile Tor a week beTore The maTch was To be sTruck, buT The morning oT The scheduled con- TlagraTion somebody lsuspicion poinTs Toward Baylor exesl burned'iT Tor his own pleasure. CrediT musT be given, however, To The class oT '36 Tor The TasT work in building anoTher. Besides having The pleasure oT seeing The Bears Take a I4-2 beaTing Trom The lvlaTadors beTore a crowd oT 6,000, Tech exes aTTended a noon-day banqueT in The l-loTel l-lilTon ballroom where They were inTroduced To The new presidenT. The day's celebraTions were concluded aT midnighT aT The close oT The Alumni- All-College dance llNled Bradley and his VarsiTy RhyThm Kings Turnished The musicl. The Tech band laid aside Their MaTador uniforms To don The khaki on ArmisTice Day. Remember The Baylor game, The banqueT, flags, parades and everyThing? sri-'Q Xxrrr V .A L ' STOCK JUDGING TEAM During a Three-week period Trom November I5 To December 7, The Texas Tech Senior LivesTock Judging Team, accompanied by Coach R. C. lvlowery, made The mosT excellenT record in iTs hisTory on iTs TiTTh Trip To The American Royal aT Kansas CiTy and The lnTernaTinal aT Chicago. Placing sixTh among The TourTeen compeTing Teams aT The Kansas CiTy show and TenTh aT Chicago among TwenTy Teams Trom Canada and The UniTed STaTes, The Tech men ran up scores which broughT crediT boTh To The college and To Them- selves. CurTis Williams and Harlan Howell placed high Tor Tech's Aggies aT The Amer- ican Royal and The lnTernaTional, respecTively. Williams and Howell boTh made enviable records aT The Tormer when They ranked TirsT and second in caTTle iudg- ing wiTh scores oT 246 and 24l in a possible 250. From sevenTy conTesTanTs in The same show, Williams and Howell were also given TwelTTh and eighTeenTh places, and BuTord Browning TourTeenTh. AT Chicago, Howell achieved eighTeenTh place among one hundred compeTiTors The highesT honor ever received by a Tech sTudenT There. He and Williams Tied aT The lnTernaTional Tor ninTh place in caTTle judging. The Tollowing composed The Team: Buford Browning, Fluvanna, E. G. Cauble, STilesg Lanoy Hazel, Spur, Harlan Howell, BrownTieldg Ben Jenkins, Gaily CurTis Williams, Lubbock. Kansas CiTy Scenes: Back Row: Lanoy Hazel, Buford Browning, CurTis Williams FronT: Harlan Howell, Ben Jenkins, E. G. Cauble, Ray C. Mowery lcoachl Bridge ThaT spans The Mississippi near Louisiana, Mo. AGGIE RODEO According To CurTis Williams and G. G. lDocl Gordon, managers oT The show, The Third Annual Aggie Rodeo, big eyenT oT Friday, OcTober 2 I, proved a greaT- er success Tinancially and oTherwise Than eiTher oT The preceding ones. lnTeresT in The Wild WesT acTs sTaged in The Aggie arena and The oTher cowboy aTTracTions was TirsT aroused by The close race Tor Rodeo queen beTween Virginia WesTer and Sue BarTon. ATTer Two or Three run-oTTs, sTudenTs Tinally saw Sue, en- Throned on The royal whiTe horse and crowned wiTh a Ten-gallon STeTson, lead The "Ki-Yi" parade down Broadway. A bloodless bullTighT, a wild cow relay, bronco busTing and a wild cow millcing conTesT gave a Tew aspiring cowboys The chance To roll in The dusT. Prizes wenT To Al Simmons, Dick Perrin, and The Teams oT Perrin, Carr, and Elder, and Young and Rosser Tor Trying The mosT successTully. ln The girls' riding conTesT "La Reina" BarTon, l-lelen BarsTow, Voncille Gilkerson, and Frances Snyder placed. CurTis Williams, manager of The Rodeo. This Aggie has his ups and downs. Buford Browning, assisTanT manager, and G. G. lDocl Gordon, publiciTy man- ager. ,J -. -!is,,'-1 -2 ..,:,f-.::, ALUMNI ASSOCIATIGN OFFICERS W. E. STREET, Lubbock ....... Presidenf JAMES HARLEY DALLAS, Brownfield . . Eirsf Vice-Presidenf MRS. ANNA BELLE COLLIER, Amarillo . Second Vice-Presidenf MAMIE WOLEFARTH, Lubbock . . . Secrefary-Treasurer C. W. RATLIFE, Lubboclc . . Afhlefic Council Represenfafive Erom fhe firsf graduafing class in i927 fo fhe presenf one, fhe Tech Alumni associafion has grown from a small group of 28 fo one of more fhan IZOO. lfs purpose for fhe lasf six years has been fo culfivafe good fellowship among ifs members. The annual associafion meefing is held af fhe fime of fhe regular June commencemenf exer- cises, when ouf-going seniors are admiffed and officers are elecfed for fhe ensuing year. ln July, l932, acfivifies for fhis year were opened wifh a dues drive. ln Augusf Dr. Bradford Knapp was given a welcoming banguef which I55 graduafes affended. By Sepfember, fhe execufive council secured sfudenf rafes on afhlefic boolcs for all alumni. On Homecoming day, November ll, fhe Board of Direcfors and several of fhe college sfaff were special guesfs af a luncheon af fhe l-lofel l-lilfon. Thaf affernoon refurning sfudenfs wifnessed fhe Tech-Baylor foofball game. ln fhe evening fhey affended an Alumni-All Col- lege dance in fhe gymnasium. Through The Toreador, college weekly, fhe associafion has lcepf ex-sfudenfs in confacf wifh Currenf happenings af Texas Tech. lf has nof only consisfenfly furnished maferial for an Alumni Column, buf on one occasion published an Alumni Edifion, which was senf fo all members. Looking down one of fhe banquef fables from 'rhe pho'rographer's viewpoinf. 515: ENGINEERS' SHOW OFFICIALS FOR THE I933 SHOW General Manager .... J. PresTon Conner AssisTanT Manager . . . James F. PoTTs PubliciTy Manager . . . Don Weilenman ArchiTecTural Engineering . . Carl McAdams Civil Engineering . . . . Arch L. King ElecTrical Engineering . A. C. Waghorne Engineering Drawing . . M. M. BurI4eTT Geological Engineering . . . J. O. Sanders Mechanical Engineering . . . AITon Miller Mechanical Engineering Shops . . John Jacobsen Chemical Engineering ..... B. L. Manire TexTile Engineering ..... Ford Benham OriginaTed by The second graduaTing class oT engineers To demonsTraTe Their proTessions To The public, The Tech engineers' show has become an annual evenT. The exhibiTIon oT This spring was The TiTTh consecuTive one. Through The co-operaTion oT TaculTy and sTudenTs, each deparTmenT conTribuTes iTs parT To The proiecT. Several monThs' preparaTion is necessary. The show IasTs Two days, and is open To all visiTors. All worlc, including The lighTing oT buildings, operaTion oT IaboraTory machines, and demonsTraTions, is done by sTudenTs. Top Row: John Jacobsen, Arch L. King, J. O. Sanders, M. M. BurIceTT, Ford Benham, Don Weilenman. FronT Row: AITon Miller, Carl McAdams, J. PresTon Conner, A. C. Waghorne. T GLEE CLUB Roma Gause . . PresidenT LaVerne Brown . . SecreTary Miss MyrTle Dunn . DirecTor Noel MoulTon ...... AccompanisT NaTional Music Week and The SouTh Plains Music FesTival were The Two maior movemenTs in which The Tech Glee club parTicipaTed The pasT year. IT also sang aT convocaTion, special meeTings, and oTher campus evenTs. AT ChrisTmas, The club presenTed "The STory oT ChrisTmas," by Alexander. Dur- ing The winTer and spring Terms iT worlced on "Mary Magdalene," oraTorio by MasseneT, "The OmnipoTence," by SchuberT, and "Amarilli, Mia Bella," lin lTal- ianl by Caccini. Three quarTeTs wiThin The organizaTion were given special ex- ercises. Miss Dunn, direcTor Tor The pasT Two years, has had exTensive sTudy aT Cornell universiTy, lThaca. N. Y. She is also a pupil oT l-lerberT WiTherspoon. Mr. Moul- Ton has received mosT oT his Training Trom French and German masTers. The Glee club meeTs Twice each week. Members are given one hour's crediT each Term Tor Their worlc. Top Row: BeTh Gorham, Mrs. Kary MaThis, Lennie D. JohnsTon, Marie Price, MargareT Hess, Mary Alexander. CenTer Row: Virginiia Robinson, Genevieve TroTTer, Thelma Moss, Irene FleTcher, MyrTle Dunn ldirecTorj, ArTie Rogers, Idell Bacon, Eleanor Simmons, Roma Gause. FronT Row: Sue Brown, Gwendolyn Thompson, Alice Joy Bowlin, ChrisTina PiTTs, RuTh ElizabeTh HousTon, LaVerne Brown, Gladys DavenporT, Lucille Heggen. 5 v,..--A ORCHESTRA l-lenry Godelce . . . . Presidenl Charles Day . . Secrelary-Treasurer Fred Fairly . . . . . Librarian Winona Pardue ....... Rublicily This minialure symphony is sponsored by The deparlmenl of music lo give or- chesfral 'rraining To +he sludenls. Hs membership, however, is open +o oulsiders who have Jrhe necessary qualilicalions, especially high school sludenls. IT was organized in Jrhe fall of I932 and broadcasl ils lirsl program 'From slalion KYFO al Chrislmas. Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings in The Episcopal sludenl cenler, Seaman hall. Professor W. R. Waghorne, head of Jrhe deparlmenl of music, is conduclor. Top Row: Godeke, Wheeler, S+erreH', Knapp. Middle Row: Fairly, Day, Monfgomery, Waghorne, Gordon, Hurmence, Anderson. BoH'om Row: Chisum, Pardue, Tilory, Hinson, Heggen, Ra+liFF, Rogers, Sfewarf. q '1'1 ' D E B A T E AlThough noT members oT Pi Kappa DelTa, Texas Tech debaTers usually accepT The guesTion selecTed by ThaT TraTerniTy. The one used This year was: "Resolved, ThaT The UniTed STaTes Should Agree To The CancellaTion oT lnTer-Allied War DebTs." ln The TirsT debafe oT The year, February 9, I933, Fred Barron and Garland SmiTh won a 3-O decision over New Mexico universiTy, in Lubboclc. AT The WesT Texas Speech TournamenT held in Abilene, Tech was represenTed by Two Teams oT boys and one oT girls. Charles 0'Neall and Carroll Thompson de- TeaTed one l-loward Payne Team buT losT To a second one, and To Two Trom A. C. C. Barron and SmiTh won Trom McMurry buT losT To Baylor and S. T. S. T. C. Manuel DeBusl4 enTered in The oraTion conTesT and was alTernaTe Tor The debaTe Teams. ln The TournamenT Eleanor Simmons and Mary Louie Shropshire won debaTes, deTeaTing l-loward Payne and McMurry. l-lelen SeTTle was alTernaTe Tor The girls. Back Row: Fred Barron, Garland SmiTh, Carroll Thompson, BusTer Moxley. FronT Row: Helen SeTTle, Manuel DeBusk, Eleanor Simmons, Mary Louie Shropshire, Charles O'Neall, Miss Anniah Jo PendleTon lSponsorT. DEBATE AT The SouThwesTern Speech TournamenT held in DuranT, Oklahoma, in which uni' versiTies and colleges Trom Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri were represenTed, Manuel DeBusk and Carroll Thompson wenT To The semi-Tinals, win- ning over Edmond Teachers college lOkla.l, Arkansas normal lConway, Ark.l, and Phillips universiTy lOkla.l. Ered Barron and Garland Smirh won over a second Edmond Teachers Team, and losT To WichiTa universiTy lliansasl. The girls' Teams ThaT represenTed Tech aT This TournamenT were Eleanor Sim- mons and Mary Louie Shropshire, and l-lelen SeTTle and Miss Shropshire. Miss Annah Jo l3endleTon, oT The speech deparTmenT, is The coach oT The Tech debaTe Teams. Mary Louie Shropshire, Eleanor Simmons, Carroll Thompson, Charles O'Neall, Garland SmiTh, Manuel DeBusk, and Fred Barron. A ' fr? T T -Qin... 3 " 5' A. DRAMA INTERCOLLEGIATE PLAY CONTEST John Louis Coolc, Frances Kay Marcia, Lloyd Marr, and Mariorie ST. John won TirsT place wiTh Their presenTaTion oT "The End oT The Dance", aT The Texas lnTer- collegiaTe Play TournamenT held aT Baylor college Tor Women, BelTon, March 24 and 25. Marr was awarded high honors Tor individual acTing. CompeTiTion was given Tech players by represenTaTives Trom Baylor universiTy, Waco, and TriniTy universiTy, Waxahachie. Baylor college was barred by The conTesT rules. "The End oT The Dance" is a one-acT play by l-ludson STrode. Two iniTial per- Tormances oT iT were given in The campus playroom March 2I, preparaTory Tor The sTaTe conTesT. The sTory is oT a young dancer who gives her liTe ThaT her husband mighT wriTe an opera, or, aT leasT, Try To. Marjorie ST. John played The parT oT The dancer. John Louis Coolc ThaT oT The husband. Lloyd Marr was The physician Triend, and Frances Kay Marcia The TaiThTul nurse. The casT was presenTed wiTh a silver loving cup which iT will be allowed To lceep Tor a year. Miss RuTh PirTle, head oT The speech deparTmenT, was direcTor. Billy Crenshaw was sTage manager. Price, Dulin, Gnay, Toole, Hudson, ST. John, J. Marr, Alger, L. Marr i7 DRAMA Speech maiors aT Tech musT learn To make and operaTe marioneTTes beTore They can receive Their degrees. so a class in puppeT making was oTTered during The winTer Term. According To all available knowledge, Tech is The only college in The sTaTe Thaf TeaTures such a course in iTs speech deparTmenT. The eighT members oT The class made eighT Tony Sarg Type marioneTTes, I8 inches Tall, dressed and painTed Them, and learned To conTrol The sTrings ThaT operaTe Them. They made The heads oT The dolls Trom plasTic wood, and The hands, arms, legs, and neck Trom doll-rod. They painTed Two deTachable heads Tor each doll and covered The wood Trame bodies wiTh cloTh. MarioneTTes are operaTed by conTrol sTrings Trom hands, TeeT, and shoulders To Two wooden crosses held in The operaTor's leTT hand. ATTer The puppeTs were Tinished, Their creaTors T builT a miniaTure sTage and pracTiced operaTing Them in This way by en- acTing several Ta i r y sTories. As is cusTom- ary, They sTood on boxes behind The sTage and worked The liTeless Ii++le acTors Trom above. Jimmie RoberTs, HarrieTTe Roach, Mildred Rucker, GerTrude Hoffmann, and Barbara Maddox are pulling a few sTrings of Their own, as The puppeTs reacT an ancienT comedy. MATADOR BAND Orlicers and Seciions Harry LeMaire ..... Direcior lAmerican Helen Barsiow Henry Godeke . Presidenr and Siudeni Direcior FredFairly . .. ..... Vice-Presideni and Business Manager Dale Vannoy .... . Secreiary Roger Knapp . . . . Treasurer Newell Hughes ...... Librarian and Drillmasier Bandmasiers' Assnl . . Band Sweerheari M '. I R, + Business manager, Fred Fairly: Bland sweeihearf, Helen Barslow: Hsrrygrri Haipe er . . brumfiiigijg Drum-major, Homer Hall: presidenf, Hank Godeke. Cornefs Having compleied irs eighih year under The direciion l-lenry Goclelqe Jol-ln Collier Kemellq Frazier of Harry Lelvlaire, seveniy-year old bandmasier, Jrhe Roberl- KO,-negay l-lomer l-lall Berny lilsll lvlaiador band now has a personnel of filly, wirh a Garland Nysrel Ralph Douglas Rollins Woodall marching Owanlzallon Ol FODLY mU5lCl5V'5- Roberi Baldemion T b George Townsend Aciiviiies for Jrhe year i932-33 included 'l'wo i'rips: Jrhe 'Om one firsi To Amarillo for ihe Tech-Texas A84M fooiloall Mancil Hall - A. C. Hazel Herberl' Lindsey game, rhe second io Denver, Colorado, for ihe Colo- Roger Knapp Theodore Rowley Philip Sierreri rado School of Mines game. In Denver, a conceri Hall Hilion Fred Fairly Wrighr Ireland was broadcasi 'From Sraiion KOA, on a coasr-io-coast Lewis Cromwell hoolc-up. i Moxley, Weiss, Hughes, S+erreH, Irel-a-rg, Cromwell, Lindsey, M. Wheeler, Fairly. si U ' -Q h ad fm V - -s :e.:feg 'sig :ff 75. '- Q- , Middle row: Haynes, Hinchey, Haymes, Carier, Afkinson, Schofield, Gordon, Ga+zki, Smifh, W. Wheeler, Knapp, M. Hall, Rowley, Hazel. BoHom row: LeMaire, Clemen+s, Keffer, Blake, Vannoy, Taium, S'I'okes, Pharr, Barron, Cheaney, Douglas, Godeke, Nys+el, Fish, Collins Thom son H. Hall. The execulive commillee: Manuel Hall, Lynn Gnay Gordon, Roger Knapp, Newell Hughes, Hank Godeke, Dale Vannoy, Fred Fairly. John Hinchey Joe Turner March Townsend Joe Ben Roberls J. M. Moxley Beaulord Haynes Flules T. W. Hayrnes Canon Clemenls Oliver lvlcElya Lynn Gordon Winslon Reeves Raymond Galzki Roger Ealon Drums Marion Wheeler Norman Snodgras The innovalion ol lhe year was lhe eleclion and pres- Clarinels Clem Culler enlalion ol Helen Barslow as "Sweelhearl ol lhe Band" al ils lirsl annual dance. Besides appearing al all lhe home loolball and bas- kelball games, lhe musicians were heard in a series ol concerls, bolh al lhe high school audilorium and on lhe lawn ol lhe adminislralion building. The policy ol lhe band has been lo supporl college alhlelics, and lo sludy good music. Newell Hughes U. V. Blake - Clillord Vannoy Ed Welss L. C. Talom SaXoPl"one5 Ed Walls Almar Alkinson W. T. Slokes D. C. Thrill Theo. Cheancy Don Blue Foy Pribble George Carler Fred Barron Elvis Highlower Cecil Shirley Wilbur Wheeler S Homer propels his balon Helen keeps slep wilh lhe ral a lal lal ol enl lormalion, march grand-slandward make lheir bow and lhen play lhe Malador song as we sland reverenlly bareheaded . - . l '17 lhe drums, a signal, lhey look scrambled as lhey emerge in a differ- :J Colonel Charles A. Davis enlisTed in The Army January, I89O, and was promOTed To TirsT lieuTenanT OT inTanTry in The war wiTh Spain. I-Ie was capTain OT inTanTry in The Border service, and served one year Overseas in The World war wiTh The I32nd Field ArTil- Iery OT The 36Th Division as a capTain OT Tield arTiIlery. In I923 he TransTerred TO The I3 IsT Field Ar- Tillery and was prOmOTed To The rank OT colo- nel in I925. I'le is a graduaTe OT The Field ArTillery OTFicers school, FT. Sill, Oklahoma. and OT The Command and General STaTT school aT FT. LeavenwOrTh, Kansas. Colonel Davis is The commanding oTlicer OT The I3IsT Field ArTillery, Texas NaTional Guard, and since I93l has been head OT The deparTmenT OT miliTary science and TacTics aT Texas Tech. In ThaT Time The cadeT corps has grown Trom an enrollmenT OT approxi- maTely ThirTy-Tive men and oTTicers TO an en- rollmenT OT more Than Two hundred men and oTlicers. 'MILITARY IT is The purpose OT The deparTmenT OT mili-- Tary science and TacTics TO give iTs sTudenTs a ToundaTion in The knowledge necessary To an OTFicer in The Tield arTillery which will enable him TO serve his counTry in Time OT need in ThaT capaciTy. IT is The belieT OT This deparTmenT ThaT every ciTizen has cerTain privileges. One OT These duTies is To cleTend his counTry in Time OT need To The limiT OT his abili+y. IT is also a duTy To increase his abiliTy To serve and Thereby increase his value. WiTh These pre- cepTs always in mind, This deparTmenT pre- senTs iTs curriculum in such a manner ThaT iT will increase The value OT a young man To his counTry if called upon To deTend iTs naTional characTer. The sTudenT who earnesTly pursues bOTh The basic and advanced courses OTTered will be TiTTed To hold The rank OT a second lieuTenanT OT The arTillery in Time OT war, wiTh The minimum OT COncenTraTed Training. COLONEL CHARLES A. DAVIS . MILITARY Ba'Hery A Uleplacemenfl Cadef Firsf Sergeanf Edward Suddafh Cadef Sergeanf Loyd Marr BaHery B Cadef Capfain Lewis 6. Compfon, Com- manding Cadef Firsf Lieufenanf and Execufive Officer Roger Orr Cadef Second Lieufenanf and Assisfanf Exec- ufive Officer Wayne Hardy Cadef Firsf Sergeanf McClain Ba'H'ery C Cadef Capfain Lowell A. Dalfon, Command- ing Cadef Firsf Sergeanf Frank Beans Cadef Sergeanf L. M. Boren Cadef Sergeanf George R. Coffman Cadef Sergeanf Tlnomas Taylor BaH'ery D Cadef Capfain Wellborn R. Hudson, Com- manding Cadef Firsf Lieufenanf and Fxecufive Officer J. D. Vowell Cadef Firsf Sergeanf Roscoe Clark Cadef Sergeanf Cliffon Crawford Cadef Sergeanf James Richfer Cadef Sergeanf Alfred Renn Cadef Capfain Lewis G. Compfon Jr. from Corsicana is a iunior in flwe sclnool of liberal arfs. He affended Texas A 8: M one year and flnen fransferred fo Tecfi. He has served for four and one lwalf years in flue I3Isf and I32nd Field Arfillery regimenfs of flie Texas Nafional Guard and af presenf is a corporal in Baffery 'C' of flwe I3lsf Field Arfillery sfafioned af Lubbock. Cadef Capfain Lowell A. Dalfon of Waco is a junior in flwe school of Engineering and a fransfer from Baylor. He has served six years in flue Unifed Sfafes marines. Parf of fluaf fime he was an insfrucfor in Marine school af San Diego, California. Af presenf he is a sergeanf in Baffery 'C' l3Isf Field Arfillery sfafioned af Lubbock. Cadef Capfain Wellborn R. Hudson from Dallas is a senior in flue school of Liberal Arfs. He affended Lukin Milifary academy af San Anfonio for fwo years: Sewanee Milifary academy, Sewanee, Tennessee, fhree years: and has been a member of Tecl1's Cadef corps almosf four years. Af presenf he is a sergeanf in Baffery 'C' of flie I3lsf Field Arfillery lweadquarfering af Lubbock. WELLBORN R. HUDSON, LOWELL DALTON, L. G. COMPTON Gordon Abinglon Cecil Ayers John Baker Jack Barron Harlan Black Thomas Bowers Max Bowers Leonard Bradford Carlos Brummelrl Homer Brumley Wesley Burnell Joe Chrisiian Frank Cole J. Frank Crawford Guinn Davenporl Joe Elder Clifford Ball Vernon Bell R. S. Brannin Frank Boucher J. C. Carnes Dan Cox John Easiman Talmadge Gordon William Grilliiih S. D. Hays S1'uden+s solving a BATTERY A lReplacemen'll J. Chas. Feaiherslone Casey Fine Lloyd Florence Frank Gay Hughes Gilliam Edwin Holland Woodrow Howell Rex Johnsion Sam Jones John King Duke Moreman Bailey Mann Travis Marion Adolph Minzenmayer Joe McHam Billy Neill BATTERY B H. L. Haag James Howell Roloerl' Helms James Hill John King Waymon Laylon Joe Liles George Lippincoli' O. B. Lippincoil' Thayer Manley Jack Murchison -leer.-f. '-T fy. MILITARY Obie Norion Jack Pope Raymond Robinson Joe Randolph Willis Rogers Harry Rosser J. H. Smilh Edward Symes Charles Slill Durwood Slephenson John Wolfe Forresl' Weimhold Joe Welch Paul Wilkins Jefferson Wiley Tom Zorns Frank Neill Roderick O'Neill James Pace R. B. Roper David SurraH Esrle Sirawn Frank Slandharl J. D. Slrickland Jack Slephens Larry Taylor 'few problems under 'The direc'l'ion of Colonel Davis. Mili+ary drill MILITARY Herberl Brasher James Barry Billy Barlcham Fred Biffle Joe Courfney Harold Dow Jerrie Lee Dean Henry Elder S. J. Furr W. P. Greafhouse J. Waller Grisl Waller Armlorusler Fleming Ausiin Lindsay Auslrin Huloerl Allensworih Vane Burne-H' Tom Carrigan W. T. Crawford Henry Durham BATTERY C Elberl Grifliih Audrey House Boyce Jones Lewis Long John Lowry John Marr R. L. Meyers Carver Monroe Mark Orr T. H. Payne Edwin Parlcer BATTERY D Jack Doughlie James Fudge Clayson Fuller Franlc Harrell James Harris Ray Headslream Dan Heierman Elvis Highlower Jaclc Johnson Anfon Pavellca Howard Price Lawrence Shipman James Spencer Leo Trimm Marlin True Ross Trigg Forresl Underwood Connie Williams Elvis Williams Edwin McClure J. T. Marlin Fred Mapes John Nunn Roy Pipes Harris Phillips Henry Roberl' J. H. Smilh Minus uniforms, Tech sfuclenfs ge'I' in formaiion, ready 'for any miliiary maneuvers Capfain Dal+on may suggest JOURNALISM CONGRESS The SouThwesTern Journalism congress and The SouThwesTern STudenTs' Press club is an organizaTion composed OT ThirTeen member schools locaTed in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The purpose of The organizaTion is To promoTe an inTeresT in iournalism and To discuss currenT problems in schools in This parTicular Tield. Problems concerning The college papers are broughT up and copies oT papers Trom each oT The schools are criTicized. ln l93 I, a Tech delegaTion wenT To The UniversiTy oT Texas aT AusTin. AT This meeTing, ProTessor Cecil l-lorne, head oT The Tech iournalism deparTmenT, was elecTed vice-presidenT oT The TaculTy group, and Lois Jacques, sophomore iour- nalism major, was elecTed secreTary of The sTudenT group. AT The V932 meeTing held aT Baylor college, BelTon, Mr. l-lorne was elecTed pres- idenT oT The TaculTy group, and Parlcer Taulman, iunior journalism maior, was elecTed presidenT oT The sTudenT organizaTion. The nexT meeTing oT The congress will be held aT Texas Tech during The spring Term of l934. Cecil Horne, Kafhleen Jennings, Parker Taulman, Lorene Childers, A. B. Brown. PRESS ASSCCIATION The Press associaTion was reorganized This year and has exTensive plans Tor The TuTure. lniTial sTeps have been Taken To insTall a chapTer oT The naTional honorary iournalism TraTerniTy, Sigma DelTa Chi, and The honorary sororiTy, TheTa Sigma Phi The presenT membership of The club is TwenTy-eighT, and iT is hoped ThaT more sTudenTs will become inTeresTed in iT, eilher as an avocaTion or a vocaTion, and will help To enlarge The journalism Tield aT Tech. The purpose and aims oT The associaTion are To gaTher all sTudenTs inTeresTed in any Torm oT wriTing and To provide Training Tor Them. WiTh an increased membership, plans will be made Tor a reading room in which currenT magazines and leading newspapers will predominaTe. Programs aT meeTings consisT oT spealcers Trom wiThin The college, addresses by visiTing iournalisTs, round Table discussions, eTc. This year The iournalism deparT- menT sponsored a movie in The engineering audiTorium showing The inTricaTe process oT making a newspaper as achieved by The New York Times. ln The spring oT I934, The Press associaTion will be hosT To The SouThwesTern Jour- nalism congress. This is held annually, and Tech sends represenTaTives To each congress. Taulman, Hurmence, Self, Browder, Underwood, Hazlewood, McKay, Abraham Tracy, Terrell, Fairchild, Jackson, Lee, Walraven, Jennings, Childers Weimhold, Lindsey, Womack, CreighTon, Messersmifh, HubberT, OliphinT, Nelson fi 'Q -. 4' ' 15 S -,-55 5,4 TOREADOR The Toreador, The oTTicial sTudenT news publicaTion of The Texas Technological College, is a sTudenT weekly paper OT sTricTly school news delivered To subscribers each week. The Toreador serves as a laboraTory Tor reporTers and adverTisemenT salesmen who are majoring in journal- ism. Membership on The sTaTT is noT conTined To journalism sTudenTs and able newspaper men Tollow in conTrol of The paper Trom year To year. The I932-33 Toreador is The eighTh volume oT The paper. Under The guidance oT Parker Taulman, ediTor, A. B. Brown, business manager, and J. M. Jackson, news ediTor, The Toreador has conTinued To advocaTe policies which are Tor The advancemenT oT The inTeresTs oT The whole sTudenT body raTher Than Tor any one school or deparTmenT. AT Times, The ediTorial policy OT The paper has differed Trom ThaT oT sTudenTs and oThers on The campus, buT The Toreador has consisTenTly ToughT Tor The inTeresTs oT The enTire sTudenT body raTher Than Tor ThaT of any parTicular clique. Any newspaper is The resulT oT co-operaTion beTween The ediTors and The reporTers. The Toreador has been TorTunaTe in having The services oT an able and hard-working group oT newshawks who have covered The campus Tor sTories, oTTen aT The sacriTice oT pleasure and oT sTudies. WiTh The able assisTance OT Calvin Hazlewood, Lorene Childers, Bob Tracy and Mrs. Laurance Prioldy, sTaTT ediTors, The Toreador has developed a sTrong group oT reporTers and TeaTure wriTers. The reporTorial sTaTT consisTs oT Lorene OliphinT, Mary Frances SenTer, Mary ElizabeTh Dryden, ElizabeTh MonTTorT, Evelyn Gulledge, l-lelen Williams, Lomer Nelson, Earl Wilson, Marjorie Johnson, Joyce Oole , Jasper l-lubberT, MalouT Abraham, Doris Mullins, Ed Mc- Keever, Ferrell Walraven, Lowell DalTon and WilmoT EaTon. J. M. Jackson, news ediTor: K-aThleen Jennings, assisTanT news ediTorg Calvin Hazlewood, assisTanT news ediTor: Lorene Childers, socieTy edi- Torg Bob Tracy, sporTs ediTor. PARKER TAU LMAN EdiTor-in-Chief Business Manager xii' ' .. . TOREADOR The ediTorial column oT The Toreador is wriTTen by a special sTaTT of wriTers who worlc under The direcTion oT EdiTor Taulman. Members oT The sTaTT are: Taulman, Jackson, Mullins, Lloyd Glover, McKeever, Mary BeTh Sheely, and Reuben SmiTh. Toreador edirorials resulTed in a diversiTied sysTem oT inTramural sporTs during The spring Term and in a more careTul meThod oT conducTing The sTudenT elecTions which were held during The spring Term. The business side oT The Toreador was eTTicienTIy handled by A. B. "Jelly" Brown. DespiTe The depression, Brown sold adverTisemenTs in suTTicienT quanTiTies To enable The Toreador To be selT-susTaining. To Mr. Cecil l-lorne and To Mrs. J. G. Allen OT The DeparTmenT oT Journalism is due a loT oT crediT Tor The Thorough Training oT The Toreador newshawlcs. The DeparTmenT oT Journalism cooperaTed wiTh The Toreador aT all Times and many valuable suggesTions Tor The improvemenT oT The paper have come Trom These Two members of The college TaculTy. The ScarleT Scavenger, which appeared on The campus, was published by Brown and Taulman who wroTe mosT oT The copy and sold enough adverTisemenTs To make a Tidy proTiT Tor Them- selves. The Scavenger was cleverly wriTTen and lampooned The greaTs and near-greaTs oT The campus in a manner, saTirical yeT noT Too personal: The ediTors and publishers were noT Torced To Tlee. LasT buT noT leasT, The Toreador is graTeTul To Miss Mamie WolTTarTh, oT The DeparTmenT oT Economics and Business AdminisTraTion, Tor permission To use The deparTmenTal TypewriTers in wriTing copy Tor The paper. E Lowell DalTon adds ianoTher sTory To The Tile, "JoJo" lisfens To a biT of ex gr e 'fmk . . . ,Q . , change news ThaT Lorene has discovered, KaThleen wanTs mformahon, and P Bob Tracy inTeresTs Calvin Hazlewood in some sporTs sTaTisTics. 7537 "T 'T Y N fwfr , 1 Q T rn. .4 A B. BROWN Like Jrhe solving ol a gianl iig-saw puzzle is lhe ediling of a college 4 annual. We have assembled 'rhose bils of college life we lhough+ you would wanl preserved. True, many pieces are missing from lhe pic- Jrure, due lo physical deficiencies ol Jrhe camera and somelimes cameramen, lo The absence of re- porlers and lo negligence on The parl' ol lhe edilor. Volume eighl' is lhe lirsl univer- EVERETT D. FAIRCHILD W. R. UNDERWOOD sily-size book lo be published. Edlfof Manage' Produced al a cosl of less lhan 55.500, due lo savings on sludenl arl work and mounling of piclures, a 9 X l2 inch book was made possible. Byron Terrell, capable anclwilling assisl- anl edilor, had charge of lhe mounling. Jean Ayres was edilor of Jrhe adminislralion seclion: Doyle Sellle, Garland Smilh, Bales Thornlon, and O. B. Lippincoll assembled The-class seclion lor you. lvlelba Walson, edilor of organizalionsq Lomer Nelson, alhlelic edilor: Kalhleen Jennings, edilor of aclivilies: lypisls, Winona Pardue and Rosemary Dull, May Tom l-lowell, Jean Shelly Jen- nings, 'lealure wrilersg J. lvl. Jackson, copy edilorp W. R. Underwood, business manager: and Bruce Zorns, assislanl manager, compose Jrhe resl' of 'rhe slalil. A good slalll, a good sale ol books, and general co-operalion of everyone made il a pleasanl year for your edilor, Everell Fairchild. LA VENTANA received splendid co-operalion from J. W. lvlurphree of Soulhweslern Engraving Company, lvlrs. Arlhur Brown of Brown Sludio, and W. W. Mercer of Economy Aclverlising Company. Doyle SeHle Say Mr Druggis+, are you sure all 'lhe pieces fo 4, fhe Jig saw were in fhe box?" And here's how fhe siaff spenl' i+s spare 'hme affer fhe lasi' piece of copy wenl' +o 'lhe prinfer, in- ii cluding The above picfure. Posed by requesT OT course. Because college annuals since The dawn OT college annuals have conTained picTures oT upperclassmen hazing Fish, because The cameraman ran ouT OT ideas, because according To The col- lege caTalog, "STudenTs have cooperaTed wiTh The college oTTicials in This maTTer and have pledged Themselves noT To pracTice or permiT hazing." BOOK SEVEN Llfvixvnciljx XX 'fx ix VVVV f X X X i 5 I If I Q1 gi X Q " 'J ina - ----W-f Q-x,...' - -'-'1.""..,- ' -"'ii.,i Aa.-. N , . --, - X 'li-121 Thrived in Texas noi so many hun- dred cen+uries ago: chassis builf along 'ihe lines of a road lizard many 'rimes magnified. We could +ell you i+s name bu'r space is limiied and you couldn'+ pro- nounce i+. Whi+e men swarmed in from 'l'he eas+, driv- ing lndians and game before +hemg felled foresis, spanned, fun- neled, and dammed rivers: plowed u p grass, sunk mines, pu+ planes in ihe air fasfer 'Phan birds, and look clay bricks piled fhem, one on fop of fhe ofh- er unfil fhey rivalled mounfains. Men, able fo speak across +he con'I'inen+, flood ihe nighl' wi'I'h lighf brighl' as ihe sun, 'ihoughf immorfal man a curi- osify and placed him in ia side show 'for +he skepfics +o glare a+, 'I'o b e examined b y science, ballyhooed by barkers and poinfed a'I' by fhe impoliie. Poor Man, amidsi' fhe fur- moil, sighs and hopes fhe gods recall him before anofher fhree cenfuries go by. RAZZ FCREWORD We, fhe Razz council, safisfied fhaf all blame will righffully fall upon fhe edifor's shoulders if he is foolish enough fo remain in fown, have collecfed fhe wif, humor, and dirf of fhe year. Q This secfion has been carefully censored by us, fhe edifor, and fhe publicafion commif- fee fo omif anyfhing suggesfive of sex, liquor, or profanify. Find fhe humor and re- ceive reward. lf we have broughf fo lighf fhings you wanfed lcepf in fhe dark, disillusioned fhe folks back home abouf your imporfance and popu- larify, fhen you are invifed fo affend fhe bon- fire norfh of fhe ad building where fhe edifor and Razz council will be burned in effigy. 2 7 8 DEDICATION TO 'lhe morons who wri're love leHers in +he sand, AND fhe boys wi+h lordosis in l'he Malador band. TO +he al'hle'res wilh charley-horses and 'I'he profs wi1'h +he hives, AND +he six+y-year-old sophomores, who have gone +o school all +heir lives. TO +he clubs l'ha+ hold +heir meelings on 'I'he Ad building s+airs, AND +he iohns and janes +ha+ loaf around +he campus in pairs. TO 'l'he gals who oflen snarl: "Sorry, I have ano+her dale," TO +he frails who soHly ask: "Whal' +he heck, why're you la're?" 79 nb .' I ' V- l l l .J 5' it it l l 4 l 'i A:: ::. 1:1 . . . . And We Feel These Things Really Constitute "A COLLEGE EDUCATION" Ot course the things learned in the class rooms mean a lot-but we like to think also ot the other things that contribute much to this experience. The friendships that are a source ot so much ioy during the college year and that mean so much in atter years. fAs an institution we feel that we can share somewhat in this joy.j The acquiring ot the capacity to really use the talents with which you are enclowed. fYour development along this line stimulates us to greater efforts to keep abreast. I The spirit ot loyalty that is developed in the support ot every col- lege activity. fHow could we do other than also become en- thused?j Yes-these and many other ioys and sorrows have rounded out your experience-have contributed their quota to the whole--have given you a "something" not included in the courses you took to otticially complete your task. Because ot These Things, Too, We Congratulate You, Class ot I933, on Having Completed Your College Years 280 .1-5. : ::: :obo- l l f 2 Q l 2 5 i II ll ir il f l II li li 'I' FAMOUS SAYINGS OF FAMOUS AND INFAMOUS PEOPLE Jack Highlower: "I've go? 'Io make a s'rafion." Fish Landers: "They fell me I had a good lime." O. B. Lippincofh "GoHa go Io 'Ihe dean's office." Books'rore clerk: "WoHa we care if you didn"r open fhe book all las+ rerm? We'II give you one-half whai' we 'rhink we sold il' io you for and consider yourself lucky if we buy if af all. Anylhing else, please?" Parker Taulman: "l don'I' know Mike." Igike: "This is sfafion M. l. K. Jim Vowell: "II mus+'ve been somelhing l ef." Prof. Clemenrs: "E+c. efc. efc. e+c." SMU Musfang 'Io Mafaclor: "l've been sfepped on by bel'- +er men +han you." Basil Hill: "From Ihe depfhs of my heart" Toreador: "Howdy, did you know1" Prinfer and engraver: "We wanf copy. We wanf copy." And so on indefinifely. Scarlef Scavenger humoris+: "Le+'s floaf ouf T- and carry our -1 in a big way. Do you know whaf fhey said 'Io me once?" Dave Marlin la? 9 A. M.l: "Good evening." And a+ 9 P. M., "Good morning." M. F. Landwer: "Wha+'s fhe number of fhis course l'm leaching?" George Pralasr "Played a good game." Hop Halsey: "l refuse 'Io be kidnapped." Qaw n el A y I ,yl I ,N y MZZ47' , W1 41" 1"'7I - 35,1 r H I ff:f+T'fg'5 ,'saii 5 'Q' ' a ix Ii 8 . ,- 5-I B V' --1n,gg,'f fro ww' l a a s will E 1, . , HIE' flaw I I Q H I I . Q ' i ff a I or l w:L1'QyH,f:i: 5, ML ,V 1-1. 'ya FEET, ROW' ' " 'X-.V V, - ..... A Vu, 4, I ff , , fgffylf our I I il '7 -F A f If I ,Z A ff-5 A ,f if K, Oc if " 'A l el 'fl F f K I JJ VFP. A- 1 'CLIP af5rT?VL K . J' I l c, ' I al' ,1 ,I :VL-31,4 ff of. I - v -- fl-W 'U f GH DAWN' c 3" f' . Zh, X I I ,Q W H-U ,Q 4,5153 M -,- I If f .KLM . I wir as ia I f 'I from I .. .I IZ. I I -,fx I oi E 3 "fl-M'4 . X . A-f V - , ,I- ,-- 2 15,15 rl T 05.135 ,520 f, Ik 4127- 7b4'iElCHI W I 455,20 'X avi' Cf, I AX' xii- NN N358 5210! B IBAVG- If-Lx 0, , v 'V 6 Q57 I3 3 aww' X I fgfjfllff QL ,N ' X JL, KO-I e N f f I QDMEOH oily? I fe , -v :E I ,, I fkfffgiigorgo A HEAD VM ffm! -,. L. any I Log-. -JF M N ..JI.fw 9 J , 5 F' I fDc91Yi7 XMUREI next 5U"f""""'i an I sr its ' if -LLYSEEZPIQ7 45 j 9f'ff L4 CAVERNA, f ' I I. II H' "I H Of.. if Lffiyf' I,2'1gjy.Qif'I X. Pbuu My Vfiwifhtxixxx f 5,1 yt' 130 io Lost- time affhcy ' 60RD0"' X ,fy I, Iwo' " , Avy inf' there-Mfr H V, CEC NE N-. Clclsbdal agalr-1 I I Johnso,-,,vst y .1 HK' , y WOR gy J :Lag dmoupg-anne' tdrned L15 1059, I I e4 f- ' . I -- ll , , , ' V -f l f I IPadvyn Aix fc- was fhbrF"qXhII',A: ' ' ' . , e ,I ' I 'Q '7'i'4 lzmaf' fi 5 Nj "Q I If X, A VV r II ' f 'n, 'fel-', ' . f . .Q f I I X s f I JV I f J IX , Qc, I 'y 5-I Q f 'f'x.1ff'a K I l 781' Y f " -W 'I I. P' - I I my I I I ! N! 53277 'X f , 1,5 If ,fi ' . ,ff - jf , 1 2 y 1 ff? fl Em.. -c-6' ' fi! Ie .6 1' . Q we tl' I . " 'PS c I ,S I I-I If NN I F V! fi 7 QPR X X l'I ,K I KX 4x B? o- ff 2 I A ii ,F I I I QM. E 5, if , ' W ..- 912.7 S-, 'P F' L4 4,1 ly f- l L71 7ff X -wifi .3 I 281 LOG OF LA VENTANA I932-I933 Seplember I O-- Brushed down cob webs, racked up magazine covers, swepi our office, and broughi in exlra fables. Ocrober I7-Visifecl oriice, more cob webs: goi dis- hearlened, wenl home. November I-Pay check, celebrafion al' Rex. November 2-No work. March 4, Prinlerz "We wani copy", Ediior: "z-z-z-z". March 5-No copy. March I4-Prinlrerz "We wanl copy", Edifor "I wani copy", Slaff: "Z-z-z-z". March I5-No copy. April I-Waylaid Toreaclor siaff. ?5fTE,'s8Ugg2zzz?Q.z,nfQnf 33.,.30:C3-.mo1m 9"0'O--'U ,,,0-wcn?ocn8s4s4s4lgg-153.5 ' ,N 1 .ww O: CD CD55-IU-1 rn- Oso33i'i-'f'7W x-.OI N1 MIMO I +1 ,,,-o- so :3-:Djs I.. -m:D.L,o1Il 3, 'DIC msO N001 ZR L',..UO-LQ -I-w oe-.3 mmm 3 91915, S-W PEP: m0-91 J T"fD -4- KD rn10l -I"""' C QU' :iff "'0" m"'2 'ai-Lu 'l'm 2,3250 160 OJ 'nil -I-C 10 - UJFIQO Q'-P 3 :Q O I E'O CT ' CD - O I- wrt: of L3 32 Sm-' -F 3 QCD 12g ---" CD mg- -- ..- :so Q. -ou, Q 'I' I I I I I I I I I 'I' 491-can P If? 05? 'Um I- was-ncooss-onvacv I ABNEY'S I Where Fish and Seniors Are Equal HOTEL LUBBOCK I -3- .... --4----4 Slanding, silling, lurning or lwisling, corduroy panls remain corduroy panls. Buy now and re- grel il ad inlinilum. lThal liasl was all in lun lellows, all in lun.l Wilh a pair ol corduroys your wardrobe is complelely collegiale. Whal good is an ad wilhoul words? And whal good are you wilhoul corduroys? Gel a pair loday lor lhe l939 Junior Prom. Exlra large sleel-lined zipper poc- kels lhial prolecl any cigars, slick candy or glassware you wish lo carry. HOW TO BECOME A PLEDGE lo all lhose, lish and olherwise, who as- pire lo become a pledge lo any or all social clubs, lhis arlicle is dedicaled. Know how lo acl when oul wilh a dale. Ol course il is lirsl necessary lo secure one. To do lhis, call lhe girl aboul len minules belore you wanl lo call lor her: ask her whal she has on lor lhe nighl and lell her you are on your way over and lor her lo be ready when you gel lhere. Do nol shave lor a week belore your dale. When you gel lo your dale's house, blow your horn lor al leasl live minules, lor she will nol like il if you don'l. Then dash madly in wilhoul ringing lhe doorbell and yell loudly lor her. While wailing, knock lhe ashes lrom your pipe onlo lhe rug and grind lhem in wilh your heel. When your girl lriend linally comes, iump up and yell, "l-lello, kid," and slap her on lhe back. Make her lead you lo lhe car. Drive madly: run all slop signs and red lighls: make lell hand lurns on all red lighls and run over all women and chil- dren. When she screams, lurn lhe car over and laugh al her. ll she goes lo pieces, pick her up in lhe dusl pan. Blow smoke in her lace and lweak her chin. Drive up lo a drug slore and call lor cokes or any nickel drink you wanl." "lwo When you lake her home, il she doesn'l walk home, lel her oul ol lhe car al lhe curb, and lell her lo call you when she wanls anolher dale. Hold your brealh un- lil she does. When you have your lirsl invilalion oul lor dinner, go aboul 30 minules early, ring lhe doorbell, walk in and shake lhe rain oll your umbrella on lo lhe hall rug. Remove your coal and give il lo her lillle brolher lo hold. Recline on lhe Sola and pul your leel on lhe arm. Spil on lhe imporled rug and walch il soak in. When lhe signal lor dinner is given, rush madly lor lhe door, lo lhe dining room. Il you lie up wilh any ol lhe olher guesls al lhe door, kick lhem on lhe shins, lor il won'l maller. Rush on. 282 For lhe lirsl lime in lhe hislory ol haberdashery we presenl lhis Narro- way Noblesse lo our greedy millions. Unoblrusively we announce lhal lhis is lhe lasl and mosl lasling, cullingesl and cunningesl, loveliesl and loosesl, dusliesl, crusliesl, and lusliesl para- phernaliia lhal has ever hung on lhis living model lhe is reall. Our Paris- ian modisle devoled hours ol concen- lraled inlallible sludy lo lhe procreal- ing ol lhis design, and he now im- plores you llor Gawd's sakel lo lake il off his hands. lls value is invaluable: ils price is superfluous. We guaran- lee a prompl refund ol your money immedialely upon your receipl ol lhis creralion. Jr ir, 39' mf '- 1. .+.,, f. 5. .r,z,g',,?-F. . 'Q fi -'gigs-1 .y............................................4. lThk sTory conhnued Tronw page 282J When you are seaTed, The besT Time To help yourselT is during The blessing. Work TasT buT quieTly. Don'T TrusT The napkins, use The TablecloTh. When desserT is served, call Tor a second helping. Don'T be a Tool when The buTler brings The Tinger bowls around. SeT The pace Tor The resT oT The guesTs, and pick The bowl up and drink The waTer. When you hear oT a Tormal dance, Tell The club members, who are giving The dance, ThaT you are a good dancer and ThaT The girls are crazy abouT you. IT you geT a bid, wear a lighT suiT wiTh a dark blue shirT and a brighT yellow Tie. When you dance, sTep on The girl's Toes, also be sure To sTep on her evening gown and Try To rip The hem on iT. lf she obiecTs, Tell her a ioke abouT a Traveling salesman. Tell each club member ThaT The Tloor is Too crowded and ThaT you have been sTuck all nighT. If iT is a girls' club, Try To geT a daTe wiTh one oT The sponsors. Be a sTalwarT believer in Teas and buTTeT suppers and don'T TorgeT To exercise The besT oT manners as prescribed by The TooT- ball coach. You should be able To iump up and pop boTh TeeT TogeTher Twice beTore coming To earTh and, if possible, have aT leasT one year's service aT scrubbing decks Tor The navy. Back-slapping is a means To an END, if you geT whaT we mean. IT you are a Treshman, pick ouT your club and iTs "biggesT shoTs," 'ov' '--4---' '-V --'+-.-...--- --- f A --- --A -A -V -- ll SmarTly STyled ii CLCTHES H CourTeous TreaTmenT ll "Men's Wear"' l, 1: HoeAN 2: 3. PATToN ni: ::::i1:::i::ili saunTer around Them nonchalanTly, and man- age Tor several impeTuous swaTs on The back. If you knock ouT TeeTh, Thar much The beTTer. You'll succeed quicker ThaT way. For TurTher inTormaTion, see any club presi- denT. ' SENIORS . . . GeT Your Diplomas Framed aT HILTCN SANSOM PAINT 8: PAPER CC. PicTure Framing and ArTisT Supplies oQo'-- "aan--rages-'eau---eco 'a9o'-- -- '-- A - - Y. ,-. , .,. .,. l l I l 4-"Of-D'-Ovwvfdbvvdv-uve-vo-asvon4:0Iv 4...- .5...................................,....................................4. ,Y .Y, soo ,Y is,Y ,Y .Yoqoaso Y Y acoaqs Y ,Y,ooo,Y ,Y DUCK INN "Where Tech STudenTs EaT" 5 I TLT Q3 ' MRs.vERNoN BRowN, Hoaess Q RQ xv V nm ,Y - ROOMS FOR MEALS FOR GIRLS EVERYBODY 24I0- I4Th STreeT Phone 2330 4Qno:voQo4Qoo:oa:oe:vo:v4:vaqv4QooQs40va9o4Qo49o40v , Y , , Y , LEARN HOW TO PATCH OVERALLS NOW OT course, This depres- sion will lasT and if you don'T have a pair oT overalls now you may be Thanldul To have a pair IaTer or even now. Read whaT one of my sTudenTs says: "STranded, a lonely maid in a colony oT archeoIogisTs, miles Trom a Tailor shop, my only pair oT overalls sadly Torn, I reTired To my TenT, read your ABC insTrucTions, Took Things in my hands, namely, needle and Thread, and repaired The dam- ages wiTh a paTch ThaT aTTracTed as much aTTenTion as The picTure sTiIl does. M. E. D. I 4 I I I I I I 41:411- 4Qv4QvsQ+o:voQv4Qv4Coacva:a-o:v4Qvo:o-4Qvv0o-4:v4:o49rs:v gigwbv 284 "A moron can under- sTand your ABC direc- Tions." Says Mrs. N.: "My husband will in Time learn The arT, I'm sure." "I Tound The course very eTIecTive in paTching up love aTTairs," says Jelly Brown. "I wouIdn'T deny myself The pleasure oT mending my own cloThing aTTer Taking your course. Would also be inTer- esTed in a home insTruc- Tion course in opening sardine and T o m a T o iuice cans." Jaclc Miclcle. WhaT an aid your course proved in working iig- saws. Only Today we puT a puzzle TogeTher ThaT Took me and The governmenT deparTmenT I2 hours yesTer- day buT only I I hours and 49 minuTes To- day by Tollowing your paTching insTruc- Tions. J ' fr .,- " 2' ..4i,::, 4' eos-4:0-4:0-arsamsozo 4:0-vue-aus ana-4:o4:s4Qv4cs49s4cls4Q4-4ao4cs4:o-abs - " .... I-Ier appearance on The sTage as The Moor IiTeraIIy Took The breaTh ouT oT The audience and held Them in suspense Through The whole number, even Though mosT oT Them didn'T know iusT whaT iT was all abouT."-DocTor Charles B. Qualia, deparTmenT oT Spanish, Texas Technological College, Lubbock, Texas. lDoes The sTudenT or even The Tac- uITy know "whaT iT is all abouT"? IT noT, should The ArTisT Course be con- Tinued? ThaT's whaT we asked our re- porTer and he replied, "DunT eskI" "BUT l'II Tind ouT," and here are a Tew inTerviews oT campus personali- Ties.I "The ArTisT Course is O. K. I only wish I'd ThoughT oT The idea TirsT. AnoTher Traud would make my IisT oT rackeTs compIeTe."-"Bo" Williams, College RackeTeer. "The ArTisT Course musT conTinue. Such soul-IiTTing, picTuresque drama- TizaTions and symphonic impressions Tend To mellow one's innermosT emo- Tions and waTT him away on The genTIe sTrains oT harmonious insTincTs w ich are oTherwise only presenT in The more exoTic TormuIaTions oT love." -Jonnie lvIcCreery, ex-chorus girl. "Zirnbonski pxbl hgITsk hellbski mpkhlo vTwmIpz nskison rennonnskishlvwiplllu -Carl Lars Svensen. whose Irish name and Spanish accenT make him one oT The mosT popular proTessors on The campus. "I am hearTily in Tavor oT The conTin- uaTion oT The ArTisT Course. IT They geT much worse The sTudenTs will geT a IoT oT pracTice Throwing eggs and cabbages, and Then we mighT pos- sibly be able To have a good base- ball Team."-PeTer Willis CawThon, Dean oT Home Economics. "I can'T undersTand all This obiecTion To The ArTisT Course. The sTudenTs don'T have To pay The Tee. They are merely required To Till ouT The special blank, have iT signed by Their employer, by The presidenT and vice-presidenT oT Their home bank, by Cecil I-Iorne, and Then by The Dean. Vwfhen The slip is broughT around To my oTTice, The sTudenT will be excused wiTh no quesTions asked. NexT Term These slips will be on sale aT The book- sTore Tor 52.50. I hope everybody signs up Tor The ArTisT Course, as I am already counTing on The receipTs To pay Tor my new car."-W. R. Waghorne, Chairman OT The CommiTTee Tor Employing ObsoleTe MenTaI DisTurbances. E jg The mosT unique and inTeresTing hoTeI in The enTire souTh- if gy : EI wesT-The painTings, TurniTure, and archiTecTure wall depici' Til 2 : The cuITuraI sTyIe of The Spanish and Pueblo Indian Period. Ei gr-wfiiiaialgi Q i ::ira'.'.F1f1-Grlgi " W, 25-.BHITEFIF aafggfg1'Q5Q:gaa:a. Mi EXCEPTIONAL Fooo - COMFORTABLE, ci-IEERFUL .E,..i.f.e.f.,q.ri QQ, in Rooms - PERFECT SERVICE ff WELCOME TECH STUDENTS AND FACULTY DANCES, PARTIES AND BANOUETS Will Be MosT Enioyable and DisTincTive aT The HiITon CORNER MAIN AT TEXAS PHONE 2200 .3 -YT FW MargareT Carroll RoberTson is The only girl ThaT has spenT Two years in The engineering school and Then be- come an L. A. because she goT TloaT- ed ouT so much aT The engineering banqueTs. Cecil Bickley is The capTain oT The Tennis Team. He is besT known Tor his love game. Charles Cobb is The guy aT The The- aTre. ThaT always asks you how many seaTs you wanT when There isn'T an empTy seaT in The JOINT. O. B. LippincoTT lOur Babyl is The slime represenTaTive on This book, and oh how slimy lwe mean The class noT The bookl. Mary BeTh Sheely is a merchanT's daughTer, buT she doesn'T have any ambiTion To sell dry goods: she wanTs To wriTe socieTy on The New York Times. Calvin l-lazlewood can and does make mosT peculiar noises, and calls Them barnyard imiTaTions. We guess iTs The horse ThaT's in him. lAlso a 'C'erfTaur.l 1 N Voncille Gilkerson is Tiger Flowers' lily: or maybe his Tiger lily. Don Maddox-WiThouT him, The or- ganizaTion oT The engineering school would be shaTTered. WiThouT him They would be helpless. WiTh him They'are hopeless. l 286 Polk Robinson is ThaT sTar baskeTball player who walks by The soda Toun- Tain wiTh his girl and says "Two cokes, please." Ford Benham is The ham ThaT is al- ways l-lorne-ing in aT all The Teas and dances. Marvin lvlessersmiTh poliTician, archi- TecT, and dairyman: also plays The ra- dio, sharpens pencils, and rings door- bells wiTh pracTiced skill. ????? JeTTries, iT would have been a wasTe oT space To run her sisTer's pic- Ture, Too: They look so much alike ThaT a drunk wanTed To know, "Which is you and which is The mirror?" Virginia l-lash lalso Jimmyl. She is a big W A A woman To be so small. Jack "Tiger" Flowers-he is an exacT replica-ThaT is, his voice is-oT crooning Bing Crosby. He'll sing marshmallow love songs unTil you geT sick. J ' , "lm, 1 f.. ' 1' .QJQI-ii . Zella Riegel-She is The "gel" ThaT Teaches The co-eds how To Tling Their limbs around. She's Trom dear old Illinois: Tor oTher qualiTicaTions see Don Maddox. go you see his red head. The de mand aT Byers Tor him was so greaT ThaT he dropped ouT oT school in or- der To keep The ,Byers girls happy. "Red" Cummings-Everywhere you R. V. Davis-We wish we could geT as much enioymenT ouT oT a pipe as he does. Time means noThing, buT his pipe does. Raymond Dunn-Tripped over his overcoaT while sTill a child. Believes ThaT iT means more grade poinTs in The kiTTy iT one siTs on The TronT seaT. Clarence Young-Was named "Clar- ence" by a disTanT relaTive who hap- pened To have The hives aT The Time. Sue BarTon-She is The prize gum chewer in The college. You oughT To see her in acTion: Bob Walker can Tell you abouT iT. J. Donk Chamberlin-Observe The Joe E. Brown mug. The heighT oT his ambiTion is To go To Hollywood and double Tor Joe. Polly Barrow-We dedicaTe The nexT number, "Babes in The Woods," To her. Ann Lou BenneTT-Ex-queen: now she is Trying To be queen over some young men. Too numerous To men- Tion. Milo Feierabend-He would like To courT lvielba WaTson, and like To do a Tew oTher Things he doesn'T. Jasper Saxon HubberT: Because The pre-meds owe all oT Their publiciTy To hifn, he Thinks ThaT every pre-med sTory is a scoop Tor THE TOREA- DOR. Douglas KeTTer-IT you don'T know him go over To The booksTore and you will Tind him wiTh Roger Knapp. Hop Halsey. or Joe Turner. He is second in command over aT The Wrangler ioinT. Jesse Young-This lad is in charge oT The PiloT gang over aT The ag school. He is Trom way down in The Border counTry. ElizabeTh "Libby, Liz, Cub" Dryden -PET cub reporTer. Jack CasTeel-He holds The disTinc- Tion oT having played in I46 diTTer- enT orchesTras. He surely hiTs a mean lick on The piano. I . Robbie McCay-SisTer To Bonnie. PreTers aThleTes To men wiTh aThleTe's TooT. Mr. Raymond Cornelius Moore- Who wanTs Moore anyway. Well, The Ko-Shari club generally geTs whaT iT goes aTTer and Moore, Too. HarrieTTe Roach-She drives a green Chevie around: she is a Las Chaps, a Las BoniTas, has The S. A. on Basil Hill, and oTher Things unmenTionable. Bill STubbs-You oughT To see him sTumble, we mean Tumble. He has a Tew oTher qualiTicaTions-very Tew. Elizabe-Th Bickley-Charming senoriTa from Fabens. She is an all-around likable girl. Mary Ellen FrosT-We don'T Think ThaT she is all her name implies. She is The girl ThaT had The Cinderella TooT lasT year. Frank Spuhler-From Tucumcari. New Mexico, is an S S S lnoT a Tonic buT a brand awarded STudious Schol- arly Shrimps who can pronounce words like Tucumcaril. MilTon MoTFeTT-"Speedy"--He is The original "local boy makes good." aT leasT according To The STanTon Re- porTer. They wore ouT Two cuTs oT his picTure, They ran iT so much. WilleT Kuhn-He is The big mail man on The campus: he also shooTs a wick- ed shoT over aT The riTle range. 1 "Nick" Nixon-The mosT high coTTon man in school. He wears a Tux on all his daTes. He helps Conner Cole drag in The Shekels over aT The Hook- sTore. Tina Reynolds-Billy Holmes has been camping on her Trail Tor we don'T know how long, aTTer ousTing his compeTiTors: you girls oughT To geT advice Trom her. J. D. STrickland-For The secreT oT beauTiTul hair, mail a self-addressed posT card To J. D. ElizabeTh Conner-An aThleTe-and execuTive: a red-headed. Irish wise- cracker lsalTinel. May Tom Howell-Always capable oT a Ripping good Time: puns and likes iT. Tom AgerTon-Sorry, Tom, we mis- Took your picTure Tor Clark Gables Glynne Coker-TwenTy years 'From now we would have predicTed a han- dlebar mousTache: buT, alas, his Gil- leTTe slipped. Clyde James-Judge-on-The-Bench James: he argues a liTTle on The de- baTe Team. fy 4. ' ' . 3 g ,E if, ' '- T '13 2' 3 v E gnu..- ALL THE GOSSIP THAT IS FIT TO PRINT AND I6 PAGES OF OTHER INTERESTING THINGS YOU OUGHT TO KNOW OR DON'T WANT OTHERS TO KNOW . . . HOW CLEVER HAVE YOU BEEN? HAVE YOU HIDDEN YOUR DIRT? HAVE YOU ESCAPED THE EAGLE EYES OF THE RAZZ COUNCIL? TURN THE PAGES FROM RIGHT TO LEFT, SLOWLY AND AT YOUR OWN RISK . . . IN THIS ISSUE HUMOR??? WIT?? SATIRE REVENGE????? PUNK PUNS GOSSIPIII H H A A 19015 SMELLS L IKE NEWS 3 i sTrong for The sensifive naTure of The child aTTer iTs pro- TecTion had lefT and iT wiThered and blew away in a sancl sTorm. Requiescaf in Pace. LAS VIVARACHAS LeT us pause a momenT: ls This sisferhood sfill operaTing? Frankly. we do noT know: ThaT leaves The GrindmasTer in a quandary. BuT if The are dead. we hardly missed Them: and if They sfill move about They do iT far Too quieTly. To be safe from The eager eyes of The censors, we will say no ill of Them. LasT spring mosT of The club members goT married. ThaT is more Than we can say of any oTher club on The campus. Their name is Spanish, iusT like Las Chaparrifas. BUT do you know whaT eiTher name means? We looked Them up. KO-SHARI These are The liTTle lndian maids. They move abouT Their daily life in an aura of mumbo-iumbo. They have more riTual in one day Than Baird's Manual in ThirTy years. They won'T eaT corn on The cob or courT in The mornings. Ko-Shari, a word ThaT is meaningless To us. slipped up and Threw an almosT respecfable dance This year, which goes To prove ThaT iT is noT The man who gives The parly buT The people he inviTes ThaT deTermine The welfare of The body polific. They have some Tunny ideas abouT lndians or somefhing ThaT don'T concern us: so we won'T say any more abouT LAS LEALES These are The smarTesT girls in school. They Throw a feed once a year and invife Themselves and The deans. They sTand Tor The sTerner virTues. The club moTTo is "No". Their club song is ThaT delighTful old ballad, which They sing so impressively aT Their annual geT-TogeThers. The words are: ls our face red? Them. "We don'T smoke, we don'T chew. And we don'T go wiTh girls who do." COLLEGE CLUB A few years ago The mofher of evil gave birfh To The Col- lege club. lFaTher unknownl. The U. S. Crime commission was called down To examine facTs leading up To The Trag- edy, buT none of The members could give a legiTimiaTe excuse. Their by-word is, "Gimmie anoTher," and Their song, "We don'T care if birds don'T sing, we don'T care abouT any- Thing." They have cuddled inTo a shell and seem conTenT To sTay There. uv, nunvqq Locafed six leagues wesf of Collifch Avenue on Window Shoppers' Lane. Are you a fugifive from The chain gang? Then don'T be a civil engi- neer. -Nofhing shocking abouT our elecfrical engineering. -Mechan- ical engineering, coffee grinding, cigareTTe rolling machinery repairing our specialfy. School of Engineering. OTTomaTic Vesuvius Afoms, Dean. Can you manipulafe a can opener, corkscrew, ice pick, or baby's bank? Gef a B. S. in alphabef soup. School of Home Economics. Mafil- da Winsome Weeks, Dean. LasT school you Transfer To before Transferring your bags To The depof. Special courses in hog calling. More milk per sfroke by The dairymaid mefhod. Asafefiday Hollyhock Leidigh, Dean. One Thousand Two hundred sevenfy- eighf cases of insomnia cured daily by educafion, governmenf and his- Tory deparfmenfs. Three flighfs of sfairs and a number of lines of oppo- sifion furnish nine monfhs of Training for foofball players. Janus Mussolini Gordon, Dean. Mary Wanna Doak, Dean of Women. Jack iHybridl Highfower, Dean of Campus NighT Life. Oh, by The way, we have a prexy Traveling under The name of Baggy Knapsack. by ' WWW 'JW' PV . . V.Wm'?fFFfv'7??f?Tw':- TWT?-4'QT'Tf4F 'ffi22E."'??b0?i'3. 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The an- nual ball This year. was held in The shine room oT The HIlTon basemenT. The presenTaTion was cleverly arranged by using The elevaTor To carry The pledges from The mezzanine Tloor. AT leasT ThaT is where They were supposed To come Trom. The mosT prominenT barbs on The campus This year became RaTos. Among The neophyTes were Bro. Don Maddox, Bro. Basil Hill, Bro. Weldon Cog- dell. Bro. Dr. FriTzie SouThworTh, Bro. MalouT Abraham. Bro. Le- roy Vaughn, Bro. KenneTh HarT, and Bro. George Langford. The club SweeThearT presided over her courT from The shine chair. A very merry Time was had by all. Hamburgers and soda pop were served oTTen and Then all The guesTs indulged in The Thrilling pasTime of hare and hounds. Now ThaT we have Tound you ouT. may you mend your ways. FINIS IT'S SMART TO BE BOVINE HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN UNGRACEFUL COW? Learn To chew gum in ThaT graceful cowlike manner. wiTh a slighT addiTionaI popping. Learn how To be bovine Trom any girl aT a college dance. Men.... ATTer The dance leT us remove The gum Trom your hair. collars. Ties, ears, and shirTs. Don'T be sTuck up. PaTchum The Tailor removes wax. The sTock iudging Team on iTs Trip To Chicago boughT TurTIe neck sweaTers when The supply of clean shirTs ran low. Somebody Told us Bennie Mc- Williams has The S. A. on Odes- sa Hays. George ZaraToneTis is a silk- worm raiser. Jelly Brown also has a green haT. The nurses in The WesT Texas hospiTal misTook Wellborn Hud- son Tor a Boy ScouT. THE POOR FISH PiTy The IgnoranT Treshman, LowliesT "Tish" in The lake. And The only one of God's - creaTures ThaT never geTs a break. Oh. mourn Tor This pooresT oT freshmen. And weep over TimoThy Lee: One TaTeTul OcTober morning He saT on The "Double T". AnoTher green liTTle Treshman Is now in paradise: He Told BaTes ThaT The CenTaurs Were a lousy bunch of guys. The Wranglers Took care of This one. For monThs he hasn'T been seen: He admiTTed he ThoughT The Wranglers Were Tech's DebaTing Team. BuT The dumbesT of all The fresh- men Was WorThingTon Percy Mc- TRAVEL . . . All year we had been hearing abouT The size of This Tech campus, so geTTing up early one morning we sTarTed ouT To in- vesTigaTe. The TirsT misTake pal and I made was in noT char- Tering a pack horse or plane Tor The iourney. Tor we had only planned To be gone a week. Following are excerpTs Taken Trom a diary of The iourney: Sunday. Feb. I2. LeTT our base Today on NineTeenTh sTreeT and under a boiling sun and guided by The rays of The ever sTeady norTh sTar, we wiped The mus- Tard oT Joe's hoT dogs oTf our lips and, hearTened by The good old Tech TradiTions. seT ouT across The uncharTed wasTes of our campus. Monday, Noon. SighTed our TirsT ouTposT Toda . which Turned ouT To be The presidi-anT's Trading osT, and Tound him busy wiTh The Tfur Trade. He reporTs ThaT The fur cro is good. buT ThaT The Indians are clissaTisTied wiTh depression prices and are a mean bunch To deal wiTh. We camped on The ouTskirTs of The adminisTraTi b 'ld' ' T' T on un mg in :me or our governmenT class. Tuesday. SandsTorm Today. Too bad To Travel. so we de- cided To aTTend class: Pro- Tessor Murad seemed sur- , rised To see us. Wish we Goosey' had broughT along shaving He wenT To Texas Tech a day , , Tackle. And sTill hadnT heard of Sans S . Wednesday. ATTer a da of oucl' almosT superhuman elTorT fx and TiTTeen hours sTeady Qt X walking againsT sTiTT norT , ' winds, we made The lee of X The gym and dropped ex- X 'Q Q' hausTed on The souTh sTeps. I if BuT noT Tor long were we al- Q 1 Lgwed ,zo reshdazpuseal apT. yers an oac e V Morgan we were given Two ' ' ' I hours and Toriy minuTes of W X f f j calisThenics. We sIepT in our W Z- eq .kg cIoThes This night ,J I!,xf'9 Thursday. My pal suc- -vgj J 1 cumbed To exposure Today -tw J ' and we abandoned our ven- Ture. The docTor ordered 1 Q2 him To Jack Davis's shop Tor The resT cure. His lasT O.,-,words were. "Carry on. Pal." Y ,. ai ,lx ' ' ' K K H K 1 J -VVV V i K P 'KV V , R ' ' 8 Z V ' L 't ii' m7V,V,V,5M'fy:-w K.: A- 13,-VVK5, V, q -1-,-55:5 XR -,L K K V xG'k . ,G. .'k,',V',gf , , ff,, -1KKgiiQ1V'Vy j-aehgivw,-,. if-in VE gg: ,il X f A V-'K ZLV -V ' Z-age-V+VV K, A V 1-fY1'12e-aga -,--. .,', .- V V .V f 'V -' VV- V f ' '-" V1!"n'K'Vv ' V ' , Q 'V V- Vgffg ' I ,V X K V . V . 2 H V wi Ki V K N Y I , N 6- , - 1 KK gg-fs:,VK V31 -.N 2VK,4:,a?-1 'ji'-ea: VVVKKVVVVQKQ 3 V K VV K- 'K,:Vg-pi' ', f K -jam-'KgefV:KA , K ' V A Y Y , 1 ,.. . , ' ,Kg VV .V"KV,,,f 1 U,:.,4':kk,v,,Q:, wV,,w,Vy5q,VV',V,, qyrwzgwkm V, .qJ,:igf:55,V .V V ,Vt .V J: ' 4 ,VK M K A,A',.,"-'Vail q 'yK -YV ,K 2 , 4 V V K , 51 9' ,V ' ' VV ,"4-'5jKf- V' K "1"p-'- ' IK f - 'K ' 'V -fiiigfgy 'K:,f5Ka".VVViLV Lg- -zip c ' V-VV - VK J-Vi. ,V V K . 5.21. -1V "' Q,-Biff f' V' ,,5+fV,1'-1.' K' - jf V-E,-KQV , 3,-K - V1K,VVVVLVV,K,,."' 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V- 7-Wai? -' , KK ' -Q,Kyff 1K" W,-V ami-,-VV-VVVVWV-.x.a:,, g1wV.gVVzK21,-v2-f- TLV1.fWQp. :VVm,fKf'V-1'?E":K,2M.f...g-V ,eg-,3VejgVVK,' Q-,221-.g'KeV,2',f:f-V1nf5w'sk?d-gV'Kg,2.f,x-Ap'-AV'"s5WV"fffAztKi'i asm sryv-rf V ,Vim w?"'K'V'-H 1w:1NK-FM Hifsw'fa.'V.V'i:-WVVVVG f1Vi5,- NS'-V' -:E-1, 4 I shore wished They dedicaTed sec- Tions of The LA VENTANA and ThaT This humor secTion would be dedicaT- ed To Rosebud LangsTon. He mighT beneTiT from iT and during The com- ing years, cease Telling his bewhisk- ered and moss-backed sTories of The dim pasT which have become his sole menTaI possession. Helyn Kinslow is a HOG Ter pig's TeeT. buT aTTer The fiTTh load aT DUCK INN she was airiacked by a violenT pain and elled Ter help. AL- LIE RAE COLLINS. Mrs. Doak's sTool-pigeon. calmly Tilled a cap- sule wiTh a whiTe powder and Tole Helyn To geT ouTside iT. She done iT and said. "Why The pain's all gone. WhaT was ThaT ou gave me?" "ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE" answered The veT- erinarian. I seen PENDER wiTh a new gal ToTher day. I guess his hopes are revived since NIS- SLEY managed To geT hiTched up. I wanTed To give The biog- raphy oT some prominenT man in This colyum buT when I Talked To ROB O'HAIR'S docTor I gave iT up. He said ThaT Tor Two hours aTTer ROB was born he had To waiT To see if he would BAWL or BRAY. His moTher said she wouldn'T be surprised To see him residenT. cause aTTer Two years the was sTiII a HOWLING suc- cess. I wonder if NISSLEY is sTilI lad he goT married cause he saore don'T need all Them new cloThes he's been wearing laTely. Tech hisTory was made during The winTer Term when "CHUMP" ELKINS. The cIosesT Triend of WAGHORNE. GARRISON 8: O'HAIR, spenT The sum of SEV- ENTY CENTS on The Tirm. ThaT gu holds on To his money so TighT ThaT nickels spread ouT and look like quarTers aTTer he's had Them a year or Two. I always wanT- ed To know whaT OGDON reminded me of. I know now cause ToTher day he passed me. and NOVIS LEWI kepT looking aT him wiTh Thai' inspired look of his and said. "QUICK HEN- RYI THE FLIT." LOU EDWARDS asked MARY FRANCES SENTER iT her home Town had any nighT liTe. She said "Yeah, every once in a while somebody dies and we siT up all nighT wiTh The corpse." DICK CARTER cuT a maTh class ToTher day cause The only seaT IeTT in The room was beTween CECIL KERSEY AND Table in room 306 TliaT says: "I love LONNIE LANGSTON buT he don'T love me. He prefers BRUNETTES." PARKER TAULMAN. ediTor of The SCRAWNY SHEET which is some- Times called The Toreador . says ThaT women are like a YALE lock. no Two of Them are alike. When MELBA WATSON bou hT her Tur coaT she asked iT iT wouTd hurT To wear iT in The rain. The clerk said. "Lady, did you ever see a RABBIT carry an umbrella?" I guess he meanT an RABBIT oTher Than MYSTERIOUS Ike lnoT Mike. Allahu Il Akbarl MIKE. mumbai- "l learned someThing Today." and ThaT was ThaT all Silver Keys don'T Jingle. FACULTY MEMBERS STEP OUT l REED in The Toreador ThaT There was a TaculTy picnic a Tew weeks ago. MICHIE. who was named To provide TransporTaTion, looked over The HEARD and selecTed LE MAIRE To Turnish IocomoTion. He soon PEN- DER and hiTched her To The liTTle red WAC-HORNE. The weaTher was CLEMENT, so everyone climbed aboard. The CARTER seized The reins and shouT- ed, "GODEKE." whereupon LE MAIRE pulled wiTh mighT and MAIN and The WAGHORNE rolled mer- mal buT The CARTER RENNER unTiI she Tell and BUSTER selT. He scraTched his head: "HELWlG goH'a geT rid of The bod ." So They de- cided Thal' They WOODBURY her in a HARDGRAVE aT The TooT of PARKHILL beside The MILLS Tor her lasT long KNAPP. Meanwhile, The weaTher had become FOWLER and FOWLER unTil There was noi' a RAY of sunshine To be seen. The peda- gogues were in a HUFF, buT some liTTle SHAVER HEARD The HORNE oT a FORD. IT was MURPHY who Took Them The resT of The way. When They arrived aT The Picnic BOWER They had To RUSSELL some SMALLWOOD Tor a Tire: all buT MICHIE who was HOLD- EN up his KNICKERBOCKERS because his belT was broken. The wind scaTTered SPARKS everywhere. "LeT's COOK sup- per.' said MICHIE. "See The CUNNINGHAM I broughT along To FRY!" "IT we only had a HENNINGER Two. we could have ham and eggs," sighed MURPHY. MICHIE. who was quiTe a FOWLER. bagged a DRAKE and a BRANDT, buT The former was' MOULTON and The la'H'er was aTFlicTed wiTh RUPE. MUR- PHY knew how To ROBNETT and soon reTurned from STAIN- E53-OK carrying a Tish by The "STROUT cerTainly DYSART." he muHered as he scraped off The scales. "Careful, you will geT iT Too HOTSON." admonished MICHIE. PATTON him on The back: "COOK iT well DUNN, buT don'T burn iTI" Before The meal was well begun The PEDANTS consumed all The bread. "Do we have any more?" asked MICHIE sweeTly. "No dearesT. you musT mix some MURDOUGH so we can Tinish The meal." replied MURPHY. The parTy proceeded merrily, wiTh plenfy oT BULLEN reparTee unTiI early in The morning. L .i W P, ? , :. m s -SGW-H3125'Zi-W.?'1?i?1?7"fEL -YS.-3314635EE-'.'T?Y-?'-2fPiC.?2r.:fffg'f-.nw'gwa-M'-.w.-1x.wm1,Q.'.'-f- fa- P'--f1.,v-'-'.:'--.'fws-:s.- 4115.-.-4.-M.. ,- .f f. wr... . . ..., ,- , F .sf---ff 1- . ,mg :gk-5, ,g.:.4-L,g,,5.1,.' 6 1-Lf, f'AgfQ:, 'J-',':'f--M .4-"f,"u?X'f-W Y-A aw -.-:RE-:e-1 -I-NYY.:,-Mffffmv?--2.s5.1ea.--ml-5-,rs-iw1rfpiifsg-26552'-was-2,wfia-iSpS?1.fwf.m':f5'U'fFfTf??'.fJif-nibE 1'E-.figawLmfgf?il2Efig'gwff'2'557I5'.-'i?j3gi,.5-fl?5W1.g:Ss1:E6U1.xN,i'2f.5g,3,d'f-1 ,Af1'f?'i2:v2,1f . ,- - 1 r -' if-we ' f J .M H- -L .,.--:z.:.1.--.Q ggwgf- gf---I .rw I.. 'fszbiyiwfifiii-1 Wim-:f1:f,1.wiz..ff.af fm.w'Ye'f?f.'i'3 -f,-W IM:-ifia-'.4'+M'l'x. -Mm :WW1F4.2x- Ai :X if-r 1-:vw 491:-'V1 ff-f ..IU?r'+"?9iW-w',f1.a.fY:i? -'S . if 1 K. -'-- -4 if -1 1 FW LEW? .3544-M.' 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Warner BaxTer will be placed aT The desk lfor consulTaTion onlyl and Bebe Daniels and sky kickers will be used as book rusTIers. Music will be used in order To speed up The work as "The new sTaTT,' Miss WesT sTaTed. "can work much TasTer if There is rhyThm in The air." The rea- son Tor reTaining The new sTaTT is Threefold. Miss WesT sTaTed. "FirsT, iT will cause more sTudenTs To come To The library aT nighT. and iT ma be ThaT we will have To burn a hTTle more midnighT oil, which will add much To The college aTmos here. Second. more sTudenTs wili do original research work in The sTacks. Third. should The legislaTure ever in- vesTigaTe The library. They would be favorably impressed." "OT course. iT is Tough on FriTz, Tom- mie, William Nelle, and Carl Harper To leT Them down in favor of The casT of '42nd STreeT,' buT somehow They did noT make The library The mosT popular spoT on The campus, as The new sTaTi unquesTionabIy will," said Miss WesT. "l am abouT Ted up wiTh The presenT sTaTT. SouThworTh is a double blank. and The oTher Three acT and look alike. l honesTly cannoT Tell Them aparT Ten yards awa ." The old sTaTf has Taken Their chscharge very gracefully, making only a parT- ing requesT ThaT They be given sTack permiTs. The beneTiTs of The new arrangemenT can noT be esTimaTed. as iT will aid PeTer Willis in geTTing all The high school sTars from over The U. S. To come To Tech To play TooTbalI. PeTe sTaTes ThaT already Frank Merriwell. BarT Hodge. Leo Gage, and Red Grange, have asked for places on The Tech Team aTTer hearing of The new Library sTaTT. "I may have To make my Training rules more sTricT, buT wiTh Merriwell as capTain. I will be able To enforce sTricT Training rules," sTaTed The lanky Tech coach. NINETY CENTS PAID FOR WAT- SON'S LUNCH BOX QuesTion-Is iT True, Miss WaTson. ThaT The sum of nineTy cenTs was paid Tor your lunch box? Answer-Yes, only Too True. And you can imagine my embarrassmenT Em sTill modesTI. OT course I've ad years of experience. whaT wiTh Tixing a lunch every day Tor Uncle Herman, who, as you know, is nighT- waTch aT The ciTy pound . . . So you see iT iusT comes naTural. Below I have seT TorTh my concepTion of a real good lunch, and iT is idenTical in KK O D D Q4 !"fav' Z1 -I" You can hang your picfure in The hall of fame buT personally we'cI raTher have ours in Lovell Hall. ,H I I Ab I 1 K K 0 D D every respecT To The one Tor which I received nineTy cenTs. I. Purk and Benz. 2. I-Iemboorger STik. 3. Ep- ple Pie. QuesTion--Did The Juniors make any proTiTs on Their box supper? Answer-Yes. enough To send a posT- card To any poinT in The UniTed STaTes or UniTed STaTes TerriTories. LITTLE INTERVIEWS WITH THE GRATE By RUDOLPH NOSEBLATT QuesTion--Your name is also Wood- row, Mr. Wilson? Were you by any chance named aTTer The PresidenT? Answer-Yes. NoseblaTT, I am proud To sTaTe ThaT I was chrisTened in hon- or oT The chief execuTive, a glass- blower from Mexia, and Rudy Val- lee's band. QuesTion-I undersTand ThaT you were subiecTed To a raTher embar- rassing siTuaTion The oTher day, Moose Face. if I may call you Moose Face. Answer-Go ahead and call me Moose Face, Mr. NoseblaTT. IT has been m peT name since I was a mere iniant Yes, I and Mr. Curf- man were badly Tooled The oTher day. Mr. Curfman came over and said ThaT we were going To have our pic- Tures Took. 'We are going To have our picTures Took, isn'T ThaT iolly?' said Mr. Curfman. BuT This prospecT Tailed To maTerialize and you can imagine I and Mr. CurTman's cha- grin. 'I Tix up preTTy and Then I am disappoinTed.' sTaTed Mr. Curfman. WhaT good is The W A A Carnival picTures wiThouT us in The TronT ranks and we waiTed ThirTy minuTes before The camera, for The Tellow To shooT The works. We'd decided The cam- era man wasn'T loaded so we wenT off To dance when "bong" The pic- Ture Taking man senT up The smoke- wiThouT us in The besT picTure of The season. ULLRICH GROWS WHISKERS QuesTion-Is iT True, Mr. Ullrich ThaT you have recenTly acquired a Tine crop of whiskers? Answer--Yes, Nosebaum, and I mighT also add ThaT I recenTly dropped my TirsT profane remark. I was soundly slapped Tor my pains. QuesTion-Will you kindly give me The circumsTances of This happening? Answer--Yes, Nosebaum, I recenT- ly cursed in The presence of a lady lKaThleen Jenningsl and, as I have before sTaTed, was soundly slapped Tor my pains. IT was a biITer TwisT of TaTe, aTTer all These years of an- TicipaTion. for me To be greeTed by a couple of prehisToric birds. + i Yi ,Ja '3 4 7 H, we qv L , , Y.--my fp .x3:1-QW,-, -sf! ., , ,af E , . 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IecTuring on dealing from The boTTom of The deck, from The Top and also The cenTer. lnTroducTion by Pisfol PeTe. Auspices of The STag Bridge Club. BE DISTINCTIVE-SMOKE A PIPE Don'T You Sei' Pipe Hungry Once in a While .... IT's easy To learn. RAY MOORE THE PIED PIPER OF TECH WOMAN KILLER-THAT'S ME CHARLIE SMITH aT MarTin's. TRICKS OF THE TRADE .... SLO0 per lesson. WHY TRUST TO LUCK? The WILMOT BELLAMY SYSTEM never fails. MasTer of Galloping Dominoes. Y VUPULAK ANU rrxuri if-mu: GOLD DIGGING Professor ROBERTA MYRICK is now head of mineralogy: SANS SOUCI and LAS CHAP SCHOOL OF MINES J. W. Jackson SCHOOL OF GOLFING GoITer's reparTee GoIfer's alibis GoIfer's vocabulary All very essenTiaI if you expecf people To believe your game is improving. Learn The GoIfer's line. BE A GOLF CADDY--IT PAYS Billy Holmes, Tech's champion caddy. will show you The Tricks of The Trade and The loving cups he has won in games of chance. BE A REPORTER KNOW HOW TO WRITE ALL THE NEWS THAT'S FIT TO PRINT. also how To wriTe news for The Toreador. Knock Three Times on The Toreador door and Then enTer and ask for in- Tormafion. Learn how To cook a Thousand Things aT once. Simple Easy No Failures SysTem pracTiced daily by Tech rooming houses. LeT Joe E. Brown Chamberlin Teach you how To cook beans. Everybody loves a faT man. So do we. We live off The faT of The land. LeT us Teach you how To reduce faf men physically and Tinancially if noT menfally. Slimes McGuire and Collier. School for reducing weighTs. Reduce The overhead. Learn barber- ing under masfers of The cuT-up fraTerniTy. Allen Seale, School of Barbering. DFXLLIIYC CIVI IND VVE DEE EIVI Surveying The campus and puTTing The sTudenTs in The righf caTegory is a process of puffing The bad eggs in one baskeT and The good ones in The frying pan. However. we can discover Those ThaT will do To fry. and Those ThaT MUST be scrambled. The American college is given every conceivable Type of human maTeriaI. from The Tinesi' moulding clay To black boTTom soil. and is expecTed To produce a masTerpiece from each. The purpose of This classificafion is To see how much saIT. sugar. flour. and how many lumps of buTTer are neces- sary To make The greaT American CAKE-EATER. ThaT is. how much soda is required To make The Ameri- can Bred rise. There are Three ways sTudenTs fIoaT Through school: some TIoaT Through on Their dad's pockeTbooks Ifhrow- ing off considerable ballasT in years like I 929-331. oThers Tloaf on a self- provided graff. and sTilI oThers TIoaT loans. There are Those who go for The clubs. and Those whom clubs go for: Those who geT in, Those who don'T, and Those who are brow-beafen info joining. Clubs go afler one Thing . . . ASSETS. Only one Type chases The frafs . . . Iiabilifies. Insolvency is rife. There are Those who supporT aThIeT- ics lon The gridironl: Those who go To school To play ball. and Those who play ball To go To school: Those who really play ball, and Those who ball up The plays. In sfudies, we find Those who sleep aT home. Those who sleep in class, and always a few fish who Take I8 hours and sTiII do noT geT enough sleep. As far as The aTTiTude Toward Their professors is concerned. some say Their insTrucTors are likable. oThers say They are lacking. GeTTing back To The original purpose. The eggs are served. If They do noT Tasfe righf. add a grain of salf. 4.9, 1 71 - 'Ea Qf rwi' 4 Vx H a ifa -mfwxf -Q.: 4. 1-V V Vf C35 5. QQ, 'www ,Vf f.y.,"'v, if-. S aan W-'1-MSS.: f ' 2 'ff .' 'ffV ff' 'fm ' . 5 :mei-Vf ' .. . " fa. - V--W : gm -, ' 'Q M. fr. ' . .. 'sz V V ., " Lshfr V1 ,K -'zyaz-E" 12'-V . "- 1 1.1 V fl -'k -Q I f . . V , V f . wx- - - f- H '- ., L mn -L. V , f ' me-ff VMS Mgfwxa: .512 ., M Agggge iiwf 0 V' I ' -- '- 'Y I. "V'S4"'w?M 6- dk 1 . 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'rhere are some who live for iheir leaching, and oihers who 'leach for 'lheir living. ln oiher words. some find saiislaclion in iheir work, and oihers live only for lhe iirsi of ihe monih and gain in weighi. When il comes +o examinalions. 'rhere are as many molives behind 'fhe exams as 'ihere are professors. For example: io see ii sludenis cheai, 'ro see if lhey sleep in class. 'ro see if beauiy connoles dumbness. io see how bad 'rhey can gel lhem mixed up, 'lo see if 'rhe siudenis slay oui laie ai' nighis, io help 'rhe slu- denis. io see if iheir lecfures have been soaking in, io see if boys real- ly are as dumb as girls, and 'lo gel dumb answers 'lo sell io College Humor. As far as degrees are concerned, 'rhere are 'rhose whose degrees gei lhem work, and ihose whose work gefs 'rhem degrees. There are some profs who prepare fheir lessons, and oihers who lessen 'rheir preparaiion. The laHer 'lype ii'rs info an insiiiuiion ol higher learning like a carbuncle under a cel- luloid collar. To express fheir rela- +ionship algebraically, ihe lairler is io ihe iirsi as iihe unknownl is 'lo ex- acily. As io 'ihe feminine branch of ihe laculiy, ihere are 'rhree groups: lil Old maids, who, Through some mis- lake, have failed io recognize 'rhe merifs oi The oiher branch of bipeds. They airlend class io break ihe mon- olony, and bring many inexperienced facial muscles info play when a single smile becomes necessary. l2l Those whom ieaching has made old: who, lhrough some miscarriage of fare worked fheir way info fhe leach- ing prolession. and now ihe reaching profession is aboui' 'ro work 'rhem ou? of iheir righl minds. l3l Those who are iusi' maids. which group is meas- ured. noi by age, buf by abilily lo keep in harmony wiih ihe maierial ihey are working wilh. -..1.....1..........-l 1.........l-l. Whal is a Co-ed? A Co-ed is a 'thing men marry. They have fwo arms, 'lwo legs. fwo feel and somelimes iwo husbands, bui' never more ihan one boy friend lif anyl. and one ihoughi' ai a iime. Co-eds are like a Turkish cigareiie: ihey are all alike, only some are more disguised lhan oihers. If you go wiih one, you have been wiih all of ihem. li is a psychological marvel 'rhaf a sirong. well-dressed. in1'elli- gen? man will kiss a small. weak. painied-up 'rhing like a co-ed. The highesf plaslic ari known lo civili- zaiion is making a fair, square, and 'rruihful wife oui of a co-ed. Abol- ish co-eds and make 'ihe world safe for democracy. civilizaiion and men. r , .gi if A -A 1 Se us fvavas-REQ-e?I'm ! lf il weren'i for co-eds, men would s'rill be in ihe Garden of Eden, being made like ihe firsi man was made. lf you make love 'ro a co-ed in 'rhe beginning, she grows lired of you in ihe end: if you don"r she grows fired of you in fhe beginning. If you flailer her, ii' scares her 'ro deaihg If you don'+ il' bores her fo deaih. li is +he devil if you do and ihe devil if you don"l'. Gosh dern 'em anyhow. The liberal aris sludenis lhink: All engineering siudenfs are locomo- 'five chauliieurs. Home economics is a sludy of 'rhe household budgei. All agriculiure siudenls come io school wiih hayseeds in lheir hair. Thai ihe liberal aris siudenis are lhe only culiured people on ihe campus. The engineering siudeni ihinks: The liberal aris courses are all snaps ino excepiionsl. The liberal arls siudenl program reads: courling, eaiing, courling, ealing. couriing. and ihen sleeping. The home economics sfudenls are a siudious lol and should make good wives for The aggies. The aggie school, if worsi comes lo worsi, lhe lasi' school io iransfer io before going home. All aggie courses are snaps lno ex- cepiionsl. The agriculiure sludenis ihink: The fulure of ihe couniry lies wiih ihe farmers. The home economics girls are all peaches. The engineers are diich-diggers and posihole-diggers. The liberal aris school is a wasie oi money. Dean Leidigh is ihe only man in ihe college. The Tech campus is noi large enough. The home economics siudeni' ihinks: The home is +he mosi' imporiani in- sliiuiion in America. The aggies are nice boys. The engineering school is a loi of hullabaloo. a--..l.......,i . PERSONALS Friiz Soulhworih caughl' using ihe showcase in lhe wesl' roiunda for a mirror. Dr. A. B. 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A ,ff , , . . . , f 2'-nrt. f M .2.,,d?m Mfr- -D V ff-ww www , f , , l , . . , ., . P .f,. L 1 ,1..,,,..,.,,,.Z, ,,,,, . V . ,,..h:1? Wx- if-ffi fe A.. . , ef. , . . if , - ,, ' BRowN's 2 ' STUDIO : I Will Phofograph Your Mug I I I Any Day of 'Ihe ,Week And Will Make II' The Very Image of Dr. Hyde I MRS ARTHUR L BROWN Picfure Taker Ofuus WEST TEXAS GAS CO. Naiural GAS Noi' Coal Gas f . A , f is .f rif -H-elim X if' 1 I gffll a o V 'ya Qi, if JI'...qi, gkk ll ll u I ' I ' S X ' il" ggi ' X TT' V- I, 2 , Wi V ful?-g". ..-.ii1f'f:f'f,, ' osvonoanvassanvaquaracvossasuaaniq 'K l...,.I ll, I " V' " f2?:'ffi.' ' rw " "1y TTI I. .355 S, : all if 13-51 ' .xr WP, .Q K Y, V 34- " " E v'- f ' .' ,..eV' " ., 2 w c. . M y ,, , I I We Believe ln WEST TEXAS I As We Show By l Our Rafes Whal' Rafes Do You I I Propose? I We Posifively Will Noi Make Them 4iQii A TYPICAL WEEK Taken from The diary of Parker Taulman FRIDAY Spenf all day lisiening To The deans voice Their ap reciafion ol The au- +hen+ici'ry of all arficles in The Tor- eador. especially in The headlines. Couldn'T seem To gel' rid of Rulh Hurmence and do any work. SATURDAY Everybody wanis To know where in - They can ge? some ginger ale boHIes. Whal' in The world do They wanl' wifh Them? Guess I'll have To move in a day or Two and siari' baiching. fff .. 6' -- , xx ,,.-- N mai-gljwaff.. Pl? i 1.1! 655.gif WM MON DAY Spenl all day in The aggie building Then came back and wrofe an ariicle abou? The engineering show. TUESDAY Wrofe some headlines and pul Them in a hal' and Then wrol'e some arfi- cles and puf Them in anoiher ha'I, shook Them up, drew Them oui one aT a Time. Had abou? Ten headings lelf over. Oh. welll WEDNESDAY Prexy's Paragraphs were handed in afTer The deadline and we can'T prini' Them. Tha'r's fine. THU RSDAY Toreador ou? Today and beiaier Than ever. Thank gosh, There's The La Venfana To supporl' us. 41414119 430439141105 4:0 4141041010 assi """""""i Sl'uden'l's Beware 2 For We Are The Original I HEMPHILL g lNoT Big Nor LiH'le Hill I Buf Hempl I I WELLS CO. I Trade Wi+h Us I No One I Will Know Where You l Buy Your Clofhes , Defachable Tags I -.------.-.---.-.I """""""""""""""""""""'f GREETINGS 2 O Yes, We Greel You WiI'h Our Gyp Prices The BiggesI Swindle I "On The Campus" O I TECH 3 COLLEGE 2 BOOKSTORE .-.s..s-N.---...I -NEO C4199 6'1EOo THEIMPNNT , f QUALITY PRINTING PLATES and PERSONALIZED SERVICE G o r ..... MORE THAN A QUARTER CENTURY W E HAVE PRINTED AND BOUND School moo? College Azofomlf . - Q THE ECONOMY DVERTISING CO. IOWA CITY, IOWA ooo Y' 'Y Y Y --A --- Y --- YY 'Y' -Y' Y' Y' 'Y' Y Y Y In '1 1 1 1 i :1' .1.e0s-e3v:1. 1' 1 1 1, -11- 1'..Y. 1 11' 11' :1' 11' -1: 1 '1- .1 :1A 1 '1'11: '1' 1 .1 409 aqsaqoannacs-vnvoovoqsasmuvaqvaqvacv4is4:vosvamv4qv.qfaqn,4so4av41n-1.4qu4pv4qn-4Qv4q.4uo.moons-nnvqsvouv-onscreen.-queen' RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR WOMEN STUDENTS By Dean Doalc, Mrs. ChiTwood, and DormiTory Girls I. All women sTudenTs going on ouT-oT-Town Trips sponsored by The college are re- quired To reporT To Their dean on such eguipmenT as is necessary Tor a rell-haising week- end. 2. Women sTudenTs, because oT The dean's parTialiTy To Them, are noT subiecT To The same disciplinary regulaTions as dogs, because They are noT dogs-They are girls. 3. Before leaving Town Tor any college Trip necessiTaTing absences Trom classes, go around To your proTs wiTh a wad oT gum bulging Trom The iaw, and give Them The woilcsq i. e., "ProT, old kid. old pal, goTTa Tiz oe'r The conTinenT Tor a mug o' poTency ThaT can'T begaT heah, buT I'll be sewering ye." 3. All college social aTTairs Tor women are pracTically noT chaperoned, which is good Tor The women. PracTically because chaperones are normal, and They enioy Tree rein loTs oT Times. 4. Women sTudenTs wiTh weak consTiTuTions are noT allowed To sTay in Pandemonium Inn, because The Tood is a wear and Tear on any sysTem. Any woman sTudenT wiTh nerve enough To burn down ThaT dormiTory will receive a Blarnegy medal, if she will say, "I was scared." Special Social ReguIaTions I. Ingrowing Toenails. 2. Harmoniously-colored TooTh brush. WHEN YOU TELL THEM GOODBYE Remember ThaT The NexT BesT Home Is LOVELL HALL MRS. DORA VANDAGRIFF, Managei MRS. ANNIE HUGHES DIXON, HosTess Phone 2I84 2423 I4Th 305 OINDO,-. .-. Y Y .-. Y Y .-. f'-:::1,aua-,: ,::4Qv4Qs.-.4ov,,, ,: ,:, zzzosa-an-auoocyz' ,: age...-13, gig 1 gg, 1 334. I THE MASTER SIX I How do you address 'Ihe Presidenf of 'l'he CoIIege? Prexy, Bradford, Reverend Knapp, Mussolini, Hey You, Old Chap, Docfor. 306 2 Greaf Lines of Sixes .......q. acvanv o!o121""'+"'1:f2:i2::11-2:1114' I - I 'fl 3 i a 5 7: I ,, C 2 -4 1 75 g nn I 5 g - N 3 Jr 225' I T' 'S-f I ,-l'- m 'U I 3' 4 W 3.6 I EQJE 2 Q' if 7iQQ 2'g 70 ,S M 0 5 Ii I'- I IT' I "I IEE C7 9 4... ,... ..... THE STANDARD SIX CHECK THE CORRECT ANSWER Lonnie Langsfon is a: dog cafcher, horse doc- for, assisfanf dean of women, presidenf of BuII Tosser's union, insfruc'I'or.' A The S. S. S. is: a branch of fhe YWCA, IWW, Technocracy Associafion, Girl Scoufs, I Tappa Keg. Besf way of geffing info fhe hospital is: .Saying "Hello, Ross Ayers, you big bum": calling Pefe Cawfhon "Pansy", asking fo use 'I'he 'I'eIephone in Cecil Horne's office. The Mafador song is: opera, Peruna, Baffle Hymn, Mafador song from "Carmen", movie 'I'ifIe. The Sfudenf council does: nofhing, meefs, appoinfs commiffees and forgefs fhem, meefs fhe approval of fhe faculfy. Ways of geffing ia sucfion are: chewing gum in class, sleeping, asking embarassing quesfions, Iaughing af fhe prof's iokes, flirfing wifh fhe prof, invifing him on your parfies, sfudying. Ways of checking a book ouf of fhe Iibrary: use a freshman, sign a nofe, college direcfory, fhrough fhe informafion office, wanf ad secfion, by asking Iibrariian. Whaf do you know abouf Tech? Are you afraid fo fake our infeIIigence fesf? O. K. raaafafaaaaaaffaas Phone 1504 I los Broadway S COMPLIMENTS or g I 1 I JARETT'S s I CINDERELLA SHCP 2 ,I Ladies' Wear 2 I' SHOES MILLINERY HOSIERY Q ,Y ,Y Y ,-, ,-, ,-. ,,, now-. If You Have Heard of Tech You Have Heard of "THE LOG CABIN" Sandwiches, Drinks, Candy and Cigareffes ROY MICKEY, Propriefor Fish Landers: "My friend, in my hand I hold fhe key fo heaven." Phofographer: "Yes, buf don'f fry fo use if, or you will gef kicked ouf for frespass- ing." Can fhe insfrumenf fhe young man is holding be used for: scraping shoes, re- moving corks, manicuring finger nails, scrafching fhe back, a weapon of self de- fense, skelefon key, picking locks, comb- ing your hair, or picking feefh? aavaanaaongvqqpeqv YYYY , ,-. Y, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,Y The phrase "buffon up" means: fhumb your nose, Iighf ouf and run, fasfen clofh- ing, salufe. The Double T bench is for: fea parfies, freshman lounge, courfing, sun-bafhing, adverfising, picfure faking. The besf pool player and iig-saw puzzle worker is: Fish Blounf, Miss Mary De Bar- deleben, Jelly Brown, Oofie Abraham, Mickey Conner. College Inn is: an old mai'd's home, sani- farium for llovel sick boys, sfable, nighf club, hangouf for hangovers. The wafer fower is for: painfing class numerals, observafion fower, landmark, bill board, iumping off place. ROUGE IOr "Painf" If You Insisf on Being VuIgarI Furnished fhimble sizes fo 55-gallon bar- rels. lSuch guanfifies have offen been purchased by Tech girls' dormifories, and by lndian fribes for war dances and fesfi- valsl. Save fhe Surface All Gals Use GiIIiam's Around fhe Gills LOST: My faifh in women. DON MURPHY .- . .-. ,-, .-. .-. ,,, ,-, ,-, ,,, ,-A WEARING APPAREL FOR ALL IT IS WISE TO ECONOMIZE HERE E IN - PRICES' TALK LUBBOCK'S BUSIEST STORE You'II Always Find Courfeous and Efficienf Service olnaco-asv-ocoossacs-use-asa-nav4Qse14p+q.4nv414Qo4Qo4ns4:s4:v4soasvaas4cv4csens4qv4Q-acv4Qw40o4csanv41aqo4Qs4ns40s4:v4Qo4qo4uv4Qn4cs4qa4q-4us1s4av4ou4Q.4p.,g, 4 H fun-Queeg.-oovauv II II '9"0'4Dv00v4Cv4:sc:v4qoqqv4qp4g.4g..q,.g,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,Vi 41,7 ,,, Y YYY ,YV V-I F-V --- Y V- V-V 7-4001 ,Y ,Y IL .- 21 ..........................................................,,,.,,,,,,, ,.,.,.,, ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .:,, I ,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,,.,,,,.,,,.,.,.- ,,,,,,.,,,, IE ..-... . ....., ff' . X ... .. if . f W ' Inf f , 7 f I H 1 N - A " ' 'I I mf E 3 I TT 5- I i ' 3. ' . -2-Ip ----... 1 ' ' ... 3TmTfZ33lI,,Tq,ul-Ty: .-Tl.. I-- :+Hgl1L,wiL:QT ga '-- A L L, I H - fm Home of +I-ne Wesi' Texas Gas Company's General Offices 'L 'S' LUBBOCK, TEXAS Z DISTRIBUTING NATURAL GAS 33 " SERVICE If IN 42 CITIES AND TOWNS I , . ON THE GREAT SOUTH PLAINS .1 I .1 , I- 9 '36 Canyon-Hereford-Eriona-Bovina-Happy-TuIia Kress-PIainview-Silverion-Oui'l'aque-Turkey Lockney-Floydada-Hale Cen'Ier-Aberna'rI'1y IZ XI 4 s , f :I I SE SIa+on-SouI'I1Iand-Posi'-Wilson-TaI1oIca E Brownfield-O'Donnell-Lamesa-Midland Odessa-Sian+on-SI1aIIowa+er-An+on A LeveIIand-LiH'IefieIcI-AmI'1ers'l' If Sudan-DimmiH-Seagraves 55 Seminole-Muleshoe Q-. az N .gk Pe'I'ersburg I -. lvest Tbxas Gas Ch :ix I ' ' ,Q sie. wires- ' ,g EZ 1 ..a' EIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 308 '- Lubback-IdaIou-Lorenzo-RaIIs-Crosbyfon E 1 GOOD GAS WITH DEPENDABLE SERVICE 'Y' Y ooo Y -Y' - Y- V-V ' ' -oco'Y 'Y' Y Y '-- --V - -Y --- f-- Y Y aan Y, ,Y , YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE-NOW GET THEIR AUTOGRAPHS On receipi' of fhese names on or before April I, I933, LA VENTANA sfaff will give absoIuI'eIy free one four-door car, on Ihe presen+aI'ion of 75 subscriplions I'o LA VENTANA and I'he purchase of one case of FIeischman's Yeasl' for Ihe special price of 52.50. All College Widow AII College Gra'H'er Tech's Lazies+ Dancer Man of Unquenchable Thirsf Anybody's Helpmafe Tillie I'he Toiler Deans' S+ooI Pigeon All College Polifician All College Scofchman Tech's Clark Gable Tech's Grefa Garbo Champion Two-Timer Everybody's Sweefhearl' Anybody's Sweerheari' Nobody's SweeI'hear+ Co ege Back-Slapper Co ege Pearl-Diver Co ege Chiseler Co ege Four-Flusher Sucfion Maior Co ege Bluffer I. O. U. Co ege Idioi' Sfaircase Lovers Co ec+or of Posrers and Signs -o:v'Y' 'Y' Mas+er of Ceremonies ToasI'mas'I'er General PeI'e's Pei' Bench-Warmer Pe'Ie's Pef PeI'e's Pesf Tech's Waferboy Tech's Pansy College Handshaker College Bum Mysferious Mike Your Loving Baby Body and Soul Yours Truly Frankensfein The Foo+baII-Man wi+h Brains ldon'I' was'I'e your 'I'imeI Man on Page 279 The Man Who Wrofe THAT Arficle 'For La VenI'ana Capfain Kidd Iai' 'I'he booksiorel Our own Joe E. Brown The Original Traveling Salesman Four Marx Bro'I'hers The Girl from Lubbock The FIH' Man Y ,Y VY 7,034-,-. ,ace-.-, Y 490 1:1 .:. oqnin S I I I I I f o:vanve:v4:u4Qvo:vaQre:vasa-aQv+:v1:va:v4qv4:ooQoaqvsavo:o4Qv4:v4QvaQv4svaQraQvs:raov4Qso:r0Qv4Qvo:voQr ::. aco- ofo I I .,:., Y :z ::, ::' ::' ::'4Qo::' ::- ,: : .: ,iz A COED'S LAMENT NOT long ago I Tell in Iove WiTh someone who didn'T Iove me, And in spiTe oT This I knew in my hearT ThaT he was The man Tor me. One day my hearT's desire said, "I like my women smaIlq" So I hunched my shoulders and lowered my head, For I was very Tall. I Soon aTTer ThaT I heard him sigh, "I like red-headed gIrls1" My hair was brown, so I wenT To Town And paid Them To dye my curls. The very nexT day my hearT's hearT said, "I don'T like girls who painT," So I wenT wiThouT rouge and scarIeT lip- sTick, Looking pallid and TainT. And now my man has Tallen in Iove WiTh someone buT noT wiTh me . . . The girl oT his hearT has hair as brown As my own hair used To be: She's Taller Than I and her lips are red As my own lips used To be. How To regisTer early: Friend oT The regis- Trar, TooTbaII TacTics, personalITy, argu- menTaTion, correspondence, proxy. Where do you geT The besT meals: aT your girl's house, reTrigeraTorg home, drug sTorep IO, 2, or 43 hash houses? Where do college sTudenTs hang ouT: drug sTore, windows, hamburger ioinTs, guTTers, deans' oTTices, sTairsTeps, inTor- maTion oTTice, lamp posTs? Your opinion oT women is ThaT They are: gold diggers, Tickle, necessary evils, good painT iobs, The conTrary sex. Your opinion oT men is ThaT They are: sTereoTyped, equipped wiTh The same vocabulary and ThoughTs, bruTes, sissies, imiTaTions, Tour-Tlushers, Ticcle. '1-as-, ss- se V-A-,ee eeee se se E, ew es -1- COLLEGE TAILORS We Are For Tech AI+era+ion, Cleaning and Pressing I IO9 College Ave. LUBBOCK, TEXAS EAT WITH MRS. S. M. REED "TECH'S FAVORITE" 23I I l3Th 450-J We Desire To Thank You Sincerely Tor your valued paTronage during The Term oT I932-I933. We TrusT our merchandise and ser- vice have been all ThaT could be desired. O CARTER-HOUSTON DEPARTMENT STORE "THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP AFTER ALL" I220 Avenue J Phone 2I70 01wnv-n--aus-uvwuv4soo-f4q.-......f-- --- --- - -- ----..----4.-Q...--Y... -, .-, ,-, .-. .-, Y, .-. 4sooQe-4coocv4coa:s4no4svaQv4qn4q'QqvQg..q,.-.4g,,-,.,,,,,,,!, The biggesT snake in The grass: MysTerious Mike, Mys- Terious Mike, or MysTerious Mike. VV SuresT way oT passing a course: Give The Teacher an apple every morning lexcepT pre-med promcessorsl: wear a Double T: laugh aT The proT's iokes lwaTch Tacial ex- pressions in order To know when he has pulled onel. VV The besT meThod oT hiTch-hilcing is: sTanding in cenTer oT sTreeT, Thumbing The drivers, running aTTer The girls, Teigning crippleness, wearing Tech slickers or sweaTers. VV BesT way oT securing money Trom home: Torgery, sob sTories, ThreaTs, begging. VV BesT way oT crashing a dance: Dash in crying "Firel": preTense oT seeing Dean Doalc: To make a picTure: lend money To The bid Taker: bribery: cardboard in envelope: be presidenT oT The college or be dean oT women. CHECK THE CORRECT ANSWER WhaT proTessor in The economics deparTmenT never gives a grade lower Than "A," and never heard oT Chicago? lNissley, Nissley, or Nissleyl. Are you inclined To sympaThize wiTh Schiaparelli's esTimaTe oT DanTe's "Divina Commediau? lYes, or Noi. Which is The larger end oT a saTeTy pin? lRighT, or LeTTl. l-low many years has "Jelly" Kelley been going To Tech? lTwo, Ten, or TwenTyl. WhaT will be The paTh oT a spider if he wanTs To walk Trom The Top corner oT a room To The boTTom corner TarThesT away? lThe angular diam- eTer oT The Tloor, or an obese Tab- loidl. Suppose ThaT, iusT as you were going To school, you Tound Trouble some- where in your gas line loT The carl, so ThaT iT began baclc-Tiring in your Tubes, would you aTTribuTe This To a deTecT in your Teed? lYes, or Nol. Palladium is a graminiferous amyda- loid whose properTies render iT im- pervious To collusion and soporiTic- Tiousness. lTrue, or Falsel. Alfieri musT always be regarded raTher as The lasT oT The cinquecen- TisTi Than as The TirsT oT The moderns. lTrue, or Falsel. Suppose ThaT you were going along laTe aT nighT aT a moderaTe speed, and properly lighTed up, and you saw a red lighT direcTly in TronT oT you, would you sTop or go righT ON? lYes, or Nol. Suppose you were going along laTe aT nighT aT a moderaTe speed, and properly lighTed up, and you saw a red lighT direcTly in TronT oT you, would you sTop or go righT IN? lYes, or Noi. -- 'Y ' '-' Y' 1:1 Qu:-. 4Qv,-. -asv .-.ans-can ,Y was-our ,,, -our 3ll Y.- YY...- Y Y ,aco,Y-,,- 4' I oovQQ+aoo4om:mqv414Qv4iv4:+aQ+4bn4nr4ps4svoco4Qvwn4qv4D+4hv40v-oQv4Qv4nn--an-won-aqeeqwoo-ao-fnfaaoqnvasnwqfqqvqqwaqu-a--4c-4ovaov4av4upa-4o+4ov4qv.o1-4sn-4nvauvacv4u-+Qvapv4pm ' 4- U II ii PCWER ' ' ' When 'II1e I'rue value of eIec+ric power is analyzed and appraised, I+ is 'Found an essenI'iaI in 'the growI'I1 and developmenl' of modern civili- za'I'ion. I'I is manpower magnified, and no em- pire can prosper wiI'I1ouI' manpower. Texas UI'iIi'I'ies Company has millions of dollars invesI'ed in power producing and disfribufing 'FaciIiI'ies of 'I'I1e mosI' modern Iype. The 5I ciI'ies and I'owns served by +I1is com- pany in I'I'1is secfion of Wesf Texas enjoy 'rI1e benefils of adequale power and reasonable ra'res for all purposes. TEXAS UTILITIES CCDMPANY 3I2 abr A 2. 1:1 .:.oQv f I I! can-.:. :.4Qv savauvoavanvann-ouwasveco-aovaqoqnv-nv4nn4:v4:va14ana3oovacv49v1n4:u1nvccv4ao4Qu.4ssaor4qv4svaqv4Qo .:: ,zz eau qu... --- 1-- iv.: .:. .1 7 : 1:1 1:1 1:1 -:1 1: 1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1aav1:1-sco1:1 1:1 1 -3- ,:,,,,, 3 HOW TO GRADE A H. E. GIRL I. Do you use cornslarch? .... IO 2. I-Iow long do you cook a Ihree-minule egg? I .5 3. Do you like Io go in Dean Weeks' office? . 5 4. WhaI's Ihe besl excuse for culling classes? . 5 5. Do you ever say anylhing againsl Mr. Fowler in Miss McCrery's class? . . . 5 6. Whal color is red? . . 5 7. Do you know how Io dance? . . . 5 8. Do you like Aggies? ...... 5 9. Would you, if you were married, cook biscuils for breakfaslf? ....... IO IO. Do you advocale The use of ding-bals? . . 5 I I. Whal is a "co-op"? . . . . 5 I2. I-Iow many members in Ihe Double Key? . 5 I3. Whal is The use of IeI'r-over Ioiscuils? . IO I4. Can you cook? .... IO I5. Will you marry me? . . . IO Fifleen correcl answers deserve . IOO ZIV.-V Y Y .Y .- Y .::: :T .-..-..-. Y Y Y Y Y 1, Y. 1,1 1- ii I J. C. PENNEY CO. I TECH DRUG Inc- The CoIIegia+e Sfore I ll Headquarfers For AI Where +he College 5 sci-iooL suPPuEs SI'ucIen+ Shops ,I Tech Jewelry, PennanI's d S I Pillows and Tech Seal an aves SI'a'Iionery QUALITY MERCHANDISE I 'F Y,Cf,lf.,5fD',fQI4i'ifRvHIffI,EYOU A+ Ihe Lowesf Prices IQ HAVE IT l l I We Appreciate Your Two Regisfered Pharmacis'I's in Charge Business College and Main Phone I38 3I3 V-V -V .-. Y -. Y. Y. .-. - Y, Y A-I V-A Y-4 QNQ,.g.4q,.g.qq,.qn4qv4Qv4:u1Qo4sv4Qvo:v414coio4:va2oQo4QoqQo-4qo.Q. Y Y Y .g..q., YYYY ,Y W i Y-Y ,YV VY HOME ECONOMICS DICTIONARY sewer: pipes carrying oTT wasTe, also, one who sTiTches. cheT: place where dishes are kepT in The panTry. panTry: sTorage room Tor panTs. hem: correlaTive oT haw: obiecT oT every girl's aTTenTions. waisT: parT oT The human anaTomy. skirT: colloquial Tor dame. erl: subsTance used To keep sewing ma- chines running and boy's hair shining. men: noT known in This parT oT The world. make-up: a woman's complexion. cynic: place Tor washing dishes. sToic: myThical bird, supposed To bring babies: obsoleTe. ' yegg: proTein Tood Turnished by hens. yolk: Top parT oT dress or skirT. yoke: yellow parT of an yegg. chic: romanTic Tigure oT The deserT. deserT: lasT course oT a meal. marinaTe: To accusTom To The sea. peTTicoaT: underskirT Tormerly worn by women: obsoleTe. hors d'oeuvres: French word meaning eTaoinshrdlu. canape: covering Tor a window or door: an awning. rogue: red painT smeared on women's . cheeks. TECH'S OWN KNITTING SOCIETY Never leT iT be said ThaT PeTe CawThon's kni++ing club wouldn'T raTe an arTicle in LA VENTANA. OT course noT, iT ever an or- ganizaTion deserved iTs iusT deserTs, iT is The so-called Double T club. Who beTTer de- serves a wriTe-up in Tl-IIS secTion Than The heroic he-men who are so egoTisTical Thal' They secreTly meeT every nighT aT The gym, and There, behind locked doors and dark- ened windows, spend The evening Trying To learn The arT OT rick-racking and working jig-saw puzzles. BuT Then who can blame any man who exhibiTs his power on The gridiron lor The benchl, Tor aTTempTing To conceal Trom his seeThing public ThaT his menTal capaciTy as well as manhood is no- Thing more or less Than a subTerTuge around which he has builT a greaT egoTism and a Lucky Tiger hairy chesT. QIVA' Y-Y 7 'Y '-- 7 7 --A ' 7' 7' 7' '7' '-'aq-'- ii ii Ii ii ii Il ii ii ii ii I 4:o1o4qs414Q+41414:o4:o4:o4Qu4:s41o:v4Qv1voQv4Q+4Qn-1o4:a:s4:s1oo:a-4qo-a:s4Q+P4C0-4Cb40I-4Qv4Qv4:v-oQoo0o4Qn-4Qs4Qo 1:1 ,.... I i i ATTer The College club dance you wanTed an apology, corn-pads, an aspirin, a Taxi, TomaTo juice, or an inviTaTion To come again. ,,, ,Y ,-, ,v ,Y ,-, ,,., .v , ,Y .-, 3I4 7' '7 '7' 7' '7' 7 7' 7' '7' '7' 7 40ooQo 7 7' 7'4Qo4Qo4:o-snoags ' 7"7"7'oQo7 7' 7 7 '-'--'QQ' 7' 71.9. -rho-'7 acvoao 7 4QQ--- V-A '-A -- BROWN'S STUDIO IO03A I3TH STREET PHONE 573 Making All PI1o'rograpI1s for La Venfana for '28, '29, '39, '3I, '32, '33 DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHS COMMERCIAL WORK KODAK FINISHING One of +I1e Larges+ and Bes+ Equipped Ground SI'udios in Texas AII negarives of s'rudenI's made for +I1e annual 'For 'rhe pasi' six years have been carefuIIy preserved and reprin'Is in all y Io d I' g IIy d d p by I' g sizes ma e secure a rea re Io +I1e above address. rices wri in MRS. ARTHUR L. BROWN, PI1oI'ograpI1er :: ::: ::: ::'-a:o,:: 1:: ::: . 3I5 LANDERS ELECTED FRESHMAN QUEEN April I-ln a sacred ceremony held in fhe pavilion, Rosebud Landers was crowned Fish Queen wifh a vinegar iug wielded wifh all due force and formalify. There were six freshmen and LA VENTANA phofographer presenf. The ceremony was held in fhe pavilion in order fhaf fish vice-presidenf Norris could enfer fhrough fhe underground funnel and avoid kidnappers. The queen, dressed in a sfriped gown made from an old awning and a veil made from discarded Pracfice house curfains, carried a large bouquef of wild prairie hay, and drank a foasf fo herself of Bulgarian buffermilk. The flower girls, Violef Blounf and Tina Collier, wore whife sugar sack gowns and lace and carried large loouquefs of lasf year's hay. Lucy Wafers, Molly Williams, and Sophie Norris, fhe queen's affendanfs, were dressed in a similar manner. The faculfy and fish class were represenfed by proxy, fhe ram represenfing fhe faculfy and fhe submissive, innocenf lamb fhe fish class as a whole. 3I6 GREETINGS WISHING YOU GOOD-SPEED UPON YOUR DEPARTURE Exfending You a HearI'y Welcome Upon Your Refurn O TEXAS TECH COLLEGE BOOKSTORE "On +I1e Campus" O SEAL STATIONERY COLLEGE JEWELRY PENNANTS COLLEGE NOVELTIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 3I7 i i , W, .. I I i T 1 in T The above love nesT scene is published for The firsT Time due To The TacT Helen SeTTle DeBusk 'Failed To pay The cusTom- ary monThly hush money. lYou oTher I,648 blackmail vicTims had beTTer Take warning. Signed: The Razz Councill PRE-LAW MOCK TRIAL PROVES SENSATIONAL Scenes and conversaTion ThaT would have made The Trial The sensaTion oT The year revealed by special agenT No. 352. DeBusk, charged wiTh bigamy, is shown being adminis- Tered To by The scheming Helen SeTTle, whose beauTy is accompanied by The hearT oT a vipress. The Tollowing are words overheard by The phoTographer: Helen: "Take This, Manuel." lHanding him a boTTle oT TomaTo iuice.l Manuel: "Hic, where am I? Take ThaT away." Helen lexciTedlyl: "Oh, Manuel, iT hardly seems possible ThaT we are man and wiTe." Manuel: "l-lic, whaT did you say? Man and wiTe. Whar do you mean? l-lic!" Helen: "Don'T be silly. We were married in Clovis lasT nighT. Oh, Manuel, don'T be so unconscious." AT This poinT, The conversaTion was inTerrupTed by The awkwardness oT The phoTographer who dropped a slide and, Tearing deTecTion, leTT abrupTly. Canon ClemenTs, disTricT aTTorney, upon collaboraTion wiTh ChieT JusTice Clyde James, sTaTed ThaT charges againsT DeBusk cannoT be broughT up again, buT said, "Helen SeTTle will be duly prosecuTed Tor vampingf' The oTher picTure is a scene in The highly dramaTic case oT The STaTe versus DeBusk, in which The STaTe was repre- senTed by The eminenT Tirm oT Vickers, O'Neal, and SmiTh, and DeBusk by Long and ClemenTs. No decision was reached, as The iury hung iTselT in a TwenTy-minuTe deliberaTion. One oT The highlighTs oT The case arose when Micky Davis, The BosTon gob, was puT on The wiT- ness sTanci. Being puzzled by The peculiar pronunciaTion oT Davis, ProsecuTor ClemenTs asked, "WhaT naTionaliTy are you, Davis?" "I'm a Yankee," responded Davis. SheriTT CrawTord and his assisTanT "Moco" were busy Ten minuTes subduing The hilarious audience. BoTh Cle- menTs and Davis were Tined TwenTy dollars Tor conTempT oT courT by order oT Judge James. AssisTanT ProsecuTor Long, in commenTing on The case, asked: "Do you know why we Tailed To convicT DeBusk?" "ThaT's whaT l'd like To know," answered ReporTer Dryden. "Because we iusT didn'T know enough abouT women." And Thus ends The Tall Term pre-law mock Trial, LET'S IMAGINE- Mouse Moulfon aI Ihe Safurday morning Mickey Mouse. Ben Condray wearing 'Iireman's Suspenders. The senior lor any o'Iher cIassI of +his year doing some'I'hing. Mr. Fowler in a barhing suiI'. The Forum wiIhou'I' pefs. Elecfions wifhoul' machine propaganda. Bob Walker being +oo busy Io pose for a pic- 'I'ure. Oofie Abraham ge'H'ing a permanenl' wave. HarrieHe Roach al' I'he end of a IIH' gun. Ru'I'h Car'I'er playing pos'I' office. Joe Jackson imiI'a'ring John Gilbert Miss Gill as Ihe new Garbo. Vic+or Bearden wi+hou+ Ru+h Reed. Ona May Haynie wi+h a dir'I'y dress on Sue Brown as a plarinum blonde. Charles O'NeaII wiihoul' a Iopic. Pere Cawfhon wifh a Yankee brogue. Eggs wifhoui' salf. Don Maddox and Ralph Brandenberg in a senior cap and gown. Comic secrion wiI'hou'I' comedy! Cy LaMasIer . . . Leroy Vaughan doubling 'for Wallace Beery Croi - Gholgon CO. Iubbock "Where else bul' Craig-GhoI- son's can you gel' such well- informed assisfance in proper clofhes seIec+ion?" This book is cased in an S. K. SMITH COVER-a cover 'Iha+ is gu.aran'reed 'ro be safisfacrory and is creafed and SMITH- CRAFTED by an organizafion of cra'F'Ismen specializing in 'Ihe creafion and produclion of good covers. Whafever your cover requiremenfs may be, +his organizalion can safisfy Ihem. Send for informarion and prices Io: THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 Nor'Ih Wes+ern Avenue CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Y' Y' age- 'Y' '-' ago '-' '-' "' oQooQv-obvotvatvarv V,-sgvoqo-,,, ,-, ,-, ,-, Y 49043, .-.-aQv4Qv,,, ,v ,-, 319 7777-was ---A'-.-.--.7.-.-..-.-.7.-Y WELCOME LUBBOCK AND TEXAS TECHNOLOGICAL COLLEGE WHERE you will find every educafional opporI'uni'Iy-deIigI1+- ful cIima'Ie-wonderful ciI'izensI1ip and I'1ospi+aIi'ry plus- WHERE you will find I'I1e ricI1es+ agricuI+uraI producing seclion in +I1e U. S. A.- WHERE you will enioy happiness and prosperily Io 'I'I1e uI- mosf- YOU will be welcome eifher as a sI'udenI or a cifizen. De'I'aiIed informalion may be obfained by wrifing LUBBOCK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND BOARD OF CITY DEVELOPMENT LUBBOCK TEXAS WEST TEXAS HOSPITAL CHARLES J. WAGNER, M. D. SAM G. DUNN, M. D. Surgery and ConsuI+a+ion Surgery and Geni+o-Urinary Diseases WM. L. BAUGH, M. D. ROBT. T. CANON, M. D. Surgery and Diagnosis Eye, Ear, Nose, Throaf W. E. CRAVENS, M. D. D. D. CROSS, M. D. General Medicine Surgery and Gynecology ALLEN T. STEWART, M. D. O. W. ENGLISH, M. D. ObsI'e'rrics and Pediafrics Medicine and Surgery FRED W. STANDEFER, M. D. C. C. MANSELL, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose, TI1roaI' DermaI'oIogy and General Medicine M. M. EWING, M. D. General Medicine-College Physician RUBY BUCHAN GILBERT, R. N. L. H. McLARTY SuperinI'enden'r Financial Agenl' EDNA ENGLE, R. N. Ins'Iruc+or-School of Nursing 320 ADVERTISERS' DIRECTORY Abney Apparel Shop . . Brown's S'I'udio . . Carler I'Ious+on . College Tailors . Craig-Gholson Co. Duck Inn .... Hemphill Wells Co. . Hilfon Ho'reI . . HiII'on Sanson . . Hogan PaH'on . . Jare'H"s Cindrella Shop . . Kuykenclall Mofor Co. . . . . La Caverna Ho'IeI, Carlsbad, N. M. . Levine Bros. ..... . Log Cabin . . Lovell Hall . . Lubboclc C. of C. . Mar'I'in's Drug . . . J. C. Penney Co. . . . S. K. Smi'Ih, Chicago, III. . Tech Drug ..... Texas Tech College BooIcsI'ore . Texas U'IiIi'I'ies Co. . . . . Wesl Texas Gas Co. . . Wesl' Texas Hospi'I'aI ....... FOREIGN ADVERTISERS La Caverna Holel, Carlsbad, New Mexico . . S. K. Smi+h Co., Chicago, III. . . COMPLIMENTS OF MARTIN'S DRUG 32I STUDENT GOVERNMENT MYTH NO. I The STudenT Council is TradiTionally The mosT acTive organizaTion on The campus. Baclced by a long hisTory oT masTerTul, and inTluenTial acTiviTy, The council This year Tound abunclanT precedenT Tor iTs recogniTion ThaT iT is The sTudenT governmenT. WiTh The band suhfering Trom over-Tinancial supporT, wiTh The Toreador being issued Twice a day when There are hardly enough sTudenTs To iusTiTy and supporT a weekly paper, wiTh college spiriT rising To unexpecTeol heighTs wiTh The accepTance oT The school song which we can honesTly call our own, and wiTh a cenTury-old insTiTuTion whose whole TuTure depends upon The precedenT oT iTs early years. The STudenT Council has no Time To call iTs own. This is a represenTaTion of The diTFiculTy The phoTographer had in coax- ing The members of The council To sTancl Tor This picTure. Those siTTing had a sTronger will Than The phoTographer. i i Basil Hill, presic.lenT, whose busy business of being busy has kepT him from his business of geTTing busy. ?22 .- ,a 5-A gulf! - STUDENT GOVERNMENT MYTH NO. 2 Purpose: Accomplishmenls: MuHon-Head Moore, presi- denf, whose chief accomplish- mem' has been 'rhe cure of in- somnia of Chamber of Com- merce members. Eighf o'clock, and all's asleep. Moller Alibis: Blue Key was fhe moHo, iheme song, aim, and guiding lighi' for This group. If wishing could accomplish anyfhing 'These nincompoops cer- +ainly would be Blue Keys by now. Wishing is +he mos+ drasfic move fhey will ever make. 323 Vim, vigor, and venom was exhibiTed aT The reTurn OT The mighTly, plunging lvlaTa- dors Trom Rose Bowl aTTer Trouncing The UniversiTy OT SouThern CaliTornia Troians To The Tune oT 77-O. The Toreador senT RuTh Hur- mence To inTerview PeTe and DuTchy aT The sTaTion, buT all she reporTed was ThaT They don'T say "you all" ouT There and no one ever heard oT ElkharT, Indiana. W. R. Underwood was The only one who could geT This picTure Trom ReporTer Hurmence because he is on more Triendly Terms Than anyone else in This oTFice. ln TacT he is such a close Triend ThaT she calls him Bundie. However, a close Triend oT PeTe overheard him say ThaT a Simmons-U. S. C. game wouldn'T have been much beTTer Than a one-man Track meeT. lSTay in There lvlaTadors. IT iT hadn'T been This iT would have been someThing else.l . W yi L "We did iT," said Rob O'Hair and Bob Walker, "NoT ThaT we liked Tech less buT ThaT we liked The publiciTy more. l can'T undersTand why They couldn'T prove ThaT we did iT, we cerTainly made Tracks aTTer we igniTed The Trash pile." Now we ask you, how in The world could The lvlaTaf dors have done so much wiThouT The inspiraTional, bombasTic, ear-boThering boosTing oT These high 'n mighTy monkeys who perTorm so egoTisTically be- Tore The sTudenT body? WhaT, do you s'pose, passes Through The minds oT These leaders as They holler? Rob O'l'lair worries abouT The score, no doubT. Bob Walker says To himselT. "Wonder how l'm looking. Wonder if she saw ThaT cuTe one l pulled. Wonder iT They Think l'm as niTTy as Rob." Fish Landers: "Cripes, l TorgoT ThaT yell again. l:orTy licks Tor me TonighT. VV'hen, oh when, will l be able To sing ThaT 5271, song?" ' Here They come all Tull oT vim and venom in Their naTTy new uniTorms The besT loT oT aThleTes ever To represenT Texas Tech in a mumble peg conTesT Carrying a pugskin while in Training l . wi! 'ILM . I skin- TT ' I . . . . . . . ifgj-' . R Tor The nexT TournamenT inspires selT confidence: also shows The public wiThouT doubT Tech has a versahle aThleTlc program 324 i Score! Score! Whaf's The score, or does if maffer? There won'T be any score, if Thiaf lanky forward sinks anofher overhand Toss info The sfomach of our hero again. Tech 381 Visifors 33. Of course you can see ThaT, buT when The ediTor Tells you To wriTe approxi- maTely sevenTy-five words abouT a picTure you haven'T even seen, you have To Till up space some- how. Oh yes, ThaT's Double Ugly Curfman up There and l wonder if he will be proud of his Double T baskeT- ball sweaTer. Sure he leTTered, he's one of The mosT valuable men on The Team. He sTands up There and scares all The opponenTs who haven'T seen "FrankensTein", and Those who have Throw The ball aT him. The guy who had This iob lasT year losT his posiTion because he had To make faces, buT noT Curfman. LeT's raise The qualiTy and drink To his fuTure suc- cess in The movies. By The way, where is Ben Tur- pin now. Hip! Hip! The boys are marching, hip To hip. Two To one Homer drops The baTon before he reaches The ZO- yard marker: no, he doesn'T, iT Tell in The Tuba. HalTl Tuba player claims a foul: baTon recovered and MaTa- dors resume march. The players are on The field, gosh no, noT The musi- cians, buT The MaTadorsg Douglas loses poise and sTep as he ducks head To leT TooTball land in sTomach of musician behind him. TweeT- righT abouT face, They are charging The grandsTand. TweeT, They halT. Helen Bar- sTow halTs, also. Tweef- haTs off-sTand up-leT The wind circulaTe Through your blankefs, coaTs, and Trouser legs while They render The lvlaTador Psalm. lvlaTador sidesTeps The Tuba player and Topples over a piccolo player as he reTrieves pigskin. The band has done iTs parT. Homer reTires To sTraigh- Ten ouT baTon before beginning performance aT The half. Lelviaire and opponenT's band direcTor, real- izing ThaT Their boys have made The usual mess, ex- change iokes, and reTurn To Their respecTive groups, Lelvlaire always going Through The grandsTand looking for his band. On wiTh The game! , fi: I lnsfrucfions To band boys: sfand aT affenfion, look pious and posed, Throw ouf your chesf unfil you hide mosf of your face, play anyfhing, funeral marches or dirges preferred, for all eyes are glued on you. 325 Lei' us look upon The scene of an exfincl' volcano, and lhink of Hs glorious pasf and former pol'en'l'ialHy. Magnificienlly H sho+ Hs kaleidoscope of color againsl' +he brassy sky, overwhelmingly H' shook The universe and Hs lhundering reverbalions echoed: "Remember, l lam s+ill herel" And lhen H nose-dived io l'he dull, brown earlh wHh a 'lhump like +he morning paper hH- ling 'l'he fronl' door. Freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors sland on Mounf '32, and gaze upon l'he crafer of 'lhis year's senior class, defunci' as a wel' fire-cracker. For a class +ha'l' began so enihusiasfically, 'rhis yelar has been as monofonous as wafer dripping in 'rhe kHchen sink. Class meer- ings wHhou1' aH'endance, a lreasury wHh- oul Treasure, figure-heads wHhou1' s'l'amina. The seniors-+radHional models for inspir- a'rion-now make annoyed under-classmen break lheir fingers 'l'o hear lhe snap. Perhaps, H is beHer +ha'I' fhey are noi' leaving +he cusiomary giff-unless lhey could arrange a s'ra'l'ue showing a couple of bell-hops and a 'raxi-cab driver depici- ing "The SpirH of Sleeping Sickness"- for Tech is likely +o forgei' as soon as pos- sible fhe class which is so sfricken wHh in- erl'ia l'hal' H's very name reeks wH'h dus'l'. The sponsors of rhe class were so ashamed of l'he seniors 'lhal' 'lhey didn"l' fake l'hem a single place, or show +hem a single lhing. No doubi' if +he sponsors had i'ried 'lo 'leach 'rhem a 'Few 'l'ricks 'rhey would have been iusl' 'loo sleepy and l'ired lo learn. Color: Black, 'l'o represenl' lhe class spirH. MoH'o: Ea+, sleep, and be weary, for +o- morrow you may gradulaie. FIGUREHEADS " 1 AUTOGRAPHS A414 L52!07w may M1045 d,wL,, , . do E, an-fo--41,4-Q.-J. 7 . rdf 7M exp-,WA ,Lf-.5 A JAM Jim, ,aww .wwe Aw 0"v-cf ,.f..., 0-Wfj, 'AP'-Q'-df' filo-M.: ,.M,we,Z. go f aff wwe A ,fad 3 7aL?L4.fff . ,ul-uv-Av yxu-of ,AA-vu 5 .fc-ps' 'Za-u,.d,.a 90 '+G -"""' 5 e.a..,,, -tvugh , " 153+ A395 ,, m., M ,Qgfjfq -""-"M-4 7'-ww-Q, 1. 4.1, ,L ' W"""' UVM-'fv-4... L-v-.n...Q,uA,,. N-A UUUA-LL Fisk' It-P'-fe-G-9-KQ.A.. 1 'Q2' -3' 327 B -- f I I ff.,q,' ' fl' 1 J AUTOGRAPHS Q B'-1-'-vw-u SLI., 19 33, A'-114-A-I-0.1: aqiymdg s Q3 U-C0 ! k ,'I,,' " Q9 cl.-LL41-4-1? 42-4.47, .arm-w.Jyu.J -,gf LMHLCAJ A1 A I f , 'LM' ww, 7-'Jw Flll. i1Vt2, V, I !..i,,Lli-I qu, 7:0 ffw-17 LM! fA,a4,u,J 420-1 ., ZW MM -'fwfv LM, ,A WAJVY I H .. V 1 t A Q .Ana J . 328' 'V XBLCLX X, AUTOGRAPHS 329 AUTOGRAPHS 330 AUTOGRAPHS 33l Qqoqvazoacsaqvoqvivaqsaqv apo env-scones-scvacoacn-azvaqvabo4QvoQs--nQo4:o4:va:s-4QooQo-4:s4:o4:v4co4:o4coo9ooIa I I II I I c-. ,,, .B YOU HAVE PROBABLY FORMED AN OPINION OF THIS BOOK LONG BEFORE REACHING THE LAST PAGE AND IF THE VERDICT IS A BETTER .AND MORE REPRE- SENTATIVE BOOK WE ARE GLAD BUT IF NOT THEN IT IS JUST ANOTHER WRONG GUESS AND WE'D RATHER NOT TALK ABOUT IT THE STAFF I 0 O O O -93,45 9302 0 O 0 0 I 332

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