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OO 133661311311 1963 Volume LIII e Texas Woman's University Denton, Texas ' GISWQI A rose at the Texas Woman's University has long been a tradition symbolizing appreciation, congratulations, recognition or just a special feeling. Cherishing this, we offer to each of you a special rose . . . one filled with nostalgic memories of the years which have stimulated and molded our lives into the feminine graces and qualities on which our University was founded in 1903 and continues to emphasize sixty years later. Our rose contains the old and the new 'through art work, the TWU year in review through captions and pictures, but most of all . . . it contains you in the year 1963. Editor Penny Pickard ...... .................................................,............ E ditor Ruth Palacios ......... ........ A ssistant Editor and Advertising Manager Sandra Hatchett ....... ..................................................,.... A rt Editor Gale Grassman ......... ......... L ayout Editor P ibu rzw a 1, . ,, .H zfln M , ,ff 0- " Zl1:,f?,'5..i My Q E, itil P fnwz,.:. A- x vp if -r. , , gflffffizl uw . ,,.,.. NM ,411 .,. igh t: .Kay :su 1 L ' w .. ' f:i,.x- , ,rf qfr. , , l, V i 4 ,y 'S vm lr'-1.3, -4. 'L xi ,,f,,,.-,R V-y s , 'Tl,lJ?i9xQf11fi' Wil" w- tqrtw F ' oi W: it V, ,.,,,f,w'i'LQe4 3, X - "Hit MP4 Wg, ,,',n?, 11, lf, at il ,Q,,kM. , .,.1.,44.y-:gh md N' 4:52yi"Lif Q1 ' r .'1xfw'.:w- . ,,.,f. .l,, ,Q . AKHTQA-1.l.k, - Lift- " AQ' ' ' 1? fffu. ,, ., ,wr ti ' ww lim' l?iL'Q't' :gon gy ., W., '-197: xi L ,gi f. Wigs 4lf'w11 ww , 1 U, . ., ,. 1,-.1 ti .1 'JF ,,, ,L ., ,1- ' :4...::J1f,w -'v - 1 ' we -t . "aria: f. -,M N if " era,-'gg , 5,55 4 ff-, 52, mf.-yy tp ',. i p . x fr n gig fijiillfgxilf '1 -'-1 ,. ' ' j"gs1f1L,., Vila wif? V 1 , -JL Vhiifw 91111,-, ,nwff ' J',:"T':fw', f Ah, 's vis" w ., V...-,I K 1,4 l it ':F'e1-"JI I 1 ontenlz Dedication Administration ........ Colleges and Schools ...... Organizations and Publications ...... All-Campus ..... . . . Literary-Social ...... Honor ............ Departmental ...... Special Interest .... Musical ..... Religious ....., Regional ..... Special Honors ..... Activities .,..... Dormitories .... Classes .... Senior . ...... .. Senior Feature ....., Junior ,... Sophomore ,... Freshman ......... Graduate Students Mid-term Students ...... Advertising and Index .... .4 ,J , V4 'W W . fi . ,ff l Q 1 At the Gold Rush Carni- val, Mrs. Wimberly gathers prizes one after another. She said they made good gifts for her grandchildren, and found herself in jail. "MA" WIMBERLY F R P W 'I' , . . gwrag r fog Q? :wi 551' Yr 11? ff 'Q U J,,,fwQ ' f T96 af" Rlbbwwl, fxfflf 3' fu v w 'Q '-51 i"Ma" Wimberly Captures '63 Daedalian Dedication The legend of "Ma" Wimberly is told in the theme of the dedication page of the 1963 Daedalian Yearbook. The "Ma Wimberly legend" originates with the test of years and Seniors. Mrs. Zenda Wimberly began her "University" career as a student majoring in Physical Education at CIA. She gradu- ated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1926, and returned to Texas Woman's University in 1957 to join the Residential Staff and live in the senior dormitory, Stoddard Hall. Through the oral and written TWU tradition she became the "Ma" Wimberly of "Wimberly Castle," complete with its marble halls and statues. The legend reached far and wide out onto the campus, and few seniors of 1963, then underclassmen, did not know of this "Ma" whose dorm and nights are filled with "Music til' Dawn." While the Queen of Wimberly Castle, her seniors made her proprietor of "Wimberly Girdle F actoryi' and in December, 1962, she moved into her "contemporary castle, Mary Gibbs Jones Hall." In the summer of last year she added to her domain, "Wimberly Bridge." The Seniors know her now as the best House Demonstrator in the University community, and 'as "red coat-clad Ma." This "Spritest Lady" of them all, displays a motherly interest in the affairs of her Seniors and of the entire campus. No Senior misses her "crisp housemeeting agenda" and her statement, "I'm on my way to C8tD." This year she presented spring and redbuds in her warm moth- erly fashion as she urged Seniors to view the wonder of nature, in the Botanlical Gardens. At Christmastime, Mrs, Wimberlyiv grandchildren were a traditional part of the reception line. They met every guest who came to the dorm. "Ma" had her station at the Central Pacific Gold Rush Display and was as proud of it as was the Class of '63. A ministration -, V ,,,, , ,t VJ .V ,, MJ.. I , V- I 1 A TEXAS WoMAN's UNIVERSITY Darrrorz. Tsxns Orrxcz or 'rim Paxzunlxu' To the Class of 1963: It is my privilege to acknowledge in this brief message the solid contribution which you have made to the ongoing progress of our University. Throughout your undergraduate days you have as a class proved admirably the values and rewards of responsible citizenship in the University Community. Although the maturity of judgment which you have shown as seniors has reflected itself in various ways, I am deeply gratified to say that it has been most evident in your concern for the welfare of TWU. Whenever you encounter this page of your Annual in the years ahead, let it remind you that as surely as you have a lifelong duty to insist on excellence in American higher education generally, you must also accept the obligation to give enduring loyalty and support to the mission of your own alma mater. Sincerely ours, V A. Guinn esident JAG :hp If'-E11 4? . , H3 1- . Wx , N J 'T 'I' 1 i' Dr. John A. Guinn President, Texas Woman's University 5 s If 'U 133 xbz' .X ' fa 5, 4 ' r O I s, a Dr. James W. Newcomer Dean of the Faculty r Dean of Graduate Studies J, Y 5 1 VZ, 'F 3 L 0 Dr. Lurline M. Lee Dean of Women ef' I , ll' ag Q. . u Francis W. Emerson Dean of Admissions XXX JM . ,n 'fr E A. A. SMITH Assistant to the President xr- .ref i l L. L. LARUE Comptroller 1 . N 1 ' I f 1 . 1 IW .rl EDWARD J. WILLIAMS Business Manager If ET' Xxx DR. PAULINE BEERY MACK Director of Research Foundation in Household Arts and Sciences ,. ..,,,.-..f...v..f ,, if r ,-Q., UBRARIAN DR, JAMES DOUGLAS TYSON Director of Speech and Hearing Clinic ,ma DR. IVAN L. SCHULZE Librarian MISS ,IESSIE SIM Assistant Dean of Women UI'-un MISS DOT MILLER Director of Food Service - if . Krf -. , 'EV g oSS M L ,525 ' '17 xx rf, MISS GERTRUDE GIBSON Special Assistant, Office of the Registrar I as , N X , fy'-sN"y X ' 1 l lr ti 1,7 Hal Members of the Texas Woman's University Board of Regents are Mrs. Nelda C. Stark, vice chairmang Mrs. john T. jones, seoretaryg Mrs. john Hazlewood, Mrs. Edgar Deen, G. Dillard Anderson, chairmang Dr. john A, Guinn, President, Texas Woman's Universityg Randall C. jackson and Robert A. Hall. Board of Regents Strives For Betterment of TWU Formulating plans for the future and striving for the betterment of the present, the Texas Woman's Univer- sity Board of Regents is interested in the activities and programs of the University. Decisions which they make as the governing body of the University are important to the success and growth of the University. Mrs. Clark jones, president of the TWU Alumnae Association, recalls with members of the Alumnae Board past Class Stunt performances. Alumnae Association Board members are fseatedj Mrs. Betsy LeBleu Hawkins, Mrs. Helen Hare Thorpe Mrs. William F. Reichert, jr., Mrs. T. R. Brooks, jr.g fstandingj Mrs. R. L. Sneed, Mrs. joe E. Vick, Mrs. C. G Hunt and Mrs. Mary Belle Patterson. Altunnae Association Works To Serve TWU Exes "Service" is the word which best defines the activities and goals of the Texas Woman's University Alumnae Association. The purpose of the Association, which was Organized 'in 1905 in Denton, is to further the well- being of the University, the graduates and the alumnae. 13,000 members composing 40 active chapters are presently accredited to the Association. A graduate may become a member of the Alumnae Association by sending her name and address to the Alumnae Ofiice along with the year she was graduated and her major. Every former student in good standing with the University who has completed at least six hours of credit is automatically a member. Any member may become active upon making an annual contribu- tion to the Texas Woman's University Foundation. The Alumnae Ofiice, located in the Student Union Building, keeps all the files and handles the correspond- ence of the Alumnae Association. It also sponsors and distributes the Alumnae Bulletin which is published quarterly for the Alumnae members and chapters. MRS. RUTH ARRASMITH Alumnae Oilice Secretary Administrative Staff , 'L 'H .VQRI3-7'?I"?is3T?7 ' MRS. GWEN BEENE Assistant to the Registrar MISS HARRIET COKER Secretary, Registrar's Office MRS. MARY HELTON Mimeograph Operator MRS. ELLA MAE BLYTHE Chief Clerk, Comptroller's Office I I MR. BERT EVERETT Foreman, Maintenance MR. CARL HILL Elevator Operator MRS. CORINNE L. MISS BILLIE JEAN COFFEY COCKRILL Mimeograph Operator MISS LONNIE FRANKLIN A Special Conselor Q . ' In . , nr 4 - n t Q, we ,1.i i Y E K w ,Z ., Nl., in X- . if R A MISS MARY JENKINS Assistant to the Registrar Clerk, Comptroller's Office MRS. PATRICIA A. HARBERSON Secretary, Registrar's Office MRS. ETHEL M. JUDKINS Secretary, Extension Service X .ir Mas. LULA H. KnARNs Purchasing Agent, Business Managefs Oiiice MRS. FERN MOTHERAL Secretary to the Comptroller - ew-1 t N F- .y ?..S7f..,'fu.-. ' 1 fu". ' "':.4-LL?'Kfw""" gee? .l -. --, ifibf , . N 0 s Q MISS ELLINE ROUSE Nurse, University Hospital .A .,n, A MISS THERESA LANG Special Counselor MRS. CAROLE NORMILE Secretary, Dean, Graduate Studies MRS. MARGARET MAYS MRS. BARBARA Secretary, Dean of Women MCLAUGHLIN Secretary, Business Manager's Office MRS. HELEN E. PORTER MRS. MARGARET RICHTER Secretary to the President Secretary, Dean of Faculty M Willem. 6, 1 T - .W .ws- 4"4l gyffxm- 1-JF? . QV, , 'wrfw1ll'!H3i"f Y, ,F ,, Wh ,Q gg. ,ya f . . MRS. HELEN SIKES Bookkeeper, Comptroller's Office ,K D ve A. h MRS. GLADYS J. SMITH MRS. JIMMIE SPURGIN Secretary, Registrar's Office Nurse, University Hospital MRS. JEWELL STARNES MRS. NELLIE B. MR, ERNEST WILLIS Manager, PUB, SUB Fountains UNDERWOOD Custodian Director, Sin Cuidado u i i x k i 1 1 I 3 3 5 2 u X 2 4 Y 5 Z Q X 5 :A fsw:..zw A-va fn-11 mmm'affix-.iv',f3:rlffamwimwzwfrwzclwwsn' .- nv: rwz11w'x:2,ff.:mfvrI w'f.::w-ww K f.,.f:1,-ffmve fwfvfqvvzfm: V: 4 -W 19, 1,wv1?:w1::ff::wrfa.:-.nfwf vig-zfsgw. -f:w-Mf.1mww,.1w1s -warm v1:.a.f -in gf-af::,.:vw wf1f.,..,'f fwX,f:,'.r5 'u1f-:- v:1.,1:-Lf. ,f -L mn: zf:1u:w,.a -zffi-:Huw-b apfcv. as-'sw--r' 1 I n 'r a L 1 . Q E P . I Y 1, I A r Q V , . , if-I, fag .. I, , L: -. 3 I-' ESV, 'I' Fwfgx' FEI , k? Dug: K ' if i , my 1 .. g,1.,,A Iii: wig ' fi? ' M. 4 EU, , -Diff, Riff FQQQTJF ,. " WF M, rig!" 'Q uL'4.x.f fffikfii , gm ' ,- f 1:5 f nj '15 ' Q., A ., A . . 5, 1 e N, A xv. l":uE1'fa5" - A,..,M. 2211.2 ' ii PM fx 1 'rf H41 fm WS, ' L, ,' 1, .-N, 4:1 1 1? 35'-,Q-'4,". 1 3 fs Rfk rf va' g, lf 1 DR. AUTREY NELL WILEY Dean Courses Vary in College of Arts and Sciences In the College of Arts and Sciences, every student has her opportunity to acquire knowledge and under- standing essential to her as a person and as a member of society. Thus she may obtain a foundation basic to the professions, to business and to the numerous and complex activities in which women engage. The individual-identical with mankind in emotion, thought and aspiration-is central to the broad human- istic foundation of the educational program in the Arts and Sciences, including literature, philosophy, the writ- ten and spoken arts, religion and history. Human so- ciety, in which the individual functions, is here also in government, sociology and economics. And the extra- human, over which mind and hand preside, is here in mathematics and the sciences. Q Courses offered in these fields lay the foundation for a liberal education that acquaints students with their heritage and helps them mature through the exercise of their intellectual curiosity, through the test of their integrity and capacity for self-education, through the improvement of their arts and skills of oral and written converse, and through the pursuit of excellence con amore. Concentration in departmental majors and minors in advanced and graduate work gives depth and breadth and leads to degrees earned through programs designed by the departments composing the College of Arts and Sciences. :X ., sg, , .I 1 AQ' 'Lys 1' "- -,N gg 'rs " '- -" W Nsbs., 'H w -..,, , .a -.YQ-' ' wr- -Q? .. 5. 'S S '-: - ' T'-,."'5 , -4- -:Q , i'9"'s X S- .. a-'Z'5'2,, t "vi-F'-3 , f 1 an 'I - M. "-M. ' 'X-. sf-.. . .f,. ' , , . - , . . . i- '-cs.. - .A N' , .-+,.,,' QA 5-- " ' . A. is Many of the departments in the College of Arts and Sciences are loaeted in the stylish and modem "ASD Building. Special Programs Enhance Biology Department Growth Growth of the Biology Department has kept pace with that of the University as evidenced by the in- crease in number of biology majors and the continuous enlargement of course offerings. Special programs developed in this department have attracted both undergraduate and graduate students and increased research activities have added vigor. This steady expansion provides opportunities for studies in pre-medicine, medical technology, predentistry, medical art and the teaching of biology. Participation in re- search is open to advanced undergraduate as well as graduate students. Graduates of Texas Woman's Uni- versity with a major in biology have found eztcellent positions and are making enviable records for them- selves, the Biology Department and the University. The Department of Biology offers four degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts and Master of Science. ,ve is DR. ALAN COCKERLINE DR. DIXIE YOUNG Assistant Professor Director and Professor .ffl MRS. LUCILLE M. CROSS MISS JEAN DEALY Secretary Instructor The Science Building in its surrounding of shrubs and trees is the home of the Biology and Chemistry and Lf Physics departments. DR. ROBERT FUERST MISS VIOLA C. HAMILTON Associate Professor Associate Professor Dr. Alan Cockerline and Miss Betty Askey, graduate assistant, explain the structure of the algae being studied by students in a Botany laboratory. . y g , . ...Qu DR- WALDEMAR WALTER MR. FRED W. WESTCOURT Assistant Professor Assistant Professor DR. T. L. MORRISON Director and Professor DR. REBA NEEL Assistant Professor MRS. GLENDA B. SIMMONS Instructor MISS ALINE WOLTERS Assistant Professor MR. JOHN M. KE DRICK Associate Professor it MISS JESSIE I. SIM Instructor ' ist? at I jrj , it . . L. . :..::f.e Jsifff f ' I .--':'1.:.122L': ., it ,.n,:.!,Qf ,v HWY, . T 1lX:fii'.? 'ff as ll 4 DR, ELDRED C. SPECK Associate Professor M iss Sim ana' business majors learn together the operation of new and modern equip- ment in an ojiee machines laboratory. Business and Economics Stress Many Careers The Department of Business and Economics of Texas Woman's University offers outstanding training in career courses especially planned for young women plus liberal arts courses to develop well-rounded personalities so essential for success in the business world. One of the department's advantages is that it offers so many varied types of careers. Skills which the program develops are the basis for effective participation and eventual leader- ship in business, community and the home. The Department of Business and Economics is the largest department in the College of Arts and Sciences and offers a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree to its majors in merchandising, insurance and finance education, secretarial administration, business education, general business and economics. 'sw - ' if, H mx 1 'S Chemistry, Physics View Opportunities for Women Opportunities for women in science are advancing. Texas Womanis University is recognized as an institution for training technical personnel and its many graduates that are employed in industry have substantiated this fact. The University is cognizant of this recognition and is fully prepared to assume its responsibility in graduating technically trained women. The Chemistry and Physics Department offers majoring students Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry, chemical librarianship, andfor chemical secretarial training, gen- eral science, teaching or preengineering, and physics. The department is accredited and approved by the American Chemical Society. The University is also a Sponsoring institution of the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies. This is further evidence of its scientific stature. A master's degree program is also offered in thc department. A graduate in the field of chemistry may pursue work in analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and bio-or radio-chemistry. DR. ROBERT W. HIGGINS DR. LYMAN R. Director, Chemistry and Physicsg LL CASWE Pmfeggor Assistant Professor V Nppu 'rfrxwt Er " 'A 'Q + . A M" MTW! 1 ' I 2 ST Y ' IMYY' H ill: at iii T ig .'+i Bl' tr wi- With the lzrlp of Dr, Lurlrfman, Chern- istry students make a quantitative analysis of blood for .vugar content. ?3'.? 9 3 1 MISS FRANCINE HOWARD Graduate Assistant f-Q Ex .Q .Q MISS JEAN HSU DR. EVERETT C. Graduate Assistant ' HURDIS Assistant Professor an-:S ' .-:lr ' W f v -3 rf ',f,qQ-1, " 51 "f'V"" j.5f??E4- xg: . -in 1 "'K'.Qlf:, '5 . ,' . if . S 7' .V V .noi ? X. X! W 3 .1 1 4 4 iv ,A riiirf . HELEN A. DR. WILLIAM L. MECAY 'DR. ANNE A. TERRY MRS. ALICE R. M1255-aslililifeggilixrigxglianlfllli DILUDEMAN Assistant Professor Instructor WADDELL Associate Professor SCCFCCHPY DR. AUTREY NELL WILEY Director and Professor English majors Mary Witzel and Cyann Looney take advantage of the fine collection of books and periodicals ojered to students in the English Reading Room in the Arts and Sciences Building, English. Program Lays Cultural Foundation The program of the English Department aims at laying a cultural foundation for students in the liberal arts and in English. Degrees offered by the department for majors include B.A., M.A. and the Sixth year. A teaching of basic skills as well as complex training for the women interested in gaining a broad cultural foun- dation are offered 'by the department. The student in English learns to distinguish good literature from poor, to express herself in writing and to speak correctly. The Daedalian Quarterly, a magazine written and compiled by students twice a year, offers English stu- dents a chance for publication of their original work and gives majors editing experience. Other programs designed to interest the English stud-ent are the Fresh- man Writers' Conference, the Traveling Workshop and the English Workshop on Current Trends in English. . W, f , .. jg. 1 FW MRS. EUGENIE M. ALLEN Assistant Professor K' . -' ff .rm .gflx svfiy I s x w y X I X ll N S X X I X DR. CONSTANCE L. BEACH DR. ELEANOR JAMES DR Professor Professor fu- ' 'kv-1 ei' S . GLADYS MADDOCKS Associate Professor MRS. EVA H. MARK Assistant Professor at IP' ,.,, MISS CAROLINE McGOWAN MISS AGNES C. TRAMEL MISS CORNELIA VARNER Tutor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor MRS. OLIVE WHITTEN MRS. LUCILE M. WOLSON Assistant Professor Instructor Foreign Languages Stress World-Wide Opportunity Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees are of- fered by the Foreign Language Department whose courses of instruction are many and varied to educate Women thoroughly and adequately in foreign languages. The department stresses the audio-lingual approach to language study. French, German, Spanish and Russian are offered and conversation classes are provided to accompany different levels of languages for additional oral practice. A complete modern electronic laboratory iS well equipped for language students to receive oral as well as ear training. The Festival of Nations 'is held each spring to acquaint high school students of sur- rounding area schools with the customs of the world's peoples. With the co-operation of all areas of the Univer- sity this celebration is sponsored by the Department of Foreign Language and the foreign students who act as hostesses for the event. F' V1 DR. A. WALLACE WOOLSEY Director and Professor German studentx receive in- dividual instruction from Mr. Hamilkars Lejins through tlze use of the mod- ern Foreign Language Lab- oratory. Each student is also able to hear her own pro- nunciation of the words she repeats after hearing correct pronunciation on records. DR. MABEL ARBUTHNOT Professor 'VY MISS MAURINE FAULKNER Assistant Professor MR. HAMILKARS LEJ INS Instructor DR. JOHN A. STAUBER Assistant Professor MT DR. PAUL P. YOUNG Director, History and Government, Professor, Government MR. HARRAL E. LANDRY Instructor, History History and Government Strives to Teach Truth Remembering that history is a discipline which seeks to find the truth concerning human events, the history faculty has this as a major goal. Accordingly attempts are made to prepare students to face all historical prob- lems confidently by relating the past to the present and the present to the past. Closely related to history is the discipline of govern- ment. The survival of free government depends upon access to relevant facts by the people. Equally, it de- pends on a much rarer ability of the individual to ac- quire skill in this knowledge and use of basic principles by which facts are properly evaluated and rightly or- dered. The goal of the faculty in the field of government is to impart both the formation and information needed by future citizens for the fulfillment of their high obliga- tions. The Department offers not only formal lecture courses but also certain civic organizations: the Citizenship League, the History Club and Phi Alpha Theta. For students contemplating a career in teaching, poli- tics or public administration the Department of History and Government offers special direction and assistance. PHYLLIS R. ABBCTT Assistant Professor DR. DADE SPARKS Professor DR. A. ELIZABETH TAYLOR Associate Professor MISS OLIVE WHITE Associate Professor These alert History students examine the map as Mr. Landry relates geographical information to internal problems. The Hjaybee' is the home of the fournalism majors, from 6 a.m. to II p.m, daily, and rings with the ever present ery, "Did you meet your deadline?" The Uni- versity Press, Extension Service ana' TWU News Bureau are lo- cated in the journalism Building. journalism Offers Majors Professional Training The Journalism Department at Texas Wom- an's University is accredited by the American Council on Education for Journalism. This is a recognition of the quality and variety of work in the department and the success of its gradu- ates. The department offers four sequences of specialized study to students, news-writing and editing, advertising, home economics journalism and radio-TV journalism. Journalism students edit and publish a newspaper, the Daily Lass-O, as well as edit the University yearbook, the Dae- dalian. The program provided for journalism majors is divided into two phases, first a broad general education is emphasized and second, professional training is offered to prepare the student for her career. The University main- tains a close relationship with high school jour- nalism through the Texas High School Press Association which has its annual convention on the campus every fall. if MR. FRANK C. RIGLER Director and Professor MR. ROBERT CHAMBERS Associate Professor l 41 Nfl, majors Gail Wallace, Kathy Coffey and Carolyn Shrurn check a copy of the Daily Lass-O, the University newspaper, "hot of the press." 3 MR. WELDON D. CHURCH Foreman, University Press 9: T.. MISS MYRA LONG News Bureau Coordinator Mathematics Department Emphasizes Understanding Mathematics majors at Texas Woman's University acquire an education in the subject which prepares them for positions in industry and as high school teach- ers. Students who are particularly able are encouraged to do graduate work. Emphasis is placed on understand- ing, rather than mechanical manipulation. The department offers programs leading to the de- grees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. Under- graduate students are required to obtain a good founda- tion in the liberal arts other than mathematics. The department sponsors the E. V. White Mathe- matics Club, which is open to all who are interested in mathematics, and the Texas Gamma Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, an honorary society for majors and minors who make exceptionally good grades. An award is given to the freshman who is judged to have done the best work in mathematics. ,I AAN DR. HARLAN C. MILLER Director and Professor DR. ANDREW ASHBURN Associate Professor This Advanced Calculus class is study- ing examples of functions which are continuous but are not differentiable at certain points. MR. PAUL E. CANTRELL Instructor DR. RUSSELL WARE Instructor During an informal discussion Dr. Ware introduces the basic prin- ciples of Chris-:ian Ethics to his Students in Religious Education. Students Study Religion On Non-Sectarian Basis Religious Education Department instruction is conducted to students on a non-sectarian basis by ministers provided by several denom- inations. Courses in religion and the Bible are taught on the same level of standards as all other academic subjects offered at the University. The studies the department offers give the student a better understanding of religious beliefs and creeds and a greater knowledge of Christianity, world religions and philosophies, churches and church group work. Students are able to discuss and analyze their religious beliefs and problems with other students at meetings in student cen- ters which are maintained by local Denton churches. The opportunity 'is offered to TWU students to present weekly devotional services through dormitory vesper groups and through the Sunday morning chapel services in the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods. I Ip In y 4117951 DR. REBA M. BUCKLEW Professor DR. ELIZABETH S. FOSTER Assistant Professor MISS DOROTHY PORTER Assistant Professor Dr. Bueklew passes out evaluation sheets as senior ".S'oci" majors discuss field work experiences in a semi- 71.67. Sociology Students Learn Lifes Basic Concepts The Sociology student learns basic concepts which will help her adjust to situations throughout her life. She can look forward to a "helping" career in any of five fields-social work, religious work, industrial re- lations, social welfare and teaching. The Sociology De- partment is afiiliated with and approved by the Council on Social Work Education, a national organization. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and iMaster of Arts degrees are offered by the department and the social work sequence gives either case work or group work experience to the senior major meeting depart- mental requirements. As extra-classroom activities, the department sponsors an annual field trip to neighboring welfare institutions, field work as training for under- graduates and an annual S100 scholarship, which is awarded to a deserving student in the department. DR. ETHELYN C. DAVIS Director and Professor EARL C. BRYAN Director and Professor Speech Training Emphasizes Social, Personal Development Speech training is emphasized as a means of social adaptation and personal development. Acting, directing, staging and costuming experience is gained by majors and elective students in the Speech Department at Texas Woman's University. Stage shows are produced by students. The Department sponsors the University Theater, Arena Theater and Children's Theater, which presents yearly plays for children of Denton and sur- rounding towns. Majors in speech are also taught to express themselves through radio and television media. Actual radio and television are offered work with excep- tional children as well as a complete curriculum of study. Much time is spent in clinical practice. Organiza- tions under the sponsorship of the Speech Department include the Radio Guild, the Speech Club and the na- tional honorary fraternities, Zeta Phi Eta 'and Sigma Alpha Eta. 1 2 Speech majors partici- pate in a play produced by the TWU players and presented in the Redbud Auditorium. MRS. LOUISE B. HELTON Instructor MRS. KATHRYN LEE Secretary DR. JOSH P. ROACH Associate Professor DR.. JAMES D. TYSON Director, Speech and Hearing Clinic, Professor, Speech DR. W. RICHARD HARGROVE Dean Atop the TWU lzill stands the College of Education Building, the oldest on cam- pus. It was hrst used in 1903 and today it also houses re- search facilities. College of Education Seeks Effective Teaching Methods The College of Education strives to equip the student with the professional knowledge needed for effective teaching of children and youth today. The University at large through its Teacher Education Council insures that students are provided with a strong liberal educa- tion. Each academic department assures competency of the student in the subject to be taught. The contribu- tions of courses in Education toward the student's prep- aration are several: emphasis is placed on the philoso- phical, psychological and historical foundations of edu- cation. Learning technology is demonstrated and stu- dents develop skills of instruction as related to specific teaching assignments. The Demonstration School on campus and various public schools alliliated with the University provide observation opportunities and 'actual laboratory and practical experience. Graduates of the University who qualify for teaching certificates have been placed in the leading public school systems through- out the nation. WWW' if 'M ,N a 45 ' wr' , iv' U ' n J ff , . . . 55' ,if . 5' ,' V- X , . .5 N a tl . ivf: V 5 XA my! DR. PETER C D ANI DR PERRY BOTWIN MRS WILMA DANIEL MRS. MARION SARA EDWARDS -APOSTOLAKOS 'R' JACK BALENTI' E ' ' s 'ind .f T h , me COLIGNY s ' T 1. , Associate Professor, Education Assistant Professor, Educamm tSS1si0egi:leEIdIu.i:?:?d,ri' p?5:inonsgiiiiiJti1nScl?dtolcr Assistant Professor, Education Disl1li,J'iinri,s:i'lai!gionc:Sii:h'iJli:l 4,,4l i 'D Q-. v n . A531 ,LEROY J. GARRETI' Mas. MONA v. HARDING oclate Professor, Education asf, - , 1 , ,. 0,45 ' .'v 'Q ,lu 1 Acting. Principal, Supervising. Teacher, Demonstration School ...... IA.: ' 3 i N i gi A , gg, .153 I , .,. .4 ,pw-f'. .L . , i,.Il '- Iggy 'his-1 mi -,' f ' , qv fu! 5.5-.3 ,.,i5i"'y .Lg 4. .L g DR- W R101-IA ' RD Di,morH4rRGRovE l T eacher Education As,Lnii.lf'pff? E- RUST C5305 Education i MRS. M. J. EURE LOPER Assistant Professor, Education and Psychologyg Director, Testing and Guidance MISS BILLIE M. RUTHERFORD Secretary "To be or not to be," Is this the question Dr. Garrett is asking as his philosophy students ponder over the answer? MRS. SALLY A. McCREARY Secretary I . H 3 MRS. VIRGINIA SHIELDS Supervising Teacher Demonstration School tml? JT. 4,4 0. tg 6 2.1 ' I-P51 'O " 4 X MRS. YVONNE MESLER Special Education Teacher, Demonstration School .ly l' U sis i 251:55 -9:-N ' i 1 DR. ANTHONY C. WALVOORD Professor, Education AY, MRS. GRACE MYERS Supervising Teacher, Demonstration School i w- -4.1, Q... MRS. MAXINE WARREN Instructor, Education I , P I-A 41. NGN... " T' I 5 5 1 7 + as r 's ' v A Y lig ' N 32 if- a, fi - . -.,s 5. . ' 'sizb'-N J MRS. BERTHA ROWLETT Supervising Teacher, Demonstration School --.zo ,,.... MISS CLARA WILLIS Supervising Teacher, Demonstration School 35 Q 2 MR. KENNETH B. LOOMIS Dean Rehearsal studios and lecture rooms make up the Music and Speech Building, which is the home of the Music and Speech departments. Popularly called the "Main Audf, it is the scene of many Concert and Drama performances and the annual Class Stunts. Appreciation Set As Goal Of College of Fine Arts The College of Fine Arts, composed of the Art and Music Departments, is designed to provide professional training and experience and to offer appreciation of the arts at a high cultural level. It is concerned with bring- ing to both non-major and major students an enlarged cultural background and appreciation of the fine arts. The major student has the opportunity to obtain a broad educational background from the other colleges of the University. The student in th-e College of Fine Arts is continually helped toward a keener appreciation of the esthetic value in the fields of art and music. Typi- cal of the benefits of the College of Fine Arts is the an- nual co-ordinated program in which art and music, along with the other arts, offer a series of inspiring artistic events. The Art and Music Departments both offer programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees. The Art Building at the south end of the campus is equip ped with 38 studios, a lounge, laboratories, lecture rooms and four large galleries for art exhibits. MI Student Exhibits Offer Challenges to Art Majors The Department of Art is rich in terms of a highly trained professional art faculty, with backgrounds of study and travel, along with a supply of intensive and Unusual equipment to promote skills and understanding in visual arts for the Texas Womanis University student. Since most of the students majoring in art become pro- fessional artists, it is necessary that instruction in basic, advanced and specialized art courses be sound, progres- sive and effective. An art museum located in the Art Building contains several art collections, including those of the primitative arts, utilitarian objects, paintings and prints. Each year the work of all art classes is examined and individual Pieces are selected for an annual exhibition. MR. KENNETH B. LOOMIS MISS ACARLOTTA CORPRON Director and Professor Associate Professor S S DOIIEOTHY LASELLE Miss 'rnrzris LEMMON DR. MABEL MAXCY rofeuor Associate Professor Pl'0feS50l' ..s.,,., - "W" Creation of man . . . Art student sculptures her own, MISS MARIE DELLENEY Associate Professor Q-an MR. PAUL L. ROSELAND Associate Professor -V ww , s,,,,..,....,.w . .,, ,. t-,Q Y ,,, ,...-, I ,, I E' MISS MAYBELEE FRENCH Graduate Assistant l 1 i. lf ' f I - 1 MISS COREEN SPELLMAN Associate Professor 37 if 1 DR. J. WILGUS EBERLY Director and Professor DR. MARYSUE BARNES Assistant Professor Music Department Provides Students Cultural Training Texas Woman's University was the first institution of higher learning in Texas to offer degrees in music. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees are now obtainable by young women who enter the Music Department at TWU. The department offers a thorough program of training in music theory, history, appreciation, voice, piano, organ, all band and orchestral instruments, conducting music arranging, elementary and secondary music methods and a wealth of practical experience through memberships in numer- ous ensembles. The Modern Choir, featuring music originally written for women's voices, annually tours Texas and the Southwest. The Music Department of TWU is one of the few in the country to offer courses leading to a degree in music therapy. In addition to these advantages, the University Concert and Drama Series, the Faculty Recital Series, Student Recitals and the unique Chamber Music Series provide a rich musical culture for the entire student body. 'Me MR. LOWELL P. LITTLE Director of Bands and Associate Professor MR. ROBERT J. PIPKIN Assistant Professor kw XR MISS ANGELINE ADERHOLD Assistant Professor F MR. DESIRE LIGETI Professor MISS MARTHA MITCHELL Assistant Professor The Lars-O Choraliers, a see- tion of the TWU Modem Choir and under the direction of Dr. Wilgus Eberly, are of on a four week concert tour of the United States armed forces stations in the Carib- bean. CHAS Prepares Student For Diversified Career The College of Household Arts and Sciences prepares Students for a career that is the most practical and most f3l1VCrSified for any young woman. The curriculum offer- mgs are being continuously revised to meet the changing needs of women in the ever-changing world. Since 1903, UIC College of Household Arts and Sciences has had two main objectives in training the majors: to educate the Y0l1I1g women for better personal and family living and to equip them for careers in one or more of the fnanl' areas in home economics. The college is a leader 111 Texas, in the nation and in other countries in the traming Of young women in home economics and re- search. Research not only expands the boundaries of knowledge but it adds also to the quality and inspiration of both students and faculty. J DR. JESSIE W. BATEMAN Acting Dean The College of Household Arts and Sciences Building which rests on the Zouthh hi? ofdthe ZWU camjnys is thellzub :Z ac tiviiy fOr all HAS majors, Gaily decorated with show cases and "Bu boar s, t e ui mg as an au zorzum a ora ones lecture rooms, administrative ofices and lounges. . se" ,... ,.,.,,, 1- ,. 'vf2"5a-sf: . 'Y-, '41 H -. M- . .A .A M sa ff' Em if BE?-E X win-' ., ' fl'.' . If 4 f V' Q , . l 1 H ' ' Instructor, Acting Dean and Professor, Food and Nutrition Home Economics Education li jQE9 g v-Lxlx Mil v .. X .U 55' ff 'fir . Q ', gg tx' I lir1'?Wl:i1g ef W 431:-125111 A 5. t?z.z1.gQ1,g. V151 zgttp 1 as ti I 5 fi " ' 1 QF' A , L DR. EDNA P. BRANDAU Sofffomofe H?me EQ0 DR. ss'rHsn R. Mus. EDNA L., c:APPs D Research Associate, 710771155 Edugatzgn 77141107 BROOME Graduate Assistant Clothing and Textiles - Assistant Professor, Mary johnson an her Textile Rcgearch newest coat for the spring fashion calendar. 19. EW' GAN MRS. BARBARA MRS. RAMONA EMMONS MISS FERNANDA GARD MRS. CLARICE GARRE MRS. DELTA N. DU si Professor Ag stant , D'UNGER Instructor, Child Graduate Assistant Assistant Professor, Home Economics Education Instruritlor, .Food and Development Food and Nutrition utrxtion MISS PAULA OBRECHT DR. RALPH E. PYKE Graduate Assistant Assistant Professor DR. BARBARA B. REAGAN Professor, Home Management and Family Economics L MR. GEORGE P. VOSS DR. BEULAI-I WARD MISS MARY E. WHITE ' ' ' Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Nancy Fu-her' senzfw Clothing Human Nutrition Research Housing Food and Nutrition and Textzles 014107, models her design in a patio dress. 40 MRS. BETTY ALFORD DR. JESSIE BATEMAN DR. ROY E. BEAUCI-IENE MISS BETTY J. BLAZIER Professor, Nutrition and Instructor, Child Biochemistry Research Development and Nursery Education R. BETHEL M. CASTER MRS. EFFIE B. CREAMER Associate Professor, Graduate Assistant Clothing and Textiles i 4... TT DR. FLORENCE MRS. RUTH S. LANGFORD MENDENI-IALL Professor, Food and Associate Professor, Nutrition Famil Life and Child Development DR. ELIZABETH F. THOMAS Associate Professor Clothing and Textile Research I y . . L .4-. . . K 1 5' I. ltr' , ' ' If 5' MRS. VENETA O. YOUNG Assistant Professor, Home Economics Education "JSM DR. PAULINE BEERY MACK Director, College of Household Arts and Sciences P-EUGENE SMITH, Ph.D. lrector 'of Detergency ang Textile Testing and CWFSCHCY Research ELIZABETH F . lggggmsf 58313115 r o ,g Rc5eal'Ch Laborgiioi-is Research Foundation RAMON M. ESTEVE, JR- Professor of Textile Research ROY E. BEAUCHENE, Ph.D. , , Professor of Nutrition Research HAS Foundation Conducts Research in Major Fields The Research Foundation in Household Arts and Sci- ences is devoted to the conduct of sponsored investigations in such major fields as food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, housing and child growth and development. Nutri- tion research in the Foundation is conducted in the Nelda Childers Stark Laboratory for Human Nutrition Re- search. n Research work in clothing and textiles emphasizes the textile fiber most intimately associated with the economy of the state of Texas -- namely, cotton. Research work in this field is conducted in another component laboratory of the Foundation, the Cotton Finishing and Utilization Re- search Laboratory. Cotton research is supported by special funds provided by the Texas legislature, in which four colleges and universities participate, and by grants-in-aid. The Textile and Detergency Laboratories 'involve an- other section of the Foundation devoted to research and testing of various textile items, detergents, and related products for the Texas Stat-e Board of Control, as well as detergency research in cooperation with two industrial Detergency Associations with nationwide membership. Major support for the Research Foundation in House- hold Arts and Sciences at the Texas Woman's University comes from the Texas Legislature. Grants-in-aid also make an expanded program possible. Recent grants-in-aid have been awarded by the National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Com- mand, the United States Department of Agriculture, the Cotton Producers Institute, the National Council of Amer- ica, the Florida Citrus Commission, the Chance Vought Corporation, the Dow Chemical Company and the Ameri- can Zinc Institute. --. The Research Foundation in Household Arts and Sciences is a center for investigation of the science of wash-and-wear treatments for cotton. This shows the method of evaluating wash -and -wear scores using three-dimensional plastic standards, i 'i 4 'f 57 x" ESTHER ROBERTS EDNA PRECHEL RALPH E. PYKE, Ph.D. GEORGE P. VOSE, M.S, BEULAH F. WARD, BROOME, Ph.D. BRANDAU, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Research Associate in Nutrition Research Human Nutrition Research Assistant Professor of Research in Textile Research and Director of Housing Research Textile Technology ' X-ray Laboratories ,.. 'T uf... 3 -fr Y.-f, s 'J C x U 6 W ,i , J.: .71 BARBARA LEIF HELEN BUSHEY ALLEN JESSIE MARIE ASHBY JOHN A. BATEMAN, JR., BERNICE ALBERTINA D'UNGER, M.S. Statistical Assistant Statistical Assistant B.S. BUMPASS . Graduate Associate in Research Assistant in Research Assistant in Nutrition Nutrition Detergency 'rf , 'I' J fi' f lx R REBA LESTER FRY WALTER W. GILCHRIST, ELIZABETH FAYE BARBARA BARTLETT ELOISE R. JACKSON Statistical Assistant M.S. HERRING ' HOLEMAN Secretary, Textile anid Research Assistant in Research Assistant in Secretarial Assistant Dctergency Laboratories Nutrition Textiles ., .., ffm in N255 ,. A .1 ' 's ,fi A- W -i' F 2' if , vi n ' rx if ii' ' X 4 of Q- N ' V - y I To , ..,, J - , l' t X .- Z LENOIR NORWOOD CHARLESBI? SCHOW, Research Assistant in Detergency and Textiles RUTH BEI IY KLEIN, SOOK HE KIM, M1S. M.S. Graduate Assistant in Graduate Assistant in Nutrition Textile Technology BILL STOVER Research echnologist in Bone Density O'REAR Statistical Assistant Dr, Alexander M, Finlay, fr. and Dr. Robert M. Lockwood, Radiological Con- sultants to the Foundation Research Group, discusses a new x-radiation project with Dr. Pauline Beery Mack and Dr. Roy Beauchene. 1 An electronic device for measuring bone density designed by staj' members of the I Research Foundation in Household Arts and Sciences. The amount of mineral in bones can be determined from this densi- tometric assembly as accurately as if the bone itself were analyzed. Rx .4 ' CAROL F. PANNELL, MURIEL ANNE M.S. I SUTHERLAND, M.S. Research Assistant in Research Assistant in , Textile Technology Textile Technology 1-"' yo' TRAVIS J. DRISKILL, MARY SUE FARRAR, B.S. B.S. Statistical Assistant Research Technologist in Bono Density ' 'raging' A 5- M J 13' I ORO P. JACKSON Research Assistant in Detcrgency DOROTHY PERRY JONES Secretary, Research Foundation in Household Arts and Sciences ELSA ARCIENGAS KLAFFER, M.S.. Graduate Assistant in MADELINE LORRAINE WHITTEN, M.S. Graduate Assistant in Nutrition Nutrition 6 . w- -1-gf wwf' ri .ffl-,-. 1111.1 WWW 'Y 4 sf if i I s I - , s fu M gf' DR. ANNE SCHLEY DUGGAN Dean CHPER Emphasizes Purposeful Leadership The general purpose of thc College of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is to contribute richly and ef- fectively to the total development of young women through a two-year required program in which each University student is enrolled. A sound and comprehensive profes- sional education program is offered for candidates for Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees. Emphasis is placed upon extensive opportunities to acquire knowledges, master skills, develop attitudes and appreciation and estab- lish patterns of behavior conducive to happy and effective living, through class experiences, and many and varied extra-class activities. Staff members serve as faculty spon- sors for extracurricular activities for the University. Stress is placed upon the obligation of the student to utilize the knowledges, skills, attitudes, appreciations, habits, and practices thus acquired and developed for purposeful leadership. The College strives toward student achievement of such specific goals as the development of adequate skills in and love for a variety of sports, dance, aquatic and outdoor education activities. . -' I ,-N-M14 , Ks..-..2,,,Lp-A4 -e-Q-, -a Tl , Colle e of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building has spacious dance instruction ze g syludigg a natarorium, large classrooms, a modern gymnasium and other recreational facilities. J TWU was the first school in Texas t o ojer a degree in Physical Education. ' ",?'W 5 :"..5?E-:Alf " as at ' is ii P- I A 3 ' 1 MISS MARY CAMPBELL Pianist -. ' X MISS DARLENE KLAUSMEYER Graduate Assistant .fW i5?'n,1.' --sm' fi' .Gr t L I .. I, P ,f r ' .5 - iff! I 1555 1. .fgy ' ts? ff- 75. 'ii 1 il! DR. DOROTHY F. DEACH Associate Dean and Professor :am MR. GEORGE A. LOWREY, IJR. Assistant Pro cssor MRS. DOLORES FURREY Graduate Assistant 7' . 457' MISS CARLA LOWRY Graduate Assistant 'Wi' ' wwf' MISS BERTIE I. MRS. PAULINE HAMMOND HOTTELET Assistant Professor Secretary .I .xi ' Q . , wi X4 of f T.: xi gi i X X -Q ' MRS. KATHERINE MISS BETTY MAGEE POINDEXTER Assistant Professor Graduate Assistant 'W' MRS. MARGARET DR. CLAUDINE MISS BERNICE MR. MICHAEL YESSIS ROBERTS .SHERRILL WAGGONER Instructor Pianist Assistant Professor Graduate Assistant The TWU Modern Dance Group is na- tionally acclaimed as the most outstanding organization of its kind. The dancers are under the direc- tion of Dr. Anne Schley Duggan who is assisted by Miss Poindexter. Miss Campbell is their ac- companist-composer. TWU's Synchronized Swimming Team smiles after one of their performances. The team has won many honors during the year. MISS FAYE PANNELL Dean Parkland Memorial Hospi- tal in Dallas serves as the Dallas Clinical Center for nursing majors. The staff residence, where majors re- side for three years, is lo- cated near the hospital. Nursing Program Balances With General Education The purpose of the College of Nursing is to prepare nursing practitioners who can care for the sick, aid in rehabilitating the handicapped and promote health. The curriculum is designed as an integrated general and professional one throughout the four years, balancing offerings in the nursing major with offerings in general education. The student gains an understanding of im- portant ideas and principles from the humanities and from the biological, medical nursing, physical and social sciences. The community services for health, education, welfare and rehabilitation are studied. The program prepares the graduate to plan and provide nursing care to indi- viduals, families and others in homes and other com- munity agencies, as well as in hospitals. Emphasis is placed on the student learning to think critically to communicate purposefully and to relate to others effec- tively. As the student progresses in the program she is able to identify and pursue her personal and professional goals with increased understanding and self-direction. The courses in clinical nursing are offered in the hos- pitals of Dallas County Hospital District and the Texas Medical Center of Houston. Health departments of these two metropolitan areas provide experiences in Public Health Nursing. This is the first year all three classes, sophomore, junior and senior nursing majors, are receiv- ing their clinical training at the three-year-old Houston Clinical Center. Senior students from Dal- las and Houston Clinical Centers reunited on the TWU campus for one semester during the year. , . . f,4j2.: ,f ' MRS. LORRAINE ALVIS Assistant Professor Houston Clinical Center MISS MARTHA M. BRADLEY Instructor Dallas Clinical Center MISS MOIRA MANSELL Associate Dean and Associate Professor Dallas Clinical Center MISS MARTHA MOLLOY Assistant Professor Dallas Clinical Center 1 MISS IDA BELL RIDDLE Instructor Houston Clinical Center MISS KATHRYN BARNETT Instructor Dallas Clinical Center gg- Iax i , x .3 -Q-lv ' MRS. KATHRYN M. CROSSLAND Associate Dean and Associate Professor Houston Clinical Center MRS. EDITH S. McKINNEY Instructor Dallas Clinical Center MRS. SALLY NICHOLSON Instructor Dallas Clinical Center . ,I 7' I . -S l, ili' ix MISS IJANE ROACH nstruetor Dallas Clinical Center ---4"'l." " I I ic 5. 8 1 1 Helping to make fhis child's hospital stay pleasant is Mary Ann Wilcox, junior nursing major in the Dallas Clinical Center, 1 ' ff2'i5'fYl if' fps, l . A' rf, It 1.3 H fm ' MISS SYLVIA PERSINGER Instructor Houston Clinical Center 6 K 5 Y i" 'A .. I MISS LORA B. ROACH Instructor Dallas Clinical Center YT?" MISS JEAN PORTEUS MISS ROBERTA PURSLEY Assistant Professor Assistant Professor , Dallas Clinical Center MISS PATRICIA SENNOTT MISS BETTYE J, SMITH Instructor Instructor Dallas Clinical Center Dallas Clinical Center MISS JESSIE BEWLEY DR. FAUSTENA BLAISDELL MRS. RUTH ANNE BLAKE MISS KATHERINE J. MISS JEAN BRADFORD DAssnstant Professor Director, General Nursing Assistant Professor PORDICKS Assistant- Professor Hllas Clinical Center Programg Professor Houston Clinical Center Assistant .Professor Houston Clinical Center MISS GESINE A. FRANKE Assistant to the Dean and Associate Professor Dallas Clinical Center ' :wf,ffw'aQ'g 't , - rs Ja ' P ,::'f,", L.. J s"2,',-fr ,. fs: . ,M ., .LJ -'a -. t gav m, '- '01, . 1 , it .W .tlgf'f,ggS:qfxxs,Q,' V i w 'a'sHf'1f'f' MISS FLORENCE HADLEY MRS. MARY E. HALLICK MRS. MARY L. LAMBERT Assistant Professor Instructor Assistant Professor Dallas Clinical Center Houston Clinical Center Dallas Clinical Center ,QR A- f '- - - r " X y Ni "' fl ,, f ' CN 3. I if A . ' , V' 'K nf, I . M i , fd, J I 1 , 1, 'gt , J,-1 , 2 f rw-"tt" saw' . ' h ' ' ' k S , X CTL Y is -fb ' milk S' B' Iss JoAIQII1l?mi?gEINBERGER MISS MAR? E. STEPHENSON I' st ctor HWSYOII Clinical Center I-IoustonnCElriical Center cr, I MISS BARBARA STRANGE Assistant Professor Houston Clinical Center jr.. Q Q 4 i , A A T -f .. ' N X MRS. CAROL MILLER Secretary Dallas Clinical Center It's nap time in the childrenis ward at the Houston Clinical Center and time for reading agree this little patient and Cynthia Kuhlman, junior nursing major. MISS ANA M. VALADEZ str t Houston nClilriicZi.' Center Instructor MISS GAIL WALDEN Houston Clinical Center .,.------f ' 'V' 1 N7 . I . Mrs. Ruth W. Pershing, Director of the School of Occupational Therapy, adds a new "OT', major to the clini- cal program assignment board. f 1 6 isa -V :f e I 5 ijQ,:.:' ,V .L , E' ' 4 H fe - , x tg., :NA-N. , ' 1: 26 Aw e 5, 3.1. A . .WN :fi g MR. CURTIS IVEY Instructor OT Challenges Students To Teach Handicapped The constant challenge of teaching the handi- capped to help themselves is met by the Occu- pational Therapy major. TWU has the only ac- credited School of Occupational Therapy in the Southwest. The School was added to the cur- riculum as a result of the demand for more trained people in this profession. Training con- sists of courses in theory of occupational ther- apy, basic sciences, various medical subjects, psychology, design and crafts. Medical lectures are given in the Houston Medical Center in the fall of the senior year by the teaching staff of Baylor University Medical School. Upon com- pletion of all the academic courses, ten months of clinical course work is required in various approved Texas Hospitals. The Occupational Therapy major receives a general University education leading to a B.S. degree. Her career combines many aspects of nursing, social work, teaching and administration. The Occupational Therapy major, in actual hospital work, experi- ences similar situations she will meet in her fu- ture career. l rx MISS CRUZ A- MATTEI These uniformed "OT" majors in the woodworking labora Assistant Professor tory are reviewing and preparing for their preclinical assignments. MISS D. GENEVIEVE . DIXON Director and Professor LS Designs Training To Meet Individual Needs The School of Library Science offers a program of thorough professional training carefully designed to meet individual needs of students. The library science student is encouraged and given opportunities to de- velop further knowledge and interest in all subject areas or to specialize in one field of interest. The School of Library Science offers superior facilities to its majors. Microcard and microfilm machines in the Schoolis own library, which houses over 8,000 books, are available to the Library Science major. The air conditioned Li- brary Science Building is the first in the country to be designed especially for the education of librarians. The School offers Bachelor of Sci-ence, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Master of Library Science degrees, which are accredited by the American Library Asso- ciation. DR. EUGENIA MADDOX Assistant Professor Q V ., V 1 V 'fig :J wal , X' X Y T ' ll L25 MRS. C. HELEN MCMILLEN MRS. FRANCES Librarian DECORDOVA Assistant Professor Miss Dixon lectures to a class of senior majors in the modern and well equipped Library Science Building. Y "LS" majors of on a yield trip to Fort Worth to a lecture by Rosamond Dufardin, author of teenage books. MRS. MARGIE L. BRANTLEY Reference Librarian MRS. HELEN M. CRUMPLER Circulation Librarian MISS KENNEDY EVANS Reference and u Acquisitions Librarian ,L , A A, , 'M MRS. JOSEPI-IINE M. u SMITH Assistant Cataloguer MRS. LEONA P. WILSON Order Librarian and Secretary MRS. FLAVIA N. CONN 's Clerical Assistant MRS DAMRON S. DENNIS Circulation- and' Documents Librarian MISS DORA T. FLOYD Cataloguer MISS WILLIE LEE TAYLOR Periodical Librarian DR. IVAN L. SCHULZE Librarian TWU Library Provides Students with Benefits Bralley Memorial Library, beautifully landscaped in the center of the University, was built in 1925 and ex- tensively remodeled and enlarged in the spring of 1960. One of the most attractive and functional libraries in the Southwest, it boasts reading rooms, study alcovcs and carrels for graduate students. The areas are designed for comfortable reading and study. Books, current magazines, bound magazines and books on reserve reading are in open stacks and on open shelves in reading rooms. -Only rare books and some special books which use is limited to the building are in closed stacks. Planning constantly to co-ordinate library 'services with classroom instruction the library staff and faculty are always striving to give only the best services to the students. This provides the student with an integrated library-instructional program that affords the fullest benefits in University work. 1 Concentrating diligently on her studies a student makes use of the study tables in the library. Spacious tables allow these stu- dents to be comfortable while reading and studying. This was the library in September when students first returned to the campus, as seen from the mezzanine. 1 A-'X n s- 1 av Q . ,. ,, , -. ' N u 1 1 M ' 4, K -. ' ,f T , " ,. t I A.. ,,. ik l 'f'f'1"v,?-'ff " T' V ,',, t it :av i e ggi . , ' Y E :al I lfgl f m . W, o all .9 fiiil ' lj ' ff.'L ..,.9, -fi" +v.f7'4. V 1 it '- L , Fiu3mv4?nff2ffllB:55, 'K " 3 Erelmffiflg a research pap- CU this student uses the 'mvenient tables at the jgfkgf each shelf in the W il Beautifully landscaped, the Bralley Memorial Library, built in 1925, serves the pur- poses and needs of the U niverszty. MRS. MONA V. HARDING Acting Principal and Supervising Teacher, TWU Demonstration School 1l'i l W The Texas Woman's University Demonstration School pro- vides an opportunity for students majoring and interested in education to observe and work with school age children. Reading time is fun for these "Dem School" students as they study and learn with their teacher. These alert students admire and describe their own talents in the mural which they have made for their school room. Dem School Offers Students Modern Teaching Facilities The TWU Demonstration School is a completely modern building located on Highway 24 parallel to the golf course. The structure includes a library, class- rooms, therapy rooms and a combination dining room- auditorium. The members of the staff of the Demonstration School have superior qualifications as teachers and supervisors. They provide excellent instruction for the pupils in the school as well as superior opportunities for observation and practical experience for Univer- sity students in teacher education. Educational in- novations in the Demonstration School have brought about changes in many public school programs. Dr. james D. Tyson, di- rector of the Speech and Hearing Clinic, and a speech and hearing therapy major give this little patient a hearing examination. TWU Prepares Therapists For 2 Fields of Service The two training programs connected with the Speech and Hearing Clinic are designed to prepare therapists and teachers for two fields of service: Q11 Developing understandable speech in speech handicapped children and C21 Developing language production and compre- hension in deaf children. Student therapists and teachers in the clinic gain valu- able experience in working with communication-handi- capped people as they provide needed therapy and in- struction for children and adults who cannot understand tgeir friends or cannot make their friends understand t em. The University, proud of its record as the first college in Texas to organize a program of professional training in the area of Speech and Hearing Therapy, has just completed an expansion of a course of study leading to complete professional certification for teachers of the deaf. Graduates are at work in the public school systems, in the Dallas and Fort Worth Societies for Crippled Children, the Veterans' Hospitals and the Dallas Speech and Hearing Center. . VW? MRS. JOHNNIE I. CORBIN Supervisor, Speech and Hearing Clinic Miss MARY Jo MANSFIELD Graduate Assistant, Speech and Hearing Clinic The Texas Womarfs University Speech and Hearing Clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment for its ld d rence rooms, lecture rooms, offices and laboratories lie . The building has special treatment an confe af A Q Q2 .ff QE f,, R, 5 1, xv' M S7 fa 3-,4 Qi A as 3.4 Ls? QL 5 5 'Q .f 2 E fi' -1 gg Y ,M 5,-fu-'I-'Jw-:.,Qf,w-N.A aff?-:W1.-if,m,v,1-w,wfv,:w-1,-,-:ww ...L,f,Q.mK1.w-ffmwafw:N wff:.f,,1,w4wm W,-1: mzfzl q 1-11--fu-W.-ww? fg-f.K,,wmw,ffw . ww. W'-fhx,-, mm fp.,-wax .Jw fwv.,w. fn. ff: - f 1 wwf: 2 -Qzwx-4 1-..f, .W-,fy-,',fw.,aw , .- ,- DVD Qrganizations an Publications F .. Campus Government Association President Rebecca McAlister addresses the Freshman Class at orientation and. welcomes the Class of '66 to Texas W0man,s University. CGA Vice President Beverly Hus- ton, in charge of all elections on campus, receives results from the Class Beauty Elections. All-Campus Alwayf with 0ll60kb00k ,in Keeping tlze campus government hand, CGA TVMSWGV Elaine correspondence up-to-date, CGA MU0kAf 1170110705 Second 56'mU5' Secretary Ann Pendleton checks for 567' CGA allotments to the those missing Gold Rush files. classes and various organiza- tions. Educational Emphasis Placed On Campus by CGA With the newly decorated Pub as its meeting place, the Campus Government Association started the year PlaCi11g emphasis on the educational aspect of college life. Enjoying a calendar full of activities, the sponsorship PF0gram, CGA welcoming committee and house visita- tions were the first of the new year's plans to help the new freshmen get off to a happy start. Next, the Gold Rush Carnival, in October with its two night stand netted the highest gross in the history of the event. Student Council members, along with other repre- Sentatives of the University, were hostesses at home town Parties for high school students during the Christmas and Easter vacations. Then CGA hosted the Texas Intercollegiate Student Association which brought over 200 Texas student leaders to the campus. A revision in Class Beauty elections and type of cam- Pus dress were some of the year's main topics for the student governing body. A final, but well accepted project, was the welcome feeling given to TWU ex-students at Homecoming, Playing their favorites on the CGA sponsored jake box are Student Council members Nadine Gates, Sayers Hall presi- dent, Sue LaMotta, Austin Hall president, Nancy Fisher, Student Council of Religious Activities president, Carol Cater, Freshman Class representative, Mary johnson, Fitz- gerald Hall president, Lanel Boehme, Mary Gibbs jones Hall president, Darlene juroska, Houston Clinical Center representative, and Marilee Smith, Stoddard Hall presi- dent. April 27. Planning a campus-wide welcome to TWU Alumnae at Hmnecoming are Student Council members Charline Hardin, Smith-Carroll Hall president, Edna Perry, Stu- dent. Finance Council president, Lynn Parks, Capps Hall Prefldentg Nancy Ann Edwards, Senior Texas Intercol- legiate Student Association representative, Margwen Mur- phy, Iunior TISA representative, Gladys fentsch, Senior Class president, Kathy Coffey, Daily Lass-O editor, Penny Plffkflrd, Daedalian editor, and Elizabeth Heinbach, Dallas Clinical Center CGA president. For a pause that refreshes? A stop at the CGA Fountain in the Pub agree Student Council members Carroll Baxter, Round Table president, Lynn Gresham, Student Council of Social Activities president, Mrs. Perc Scott Hoffman, Texas Intercollegiate Student Association executive vice president, Patsy Northcutt, Sophomore Class president, Lynn Schlegel, TISA Central Agency director, Martha Saenz, Lowry Hall president, Nancy Reed, Mary Hufford Hall president, and Karen Gump Freshman Class president. 5 Scientessies' Seminar . . . CGA o ened the ear with their traditional P 3' University Review and spent a fun-filled evening telling the campus A about what-was-to-come-through song and dance. . Win 'QQ I QV? ?it,e?,g 2.4.54 ,.-V.-,X W ltr fn Vg .,.,.L Y The Aggies, brother school of TWU, sent Bill Brashears, head yell leader, and Sheldon Best, Student Senate president, up on a flying trip to welcome the class of '66 and introduce them to Aggie customs during University Review. One of CGA's first steps in planning Gold Rush was the annual Businessmen's Break- fast. Cissie Rowland helped the guests get name tags while Ann Pendleton and Mary jane McDuffie awaited their turn for the 7 a.m. event. CGA Activities Priscilla Scott Hoffman, TISA executive vice president, helped explain to transfers the rules, .customs, traditions and activities of their new university while welcoming them. Gold Rush Proclamation . . . Mayor Whitson proclaimed October 9, 1962, as Gold Rush Day for Denton while Emily Smith and Becca McAlister, Gold Rush co-chairmen, look on. Bev Huston, prizes chairman, and committee members spent hours counting and listing prizes on hand before going to Dallas to buy sup- plements. 'Y Ui... :fc U 1,4 The funny Gold Rush clowns spent fun and laughing times with the keliolope advertising the two-day event. E-5 fizjf , is 1, im. ' Houston Hall, freshman dorm, paces all the dorms to 1963 history and took first place in the Gold Rush display contest with their "History Through the Years." 1 , -is A Y' ,Q 5 .Q 'ig 3 Three of the "paid" failers locate a sought "criminal" in the crowd before going to It's sponge-time booth for CGA members and hours make their arrest. following the time spent in the booth were hours of dripping hair and wet faces, but profit poured in. r'H0w many packs have we herei' seems to be the pondering of these two workers QS they set up their Gold Rush booth. 2' -:'E-Q - 1 .fy 1 1. 1 r lefi' . l v I CGA members met with Dr. john A. Guinn and Miss Gertrude Gibson in December to plan hometown Christmas parties for high school girls. 59 Dressed in the official University blazers are Womanfv Recreation Association officers Becky Davila, vice presidentg Ann Condra, presidentg Val Marslzall, secretary, and Nancy Bob Cleveland, treasurer. X ,.... fm' "X N ' G5 " Nw, 1- ', J- - All-Cdmpus "Come play the WRA way" invite WRA officers and sponsor Mrs Kitty Magee. , Nl' WRA Sponsors All-Campus Recreation Woman's Recreation Association enjoyed a year full of activities and events. The organization is a school-wide membership circle and sponsors many re- creation activities to help students get the most out of their college days. WRA sponsored such toumaments as basketball, baseball, swim marathons, tennis toumeys and bad- minton tournaments. The association added a Fencing Club to their agenda this year. They also co-sponsored several in- vitational toumaments inviting schools from around the vicinity. WRA printed blotters with the calendar of all their activities on it for the use of the students. This year they also had their minutes mineographed for every board member so that they could have handy copies for interested students. Included among their many activities were clinics where professional athletes came and lectured on win- ing techniques of such sports as tennis and golf. The Woman's Recreation Association represents every student on compus. Membership to the WRA Board is done through elected dormitory representa- tives, there were two for each dorm this year, and club managers were chosen for each sports club on campus to complete the membership. The outstanding activity for WRA is the awarding of the WRA cup at the Honors Day Assembly. The Cup is awarded to the dorm who has scored the most points through participation and wins. Checking points for their dormitories are WRA Board members Pepper Martin, jan Gandt, Laurie Liccioni, Maria Ramirez, Bonnie Grantham, Virginia Gwosdz, Fran johnson, jeanne Schaffer, Toni Stasswender, fo Lightsey and Paulette Wean. Keeping the WRA B-Board in the Pub up to date are Board members Mary Lu Albee, Sharon Ault, Lamar Rodriguez, Penny Kasper, Sharon Pickett and jo Anna Gray. WRA Sponsors po-Q Dojo Club members do their reitsu rei, translated, "howdy"' before beginning practice on their Iudo techniques. During WRA Fun Night freshmen get a chance to try their ability at folk dancing. Mr, George Lowrey seems to be having fun, too. HPESJQR faculty members warm-up in their most exerting manner before the annual WRA spon- sored Faculty-Student Hockey Game. "Stop going so high, Beckyg I get air sick!" says Val Marshall as she and Becky Davila soar high into the , Now let s not lob the ball, girls. Remember, the loor may cave in. These bowlers participated in the WRA Bowling Tourney. WRA Activities old gymnasium during the WRA sponsored Stunts ana' Tumbling Club. Members of the folk dance class practice dances any different countries. K ,. J QFHLITM "Ready, aim, ire!" say these two riflers as they practice perfect form and safety. These archery enthusiasts learn the techniques of bow and arrow skill. .I ,W 3:5 'rg' wsu . . N vv.,.c, -v...-.. WV - na, V..- ,.... coming in my direction," concen trates a participation point con scious volleyball player. Smith Carroll Hall won the WRA spon sored tourney. This typical Tessie dressed in her chicken-callin' costume models the almost appropriate attire for Students brush up on their weak points and abolish bad , , habits at the WRA sponlsored tmmis clinic' the old fashioned Corn Huskzn' Bee sponsored each year by the College of Health, Physical Edu- cation and Recreation and WRA. "One, two, three, kick," chants Syn- chronized Swimmers as they prepare for their spring swimming tour. -5. Q , w 4' 6 e E . 1 ..-a--'J Knights of the Round Table discuss plans for the Pre Rush Tea held in October. 'l'l11'y are Wanalla SIITUVTLXOII, vice przfszdtnt Pena Tourville, treasurerg Carroll Baxter, presidentg Lila Carrow trea surrr, and Carolyn Lockman, fld7'lid7IlI?7ll!l7'ifZ7l. RT Expands Goals During 1962-63 Term The Round Table expanded its goals for guidance this year as it promoted educational emphasis during Pledge Week. Members made up of the presidents of all campus clubs worked to tighten co-ordination of every campus organ- ization by keeping files on activities, omccrs and membership of all campus clubs. The Round Table co-ordinatcd a Christmas Project for the Denton State School. All-Campus dm dh Aglaian pledges Valerie Wosniak, Pat- sy Northcutt, Karen Petre and Susan Mansell make like biscuits. s , . .... .. I --s.,...,, - , N--4 X1 1 W .,,. R - 'Divas-1-we-M., -- . Pledges from all the literary-social clubs gather to make Christmas favors for the Denton State School. This was a project set up by Round Table in order to have the TWU clubs do a service for the com- munity. N, . ,f"" x ., NX . , . . " ' , , , I., , ' Clad in sheets, Athenaeum members welcome guests to their Rush Now hmm lffwf watch w NW' you Party An atmosphere of old Greece was createri for the niffht. my name mg' Seemx fo be Qu the mm ' ' ' ' h of Kathy Bland at the Adelphian Literary- "H-ere you can have your cake and eat it too," smiles Emily Smith to Mary jane McDuffie as Chaparral members enjoy their traditional steak - fry for prospective members. fire. Social Club's Rush Party. Delian pirates spon- sored a treasure hunt for their Rush Party guests. Wearing patches over their eyes rushees bobbed for apples and had fun .scavenger hunt- ing while members warmed up by the 65 1. t..f1sr,'7"", ll, A 1 Vt, .,a:.!.a '. 0 - ' sf, Q x ." ,tt 1 V- : -, . 'llill 1 1 ,-ll! -f Pat Rogan, Tina Lamborn, Velma Villegas and fan Kuehl confer about the rlecorations for the SUB Ballroom where all-camjrus rlances are hvlrl. jane Warhmunrl, Kay Frazier, Karen Glenn, Paula Ann Clark, Charmaine Lake and Betty Ponrl morlrl ajzfzrojzriate rlress for the first flance of the year, ".S'zoingin' SI'fIl1'7IllJI?f.U Leading the Student Coun- cil of Social Activities through a successful year are Sallye Stapleton, secre- tary,' Marilyn jordan, vice presidentg Lynn Gresham, president, and Gail Pope, treasurer. SCSA Sponsors Campus Social Functions Meeting the social needs of TWU students is the main goal ofthe Student Council of Social Activities. "Swing- in' September", featuring a back-to-school theme was the organizationis first sponsored event of the year. Sponsoring the Aggie Sweetheart selection weekend was another busy time for the SCSA Council made up of representatives from each dormitory and club. The Pre- Corps Trip dance followed an Aggie led yell practice on the lawn of Hubbard Hall a few weeks later. The orchestra of Tommy Dorsey played for the Christmas Formal, "Winter Beauty", at which time the Class Beauty finalists were presented. Closing the festive and successful season for SCSA was the beautiful Redbud Festival, which featured the 66 All-Campus traditional coronation and dance. 2-yr C, 2 , - - . Tb L: v" ,N . ' wk: :J .K .fo 1 1 , . . ' SCSA Council rnenzbers Mary Lou McCollum, Charlene Mabry, Kay Davis and Wilma Wallis write invitations to chaperones and guests to the Redburl Ball. t ' 'sfflif . 5- 54 1 4 KL I il g X -zu?-fu.: .V 2 9 ' Q Q i . , ' 5 ,' QQ . . 2 x I it 5 it i. f I ,k., K ' 2 sf .xr Q2 'ff' he Lynn Gresham is the bearer of llllllpy news for sophomore Ellen Matti.sori who was .selected as an Aggie Sweetheart finalist. A week- end of excitement and fun was 172 the future for the I4 girls and visiting Aggies. 5. Harriet Crump anticipates an exciting weekend when the Aggies arrive on campus and for a yell practice, open house in the dormitories and a danceg then escort their dates to the Corps Trip Parade and football game in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl. Tessies and their dates twisted and swung to the music of Shep Fields' Orchestra at the first dance Of the season. 1 1. t ! .f", Off to AUM to invite the Aggies to the TWU campus for the Corps Trip weekend are Aggie Sweetheart Lynn Parks, SCSA President Lynn Gresham, F r e s h m a n Class representative Paula Rich, junior Class repre- sentative Mary Lou Mc- Collum and Senior Class representative Marilyn jordan. P5 mu' ' " Yfll PMCHCI 'W PMWIII MAI OPIN HOUSI DOM'uln4lS lan DANC! "Oil U00 GUI! NOY9 gifs 'itit' X? 1 fi 4. f 1" ,.....q.--r '- Q' 'rex Relaxing in the SUB Rec Room are Aggies and Sweetheart Finalists after a picnic in Lowry Woods. Finalist Betsy Larkin and Aggie johnny A formal dance in the Starlight Room of Rayzor Meyef 11111456 f07 0 Hall added to the luster of the Aggie Selection bfellk at U16 790019- Weekend. tion. N' mfs h 1 N fr V- 67 Student Council of Religious Activities officers are Meredith Sucher, treasurer, judith Beckett, vice president, Nancy Fisher, president, judy Huffhines, secretary, and janet Buring, historian. All-Campus Members of the SCRA Council are flst rowj Sarah Page, jane Turpin, Mary Ann Schuster, Annette Hallmark, f2nd rowj Sandra Buterheld, Connie Raschke, Helen Reid, f3rd rowj Bar- bara jones, judy Moore, Pat Robbins, f4th rowj joyce Singleton and Betsy Roy. Campus SCRA Sponsors Weekly Chapel, Vespers Striving for the spiritual guidance of each student is the goal of the Student Council of Religious Activities. A weekly vesper service in each dormitory and Sunday chapel services in the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods are SCRA's main activities throughout the year. The or- ganization also sponsors Spiritual Development Day and an assembly with ministers of the different faiths as the main speakers. Students joined together to wor- ship during the traditional Christmas candlelight service in each dormitory, the all-campus vespers and Easter sunrise service held on the lawn of the Little Chapel. is "3 'K '9 1- , XC.. i SCRA officers make plans for the all-campus vespers on the lawn of the Little Chapel-in- the-Woods. Rev. Ben Hearn of the First Christian Church addressed the student body and introduced Denton ministers at the an- nual SCRA sponsored "Meet Your Ministeri' assembly. SCRA Council members, of- ficers and Mrs. Eva H. Mark, sponsor, were introduced to the student body during the Spiritual Development Day As- sembly. ,W Q.,-v-fi It's Dorm Break time during Special Study Week before finals and Student Finance Council of- ficers jackie Maddry, secretary, and Edna Perry, president, are anticipating profits from the sandwich, cookies and fresh fruit sale for future SFC scholarships. All-Campus SFC Sponsors First Two-Day Rummage Sale This year for the first time in SFC history, the an- nual Rummage Sale and Auction was extended to two days. The sale helped to provide funds for scho- larships for deserving students. In still another effort to gain funds for scholarships, SFC prompted tradi- tional smiles and "howdys" at the Howdy Dinner. The annual Friendship Dinner was a success in 1963. SFC membership is composed of a representative from each dormitory, whose function is to initiate fund raising activities which will allow students need- ing financial aid to attend the University. All campus organizations contribute to the SFC Scholarship Fund through campus pledges at the annual Gift Day. x-r 'I X X Rummage in the form of bargains and ex- citing buys were available for Tessies at SFC's annual Rummage Sale in the Sub. SFC President Edna Perry and her council if AM- Zed the job of sorting the bargains to be put p for sale, to even untangle net from type- Wanda Thompson and Dee Verway can't resist that invitation writer keys'- in their elevator to the Howdy Dinner. l A H1 rrfhrr ,D "We're off to see the wizzard, the wonderful wizzard of E," was the song presented at the Howdy Dinner program on the steps of Hubbard Hall. Stars for the nights were Charline Hardin, y Cyann Looney, Diane Wally, .Ian Cunningham, Gerry Higgs, DD D Rexanne D,Loach, Hazel Burnett and Sandra Brawley. Hungry Howdy Dinner guests enjoyed a menu of barbecue, potatoe salad, spiced peaches, ranch- -ffyle beans, French bread and ice cream drum sticks, 7I rf 'fl I 1 Winding up last minute details before the convention are TISA officers Priscilla Scott Hoffman, executive vice presi- dent, and Linda Lynn, executive secretary. TWU Hosts TISA 15th Annual Convention TWU was the site of the 15th Annual State Conven- tion of the Texas Intercollegiate Student Association on February 28-March 2, 1963. Central Agency and files for the 41 member Associa- tion of Texas Colleges and Universities is located on campus. The Association was founded in 1949 as a stu- dent government service organization dedicated to the ideal of providing educational means for developing qualities of 'vigorous leadership and responsible and in- formed citizenship. Preparing TISA files available for students to read in the Central Agency Office in the Sub are TISA Central Agency Director Lynn Schlegel and Central Agency Sec- retary Enid Daniels. All-Campus Studying the map pointing out TISA member colleges and universities are Margwen Murphy, junior TISA representativeg Pam Minger, Senior Class convention delegateg Sue LaMotta, Sophomore Class convention delegateg Nancy Ann Edwards, senior TISA representa- tiveg Suella Stigler, Freshman Class convention dele- gate, and Bobbi Sue Stephenson, junior Class conven- tion delegate. Chairmen for the TISA convention on the TWU campus met to organize their plans and select students to work and help with the various committees. i 'P in A panel discussion, lead by student leaders from the representative schools, discussed such sub- jects as the philosophy of student government, the use of the committee system and methods of financing student government. il' Registration for the 15th Annual State TISA Convention lasted two days. Visiting with Nancy Ann Edwards, Lynn Schlegel and Marilyn jordan, hostess, is Democrat Don Yarbrough who spoke to the delegation on the first night of the convention. 1 G Mrs. Kitty Magee, HPEGFR professor and buzz group leader gives TISA convention delegates pointers on leadership principles and techniques. Republican United States Sen- ator fohn Tower spoke at the convention Saturday night. Senator Tower, formerly on the faculty of Midwestern Uni- versity in Wichita Falls, met and talked with the delegates from that university. TISA Convention 73 ...- Kathy Coffey, editor-in-chief of the Daily Lass-O, makes as- signments and selects pictures for tomorrowis paper. Lass-O Strives to Encourage Individual Student Thinking With communication as its purpose the cam- pus newspaper, the Daily Lass-O, publishes five days a week and features campus and national news. Directed by Kathy Coffey, editor-in-chief, journalism majors gather, write, edit and help print daily news that not only entertains, but informs the student, faculty and administration population and encourages individual thinking. Its news columns cover the political, social, in- tellectual, cultural, religious, sport and recrea- tional aspects of University life. Weekly, full pages are devoted to women's news, entertain- ment, a light, campus comment column and a religious column. The editorial page, bright with cartoons, features and feature pictures, com- ments thoughtfully on campus and national life in its editorials and letters to the editor. Daily, this page is edited and layed out by a different student day editor. On all-campus election night, the Lass-O publishes an "Extra" and has the record of putting out the 1963 "Election Extrau in three minutes. Every two weeks, editors plan and schedule the feature budget and discuss the paperls over-all plans and policies. g Eva Claire Holzmann Riggs served Second semester managing editor Gail Wallace as Lass-O managing editor lst sem- served as business manager Ist semester. t . ester and graduated in january. Publications Lass-O reporters D'Eva Luthringer, Regina Kaufman, Shirley Buck, fudy Barneyeastle, Linda Berlanga, Carolyn Shrum, Freda Oden, Peggy Armstrong and june Pope work together in compiling information for the Lass-O Election Extra. Reporter Sylvia Martin interviews Mrs. Ralph Yarbrough, a graduate of TWU, when she and her husband, United States Sena Yarbrough, visited cam tor Ralph in the plan the Lass-O eartoonists Charline Hardin and Geneva Salsman f dream up new ear- toon ideas. Photographers ludy Adamson and judy Barneyeastle cheek with Shir- ley Buck, photography editor, for assignments . Lass-O editorial assist- ants meet together to newspaper. next week's Busily checking type and page proofs are Lass-O editors and staj writers julia Ward, Wednes- day editor,' Betty Nipp, Friday editor, Valerie Meston, Monday editor, Ruth Palaeios, Tues- day and Sports editor,' Sylvia Martin, enter- tainment editor, fudith Manly, Thursday and feature editor, Wanda Hug, Woman's Page editor, and Regina Kaufman, 2nd semester business manager, Daedalian Yearbook, Largest in TWU History The goal of the 1963 Daedalian Yearbook staff mem- bers has been to give the students as complete a picture of their 1962-63 TWU year as they could. ,Students from all four classes served as staff members, selling advertisements, sorting, scheduling and alphabetis- ing pictures, writing copy and picture captions, and planning art work. The Daedalian staff worked under the sponsorship of Mr. Frank Rigler, director of the Department of Journalism, and Penny Pickard was edi- tor-in-chief. The Daedalian sponsored the traditional Class Beauty presentation at the Christmas formal which was pre- ceded by a Beauty Buffet in Hubbard Hall. The expansion of the activity section, larger pictures in the class sections and wider coverage and changes in other areas have made the fifty-third volume of the Daedalian Yearbook the largest annual in the history of Texas Woman's University. ,aff-z"""" 1 iffi X ' . Irv' 'bv Penny Piekard, Daedalian editor, and Ruth Palaeios, 2nd semester assistant editor, relax with a laugh from their daily and nightly task of planning and producing a Daedalian. Kay Franklin, Ist semester assistant editor, helps Eva Claire Ann Wingert, assistant art editor, receives hnal Holzmann Riggs, Who's Who editor, pack for her trip to instructions on the art work from Sandra Hat join her husband in Phoenix, Ariz., after her january grad- ehett, art editor, and Gale Grassman, layout uation. editor. Publications 76 4, .., Gathering for a planning session are Cam Came- ron, beauty editor, Kay Millet, the Daedalian's "Girl Fridayv, Paulette Bogart, index editor, Beth Singletary, clubs editor, and jeanette Glazener, --0' Myra Long and Claudia Spang take orders for the 1963 Daedalian. dormitory editor. Receiving instructions and assignments for advertis- ing selling from Ruth Palacios, advertising manager, are Charlotte Harris, Carmen Dominguez, Paulette Bogart, Mary Cantu and Mercy Ramos. Class editors and typists work together in coordinat- ing the sections. They are Annette Hallmark, Senior Class editor,' D'Eva Luthringer, Sophomore Class editor, Marsha Moon, Diana Dickerson, Freshman Class editor, fudy Faucett, junior Class editor, Elaine Seedle and Paula Power. Student Material Printed In Daedalian Quarterly The official literary magazine of TWU is the Daedal- ian Quarterly. The magazine prints some of the best essays, short stories and poems written by TWU students throughout the year in both classes and individually. Members of the English Department edit and super- vise the art work in the Daedalian Quarterly. Being the oldest southwestern college magazine, the Quarterly en- courages students to use their creativity and imagination in writing different articles. Students are urged to sub- mit their own work for possible publication in one of the issues of the Quarterly. Freshmen, as well as upper- classmen and graduate students, have their literary pieces published. l Betsy Larkin, literary editor, and Barbara M allow, editor, read proofs for the Quar- terly. Gale Grassman and Kay A rf Clarke, eo-art editors, get some ideas for their spring thu- Daedalian Quarterly cover. Publications TWU News Bureau Keeps Home Papers Informed One of the busiest centers on the University Campus is the News Bureau, which is located in the Journalism Building. The bureau sends out important news stories concerning students and faculty to the Denton paper and to hometown papers which are interested in TWU happen- ings. Stunts, the literary-social club sing-song, elec- tions and other news events provided special in- terest stories which the bureau sent out. The bureau also sends out stories on students who win honors or who participate in some outstand- ing event. The bureau is run by a secretary who uses student assistants to aid in the work. Myra Long, News Bureau co-ordinator, engraves some pictures for the Lass-O. 1, t 3 .3 ' ' ' ' I w f . 5 5 ES' . lslllgl 3 , if 5 l 'lillll . i ' if 'P . ii uw .4 Douglas Parkhill on his way to deliver the Daily Lass-0 to each dormitory in his new Cushman Pickup which replaced the older "put- put" fforegroundj this year. Mr. H. S. Church, linotype operator, sings happily as he prepares Daily Lass-O galleys. University Press Prints Various jobs for TWU Serving the publication needs of the Univer- sity is the University Press, which has its head- quarters in the Journalism Building. Here com- plicated machinery does all the printing required by a university of the TWU size. Bulletins, cata- logs, programs, invitations and the Daily Lass-O are all published by the press. They also print the Daedalian Quarterly. The shop is well equipped with three Linotype mach- ines, a Ludlow casting machine, a flat bed press, news press, two job presses, proof press and several high-speed cutters and folders to do all types of printing. Publications Adelphian members are fseatedj Barbara jones, Corine Rivera, Carole Lofland, Anna De La Garza, Virginia Martinez, Rachel Rogers, Margene McCarthy, Carolyn Lockman, Cecilia Bush, Patty Curtain, Zona Raymer, Doris Freeman, fstand- ingj Gail Pope, Ninfa Lopez, Norma Torralba, Lupe Gutierrez, Sonia Guajardo, Carmen Gutierrez, Alberta Garcia, Ann Garner, Velma Villegas, Rosie De Los Santos, Elaine Londak, Nan Beha, Betty Myres, Verna Owens and Delores Commander. . - liyiaffll:'llQ22Yllfwysifie'-H",3el- f' 4!Zil2i'ih1i..i'l.."f: My F ,V - f ' il Adelphian officers preparing for Rush Party in Virginia Carroll Lodge are Velma Villegas, SCSA representative, Zona Raymer, 'pledge captain, Delores Commander, his- torian,' Sonia Guajardo, vice president, Mrs. Marion de Coligny, sponsor, Gail Pope, president, Carol Rosenberry, secretary, Cecilia Bush, treasurer, and Paulita Gonzales, reporter. Literary-Social 5 I r Green, White As Decorate Adelphian Parties With a year full of green and white activities the Adelphian Literary-Social Club added another page to their list of memories. Pledge Week was their first big project as they kept their little pledges busy with many activities. Entering the Volleyball Tourney sponsored by WRA and the Sing-Song contest was also on their year's agenda. The purpose of the club is to study modem litera- ture and with this in mind they centered their meet- ings around their goal. They also held parties during the year which gave the members a chance to social- ize. Aglaian Literary-Social Club members are flst rowj Dotty Ashley, Rexanne DeLoaeh, Kathy Ronzpel, Tina Carrola, Margaret Lopez, Annette LeCoeq, Naney Fisher, Carol Gies, Mary jane Allen, Tina Askounis, Nancy jones, Lois Garner, Ruth Palaeios, Tammy Walker, Eddye Davis, Gypsy Barlow, Glynndia Bailey, Martha Slrittnzatter, Linda jackson, Charline Hardin, f2nd rowjQ Carol Erie, Annelle Gleason, Carroline Farris, Ellie Walter, Susan Bush, Sharon Coleman, Peggy Williamson, Ann Wells, Valerie Wozniak, Dawn Chaney, N!l7lC:1tf:T0t'77II'T, fffra' rowj Linda Freeman, Gladys fentseh, Olga Rueda, Susan Mansell, Maria Andronis, Christie Cowan, Pepper Martin, Karen Petree, f4th rowj Cissy Tipton, Patsy Northeutt, Ellen Mattieson, fudy Huffhines, Sandra Staniper, 'Indy Baber, Tina Larnborn, Anne Donald, Melanie Malin and Tillie Ragsdale. Aglaians Give Award To Top Three Pledges Wearing the colors of blue and gold the Aglaian Literary-Social Club had a most enjoyable year of memories. The first main activity of the club was pledge week when pledges could be seen running errands, writing letters and cleaning rooms. At the end of pledging the club held an initiation where awards were given to the best pledge, highest scholar, and the girl improving her average the most. Aglaians also participated in the WRA sponsored Volleyball Tournament. They also entered the Sing- Song with their arrangement of Gypsy Rover. Two other activities on their list included a donut sale and the final club outing where members "rough- ed it" for a weekend. Aglaian offieers greeting the guests at their Western Party are Gladys jentsch, pledge eaptaing Annette LeCoeq, treasurer: Martha Strittrnatter, viee preesidentg Tina Carrola, president: Pepper Martin, historian: Tina Lamborn, SCSA representative,' Charlene Hardin, see- retary and Dawn Chaney, pledge captain. Literary-Social I 1 I I Athenaeum members are fseatedj Annette julian, Linda Nance, Sylvia Cryer, jolene Windle, jan Cunningham, jean Biederman, Elaine Clayton, Wanda Huff, fstandingj Terre Cusac, Elizabeth Abel, Nancy Miller, Virginia Garza, Moira Lee, Marie Beckham, Patsy Watson, Molly Martin, jimmie Lynn Clark, Barbara Kelsey, Lynda Harris, Charmaine Lake, Sue Norris, Diane Crossland, Nancy Koch, Pat Robbins, Mary Ann Schuster, Sarah Pounds, jo Ann Eckstein, Melody Rains, Delia Martinez, Patti French and jean Surovik. -,f l N wr Athenaeum Sponsors First Literary-Social Sing-Song Athenaeum started the year with films of Greece presented by guest speakers at pledge meetings for a pledge class of 32. Initiation followed shortly at the Torch Restaurant in Dallas. Mr. George Lowrey, club sponsor, gave the members an exciting evening of Greek folk dancing at the regular monthly meeting in February. During March, the members learned to operate efficiently in committees for the first of an T - annual all literary-social club Sing-Song sponsored by . Athenaeum. W . .g ,4 x . . - R . at -.,' jf Ea . f- -3 April brought their Sing-Song, a seminar on leader- , .- 5 '-,, . 'X is ,-,, . ship, and an evening of swimming with children from E gf V T Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home. The an- y 1,,m,, A V P. fffiifffifQ5' nual spring picnic in Lowry Woods in May also served ,,',,Qfi"?f L"?'f".4 'ii t as a faculty-student party. The club insignia is an "A" on a torch, represented by the club silver drop. Club colors are blue and silver and the mascot is "the wise old owl," pet of the Greek tary-treasurer, Betty Pond, SCSA representative, goddess Athena, after Whom the Club is named- and june Goin, historian. Posed in their Grecian gowns at their Rush Party are Athenaeum officers Annette julian, president,- Linda Nance, vice president, Sylvia Cryer, secre- Literary-Social .A W--.MNMH Y Q Y 'f"jefF.L:f, j N 'inline if Chaparral members are fseatedj Sandra Hunter Pearson, Nancy Ann Edwards, Emily Smith, Hazel Burnett, Linda Lohrke, Betsy Larkin, flst rowj Nan Lowe, Bev Huston, Lee Martin, Martha Mays, Pam Minger, Charlene Mabry, Ann Pendleton, fanice Trigg, Mary jane McDuffie, Becky Davila, Mary Lindermann, fo Beth Schlegel, feanne Shaffer, Nancy Bob Cleveland, Penny Pickard, Margwen Murphy, f2nd rowj Sydney Stowe, Cissie Rowland, Cam Cameron, Lynn Schlegel, Val Marshall, Carroll Baxter, Maxine Varisco, judy Gay Wells, Bobbi Sue Stephenson, Kay Davis, Edna Perry, Susan Moreton, Beve Francis, Eva Claire Riggs, Gail Wallace, Paulette Wein, Carol Creed, Laura Rains, Carol Ann Foster, Karen Dillard, Miss Bertie Hammond, sponsorg Becca McAlister, Sue LaMotta, Dee Carley, Connie Raschke, Elaine Meeks, jo Lightsey and Lynn Parks. Chaps join in Medley For L-S Sing-Song Enjoying a year full of events was thc Chaparral Literary-Social Club. During the year Chaps sponsor- ed donut sales to build their treasury, held the tra- ditional Honey Supper to initiate their new members and had an outing. During the week of pledging "beep-beeps" indicated that the literary-social club with thc blue and white colors was around. This year the club won the WRA awarded trophy at the Literary-Social Club Volleyball Tournament held in the new gym. Chaps also participated in the first song contest with their rendition of a mcdlcy of Negro spirituals. Entertaining at Chaps traditional steak fry are Nancy Edwards, secretary, Sandra Hunter Pearson, histor- iang Betsy Larkin, SCSA rejnresentative: Linda Lohrke, treasurer, Emily Smith, vice president, and Hazel Burnett, president. I 1 Members of the Delians ara flst rowj Bally Bullard, Carolyn Tliumann, Wanda Gala Braodlozwf, Francrvs Casas, Halen Algarin, Diana Machado, Sandra Pinkerton, Estafana Silva, f2nd rowj faannia Sl71Ql6't07l,Nfll1'H Laughlin, Mary Ann Bijijnas, Indy Backoti, fudy EnD12an, Sandra Goalzring, Annatta Klammrfr, Terry Raagan, fanrr Fitzgerald, Luann jones, fndy Folllzaus, foann Adams, f3rd rowj Laurin Fislzar, Gail Brown, Glorya Williams, 'Iona lllillar, Ruth Ann Haggard, Barbara Rogers, Betty Brown, Pal Farmer, Gail Graham, Carol Targfll, Ann Wingarl, Snsif' Wood and joan Edwards. i Trip to 'Six Flags' On Delian Calendar Delian Literary-Social Club members attended special programs and Concert and Drama Series programs as a group this year to stimulate interest and social life and to promote individual growth. A spring picnic was given for the seniors and the club went as a group to visit "Six Flags Over Texas." Delians in their black and red sweatshirts showing the club colors, participated in the literary-social club volley- ball tournament and sing-song. Sponsoring the Delians is Dr. Phyllis Abbott. Diana Wally, traasurarg Batty Bullard, lzislorian: Ann Wingorl, jllodga caj1lain,'Susia Wood, jirasidantg fudy Foltlzans, SCSA rfjnrasarzlalioa, and Gail Brown, secretary, show rush parly guests the art of biting for apples. Literary-Social 6 L'Allegro members are fseatedj Elsa Diana Martinez, Wanda Winchester, Mable Kwong, Linda Lou Mather, Linda foyce Bilton, fstandingj Sharon Faye Wilbur, Frances Veale, Mary Aleva Smith, Carolyn Davidson and Mrs. Kenneth B, Loomis, sponsor. L'Allegro Invites Guests 'To Come as a Record' The purpose of the L'Allegro Literary-Social Club is to stimulate interest and understanding in the fields of music and art. The club was started in 1921 to develop better understanding of literature, art and music through tht! Concert and Drama series and other literary activi- ties. Meetings this year featured guest speakers and special PPOgrams. The literary-social club gave a tea for new faculty members and participated in the spring literary- Social club sing-song. As a different idea for a rush party theme, L'Allegros told guests to come as a record. The club's sponsor is Mrs. Kenneth Loomis. f'Come as a record."' said LJAllegro Literary-Social Club on invitations to their Rush party. Officers, as records, are Sylvia R, Salizar, secretary-treasurer-5 Mary Aleva Smith, presidentg Elsa Martinez, reporter-historian, and Sharon Faye Wilbur, vice president. l MICB members are flst rowj Lou Wescott, joan Carbone, julia Ward, jane Turpin, Emily Ferguson, jody Meuchel, Kathy Kasper, Carole Blaylock, Linda Berlanga, f2nd rowj Mrs, Linnie Gijord, sponsorg Sherry West, Pat Smith, jean Vester, Dr. Bettye Myers, sponsorg Mary Lou Vowell, Sandra Paddock, joyce Goj, Sandra Arnett, jeannine Penk, ffird rowj Pene Tourville, jackie Mclilfresh, Sheila Gibbs, Vicki Brigman, Marge Criswell, Lynette Schroeder, Denetra Smith, Rowenia Ely, jane Ames, Kay Frazier, Oneta Donaldson, Pat Ragan, Phyllis Thurber, Carol Kutzer, Rosalind Ferguson, Alice Pierce, Delora Verway, jackie Maddry, Carol Baker, Charlotte Buegler, Leah Sanders, Linda jones and Karen Miller. Pat Ragan, SCSA representative, Lynette Schroeder, pledge cap- tain,' jackie McElfresh, pledge captain, Sherry West, treasurer, joan Carbone, vice-president, julia Ward, reporterg jackie Maddry, historiang Pena Tourville, president and jane. Turpin, secretary, are ojicers of MEB. Literary-Social Ivy Serves as Symbol Of MEB Friendship Mary Eleanor Breckenridge Literary-Social Club was organized in 1908 as the first literary-social club. Members this year planned events for the busy year which included their traditional gypsy party held in Lowry Woods by a campfire and an initiation ceremony at the Commodore Motel. MEB members sponsored a faculty tea and partici- pated in the literary-social club sing-song in the spring. The ivy is the symbol of the club and is given each year to every new member to signify lasting and growing friendship. The clubis colors are gold and maroon and Mrs. Linnie Gifford and Dr. Bettyc Myers are sponsors. . s. . 1 . -.pls U, . 7 KI .1 Aki, .firm - , ,- N I Members of Philomathia Literary-Social Club are flst rowj George Ann Cravens, Kay Millet, janis Pruitt, Ann Graham, Mary Lynn Graham., 12nd rowj joanna Coffey, Pat Willis, judy Connor, Bonnie Grantham, Mary Lou McCollum, johnnie jones, Paula Clark, Suzanne Donald, Sue Conway, Peggy Horvath, Beth Hilton, f3rd rowj Carol Ann Rath, Barbi Evans, Martha Barrett, Wilma Wallis, Karen Kearns, Valerie Meston, Diana Croix, jackie Fay, Brenda Rhine, Marian Hill, Barbara Kobarg, Lois Twitehell, f4th rowj Ann Condra, Dana Lofton, Linda Lynn, Cyann Looney, janiee Bremer, Pat Maddox, Virginia Gwosdz, Dr. Reba K, Neel, sponsor, Meredith Sueher, Kathy Bland, Marilyn jordan, Mary johnson, Sally Stapleton, Melba Sturroek, Sally Marshall, Camelia Huang, Lila Carrow and Sue Henderson. Philomathias Initiate Neel as New Sponsor Philomathia Literary-Social activities during the 1963 school year emphasized the organization's purpose to develop an appreciation of art, literature and music and to Sponsor social activities. u The traditional "Philo,s in Hi Fi" rush party was SIYQH in the Sub Student Lounge and new members were lnltiated formally into the literary-social club during a banquet at the Commodore Motel. The club had their faculty tea honoring new faculty members in Mary Gibbs ,l0nes living room. Philo members also sponsored their annual fashion show. The green and gold seal of the club was on most CVCFY memberis dormitory door and as a Philo tradition, Pledgcs received a yellow rose from their big sisters upon becoming members of the club. . .This year Philos, along with a new pledge class, in- mated and put through the usual pledge duties, a new SPOHSW, Dr. Reba Neel. 1, get los t puggltsai X is, lmy N . li lv Philo officers are Cyann Looney, treasurerg Mary Lou Me- Collum, secretary, Dr. Reba Neel, sponsor: Sally Marshall, vice president, Marilyn jordan, SCSA representatizfe: Virginia Starnes, chaplain, janiee Bremer, historian, ana' Barbara Ko- barg, president. Literary-Social 4 . KAY CLARKE KATHY COFFEY CAROL ANN FOSTER BEVERLY HUSTON REBECCA MCALISTIZR PRISCILLA SCOTT HOFFMAN Delphi Society Promotes Highest Student Attainment Delphi Society, an all-campus service organization for upperclassmen, is a relatively new organization. The purpose of the organization is to promote scholarship, leadership and service to Texas Woman's University. Members are selected on the above criteria at the end of each school year and are tapped by the graduating members. Each new member wears the mortar board for a week to signify her membership in this organization. Sponsored by Dr. Lurline Lee, Mrs. Eva Mark and Dr. Phyllis Abbott, Delphi sponsored a coke party for those students who made the Dean's List. They also sponsored a coke party for the seniors elected to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities. IEVA CLAIRE RIGGS PATRICIA TAYLOR is Service Making plans for a year of activities are Bev Huston, treasurerg Becca McAlisler, Kay Clarke, jzresidentg Dr. Abbott, Pere Scott Hojman and Mrs, Mark. 'xx UTCT. High Scholarship Remains Goal of Alpha Chi Members Under the name of Alpha Chi, the organiza- tion is open to upperclassmen with high scholar- ship achievements. The purpose of the organization is to stimu- late, develop and recognize scholarship and the elements of character which make scholarship effective. The club is sponsored by Dr. Autrey Nell Wiley, Dr. Harlan Miller and Dr. A. Wallace Woolsey. Initiating new mem- bers are Dr. james Newcomer, Sandra Hatchett, Ist semes- ter secretary-treasur- er and 2nd semester llresidentg Dr. Wool- -ley, Barbara Mal- lows vice president,- Dr. Wiley, Patricia Taylor, Ist semester President, and Dr. Miller. Library Science Majors Selected to join ABA Alpha Beta Alpha is thc honorary library science organization. The purpose of the or- ganization is to increase interest in library de- velopment, to foster professional spirit among students of library services and to promote en- riching association among students specializing in the .fields of library work. The club heard guest speakers and attended lectures this year and for social enrichment held a banquet and a picnic. Pictured at the ganizatiorfs banquet are Linda Taylor Lana Smallin, secre taryg 2nd row: oan Carbone, pledge cap taing Linda Ralton jzresiderzlg Mary All Da Smith, secretary, and Pene Touruille, treas Honor Discussing the program for a future club meeting are Dr. Ethelyn Davis, sponsor, Suzanne Sanders, president, and Mabeth Hallmark, vice president. Alpha Lambda Delta H Recognizes High Grades The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to recognize and encourage high scholastic attainment among freshmen stu- dents. With this in mind the organization promotes high standards of learning which encourages freshmen to main- tain their scholastic excellence throughout their college careers. Membership in the honorary organization is obtained from freshmen students with a 2.5 grade point average. New members are initiated during both fall and spring semesters at which time new pledges must don red dunce caps for a week. Each fall the organization sponsors a tea for freshmen valedictorians and salutatorians. Honor Alpha Kappa Delta Serves 'Soci' Scholars Alpha Kappa Delta, an honorary organization for sociology majors, was formed to stimulate interest in the field of sociology. This is achieved through a democratic and non-secret organization. Juniors and seniors who have maintained a B average throughout their university career are eli- gible for membership in the organization. Alpha Lambda Delta ojicers are fane Fitz- gerald, presidentg Pat Robbins, vice presi- dentg Mary Ann Sheister, secretary, and Oletha jean Edwards, treasurer. Sciences Present Challenges To Tri Beta Members Beta Beta Beta, the biological sciences honor- ary fraternity, has the purpose of providing an honorary society for students of the biological sciences and thereby to stimulate sound scholar- ship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. During the year the tri Betas met and dis- cussed the opportunities afiorded them through science. They also held social meetings to help them become better acquainted with one an- other. lv., gt. "be Greeting nzembrzrs to their rnewting are Karan Pennington, treasurcrg Virginia Craig, lzz.s'torian,' Nancy Crarcmrfr, .s'1'cr1:tary,' Nancy Craig, vice president, and Mrfadzz Doyle, president, iriii Dill' .nf in 'ns ,, r 3, Z , 54 Looking through the exhibits at the Art Building are Mary Ann jurcak, historian, Sandra Stamper, .rr:cretary,' Kay Clarke, vice president, and Nancy Macon, president. Delta Phi Delta Sponsors Daily Coffee Sales Promoting interest in art, particularly American art, among college students and in communities at large is the purpose of Delta Phi Delta, honorary art chapter on the campus. The chapter sponsored coffee sales in their department to help send a delegate to the 1963 National convention. They also con- tribute to the national scholarship fund. Through the special projects of the club, students are made to feel the need of a broad- er knowledge of art. Honor Discussing plans for their next meetings are Ruth Ann Haggard, corresponding secretaryg Betty McCllean, reporterg Ramona Puck- ett, president, Helen Reid, vice presidentg Patricia Williams, secre- tary-treasurer, and Andy Ma, historian. KAM 'Shoots' Students During Campus Functions Kappa Alpha Mu had a very active year as the photographic fraternity on campus. Most of the school wide functions were attended by the members who set up picture booths and took pictures of all the students who wanted a pic- ture. They also Set up a booth during the Gold Rush Carnival that attracted many people to it. This year the chapter sent two delegates to their national convention in Washington, D. C. The chapter also took many of the club pictures for the annual. Sponsoring a doughnut sale was another money making project for the year. Honor 92 TWU Chemistry Interests Promoted by Iota Sigma Pi The purpose of Iota Sigma Pi is to promote interest in chemistry among women students. The club also strives to foster mutual advance- ment in academic, business and social lifeg and to stimulate personal accomplishment in chemi- cal fields. The organization includes all levels of academic achievement beginning at the un- dergraduate level. i Miss Carlotta Corpron, art professor, shows some of her pictures to Nancy Glenn, vice presidentg Betty Nipp, executive secretaryg Val- 4 erie Meston, president, judy Barneycastle, treasurer, and Shirley ' Buck, corresponding secretary. Kappa Mu Epsilon Social Honors Department Freshmen Kappa Mu Epsilon, mathematics fraternity, started the year with a social honoring the transfer and fresh- men students majoring in mathematics. The purpose of the organization is to further interest in mathematics in those schools which place their pri- mary emphasis on the undergraduate program, to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of western civilization, to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in mathematics on the undergraduate level. Preparing for an initiation ceremony are Wanda Breedlove, secretary: Nancy Glenn, vice president, and Annette Gooch, fzresident. Looking through one of KME3' old .rcrapbooks are Gwen Ballard, secretaryg Carolyn De Vries, vice president, and Lois Hinze, president. Freshman Scholars join Omega Rho Alpha Omega Rho Alpha membership consists of those stu- d-ents who are English majors and have made all A's in freshman English, have their writings published in the Daedalian Quarterly or whose papers are selected to be read on the Freshman Writeris Program. This organization has sponsored book reviews, the Freshman Writer's Program and other activities to encourage students to improve their scholarship every year. Honor Phi Alpha Theta Members Recognized in 'Historian' Phi Alpha Theta, national honor society for history majors and minors, encourages the study of history and recognizes excellence in that field. The Eta Nu Chapter holds two initiations a year. To be eligible members must have a high scholastic standing in history. Members of the organization are recognized in g'Thc Historian," the group's oflicial magazine, for outstand- ing attainments in the field of history. Mr. Harral E. Landry, history instructor and new to TWU this year, is the organization's sponsor. Phi Sigma Iota members discussing plans for the year are Rosa Lee Rhodes, Dr. john Stauber, Dr. Wallace Woolsey, Mr. Hamilkar Le- jins, Sonja Guajardo, vice presidentg Charla McCoy, secretary-treasurer, fseatedj Mrs. Lucille Kirkland, Miss Maurine Faulkner, Olga Rueda, presidentg Dr, Ma- bel Arbuthnot and Dr. Eli- zabeth Scone. Honor 94 .1r' l Phi Alpha Theta members catching up on the latest news from the "1" Depart- ment are Shelby Miller, fudy Kellow, Alberta Gar- cia, Donna Smith, Linda , Mitchell Blase, reporter-his- y toriang Mojie Adler, Debbie l Hart, Erma Wentworth, president, Perc Scott Hof- man, Lynn Schlegel, Gail Ratlij and Barbara Came- ron. Phi Sigma Iota Members Present Literary Papers With the purpose to recognize outstanding ability and attainment in romance languages and literature and to promote a feeling of friendship between our own nation and the nations using these languages Phi Sigma Iota memmers strived to carry out these purposes through their activities during the year. Sponsored by Dr. A. W. Woolsey, the club members were each required to present a literary paper on any phase of literature before the rest of the members. During the Festival of Nations they also sponsored a booth full of books, magazines and other literary forms which they sold to interested spectators. .N ax ii p -males? Phi Upsilon Omicron Sponsors Foreign Dinner Phi Upsilon Omieron, honorary home eco- nomics society, highlighted the year with their traditional foreign dinner and by fixing goodies for the Denton State School. The purpose of the organization is to promote iifld advance the ideals of home economics, CSpeeially through high academic standards, leadership and the personal development of the individual members. They hold two initiations during the yearg One in the spring and one in the fall. g.. I 4 3 Discuxxiiig future plans for the organisation arf' llflary Arm Laizrlmr, editor of the Canrllw: Donna Tlzcdford, recording .vecrzftaryg fanit' Holt, corrrxvfzomling .w'crr'lary,' -fully EnDcan, jzrcsirlrfnt, and Robrrta Watlrrx, chaplain. Sitling arc Ruth Nichols, vice l1rz'.virl1r1it,' Barbara Rogers, lr1'a.vurr'r, ana' Mada- lim: Whitten, librarian. Pi Lambda Theta Gives State School Christmas Party Pi Lambda Theta, the prospective teachers honorary fraternity, had planned programs in their agenda during the year. They also spon- sored a Christmas Party for the children at the Denton State School. The organization sponsors an initiation each fall and spring semester. Sponsored by Mrs. Marion de Coligny the purpose of the organization is to foster profes- sional spirit and to seek and maintain the highest standard of scholarship and professional preparation. They also strive to develop profes- sional fellowship among women engaged in edu- cation and encourage graduate work and stimu- late research in accordance with their purposes. Pi Lambrla Theta officers prrfmrr' for an initiation crrzfmony. 1 lzzfy an' Thalia Conroy, vice jn'1f.vidr'nl,' Mary Duke, l7'l'!l.Y1l71?7,,' Glynndia Bailey, fm'si1l1'nl,' Suriv Sanzlzfrs, secretary, and Donna Smith, historian. Honor Enjoying a minute of re- laxation are Margaret Bak- er, secretary-trearurerg Wil- hemina Lott, Charline Har- din, Lila Sumida, president ' and Carole Creed. Leaving for a lecture at one Gladys Drake, Lenal Boehme, vice presidentg Gail Scofield, treasurerg Thalia Conroy, presidentg Alicia Salinas, reporterg Karen Otteman, executive boardg Annette LeCocq, executive board, and Mary jane McDuffie, executive board. Honor 'OT' Profession Sponsors Pi Theta Epsilon Fraternity Phi Theta Epsilon is the occupational therapy honor fraternity. The organization provides an oppor- tunity for the members to come closer through social and educational development. Every year the club accepts new members into the chapter and strives to keep their aims high. Sigma Alpha Eta Members Participate in Conference The purpose of the speech and hearing so- ciety, Sigma Alpha Eta, is to create and stimulate an interest among students in the field of speech and hearing rehabilitation: to encourage professional growth by providing learning experience outside the normal course of study, and to build wholesome public rela- tions with other college departments and with local organizations interested in the field of speech and hearing therapy. One of the organization's main activities was the Mid-Winter Speech Conference in which the members of this organization par- ticipated. During the year they also heard many guest speakers and also combined meet- ings with other chapters to gain more educa- tional knowledge on their field. of the other nearby campuses are Mrs. Practicing their musical ability are Carol Godwin, secre- tary,' Patricia Cruse, presidentg Portia Haynes, vice presi- dentg Patsy Northcutt, Connie Smith, treasurerg Marcia Ellis and Bonnie Tancre. High Scholastic Rating Required for Sigma Pi Beta Sigma Pi Beta has the purpose of honoring those students in tht: Department of Business and Economics who have a high SCholastic rating. Membership into this organization is according to high scho- lastic achievements both in over-all courses and in the field of business and economies. Sigma Alpha Iota Members Usher at Music Programs To form groups of representative women who will, through their influence and their musical interest, uphold the highest ideals of a musical educationg to raise the standards of productive musical work among the students of TWU, and to further the development of musical interest and understanding between foreign countries and America whenever possible are the purposes of Sigma Alpha Iota. The honorary musical fraternity also gives moral and material aid to its members and strives to promote and dignify the music pro- fession. Sigma Alpha Iota members usher at the rc- citals put on by the Department of Music and attend as many of the Chamber Rccitals as possible. Planning the agenda for their next Sigma Pi Beta meeting are Mary Lou Mooney, secretary-treasurer, and -lean Bobo, president. Honor 1 9 1,- Uif-:K ff. -we . , iw -'12 . 'km E , :li Planning one of their programs are fseatedj Gwen Ballard, vice presidentg Dr. Eleanor james, Carol Ann Foster, presidentg fstandingj Carolyn DeVries, Sue Norris, june Pope, Isabel Garza, judy Felthaus, Charla McCoy, janzce Hott, Betsy Larkin, f2nd rowj Helen Reid, Priscilla Shell, Shirley Beth Russell, jaquita Lewler, Norma Schuerger and jean Carefoot. Sigma Tau Delta Encourages English Literature Study Sigma Tau Delta is an honorary fraternity which endeavors to advance the study of chief literary mas- terpieces, encourages worthwhile reading, promotes the mastery of written expression and fosters a spirit of fellowship among students specializing in the Eng- lish language and literature. Programs are planned throughout the year with these goals in mind. In addition to its programs Sigma Tau Delta annaully participates in the Festival of Nations and assists in functions sponsored by the Department of English. Honor Q9 9. iii W V, ? mx Il 9 ii y I ,l . 1 ' 3:1 Showing their official blazers are Pauline Allen, president, Portia Haynes, secretary, Sha- ron Blake, historiang Pat Cruse, treasurer, and Rachel Garcia, vice president. Round Table Discussions Stimulate Club Meetings Tau Pi Phi's purpose is to promote scholar- Ship in the study of business and 'economicsg to encourage the practice of the highest ethical canons in business, and to foster interest in the professional fields of business. The Epsilon Chap- ter at TWU, one of the few chapters of the Organization in the Southwest, each year in- cludes on its program a round table discussion by student teachers in business education. Tau Beta Sigma Recognizes Outstanding Band Members Tau Beta Sigma offers recognition to university band women who have made and will make a definite beneficial contribution to the band both as perform- ers and as enthusiastic members, promotes interest in the band as an organization through the student body and exemplifys the best in what is considered to em- body superior band memberships, and encourages good social relationships among the band members and maintains a high espirit de corps. Examining their minutes from the last meeting are Melba Sturock, treasurer, George Ann Cravens, secretary, judy Hickman, sargeant- at-arms,' Glenda Peery, vice president, and Patricia Farmer, presi- dent. Honor Theta Sigs Honor Students at Matrix Tea The Alpha Pi chapter of Theta Sigma Phi is the na- tional honorary fraternity for women in journalism. Purpose of the organization is to encourage women in the study of journalism. During the year the organization keeps its members busy. In the spring members sponsor a Matrix Tea honoring outstanding personalities in the field of jour- nalism both inthe department and outside of the de- partment. This year they co-sponsored a booth in the Festival of Nations where students could have their picture taken. Every year the club sends a representative to the national convention. Initiating members into Theta Sigma Phi are Wanda Huf, secretaryg Bev Galanda, presidentg Penny Pickard, treasurer,- Kathy Cojey and Myra Long. Zeta Phi Eta Sells Donuts at TISA Meet Zeta Phi Eta, the drama-speech honorary fraternity, has a purpose of furthering interests in the field of drama and speech excellence. During the year the club has many activities. For money making projects they sell donuts and this year they sold donuts at the TISA conven- tion. Club members also usher at the department's many plays. They have a banquet at the end of the year to install officers and honor outstanding members in the Department of Speech. Honor 1 N kiwi' Zeta Phi officers take a walk through the campus. They are Mattie Beth Hummel, marshallg Annette LeCocq, historian,- Molly Huddleston, trearurerg Hazel Burnett, vice president, and Wanda Stevenson, president. U ACE Members Sponsor Educational Field Trips The International Association for Childhood Education is a club that works for the education and well being of children by bringing into active cooperation all groups interested in chil- dfen in the home, the school and the commu- nity. To achieve this goal they promote desirable educational programs and practices in the ele- mentary school and by raising the standard of the professional training of teachers in this field. The group invites guest speakers to their meetings and they also take field trips to make them more aware of their goals. Reading the minutes from the previous meetings are jo Ann Adams, historiang Bev Galanda, treasurerg joyce Goff, presi- dent,' and Lila Carrow, vice president. Biology Club Acquaints Students With Advancements The Biology Club lists among its purposes to acquaint Students with the advancing scientific world and to provide a means of social contact among the members of the Department of Biology. Sponsored by Dr. Alan Cockerline, the club sponsored donut sales and had parties during the year to acquaint the members better. The club invited guest speakers to their meetings in order to keep up with the latest developments in science Tlicy also helped with the Science Day activities by guiding tours around the campus and answering any questions that the visitors on campus had. Biology Club officers take a pause to discuss their year's activities. They are Clementine Rodriguez, presidentg Carolyn Corn, vice presidentg Mari- lyn Ruzicka, secretary-treasurer, and Toni Stasswender, historian. Departmental i IOI Making plans for their next party are Cynthia Beard, vice presidentg Betty Bullard, president Mrs. Mendenhall and Janice Trigg, secretary-treasurer. Child Development Club Aids Nursery School The Child Development Club, a divisional organi- zation of the Home Economics Club, is sponsored by the College of Household Arts and Sciences. As part of the club members' yearly activities, they take part in the Nursery School Program. Mrs. Ruth Menden- hall, associate professor of family life and child devel- opment, sponsors the Child Development Club. Departmental Dietetics Club Strives To Interest Nutritionists Dietetics Club members sponsored a booth in the Festival of Nations this spring in an effort to promote the club's purpose. This major purpose is to promote more interest in the knowledge of nutrition and to Widen the vista for employment opportunities for the dietitians and nutritionists. The club is affiliated with the Home Economics Club and shares in sponsoring many activities. Miss Mary Elizabeth White, associate professor of food and nutrition, sponsors the club. Reading the newspaper for one of their classes are Anna Mae Lyon, vice presidentg Betsy Larkin, president, and Mary Lee Colsten, secre- tary. Leafing through old yearbooks are Dietetics Club officers Donna Thedford, treasurerg Mary Ann Landes, vice presi- dentg Gail Brown, presidentg and jane Turpin, secretary. English Clubs Assists With Writer's Conference The English Club is composed of all students who are majoring in English. The purpose of the club is to enable English majors to become better acquainted with one another and to make them aware of the many advantages resulting from attainment of a thorough knowledge of our lan- guage and literature. Annual projects for the organization include asssist- ance in the sponsoring of the English Writer's Confer- ence, Festival of Nations and contributions to the de- partmental library and record collection. Departmental ,.f"'4'-T? Martha Barrett, president, and Gale Grassman admire oil paintings done by an art major and on display at the departmental and Fine Arts Club sponsored art exhibit and sale on the lawn of Hubbard Hall. Math Club Begins Year With Newcomer's Picnic The E. V. White Mathematics Club was organized in 1926 to bring together students and faculty members of the Department of Mathematics and to promote the science of mathematics in general. The organization was named for Dr. E. V. White, former dean of the Faculty and director of the Depart- ment of Mathematics. The club began the year with a picnic at the Golf Club House welcoming freshmen and other new stu- dents. At the end of the year an informal party was given in honor of the graduating seniors. Departmental ..' Art Exhibit, Sale Stimulates Club's Purpose Members of the Fine Arts Club help to raise money for the use of the Art Students' Fund, which is avail- able to art students who are unable to purchase art supplies. A deserving student is given a scholarship which consists of funds raised by the club. Field trips to art museums and displays of student talent are sponsored by the club. Last year a student art exhibit and sale was held on the lawn of Hubbard Hall to which the com- munity public and university students were invited. This project was to initiate the purpose of the departmental club which is to stimulate an interest in art on the cam- pus and in the state whenever possible. Discussing complex problems of mathematics are Verna Owens, reporter, Estefana Silva, vice presi- dentg Carolyn De Vries, president, and Carol Tar- gett, secretary-treasurer. 33,1 F , llfsvxtlfg H 4, ' rx ff PT4' Ready for one of their monthly meetings are Gerry Higgs, treasurerg jan Gandt, vice president, Carolyn Lockman, presidentg Linda Newberg, recording secretary, and Pepper Martin, correspond- ing secretary. Members of the HPEGJ"R Professional Club listen attentively to Dr. Maryhelen Vanier, head of the HPEc'E5'R department at Southern Methodist University, as she speaks to the group on recreation opportunities. ,La - T' .IL HPE 8: R Professional Club Sponsors Class Programs Initiating programs put on by the different classes of HPE8zR majors the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club carried out its purpose of bringing about a co- operative feeling of unity among the present students and graduates of the University with a major in this field. Sponsored by Dr. Anne Schley Duggan, the club also sponsored a picnic in the Patio of the HPE8zR Building in which all students of the University were invited to attend. They also held the annual Christmas Party, an impressive cere- mony, where a member of each class placed a bulb on the Christmas Tree to symbolize the friendship of the club. Another purpose of the Club is to provide an opportunity for the presentation of especially planned lectures and discussions which will en- large the ideals, ideas and interests concerning the current practices, problems and trends in the field of Health, Physical Education and Re- creation. Departmental gh!--M Seen leaving for their annual dinner in Dallas are Alberta Garoia, historian-reporter, Donnah Smith, vice president, Lena Smith, president, Barbara Cameron, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, sponsor. Home Ec Club Unifies All Majors, Fields in HAS A picnic in the fall started the year off for the Home Economics Club. The picnic was for the majors in the field of home economics and home economics education. This club helps to unify all phases of interests in the field of HAS. Each branch of the club has various acti- vities and the students are urged to join the one of their specific major. ' Sponsored by Mrs. Veneta Young, the purpose of the club is to promote professional advancement and social improvement for qualified students in the College of Household Arts and Sciences. - Departmental History Club Dines At Foreign Restaurant The History Club had many and varied acti- vities durin-g the year. Sponsored by Dr. Eliza- beth Taylor, the purpose of the club is to provide a means by which students who are interested in history may meet for discussion of questions dealing with history. The club helps provide a means for social contact through various parties, meetings and other social phases. The club also goes to Dallas in the spring for a banquet at some restaurant that features food from other countries. The club is open, by vote of its me.mbers, to students who are interested in talking about, learning or thinking about history and historical problems. 8 1 Ready for a club party are Barbara Rogers, presi- dent,' Nancy Roseland, reporter, and janice Trigg, treasurer. Standing are Mary Kay Webb, vice president, and Ann Graham, secretary. Smiling for the camera are Roberta Watters, presidentg fudy EnDean, vice presidentg Alice Chambers, treasurerg Mary Ann Bippes, and judy Beckett, reporter. "I" Club Members Enjoy Traditional Steak Fry Promoting a spirit of fellowship among faculty members and students of the Depart- ment of Journalism, encouraging interest in all phases of journalism and helping students to achieve a practical insight into modern newspaper vocations are the purposes of the Journalism Club. Sponsored by Mr. Robert Chambers, the Club began the year with a coke party to welcome new members into the department. Next they enjoyed a Steak Fry at the home of their sponsor. During the year "J" Club members heard guest speakers talk on the various fields of Jpurnalism and learned about the opportuni- ties in their field. The club also sent a Cotton Ball Duchess t0 A8tM. Closing the year the club installed flew officers and selected an outstanding J0UI'nism student. Home Ec Education Club Interests Special Fields One of the special clubs under the College of House- hold Arts and Sciences is the Home Economics Edu- cation Club. This club has the purpose of encouraging students in the field of education. They hold meetings during the year where they invite special speakers to speak to them in their chosen fields. They also present pro- grams to learn more about the opportunities in the field of home economics education. Taking a pause from their Crazy Hat Party are Sylvia Martin, treasurer: Ruth Palacios, presidentg Carolyn Shrum, vice president, and Shirley Buck, secretary. Departmental KEM Provides Interests For Chemistry Students Established by the Department of Chemistry Kappa Epsilon Mu's purpose is to stimulate in- terest in chemistry among students of the De- partment. Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. William L. Me- cay, the Science Day Fair is one of the high- lights of the club. During the year the club sponsors various money making projects, such as donut sales, to provide scholarships for deserving students. W1 , 5 H.- A ff 7' .fhfl lam: fiiifi xiii? Working with an experiment in the chemistry lab are Patricia Williams, presidentg Helen Reid, secretaryg Estefana Silva, treasurerg Carolyn Davidson, vice presidentg and Waltrude Wade, reporter- historian. Preparing a colorful background for a club meeting are Tina Askounis, secretaryg Rosie De Los Santos, vice presidentg Chris Martinez, treasurerg Olga Rueda, program chairman, and Carmen Gutierrez, president. Departmental I08 La junta Members Promote Appreciation of Spanish Arts Members of La Junta work to promote an appreciation of Spanish music, art, language and literature and to foster a feeling of unity among the students interested in Spanish. Club meetings this year featured guest speak- ers, .programs of varied activities such as The Christmas Posadas, lectures on Spanish dress and discussions on Mexican customs and music. The Club also brought to campus a movie produced in Mexico to give the student body a better understanding of this southern country. Club members also were hostesses for the Festival of Nations and sponsored a Mexican Market where trinkets of all sizes and shapes could be bought for a small fee. .vffrn Merchandising Club members are Kseatedj Patricia Taylor, Mary Lou Mooney, Glenda Peery, Merrill Whytlaw, fstandingj Sara Page, George Ann Crazxens, Olivia Payne, Slzelia Donelson, fudy Robinson, Emily Ferguson, Geraldine Wright, Elaine Wendell and Paula Ann Clark. in Merchandising Club Varies Activities, Services Providing guest speakers is only a part of the Mer- chandising Club. It is a club which strives to promote fellowship among students majoring in merchandising and to provide field trips of special interest to this group. Discussing club topics are Merchandising Club officers Glenda Peery, vice presi- dentg Mary Lou Mooney, presidentg Pat Taylor, treasurer, and Merrell Whytlaw, .l'6CT6td7'y. Departmental ,Q 1 Music, Music Therapy Members Work Together The Music Therapy Club and Music Club are affiliated. The organizations, primary purpose is to bring Have 3 music to the social life of their members and to make a musical contribution to the cultural life i e of the University. Their secondary purpose is to study the out- Pausing for a Coke are Music Therapy officers, Marcia Ellis, Standing Contributions to the modem School of presidentg Portia Haynes, vice president, and Bonnie Tancre, music secretary-treasurer. Students who are not majors may attend the clubs' meetings and join in their discussions. Music Club officers checking the bulletin board for information are Marcia Ellis, vice presia'ent,' Portia Haynes, president, and Bonnie Tancre, secretary-treasurer. Departmental ,. Demonstrating the impor- tance of arts and crafts are Sandra Arnette, treasurer, jackie Maddry, publicity, Miss Cruz Mattei, Mrs. Ruth Pershing, Carole Creed, president, and Lois Ramsey, vice president. Sit- ting are Linda Cheatum, display chairman, and Mary Lou joe, secretary. Newly formed Psychology Club officers smile for their first yearbook picture. They are Carol Day, president, Carol Blaylock, vice president, Patti Hommel, secretary-treasurer, and Susan Sono, publicity and social chairman. J . Parties, Speakers Top 'OT' Club Calendar Under the name of the Occupational Therapy Club this departmental club gives all the "OT" majors a chance to come together for social and educational purposes. The purpose of the club is to disseminate knowledge of occupational therapy as a field of human service and to provide a means of social contact among the majors in this field. The club sponsored several guest speakers and different parties during the year. They also had a chance to discuss the various opportunities in their chosen field of occupational therapy TW U Psychology Group Organizes New Club The Psychology Club, newly formed this year, started off with an active schedule. Fields trips were taken to Terrill State Hospital, Fort Worth Federal Hospital and the Gainesville State School for Girls. Special speakers for the club included a hypnotist, a marriage counselor and a minister on pastoral psychology. The purpose of the organization is to further the understanding and appreciation of psychol- ogy. Dr. Peter C. Apostolakos, associate professor of education and new to TWU this year, is the club's sponsor. Departmental Getting ready for a meeting are PBW officers judith Hickman, presidentg Patricia Farmer, secretaryg Annelle Gleason, treasurer, and Melba Sturrock, vice president. 'Soci' Society Sponsors Annual Mexican Supper The Sociological Society enjoyed a year full of events during the 1962-63 school term. Bringing many guest speakers to the sociology majors was the organization's main objective. These speakers spoke on such topics as the treatment of juveniles and the opportunities of- fered in the social and court work. The Society sponsors the annual Mexican supper. This supper is a gay, festive occasion as the SUB in transformed into a miniature Mexico with decorations and spicy foods. Mexican en- tertainment is also provided. The club also sponsors a panel discussion between A8zM and TWU sociology majors where such problems as the wife working outside the home are discussed. Departmental Il2 PBW Members Visit Businesses on Field Trips Affiliated with the Texas Federation of Wo- menis Clubs the Professional Business Woman's Club enjoyed many guest speakers at their meet- ings and other social functions. The purpose of the club is to provide an or- ganization for a closer association between stu- dents and faculty members of the Department of Economics and Business, to discuss woman's place in business today in connection with cur- rent economic problems, and to show that busi- ness training can be of cultural as well as com- mercial value. The club also took several field trips and sold donuts for money making projects. Gracefully serving refreshments during a scheduled club meeting are , Suzanne Sanders, secretaryg Nan Beha, treasurerg Miss Dorothy Porter, sponsor, and Tina Lamborn, president. Strolling about the campus are Wanda Breedlove, presidentg jean Edwards, vice president 5 Bettye Brown, secretary, and Paulette Wean, treasurer. Groups Present Programs At Speech Club Meetings The Speech Club provides an opportunity for all the members of the Speech Department to come together for discussion in their chosen field. The club holds informal meetings at which each time a different group presents a program to inform the rest of the club members about their chosen field, whether it be radio, TV or speech. This year the club held different parties and the most glittering of all was their annual Christmas Party. Departmental 2 H3 Discussing the upcoming elections are Miss Olive White, spon- sor, Donna White, vice president, and Beverly Galanda, presi- dent. Dancing for one of their performances are Estellita ff'2'11-M r Ramirez, Gail Ratliff, Cynthia Aldridge, Carol Gies, jolene Windle, fudy Villegas, Molly Martin and Sandra Gage. Special Interest I I4 League Co-Sponsors TWU Citizenship Week D. The main project of the year for Citizenship League was co-sponsoring Citizenship Week with CGA. During this week there were two specially planned activities. At the last assembly the winning essay papers in the essay contest were honored and their papers read to the stu- dent body. During 'the year Citizenship League members hold their meetings featuring guest speakers or panel discussions on topics that should interest the modern University woman. The purpose of the League is to promote an interest in public affairs. Through the efforts of W Citizenship League students are given the op- portunity to meet and participate in ,discussions on current national, local and state affairs. f . , , - ... -ffm. r TWU Caperettes Tap For Assemblies, Programs The Caperettes, a performing group of tap dancers, enjoyed a full year of dancing and fun. This year they entertained for high school assemblies, civic organizations, hospitals, banquets and other campus activities. Club members are experienced performers and their routines are self-taught. Membership in the club represents varied interests. 2' Daughters of the Alumnae planning one of their meetings are fudy Conner, presidentg Sandra Hatehett, feanette Glazener, jane Connor, Betty Dildy, Beth Singletary and leanie Olson. Alumnae Daughters Welcome Homecoming Exes The Daughters of the Alumnae Club was re- organized last year. All students who are daughters or grand- daughters of TWU exes are qualified for mem- bership. The members acted as campus hostesses and guides and assisted at registration during the April 27 homecoming. S pecial Interest Modern Dancers Present Concert at State Fair Under the direction of Dr. Anne Schley Duggan and Betty Poindexter, the Modern Dance group fill their activities with dancing. This year the group was invited to the Dallas State Fair where they put on a concert in the Music Hall. During the year they present various concerts for different groups. During the Thanksgiving season they performed forthe assembly with a program. They also performed for the Redbud Coronation with their traditional "Coronation Waltz." This year they performed for the WRA Fun Nite. The outstanding activity for the club is the annual dance tour they take to various cities in Texas. Readying for a television show are Betty Brown, vice presidentg Rosie Quintanilla, seerelaryg Johnnie jones, treasurer, Dr. josh P. Roach, sponsor, and Linda Mullins, president. S pecial I nterest 06, Moclern Dance Club members are Lois Twitehell, presza'ent,' Bobbi Sue Stephenson, Carol Wynn, Mimi Corl and fudy Gay Wells. Radio Guild Provides Class Stunt Recordings Radio Guild, a special-interest organization, ed in radio and television with important devel- opments in these fields of communication and to provide an opportunity for participation in all phases of production on the campus radio sta- tion. The club enjoys various social activities and also educational activities. The members' main propect during the year is the recording and selling of Stunt records. They also cut records of advertising for the Gold Rush Carnival. This year the Guild sponsored several pro- grams on KDNT to acquaint the residents of Denton with the opportunities at TWU and their various activities. has the purpose of acquainting students interest- Stage Band Performs At Special Functions With all their music and pep the Serenaders enjoyed a year full of activities. The girls playing in this dance band are all music majors and are among the outstanding talent in the Department of Music. Under the direction of Mr. Lowell Little, the group played for many events. They took tours to different cities and also presented concerts for civic organizations in Denton. The band played for dorm dances on campus and also for high school dances in the area. The Serenaders were featured during Self- Development Week as they played for the Pos- ture Assembly and Best Dressed Assembly. Members of the group helped with the annual All Girls Band Festival by ushering and helping with registration. They also presented a concert for the campus at the end of the year. Local students prepare for their Christmas Party. They are Diane Owens, Wilma Wallis, vice president, Delores Command- er, presidentg Karen Kearns, secretary-treasurer, Loaann Richey, f2nd rowj jane Miller, Sara Thomas, Doretha jackson, Carole Members of the Serenaders are flst rowj Nancy Martin, Loretta Brocker, Portia Haynes, Elaine Miller, Pam Hollaway, f2nd rowj Pat Cruse, Sylvia Moore, judy Smith, Barbara Bowlin, Roberta Turner, f3rd rowj Andra Kent, fudy Douglas, Rachel Garcia, Barbara Martin, Elizabeth johnson and Patsy Northcutt. Mr. Lowell P. Little fcornerj is director of the group. r Villagers Participate In All-Campus Activities Sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Waldemar Walter, the purpose of the Villagers' Club is to give the girls living in Denton a better chance to keep up with the life on campus and an opportunity to become better ac- quainted by more participation after school. The club held their annual Christmas Party this year in Virginia Carroll Lodge. They also sent a delegate to A8zM's Cotton Ball and were represented in all-campus activities such as Redbud Festival, Best Dressed and Posture Queen. The club had the distinction of having the best dressed girl in their club. Carol Wardlaw was TWU,s official entry in Glamour Magazine's 10 Best Dressed Lofland, Carol Wardlaw, Alice Pierce and Nancy Ray. College Girls. Special Interest II7 1963 TWU Lass-O Band Performs at Major Functions The Lass-O Band performs for major functions on the Texas Woman's University campus and for as- semblies during the year. Band membership is made up of girls interested in the band who are willing to devote time and energy to practice and performance. The Lass-O Band con- tains about fifty members who read and study various types of music in addition to public performances. An active chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, national Band sorority, is contained in the band. Mr. Lowell P. Little is the director. Musical L L " fi - 5 9, " ' " f f 1 1 -- 1 . J smut ?,u,2.s-25--w s, , 3 '-"' A "4C' t:-fisawfvz tl ' 5 '55 Y s 4. ,-:, 3.5, 4523 ..:. A. ,V irfpa R 'wwf-z ' - -i fkv :,r:.,1,..i'1y'1'?f7r is r' ff , fx3j3 , :Z - ' p,5?,Z5?.wll stillfgf , , .,, ,N M., . J ,J-. ., , M, ws, .,,....,3x,s3,,, Nd 135 1 f 1..,, Ming st . 31, :, AM, 1, -. A " if X' f if-f, z , 25amaZ,,,Y',f-:Fm Wkikw-V - E f , 'ties 411133. 1. 2-12S"+4sg,h-s 3-1,,,sf - fx Q :vfv 2 -,g fg41W3 z.:L,rg, .xg,q,.a9!,f:,-.-gffig?:,, Y- - sf ' wxfx -vw: A :gf 1 S Y Members of the Texas Woman's University Lass-0 Band are Beverly Aldrich, Martha Anderson, janet Bidlack, Barbara Bowlin, jimmie Beth Clark, Sandra Crowley, Lucila Diaz, Bonnie Ed- wards, jennifer Fowler, Viola Gonzales, Christina Hosking, Andrea Kent, Ninfa Lopez, Ciria Saenz, Linda Santorufo, Bobbie Stephens, Linda Yarberry, Pauline Allen, Patricia Cruse, Elaine Miller, janis Davis, Ramona Duhon, Winona Duhon, Pamela Holloway, Paula Lile, Barbara Mar- tin, Nancy Martin, Kristina McCarty, Sylvia Moore, Gloria Northcutt, Delora Verwey, Loretta Brocker, judy Douglass, Rachel Garcia, Portia Haynes, Elizabeth johnson, Vivian Laskoskie, Karen Miller, Connie Smith, judy Smith, Karen Tesreau. Members and officers of the Modern Choir are Anne Adams, Ann Braungardt, foyce Braunig, Shirley Brennan, Kathy Busby, historian, Sandra Butterheld, Sa- rah Cahoon, Sharon Coleman, Sandra Crowly, Ifddye Davis, Karen Dillard, 2nd .semester vice president, Frances Dooley, Sandy Dunlap, joanne Eckstein, Marcia Ellis, lst .semester secretary, Ru- perta Escobar, Carol Ann Foster, Beve Francis, Patti French, Lois Garner, lst .semester treasurer and 2nd semester secretary-treas- urer,' Gail Graham, Gail Hawkins, fonnie Lou Hawkins, Carol Hedg- es, Elaine Henry, Vivian Hitch- cock, Kathleen Holm, Mary fen- nings, Dorothy jones, Myrna jones, Charlene Maby, Maria Martinez, Madeleine S. Middle- ton, Sandra Moody, Wanda Mc- Kay, Sheila Nelson, Michael Ra- cobs, Pat Atnip Shelton, Virginia Starnes, Ist semester president, jane Sullins, Marilee Sweitzer, Bonnie Tancre, Carolyn Thomp- son, Mary Ann Vickers, Shirley Voorhies, Carol Wardlaw, Ist semester vice president and 2nd .semester president, Tamsen Walk- er, pianistg Mary Weldon and Linda Ann Yarberry. Members of the Lass-O Choraliers are as they appeared while on tour Tammy Walker, pianist, Virginia Starnes, Sandra Moody, jean Panther, Kathy Busby, Carol Wardlaw, Lois Garner, Carol Ann Foster, Carol Hedges, Ann Wells, Mrs. Madeleine Middleton, Charlene Mabry, Karen Dillard and Sharon Coleman. Musical Modern Choir Sends Group On USO Tour The Texas Womanls University Modern Choir, under the direction of Dr. Wilgus Eberly, plays a special role in the activities on campus. This fall a group of 14- select- ed from the Modern Choir, the Lass-O Choraliers, tour- ed for four weeks the United States armed forces sta- tions in the Caribbean area. The girls were sponsored by the National Music Council and the USO. In addition to the USO sponsored tour and a spring tour the Choir participates in on-campus shows such as the Thanksgiving Assembly and Redbud Coronation. The purpose of the Modern Choir is to further an appreciation of good music and to become acquainted with some of the more famous composers. The music, composed for female voices, is a cappella. CD' 'C' X Some of the University Chorus members are Sally Trevino, Ruby Griffin, Karen Ottoman, Francis Brown Willis, Charlotte Smith, Suella Stigler, Rita Portillo, Kay Montlzey and jo Ann Morgan. University Chorus Girls Sing for Pleasure Dressed in their costumes of white. blouses and black skirts, the University Chorus is composed of girls interested in learning how to sing. The chorus meets twice a week to learn new music and helpful suggestions in becoming better singers. This year the Chorus presented a musical program for Denton High School and other civic organizations in the Denton area. Musical BSU Members Hold joint Retreat With A8cM The Baptists Student Union members had a calendar full of activities and fun. Beginning in the fall they attended the BSU Convention held in San Antonio and listened to some of the leaders of their church talk. During the year they held weekly vesper services and other spiritual programs. They also sang hymns to strengthen their spiritual life. Every year TWU BSU members hold a joint retreat with A8zM between semesters. The main purpose of BSU is to help college students find a church away from home and to still make religion a part of their everyday life. Canterbury Association Provides Spiritual Life Episcopal students on campus are bound to- gether in the Canterbury Association. This as- sociation strives to provide a spiritual life for the members and to help them make friends while they are away from home. Father Waits, their chaplain, provides varied and wholesome programs for the association. During the year Canterbury Association mem- bers listen to lectures, conduct panel discus- sions on important matters and also hold sev- eral retreats for their spiritual growth. Preparing for a board meeting are: Daphane Kerley, Patti French, Martha Harvey, Nadine Gates, f2nd rowj judy Black, Lynn Dufield, Lois Ramsey, jan- ice Portain, Pat Pulliam, Char- lotte Manning, joyce Warren, Diane Woodlief, Earline Hensar- ling, Mary Sigle, Nancy Brannan, fstandingj jean Edwards, Sandra Thompson, Colleen Mullis, Conna Carroll, Mary Dixson, Nancy Bain, jane Fitzgerald, judy Huf- hines, Melba Sturrock, Shelia Carrington, Linda Cheatum and Lucy joe. The BSU sponsor is Dr. Russell Ware. Meditating upon the Holy Scripture are Merdith Sucher, SCRA repre- sentative, Beverly Aldrich, SCRA representative, Father Waits, chaplain,- Leslie Taylor, Marty Russel and Barbara jones, altar build directress. Religious l22 Hillel officers discussing plans for their next meetinglare Beverly Amass, secretary-treasurerg Dorothy Myers, cultural religious clhair- man,' janet Buring, president, and Leah Sanders, vice president. MSM Members Sponsor Spaghetti Supper Enjoying a year full of religious and social activities were the members of the Methodist Student Movement. These students held meet- 1f1gS weekly and held such interesting discus- Sions as the role of the University women in the C0mmunity and other intellectual subjects. The club also sponsored a Spaghetti Supper Ofl Wednesday nights for their members. The members held panel discussions with Other religious groups to be able to understand 0116 another better. The MSM strives to supply a place for the Worship of its members and helps them fill the need for spiritual fellowship in their college life. Hillel Members Sponsor Festival of Nations Booth The Hillel Foundation was organized on cam- pus to promote fellowship and provide an op- portunity for study and observance of the Jew- ish faith and customs. Friday evening Sabbath services are part of the organization's cultural program. To provide an educational and social bond between the membership and TWU is the pur- pose of such activities as their annual Chanukah, or Festival of Lights program, and their spon- sorship of a booth at the Festival of Nations. '5 Hag ir? Planning a board meeting are Luann jones, vice president, Rev. jarratt Major, Pat Robbins, publicity chairmang Anna Mae Lyon, president, and Annette Klammer, secretary-treasurer. Religious Getting ready to conduct a weekly meeting are Father Thomas Martha Strzttmatter preszdent Carmen Gutierrez, vice president, and Mary Witzel, secretary Newman Club Meets Every Wednesday Night The Newman Club members participated in many and varied activities during the year. Starting the year off right they all received communion in a body and then attended a breakfast to get everyone acquainted. Every Wednesday night they held a meeting in the new Parish Center where they invited guest speakers to give talks on their faith and other educational informa- tion. They also held monthly dances in order to have socials where the members had the opportunity to get better acquainted. In April they helped the Parish put on their annual Spring Bazaar where games of bingo, prizes and other games were featured. Relzgzous 1 - uvOVIOQ- ntssnnssoonl g O GOIIIOOIQOQQOOOCU a n.oo.ano.u....o:::, ..-...........ooo . .... ....... N ipuwi t , 5 . ls. Getting ready for their initiation are fseatedj Rosie De Los Santos, San Antonio Club presidentg Alberta Garcia, Rio Grande Valley Club presidentg Sylvia Salazar, Laredo Club presidentg Sylvia Martinez, Laredo Club sergeant-at-arrns,' Estela Diaz, Laredo Club secretary, fstandingj Pauline Allen, SA secretaryg Barbara Moore, SA treasurerg Linda Berlanga, SA vice presidentg Sharon Blake, Rio Grande Valley secretaryg Ninfa Lopez, RGV vice president, Dorina Moran, Laredo Club treasurer, Aurora Herrera, LC vice presi- dent, and Elsa Monternayor, LC historian. Regional Clubs Charter Buses for Holiday Trips The regional clubs situated on the TWU cam- l pus provide chartered buses for the three main holidays during the school year to the most dis- tant places in Texas. The clubs most active on Campus this year were the San Antonio Club, the Rio Grande Valley Club and Laredo Club. Another of the clubs, main activities is spon- soring dances during the holidays in their res- pective home towns. Each organization holds an initiation cere- rnony yearly for new officers. The sight of the suitcases ready for travel before holidays in front of Hubbard Hall have become a dear and welcom- ing sight. Regional pecial Honors SSi1iGi3':Jf?l'2f!F'Gf -5'ff.iwQ1if4R2i,'11f'f.S-512-Y'-lf5.''f-Wifi W:-'1,-" '?,i'fE"EZl'f"'fkffffffufia ILSmfLv1v.Z:2'f5'l!,'5'5Ti'fi'7r'?w1 Who's Who Laurels Scholarship Leadership Citizenship Cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities Promise of future usefulness On the basis of the above criteria, 30 students were selected by a student-faculty committee to be named to WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERI- CAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Each department had nominated its candidates to the committee, and upon selection, names were sent to the organization's headquarters for approval. Those selected will find their names published in the national periodical published by WHO'S WHO and are eligible to use the placement service of the organization. Hundreds of schools across the nation participate in the program. Thus the honor is twofold: the distinction is recognized nationally and locally. The 1963 Daedalian presents with pleasure those students who have merited selection to WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNI- VERSITIES AND COLLEGES. JEAN LANG BoBo Although secretarial work has been the main interest of Jean Bobo, she has found that TWU has given hCr a broad education and has expanded her interests. A member of Omega Rho Alpha Csociety for freshman English studentsj, the brownette has since , included activity with the Lass-O Band among her interests. This year has seen the Brownwood native as president of Sigma Pi Beta Qbusiness scholastic fraternityj , member of Professional Business Women's Club and Tau Pi Phi Cbusiness-economics organizationj. In addition, the sen'ior's name has appeared on the Dean's List. GLYNNDIA SUE BAILEY A felicitous laughter marks the personality of Gynndia Sue Bailey, an elementary education major from Lonoke, Ark. To Glynndia, the elementary grades are the most important in a child's education because here his future attitudes toward school are formed. In and out of classes, the Dean's List student finds education her forte, because she is president of Pi Lambda Theta Qteacher organizationj and member of the Association for Childhood Education and the Student Education Association. The vivacious senior is a member of Aglaian Literary-Social Club. BARBARA ANNE CAMERON A government major with strong interest in music characterizes Barbara Cameron, native of Orange. While at TWU, the vivacious brunette is best known for her role as delegate to the Model United Nations convention in Austin and also as chairman of the CGA Current Affairs Committee. Although secretary-treasurer of the History Club and member of the Citizenship League, Barbara has in the past performed with the Lass-O Band, Redbud Band, Serenaders and served as vice president of Tau Beta Sigma Cband fraternityj. Need it be added that she is a Dean's List student? iran! JAN E MCDAVID CHILDRESS Jane McDavid Childress, a January graduate, who has since become Mrs. Mark Harvey, has combined majors of English and government, taking an active role in both while including musical activities CModern Choirj for good measure. As a senior she served as president of the English Club, vice president of Sigma Tau Delta CEnglish societyl , treasurer of the Ciitzenship League and member of Round Table. The aubum-haired miss is a native of Overton. KATHRYN COFFEY KAY CLARKE Friendly, freckled-faced Kay Clarke, from Fort Stockton, believes art can teach people to use refinements and unity and apply them to their own lives. "This way life becomes more meaningful, it becomes an art in itself," says the smiling senior. Since she was struck with infantile paralysis at the age of 14, Kay has decided on a teaching career in art, only one of her interests. For in addition to being an Art Club member, Delta Phi Delta vice president Q art fraternityj and co-editor of the Daedalian Quarterly, Kay belongsto Alpha Chi Qhonorary groupj and serves as Delphi Society vice president fprospective Mortarboardj . Unrivaled opportunities wait at TWU testifies Kathy Coffey, journalism-English major from Sulphur Springs. And opportunities to the brown-eyed miss have not gone wanting for she led her class as sophomore president and the school as CGA secretary and editor of the Daily Lass-O. The Philomathia member's charm and optimism have made her a popular lass both on and off campus for she has been a Redbud princess, Aggie Sweetheart nominee and delegate to the Southern Conference on National Affairs. She is a member of Delphi Society Cprospective Mortarboardj and Theta Sigma Phi Cfraternity for women in journalismj. THALIA CONROY "Your career becomes as much a part of your personality as do your ideals in education, your formative environment and religion," Thalia Conroy, speech and hearing therapy major from Mt. Pleasant, believes. Certainly, her activities show that her career is part of her life now. In addition to serving as president of Sigma Alpha Eta fspeech and hearing societyj , she is vice president of Pi Lambda Theta fprospective teacher groupj and a member of Zeta Phi Eta Q speech and drama organizationj. The vivacious redhead has participated in Stunts and has made the Dean's List and "B" Average List consistently. 'Sod ihyfvf' K 1, ,, t, sr. .t S .,,i.,,.. X .ig if yr. PATRICIA ANN CRUSE Music strikes the dominant chord in the activities of Pat Cruse, Waco music education major. The soft-spoken senior says of her major interest, "Music the most complex art because it must be studied, played and heard to be understood, yet it can simply be heard and felt to be appreciated." She performs with the Lass-O Band, Serenaders and her church choir, and still finds time to serve as president of Sigma Alpha Iota fmusic groupj, treasurer of Tau Beta Sigma Q band societyj and member of the Music Club. i JUDITH ALICE ENDEAN Teaching, according to Judith EnDean, home economics major from Houston, provides satisfaction "of helping girls understand a subject which will be part of their lives always." A sophomore transfer from Pennsylvania, the Delian club member has since filled leadership roles both on and off campus. She has served as an oilicer in the Methodist Student Movement and as Phi Upsilon Omicron president Q home economics groupj , representing the local chapter at the National Conclave in Georgia. She is vice president of the Home Economics Education Club and is a Deanis List scholar. up , - , ,.if"' x . in . V. - ' 19 wi' 3,6 M NANCY JO FISHER The running thread of activity through the years, for Nancy Fisher, clothing and merchandising major from San Antonio, has been in the Student Council of Religious Activities. Rising from member to treasurer to president, the attractive blondeis leadership of SCRA has brought her both respect and admiration. In addition, the Aglaian Literary-Social Club member, who designs and makes most of her clothes, is a member of the Clothing and Textile Club and holds the Lorch Manufacturing Company Senior Scholarship. W f,,,,5,.5 ' mWg,i,z-. ., ,uni gl., vifjfsj ' 'fvi . ' "ki"- 'f 3 ft" -' ,daisy W 'A A I, 'W ,Q ANNELLE GLEASON Annelle Gleason, secretarial administration major from Hico, wanted more than basic office skills, so she came to TWU for a broad general background in education. She serves as treasurer of the Professional Business Women's Club, and is a member of Tau Pi Phi Cbusiness-economics organizationj, Sigma Pi Beta fscholastic business organizationl and Alpha Chi Cupperclassman honorary scholastic societyl. The attractive miss has served as student assistant in the Business and Economics Department and in the Office of the Dean of Women. CAROL ANN FOSTER An interest in liberal arts directed Carol Ann Foster a native of Orange, to the English field. But music has had a magnetic pull on her time, too, for she has served as president of the Modern Choir and manager of the Lass-O Choraliers, USO Caribbean tour group. A past president of Chaparral, she lists counselor and Stunts music director among her activities here. As a senior she serves as president of Sigma Tau Delta fEnglish fraternityj and is a member of Delphi Society Cprospective Mortar Board chapterl. XX A SANDRA HATCHETT Art history is of special interest to Sandra Hatchett, art education major from Fort Worth, who feels that the art of culture reflects a peopleis way of life. Transferring to TWU her sophomore year, Sandra's accomplishments and activities have included being Daedalian art editor, member of Alpha Chi fscholastic fraternityl, Delta Phi Delta Cart fraternityl and Citizenship League. Her parents had the first formal wedding in the Little Chapel In-the-Woods and Sandra and her twin brother, now attending medical school in Dallas, were christened there. jill i Wrrf ' N.. s Wigan PATRICIA HAZELRIGG Adaptability plus is one feature of a nurse, and Pat Hazelrigg, nursing major, feels that she has gained this important quality and more through her study. The friendly Lafayette, La., native serves as secretary-treasurer of the Senior Nursing Class at the Houston Clinical Center and is a member of the Texas Students Nurses' Association and Citizenship League. A "B" Average List scholar, Pat participated in Gold Rush, Corn Huskin' and the Swim Marathon during her semester on campus this year. BEVERLY ANN HUSTON "I like to think of my work," says Beverly Huston,spcech and hearing therapy major, "as not being missionary work, but helping those who have a deficiency to overcome this with training and helpf' As CGA vice president and a serious student, the vivacious Fort Worth native has blended leadership and learning well. A Chaparral and member of Delphi Society prospective Mortar Boardj, she is also active in Zeta Phi Eta Cspeech and drama societyj, Sigma Alpha Eta Cspeech and hearing societyj and Pi Lambda Theta Qprospective teacher organizationj . PRISCILLA SCOTT HOFFMAN The Texas Intercollegiate Student Association convention which convened at TWU this spring was largely a result of the effort of petite Priscilla Scott Hoffman, who served as TISA executive vice president this year. Originally from Sedalia, Mo., the hazel-eyed student's capabilities have resulted in an accumulation of honors for she is a member of Delphi Society fprospectivc Mortar Board Alphi Chi C scholastic societyj and Phi Alpha Theta Chistory societyj. A Chaparral Literary-Social Club member, "Pere" was married to Charles Hoffman, a design engineer, in December. 1' 11- GLADYS JENTSCH A blonde, dynamic leader rose to the head of her class as president, and seniors found Gladys Jentsch's enthusiasm catching. A friendly, cheerful leader, the sociology major transferred to TWU from Concordia at Lutheran College where she was a member of the Speech Club, Pep Club and the annual staff. At TWU, the Aglaian is also' a member of the Citizenship League and Sociological Society. She says of social work, "I would like to strive for a deep love and understanding of each person I come into contact with and accept their beliefs and ideas as individuals." DIANA DEATHERAGE JOHN "The most rewarding asset of occupational therapy, says Diana Deatherage John of her major, "is the understanding that there is something I can offer the patient and help him to obtain by himself." Diana, a Houston native, will join her husband in Kansas City, Mo., after she finishes clinical training. The Delian member is a student member of the Texas and American OT Associations and Pi Theta Epsilon QOT organizationj. Among her host of laurels she lists counselorship, Redbud princess and membership in the Methodist Student Movement. 9 REBECCA ARLETTE MCALISTER Helping others help themselves is the goal of CGA President Rebecca McAlister, sociology-speech therapy major from Wellington, Kan. A member of Chaparral, the tall, blonde Kansan has found areas of action in the school at large, in organizations and in class events. Chosen to be a member of Delphi Society fprospective Mortar Boardj, Becca is also a member of Alpha Kappa Delta and Zeta Phi Eta, societies for sociology and speech, respectively, she has previously served as junior TISA representative and has been author, choral director and director of Stunts. MARILYN JORDAN To an elementary education major, such has Marilyn Jordan, nothing is more rewarding than "seeing a child grasp what you have been trying to teach him, seeing the light finally dawn And not only in education has the blue-eyed brunette from Mesquite found rewards, for even before her senior year, she was an Aggie Sweetheart finalist, Philomathia president, one of the 10 best dressed and, for two years, Stunts co-author. As a senior she has served as Student Council for Social Activities veep and as Philomathia SCSA representative. 'ef-. .,"sl'Lg L f fry j' - J' BETTY BOLTON MCCLELLAN Betty McClellan, chemistry major from Bryan, has found the adage, "the more you learn the more there is to knowf' quite true, and began working on her master's degree this spring. The former counselor is qualified to judge the saying, for in scholarship, she has made quite a mark: All A's List, Deanis List and Alpha Chi fhonorary scholarshipj. She has served as president and reporter of Iota Sigma Pi fchemistry societyj and Kappa Mu Epsilon treasurer fmath groupj. Betty married Joe McClellan, a music education major at NTSU, in 1961. PENELOPE ANN PICKARD Deadlines for the Daedalian set the pace for Penny Pickard, journalism major from Richardson, who edited the 1963 Daedalian. Pert, blonde Penny lists interests in the yearbook since her freshman year when she was a class editor. As a sophomore and a Redbud princess she served as Capps Hall secretary, and as a junior, Chaparral treasurer, Daily Lass-O staff member and on her class, executive board. After serving a summer as a Texas Daily Newspaper Awociation intern, vivacious Penny returned to TWU and to membership in Theta Sigma Phi Cfraternity for women in journalismj and Kappa Mu Cphoto clubj. EVA HOLZMANN RIGGS The University printshop has provided floor space for the pacing of Eva Riggs, journalism major from New Braunfels, who served as Daily Lass-O managing editor first semester. Former Daedalian advertising manager, she was treasurer of Theta Sigma Phi ffraternity for women in journalismj and a member of Delphi Society Cprospective scholasticj and class executive board. Winner of the Citizenship League Essay contest, Eva Claire rejoined her husband, Lt. Robert E. Riggs, a jet fighter pilot, in February. RAMONA ROSE PUCKETT Both church and campus activities have found in Ramona Puckett, chemistry major from Marlin, a more than able leader. Her work as Iota Sigma Pi president Cchemistry societyj, is balanced by teaching Sunday School, membership on the church music committee and leader of the Married Young Peopleis Training Union. The Dean's List student works part time as a chemist at Morrisonis Flour Mills. She was married in 1960 to Norman Puckett, an insurance representative. 1, . il ' iff ' mg: , , .mfr I W - LYNN SCHLEGEL Vivacious Lynn Schlegel, history and government major from Houston, has found student government practical training for her major. As a junior she served as vice president of her class and as a delegate to the Model United Nations. Much of her energy this year was channeled through her position as Central Agency director of the Texas Intercollegiate Student Association and through membership on Student Council. A "B" Average List student, Lynn is a member of History Club, Citizenship League and Chaparral Literary-Social Club. BARBARA ROGERS A transfer to TWU her sophomore year, Barbara Rogers has risen to positions of leadership in her field of home economics education. A native of Brownwood, Barbara serves as Home Economics Club president, as historian of Phi Upsilon Omicorn Q home economics societyj , and as a member of Alpha Chi fupperclassman scholasticj, Delian Literary- Social Club and the Methodist Student Movement. Recipient of the Danforth Summer Award, Barbara was also named TWU nominee of "home economist of the yearn to the Texas Home Economics College Clubs. we W X ,, NANCY PEACOCK SEVIER Occupational therapy has not only become the career goal of Nancy Peacock Sevier, but it also has provided the cheery student with outstanding opportunities. Last summer she was a student assistant in thei'OT section of the Visiting Nurse Association in Washington, D.C. and she attended the World Federation of Occupational Therapists in Philadelphia under an Oflice of Vocational Rehabilitation Traineeship. President of Pi Theta Epsilon C OT societyj, Nancy was married to Mike Sevier in December and after clinical training, she will join him in Washington, D.C. LANA KAY SMALLIN A library science major from Lubbock, Lana Kay Smallin lists children's libraries as her special interest, perhaps stemming from helping organize a school library when in the sixth grade. As a TWU student, the slender brownette became recipient of the Teen-Age Library Association Scholarship. Alpha Beta Alpha flibrary science societyj lists her as secretary, and she 'is a member of Pi Lambda Theta C prospective teachersj and Delian Literary Social Club. Lana serves as International Student Chairman of the BSU. PATRICIA ANN TAYLOR MARY EMILY SMITH An interest in Girl Scouts led Emily Smith to the field of recreation and TWU as a sophomore transfer. But her activities have not been confined to only her major. The popular miss served as chairman of CGA Student Af'l'a'irs Committee, Mary Gibbs Jones Hall secretary, general co-chairman of Gold Rush Carnival and Chaparral veep. In her major department's activities, she is a member of the WRA Executive Board, performing Folk Dance Club and the HPE8LR Professional Club. And she still finds time for voluntary Girl Scout work at the Denton State School! ...,.-,M .W 0.4 Jolly good humor laughter and a lab jacket- these three things mark Pat Taylor, biology major from Abilene. "Education is a never ending process, not confined to formal courses and not ending with graduation," Pat believes, and her education has touched many fields at TWU. Serving as president of two honorary clubs - Delphi and Alpha Chi -, the effervescent student is also a member of Newman Club, Beta Beta Beta Qbiological organization, and Student Education Association. She is a microbiological research assistant and CGA Honor Code chairman. Velma Villegas Ginger Norris S emor Fzmzlzsts jean Elsass Linda Freeman , Linda Turnage Sue Kinney Senior Beauty Mary Lou McCollum Maxine Varisco Iumor Finalists Stephame Fry Betsy Larkin Mary Gonzalez '91-'HUB' 1 , uf ,Lf . S oplaomore Finalists Judy Gay Wells Suzanne Donald Carol Gles Mary Waterman Betty Sue Langford -it ,,vN -,J Dayle Anderson Sophomore Beauty Karen Russell Ann Ridder Freshman Fmalzsts Nanette Gabriel joan Moon Donna Gibson J' Q xg N I x . xl l . eta .- 'R -'rf' mv" " H n,-Q14 . max .N .bf .. :ff " SQ, . . -- I 1 ' .F U ' 'nf Ui fx. . . -Q Y Kathy Coffey Carolyn Franklin Betty Sue Langford Mr. Congeniality Charles L. Nichols Marge Criswell Aggie Sweetheart Finalists and Mn Congeniality ' fel' we Betsy Larkin . ' 3, a" N ,,. fi,- , 6, ,,..1-522: j 3'- L5 Q , '14, Lee Martin 1, 4 ilivifa, X ,A 4 5 ' , .,., .,,yf r 9 ,vp .Q 1, . -. f-.mv '. 'N 1 Carroline Farris Tina Lamborn Ellen Mattison i l Q 'X k, l Gail Pope Tillie Ragsdale Bobbi Sue Stephenson Gail Wallace A N., A ,V A fx-,3ifL,V.,..,-1 f 'R K 1+ Iwi-3. A , ,,, , A, , vt ' . -Urn' fy , e f 1. s AW A M Ku- af' m 1. If 'Fifi 1: W 5' 452. fn 41,23 .5 A 5, 'Mm QQ 1 X f 1 i "M: "MQ A if.. . L " . A :K , Tfgg,A f . . ,A , Y , 4 , ,f - ,V Q H' ' 3 , V, ' 1 ' -15.11 HHH ., ,ii K 'LV M ,. ,V at A 134' - A, .xi kfgfx,-519: Qi,",L',-X", ,iifl 'n"'A w - if f Q? ':-'ww f ' , 1,-.1 -, 311 If 0 . -1,1'm4.m,iz M, X , H ., !' l'MQ15lfi2i' Q V . .3 H . 1- ' ,', 5' ,L A , Q ' ' ' Nz: , wi..' L WU"-' '21, 2 Y" fjfg Q M . 1 1 ' ff -x H. 'f,f. :'K5?TW'..':.Q1:f J U 5, fr, ' '1 'qf',g.J1E'.s,,4: .f. p 'ff-YQ ' lr,-1,1 lgf-',kt5?v:-'3r.p-i A J " Z?,g5.Ei Lynn Parks Aggie Sweetheart l Lady-in-waiting and roommate Lynn Gresham congratulates the excited and happy Queen. Queen Kathryn of the House of Coffey acknowledges her audieneffs alzlalause in a courtly manner. King john of the Royal Line of Guinn crowns the 1963 Red- bud Queen. Presenting . . . Queen Kathryn of the House of Coffey, Queen of the Rezlbud Festival, nifgrv 8 eh 1-gg? X591 Biff- HGV v .Aq"iQ:.,1 ' ,.hu x,f'v , az Q'Yr 5: -Q .-if , .nl ', F I u 6 '17 'QP ws' L '-C ' ,Lv +9.?f"" . 1 'H F' X vu .-fqq 1- fs 1 0' wr .f vw f ' v7'1,' -riff? fs4,! -.1 P" f -, ,Ji A. WU 1, ,ffk r - J' u "' 1 3 I , lv l ,Nx.,,, 1 ,-J' 1 If f e f 1 .9 ,,.-v. 3 F 4? x 1' Jn ll' ,115 'Qu f .uu- w -pad! I ,V aux? XMh:'Avi 'lxfn ,A x"V., X I iifkgg-. 'L-. Q . 4? 'X- S' ', pn Aguirre, Bertha Beatriz Anderson, Dayle Jean Anthony, Pamela Joane Avalos, Lucila Bains, Linda Darlene Barak, Shirley Ann Barnes, Dolores Margo Beamer, Nancy Jane Brown, Nancy Ann Bruder, Nancy Carol Campbell, Becky Carrington, Shelia Carrow, Lila Katherine Cater, Carol Lynne Cerboskas, Regena Rae Coffey, Kathryn Coffey, Lou Ellyn Coggeshall, Joyce Ann Connor, Judy Crowly, Sandra Kay Davis, Bessie Anne Davis, Janis Kay Dill, Tommie Jo Donald, Suzanne Dunn, Janie Redbud Princesses Froehling, Doris Hilda Gabriel, Nanette Garcia, Gertrudis Maria Gibson, Donna Lucille Gics, Carol Jean Glenn, Karen Ann Gomez, Mary Grace Gwosdz, Virginia Rose Hardin, Adarose Huston, Beverly Ann Jentsch, Gladys Loraine Johnson, Mary Janice Jones, Helen Luann Jordan, Marilyn King, Carolyn Gaye Klammer, Annette Louise Kwan, Bernice Sue Larkin, Frances Elizabeth Lawrence, Susan Kathleen Lindemann, Mary Alice Lofland, Carole Jean Lofton, Dana Byrd Lynn, Linda Joy Maddry, Judith Ann Martin, Carol Lee L.: Meeks, Mary Elaine Millet, Kathryn Edith Mooneyham, Carol Jo Murphey, Suzanne Neumann, Gerry Elizabeth Pena, Rebecca Alba Pickard, Penelope Ann Porter, Leta Margaret Pratt, Sandra Lynn Ragsdale, Matilda Jane Ray, Nancy Ross Reid, Nancy Gayle Rendon, Josefina Rials, Betty Rich, Paula Jane Rotramel, Judith Kay Rowland, Juanita fCissieJ Russell, Karen Sue Salinas, Alicia Victoria Serna, Celia Celina Shaffer, Madeline Jeanne Stevenson, Wanada Lorraine Sullins, Betty Jane Varisco, Maxine Vaughan, Margaret Monroe Q GDM? llas ,W i : All 471 ff 5- Q71 ,6 ,x, 1 if ""' HLA.. is Ladies-in-Waiting to the Queen Rebecca Arlette McAlister, Campus Government Association Elizabeth Carroll Baxter, Round Table Nancy Jo Fisher, Student Council of Religious Activities Margaret Lynn Gresham, Student Council of Social Activities Edna Ellen Perry, Student Finance Council Katherine Ann Condra, Women's Recreation Association Criteria for Selection of Redbud Princesses Charming personality Democratic spirit Genuine friendliness Integrity Loyalty to TWU ideals Participation in campus activities Patriotism Personal attractiveness Poise and graccfulncss Respect for social standards Reverence toward God Sense of humor Representing TWU Marilyn jordan TWU representative to the Mardi Gras festivities in Fort Worth . fa Q.: , , " A Eleanor Elwood TWU representative to Maid of Cotton Contest Joanna CoHey TWU representative to Old South Ball, Arlington State College N a x X I my 5 . mf.-:M ,. H i J, . Joan Moon Posture Queen I59 Nancy Bruder jean Elsass in street attire in street attire Luann jones Carol Katz in street attire in date dress iv Ten fy ff ,xy I s W 5 v 1 Q 1 i 1 X, X ...,ms'r:' tif' 1.5 sf ' julie Halcomb in street attire Best Dressed Carolyn King in street attire ln in Campus Outfit in street attire Lynn Parks Leta Porter in ,gtreet attire in Stfeef dtlife Carol Wardlaw Best Dressed in date dress jane Sullins in street attire X r I f 1 V .' Mm., ,Mx Q P 1 '71 'fl V 4 f umxwa 1 ,,.,V ,, 1 1,1 V' 1 i 1 L ' '.-1 ri: , LEM.,- :'LIJ.E3t' f7"1'Fc' gugiy .A A , 0. Q ff. QW , ,t :J-.t'-.AIS-:xii -if -5125 ,315."4.f,,1.,g . . 1-- -.':'gm.'f5i'rf1521,-5 ..1-Q M '291f"v?gz2-1'--: -' , , ' .' 14 Sm-I ii!-'-ilvfrf' ' V, I, gmt -1-M5 ' '-V . .,.N 'zE,:z:f1j-,,'.jx , .N 23 j-'Q N , .A H ' My XM . .uf -111304. ,r.:.,.r1,c,g,-.,. 5,1 www 1. Ax ,3,Q.i. 1 N-4411+ f "A bvrq A 72 ggux ,F mg, Activifie 1' ' ,,,,,-fulfil. Ji' ' is -is 1, ,,,y1mLrn':5"i if-,sw iq ' 'ffxg X ,kwin -,yes .43 f w i v , Mjwq. ' 12 3 -'c tw .M im. , - 6,1 X, r ,Y F1 f Student leaders .spent a few days before sehool opened at a retreat. Days for the Student Council members were filled with discussion and Univer- sity Review rehearsals, and nights were wet! Agree Nancy Ann Edwards, Edna Perry, Lynn Gresham and fis It?j Pere Scott Hoffman! . ff' 'J"' li' N ii' , 1 I wwf' And then there was freshman Becky Burk. She arrived that first day in a custom built bus! Nu'1 v li! Kinda? v ,v '19 't ' , tiff, 5 ' s 9 Van, y. 1 ,,., ,. . 4 f 'M -1? If Freshman Shelia Carrington anticipates no days of just studying and exams, Notice the stuffed animals ana' popcorn popper. The first question the ,66 newcomer asks is, "Where do I buy my beanie?'J Then, "What size beanie do I wear?" She is re- assured as friendly Mr. Lester Robertson, bookstore manager, helps her purchase her freshman symbol. The Campus Government Association sponsored a welcome and orientation ses- sion for the fre.shman Sunday evening. The purpose? To answer those many questions and to give all a chance to become ae- quainted. SChoo1 Opens, CGA members Nancy Fisher, SCRA president, and Kathy Coffey, Daily Lass-O Editor, greet freshman Robin james and her grandmother. Tours of the campus for the newcomers were .sponsored by Delphi Society and led by stu- dents selected by each department. Refresh- ments were served in the departments at the end of the hikes and students were able to meet and talk with faculty members. Freshmen Greeted Q1 .. NL .L 21- Freshmen, gathered together for the first time at Monday's orientation, were introduced to Dr. john Guinn, University president, Dr. Lurline M.t,Lee, dean of women, and other adrnistrators. Those eighteen girls in the white beanies with "CGA" instead of "'66" were also introduced. '66ers had their first chance to perform in the traditional TWU manner by .singing a few Tessie favor- ites and then began tlzeir soon to be familiar chant, "Yea maroon, Yea white, come on freshmen, you're all right." Freshmen entered Hubbard Hall, slowly but finally, to register for the first semes- ter of their university ear- eers. They came out of Hub- bard Hall, some the same morning, some that evening, some after two days, the largest Freshman Class in the history of TWU. Registration, Fun Night for All Miss lessie Sim, ready for those at the end of the first line, reassures '66ers that all they have to do now is fill out each card properly and stand in the next line. Us IIE- A' QW 1 Freshmen take time to sit down and relax, while upper-class- men have mastered the techni- que of writing while standing in line. Registration is a task for all! Then comes that senior year when you want- ed to take all those electives and still need thirty hours of required subjects plus student teaching! .4 , ww i "M-Q. .CY y ,,,-nv ,pr whiff The WRA Council and sponsor, Mrs. Kitty Magee, . . . and dance by the Folk Dance Club. entertain their Fun Night audience with song . . . gg .lf--.4-'vu HQ , .f"'xp,f.13Qf' 9 , 4444 Freshmen soon "get in the swim" of activities, getting Ngw gtudgntg, honoygd at the Pres, acquainted with the CHPE6?R'.s modern indoor pool. dgntiy Rgggption in Hubbard Hall, met 'IE' is-A and talked with members of the ad hr ministration and student leaders at the st - V dress up event of the year. Ann Condra, WRA presi- dent, welcomes new and old Tessies to WRA Fun Night and invites all to "come play the WRA way." I, V Lt, "You now see what's coming up, what lies before you,' not only in '63, but four years ahead," sing CGA's Seientessies as they present their University Review of the year ahead titled "Formula '66." Texas AGM yell leaders join SCSA President Lynn Gresham and CGA President Beeea MeAlister in the traditional Aggie spirit and "saw varsity's horns 0ff.JJ Becky Davila, Lantern Parade general chairman, and freshmen prepare the giant lantern displayed in front of the Education Building for the event. Lantern Parade Turns into RCVICW bl 5 . Representing the Freshman Class, Annarene Kelley accepts the traditional lantern rom FGA President Becca MeAlister. as the "symbol of the TWU lzglzt 0 friendship." JM! rn .. ,I L Mhz, -4 EL. iq A : 2, .. 5 4? Mall. , - 'r.i',g..,M 1 I 552:-gg.: flu! K' 45151 4:,H'Q 'ff-., 'syn 1. li' -' ws:-1.2--:g:::f3Tf,, , mf-4, v f V v , -'Uv A35 ' ' -'Qt , I-T53 -...g 5. , W' iff ik,-is---, ww swf 4 53? r-S 1 'ng-99 . .farm 7 ,1. If I P4 Weary Lantern Paraders jozn zn the szng song on the steps o tlze Mazn Aua' some beeornzng acquainted wzth and others remembering the tradztzonal class songs S 1 IX 'ff 'DGinn Ill lend you my recipe, promises r. u as he gleams with pride at the '62-'63 CGA members. Activities Stress Fun BB .- ,sw "'T"!-K XX-A At the annual Presidentfs Picnic on the back lawn of Dr. Guinnfs home, freshmen found heaping quantities of food and A menu was .served of fried chicken, potatoe salad, hot rolls, fruit salad, pickles, olives and cokes and even second and third helpings! At X-hour, '66 beanies had first chance at the cokes and cookies Everyone had their fun at the picnic, and then were serenaded by songs from upperclassmen stunts. even administration members who had Wild cries of enthusiasm and showers of maroon and white beanies fell on the back lawn of Dr, and Mrs. Guinn's home when CGA announced beanie time was "no more." I' hifi to sit on chairs. "So, when do we get to eat?" wonders Senior Class president, Gladys jentsch. v li I IN I L' Trampolining was popular among the co-ordinated fresh- men picnickers, while others found other interests-like just C3 Students dig hopefully into bargains awaiting them at tlze annual Student Finance Couneilfs Rum- mage Sale. Items such as gym clothes, curtain rods and "B" boards are popular buys for the bargain hunting Tessics. Prohts from the sale go toward SFC scholarships. watching. That Class of '66 talent begins to spring uP, even as early as the President's Picnic. tt? v .. BEWARE OF X-HOUR! That moment when . , . on your knees!" The occasion? The last official welcome of fresh- men to University life by faculty, administration, upperclassmen and Denton "all freshmen citizens. Soopstone man and the Soapstone wo- man fsophomore entertainersj present- ed a skit for the X-Hour crowd. Then Dr. Quinn reminded the newcomers that homework was coming soon. The X-Hour bonfire blazed as the sirens roared and beanie-clad freshmen streamed from dorm row to Lowry woods. There the surprised '66'ers found friendly upperclassmen ready' for a traditional Tessieland sing-song. Not hardly what they expected! Administration, faculty and seniors were entertained and well fed when the sopho- mores treated their sister class at the an- nual Senior Breakfast, and all rode back to memories on "Streetcar '63." Breakfast, Danceg Meetings Start Senior special education majors meet with some of the youngest residents of the Denton State School on a visita- tion. Fall, winter or spring, on a pretty Saturday, Tessies go cycling. I72 Maid of Cotton nominees from TWU are Bessie Barecky, fudy Rotramel, Helen Hensley, Eleanor Elwood and Sue Kinney. Miss Elwood was the official TWU representative at the Dallas Cotton Exchange. ..'w "" 4. Q9 -git .Ub- UQ at s , We 5 ' ,' g A, X ? . r if u ' 7 kv' A favorite TWU fan, Shep Fields and his orchestra, opened A j 5: ,Q the year's dancing activities and first all-campus dance, ' g -ff SX Eg f " ' ' ' " V 9 'ie Swingin September. Senior nursing majors Delores Warren and ,thi Ushering in the autumn feeling a large japanese lantern and fall Colored leaves decorated the SUB Ballroom for the SCSA sponsored event. Diana Orren, back on campus for the fall semester, work on a laboratory project con- cerning the much publicized drug Thalido- mide. Student Council members Carroll Baxter, Tessies covered the lawn of Hubbard Hall enjoying the Elaine Meeks and Gladys jentsch meet with delicious Howdy Dinner meal and eargerly awaiting the chairman Emily Smith to plan the first of entertainment. the series of house visitations. 't - rag.: 25724 7, N 'H H I -N I x I73 Aggies Choose Sweetheart In the comfortable lobby of the Commo- dore Motel couples find time to chat be- fore Sunday breakfast. Delegates from Texas AGM and TWU finalists for Aggie Sweet- heart zlaneed and enjoyed them- selves at the formal dance during the weekend devoted to choosing Aggie Sweetheart. Members of the Aggie delegation and finalists leave the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods after Sun- day services. M f Lynn looks a bit sur- prised upon hearing . 4 that she is pinned to 7,000 cadets. X X ' 1 The suspense was almost un- bearable until the Aggies announced that Sophomore Lynn Parks was the 1963 Aggie Sweetheart. The Aggies do have their traditions! Chuck Nichols Reggie Richardson pins Lynn and Lynn after she named him Mr. Congeniality, a selection made by all the finalists. , - . ,J lr s t QA - A Donut sales, the popular club money making proj- ect, have made seniors fudy EnDean and Barbara Rogers pretty tired of donuts. 5 ' . s .fx ' X 1 i A .,, "' Q '- 4 ' . 2 Freshman Class officer candidates prepare speeches for their first attempt at holding an office in their University careers. Visitors Arrive on Campus Ft. s :A nr N .yn W psf, .sw Sophomores ate, sang and had fun times at their Sopho- more Harvest Moon. 5 N Senator and Mrs. Ralph Yarbrough visited the TWU campus in the fall and were hon- ored at an afternoon tea for faculty members and student leaders. 41" 4 rs 1 Members of this body mechanics class don't seem too sure of the balance of this brave walker. Returning for a second year of performance on the TWU campus, soprano Gzanna DAngelo captured her audience with an outstanding program in October. Nancy Fisher and Gladys jentsch attend the Mary Gibbs jones' sponsored chapel service in the Lit- tle Chapel-in-the-Woods. w 'lk W m I78 i 4. 1- ,, 1, L..Q..7-o-f-4 . 4-,Q ,V I s 77,71 't. 1111, judges Dilemma . . . The weekend preceding the Gold Rush Car- VOR Pam Minger and Maxine Varisco see that all is in readiness for the opening nighfs rush. nival found judges trapsing over campus, viewing the ten dormitory displays before casting their ballots for the winning three, Mr. Lowry, beloved stunt super-assist- ant and constant "Mr. Fixer," joined the throngs of people seeking prizes through their marksmanship. Candy apples made a hit with workers, such as Lynn Schlegel who took time out to munch on the red-coated fruit which carnival Supper's Served . . . After a full day at the office, TWU's dean of women, Dr. Lurline Lee, and assistant dean of women, Miss jessie Sim, joined the buyers of chicken sup- pers and sat down to a leisurely meal. The Gold Rush Carnival s Cotton candy and cakes, thus October 9, 1962, started for many. The time was Gold Rush and the atmosphere was com- pletely carnival. X A .psf "Bingo!,' was the constant victor's cry from the booth northwest of the announcement -Vfflnd and jail as administrative and faculty 'sharks" joined in the prize pursuit. Mrs. Ed Williams, wife of TWU business manager, proved a winner in some event-witness the lmcutu glass bowl. Miss Olive White, History Department member, brought her nephews along for the two-evening fun-filled event. .....-.....f Queen Kathryn from the House of Coffey-to-be, spent a wet time ev! in the CGA Sponge Throwing Booth. Balloons, Cllildfen and Clowns - - - jailed! Paul Roseland, art associate Opps! Cotton candy coming through' Mafilyn jordan S0115 1171051167 011110011 professor, found himself locked in And Dr. josh Roach lets young bears to an admiring little blonde-haired jail before the evenings ended but of the fluffy-pink delecacy pass on glfl- he seemed to be making the most of before joining them in indulging. the affair. -.I 1 K "All this for "fl0ney?" questions -Waked Nancy F isher. Profit Production . . . The last of November found CGA officers co-chairmen handing Dr. john A. Guinn, University president, Foundation the largest check in the Carnival's history-85,000. and Gold Rush and the TWU The traditional Grand Marcli with the admin- istration in the lead and faculty and .students fol- lowing opened the 1962 Corn Huskin' Bee spon- sored by the College of Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation and Women's Recreation As- sociation. N.. In celebration of the 25th of the Corn Anniversary Huskin' Bee, Dr, Anne Sch- ley Duggan, dean of the CHPEEHR, was presented with a silver ear of corn. Q Chicken callin' contestants ran around the tennis courts, the scene of the Bee, screeching "here chicky" at the top of their lungs. Gibbs jones Halt ready 'si' 'IIN' -' for "The Time of Man" Costumes dug up from everywhere and placed third in the song anywhere appeared as "old-fashioned" for contest winning a red rib- the Bee night. bon. Shucks flew and corn was husked when the stu- dents dug into baskets for their Corn Huskin' Contest. Sayers Hall plac- ed a winner. A hot race was on when CGA and tltl administration set out to beat the othtf in the Corn Huskin' Contest. Claiming the winning team were Dr. Roach, MV' Williams, Mr. Smith and Mr, LaRue. The Pre-Rush Tea invited all sophomores and other in- terested students not members of literary-social clubs to come and meet members and sponsors of the eight cam- pus clubs. After four days of Rush Parties, prospective mem- bers were asked to sign their literary-social club prefer- ence eards, meanwhile, clubs selected lists of to-be-mem- bers, and bids were sent out. Athenaeum's own Mr. George Lowry, the Only male sponsor of a literary-social club, enjoys his role in the receiving line. I -v - ' , . - Rf-1:67 1 wg. Q X , . .u A . x L Q - rg y I . if K , ..ff"'!,. jx: f ,gs ' -. t -. . was M . , Following in the atmosphere of old Greece, Athenaeum members entertained their guests at a Rush party in the SUB Lounge. Pledges bowed and .scrubbed for members during pledge week. George Ann Cravens believes "Booma Philo" is all there is! xmvm,-A A mass work project for new pledges of the eight clubs included mostly fun and the singing of newly learned club songs. I8I A ..,- ,. i ai-QP' TWU's Aggie Sweetheart Lynn. Parks views the Corps Trip parade from the review- ing stand in front of the Dallas courthouse. Reville, the only girl on the ASM campus, displays her Aggie spirit in the Corps Trip parade. IU Corps Trip with the Aggies The AGM-SMU Corps Trip Weekend was begun by a military parade in downtown Dallas. ll! ' vw-M lar The Fighting Texas Aggie Band entertains during half time ceremonies. 71 Q.. 1 ,I su 55. A Members of the Corps and their dates enjoy thz game, and as winners, who minds standinv all day? Lynn is escorted onto the field by Sheldon Best, president of the AUM Student Senate, during the halftime festivities of Corps Trip. ,ff-5 . .a'Q The Aggies, canine Sweetheart, Reville, receives a fond pat from Lynn. Being Aggie Swetheart does have its advantages! . Ewa Jfqf' Receiving her bouquet of roses, Lynn is introduced QS the 1963 Aggie Sweetheart. ' g - , .- ' ' v Every Tessie's friend, Maggie, played, leaped and barkedg I , , sometimes she even stopped for a pat. A November 8, was the date vzolznzst ' Christian Ferras appeared before the TWU campus for a Concert and Drama Series. The French artist made his American debut in 1959. I. Seniors push time. TWU Players put on their first production of the season, "Twelve Angry Women". Wada Thompson, the only junior who believes in the innocence of the accused, reacts the crime for the rest of the jury. T Freshmen Present FTA 'i' Thfi 1M0fi07ml Playa? llffffmted Mol' In the Freshman Talent Assembly, "The Dolphin Boy", WT?-V 5011001 fm' WWC'-' and Shakg' the young sea dancers show the young star, joan Moon, speare's "Othello", Pictured is a scene from "0thello',, which the young act- ors presented November 30. But the wind dancers appear and beckon Dolphin Boy away from the sea. that he is a part of the sea. After selecting a class song and presenting their first class production, FTA, the Daughters of 66 contributed their share of serenades to the campus llllhiii ',.,-! 1-r"'f"T4 Q 4 I Dolphin Boy, after going with the way- ward wind and being left behind by it, asks to be taken back by the Sea. Only after King Neptune, his father, com- mands it, is the young boy accepted. I' u'- N"Z'A 'x NP I V . t .1 sq! i :J I tg -. 69: Mary jane McDuffie entertains the sen- iors and sophomores at a Christmas party in the Sub Rec Room with her always popular "Eloise" '1 -1 -'1 FU.-X L S Dr. and Mrs. A. Wallace Woolsey enjoy the refreshments and hospitality at Stoddard I-Iall's Christmas Open House. Tessies Entertain with Christmas Parties -. gs -- l :gf "t' 1 f ff-,1i4j.mg3L, .,r ,. . WJ,-, nl Wa, Nursing students added their Christ- mas touch to the campus in deco- rating the patio of the Arts and Sciences Building. l I P 1 i I x 1 Pam Mingcr, Mary jane McDuffie and Lenal Boehme decorate the jones girls' Christmas tree with balls and tiensel used by f'Ladies,' of the past. This friendly Santa greet- ed students in the dormi- tory as he participated in the WRA sponsored Christmas door decora- tion contest, f7'l'liTfxovYfA'1,'f.If'ri'ml-.J 1: -- Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Rust, sophomore sponsors, are welcome Smith'Ca7mll,x living room was decmiated faces at Stoddard when they come to visit. for glfests fmd the Clmstmas Mason with a beautiful display of candles. All the participants in the Woman's Recreation Association sponsored tennis clinic welcomed the professional tennis star Bill Bos to campus. I Af Genevieve Dixon, director of Li- brary Science, engages in a stimulating conversation with foreign graduate students of the school. . 4 "Oh, the life of a photographer," exclaimsjudy "Bu fBarneycastlej as Shirley Buck and Valerie Meston sooth her wounds. Education majors foyce Goff and Ann Binford work with transcribing their voices in Mrs. Marzorz de Coligny's course in audio visual aids. CHAR! .ff 3 Dr. john A. Guinn, University president, welcomes Mr. Eugene M. Locke, chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee to campus. Mr. Locke spoke to the student body at the CGA and Citizenship League sponsored assembly during Citizenship Week in january. Soaring high into the sky is this tumbling class member, while fellow students await her proper landing. sf! Class beauty finalists were honored with a Beauty Bujet sponsored by the Daedalian Yearbook be- Daedalian Presents Class Beauties fore their presentation at the Christmas formal. judges Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Brooks, fr. and Universit President Dr ohn A. Guinn converse of 1 - I with the 24 class beauty finalists. Finalists Carol Gies, Donna Gibson and Betsy Larkin enjoy their meal and con- versations with KRLD,s popular voice, Hugh Lamp- man. Finalists filed down the stairs in Hubbard Hall to meet the five judges before the Beauty Buffet. :E is s -AJ' are, , 4' H- WX, ' 54 "9 Q After the buffet judges toured the judges await the formal dormitories. Mrs. Zenda Wirnberly, presentation of the beau- jones Hall director, and senior ty finalists before the 1 Marilyn jordan show Hugh Lamp- "Winter Beauty" Christ- I man the WRA door decoration con- mas dance began. test winning door. Tommy Dorsey's Orchestra, under the direction . of Sam Donahue, entertained the beauties and students as they danced and often just stood . and listened. -,,.. .-- 41.3 Senior beauty finalist jean Elsass was first to be presented. -m.u,c,..1 1 x Selected as the most beautiful girl Q, N-- in the junior Class, Nancy Ann f Xi Edwards is escorted by her fiance, 'gk , . , . Mr. Darrell Smith. t. I89 --,.. ,-X Y36: X x. 4 5 Students were happy to get back to that Hubbard Hall food after the Christmas holidays and turkey, turkey, and more turkey. Duo-pianists Arthur Gold and Robert Gizdale delighted their TWU audience on january 9, with their renditions of classical music. Tessies Compete, Study and Gain ig 1 V, 1 , uf- A The Soci Society's Mexican Supper in the SUB made a hit with all attending . . . and those "originals," hand painted place mats, were kept for souvenirs. -V .513-" Freshmen began studying early for their first semester examsg head- ing the list was Orientation and a test over the TWU Handbook I90 of Information. 8 Graduating in january and out into the world went Pat Taylor, but first she had to pack and file all those momentos she had saved and held onto so dearly during the past four years. -s X HQ. PI Aglaians, vying for the winning position ln the annual Literary-Social Club Vol leyball Game, were beaten by the Chap a rrals. Doris Froehling registers for her "B" Average privileges , . . she went home early Easter and no double negatives! ff ... Class competition reaches its peak as these juniors and freshmen try to capture one of the Stoddard sophomore's Stunts signs. 1.9 K ,QAM . .. Senior Stunts Director Mary jane McDuffie urges the Ladies to "keep that feeling that you are mining coal? junior orphan Olga Rueda "really got the feeling" of the bomber plane that swept over Busy junior Class President and Stunts Director Lee Martin found herself going to rehearsals for two pro- ' ductions at a time. .Sophornores, under the di- - ' rection of jeanne Shaffer, Stunts TIIIIC BCg1f1S exercised before practicing every night. the stricken area in their Stunt as she sujered from her broken arm. l92 MINI TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY Februav-11 15-16 1965 Sophomorcs The Columbian children gather around their teacher singing, "Tell ux why, Oh why, our days are W Together the people of Columbia and their new found friends plan to work "with no .vtringx attached." Realizing that they will work hand in hand toward peace and progrexs, the Columbian.: help the Peace Corps carry their equip- ment. "Friends forever and .vide by xide, Together, wherever we gan!" I94 Experiment in Friendship Carrying trunks and toolx the American Peace Corps arrivex to help the Columbian.: build their Their dream of the new school becomes a real- ity as the people of the two countries build together. Sophomore dancers Mimi Coral and Cisxizf Rowland bring in .vuppliex for the new school to the "Bolero beatf, Unazvarz' tha! the makr' is .mcr1'1l, a mfmbcr of the Pram' Corfu killx zt much Io ilu' horror of the rzatiznnr. Padre, Palxy Northcutl, lvarlx lzix fzroplr in fH'I7j'I'7', knowing that lhc killing of the .makzr was uninlwnliorml. "Whatever comm up wvlll takr it in xlrirlvj' lhrr Columbian mayor, .Irfan Erlwards, tolls Peace Corps lzfadzfr, Tom Drummorzrl, Toni Sta.r.vw1fn,d1fr. "I want to br' in Columbia, OK wzth ma is Columbia . . ." I95 "The moon is cardboard, fragile, very apt to fray," says Dee Barnes who plays the part of a pessimistic orphan in the junior Stunt. Dancing happily to the "Carousel Waltzl' the war orphans are un- aware of the tragedy that awaits uniors . Alle gory . .' A . 2' LJ ... '-f I- I I r ,-. A can 3. The war-ridden children lose themselves in a dream vision a carnival. them. A H Realizing that an enemy plane is overhead, the fright- QA. ened war orphans seek pro- tection as they fall to the -X ' earth. D I96 'Ha ,,.,,.. . fl EW' ' Terrified, the children look to the sky in wonder, and suddenly realize that they must find faith in the whisper of the wind and smell of the rain, "Try to remember, , And if you remember, Then follow . . ." "We'll buildg sing the homeless juniors as they recall life before the war We're on our way. came and destroyed their hapfziness. We'll strive to live in a new born "Weill buildg And try to give this barren earth X a helping handf' "We'll pass the realm of zvar's decay And find a light to guide our way." ,W U . .--- mmf I97 ij-.E K' if X ., si Jn, ,- T it ' ' 'I . v f t i K 7 'ff f f 3' , 2 .4 H il' "' hx 'S J I' 1,7 Q- Seniors . Colliery No. 9 ?"b As the miners joke with Hank, Bets Heinbaeh, the prospective groom, the foreman, Sharon ' Price, predicts, "You'll be tied to your pick and your woman, too... And that's your load to carry on through!" "Hit that coal, men, Time's a wastin'," warns assistant foreman Brueie Cavett as the men work the mine. "I stand today with a joy- ful heart," sings Ann Wells, bride-to-be, as the commun- ity joins in preparation for the wedding. Ann Condra, Old Pete, has no trouble con- vincing the people that lzis son is the best one down in the mine, "He mines coal by the ton . , ." 2 ps u ff fill. 4" . ' 1 ' N iff ' Y t YV . K 1 W ' 2' Ji-'-X-,i ai ' A I , s N as s M21 W' ft ix . I as f ,s ef' 5" ll I K ' ' ' 3 4 ' 'V l V723. 1' 4 Q' , ,if ,ji 130' 'Y J' U 551: " A W l -, S . : , L - as i ig My ., 6 .. ' i - Vs ,I .-S ', is fl 2 ss' . X Y' ,, .4 '.- Af T, -,! . , I ,,1- 'wal , , 5 X" Hr , . 4, . 'V ix! , is gm 1' 5 E fy j'5lZ,yif.4 " , of,-l'f'lsM , firxv ' I 5 , fy' , 1 xb iw . U , . - f' fi -r Q sfxgf... E Ax ' " 'Kg ' Y it Q h 1 'I' , 'A 'K U Z",4fgfaiTP?'5 Ji? s Q Q A , . g H W L .lb 1 1 . W 1-.AN W g J , ymmd, Mm . ,fm - ,nf As m. ,.. . F ps -1. .1 , , , N A ffix f 'fa J S A if d .y . s T ur 4' ", ,Hs 'K ' 4.T.A 1 ' . "It's a great town we live in, We sing our cares away . . .U "Stop your laughing, There will be no wedding IZ "There's a sign in the sky."' 1- 1: mhfb U "A cave in!" As the mine falls beneath rocks and rubble, the miners' families above fear the worst. Ann Wells sings "I stand today With a joyful heart . . :J "Our life is here, And our hearts in this mine "We've lived with this danger, And in fear of this time . . ." I 1 'I . W1 f. 1 . jail recalling the story of his, ohnn ulia D'Albine is in shooting of the jealous Lover, Melanie McCoy. "My gal's gone now Ain't no use in drearnin' I killed for her . . ." Freshmen . . The Triangle Night club singer Marty, Marilee Sweitzer, sings to fohnny, Made- line Brown, on her last performance before their wedding, "Ain't misbehavin' Pm savin' my love for you." A' i f. t,t5 ' ' 9 Q..-Vs , , x A, The lovers dance the tango. And are joined by other dancers of the freshman east in their Roaring Twenties dress. The Charleston takes the spotlight as the flappers bat their eyelashes and twirl y those beads. Fancy stepping of grandmothefs day is done by the Daughters of ,66. .W . In a crap game with the fellows johnny pleads, "Luck be a lady tonight . . . Luck if you've ever been a lady to begin with Luck be a lady toniglztf' The jealous Lover imfzlores Marty to come back to her and she refuses, "I ean't love you, , No, never again." "Yes, you will be mine," threatens the jealous L i Lover. X . And as she sings, "Love me or leave me, or let me be lonely . , . Regretting . . f' and jealous Lover kills Marty. I . 202 . 4 . V z "Now clonlt push me off this stage, Ladies," yells Dean Fran- . i eis Emerson as he announces that the Class of '63 won the StuntCul1. "Molly and her lll7liC0f1ll?T,u helped keep the spirit of '63 alert and .striving to win Stunts. Seniors Win Stunts The Seniors were ready to put on the winning Stunt over and over. - '63 Director Mary jane McDuf- fie clutches the treasured cup , ,L which she led two Stunt casts to ff 541 win. ' ,Typ A victory party! Stunts were over and students retired to repair tlzose lost grades . . . CGA President Becca Mc- Alister decided to repair broken chairs at CGA meetings. 1 . , . . L , ' x f . x Q' M, W 5 19, e f , s journalism majors went back to their usual beats. .N 2'x. J 1? -.' l Sophomores Annette Klammer, Luann jones, Geneva Salsman and Sue Gameson display some of their hidden talents that Stunts brought out. k iffy,-L! 1'4- K- v Q . Pc K .. t 1 4 ,Ri fajwjf e ,LP The knitting bug hit campus especially - 4 --.'i':-' x ' gfyh gx when those northers began and knit " ' "' 1 'R' """' hats felt real eumfy. Giving free hat knitting lessons is Sandie Dunlap, right, teaching Pat Lack and fosie Gordon. A H u Rehearsals were not over for junior Lee Martin and the cast of "You Canit Take It With You." But the show was a success. W . '! A .1 ,LJ fl Fred Head, Texas Intercollegiate Student Association president from SMU, is given a friendly welcome by TWU President Dr. john A. Guinn. 2. Y i TWU's TISA leaders Perc Scott Hoffman, executive vice presidentg Lynn Schlegel, Central Agency director, Margwen Murphy, junior representative, and Nancy Ann Edwards, senior representative, started early in the fall planning for the 15th Annual State TISA Conven- tion held on the TWU campus this winter. is ,5 5, ge Convention delegates from the many TISA member colleges and universities in Texas registered in the Redbud Auditor- ium for the three-day meetnig, Dr. Eldred Speck, business and economics professor, led a 221' ,. American student. buzz group discussion on the national economy and the sal l' .Q ni f A group of delegates visited Ski with students in Mary Gibbs W' jones Hall and were invited to listen in on a House Meeting, and they stayed! MN Don Yarbrough, a guest speak- er for the convention, an- swered questions asked by the 204 delegates. TISA Convention Fred Head and Tom Green, TISA vice president from East Texas State College, chat with Senator john Tower, who, after dining with the delegates, spoke to the group. 1 4 1 . -M jfs, A... , 1 9 ' I If 'vrl , IQ, I. Dr. james Newcomer, dean of the faculty, fol- lowing President Kennedy's suggestions cheer- fully walked to his work in the Administration Building. Students participated in Town Hall, a program given by businessmen and women for the purpose of stimulating student interest in American busi- ness. The program was sponsored by CGA and was "one of the most successful ever." A .psf-,v fb., -' , if ,.,x 'V A V " ' gif"-'sQg2'ft:rzf'ff.s4.. J Q 'life 2. .Q 'A' .rh- -f.3sX?"' 3 if "Qs 'W 1- 'Zrlm1'T'?J V V .j gmiili 4 'W-a Freshman nursing major Mary Hobbs proudly observes the arrival of Spring 1.963 all over campus. This year for the first time in several years, the Redbud trees bloomed at the proper time, for the Redbud Festival and Parents Day. Horseback riding be- came the campus craze when spring days and weekends appeared after the cold winter of 1963 Enjoying-the beauty of the TWU Botanical Gardens is joanna Coffey, sophomore elemen- tary education major. "Once in a Tree, a childrerfs play, written by Dr. josh P. Roach, associate professor of speech, was presented in March by TWU students. 'fini 'ia With all-campus elections and cam- paigning at the hub of all activity Aggie Sweetheart Lynn Parks checks her map for the correct location of AC'9"M! After traveling to the brother school this year, such trips are in the agenda for the new SCSA president next year, too. H1191-..:--" -F . I . 17' -": ix. CGA officer candidate Betty CGA Treasurer hopeful Cissie Ann Smith browses through Rowland begins with organiza- the University Bookstore in tion of her own bank account. the CGA operated Pub. CGA Elections Top Agenda We CGA President-elect Elaine Meeks pur- chases a notebook to keep those new ideas for next year in. officers. Poster and slogans strung from the walls of the Pub as campaigning for all- campus elections got into full swing. r?""t judith Manly, in her Theta Sig report to Student Council, emphasized the importance in voting for student government CGA and WRA presidential candidates met in jones' lounge the night be- fore elections for a question and answer session to which all students were invited. 'Le .4455 Sllreiking with joy Lass-O editor-elect Gail Wallace is con- gmluldted for her new title by her roommate, CGA President- Glvct Elaine Meeks, and present editor Kathy Coffey. , qbhs ' ll ' v , '. .,t 'A 's 1 wwf. ' ' .s , fntanznr P mum N71 lull X ' " Tw: l nun MW F 'UB J. .' ' s "":. 4 -1'-Rift' ' ' 4 - , .' ig...- Tessies were encouraged to take part in their government elections and VOTE! Lowry Hall was the first dormitory to report 100 per cent voting on election day. 5 , ' SNS 5 Costumerl for her role in a play WRA President-elect Becky Davila reads her congratulatory note from the Campus Government Association. New W - -... is '!'nn!z!ST j Hazel Burnett gteems with happiness over her A new title as 1963-64 Round Table president. Pat, Bmflflflgjf l'0f5mQ'-Y U10 Uxllaufted but thrilled winning candidate as she learns o her new post, WRA treasurer. f 207 "One of the first qualifications in being a Redbud princess is to have a small enough head so that the crown will ht in case you are queenf' Dr, Bethel M. Caster explains to princesses jane Sullins and Mary Linde- mann. Posture Queen contestant Sallie Stapleton demonstrates proper sit- ting at the Self-Development Week Posture Assembly. N Freshman dance major joan Moon is crowned TWU Posture Queen by University President Dr. john A Guinn. Self-Development Week Prevails M Wx, "One, two, three, four, and keep your back straight," emphasize Mrs. Betty Alford and Mrs. Ramona Emmons, as they teach these Redbud princesses to curtsy in their most gracious manner. The 1963 Posture Queen and hnalists. - , 4 . ar- Redbud princesses Carol Gies and jane Sullins await their escorts for the Festival evening. Freshman princess Donna Gibson goes through the hnal make-up inspection line before the coronation as Mrs. Clarice Garrett adds a bit more rouge ana' Nancy McCormick straightens her dress. IS During that last minute before the curtain opens to present the Reflburl Princesses, Dr, Caster arranged her court's rlressesanzl jnetticoats. 1131 fy' , Redbuzl princesses gig- gled and talked backstage before the Saturday night presentation. Pfincess Mary fanice from the House of johnson makes ' her curtsy for the Redbuzl Festival audience. "Princess Kathryn from the house of Coffey shall reign as Queen of the Redbua' Festivalf' announced King john from the Royal Line of Guinn. Ladies in Waiting Nancy Fish- er and Lynn Gresham adrl that final touch to their gowns, red- buzl lluerl ribbon. Queen Kathryn and her court await the enter- tainment by the royal dancers and musicians. ' P li l . A ,AX 209 I Q Dormitories I IIIIIII -I - Capps Hall or Freshman Students 1-"' Q s -1 I D L. 1,5 ',,: J Roommate Cissie Rowland, Miss Lumrnus and third floor girls con- gratulate Lynn Parks on her selection as Aggie Sweetheart. Scanning a television schedule for interesting programs are counselors Mary Ann Merritt, Cissie Rowland, secretaryg Kay Davis and Betty Ann Smith. Iii' in -f .pw , .,s L -QYMQ , -.-,ae,.,v.',. 5. 3 Residential assistants Alice Ward, Myrna jones, Ann Graham, Karen Artley and Beve Francis assist Miss Lurnrnus with office and residential duties. Miss Lummus, Marilyn fosey and Karen DeWit greet visitors at Open House and offer them some of Miss Lurnmus' special spiced tea C. ,45- .IL 1,4 , .gzi-H-,,f 552 4.5 Enjoying a game of bridge in a typical room are counselors Dorothy Renshaw, Mary Lynn Graham, fudy Mims and Margwen Murphy. Relaxmg with the dormztorys new stereo are counselors Rita Robinson, Lynn Parks, presi1l1fnt,' Dllfva Luth- ringer and Nan Lowa. Xxx i MISS OLA LUMMUS Director Capps launches its own satellite for Gold Rush, "The Freedom VII." r- . a , . Q 1- Haw .4 ' . ,ty . - r, Assisting Mrs. Davis during a busy night, are residential assistants Pere Beha, Barbara Moore and Penny Wilson. lv . , , 1 g V Posting information on the "B-Board" are ,Q ' ' ' counselors Trish Murphy, Martha Saenz, ' president, Celina Trevino ana' Ruth Hancock. Q 1,- Counselors Nan Beha, secretary, Kay Arn- old, Karen Glenn and Myrna Riedesel take a break from freshman problems, Christmas carols ring out in Lowry Hall at the annual Christmas Open House. 1 -:. it A , ,,-4. ,R ' -f . A A' I ..,d f . 5 4 rf 4,1-,4,, . .-Tits . ' Sl?-ag? f Mrs. Kitty Magee, usually seen by freshmen only at their Orientation sessions, is a wel- come guest at Lowryls formal Christmas Open House. L,,.f Lowry Hall for Fresh man Sturlr-nts 'Q7 . .. W x I r 1 Min Q sr Y l W, V Q ' 1 1 K I4 7 , cl K Mrs. Davis and her "Lowry L0Ul?llI'.YU serve at the annual Christmas open house. 1 pg Wu. T vnlu. . Q ' 0 f ,iN."" 1 3 MRS. RUTH E. DAVIS Director The Wright Brothers pilot their motor-powered pro- pellor plane fit propelled, toolj in "The First Sue- cessful Airplane Flightv on Lowry's front lawn. F as hostesses , .. 5 , Sayers Hall for Freshman Students Maintaining an efficient office is the res'j1onsibitity of resillentiat assistants Rita Degele, Enid Dan- iels, Sherry Cory and di- rector Mrs. Plzarr, f 1 N I ,1 f ,- sla- '-7.6 ,5 'Q as :J ' N y A ' ff x 2 ,Qu Signing out for evening dates are counselors Susan Counselors Kathleen Holm, Ist semester jnresidentg Nadine Cates, lst semester secretary, 2nd semester presidentg Mari- lyn Ruzicka and Betsy Roy form quartet. ll dorm ll L. 2, R ,A .R .i Wright, Doris Estes, 2nd semester secretary, jane Walzr- 'if' mund and Donna Struebing. Q1 ' Esther Carmean, Shay Davidson, Raquel Pen Stephanie Danaher is greeted by Diane Moehle, fllfeno and C1175-f Garza form a fluaftet lv fmlfff Connie Roitseh, jean Altmann and Martha fam C7171-ffmaf U1-YU0'-Y Goldberg at the dormitory Open House. MRS. CARRIE PHARR Director U. S. freedoms are re- l stated in Sayers' Gold Rush display, "Our American Heritage." i Austin Hall for Freshman Sludenls In the absence of direc- lor Mrs. Ince, residential assistants B e t ty Rials, Doris Froehlnig, Nancy Goin, Barbara Fry and Carolinda Simmons as- sume control of the of- hce. Margaret Bridger, Becky Gerrq, Miki Peter- son and Alice Midyett are among Austin's hostesses at Open House ready to show guests through the dormitory. Counselors Pat Mizener, Kay Frazier, Paula Miller and Georgann Rice prepare a vocal presentation for a dormitory Vesjlers service. 1" S Y QV Ho, ho, ho! Laugh little elves Kay Frazier, Sue LaMotta and foBeth Schlegel as they help Mrs. Santa, Mrs. Ince, spread the Christmas spirit. Counselors fo Beth Schlegel, first semester presi- dentg Sue LaMotta, first semester secretary and second semester president: Margene McCarthy, Elizabeth Dool and june Pope assemble for a house meeting. 'Fib- MRS. KATHRINA P. INCE Director Austin's quill signs the Declaration of Independ- ence in its display "Sym- bols of Independencev for the Gold Rush Car- nival. 2I9 Houston Hall for Freshman Students as it are V Dee Corley keeps Houston Hall together as they sing "The Wreck of the Old 97" for the Corn Huskin' Bee song contest. .......-----"" X iff I S., Relaxing with campus and world newspapers selors Brenda Rhine, Linda Berlanga and jackie Fay. 6176 IIOUTL- - Counselors Gypsy Barlow, 2711i semester secretary, fully Rotravmel, president, and Ann Clark prepare for a house council meeting. Mr.s. Isrlale slmws judge Parker of Civil Defense and Mr. Leon McNatt, a Denton businessman,'one of the 111 220 fcoraterl floors at Open House. I v . ' nf-e Rav i M What do you mean, a guest in the office ,nr- MRS. GUSTAVIA A. ISDALE Director No House Councils tonight! fully Ro- tramel, jackie Fay, Sharon Coleman and Gypsy Barlow take a break at the Christmas Open House. ' Harnzonizing with traditional tunes are counselors foanna Coffey, Dee Carley, Ist semester secretary, and Sharon Coleman. -1-ii in-.qi --1-Q-.1 '-iii. 1 , lr-lg.. ill if ,W .u Telephone calls and visitors keep residential assistants jean Carefoot, Rose Gaines, Debby liztrgess and director Alrs. Isrlale busy individuals. r' 4' - Q, l ll SOOO Quai Houston captures first place in the Gola' Rush display contest with its Philadelphia Inquirer and "History Through the News.', fKen- nelly and his chair even 7'0CkI?fl.,j PEACE H tif? wJ Fitzgerald Hall for Sophomore Students .J 6 ' if ' Mrs. Gifford helps her- self to some punch at Fitz's September recep- tion. W , c..t The efficiency of Fitz depends' on Mrs. Gifford Mary johnson, president, and Laura Sullivan secretary. Floor Chairman Patsy Whittington, Sandra Moody, and Margaret Gray help maintain peace and quiet throughout the dormitory. f P 5,1 -- N ' 6' v V, .xg ,,. ,,,, - il .wah .cllqf K1 What a cheerful group of residential assistants are Mabeth Hallmark, fo Massey, Virginia Gwosdz fseatedj and De- borah Burgess. fs T' Mr.s. Gifford .K'l7!?7II.V quita pl1'as1f1l lo lzavzf Santa visit her at Christmas linux MRS. LINNIE GIFFORD Director "Spindl1rtop" brings oil to Fitzgerald during this year's Gold Rush Carni- val. if 7 , gf - X fr, - ' W-.kj ,.""'W Order is maimfairzfvl in Filzgcralrl by Robin, Luc Beattie, Susan Moretovz, Suzie jackson, fame Dunn and Sallyrf Stafllzflolz. if :sr I. IN! Ili ff' Stoddard Hall for Sophomore Students Adding a ealypso beat to the Corn Huskin' Bee are Stoddard's songsters with their director Patsy Northeutt and "South Winds." Q7 Peggy Yates, Kay Dodson, feanne Shafer and Pat Lack are among those busy Stoddard floor chairmen. Stoddard is run ejieiently by Sanlyn Cooley, 2nd .semester presidentg Mrs. Bell and jean Edwards, 2nd semester secre- tary. 3 Stoddard floor chairmen Carolyn Elsass, jenny Lynn, Donna Carol, Sha- ron Thigpen and Lou Ann Thompson are al- ways ready with the rules. '1 :pm im 19 , gases inns :V I-s lx "RAR" Linda Dean, Gay Harrell, Dayle An- derson and fscatwlj Tina Axkounix handle Slodrlarzlfv oficc work with a smile. rl A I 1 3 Mrs. Bell and firxl .YI'77lI,'.fllI7' 0mL'I'1'.f Alarilmr Smith, pmvirlcrzl, and Ncdra Laughlin, xrfcrctary, graft Slodrlarrl'.v Clzrixlrzzas gzu'.vt.v, fic, lr MRS. FREDERIKA BELL Director pr-wvvvf -- Stoddard brings back FDR, his faithful dog and the "Firv.vida Chats." Smith-Carroll Hall for junior Students , l 1 ii T V The juniors ride high on if X- 21,5 4' 'Q Ax -if t "Empty Saddles" for the h it til' 4 Corn Huskin' Bee, ::4,....g,-M --,....,...., """"'Q7' ..... .... ...H L ' T ' l ll Vl M . . . C331 CcixiigilZldmg,et1weigL7:,klZnLj janice Trigg, Patti French, Val Marshall and the dormitory Christmas nw. geikygaivgaliysongs added joy to Smith-Carroll's z a . SC's residential assistants are kept busy buzzing, checking and just sitting pretty. They are Sandra Pinkerton, Charline Hard- in, Gwenn Ballard, Dianne Crossland and Patty Curtin. J 5' K 1 ., 4 h. ,lvg-if ' muff' 53" fanet Buring feenterj may be a small- Floor chairmen Carol Reynolds, size floor chairman, but she has as- Melanie Malin and Maxine Va- szstance from Erma Wlzitworth, Tillie rzseo are in agreement on dormi- Ragsdale and Melba Sturrock. tory regulations. 4' IQ -A U cv N K, X ffl 1 Director Mrs. Briggs, Charline Hardin, president, and Betsy Larkin, secretary, Charline Hardin, president, greet Open House visitors. 9 MRS. FRANCES BRIGGS Dircctor Smith-Carroll's Marines held their flag at "Iwo lima" during Gold Rush. 227 Mary Gibbs jones Hall for Senior Students 3? MARY GIBBS JONES HALL The home of "the Ladies." Filling jones' post ojiee boxes with the "latest" are residential assistants IierzaLlff'flLU!-'f-Ellie Walter a1zcZ'Mary Lou Mooney. 'Y Dr. Guinn and KRLD's Hugh Lampman entertain "the Ladies". 3 if fl Oh, dear! What is her room number? Alice Chambers, residential assistant, needs help, but colleagues Karen Stewart and Ellen -Iesehke a'on't hear her plea. T94 '-- It ' 5- g u,Jff,g+'. 'x W 1 gil Q- i N1 Martha Strittmatter, hnanee chair- mang Lenal . presidentg Emily Smillflkseeretary, and Mrs. Wimberly are all quite proud of that Stunt Cup won by the Senior Class this year. f . CT A A , I ij, . il I , ,.,. A I ., " fl r , j f ' J -4 ,f , -1 :FL ,se 'xxx .Af-' ,Tj L ' Nt . And I want .... ' "Man Wimberly's grand- children are the center of attraction at the Christmas Open House. Wilfkitiilfl " . ' atsfiial Elaine Miller seldom has a chance to play the dormitory piano. She, Dawn Chaney and Frances Tipton are among Mary Gibbs jones' floor chair- men. 'ii' t:J4 4:2 ij s 1 X Keeping the jones girls in their place are floor chairmen Car- mell Putch, Linda Mullins and Elizabeth Heinbach fstand- ingj. MRS. ZENDA WIMBERLY Director The fuschia and black Central Pacific, "The First Continental Trail," is halted at Promontory Point behind the Golden Spike. Mary Hufford Hall W Cooperative Dormitory Mary Hufford's miner pans for gold in 1963 Gold Rush Carnival tradition representing "The Gold Rush of 1849.8 A courtyard view of the modern cooperative dormi- tory, Mary Hufford Hall. its r4f"'e ' MRS. TESSIE NANCE Director u v , A47'l19v,ifH.1 Frances Casas, june DeArmon, Nelda Ramirez and Marilyn Emery serve as hostesses for the Christmas O H . . . . pen Owe Busy residential assistants Tacy Gorton, jackie Maddry, Betty Denney, Patsy Wat- son, and june DeArmon rest a minute 230 from their duties. X 1 r , . .... ,nn we s Tula Garcia, Velia Sanchez, Lyndia Hancock, Bczmrly Thezss and Diana Gonzalez arc among Mary Huffordfv loor chairmen. Floor Chairman fstandingj Shirley Cook, Dc Lane McCall, Rachcl Rogers and Patsy Watson enjoy making fun out of their rosponsibilitics. Dallas Clinical Center Dallas, Texas 11 MRS. MAE MASSIE Director of Staff Residence Dr. Ivan Danhoj lectures to an Anatomy and Physiology Class in the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. , A ,, , "G 9 , 1 A Y ,g U w'D 1 tg .R . , :Y " f Q 1 J' I L ' ' N, Mrs. Edith McKinney, instructor, helps these students in Foods and Diet Therapy to teach the patient. L.--......,.,....,w...,...4 ,....,,. ""'rm-. TP! I 'S Nursing majors Fran Cajey, Sandra johnson, Marcia Metoskie, Margaret Burnett and Mary Lee Fowler enjoy a few free hours and snack away the time. Nursing majors prepare for dates with those new interns, while others dream of the boy back home. ,,,,,X.. ..AVX .4 . , A L.. it X ,off . X X ,J :AW Ready and waiting for classes girls? Or are you just showing off Mrs. Kathryn Barnett, instructor, demonstrates prepare- WOW m0dffm and Uonvcnwnt Val? W5Zdf'w"- H011 of medication to joan Kingsbury, Carol McVay, Carole Moore and Constance Haddad. -i Mrs. Massie and junior nursing major joan Kingsbury plan refreshments for a class party. 'M'-ws r 4 - -. Senior nursing majors Beatrice Marin, Kay Millet, Rowenia Ely, jane Fennig, Ann Pick- errell and Annie Reese leave the Dallas Health Center after public health instruction. lw','.fii.1,, I.. .- X... Q--147iF:G+ f- hun- W Houston Clinical Center Houston, Texas ll 5 MRS. VIOLA C. DALY Residence Director ' These Houston sophomore nursing students are seeing and hearing a psychol ogist and a nurse hold a per discharged conference with a patzz nt and his wife whzlz Mrs Ruth Blake, assistant professor is in two way audio contact with the nurse I .. 0, faq '4' This junior nursing student weighs a new born baby in the Methodist Hospital nursery in Houston. Two nursing majors assist each other in the preparation of medications for patzents. Mrs, Kathryn Crossland, associate dean of the College of Nursing at the Houston Clinical Cen- ter, helps the students in Houston keep in touch with those on campus. ferry Newman finds that taking blood pressure is part of the daily care of a patient. ,H me . A Susan Quigley, president of the Houston Clini- cal Center CGA, demonstrates to fellow students the anatomy of the ear. This student administers and in- structs the use of the Interrnittant Positive Pressure Breathing ma- A chine to one of her patients, RAYZOR HALL The Graduate Student Center Mrs. Ellison greets students and their guests as they some to visit and dine in the Starlight Room of Rayzor Hall. Residents of Rayzor Hall take time for cleri- Busy holding a study conference, are Mrs. Verna cal duties and relaxation, Shown are Mrs Peterson, Miss Carolyn Davidson, Mrs. Nema Rue Moorhouse, Miss Polly Coker, Mrs. Elli- Henry and Mrs, Martha Treadway. son and Mrs. Marie Mondy. ' Ji my -t Wi f A' 1-A Iwi' f ' ' 0 I I., 'L R , Q .-3f.ix'iN N, HQ , F. l 'l vW,,f1'3 S ' If-vl- ., is . Qqt' -- g MRS. L. M. ELLISON Director 5 sl immsvs U ,GP P ll Graduate students take some time to play cards. Contem- plating good hands, are Mrs. Eloise Nash, Miss fudy Kuyken- dall, Miss Reona Christensen and Miss Kathe Williams. 1--is 'KW W or ,,. , 'ff,L,5'Q- ' A living room session is shared by Miss Linda Lange, Miss joan Hoj- master, Miss fulita Llamzon, Miss Maria Lezama and Miss josephine ! 2 2 1 I z 3 2 i E J v 5 Z 1 , 5 5 5 2 2 5 i 5 3 5 Q Z 1 1 ! a F 5 i I C1E1SS6S Seniors, We came . . . and we go now, for it is time. Here, at Texas Woman's University, we have lived apart as in- dividuals and together as the Class of 1963 -giving, taking, growing, learning, loving and thinking. We go now, for it is time, and take with us the treasure of memory. We go with excitement, for we have known adven- ture. From our first week filled with the Presidentis Re- ception and Picnic, WRA Fun Night, X-Hour, Lantern Parade and University Review to our first class produc- tions, FTA's "Chez '63" and Stunt, "Streets of New York." '- We face new and unknown horizons, yet we remem- ber the sweet taste of our first victory as in our Sopho- more year we journeyed through song and storm beyond the "Hidden Horizon" to our first Stunt Cup. We pushed on through Senior Breakfast, Harvest Moon and the Scholarship Show anticipating victory and honor in our oncoming years. We pause to recall, for we have the memory of fellow- ship and sincere friendships as we gained new students and a little sister class at the crossroads of our college years. Although "Operation Mopsters" didn't bring us another victory, it brought the helicopter which became a symbol of our courage. In cooperation with our little Class of '63 sisters, we depicted the "History of Television" in the Scholarship Show and as the year was ending, we enter- tained the Seniors in heavenly splendor at the Junior- Senior Breakfast. As we approached our position as Ladies, we gained the spirit for another "great day." We stand together, for we have the bond of sharing memories in song as our little sisters gave us the Senior Breakfast. The path of our enthusiasm continued as the Senior Nursing students joined us for class parties, ser- enades and the traditional Senior Christmas Caroling. Our ties strengthened as we reached our final victory- with "Colliery No. 9" to become one of the five classes to achieve this dual victory. With the crown of success, we completed our year with the Scholarship Show, Senior Formal, Junior-Senior Breakfast and Senior Day. Along with this is added to our diary of memories the traditional Gold Rush Carnival, Corn Huskin' Bee, Aggie Corp Trip and Redbud Festival. We came . . . and we go now, for it is time. To those who follow and to one another we say: "Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows Yet remember what has been May the good Lord bless and keep you . . . till we meet again? "iii .85 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W, Chambers, Senior Class sponsors. I l'll X 'fix 'l sa ,gre l ll ii "Fight furiously, Ladies, Woor:."' Clmzrr Ihr Senior Class loaders Gladys jcntsclz, jmf.rirl12nt,' Barbara Kobarg, trca.iurzfr,' fimmio Noll Buralrftl, sccrrtary, and Susie Wood, vice jlrosidmzt. - Semor Class Song We arc the Class of l-9-6-3, Proud of our honor and loyalty, Ycars to follow wc'll be true Forcvcr to Texas WOIYIZXHSS U. Whit-c and maroon, thc colors wc chccr So distant Texas Aggies can hear Tcssics will bc proud to claim The Class of l-9-6-3. Rah, rah, rah. 1-9-6-3, 1-9-6-3 Yea University, Tcssic, Tessic, 1963 T ADAMS, JOANN Dallas Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education, Vice President, Delian Literary-Social Club, Student Council of Social Activities Repre- sentative, Citizenship League, Student Education Association, His- torian, Gold Rush. ALLEN, PATRICIA E. El Paso Nursing, B.S. Senior Class Executive Board, Sophomore Nursing Class His- torian, Freshman Nursing Students, Association, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Convention Delegate, Dallas-Tyler Region Secretary, Canterbury Association, Mary Gibbs Jones Foundation Nursing Scholarship. ALLEN, PAULINE OLIVIA San Antonio Interior Design, B. S. Round Table, San Antonio Club, Secretary, Art Club, Tau Beta Sigma, Secretary, President, Lass-O Band, Serenaders, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly. ALLRED, LAURETA MAYRENE Ennis Elementary Education and Special Education, B.S. Council for Exceptional Children, Occupational Therapy Club, Baptist Student Union, American Federation of Women Scholar- ship, National Society for Crippled Children Scholarship, "B" Average, Gold Rush, Residential Assistant, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly. AMES, KATHRYN JANE Longview Elementary Education, B.S. AMMONS, SHIRLEY Amarillo Library Science, B.A. Amarillo Junior College Transfer, Alpha Beta Alpha, Gamma Delta. ANDERSON, DIANNA KAY San Antonio Elementary Education, B.S. San Antonio Club, Association for Childhood Education, Stu- dent Education Association, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Stunts, Rifle Club. ASHLEY, DOTTIE Cleburne Fashion Illustration and Costume Design, B.S. Art Club, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Regents Scholarship, Art Scholarship, Student Assistant, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. AUVENSHINE, MARTHA ANN Waco Nursing, B.S. Floor Chairman, Nursing Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Dallas-Tyler Region, lst .Mice President, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', "B" Average, Dallas Clmlcal Center Campus Government Association, Secretary, Class lst Vice President, Parliamentarian, Christian Forum. AVALOS, LUCY Laredo Business Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Business Education Club, Presi- dent, Vice President, Phi Theta Kappa, Historian, Round Up Club, Pan American Round Table Scholarship, Professional and Business Women's Club, LlAllegro Literary-Social Club, Newman Club. BAILEY, GLYNNDIA SUE Lonoke, Ark. Elementary Education, B.S. Rcdbud Princess, Smith-Carroll Secretary, Association for Child- hood Education, Student Education Association, Aglaian Literary- Social Club, Methodist Student Movement, First Year French Award, Dean's List, Alpha Lambda Delta, Historian, Pi Lambda Theta, President, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Stunts, Round Table, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. BAILEY, LOLA NELL Uvaldc Elementary Education, B.S. South West Texas Junior College Transfer, Religious Club, Treasurer, Garner Scholarship, Annual Staff, San Antonio Club, Texas Student Education Association, Association for Childhood Education, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Folk Dance Club. BAKER, MARGARET "PEGGY" Bellaire Occupational Therapy, B.S. Southwestern University Transfer, Womcn's Recreation Associa- tion, Student Council of Religious Activities, Sam Houston State Tcacher's College Transfer, Mathematics Club, Outdoor Educa- tion Club, United States Army Student Occupational 'Therapy Program, 2nd Lieutenant, Floor Chairman, Occupational 'Therapy Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, Judo Club, Student Assistant, Dean's List. BALLARD, GWEN Marshall Englzsh, BA. English Club, East Texas Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta, Secretary, Student Council of Religious Activities, Marshall Rotary Club Scholarship, Ameri- can Association of University Women Scholarship, Dallas Woman's- Club May Dickson Exall Scholarship, Student Finance Council Scholarship, Dean's List. wwf 450' BARRETT, BARBARA HELEN Denton Home Economics Education, B.S. Villagers' Club, Home Economics Education Club, Student Education Association, Baptist Student Union. BEARD, JULIA Paris Occupational Therapy, B.S. Residential Assistant, Occupational Therapy Club, American Occupational Therapy Association, Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Lamar Study Club Scholarship, United Cerebral Palsy Research and Education Foundation Scholarship, TWU General Scholarship, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Senior Breakfast, University Review. BECK, DONNA BARBARA Dallas Nursing, B.S. Centenary College of Louisiana Transfer, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Trainer, Secretary, Panhellenic Council, Woman's Intra- mural Council, Cencoe, Dallas Clinical Center Class Secretary, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Nursing Club, Canterbury Association, Dean's List. BECKETT, JUDITH Sherman Home Economics Education, B.S. Student Council of Religious Activities, Vice President, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Treasurer, Student Education Association, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Phi Lambda Theta, Delian Literary-Social Club, "B" Average, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Freshman Talent Assembly. BEKE, KATHRYN Houston Home Economics Education, B.S. Cotton Ball Duchess, Houston Club, Vice President, President, Home Economics Education Club, Secretary, Harris County Youth Scholarship. BENTON, JOYCE THERESA Bradenton, Fla. Elementary Education, B.S. Manatee Junior College Transfer, Inter-Club Council, Secre- tary, K-Ettes, Pep Club, Vice President, Student Education Asso- ciation, Association for Childhood Education, Woman's Recreation Association Board, Badminton Club, Secretary, Newman Club. BILTON, LINDA JOYCE Hubbard History, B.A. History Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Reporter, Historian, L'Alle- gro Literary-Social Club BINFORD, ANNE Dallas Elementary Education, B.S. Southeastern Christian College Transfer, Cheerleader, Pep Club, Class Secretary, Student Government, Choir, Texas State Teachers' Association, Student Education Association, Pi Lambda Theta 1- f"""h ""5'E-nut: 2 df., 42:2 BIPPES, MARY ANN Pecos Home Economics Education, I3.S. San Angelo College Transfer, Miss Charm, Home Economics Club, Secretary, President, Art Club, Home Economics Education Club, Secretary, Phi Epsilon Omicron, Pi Lambda Theta, Delian Literary-Social Club, "B" Average. BISHOP, BETSY JANE Longview Nursing, B.S. Baptist Hospital School of Professional Nursing, Graduate, Salutatorian, Yearbook Co-Editor, Student Government Associa- tion, Secretary, Class President, Treasurer, Lamar State College of Technology Transfer, Tommy Aitken Memorial Scholarship, Texas Nursing Students' Association. BLAKE, SHARON Mercedes Elementary Education, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Secretary, Association for Childhood Education, Tau Beta Sigma, Historian, Student Education Asso- ciation, Freshman Talent Assembly, Lass-O Band, Sercnaders, Residential Assistant. BLEDSOE, NELVA Manhasset, N. Y. Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Modern Dance Club. BOBO, JEAN LANG Brownwood Secretarial Administration, B.A. Professional Business Women's Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Tau Pi Phi, Lass-O Band, TWU General Scholarship, Dean's List, Sigma Pi Beta, President, First Year French Award, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. BOEHME, LENAL San Antonio Speech Therapy and Education for Deaf, 1?.S. San Antonio Junior College Transfer, Rangerettes, President, "B" Average, Mary Gibbs Jones President, San Antonio Club, Vice President, Zeta Phi Eta, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Eta, Vice President, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Presi- dent, Citizenship League, Methodist Student Movement, Dallas Society for Deaf Scholarship, Stunts, Senior Breakfast, Cheer- leader, Corn Huskin', Round Table. M . N - Mio Jpuwfplvllavilir'-tefjfiwipa, 0.11 If W if lip fmgailffiqyfgkyj rf iff 'i .D Af' ' lj 544 f , Y 'sri ',", ' 'f.r"f jf, ,Hr'Y2ff"'i1-f"5f,l.'Ti'?1'if' 941 g fl:l,1'Q,,My5,,p,GlarIdtl:1j0nQ3,,,gffgsidqntf of the Alumnae As- VL W jk , ' Y IJ.,QfSt,30d'idlf0'fb,g, 'dxflillilvi'-'f'lZlfSt,,1sgffljlgdtrtlute details of H ome- ,bp IJ' !,,4dfb - 1 V Y S f. r'-rw,,"1:-'-finite far-levi' . imtrm i 0lrSrS' str . f Gladys .lent-fell and - Q A'LV 'fy ,li .fg5,'.Ci,L' Zii,'iiif," f Iii' riff? , it 1, li-3553, f 'l '1. 'Fifi' A, iff,li'fl',iriifiiigi i , 7 M fl" AP ,.5k-itll? it , A i it if -Q'f?ff1?l ?E':77?5ff?, 'Q 4- ii:E.f?i:1i1iT1f.s3l ' s P , .,,, s s s BONNER, LAQUITA J. Omen Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Methodist Student Move- ment, Good Samaritan Scholarship, TWU General Scholarship. BRANDON, WANDA JANEL Anson Library Science, B.S. Alpha Beta Alpha, Student Assistant. BREMER, JANICE Galena Park Art Education, B.S. Redbud Princess, Floor Chairman, Residential Assistant, Hous- ton Club, Art Club, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Historian, "B" Average, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush. ' BROWN, BETTYE JUANELL Queen City Speech-Drama, B.S. Texarkana College Transfer, Texarkana Extra-Mural Basket- ball Captain, Speech Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Zeta Phi Eta, Delian Literary-Social Club, Radio-TV Guild, Secretary, Dean's List, University Theatre Productions, La Junta, Vice President, Stunts. BROWN, GAIL Breckenridge Food and Nutrition, B.S. Sophomore Class Executive Boaru, Home Economics Club, Dietetics Club, Secretary, President, Delian Literary-Social Club, Secretary, Round Table, Freshman Talent Assembly. BRUDER, NANCY San Antonio Occupational Therapy, B.S. Stunts, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Occupational Therapy Club. BULLARD, BETTY Plainview Child Development and Nursery Education, B.S. West Texas State College Transfer, Child Development Club, President, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer, Delian Literary-Social Club, Historian, Baptist Student Union. BULLOCK, CAROL ELIZABETH Bay City Nursing, B.S. Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Houston- Prairie View Region, Inter-City Council. BURDETT, JIMMIE NELL Dallas Sociology, B.S. Senior Class Secretary, Sociological Society, Journalism Club, Stunts, Citizenship League, Daedalian Staff, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush. BUSH, CECILIA ANN Kissimmee, Fla. Elementary Education, B.S. "B" Average, Association for Childhood Education, Student Education Association, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Treasurer, Citizenship League, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts, Methodist Student Movement, BUTLER, MARY ELAINE Fulton, Ky. Child Growth and Development and Nursery Education, B.S. Home Economics Club, Child Development Club, President, Lass-O Band, University Chorus, Corn I-Iuskin'. BUYS, LEONA LILLIE Houston Library Science, B.S. CAMERON, BARBARA ANNE Orange Government, B.A. Dean's List, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Stark Special Scholarship, History Club, Secretary, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President, Citizenship League, Lass-O Band, Serenaders, Mock United Nations, Stunts, Freshman Talent As- sembly, Gold Rush, Student Assistant, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. CARBONE, JOAN FELIGIA sarasota, Fla. Library Science, B.A. Manatee Junior College Transfer, The Lance, Reporter, Alpha Beta Alpha, Pledge Captain, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary- Social Club, Secretary, Vice President, Newman Club. "Ma" even presented lv 4?"'7"" CARLTON, MARY ANN QMRS.j Carrollton Elementary Education, B.S. CARPENTER, LENA ROSE Bonham History, B.A. East Texas Club, Secretary-Treasurer, History Club, President, Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary-Treasurer, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dean's List, Round Table, Student Assistant, Gold Rush, Festival of Nations. CARRINGTON, MARGIE Richardson Elementary Education, B.S. CARROLA, ERNESTINA San Antonio Biology, B.S. Round Table, Cheerleader, San Antonio Club, Biology Club, Student Education Association, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, President, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Cold Rush, University Rcvicw, Corn Huskin', Stunts. CARROLL, MARTHA SUE Texas City Nursing, B.S. CARROW, LILA KATHERINE Garland Elementary Education, B.S. Lowry Counselor, Secretary, Stunts, Cold Rush, Omega Rho Alpha, Secretary, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Association for Childhood Education, Vice President, President, "B" Average, Student Finance Council, Vice President, Round Table, Treasurer CAVAZOS, MARIA ELENA Mission Elementary Education, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Association for Childhood Educa- tion, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Newman Club. CAVETT, MARY BRUCE Austin Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. HPESLR Professional Club, Stunts, Senior Breakfast. ,f ...l CERNA, MARIA CAROLINA Eagle Pass General Business, B.S. Lasso-O Band. CHAMBERS, ALICE MOZELLE Denison History, B.A. History Club, Lass-O Band, Citizenship League, Tau Beta Sigma, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly, Scholarship Show. CHANEY, DAWN S. Hopewell, Penn. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Penn Hall Transfer, HPE8LR Professional Club, Class Repre- sentative, Hockey Club, Co-Manager, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain. CHIOLES, SOPHIA New York, N. Y. Government and Sociology, B.A. Sociological Society, History Club, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain, Citizenship League, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Floor Chairman, Class Nominating Com- mittee, Student Assistant, Mock United Nations. CLANTON, CAROLE FRANCES Richardson Nursing, B.S. Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Dean's List, Corn Huskin'. CLARK, SHARON KAY Dallas Art Education, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Floor Chairman, Dallas Club, Art Club, Citizenship League, Stunts, Corn Huskin'. A. , . s 4 wF"i.W'liZKTWIEYW.1i':lV'.t3i1fi'Zifffiff2"l5:iifif'i-'fliifffii-fi it iftjhi , ' . 'tlfsfsg' f"'1,f,.n1:1.f sf. wif-.-f.f"ff-hifi tilt' QAM'- ff" -- We f'm'?,wf?'f'"-tif:-:Riff .',, 3 1211, .' if A - Ps.: ttfafifpfwzifltitrw fini? A a H-2Wr,sirL ,fwfr "YM iw 'ivjfyg' -rv .:. ' , M n ffw ' XfwfpmalimaZr,,wwf,gY'i:' -sl - b' :.:ssf.aa?s,af, are , ,'s.asif an afhelr good study he lf-f 5',,,f5,,,1s-,zc,,,i,9, .343 .,irg5:.g,,,7,,',:f,,f-fvgggl.-.QJIvgg-fggimlg9W 5i,.'f,39tn2:Eg1im-u tk ' 55 22, -Wijwbzrs 'if 1'.'ft'vs4:, rw-'2-t-frfrfttif'-53,wifi-'.clftfwntfrWfff'-f-W. r'3'f3ifL.22ft'f:',ai'fctr ar. lm' Hr ' " 'N ' - - if ' dia. vim'-zrttf ' 'e""'Ifif sw. ., is :E . qygff '-1 rr' 5 .A M irq, . wg," 5 A . ogg: M 417,45 r Q 4 yfiiwvgfxiaiv stlfvi. ' -1, :t,,,,, ,.p.h',.,r ,nur - ':',f,, r-,'2rfKwg, 4 ftttilitgv we e,-irq il5fes'f?EQi:2fQ?3t'Z??wtf swag ' ww,5,ttrwsw 'tg' . f 3527, 51 , mastiff - Risk .M M, f,,g1,3,9,,t. ,e+, 'ati -' tit A ,Q 'R -' 3 fd' f' 1 t itigflgag s s N , 1. .-G is 'i."ffvM'A L ' 2.1 s - 1 .W , A. . 1 I - f sf I , tt ,.. .t , 4. in 2-li, ' 4'."QQ2', i . siss y. ?.'sQf'Q. ti' lt? if -f . , Y. "Ji ,. ' 41t4g,'.- ,Q gr .V 'A 5 F if K . V , sftt ftf si, 'I 'lj ' sr A it 1 M-' .541 'i - "-Li' " ww t' .ti "yy tvigglxfzfdr,-I. A agsssiiafkit e 1 V --.J-,ry '1-49' Q? Q gh: yu, CLARKE, KAY CALDWELL Fort Stockton Art Education, B.S. National Delta Phi Delta Scholarship, Art Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Chi, Delphi Society, Vice President, Delta Phi Delta, Vice President, Dean's List, Daedalian Quarterly Art Editor, Fitzgerald President, Stark Special Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Scholarship, Whols Who In American Colleges and Universities. CLAYTON, MARY ELAINE Memphis Home Economics Education, B.S. West Texas State College Transfer, Wesley Foundation, Treas- urer, Radio Club, A'Cappella Choir, Band, Student Education Association, National Education Association, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club. CODDINGTON, MERITUS NESBITT Edinburg - Nursing, B.S. Student Nurses' Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Rio Grande Valley Club, Woman's Recreation Association, Secre- tary-Treasurer. COFFEY, KATHRYN "KATHY" Sulphur Springs journalism and English, B.S., B.A. Redbud Princess, Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Sophomore Class President, Campus Government Association Secretary, East Texas Club, President, Journalism Club, Delphi Society, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Lambda Theta, Sigma Tau Delta, Omega Rho Alpha, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Texas Press Association Scholar- ship, Dean's List, Daily Lass-O Editor, Texas Press Association and Texas Daily Newspapers Association Internships, Hearst Foundation Writing Award, Stunts, Who's Who In American Col- leges and Universities. COLE, ROBERTA CMRS.j Amarillo Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Baptist Student Union, Vice President, Mary Gibbs Jones Nursing Scholarship. COLUMBUS, KATIE LOU Presidio Library Science, B.A. Abilene Christian College Transfer, Volleyball Club, Alpha Beta Alpha, Citizenship League, Student Council of Religious Activities. COMMANDER, DELORES Denton Elementary Education, B.S. Redbud Princess, Villagers' Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Presi- dent, Association for Childhood Education, Adelphian Literary- Social Club, Historian, Citizenship League, Secretary. CONDRA, ANN Fort Worth Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. HPE8cR Professional Club, Gold Rush, Stunts, Woman's Recre- ation Association President, Floor Chairman, Philomathia Liter- is-fy-iocial Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Round Table, Corn us 1n'. 3 'mn-qpv 5 Hsin'-tif! CONROY, THALIA Mount Pleasant Speech and Hearing Therapy, 13.3. Student Council of Religious Activities, East Texas Cub, Zeta Phi Eta, Choral Speaking Group, Dean's List, Sigma Alpha Eta, Corresponding Secretary, President, Pi Lambda Theta, Vice Presi- dent, Stunts, Corn I-Iuskin'5 Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. COPPAGE, PAULINE qMRs.y Denton Sociology, B.S. Sociological Society, Association for Childhood Education, Omega Rho Alpha, Citizenship League, Dean's List, Freshman Writers' Honorable Mention COVILL, MONA JEAN Lancaster Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. CRAIG, BARBARA ELLEN Sweetwater Sociology, B.S. Sociological Society, Nursing Club, Stunts. CRAMER, NANCY KARTER CMRSQ Electra Biology, B.S. Santa Monica City College Transfer: Honor Society, Secretary, Band, Biology Clubg Omega Rho Alphag Beta Beta Beta, Secre- tary, Alpha Chig Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Serenadersg Dean's List. CRAVENS, GEORGE ANN Wichita Falls General Business, B.S. Capps Counselor, Professional Business Women's Club, Mer- chandising Clubg Tau Pi Phi, Secretary, Sigma Pi Beta, Philo- mathia Literary-Social Club, Dean's List, Student Finance Coun- eil Representative, Student Assistant, Gold Rush, Freshman Talent Assemblyg Stunts. to begin the AiE?M -Q'-,',-.-t.a.f1.:4.n1'l. KI' l 'J .rf f? CRISWELL, MARGARET ANN Millersview Library Science and Elementary Education, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Cotton Ball Duchess, Woman's Rec- reation Association Dormitory Representative, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Alpha Beta Alpha, Pledge Captain, National Education Association, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Modern Dance Club, Newman Club, Vice President, "B" Average, Stunts, Student Assistant. CROIX, DIANA MARIE Manvel Home Economics Education, B.S. Campus Government Association, Cotton Ball Duchess, Student Council of Social Activities, Lowry Counselor, President, Houston Club, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Reporter, Disciples' Student Association, "B" Average, Mary Gibbs Jones Home Economies Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Stu- dent Assistant. CROUCH, LINDA Marshall 'Fashion Illustration 81 Costume Design, B.S. Junior Class Beauty Finalist, Redbud Princess, Residential As- sistant, Art Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Dean's List, Campus Government Association Hand- book Award, Stunts. CRUSE, PATRICIA ANN Waco Music Education, B.S. Round Table, Music Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Iota, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Iota Founda- tion Award, Tau Beta Sigma, Best Pledge, Parliamentarian, Treas- urer, Sercnaders, Lass-O Band, TWU Orchestra, Texas Music Educators' Association, Dean's List, Mary Gibbs Jones Music Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Waco TWU Alumnae Scholar- ship, Theodore Presser Foundation Award, Stunts, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. CRYER, SYLVIA JOYCE Maplewood, La. Elementary Education, B.S. Biology Club, Texas Student Education Association, Associa- tion for Childhood Education, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Treasurer, Baptist Student Union, Executive President, "B" Aver- age, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. DANIELS, ENID LAUREL Kahului, Hawaii Business Education, B.S. Houston Club, Professional Business Womcn's Club, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Newman Club, Texas Intercollegiate Stu- dents Association Representative. DAVIS, DOROTHY IRIS Ennis Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center Class Secretary, Historian, Texas Nursing Students, Association. DE CUIR, ALICE FERN Port Arthur Home .Economics, B.S. Lamar State College of Technology Transfer, Home Economics Club, First Vice President, Young Democrats Club, Dietetics Club, Newman Club, Senior Breakfast, Corn Huskin'. .lc V 'ls- sd ga' .Lf ,f --zz' DE GEORGE, VALERIE STARRATT CMRSJ N ursing, 13.S . Houston Houston Clinical Center House Council, Sophomore Class His- torian, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Citizenship League, Good Samaritan Scholarship, Stunts, Gold Rush. DE LA GARZA, CARMEN LAURA Mission Speech and Hearing Therapy, B.S. Sophomore Class Beauty Finalist, Redbud Princess, Round Table, Cotton Ball Duchess, Rio Grande Valley Club, Speech Club, Sigma Alpha Eta, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, President, Secretary-Treasurer, University Chorus, Dean's List, Floor Chair- man, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush. DE LA GARZA, DIANA Mission Elementary Education, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Student Education Association, Asso- ciation for Childhood Education. DE LOS SANTOS, ELENA INES Laredo Special Education, B.S. Laredo junior College Transfer, Texas Student Education Asso- ciation, President, "L" Award, Laredo Club, Vice President, Association for Childhood Education, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Vice President, Student Council of Social Activities, New- man Club, Mary Frances Coss Scholarship. DE LOS SANTOS, MARIA ROSENDA Sociology and Spanish, BA. San Antonio Round Table, Cheerleader, Campus Government Association, Lowry President, San Antonio Club, President, Sociological S0- ciety, La Junta, Treasurer, Vice President, Adelphian Literary-So- cial Club, Newman Club, Legion of Mary, "B" Average, Student Assistant, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. DENNEY, MOLLY Waco Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, B.S. Cheerleader, Woman's Recreation Association Dormitory Rep- resentative, HPE8LR Professional Club, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Dean's List, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Senior Breakfast, Gold Rush, Badminton Club, Hockey Club, University Review. . - , 1 .: W- -'r5f,rr:'as"f 1' wr- w . 1: '.",2':.'rfW' W' T- i, -, 1'. - f .rl 32tlfJ?4fat'i2'ewil 1-' 'hr-Qi. 'fail 'f' :-'- f'i.i'tiii'f.isi2i'lv5 iiiwzs.-r, A its-Qty-i,qw,t-,.q,g,., ' isngi-m e.-. '-,wwfret..-is-vast, 1 , V.-K. .tp ,, '.,- ,- ,..,,s ,bg 5 5 X ,W mga it fc., ,i 1. ,fr .i is 4 ' 1 , , 3 z'Eti.fEt5,g53iriimz.1,f,gl,ys,,fIf'qE,:Qiit87tajnm60ltz?.aL Daw 7 111 GT0dUl1l10'l 1v.,,.fs,-fw'i:,',f1iff1 gf. 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J '21 , , V A:'H'?i' 'fl-'iii-Q 1-'f' P mrs' l ' , 2, f ,A og 'Lt fig: filisdiihi p',,f1s,N.5-'ay isis,-Q,?4,p'y, tw?Qf,gfu 5. 1" :4..f1 .awk fi'-'.+4,,,'i,1 W Nl iWfP,W '-r,"",i"'5'r.i' ai- I ,f 4 t, .sgilfqaI,2i,1,,i,1g'3iliir Luigi' lfigfil - GQ t 'll21Lfi,l.i, ,hw ' ,W i'4rl'1e',La,.q -" fi ,tg ,ayrmfl 3, .V :,,.3sgrz,fAVl ,?,1v7,,L, L MZ h '1tsi.ss,,t. mr ...-. , . L.. .F E DOBSON, NORMA JEAN Dallas Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, National Student Nurses' Association, Nursing Club, Dean's List, Edith Cavell Nursing Scholarship, Student Finance Council Scholarship, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Dallas Clinical Center Campus Government Asso- ciation, Second Vice President. DOYLE, MEADE ASHBY Dallas Biology, B.S. Junior Class Execuitve Board, Biology Club, Beta Beta Beta, President, Round Table, Student Council of Religious Activities Representative, Dean's List. DUKE, MARY PERNECIA Benjamin Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education, Student Education Asso- ciation, Omega Rho Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Lambda Theta. ELY, ROWENIA M. Abilene Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center Class Treasurer, Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Baptist Student Union, Christian Forum, Freshman Talent Assembly, University Chorus, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club. EN DEAN, JUDITH ALICE Houston Home Economics Education, B.S. Indiana College of Pennsylvania Transfer, Dean's List, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Vice Presi- dent, Phi Upsilon Omicron, President, Chaplain, Pi Lambda Theta, Delian Literary-Social Club, Methodist Student Movement, Round Table, Stunts, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. ESCAMILLA, ROSARIO Del Rio Elementary Education, B.S. San Antonio Club, Association for Childhood Education, Stu- dent Education Association, Phi Sigma Iota, Secretary, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, University Chorus, "B" Average. FARAR, GWENDOLYN IRENE Longview Home Economics Education, B.S. Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Delian Literary-Social Club, Secretary, Baptist Student Union. FARMER, PARTICIA LAVERNE Abilene Secretarial Administration, B.S. Dean's List, Floor Chairman, Professional Business Women's Club, Secretary, Tau Pi Phi, President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Sigma Pi Beta, Sigma Tau Delta, Delian Literary-Social Club, Profes- sional Business Women's Scholarship, Corn Huskin', Round Table. FARRIS, CARROLINE Waxahachie Special Education, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Best Dressed, Junior Class Beauty Finalist, Redbud Princess, Council for Exceptional Children, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Stunts. FENDER, DIANE Dallas Nursing, B.S. Redbud Princess, Dallas Club, Texas Nursing Students' Asso- ciation, Citizenship League, Edith Cavell Scholarship, National Student Nurses' Association, Dallas Clinical Center Campus Gov- ernment Association, Nursing Club, Co-President, Class Vice President. FENNING, MAHALIE JANE CERVANTES lMRS.j Nursing, B.S. Dallas Texas Nursing Students, Association, Freshman Nurses' Club, Vice President, Edith Cavell Scholarship, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship. FISHER, ANNIE LAURIE Dallas Elementary Education, B.S. Arlington State College Transfer, Association for Childhood Education, Sigma Tau Delta, Delian Literary-Social Club. FISHER, NANCY JO San Antonio Clothing and Merchandising, B.S. Student Council of Religious Activities, Treasurer, President, San Antonio Club, Reporter, Home Economics Club, Clothing and Textiles Club, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Secretary, Disciples' Student Fellowship, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Lorch Manufacturing Company Senior Scholarship, Deanis List, Stunts, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Whois Who In Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. FLORES, GRACIELA Brownsville Biology, B.S. Texas Southmost College Transfer, Phi Theta Kappa, Secretary, Valedictorian, Who's Who In American Junior Colleges, Biology Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Beta Beta Beta. yield work experiences. hi rf 'fl . j wk -I' FOREE, BETTY MARIE Abilene Nursing, B.S. Nursing Club, Dallas Clinical Center Campus Government As- sociation, Recording Secretary, Texas Nursing Students' Associa- tion, Tyler Region, Golf Club, United States Army Student Nurse Corps. FOSTER, CAROL ANN Orange English, B.A. Redbud Princess, Capps Counselor, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Tau Delta, Delphi Society, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, President, Mary Gibbs Jones Music Scholarship, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. FOWLER, MONINA CEPEDA QMRSJ Killeen Nursing, B.S. FREEMAN, DORIS Dorchester Elementary Education, B.S. Student Education Association, Association for Childhood Edu- cation, Adclphian Literary-Social Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Dean's List. FREEMAN, DOROTHY LEE Refugio Home Economics Education, B.S. Newman Club. FREEMAN, LINDA Garland Nursing, B.S. Redbud Princess, Sophomore and Senior Class Beauty Finalist, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship. FROEHNER, MARILYN Houston Nursing, B.S. Houston Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Citizenship League, Student Nurses' Association, Houston Clinical Center, Class Vice President. FRY, BARBARA SUE Splendora Elementary Education, B.S. Dean's List. I-0 uf W, 5-7-.pts3 Z?f?KE55f.. , 'K' x--' , S :L GALANDA, BEVERLY JOAN Dallas Elementary Education and journalism, l3.S. Journalism Club, Vice Presidentg Theta Sigma Phi, President, National Advisory Committeeg Citizenship League, President, Student Education Association, Treasurerg Hillel Foundation, President, Vice Presidentg Daily Lass-O Staflg "B" Averageg Stu- dent Council of Religious Activities, Stunts. GARCIA, ALBERTA G. San Benito History, B.A. Texas Southmost College Trnnsferg Delta Kappa Gamma Schol- arshipg Best All-Around Sophomore, Who's Who In American Junior Collegcsg Rio Grande Valley Club, President, History Clubg Lass-O Bandg Texas Student Education Associationg National Stu- dent Education Associationg Newman Clubg UB" Avcrageg Round Table. GARCIA, SYLVIA ANGELICA San Diego Home Economics Education, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Home Economics Clubg Home Eco- nomics Education Clubg Phi Upsilon Omicrong Delian Literary- Social Clubg Student Education Associationg Newman Clubg Dean's List. GARCIA, TERESA M. Cotulla Biology, B.S. Laredo Clubg Biology Cluhg La Juntag Newman Clubg Univer- sity Chorusg Freshman Talent Assemblyg Gold Rush. GARDNER, ALICE ANN McAlcster, Okla. Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Associationg Citizenship Leagueg Dis- eiplesl Student Fellowshipg Christian Forumg Dallas Clinical Cen- ter Campus Government Association. GATLIN, MARY CONNER "CONNIE" Art Education, B.S. Jackson, Miss. Mississippi State College for Women Transferg Art Students' Leagueg Kappa Pig Wesley Foundationg Art Clubg Delta Phi Deltag "B" Average. w" ' 1 'fini R '-wr' 'S' -'JCI :QL su M '+I' GENTRY, GERALDINE Q MRS. J Paris Nursing, B.S. Student Nurses Association, Texas Nursing Students' Associa- tion. GILBERT, LINDA SHAFER CMRSJ Dallas Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center Junior Class President, Baptist Student Union, President, Edith Cavell Nursing Scholarship. GLEASON, ANNELLE Hico I Secretarial Administration, B.S. Floor Chairman, Professional Business Women's Club, Tau Pi Phi, Sigma Pi Beta, Omego Rho Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Dcan's List, Student Assistant, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. GOEHRING, SANDRA JUNE Henrietta Home Economics Education, B.S. Redbud Princess, Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Vice President, Delian Literary-Social Club, Residential Assistant, Stunts. GOFF, JOYCE Oklahoma City, Okla. Elementary Education, B.S. Oklahoma State University Transfer, Annual Staff: Gamma Phi Beta, Freshman Council, Fitzgerald Secretary, Student Education Association, President, Association for Childhood Education, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Parliamentarian, Pi Lambda Theta, "B" Average. GOIN, LOLA JUNE Denton Elementary Education, B.S. Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Historian, "B" Average. GONZALES, PAULITA San Benito Elementary Education, B.S. Texas Southmost College Transfer, History Club, Rio Grande Valley Club, Association for Childhood Education, Student Edu- cation Association, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Newman Club, "B" Average. GRANTHAM, BONNIE Eureka Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. v-P' v,-dv' E3 1""f'Tf 63 J 'QM GRASSMAN, GALE Garland Interior Design, B.S. Art Club, Treasurerg Delta Phi Deltag Daedalian Layout Editorg Daedalian Quarterly Art Co-Editorg Corn Huskin'5 Stuntsg Uni- versity Reviewg Senior Breakfast. GRAY, WANDA Caddo Mills Biology, Bs. Biology Clubg Student Education Associationg Student Assistantg Student Finance Council Scholarshipg Dean's List. GRESHAM, MARGARET LYNN Grand Prairie Home Economics, B.S. Miss Wool Finalistg Redbud Princcssg Aggie Sweetheart Finalistg Stoddard Presidentg Student Council of Social Activities Presidentg Student Councilg Home Economics Club: Deanls Listg Philomathia Literary-Social Clubg Baptist Student Uniong Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarshipg Regents' Scholarship. GUTIERREZ, CARMEN L. San Antonio English, B.A. San Antonio Junior College Transferg Beta Phi Gammag Stu- dent Councilg Physical Education Councilg El Alamo Staffg News- paper Staffg Los Paisanos, Vice Presidcntg Round Tableg San Antonio Clubg English Clubg Adelphian Literary-Social Clubg La Junta, Presidentg Newman Club, Vice Presidentg National Education Association. GUTIERREZ, LUPE San Antonio Elementary Education, B.S. San Antonio Junior College Transferg The Ranger, Editorg El Alamo Staffg Student Councilg Senior Class Executive Boardg San Antonio Clubg Association for Childhood Educationg Newman Clubg "B" Average. HAGGARD, RUTH ANN Frisco Chemistry, B.S. Kappa Epsilon Mu, Secretaryg Iota Sigma Pi, Secretary, Treas- urerg Delian Literary-Social Clubg Regents' Scholarship. for the WRA Swim HFALLMARK, GENTA ANNETTE Interior Design, B.S. Lake Charles, La. McNeese State College Transfer, Chi Omega, Cowboy Band, Art Club, Folk Dance Club, Methodist Student Movement, Stu- dent Council of Religious Activities, Daedalian Junior and Senior Class Editor, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts, Senior Breakfast. HARRINGTON, REBECCA Arlington General Business, B.S. Stephen F. 'Austin College Transfer, Alpha Psi Omega, Tidele Social Club, Professional Business Women's Club. HARRISON, BRENDA SUE Mansfield Nursing, B.S. Redbud Princess, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Student Nurses Association, American Student Nurses Association, La Junta, Citizenship League. HARVEY, MARTHA JEAN Amarillo Library Science, B.S. Amarillo Junior College Transfer, Alpha Beta Alpha, Delian Literary-Social Club, Baptist Student Union. HATCHETT, SANDRA Fort Worth Art Education, B.S. Art Club, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Chi, Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Lambda Theta, Citizenship League, Baptist Student Union, Dean's List, Daedalian Art Editor, Gold Rush, Festival of Nations, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. HATFIELD, LILLIAN Houston Library Science, B.A. University of Houston Transfer, Houston Club, Alpha Beta Alpha, Christian Science Organization. HAZELRIGG, PATRICIA Lafayette, La. Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Houston Clinical Center Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Citizenship League, Newman Club, Dean's List, Good Samaritan Scholarship, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts, Who's Who In American Colleges and Univer- sities. HEDGES, CAROL D. Waterville, Wash. English, B.A. English Club, Citizenship League, Dean's List, Modern Choir, Choraliers. HEINBACH, ELIZABETH AUGUSTA Dallas Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center Campus Government Association, Presi- dent, Texas Nursing Students' Association, National Student Nurses Association. HENRY, ELAINE NORRINE Sinton Library Science, B.S. University Chorus, Modern Choir, Senior Class Executive Board, Alpha Beta Alpha, Baptist Student Union. HICKMAN, JUDY GIDDENS Brownwood Business Education, B.S. Senior Class Executive Board, Student Assistant, Professional Business Women's Club, President, Omega Rho Alpha, Tau Pi Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms, Sigma Pi Beta, Dean's List. HILL, MARIAN Henrietta Home Economics Education, B.S. Home Economics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Residential Assistant. HOBACK, SALLI JAYNE Miami Beach, Fla. Sociology, B.S. Sociology Club, Hillel Foundation. HOTT, JANICE FAY Weatherford English, B.A. Weatherford junior College Transfer, Honor Graduate, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Council, Secretary, Oak Leaf Staff, Who's Who In American Junior Colleges, Homecoming Queen, Cheer- leader, Methodist Student Movement, English Majors' Club, Stu- dent Education Association. the class of I-9-6-3." I ID HOTT, JANIE MAY Weatherford Home Economics Education, B.S. Weatherford Junior College Transfer, Honor Graduate, Metho- dist Student Movement, Student Education Association, Secretary, Student Council, Oak Leaf Staff, Cheerleader, Phi Theta Kappa, Home Econorriics Club, Home Economics Education Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Student Education Association. HUANG, CAMELIA HSI-LIN Nursing, B.S. Kowloon, Hong Kong Texas Nursing Students' Association, American Nursing Stu- dents' Association, Citizenship League, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholar- ship, Student Nurses' Association, Treasurer, Dallas Clinical Cen- ter Campus Government Association, Historian, PhiIomathia-Lit- erary Social Club. HUFF, WANDA MAE Pampa journalism, B.S. Journalism Club, Theta Sigma Phi, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Secretary, Baptist Student Union, Floor Chairman, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Dallas Press Club Scholar- ship, McCa1l's Foundation Scholarship, Corn Huskin'. HUGHES, RUTH DIANE Houston Nursing, B.S. Houston Clinical Center Junior Class Treasurer, Correspond- ing Reporter to Daily Lass-O, Houston Club, Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Houston-Prairie View Re- gion, Inter-City Council, Newman Club, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. HUMMEL, MATTIE BETH Naples Speech and Hearing Therapy, B.S. V East Texas Club, Speech Club, Vice President, Zeta Phi Eta, Historian, Marshall, Sigma Alpha Eta, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Radio Guild, Austin President, Senior Class Executive Board, Stunts, Dramatic Productions. HUSCH, MARY JANE Lake Jackson Library Science, BA. Houston Club. HUSTON, BEVERLY Fort Worth Speech and Hearing Therapy, B.S. A Texas Intercollegiate Student Association Junior Class Repre- sentative, Floor Chairman, Stunts, Speech Club, Zeta Phi Eta, Sigma Alpha Eta, Pi Lambda Theta, Delphi Society, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Citizenship League, Dean's List, Campus Government Association, Vice President, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, University Review, Senior Breakfast, Who's Who In Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. JACKSON, LINDA MARIE Midland Advertising Design and Costume Design- Fashion Illustration, B.S. Art Club, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts. fm, gig J' 'W' Y' J,-v . ii ., . 'm.N"1'fwg. -'N 3. Q iam .ft ali: ' Ella .. it It I' i 'W ,4 , ..i ., .,-,.. t 1.51, ,, A in 1' 5 5 'T' JENNINGS, LEQUIDA JOYCE PENSON CMRSJ Nursing, B.S. Sulphur Springs Redbud Princessg Sophomore Beauty Finalistg Texas Nursing Students' Association g Student Nurses' Clubg Dean's List. JENTSCH, GLADYS Wichita Falls Sociology, B.S. Concordia Lutheran Junior College Transfcrg Concordian An- nual Statfg Athletic Councilg Pep Club, Senior Class Presidentg Sociological Society, Aglaian Literary-Social Clubg Citizenship League, Stunts, Corn Huskin'g Gold Rush, Scholarship Show, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. JESCHKE, ELLEN Veribest Special Education, l3.S. Residential Assistant, Council for Exceptional Childreng Asso- ciation for Childhood Education, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, "B" Average, Stunts. JOHN, DIANA JEAN DEATHERAGE CMRSJ Occupational Therapy, B.S. Houston Redbud Princessg Sayers Counselor, Secretary, Occupational Therapy Club, Vice President, President, Pi Theta Epsilon, Dclian Literary-Social Club, Vice President, American Occupational Therapy Associationg Texas Occupational Therapy Association: Dean's Listg National Foundation Scholarshipg TWU General Scholarshipg Stark Special Scholarship, Office of Vocational Re- habilitation Scholarshipg Texas Occupationall Therapy Association Scholarship, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. JOHNSON, ANITA EARL Albuquerque, N. M. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 13.S. JOHNSON, CLAUDIA JEAN CONE qMRs.y Dallas Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Student Nurses' Clubg Dallas Clinical Center Campus Government Association, Corre- sponding Secretaryg Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarshipg Dean's List. " " 57 if-Zk:',x , flgl' iflilfiilhiij 5 ff -iii'L,a,j1Wr,1,fQ., '11 a, .Wil2f:'fI1M2ia:'vtW"':, 55vti,u+:,3if-1-f1".,Z,'i .54 -. 'Ba' 555315 52 ' af 2- - gZi:"'i?.1. 114 52" is A ""'f?Lfi---,Jil fNfgpfgHa1 it' '.:f+rfi+,Ea,'?i Jfiwsgi -yzwP.fhLl 4-'kt P ' it t. F a 'li -.Wi 7 iffitfsrr 5 . -J if z we' W if ff -if - V f f f rr -if H . 1 - A -' Y - 1, H --,:i'sr'f.- 'li 1.417 MA?-E at 1 w I ,tr 1 ,,- .P 3.1 : 51.1, 1, , 'C Q. 6 1 : Mi, ' i Mft: i" ff? . j1g,sh.ig4' W1:-f?v21ff"a1'ilQi'l?..i'' d nt teach' ng and those Q t--.3'5i5l'i"Q"h'.fl ' A "fi-"4 "'L'i'v'ff"J' ' "' - ,N wh ,. yw.vL,,w, at H .. lit Eff, flffpsfi f -1 3, ,' +A' , . ,, Q N '7-Ji Vfilrti W -'rf 1 5-'Ha-:sax QF' 1, wr 'ff-2 tg, fr-.3-fly: 'ff Q'f2Q'l,-Wii.- .Q.g, f .,i,,,,t. i- f--.vu-i i. -s-V My V ."-. gm-,ii-.i rt ,f .Q - . ,fra ie . ?.::i'l1ifli 1' - ?' :.E1.5. ry5'w1wz,,w,3 . -. ,pc wa-af. ..ge,-.lgfftig 2 ,jvc .41 5.,-.1 i, .i5,.fe.stt.m i :if A '-17 rs- as ,w . 4 W.4f.'r 11' , l' 1- wf-'M.'- '- it-. i -1, ' ,Mi-fl .ui--1 ..3x,,'Y-.,,.,tf.Gg,-'y,.-gl. as '-l " 3hiQ'I,s'5'1 1:i'f5". , iEriwn1QQf,4'1 . 3.54: 'aff Ef:.iut,. 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Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, National Student Nurses' Association, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, "B" Average, Dallas Clinical Center Campus Government Association, Treasurer, Soph- omore Class Treasurer. JORDAN, MARILYN Mesquite Elementary Education, B.S. Rcdbud Princess, Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Junior Class Execu- tive Board, Association for Childhood Education, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, President, "B" Average, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts, Student Council of Social Activities, Vice Presi- dent, Tcn Best Dressed, Senior Breakfast, Scholarship Show, Stu- dent Assistant, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. JUROSKA, DARLENE Houston Nursing, B.S. Houston Club, National Student Nurses' Association, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Beta Sigma Phi, TWU General Scholarship, Good Samaritan Scholarship, Spring Branch Memo- rial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship. KASPER, KATHERYN Corpus Christi Library Science, B.S. Del Mar College Transfer, Religious Council, Baptist Student Union, Student Assistant, Fitzgerald Vice President, Rio Grande Valley Club, Alpha Beta Alpha, Woman's Recreation Association goard, Outing Club, Folk Dance Club, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, tunts. KINNEY, SUE Bellaire Nursing, B.S. Rcdbud Princess, Junior Class Beauty, Freshman and Senior Finalist, Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Citi- zenship League. KNAPEK, WILLIE MAE Bartlett Elementary Education, B.S. 'Association for Childhood Education, Student Education Asso- ciation, Newman Club, Dean's List, Student Assistant. A 'xx XX KOBARG, BARBARA ANN Galveston Sociology, B.S. Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council of Social Activities, Secretary, Sociological Society, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, President, Caperettes, President, Newman Club, Treasurer, Wom- an's Recreation Association Board, Daughters of Alumnae Club, Round Table, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly. KREUSCH, PATSY WALKER lMRS.j Sugarland journalism, B.S. Journalism Club, Kappa Alpha Mu, Secretary, Treasurer, Daily Lass-O Staff, Student Assistant, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. LAMBORN, SIGNE BIRGITTA "TINA,' Sociology, B.S. Winter Park, Fla. "B" Average, Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Cotton Ball Duchess, Round Table, Sociological Society, President, Vice President, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Best Pledge, Student Council of Social Activities, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, University Review, Senior Breakfast, Canterbury Association. LAUGHLIN, WILYNE FAYE Baytown English, B.A. Lee College Transfer, Phi Theta Kappa, Treasurer, National Sgucgent Education Association, Secretary, Houston Club, English C u . LEVERETT, PEGGY ANN Brownwood Sociology, B.S. Floor Chairman, Nursing Club, Sociological Society, TWU Orchestra, Golf Club, Baptist Student Union. LIGHTSEY, JOALEEN Austin Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Woman's Recreation Associa- tion Dormitory Representative, HPE8cR Professional Club, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush. begin their 50 mile f Ti 'v-'wr LINDSEY, DONNA CAROL Saginaw Occupational Therapy, B.S. Occupational Therapy Club, Pi Theta Epsilon, Secretary- Trcasurer, Dean's List, Stunts, Scnior Breakfast, Scholarship Show, University Review, Gold Rush, American Occupational Therapy Association, Texas Occupational Therapy Association. LOCKETT, DOROTHY PAULINE Joshua Mathematics, B.A. E. V. White ,Mathematics Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, President, Delian Literary-Social Club, Historian, Student Education Asso- ciation, Dean's List, Student Assistant, TWU General Scholar- ship, Regents' Scholarship, Student Finance Council Scholarship. LOCKMAN, CAROLYN SUE Fort Worth Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. HPE8zR Professional Club, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Round Table, Parliamentarian, Volleyball Club, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Stunts. LOFTON, DANA BYRD Newport, Ark. Elementary Education, B.S. Mary Gibbs Jones Social Chairman, Association for Childhood Education, Secretary-Treasurer, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Le Cercle Francais, Vice President, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts. LONG, PATSY REBACCA Fairfield Clothing and Costume Design, B.S. Home Economics Club, Clothing and Textiles Club, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Baptist Student Union. LUNA, ROSARIO Laredo Elementary Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Texas Student Education Association, Laredo Club. LYNN, LINDA JOY Garland Business Education, B.S. Redbud Princess, Junior and Senior Class Executive Boards, Professional Business Women's Club, Treasurer, Tau Pi Phi, Sec- retary, Professional Business Women's Scholarship, Campus Gov- ernment Association Scholarship, Dean's List, Stunts, Co-Author, Texas Intercollegiate Student Association, Central Agency Sec- retary, Executive Secretary. MACON, NANCY Dallas Advertising Design, B.S. Stunts, Scholarship Show, Art Club, Delta Phi Delta, Presi- dent, "B" Average. MANSELL, SUSAN Lubbock Occupational Therapy, B.S. Aglaian Literary-Social Club. MARCHBANKS, GALE Ennis Occupational Therapy, B.S. Floor Chairman, Occupational Therapy Club, American Occu- pational Therapy Association, Texas Occupational Association, Texas Federation of Women's Club Scholarship, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush. MARQUEZ, VIRGINIA P. Kappa Kauai, Hawaii Sociology, B.A., B.S. Cardinal Stritch College Transfer, Family Life Club, Treasurer, International Relations Club, Vice President, Sodality, Home Economics Club, Dietetics Club, Sociological Society, Citizenship League, La Junta, Judo Club, Archery Club, Newman Club. MARSHALL, SARAH "SALLY" Sherman Sociology, B.A. Student Finance Council Representative, Redbud Princess, Sociological Society, President, Alpha Kappa Delta, Vice Presi- dent, Citizenship League, Student Council of Religious Activities, Campus Government Association Scholarship, National Founda- tion Scholarship, Stunts, Counselor. MARTIN, JUDITH Stephenville Library Science, B.S. Tarleton State College Transfer, Sine Cera Social Club, Presi- dent, Townstere Club, Texas Student Teachers' Association, Alpha Beta. Alpha, Baptist Student Union, Tarleton Scholarship Society, Tarleton State College Scholarship, Tarleton Tutoring Society. MARTIN, LINDA KAY Atlanta English, B.A. Floor Chairman, Residential Assistant, English Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omega Rho Alpha, Daedalian Staff, Methodist Student Movement, Prcsbyterin Student Association, Dcan's List, Stunts, Corn Huskin'. li? M5 47-l'r ftvffittlffd' lettering and sign- 1 ff f Q- M -ft? l rs l 'U 'S' MARTINEZ, ELSA DIANA Dallas Chemistry, B.S. Our Lady of the Lake College Transfer, Student Council Scho- larship, Tuition Scholarship, Sigma Zeta, Texas Academy of Science, Counselor, Laredo Club, Reporter, Kappa Epsilon Mu, Newman Club, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Reporter-His torian, Pledge Captain. MARTINEZ, MARIA CHRISTINE Laredo Elementary Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Speech Club, Historian, Texas Student Education Association, Vice President, Student Council Secretary, "L" Award, Floor Chairman, Laredo Club, Reporter, La Junta, Treasurer. MARTINEZ, SILVIA E. Laredo Elementary Education, B.S. Laredo Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Newman Club, Association for Childhood Education, Texas Student Education Association. MASSEY, Jo Holliday Elementary Education, B.S. Student Education Association, Home Economics Club, Corn Huskin'. MCALISTER, REBECCA A. Wellington, Kan. Sociology and Speech Therapy, B.S. Redbud Princess, Sigma Alpha Eta, Sociological,Society, Delphi Society, Alpha Kappa Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, Chaparral Literary- Social Club, Vicc President, Student Council of Religious Acti- vities Representative, Campus Government Association Scholan- ship, Dean's List, Junior Texas Intercollegiate Student Associa- tion Representative, Campus Government Association President, Gold Rush, Stunts, Director, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. MCCLELLAN, BETTY BOLTON qMRs.y Bryan Chemistry, B.S. Round Table, Counselor, Bryan-College Station Club, Presi- dent, Kappa Epsilon Mu, Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, President, Reporter, Alpha Chi, Aglaian Literary- Social Club, Baptist Student Union, Freshman Physics Achieve- ment Award, TWU General Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Dean's List, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. MCCORMICK, KAREN CMRSJ ' Galena Park Education for Deaf, B.S. Dallas Council for Deaf Scholarship, Sigma Alpha Eta, Corres- ponding Secretary. McCOY, CI-IARLA Denison Spanish, B.A. , La Junta, Texas Student Education Association, Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omega Rho Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Sigma Iota, Alpha Chi, University Theater, Presbyterian Student Association, Dean's List, Counselor. f-Q1 fi MCDUFFIE, MARY JANE Denton Speech Therapy and Education of Deaf, B.S. Mock United Nations, Villager's Club, Secretary, Specch Club, Zeta Phi Eta, Reporter, Sigma Alpha Eta, Executive Board, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Radio Guild, "B" Average, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Dallas Council for Deaf Scholarship, Stunts, Director, Gold Rush. MCELFRESH, JACKIE LYNN Prescott, Ark. Elementary Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Association for Childhood Education, Texas Student Education Association, Theta Kappa, Dramatics, Speech Club, Newspaper Staff, "Ln Award, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain. MCGILL, JOAN Temple Nursing, B.S. Houston Clinical Center, Senior Class President, Houston Club, Student Nurses' Association, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Baptist Student Union, Jim Collin's Scholarship, Dean's List. McKEE, LORETTA Plainview Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education, Student Education As- sociation. MCKINNEY, PAM Lubbock English, B.A. Manatee Junior College Transfer, Dcan's List, Selby Founda- tion Scholarship, Winthrop College Transfer, English Club. MENCHACA, FRANCES JUANITA Menard Home Economics, B.S. Odessa Junior College Transfer, Newman Club, Home Econo- mics Club. - H-. -mmymq nm i- . .u wo? 'co gs .NN 5. qs' ,Q oss . MA. o Q i'- 0 MILLER, ELAINE FRANKLIN McLeod Music Education, B.S. Cotton Ball Duchess, Music Club, President, Music Therapy Club, Vice President, Serenaders, Lass-O Band, Mary Gibbs Jones Music Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Stunts. MILLER, KAY DON Nederland Nursing, B.S. Houston Clinical Center Professional Club Committee, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Wesleyan Foundation. MILLET, KATHRYN Wichita Falls I Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center, Class Secretary, Texas Nursing Stu- dents, Association, National Student Nurses' Association, Floor Chairman, Nursing Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Student Council of Religious Activities Representative, Canterbury Association, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Gold Rush. MINGER, PAMELA St. Joseph, Mo. Speech-Hearing Therapy, B.S. Sigma Alpha Eta, Speech Club, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Scholarship Show, University Review. MONTEMAYOR, ELSA DIANA Laredo Spanish, B.A. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Class Officer, Laredo Club, Historian, La junta, Newman Club, Texas Student Education Association. MOONEY, MARY LOU Clovis, N. M. Merchandising, B.S. Merchandising Club, Treasurer, President, Athenaeum Literary- Social Club, Secretary, Best Dressed Pledge, Student Council of Religious Activities, Dean's List, Residential Assistant, Omega Rho Alpha, Tau Pi Phi, Sigma Pi Beta, Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta. MOORE, MARY EVERTSON QMRSJ Houston Nursing, B.S. Houston Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Good Samaritan Scholarship, Houston Clinical Center, Senior Class Vice President. MORAN, DUVINA Laredo Art Education, B.A. Redbud Princess, Laredo Club, Treasurer, Art Club, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Newman Club. 1 zz' -iw ,,, W. X.,. , N. M7 ,- I gi - A W, t . . MORICLAND, BETTY Carthage Elementary Education, BS. Panola College Transfer, Choir: Baptist Studcnt Union, Future Teachers of America, President, Green jackets, Student Education Association. av" MORENO, LUPIE lil Paso Sociology, B.S. National League for Nurses, Sociological Society, Newman Club, Fencing Club, Secretary. MULLINS, LINDA R. Adamsville Speech, Radio-TV, B.S. Cheerleader, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Cold Rush, Freshman Talent Asembly, Speech Club, Radio Guild, Treasurer, President, Baptist Student Union, University Players, Childrcn's Theater, J Student Assistant, Senior Breakfast, Scholarship Show. 'Qi MUSTERER, JUDITH ANN Houston Sociology, B.S. MYCUE, MARGUERITE MARY Dallas Elementary Education, B.S. Texas Student Education Asociation, Speech Club, Newman Club. NANCE, LINDA LOU Sulphur Springs Food-Nutrition, B.S. Cotton Ball Duchess, East Texas Club, Home Economics Club, Dietetics Club, Vice President, President, Omega Rho Alpha, Ath- enaeum Litcrary-Social Club, President, Mary Gibbs Jones Home Economics Scholarship, Colonel Stovall Award, Round Table, "B" Average, Freshman Talent Assembly. T all wa' jlldy hostess at Mary Gibbs' jones Christmas nrfyi, S you can start on Met- u r- .. .L , -. t.-J " NICHOLSON, SUSAN KAY Donna Nursing, B.S. Redbud Princess. NORRIS, GINGER Fort Worth Occupational Therapy, B.S. Occupational Therapy Club, Texas Occupational Therapy As- sociation, American Occupational Therapy Association, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, "B" Average, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts, Senior Class Beauty Finalist. NORRIS, SUE Houston i Mathematics, B.A. Houston Club, E. V. White Mathematics Club, Le Cercle Fran- cais, Secretary, Treasurer, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Archery Club, Caperettes, Dean's List, Round Table. NOVOA, IRMA Laredo English, B.A. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Laredo Club, English Club, Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Newman Club, Student Assist- ant, Student Education Association, Speech Club. OLIVER, SANDRA QMRSJ Dallas Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center, Sophomore Class President, Campus Government Association Representative, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Edith Cavell Nursing Scholarship, Dean's List, Na- tional Student Nurses' Convention Delegate. ORREN, DIANA LOPEZ CMRSJ Sonora Nursing, B.S. Redbud Princess. ORTIZ, ELIZABETH Victoria Chemistry, B.S., B.A. Victoria College Transfer, Science Club, Secretary, Newman Club, Secretary, Houston Club, Kappa Epsilon Mu, Scholarship Show. OSTENDORF, SANDY Rockdale Occupational Therapy, B.S. Southwestern University Transfer, Occupational Therapy Club, Vice President, American Occupational Therapy Association, Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Floor Chairman, "B" Average, Corn Huskin'. was is if cw ,ff l 'f 5, I OZAN, ELIZABETH JEANE San Antonio Nursing, B.S. Woman's Recreation Association Representative. PADILLA, HERMINIA magic Pass English, 1311. .1 Q -N,-qv San Antonio Clubg English Club: Le Cercle Francais: Omega Rho Alphag Adelphian Literary-Social Club: National Council of Teachers of Englishg Newman Clubg Dean's Listg Stuntsg Gold Rush. PARKER, SARA ANN Center Secretarial Administration, B.S. Panola College Transferg Student Councilg Freshman and Sopho- more Class Beautyg Freshman Class Secretaryg Annual Art Editorg Choirg Professional Business Women's Club: Tau Pi Pliig "B" Averageg North American Foundation Scliolarshipg Cotton Ball Duchess. PAVLAT, ROSILIE Holland Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. HPESLR Professional Clubg Floor Chairmang Rifle Clubg Corn Huskin'. PEACOCK, NANCY MARIE Houston Occupational Therapy, B.S. Student Council of Religious Activities Representativeg Occu- pational Therapy Clubg Pi Theta Epsilon, President: Texas Oc- cupational Therapy Associationg American Occupational Therapy Assoeiationg Baptist Student Uniong National Foundation Scholar- shipg Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Traineeshipg World Fed- eration of Occupational Therapy Delegateg Dean's Listg Round Tableg Stuntsg Gold Rushg Corn Huskin'g Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. PEARSON, SANDRA HUNTER CMRS.j Denton Elementary Education, I3.S. Cheerleaderg Freshman Talent Assemblyg Counselorg Student Council of Social Activities, Historiang Chaparral Literary-Social Clubg Student Education Association, Seeretaryg Stuntsg Gold Rushg University Chorus. Q1 editor, john Ed cham- Paw- ' Cu' 'i t H kj -L , W 4 U .1 wif Y.g:v!ia'1 f E ',f.1Zfi?'fli?l iq, - . X ji-Y-?'1w?1 , :gt I was lam: ,g . ' li kglslfggl igJi"f,ig':'-.sl I " QQ .iffigggf was 1 fwlgy . hlilhi-fJ'f I if tf'?"f: lc Misa" - -r tj.: 'ma vga il. ,, . M 331411 ug,uh-.,,..- 3 ,ss .'.,9 J ' 2 i' .-,Nj y few. . ' usb.-mmf c, g?itl'lTl'ff" 'V -"ish I ti wyfzir: , 51. ,,f,zm1,'--w- X 1 - .- V1 I f+l-faQa.+saal :Sr fi? l KN 245' few X Q-...JY PEEK, JANE ANN Dallas Elementary Education, B.S. PEERY, GLENDA M. Houston Economics and Business Education, B.S. Student Finance Council, Houston Social Chairman, Profes- sional Business Women's Club, Tau Pi Phi, Vice President, Mer- chandising Club, Vice President. PENDLETON, BOBBIE ANN Mexia Sociology, B.S. Campus Government Association, Secretary, Sociological So- ciety, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, "B" Average, Student Coun- cil of Social Activities, Stunts. PENN INGTON, KAREN Dallas Biology, B.A. Biology Club, Historian, Beta Beta Beta, Treasurer, "B" Aver- age, Student Assistant, Pre-Medical Association, Historian, Vice President, President. PETERS, SANDRA KAY Cotulla Library Science, B.A. Southwestern University Transfer, Independent Association, Spanish Club, International Club, Student Assistant, San Antonio Club, Alpha Beta Alpha, Delian Literary-Social Club, Citizenship League, La Junta, Methodist Student Movement, President, Dae- dalian Staff, Stunts, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. PICKARD, PENNY Richardson journalism, B.S. Redbud Princess, Capps Counselor, Secretary, Junior Class Executive Board, Cheerleader, Journalism Club, Treasurer, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Mu, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Treasurer, "B" Average, Daily Lass-O Staff, Daedalian, Sopho- more Class Editor, Assistant Editor, Editor, Student Assistant, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly, Scholarship Show, Gold Rush, Class Nominating Committee, Campus Government Association Nominating Committee, Texas Daily Newspaper Association In- ternship, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. PICKERRELL, CECELIA ANN Dallas Nursing, B.S. Dallas Club, Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, gowlilng Club, Floor Chairman, Dallas Clinical Center, Class Vice resi cnt. PICKETT, SHARON Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Freshman Class Vice President, HPE8LR Professional Club, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Daily Lass-O Cartoonist, Archery Club, Manager, Cheerleader, Woman's Recreation Association, IPIubLicity Manager, Dormitory Representative, Stunts, Corn us 1n'. PIERCE, EUGENIA CLARK fMRS.l Galveston Biology, B.S. Freshman and Junior Class Executive Boards, Rifle Clubg Sop- homore Class Trcasurerg Philomathia Literary-Social Clubg Gold Rush, Stunts. POND, BETTY L. Fort Worth Art Education, B.S. Cotton Ball Duchessg Art Club, Atheneaum Literary-Social Club, Student Council of Social Activities. POPE, HELEN GAIL La Grange, Ill. Sociology, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Finalist, Cotton Ball Duchess, Student Coun- cil of Social Activities, Treasurer, Sociological Society, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain, President, Newman Clubg Stunts, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'g Round Table, Citizenship League. PRICE, SHARRON ALLEEN Kennett, Mo. Occupational Therapy, B.S. Occupational Therapy Club, Bowling Club, Stunts, Corn Husk- in'g Freshman Talent Assembly, Cheerleader, American Occupa- tional Therapy Associationg Texas Occupational Therapy Associa- tion. PRUITT, JANIS Richardson Sociology, B.S. Redbud Princess, Dallas Club, Sociological Society, Secretary, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Freshman Talent Assembly, Stuntsg Gold Rush, Residential Assistant. PUCKETT, RAMONA ROSE CMRSJ Denton Chemistry, B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Iota Sigma Pig Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Gresham, Marilyn for- passod your model- af ,J .J -'37 SN, W' PUTCH, CARMELL ANN Texarkana French, B.A. Texarkana Junior College Transfer, Gold Rush, Le Cercle Francais, English Club, Student Education Association, Newman Club, Pre-Law Club, Treasurer, Les Treize Jeunes, L'A11iance Francaise. QUINTANILLA, ROSIE Harlingen Speech and Drama, B.S. Rio Grande Va-lley Club, Speech Club, Radio Guild, Vice Presi- dent, Methodist Student Movement, Daedalian Staff, Gold Rush, Stunts, University Players. RAGAN, PATRICIA ANN Seminole Elementary Education, B.S., B.A. Association for Childhood Education, Student Education As- sociation, Omega Rho Alpha, Pi Lambda Theta, Alpha Beta Alpha, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Vice President, Student Council of Social Activities, Modern Choir, Dean's List, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts. RALTON, LINDA SUE San Antonio Library Science, B.A. Capps Counselor, Alpha Beta Alpha, Parliamentarian, Historian, President, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Freshman Talent Assembly, Stunts, University Review, Senior Breakfast. RAMIREZ, MARIA GRACE Laredo Elementary Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Daedalian Quarterly. RAMOS, DOLLY Alice Business Education, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Professional Business Women's Club, Newman Club, Gold Rush. RATH, CAROL ANN Hondo Recreation, B.S. Woman's Recreation Association Representative, Residential As- sistant, San Antonio Club, HPE8rR Professional Club, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Sociological Society, Methodist Student Movement, Dean's List, Campus Government Association Scho- larship, Stunts, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. RAYMER, ZONA MAE Hawkins Speech Education, B.S. Cheerleader, Floor Chairman, Speech Club, Tau Beta Sigma, Historian, Treasurer, Reporter, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain, Radio Guild, Freshman Talent Assembly, Stunts, University Theater, Lass-O Band, Student Assistant, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. cv!! a-ev ef-lggx ' REMBERT, PATRICIA Garland Nursing, B.S. Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, ,Judo Club, Edith Cavell Scholarship. REYES, MARIA ANTONIA San Antonio Business Education, B.S. Floor Chairman, San Antonio Club, Secretary, Professional Business Women's Club, Delian Literary-Social Club, Newman Club. RIGGS, EVA CLAIRE QMRS.j New Braunfels journalism, B.A. On-Campus Writing Award, Journalism Club, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Chi, Delphi Society, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Tau Delta, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Citizenship League, Reporter, Stunts, Co-Author, Campus Government Association Scholarship, Dallas Press Club Scholar- ship, Daily Lass-O Managing Editor, Daedalian Section Editor, Business Manager, Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Executive Board, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. ROBERTS, JEAN ANNE Houston Nursing, B.S. Houston Club, Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Associa- tion, Newman Club, Good Samaritan Club Scholarship, Houston Clinical Center Campus Government Association President, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. RODRIGUEZ, CLEMENTINA Raymondville Biology Education, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Treasurer, Biology Club, President, Student Education Association, Newman Club, Treasurer, Student Council of Religious Activities, Stunts, Dacdalian Staff, Round Table. RODRIGUEZ, IRENE Brownsville Elementary Education, B.S. Texas Southmost Junior College Transfer, Rio Grande Valley Club, Association for Childhood Education, Pan American Student Forum, Newman Club. when it comes to -J .4-ai' will. viii ,ffll flull I f Qu-07 RODRIGUEZ, MARY JUDITH Rio Grande City Speech and Hearing Therapy, B.S. Redbud Princess, Smith'Carroll President, Counselor, Sigma Alpha Eta, Zeta Phi Eta, Adelphian Literary-Social Club, Dallas Society for Crippled Children Scholarship, Stunts, Cheerleader, Corn Huskin', "B" Average. ROGERS, BARBARA Brownwood Home Economics Education, B.S. Howard Payne College Transfer, Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Danforth Summer Award, Stunts, Home Economics Club, Secre- tary, President, Home Economics Education Club, Alpha Chi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Treasurer, Historian, Pi Lambda Theta, Delian Literary-Social Club, Folk Dance Club, Methodist Stu- dent Movement, Secretary, Treasurer, Dean's List, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Student Finance Council Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. ROMICK, PATRICIA Houston Nursing, B.S. Houston Clinical Center, Parliamentarian, Texas Nursing Stu- dents' Association, Houston-Prairie View Region Parliamentarian, State Convention Delegate, Hillel Foundation, President, Good Samaritan Scholarship. ROSENBERRY, CAROL El Paso Sociology, B.A. San Antonio Club, Sociological Society, Adclphian Literary- Social Club, Secretary, Rifle Club, Newman Club, Stunts, Dean's List. RUSSEL, MARTHA Little Rock, Ark. Occupational Therapy, 13.S. All Saints, College Transfer, Honor Council, Floor Chairman, Occupational Therapy Club, American Occupational Therapy As- sociation, Texas Occupational Therapy Association, Canterbury Association, Gold Rush, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Train- eeship Scholarship, Texas Occupational Therapy Scholarship, United Ccrebal Palsy Association Scholarship, Texas Federation of Woman's Clubs Scholarship. RUSSELL, SHIRLEY BETH Fort Worth English, Education and Elementary Education, B.S. B.A. Austin Counselor, Secretary, English Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Lambda Theta, Student Council of Religious Activities Representative, Student Education Association, Student Assistant. SALAZAR, SYLVIA R. Laredo Elementary Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College Transfer, Laredo Club, President, As- sociation for Childhood Education, Student Education Association, Pi Lambda Theta, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Treasurer, Newman Club, H. J. Lutcher Stark Special Scholarship. SANCHEZ, MARTA PATRICIA Laredo Business Education, B.S. Laredo Junior College, Laredo Club, Professional Business Women's Club, Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Theta Kappa, Historian, Business Education Club, Treasurer, Newman Club. SANDERS, SUZANNE Gilmer Sociology, B.S. East Texas Club, Sociological Society, Secretary, Alpha Kappa Delta, President, Pi Lambda Theta, Secretary, Verse Speaking Chorus, Speech Club, University Theater, Dean's List. SCHLEGEL, LYNN Houston History-Government, B.A. Junior Class Vice President, Austin Counselor, History Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Citizenship League, Phi Alpha Theta, Chap- arral Literary-Social Club, "B" Average, Freshman and Sopho- more Class Executive Boards, Stunts, Senior Breakfast, Freshman Talent Assembly, Texas Intercollegiate Students Association Representative, Central Agency Director, Mock United Nations, Gold Rush, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. SCHROEDER, LYNETTE San Angelo Health, Physical Education and Recreation, I3.S. San Angelo College Transfer, HPESLR Professional Club, Wo- man's Recreation Association Board, Bicycle Club, Manager, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain. SCOFIELD, GAIL lMRS.j Denton Education for Deaf and Speech Therapy, 1?.S. Redbud Princess, Sophomore Class Vice President, Sigma Alpha Eta, Zeta Phi Eta, Dallas Council for Deaf Scholarship, Freshman Talent Assembly, Stunts. SCOTT, PRISCILLA ELIZABETH Sedalia, Mo. History, B.A. Junior Class Executive Board, History Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, Delphi Society, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain, Citizenship League, Dean's List, Round Table, Parliamentarian, Texas Intercollegiate Student Association, Central Agency Di- rector, Executive Vice President, Gold Rush, Campus Government Association Nominating Committee, Stunts, Freshman Talent As- sembly, Senior Breakfast, Corn Huskin', Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. SCOTT, SANDRA JANE Sweetwater Nursing, B.S. Nursing Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association. instructions to Annelle mv-. na... in Ali SHIPMAN, DIANE CMRS.j Denton Library Science, B.S. Alpha Beta Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Dean's List. SILER, REBECCA Henderson Business, B.S. SILVA, ESTEFANA San Antonio Mathematics, B.A. ,San Antonio Club, Campus Government Association Scholar- ship, E. V. White Mathematics Club, Vice President, Delian Literary-Social Club, Kappa Epsilon Mu, Treasurer, La Junta, Newman Club. SKINNER, SUE ANN Beaumont Occupational Therapy, B.S. Occupational Therapy Club, Office of Rehabilitation Scholar- ship, National Foundation Health Scholarship, Texas Occupa- tional Therapy Association, American Occupational Therapy As- sociation, Delian Literary-Social Club, Best Pledge, Stunts, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Scholarship Show, Senior Breakfast, Uni- versity Review. SMALLIN, LANA KAY Lubbock Library Science, B.A. Counselor, Student Finance Council Representative, Alpha Beta Alpha, Vice President, Secretary, Pi Lambda Theta, Delian Liter- ary-Social Club, Citizenship League, Baptist Student Union, Dean's List, Teen-Age Library Association Scholarship, Texas Association of German Students, President, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. SMITH, CONNIE KATHRYN Alvord Music Education, B.S. Cotton Ball Duchess, Floor Chairman, Music Club, Vice Presi- dent, Music Educator's National Conference, Texas Music Edu- cator's Association, Student Education Association, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Treasurer, Lass-O Band, University Chorus, Student Conductor, Dean's List. SMITH, DEMETRA ANN Dallas Nursing, B.S. I Dallas Club, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Student Coun- c1l of Religious Activities Representative, Baptist Student Union, Dean's List. SMITH, DONNAH SHERRON Kermit History, B.A. History Club, Vice President, Phi Alpha Theta, Historian, Cit- izenship League, Secretary, Vice President, Dean's List. ab tl SMITH, EMILY Baton Rouge, La. Recreation, B.S. Junior Class Executive Board, Woman's Recreation Association Boardg Student Council of Social Activities Representativeg Mary Gibbs Jones Secretary, HPE8cR Professional Club, Speech Club, Fencing Club, Folk Dance Clubg Wesley Foundation, Corn Huskin'g Stunts, Gold Rush, General Co-Chairman, Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. SMITH, MARY ALEVA Mesquite Library Science, B.S. Student Council of Religious Activities Representative, Floor Chairmang L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, President, Stunts. SMITH, MARY EDNA Fort Hancock Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Newman Club, Woman's Recreation Association Representative. SMITH, PATRICIA Denton Elementary Education, B.S. Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club. SOZA, GUADALUPE Presidio Spanish, B.A. Sul Ross State College Transfer, Los Tertulianos, Secretary, Vice Presidentg La Juntag Newman Club. SPEER, ELIZABETH C. QMRSJ Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Redbud Princess, Counselor, Woman's Recreation Association, Treasurerg Campus Government Association Nominating Board, Student Education Association, Philomathia Literary-Social Clubg Rifle Clubg Folk Dance Clubg Synchronized Swimming Club, Stunts. news of Aggie Lambornc. :uma-u-.M ,W . , . - .- ...........-.....,.......- ,. 3' FOV MT! 9- SPENCER, NELDA Baytown Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Baptist Student Union. STAMPER, SANDRA LEE Paris Costume Design-Fashion Illustration and Art Education, B.S. Paris Junior College Transfer, Best Groomed, Homecoming Queen, East Texas Regional Club, Art Club, Delta Phi Delta, Secretary, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Vice President, Historian, Stunts, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Lorch Manufacturing Company Scholarship, Art Club, Vice President. STAPLES, MARTHA JANE BURHUS tMRS.J English, B.A. Victoria Freshman Writer, Floor Chairman, Student Council of Reli- gious Activities Representative, San Antonio Club, English Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, Modern Choir, Presbyterian Student Association, Dean's List. STARNES, CAROL SUE Mineola English, BA. East Texas Club, English Club, Omega Rho Alpha, Residential Assistant, Gold Rush, Dean's List. STARNES, VIRGINIA LOUISE Dallas Sociology, B.S. Redbud Princess, Sophomore Class Secretary, Student Finance Council Representative, Student Council of Social Activities Re- presentative, Dallas Club, Sociological Society, International Music Fraternity, Secretary, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Chaplain, Modern Choir, President, Lass-O Choraliers, Manager, Jessie H. Humphries Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship. STEWART, KAREN McKinney Sociology, B.S. Residential Assistant, East Texas Club, History Club, Socio- logical Society, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Stunts. STOLL, LINDA LEE Yates Center, Kan. Occupational Therapy, B.S. Ottawa University Transfer, Occupational Therapy Club, Pi Theta Epsilon, Tau Beta Sigma, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain, "B" Average, Campus Gov- ernment Association Scholarship. STRITTMATTER, MARTHA Pilot Point Home Economics Education, B.S. Counselor, Student Council of Social Activities Representative, Student Finance Council Representative, Stunts, Senior Break- fast, Corn Huskin', Gold Rush, Round Table, Home Economics Club, Student Education Association, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Vice President, Citizenship League, Newman Club, Presi- dent, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Sandra Perkins Memorial Scholarship, Dean's List, Student Assistant. SUMIDA, LILA K. Honolulu, Hawaii Occupational Therapy, I3.S. University of Hawaii Transfer, Chorus, Occupational Therapy Club, Texas Occupational Therapy Club, American Occupational Therapy Club, Occupational Vocational Rehabilitation Scholar- ship, Baptist Student Union, "B" Average. TAYLOR, LESLIE Austin Government, B.A. Student Council of Religious Activities, Historian, Freshman Talent Assembly, Biology Club, Citizenship League, Canterbury Association, Gold Rush, Student Assistant. TAYLOR, PATRICIA ANN Abilene Biology, B.S. Redbud Princess, Round Table, Freshman Talent Assembly, Biology Club, Student Education Association, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Treasurer, Alpha Chi, President, Delphi Society, President, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Newman Club, Secretary, President, Dean's List, Campus Government As- sociation Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Microbiological Rc- search Assistant, Gold Rush, Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities. THEDFORD, DONNA Tyler Food and Nutrition, B.S. Home Economics Club, Dietetics Club, Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Secretary, Baptist Student Union, Secretary, Alpha Chi. THOMPSON, SUE ELLEN Tyler Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Citizenship League, TWU General Scholarship, Freshman Writers' Honorable Mention, Dallas Clinical Center, Class Secretary. THUMANN, CAROLYN JOYCE Houston Mathematics, B.A. Houston Club, E. V. White Mathematics Club, Secretary, Kappa Epsilon Mug Delian Literary-Social Club, Gold Rush, Stunts, Scholarship Show, Newman Club, Stark Special Scholarship, Regents' Scholarship, Floor Chairman. KRLD's "Music 'til a" Wimbcrly sujcrs 'QF' TIPTON, FRANCES JEAN Carthage Special Education and Elementary Education, B.S. Panola Junior College Transfer, Panola Playmakers, Council for Exceptional Children, Association for Childhood Education, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly, Student Council of Religious Activities Representative, Scholar- ship Show, Senior Breakfast. TORRALBA, NORMA Eagle Pass Elementary Education, B.A. San Antonio Club, German Club, Association for Childhood Education, Student Education Association, Newman Club, "B" Average. TOURVILLE, PENE Kaufman Library Science, B.A. Manatee Junior College Transfer, K-Ettes, Secretary, Pep Club, Secretary-Treasurer, President, Round Table, Secretary, Alpha Beta Alpha, Treasurer, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary- Social Club, Best Pledge Award, President. TURNAGE, LINDA Bellaire Nursing, B.S. TURNER, SHERRY tMRS.j Denton Music Education, B.S. Music Club, Modern Choir, Gold Club, Philomathia Literary- Social Club. VAN SICKLE, CENA Albuquerque, N. M. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Woman's Recreation Association Dormitory Representative, HPE8LR Professional Club, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Dean's List. VELASQUEZ, Rose MARIE LaMarque Biology and Medical Technology, B.S. Houston Club, Biology Club. VICKERS, MARY ANN Montgomery, Ala. Piano, B.S. Cotton Ball Duchess, Music Club, President, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice President, Caparettes, Modern Choir, Mary Gibbs Jones Music Scholarship, Dean's List, Corn Huskirf. 1151 li IW .., ...t. , ,, 4, ..,,,,,, .,,. ,.,,,,.. V Q vft-','m,.i1fqx:,,,,4.T. M. I , . , 1, , .,. VILLEGAS, VELMA Del Rio Business Education, B.S. Capps Counselor, Senior Class Beauty Finalist, Adelphian Lit- erary-Social Club. VOWELL, MARY LOU Spanish, B.A. Hobbs, N. M. La Junta, Student Education Association, Omega Rho Alpha, Treasurer, Mary Eleanor Brackcnridgc Literary-Social Club, Treasurer. WADDELL, ALICE fMRS.j Denton Interior Design, B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta, Redbud Princess, Chaparral Literary- Social Club, Delta Phi Delta. WADSWORTH, KAY Tulsa, Okla. Nursing, B.S. Texas Nursing Students' Association, Good Samaritan Scholar- ship, Student Assistant. WAH SUN, HELEN San Antonio spanish, BA. San Antonio Junior College Transfer, Los Paisanos Club, Sec- retary, Reporter, Newman Club, Vice President, Beta Phi Gamma, Student National Education Association, Ranger Staff, Alamo Staff, San Antonio Club, La Junta Club. WALDEN, ANITA JOYCE Austin Education of Deaf, B.S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Speech Club, Nursing Club, Bowling Club, Sigma Alpha Eta, Radio Guild, Council for Exceptional Children, Alpha Chi, Enlistment Secretary, Treasurer, Gold Rush. s' W .atL".'.pff- W.. fra. . p is -1 -, fav---M. 1 -1 ft.. dis' - N. ,rea tu... we- wwffzf 42 i . , -, . 'Yi . - Sfmt digg-1fv. 4f'q,5,4.g,-?4A1,,,3f, 1, ,,:u.,, .,,,-, K,.,i.,g,.1gM A 'A it ttflitwtw he wt..- .i H e is . gvtfgdm f gftudzritt trraclmrs, assures any my to ax-f F'-.a '- Like. vxwlfgifi,f:s'f"i"fi.,,:' ' 1.:':,gs' -' ' 1 11 'flwx-f-i-f-. "rw . ww, rcX'lZ.fii.y Q16-www fasts fixsittfvi-Sw 2'-Ni . "rw ' , Fff'Rs11itf.iv iwifigtififf it '-A iff? fif:4L1'ii4s3i5ifv' . Er' st' 5' ' 1 V2 " W"sJ'?s?p:f Wifi-fsffif ' r ,-iflggfig,-1 lv,-l u.- iq , ,F V ,,.. ig 5 1 . .- W, tt, it A agp, A '-1, ,Y wt EW i' p.SFw.i'Y'si't it it .,, -- ,xl WMS! -Wye" M-:. 'wat H' misty -t?t14'iifii. ' -tfsnflffttfivlmfrtesttffiff.i-at-ws' f. ' . if f-,-stigmt. a-imZw,5,f:1WgM,, . 3 .5123 - ,Qt ssaaszzeta'ff,e:t,t..fufi:s-tts, " ,dw .fk,..,. ,in l.. R .? cf, .gkw s . 4. ferry. ,.,. .. .L Q- ll'km,g":,tgf'13g4q.?l2'l'a'gfl- vw, ' 4 Qiifs fcifg it-L mjfff 5352. '. ,. ,gif l' " . I Y' . "' mu' " 3 i.fi"lf,nfQ3,Kvfghfh I " it y? ' t 'fgf5S'!iE,5'f ' , 'li 1-" P W " ' yi. :I Qi gl ., Wm if ,,i,tt,.a3-2 .qs ". -srl'-.mf ,. . . -- h.:..r ig f fi- is 2, :5.-1,.,,. g.fj.,34M ' --n - i 'N - Mug, .j, f WALTER, ELNORA Corpus Christi Secretarial Administration and Elementary Education, B.S. Redbud Princess, Residential Assistant, Professional Business Women's Club, Aglaian Literary-Social Club, Corpus Christi TWU Alumnae Association Scholarship, Texas ASLM Combat Cutie, Cotton Ball Duchess, Stunts, Texas State Teachers' As- sociation, National Education Association. WARD, MARTHA Lake Jackson Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. HPESLR Professional Club, Scholarship Show, Corn Huskin'. ,WARREN, DOLORES Galena Park Nursing, B.S. Houston Clinical Center, Junior Class Parliarnentarian, Houston Club, Texas Nursing Students, Association, Citizenship League, Baptist Student Union, Good Samaritan Scholarship. WATSON, PATSY Longview Elementary Education, B.S. Student Education Association, Association for Childhood Edu- cation, Pi Lambda Theta, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club, Henry L. Doherty Educational Foundation Scholarship, Woman's Re- creational Association Board. WATTERS, ROBERTA ANN San Angelo Home Economics Education, B.S. San Angelo College Transfer, Panhellenic Council, President, Sigma Alpha Chi, Secretary, Who's Who In American junior Colleges, Student Education Association, Home Economics Club, Vice President, Make-It-With-Wool State Winner. WEAVER, BETTYE San Antonio Costume Design-Fashion Illustration, ILS. Stunts, Freshman Theater. WEBB, MARY KATHERINE Dallas Home Economics Education, B.S. Home Economics Club, Vice President, Home Economics Edu- cation Club, Delian Literary-Social Club, Dean's List. WEBSTER, JANE Sherman Fashion Illustration-Costume Design and Art Education, B.S. Counselor, Chaparrel Literary-Social Club, "B" Average, Stunts, Freshman Talent Assembly, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin'. 1 7,553 1 WEST, PATRICIA Texas City Nursing, B.S. National Student Nursing Association, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Houston Clinical Center, Campus Government As- sociation, Secretary, junior Class Secretary. WIDENER, ELOIS LYNN Dallas Biology, B.S. Biology Clubg Baptist Student Union. WIER, GWEN Austin Library Science, 13.S. University of Texas Transfer: Chorus: Association for Child- hood Education, Vice President, Alpha Beta Alpha: Presbyterian Student Association. WILBUR, SHARON FAYE Arlington Library Science, 13.11. Arlington State College Transfer, Alpha Beta Alpha, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Lass-O Band. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA ANN Mesquite Chemistry, B.S., B.A. Kappa Epsilon Mu, President, Iota Sigma Pi, Secretary-Treasub er, Dean's List. WILLIAMS, SHARRON KAY Wichita Falls Nursing, B.S. Dallas Clinical Center Student Council of Religious Activities Representative, Junior Class Historian, Senior Class Presidentg Baptist Student Union, Presidentg Dean's List, Texas Nursing Students' Association, Nursing "Ku Scholarship, National Foun- dation Scholarship, Corn Huskin'. themselves an Aggie. M's Singing Cadets. J-w iii- 4, "I-Iere's to the Sophomores, here's to our Sisters . . . the Class of WILLIAMSON, JUANITA McAlest-er, Okla. journalism, B.S. Journalism Club, Daily Lass-O Staff WIN DLE, ,IOLENE Longview Elementary Education, B.A. Association for Childhood Education, Pi Lambda Theta, Athen- aeum Literary-Social Club, Historiang Caperettes, President, Dean's List, Stuntsg Gold Rush, University Review WOHLERMANN, BARBARA Y. LUCIA Sociology, B.S. Quito, Ecuador Sociological Society, Home Economics Club, Newman Club, United Nations Aid Scholarshipg Student Assistant, Corn Huskin' WOOD, SUSAN BUF ORD Lancaster Merchandising, B.S. Redbud Princess, Senior Class Vice Presidentg Professional Busi- ness Women's Clubg Merchandising Club, Delian Literary-Social Club, Presidentg Citizenship League 3 Presbyterian Student Associa- tiong Stunts, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Senior Breakfast, Round Table ZANDER, CAROLE Houston Elementary Education, B.A. Houston Clubg Association for Childhood Education, University Review, Corn Huskin'g Stuntsg "B" Average M V A X, sys,f,k. -45 4--4" 'n 'N t '65".' sing the Seniors' sisters. 33 "" '5 ""i"', .. . .W , - .V We-tfqpsftv'f:5?fR 1 .. ul 6-1 rl, 5 x 1 I - Bev Galanda drinks her Theta Sig co ee while Kathy Cojey perks away. They say the Senior year takes the hardest pu ll. ... .Mag---Q Twink-le, twink-le little star, . . . I ' I V A. ,' Q", 3 hi , How you 1111191 on your guitar. 'Q 5 Q, , J V 4 .M ,yg.,,. 4 Y y my V wx - 'c ' ' .1 , I ' Q J I uma Vu-mud-. M W. 5 .4 ,, g - - , -w ' " , VJI1 WV 4 M, 'X '- 1' s Fl S ' In Modern, fashion conscious Nancy Fisher is Lee-ward! "jungle expertsl' recall the adventures of their Carib- v"'i'P -- -Ab N' bean Tour. . -.N .A XX is 1' ' n is K ,Mba ,fd KX ,,g,,L.,s . ' -. is ff? M l ,f .u,, " 65, Do You Remember? . . . our sophomore year and we were "in the know" about X-hour. wmv-1 " -'1ff""1K:,:ez'f"'f. if 245+ viialflilfg-?fr5-"imp . gi wtf. ffm, , .LLVV,W..,w . . . the first convocation we witnessed when Mrs. Edith Dean received her honorary Doctor of Letters degree. those freshman art labs . . . serenades to the "Ladies on the hill." . . . when reporters Eva C. Riggs fthenfj, Penny Piekard and Kathy Coffey worked so well together. ii 1 . . . when only the hairdresser knew for sure. . . . those many "heels and hose" receptions and teas. when you were the friendly and helpful RA's in "Sallie 29l . . . pledge week and the sore knees, ach- ing muscles and weary smiles. '65, remember? . . . ,62 CGA President Linda relinguish- . . . Pam as a penguin ing the horse shoe to Becca. . . . Eva Claire Riggs as managing editor 292 of the Lass-O wearing her rings around her neck. . . . Biology bulletins did- n't mention bottle wash- ing. .WA yum 15,2 o , , X 1 H ,. Ax A, W- -5. 4 , gl J, rm, ff: A " J-7 'Q ,, 'V 'wt . . . Ann Condra enjoyed the sweet smell of suc- cess. . . . when the "world turned" every week day at 12:30. . . . in our first Stunt we sang, "New York, New York, it's a wonderful town." .... x F5 W '63, remember that "great day"? . . . listening to Uncle Billy's tales. . . . "A-way, hey, up we'1e rinsin' . earl-i in the morning." . . . "A stormif a comin'." tt. . . when you really felt L4 i ,f-'-1 - - - ,vnu-.-1 . . . '14 time just for livin' . . . oh, Lord won't you help ux to build our new home?" ' X Q ' A 4 H i l- KIA i l LA' N s . f P 3' ie. ls? H, and we had our "victory at sea" won the brand new Stunt Cup. "Full sails, the winds arisin' . . . the New Hori- zon!" TU: 'W , an Seniors, in years to come, Will You Remember? sa . . . our days as "the Ladiesf' Q ,Zi Ha thoxc long, long lunch lines in Hubbard . . . patrolman "Pops" and all his girls. in lfTHE'f'w V '," T N fl 1-.3 iii ff Q! lt M It lliili . . . Lass-0 editor Kathy, up to her elbows in ink all the tirneg but who took time out of the print shop to reign as Queen of the Redbud Festival. . . . the first serenade when we were sung to as "the Ladies." when as juniors we sang and predicted "for success together we've worked as one--and look out world here we cornell' . . . '63's Senior Hymn We stand here with mixed emotions Seniors all to go our way Off to taste lifels magic potions After graduation day. Thru our lives we'll long remember Cherished dreams will bring us here Though the flame becomes an ember Still our hearts are near. New adventures filled our first year And traditions we have learned Time went on and now we hold dear Honor that our class has earned. Each new year has been a glad one Filled with laughs, a smile, a tearg Days of parting will be sad ones But our thoughts will linger here. Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows Yet remember what has been. May the good Lord bless and keep you 'Til we meet again. juniors, Class of '64 A new role awaited us as we came back to campus this year as juniors. It was the role of upperclassmen and big sisters. We took this challenge and started off with anticipation. We greeted the Class of '66, our little sisters, with a serenade, a special orientation and a warm welcome. We had the wonderful privilege of working and playing together, and watching them grow. A We started off with a party for our new transfer stu- dents. We took them on a tour of the different depart- ments on campus, through a pantomine and left feeling as though they had been with us always. Then came the full moon and new hay, and we were off on our Junior Hayride. Fun, games and good food were shared with our classmates from the Dallas Clini- cal Center. Gold Rush and Corn Huskin' found us on the move again. Displays were built and everyone worked for the success of Gold Rush. We then shook the old hayseeds out of our Corn Huskin' costumes and practiced our singing, dancing and chicken calling. The holiday season found us full of good cheer and fellowship. We celebrated with a Big Sister-Little Sister party, with our party for the underprivileged children of Denton following close behind. This tradition added a meaning to the Christmas spirit. Before we knew it, Stunt time was near, and we set to work with the spirit of '64 shining brightly. Our Stunt, Allegory, was the result of long hard hours of work and fun, with everyone joining in to help. Soon after Stunts, the Redbud trees began to bloom, and so came the Redbud princesses. After the princesses had passed through the royal court, it was time to pre- pare our final show for the Ladies of '63, Everyone enjoyed working on Senior Breakfast. The time was drawing near when we would take our seats as Ladies and sing our very own Senior Hymn. This was done with pride and anticipation. Our year was one of work and play. We added an- other link to our chain of growth and knowledge, and looked forward to the new role we would play in the coming year with our campus officers and the undying spirit of '64. Dr. and Mrs. josh P. Roach, junior Class sponsors funior Class ojicers Carole Lofland, secretary,- Olga Rueda, treasurer, and Mary jane Allen, vice president, give Lee Martin, president, a red rose in appreciation of her leadershijn and cooperation. 0 1 junior Class Song For All the class of '64g There comes a rising cheer. Hey! Hey! Hey! We're the class to carry on Traditions old and dear. We never fail in what wc do Though troubles may arise. We learn to do by doing our best And troubles quickly fly. Our hearts are full of happiness, Welre Tessies everyone. Forever more our hearts are true Hit It! ,64, '64, 1-9-6-4 Never again, Never before 1-9-6-4 to our TWU! -0 ,L xy, rigid ,Q 't I W, A .r IU! NW' K' ' Y -nat ABEL, ELIZABETH Riesel ADLER, MOJIE San Antonio BARAK, SHIRLEY Houston AGUIRRE, BEATRIZ El Paso ALBERT, CAROLYN Dallas BARECKY, BESSIE MARIE Kerrville ALLEN, SANDRA Dallas AREVALO, CORINA Raymondville BARRETT, MARTHA Houston ATEN, BONNIE Lawton, Okla. AVNER, LILLIAN LEE Montgomery, Ala. BAXTER, CARROLL Dallas BALL, CHARLOTTE Channelview BALLINGER, BARBARA Lural, Md. BEHA, PERE Bellaire .ii 'J 1 ,X 0 "IWW 66 BELL, SHIRLEY Colorado City BRASHEARS, PAMELA Santa Fe, N. M. BRAY, MARY ANN Shreveport, La. BERLANGA, LINDA San Antonio BREEDLOVE, WANDA Phoenix, Ariz. BRINKER, SANDRA Dycss A.F.B. BEWLEY, JEAN Euless BRINKMAN, CATHERINE Cadillac, Mich. BUEGELER, CHARLOTTE Yoakum BIEDERMAN, JEAN Tivoli BLUM, LINDA St. Joseph, Mo. .19 'Wm 'T'3'? Q?" Fi BUENTELLO, ROMALDA Devine BURING, JANET Dallas CLAMON, JANET Baytown BURNETT, HAZEL Galveston BURNETT, MARGARET Breckenridge CLARK, PAULA Denison BUSBY, PHYLLIS Baytown BUTLER, LOU ANN QMRSJ Tyler CLEVELAND, NANCY BOB Fort Worth CAMERON, CAM Forrest City, Ark. CAMPBELL, BECKY Houston COLEMAN, SHARON New Boston CANALES, SYLVIA Benavides CHAMRAD, NELMA Point Comfort COLLUM, VERNA Houston COLSTON, MARY LEE CRAFT, CARCL CRAIG, NANCY CONN OR, JUDY CRAIG, SARAH CRAIG, VIRGINIA CONWAY, VIRGINIA CREED, CAROLE CROSSLAND, DIANN E Pasadena Richardson Irwin, Pa. Daingerfield Paint Rock Irwin, Pa. Galveston Pine Bluff, Ark. Daingerfield CORMIER, EDRA Orange COWAN, CHRIST IE N ocona CURRENT, ANN Mesquite CURTIN, PATRICIA SUE Killeen DOUGLASS, JUDY Breckenridge CUSAC, TERRE Houston DAVIDSON, CAROLYN Corpus Christi DUKE, MARTHA McAllen DEERING, DEBBIE Richardson DE LOACH, REXANNE San Antonio DUNN, JANIE Hickman A.F.B., Hawaii DILLARD, KAREN Houston DOMINGUEZ, OLGA Port Arthur ECKSTEIN, JOANNE Davenport, Iowa DONALD, ANNE Fort Smith, Ark. DONALDSON, ONETIA EDWARDS, ANN Galena Park Houston EDWARDS, NANCY ANN Camden Ark FAUCETT, JUDY FERGUSON, EMILY Durango EHRENSBERGER, CHARLOTTE Houston FLEMING, JUDY FOSTER, MARY EVANS, ANN FRANKLIN, KAY FRAZIER, MIRITHA EVANS, BARBARA FARRA, PAT FREEMAN, EMILY FREEMAN, YVETTE GLINES, LANETA FRENCH, PATTI FRITSCH, MINELLA GOIN, NANCY FRY, STEPHANIE FULLER, ELIZABETH GONZALEZ, DIANA GARCIA, GERTRUDE GARCIA, RACHEL GONZALEZ, MARY GARNER, LOIS GARZA, VIRGINIA GORTON, JUDITH ANN Hughes Springs Temple San Antonio Grand Prairie La Grange Seminole, Okla. Amarillo Dallas Robstown Cotulla Temple Baytown Dallas San Diego Corpus Christi GRAHAM, ANN HARMON, EVEA RAE Gamesvlllc HARRELL, GAY GUERRA, NELLINA HARRIS, LYNDA HARRISON, ELAINE HALLARD, ROSA ELLEN HART, JUDITH HAYNES, PORTIA HALLMARK, MABETH La Marque HARDIN, CHARLINE San Antomo ff. is-4. 'fir as INHN A V? HERRERA, AURORA HIGGS, GERRY JOHNSON, DIANNE HILL, VELDA HILTON, BETH JOHNSON, KAREN HINZE, LOIS HOPKINS, HELEN JONES, JOHNNIE HUFFHINES, JUDY IBARRA, DOLORES JONES, LINDA JENNINGS, JANE QMRSJ JOE, MARY LOU JULIAN, ANNETTE Laredo Corpus Christi Dallas Brownfield Decatur Galena Park Galveston Silsbee Clarksdale, Miss. Richardson Sonora Bridge City Freeport Helena, Ark. Houston LEBREW KATHRINE Dallas Plainview Nogales, Ariz. Dallas Lufkin Fort Worth Seguin KEMP JUDY Whitewright KURC JODIE Dallas LARKIN BETSY Dallas KERLEY DAPHANE Houston -y' 1? nd xA I . -' Yl, iilgri Sf K 1 l "1 Q"N',. 7' f "z A 'Q V ' ' 5 1 . ' t . V ua L, ,gg 'tr '-il -inn-If LE COCQ, ANNETTE Des Moines, Iowa LOFLAND, CAROLE Denton MCCALL, DE LANE Atlanta LOHRKE, LINDA Houston LOONEY, CYANN Dallas MCCOLLUM, MARY LOU Richardson LORENZANNA, NOEMI Mercedes LOTT, WILHELMINA Seminary, Miss. MCDOWELL, LINDA Houston LOVETT, NANCY Odessa LOWE, JERYL Fort Worth MCGERVEY, MAUREEN Dallas MCANULTY, MAURICE Thorndale MCAVENIA, ADELINE CMRSJ Denton MCINTIRE, ELIZABETH CMRSJ Sweetwater if 1 fC' 5 w . LJ .,4 "H Tl ..!' V , .iv W f at-,ga -vim .- f '21, I 'f McKEE, MARTHA Huntsville MARTIN, KRISTAN CMRSJ Denton MARTIN, LEE Jourdanton MCNIEL, REBECCA College Station MARTIN, PEPPER Pasadena MARTIN, SYLVIA Fayetteville, Tenn. MACIAS, DELIA Benavides MARTINEZ, GUILLERMINA Laredo MARTINEZ, SANJUANITA Laredo MADDRY, JACKIE Lakewood, Calif. MALIN, MELANIE Dickinson MATHER, LINDA Crockett MAY, MARY JOE Clarkwood MORGAN, JO ANN Waco MEEKS, ELAINE Pittsburg MESTON, VALERIE El Paso MORRIS, JANE Carthage MILLER, JUDY Denison MILLER, NANCY Andrews MORRISON, SUSAN Midland MILLER, SHELBY Corpus Christi MITCHELL, LINDA Victoria MUIR, NANCY Dallas MORELAND, BETTY De Berry MORGAN, GLORIA Hillsboro MUNSON, KATHRYN San Antonio AF' QF' K7 Yi 16 5 M MUREEN, JUDY NEWBERRY, ANN NEWSOME, KAYE Dallas Soddy, Tenn. Glasgow, Mont. MURPHY, JUDY Dallas NICHOLS, RUTH MARIE Dallas NIPP, BETTY Fort Worth MYRES, BETTY Dallas OLSEN, JUDY Excelsior, Minn. ORTA, EDITH San Antonio NEUMANN, GERRY NEWBERG, LINDA ILENE Houston Houston f IMI ,aa--no AUX -:C i +1-:nv 0 623 hr Mi' Mfg Y OSORIO, HEIDY Chitre, Panama OWENS, VERNA Waco PINKERTON, SANDRA Clarendon PALACIOS, RUTH San Antonio PALMER, NANCY Dallas POUNDS, SARAH Jonesboro, Ark. PARTRIDGE, JOANNA Munday PENNELL, BETTY Sinton POWELL, ROBERTA JEAN Parsons, Kan. PERALTA, EYDA Panama City, Panama PEREZ, MICAELA El Sauz QUIGLEY, SUSAN Orange PERRY, EDNA Camden, Ark. PETERS, JACKIE San Antonio RAGSDALE, TILLIE Killeen ldqff 1?-A '29 .fr ,. hill' iN J A l ,Jr RAIN S, LAURA Denison 'fl' 44 "ff 4 ,,.- 71 ..:' sm ,af REYNOLDS, CAROL Corpus Christi REYNOLDS, MARY Walnut Ridge, Ark. RAMIREZ, NELDA Brownsville RICHARDSON, CAROLE Cisco RICHTER, KARLEEN Elkhart, Ind. RAY, NANCY Denton RITCHIE, MARY ANN Del Rio ROBERTSON, LINDA Elsa REID, HELEN Cameron fin ,sf F ' . A . Yi REPPON D, JAN Sherman af W wr 6' ROBINSON, JUDY Cassoday, Kan. RODGERS, RACHEL Wichita Falls SHEPARD, BARBARA Angleton ROMPEL, KATHY New Braunfels RUEDA, OLGA San Antonio SIEGMUND, JO ANN Fort Worth SALINAS, ALICIA Laredo SANDER, TECKLA El Paso SINGLETON, JEANNIE Fort Wortl. SCHAEFER, MARJORIE Walnut Ridge, Ark. SCHNEIDER, KATHY Inverness, Fla. SMITH, FRANCES ELAINE Marshall SCHUSTER, MARY ANN Houston SCHWARTZ, MARY Alvarado SMITH, SHARON Wichita Falls x vi 1' K T R p xx:-' M 'gm .xv R-Wh f'Mv-,411-P55555 K ,. .,, n ns SNYDER, SANDRA Pasadena STEPHENSON, BARBARA STEVENSON, WANADA SPANG, CLAUDIA STONE, PAT STONE, THELMA SPOONER, SUSAN STOWE, SYDNEY STURROCK, MELBA Sinton El Paso Houston Pharr Houston Uvalde Amarillo Lufkin STACY, ELIZABETH Aransas Pass STEADMAN, GAILYN Trent ,N 1 46? X wel 2. 3 :ss if in X SUROVIK, JEAN Caldwell TAYLOR, DONNA Troup TWITCHELL, LOIS El Paso TESREAU, KAREN Festus, Mo. THURBER, PHYLLIS Odessa UMPHRESS, LYNDA Weatherford TOWNSHEND, KATE Memphis, Tenn. TREVINO, CHITA Houston UMPHRESS, MARIE Weatherford TRIGG, JANICE Winter Park, Fla. TULLY, SANDRA Dallas VANDERLAAN, DONNA Kansas City, Mo. TURNER, RHONDA TURPIN, JANE VARISCO, MAXINE Spur Sherman Houston '--9 419- VEALE, FRANCES WALKER, KAY WALLACE, GAIL VIDRINE, PAT WALLY, DIANE WARD, JULIA VLASAK, TOMMIE WEDGEWORTH, PEGGY WESTON, MARILYN VORDENBAUM, MARY ANN Ranger Dallas Daingerfield Aledo Liberty, Mo. Dallas Ingleside Carthage Arlington Wichita Falls VOSS, GLORIA Grand Island, kv-5 li f NQH v.,,.,.,,, '-4' '45 WHITWORTH, ERMA Stephenville WHYTLAW, MERRELL Oklahoma City, WILLIAMSON, PEGGY WILLIS, FRANCES WILLIS, PATRICIA WILSON, JOAN WINCHESTER, WANDA WITZEL, MARY WOZNIAK, VALERIE WYNN, CAROL Okla. Clute CMRSJ Houston Dallas Dallas Texarkana Leroy Temple El Paso ,..-.---M V y rv ,...-.N - -W -wi? - 36 7?' L -. -" 'YN' My .f 0.1 s l Q. an-.:5::, . , , , P., 'n",:m"t':v n an V.-., fy ', z. x DJIA A :Ja 'KM' 1 4' 1 ' 4, J ILA isbn!! 625291: X 'Ill-. g1ffp'1 ,.A,.' .- N A K, 1.-' :.:: ,I .1 J fini 2-.ll 1g1-.,u1T- ', .- . , I ., -.Q Y psi: fix.: " .gl V l.: 1.4171 s :j,3.11-3,3 -s ' H SL gilgi K I l :L I l aik. .. ,. V: '.,3:sE2x A :sir av, A I 1 . '-.,- ,f . ,fft.:i..ify,r.,' Y ,+A-as L K fit-:"f'f:.55:ff 'HY t ' : rr I '.- 1 A .--A V ' ,..,,,h . 5"l',,. E' V M , 'TM' rv' ' 4 1 , an junior Patty Curtain makes unzor home economies major ean Bewley con- I , ll nomination or a CGA eentrates on scorching her favorite white blouse. '75,. You can tell by their smiles that these hue juniors use Ipana toothpaste. " .wt-.M-,w,,x ep mr- 1 a Most girls bring their stuffed animals to eol- lege but Claudia Spang brought her real, live horse. 'N Here, let me help you with your clubs," W, v says Becky Davilla to pro golfer judy Kim- ' zz i .,.. - I ki LA L w"-- - X . I it .Q ,se 4 -mpg, "'t1 . A . , Mk , 1, . , Www-I-if ,gli '. . st' . .. ,.s. , - Q, , s.. ...s,..,.., 4 . . wx ' "H 'Q lf N35 J lf V l y -.Y ,Z GU E QQA4 'vl' !.4 11172 , ' H - -'J ' . 1 f , .- -"WZ , 1 , ,. ,J-f"i"" 'QV Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Rust, Sophomore Sponsors Sophomores, Class of '65 The anxious Class of 365 hit campus this fall with great plans for the year's activities. Sophomores rode into Hubbard Hall on "A Streetcar Named '63" and presented the Senior Breakfast. Soon afterwards Lowry Woods roared with the singing and entertaining pro- gram of the Sophomore Harvest Moon. Before we had time to hit our books again, Gold Rush stormed the campus, soon to be followed by the Corn Huskin' Bee. We had just enough time to change from our Corn Huskin' costumes and grab a wardrobe for the Corps Trip weekend with the Aggies and to see one of our own classmates, Lynn Parks, be pinned as Aggie Sweetheart. A Sister Class Party and serenade were just in order for the Christmas season and the White Breakfast which soon followed was more beautiful than ever. By this time the fall semester had quickly passed and exam time was upon us. The spring semester started off with a bang-Stunts!! Each member of the class gave of her time, talents and spirit to make our Stunt, "Experiment in F riendshipf' a good one. The class carried on with grand style through the big activities of the spring semester. Among these were CGA elections, class officer elections, Posture Queen, Best Dressed, Redbud Festival, Festival of Nations, Senior- Sophomore Scholarship Show, Homecoming and the big Senior Assembly. It's been a good year for '65 and our class sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Rust, have been a blessing and inspiration to us. To our wonderful Sister Class of '63, we say THANKS for being our sisters, and may you all have a successful future. "Where ever we go, what ever we do, We're gonna go through it together . . "With no strings attachedf, Sophomore leaders Sharon Applegate, treasurerg Pat- sy Northeutt, presidentg Terry Reagan, vice president, and Martha Mays, secretary, make the traditional oak leaf chain for the walk down Redbud Lane with members of their class and their Sister Class on Senior Day. Sophomore Class Song Are you a Tcssic? Are you a Tessic? From the Tessie Class of 1965? Well you're the best one, I saitl the best one, From the best class ever alive. If you're from Alabama, Tennessee or Yankee Land, Letls all get together and give a hand. Hey to the sophomores, Hey to our sisters, The Class of ,65. ,65, ,65 Greatest class there is alive! He-e-e-ey 1-9-6-5 Are you a Tcssic? Are you a Tessie? Well Fm a Tessie, too! xii' ZX cf Si' ,f ,ff ACKER, N ORMA Dallas ADAMS, ANNE Houston ALGARIN, HELEN Dallas ALGARIN, RUTH Dallas ALLEN, SUE Rosebud ANDERSON, ALLEE Irving ANDERSON, CATHERINE Harlingen ANDERSON, DAYLE Houston ANDERSON, GABRIELLE Port Arthur ANDO, ROYCE Houston ARCE, AMELIA Laredo ARNOLD, KAY Winterhaven, Calif. ARREDONDO, RAQUEL San Diego ARTLEY, KAREN ASKOUNIS, TINA AULT, SHARON AVENT, LEE BAKER, JANNIS Kansas City, Mo. Cannon A.F.B., N. M. San Antonio Van Alstyne Electra BARKLEY, ANNETTE BARLOW, GYPSY BARNER, TEDDY BEASLEY, JUDY BECKHAM, MARIE BEEBE, ETHELYNN BEHA,NAN BENAVIDEZ, PATRICIA BICKLEY, ELLEN BLAND,KATHEY BLAYLOCK,CAROLE BOYD,ANN BRADLEY, BETH BRAND, SARA BRANDES, ELOISE Dallas Maria Forrest City, Ark. Fort Worth Denison Memphis, Tenn. Bellaire Tucumcari, N. M. Houston Greeneville, Tenn. Beaumont Houston Houston Carrollton Plainview BRIGMAN, VICKIE BROCKER, LORETTA BROUSSARD, ANNE BROWN, BARBARA BROWN, LINDA BROWN, NANCY BRUMFIELD, BARBARA BRUNOT, BARBARA BUCK, SHIRLEY BUCKLEW, BEVERLY BURGESS, DEBORAH BUSBY, KATHY BUSH, SUSAN BUTCHER, PAULA OAHOON, SARAH CAIN, BETTY CAMERON, JUDY CANO, ESPERANZA Odessa Burkbumett Lufkin Little Rock, Ark. Irving Cisco Dallas Mission La Porte Sanger La Marque Baytown Richardson Denton Pensacola, Fla. Dallas Orange Tornillo 5 CARLEY, DEE Sidney, Neb. CARTER, CYNTHIA Rockdale CARTER, DOTTIE Dallas CARY, GOLDA Loraine CASAS, FRANCES Benavides CASEY, BONNIE Austin CAULFIELD, LINDA Fort Lauderdale, Fla. CAVAZOS, SANDRA CHEATUM, LINDA SUE CHILDS, DINAH CLANTON, BEVERLY CLARK, JIMMIE BETH CLARK, JIMMIE LYNN CLARK, PAULA ANN COCHEU, MARGARET 'aww as ' ef,-5 Y? 35 'F Rio Grande City Glenmont, N. Y. San Antonio Conroe Lufkin Denton Dallas Houston CCFFEY, BARBARA CCFFEY, JOANNA COOLEY, SANLYN CORBIN, ELIZABETH CORL, MIMI CCRREA, JUANITA CCRTINAS, CONNIE CORY, SHARON CROSS, MARTHA CRUMP, HARRIETT CURTIS, NANCY CUSHION, MURLE DAVIS, EDDYE DAVIS, KAY DAVIS, VIRGINIA DAY, CAROL DEAN, LINDA DE ARMCN, JUNE Eunice, N. M. Sulphur Springs Dallas Dumas Pine Grove Mills, Pa. Raymondville Brownsville Amarillo Dallas Irving Waco Sabine Pass Waxahachie Omaha Corpus Christi Dallas Irving Odessa DECKER, SHIELA DE LA GARZA, ANNA DE LAWDER, JUDY DENNEY, BETTY DE SHONG, BETTY DEWS, LOIS ANN DIAZ, ANNA MARIA DIAZ, LUCILA B. DILWORTH, SANDRA DONALD, SUZANNE DOOL, ELIZABETH DOWELLS, ALSENIA DUHON, RAMONA DUHON, WINONA DULANEY, DIANE Puerto Rico Mission Richmond Amarillo Baytown Mt. Pleasant San Antonio Del Rio Dallas Meridian, Miss. Hubbard Dallas Buna Buna College Station ,Q - V f .Ry-f,--1,-I-,N-...-,,Fgm ,. , .-- mv.w.f we 5 Eli DUN LAP, SANDRA Dallas EATON, CAROLYN Cross Pointe Farms, Mich. EDWARDS, BONNIE EDWARDS, JEAN ELLIS, SUZANNA ELSASS, OAROLYN ERICH, CAROL ESTES, DORIS FAY, JACQUELINE F IKES, MARY FISH, MARTHA FITZGERALD, JANE FLORES, CARMEN FLOYD, ,CHARLSIE FORD, DIANA FRANCIS, BEVE GAGE, SANDRA OAMESON, SUE Mercedes Lubbock Denton Wellington, Kan. Hot Springs, Ark. Silverton Dallas Corpus Christi Crowell Spur Houston Fenton, Mo. Dallas Clovis, N. M. Dallas Denison GARCIA, ANN GARCIA, MARY GENE GARZA, JUANITA GATES, NADIN13 CEE, FRANKIE GIBBS, SHEILA GIES, CAROL GLENN, NANCY JO GOINS, MARILOVE GOMEZ, HERLINDA GONZALEZ, ELMA GONZALEZ, MARIA GOOOH, ANNETTE GORDON, Josna GRAHAM, ELEANOR El Paso Laredo Santa Rosa San Antonio Odessa Harlingen Denison Breckenridge Houston Crystal City Hebbronville Sonora El Paso Fort Worth Fort Worth JUN -v A GRAHAM, GAIL GRAHAM, MARY LYNN GRAY, MARGARET GREENE, KAYE GUERRA, DORA GWOSDZ, VIRGINIA HALE, BOBBYEANN HAMLETT, PATTY HANCOCK, RUTH HARDIN, ADAROSE HARLOW, JANET HART, CATHERINE HARVEY, JOAN HATLEY, LANELLE HENDERSON, SUE HENDERSON, WANDA HERRING, DANA HILARIO, LUCIA Denton Paris Moreauville, La. Galena Park Mission Edna Dallas Dayton San Diego Mayflower, Ark. Lovington, N. M. Corpus Christi Angleton Eunice, N. M. Dallas Monahans Grand Prairie Laredo TJ' ,av I 'v-+P' ,.-qu if 1 . . .J v V I . ' D ij l-1 A ' , F V ..' 'W g A is ,i T sf X71 f' 1 'N . ja A 'US 5.949 if -ftp HILL, PAT HOLM, KATHLEEN HOWELL, JUDY JACKSON, CAROL JESCHKE, BINNIE JOE, LUCY JOHNSON, MARY JOHNSON, SANDRA JONES, JANE JONES, LUANN JONES, MYRNA JONES, NANCY JONES, PAULETTE KAUFMAN, REGINA KELLY, BETTY Paris Houston Fort Worth Jacksonville, Ark. Veribest West Helena, Ark. Richardson Dallas Dallas Weslaco New Boston Pampa Dallas San Antonio Nederland KELSEY, BARBARA KLAMMER, ANNETTE KNISELY, DIANE KORSMO, KAREN KUPERMAN, SHARON KUTZER, CAROL KWAN, BERNICE SUE LACK, PAT LAKE, CHARMAINE LA MOTTA, SUE LANGFORD, BETTY LIGHTSEY, JULIANA LILE, PAULA LINDEMANN, MARY LONDAK, LONNIE LOPEZ, MARGARET LOPEZ, NINFA LOVING, BARBARA Austin Tulsa, Okla. Denton Roswell, N. M. Houston Longview San Antonio La Marque Dallas Houston Dallas Jacksonville, Fla. Dallas Dallas Fort Worth Waco Rio Grande City Fort Worth -.pk J 'far 11,4 2 LOWE, NAN LUTENER, CAROL LYON, ANNA MAE MABRY, CHARLENE MADDOX, PATRICIA MADDRY, DEDE MAJOR, KAY MARCH, PEGGY ANN MAREK, BOBBIE ANN MARQUEZ, JESUSA MARTIN, CRICK MARTIN, LINDA MARTIN, MOLLY MARTINEZ, DELIA Paris El Paso El Paso Batesville, Ark. Dallas Biloxi, Miss. N ocona Dallas Edna Kapaa, Hawaii Holly Hill, Fla. Fort Worth College Station David, Panama MARTINEZ, ROSA MARIA Rio Grande City i ..-af 't""' MARTINEZ, VIRGINIA MATTIsoN, ELLEN MAYS, MARTHA MERRITT, MARY ANN MILLER, BARBARA MILLER, JANE, MRS. MIMS, JUDY MITCHELL, PATRICIA MITSQHKE, LEE MOBERLY, ELIZABETH MONTE, ELLEN MOODY, SANDRA MOORE, BARBARA MOORE, CAROLE MORENO, BLANCA MORETON, SUSAN MORRIS, LINDA MURPHY, MARGWEN San Antonio San Francisco, Calif. Denton Colorado City Victoria Denton Roswell, N. M. Irving Houston Austin Barre, Vt. Orange San Antonio Aurora, Colo. Sabanagrande, Panama Dallas Dallas Fort Worth MURPHY, PATRICIA MCCALL, ELIESE MCELYEA, BETTIE MCGUIRE, PATSY NEAL, JUDY NELSON, SHEILA NEWBOLD, JANET Lufkin Brazoria Mercedes Sweetwater Palacios Benton, Ark. Midland NEWKAM, CYNTHIA JANE Roswell, N. M. ODEN, F REDA OLIVER, CHERYL OSORIO, NORIS OWENS, DIANNE OYLER, BECKY PAGEL, NEVA PARKS, LYNN Texas City Dallas Chitre, Panama Denton Wellington, Kan. Seguin St. Joseph, La. Qnsnnnd-5 PASSAMONTE, LOUANN PATTERSON, TERRY PEACOCK, KAY PETREE, KAREN PHAM, THI DUNG PIERCE, ALICE POLLARD, CHARLENE POPE, JUNE PORTER, LETA POULTER, PAULA RABE, ANN RACOBS, MICHAEL RAMIREZ, ESTELLA RAMIREZ, YOLANDA RAMSEY, Lois RANGEL, RAQUEL RASCHKE, CONNIE RATLIFF, GAIL Dallas Houston Tyler Houston Saigon, Vietnam Denton Baytown Doucette Fort Worth Houston Lake Jackson Waco Brownsville Robstown New Braunfels Alice San Antonio Tyler 1.14 G I REA, CAROLYN Wichita Falls REA, GAIL North Little Rock, Ark. REAGAN, TERRY REID, NANCY RENSHAW, DOROTHY RICHARDSON, MARTH RIVERA, CORINE ROBBINS, PATRICIA ROBINSON, RITA ROSELAND, NANCY ROTRAMEL, JUDY ROWLAND, CISSIE RUZICKA, MARILYN SAENZ, MARTHA SAENZ, PRISCILLA Eunice, N. M. Hatfield, Ark. Quinlan A DEE Wharton Colorado City Georgetown Pampa Argyle Devine Raymondville Fort Worth Concepcion Dallas SALSMAN, GENEVA SANDERS, LEAH SANDOVAL, LYDIA SANTLEBAN, CAROL SCHLEGEL, ,IO BETH SCHLOSS, DONNA SCHNACK, JUDY SHAFFE11, JEANNE SHIPPEN, LIB SHRUM, CAROLYN SIMMONS, CAROLINDA SMITH, BETTY ANN SMITH, JEAN SMITH, JUDY sPEoToR, CLARE SPRAGGINS, LINDA STAPLETON, SALLYE STASSWENDER, TON I Texarkana Houston Brownsville Hondo Houston Richardson Sparks, Nev. York, Neb. Osceola, Ark. Bonham Dallas Hooks Kermit Pasadena San Antonio Sonora Tripoli, North Africa Austin STEGLICH, ETOILE STEPHENS, EILEEN STINNETT, F LOYE STRUEBING, DONNA SUCHER, MEREDITH SULLIVAN, LAURA SWEET, PATRICIA TAYLOR, SANDRA THIGPEN, SHARON THOMAS, FRANCES THOMPSON, LINDA TILSON, JUDY TREVINO, CELINA TRUELOCK, ELLIE TUCKER, JACKIE Bartlett Boerne Turner, Orc. David City, Ncb. Houston Seguin Amarillo Bellaire Graham Little Rock, Ark. Matador Dallas San Diego Houston Mt. Pleasant TURNER, JEAN VARVEL, PATRICIA ANN VAUGHAN, CHARLEEN VEGA, BERTHA VEGA, ROLIA VESTER, JEAN WAHRMUND, JANE WALKER, CLAUDIA WALKER, TAMMY WALLIS, WILMA WARD, ALICE WARD, DIANA WARNER, ANN WEAN, PAULETT1-3 WEHMEYER, HAZEL WELLBURN, BETSY WELLS, JUDY GAY WESCOTT, LOU San Marcos College Station Dimmitt Mercedes Laredo South Houston Fredericksburg Houston Corpus Christi Denton Lufkin Hurst Galveston Tulsa, Okla. Stockdale Port Arthur Brownwood Seminole 445'--P ,I L91-4 Nw -V ff' WHITAKER, LINDA WHITE, CINDY' WILLIAMS, VIOLA WILLIAMSON, CAROLYN WILLIAMSON, TOMASENE WILSON, PENNY WINGO, PAT WOOTEN, GAY LYNN WRIGHT, SUSAN YATES, PEGGY YEARGAIN, NITA YOUNG, PAT YOUNG, SHERRY ZEPIIDA, DELFINA LOUISE La Marque Houston Falfurrias Bay City Wichita Falls San Antonio Abilene Cookville Carlsbad, N. M. Dallas Midland Dallas Dallas Victoria 'lin 4? Mr. and Mrs. john Murray Kendrick, Freshman Sponsors Freshmen, Class of '66 Well, '66, here we are at the end of our freshman year at the University and at the beginning of three more bigger and better years. As we arrived here last fall, we were, to say the least, apprehensive and anxious. We proved ourselves with an exciting Freshman Talent Assembly. We learned to work together as a class and with the invaluable aid of our class sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. John Murray Kendrick, and our sister class. We have grown to love and admire Texas Woman's Univer- sity. As second semester approached, we selected, or- ganized and produced our first Stunt. Although we did not win the cup, we won the respect and friendship of many. We made our good better and our better best. And now with wistful eyes we look to the future. With this year behind us we are ready to move ahead and prove ourselves an asset to this University. May no one ever be able to say of '66, "so much to do, so little done." Freshman Class President Karen Gump cuts her cake in traditional Texsie fashion as Rita Chapa, vice presidentg Melanie McCoy, secretary, and Sharon Huffman, treaxurer, look on. Freshman Class Song Daughters of '66 Bravely we stand together, Holding our place with Tessie grace Proudly through the years. This is our greatest task Honoring TWU Tessies forever strong and true Daughters of 566 T-T-TES S-S-SIE TES SIE Tessies of ,66 T-T-TES S-S-SIE TES SIE Daughters of 366. ADAIR, LURA Albuquerque, N. M. ADAMS, KATHLEEN Hurst ADAMSON, JUDY San Antonio ALAMIA, PAZ Edinburg ALBEE, MARY LU ALCAZAR, JOSEFINA ARGUELLES, MARIA ARMSTRONG, PEGGY ALDRICH, BEVERLY ALEXANDER, NANCY El Paso Rio Grande Falfurrias Dublin Mineral Wells Gretna, La. ARRANT, MARY Navasota ASKEY, CAROL Decatur ALMARAZ, VIOLA McAllen ALTMANN, JEAN LaGrange BABISAK, KATHIE Dallas BAIN, NANCY Amarillo ALVERSON, BARBARA Dallas AMASS, BEVERLY JEAN Houston BAIRD, KAREN LYNN I Houston BALL, SARAH Sherman ANDERSON, VICKY Dallas ANZALDUA, YOLANDA Weslaco BARNES, VIRGINIA Edinburg BARR, BETTY Grand Prairie APPLEE, INGRID Waco ARGO, MADELYN Richardson BARRERA, MAGDALENA Harlingen BARRERA, NELIA Hebbronville A -..,,,, ,i,! H, , i"'wf.j:? BENAVIDES, DORALISA Hebbronville BENAVIDES, GLORIA Eagle Pass BENN, JUDY Hialeah, Fla. BENNET, DIANE Northridge, Cal. BARTELSON, ANN Houston BARTELT, ZELLA Walla Walla, Wash. BENNETT, ANN Dallas BENNETT, BARBARA Denton BARTLETT, PATRICIA Lockhart BATES, LINDA Colorado City BENNETT, JACKIE Sour Lake BERMEA, ADELA Eagle Pass BAZAN, EDELINA Benavidcs BAZAN, MARIA ELENA I-Iebbronville BERRY, SUSAN Austin BERRYMAN, CAROLYN Munday BEAMER, NANCY College Station BEATY, ANNA Dallas BESHEA, BONNIE Boernc BIDLACK, JANET Weslaco BEAVER, MARILYN Luling BEDNAR, KAREN BINKLEY, CAROL BLAKE, KATHRYN BELL, CAROLYN BELL, KAY BLUM, ANNETTE BOARDMAN, TRUDY San Antonio Lima, Ohio Mercedes Panhandle Hope, Ark. Snyder Eau Gallic, Fla. ,W , 1 av 1, ,X 4 ,P E54 BOGART, PAULETTE Forrest City, Ark. BOLL, JOYCE Houston BORDON, SYVONNE Port Isabe.l BOUNDS, ANNETTE Kermit BOUNDS, CLAUDIA H Fort Worth BOURLAND, FREDDA Quail BRIGEMAN, SANDY El Paso BRONAUGH, PATRICIA Waco BOVO, ANNA MARIA Waco BRACHER, LINDA Houston BROWN, JAN Seminole BROWN, KAREN San Angelo BRADSHAW, LILLY Weatherford BRANNAN, NANCY Beaumont BROWN, MISSY BROWN, SANDRA Elizabethtown, Ky. San Antonio BRANNON, GLORIA Texarkana BRATTON, CAROLYN Mason BROWNING, SUZANNE Harlingen BRYAN, DARLENE . Upland, Cal. BRAUNIG, JOYCE Houston BRENNAN, JODIE San Antonio BRYANT, PAMELA Norfolk, Va. BURK, BECKY Lubbock BRENNAN, SHIRLEY DAY Memphis, Tenn. BRIDGER, MARGARET Tyler BURRESS, SUSAN Corinth, Miss. BUTTERFIELD, SANDRA Texarkana CARMICHAEL, SHIRLEY Houston CARPENTER, SUZIE BUTTS SIBYL Q MRS. Q Gainesville Kerrville CARRINGTON, SHELIA Richardson CARROW, SUE Garland Grand Prairie LaGrange Big Lake Artesia, N. M. Benavides CATES VIRGINIA San Antonio CAVAZOS AMANDA Falfurrias CANNON JANIE Dallas CANNON SANDRA Chevy Chase, Md. CEBALLOS SONIA Edinburg CERBOSKAS REGENA Kermit CANTU IMELDA Falfurrias CANTU MARY Bryan CERVANTES GLORIA Sonora CHAMBERLAIN MARY HELEN Beeville CAPPS MARY BETH Sweetwater GARDEN BETTY San Benito CHANDLER MARGARET San Antonio CHANEY MARGOT San Antonio CARL PAULA Roswell, N. M. CARMEAN ESTHER E1Paso CHAPA RITA Brownsville CHEEK JUDY Amarillo ,,.,-4 CHISM, SHERIDAN Dallas CISNEROS, HILDA Benavides CLAWSON, DONNA A Temple A COATES, KAYE Houston CONLAN, TERRI Abilene CONNOR, ALICE Texarkana CRAGG, JANA Carrizo Springs CRAIG, BARBARA Sweetwater COOK, SHIRLEY Deer Park COOP, ELAINE Irving CRAIG, CANDY San Antonio CROOM, SANDRA Odessa CORDONIER, SHERRY Parkville, Mo. CORICH, VICKI Irving CROWLY, SANDY Hazen, Ark. CRUZE, MARY PATSY Victoria CORN, KATHY New York, N. Y. COUCH, JERRIE Dallas CURL, CARLA Post CUSHING, BRIDGETTE -Gadsden, Ala. COUCH, MARILYN Fort Worth COULING, ROSE Benavides DALEY, ROSEANN Dallas DANIEL, LESSIE Texarkana COX, CAROL New Canaan, Conn. COX, SANDRA Snyder DANIELS, MARGIE Corpus Christi DAVIDSON, SHAY El Paso DILL, TOMMIE JO Annandale, Va. DISHONGH, SHARRON Brazoria DOMINQUEZ, CARMEN Silsbee DROSIHN, ANN Denton DAVIS, DONNA Dallas DAVIS, JOY Kirbyville DUBAN, JO ANN Fort Worth DUDDLESTEN, SALLY Jackson, Miss. DAVIS, LUCILE Longview DAWALT, KARIE Shreveport, La. DUFIELD, LYNN Berwick, La. DUKE, LINDA Ennis DE MARIA, GUADALUPE St. Francisco, Panama Miami, Fla. DEMPSEY, CHERYL DUMAS, JANICE Hillsboro DUNCAN, HAZEL Christoval DENISON, PATRICIA Houston DE SANTOS, ELMA Corpus Christi DUPLISSEY, GAYLE Houston EADS, JANET Beaumont DE WIT, KAREN Denver, Colo. DIAZ, MARIA Eagle Pass EATON, CAROLYN Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich EDWARDS, KITTY Little Rock, Ark. DICKERSON, DIANA San Antonio DILDY, BETTY Sulphur Springs EDWARDS, MARY LOU Lufkin ELAM, MARY BETH Corpus Christi Qye 'iv N sa' J Ki vcr .. sf ELIZONDO, CELIA San Antonio ELLIOTT, BEVERLEY Temple ELLIOTT, JENNIFER Fort Worth ELMORE, MARVIA El Paso LLY, JILL ENGEL, LINDA FIGUEROA, ADRIANA FINNEY, LORAINE ERICKSON, SHIRLEY ESCOBAR, RUPERTA FISHER, JOHNNIE FLANAGAN, RUBYE ESCOUBAS, LORANA ESPEDAHL, CHARLENE FLORES, ALMA FLOWERS, SHERIAN ETHERIDGE, LO ETTA FAUSETT, SUSAN Irving Houston Falfurrias Dallas Fort Worth Mission Dallas Vidor Hcarne Anthony Hargill Weslaco Dallas Garland FOSTER, JIMMIE qMRS.p waxahachie FOWLE, CAROL ANN FEES, MERRIE JO FERGUSON, CLAUDIA FRAZIER, MARSHA FREEMAN, ROXIE FERGUSON, RUBY FERR1, YVONNE FRISBIE, SAUNDRA FRITSCH, CARLA ' Houston San Antonio Garland Sepuneda, Cal. Duncanville Center Arlington Amarillo La Grange 19 fl GARZA, CHRIS Harlingen GARZA, M INERVA Santa Rosa GAUTHIER, BARBARA Victoria GAY, KATHY La Porte FURRH, JOAN 132111218 GABRIEL, NANETTE El Paso GIBSON, DONNA De Ridder, La. GILBERT, PENNY Texas City GAINES, ANNE Stephenville GAIRRETT, SANDRA Minot, N. Dak. GILL, DEAN Winnie GILLIAT, MARY Boernc GANDY, PAULINA Rogers GARCIA, IRMA IRIS Falfurrias GLASS, SHARON Dallas GLAZENER, JEANETTE Bryan GARCIA, MARY Laredo GARCIA, MARY ANN Baytown GODWIN, COLLEEN Bryan GODWIN, MARILYN Colorado City GARCIA, OMADEE Eagle Pass GARDNER, HARRIETT N. Little Rock, Ark. GOLDBERG, MARTHA ROSE Laredo GOMEZ, GRACE Brackcttvillc GARRETT, JO ANN Parsons, Kan. GARRETT, MARY NELL Dallas GONZALES, VIOLA Raymondville GONZALEZ, ARGELIA Eagle Pass GOODSELL, KAREN Anahuac GOODSON, JANICE Houston GOODWYN, CATHERINE Italy rf GOOLSBY, LINDA Brownwood GORDON, Josnz ' Fort worth GORMAN, JANE Italy GRIFFIN, RUBY Temple GROSSMAN, NANCY West GRAF, JAMIE Aledo GRAGG, SHERRY Dallas GRUBBS, BARBARA Tulsa, Okla. GUDMANSON, MIRIAM Harlingen GRAY, EVA EILEEN Fort Worth GRAY, GAYLE Granbury GUERRA, BECKY Edinburg GUERRA, ROMANA Port Lavaca GRAY, JO ANNA Dallas GRAY, SUZANNE Mission GUERRERO, JULIA Mission GUMP, KAREN Coffeyville, Kan. GRAY, VIRGINIA Panhandle GREEN, PATRICIA Stephenville GUMPERT, MARGARET Denison GUNTER, DIANE Harlingen GREER, NANCY Lexington, Ky. GRIFFIN, JO ANN Denton HACKER, SHARON Kenmore, N. Dak. HADSELL, PAM Irving HART, GAIL Galveston HARVICK, PEGGY San Antonio HAVERKAM PF, JANET INinnetka, Ill. HAWKINS, GAIL Dallas HALCOMB, JULIE DEE Seottsville, Ky. HALE, CAROLE HEATH, SHEILA HEDGECOKE, SANDRA HALL, PATSY qMRs.p HALL, RUTH HEDGES, JOYCE HEGGY, KAREN HANCOCK, LYNDIA HANNA, DEANNA HELBERG, RUTH HENISEY, SARAH HANSEN, SANDRA HARNER, VICKI HENRY, ELAINE HENSARLING, EARLINE HARRIS, CHARLOTTE HARRIS, JUDY HERRING, LINDA HESSLING, JUDY HARRISON, HELEN HARSHBARGER, JUNA HICKERSON, MARTHA HICKSON, CONNIE Dallas Dallas Stinnett Dallas Fort Worth Mt. Pleasant Houston Kerrville Flatonia Houston Dallas Carlsbad, N. M. Galena Park DeKalb Huntsville El Paso Italy Waco Corpus Christi Longview Killeen New Boston Bokeelia, Fla. HIGDON, DRENDA Midland HINOJOSA, ANITA Benavides H IN OJOSA, MARGARITA Benavides HOBBS, MARY Beatrice, N eb. HOCKER, JOYCE Arlmgton HOLDER, GLORIA McCrory Ark HUBBARD, MARIALICE Beaumont HUFFMAN, SHARON lort Worth HOLLAND, EMAGENE Sawyer AFB Mlch HOLLOWAY, PAM MCKIHUPB HUGHES, CHERRYL HUGO, JO NAN HOMESLEY, JERRY HOMMEL, PATTI HUMBLE, GEORGIA HUTSON, BETTY HOOPS, SUSAN HOOTEN, LORENA qMRS.J INGRAM, ELAINE IRWIN, BARBARA Grass Lake M1ch HOOVER, JUDY HORLANDER, CAROLYN JACKSON, DORETHA JACKSON, FRAN HOWARD, THALIA HOWELL, JANE GAY JACKSON, JOYCE JACKSON, JUDY JUNELL, RUTH Spring KAMMER, JACQUE Gallup, N. M. KEITH, SHARON Colleyville KELLY, ANNIRENE Park Forest, Ill. JACOBSON, SANDEE El Campo JAMES, ROBIN Honolulu, Hawaii KELLY, MELINDA Hamilton KELLY, PATRICIA Fort Worth JANSON, SYLVIA Carlsbad, N. M. JENKINS, KENDA Darrouzett KELSEY, JUDY Kerrville KELSEY, LINDA Rossville, Kan. JENNINGS, MARY Denison JOERIS, KATHY Abilene KEMP, LETRICE Mincoa KEMPTON, CAROLYN Tabor, Iowa JOHNSON, JAN Scottsbluff, Neb. JOHNSTON, PEGGY Tulsa, Okla. KENEASTER, CHERYL Houston KENT, ANDREA Homer, La. JONES, DOROTHY Denison JONES, FERNAN Little Rock, Ark. KIMBLE, CAROLYN Midland KIRKLAND, KAREN El Paso JONES, NANCY JO Triumph, La. JOSEY, MARILYN Hale Center KIRBY, ANITA Monahans KOLB, BARBARA Sherman KORNEGAY, MARGRETT Gause KRAMOLIS, NITA Dallas KUEHL, JANET Haysvillc, Kan. LACKEY, LIDA Irving LADD, CAROLYN I Plainview, Ark. LAWRENCE, SUSAN Wichita Falls LINDLEY, LURA McKinney LINDNER, MARIAN Comfort LAYTON, DIATRA Blackwell, Okla. LEATHERWOOD, JUDY Anglcton LIPPMANN, LOIS LIPSEY, SANDRA LEE, BENNIE SUE LEE, LOUISE qMRs.p LODGE, DRU LOTTMAN, LINDA LEIGH, KAREN LEISTER, DORATHEA LOUTHAN, PAT LOVGREN, BETTY San Antonio San Antonio Monahans Denton Houston Houston Apopka, Fla. Orange Wichita, Kan. Lakc Bluff, Ill. LEWIS, LINDA Borger LEWIS, RITA Abilene LOWE, BOBBE san Angelo LOWE, MARY ANNA Arlington LEZAMA, MARIA ELENA Mexico City, Mexico LICCIONI, DOLORES Houston LUCAS, MARY Stephenville LUNNING, TRISH Shaker Heights, Ohio McDOWELL, MARTHA Flynn McEWEN, CHERYL MeNary, Ariz. MCGINNIS, LINDA Stinnett MCGINTY, MARILYN Texas City LUTHER, ELIZABETH Harlingen LUZIUS, LINDA Cleveland, Ohio MCILWAIN, JUDY ANN Houston MCKINNEY, BETTY LOU Del Rio LYERLY, BONNIE El Paso LYNCH, CHRISTINE San Antonio MCMURRY, LUCILLE CMRSJ Bridgeport MCNIEL, MARY Lampasas MCADAMS, KATHY Dallas MCBRIDE, DALE Alexandria, La. MaeDONALD, SHERRY Houston MANNING, CHARLOTTE Lexington MCCANN, JEAN Dallas MCCLENDON, JUDY Midwest City, Okla. MARIN, MINERVA Bryan MARION, MILA Spur MCCOY, MELANIE Denison MCCRAW, NANCY Alamo MARSHALL, NANCY Houston MARTIN, BARBARA Waskom MCDANIEL, BENNI Muleshoe MCDONALD, PAM Wichita Falls MARTIN, KAY Shreveport, La. MARTIN, NANCY Baytown MARTIN, SHAN Leesburg MARTINEZ, MARGARET Baytown MASHMAN, BARBARA Richardson MASHMAN, JO ANNE Richardson MASTIN, GLORIA Port Worth MATHEWSON, DONNA Lyndonvllle N Y MINYARD, MARILOU Wlchlta Falls MIZE, DIANNE West Columbla MATTHEWS, LESLIE ANN Coohdge MEARS, SHERRY Alv1n MOEHLE, DIANE Bastrop MOHAR, CHERYL New Albany Ind MECKLENBURG, PEGGY Seagraves MEENACH, ANTOINETTF Temple MOLDER, ALICE Harper MONTHEY, KAYE Arllngton MERKEL, S'HARON Montgomery Ala MERRILL, CONNIE Arlmgton MOODY, ESTHER Denison MOON, JOAN Swxfton Ark MILLER, BONNIE Dallas MILLER, JULIA Cotton Valley La MooN, MARSHA Pasadena MOONEYHAN, CAROL Nashvxlle Tenn MILLER, MARY FRANCES Baytown MINOR, SHIRLEY Llttlcfield MOORE, BONNIE Floresvllle MOORE, REBECCA Lockhart NOEL, CHRISTINE Corpus Christi NYSTROM, LOUISE Houston OBANDO, LUCY San Antonio OLIVER, DIANNE Channelview MOORE, SYLVIA Fort Worth MORENO, DALILA Sabanagrande, Panama OLSON, JEAN Pecan Gap ONDRASEK. BILLIE ANN Somerville MUELLER, MARY MARGARET Mason MULLIS, DANA Nocona ONDROVIK, JOANN Dallas OSTERHOUT, CLAIRE N. Little Rock, Ark. MURDOCK, KAREN Golden MURPHEY, SUSANNE Nashville, Tenn. OTTEMAN, KAREN Sac City, Iowa OYSTER, SHARON Houston MURRAY, JULIA Garland MYERS, DOLORES Maitland, Fla. PAGE, SARAH Stinnett PAGE, SUSAN Brownsville NELSON, SHARON Bryan NETTLE, SANDY Marque PAISLEY, KATHY Conroe PALAMOUNTAIN, NANCY Dallas NEVELS, CAROLE Beeville NILES, SARA ELIZABETH Wichita Falls PARK, OLGA QMRSJ Denton PARKER, CARMAN Eagle Lake PARTAIN, JANICE La Marque PAYNE, OLIVIA Robins AFB, Ga. PEQUENO, RAQUEL Hollis, N. Y. PEREZ, EYDA MARCEL Ave Peru, Panama PEREZ, PATRICIA PERSON, BETTYE PRATT, DONNA PRATT, SANDY PETERSON, MIKI PETRI, BARBARA Dallas PRESCOTT, MARION Dallas PRIDDY, JANE Odessa PHILBECK, MARTHA Port Worth PHILLIPS, MARGARET Walnut Sprmgs PULLIAM, PATRICIA PUTNAM, JULIA PITTS, CLAUDIA Ne PLATT, JUDY QUALLS, MARJORIE RACH, JUDY POEHL, VIRGINIA POSTON, PAMELA RAGIR, CYNTHIA RAM ETTE, SYLVIA POTTS, CHARLOTTE New Orleans L POWER, PAULA N. Llttle Rock Ark RAMIREZ, MARIE Santa Rosa RAMIREZ, VIRGINIA Stafford travelmg james, and discuss .7 their , travels and commoni RICHARDSON, SHERYL Houston estsl 1"7 RICHBURG, LA VON Hermleigh RICHEY, LOU ANNE Denton RICHMOND, LINDA Hamilton RAMOS, MERCY Eleele, Hawaii RAU, SHARON ANN Lyons, Kan. RIDDER, ANN Orlando, Fla. RIERSON, PATRICIA Morgan REBELLE, JUDY Port Allen, La. REED, ANDRA Midand RING, ROSEMARY Winona Lake, Ind. RISINGER, JEANIE Eunice, N. M. REED, MARY Little Rock, Ark. REEVES, SHARON Camden, Ark. RIVERA, EVANGELINA Eagle Pass ROBERTS, GRACE Gainesville RENDON, JOSIE Pharr REYES, TERRY Eagle Pass ROBERTS, PAT Barksdale AFB, La. ROBERTS, SIDNEY Mineral Wells REYNA, MARIA Weslaco RHODES, BARBARA San Antonio ROBERTSON, BOBBIE Brownfield ROBINSON, SHERRY Comanche RICH, PAULA Brookfield, Mo. RICHARDSON, CAROL Dallas RODGERS, NANCY Longview RODRIQUEZ, LAMAR Mission ROGERS, LOUISE Briscoe ROGERS, PENNY Monahans ROITSCH, CONNIE i La Grange I ROSHONG, DIANE Houston ROSS, DIANE Shreveport, La. RUSHING, REA Odessa SCHOOLER, KAY Hamilton SCHORNACK, CAROL Houston RUSSELL, KAREN Floresville RUSSELL, MARILYNN Colorado City SCHRAMM, JEANNE Austin SCHUETTE, KATHRYN Tulsa, Okla. SAENZ, BERTHA Benavides SAIN, KAY Memphis, Tenn. SCHUKAR, ANN Grand Prairie SCOTT, BETTY Converse SALINAS, NELIA Pharr SALINAS, SARA Falfurrias SCOTT, RACHAL Pearland SCRUGGS, BEVERLY Pharr SANCHEZ, MARGARET Sondra SANDERS, CYNTHIA Vernon SEEDLE, ELAINE Texarkana SENDEJO, ROSE VERONICA Falfurrias SANTORUFO, LINDA N. Little Rock, Ark. SAWYER, ELLEN Houston SERNA, CELIA San Diego SEWELL, CAROL Houston SMITH, CHARLOTTE Alvord SMITH, SUNNY Sanger SMITHER, LINDA Harlingen SOHO, SUSAN Temple an SHADDOCK LLIZABETH Camden, Ark. SHAHAN DIANNA Weatherford SPARKMAN GAY Grand Prairie SPENCER ADENIA Decatur SHANNON PATRICIA Eagle Pass SHUGART CECILE Lancaster SPURGEON SANDRA Fort Worth SQUIER DONNA Houston SIEGFRIED CARROL Stratford, Conn. SIGLE MARY San Juan STANLEY CONSTANCE Snyder STARK BETTY Buna SIMIC MARGARET Beatrice, Neb. SIMMONS PAM Abilene STARKEY KATHLEEN Fort Worth STEVENS KATHERINE Marshall SIMMS FRAN Clovis, N. M. SIMPSON LOU Ennis STEWART CAROLYN Lewisville STEWART SAUNDRA Rhome SINGLETARY BETH Sillsbee SLEDGE BARBARA Chii1dFCSS STIGLER SUELLEN E1Paso STOCKDALE BARBARA Dallas 'V x STODGHILL, GLORIA Wichita Falls STONE, ELSA Houston STRICKLAND GLORIA Houston STURGES, PAT Campbellton SULLINS, JANE Crossett, Ark. SWEITZER, MARILEE Wichita Falls THOMPSON, ELAINE Texarkana THOMPSON, SANDRA ANN Houston SWITZER, JUDY Odessa TAMBORELLO, PAT Galena Park TIERCE, SANDY Ft. Campbell, Ky. TILLMAN, GLORIA Groves TAUBER, KATHIE College Station TEETER, NANCY Texarkana TORRES, LYDIA Del Rio TOWLES, ESTHER Dallas TEFTELLER, LUE Carlsbad, N. M. TERRY, ANNE Bellaire TRAMMELL, SUSAN Coleman TRUSCOTT, SHARON Aledo THEISS, BEVERLY Houston THOMAS, EVELYN Benson, Ariz. VASINA, SANDRA Jourdanton VINIKOFF, ITTA El Paso THOMAS, SARA Denton THOMERSON, LINDA Arlington VOORHIES, SHIRLEY ANN Hunt WADE, GLENDA Dayton WEAVER, MARY Cross Plains WEBER, VICKI El Paso WEICK, JEAN El Paso WELLBORN, DEANNA Henderson WALDICK DONNA Boernc WALLACE JUDY Port Lavaca WHISENANT MARY McKinney WHISFNANT PATRICIA Cleburne WALTERS JOYCE Simms WARD SHERON Fort Worth WHITAKER THELMA Weslaco WHITTINGTON, PATSY Roscoe WARK DENISE Houston WARNER KAY Orange WICKSTROM ANITA Carlsbad, N. M. WILEY IRENE Aledo WARNF R KERRY Lake Charles, La. Houston WILKES CHARLENE Memphis, Tenn. WILKINSON GLENDA ' Abilene Houston WARRENBURG JANE Houston WILKIRSON JAN Pasadena WILLIAMS BESSIE Falfurrias WASHINGTON CAROLYN Fort Worth El Paso WILLIAMS ELIZABETH Lima, Peru WILLIAMS MARGARET Rock Hill, S. C. WILLIS, DONNA SUE Dallas WILSON, CAROLYN Premont WILSON, SANDRA Daingerfield WOODLIEF, DI ANN E Houston WOODSON, RITA. Pecan Gap WRIGHT, GERALDINE Kerrville WYATT, KARAN Dallas WYLER, MARY Nocona YAMAMOTO, MARY Eleele, Hawaii YANCEY, BARBARA Louisville, Ky. YARBERRY, LINDA Benton, Ark. YARNOLD, JUDY Canadian YOSTEN, SHARON Ft. worth YOUNGBLOOD, REBA Beeviue ZENOR, PHYLLIS Higgins ZOELLER, ROSEMARY Austin Graduate Students 1962 63 Abendroth, Frances L. Fort Worth Education Adams, Daisy Dotson Dallas 1 Library Science Adams, Lucy H. Denton HAS Allbright, Ruby Lea Hurst Home Economics Education Allen, Ima Jean Denton Speech Therapy Bonner, Harriet C. Duncan, Okla. Library Science Botwin, Lorraine H. Denton HPER Bounds, Alleen Denton English Box, Mattie L. Fort Worth Education Boyd, Ellen Weslaco Music Anderson, Ella F . Fort Worth Special Education Arthur, Hattie L. Meridian H Home Economics Education Askey, Elizabeth M. Lake Dallas Biology Atherton, Gladys lMrs.l Nacogdoches Child Development and Family Life Atherton, Parthenia W. Fort Worth Speech and Hearing Therapy Atkinson, Patsey C. Denton Chemistry Bailey, Annabel C. Dallas Nutrition Bailey, Myrtle V. Lewisville Home Economics Education Baker, Elinor C. Burleson Speech Therapy Baker, Elizabeth A. Sherman Special Education Baker, Flora Johnston San Marcos Library Science Baker, Marie D ll a as Library Science Baker, Melva Lynn Mesquite Library Science Baker, Paula R. Fort Worth Speech and Hearing Balkus, Marty P. Homestead, la. Dance and Related Arts Ball, Beverly Ann Wichita, Kan. HPER Bartley Edith S. Fort Worth Chemistry Bates, Janice H. Fort Worth Special Education Bates, Marjorie Houghton Dallas Library Science Batesy. Mary Lou Denton Special Education Beall, Sue Navasota HPER Beauchene, Alice B. Denton Clothing and Textiles Beck, dna E. Anson Home Economics Education Benson, Berneda Arlington HPER Boyd, Morris E. Fort Worth Library Science Boykin, Virginia Grand Prairie Home Economics Education Brake, Mary E. Dallas Special Education Brice, Martha L. Grapevine Math Brown, Burke Louise Wetherly Biology Brundage, Kathcryn Merle Grand Prairie Library Science Buckalew, Mary Jane Benne Denton Library Science Burks, Sheila M. Arlington Education of Deaf Burns, Dorothy K. pcec crapy gJallas1Th Butler, Elynor E. Jonestown, Miss. HPER-Dance Buzbee, Joy Hall iMrs.l Denison Speech and Hearing Byrd, Clara Lou lMrs.l Fort Worth Library Science Cady, Ruth Huntsville HPER Campbell, Violet E. Fort Worth Elementary Education Cannon, Charlotte M. Denton Library Science Capps, Edna L. Pontotoc Home Economics Education Carroll, Ruth Dallas Library Science Casey, Rosanne Fort Worth Library Science Chadwell, Patricia A. Fort Worth Library Science Champion, Anna R. CMrs.J Commerce Science Chang, Mary C. Kao Hsiung, Taiwan Microbiology Chen, Grace Woan-Jung Taipei, Taiwan Food and Nutrition Chen, Mei-hwa Tuku Yumlin, Taiwan Food and Nutrition Chaing, Loi Kaokewing, Taiwan Chemistry Christensen, Reona M. N O . yssa, re Dance and Related Arts Chu Ni-Ying, Louise Taipei, Taiwan Food and Nutrition Biggs, Rita Joyce Poolvillc Math Black, Margaret Dallas Library Science Black, Sadie Jo Waco Clothing and Textiles Blackburn, Dorothy Mae Fort Worth Math Blanks, Titia Belle Waco glotlgni E oar ean . Crandall Or an Bpgo, Maibeth Pilot Point Math Bohn, Helen Sort xVoIrIth peec era y Bonds, Opal Denton Education Bonner, Gloria Fort Worth Math Clark Lillie J. lMrs.l 3 Denton - Math Clark Mae Alice Fort Worth Math Clark, Ruth Hanna fMrs.l Dallas Library Science Clarke, Margaret Denton Speech Clements, Mary T. fMrs.l Arlington Science Clodfclter, Beatrice Ann Irving Education Clodfelter, Cherie Ann Irving Education Coker, Louise Daingerfield Home Economics tt lMrs.l Coker, Pauline Bradley, Ark. Physical Education Coe, Margaret lMrs.l Fort Worth Education Columbus, Mary Fort Worth Math Conley, Jackie Jane Fort Worth Education Cooper, Elnora Ann Denton Speech Cofmeland, Helen Ar ington Art Corbitt, Shirley Dallas HPER Covert, Lorcne K. Dallas Math Crawford, Billie L. Jacksboro Child-Develzzlpment Steamer, E e B. I en on ' D Home Economics Education gunningham, Tom Joyce I en on Family Economics and Home Management Doggett, Marsha Lea Huntsville Food and Nutrition Daniel, Catherine Denton Elementary Education Davidson, Carol R. Velien, Ind. Biolo y Davidson, Mary Ella Pasadena HPER Davis, Bilye Jo Fort Worth Special Education Davis, Era B. Monroe, La. Home Economics Education Davis, Hazel E. Tulsa, Okla. Physical Education Dealy, Doris Dallas Biology Denson, Joyce Denton Special Education De Sousa, Doris El Monte, Calif. Home Economics Education Dickson, Nova Austin Education Ditmore, Joan Kay tMrs.l Austin Dance Dorsey, Charlene J. Arlington Organ Douglas, Melba O. tMrs.l Fort Worth Chemistry Draper, Argen Hereford Home Economics Education Duncan, Dawn N. Kaufman Home Economics D'Unger, Barbara Laredo Food and Nutrition Durflinger, Mary L. Corpus Christi Home Economics Dycus, Mary R. Fort Worth Special Education Dyer, Edithlynn Dallas Sgeech Therarpy E erline, Lin a Richardson .... Speech Therapy Eblen, Myrna W. Fort Worth Library Science Elder, Betty Dallas Math Elliott, Shirley Dallas Special Education Ellis, Joyce C. fMrs.l Perryton Library Science Ellis, Kathleen Sherman Special Education English, Sue Nacogdoches Food and Nutrition Enochs, Mary Louise lMrs.l Fort Worth Library Science Everett, Justine Houston Special Education Farr, Virginia Arlington Special Education Faulkner, Thelma Decatur Dance Faux, Joyce Ann Las Cruces, N. M. HPER Ferguson, Oman lMrs.J Fort Worth Library Science Fitzgerald, Dovanel Dallas Special Education Foster, Ethel Fort Worth Elementary Education Foster Mary Fort Worth Speech Therapy Foster, Suzanne iMrs.l Dallas Speech Foster, Jean Houston lIg'IusicLTlieolry oy ucy . Dallas Special Education Frank, Polly S. El Paso HAS Freeman, Cecilia Denton Speech Therapy French, Mabc ce Houston Lcwelry and Metalwork ry, Ruth J . Lewisville Elementary Education Furrey, Dolores M. White River, S. Dak. HPER Gamble Frances Garland Math Gard, Fernando Denton Home Economics Garza, Elisa G. Mercedes Elementary Education George, Georgia Aubrey Counselw and Guidance Giebel, argaret Fogel 1Mrs Dallas Engish Gil, Doris D. Arlington Food and Nutrition Goodnight, Hazel Arlington Math Gordon, Barbara B. Grapevine Special Education Grodignski, Beatrice lMrs.J Fort Worth S eeeh and Hearing lrfixll, Carolyn J. Richardson ilpeech Therapy amilton, Doris Laurel, Miss. Home Economics Education Hampton, Letta Dallas Math Hardin, Ruby Denton HPER Harris, Eula M. Dallas Library Science Harrison, Thelma Fort Worth Education Hart, Joy Houston Sociology Hart, Nancy C. Edgewood Math Hartt, Mary Farmersvillc Home Economics Education Harvey Anita fMrs.J Fort W'orth ifmecial Education ays, Annie Loricc Denton Library Science Hearne, Doris Waco Library Science Henderson, Marjorie Irving HAS . Henry, Norma Shreveport, La. Biology Hightower, Mabel Fort Worth Math . Hill, Etta Margaret Huntsville Textiles and Clothing ?f'EZ?S'sf3iia. iolo SY I-Iindman, Carolyn Denton ifqecial Education mman, 'Iihelma Joan lloirgiion, Me. Hinton, Pe y M. lMrsJ igffcrson, gila. nology I Holmes, Jill Dallas I Library Science Iblonaker, Elizabeth a as Science Education Howard, Francine Asherton Chemistry Howell, Hallie M. lMrsJ Fort Worth Library Science Hoyle, Dorothy Lubbock HPER Hsu, Jean Kowloon, Hong Kong Chemistry I gugbard, Dons a as Elementary Education kluckqliey, Laura mari o Sonic blficononaics Education une, ane . Dallas ifxecchl Therapy unt, Leta J. lMrs.i Denton English Ingram, Dorothy Commerce l Physical Education gaackson, Margaret erman Special Educqtian gtton, Johnnie K. enton D Library Science Lohnson, Dorothy E. cnison . Library Science Lohman, Ethel ortflrthur Nutrxtxon ' iones, Canherme cwisvillc Library Science juneswClng:ncc Reen QMrs.J Fort on Library Science iones, Hazel ampasas . ' Home Iizonomics Education ones, argaret lliccatur Education gordon, Lois B. lMrs.i fidgeportl Library Science journot, Vida ghmth Th cec erapy lfarr, Flora San Angelo HPER Kee, Lillian Denton Music Keene, Helen Dorchester HAS Kemp, Alta Denton ' ' gomdor.El::oriqo1frl1cs Education en ic , ma Gatesville i Library Science Kenne, Bess M. Paris ' Libx-arg Science Kim, ook He Seoul, Korea Nutrition Kinsey, Helen Gatcsville H I gimme Eceixiomxss Education apper, sa . Denton Nutrition Klausmeyer, Darlene Navasota HPER Klein, Ruth Denton H Textiles and Clothing Knight, Dorothy San Angelo Librar Science Kup,- ,llosephine Li-hwa Tpipx, Taiwan Library Science Kuykendall, Judith Ann Burnet Libx-ani Science Lacy, cona Denton Library Science Lalferty, Ann Allen Dallas Clothing and Textiles Lai, Freda Fu-mei Tawain, China Food and Nutrition Landers, Opal C. Denton I Elementary Education Lane, Jane Dallas Library Science Laurel, Oralia Laredo Home Economiqs Lawson, Geraldine Arlington Educatign h J eary, ara . Dallas Library Science Leatherwood, Helen fMrsJ Bonham Sociology Lee, Betty Fort Worth Math Lee, Esther Fort Worth Chemistry Lee, Soae Seoul Korea Textiles Leevy, Ellen Dallas Nutrition Leister, Christine lMrs.J Dallas HPER Lentz, Margaret Dallas Library Science Lewis, Florence Dallas Library Science Lewis, Marilyn Dallas Dance and Related Arts Li, Hsiang Taipei, Formosa Library Science Liao, Jane Chen-hsing Taipei, Taiwan Libraiy Scgince Lin, in in Taiwan also Cghina Chemistry Lin, Su-Ling Taipi, Taiwan Library Science Lincoln, Carol JoAnne Dallas Library Science Liu, Yvonne Taipi, Taiwan Library Science Llamzon Julita P. U I Manila l'urcnza, Philippines Family Relations Locke, Adele N. Dallas Textiles and Clothing ' Lowry, Carla D. Denton HPER McAbee, june Pick lMrs.j Fort Worth Library Science McClellan, Betty Lou lMrs.l Denton Chemistry McDonald, Norma Lee Dallas Education McFall Carolyn Kay Fort Worth Biology McGolden, Audrey Cape Girardeau, Mo. H ER McGowen, Caroline Denton English McMurr , Amy Adrian Waxahacliie Math McWilliams, Margie Denton Special Education Ma, Andie Enti Taipei, Taiwan Chemistry Mainland Rosemary Lacksonville, Ala. iology Mansfield, Mary Jo Bandera Speech and Hearing Therapy Markman, Marilyn Dallas Nutrition Marks, Mary Fay Dallas Library Science Marshall, Evadna Riddle Denton Education Martin, Betty Dallas Food and Nutrition Martin, Lois 1. Mesquite Home Economics Education Mays, Vera Kingsville Home Economics Education Medford Mattie Bea Huntsville Home Economics Education Merryman, Barbara R. Clinton, Ark. Food and Nutrition Mickus, Bobbie j. fMrsJ Dallas English Milford june lMrs.l Richarzfson Biological Science Miller, Eva E. Waco Food and Nutrition Mitchel, Nanie Jean lMra.J Dallas Library Science Mitz, Fumiko Denton Printing Mix, Betty jo Mundy, Harriet Marie W. KM Dallas Library Science Dallas Library Science Montgomery, Tommie Dallas Home Economics Education Monts, Elizabeth Fresno, Calif. Be orrls tty Fort Worth Math Morris, Gloria Denton Painting Morris, Ruth Dallas Chemistry-Biology Morrow, Annie Launa Waco Home Economics Education Murray, Theo Virginia Tyler English u Nasche, Sister Mary Terasita Dallas Math Natow, Annette B. Wacq l Nutrition Naylor, Mary Beth Wichita Falls Library Science Newcomb, Lucille lMrs.j Devine . Sociology Norton Evelyn A. Fort Wiorth Special Education Obreoht, Paula J. Claude . Ho-me Economics Education O'Connor, Patricia Plano HPER Olt, Carol Jean Dallas Math O'MalIcy, Anna Lou Fort Worth Speech Therapy 0'Neal Melva Fort Worth . Home Economics Education Orr, Joella Allen Denton Library Science Owsley, Lucile Denton Library Science Pak, Young 0. Chungpa-Dong, Korea Chemistry Parker, Aubrey Fort Worth Math Partlow, Mary Lou Sherman Special Education Patton, Teresa L. Denton Math Pearce, Velma Amarillo Home Economics Education Penton, Lou Sherman Home Economics Education Peterson, Verna E. lMrs.l Mintu Vista, Colo. Biology Phillips, Catherine Ann Denton HPER Phillips, Jacqueline Tcm le HPER! Pitts, Eugenia Sherman Library Science Poindexter, Betty Denton Dance and Related Arts Pope, Marilyn Denton Speech Therapy Porterfield, Alice Waxahachie Special Education Pound, Alice Gay Dallas Library Science Powell, Dorotha Hereford Textiles and Clothing Powell Sarah J. Fort Worth Chemistry Rayburne, Jimmie Patricia Fort Worth Maih Richards, Sylvia fMrs.J Fort Worth Dance and Related Arts Richardson, Jean Pasadena HPER . Richardson, Lorene E. Vernon Education Riewe, Doris Pottsville . Home Economics Education Riggs, julia Rec Mesquite Biology Risley, Edyth C. Dallas Library Science Roberts, Grace Arlington Math rs.i Robinson, Nell B. Fort Worth . l Food and Nutrition Rodriguez, Mary Judy Wichita Falls I Speech and Hearing Rowlett, Bertha Denton I Elementary Education Rucker, Nedra S. Lake Dallas Paintinq Rumme l, W. B. lMrs.J Denton English Sussman, Sarah A. Fort Worth U Speech and Hearing Therapy Schaffer, Cinda Ellis Austin Food and Nutrition Schwartz, Shula Helen Dallas Library Science Schweizer, M. LaVernc Dallas Education of thc Deaf Scott, Lillie W. Gainesville I Special Education Scott, Mary Lois Shamrock Home Economics Education Selders, Marilynn Dallas S ecial Education Sliarp, Elbcrla Berger HAS Shelton, Junc Longview Biology Shipley, Frances Mary lMrs.J Denton Library Science Shultx, Marie Austin Library Science Siler, Alton lMrs.J Waco , Home Economics Education Sim, Mary Cho-Fong Kowloon, Hong Kong Library Science Simpson, Lorraine Waco . Textiles and Clothing Sinclair, Judith Fort Worth Speech Smith, Josephine Denton Library Science Smothers, Nelda Corcoran, Calif. Clothing and Textiles Spas, Ruth johnson City, N. Y. Library Scicncc Spmgcns, Jane Austin HPER Steel, Hazel B. Dallas Library Science Steenson, Clydia B. Richardson Sociology Stcfanski, Gail Quinn lMrs.J Dallas Library Science Stewart, Wilma Dallas Special Education Slirmon, Nancy L. Arlington ' Speech and Hearing Stripling, Kathryn E. Houston HPER Sullivan, Sarah lMrs.J Dallas Library Science Sweet, Kay Dallas Library Science- Tanaka, Grace Stockton, Calif. Textiles . Tang, Laurccn Bao Ying Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China Library Science Tale, Liana Waco Child Development Taylor, Arline Dallas Music Taylor, Mary Verna Sherman Education Taylor, Mickie L. Fort Worth Library Science Taylor, Wille Lee Denton Music Education Teague, Margaret lMrs.l Blanket Biology Teal, Martha jane Irving Counseling and Guidance Thomas, Amildn Edinburg HPER Thomas, Barbara Sue 1Mrs.J Denton Microbiology Thomas, Betty Kirk Arlington Home Economics Education Thomas, Lois B. lMrs.J Beaumont Library Science Thompson, Avnlyn Dallas Elementary Education Thompson, Eva Abilene Home Economics Education Thorne, Bonnie Huntsville Library Science Tilley, Martha Fort Worth Special Education Tinney, Wilma Denton A S wccial Education Tlokoly, Mary San Antonio Biology Tolbn, Sinda Cairo, Egypt Family Economics Tomlinson, Evelyn S. Ardmore, Okla. Education Tooke, Lisbeth Fort Worth ipccch Therapy rendwny, Martha 1Mrs.J Arkadclphia, Ark. Biology Turnagc, Maxine Denton English Vahrenknmp, Marilyn Ennis Home Economics Education' Van Laninghnm, Emma Louise Cleburne . I-Iumc Economics Education Vnvra, Doris Jenn Mucnster I Home Economics Education Vcnnble, Mary L. Grapevine Math Vickers, Mary Ann Montgomery, Ala. Sociology Nfndsworth, Sandra L. Stephenville HPER . Waggener, Bcrmca E. Abilene HPER Wakeman, D. Jeanne Wichita Falls Speech Therapy Wamlters, Annie B. Grapvvinu Spn-cial liclucation Weatherly, Dorothy Fort Worth Art Education Webber, Guylene Arlington Speech Corrcction Webber, Therora McKinney HAS Wheeler, Maroric lMrs.l Dallas Library Science White, Annell Lncy lMrs.J Denton Iicononiics ' Whitcly, Francis J. Durant, Okla. Library Science Whitten, Madeline Dallas Food and Nutrition Wilcox, Frances V. McKinney Biological Science Wilkinson, Sam fMrs.l Irving En lish Wilhiam, Helen B. Stephenville Speech Therapy Williams, Laverne Fort Worth Speech Therapy Williams, Sandra Dallas English I l Williamson, Ruth Minnie Itasca Math Wilson, Eileen lMrs.i Denton Home Economics Education Wilson, Phillis Dallas Spvccli ' Wilson, Thelma Nadine lMl'S.i Lewisville English Wingo, Ruth Kemp HAS Woolard, Enola D lli ' a is . I-Iomc Economics Education Woods, Betty S. For! Worth Special Education Woodson, Eleanor Mnry Walforth 1 . Homv Economics Education Yanrlcll, Kathryn Seguin HPER Yclvingtnn, Ethel Ruth Corsicana - Homo Economics Education Ying, Chuen Rong: , Q I Yung-ho Clxcn Taipei, '13lW3ll Library Science York, Janet Dallas Speech . Zahordky, ShlrlcY Ilcnriclta Sp:-cell U . Zunign, Ercilm G. San Benito Spanish Graduate Students BAKER, ELIZABETH ANN fMRS.J Special Education Sherman BAKER, MELVA Mesquite Library Science HARTT, MARY JO Farmersville Home Economics HOLMES, JILL Dallas Library Science HOWARD, F RANCINE Asherton Chemistry V BALKUS, MARY PAT Homestead, Fla. Dance CHEN, MEI Taiwan Food and Nutrition HSU, JEAN Hong Kong Chemistry , KENNE, BESS CMRSJ , ' Paris Library Science CHEN, GRACE Taiwan Food and Nutrition CHIANG, LOI Taiwan Chemistry KLAUSMEYER, DARLENE Navasota HPER KUO, JOSEPHINE Taiwan Library Science CHRISTENSEN, REONA Nyssa, Ore. Dance CHU, LOUISE Taiwan Food and Nutrition KUYKENDALL, JUDY Burnet Library Science LACY, LEONA lMRS.J Denton Library Science COKER, POLLY Bradley, Ark. HPER COPELAND, HELEN Arlington Art LAFFERTY, ANN Dallas Clothing and Textiles LAI, F REDA Taiwan Food and Nutrition CREAMER, EFF IE CMRSJ Denton Home Economics Education DAVIDSON, MARY Pasadena HPER J LEE, ESTHER Fort Worth Chemistry LEE, SUE SOAE Seoul, Korea Textiles ELLIS, JOYCE QMRSJ Perryton Library Science FRENCH, MABELEE Houston Art LEISTER, CHRISTINE H. Dallas HPER LENTZ, MARIE lMRS.J Dallas Library Science FURREY, DOLORES HPER White River, S. Dak. GIEBEL, MARGARET QMRSJ Dallas English LI, IVY Formosa Library Science LIAO, JANE Taiwan Library Science PEARCE, VELMA fMRS.j Amarillo Home Economics Education PHILLIPS, CATHERINE ANN Denton HPER LIN LINDY Taiwan Chemistry LIN, SHIRLEY Taiwan Library Science POINDEXTER, BETTY Denton Dance POWELL, LOUISE CMRSJ Denton Library Science LLAMZON, JULITA Philippines Family Relations LOWRY, CARLA Denton HPER RICHARDSON, JEAN Pasadena HPER RUCKER, NEDRA CMRSJ Lake Dallas LIU, YVONNE Taiwan Library Science MANSFIELD, MARY JO Bandera Speech and Hearing RUMMELL, BETTY lMRS.l Denton English SHIPLEY, MAX lMRS.j Denton Library Science McGOWAN CAROLINE Denton English MITZ, FUMIKO lMRS.j Denton SIM, MARY Hong Kong Library Science TANAKA, GRACE Stockton, Calif. Clothing and Textiles MONDY, MARIE CMRSJ Dallas Library Science MONTS, ELIZABETH Fresno, Calif. HAS TANG, LAUREEN Taiwan Library Science WAGGONER, BERNICE Abilene HPER MURRAY, VIRGINIA Tyler English OBRECHT, PAULA Claude Home Economics Education WHITE, ANNELL LACY fMRS.j Economics Denton WILKINSON, SARA E. Irving English OWSLEY, LUCILE Denton Library Science PAK, YVONNE Korea Chemistry WILSON, THELMA N. QMRSJ English Lewisville YING, SHARON Taiwan Library Science -.ai sn' yn gs, nf... X it .Q gf I Kris We IDN 3: I, . l , i c Mid-Term Students ' "'W4'3? ,Q 'N ,' N, " ' ' 5, ' ' 7, ff-4 , .ni fo- "W in ' s, -r ," .- fir 'f ig' V .-A y '1 , ., , . Y Ai' A f' , .135 V 3 ...... I ,Q . X im s . A., Jwveh I , 1 Nh D Q u -... , N I I7 in - I , 4 Ai 1 f . .. ,. ,pgry IT 'NL is K wifi ? I . ug, .wr ,sp f " MT, .41 VI. L ' ' f -if JW' A- if I f ...ff ' -. ei'-191: YI ff" an V I x xxx .7 V7 1 f 1 L 1 . 1 l - I ...Q t ' ""? su V., , c -- S 5 9 . .J . :lg qi ,V 'iiixf ffl' ' 5.8 L ff: 4 -SS' ya' vi Freshmen ANDERSON. MARTHA KAY Weslaco CONNER, PATRICIA Houston JOCHETZ, MARY YVONNE Eagle Lake JONES, MAGGIE LAURA Denton ,I union BABER, JUDY Colfcyvillc, Kan. HARDIN, MARY LOIS Wichita Falls Seniors CARLISLE, JANELL Waco Nursing, B.S. GARZA, MARIA ISABEL Missions Englislzj ILA. JUAREZ, IRMA N. San Antonio Biology, B.S. KARNEY, SARAH DANA CMRSJ Arkadclphia Health, Pliyxical Education and Rcrrcalion, B.S. RAY, MINNIE E. QMRSJ Dallas Library Science, B.S. MRS. BETTY JACKSON Director Placement Bureau Aids Tessies in Seeking jobs With the help of the TWU Placement Bureau seniors and graduates are finding it easier to obtain employment. The service offers tips on arranging a conference with the prospective business placement director, writing the application letter, preparing and conducting yourself for the interviews and observing the ethical restrictions on making applications. The Placement Bureau, which was started in 1923, is under the direction of Mrs. Betty Jackson. t..,..... fy6, . 46' 'Wy ' pq' - J at I . 2 P -- ' X ' . w 7 . I - , fa. 'YE if L7' ,i Mrs Yarbrough ointv out the fundamentals of basic anatomy to a Body . p . Structure and Function class. Practical Nursing Program Trains Students in 4 Fields In January, 1952, the Samuel H. Kress Foundation selected Texas Womanis University as one of the three leading universities in the United States where a model Practical Nurse Training Program was to be established. In this model program techniques were to be perfected to improve instruction in practical nursing. The student in this program becomes a regularly enrolled student of TWU, spending the first semester on campus and two semesters in clinical practice at Flow Memorial Hospital in Denton, Medical Center Hospital in Tyler, Wichita Falls General Hospital or Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children in Dallas. There the student receives training in four major fields: medi- cal, surgical, pediatric and obstetrical. After completion of the program the student is eligible to become a li- censed vocational nurse. The program of study for the foundation period in- cludes courses designed especially for practical nursing students and taught by members of the University faculty. The curriculum is planned to give a sound basic introduction to nursing, and, at the same time, to give an opportunity for participation in the many and varied activities of University life. It is emphasized that the national accreditation of the Kress Foundation Practical Nursing Program gives its graduates the advantages of recognition anywhere in the nation. During a nursing skills prac- tice period these students learn basic nursing proced- ures in helping patients and administering food and medicinrnv. .8 U rr X j X J MRS. LA VELLE YARBROUGH Director tl' - x 1 , MR?colll'2?l'i?'TE Mgntlhigh Instructor Instrudtor fvllilwi' WYE . ' , L' it sg fr Viinifgg V 'M X 44 I A l .y ' 1 .Q - I w X A -nf Q .A -I rl , .' i P W h, .M W I , Nursing students receive last minute l7l.Vl7'1llTll07lK roni Mrs. Middleton as they begin their clinical practice in Denton Countyfv modern Flow Memorial Hovpztal . ,fi. F I ',7 I g i ,'lf,f 34 1 . f 6 ,. .a. T, , ,.'l W tl. ,,... , tv' f lf' MQ-fee l .5 i, .t v I it I 'F ' in rl 'QIWZ , A. r. Q' ' 4 V , si?-fi WT 4:293- Q 553 mfg I . fn, f AFS .M ,, , 1 Q' :Em , W., 1 1 A 1 kk . 'L U fff?-, ,..1,.2-, 'Ti M,-Z' 74 MQ- FJ-f 2 , - 5' .'1'fw'."-'bl' 7 V ', HZ." V Qwwgwg e f ffm gif, ' -QQ A+, 'awfffvifi fm.,-K9-I .vt-:.. 1 V 1 X-X. ,gn jfs-.-fha 5-V, I Jmw- -1, . ' 1, W. ,, - . , W U algmxv. . A it .x. , jx. A1 A Wx S r' x X 4, ,fy fm i 1+ . f.. ,,.mH.Jf ,wp ,. Hu: ffJh.:1,gfw,.'g f ms .32"Z"T:15'PW'i':g,ph n A.... VW., if 1 vw- 4 ' - VW LLJQYP: wx Yfuim? Aclvertising and Index First State Bank of Denton "The Bank for Everybody" Featuring Drive-in and Walk-up windows Member of Federal Deposit blnsurance Corporation South East Corner Square Abbott, Dr. Phyllis R., 28, 88 Aderhold, Miss Angeline, 38 Alford, Mrs. Betty, 40, 208 Allen, Mrs. Eugenie M., 26 Allen, Mrs. Helen B., 41 Alvis, Mrs. Lorraine A., 46 Apostolakos, Dr. Peter C., 35, 111 Arbuthnot, Dr. Mabel F., 27, 94 Ashburn, Dr. Andrew, 30 Ashby, Mrs. Jessie Marie, 41 Askey, Miss Elizabeth M., 23 Balentine, Dr. Jack, 35 Barnes, Dr. Marysue, 38 Barnett, Miss Kathryn, 46 Bateman, Dr. Jessie W., 39, 40 Bateman, Mr. John A., Jr., 40 Beach, Dr. Constance L., 26 Beauchene, Dr. Roy E., 40, 42 Beene, Mrs. Gwen, 18 Bell, Mrs. Frederika K., 224 Bewley, Miss Jessie, 46 Blaisdell, Dr. Faustena, 46 Blake, Mrs. Ruth Anne, 46, 234 Blazier, Miss Betty Jane, 40 Blythe, Mrs. Ella Mae, 18 Bordicks, Miss Katherine, 46 Botwin, Dr. Perry, 35 Bradford, Miss Jean, 46 Bradley, Miss Martha, 46 Brandau, Dr. Edna P., 40 Brantley, Mrs. Margie L., 50 Briggs, Mrs. Frances, 226 Broome, Dr. Esther R., 40 Bryan, Mr. Earl C., 33 Bucklew, Dr. Reba M., 32 Campbell, Miss Mary, 43 Cantrell, Mr. Paul E., 31 Caster, Dr. Bethel M., 40, 208 Caswell, Dr. Lyman R., 25 Chambers, Mr. Robert, 29, 107, 240 Church, Mr. Weldon D., 29 Cockerline, Dr. Alan W., 23, 101 Cockrill, Mrs. Corinne L., 18 Coffey, Miss Billie Jean, 18 Coker, Miss Harriett, 18 Conn, Mrs. Flavia N., 50 Corbin, Mrs. Johnnie I., 53 Corpron, Miss Carlotta M., 37, 92 Creamer, Mrs. Effie B., 40, 370 Cross, Mrs. Lucille M., 23 Crossland, Mrs. Kathryn M., 46, 234 Crumpler, Miss Helen M., 50 Daly, Mrs. Viola C., 234 Daniel, Mrs. Wilma, 35 Davis, Dr. Ethelyn C., 32, 90 Davis, Mrs. Ruth E., 214 Deach, Dr. Dorothy F., 43 Dealy, Miss Jean, 23 de Coligny, Mrs. Marion, 35, 186 de Cordova, Mrs. Frances M., 48 Delleney, Miss Marie, 37 Dennis, Mrs. Damron S., 50 Dixon, Miss D. Genevieve, 48, 186 Douglas, Mr. Lee, 41 Drake, Mrs. Gladys, 96 INDEX ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Duggan, Dr. Anne Schley, 43, 116, 180 Dungan, Mrs. Delta N., 40 D'Unger, Mrs. Barbara, 40 Eberly, Dr. J. Wilgus, 38 Edwards, Mrs. Sara Jane, 35 Ellison, Mrs. Hixie P., 236 Emerson, Mr. Francis W., 13 Emmons, Mrs. Ramona Ware, 40, 208 Esteve, Dr. Ramon M., Jr., 42 Evans, Miss Kennedy, 50 Everett, Mr. Bert, 18 Farrar, Miss Mary Sue, 41 Faulkner, Miss Maurine, 27, 94 Ferguson, Miss Dorothy, 46 Floyd, Miss Dora T., 50 Foster, Dr. Elizabeth S., 32 Franke, Miss Gesine A., 46 Franklin, Miss Annalon, 18 French, Miss Mabelee, 37, 370 Fry, Mrs. Reba L., 41 Fuerst, Dr. Robert, 23 Furrey, Mrs. Dolores, 43, 370 Gard, Miss Fernanda A., 40 Garrett, Mrs. Clarice H., 40 Garrett, Dr. Leroy J., 35 Gibson, Miss Gertrude, 15, 59 Gifford, Mrs. Linnie W., 86, 222 Guinn, Dr. John A., 9, 59, 154, 155, 171, 179, 186, 188, 204, 208, 228 Hadley, Miss Florence, 46 Hallick, Mrs. M. Elfreida. 46 Hamilton, Miss Viola C., 23 Hammond, Miss Bertie I., 43 Harberson, Mrs. Patricia A., 18 Harding, Mrs. Mona V., 35, 52 Hargrove, Dr. W. Richard, 34, 35 Helton, Mrs. Louise B., 33 Helton, Mrs. Mary Lois, 18 Herring, Mrs. Elizabeth, 41 Higgins, Dr. Robert W., 25 Hill, Mr. Carl, 18 Hottelet, Mrs. Pauline, 43 Howard, Miss Francine, 25, 370 Hurdis, Dr. Everett C., 25 Ince, Mrs. Kathrina P., 218 Isdale, Mrs. Gustavia B., 221 Ivey, Mr. Curtis, 49 Jackson, Mrs. Betty, 374 Jackson, Mrs. D. Eloise, 41 Jackson, Mrs. Oro D., 41 James, Dr. Eleanor, 26 Jenkins, Miss Mary Nell, 18 Judkins, Mrs. Ethel M., 18 Kearnes, Mrs. Lula H., 18 Kendrick, Mr. John Murray, 24, 344 Kirkland, Mrs. Lucile, 94 Klausmeyer, Miss Darlene, 44, 370 Korioth, Mrs. Jeanette, 375 Lambert, Mrs. Mary L., 46 Landry, Mr. Harral E., 28, 94 Lang, Miss Theresa, 19 Langford, Dr. Florence, 40 Larue, Mr. L. L., 12, 180 LaSelle, Miss D. Antoinette, 37 Lee, Miss Florence, 25 Lee, Mrs. Kathryn J., 33 Lee, Dr. Lurline M., 11, 88, 165, 178 Lejins, Mr. Jamilkars, 27, 94 Lemmon, Miss Thetis, 37 Ligeti, Mr. Desire, 38 Little, Mr. Lowell P., 38, 117 Long, Miss Myra L., 29, 79, 100 Loomis, Mr. Kenneth B., 36 Loper, Mrs. Mary Jane Eure, 35 Lowrey, Mr. George A., Jr., 43, 62, 181 Lowry, Miss Carla d'Este1le, 43, 371 Ludeman, Dr. Helen A., 25 Lummus, Miss Ola, 212 Mack, Dr. Pauline Beery, 14, 42 Maddocks, Dr. Gladys, 26 Maddox, Miss Eugenia, 48 Magee, Mrs. Katherine W., 43, 73, 166, 215 Mansell, 'Miss D. Moira, 46 Mark, Mrs. Eva H., 26, 69, 88 Mattel, Miss Cruz A., 49, 111 Maxcy, Dr. Mabel E., 37 Mays, Mrs. Margaret J., 19 McCreary, Mrs. Sally A., 35 McGown, Miss Caroline, 26, 371 McKinney, Mrs. Edith S., 46, 232 McLaughlin, Mrs. Barbara, 19 McMillen, Mrs. C. Helen, 48 Mecay, Dr. William L., 25 Mendnhall, Mrs. Ruth S., 40, 102 Mesler, Mrs. Yvonne, 35 Middleton, Mrs. Ruth, 375 Miller, Miss Dot, 15 Miller, Dr. Harlan C., 30, 89 Mitchell, Miss Martha, 38 Molloy, Miss Martha, 46 Morrison, Dr. T. L., 24 Motheral, Mrs. Fern, 19 Myers, Dr. Bettye, 86 Myers, Mrs. Grace, 35 Nance, Mrs. Tessie E., 230 Neel, Dr. Reba K., 24, 87 Newcomer, Dr. James W., 10, 89, 205 Nicholson, Mrs. Sally W., 46 Normile, Mrs. Carole, 19 Oberecht, Miss Paula J., 40, 371 O'Rear, Mrs. Lenoir, 41 Pannell, Miss Faye, 45, 46 Patterson, Miss Mary F., 46 Pershing, Mrs. Ruth W., 49 Persinger, Miss Sylvia L., 46, 111 Pharr, Mrs. Carrie R., 216 Pipkin, Mr. Robert J., 38 Poindexter, Miss Betty, 43, 116, 371 Porter, Miss Dorothy, 32 Porter, Miss Helen E., 19 Porteus, Miss Jean, 46 Powell, Mrs. Louise, 371 Pursley, Miss Frances R., 46 Pyke, Dr. Ralph E., 40 Reagan, Dr. Barbara B., 40 Richter, Mrs. Margaret, 19 Riddle, Miss Ida Bell, 46 Rigler, Mr. Frank C., 29 Roach, Miss Jane Therese, 46 Roach, Dr. Josh P., 33, 116, 179, 180, 205, 298 Roberts, Mrs. Margaret, 43 Roseland, Mr. Paul, 37, 178 Rouse, Miss Elline, 19 Rowlett, Mrs. Bertha Lee, 35 Rust, Mr. Melvin E., 35, 187, 322 Rutherford, Miss Billie M., 35 Schulze, Dr. Ivan L., 14, 50 Scone, Dr. Elizabeth L., 94 Sennott, Miss Patricia D., 46 Sherrill, Dr. Claudine, 43 Shields, Mrs. Virginia, 35 Sikes, Mrs. Helen, 19 Sim, Miss Jessie I., 15, 24, 166, 178 Simmons, Mrs. Glenda B., 24 Smith, Mr. A. A., 12, 180 Smith, Miss Bettye Jane, 46 Smith, Mrs. Gladys J., 19 Smith, Mrs. Josephine M., 50 Sparks, Dr. Dade, 28 Speck, Dr. Eldred C., 24, 204 Spellman, Miss Coreen M., 37 Spurgin, Mrs. Jimmie, 19 Stanford, Miss Delores H., 41 Starnes, Mrs. Jewell, 19 Stauber, Dr. John A., 27, 94 Steinberger, Miss Joanne, 46 Stephenson, Miss Mary E., 46 Strange, Miss Barbara, 46 Taylor, Dr. A. Elizabeth, 28, 106 Taylor, Miss Willie Lee, 50 Terry, Dr. Anne Ayres, 25 Thomas, Dr. Elizabeth F., 40 Tramel, Miss Agnes C., 26 Tyson, Dr. James D., 14, 33, 53 Underwood, Mrs. Nellie B., 19 Valadez, Miss Ana M., 46 Varner, Miss Cornelia, 26 Vose, Mr. George P., 40 Waddell, Mrs. Alice R., 25 Waggoner, Miss Bernice E., 43, 371 Walden, Miss Gail, 46 Walter, Dr. Waldemar M., 23, 117 Walvoord, Dr. Anthony C., 35 Ward, Dr. Beulah F., 40 Ware, Dr. Russell, 31 Warren, Mrs. Maxine, 35 Westcourt, Mr. Fred W., 23 4' 1 li ?" THE EULLEEE STORE f "Any day is ci good dcxy to trczde with us ? X. tr' -il L,- 1219 Oakland 3871924 ' - '-A-141 fudy Huffhines and Kathy Rompel look over the wide assortment of pens and stationery at the College Store. ALWAYS Good Food HICKOIQVHOUSE White, Miss Mary E., 40 White, Miss Olive, 28, 179 Wiley, Dr. Autrey Nell, 22, 26, 89 Williams, Mr. Edward J., 12, 180 Brooks Dairy Co., 389 Brooks Drug Store, 393 Campus Drug, 391 City Drug Store, 385 Clovis, George Texaco, 381 College Store, 380 Art, 37 Biology, 23 Bralley Memorial Library, 50, 51 Business and Economics, 24 Chemistry and Physics, 25 College of Arts and Sciences, 22 College of Education, 34, 35 INDEX Willis, Miss Clara, 35 Wilson, Mrs. Leona P., 50 Wolters, Miss Aline, 24 Woolsey, Dr. A. Wallace, 27, 89, Wimberly, Mrs. Zenda, 4, 5, 188, 228 94, 187 Wolson, Mrs. Lucile M., '26 Yarbrough, Mrs. LaVelle H., 375 ADVERTISING Collegiate Shop, The, 390 Denton County National Bank, 381 Earl's Drive-in, 390 Fashion Beauty Salon, 384 First State Bank of Denton, 378 Hickory House, 380 J. C. Penny's, 381 Ju-cy Pig Restaurant, 385 Lane's, 382 Mary Claude's Beauty Shop, 391 Miss Hendley's Shop, 385 Morrison Milling Company, 379, 385, 390 COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS College of Fine Arts, 36 College of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 43, 44 College of Household Arts and Sciences, 39, 40 College of Nursing, 45, 46 English, 25 Foreign Languages, 27 History and Government, 28 Journalism, 29 Mathematics, 30 Music, 38 Practical Nursing Training Program, 375 Yessis, Mr. Michael, 43 Young, Dr. Dixie, 23 Young, Dr. Paul P., 28 Young, Mrs. Veneta O., Russels', 388 Sharber's Jewelry, 395 Steak House, 382 University Laundry, 394 Varsity Lanes, 381 Voertman's, 395 Religious Education, 31 4 Research Foundation, 41, School of Library Science, 48 School of Occupational Therapy 49 Sociology, 32 Speech, 33 L- INDEX DORMITORIES Austin Hall, 218, 219 Fitzgerald Hall, 222, 223 Lowry Hall, 214, 215 Capps Hall, 212, 213 Houston Clinical Center, 234, 235 Mary Gibbs Jones Hall, 228, 229 Dallas Clinical Center, 232, 233 Houston Hall, 220, 221 Mary Hufford Hall, 230, 231 Rayzor Hall, 236, 237 Sayers Hall, 216, 217 Smith-Carroll Hall, 226, 227 Stoddard Hall, 224, 225 ORGANIZATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS Adelphian, 80 Aglaian, 81 Alpha Beta Alpha, 89 Alpha Chi, 89 Alpha Kappa Delta, 90 Alpha Lambda Delta, 90 Athenaeum, 82 Beta Beta Beta, 91 Biology, 101 Campus Government Association, 56, 57, 58, 59 Canterbury Association, 122 Caperettes, 114 Chaparral, 83 Child Development, 102 Citizenship League, 114 Daughters of Alumnae, 115 Delian, 84 Delta Phi Delta, 91 Dietetics, 103 English, 103 E. 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Goodrich Tires Delco Battery Whether theyre going to A 6 M for the weekend or home - Varsity Lanes-Holiday Lanes I lI8 S. Locust l2I2 University 1823 N. Elm 382-8123 ehneycif Especially Designed for the "Always First Quality" Unllfefsily Student Serving Denton for over 30 years DIME CHECK ACCOUNT 29 22 99 99 22 29 26 96 No minimum balance required- No service charge Bargain Piece Goods It's Exclusive at Your Help Students save at penneqi N. Side Square 382-6421 LDENTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Across from the Campus Theatre . It . L..-41 TOBIN DRUG STORE "SHOP TOBIN'S For YOUR Photographic Supplies" ni. ' North Side Square 382-2575 ll Ii, "Gosh, this cream looks perfect for my hands," ,ferr ' says Virginia Alvarez as .the examines the numerous articles at Tobin's Drug Store. A LAN E'S Freezer Fresh - '4' Ice Cream H G U S E 108 Congress 382-2834 514 S. Locust 382-9116 "Oh boy, a genuine choc- olate ice cream cone for me from Lane's,,' says Pam Brashears. Alumnae Office, 17 A Abel, Elizabeth Natalie, 82, 300 Acker, Norma G., 324 Adair, Lura Alice, 346 Adams, Anne Emily, 120, 324 Adams, Joann, 84, 101, 242 Adams, Kathleen Marie, 346 Adamson, Judy Ann, 74, 346 Adler, Mojie Marie, 94, 300 Aguirre, Bertha Beatriz, 156, 300 Alamia, Maria Paz, 346 Albee, Mary Lu, 60, 346 Albert, Carolyn Lee, 300 Alcazar, Josefina, 346 Aldrich, Beverly Ann, 346 Alexander, Nancy Ann, 346 Algarin, Helen Marie, 84, 324 Algarin, Ruth, 324 Allen, Mary Jane, 81 Allen, Mary Sue, 324 382 INDEX PUBLICATIONS Daedalian Yearbook, 76, 77 Daedalian Quarterly, 78 STUDENTS Allen, Patricia Elizabeth, 242 Allen, Pauline Olivia, 125, 242 Allen, Sandra Elaine, 300 Allred, Laurita. M., 242 Almaraz, Viola, 346 Altmann, Jean Faye, 216, 346 Alvaraz, Virginia, 382 Alverson, Barbara Ann, 346 Amass, Beverly Jean, 123, 346 Ames, Kathryn Jane, 86, 242 Ammons, Shirley Marie, 242 Anderson Anderson Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Anderson Allee, 324 Catherine, 324 Dayle, 156, 324 Gabrielle, 324 Martha, 374 Vicky, 346 Ando, Royce, 324 Andronis, Maria, 81 Anthony, Pamela, 156 Anzaldua, Yolanda, 346 Applee, Ingrid, 346 Arce, Amelia Diana, 324 Arevalo, Corina, 300 Argo, Madelyn, 346 Arguelles, Maria Elda, 346 Armstrong, Peggy Lowell, 346 Arnett, Sandra Jeanne, 86, 111, Arnold, Nancy Kay, 215, 324 Arrant, Mary Margaret, 346 Arredondo, Raquil Celia, 324 Artley, Karen Kay, 213, 324 Ashley, Areta Kate, 242 Ashley, Dotty, 81 Askey, Carol Ann, 346 Askounis, Anna Constantina, 81 108, 324 Aten, Bonnie Belle, 300 Atnip, Patricia Anne, 120 Ault, Sharon Agnes, 60, 324 Auvenshire, Martha Ann, 243 Avalos, Lucila, 156, 243 The Daily Lass-O, 74, 75 Avent, Rowena Lee, 324 Avner, Lilian Lee, 300 B Baber, Judith Anne, 81, 374 Babisak, Kathia, 346 Bailey, Glynndia Sue, 81, 95, 129, 243 Bailey, Loda Nell, 243 Bain, Nancy Jean, 122, 346 Bains, Linda Darlene, 156 Baird, Karen Lynn, 346 Baker, Carol, 86 Baker, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, 370 Baker, Jannis Lee, 324 Baker, Margaret Jane, 96, 243 Baker, Melva Lynn, 370 Balkus, Mary Patricia, 370 Bell, Charlotte Marie, 300 Ball, Sarah Sarepta, 346 Ballard, Gwendolyn Estelle, 93, 226, 243 Ballenger, Barbara Ann, 300 Barak, Shirley Ann, 156, 234, 300 Barecky, Bessie Marie Magdalen, 172, 300 Barkley, Nancy Annette, 325 Barlow, Gypsy Ann, 81, 220, 325 Barner, Teddy Ruth, 325 Barnes, Delores Maego, 156, 196 Barnes, Virginia Sue, 346 Barneycastle, Judith Ann, 74, 92, 186 Barr, Faith Elizabeth, 346 Barrera, Mary Magdalena, 346 Barrera, Nelia Esther, 346 Barrett, Martha Elizabeth, 87, 104, 300 Bartelson, Ann, 347 Bartelt, Zella Marie, 347 Bartlett, Patricia Lee, 347 Bates, Linda Sue, 347 Baxter, Elizabeth Carroll, 57, 64, 83, 158, 300 Bazan, Edelina, 347 Bazan, Maria Elena, 347 Beamer, Nancy Jane, 156, 347 Beard, Cynthia Anne, 102 Beasley, Judith Anne, 325 Beattie, Robin Lee, 222 Beaty, Anna Louise, 347 Beaver, Marilyn Sue, 347 Beckett, Judith Ann, 68, 84, 107 Beckham, Marie Louise, 82, 325 Beckley, Ellen, 325 Bednar, Karen Lee, 347 Beebe, Florence Ethelyn, 325 Beha, Nana Katherine, 80, 112, 215, 325 Beha, Pere Marquerite, 214, 300 Bell, Bethy Kay, 347 Bell, Carolyn Sue, 347 Bell, Shirley Christine, 301 Benavides, Doralisa, 347 Benavides, Gloria Amada, 347 Benavidez, Patricia Lilly, 206, 325 Benn, Judith Ann, 347 Bennet, Diane Louise, 347 Bennett, Barbara Ann, 347 Bennett, Jacqueline Myrle, 347 Bennett, Wanda Ann, 347 Berlanga, Linda Rose, 86, 125, 220, 301 Bernea, Adela Alicia, 347 Berry, Susan Elizabeth, 347 Berryman, Dorothy Elaine, 347 Beshea, Bonnie Elaine, 347 Bewley, Bobbie Jean, 301 Bickley, Dale Ellen, 325 Bidlack, Janet Kay, 347 Biederman, Jean Yvonne, 82, 301 Bilton, Linda Joyce, 85 Binkley, Carol Ann, 347 Bippes, Mary Ann, 84, 107 Black, Judy Carol, 122 Blake, Kathryn, 347 Blake, Sharon, 125 Bland, Winifred Katherine, 65, 87, 325 Blaylock, Virginia Carole, 86, 111, 325 INDEX Blum, Annette, 347 Blum, Linda Dian, 301 Boardman, Trudy Louise, 347 Bobo, Jean Lang, 97, 129 Boehme, Lenal Lee, 56, 96, 187 Bogart, Paulette, 76, 348 Boll, Joyce Ellen, 348 Bonner, Laquita, 246 Bordon, Minnie Syvonne, 348 Bounds, Annette, 348 Bounds, Claudia Vale, 348 Bourland, Fredda Gail, 348 Bovo, Virginia Anna Marie, 348 Bowlin, Barbara Ann, 117 Boyd, Anna Ronelle, 325 Bracher, Linda Lu, 348 Bradley, Beth Ann, 325 Brandes, Eloise Margaret, 325 Brandon, Wanda Janel, 246 Brannon, Gloria Ann, 348 Brannon, Nancy, 122, 348 Brashears, Pamela Ruth, 301, 382 Bratton, Carolyn Ruth, 348 Braungardt, Joyce Ann, 120 Braunig, Linda Joyce, 120, 348 Brawley, Sandra Sue, 70 Bray, Mary Ann, 301 Breedlove, Wanda Gale, 84, 113, 301 Bremer, Janice, 87, 246 Brennan, Joan Aline, 348 Brennan, Shirley Day, 120, 348 Bridger, Margaret Eliabeth, 348 Brigeman, Sandra Kay, 348 Brigman, Vickie Sharon, 86, 326 Brinker, Sandra Alvine, 301 Brocker, Sharon Loretta, 117, 326 Bronaugh, Mary Patricia, 348 Broussard, Anne Eliabeth, 326 Brown, Barbara Jean, 326 Brown, Bettye Juanella, 84, 113, 116, 246 Brown, Cecil Gail, 84, 103, 246 Brown, Jennifer, 348 Brown, Linda Ann, 326 Brown, Brown, Lyndal Karen, 348 Madeline Michelle, 200, 348 Brown, Nancy Ann, 156, 326 Brown, Sandra Elea, 348 Browning, Suzanne, 348 Bruder, Nancy Carol, 156, 160, 246 Brumfield, Barbara Sue, 326 Brunot, Barbara Joe Ann, 326 Bryan, Darlene Mary, 348 Bryant, Pamela, 348 Buck, Shirley Louise, 74, 92, 107, 186, 326 Bucklew, Benerly Ann, 326 Buegeler, Charlotte Adline, 86, 301 Buentello, Romalda, 302 Bullard, Betty Jane, 84, 1-02, 246 Bullock, Carol Elizabeth, 246 Burdett, Jimmie Nell, 247 Burgess, Deborah Carroll, 220, 222, 326 Buring, Janet Elaine, 68, 87, 123, 227, 302 Burk, Rebecca Eve, 164, 348 Burnett, Hazel Manzor, 70, 83 100, 206, 302 Burnett, Margaret Lou, 232, 302 Burns, Barbara Ann, 386, 387 Burress, Susan Rowlett, 348 Busby, Kathleen Helen, 120, 326 Busby, Phyllis Anne, 302 Bush, Cecilia Ann, 80, 247 Bush, Susan Kay, 81, 326 Butcher, Paula Kaye, 326 Butler, Mrs. Lou Ann Owen, 302 Butler, Mary Elaine, 247 Butterfield, Sandra Ray, 68, 120, 348 Butts, Mrs. Sibyl Irene, 349 Buys, Leone Lillie, 247 Byers, Sherian Lee, 349 Bynum, Judy Elaine, 349 C Cadena, Diana, 349 Caffey, Francis Ann, 232 Cahoon, Sarah Ne., 120, 326 Caine, Betty Jane, 326 Cameron, Barbara Anne, 94, 106, 130, 247 Cameron, Edith Seay, 76, 83, 226, 302 Cameron, Judith Louise, 326 Campbell, Becky, 156, 302 Canoles, Sylvia Norma, 302 Cannon, Janie Yvette, 349 Cannon, Sandra Ann, 349 Cano, Esperanza, 326 Cantu, Mary Catherine, 349 Cantu, Mary Inez, 76 Capps, Mary Beth, 349 Carbone, Joan Felicia, 86, 89, 247 Carden, Betty Jean, 349, 397 Carefoot, Carol Jean, 220 Carl, Paula Marie, 349 Carley, Dianne Frances, 83, 220, 327 Carlisle, Janell, 374 Carlton, Mrs. Mary Ann, 248 Carmean, Esther Louise, 216, 349 Carmichael, Shirley Margaret, 349 Carpenter, Lena Rose, 106, 248 Carrington, Margie, 248 Carrington, Shelia, 122, 156, 164, 349 Carrola, Ernestine Teresa, 81, 248 Carroll, Donna Lee, 122 Carroll, Martha Rae, 248 Carrow, Lila Katherine, 64, 87, 101, 156, 248 Carrow, Sue Ann, 349 Carter, Cynthia Marie, 327 Carter, Dorothy Linn, 327 Carter, Joy Helen, 349 Cary, Golda Lenorah, 327 Casas, Frances, 84, 230, 327 Casey, Bonnie Lou, 327 Cater, Carol Lynn, 56, 156 Cates, Martha Elaine, 349 Cates, Virginia Carolyn, 349 Caulfield, Linda Mae, 327 Cavazos, Amanda, 349 Cavozos, Maria Elena, 248 Cavozos, Sandra Marie, 327 Cavett, Mary Bruce, 198, 248 Ceballos, Sonis Sylvia, 349 Cerboskas, Regena Fae, 156, 349 Cerna, Maria Carolina, 249 Cervantes, Gloria Herlinda, 349 Chanberlain, Mary Helen, 349 Chamber, Alice Mozelle, 107, 249 Chamrad, Nelma Catherine, 302 Chandler, Margaret Anne, 349 Chaney, Dawn, 81, 249 Chaney, Mary Margaret, 349 Chapa, Rita, 345, 349 Cheatum, Linda Sue, 111, 122, 327 Cheek, Judy Jo, 349 Chiang, Lo-i, 370 Childress, Jane McDavid, 130 Childs, Dinah Marilyn, 327 Chioles, Sophie, 249 Chism, Sheridan J'Nell, 350 Christensen, Reona Maye, 236, 370 Cisneros, Hilda Esperanza, 350 Clamon, Janey, 302 Clanton, Beverly Lynn, 327 Clanton, Carole Frances, 249 Clark, Jimmie Beth, 327 Clark, Jimmie Lynn, 82, 327 Clark, Paula Ann, 67, 87, 109, 220, 327 Clark, Paula Grace, 302 Clark, Sharon Kay, 249 Clarke, Kay Caldwell, 78, 88, 91, 131, 250 Clawson, Donna Glee, 350 Clayton, Mary Elaine, 82, 250 Cleveland, Nancy Bob, 61, 83, 302 Coates, Beverly Kayr, 350 Cocheu, Margaret Elizabeth, 327 Coddington, Mritus Nesbitt, 250 Coffey, Jo Barbara Ellen, 328 Coffey, Joanna, 87, 158, 205, 220, 328, 387 Coffey, Kathryn, 29, 57, 74, 88, 100, 131, 152,154, 155,156, 206, 208, 250, 392, 396 Coffey, Lou Ellyn, 156 Coggeshall, Joyce Ann, 156 Coder, Pauline, 236, 370 Coliman, Sharon Frances, 81, 120, 220, 302 Collum, Verna Mozelle, 302 Colston, Mary Lee, 103, 303 Columbus, Katie Lou, 250 Commander, Delores June, 80, 117, 256 Condra, Katherine Ann, 60, 61, 87, 158, 167, 198, 250 Conlan, Terri Ann, 350 Connor, Alice Ruth, 350 Conner, Judy, 87, 156, 303 Conner, Patricia, 374 Conroy, Thalia, 96, 132, 195, 251 Conway, Virginia Sue, 87, 303 Cook, Shirley Ann, 230, 350 Cooley, Sanlyn Kay, 328 Coop, Billie Elaine, 350 Copeland, Helen, 370 Coppage, Mrs. Lois Pauline, 251 Corbin, Eliabeth, 328 Cordonier, Sherry Lynn, 350 Corich, Victoria Anna, 350 Corl, Mrium Norma, 116, 195, 328 Cormier, Edna Pearl, 303 Corn, Carolyn Joyce, 101 Corn, Kathleen Frances, 350 Correa, Juanita, 328 Cortinas, Maria Concepcion, 328 Cory, Sharon Ann, 217, 328 Couch, Jealdine Kay, 350 Couch, Marilyn Frances, 350 3 High Fashion Styling Manicures jaalion Beauiy Salon 729 N. Locust 382-5931 I-lair Cuts Permanent Wevlng INDEX Couling, Rosario Marie, 350 Covill, 'Mona Jean, 251 Cowan, Christie Ann, 81, 303 Cox, Carol Lynn, 350 Cox, Sandra Raye, 350 Craemer, Nancy, 81 Craft, Carol Ann, 303 Cragg, Jana Karen, 350 Craig, Barbara Ellen, 251 Craig, Barbara Jean, 350 Craig, Candance, 350 Craig, Nancy Ann, 91, 303 Craig, Virginia Dell, 91, 303 Cramer, Mrs. Nancy Marie, 91, 251 Cravens, George Ann, 87, 109, 181, 251 Creed, Carole Leigh, 83, 96, 111, 303 Criswell, Margaret Ann, 86, 152 Croix, Diana. Marie, 87 Croom, Sandra Kay, 350 Cross, Martha Jean, 328 Crossland, Mary Dianne, 82, 226, 303 Crowly, Sandra Kay, 120, 156, 350 Crump, Hariett Ann, 328 Cruse, Patricia Ann, 97, 117, 132 Cruze, Mary Patsy, 350 Cryer, Sylvia Joayce, 82 Cunningham, Janice Lucia, 70, 82 Curl, Carla Jean, 350 Current, Willie Ann, 304 ' Curtin, Patricia Sue, 80, 226, 304 Curtis, Nancy J., 328 Cusac, Terre Beth, 82, 304 Cushing, Bridgette Eunice, 350 Cushion, Murle Louise, 328 D D'Albinik, Julie Ann, 200 Daley, Roseann, 350 Danaher, Stephanie Norma, 216 Daniel, Lessie Alexander, 350 Daniels, Enid Laurel, 72, 217 Daniels, Margie Elizabeth, 350 Davidson, Carolyn Ann, 85, 108, 236, 304 Davidson, Mary Ella, 370 Davidson, Sharon Lewis, 216, 350 Davila, Rebecca Tober, 61, 62, 83, 169, 206, 226 Davis, Bessie Anne, 56 Davis, Donna Lea, 351 384 Davis, Eddye Carolyn, 81, 120, 328 Davis, Janis Kay, 67, 83, 156, 212, 328 Davis, Joy Mae, 351 Davis, Laura Lucile, 351 Davis, Virginia Ann, 328 Dawalt, Karie Whitson, 351 Day, Carol, 111, 328 Dean, Linda Gayle, 328 DeArmon, June Ellen, 230, 328, 391 Decker, Shiela, 329 Deering, Deborah fDebbieJ, 304 Degele, Rita Gregoria, 217 de la Graza, Anna, 80, 329 DeLawder, Judith Ann, 329 DeLoach, Rexanne, 70, 81, 304 DeLos Santo, Maria Rosenda, 80, 108, 125 DeMaria, Guadalupe, 351 Dempsey, Cheryl Adelle, 351 Denison, Patricia Marie, 351 Denney, Betty Jo, 230, 329 De Santos, Elma Elida, 351 De Shong, Berry Jane, 329 De Vries, Mrs. Carolyn J., 93, 104 DeWit, Karen, 213, 351 Dews, Lois Ann, 329 Diaz, Anna Maria, 329 Diaz, Estela, 125 Diaz, Lucial, 329 Diaz, Maria del Carmen, 351 Dickerson, Diana Lee, 76, 351 Dildy, Caroline Elizabeth, 351 Dill, Tommie Jo, 156, 351 Dillard, Karen Jeannette, 83, 120, 304 Dilworth, Sandra, 329 Dishong, Sharron Joyce, 351 Dixson, Mary Katnerine, 122 Dobson, Norma Jean, 254 Dominguez, Carmen, 76, 351 Dominguez, Olga Norma, 304 Donald, Charlotte Anne, 81 Donald, Suzanne, 87, 148, 156, 329 Donaldson, Onetia, 86, 304 Donelson, Shelia Ann, 109 Dool, Elizabeth Joyce, 218, 329 Dooley, Frances Elizabeth, 120 Douglass, Judy E., 117, 304 Dowells, Alsenia Ann, 329 Doyle, Meade Ashby, 91, 254 Drosihn, Rudy Ann, 351 Duban, Jo Ann, 351 Duddlesten, Sally Ruth, 351 Durield, Lynn Felicia, 122, 351 Duhon, Ramona, 329 Duhon, Winona, 329 Duke, Linda Faye, 351 Duke, Martha Barr, 304 Duke, Mary Pernecia, 95, 254 Dulaney, Diane Jean, 329 Dumas, Janice Gail, 351 Duncan, Hazel, 351 Dunlap, Sandra Lea, 120, 203, 330 Dunn, Janie, 156, 222, 304 Duplissey, Myrna Gayle, 351 E Eads, Janet Susan, 351 Eaton, Carolyn, 330, 351 Eckstein, Joanne Allison, 82, 120, 304 Edwards, Ann Virginia, 304 Edwards, Bonnie Jean, 84, 122, 330 Edwards, Jeanette Kay, 330 Edwards, Judith Kay fKittyJ, 351 Edwards, Mary Lou, 351 Edwards, Nancy Ann, 57, 72, 73, 83, 147, 164, 188, 204, 305 Edwards, Oletha Jean, 90, 113, 195 Ehrensberger, Charlotte Ann, 305 Elam, Mary Beth, 351 Elizondo, Celia, 352 Elliott, Beverly Ann, 352 Elliott, Jennifer, 352 Ellis, Marcia, 97, 110, 120 Ellis, Susanna G., 330 Ellison, Mrs. Hixie P., 236 Elmore, Mrvia Rose, 352 Elsass, Carolyn Lorraine, 330 Elsass, Jean Louise, 144, 160 Elsass, Nancy, 188 Elwood, Eleanor Anne, 158, 172 Ely, Lorna Jill, 352 Ely, Rowenia M., 86, 232, 254 Emery, Marilyn Corliss, 230 EnDean, Judith Alice, 84, 95, 107, 133, 254 Engel, Linda Louise, 352 Erich, Carol Elaine, 81, 330 Erickson, Shirley Anne, 352 Escamilla, Maria del Rosario, 254 Escobar, Ruperta fPatsyJ, 120, 352 Escoubas, Lorana Jean, 352 Espedahl, Charlene Mildred, 352 Estes, Doris Ann, 217, 330 Etheridge, LoEtta Faye, 352 Evans, Barbara Grace, 87, 305 Evans, Patricia Ann, 305 F Farris, Carroline, 81, 152, 255 Farar, Gwendolyn Irene, 254 Farmer, Patricia LaVerne, 84, 112, 254 Farra, Patricia Ann, 305 Faucett, Julia Ann, 305 Fausett, Susan, 352 Fay, Jacqueline, 87, 220, 330 Fees, Merrie Ho, 352 Felthaus, Judith Ellen, 84 Fender, Diane, 355 Fennig, Mrs. Mahalie Jane, 232, 255 Ferguson, Claudia Jean, 352 Ferguson, Emily Jan, 86, 109, 305 Ferguson, Rosalind, 86 Ferguson, Ruby Jo, 352 Ferri, Yvonne Antoinette CTonil, 352 Figueroa, Adriana, 352 Fikes, Mary Ripple, 330 Finney, Alice Loraine, 352 Fish, Martha fMartiJ Elizabeth, 330 Fisher, Annie Lauria, 84, 255 Fisher, Johnnie Mae, 352 Fisher, Nancy Jo, 56, 68, 81, 133, 158, 165, 177, 179, 208, 255 Fitzgerald, Thelma Jane, 84, 90, 122, 330 Flanagan, Rubye Gayle, 352 Fleming, Judy Yvonne, 305 Flores, Alma Ruby, 352 Flores, Carmen, 330 Flores, Graciela, 255 Flowers, Sherian Roberta, 352 Floyd, Chrlsie Lou, 330 Ford, Diana Helen, 330 Foree, Betty Marie, 256 Foster, Carol Ann, 83, 88, 120, 134, 256 Foster, Mrs. Jimmie Ola, 352 Foster, Mary Alice, 305 Fowle, Carol Ann, 352 Fowler, Mary Lee, 232 Fowler, Mrs. Monina Cepeda, 256 Francis, Beverly Marie, 83, 120, 213, 330 Franklin, Carolyn Aileen, 152 Franklin, Juana Kay, 305 Frazier, Marsha Joe, 352 Frazier, Mary Kay, 67, 86, 218 Frazier, Miritha Fay, 305 Freeman, Doris Marie, 80, 256 Freeman, Dorothy Lee, 256 Freeman, Elily Elizabeth, 306 Freeman, Linda Louise, 81, 144, 256 Freeman, Madeline Yvette, 306 Freeman, Roxie Louise, 352 French, Patricia Jane, 82, 120, 122, 226, 306 Frisbie, Saundra Michelle, 352 Fritsch, Carla, 352 Fritsch, Minella F., 306 Froehling, Doris Hilda, 156, 190, 218 Froehner, Marilyn Elizabeth, 256 Fry, Barbara Sue, 218, 256 Fry, Stephanie Sue, 146, 306 Fuller, Elizabeth Jo, 306 Furrh, Joan fjodyj Wynell, 352 G Gabriel, Nanette, 150, 156,353 Gage, Sandra Lee, 330 Gaines, Anne Caroline, 353 Gaines, Rose E., 220 Gairrett, Sandra Alene, 353 Galanda, Beverly Joan, 100, 101, 206, 257 Gameson, Frances Sue, 203, 330 Gandt, Janeth Sue, 60, 105 Gandy, Pauline Annette, 353 Gracia, Alberta G., 80, 94, 106, 125, 257 Gracia, Gertrude Maria, 156, 230, 306 Gracia, Irma Iris, 353 Gracia, Mary Amelia, 353 Gracia, Mary Ann, 353 Garcia, Mary Gene, 331 Garcia, Omadee Barton, 353 Gracia, R achel, 117, 306 Gray, Shannon and Burch's - ' Reilamanl' in pf? J, 'Enjoy life-Eat out more often." 410 N. Locust 3828006 A ter a long day of deadlines, assignments and stories, journalism student, Beverly 3 Smith, stops at the ju-cy Pig for ll Weal- ,f- Lozs Hmze shops for a silk blouse from Mrs. Ray, one of the rzendly salespeople at Miss Hendlegfs Miss Hendley's Shop 1323 Oakland 382-2216 The City Drug Store Your Cosmetic Headquarters" MAKE-UP COSMETICS PERFUMES South Side of Sqllafe n-1-nsu-ni- I .4 A L,- gfw W , INDEX Gracia, Sylvia Angelica, 257 Gracia, Teresa Margot, 257 Gardner, Alice Ann, 80, 257 Gardner, Harriett Annette, 353 Garner, Lois Jean, 81, 120, 306 Garrett, Jo Ann, 353 Garrett, Mary Nell, 353 Graza, Juanita Elia, 331 Garza, Maria Christina, 216, 353 Garza, Maria Isabell, 374 Garza, Minerva Elvia, 353 Graza, Virginia Lydia, 82, 306 Gates, Nadine Geneva, 56, 122, 217, 331 Gatlin, Mary Conner, 257 Gauthier, Barbara Frances, 353 Gay, Kathleen Oro, 353 Gee, Frankie Ellen, 331 Gentry, Mrs. Geraldine, 258 Gibbs, Sheila Aileen, 86, 331 Gibson, Donna Lucille, 150, 156, Goolsby, Linda Gail, 354 Gordon, Josie Mae, 203, 354 Gorman, Jane Ellen, 354 Gorton, Judith Ann, 230, 306 Graf, Jamie Gail, 354 Gragg, Sherry Lynne, 354 Graham, Gail Kay, 84, 120, 332 Graham, Mary Eleanor, 331 Graham, Mary Lynn, 87, 213, 332 Graham, Rachel Ann, 87, 106, 213, 307 Grantham, Bonnie Jane, 60, 87, 258 Grassman, Gale Frances, 76, 78, 104, 259 Gray, Gray, Eva Eileen, 354 Gayle Ann, 354 Gray, Jo Anna, 60, 354 Gray, Margaret Amanda, 222, 332 Gray, Verna Suzanne, 354 Gray, Virginia Lee, 354 Wanda Jean, 259 208, 353 Giebel, Margaret CMrs.l, 370 Giles, Carol Jean, 81, 148, 156, 208 Gilbert, Penny Sue, 353 Gill, Linda Dean, 353 Gilliat, Mary Elizabeth, 353 Glass, Sharon Ann, 353 Glazner, Barbara Jeanette, 76, 353 Gleason, Annele, 81, 112, 134, 258 Glenn, Karen Ann, 67, 156, 215 Glenn, Nancy Jo, 92, 93, 331 Glines, Laneta Lee, 306 Godwin, Carol Ann, 97 Godwin, Claris Colleen, 353 Goehring, Sandra June, 84, 258 Goff, Joyce Gail, 86, 101, 186, 258 Goin, Lola June, 258 Goin, Nancy Rae, 218, 306 Gains, Marilove, 331 Goldberg, Martha Rose, 216, 353 Gomez, Herlinda B., 331 Gomez, Mary Grace, 156, 353 Gonzales, Paulita Claudio, 80, 258 Gonzales, Viola Irma, 353 Gonzalez, Argelia Beatriz, 353 Gonzalez, Diana Elva, 230, 306 Gonzalez, Elma, 331 Gonzalez, Mary Antonia, 146, 331 Gooch, Annette, 93, 331 Goodsell, Karen Malinda, 354 Goodson, Janice Ruth, 354 Goodwyn, Alice Catherine, 354 Green, Patricia Eloise, 354 Greene, Sandra Kaye, 332 Greer, Nancy Ilene, 354 Gresham, Margaret Lynn, 57, 67, 154, 158, 164, 169, 208, 259 Griggin, Jo Ann Kaye, 354 Griffin, Ruby Dell, 354 Grossman, Nancy Jo, 354 Grubbs, Barbara Lynne, 354 Guajardo, Sonja Delma, 80, 94 Gudmanson, Miriam Louise, 354 Guerra, Dora Elia, 332 Guerra, Neeina, 307 , -X if 1xX. 'I l kiln I . iifoilwlgtllwl iff radii Compliments of the Morrison Milling Co. Denton, Texas 385 I it , - ,. Q f" g. A manicure at Mary Claude's, says Merrell Whytlaw, is the perfect way to begin the Corps Trip activities. Mary Claude s BEAUTY SHOP Wwe Wfwfff Serving TWU Students with the finest at the best prices Groceries Cosmetics School Supplies Wagga, Wagga, SHOP AT '7!te Bmw Sloae for fabric, shoes jewelry, lingerie n J ' v , 'Z 1425 oakland 382-2013 S om and dress Wm p . NE Corner Square 382-4721 "WU mm-nu le. f "ll -1 M--.... 1 1 ' 'ills N ,,-, ' junior Barbara Burns tries on a beau?" ful yellow lzat creation from the Bostvn Store. , Burchardis Studio Fine Portrait Photography Across from Lowry Hall 382-4312 joanna Cojey gets a chance to Jacek through the camera which Frank Burchar just used to take her picture. I A Guerra, Rebecca Gloria, 354 Guerra, Romana, 354 Guerrero, Maria Julia, 354 Gump, Karen Cloe, 57, 345, 354 Gumpert, Margaret Ann, 354 Gunter, Diane Priscilla, 354 Gutierrez, Carmen Leonor, 80, 108, 124, 259 Gutierrez, Guadalupe M., 80, 259 Gwosdz, Virginia Rose, 60, 87, 156, 222, 332 H Hacker, Sharon Kay, 354 Haddad, Constance Leona, 232 Hadsell, Pamela K., 354 Haggard, Ruth Ann, 84, 92, 259 Halcomb, Julie Dee, 160, 355 Hale, Bobbyeann Barbara, 230, 332 Hale, Carole Anne, 355 Hall, Patsy Ruth, 355 Hall, Ruth Elvin, 355 Hallard, Rosa Ellen, 307 Hallmark, Annette, 68 Hallmark, Mabeth, 90, 222, 307 Hamlett, Patty Anne, 332 Hancock, Lyndia Marie, 230, 355 Hancock, Ruth, 214, 332 Hanna, Deanna Jean, 355 Hansen, Hardin, Sandra Jean, 355 Adaraos, 156, 332 Charline Lee, 57, 70, 74, 8 Hardin, 96, 226, 307 Hardin, Mary Lois, 374 Harlow, Janet, 332 Harmon, Evea Rae, 307 Harner, Vicki Lynne, 355 Harrell, Mildred Gay, 307 Harrington, Rebecca Irene, 360 Harris, Charlotte Ann, 76, 355 Harris, Judith Faye, 355 Harris, Lynda Sue, 82, 307 Harrison, Brenda Sue, .260 Harrison, Delores Elaine, 307 Harrison, Helen Jane, 355 Harshbarger, Juna Gail, 355 Hart, Catherine Jean, 332 Hart, Gail, 355 Hart, Judith Ann, 307 Hartt, Mary Jo, 370 Harvey, Iva Joan, 332 Harvey, Martha Jean, 260 Harvick, Peggy Eileen, 355 Hatchett, Sandra, 76, 135, 260 Hatfield, Lillian, 260 Hatley, Ruth Lanelle, 332 Haverkampf, Janet Telfer, 355 Hawkins, Linda Gail, 120, 355 Hawkins, Marion Lou, 120 Haynes, Portia Ann, 97, 110, 117, 307 Hazelrigg, Patricia Ann, 135, 260 Heath, Sheila Ann, 355 Hedgecoke, Sandra Faye, 355 Hedges, Carol Daphne, 120, 260 Hedges, Joyce Nell, 355 Heggy, Mary Karen, 355 Heinbach, Elizabeth Augusta, 57, 198, 261 1, INDEX Helberg, Ruth Ann, 355 Henderson, Jacquelynn Sue, 87, 332 Henderson, Wanda N., 332 Henisey, Sarah Louise, 355 Henry, Elaine Norrine, 261 Henry, Laurel Elaine, 120, 355 Henry, Mrs. Nema Pugh, 236 Hensarling, Wilda Earline, 122, 355 Hensley, Helen Juanita, 172 Herrea, Maria Aurora, 125, 308 Herring, Linda Lee, 355 Hervey, Martha, 122 Hessling, Judy Kay, 355 Hickerson, Martha Ella, 355 Hickman, Judith Giddens, 112, 261 Hickson, Constance Lee, 355 Higdon, Drenda Ann, 356 Higgs, Gerry Lee, 70, 105, 308 Hilarion Lucia Gradalupe, 332 Hill, Marian Faye, 87, 261 Hill, Velda Jane, 308 Hilton, Glenda Beht, 87, 308 Hinojosa, Anita Natividad, 356 Hinojosa, Margarita Magdalena, 356 Hinze, Lois Ann, 93, 308, 385 Hitchcock, Vivian Jo, 120 Hoback, Salli Jayne, 261 Hobbs, Mary Lou, 205, 356 Hocker, Jouce Lucille, 356 Hoffman, Perc Scott, 57, 58, 72, 88, 94, 136, 164, 204 Hoffmaster, Joan Elaine, 236 Holder, Gloria Jean, 356 Holland, Emagene Jetta, 356 Holloway, Pamela Jane, 117, 356 Holm, Kathleen Leigh, 120, 217, 333 Holmes, Jill, 370 Hommel, Patricia Ruth, 111, 356 Hoops, Susan Jill, 356 Hooten, Mrs. Lorena Caneila, 356 Hoover, Judith Ann, 356 Hopkins, Helen Penelope, 308 Horlander, Carolyn Denise, 356 Horvath, Peggy Lou, 87 Hott, Janice Fay, 261 Hott, Janie May, 95, 262 Howard, Thalia Adelade, 356 Howell, Jane Gay, 356 Howell, Judith Lee, 333 Huang, Camelia Hsi-Lin, 87, 262 Hubbard, Marialice, 356 Huddleston, Molly Ann, 100 Huff, Wanda Mae, 74, 82, 100, 262 Hulfhines, Judith fJudyj Lee, 68, 81, 122, 308, 380 Huffman, Sharon Louise, 345, 356 Hughes, Cherryl Irene, 356 Hughes, Ruth Diane, 262 Hugo, Jo Nan, 356 Humble, Georgia, 356 Hummel, Mattie Beth, 100, 262 Husch, Mary Jane, 262 Huston, Beverly Ann, 56, 59, 83, 136, 156, 262 Hutson, Betty Sue, 88, 356 I Ibarra, Dolores Chico, 308 Ingram, Patricia Elaine, 356 Irwin, Barbara Jean, 356 J Jackson, Carol Ann, 333 Jackson, Doretha Ann, 117, 356 Jackson, Frances Marie, 356 Jackson, Joyce Louise, 356 Jackson, Judith Lee, 356 Jackson, Linda Marie, 81, 262 Jackson, Susan Tillman, 222 Jacobson, Sandra Ann, 357 James, Robin Diane, 357 Janson, Sylvia Elaine, 357 Jenkins, Kenda Camille, 357 Jennings, Mrs. Lou Jane Irvin, 308 Jennings, Lequida Joyce Penson, 263 Jennings, Mary Faye, 120, 357 Jentsch, Gladys Loraine, 57, 81, 137, 156, 171, 177, 241, 263 Jenschke, Binnie Charlotte, 333 Jeschke, Ellen Marie, 263 Jochetz, Mary Yvonne, 374 Joe, Lucy Jean, 122, 333 Joe, Mary Lou, 111, 308 Joeris, Linda Kathleen, 357 John, Mrs. Diana Deatherage, 137, 263 Johnson, Anita Earl, 263 Johnson, Mrs. Claudia Jean, 263 Johnson, Elizabeth Ann, 117 Johnson, Frances Victoria, 60 Johnson, Janice Ann, 357 Johnson, Karen Lee, 308 Johnson, Martha Dianne, 308 Johnson, Mary Janice, 56, 87, 156, 222, 333 Johnson, Peggy, 208, 357 Johnson, Sandra Marie, 232, 333 Jones, Barbara Sue, 68, 80, 264 Jones, Dorothy Ruth, 120, 357 Jones, Fernan Louise, 357 Jones, Helen Luann, 84, 123, 156, 160, 203, 333 Jones, Jane Ellen, 333 Jones, Mrs. Jeanne Gretchen, 264 Jones, Johnnie Patricia, 87, 116, 308 Jones, Judith A., 264 Jones, Linda Jean, 86, 308 Jones, Lou Paulette, 333 Jones, Mrs. Margaret Reddidk, 374 Jones, Myrna Rose, 120, 213, 333 Jones, Nancy Carol, 81, 333 Jones, Nancy Jo, 357 Jordan, Marilyn, 67, 73 87, 138, 156, 158, 179, 188,,264 J osey, Marilyn Patricia, 213, 357 Juarez, Irma, 374 Julain, Reba Annette, 82, 308 Junell, Ruth M., 357 Jurcak, Mary Ann, 91, 309 Juroska, Darlene Faye, 56, 264- K Kammer, Jacquelyn Annette, 357 Karney, Sara Dana fMrs.j, 374 Kaspar, Penelope Ann, 60 Kaspar, Katheryn, 86, 264 Katz, Carol Jane, 160 Kaufman, Regina Gayle, 74, 333 Kearns, Karen Ann, 87, 117 Keith, Sharon Lee, 357 Kellow, Judy Ann, 94, 309 Kelly, Annirene, 169, 357 Kelly, Melinda Lois, 357 Kelly, Patricia Carole, 357 Kelsey, Barbara, 82 Kelsey, Judith Kay, 357 Kelsey, Linda Faye, 357 Kemp, Judy Kay, 309 Kemp, Mary Letrice, 357 Kempton, Carolyn Margaret, 357 Keneaster, Cheryl Marie, 357 Kenne, Mrs. Bess Mayes, 370 Kent, Andrea, 117, 357 I Kerley, Izoro Daphane, 122, 309 Kellebrew, Katherine Suzann, 309 Kimble, Carolyn Marcelle, 357 Kimrey, Margaret Linn, 309, 391 King, Carolyn Gaye, 156, 160 Kinney, Susan CSueJ Grace, 145, 172, 264 Kirby, Anita Louise, 357 Kirkland, Karen Lynn, 357 Klammer, Annette Louise, 84, 123, 156, 203, 334 Knapek, Willie Mae, 264 Knisely, Diane Marie, 334 Kobarg, Barbara Ann, 87, 265 Koch, Nancy Virginia, 82, 309 Kojis, Frances Elizabeth, 309 Kolb, Barbara Gayle, 357 Kornegay, Margrett Elaine, 358 Korsmo, Karen Louise, 334 Kramolis, Nita Carole, 358 Kreusch, Patsy Walker QMrs.j, 265 Kuehl, Janet Faye, 67, 358 Kuhlman, Cynthia Marlane, 47, 309 Kuo, Josephine Li-hwa, 236, 370 Kuperman, Sharon Ann, 334 Kurc, Jodie Elaine, 309 Kutzer, Carol, 86, 334 Kuykendall, Judith Ann, 236, 370 Kwan, Bernice Sue, 156, 334 Kwong, Mable, 85 L Lack, Patricia Jayne, 203, 334 Lackey, Lida Marion, 358 Lach, Mrs. Leona Rawlings, 370 Ladd, Carolyn Jean, 358 Lafferty, Ann, 370 . 1 -X F31 N, ,z'.r!2gf5f.f' WT . I"lfil0' G3'l?lp'2i4 Compliments of the Morrison Milling Co. Denton, Texas 387 For Over 30 Years eg' has been the favorite shopping place for thousands of T. W. U. students TWU seniors, Kay Millet and jan Pruitt, look happy and carefree in their sports ensemble from Russell's. Kay wears a two piece culotte outfit and jan models a two piece skirt-blouse sports outfit, perfect for picnicking. As T.W.U. has progressed and grown from the Industrial Arts - to Texas State College for Woman-to Texas Woman's University, it has been our privilege and happy experience to serve thousands of students and faculty members -- counting them among our many dear friends. We are proud of having eamed the reputation of being the "Big Friendly Store" in Denton where you can always find nationally advertised merchandise of good taste and high fashion at moderate prices! BROOKS Dairy Company I9I0 - 1963 53 Years Serving the North Texas Area With Finest Quality Dairy Products 96 96- -36 96 96 Our best wishes to Texas Woman's University BROOKS DAIRY COMPANY Finer Milk and Ice Cream 400 N. Locust INDEX Lake, Sumaya Carmaine Teresa, 67, 82, 334 Lamborn, Signe Birgitta, 67, 81, 112, 152, 265 LaMotta, Marilyn Sue, 56, 72, 83, 218, 334 Landress, Mary Ann, 95, 103 Lange, Linda, 236 Langford, Elizabeth Susan, 152, 148, 334 Larkin, Francis Wlizabeht, 78, 83, 103, 146, 152, 156, 226, 309 Laughlin, Nedra Dee, 84 Laughlin, Wilyne Faye, 265 Lawrence, Susan Kathleen, 156, 358 Layton, Diatra Olive, 358, 397 Leatherwood, Judy LaVerne, 358 LeCoco, Mary Annette, 81, 96, 100, 310 Lee, Bennie Sue, 358 Lee, Mrs. Dorothy Louise, 358 Lee Esther Ming-see, 370 Lee Moira Beatrice, 82 Leigh, Karen Louise, 358 Leister, Christine Hopke, 370 Leister, Dorothea Christina, 358 Lenor, Phyllis, 368 Lentz, Mrs. Margaret Marie Kingery, 370 Leverett, Peggy Ann, 265 Levings, Dorothy Marilyn, 230 Lewis, Linda Kaye, 358 Lewis, Rita Dere, 358 Lezama, Maria Elena, 236, 358 Li, Hsiang Ju fIvyJ, 370 Liao, Jane Chen-hsing, 371 Liccioni, Dolores Ann, 60, 358, 397 Lightsey, Joaleen Nell, 60, 83, 265 Lightsey, Juliana, 334 Lile, Paula Jo, 334 Lin, Shirley Su-Ling, 371 Lin, Ling Ying CLindyJ, 371 Linderman, Mary Alice, 83, 156, 208, 230, 334 Likdley, Lura Frances, 358 Lindner, Marian Florence, 358 Lindsey, Donna Carol, 266 Lippmann, Lois Marion, 358 Lipsey, Sandra Kay, 358 Liu, Yvonne I-Feng, 371 Llamzon, Julita P., 236, 370 Lockett, Dorothy Pauline, 266 Lockman, Carolyn Sue, 64, 80, 105, 266 Lodge, Drucilla Louise, 358 Loeller, Rosemary, 368 Lofland, Carole Jean, 80, 117, 156, 310 Lofton, Dana Byrd, 87, 266 Lohrke, Linda Gay, 83, 310 Londak, Elaine Frances, 80, 334 Long, Patay Rebacca, 266 Lonncy, Cyann, 26, 70, 87, 310 Lopez, Margaret, 81, 334 Lopez, Ninfa Angelita, 80, 125, 334 Lorenzana, Noemi N., 310 Lott, Rachel Wilhclmian, 96, 310 Lottman, Linda Ruth, 358 Louthan, Patricia Ann, 358 Lovett, Nancy Elizabeth, 310 Lovgren, Betty Jane, 358 Loving, Barbara Ann, 334 Lowe, Bobbe Halcyon, 358 Lowe, Jcryl Gwen, 310 Lowe, Mary Anna, 358 Lowe, Nancy Sue, 83, 212 Lucas, Mary Etta, 358 Luna, Rosario, 266 Lunning, Patricia Ann, 358 Lutener, Carol Margaret, 335 Luther, Mary Elizabeth, 359 Luthringer, D'Eva Jean, 212, 397 Luzius, Linda Ann, 359 Lyerly, Bonnie Kay, 359 Lynch, Lillian Christine, 359 Lynn, Linda Joy, 72, 87, 156, 266 Lyon, Anna Mae, 103, 123, 335 McAdams, Margaret Kathryn, 359 McAlister, Rebecca Arlette, 56, 58, 83, 88, 138, 154, 158, 169, 203, 268 McAnulty, Beuna Maurice, 310 McAvenia, Mrs. Adeline Carlisle, 310 McBride, Elizabeth Dale, 359 McCall, Delane, 310 McCall, Eliese, 337 McCann, Jean Marie, 359 McCarthy, Margene Viviene, 80, 218 McClendon, Judith Rae, 359 McCollum, Mary Lou, 67, 87, 146, 310 McCormick, Mrs. Karen Lou, 268 McCoy, Leila Melanie, 200, 345, 359 McGraw, Nancy Elizabeth, 359 McDaniel, Benni Anne, 359 McDonald, Pamela Mary, 359 McDowell, Linda Rae, 310 McDowell, Martha Lee, 359 McDuffie, Mary Jane, 58, 65, 83, 96, 102, 187, 269 McElfresh, Jackie Lynn, 86, 269 McElyea, Bettie Ann, 337 McEwen, Cheryl Ann, 359 McGervey, Maureen Elizabeth, 310 McGill, Betty Joan, 269 McGinnis, Linda Arlene, 359 McGinty, Marilyn Palmer, 359 McGown, Caroline, 371 McGuire, Patsy Ann, 337 McIlwain, Judy Ann, 359 Mclntire, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann fScobeyJ, 310 McKay, Wanda Gayle, 120 McKee, Loretta Fay, 269 McKee, Martha Anne, 311 McKinney, Betty Lou, 359 McKinney, Priscilla Ann fPamJ, 269 McMurry, Mrs. Lucille, 359 McNiel, Mary Lou, 359 McNiel, Rebecca Jane, 311 McVay, Margaret Carol, 232 Ma, Andie Enti, 92 Mabry, Merle Garlene, 67, 83, 120 335 MacDonald, Sharon Rae, 359 Machado, Dianna Olivia, 84 Macias, Delia, 311 Macon, Nancy Florine, 91, 266 Maddox, Patricia Ann, 87, 335 Maddry, Jacqueline Rae, 70, 86, 111 230, 311 Maddry, Judith Ann, 156, 335 389 Kathryn Edith, 76, 87, Moore EARL'S DRIVE INN Sc COFFEE SHOP 807 W. University Drive Across from Denton Shopping Center WE APPRECIATE YCUR BUSINESS The Collegiate Shoppe While admiring this lovely bathing suit at the Collegiate Shop, Isabel Garza is thinking :he would like it for her spring wardrobe. S. Side Square 382-3318 Patronize Our Advertisers Major, Leta Kathryn, 335 Malin, Melanie Kelsey, 81, 227, 311 Mallow, Barbara, 78, 89 Manly, Judith Anne, 74, 206 Manning, Charlotte Ann, 122, 359 Mansell, Susan Derdrc, 64, 81, 267 Mansfield, Mary Jo, 53, 371 March, Peggy Ann, 335 Marchbanks, Linda Gale, 267 Marek, Barbara Ann, 335 Marin, Beatrice Moncivais, 323 Marin, Minerva Moncivais, 359' Marion, Mila, 359 Marquez, Jesusa Nancy, 335 Marquez, Virginia P., 267 Marshall, Nancy Ruth, 359 Marshall, Sarah Frances, 87, 267 Marshall, Valerie, 61, 62, 83, 226 Martin, Barbara Ann, 1'17, 359 Martin, Carol Lee, 83, 102, 152, 156, 203, 299, 311 Martin, Jill Annette, 60, 81, 105 INDEX Martin Mrs. Kristan Ovitz, 311 Martin Linda Kay, 267, 335 Martin, Mary Judith, 267 Martin Molly Frank, 82, 335 Martin Nancy Karen, 117, 359 Martin Phyllis Ann CC,rickJ, 335 Martin Shyanne CShanJ, 360 Martinez Guillermina, 311 Martinez, Margaret Juanita, 360 Martinez, Maria Christine, 108, 120, 268 Martinez, Rosa Maria, 120, 335 Martinez Sanjuanita, 311 Martinez, Sylvia Elia, 125, 268 Martinez Mashman, Barbara Gene, 360 Mashman, JoAnne Susan, 360 Massey, Mary Jo, 222, 268 Mastin, Gloria Jean, 360 Mather, Linda Louise, 85, 312 Mathcwson, Donna Mae, 360 Matthews, Ellen Marie, 81, 152, 336 May, Mary Jo, 312 Mays, Martha Jane, 83, 336 Mears, Sherry Kay, 360 Mecklenburg, Peggy Darlene, 360 , Virginia, 80 Meeks, Mary Elaine, 56, 83, 156, 206, 312 Meenach, Antoinette fToniJ Eliza- beth, 360 Menachaca, Frances Juanita, 269 Merkel, Sharon Anita, 360 Merrill, Constance Darlene, 360 Merritt, Mary Ann, 212, 336 Meston, Valeria Gay, 74, 87, 92, 186, 226, 312, 393 Miller, Bonita fBonnieJ Louise, 360 Miller, Elaine F., 117, 270 Miller, Mrs. Jane Ann Lowrey, 84, 117, 336 Miller, Judith fJudyj Fern, 312 Miller, Julia LaVaun, 360 Miller, Karen Jeanne, 86 Miller, Kay Don, 270 Miller Mary Frances, 360 Miller, Nancy Carole, 82, 312 Miller, Paula Leone, 218 Miller, Shelby Marie, 94, 312 Millet, Monts, Elizabeth Ann, 371 Moody, Mary Ester, 360 Moody, Sandra Jean, 120, 222, 336 Moon, Joan, 150, 159, 208, 360 Moon, Marsha Ann, 76, 360 Mooney, Mary Lou, 97, 109, 270 Mooneyhan, Carol Joe, 156, 360 Moore Moore Barbara Janys, 125, 214, 336 Bonnie Adele, 360 Moore, Carol Ann, 232, 336 Moore Judy, 68 Moore Mrs. Mary Florence, 270 Moore Rebecca Lynn, 360 Sylvia Lee, 117, 361' Martin, Sylvia Louise, 74, 107, 311 Martin, Virginia Kay, 359 Martinez Gallegos, Delia Lenor, 82 Martinez, Elsa Diana, 85, 268 Metoskie, Marcia Jon, 232 Meuchel, Joan Virginia, 86 Middleton, Mrs. Madeleine S., 120 Miller, Barbara Ann, 336 232, 270, 392 Mims, Judy Gail, 213, 336 Minger, Pamela Diane, 72, 83, 187, 270 Minor, Shirley Kay, 360 Minyard, Marilou, 360 Mitchell, Linda Kay, 94, 312 Mitchell, Patricia Dee, 336 Mitschkc, H. Lee, 336 Mitz, Mrs. Fumiko, 371 Mize, Martha Diane, 360 Mizener, Patricia Janell, 218 Moberly, Elizabeth Dollins, 336 Mochle, Diane Kathe, 216, 360 Mohar, Cheryl Lynn, 360 Molder, Alice Frances, 360 Mondy, Marie fMrs.J, 236, 371 Monte, Ellen Louise, 336 Montemayor, Elas Diana, 125, 270 Monthey, Nelda Kaye, 360 178, Moorhouse, Mrs. Rubye Mae, 236 Moran, Duvina Teresa, 125, 270 Moreland, Betty Jane, 271, 312 Moreno, Blanca Enieia, 336 Moreno, Dalila Elvira, 361 Moreno, Lupe, 271 Moreton, Susan Sewall, 83, 222, 336 Morgan, Gloria Kay, 312 Morgan, JoAnn, 312 Morris, Edna Jane, 312 Morris, Linka Jane, 336 Morrison, Susan Regina, 312 Mueller, Mary Margaret, 361 Muir, Nancy Jean, 312 Mullins, Linda Rae, 116, 271 Mullis, Dana Colleen, 122, 361 Munson, Kathryn Lynn, 312 Murdock, Karen Elaine, 361 Mureen, Judith Sharon, 313 Murphey, Susanne, 156, 361 Murphy, Julia fJudyJ Ann, 313 Murphy, Margwen, 57, 72, 83, 204, 213, 336 Murphy, Patricia Ann, 214 Murray, Julia Ann, 361 Murray, Theo Virginia, 371 Musterer, Judith Ann, 271 Mycue, Marguerite Mary, 271 Myers, Dolores Ann, 361 Myers, Dorothy Lorraine, 123 Myres, Betty May, 80, 313 N Nance, Linda Lou, 82, 271 Nash, Eloise fMrs.l, 236 Neal, Judith Marie, 337 Nelson, Sharon Darnell, 361 Nelson, Sheila Gay, 120, 337 Nettle, Sandra Jo, 361 Neumann, Gerry Elizabeth, 156, 313 Nevels, Carole S., 361 Newberg, Linda Ilene, 105, 313 Newberry, Elizabeth Ann, 313 -Newbold, Janet, 337 Newkam, Cynthia Jane, 337 INDEX Nipp, Betty Evelyn, 74, 92, 313 Noel, Margaret Chrietine, 361 Norris, Billy Sue, 82, 272 Norris, Virginia Anne, 144, 272 Northcutt, Gloria Kay fPatseyj, 57, 64, 81, 97, 117, 176, 195, 323 Novoa, Irma, 272 Nystrom, Louise Marie, 361 O Obando, Lucy V., 361 Oden, Freda Eileen, 337 Oliver, Cheryl Mae, 337 Oliver, Dianne, 361 Oliver, Mrs. Sandra Sue, 272 Olsen, Judy Elizabeth, 313 Olson, Emily Jean, 361 Ondrasek, Billie Ann, 361 Ondrovik, Joann Catherine, 361 Orren, Mrs. Santa Diana Lopez, 272 Orta, Edith, 313 Ortiz, Mary Elizabeth, 272 Osorio, Heidy Araeelli, 314 Osorio, Noris Hernia, 337 Ostendorf, Sandra Jean, 272 Osterhout, Ida Claire, 361 Otteman, Karen Kay, 96, 361 234, Newsome, Rhea Kaye, 313 Nichols, Ruth Marie, 95, 313 Nicholson, Susan Kay, 272 Owens, Edith Dianne, 117, 337 Owens, Verna Lou, 80, 104, 314 Owsley, Lucile Clark, 371 Oyster, Sharon Lynn, 361 Ozan, Elizabeth Jeane, 273 P Paddock, Sandra Jean, 86 Padilla, Herminia, 273 Page, Sarah Margaret, 68, 109, 361 Page, Susan Marie, 361 Pagel, Geneva Allene, 337 Paisley, Mary Kathryn Kirsten, 361 Pak, Young-o, 371 Palacios, Ruth, 74, 76, 81, 107, 314 Palimountain, Nancy DeKau, 361 Palmer, Nancy Lee, 314 Panther, Jean, 120 Park, Mrs. Olga Bryan, 361 Parker, Carman Elizabeth, 361 Parker, Sara Ann, 273 Parks, Lynora Sue, 57, 83, 152, 160, 175, 206, 212, 213 Partain, Janice Maria, 362 Partridge, Joanna Audette, 314 Patterson, Terry Duane, 338 Pavlat, Rosilie, 273 Payne, Olivia Elizabeth, 109, 362 Peacock, Carolyn Kay, 273 Peacock, Nancy Marie, 273 Pearce, Mrs. Velma Moore, 371 Pearson, Mrs. Sandra Hunter, 83, 273 Peek, Jane Ann, 274 Pena, Rebecca Alba, 156 Pendleton, Robbie Ann, 56, 58, 83, 274 Penk, Jeannine Cecile, 86 Pennell, Betty Carlene, 314 Pennington, Karen, 91, 274 Pequeno, Raquel Magdalena, 216, 362 Peralta, Eycla Yadira, 314 Perez, Eyda Marcela, 362 Perez, Micaela, 314 Perez, Patricia Anna, 362 Perry, Edna Ellen, 57, 70, 71, 83, 156, 164, 314- Person, Betty Jean, 362 P1-ter, Jackie Ann, 314 Peters, Sandra Kay, 274 Peterson, Michaela Ray, 362 Peterson, Mrs. Verna E. Robinson, 236 Petree, Karen Lynn, 64, 81, 338 Petri, Barbara Ann, 362 Pham, Thi Dung, 338 Philbeck, Martha Ead, 362 Phillips, Catherine Ann, 371 Phillips, Margaret Frances, 362 Pickard, Penelope fPennyJ Ann, 57, 76, 83, 100, 139, 156, 274, 392 Pickcrrell, Cecelia Ann, 232, 274 Pickett, Sharon Ella, 60, 274 Pierce, Charlotte Alice, 86, 117, 338 Pierce, Mrs. Eugenia Catherine, 275 Niles, Sara Elizabeth, 361 Oyler, Becky Ann, 337 7 'a.'.. all ' 1 A 1 11 tic... A manicure at Mary Claude's, says Merrell Whytlaw, is the perfect way to begin the Corps Trip activities. Mary Claude's BEAUTY SHOP 1425 Oakland 382-2013 kai .IU , V ,sf-1 Peery, Blenda M., 109, 274 Pinkerton, Sandra Le, 84, 226, 314 A2 ,K ,z 1 f. B. Thompson serves june De Armen and Linn Kimrey a coke from the Campus Drug. The Campu brag ON THE DRAG 391 Reppond, Janet L., 315 Pitts, Claudia Eileen, 362 Platt, Judy Carroll, 362 Poehl, Virginia Sue, 362 Pollard, Charlene Kay, 338 Pond, Betty Lucille, 67, 275 Pope, Erleene June, 152, 218, 338 Pope, Helen Gail, 67, 80, 275 Portain, Janice, 122 Porter, Leta Margaret, 156, 160, 338 Poston, Pamela Verlene, 362 Potts, Charlotte Marie, 362 Poulter, Paula Ann, 338 INDEX R Rabe, Katherine Ann, 338 Rach, Judith Ann, 362 Rocobs, Michael Anne, 120, 338 Ragan, Patricia Ann, 67, 86, 276 Ragir, Cynthia Ester, 362 Ragsdale, Matilda Jane, 81, 152, 156, 227, 314 Rains, Laura Laverne, 83, 315 Rains, Melody, 82 Ralton, Linda Sue, 88, 276 Q Pounds, Sara Jean, 82, 314 Powell, Roberta Jean, 314 Power, Paula Jayne, 76, 362 Pratt, Donna Elizabeth, 362 Pratt, Sandra Lynn, 156, 362 Prescott, Marion Elizabeth, 362 Price, Sharron Allecn, 198, 275 Priddy, Jane Alford, 362 Pruitt, Janis Marie, 87, 275, 392 Puckett, Mrs. Romona Rose, 92, 140, 275 Pulliam, Patricia Talton, 122, 362 Putch, Carmcll Ann, 276 Putnam, Julia Elizabeth, 362 Ramettc, Ramirez, Sylvia Michele, 362 Anita Estella, 338 Ramirez, Anita M., 362 Ramirez, Maria Alicia, 60, 362 Ramirez, Mary Grace, 276 Ramirez, Nelda Iris, 230, 315 Ramirez, Ramirez, Virginia Rebecca, 362 Yolanda, 338 Romos, Idolina, 276 Romos, Mercedes Alido, 76, 363 Ramsey, Lois Mae, 111, 122, Rangel, Raquel Torres, 338 Raschke, Connie Elaine, 68, 83, 338 Rath, Carol Ann, 87, 276 Ratliff, Mary Gail, 338 Rau, Sharon Ann, 363 338 Qualls, Marjorie Elaine, 362 Quigley, Susan Solleder, 234, 314 Quintanilla, Rosario fRosiel, 116, 2 6 Ray, Mrs. Minnie E., 374 Ray, Nancy Ross, 117, 156, 315 Raymer, Zona Mae, 80, 276 Rea, Betty Gail, 339 Reagan, Terry Kay, 84, 339 Rebelle, Judith Ann, 363 Recd, Andra, 363 Reed, Mary Elizabeth, 363 Recd, Nancy Jane, 57 Reese, Mrs. Annie Marvin, 232 Reeves. Sharon Sue, 363 Reid, Helen Grace, 68, 92, 108, 315 Reid, Nancy Gayle, 156, 339 Rembert, Patricia Hardee, 277 Rendon, Josie, 156, 363 Rcnshaw, Dorothy Ann, 213, 339 Reyes, Maria Antonia, 277 Reyes, Maria Teresa, 363 Reyna, Maria Antonia, 363 Reynolds, Carol Ann, 227, 315 Reynolds, Mary Kay, 315 Rhine, Brenda, 87, 220 Rhodes, Barbara Sue, 363 Rhodes, Rosa Lee, 94 Rials, Betty, 156, 218 Rice, Georgann, 218 Rich,,Paula Jane, 156, 363 Richardson, Carol Ann, 363 Richardson, Jean, 371 Richardson, Martha Dee, 339 Richardson, Sheryl Rae, 363 Richburg, Carolyn LaVon, 363 Richey, Lou Ann, 117, 363 Richmond, Linda Nell, 363 Richter, Karleen Jane, 315 Ridder, Dorothy Ann, 150, 363 Riedesel, Myrna Lou, 215 Ricrson, Patricia Ann, 363 Risinger, Lois Jean, 363 Ritchie, Mary Ann, 315 Rivera, Corine Garza, 80, 339 Rivera, Evangelina, 363 Robbins, Patricia Jean, 68, 82, 90 123, 339 Roberts, Grace, 363 Roberts, Jean Anne, 277 Roberts, Patricia Leslie, 363 Roberts, Sidney Adele, 363 Robertson, Bobbie Elaine, 363 Robertson, Linda Joyce, 315 Robinson, Judy B., 109, 316 Robinson, Rita Marie, 212, 339 Robinson, Sherry Ann, 363 Rodgers, Nancy Katherine , 363 Rodgers, Rachel LaVerne, 80, 230 316 Rodriguez, Clementina, 101, 277 Rodriguez Gloria Lamar, 61, 363 Rodriguez Irene, 277 Rodriguez Mary Judy, 278 Rogers, Agnes Louise, 364 Rogers, Barbara Carole, 84, 95, 106 141, 176, 278 Rogers, Penny Lou, 364 Roitsch, Connie Gail, 216, 364 Romiek, Patricia, 278 Rompel, Kathryn Ann, 316, 380 Roseland, Nancy Lynn, 106, 339 Rosenberry, Carol Jean, 80, 278 Roshong, Diane Marie, 364 X Two busy editors, Penny Piokard, Daedalian, and Kathy Coffey, Lass-O, take time out to see how the Denton Record Chronicle is printed. Kathy seems to be telling how to do it,' do you understand, Penny? 392 Denton Record - Chronicle Furnishing students of Texas Woman's University with the latest in local, national and in- ternational news, copies of the Denton Record-Chronicle are de- livered daily to dormitories to keep students informed of cur- rent events. 1 r.. an-ki Valerie Meston chooses a charm from the large assortment found in Brook's Drug Store. Also make Brooks your headquarters for all cosmetic, jewelry and charms, perfume and cologne needs. DRUG STORE LOCATIONS 222 W. Hickory 382-2565 1403 Scripture 382-2563 533 S. Locust 382-2300 Brooks Drug Store "Serving Denton for over 41 years" I. Ross, Charlotte Diane, 364 Rotramel, Judith Kay, 156, 172, 220, 339 Rowland, Juanita fCissiej, 58, 83, 156, 195, 206, 212, 339 Roy, Betsy Lee, 217 Rucker, Mrs. Nedra Sue, 371 Rueda, Olga Rosalina, 81, 94, 102, 108, 316 Rummell, Betty fMrs.l, 371 Rumpcl, Kathy, 81 Rushing, Rea, 364 Russell, Karen Sue, 150, 156, 364 Russell, Marilyn Gail, 364 Russell, Martha Lou, 278 Russell, Shirley Beth, 278 Ruzicka, Marilyn Kay, 101, 217, 339 S Saenz, Bertha Nora, 364 Saenz, Martha Ernestina, 57, 214, 339 Saenz, Priscilla, 339 Sain, Loua Kay, 364 Salazar, Sylvia Raquel, 85, 125, 278 - Salinas, Alici Victoria, 96, 156, 316 Salinas, Nelia Estcla, 364 Salinas, Sara, 364 Salsman, Geneva Lou, 74, 203 Sanchez, Margaret Christela, 364 Sanchez, Marta Patricia, 278 Sanchez, Veliz Erlina, 230 INDEX Sander, Teckla Mae, 316 Sanders, Cynthia Ola, 364 Sanders, Leah, 86, 123, 340 Sanders, Suzanne Marie, 90, 95, 279 Shaddock, Elizabeth Ann, 365 Shaffer, Madeline Jeanne, 60, 83, 102, 156, 340 112, Shahan, Dianna, 365 Shannon, Patricia Lee, 365 Sandoval, Lydia Berta Gonzales, 340 Shepard, Barbara Ann, 316 Santleben, Carol Lou, 340 Shipley, Mrs. Max, 371 Santorufo, Linda Hicks, 364 Shipman, Mrs. Eleanor Diane Rob- Sawyer, Ellen Maudine, 364 erts, 280 Schaefer, Marjorie Cornelia, 316 Shippem, Elizabeth Wallis, 340 Schlcgel, Carol Lynn, 57, 72, 73, 83, Shrum, Geneva Carolyn, 29, 74, 107, 340 94, 141, 178, 204, 279 Schloss, Donna Lee, 340 Schnack, Judith Ann, 340 Shugart, Cecile, 365 Siegfied, Carrol Ann, 365 Schneider, Kathleen Joanne, 316 Siegmund, JoAnn Estelle, 316 Schooler, Virginia Kay, 364 Schornack, Carol Jean, 364 Schramm, Jeanne Lynn, 364 Sigle, Mary Cllennis, 122, 365 Siler, Rebecca, 280 Silva, Estefana, 84, 104, 108, 280 Schroeder, Lynette Adair, 86, 279 Sim, Mary Cho-Fong, 371 Schuette, Kathryn Marie, 364 Schukar, Ann Marie, 364 Simic, Margaret Jean, 365 Simmons, Carolinda Louise, 218, 340 Schuster, Mary Ann, 49, 68, 82, 316 Simmons, Pamela Earlene, 365 Scofield, Mrs. Loretta Gail, 96, 279 Simms, Rhetta Fran, 365 Scott, Betty Frances, 364 Simpson, Martha Lou, 365 Scott, Priscilla Elizabeth, 279 Sinletary, Martha Elizabeth CBethl, Scott, Rachal Annita, 364 76, 365 Scott, Sandra Jane, 279 Singleton, Gloria Jean, 84, 316 Scruggs, Beverly Kay, 364 Skinner, Sue Ann, 280 Scedle, Elaine Elizabeth, 76, 364 Sledge, Barbara Ann, 365 Sendejo, Rose Veronica, 364 Smallin, Lana Kay, 89, 142, 280 Serna, Celia Celina, 156, 364 Smith, Betty Ann, 206, 212, 340 Sevier, Nancy Peacock, 142 Smith, Beverly Sue, 385 Sewell, Carol Arm, 364 Smith, Charlotte, 365 Smith, Connie Kathrynn, 97, 280 Smith, Demetra Ann, 86, 210 Smith, Donnah Sherron, 94, 95, 106 280 Smith, Frances Elaine, 316 Smith, Judy Carol, 117 Smith, Marian Sunny, 365 Smith, Maryilee, 56 Smith, Mary Aleva, 85, 88, 281 Smith, Mary Edna, 281 Smith, Mary Emily, 58, 64, 83, 143 281 Smith, Monta Jean, 340 Smith , Mrs. Patricia Gerald, 86, 281 Smith, Sharon Sue, 316 Smith Snyde Soho, Soza, er, Linda Lee, 365 r, Sandra Irene, 317 Susan Silvia, 111, 365 Guadalupe, 281 Spang, Claudia Jeanne, 317 Sparkman, Marth Gay, 365 Spector, Clare Eve, 340 Speer, Spenc Spenc Spoon Mrs, Elizabeth Calameyer, 281 er, Adenia Nell, 365 er, Nelda Gwenn, 282 er, Susan Carol, 317 Spraggins, Linda Joyce, 340 Spurgeon, Sandra Kay, 365 Squier, Donna Lee, 365 Stacy, Elizabeth Ann, 317 Stamper, Sandra Lee, 81, 91, 282 Staple s, Martha Jane, 282 393 D The University Laundry X Wa: This student knows she can depend on the University Laundry for reasonable prices, care and efiicient service. 0 Regulation Gym Clothes 0 Year-Round Storage 0 Finished Laundry 0 Dry Cleaning 0 Alterations 'Fluff Dry 0 Wet Wash 0 Sewing Free Pick-up and Delivery Service INDEX Stapleton, Sallye Marie, 67, 87, 208, 222, 340 Stark, Betty Sue, 365 Starkey, Kathleen Ann, 365 Starnes, Carol Sue, 282 Starnes, Virginia Louise, 120, 282 Stasswender, Elizabeth Antoninette fTonij, 60, 101, 195, 340 Steadman, Gailyn Ann, 317 Steglich, Etoile Elaine, 340 Stephens, Patricia Eileen, 341 Stephenson, Barbara Sue, 83, 116, 152, 317 Stephen, Bobbie Carlene, 72 Stevens, Ettie Katherine, 365 Stevenson, Wanda Lorraine, 64, 100, 156, 317 Stewart, Carolyn Jean, 365 Stewart, Saundra Sue, 365 Stigler, Suellen, 72, 365 Stinnett, Floye Mae, 341 Stodghill, Gloria Jeanne, 366 Stoll, Linda Lee, 282 Stone, Elsa Cruz, 366 Stone, Patricia Ann, 317 Stone, Thelma Katherine, 317 Stowe, Sydney Louise, 83, 317 Strickland, Gloria Jean, 366 Strittmatter, Martha J., 81, 124, 282 Struebing, Donna Fay, 217, 341 Sturges, Patricia Ann, 366 Sturrock, Melba Joyce, 87, 112, 122, 227, 317 Sucher, Merdith Coughlan, 68, 87, 341 Sullins, Betty Jane, 120, 151, 156, 160, 208, 366 Sulluvan, Laura Marie, 222, 341 Sumida, Lila Kiyomi, 96, 283 Surovik, Jean Gayle, 82, 318 Sweet, Patricia Jane, 341 Sweitzer, Marilee Agnes, 120, 200, 266 Switzer, Judy Cheryl, 366 T Tamborello, Patricia Ann, 366 Tanaka, Grace Yukiye, 371 Tancre, Bonnie Lee, 97, 110, 120 Tang, Laureen Bao-Ying, 371 Targett, Carol Ann, 84, 104 Tauber, Kathleen Emma, 366 Taylor, Donna Ruth, 318 Taylor, Leslie, 283 Taylor, Linda Juanita, 89 Taylor, Patricia Ann, 88, 89, 109, 143, 190, 283 Taylor, Sandra Jean, 341 Tceter, Nancy Joan, 366 Tefteller, Lue Ellen Terry, Lenora Anne, Tesreau, Kareh Sue, 318 Thedford, Donna Sue, 95, 103, 283 Theiss, Beverly Jean, 230, 366 Thigpen, Sharon Ann, 341 Thomas, Evelyn Madge, 366 Thomas, Frances E., 341 Thomas. Sara L., 117, 366 , 366 366 Thomerson, Linda Diana, 366 Thompson, Carolyn Joyce, 120 Thompson, Joyce Elaine, 366 Thompson, Linda Rae, 341 Thompson, Sandra Ann, 122, 366 Thompson, Sue Ellen, 283 Thompson, Wanda Geraldine, 70, 184 Thumann, Carolyn Joyce, 84, 283 Thurber, Phyllis Merle, 86, 318 Tierce, Sandra Sue, 366 Tillman, Gloria Ellen, 366 Tilson, Judy Lynn, 341 Tipton, Frances Jean, 81, 284 Torralba, Maria Norma, 80, 284 Torres, Lydia, 366 Tourville, Pene Sue, 64, 86, 88, 284 Towles, Esther Pearl, 366 Townshend, Kate Meriwether, 318 Trigg, Janice Elizabeth, 83, 102, 105, 226, 318 Truelock, Eloise, 341 Truscott, Sharon Kay, 366 Tucker, Jackie Marie, 341 Tully, Sandra, 318 Turnage, Linda Elizabeth, 144, 284 Turner, Rhoda Sue, 318 Turner, Roberta Joan, 117 Turner, Mrs. Sherry Ann, 284 Turpin, Jane Elizabeth, 68, 86, 103, 318 Twitchell, Lois Dorothy, 87, 116, 225, 318 U Umphress, Joyce Marie, 318 Umphress, Lynda Gayle, 318 V Vanderlaan, Donna Rose, 318 Van Sickle, Gena Kathleen, 284 Varisco, Maxine, 83, 146, 156, 173, 227, 318 Varvel, Patricia Ann, 342 Vasina, Sandra Suzzane, 366 Vaughan, Beth Charleen, 342 Vaughan, Margaret Monroe, 156 Veale, Frances Jane, 85, 319 Vega. Maria Bertha, 342 Vega Rolia, 342 Velasquez, Rose Marie, 284 Verwey, Delora Lynn, 70, 86 Vester, Jean Adair, 86, 342 Vickers, Mary Ann, 120, 284 Vidrine, Patricia Lee, 319 Villegas, Velma Enedina, 67, 80, 144' 285 Vinikoff, Itta Joyce, 366 Vlasak, Tommie Lee, 319 Voorhies, Shirley Ann, 120, 366 Vordenbaum, Mary Ann, 319 Voss, Gloria Joyce, 319 Vowell, Mary Lou, 86, 285 W Waddell, Mrs. Alice Ramsay, 285 Wade, Glenda May, 366 INDEX Wade, Waltrude, 108 Wadsworth, Kay, 285 Waggoner, Bernice Estelle, 371 Wahrmund, Jane Nell Elfrieda, 67, 217, 342 Wah Sun, Helen, 285 Waldeek, Donna Lee, 367 Walden, Anita Joyce, 285 Walker, Claudia Ann, 342 Walker, Mary Katherine, 319 Walker, Patsy Lynett, 74 Walker, Tamsen, 81, 120, 342 Wallace, Gail Ann, 29, 74, 83, 152, 206, 319 Wallace, Judith Adair, 367 Wallis, Mary Wilma, 67, 87, 117, 342 Wally, Diane Eleanore, 70, 84, 319 Walter, Elnora Frances, 81, 286 Walters, Joyce Elaine, 367 Ward, Diana Marie, 342 Ward, Julia Kay, 74, 86, 319 Ward, Mary Alice Catherine, 213, 342 Ward, Sheron, 367 Wardlaw, Frances Carol, 117, 120, 161 Wark, Denise Jayne, 367 Warner, Ann Carolyn, 342 Warner, Carolyn Kay, 367 Warner, Kerry Louise, 367 Warren, Dolores, 286 Warren, Joyce Marie, 122, 367 Warren, Patricia Louise, 367 Warrenburg, Debra Jane, 367 Washington, Carolyn Mary, 367 Waterman, Mary Electra, 148 Watkins, Mary Elaine, 367 Watson, Patsy Gayle, 82, 230, 286 Watters, Roberta Ann, 95, 107, 286 Wean, Paullette, 60, 113, 342 Weaver, Elizabeth Louanne, 286 Weaver, Mary Ella, 367 Webb, Mary Katherine, 106, 286 Weber, Vicki Lee, 367 Webstre, Jane, 286 Wedgeworth, Betty Florence, 319 Wehmeyer, Hazel Marie, 342 Weick, Jean Marie, 367 Weldon, Mary Margaret, 120 Wellborn, Deanna Jeanne, 367 Wells, Eleanor Ann, 81, 120, 198 Wells, Judith Gay, 83, 116, 148, 342 Wendel, Elaine Katherine, 109 Wentworth, Erma, 94 Wescott, Lou Carol, 86, 342 West, Patricia Dee, 287 West, Sheridan Kiamita, 86 Weston, Marilyn, 319 Whisenant, Mary Elizabeth, 367 Whisenant, Patricia Loraine, 367 Whitaker, Linda Louise, 343 Whitaker, Thelma Ruth, 367 White, Mrs. Bobby Annell Lacy, 371 White, Cynthia Elizabeth, 343 Whitten, Madeline Lorraine, 95 Whittington, Patsy Ruth, 222, 36.7 Whitworth, Erma Louise, 227, 320 Whytlaw, Merrill Palmer, 109, 320 Wickstrom, Anita Joyce, 367 Widener, Elois Lynn, 287 Wier, Gwendolen Jane, 287 Wilbur, Sharon Faye, 85, 287 Wilcox, Mary Ann, 46 Wiley, Gladys Irene, 367 Wilkes, Vera Charlene, 367 Wilkinson, Glenda Ruth, 367 Wilkinson, Sara, 371 Wilkerson, Jan Marie, 367 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Williams, Williams Williams Williams J Bessie, 367 Elizabeth Ann, 367 Glorya Jean, 84 Kathc, 236 Margaret Nell, 367 Patricia Ann, 92, 108, 287 Sharron Kay, 287 Viola, 343 Williamson, Carolyn Gayle, 343 Williamson, Juanita May, 288 Williamson, Peggy Ann, 81, 320 Williamson, Tomasene L., 343 Willis, Donna Sue, 368 Willis, Mrs. Frances Y. Brown, 320 Willis, Patricia Ann, 87, 320 Wilson, Carolyn Ann, 368 Wilson, Elizabeth Joan, 320 Wilson, Penny Marchelle, 214, 343 Wilson, Sandra Lee, 368 Wilson, Mrs, Thelma Nadine, 371 Winchester, Wanda Eve, 85, 320 Windle, Jolive, 82, 288 Wingert, Anne Dolsen, 76, 84 Wingo, Patricia Rae, 343 Witzel, Mary Martha, 26, 124, 320 Wohlermann, Barbara Ingrid L., 288 Wood, Susie B., 84, 288 Woodlief, Vivian Dianne, 122, 368 Woodson, Rita Kay, 368 Wooten, Gay Lynn, 343 Wozniak, Valerie Justine, 64, 81, 320 Wright, Geraldine, 109, 368 Wright, Susan E., 217, 343 Wyatt, Karan Beall, 368 Wyler, Mary Ellen, 368 Wynn, Betty Carol, 116, 320 Y Yamamoto, Mary Tamiyo, 368 Yancey, Barbara Ann, 368 Yarberry, Linda Ann, 120, 368 Yarnold, Judy Annette, 368 Yates, Peggy Ann, 343 Yeargain, Nita Louise, 343 Yeng, Sharon, 371 Yosten, Sharon Ann, 368 Young, Patricia Gayle, 343 Young, Sharon Ann, 343 Youngblood, Reba Kay, 368 Z Zander, Carole, 288 Zepeda, Delfina, 343 ,aw In 'tk- wfi IA.-vs: 495 of J ....., 4 re S rr-all I Lori Liecioni and Diotra Layton look at the bracelets available at Sharbefs jewelry Store located on the main drag. The xhop has a l large variety of bracelets available. l 1 Sharber s Jewelry "Conveniently located on the drag" 7-Q l 5. an Betty Cardin exarnines one of the objects found for sale at Voertman's. VOERTMAN' Located on the drag 395 To the Texas Woman's University, Forever to be true '1,"'V'5. 'T'G31"'. "Tx - . ,3."if?2f"' ' .,, 4, ,-1 .a Q For everything you stand for :muff X 951 ABLE., MWWWFPM.. ,.-.A D Maroon and white to you. 17765-gl?-:iQL3i !f:??E "lf?f3?li::z,-llbff The friends We've made while living here, ,If f 1515 'W' "Wifi 1 Will last our whole lives through To the seniors And our school We pledge ourselves anew. Wffffffff W WM W f WWW w., 4 www ., f' - Jil- 1.53

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