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l A K6-25596 614224 n 4606355-fcgygbgiwws-yM-SC Vw. -,PWM-,Lie ame,,6LefJL6fifZ5x4f'4f'f"f7"2q' WJQQL fm If viaxfc, Mc cawdvdfhgjfdagbwamsggmbbp 5dm,wa,.,47m4W1f75fLAa'm5ar2f Qgffffvgiisw' '7uzwvu4Cawvf.5am,r26afQ7f514fC'WLCbC'55E'9'uAf az,44,Njiel,wwCv72M- Jiumuwfll ffwfff -.,5ffl!Z,..,7S4!L, .,Q,oMe,ff,,6,Z? ,z,a-fj54,x,e7g,,,,,,:oLa,f0L6t7,6lCi.5ff7 9.515011 4iYd85sQqwvdfcfV064,cQ'0-7,Lga7f,g. uaffamif QZWQQQZG. phkilz fafzgazrfdi,-4wz4a:f,f7ng,JC11-S .3g,,,t,,,,g-,-,,,Q,,wq, JM, .sae Wea, hu Jgpcmcq L-lui-A BOBBIE CONNER Editor-in-Chief CARYL WHITE Art Editor PHYLLIS LANE Assistant Editor JOY GUTHRIE E sits t , i,Layout Editor i E MARYJANE MiC ONPiL1D 1959 A h 1 hvii, s h, ii if i V, V E h h V V01urhe, XELIX TEXAS 'ii t E E f Den Texas nrrmurd The 1959 edition of the Daedalian has but one objective: to capture the year's events for all to remember. To bring to mind the priceless memories of a year just gone, we revert to the most famous story-teller of all, William Shakespeare. Our theme is centered around this great writer and his times. As we read his works, we are often reminded of our own experiences in his masterful ex- pression. Our presentation begins with the setting of the stage at Texas Woman's Uni- versity, our characters are you, the stu- dentsg our plot, your life on campus, our climax is the culmination of your feelings as you turn the pages of this book. As often said, Shakespeare's characters live forever, thus we too have endeavored to portray a life-time memory of a year at Texas Wom- an's University. Sf I ll lx .vJ'u"'-L Q7 GUIIIKIIIB Administration Colleges and Schools Fudge's Feast Fable All Campus and Publications Who's Who .... Activities , Beauties , A Organizations Sports . , . Dormitories . , Classes V, Seniors A .4 juniors ., Sophomores Freshmen . Advertising . Index .. i i 1050 azdalian rdiratiun DR. AUTREY NELL WILEY In dedicating our 1959 Daedalian to Dr. Autrey Nell Wiley we are applauding one who has starred in roles that many of us aspire to play--the scholar, the teacher, the gentlewoman. Beginning as we too have begun, as a student of this University, Dr. Wiley has gone on to win highest academic laurels, to hold international fellowships, to write articles and books, to conduct and direct literary research, and to maintain always that superlatively important relationship of inspiring teacher to hundreds of us, her students. Working tirelessly at her own research and at the demanding tasks of her profession, leading with energy and imagination our department of English and holding it to uncompromisingly high standards, she has learned the discipline to seem always unhurried and to have time to confer with us in gracious ease. Thus through contacts in classroom, club, and confer- ence, she has encouraged in us clearer thinking, wider read- ing, an awareness of the beauty and the power of spoken and written word, and the recognition that we do not live by bread alone. Zldminia 5 tratin n TEXAS WOMAN'S UNIVERSITY DEN1-oN, Tmzms Fics or -rms PRESIDENT January To the Class of 1959: Graduating seniors have in all past years earned or fallen heir to certain distinctions other than those which are customarily bestowed as honors and privileges at Commencement time. You are no exception to the rule, and among your special legacies is the right to claim identification with an unusually large number of histori- cally important episodes in the life of your alma mater. In your time at TWU there have been annual enrollment increases, two major building programs, greatly augmented research activities, the first products of highly significant new academic enterprises, numerous forms of acclaim, and, of course, official recognition of the status we had achieved as the state's university for women. It is my hope that the stirring developments of which you were a part will always be a source of pride to you, that they will inspire you to give lifelong support to the aspirations we share for the continued progress of the Texas Woman's University--in stature, prestige, and quality, and in usefulness to the state and nation. S, cerely yours, f, . , I, 'A o ry Guinn P esident JAG:avs DR. FENTON KEYES Dean of the Faculty Dean of Graduate Studies DR. MARY HUFFORD Dean of NVomen DR. PAULINE BEERY MACK Director, Research Foundation in Household Arts and Sciences L. L. LaRUE Comptroller GERTRUDE GIBSON Special Assistant, Office of the Registrar FRANCIS W. EMERSON Dean of Admissigns, Registrar ED J. WILLIAMS Business Manager for Plant Operations DR. JAMES A. TURMAN Assistant to the President Board of Regents Continual striving for the improvement interested and dedicated people may well be and progress of Texas Woman's University the future plans of tomorow for the Uni- is the foremost function of the Board of versity. Regents. Decisions of this small group of 3 The Board of Regents members are, left to right, clockwise around the table: Reagan Houston III, chair- man, San Antoniog Mrs. John T. Jones, Jr., Houstong Mrs. Nelda C, Stark, Orangeg Mrs. John Hazle- Wood, Amarillog Mrs. Edgar Deen, secretary, Fort Worthg Dr. John A. Guinng Dr. Fenton Keyesg Ed Gossett, vice-chairman, Dallasg and Harvey Wuest, Seguin. Not pictured are J. T. Jolley, Clarksvilleg and R. H. Coffee, Vernon. Mrs, Arleeta Anthony Secretary, Comptroller's Office Mrs. Gwen Beene Secretary, Registrar's Office Mrs. Ella Mae Blythe Acting Treasurer, Con1ptroller's Office Mrs. Frances Briggs Director, Smith-Carroll Hall Mrs. Betty Chaney Secretary, Registrarys Office Mrs. Corinne Cockrill Mimeograph Operator Mrs. Margie Corbin Secretary, Research Foundation, Col- lege of Household Arts and Sciences Mrs. Lucille Cross Secretary, Biology Mrs. Ruth Davis Director, Lowry Hall Mrs. L. M. Ellison Director, Houston Hall Mrs. Linnie Gifford Director, Fitzgerald Hall Mr. Carl Hill Elevator Operator Mrs. Pauline Hottelet Secretary, College of Health, Education and Physical Recreation Ince Hall Mrs. Kathrina Director, Austin Isdale Hall Mrs. Gustavia Director, Sayers Mrs. Betty Jackson Assistant to Director, Stude nel Services Miss Mary Nell jenkins Assistant to Registrar Mrs. Barbara Jeter Clerk, Comptroller's Office Miss Clarice Johnson Director, Food Service nt Person 'VIrs. Lula Kearns Secretary, Business Manager Mrs. Doris Knott Payroll Clerk, Comptroller's Olfice Mrs. Peggy Lasater Cashier, Comptroller's Office Mrs. Barbara Liston Secretary, Central Meal Service 'l Miss Ola Lummus Director, Capps Hall Mrs. Margaret Mays Secretary, Assistant to President Miss Lola Montgomery Special Assistant, Residential Staff Dr, L. H. Moore Manager, Golf Course Mrs. Fern Motheral Clerk, Comptroller's Ollice Miss Carol Moyle Secretary, Research Foundation, Col- lege of Household Arts and Sciences Mrs. Carole Normile Secretary, Dean of Graduate Studies ' Mrs. Mary Pilgrim Secretary, College of Education, Home Study Miss Betty Poindexter Graduate Assistant, College of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Mrs. Helen M. Richter Secretary, Dean of the Faculty Miss Alma V. Shaffer Secretary, President's Office Mrs. Helen Sikes Bookkeeper, Comptroller's Office Mrs. Gladys J. smith Secretary, Registrar's Office Mrs. jewel Starnes Manager, PUB and UB Fountains Mrs. Mary B, Wesson Assistant to the Dean of Women Mrs. C. E. -Wimberly Director, Stoddard Hall Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw, Alumnae Association office secretary, checks on the work progress of stu- dent assistants seated, left to right, Carolyn Lewis, Sylvia Masters and Gwenneth Price. Editor Emily-Mae Stalford sets a Ludlow headline for the Alumnae Bulletin which informs the various chapters through- out the country of current campus news and of activities of former students of Texas Woman's University and of indi- vidual alumnae chapters. Alumnae Center The Alumnae Center at Texas Woman's Uni- versity handles approximately 11,000 names of stu- dents who have attended the University. The Center keeps all the files and handles the correspondence of the Alumnae Association. It distributes the Alumnae Bulletin which is published by the Association quar- terly to inform various alumnae chapters throughout the nation of the news events at TWU and the indi- vidual reports of the other chapters. The official board members of the Alumnae Association of Texas Woman's University for 1958-59 are seated, left to right, first row: Mrs. Tom R. Brooks, Jr., third vice-president, Denton: Mrs. John G. Woody, president, Sweetwater, Mrs. Mabel Scofield, first vice-president, Hobbs, N. M.g second row: Mrs. J. H. Kahler, fourth vice-president, Cameron, Mrs. M. A. Shields, chapter president, Denton, Miss Inez Miller, treasurer, Fort Worth, Dr. Kate Adele Hill, immediate past president, College Station, and Mrs. john Alderman, jr., secretary, Dallas. Not pictured is Mrs. Carl W. Landiss, second vice-president, College Station. Following a meeting of the Paris Alumnae Chapter at which these College of Industrial Arts' uniforms were modeled, TWU students and exes, left to right, Betty Dixon, Marsha Pyle, Kathy Yandall, Mrs. Raymond Dixon, a member of the Paris Alumnae Chapter, Bobbie Conner and Mrs. Elizabeth King, also a member of the Paris Chapter, enjoy looking through an old Daedalian Annual. Alumnae Association The program range of Texas Woman's Univer- sity's Alumnae Association is evident by the span of its forty-three chapters in Texas and distant chapters in New Mexico, California, Rhode Island, New York, Colorado and Louisiana. The basic purpose of this organization is to promote and encourage support and 7 sg interest in Texas Woman's University through the y active branches throughout the nation. In its capacity l I of publicizing and promoting Texas Woman's Uni- iz' X I versity and its activities, the Alumnae Association 2 il C publishes quarterly the Alumnae Bulletin to inform the various chapters of news of special interest. fi l Gu ll ages and Sth nu Is . K L-k5fL.Y,,V ' ' +ff?lSrafmn-M College of Arts and Sciences DR. MAX L. SHIPLEY, DEAN In developing the outstanding woman at Texas Woman's University, the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences seeks to create a more liberal education for the university graduate. To prepare a student for the modern world of today, the college offers a variety of required and elected courses, which will enable her to establish a place for herself in a day of realistic civilization. Through the studies of sciences, she meets the current situations and theories evolving in our complex society today while, by acquiring a background in history, government, and sociology, the woman of tomorrow obtains a firm foundation in understanding the past and present prob- lems of environments. Courses in journalism, speech, and English give her the opportunity to express her thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and meaning. In all phases of education, the College of Arts and Sciences is seeking to create a well-rounded personality by offering courses which will create sound logic and reasoning in the minds of students. urn... . q wamwgms1 - Completed in 1956, the Classroom Unit is the site for classes in history, fovernment sociolog and mathe- , matics. To further meet the expand- ing enrollment needs, construction is under way for an additional sec- ond unit. Perfecting accuracy and improving speed is an important activity in this typing class. The training the students receive here will carry over into their business careers. Business and Economics Business and economics students at Texas Womarfs Uni- versity receive a solid foundation in office skills and secretarial practice in preparation for interesting and varied jobs. Because of the demand for well-trained secretaries, accountants, office managers, and merchandisers, the business student is offered many opportunities to put her training to Work. The curriculum of the Department of Business and Economics is designed to give the student an- opportunity for understanding the institu- tional behavior patterns of the modern industrial society, to provide training for business careers, and to train teachers of commercial work, 'The job a student obtains for her work- experience course often results in an offer for a permanent job. The Texas Woman's University business and economics student prepares herself for an exciting and interesting career through the varied courses offered here. DR. ELSIE JENISON Professor JOHN MURRAY KENDRICK Associate Professor DR. THURMOND L. MORRISON Professor and Director MISS LUCILE ROBINSON Assistant Professor MISS JESSIE SIM Instructor MISS ALINE WOLTERS Assistant Professor DR. ROBERT FUERST Assistant Professor MISS VIOLA cy HAMILTON Associate Professor FRED W. WESTCOURT Professor DR. DIXIE YOUNG Professor and Director Not pictured is DR. SHANTA V. IYENGAR Instructor Biology Biology majors at Texas Woman's University are preparing to help fill the need for teachers and re- search workers in biology. The fields of medical technology and dentistry are open to biology majors, as well as the positions of technical or research assistants. The biology major can help to fill the need for medical doctors and scientists. Pre-medical and pre-dental students and those who plan to teach biology in secondary schools are given correct training through the department. The biologist's knowledge of the earth and its inhab- itants is of increasing importance in this modern age. The department of biology offers four degrees to its potential biologists-Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, and Master of Science degrees. ... agkigitf .gg Q ' s t , 1 lil? -A 2 -nn 3 These occupied biology students are studying types of cells and tissues. f' This constitutes only a fraction of the subject matter taught in the biology clepartmeut's inclusive study courses. QM - in Observation and practical experience both in lectures and Professional assistance, as well as laboratory manuals and laboratories, constitutes for the physics students an important chemistry textbooks, enables these students to understand a asset in learning and comprehending. complex experiment. Chemistry and Physics With news of satellites and rockets filling headlines, students of chemistry and physics are finding, through their classwork, an understanding of the everyday advances in space travel and scientific discoveries. 'The chemistry department is accredited by the American Chemical Society. The physics student prepares herself for one of the highest paying and most rewarding fields, with many opportunities for advancement. The students of chemistry and physics will help to I-ill the increasing demand for scientists and teachers. The students study in the three-story science building, which has well-equipped laboratories for work in biology, chemistry, and physics. DR. HAROLD T. BAKER Assistant Professor DR. ROBERT W. HIGGINS Professor and Director l DR. HELEN A. LUDEMAN Associate Professor DR. WILLIAM L. MECAY Assistant Professor wgvs,fff.1'..' mmmgraif.1 as f These English students are enjoying an informal study period in the Sigma Tau Delta Reading Room. Reading comprehension, speed in reading, basic Eng- lish fundamentals, and current English literature are some of the topics they are reviewing. English Magazine editing, publishing, and teaching are but three of the opportunities open to English majors. This department teaches basic skills as well as complex training for the woman interested in gaining a broad cultural foundation. The student in English learns to determine good literature from poor, to express herself in writing, and to speak correctly. The Daedalian Quarterly, a magazine written and compiled by students twice a year, offers English students a chance for publication of their original literature, and gives majors editing experience. Special degree plans for students interested in teaching, writing, foreign service, or business are offered, as well as a plan for the student who wants to earn a Master of Arts degree. DR. CONSTANCE L. BEACH Professor DR. FRANCES DARDEN Assistant Professor DR. ELEANOR JAMES Associate Professor DR. GLADYS MADDOCKS Assistant Professor MRS. EVA HATCH MARK Assistant Professor MISS AGNES TRAMEL Assistant Professor MISS CORNELIA VARNER Assistant Professor MRS. OLIVE WHITTEN Assistant Professor DR. AUTREY NELL WILEY Professor and Director DR. MABEL F. ARBUTHNOT 1' Associate Professor gf' MISS MAURINE FAULKNER Assistant Professor MISS ELIZABETH KEESE Assistant Professor DR. JOSEF E. RYBERG Assistant Professor MISS MARTHA P. SANDERS Associate Professor DR. A. W. WOOLSEY Professor and Director Foreign Language Students of foreign language find a well-equipped departmental laboratory which features listening machines and recorders, a large record collection, and a reading room with books, periodicals, and newspapers in various languages. These students find opportunities to learn the conversational uses of the language they study by conversing with the foreign students on campus, as well as learning it in conversation classes. The foreign language museum contains many costumes and objects from different countries. The Festival of Nations, which is held each spring to acquaint students of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton schools with the social and economic customs of the world's peoples, is outlined by the Foreign Language Department and the foreign students, who act as hostesses for the event. The courses of instruction are many and varied in the department, and Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts degrees are offered. The theory, "Practice makes perfect," is proven by these diligent foreign language students as they repeat the language as it is dictated to them by one of the listening machines in the department's laboratory. Histor and Government Today a knowledge of history and government is needed so that we may, through a study of past and pres- ent events, gain a better understanding of the world today. The department of history and government provides this vital knowledge. To fulfill degree requirements, all students are required to take certain courses in history and government. 'These courses, plus reading and class discussions, are better preparing graduates for their position as citizens and voters. Majors in this department develop their interests through such courses as Amer- ican Political Thought and Foreign Relations. The Citizenship League is an organization open to all students, which defines and outlines the woman's privilege of voting and her world citizenship. Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees are offered by the department. Class lectures are an important part of learning history, and these history students are rushing to note as much as they can about an early American colony. DR. WALTER DR MAX L. SHIPLEY DR DADE SPARKS DR. ELIZABETH MISS OLIVE WHITE DR. PAUL YOI RUNDELL Professor and Director Irofessor TAYLOR Assistant Piotessoi Protcssoi Instructor Associate l iofessoi . , ' J . 5 'L 1 - ' - ' K, . " l '41 - 1 ' ' . . -z2'5zA..:'f::Le,.s' -- , Ma . -'-'s- H' - 'WW -- f ournalism journalism majors at Texas Woman's University are always on hand to cover all-campus activities for the Daedalian Annual and the Daily Lass-O. The journalism major's program of study is divided into two phases. First, a broad general education is emphasized. Second, professional training is offered to prepare students for careers in newspaper writing, magazine work, public relations, advertising, photography, or radio-te1e- vision work. The journalism department is accredited by the American Council on Education for journalism. Journalism majors are offered actual working conditions through their production of the Daily Lass-O. Most of the journalism major's undergraduate hours are spent in the print shop, in class, at her typewriter, or on the run for stories. She can look forward to an exciting and interesting time in school as well as in her career. Deciding which "pix" to use for the Daily Lass-O is sometimes a problem to the editors, but journalism students learn the workings of a city newspaper through working experience on the Daily Lass-O. HENRY H. BLAGG ROBERT W. FRANK C. RIGLER MISS EMILY-MAE Foreman CHAMBERS Professor and Director STAFFORD University Press Associate Professor Assistant, News Bureau jfiifgt - an ' The satisfaction of seeing a difficult calculus problem solved, step-by-step, makes mathematics an enjoy- able subject to these students. Mathematics The aim of the mathematics department is to provide the graduate of today with an adequate background to enter the fields of industry or education. With modern thinking emphasizing rockets, missiles, and atomic research, the mathematics graduate has many job opportunities from which to choose. She realized her service to society and is able to fulfill it with a well-trained mind, through the large number of courses offered by the department. It offers programs leading to Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. DR. ANDREW ASHBURN DR. HARLAN MILLER Associate Professor Professor and Director REV. T. J. CONNELLAN MISS EVA MARIE KENNARD REV. WILLIAM K. MCELVANEY REV. EMMETT WAITS Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Religious Education Instruction in one of the courses of religious education gives the student a better understanding of religious beliefs and creeds. These courses, taught on a non-sectarian basis, impart a greater knowledge of Christianity, world religions and philosophies, churches, and church group work. Students are able to discuss and analyze their religious beliefs and problems with other students at meetings in Student Centers which are maintained by local Denton churches. The opportunity is offered to students to present weekly devotional services through dormitory vesper groups and through the Sunday morning chapel services held in the Little Chapel-in-the- Woods. By the use of maps, religious education instructors may give the students a clearer idea of the areas in which Biblical history took place. 4 ' SEE Y T " ..Ll't"f',fl.Uf'f' By studying charts of cities, made by the sociology students themselves, students gain an insight into the ecology or distributio of man within every city and his customs and habits within his zone of the city. Sociology In ag time when world relations are so strained, when under- standing others as well as one's self is so difficult yet so important, the sociology student finds a basis for compre- hending man's problems. The student learns basic theories which will help her adjust to situations throughout her life. The sociology major can look forward to a "helping" career in any of Five fields - social work, religious work, commercial and industrial work, social welfare, and teaching. The superior sociology department offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts degrees, and the social work sequence gives case work experience to the senior meeting departmental requirements. The department is housed in the new, air-con- ditioned Classroom Unit. MISS REBA BUCKLEW Assistant Professor DR. ETHELYN DAVIS Associate Professor and Director MISS DOROTHY PORTER Assistant Professor DR. CHARLES A. ROSS Instructor I1 DR. ROBERT BLACK Assistant Professor EARL C. BRYAN Professor and Director DR. JOSH P. ROACH Associate Professor DR. JAMES TYSON Associate Professor Speech Lights! Curtain! Action! The speech department offers acting, directing, staging, and costuming experience to its majors and to elective students. Its stage shows are produced in the Main Auditorium, the University 'Theatre, and the Arena The- atre. Speech students are taught to express themselves through the radio and television media as well as from the stage. Actual radio and television shows are produced. Speech therapy students are offered actual work with exceptional children as well as a complete curricula of study. The therapy students spend much time in both Denton and Dallas in their clinical practice. Depart- mental features include a Children's Theatre, a speech clinic, a radio broadcasting studio, and student teaching. Speech training is emphasized as a means of social adaptation and per- sonal development. Self CI'ltlClSITl by listening to recordings of their talks, helps these Speech Students to Correct any Hawg in their enuneiation, They The thrill and the satisfaction of helping 3 child to talk COI'I'CCtly also gain experience valuable to them in radio Careers by making is the experience of this speech therapy major as she watches his these recordings intense interest and observes his consequent improval. .1 ,Q ll Zn ill i :Ti KV fill Y it I .1 may DR. SPENCER L. STGKER, DEAN College of Education Currently under construction, the new Demonstration School will serve as a center for student teaching for education students who plan to work with elementary school children. The increasing number of school-age children in Amer- ica demands a proportionate increase in the number of teachers. In order to supply this demand, Texas Woman's University provides education majors with a superior liberal arts background combined with excellent professional train- ing. The curricula of the College of Education is designed to prepare the teachers for specialization of subject matter and to enable her to develop the greatest potential of the youth she will be teaching. The University maintains de- monstration schools, one of which is a school for ex- ceptional children, in which students may obtain actual laboratory experience in teaching. Public schools located off the campus are also used as teacher education centers. Several degree plans are offered, both to the teaching or professionally interested student. Site of all education courses, The College of Educa- tion also houses classrooms for English, business, foreign languages, religious education and nursing courses. l Assistant Professor MRS. MARION de COLIGNY Assistant Professor MRS. SARA JANE EDWARDS Demonstration School Demonstration School ducation, Philosophy and Psychology The faculty of the College of Education recognizes that the student in this department needs not only spec- ialized courses in teaching methods, but also a back- ground in philosophy and psychology in order to insure the greatest professional effectiveness in her field. Dem- onstration schools on the campus are maintained to give practical experience to the prospective teacher. A thor- ough knowledge of psychology and philosophy give to the student an insight into psychological development and ideology that will prove of invaluable aid to her when she attempts to impart to her students a desire to reach their highest degree of intellectual attainment. his student teacher gets "a taste" of what er teaching career will be like and gains xperience as she instructs one of her lively iusic classes. DR. JACK BALENTINE MRS. PAUL HAMILTON MRS. MONA V. HARDING Demonstration School DR. WILLIAM H. LEUE Assistant Professor DR. JEWEL LOCHHEAD Professor MRS. GRACE MYERS Demonstration School DR. THOMAS E. PIERCE Professor DR. ALLEN M. SCI-IMULLER Associate Professor MRS. VIRGINIA SHIELDS Demonstration School DR. SPENCER L. STOKER Professor and Dean DR. A. C. WALVOORD Professor MISS CLARA WILLIS Demonstration School Watching experienced teachers in classroom instruction offers valuable pointers to ucation students. F . i" ..-. EM , 1 lf' . Q fe A , ' KENNETH E. LooM1s, DEAN located at the southern encl of the campus, the Art Building is equipped with modern studios and laboratories. College of F ine Arts The highly skilled and specialized art and music faculty members of the College of Fine Arts strive to bring to both the non-major and the major student an enlarged cultural background and appreciation of the fine arts. The major student has the advantage of an excellent teaching staff with professional experience and the opportunity to obtain a broad educational background from the other colleges of the University. The non-major is welcomed to this college, too. She may wish to increase her enjoyment of the fine arts by enrolling in introductory and appreciatory courses or, upon qualification, advanced courses. 'The student in the college is continually helped toward a keener appreciation of the esthetic values in the fields of art and music. Site of many musical rehearsals, the Music-Speech Building houses not only classrooms for music instruction but class rooms for speech courses as well. we Ill lg Q 'Ill mugs.. V,-f" . Ht!! llll QHNQKI '.....al" 'Iii DR. J. WILGUS EBERLY Professor and Director DESIRE LIGETI Professor LOWELL P. LITTLE Associate Professor Miss VERE MacNEAL Associate Professor MISS MARTHA MITCHELL Assistant Professor MRS. CATHERINE MURPHY Assistant Professor MISS GENEVA SCHEIHING Instructor Not pictured is MISS ANGELINE ADERHOLD Assistant Professor Individual instruction for these piano students makes learning an enjoyable and rewarding feat. Classroom instruction too 1 a part of the music student's schedule. Music The young woman who enters the music department finds that it is the first Texas music department to offer a degree in music. Bachelor of Arts, and af Science degrees, as well as Master of Arts degrees are now obtainable. The Modern Choir, the University Chorus, the Lass-o Band, and the Serenaders Dance Band offer excellent experience to the student seeking a future with music, whether it be as a concert-goer, a choir mem- ber, a professional, a teacher, or a therapist. The University, without charge, offers instruments to band members and practice rooms to all. The Modern Choir, a favorite with audiences in the Southwest, annually tours Texas and the Southwest. In addition to these advantages, the Concert and Drama Series brings out- standing musicians and artists to the campus. Tl at i As in all design and art, construction is an important facet, and these art students receive first-hand instruction on con- tempory design and construction. Art The thirty-eight studios, a lounge, a library, a lecture room, and four large galleries in the art building comprise an impressive physical plant for the University's art department, The art museum is centered around seven art collections, including a large Primitive Art collection. The men and women who make up the faculty have studied and traveled in the United States, Africa, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. All are professionals. Grad- uates from this department hold positions in interior design shops, department stores, advertising agencies, and are artists in dress houses, and teachers. Employers from all over the Southwest rely upon the University's art department for well-trained graduates in art. The department offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Arts degrees. MISS CARLOTTA CORPRON Associate Professor MISS MARIE DELLENEY Associate Professor MISS COREEN SPELLMAN Associate Professor MISS THETIS LEMMON Associate Professor Mrss DOROTHY LaSELLE 'A Professor DR. MABEL MAXEY Professor lKENNETH B. LOOMIS Professor and Director HERBERT H. TYRNAUER Assistant Professor College of Household Arts and Sciences The College of Household Arts and Sciences prepares students for a career that is not only one of the most practical for any young woman, but also is one of the most diversified. Students, upon graduation, may be qualified for home economics teaching, work with the pre-school child, a position as a food and nutrition specialist, costume designer, research worker, or home economics journalist, depending upon her individual in- terests. The college, whose classrooms are located in a beautiful air-conditioned building, is a leader in both Texas and the nation in research work and the training of young women in the home economics field. Since 1903 its purpose has been to train young women for better personal and family living and to effectively equip them for careers in one of the fields of household arts and sciences. Busy with activity most of the time the air conditioned Household Arts and Sciences Building houses modern lecture rooms research laboratories an auditorium administrative offices and loun Row Three MISS BETTY BLAZIER Instructor MISS BETTY BOHON Instructor DR. HELEN BUCK CAMPBELL Consultant Row Five DR. RAMON M. ESTEVE Professor MRS. REBA FRY Statistical Assistant MRS. NELL SKAGGS GLASSCOCK Assistant Instructor EUGENIA ALLEN Instructor MRS. HELEN B. ALLEN Statistical Assistant JESSIE MARIE ASHBY Statistical Assistant College of Household JOHN A. BALOG Associate Professor DR. JESSIE BATEMAN Professor DR. ROY E. BEAUCHENE Professor Row Four DR. BETHEL M. CASTER Associate Professor MISS BEVERLY CRENSHAW Assistant Instructor MRS. DELTA DUNGAN Assistant Professor Row Six MISS MARY WANDA HARP Graduate Assistant DR. DOROTHY M. HARVEY Assistant Professor DR. SOONYUNG HYUN Assistant Instructor Facult and Staff 38 MISS BARBARA KINNARD Statistical Assistant DR. ALBERT KUBALA Professor MISS FLORENCE LANGFORD Associate Professor MISS LUCY LEONARD Graduate Assistant ALMA MCGEE Graduate Assistant MISS MARY MASON Assistant Professor MRS. RUTH MENDENHALL Associate Professor MRS. IRENE SHERRILL MOORE Textiles Assistant GLENN P. MORTON Instructor MRS. LENOIR O'REAR Statistical Assistant DR. P. N. PAL Associate Professor DR. RALPH PYKE Assistant Professor DR. JOSEPH C. SHERRILL Visiting Professor MISS BETTY LOU SKILES ,M Graduate Assistant . iwrfggr DR. P. E. SMITH Assistant Dean DR. ELIZABETH THOMAS Associate Professor GEORGE P. VOSE Assistant Professor MISS MARY ELIZABETH WHITE Associate Professor DR. GEORGIA ELLEN WRIGHT Associate Professor MRS. VENETA YOUNG Assistant Professor Arts and Sciences Engaged in the centuries-old task of weaving, these students learn not only the manual feat, but types and qualities of threads and materials and design which will aid them in their careers. The study of basic textile threads aids the clothing and textile student in selecting the proper weave and material best-suited for the article of clothing she has in mind. These dietetic students use white mice in their nutri- tion experiments to gain information. .. maemn.mwm a,m ,, an Judith Babington Rebecca Clappl Velma e,v""", .. .. -'www' gn aca' Pictured on this page are garments which were de- signed by their models and were made for various cloth- ing projects. Each year Cone Mills, a fabric manufacturing company, furnishes experi- mental material to students in the College of Household Arts and Sciences. These stu- dents design, construct and model their creations made from the Cone Mills' fabrics. Lorch Manufacturing Com- pany furnishes materials to the advanced students to get their ideas for design. The girls construct and model their designs and Lorch man- ufactures and sells the de- signs they choose in their junior line. Garments are also constructed and modeled for the Dallas Textile Club, an organization composed of tex- tile manufacturers. Joy Guthrie Evalina Wilson ,, K 'M . i iiii fiw ff I 7' W -- 3.7 1, . 135571. 'i .V WL oz 1 ig, . Q . Q, L, ,, - if .. , . . wif, at 1' it e.-- . 2 - J 4--.t -N 'ii' I .Et sim! Dr. Robert Fuerst, assistant professor of biology, and Burke Weatherly, student research assistant, study the biological effects of certain compounds on various tissues and microorganisms. Various textile and nutrition studies are conducted throughout the year by the College of Household Arts and Sciences Research Department. One of the impor- tant studies now being carried out in textile research is the durability testing of sheets woven from Texas Cot- ton. In cooperation with the Texas Cotton Association, these experimental sheets are being tried for dormitory use. The sheets are tested for abrasion resistance and strength durability, Many nutritional experiments are conducted, great emphasis being placed on bone develop- ment and growth. Aided by several grants, Dr. Robert Fuerst, assistant professor of biology, is conducting micro-biological research with special emphasis on the field of cancer. Testing fabrics in a textiles class to find reactions under different circumstances is a part of the many research activities in the College of Household Arts and Sciences. l 1mml""""" ggi' Qc Dr. Ellen Wright, associate professor of textile research in the College of Household Arts and Sciences, shows students the op- eration of the electron-microscope. Research George Vose, assistant professor of human nutrition research in the College of Household Arts and Sciences, explains to students the principles involved in xray work. Xray machines are used to determine bone development in nutrition experiments. 42 DR. ANNE SCHLEY DUGGAN ' DEAN College of Health hysical Education and Recreation From the College of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation has come a long list of "firsts." It was the first in Texas to offer a degree in Physical Educa- tiong it was one of the first three colleges to offer a major in recreationg and it was the first in the South to offer a major in recreational therapy. The college has done unexcelled Work in the field of dance educa- tion. As this college continues to pioneer in its field, its already superior facilities are continually growing. This year a beautiful new glass-enclosed indoor pool and gallery is being built to form the fourth side of a recently completed quadrangular building enclosing a patio. Employment offers to the co11ege's graduates come from all over the United States and from many foreign countries. A quadrangular building of modern design, the College of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Building houses the activities of the department. Recently completed, the building is one of the best equipped of this type, MISS MYRTLE L. BELL Assistant Professor MISS MIGNON BUTTS Graduate Assistant MISS MARY CAMPBELL Pianist DR. EVELYN K. DILLON Professor and Assistant Dean MISS JOYCE FAUX Graduate Assistant MISS BERTIE HAMMOND Assistant Professor "Will it make it?" seems to be the question of these golf students as they watch their classmate try for a putt on the university golf course. Folk dancing IS a popular course on the HPE8zR agenda, and these students demonstrate one of the traditional dances to a group of square dancers Tennis students learn the correct playing forms as well as rules by class instruction and individual work The tennis courts are open to students the year round MRS. KATHERINE MAGEE Assistant Professor DR. MARY AGNES MURPHY Professor MISS MARION PENDERGRAFT Graduate Assistant DR. HAZEL A. RICHARDSON Professor MRS. MARGARET ROBERTS Pianist MISS JOHANNA SCHWARZ Graduate Assistant MISS ERRY SLIFER J Graduate Assistant MISS SUSAN STEPHENSON Graduate Assistant Not pictured MISS MARY LEE RABKE Assistant Professor Serving as the technical training center for nursing students is the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. C 11 f ' The Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing, often said to be the career with the most security, satisfaction, and success for women, is offered in cooperation with Park- land Memorial Hospital in Dallas and the Dallas City and County Health Departments. During the freshman year and one semester of the senior year, the nursing student resides on the University campus while she ful- fills academic requirements and enjoys all the facilities of the University. The remainder of the four year period is spent at the beautiful Parkland Hospital where the student receives extensive clinical training. Upon grad- uation from the collegiate program, the nursing student will be able to qualify for many types of nursing- obstetric, pediatric, industrial, orthopedic, and others. Above all, she will have the satisfaction of knowing that she is well-equipped to engage in one of the most useful and needed careers offered to women. MISS FAYE PANNELL, DEAN l R MISS MARTHA MOLLOY Assistant Professor MISS MARTHA PHILLIPS Instructor MRS. JUANICE PICKENS Instructor MISS JEAN PORTEUS Instructor MRS. NELL ROLSTEN Instructor MISS EUNICE SMITH Instructor MRS. JEAN WORTHAM Instructor MISS DOLORES ZEIS Assistant Professor At Parkland Memorial Hospital, a group of nursing students soberly observe an operation, realizing that one day they will be assisting the doctors in a similar circumstance. They learn by watching and doing as well as in classroom instruction. MISS JESSIE BEWLEY - Assistant Professor MRS. DIANA PINSON CUNNI Instructor MISS HELEN DURAIN Instructor MISS GESINE FRANKE Associate Professor and Assistant MRS. MARY ANN GOOD Instructor MISS GRACE GOULD Assistant Professor MISS FLORENCE HADLEY Assistant Professor MISS FRANCIS HARRIS Instructor MISS MARJIBETH HOWARD Instructor NGHAM Dean nnmnmsuwmfzwmw- f-', zfffuffervvmawmnm ,,-. we :emszurewrwx E l The Household Arts and Sciences Research Building houses the occupational therapy courses. The Occupational Therapy School is the only school in the Southwest which offers a collegiate course for undergraduates. School of Occupational Therap MRS. RENA C. WORTHINGTON, DIRECTOR .--W., .f . .--,,,. . a..aeris ie.Nm7tM..,,.Qr.wM,sa.avvaA:e.aaww.:.e.sm...x.1.m..ns The constant challenge of teaching the handicapped to help themselves is met by the occupational therapy major. The background she receives through the School of Occupational Therapy, which is credited by the American Occupational Therapy Association and the American Medical Association, enables her to face this challenge with confidence. 'The graduate will have a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree, and can earn, after experience, an Advanced Standing Cer- tificate from the School of Occupational Therapy, which offers the only collegiate course in the South- west. The occupational therapy major, in actual hos- pital work, experiences many of the situations she will meet in her career. Her career combines many aspects of nursing, social work, teaching, and administration. MISS RUTH WHIPPLE Instructor Not pictured MISS JANET HOSKINS Instructor ,, S 'Q ,M if kgs, w-., HY' pf ,Q ., we f bw my Q La 111 . T? , ,K . 72 A MISS D. GENEVIEVE DIXON, DIRECTOR The nation's first library science school constructed as a separate unit, the Library Science Building is modernly equipped with a library, audio-visual aids, laboratory rooms and a lounge. 48 School of Library Science Housed in a new, air-conditioned building, which is the first in the country to be designed specifically for education of librarians, the School of Library Science offers superior facilities to its majors. Featuring a large library-study, a typing room, seminar rooms, offices, and a spacious lounge, the Library Science Building gives the best of studying and learning conditions. Microcard and microfilm machines in the schoo1's own library, and a professional library with more than 6000 books are more facilities available to the library science major. The library science courses of in- struction are of an equally high quality. Accredited by the American Library Association, Texas Education Agency, and Southern Association of College and Secondary Schools, the school offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Library Science Degrees. W , 3 fi ish -31' :f-."' G ' --4 '7'3'F'-- Q 'SQ 4 W . sew., 5, 'x:-f'f...f..5...T- - f4x"I' 1 - . 1 "f X ,ef-fffQ f'f5-Zf2lV"'Fffrf ig", t W -- MRS. FRANCES de CORDOVA Demonstration School Librarian MISS LORETTA KREUZ Associate Professor MISS ANNE V. MARINELLI Associate Professor 5 fi 2 5 l l 1 fl " I. , ' fi 7 a A A Q.. 1 .J - 9 . ',. ' 'W 5' M lmirij X me 3 " y 5 ,a V Q i ii Z, V ' Qi all S 5 v, Q , . li 'L ff' ff-1 ll ig ff 22 y Library science students learn to make their future libraries more attractive and more efficient by organizing their own library, and by working in the Bralley Memorial Library. riutuvl-"' Hard at work in their own library, these library science students are utilizing its modern facilities in learning to be better librarians. Graduate Sch Aenlle, Elsa Philippines Music Afflerback, Mrs. Helen Denton Health, Physical Education and Recreation Akhtar, Anwara Pakistan Home Economics Alford, Mrs. Betty Jo Denton Home Economics Anwar, Khadya Bano Pakistan Home Economics Ashley, Iva Lou El Paso Home Economics Auyoung, Nancy Taiwan. China Chemistry Bandy, Lucille Harlingen Education Bateman, Ollie Waco Library Science Bauhof, Vivian Rook Denton Home Economics Beamer, Mrs. Mary Walker Denton Education Beestrum, Edna P. Denton Library Science Bible, Miss Faye D. Kingsville Home Economics Black, Lola Irving Library Science Blacker, Mrs. Anna Fort Worth Art Blackman, Peggy Denton Health, Physical Education and Recreation Bonner, Mrs. Harriet Duncan, Okla. Library Science Boren, Mrs. Jeannette Stephenville English Boyd, Mrs. LaDell Pleasantown Home Economics Education Brakebill, Sue Ellen Denton Clothing and Textiles Brandau, Mrs. Edna Prechel Denton Textiles Breaux, Sister Mary Angelina San Antonio Home Economics Bridges, Nell Shivers Fort Worth Library Science Broome, Mrs. Esther Beckville Home Economics Buckalew, Mary June fMrs.J Arlington English Graduates Burch, Esther Elizabeth Denton Library Science Buzbee, Joy Hall Denison Speech Correction Cain, Margaretta Kathryn Dallas Counseling and Guidance Capelle, Macon H. Denton Library Science Capps, Mrs. Edna L. Pontotoc Home Economics Education Carlson, Catharine Montevallo, Ala. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Carson, Mrs. Betty Decatur Home Economics Chambreau, Phyllis Sparks Fort Worth Library Science Chow, Katrina Chingyao Taiwan, China Chemistry Cormier, Waldine Dallas Health, Physical Education and Recreation Cranford, Mrs. Martha Fort Worth Library Science Curtis, Ezell Dallas Library Science Day, Dorothy Baytown Health, Physical Education and Recreation Deegan, Helen Flourney Dallas Art Education Denny, Mrs. Phoebe Palmer Home Economics Education Ditson, Rayma Kay Dallas Music Therapy Dulaney, Mildred Denton Library Science Dyer, Margaret Ann Denver City Health, Physical Education and Recreation Deen, Mrs. Edith A. Fort Worth Family Living Eiland, Mrs. Anne F. Irving Textiles Erwin, Jean Dallas Speech Fasel, Ida Wichita Falls Library Science Fidler, Shirley Irving Foods and Nutrition Flynn, Mrs. Frances M. Terrell Elementary Education Ford, Mrs. Gladys Wade Edmond, Okla. Home Economics Fowler, Evangeline Dallas Education Free, Mrs. Esther W. Snyder Library Science Gaitanos, Nellie Laredo Education Galloway, Burdette W. Brownwood Home Economics Education Gann, Mrs. Rachel H. Dallas Education Gibbs, Margaret Decatur Library Science Gilmartin, Mrs. Sylvia Cooper Fort Worth Library Science Gleckler, Margaret Jacqueline Port Arthur Recreation Glendinning, Mrs. Rose Hansel Aubrey Upper Elementary Education Gohmert, Janice Fort Worth Library Science Gould, Helen Beaumont Library Science Grasty, Margaret E. Kerrville Library Science Gray, Mrs. Jo Ann S. Waxahachie Home Economics Education Greene, Miss Vera W. Yorktown Home Economics Education Gregory, Mrs. Juanita Denton Elementary Education Griffith, Joan San Antonio Health, Physical Education and Recreation Gutierrez, Fantima Zapata Q Health, Physical Education and Recreation Haas, Mary Denton Clothing Hamilton, Mary Jo Dallas Music Harris, Nadene Alva Tahlequah, Okla. Home Economics Education Hart. Mary Elaine Franklinton, La. Speech Headrick, Mrs. Norma. Marie Fort Worth Health, Physical Education and Recreation Helm, Mrs. Juanita Mohon Denton English Helton, Louise B. Dallas Speech Therapy Henry, Sarah Louise Dallas Library Science Hill, Patsy Jean Denton Home Economics Hill, Mrs. Robye Jo Stephenville Education Hinkle, Mrs. Kenneth Denton Sociology Hitt, Mrs. Frances Ford Dallas Nutrition Hixson, Beryl Canyon Nutrition Hodges, Gloria Faith Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation Hodges, Sandra Dallas Library Science Hollis, Mrs. Beulah McKinney Library Science Holt, Jessie S. Dallas Education Hopson, Mrs. Anna Ruth Denton Education Howerton, Mrs. Mildred G. Arlington Home Economics Hoyle, Dorothy Lubbock Health, Physical Education and Recreation Hsiu, Chun-Li Formosa Chemistry Huang, Lena Lee Taiwan, China Library Science Huey, Mrs. Nonna Lee Tumer Denton English Hunt, Mrs. Lcta Jordan Denton English Ingram, Billie Imogene West Monroe, La. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Joe, Grace Dallas Library Science Johnson, Mrs. Ethel C. Port Arthur Nutrition Jones, Freddie Emporia, Kan. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Keene, Mrs. Pat D. Dallas Home Economics ...ge Kemp, Mrs. Alta B. Temple Home Economics Kern, Cordula Kay Dallas Sociology Kim, Young-Hoon Seoul. Korea Business Land, Helen Dallas Library Science Liu, Ke Ru Taiwan, China Chemistry Lively, Bessie P. Denton Nutrition Lodwick. Mrs. James W. Greenville Home Economics Long, Mrs. Frieda I. Electra Business Ludwig. Mrs. Warrene Aubrey Education Lynch, Davilla Dallas Education McDonald, Florence Denton Library Science MeGown, Carolina Denton English McKinney, Edith Dallas Foods and Nutrition McMillen. Helen C. Denton Library Science Maggio, Theresa A. Houston Health, Physical Educatio Recreation Mapel. Mrs. Jane Rankin Denton Music Markman, Marilyn Dallas Home Economics Marshall, Mrs. Ruth Borger Home Economics Mast, Jane Elizabeth Parsons. Kan. Library Science Mesler. Yvonne Nowell Mineral Wells Special Education Middleton, Mrs. Mary R. Waxahachie Home Economics Educati Miller, Mrs. Esther Irene Irving Library Science Miller, Lynne Fort Worth Library Science n and on Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Virginia Dallas SDeech Offering graduate instruction for more than a quarter of a century, the University has been operating its Graduate School as a unit since 1952. The increased demand for women with higher degrees resulted in the planned development and estab- lishment of the Graduate School which offers nine degrees in some 20 colleges, schools and departments of the University. In recognition of high quality, the University's Graduate School has been approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the Association of Texas Colleges. The Administration Building houses the office of Dr, Fenton Keyes, Dean of Graduate Studies, and serves as headquarters for the Graduate School. Morgan, Mrs. Blanche Borger Home Economics I Morgan, Elizabeth Ellen Dallas Music Morris, Thelma Houston Library Science Neal, Donna Lincoln, Neb. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Nelson, Shirley Eileen Claude Home Economics Education Olds. Mrs. Blonde N. El Paso Home Economics Pagan, Evelyn Puerto Rico Art Palmer, Helen Amarillo Library Science Pelt, Sylvia June Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation Pendergraft, Marian Denton Health, Physical Education and Recreation Penton, Mrs. Lula Sherman Home Economics Perry, Jane Lubbock Health, Physical Education and Recreation Pilgrim, Mrs. Mary Gunn Denton Business Poindexter, Betty Cleburne Dance Preston, Mrs. John Marie Denton English Proffer, Mrs. Frances H. Denton Home Economics Pyke, Barbara K. Denton Chemistry Rabke, Mary Lee Tivoli Health, Physical Education and Recreation Raney, Gladys Slidell Education Redditt, Mrs. Frances D. St. Joseph, La. Home Economics Education Reed, Mrs. Thelma R. Portales, N.M. Home Economics Reid, Ana Huffhines Dallas Education Richardson, Jean Odessa Health, Physical Education and Recreation Richardson, Mrs. Ruth Ruston, La. Home Economics Education Rios, Agustina Panama Art Education Roberts, Dorothy Electra Home Economics Robertson, Eugenia R. Electra Home Economics Rochelle, Margery Austin Health, Physical Education and Recreation Routt, Helen Dallas Library Science Rowlett, Mrs. Bertha Denton Education Saenz, Amelda Laredo Sociology Santos, Magdalena I. Barrigada, Guam Library Science Schwarz, Johannah New York City Health. Physical Education and Recreation Scott, Essie Fae Whitesboro Education Secrest, Mrs. Virginia S. Sherman Library Science Sharp, Mrs. Elberta W. Borger Home Economics Education Sheets, Shirley Hoyt Denton Library Science Simpson, Mrs. Wilda S. Denton Special Education Skiles, Betty Lou Plano Textiles and Clothing Slifer, Mary Janet New York Health. Physical Education and Recreation Smith, Mrs. Madie Eads Denton Business Smith, Mrs. Mary Lou Dallas Speech Therapy Smith, Shirley Perryton Music Education Sorrell, Mrs. Amelia Garland Education Spencer. Mrs. Ruth San Antonio Home Economics Spencer, Winifred Houston Library Science Stabler, Mrs. Jane Denton Art Stafford, Emily Mae Denton Government Stanford, Delores Helen Hamilton Clothing and Textiles Stanton, Martha Allene Arkadelphia, Ark. Foods and Nutrition Steel, Hazel B. Dallas Library Science Stephenson, Susan Denton Dance Sultan, Kulsum East Pakistan Home Economics Education Taylor, Willie Lee Denton Music Terry, Mrs. Eris Raymondville Home Economics Thomas, Mrs. Christeen Denton Speech Tipps, Alma E. Aubrey Special Education Treadaway, Bertha Mae Durant, Okla. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Trost, Lucile Layton Denton Clothing and Textiles Uselton, Ethel Fort Worth Education Vinson, Lu Ouida Waco Library Science Ward, Mrs. Dorothy Marie Irving Library Science Webber, Guylene Springtown Speech Therapy Webster, Beulah K. Denton Art Wells, Mrs. Alma L. Linden Home Economics Wilkie, Mrs. Deloise Hooben Dallas Music Williams, Pauline A. Ranger Library Science Winter. Eva Pauline Oklahoma City, Okla. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Wittenmyer, Mrs. Mary 0. Denton Library Science Wood, Margaret Evelyn Arlington Library Science Zitney, Rosalyn Datherlne Arlington Home Economics Education CAPELLE, MACON H. Denton Library Science CHOW, KATRINA CHINGYAO Taiwan, China Chemistry CURTIS, EZELL Dallas Library Science DITSON, RAYMA KAY Dallas Music Therapy DULANEY, MILDRED Denton Library Science FREE, MRS. ESTHER W. Sn der Y Library Science GILMARTIN, MRS. SYLVIA COOPER Fort Worth Library Science GOHMERT, JANICE Fort Worth Library Science GOULD, HELEN Beaumont Library Science HINKLE, MRS. KENNETH Denton Sociology HODGES, GLORIA FAITH Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation HODGES, SANDRA Dallas Library Science AENLLE, ELSA Philippines Music ANWAR, KHADYA BANO Pakistan Home Economics AUYOUNG, NANCY Taiwan, China Chemistry BATEMAN, OLLIE Waco Library Science BEESTRUM, EDNA P. Denton Library Science BOREN, MRS. JEANETTE Stephenville English BRIDGES, NELL SHIVERS Fort Worth Library Science BURCH, ESTHER ELIZABETH Denton Library Science raduate K -is 5 r 3 fi HOLLIS, MRS. BEULAH McKinney Library Science HSIU, CHUN-LI Formosa Chemistry KERN, CORDULA KAY Dallas Library Science HUANG, LENA LEE Taiwan, China Library Science LAND, HELEN Dallas Library Science LIU, KE RU Taiwan, China Chemistry MCDONALD, FLORENCE Denton Library Science MCMILLEN, HELEN C. Denton Library Science Students -w 59, yiy, ' Y AA, MAGGIO, THERESA A. Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation MAPEL, MRS. JANE RANKIN Denton Music MAST, JANE ELIZABETH Parsons, Kan. Library Science PALMER, HELEN Amarillo Library Science PENDERGRAFT, MARIAN Denton Health, Physical Education and Recreation ROCHELLE, MARGERY Austin Health, Physical Education and Recreation ROUTT, HELEN Dallas Library Science SANTOS, MAGDALENA I. Barrigada, Guam Library Science SECREST, MRS. VIRGINIA S. Sherman Library Science SMITH, SHIRLEY Perryton Music Education TREADAWAY, BERTHA MAE Durant, Okla. Health, Physical Education and Recreation WITTENMYER, MRS. MARY O. Denton Library Science DR. IVAN L. sci-IULZE, LIBEARIAN Bralley Memorial With the huge addition currently underway, the Bralley Memorial Library is meeting the growing demands of Texas Woman's University's increased enrollment. When the addition is completed, the library will operate wholly on the open-stack system. 'The library, in addition to offering students an excellent place to study, gives them a growing, diversified collection of research books and Currently under construction is this modern addition to the Bralley Memorial Library. Located on the east side of the building, the new library will operate on the open-stack principle. JI, v f Q-EE' ,IQ .. , --,. .-,. , ,fri e' or e , in ,,..,.i..,,,, . . S, N o K , - ' V ' -' E I Q5gQ7E2U?23y23HZf5Eggti,iH N ,... . ,,,. . ..., V U. , ll ,ld IIISS ERA MRS. MARGIE MISS HELEN MISS KENNEDY MISS DORA MISS WILLIE MRS LEONA BOSWELL BRANTLEY CRUMPLER EVANS FLOYD LEE TAYLOR WILSON irculation Librarian Reference Librarian Circulation Librarian Reference and Cataloger Periodicals Librarian Offlfff Llbfaflan Acquisitions and Secretary Librar materials, current books and magazines, popular novels, newspapers from the world over, trade journals, and a variety of literature interesting to the student. Reading rooms, study alcoves, and a microfilm library are offered for studying conveniences in the three story building. Competent and qualified librarians are always on hand to help the student. A building used by every student, the Bralley Memorial Library is an mdispensible place Shown is the west entrance facing the circle and Pioneer Woman E 1 , Fudge's Feast Fable . . . OHCC 1113011 H night ill the land Of the It was feast time-T.W.U.S.A., and a To sit right down with a chaw of cheese for an figllfilf. fighiilf? Texas Tessies - - - hungry gal with the handle of Fudge appetizer . . . was preparing . . . Delicious popcorn flavored with taste-tempting? mineral oil . . Ready, aim and fire . . . another chaw of apple down the hatch 350--1,--v ' .aa '22 r, , -if f w , ' 'Y ff' . , t,.,gQQg-uCPY 55+ to l .,L,A., it . . . .. W V M Y . , ' , " ,.w.,..-, W- 'W ,- -A AR -X eg """" 'V' I Mt gli. 1' V . A rx Eeeyiii! A swig a' cider and a Texas size bite of apple-to prevent starva- flavor . . . tion, you understand . . . Wi vinmlvd A worm, oh an-fnr!"'i ku rffezs-M,': if '63 N-f:fr'?"g . well a little meat adds spice to the tart . :gi fn-Ti M l .W .,kv A . K, ref- A e r "H n V '-J , V, ..1x,. ,R .W I W X, x ua , e V ' ' ,alfa i-1-fi for L' - ' K Y M ' -"-J ew' ' z.,e1,4.4-ff" And S0 WC have 0116 Stuffed gal . . . Revealed so well when put on a scale Results in a. Hmizzerable state" and "a never again" . . . that is until the next night when feast time is observed all anew . . . 'E- Qllciampus X , KW-L 5 'W nah, X and X rganizatinns lwuhlifatiuqlls sd,-V uf ,.-e""'fF Campus Looking up with a smile, Mikell Murphy, Campus Government Association president, pauses after l checking a mailing list for the Southern Intercollegiate Association of Student Governments, an or- ganization which she also heads. Gaye Hatinger, Campus Government As- sociation vice-president, prepares to assist in counting ballots after the all-campus elections. Filing House Council reports is only one of many tasks required of Secretary Pope Franklin. Betsy LeB1eu, treasurer, writes checks for CGA expenses and keeps all financial records for the organization. overnment Association Each student at the University is given a chance to actively participate in the formulation and execution of University policies through CGA. This year proved to be highly successful for the organization, Student representa- tion and participation at meetings increased markedly. The Date Bureau, organized this year with Texas A8zM to pro- mote better relations between the schools, saw increasing interest. The Current Affairs Committee turned the stu- dents' attention toward contemporary world problems. The Gold Rush Carnival, the largest in its history, provided the CGA with more money than ever before for student scholarships. W... isbn. I 1 CGA and All-Campus Officers are seated, left to right, Gaye Hatinger, vice-president, Mikell Murphy, president, Betsy Le- Bleu, treasurer, and Pope Franklin, secretary. Standing are Joyce Lawson, Women's Recreation Association president, Susan Maxwell, Student Council of Social'Activities president, Jimmie Lightfoot, Round Table president, Jo Ann Wooton, Student Council of Religious Activities president, and Beverly Blount, Student Finance Council president. Representatives to Student Council, the governing body of the Campus Government Association are seated, left to right, Dolores Chapa, sophomore president, Beverly Smith, senior president, Mary Monroe, junior president, and Josephine Gonzalez, fresh- man president. Standing are Ann Morrison, freshman repre- sentative, Mikel Taylor, senior Texas Intercollegiate Students' Association representative, Bobbie Conner, Daedalian Editor, Marsha Pyle, Daily Lass-O Editor, and Gail Harris, freshman representative. Not pictured is Marilyn Weathers, junior Texas Intercollegiate Students' Association representative. Dormitory representatives to the Student Council seated, left to right, are Carolyn Conoley, Rusk presi- dent, Carrie Hinds, Houston Hall president, Rose Myers, Stoddard Hall president, and Joy Morton, Smith-Carroll president. Standing are Sue Harden, Parkland Unit CGA, Ruth Wolverton, Lowry Hall president, Katherine Specht, Capps Hall president, Wincy Walker, Fitzgerald Hall president, and Nancy Dodd, Austin Hall president. Not pictured is Linda Rice, Sayers Hall president. These girls listen intently at one of CGA's last meetings as the organization finishes up last minute business and prepares to recess for Special Study Week. 61 v Joyce Lawson Women s Recreation Association president, enters the New Gymnasium on her way to a WRA club meeting. Seemingly enjoying a joke, WRA officers and sponsor are seated, left to right, Judy Adkins, historian, and Carolyn Conoley, secretary. Standing are Sharon Murphy, publicity, Caroline Bachofen, vice-president, Mrs. Katherine Magee, sponsorg Sally Bixby, treasurer, and Donna Hobdy, Lass-O reporter. Not pictured is Linda Abbott, publicity. Women's Recreation Association A rifle, a golf club, a basketball and a bicycle, these and many more, are symbolic of the wide variety of sports offered by WRA to every student on campus. From strenuous field hockey to a less taxing bridge game, WRA seeks to provide suitable' and enjoyable recreation for all its members. WRA sponsors several all campus events. One of the most popular is the Corn Huskin' Bee held in the fall, which revives such customs as hog calling, chicken calling, and, of course, the corn husking bee. The WRA Cup is a coveted prize given to the dormitory which attains the highest number of participation and placement points in WRA sponsored activities. WRA club managers are, FIRST ROW, left to right, Annette Person, Recreational Swimming, Bar- bara Barnett, Bridge Club, Estelle Moore, Synchronized Swimming Club, Donna Trott, Caperettes, Eve Schools, Hockey Club, and Barbara Putzka, Folk Dance Club. SECOND ROW, Mary Weatherly, Bicycle Club, Mary K. Schreck, Basketball Club, Sandra Minger, Games Club, Marilyn Goodwin, Tennis Club, Ann Mengert, Archery Club, and Jerri Kay Keith, Dance. THIRD ROW, Joan Nat- tress, Tumbling, Sallie McCutcheon, Outing Club, Betty Lewis, Golf Club, Florence Reich, Softball Club, Shirley Franka, Badminton Club, Thetis Ann King, Rifle Club, and Gail Gilbert, Volleyball Club. WRA dormitory representatives are, FRONT ROW, left to right, Hazel Sharp, Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW, De- anna Whiteside, Smith-Carroll, and Marilyn Henson, Capps. THIRD ROW, Pat McCall, Houston, and Betsy Heesch, Lowry. Not pictured are Linda Hearn, Sayers, Kathy Tahrt, Austin, Peggy Wilson, Stoddard, Belva Jones, Local students, andLu Ann Martin, Parkland. fi ,iii .. . . A, ai' . L. rink.. Ali' -0 - "H - Round Table President Jimmie Lightfoot schedules student hostesses for Saturday campus tours for prospective students and their parents. Practicing at the piano with a goal of entertaining at a "Knight Night" are Round Table officers left to right, Beverly Archer, secretaryg Janice Hill, treasurerg Sally Puddy, vice-presidentg and Margaret Williams, parliamentarian. 64 Round able Round Table coordinates the activities of all stu- dent organizations on campus. In order to achieve this goal its membership consists of the presidents of the approximately one hundred student organizations. This year Round Table has done special work with the various types of clubs with the aim of helping each to become more effective and efficient, Round Table sponsors student hostesses to act as campus guides on Saturdays for prospective students and their parents, "Knight Nights," informal entertain- ments for Round Table members, are another of their projects. Student Council of Religious Activities Helping in every way possible to stimulate the spiritual life of the students at the University is one of the major goals of the Student Council of Religious Activities. Each year SCRA, as one of its major functions, sponsors a Religious Emphasis Week. This year's Religious Emphasis Week, held in November, featured the Rev. Lane Denson as guest speaker. Rev. Denson, chaplain for Texas Medical Center and Rice Institute, conducted a series of morning watch and assembly programs. SCRA also sponsored weekly devotional services in the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods and in the dor- mitories. 31 Io Ann Wooton, Student Council of Religious Actixities president reads the scripture at the Sunday morning devotional service sponsored by SCRA in the Little Chapel-in-the-Woods T Student Council of Religious Activities officers are left to right, Rachel Sit, treasurer, Helen Myersfsecretary, Kay Kane, vice-president, and Gladys Merk: historian. Dormitory Religious Chairmen, who su- pervise the weekly dormitory devotional services, are seated, left to right, Char- lotte Tomberlain, Stoddard, and Phyllis Gentle, Rusk System. Standing are Anita ,lean Franklin, Capps Hall, Ethel Lu Teague, Lowry Hall, Gwen Burkholder, Fitzgerald Hall, and Billie ,lean Wil- liams, Houston Hall. Not pictured are Charlie Jo Schutte, Sayers Hall, Kitty Jo Ramer, Austin Hall, and Janis Sugg, Smith-Carroll Hall. Denominational Representatives are seated, left to right, Linda Lou Campbell, Chris- tian Science, Beverly Capps, Methodist, and Deanna Boyd, Methodist. Standing are Kay Kane, Episcopalian, Louise Boyd, Methodist, Jo Ann Feeley, Presbyterian, and Rachel Sit, Baptist. Not pictured are Lillie Ann Damron, Assembly of God, and Hanna Mayer, Jewish. Additional Denominational Representatives are seated, left to right, Gladys Merka, Catholic, Louise Salzman, jewish, and Wanda Cowart, Church oi Christ. Standing are Mary Ann Hubenak, Catholic, Mary Ann Owen, Christian, Helen Meyers, Lu- theran, and Judy Walker, Church of Christ. Not pictured are Shirlee Lewis, Christian, Mary Margaret Harrell, Episcopalian, and Barbara Kohler, Lutheran. Student 'ff Finance Council The major purpose of the Student Finance Coun- cil is raising money to help worthy students finance their educations. Each year the council provides fif- f teen freshman scholarships to encourage the prospec- tive student to begin her college career, In addition are provided for other deserving students. The funds needed to finance these projects are earned through to this between fifteen and twenty-Five scholarships 2 s :-, Pub Breaks during Special Study Week, a rummage Sale, the H0WdY Dinner, the Friendship Dinner and Beverly Blount, president of tlie Student Finance Council, checks total on the casli register after one of tlie SFC sponsored Pub t . 3 , , . A other even S Breaks during Special Study Week. Discussing plans for the Howdy Dinner sponsored by the Student Finance Council are dormitory representatives, seated, left to right, Claudia Kolar, Lowry Hallg Barbara Reese, Smith-Carroll Hallg Sharon Murphy, Capps Hallg Barbara Swartz, Rusk Systemg and Betty Campbell, Sayers Hall. Standing are Lee Christiancy, Stoddard Hallg Patti Pondant, Houston Hallg and Sara Hood, Austin Hall. Not pictured are Mary Alice Troppy, Fitzgerald Hallg and Patsy Chambers, local students. Y Putting the finishing touches on a poster for the SCSA sponsored winter formal is Susan Maxwell, Student Council of Social Activi- ties president. Literary-social club social representa- tives and club presidents who are members of SCSA are seated, FRONT ROVV, left to right, Dee Campbell, Athenaeum, Mary Glen Fleming, Phi- lomathiag and Jimmie Lightfoot, Philo- mathia. SECOND ROW, Jacqueline jones, Adelphiansg Beverly Archer, Deliaug and Mikel Taylor, Chaparrals. THIRD ROW, LaRhue Eichman, Student Council of Social Activities The All University Dance, the Pre-Corps Trip Dance, the Aggie Sweetheart Election Weekend and the Pre-Rush Tea are only a portion of the social activities planned for students throughout the year by SCSA. This organization seeks to contribute to the enjoyment of every student on campus through planned social events. During the holiday season SCSA provided the opportunity for students to dance in "Winter Wonderland" to the music of Claude Thornhill. In the spring with the blooming of the redbud trees, SCSA sponsors the biggest dance of the year, the Redbud Coronation Ball. Martha Cherry, left, vice-president of the Student Council of Social Activities, and Sonja Black, secretary-treasurer, are carefully selecting just the right records for the Aggie Sweetheart Nominees' Dance sponsored by the Council. ar . Athenaeumg and Sonja Black, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge. Not pictured are Barbara Brown, Aglaiang Leticia Paz, L'Allegrog Eugenia Taylor, Mary Eleanor Brackenridgeg and Nancy Ad- kins, Delians. The Pre-Rush Tea is the subject of conversation among the SCSA dormi- tory representatives seated, left to right, Dee Campbell, Stoddardg Ann Spencer, Houston Hallg Donna Trott, Smith-Carrollg Penelope Pillow, Aus- ting and Nani Maldanado, Lowry. Not pictured are Beverly Blewster, Cappsg Lynda Landon, Sayers, Tommy Lou Pitts, Fitzgeraldg and Lorine Drozd, Rusk System. NWN, W M. Ur The constant drumming of the typewriter keys fbe it dawn, dusk, midday or midnightj usually reveals Lass-O Editor-1n- Chief, Marsha Pyle, busily writing up assignments or editorials. Almost like cutting out paper dolls, Ruth Ann Abat, Lass-O Business Manager, busies herself each clay by cutting out excep- tional illustrations to be used for the next day's ads. ' ,. 4 ,Q-Q 1,.::,- U oi C 'lil The Daily Lass-O is the only daily university newspaper in the world which is entirely staffed by women. Its purpose is to accurately inform the stu- dent body, faculty, alumnae, administration, pros- pective students, and interested persons of the daily campus events at Texas Woman's University. It is completely staffed by the students of the journalism Department under the supervision and direction of the 1959 editor-in-chief, Marsha Pyle, and the fac- ulty sponsor, Mr. Robert W. Chambers. Staff mem- bers report, copyread, edit, write headlines, proof- read, set type and headlines, and make up the pages in the University Print Shop. The four-page tabloid is published five times weekly during the regular session and semi-weekly during the summer ses- sions. Five day-editors supervise individual day publications. Special pages of the Lass-O are edited by section editors. Daily Lass-O special sections include news stories, sports, features, editorials, women's news, society, amusements, church news, c a m p u s government coverage, departmental coverage, and campus activity coverage. A laugh a day might easily describe Lass-O Cartoonist, Linda Abbott. Her pug-nosed creation is often noted as resembling Linda, herself. ltknii W Pts' DAILYC ff ff' ,: 'a,'u-'7,.2:i"r ' ' ' 'Ei Quoting quips from humorous features is a favorite pastime of section editors Donna Hobdy, sports and co-churchg Sandra DeFore, societyg Alberta Allen, amusements and co-churchg Nevolena DeLeon, clubsg and Joyce Austin, features. Not pictured is Sue Inwood, freshman and copy editor. Whether it is a picture of a Stunt rehearsal or a shot of a C8zD guest artist, left to right, Alberta Allen and Donna Jean Hobdy are there with camera, Hash bulbs and film to cover the story for the Daily Lass-O. orrectlon setting time 1n the print shop brings about conferences among the Lass-O day editors, left to ight Nancy Pollard Friday editor Bobble Conner Monday editor Ruth Ann Abat Tuesday editorg and Nell ldt3.IFln,Il'm: Satisfied Editor-Bobbie Conner, the "Gal-behind-the-Book," looks approvingly at the progress scale for the Daedalian after mid- January deadlines. Frequent trips to Fort Worth and many sleepless nights have accomplished a great deal. Trying to beat another deadline, assistant editor, Phyllis Lane Cstandingj and lay-out editor, joy Guthrie Cseatedj go over the day's work before turning it in for the publisher. ,sf in iw ffl K 554 I s .F f if 5, It Speculate, estimate and calculate-Daedalian art editoi Caryl White discovers it takes a lot more than a paint brush to fill all the art specifications of the yearbook ai she investigates how much art to put on one page. azrlalian Mary Jane McDonald, business manager, keeps check on the advertising copy to meet that all-important' deadline. Words, wisdom and work go into each advertisement layout. fjfiilii X V- .usa ' -L N 1 at 52:1 Qi' fi., ,H vkg 1 s ,rw Nothing is quite as interesting or exciting as a speed graphic, film and a few fiash bulbs, according to yearbook photographers, left to right, Mary jo Padgett, Alberta Allen, Myra Lynn Long, Donna jean Hobdy and Elizabeth Janeway. The 1959 Daedalian is the forty-ninth volume of the yearbook of Texas Woman's University. Staff members have completed individual sections of the book under the supervision of the editor-in-chief, Bobbie Conner, and the faculty sponsor, Mr. Frank C. Rigler, The centralizing theme of Shakespeare and His Times has been carried throughout the book in the art work and on the division pages of the annual. The art work on the foreword and contents pages is an adaptation of the Shakespearean stages. Shakespeare's picture on the title page came from the title page of the FOLIO and the coat of arms which is on the back cover of the 1959 Daedalian is Shake- speare's own coat of arms. There is more color used on the division pages than ever before. The predominant colors of red, blue, green, and gold came from the various coats of arms of the characters in Shakespeare's plays. A sincere aim to produce a book of excelling quality and organization has been the guiding desire of the entire staff of the 1959 Daedalian. 3 A QE it X 71 , 9... Check, double check and re-check-accuracy is a virtue when it comes to putting the right name with the right picture agree class editors Marsha Pyle and Ruth Ann Abat, senior, Jackie Smith, freshman, Nevolena DeLeon, junior, and Mary Jane x- McDonald and Suzanne Hill, sophomore. Not pictured is Sandra Minger, junior. "We get pictures galore and still we need more," laugh ' section editors Barbara Overton, co-organizationsg Donna Hobdy, activitiesg Ian Behrns, all-campus organizations, Q' f if ff' l Nancy Pollard, activities, Sheila Alkins, organizations. Not all S ala ff' pictured is Sue Inwood, co-organizations. - 71 , dia A . my . . g-"WA Betty Sinclair, Daedalian Quarterly Editor-in-Chief, must ll work that is to be published in the Quarterly. 72 carefully check Daedalian uarterl The Daedalian Quarterly began its forty-fifth year of publication this year as the oldest south- western college magazine. The Quarterly publishes only literature in prose or poetry form written by students at 'Texas Woman's University and high school students of Texas and surrounding states. The magazine emphasizes originality, creativeness and quality in the works published. This year, for the iirst time, the magazine was dedicated to an in- dividual, Miss Mamie Walker, recently retired spon- sor and a former teacher in the English Department. Looking pleased, Mary Bodine, left, literary editor, and Rose Myers art editor, inspect their finished product. lnmxu xx I if News Bureau The News Bureau of Texas Woman's Univer- sity is the centralized distribution office for re- porting news of students' activities to hometown newspapers throughout the nation and the world. It is under the supervision of the assistant, Emily-Mae Stafford, and the faculty director, Mr. Frank C. Rigler. Student assistants aid in clip- ping news stories from the Daily Lass-O and preparing this copy for publication in the indi- vidual hometown papers. Complete files of cam- pus activities and pictures are kept up-to-date by this organization. The News Bureau edits and publishes many of the catalogs and bulletins which are distributed by the University. It also plans off-campus publicity for such annual func- tions as Gold Rush Carnival, Corn Huskin' Bee, the Festival of Nations and the Redbud Festival. ,ff Emily-Mae Stafford, News Bureau assistant, shows a hnshed news release to student assistants, left to right, Sandra DeFore, standing, and Barbara Overton, seated, while jean Powell and Mary jane McDonald file many of the stories and pictures that come to the News Bureau office. From encouragement to actually pitching in to help a page editor or day editor, these three University.Press workmen are Monroe Klein, pressman, Bill Brenholtz, special Job pressman, and Welrlon Church, job pressman. M f"5 .vn- -Wx MTX Universit Press A bustling hub of activity on the campus of Texas Woman's University is none other than the University Press. From there live days a week originates the Daily Lass-O and various other printed material. Catalogs, bulletins, tickets, posters and engraved invi- tations to campus events are printed here. Managing the use of the linotype machines, presses, power cutter, Ludlow typecasting machine and a folding machine is Henry H. Blagg, press foreman. 1UDhu's DHHIHI in ' 3 t . . . in the Art Department LUCY Jo coco Always ready to work for her class, Lucy jo danced the "highland Hingv for '59 last year in their "High- land Dream" stunt, President of Delta Phi Delta, Lucy Jo, art education major, loves dancing, "particularly modern, tap, .and ballet," she says. A member of the Caperettes and a Redbud Princess, she plans to teach art in either a high school or elementary school. She designs and constructs clothes in miniature, as well as for herself. si' 1 K 'Q 5+ ' f ROSE MARIE MYERS A "southern belle" from Charleston, S. C., Rose Marie has been a "belle" on the Texas Woman's University campus, having been a Redbud Princess three years. The vivacious art education major plans to teach in a grade school on graduating. Her sociabilityehas Won her many friends and as a result, she is president of Stoddard Hall, a Student Council member, and was a freshman coun- selor, a Delta Phi Delta member, and she is art editor of the Daedalian Quarterly. Rose Marie makes many of her clothes, and loves reading and inusic. She plans to be married this summer. . . . in the Biology Department AMBER DE FOREST The petiteness of Amber De Forest, a biological sci- ence major, belies the tremendous power she has for winning the respect of her classmates. A Redbud Prin- cess three years, her talents and beauty have won her Pi Lambda Theta vice-president, Beta Beta Beta secre- tary, Alpha Chi secretary, and treasurer's position of her sophomore class. She plans to complete graduate Work in some phase of biology, and then teach in a college, Am- ber is a golf enthusiast, and she enjoys summer camping and entertaining with her ukelele. 65, i .ci MARILYN WEATHERS With "any sort of lab work" as a hobby, Marilyn Weathers, a biology major, asserts her individuality, so evident in all her college career. Always one who thinks for herself, her thoughtfulness has made her Beta Beta Beta president, junior Texas Intercollegiate Students Association representative, and a Student Council and Round Table member. A Dean's list member for three years, she hopes to teach for a year and then enter train- ing for registry in medical technology. 3 . . . in the Business Department MIKEL TAYLOR Mikel's "hobby," campus government, may expand into a lifetime occupation if her plans for the future are fulfilled. "Mike," a general business major, wants to go into "background politics, party operationsfi as she phrases it. But until then, she wants to work the public relations field. Her campus relations and politics are a good measure of things to come, for she is president of Chaparral, senior representative of Texas lntercolleg- iate Students Association, freshman class president, pres- ident of Sayers Hall, freshman counselor, and is a mem- ber of Student Council and Round Table. Mikel's charms won for her Redbud Crown Princess her junior year, . . .in the Chemistry Department SARAH LESTER President of Iota Sigma Pi, Sarah Lester, plans to enter medical school at Tulane University on receiving her degree in chemistry. Her long-range planning then includes "the possibility of specializing in some field of medicine or medical research," she explains. Her calm acceptance of responsibility has gained her Beta Beta Beta vice-president, Chaparral historian, and she still finds time to student assist in the Biology Department. Her scientific interests branch out into a love for music and art, as Well as sports. . . . in the English Department BETTY SINCLAIR "There is great joy in being able to teach a student," says Betty Sinclair, English major from Pampa. And so, her desire is to teach English in a small town after grad- uation. Editor of the Daedalian Quarterly and president of the English Club, Betty is a literature enthusiast, and reads many contemporary works, "like those of Shaw and Hemingway," she explains. Betty plans to earn a graduate degree and then travel in England and France for a while. . . . in the Educat1on Department IIMME LIGH'TFOOT Jimme Lightfo0t's love for children is revealed in her major, kindergarten-primary education. She plans to teach children or, as she puts it, "just work in some way with kids." -Iimme's tireless energy, so useful in work with children, has served her well on campus. She is president both of Round Table and Philomathia, was secretary of her junior class, and was a freshman coun- selor, Jimme says she has few "all out talents" but she has membership in a long list of organizations, among them-Student Council, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi, Pi Lambda Theta, and on top of these, she found time to earn the Dean's list rating three years. MIKELL MURPHY "Mike's" statement, "The more I go along, the more there' is to do and to find out," reveals her ever-Willing- ness to work and her insatiable desire to learn. President of Campus Government Association this year when many new projects have been innovated, her abilities have also made her president of Southern Inter-collegiate Associa- tion of Student Governments. The elementary education major was Campus Goverment Association secretary last year, and has been president of counselors, Women's Recreation Association secretary, and vice-president of her freshman class. Mikell wants someday to go abroad to teach and travel. A friend to everyone, "Mike" says, "I just like people." She also likes field hockey. . . . in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation ANN FORTNER The vigorous life of Ann, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation major from Tyler, centers around sports. President of the I-IPE8zR Professional Club, she plans to teach physical education in a junior or senior high school. "I'd like to try my hand at coaching girls' basket- ball," she says. Ann is a member of the Citizenship League and the Women's Recreation Association, and was president of Capps Hall while serving as a freshman counselor. She loves to Watch football, and plays basket- ball, volleyball, softball, Held hockey, and most other sports, Working with teenagers is one of her special in- terests. JOYCE LAWSON The intense exuberance characterizing Joyce Lawson's interest in the Women's Recreation Association follows through to her plans for a career. Joyce, a Health, Phy- sical Education, and Recreation major from Seguin, will return to Texas Woman's University to earn her master's degree in HPESLR. Her vitality has earned her the lead- ership of the Women,s Recreation Association in one of its most progressive years. She is president of the Student Section of the Texas Association of HPE8zR, and holds membership in Round Table and Student Council. She has been a Redbud Princess for three years. . . . in the H1StOfy Department DEANNA BOYD President of the Citizenship League and a Round Table executive board member, this busy history major lists mental telepathy and extrasensory perception as a pastime. Deanna's mental efforts have gained her mem- bership in Alpha Chi, Omega Rho Alpha, and Alpha Lambda Delta, as well as earning a position on the Dean's List for two years. Her musical talent extends to the pi- ano and organ, and she's an impressionistic music en- thusiast. Deanna plans to teach high school history next year if she doesn't begin her graduate work. European and South American travel is her "long-range" dream. f' . . in Home Economics DORCAS CAMPBELL A Danforth scholarship holder, "Dee" held the vice- presidency of Phi Upsilon Omicron this year, Dorcas, a home economics education major from Princeton, La., wants to teach homemaking in a high school until she can begin graduate work. College teaching is her goal. She loves to sew, and is an avid reader, when she isn't working with Student Council of Social Activities, Round Table, or any of the other organizations in which she holds membership. PHYLLIS GENTLE "Someday I'd like to get a doctorate in clothing and costume designf' is the wistful wish of Phyllis, a major in that Held. Phyllis' immediate plans are to design for a department store in Dallas. President of Home Eco- nomics Club, she has been a Redbud Princess and was on the Dean's List. She is a Round Table, Student Coun- cil, Student Council of Religious Activities, and Delta Phi Delta member. Outside sports and art f"just any kind"j fascinate her. "I'd like to water paint," she says. ALICE WINKLE Alice, a home economics education major and presi- dent of Phi Upsilon Omicron, plans to teach home eco- nomics in a high school. A member of the Dean's List for three years, she wants to earn a master's degree, then "do research and laboratory work in both homemaking and science," she explains. A. cooking enthusiast, Alice enjoys trying out new recipes. She also likes photogra- phy. A member of Pi Lambda Theta and Round Table, she was a freshman counselor. . . . in the Journalism Department MARSHA PYLE Printer's ink, a typewriter, and a printer's apron are the primary ingredients in the story of Marsha Pyle's future and current life. The energetic editor of the Daily Lass-O plans to report for a newspaper to gain experi- ence so that she can accomplish her dream of writing a book. The few times that Marsha, a journalism major, is not in the print shop, she utilizes to head the Student Council Current Affairs committee, edit the senior sec- tion of the Daedalian Annual, and work for Round Table. She vacations from writing by Hshing and by hunting squirrels and rabbits-"with a twenty-two," she adds. She has been on the Dean's List two years and is a Theta Sigma Phi member. K . . . in the Library Science Department DIANE DAVIES Diane Davies' statement, "My hands have to- be busy," is evidenced in her many varied activities. Diane, a library science major, loves to Hy and is the possessor of a pilot's license. She built her own hi-fi, repairs her own car from motor to taillights, and works mathematics as a pastime, when she isn't knitting, sewing, readingg swimming, or playing held hockey. She was the First recipient of the Teen-Age Library Association Scholar- ship. She somehow finds time to act as president of Kappa Mu Epsilon, secretary to Alpha Beta Alpha, and Pi Lambda Theta. Diane plans to work in a public school library and then return to graduate school for a master of arts degree, . . . in the Merchandising Department JACQUELINE JONES The ability to fire enthusiasm won jackie, a merchan- dising major from jacksonville, the cheerleader position for the "Ladies" this year. Her enthusiasm extends to anything she does, even to reading. "I read anything I can get my hands on," she says. Jackie, who is president of Adelphian Club and secretary-treasurer of Sigma Pi Beta, plans to work in a junior executive training program next year. jackie likes music, "all kinds except hillbilly," she specifies. She's a member of the Student Council of Social Activities and Round Table. MARILYN CAVENDER This petite music education major is president of one of the busiest organizations on campus, the Modern Choir. XYhen she's not devoting her energies to it, Mari- lyn serves as secretary of Sigma Alpha lota. Her study efforts have won her a lJean's l.ist position for two years, while her graciousness merited her Redbud Prin- cess status her junior year. "I have Very little time for anything but music," she says, but she likes to sew, as well as swim and bowl. Marilyn plans to teach music on the elementary school level. ll!-dbQ,ln.a'knQ.SvuzA' . . in the MUSIC Department ELLEN BOYD Accompanist for the Modern Choir, Ellen Boyd has a start toward her ambition-to be a concert accompanist. This talented music education major is a Mary Gibbs jones Scholarship winner and is president of Alpha Chi. Her talents extend from music into sewing. She makes many of her clothes. "I also like cooking," she adds. Ellen plans to teach public school music until she can realize her dream of being a concert accompanist. Vice- president of Sigma Alpha Iota, this three year Dean's List member entertains her friends with her piano im- provisations of "dinner music." . . . in the Music Department MARY GLEN FLEMMING Mary Glen credits her Work with the exceptional children at Parker Hall as inspiring her desire to obtain an MA in music therapy, but until she earns it, she plans to teach music, preferably choral music in a secon- dary school. Treasurer of Alpha Chi, Mary Glen holds membership in the Student Council of Social Activities, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Sigma Alpha Iota-a varied schedule for a girl who insists, "My life is wrapped up in musicf' She is also a holder of a three year Dean's List record, was a Redbud Princess, and a freshman counselor. GAYE HATINGER Vice-president of the Campus Government Associa- tion, Gaye's friendliness and intelligence have won the esteem of many organizations, as well as that of the whole school. Gaye, a music education major, directs three choirs at her church and still has time to belong to Student Council, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Chi, Tau Beta Sigma, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, and the Citizenship League, to name a few. Gaye served as CGA treasurer her junior year and was a freshman counselor. Gaye plans to earn an MA in music educa- tion and then teach in a high school "having a band, dance band, orchestra, and choir." She wants someday to teach in college, "I may even get a PH.D.," she adds. . . in Nursing VIRGINIA ANN KITTRELL A friendly smile and Virginia are inseparable. Vir- ginia's cheerful, calm outlook on everything has en- deared her to her fellow nursing majors at Parkland, where she has been a Student Council member for two years. She holds membership in the Texas Nursing Stu- dent Association and in the TNSA. She revealed her love for music when she played in the symphony orchestra her freshman year. Virginia, who was president of her sophomore nursing class, will become a fulltime nurse on graduating. pb- if N ll 1 D-we "Care of others" seems to be the motto of Nadelle M' Rainey, a nursing major from Dallas. She will become a fulltime nurse after receiving her degree. Her easy- going way of life has won her the Presidency of the Parkland Unit student body, and she is a Texas Inter- collegiate Student's Association representative. An avid basketball fan, she prefers a good game of it to a party. Nadelle was junior class president last year, and a fresh- man nursing class secretary. She plans someday to earn an MA in nursing, then teach in a college situation like Parkland. . - and -- 'ii . . . in the Occupational Therapy Department MARY ANN KRUKE Devoted to her occupational therapy major, "Kruke," as she is known to her classmates, from Des Moines, Iowa, will be in student affiliations in various hospitals through out the nation until january of 1960. Her keen interest and spirited ambition inspire confidence in her classmates as well as in her patients. "Kruke," Delian vice-president, holds a Minnesota State Department of Public Welfare scholarship and is a member of Alpha Chi and Junior Forum. Mary Ann plans some day to work with occupational therapy in Europe for a few years-"possibly the open-ward mental hospital in Lon- don," she explains. . . . in the Sociology Department JUDITH MINKIN A sociology major from Kansas City, Mo., Judith has proved herself scholastically as well as socially. The three year Dean's List member made all A's for two years. Her mature attitude and leadership ability won her the class presidency for her junior year. She is an Alpha Kappa Delta, Iota Sigma Pi, Alpha Chi, and Alpha Lambda Delta member. Social work for two years, then a graduate degree are in her future. Judith likes to read. "When I want to relax, I reach for a book," she says. Jo ANN wooToN "People are my main interest," says jo Ann Wooton, sociology major from Port Sulphur, Louisiana, and she proves it. Jo Ann gave her whole summer to working with people in the slum areas of New York City. She gives her time and energy on campus to the Student Council of Religious Activities of which she is president. Her love of people is returned by them, as is evidenced by her membership in Student Council, Round Table, and being secretary of Capps Hall when she was a freshman counselor. A fishing and boating enthusiast, this two year Dean's List member says of herself, "I like to cook--so I like to think of myself as sort of do- mesticf' . . . in the Speech Department NANCY ADKINS With speech therapy as a major and theology as a hobby, Nancy Adkins sets the pace of her desire for knowledge. "A book is my very best friend," she says, and proves it by concentrating her reading in the area of philosophy, theology, and history. This senior class vice-president lists Bach and modern jazz as her favorite music. Nancy is Citizenship League vice-president and was a freshman counselor and sophomore class secre- tary. Nancy plans to do speech therapy work in a clinic and then concentrate on an MA degree, "probably in the area of psychology," she says. She's an ardent worker in her church student movement and is a Wesley Player. "I am a ham at heart," she explains. l in 4-al"i 4'-Z N92 f N-.fx 'Q ,f JOAN WEBSTER A master of arts degree in psychology is pictured in the immediate future of ambitious joan Webster, a speech therapy major from Sherman. Next on her fu- turels list comes Work as a public school therapist and, ultimately, clinical research in her field. Her definite attitude toward everything and everyone has placed many coveted positions in her hands. Class secretary her freshman year, freshman counselor and Lowry Hall president her sophomore year, Student Finance Council president her junior year, and Speech and Hearing Club president this year top the list. A member of Zeta Phi Eta and Omega Rho Alpha, she made the Dean's List two years. She has been both a Lady-in-Waiting and a princess in Redbud Festivals. Who's VVho photos by Mary Jo Padgett As a goal to inspire greater effort in those who may not otherwise perform to the best of their ability. As a reminder that time must be used intelligently to bring the best results from one's college experi- ence. As a means of compensation for outstanding effort and achievement. As a standard of measurement for students comparable to other re- cognized scholastic and service or- ganizations. The reasons for recognition in VVho's VVho Among Students in American Universities and Colleges are many. The preceding twenty-nine young women recognized represent those qualities of scholarship, leadership and cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities, and citi- zenship vvhich have made Texas VVoman's University the great in- stitution that it is. lt is with pride that the Daedalian presents these outstanding Who'S VYhoers for the contributions which they have made to their University. aurels of M ho's Who auf X I '! X 'P M2 ,Z f 'Q ... I , aww "Wm fr I f Qi A QNX' Q ,f Z lf- W , f K J' Z a ff X M UV Q 0 f f xg Q I Q13 SV 'G Together as a class in orientation, the freshmen lost no time in ex- pressing their own class spirit. Beanie-topped and name-tagged, they let the old-timers know they were here to stay. The hula hoop fad swept the campus. First around the waist, then around the neck, then two at once. 1 X M Back-to-school and maroon beanie-topped Tessies Hooded the campus to plunge headfirst into the routine e'i, ,C Qn if at TWU and 1nto the numerous social act1v1t1es. Spon- i.'. " it it is Q ttt' Q ig. t,,, A pf sors and freshmen paraded the campus Wlth br1ght Ch1- f ' itte '- 99 - -'1'e - - rtt. s.re ',er nese lanterns and hfe at TWU unfolded muslcally at the . C C iiii ' A C' Universit Review. We rumma ed at the SFC Rumma e .,3,5,e,,.t. Q... ,. ,,.. ,Mi V., xm- res-sr .. tsitt 91' . - - d'r,scti fxffewi tf ,rrt Sale, we had fun at the WRA Fun N1ght, we howdxed '-vw ,Tm w R in 'Q vw x t W wht v in Spreading election information was the chief duty of the election publicity committee initiated this year by Gaye Hatinger, CGA vice president and a chairman of all-campus elections, pictured at right. Committee member is Sandra Minger. A record number attended the first Student Council meeting of the year. President Mikell Murphy announced goals for the year and ex- plained the Council's function. 1- min Q Q 2' ' " ,. vt I W wifi .WN , ,V K K if at A "JF f 2 .i 'r,5?'.4sf tm ' Student Council members went off onla safari in search of the Class of '62 at the second annual 'University Revue, the official end to orientation week. The power plants whistle summoned old and new students to Lowry Woods and the "X-Hour" bonfire the third night of school. With the bonfire in the background, CGA officers and school officials gave the assembly informal welcomes and the classes reci rocated with s irited versions of class son s and 'N I ll D 1 ' p' g To Texas Woman s University." at the Howdy Dinner, and we gaily tripped the light fantastic at the first-all campus dance of the year, The Senior Ladies were entertained with an early breakfast by their Sophomore Sisters, while the President of the University entertained all newcomers with a reception. In spite of all the activity, we managed to survive the end- less line-standing to get ourselves registered and settled down to the serious business of getting an education. Fun night was a get-acquainted session with the Women's Recrea- tion ASSOCl3tlOn during orientation week activities. Here new stu- dents learn recreational folk dance IS onl one of man activities Y Y offered by WRA. University Revue was a 'musical introduction to student council members and quick preview of the year's activities. Even the Aggies turned out to help start the year off right. QW! fo If ' Signing up for year-long orienta- tion or personality class was only one of many registration duties which confronted enter- ing freshmen. Registration also gave members of the Class of '62 their first taste of an old uni- versity custom-standing in line. CGA officers and student coun cil members served the fresh men as guides during orientation sessions. Here Pope Franklin CGA secretary, explains to a group why her beanie is white instead of red. s-.va-J Registration meant filling out end- less cards, with a "Jones, Mary," while returning upperclassmen had a chance to rehash summer activi- ties with old friends. Here juniors Lu Odam and Yvonne Easterling compare vacations. With the Pioneer Woman serving as a backdrop, a group of fresh- men take time out from learning about campus life, customs and procedures, to relax with a refresh- ing cold drink and talk over first impressions of entering school. "Why do we live on the fourth floor?" Was a familiar wail as newly-arrived freshmen unpacked their clothes, luggage and other necessary equipment for their first year in a university dormitory. Wx 'T lu-Q. ittt Taking advantage of Student Finance Council's rummage sale in the Union Building, Renee Killeen stocks up on bargains for campus emergencies. 'With a musical promise of things to come in the year 1959, sopho- more "jailbirds" entertained their sister class, the Ladies, at the Senior Breakfast Students and their dates enjoy dancing to the music of Shep Field's orchestra at the Septem- ber dance, Tessie Toyland jack-in-the-box Peg- gy Wilson gets the finger of suspic- ion from other toyland characters Kay Osborne, Mary Monroe, Yvonne Dupuis and Sylvia Can- non at the Howdy Dinner. "Tessie Toyland" was the theme of SFC's second project, the Howdy Dinner. Dolls that came to life on the stroke of twelve entertained approximately one thousand stu- dents and faculty guests who at- tended the dinner. 1. we 97 S .oty o a t 1 X wr s l f , 'Xl ' g 1 -'--' K -- M H' if-if f QI: "' .': J hx ! I Hn- - If -' Lfw ww 'W :ii- Eff , L 5 'N ' 7'?iTWT5?T'iiT Ywlcfw -'fiim " f W--, aww-ifiwwmww 9 a 1 i 1"' Q , X A .. M , ....,:. . ....,.. :., ,A.. ,., , , .. , ,,.l,,, .. ...,: .... . 5 asm , "r'M-:Q M 4, eif eff2fff .' wrwwmrww frm'-iw m ms , D1 ll tion. l,M , -f-f fr1 ew,xwR --A- ww.-zife::Qf:ewwr W, Doc", as played by Lee Chris- tiancy, puts realism into his part, while Evelyn McDonald, who plays Lola, tries to ward off his blow, in "Come Back, Little Sheba." Make-up is first on the agenda the opening night of "Come Back, Little Sheba." Here Jane Walters and Sally Roden transform them- selves into men for the produc- Evelyn McDonald, Darla Brooks, Eva Coleman, Lee Christiancy and Phillis Donaldson perform in a tense scene of "Come Back, Little Sheba." October brought a Hurry of parties and festivities of all kinds. The Class of '62 held the traditional Freshman Frolic and put away their maroon beanies for good, while the sopho- mores took full advantage of the beautiful October nights to observe their annual Harvest Moon party. 'The juniors made use of the crispy fall weather, too, to enjoy a class hayride, and upperclassmen began the round of literary-social club rush parties. Tessies apprehensively watched cloudy skies while they worked hard building floats and booths for Gold Rush Carnival, and then settled down to sing-song rehearsals and hog-calling practice for the Corn Huskin' Bee. It was only a paper moon, but the sophomores still enjoyed singing under it at their Harvest Moon in Lowry Woods. A serenade of the campus pre- ceded the bonfire-and-hot cider activi- ties in the woods. On the Tessiana junior Hayride, hillbilly entertainment set the scene. Out at the lake campsite, Barbara Reese, Marni Mil- ler and Annette Williams sing a spirited version of "Mountain Dew". ' -E ' L 'V . -' iii ,f H - - L' ,A :if . 'Q . s . ggi' ' X . - - - kf.k 0: , . -:n:: :jg I A . lv , Le af 3, Ilrn A l Q X a 'I L ,. , Q ---ea, ,, . N ' ' t ffm X yi f QQ ' ,K Q I t tyes tyei W C A 1 n e y f V , :ah Vk,- 3 ' , I I , -.Y gi I I Ji . . ..-, I K A I , ' " , V 7 J fi. 5: I re e -V Wh: vwxgfwi in , ,. Msg ,1 K ,,.,:: , "' r?""K . Wakf? Wi it -an 1 if .Q if sa if A J ' 1 5 . 2- X 1 , ,, 35954 Q- ,af ws -X 'Hifi re 2 ?' 1 K 5 Q' S, Q S-fi Q 2 HK W4 55,3 S, +2 5 Q 1 G-ni ' V" fi ii ii A i A L hi ss Q -1 " A r " ' ' A- - , -it ,aww ..,, X,t. M M .. .1 1 S - tv , 4, 4' sf' L H ig i +V ' 1 , if 15,55 ,' fi 5 5" , 9' 'ff ' V . 5 1 35 an - - . - -V , Mmm-QE, it ,J W Q 4 5 s Twig , , '.,EZ J 13 i- - ia Clad in old CIA uniforms, CGA of- ficers, assisted by other members of the Student Council, presented a damp, but entertaining program at the Frosh Frolic, The rains came, but so did the freshmen-to Dr. Guinn's backyard where he played host on the night of the Frosh Frolic, Highlight of the evening's activity was the selec- tion of the freshman class song. U ll A Q-Q L f ,Q :af 7 Z1 t we S , if Q All comcrs were willing to hazard at least a dime for' a chance to win a teddy bear, a lamp or almost any other prize at the bingo booth, one of thirty contests calling for a little skill and a little luck at the carnival. "I want to know your intentions" sings Martha Busey to Sydna Phillips at the tent show which featured a variety of sing- mg and dancing talent. F Stoddard's ladies turned out as "so many children" and accompanied their paper shoe on foot, by tricycle, scooter and wagon as the parade wound through the streets of Denton. The ladies won first place in the parade competi- tion. A paper portrayal of Hansel and Gretal gave Houston Hall second place in the Fantasy- land parade that included more floats, bands and riding groups than ever before. ,ai The old-fashioned tent show featured vau- deville at its best with two authentic slap-J stick comedians portrayed by Patricia Pon- dant and Barbara Brown. V- . A at .L A Q if iz? l t 'ts:a9'f'2ef+ n1,:?'. ef l falfiiigfi-W fc ' i H 1 1 ' 1 U 12 Awfgqm, . Y' 7 gif-EF "-"1 Y : ' 53 . ' t . 'ss 1 - 4' fy M' - , I, 11: si Ne ' g.yi'ff-atfi?-,fZ'5'2w-fvtiif,-11-9' Ulf .44 ' K , - ' "i Q we I g . , . 5 ., A ., ,gf ,aniwfi ,,,gQ k Vwrwkxw Q it L,-, . f f W , 2 . . f 'ieff itf is , fest 1 f tg? ,J-f,,AW.A: Y , F ,Nts ,jg ,K A 45 X , X7 X E, Q i -, 4 L ' x reef ' ,t.. ' 1, V , 1 ,3 3-eg' sw E gm? U5 is 1, , , I f -tg gl ' 5 61317 ' ,- , e H w . M me -ig, , so . 25' ?.Pf:,S, 'site '91 7-U' at 2 it . ' f Lf XTX!! y ew ww- :ffm ,, .- df .. It -'cc -"' W ' 'V - '- -it :f9y'3',! ja, ,ff-, 7 ' . 2 V. . . ,'f ' - , , wg fit n f, g 'J K , szifsdk .V v- wif., ,i Q High on the popularity list at the carnival, at least in the eyes of Denton's younger citizens, was this miniature Ferris wheel, 1 MI, ,L igfiifl I Un y yi 1 X Iane Wood donned overalls and straw hat to participate in the hog calling contest for Austin Hall. 1 I 1 V " ff 1 'M ' . V F i M in 9' wi "Wagon Wheels" rolled the Stoddard ladies to victory in the dormitory song contest. Peggy Wilson directed the suspendered and bonneted seniors, Highlight of Corn Huskin's night was, of course, the corn husking contest with dormi- tory teams competing to see who could shuck the most in three minutes. ,ferr "Here chicken" was a familiar call across the tennis terrace as city-bred gals tried their luck at calling chickens, Jacqueline Waggonner from Sayers Hal demonstrates officers Pope Franklin, Gaye her technique. Hatinger and Betsy LeBleu Intent on their work three CGA White-aproned sophomores from Houston Hall, led hy Lella Harlow, placed third in the dormitory song contest with their version of "Scarlet Ribbons." strive to husk more corn than the administration team. 'vp-1' 102 S Freshmen got their Hrst taste of campus politics when they elected their freshman class officers. Here Loraine Shepherd and Ann Bradford admire one of the campaigners' Hpostersf' Hockey players capped off a successful season with their annual steak fry in the golf club house. Here Sandra Perkins, Mary Weatlierly and Betty Dixon enjoy the proceedings. Nw 'W-.,."'w The Chanticleers opened the 1958 Concert and .Drama series with a variety of musical selections. Here three of the Chantlcleers get in a few minutes of extra practice before curtain time. Philomathians served punch to rushees as they presented "Philos in Hi-Fi" in Virginia Carroll Lodge. Newly-elected frosh officers got together at Student Council to announce plans for organizing the class. Billie Beutler, secretaryg Sandra Scifres, vice- presidentg Rita Napier, treasurerg Gale Harris and Anne Morrison, SC re- presentatives and Jodie Gonzales, president, confer on class happenings. fr! asf! W , , 1 5 Q ,V 5 5 up X5 Adelphians took their rushees on a A rushee hears Grecian-rolmed Deanna quick cruise. First step ahoard was Boyd explain the significance of an urn signing in and getting a green- at the Athenaeum rush party. trimmed Adelphian salior hat. ,qs T ' B 9 4 1 1 Halloween jack-o-lanterns set the scene for the L'Allegro rush party in the Arena Theatre. A family of pirates, mama Beverly Smith, baby Judith Minkin and pa- pa joy Morton greeted llelian rush- in ees at the pirates' rendezvous Lowry VVoods. 5 Philo pledges, left to right, Marian WOolai'cl, lfvalina XfVilson, Rosslyn Tol- bert, and "Tinka" Specht, go hack to the roaring twenties to entertain Philo members at a pledge meeting. f . ,W J w.,,,s-u-any ,,.i ff-V A gypsy team of guitar-player Marilyn Gower and dancer Marlene Garcia welcomed Mary lzleanor Brack- enridge rushees. Aglaians entertain western style at the Golden Horse shoe ranch. Here rushees Beverly Blewster and Eli zaheth Sonnen try their hand at roping, -gf , 1, if A D " x 1 g.F'fgi+, fvjaff-:ma-ze' 5 g3f,,,1fwe2,fii'+w 1 . V , " fzjki '11,'gg'Q:i4,ySuggqifflibob.N ,al fxkffg.1f.'i,,-'Syf''G'kiliqqJT'LQjQ1ji1f3gq43gEi5g Skip, f .ny - ' 'V J 7" J ' K fa ' Ji'Di'5h'55t55vSif3l' ' fren J' 2 "'f1:4f'I"'M"f'-:flXL"LLf1i42'?72,'fi' levi' 34.0 . 1 . , '- f ' -' w.-s1f:"fYYX:2 "L-'12 'Q 1 ' L3 K -'Yi - J1T:'5e 'vsffi' "Hifi-324177 , N5 , . i 4' - "f ' L1W3D5F4Q?ffff'f,i: tigfrf -SQZJE as. 4 "YV 'A Lf ' Y H N, ' p:,.f,.x2 '--f 'P-f,w1,i!L25,in ,. li "5lgi',?f f -. , ugfriu paevys-,1,gue-..i.ai ts-,vw ,,., gnu fgixjgzpgffe,wr-,ya-'A iwef., , , 'g H A ,A .. is Q -I 7,ancqg,ix,znf.gg5-wirin g in ' . - f -K -' ef ' 2,4-V f- :K 1 '4v'.?,5w 2iw1:qx,,AvgVf - , ' - - -1 '. - if. , -1 , ,5?jQ5a'g5ii3,hi2iQ:1Si 3'-FfVgii,if ' 7 . 1 ' 1? rf , Zz -4 . -I '-'jf fi-y1'1'f'r c ,. ' - -f X " fur 1 . 1- 'iffvskzflfiegwfswe-'ei:r1,g,a ' K L, ,. Q fl 1 H., , . . . : .h , .. . .w xiii-Yi iWXwrN n 1 I S . 1 5 .-"""erJ-gi 2-.. .4-"A K w-""'f I A.-r 'ii hm.- X, A --we ft Chaparral pledges found that cleaning their senior big sisters' rooms for Stoddard Hall open house for freshmen was only one of the necessary duties which confront a lowly pledge during Pledge Week, Mary jane Mc- Donald and Elizabeth Sonnen try their hands at waxing floors. ,rf ..f' -..,, Carmela Cabra commands lowly Adelphian pledges to wipe their smiles off as part of the pledge week disci- pline the prospective members must undergo before belonging to a literary-social club. Kit Flood hesitated to venture out during pledge week for fear of recriminationsl One hundred and seventy two prospective members of the campus' eight literary-social clubs were at the members' beck and call. November ushered in, along with colder weather, more rush parties, and rushees signed their club pre- ferences. Once the bids were sent out, strange antics overtook the pledges as they worked, sang and danced, bowed and scraped their ways into initiations in the literary-social clubs. November also ushered in a new Aggie sweetheart and an invasion of uniformed, booted college men on the campus. The annual Corps Trip with TWU and A8zM was celebrated by get-acquaint- ed parties, the Pre-Corps Trip dance, and the A8zM- SMU football game at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The seniors entertained the freshman class with an open house at Stoddard, giving the frosh an inkling of how the "Ladies on the Hill" live. November ended with Tessies going home, visiting friends, or just plain resting during the Thanksgiving holidays-with a little work here and there on some soon-due term papers and projects. , , l fe'i . ' M fssi yy, .N , 3, L5 - , ,K .A -K yi , R ev- 1,.Pw-Xgifsg -Q reg, may fs ef M' ' 7 , Q 3 3' .f f we ,, kke- J ,Vai fgggar ' , ri M 9, 4 " .- ' .gas Wim ' W Q., ' ii? I R r fe V .f fr. 114. .-.. . at f A eff - e- -., ' - fi he f 5 e iff ? 'Q . ' A. r : -3 " fy... Q 'Sa ' A 1-S ,Ar 3-A 'A ,w,'4,n,,, ' .N.7'."t' -. ' br, - It L. ' X 'f - ' fffifvf Az- '13 viz? eq: i phpi. ,K .X , ph .. . Qgfz yi fsz-1 - , fi, v -. fx , .L ' ef p . ' .t jx .. ' lil, ,, ' K ' V ii. -,if-1151. 5 -' - I . -. 3 6 -i Wg - f w gi th 1 V, ,W ' ogg 1. S W An official delegation inacle a visit to Texas ASLM to invite the Aggies to the Corps Trip dance. The group inclurlefl Sallie Puclrly, Susan Maxwell, Beverly Blount, Sandra Scifres, Aggie Sweetheart Milclrecl Rowland. Movie actress Sandra .Dee paid a visit to the campus in connection with her personal appearance at one of Denton's theatres. Here she converses with Mrs. Zenda Wimberly in Stoddard Hall. ' fini! it tiiix U Seniors took to their knitting to entertain their little sisters at the Women's Recreation Association's big-sister-little-sister party in Lowry Woods. Lee Christiancy, Rachel Sit and Dorcas Campbell sing away their blues at the '59 Old Folks Home. ibn gn' , 5 Q x 1 .Ik A picnic at the lake gave Aggie student judges an opportunity to become better acquainted with the twelve sweetheart finalists before making their selection. Congratulations rang out all around for the newly-chosen Aggie Sweetheart, Mildred Rowland. Here Jeri Kay Keith and Eunice Robinson join in the celebration. P' iw. in it W ajax '22 A record-smashing kiss is efficiently given to Miss Rowland by Cadet Colonel Cloud. E H-,, t Dancing in Stoddard's recreation room, the finalists and the l,Q,U N Judges seem to be concentrating more on the music rather than ,gr making decisions. 'QQ E V' l 3 , l 221 1 '1 A -vw e Q ii lcllc t At game half-time, Cadet Colonel Cloud and Aggie Mascot Reveille escorted Miss Rowland to the center of the field for the crowning activities. Friday night's pre-corps trip dance in the Union Building Ball- room started the week-end activity off right, Z.. if vf 1 1 3- 23 it 24.2 ef Y -It ,AQ if' ffm' ' f ' ' ','.-,fs Y ,, 31, Q 4 . sa 5 :Kyiv Vi, A g. :Ji ---' V' A, f, ,- ., an ff? if 5 ' Jr. KH 4 .iid it f X 2? Seven thousand Aggies, led by this four-man honor guard, marched A down Dallas' main street. Cadet Colonel Cloud and Sweetheart Row- A as . .ZQZTFT 'ir ,- Us .ir it ll, '.,l -r1rr land viewed the parade from a reviewing stand. At the afternoon game, SMU proved to lie too much on the football field for the fightin' Texas Aggies, but failed to dampen the 12th Man Spirit. Johanna Martzy, renowned woman violinist, presented the second Concert and Drama series concert, The Speech Department presented a tense performance of "Twelve Angry Women" in the Arena Theatre. Alma Williams, Hertha Baird, Darla Brooks, Hollace Cockburn, Barbara Brown, Ellen Jane Leister, Mary Hart and Sondra Williams serve as a jury. . ff! I Ae Rev. Denson conducted nightly round-table group sessions during REW. He also spoke at assembly twice and visited the Parkland Campus. JJ Campus religious life was highlighted by Religious Emphasis Week. Here SCRA president JoAnn Wooton, REW speaker Rev. Lane Denson and SCRA vice-president Kathryn Kane at- tend the opening banquet. Liz Hoppin, Mademoiselle Magazine's cam-pus reporter visited the campus to publicize the magazine'S writing and art contests. Here Miss Hoppin tells Sonia Black some of her experiences. A surprise visit from the United States' ambassador to Denmark, .Val Peterson, surprised students one November week-end, especially since lie arrived in a helicopter. 'L 0 A . 7 5 I Q --AQ.. """"'rxg r J Etta 1 .Tp an Dr. Elsie Jenison opened the Student Council's current affairs program with a talk about her summer trip to Russia. Witli Dr. jenison are Mary Ann Kruke and Glenna Quillan. Student Council's second current affairs speaker was Eugene Akin, assistant training officer of the Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, Mr. Akin presented a talk and showed slides con- cerning civil defense readiness. I -hu ,Ki Cf M..-w"' 1 .Q-,. ..,,,-.Mvf"r""""A ,,...f P i ,gr f . .1 'A 15.5. f l ,f", 1 fr""'1 ' a I I 7 fx , . Dx l I ,.ffif1,p-its H554 , I J Jkfggf s A 'i -, ' If .L -Z h ill? 4 f r Jumor entertamed Hfty Denton chlldren vuth .1 Chrlstmas party ln the Umon Bulldmg Even Santa Claus came early to help celebrate Chrlstmas m the recreatlon room BKCEIIIIJKI' WNMTBN w VN Xwu mm w by .2 A a .J X 2,1 K S- Alonzo Jamison, state representative from Denton, and his wife paid a visit to Student Council. Betsy LeBleu, CGA treasurer, greets the visitors. The Christmas spirit invaded the hearts and minds of the TWU students in December, and dormitories held Christmas vespers with candlelight singing processions through the halls. Nearly every dormitory door was decorated with Christmas A blanket of glistening white snow covered the campus the day before the Christmas Formal. designs for the door decoration contest, and some looked more like giant presents or paintings than doors, The seniors went carolling one night and sang at the homes of the administra- tion, as they have done traditionally for many years. The annual all-campus White Breakfast was held the morning after the Christmas formal for Tessies and their guests, and the traditional candlelight carol procession was held prior to the performances of the Christmas play. Dormitories climaxed the pre-holiday season with Christmas parties, and December ended with vacation, as students departed with visions of Santa Claus and strains of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" in their heads. Gold Rush proceeds for the TWU Foundation made everyone concerned happy. Mikell Murphy, CGA president and Betsy Le- Bleu, CGA treasurer, presented the check to Dr. John A. Guinn. More than six hundred high school journalists visited the campus for the annual Texas High School Press Association convention. Nights of feverish preparation were in order before the convention. all-' ,.n-.N S, hx. "A Christmas Carol" was presented by the Freshman Theatre under the direction of josh P. Roach. Sandra Scifres portrayed Scrooge. Desire Ligeti, assisted by Kathleen Harris, opened a series of faculty music concerts with a program of German lieder by Schumann and Brahms. Candle-bearing carolers performed at the White Breakfast in Hub- bard Hall as part of the yearly Christmas activities on campus. Players Inc. made a second appearance on the Concert and Drama series, with a rollicking performance of "Twelfth Night." Q 9' ' W R , ..., 1 Q 1 . . f 1 A - 5 r aww: Christmas parties wound up as caroling sessions as the Splflt of the season swept the campus. l Dormitory residents got out the hall's tree decorations'to give an air of Christmas at the annual open houses. Here Betty Claire Bowles and Jeanine Fitschen decorate Smith-Carroll's tree. ' Christmas door decorations were inspired by VVRA's annual decorating contest. Stoddard Hall's second Hoof residents collaborated with a serles of scenes depicting a, western Christmas and won the competition. The Lass-O Band performed under the direction of Lowell Little as the city of Denton celebrated Christmas. -1'.7Hs 'X AWX, I Wx -4.2--fx 'Inv 1 au, Q ...mufme i i 114 "Quia, Complete with costumes, Rosanna Casey and Martha Boucher rehearse their parts for the Senior-Faculty Frolic. ,4 The festive atmosphere disappeared in January when Tessies returned to the campus to settle down to much hard work and late hours to Hnish up the first semes- ter. But they still found time to observe Citizenship Week and honor the New Voters of 1959 on our campus. And the long-working seniors took time out from their books to clown it up, costumes, crazy games and all, with the faculty at the annual Senior-Faculty Frolic. The Student Finance Council didn't slow down in January either, and started the SFC Drive, while the Freshmen made their stage debut in their uni- versity careers with the presentation of the Freshman Talent Assembly. Then came Special Study Week with more burning of the midnight oil and even more concentration of effort toward good grades for the first semester. f ,,,, ,, if ,wi fwfr at W L fe SW? it -l f XX ff 'Q X 1 fc ,I .7-M, Creativity was the keynote in the brown paper costume con test, part of the Frolic's activities. Herbert Tryanauer, of ta Art Department faculty, won "hands down" with his mon costume. Behind him is Martha Marshall in her own creatlo Evelyn Schools donned spots and lines to attend the Frolic's masquerade party. juniors donned petticoats to serenade the seniors at one of the wilder nights of the Pub Breaks. Marilyn Goodwin, Mary Monroe, Lu Odam and Joy Morton join in a lusty version of "Blow the Man Down." SFC's Special Study Week Pub breaks brought out a number of thirsty students as witnessed by this crowd at the fountain one night. The Pub breaks turned out to be sort of a masquerade party as members of the Sopho more class dressed as Indians. One freshman got in the picture with her Confederate flag. The Serenaders, TWU's own dance band, presented a variety of dance music at the last assembly of the year. Lowell Little, the director, presented several trumpet selections. IIE , , ,,3.gy-Zyllf xg, an Mgwd ,,'j- wks' .L dt. i",.,, ,O , - "Wffaa'-f'9'.cA ' " -lirdm...-l""' 1 1 ,I I g ' .valid V 'T 5' .gp , I, A F f 4 T7-fef V. X ,A Jw... Tig, X , , , of. f,k,,,g1 ,K A. Q T .ff-'E'-get reed? L-ff-'T' to y -, for . - f rife y 4 I f' .W-in-f ,f X, snap- i, . . , , i J 1. tx, L 'wares' ,Axe fav- fy ,- . . 5 i 1 it .4 ., -talent 1' ffffr- ,-. 4, A r X q 1 -r r 'ft H 3. -'-H51-:'.,. ,,,,,.:'H"' . ww , , - - ,. 1. f f i- ,JW Linda Patella and Hertha Baird whoop it up in a scene from "Three Foolish Virgins," one of six one-act plays presented by Contemporary Theatre. The plays were student-directed and cast from speech majors and minors. "Fumed Oak" was the story of a man disgusted with his family. In this scene Sally Roden, as the father, merrily douses the mother-in-law, Sonjia Gipson, after a fainting spell. Evelyn McDonald, as the Wife, and Jeri Kay Keith, as the daughter, look on with amazement. w Q Rf- .Www ., T., Q . , . g . ' .,,,,.r.1g45g5f am ,,..-, V .- - m1 M1,- .. ,. ,. H ate.. . . , diana, W, Q3 V ,,. S 'f - 14,9 2,5235-4r 1fg. H K i ' 1' 1-if' :rjlrijfew fr -my T, , . ..,,. it .vt ,--is ,-f, :f ,- ,gg-ev, as , K, I ,.,.,,.r7QW,5.. l a 1' -L 7 v N4 4 in ,wr ir Y P ,WE JW pg at ,.. as 'l 39' -if Q Q q 1 P W ii, A X H all p , R Q as , . . t, ,A M N 5 fi .er X Sig: utr , ,I ., If F R ,,,, l W Citizenship Week welcomed students back from Christ- mas vacations and started the new year off right. Nancy Honig, Joyce Bodeker and Margaret Williarns admire the Pub display which highlighted the week's theme "The Role of One Citizen in a Democracy." Richard Ellsasseri brought the magic of his organ artistry to the Concert and Drama Series. Alvin A. Burger, executive director of the Texas Research League, was Citizenship VVeek assembly speaker. jimme Lightfoot, who served as chairman of the week's activities, and Mikell Murphy welcome him to the campus. Q rbi' 361, ,, , Aw-,ffvw 1 ggffwn s. .- f 'fr 1 s ff. , .ix-Hi' H, ,. M J as C i ' Hi, ,LV,x,LL ., . .,:.,, 7 I as x 5,- 'Qt-Kari' an .,,.,h..,,, 2 1 ww., ., H - M if r Q' i tin L, V, M, S X. A 5 -i 5 f-'E C VS be 1. , ali . Three delegates to the Student Conference on National Affairs, Gaye Hatinger, Mikell Murphy and Mikel Taylor, presented reports on the con- ference's highlights at the last Student Council meeting. 118 36 a-1 'N . N ,, X ,M Initiating a neyv program, that of sponsors for second-semester new students, the Sponsorship Committee was faced with making plans between study and exams. Aglaian Literary-Social Club members retained their championship in the WRA club party by winning seven out of eight games played. Barbara Brown, Aglaian president, accepted the trophy amid much jubilation from the members. a 'Q 9 K? 'Q ff , T' RX Y . f Y Q ' xg N XX X0 Y . 1 A xy ut 4 X: , 1? X Ts, X X, X 5 '53 X fl 3 . '55 7' x I 75 F 3: A ff, . ,QQ 1 V9 -f' X if X YA K g""x .hx Q Nh 4' 5 ., i r , Y . S- ,Z f , Q , vftiil H 1 55' A , , ,S , 1 at , V, a - H -, C 1. bvi- 'L ' pk' A I Z I Q 4 , 5 f .f X 'J ,Q 1 M Qi 21 -1, 12' xg f 4 A, my tg Q f my - F' 333. 1 fi J fb? 'W 1 .1 Zgfiykg " 'g - 'fain 1 ,fyfpf . -- ggi K, e' V f R .. A f 4 M A :pp QL kg, V f 1 .m. , Q . X wife f m 1 JRE, 5A4e.,f1B .xtgwii Q 2,Ep,E ivan? 01- ' if 'li -4 X: ga,.,,:? 513, 4? . 2 f..i,,g-ffisq' J-, i' iv aa 1, ka .f ,S , , - 9, V 'R Q 41wf.2w'2' . f ff A H c M v - - My ,. i 3,1 ,isa -s. -1 , ,QQ I Q 5 1-3 ww Y 'Nazis 1' XJ , V iw V 'bf 1 12+ 5' 1 , 2' M K K 'R f 'E 5 wang vw 'S '- ' 411,95 Jw , 2 ,J ' ff A gn 1' 4, 4' F A ,. 4 Q51 1.4, I ,vi '- ff 2 -N Y M. 9' ,f 4 fi' V. 'Mai My Kiki' ,fx 1? 'gh fn ' 4,abf5"L.f3"31- 2- . K f' VI. e' yb ' f'5"'fA-mfs wfabfiy fy ifQ5,Jm,fk L. K, Q " 'L - 1 '5,"f1jl K 7, '. if W 7, . -+A, x gwxf Q'-Ai is f, K Q' 1: Qwvrgt Wfz ' in xi 3 .' N. ,, ' ,W ff:-, ffl ' -Q ' ' 2 Q' n 59 4- " '45 "" W ' ,Lf 1, f Ti , W, ',,1y:!.lF2:uMwW1-, 4 in w fx ,,g.av: V' V ,.. ff' f 5. ff ,f f .f . V if 'ff 'B +ve-'g+,ff' If Q qzzrsg 4 Y X ,gg Q' 'R W ' ai. :ff fa y 'S I ' 49- N 4, H IUHI5 Rf Q 'X-. NVith their light board Haslnng the junior stock holders opened 1959 Stunts 60 style with their Commonly Preferred Market Lsing., an abstract set basically black and white the cast con sisted ot brokers customers and market employees , , M " fl - Think of What You re Losing sing the three stock brokers, Alberta Allen Sallie Puddy and Rene Killeen while Barbara Reese Kathy Yandell and Karol Kokernot watch the uncon- vinced trader Beverly Blount Commonl Preferre Invest today and get rich today-set the pace for the junior stunt, "Commonly Preferred," which centered on a stock market theme. Stylized movements, gay songs, abstract sets with flashing board created the atmosphere of a busy stock market. Disaster threatens with the rob- bery of Fort Knox, but the trader decides that the na- tional economy is based upon faith and wants to buy. The stocks are again commonly preferred and with the awarding of the stunt cup to the class of '60 the judges seemed to agreed that "it was commonly preferred." X-SYM ww in W W mn 'SSW ' br ' 3 , 1 are really in Clover' and Rene Killeen gif 1 8 Trader Blount remains unmoved despite the lyrical plead of broker Sallie Pulddy as she sin s about "Blue Chin securities We re Agreed on tlns,'l sing the specu- lators as they dance to the excitement of playing the market. Choreographer Mary Monroe sets the pace for Sallie Puddy The general feeling seems to be "Now We'rc All Broke," as the Juniors express their sorrow and problems after the Fort Knox robbery and the panic scene. "We've Gotta Sell" echoed across the Juniors' black and white setting as the full impact of the Fort Knox robbery hit the stock holders. Ellen Jane Leister, Barbara Brown and Carolyn Cox chant their problems as they dance. Stylized movement accompanied by a frenetic drum solo set the mood for the panic which resulted when Fort Knox was robbed. Here panic-stricken perform- ers Donna Jean Hobdy, Carri Jessup, Sharon Vernon, Mary Ann Levesque, Karol Kokernot and Judy Adkins yell, "Sell" while Vivian Dunn rescues faint- ing Barbara Reese. Believing that the national economy is based upon faith, trader Blount. convinces the whole group that they must buy in the face "Just Invest Today" is the hue and the cry in the "Commonly of panic to set up the market again. Out in front market em- Preferred" finale. Cast members Barbara Reese, Sally Roden ployees Kathy Yandell, Deanna Whiteside and Vivian Dunn ex- Elizabeth LeBleu and Rene Killeen celebrate their victory in press their convictions, Smith-Carroll's living room. Pk..'u ,X X 2 12 z Freshman cheerleader Enriquita Olivares, feathered and fringed for the occasion, seems satisfied with the freshman pro- duction of "Feather Drum Song," the class's first attempt at Stunt business. "The The brave Cumta CMarilyn Hensonj and the strong Wato try to battle it out for the princess's hand, but they are restrained by the appearance of the Chief Tekola. f Feather rum Song The legend of a young Indian maiden, "The Feather Drum Song" tells the story of how she loved the bravest warrior and how she suffered to be near him. The scene opens with the wedding feast for the fair maid. A battle for the maid's hand soon follows and then the great Indian chief inter- rupts the battle to announce his decision for Wo- kanda's future. The dramatic ending finds the young maiden leaping oFf a mountain and joining the brave of her choice in the happy hunting grounds. "We Are the Red Men," sing the feathered class of 62 with their arms folded as the wait for the curtain to go up on their first plunge into stunt activity Spirit dancers drive Wokanda CKathleen Har- risj in fright to the mountain's edge after her secret meeting with Cumta. She falls but is reunited with her Indian brave in their own happy hunting ground. Lumta CMar11yn Hensonj must be restrained from taking matters into his own hands when he hears the decision that Wokanda must marry Wato. we 'leaf fQafe4,f 'f 123 f' '. ' A 0 , ,, f f" . F ,ip 1 ,,:. "We sail on the Ship Lady B," sing the Petticoat Pirates as they explain their yen for adventure and the sealaring life. Captain Mary Glen Fleming Qcenterj entertains her crew with a tale about Pegleg Percy. Young salt Gail Gilbert displays a remembrance of her mother to old salt Gail Walden to prove that "A Sailor's not a Sailor Till a Sailor's Been Tattooed." "Petticoat Pirates" 'The dashing and exciting story of lady pirates who escaped the dull life of land people is portrayed in the senior stunt, "Petticoat Pirates." Giving up their powder and wigs to climb the rigs, the ladies hoped from men to be free, The gals dis- cover a shipwrecked sailor and at the wink of his eye and a heart-stirring song, decide to hoist the sail for the land of men. The story is set amidst bright colors on the Ship Lady B. Lady B shipmates Marlene Garcia, Joyce Lavsfson, Mikell Murphy and Estelle Moore scan the horizons for approaching ships and posslble booty as they dance a quick horn pipe. Deckhands Lucy Io Coco and Annette Person display their sealegs to entertain their shipmates. KP? ,Q Y . ,.......-num!! ,www ...,a,,,. N Honilesick pirate Charlotte Tomberlain sings about her Johnny waiting as the Petticoat Pirates decide to change their course and head for home port and land adventures, "lt's a Man," scream the lady buccaneers as they haul aboard a wretched shipwrecked sailor. "How's About Being My Crew?" sings the rescued sailor Cafter a few changesj Peggy Wilson to unconvinced pirate captain Mary Glen Fleming. i, if W234E'-51 ik Q .Eli 4- .11 14 ' ,f 5' ,mf "It's getting mighty dry around here," say the old settlers, Sally Donelson and Kay "VVe'll till the soil" sing the simple folk Caraway, as they survey their homestead. as they plant their crops and hope for rain. Dolores Chapa, Sandra Perkins and Linda Waddle apply shovel, pitchfork and rake to show their determination. "Land! ur Land!" A stirring story of simple folk, the musical production centered around faith portrayed by song that the Lord would bring rain for their dry crops. A bone dance brought the reality of the agony of the disaster the simple folk faced without rain, but still their faith and prayers held strong. Belief and hope brought the stunt to life for the audience and all tensely sat and wished for rain. The climax to the stunt was actual "rain" on stage and a rejoicing with song and dance by the simple folk. H . U I "Clementine," Ann White, searches anxiously for Cindy CNancy Hmtonl and her beau fArmida Barelaj dance to take their minds her fCCCUflY'3CClUi1'Cd husband Will, Sandra PCI'- oil' the drought. kins, while the simple folk sing to them. was - ruegafefqf, f "+fF5i2 :if x .-kr EQ? Nw il, EQ .QK E aww Q- s,ff:.'1:s,, M X , . X15 wR Q3?w ,QR afg,5q ggvf ' E3 fu 'ij K wswpfn ' ii- 6 mais 3 rw was X, .1 X Q . , 5ff'f'f?'Af'i f fm wmwm if Zjfkikzi fi? ,N..1.iJki5 A? Awww' ,f wwvsiffmw - W,,w Zig ,A,A ,A,: ,MW, .,M WWWWWWWWMWWMWM, wfvwaiiimmwmmmmmm gf Q NN . 2 uv L v '1,:f!' - 3 ., ' ,Q ..-ff" All eyes on Emerson, the man with the cup, he takes his time in announcing the winner and cracks a sly joke to ease the tension, Anxiously waiting sophomores stand by to hear the news. The press is on the scene to try to cap- ture the moment for posterity. "This cup goes .... to the junior Class," and the waiting crowd hears as Dean Emerson pronounces the seven most beautiful, or in three other cases, the most sorrowful, words in the TWU language around February. ' Two time winning stunt director Barbara Brown clings proudly to "The Cup" as she is congratulated by a class member and brother and sister from Fort Worth. ,vue A "We'll never let it go," seems to be the general feeling as freshman Helen Haley, '60 Stunt director Barbara Brown and cast member Alberta Allen hang on to the cup and each other for dear life. The Victory Part ..With mixed emotions, the classes and Stunt casts gathered at Smith-Carroll for the tradition- al victory party, where all four class Stunts were performed again-this time with a slightly differ- ent twist. No serious, artistic productions this timeg the sister classes gave their renditions of each others' performances. With laughter and celebration and congratulations the tired girls ended the Stunt season at TWU, and everywhere was heard the old Aggie cry: "Wait till next year!" "Here's how we did it," Senior Class cast member Mikell Murphy says as she demonstrates to her sister Sharon and other sophomores as they prepare to present their rendition of "Petticoat Pirates," at the victory party in Smith-Carroll Hall. Qi inf Singing visitors from Aggieland,A60-strong, opened Redbud Week- End with a flourish, as uniformed cadets captured the audience in a special assembly with such selections as the "Aggie War Hymn," "Seventy-Six Trombonesf' and "Nutumn Leaves." A silver crown dangled over the heads of dancing couples as the music of Fletcher Hereford's Orchestra set the scene for the big March was a busy time for all Tessies, and espe- cially for the candidates for all-campus offices. Signs sprang up in the Pub while voters were besieged with door-to-door campaigners and everyone became col- lectors of handbills. After the elections, Self-Develop- ment Week hit with emphasis on good posture and good grooming, as witnessed by an assembly present- ing the ten best-dressed girls at TWU and another assembly to select the campus Posture Queen. The annual Redbud Festival, one of the biggest weekends of the year, brought us anew Redbud Queen and court. Before students left for the last vacation of the year, Palm Sunday services were held, and before we knew it, Easter was here and another semester was already half-gone. spring formal, in honor of the Redbud Festival. A part of everyone's childhood was mo- mentarily brought back in the Children's Theatre production of "Heidi." The pro- duction, annually sponsored by Zeta Phi Eta, was presented this year man Theatre members. The cast includ- ed, left to right, Gay Compton, Sandra Scifres and Kay Nell Solinger. Nervous candidates read over their notes, told jokes or merely waited impatiently to present their platforms to the student body speeches officially opened the 1959-60 All-Campus Officer as . Elections. eff? 11 'Q .4 c Ni an-. by Fresh- W Yi? may ifffiw igeg A3 as , ii T31 F-' 2396 U LSQQSS5 'I i g 1 9.4.1. My D g gg? Q p 0 GQ 66333 ll ' ii :seg WV ga 66.6 2 E 333 WWA sg E 25951235 f""""'Q Xagmv A A fe' 5 ? ii xi ii 5 ? Q i3 s near Awww nf? H i, , , :x.2aewhmm.mammmmL1,,-u,,fAq . JM.. f , ,mv , wmv, . , ,M -- . .A m e my , f M- W- Q. J-Qwfwmmuwmmwmus Svzninr Bzautg virginia Q5nuld Hnminzw 'diihztis Zlnn liiing Mikal Tliiaglnr 2 ? wands Burg 3 5 E 2 3 ! 5 Q 'Wie aigf gif ww Qi 2 5: ,.l J , vi , Ss A Q. , f 11 fl, yu h .M ? K Q. ' - 'L ,f 'EQ ,Hg 'H junior Beautg Gharlut Pitts lqunnnzzs Marg glFagz Clark fllzn Sanz ilzistzr i5hannnn 1Bnszg xx Sf ii fr Suphmnrz Bzautg Russlgn 'iliulhrrt Rnminzzs Mildred 'Rowland Gathzrinz idihhztts Zum illllhitz E Ng, , v FT ,Mg glmshman Bzautg Elsa Plurgaard Huminzzs Zlnnz Bag P Safquzlinz fwaggunnzr Martha Su Rowland as H 5 TW 1 Smiling happily are Queen Mary Mikel Taylor and her four crown princesses, left to right, Thetis Ann King, Judith Babington, Sally Puddy and Velma Cale Baca. "The glorious moment-the crowning of the Queen," King King John presents the Reclbud Queen to her court and john places the Redhucl Crown on Mary Mikel of the House of to her audience in the midst of approving applause as Taylor. Laclies-in-Waitixig, left to right, Susan Maxwell, jo Ann Ladies-in-Waiting, left to right, jo Ann Wooton, Susan VVooton, Beverly Blount, ,loyee Lawson and Jimme Lightfoot Maxwell, Beveily Blount, Jimme Lightfoot and Mikell watch the proceedings. Murphy smile their approval. King John and Queen Mikel pause as they dance to give the photographer a winning smile. 'f' ?T"Yfw 4 ' A K, -xy, ki .Lr, . f.Jr65,Qg 1 S f L , X ,Ma ga ,' f 1 4 . 1 . , R an -if S A fn , .5 S ,V ,,L:.? ww: ffl- ,W -z. . ,K , lg we :: N. V- Ywwim Www- , A ., .A r wqwfi-1 ' hs 2 A S . , W f f ,F is . W g X ..g. ...,.,......!, kai -.- uv i T ,AL,LA f 4' l E i Fil ,nf W QQQ. 1,17 KVVLLV A IA' vhk X A it "L' -5 0 A e . I , LL I F , ., 4, Tse' , fi if 21 i " f A A VVZV i t it ' a -,1Q '-'. "'i' " iii'ii A Q s i iefw t .1 ti. tdhud Qinurt Visiting Royalty Eunice Robinson, Agricultural 81 Mechanical C Texas Jerry Fay Carter, Arlington State College Jane Neill, Baylor University Bette Brown, Denton High School Kathy Bailey, East Texas State College Audra McMahan, Gainesville Junior College Amyana Kaker, North Texas State College Annette Wicker, Rice Institute Johnnie Loraine Mills, Sam Houston State College Carrell Currie, Southern Methodist University Mildred Lawler, Southwestern University Peggy Martin, Stephen F. Austin College Delores Collins, Tarleton State College Jean Abernathy, Texas Wesleyan College Susan Shaw, University of Oklahoma Mistress of Ceremonies ollege of Mistress of Ceremonies ..... .... D arla Jean Brooks Ladies in Waiting to the Queen Mikell Murphy ........ Campus Government Association jimme Franc Lightfoot ............. The Round Table Josephine Ann Wooton ............. Student Council of Religious Activities Susan Maxwell ..... Student Council of Social Activities Beverly Ray Blount ........... Student Finance Council Joyce Marie Lawson. . .Women's Recreation Association 9 1 2 Z ., S.. H M Ax A if 2 Patricia Ann Agosta Nelta Rue Anderson Barbara Fay Awbrey Judith Elzie Babington Selma Yvonne Bartlett Mary Carolyn Beamer Susana Catharine Berry Beverly Blewster Martha 'Boucher Barbara Ruth Brown Betty Lou Campbell Dorcas Ann Campbell Sylvia Jean Cannon Ruth Jane Carron Saundra Pearl Carter Velma Sue C'de Baca Dolores Gomez Chapa Martha Frances Cherry Nelda Fay Chisam Rachel Ann Coe Myrtice Lee Conn Wanda Cowart Nancy Ann Dale Ethel Anne Day Mary Elizabeth Dill Emmie Lee Eickenroht Floy Marie Estes Margaret Jane Ferguson Rowena Fielder Edna Velma Figueroa Jeanine Carole Fitschen Anita Jean Franklin Sandra Lynn Godbold Josephine Gonzalez 0 C lil ith, Princesses Rita Ann Grimmett Helen Diane Guibault Kathleen Harris Gaye Lenore Hatinger Betsy Theo Heesch Margaret Hattie Helpert Marilyn Ruth Henson Catherine Marie Hibbetts Mary Katherine Highfill Carol Brandt Hinds Sarah Lee Hood Rachael Ann Hooker Bettye Lee Howle Martha Ann Jordan Jeri Kay Keith Thetis Ann King Carol Sue Knife Ruth Louise Kuehn Phyllis Oneida Lane Theresa Ann Lang Mary Elizabeth LeBleu Ellen Jane Leister Alyce Ann Liles Patricia Irene McCall Molly Elva McGufT Adriana Maldonado Sharon LaVorne Mann Cynthia Kay Matthys Ann Rosser Maxwell Mary Josephine Morua Carol Ann Mundell Petronella Anna Maria Nagy Agatha Lee Nance - in in fl4iif?'9 Elsa Norgaard Kay Marie Osborne Jane Ellen Patterson Emilie Sue Percifield Sandra Sue Perkins Judith Claire Pier Penelope Anna Pillow Shannon Lee Posey Sallie Lynn Puddy Glenna Mae Quillin Sylvia Alicia Ramirez Linda Celine Rice Sara Jane Richey Beverly Reve Roper Martha Jo Rowland Loyda Elizabeth Saenz Diana Theresa Salinas Sandra Floris Scifres Rachel Sit Beverly Hearn Smith Glenda Sue Smith Nancy Catherine Smith Elizabeth Ann Sonnen Katherine Vera Specht Martha Annette Stone Mary Mikel Taylor Heidi Thea Tregt Elizabeth Sylvia Valenzuela Jacqueline Nell Waggonner Sondra Sue Watts Martha Ann White Billie Jean Williams Evelina Martin Wilson rw- kff.-f I , ,,kk V,:Wynn::5mmWg,49,,,M-,,,aQ,:f,.VN:H L, k.,, i ,,,, ,, kk,, ,V I K, ,,A,k,, V ., ,,,,,,,k: ,,,k W, kk,,A. ,.,.f,A ugly,-v,ff,f,Ay1L.1.. ,,L,, A.., ,-kk W-M ,,,f f:-H., - ,J -- , .--rwfmwwg-:f,:, - . q,- 47' I N ww, 5 if ', "F 5 is-ga?" + A as ,fa ,,, any . .N W ...Shih-vf M 4 Apr, 11-r -N., vw. . , M M - Q , .av .A A , K ,Q . fum, ' V-4-?v'f A""',,,.. ,':3"f .. A W 51, 5 ,L M ' mu ' ' ' , 1 4-,v M59 Q' 1' 'k..,' -vm -.J :,,.-,,,aiul'- ,wh ya Nah:-v y , h,ig.f ,f e' 'ff-A fwizzrf- L ' mt vfmhunr R- ,. ,, ,P ,WW A ' ' K' ' W , 1H"Qy1-awfg-A-f--Pl -, A . :V .,. f A W A - i 51, Q-"."', Y , f At 'W ' , Ll..-:J P .17 'M' . ., ffm- - M-c 53ef1fff2 4.5m-WEN-+-'1w f' 1'-f E 'A A 'W""1 yn- LQVTQQAK .ff -1111--' .V .5 M, A+ -Nw-?"'fL1ggwf if 'Q A V50 r,r.,q- Ww,,.-s.pfMA : A-fv wp vt. fu V, 5,11 91.5.7 Ing: ,K 4, If-gk--V ., ,ivy A1 -A 53,152 .,ikw:,,,,3f:1fgN:gAm.w'f Q. , X 1. fr.-.,.. xt 31,22 R , .,,y'W M, .V --+, f-. , mf, Y. f.-vw, 5 .ss Ji. dana k:,L,,fg, - :V MY, 1 A is . 'L 1 V ,W .5 igtfz h yt 'fy Y Qty, lib E x i.. Q. .sk ff' M31-H-"r-ffs , V653 W , ' 'f r -'-ffm" A , " ' ffj' Q . rg,fQ"mA1 I '-Q f " 1- - .7 ,, 1g.43'f-32Si1jisf' 'b5Jf.'fr:g"' 5' R ' W 5 111 P , 1., 7 f s1, .f-,wgif X - M, .h , - if A 3: ., K. X . 1,5 :lg 549 ,Qij,- 4 sf. , ,5 -A u: A , -if,,,1g A , , , A A, Lf- :h, ' . N Y: ,-inf b ' www a .g,,f:. 1' , 1 'xa?fA'f,,,n. M i 'M A 1514: Q W ' f' ' . ' ' + vsp, M 2 . Aw ,.. 1f:':, 411 Nh Nw A f.-'J..,f' :'7.,'Q .fn M ,n?53wr.. 2-s-f'.J . - V -. 1 2 w.lU'J. A . Mx- a . 2 - . M- - f""'sr, . -, ,4 jf, ...,h,'w,, .5 W fm, an . Y' ,N--ff, + K X by ,. X, my if ybk . d ,lm if aw . - ww. f . A g- 1 " A A, ,w'-, - i fy ,, inf- f . ...- ,, , W ,X ,,, , ,4 ,, ,, Sg"'Wv'f" Via fthe' 5114-"1 a. M' V,T+g?' M zY.y-ho?-:gk my Y , , -VW ' -'ff' ' 'Haw , ' ww 4'A'f,-1 - 'xx "vu: f I 'n.. x 'W " . 'fu' V' xi, VW, , 'Nz ' . , r 'A K 1 4gnam'n5fQ'i'ik""Tuc'fe3"51. 5 ,,.' P ,-'F'fmf?"'n 5 V5 4 W ff7,22iff'TFfK'ze+'2f' f f A - M f Rf., f 3.,3,..,.. ' fi iI'3T,5f7ff N. 'iffy' ' N, 4. f r -4 W., - Jn. 'Q' I4 , Nw VL L m -. ff wg V .R M 31911 A JV hi. QQ Qi , , 'fi' A G9 -M f Agar r Fi ff K . 4.-M .vs E Q 1 I si. ,, ,fl 2 is g eeggh , , Judith Babington Sonja Black Velma C'de Baca Lee Conn 735 '., J 5 3 is S ,-, ' di Ten Be A part of the observance of t Self-Development Week is he choosing of the ten best dressed girls on campus. These girls are chosen for their abili- ty to look neat and we groomed at all times, wheth Sandra Godbold fx J35' 11- er ressed they be wearing campus, street or date clothes. 'The girls were voted on in the various dormi- tories and were then presented in an all-campus assembly for the iinal selection of the top ten, Wanda Perry L E?-W' L. 1 t l -1 W- A J, V I ,iii -,Lrk, W, , .5 n,,M , 1 'Hg fi 'mi fm r QQ 3 '-Wi iff ' 453: 33542 Qi 7' Q , .ii 1 f aj V . gg 33: ,.,- J ' , A96 nf.. I frm' i 1 t,i' 7 .sm i I J:-:L 'Y 'V I .. Q V ,ak A , QE. 'Q' f -42? 1 1 W ask? A f ' K "x is I ,UP sf' A l 3 2- ,V,: hiv Virginia Gould Martha jordan Mildred Rowland Rosslyn Tolbert xg-:il VS. Him is fig? .. J f --kf:.: .li f g,,, :I g rw Q 932 :Th 1 , ,, -V mm-wuw re,, 'Q 7 -flii -QW . K X vs S 3 .rw 1 N Q ? 9, , if? 'Rzgiunal Y Spatial Zntzrnst 'llitzrargfburial Rzliginus ZQUUIIB Z' Discussing a film on chilclhootl development in lnclia are, left to right, Margaret Helpert, program vice-president, Sharon Vernon, president, Romanita Barera, secretary-treasurerg Pat Estrellas, social secretary. Biology Club To provide a means of contact between the members of the De- partment of Biology, the Biology Club sponsored a weiner roast to welcome and initiate new mem- bers. Christmas and spring parties were other activities. The club gave a large grocery basket to a needy family and sponsored a sandwich sale. The business meet- ings were highlighted by guest lecturers. 150 tpartmtntal iation for dhood Education The International Association for Childhood Education was begun on this campus in 1950 as the "Kindergarten Club." It now consists of forty-five mem- bers and is affiliated with the state na- tional and international organizations. Programs throughout the year feature lecturers, films, and panel discussions. This Christmas, club members sponsored a needy family in Denton. They also have contributed to the building of the I.A.C.E. national headquarters in Washington, D. C. Showing off the aquarium are officers of Biology Club, left to right, Mary Kathryn Richmond, president, Sylvia Cannon, secretary-treasurer, jane lnmon, vice-president. :fbi fffi 'WT' a Q X Dietetics Club Dietetics club members make and sell christmas plum pudding every year on the campus. The profits from this venture finance the club's trip to the Neiman-Marcus Kitchen. Other listed activities for the year were a slumber party at the W.R.A. Cabin and the donation of food to the orphans' home. Assessing a list of probable phonograph albums which the club purchases for the use of the English Department are officers, left to right, Betty Sinclair, presidentg Joy Morton, vice-president, Gail King, secretary. NL Reviewing clietetic statistics are, left to right, Portia Dillard, vice-presidentg Marni Miller, president, Martha Kate hlorclan, secretary-treasurer. English Club The chartering of buses to see T. S. Eliot, who was on the Southern Methodist University campus, was one of the major accomplishments of the English Club this year. This departmental club also chartered buses for the play, "Hamlet," performed in Dallas by the Old Vic Players. Open to all English majors or minors, the club also purchased a number of records for its depart- ment this year. 151 'Ik Fine Arts Club The sponsorship of the fall art exhibit and a Doughboy Breakfast highlighted this year's activities of the Art Club. Art majors and members of Delta Phi Delta, national art hon- orary fraternity, participated in a Christmas open house party with sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Loomis. Caught in the process of unpacking an exhibit are, left to right, Lucille Odam presidentg Margaret Gehring, secretaryg Beverly Capps, treasurer. Health, hysical Education and Recreation Professional Club The purpose of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Profes- sional Club is to bring about a cooperative feeling of unity among the present students and graduates of the University With a major in HPE8cR. In addition to its regular meetings in which planned lectures and dis- cussions Were given, club members attended the state convention in Houston. Reading the latest sports reviews are officers of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club, on floor, left to right, Sandra Minger, corresponding secretaryg Betty Lewis, vice-presidentg on sofa, left to right, Hazel Sharp, recording secretaryg Ann Fortner, presi- dentg Barbara Putzka, treasurer. sp L f"" f 'QP wwgfk aux History Club Departmental meeting programs for the History Club this year programmed Dr. Eliz- abeth Tay1or's slides taken on her around the world trip this summer. Dr. Taylor is asso- ciate professor of the History Department. 'jg my l Club members took a trip to Dallas early in March, dining together at a foreign foods l T restaurant, Little Bit of Sweden. Their first ' meeting for the year was a get acquainted C picnic at the WRA cabin at Lake Dallas, 7 . ' 2,15 Noting a chronicle of toclay's events as interpreted by History Club's officers, left to right, are Barbara Hoeft, secretary, Shirlee Lewis, presi- dent, Melinda Chaclrlock, reporter-historian, Carolyn Essary, vice- president. Qfficers for the Home Economics Club are, left to right, Phyllis Gentle, presidentg Bar- bara Dunn, treasurer, Ann Revel, second vice-president, Gwendolyn Ward, secretaryg Pat Rice, reporter. Not pictured is Dorothy Cox, vice-president. Home Economics Club Acting as coordinator for five divisional clubs-Child Development, Clothing and Textiles, Dietetics, Home Economics Education, and the 4H Home Demonstration Club-the Home Economics Club sponsored an early fall get acquainted party this year at the Golf Club House. Each divisional club participates in programs respective to their interest. Field trips, discussions, picnics and parties are some of the more favored programs. The Home Economics Club held installation for new officers at their annual Spring Dessert in May. Discussing the art of writing a good story or book are officers of the Journalism Club, left to right, Barbara Overton, vice-president, Janice Behrns, secretary, Phyllis Lane, treasurer, Donna Jean Hobdy, president. unior Professional Business Women's Club ournalism Club Starting with the department, the journalism Club has tried to promote a spirit of fellowship among faculty and students. Annually the club wel- comes freshmen and new students with a party in the "JB," Other traditional activities were a party before Christ- mas, a spring party and an end-of-the- year party. This year the club recog- nized the most outstanding student in the journalism Department. Officers of the Junior Professional Business Women's Club enjoy talking about shorthand, left to right, Enriquita Olivares, secretaryg Johnnye Sears, treasurerg Barbara Crayton, president and standing, Anita Crowell, vice-president. Highlighting the year for the eleven members of the "jPBW" was a party celebrat- ing the birthday of Christopher Shaw, inventor of the type- writer. The club also had a doughnut sale and sent out membership invitations to in- coming freshmen. 154 Kappa Epsilon Participation by club members in the annual TWU Science Day in March and a club picnic at Lake Dallas highlighted the KEM activities this year. The earliest record available on the club's establish- ment is 1937. Today it acts as the organ of "good will between upper and lower class chemistry majors and minors." Officers of La Junta are, left to right, Cristina Vega, presidentg Louisa Olivarez, vice-presi- deritg Hortensia Flores, secretaryg Francisca Martinez, treasurer. f. ,fs "We are only going to use two chemicals," say officers of Kappa Epsilon Mu, left to right, front row, Lynne Hardin, president, Annette Taylor, liistoriang second row, Kay a junta Organized for majors and min- ors in Spanish, La junta has twenty-three members. 'The club visited high schools this year and worked on joint projects with students of Spanish. The club also had parties and conducted discussions of Spanish novels. A traditional highlight of the year was an "open market" booth in the Festival of Nations. Les mademoiselles of Le Cercle Francais arc, seated, left to right, Madelyn Weinel, presidentg Marilyn Weiiiel, vice-presidentg standing, Tommye Pitts, publicityg Martha Boucher, secretary-treasurer. Several trips to Dallas and a field trip in the spring kept Mer- chandising club members busy reviewing display techniques and consumer products. Sanger's per- sonnel manager addressed the group during the year. A Christ- mas party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. john Murray Kendrick, club sponsors, 156 Le Cercle Francais Anyone who is studying or has studied French may belong to Le Cercle Francais, an organization to stimulate interest in France and the French language. During the year the Club had a French pastry booth at the Festival of Nations. Rewrit- ing their constitution was another club project. A high school student from France visited the Club to tell them about French customs and life, Mechandising Club Discussing a costuming technique are, left to right, Ann Cragin, presidentg Sue Percifield, secretary-treasurerg Roberta Griswell, vice-president. Q? if gi as ri Q Q Music Club The local Music Club is a member of the State Federation of Music Clubs. In the first meeting the club welcomed new music majors and saw color slides of places of musical interest in Europe. Later in the year tape recordings by a former member, who is now a concert pianist, were played to the club. Officers of Music Club are, left to right, Charlene Polivka, secretary-treasurerg Yvonne liasterling, presiclentg and Shirley Vickers, vice-presiclent, ll5lE9l Taking orders for the new occupational therapy pins are, left to right, Connie Cotter, secretaryg Irmgard Groth, vice-presiclentg Glenna Quillin, presiclentg Glenda Sue Smith, treasurer. ,px Occupational Therap Club The Occupational Therapy Club initi- ated this year a new project in which two brothers were "adopted" from the Parker Hall School for exceptional children. They were given new clothes and toys at the OT Club's Christmas Party. Their family also attended. This adoption pro- ject has been established as an annual program. Senior and junior OT students attending medical lectures during the year were given a party at the South- western Medical School. 157 Professional Business Women's Club V At the beginning of the fall semester a get-acquainted depart- mental picnic was held in Lowry Woods. The rest of the year's agenda included a book review by Dr. Gladys Maddocks of the English Department at the annual Christmas party, an April Career Day in conjunction with the Business Departrnentg and a distinguished speaker, judge Sarah T. Hughes, at a banquet in May. Nlartha Marshall, at piano, vice-president for the Sociological Society, entertains officers and sponsors, who are, left to right, Elva Templeton, president, Martha Boucher, -sec- retary, Miss Reba Bucklew and Miss Dorothy Porter, sponsorsg Barbara Goodnight, treasurer. Big plans for Career Day are being discussed by officers, left to right, seated, Elizabeth Farley, president, back row, lrma Sierra, treasurer, Mary jane Mayes, vice-president, Patsy Wilson, secre- "This definitely will be useful to our study," states, left to right, Kay Caraway, treasurer and reporterg Helen Meyers, vice-presidentg on sofa, Nancy Cobb, historiang Ioan Webster, presidentg Sallie Puddy, secretary. .if Speech and f The greatest distinction con- cerning the Speech and Hear- ing Club was their recent in- stallation as the Beta 'Iota Chapter of Sigma Alpha Eta, national speech and hearing fraternity. The Beta Iota chap ter is the 48th SAE in the na- tion and the fourth in Texas. Speakers from the field 0 speech and hearing who at tended the annual speech an Sociological Socie' Each meeting of the Sociological So- ciety features a guest speaker from one of the various areas within social work and sociology. 'Their annual field trip this year was taken to Fort Worth to various agencies there. Acting as cooperative con- tributing units, each member brings a single decoration for the club's Christmas tree, and a toy to be given to the Chil- dren's Home. A welcome back picnic and the attendance of the TWU Howdy Din- ner commence the society's fall activities. Outlining social activities for the semester are , left to right, first row, Donna Burghner, secretary Jane C. Fennig, first vice-presidentg Ioan Thiele presidentg Louise Kuehn, treasurerg second row, Sue Gregg, VVillene Marren, Ann Dickey, Bonnie Dial, all SNA board members. l aring Society hearing clinic this February were brought to the campus through the efforts of the club. Such distinguished professional personages as the director of the Dallas C. P. Center and the director of the Pennsylvania State University Speech and Hearing Center were among the list of some twenty-three key speakers attending the clinic. Speech Club One of the oldest clubs on campus, the Speech Club is one of the few de- partmental clubs that meets in a formal atmosphere. Highlighting the meetings were programs presented by junior high school students under the direction of student speech teachers. Speech therapy majors also presented a program for the Speech Club. -er 177' as 'E Q l ll A Student urses' Association The Student Nurses' Association began the year with a get- -acquainted party for freshman nursing majors, nursing upper- classmen and faculty. Another highlight of the year was a Christmas Party, complete with gifts, for a needy family. A skating party was also on the list of social functions. Field trips to Parkland and the meeting of nursing sponsors were other activities which coordinated ideas and interests of nursing students. Hertha Baird, second vice-president, Evelyn McDonald, third vice-presidentg Eva Cole Margaret Williams, president, reads to other officers of the Speech Club, left to right, -' - sf, .LLC-W: . V. White Mathematics Club The E. V. White Mathematics Club holds monthly meetings and programs concerning the professional mathe- matician's job in the realm of toda.y's scientific age. The club generally pro- motes the interest and relationship among mathematics majors and faculty members of the department. Expert problem solvers are the officers of E. V. White Mathematics Club..Left to right seated are Kay Haclnnuth, vice-presiclentg Marilyn Chelius, president, standing are Elena jimemez, secretary, Ann Wilson, treasurer. nnurarg Noting some of the aspects of their future careers, Alpha Beta Alpha officers are, left to right, Diane Davies, treasurerg Reese Ann Evans, historian, Carolyn Jackson, reporter, Alrene Hall, secretary, Vanita Lee, president, Mona Munson, vice-president. Q gi 1. ..amiwmMm,su.41i isam..Mm . ..-, ., .-,m Alpha Beta Alpha Alpha Beta Alpha, national honorary undergraduate library science frater- nity, was established on campus in 1953. Eta chapter's eighty-five mem- bers raise funds for the Festival of Nations activities and award a scholar- ship to a library science major. The honorary's function is the encourage- ment of young men and women to be- come librarians, to promote fellowship, and to further the professional know- ledge of its members. Alpha Chi olticers are, left to right, first row, Amber DeForest. corresponding secretaryg Ellen Boyd, president, Mary Glen Fleming, treasurerg second row, Caryl Ann White, vice-presidentg Natalena Shelton, recording secretary. Alpha Kappa Delta Alpha Kappa Delta, honorary socio- logy society, was organized in 1936. It now has twenty-two members. High- lighting the year was a meeting with the Southern Methodist University chapter. Social activities included a Mexican supper, a doughnut sale, and a spring picnic. Alpha chi Alpha Chi, national honorary, was established to stimulate, develop and recognize scholarship among all upper- classmen. Faculty members sponsor- ing Alpha Chi are Dr. Autrey Nell Wiley, Dr. Elsie Jenison and Dr. Spencer Stoker. To qualify for mem- bership, students must possess those elements of character which make scholarship effective. Discussing another research project are officers of Alpha Kappa Delta, left to right Martha Marshall, vice-presidentg Janice Hill, president, Nancy Kost, secretary. pu- A 5 ikt r , Q r The officers of Alpha Lambda Delta are, left to right, Lucy Rowley, presidentg Annette Taylor, vice-presiclentg Vee Parker, historiang Conccpcion Marquez, treasurerg Jane Patterson, secretary. Beta Beta Beta Drawn together by their mutual in- terest in the biological sciences and their scholarship, Beta Beta Beta club members discuss topics of the biolog- ical sciences and disseminate the scien- tific truth. 162 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta welcomed freshmen and new students to the cam- pus with an open house. Later in the year they heard talks on Germany and Europe. Alpha Lambda Delta was or- ganized especially for freshmen with 2.5 or above averages. Schultz historian Marilyn Vlfeathers president seated 'Vlary Ann Levesque treasurer Amber Delr orest, secretary Officers of Beta Beta Beta are, stancling, left to right, Sara Lester, vice-presiclenfg Gloria ' ' 1 Lv"'w if -'44 4 kaarflv-Alek-'11:2:ml ef ' G ,ri vi Delta Phi Delta Delta Phi Delta, national honorary art fraternity, holds a weekly "coffee and goodie sale" among its members in order to finance a delegate to the 1960 DPD Convention. Members ex- hibit their works in the east gallery of the art building every year. Pledgeship this year saw the wearing of French berets by the prospective members. "This is how much money we have toward the convention," says the president of Delta Phi Delta as she points out the account book's debits and credits. Officers are, left to right, seated, Virginia Steiner, corresponding secretary, Lucy ,Io Coco, president, Natalena Shelton, vice-presidentg standing, Joyce Guthrie, recording secretary, Miss Coreen M, Spellman, sponsor, Caryl White, historian, Myrna Johnson, treasurer, Iota Sigma Pi Guided by sponsor, Dr. Helen A. Ludeman, officers of Iota Sigma Pi review scientific research material in the chemistry library. Seated, left to right, are Judith Minkin, historian, Sarah Lester, president, Rose Dean Rogers, correspondence secretaryg stand- ing, Marilyn Weathers, vice-president, Dr. Ludeman, Kathryn Kane, secretary-treasurer. Iota Sigma Pi, national honorary chemistry fraternity, in accordance with the TWU Uranium chapter's goal of promoting interest in chemistry among students, held an open house honoring freshman chemistry and pre- med majors. The honorary also spon- sored a lecture by Dr. T. C. Hsu, of M. D. Anderson Research and Tumor Institute in Houston. The chapter sends out a newsletter, consisting of j news from the Chemistry Department and its previous students, to all women chemistry graduates. -141 163 Kappa Alpha Mu Members of Kappa Alpha Mu, na- tional photojournalism honorary, pho- tograph the various campus activities throughout the year and, with the pic- tures sales' profit, send delegates to the National KAM Convention in Missouri. The Zeta chapter of TWU is the only all-girl chapter in the na- tion. A good shot is examined by Kappa Alpha Mu officers, left to right, Nell Brown, secre- taryg Donna Hobdy, vice-president and treasurerg Alberta Allen, president. "Who said. mathematics isn't fun?" ask Kappa Mu Epsilon officers, left to right, Elena Jimenez, vice-presldentg Kay Kane, secretary-treasurerg Diane Davies, president. Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon was organized in 1947 to help undergraduates realize the importance of mathematics in the development of western civilization. KME often meets with E. V. White Math Club. A Listening to a discussion on Europe are officers of Omega Rho Alpha, seated, left to right, Sue Titus, vice-president, Miss Agnes Trarnel, sponsorg Penelope Pillow, presxdentg standing, left to right, Patricia Pondant, secretary, Elizabeth Dimcan, treasurer. 11141 ,riiafo gk, f H Phi Sigma Iota For students with high scholastic standing in romance languages Phi Sigma Iota offers excellent opportun- ity for advancing interest and de- veloping appreciation in the romance languages. At each meeting talks about authors, poets, or other outstanding persons in this field are given. K Omega Rho Alpha Membership in Omega Rho Alpha is of two kinds, departmental and hon- orary. Freshmen and sophomore ma- jors have departmental membership. Freshman writers who have had works published in the Daedalian Quarterly or who have been honored on the Writer's Day program or those fresh- men who have made "A" in first year English have honorary membership. This year the club heard various talks and panel discussions on Europe. The officers of Phi Sigma Iota are, left to right, Dr. A. W. Woolsey, correspondence secretary, Walla Blanche, vice-president, Lois Boyd, secretary-treasurer, Elena Jimenez, president. "Good Housekeeping" is the topic here discussed by Phi Upsilon Omicron officers, left to right, seated, Lynnell Townsend, corresponding secretary, Alice Winkle, presidentg Patricia Rice, recording secretary, Marlene Rake, Candle Editor, standing, Mary Ann Hubenak, historian, Shirley Williams, librariang Billie Jean Locke, chaplain. Pi Lambda Theta The highest scholarship standards, professional spirit and co-operation are standards followed by members of Pi Lambda Theta. Members are 'those university women who are planning a career of teaching. The club was orga- nized in 1950. 66 Phi Upsilon Omicron The national honorary home eco- nomics fraternity, Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, annually sponsors a cookbook award for the freshman home econom- ics major with the highest gradepoint average. Other activities include the traditional Foreign Dinner and the general promotion of home economics. Assembled after a morning of student teaching are Pi Lambda Theta officers, standing, left to right, Diane Davies, treasurer, Thetis Ann King, president, sitting, left to right, Amber DeForest, vice-president, Rachel Sit, secretary. Sigma Alpha Iota Highlighting Sigma Alpha Iota ' activities was the entertainment of band women from all parts of Texas at the annual State Band Day in De- cember. Later an officer's workshop was held. SAI will send delegates to the national convention in San Fran- cisco this summer. Posting senior business and economic majors are Sigma Pi.Beta officers, left to right, jackie jones, secretary-treasurer, Mary Jane Mayes, presidentg Patsy Wilson, vice- president. Jesu Und luL.t.N..il J its 51 , MMI Discussing their favorite subject, the band, are officers of Sigma Alpha Iota, left to right, seated, Marilyn Cavencler, secretaryg Ellen Boyd, vice-presidentg Shelba Taylor, president, Shirley Jean Vickers, treasurer, standing, Yvonne Easterling, chaplain, Sara Watkins, historian, janet Ranicr Parter, sergeant-at-arms, Charlotte Tomberlain, editor. Cynthia Cohen, projects chairman, not pictured. Sigma Pi Beta Highlighting the activities of Sigma Pi Beta, national honorary fracternity for women in business and economics, was a visit by honorary members to the federal reserve bank of Dallas. The honorary recognized those students in the department of business and eco- nomics who have a high scholastic average at a club dinner this year. 167 Sigma Tau Delta Twenty-one new majors and minors in English were added to Sigma Tau Delta this year. Monthly meetings were held during which entertainment centering around literature and cul- ture was provided for the members. i 3 Whether to use sit or set is the topic of conversation between several Sigma Tau Delta members, sitting, left to right, Betty to right, Pat Smith and Rachael Hooker. Tau Beta Sigma. officers preparing for a concert are, left to right, Carolyn Essary, president, Cynthia Cohen, vice-president, Sue Percifield, treasurer. Not pictured is Jacqueline Carroll, secretary. Sinclair, Shirley Green, presidentg standing, left Tau Beta Sigma Listing the largest chapter member- ship of any Tau Beta Sigma club in the nation, TWU's Beta Rho chapter was formed in 1958. This year's prin- ciple activity was the participation of members in the Band Festival. The honorary, which is affiliated with Kappa Kappa Psi, the fraternity for band men, has as its purpose: working for the best interests of TWU's band and their members in the present and the future. Scanning through a book on women in journalism are officers of Theta Sigma Phi, left to right, Ruth Ann Abat, treasurerg Nell Brown, president, Marsha Pyle, keeper of the archivesg Bobbie Conner, vice-president. Zeta Phi Eta Nine new members were added to Zeta Phi Eta at initiation this year. By joining Zetas, members pledge to maintain high standards in the field of drama and speech excellence. One highlight of the year was a Speech Awards Banquet in the spring at which outstanding members received recog- nition. Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi is the national hon- orary fraternity for women in journal- ism. Outstanding speakers in the fields of radio, television, newspapers and magazines spoke to Theta Sigs throughout the year. Other projects included sponsoring a Christmas card sale. "We always know our lines," say officers of Zeta Phi Eta, sitting, left to right, Evelyn McDonald, historiang Wynna Lou Olmon, treasurer, Darla Jean Brooks, presidentg Susan Nolan, vice-president, Hollace Cockburn, reporter, standing, Phillis Donaldson, Adelphian Club members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Margot Salinaz, SECOND ROW: Martha Reyes, Lorine Drozd THIRD ROW: Rae Morin, Lucy Casas, Delores Byington, Carmela Cabra, Irma Sierra, Evelyn Richardson, Carolyn Lewis Nancy Jenkins and Elizabeth Farley, FOURTH ROW: Dixie Joe Miller, Mary Beard, Elaine Sell, Juanita Dominquez, Guillerl mina Longoria, jackie jones, Sara Richey, Ann Gooch, Sonjia Gipson and Tommye Lou Pitts, FIFTH ROW: Mary Aml Hubenak, Peggy Collins, Diane Ruff, Mary Katherine Ozan, Frazee Capps, Ellen Boyd, Gay Cvilbertson, Carole Linville anc Nancy Cobb. itzrarg f Sofia! gl-Q. - W., ,g E -W if elii 'in'i d 1 h A C P lan Q Q For the second year Adelphians gave a one- , fyk g af, -3 Z Y? J, v . hundred dollar scholarship to a girl interested , ' fr ' gm , 'ti' in studying modern languages. Other activ- - gh get if 65.4-:Q ij, 5 ities on the club's social calendar were a "wel- ff- ' V I th 3 come back" party for members, a steak din- V L, ' L . ner, and an outing at Lake Dallas. Adelphians .,,ee We ,g i 1 ,,,,, il ge 1 ,I n i g also saw films on Russia and heard book rie- aiirlffiker 1 f 1 I fig ,:-' 'tta views given by members of the English De- 1- A. ' 1 I a vr k , 5' . . at ,X ' i Va , I I l partment. Another activity was a booth at the A, g 1 A fr-.. t Festival of Nations, an annual event at TWU. ' if is' V, we I ,Q 5 A , P , 5 3 , ,'.,, I Adelphian officers are, left to right, Lorine Drodz, best I ' pledge, Martha Reyes, resporter-historian, Jackie Jones, presi- dent, on sofa, left to right, Juanita Dominquez, recording sec- , retary, Elizabeth Farley, vice-president, and Carolyn Lewis, ggij-7. corresponding secretary. Standing, left to right, are Lucy Casas, pledge captain, Sonjia Gipson, treasurer, Mary Kathe- j gu rine Ozan, pledge captain, and Carmela Cabra, social repre- l ag, ug. Tlgrii sentative. . fx !70 ,,, , s uf, ,Q r if .K - .. 1:5-fxfww 2 " ..yxg.f9gm,, Q ' '4?':"','7??i3'E.il' 4 5? - , ,Lf . W., ,,,, A., , 5 ,,L,, ,, . -2,.f2fT1'lf1' Aglaian Presenting a western theme at their annual rush party, members of the Aglaian club don- ned western hats and star badges. Guests were presented with caricatures. The club holds as its purpose the enrichment of the lives and broadening the outlook of its mem- bers. Directing the activities of the Aglaians are, left to right, Elaine Terry, treasurer, Lucille Odam, secretary, Martha Boucher, pledge captain, Barbara Brown, president, Martha Lou Brown, vice-president, Mary Ann Odom, historian, not pictured is Joan Nattress, pledge captain. Sglaian members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Bettie Pang, Lee Foote, Rachel Sit, Donna Trott, Beverly Blount, Vivian Dunn, Patti Pondant, Barbara Brown, Mary Hart, junior advisor, Betsy LeBleu, Kay Carraway, Sarah Hood, SECOND ROW: Betty ' ' A tt W'1li ms Vane Blazier, sponsor, Ann Spenser, Lissy Littrell, Ann Maxwell, Ann McClure, Elaine Terry, Wanda Koonce, nne e 1 a , Billie Jean Williams, Betty Clare Bowles, Renee Killeen, THIRD ROW: Judy Adkins, Marilyn Lewis, Susan Maxwell, Betty Lewis, Sally Bixby, Babe Reich, Jane Barrett, Hazel Sharp, Darla Brooks, Portia Dillard, Sandra Perkins, Evelyn Gutierrez, Judy Boaz, Mary Ann Odom, Betty Chadwick, Martha Boucher, Martha Lou Brown, Beverly Blewster, Kathy Yandell, Virginia Steinert, Greta Dicas, Nancy Hewitt, Judy Pier, Jody Linn, Lucille Odam, Mary Weatherly. Not pictured is Joan Nattress. Athenaeum Athenaeum used the Greek culture as its theme, and entertained rushees this year with a -party atmosphere depicting the scenes of the 'Grecian Urn'. Their initiation banquet- dinner was held at the authentic Greek restau- rant, the 'Torch', in Dallas. The purpose of Athenaeum, which is the third oldest literary- social club on campus, is to stimulate an inter- est in literature and provide social activities for its members. Officiating over the Athenaeum club members are officers, left to right, Kathyleen Stringer, secretary-treasurer, Mary Louise Graham, historian, La Rhue Eichman, president, Dorcas Campbell, social representative. At the piano is Winifred Schulz, pledge captain. Not pictured is Jacqui Carroll, vice- president. Members of the Athenaeum club are, left to right, SEATED. Charlotte Burnett, Jacque Hewitt, FIRST ROW: Claudia Kolar, Mary Ann Levesque, Betty Dobbs, Patsy Doucet, Maryleen Hopkin, Donya Duval, Mary Louise Graham, SECOND ROW: La Rhue Eichman, Deanna Boyd, Mary Winn, Ann Wilson, Dorcas Campbell, Deloris Harris, Jo Ann Baker, Winnie Schulz, THIRD ROW: Ellen Neely, Nat Shelton, Betty Lou Campbell, Gaza Donnlley, Joe Maxwell, Kathy Stringer, Sammie Vyles, Marnie Miller. Not pictured are Jacqui Carroll and Linda Slaughter. Chaparral members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Estelle Moore, Mary Martha Monroe, Armida Barela, Karol Kokernot, Phyllis Lane, Elizabeth Sonnen, Marilyn Weathers, Mary Jane McDonald, Carol Hinds, SECOND ROW: Patricia McCall, Caroline Bachofen, Joyce Lawson, Nancy Dodd, Wilma Claunch, Linda Abbott, Mikell Murphy, Delores Chapa, Gail Gilbert, Sandra Minger, Barbara Reese, Sallie Puddy, THIRD ROW: Ellen Jane Leister, Martha Cherry, Mikel Taylor, Martha Walker, Marilyn Mong, Thetis Ann King, Wincy Walker, Judy Babington, Ann Tompkins, Sharon Murphy, Harriet Rust, Rosanne Casey, Sallie Roden, Barabara Goodnight, Jo Ann Wooten, Lucy Rowley, Genevieve Boerner, Sarah Lester, Donna Jean Hobdy, Cynthia Cohen. Not pictured are Carmel Chisurn, Amber DeForest, Pope Franklin, Judy Frazier, Jeri Kay Keith, Carolyn Kirkpatrick, Gay Osbourne, Joan Webster, and Annetta Wing. Chaparral Chaparral, founded in 1904, is the oldest literary-social club on campus. For the past three years the Chaps have been awarded the Scholastic Cup for their over-all average among literary-social clubs. Spring activity for the club is an outing to Lake Dallas. The club also sponsors a farewell breakfast for all grad- uating Chaps. Their traditional steak fry rush party was held in October. .- ,f . ,- Directing the activities of the Chaparrals are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Barbara Reese, pledge captian, Martha Cherry social representative, Sandra Minger treasurer, SECOND ROW: Sarah Les ter, historian, Ann Tompkins, secretary, Mikel Taylor, president, Gail Gilbert, pledge captain, Barbara Goodnight, vice- president. ,- W-, Car ll 1 Q Q sl Q SP i Members of Delian Club are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Janis Sugg, Pat Townsend, Ann Fortner, SECOND ROW, Beverly Smith, Willifred Strybos, Miss Maurine Faulkner, sponsor, Mary Ann Kruke, Sharon Vernon, Betty Dixon, Elizabeth Dill, Marilyn Goodwin, Judy Minkin, Helen Heimerg THIRD ROW: Mary Williams, Beverly Strickland, Sue Colvin, Glenna Quillin, Kitty Kirkpatrick, ,Ianeil Slayden, Penny Pillow, Virginia Ashley, Janet Andrews, Shirlene Knopp, Molly McGuff, Shirley Walthall, Ramona Barrington, FOURTH ROW: Maggie Nunez, Marilyn Timberlake, Grace O'Brien, Janice Hill, Beverly Archer, ON STAIRS: Pat Smith, Marsha Pyle, E'Lane Copenhaven, Shirley Frnka, Harriet Monroe, Adeline Clarke, Kit Flood, Betty Sinclair, Margaret Corbin, Ruth Ann Abat, Selma Bartlett, Mary Jo Stratton, Nancy Kost, Joy Morton. Delian To promote individual growth as well as to stimulate the social life of the members, the Delian Club had its annual Spagetti Supper, outings at Lake Dallas and a picnic in May honoring the seniors. Treasure hunts, pirates, cross bones and skulls carried out the tradi- tional "pirate theme" of the rush party. Delian Club officers are, left to riht, Beverly Archer, presi- dentg Beverly Smith co-rush captain, Ann Fortner, treasurerg Joy Morton, co-rush captain, sitting, Mary Ann Kruke, vice- president, not pictured, Billie jean Locke, secretary. L'Allegro L'Allegro's purpose is to stimulate an inter- est in and develop a better understanding of literature, art and music, and to promote social activities which will create a cordial relationship among the members. The L'Al- legro club, which was founded in 1921, carries out its customary carnival theme every year for rush parties. Sylvia Masters was the out- standing pledge for the 1958-59 pledge class. L'Allegro members attend all the Concert and Drama programs together. L'Allegro club officers are, left to right Obdulia Falcon vice-president, Leticia Paz, president, Gloria Valera treasurer Not pictured is jane Hartsgraves, secretary embers are left to right, ON FLOOR: Mary Arredondo, Sylvia Santiago lNclda David Maria Elena Ramirez Christina ga Guadalupe Guerra, SECOND ROW: Leticia Paz, Carolina Toircs Rosa Maria Codiua Cecilia Gonzalez Sylvia Garcia lriana Lozano, Sylvia Ramirez, Sylvia Masters, Obdulia Falcon, Gloiia Valera f1215QQ?T6L:?Q?i?iE5E3f?EEafiiiir4-lfH, EL,535i753?iAsZiei2l5l,Y5feliif ' , 'z -,'f:'fv2e'3El" Mar Eleanor Brackenridge Baubles, bangles and beads glistened in the light of a gypsy campfire at the traditional MEB rush party. Organized in honor of Mary Eleanor Brackenridge, once a member of the Board of Regents, the club strives to stimulate interest in current affairs and to provide for the members' social life. MEB has forty-six members. Mary Eleanor Brackenridge officers are, left to right, Gerry Ford, vice-president: Martha Kate Jordan, historian: Gene Taylor, president: Alice Winkle, secretary: Carol Comeaux, treasurer. Members of Mary Eleanor Brackenridge are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Gene Taylor, Sandra Coburn, Patsy Coffey, Alicia Ponce, Andrea Baker, Mrs, Zenda Wimberly, sponsor: Charlotte Twitchell, Aurora Sanchez, Marjorie Malone, Betty Duncan, Sue Smith, Judy Neese, Marlene Garcia: SECOND ROW: Gerry Ford, Wanda Perry, Carol Comeaux, Alice Winkle, Bettie Linburg, Judy Fletcher, Barbara Awbrey, Barbara Swarz, Pat Rice, Cecilia Kojis, Huberta Dittrich, Lillie Damaron, Margaret Helpert, Evelyn Dippel, Martha Kate Jordan: THIRD ROW: Barbara Putzka, Sonia Black, Lynnell Townsend, Margaret Geh- ring, Mary Ann Owen, Judy Walker, Carolyn Jackson, Roberta Griswell, Marlene Rahe, Sherry Hansen, Carrie Jessup, Jane Inmon, Barbara Gates, Bette Brown. Members of Philomathia are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Marie Wasson, Mary Blessitt, Lucy Joe Coco, Marian Woolardg ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' T D Whiteside, Helen SECOND ROW: Alrene Hall, Shirlee Lewis, Gaye Hatmger, Marie Jiminez, Sue Titus, Heidi rept, eanna Myers, THIRD ROW: Bobbie Conner, Evelina Wilson, Shannon Posey, Pat Augusta, Martha Shawn, Rosslyn Tolbert, Eunice Robinson, Sandra De Fore, Rose Marie Myers, Janice Huneycutt, Shelba Taylor, Marilyn Cavender: FOURTH ROW: Jimme Lightfoot, Ann Holcomb, Kathryn Specht, Becky Shawn, Harriet Jones, Jane Patterson, Lela Harlow, Jo Iris Compton, A H M Glen Fleming, Sally Rembert: FIFTH ROW: Shirley Green, Nickie Aughtry, Jan Vavra, Dorothy Cox, Jerry nn ayes, ary Mariwyn Morris, Mildred Rowland, Jeanine Fitschen, Lynda Kiker: ON STAIRS: Shirley Vickers, Yvonne Easterllng, Martha Marshall, Carolyn Essary, Rose Rogers, Carol Jones. it Philomathia Philos in Hi-Fi entertained rushees at the traditional rush party. In December pledges were initiated at a formal banquet. Memories of other activities of the year recall an outing to Lake Dallas and a spring breakfast honor- ing the seniors. Philomathia is concerned mainly with developing appreciation of art as well as sponsoring social activities. Officers for Philomathia are, at the piano, Mary Glen Fleming, society reporter: standing, left to right, Jan Vavra, vice-pres- ident, Jimmie Lightfoot, president: Dorothy Cox treasurer, Janice Huneycutt, secretary, not pictured, Deanna Whiteside: historian. , , mil, lk 177 Lass-O Band Attired in striking maroon skirts and white Texas Woman's University blazers, the Lass-O Band is rapidly becoming one of the top all-women bands in the nation. Already in its third year of organization, it is growing in membership and quality. In the fall of 1956, the director, Mr. Lowell Little, a widely known and recognized di- rector and composer, organized the musical group. The enrollment averages eighty-tive talented performers who are either girls ma- joring in music or who have had specialized training and instruction in instrumental work. In May of 1958, the Beta Rho Chapter of the national woman's band sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, was established to recognize and promote quality band performance and membership. During 1958-59, the Lass-O Band performed in several assembly pro- grams at the University and it also played at the Texas State Fair in Dallas in October. In February it sponsored the third annual All-Girl Band Festival with over 325 high school girl musicians attending. A Lass-O Band concert in the Main Auditorium high- lighted the two-day workshop. Lass-O Band members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Phyllis Lane, Judith Arre- dondo, Jane Patterson, Irma Sierra, Judy Bottger, Lindsey Lou Chandler, Greta Dicus, Rita Reid, Mary Saldana, Patricia Gaulden, Margaret Seward, Barbara Beclair. SECOND ROW: Lucy Rowley, Nanette Vanlanding- ham, Kathleen Harris, Harriet Jones, Judith Collier, Cynthia Cohen, Gale King, Jean Smith, Frances Landry, Carolyn ESSET37, Pauline Nuckles, Gay Gilbertson, Barbara Hoeft, Margaret Daly, Shirlee Lewis, Sally Sue Stevens, Francine Howard. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Crawford, Jean Board, Jacqueline Hewett, Sharon Payne, Janet Baker, Sarah Martin, Jacquelyn Carroll, Jeannette Humphris, Bonnie Lamar Dial, Marlene Ray, Mona Hall, Nancy Peyton, Brooka Fern York, Nancy Embrey, Bar- bara Turbeville, Linda Wiederhold, Jane Mapel, Kay Caraway, Peggy Stewart, Ann George Dingler, Sandra Bradley, Alice Ivey, Sally Roden, VVilma Claunch, Fameliza Ramos, Mary Blessitt. FOURTH ROW: Patsy Coffey, Kathryn Berndt, Sylvia Mas- ters, Kathryn Dunlap, Margaret lfVanja, Shirley Beth Thomas, Gaye Hatinger, Kathryn Alford, Bonnie Turpin, Marilyn Hopper, Mr. Lowell Little, directorg Mari- lyn Reynolds, Mary Barrera, June Weis- gerber, Sue Percifield, Alma Lopez, Norma Means, Marvette Colson, Mary Williams, Shelba Taylor, Patience Hofer, Bennie Johnson, Mary Nell McLain. 178 tin 4, 'fe' L Modern Choir Members of the Modern Choir are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Martha Jane Jordan, Connie Marquez, Mary Jo Baker, Kathi Harris, Joanna Diller, kanne Smith, Bar- bara Awbrey, Bonnie Tancre, Joyce Moody, Penny Nicklesg SECOND ROW: Rowan Moody, Marilyn Cavender, Janet Porter, Nelva Wilson, Gloria Brown, Sue Stevens, Theresa Lang, Judith Chitwood, Shelba Taylor, Harriet Johnson, Rosemary Lender- man, Ann Bradford, Karlene Henderson, Mary Glen Fleming, THIRD ROW: Janice Hill, Yvonne Easterling, Lella Harlow, Joy Nicholson, Jean Lockridge, Shirley Vickers, Janis Sugg, Judy Charleton, Jackie Wag- goner, Rayma Ditson, Judy Minkin, Carmel Chisum, Lockie Sue Baker, Judith Shanley, Barbara Halas, Ellen Boyd, Gay Gilbertson. The forty-three member Modern Choir of Texas Woman's University has developed into one of the outstanding university choral organizations in the Southwest. Directed by Dr. J. Wilgus Eberly, the group expanded its program of touring this year with the addition of a short tour before Christmas to Bryan, College Station and two military in- stallations. In previous years, the only tour was the extensive spring tour which this year took the Choir on a ten-day trip to thirteen high schools in Texas and Louisiana and two armed forces bases. The highlight of the tour was sightseeing in New Orleans and other historical points of ,interest on the trip. The Modern Choir also sang at a con- cert in February for the All-Girl Band Festival. 180 X w was , f M- 1 E 3, Vi -Mi: ,-NM. - muse. 5 2 3 E S 1 9 .f-,y 'Pi x University Choir The University Chorus of Texas Woman's University is the largest choral group on campus. Approximately fifty members, under the direction of Dr. Dale Jorgenson, have sung for various campus activities during the year such as assembly programs, a Christ- mas performance, the Palm Sunday service, and a spring concert in May. They have also sung at several oFf-campus functions such as military bases. The only membership qualifications for this outstanding group are a love of music and a willingness to work for the betterment of this all-campus or- ganization. University Chorus members are, left to right, FIRST ROW: Maria Teresa Rocha, Rosalie Daleo, Noris Arias, Teresa Puente, Cristina Garcia, Sally Settles, Llewellyn Moore, Jimmie Gayle Houston, Eva Trevino, Beverly Ann Coleman, Frances Mays, Margo Sue Petch, Sue Ming, Carole Cope- land, Jean Board, SECOND ROW: Jean Kelly, Sagrario Morales, Nora de Leon, Escolastica Luna, Marilyn Fichte, Marilyn Hopper, Nancy Luttrell, Joan Little, Carol Morris, Jan Collins, Anita Bird, Jo Collins, Nona Payne, Laquita Callaway, Eileen Mc- Clain, Eunice Garciag THIRD ROW: Lou- ise Clark, Josefina C. Garza, Shirley A. Tate, Judy Beohm, Beverly Nixon, Anne Janine Hoagland, Dorothy Noack, Sammie Louise Vyles, Mary Holcombe, Ann Shaver, Mary Gibbs, Charlene Polivka, Martha Hux- ham, Barbarine Huth, Janice Latimer, Char- lene Hemmi, Ethel Osborne, Patricia Mizzell. 183 Arkansas Club This year's social activities were high- lighted by the Christmas party. Members charter buses for students' returning home to Arkansas from Texas Women's Uni- versity. The club sponsors a member delegate to the Texas A8zM Cotton Ball each year. "We're from Arkansas," state officers of the regional club, left to right, Sarah Hood, vice-presidentg Janeil Slayden, treasurerg Patsy Wilson, presidentg Carolyn 'Rzgiunal Br an College Station Club Active as a transportation agency between Texas A8zM and TWU, the Bryan College Station Club raises funds for the Student Finance Committee schol- arships. Buses are chartered for the A8zM home games and the spring dances between TWU and A8cM, One of the oldest regional clubs, it has the smallest mem- bership on campus and yet decidedly is the biggest fund raiser among regional clubs. 184 Registering the names of students going to Texas A8zM via Bryan College Station's charter bus are Marcia Smith, seated, vice-president, secretary-treasurerg and Sallie Puddy, president. Golden Triangle Club The Golden Triangle Club includes the Texas areas of Beaumont, Port Arthur, and Orange. Organized in the fall of this year, the club already has a membership of forty. During the Christmas holidays a Mother-Daughter Coffee was given. Stu- dents from the golden triangle cities have planned many activities for get togethers during the summer vacation. Outlining activities for the summer are, left to right, Ellen jane Leister, secretary treasurerg Marie Wasson, presidentg Annie Laura Nelson, vice-presidentg Andrea Baker, historian. Laredo Club officers are sitting, left to right, Adriano Lozano, treasurerg Alicia Cabello, presidentg standing, Sylvia Ramirez, vice- presidentg Adriano Maldanado, sergeant-at-armsg Elvira Montalvo, liistoriang Sylvia Garcia, secretary. is , 09' HJ' ,,,,,':t:zngwax V - zz , are t it '-'Puff jf ' h e Laredo Club A back-to-school party started the year for Laredo Club members and was followed by the traditional Tessie Christmas Party at Laredo. Proceeds from the parties provided money for two scholarships. Midland-Odessa Club Recently organized as the Midland-Odessa Club, this group works closely with the Alumnae Association. Holiday transportation to and from TWU, vacation socials and seasonal parties integrate and promote the interests of students from the Midland-Odessa area. Rio Grande Club Rio Grande Club tries to help valley girls gain interest in Texas Woman's University. This year the club sponsored a bus to the Rio Grande area for holiday vacations. Club membership is forty. 186 Planning a bus route home are officers of the Midland-Odessa Club, left to right, Linda Lark, vice-president, Nell Kirksey, reporter, Shirley Walthall, presidentg Me- linda Chaddock, secretary, standing, Agatha Nance, treasurer. "The valley is an exciting place to live" say officers of the Rio Grande Club sitting, left to right, E'Lane Copenhaver, vice-president, Rosa Maria Codina president, standing, left to right, Lucila Casas, secretaryg Delores Bymgton parliarnentariang Frances Barrera, treasurer. Officers of the San Antonio Club dream of returning home. Sitting, left to right, are Winifred Schulz, secretaryg Mary Catherine Ozan, president, Martha Ber- nard, vice-president, standing, Barbara Crayton, reporter, Sharon Roberson, treasurer. Officers of Villagers' Club pause for a moment in a business meeting to have their picture taken. Officers are, left to right, Ann Dale, president elect, Belva Jones, WRA representative, Carolyn Kirkpatrick, presidentg Martha Druce, treasurerg Cleo Morgan, secretary. - A 412: f'.f,351? ."' "M "7"'W fm, f 'W 'M 'W' " ' l"' 'M' San Antonio Club Re-organizing this year, the San Antonio Club gave several parties and sponsored a bus to San Antonio for the holiday vacations. The club promotes fellowship on and-off the cam- pus for the girls from the San Antonio area. Villagers' Club In order to promote fellowship both on and off the campus, the Villagers' Club maintained a Local Students' Lounge in the basement of the Education Building. The lounge was newly painted and furnished to provide a gathering place for local students between classes. ,ff , " 'S' sgcxsw Rzligiuus Members of the Baptist Student Union Executive Council look over the latest BSU magazine, first row, left to right, jean Ann Colston, Beverly Roper, Rachel Coe, Shirlee Manville, Kathy Stringer, Billy jean Williams, Selma Bartlett, president, second row, Joyce Moody, Carol Burt, Shirley Walthall, Marilyn Timberlake, Mona Munson, and Cary Ann Geron. aptist Student nion In addition to activities with affiliated churches, BSU members attended the state convention, a mid- winter retreat, and had a Thanksgiving Breakfast and the annual banquet with members of the A8zM Baptist Student Union. Another highlight of the BSU year was Religious Emphasis Week during which several evangelists spoke to the students. Several breakfasts and a retreat were held in honor of foreign Baptist students. Canterbur Association Highlighting the activities of the Canterbury Association which meets in conjunction with North Texas State College students, was the Mardi Gras Dance and Pilgrimage to Dallas. During the pilgrimage members visited various Episcopalian churches. In the early spring Canter- bury Association traveled to Dallas and visited other denominational churches. Meeting every Sun- day in their new chapel, members participate in evening prayer, dinner and a program, Program topics this year included "Lives of Saints." FZ V i ii t A i g' gf ig K, f 1' Q siss y ' We as it ,nr Y' 3' . P 'ff li: V 43. H0 ff is 5 AK I , 85 2 if 5 1 , vi + - I f I Q? If i ., K MV! ff: , Z W ETH- 1 5 i i if - f gf' ff, at Q 5 31 N at 1 v Q f i X f M Q3 ti ' 25 is + ' ' rf plsfflplihns 'sd Pri "Our Sunday program includes . . . ," states, left to right, Mary Margaret Harrell, SCRA representativeg Kay Kane, vice-president. Not pictured are Martha Busey, TWU representativeg Judy Pier, secretary. Affixing her signature to a committee on planning is, left to right, Gloria Allen, recreationg Judy Chitwood, secre- tary. Not pictured is Alberta Allen, member of Executive Council. Disciples Student Fellowship Weekly Friday socials held by the group this year included such entertainment as ice skating, movies and parties. Delegates attended the state convention of DSF in Austin during March and a Workshop Conference at TCU in january. The Denton DSF membership also sponsored the attendance of one foreign student to the annual DSF International Convention. The group meets each Sunday evening for fellowship and supper at the church. Newman Club During the spring the Newman Club, a nation wide organization for Catholic students, held its annual retreat. Organized to foster spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the Catholic students at TWU, Newman Club members gave freshmen and new students a warm welcome at an open house in their Newman Hall. Mr .gs f r 4 f 2. Y h A i 3 l V, mean E L 2 R ji 5 V2 '- ' 1 ij, , . Q 15- , 4 . -e AI! -, .5354 i gff. lf ir1lM g., ' p f? 1 1 Yi? H i '7 5 if gl r. ff? v Y T' 1.5 g - w r f Officers of the Newman Club greet new members at an open house given in their honor. The officers include, left to right, Margie Helpert, vice-province chairmang Sylvia Santiago, historiang Blanche Walla, reporter, Gladys Merka, treasurerg Lucy Coco, president, standing in front of table, left to right, are Juanita Dominques, vice-president, and Barbara Gates, secretary. ' 191 E 3 ,V . is 2 4. I Presb terian Students' Association officers are, standing, left to right, Donya Duval, outreach commissionerg Willifred Y Strybos, Fellowship Commissionerg sitting, left to right, Betty Watson, witness commissionerg Joanna Freeley, SCRA representativeg Jo Ann Wooten, SCRA president. Presbyterian Students' Association Since 1946 the TWU Presbyterian Students' Association has worked jointly with North Texas State College and affiliated churches in Denton. Special projects for PSA included helping in church ld ' h a 1a round on Saturday afternoons and parties schools and conducting choir at the chi rens ome, p yg for under-privileged children. 192 paris! Zntzrwt Caperettes With approximately twenty-two active members, Caperettes tap dance group highlighted this season's touring schedule with a trip to Gainesville for a joint FFA and FHA convention. On campus the group danced at the WRA Assembly and the freshman orientation. cyyjbzfvvbb gfucif Ojijfufbft pu of Q . ,6.fv',fn.,Lf1J qs . f. ,F ,s 5 t v .1 Y K, A xv .3 X331 ' 1 ' wg ' , 4 i 4-X r if i , M- e A A we F ' t xi' s ,Q sf W 3, 'Ni' -MW A ' 'r X it 2 2.P'f . Qi' W X A 7 L, ' wt .4 r 1 , Q. .ying A W 4 "V M V S f -f,, . VT? F Six members of the Caperettes ambitiously dance the difficult steps of another routine. They are, left to right, Donna Trott, presidentg Lucy Jo Coco, senior representativeg Cynthia Cohen, junior represcntativeg Sally Rembert, Lynda Kiker, sophomore re- presentativesg Carmela Cabra, junior representative. 193 Citizenship League ,Of particular importance to the TWU orientation of responsible future citizens is the Citizenship League. Each year the club organizes a New Voter's Day Assembly, for which the club has received a citation and plaque from the Freedom's Foundation, During first semester the League sponsors an essay contestg the title of this year's winning essay was "The Importance of One Citizen in a Democracy", by Linda Rice. Discussions of current topics, election issues, congressional issues and world tension predominate the monthly meetings of the club. The group also slates an annual get acquainted tea in September and a picnic in April. After a panel discussion on the United Nations in Virginia Carrol Lodge, Citizenship League officers talk over the ideas presented, Sitting, left to right, are Nancy Adkins, vice-presidentg Shirlee Lewis, secretaryg and Barbara Hoeft, treasurer. ww!! Q pf lm and Deanna Boyd, presidentg standing A. K 'iv we 3 N.-.......,,c,..Q,.,M....,,a..,., ,IQ Planning their next meeting are officers of junior Forum, sitting, left to right, Gerry Ford, presidentg Martha Brown, vice-presidentg standing, Jan Vavra, secretary-treasurer. unior Forum junior Forum acts as an advisory council for the junior fe lerated clubs on the campus in their local, state, and national activities. 'This year the Forum attended district and state conventions of junior Forums of Women's Colleges. Radio Guild Radio Guild production teams produced weekly thirty-minute programs, which were broadcast over station KDNT. These programs, which succeeded the campus wide and periodic programs of eight years ago, were designed to acquaint Dentonites with activities and personalities on the TWU campus. "Stand by, open mike, music," and another Radio Guild show is on the air. At the control panel is Darla Brooks station manager. Barbara Brown, secretary-treasurer, prepares to release the turn table, while Alma XNilIiams, presi- dent, watches. "l r' nm' 6-C -4 wav- M, l I X , P P 1.-fi" I l Officers and foremen are, left to right, first row: Mrs. Mary Gibbs, sponsorg Jerry Ponder, foreman of dudesg Frazie Capps, secretary and foreman of wranglersg Martha Huxham, foreman of wranglersg second row: Diane Underwood, first semester presidentg Jo Ann Furgason, foreman, third row: Margaret Berger, treasurer and fore- man of Wranglers, Pat Jackson, vice-president and foreman of top handsg top of stairsg Marilyn Davis, second semester president and foreman of top hands. Silver Spurs Riding Club Organized just last year, the Silver Spurs Riding Club already has forty members. After par- ticipating in the October Gold Rush Parade, members were invited to the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show to ride in the Rodeo's grand entry. This year's principal activity for the club was a horse show for participating members. The name Silver Spur is derived from the conferrence of a pair of silver spurs to the outstanding Silver Spur horsewoman of the year. 198 Sports Rush, strike and race-members of the Hockey Club, Juanita Sheppard, Mikell Murphy, Mary Katherine Schreck, Deanna Whiteside and Marni Miller scramble after the wooden evasion called a hockey ball. Hockey Begins the "Ground three-swing!" Getting the ball rolling from the beginning center's bully are Babe Reich and Juanita Shep- pard. Racing from one end of the 100-yard field to the other, hockey players speedily race towards their opponents' goal. Year A tremendous c-r-a-c-k as the sound of wood against wood resounds around a 100- yard area of the hockey field warns visitors that TWU's hockey teams are once again battling for possession of a small wooden ball in another furious game. A joyous cheer and a breathless yell of encouragement come from the sidelines of enthusiastic observers which line the sidelines every game. Among the more popular games are the annual "Texas A8zM- Texas University" contest, the student-facu1- ty raid and the ultra-competitive Yankee-Rebel game. l. A free hit from the striking circle enables Mikell Murphy a greater chance for that all-important goal in the annual Yankee-Rebel game. Volleyball Sparks Enthusiasm One of the favorite sports offered by WRA is volleyball. Each year this activity draws more and more enthusiasts into the circles of participation points and the ever-present WRA Cup. From the rank and file of the classes-freshman, sophomore, junior and senior-march VB fans for their afternoon's fun and recreation with a white leather ball and thick net. "Spike it, set up, and over !" echo and bounce from the walls of both the old and new gymnasiums as favorite round-robin tournaments spark the interest of all concerned. Volleyball tournament winner this year was Smith-Carroll. Up, over, and away goes the volleyball as freshman team members practice for an important game in the first tournament of the season. A burning spike barely grazes the spiclery- web of the net as Sally Roden tries to pick up the winning tally for the juniors. a 4 4 i 41 --4' 4 1 ww 47.4 Q va 1 1 4 H 1 A s Q-U4 4 1 -ffl -I 4 X iii., 1 NM4"-Q v Eff lfin--M 'ui 4 ax n n 4. v1 Qu :fi cn., 1 4 .W-fy' uni Swan -1,4 W4 1 .mg hz Q , vw-'4ws 4 yxfalllf Q 4-Va 4 v.,.4 a 1" M ,,N1m. ... ,Q-fill , . f. .. . 'C sf ,sn "Will il go over" for a point 01' fall lvackwarcl for a loss of service might be the liope'ful thoughts of team IIlCI'l1lDCl'S as tllcy watch ZlI1Otl1?1'YS volley balance un- stcaclily on tlic uct. X ,, 203 -swf Not dancing, although just about as graceful, is the technique used by the many basketball fans who enter into the com- petetive tournaments. Technique may vary from individual to individual but the form is not so important as the result seems to be the thought of Ann Fortner as she tries a two-handed chest shot. Cagers Guard thc Counts The air of excitement reigns over campus sports events when the South- western Basketball Cagers take over the headlines in the news. Meeting the excitement is TWU's own basketball cagers who take over the new gym- nasium to rack up tournament points for teams and dorms. A "Sinker" racks up two points and the free throw tal- lies one. Guard, block, dribble, pass- but whatever happens, the aim still is for the goal of fun and relaxation. Shirley Frnka sinks another two-pointer while teammates and opponents try for a rebound. Who's got it-jump balls and tie balls occur frequently during the course of a "B-ball" game as competition grows. 1 ' 1 , M ,gzafw-e' Smootlily executed fore-arm strokes are the power in many top tennis players as demonstrated by Karen Crouse. The sureness of play, the certainty of skill, and the utmost in coordination make the sport of the little fuzz ball and string racket a fascinating hobby for participants and observers alike. This year's tennis team placed in many different tournaments, club president, Marilyn Goodwin, bringing home over a half dozen trophies. The club also sponsored an 'Intercollegiate Tournament in March which was attended by over twelve schools. Tennis Spotlights Individuals Every muscle in Marilyn Goodwin's body tenses and pre- pares for tlie quick movement and rapid coordination necessary in handling a "hot" serve. ' i T 35s. ......,, 5. 'kgfsqgw f ' 1- f x ' 3 - f ,1 ,. ,.,k. 4 ,Q .. wnngi 8 1 ,ag My my l V 't ' ,img -'ff From Alleys to Green Whether it is a "strike" or a "spare", a "hole-in-one" or "fore", zeal and zest in golf and bowling are always pre- valent. The Big Sister-Little Sister Tournament, the pro- gressive tournament and the Lemon Golf Tournaments were among the highlights of the club this year. During the early months two women professionals visited the campus to give special instructions to golf classes. Two semester tourna- ments spotlighted the "big-black ball" brigade at Denton's bowling alleys this year as Stoddard Hall came out high scorer. Teeing off in the Big Sister-Little Sister Golf Tourna- ment are Barbara Barnett, Hazel Sharp, Sallie Mc- Cutcheon and Betty Lewis. just the right form and technique for the "hole-in-one" is demonstrated by several members of the golf class. "A strike three and a turkey with no outs are what I Want," says Gillian Teague. Strange terminology might confuse a few beginners in bowling, but the fun is still represented in just being able to roll the ol' ball down the alley. u--3 S-l-l'-C-l-Ccll1cJllC of tlic Games Clula activities as well as onc of the popular UB Rec Room sports, is tlie fast aml furious talnlc tennis or ping Iearly, aim, firt-Y Sliarpsliooters E poisecl, rczuly for the all-clear gn to "let-fire." pong gzunc. ,sc , 1 ve .i H s . Read , Aim, Ping. Practice, a steady hand, and sharp vision are the requirements for two completely different sports, ping pong and riflery. A fast moving game of ping pong, which is one of the games sponsored by the newly organized Games Club, requires quick thinking and moving, but is a game for everyone, young and old alike. While riflery is not so strenuous a sport, the requirements of steady nerves and sharp vision, with the fun of competition, also attracts many participants and fans to the activity. 1 P '--...,,,g.. W X , gi 1... . , f ,.,.. .- '. yt, , , . ...aa f 'ev W3 wt . 5' 'ev ,V . V, M,-.W,a..1.. f'51i"5l. ' i fn ., --.N fy , ,- -w w aa.. -1' Tstwf. . ff st' ww, . . ..',q.4,, :ffm '.. - , f- -' - '.-, ww- 3' Q 'W - , ex.-',' mek. ' M, V W 3 5 '-'-V M . . wg. , ,Mg ,',., fm Vt, A M -t..,,.5,j f ' 5, H H V i M liar My All Qfhv' " ' .4 ' YLQ ww- , 4. The art of making' the body reveal exactly how they feel is part of the extensive and intensive training required in professional dance according to this member of the David Thimar Professional Ballet Troupe that visited TWU in the late fall. Swing your partner and do-si-do, the call of the good ol'- fashloned square dance is still most appealing to 'll-ssies. ariety Through Dance Variety is the spice of life so they say, and dance enthusiasts get plenty of it. From modern dance to folk dance, from the rhumba to tap dance, classes and clubs fill the need for students' desires to express themselves in rhythm and motion. History of the dance reveals that people moved to rhythm much before they sang or played instruments. This year, the David Thimar Pro- fessional Dance Group gave special instructions to interested students in ballet and jazz. WW,,i,..,,,,.,,-..a,.,,,,--.....,, 1--""" , -N.....---,,.-f-'..e+--fw'r""""' 'FQ ,u,,.f-fee-"'T'l.. Flying feet in perfect coordination reveal the grace of rhythm as Kay Osburne and Mary Martha Monroe rehearse for a modern dance program. ri, . A uatics Motivate Expression Self-expression motivates many different types of hobbies and sport activities, and swimming is by no means an exception. The touring synchronized swimming team performs their many skill- ful and beautiful modes of ex- pression through aquatics often during the year. Even beginners find great enjoyment in this sport, however, through plunge hours and swim marathons spon- sored by the Recreational Swim Club. as they compete against one another ii .I an 4 Trying for one hunclrerl laps in the WRA Marathon, these three students rack up points for their dormitories in hopes of winning the VVRA Participation Cup. y-five yard free-style relay. psf- 'K - ,A w, .f at K' -f . Y , .-aq w- ig wfwiw-iw . 3 s st 5 3 5 3 5 i 3 a E s 2 2 3 i i 5 1 i, ,, i, ,,.,, M" fi l fS ,N f:-s ZR ,Q IS ,x f'N FN fi 3 .ra 'N rs fi fx 'N 'N A ? 212 ON 'N-fs PS f'N f-5 55 'N 'K P VI ,fiilligdffg 'i."'ffl5i'1'x xwkggg fiimgi' W?iE?' ww, iif ef fu GX al ' 1 If , f ., ffl? -, wvgi v nw-V ff. A, gf.-Q K1 ' ' ,. , Qi-"C 592 ?: 5535 55 awi fi' ?5?f 1 , T pri oi- yi: m 1 L, sa .' ' 4 WL. P . ,. J... -yqfgv-4 V mg A -gem iii.-S, nf" K' Kviftff 4 , 5539 -:L , 5-'r WE5i?AH55?Q wg: egg gag QS? ESQ Q" Stoddard Hall xxaxsxg .,, f"9.'i., sus f' t,,i,,A NOT SO SERIOUS BUSINESS looks like the topic of Stoddard's Secretary, Rosanna Casey, and director, Mrs. Zenda Vtlimberly. The secret must be out that Mrs. Wimberly is known to the "ladies" as "Mom'l Wimberly. NEWS OF THE WORLD catch the eyes and conversation of Stoddard's floor chairman as they read one of the newspapers delivered daily to their dormitory. Seated left to right are Mary David- son, Margaret Williams and Grace O'I3rien. Stand- ing are jonell Pickel and Penny Peckam Roberts. annex!!! 49' nntslst :cu stasis ill KSQSIQU ggi ' '?3'?!'t?H is My has K THE LADIES' PRESIDENT, Rose Marie Myers, puts the finishing touches to Howers that grace the Stoddard living room. Rose Marie led the ladies to victory in the Corn I-Iuskin' Bee. "WI-IO GOT THE ROSES?" is the discussion of Stoddard's five residential assistants as they go about their office tasks. Roses for a lucky Tessie are delivered to the dormitory offices. Left to right are LaRhue Eichman, Virginia Nelson, Lucy Casas, Winifred Schulz and Mary Catherine Ozan. ,gl I ja il 7, Y 144 Smith-Carroll Hall 'BGL ""'-Q... fit Saturn ' CHRRO f--' 4 sf' iff . 5 H ' is f .U 1 1 if I: A if HMAYBE I'M NOT THE FIRST but I'll sign up for the most events," says Smith-Carroll's President Joy Morton. Smith-Carroll took second in the annual Corn Huskin' Bee this year in one of the closest contests on record. FLOOR CHAIRMEN RALLY round the piano for a private music session at Smith-Carroll. The music may sound flat but the spirit is in the right pitch. Playing the piano is Marilynn Timberlake. Standing left to right are Donna Jean Hobdy, Elaine Terry and Ann Tompkins. lb Q ' r "WE REALLY WANT TO SHOW OFF THE STUNT CUP" admits Smith-Carroll Secretary Ellen Jane Leister and director Mrs. Frances Briggs, as they search files while being photo- graphed. The shortest house meeting on the cam- pus is the boast of Mrs. Briggs and the residents of Smith-Carroll couldn't be happier. "I SINCERELY DOUBT IF THERE IS AN ELEVATOR IN THERE," jokes floor chairman Gwen Price Qleftj. Agreeing chairmen are Cleft to right? Shirley Frnka, Carolyn Lewis and Gwen Ward. Smith-Carroll residents say that they can beat the elevator to third floor by using the stairs any day. USURE WE'RE BUSY LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME,', laughs residential assistant Peggy Col- lins Cseatedj Other busy RA's are Cleft to rightj Amy Webster, Marian VV'oolard, Ellen Jane M Leister and Rosa Turner. This year the junior 4 r dormitory was completely filled-which means 'i ' , I telephone calls on the hour every hour for an RA 3, 3' to answer. --., . V. q- . Q, A , ll . -l Y 3 C "inf l Fitzgerald Hall A DEVILISH GRIN is worn by Fitzgerald Pres- ident Wincy Walker as she prepares to buzz the dormitory office. Wincy led both sophomores and juniors this year as the crowded junior dormitory overflowed into Fitzgerald. AT IBO YOL' X'X'AN'l' T0 HEAR?" asks ox cliairinan Xxiilllilil lioonce, dialing the dormi- x radio. Music for study is the request of the in cliairmcn, Mary Vila and Marie ,limencz th scatcdl and Mary Everett Cstandingj FITZGERALD SECRETARY, Lela Jaynes, and dormitory director, Mrs. Linnie Gifford, take a minute out of their conference to pose for the Daedalian photographer. Perhaps a surprise party is in store for the dormitory UEVERY NOTICE IS UP," says residential as- sistant Carolyn Essary Cthird from the left.D Mak- ing sure that's so are residential assistants Rachel Hooker and Bettye Howle as they check the house book. Margo Oberkampf is looking over Carolyn's shoulder. 1 9, NQF ...ia , .. . NF? LASS-O-READERS Cleft to rightj Willifred btrybos, Mary Margaret l-Iarold and Doris Frank lin, all floor chairmen, make sure they have a Lass-O before going to dinner. Lass-O's usually arrive at the dormitories in time for students to pick them up on their way to dinner inv- S KLY LCS 5 .1 Houston Hall X' XXXL . ijaw 5103 FY: gg ...a 4 .-4 COFFEE WITH THE DORMITORY DI- RECTOR is shared by Houston Secretary Eunice Robinson. Mrs. Hixie Ellison seems to be ing the occasion also. HOW DOES THIS SOUND FOR THE LING-SONG?" asks floor chairman jane Barrett, enjoy- EVEN PRESIDENTS NEED A DRINK OF WATER decides Houston's President, Carol Hinds. Carol led the Houston section of the Soph- omore Class through suchbaetivities as .the holiday open house and competition in various NVRA events for dormitories. HOLIDAY SIGN-OUT SHFETS are the main laying the piano. Other floor chairmen Cleft to Concern of rgsidcmial ag -'t E M r t N ightj Barbara Dampman, Rose Ann Annaratone nd Mary Frances Best smile with approval. Sing- ong competition is an important dormitory activ- iy on campus. SIS 311 S 3I',E,3.I'C 111162, seated, and josie Morua. Martha Hill tells a resi- dent over the dormitory telephone to sign out early. Each student must be accounted for before the dormitory closes for the holidays. msWkM W-'W 6' Q 'T j lu 1' --. ff FLOOR CHAIRMEN Qleft to rightj Shirley VValthall, Shirlev Townsend, Patricia Cox and Betty Dobbs look happy as they descend the stairs of Houston-no dormitory offenses to report could be the reason. 4-5 Qc Q--,,, N- Austin Hall 35-. ,ai-. H ? 4- A '- 'jr -.. -K ...,-M-.Q-W.-..-.....,.,......, - gl, by an-"'FW9' 4i 411 --uf' ff . -4. N P15 ff- Y LA f -W f'f,if - 5' 3 "JUST PERFECT FOR THE OCCASION," says Austin's Secretary, jane Patterson, to dormi- tory director, Mrs, Kathrina Ince. Flowers from the University greenhouse are found all year long in every dormitory on campus. RECORD SESSION IS THE BUSINESS at hand as Austin's counselors gather around the turntable, Seated on the bed are Cleft to rightj Jo Iris Compton, Lynda Kiker, and Ann Maxwell. Sitting on the floor Cleft to rightj are Mary jane McDonald, Penny Pillow and Wilma Claunch. ,dl - M 41 UFIRMNESS IS THE KEY TO KEEPING order in house meetings," says Austin Hall Presi- dent, Nancy Dodd. House meetings are a weekly Thursday night occurrence in Freshmen Dormi- tories as well as upperclassmen residences. "HERE IT IS," says residential assistant Nancy Smith, discovering a long-lost hook in the dormi- tory lihrary. Other RA's keeping tahs on the li- brary are Cleft to rightj Peggy Wing, Leticia Paz and Sarah Hood. 'QD .gg ,Qi ,lg xy Capps Hall X f V J fl 1V l' U 'J ll! xi l' I I. VV -f ,1 54 jx f f tl gf R71 V fgx, l-sf A SMILE IS IMPORTANT as Katherine Specht can tell you when you are President of the largest dormitory on campus. "Tinka" represents Capps Hall in Student Council and is co-chairman of the Sponsorship Committee. PARTY PLANS GET UNDERWAY as Capps counselors make a list of items needed for the dormitory dance. Suggestions for refreshments are made by fseated left to rightj Harriet Rust, Eliza- beth Sonnen, Sharon Murphy and Martha Shawn. Lucy Rowley, Rosslyn Tolbert, Sue Titus, Beverly Blewster and Martha VValker give their opinions as they stand behind the others. Not pictured is counselor Heidi Trept. . 'yr N "N 5 CHECKING THE SIGN-OUT BOOK, Capps Secre- tary Phyllis Lane and dormitory director Miss Ola Mae Lummns try to locate a student for an im- portant telephone call from home. "YES, WE ARE ALWAYS BUSY," says Rachel Coe, Cseatedj residential assistant in Capps Hall. Ready to agree with her are the other RA's Cleft to rightj Judy Pier, Judy Frazier, Barbara Dunn and Virginia Faith. fr:-W 'Tl' Lowr Hall RELAXING BEFORE A HOUSE MEETING are Mrs. Ruth Davis, Lowry Hall director, and Secretary Ruth Floyd. Dormitory directors work in close co-operation with house officers to keep a smoothly operating dormitory. A FAMILIAR SIGHT IN LOVVRY is the games table. Seated around the checker hoard are Cleft to rightj counselors Claudia Kolar, Adriana Maldonado and ,ludy Ford. Other counselors Mary jo llaker, Yvonne Hager and Deanna McCasland fstanding left to riglitj are watching with interest, ,ff "PRIDE OF THE WHOLE ROW" goes the song about Lowry Hall, for which Ruth Wolver- ton, Lowry President, will vouch. Although the smallest dormitory on the campus, Lowry has the treat of playing hostess to visiting Aggie dele- gations. "THERE'S ALVVAYS SOMETHING NEW IN THE LIFE of a Residential Assistant," agree tleft to rightj Mary jo Stratton, Linda Slaughter, Lynnell Townsend, Betty Chadwick and Carol Mitchell. W If-3 'rea 'Il1Il .AJQIY ,-vm Sayers Hall "IS THE PUNCH READY FOR THE PARTY P" asks Linda Rice, Sayers' President, over the dormitory intercom system. WHERE CAN THAT GIRL BE? wonder resi- dential assistants Cleft to rightj Marlene Garcia, Saundra Carter and Peggy Stewart, as they check the dormitory sign-out book and student's class schedules. X14 "THE HOUSE MEETING MINUTES are in order," reports Sayers' Secretary, Greta joy Dicus, to the dormitory director, Mrs. Gustavia Isdale. SAYERS' COUNSELORS PAUSE for a group picture during the busy week of final exams. Seated at the bottom of the stairs are Cleft to rightb Sylvia Cannon and Nancy Hewitt. Second row: Lynda Landon and Marie Wasson. Third row: Betty Campbell and Evelina Wilson. rm? if 'W 45 H ANOTHI R JOB that falls to RllSlxS PYCQICICIII THE UNIXj'ERSI'I'Y HANDBOOK is examiner! by Rusks CHYOIFHI Conoley as vsell as other dormitory Secretary, Beverly Strickland, and director, Mrs. Earl Gibbs presucms 'S vuffmg up numerouq Sums adver Mrs. Gibbs no doubt found the University Handbook of Usm Campus events Here the Qhrlstmas formal Information helpful many times during her first year as Rusk receives an extra plug in the Rusk System System director KEEPING TAB ON RUSK'S OFFICE are six residential assistants. The office serves as a nu- cleus for the eight-house co-operative system. RA's are Cleft to rightj Nelda Chisolm, Lillie Damron, Patsy Estrellas, Frances Martinez, Noreta Hen- derson and Celia Musgrave. li THE HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL is brought out of the closet hy these floor chairmen as they compare col- lege days to those of high school. Common comment -were we that young looking? Standing are Cleft to right! ,luanita Sheppard, Gloria Va- leria and Andrea Baker. Seated are Elizabeth Sacnz and Barbara Kolar. I i E ts,- Qfy tt ,ag 3, THE SIGNING OUT PROCESS- Rusk floor chairmen Cleft to rightl Amparo Ortiz, ,Iosefa cle la Torre, Mae Hardinger and Geraldine Ponder, take part in that well-known activity, signing out. Girls may be located for important calls and messages by resi- dential assistants, who use the infor- mation a girl gives when she signs out. HI WROTE THIS" exclaims journalism major Nevolena De Leon to fellow floor chairmen as they gather for a look at the clay's Lass-O. Holding the Lass-O are Bonnie Welch Thax- ton, left, and Nevolena. Seated Cleft to rightj are Sylvia Ramirez, Io Maxwell and Betty Davis. 36? s..-'wi PARKLAND CLASS PRESIDENTS gather around the Coke machine during one of those free moments from wards, studies or class- rooms. They are Mary Lou Mueller frightj, sophomore Charlotte Ruhmann, junior, and Melita Cook, senior. 224 it a 1 5 7 si if RELAXING AFTER A BUSY DAY are the Parkland Unit Staff residence directors Cleft to riglitl Mrs. Frances Stallworth, Mrs. Eleanor Green, Mrs. Dovie Vanderslice and Mrs. Adline Denman. arkland Memorial IMPORTANT BUSINESS is the discussion among these members of Parkland' Student Council Executive officers. They are Cfront row, left to rightj Lynn Burk hard, Carol Scott, Nadelle Rainey, president, Rose Mary Haisler and Catherin McNeill. Seated on the back row are Lorri Rebsch, Ioy Anderson, Lou Ann Martin Alrene Smith and Ann Adams. I 'E if ,225 I I , K I . ,,, I A , , ,-f, , ,y.,.,,., . , .. 2 - , .-ol. . Lrg 4 .Q-.I ff 2 FUN TIME-Four Parkland students gather for a record and food session. They are Cleft to rightj Nelta Anderson, Fay Young, Alice Allen and Dorothy Shum. I I 3 NR Hospital Staff Residence FINISHING TOUCHES-Parkland junior nursing student Tommie Sue Wallace prepares to put the finishing touches on her uniform before going on duty. SUNDAY NIGHT SNACK-The kitchen is only clown the hall in Parkland's modern staff residence. Rita Grimmett prepares to serve while Cleft to rightj Beth Silker, Rowena Fielder and Alice Chambers Wait patiently. N! 'Qi Q41- A fi' ' mf is udf 'A' V A f , fl 4' . . 'Gif F t f g:ta-a? at f' ti , . --' A CAMPUS OF MODERN BUILDINGS is home to the nursing students at Parkland Memo- rial Hospital. The Staff Residence, left, is noted as one of the finest dormitory units of its kind in this part of the country. The center building is the clinic building and Parkland Memorial Hospi- tal. The Clinical Science Building and the Basic Science Building of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School are the buildings to the right. AN EVENING OF RELAXATION is ahead for nursing majors, left to right, Wanda Perry and Faye Hinton, but classmate Virginia Kittrell is preparing for work in the hospital wards. A rec- reational room is also provided in the modernly decorated and furnished Staff Residence. MAIL CALL is awaited by nursing students, left to right, Mary Winn, Charlotte Ruhmann and Ann Adams. Mrs. Mae Massie, residence director, is distributing the letters. Q i l . -nn pf 1 K fl X 2 Q fflffflllllli, X:-3 Di xxx M X N CIIQBBKB A friendly smile . . . A clasped hand . . . so symbolic of the strong traditions of friendliness on the Texas Woman's University campus. Four years of memories of that big or little sister so dear, V the fun of stunts, that congratulatory rose, thus the seniors depart with ever lingering thoughts of their days at TWU. As Shakespeare says "All's Well That Ends Well" and so the pathway of life beckons to the seniors. Depicting the junior, - Shakespeare's "As You Like It" says return for that last perfect year. To the sophomore, ' still young but gaining daily in knowledge, Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" speaks wisely. For, the freshman, a year of experiencing the rough to know the smooth, Shakespeare's "Tempest"h expresses the first year's pattern. - To all, the clasped hands are a symbol of welcome and friendliness, "welcome ever smiles, ' and farewell goes out sighing" and so it is ...... U ' 227 2 ,?lll's fwzll That Ends iullrzll 22 PRESENTING The Class of '59 Leading Lady Miss Beverly Smith 'f?7"7EET:??f 'M' 93,1 H .,4.,w.':1y, V- ,-4 w MWA, fill 'i','a:Jx.iI 'R ' ABAT, RUTH ANN Big Spring Journalism, B. S. Theta Sigma Phi Treasurer 1V5 Sigma Tau Delta 111-1V5 Alpha Chi IV5 Alpha Lambda Delta 1-115 Kappa Alpha Mu 1V5 Daily Lass-O Business Manager IV5 Features Editor 1115 Church Editor 1115 Photographer 1115 Tuesday Editor 1V5 Daedalian Annual Senior Class Editor 1V5 TDNA 1ntern 1115 Stunts 1-H5 Delian Club 11-IV5 Dean's List 1-1115 Who's Who Nominee IV5 Texas Clubwoman Junior News Editor IV. ADAMS, PHYLLIS RAE Dallas Nursing, B. S. Nursing Club 1-1V5 Texas Nursing Students' Association 11-1V5 National Student Nurses Association 11-1V5 Publicity Committee 111. ADKINS, NANCY LYNN Memphis, Tenn. Speech Therapy, B. S. Class Secretary H5 Class Vice-President IV5 Alpha Chi 111- 1V5 Zeta Phi Eta 11-1V, Vice-President 1115 Pi Lambda Theta 111-1V5 Delian Club 11-1V5 Dean's List 1-1V5 Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universitiesg Stunts 1-1V5 Redbud Princess 1-1115 Texas MSM Secretary 111-1V5 Wesley Players 11-1V5 Class Cheerleader 1115 Speech Club Vice-President 1115 Speech Therapy Club 111-1V5 Special Cita- tion for Outstanding Service in Speech Therapy 1115 Posture Queen Finalist 11-111. ALFORD, KATHRYN JOANNE Houston English, B. A. Stunts 1115 Fannin Hall Vesper Song Leader5 Omega Rho Alpha 1-1V5 Kappa Epsilon Mu 1-IV5 Tau Beta Sigma I11- 1V5 Athenaeum Literary-Social Club 111-IV5 Lass-O Band 11-1V5 All College Chorus 1-1V5 TWU Scholarship 15 Hous- ton Women's Club Scholarship 15 B Average 1-115 English Department Student Assistant 15 Chemistry and Physics De- partment Student Assistant 11-IV5 Sponsorship Program 1115 Rifle Club 15 Rusk Swim Team 11. QV i . , A I vyltg .. ..,. Q: ,.,- A . . . . .. , . ,. f ay: i 1 r ' l sv, if . , .f,. Q- 4,N, ,..,, L... . .gg A V . ,Q if +5 .x I. .V rl C5 V - V -1. 7' J V. A :vi ww - 1- v . Y 1 r, li 3 A Q . ,Q L I f 5. : t 'T' 1' 3 . , - r s 'P i film 9 '1 f x I ',!' . 'ff f :S f i .t R . ' " If,-, Q f ,J . Q, J ' 2 , ' if A r ., 2. ?f ,g,-A V 5, 5 5 4 A " t. A , ' Au UVA 'jfs 4 W 5 -Z. ARCHER, BEVERLY Naples Sociology, B. S. Redbud Princess Nominee 1115 Round Table Secretary 1V5 Student Council of Social Activities IV5 Junior Class Treas- urer 1115 Who's Who Nominee IV5 East Texas Club 15 Sociological Society 1-1V5 Alpha Kappa Delta 111-1V5 Delian Literary-Social Club Best Pledge, Pledge President, Treas- urer, Rush Captain, President 1-IV5 Citizenship League 115 Stunts 1-1V5 Dean's List 1-115 B Average List 1-1V5 Student Assistant 11-IV5 Capps Hall Religious Council 15 Basketball Club 1-IV5 Volleyball Club 1-1115 Softball Club 1-IV5 Varsity 15 Hockey Club 1-IV5 Tennis Club 1-115 Bridge Club IV5 Badminton Club 111. ATKINSON, MARGARET LOUISE Caripito, Venezuela General Business, B. S. AUGHTRY, NICKIE KAREN Gainesville Merchandising, B. S Professional Business Women's Club 111-1V5 Philomathia Literary-Social Club 111-IV5 Merchandising Club 1-1V5 Resi- dential Assistant 115 Student Council of Social Activities 111. AVERYT, MRS. JUDY LONGHOFER Donna Nursing, B. S. Redbud Princess 115 Rio Grande Valley Club 1-IV5 Nursing Club 1-1V5 Gamma Delta 1-IV5 B Average List I1-1V5 Dean's List 1115 Parkland Student Council 11-1115 Parkland Recreation-Finance Committee 11-1115 Parkland Student Body Treasurer 1115 Women's Recreation Association Representa- tive 15 Softball Club 15 Bowling Club 15 Texas Nursing Stu- dents' Association 11-IV. BAKER, BARBARA JANE El Paso Home Economics Education, B. S. Villager's Club II-III, Reporter III, Home Economics Club II-IV, Student Assistant II-III. BALDRIDGE, CAROLYN GAIL Rose Bud, Ark. Sociology, B. S. Arkansas Club IV, Sociology Club II-IV, Athenaeum Liter- ary-Social Club IV, Basketball Club I, B Average List III- IV, Dean's List IV, Corn Huskin' III-IV, Gold Rush IV, Sponsorship Program III. BARNETT, BARBARA CATHRYN Karnes City Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Occupational Therapy Club I, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IV, Basketball Club I-IV, Volleyball Club I-IV, Tennis Club I-IV, Golf Club I-IV, Fencing I-II, Bowling IV, Varsity Basketball Team III, WRA Board III-IV, Stunts II-IV, Gold Rush Carnival Va- riety Show II, Corn Huskin' Bee Committee Chairman III- IV, Senior Breakfast Program Cast III. BARRERA, FRANCES il. Harlingen Kindergarten-Primary Education, B, S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, Treasurer IV, Association for Childhood Education III, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club II-IV, President III, All College Chorus II, Newman Club I, Round Table III. ,' ' If I- f: L 4 , l 11 1, iq I 1. QP" l , I li' 'Q. 'h Q '. it -- 1 c , C w ' 9 9 :. A F R .S 'B r 1 il 1' f' 1 R V KLA '1f!A"'l.x5 afS4xf.O-Xcjfs A L. x A LA BARRERA, ROMANITA Santa Rosa Kindergarten-Primary Education, B, S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-II, Association for Childhood Education I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer IV, All College Chorus I-II, Newman Club I-II, IV. BARLETT, SELMA YVONNE Dallas Upper Elementary Education, B. S. Sophomore Council II, Floor Counselor CRuskj II, Rusk Treasurer, Delian Literary-Social Club II-IV, President III, Stunts II-III, Student Finance Council II, Round Table III, Association for Childhood Education I-IV, Alpha Kappa Delta III-IV, Pi Lambda Theta III-IV, Baptist Student Union President, BSU Executive Council I-III, Dean's List I, B Average List. BAUGH, MRS. LEAH FIELDER Dumas Home Economics Education, B. S. Redbud Princess II, Home Economics Education Club, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Dean's List II-IV. BEALL, JIMMIE Fort Worth Nursing, B. S. Dormitory Sing Song I, Dormitory Floor Chairman I, Corn Huskin' Sing Song II, Nursing Club I, Texas Nursing Stu- dents' Association II-IV, Citizenship League IV, Dean's List I, III, B Average List I-III, Parkland Curriculum Com- mittee IV, Parkland House and Uniform Committee II. BEAMER, MARY CAROLYN San Antonio Nursing, B. S. Class Beauty Finalist IIIQ Redbud Princess Ig Dormitory Religious Chairman Ig Dormitory Social Chairman. Ig San Antonio Club IVQ Nursing Club I-IVg Texas Nursing Stu- dents' Association I-IVQ Citizenship League IVQ Kappa Epsi- lon Mu Ig B Average I, IIIQ Nursing Class Secretary IIg Parkland Student Council IIIg Parkland Nominating Com- mittee III. BEARD, MARY Lexington, Ky. Library Science, B. S. Library Science Club II-IVg Alpha Beta Alpha IVg Adel- phian Literary-Social Club III-IV. BERNHARDI, FRANCES Fort Worth Child Development and Nursing Education, B. S. BLACK, SONIA FRANCES Brownsville Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, B. S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IVg Maid of Cotton Nominee Ilg Class Beauty Nominee IIg Stunts IIIQ Rio Grande Valley Club I-IIQ Art Club I-IIQ Clothing and Textiles Club IVQ Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club II-IVQ So- cial Representative IVg Presbyterian Student Association I-IIg B Average IVg Student Council of Social Activities Secretary- Treasurer IVg Student Assistant I-IIg Cone Mills Project III-IVQ Facho's Project IIIQ Lorche's Project IV. V , H I r . Aga.. txt- A 'ij' if Aui'Q9A4-t"'- R DQ 4 I Q I v 5 an , t . ' a. W 1 l v 1 i' 'X i i ' . 0 W a qv" 0 5 'i .1 1 . Q v A ' ' A 4 1 j Q Q . ,J ' . fs r - Q t N 6 5 JA 45 Elk exlxjj ta, " A ' A A. 'ff K BOBBITT, CHARLENE Port Isabel Elementary Education, B. S. Association for Childhood Education I-IV, Secretary III. BOEDEKER, JOYCE LAURENE Kermit 'Speech Education, B. S. Stunts I-IIIQ Makeup Chairman II-IIIg Redbud Makeup Chairman IIg Speech Club I-IVQ Zeta Phi Eta II-IV, Presi- dent IIIg Adelphian Literary-Social Club II-IIIg Rifle Club IV' Daflio Guild III. BOERNER, GENEVIEVE ELLEN San Antonio Pre-Medical fBiological Sciencesj, B. A. Redbud Princess IIg Cotton Ball Duchessg Sayers Hall President Ilg Freshman Counselor Ilg Student Council IIg Dormitory Religious Chairman Ig San Antonio' Club IVQ Biology Club I-IVQ Beta Beta Beta II-IVg Chaparral Liter- ary-Social Club II-IVQ Citizenship League IVg Dean's List Ig B Average Ilg General Tuition Scholarship Ig Student Assist- antship II-IVQ Lass-O Band Ig Stunts I-Hg Gold Rush Float Committee. BOUCHER, MARTHA Timpson Sociology, B. S. Redbud Princess II-IIIQ Sociology Club II-IVg Secretary IVQ French Club III-IV, Secretary-Treasurer IVQ Citizen- ship League IVQ Stunts II-IVg Corn I-Iuskin' I-IVg Fresh- man Talent Assembly I. BOYD, DEANNA ALYCE Lewisville History, B. A. Redbud Princess I, Cotton Ball Duchess II, Student Coun- cil of Religious Activities, Roundtable Executive Board, Vil- lager's Club I, History Club Secretary II, Alpha Lambda Delta I-II, Historian-Reporter, Alpha Chi III, Pi Lambda Theta III, Omega Rho Alpha I-II, Athenaeum Literary- Social Club II-IV, Delegate to State TFWC Convention, Citizenship League II-IV, Vice-President II, President III, Dean's List I-IV, Freshman Scholarship, Baptist Student Union Citizenship Chairman, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities IV. BOYD, ELLEN MAE Weslaco Music Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, Music Club, I-IV, Vice- President II, Sigma Alpha Iota Il-IV, President III, Vice- President IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, Alpha Chi III-IV, President IV, Adelphian Club II-IV, Treasurer III, Modern Choir I-IV, accompanist II-IV, Lass-O Band II-III, Band Council III, Serenaders III, Mary Gibbs Jones Music Scholarship I-II, IV, Theodore Presser Foundation Scholar- ship III, Dean's List I-IV, A Average I, Class Stunts II-IV, Round Table II-IV, Freshman Sponsor II-IV, Corn Huskin' Sing Song I-II, IV, Piano Recital II, NGPT Audition Win- ner I-IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. BROOKS, DARLA JEAN Dallas Speech, Radio-T. V., B. S. Freshman Counselor II, Stunts I-IV, Round Table IV, Floor Chairman III, Freshman Theatre I, Student Council IV, Gold Rush Carnival I-IV, Verse Speaking Choir II-III, Nativity Pageant II-III, Speech Club II-IV, Zeta Phi Eta III, IV, President IV, Aglaian Club II-IV, Radio Guild III-IV, Vice-President III, Station Manager IV, B Average I. BROWN, MARTHA LOU Wink Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Club I-IV, Aglaian Literary-Social Club II-IV, Vice-President III, junior Forum Vice-President III, Stunts II-IV. BROWN, MRS. MARY EVELYN Dallas Elementary Education, B. S Association for Childhood Education. BROWN, NELL Marshall Journalism, B. A. East Texas Club I, Floor Chairman III, Journalism Club II, IV, Le Cercle Francais I, II, III, Alpha Lambda Delta I-II, Omega Rho Alpha I, II, Theta Sigma Phi III-IV, Phi Sigma Iota IV, Kappa Alpha Mu III-IV, Round Table IV, Athenaeum II-III, Psychology Club I, Philosophy Club I-III, Citizenship League II, Dean's List I-II, B Average List III, Scholarship I-II, Lass-O Reporter II-III, Photographer III, Section Editor III, Day Editor IV, Alpha Lambda Delta Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi President IV, Kappa Alpha Mu Secretary, Mademoiselle College Board I-IV, Stunts II. BROWN, OMILOU Mt. Pleasant Occupational Therapy, B. S. Social Chairman of Bonham Hall III, Rusk System Social Chairman Summer III, O. T. Club, Skating Club I, Texas Federation of Women's Club Therapy Scholarship III-IV, Nu Phi Mu President of Beta Sigma Phi III-IV. BRYSON, JOSEPHINE Asheville, N. C. Merchandising, B S. Floor Chairman II, Cosmopolitan Club II, Merchandising Club II-IV, Professional Business Womerfs Club III-IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club II-IV. 5 x Q 1 M, ,' Q 4 s . fl f ' tv I 'gx - ' In , .- -., ,v'- ' H . ' ' " 4' ':. - ! Q 0 Y I f I - 9- F It 5 - Q I ' ' ' , Na 1 I X A ' ' ' A '- BURKHART, WILLOUISE Jacksonville, Fla. Sociology, B. S. Occupational Therapy Club l, Florida Club I-lV, Socio- logical Society ll-IV, Adelphian Literary-Social Club ll-IV. BURNETT, CHARLOTTE ANN Abilene Nursing, B. S. Texas Nursing Students' Association ll-IV, National Stu- dent Nurses Association ll-lV, Nursing Club I-IV, Bowling Club I, B Average Ill, Dean's List Ill, Parkland Recreation and Finance Committee lll. BYINGTON, DOLORES MORRIS Falfurrias Elementary Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Association for Childhood Educa- tion, History Club, Adelphian Literary-Social Club II-IV, Newman Club I-IV, Stunts, Corn Huskin', Parliamentarian, Rio Grande Valley Club. CABELLO, ALICIA Laredo Upper Elementary Education, B. S. Laredo Club, Association for Childhood Education, History Club, Newman Club III-IV, Chorus III, Modern Dance Club I, Laredo Club President. 1, 'sv to Q , .' .-4 ,4 Q r .-" ' V I .. v 4' -- - . .1 .Lf g 'A -JE:',R I 1 CADENA. JOSEPHA Mercedes General Business, B. S Redbud Princess III, A Sz M Cotton Ball Duchess III, Rusk Treasurer II, Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, Vice- President, La Junta II-IV, L'Allegro II-IV, Best Pledge II. CAMPBELL, DORCAS A. Minden, La. Home Economics Education, B. S. Student Council of Social Activities III, Dormitory Re- ligious Council II, Roundtable III, Home Economics Club I-IV, Home Economics Education Club I-IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron II-IV, Recording Secretary III, Vice-President IV, Athenaeum II-IV, President III, SCSA Representative IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu III, Danforth Fellowship IV, Posture Queen Nominee II, Stunts I-IV, Co-chairman Costumes I, Chairman II, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities IV. CARPER, BARBARA ANNE Oklahoma City, Okla. Nursing, B. S. Texas Nursing Students' Association II-IV, Dallas-Tyler Region, Fencing Club I, Citizenship League IV, Lass-O Band I, IV, Serenaders I, B Average List I-IV, Dean's List III-IV, Junior Class Treasurer at Parkland Ill, Parkland Recreation and Finance Committee III, CASAS, LUCILA Benavides Sociology, B S.. Cheerleader IV, Residential Assistant III-IV, Student As- sistant IV, Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, Reporter III, Secretary IV, Sociological Society II-IV, Adelphian Club II-IV, Secretary II, Vice-President III, Pledge Captain IV, All College Chorus I-III, Newman Club I-IV, Tennis Club I-IV, Riding Club III, Stunts II-IV, Gold Rush Carnival Committees I-IV, Corn Huskin' III-IV, Junior Forum III. CASEY, ROSANNE ELIZABETH Munich, Germany Speech Therapy, B. S. Freshman Counselor II5 Residential Assistant 115 Stoddard Hall Secretary IV5 Stoddard Hall President Summer 1115 Speech Club I-11, IV5 Omega Rho Alpha 1-115 Chaparral Literary-Social Club 1-11, IV5 Dallas Society for Crippled Children Scholarship, TWU General Scholarship5 Freshman Writer 15 Stunts 115 Christmas Pageant5 Freshman Theatre I5 Gold Rush Carnival 11, IV5 Dormitory Sing Song 1, IV5 Student Assistant 1. CAVAZOS, ALICIA McAllen Music Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club 1-1V5 Music Club 1-1V5 L'Allegro Literary-Social Club 11-IV5 Modern Choir 1-IV5 La Junta Club 115 Softball Club 115 Basketball Club IV5 Sing Song Assistant Accompanist 115 Newman Club IV5 Representative from Foreign Language Department to State Fair 11, CAVENDER, MARILYN Fort Worth Music Education, B. S. Stunts 1-1V5 Choral Director 1115 Gold Rush Carnival, Booth Committee I5 Dormitory Sing Song Contest 15 Dormi- tory Floor Chairman 115 Corn Huskin' Sing Song 11, IV5 Round Table 1115 Redbud Festival Princess 111, Program Committee 1115 Howdy Dinner Program Director IV5 Fort Worth Club Secretary 15 Music Club 1-IV, President 1115 Texas Federation of Music Clubs,'District Convention Ac- companist 11, Panelist 1115 Texas Federation of Music Clubs State Convention Representative 1115 Sigma Alpha Iota 11- 1V, Philomathia Club 11-IV5 Modern Choir 1-IV5 Vice-Presi- dent 1115 President IV5 Opera Workshop-Sister Angelca- Accompanist 115 Mary Gibbs jones Scholarship, Dean's List 1-115 B Average List 1115 Who's Who Among Colleges and Universitiesg National Guild of Piano 'Teachers Audition Win- ner 1-IV. CHAMBERS, ALICE RUTH Margarita. Canal Zone Nursing, B. S. National Nursing Students' Associationg Texas Nursing Students' Association 1-IV5 Alpha Lambda Delta 15 Class Parliamentarian at Parkland 115 Parkland Student Council II15 Parkland Class Treasurer IV5 Parkland Recreation and Finance Council IV. 1 A 4 , . 5 . . 5 . , x ' 1 ' . I , I 'tw at AA JJ .AL x5 A A CHELIUS, MARILYN LOIS Los Alamos, N. M. Mathematics, B. A. E. V. White Mathematics Club President IV. CHERRY, MARTHA FRANCES Garland Business Education, B. S. Cheer Leader 1-11, IV5 Capps Hall President 115 Freshman Counselor 115 Student Council of Social Activities Vice-Presi- dent5 Student Council 115 Professional Business Woman's Club5 Chaparral Literary-Social Club 11-IV, SCSA Represen- tative IV5 Redbud Princess 11-IV. CHRISTIANCY, CARROLL LEE Fort Worth Speech, Drama, B. S. Technical Stunts Director 115 Rusk Songleader 1115 Stod- dard Student Finance Council Representative IV5 Stunts 11- 1V5 Florida Club 115 Speech Club 1-IV5 Omega Rho Alpha 15 Sigma Tau Delta 115 Zeta Phi Eta 111-IV, Secretary 1V5 Pi Lambda Theta IV5 Freshman Writer 15 Dean's List 1-IV, Speech Department Student Assistant 11-IV5 Head of Speech Department Publicity 11-IV5 Production Award, Speech Awards Banquet 111. CLABORN, VERNA LOU A Kerrville Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society. CLARK, ANN Center Voice, B. S. Floor Chairman II, Gold Rush Carnival Committee II, Modern Dance Vocal Soloist III, East Texas Club I-IV, Opera Workshop I-IV, Chorus I-III, Music Club I-IV, Sere- naders II, Omega Rho Alpha I-II, Daughters of TWU Alum- nae I-IV, Presbyterian Student Association I-IV, Dean's List I. COCO, LUCY JO Beaumont Costume Design, Fashion Illustration, Art Education, B. S. Redbud Princess I, Sponsorship Program, Houston Club I, Art Club I-IV, Delta Phi Delta III-IV, Historian and Vice- President, III-IV, Modern Dance Club I, Caperettes I-III, B Average I-III, General Scholarship I-II, Newman Club I-IV, President, Delta Phi Delta Delegate to National Convention III, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. CODINA, ROSA MARIA Mission Home Economics Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club, Home Economics Club, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club, Newman Club, Cotton Ball Representa- tive III, RGC President III. COLEMAN, EVA Tolar Speech, B. A. Speech Club IV, Treasurer, Transfer III. I l ' -' 'K' ..,A.', V4 'f A if Y ' . "X, l, -. 1 -'ET at fiiw 4 L M95 P A iisw - O MAT 5, I :far -'je iii", fy' " 'wi ivy' hi". J JH! 9, .',5'.fz S -'f 1 :H . gi .-3 f- i tk .Qi Y. A 4... its A .5 a ri nmao T I l COMEAUX, CAROL ANN LHPOITC l'aa.........-.., . Q wmmMX,vi. it...f -fi,--it sis,--fs. iw Elementary Education, B. A. Floor Chairman II, Houston-Galveston Club I, Association for Childhood Education IV, History Club IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club II-IV, Treasurer IV, Citi- zenship League IV, Le Cercle Francais IV, Stunts III, Gold Rush Carnival Committees I-III, B Average II-III, Sponsor- ship Program III. CONDRON, TOMMYE FLORENCE Throckmorton Nursing, B. S. Texas Nursing Students' Association I-IV, Nursing Club I, Parkland Member of Subcommittee of the Curriculum Com- mittee, Methodist Student Movement I, B Average List and Dean's List I-II, Parkland Recreation-Finance Committee IV. CONNALLY, PEGGY SUE Glen Rose Nursing, B. S. Dormitory Vespers Chairman I, Texas Nursing Students' Association I-IV, Nursing Club I, Baptist Student Union I-II, Secretary I, Vice-President II. CONNER, BOBBIE JEAN Vlfoodville journalism, B. S. Editor-in-Chief, Daedalian Annual IV, Assistant Editor Daedalian Annual II, Daily Lass-O Reporter I-II, Lass-O Photographer II, Lass-O Amusements Editor II, Lass-O Society Editor II, Lass-O Co-Freshman Page Editor II, Lass-O Monday Editor IV, Class Officer Nominating Com- mittee II, Journalism Club I-IV, Secretary II, Kappa Alpha Mu II-IV, Publicity Chairman IV, Delegate to National Con- vention II, Theta Sigma Phi Vice-President IV, Philomathia Literary-Social Club II-IV, Dean's List II, Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Award and Scholarship II, Gold Rush Booth Com- mittee II, Freshman Sponsor II, Texas Chemical Council In- dustrial Internship II, Round Table IV, Student Council IV, Who's Who Nominee. COOKE, MELITA Dallas Nursing, B. S. Redbud Princess I, HI, Parkland Student Council III, IV, Parkland Student Body Secretary III, Parkland Senior Class President IV, Delegate to Texas Nursing Students' Associa- tion III, TNSA Membership I-IV, Baptist Student Union II-III, Home Demonstration Club I, Corn Huskin' Sing Song I . COOPER, MARTHA J. McKinney Nursing, B. S. Junior Class Historian IH, Senior Class Parliamentarian IV, Parkland Curriculum Committee, Texas Nursing Stu- dents' Association I-IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, Omega Rho Alpha I-H, Dean's List I-II, Second Semester III, Freshman Writer. COPELAND. ADA JOYCE Midland Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Education Club I-IV, Student Council of Religious Activities Treasury I-IH, Lass-O Band II-III. COPENHAVER, E'LANE Brownsville Occupational Therapy, B. S. Floor Chairman II, Round Table Alternate II, Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, Secretary III, Vice-President IV, Occupa- tional Therapy Club I-IV, Delian Literary-Social Club III-IV, Tennis Club I, Bowling Club II, Bridge Club IV, Citizenship League III, Basketball I, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarship III-IV, Occupational Therapy Paper, Sophomore Editor II, Editor-in-Chief IV, B Average III-IV, Gold Rush Carnival Sing Song I, Freshman Sponsor II-III, American Occupational Therapy Association III-IV, Texas Occupa- tional Therapy Association HI-IV, Student Delegate to State Occupational Therapy Convention II, Pediatric Affiliation at Driscoll Children's Hospital III, Stunts I-IV. 9 9 f- , , B Griik O U ce T.: ev. . , t, U Q . t t ou . 1' Tux ' if i' ' - l . i i .,-- ". -' ' 4 -., 0" ' A i ,A K 5 A .I T- A s. 1 x l :I - 5 .5 f 3 5 ,g f 3 5 9 if ,. A F t V All -,rfx-ff: it 5 S,,Cf.-ff: 'li ' 4 A t t A A A CORBIN, MARGARET Abbott Home Economics Education, B. S. Religious Council Houston Hall II, Floor Chairman II Summer, Home Economics I-IV, Home Economics Educa- tion Club I-IV, Basketball Club. COWART, WANDA San Benito Home Economics Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club IV, Home Economics Education Club IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club IV, Student Council of Religious Activities HI, Redbud Princess III, Stunts III, Cone Mills Style Show III. COX, DOROTHY ANN Bay City Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Club H-IV, Vice President IV, Home Economics Education Club H-IV, Philomathia Literary-Social Club IH-IV, Treasurer IV, B Average III, Bay City Study Club Scholarship I, Redbud Princess III. CRAGIN, ANN Cuero General Business, B. S. Redbud Princess II-HI, Dormitory Sing Song I-IV, Cam- pus Government Association Nominating Committee H, Dor- mitory Religious Council II, Women's Recreation Association Representative II, Sponsorship Program II-IV, Sophomore Council II, Dormitory House Council III, Floor Chairman HI, Fire Warden IV, Professional Business Women's Club II-IV, Roundtable IV, Merchandising Club II-IV, President IV, General Scholarship IV, Stunts II-IV, Gold Rush Com- mittee H-IV, Corn Huskin' Bee Contests H-IV, Student As- sistant HI-IV, Residential Assistant II, Class Secretary IV. CROSS, SHIRLEY ANN Big Spring Nursing, B. S. South Plains-Panhandle Club I, TWU Student Nurses' Association I-IV, Dallas-Tyler Regional Student Nurses' As- sociation I-IV, Texas Student Nurses' Association I-IV, Na- tional Student Nurses' Association I-IV, Ballroom Dance Club I, Kappa Epsilon Mu I, Social Chairman I, Nightingales II, Dormitory Chorus I, B Average IV, Fire Warden I, Class Officer Nominee III, Usher for Freshman Theatre I, Usher for Stunts II, Sports Show I. CULBREA'TH, MARY LOUISE Stanton, Tenn. Advertising Design, B. S. Art Club I-IV, Tennessee Club I, Residential Assistant III. DAVIDSON, MARY Pasadena Speech Education, B. S. Smith-Carroll Secretary III, Houston Club I, Speech Club I-IV, Zeta Phi Eta II-IV, Radio Guild III-IV, Zeta Phi Eta Treasurer II-III, Stunts I-III, Christmas Pageant I-III, Corn Huskin' III-IV. DAVIES, DIANE KATHERINE Dallas Library Science, B. A. and B. S. Stunts I, III-IV, Dallas Club I, E. V. VVhite Math Club I-IV, Treasurer IV, Alpha Beta Alpha III-IV, Treasurer IV, Pi Lambda Theta IV, Treasurer, Kappa Mu Epsilon IV, President, Synchronized Swimming Club III, Freshman Mathematics Achievement Award I, Teen Age Library As- sociation Scholarship III-IV, Sponsorship Program II, IV, Round Table IV, Wh0's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. .o H 0 w R H rt. 11 .dim J., .1 - .. . DAVIS, BETTY Perrin Home Economics Education, B. S. Floor Chairman IV, Home Economics Education Club III-IV, Publicity Committee IV, Home Economics Club III-IV, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship IV, B Average III, Transfer Student III, Sponsorship Program IV. DAVIS, MARILYN Forney Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. DEFOREST, AMBER Galveston Biological Sciences, B. A. Class Treasurer II, Redbud Princess I-III, Floor Chairman II-III, Biology Club, Alpha Lambda Delta I, Pi Lambda Theta Vice'President III, Alpha Chi Secretary III, Beta Beta Beta III-IV, President III, Secretary IV, Chaparral Literary-Social Club II-IV, Reporter III, Chaplain IV, Caperettes III, Citizenship League IV, Representative to Baylor May Day III, All University Nominating Committee II-III, Stunts I-IV, Dean's List I-IV, Junior Beauty Nomi- nee, Senior Council, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. de la TORRE, JOSEFA La Concepcion, Chiriqui, Panama Home Economics, B. S. and B. A. DIBOWSKI, JEAN CHARLOTTE Delair, N. English, B. A. Cosmopolitan Club Ig English Club II, IVQ Sociological Society III, IVg Omega Rho Alpha I-IIg Psychology Club Ig Philosophy Clubg Citizenship League II-IV, Library Student Assistant II-IVg Stunts III, Methodist Student Movement III-IV, Gold Rush Carnival II, IV. DICKENS, PAT Lexington, Ky. Sociology, B. S. Cosmopolitan Clubg Sociological Societyg Alpha Kappa Deltag Citizenship League. DIPPEL, EVELYN Dallas Occupational Therapy, B. S. Dormitory Religious Council II, Freshman Sponsor II-IIIQ Dallas Club Ig Occupational Therapy Club I-IV, Beta Beta Beta II-IV, Treasurer IIIg Mary Eleanor Brackenridge II-IVQ Bowling Club Ig Stunts III, Presbyterian Student As- sociation I-IIIg Dean's List I-II'Ig American Occupational Therapy Association I-IVg Texas Occupational Therapy As- sociation III-IV. DITTRICH, HUBERTA Clifton Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Club III-IV, Home Economics Education Club III-IV, Phi Upsilon Omicrong B Average III. 1 NN' . ,' ' , 1, 'I 'Q' F gg .. - . -- . . as ' I ,, J ., Ox.. 4 - .ci P.. gm X 0 ' D- u T li Q. ,,,,, Vi I' ' 7- A -. -,' 9.1 9s!gs.B fn il ' fu gl 9'fllx-':"f'91ff:Eisi..B fb 13, " bm.-. rp.-NA YQ 525Q1."2Q 'Am'tr1.'4j4'9"A"f4f sZ f. DOMINGUEZ, JUANITA ALICE Port Arthur Merchandising, B. S. Stunts IIIg Merchandising Club III-IVg Sigma Pi Beta III-IVg Adelphian Literary-Social Club III-IV, Secretary IVQ Caperettes III-IVg Newman Club III-IV, Vice-President IV, Dean's List III. DOWNEY, DOROTHY JO Denton Elementary Education, B. S. Association for Childhood Education III-IV. DULIN, PATRICIA A. Hyattsville, Md. Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society II-IVQ Alpha Kappa Delta IV, New- man Club II-IVQ Dean's List III, B Average III. DUNN, ELANOR COOK Dallas Elementary Education, B. S. French Club Ig Bowling Club II, Stunts IIIg ACE I-IVQ Adelphian Literary-Social Club III-IV. lil .ff . 241 ix Q xl I O19 ii .L -5 tx A. it .ta A ft-'mlb Q' 4 "J'Z-'."'i7f.'.-- 'Ml DUNN, JANET RUTH Pecos Nursing, B. S. Nursing Club I-IV, Texas Nursing Students' Association II-IV, Citizenship League, Parkland Publicity Chairman for Class II, Library Committee Chairman at Parkland III, Stu- dent Council of Religious Activities Representative I. DURHAM, MARTHA LYNN Denton Nursing, B. S. Redbud Princess I, III, Villager's Club I-III, National Student Nurses' Association I-IV, Texas Nursing Students' Association I-IV, Parkland Student Council II, Dean's List I-II, Cotton Ball Duchess I-III, Nursing Class Secretary III, Villager's Club Secretary I. EICHMAN, LaRHUE Belen, N. M. Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society II-IV, Alpha Kappa Delta IV, Athe- naeum Literary-Social Club III-IV, President IV, Profes- sional Business Women's Club IV, Psychology Club I, Dean's List III, B Average III-IV, Round Table IV, Residential Assistant II-IV, Student Redbud Queen Judge III, Stunts III-IV, Corn Huskin' I, Sponsorship Program II-III. ELLIS, GENEVA ANN Fort Worth Mathematics, B. A. 3 L do J 2 A U wr Q 1 ' ' ' i ,,' t z ' K - s a Q5 6 . I f 3,2 ,, S' "'. ex ' 1 1 4 a 3 V, ' Q . 0 Q, v . . ' '- H -' -. 1 ,I 5. t ,O ESTRELLAS, PATSY JEANNETTE Lampasas Elementary Education, B. S. Floor Counselor CRuskJ I, Floor Counselor CRuskJ III, Vespers Chairman II-I, Residential Assistant IV, Association for Childhood Education III-IV, Social Vice-President IV, Redbud Judge I. FALCON, MARIA OBDULIA Corpus Christi History, B. A. Rio Grande Valley Club, History Club, L'Allegro Literary- Social Club, Citizenship League, Lajunta Club, L'Allegro Vice-President. FARLEY, ELIZABETH ANN Muleshoe Secretarial Administration, B. S. Cotton Ball Duchess III, Floor Chairman III, Class Officer Nominee III, Panhandle-South Plains Club I-II, Professional Business Women's Club II-IV, President IV, Social Repre- sentative III, Sigma Pi Beta III-IV, Secretary-Treasurer III, Adelphian Literary-Social Club II-IV, Historian-Reporter II, Secretary III, Vice-President IV, Citizenship League IV, B Average I, Dean's List II-IV, Class Stunts II-IV, Fresh- man Sponsor II-IV, Round Table Executive Committee IV, Junior Forum IV, Department of Business and Economics Student Assistant III-IV. FARRAR, SUE Lillie, La. Foods and Nutrition, B. S. Home Economics Club, Dietetics Club, Transfer III. FIELDER, ROWENA Denton Nursing, B. S. Redbud Princess II-III, May Queen of Parkland Staff Resi- dence II, Class Treasurer II, Class Treasurer IV, Parkland Recreation-Finance Committee II-III, Secretary III, Vil- lager's Club I, Nursing Club I, Texas Nursing Students' As- sociation II-IV, National Student Nurses' Association II-IV, Wesley Foundation I, Methodist Student Movement I, Dean's List III. FITZPATRICK, MRS. CAROLE Denton Sociology, B. S. Canterbury Association I-III, A.C.E. I-III, Treasurer II, Dormitory Religious Council III. FLEMING, MARY GLEN Abilene Music Education, B. S. Redbud Princess I, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee II-IV, Freshman Talent Assembly I, Freshman Counselor II, Stunts I-IV, Corn Huskin' Bee Sing Song I, III-IV, Round Table II, Student Council of Social Activities IV, Music Club I-IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I-III, President II, Senior Advisor III, Alpha Chi III-IV, Treasurer IV, Sigma Alpha Iota II-IV, Treasurer III, Yearbook Chairman IV, Philomathia Literary- Social Club III-IV, SCSA Representative IV, Modern Choir I-IV, Secretary II, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship I-II, Dean's List I-IV, Residential Assistant III, Student Assistant III-IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. FLORES, HORTENSIA Eagle Pass Spanish, B. A. Laredo Club, La Junta Club, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Hierary-Social Club, Newman Club, La Junta Club Secretary rg tue si tj r Q 9 . ., ,Q 1 J.. 4 it L H- - A.. A ...l P.. .,-', J ' 9, ' I ' " "' Q ' ' NSW 9a f L . 1 fa Vcle IA 4 gk: s',NfA Aye Q Savcx IN: IAS 4 sr X A I ,sl.N!A ,xg I K FLORES, OMBELINDA MARIA Falfurrias Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. FORD, GERRY Longview Occupational Therapy, B. S. Redbud Princess II, Sophomore Council II, Cheerleader III, East Texas Club I, Occupational Therapy Club, Occupa- tional Therapy Club Display and Correlating Committee Chairman III, Parliamentarian IV, Mary Eleanor Bracken- ridge Literary-Social Club II-IV, Best Pledge II, Treasurer III, Pledge Captain III, Vice-President IV, Symphony I, Lass-O Band II, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Schol- arship III, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarship IV, Occupational Therapy Newsletter Distribution Editor II, Stunts II-IV, Corn Huskin' Sing 'Song I, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Round Table IV, Junior Forum President IV, Texas Inter- collegiate Student Association Representative-at-large III-IV, Texas Occupational Therapy Association, American Occupa- tional Therapy Association, Gold Rush Variety Show III. FORTNER, ELIZABETH ANN Tyler Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Freshman Counselor II, Class Cheerleader III, Capps Hall President II, Student Council II, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club President IV, Delian Lit- erary-Social Club II-IV, Treasurer IV, Citizenship League II-III, Secretary III, B Average II-III, Stunts I-II, Softball Club I-III, Volleyball Club I-III, Basketball Club I-III, Hockey Club I-IV, Varsity IV, Badminton Club III, Bicycle Club Manager III, Bowling Club III-IV, Manager, Women's Recreation Association Board III-IV, Tumbling Club III-IV, Folk Dance Club IV, Synchronized Swimming Club Land Crew III, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. FRANDOLIG, MARY GENE Aransas Pass Business Education, B. S. Stunts I, Professional and Business Women's Club IV. -as K FQ FRY, WILLIE RUTH Brownwood Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Education Club I-IV. FUDGE, HOPE Houston Occupational Therapy, B. S. All-Campus Nominating Committee III, Class Officer Nom- inee III, Cotton Ball Duchess Nominee III, Round Table III, Houston Club I, Occupational Therapy Club I-IV, Vice-Pres- ident II, President III, Modern Choir II-IV, Softball Club II, Bowling Club IV, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Therapy Scholarship II, United Cerebral Palsy Association Scholarship III, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Scholar- ship IV, Occupational Therapy Club Paper Senior Reporter IV, Stunts II-IV, Sponsorship Program II-IV, Gold Rush Carnival Committees III-IV, Corn Huskin' Sing Song I, IV, Methodist Student Movement III, Pediatric affiliation with Dallas Society for Crippled Children III, Texas Occupational Therapy Association III-IV, American Occupational Therapy Association III-IV. GARCIA, MARIA CHRISTINA San Benito Upper Elementary Education, B. S. Newman Club I, Laredo Club II, Rio Grande Club IV, History Club I, Association for Childhood Education I, Chorus II. GARCIA, MARLENE San Antonio Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. A. Newman Club I, Residential Assistant II-IV, HPESLR Pro- fessional Club II-IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary Social Club II-IV. B ' aatt s taaac a t. r rrar f r rir it..s A A ' c.. c.a , s I it s,rs :'r1 ,.,,v- ...,. 'll' ',.',. A I.. H 1 f I ,""",. 'irr 1.. ' 2'rl I - . GATES, BARBARA JANE San Antonio .,. ,mana rr 'A . rr f 'W 'V 'M f Speech and Hearing Therapy, B. S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Best Dressed Nominee III, San Antonio Club IV, Speech Club I-IV, Speech Therapy Club IV, Synchronized Swimming Club II, Tour II, Newman Club I-IV, Vice-President II, Social Chairman II, Secretary IV, Dormitory Religious Representative III, Dormitory Floor Chairman I, House Council Staff I, Stunts I-IV, Sing Song I, III-IV, Class Beauty Selection Committee II, Freshman Theatre I, Corn Huskin' Bee I-II, IV, Gold Rush I-IV. GENTLE, PHYLLIS ANNELLE Prosper Clothing and Costume Design, B. S. Redbud Princess III, Round Table IV, Student Council of Religious Activities IV, Dormitory Vespers Chairman II-III, Floor Chairman II-III, Sponsorship Program III-IV, Home Economics Club I-IV, Treasurer III, President IV, Texas Home Economics College Club Representative II-IV, Texas Home Economist Nominee IV, Art Club I, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Delta Phi Delta III-IV, Clothing and Textile Club I-IV, Vice-President II, Cone Mills Clothing Project and Fashion Shows I-IV, Ike Clark Clothing Project II, Texas Sheep and Goat Raiser's Association Cloth- ing Project III, Lorch Project IV, B Average III, Dean's List III, Stunts I-IV, Gold Rush Carnival I-IV, Golf Club II. GILBERT. GAIL LOUISE Texarkana Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Class Officer Nominee II-III, Dormitory Officer Nominee III, Women's Recreation Association Representative II-III, Sponsorship Program II-IV, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IV, Chaparral Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain IV, Hockey Club, Honorable Mention I, Varsity Reserve II, Varsity III-IV, Badminton Club, II, IV, Vice-President IV, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club Manager IV, B Average III, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Publicity Chairman IV, Synchronized Swimming Touring Group I, Denton County Board of Women Officials, Gold Rush Com- mittees, Tumbling Club II, Outing Club I, Hockey Club Secretary, Corn I-Iuskin' Dormitory Song Contest I-IV, Stunts I-IV. GILMOUR, 'CHARLENE H. "BITSY" Marietta, Ga. Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society III, IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, Alpha Kappa Delta IV, Newman Club I-IV. GIRODENGO, ELMA ELENA San Diego Business Education, B. S. GONZALEZ, ALICIA Laredo Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Laredo Club IV, Association for Childhood Education I, L'Allegro Literary-Social Club II, Newman Club II, All- College Chorus I. GONZALEZ, IMELDA A. Benavides Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Floor Chairman III-IV, Residential Assistant III-IV, Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, HPE8zR Departmental Club I-IV, Pi Lambda Theta IV, Newman Club, Benavides PTA Schol- arship II, General Scholarship IV, Stunts I, B-Average List II, Dean's List III. GOULD, VIRGINIA Silsbee Upper Elementary Education, B. S. Redbud Princess I, Aggie Sweetheart Finalist IV, Associa- tion for Childhood Education II-IV, Athenaeum Literary- Social Club II, Newman Club I, III, IV, B-Average List II- III, Regents Scholarship IV, Floor Chairman III. if .-'it W if . 'U ! - QQX 3 1 1 Q.. ,f I- xy, .fa ".. fq ,,, I I ,. 1' U up . ' ' A -7 . , , ,.,, .,,, , -. -, , . f A x 201- 4 A -as tif" ' -. fav" ' A 2 '42 255' - , Q inf' A an . ' 7 V --- ' ' T' i 'ff' .. I f - C K ' -' - 11.-' ' -"'. ' Z Q -' . - ' ' .V - 1, f 9 W iii -'..SfAU,2 ki :ic-31.6-f'.'-1 'La , I ,,- -'Ai 355,14 ff4NXf'AI?' - ' f,f'f'2, GRAHAM, MARY LOUISE Home Economics Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-III, Home Economics Education Club I-IV, Reporter III, Home Demonstration 4-H Club II-IV, President III-IV, Athenaeum Literary-Social Club II-IV, Historian II, IV, Helen I-I. Swift Scholarship I, B- Average List IV, Stunts I, II, IV, Sing Song II-III, Gold Rush Carnival I-III, Freshman Sponsor III, Rifle Club IV. San Benito GREEN, SHIRLEY ANNE Tyler English, B. A. Redbud Princess II, English Club I-IV, Sigma Tau Delta I-IV, President III-IV, Round Table III-IV, Philomathia Literary-Social Club, Citizenship League, B-Average List II, Dean's List II, Student Assistant II-IV, Freshman Sponsor III. GRISWELL. ROBERTA ANN Wichita Falls Merchandising, B. S. Home Economics Club I, Merchandising Club II-IV, Vice- President IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club II-IV, Historian III, Professional Business Women's Club III-IV, Stunts I-III, Sponsor III-IV. GROTH, IRMGARD Hamburg, Germany Occupational Therapy, B. S. xa'xmma e.ff- afz GUTHRIE, MARY JOYCE Nederland Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, B. S. Art Club II-IV, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Epsilon III-IV, Reed and Barton Essay Contest Winner II, Reed and Barton Contest Representative III-IV, B and PW Scholarship, B Average List, Dean's List, Daedalian Annual Layout Editor IV, Delta Phi Delta National Convention III, Recording Sec- retary IV, Duchess to Cotton Pageant III, Corn Huskin' Sing Song II, Stunts II, Residential Assistant III, Freshman Sponsor IV, Danforth Award Nominee II, Senior Breakfast Advertising IV, Pre-Corps Trip Dance Hostess III. HALL, MRS. ALRENE Tyler Library Science, B. A. Beauty Nominee I-II, Redbud Princess II, Aggie Sweet- heart Nominee II, Stunts I-II, Alpha Beta Alpha, Philo- mathia Literary-Social Club II-IV, Baptist Student Union II. HALL, PATSY SUE Breckenridge Nursing, B. S. House and Uniform Committee II-IV, TNSA II-IV, Nurs- ing Club I-IV, Chemistry Club I-II, Serenaders I, National Student Nurses Association. HALL, PEGGY JANE Breckenridge Nursing, B. S. Floor Chairman IV, House and Uniforms Committee IV, TNSA II-IV, Nursing Club I-II, Chemistry Club I-II, Na- tional Student Nurses Association II, IV. me- f --Qi-""lffff,, "". s .,'- FQ -. i f ,"'1 Q ,lf .ie .1.'.,',' 1.1: iv:'-. ri- 1 -gg.:'i'3fiV' ,-'.. 1 A -L, 5- ' I I - o A i .. 1 -i ' - . ite ...,. . . ' 2+ 2 Amp, ' "' 0"'n""""" ':' "' ' ...,, ,.., - ,mmfifwwnnurg g iiiii TT ,,,,,. "Lf "" 2 "t' ',.: I .',' 'g f "N ' , W " WWW "": ritt' .A "t' ' , ' ' "l" fl . .".1' - 'FF A "9" I' i A- l 4 ,... .,,, V. Li -Vl,', A--1 ,ZA gi :Iwi Q t ,: AV.: J 5 .-,,V 1 g V 4, V K un A , 1 ..-- .,' .,,' Q . ' I " ' I A ,Q Q . We .V:' ,,., ,.. i r..t1 t.i t..i f' . T5 I its .'T1f.f.??5+ff' -iff -af 5 If '59 M... -.. ..... Y V-,,,,g,.u- ,.,-PM --1-,T--an Q K ., , .. 3..,,f,-,.,-,,.:,g - .1..f5".g. . . a ,. - k . ' - . b . . l HARDEN, MARILYN SUE Dallas Nursing, B. S. Parkland Student Council IV, Vice-President III, Junior Nursing Class Vice-President III, Nursing Club I-IV, TNSA, Citizenship League IV. HARDINGER, MAE LOUISE Harlingen Home Economics Education, B. S. Floor Chairman II, IV, Rusk System Dietician III, Rio Grande Valley Club, Home Economics Education Club, Vice- President IV, Tennis Club II-IV, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholar- ship II, IV, Freshman Sponsor IV, Residential Assistant III. HARRIS, FRANCES MAXINE Nursing, B. S. Dallas Club I, Nursing Club I-IV, Texas Nursing Students Association I-IV, B-Average List I-IV. HATINGER, GAYE LENORE Orange Instrumental Music Education, B, S. Student Council III-IV, CGA Treasurer III, Vice-President IV, Freshman Counselor II, Music Club I-IV, Secretary- Treasurer II, Omega Rho Alpha I, II, Alpha Lambda Delta I-II, Reporter-Historian II, Sigma Alpha Iota I-IV, Alpha Chi III-IV, Tau Beta Sigma III-IV, Philomathia Literary- Social Club II-IV, Pledge President II, Symphony Orchestra I, Lass-O Band II-IV, President II, Modern Choir I-III, Serenaders I-IV, Business Manager I, Citizenship League III-IV, French Club III, Dean's List I-IV, General Scholar- ship I-II, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship III, Board of Re- gents Scholarship IV, Who's Who Among Colleges and Uni- versities IV, Freshman Writer's Honorable Mention I, Dor- mitory Sing Song Director I, Stunts Instrumental Music Di- rector I-IV, Freshman Talent Assembly I, Gold Rush Fi- nance Committee Chairman III, Rides Committee Co-Chair- man IV, Variety Show I-II, Sing Song I, IV, Freshman Sponsor III, Sponsorship Committee Chairman IV: Student Assistant I, Summer Residential Assistant I, III, BSU Music Committee II. Garland HELPERT, MARGARET Burlington Upper Elementary Education, B. S. SCRA II, III, Treasurer IIIQ Round Table III, Floor Chairman I, IIIQ Association for Childhood Education III-IV, Programs Vice-President IVQ Alpha Lambda Delta I-II, Omega Rho Alpha Ig Pi Lambda Theta III-IVg Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club II-IV, Newman Club I-IV, President IIIg Texas Social Club II-IV: Newman Club I-IV, President III, Texas Vice-Chairman of Texoma Province III-IVg CGA Scholarship Ig B-Average List I-IIIg Dean's List I, IIIg Lass-O Band II-III. HICKS, SHERRON MATTHEWS Dallas Nursing, B. S. Floor Counselor II, Nursing Club I-IVg Alpha Lambda Delta, SMU Transferg Band-Orchestra Ig TNSA I-IV, B- Average List II-IVg Dean's List III-IVg Curriculum Sub- committee at Parkland II-III. HILL, JANICE ELEANOR Midland Sociology, B. S. Freshman Counselor IIQ SCSA IIQ Redbud Princess II, Round Table Vice-President IVQ Stunts I-IV, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Sociological Society II-IVg Alpha Kappa Delta III-IVQ President IVQ Delian Literary-Social Club II-IVQ Modern Choir II-IVQ Vice-President IV, MSM Vice-President IIIg Freshman Fellowship President Ig B-Average List I-III, Dean's List I-III. HILL, MARTHA LOUISE Alpine Home Economics, B. S. 5 ik , .3 1. V5 gf -.- ,- i ax . .33 up ,p Q E gs" A WW.. I' in ' "Z, 'mfr' ii sf" Ta .34-'W as -"OE i ikwiiiii 'IAII N img i L V 1 Q 1. 'Z' 5 .s ri -.L .ra ' ' ff!! I .3 M x .5 3 I f . at X JA 9' ',.f!Ai""l.Y' 55..G.Cr'1f5 'Ati , 6 A it 'A' " I ,,Vi: HINTON, MARY FAYE Birmingham, Ala. Nursing, B. S. Tennessee Club Ig Nursing Club I-IV, Comet Club Scholar- ship II, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Scholarship IIIQ TNSA I-IVQ National Student Nurses Association II-IVQ Floor Chairman IIg Member of House and Uniform Com- mittee Ilg Judiciary Council Member III. HOLCOMB, ANN COOPER Denton Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Class Beauty Nominee IIIg Best Dressed Nominee II-III, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee lIIg Freshman Sponsor II, IIIQ Stunts I-II, East Texas Club I-IIQ Association for Childhood Education II-IIIQ Speech Club II-III, Philomathia Literary- Social Club III-IVQ Bridge Club III. HONIG, NANCY SUSAN St. Louis, Mo. Speech-Drama, B. S. Class Beauty Finalist Ig Redbud Princess Ig Aggie Sweet- heart Nominee II-IVQ Maid of Cotton Nominee IVQ Speech Clubg Radio Guildg Aglaian Literary-Social Club II-IV, B- Average List I, III, Dean's List IIIQ Stunts I, III: Technical ff Director I. HOOD, PATRICIA JUNEAN Fort Worth General Business, B. S. Fort Worth Clubg Stunts IV. 'Q' HORTON, MRS. SARAH F. MEDFORD Avery Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Redbud Princess Ilg Fitzgerald Secretary II. HOWE, BEVERLY Hampton, Ark. Merchandising, B. S. HUFF, GLADYS MONROE Denton Upper Elementary Education, B. S. B-Average List I-III, California Association of Poetry I-III. JACKSON, BARBARA CAROL Las Piedras, Falcon, Venezuela Music Education, B. S. Nursing Club I-Hg Music Club III-IV. .. ,. .fl-., .., E., ..,,. .:.., ., . . A ll A. , V, ' gs? I . . tn? 1 ' in ev. i ,.. . ...,,.. ":: ,.... .'it W ' ... . I J' l' " ..,.- . ,,.,,. .. . :'i'i ' 1 ' ' . .-'- ...:. -.,, " 1 T, ' ,, ,L ' .w ' .. - - - u p A ccri .i . af- r -. .:.. ,zi :,.Q , . ' . ' s ' " W . 4 r , J Q lx .12 .1 .,,g , 1 - 1 A . nj, 4. 9. 5. f- ,- Q 5 ff f:::1 f f "'i ,,:2 F 'gjg1.:'rQi ,Q 13 .r 3' - H i 'f ' ' C ' I ' A O JACKSON, CAROLYN JANE Pecan Gap Library Science, B. A. Alpha Beta Alpha, II-IV, Reporter IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Literary-Social Club II-IV, Historian III, French Club III, Basketball Club I. JEANES, MRS. DONNA Ralls Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. All-College Choir Il-III, Singing Stars I. JEANES, MARY Memphis, Tenn. Nursing, B. S. Tennessee Club Ig Nursing Club I-IV, Treasurer Ig Recrea- and Finance Committee Hg House and Uniform Committee III, TNSA II-IV, B-Average List II-III, Dean's List I. JENKINS. NANCY JEAN Albuquerque, N. M. Elementary Education, B. S. Transfer from Univ. of New Mexico, New Mexico Club, WRA Bowling Club. JIMENEZ, ELENA MAIBEL Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico Math-Spanish, B. A. Laredo Club IV, Mathematics Club, Secretary-Reporter IV, Spanish Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice-President IV, Phi Sigma Iota, President IV, Round Table, Phi Lambda Theta, Newman Club III, B-Average List II-IV. JOHNSON, MYRNA LARUE San Juan Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-III, Art Club I, Delta Phi Delta III-IV, Treasurer IV, SCRA II-III, Student Assistant IV, Freshman Sponsor II, Band I, Orchestra I, Stunts II-III, DSF I-IV, VicelPresident II, President III, Dormitory Re- ligious Council II, Cone Mills Project II. JONES, JACQUELINE Jacksonville, Ark. Merchandising, B. S. Cheerleader IV, Sing Song II, IV, Arkansas Club, Mer- chandising Club II-IV, Professional Business Women's Club III-IV, Sigma Pi Beta III-IV, Secretary-Treasurer IV, B- Average List III-IV, Dean's List II, Residential Assistant III, SCSA III-IV, Round Table IV, Freshman Sponsor III- IV, Stunts I-IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities IV. JONES, PAULA FAYE Fort Worth Home Economics Education, B. S. Fort Worth Club I, Nursing Club I, Badminton Club 1, Home Economics Club III-IV. 1!"'9""" 50 Q? A f. eb' ' l :gg ' VQQI bs ,--' - - 'J . .x SXQ - -f f s A if f is P s s f a f lf f .. Q - - JI - 7 "ie e ' Q . I . ' sf' L Q, ,V eu' 59" Q . -- 5 - as 4' 9 " t 3 1 6 , Q.. X ,. K i C u L ' . A Y e ' :tv 9' PR an fs il Xt .fn 531 Qs! Pk ""sf1,f3 Qt X T C A . 5 Lil tiflyhik J-N: in ' 5 cD'..0Ax',tI?' Y' 'K A 1 v JIHSJA jfs A "T!1.QFQ. JORDAN, MARTHA KATE Beaumont Foods and Nutrition, B. S. Freshman Counselor II, Dietetics Club I-III, Secretary III, Home Economics Club I-III, Mary Eleanor Brackenriclge Literary-Social Club II-III, Historian III, Modern Choir II-III, Secretary III, Stunts II-III, Sponsorship Program III, Student Assistant II, Gold Rush Committee III, Dan- forth Award Nominee I, Corn Huskin' Bee II-III. KEATON, ANN Premont Child Development and Nursery Education, B. S. KEY, CARLENE Montgomery, Ala. Foods and Nutrition, B. S. Home Economics Club II, Club III, Dietetics Club III. KING, THETIS ANN Paris Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Class Beauty III-IV, Redbud Princess II, Redbud Crown Princess III, Aggie Sweetheart Finalist III, Cotton Ball Duchess III, Junior Executive Council, Residential Assistant II, Stunts III, Pi Lambda Theta III-IV, President IV, Chaparral Literary-Social Club III-IV, Rifle Club III-IV, WRA Board IV, Round Table IV, B Average List I-III, Dean's List I, III, Student Assistant III. 1 I l E - if KIRKPATRICK, CAROLYN Denton Home Economics Education, B. S. Aggie Sweetheart Finalist III, Class Officer Nominee II, Local Students' Club, Vice-President II, President III-IV, Home Economics Club I-IV, Home Economics Education Club I-IV, Secretary IV, Chaparral Literary-Social Club II- IV, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, Redbud Princess III, Student Council III-IV, Stunts I, II, Round Table III-IV. KITTRELL, VIRGINIA ANNE Arkansas City, Kan. Nursing, B. S. Stunts I, IV, Cosmopolitan Club I, Nursing Club I, TNSA I-IV, National Student Nurses Association I-IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, Who's Who IV, Symphony Orchestra I, String Trio I, Dean's List I-IV, President Sophomore Nurs- ing Majors II, Parkland Student Council II-III, TNSA Con- vention Delegate II-III, Parliamentarian Parkland Student Body III, Co-President Parkland Student Body II, TNSA State Revisions Committee IV, Library Committee IV. KNIGHT, FRANCES Pleasanton Library Science, B. S. Basketball Club I, M. S. M. I-IV, Ex-Student Chairman II. KO, BOK NIM Seoul, Korea Sociology, B. S. Redbud Princess III, Sociological society III-IV, M.S.M. III-IV, Jessie H. Humphries Scholarship III-IV, George L. and Sarah White Button Memorial Scholarship III-IV. 49" -' 1. .,.,. " 1 .. " K " 5' - ii I :ir I ,gil I 'Lisa iii',iTiiai,. I .:"' ef i' .f"' 1.. i A he C" A r s I ,A i 5' -s r ' t QR 5'-15955 Y EW .ev -NJQ-5 f 3,R,t.QeQeO1, 2 fgk 671 9a fri ,J Lx ,Ja 1 it t Q0 A. x ,. .L-A f" A .- A'r.'j"At .A A'L x 5 1 A A H- A 1' A' 1 A A ....,g, , , S 1.7, KOJIS, CECILIA CAROLINE White Oak Library-Science, B. A. Redbud Princess Nominee II, Alpha Beta Alpha, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club II-IV, Newman Club I-II, CGA Scholarship, Residential Assistant II. KOST, NANCY CATHERINE Roswell, N. M. Sociology, B. A. SCRA II, New Mexico Club IV, Sociological Society II- IV, History Club III, Alpha Kappa Delta III-IV, Secretary- Treasurer IV, Delian Club II-IV, Secretary III, Synchronized Swimming I-III, Hockey II, Citizenship League II-III, Dean's List I-IV, Stunts I-IV, Gold Rush II-IV, Corn Huskin' II-IV, Dormitory Religious Council III, Freshman Sponsor II-IV. KRUKE, MARY ANN Des Moines, Iowa Occupational Therapy, B. S. Class Beauty Nominee III, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Occupational Therapy Club I-IV, Alpha Chi IV, Delian Club III-IV, Vice-President IV, Citizenship League, University Chorus I, Dean's List I-IV, OT Scholarship IV, Stunts I-IV, Cotton Ball Duchess III, junior Forum IV, Dormitory Chorus I, Freshman Sponsor III, Who's Who IV. LATHAM. MRS. MARGIN Denton Foods and Nutrition, B. S. Dietetics Club I-IV, Synchronized Swimming Club I-III, Danforth Award Nominee I, WRA Board II, Freshman Sponsor II. LAWSON, JOYCE MARIE Seguin Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Redbud Princess I-III, Lady-In-Waiting IV, Houston Hall Secretary, WRA President IV, Professional Club I-IV, TRFCW Delegate III-IV, Pi Lambda Theta Member III-IV, Chaparral Club II-IV, Basketball Club I-IV, Hockey Club I-IV, Manager III, Tumbling Club I-III, Manager II, B Average II, Dean's List III-IV, Who's Who, TAHPER President Student Section IV, Synchronized Swimming I-III, Secretary-Treasurer, Class Cheerleader I, II, IV, Stunts I-IV, Freshman Sponsor III-IV, Rifle Club II, Outing Club I, Volleyball Club II, III, IV, Corn Huskin' II-IV, Student Council IV, Round Table IV, Gold Rush I-IV, Badminton Club II-IV, WRA Doubles Winner II, III, Louisiana Open Doubles Winner III, Folk Dance Club III. LESTER, SARAH PORTER Dyersburg, Tenn. Chemistry, B. A. Round Table II, IV, Tennessee Club I-II, President II, Kappa Epsilon Mu I-IV, Vice-President II, Iota Sigma Pi III-IV, Secretary-Treasurer III, Beta Beta Beta III-IV, Vice- President IV, Chaparral Club III-IV, Historian IV, E. V. White Mathematics Club I-II, B-Average List I, Dean's List II, IV, Stunts II, III, Student Assistant I-IV, Residential Assistant III, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. LEWIS, CAROLYN Little Rock, Ark. Elementary Education, B. S. Floor Chairman IV, Arkansas Club III-IV, Association for Childhood Education IV, University Chorus IV, Freshman Sponsor III-IV, Stunts II-III, Gold Rush Chairman III-IV, Corn Huskin' II, IV. LIGHTFOOT, JIMME FRANC Childress Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. A. Capps Hall Counselor II, SCSA IV, Junior Class Secretary, Student Council IV, Round Table President IV, Redbud Lady-In-Waiting, Panhandle South Plains Club I, II, IV, Association for Childhood Education I-IV, President II, Omega Rho Alpha I-II, Sigma Tau Delta III-IV, Pi Lambda Theta III-IV, Alpha Chi III-IV, Student Asistant I, Dean's List I-IV, Freshman Sponsor III, Stunts I-IV, Gold Rush, Corn Huskin', Who's Who in American Colleges and Univer- SIIICS. MQW . ,: f if f, Q 5 if . ,,, g , Q 2, " lg 3. A W . - A .5 ' ' A , ,' .. - 'Q I ii It ' A I' .N ni" .pa ""' as . ol' A L I 'P I Q ' a i ' ' . I ' "' I I I ' ' .1 Q 5 5 n 9 -' an br., -L ra , Q N31 Qaflax .55 fs. of . QV 4.2: .,.v,.f2 :.4se..Cb.efs at I .S-f ta I-I :...5-QCD.. L'INBURG, BETTIE MARIE Goliad Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Education Club, Mary Eleanor Bracken- ridge Literary-Social Club, Pledge Captain IV, 4-H Club, Baptist Student Union, Business and Professional Women's Club Scholarship, TWU Representative, Texas A Sz I Lan- tana Festival IV. LISANO, GLORIA FAYE Pasadena Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society IV, MEB Club II, Stunts III. LOCK, BILLIE JEAN Lockhart Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Education Club President IV, Alpha Lambda Secretary III, Phi Upsilon Omicron Chaplain IV, Delian Club Secretary IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron Freshman Award, Borden Award for Seniors, Dean's List I-IV. LONGORIA, GUILLERMINA C. Brownsville Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. A. Rio Grande Valley Club III, IV, Laredo Club III, IV, Association for Childhood Education III, IV, All-University Chorus III, IV, Newman Club III, IV. 1 LORENZANO, LILIA S. Mercedes Spanish, B. A. Rio Grande Valley Club, La Junta Spanish Club, Stunts III, Newman Club. LOZANO, BERTHA LOUISE Poteet Nursing, B. S. Stunts I, All-College Choir I, Texas Nursing Students' As- sociation, I-IV, Nursing Club I, National Student Nurses As- sociation II-IV, House and Uniform Committee, Parkland IV, Newman Club I. LUCAS, PEGGY Lingleville Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Association for Childhood Education, Baptist Student Union. MCDONALD, DORIS JILL Wichita Falls Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Association of Childhood Education II-III, Citizenship League III, Freshman Sponsor IV, Roller Skating Club II, Volleyball Club III, Stunts III, Corn Huskin' Sing Song III, Sociological Society II, Baptist Student Union I-IV. ff- .. is . ia 151. Ax flair 9, Wil HD 'Di f ix Q' .T 'y IA-'il' A iw.-.'A"a :Af ' 3 A L I' x A .V l'A VH- Ai' -Y A'. 31, MCGINNIS, MRS. PHYLLIS ANN Post Library Science, B. S. MCSHANE, DOROTHY Fishkill, N. Y. Sociology, B. S. Religious Representative IV, Sociological Society I-IV, Citizenship League III, Sociology Scholarship III, Stunts III, Corn Huskin' III, Rusk System DA III. MANGHAM, EVA KATHERINE Kaufman Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Club III-IV, Baptist Student Union IV, Dietician Assistant III. MARSHALL, MARTHA Texarkana Sociology, B. S. Religious Council Chairman I, CGA Nominating Committee Representative I, Redbud Princess I, II, Capps Hall Coun- selor II, SFC Representative II, Sociological Society I-IV, Alpha Kappa Delta Vice-President IV, Philomathia Literary- Social Club II-IV, B-Average List, Stunts I-III. ' MARSHALL, PAULINE DIXON Fort Worth Speech Therapy, B. S. Floor Chairman IH, Fort Worth Club I-II, Speech Club IV, Speech Therapy Club III-IV, Aquatics Club II, IV, Corn Huskin' II-IV, Rifle Club IV, Gold Rush Variety Show II, Stunts II-IV, Radio Guild II-IV, Speech Therapy Scholar- ship III, Lass-O Reporter II, Daedalian Freshman Editor I, Daedalian Sophomore Editor II, University Plays II-IV. MARTINEZ, FRANCISCA Santa ROSA Spanish, B. A. Rio Grande Club H-HI, La Junta II-IV, Treasurer IH-IV, Citizenship League IV, Residential Assistant III-IV, Dietician Assistant IV, Corn Huskin' Contest. MARTINEZ, MARIA ANA Nueva Rosita, Coahuila, Mex. Business, B. A. Laredo Club, Professional Business Women's Clubs. MAXWELL, SUSAN Pasadena Secretarial Administration, B. A. Floor Chairman II, Junior Vice-President, Redbud Princess III, SCSA President IV, Professional Business Women's Club H-IV, Aglaian Literary-Social Club III-IV, Basketball Club II-IV, Hockey Club IV, Outing Club III-IV, Round Table IV, Student Council IV, Freshman Sponsor H-III, SCSA Representative IV, Freshman Talent Assembly, Stunts I-IV., Gold Rush Carnival Committees I-IV, Corn Huskin' " 92. ' ff' W Iwo - I mv Fifi I ' K. I :W 'Q i 'iff 1 agff ,ll . .. Us if it ' ' 2 lf ' Qs- AK wh I A,-V' 'ii--.14 'V i-.'i P14-Q"' 'Qui 'fc' A . J f mlm L x ' ' ' a . -V ' W 'a . in .fn 3' .'.ff1.' Q J Sk X txt. 9' 'nf"'Ai""f'5'Ql b31f.'.cfC'J.Y' , A LS x A A RJR' I Ev MAYES, MARY JANE Wichita Falls Business Education, B. S. Professional Business Women's Club II-IV, Treasurer HI, Vice-President IV, Sigma Pi Beta III-IV, Vice-President III, President IV, Citizenship League III, Dean's List II-III, Student Assistant I-IV, Freshman Sponsor III, IV, Roller Skating Club H, Volleyball Club III, Stunts III, Corn Huskin' Sing Song III, Baptist Student Union I-IV. MAYO, MRS. DENISE DEERING Richardson Elementary Education, B. S. junior Class Beauty Nominee III, Fire VVarden I, Posture Queen Nominee I, Dormitory Religious Council I, Arkansas Club I-II, Dallas Club III, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Club I, Association for Childhood Education III- IV, Synchronized Swimming Tour I, Presbyterian Student Association I-IV, Corn Huskin' Sing Song I-II, Stunts I-III, Corn Huskin' Bee Committee I-II, Gold Rush Carnival Rides Committee I, American Association for Health, Physical Edu- cation and Recreation, Freshman Sponsor III, Aquatics Club I, Basketball Club I-H. MINKIN, JUDITH ANN Kansas City, Mo. Sociology, B. A. Junior Class President, Round Table III, Student Council III, SCRA Representative, Kappa Epsilon Mu I, Sociological Society I-IV, Alpha Lambda Delta, Omega Rho Alpha, Iota Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi, Delian Literary- Social Club III-IV, La Junta Club I, Basketball Club, Mod- ern Choir, Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award, All A List Four Semesters, Hillil Fellowship Vice-President, Iota Sigma Pi Historian, Stunts II-IV, Freshman Sponsor Il-IV, Corn I-Iuskin' Gold Rush Chairman IV, Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. MONG, MARILYN RAE Barberton, Ohlo Secretarial Administation, B. S. Freshman Counselor II, SCSA II, Redbud Princess II, Fresh- man Sponsor H, Professional Business VVomen's Club H-IV, Chaparral Club Il-IV, Citizenship League IV, Student As- sistant IV, Stunts II-IV. MOODY, JOYCE ANN Orange Music Education, B. S. All-College Chorus I, Music Club I-IV, Modern Choir II- IV, Opera Workshop I, Delian Club II-IV, Baptist Student Union I-IV, Music Chairman II, Executive Council II, IV, State BSU Choir II, Stunts III, Student Assistant II-IV. MOORE, ESTELLE "CORKY" Paris Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Cheerleader II-IV, Capps Hall Counselor II, Capps SFC Chairman II, WRA Secretary III, Synchronized Swimming President IV, Freshman Sponsor II-IV, Professional Club I-IV, Pi Lambda Theta III, IV, Chaparral Club III, IV, Presbyterian Student Association I-III, B Average I-III, Dean's List III, WRA Board III-IV, Secretary III, Hockey Club I-IV, Outing Club I-II, Rifle Club III-IV, Folk and Square Dance Club III-IV, Corn Huskin' Sing Song I, Gold Rush Chairman III-IV, WRA President Nominee III, Tum- bling Club II, History Club II-III, Volleyball Club IV, Soft- ball Club IV, Basketball Club IV. MORALES, OLGA Benavides Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Fire Warden III-IV, Dormitory Sing Song I-II, Laredo Club I-III, Rio Grande Club IV, ACE I-IV, La Junta Club I-II, History Club I-IV, Newman Club I-IV, All-College Chorus. MORIN, RAE JEANINE Celina Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Redbud Princess III, Local Students' Club III, ACE IV, History Club IV, Adelphian Literary-Social Club IV. C159 It Q gi' Ikifw O , as 'A ' 35 ' lk ' .fy gt, ' , 9? " ' if ' ' .1 s ' 1 f Q. 3 5 i ' 13 1 Q 2 I 'fp' Navi fi I A ,IS in . . C. i ' 1 a 45 - Q3 H C' , M 4 45 IA 9 5 it R 6' .NIA j A MUNSON,AMONA FERELENE Alvin Library Science, B. A. Alpha Beta Alpha III, Vice-President IV. MURPHY, MIKELL Fort Worth Elementary Education, B. S. Redbud Princess I-II, Lady-In-Waiting IV, CGA President IV, SIASG President IV, CGA Secretary III, WRA Treas- urer II, Freshman Class Vice-President, Freshman Counselor II, Counselor President II, Cheerleader II, Round Table IV, Association of Childhood Education II-IV, Omega Rho Alpha I-II, Alpha Lambda Delta I-II, Sigma Tau Delta III-IV, Pi Lambda Theta III-IV, Chaparral Club II-IV, Citizenship League II-IV, Canterbury Association, French Club III-IV, Hockey Club I-IV, Volleyball Club I-IV, Rifle Club I, Syn- chronized Swimming I, Dean's List I-III, Scholarship II-IV, Fannie Potter Scholarship III, Freshman Writer, Student Council Representative to Publication Council III, SCONA Delegate IV, TISA Delegate III, Stunts I-IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. MYERS, ROSE MARIE Charleston, S. C. Art Education, B. S. Counselor II, Austin Hall President II, Senior Class Treas- urer, Stoddard President, Redbud Princess I-III, Cosmopoli- tan Club I, Art Club I-III, Delta Phi Delta III, IV, President III, Philomathia Literary-Social Club II-IV, Modern Choir I, Citizenship League IV, Dean's List II, B Average List II, Art Editor Daedalian Quarterly IV, Le Cercle Francais III, IV, President IV, Stunts III, Freshman Sponsor III, Corn Huskin' Sing-Song II, IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. NEESE, JUDITH KENWORTHY Kansas City, Mo. Recreation, B. S. Professional Club I-IV, MEB Club II-IV, Basketball Club III, IV, Softball Club III, IV, Bridge Club III, IV, Fencing Club III, IV, Citizenship League III, IV, Synchronized Swimming Club I, Student Assistant III, IV, Gold Rush II, Stunts III, IV, Freshman Sponsor II-IV. NTCKS, SALLY Dallas Nursing, B. S. TNSA I-IV, B Average List I, II. NOYD, MRS. LOMA J. THRASHER Dallas Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. O'BRIEN, GRACE-LYNN Perryton Sociology, B. S. Floor Chairman IV, Stunts III, IV, Corn I-Iuskin' III, IV, Panhandle Club I-II, History Club I-III, Sociological Society III-IV, Newman Club I, II, IV, Historian II, Citizenship League I, II, Bridge Club III-IV, Bowling Club IV, Gold Rush II-IV, Freshman Sponsor IV, Delian Club IV. CODOM, MARY ANN Midland Interior Design, B. S. WRA Board II, III, Publicity Chairman II, III, Fine Arts Club I-IV, Aglaians II-IV, Hockey Club IV, Daily Lass-O Cartoonist III, Stunts I-IV, Set Designer I, II, III, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Class Executive Council III, Gold Rush Car- nival I-IV, Freshman Sponsor II, III, Designed Blazer Emblem. OLMON, WYNNA LOU Denton Secretarial Administration, B. S. b Speech fDramaj M. A. Floor Chairman III, Stunts I-IV, Villager's Club I, II, Speech Club II-IV, Professional Business VVomen's Club II- IV, Zeta Phi Eta III, IV, Treasurer IV, Aglaians II-IV, Radio Guild III, IV, Treasurer III, Freshman Theatre I, Arena Theatre II, III, Orchestra I, University Theatre II-IV, Nativity Pageant II, Valedictory Scholarship I, National Secretaries Assn. Scholarship I, B Average II-IV, Dean's List III, Student Assistant I, II, Technical Assistant Depart- ment of Speech III, IV. OZAN, MARY CATHERINE San Antonio Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Residential Assistant III, IV, CGA Election Committee IV, Round Table, San Antonio Club IV, ACE II-IV, Adelphians III-IV, Pledge Captain IV, Citizenship League, Stunts III, IV, Freshman Sponsor IV, Gold Rush I, II, IV, Dormitory Sing-Song II. PADGETT, MARY jo Asheville. N. C. General Business, B. A. Austin Hall SFC Representative II, Residential Assistant II, Mathematics Club I, B Average II, Corn I-Iuskin' I, Dormitory Song Contest I, Stunts III, IV, Gold Rush IV, Student Assistant, Art Department I, II. PANG, BETTIE West Helena, Ark. Occupational Therapy, B. S. Class Beauty Finalist II, Floor Chairman II, OT Club I- IV, Omega Rho Alpha I, Aglaians II-IV, B Average I, II, Dean's List II, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Scholar- ship IV, OT Newspaper, Assistant Editor III, Senior Editor IV, Posture Queen Finalist II, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee III, Who's Who Nominee IV, Stunts II, III. PARKS, CAROL MINNETTE Cuero Merchandising, B. S. Professional Business Women's Club IV,. Merchandising Club III, IV, Home Economics Club I, II, Clothing and Textiles Club I, II, Softball Club III, IV, Gamma Delta IV, Dormitory Religious Council I, IV, Stunts III, IV, Freshman Sponsor II, IV, Student Assistant III, IV, Gold Rush I, II, IV, Corn Huskin' Committee IV. PECKHAM, M. PENNE New Castle, Del. Clothing and Textiles, B. A. Floor Chairman IV, Clothing and Textiles Club, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Association, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship, B Average List, Delta Phi Delta, Stunts. PEINHARDT, CAROLYN ALINE Cullman, Ala. Child Development and Nursery Education, B. S. II-Iome Economics Club II, III, Child Development Club I , III. PERKINS, MRS. CARA RUTH Era Child Development and Nursery Education, B. S. -,tap . .ee PERRY, WANDA SUE Overton Nursing, B. S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Redbucl Princess I, III, Cotton -Ball Representative I, Second Place Posture Contest III, Ten Best Dressed Girls III, Class Beauty I, Nursing Club I-IV, Citizenship League IV, TNSA I-IV, Dean's List III, IV, VVho's Who Nominee. PERSON, MRS. ANNETTE SANDERS Center Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Fire Warden II, Professional Club I-IV, Golf Club II, Badminton Club IV, Stunts III, IV, Modern Dance Club I, Freshman Sponsor IV, American Association of HPE8zR, WRA Board IV, Recreational Swimming Club Manager IV, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Gold Rush I-IV, Caperettes II, HPE8zR Convention Delegate I, University Revue IV, WRA As- sembly. PEYTON, NANCY LOU Channelview Music Education, B. S. Music Club II-IV, Tau Beta Sigma III, IV, Lass-O Band III, IV, Caperettes IV, Stunts II-IV, University Chorus III, IV, Student Assistant II-IV, Corn Huskin' Song Contest I, III, IV, University Chorus Vice-President IV. PICKEL, BARBARA JONELL Borger Interior Design, B. S. Art Club. PIPPINS, JACKIE ANN Forney Nursing, B. S. NSNA II-IV, TNSA I-IV, Nursing Club I, Softball Club, Parkland II-IV, judiciary Council, Parkland III, Nursing Class Vice-President, Parkland IV. POLLARD, NANCY Raymondville Journalism, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, journalism Club I-IV, Theta Sigma Phi IV, Stunts II-IV, Dormitory Sing-Song I, II, III, Name Change Delegate to Texas Legislature II, B Average List, Lass-O Reporter II, III, Amusements Editor III, Se- nior Columnist IV, Friday Editor IV, Daedalian Activities Co-Editor IV. PORTER, MRS. JANET RAINER Denton Music Education, B. S. Redbud Princess II, Freshman Class Officer Nominee, SCRA Rusk Representative III, Class Beauty Nominee I, II, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee II, Music Club II, IV, Secretary- Treasurer III, Sigma Alpha Iota IV, Modern Choir I-IV, Dean's List II, III, IV, B Average I-III, Mary Jones Gibbs Scholarship I-III. PUENTE, TERESA Laredo Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Laredo Club II, Association for Childhood Education I. N Q a -- .. v , W., .L at Q' -4 .LJ A,A,- ' .- - ' at g -ltr- s Q I , 4 ., , Q A'4 "t 1, A1 -s I' 1 I 4 if f 4 ffl O f Q 'S f K fitffft-off fx, -cua- A A x A ' I K PUTZKA, BARBARA Pasadena Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. A. Sophomore WRA Representative, WRA Board II, Profes- sional Club I-IV, Treasurer IV, MEB II-IV, Folk Dance Club, President, Stunts III. PYLE, MARSHA EUGENIA Paris Journalism, B. A. Daily Lass-O Editor IV, Student Council IV, Round Table IV, WRA Board III, Journalism Club I, II, IV, Theta Sig- ma Phi IV, Treasurer IV, Kappa Alpha Mu II, IV, Official Delegate to KAM Convention II, Class Officer Nominating Committee II, Dean's List I, II, IV, Freshman Theatre I, Nativity Pageant I, Delian Club II, IV, University Revue IV, Gold Rush Publicity Chairman IV, Current Affairs Committee Chairman IV, Dallas Industrial Editors' Association Scholar- ship IV, TDNA Intern IV, Daedalian Senior Editor IV, Stunts I, II, IV, Who's Who IV, Lass-O Reporter and Photographer I, II, Sports Editor II, CGA Editor II, Society Editor II, Daedalian Head Photographer II, Daedalian As- sistant Activities Editor. QUILLIN, GLENNA MAE Garland Occupational Therapy, B. S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Class Beauty Nominee III, Dormitory Religious Council III, Dallas Club I, OT Club I-IV, President IV, Delian Club III, IV, Methodist Student Movement I-III, CGA Scholarship I, Texas Woman's Federa- tion III, TOTA Scholarship III, OVR Scholarship IV, Dae- dalian Quarterly Contributor I, Round Table IV, SCRA II, Stunts I, III, IV. RAHE, MARLENE RUTH Fredericksburg Foods and Nutrition, B. S. Home Economics Club I-IV, Dietetics Club II-IV, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Corresponding Secre- tary and Candle Editor III, Candle Editor IV, MEB II-IV, SCRA II, III, Phi Upsilon Award for Freshman, Dean's List I-IV, Who's Who Nominee. . , 'L . ' fi Q . . f ,. . I .L ...' it i c , A . i e rf E Q 2 fi 9 4 B, it si 2. 3 E s 2 RAINEY, NADELLE Dallas Nursing, B. S. junior Class President, Parkland III, CGA President, Park- land IV, Best All-Around Student, Parkland III, Dallas- Tyler Region TNSA, BSU Devotional Chairman III, Presi- dent III, Texas Federation of Women's Club Scholarship III, State TNSA Representative II, National Student Nurses' Representative III, Who's Who IV. RAMIREZ, MARTHA VIOLA Laredo Library Science, B. S. TWU Laredo Club Scholarship. RAY, JUDITH Rayrnondville Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society I-IV, Bridge Club, Stunts II, IV, Gold Rush I-IV. REBSCI-l, MARY ADELL La Marque Nursing, B. S. TNSA IV, Nursing Club I, Publicity Committee, Parkland IV 'U '- 5. f is 1- A , ax 'Q gx , 4. fi' IMC I.. 'il 3 i ,T I '. fi.. AW' mi' r gf 9- f s 13 :jg I K 'tv I 5 f ff! 9, f L J 3 fjg ' 'gl A L .xA 3' c',uyAi'.Tg' 6 N Q A ,ii A'A 'AFJAN P: A B O REED, MELBA SUE Carthage Nursing, B. S. TNSA I-IV, Nursing Club I-IV, Dean's List III. REID, CATHERINE JANIS Dallas Sociology, B. S. Arkansas Club I-II, Sociological Society I-IV, MEB Club III, IV, Citizenship League IV, B Average IV, Stunts III, Gold Rush Committees I-III. REVEL, ANN LEE Augusta, Ark. Home Economics Education, B. S. Beauty Nominee III, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Home Economics Club I-IV, Second Vice-President IV. REYES, MARTHA Beeville Elementary Education, B. S. Posture Queen Nominee II, III, Class Beauty Nominee III, IV, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee III, IV, Round Table III, Student Assistant II, III, Rio Grande Club II-IV, President III, Association for Childhood Education III, IV, Adelphians III, IV, Reporter-Historian IV, Newman Club, Stunts II, III, Dormitory Volleyball Teams II-IV, Basketball Team II, III, Folk Dance Club II. RICE, PATRICIA ANN Corpus Christi Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Club Reporter IV, Home Economics Education Club II-IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron Recording Sec- retary IV, TWU Alumni Scholarship III, B Average III, Dean's List III, Nominee for Danforth Award III. RICHMOND, MARY KATHRYN Diboll Biological Sciences, B. S. Floor Chairman II, Round Table IV, Biology Club I-IV, Biology Club President IV, Student Assistant II, III, Re- search Assistant III, IV. RICKS, MRS. BILLIE Hobbs, N. M. Art Education, B. S. ROBERTS, BEVERLY DELORES Houston Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. :sri "- I' ,-rl ex.. i C 'rf U H N: :ig C' . 1 .: f . ,r z, .- . Q, , .x - , - c . .- -, A- ' 4 ..' 3, ' A 4' ' A " N" . " iv' ' i "-. or "' - i ' Q u- 'B ix t i 1 9-V "5 fr fi 'O ff ,ii ifiik 'gf 99 flE,r3ke'Q! 4 v ' ' I " -' -I ' g. ,, - x ' AKA '.fJA""5 A N5 A' A'L. I x5 , AIA "- A f' A . if.. A . RODRIGUEZ, EVANGELINE Rio Grande City Merchandising, B. S. Laredo Club I, Rio Grande Valley Club II, IV, Merchan- dising Club I, II, IV, Newman Club I, II, Bowling Club IV. ROGERS, MRS. ROSE HENDERSON DEAN Austin Chemistry, B. A. Kappa Epsilon Mu, Iota Sigma Pi, Beta Beta Beta, Philo- mathia Club, E. V. White Mathematics Club, B Average III, Corresponding Secretary Iota Sigma Pi IV, Secretary E. V. White Club III, Historian KEM III. ROSILLO, LYDIA Houston Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Class Beauty Finalist II, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee II, Cotton Ball Duchess II, III, Association for Childhood Edu- cation IV, History Club II-IV, Singing Stars II, Caperettes III, IV, Stunts II, III, Corn Huskin' Sing-Song II, IV, Freshman Theatre. SALINAS, MARGOT Falfurtgias Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club I-IV, ACE III, IV, Adelphian Club III, IV, Newman Club II-IV, Rio Grande Valley Club Reporter IV, Stunts II, III. SAMET, ROBERTA SUSAN Waco Nursing, B. S. Nursing Club I, TNSA II-IV, NSNA II-IV, B Average II, III, judiciary Council, Parkland IV, CGA, Parkland, IV, Stunts I, Hillel Club Historian I. SANCHEZ, ESTELA Laredo Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Laredo Club, Professional Club III, Hockey Club III, Basketball Club III, Volleyball Club III, Newman Club, Hockey Club Varsity Reserve I. SANFORD, SHIRLEY ALICE Searcy, Ark. Biological Sciences, B. S. SCHOOLS. EVELYN GRESHAM Richmond, Va. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. HPE8zR Professional Club, Badminton Club II-IV, Secre- tary IV, Fencing I-IV, Hockey Club I-IV, Varsity I, IV, Manager IV, Basketball I-IV, Volleyball I-IV, Softball I-IV, Varsity Reserve II, Rifle Club III, Folk Dance III, Tumbling Club II, III, Stunts I-IV, Gold Rush Chairman I-IV. SCHRECK, MARY KATHRYN Weslaco Health, Physical Education and Recreation,-B. S. Rio Grande Valley Club I, HPE8zR Professional Club, Class Representative II, III, B Average List III, Hockey Club II, IV, Varsity Reserve II, Varsity III, Treasurer, IV, Volleyball Club I, IV, Varsity Reserve II, III, Basketball Club I-IV, Varsity Reserve II, Varsity I, III, Manager IV, Softball Club I-IV, Varsity Reserve I, Varsity II, Badminton Club II-IV, President III, Folk Dance Club III, Tumbling Club II, III, WRA Board III, IV, Rifle Club II, III, Stunts III, IV, Corn Huskin' I-IV. SCHULZ, WINNIE San Antonio Upper Elementary Education, B. S. San Antonio Club IV, Secretary IV, Association for Child- hood Education III, IV, English Club I, Athenaeum III, IV, Bowling Club I, B Average III, Omega Rho Alpha I, Resi- dential Assistant IV, Stunts I, IV. SCOTT, MRS. MARY LOIS Dodson Home Economics Education, B. S. SHELTON, FLORENCE NATALENA Port Arthur Art Education, B. S. SCRA Representative III, Fine Arts Club I-IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, II, Omega Rho Alpha I, II, Sigma Tau Delta II-IV, Alpha Chi III-IV, Delta Phi Delta III, IV, Vice-President IV, Corn Huskin' Sing-Song I-IV, Modern Choir I, Dormitory Sing-Song I-IV, Athenaeum Club II-IV, B Average I-IV, Dean's List I-IV, Freshman Writer, Pollack Carton Contest Merit Award II, Freshman Sponsor II-IV, Stunts I-IV, BSU I-IV, Young Women's Auxiliary, Program Chairman II, Student Assistant IV, Residential Assistant III. SHEPPARD, JUANITA C01'SiCana Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B. S. Floor Chairman IV, WRA Representative IV, Hockey Club I-IV, Volleyball Club I-IV, Basketball Club I-IV, Softball Club I-IV, Badminton Club I-IV, Tennis Club I-IV, Rifle Club IV, Stunts I-IV, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Tennis Scholarship I, Softball Manager III. SHIVER, MARTHA LEE Owensboro, Ky. Home Economics, B. S. SHORT, MRS. SYLVIA McALISTER Denton Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Redbud Princess, I-II, Residential Assistant II. SINCLAIR, BETTY ANN LaPorte English, B. A. Floor Chairman II-IV, Dormitory Religious Chairman II, Houston Club I, English Club II-IV, Delian Club II-IV, Who's Who IV, Art Club I, Speech Club II, French Club III, IV, B Average II, III, Daedalian Quarterly Editor IV, English Club Secretary III, English Club President IV, Igound Table IV, SCRA II, English Department Secretary I I. f' rf jvfilk n nf 5 q v 4 " V 1 X , 'W f A Y f '. 9 fax Q 5 f "' Ll !A A ' NJA ,R ,A 5.5 Lf- ,Y 'A I A'L I x A AA SIT, RACHEL Greenville, Miss. Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Counselor II, SFC II, Redbud Princess I, II, Freshman Sponsor II, SCRA II, Treasurer, Association of Childhood Education, Omega Rho Alpha I, II, Treasurer II, Pi Lambda Theta II, IV, Secretary IV, Aglaian Club II-IV, Citizenship League IV, BSU Executive Council II, Stunts I, II, IV, B Average I, II, Dean's List I. SLAUGHTER, LINDA jo Camden, Ark Home Economics Education, B. S. Stunts Costume Committee II, Gold Rush II, Residential Assistant II, Freshman Sponsor II. SMITH, BEVERLY Midland Sociology and Speech Education, B. S. Zeta Phi Eta, Delians III, IV, Student Council IV, Round Table IV, BSU President III, Stunt Director III, Junior Council III, University Revue. SMITH, GLENDA SUE Hooks Occupational Therapy, B. S. .OT Club III, IV, Treasurer IV, MEB Club III, IV, Pledge Captain IV, Methodist Student Movement III, United Cere bral Palsy Foundation Scholarship IV, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Stunts III, IV, Sing-Song III. Senior Class President, Speech Club, Sociological Society, SMITH, PATRICIA ANN Paris English, B. A. Aggie Sweetheart Semi-Finalist IV, Floor Chairman II, English Club IV, Le Cercle Francais II, IV, Phi Sigma Iota IV, Phi Lambda Theta IV, Delian Club II, IV, Synchronized Swimming Club I, Stunts I, II, IV, B Average I, II, Dean's List I, Index Editor, Daedalian. SNOWDEN, JANICE ANNE Pharr Occupational Therapy, B. S. SCRA II, III, Historian III, TWU Band II, SFC II, OT Club I-IV, Treasurer. SPRATT, MARGARET JANICE Sanger Library Science, B. S . Villager's Club I, Adelphian Literary-Social Club II-IV. SPRAWLS, DOROTHY EVELYN Baird Home Economics Education, B. S. Vesper Chairman II, III, Social Chairman IV, All-College Chorus II, Freshman Sponsor IV, Sing-Song I, II, Cone Mills Project II, Librarian Ill, Home Economics Club I-IV, Home Economics Education Club I-IV, Volleyball Club II, III, Tennis Club II, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship I, II. C ' f af 9 jg 5 in 'gl I ' 'J Q! 9 5 f E L J 3 r 3 5 rj x M LA 2 b::..kf5D,4 4 ' Q A Q' A'g 'I-NIAHJY Q 5-1 90 STEINERT, VIRGINIA ANN Little Rock, Ark. Fashion Illustration and Costume Design, B. S. Arkansas Club III, Art Club I, II, Delta Phi Delta Cor- responding Secretary III, IV, Aglaian Club III, IV, Gamma Delta I, II, Freshman Scholarship, Stunts II-IV, Fascho Dress Design Award, Pollack Packaging Contest Merit Award STOUT, MARTHA SUE Broken Bow, Okla. Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Club I-IV, Home Economies Education Club I, IV, BSU II-IV, B Average I-III, Vesper Chairman Ellis and Rusk Hall II, IV, Ellis Hall Counselor II, III, Cone Mills Project II. STRATTON, MARY JO Forrest City, Ark. Clothing and Costume Design, B. S. Floor Chairman II, Freshman Sponsor II-IV, Dormitory Sing-Song II, Residential Assistant III, IV, Arkansas Club I-IV, Home Economics Club I-IV, Clothing and Textiles Club I-IV, Tau Beta Sigma III, IV, Delian Club II-IV, Lass-O Band II, III, Cone Mills Project I, IV, Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association Clothing Project II, Lorche's Clothing Project IV. STRINGER, RUTH KATHYLEEN Hillsboro Home Economics Education, B. S. Stunts II, III, Home Economics Club I-IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, Treasurer IV, Athenaeum Club III, IV, Treasurer IV, BSU, Dean's List II, III. SUROVIK, CYNTHIA ANN Caldwell Nursing, B. A. Nursing Club I, TNSA, Comet Club Scholarship II, House and Uniform Committee III. TAYLOR, CAROL ANN Garland Child Development and Nursery Education, B. S. Home Economics Club I-IV, Child Development Club II-IV, Adelphian Club III-IV. TAYLOR, GENE Houston Occupational Therapy, B. S. Houston Club I, OT Club I-IV, Secretary II, III, OT Publicity Co-Chairman III, MEB Club II-IV, Secretary III, President IV, Newman Club I-IV, Citizenship League III, IV, Bowling Club IV, OT Scholarship, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, OT Newspaper Staff II, Stunts II-IV, SCSA IV, Round Table IV, Freshman Sponsor II, III, American OT Association III, IV, Gold Rush Committees I-III, Corn Huskin' Sing-Song I-III. TAYLOR, MARY MIKEL Jonesboro General Business, B. S. Redbud Princess I-III, Crown Princess II, III, Class Beauty Finalist IV, One of Ten Best Dressed III, Posture Finalist II, SFA Spring Prom Queen II, Freshman Class President, Junior TISA Representative, Senior TISA Rep- resentative III, IV, Freshman Counselor III, Student Council I-IV, Professional Business Women's Club III, IV, Omega Rho Alpha I, Chaparral Club II-IV, Citizenship League II, B Average I-IV, Stunts I-IV, SCONA Delegate IV, Who's Who, Round Table I-IV, SCSA IV, SFC II, Gold Rush Chairman II-IV, Freshman Sponsor III, Student As- sistant, President's Office III, IV, Residential Assistant II. 1 x , . ' ,' ' ' -, ' 1 - .r 4, .. Q' 'I 1' 4 " , ' ,lb I 'Z . . W at va -,V in in ,fr v T ' ?. W, 2 '- ', 4 n 11 ' -w Q ,w f-. A so r-. :S 429 f'?f9'2Ps-"1 91.13 A ' Qt 1-2 -,.f-fl N 3. Sciv,-'Y '. ' Aff r I A f' A1 "--P"w'ff- 4 5-5.0, TEMPLETON, ELVA JOAN New Orleans, La. Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society President IV, Omega Rho Alpha, B Average III, IV, Freshman Writer Contest Winner, Round Table IV, Radio Guild, Stunts II-IV. THOMAS, GRACE DEMPSTER Danville, Ark. Nursing, B. S. Florida Club I, TNSA II-IV, Nursing Club I, National Nursing Student's Association II-IV, Presbyterian Youth As- sociation I, Student Council Representative, Parkland IV. THRASHER, MRS. LOMA Dallas Music Education, B. S. TIDWELL, MRS. SUE WYNNE New Boston General Science Education, B. S. Lowry Hall Counselor II, Kappa Epsilon Mu, Vice-Presi- dent III, Aglaians II-IV, Singing Stars I, II. TOMBERLAIN, CHARLOTTE BETHEL Naples Music Education, B. S. Dormitory Religious Chairman IV, East Texas Club, Music Club, Sigma Alpha Iota III, Citizenship League IV, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship III, Sigma Alpha Iota Editor IV, YWA Music Director IV. TOWNSEND, LYNNELL Midland Home Economics Education, B. S. SCRA Dormitory Representative I, Stunts I-II, Residen- tial Assistant II, IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron II-IV, Cor- responding Secretary IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Li- terary-Social Club IV. TREVINO, EVA Escobas Sociology, B. S. VAVRA, JANET St. joseph, Mo. Gccupational Therapy, B. S. OT Club I-IV, Philomathia II-IV, Vice-President, Caper- ettes, Dean's List II, OT Newspaper Editor III, junior Forum Secretary-Treasurer IV, Stunts I-III, Gold Rush Committee III, Corn Huskin' I-IV, Freshman Sponsor II-IV. If Il ' I . rw K Q0 u 1 l X AA Aa Avg x AA V :Y VEGA, CRISTINA Alice Spanish, B. A. Rusk System Song Leader IV, Rio Grande Valley Club I- IV, La Junta Club I-IV, Round Table III, IV, All College Chorus I, II, Methodist Student Movement I-IV, Citizenship Chairman I, Recreation Chairman II, Daedalian Quarterly Contributor I, Freshman Sponsor III, Spanish Dancing Per- forming Club I-II, Citizenship League IV, Residential As- sistant III, Rusk System Dietician IV, Dormitory Social Chairman I, II. VEGA, DELIA Laredo Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Laredo Club, Association for Childhood Education, His- tory Club. WADDELL, LOLA JANE Shreveport, La. Sociology, B. S. Sociological Society II-IV, Home Economics Club I, II, Delian Club II-IV, Dean's List III. WALDEN, GAIL Mesquite Nursing, B. S. Floor Chairman II, Nursing Club I, Omega Rho Alpha I, L'Allegro, TNSA II-IV, National Student Nurses' Associa- tion II-IV, College Theatre I, Modern Choir I, B Average II-IV, Edith Carrell Nursing Scholarship III, Student Coun- cil, Parkland III, IV, junior Class Parliamentarian, Park- land III, President Dallas-Tyler Region TNSA IV, TNSA Board of Directors IV, Stunts I, House and Uniform Com- mittee II, III, Second Vice-President CGA, Parkland III, First Vice-President Dallas-Tyler Region TNSA III, NSNA Convention III, TNSA Convention III, IV, WALLA, BLANCHE EILEEN LaGrange, Ill. Chemistry, B. S. Beta Beta Beta, Tau Beta Sigma, Phi Sigma Iota Vice- President IV, Newman Club Reporter IV. WALTERS, JANE Dallas Speech-Drama, B. S. Speech Club, Radio Guild, Technical Director Stunt III. WATTS, SONDRA SUE Pecos Nursing, B. S. Nursing Club I, TNSA III, IV, NNSA I-IV, Omega Rho Alpha I, II, Special Honor Roll III, Recreation and Finance Council II, Parkland judiciary Council III, Parkland, Class Secretary IV, Parkland. WEATHERLY, BURKE LOUISE Bearden, Ark. Biological Science, B. S. Biology Club II-IV, Beta Beta Beta II-IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu II, B Average I, II, IV, Tri-Beta Delegate to National Association for Advancement of Science III, Student Assist- ant III, Research Assistant IV, Freshman Sponsor III. WEATHERS, MARILYN ANN Beaumont Biology, B. A. Class Vice-President II, Round Table III, IV, Junior Forum III, TISA Representative III, IV, SIASG Corres- pondent III, IV, SCRA III, Biology Club I-IV, President III, Beta Beta Beta II-IV, Vice-President III, President IV, Pi Lambda Theta III, IV, Iota Sigma Pi III, IV, Vice-Presi- dent IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, II, Alpha Chi IV, Chaparral Club II-IV, Vice-President III, Stunts I-IV, Gold Rush II-IV, Dean's List I-IV, Student-Faculty Publications Com- mittee IV, Who's Who. WEBSTER, JOAN Sherman Speech Therapy, B. S. Redbud Princess II, III, Lady-in-Waiting III, Freshman Class Secretary, Freshman Counselor II, Lowry Hall Presi- dent II, Student Council II, III, SFC President III, Speech Club II-IV, Speech and Hearing Club III, IV, President IV, Omega Rho Alhpa I, Zeta Phi Eta III, IV, Chaparral Club II-IV, Citizenship League II, III, Treasurer II, Dean's List I-III, Texas Federated Wornen's Club Scholarship II-III, Stunts I-IV, Who's Who, Round Table II-IV, Gold Rush Parade Co-Chairman II-III, Freshman Sponsor III, IV, Resi- dential Assistant II, WRA Tennis Club II, III, Bridge Club IV. WEIGEL, MRS. CAROLYN ANN Houston Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, B. S. WHEAT, SUSAN LEE Dallas Clothing and Costume Design, B. S. Counselor II, Art Club I, Newman Club I-IV, Fencing Club I, Clothing and Textile Club I-IV, Dallas Textile Club Scholarship I, Stunts III, Cone Mills Project II-III. WHITE, CARYL ANN Houston Advertising Design, B. S. Floor Chairman Ill, Stunts Choreographer I, II, Houston Club I, Art Club I-IV, Professional Business Women's Club IV, Omega Rho Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Delta, Alpha Chi, Modern Dance Club II, Ethnic Dance Club II, Fencing Club I, Dean's List I-IV, Daedalian As- sistant Art Editor III, Art Editor IV, KAM National Col- legiate Photography Contest, Permanent Exhibit III, Made- moiselle College Board Art Contest Finalist III, Redbud Queen Election Committee I, Student Assistant Art Depart- ment II, Corn Huskin' Sing-Song I, Art Club Planning Com- mittee IV. WHITED, FRANCES YODER Dallas Nursing, B. S. Dallas-Tyler Region TNSA, National Student Nurses' As- sociation, Nightingales, CGA, Parkland, Recreation and Fi- nance Committee III, Judiciary Committee IV. WILLIAMS, MARGARET JEANETTE Whitewright Speech Education, B. S. Floor Chairman IV, Speech Club President IV, Round Table Parliamentarian IV, Speech Club I-IV, Stunts III, IV. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY MARIE Morton Home Economics Education, B. S. Home Economics Education Club Treasurer IV, Vesper Chairman II, Fire Warden III, Redbud Judge III, Home Economics Club I-IV, Pi Lambda Theta III, IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, Adelphian Club II-IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu I, Mary Gibbs jones Scholarship I, IV, Danforth Award I, Residential Assistant II,III, Dean's List II, B Average List I-III. ,a, g, ,f, . w r, ,Q xtri , ,Q 0,-s Q, ,I'., ,QI r,, ,3 t AQ tr-. 'Ax'-"'A"4feU-N94 44112-..'. '4."- 'ANU WILSON, JOAN Odessa Nursing, B. S. Publicity Committee, Parkland IV, Dallas Club I, Nursing Club I-IV, Omega Rho Alpha I, TNSA II-IV, NSNA II-IV. WILSON, MELVA ANN Marshall Kindergarten-Primary Education, B. S. Corn I-Iuskin' Sing-Song II-IV, Round Table III, Gold Rush II-IV, Association for Childhood Education II, III, President III, Athenaeum II-IV, Modern Choir III, IV, Treasurer III, IV, Rifle Club, 4-H Club I, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship I. WILSON, PATRICIA ANN Hot Springs, Ark. General Business, B. S. Arkansas Club III, IV, Vice-President III, President IV, Professional Business Women's Club II-IV, Secretary IV, Sigma Pi Beta III, IV, Vice-President IV, Citizenship League IV, Professional Business Women's Club Scholar- ship IV, Dean's List I-IV, Student Assistant I-IV, Dormi- tory Religious Council IV, Gold Rush III, IV, Nativity Pageant II, Stunts III, IV, Corn Huskin' Contest III, IV, Round Table IV, Freshman Sponsor III, IV. WILSON, PEGGY ANN Vivian, La. -Recreation, Sports and Aquatics, B. S. junior Executive Council, WRA Representative IV, Pro- fessional Club II-IV, B Average III, Stunts III, IV, Dormi- tory Song Contest Director I, III, IV, Badminton Club III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer III, Hockey Club III, IV, Varsity III, Basketball Club I, IV, Volleyball Club III, IV, WRA Board IV, Softball Club I-IV. WING, ANNETTA LA CENE Houston Speech Therapy, B. S. Houston Hall President, SFC Representative, Smith-Car- roll, Houston Club I, Biology Club I, Speech Club II, IV, Speech Therapy Club III, IV, Zeta Phi Eta III, IV, Pi Lambda Theta IV, Chaparral Club II-IV, Secretary III, CGA II, SFC III, B Average I, II, Dean's List III, Stunts II, III, Freshman Sponsor II-IV, Dormitory Gold Rush Float Chairman II, III. WINKLE, ALICE ANN Pittsburg Home Economics Education, B. S. Freshman Counselor, Dormitory Sing-Song I, Stunts II, III, Home Economics Club I-IV, Home Economics Educa- tion Club I-IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Historian III, Presi- dent IV, Pi Lambda Theta III, IV, MEB Club III, IV, Secretary IV, Citizenship League IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu I, Round Table IV, B Average I-IV, Dean's List I-III, Stu- dent Assistant I-II, Danforth Award Nominee I, III, Re- presentative to Phi Upsilon Omicron National Conclave, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. WINN, MARY ELIZABETH Tyler Nursing, B. S. Floor Chairman III, House and Uniform Committee, Park- land III, Nursing Club I-IV, TNSA, B Average I-IV, Dean's List I-IV. WOMBLE, MARGUERITE SUZANNE Alamogordo, N. M. Home Economics Education, B. S. Best Dressed Nominee II, Home Economics Education Club IV, B Average III, Golf Team II. Il IC l Il IC ' 02 v' ' ,-.2 si.. ' ,..: a J 3 f Q . 21 f,. , ex xxfx fl. v f Q Q , x 'Y f 4 sfx ' 1 1 A A, ' A 'f 4 S kv - Y 4 A 'A A A WOOTON, JOANN Port Sulphur, La. Sociology, B. S. SCRA President IV, Capps Hall Counselor II, Secretary II, Sociological Society I-IV, Publicity Chairman II, Vice- President III, Alpha Kappa Delta III, IV: Chaparral Club II-IV, Bowling Club IV, Dean's List II, III, SCRA Vice- President III, Presbyterian Student Association Vice-Presi- dent II, President III, Student Council IV, Round Table IV, Presbyterian Representative to SCRA II, Corn Huskin' II, III, Gold Rush I-IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. WUNSCI-I, ELLA ANN Houston Foods and Nutrition, B. S. Home Economics Club I-IV, Dietetics Club I-IV, P.S.A. I-IV, Hospitality Chairman III. IDR. AND MRS. JOSH P. ROACH, SENIOR SPONSORS Moments' to Remember The time is nearing for every Lady on the hill to pack her bag and leave for the last time as a student of Texas Woman's University. In this bag we will pack with a little sadness all the memories we have collected down through our four years as the Class of 1959. Our senior year was perhaps our best, for we realized that this was the last yearg the final nine months of fun, frolic and, of course, studying. First we place in the bag the memory of our first function as seniors, the Sen- ior Breakfast. Our sister class, the sophomores, gave a program that Friday morn- ing that was truly fit for a "Lady." Then came the sophomore-senior party in Lowry Woods. Our singing of "Cindy" might not have measured up to what the sophomores could do, but from the laughter and clapping, we do not think that they minded. And, oh, we must pack with these memories those of the Senior- Faculty Frolic. Seniors, dressed as dominoes and vampires, were a sight to behold. Then came Gold Rush and Corn Huskin'. Our "Fantasyland" float caught the fancy of the judges and earned for us a first place. Our singing of "Wagon Wheels" brought us another blue ribbon at the Corn Huskin' Bee to pack in our bag of memories. Then came the end of the semester. It was hard to realize that half of the year had passed. Now we were on the last lap, and what could be better to start off with than Stunts? We dressed in our sea-going best and put on a show, the "Petticoat Pirates," that would make any "old salt" sit up and take notice, There was sadness in the air that last Saturday night, however. It wasn't because we did not win Stunts, but because we realized that this was our last Stunt. It was our last time to rehearse night after night and the last time to feel the excitement and thrill oi opening night. Now it is time to pack in the bag those last few weeks of memories. First will be the senior dance and senior assembly. Each, we know, will end on a note of sadness for at this time we will begin to realize that this is truly the beginning of the end. The last trip down the hill in white dresses and carrying an ivy chain will be remembered for many years to come. When we pull out our bag of memories, it will be very near the top. ' Last but not least we pack the memory of our graduation. As a reminder of this day, we must not forget to put in that diploma we have strived these some four years to attain. .Now the bag is closed, Everything is packed securely only to be taken out again when we want to remember these University days. Yes, we truly will "have these moments to remember." 2 Q Q7 C-wwf E Z ax Z X Z , 7 TF-QQ-Q S E 2 lqoo Qs yuuiliku Zt ----53 .........::-4 ....- w 4 4 1 Y 1 0 ' 1 1 1 . W Y 1 1 i L I Y 4 I 1 1 I .1 ADAIR, SHARON JEAN Springfield, Mo. ADAMS, MELVA ANN Littlefield ADDIS, CAROLE Shreveport, La. ADKINS, JUDY BELLE Duncan, Okla. AGOSTA, PATRICIA ANN Dallas ALKINS, SHEILA EILEEN Lincolndale, N. Y. ANDREWS, RUTH JANET Garland AWBREY, BARBARA Dallas BABINGTON, JUDITH Alexandria, La. BACHOFEN, CAROLINE San Antonio BAIRD, HERTHA GLENDORA Houston BARNHART, ELIZABETH ANNE Harlingen BATTE, MRS. SANDRA Denton BEHRNS, JANICE Osage, Iowa, BIXBY, SALLY MAY Phoenix, Ariz. BLOUNT, BEVERLY RAY Sherman BOARD, JEAN ETHEL Mineola BOAZ, MRS. JUDY ALICE Krum , xii i . J w i f JJ V J , . - W ,... V ., i i . .LM ' V J . 2, BOLEY, PEGGY JOYCE Gainesville BONHAM, VIRGINIA LEE Killeen BOWLES, BETTY CLARE Osceola, Ark. BOYD, EMILY LOUISE Burkburnett BROWN, BARBARA RUTH Fort Worth BROWN, MRS. DELORES Sanger BURNS, DOVIE JANE Hawkins CABRA, CARMELA Kingsville CANTU, ESPERANZA Corpus Christi CAPPS, BEVERLY ANN Snyder CARROLL, JACQUELYN Monahans CHADDOCK, MELINDA LEE Midland E CHADWICK, BETTY LYNN Houston CHARLES, ERNESTINA Brownsville CHISUM, CARMEL ANN Deweyville CHU, ELEANOR Vicksburg, Miss. CLARK, MARY FAYE Rockport CLARKE, ADELINE Bowie l , o , o g . X ,sg V 'V' r ' - Y E E I 5 7 COBB, NANCY LOU Keo, Ark. COERVER, CAROL RUTH Prescott, Ariz. COHEN, CYNTHIA Trinity COLLINS, CARROLL Eagle Lake COLVIN, SUE EMILY Paso Robles, Calif. COTTER, CONNIE Fort Worth COX, CAROLYN JEAN Fort Smith, Ark. CRYE, MARBIE MARIE Arlington DALBY, LINDA JEANNE Dallas DALE, NANCY ANN Denton DAMPMAN, BARBARA LaMarque DAMRON, LILLIE ANN McAllen DEEVERS, PATRICIA Dallas DE FORE, SANDRA Fort Worth DEITHLOFF, DIANA Kenedy DE LEON, MARIA DEL CARMEN McAllen DE LOS SANTOS, ARMANDINA Laredo DILLARD, PORTIA Tulia li q ,s .,., i n Q ' W iv .. .. r , ,Y DIXON, BETTY ANN Paris DODSON, DIANNE Dallas DONALDSON, PHILLIS ELAINE Chattanooga, Tenn. DUNLAP, KATHRYN ANNE Sayre, Okla. DUNN, VIVIAN RUTH Tyler EASTERLING, THELMA YVONNE Wichita Falls EDWARDS, HELEN LOUISE ' I Q I l s l i EVANS, REESE ANN Port Arthur FAITH, VIRGINIA Coleman FEELEY JOANNA san Antonio FITSCHEN, JEANINE CAROLE Garland FLETCHER, JUDITH KAY Paducah, Ky. FLOOD, CATHERINE ANNE San Antonio FORD, MRS. TERESA Denton FOSTER, ANN Haskell FRANKLIN, ANN POPE Gallatin, Tenn. , I Knickerbocker ESSARY, CAROLYN Ardmore, Okla. ESSEX, EMILY JANE Stuttgart, Ark. GALVAN, CORINE ALICIA Brownsville GARCIA, EUNICE Houston GARCIA, VIOLA Falfurrias GAY, GLENDA SUE Azle GEHRING, MARGARET ELLEN Wheatley, Ark. ""'.,!" GERALDS, ANN Dallas GERON, CARY Dallas GIBSON, ISABELLA Denton GILES, EVADA SUE Bridgeport GIPSON, SONJIA RUTH Overton GOOCH, GWENDOLYN Farmersville GOODNIGH'T, BARBARA Pampa GUIBAULT, HELEN DIANE Killeen HACHMUTH, KAY HELEN Bartlesville, Okla. HAISLER, ROSEMARY JANE Hillsboro HANSEN, SHERRILL JANE San Benito HARDIN, MARTHA LYNNE Amarillo NQQJHY HARRIS, DELORES ANN Blytheville, Ark. ,N U, ,,, , ,,.,.,,,,,,,.., ,, , , , , N . ., .,,, . ,.. . H -. v. . . .. , ., .. .... .W .-,-n-...www .- . . .V r - ' .. 4.... . . . . .. . Q V. X N X .. .... HAYWOOD, SHEILA MARIE Dallas HEDGCOCK, NANCY LOU Frankort, Ind. HENDERSON, SUSAN DIXON Ormond Beach, Fla. HERRERA, MIRTHILA Chiriqui, Panama HERVEY, HOLLACE LYNNE Artesia, N. M. HEWETT, JACQUELINE Corpus Christi HIETT, MARGARET Midland HOBDY, DONNA JEAN Lubbock HOPKINS, MARILEON Texarkana, Ark. HOUSE, GLENDA Gilmer l HUBENAK, MARY ANN El Campo HUNEYCUTT, JANICE LYNN Little Rock, Ark. INMON, NANCY JANE Paris IVEY, MARY ALICE Dallas IVY, EDITH MELINDA Houston JESSUP, CARRIE San Benito JOHNSON, JEss'1E CARLANNE Carbon JOHNSTON, GEORGIA FAYE Midiothm r lu- ..-1.-nf-vw.-. ... .. .x. , ' --..,f... -,.- V .- . .-V. . .. .....,.... .- .... . .. .. . . . . -. ..--. ... p. -Q-nv. vw,-au,,....,.... A r , W N X S n . . .....,. ,..,. . ..... ., .. L il.. . .. ,. , . .. V ,L JONES, BELVA Denton JONES, HARRIET Orange KANE, KATHRYN San Antonio KEITH, JERI KAY Longview KEMP, MARY ELIZABETH Graham KIRKPATRICK, KATHRYN Little Rock, Ark. KNIFE, CAROL SUE New London KOKERNOT, KAROL ANN Longview KYSER, MARILYN JEAN Dallas 'GV LACY, FAYE Wellington LAMBERTH, BARBARA ANN Donna LE BLEU, MARY ELIZABETH Houston LEE VANITA Minden, La. LEISTER, ELLEN JANE Orange LEVESQUE, MARY ANNE El Paso LEWIS, SHIRLEE IRENE Gainesville LINVILLE, CAROLE Arkansas City, Kan. LITTRELL, MELISSA ANNE Coffeyville, Kan. Eng I S. ,.,. .... L ,.., . .. . ng. gs- 1 urn: X ' " ' ' ' , , L , 'X . ? .. v- L' h , . ....4. ,.. -,4.,gn. hu . U. . f ,H ... . . , 1- .. . M. . v.. ... ,. ... . ., ., , - .,.. . , . .. .. . , . . .. , LOPEZ, MYRNA Alice LOZANO, ADRIANA Laredo LUDDEN, BESSIE MARIE Amarillo LUNCEFORD, MARILYN Houston MCCLURE, MRS. BEVERLY ANN Krum MCDONALD, ARLEEN Corpus Christi McGUFF, MOLLY ELVA Port Arthur MCKAY, RITA KIM Silsbee McWHORTER, WILLIE FAYE Diana MACKENZIE, JUDITH EVELYN Lufkin MARTIN, LOU ANN Dallas MARTIN, TERZA MAGDALENA Laredo MARTINEZ, MARIA EUDALIA Laredo MARTINEZ, THELMA Laredo MASTERS, SYLVIA AGATHA Eagle Pass MEEKS, NANCY ANN Little Rock, Ark. MENGERT, ANNE KATHERINE Riverside, Ill. MEZA, ELENA Laredo 'WE . ..,. ,. . ,. . .. , .... .. ,. .. ..., . .... ,.,. ,... , .. .,.. ..,, ..., ,, , N X' S , , .. ,... . . .... . L4 ., ...... .. .. MILLER, DIXIE Coffeyville, Kan. MILLER, MARNI MINGER, SANDRA St. Joseph, Mo. MOLINA, INOCENCIA Laredo MONROE, MARY MARTHA El Paso MONTALVO, ELVIRA Hebbronville MOORE, MARILYN SUE Houston MORGAN, KATH RYN MARIE MORVA, JOSIE Tucson, Ariz. Stuttgart, Ark. San Antonio MOR'TON, JOYRENE NEWMAN, BARBARA SUE NOACK, DOROTHY ANN NOWAK, Jo ANN O'B.ANNON, Jo ANN Hereford Jefferson Knippa Houston Dallas OCKER, PATRICIA ANN Corpus Christi ODAM, AGNES, LUCILLE Odessa OGLE, REBECCA JEANETTE Sevierville, Tenn. OWEN, MARY ANN Chicago, Ill. IQ ,,, ,,. , . , , , .,,.,,,,-.. . . .. vm V - f.,.,..,. .vi , .. . .. .. . .. - .. ,. , ...- . fm. .. . . , . .N .... . ... ,Q f - u 1..- Q 7 , r 82 ,.... .. 1... .44 , M...--4.4, ..... .. .. . , f. ., ... ..4., .. .. , . . .. ., ,, . - H., , ..., .. .. . . v . . .. .v PAZ, LETICIA Hebbronville PENA, SYLVIA Laredo PERCIFIELD, SUE Alvarado PEREZ, BELIA Laredo PERKINS, MRS. VIRGINIA PARKER Denton PITT, BARBARA JEAN Longview POSEY, SHANNON LEE Andrews PRICE, CHARLENE MARIE Fort Worth PRICE GWENNETH DeQueen, Ark. PUDDY, SALLIE LYNN College Station QUESEDA, FRANCES Laredo RAMIREZ, SYLVIA ALICE Laredo RAMIREZ, TERESA Mission RAY, ARLENE Raymondville REESE, BARBARA JEAN St. Louis, Mo. I REICH, FLORENCE ALMA Galveston RESENDEZ JANIE San Antonio REYNA, ALICIA OLGA Laredo l I 11528 - W- 1' A ' .f - .- A - . -.f . ,. .. ..- . . ,,,.,. .W-. .---V 7 W. .. ........ .,. .. ... .- , . , ...H .,., .... . .. ,... . is X V - 'S J ..... ,,, .... . . .,,.., ,f... L .....i.... ,..,..v . . .,.... .1 ,,-. - ,A-.,,.,. ,, RICHARDSON, EVELYN SUE Marshall, Ark. RICHEY, SARA JANE England, Ark. RICKTER, DOROTHY Alice RITCHIE, WILMA Eagle Pass ROBINSON, SONYA KAYE Greenville ROBINSON, EDA ANN Marfa RODEN, SALLY ANN XNinnsboro, La. RODRIQUEZ, ROSALINDA Wharton ROGERS, MARCIA DIANE Cameron, Mo. RUHMANN, CHARLOTTE ANN Richardson RUSSELL, MARTHA ANNE Tyler SALDANA, MARY Corpus Christi SANCHEZ, LAMAR Laredo SANDERS, PATSY ANN Shamrock SCHULTZ, GLORIA ANITA Houston SCHWARZ. BARBARA ANN San Antonio SCOTT, LINDA JANE Fort Worth SELL, EMMA ELAINE Nocona ,aa-'f""',w x L9 'E ,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,, .. ,. .... . . ., , . . ..,,, ,, ., .. ..,. , ...V.. . ,... .. . . . . ff " X N ,A N SHAWN, REBECCA LEE Arlington SIERRA, IRMA JACINTA Brownsville SILVA, ERNESTINA Asherton SILVERS, MARY LYNN Overton N46 SINGLETON, BARBARA JEAN Dallas as 9 SLAYDEN, JANEIL Little Rock, Ark. SMITH, CARO-LE Beaumont SMITH, CHARLOTTE Conway, Ark. SMITH, MARCIA JANE College Station SOWDER, MONNA LEE Borger SPRADLIN, LYNN El Paso STAPLETON, LINDA LOUISE Pikeville, Ky. STRICKLAND, BEVERLY ANN Perrin SUGG, JANIS CAROLYN Houston TAYLOR, ROSALIE Wewoka, Okla. TAYLOR, SHELBA RAE Troup TEAGUE, GILLIAN Graham w'Wl'9 TERRY, ELAINE LaPortC -... 1,-v-1.1, -- ., ,... .....- . .- 1 .' 1 . . ......, .. .,..., ,...,.v. ..... .. ., ,,,, ,. ,,, . . ,,.... ........- ., .,., . X X , X . S . . ,... . .. . ., .. .. . . . ., ...,.. .... . , 4. . - .. ...U .. .... ,. .. .. . . . .. . , H.,,U,,, U TIMBERLOKE, MARILYNN San Saba TOBIN, ANN Dallas TOLLESON, JEAN Lone Star TOMPKINS, ANN Baytown TORRES, CAROLINE Del Rio TOWNSEND, PAT Midland TROTT, DONNA Fort Worth VALERA, GLORIA MAY Houston VERNON, SHARON SUE Baton Rouge, La. WAIDE, MONA KAY WARD, GWENDOLYN WEBSTER, AMY RUTH WILLIAMS, ANNETTE WILSON, CAROLYN WING, PEGGY RUTH WHITESIDE, DEANNA VICKERS, SHIRLEY JEAN Montgomery, Ala. VYLES, SAMMIE LOUISE Van Buren, Ark. Texline Harlingen Fort Worth Lockhart Harlingen Dallas Little Rock, Ark. Q6 mmm., YANDELL, KATHRYN MAUDINE MR. AND MRS. JOHN MURRAY KENDRICK, JUNIOR SPONSORS Commonl Preferred Mid-Point Arriving on campus filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for the mid-point of our college career, we began our year's activities with an exciting ride to the Lake Dallas campsite for a hayride and picnic. Although the weather proved un- cooperative, the Class of '60 refused to let it dampen its spirit. Proving a great fascination to all, Smith-Carroll's version of the pink elephant, Dumbo, complete with moving ears, brought home an honorable mention in the "Fantasyland" Gold Rush Carnival Parade. Victories on top of victories in the Corn Huskin' Bee made 60's spirit rise to new heights. Singing ujoggin' Along" in the Bee Song Contest won for us a second place. Our robust enthusiasm landed another twelve ribbons to display, in- cluding second place in the entire Bee. To let our Sister Class of '62 know we had the Christmas spirit, we honored them with an Open House during the pre-Christmas Season. Merry-making over their successful Talent Assembly and "showing off" clean rooms highlighted the affair. Upon returning from Christmas the madness of Stunts was upon us. Our vividly colored costumes and professional jazz-like dancing saved the Stock Market and WOOLARD, MARIAN Alvarado Highlands ZAMORA, ROSE ALMA Laredo the judges' decision proved with the presentation of the Stunt Cup that it was "Commonly Preferred." With the coming of Spring, came thirteen lovely princesses from "Hall of Smith-Carroll" who notably represented us in the Redbud Festival. As the year drew to its close, we gave a rousing send-off to the Seniors at the junior-Senior Breakfast. Wiser and more mature, we packed to leave for the summer months, only to return with re-newed strength to lead the campus as the "Seniors on the Hill." 741 Eiii glfi .x , N . 1 f f, , 7' A ' ni. A I .R Q... 0 -X 5 C if Q x 5 1961 imizasuru :War iwlrzasurz 5 su. 4 A K , ' - N 6 'ff-'Hz' -, ffl " ' , on . 1, . 1,g,A mm-presxdfnf I .'x. 34 JK' 53?Lglygiggifyug-2Qf,7:.tgg5.i3eA H 2 ,wflwifsumwfwfff -"' 7 X ,. . . ' ":'VW-"-4'5..35'h-'HMV,S1931 u, ,Q 2,5 -- ' 5f2??a,imfgs2f"2fQ: 3.e1gs,,,:,f'12 , Y-iff 1m1w.:z.',1' ' my "-121. af 1, . ,4 az-",Q-.yfg,1gv:,w,3.s:LfW1p'5 .Q 4: X 4 ,E A :fr.q'-4, ax ,y 3 'Cf 'fa .mul Y' mfr? 'i-inf' V-Q0 X , -fy - :Z 212, H DVM S ARM we -aw -"-D-xv.m,gqz-N. ' Q in f 1' A -wr I -Q' bfi: in was H ,U 4 1 w ? . 5 2 .0 ? J Linda Abbott . 5 ' Martha Shziwn YES -'Q I 155, ,M eidi Tfept K, 5 3 , -e ,,s . L., ,vs i , ... I Q 5' Q ' ..-?......., ,, ,--...., 1. " Q an 1 . ...,. . ,... ,,,,f- ' :A Q L- I xg ,, I 9 I I T rf? Us ABBOTT, LINDA RUTH Scottsbluff, Neb. ADAMS, BILLY JIM Amarillo AMONETT, BILLIE JO Floydada ANNARATONE, ROSE ANN Memphis, Tenn. ANTOMIDES, CAROLYN JEAN Louisville, Ky. ASHLEY, VIRGINIA MAIE Louisville, Ky. AUTAUBO, BERTHA CLARE Oklahoma City, Okla. BAIRD, MARY NITA El Paso BAKER, ELLA ANDREA Orange BAKER, JO ANN Fort Knox, Ky. BAKER, MARY JO Duncan, Okla. BARELA, ARMIDA BERNADETTE El Paso BARGER, MRS. ARTHUR LOUISE Dallas BARLOW, SARAH KATHRYN Leonia, N. J. BARRETT, KA'THRYN JANE Simms BARRINGTON, RAMONA LYNN Houston BARTON, MILDAH LYNN Sweetwater BECKLUND, ILA ALMA Dallas BEDAIR, BARBARA JUNE 'Arp BEDNAR, ROSALEA MAURINE Louise BEGLEY, MARGARET ANNE Bowie i BUCKWALTER, BARBARA ANN lylf-'iilgflllilsxllllli lxlaa dlllla llvll lrlivl lltI,I.I:5l'J-Ilti, , l 1 5 l BEOHM, JUDITH ANN Houston l BERGER, MARGARET KAY Towson, Md. BERRY, SUSANA CATHARINE Odessa l BES'T, MARY FRANCES Fishkill, N. Y. BISBY, JUDITH VIVIAN Houston BLAKE, NATALIE Fort Dix, N. I. BLESSITT, MARY FRANCES Orange BLEWSTER, BEVERLY Pine Bluff, Ark. BOEDEKER, CAROLYN ANN Stamford BOGGS, JOAN ELIZABETH Oak Ridge, Tenn. BONEBRAKE, CLEO ELIZABETH Dallas BORCHERDING, ELIZABETH ANN Henderson BOTTGER, JUDY KAY Colorado Springs, Colo. BRADLEY, SANDRA SUE Rising Star BRANARD, MARTHA ANN San Antonio BRIDGES, JOANNE GRACE Fort Worth BROWN, BETTE ANNE Oklahoma City, Okla. BROWN, MAXINE GAIL Wolfforth BROZ, KATHERINE ROSE Hawk Point, Mo. Pottstown, Pa. BURKETT, LINDA FRANCES Abilene Y , N llllllllllllllilllilllllli rlllllllllcallnslll I'lll BURKS, PHYLLIS LOUISE Denison BURT, CAROL ANN Louise BUSEY, MARTHA ELIZABETH Fort Worth CAIN, ALINE San Salvadore, El Salvadore CAMPBELL, BETTY LOU Kerens CANINE, GENE RAY Hot Springs, Ark. CANNON, SYLVIA JEAN Houston CAPPS, FRAZEE DELORIS Pecos CARAWAY, KAY ELIZABETH Sedalia, Mo. CARRON, RUTH JANE Festus, Mo. CARTER, SAUNDRA PEARL Abilene CASHELL, JULIA ANN Longview CASTANEDA, ESTELLA Mercedes CASTILLO, JANIE Temple CHADDOCK, FRANCES ANNETTE Midland CHAPA, DOLORES GOMEZ Alice CHASTAIN, GAY LYNNE Scottsbluff, Neb. CHISAM, NELDA FAYE Sanger CLARK, LOIS LOUISE Dallas CLARK, SARAH LUCILLE Dallas CLAUNCH, WILMA LOU Henderson COBURN, SANDRA ANN Haskell COCHRAN, CYNTHIA LEE Odessa COE, RACHEL ANN Kerrville COFFEY, PATSY ANN Ferris COLE, SADIE ELIZABETH Friendswood COLEMAN, BEVERLY ANN Dallas COMPTON, JO IRIS Freeport CONOLEY, CAROLYN KAY Thorndale COX, PATRICIA ANN Fort Worth CRALL, JUDITH ANN Irving CRAWFORD, CAROLYN Palestine CULVER, ANITA FAY Grand Prairie DAVID, NELDA MARTHA Laredo DAVIS, ELIZABETH LEE Amarillo DAVIS, KAREN Borger DEAN, MARION FRANCES Denton DEHLER, BARBARA ALICE Flossmoor, Ill. DEWBERRY, MRS, JEANETTE Dallas DICUS, GRETA JOY Hot Springs, Ark. DILL, LUCIE KA'THRYN Dallas DILL, MARY ELIZABETH Dallas 5 115 ' Q4 ' T " ,cr ., y. , V, .l V A :ij M11 ' I 1 H I i I I I i l I is 1 11111-jsvfft' 1 1 1 l1.l,7'I-l l 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 1 1 '-qw CE' ef' DILLER, JOANNA MYRA Irving DIMINNO, PATRICIA ANN Arlington DODD, NANCY ELIZABETH Albuquerque, N. M. DONAGHE, BETTY JANE Fort Worth DONELSON, SALLY ANN Palmyra, Mo. DONNELLY, SAZA DEE Grand Prairie DOUCET, PATSY RAE Dallas DROZD, LORINE RITA Ennis DRYER, DONNA DUANE Webster Groves, Mo. DUNCAN, ELIZABETH LEE Harlingen DUNNE, DIANE IRENE Miami, Fla. DUPUIS, YVONNE Houston DUVAL, DONYA ELAINE Houston EDWARDS, PHYLL'IS THEODORA Woodville. ELLIS, NANCY JANE Mount Dora, Fla. EMERSON, MRS. ANDREA LEE Denton EVANS, BARBARA LAVERN Denton EVERETT, MARY ELIZABETH Del Rio FARMER, ANNETTA FRANCES House, N. M. FAUBION, HAZEL LOU Valley Mills FINLEY, ROENA JUNE Lake Jackson FLOYD, EMMA RUTH Benton, Ark. FLUTSCH, MARY LOUISE Menard FOMBY, HELEN PETWAY Dallas FORD, JUDY EMILY Hugo, Okla. FOWLER, CELIA CHRISTINE Pampa FRANKLIN, DORIS LOU House, N. M. GARCIA, SYLVIA GLORIA Laredo GARZA, EDNA IRIS Harlingen GARZA, MELINDA IRENE Laredo. GEE, VIOLET Houston GEISER, DIANNE KATHRYN Kissimmee, Fla. GERON, WANDA SUE Dallas GILBERTSON, GAY CATHERINE Eugene,.Ore. GINGRICH, JEANNE CAROL Galveston GLENN, LUCILLE Kermit GONZALEZ, BLANCA ALICIA McAllen GONZALEZ, CECILIA CARMEN McAllen GONZALEZ, DORA HERMINIA Laredo GORDON, SUSAN KAY El Dorado, Ark. GRAVES, WANNA LOUISE Perryton GRIFFIN, HELGA ILSA Fort Knox, Ky. I 9 GRISSOM, DEA ELMA Monahans GROSS, 'IVA HELEN Colorado City GRYMES, JOYCE NADINE Houston GUERRA, GUADALUPE MAGDELENA Laredo GUNN, DIANE LEE Smackover, Ark. GUTIERREZ, EVELYN MARGARET Albuquerque, N. M. HAAKMAN, NANCY Webster Groves, Mo. HALAS, BARBARA LYNN Kaneohe, Hawaii HALES, JOYCE ANNETTE Highlands HALL, PRISCILLA GAYLE Fayetteville, N. C. HARLOW, LELLA JEANNETTE Grand Prairie HARRELL, MARY MARGARET Munday HAYES, JERRY ANN Jefferson HAYS, CAROL ANN Tyler HEARN, FRANCES MARIE Bay City HEIMER, HELEN LOUISE San Antonio HELD, JOAN CHRISTINE Wichita Falls HELM, FRANCES LEE Boerne HEPPENER, JULIA ANN El Paso HEWITT, NANCY ANN Ville Platte, La. HIBBETTS, CATHERINE MARIE Marble Falls fkfKK'L'DQ'1"S'xi' 'XQYTQL uIllIllll!lllllllllllllll!lSIIl'llll7lllIi CJ XJ 'Gr QT -gy V' . . I M Ji llllllllllllllllllllllillltllllillllllllglglggggfpb HILL, SUZANNE Houston HINOJOSA, ARACELIA RAFAELA San Diego HINSON, PATRICIA ANN Big Spring HINTON, NANCY GAIL Grayson, La. HOEFT, BARBARA ANN Denver, Colo. HOFER, PATIENCE ANN New Braunfels HOGUE, META CHRISTINE Tampa, Fla. HOOD, SARAH LEE Little Rock, Ark. HORN, JUDITH MAI Santa Fe, N. M. HORTON, SYLVIA ANN Dallas HOUGH, CHARLOTTE JEAN Danville, Vt. HOWLE, BETTYE LEE Tahoka HUCKERT, MARY KATHERINE Summerfield HUFFMAN, DORIS JEAN Farmington, N. M. HUXHAM, MARTHA HELEN Jacksonville Beach, Fla. JAYNES, LEILA JANE Monahans JEMISON, MARGARET JULIA Evant JIMINEZ, MARIE ESTHER San Antonio JOHNSON, EMMA KRISTINE Georgetown JOHNSON, JULIANNAH El Dorado, Ark. JONES, CAROL LEE Texas City JONES, CORNELIA ELIZABETH Eagle Pass JONES, PATRICIA ANN Texarkana JONES, PHYLLIS SUE Fort Worth JORDAN, MARTHA ANN Little Rock Ark. JORDEN, JOAN LYNN Houston JOSE, ALICE RUTH Alamogordo, N. M. JUMPER, MARY ANN Conway, Ark. KELLER, HELEN CONSTANCE Waco KIKER, LYNDA NELL Dublin KING, GAIL LOUISE Palacios KNOPP, SHIRLENE MARY Ganado KOENIG, LUCY JILL Paris KOLAR, CLAUDIA MARIE Mount Calm LANE, PHYLLIS ONEIDA Houston LANGFORD, GLENDA MAURINE Houston LATTA, BARBARA KAY Abilene LENNON, SALLEY EILEEN Lakeland, Fla. LILES, ALYCE ANN Longview LINN, LEEJOTA ANN Mount Home LINN, MARY ANN Pasadena LITTLE, LAVONNE Mesquite LOPEZ, ALMA ANGELINA Alice A-L McCALL, PATRICIA IREN E Webster Groves, Mo. MCCASLAND, DEANNA BETH jefferson McCU'TCHEON, SALLIE LORENA Pecos McDONALD, MARY JANE Sealy MCGIBONEY, CHARLOTTE ZELL Dallas MCLAIN, MARY NELL New Braunfels MALDONADO, ADRIANA Del Rio MALM, RUTH LANELLE Lyford MALONE, MARJORIE BESSIE Monroe, La. MANIS, BONITA Owensboro, Ky. MANVILLE, SHIRLEE ANN San Antonio MARIN, BEATRICE MONCIVAIS Bryan MARQUEZ, MARIA CONCEPTION Alice MAXWELL, ANN ROSSER Miami, Fla. MAXWELL, JOSEPHINE Houston MAYO, SYLVIA E1 Paso MELASS, SANDRA LYNN Lake Jackson MELTON, RUBYNELLE Bonham MERKA, GLADYS MARIE Bryan MERRITT, JANICE LEE Andrews L ' xljglwffllllltlllll Ill I q ' ' ' A ' ' A ' MITCHELL, ANN CAROL Grayford MITCHELL, MARY CATHERINE Gatesville MONTGOMERY, PENELOPE SANDRA Kansas City, Mo. MOORE, MARGARET LOU Irving MOORER, .DORA SUE Muskogee, Okla MORAN, ELIZABETH VIRGINIA Kingsport, Tenn. MORRIS, MARIWYN Jefferson MUELLER, MARY LOU New Braunfels MUNSON, JEANNE ANNE Webster Groves, Mo. MURPHY, SHARON Fort Worth MYERS, HELEN LENORA Charleston, S. C. NEELY, MARGARET ELLEN Shreveport, La. NEIGHBORS, BETTY JEAN Matador NICKLES, CAROL ANNE Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. NUNEZ, MARGARET JANE Houston NUNLEY, PATRICIA GAIL Sabinal OBERKAMPF, MARGO IRENE New Braunfels OGDEN, NANCY JEAN Houston OLIVAREZ, MARIA LOUISA Rio Grande OSBORNE, KAY MARIE Newton, Iowa PARK, KAREN LEE Tampa, Fla. PARKER, MABEL ADENA Breckenridge PATTERSON, JANE ELLEN Grand Junction, Colo. PATTERSON, PATRICIA ELIZABETH West Palm Beach, Fla. PAZ, MARIA AURORA Hebbronville PEREA, ROSALIE DOLORES Albuquerque, N. M. PERKINS, SANDRA SUE Austin PERRITT, FRANCES ELINOR San Antonio PETTY, DOROTHY JEAN Grapeland PHILLIPS, SANDRA ELLIS El Paso PIERCE, DONNA SUE Clarksville, Ark. PILLOW, PENELOPE ANN Houston PITTS, TOMMYE LOU Dallas POLINSKI, JUDITH MARIE Houston POLIVKA, CHARLENE JOYCE Houston PONDANT, PATRICIA ANN Daingerlield PROBST, LINDA ELOISE Amarillo QUALLS, BEVERLY JANEAN Houston RAMIREZ, MARIA ELENA Laredo RAPE, BEVERLY SUE Borger RAY, EVELYN MARLENE La Marque REID, RITA FRANCES Cameron K. 0 A clla1lnanannlnllao:insane an ,W xx 1' ,suv REMBERT, SALLY BRENT Garland REYNOLDS, MARILYN ELIZABETH Lyford RICE, LINDA CELINE Tillar, Ark. RICHMAN, PEGGY JANE Dallas RICHMOND, SUZANNE Fort Worth RIDDLE, MARY JANE EDMONSON Denton ROBERTS, MARY GLENN Roswell, N. M. ROBERTSON, BETTY JOHN Mankins ROBINSON, EUNICE BETH Mesquite ROMPEL, MERLE New Braunfels ROPER, BEVERLY REVE Raymondville ROWLAND, MILDRED LILLIAN Hot Springs, Ark. ROWLEY, LUCY ANN Loveland, Colo. RUFF, DIANE GAY Harrison, Ark. RUSCOE, JEANNE ELLEN Daytona Beach, Fla. RUST, HARRIET New Braunfels SAENZ, LOYDA ELIZABETH Dallas SALAZAR, MARIA DOLORES San Benito SANCHEZ, AURORA Laredo SANTIAGO, SYLVIA TERESA McAllen SCHAAF, LUCY KATHREN Omaha, Neb. SCHAEF ER, MARY LOU Bastrop 5 SENTER, NANCY ANN Uvalde SEWARD, MARGARET HENRIETTE Las Vegas, N. M. SHANLEY, JUDITH LOUISE Charleston, Mo. SHARP, HAZEL JOYCE Pasadena SHAVER, ELIZABETH ANN Odessa SHAWN, MARTHA JUNE Arlington SHEETS, KAREN Olney SHEFFIELD, JANICE MARIE Baytown SHOOK, MARY FRANCES Dallas SHUMAN, ROBERTA IRENE West Palm Beach, Fla. SHURBET, LYNDA LEA Fort Worth SIMMONS, CAROLYN JANE Miles SKINNER, GLADYS JANE Dallas SMITH, LYNN Humble SOLIZ, HILDA San Diego SOMMER, CYNTHIA KAY Houston SONNEN, ELIZABETH ANN Brownsville SPECHT, KATHERINE New Braunfels SPENCER, ANN DALE Dallas SPRADLING, RENE ARLENE Ardmore, Okla. STEINBRENNER, CAROL LEE Denton STEPHENS, LINDA SUE Sherman STEPHENSON, MARTHA JEAN Dilley STEVENS, LEE ELLEN Dallas STEWART, PEGGY JEAN Kingsville STRYBOS, WILLIFRED MARGARET Houston STUCKRATH, BARBARA VIRGINIA Baltimore, Md. SWAIM, JULIA LEE England, Ark. TALIAFERRO, MYRNA MAY Denton TAYLOR, CAROLINE JANE Sparkman, Ark. TAYLOR, HELEN ANNETTE Muskogee, Okla. TIDWELL, ANNE MARGARET Houston TITUS, ETHA SUE Dallas TOLBERT, ROSSLYN Alice TOWNSEND, SHIRLEY REBECCA Conway, Ark. TREPT, HEIDI THEA Dallas TROPPY, MARY ALICE Raymondville TURBEVILLE, BARBARA WILLIE Spur TWITCHELL, CHARLOTTE LOUISE El Paso URIBE, JOVITA de la LUZ San Ygnacio UTLEY, ENID JANE Magnolia, Ark. ff! VAUGHAN, LU NELLE VELA, MARY ISABEL WADDLE, LINDA JEAN WALKER, JUDITH GAYLE WALKER, MARTHA ANN WALKER, WINCY ANN Pasadena Houston Lubbock Tyler Garland Woodville WALLACE, TOMMIE KAY Morrilton, Ark. WALTHALL, SHIRLEY MAE Midland WARREN, ANNE BEALE WASSON, MARIE ALICE WAUGH, ELIZABETH .ANN Nederland Beaumont San Bernardino, Calif. WAYBOURN, BARBARA JO Matador WEATHERLY, MARY FRANCES Fort Worth WEAVER, JOSEPHINE San Benito WEISGERBER, JUNE KATHERINE WHITE, JANELLE WHITE, MARTHA ANN Whittier, Calif. Azle Vernon WIGGINS, JONNIE ELIZABETH Gatesville WILLIAMS, BILLIE JANE Fort Worth WILLIAMS, BILLIE JEAN WILLIAMS, MARY NELL Milano Greenville WILSON, ANN BENTLEY Springhill, La. WILSON, EVELINA MARTIN Hammond, La. WILSON, PEGGY JO Dallas WOLVERTON, MARY RUTH Vicksburg, Miss. if WRIGHT, CAROL LYNN Houston ZAHN, ELLA JO Silsbee DR. AND MRS. HAROLD T. BAKER, SOPHOMORE SPONSORS 308 An nforgettable Year "Land, Our Land!"-this was our Stunt theme and paraphrased it becomes the story of our Sophomore year-Our Year! Laughs, Our Laughs! Loyalties, Victories, Defeats, all ours as sophomores. In September we came back, no longer as freshmen, but as upperclassmen. We celebrated this occasion with the class of '59, Our Sister Class, At breakfasts and sister class parties we learned the meaning of loyalty. Later in the fall, we found ourselves crawling, yelling, working, and laugh- ing as we pledged literary social clubs. Weariness, tears, anticipation and finally, a club - Our Club! An auburn haired sister sophomore took the title of Aggie Sweetheart- Millie Rowland. Our Victory! Stunts came and went. With the rain came a fierce togetherness and good times . . . but, not the cup. Class, Our Class! All the things we look back upon-Redbud Festival, our sister class graduat- ing, keeping in touch with the Parkland sophomores, our first frosh class to guide -all these moments make 58-59 quite a year- Our Year! 309 N 'JI fl-'-f i -, f N f X - - 1---4 , X X 1-a f A X X X Q- v- X A Y 7 X,"XN,,,...-X X ,X -Z' 0 1 5 - - f X X Ax X X - - fi! N ' f X Xxyx gi, ! 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I 'vi ' f .Q-:ruff f- -1- .T z- if ,Xa mk- f w M R' ,, . L i 1 if Q ABBOTT, MARJORIE ANN Fort Worth ABENDROTH, MARTHA ANN Thompsons ADAMS, MARY ANN Midiand ADAMS, PATRICIA Brownwood ALGARIN, ELIZABETH Dallas ALLAN, JESSIE MARIE soo Antonio ALLEN, CAROLE JUNE Denton ALLEN, GLORIA MARGARET Dallas ALVAREZ, MARY FRANCES Brownsville ANDREE, SANDRA JEAN Wichita Falls ANDREWS, BONNIE LOUISE Benton, Ark. ANDRONIS, MARIA ARISTOS Houston ARCINIEGAS, ELSA AZUCENA David, Panama ASTON, BETTY JEAN Ardmore, Okla. ATCHISON, HELEN CATHERINE Eliasville AUSTIN, ELLIN WILSON Miami Springs, Fla. AUSTIN, JANE ELIZABETH Monterrey, Mexico BAILEY, CAROL ANN Siloam Springs, Ark. BAIRD, MARGARET ANN El Paso BAKER, JANET SUE Monroe City, Mo. BAKER, LOCKIE SUZANNE Kansas City, Mo. BALL, FRANCES ANNE Hitchcock BALKUS, MARY PATRICIA Homestead, Fla. BARKER, GRETA MARIE Houston BARRERA, MARY IMELDA Falfurrias BARRERA, VIRGINIA Harlingen BATEMAN, JEANNE ROSE Fort Smith, Ark. BEAUCHAMP, ELEANOR ANN El Paso BEEMAN, LYNDA SUE Odessa BENAVIDES, OLGA ARACELI Hebbronville BENINGFIELD, EUNICE ARDYTHE Kansas City, Mo. BENSON, sUE ANN Shamrock BERGERON, BARBARA ANN Houma, La. BERNDT, KATHRYN LORINE Carrollton BERRY, LINDA CLAIRE BERRY, SUSAN ELIZABETH Dallas Island Falls, Maine BESELER, MAXINE ROBERTA New Braunfels BETTES, PATSY RUTH Cooper BEUTLER, BILLIE JEAN Albuquerque, N.M. BICE, NANCY JEAN Brownsville BILLINGSLEY, LYN Bellaire BILTON, CAROLYN MAE Waco BILTON, MARILYN FAE Waco BIRD, ANITA MAE BLACK, BARBARA JO BLACK, LINDA DIANE Galena Park San Antonio Dallas BLAND, PATRICIA Little Rock, Ark. BLANKENBURG, NANCY ANN Houston BLANTON, FRANCES JANE Harlingen BOGGS, BARBARA JEAN Shreveport, La. BOLIN, JOAN YVONNE Bonham BORDEN, SHERRILL ANN West Columbia BOWMAN, PATRICIA CAROLYN Louisville, Ky. BOYD, LELIA ANN Corsicana BRADFORD, PATRICIA ANN Los Angeles, Cal. BRADLEY, JEANENE Bowie BRASWELL, MARY FRANCES Freeport BRATTON, BEVERLY BRAU, DIANA JEAN Dallas BRIGHT, BERTHA CELESTE Troup BROUGHTON, PRISCILLA ANN Dallas BROWN, CECILIA Corpus Christi BROWN, EVELYN MARION Wink BROWN, GLORIA JEAN Fort Worth BROWN, PAMELA JAN Wichita Falls BROWN, SANDRA JEAN Kerrville BROWN, SONDRA KAY Hickman Mills, Mo. BROWN, SYLVIA NINA Clute BRYANT, LANIE RENE Penyton BUCHANAN, PATRICIA JANE Alexandria, La. BURGENER, DONNA ANN Marceline, Mo. BURKS, JANET KATHRYN Denison BURNETT, JOSEPHINE ANN Brownsville BUTLER, NoLA LAVELLE Waco CALLAN, EDITH ANN Dallas CALLAWAY, LAQUITA JAN Paaaua CAMERON, MARY ANN san Antonio CAMPBELL, DONNA RAE Homestead, Fla. CAMPBELL, JOYCE EARLENE Denton CAMPBELL, LINDA LOU Corpus Christi CANTU, GLORIA sYLv1A Beeville CARTER, SARA DANNER Roswell, N.M. CASAS, HILDA DORIS San Diego CAUBLE, CARoLE JEAN Biglake C'de BACA, LUCILLE San Salvador, El Salvador CHADWELL, PATRICIA ANN Pryor, Okla. CHAMBERS, TREVA JOYCE Vernon CHANDLER, LINDSEY LOU Siloam Springs, Ark. CHARLTON, JUDITH LEE McAllen CHEBRET, PATRICIA ANNETT Houston CHESSER, MARTHA ROBINSON Atlanta CHITWOOD, JUDITH MARIE Hot Springs, Ark. CLARK, JOYE ANN Memphis, Tenn. CLONTS, ANITA GAIL Mart COBB, ELAINE KATHRYN Floresville COLLIER, JUDITH LEE Galveston COLLINS, CHARLSIE JAN Iowa Park COLLINS, JO FRANCES Iowa Park COLLINS, SARAH FRANCES Barstow CONN, M. LEE Coral Gables, Fla. COMPTON, GAY ROBERTS Coral Gables, Fla. COOK, CAROLYN SUE Haskell COOK, JOYCE MARLENE Killeen COOPER, MARY FRANCES Center COPELAND, CAROLE JANE Fort Smith, Ark. COSTNER, PATSEY KAY Helena, Ark. COWAN, RUTH ANITA Lubbock COX, DIANE EILART Shreveport, La. COYLE, KIBBIE NELL Dallas CRANFILL, LELA EDNA Corpus Christi CRAYTON, BARBARA EILEEN San Antonio CRITES, WANDA JOYCE Austin CROMER, MARY FRANCES Linden CROSHAW, ANN CHISTINE Santa Fe, N.M. CROUSE, KAREN SUE Phoenix, Ariz. CROWDER, POLLYANNA Morristown, Ariz. CULP, CHARLENE ELIZABETH Fort Worth CUMMINGS, CAROLYN SUE Fort Worth CUMMINGS, CHERILL ANN Carlsbad, N.M. DAFFER, JUDI'TH DIANE Mt. Pleasant DALEO, ROSALIE MARINO Beaumont DALY, MARGARET JUNE Dallas DANIEL, ELIZABETH DOLL Hot Springs, Ark. DANNAR, SHIRLEY ANN Alta Loma DANNELLY, DIANE Dallas DARDEN, MARY ANNE Harlingen DAVIDSON, MARY LOU Mt. Dora, Fla. DAY, ANNE ETHEL Daingerfield DECKER, LELA BEATRICE Rotan DEGAUGH, FRANCES ANN San Antonio DELEON, MARIA NORA Brownsville DENMAN, GLYNDA SUE San Angelo DEPENA, MARIA ANTONIA La Joya DEWITT, BARBARA ELLEN Sherman DIAL, BONNIE LAMAR Dallas DICKEY, ANN VIVIAN Fort Worth DILL, MARY BELL Mineral Wells DILLARD, JOYCE LOUISE San Antonio DINGLER, ANNA GEORGE Fort Worth DINSMORE, GLENDA SUE Dallas DOLEZALEK, BETTY LOU Collinsville DONAGHE, PATRICIA ANN Fort Worth DONNELLY, GLENNALU KATHERINE San Antonio DOUGLAS, ALICE ANN Sunray ISE.- wide 'SF' 4,157 DRECKMAN, PATRICIA DALE El Paso DUKE, BRENDA ANN Kissimmee, Fla. DUNDAS, JO ANNE Dallas DUNN, LORETTA JEAN Odessa DUNSCOMB, DIANA LEE San Antonio DUPONT, LUCILLE Carlsbad, N.M. DURAN, CAROLYN DORRIS San Antonio DYCHE, DIANA MARY Hallsville EDEN, LYNNE CATHRYN Pine Bluff, Ark. EDWARDS, VIRGINIA BETH Midlothian EGGERS, JEANIE ALICE Kerrville EICKENROHT, EMMIE LEE New Braunfels EMBREY, NANCY FAITH San Antonio EMERSON, BETTE SUE Brownsville EMERSON, JUDITH ANN Houston ENEGVIST, ALICE CAROL Churubusco, Mexico ERVIN, NANCY LYNN San Antonio ESTES, FLOY MARIE Houston EVANS, BARBARA LEE Harlingen EVANS, MARGARET ANN Burnet FABEL, CATHERINE LOUISE Arlington FAGLIE, PATRICIA DELL Waco FAILLA, GLORIA JEAN Pine Bluff, Ark. FAIRCLOTH, SONDRA JANE Kermit FANNIN, PHYLLIS JEAN Mercedes FARRAR, NANCY ELIZABETH Memphis, Tenn. FARRELL, SARAH RUTH Elizabethtown, Ky. FARRIER, JO ANNE Dallas FARR, VIRGINIA ANN Maplewood, Mo. FARWELL, ANN VAUGHAN Dallas FAULK, DOROTHY ANNETTE San Antonio FIGUEROA, EDNA VELMA San Angelo FINCH, BARBARA ANN Amarillo FLEMING, JANE ANN Newman FOWLER, NORMA CARLYLE Dallas FOWLKES, CAROL ANN Dallas FOX, KATHLEEN Center FRADY, MARILYN CAROL Nashville FRANCIS, ROBERTA JANE Carlisle, Pa. FRANKLIN, ANITA JEAN Paris FRANKLIN, ANNALON Poteet FRANKLIN, JEWELL AMELIA Maplewood, La. FREE, PATSY ANNE San Antonio FRIEL, LANA MARY Homestead, Fla. FURGASON, JO ANN Cumberland,'Ky. GALLARDO, JESUSA RAQUEL Laredo GARCIA, GENOVEVA Laredo GARCIA, IRENE Fort Worth 'JN GARCIA, ADELA NOELA Hebbronville GARMAN, LAWANDA JOYCE Clarksville GATES, JUDITH ROYAL Huntsville GAULDEN, WALLING PATRICIA Hooks GENTRY, MARY FLORENCE Killeen GIBBS, MRS. MARY INEZ Quail GILLELAND, FLORENCE CAROLYN Camden, Ark. GILLESPIE, FRANCES GAYE Avalon GILMORE, MARY EVA Perrin GIPSON, MARY JANE Overton GLOVER, MARY BETH Sheridan, Ark. GODBOLD, SANDRA LYNN Shelby, Miss. GOEHRING, CHARLYN BETH Runge GOLDSMITH, BETTY ANN Whitesboro GONZALEZ, JOSEPHINE McAllen GOOCH, KAREN KAY Detroit GOOCH, NONA RAE Farmersville GOOD, JO ANN Bellaire GREER, MICHAEL YVONNE Warren, Wyo. GREGG, ALICE IRENE Daytona Beach, Fla. GREGG, LEAH SUE Abilene GRIFFIN, ROSALIND Sherman GRIZZELL, CONNIE XANDRA Panama City, Fla. GROTH, MADELAINE Dallas GUELFI, REBECCA SCHERER Beaumont GUTHRIE, JUDITH ANN Siloam Springs, Ark. HACKNEY, MONELLE JOY Aztec, N.M. HAGY, SARAH ISABEL Hot Springs, Ark. HALEY, HELEN FLOY Memphis HALL, DONNA LEE Homestead, Fla. HALL, MONA ELIZABETH Dade City, Fla. HAMILTON, LINDA SUE Little Rock, Ark. HAMILTON, RHEBA PAULETA Denton HARLAN, LUCY WULF Arlington, Va. HARMON, EVA RAE Gainesville HARPER, DAWN Lonoke, Ark. HARPER, SHIRLEY ANNE Denton HARRIS, BETTY KAREN Port Arthur HARRIS, GALE LEE Kelton HARRIS, KATHLEEN McKinney HAZLEWOOD, TINA BETH Hereford HEARN, LINDA SUE Lake jackson HEESCH, BETSEY THEO Glorieta, Mexico HEJL, FRANCES EVELYN Seymour HELLER, NANCY LOUISE San Antonio HEMBY, CAROLYN CLAUDINE San Antonio HEMPHILL, MARTHA LEE Lake Village, Ark. HENDERSON, KARLENE ILLONA Hot Springs, Ark. HENRY, BARBARA LYNN Des Moines, Iowa HENSON, MARILYN RUTH Lake Jackson HERMES, JANE WYATT LaGrange HERNANDEZ, LYDIA Falfurrias HERNANDEZ, MARY FRANCES Lancaster HERNSBERGER, SUZANNE El Paso HIGDON, SUE NELL Waco HIGGINBOTHAM, DELORES Lake jackson HIGHFILL, MARY KATHERINE Carlsbad, N. M. HILL, MARY HUGHES Fremont, Neb. HILL, ROXIE DEAN Kyle HOAGLAND, ANNE JANINE Brownsville HOEFLICK, CAROLYN DEE Houston HOLCOMB, LILLIAN ANNETTE Groves HOLCOMB, MARY FRANCES Dallas HOLLINGSWORTH, LINDA LUAN Hobbs, N. M. HOOTS, DONNA GAIL Perryton HOPPER, MARILYN SUE Orange HOUSTON, JIMMIE GAYLE Pittsburg HOWARD, PATRICIA Santa Barbara, Cal. HOWARD, ROSEMARY Kansas City, Mo. HUDSON, DELORIS KAY Little Rock, Ark. HUMPHRIS, LOULA JEANNETTE Marfa HUTH, BARBARINE RENA Hearne IVEY, CYNTHIA ANN Borger IVEY, SALLIE ELIZABETH Dallas IVY, BOBBIE JO Midland JAEGER, JUDITH ANN Arlington JAGODA, JUDY ANN FRANCES Tucson, Ariz. JAMESON, REBECCA SUE Coleman JANEWAY, ELIZABETH ANN Wacof JETER, GLORIA DEANE Camden, Ark. JOHNSEN, HARRIET KIEF Ypsilanti, Mich. JOHNSON, AN'ITA EARL ,LS pp Albuquerque, N. M. JOHNSON, JUDITH LEE Fremont, Neb. JOHNSON, SYNNEVA ANN Ardmore, Okla. JOHNSTON, ELAINE Memphis, Tenn. JOHNSTON, JOAN LOUISE Pompano Beach, Fla. JONES, BILLIE LOUISE Dallas JONES, NONA EVELYN Fairbands JORDAN, JO DIANE Nashville, Tenn. JUSTISS, LINDA LOU Mt. Pleasant KACHTIK, CATHERINE GEORGIA Brownsville KARLE, ELAYNE ANN Pannsauken, N. J. KAWAZOE, JANET TOSHIKO San Antonio KEEPERS, ANDREA MAY Bishop KELLY, JUDITH COLLEEN Albuquerque, N. M. ' n OHNSON, BENNIE 1:91-12 Aw, JacksboQ KELLY, RIBE JEANE Hearne KEMP, JANELL Roby KENT, BETTY DELL Dallas KERR, JO ANN Beaver, Pa. KETTLER, MARILYN ANN Rowens KILLEEN, MAUREEN CECILIA Texas City KIMREY, NANCY CLARE Nocales, Ariz. KINCAID, SHIRLEY ELAINE Arlington KING, MARY LOUISE Texas City KING, PATSY JEANNETTE Weinert KINTER, ROBERTA FRANCES Carlsbad, N, M. KIRKPATRICK, JULIET GENE Denton KIRKSEY, MARY NELL Midland KOLAR, BERNADETTE JOAN Waco KOLAR, GLADYS JANE Mount Calm KOSCIELNY, MARGARET ELISABETH Jacksonville, Fla. KRAMER, CAROLEE Catulla KUEBN, RUTH LOUISE Corpus Christi LACH-NITT, ARLENE HELEN Dallas LALLANDE, KATHERINE ALINE Fort Worth LAMB, SHIRLEY VIRGINIA Gallatin, Tenn. LANCASTER, DONNA FLORENE Temple LANDES, JANE CAROL Van Buren, Ark. LANDRY, FRANCES IMOGENE Rosenberg LANG, THERESA ANN McAllen LANGEWISCH, CAROLYN DIANE Dallas LARK, LINDA Midland LATIMER, JANICE MARIE Goodland LEE, LYNDA JANE Arkadelphia, Ark. LEE, SHARI GALE Wheeler LEISTER, SARAH LYNN Orange LENDERMAN, JANIS KAYE Little Rock, Ark. LENDERMAN, ROSEMARY Little Rock, Ark. LEWIS, BETTY LOUISE Somerville LINDBERG, MELBA LUCILLE Edna LINDLEY, LINDA SAMMYE Plainview LIPFORD, MARY ANN Bonham LITTLE, ANNA JAMES Rising Star LITTLE, JOAN CAROL Muskogee, Okla. LLOYD, BETTY JANE Belton LOBAUGH, JO ANN Maritou Springs, Colo. LONG, MARTHARENE Vicksburg, Miss. LONG, MYRA LYNN Springhill, La. LOOMIS, MILDRED ELIZABETH Arkadelphia, Ark. LOTHRIDGE, IVA San Antonio LUCAA, SANDRA MARY Coral Gables, Fla. LUTTREEL, NANCY LYNN Muskogee Okla McANALLY, MARGARET JOAN Lockney MCBROOM, FREDA ANN Dallas MCDONALD, JENNY GAY Wichita Falls MCHUGH, PATRICIA ANN San Antonio MCKINNEY, SANDRA GAIL Seymour MCKNIGHT, PATRICIA A. Dallas MCNAMARA, SONDRA ANN Pine Bluff, Ark. MCNEEL, MELISSA LOUISE Garland MAGEE, CAROL LYNN Houston MALDONADO, ELVIRA Harlingen MALZ-BECK, WALTRUD HILDEGARD Dallas MARLOW, SHIRLEY FRANCES Dallas MARROQUIN, NOEMI CHRISTINA San Diego MARTIN, JANE MERLE Austin MARTIN, MARY ANN Midland MARTIN, MYRNA Brenada, Miss. MARTIN, SARAH ANN Conroe MARTINEZ, DIANA Hebbronville MARTINEZ, ESTELA SANCHEZ San Benito MASSIE, JUDITH NANCE Bryan MATTECK, LINDA RHEA Taylor MAX, SHEILA Mineola MAY, ELIZABETH FAYE Bonham MAYER, HANNELORE HANNAH Kansas City, Mo. MAYS, FRANCES ALICE Fort Worth MEADE, MARY GEORGE Gladewater MEANS, NORMA JANE Brownwood MEDFORD, NORA ALINE Dallas MELTON, PATRICIA LEE Houston MELTON, VIRGINIA SUE Kilgore MENDOZA, PATRICIA ALICIA Laredo MEYER, ELAINE A. Chicago, Ill. MEYER, MARTHA ANN Fort Smith, Ark. MEYER, SIENNA MARIE Castroville MIEARS, BOBBIE SUE Denton MILLS, MARVILYN ANN Midland MINAHAN, SUE PRENTISS Garland MING, SUE Garland MITCHELL, JENNY LEE Fayetteville, Ark. MITCHELL, KATHERINE ANN El Paso MIZZELL, PATRICIA JUNE Kermit MOLINA, SYLVIA RAMONA V San Diego MONTAGNA, CHRISTINE MARIE Midland MONTES, GUILLERMINA ELENA Zapata MONTGOMERY, CAROL LEE Pasadena MOODY, HELEN ROWAN Natchez, Miss. MOON, JANICE JUNE Houston MOORE, ANITA JUNE Irving MOORE, ELIZABETH LLEWELLYN Bartlesville, Okla. MOORE, MARGARET SUE Fulton MORGANTHALL, CAROLYN RUTH S Midland MORRIS, BETTY LYNN Dallas MORRISON, OLIVIA ANNE Brownsville MOSER, MEDERIA FERN Longview MOYERS, JUDITH ANN Fairview, Okla. MUNDELL, CAROL ANN Houston MURDOCK, LYNN ELIZABETH Fort Worth MYCUE, JUDITH MARIE Seguin MYERS, ANN Denton NANCE, AGATHA LEE Midland NANNEY, ROBBIE GWEN Fort Worth NAPIER, R'ITA GAY Sedalia, Mo. NASH, PATSY LANELL Bryan NELSON, ANNIE LAURA Orange NELSON, PATRICIA ANN San Antonio NEWKIRK, MARTHA LOUISE Harlingen NEWSOM, LOIS ELIZABETH Weatherford NICHOLSON, JOY ANNE Fort Worth NIMMO, DORTHY JANE Henrietta NIXON, BEVERLY ANN Houston NIXON, SANDRA EL'ISE Fort Worth NORGAARD, ELSA Denton NUCKLES, JOANNA PAULINE Lampasas O'DELL, SHIRLEY ANNE Knoxville, Tenn. O'GORMAN, SHARON MARIE Harlingen OLDHAM, JOSEPHINE Claypool, Ariz. OLGUIN, SYLVIA McAllen OLIVARES, ENRIQUETA MARIA Eagle Pass OLIVE, PATSY ANN Hallsville OSBORNE, ETHEL ELIZABETH Fort Worth OSBURN, PATRICIA JEAN Fayetteville, Ark. PADILLA, GLORIA San Antonio PAGE, DONNA SHERIAN Mt. Pleasant PARCHMAN, JUNE ILENE Beeville PARKER, AUDREY GWYNN Midlothian PATRICK, CLARA EYVONE Sweetwater PATTERSON, IDA BETH Kemp PATTISON, EMMA JEAN Pattison PAYNE, NONA MAE Sedalia PAYNE, SHARON GAIL Hugo, Okla. PEARSON, PEGGY ANN Freeport PENICK, KATHRYN 'ILENE White oak PENNY, JOYCE MARIE Hot springs, Ark. PERRY, PENELOPE CAROL Dallas PETCH, MARGO SUE Harlingen PETERS, CAROLE ANNE Dallas PETERSON, HELEN FRANCES Camden, Ark. 'bv-3' PETTY, ROSE MARIE San Antonio PFAFF, MARTHA LOU Silsbee PHILLIPS, DOROTHY ANNETTE San Antonio PHILLIPS, JACQUELINE JEAN El Paso PHILLIPS, SYDNA CAROLYN Dallas PHIPPS, AUDREY MARIE Ponca City, Okla. PICKEL, SHIRLEY ANN Borger PICKENS, JUDY LEE Greenville PIEROT, SIMONA RUTH Ralls POSEY, SUSAN ELLEN McAllen POTTS, MARY ALICE Gainesville POWELL, OPHELIA JEAN Lamesa POWELL, PATRICIA CLEA Grand Junction, Colo. PRATZ, SADONNA MERRILL Uvalde PRESTRIDGE, MARTHA ANN McComb, Miss. PROUGH, JUDITH ANN Perryton PRUETT, MARY MERLE Houston PRYOR, JANICE LOUISE Port Arthur RAGSDALE, GLORIA JEAN Collinsville RAMER, KITTY ANNE Van Buren, Ark. RAMIREZ, ADA Zapata RAMOS, FAMELIZA Hebbronville RAMSEY, CAROL ANN New Braunfels RANEY, NEVADA LEE Boulder City, Nev. RANSBERGER, JOHNNIE JO Keller RATCLIFF, SHIRLEY JEAN Marshall REGISTER, PATRICIA ELAINE Silsbee RHEA, MARGARET ELLEN El Paso RHODES, SHIRLEY ANN Fort Worth RICHARDSON, BARBARA JO Talco RICHARDSON, GWEN NELL Raymondville RICHCREEK, SUZANNE KATHRYN Springfield, Pa. RIDENOUR, GAIL JUNE Dallas RIDER, CAROL ANNE Jacksbofo RILEY, PATRICIA ANN Mount Pleasant RIOS, RITA Secane, Pa. RIVERA, FRANCES San Angelo ROBERSON, SHARON ELIZABETH San Antonio ROBERTS, BEVERLY ANN Groves ROBERTSON, MARTHA SUE Abilene ROBINSON, REBECCA PEARCE Texas City RODRIGUEZ, ALICIA ALAMIA Edinburg ROESHOT, JANICE ALMA Dallas ROESSLER, CECILIA ANNA Electra ROGERS, BRENDA ELLEN Springdale, Ark. ROPER, BARBARA GENE Raymondville ROTHACKER, NANCY Fort Worth ROWLAND, MARTHA JO Little Rock, Ark. RUBACK, LINDA ANN Snook RUNYAN, TOYNIA LAVONE Hyattsville, Md. RUTHERFORD, BETTY SUE Price SALINAS, DIANA THERESA Laredo SALZMAN, LOUISE STARR Aurora, Ill. SAMPSON, CATHERINE LOWELL Dallas SAVNCHEZ, ALICE OLGA Corpus Christi SANTOS, OLIVIA MARGARITA Monterrey, Mex. SAVANT, JANE ANN Lake Charles, La. SAYLOR, NANCY LEE Tucson, Ariz. SCHAAL, BETTY MARTHA Wichita Falls SCHARA, NANCY DEANNA Dallas SCHMELTEKOPF, DOLORES Kyle SCHROEDER, FRANCES MARIE Ballinger SCHUETTE, BEVERLY Jo Corpus Christi SCHULTZ, HAZEL OLIVIA Cotter, Ark. SCHWEDLER, SANDRA SUE Dallas SCIFRES, SANDRA FLORIS Little Rock, Ark. SEARS, JONYE MILDRED Hugo, Okla. SEILER, ANN MARIE Dallas SETTLES, SALLY LEE Lovington, N. M. SEYER, JACKIE DELORIS Midland SHAWHEN, MARIANNE Seland, Fla. SHAW, LORETTA GAYLE Nible, La. SHEFFIELD, SUZANNE Houston SHELTON, MARY JANE Hughes Springs SHEPHERD, LORRAINE MYRTLE Lewiston, N. Y. SHIELDS, VIRGINIA SUE Denton SHINN, RUTH JEANNETTE Lake Jackson SHIVER, DOROTHY ANN Paris SIBLEY, BETTY Memphis, Tenn. SIMMONS, SANDRA JO Little Rock, Ark. SINGER, LAUREL ANN Oklahoma City, Okla. SINNWELL, DOROTHY ANN Saint Louis, Mo. SMARTT, BARBARA GAIL Denton SMITH, ANITA CAROL Homstead, Fla. SMITH, SMITH SMITH, SMITH, SMITH SMITH, SMITH SMITH ANNIE LAURIE San Antonio BEVERLY SUE Smiths Grove, Ky. BOBBIE BETH Houston D. LAFAYE Houston JACQUELINE FRANCES Austin LOUELLA JEAN Jacksboro MARY SUE Texarkana, Ark. VIRGINIA ANN Bryan SNODGRASS, BONITA D'ANN Bonham SPARKS, MAGGIE JACQUELINE Dallas SPIECKERMANN, BONNIE SUE Donna SPRINGER, MARILYN GAIL Paris STACK, LAUREL DOROTHY Brentwood, Mo. STAGLIK, EMMA JEAN San Antonio STANSEL, SUSANNE Gueydon, La. STARR, PATRICIA EILEEN Houston STEADMAN, MARY MARGARET Kinipport, Tenn. STEED, SHARON ELIZABETH Mount Pleasant STENGER, MELINDA CORALEE San Antonio STEPHAN, JANICE LYDIA Des Moines, Iowa STEVENS, SALLY SUE Livingston STOTTS, DOROTHY GALE Amarillo STRATTON, PATRICIA ANN Mount Pleasant STRNAD, MICHEAL LEANN Winter Park, Fla. STRUNK, PATRICIA ANN Bay City SULLIVAN, ANNIE YVONNE Hooks SUTHERLAND, JENNIE ESTHER Falfurrias TAYLOR, DOROTHY ELIZABETH Brooksville, Miss. TAYLOR, SARA MARGARET Houston 'TEAGUE, ETHEL LUCILLE Arkadelphia, Ark. THACKER, LINDA RUTLEDGE Dallas THETFORD, CHARLOTTE ANN Fort Worth 'THIELE, JOAN ELIZABETH Bonham THOMAS, HENRI GENE Grenada, Miss. THOMAS, SHIRLEY BETH Gilmer THOMAS, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH El Paso TILLERY, BOBBIE JOYCE Fort Worth TOKOLY, MARY ANDREE San Antonio TREVINO, CONNIE MARY Corpus Christi 'TREVINO, ROSE MARIE San Antonio TRIPP, PEGGY MAINE Dallas TURPIN, BONNIE LU Carrollton, Ill. TYRONE, SUZANNE Texarkana, Ark. UPTON, LAUREL ELIZABETH New Boston VANLANDINGHAM, LINDA NANETTE Weatherford VILLAZON, BARBARA ANN San Antonio VINSON, PATRICIA ANNE Dallas WADE, DOROTHY JEAN Albuquerque, N. M. WAGGONNER, JACQUELINE NELL Plain Dealing, La. WALKER, WINIFRED JOSEPHINE Houston WALL, LINDA LOU Manila, Ark. WALLER, PATSY JOYCE Freeport WANJA, MARGARET MARY Dallas WARD, HATTIE MAUD Midlothian WARD, SANDRA HELEN Seminole WARREN, ROSAMOND WILLENE Naples WATSON, BARBARA JUNE Roswell, N. M. WATSON, BETTY MAE Palestine WATSON, DOREEN Black Rock, Ark. WATSON, GEDA JOALLENE Athens WEBB, BARBARA ANN Dallas WEBB, GAIL LAVELLE Dallas WEBB, MAUREEN DONATA Fort Worth WELCH, REBECCA Vicksburg, Miss. WELLS, ELEANOR ANN Denton WETTERMARK, GLENNIS MAXINE El Paso WHITE, GLADYS MARLENE Marshall WHITE, MARY JANE Fort Smith, Ark. WHITESIDES, MARY ELLEN Tucumcari, N. M. WHITFIELD, VIOLA JANE Ardmore, Okla. WIEDERHOLD, LINDA JOYCE Irving WILCOX, KATHERINE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS Corpus Christi ANNIE NETTIE Corpus Christi EDNA ANN Garland CAROLYN ELEANOR Memphis, Tenn. PAULA VERLINE Denison RUTH Eldorado SANDRA LAURINE Dallas WILSON, RUTH MARY Houston WIMBERLEY, PHLLIS ANN Dawn WISDOM, GRACE CAROLYN Kansas City, Mo. WONG, LANA NUEY Houston WOOD, MRS. PEARL G. Corsicana WOOD, WILLA JANE Corpus Christi WORTHY, GLENDA CAROL Springdale, Ark. WRIGHT, CHARLOTTE JANE Fort Worth WRIGHT, CHARRA MARTHA Beaumont YOAKLEY, BARBARA ANN jacksonville, Fla. YORK, BROOKA FERN Mount Pleasant YOUNG, GRETA Dallas ZAHRT, KATHLEEN W. Dallas ZERKLE, SUSAN KAYE Port Arthur ZIDERMANIS, DAIGONE Dallas DR. AND MRS. ROBERT W. HIGGINS FRESHMAN SPONSORS Lo alt of '62 "The loyalty of '62 will firmly stand." At first, loyalty was only a word to many of us, but with the help of our '60 sisters and all the upperclassmen we realized what true loyalty is. Our first days at TWU were filled with unpacking, meeting people, learning about our campus and its traditions, and wearing those secretly treasured but outwardly hated '62 beanies. Then on a rainy night in October we "threw away" our beanies, chose our class song and yells, and became a little more than just freshmen. Gold Rush and Corn Huskin' helped us learn what was expected of us as did Corps Trip and the various special emphasis weeks. Our officers had been elected, and we had traveled South for our Freshman Talent Assembly by the time we had our first holiday - Thanksgiving. 'Then came Christmas, and close on its heels, our first college finals. Somehow we managed with the help of No-Doz and Pub Breaks to live through dead week, finals and registration. Long before registration was completed, however, we knew we would soon put on our war paint and try our luck and skill at Stunts. Even before we managed to draw a good breath after theexcitement of Stunts, we were watching our Redbud Princesses join the upperclassmen representatives for Redbud Festival. Then we participated in all-campus elections and somehow became even more aware that we were almost sophomores. Now we know what the "loyalty of '62" is and always will be. Now we are ready to take the name of Tessie and know what it means. V . , .M A '-' :'f :r,.y.m -M i 1,5 ll E1 K i' fig? - -- '- 4 R. we l Q, . 4 Half: :vp .15.az-X,f,'.,.:E-,v, :Egg-,t-,mg 5.--fad ,EIR-..i,, .-W. .-..v:-,..1 ..!.m:M.lag3 2 .gm :: ,M E:? Q - 2 Q I4 WM WL I-5 lm wk.-. ,Lum kM,L , s , f 1, , 1 , Wu A. . ,. .W f,'5w1,3i, m, . .2,. A?E?3LaTga5 f ,1 .a,4 y. xiw,1 5airlaXf :,ofsl Qvmmf ai if . .. .,,: 4 ,-lf. ,X..,-.- - - i. -,..,. l 4,1- ' f-..- I , ,zf 1 g ,., . A , . , -. ' , ww. . an s , gg W A A Q 5 ' , S f 1 5 f , ' - 71 gl -. ' - H 12? 1:2 :W " fi fbi las., 5-Efj Q' -, "fl in :' :L""'j S 2" N H f I ' --I : 2 ' ff :X f, 1- "1 -' . m.v.:J1e.:2i z. lvl. up-. Ms!-4: -. ..,Ef,,wg-... H .,.. ., n- Q.: .. 4 ' .A I L .h i --" gg , g e'2Q""":' ""' , 5 3- ,ww-1,5 "' F F?4i??i"'1?W5:'5':"'f - ' I f"'-ff' :S -'--f + --I-N.-,mera -f-H., ., -ML-AE. M :' uns ,f - ,p .1 ':. ,. .V .. 1-" 1 '-ff-- .. 'fm :r - ff " f. ,,... ..,, . ., ,,,.., A ..,. , . . ., ,. .. ,. ,. . .- :Q ,. '. . if. fl 1 'S " , 1 ,. 55:91 ?r5'22flYi'f-' . ki-'MY' -E ' - :JH :E."."" A ' ' ' , . .Q AI , Q" .." :...'3"4'::512f::::f,EfE:.Ii' ' "' " m-1:-Jw 1 'f :wif-.Q Jw: , f' ."' mv-:.. 3 1 5 A ' +3 ,g if ,w s M , 555 53 ,Wg .5 z M f a ,... I. I ww- ' e"1,.:g. L' -Lf J lx' l if?-3 1 ractical BURKS, GLOREETA INEZ VERAH Wichi EDWARDS, NORA ELSA ELLENBURG, GEORGIA GILL, EULA FLORENCE GREGORY, MRS. WANDA HARDAWAY, MARION B. HAYNIE, MYRTLE MAE INCLEN, GLORIA JONES, JIMMIE FLOW Kress L11' SC 5 BAKER, NORNE' ALLISON Wichita Falls Greenwood COLLINGSWORTH, ESTHER ta Falls Longview BRUCE Farmersville GENTLE, LaVERNE SCOTT Sanger Dallas Denton Denton Sanger Cotulla Denton .,:' L, A 1 A i ft il QTY , X R 4 f v f 9 r 11 Vx K P Q 94 .wm- it 546 K While chatting with a patient, the student practices Feeding the patient is just one of the many Steps me C0ffCCt fCChUiQ11C Of making UD 21 5059331 bed- the student learns in nursing procedures. Foundation V raining Program KAYS, RUBY OLA Pilot Point LEAVITT, MRS. JUNE Denton MARION, ELVA MAE Gainesville MULLENS, LORA ALICE Denton 0'BR1EN, LILLIE' MAE Gainesville RANEY, THELMA'MARY Wichita Falls RAWLINS, LORETTA PEARL Denton ROBERTS, ANNIE RICHARDSON Kilgore TYNES, REBA LaVOISE Goree WALTON, 'CORRIE KAY Wichita Falls WILSON, MRS. IRENE Aubrey YOUNG, DAPHNA MARIE Denton Anderson, Claudene Baker, Tillie Barnes, Mildred Brown, Mary Jane Clemmer, Claudetta Cornelius, Hazel Darmody, Virginia Dilday, Evelyn Geesling, Lynell Denton Wichita Falls Dallas Argyle Denton San Antonio Denton Archer Denton Kress Mid-Term Students Hogue, Juanita Lewisville Lovejoy, Laura Denton McCreary, Ideres Wichita Falls Miller, Odessa Wichita Falls Mitchell, Lorraine Gainesville Robertson, Annie Lewisville Row, Irene Denton Samford, Emma Lee Wichita Falls Stewart, Margaret Wichita Falls Williams, Dorece Graham M1d Term Students Barker, Barbara Joan Waco Freshman Boyd, Laverne Abilene Freshman Carrera, Maria Imelda Rio Grande City Sophomore Austin, Joyce Ormond Beach, Fla. Junior C'de Baca, Velma San Salvador, El Salvador Junior Chandler, Charlene Iraan Junior Clapp, Rebecca Borger Junior Farmer, Anita Goldsmith junior Gemmell, Lynn El Paso Junior Stricklin, Soulah Dallas Junior Gibbs, Mrs. Margaret Decatur Graduate Pannell, Carol Ford Denton Graduate The new TWU facility for nursing educa- tion in Houston, shown above in the archi- tectural drawing, will provide additional clin- ical training facilities for TWU nursing stu- dents beginning in the fall of 1960. The com- pletely air-conditioned building is expected to cost in excess of one and one-half million dol- lars. It will be constructed mainly of brick and will feature exterior decorative solar tile. Con- struction will probably begin in July and the building will be ready for use when the fresh- man class of next fall begin their clinical train- ing in September 1960. R. fl 3 Gymnasium Addition VXI: 4 Redbud Auditorium Current Construction Pictured abstractly are five of the six new build- ings and additions currently under construction on campus. Enlarging the classroom space 52,000 square feet is the modern classroom addition, The new ultra-modern cooperative dormitory will house 240 girls in one compact unit. A rnodern indoor pool, glass-enclosed, will seat several hundred spec- tators and will give the University the nation's most superior pool facilities. The modern addition to Bralley Memorial Library will operate on the open stack principle. The Redbud Auditorium will seat approximately 300 people and will provide a training area for radio, television, dramatics and speech majors. 5 I .J From CIA to TWU has always been the favorite shopping place for college and university women. After buying a skirt and sweater, freshman Sue Ann Benson stops to admire these fashionable pumps. As TWU has progressed and grown from the College of Industrial Arts-to Texas State College for Women-to Texas Woman's University, it has been our privilege and happy experience to serve thousands of students and faculty members-counting them among our dear' friends. We are indeed proud of having earned the reputation of being the "Big Friendly Store" in Denton and, if we may boast a bit, our reason for pride is one of the reasons why university women of today and college women of yesterday have always preferred shopping at Russell's-where nationally advertised merchandise spells high fashion and good taste at moderate prices! 3V li Eb The Hickory House Three typical Tessies can hardly wait to bite into one is l I 3 of those delicious pieces of pie at the Hickory House. i' li V -'15 N , E W 2+ rpfxdffjullm G Ci7"QTEC'J7' C-LYIRJYLS ll L it V r f, l J '-?:'5'7'GD"iZ'GD'i Denton's Most Modern Restaurant Features THE BREAKFAST CLUB M6675 AGA nv. Q REAL Prr, ,BAR-B-Q We ,www gee up S Highway 24 west DU 2-9177 QD,-63 553,-ef-E lvgl-'fa 5!,Q,X-FD fbgil C53 Q45-3 9159455 53,CJ.-eff? 6153,-953 539,-Q35 9463 6139.55 fig Brooks' Drug Store . . . "Serving Denton for over 35 years" DRUG STORE LOCATIONS 222 W. Hickory DU 2-2565 412 Normal DU 2-6912 553 S. Locust DU 2-2300 E , 1 l "I think this one will be fine," says Suzy Baker, as she I examines the all-occasion greeting cards at Brooks Drug Store. Suzy makes Brooks her one-stop shopping center for perfume, cosmetics and costume jewelry too. S 347 i The 5 Fashion Beauty Salon A li 4 Vi o 52 1223 oakland DU 2-5931 4 li 22 4 S 4 S "What is this one for?" asks Betty Lou Skiles. She is 5 admiring three of the many trophies won by the Fashion Beauty Salon for their outstanding work in the field of hair styling. 1 4 li 52 4 ii A l Q 320,455 53vCs9,45b i,Q:'J,4Q'-D Ciwvleib 61594265 61392435 6-Ei-'D,f5?J Ju-Cy Pig Restaurant "Enjoy Life-Eat Out More Often" at SHANNON and BURCH'S JU-CY Pig RESTAURANT 410 N. Locust DU 2-8006 A perfect meal-a chat in pleasant surroundings. You can find both when you dine at the Ju-Cy Pig Restaurant agree Rusty Templeton, Sue Gay, and Lola Waddell. 63 Q-9,4513 65943 6AQ9!5D 613,QJ,45b 659,455 G1G,Q'D,4iE 1 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 2. 4 Mary Jo Padgett and Barbara Dehler choose a few items from Voertman's wide range of school supplies and gifts. 4 S 4 li 4 4 VOERTMAN'S 1419 oakland ou 2-5632 4 4 4 348 Q 19 f X' it ' Af- KNOWLEDGE i5 FDK10EllNliNOlAJLE DSE ' - - i i i l i S 7 V Clark's S 3 Vogue Q Z SeIby's l l . X l . 1 1 1 'V g Cleaners i f 3 F'0Wef 1 nh C "Store your woolens E f with us" ,v 3 ,, . 1207 oakland nu 2-8322 Z AQ Q F We We flowm 5 Q 9 b H , 1 i dnyw 876 W E 600 N. Locust DU 2-4191 Q L5 Q., . , 4 r Z G ' l gl 4 l ' 5 Q ls l ,S ABBE L? l' 9 1 "I k I'll h th' " . . u 5 22f.122Ea35'r.i5Q2aa :.LiIf..f0g3..t.':.2:.vriafzzw 5 5, Pew- s ii S ,615 639,43 GiAQ9,6R G'1A,Q9,4iiI: 6A,Q9,46?.9 615,423,415 G?A,CQ,4PQ GRA COLE 65,9353 GSAQDJQR 61509559 t'fiQ,Cs2U '45A,QD,1QZJ G? I 5 1 fl J. C. Penney's 1 Roger Adamson's G Sophomores Nancy Hinton and Sandra Madden really ap- preciate having a washateria not far from the dormitory, where they can wash and dry their clothes in less than an hour. On the drag i l' l 5 4 4 1 F? l 1 4 l l l C bl . l Z 4 ll Z l Unique prints and vivid colors of Penny's bargain piece 1 goods attract students and local homemakers alike. fl G I Sb Serving Denton for over 30 years W N. Side Square DU 2-6421 is ll T9 349 9 QXAM5' S QNX 5 ef W i i EXAMS W Cs 752 tw J fc A686 ,, HAND ME A DOUBLE une CHERRY RASPBERQY COKE-H GUiCKl ,442 C9943 C559 ,443 GSE, 6153-U .455 C5A,CQ,4r-Z3 6 Q9 laii CQ 436A CQ 63563 ,QD 613 Miss Hendley's Shop 1323 Oakland D,U 2-2216 "",-53 "This red blouse should look nice with my new bermud-as," says Frances Mays, as she and Robbie Nanney shop in Miss HendIey's before Bermuda Day. 33,422 i'feA,Q9,4CE ftbliffb 659,465 G:v3,QDA6?.1 GA 9465 61B,QL4QE GQAVCQZQG 63394630 CfiX,QfD,4QR nik 39,4129 63 Q-9.45123 6fA,Q,:5FD GAG Burchard's Studio Fine Portrait Photography Across from Lowry Hall DU 2-4312 Pietures and pretty girls naturally means Burchard's! Carrie Taylor and Mary Wilson are anxiously awaiting their proofs. 350 - ez is Den+on Counfy Na+ionaI Benk Member FDIC Federal Reserve System e. 0 - : ' F ' : . s 'Q ,.,.......'- I My .,.. A - ' , S A W M - My The ee.. ie? glg gwgw M V W 4' ,W East-Sade Squafew e he ' DU -4131 sv' , - . ' 7 ,,,....,. f -' A. b """""A 5 . - ,N Jf"J7'f' -JP"-3"' '-f1"""' A , ve V ... eJ""'-ff1Cf"Yf"'.J- TA A A e YI-3"-" "1"':i .,e., uae .1x.,...1W.,.4. if "M" , . 4 AM - V- -' ' ' W-rw"'j'?i'gijfg'j1'g514i.. e A W e N , V K w, W it .K R 'K X as X g x e V My www-MM 5 KM ,,..A.,....,,...w..- V 4 Mfm, -W N- --W , ' V0-0'-'W' . -,...4.,.v - M - W' 5 ,,.u......M-'-- ' . Y MM- -f' 'W' We .. .- A y sw, -Q' ...... ---- 'v 4. "' 2 s . 1 A W. A sh' W- " xx M 0 XX, X.. X "" "' 'HL' ' ' 'ww 'L n ' . . 6 .... ,Hx - - 'f 'M 'bw , ggi A 5 , - N, .. N... , N-1 N' ' 4 K , H B .... ---- A K .K 1 ,V -M 2 1. N wx? I . LM-A A M LAM., 274 V vkfiw ,lvl awk ukqkx qm,,k,,,,,43.v,.fM,.x ,XL xxx E , -,-.,,.f. We R ' 1' Q. .e ue 1 -sk H-'Q ' ' 'V' - ,.,e---- ,, .., 5, A - X ' J fy Ae. Q- :-.H :A - " u . .-an .439 A ...-f-""""-f-7' , ,- em..-nah:-r --. ,....,,t'-My Y- 4 1 0 13 5 'N .wwf-, 4,1-11.-.www wf , 1N"f.,,MX 'g mkki. 1 V A Nik. av ' 3 nv' V 'N .wx sw... 'f1""' rv.-vw qv ur 4.--.9-wr new we-nr-r-wx Wal 1"'MiK i ..,,,..wM-aug., 4 . bwkta ,fx 'H as-vw v if 5? as 31 F? W 3 'S 2 S+. FS Q 3 ai PAT BOONE COUNTRY INN Luncheons, parties and banquets by reservation Highway 24 at Fulton DU 2-3621 "I just can't make up my mind-everything sounds so good," says Sally Roden, as she, Mary Martha Monroe and Joy Morton treat themselves to dinner in Pat Boone's lovely dining room. 59,455 5A,QD,1ffB 63,9455 63,9463 ifR C3943 61LQD,fQbQf-A,QD,1-55 6A,QD,46E 6sA,Q,fC5b 53,8465 6A,CdJ,4f5'ZJ Gil 9,412 GRA ti DEAR DAUQHTEQ, 5 NOLETTER' -- QD No MONEY! C OUR LOVE, u . , -' JWIGXM Eval C C -" in 02242517 " 52 Wiiifiziii E5 137190 "V F Y 9 , 4 l U C l Ame 352 The Collegiate Shoppe The Shop for College Girls Featuring: Bobbie Brooks Sportswear Dresses - Sweaters - Skirts Blouses - Coordinates S. Side Square R 3,9413 C5-B,QD,4C-3 659,499 C:cA,CQ,44E G'Q,Q-9,423 5A,C9,fS? Whether they're going to Lake Dallas for a picnic or to A8tM for the weekend, Tessies stop at TED LEWIS SERVICE STATION Friendly, Dependable Serviie 1903 N. Elm DU 2-8340 Ns 'N x R , l 1 - THE CATALOG DIDNT SAY Amfrniue ABOUT mist Luster's Dairy Mart "Broil-a-burgers our sperialtyn 701 S. Elm DU 2-9494 Advertising manager Mary Jane McDonald stops at the Dairy Mart for a pineapple sundae after an afternoon of selling ads. 509465 6-his-9,4325 6A,Cs:D.4Q?D 65,6443 633,530 G'1B,Q9,4i?'D VARSITY LANES "Family Recreation at its Best" 118 S. Locust DU 2-8814 "Hmmm, just about the right weight," says Joy Morton, as she enjoys an evening of fun. i K Mex fm , y y , A M ' t1,,,. . 'Q 9.420 55-C2429 fsmseoicaa ffmseogfa e2Ase'a,,4fb Q94-429 ftsscenicfe cfm colin Ggscoeffo 455197459 Q-.gggLLg,, fQ,Q gb, ,335 Denton Record-Chronicle Furnishing students of Texas Woman's University with the latest in local, national and international news, copies of the Record-Chronicle are delivered daily to all dormi- tories. Inspecting the Record-Chronicle Associated Press wire machine, iournalism majors Jan Behrns and Barbara Overton catch up on some of the current news events. 4 ' ' tm? -'f . .1 A L . I , i " . sg Tk ' A -f :is wi., . r -f ff C my eww K is ,if -Qi' . v X 'vf . ,Q y . ,- . - , 1, 2 ik' , . k ...M lf, . um. r, i ,Q mb ,vi q -' fi QQ Q Q a The College S'rore fs! fi -sa ' "Any day is a good day lo trade with us" Z 1219 oakland DU 2-7924 ang Q I M E Q Q Q KK me ' 5 5 1x.1,,v Vo .1 i 6 i Iidgyyga Q l 5 QB yi "DEAR FOLK5, SORRY I HA VENT wfefrrefv 55120221 1 5 .. ,i NEED some Money rarerrrflwfm- Q Templeton and Barbara Dehler. 'f l 2 so 'f I lffi Looking over the C-Store's selection of books are Rusty 6iA,Q9,4C?Q 65,945 QQ,45Q 65194339 Gisogilfb 315343 55,643 C5Q.QD,f4?J 65194599 55194521 6 UQJQ Sue Gay and Lola Waddell admire one of the lovely wedding dresses from the Vanity Shop's collection. Mutt's Vanity Shop "The Showcase of Fashion" E. Side Square DU 2-6413 354 Compliments of BROOKS DAIRY CGMPANY "Serving the Denton Area with Quality Dairy Products Since 1910" Joe M. Brooks T. R. Brooks, Jr. K if ' 'Ulf 19,453 6Q,CQ,46?Qa f5b,C9.44R CSA Q-9,499 639,43 61AC2D,14?9 GA 63,945 6Q,Q9,4CfD GSAQDLCRS 643 CLDLQE 6? G 5 ll G ll l em Nl 5 f Z diej l Q L er., - 57 ff E 3? l Judy Gates and Anita Franklin choose a magazine while Ann Shaver ponders over which box of stationery to select E G at the Campus Drug Store. Tl mf CAMPUS DRUG sion 3 "Filling your Every Campus Need" 9 On the drag DU 2 5824 'T WAS 355 wp: .. if I F Tessies like Heidi Trept find that Mary Claude's is a fashionable, convenient place to have their hair and nails done. Betty Green is one of the four operators who is always waiting to cut and style O T 43 your hair. Mary Clcrude's Beauty Shop "Niblack Reducing System 't 1425 Oakland DU 2-2013 D CfiQDlE QD,65 C5Qk,CLD,4wb 6579743 6319 Yi si 'ii THE BOSTON STORE NE Corner Square DU 2-4721 "This is certainly a bargain," Susan Henderson tells Melinda lvy, as the two girls take advantage of the post-winter sales at the Bos- ton Store. 1 l D 6uA.Q-O43 659,465 653,65 C5A,QD,41E gli? 1629 GSC! After a full day of taking pic- tures, Daedalian photographer Myra Long pauses for a re- freshing Coke. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Denton, Texas O A li Z li O t ii O Q Two University students select Faberge dusting powder 42 and Max Factor soap from Tobin's cosmetic counter. t TOBIN DRUG STCRE 5? featuring E the latest in photographic supplies Z N. Side Square DU 2-2575 cfgeeoeacav 5Ace,fcP.s fftseeosrcau rfcxeeoega 6513143 6519.45 Q Qi Q S it TQ ig T li L E It qi 1 F' -E 1 lg i ' 2 7 P 3 il 1 J' K 6 tg dia T Ei ' X' Z ,5 1 Q17 I S -' 242 X Q ,E . Q f g J is is " is Z Q 1 T " I Z Q , L o 00 I t X i 5 t Q OH M DARDON NIE . li Qi Q BE First State Bank of Denton MbfFdIDptI opt SothEtCo Sq i 45 Q Q li Q ii Q Pat Donaghe and Jeanne Burton are' enjoying malts ij after a days classes '- 5 A N QD E Q ' Qi S ei Q Lane's Freezer Fresh 9' lce Cream 19,625 QQA6PQ EJ , . ii 5 Q Q Q 1 14' 5 . A Denton Bus Lines i 5 s li Q Safety First l Courtesy Second Z Service Continuously ig li Z 5 358 A Kb The University Laundry Sewing Dry Cleaning Wet Wash Finished Laundry Fluff Dry Year Round Storage Alterations Regulation Gym Clothes Free Pick-up and Delivery Service The University Laundry offers excellent laundry facilities at reasonable prices-and is convenient, too, agree these students. P A T R O N I Z E Your Advertiser Denton businessmen have made your 1959 Daedal- ian Yearbook possible. Re- pay them for their support with your trade. The Campus Theatre T V if "NH exas' Finest fy, Tbeatr f T Every moment is a big one 1' Fx - wheff'enjoXing Interstate ' Q3 Theatres' fineshntertainment T fx at the Campus ix, H 5.-, ' TT . , T eTe M T W - T fee. ee em WALT ms NETSP' T 0 N K A - Q5 T if ML T-T mio MRM r5'lQ9,ARv GQQDLQZJ GAQDQ GQQDQD :SAS DATE BTJTQEATJ T APDLTQATTON3 lr HERE LY. N CTT TZ' ,I ----- l ee if v1 A Amee T WONDER TTF TT-TEYD No'fice: TT TF T usso Teilreexve BHRDOT5 T?TQ'rurTE - ,yu did 1 Qofff, G T 3 T l T T T Z T T T G T T T Z T T T T G T Z T Z T 3 T T T Z T T T T T G T T Z T T Z T T T The Shamrock Shoe Store North Side Square DU 2-4193 Taking advantage of the Shamrock Shoe Store sale, Myra Long tells Mrs. Mary Tilghmon she will take both the beige heels and the leather loafers 359 X716 607411. INDEX Administration and Faculty Allen, Miss Eugenia, 38 Allen, Mrs. Helen B., 38 Anthony, Mrs. Arleeta, 14 Arbuthnot, Dr. Mabel, 25 Ashburn, Dr. Andrew, 28 Ashby, Jessie Marie, 38 Baker, Dr. Harold T., 23, 308 Balentine, Dr. Jack, 33 Balog, John Adolph, 38 Bateman, Dr. Jessie, 38 Beach, Dr. Constance, 24 Beauchene, Dr. Roy, 38 Beene, Mrs. Gwen, 14 Bell, Miss Myrtle, 43, 207 Bewley, Miss Jessie, 45 Black, Dr. E. Robert, 31 Blagg, Mr. Henry H., 27, 73 Blazier, Miss Betty, 38 Blythe, Mrs. Ella Mae, 14 Bohon, Miss Betty, 38 Brenholtz, Bill, 73 Briggs, Mrs. Frances, 14, 215 Bryan, Earl C., 31 Bucklew, Miss Reba, 30, 158 Butts, Miss Mignon, 43 Campbell, Dr. Helen Buck, 38 Campbell, Miss Mary, 43 Caster, Dr. Bethel, 38 Chambers, Mr. Robert W., 27, 207 Chaney, Mrs. Betty J., 14 Church, Weldon, 73 Cockrill, Mrs. Corinne, 14 Connellan, Rev. Thomas J., 29 Corbin, Mrs. Margie, 14 Corpron, Miss Carlotta, 36 Crenshaw, Miss Beverly, 38 Cross, Mrs. Lucille, 14 Cunningham, Mrs. Diana P., 45 Darden, Dr. Frances, 24 Davis, Dr. Ethelyn, 30 Davis, Mrs. Ruth, 14, 220 de Coligny, Mrs. Marion, 33 de Cordova, Mrs. Frances, 49 Delleney, Miss Marie, 36 Denman, Mrs. Adline, 224 Dillon, Dr. Evelyn K., 43 Dixon, Miss D. Genevieve, 48 Duggan, Dr. Anne Schley, 42 Dungan, Mrs. Delta, 38 DuRain, Miss Helen M., 45 Eberly, Dr. J. Wilgus, 35 Edwards, Mrs. Sara Jane, 33 Ellison, Mrs. L. M., 14, 105, 217 Emerson, Francis W., 11 Esteve, Dr. Ramon, 38 Faulkner, Miss Maurine, 25, 174 Faux, Miss Joyce, 43 Franke, Miss Gesine, 45 Fry, Mrs. J. H., 38 Fuerst, Dr. Robert, 22, 41 Advertisements Adamsori's Washateria, 349 Boston Store, 356 Brooks Dairy Company, 355 Brooks Drugstore, 347 Burchard's Studio, 355 Campus Drug Store, 355 Campus Theatre, 359 Clark's Vogue Cleaners, 349 Coca-Cola, 356 Gibbs, Mrs. Earl, 197, 222 Gibson, Miss Gertrude, 11 Gilford, Mrs. Linnie, 14, 216 Glasscock, Mrs. Nell Skaggs, 38 Good, Mrs. Mary Ann, 45 Gould, Miss Grace, 45 Green, Mrs. Eleanor, 224 Guinn, Dr. John A., 8, 111 Hadley, Miss Florence, 45 Hamilton, Mrs. Paul, 33 Hamilton, Miss Viola, 22 Hammond, Miss Bertie, 43 Harding, Mrs. G. L., 33 Harp, Miss Mary Wanda, 38 Harris, Miss Frances, 45 Harvey, Dr. Dorothy, 38 Higgins, Dr. Robert W., 23, 339 Hill, Carl, 14 Hottelet, Mrs. Pauline, 14 Howard, Miss Margie, 45 Hufford, Dr. Mary, 10 Hyun, Dr. Soon Yung, 38 Ince, Mrs. Kathrina, 14, 218 Isdale, Mrs. Gustavia, 14, 221 Jackson, Mrs. Betty, 14 James, Dr. Eleanor, 24 Jenison, Dr. Elsie, 20, 109, 161 Jenkins, Miss Mary Nell, 14 Jeter, Mrs. Barbara, 14 Johnson, Miss Clarice, 14 Kearns, Mrs. Lula, 15 Keesee, Miss Elizabeth, 25 Kendrick, John Murray, 20, 287 Kennard, Miss Eva Marie, 29 Keyes, Dr. Fenton, 10 Kinnard, Miss Barbara, 38 Klein, Monroe, 73 Knott, Mrs. Doris, 15 Kreuz, Loretta Barbara, 49 Kubala, Dr. Albert, 38 Langford, Miss Florence, 38 LaRue, L. L., 11 LaSelle, Miss Dorothy, 36 Lasater, Mrs. Peggy, 15 Lemmon, Miss Thetis, 36 Leonard, Miss Lucy, 38 Leue, Dr. William H., 33 Ligeti, Mr. Desire, 35, 112 Liston, Mrs. Barbara, 15 Little, Mr. Lowell, 35, 113, 116, 178 Lochhead, Dr. Jewell, 33 Loomis, Kenneth B., 34, 36, 152 Ludeman, Dr. Helen, 23, 163 Lummus, Miss Ola, 15, 219 College Store, 354 Collegiate Shoppe, 352 Denton Bus Lines, 358 Denton County Natl. Bank, 351 Denton Record-Chronicle, 353 Fashion Beauty Salon, 348 First State Bank, 357 Hickory House, 347 Hendley's, 358 McElvaney, William K., 29 McGee, Alma,-38 Mack, Dr. Pauline Beery, 10, 37 MacNeal, Miss Vere, 35 Maddocks, Dr. Gladys, 24 Magee, Mrs. Katherine, 43, 62 Marinelli, Miss Anne V., 49 Mark, Mrs. Eva H., 24 Mason, Miss Mary, 38 Massie, Mrs. Mae, 226 Maxey, Dr. Mabel, 36 Mays, Mrs. Margaret, 15 Mecay, Dr. William L., 11 Mendenhall, Mrs. Ruth S., 38 Miller, Dr. Harlan, 28 Mitchell, Miss Martha, 35 Molley, Miss Martha, 45 Montgomery, Miss Lola, 15 Moore, Mrs. Irene Sherrill, 38 Moore, Dr. L. H., 15 Morrison, Dr. T, L., 20 Morton, Glenn, 20 Motheral, Mrs. Fern, 15 Moyle, Miss Carol, 15 Murphy, Mrs. Catherine, 35 Murphy, Dr. Mary Agnes, 43 Myers, Mrs. Grace, 33, 222 Normile, Mrs. Carole, 15 O'Rear, Mrs. Lenoir, 38 Pal, Dr. P. N., 38 Pannell, Miss Faye, 44 , Pendergraft, Miss Marian, 43, 53 Phillips, Miss Martha Marie, 45 Pickens, Mrs. Juanice, 45 Pierce, Dr. Thomas E., 33 Pilgrim, Mrs. Mary, 15 Poindexter, Miss Betty, 15 Porter, M.iss Dorothy, 30, 158 Porteus, Miss Jean, 45 Pyke, Dr. Ralph E., 38 Rabke, Miss Mary Lee, 207 Richardson, Dr. Hazel A., 43 Richter, Mrs. Margaret, 15 Rigler, Frank C., 27 Roach, Dr. Josh P., 31 Roberts, Mrs. Margaret, 43 Robinson, Miss Lucile, 20 Rolsten, Mrs. Nell, 45 Ross, Mr. Charles A., 30 Rundell Jr., Dr. Walter, 26, 207 Ryberg Jr., Dr. Josef E., 25 Sanders, Miss Martha P., 25 Scheihing, Miss Geneva, 35 Schmuller, Dr. A. M., 33 Schulze, Dr. Ivan L., 54 Ju-cy Pig Restaurant, 348 Lane's, 358 Luster's Dairy Mart, 353 Mary Claudels Beauty Shop, 356 Mutt's Vanity Shop, 354 Pat Boone Country Inn, 352 Penney's, 349 Russell's, 346 Schwarz, Miss Joanna, 43 Shaffer, Miss Alma V., 15 Sherrill, Dr. Joseph C., 38 Shields, Mrs. Virginia, 33 Shipley, Dr. Max L., 20, 26 Sikes, Mrs. Helen, 15 Sim, Miss Jessie, 20 Skiles, Miss Betty Lou, 38 Slifer, Miss Mary Janet, 43 Smith, Miss Eunice, 45 Smith, Mrs. Gladys J., 15 Smith, Dr. P. E., 38 Sparks, Dr. Dade, 26 Spellman, Miss Coreen, 36, 163 Stafford, Miss Emily-Mae, 17 27, 73 Stallworth, Frances, 224 Starnes, Mrs. Jewel, 15 Stephenson, Miss Susan, 43 Stoker, Dr. Spencer L., 32 33 161 Stover, Bill, 207 Taylor, Dr. Elizabeth, 26, 153 Thomas, Dr. Elizabeth, 38 Tramel, Miss Agnes Catherine 24, 165 Turman, Dr. James Arthur, 12 Tryanauer, Herbert, 36, 114 Tyson, Dr. James D., 31 Vanderslice, Mrs. Dovie, 224 Varner, Miss Cornelia, 24 Vose, George, 38, 41 Waits, Rev. Emmett M. M.,"29 Walvoord, Dr. A. C., 33 Wesson, Mrs. Mary B., 15 Westcourt, Fred W., 22 White, Miss Mary Elizabeth, 38 White, Miss Olive, 26 Whitten, Mrs. Olive, 24 Wiley, Dr. Autrey Nell, 4, 24 161 Williams, Mr. Ed J., 12 Willis, Miss Clara, 33 Wimberly, Mrs. Zenda, 15, 105, 176, 214 Wolters, Miss Aline, 20 Woolsey, Dr. A. W., 25, 165 Wortham, Mrs. Elsie Jean, 45 Worthington, Mrs. Rena C., 46 Wright, Dr. Ellen, 38, 41 Yarbrough, Mrs. Lavelle, 340 Young, Dr. Dixie, 22 Young, Dr. Paul, Z6 Young, Mrs. Veneta, 38 Zeis, Miss Dolores Marie, 45 Shamrock Shoe Store, 359 Selby's Flower Shop, 349 Ted Lewis Service Station, 352 Tobin Drug Store, 356 University Laundry, 358 Varsity Lanes, 353 Voertman's, 348 Organizations Adelphian, 170 Aglaian, 171 Alpha Beta Alpha, 160 Alpha Chi, 161 Alpha Kappa Delta, 161 Alpha Lambda Delta, 161 Arkansas Club, 184 Association for Childhood Edu- cation, 150 Athenaeum, 172 Baptist Student Union, 188 Beta Beta Beta, 162 Biology Club, 150 Bryan College Station Club, 184 Campus Government Associa- tion, 60, 61 Canterbury Association, 189 Caperettes, 193 Chaparral, 173 Citizenship League, 194 Daedalian Annual, 70, 71 Daedalian Quarterly, 72 Delian, 174 Delta Phi Delta, 163 Dietetics Club, 151 Students A Abat, Ruth Ann, 68, 69, 71, 169 174, 232 Abbott, Linda Ruth, 68, 173, 291, 292 Abbott, Marjorie Ann, 314 Abendroth, Martha Ann, 314 Adair, Sharon Jean, 274 Adams, Ann, 224, 226 Adams, Billy Jim, 292 Adams, Mary Ann, 314 Adams, Melva Ann, 294 Adams, Patricia, 314 Adams, Phyllis Rae, 232 Addis, Carole Knight, 274 Adkins, Judy Belle, 62, 121, 171, 273, 274 Adkins, Nancy Lyn, 89, 194, 231, 232 Aenlle, Elsa, 52 Agosta, Patricia Ann, 143, 274 Alford, Kathryn Joanne, 178, 232 Algarin, Elizabeth, 314 Alkins, Sheila Eileen, 71, 274 Allen, Alberta Ann, 69, 71, 120 128, 164 Allen, Alice Faye, 225 Allen, Carol June, 314 Allen, Gloria Margaret, 190, 314 Allen, Jessie Marie, 314 Alvarez, Mary Frances, 314 Amonett, Billie Jo, 292 Anderson, Claudene, 342 Anderson, Joy, 224 Anderson, Nelta Rue, 143, 225 Andree, Sandra Jean, 314 Andrews, Bonnie Louise, 314 Andrews, Ruth Janet, 174, 274 Andronis, Maria Aristos, 314 Annaratone, Rose Ann, 217, 292 Antonides, Carolyn Jean, 292 Anwar, Khadya Bano, 52 Archer, Lela Beverly, 64, 67, 174, 232 Arciniegas, Elsa Azucena, 314 Aries, Noris, 183 Arredondo, Judith, 178 Arredondo, Mary Inez, 175 Ashley, Virginia Maie, 174, 292 Aston, Betty Jean, 314 ' Atchison, Helen Catherine, 314 Atkinson, Margaret Louise, 232 Aughtry, Nickie Kar-en, 177, 232 Augusta, Pat, 177 1 1 INDEX Disciples Student Fellowship, 190 English Club, 151 E. White Mathematics Club, 1 Fine Arts Club, 152 Golden Triangle Club, 185 History Club, 153 Home Economics Club, 153 Health, Physical Education and Igzcreation Professional Club, Iota Sigma Pi, 163 Journalism Club, 154 Junior Forum, 195 Junior Professional Business Women's Club, 154 Kappa Alpha Mu, 164 Kappa Epsilon Mu, 155 Kappa Mu Epsilon, 164 Austin, Ellin Wilson, 314 Austin, Jane Elizabeth, 314 Austin, Joyce Maxine, 69, 343 Autaubo, Bertha Clara, 292 Auyoung, Nancy, 52 Ageigyt, Mrs. Judy Longhofer, Awbrey, Barbara Faye, 143, 176, 180, 274 B Babington, Judith Elzie, 40, 140, 143, 146, 173, 274 Bachofen, Caroline, 62, 173, 274 Bailey, Carol Ann, 314 Baird,. Hertha Glendora, 108, 116, 159, 274 Baird, Margaret Ann, 314 Baird, Mary Nita, 292 Baker, Barbara Jane, 233 Baker, 223, 2 Baker, Janet Sue, 178, 314 Baker, Jo Ann, 172, 292 Baker, Lockie Suzanne, 180, 314, 347, 354 Baker, Mary Jo, 180, 220, 292 Norne Allison, 340 185. Ella Andrea, 176, 92 Baker, Baker, Tillie, 343 Baldridge, Carolyn Gail, 233 Balkus, Mary Patricia, 314 Ball, Frances Anne, 314 Barela, Armida, 126, 173, 292 Barger, Arthur Louise, 292 Barker, Barbara Jean, 343 Barker, Greta Marie, 314 Barlow, Sarah Kathryn, 292 Barnes, Mildred, 342 Barnett, Barbara Cathryn, 63, 208, 233 Barnhart, Elizabeth Anne, 274 Bgggra, Frances Idolina, 186, Barrera, Mary Imelda, 178, 315 Barrera, Romanita Juanita, 150, 233 Barrera, Virginia, 315 Barrett, Kathryn Jane, 171, 292 Bzgggngton, Ramona Lynn, 174, Bartlett, Selma Yvonne, 143, 174, 188, 233 Barton, Mildah Lynn, 292 Bateman, Jeanne Rose, 315 Bateman, Ollie, 52 La Junta, 155 L'Allegro, 175 Laredo Club, 185 Lass-O, 68, 69 Lass-O Band, 178 Le Cercle Francais, 156 Mary Eleanor Brackenridge, 176 Merchandising Club, 156 Midland-Odessa Club, 186 Modern Choir, 180 Music Club, 157 Newman Club, 191 Occupational Therapy Club, 157 Omega Rho Alpha, 165 Philomathia, 177 Phi Sigma Iota, 165 Phi Upsilon Omicron, 166 Pi Lambda Theta, 166 Presbyterian Students' Associa- tion, 192 Professional Business Women's Club, 158 Batte, Mrs. Sandra, 274 Baugh, Leah Rae, 233 Beall, Jimmie Lu, 233 Beamer, Mary Carolyn, 143, 234 Beard, Mary Bernice, 170, 234 Beauchamp, Eleanor Ann, 315 Becklund, Ila Alma, 292 Bedair, Barbara June, 178, 292 Bednar, Rosalea Maurine, 292 Beeman, Lynda Sue, 315 Beestrum, Edna P., 52 Begley, Margaret Anne, 292 Behrns, Janice, 71, 154, 274, 353 Benavides, Ulga Araceli, 315 Benrgingfield, Eunice Ardythe, 31 Benson, Sue Ann, 315, 346 Beohm, Judith Ann, 293 Berger, Margaret Kay, 197, 293 Bergeron, Barbara Ann, 315 Bernard, Martha, 187 Berndt, Kathryn Lorine, 178, 315 Bernhardi, Frances Mary, 254 Berry, Linda Claire, 315 Berry, Susan Elizabeth, 315 Berry, Susana Catharine, 143, 293 Beseler, Maxine Roberta, 315 Best, Mary Frances, 293 Bettes, Patsy Ruth, 315 Beutler, Billie Jean, 102, 313, 315 Bice, Nancy Jean, 315 Billingsley, Lyn, 315 Bilton, Carolyn Mae, 315 Bilton, Marilyn Fae, 315 Bird, Anita Mae, 183, 315 Bisby, Judith Vivian, 293 Sally May, 62, 171, 274 Bixby, Black, Barbara Jo, 315 Black, Linda Diane, 315 Black, Sonia Frances, 67, 109, 146, 176, 234 Blake, Natalie, 293 Blanche, Walla, 165 Bland, Patricia, 315 Blakenburg, Nancy Ann, 315 Blanton, Frances Jane, 316 Blazier, Betty Jane, 171 Blsgsitt, Mary Frances, 177, 178 3 Blewster, Beverly, 193, 143, 171, 219, 293 Blount, Beverly, 61, 66, 105, 120 121, 140, 171, 274 Board, Jean Ethel, 178, 183, 274 1 Radio Guild, 196 Rio Grande Club, 186 Round Table, 64 San Antonio Club, 187 Sigma Sigma Sigma Silver Alpha Iota, 167 Pi Beta, 167 Tau Delta, 168 Spur Riding Club, 197 Sociological Society, 158 Speech Club, 159 Student Council of Religious Activities, 65 Studen t Council of Social Activities, 67 Student Finance Council, 66 Student Nurses' Association, 159 Tau Beta Sigma, 168 Theta Univer Sigma Phi, 169 sity Chorus, 183 Villagers' Club, 187 Women's Recreation Association, 62, 63 Zeta Phi Eta, 169 Boaz, Mrs. Judy Alice, 171, 274 Bobbit t, Charlene, 234 Bodine, Mary Ethel, 72 Boedeker, Carolyn Ann, 293 Bcggcieker, Joyce Laurene, 117, Boehn, Judy, 183 Boerner, Genevieve Ellen, 173, 234 Boggs, Boggs. Boley, Bolin, Barbara Jean, 316 Joan Elizabeth, 293 Peggy Joyce, 275 Joan Yvonne, 316 Bonebrake, Cleo Elizabeth, 293 Bonham, Virginia Lee, 275 Borcherding, Elizabeth Ann, 293 Borden, Sherrill Ann, 316 Bcgren, Mrs. Jeannette Cordray, 2 Bottger, Judy Kay, 178, 293 Boucher, Martha, 114, 143, 156, 158, 171, 234 Bowles, Betty Clare, 113, 171, 275 Bowman, Patricia Carol n, 316 Boyd, 172, Boyd, 1 70, Boyd Deanna Alyce, 65? 81, 103, 194,235 Ellen Mae, ss, 161, 167, 180,235 Emily Louise, 65, 165, 275 Boydi Laverne, 343 Boyd Lelia Ann, 316 Bradford, Patricia Ann, 102, 180, 316 Bradley, Jeanene, 316 Bradley, Sandra Sue, 178, 293 Branard, Martha Ann, 293 Braswell, Mary Frances, 316 Bratton, Beverly, 316 Brau, Diana Jean, 316 Bridge Bridge s, Joanne Grace, 293 s, Nell Shirers, 52 Bright, Bertha Celeste, 316 Brooks, Darla Jean, 98, 108, 143, 169, 171, 196, 235 Broughton, Priscilla Ann, 316 Brown, Barbara Ruth, 100, 108, 1 18, B rown Brown 121, 128, 143, 171, 196,275 , Bette Ann, 176, 293 Cecilia, 316 Brown: Mrs. Delores, 275 Brown, Evelyn Marion, 316 Brown Brown 235 , Gloria Jean, 180, 316 Martha Lou, 171, 195, r Brown Mrs. Mary Evelyn, 235 Brown, Mary Jane, 342 Brown, Maxine Gail, 293 Bigvgzn Nell Marie, 69, 164, 169, Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Omilou Marie, 235 Pamela Jan, 316 Sandra Jean, 316 Sondra Kay, 316 Sylvia Nina 316 Broz, Katherine Rose, 293 Bryant, Lanie Rene, 316 Bryson, Josephine Robinson, 235 Buchanan, Patricia Jane, 316 Buckwalter, Barbara Ann, 293 Burch, Esther Elizabeth, 52 Burgener, Donna Ann, 316 Burgher, Donna, 159 Burkett, Linda Frances, 293 Burkhard, Lynn, 224 Burkhart, Willouise, 236 Burkholder, Gwendolyn Ann, 65 Burks, Cloreeta Inez, 340 Burks, Janet Kathryn, 316 Burks, Phyllis Louise, 294 Burnett, Charlotte Ann, 172, 236 Burnett, Josephine Ann, 317 Burns, Dovie Jane, 275 Burt, Carol Ann, 188, 294 Burton, Jeanne, 358 Busey, Martha Elizabeth, 100, 120, 294 Butler, Nola Lavelle, 317 Byington, Dolores Dolly, 170, 186, 236 C Cabello, Alicia, 236 Cailga, Carmela, 104, 170, 193, Cadena, Josefa, 236 Cain, Aline, 294 Callan, Edith Ann, 317 Callaway, Lazuita Jan, 183, 317- Cameron, Mary Ann, 317 Camgmbell, Betty Lou, 66, 143, 15 ,172, 221, 294 Campbell, Donna Rae, 317 Campbell, Dorcas Ann, 67, 82, 10 , 143, 172, 236 Campbell, Joyce Earlene, 317 Campbell, Linda Lou, 65, 317 Canine, Gene Ray, 294 Cannon, Sylvia Jean, 97, 143, 150, 221, 294 Cantu, Esperanza, 275 Cantu, Gloria Sylvia, 317 Capelle, Macon H., 52 Capps, Beverly Ann, 65, 152, 275 Caztggs, Frazee Deloris, 170, 197, Caraway, Kay Elizabeth, 126, 159, 171, 178,294 Carper, Barbara Anne, 236 Carrera, Maria Imelda, 343 Cagggll, Jacquelyn Earlene, 178, Carron, Ruth Jane, 143, 294 Carter, Sara Danner, 317 INDEX Chadwick, Betty Lyn, 171, 220, 275 Chambers, Alice Ruth, 225, 237 Chambers, Treva Joyce, 317 Chandler, Lindsey Lou, 178, 317 Chanler, Charlene, 343 Chapa, Dolores Gomez,,61, 126, 127, 143, 173, 290, 294 Charles, Ernestina, 275 Charlton, Judith Lee, 180, 317 Chastain, Gay Lynne, 294 Chebret, Patricia Annette, 317 Chelius, Marilyn Lois, 160, 237 Cherry, Martha Frances, 67, 143, 173, 237 Chesser, Martha Robinson, 317 Clgisgm, Nelda Faye, 143, 222, Chisum, Carmel Ann, 180, 275 Chitwood, Judith Marie, 180, 190, 317 Chow, Katrina Chang-Yao, 52 Christiancy, Carroll Lee, 66, 98, 105, 237 Chu, Eleanor, 275 Claborn. Verna Lou, 237 Clapp, Rebecca Ann, 40, 343 Clark, Ann, 238 Clark, Joye Ann, 317 Clark, Lois Louise, 183, 294 Clark, Mary Faye, 135, 275 Clark, Sara Lucille, 294 Clarke, Adeline Vera, 174, 275 Claunch, Wilma Lou, 127, 173, 178, 218, 294 Clemmer, Claudetta, 342 Clonts, Anita Gail, 317 Cobb, Elaine Kathryn, 317 Cobb, Nancy, 159, 170, 276 Coburn, Sandra Ann, 176. 295 Cochran, Cynthia Lee, 295 Cciglgburn, Hollace Lynne, 108, Coco, Lucy Jo, 76, 124, 163, 177, 191, 193. 238 Cozdigia, Rosa Maria, 175, 186, Coe, Rachel Ann, 143, 188, 219, 295 Coerver, Carol Ruth, 276 Coffey, Patsy Ann. 176. 178, 295 Cohen, Cynthia Virginia, 168, 173, 178, 193, 276 Cole, Sadie Elizabeth, 295 Coleman, Beverly Ann, 183, 295 Coleman, Eva, 98, 159, 238 Collier, Judith Lee, 178, 317 Collingsworth, Ester Verah, 340 Collins Carroll Jenelle, 276 Collins, Charlsie Jan, 183. 318 Collins, Jo Frances, 183, 318 Collins, Sarah, 318 Collins, Peggy Ruth. 170, 215 Colson Marvette, 178 Colston, Jean Anne, 188 Colvin, Sue Emily, 174, 276 Comeaux, Carol Ann, 176, 238 Compton, Gay Roberts, 129, 318 Compton, To Iris, 177, 218, 295 Condron, Tommye Florence, 238 Conn, Myrtice Lee, 143, 146, 318 Connally, Peggy Sue, 238 Carter, Saundra Pearl, 143, 221, 294 Casas, Hulda Doris, 317 Casas. Lueila, 170, 186,214,236 Casgagf, Rosanna, 114, 173, 214, Cashell, Julia Ann, 294 Castaneda, Estella, 294 Castillo, Janie 294 Cauble, Carole Jean, 317 Cavazos, Alicia, 237 Cavender, Marilyn, 85, 167, 177, 180, 237 C'de Baca, Lucille, 317 C'de Baca, Velma Sue, 40, 140, 343 143, 146, Chaddock, Frances Annette, 294 Chaddock, Melinda Lee, 153, 186, 275 Chadwell, Patricia Ann, 317 Conner, Bobbie Jean, 17, 61, 69, 70, 169, 177, 238 Conoley, Carolyn Kay, 61, 62, 222, 295 Cook, Carolyn Sue, 318 Cook, Joyce Marlene, 318 Cooke, Melita Maydene, 224, 239 Cooper, Martha Jo, 239 Cooper, Mary Frances. 318 Copeland, Ada Joyce, 239 Copeland, Carole Jane, 183, 318 Coperhaver, Jewell E'lane, 174, 186, 239 Corbin, Margaret Jo, 174, 239 Cornelius, Hazel, 342 Costner, Patsy Kay, 318 Cotter, Connie Val, 157. 276 Cowan, Ruth Anita, 318 Cowart, Wanda, 65, 143, 239 Cox, Carolyn Jean, 121, 276 Cox, Diane Eilart, 318 Cox, Dorothy Ann, 177, 222, 239 Cox, Patricia Ann, 217, 295 Coyle, Kibbie Nell, 318 Cragin, Ann, 156, 231, 239 Crall, Judith Ann, 295 Cranlill, Lela Edna, 318 Crawford, Carolyn, 178, 295 Cra ton Barbara Eileen, 154, Y 1 187, 318 Crites, Wanda Joyce, 318 Cromer, Mary Frances, 318 Croshaw, Ann Christine, 318 Cross, Shirley Ann, 240 Crouse, Karen Sue, 206, 318 Crowder, Pollyanna, 318 Crowell, Anita, 154 Crye, Marbie Marie, 276 Culbreath, Mary Louise, 240 Culp, Charlene Elizabeth, 318 Culver, Anita Fay, 295 Cummings, Carolyn Sue, 318 Cummings, Cherill Ann, 318 Curtiss, Mrs. Ezell, 52 D Daffer, Judith Diane, 318 Dalby, Linda Jeanne, 276 Dale, Nancy Ann, 143, 187, 276 Daleo, Rosalie Marino, 183, 319 Daly, Margaret June, 178, 319 Dampman, Barbara Lee, 217, 276 Damron, Lillie Ann, 176, 222, 276 Daniel, Elizabeth Doll, 319 Dannar, Shirley Ann, 319 Dannelly, Diane, 319 Darden, Mary Ann, 319 Darmody, Virginia, 342 David, Nelda Martha, 175, 295 Davidson, Mary Ella, 214, 240 Davidson, Mary Lou, 319 Davies, Diane Katherine, 84, 160, 164, 166, 240 Davis, Betty Lou, 223, 240 Davis, Karen, 295 Davis, Marilyn Jane, 197, 240 Day, Anne Ethel, 139, 143, 319 Dean, Marion Frances, 295 Decker, Lela Beatrice, 319 Deevers, Patricia Ann, 276 DeFore, Sandra Sue, 69, 73, 177, 273, 276 DeForest. Amber, 77, 161, 162, 166, 240 DeGaugh, Frances Ann, 319 Dehler, Barbara Alice, 295, 354 Deithloff, Diana Mae, 276 de la Torre, Josefa Aurora, 223, 240 DeLeon, Maria Del Carmen, 276 DeLeon, Maria Nora, 319 DeLeon, Nevolena Martinez, 319 69, 71, 223 de Leon, Nora, 183 De Los Santos, Armandina, 276 Denman, Glynda Sue, 319 DePena, Maria Antonia, 319 Dewberry, Jeanette Charlotte, 295 Dewitt, Barbara Ellen, 319 Dial, Bonnie Lamar, 159, 178, 319 Dibowski, Jean Charlotte, 241 Dicas, Greta, 171, 178, 221, 295 Dickens, Pat, 241 Dickey, Ann Vivian, 159, 319 Dilday, Evelyn, 342 Dill, Lucie Kathryn, 295 Dill, Mary Bell, 319 Dill, Mary Elizabeth, 143, 174, 295 Dillard, Joyce Louise, 319 Dillard, Portia Cletus, 151, 171, 276 Diller, Joanna Myra, 180, 296 Dimcan, Elizabeth, 165 DiMinno, Pat Ann, 296 Dingler, Anna George, 178, 319 Dinsmore, Glenda Sueq 319 Dippel, Evelyn, 176,241 Ditson, Rayma Kay, 52, 180 Dittrich, Huberta Louise, 176 Dixon, Betty Ann, 17, 102, 174 273, 277 Dobbs, Betty Diane, 172, 217 Dodd, Nancy Elizabeth, 61, 127 173, 218, 296 Dodson, Dianne, 277 Dolezalek, Betty Lou, 319 Dominguez, Juanita Alice, 170, 191,241 Donaghe, Betty Jane, 296 Donaghe, Patricia Ann, 319, 358 Donaldson, Phillis Elaine, 98, 169, 277 Donelson, Sally Ann, 126, 296 Donnelly, Glennalee Katherine, 319 Donnelly, Saza Dee, 172, 296 Doucet, Patsy Rae, 172, 296 Douglas, Alice Ann, 319 Downey, Dorothy Jo, 241 Dreckman, Patricia Dale, 320 Drozd, Lorine Rita, 170, 296 Druce, Martha, 187 Dryer, Donna Duane, 296 Duke, Brenda Ann, 320 Dulaney, Mildred, 52 Dulin, Patricia Ann, 241 Duncan, Elizabeth Lee, 176, 296 Dundas, Jo Anne, 320 Dunlap, Kathryn Anne, 178, 277 Dunn, Barbara Ruth, 153, 219 Dunn, Eleanor Ann, 241 Dunn, Janet Ruth, 242 Dunn, Loretta Jean, 320, 348 Dunn, Vivian Ruth, 121, 171, 277 Dunne, Diane Irene, 297 Dunscomb, Diana Lee, 320 DuPont, Lucille, 320 Dupuis, Yvonne, 97, 296 Duran, Carolyn Dorris, 320 Durham, Martha Lynn, 242 Duval, Donya Elaine, 172, 192, 296 Dyche, Diana Mary, 320 E Easterling Thelma Yvonne, 96, 157, 167, 177, 180, 277 Eden, Lynne Cathryn, 320 Edwards, Helen Louise, 277 Edwards, Nora Elsa, 340 Edwards, Phyllis Theodora, 296 Edwards, Virginia Beth, 320 Eggers, Jeanie Alice, 320 Eichman, Joyceline LaRhue, 67, 172,214,242 Eickenroht, Emmie Lee, 145, 320 Ellenburg, Georgia Bruce, 340 Ellis, Geneva Ann, 242 Ellis, Nancy Jane, 296 Embrey, Nancy Faith, 178, 320 Emerson, Andrea Lee, 296 Emerson, Bette Sue, 320 Emerson, Judith Ann, 320 Enequist, Alice Carol, 320 Ervin, Nancy Lynn, 320 Essary, Carolyn, 153, 168, 177, 178, 216, 277 Essex, Emily Jane, 277 Estes, Floy Marie, 143, 320 Estrellas, Patsy Jeannette, 150, 222, 242 Evans, Barbara LaVern, 296 Evans, Barbara Lee, 320 Evans, Margaret Ann, 320 Evans, Reese Ann, 160, 277 Everett, Mary Elizabeth, 216 F Fabel, Catherine Louise, 320 Faglie, Patricia Dell, 320 Failla, Gloria Jean, 320 Faircloth, Sandra Jane, 320 Faith, Virginia Lynn, 219, 277 , Ham Gordon, Susan Kay, 297 Falcon, Maria Ubdulia, 175, 242 Fannin, Phyllis Jean, 321 Farley, Elizabeth Ann, 158, 170, 242 Farmer, Annetta Frances, 296, 343 Farr, Virginia Ann, 321 Farrar, Mary Sue, 242 Farrar, Nancy Elizabeth, 321 Farrell, Sarah Ruth, 321 Farrier, Jo Anne, 321 Farwell, Ann Vaughan, 321 Faubion, Hazel Lou, 296 Faulk, Dorothy Annette, 321 Feeley, Joanna, 65, 277 Fennig, Jane C., 159 Ferguson, Jo Ann, 197 Fichte, Marilyn Elece, 183 Fielder, Rowena, 143, 225, 243 Figueroa, Edna Velma, 143, 321 Finch, Barbara Ann, 321 Finley, Roena June, 296 Fitschen, Jeanine Carole, 113. 143, 177, 277 Fitzpatrick, Carole, 243 Fleming, Jane Ann, 321 Fleming, Mary Glen, 67, 80, 86 124, 125, 161, 177, 243 Fletcher, Judith Kay, 176, 277 Flood, Catherine Ann, 104, 174 277 Flores, Hortensia, 155, 243 Flores, Ombelinda Maria, 243 Floyd, Emma Ruth, 220, 297 Flutsch, Mary Louise, 297 Fomby, Helen Petway, 297 Foote, Lee, 171 Ford, Gerry Lou, 176, 195, 243 Ford, Judy Emily, 220, 297 Ford, Mrs. Teresa, 277 Fortner, Elizabeth Ann, 80, 152 174, 204, 243 Foster, Ann, 277 Fowler, Celia Christine, 297 Fowler, Norma Carlyle, 321 Fowlkes, Carol Ann, 321 Fox, Kathleen, 321 Frady, Marilyn Carol, 321 Francis, Roberta Jane, 321 Frandolig, Mary Gene, 243 Franklin, Anita Jean, 65, 143, 321, 355 Franklin, Annalon, 321 Franklin, Ann Pope, 60, 61, 96, 101, 277 Franklin, Doris Lou, 216, 297 Franklin, Jewell Amelia, 321 Frazier, Judith Maxine, 219 1 INDEX Gay, Glena Sue, 278, 354 Gee, Violet, 297 Geesling, Lynell, 342 Gehring, Margaret Ellen, 152, 176, 278 Geiser, Dianne Kathryn, 297 Gemmell, Lynn, 343 Gentle, I.,aVerne Scott, 340 Gentle, Phyllis Annelle, 65, 82, 153, 244 Gentry, Mary Florence, 322 Geralds, Anne, 278 Geron, Cary Ann, 188, 278 Geron, Wanda Sue, 297 Gibbs, Mrs. Margaret, 343 Gibbs, Mrs. Mary Inez, 183, 322 Gibson. Isabella, 278 Gilbert, Gail Louise, 63, 124, 173, 244 Gilbertson, Gay Catherine, 170, 178, 180, 297 Giles, Evada Sue, 278 Gill, Eula Florence, 340 Gilleland, Florence Carolyn, 322 Gillespie, Frances Gaye, 322 Giggiartin, Mrs. Sylvia Cooper, Gilmore, Mary Eva, 322 Gilmour, Charlene, 244 Gingrich, Jeanne Carol, 297 Gipson, Mary Jane, 322 Gipson, Sonjia Ruth, 116, 170, 278 Girodengo, Elma Elena, 245 Glenn, Lucille, 297 Glover, Mary Beth, 322 Goggold, Sandra Lynn, 143, 146, 3 Goehring, Charlyn Beth, 322 H Haakman, Nancy, 298 Hackmuth, Kay Helen, 160, 278 Hager, Yvonne Joyce, 220 Hagy, Sarah Isabel, 323 Haisler, Rosemary Jane, 224, 278 Halas, Barbara Lynn Manoa, 180, 298 Hales, Joyce Annette, 298 Haley, Helen Floy, 128, 323 Hall, Arlene, 160, 177, 246 Hall, Donna Lee, 323 Hall, Joyce Annette, 298 Hall, Mona Elizabeth, 178, 323 Hall, Patsy Sue, 246 Hall, Peggy Jane, 246 Hall Priscilla Gayle, 298 ilton, Linda Sue, 323 Hamilton, Rheba Pauleta, 323 Hansen, Sherill Jane, 176, 278 Hardaway, Marion B., 340 Harden, Marilyn Sue, 61, 246 Hardin, Martha Lynn, 155, 278 Hardinger, Mae Louise, 223, 246 Harlan, Lucy Wulf, 323 Harlow, Lella Jeanette, 101, 177, 180, 298 Harmon, Eva Rae, 323 Harold, Margaret, 216 Harper, Dawn, 323 Harper, Shirley Ann, 323 Harrell, Mary Margaret, 189, 298 Harris, Betty Karen, 323 Harris, Delores Anne, 172, 278 Harris, Frances Maxine, 246 Harris, Gale Lee, 61, 102, 323 Harris, Kathleen, 112, 123, 178, 180, 323 1 Gohmert, Janice, 52 Goldsmith, Betty Ann, 322 Gonzales, Cecilia Carmen, 175, 297 Gonzalez, Alicia, 245 Gonzalez, Blanca Alicia, 297 Gonzalez, Dora Herminia, 297 Gonzalez, Imelda Aida, 245 Gonzalez, Josephine, 61, 102, 143, 312, 322 Gooch, Gwendolyn Ann, 170, 278 Gooch, Karen Kay, 322 Gooch, Nona Rae, 322 Good, Jo Ann, 322 Free, Mrs. Esther W., 52 Free, Patsy Anne, 321 Freeley, Joanna, 192 Friel, Lana Mary, 321 Frnka, Shirley Ann, 63, 174, 205, 215 Fry, Willie Ruth, 244 Fudge, Juanita Hope, 56, 57, 244 Furgason, Jo Ann, 321 G Gallardo, Jesusa Raquel, 321 Galvan, Corine Alicia, 278 Garcia, Garcia, Adele Noela, 322 Christina, 183 Garcia, Eunice Margot, 183, 278 Garcia, Genoveva, 321 garcia, Irene, 321 arcia, Maria Cristina, 244 Garci-a, Marlene Orta, 103, 124, 176, 221, 244 Garcia, Sylvia Gloria, 174, 185, 297 Garcia, Viola, 278 Garman, Lawanda Joyce, 322 Garza, Edna Iris, 297 Garza, Josefina, 183 Garza, Melinda Irene, 297 GETS, Barbara Jane, 176, 191 Gates, Judith Royal, 322, 355 Gaulden, Walling Patricia, 178, 322 Goodnight, Barbara Ann, 158, 173, 278 Goodwin, Marilyn, 63, 115, 174, 206 Gould, Fern Virginia, 132, 147, 245 Gould, Helen, 52 Gower, Marilyn, 103 Graham, Mary Louise, 172, 245 Graves, Wanna Louise, 297 Gxgesn, Shirley Anne, 168, 177, 4 Greer, Michael Yvonne, 322 Gregg, Alice Irene, 322 Gregg, Leah Sue, 159, 322 Gregory, Mrs. Wanda, 340 Griaaell, Connie Xandra, 322 Griffin, Helga Ilsa, 297 Griffin, Rosalind, 322 Grimmett, Rita Ann, 143, 225 Gigigvell, Roberta Ann, 156, 176, Grissom, Dea Elma, 298 Gross, Iva Helen, 298 Groth, Irmgard, 157. 245 Groth, Madelaine, 322 Grymes, Joyce Nadine, 298 Guelfi, Rebecca Scherer, 323 Guerran, Guadulupe Magdalena, 175, 298 Guibault, Helen Diane, 143, 278 Gunn, Diane Lee, 298 Guthrie, Judith Ann, 323 Guthrie, Mary Joyce, 40, 70, 163, 246 Gutierrez, Evelyn Margaret, 171, 298 Hart, Mary Elaine, 108, 171 Hatinger, Gaye Lenore, 60, 61, 86, 94, 101, 118, 177, 178, 143, 246 Hayes, Jerry Ann, 177, 298 Hayne, Myrtle Mae, 340 Hays, Carol Ann, 298 Haywood, Sheila Marie, 279 Hazlewood, Tina Beth, 323 Hearn, Frances Marie, 298 Hearn, Linda Sue, 323 Hedgecock, Nancy Lou, 279 Heesch, Betsy Theo, 63, 143, 323 Heimer, Helen Louise, 174, 298 Hejl, Frances Evelyn, 323 Held, Joan Christine, 298 Heller, Nancy Louise, 323 Helm, Frances Lee, 298 Helpert, Margaret Hattie, 143, 150, 176, 190, 247 Hemby, Carolyn Claudine, 323 Hemmi, Charlene Catherine, 183 Hemphill, Martha Lee, 323 Hggglerson, Marlene Illona, 180, Henderson, Noreta, 222 Hggglerson, Susan Dixon, 279, Henry, Barbara Lynn, 324 Henson, Marilyn Ruth, 63, 122, 123, 324, 348 Heppner, Julia Ann, 298 Hermes, Jane Wyatt, 324, 354 Hernandez, Lydia, 324 Hernandez, Mary Frances, 324 Hernsberger, Suzanne, 324 Herrera, Mirthila, 279 Hervey, Hollace Lynn, 159, 279 Hewett, Jacqueline Estelle, 172, 178, 279 Hewitt, Nancy Ann, 171, 221, 298 Hibbetts, Catherine Marie, 137, 143, 298 Hicks, Mrs. Sherron Matthew, 247 Hiett, Margaret, 279 Higdon, Sue Nell, 324 I-Iigginbotham, Delores, 324, 348 Hizgllitfill, Mary Katherine, 143, Hill, Janice Eleanor, 64, 161, 174, 180, 247 Hill, Martha, 217, 247 Hill, Mary Hughes, 324 Hill, Roxie Dean, 324 Hill, Suzanne, 71, 299 Hinds, Carol Brandt, 61, 143, 173, 217 Hinkle, Mrs. Kenneth, 52 Hinojosa, Aracelia Rafaela, 299 Hinson, Patricia Ann, 299 Hinton, Mary Faye, 226, 247 Hinton, Nancy Gail, 127, 299, 349 Hoagland, Anne Janine, 324 Hobdy, Donna Jean, 62, 69, 71, 121, 154, 164, 173, 215, 279 Hodges, Gloria Faith, 52 Hodges, Sandra, 52 Hoeflick, Carolyn Dee, 324 Hoeft, Barbara Ann, 153, 178, 194, 299 Hofer, Patience Ann, 178, 299 Hogue, Meta Christine, 299 Holcomb, Lillian Annette, 324 Holcomb, Marjorie Ann Cooper, 177, 247 Holcomb, Mary Francis, 324 Hollingsworth, Linda Luan, 324 Hollis, Mrs. Beulah, 53 Honig, Nancy Susan, 117, 247 Hood, Patricia Junean, 247 Hood, Sarah Lee, 66, 143, 171, 184, 218, 299 Hgogcer, Rachael Ann, 143, 168, 1 Hooper, Marilyn Sue, 183, 324 Hoots, Donna Gail, 324 Hopkins, Mari Leon, 172, 279 Hopper, Marilyn, 178 Horn, Judith Mai, 299 Horton, Sarah Medford, 248 Horton, Sylvia Ann, 299 Hough, Charlotte Jean, 299 House, Glenda, 279 Houston, Jimmie Gayle, 183, 324 Howard, Melba Francine, 178 Howard, Patricia, 324 Howard, Rosemary, 123, 324 Howe, Beverly, 248 Howle, Bettye Lee, 143, 216, 299 Hsiu, Chun-Li, 53 Huang, Lena Lee, 53 Hubenak, Mary Ann, 65, 166, 170, 279 Huckert, Mary Kathrine, 299 Hudson, Deloris Kay, 324 Huff, Mrs. Gladys Monroe, 248 Huffman, Doris Jean, 299 Huglphris, Loula Jeannette, 178, 3 Huneycutt, Janice Lynn, 177, 279 Huth, Barbarine Rena, 183, 324 Huxham, Martha Helen, 183, 197, 299 I Inmon, Nancy Jane, 150, 176, 279 Ivey, Cynthia Ann, 325 Ivey, Mary Alice, 178, 279 Ivey, Sallie Elizabeth, 325 Ivy, Bobbie Jo, 325 Ivy, Edith Melinda, 356, 379 I Jackson, Barbara Carol, 248 Jackson, Carolyn Jane, 160, 174, 176, 248, 276 Jackson, Pat, 197 Jaeger, Judith Ann, 325 Jagoda, Judy Ann Frances, 325 Jameson, Rebecca Sue, -325 Janeway, Elizabeth Ann, 71, 325 Jaynes, Leila Jane, 216, 299 Jeanes, Mrs. Donna Kay, 248 Jeanes, Mrs. Mary Erla, 248 Jenkins, Nancy Jean, 170, 248 Jessup, Carrie, 121, 176, 279 Jeter, Gloria Deane, 325 Jemison, Margaret Julis, 299 Jimenez, Elena Maibel, 160, 164, 165, 249 Jimenez, Marie Esther, 127, 177, 216, 299 Johnsen, Harriet Kief, 325 Johnson, Anita Earl, 325 Johnson, Bennie Loir, 178, 325 Johnson, Emma Kristine, 299 Johnson, Harriet, 180 Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso n, Judith Lee, 325 n, Juliannah, 299 n, Jessie Carlanne, 279 n, Myrna LaRue, 163, 249 n Synneva Ann, 325 Johnston, Elaine, 325 Johnston, Georgia Faye, 279 Johnston, Joan Louise, 325 Jones, Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, Belva Ann, 187, 280 Billie Louise, 325 Carol Lea, 177, 299 Cornelia Elizabeth, 300 Harriet, 177, 178, 280 Jones, Jacqueline, 167, 170, 249 Jones, Jimme Flow, 340 Jones, Nona Evelyn, 325 Jones, Patricia Ann, 300 Jones, Phyllis Sue, 300 Jones, Paula Faye, 249 Jones, Janice Jacqueline, 67, 84 Jordan, Jo Diane, 325 Jordan, Joan Lynn, 300 Jordan, Martha Ann, 143, 147, 300 Jordan, Martha Kate, 151, 176, 180, 249 Jose, Alice Ruth, 300 Jumper, Mary Ann, 300 Justiss, Linda Lou, 325 Kachti Kane, 155, Karle, Kawaz K k, Catherine Georgia, 325 Kathryn Eileen, 65, 108, 163, 164, 189, 280 Elayne Ann, 325 oe, Janet Toshiko, 325 Kays, Ruby Ola, 341 Keaton, Ruth Anne, 249 Keepers, Andrea May, 325 Keith, 143, Keller, Kelly, Kelly, Kemp, Jeri Kay, 63, 106, 116, 280 Helen Constance, 300 Judith Colleen, 325 Rila Jeane, 183, 326 Janell, 326, Kemp, Mary Elizabeth, 280 Kent, Betty Dell, 326 Kern, Mrs. Cordula Kay, 53 Kerr, Jo Ann, 326 Kettler, Marilyn Ann, 326 Key, Frankie Carlene, 249 Kiker, 300 Lynda Nell, 177, 193, 218, Killeen, Maureen Cecilia, 326 Killeen, O'Rena Cosmas, 97, 120, 121, 171 Kimrey, Nancy Clare, 326 Kincaid, Shirley Elaine, 326 King, Gale Louise, 151, 178, 300 King, Mary Louise, 326 King, King, 143, Patsy Jeannette, 326 Thetis Ann, 63, 133, 140, 166, 173, 249 Kinter, Roberta Frances, 326 Kirkpatrick, Carolyn C., 187, 250 Kirkpatrick, Juliet Gene, 326 Kirkpatrick, Kathryn Wade 174, Kirkse Kittrel 250 Knife, 280 y, Mary Nell, 326 l, Virginia Ann, 87, 226 Carol Sue, 143, 280 Knight, Dorothy Frances, 250 Knopp, Shirlene Ann, 174, 300 Ko, Bok Nim, 250 Koenig, Lucy Jill, 300 Kohler, Barbara Mae, 223 Kojis, Cecilia Caroline, 176, 250 I r INDEX Kokernot, Karol Ann, 120, 121, 173, 280 Kolar, Bernadette Joan, 326 Kolar, Claudia Marie, 66, 172, 220, 300 Kolar, Gladys Jane, 326 Koonce, Wanda Lea, 171, 216 Koscielny, Margaret Elizabeth, 326 Kost, Nancy Catherine, 161, 174, 250 Kramer, Carolee, 326 Kruske, Mary Ann, 88, 109, 173, 2 0 Keuhn, Ruth Louise, 143, 159, 326 Kyser, Marilyn Jean, 280 L Labruzzo, Mrs. Gladys, 337 Lachnitt, Arlene Helen, 326 Lacy, Faye, 280 Lallande, Katherine Aline, 326 Lamb, Shirley Virginia, 326 Lamberth, Barbara Ann, 280 Lancaster, Donna Florene, 326 Land, Helen, 53 Landes, Jane Carol, 326 Landon, Lynnda Ann, 221 Larggry, Frances Imogene, 178, 3 Lane, Phyllis Oneida, 70, 143, 154, 173, 178, 219, 300 Lang, Theresa Ann, 143, 180, 327 Langewisch, Carolyn Diane, 327 Langford, Glenda, 300 Lark, Linda, 186, 327 Latimer, Janice Marie. 183, 327 Latta, Barbara Kay, 300 Lawson, Joyce Marie, 61, 62, 81, 124, 251 Leavitt, Mrs. June, 341 LeBleu, Mary Elizabeth, 60, 61, 101, 111,121,143, 117,280 Lee, Lynda Jane, 327 Lee, Shari Gale, 327 Lee, Vanita Joye, 160. 280 Leister, Ellen Jane, 108, 121, 135, 143, 169, 173, 185, 215. 280 Leister, Sarah Lynn, 327 Lenderman, Janis Kaye, 327 Lenderman, Rosemary, 180, 327 Lennon, Salley Eileen, 300 Lester, Sarah Porter, 78, 163, 173, 251 Levesque. Mary Anne, 121, 162, 172, 280 Lewis, Betty Louise, 327 Lavggs, Betty Jean, 63, 152, 171, 1 62, Lewis, Carolyn Roberta, 16, 170, 184, 215, 251 Lewis, Elaine, 206 Lewis, Marilyn Kay, 127, 171 Shirlee Irene, 153, 177, Lewis, 178, 194, 280 Lightfoot, Jimme Franc, 61, 64, 67, 79, 117, 140, 177, 251 Liles, Alyce Ann, 143, 300 Linberg, Bettie Marie, 176. 251 Lindberg, Melba Lucille, 327 Lindley, Linda Sammye, 327 Linn, Leejota Ann, 171, 300 Linn. Mary Ann, 300 Linville, Carole, 170. 280 Lipford, Mary Ann, 327 Lisano, Gloria Faye, 251 Little, Anna James, 327 Little, Joan Carol, 183,327 Little, Lena LaVonne, 300 Littrell, Melissa Anne, 171, 280 Liv, Ke Ru, 53 Lloyd, Betty Jane, 327 Lobaugh, Jo Ann, 327 Locke, Billie Jean, 166, 174 Locke, Mary Ellen, 251 Lockridge, Jean, 180 Long, Martharene, 327 Logs, Myra Lynn, '71, 327, 356, Longoria, Guillermina C., 170, 251 Loomis, Mildred Elizabeth, 327 Lopez, Alma Angelina, 178, 301 Lopez, Myrna, 281 Lorenzana, Lilia S., 252 Lothridge, Iva, 327 Lovejoy, Laura, 342 Low, Theda Nell, 222 Lozano, Andriana, 175, 281 Lozano, Bertha Louise, 252 Lucas, Peggy, 252 Lucas, Sandra Mary, 327 Ludden, Bessie, 281 Luno, Esculastica, 183 Lunceford, Marilyn Yvonne, 281 Luttrell, Nancy Lynn, 183, 327 Mc McAnally, Margaret Joan, 327 McBroom, Freda Ann, 328 McCall, Patricia Irene, 63, 143, 173, 301 McCas1and, Deanna Beth, 220, 301 McClain, Eileen, 183 McClure, Mrs. Beverly Ann, 171, 281 McCreary, Ideres, 342 McCutcheon, Sallie Lorena, 63, 208, 301 McDonald, Arleen Ann, 281 McDonald, Doris Jill. 252 Mcgonald, Evelyn, 98, 116, 159, Mg?onald, Florence Elizabeth, McDonald, Jehnny Gay, 328 Mary Jane, 70, 71, McDonald, 73, 104, 173, 218, 301 McGiboney, Charlotte Zell, 301 McGinnis, Mrs, Phyllis Ann, 252 Mggulf, Molly Elva, 143, 174, 1 McHugh. Patricia Ann, 328 McKay, Rita Kim, 281 McKinney, Sandra Gail, 328 McKnight, Patricia Ann, 328 McLain, Mary Nell, 178, 301 McMillen, Helen, 53 McNamara, Sondra Ann, 328 McNeel, Melissa Louise, 328 McNeill, Catherine Anne, 224 McShane, Dorothy Priscilla. 252 McWhorter, Willie Faye, 281 MacKenzie, Judith Evelyn, 281 M Madden, Sandra Kaye, 340 Magee, Carol Lynn, 328 Maggio, Theresa A., 53 Maldonado, Adriana, 143, 185, 220, 301 Maldonado, Elvira, 328 Maldonado, Nani, 67 Malm, Ruth Lanelle. 301 Mggine, Marjorie Bessie, 176, MgL3Beck, Waltrud Hildegard, Mangham, Eva, 252 Manis, Bonita, 301 Mann. Sharon LaVorne, 143 .Manvillc. Shirlee Ann. 188, 301 Mapel, Mrs. Jane Rankin, 178 Marin, Beatrice Moncivais, 301 Marion. Elva Mae, 341 Mark, Mrs. Eva Hatch, 24 Marlow, Shirley Frances, 328 Marquez. Maria Concepcion, 162, 180. 301 1 Marren, Wollene. 159 Marroquin, Noemi Christina, 328 Marshall, Martha Pauline, 114, 158. 161, 252 Marshall. Pauline Dixon, 253 Martin, Jane Merle. 328 Martin, Lou Ann, 224. 281 Martin, Mary Ann. 328 Martin, Myrna, 328 Martin, Sarah Ann, 178, 328 Martin, Terza Magdalena, 281 Martinez, Diana, 328 Martinez, Estela Sanchez, 328 Magtinez, Francisca, 155, 222, 2 3 Martinez, Maria Eudalia, 253, 281 Martinez, Thelma, 281 Massie, Judith Nance, 328 Mast, Jane Elizabeth, 53 . Masters, Sylvia Agatha, 16, 175, 178, 281 Matteck, Linda Rhea, 328 Matthys, Cynthia Kay, 143 Max, Sheila, 328 218, 301 Maxwell, Josephine, 172, 301 Maxwell, Susan, 61, 67, 105, 140, 171, 253 May, Elizabeth Faye, 328 Mayer, Hannelore Hannah, 328 Mays, Denise Deering, 253 Mays, Frances Alice, 328, 358 Mays, Frances, 183 Mayes, Mary Jane, 158, 167, 253 Mayo, Sylvia May, 301 Meade, Mary George, 329 Means, Norma Jane, 178, 329 Medford, Nora Aline, 329 Meeks, Nancy Ann, 281 Melass, Sandra Lynn, 301 Melton, Patricia Lee, 329 Melton, Rubynelle, 301 Melton, Virginia Sue, 329 Mendoza, Patricia Alicia, 329 Mengert, Anne Katharine, 63, 281 Merka, Gladys Marie, 65, 191, 301 Merritt, Janice Lee, 301 Meyer, Elaine A., 329 Meyer, Martha Ann, 329 Meyer, Sienna Marie, 329 Meyers, Helen, 65, 159 Meza, Elena, 281 Miears, Bobbie Sue, 329 Miller, Dixie Joe, 170, 282 Miller, Marni Temple, 99, 151, 172, 200, 282 Miller, Odessa, 342 Mills, Marvilyn Ann, 329 Minahan, Sue Prentiss, 329 Ming, Sue, 183, 329 Minger, Sandra Carroll, 63, 91, 152, 173, 282 Minkin, Judith Ann, 88, 103, 163, 174, 180, 253 Mitchell, Ann Carol, 220, 302 Mitchell, Jenny Lee, 329 Mitchell, Katherine Ann, 329 Mitchell, Lorraine, 342 Mitchell, Mary Catherine, 302 Mizzell, Patricia June, 183, 329 Molina, Inocencia, 282 Molina, Sylvia Ramona, 329 Mong, Marilyn Rae, 173, 253 Monroe, Harriett Alma, 170 Monroe, Mary Martha, 61, 97, 115, 120, 173, 210, 272, 282, 352 Montagna, Christine Marie, 329 Montalvo, Elvira, 185, 282 Montes, Guillermina Elena, 329 Montgomery, Carol Lee, 329 Monggomery, Penelope Sandra, 30 Moody, Helen Rowan, 329 Moody, Joyce Ann, 180, 188, 254 Moody, Rowan, 180 Moon, Janice June, 329 Moore, Anita June, 329 Moore, Elizabeth Estelle, 63, 124, 173, 254 Moore, Elizabeth Llewellyn, 183, 329 Moore, Margaret Lou, 302 Moore, Margaret Sue, 330 Moore, Marilyn Sue, 282 Moorer, Dora Sue, 302 Morales, Maria Olga, 254 Morales, Sagario, 183 Maxwell, Ann Rosser, 143, 171, 228, Posey, Susan Ellen, 332 Moran, Elizabeth Virginia, 126, 302 , Morgan, Cleo, 187 Morgan, Kathryn Marie, 282 Morganthall, Carolyn Ruth, 330 Morin, Rae Jeanine, 170, 254 Morris, Betty Carol, 183 Morris, Betty Lynn, 330 Morris, Mariwyn, 177, 302 Morrison, Olivia Anne, 61, 102, 330 . Morton, Joyrene, 61, 103, 115, 151, 174, 215, 282, 352, 353 Morua, Josie, 127, 217 Morva, Josie, 143, 282 Moser, Mederia Fern, 330 Moss, Carolyn Dale Moyers, Judith Ann, 330 Mueller, Mary Lou, 224, 302 Mullens, Lora Alice, 341 Mundell, Carol Ann, 143, 330 Munson, Jeanne Anne, 127, 302 Munson, Mona Ferelenae, 160, 188, 254 Murdock, Lynn Elizabeth, 330 Murphy, Mikell, 60, 61, 80, 94, 96, 111, 117, 118, 124, 128, 140, 171, 173, 200, 201, 254, 278 Murphy, Sharon, 62, 66, 127, 128, 173, 219, 302 Musgrave, Celia Mae, 222 udith Marie 33 Mycve, I , 0 Myers, Ann, 330 Mgfggs, Helen Lenore, 65, 177, Myers, Rose Marie, 61, 72, 76, 177, 214, 231, 254 N Nance, Agatha Lee, 143, 186, 330 Nanney, Robbie Gwen, 330, 358 Napier, Rita Gay, 102, 313, 330 Nash, Patsy Lanell, 330 Nattress, Joan Ann, 63 Neely, Margaret Ellen, 172, 302 Ngesse, Judith Kenworthy, 176, 4 Neighbors, Betty Jean, 302 Nelson, Annie Laura, 185, 330 Nelson, Patricia Ann, 330 Nelson, Virginia, 214 Newkirk, Martha Louise, 330 Newman, Barbara Sue, 282 Newsom, Lois Elizabeth, 330 Nickels, Carol Anne, 302 Nicholson, Joy Anne, 180, 330 Nickles, Penny, 180 Nicks, Sally Frances, 255 Nimmo, Dorthy Jane, 330 Nixon, Beverly Ann, 183, 330 Nixon, Sandra Elise, 330 Noack, Dorothy Ann, 282 Nolan, Susan Ann, 169 Norgaard, Elsa, 138, 143, 330 Nowak, Jo Ann, 282 Noyd, Loma Jeannette Thrash- er, 255 Nl1CklCS, Joanna Pauline, 178 330 Nunez, Margaret Jane, 174, 217, 302 Nunley, Patricia Gail, 302 O O'Bannon, Jo Ann, 282 Olggiikampf, Margo Irene, 216, O'Brien, Grace-Lynn, 174, 214, 255 O'Brien, Lillie Mae, 341 Ocker, Patricia Ann, 282 Odam, Agnes Lucille, 96, 115, 152,-171, 282 O Dell, Shirley Anne, 331 Odom, Mary Ann, 171, 255 Ogden, Nancy Jean, 302 Ogle, Rebecca Jeanette, 282 O'Gorman, Sharon Marie, 331 Odlham, Josephine, 331 Olguin, Sylvia, 331 INDEX Olivares, Enriqueta Maria, 122, 154, 331 Olivarez, Maria Louisa, 155, 302 Olive, Patsy Ann, 331 Olmon, Wynna Lou, 169, 255 Ortiz, Amparo Rodriquez, 225 Osborne, Ethel Elizabeth, 183, 331 Osborne, Kay Marie, 97, 120, 143, 210, 302 Osburn, Patricia Jean, 331 Overton, Barbara Jean, 71, 73, 154, 353 Owen, Mary Ann, 65, 176, 282 Ozan, Mary Catherine, 170, 187, 214, 255 P Padilla, Gloria, 331 Page, Donna Sherian, 331 Palmer, Helen, 53 Pang, Bettie, 171, 255 Pannell, Carol Ford, 343 Parchman, June Ilene, 331 Park, Karen Lee, 302 Parker, Audrey Gwynn, 331 Parker, Mable Adena, 303 Parker, Virginia Vee, 162 Parks, Carol, 256 Patella, Linda, 116 Patrick, Clara Eyvone, 331 Patterson, Ida Beth, 331 Patterson, Jane Ellen, 143, 162, 177, 178, 218, 303 Patterson, Patricia Elizabeth, 303 Pattison, Emma Jean, 331 Payne, Nona Mae, 183, 331 Payne, Sharon Gail, 178, 331 Paz, Leticia, 175, 283 Paz, Maria Aurora, 303 Pearson, Peggy Ann, 331 Peckham, Penne, 256 Peinhardt, Carolyn, 256 Pena, Sylvia Teresa, 283 Penick, Kathryn Ilene, 331 Penny, Joyce Marie, 331 Percifield, Emilie Sue, 143, 156, 168, 178, 283 Perea, Rosalie, 303 Perez, Belia, 283 Perkins, Cara Ruth, 256 Perkins, Sandra Sue, 102, 126, 143, 171, 303 Perkins, Mrs. Virginia Parker, 283 Perritt, Frances Elinor, 222, 303 Perry, Penelope Carol, 331 Perry, Wanda Sue, 143,' 144, 147, 176, 226, 256 Pcgsgn, Elizabeth Annette, 63. Petch, Margo Sue, 183, 331 Peters, Carole Anne, 331 Peterson, Helen Frances, 331 Petty, Rose Marie, 332 Peyton, Nancy Lou, 178, 256 Pfaff, Martha Lou, 332 Phillips, Dorothy Annette, 332 Phillips, Jacqueline Jean, 332 Phillips, Sandra Ellis, 303 Phillips, Sydna Carolyn, 100, 332 Phipps, Audrey Marie, 332 Pickel, Barbara Jonell, 214, 256 Pickel, Shirley Ann, 332 Pickens, Judy Lee, 332 Pier, Judith Claire, 143, 171, 219 Pierce, Donna Sue, 303 Pierot, Simona Ruth, 332 Pillow, Penelope Anna, 67, 143, 165, 174, 218, 303 Pippins, Jackie Ann, 257 Pitt, Barbara Jean, 283 Pitts, Charlot P., 134 Pitts, Tommye Lou, 156, 170, 303 ' Polinski, Judith Marie, 127, 303 Polivka, Charlene Joyce, 157, 183, 303 Pollard, Nancy Brock, 69, 71, 257 Ponce, Rosa Alicia, 176 Pondant, Patricia Ann, 66, 100, 165, 171, 303 Ponder, Geraldine, 197, 223 Porter, Janet, 180 Posezy, Shannon, 135, 143, 177, 28 Potts, Mary Alice, 332 Powell, Ophelia Jean, 73, 332 Powell, Patricia Clea, 332 Pratz, Sadonna Merrill, 332 Prestridge, Martha Ann, 332 Price, Charlene Marie, 283 Price, Gwenneth Lynn, 16, 283 Probst, Linda Eloise, 303 Prough, Judith Ann, 332 Pruett, Mary Merle, 332, 349 Pryor, Janice Louise, 332 Puddy, Sallie Lynn, 64, 120, 140, 143, 159, 173, 184, 283 Puente, Teresa, 183, 257 Putzka, Barbara Ann, 63, 115, 152, 176, 257 Pyle, Marsha Eugenia, 17, 61, 68, 71, 83, 169, 174, 257 Q Qualls, Beverly Janean, 303 Queseda, Frances, 283 Quillin, Glenna Mae, 109, 143, 157, 174, 257 R Ragsdale, Gloria Jean, 332 Rahe, Marlene Ruth, 166, 176, 257 Rainer, Olive Janet, 167 Rainey, Nadelle, 87, 224, 258 Ramer, Kitty Anne, 332 Ramirez, Ada, 332 Ramirez, Maria Elena, 175, 303 Ramirez, Martha Viola, 258 Ramirez, Sylvia Alice, 143, 175, 185, 223, 283 Ramirez, Teresa, 283 Ramos, Fameliza, 178, 332 Ramsey, Carol Ann, 332 Raney, Nevada Lee, 332 Raney, Thelma Mary, 341 Ransberger, Johnnie Jo, 333 Rape, Beverly Sue, 303 Ratcliff, Shirley Jean, 333, 349 Rawlins, Loretta Pearl, 341 Ray, Arlene, 283 Ray, Evelyn Marlene, 178 Ray, Judith, 258 Rebsch, Annette Lorraine, 224 Rebsch, Mary Adell, 258 Reed, Melba Sue, 258 Reese, Barbara Jean, 66, 99, 120, 121, 173, 283 Register, Patricia Elaine, 333 Reich, Florence Alma, 63, 171, 200, 283 Reid, Catherine Janis, 258 Reid, Rita Frances, 178, 303 Rembert, Sally Brent, 177, 193, 304 Resendez, Janie, 283 Revel, Ann Lee, 153, 258 Reyes, Martha Mary, 170, 258 Reyna, Alicia Olga, 283 Reynolds, Marilyn Elizabeth, 178, 304 Rhea, Margaret Ellen, 333 Rhodes, Shirley Ann. 333 Rice, Linda Celine, 61, 110, 143, 221, 304 Rig? Patricia Ann, 153, 166, 176, 9 Richardson, Barbara Jo, 333 Richardson, Evelyn Dolores, 170 Richardson, Evelyn Sue, 283 Richardson, Gwen Nell, 333 Richcreek, Suzanne Kathryn, 333 Richey, Sara Jane, 143, 170, 284 Richman, Peggy Jane, 304 Richmond, Suzanne, 304 Richmond, Mary Kathryn, 150, 259 Ricks, Mrs. Billie, 259 Rickter, Dorothy, 222, 284 Riddle, Mary Jane Edmonson, 304 Ridenour, Gail June, 333, 348 Riley, Patricia Ann, 333 Rios, Rita, 333 Ritchie, Wilma Lea, 284 Rivera, Frances, 333 Roberson, Sharon Elizabeth, 187, 333 Roberts, Annie Richardson, 341 Roberts Roberts , Beverly Ann, 333 Beverly Delores, 259 Robertsi Margaret Penelope, 214 Roberts, Mary Glenn, 127, 304 Roberts Roberts Roberts on, Annie, 342 on, Betty John, 304 on, Martha Sue, 333 Robinson, Eda Ann, 284 Robinson, Eunice Beth, 106, 142, 177, 217, 304 Robinson, Rebecca Pearce, 333 Robinson, Sonya Kaye, 284 Rocha, Maria Teresa, 183 Rochelle, Margery, 53 Roden, Sally Ann, 98, 116, 121, 173, 178, 203, 284, 350 Rodriguez, Alicia Alamia, 333 Rodriguez, Evangeline, 259 Rodriguez, Rosalinda, 284 Roeshot, Janice Alma, 333 Roessler, Cecilia Anna, 333 Rogers, Brenda Ellen, 333 Rogers, Rose Henderson, 163, 177, 259 Rogers, Marcia Diane, 284 Rompel, Merle, 304 Roper, Barbara Gene, 333 Roper, Beverly Reve, 143, 188, 304 Rosillo, Lydia, 259 Rothacker, Nancy, 333 Routt, Mrs. Helen B., 53 Row, Irene, 342 Rowland, Martha Jo, 139, 143, 333 Rowland, Mildred Lillian, 105, 106, 107, 137, 143, 145, 147, 177, 304 Rowley, Lucy Ann, 162, 173, 178, 219, 304 Ruback, Linda Ann, 334 Ruff, Diane Gay, 170 Ruhmann, Charlotte Ann, 224, 284 Runyan, Ronia Lavone, 334 Ruscoe, Jeanne Ellen, 304 Russell, Martha Anne, 284 Rust, Harriet, 127, 173, 219, 304 S Saenz, Loyda Elizabeth, 143, 223, 304 Salazar, Maria Dolores, 304 Saldana, Mary, 178, 284 Salinas, Diana Theresa, 143, 334 Salinas, Maria Margot, 259 Salzman, Louise Starr, 65, 334 Samet, Roberta Susan, 260 Samford, Emma Lee, 342 Sampson, Catherine Lowell, 334 Sanchez, Alice Olga, 334 Sanchez, Aurora, 176, 304 Sanchez, Estela, 201, 260 Sanchez, Lamar, 284 Sanders, Patsy Ann, 284 Sanford, Shirley Alice, 260 Santiago, Sylvia Teresa, 175, 190, 304 Santos, Magdalena I., 53 Santos, Olivia Margarita, 334 Savant, Jane Ann, 334 Schaaf, Lucy Kathren, 304 Schaal, Betty Martha, 334 Schaefer, Mary Lou, 305 Schara, Nancy Deanna, 334 Schmeltekopf, Dolores, 334 Schools, Evelyn Gresham, 63, 114, 260 Schreck, Mary Kathryn, 63, 200, 260 Schroeder, Frances Marie, 334 Schuette, Beverly Jo, 334 Schultz, Gloria Anita, 162, 284 Schultz, Hazel Olivia, 334 Schulz, Winifred Lee, 172, 187, 214, 260 Schwarz, Barbara Ann, 284 INDEX Smitgi, Jacqueline Frances, 71, 33 Smitgi, Louella Jean, 178, 180, 33 Smith, Lynn Elizabeth, 305 Smith, Marcia Jane, 184, 285 Smith, Mary Sue, 335 Smith, Nancy Catherine, 143, 218 Smith, Patricia Ann, 168, 174, 262 Smith, Shirley, 53 Smith Virginia Ann, 335 Taylor, Sara Margaret, 336 Taylor, Shelba Rae, 167, 177, 178, 180, 285 Teague, Ethel Lucille, 65, 336 Teague, Gillian, 208, 285 Templeton, Elva Joan, 158, 263, 354 Terry, Martha, 215, 285 Terry, Nina Elaine, 171 Thacker, Linda Rutledge, 336 Thaxton, Bonnie Welch, 223 Thetford, Charlotte Ann, 336 Schwedler, Sandra Sue, 334 Scifres, Sandra, 102, 105, 112, 129 143 Scott, Carol Anita, 224 Scott, Linda Jane, 284 Scott, Mrs. Mary Lois, 260 Sears,,Jonnye Mildred, 154, 334 Secrest, Mrs. Virginia S., 53 Seifres, Sandra Floris, 313, 334 Welch, Rebecca, 338 Seiler, Ann Marie, 334 Sell, Emma Elaine, 170, 284 Senter, Nancy Ann, 305 Settles, Sally Lee, 183, 334 Seward, Margaret Henriette, 178, 305 Seyer, Jackie Deloris, 334 Shanley, Judith Louise, 180, 305 Sharp, Hazel Joyce, 63, 152, 171, 208, 305 Shaver, Elizabeth Ann, 183, 305 Shaw, Loretta Cayle, 334 Shawhan, Marianne, 334 Shawn, Martha June, 177, 291, 305 Shawn, Rebecca Lee, 177, 285 Sheets, Karen, 305 Sheffield, Janice Marie, 305 Sheffield, Suzanne, 335 Shelton, Florence Natalena, 161, 163, 172, 260 Shelton, Mary Jane, 335 Shetgherd, Lorraine Myrtle, 102, 33 219, Sheppard, Juanita, 200, 201, 223, 261 Shields, Virginia Sue, 335 Shinn, Ruth Jeannette, 335 Shiver, Dorothy Ann, 335, 355 Shiver, Martha Lee, 261 Short, Mrs. Sylvia McAlister, 261 Shook, Mary Frances, 305 Shum, Dorothy Marie, 225 Shuman, Roberta Irene, 305 Shurbet, Lynda Lea, 305 Sibley, Betty, 335 Sierra, Irma Jacinta, 158, 170, 178, 285 Silker, Beth Marie, 225 Silvers, Mary Lynn, 285 Simmons, Carolyn Jane, 305 Simmons, Sandra Jo, 335 Sinclair, Betty Ann 72, 79, 151, 167, 174, 261 Singer, Laurel Ann, 335 Singleton, Barbara Jean, 285 Sinnwell, Dorothy Ann, 335 Sit, Rachel, 65, 105, 143, 166, 171, 261 Skiles, Betty Lou, 348 Skinner, Gladys Jane, 305 Slaughter, Linda Jo, 220, 261 Slayden, Janeil, 174, 184, 285 Smartt, Barbara Gail, 335 Smith, Anita Aliene, 224 Smith, Anita Carol, 335 Smith, Annie Laurie, 335 Smith, Beverly, 103, 143, 174, Snodgrass, Bonita D'Ann, 335 Snowden, Janice Anne, 262 Solinger, Kay Nell, 129 Soliz, Hilda, 305 Sommer, Cynthia Kaye, 305 Sonnen, Elizabeth Ann, 103, 104, 143, 219, 305 Sowder, Monna Lee, 285 Sparks, Maggie Jacqueline, 335 Specht, Katherine, 61, 103, 143, 177, 219, 305 Spencer, Ann Dale, 67, 127, 171, 305, 348 Spieckermann, Bonnie Sue, 335 Spradlin, Lynn, 285 Spradling, Rene Arlene, 305 Spratt, Margaret Janice, 262 Sprawls, Dorothy Evelyn, 262 Springer, Marilyn Gail, 335 Stack, Laurel Dorothy, 336 Staglik, Emma Jean, 336 Stansel, Susanne, 336 Stapleton, Linda Louise, 285 Starr, Patricia Eileen, 336 Steadman, Mary Margaret, 336 Steed, Sharon Elizabeth, 336 Steinbrunner, Carol Lee, 306 Steinert, Virginia Ann, 163, 171, 262 Stenger, Melinda Coralee, 336 Stephan, Janice Lydia, 336 Stephens, Linda Sue, 306 Stephenson, Martha Jean, 306 Stevens, Lee Ellen, 306 Stevens, Sally Sue, 178. 180, 336 Stewart, Margaret, 342 Stewart, Peggy Jean, 178, 221, 306 Stone, Martha Annette, 143 Stotts, Dorothy Gale, 336 Stout, Martha Sue, 262 Stratton, Mary Jo, 174, 220, 262 Stratton, Patricia Ann, 336 Strickland, Beverly Ann, 174, 222, 285 Stricklin, Soulah Joyce, 343 Stringer, Ruth Kathyleen, 172, 188, 262 Strnad, Michael Leann, 336 Strunk, Patricia Ann, 336 Strybos, Willifred Margaret, 174, 192, 216, 306 Stuckrath, Barbara Virginia, 306 Sugg, Janis Carolyn, 174, 180, 285 Sullivan, Annie Yvonne, 336 Surovik, Cynthia Ann, 263 Sutherland, Jennie Ester, 336 Swaim, Julia Lee, 306 Swartz, Barbara, 66, 176 T Taliaferro, Myrna May, 306 Tancre, Bonnie, 180 Tate, Shirley A., 183 Thiele, Joan Elizabeth, 159, 336 Thomas, Grace Dempster, 263 Thomas, Henri Gene, 336 Thomas, Shirley Beth, 178, 336 Thomas, Virginia Elizabeth, 336 Thrasher, Loma Jeannette, 263 Tidwell, Anne Margaret, 306 Tidwell, Mrs. Sue Wynne, 263 Tillery, Bobbie Joyce, 337 Timberlake, Marilynn Frances, 174, 188, 215, 286 Titus, Etha Sue, 165, 177, 219, 306 Tobin, Ann, 286 Tokoly, Mary Andree, 337 Tolbert, Rosslyn, 103, 136, 147, 177, 219, 306 Tolleson, Jean, 286 Tomberlain, Charlotte, 65, 125, 167, 264 215, 286, Tompkins, Ann, 173, 348 Torres, Carolina, 175, 286 Townsend, Lynnell, 165, 176, 220, 264 Townsend, Patricia Ann, 174, 286 Towgisend, Shirley Rebecca, 217, 30 Treadway, Bertha Mae, 53 Trept, Heidi Thea, 143, 177, 291, 306, 356 Trevino, Connie Mary, 337 Trevino, Eva, 183, 264 Trevino, Rose Marie, 337 Tripp, Peggy Maine, 337 Troppy, Mary Alice, 306 Trott, Donna Janell, 63, 67, 171, 193, 286 Tuxblgeville, Barbara Willie, 178, 3 Turner, Rosa Ruth, 215 Turpin, Bonnie Lu, 178, 337 Twitchell, Charlotte Louise, 176, 306 205, Twyman, Lucia Gaye, 143, 301 Tynes, Reba LaVoise, 341 Tyrone, Suzanne, 337 230, 261 Smith Beverly Sue, 61, 335 Smith Bobbie Beth, 335 Smith Carole Ann, 285 Smith, D. Lafaye, 335 Smith, Dixie Charlotte, 285 Glenda Sue, 143, 157, 176, Taylor Taylor Annette, 155, 162 Carol Ann, 263 Tay1or, Caroline Jane, 306, 358 Taylor Dorothy Elizabeth, 336 Taylor, Helen Annette, 306 Taylor, Marguerite Eugenia, 176 263 Taylor Mary Mikel, 61, 67, 78 118, 133, 140, 141, 143, 173 263 Taylor Rosalie, 285 1 1 U Underwood, Diane Ruth, 197 Upton, Laurel Elizabeth, 337 Uribe, Jovita de la Luz, 306 Utley, Enid Jane, 306 V Valenzuela, Elizabeth Sylvia, 143 Valera, Gloria May, 175, 223, 286 Vanlandingham, Linda Nanette, 178, 337 Vaughan, LuNelle, 307 Vavra, Janet Mary, 177, 195, 264 Vega, Cristina Rios, 155, 175, 264 Vega, Delia, 264 Vela, Mary Isabel, 307 Vernon, Sharon Sue, 150, 121, 174, 286 Vickers, Shirley Jean, 157, 167, 177, 180, 286 Vila, Mary, 216 Villazon, Barbara Ann, 337 Vinson, Patricia Ann, 337 Vyles, Sammie Louise, 172, 286 W Waddell, Lola Jane, 264, 354 Waddle, Linda Jean, 307 Wade, Dorothy Jean, 337 Wade, Mona, 222 Waggoner, Jacqueline Nell, 101, 139, 143, '180, 337 Waide, Mona Kay, 286 VValden, Gail, 124, 264 Walker, 307 Judith Gayle, 65, 176, Walker, Martha Ann, 173, 219, 307 Walker, Wincy Ann, 61, 94, 127, 173, 216, 307 Walker, Winifred Josephine, 337 Wall, Linda Lou, 337 Walla, Blanche Eileen, 190, 265 Wallace, Tommie Kay, 307 Wallace, Tommie Ruth, 225 Waller, Patsy Joyce, 337 Walters, Jane Allene, 98, 265 Walthall, Shirley Mae, 174, 186, 188, 217, 307 1 NValton, Corrie Kay, 341 Wanja, Margaret Mary, 178, 337 Ward, Gwendolyn Ruth, 153, 286 Ward, Hattie Maud, 337 Ward, Sandra Helen, 337 Warren, Anne Beale, 307 Warren, Rosamond Willene, 337 Wasson, Marie Alice, 177, 185, 221, 307 Watkins, Mrs. Sara Jo, 167 Watson, Barbara June, 337 Watson, Betty Mae, 192, 337 Watson, Doreen, 337 Watson, Geda Joallene, 337 Wattermark, Glennis Maxine, 338 Watts, Sondra Sue, 143, 265 Waugh, Elizabeth Ann, 307 Waybourn, Barbara Jo, 307 ' Weatherly, Burke Louise, 41, 265 Weatherly, Mary Frances, 63, 102, 171, 307 Weathers, Marilyn Ann, 61, 162, 163, 173, 265 Weaver, Josephine, 307 Webb, Barbara Ann, 338 Webb, Gail Bavelle, 338 Webb, Maureen Donata, 338 Webster, Amy Ruth, 286 Webster, Joan, 90, 159, 265 Weigel, Carolyn Wright, 265 Weinel, Madelyn Mae, 156 Weinel, Marilyn Marge, 156 Weisgerber, June Katherine, 178 307 Wheat, Susan Lee, 265 White, Caryl Ann, 70, 161, 163, 266 White, Gladys Marlene, 338 White, Janelle, 307 White, Martha Ann, 126, 137, 143, 307 White, Mary Jane, 338 Whited, Frances Yoder, 266 White'side, 'Virginia Deanna, 63, 121, 177, 200, 286 7 Whitesides, Mary Ellen, 338 Whitfield, Viola' Jane, 338 Wiederhold, Linda Joyce, 178, 338 Wiggins, Jonnie Elizabeth, 307 Wilcox, Katherine Elizabeth 338 Williams , Alma, 108, 196 Williams, Annette, 99, 171, 286 ' Williams Williams , Annie Nettie, 338 Billie Jean, gs, 143 171, isis, 307 NVilliams, Carolyn Eleanor, 338 Williams, Edna Ann, 338 1 9 Williams, Margaret Jeanette, 64, 117, 159, 214, 266 Williams, Mary Nell, 174, 178, 307 Williams, Paula Verline, 338 Williams, Ruth, 338 Williams, Sandra Laurine, 108, 338 Williams, Shirley Marie, 166, 266 Wilson, Ann Bentley, 160, 172, 308 Wilson, Carolyn, 286 Wilson, Evelina Martin, 40, 103, 143, 177, 221, 308 Wilson, Mrs. Irene, 341 Wilson, Joan, 266 INDEX Wilson, Mary, 358 Wilson, Nelva Ann, 180, 266 Wilson, Patricia Ann, 158, 167, 184, 266 Wilson, Peggy Ann, 97, 101, 125, 266 Wilson, Peggy Jo, 308 Wilson, Ruth Mary, 338 Wimberley, Phyllis Ann, 338 Wing, Annetta LaGene, 267 Wing, Peggy Ruth, 286 Winkle, Alice Ann, 83, 165, 176, 267 Winn, Mary Elizabeth, 172, 226, 267 Wisdom, Grace Carolyn, 338 Wittenmyer, Mrs. Mary Oleta 53 Wolverton, Mary Ruth, 61, 220, 308 Womble, Marguerite Suzanne 267 Wong, Lana Nuey, 338 Wood, Willa Jane, 101, 338 Woolard, Marian, 103, 177, 287 Wooton, Josephine Ann, 61, 65, 89, 108, 173, 192, 267 Worthy, Glenda Carol, 339 Wright, Carol Lynn, 308 Wright, Charlotte Jane, 339 Wright, Charra Martha, 339, 348 Wunsch, Ella Ann, 267 1 1 Y Yandell, Kathryn Maudine, 17 120, 121, 171,287 Yoakley, Barbara Ann, 339 York, Brooka Fern, 178, 339 Young, Daphne Marie, 341 Young, Fay Louise, 225 Young, Greta, 339 Z Zahn, Ella Jo, 308 Zahrt, Kathleen W., 123, 339 Zamora, Rose Alma, 287 Zerkle, Susan Kaye, 339 Zindermanis, Daigone, 339 aww Qpvgggogj ggbi,-2Q.ft,J' , l - 1, 'L rpg M, 'Mp Ufmeew Lww , MSU' ,Luca J.,-ala Jbeaaff-1'-fvfwffcfo' . ,5.x.s.sS-S-f Q-5622-'-, J G-AA-65 P9 , : , S VrrufGofuJl'.ffL,o.J L0-:Cf J5,,,..s. .ro-Au Q I Q9 ' JXHN, ,e..s,s.:-AJ Q4 "' ' , y.,,y.a.SQ-3 353' Q Q9 9:5 ,pQ.e.p... 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Suggestions in the Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) collection:

Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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