Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX)

 - Class of 1954

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Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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5 j L jf, , ' ,,. ai, Hr T ' 15 'Q Q .5 I gf a.",'l I 5 'wi Q, 7' J I Va A , .I h ' 'g . 53 f . v ' 11 f wig C . Rf 'H THE STAFF JUNE HAZLIP .v.,v,,.M...,, ..,,, ,. Editor-in-Chief PAT BRYAN ....A A. , A. A. ,.. .,.,,.., Art Edztor BEVERLY DRAWE ..... , .....Q A Business Manager AND SENIOR CLASS OF TEXAS STATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN DENTON, TEXAS present the . . FIFTY FOUR D i , y Forward Last year 'PSCW celebrated its Golden Anniversary and 50 years of progress. With half a century lmehind, a new era has opened up. As the school huilt in the beginning toward the goal of hecoming a great college, it now builds toward the goal of becoming a great university for women. It picks up speed as its wheels turn, slowly at first but lxefore long going at top speed. As it is with the college, so it is for each class and each individual always going for- ward just a little faster and making just a little more progress. As our theme this year, we, too, choose to go forward . . . with the wheels of progress. So come along with us . . . and we hope you enjoy the ride! Table of Contents Buildings . r g rggg 4 Administration and Faculty Departments r All College A so Classes ,,,... Seniors Juniors - Sophomores Freshmen ,rrl,r, Personalities ..r,rrrr, Who's Who rr,rrr Beauties - ...r ..rrr, Organizations e Special Interest .r,,rrrr Activities ,rrr.rrr.., Features Index .rrr Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page X M' Q 'ff Four years ago an unusual freshman arrived on the campus. This freshman with strength, vision, foresight, and a determination to build a great univer- sity for women rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Under his capable leadership TSCW has begun a climb that can only end at the top of the ladder. To this 'Gfreshmanf' 21 senior now, we dedicate the DAEDALIAN 154. PRESIDENT JOHN A. GUINN 1 H tilfls We See Him . . . TEXALSVSTATE COLLEGE FOR WOMEN o DENTON, TEXAS 'ul 'xrtslmtxr 18 DGCEIIIIJGI' 1953 To the Class of 19543 The loyalties characteristic of all associations at the Texas State College for Women are admirably typified by the spirit of unity with which you have emerged from the memo- rable experiences of your undergraduate life at our beloved institution. My salute to you as a graduating class is tinged with special affection because you and I began our careers at TSCW simultaneously in the fall of 1950. In retrospect I see in many significant institutional ad- vances during the past four years abundant evidence of your own contribution to the greatness of your alma mater. For myself no less than for the faculty and staffs of the College I want to thank you for understanding, for very real help, for inspiration. TSCW will depend upon continued support and undiminished loyalties from the Class of 1954. Sincerely yours , H .feng A. Quinn President JAG:vmt 4 '0h,n0... not another problem!" w li Ln. ff. J M, As J.-s it nt we do it lf ee . pruhleln solved . . , next . . .lu this w 77 ay . . . Hmm. yes. that COULD be a solution . . .ll 5 gm 1 'NM- 2 f i fp f M ig lb.. '15 . lk, ws 5 Q 1 X r 5 Fl .N 35 jim Y. F Y xi 4 Q15 3- YQ if, R if 'I tvs. .Ml 'M 4' 4 I ,k 5 1 u Qffvfgg ,553 1. ,pf-K W' 3 Q Bi Esl- 1 , ,.,,1 .1- 511 , ., 4. ,, M ,1 ' I L,:. .W 1 MQM , , M wg ' 53, 3. we it ii 29, Rf 5 lpv. 4. 0 B: '11 s g 2 f - Q K X '-": L, A ,r .1 U Q: Sal, My .5 V. QW wif, A Us N Wg: , M , fin ,mf ' mm. 'rf 1 A 1 M , - f I 4 W 355 'f L M . ,il Vi In s A -, me -f. , 1 A A' L x I V ' ' . .sw 1-Q , 3 A ,,za,,:5.w ,Y A, Q . ' F S- -Ka, k fi a L E L V! Wk fmpfsx , ,E ,fin-VL M 4 fu, A I , w Q 43 . A I W ' A . ,Q . 35, sw ir 9 . , V , : , V 5 1 4 ff 'T , J I ,ri V l WJ - f . A 7 z 2 . Q ' .ff ' 13, ,. M I V Q f'5'f'?' Qzfgfwg lg wig?-?.i.. 'W y Tiff' ,,, J M My - WW ,my.Vf.,.-, .?,M,M.w zu - -ww? xv-wgfirzwf' ' 1251233 3 N X ff Q' -f , . Y as u ,ggi if Q 'id x 15: f :ew ' 3 HI .., . L, aw! K ,V . . A kppgnm,-.1,, I P M, , Q, 4 fi 5' 1 xgv vm A' L " wk gf f -,W W A 'WEEE 35222 Wir 4 i . wr-1+ . K 6 . 5 wma - was 4.14, -, , fm XM ...LM -i nf YQ, txgt ....q ww H V,,,v,, ,,. . ' '37 ' A J A I ' A -wg .,+-wffgpw -A , I fn-KW1Q,s.Jwiit' V igiiilw ' ' A ' Yi , - fieglxizjf I ' E .f 21fi1'ilTPLf,1,,1 T ,, gg ,mg 5 . - . , Z gag ' , 'Q f 2' - 5 '29'f:Zf'Taer1i?:'f: WY, V , i 'mq - v , - 1 . - ,mW33j:,:,:.,i.Q:x: ,L . V '-r'rwXf"K'T'T'fL:k1s,W my JL' , ff ,..,,v-.13eW,4M,.,, ,WM If ' - 'iwwbmsfgtifiiiiiiyf 3 -- q fCI.L3fff3?Ll19Mf1Z' "K :QF . gifirii-ff"i'f?V'f.fTfxQ .,..gZ, " y "Sf jqixvijg We-?f?gzigig4.g,. -. , ,il ,, ,,,,, V I W 'Z ' f..,'l - 6 E A l 5 1? ig A, if - . 'SI , A ' If -,--,..+,w Q 5 QM f L, an we it E ,aff , f f Q fgw - Sie ,gg-i?4:f 1 5 1 1 fa I mg ' Q --.Wm Q 5 K , m, Qg..,,A "M M "' in 1 K A Vid f if 4 ,nw 4. .. , Wm .M V wa if Q W1 1" ff M ak N 11' Am' K fm , g iq Q ' -f2Q E 4 3 3 A -,". .K 451 .:'.'k A 2 if .q E kdm Qing. 5459 Yfhr 'Q ,. . . iw Q ' i 3 ii ai. W , 5 4 ., Q? J im Q Yi 5 . Q3 N , A A fag uk xxssiff ,A -1 iv Q1 J' Y, fx? f ,lf 0 Q WI, 'lfygg 'fr E ..-5 ww, f', A, 2 l l if . X Q. f:V A E5 Es ra! Ill Ill Al ll ll I 1.1 ,lim .Mm ..,, . ,, A .11 Mm, . A ' -M 33' 'N' 'wwf-.W il-7'3.?':'K?57" F12 ' -VI"f--W Q. ffl. fu'-2V'NlGQ7Qii1iQM wggg' -Q --"'...-f,f-fjg:-.,,--3 3 1,-Me: :V QW VVV- es3TsQv?e QMwwwmNq.ffi5i V V H . , 1 "--- Nfzglxh V-y.l.:.- 3 .. W: ff?-fag.k New and old . . . the new Co ege of Houselw ml ?fi+u4el,.Q1,gTw M W f V. Qjgf' T Arts und Scicllces and lllc old Home ECOllUIllll'S -..,,' Vw . 5-5y1.'I,:gp YM -we 1,5 fi .. ,,M"'-,JV , , . Y . , , 1 V , ,,V5"'.g'-4' QTL:-"'.." X -+V MW wr' Bmlllmg. Wl1lCll now houses Occupational lllel- L- ' ' A ,Q "' .,. ""v, , 31fz'Z" n-.,,,,1..?wz ....,tA -.W V -..... M.. hu.. -........,-.- 5 1 55 2: T --......, " -Q: :Q EJ. -J Y ..- V Nw:- apy and I'CSt'ilI'Cll projects. A mats LWDWD ,"' 1 -V N-...W VV, fx," W WN- MM., , fi J.: iwfrt.. -1- ..7V- .vm gm - 41. .Wy-Q--.,,, M "" V , . ' V - - .M N ,.: ., 'V'-S: V A f :V fp .. 'VV . ,M ---....,, M WL-T.. w.::,gw.. 5 3 "'C."'m-u V.. 'K ,W -M. ,, , ."H1lu.1.."" was ?-3292 M ?"':..,' ---231 V L. ,W A " --A-. , 1'-5 M2f:'.,:w51f: Q N - V A 3' ""-.H V P ...:,,,V - ,f n :gf V A. A 'rp Vu- 1- :dc fA :M-.... V- M Y -V V 77 gr X' -W V", -N-fw .. ,,, L, -..Wx 2 A VS....., an , ., ..,. ..-Ml Mui I nf" SZLFQI 'rl ' 'X Q' M 124. Vuf,QQ" Rza -L P M,-5,1..,,' M' .QV . - aww 4523 X23 5-25? gwzm. 'Vf A' z, L L ' V 1.1. rf Q :fm-"T V-W IV.. 51g...Q,2Q JMS """"' 3'-.fm V:-.1 132 Q wif: V ' sl:-V if. V. l Q r-Wg 5,-N x.:-'ig s..-"iffy, ,., 7'7ffZT."::'- in :sa --f'f.fu.V:-V .W-mg-'nzagpi -W-.T:',."T.:'r--..77::,-3-W-'i ?I'Wf'5""'n4 +2 :wfm -'rim VV V H'f"- -V ..-iw M4---.- L 5-mn.. 7,52 Q., gpw' Q. ' 1- ,t,,,.,g- ,, Ff 1- ' Fm -k'.K-"3 ' --:T-K 02- SZ." MTL-'Akita mf 'I 4 . vm furry-,L l -"1 an-4 . 'Fila X- ' 1 X 1--M ,ff 1 Wmwm 1 I N,-....,.,,,-.-v--1.... 3-.... p-"'-E.'1f:f1'.,:'f.?'.'?f x 3f..?":vf.:'?,1'3u'm-Vq.-L"5g---.."-,:,-,.-.... .. W -.,M....... d....:'g4-:-V- V "z, :Q-...:,:'Q1?P.?.....' .V .,,......., A 3-3353. ., 1----. " .5 - -,, ,XG Afgflxwm ,,,,,'rr-:M V, qhlfgwgqqyg , .M ..-m -M.. W.. - A 1 ,K -1-Q.. :LH--W... . -1. U' 1- , A V W... M..., -..WW wb, - ...... V ' ""W""'-Qvwp-.,,.,.vwM --MV.-w.t,,.,,,,,. l gf'-QZMW - gs? -1 L W'-ig" iii ' iii! , ,... C 'Y E553 ' 'YN 1 l "Y?5 W LA l? ' .az-sf 1 I Y ..- 'F-N 'Qvil W ,. ,.,. ,. v. K,,Qf, W . i - l , f , . . .. 8 .k 4, Jw. j ' V' M M'-': K .. .lzgw-... FQ ' "' 1 .S, l llgi 1 5 ,x 5 A ff.. ZW ww A-V 5 'f -M. my .f nam. pu. mmm Q ww-mf-f. B, gy--W. a 4, A w ff an QQ- m an in Q ,Q HM 'MW N fn H ww ' n mf m sm! ,, m. ,I ff-1 -L ' M n a ,, W , 1 .v.. Q. , M H a Q a 1 5 fi -Q 1. ,V la R x 34 i4 A5 ?'l if , R sf ' ,sg N. . i " " W J , xfgwf, W rv ggvw W .,.... ., W. . ...M M W., ,...,... ,. .... . W. -.,......,.,, V, X ns. 'K' yff l..,...,, W my . ...W l ...l l , .. ., . U... - ,,..7,M M... M .ara Qs... ,W ... l. 'gf FM . if 5. 19 h?'f: If ... QQ 1 'H' 52'?w 3:3 il Vfilam 5373"f J . - Qi 4 W.. J fm- . ,. ff ai 1 Iv' .W F, ,N .1 ,H ,W rw . "W M- -M .N 'iv ' ' 'Mmm V. WW. -X. fr' "XL mu.,-Hn' ,..,, ,.,.. fV+wJl!Vi"1NQg. -we-uq,...,,, f I 553 -- ..nwn-.. ---- , , n Ill zu.: 22.- eE3f3UYXRNf3wE5lS5'L? l mliwl ,lg :ull I I . . S, ll I Bill i l '. W? ,,,,,-,'-Y P. x ,. . , ...L B- 0"-I 5 W , W , VK i 7 A 5, A :, , A '-'hers -A M " - , A 'V :Inu ,V V' V V V vxpf.,-M.,. YE V' annul was in 'V V ' .a:,:.fVl.,,,j , ,f 11'-1 War E+' . ' ' V Ulf- . Aw ,.f' '5 "V42.,."i" ' M """ 58,432 if 1 ' - V' . 5' ' .- 'U ' ' " 2 'WEWUWQF '71 Ibn u fV'f5a'7, -"HM .' R l" YH. V ' V - Kwai ' FWHM' afg'rw....wM -wfqin-.V T51 ' T1 , V . ' W 'Vw '14 2 , ",:', 4 'J' . N 'ff2a.iLyl.," W' A 'U 'i l ' K f., W. 4 . . A. "' V. ,- -Y 1 VL. f" -" '- A ,j. W L .5vP31P,'b3'V'V 5 . ff- , My Wig-3' 'F V ' . '17 77" 'W - f ,, 'SS wwf' -' VW 7: , M Y W.: , , , f , ' - W 4 V . 1 . , 4 ...Qi ffl-v'1,4Uv -' .. ' ' M yy -w .Vx A , "W ' ' ' - V, M- -, 'K , -X.,',zTllifp ' 34 , M , ' . - x,,, "f f ',,, ' 'V ' VY. .J , '. f W2 an 1 " , Q mi,katgf.V, L W 5 41 4 ' , , af wVfQw.1.:LLw2gffW:'.'ci 'SaJi'Af1rW,u?'ad, "VJY"4fiSf V JM, fl-fi 1 7 , BQ I2 . , VALLV . . A . .,-,..,.. we fwwn N-WM . -. -V . , . .,......,.A-.,,,,,?. . .. ...W Always the mlm' of clwnlicals uncl f0l'lllLlltlt'lly'Ilt' Look nut for flying lmalls . . . thc- ulll liynmnusiurn - il l4'lS YOU lillww y0ll.1'C near Illt' Sci:-nov lun he-ml Illilllyiiflylllgl1Zill.lllI'illf'. and ilding. -1l'9!Q!"'41 """l!1i""-I .JA loot. 523 A s,::',fQfA sN,5:.:',3QN 4455 ' A A 1 Nag ff V ,yy 3 ,"L 3 ll L 1 .V 'FXTQ i 5255 .-wifi 'Pi l .Egg N - K lull ,L 'wgnirf i w limi , 'jill' i ' lx N ::::s :sais i i M i ris. if s is -5.535-Zr.::q-5-mei - fi 9252. ff:-I 51,24 f fi' - . -, , i Ezigf-2 1:15 s W, F ' ' V -N,5-?FF:E?5'5E.Q:Q-535.3 A-'-'Yi'-'-nz. , ,, , , wg ' ' -- l - -j ' Q-ff V :,'f":.f,E is "'4"'???z5 - "' ' L17 ff? ,Q if H 155 i r . "', ' , :ff -' ,jj K Al A-,seg 4 i g 1 sf- ,M ,V,, . --- ---- 1 i 1 l 5 l Q emmmi-gm-v '.,.LLz-13X is i 'li Martial music. synipllony or Cliorus. you can liear wllefarsails in lllc 3IllSlC-5llf'0Cll Building for lilocks away. The Main Auditorium l10ll5t'S assemblies. C and Us and Stunts. .-I-f' r - r Ap .f in WNW' A 'ZSGBS' i s Q s s r l i --fs--...,,.,,,,., 1' Drawing boards and the smell of oil paint are a sure sign """ y0u're Art Building bound. ' WMLQ ism, Building. ff Home of the Daily Lass-O, Daedalian Annual and the hard working NJ" majors is the Journal Wheels That Make the School Co Round if r :A- ' eq, x 1 , , l l 5 ,Q qw-any V W DR. MARY HUFFORD Dean of Women ,,,,.a-mv DN. VERNON L. YVHARTON l,l?fIl1 of Ilze College amIGraf1uaz'e Sclzool ...uf FRANCIS W. EMERSON Dean of Arlmissions ,L "' '5'l.. Q x L , 3 4 fn 1 4, , J Ng .4 , P1 fe DR. PAULINE BEERY MACK Dean aml Director of Research College of Household Arls and Sciences l I 7 'F' . 1 . ' . pr ' .I lfrrrn ' " 1: DJ E ". 5, T1' -W, s Guo: , an. I' I8 L. L. LaRUE Comptroller in 'mm way '?"5W"i ,Q-lim assassin an mv an 4111! lf!!! vnu its as, , mv. M Mmm U5 FRANK D. FULLER Business Manager MFE l'Q5f'r A 5-i N-Wm. mi...-...W V 'M"'V'kW 'W'Wf-3 M M I . M ..,.,,, M2 i... WNW, ,W-W '7'47A M -ww M Wm k l . n. i mg vw M-W-N. ,v,h ...W V MM ykkr - 1 pw W-M.-N. '1 M., L1h,,.A.. , -' -1 , 1 ,4 kr 7. l,4.. M.. ,1 M my A.,A.,A .7 x ? 1 my 1 Y ff'i 1 KA " 1. L. . ' .sg rw ,.... if 2 KR QQ? ig. .....--qv ----.4-... , . ln a group of puliliff-Spirited citizmis the gom-ral guiclzmw- nf TSCXX' is iiivcsli-cl. These peoplrf. who comprise the Bnurcl of Regvnls, work closely with mnlli-ge officials to aid the college- in its nge of11rog11'0sS. Shown Sczilvfl at the lullle are Nlrs. Jolm T. ,lwm'S. Jr.. ul llUL1SlOllC Hrs. jxfllllll' l". lylieterivll. secretary, ul lJUfC'llCSlt'I'Z Mrs. Cliarli-S F. ilsllvrull of Sulpliur Springs: unrl Mrs. lfflgzir Dvcn ul lliort Wlurlli. Standing lwliincl tlivm are J. T. julley of filurksvillii li. H. Cullen- of xv0I'llllll. livugan Hwiislim. Ill. xi:-f' vliairmzui, ul Suu glnlmiiuz judge' Carl Runge-. 1-lluirman, of Sam Arlgvlnz ll. M. Pullzircl of BCiIllIN4Jllt. anrl l,FOFiflCIll ,lolm A. Cuimi. is vo' V! '7 M .4 1-JFQPPH vw' .4"ff' 3, -I 3 'Q' Xi 4 V ,g.L tw . Xfqnw IM ROYVLE9. REULAH-Nurse. Health Servief BRANDON. MRS. OMA-Nurse, Hygeia RRNNTLEY. MRS. MARCIE-Assoeiate Professor, College of Household Arts and Seienees BRlSAC. EDlTH-Associate Professor, Art BRYAN. E:XRl,-Professor and Director, Speeeh BECK. MRS. DORIS-Assistant Professor. English RPCKLEW. REBA-Assistant Professor. Sociology BURCOON. EUZABETH-Placement Office CANIPISELI.. HELEN-Research. Associate Statis- tieian CfXNlPllELL. MARY-Pianist. Health, Physical Edu- eation and Recreation CASTER. BETHEL-Assistant Professor, College of Household Arts and Sciences CASTLEUERRY CLAUDE-Manaver Hubbard Ha CH.'XNlllERS. ROBERT-Asoeiate Prtfesxor. our- na iam I , W .his ,sw -.6 ,..s- ALLEN. MRS. ROY-Transeriher. College of House hold Arts and Sciences ARBUTHNOT. DR. KIAREL-Assoeiate Professor Foreign Language ARMSTRONG. MRS. ,lESSIE-Cornptroller's Offiee ASHBURN, DR. ANDREW-+Ass0Ciate Professor Mathematics BAILEY. MHS. GRACE-Associate Professor, Col- lege of Household Arts and Seienees BALUC. JOHN ADOLPH-Researell. Assistant Pro- fessor BALTZEI.. NIQXRJORIE-Assoeiate Professor. Art BEACH. DR. CONSTANCE-Professor. English BEENE. HRS. CWEN-Seeretary. Registrar! Office BENSON, l.,lLl.lAN-Associate Professor. Foreilfn Language BEVER, ENlDs-Research, Assistant Professor BLACC. llENRYiPrinter. Tutor. College Pres. BLAZIFIH. BETTY-lnstructor, College of House hold Arts and Seiences BOSYVELL. ERA'-Circulation Librarian BOWERS. COHYN-Assistant Professor. Health. Physieal Edueation and Reereation Faculty and ,S va i. 5 N MW' Wav'- fu., -J k y 'P Q h f' 'l i f iiii y f . . 4 U, .X if f v E 'Zvi E V qi? QR' gkpvfy of if ,L ' r H X an 2 ll ' F l Q J N J 1 it V l s ' , .' 'K' CLOSS. ELiz.u:ErHAcfadua1e Assistant. Health, igf- W' - 1 1 ' - ' M-1 xv 1- 'af yy, ' f up 5 F xg A X LN, , Phy ical Pduration and Recreation COCKRILL, MRS. CORINNE-Minieograph Oper- ator COOPER. REV. ROBERT-Methodist Bible In- structor CORPRON. CARLOTTA-Associate Professor, Art DARDEN, DR. FRANCES-Assistant Professor, English DAVIS, DR. ETHLYN-Associate Professor, Sociol- Ugly DE COLICNY, MRS. MARION-Assistant Professor. Education DE CORDOVA. MRS. FRANCES-Librarian, Dem- onstration School DELLENEY, MARlEAAssociate Professor, Art DONOHO, W. S.-Associate Professor, English DUGCAN, DR. A N N-Professor and Director, Health, Physical Education and Recreation DUNCAN, MRS. DELTAA,-Xssistant Professor, Col- lege of Household Arts and Sciences EBERLY, DR. ,I. WILCUS-Professor and Director, Music EDWARDS, AIRS. SARA-Demonstration School EVANS. KENNEDYfReference and Acquisitions, Library FAULKNER, MAURINE-Assistant Professor, For- eign Language FINLEY, MRS. MAE-Director, Smith-Carroll Hall :ZZ Z: , cc.. ....,. i ... .,.. . V' S. I I , 1 -fwxf-t1-vr A ,.,. . 5 ' A as Z .E I llll Q I- I I rt.. dministrative Assistants vpngfr YZF' iw is-f . ff' .4 In . 7A ."':E " c . 'w i 'Q' "' . ll A 1. ' f ' . f f' Y '- 11 ' by ' 4,-9 - A , ,. .t A Q- 'fs PQ ' - A' r ot , 7 Q -- ... V ' lf s - , . Q., . H 1 ff'fj:,! I .rg W I N' " g .. , .,,,, . c ., -5 V. I be ...rt .f , If -aff: II "' I Q.. if . ,, if ' 'f rf '. 4 l 31 -1 'I ' v S4-f' I, 1'-M lll. . val' XX ,r .4 sk? if FISER, MRS, CATHERINE-ComptrolIer's Office FLOYD, DORA-Cataloguer, Library FORD, ALBERT-Assistant Professor, Physics FOSTER, DR. RICHARD-Professor, Chemistry FROST, E. LAURIN-Associate Professor, Music FRY, AIRS. .I. H.-Research, Transcriher GIBSON, GERTRUDE-Assistant to Dean of ,.,. .x k Quail N . .fn , MW In Women i 6 if ' CILLETT, CROVER-Instructor, Business and Eco- ? .1 ff 392 , nomics wa W ' , J: f ,Pg HAMILTON, VIOLA-Associate Professor, Biology 3 - P ,YP HAMMOND, BERTIE-Assistant Professor, Health, A Physical Education and Recreation .S If HANLEY, DR. LAURENCE-Associate Professor, Music R Q HARD, GRAHAMAResearch, Instructor ' X E ' t E g , L HARDINC, MRS. C. L.vDemonstration School . 3 M " 4 I HARTMANN, LUCILLE-Assistant Professor, Col- . s,', 'fllygl' .A N ,W lege of Household Arts and Sciences ' Q V "it LXA' WK I ' HIGGINS, DR. ROBERT-Professor and Director, I' ty lf - ' S251 Chemistry and Physics , y . ,V . Y ' - M A ,vip 57 f tk, 1. 2l , meme . fi we - fs. ff if 17iSi'fl?fZ5?f ff--. '+ve' H9 LEMMON. THETIS-Associate Professor, Art LEUE, DR. W., H.YAssistant Professor, Education LOCHHEAD, DR. JEWEL--Professor, Education LUDEMAN. HELEN-Associate Professor, Chem- istry LUDWIG, MRS. WARRENE-Secretary, Art' MacNEAL, VERE4Associate Professor, Music MADDOCKS, DR. GLADYS-Associate Professor, English MARK, MRS. EVA-Assistant Professor, English MASON, MARY-Assistant Professor, Home Eco- nomics MAXCY, DR. MABEL-Professor, Art MILLER, DR. HARLAN-Professor and Director, Mathematics MITCHELL, MARTHA-Assistant Professor, Music MITCHELL. REGINA-Instructor, Health, Physical Education and Recreation MIXON, MRS. NELL-Teller. Comptroller's Office MOORE. DR. L. H.-Professor, Education f x we .- .rt J, - 14, 1 . 4 .pry 1 is E P, if as Q dw . M V -f '63, ees' fffwiii ez " ' 'Q: f iii N ' gf Y . ew " 1' I 5 mt? I- , I tt.. . f f-few ich' Av' . , ,E F .. .. 1 A K ,. HILL, CARL-Elevator Operator HUFFORD, DR. MARY-Dean of Women JACKSON, MRS. HOMER-Assistant to Placement Director JAMES, DR. ELEANOR - Associate Professor, Engineering JENISON, DR. ELSIE-Professor, Business and Economics JENKINS, MARY NELL - Assistant, Registrar's Office JONES, MRS. T. L.-Secretary, Speech JORDAN, BETTY-Instructor KAHLER, MRS. MARTHA-Secretary, News Bu- reau KASZYNSKI, HUBERT-Assistant Professor, Music KEARNS, MRS. LULU-Secretary, Business Man- ager KEESEE, ELIZABETH-Assistant Professor, For- eign Language KENDRICK, MURRAY-Associate Professor, Music LANGFORD, FLORENCE - Associate Professor, College of Household Arts and Sciences La SELLE, DOROTHY-Professor, Art Facult and " 'src ,A -3 iii ,, Q iie 1 , . f I , ,,,,, . ,t I.. fr' ' NIR? T I A . . X ..... , fi-'Xe 1 ,W "Q"""' as S?5 ""I"""m ,te-are A a A 1, , ,. U ? nZ A ,.. .e .,., . . . s at ais E . , ' st r , . . Q 5, MORRISON, DR. T. L.-Professor, Business and Economics MOSES, MRS. LORENA-Director, Lowry Hall IVIOYLE, CAROL-Research, Secretary MURPHY, DR. MARY AGNESAProfessor, Health, Physical Education and Recreation McELWREATH, ATHRIAYDirector, Practical Nurs- ing Program MCKNICHT, IRENE-Secretary, College of House- hold Arts and Sciences NORIVIILE, MRS. CAROLE-Secretary, Graduate Office ODLE, MARY NELL-Secretary, English PATTILLO, MRS. LYDIA-Director, Austin Hall PIERCE, DR. THOMAS-Professor, Education PORTER, DOROTHY-Assistant Professor, Sociol- ogy POWELL, MRS. PEARLA-Director, Houston Hall PRIMM, CAROLYN-Graduate Assistant, Health, Physical Education and Recreation PRUITT, BARBARA-Acquisitions, Library RICHARDS, M U R R A Y--Statistician, College of Household Arts and Sciences ,nm K fs W. 5 A f V' wimw y A 6 R I if I 'LI' v-'ERR ii', f 2 2, 1 ,ze s"' . 'lr' mil , ' -c't V, ., . 4 A I 4, K , fad O - 5 2 'sqcy '- iii at Administrative Assistants i iw . , --A::, Q .,,.:: I -, K V -V -gf . . V X. ,ah f ,, I v if r Q- 2 Q, 'mr fi . 'if fr I M 35 f I I J i f . 'Af' 5 1 Q , mr I rr' S A t ,.,, ,A v + -sg ' -t 5 ? ' L . .. A if 'E , .5 Sf "" . -is ..,,t . -, f. K A K I A ..f s, wwf-"1 ,. W!v""'!""'N .. ...na 4 . A .--re -fm K . .,.. 'Q 'Q . ' ., 1 S ' M 2 V' ' 5 4' "" Q x 6 A R RIGLER, FRANK-Professor and Director, Journal- rsrn RINEY, MRS. RENA-Research Transcriber RITCHER, MRS. HELEN-Secretary, Horne Study Division ROACH, JOSH P.4Associate Professor, Speech ROBERTS, MRS. STANDLEE-Assistant Pianist ROBINSON, LUCILLE-Assistant Professor, Busi- ness and Economics SANDERS, MARTHA-Associate Professor, For- eign Language SCHULZE, DR. IVAN-Librarian and Professor SHANK, KENNON H.-Assistant Professor, Speech SHERRILL, DR. JOSEPH-Assistant to Dean, Col- lege of Household Arts and Sciences SHIPLEY, DR. MAX-Professor and Director, His- tory and Government SHIRLEY, DR. CERALDINE-Physician, Hygeia SIKES, MRS. HELENfAssociate Professor, College of Household Arts and Sciences SMITH, DR. EUCLID-Associate Professor, College of Household Arts and Sciences SPARKS, DR. DADE-Professor, History fa if ' 23 . . ya. was K , 1 J,taxy5,gLl,-as . ' ' fs. 9 ,A ,QI " N Y' 5 I ' I cv? ii to 5 A - 5 1 I, I 3,1 V MH 1--nr 1' --re. -.Yr 2 M if . , ,L fl - Y F A 'h hd is ir. G ,F ' Pj . 4, fi lm 'K ei Q 'S "' ' - ' A Wasil -. , . : . , 4 . Facult and Administrative Assistants VARNER, KATHLEEN-Assistant Professor, Speech VOSE, GEORGE-Research, Assistant Professor WALKER, MRS. MARGARET-Assistant Professor, Education WALVOORD, DR. A. C.-Professor, Educationg Di- rector, Teacher Training WELLBORNE, DR. W. L.-Director, Placement and Cuidanceg Director, Business and Economics WESTCOURT, FRED-Professor and Director, Rural Arts WHAM, DR. GEORGE-Assistant to Dean, College of Household Arts and Sciences WHITE, OLIVE-Assistant Professor, History and Government WILEY, DR. AUTREY N.gProfessor, English WILLIAMS, MRS. ANNE-Director, Houston Hall WILSON, HELENE-Demonstration School WILSON, MRS. W. A.-Order Librarian WOLTERS, ALINE-Instructor, Business and Eco- nomics WOOLSEY, DR. A. W.-Professor and Director, Foreign Language YOUNG, DR. DIXIEAProfessor and Director, Bi- ology YOUNG, DR. PAUL-Professor, History and Cov- ernment YOUNG, AIRS. VENETA-Assistant Professor, Col- lege of Household Arts and Sciences Z :Q f 1 ,,,!,,,' I xsf f sqm 'I'-.1 . N -F . 22 inc. I f SPELLMAN, COREEN-Associate Professor, Art SPURCIN, MRS. JIMINIIE-Nurse, Health Service STALLINCS, MRS. DOROTHY-Secretary, Dean of College STALLWORTH, MRS. FRANCESiDirector, Fitz- gerald Hall STARNES, JEWEL-Manager, PUB and UB Foun- tam STEEL, CHLOE-Assistant Professor, Foreign Lan- guage STEIDINGER, RUTH-Associate Professor, College of Household Arts and Sciences STOKER, DR. SPENCER-Professor and Director, Education, Psychology and Philosophy SWANN, DR. MILDRED-Assistant Professor, Biology TAYLOR, DR. ELIZABETH-Associate Professor, History TAYLOR, WILLIE-Periodicals Librarian THIEMAN, ANNALISE TOWLES, WINELL-Secretary, Purchasing Agent TRAMEL, AGNESwAssistant Professor, English VANDERKOOI, MRS. FANNY-Associate Professor and Director, Occupational Therapy -we -6 me IX..z' S , . S ter-ni ff' 0 . Alumnae Association ww v . , . 5. mtl..-, d Jam.:-' Formed this year from the Ex-Stu ents ?' Agia Association the Alumnae Association i I works with the foundation to build a K VM better TSCW through her former stu- dents. f ,sf tc is A Y, s The Alumnae Center . . . meeting place, rooming house and headquarters. it . , .. ,W as .jr 'N -Q-my 4' . -ww-ws :A-m..,,, ' - fa-L., . j 1 ff .,,, 7 " " ff.. 3 EV .. fi-As ' Us-. 4- . ' A group of Alumnae officers and past officers gather ..- to discuss homecoming and the Foundation. They are: " Mrs. George Preston, Mrs. Vivian McCracken, Secretaryg Mrs. T. G. MaCee, Mrs. Code Edwards, Past President: nfrrrcl, Mrs. Ben Barden, New Presidentg Mrs. L. G. Russell, Treasurerg Mrs. Ben Boyd, Retiring President. 1 4 Q' n 1 , .. H- :ll 5.4: fa. .J 8,1 7 : s .. I ' I Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Barden add another red pin to mark a new chapter for the Association. F4 at we P 3 tr ,.,. 3 Manipur 'N ns: Www PROGRESS . . . in Home Economics The first step in TSCW,s stride toward hecoming a university was taken when the home eco- nomics department became the College of Household Arts and Sciences, and an important nation- wide center of research. The work done here in nutrition and textile research has received world- wide publicity. TSCW's first Ph.D. degrees were grunted in the College of Household Arts and Sciences only last year. Degrees are offered in every phase of the home economies field and students receive their train- ing in one of the most modern plants in the country with the most modern of equipment. 26 2 ff M . - I' - . A i at ' -'. di' ff as rffftitiaiiwiwi is 21591 If Q- f V s s 'X 'la 'x Z ll nl I 5 'Lit'-f...f 1, I I I 'nu ll ' ul BQ Ei ll- Il --- r l I gf' ali E 3 l HBE ua gaa :js :-I -:Ia qall I 5 I--'Ill' lllll "" ill -"l'l up u Y J' , , X f K , 4 , ., ' IAF? Y. .. if K. x, Q , f . -I kk pg s. is wgigf- K PROGRESS . . . in Nursing Newest of TSCW's outstanding programs is the addition of the School of Nursing. The program combines the finest of faculties with the finest of physical resources. After spending eleven months on the campus of TSCW the nursing student moves to the new 311,000,000 plant of the Parkland Memorial hospital. The proximity of the hospital to the campus allows full student participation in all college activities as well as thorough training in the field. ln her senior year the student returns to the campus to join her class in graduation and receive her Bachelor of Science degree. In less than four years she meets all requirements for her bac- calaureate degree and for her professional program and is ready to take the State Board examination for a registered nurseis license. 27 yWng X X PROGRESS . . . in Art At TSCW the word Marti, may cover any of the nine major fields, such as Advertising Design, Art Education, Ceramics, Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, History of Art, Interior Design, Jewelry and Metal-work, Painting and Sculpture. Fifty art classes a Week, besides the above, meet for elective subjects including crafts, photography, etching and lithography, mechanical drawing, illustration, woodwork and plastics, drawing, painting and design. W,,1 A Y , slfifgliiif E ES I .1 Y ei if B , - ii' . . Q i fi 2? ,- SS 4 , b up ., l , L PROGRESS . . . in Biology Todayls women are right at home in the biological sciences. Training at TSCW in medical tech- nology is so thorough that graduates need only nine' to twelve months of internship to qualify for examinations and become registered technologists. Laboratory techniques are taught through practi- cal experience in Bacteriology and Introduction to Medical Technology, Botany, Pre-medicine and Zoology. 29 E I 'R ,Jig -...,-.M EMMMW PROGRESS . . . in Business and Economics Realizing that today's employers demand more than a knowledge of typing and shorthand skills, TSCW's business department offers technical training for every type of business machine as well as the standard typewriter. On the job training in lVlerchandising is a leading reason why our graduates are constantly in demand. Here, too, character and-social graces are stressed as an essential for rising young business women. PROGRESS . . . in Chemistry With chemistry and physics becoming more important each year, TSCW is prepared to train much needed chemists to such an extent that many large Texas industries prefer to hire their women chemists from our graduates. Openings as college teachers, workers for government laboratories chemical and petroleum companies are available to TSCW graduates. Research grants for graduate study toward a doctorate have been received by many. si? PROGRESS . . . in Education Cn the campus of TSCW students ulearn by doing" as they student teach in the TSCW demon stration and nursery schools. Degrees are offered in Kindergarten, Intermediate-grammar grade Secondary Education, Counseling and Guidance, Supervision and General Education. j GOOD ENGLISH IS THE OF YOUR CAREER 'YY PROGRESS . . . in English In the past a major in English led only to the classroom. Today's English major may train for a career in business, journalism, radio, sociology, library science as well as teaching. A newly organ- ized professional program trains graduate students for teaching at a college or university on fellow- ship while working for a Ph.D. degree. In other fields TSCW English majors are working in such remote places as London for the government and Brazil as missionaries. Practical training for bud- ding authors may be found in the English publications, wllhe Freshman Writer" and 'The Daedalian Quarterlyf, ' .t wagers, Q M, ,, ff, , :af f - f A-,Q ii pig ' i ,--f :':f s a f: ' ' - M .' V. 1 1: ix - - at f it A ,,,, . ,,,' Q Q 12, 4 ,X -"-' 2 J 'ggi gi g, 'gags S A ' -, is E' " Q .V W ,A ,Yoga A fp ,a 41' who ' kann fx PROGRESS . . . in Foreign Languages Todayis Tessie lives in an international world. Any country on earth is only a matter of hours distance, and language has become more essential than ever. Tape recorders, wire recorders, collec- tions, a large record library and visual aid equipment give students a chance to learn a language the modern Way. Conversation classes meeting with foreign student teachers bring an understanding as well as the opportunity to practice languages. t' t s f is and A ' we .V, ,5,,,a.l.i 2 Q rs, gl PROGRESS . . . in Health, Physical Education and Recreation The first college in Texas to offer a degree in physical education and one of the first in the South to offer a degree in recreation. Pioneer in the field of dance education, TSCW has been rec- ognized both nationally and internationally. Students get practical experience on unlimited playing fields. They also learn to coach and officiate, and to plan meets, Carnivals, playdays, sports events, and banquets. 5 P mx. fussy? . tga. Q , , f , hy N J ',f"'1.M 'fi ,,,f!f' ff!,,,f PROGRESS . . . in History and Government With both history and government changing fast and furiously there is a real demand for govern- ment workers, leaders and teachers with backgrounds in these subjects. At TSCW a student learns to better understand the institutions, human relationships and problems of this changing World. wwl"""""""- PROGRESS . . . in Journalism One of the outstanding schools of journalism in the country, TSCW offers practical experience which rivals the largest of universities. Students handle all news gathering, advertising, make-up, photography and editing for the Daily Lass-O, only women's college daily in the world. A United Press wire machine supplies world news. A Ludlow headsetter, and Fairchild Scan-O-Graver, one of the first installed in Texas are used for training students. From copy room to print shop the students handle their paper, even to putting the type in the chase. A complete photography lab, copy- reading and news rooms make the H,lB,, as much like an actual newspaper office as possible. -3 Q il K 2 f i J ,W M :mmm 'hhfliilf 91- -ii: . Ai ,,g,giQ""" -, , 3, M, A.., .7-,-:xnlf-X-1 PROGRESS . . . in Library Science The library has widened from the single institution of yesterday to the multiple field of today. Librarians are needed in business, art, music and science libraries as well as other specialized fields. They are also in demand for childrenis, college and high school libraries. lt? ia M... 'IBEW' Jw ,v-,-......,,,,,m,MWvmWw' ' in-.M PROGRESS . . . in Mathematics Never before has the demand for graduates with a degree in Math been as great as it is today Women are being hired daily by large industries such as aircraft manufacturers and oil and geo- physical companies to handle industrial mathematics. Q? xg, if i fa PROGRESS . . . in Music Latest addition to the TSCW music department is a course of study in a limited new field, Music Therapy. Students gain experience from numerous college musical groups such as hand, orchestra, dance hand and Chorus. ln any phase of music stress is placed on a balanced program of general education, music study and professional education. :ig 7 2 3? -S i , - - firtsigx f' .i f fs 2 - f f I , LM 455, S . AA 9' FJOPZ: qz, li in Q'I'.f PROGRESS . . . in Occupational Therapy One of the first schools in the Southwest to offer a degree in Occupational Therapy, TSCW con- tinues to offer thorough training to the OT student. Clinical work and medical lectures at the medical centers of Dallas and post-graduate clinical training prepares graduates for the national registration examination. Pediatrics, psychiatry, tuberculosis, general medical and surgical conditions and phys- ical injuries are the fields open to the OT for specialized Work. lntensive training in crafts of every type prepare the student for capably treating her patient. PROGRESS . . . in Sociology As the first college in the Southwest to offer a degree in professional social work and a degree in church services, TSCW has earned an outstanding reputation. Sequences offered to the major are Pre-professional Social Work, Church Services, Industrial Relations, Public Relations, Teaching and Counseling, and Marriage and Family Living. s t Qi Q ,gm Wg, wt . ,rc , jaw x HA- 1 . PROGRESS . . . in Speech To meet the growing need for workers in the growing field of speech, TSCW offers a major in speech therapy. Today speech therapists from TSCW are aiding those with handicaps such as stut- tering, cerebral palsy, cleft palate and articulatory disorders. To meet another growing need, this year the department added a course in television. ln actual professional surroundings at KRLD-TV students write, produce and direct TV shows which are seen by thousands of viewers each week. Hub of It All ' q,f- ,I ww 'L f 5 1551 UV H l 9 4 , Nw., M w513.me'?f'f me 0 M- M d":o WU'- College Government Association HM kwa OLLIE JO WHITE President I ' S I 4? BALLQT xx I ni ANN JENKINS Vice President 1 I I 4 CAROLINE MCALISTER Treasurer .vrrp L,-JJ X if BARBARA THOMASON Secretary NC S U Student Council , l Gojd M ENS O d X Q, oo tl 3 .....qnl1" if Guiding the business at hand, solving problems and sponsoring such projects as the Carni- val are all in a day's work for student council members. In front are officers Ollie Jo White, Barbara Thomason, Caroline McAlister and Ann Jenkins. Seated are first row: Susan Merrill, Smith-Carroll, Margaret Hunter, Freshman, Bonnie Rathjen, Capps, Rheba Holcomb, Rusk, Rachel Pozniack, Austin, Rusty Skinner, Houston, Sally Shinkle, TISAg Jody Oppenheimer, Lowry. Second row: Flossie Peters, Student Finance Council, Sue Boyd, Sophomore, Gail Durham, TISAQ Beverly Drawe, Official Reporter, Cecelia Garcia, Daily Lass-O, Shirley Wilkes, Student Council of Religious Activitiesg Gloria Bendy, WCSTg Marion Kindle, Stoddard, Venita Bracewell, Women's Recreation Association. Standing: June Hazlip, Daedalian Annual, Lou Ida Simmons, Junior. uf Not pictured are Cora ,lane Becker, Student Council of Social Activities, Fayrene Dietert, Round Table, Pansy Thompson, Fitzgeraldg Barbara McFarlane, Senior. 48 1 Womenis Recreation Association Planning activities for the year are Mary Cuinn. treasurer: Nelda Knopp. vice president: Mrs. Katherine Magee, sponsor: Venita Bracewell. president: Margie Crawford, secretary. - ' ' ii'-i ii! if -Q I- EE: 2:5 l ,:u:::-2- 'g2:::E2: Eggggiv Discussing dormitory points are dorm 2,136 representatives Ruth Horst, Stoddard: Ni- . was X. ta Hiett. Capps: ,Io Ann NVray. Rusk: Mo- na Dean Young. Smith-Carroll: Frances Espinosa. Austin: Myrna Folsom. Lowry: Mary Taylor. Houston. , ww. . are , news f 3 'iw f' an In Still more planning goes on in lroard meetings. Sll0YNI here are cluli presidents seated: Neva McFarland Rifle: Claudine Sllcrrill. Volleyball: Katllryn Myatti Basketball: ,loan McClure. Fencing: Alice Bell. Soft ball: Loyal McNair. Aquatics: Ann Mahon. Tennis: Ruth Horst, Outing: Grace Fredrick. Boating. Stand ing: ,Ioyce Faux. Hockey: Nina Coodreau. Archery: Joan Sundman. Bowling: Madelyn Pulver, Golf: Mari- on Kindel. Hockey: Billie Hutli Mote. Modern Dance: Judy Boultingliouse. Caperettes: Fantina Gutierrez. Ballroom: Marilyn Marsh. Tumlmling. i 1, C Z si .. ............-1 '-5 li.. , Social representatives from the Literary- Social clubs are Lillian French, Alice Freeman Palmer, Marie Magee, Athenae- um, Cora Jane Becker, Philomathiag Beth Garrett, Mary Eleanor Brackenridgeg Eri- ka Heidmann. Chaparralg Billie Alice Moore, Betsy Ross and Julie Bourg, Ag- laian. o W Presidents of Literary-Social wait for a confer- ence with Dean Hufford. They are Marjorie Nel- son, Alice Freeman Palmerg Betty Bohon, Mary Eleanor Brackenridgeg Barbara Garrett, Ag- laiang Anita Lunday, James H. Lowry, Sue Cagle, Betsy Rossg Joy McDermettg Celeste Hu- mason, Athenaeum and Linda Irvin, Delian. tudent Council of ocial Activities Finding the business at hand amusing are Erika Heidmann, vice president, Cora Jane Becker, president, and Lillian French, secretary-treasun er. tudent Council of Religious Activities Framed against the Rose Window of the Little Chapel is Shirley Wilkes, president. 4aK x llllll' - 2 Viv I ! , ii .,.r-if F 3 MS 4 ' vi i ' i , , 5 . Ax Q .kg . gala, 5 liibkfv, 'assi xl' t , " J, It liwwh tr 1 Ky K. Listening to Mary Ann give a devotional are council members Pat Roberts, Episcopalg Beth Tucker. Baptistg Cynthia Burkhart. Bap- tistg Joy Jennings, Presbyterian. Second row: Edith Fick, Luther- ang Jacquline Block, Jewishg Jo Ann Oppenheimer, Jewishg Jill Malone. Methodist. Practicing for a special number are Mary Ann McFerran, Presby teriang Rita Danneberg. Christian Scienceg Margaret Pearson Christiang Gail Durham, Catholicg Joyce Faux, Unitarian. tudent Finance Council iflust waiting for the bank to open, thank you!" Dor- mitory finance chairmen are Elizabeth Merrill, Cappsg Arlene Kuehling, Smith-Carrollg Mary Nell Odel, Fitz- geraldg Carol Bristow, Houstong Thelma Yeager, Low- ryg Norma Smith, Austing Marion Webb, Stoddard. Q Q Writing letters or adding up dent Flossie Peters is on the E5 the yearis income SFC presi- s E5 J b E. 525 :si Yi 1 O . 2 -+--2 'ie Round Table The table is square but it still means the same thing. Offi- cers are Barbara Garrett, Par- liamentariang Mary Alice Tompkins, vice presidentg Fayrene Dietert, presidentg Mary Belle Perryman, secre- tary, Linda Irvine, treasurer. X tw? J Gi .-.min CAPPS HALL First TV set on the campus and the Capps Hall counselors. Standing are Jo Holloway, Mary Bob Johnson, Henna Johnston, Su- san Brasher, Mary Nell Wentzell, Kath- ryn Harry, Jane Frazier and Betty Mer- rill. Seated are Carla Gardener, Jo Dean Downing and Lou Bernhardi. .sm 6'Don't forget this announcement in house- meeting," Miss Lummus reminds house secretary Lucinda Baily. President Bonnie Rathjen looks on. Ogg e CI O MRS. LORENA MOSES Director 5, if 154 S 2 W g V' LOWRY HALL A musical dormitory this one! Counselors Carolyn Dietert. and Laura Beard join ,Iocly and Connie to spin their favorites. Connie Terry and Jody Oppenheimer team up on a little music while Mrs. Moses listens. House president Rachel Pozniak and sec- relary Barbara Baker pause a minute to chat with Mrs. Patillo. AUSTIN HALL MRS. LYDIA PATILLO Director Carolyn Roan, Conchita Vasquez and Edith Massenberg are floor Chairmen. Looking up some facts in the encyclopedia are floor chair- men Frances Triesch, Janey Pharr, Eleanor Thornell, Mike Merriman, Susie Was- son, and Fanna Morris. .K 5 xi 5? ff 56 HH11Kiln.,-liuvnuvrauf.fi.iif...,, iv . 1 I' W 'Z xt, Q.. . W4 m W l . . flaw ., ...W ' 1 ' - 'x . 2 su ,M ,ff' F .,,,v 'X 1 , 1 f + ' .Q V . J " V ,-."'-,xii .3.',.1,u-I -Q E ,f i if i L 'BF ,M .-f , ff nv. WM,,,.:- "Always up to date," say Enid P0- caterra. Jean Dickinson and Mary Nell Odel. floor chairmen. FITZGERALD HALL MRS. FRANCES STALLWORTH Director l,,.L,l F fl' 'TF -swix' ' I Q Pansey Thompson, house president, and Mrs. Stallworth talk over the day's incidents. 'N 'df my 1 f if in if L 1, Ai f -""fi'2P1""' 1-14553514 SMITH-CARROLL HALL v Er ' ' 5 lliw ...K g ' - - Ry - HMM-,..,..N,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,...,... . 4, ig 3 3 2 ..,. W ,ii Q -Q--3 .5 . T-...,.,.t.,.. '51 3 4 Mrs. Finley assures all comers this "grandfather" is a real antique. House secretary Gloria Hipp and president Susan Floor chairmen are Ann Herfurth, Ann McClellan, Virginia Bolton, Martha ,lane Rackley and Margaret Pearson, seated. Standing are Ardis Markel, Kathryn Hall, Jimmie Risk and .lo Proctor. N "i?f:1" W .- 1 '7?5?f':?'L::-Q-Q . S., , gtv'4-'f,2f:?f3 Z v i , A I Zig f A fs- - sam an -52, :sq 551 - 1-fe.. , , A . - M , L' ' V 7 ,, , V.-'qi ng 1 of Y, -.M I4 , , -i A N:-,ii ei! a i Q' f - ' i- - 15, ,fl . " 1 ' ' -,gf-, -V-My -, .A kg, 2? """'i 'A " 5 N ' Q-.. , , p fa -3 gl , ,Q ' ,"E,'E5Qif6Q ,.,, . """'l M f N, STODDARD HALL i E do e --fi if . 'ff .gg rf M if 27 TTS n 51 E EJ-Y ' ' 'i?""ff 42215: EE 'ffi?fiiiiaiirTiFf fi 1 iii ff ? ,, -i' i 5:33 . -so ,,.y::-:fii,: 255137K "hv f-ff ff iz. , Z 'Y 4 323, in if L 5:4 iiifmi' fr' ff' -"e'f':fE fi i N ri FTE E3 gf. " i g4 Q ..., l .li-,Li'?-3,135 Ill' -T'f'i4Z'i'7"5E"'fk1''-.- -M ,M . -W., ' ww" v 'M ":'5"N 'fu' P" JI Q5 75' - M ' 'nu' 24: 1'I'7l1' X W fa--ff. SWQQZQMQ, 1 A ., 4 " 1 I :,,,.,d I ' fx sn-is xx ugr l. :Agn ,g W m . , - . . 1 Lifisaw is f fr i4'lff- ' riser, 2' I 5509 s 1 ,Mi ,. , , 3 ,,. ,N ! , giiigi . .,., ,.,.L , 3 1 .-i'ifM1L,:s : f ag ' ' .. A 1 1 . Qwafhiia 'ff' , . 3 n f' 1 , f,?M,i"'i , iimm"3 Hi: 3 I , tffw -' ' 5 A ' H35 58 Qi, MHS. ADLINE DENMAN Director Mrs. Denman and Marion Kinrlle. president. dismiss plans for the open liouse. Not pictured is secretary Nancy Simpson. Floor chairmen for the "ladies" are Joan Mougin, Marilyn Marsh, Caro- lyn Whitehurst, Janet Dial Donovan, Frances Vinson, Marion Webb and LaMetta Calvert. -Liza MISS ROBERTA FORGY Director RUSK HALL Headquarters for the Rusk system QUSK HMA- Counselors are Dalia Black, Ann Graves, Peggy Rhymes, Vera lohn- son, Becky Adams, Barbara Lunday, Alicia Gomez and Ann Coody. 5,15-,ali ski, aisigifg ,iris Miss Forgy, Julia Riggs, secretary and Rheba Holcomb, president, rearrange the greenery. efwfsf-Q,,4f.g! .5,,5M, in H Ji i S?kt13l2f"'-i,25a-isaggl :gif Q, an iiyik, 4' 2' ef A, Karr' I wr' 5943! -i U' imc'--ff-fffar Am f,-if . -QQQQAHQE Mk -Q-Maw' ml. More counselors are Annette Wade, Gloria Prado, Annie Sykog, Sue Fleming, Shirley Speara, Peggy Nall, Amy McDonald, Patsy Strick- land, Enidia Chavez, Argelia Aqui- lar and Ann Hinzman. Spokes That Make the Wheels it ,jk i BENQ 1'-nf"'g'mvffffQ. 4k"'-mi. his in Full Steam Ahead 1 l 1 ii 5-r 'M 1 2, 5? 'K C? WN M W ww MLMAM-di W5 'W V if v ig gil ...f l egoaa MCFar1 . cz , inf . I? 5.5: i 1 . 1 ff is W A ,gy i ss 1 sf Lxi -9 ii 7- 3151? iff- vi Wifi: 'v , L if L? K his 3 V - ' M - fl o AE? M s ,, 1 fm ,i as . ,gif s pf 5. I L"L as , , aw fs, ang, - - s., H5 is . .si .. Mg. Y' W, QS '-11: -'11, ., k":1: "Yes, and remember all the fun we've had in four years!" say officers Pat Poduska, treasurerg Ann Simmons, vice president and Myra Lawrence, secretary. Mr. and Mrs. Josh P. Roach are class sponsors and Mrs. Roach is a member of the class, besides. 65 ADAMS, REBECCA DALLAS Library Science, BA. Alpha Beta Alpha II, III, IV, ABA National Councilman III, Dormitory Floor Chairman II, III, Nativity Pageant II, Redbud Princess II, Secretary of Junior Class III, Stunts II. ALLEN, BERNICE MARIE SAGUACHE, coL0. Business Education, B.A. B-average III, Campus League of Women Voters IV, Floor Chairman II, French Club III, Math Club II, IV, Professional Business Women's Club III, IV, Stunts III, IV. ALLEN, Lois VIRGINIA ROSEBUD General Business, B.S. ANDREWS, DELORES MARYVILLE, Mo. Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. A Association for Childhood Education IV, Cosmopolitan Club IV, Sigma Tau Delta IV. . ANDREWS, IVIARIY Lou Moscow, KANS- Foods and Nutrition, B.S. Badminton Club III, IV, B Average III, Campus League of Women Voters IV, Cosmopolitan Club III, Treasurer IV, Dietetics Club III, IV, Home Economics Club III, IV, Wesley Foundation IV. ARREDONDO, MINERVA sA1v DIEGO Upper Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education I-IV, Badminton Club III, Basketball Club I-III, House Counselor III, La Junta Club I, II, Rio Grande Valley Club I-III, Softball Club I-III, TSCW Band I-IV. I f , ,L or I is fi fi .fi of ATOR, ALMA LOU LIPAN Home Economics Education, B.S. Basketball Club III, IV, Dean's List III, IV, Home Economics Education Club III, IV. Reporter IV, Home Economics Club III, IV, Mary Gibbs .Iones Scholarship IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, Marshal IV, Alpha Chi IV. BAKER, MARGARET PATRICIA COLUMBUS Home Economics Education, B.S. BARRERA, GLORIA G. HEBBRONVILLE Music Supervision for Instrumental Instruction, B.S. B-Average III, Band I-IV, Corn Husking Bee I, II, De-an's List III, La Junta Club I, Laredo Club II-IV, Music Club II-IV. Secretary-Treasurer IV, New- man Club I-III, Orchestra II-IV, Rio Grande Valley Club I, Serenaders I-IV, Manager IV, Sigma Alpha Iota III, IV, Stunts III. BATES, CAROLE DENISON Interior Design, B.S. '9' .Kwai -af' A--5' v-if rf? if BAYTES, SYBIL YVONNE BROWNSVILLE , English, BA. Aquatics Club IIg College Chorus I, English Club III, IVQ La Junta II: Modern Choir II, Professional Business Women's Club II, Redbud Princess Ig Rio Grande Valley Club I-IVg Student Assistant II, IV, Dormitory Vesper Chairman II. BECKER, CORA JANE NEW BRAUNFELS Interior Design, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee III, Art Club II-IVg Cotton Ball Duchess IIIg Delta Phi Delta III, IV, Treasurer lIg Philomathia Club II-IV, Treasurer III, Social Representative IVQ Redbud Princess II, IIIQ Round Table IV, San Antonio Club I-IV, Treasurer II, Vice President III, Sophomore Counselor IIg Student Council IV, Student Council of Social Activities President IVg Stunts I-IV. BENDY, GLORIA ANN 5M1THV1LLE Radio Speech, B.S. College Theatre II-IV, Cotton Ball Duchess III, Floor Chairman III, Radio Guild I-IV, Vice President III, President IVg Round Table IV, Speech Club II-IV, Vice President III, Station Manager of WCST IV, Student Council IVQ Stunts III, IV, Tessie Players III, IV, Secretary III, IV, Zeta Phi Eta IV. BERRY, PHYLLIS Primary Education, B.S. BOHON, BETTY JUNE Home Economics Education, B.S. B-Average III, Dean's List IIIg Home Economics Club III, IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club Ill, President IVg Residential Assistant, summer '53g Stunts IIIg Phi Upsilon Omicron IV, Pi Lambda Theta IV. BOURG, JULIE Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. College Government Association, Cotton Ball Nominee III, Freshman Class Presidentg Newman Club I-IV, Treasurer II, Vice President III, President IVQ Student Council I-III, Stunts III, IV, Texas Intercollegiate Student Association II, III, State Secretary III. 90" EEK CISCO I K3 DENTON ODESSA BRACEWELL, VENITA JEAN FT. WORTH Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Basketball Club I-IV, Varsity Reserve I, Varsity III, B-Average III, Chaparral Club II-IV, Dean's List III, Fort Worth Club I-III, Folk Dance Club I, Ilg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IVg Hockey Club II-IV, Redbud Princess II-III, Smith Carroll Summer Secretary IIIg Softball Club I-IV, Varsity Reserve II, IIIg Sophomore Class Treasurer, Student Council III, Stunts I-IV, Representative to Sam Houston State Teachers College Festival III, W.R.A. Board II'I, IVg W.R.A. President IV, Volleyball Club I-IV, Manager III, Varsity I-III. BRADFORD, KATHLEEN ARLINGTON Piano, BA., B.S. Dean's List IIIQ Fort Worth Club III, IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club III, IV, Vice President IV, Mary Gibbs Jones Scholarship III, IV, Modern Choir III, IV, President IVg Orchestra IV, Round Table IV, Sigma Alpha Iota III, IV, Vice President IV, Straight A Illg Stunts III, IV. BRINKMANN, IRENE LUCILLE DALLAS Art Education, B.S. Art Club III, B-Average III, IVg Bowling Club II, III, Vice President IIIQ Dean's List III-IVg Delta Phi Delta III, IV, President IV, Outing Club Ig Southeast Texas Club III. BROWN, PATRICIA CORSICANA Speech, B.A. and B.S. Aglaian III, IVg B-Average I-IV, Children's Theater Ig College Theater II-IV, Daughter of TSCW Alumnae Ig Dean's List IIIg Nativity Pageant II-IVQ Radio Guild II-IV, Secretary-Treasurer II, President IIIg Round Table III, IVg Redbud Princess IIIg Speech Club I-IV, Station Manager of WCST III, Assistant Music Librarian II, Production Manager II, Student Council IIIQ Stunts I-IVg Tessie Players II-IV, Board of Governors II, Vice President III, President IVg Zeta Phi Eta II-IV, Marshal II, Treasurer IV. -QI? BATWI A, tj CALVERT, LA METTA DALLAS Occupational Therapy, B.S. Aquatics Club lllg Dallas Club III, IVg Deanls List Illg Folk Dance Club III, IVg L'Allegro Club III, IVQ Stunts Ill. CARPENTER, KAY MERTZON Voice, B.S. Chorus I, Serenaders Il-IVQ Tessie Players ll, Ill. CARR, JEAN DAVID BERNARDSVILLE, N. J. Occupational Therapy, B.S. Band I, llg B-Average llg Chapel Choir I, Ilg College Chorus I, llg Cosmo- politan Club I, Ilg Dean's List Illg Dormitory Floor Chairman lllg Occupa- tional Therapy Club II, IV, Historian II, Treasurer lllg L'Allegro Club Ill, lVg Stunts I, II, IV. CARRASCO, TRINY REDFORD Health, Physical Education and Recreation Aquatics Club Illg Arts and Crafts Club IVg Basketball Club Illg B-Average Ill, IVg Dormitory Floor Chairman II, III, Folk Dance Club Ill, IV, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club lll, IVg Hockey Club lg International Relations Club Illg Redbud Princess lllg Volleyball Club II, Ill. BRYAN, PATRICIA Advertising Design, B.S. versities IV, BURKE, ELIZABETH JEANNE Dance Recreation, R.S. BURCKETT, ANN WALKER Voice, B.S. BURKIIART, HARRIETTE BURNS, OLGA TERESA Assistant Il. Illg Stunts ll. CAGLE, NETTIE SUE Adelphian Club II-IVg Alpha Lambda Delta I It Daedahan Annual Art Editor IVg Daughters of TSCW Delta Phi Delta Ill, IV, Secretary Alumnae IIV Secretary II Treasurer III lVg Fine Arts Club I Ill IV Treasurer IV Omega Rho Alpha I, II3 Freshman Art Award Deans LI t IIII BAserage Ig A Average III, Stunts Ig Who's Who In American Colle es and III Rl Paso Club I-IV, President Ilg Health Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IVQ Modern Dance Club IIV Philomathia Club II IV Sing Song: Il-lVg Stunts III, IV. College Chorus Ig Chapel Choir I, Ilg Intervarslty Christian Fellowship IIV Music Club I-IVg Sociological Society IV. im' Upper Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education IV Bapti t Student Union IIV Baptit Student Union Choir Ill, lVg Heart of Texas Club I IV Health, Physical Education ana' Recreation B S Aquatics Club ll, l'llg First Christian Church D SF Recreation Chairman Il Dormitory Finance Chairman III. Summer Prt Ident Il Colt Club III Health Physical Education and Recreation Proft IOIIHI Club It III Po ture Queen Contest, Third Place llg Redbud Princess II Re Idential As I tant II Student Home Economics Etlncation, B.S. Basketball Club llg Betsy Ross Club ll IW Dormitory Floor Chairman Ill Home Economics Club I-IVQ International Relations ClI1b IW lNorth Taxa Club Ill, Professional Business VVoIIIen' Club IX Student -X I tant III Stunts Ill, lVg Wesley Foundation I-Ill. kd' fe-0F'l"" we CHAVEZ, ENEDINA TORRES SONORA Upper Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education I-IVg Dormitory Counselor IVg La .Iunta Club I-IV, Newman Club I-IV, Social Chairman II, III. CHIN, MAE TOY VOUN SAN ANTONIO Upper Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education II-IV, College Chorus lllg Dean's List Ig Freshman Scholarship lg Freshman Writer Ig House Counselor Ill, Pi Lambda Theta III-IVg San Antonio Club I-III, WCST Staff Member III. COFFEE, ETHEL OLIVER AMARILLO Music Education, B.S. I Alpha Lambda Delta I, Hg B-Average IV, Campus League of Women Voters IV, Caperettes IVg College Chorus Ig College Government Association Scholar- ship Ig Dean's List I-III, Dormitory Floor Chairman Ilg Mary Gibbs Jones Music Scholarship II-lVg Music Club I-IVg Nativity Pageant I-IIIQ Philo- mathia Club ll-lVg Rush Captain lVg Sigma Alpha Iota ll-IVg Sergeant-ab Arms III, Treasurer lVg Singing Stars I-IV, President IIIg Sing-Song II, III, Stunts I-lllg Student Finance Council III. COLE, JANE LEVELLAND Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Badminton Club lllg Band I-Ill: Basketball Club I-IVg Golf Club IVQ Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IVg Outing Club Ig Panhandle-South Plains Club III, IVQ Softball Club I-lVg Volleyball Club I-IV, Manager II. -v""" 'mayb ,K aun- of V 1 , WM COLLINS, MARTINE ELLYS TEXARKANA ' " ' Home Economics Education, BA. - ' , b Arkansas Club III, IVQ B-Average II, III: Campus League of Women Voters " II, IV: Daughters of TSCW Alumnae II-IVg Dean's List Ilg Home Economics A -- E Q Club III, IVg Philomathia Club III, IVg Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, President V' IVq Round Table IVg Smith Carroll Floor Chairman lII,3 Stunts Ill, IV. gy wg Q? COMPTON, Jo LEE DALLAS It if Speech Education, B.S. 5 V Campus League of Women Voters IVg Dallas Club I-lVg Dormitory Religious ifiiiiflii b Council II, IVg French Club II: Radio Guild IVg Speech Club I-IV. ' I K we C -HN. Ili X3 su.. X :K Y, tg 1 fl CONLEY, MARIANNE LARED0 Art Education, B.S. Art Club III, IVQ Laredo Club III. IVg Newman Club III, IV. COODY, ANN HENRIETTA Mathematics, BA. Alpha Lambda Delta I-III, Alpha Kappa Delta IV, B-Average Il-IVg Campus League of Women Voters IVg College Government Association Scholarship Ig Daedalian Quarterly Contributor Ig Dean's List Il-lVg General Scholarship Ilg Kappa Mu Epsilon ll-IV, Vice President III, IV3 Math Club II-IV, President Ill, IVg National Delegate to KME Convention lllg Omega Rho Alpha l. II, Treasurer Ig Pi Lambda Theta IVQ Residential Assistant IVg Round Table Ill. IV, Sociological Society lVg Student Assistant ll, IIIg Vesper Chairman lllg Wesley Foundation I-IV. COOPER, CLARA E. COLEMAN Speech, B.S. Choral Speaking Choir llg College Theatre III, IVg Heart O' Texas Club IVQ Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club IVQ Nativity Pageant III, IV, Presbyterian Student Association ll-IV, Council Member lVg Radio Guild IVQ Residential Assistant III, IV, Speech Club ll-IVg Tessie Players II-IV, Board of Gov- ernors IV. CRAWFORD, MARGIE RAY ARGYLE Health, Plzysit-al Education and Recreation, B.S. Badminton Club llg Corn Husking Bee Winner l, llg Folk Dance Club I, Ilg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-Ill, W.R.A. Secretary lll. Gov' Merchandising, B.S. DELHOMME, JAN ALICE PORT ARTHUR Campus League of Women Voters IV, Caperettes II-IV, Secretary-Treasurer III College Chorus I, II, Dormitory Religious Council III, Merchandising Club III, IV, Secretary IV, Modern Dance Club Ig Newman Club l-IVQ Southeast Texas Club I-IVg Students II-IV, Student Assistant lll, IV, Tessie Players III DICKINSON, JEAN ELIZABETH Library Science, BA., MA. TEXARKANA Alpha Beta Alpha, President IV, Library Science III, Treasurer III. DIETERT, FAYRENE I Occupational Therapy, B.S. KERRVILLE Aglaian Club II-IV, President III: Campus League of Women Voters Secre tary II: Chapel Choir Ig College Chorus Ig Freshman Counselor Hg Freshman Class Vice Presidentg Lowry Hall Secretary III Modern Choir IIg Occupational Sf Therapy Club II-IV, President IV, Redbud Princess I, Il, Round Table III W IV, President IVg Stunts I, II, IV. DOBSON, MRS. BESSIE, DENTON Kindergarten, Primary Education, B.S. DONALDSON, JOAN A I EAGLE PASS DOOLEY, MRS. LOUISE 4RCYLE Home Economics Eclucatioi , B.S. DUBOSE, LEONA MAE PORT ARTHUR Speer-li, B.S. Ad:-lphian Club ll-IV, Austin Hall, Secretary llg Basketball Club I, Ilg Bowling Club lllg B-Average ll, lll, College Chorus III, IV, Dean's List lll, Nativity Page-ant l-lllg Rifle Club lllg Southeast Texas Club lll, IV, Reporter lll, Stunts l-IV, Speech Club I-IV, Tessie Players I-IVg Volleyball Club l-lVg Z1-ta Phi Eta ll-IV. Corresponding Secretary ll, Treasurer lll, Marshal IV, Pi Lambda Thr-ta IV, Folk Dance Club IV, President IV. DUNN, SARA ANNE ROXTON Heallli, I'l1ysiral Eclurafion and Recreation, B.S. Aquatics Club lll, B-Average lllg Basketball Club lelvg Health, Physical Education and Bt-creation Professional Club l-lV, Treasurer lll, President lVg llm-lacy Club ll. III. Se-rr:-tary-Tn-astlrr-r lllg l.'Allc-gru Club llslV. Rush Captain lll, President lll, Rush Captain IV, Modern Dance Club lVg Outing Club l-lll, Secretary-Treasurer lll, Round Table IV, Student Assistant IV: Stunts l-lV. EDMoNns. BETTYE SUE VICKSBURG, Miss. Sm-retarial Serrirrf, HS. B-Ave-rage Ill: Bowling Club Ilq Professional Business Women's Club llvlllq Sturlf-nt Assistant ll-IV. Bacteriology and Introduction. to Medical Technology, B.S. Biology Club I-IVE Beta Beta H+-IV, B-Average Il-IV, Iota Sigma Phi 111-W2 Sw AW110 Cfssl-1?4iil,1,ra1t if I is DONOVAN, eitl BRINKLEY, ARK H ealth, Physical 'Edzacdtitjnlanil Recreation, B.S. Basketball II, III, Caperettes III, IV, Folk Dance Club I-IV, President II III Hockey I-IV, Varsity II, Health Physical Education and Recreation Profes sional Club I-lVg Stunts I-III, Volleyball l-IV. 50" ar is vale? A FAUX, JOYCE ANN MEMPHIS, TENN. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, BA. and B.S. Badminton Club I-IV, Basketball Club I-IV, Varsity Reserve I, B-Average III, Caperettes IV, Dormitory Religious Council III, Folk Dance Club III, IV, Golf Club I-IV, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IV, Hockey Club II-IV, Varsity Reserve III, Manager IV, Outing Club I, Softball Club I-IV, Varsity III, S.C.R.A. Representative IV, Stunts II-IV, Tennessee Club I-IV, Vice President IV, Volleyball Club I-IV, W.R.A. Repre- sentative II. FAWCETT, KATHLEEN ELIZABETH FORT WORTH Secretarial Service, B.S. Adelphian Club III, IV, Treasurer IV, B-Average III, IV, Dean's List III, Fort Worth Club IV, Newman Club IV, Professional Business Women's Club III, IV, Sigma Phi Beta IV, Stunts III, IV. FICK, EDITH CAROLYN ROSEBUD Home Economics Education, B.S. Dormitory Dietician III, Heart O' Texas Club II, Home Economics Club I-IV, Lutheran Students Association I, II, Vice President 1, Lutheran Students' Club I-IV, President II, S.C.R.A. II, IV, Dormitory Vesper Chairman II, III. FISH, SHIRLEY FORT WORTH Occupational Therapy, B.S. Aquatics Club I, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I, International Relations Club II, Outing Club IV, Occupational Therapy Club I-IV, Radio Guild III, Stunts IV. is we I 10, F LEMING, SUE CAROLYN HOT SPRINGS, ARK. Home Economics Education, B.S. Qt FLETCHER, MARY MARGARET HENDERSON Intermediate Elementary Education, B.S. Adelphian Club Il-IV, President III, Association for Childhood Education I, III, IV, Campus League of Women Voters IV, East Texas Club I, II, III, Round Table III, Stunts III, IV, S.C.R.A. III, Wesley Foundation IV. FLING, KATHRYN IRENE GARWOOD Accounting, B.S. Archery Club I, Professional Business Women's Club Il-IV, Treasurer IV, Stunts II-IV. FRANZ, DOROTHY EVELYN VICTORIA English, BA. Aglaian Club III, IV, Campus League of Women Voters IV, English Club III, IV, Gamma Delta III, IV, Houston Club III, IV, Philosophy Club IV, Sigma Tau Delta IV, Stunts III, IV, Die Valkyrie III, IV, W. T. Evers Special Scholarship Ill, General Scholarship IV. F REDERICK, GRACE DALLAS Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Aquatics Club III, Basketball Club I-IV, Folk Dance Club I, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I-IV, Hockey Club I-IV, Varsity Reserve II, Varsity IV, Houston Club I, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship III, Outing Club I, II, Softball Club I-IV, Volleyball Club I-IV, Varsity II, III. FRENCH, LILLIAN FRANCES HOUSTON Clothing and Costume Design, B.S. Alice Freeman Palmer III, IV, Social Secretary IV, Carnival III, IV, Clothing and Textiles Club I-IV, Vice President III, President IV, Home Economics Council IV, Home Economics Club I-IV, Houston Club I-IV, Round Table Secretary IV, Stunts I-IV. GESS, JOYCE MARIE CAINESVILLE Library Science, BA. Alpha Beta Alpha III, IVQ Badminton Club Illg Library Science Club III, North Texas Club Ill, IV. GARZA, ELEVINIA Health, Pliysieaf Eziuralion and Recreation, Basketball Club I-Illg Caperettes III, Hockey Club I-III, Softball Club I-Illg Volleyball Club I-Il. GILLEY, VIRGINIA CORINE wEAT11E1eroR11 BIISIIIIPSS, B.S. Alice Freeman Palmer Club III, IVg B-Average I-Ill, Dean's List Ill, Fort Worth Club Ig I'i Lambcla Theta III, IV, Treasurer IV- Professional Bu IIN s WVoIIIen's Club III, IV, Secretary IVg S.C.R.A. Representative II, Student Assn-tant II-IV. GLENIJINNINC, CAROL Home El'UllUNlil'S, ILS. GARCIA, CECILIA LAREDO Journalism, B.S. Basketball Club II, B-Average IIIQ Campus League of Women Voters II-IV, Daedalian Annual II-IV, Organization Editor III, Daily Lass-O Columnist II, Sports Editor II, Society Editor III, Photographer II-IV, Editor-in-Chief IVQ Dormitory Floor Chairman Hg Cold Rush Carnival III, IV, Finance Chairman IV, International Relations Club IV: .Iournalism Club II-IV, Kappa Alpha Mu III, IV, Laredo Club II-IV, Outing Club II-IVg. Philomathia Club III, IV, Rush Captain IVg Round Table IVQ Student Council IVQ Student Assistant IIIQ Student Publications Board IV, Stunts II-IV, Publicity Chairman IIIg Sing- Song IIQ Sociological Society IVQ Volleyball Club II, WCST Staff III, Theta Sigma Phi IVg EINK IV. GARCIA, MARIA SOCORRA SAN ANTONIO Upper Elementary Education, B.S. GARCIA, OTILIA WESLACO Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. B-Averageg Health, Physical Education and Recreation,Profe-ssional Clubg L'AIlegro Clubg Modern Dance Clubg Newman Club President IIIg Pi Lambda Thetag Rio Grande Valley Clubg Stuntsg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. GARRETT, BARBARA CROSS PLAINS Child Development, B.S. GARRETT, BETH STEPHENVYLLE Foods and Nutrition, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IVg B-Average III, IV, Danforth Fellowship Winner IIIQ Dean's List IIIg Dietetics Club III, IV, Reporter IIIg Dormitory Religious Chairman IIII Heart O' Texas Club IVg Home Economics Club III, IV, Secretary IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club III, IVg Mary Gibbs Jones Home Economics Scholarship IVg Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, Librarian IVQ Wesley Foundation III, IV, Council IV. GEDDIE, ANNE CAMDEN, ARK. Home Economic, B.S. Arkansas Club II-IV, Treasurer III, Home Economics Club II-IVg Dormitory Secretary III, Wesley Foundation II-IVg Campus League of Women Voters IV, Home Economics Education Club II, IVg Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club IVg B-Average III, Stunts II. PHARR AUHREY GONZALEZ, MARIA LUISA LAREDO Upper Elementary Erlzteation, B.S. Association for Childhood Education ll-lVg La ,lunta ll-lVg Laredo Club ll-lVg Newman Club ll-lV. GRIFFITH, LENA GRAND CANE, LA. Spanish, BA. Alpha Chi lVg Alpha Lambda Delta l, Il, Vice President ll, B-Average l-lVg Campus League of Women Voters IVg Cosmopolitan Club ll-lVg Dean's List I, ll, lVg La Junta Club ll, lVg Student Assistant IV, Wesley Foundation lVg Pi Lambda Theta lV. GUTIERREZ, FANTINA ZAPATA Health, Physical Education and Recreation Caperettes ll-lVg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club Il-lVg La .lunta Club ll, Modem Dance Club III, lVg Newman Club l-lVg Stunts Ill, IV. GUTIERREZ, NYDIA IRENE R10 GRANDE g1Ty Upper Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education III, IVg Newman Club III, IV, Rio Grande Valley Club Ill, IV. HAGEMEYER, JUANITA CAMILLE MERIDIAN, MISS. Costume Design and Fashion Illustration, B.S. Cosmopolitan Club Ill, lVg Fine Arts Club IVQ Presbyterian Student Associa- tion lll, 1Vg Stunts lll, IV. HALBERT, BETTY PONCHATOULA, LA. Sociology, B.S. Badminton Club I3 Health. Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club lg R-Average Ig Sociological Society l'lVg W.R.A. Representative ll. HANNA, MARIE THERES1: Speech, BAS. Phi Eta IV. fs.:-.. 'fhfdlit HALL, MARY KATHRYN Speech Therapy, Erllleation, B.S. .ll Y' C J AN-A B-Average ll, lllg Campus League of Women Voters llg College Theatre lVg Dean's List ll: Nativity Pageant lllg North Texas Club II, lllg Radio Cmll ll, lllg Speech Club ll-lVg Stunts lllg Tessie Players ll-IV. Adelpliian Club ll. lllg Social Representative lVg Campus League of Women Voters lVg Dallas Club l, lll, lVg Nativity Pageant l, lllg Newman Club llV Sociological Society llg Speech Club l, III, President IVQ Stunts ll-lV eta HARGROVE, JoYcE Foorls and Nutrition, B.S. PITTSBURC ll-Average l, ll, lVg Campus League of Women Voters ll, lVg Dean's List ll Daughters of TSCW Alumnae l, ll, President IVg Dietetics Club l ll IV Reporter lVg Dormitory Social Chairman llg Home Economies Club l Il IV Phi Upsilon Omieron ll, lVg Rifle Club ll, lVg Round Table llg Stunts l Il HARRINGTON, NAN Health, Plzysieal Erlueation and Recreation, B.S. CARTHAGE MO ll-Average lllg Dormitory Religious Council Illg Golf Club lVg Health Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club lll, lVg Modern Dance Club lll, lVg Outing Club lVg Redbud Princess lllg Stunts lll. HARRIS, CLYDENE DENTON Kindergarten Primary Education Adelphian Club ll-IV, Social Representative lllg Alpha Lambda Delta l-llg Alpha Chi lll, TV, Vice President lVg Association for Childhood Education I-lVg Campus League of Wlomen Voters lll-lVg Children's Theatre lg Deanis List l-lVg Fort Worth Club lg Le Cercle Francais ll'lVg Omega Rho Alpha llg Pi Lambda Theta lll-lV, Secretary-Treasurer lVg National Council TV, Sigma Tau Delta ll-lVg S.C.S.A. lllg Stunts l, lVg Villageris Club ll-lVg Secretary- Treasurer lll, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities lV. HARVEY, ELINOR PAULINE HOUSTON Home Economies, BS. Home Economics Club I-IVg Home Economics Education Club l-lVg Houston Club I. HAVEMAN, CYNTHIA ANN FRosT Home Economics Education, B.S. Campus League of Women Voters IV, Dormitory Social Representative llg Freshman Counselor llg Heart O' Texas Club IV, Treasurer lVg Home Economics Club l-lV, Home Economies Education Club T-lVg Residential Assistant lllg Student Assistant l, Il, lV, Stunts lV. HAZLIP, JUNE MCDONALD MIDLAND Journalism, B.S. A Aquatics I, llg Campus League of Women Voters lll, IVg Chaparral Club lll, IVg Class Secretary llg Daedalian Annual lll, lV, Business Manager, Junior Editor lll, Editor-in-Chief lVg Daedalian Quarterly Contributor Ig Daily Lass-0 I-IV, Cartoonist l-lV, Thursday Editor, Columnist IVQ Daughters of TSCW Alumnae I-IVQ Journalism Club ll-IVg Kappa Alpha Mu lll, lVg Omega Rho Alpha I-Hg Occupational Therapy Club I-llg Dormitory Religious Chairman lg Round Table IVQ Stunts I-IV, Yell Leader I, H13 Student Council lVg Freshman Counselor llg Theta Sigma Phi lll-lV, Vice President IVQ Serenaders IV, EINK lVg Student Publications Board IV. HEATON, DOROTHY ANN BONHAM Speech, Drama Interpretation, BS. Arena Workshop lllg Campus League of Women Voters IVQ Childrerfs Theatre llg Daughters of TSCW Alumnae T-JV, Secretary lllg Dormitory Sing-Song l, ll, IV, Director llg Nativity Pageant l-lVg North Texas Club lll, lV3 Serenaders' Vocalist lll, lVg Singing Stars l-lV, Secretary lllg Speech Cluh I-IVg WCST Radio Show lll. HERNANDEZ, GLORIA LARED0 Spanish, BA. Dean's List lll, IV, La Junta lll, President lVg Laredo Club lll, lVg Round Table lV. HICKMAN, PATRICIA ozo1vA Prinmry Eclltraliorz, HS. HICCINSON, TSABELLE JANE DE1v1s0N Barleriology and Introrluclion to .lledigal Technology, BA., BS. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IVg Alpha Chi lll, lV, Secretary lll, lVg Alpha Lambda DI-lta l-llg Athenaeum Club lll, Beta lieta Beta Il-lV, Historian lll, President IV: Biology Club l'lVg Howling Club lllg Candidate for CCA Vice President lllg Rusk System Counselor llg Dcan's List l-lVg lota Sigma Pi lll-lV, Treasurer .lVg Omega Rho Alpha l, llg'Outing Club lVg Residential Assistant lllg Round Table IV, S.C.R.A. Member ll, Illg SingASong lg Stunts l-lVg Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities lV. HII-J,. PATSY JEAN RROIVNFIELD lIlSfl.fIIfl'0Il llana,QernenI, BS. Dif-II-tif-s Club l-lV. lllT1'ilQllI'4'I' ll. Viet- Pr:-sid:-nt lll. President III: Home Eeonomies Club l-lV: .lamr-s H. Lowry ll-lV. Secretary-Treasurer lVg Pan- llilllillf'-Sfllllll Plains Club IV: Stunts l-IV. HINOJOSA. Nom ALICIA FA1,r'U1eR1As Home ILiI'0V1!I777ff'S h'rlnr'alion, HS. ll-Aw-ragio lllg llomn- Er-onomies Ecluration Club I-IVg lloms- EI-onomirs Club II-IX: .l2ll1It'- ll. l.owrv f.lub. Sm-Ial Rl'IIY'l'N1'lllllllVl' lx: lilo Crzinrln- Xalley Club. Vim- lJY'l'Nlfl4'Tll III: Hunts ll-IV: XVI-sl:-y lfounclation Ill-IV. HOLCOMB, RHEBA JOAN DALLAS C,!'!'IlIIl1fi0lllZl Therapy, B.S. A-Average lg Alpha Lambda Delta lg Badminton Club lllg Campus League of Women Voters lVg Crafts for Fun ClI1b llg Dean's List l-lVg Freshman Counselorg Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship lg Le Cercle Francais Hg Occupational Therapy Club ll-lVg Omega Rho Alpha lg Residential Assistant lVg Stunts lVg Volleyball Club lg Rusk System President lV. HORNING, JERRY GLASGOW, KY. Piano Omega Rho Alpha lg Alpha Lambda Delta llg Freshman Writers Ig BSU Executive Council l-lVg Modern Choir lg Singing Stars l-lVg Dean's List l-lVg KEM llg Music Club lll. HORST, RUTH ELIZABETH AMHERST, MASS. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Aglaian Club lVg Aquaplaning Club I, llg Aquatics l-lV, Treasurer ll, President lllg Badminton Club lg ll, IV, President llg Basketball l-lVg Boating Club lVg Campus League of Women Voters lll, lVg Folk Dance l, llg Health. Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club l-IV, Vice Presi- dent lVg Hockey Club I-IV, Varsity ll, lVg Life Saving Club l-lllg Outing Club l-lVg Softball Club l-lVg Stunts l4lVg Volleyball Club l-lVg W.R.A. Repre- sentative lVg S.R.A. Board ll-lV. P HOSKINS, BETTY DALLAS Health, I,l1YVSiCUlEdllCllli07l and Recreation, B.S. Aquatics H, Illg Basketball Club II, lllg Chaparral Club III, lVg Folk Dance Club IH, IVg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club II-lVg Stunts II, III: Tennis Clubg Volleyball Club lll. HUFFMAN, PAULINE MARSHALL Reereation, B.S. Campus League of Wlomen Voters lVg Caperettes ll-lVg Chaparral Club ll-lVg East Texas Club lg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club l. ll, lVg Modern Dance Club lg Stunts H-IV. HUMPHREYS, DEAR BELLE LUBBOCK Speeeh ,,,,, 9, xt It . XA X llf?, f A A X IRVIN, Jo ANN LAKE CHARLES LA JASPER, BOBBIE JEAN English, BA. Occupational Therapy, B.S. Aquatics Land Crew Manager Hlg Badminton l-lllg Basketball Club ll lll Caperettes lVg Chaparral Club ll-lVg Folk llanee Club l, llg Coll Club lll Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club l, llg Hockey Club l-lllg Occupational Therapy Club ll-IV, Treasurer llg Outing Club l ll Serenaders lll, lVg Sigma Alpha lota lll, lVg Softball Club l-lllg Stunt l-lllg Volleyball Club l'lVg W'.R.A. Representative ll. lRVINE, AGNES LINDA GEORGLTOWN Kindergarten Primary Ezlzteation, BS. Association for Childhood Education I-lVg Band l, llg Dean's List llll Delian Club ll-lV, President lV, Floor Chairman llg Freshman Writtr l Round Table Treasurer lVg Sigma Tau Delta ll-lVg Stunts lg Tessie Plays rs l JANK, MARY PATRICIA Home Economics Education, B.S. HOUSTON Campus League of Women Voters lVg Caperettes lllg Home Economics Eduta tion Club l-lVg Houston Club lVg San Antonio Club lg Student Assistant lll B-Average lllg Daedalian Quarterly Contributor l-lV, Editor lVg Engli h Club 1-lV, Secretary lllg Freshman Scholarship lg Ceneral Scholarship lllg OHR53 Rho Alpha l, llg Villagers' Club I-lVg Pi Lambda Theta lVg Who's Vtfho In American Colleges and Universities lV. .aff I egg ,f I Q fee KELLDORF ALMEDA MAMIE TAYLOR Kindergarten Primary Education, B.S. JENKINS, ELIZABETH ANN TEMPLE Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Aquatics I, B-Average III, Basketball Club I, Campus League of Women Voters IV, Capps Hall Secretary II, Chaparral Club II-IV, College Govern- ment Association Vice President IV, Daughters of TSCW Alumnae I-IV, Freshman Counselor II, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Profes- sional Club I-IV, Junior Class Vice President, Redbud Princess II, III, Stunts II, III, Volleyball Club I, III, W.R.A., Tennis Club Winner I. J ENNINGS, HELEN JOY SOUTH FORK, COLO. Foods and Nutrition, B.S. Aglaian II-IV, Secretary-Treasurer III, B-Average II, III, Campus League of Women Voters II, College Chorus I, Dean's List II, III, Dietetics Club II-IV, Secretary III, President IV, Home Economics Club II-IV, Iota Sigma Pi III, IV, Vice President IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu III, IV, Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, Presbyterian Student Association II-IV, Council Member IV, S.C.R.A. IV, Wesley Foundation I, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. J ONES, WANDA MAE FORT WORTH Art Education, B.S. Art Club I-III, Fort Worth Club I-III, Gold Rush Carnival II, Redbud Princess II, Stunts II. JORDAN, JOY WICHITA FALLS French, BA. Campus League of Women Voters II, French Club II, III, President IV, Tessie Players III, IV, Stunts II, III. JUNEAU, JOAN PORT ARTHUR Chemistry, BA. Adelphian Club III, IV, American Chemical Society Student Affiliate IV, B-Average Ill, Campus League of Women Voters III, IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu I-IV, Newman Club I-IV, Student Assistant II, III, Stunts I, II. KEITH, JUNE BORCER Clothing and Costume Design, B.S. Chaparral Club II-IV, Secretary IV, Home Economics Club I-III, Omega Rho Alpha I, Panhandle Club I, III, IV, Redbud Princess III, Residential Assistant III, IV, Stunts II-IV, Class Beauty Nominee IV, Delta Phi Delta IV. A sociation for Childhood Education Ill, IV, College Chorus Il, Dormitory Floor Chairman III Dormitory Vesper Chairman Il, L'Allegro Club II-IV, Trea urer Ill IV SC.R.A. II-IV. Historian III, Secretary IV, Stunts I-IV. KINDEL MARION WEATHERFORD Health lhysital Education and Recreation, B.S. lla lutball Club II IV Chaparral Club III, IV, Folk Dance Club I-IV, Fresh- man Cla s Treasurer Hockey Club I-IV, Varsity II, Ill, Health, Physical Edu- tation and Recreation Professional Club I-IV, Representative I, IV, Outing Club llll Rcdbud Princess Ill, Stoddard Hall President IV, Stunts I-IV, I 4yball Club IIV Varsity ll, Ill KNOPP NELDA CANAD0 Health lhisital Education and Recreation, B.S. Aquatus Club ll IV Badminton Club Ill, IV, Fencing Club IV, Hockey Club ll Health IJIIVSIC al Fducation and H:-creation Professional Club I-IV, Softball ff, Club IIV Stunts IIV, Volleyball Club I-IV, YV.R,A. Representative I, Il, WIC Ira ldent IV. -vw Q KUEIIN IVIARY ELLEN EIQCOUCI1 Seronrlari Erluralton, 13.5. Q' ll nal um C ub ll ll Average ll, Ill, lJean's List Ill, E. II. White Nlatll Club K Ima X u F silon ll-IV, Treasurer Ill, President IV, Residential Assistant ll IV R10 Crande Valley Club I-IV, Vice President ll. LARSEN, BETTY LOU DALLAS Bacteriology and Introduction to Medical Technology, B.S. Biology Club I, II, IV. LAWRENCE, MYRA ANN HAMILTON Child Development and Nursery, Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education IV, Alpha Chi IVg Alpha Lambda Delta I, Treasurer llg B-Average I-IV, Child Development Club l-lll, Secretary- Treasurer ll, Dean's List I-lVg Dormitory Finance Chairman ll, Dormitory Floor Chairman Illg Heart O' Texas Club lg Omega Rho Alpha lg Philomathia Club ll-lVg Pi Lambda Theta lll, Reporter lVg Sigma Tau Delta ll-IVQ Student Assistant Ilg Senior Class Secretaryg Stunts l-lVg WCST Staff Musician lllg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. LEE, BOBBIE FUREST HILL, LA. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Adelphian Club II-IV, Treasurer lllg Aquatics Club I-III, Treasurer IIIQ Basketball Club I-III, Varsity Reserve II, lllg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club l-lVg Softball Club I-III, Varsity l-lllg Stunts I-lllg Yell Leader IIIQ Volleyball Club l-IV. LITTLEFIELD, SHIRLEY JEAN DALLAS Occupational Therapy, B.S. B-Average Ilg Chaparral Club ll-IV, Dallas Club I-IV, Vice President IIQ Occupational Therapy Club I-IV, Correlated Committees Chairman III, Student Assistant III. LLOYD, BARBARA MAY Kindergarten-Primary Education, BA. Association for Childhood Education III, IVg B-Average IlIg Cosmopolitan Club I-IVg College Chorus IIIg Campus League of Women Voters IVQ Le Cercle Francais Ilg Presbyterian Student Associationg Radio Guild Ig Residential Assistant III, IVg Sociology Club III, IV. LOPEZ, V1oLA CHUPAMPA, PANAMA Art Education, B.S. vm Wt. . g if wk , :ss Ju, at 'JSR' 'U K: if ft LOVINGGOOD, JANICE BRECKENRIDCE Foods and Nutrition, B.S. Dean's List Ig Dietetics Club III, IVQ Floor Chairman II, Heart 0' Texas Club III, IVQ Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club III, IVQ Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IVg Round Table IIIg Smith Carroll President Illg Student Assistant III, IVQ Student Council IIIg Stunts III, IV. LOWE, VIRA JEAN ATLANTA Music Education, B.S. Modern Choir IVQ Symphony Orchestra Ig Wesley Foundation III, IV. LUNDAY, ANITA KATHRINE MANSFIELD General Business, B.S. B-Average II, Baptist Student Union II-IVQ B.S.U. Council II-IV, Dean's List Ilg Fort Worth Club II, James H. Lowry II-IV, Secretary II, President IVg Professional Business Women's Club II-IVg Round Table IV, Dormitory Vesper Chairman II-IV. MAGEE, KATHERYN MARIE General Business, B.S. Athenaeum Club III, IV, Social Representative IVQ Bowling Club IVQ Campus League of Women Voters III, IVg Cosmopolitan Club IV, International Rela- tions Club III, IVg Newman Club I-IV. MARSH, MARILYN ORANGE Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. B-Average IIIg Bowling Club III, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club II-IV, Outing Club IVg Round Table Illg Southeast Texas Club ll-IV, President Illg Softball Clubg Stunts II. MARSHALL, FLORENCE PARIS Music Education, B.S. Band IVg Chaparral Club IVg Campus League of Women Voters lVg Inter- national Relations Club IV, Music Club IVg Stunts IV. MASCH, OLGA FAYE SLIDELL Home Economics Education, B.S. College Chorus Illg Dormitory Social Chairman lIIg Dormitory Dietician IV, Home Economics Club IVg Modern Choir III. MASON, LAFAYE MADISONVILLE Home Economics Education, B,S. Folk Dance Club I, Ilg Home Economics Education Club Il-IVg International Relations Club I, ll. MAYFIELD, CARILETA ELIZABETH MANSFIELD Home Economics Education, B.S. Baptist Student Union III, lVg General Scholarship IIIg Home Economics Club III, IVg Home Economics Education Club III, IVg Mary Gibbs Jones Scholar- ship lVg Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, Recording Secretary IV. MCBRIERTY, MARTHA JANE Ezvzvls Secretarial Service, 3.5. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee II, III, Aggie Sweetheart IVg B-Average Illg Caperettes III, lVg Chaparral Club II-lVg Class Beauty Nominee II, IV, Cotton Ball Duchess II, Cotton Ball Queen Illg Junior Class Secretaryg New- man Club I-IV, Secretary IVg Professional Business Women's Club I-IV, Social Representative IVg Redhud Crown Princess IIIg S.C.R.A. IVg S.C.S.A. Illg Stunts I-Ill MCCLURE, THELMA JOAN Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. B-Average lllg Badminton,Club II-IV, President Illg Basketball Club II, III, Bowling Club Varsity II, III, Dean's List III, Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club II-IV, Rifle Shooting Varsity II, Softball Varsity II, Varsity Reserve Illg Volleyball Varsity ll, Varsity Reserve III. MCDANIEL, BETTY JANE GRAYSON Bacteriology and Introduction to Medical Technology, 13.5. Alice Freeman Palmer III-IV, Vice President IVQ Stunts I-IVg Biology Club I-IVg Dormitory Vesper Chairman I-Ilg Student Assistant III. MCDANIEL, NAN ELLEN LITTLEFIELD Occupational Therapy, 3.5. Baptist Group Leader III, lVg Occupational Therapy Club I-lVg South Plains- Panhandle Club I-IV, Secretary III. MCDERMETT, JOY ALVIN General Business, B.S. Cotton Ball Nominee I-lg Dormitory Secretary Ilg Houston Club I-lllg Maid of Cotton Nominee Il, Illg Philomathia Club Il-IV, President III, Round Table lllg Redhud Princess llg Sophomore Class Bcautyg S.C.S.A. III. MCDONALD, AMY ORANGE English, BA. English Club ll-IV, President IV, Le Cercle Francais II, III, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge II-IV, Modern Choir I-IV, President III, S.C.R.A. II-IV. MCFARLAND, NEVA GRACE DALLAS Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Badminton Club II-IV, Basketball Club I-IV, Boating Club IV, Bowling Club II-IV, Fencing Club III, IV, Folk Dance Club Ill, IV, Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation Professional Club I-IV, Hockey Club Varsity III, IV, Softball Club ll-IV, Rifle Shooting Club Varsity III, President IV, B-Average III, Tessie Players III, Adelphian Club IV, Volleyball Club I-IV. MCFARLANE, BARBARA GRAHAM Music Education, B.S. Alpha Chi Ill, IV, Alpha Lambda Delta I, Il, Aglaian Club II, IV, President III, Chapel Choir I, II, College Chorus I, II, Daedalian Quarterly Contributor Ill, IV, Dean's List I-IV, Freshman Counselor ll, Freshman Writer, Music Club I-IV, Omega Rho Alpha I, II, Radio Guild III, Music Director III, Redbud Princess Il, III, Senior Class President, Sigma Alpha lota II-IV, Sigma Tau Delta ll-IV, Singing Stars II-IV, Sing-Song I-Ill, Director III, Stunts Music Director I-IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities IV. MCFERRIN, SANDRA PORT NECHES Home Economics Education, B.S. MEEK, CAROLYN HAMPTON BRADLEY, ARK. Chemistry, B.S. Al h hi IV' American Chemical Societ Student Affiliate IV Arkansas p a C , Y s Club III, IV, Campus League of Women Voters lll, IV, Dean's List I-IV, Iota Sigma Pi III, IV, President IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu III, IV, Kappa Mu Epsilon II, IV, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge II-IV, Omega Rho Alpha Ig Student Assistant III, IV, Stunts ll, Ill, Texas Academy of Science IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. MENDIETA, ELMA BRUNI Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education II-IV, E. V. White Mathematics Club I, La Junta Club Ill, Laredo Club I, II, Newman Club I, II, IV, Rio Grande Valley Club Ill, IV, Stunts III. A-A as Aff' A Ln AH v-lv", -nee? I l -fs' l 'TZ7' 457 MENDOZA, GABRIELA Mathematics CHITRE, PANAMA MEYER, BARBARA LOU Occupational Therapy, B.S. B-Average III, Dean's List III, John Henry Newman National Honorary Society III, IV, Newman Club II-IV, Vice President ll, President III, Miss 'SNewmanite" of South Central Province II, Occupational Therapy Club II-IV, Residential Assistant IV, Speech Club IV, Tessie Players Il-IV. FORT WAYNE, IND. MINICK, DOROTHY ANN SAN BE1v1To Journalism, B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta I, II, Alumnae Bulletin Editor IV, B-Average I-IV, Campus League of Women Voters ll-IV, Vice President IV, Carnival Publicity Chairman IV, Daily Lass-O Columnist III, Amusements Editor III, Wire Editor III, Friday Editor IV, Daedalian Annual II1, IV, Senior Class Editor, Dean's List I-IV, Delian Club II-IV, Secretary-Treasurer II, President III, Dormitory Religious Council IV, Freshman Counselor II, Omega Rho Alpha I, Round Table III, S.C.S.A. III, Stunts I-IV, Program Chairman III, Texas Daily Newspaper Interne III, Theta Sigma Phi III, IV, President IV, Delegate to National Convention Ill, Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities IV. MINTER, NORMA STEPHENVILLE Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education II-IV, Bowling Club III, Dormitory Floor Chairman, Summer Ill, Heart O' Texas Club II-IV, Vice President IV, Student Assistant IV, Stunts II-IV. f"",xeA-e man IV. NORTHCUTT, WANDA RETA PADUCAH Home Economics Education, B.S. B-Average IV, Campus League of Women Voters IVg Dormitory Floor Chair- man Ilg Home Economics Club II-IV, Home Economics Education Club II-IVg Outing Club lIg Panhandle Club IVQ Student Assistant II-IVg Stunts II, IV, NUNNALLEE, RANAH CAROLYN STAMFORD Foods and Nutrition, B.S. Adelphian Ill, IV, President IVg B-Average III, IV, Daughters of TSCW Alumnae III, IV, Secretary IIIQ Dietetics Club III, IV, Vice President IVg Panhandle-South Plains Club lVg Stunts III, IV, Round Table IVg S.C.S.A. IVg Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV. 07NEIL, MRS. JOYCE Wooo WELLINGTON Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education III, IV, Panhandle Club III, IV. OPITZ, NANCY ANN MALAKOFF Mathematics, B.A. Adelphian Club 111, IV, Secretary IVg Art Club Ig Campus League of Women Voters lVg Kappa Mu Epsilon IV, Math Club l-lVg Southeast Texas Club I-IVg Stunts I-IV. MOREHEAD, MARTHA JANE PICHMOND Speech Education, B.S. Band I-III, Carnival II, Houston Club Radio Guild II III Speech Club IIV Stunts I-III, Tessie Players I-III, WCST Radio Staff III MORRISON. MRS. JOYCE ICIAGUP MCKINNEY Library Science, B.A. Alpha Beta Alpha IV, Vice President IV Alpha Lambda Delta I Il B Average I-IV, Dean's List I-Illg Library Science Club IIII Treasurer III President IIIg Omega Rho Alpha Ig Pi Lambda Theta III IV SI ma Tau Delta II IV MOTE, BILLIE RUTH MIDLAND Health, Physical Education and Recreation B S Class Representative for Professional Health Physical Education and Recrea tion III, IVg Folk Dance Club Secretary III Modern Dance Club II IV Secretary III, President IVQ Stunts III IV MOUGIN, JOAN MARY QUITMAN General Education, B.S. B-Average IIIQ Campus League of Women Voters III IV Chaparral Club III IVQ East Texas Club lVg Occupational Therapy Club Ill Stunts III P1 Lambda Theta 1Vg Dormitory Floor Chairman IV Carnival Ticket Chau' NELSON, MARJORIE Jo DEVERS Speech Correction, B.S. Alice Freeman Palmer Club III, IV President IV BAvera e III Bowling Club III, IV, Round Table lVg Southeast Texas Club II IV Social Chairman III, Speech Club Il-IV, Student Council of Social ACIIVIIICS IV Stunts II IV NIXON, VIRGINIA JOYCE GANADO Clothing and Costume Design, B S ??i5,w5,i.:' - A. , rv---up PEARSON, VIRGINIA LIEM DENTON Home Economics Education, B.S. PENA, JUANITA NINO SAN ANTONIO Spanish, BA. La Junta Club II-IVg NewnIan Club I-IV, San Antonio Club I-IV. PEREZ, MARIA DE Los ANELES EL PASO Interior Design, B.S. Art Club Secretary IVg Campus League of Women Voters IVI Chaparral Club lVg El Paso Club III, IVQ International Relations Club IVQ Newman Club. PETERMAN, ANN LOY DALLAS English, BA. Adelphian Club II, III: Alpha Chi lllg Alpha Lambda Delta Llllg Aquatics Club Ig Daedalian Quarterly Contributor II, Literary Editor lllg Dallas Club Il, III, Daughters of TSCW Alumnae II, Ilig Degxfs List l-III, English Club ll, lllg Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club 1, 114 Omega Rho Alpha I-IIIQ Sigma Tau Delta Il, III, Secretary Illg Stunts Ilg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. ' PETERS, FLORINE . TEMPLE Home Economics-Journalism, Home Economics Education, B.S. Alpha Lambda Delta I, llg B-Average II-IVg Campus League of Women Voters II-IVg Dean's List I-Illg Danforth Scholarship Ig Journalism Club I-IVQ Home Economics Club I-IVg Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club II-IV, Omega Rho Alpha I, Ilg Phi Upsilon Omicron ll-IV, Candle Reporter III, IVg Daily Lass-O Columnist Ill, Society Editor Illg Student Council lVg Student Finance Council President IVQ Stunts I, llg Texas Daily Newspaper Association Interne lllg Theta Sigma Phi Ill, IV, Secretary-Treasurer lVg Wh0's Who in American P IIE' ,. ' Q, egg .Mag 'Q' Colleges and Universities IV. PHILLIPS, JOYCE PAWS Library Science, BA. Alpha Beta Alpha Parliamentarian IV: Floor Chairman IIIQ Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club III, IVg Stunts III, IV. 'iii -I CT' P N PLUENNEKE, GERALDINI5 MASON if I R Home Economics Education, B.S. 5 I f i p fe-,V Home Economics Club IIIQ Home Economics Education Club III. f - P I PODUSKA PATSY RUTH MEMPHIS TENN. QVC-T TTT Pre-Me1licine,B.A. 7 iw., I11 ' Aquatics Club II, Illg Athenaeum Club llg Beta Beta Beta II-IV, Secretary- vt I Treasurer III, Vice President IV, Biology Club Il-IV, Bowling Club ll, Illg -any . Candidate for College Government Association Treasurer III, Dean's List ll-IV, I . , E. V. White Mathematics Club II-IV, Fencing Club ll-IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu A A III, IVg Kappa Mu Epsilon II-IV, President Ilg Outing Club lVg Rifle Club . Ilg Round Table Illg Senior Class Treasurerg Student Assistant III, IVg 'Q T Q-,.,,..LS.l , Re .fi J 'j I' ig f' H' Stunts II-lVg Tennessee Club II-IVQ Wh0's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. POSSEHL, PHYLLIS E. LANCASTER, N. Y. Instrumental Music Supervision, B.S. Band I-IV, Vice President Ilg B-Average I-IVg Cosmopolitan Club Ilg Dean's List II, lllg Dormitory Sing-Song lg Floor Chairman IIIg Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club Ilg Music Club I-IV, Secretary-Treasurer lllg Orchestra II-IV, Soloist III, Round Table IV, Serenaders I-IV, Student Director IVQ Sigma Alpha Iota II-IV, President lVg Softball Club Ig Student Assistant II-IV. PRADO, GLORIA ERMELINDA SAN ANTONIO Upper Elementary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Educationg College Chorus IIIg La Junta III, IV, Newman Club III, IV, Treasurerg San Antonio Club III, IV, WCST Staff III. f 4 ling fmox, 'v7"l A p Av" ali' RODRIGUEZ, BERTHA THELMA Business Edzzvation, B.S: Laredo Club ll-IV, Newman ClIIb ll-IV. RODRIGUEZ, GLORIA Kinrlergarten-Prinzary Education, B.S. Association for Childhood Education III, Club lll, IV. ROOT, MRS. PEGGY CALLAWAY Home Ecoriolllics l'I!IIl!'l1flIOIl, HS. Arkansas Club lllg Home Economics Club Ill, IVg International Relations Club IV: Mary Eleanor llrackcnridge lll, lVg Phi Upsilon Omicron III, IV, . Residential Assistant ll l. ROSCOE, JULIA BEVINGTON Occupational Therapy, B.S. Aglaian Club lll. lVg Crafts for Fun Club IIQ Folk Dance Club II, III, Fort Worth Club II-IV: Occupational Therapy Club I-IV. MC? PRICE, JANIS MAGNOLIA, ARK. Home Economics Erlncation, B.S. Arkansas Club III, IVg llaptist Studcnt Union III. IV, Home Eco1IOmics Education Club lll, IV, llumc Economics Club lll, lVg Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club lVg Pbi llpsilon Oinicron lll, IV. RICHARDSON, ROBBIE SUE SEMINOLE General Srienre, B,S. 'QQ Panhandle-South Plains Club l-IV, Sccre-tary-Trcasurer Ill. Rios, MINERVA DIANA LAREDO Health, Physical Education and Rcr'reat1'on, ILS. Health, Physical Education and Recreation Professional Club I, II, La Junta fi Club I, II, Laredo Club I, ll, Newman Club I, II. RISK, JIMMIE LOUISE SHERMAN Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.S. Badminton li, Ilg B-Average lll, Basketball l, ll, Varsity Reserve I, ll, Health, I Physical Education and Recreation Professional Clubg Hockey ll, lll, I..'Allegro ll, III, Vice President III, Lifeguard Club lll, Outing Club Ilg Softball Club l, llg Volleyball I, II. ROACH, MRS. KATHERINE DENTON Nj , ROBINSON, SARAH STEPHENVILLE Home Economics Education, B.S. Home Economics Clubg Home Economics Education Club III, IV. 8' f s S LAREDO 411 MU? LAREDO 'V -eff' 92 1'0"-vi? IV, La Junta Club III, IVg Laredo ASHDOWN, ARK. FORT WORTH wwf ROUSSEAU, MARLENE HENDERSON General Business, B.S. Adelphian Club ll, IV, B-Average I, ll, IV, Campus League of Women Voters IV, Dean's List I, II, IV, East Texas Club I, II, Treasurer It, Professional Business Women's Club II, IV, Rifle Club II, Student Assistant I, II, IV, Stunts ll, Volleyball Club IV. ROWAN, ANNETTE GREEN COVE, FLA. Sociology, B.S. Ruiz, ELVIA ENEIDA PANAMA Matlzematics, BA. Basketball Club Ill, La Junta Club II-IV, Mathematics Club II-IV, Vice President IV, Newman Club III, IV, Softball Club III, Student Assist- ant Ill, IV. RUNNELS, BEVERLY ETHEL FREEPORT Home Economics Education, B.S. Alpha Chi III, IV, President IV, Cover Girl "What's New in Home Economics", Dean's List l-III, Fannie C. Potter Scholarship III, General Scholarship III, 4-H and Home Demonstration Club I, Il, President II, Home 'Economics Club II-IV, Home Economics Education Club III, IV, Home Economics Scholarship IV, Kappa Epsilon Mu III, Maggie W. Barry Scholarship I, Mary Eleanor Brackenridge Club II-IV, Mary Swartz Rose Club I, National 4-H Citizenship Scholarship II, Omega Rho Alpha I, ll, Phi Upsilon Omicron Il-IV, Librarian III, Round Table II-IV, Stunts I, II, Texas 4-H and TSCW Representative to Midcentury White House Conference for Children and Youth I, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. I i RUSSELL, REBECCA . HOUSTON Uccupational Therapy, B.S. Occupational Therapy Club. RUTLEDGE, Jo AN BENAVIDES Speech, B.S. Aglaian Club II-IV, Children's Theatre III, Cotton Ball Nominee ll, Dean's List Ill, Nativity Pageant ll-IV, Round Table III, IV, Vice President III, Redbud, Lady-in-Waiting Ill, Stunts I-llI, Tessie Players I-IV, President III, Treasurer IV, Zeta Phi Eta ll-IV, Vice President II, President IV, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities IV. SANCHEZ, ELBA FAIDA LAREDO Business Education, B.A. B-Average II, III, Dean's List II, E. V. White Math Club III, IV, Secretary IV, Kappa Mu Epsilon III, IV, Laredo Club II-IV, President III, Newman Club II, III, Professional Business Women's Club II-IV, Round Table Ill. SCHRADER, ESTHER MAE DENTON Child Development, B.S. Dormitory Sing-Song II, Child Development Club III, Treasurer IV, Heart O' Texas Club II, Home Economics Club III, IV. SHANKS, MARY IRENE MULESHOE Business Education, B.S. A-Average III, Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Baptist Student Union I-IV, Campus League of Women Voters IV, Chapel Choir I, College Chorus I, II, Dean's List II, III, Dormitory Floor Chairman II, Music Club I, H, Pro- fessional Business Women's Club III, IV, South Plains-Panhandle Club III, IV, Student Assistant III, IV, Stunts I, III, IV. SHAPIRO LILA BETH DALLAS 7 Clothing and Costume Design, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Finalist IV, Aglaian Club III, IV, B-Average IV, Class Beauty Nominee IV, Clothing and Textile Club IV, Vice President IV, Cotton Ball Nominee III, Dallas Club Ill, IV, Dormitory Floor Chairman III, Home Economics Club Ill. IV, Posture Queen Nominee III, Redbud Princess Nominee III, Stunts IV, Who's Who Nominee IV. . I I, I I I 84 SIMMONS, ANN FRANCES PARIS Journalism, B.S. Chaparral Club III, IV, Daedalian Annual Faculty Editor' IV, Daily Lass-O Tuesday Editor IV, Journalism Club III, IV, North Texas Club IVg Redbud Princess III, Senior Class Vice Presidentg Sigma Tau Delta IVg Stunts III, IV, Theta Sigma Phi IV. SIMPSON, NANCY PORT NECHES Child Development, Nursery Education, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee IV, Aglaian Club III, IV, Child Development Club IV, Residential Assistant, Summer Ill, Southeast Texas Club III, Stoddard Secretary IV. SKAGGS, MARY LOU WHITE DEER Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.A. Association for Childhood Education II-IV, B-Average II, III, College Chorus I, II, Chapel Choir Ig Dean's List III, Delian Club III, IV, Vice President IVg Floor Chairman III, Panhandle Club I-IV, Pi Lambda Theta III, IVg Student Assistant III, IV, Stunts I-III, Wesley Foundation III, IV. BETTY Jo DEIvT0Iv SMITH, MRS. BONNIE NALLEY LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Advertising Design, B.S. SMITH, MARILYN DEE EL PASO Kindergarten-Primary Edu cation, B.S. SMITH, ELOISE Music Recreation, B.S. Campus League of Wonien Voters III, Dean's List Ill, Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation Professional Club III, Modern Dance Club IV, Outing Club III, IV, Residential Assistant Illg Stunts, Co-Director III, Variety Shows, CO-Director III. SMITH, NORMA FAYE 4 GAIIVESVILLE Home Economics Erlucatton, B.S. SOMERS, CAROLYN ELIZABETH HARLINGEN Bacteriology and Introduction to Medical Technology, B.S. B-Average II, IIIQ Beta Beta Beta II-IV, Vice President III, Biology Club I-IV, Vice President III, President IVg Dean's List II, III, Iota Sigma Pi III, IV, Secretary IV, Rio Grande Valley Club I, ll, Treasurer II, Student Assistant III. STALLWORTH, JEANETTE ROSEBUD Library Science, B.A. Aglaian III, IV, Alpha Beta Alpha III, IVg Library Science Club III, IVg Wesley Foundation Ill, IV, TSCW Vice President IV. I I STRICKLAND, PATSY BOONSVILLE Foods and Nutrition, BS. A-Average llg Alice Freeman Palmer Club ll, lllg Aquatics Club llg R-Average lg Dean's List 'Hlg Dietetics Club I-Hlg Dormitory Floor Chairman llg Dan- forth Scholarship l: Folk Dance Club lg Home Economics Club l-lllg Phi Upsilon Omicron H, Ill. Treasurer Hlg Redbud Princess Hg Rusk System President Hlg Student Dietieian lH. STUART, LADYE JANETTE TEXAS CITY up Recreation, Art, B.S. Betsy Ross Club H-lV. Viet- President lVg Galveston Club T-lV, Vice President ll, President Hl, Vice President lVg Health, Physical Education and Recrea- tion Professional Club l-lVg Outing Club l-lVg Rifle Club H15 Stunts Hl. f THOMASON, BARBARA JUNE BRoW1vWooD C it Home Economics Education, B.S. A B-Average ll, lVg Carnival Steering Committee lVg College Government Asso- 5 , A ciation Secretary IVg Dean's List l, lllg Freshman Counselor llg 4-H and A Home Demonstration Club lg Heart O' Texas Club l, Secretary H, IHg Home , Economics Education Club I-IVg Lowry Hall President Ilg Philornathia Club ll-lVg Phi Upsilon Omicron H-lVg Pi Lambda Theta HI, lVg Redbud Princess wg, ""5P' llg S.C.'R.A. Dormitory Council Ig Stunts T, Ilg Clothing and Textiles '---Q mv Club ll-lV. THoMAssoN, PANSY RISON, ARK. Institutional Management, B.S. Dietetics Club IVg Fitzgerald President IV. t W, T oMPK1Ns, MARY ALICE SHREVEPORT, LA. 1 I" "?T1h Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. -" f T Association for Childhood Education I-HI, President Hlg B-Average l, Hg In ' V Chaparral Club II, lllg Daedalian Quarterly Contributor lg Houston Hall g Presttt-nt II, Pi Lambda 'rut-ta 11, Hi, vice President 1114 Redbud Princess .1 F, F' M A., 9 llg Round Table ll, lll, Vice President Hlg Student Council Hg Stunts I, H. - U 49" --5' if TUCKER, BETH MARIE LEONARD H A fe 'V Im'11.-silzess Education, BA. -5 , ' Campus League of Woinen Voters Hlg Deanls List lllg Dormitory Religious X Council Hlg Dormitory Floor Chairman lllg International Relations Club lll, ,fe lV, Vice President lVg North Texas Club lll, lV, Vice President lll, lVg Professional Business Womens Club lll, lVg Sigma Pi Beta lVg Student Alpha Chi IVg 'B'Averagze lll, lVg Baptist Student Union Council lll, lVg " Assistant lll, lVg Stunts Ill . k pr'--MIIIQ UNDERWOOD, BARBARA CHARLTON SHREVEPORT Speech, B.S. Chaparral Club ll-lVg College Chorus lg Chapel Choir lg Dormitory Sing-Song I-lVg Freshman Counselor llg Modern Choir l, llg Music Club l, llg Redbud jj' 6 Princess l, ll: Sigma Alpha lota llg Singer with Modern Dance Croup l, Ilg Singing Stars lllg Speech Club HI, lVg Stunts l-lV. VAUGHAN, DOROTHY SUE RAMER, TENN. Home Eeononiirs Erlucation, HS. Home Economics Education Club lll, lVg L'Allegro Club lll, lVg Tennessee Club lll, lV. VILLARREAL, OI.1v1A IRENE LARED0 Areotmtirzg VINSON, FRANCES ANN PARIS Upper Elenzentary Erluration, BS. Association for Childhood Education ll-lV, First Vice President lllg Chaparral Club ll-lV, Treasurer lll, President lVg Stunts lslllg Round Table lVg S.C.S.A. lV. I WN' 5 85 X s 86 I 1 lb, an ,1sfUh 'dl' 1"-""9' VON CLAUSEWITZ, PATRICIA BRUN1 Speech, B.S. Adelphian Club ll-lVg Campus League of Women Voters llg Nativity Pageant I-IVg Radio Guild Illg Speech Club I-IVg Tessie Players II-IV, Vice President IVg Zeta Phi Eta lll, Secretary IV. WADE, GLADYS PARRYLEA SPUR Home Economics Education., B.S. Adelphian Clubg Basketball Clubg Deanis List lllg Home Economics Clubg Panhandle-South Plains Clubg Volleyball Club. WAKEN, DOROTHY LOUISE ENID, OKLA. Occupational Therapy, B.A., Aquatics Club Ilg B-Average List l-lVg Dean's List l-lVg Occupational Therapy Club l-lVg Orchestra lllg Residential Assistant lllg Serenaders Ill, IV. ' WALKER, BARBARA BELLE DALLAS Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee lVg Association for Childhood Education I-lVg Campus League of Wonten Voters lll, lVg Dallas Club I-lVg Freshman Coun- selor llg Philomathia Club ll-IV, Historian Ill, Secretary lVg Student Assistant III. WALVOORD, MARGARET ANN DENTON Kinrlergarten-Primary Erlucation, B.S. Association for Childhood Education l-lV, Secretary-Treasurer IVg B-Average l-lllq Dean's List ll. lllg Pi Lambda Theta Ill, IV, Reporter lll, President lVg Villagers' Club lV. WEBB, MARIAN LOUISE LONCVIEW Costume Design and Faxltion lllustratiorz, HS. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee lVg Art Club I-Illg East Texas Club l-lVg Stoddard Hall Finance Chairman lVg Stunts l-IV. VVEBB. SPE JEAN SEJIINOLE Kfllllffgllffffl-llflilllflfrt' EllIH'ClflA0I1, Clzilrl Derelopmerzt and Nursery Erlura- tion. 13.5. A-stu-ialioii for lfhildhood Education l. lll. lVg lland l. ll: LS-Average III, lVg fiatntuts l.4-ague of Women Voters lVg Cltaparral Club lll. IV: Child Develop- ment Club lll. IV: llortnitory Floor Chairtnan lll: Home Et-onomics Club ll'lV: Xlary tlibbs jones llotne El'tlIlHllllC'N Sl'lltIlLlI'Slllll ll. lllg Panhandle P Club I-IV: lrt-sbyterittn Student Association I-lVg Stunts lll, IV. XVEISS. l'lIiA'YIIliS IRENE HOLLAND flr'l1r'r11l l'.'1l11-1 nliou. l1'.S. llc-art U' lexus tflub l: Kappa Xlu Epsilon ll-IV. 'llreasttrt-r lll: Klary Eleanor , . . , . . l1l'II4'lu-I1rI1lgI- Klub ll. lll: Xlode-rIIl.lIo1I'l-lll: Stunts l. ll. XVI-II.t2ll. XIIIII' l'lICXYCli5 PORT ARr11L'R lll'Illf!1. l'l11,1Ifr1l lilllllfllflillll llllll lf1'f'1'e11liorl. ILS. 1 A - 1 1 1 1 ' ' - I1adnnnt-1nt.luI1 ll-IX: l1-XxvI'zIgt- Il. III: In-tu lwln lu-tu lll. lx: lieans l.tsI Ill: ldolli llunet- tllulw Ill. IY: llvttlllt. l'lIy-ival lfdtn-ation and lieewutiorl llI'4tll'NNlUlllll l.lllll ll-IX: Xlodern l,LlIl1't' Llub III: slillllltilxl lexus l.lul1 lll. lx. WEN Iron I-'. ,I xx IC 1.'o1csl1,'A.w'A lfoovls rmrl blllfl-ll-till. HS. fntttptts l.4'1lQlIl'tIlXXUIIIVII Xoters ll-IX: lll4'lt'llI'- f.lub l-IX: llomt- l'.1'onoIn1f tflnb I-IV ,YL WESTCOTT, ELLEN ANN PITTSBURGH, PA. Library Science, BA. Alpha Beta Alpha lll, lV, Treasurer 1Vg Cosmopolitan Club lVg Dean's List lllg Newman Club lll, lVg Residential Assistant IV, Stunts Ill, lV. WHITE. OLLIE Jo IIEIvT0Iv Home Fronomirs EIl1u'I1li0II. HS. Omega Rho Alpha l: Class Secretary lg Freshman Counselor llg Redbud Princess lllg President CCA IV. WHITESIDE, BETSY JEAN SIPE'SPRINGS Home Economics Education, B.S'. Basketball Club II, III: Campus League of Women Voters IVg Heart O' Texas Club l-lV, Vice President IVg Home Economics Club I-IV: Houston Hall Floor Chairman Hg L'Allegro Club H-IV, Social Chairman Ill, President lVg Rf-dbud Princess Hg Round Table IVg S.C.S.A. III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer IHQ Stunts II, III. WHITEHURST, DOROTHY CAROLYN CROESBECK General Business, B.S. Aggie Sweetheart Nominee lVg Campus League of Women Voters II-IVg E. V. White Math Club I-IVg Heart 0' Texas Club I-IVg Stunts I-IV. uv -tt!" WILKES, SHIRLEY MEMPHIS, TEIVN. , Piano, B.S. f Y' Aglaian Club ll, Ilig Alpha Lambda Delta I, llg College Chorus Ig Dean's T F List l, llg Dormitory Religious Chairman IIg Modern Choir lg Music Club - l. Illg Omega Rho Alpha l, llg Redbud Princess Hg Sigma Alpha Iota ll, Ill, VM if Sec-rt-tary lllg Student Assistant l-lllg Student Council Illg S.C.R.A. II, IH, . L, - if Vice President II, President illg Stunts, Music Director 1, Ilg Tennessee Club I I-lil: Wesley Foundation I-Illg Whos Who in American Colleges and Uni- -- versities IV. WILKINS, DOROTHY BAY CITY Foods anal Nutrition, B.S. -ss. B-Average lVg Campus League of Women Voters IV, Dietetics Club ll-IVQ Home Economics Club 1-IVQ Stunts ll-lV. A! 'Q' df? CRT? TT ,. .t ' : L V .- WILLIAMS, ORA JOY HOUSTON Upper Elementary Edzzeation, 13.5. Assoeiation for Chiltlhood Education III, lVg B-Average Ill. lVg Dean's List Ill: Houston Clubg International Relations Club llg Pi Lambda Theta lll. lV. WILLIS, SHIRLEY lWAY SHAW HOUSTON Health, Plzysiral Ifrlzzratiori and RP!'l'l'II1I'U!1 WILMARTH, CIIARLoTTE KATHERINE DALLAS Kimlergarterz-Prirrzary Education, B.S. Association for Chiltlhood Education lVg llallas Club I-IV, Campus League of XTUIIIUII You-rs ll: llonu- lfeoiioinies Club ll: Nativity PZIQJQVZIIIY ll, lVg bew- ltlilll Club ll-lVg Tessie Players ll-IV, Radio Cuild lV. WISE. BARBARA nouns, N. JIEX. Kinalergarten-l'rirr1ary El1lIt'Hil.07I, HS. Stunts l, Aquatics Club Ig Retlbutl lTI'lIll'l'hS ll, Cotton liall lhieliess III, Pliilomatliia Il-IV. llistorian lV. I is Running Smooth 5 iii 16 Q fx XL QR f- ffXx3 VKXX WV' f7N M Q! A yy! UT XXX X N. F 2 .ff 5 C' Sh ll h ff d A -wk.. Qjw xg '11 ix .ii V, in 5, M Yydk gig wgigx l K LdS X7 h A - I E i wa.-V' ie we HLet,s have both, say officers Rebecca Adams, secretaryg Nancy Garner, vice president and Jill Malone, treasurer, as they plan for the breakfast honoring the senior class. unior class sponsors are Mr. and rs. Kennon Shank. kj . . f 41 -,sf , I ,L ' Lf - . f 3 .-I ,aff 4z ,, H, , 'I I mu ' iifgy , I ,Q,,,,l , ,.W,,., I . , L f -I 2 Al I fwfr ., J, , ff 'Dis 131 if X .,-as S,,,,' K im, L.,. 'Wx Q W ,H aww F 5' ,f Q 5 K W ff .. WN in 'Q L:-' -fm' ggi . ' . kv ,Q ' I- 'i Q' It 'ay' 'sz ADAMS, MARY LYNN ADAMS, CHARLICE ANDERSON, MARY C. ARDOIN, AULDINE ARELLANO, CELIA AUGHTRY, BETTE AVERY, JANE BAILEY, JANE BANE, SIBYL BEAR, PEGGY BEARD, BONNIE SUE BEELER, EMILY BELL, ALICE BENAVIDES, OLGA ELSA BISHOP, PEGGY BLACK, DALIA BLOCK, JACQUELINE BOULTON, VIRGINIA BORN, FREDERICA BOULTINGHOUSE, JULIA BOW, FANNIE BOWER, SALLY BREEDLOVE. LOIS BRIGHT, ELIZABETH ANN Marlin Lake Charles, La.. Gainesville Port Arthur San Benito Gainesville Corpus Christi Itasca Brownwood Stephenville Keo, Ark. Mineral Wells Rockport Laredo Carta Valley Brownsville Mexico, D.F. Memphis, Tenn. Pine Bluff, Ark. Port Arthur Cotton Plant, Ark. Vicksburg, Miss. Magnolia, Ark. Dallas BROWN, BARBARA BROWN, BETTY BURKHART, CYNTHIA CALDERON, BERTHA CAROWAY, VIRGINIA CARRASCO, APOLONIA CHASTAIN, MARY ALYCE CHAVEZ, ESTHER CONNAWAY, JOYCE CONWAY, CLAIRE CORN, KATHRYN CORREA, ANITA 'CORREA, CANDIDA DALE, PATSY RUTH DANNEBERG, LA RITA DEAN, MARCIA DENMARK, PATRICIA DIETRICH, MARILYN DODSON, GAYLE DRAWE, BEVERLY DREYER, ELSA DUNCAN, JO ANN DURHAM, GAIL EUDALY, PAULINE FAIRES, FRANCES FAWCETT, DORIS FISHER, ELIZABETH FITZGERREL, FERN Dallas San Antonio Ballinger Pecos De Leon Redford Sherman Sonora Brookesmith Fort Worth Little Rock, Ark. Raymondville Los Santos, Panama Fort Worth Temple Austin Inverness, Fla. Grand Island, Nebr. Dallas Mercedes Texarkana Sondheimer, La. Bellaire San Angelo Austin Fort Worth Dallas Dodson ,ii I rI fl . 'W X0 ,im I Am- W ,I TM ,. a 5 sp We are M I A 3'- Uf' , 'if' + 4 .fs I ,A ,9 V, . ,J ,, """Y 5 kim I .lunio lah I is , . I, MQRA , Q, we xii, tif, 1' i , ' If K5- I l 4 51,5 Q:, ' 'X 'fa ,t, I .V fl .. ,.,V X! S, ' .,g X if is , it , M ---4' "F"'v' .W FLEMING, PAULA FLORES, PILAR FONE, PATRICIA FUENTES, EVANCELINA GARLAND, SUSANNE CARNER, NANCY GARZA, ELVIRA GARZA, SYLVIA GAUNT, MARY GIFFORD, JIMMIE GILL, .IUANICE GLENN, MARIANNE COEBEL, MARY ALICE GOMEZ, ALICIA CONSOULIN, BARBARA GONZALEZ, FRANCES GOODREAU, NINA GRAVES, ANN GRIFFITH, JOAN GUERRA, GRACIELA CUINN, MARY HADDAD, KATHERINE HARDY, SARAH SUE HEIDMANN, ERIKA Amarillo Fabens Brownsville San Diego Wellington, Kane. I-'ort Worth Corpus Christi Laredo Little Rock, Ark. Houston Novice Rockwall Oakville McAllen McAllen Laredo Beaumont East Andover, N. H. Vicksburg, Miss. Laredo Rusk E1 Paso El Paso Greenville HEIDRICK, ELIZABETH HERFURTH, ANN HILL, SYLVIA HINCKLEY, BARBARA HIPP, 'GLORIA HODDE, DOLORES HOPPER, LESLIE HORNER, JEAN HUDGINS, GERALDEAN HUMASON, CELESTE HUNTER, JANE INCRAM, CHRYSTELLE IRVIN, MARY FRANCES JARABIILLO, NORBIA JOHNSON, EDDY BELL JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JOHNSTON, MARY LOU KAWAS, ADELA KEATING, SARAH ALICE KEISLING, BEVERLY KELLEY, PATSY KILLINGSWORTH, JANE KIRK, JANE KUBALA, MARY KUEHLINC, ARLENE LANKFORD, MARY LOU LAUREL, ORALIA LEE, CAROLYN Galvoston Garland Laredo Mineola San Antonio Brenham Oklahoma City, Okla. Dallas Dallas Houston Brownsville Dalhart Rockwall Cocli, Panama Victoria San Antonio Port Isabel Laredo Laredo Midland Marlin Mineola San Antonio Dallas Vicksburg, Miss. Hot Springs, Ark. Laredo Vicksburg, Miss. al I 43 7 L fr' V' 'L A b ,,,,,,,, l Q, 4 Q 8' 8 wi , A 'S' 'I' V I .I K A saa 4 I 1,655 1 kt L X f I News , I fi 3 I 5 1 ' ' 11, . . . I I , if . 1 A 1,1 . .I ., r . A .Ai Vrkk I an I A wg: a s 3. is K ME 'f A, .ry I , A 'visa K yy, I LL- Y L gi J ,,, ,,L' .,,.- LL Q. W ful' w f,::.,,, u. mf A nw, r o, 9 ' 'mf an sa.. .L . di , L ,fr J 3-'T 2:65 .wif J' - Q,-. 'mn R Y - Y . - 1 V i' .gl 7 1 '74-:J I6 'EEE' 'T I' I -SE' J, rnrr ,,, U I A v b 95 ,qw I dwg.: J 'YW' E5 s s '.,, Q -,--4i - E ' I I ,,,, n K K I I ,Hmmm fi its 6 sf- V 'Winn -W . A , , g I I f LEE, MAY 'Q 1--qi fpv- J If ,f-.W "' 'ff' I f' M LOWRIE, SHIRLEY TT - x.f 3 94 11 MRS' ' S' M LUNDAY, BARBARA MAHON, ANN , Iiigw I . A'--an MAHOOD. MARGARET Q. me aa. R I MALONE, JILL V1--D , --1 EM YZ? MARKEL, ARTIS ANN ,ff f MARTINEZ, ABIELIA Q ' BIENDIETA, ELSA fm - "' "' 2' 9- '- A-.1 MERRILL. SUSAN V' wr 'gl 5 wg: A W A MERRITT, MARILYN MILLER, TOMMYE .IV 5 Y "Y In fn' ,Nuff V W W4 , K X In? in ik Z' 'TGP' A I Hug .,:,,L, , Q Te ' I i -. I 1 X , -A - W ' MILLIGAN, BEVERLY 3 ' 1-am ' I A MOORE, BILLIE ALICE f A nf , A -c 'T' MOORES, PATRICIA MUSE, WANDA Si C 6 .1 Hrs:-. ,A Nw, 38 L MYATT, KATHRYN MCALISTER, CAROLINE ' Biilm A A I McCLELLAN, ANN FRANCES MCDONALD, FLORENCE 'xxx I 4. I E ' MCRERRAN, MARY ANN A x My 'V I, MBNAIR, LOYAL sqm A I - 1: A g IS 'Y "K NEATHERY, ANNE fi NETHERY. DOROTHY 'de Sz . -mi T' . . , f Hong Kong, China Terrell Burleson Kerrville Smamford Huttig, Ark. Poplar Bluff. Mo. Rosenberg Bruni Port Arthur Mineola Graham Houston Millsap Acala Arlington Irving Wellington, Kans. Gatesville Chattanooga, Tenn. Dallas San Antonio Seymour Milam NOBLES, MARGARET NORTHCUTT, JUANITA OLIVER, JOAN ORR, JO ANN PARKER, BOBBIE PARKER, JALIQUELINE PEARSON, MARGARET PEDIGO, JUNE PELT, SYLVIA PENA, FRANCES PERRYMAN, MARY BELLE PHILLIPS, FRANCES PICKENS, MARY PICKETTE, PATRICIA PISTOCCO, GLENDA POSSEHL, CARROLL PROCTOR, JO ANN PYE, JO ELLEN QUIRINO, DOLORES RACKLEY, MARTHA JANE RAMIREZ, , BLANCA RANKIN, PHYLLIS REEVES, JOAN REMYNSE, ELEANOR RINEY, BOBYE ROBERTS, JO ANN ROBERTS, MAMIE ROBERTSON, ANN Temple Paducah Fort Worth Mt. Enterprise Sondheimer, La. Fort Worth Dallas Dallas Houston Laredo Lubbock San Antonio Buffalo Houston Wichita Falls Lancaster, N. Y. San Antonio Ennis Fort Worth Memphis, Tenn. Laredo Dallas Lawton, Okla. Arlington Merkel Corpus Christi McCamey Vicksburg, Miss. 1 1 i inf' f M fx Q WM, H' it in . Q1 X ,J is EQA , H f,?5f' M. e i .Ex -I or f .EAZ :II , U 2 I A ,S no ,p , 1 , ,I-ff, r Q gg ,, , .Q JF ' TT : , N' . s, if Vi 'fn ' 5 ' L RODRIGUEZ, ALICIA RYAN, .IOAN SALINAS, BERTA SARRAN, BARBARA SCANTLAND, MARIORIE SEALE, PEGGY SHAFER, SHIRLEY SHAW, BETTY SHERRILL, CLAUDINE SIMMONS, LOU IDA SMART, HELEN SMITH, SHARON SOBOSLAY, MARILYN STAGG, SUE STANDRIDGE, MARION STEELE, MARGARET STEPHENS, LAURA STEVENS, LOIS STOGNER, JEANETTE STRAYHORN, LOU SUBER, SUE TANIGUCHI, YURI TILLEY, BONNIE TITCOMB, SUE San Benito Pampa Laredo San Antonio Texarkana Beaumont Roanoke Tomball Logansportz Ind. Orange Waxahachie Memphis, Tenn. Fort Worth Beaumont Hot Springs, Ark. Ardmore, Okla. Sherman Paris Clarendon Texarkana Troup Los Indios Wheeler Denton TREVINO, AMPARO TREVINO, MARIA VASQUEZ, CONCHITA WALKER, CAROLYN WALLINC, ELLEN WALSER, CAROLYN WARNER, BONNIE WATSON, BILLIE JACQUE WATSON, MARY ANN WHITE, MAR1 JANE WHITFORD, DELORA JEAN WIDEMAN, ALYCE WISDOM, LAURA YARBROUGH, MARY LOU YOUNG, MONA DEAN Piedras Negras, Mex. McAllen Casa Piedra P ecof Deming, N. Mex. Temple Kansas City, Mo. Hot Springs, Ark. Memphis, Tenn. Caruthersville, Mo. Earth Lubbock Bonham Breckenridge Raymondville 'H'W3?i , 1.,,, 8 bil iv. 'idx o 5 IAZ , i 12- wj -I "if , Sf 4 iff 3 fi? f' .,,, 5 S 1 .': , X 1' 1' '54 Rf 1:5 , ip. A ' Q X .f 319' I Wheeling Along ,MW NK, WM,,m,, ,A,,,.,.w..., -wwf' - --it-1 HZ' WM L X xfx NX oo L5 l5TT lQ U '-1 CJ L4 1-' L1 M K-1 fd VX ff ,, ifjfooi' A 4 o vi? Nfl? Noi WWW fy W 1 X Wo7K1V' 3f .fo ,A -1 1 X f ,oil W 4 N I x....---- Sy! f WF W o H fi Lil N 9 do 1 oo o!ff71, ,oLi1,o 'TW wx 5 i iw-' 74 x A 1-Q o of Mfif' xo 'X oooo M Tj wo 7 TF! o' X ffl ,XQ o dy V4 Y Y T' ' ' , M If Y-i , v' A' f Mm XM , 1 Wx 4 x . W 1 Q ,A -WW f- W, E . .I , .,,V ,i,k7 Ql alt takes paste to make a good posterf' says Sue Boyd, sophomore president. l , E X i , .4 Q 'W a x l -- l , lt........ i., f l 1 wg' ' t,,,.N.., ,. V-ff' 3 3 , I 5 l fa at F M W i I A A ,LA-sn, - ' 1 .M M K' l. v, . Lots of publicity for Harvest Moon, say these officers, as they slave over construction paper, paint and paste. They are J oe Dean Downing, treasurerg Susan Brasher, vice presidentg Laura Beard, secretary. Sophomore class sponsors are Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray Kendrick. Sophomores F 'l 'Q y 'V 'fo ff f h ft fWl:,L4V I ff' fs ,zg . A Lrg . 6- .4 I ,wi 'TN' I " L1 'V ,4 3 I QA Q , X, Ar ,, -1 f . 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Alice Laredo Corpus Christi Plainview WW McKinney Fort Worth Dallas Parkville, Mo. Conway Springs. Kans. Fort Worth Shreveport, La. Cactus BOYD, SUE Siloam Springs, Ark. BRASHER, SUSAN BREWER, ANNIE BRISTOW, CAROL ANN BURNSIDE, BETTY CLAIRE BYINGTON, CARMEN CAMPBELL, BULLER CARLETON, SHARON CHANEY, PATRICIA CHRISTIAN, MARY CLEMENTS, BEVERLY CONTRERAS, MILDRED CORDERO, MARIA CROSS, POLLY COTTON, JO DAUGHERTY, SHIRLEY DAVIS, ANNA MARY DEARMORE, MARGUERITE DE LA CARZA, SYLVIA DIETERT, CAROLYN DOEHNE, JANET DOWDY, CAROLE Stuttgart, Ark. Kemp Ardmore, Okla., Greenville Falfurrias McKinney Fort Worth Dallas Sherman Houston Sinton Redford Wichita Falls Vinila, Okla. Arlington Lufkin Kerrville Hebhronville Kerrville New Braunfels Siloam Springs, Ark. DOWNING, JO DEAN Midland DOYNO, MARY ELIZABETH Rio Grande City DRODDY, JUDY Magnolia, Ark. DRUM, LEOTA DORIS Morton DUNRAR, PATSY McAllen ELLIOTT, NIARY KATHERINE Edinhuru 6 591? K yrs ,.., , we -of 5 1 1' ' 15... if -x. fs- Q , ,wg g K Q, L -'- sag-mf -:fn if 5 3? ,,,,e-if . . i,,i I tm 1. .- W dv, A-QQ if ,hiv-.. if 5 . , :Q . I 96 I Q ' .na SN' f' V A ff Mis t ."!"ll'li 'Vital pfffflsftfmlu .AW uw Sophom ores J. ,. :,f-f .,. - ,.,, , v 'fi .T NA A he Q mg ' .i"""" .,,,A . 2...-1:11 fi A ,Af ffwf if Q we .57 'sf' ' . ,V Y, ,E,u ff ,,., I fffiitietstif Q kvx ELMORE, PAT ESPINOSA, FRANCIS FIGLEY, LINDA FISHER, JANE FISHER, TINCY JEAN FLOREZ, RACHAL FRANKLIN, JENNIE FRAZIER, JANE FRISKE, JEANNIE FULLER, MARY LOU GARCIA, CLEO GARDNER, CARLA GARRETT, CLAUDIA GARY, JO ANN GIST, RENNA FAYE CLENDENNING, MRS. ROSE COLEMBE, SUSAN GONZALEZ, IRENE GREEN, JANE GUEERA, CELIA HADDICK, FRANCIS HAHM, ETTA HARKNESS, SANDRA HARRIS. Lnmv Kansas City, Mo. Denison Denver City Natchez, Miss. Dallas Raymondville Sherman Natchez, Miss. Baytown Houston Chinle, Ariz. Little Rock, Ark. Dallas Fort Worth Denver City Aubrey Dallas McAllen Longview Laredo Plainview Aspermont Stuttgart, Ark. Denison HANEN, ADA HARRY, KATHRYN HARTUNG, ANNA HARVEY, JANE HEBEL, CARRIE LEE HENDRICKS, LYNNE HENRY, JANNETTE HENZMAN, ANNA HOLLOWAY, JO HOLMBERG, LINDA HONEA, CAROLINE HONEYCUTT, KATHLEEN HUFFINE, JO ANN HUTCHINSON, MILDRED JOHNSON, MARY BOB JOHNSON, VERA KATHERINE JOHNSTON, RENNA JONES, BEVERLY KACHTIK, WANDA KING, LOUISE KIRK, HAZEL KIRK, MARTHA LAIDLOW, LOIS LAUTERBACK, SARA LEE, PAT LEWIS, FELDA LINDLEY, LOU ANN LOVELL, SONDRA Albuquerque, N. Mex. York, Nc-hr. San Antonio Fort Worth Palacios Lufkin Sherman Sanger Port Arthur Houston Abilene Pickton Borger Vicksburg Waskom Houston Magnolia, Ark. Fort Worth Brownsville San Marcos Houston Memphis, Tenn. Joliet Arsenal, Ill. Hope, Ark. Forest Hill. La. Crock:-tt Mertzon York, Nc-lmr. 1-1.1 , A :sa , Q Q7 f I ,t ,sf ,Aww-. Q ,,,, , e ,,,,, , ft pl .tv 1 5 4-mr ,. ,. , s , P ,ff-M 171 ., , ik , it vw N 2, W. 'Y' F ty. Y Y' .' X 53' F' K -ev-,Q -- Sophomores E 'VY LW Q 'LlJ,L 'V 5 I 1 x, if ,Ma wall - Fe LOWRIE, JAN MALMCREN, KAREN MALONE, RITA MARDER, VIRGINIA MASSENBURG, EDITH MATTHEWS, NAN MERRILL, BETTY MERRIMAN, MAXINE MINTS, JUNE MORRIS, FANNA MOULTON, LAURA MYERS, DOROTHY MYERS, NORMA JOYCE MCMILLIAN, DONNA NEELY, BARBARA NEWMAN, ELLEN NEWSTROM, DOROTHY NICHOLS, MARTHA FRANCES NIX, JEANINE ODOM, JANETTE OLIPHA NT. NANCY OPPENHEIMER, JO ANN PENA. INEZ PHARB, JANEY Memphis, Tenn. Port Arthur Arlington Dallas Dallas Canadian Port Arthur Amarillo San Angelo Fort Worth Fort Worth Dallas Dexter, Mo. Hampton, Conn. Dallas Perrylon Sherman Brownwood Gatun, Canal Zone Plainview Big Spring Kansas City, Mo. San Antonio Nevada PORTER, EMMA LOU POTTER. CAROL ANN POZNIAK, RACHEL PREWITT, WILMA PRICE, JOAN PRUITT, SANDRA PUDDY, SARA PULVER, MADELYN QUINBY. JOAN RATHJEN, BONITH ANN RAY, BARBARA RHOADES, DORCAS REIMULLER, LINDA ROAN, CAROLYN RODRIQUEZ, JULIA ROSAMOND, SUZANNE RUFFLE, MAVIS RYAN, PAT SAENZ, AMELDA SALISBURY, DARLENE SCHMIDT, BARBARA SETH, CHARLENE SEVERIN, JANET SHINKLE, SALLY SKINNER, RUSTY SMITH, JULIA SMITH, NORMA SMITH, PATRICIA Marshall Roswell, N. Mex. Austin Borger Andrews Atlanta College Station Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Houston York, Nebr. Van White Deer Glendora, Calif. Lubbock Laredo Waxahacliie Dallas Fort Worth Laredo York, Nelrr. Kansas City, Kaus. Leechburg, Penn. Overland Park, Kans. Roswell, N. Mex.. Dallas Pine Bluff, Ark. Brownwood Clarksville, Ark. Q., vo' - .pf ., cf si'-my 42..:IfC 'I 'zz'-1',,I3'5"41r "IL .35 . . ..,a...r , My , .2 F LY' '-A! 5 wr.-56.1 If.--mire? 1, I . f. , gg FW! .ral DPITOIIIOPES L, ' V H' I iii , i id f ,.., ., mg I 51 'L,'L ,L .,,.,: ,,h' 15511: N J 3 I . Q ii 3 Ii: gk I 'H' , I . -f V L I V y- ,, A A A" I I s a A.A, fn : I I 'A Af I If ,. I ihkl I ff E ' .L"L M, IQ' , Q I I -I. ' S TM? SNARE, KATHAIIINE SPIRES, BETTIE ALICE SQUIRES, DIANE STACY, MARY ELLEN STAFFORD, EMILY MAE STANFORD, ANNE STASNEY, MARTHA STEAKLEY, NANCY STEWART, BARBARA STOWE, MILDRED SUNDMAN, JOAN SUTHERLAND, PAT SUTTLE, JULIA SYKORA, ANNIE TATE, CAROLYN TAYLOR, MARY TELLER, VIRGINIA TEMPLETON, PATRICIA TERRY, CONNIE THORNELL, ELEANOR TIEMAN, VIRGINIA TRAMEL, ROSE TRIESCH, FRANCES TUTT, PEGGY Hereford Lovington, N. Mex. Palestine l Houston Grand Prairi- Dallas Temple San Marcos Hargill Olney Houston Uvalde Lubbock Waco Abilene El Cajon, Calif. Sabine Pass Long Beach, Calif. San Perlita Port Arthur Garland Sulphur Springs New Braunfels Crossett, Ark. VAN EERDEN, JANET VAN EERDEN, JEAN VESSELS, GRACE WADE, ANNETTE WARD, JEANENE WASSON, SUZIE WEATHERSBY, LAURA WEAVER, CHARLENE WENTZELL, MARY NELL WHIPPLE, JILL WHITE, NADINE WHITEHEAD, SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, FLORENA WILSON, JEAN WILSON, MDII WRIGHT, PATRICIA YATES, BETTY YELVERTON, JACKIE Fort Worth Fort Worth Pecos E1 Dorado, Ark. Port Isabel Searcy, Ark. McDade, La. Turnersville Temple San Antonio Hot Springs, Ark. Longview Whitewright New Orleans, La. Vivian, La. Fort Worth St. Louis, Mo. Hattiesburg, Miss. just Starting to Roll ,lv eh 47 1, W gas M as mf 35. 3 ka .N -. L, ff kk as bf wap 1 W5 PM Q, Q 3 , H Q, W fjigffgs Q fr ,Mfg M5711 gg. :QQ ff 7" -, 5 k fm -QAV,V,s,s'r f fezk .W vawnx iggfinilcx jp -'I 5323 122293 31 -Wi?EV'T'fR?1iw' iff ' fy3gislQQQ?5jQQ2i3f L11 M Q ww - , , ,W M tg 'L ,K Q, 5 2 , fu.- 733631. Saw W Q all A..Q58'7?'T2f1!7'lE!sXKTl. QW , ,V A-fvwrn-fp wvimspjvr ,fm +i... L fxklxkmllln-llxl X-VxU!WVl XL1, UNVUUX uxw I j'VAbYD'3WN T1XNN WUXXX Df3x7NNyv STN-PM C N W XD NCHA 5'7- -,-,-l.i-l A "How's it coming?', says Margaret "Pug" Hunter freshman class president. ev H9 CUT aiQ X Ei-WPX T , 1 W aifa v X gy WW MW Q N! x P1 WWE V a W f ML 'T ll - div 1 5 4'Fine!" say officers Nita HStretch" Hiett, secretaryg Dixie Yates, vice president and Judy Nuhn, treasurer, as they hand over a copy of the fresh- man assembly script. reshman sponsors are Dr. and rs. J. Wilgus Eberly. Karas 'V' if F res lnmep f mul.:- an C! Q1--s., 'bud' 017' ii Q 'lf i ,oxiig -40' 9' T vm .v , 1 Rv' J , '27 ""'I? Z? 'ver ,Mk . ff' '11 -lim' ' , , ' if 5 iq ite. I,-it x f gk ln gs.:-1 f X I A . J, h 1 W ge I - ' :bf , Af X , X f ,af . ,, bi IIVEHNV gl- I rgky A 'I 7 14 7 VL ,, :', Ktz: --v:v. -.., I 9, 1--f e , gt NLT , wr' I -.3 . - sr ,,V' V' ACTON, BETTYE ADAMS, JACQUELINE ADAY, BETTY ADERMAN, JOY ALBERT, MAUDINE ALBRITTON, DONNA ALFORD, BROWNIE ALFORD, MARY LOU ANDERSON, ELIZABETH ANDERSON, MARY ANN ANDERSON, STELLA ANSELIN, MARY LOU APODACA, FRANCES ASHBY, MIGNON ASHFORD, SUE AVARY, NORMA GAIL BAKER, JUDY BALLARD, MARY CHARLES BAPP, .IULIA BARNES, MARY ANN BEAR, ELLA MAE BECK, BRENDA BEERS, PADDY BENAVIDES, VIOLA Itasca Ennis McKinney New Braunfels Wilmer San Antonio Lake Charles, La. Lake Charles, La. Bryan Houston Gainesville Houston Ysleta Grand Prairie Dallas Seymour Peabody, Kaus. Baytown Roswell, N. Mex. Little Rock, Ark. Checotah, Okla. San Angelo Berkeley. Calif. Dallas BENDER, GAIL BENTLEY, BARBARA ANN Texarkana White Deer BICKLEY, RITA Farmersville BISHOP, ,IO Carta Valley BLACK, ANNABELLE Clarendon BLAKEMORE. SHIRLEY Fayette, Mo. BOCARD, ELIZABETH ANN Little Rock, Ark. BORES, JUDITH ANN Tucumcari, N. Mex. BOULTINGHOUSE, GLADYNE Port Arthur BOWEN, MARILYN JO ANN Los Alamos, N. Mex. BRACKER, NAN BRADLEY, SHIRLEY BRADSHAW, BENNIE CELESTE BRIDGES, MARTHA SUE BRONSON, WENDALYN BROWN, HELEN ESTELLENE BROWNLOW, SHIRLEY BRUTON, BARBARA ELAINE BUNN, SHIRLEY ANN BURGIN, BETTE BURKE, LILA BETH Houston Denison Artesia, N. Mex. Anton Rogers, Ark. Houston Kenedy Plano Waco Corpus Christi Wynne, Ark. BYRD, JACQUELINE Harlingen CADENA, OUITA son Diego CALDWELL, CHARLOTTE Fort Worth CAMPBELL, CAROLYN Boise, Idaho CAPERTON, BITSY LEE Cameron CARGILL, CAROL Piggou, Ark. CARPENTER, PATRICIA Canobod, N. Mex. K , , is ne, . 45 1-if f . FQ fresh ,ly r,,.' . S W ., , . .Lm , A A H -.g, .,,,, , Amlh , V qv iq .K if R-.1 I' E, :"f,.-: -. - . is . ,X 1 .. . -..4,::.fet-..eI aa . .. .A " Wm- . r.,,s,.IMr . - ' .1 'f M, . L.,,. ,K , 5 K ,. A ,af I , 5 A .f 1 2 1 E X Q , Sh 3 w I A A U J, i 'W ' .-.Qs wfi CARRINCTON, VIRGINIA Jo CARTER, JULIE CARVILL, FRANCES CASE, JOAN ALICE CASE, MARY .IO CHANDLER, BETTY RUTH CHRISTENSEN, SIBBY CLARKE, NANCY LEE CLENIENT, SUE ELLEN CLESI, DENNIS COATES, NANCY COFER, BETTY SUE COLE, BOBBYE MAE COLE, CARLENE CONNALLY, PATRICIA COOPER, MARY LOU CORKUM, CASSANDRA CORN, MARLENE CORREA, CONNIE COUCH, PATSY RUTH COX, MARILYN LOUISE COX, SALLY SUE CRAWFORD, JO ANN CRAWFORD, LINDA Prescott, Ark. Boise, Idaho Helena. Ark. Owings Mills, Md. Sedalia, Mo. Grand Prairie El Paso Leesburg, Penn. Dickinson Beaumont Houston Banquete Sherman Laredo Orlando, Fla. Coleman Annapolis, Md. Roswell, N. Mex. Corpus Christi Texas City Midland Snyder Paris Paris CROW, CAROL CROW, GLORIA JEAN CUMMINGS, PAULA CURTIS, VIRGINIA ELOISE DANIEL, JUDY DANNER, CHARLOTTE DAUGHERTY, BARBARA DAUGHTRY, BETTY DAVIS DAVIS, DAVIS DAVIS, BETTY LOU NANCY ALLAN PAT SARAH DAVIS, SUSAN DE MONEY, MARLENE DE URIARTE, LYNN DEVINE, JEANNINE DICKINSON, ALIS DICKINSON, CATHERINE DIETERICH, NANCY DISON, NITA FAY DOLLAR, MARY DOTY, CHARLENE DOTY, PATSY DOUGLAS, ANN DOUGLAS, GEORGIA DRAKE, PATRICIA ANN DROZD, CLARA DUERKSEN, NANCY Waco Brookhaven, Miss. Springdale, Ark. Little Rock, Ark. Camden, Ark. Dallas Normandy San Benito Hico Bowling Green, Va. Lake .Iackson Omaha Jackson, Miss. Houston Lomas de Chapo Hepec Kansas City, Mo. Brownwood La Marque Dorchester Dallas Atoka, Okla. Borger Cleburne San Antonio Tupelo, Miss. Houston Ennis Wichita, Kans. at 1 A 12 3 7 - f ,mom -ar f' RW gk Freshmen .., -M Qvfvx wg' fi., 'ls Q-N., 4 , .L .74 M" ,ik , I I .A,2 .. mmm-'sq tl h,,, . :'4 In 4 ' V . in Afl, , , , I ma, 4 fa 1 'JS if 1: ky K 'sf fe l .V Yrs. Mb, ,,,,, I f s , ew- ' A M 5 , , fs.-UL? 1 ,il , 3 V al 4 , , I . ,I 'I A ,WW 41,2 15 ln A " 1 f 3 ' pr' nf 14. my 'QW' '5'f"""'7 +4 fif, DUREN, ,IO ANN EAVES, CAROLYN EGGEMAN, FRANCES LOUISE EIMBECKE, HILDA EIX, STEPHENIE ELLIS, .IANIE ESSLINGER, SARA EVANS, DOROTHY EVERETT, JO ANNABETH FAIN, VIRGINIA FANNING, JO ANN FARQUHAR, JACQUELINE FEEMSTER, MARGARET FEWIN, DARLENE FIELD, MARTHA FIFER, BILLY FAYE FINERTY, OLIVIA FISHER, JO ANN FLANAGAN, GAIL FLATHERS, JO BESS FLORES, EVELYN FLORES, IRMA FOLSON, MYRNA FORD, NANCY Goldthwaite Marlin Monterrey, Mex. Dallas Dallas Cameron Cleburne Premont La Marque Sulphur Springs Port Arthur Bellaire Odessa Albuquerque, N. Mex. Tyler Galveston St. Louis, MO. Henderson Pine Bluff, Ark. Port Arthur Laredo Amarillo White Deer Kansas City, Kans. FORTUNE, BERNICE FRANCES, BARBARA FRANCIS, CELESTE FRASER, LOU ANN FRAZIER, FRANCES FRIEDRICKS, GRACE FURNEAUZ, JO ANN GAITANOS, NELLIE GARCIA, ROSAURA GARCIA, UDELIA GARLAND, BETTY .IO GEORGE, CAROLYN GIBSON, MARGARET GILES, PAT GILLCOATT, SHIRLEY GILLESPIE, VIRGINIA GONZALEZ, ESTER GONZALEZ, MINERVA GOOD, ELANOR GOOD, CAROLE GRAINGER, MARION GRAVES, EILEEN GRAY, BENNY JEAN GREEN, MITZIE GREENE, GLORIA GRIFFITH, GAIL GRIMMETT, YVONNE HAMM, MARGARET .IEAN ANN ANN Port Arthur Tyler Formosa , kb Ardmore, Okla. ,,., ,H , .1 Y , f,?, Amarillo Dallas Waco Laredo Hehbronville Raymondville Russellville, Ark. Whitesboro Bryan Denton Almyra, Ark. Victoria MM 'M 4 Q I 1?- iii' I1 ,id uv-s V. 'Gi i s :sf lxlly ffi' if Del Rio Rio Grande - Corpus Christi . t. -A 'X' s 1 lf ..- Wichita Falls Cincinnati, Ohio Dallas Nacogdoches Mabank Cullendale, Ark. Dallas Fort Worth Russellville, Ark. ,,, ,,, 1 ff?l'i?lSi,5S -'fi:E5zfSw-1 ,wg :a.,,-'.:.:t::'Q f,,M,,,.,,:,.,,,,,, .,., ,.,., 4- , .ff f ff' 6, L , v. at n , N-...E I sf., 3 5 n M ' ' Q Y W Y 'U if 5 ,, A, '51 Q pr 2' ox rf' Ernie? 2+ 2:5 ,- .fshww , J, 3 at ,mix ., el, if A -I , . 'Eff A 1 Q Il Em'-ws Q -,.'!',n Nuff A Freshmen -Sa Bn, ,,,,,- Q' A :nr-as-H ... ,: sw f -. -..,.,,. . if-' Q .3 J 1 S 1 ,1 l i Lf1L Q as , : A . ,. I -A1-5 s rs - I M ik . .A .: A. N ., ., n m ,',.? wa , , s A It A in Nj Q . N Kg., N. I NN , , , , X . , Ja .1 is iisxg K - E ,.,..V ii. .,'1 ' , :,.h w-...fr 9.46 se, if-J HAMPE, SUE HANF, MARIJEAN HARBERT, MARGARET HARLIN, ENOLA HARPER, SHIRLEY HEARNE, EUGENIA ANN HEER, ROSE MARIE HENSLEY, MARY HENSON, JOYCE HIETT, NITA JANE HILL, MARY JO HILL, VICKI HINCKLEY, JANE DREW HOGAN, PADDY HOLLAND, ELEANOR HOLT, VIRGINIA HOPE, LOU ANN HOPKINS, DIANE HORNER, DEBORAH HOWARD, ALMA HUBBARD, CHARLOTTE HUBBELL, NANCY HUGHSTON, JEAN HULSEY, SELETTE New Braunfels Lake Charles, La. Denton Itasca De Kalb Jacksonville Shawnee Cameron Atoka, Okla. Fort Worth Omaha, Nebr. San Angelo Mineola E1 Paso Hobbs, N. Mex. Canyon Fort Worth Dallas Hot Springs, Ark. White Deer Ripley, Tenn. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Crowell Jacksboro HUMPHREY, BETTY HUMPHRIES, JOAN HUNTER, MARGARET HUSSEY, SUE JACKSON, THETIS JEANNERET, PATRICIA ANN JOHNSON, ALICE MARIE JOHNSON, PATRICIA JONES, DORIS JONES, NORMA KEELE, CAROL KEMP, MERLYNE KEY, JONELLE KIMBRIEL, BARBARA KINGSLEY, SUZANNE LAWYER, SHIRLENE LEE, MARY CLANTON LEE, SHIRLEY ANN LEIGHTON, JOAN LEONARD, BETTY LOCKE, LINDA LOCKLEAR, RITA JEAN LOVE, GLADYS ELMYRA LUNDQUIST, MARIANA LUNNER, LUCILLE LUTZ, LORRY LOU MOCLAIN, NANCY MCCLURE, JOAN Fort Worth Safety Harbor, Fla. Fort Worth Talladega, Ala. Carlsbad, N. Mex. Memphis, Tenn. Victoria Austin Wichita Falls Truscott Dallas Goldthwaite Amherst San Juan York, Nebr. Mount Pleasant Houston Cushing, Okla. Houston Cedar Hill Nacogdoches San Saba Fannin Dallas York, Nebr. Dallas El Paso Tyler -vt .1 ,I 'mi if 3 ft f- ,,fAji,!l Q ,., . ' , M, 6 W. 'WIN J .4 ,J 'W ' Mx . . if C' vhzglubgixx ISE? S 'S Q la 1' A13 E X., ..,,',. ,zw y I K .4 ,411 ,565 'X Y '15 Q A x WW if O 1 gglgggjg egg, K , 3-gk. Freshmen . Z V mm A lzl ,VVI , , . ,,. , V ry , IZ: It ,.,. ., A : K 'A k Vw 3. L V ,, b is A , , , V, , , -Q. A s Aziz, me 'al' fi f s. ! x . , ' IV If 'J - iii , W A up A I I ii al. I AV L Q-MY' 'A 3K V, , . 5 I'1-3" fir," D U , 433 gl rr-f L is tu 7' ,...,,q lL X,K .4-we fw , ,, I 1 ,,,, Vhpy Q f i A J if- -1 ' if ' Vg ,.,., f- .W . Q, W, V eg-,. F AW . H We ,eff iw as-P9 H0 ,, , f I . C ,L K - f . v, f i A I I ' is I ' kk. I' f 6 I ' as t If if .W if J 5 J . , f - ,,.L I, MCCONNELL, MARY ANN MCCULLEY, RAYLYN MCDUFF, GINGER MCI-IANEY, IENNIE MCLAUGHLIN, MARY LOU MACE, CAROLE LORENE MALES, SYLVIA MALIVITZ, GAYLE MARION, MARY LYNN MARTIN, PATRICIA MARTIN, SANDRA MATRANGA, PAT MAYER, JOYCE ANN MELTON, MARTHA MILES, MARTHA MILLER, BARBARA MILLER, MARGIE MIMS, BILLIE MONTGOMERY, LOLA LEE MOORING, CAROL ANN MORAN, SOCORRO MORGAN, VIRGINIA MORRIS, BETTY .IO MOSES, BETTY Fort Smith, Ark. Val Verde Valls Bluff, Ark. Dallas Gainesville Texas City Dallas Sylacauga, Ala. Greenville Canton, Mo. Mineral Wells Houston Simon Omaha Kansas City, Mo. Hart New Braunfels ,Iasper Denton Paris Laredo Orlando, Fla. Healdton, Okla. Normandy MULLICAN, JANIS JUNE MULLINS, VIRGINIA MUSSETT, MARILYN MYERS, DOROTHY NELON, MARION ELIZABETH NELSON, CAROL ANN NELSON, JEANNIE NETZER, DIANA NEWBERRY, NITA NEWSOME, HAZEL NUHN, JUDITH ODEN, ALTHEA ODLE, DORIS ODOM, JANE OEFINGER, JEANETTE ONG, MARGARET ORTSCHEID, BARBARA OTTS, SANDRA PAGE, SHERRY PALMER, BETTY JUNE PALMER, GAIL PARROTT, FAYE PATTERSON, JOHNNIE PAYN, BEVERLY PELLOWE, CHARLENE PEMBERTON, NITA ANN PENA, ORALIA PEREZ, MARIA DORA Dallas Brownwood Monroe, La. Battles Wharf, Ala. Texarkana Houston Grand Junction, Colo. Arlington, Va. Bryan Clarendon, Ark. New Braunfels San Benito McKinney Paris San Antonio Patterson Jasper Dallas Midland Houston Dallas Fort Bliss Amherst Lincoln, Nebr. Kalamazoo, Mich. Denton Laredo Mission E, . , f-is sifr , g i LE ,Ml will in If id' 5' A ,.. KK . I :" ...- ' "'. Q 4 lv-"il f"' faq 'S' . . asm. 19. U f L 'im as , -lv .W X A . 'J , VX, 3, . fi , 1 N-an d""'P' si' JA '3. . . V ' wk "" x...f ,,: 2 I ' -W,-.,,.-.. -- . . , 'Y if -rv Y 1 '34 'VG 'Vw '3 Freshmen I 43' 'G Q9 PGI 'G It I x Q7 ff if J , I at l 'L f ifA A ""' 5 3 4 h ifi jf at W t ,Q , is if 4? PERRY, JANE L. PHILLIPS, VICKI PICKETT, DOROTHY PICKETT, JEAN ANN PILLEY, JANE PINA, CONNIE POE, BARBARA POPE, VIRGINIA PORTER, HELEN POTTS, ROENA PRATER, SHIRLEY PRESTON, PATRICIA PEEKE, FRANCES ANN PUGH, FRAN RAMERIZ, ROSA READY, BETTY RENTERIA, RAQUEL RICE, JOANNA RICH, BETTY JANICE RICHARDS, DOROTHY RINEY, BONNIE RIVAR, MARGARET ROBBINS, BARBARA ROBERTS, MILDRED Dallas Odessa Bristow, Okla. Bristow, Okla. Dallas San Antonio Alexandria, La. Nashville, Tenn. Ardmore, Okla.' Paducah, Ky. Hico Dallas Fort Worth Fort Worth El Paso Beckville Mission Tyler Shreveport, La. ANN Johnson City, Tenn. Sanger Los Fresnos El Dorado, Ark. Winnfield, La. ROBERTS, PATRICIA RODRIGUEZ, EVA ROLAND, MARYLEE ROLLINS, MYR LOU RUBIO, MARGARITA ROSA SALINAS, MARIA CILIA SALINAS, NORMA SAUER, JULIA SCHEH, MARIE SCHMALZ, HARRIET SCHRODER, ELLEN SCHROEDER, WANDA LEE SCOTT, MARY SHANAHAN, PAT SHEFFIELD, MARGIE SHAW, BETTY LOUISE sHooK, BETTY SEGEL, SHIRLEY SILVA, BARBARA JEAN SILVA, STELLA SIMPSON, MARY KATHRYN SIMS, BETTY JEAN SIMS, MARILYN SIMS, NORMA SKAGGES, ANNA LEE SKUBI, TONIA SMITH, GRACE SMITH, ROCHELLE Annapolis, Md. New Gulf Hamlin Corpus Christi Laredo Mission Laredo Shreveport, La. Seguin Marlin Houston Stuttgart, Ark. Cisco Honolulu, Hawaii Memphis, Tenn. Pledger Hico Dallas Clint Sorrean, Mex. Yorktown Little Rock, Ark. Memphis, Tenn. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Sherman Santa Fe, N. Mex. Fort, Worth Pampa Freshmen , :id Q 6 N va K -, 2 ,fl .. v . I , ,,, he 6 f ak Vw' , M363 79' -ff' gf, V 56 Q 'Ah ., .14 I 5 P1 Y. Ii in II gi' I I 4' G l' 22+ 6' 1' Q .W wg! , ...P-. wg' if gags'-'rfia f V ,f . I QS- If I L i A Q... I , 5-X. 5, ,, "eq-,,, YQ' f- I N2 ,,, 1 SMITH, SALLY DEE Houston SMITH, WYNOCEAN Hale Center SNOW, JO ANN Normangee SOLOMON, ETHEL Enid, Okla. SPANN, JO ANN Irving SPANN, NONA Decatur SPEARS, SHIRLEY San Saba SPORT, CLYNDA Shallow Water STEIN, MAXINE ROBERTA Gladewater STEINER, SHIRLEY ANN Dallas STEMBRIDCE, BETTY Gilmer STEPHANS, PAULINE McAllen STILES, MARY CLARE Albuquerque, N. Mex. STOVALL, SHIRLEY Tyler SWEARINGEN, NORMA THOMAS, ALTAMAE THOMAS, ANNE D. THOMAS, ARNETTE THOMAS, .IEANNE THORPE, ANNITTA TOMPKINS, NANCY TOWNE, DOROTHY TOWNSLEY, ELAINE TREVINO, ALMA GLORIA Port Arthur Ontario, Canada Burnet Hot Springs, Ark. Searcy, Ark. Alice Baytown Claremore, Okla. Gainesville Rio Grande TREVINO, DALIA TULL, PEGGY CHARLENE TURNER, SELMA .IANE URQUHART, BARBARA VARGA, MARIE VASQUEZ, GRACIE VECA, ALICIA VELASQUEZ, MINNIE VERNON, ELIZABETH ANN VICK, SUZANNE VALPE, TONI WALKER, RAELYNN WALL, CAROLYN WALLACE, .IO ANN WARDLOW, LESS SHANKLIN WATKINS, NORMA WATSON, BETH WEATHERSBY, JOAN WELCH, ALICE MARIE WELCH, CAROLYN WENTZELL, VIRGINIA WESSMAN, NANCY WEST, NORA WESTBROOK, ELVIE WHITE, CAROLE WHORTON, MARY FRANCES WILKINS, DOLLY WILLIAMSON, SHIRLENE McAllen Siloam Springs, Ark. Kerrville Winfield, Kaus. San Antonio Hebbronville Naranjo, Costa Rica Del Rio Houston England, Ark. Laredo Stuttgart, Ark. Orange Albuquerque, N. Mex. Rocksprings Jackson, Miss. Spur McDade, La. Galveston Denton Temple Houston Paris Laredo Brownwood Laredo Tulia Fort Worth bf K 1 r,, g V 'ti f Yay 1 9 3' fu. . L. it ' xx A N w Sf' E wt' E 'Sf olsr rttsllrllo 'l'ls , . 9 Mn, A 1? , V Kkxr V ,,,Q,,h - ' , 5 , S-qpwf kv" .,, , v . ,. r r " A '22 , g.l l LAT 5 ,, , ,,.,, Q 'ili Q . 3 ,. is 1 'hm :,, M y 7 H, ' Y :K fgff' , 2 r-5 I ,Q I ' ..M,..:,-'- 1, :Si:'Hi" ' J 6 3 1 .af ,325 W t Amie 'E Z ar' ,L 52, ' .fat . Q. , 1 "i 5if?f. f I, m mf E lia"-'F-f' Mg, H ,l,, , 5,4 5 SM 4 . . .,, 5, 'wzw ' Iiffissf ay., ,ff -iii ' . 8 7'-in wr-qw rf A . it 19 . 51315. .' ' ' 'sfswit A . ,.., . .. . "t' , - l , 'I Q'f'm" .A ,., ,' , ' 6, SW: N V , A Lkrk , . f ' ,A M 'K W fl : ' A' VA ,if W' .W t"z:"" fret, 3,2 I vlil -f '-v. Q Freshmen YOWELL, MARTHA WILLIAMSON, SUZY WILLIS, RUTHIE WILSON, CAROLYN WILSON, JANET WILSON, MARIANA WINSTEAD, LELIA WINTER, PAULINE WITT, ANN WOLFE, SHIRLEY ANN WONES, WILMA WOOD, PATSY SUE WOODARD, BARBARA WOODARD, MARGARET WOODARD, WILMA WOODY, DORIS ANN WREN, JOAN WRIGHT, RITA WYLIE, ALICE YATES, DIXIE NELL YEAGER, THELMA Prairie Village, Kans. Roswell, N. Mex. Memphis, Tenn. Ames, Iowa Coleman College Station Oklahoma City, Okla. Nocona Fort Smith, ,Ark. Beaumont Caddo Mills Marlin Boise, Idaho Hico Sweetwater Batesville, Ark. Ripley, Tenn. Albany Franklinton, La. San Antonio I30 Local tudents i A little music . . . just for fun . . . say Anne Hurst, president, and Pat- sy Blasingim, vice president. K f mid A look at the annual brings back memorles for Lola Lee Montgomery counselorg Betty ,Aday, counselor and Shirly Shafer, secretary. Mid-Term Seniors ACEVEDO, MARIA DE Los ANGELES LAREDO Mathematics, B.A. Newman Club III, 1Vg La Junta IVg Math Club III, IVg B-Average III, IV. DOLAND, YVONNE LAKE ARTHUR, LA. Kindergarten-Primary Education, B.S. Association of Childhood Education I, IVg CLWV III, Chaparral II, III, IVg Child Development Club II, III, CGA Treasurer III, Dean's List III, Merrill Palmer School IVQ Residential Assistant II. SAENZ, ANITA SYLVIA CORPUS CHRISTI Business Education, B.S. La .Iunta I, Ilg Rio Grande Valley Club I-IVg Newman Club I-III. MARTINEZ, MARY LOUISE SAN ANTONIO Business Education, B.S. San Antonio Club I-Illg Professional Business Women's Club III-IVQ Philo- mathia III, IV, B-Average III, IV, Dean's List I-IIIg Sigma Pi Beta III: Newman Club Ig Stunts I, III. Freshmen BATLA, LOU BIRD, BARBARA GODLEY, BETTY KIRBY, LAURA SAMET, MIRIAM SMITH, NANCY ,L i a 5 E DALLAS H' SANTA FE' N- MEX- , ,",Qvf ,L MAGNOLLL ARK. BULLARD 5 -uf i' 1 "tt fit WACO DALLAS All of a sudden nine months are gone and there we are . . . clothed in cap and gown, gazing across the flagbearers to the likewise clothed ad- ministrative officials. Beale, Marie Donna Carter, Christine Choate, Maude J. Duncan, Mrs. Susie 9? , .,., . pi.. ,, 2 . 1. i n gsfln .i ,S . 1 , - 3 ., I if ' X11 ., 7 9 1 X - L. -a':.- -as if if we .is 'X-M ,'e1' 1 2 i as if ' X t t., .pf 5 'yif , .ff ' 1 vf i X, i i 7 5 . ... ., ,. . f.,, , .-,. V f ig 7 h w K Ingram, Mrs. Mary - F iiii May, Mrs. Reba gi Q , .. va 1 Vg' .mi in - ' 51'.J, Neal, Mrs. Flora - '- .4 ' ' Phillips, Mrs. Dera A..XV,. ,i' L 5 " r p, 'I V W A .,,, .. . 7 . K. wwf, Vkr, . - , - . erri e - Kress Foundauon F . -or S Seagraves, Mrs. Gladys pi gt' i t I L f 3 ,aa Q Shirley, Mrs. Lillian iii' V: H Sharp, Mrs. Nancy 595' , W W . X f , - Q fd J fl ,1 5 I --, Vklk, , Smith. Louise , M "as ,1 A . . smith, Sylvia , , ,,, aaa- m p Vandergriff. Mrs. Donice api Wilson, Mrs. Grace .E .,r. . 8 M U , ' we W M ff 5 Jr-f ii' i. ,S . February Graduation for nurses finishing their training. I J gg 4 Dr. John A. Guinn and graduation speak- er, Miss Hilda M. Torrop, nursing execu- tive. Kress Foundation director Mrs. Ath- ria Mclilwreath and February graduates stand behind them. Candldates for the De ree of Doctor College of Household Arts and Sciences ANTHIS, FAY WRIGHT Doctor of Home Economics Education B.S., Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science BEVER, ENID LOUISE Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition B.S., Pennsylvania State University M.S., University of Pennsylvania CAMPBELL, HELEN BUCK Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition B.S., Indiana State Teachers College M.S., Texas State College for Women CASTER, BETHEL MARIE Doctor of Philosophy in Clothing and Textiles B.S,, Cornell University M.A., Columbia University GLovER, WILLIE MAE WOLFE B.S., M.S., University of Texas GULVADY, LILY Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition B.S., University of Mysore M.S., University of Bombay GRAHAM, ELIZABETH HARD Doctor of Philosophy in Clothing and Textiles B.S., Texas Technological College M.S., Texas State College for Women HENDERSON, NEVA IsoM Doctor of Philosophy in General Home Economics B.S., M.S., Texas State College for Women HILL, KATE ADELE Doctor of Philosophy in General Home Economics B.S., M.S., Texas State College for Women LATHROP, GERTRUDE ADAMS Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Technology B.S., University of Connecticut M.S., Texas State College for Women LUDEMAN, HELEN ANNA Doctor of Philosophy in Textile Technology B.A., Texas State College for Women M.A., University of Chicago MAXWEI.L, ANNA L. Doctor of Education in Horne Economics Education B.S., Texas State College for Women SHELDON, GENE Doctor of Philosophy in Textiles and Clothing B.A., University of Wichita M.S., Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science STONE, HENRIETTA CANNON Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition B.A., Texas State College for Women M.E., Sul Ross State College TANNAHILL, RosA JEAN Doctor of Philosophy in Textiles and Clothing B.S., North Texas State College THIEMAN, ANNELISE Doctor of Philosophy Oberlyzeum Essen, University of Hamburg, Germany M.A., Bryn Mawr College THOMAS, ELIZABETH FLOWERS Doctor of Philosophy in Textiles and Clothing B.S., Columbia University M.A., Texas State College for Women WRIGHT, GEORGIA ELLEN Doctor of Philosophy in Textiles and Clothing B.S., M.S., University of Texas Candidates for Masteiis Degree BAILY, Y,VONNE SWINT Nutrition BS., Texas State College for Women BRADY, LOIS CHILES Home Economics Education BS.. Panhandle Agricultural and Mechanical College, Okla. BRITT, BERNICE BEATRICE Nutrition, Home Economics Education BS.. Texas State College for Women BRUCE, LETA FERN Home Economics Education BS., Sam Houston State Teachers College CROUSE, EDITH NEIMAN Child Development BS., University of Texas DALVIN, NINA Cox Honze Economics Education B.S.. Sam Houston State Teachers College DUNN, MARY FRANKLIN Home Economics Education BA.. BS.. Texas State College for Women HAMPSON, LOU Home Economics Education HUMPHREY, VIvIA STORY Nutrition B.S., Texas State College for Women HYUN, SOON YUNG Nutrition National Seoul University of Korea JONES, MARY EARL Home Economics Education Texas State College for Women 'Q' I 5- .1 fi 5: ----, . . , n . QQ' v fy ix i IQ-6 A X4 1 w I-9 If K 1 :LW 3 J0- alff.. 4 F..- f-,,."i,a ,lr 1 Gif wx ft if I 1 'W f' its is if 5 'Lf eatf . ..,v J .R X5 LIGHT, MARCUERITE Nutrition BS., Texas State College for Women MCCLANAHAN, HETTIE Nutrition and Home Economics Education B.S., Texas State College for Women MOORE, DORIS K. Nutrition, Home Economics Education B.S., University of Texas NEWMAN, EULA JACKSON Home Economics Education BS., Texas Tech SANDERS, NORMA OAKMAN Nutrition BS., Texas State College for Women SHAVER, TRESSIE Home Economics Education BS., North Texas State College SPENCER, DOROTHY JEAN Home Economics Education BS., University of Oklahoma VAUGHT, ELISABETH ISBELL Home Economics Education BS., University of Texas VANDERGRIFF, NORA Home Economics Education BS., Oklahoma ASM WARD, CHARLCY O,NEAL Home Economics Education B.S., Texas State College for Women WILSON, CHRISTINE ASHER Home Economics Education B.S., Texas State College for Women WILLIAMSON, ZEARI, OUIDA Home Economics Education B.S., University Of Texas uv A 'S Y' 5 V' , F in Candidates for Masteris Degree -is ",."::, A S I ' - CLOSS, ELIZABETH 3 . . 1 Y. A-A Health, Physical Education ' . E l3.S. Texaq State College for Women fb Q - . il GOIN, MARY ANN ' . I Business ll.B.A., North Texas State College ,- " M ' JOHNSON, ELIZABETH 'CR iii I Q Library Science 3 , AL g B. A. Kansas University ' Ties i KEE, LILLIAN Music HS., Texas State College for Women M.A., Texas State College for Women N NLM., North Texas State College Q A 'l LLOYD, BERTA 'A Textiles , an B.S., MA., Texas State College for Women V C I ODLE, MARY NELL 3 ,'., English X lx 2 4 B.A., Texas State College for Women PARIS, JOY Music B.S., Texas State College for Women PRIMM, CAROLYN Health, Physical Education, Recreation Columbia University REASONOVER, FRANCES Nutrition B.S., East Texas State Teachers College f 'Z Ralf Ji THE BEROE, MARJORIE Library Science B.A., Texas University Candidates for Masteris Degree in the College of Household Arts and Seienees MCGEE, ALMA Home Economics Education B.S., East Texas State Teachers College AUSTIN, MYRTLE MILLER Home Economics Education B.S., Texas State College for Women PARKER, CARROLL B. Home Economics Education B.S., Louisiana Polytechnic College BARNES, LOUISE Home Economics Education Stephen F. Austin College SHAFFNER, WAUNITA Nutrition HS., North Texas State College B.S. GROSS, EMILY GANZE Home Economics Education WOOD, NELLIE Home Economics Education B.S,. Texas State College for Women GUILLAUD, RUTH Home Economics Education B.S.. Texas State College for Women Hitch Your Wagon to a, Star Q'- qg V 32 Q 'SNK in! A X OTILIA GARCIA A PAT BRYAN Whogs Who In X I A Q4 X' American Universities and Colleges 2 CLYDENE HARRIS T I . X ,1"' 96 'f?" QW ff" ,.f' ar ww I JANE HIGGINSON lj BOBBIE JEAN JASPER 'X JERRY HORNING 3 ZS V JOY JENNINGS MYRA LAWRENCE 41.3 CAROLYN MEEK BARBARA MCFARLANE CD was MB.. -7 M ......-...--1 ffH..w. ., M ANN MINICK iff? ssl' ANN PETERMAN Ll FLORINE PETERS PAT PODUSKA Ll BEVERLY RUNNELS AN RUTLEDGE L! v fx SHIRLEY WILKES OLLIE JO WHITE Mx , 'M "5 IJ Mx 'fr mm, A-1' W 4 gie JANE w 69019 ar t MCBYJERTY , 2,3355 if 122413 W if Z 'Q if 1 MQW, , ,Q W.,-,, MIM 4 ww. I V S 41 eff S , A 1 , , 11+ A VJ L "KK 5 M Q WH... A ' V ,Mil Qs. '52' I49 :ek f i 1 iw K' --wnwm . M ,QL Y . 3 A , L' Senior Beauty JANE MCBRIERTY VENITA BRACEWELL JUNE KEITH LAURIE SHAPIRO enior Beauty ominees i .. Q, EHR . . 1 N 5 X z V . 5 L --X4-l- QS S. m,mmWLk1 ' L h1h Q ff 'N,: :,: I .. ' .,...1:: ,Qq.,Qi I FAYRENE DIETERT S -' .,.. f .. ... fs: , - Ks,-,W ii "K S 7 A HE S : ?E?5fYf55iff5?f?:ff i.5Efi5Ef5fT!1i2ii'E'5E-iffvilfff',j ' if-1'f'1'f1 Q K ' I wiwfgfwigmwiwviz.,f'-111,11 ' ' er -fA- ..,., .. .,,: X J I52 gf. r . ' N M A .,A M, S L., W Yr Y 5 Q Junior Beautc MARILYN SMITH ge V Junior Beauty Nominees 1 ,r--I' 12-QRVQ' BETTE AUCHTERY ..-1" 'Sm 5 W 7 'L ERIKA HEIDMANN MARY LOU JOHNSTON WANDA MUSE ,Q I--qv : -IQ. . . L , l W l Lx, i 2:5 A as f 75? W ,,., Wg? .,.. wr 4 Y-O mf, 3 v, J, . 'iff iii' W1 S r w,.,.....u.....--4--if Sophomore Beauty TERRI BENAVIDES ,v wi ophomore Beauty Nominees E ,,W: .Z -, T I fy- fiye e X A if ' -'A- 1 ff' lx LUCINDA BAILEY BARBARA SCHMIDT MARY ELLEN STACY CAROLYN DIETERT f feel ffs ,,,f f fwfwo, Freshman Beauty SUE HUSSEY 9' ik ' aft Zi, Freshman Beauty Nominees 1 Xe BRENDA BECK A , 4 We 'QR is .Q 1' MARY LYNN MARION JUDY NUHN HILDE ISABEL EIMBECKE IU! K ,ys 41" . Q' Q f , Wff , , 5 Q Aw Posture Queen THERESA BENAVIDES REDB UD Arellano, Celia Jimenez Astleford, Ollie Josephine Bailey, Alice Lucinda Bapp, Julia Catharine Beard, Bonnie Sue Becker, Cora Jane Bird. Margaret Faith Bolton. Virginia Lea Bourg. Julie Ella Boyd. Catherine Sue Bradley. Shirley Mae Brasher, Susan Wlestlaltt- Brown, Barbara Jean Bunn, Shirley Ann Burleson, Marlene Annell Burns, Patricia Irene Carlson, Catharine Lenora Clesi, Dennis Louise Coates, Nancy Carlin Cole, Bobbye Mae Cotton, Mary Jo Cooper. Clara Elizabeth Reclbud Princesses Francis, Barbara LaJoy Fuller, Mary Lou Gibson, Margaret Ann Gilley, Virginia Corint- Cuerra, Graeiela Hampe, Sue Harrington, Nan Harris, Mary Clydene Hensley, Mary Frances Hill, Sidney Sue Hill, Victoria Hinzman, Anna Francs Hipp, Cloria Jean Hogan, Marion Paddy Holcomb. Rheha Joan Holloway, Jo Hunter, Margaret Camery Hurst, Margaret Anne Hussey. Sylvia Sue Isaacs, LaVonne Eileen Johnson, Mary Bob Johnson. Vera Katherint Martinez, Amelia Mayer, Joyce Ann Miles, Martha Elizabeth Muse, Wanda Mae Nuhn. Judith Oefinger, Jeanette Elizabeth Ortscheid, Barbara Jean Page, Frances Sherwood Palmer, Gail Audrey Perry, Jane Lamar Pickette, Patricia Lu Porter, Emma Lou Pulver, Madelyn Elizabeth Quinones, Rachel Dolores Ramirez, Rosa Elizabeth Rankin, Phyllis Ann Rathjen, Bonith Ann Ready, Betty Randall Remyuse, Eleanore Elaine Salisbury, Darlene Mae Shafer, Shirley Louise Shinkle, Sally Lou COURT Cox, Doris Marguerite Crawford, Lucy Melinda Dearmore, Ida Marguerite Dietert. Carolyn Downing. .lo Dean Drawe, Beverly Ann Dunbar. Patricia I,aVern Durham. Mary Gail Fisher, Jane Phyllis Flores. Raquel Folsom, Myrna Loy Shirley Eberly, Arlington State College Nora Holcombe, Baylor University Janelle Crimes, Denton High School Lawanda Ashley. East Texas State College Cwendolyn Fintlley. Cainesville Junior College ,Iac-kie Porter Willis, North Texas State College Retty Frazier. Ranger junior College Pamela Riley. Rive Institute johnson, Mary Lou Keith, June Raye Kindel, Santa Marion Kuehling. Arlene Adele Lauterbaeh. Sara Marie Lowrie. Jan Lunday. Barbara ,lean Melirierty, Martha Jane McDermott, Joy Anna McFarlane. Barbara Fra Malone. Floy Jill H095 Visiting Ro alt Simmons. l,ou Ida Simpson, Mary Kathryn Smallwood. Betty Lou Smith. Patricia Ann Thornell. Eleanor Ann Underwood. Barbara Charlton Wvhitehursl. llorothy Carolyn Wilson. ,Ianet Gayle Wilson. ,Ie-an Wilson. Mariana Vyoodard. Barbara Jean Myrl Baker. Sam Houston State College ,ludy Grantham. Southern Methodist University Elaine Taylor, Southwestern University Cleo Neal. Texas Christian University Evyonne Andrews. Texas Wesleyan College Peggy Ellington. Unixersity of Houston Shirley Riddle. Tfniversity of Oklahoma Barbara Booz. University of Texas Ladies-in-Waiting to the Queen Ollie Jo White Florine Peters Fayrene Dietert Ranah Carolyn Nunnallee Shirley Jean Wilkes Venita Jean Bracewell Crown Princesses J oy McDermett June Keith Carolyn Deitert Marianna Wilson The Cotton Ball Court 2 it A' Queen-BARBARA BROWN DUCHFISSES-Standing: Nancy Coates, Carolyn Dietert, Fayrene Dietert Peggy Bishop, Jane Ellis, Betty Ready. Seated: Nancy Dieterich, Queen Barbara, Grace Smith. Wheelin' an' Dealin Departmental Clubs ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Remember the 'first grade reading charts? These gals teach it now. Margaret Walvoord. secretary-treasurerg Almeda Kelldorf, vice pres- identg Rita Danneburg, vice presidentg Mary Alice Tompkins, president. Baby 15 ,K .gpg W, ljumrv' M f BIOLOGY CLUB Drawings of amoeba are all in a day's work for Connie Antone, vice presidentg Betty Askey, secretary-treasurerg and Carolyn Sommers, pres- ident. ENGLISH CLUB Discussing a late addition to the English department library are Sy- bil Baytes, vice presidentg Margaret Richardson, secretary, and Amy Mc- Donald, president. Treasurer Made- lyn Pulver is not pictured. E. V. WHITE MATHEMATICS CLUB "It's really veryfsimplelw says Elba Sanchez, treasurer, as Ann Coody Reagan, president, and Elvia Eneida Ruiz, secretary, stand by to help. HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION PROFESSIONAL CLUB Lots of fresh air and fun for officers of the professional club. They are Billy Jacque Watson, treasurer, Ann Mahon, recording secretary, Ruth Horst, vice president, Sara Dunn, president, Mary Taylor, corresponding secretary. FINE ARTS CLUB Mobiles are the latest fad for dor- mitory rooms. Maria Peres, secre- tary, shows her latest to Leslie Hop- per, publicity, Pat Moores, vice president, Jackie Parker, president. Standing are Pat Pickett, publicity, Pat Bryan, treasurer, Carolyn Wal- ser, publicity. 'Vi - JOURNALISM CLUB 4'Pull that proof, set that head!" Journalism ma- jors Norma Smith, secretary-treasurer, Marga- ret Nohles, president, and Liz Fisher, vice presi- dent, hard at work in the Jaybee. N , .45 x ,L s .1 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB "Here's how it's donef' Marcia Dean, president, says to Ann Mc- Clellan, reporter, Claudia Baker, treasurerg Beth Garrett, secretary, and Mary Lou Johnston, vice presi- dent. LA JUNTA CLUB Planning an imaginary trip to Mex- ico are Gloria Rodriguez, secretary, Esther Chavez, treasurer-reporter, Gloria Hernandez, president, and Lois Breedlove, vice president. KAPPA EPSILON MU President Sibyl Louisa Bane and secretary Di- anne Squires arrange a chemistry display for the showcase, Not pictured is treasurer Sylvia Friske. MERCHANDISING CLUB Jan Delhomme, secretary-treasurer, and Darlene Salisbury, vice president, discuss the merits of a heavy, durable material for draperies in the dorm. rerfe Y . L :'1- lrkfffwr . .. 1 4 yyc I an . , 59 li. .Pu ' ' 11" OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CLUB 'LHip bone connected to the thigh bone . . . " sing out OT Club officers as they inspect an anatomy chart. Officers are Fayrene Dietert, president, Jean Littlefield. chairman co-0rdina- tor, Jo Pye, secretary, Jill Malone, publicity chairman. Kneeling are Shirley Fish. vice presi- dent, and ,Io Ann Irvin, treasurer. MUSIC CLUB Vice president Anna Hartung and secretary-treasurer Gloria Barrera look on appreciatively as president Kathleen Bradford polishes up a new recital piece. ew... , . SOCIOLOGICAL SOCIETY "That field trip to Dallas was really great!" vice president Gail Durham tells other officers Apolonia Carrasco, corresponding secretaryg Emma Lou Porter, recording secretaryg Sue Beard, president, and M A treasurer. ary nn McFerran, PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WOMENS CLUB All prepared for work are Sue Staff, vice presidentg Corine Gilley, secretaryg Peggy Bishop, presidentg and Kathryn Fling, treasurer. .gg SPEECH CLUB That crazy switchb d oar is no stranger to these speech majors. Club officers are Marie Hanna, president, Susan W asson, secretary. and Su- sanne Carland, treasurer. I I7I Honorary Fraternities -Q ALPHA CHI National Scholarship Fraternity for U pperclassmen Ah! Intellect! Barbara McFarlane. secretaryg Clydene Harris, vice pres- identg Beverly Runnels. president. and ,lane Higginson. treasurer. look up a definition. ALPHA BETA ALPHA National Library Science Fraternity Seated are Rebecca Adams, national councilmang Joyce Phillips, parlia- mentariang Mrs. de Cordova, spon- sor, and Jean Dickinson, president. Ellen Wescott, treasurer, Shirley Lowrie, historiang Joyce Cess, vice president, and Florence McDonald, secretary, are standing. BETA BETA BETA National Fraternity of Biological Sciences Officers Jane' Higginson, presidentg Katherine Haddad, secretaryg Car- roll Possehl, treasurerg Amparo Tre- vino, historian, and Pat Poduska, vice president, admire the pin and ' crest of Tri Beta. DELTA PHI DELTA National Art Fraternity Officers try out the contemporary furniture of the art office and discuss a new painting. They are Cora Jane Becker, treasurerg Pat Bryan, secretary, and Irene Brinkmann, president. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA National Sociological Fraternity Frances Phillips, vice presidentg Sue Beard, secretary-treasurer, and Jane Kirk, president, check a handbook to see how those grades are coming along. KAPPA ALPHA MU National Photojournalism Fraternity Camera hugs Joyce Connaway, secretary, Roxanna Ward, president and national vice president, Elizabeth Fisher, treasurer, and Betty Brown, vice president, see how it feels to be on the other side! IOTA SIGMA PI National Chemistry Fraternity Jane Higginson, treasurerg Joan Donaldson, re- porter, Carolyn Somers, secretary, Carolyn Meek, president, and Joy Jennings, vice presi- dent. i:,,,f:w, -at-if .,.- xqgw. OMEGA RHO ALPHA Honorary English Fraternity for Freshmen Norma Smith, vice president, Shir- ley Abbot, president, Frances Triesch, treasurer, and Patricia Cherry, secretary, pause for a min- ute by the Ad Building's "Winged Victory." l PI LAMBDA THETA Prospective Teachers y Fraternity Us off to work at the "Dem" school Jr prospective teachers Margaret Valvoord, presidentg Corinne Gil- zy, treasurerg Mary Alice Tomp- ins, vice presidentg Clydene Har- is, secretary, and Myra Lawerence, eporter. PHI UPSILON OMICRON National Home Economics Fraternity Making good use of the College of Household Arts and Sciences libra- ry are, standing, Flossie Peters, can- dle editorg Ann McClellan, chap- laing Frederica Born, historiang Beth Garrett, librariang Carileta Mayfield, recording secretary. Seat- ed are Martine Collins, presidentg Jo Ann Orr, vice presidentg Patsy Strickland, corresponding secretary. SIGMA TAU DELTA National English Fraternity A scholarly discussion of world literature holds the interest of Ann Peterman, secretaryg Mona Dean Young, vice presidentg and Patsy Kelley, president. Not pictured is treasurer Margaret Ann Richardson. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA National Music Fraternity Making 'sweet music' are Phyllis Possehl, pres- identg Kathleen Bradford, vice presidentg Shir ley Wilkes, secretaryg Dorothy Nethery, editor Marianne Glenn, chaplain, is standing. Not pic tured is treasurer Ethel Coffee. THETA SIGMA PHI National Fraternity for Women in Journalism June Hazlip, vice presidentg Ann Minick, president, and Flossie Pet- ers, secretary-treasurer, discuss the fraternity's annual Theta Sig award for outstanding off-campus writi ng. ZETA PHI ETA National Drama and Speech Fraternity Anticipating coming drama attrac Jo An Rutledge McDaniel, presi dentg Pat Von. Clausewitz, secre- taryg Pat Brown, treasurer, and Su- sanne Carland, vice president. I77 tions are Leona Dubose, marshalg . , I . ff , I. W, I l,, , , Z.. ,A ,W as i., 5 , . in . asf ran-M--M 1"?Z52kmsanum- ' rx 1 'Q 'Q ,, r . 2, V, BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION CLUB Homeward bound for an Aggie weekend, that's Sara Puddy, president. L I my Regional Organizations ARKANSAS CLUB 'gHave a cup of coffee," says Fannie Bow, vice president, to president Connie Antone. Susie Wasson, treasurer, watches. Not pictured is Ann Ceddie, secretary. 5 K 2 K , Vin ,- ,-ff COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Lois Breedlove, presidentg Margaret Bomholt, vice president, and Mary Lou Andrews, treas- urer, always welcome mail from their out-of- state homes. Secretary Nancy Top is not pic- tured. DALLAS CLUB Checking up for home town news are officers LaVerne Barrow, treasurerg Margaret Pearson, president, Edith Massenhurg, secretary, and Elizabeth Fisher, vice president. EL PASO CLUB Reminiscing over that famous El Paso sun are Betty Jean Elder, secretary-treasurer, Pat Moores, president, and Katherine Haddad, vice president. GALVESTON CLUB Day dreaming by the Texas pool are Elizabeth Heidrick, president, and Janette Stuart, vice president. I79 FW 5 Q 3 2 W, W , HOUSTON CLUB Looking for a little 6'Cat,' music on the jukebox are Hazel Kirk, presidentg June Pelt, treasurerg Vera Johnson, secretary, and Joan Quimby, vice president. l QI"-fflusv ,Q S f ,gf 5 H n gn 4-ff"-1 ax up ,st V5 HEART OF TEXAS K'Df'0p in the Heart of Texasf' sing Norma Minter, vice president, Sibyl Louise Bane, president, and Cynthia Burkhart, treasurer. Joyce Conna- way, secretary, plays the piano. "1 vm NORTH TEXAS CLUB "Let's have a coke between classes," say Beth Tucker, vice president, Laura Stephens, secre- tary-treasurerg and Laura Wisdom, president. LAREDO CLUB Bright skirts and peasant blouses symbolize Laredo for Graciela Guer- ra, reporter, Frances Gonzalez, his- toriang and Maria Luisa Gonzalez, secrtary. Standing are Blanca Rami- rez, treasurerg Oralia Laurel, pres- identg and Thelma Rodriguez, re- porter. Vice president Sara Alice Keating is not pictured. l8I RIO GRANDE VALLEY CLUB .lust asittin' and talking are Connie Terry, secretary-treasurerg Rosalie Becker, vice president, and Anita Correa, president. PANHANDLE-SOUTH PLAINS CLUB Western clothes are just the thing for these gals. Standing are Sue Webb, secretary-treasurer, and Mary Belle Perryman, president. Vice president Gladys Wade is seated. Mm., .,,'51.r'g if if 'A' SAN ANTONIO CLUB Pioneers are an old story to San Antonians Jo TENNESSEE CLUB Wllwo spades, you all," says Virginia Bolton, secretary-treasurer, while Martha ,lane Rackley, president, and Joyce Faux, vice president, grin across the board to say she'll never make it. awe' s- . Q r , 3 r P- 'ee' A r A VA .. , I . t ff :ff li ' , . . H Q ., i . i QF 2 or 'ie N v1' 5 .. W, Ann Proctor, treasurer, Betsy Johnson, secre- tary, and Anna Hartung, president. Not pic- tured is Frances Phillips, vice president. Q i VILLAGERS CLUB Going to school at home are Den- tonites Shirley Shafer, secretary- treasurerg Anne Hurst, president, and Patsy Blasingim, vice president. Q, , W , 1? i A e . E 1. , Ja. KV wg, nl.- ,wa ' 5 1., , , w e , , ,L 'E 5 A 'fi if Religious Organizations U s 2 5 , it '55, M 1 J! 9 TSCW NEWMAN CLUB Besides worship the Newman Club finds lots of time for dances with Perrin Field Catholic groups. Offi- cers are Jane McBrierty. recording secretaryg Elsa Mendieta. conven- tion chairman: Gail Durham. vice president: Father Walter Boniwitz. Julie Bourg. president: and Gloria Prado. treasurer. 4-4'-4. . f!!-'gk' TSCW HILLEL COUNSELORSHIP Discussing Sundayis service are Maxine Stein, Mitzi Samet, Nan Bracker, Jacqueline Block and lone Weisherg. X H DAUGHTERS OF TSCW ALUMNAE " . . . and Mother was here in 19-I" these Tessies can say. Carolyn Wal- ser, president, ,lean Wilson, vice president, secretary, Anne Neath- ery, treasurer, and Laura Wisdom meet in the Alumnae center. Special Interest Organizations CAMPUS LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS Practicing up for politics are Clydene Harris secretary, Alis Dickinson, treasurer, Sue Tit comb, president, and Ann Minick, vice presi dent. Secretary Fayrene Dietert is not pictured INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Discussing the state of world affairs are Mary Ann Watson, presidentg Laura Wis- dom, secretary-treasurer, and Beth Tuck- er, vice president. RADIO GUILD "I read you loud and clear," Martha Jane Moorehead, treasurer, says as Susie Was- son, vice president, Emily Stafford, secre- tary, and Gloria Bendy, president, time a show at WCST. TESSIE PLAYERS President Pat Brown checks her clipboard as officers Leo- na Duhose, Susan Garland, Susie Wasson and Gloria Ben- dy wait for instructions. Literary-Social Clubs Initiation Dinner for Adelphian Pledges. Old and new members are, seated: Mrs. Marian de Coligny, Sponsor, Doris Faw- cett, Sandra Pruitt, Gladys Wade, Mar- garet Fletcher, Kathleen Fawcett, Linda Figley, Nancy Honea, Marlene Rousseau, Carolyn Nunnallee, Susan Golembe, Nancy Opitz, F at ADELPHIAN What does that Lass-O have to say? Nancy Opitz, Secretary, Kathleen Faw- cett, Treasurerg and Carolyn Nunalee, President, have found something about Adelphian. rs 44 l All 'l qua new .4 Z' Leona Dubose, Joan Juneau, Ann Peter- man, Clydene Harris, Charlene Seth, Florena Williams Pat Bryan, Marie Hanna, Mildred Hutchinson, Pat Den- mark, Neva McFarland. l87 AGLAIAN Agla' 18 . Vice PIB 0-fflcefs are M Presiderfjslderlli Barb arY Lou Joh from roi? and Marilara Garrett S Psion, ha . Stand, Yn Smith wmney, senfilfintariang Juiflg are Sue lgsficretary atlve and Jan:-ee gourg, Socfalrd, Pari irk 'I' a Re ' reasure pre- T. f W' WJ, J' Agiaian members and initiates are iront row: Sue Beard, Barbara Garrett Swinney, Lou ida Simmons, Fannie Bow , Anna Bartung, Betty Augtrey. Second row: Sbiriey Wiikes, Mary Biien Stacey, Dot Franz, Veina Motiey, Caroiine McAiister, Caroiynn Waiker, Sue Suber, Annette Wade, Biizabetb Sobnson, Barbara Gonsion. 'Ybird row: Mary Wbite, Mary Ann McYerran, Marion Standridge, Laura Beard, Laurie Sbapiro, Marsba Dean. leanette Staiiwortb, Bebecca Adams, Suiie Bourg, Bonnie Batbien, lo An Butiedge, Mary Lou lobnston. Sane Kirk, do Hoiioway, Betty Merriii. Yourtb rowz Ann Netbery, Barbara McYariane, Ginvia ifiipn. Caroiyn Dietert, Caroiyn Yarkbam, Susan Mary Neii Wentzeii, Soan Oiiyer. Katbryn Barry, Xuiia Bascoe. Martba Stasney, Martba lane Brown, Susie Wasson, Yayrene Bietert, Mariiyn Smitb. Simpson. Brasher, Moorhead, Barbara Not pictured: Soy Benning, Nancy ALMER EEMAN P ALICE FR I f Alice . v Offlcefs 0. . Artlsts aliialmer ill their C0r5e Freeman U ThCY a tumeS for Ruslgocial Repfe' iillifin French! ,lane McD3n' sentaiivei Betty I' Marjorie - 1 Vice Preslden , Jill Ma' me ,ISDH Presidentg nthia lvee TreaSUfer9 Cy on v khart Secretary' Bur ' Members and i " Q ,,, 41, 4 1 M I ,QQ-I Q r T, EAP' nitrates of Alice Freeman Palmer are. seated : Jill Malone, Miss Roberta Forgy, Marjorie X E Nelson. Standing: Polly Cross, Maria Trevino, Bertha Calderon, Bonnie Warner. 15 U B Not pictured are: Cynthia Burkhart, Lillian French, Virginia Cilley, Patricia Hickman, Betty .lane Mc- 6 O Danial, .Io Ann Orr, Julia Riggs. Q ' I ink. 7? Q I Y" .fa L xl gfxiai' ATHENAEUM Athenaeum officers are Fern Fer Treasurerg Eleanor Zane Smith gui-?n' Presidentg Ann Brewer, SCCICIHIJY' Iici Ryan, Social Chairmang and ffelesie Humason, President. CQXCSKC ' Hum h son Mafia Magee, S0 H ' . bers Veta Smuh. h aeum mem k, EXean0Y Xing wings over are S en Hx ginsonq KaiYX KuXa 'garb and Fam Fiwierab Qu Heidrick, Kane E mx IC1 E ala e C I EH-' Nm vicmed 3 53 W eww V' - 391 -QCJDW? ason, meager BETSY R055 ar- . h flower Helping out wi Presldent rangements daVice President le an Sue Cag . FUCK' Stuart. Evangelme Bt 12: 2 i Q Betsy Ross members huilt the winning float in this year's Cold Rush Carnival parade. Shown are members and initiates, first row: Jeanette Stuart. Evangelina Fuentes, Lois Stephens. Second row: Dr. Joseph Sherrill, Sponsorg Rachael Florez, Billie Alice Moore, Sue Cagle. Y K L 7 43' CHAPARRAL ,hmm ifiifge Tl N f V 4 4 'Fifi' Mel .Lf YV! li A' 14 in my qfq f f it M Q, Cich , . ap' Offlcers Frances V. in- so . n. Presidents JO Diet . h r Treasurer, June Keith S lc , tary? Sue y CCI' Sta - e' gg, Vice presi- dent 3 nd E- Social Re flcka Heidmann over the presemafivea look Y their D Yeers activities in aedallanv isiiit' Q6 Of! is New members of the "Lazy C" ranch were initiated at the traditional "Honey Supper." The Chaparrals, oldest club on the campus, celebrated their golden anniversary this year. They were organized in 1904 Members and initiates are left row, front to back: Susan Merrill, loan Mougin, Florence Marshall, Annie ' ' h Horst, Venita Bracewell, lane McBrierty. ' I kins Simmons, Felda Lewis, Pauline Huffman, But K ' l'n Mary Guinn Sue Webbg Maria Perez, Carol Ann Bristow, Ann en Second row: Beverly eisi g, , Nadine White, lane Frazier. Th' d row: ,loan Quimby, Betty Hoskins, lo Cotton, Barbara Underwood, Dollie Salisbury, lean Littlefield . . P ir lan Lowrie, Connie Antone. .l Wilson Mary Alice Tompkins, Carolyn Walser, Rita Danneburg, Cookie u Last row: Mimi Wilson, ean , ver, lune Hazlip. Vinson, Miss Bertie Hammond, Sponsor, June Keit Standing: Erika Heidmann, Sue Stagg, Frances l92 lo Dietrich. A n lrvin, Marion- Kindel, Billie Mote. Not pictured: Yvonne Boland, lo n it . Ann All smiles are 0fflCCrSI0an Clean, Treasurer: - ta- MC Social Repfesen - Sparks' e C0nnaWHY, Presl- tives- Jgtlre: Titcomb, Secreulrz deI1lrM ry Lou Skaggs, V10 and a President' DELIAN A 'MH 'W X The Delian initiation w as a breakfast in the Redbud Room. Early risers are members and initiates, seated: Ann McClellan, Miss Maurine Faulkner, Sponsorg Mary Lou Skaggs. econd row: Marilyn Merritt, Joan Sparks, Diane Squires, Virginia Liem Pearson, S hird row: Ann Minick, Charlice Adams, Joyce Connaway, Liz F' h ot pictured are: Linda Irvine, Susanne Ga l' ue Titcomb. is er. rand, .fo Proctor. -w 'VT tm. . kr.. 1 .ang me JAMES H. LOWRY WW 'Q M. s 2 Q A 'Wy I Wa. "s. Xi' , Wa "-.. Y nf" ,as -G9 Catching up on the latest news are Sylvia Garza, Secre- tary-Treasurerg Anita Lun- day, Presidentg and Bettie Yates, Vice President. WA-W -.nl-A - ated. Virginia H Lowry are' Se ' Bettie Yates' . - a, Members of .lizina Parrish, SYXVW Gan Standing are' Amen, P-'ma L day Sue Fxeming un ' Vice ' Sara Dunn, . Rush cflgtgiilt Jimmie RISI? p 1- e s 1 . Kelldor , Treasurer Nici? rr and S0- Presidenf Jean -a Mary Pat cial Representatlvi to pose- Janks take mme Ou lnw 'Yr I , i QM -...cz "n,,g. u'2'af"'fM we 552 'Y"YT1v 1 if 'U O Q Initiation time for L'AIIegro! 64 Did and new members are, seated: Cloe Garcia, La Metta Calvert, Nydia Gutierrez, Betsy Whiteside Lacey, Mary Patricia Iank, Nan McDaniel, Jean Carr. Standing are: Julia Rodriguez, Jo Pye, Sara Dunn, Dorothy Vaughn, Almeda Keiidorf, Margie Scantland, Irs. Mary Fisher, Sponsor. QW fer 0Il ery small C v UJUSI a h. MEB officers Kat CIICCQH Say L d Vice PreSident: df0!' v leen Bra tafYv secff rS0n' er' Margaret Pea' s Treasur h e1S 1 Frances W hon PreSident' B0 ' Betty and E BRACK MARY ELEANUR scarf? QQ. Aw Initiation in Virginia Carroll Lodge for pledges of MEB. lnitiates and members are, seated: Janet Doehne, Jane Killingsworth, Margaret Pierson, Betty Bohon, . M E Peggy ROOI, Ann Ceddie, Frances Wiess. Q E E - Second row: Jean Van Erden, Mary Sue Steakley, Fanna Morris, Mrs. Mae Finley, Sponsorg Janet Van Erden, Kathleen Bradford, Beverly Rnnnels, Joyce Phillips, Charlene Weaver. Third row: Joan Reeves, Lavia Stephens, Jan Price, Claudia Baker, Beth Garrett, Janice Lovingood, Carolyn Meek, Jean Horner, Carolyn Whitehurst, Ann Hurst, Clara Cooper. I96 PHILOMATHIA Preside nt J 0Y McDermett ac Companies h Piano. They er officers on the Watson Vicea? Blllie Jacque b ' feed . Tara Walker 1 em, Bar. a . Jarjiglllhl, Treasurer. C Ccker, Soc ' Ora lative. , and Katherine Sn are lstorlan ls not Pictu d , re , , Secretary: Yuri 181 Represen. .5 Qu Q if o 0 o :J o Q Q O 0 For Philo Pledges yellow roses to mark the Philo green and gold. si o Seated are: Io Dean Downing, Margie Crawford, Martine Collins, Ada Hanen, Barbara Thomason, Laura , Moulton, Anita Correa, Kathryn Snare, Mary Lou Fuller. Q Second row: Cecelia Garcia, Ethel Coffee, Barbara Wise Garms, Billie Jacque Watson, Ioy McDerme'tt, O '4 ' Barbara Walker, Yuri Taniguchi, Miss Kathleen Varner, Sponsor, Cora lane Becker. 'N Third row: Emma Lou Porter, Frances Faires, Sharon Smith, Katherine Haddad, Patsy Kelly, Helen uc' K Smart, lane Fisher, Myra Lawerence, Marsha Boone, Beverly Drawe, Mary Bob Johnston, Frances Triesch, Eleanor Thornell. ' Fourth row: Pat Pickett, Carla Gardener, Barbara Ray, Roxanna Ward, june Mints, Maxine Marriman, Artis Ann Markel, Margaret Bromholt, Iannette Henry, Gerry Hodge, Gail Durham, Olga Burns, Henna Johnston, Sue Boyd. Not pictured: Nancy Garner, Elizabeth Burke. I97 Round and Round We Go W' Q H .-mf Q M4 3. . V41-mc: ' i , Q f V vu - 573398 ,qgggyf ffdhfi? c 4 ffiififfi 2 churn 9 f ' cams - ,. f' v 35' 1 1 E, Rm may ' g 4 I wwf ,f ? Ufufwfjg , Q 1, 0844861 1 h je as A 'f " me so f I3 1 Ia ff 4 f.?4 , ,ea Q, N 1 ,ws xg: gl we Q 'sa io " an gf 199 3. 200 SIDNEY FOSTER Nw I I 1 ww 1 15 3 I . -is N. 'X A x .QMS RINA TELL1 Charles L. Wagner's opera company returned this year to present Verdi's melody masterpiece, "Il Trovatoref' In 1951 the company presented "La Trzwiataf' v , 1 Concert and Drama Series The personable young pianist who made a decided hit with the TSCW audience in the 1951-52 season has since achieved added national acclaim as an artist. Sidney Foster returned to open the 1953-54 concert and drama series. S- '91 ALBERT DACOSTA 6. ps CHARLES WAGNER Miss Telli and students pause for tea at the reception following the opera. Virginia Sales' sketches of "Ameri- cana" brought the house down and blended an excellent variety of se- lections and vivid character portray- als as well as campus personalities. ,fum fd Gloria Bendy and Jo Rutledge share a smile with a fellow Zeta. lx y BERNARD IZZO ELIZABETH HUMPHREY Tessies gather around for a chat after the performance. Elizabeth Humphrey, soprano, and Bernard Izzo, baritone, together in "0per0tta Time" sang the best music of the theater the Way every- one likes to hear it . . . and seldom does. SINDA IBERIA Mistress of a new field of comedy, the concert stage, Miss Russell left even John Rosenfield in stitches with her presentation of classical music in a ludicrous satire. She and her accompanist prove their humor is not restricted to "onstage" as they entertain students after the show. STEPHAN HERO 202 . "7 f ",'1- Q vvyv f WM- Sinda Iberia, exponent of Spanish dancing, covered the classical school of the Goya period, the earthy peas- ants of Castile, and the fiery flamen- cos of the Gypsies. ANNA RUSSELL Stephan Hero, a former child prod- igy, has been acclaimed as "one of the great violinistsf' Here he talks with students following his concert. s V - f ai k fx 'r as E 1 X Y KA 5 5 if y twiki? -,ff 4 ay fi U 4, ,Q 'cz K w-'fur y,,.,'-' SKNGXNG ST ABS One oi miie most popuiar oi the rour groups on campus is tbe Stars. Singie periorrnances to weeiis tour, ifs aii in the game. bronx row: Lynne Hendricks, Bororby Heakon, Mary Bob Sobnson, Mary Geneiie Kubaia, Ann Harrung. Second row: Brbei Coiiee, Kerry Horning. Barbara Hinckley, Sue Tircornb, Sane Binckiey, Barbara Bruton, Seannine Deyine. Back row: Bororby Pickett. Sue Harnpe, Gaii Yemerson, Anne Nearbery, Dennis Cie-si, loan Douglass, Seanne 'Yborna SOHN MURRAY KBNUB1CKfDirector 204 COLLEGE CHORUS How these girls love to sing! First row: Alicia Gomez, Amelda Saenz, Jacquling Farquahar, Viola Benavides, Betty Jean Burgin, Marilyn Smith, Barbara Gonsulin, Betty Moses, Shirley Wolfe. Second row: Selma Turner, Essie Baily, Carol Cargill, Dorothy Myers, Wanda Lee Schroeder, Anna Marie Davis. Barbara Hinckley, Mary Cenelle Kubala. Third row: Patricia Drake, Patsy Jane Davis, Carmen Byinton, Charlice Adams, Frances Pugh, Carol Ann Nelson, Bobbie Jean Endicott, Sue Titcomb, Dolly Wilkins, Clests Francis. Fourth row: Diane Netzer, Eleanor Holland, Thomas, Helen Warren, Carolyn Decker, Elizabeth Vernon, Mary Alice Goebel, Mary Katherine Anderson, Patricia Ann Johnson. JOHN MURRAY KENDRICK-Director MODERN CHOIR "Making good music popular" is the story of the Modern Choir, another tour group. Front row: Lucinda Baily, Wanda Lee Choate, Norma Swearingen, Alta Mae Thomas, Ada Hanen, President, Hilde Eimbecke, Betty Todd, Jean Pickett, Manager, Betty Jo Morris, Gertrude Darling, Marie Varga, Betty Merrill. Second row: Velna Motley,,Amy McDonald, Sondra Lovelle, Mary Jo Case, Kathleen Bradford, Accompanistg Mary Jo Hill, Connie Correra, Sylvia Males, Carol Cargill, Barbara Urquhart, Carolyn Wall, Janice Rich, Judith Nuhn, Carolyn Roan, Sally Smith, Alis Dickenson, Treasurer. Third row: Barbara McFarlane, Shirley Blakemore, Frances Armstead, Librariang Mignon Ashby, Non Mathews, Betty Spires, Carla Gardener, Mimi Wilson, Kathryn Harry, Secretaryg Sarah Puddy, Betty Jean Sims, Jane 'Avery, Carolyn Parham, Vice President, Margaret Nobles, Mitzi Caunt, Joan Reeves. DR. J. WILGUS EBERLY-Director TESSIELAND BAND . . . And they march, too, as anyone who saw the Gold Rush parade can tell you! First row: Shirley Brownlow, Pauline Eudaly, Shirley Daugherty, Marion Bennett, ,Io Ann Irvin, Phyllis Possehl, Mary Simpson, June Pedigo, Nancy Davis, Peggy Bear, ,leanene Ward, Francis Carvill, Virginia Holt. Second row: Beverly Milligan, Erna Clair Terry, Dorothy Neathery, Barbara Woodard, Karen Malmgren, Geral- dean Hudgins, Patricia Prestone, Gladyne Boultinghouse, Gloria Barrera, Marilyn Bowen. Third row: Marjorie Scantland, Shirley Jackson, Virginia Mullins, Minerva Arredondo, Diane Hopkins, Florence Marshall, Carroll Possehl, Nan Mathews, Martha Moorhead, Gillie Sue Spiser. Fourth row: Rosa Ramirez, Sybil Bane, Mary Lee, Helen Brown, Mildred Contreras, Carole White, Ann Geddie. Not pictured: Jo Bishop, Harriet Caddell, Pat Connally, Marguerite Cox, Charlotte Danner, Carolyn Eaves, Althea Oden, Frances Pugh. DR. L. A. HANLEY-Director SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA For classical music at its best, it's hard to overlook this group. First row, Violin: Barbara Pruitt, Virenia Teller, Irene Garcia, Mary Jo Case, Dorothy Nethery. Cello: Marianne Glenn. Second row, Violin: Patsy Blasingham, Judy Nuhn, Florence McDonald. Oboe: Laura Richmond, Phyllis Possehl. Flute: Elizabeth Burke, Mavis Ruffle. Viola: Sylvia Males, Patricia Preston. Cello: Frances Robinson, Sue Hampe. Third row, Bassoon: Shirley Daugherty, Gladyne Boultinghouse, Pauline Eudaly, Gloria Barrera. Trumpet: Non Math- ews. Trombone: Martha Moorhead, Gillie Sue Spieer. Bass: .lill Mal0I1C- Fourth row, Percussion: Rosa Ramirez, Mary Ellen Stacy. French Horn: Carroll Possehl, Diane Hopkins, Florence Marshall. Not pictured are: Marion Bennett, Clarinet: Kay Carpenter, Piano: Pat Connally, Bass Clarinet: .lan Lowrie, Oboe: Margie Miller, Gracie Quigg, Violin: Sue Merrill, Trumpet: Jeanene Ward, Flute: Dorothy Waken, Bass. E. LAUREN FROST-Director 'YSCW SEVEN ADERS gli Anyxhing irom a wahz to "Nh1skaL RarnbXe" is Kors oi inn ior the oohege dance hand. Front row: Barbara Hinohhw, Vooahs-rg So Ann Xrvin, Peggy Tun, Phyhis Possehh Cdoria Barrera, Saxophone Kay Carpenter, Piano. ' Martha Sane Moorhead. Chadoue Danner, 'Yrornhoneg Carroh Yossehh 'Yrurnpexg Rune Hazhp. Drums E. LAUREN YKOS'YfDirector Second row . Dororhy W aken. Bass. U ' deI1t5- IC bm . for Mus 1355 I' C r r giveS 3 maste . F05 C - Sldlley . mst d D Pla C an MuSiC Sidelights Dr. L. A. Hanley welcomes Dorothy Brin C spea Music Therapist rocker, who was one of the l-:ers on the music lecture series. .K , gg, 5. . in -'iz , N in ,.5,: MWA 5 'aw 3' ' ' - I 'V-wg. 1,-'vez' 2 5 vg -ML if " gi gif 4, Mlm A 5 A Q, 1 v12i1'i: 'vit Jef '54 1 it ,gg:gF"?, Q, 1,5 " Q' 5 'kgtfffgk .V sign We A tense scene from the speech departmenfs first performance of the year in the Arena Theatre. The daughter dreads facing her first "Gentleman caller." 'The Glass Menagerie" By TENNESSEE WILLIAMS CAST T716 Mother -7 .-...777VV,7f77.. JO AN RUTLEDGE Her Son ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, . MARI OLA DUVALL Her Daughter H ,,,,,,,,, , PAT VON CLAUSEWITZ The Gentleman Caller ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , JOAN PRICE SCENE An Alley in St. Louis PART I Preparation for a Gentleman Caller PART II The Gentleman Calls TIME Now and the Past An aging mother, with memories of her southern childhood, and her restless son attempt to bridge the gap between them. H-LAI ' 1 The speech department made giant steps in progress with their speech clinic for children and "Seminar 12:00," a top notch TV show produced weekly over KRLD . . . "We Learn to Do by Doing." student A Speech lhefipyhet Xitixe coaches one 0 charges ' ' ' 'ii . if . KRLD's Mr. Ed Halleck, Pat Brown, lone Weisberg and Mr. Black pose in front of those impressive looking cameras just be- fore time to start the show. 'X ,pr .- 3, .4 Q21 sh f Vs Cameraman watches as last minute details are whipped into shape WCST Station manager Gloria Bendy handles the "board" with the greatest of ease. i Emily Mae Stafford, continuity, and Jo Proctor, pro- gram director, check the day's log. B arbar Mario a mn fo' a H Benneckleh re sho tt, cord I H: Publicly 11 1, rar . x f 1 Pulp, any and a ,ec 01-d Susanna Garland, chief control operator, and Martha Jane Morehead, chief announcer go over a news bulletin just before air time. R Q A aw cigar 2I4 -tx t e A ,ai Fig if , , t .W ,M 'N we Wen ," - .-mg: ' fy V . ,F . J! 2, rg ..., . 4 V . was E..-. eq V 1 .w 1 '15 gg . N -' mif5VL"'ei'ff"?5'jk'-.,, ' ..-3?fgf'3?1l!-f V ref.. , New I 'H , 'L,-.., M -. X.., 'ff - s as-Q5.. 8 if X 7 t. ,A.. I ,..-,, ., exif 'f f A .. . j rgw gf m.W, , if J 7 ' L"' . , h I il 'IZZ asf-V :', ' A ., . taxi. , ."-', S .',-' lei? '1'.,- i H ' all' ,.:, iffy 'Y' 'UM " i" Beverly Drawe, Ione Weisburg, and Liz Fisher plan their page make-up at the copy desk. Annie Simmons gets an engraving ready on the Fairchild. Margaret Nobles and Roxy Ward check a local story and pull some national news off the wire. The press is ready to roll so June Hazlip gets ready to "let 'cr go." The Daily Lass-o Entered as second-class matter October 17, 1946, at the post office at Denton, Texas, under the Act of Congress, March 3, 1879. Published every afternoon except Saturday and Sunday, September to June, and except holidays and examination periods, and once weekly during the summer session under the title "The Summer Lass-O," in the Journalism Building at Texas State College for Women, TSCW Station, Denton, Texas. Subscriptions are 562.50 yearly. Member Texas Press Association, Associated Collegiate Press, National Scholastic Press Association. United Press Leased Wire, All-American, 1935-1947, 1950. STAFF Editor in Chief ........ ..........,...... .i... C E CILIA GARCIA Monday .............. ...,.. B EVERLY DRAWE IONE WEISBERG LIZ FISHER Tuesday ........... .................... A NN SIMMONS Wednesday ..... ........ M ARGARET NOBLES ROXY WARD Thursday ..... .........,,, J UNE HAZLIP Friday ....... ................ A NN MINICK Society ...... ....... ,I OYCE CONNAWAY Clubs ............ ......... G AIL PETERSEN Church ................... ......... P AT CONLEY Special Features ...... ....................................... B ETTY BROWN Fltllllg type into the chase is old stuff to Ann Minick. Business manager Carol Koenig keeps the Lass-O on a self-support- ing basis by careful managing of bills and ads. Cecilia Garcia plans lier editorial for the day. This year's Lass-O once again became a full-fledged flaily when it began publishing on lVl0IKl21y as well as Tuesday through Friday. Section editors Pat Conley, Churchg Joyce Connaway, S o c i e t yg Gail Petersen, Clubsg and Betty Brown. Special Features, discuss the week's work. Editor-in-Chief June Hazlip checks her page dummy for mistakes. ,rms its Roxy Ward. photographer, gets her camera out for another session of picture making. 2l8 II E UALIAN K'g,-I Hard working art editor Pat Bryan slaves over layouts. swf Section editors Emily Mae Stafford, Activitiesg Maggie Nobles. Clubsg Betty Brown, Activitiesg and Liz Fisher, Clubsg check through the picture files. W -f ii" ' , ,L ' A 7'-M aize-f1,e . r a , ,,,,h, , 'T Class editors Norma Smith Sophomoreg Jane Odom, Freshmang June Mints, Sophomoreg and Nora West, Freshman. confer on layout plans for class pictures. ....L, Y .isi- Joyce Connaway, Faculty editor and Gail Petersen and Marion Bennett. Features, trim pictures and plan their layout. That big smile means that Business Manager Beverly Drawe has landed another account for the Ad section. aww wx! "-'en..i I if ' V '-.W qwuiiln-auf' Bobbie Jean Jasper, editor-in-chief gets ready to start to work. M Ann Peterman, literary editor, checks over copy. uarterly 3 i K K- I 1V"- ' , ,- Leslie Hopper, art editor, is kept busy designing the cover and doing inside art work. 'i I P ' oi 3 ' ' N X Y! l - ' M L - 4, t " fu . 0 I v , ' QJ5 g 1 ' r 1 w rl, ati. I IDN. I t . L1 N w The News Bureau Frank Rigler, Director of Journal- ism. checks the files for a news re- lease. Publicity center for the campus Nora West and Jane Odom, news bureau assistants, check pictures to be sent out with publicity releases. Virginia Mullins and Julia Sauer type up copy for the releases. if 22l XE,-"""i 3 t if P A familiar face. H. H. Blagg. print shop director, makes a fihal check of weekly expenses. Print hop Herbert Church, linotypist, makes a last minute correction for Daily Lass-O Editor Cecilia Garcia. Morgan Caffey mounts a plastic cut. 222 Weldon Church gets the press ready Bill Brenholst takes a proof to roll off another set of bulletins. av qt as , A T-ell? bmvluauf, 1 Q wg ,gi -V Wwflva-J E' 'Kms wa 58" awww W R W 1 i , , we ' Y , ' Q iv J! ' .. I , ii 223 ff' .4-"va en: sv if 9 9? And it s over "Get in there . . . ,' Hockey Club members go after a ball during practice. It's not only lots of fun, they also broil those legendary "Hockey steaks" at the end of the "TU-AGM" game. Volleyball tournaments are hard and fast and competi- tion is keen. especially when it's Juniors versus Seniors as here. "Stretch . . . ,' Sinking that basket may mean the game as members of the Basketball Club play fast and furiously. Club play means added practice for inter- dorm WRA tournaments. "Ready? Serve . . . " Mary Guinn waits at the net as her partner slams a hard one over. Smashers and forehanders, experts or beginners, they all have a crack at the WRA Tennis cup. it fy i ft Qu ,P-,,, .su-N' 225 , , wlf- "v ' ' "It goes like this . . . " Mary explains a formation to Marianna as the Aquatics Club prepares for its annual Spring tour and home show. "Swimmers to your marks . . . " Competitive swimming is a sidelight for Aquatics members but still they bring home the ribbons and medals. This year they competed against Louisiana and en- tered Southwestern AAU in Dallas. "And the Birdies fly . . . " Spring badminton tournaments are among the most popular WHA activities. Even absolute beginners play for points and have lots of fun. "A spare, at least. . . " Good form makes for a good score as a team member sets her dorm up in the "first alley." Competition is keen with some dorms entering as many as three teams. "Touche . . .', It requires timing, co-ordination and concentration to become a top fencer. The TSCW team has carried off honors all along the line. Tournaments as well as constant practice keep them busy. "One and two and three . . . " One of the most popular tour groups on the campus, the Caper- ettes, practices for a coming per- formance. "Round and round . . . " Folk Dance Club members practice a dance for the Christmas dance program. Dances from foreign lands are a specialty and lots of fun. "Fore " A Golf Club member practices up on the flrst tee. The club sponsors tournaments that match students and faculty members as well as com peting against other colleges and universities 4' nn '0 I Nh E Q ag' 1 Hag , 4, , rw x ff me nf an w if 493 . Yagi I ' It f ' ws' 4' r wi . , U ffl ,7 my 1 ,fm tw mmf 4 ff- f ,fnffm - -4y-sm,w-f- if-It , 1 I ww, Q.. -2 ere- f unwmsg 5- ,Q ef is saws 5 gsglt, gtg 230 if M...-e-""" se-u'L,"N....s.,,,, tunes-mt ,M "Heavy . . . I guess . . . " Allie struggles with a full thermos as Loyal packs in a heavy sweater. Corky fights the bedroll and they're off to Texoma! The Outing Club plans several weekend trips a se- mester and Nroughin' it" is the order of the day. "Bullseye . . . " Rifle Club members practice up in the basement of Houston. Among other things they hold an annual competition with ASM and often come out on top! Mail tournaments are part of their activities, too. The nationally known Modern Dan ce Club is one of the hardest working and most popular performance r0u s g p on campus. Scenes from numbers on their Spring tour are "Tribal Dance" from "TV Newsreel in Five Shots." , ,..., is v .Q Q if 5 , ifv ..-Q' f wh., "Tribal Dance" from "TV Newsreel in Five Shots." "Monkeys at the Zoo" "TV Newsreel in Five Shots' 5 J,4-W All in a Spin Q 'S 'fs as gg 53 fix in if . V L3 5 Wg V 'Q 3 2 fi 5 5 L I aww ,. V K Q3 if R152 fg 'Biz 5 . fl av yu- xf swf if ,uv 'K gift! U? di' Yr . V , I 53.- ..f,:,k N E .sg 'P' D. A ' 3 Cool, man, cool! With registration being held for the first time in the air-conditioned comfort of Hubbard Hall. ty Business Manager Frank Fuller, a newcomer himself, it gives a smiling welcome to freshmen on Newcomer's i, Night. la Xi 'N SEPTEMBER . . when . The biggest Freshman Class in several years registered and "Could you tell me where?" became the Question of the Month . . . Upper- classmen relived previous years in story and song while freshmen and transfers got their first glimpse of the friendly spirit that is TSCW . . . Orientation included the inevitable tours through campus buildings . . . Pat Pryor, Danforth graduate, led All-College Sing. Freshmen "J" majors explore the Journalism Building. Ax W? i X, Aunt Pogey pokes tradition at Pogette. "Listen my children and you shall hear . . " fi--ff' Borrowing from Walt Kelley, All-College Roz and Susie portray green fresh' night shows Pogette and Okefe Tessieland peopled with 'gfaculty critters and sich" . . . Aunt Pogette smiled, abut not with her purty brown eyes" . . . Twelve new faculty members were added . . . new personality course aims at creating poised, well-rounded freshmen . . . the Student Finance Council Rummage sale came around and everyone came away with something. Flossie gets the bird and SFC nets S100 at Rummage sale. Hit her again! Hit her again! Harder! Harder! 5,1 if One, two, three. Kick! Caperettes perform for carnival spectators. 1953 Pioneer women sing it up. WRA CARNIVAL Free games of skill highlighted the All-College "get-acquainted" party . . . Carolyn Walker walks off with first prize . . . Tessies agreed they disliked Dior's "New Look" . . . Weather stayed unseasonably hot . . . Freshmen roll up the rugs in Capps for their first semi- formal party, men and all. NSW Slllllemn l0i'l Uld ill Caf1'Ying lanlefns 'ff fllellflsllil' . . . and end up in front of the Auditorium for .1 sing song. across the campus in the annual Lantern Parade . . . and fl-6,9 movip. ,n, , ',V, gn sl 'i't"'T 41-if if it Af K M H ' x 1 'A 'HHN' 'V' Q' fl rl 0 'ri 'ra Y sb ' 1 3 Fw ' : 'i ' x yi' . x. Only the crickets are left to sing in Stoddard. Slfwsr Si Blllly, sings jackie Block at the SFC-sponsored Bonjour Dinner. Biscuit makers used assembly line methods to feed Senior ladies at the traditional early-morning a Autu breakfast . . . SFC replaced HI-Iowdyn with '6Bon- ii My jouri' at their annual dinner '... And on the drag it was hot as hlazes when Los Alamos Hall went up in flames . . . Seniors mohbed the bookroom when 1954 Class jewelry arrived. Phyi and .ian enter- tain frosh with "Thai Good Old Mountain Deuxi' fl fi 1 fl I . 455 A mgffitx-tt ai, f 'uit x fi Hd Loyal again ' Und Con n j,. kids Fish frolic in Lowry woods. OCTOBER . when . Frosh Frolicked . . . Juniors Hayrode . . . and Sophs Har- vest Mooned. iw Three on a joke as the juniors play Hayride. r if 3 238 wi Xt ,wma Nothing fishy about their Stunt predictions. A prediction of things to Mambo yet! Sophs unveiled new class hymn at Har- vest Moon . . . Dorms elected house of- ficers . . . Lass-O rated one of top 17 college newspapers . . . College received 325,000 grant for human nutrition lab. come? A Say "Cheese" Mrs. Denman . . . Senior class and house president and freshman class president at the Stoddard open house for Freshmen. N--. '6Redbud is our flower. '56 our year . . ." sing the Sophs as they serenade their sister class. the seniors. "Would you run through that again?" Puzzled Seniors register for placement. 239 Minick entertains freshman HJ" majors. ' ff" "Care to dance. huh?- 240 Wae .wvuiwf " X, In October, clubs settled down to having open house for freshmen . . . Aggies invaded campus to choose Jane McBrierty 1954 Sweetheart . . . The Texas State Fair set aside a special day for TSCW . . . Halloween jack 'o lanterns leered from the most unexpected spots . . . and we ate a special Halloween din- ner in Hubbard Hall. "Take off the spurs: that's all that we ask you to do-" Religion, ever present at TSCW, Was em- phasized during REW . . . "Corn us in . . . complete with goats, cake walks and folk dances . . . Smith Carroll added a TV set . . . Betsy Rawls, top Woman golfer, visited campus. Rev. Rodney Sunday, REW speaker. holds personal conferences. l Religious Emphasis Week book sale in the Pub. I-I k 9 9, Shuckin' of the Corn. lj fi fi lx if 4 Songhirds from Rusk take first place. "I say theah pig-come heah l EWS camera' d Xeixflired an inf lame mug nd they can march. too. the Your chance of escape is small. Aggies, Aggies, everywhere . . . they swarmed over the campus to get dates for the annual Corps Trip . . . Classes were dismissed for Satu1'day's game. Meet me at the It was a lovely day when the Texas. Aggies romped over TSCW, the Fort Worth highway, Texas Hotel, Fort Worth, Carter Field and TCU's Horned Frogs, 20-7. The Clinch ,. Asgxes 1 gy, as 6 Ep. VV, ilA,,rMEf3,g,.n A ' Pigskin on the wing. Q -if'.21l"f"' n A ,mQ4if,,Q,,,g4g'?1 i 11,44 le! Q i l i J f . V W ull 11' Vguvwg N fig sff'T'fg,i'l.iffflil4'?,?If'h is iii? 'figffeff' 5fi"fQiQ'5'FY'-si?9f', N. -Nz sq kgvlvg.. 0, S y38ad1s,4..ze , , ,' A-Q.X WN. ,4'M, ,,,, fjfim V -xgl""f'm1g3gy L ,. L Q-.V mf wS':,4fi'f1.,'.n?2q3 :'1':2Q,.-fall W qv " 11 fyifmfsife 441:52 fnwf.ff1w i-we-urges M agL,i,,Mxf-igj fy ,FAQ 'j,,f, k A Qzw'e',yl1, M54 A ,lily mfg?-ff'L ,.iQ5f,,, - rj, W .iv flgwim qfb ga Yzwlwalxil' . ' 4 aw-if - is me w:sf.s'f1-x MW ya, Jr, Yajvyf' .1 mg +1-, i 1 mg? ,zflfv-, ,Agn :s,,M. 4 ,SHS-L 5,135 X4 wget at it gtg: i ,M 2 qguag-gyjhn lysggg f?o,a2:2,.vi'Zf3ii!1' "f2!f'if'i'f',:,w -if 'ff gf If-cfs.-,.fg3,4ggq.'f1i5 f lqf,lgfj,,'xagqr"" ' fl," 4 J ' if M ,gfE'?L5'?f - Agglafgfkfg f'g'ggij"i .,v'Tgq: X?-nj is' I 4 ill? 5 3,1 'A " Yx'?w"f M ul if E ,Ui5l3'5li"1 ffzwllf Q ' Q n s Q i - 1 ff vfs'-FA We 'iff 2, . Q Q V,,,31.3y g.'i2, f,i :t,5ij,g.g32.g!k in Q Ai 325:535-1- - w 2. Q-il my gf i A su, w A iL1-Z5l32" Kl4ik1??,,,'?'iffi5"3 QQ? glllgllhk fi 7"ff'ffQ1ilfe.s12f's30 if 'f2Q1f:'faT-Ev l i, .f 'iff 4 1 s T 7 7 .'3l4l,..,3, A F' .5 31.54 if :?1.J5,QxQz..'zA TQ 1, 4. . . 5 ix, L , A A vi I ,,,,i.:1x buqswx in ,iii W A fifiggfj-gf, . 121.1-fm M' A Y , 3 S ' 4'?e,, I5 I ' , H I, , M ies" ,,.,-Rizlh 53:13. 5 ykq,5f,V as My .J Vzu, 2-Qggxga V - ' Q nosn s s' , 2' I rf s sg, , A s an R fa W Qi 4. in ' w it s s he ' W M A ,.,. , . 1 Open your mouth and say Ahhh . . .' 9FWWW3I', N X 244 Athenaeums: so formally French . . . October ended with a final round of parties . . . Mimi Wilson was named the Maid of Cotton representative . . . Sidney Foster presented the seasonis first C and D and stayed to hold a master class in piano . . . The first All-College Dance, sponsored by the Seniors and Sopho- mores was presented as Autumn Noc- turne. Delians: "Yo ho and a bot- tle of punch I1 at Crossing her palm with silver. Flossie? e Getting into the swing of things at AFP's rush party . kxigr ' it my "Put your right shoe in. put your right shoe out . . lt's hydromatic sailing for Delian pirates. x, Y, vi 5 L,,L, Juniors show how intellectual they 3 can look. MNH-CHRRULL ' iinuiriiiiiua H' ffmiff W NOVEMBER . . f and we . . . , lg 41 ffffipz r' F, Held the second amlual Gold Rush fig. mi f 2 Q . .1 Carnlval . . . We hammered, paraded, A .vi " V " A ' v . D fx ' i li E 4, F nailed and cooked . . . Chlld develop- ,3VMi?gV': ,, 5 I at K. X,-A A H vi .A i , 4,r I Z NM K ' A . . . i 1, 'F Q' 'fr-:!44WiPfV V VV 4-,,fm,iff'ehsQ ment majors became concesslonaires, by A v, ,,. L A gif ,t K A ' i'5fk".V V- ' ' . - Q l Q Q f it and down the hill from the Ad Bulldmg, i , El A ' 'V if V . V1 .,, + a brightly lit midway swarmed with i - V Q, 'V a- ' 1 3,1251 Vf i 3 f V activity -- W V M fg, Q A ' I A ,, ,,i ? A VF A, Q S Q, , .,1'il5'Eef'5'T??fZ"i,,.,ai1.4 5' 1' Q ,j 2 .A VV Originality pays off as local students win the float contest. iff he ' ii , V t V K V t'fsff it X Q7 or i 3 A , A , W x , ,..t V V, Q , Lg 1 L , lim A' ' ' A N' ' i, ,A W,Vi:.3 ji X ' Q ' . Q LW , , 54 my X: .U K t ,Ig . 'Ly .mv my .Q ,M ,U , . , , A .. ,,. V e ie . o V- K Q N-' T5 H' 0 Vt 2 . lv K . mx ff 7 25525 V - ,A Vg K tetV fe V ,fa ,oei Lf if f ij wwf W etti r Q V V - Pi5ix:iifi V , e ,kV, K -,,V - . ..j 5 ' V . , ,,,j . . ,MM A - M i ,V ,. ,, - W , ' ij, if I I p A W ! .gs V ii I at U f ,Q 5,7 fl A i Philos display lpana smiles. That's ok. horsie. Ann isn't so happy either. 246 . 1 akiflg H Hora, were m But, Dean U ue et In 5 oneY'l0r me C0 . . . And gold rushed into the TSCW Foundation coffers . . . Tennessee Wil- liams, play, 4'The Glass Menageriev was presented by the Rehearsal and Perform- ance Class . . . Pushpa Broker, native of Bombay, married her Indian sweet- heart at A8zM . . . Parkland Hospital Y'all Come! ,Mmm 5 Q joined TSCW in nursing venture . . . Thanksgiving holidays began. His eyes light up and his hand waves howdy. C1 I gd! wild eltel and Won , Ifennie "4" and WH lf. The . . - Sn ram WA 1 X005 in 6011139 g' They caught that possum. too. 17 How could you helieve me?" DECEMBER . . when . It began to get cooler . . . Everyone made Christmas plans . . . The campus discovered the Pickette sisters . . . Betty Coffee joined the Dean of Women's staff . . . Freshmen presented a talent as- sembly. The biggest THSPA meet in history-600 high school journalists registered. '7 W4 'ffl Every dorm had a punch line. Christmas trees and candles crowd- ed books off the desk. l ii fa f Dorms flung open wreathed doors at annual open houses . . . The traditional Nativity Pageant was presented . . . Everyone sang carols . . . "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" became the teachers' theme song . . . Every club on the campus threw some sort of Christmas party . . . Christmas vacation started. li W wmv uv 1 fl., Wi' 'Xi 1 F' e 4 Rl joyful and triumphant ? Fill that punch cup, pass that plate. The sacred solemnity of the Christmas season was por- trayed in the traditional and beautiful Nativity Pageant written by Dr. L. H. Hubbard. We three kings of Orient are. bearing gifts we traverse afar Beauties behind the scenes. And this was the year we had 20 beauty nominees . . . Chosen in De- cember, names of the class beauties remained one of the best-kept se- crets of the year . . . Houston Hall won the Lass-0 sponsored door decoration contest . . . We break- fasted in white and threw midnight Christmas parties. L.. l. . Well. really now-Laurie corners the judges. Beauty judges discuss scoring T "And if elected. I promise to do my best." fa.?,fg,,q JANUARY . when . . . Our elder sisters took the pledge and promised to vote . . . . Dead Week found us spending long hours over term themes . . . grade point speculation ran high . . . frantic cries of "I only cut six times" were heard in every dorm . . . Seniors hid farewell to the first '54 grads. After careful research I find thatf l need another cup of coffee. Flagbearers of '54. A ' Give out a mighty T03 r for ,54 L 2 th "And I thank you kindly." Seniors and faculty frolicked together and each revealed her secret desire . . . Student Council sponsored a good will collection . . . Dining hall trays replaced feet as modes of transportation when snow blanketed the campus and stayed on for four days. u. W Wye Well shut mah mouth and call me king size . . ." 253 FEBRUARY . . and stunts took the spotlight . . . '50 to '54 . . . they're all there in the scenery shop . . . dreams in paint . . . names on the doors and though the pre- dictions didnlt always come true . . . the stunts live on . . . names and stories on the big sliding door inspire other authors, other crews . . . N.-an-"W 'D- Q 7.5km-. sgnnpllve ,--l-- KK' lt's a Ladies' game while waiting to go on . . . A crew is a crew is great . . . whether they glitter a set . . . make the "Goose hang high" . . . ride up the areas . . . or sweep out after rehearsals . . . and the backstage show is always as good as the one out front. if Q' iii" fl? lag, "Me-ouch !" .f""' ff' -n,.,v-0--4--0""" "Hold that note just a little longer girls . . ." Gracie and Pat, Freshmen foresters . . . .af ,. 'Q QF-X, "Blessed are those who go around in circles, for they shall become big wheels . . ." ,lo Ann. Sue. and Gail Signs sometimes tip the scale in favor of one candidate or another. MARCH . . when . . . Stunts were over and another whirl of ac- tivity began . . . Candidates conducted cam- paigns for CGA, SFC, and WRA offices . . . 100 charming Redbud princesses were chosen . . . The weather changed from hot to cold then hot again and everyone contracted a terrific case of spring fever . . . The redbuds froze and bloomed again. Your glove size. madam? if X ,rf- 'b-. 'v if 'v f sv' S,afQ .Jim if 4' 4", if .gffg TUT S A misguided guide conducts a factually dry tour. while . . . lt's the people who make the station great . . . the redcaps. . . . . . the sports fans . , SENICJRS To TRAIN 4:2- Wiwfpnflhffwa' the station master says "stick around and see us as we are . . ." .ge . . . . and a love-sick lass . , . . . the happy hick and his new found cure-all . . . -1 ,V . . . the young reeruit wh0'll bring new glory to Old Glory . . . 'R . . . and even john Thomas. the terror. S0 forget the facts don't miss the point, get "On the Right Track" ! Y Y 259 ,, -.v - 7---W - 0 Jumlouzs mice 65-Q1 ?4'ff3 it 5 -f"" N ,W 'wfffmwwwwmwww' The Juniors got "pretty darn hot" when . . . all of those quadrupeds decided to stay with the circus . . . and forget the "life that late they led." as did all the little animal friends . . . The camel came through with a camel walk . . . what else? . . and a couple of crazy mixed up cats went wild 'cause the place was a "Big Topsey Turveyv and the Juniors copped the cup Y I Y 1 G-nw A 1 li, . N, , M 1 SOP!-IOMOI2 SX 5 .jxq ah. my O 0 dear. that blasted heat drove them insane Y ! I 'W7W7h'4'Afuzf,11f"" The temperature rose . . . and rose . . . and rose . . . l . . . while the tourists tried to heat the heat. but fi Z. L Calypsos, maracas and rhythm sticks clacking . . A' C 5 l x ' . '. , if ,. A ,mf L 1.5! Why everybody dances and on the double they forget all their troubles and dig that crazy "Heat Wave!" and what do they do way down in Panama ? ? ? iow - ' ' down be Mother C0056 came FIZESI-IMEN lin ll! C I gbfig' 264 and neither was her moppish audience . . . . . . while the cards shuffled across the deck sit L Q, x N XX 4 x, rwwfx x,,,,,,,,fm4fww . . . just to find that the Queen and Knave of hearts weren't interested in tarts E d W' .Q 0 we . . Mistress Mary's garden grew ..andgrew... any t . . . TV made the mice blind and modern, they are four instead of three . . . o A s 5 T? j . and little Boy Blue was real gone . . . g 6 ' z V' in , .f lgv, So Mother Goose changed her way and was "Gone with the Goose! In Cl Whirl cu ,MQ S s fx .enum X 1. Day shall not be up so soon as If, TWELFTH NIGHT "To business that we love we rise betime, And go to with delight." ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA A Day With a Tessie . . Shakespeare Style . "The excuse that thou dost make in this delay Is longer than the tale thou dost excuse." ROMEO AND JULIET ff A ah , H1 ,ye -nw-A-1 tg? ' X. . .swf ., 5952 A "Society is no comfort to one not sociable." CYMBALINE "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." AS YOU LIKE IT w A 4 x E ffl lwetlzought I heard 'Sleep no more li Cl C0 ummm-4.4, cannot as y cuyhflt you QS - achieve, rforce accom? 1 ice cry- must pe S You iv ONXCU , may NDR JULIUS CAESAR you TKTU5 A ,IX , Q ,ww l he Gods? . d' h fo' t A ld HA QD CLEOPATR Ou w0U AN ' "Company, villainous company, hath been the spoil of rnef, , . I have been in such a pickle since I saw you '1N"'-Q"" 1, I 'L lastf, X125 'Q-IQ 3.5 S 1 , 'lf 0 t TEMPEST hr, 3gfQ..3'ffi3,7ffg3. 'Qing 0 "V-J' Qs-' fx LP-"W 3 631'-,-',fjiQf'A' - f p NYY... fxxx, A YJ 5X sown-.srw , 'Q QL, K ,,i., 4 fx , . 1. x uf' . X K, A ,ki gi ' ' f W Q h- . ' 'W Q ,.f ,, if ,sefivv l ,125 cfggwfigfg may L5 v jf' 2 z. . VV in 1 H, V 'X H N xg l' . ,f ' V Ven? Anand X I ,gi 'V' 'if' KING HENRY IV sg'-kgn s , x V LL W, iv L . -M ,, 349' H. f l i-.1 .V vvv. L c ,W Q 1 , gi l ma l 6:5 I 1 4 H "Q 'Z gg' 'fi in Q ' f- V "-i',, ' ' ' . Ji kg, Za fin This Year . . . as Usual . . . We Stood in Line . We stood to register 4 2, W X MW ,, Ami Lf 1 f' :LW :HK 1:7 1 wfzmmf and our mail Y to get our laundry . . We stood to get in the PUB to get our coffee fstill Sci . . . y We caught up on the gossip while we waited. 'k -nhl-. wmmmwfM ' and last but not least . . . to eat I ! ! new We Went to Assembly . . . but just Barely dir ,gg S "',..s sesM""f 44 year . First we waited . . . Then we sang . . . college songs, old , songs, new songs, and class songs . . '57, '57, we're the class of '57 . . .' Redbud is our flower, '56 our 4 as . . We are the class of 1955 . . . and the Seniors sang their hymn, too . Loyal to you, '54 . . ." Some were always late . People, People Everywhere . and not a one knew we were there! Ah boredom . . . q.uestion of the year . . . find the photogra- pher's roommate! fThe only smile in the bunch!j Police group extracts confession from local Dean of Women . . . EXTRA! EXTRA! V ,115-.,. ,,--...M Could this be the carnival group at 7:00 breakfast the next morning?? It could! "Whoosh . . . coming down" . . . and it only stayed there overnight after all that trouble! "Senior Joyce Faux addressing the yell-practice from the balcony of Stoddard." What?? A riot?? Who's next for the starch? Seniors and 274 Sophomores "inventing" the Juniors and Freshmen to "joint yell-practice." 19,0 12 .igme be overheard! "And then she said . "Think this day will ever end?" The Pub Everything happens there . . . and anything can g'000hh . . . you DON'T say!" 5 5. Mm AX ,M t H. . .and in walks the prof . . . right behind her!" U. . . and what's more. I said . . ." W "Light anyone?" 275 What Would We Do Without .""-... vifixwfi ' A' fi X gk XX X ' "POP" . . . who iakes care of W . our problems . . . . . . Mr. Hirsch. the "Dutchman," and of course, Mr. Weaver. who see that we get mail every day f?j , . as 1 I 276 Jewel, who gives us hot coffee and listens to us gripe . . . And Verne Starnes. who hung by his toes from a ceiling once too often while repairing a clock . . . The laundry ladies," who keep up with our linen cards TAFERY' 4 l 4 "Uncle Joe," who builds stunt sets the day of the first performance after a dress rehearsal flop! fHe also paints a wicked fish . . . as does Mr. Loweryj . . . My., .ff 'Q Mr. Douglas and Lester, who pass out everything from books and senior rings to cough drops , . . . . . and Carl . . . without whose 6'Coin' up. pal" a day wouldn't be complete, and we'd never be able to keep up with people if it wasn't for his "B" board . . . ,SW Tessie Weekend . . Jl'l0X'1alW C W f 1 ITT WIDE U V f 1, 1 Complete with Date NWT! H1 25 ef V t 's X 'ff A7 C. J. Becker's Fritz arrives and meeting Mrs. ' Denman is first on the agenda. . . . and we never forget t0 sign out! 17 ixggggtiigift 5 'X Wiftieif, . 7,,.., x Q Eff ff' E? Q' f 'x JN F C. J. seems to be enjoying her coke but Fritz is more interested in C. J. Fritz adds an inscription to the already scarred V A old stone bench in the Botannical gardens. ' f gy f YMlN'A l R A X . fe " G5 ,,. in C Ct R H CK l With wedding be11SjuSt around the The popcorn may be good but just being to COYHCT, Fritz and C- J- look at gether is so much better! furniture. ,lust practising say C. J. and Fritz as they leave the Little Chapel. Dinner in Hubbard Hall to a Sunday perfect . . . Sunday morning services in the Little Chapel find C. J. and Fritz thinking about a Little Chapel wedding. Coodnight . . . but he'll he back . . . and soon! J.. Q 280 Now theres a good glrl Camera Highjinlcs . . Whoopsf "What seems to be going on here? ?" wiv' X ' K. "And he says to me . . . Buddy 4 HAVE A DRINK. he does . . .!' A Q if ,, ag Catch That Goose! Susie and Cookie get off to a fast start on their shopping tour of Denton. ... icq I ', as , "The Goose" 5 EI if is be , Qi essile e iii! S i h e 525 Safefy Firsi W A 1' Courlesy Second WY www li Service i 4 kim Confinuously THE DENTON BUS LINE WAFFLE Sue and Jane shop a+ cosmehc counfer. Cosmefic and Phofographic 'll 5- L0CUS+ Headquarfers l Block ff h S TOBIN DRUG sToRE 0 + e We Norlh Side of Square Phone C-2575 Gloria and Ari' discuss 'Phe menu al' 'l'he Waffle Inn. A visil' lo MuH's handbag counfer is included in Sue and Jane's day for shopping. "The Showcase of Fashion" MUTT'S VANITY SHOP ,.,, . Y. l A fashionable slxiri' aHrac+s E+hel's and Joy's aH'en+ion in 'ihe sporis shop. Gloria inspecfs lhe la-l'es'l' in shoe siyles while Eihel looks on. Eleanor and Sue spend some 'lime in 'ihe hai bar. For years Russell's has been fhe favorife shopping place for hordes of Tessies. For we carry 'I'he besi' selecfions of nalionally adverfised brands +ha'r you have learned +o depend upon. From our famed shoe salon 'io our up-+o- ihe-minufe sporfs shop . . . from our famous accessory aisles fo our ouisianding gif? shop . . . we have won 'ihe repufalion- which we regard highly-of being +he s+ore where you can gel +he finesi' merchan- dise ai' 'ihe price you pay and as always we siand ready io serve you as faifhiully as ever! I Erika digs info a summer favorife. 3 T Tessies find a friendly place fo drive in or drop in. U . H se Lane s Ice Man's I ll Lexie and Liz refresh fhemselves af fhe home Freezer Fresh ce of fhe famous Susie-Q-Burger. PUBLIC ICE CREAM ICE CQMPANY JU-CY PIG RESTAURANT Denfon, Texas On The Goose I-ine C'9' '5 l08 Congress THEATRE CENTER A """' "Where Happiness Cosfs So Liffle" VCINEMASC CAMPUS and TEXAS Theafres 592 yvwlffrl lgygkffgb' K0 OM WW T5 W 2 S ue, 1 ihe gang and "Pu+-Pu+" pull in al Normile's for some friendly service. NORMILE HUMBLE SERVICE STATION VN V Hanky' I 7 303 N. Elm Phone C-2913 ,...-M.. M fr -v"""' ar. Mary Lu and Nadine have found ihe righf one while Margarei' and Palsy coniinue ihe search a+ Hendley's. Hendley's Shop Giffs Thaf Please and Smar+ Ready-To-Wear I323 Calcland C-22I6 Jo Dean and Renna discuss sophomore class accouni' wiih Mr. Barnes, bank president DENTON COUNTY NATICNAL BANK MEMBER FDIC AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM College Deposifory Fine Porfralf Phofography Across from Lowry Hall I+ has been a privilege 'ro serve TSCW many years wi+l1 qualiiy dairy proclucls. NO 5xAM CHANGES pon ,guy nensofv- blurs - 'T 'di Z., 4,3 N , , i .291 ' I d , PAB, My I f N3 4' S V , , '57 'D .' 1 4,gr -3,459 .1 K. o Y r ,X if 7 -HAZUE1 You can always 'Find +he gang having refreshmenis ai' +he Campus Drug. X Service and Friendliness Are Our Special+ies." THE CAMPUS DRUG I429 Oakland Phone C-9l58 C. J., Laurie and Fayrene find 1'he Iafesf in shoe siyles. Nexi comes ihe fun of irying on ' I rw: ,f , in W, , 1 vii-W J , ,gwirfi THE BOSTON STORE Norfheasf Corner of 'rhe Square 'the hais. FIRST STATE BANK OF DENTON A visii' Io 'I'he bank is usually necessary before each and every shopping spree. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 5-Amnus ,ms-r worms... . 0. ALWAYS y L X Enjoy Good Food" A 1? f a+ 'rhe y Sfeak N A House Specializing in Mr. Sharber shows Em a Siflng of PGBTIS. STEAK Experf Wa'Ich Repair 5I4 S Locusf Jewelry ' of AII I T 'I I Types U- S- 77 SHARBER ,cmd BESIDEO-H sue Never? COMES PUB - . . , fn! THE JEWELRY STORE "oN THE DRAG" -Barbara and Sharon lallc over dinner in Hubbard Hall. MONROW-PEARSON COMPANY Wholesale Grocers lncorporaied DENTON, TEXAS Frances, BeHy, Julie and Barbara discover 'the Iaiesi' in carfoon books a+ Voer+man's. VOERTMAN'S Across from Dormifory Row Across from 'lhe old Home Ec Building Mary and Marion discuss a cleaning problem af +he friendly VOGUE CLEANERS PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISER He is fhe one who helps malce +he Dae- dalian Annual possible. Do your bil' +o repay him by 'lrading wiih him. 5 f iff r X, ,s fi is l r v no : V l l X ,Il xx i I ' f" N 7 7 , murky nvrfkfomry CoMP.LEX--- - Q y E , , Q . I ."""'f"' 5' I i T .I . TTWSIT fl RV' Qw ggg wiilfliiw 'Wm' Y Mr. Harris checks 'l'he iires for Marion in preparafion for +he weekend frip. dial +o radio s1'a'I'ion K DNT. CONNIE I-IARRIS K D N T SERVICE STATION ,440 on Your Dia, 4I4 N. Locusf Den+on L000 Wa++S Bambi and Barbara have acquired "+he lis- +ening habi+ of Norih Texas" by 'runing +heir cm H R O x M X THE GANG FELLOWSHIPS OVER REFRESHMENTS AT THE "C" STORE. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Escue's COLLEGE STORE Specialisfs in S+uden+ Requiremenis "Any Day Is a Good Day To Trade Wi+h Us." IZI9 Oakland Ave. Phone C-7924 Deni-on, Texas , ,,.,,., ' Q sa, ,ID , bl! fog, ,nl in z f I I I 6 f y I Nxfn ,If A ff If n Kafy and Barbara pause Be'Isy IS one who Icnows befween classes for 'Ihe Ihal' "+he value of Ihe Iele- ,2 drink fha? refreshes. phone is greafer Ihan 'Ihe ' - , cost" X 0 ' cocA- X CQLA TEXAS Q , , BQTTLING TELEPHONE K CQMpANy COMPANY "sLur-loemso nv me we Qepepqgm 4-A51 ,v1G-H7'..- ,' DenI'on, Texas Denfon, Texas The College Laundry Sewing We+ Wash Fluff Dry AI+era'Iions Dry Cleaning Finished Laundry Year Round Slorage Regulafion Gym Clofhes Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service eff X Arnovso 9 snvnu 'Q 1 1 I If f, 7,7 .' 1 in the United Sinus and Canada I -mf! Q' in 'W 1.- '3u.:.,-. W Laura, Mike, Sue. Ellie and Jo make use of Ihe convenien'I' facilifies of Ihe College Laundry. 'kMEMBER AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF LAUNDERIN6. Tessies find "brand names" in women's shoes. bags and hose For BeH'er Baking MORRlSON'S "PEACEMAKER" FLOUR AND "Lil' Lulu" Self Rising Corn Meal THE MORRISON MILLING COMPANY af Aus-l-in Denfon, Texas Shoe Sfore Wesf Side of fhe Square Denfon Women, women everywhere No ma'Her where you look Women, women always fhere A man fhey cannol' hook. Beaufiful, some faces, Some faces faf, and fhin Faces cufe or ugly, Bul' none of fhem are men. Clofhes we see are sfylish Buf all are women's news And up fhe hills framp women's ln women's G.l. shoes. Two fhousand women every day I see, in search of knowledge My lasl' requesf is iusf fake me Ouf of +his women's college. feef swf' -SHANKS Carol and Roxy visif fhe office of lSubmiH'ed in iesf of coursel Chronicle publisher Riley Cross. Denfon Record-Chronicle INDEX Abbott, Shirley Jeanne ,.... Abshier, Jo Ann ,..,,,......, Acton, Bettye .7,,.,......... Adarn, Mary Lynn ..... Adams, Charlice ....,.... Adams, Jacqueline ...,.,. Adams, Rebecca Jane Aday, Betty .....,...,tt.. Aderman, Joy ,,,,,,,,.,.,. Aguilar, Angelia ...,..,,.... Akkerman, Minnie B. ..,, . Albert, Maudine ......... Albritton, Donna ,,,, Alford, Brownie .. Alford, Mary Lou .. Allen, Bernice ....,.,.,,,,, Allen, Lois Virginia .. Allen, Mrs. Roy ....,,,,,,,r, Anderson Elizabeth ..... Anderson, Judith ..........,,,. Anderson, Mary Anne .,.....,.. Anderson, Mary Catherine Anderson Stella ....,,,,.,,,,.....,r Andrews, Delores ............... Andrews, Mary Lou ,,...,, Anselin, Mary Lou .,,...,.. Anthis, Fay Wright ..,.... Antone, Connie ..i..,,,,.,, Apodaca, Frances ...,.,.,,,,,, Arbuthnot, Dr. Mabel ,,,..., Ardoin, Auldine ...,.,,,,,.,, Arellano, Celia .,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Armstead, Frances ,,,.,,,,,,c,, Armstrong, Mrs. Jessie ......., Arredondo. Minerva ........... Ashburn, Dr. Andrew .......... Ashby, Mignon ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,, Ashcroft, Mrs. Charles F. ,....., . Ashford, Sue ,,,,,,..,.,,,.,,..,,,,,, Astleford, Ollie Jo ...,,,,,,,,, Ator, Alma Lou ...... Aughtry, Bette ,......,.,...... Austin, Myrtle Miller Avary, Norma Gail ....,..., Avery, Jane Carolyn ..,... Axtell, Elaine ,............ Bailey, Essie Jane ..., Bailey, Mrs. Grace .,..,,,.. Bailey, Lucinda ......o,,,,,,..... Baily. Y'Vonne Swint ...,..,. Baker, Barbara Joe ...,.... Baker. Claudia o,,o,o,,.,,..... Baker. Judy ..o.......,.,,..,,,,,, Baker, Margaret Patricia ...... Ballard, Mary Charles ,,,, Balog. John Adolph ,o..... Baltzel. Marjorie ...,,,, Bane. Sibyl Louisa . Bapp, Julia ,,,,o,,,.. Barden. Mrs. Ben Barnes, Louise o,oo,,, Barnes, Mary Ann ..... Barrera. Gloria G. ,.,,. . Bsrrow, La Verne .. Bates, Carole ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Baytes. Sybil Yvonne ..,. Beach, Dr. Constance .. Beale, Marie Donna ...... Bear, Ella Mae ,.,,o,,,,,. Bear, Peggy Joyce ...... Beard, Bonnie Sue ,.,,. Beard, Laura Gene .,..,... Beardsley, Mana ....,.... ...QffffffQ"5i." 59, 66. .,..ffQQQfff., 54, 55, 104 168 fQQf'6i.W" Wfflfiflfflff.. 25 66, 170, 92, 53, Beck, Brenda .....tt,...., Becker, Cora Jane ..,,..o. Becker, Rosalie ,.,,..... Beeler, Emily ....ttr........ Beene, Mrs. Gwen .,,,..... Beers, Paddy ................. Bell, Alice Carolyn ........... Benavides, Maria Tersa .... Benavides, Olga Elsa ....... Benavides, Viola .......... Bender, Gail .............. Bendy, Gloria ................ Bennett, Marion ................ Bennett, Sherwyn Ann ........ Benson, Lillian .................... Bentley, Barbara Ann ........ Bergvall, Martha ............. Bernhardi, Lou .............. 47, 49, 67, 173, 197 104, 182 20 116 48, 92 104 92 116, 47 67 186, 1021-E07 ' 208 1 9 9 52, 205 186 214 219 104 20 Berry, Phyllis ............ Bever, Enid Louise ........ Bickley, Rita .............. Bird, Faith ..........1. Birkhead, Ann .......... Bishop, Patricia Jo ....... Bishop, Peggy ............ Black, Annabelle ......... Black, Dalia Theresa ...... Blagg, Henry ................. Blakemore, Shirley ....... Blasingim, Patsy ........ Blazier, Betty ................ Block, Jacqueline ............. Bogard, Elizabeth Ann ....... Bohon, Betty ..................... Bolton, Virginia Lea ...,.... Bomholt, Margaret ............... Boniwitz, Father Walter ........ Boone, Marsha ...................... Booth, Barbara ................. Bores, Judith Ann .... Born, Frederica ........................ Boswell, Era ................................ Boultinghouse, Julie Anne Boultinghouse, Theresa Gladyne ..,... Bourg, Julia ...................................... Bow, Fannie ............................... .. Bowen, Marilyn J0 Ann ........ Bower, Sally Jane .......,..... Bowers, Cohyn ................. Bowers. Patricia .... Bowles, Beulah ...... Boyd, Mrs. Ben ...... Boyd, Sue ................ Bracewell, Venita ...... 117 104 104 67 ..,Qf'50," .'Qf.f'65Q 135 117 104 104 117 171 117 59, 92 117, 206 131, 183, 208 50, 92, 184 117 49, 67, 196 57, 92, 183 104, 178' 184 104, 197 104 117 92, 175 48 92 117, ,,208 188 207 49, 67, 184, 92, 178, 188 117, 207 92 Bracker, Nan ............. Bradford, Kathleen . ......... . Bradley, Shirley ................... Bradshaw, Bennie Celeste ...... Brady, Lois Chiles .............., Brandon, Mrs. Oma ......... Brantley, Mrs. Margie ..... Brasher. Susan ...................... Breedlove, Lois Frances ...... Bremholt, Margaret ......... Brewer, Ann .................. Bridges, Martha Sue ......... Bright, Elizabeth Ann ..... Brinkman, Irene Louise .. Brisac, Edith ............... Bristow, Carol Ann .......,.. Britt, Bernice Beatrice ......... Bronson, Wendalyn Ann ......... Brown, Barbara ................ 20 104 47, 102, 105, 47, 48, 67, 117, 67 170 176 196 9 s 9 1 52, 103, 105, 92, 169, -P--'--iii-P1051 67, 51, , "'ffQf'55Q 197 192 184 206 117 117 136 20 20 188 178 197 188 117 92 173 20 192 136 117 188 INDEX Brown, Betty Carol .........vv..,,....,....7.,.......,..... Brown, Helen Esteleene Brown, Patricia ,.......,... Brownlow, Shirley ......... Bruce, Leta Fern ............,., Bruton, Barbara Elaine - 93, 174, 217 9 117, 67, 177, 117, Bryan, Earl ....,....,,...,.,...... Bryan, Patricla .....,,...,... Buck, Mrs. Doris 1. Bucklew, Reba ..,.......,,..... Bunn, Shirley Ann .......rr.. Burckett, Ann Walker ......... Burgin, Bette Jene ....,r,,.... Burgoon, Elizabeth ....... Burke, Elizabeth Jeanne Burke, Lila Beth ..,................... Burkhart, Bynthiz Eloise Burkhart, Harriette ........,.... Burns, Olga Taerea .....,, Burnside, Bette ,..,.....,....... Byington, Carmen Nora ,,.,.,, Byrd, Jacqueline ............... Cadena, Quita ........e... Cagle, Nettie Sue ..,... Calderon, Bertha ........... Caldwell, Charlotte ..... Calvert, La Metta ,.,.,. Caster, Bethel ....,....,.r Castleberry, Claude ......,.,..... Campbell, Carolyn .....,................ Campbell, Mrs. Helen Buck Campbell, Laurie .................... Caperton, Betsy Lee ....,....,. Caraway, Virginia ........ Cargill, Carol ,,...,........ Carleton, Sharon ,....,.. Carpenter, Kay .,............. Carpenter, Patricia ........ Carr, Jean Daniel ,...... Carrasco, Apolonia ....... Carrasco, Trlny ..,.,......,..... Carrington, Virginia Jo ,,,,.., Carter, Christine ,...,.,.....,. , Carter, J ul1e .................. Carvill, Frances ,,,.,. Case, Joan Alice ......,. Case, Mary Jo ..,.,........... Caster, Bethel Marie ....... Chambers, Robert ..,........ Chandler, Betty Ruth ....... Chaney, Pat ..................,. Chastain, Mary Alyce ..... Chavez, Enedina Torres Chavez, Esther ,................. Cherry, Patricia ............ Chin, May Toy Voun ..... Choate, Wanda Lee ...... Christensen, Sylvia .,.. Christian, Mary .,.,.... Chsate, Maude J. ..... . Clarke, Nancy Lee ........ Class, Elizabeth ,....,....... Clement, Sue Ellen ........ Clements, Beverly ........ Clesi, Dennes ........,.,,. Coates, Nancy ..,,,....,.,.,,. Cockrill, Mrs. Corine ....... Cofer, Betty Sue ........... Coffee, Ethel ............,.. Coffee, R. H. .,............... , Cole, Bobbye Mae ........ Cole, Carlene ,...,......... Cole, Jane ...,.......... 68, 140, 1 173, 187, 1 1Q11f'ii7f- 67, 197 Collins, Martine ...... Compton, Jo Lee ....... Conley, Marianne .,,... Connally, Patricia .,.... Connaway, Joyce ,.......,,,. Contreras, Mildred ....... Conway, Claire ....,,,..,. Coody, Ann ............ Cooper, Clara ,,..,,,...,.. Cooper, Mary Lou ...,,,,, Cooper, Rev. Robert ....,, Cordero, Mario .,......... Corkum, Cassandra ,. Corn, Kathryn ,,..,..,. 50, 93, 68, 49, 68, 93, .iEf'68J--68? 20, 117, 205, 68, 208 ""QQQL-'Bal 93, 118, 118, 206 iff'55Q 69 169 93, ..-.ff'56Q 118, .-..fifQffff'11a 69, 197, Corn, Marlene ..,....,. Corpron, Carlotta ....,. Correa, Anita ,,...,........ Correa, Candida ........ Correa Cotton Couch, , Conlta ,,,.,........ , Jo ....................... Patsy Ruth ........ Cox, Marilyn Louise ........ Cox, S ally Sue ,,,,,....,,..... Crawford, Jo Ann ...... Crawford, Linda ......,. Crawford, Margie .......... Crouse, Edith Neiman ...... Cross, Polly ................... Crow, Carol .,.............. Crow, Gloria Jean .......... Cummings, Paula ,........... Curtis, Virginia Eloise .... Dale, Patsy Ruth ,......... 9 Dalvin, Nina Cox ...,,. Daniel, Judy ..,......,..... Danneberg, La Rita ...... Danner, Charlotte ......, Darden, Dr. Frances ......,... Darling, Gertrude .,..,............ Daugherty, Barbara Irene Daugherty, Shirley Ann .....,. Daughtry Betty ,,,.,.,.,,...... Davis, Anna ,..,.,...,,...,..,.,. Davis, Betty Lou ......... Davis, Dr. Ethlyn ....,..... Davis, Nancy Allan .,...,. Davis, Patsy Jane ....... Davis, Sarah ,.......... Davis, Susan .,...,,..,...., Dean, Marcia ..................... Dearmore, Margaret ........ Decker, Carolyn ...............,, de Coligny, Mrs. Marion ...... de Cordova, Mrs. Frances Deen, Mrs. Edgar ................. de la Garza, Sylvia ............ Delhomme, Jan Allice ..... Delleney, Marie ..,.......,... De Money, Marlene ...... Denman, Mrs. Adline ........ Denmark, Patricia Lee ...... De Uriarte, Lynn ..., ...... Devine, Jeannine .......,. Dickinson, Alis ...................... Dickinson, Catherine ............... Dickinson, Jean Elizabeth Dieterich, Mrs. Arthur F. Dieterich, Nancy .................... Dietert, Carolyn ......,,...,,.... Dietert, Fayrene ,..... Dietrich, Marilyn Dison, Nita Fay ......... Dobson, Bessie Lou ....,. 69, 175, ....fffffffffffffffQfQfffffffiff'iiiil 93, 174,180, 193, 217, 105, 69 69, ..,Qf'95f-iail 118 105, fff'2i5Q"69, fffffff"i'65f m'55f9Ef-i66Q 119, 105, 93, -"'fff"166Q IQQQi"ii9Q 119, 21, 70, .....-,.. 1 19, 1 119, 185, QQffff"56fi76', ....fffffffffffffff '55, -1662 47, 51, 70, 170, 168, INDEX Dodson, Gayle ...,....w. ...... Doehne, Janet Mae .,,.,, Doland, Yvonne ,,,o. Dollar, Mary o,o,.,,,.,..... Donaldson, Joan ............. Donoho, W. S. ..,,............... . Donnovan, Janet Dial ....... Dooley, Mrs. Louise ....,., Doty, Charlene ,.,,,..,... Doty, Patsy ,..,,,..A.,..,,......... Douglas, Ann ,.,........,.,,..,,..,.. Douglas. Joan Georgia .,.,.... Dowdy, Carole ,,.,,,..,,,,r.,,v,, . Downing. Jo Dean .,...,,... Doyno. Mary .................. Drake. Patricia Ann .,...,.,. Drawe. Beverly ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,. Droddy. Julia Ann .... Drozd. Clara r,,.,,, Drum. Doris ,,,.o. Dryer, Elsa ,,,,o,,,o Dubose, Leona ........, Duerksen, Nancy ,.,.... Duggan, Dr. Ann ..,... Dunbar, Patsy ...r...,,.,, Duncan, Jo Ann ,....... Duncan, Mrs. Susie ,,.... Dungan, Mrs. Delta ...... Dunn, Mary Franklin ........ Dunn, Sara Anne ..,,..., Duren, Jo Ann ...,, Durham, Gail ..o,,...,. Eaves, Carolyn .......... Eberly. Dr. J. Wilgus Eberly, Mrs. J. Wilgus ,... Edmonds. Betty ,,.,.,.,,.,,,,, Edwards. Mrs. Ara ,...,,,.,. Edwards, Mrs. Code ,.,..,.. 105, 70, 93 196 192 119 174 21 58, 70 70 52, 103 119 119 119 119, 204 105 105, 197 105 ....f'47F 93, 197 s 119, 205 216, 219 105 119 93 70, 177 186, 187 119 21 105 93 134 47, 50, 93, 171 Eggeman, Frances Louise Elmbecke, Hllde .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Eix, Stephanie ,,,,,,,,,, ,, Elder. Betty Jean ,.,.,, Elliott. Mary Kay ...... Ellis. Janie ,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,, Elmore, Pat ,,.,,,..,, ......,,,, Emerson. Francis W. ....... Endicott. Bobbie Jean .... Espinosa. Frances .......,. Esslinger. Sara .,.....,,, Eudaly. Pauline ...,..... Evans. Dorothy ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Evans. Kennedy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Everett. Jo Annabeth .....,, Fam. Virginia .,,,.,.,,,,,,,, Faires. Frances ........... Fanning. Jo Ann .........., Farquhar. Jacqueline .,.. Faulkner. Maurine ........ Faux, Joyce .......,.,,.... . Fawcett. Doris ...,... Fawcettf Kathleen ..... Feemster, Margaret ..... Ferguson. Fern ....,, Fewin, Darlene ...... Field, Martha .... Fifer. Billy Faye ,... Figley, Linda ...... Finerty, Olivia ........ 167, 195 120 184, 197 120 115, 206 115, 206 70 21 120 120, 206 120 179 105 120 105 17 205 48, 105 Fisher, Jo Ann ..,...... Fisher, Mrs. Mary ...... Fisher, Tiney .lean ...... Fisk, Edith Carolyn ........ Fitzgerald, Fern ........... Flanagan, Gail ......... Flathers, Jo Bess ........ Fleming, Paula .............. Fleming, Sue Carolyn ........ Fletcher, Margaret ...... Fling, Flores, Flores, Flores Florez, Florez Floyd: Kathryn Irene ..... Evelyn .............. Irma ....,........ Pilar ..,,.,,,. Rachael ..... Raquel ....... Dora ........ Folsom, Myrna Fone, Pat .,,.,....... Ford, Albert ............. Ford, Nancy ...,............. Forgy, Miss Roberta Fortune, Bernice ........... Foster, Dr. Richard ............ Francis, Barbara Jean ........ Francis, Celeste .........,. Franklln, ,Jeanne ,,,,.,.,,,,.,, Franz, Dorothy Evelyn Fraser, Lou Ann ............... Frazier, Frances ........... Frazier, Jane .,,..,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,., Frederick, Grace ................. French, Lillian Frances Friedricks, Grace . ...... ..... . Friske, Sylvia Jean ...... . Frost, E. Lourin ....... Fry, Mrs. J. H. ..... . Fuentes, Evangelina . Fuller, Frank D. ....... . Fuller, Mary Lou ...,.. Furneaux, Jo Ann .... Gaitanos, Nellie .... Ganaros, Irene .... Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia Garcia CCC1ll8. .................. Cleophas .........,,....... Maria Socorra ........ 0t1l1a ................ Rosaura ........... Udelia .... 93, 207, 208 120 120 93, 197 120, 205 21, 193 48, 50, 71, Finley. Mrs. Mae .,....,,,,,,,, .,,,, Fish, Shirley ..........,.,................ Fisher. Mrs. Catherine ..........,, Fisher, Elizabeth Ann ............ Fisher, Jane ,..........,.,,., 93, 71, 183 187 187 120 190 120 120 120 187 120 106, 21, 57, 196 170 95"'16'0"'1'74"179'i'193'i'21'6' 7 7 . 21 , , , 219 106, 197 Gardner, Carla ,...... Garland, Betty Jo ...... Garland, Suzanne ...... Garner, Nancy ........ Garrett, Barbara ........ Garrett, Beth ..,....,... Garrett, Claudia .... Gary, Jo Ann .,.,,.,.,.,, Garza, Elevinia ........,,,, Garza, Elvira ........,,,,...,,., Garza, Sylvia Consullo Gaunt, Mitzi .,.,.,.,,..,.,,,.,. Geddie, Ann .........,.,,.,. George, Carolyn ,... Gess, Joyce ................. Gibson, Gertrude ...... Gibson, Margaret ...... Gifford, Jimmie ........ Giles, Pat ,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Gill, Juamce ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gillcoatt, Shirley Ann ..... . Gillespie, Virginia Ann Glllett, Grover .................,... Gilley, Virginia Corine . 120 195 106 . ....,. 50, 71 93, 190 120 120 94 59, 71, 194 71, 171 120 120 94 ........,191 106 40, 120 94 21 120 59, 189 121 21 121 121, 209 106 69, 188 121 121 52, 106, 194 48, 71 49, 71, 189 121 209 21, 208, 94, 191 106, 197 121 208 72, 197, 217 47, 106, 195 72, 140 52, 106, 197, 121 94, 171, 177, , 121 206 ,186 193 214 91, 94, 197 188 49, 51, 72, 49, 72, 168, 175, 196 ...,,, . 106 72 94 94, 194 94, 206 72, 196, 207 72, 172 21 121 94 121 94 21 ff'72,''171f'1'76',"189 INDEX Gist, Renna Fae ,..,,Y,YYYYYY.Y4........,,7.7,7,..... VYVAVY- 1 06 Glendinning, Carol ,7,,,.4.7.,.w..7 ----YY--fff----- 7 2 Glendinning. Mrs. Rose ....V., ....-fA--44--vrf--- 1 06 Glenn, Marianni .... . ,.....,.,... f..--- 94, 176, 208 Glover, Willie Mae Wolfe .lrvrr .....VYf....f..'f 1 35 94, 205 Goebel. Mary Alice ,.,,,,,,. Goin. Marv Ann ..,,,, ..... Golembe, Susan ,,,,,,.... Gomez, Alicia ,.,,........,,,,,. Gonslon, Barbara ...A.......... Gonsoulin, Barbara Ann . Gonzalez, Ester ...r,A,.....,.,.,, Gonzalez, Frances ,,,,,, , Gonzalez, Irene ..,Yr....... Gonzalez, Mary Louise ...,,, Gonzalez, Minerva ,,,7,,,,. Good, Carole ....,,,,,...... Good, Eleanor ,...l...,,,,,,,,,,,r Goodreau, Nina ....,,,.............,. Graham, Elizabeth Hard Grainger, Marion ,.,,,.,,,,.,.. Graves, Ann Fentress .,....... Graves, Eileen .......,,,,,,,, Gray, Benny ,lean ....... Green, Jane ,,,,,.......,, Green, Mitzie ,,,,,, Greene, Gloria ....,, Griffith, Gail ,..,,,,, Griffith, .Ioan ,...,,,,,, Griffith, Lena ,.,,,,,....,. Grimmett, Yvonne ,.... Gross, Emily Ganze ,..,,, Guerra, Celia ....,,,.,r..,.. Guerra, Graciela .,.... Guilland, Ruth ,,,,,...,.. Guinn, Dr. John A. ,,,,, 1 Guinn, Mary ,,,,,......., Gulvady, Lily ,,,,,,,,, Gutierrez, Fantina ..,.,, Gutierrez, Nydia Haddad, Katherine ,,,,, Haddick, Frances ....... Hagemeyer, .luanita ,,,l., .. Hahn, Etta Faye ,...,.... Halbert, Betty .lane .,,,.. Hall, Mary Katheryn ...,,,,,. Hamiltom, Viola .....,..,,,, Hamm, Margaret ....... Hammond, Bertie ..,...,, Hampe, Sue ..,.,,,,.,,..,.... Hampson, Lon ,,.............,,,,. Hanen, Ada Catherine ....,, Hanf, Marljean .,............ Hanley, Dr. Laurence .... , Hanna, Marie ....,......r...... Harbert, Margaret ...,,,, Hard, Graham ....,.,,,....... Harding, Mrs. G. L. ..... . Hardy, Sarah Sue ....,,, Hargrove, .loyce ,..,, Harkness, Sandy ..... Harlin, Enola ........ . Harper, Shirley ,.,.,,. Harrington, Nan ,,,., Harris, Clydene ....... Harris, Libby ,,.,,, Harry, Kathryn .........,.... Hartmann, Lucille .,,,,,,,,.,, Hartung, Anna Schoff ,.... Harvey, Eleanor ..,,..,,.... Harvey, Jane ,,...........,. Haveman, Cynthia .,... .,,,.,.,., Hazlip, June ,,,,,r,.,,,,. ........ 47"'74"'i'7'7"'i92'i'269"2'iB 137 106, 59, 96, 187 205 188 94, 205 121 94, 181 106 73 181 121 -- ---- v v 121 121 48, 94 135 121 59, 94 121 121 106 121 121 121 94 73 121 137 106 94, 181 137 19, 134 43, 94, 192 135 48, 73 73, 195 94, 173, 179, 197 106 106 73 57, 73 21 121 192 122, 204, 208 21, 107, 197, 206 207 73, 171, 187 122 21, 21 21 94 73 106 74, 141, 172, 175, 185, 187 53, 107, 188, 206 107, 170, 183, 188, 204 107 74 9 1 9 9 1 9 Hearne, Eugenia Ann .. Heaton, Dorothy Ann .,,,... Hebel, Carrie Lee ,,,,,,, Heer, Rose Marie ...,... Heidmann, Erika ............ Heidrick, Elizabeth ,,,.....,1,, Henderson. Neva Isom Hendricks, Lynne Henry, ,lannette ....,., Hensley, Mary ,.,.,,,,,, Henson, ,loyce ,.,,,,,.,,1., Herfurth, Alma Ann ,...,, Hernandez, Gloria ,,,,,, Hickman, Patricia ..,,., Hiett, Nita ,lane .........,, Higgins, Dr. Robert ,,,, Higginson, ,lane ,,,,,,,.,,, Hill, Carl ,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,.,, Hill, Kate Adele Hill, Mary ,lo ,,,,,,, Hill, Patsy ,lean ,,,,,. Hill, Sylvia ....,..,,1,,,1..11 Hill, Vicki ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,........, Hinckley, Barbara Ann Hinckley, ,lane Drew ..,.,1.., Hinojosa, Nora Alice ,,,,,,1,, Hinzman, Ann Frances Hipp, Gloria ,lean ..,........ Hodde, Delores .,,.,.,, Hodge, Gerry ...,... Hogan, Paddy ,,,.,,,,,, Holcomb, Rheba ..,,,, Holland, Eleanor .....,..,... Holloway, Jo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Holmberg, Linda Marie Holt, Virginia ............... Honea, Nancy Carolyn Honeycutt, Marie 1, ,,,,,, 1, Hope, Lou Ann .....,...... Hopkins, Diane 1,,,....,,,,,,, Hopper, Leslie Ann ,,,,,,,, Horner, Deborah .......... Horner, ,lean ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,., Horning, Jerry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Horst, Ruth Elizabeth .. Hoskins, Betty ,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.. Houston, Reagan III ,..., Howard, Alma ,..,,.,.,,,.,. Hubbard, Charlotte .,,,,., Hubbell, Nancy ,,,.,,,,,, Hudgins, Geraldean ,,,,,,,, Huffine, Jo Ann .,.,,,,,,. Huffman, Pauline ,,,.,,,., Hufford, Dr. Mary ...... Hughston, ,lean ,.,,,,,, Hulsey, Selette ,.,.,...,... Humason, Celeste ,.,.,,,. Humphrey, Betty ......,..,.. Humphrey, Vivia Story Humphreys, Dear Belle Humphries, ,loan .........,.,...,. Hunter, lane .,,.,,,,,..1.,.. Hunter, Margaret .,,,1,,. Hurst, Anne ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,., Hussey, Sue ,,,,,,.,,,,,........., Hutchinson, Mildred C. Hutson, Alice Ann ...... Hynn, Soon Yung ..,,,,,, Ingram, Chrystelle ...... Ingram, Mrs. Mary ,.,,,,,. Irvin, ,lo Ann ,,,,..,...,,,,, Irvin, Mary Frances ........ Jackson, Mrs. Homer .,,,,. 122 74, 204 107 49, 94, 192 95, 179, 190 135 204 197 122 ""fffffffE'1E67Q 107, 122 57, 95 74, 169 74, 189 48, 115, 122 21 74, 141, 172, 173, 174, 190 21 135 122, 206 74 95 209 95, 204, 205, , 214 204 59, 107 57, 95, 188 197 47, 59, 75 122, 205 52, 107, 133 107 122, 207 107, 187 107 122 208 220 122 ...f'i22f'267Q 95, 167, 95, 196 75, 142, 204 48, 75, 167, 192 192 75, 122 122 122 95, 207 107 75, 192 . .....,. 16, 22, 49 122 49, 95, 190 123 136 75 123 47, 114, 123 131, 183, 196 107, 187 139 136 134 75, 170, 192, 207, 209 95 22 Jasper, Bobbie Jean ,A,.,...... -- -Vw-f INDEX Jackson, Shirley .,., .. ...........V...V7-...., .. Jackson, Thetis ........ James. Dr. Eleanor Jank, Mary Patricia ,.,7 Jaramillo. Norma .. Jeanneret, Patricia Ann ........ 207 123 75, 195 75, 142, 220 Jenison, Dr. Elsie ..........,.... V.,..............-.,..... 2 2 Jenkins, Ann Elizabeth .,....... ........Y.... 4 6, 47, 76, 197 Jenkins, Mary Nell ,,..,..... ,..............,,,...........r......... 2 Jennings, Helen Joy ..,,... 50, 76, 143, 174, 188 Johnson, Alice Marie ....,... ..................,...r....,....-. 1 23 Johnson, Eddy Bell ........,.,,,. .V..Vw,...fA.,.........V4,-A-,-, 9 5 Johnson, Elizabeth Joyce ,,.,,... .....,... 9 5, 137, 183, 133 Johnson, Mary Bob .,,,...,.,.,.... ...... 5 2, 107, 197, 204 Johnson, Patricia Ann ........ ..........................,....... 1 23 Johnson, Vera Katherine . ....,,,., 59, 107, 180, 190 Johnston, Mary Lou ...,,,,, V,,V,,.,....... 9 5, 168, 133 Johnston, Renna .,,........... ...,.,,,.., 5 2, 107, 197 Jolley, J. T. ....,,,,,,.,...,........ ..,..,............... 1 9 Jones, Beverly Margaret ....,,......... 107 Jones, Doris ........,,.,...,............ ,,..---- 1 23 Jones, Mrs. John T., Jr. Jones, Mary Earl .....,..,.,,.., Jones, Norma ,,,,.,. . ........ 1 Jones, Mrs. T1 L. ..... . Jones, Wanda ,,,,,, Jordan, Betty ,,,,........... Jordan. Joy ..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..... Juneau. Joan ,,,,,,,..,.......... Kachtik, Mary Wanda ,.,... Kahler, Mrs. Martha ...,.,., Kaszynski, Hubert ,,,,..,., Kawas, Adela ,.,,,,....... Kearns, Mrs. Lulu ..,,,....... Keating, Sarah Alice ......,. Kee, Lillian ,.......,,,.,.,,..... Keele, Carol ,,,.,..,......... Keesee, Elizabeth ...,.,. Keisling, Beverly ,,..,.,. 19 ..........136 123 22 76 22 76, 187 107 22 22 95 22 95 137 123 95, 192 Keith, June ,,,............... -------.---- 7 5, 192 Kelldorf, Almeda ......,. ....... 7 6, 166, 195 Kelley, Patsy ,,,,..,............ .,.....,... 9 5, 176, 197 Kemp, Merlyne ,...........,..... ..........................,... 1 23 Kendrick. John Murray ........, ...,.,. 2 2, 103, 204, 205 Kendrick. Mrs. J. Murray .......................,.. 103 Key, Janelle ,.,......,,.............,.., ...,.,,................ 1 23 Killingsworth, Jane ....,,.. Kimbriel. Barbara ..... Kindel. Marion ..,.,.,, King, Ruth Louise . Kingsley, Suzanne ,.,.. Kirk, Hazel Marie .,,,,, Kirk, Jane Collette ,....... Kirk. Martha Alice ,,,., Knopp, Nelda .,,..l...,........ Koenig. Carol .,................,. Kubala. Mary Cenelle .,,... Kuehling, Arlene ........... . Kuehn. Ellen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Kulak, Karyl .,,................ Laidlow. Lois Barbara .,.... Langford, Florence ..............,. Lankford, Mary Low, Jr, ..... . Larsen, Betty Lou ,,,....l....,. La Rue, L. L. .....,.......... . La Selle, Dorothy ......,.,.,.,. Lathrop, Gertrude Adams 95, 197 47, 48, 58, 76, 192 107, 180 95, 173, 188 107 48, 76 95, 204, 205 51, 95 190 107 22 95 77 18 22 135 181 Laurel, Oralia Rita ......l.,.. .....................,..... 9 5, Lauterbach. Sara ,,,....... ...................................... 1 07 Lawrence, Myra Ann ...... ........ 6 5, 77, 142, 175, 197 Lawyer, Shirlene ,..,..... ,,,....,... . ..................,.., 1 23 Lee. Bobbie ...,.......... ........................... .... 7 7 Lee, Lee, Carolyn ......,,,,,,, Mary Clanton Lee, May ............... Lee, Pat ..................... Lee, Shirley Ann ....... Leighton, Joan ..... Lemmon, Thetis Leonard, Betty ..... Leve, Dr. W. H. .,,,,. . Lewis, Felda ...,............. Light, Marguerite .,..,,.. Lindley, Lee Ann ...,.r,, Littlefield, Jean ...,.,,, Lloyd, Barbara .....,.., Locke, Linda ,,.,,,.-....,.,, Lockhead, Dr. Jewell ...... Locklear, Rita Jean ........ Lopez, Viola .,........,..,.. Love, Gladys Elmyra .- Lovell, Sandra .,,........ Lovinggood, Janice Lowe, Vira Jean .....,..... Lowrie, Jan .....,.,....,,,,,-,,-,, Lowrie, Shirley June ..... Loyd, Berta ,,..,..,,.,.,.,,.. Ludeman, Helen ...........,.., Ludwig, Mrs. Warrene ........ Lummus, Miss Ola .......... Lunday, Barbara .......,..,.,,,...,., Lunday, Onita Kathrine ....... Lundquist, Mariana ,,,,,,,,,,,, Lunner, Lucille ..,,..,,.,.,.... Lutz, Lorry Lou ....... McAlister, Caroline ...... McBrierty, Jane .....,.,,-,, McClain, Nancy ..,...,......, McClanahan, Hettie ..,..,,.,,,, McClellan, Ann Frances .... McClure, Joan .................,. McClure, Thelma Joan ...... McConnell, Mary Ann .,...... McCracken, Mrs. Wivian ........ McCulley, Roylyn ......,....,., McDaniel, Betty Jane ..... McDaniel, Nan Ellen ...,... McDermett, Joy .....,.,s.,, McDonald, Amy ,.......... 95 123,207 96 107 123 123 22 123 107, 192 77, 170, 136 192 123 22 123 77 123 107 77, 196 108, 192,208 96, 172 137 22, 135 59, 96 49, 77, 194 123 123 46, 47, 96, 188 78, 184, 192 136 57, 96, 168, 175, 193 48, 78 124 78, 124 189 195 49, 78, 197 59, 79, 166, 206 208 124 134 187 McDonald, Florence .,..,... ,,,,,,-., 9 6, 172, McDuff, Ginger .,.,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,--,,,,,,---,--,--,,,,,----,--,- McElwreath, Athria ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,-----------,,,-,,,,-,-,,---, 2 3, McFarland, Neva ,,,.,......,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,, 48, 79, McFarlane, Barbara Frances 47, 64, 79, 144, 172, 188, 206 McFerran, Mary Ann ,1.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,-,-,--- 5 0, 96, 171, 188 McFerrin. Sandra Mae ,,,,,, ,-,-,-,,,--,V,,,--,---, 7 9 McGee, Alma .......,..,,........ ,,,,,,,.,,,,,, 1 37 McHaney, Jennie ......... McKnight, Irene ,,..,.,...,.,. McLaughlin, Mary Lou ...... McMillian, Donna ...,...... McNair, Loyal Louise ........ Mace, Carole Lorene ............ Mack, Dr. Pauline Berry ...... MacNeal, Vere ,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,. Maddocks, Dr. Gladys .... Magee, Mrs. Katherine ...... Magee, Kathryn Marie ....... Magee, Mrs. T. G. ...... . Mahon, Ann ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Mahood, Margaret ....... Males, Sylvia ,,,,,......., Malmgren, Karen ........ Malone, Jill .............,. 124 23 124 106 48, 96 124 17 22 22 48 49, 77, 190 48, 96, 167 96 124, 206, 208 106, 207 50, 91, 96, 170, 189, 208 INDEX Malone, Rita ..,,A,., ..,A..,..........,.,,,,,, .,,,A Malwitz, Gayle ..,.... Marder, Virginia ,........... Mari6n, Mary Lynn ,,,7,7, 1 1 Mark, Mrs. Eva ..,.,.,.. 1 Markel, Artis Ann ,.,..,.... Marsh, Marilyn .....,.....,...... Marshall, Florence Ann ..,,,.. Martin. Patricia ,,,...,,,,.,. Martin, Sandra .... . ...,,, Martinez, Amelia .,,,,,, Masch, Olga Faye ..,,,,, Mason, La Faye ,V,,,,. Mason, Mary ,,,,......... Massenburg, Edith .,....... Matranga, Pat .......,. Matthews, Nan ..Y.Y77,777. Maxcy, Dr. Mabel ,.,,,,. Maxwell, Anna L. ..,. . May, Mrs. Reba ....,. Mayer, Joyce Ann ...t.,. Mayfield, Carelcta ,,,,,, Meek, Carolyn ,,,,r.trt. Melton, Martha ........ Mendieta, Elma .,....... Mendieta, Elsa Edna .1 Mendoza, Gabriela Merrill, Betty ,.......... Merrill, Elizabeth ,.,,,.,,,,. Merrill, Susan Anne .,..... Merriman, Maxine ,,,,,, Merritt, Marilyn ..... Meyer, Barbara ,,,. Miles, Martha .... Miller, Barbara ....,,...,. Miller, Dr. Harlan ,,,,. Miller, Margie ......... Miller, Tommye ,.r... Milligan, Beverly .,...... Miins, Billie .......,,,,... Minick, Ann ,.,,,,,,.. Minter, Norma ,,t.. Mints, June ......,,,,r..., Mitchell, Martha ...., Mitchell, Regina ,r,..,. Mixon, Mrs. Nell ....,.. Montgomery, Lola Lee ., Moore, Billie Alice . Moore, Doris K. ........ , Moore, Dr. L. H. ...... . ..1.iff'79f'145f'1'777,'185, 193, 108 124 108 124 22 57, 96, 197 48, 58, 78 78, 192, 207, 208 124 96 78 54, 108, 179 108, 206, 207, 208 134 124 78, 175 79, 144, 174, 196 , ,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,.,...... 124 79 96, 184 79 52, 108, 188, 206 47, 57, 96, 192, 208 55, 108, 197 96, 193 79 124 124 124, 208 96 96, 207 124 216 79, 180 108, 197, 219 . 22 22 124, 131 49, 94, 191 Moores, Pat ......,.......... ---4AA- 9 6, 167, 179 Mooring, Carol Ann ..,..,, .........,..................9....-......,,, ----v4f4 1 2 4 Moran, Socorro ........,...........,,..............., ---.,-------V,f44--------f44f--- 1 24 Morehead, Martha Jane .... 80 Morgan, Virginia ,.1........ ...... Morris, Betty Jo 1..,..,,,, Morris, Fana ................... Morrison. Joyce Hague .... Morrison, Dr. T. L. .,,... . Moses. Betty .......,........ Moses, Mrs. Lorena ..,,... Mote, Billie Ruth .,.,.... Motley, Velna ,...,...., Mougin, Joan ,,..... Moulton, Laura ..,..., Moyle, Carol ....... ...,,... Mullican. Janis June ,..,, Mullins, Virginia ...,.,,..... Murphy, Dr. Mary Agnes Muse, Wanda .,,....,......... Mussett, Marilyn ................ Myatt, Kathryn ...................... Myers, Dorothy Donald ,,,,,... 186, 188, 207, 208, 209, 214 124 124, 206 55, 108, 196 80 124, 205 23, 53 48, 80, 192 188, 206 58, 80, 192 108, 197 125, 207, 221 96 125 96 125 Myers, Dorothy Mae .,,,.. Myers, Norma Joyce .... Nall, Peggy .,............ Neal, Mrs. Flora .,,.,, Neathery, Anne .........,.. Neathery, Dorothy .,,,,.,,1 Neely, Barbara ..,...,,,,..,...... Nelon, Marion Elizabeth ......, Nelson, Carol Ann .......... Nelson, Jeannie ......,.,.......... Nelson, Marjorie ..,,.,.,.....,,..... Nethery, Dorothy Amanda Netzer, Diana ,...............,..... Newberry, Nita ,..,,.,........ Newman, Ellen ,,,,.............., Newman, Eula Jackson ......... Newsome, Hazel ......,.......... Newstrom, Dorothy .,,.,.. Nichols, Martha ......,.,, Nix, J eanine ................... Nixon, Virginia Joyce .1,..,. Nobles, Margaret .,...,....,.. Normile, Mrs. Carole ....,. Northcutt, Juanita .,...,,...... Northcutt, Wanda Rita ..... Nuhn, J udlth .,,.....,,,......... Nunnallee, Carolyn ..,..... Odle, Doris Jean .......,.. Odle, Mary Nell ,,,,.,. Oden, Altheer ....,,, Odom, Jane ............ Odom, Janette ....,..... Oefinger, Jeanette ........ Oliphant, Nancy ...... Oliver, Joan ..,,,,,.... O'Nei1, Joyce .,,.,.1.. Ong, Margaret .............. Opltz, Nancy .,,....,,..,,,..,.,. Oppenheimer, Jo Ann ,,,,..,.. Orr, Jo Ann ,,.,1.....,......,..., Ortscheid, Barbara ,,,,,, Otts, Sandra ,.,.,.,,,,, Page, Sherry ............ Palmer, Betty June .. Palmer, Gail .................,..,,,,. Paris, Joy ............,.......,,...,,...... Parkam, Carolyn Elizabeth Parker, Bobbie Jean ........... Parker, Carroll B. ..,,, , Parker, Jocqueline ...,.., Parrish, Joanna ............ Parrott, Edith Faye .,,,,... Patterson, Johnnie ...,,. Pattillo, Mrs. Lydia .....,. 108, 205 108 134 M'96F178i52'188' 204 207 106 ---H 9 2 1 125 125, 205 49, 80, 189 96, 176, 208 125, 205 125 106 136 125 ,,,....,.,106 106 97, 168, 206, 214 23, 131 , ...,.. 115, 125, 206, 208 80, 187 51, 125 23, 56, 137 125, 219, 221 106 125 106 97, 188 80, 187 47, 50, 53, 106 97, 175, 189 125 125 125 125 125 137 188, 206 137 97, 167 194 125 Payn, Beverly ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,..................,,,.......,,..,, 125 23, 54 125 196 Pearson, Margaret Ann ...... ........ 5 0, 57, 97, 179, Pearson, Virginia Liem Pedigo, June ........,,....,..,,,..,. Peeke, Frances Ann ,,,,1,.. Pellowe, Charlene ,..... Pelt, Sylvia June .,,,,........ Pemberton, Nita Ann ,..t1. Pena, Frances ,,,,...,,..,.. 81, 193 97, 207 126 125 97, 180 125 97 Pena, Inez ..,,,,,,,,,1.,.. ....... 1 08 Pena, Juanita ............... .. 31 Pena, Oralia ......... .................. 1 25 Perez, Maria ,,,.....,.,...,,, ....... 3 1, 167, 192 Perez, Maria Dora ......,... ................,................ 1 25 Perry, Jane L. .,,.,................ .................................... 1 26 Perryman, Mary Belle ,,,,,.. ..........,,.............. 5 1, 97, 182 Peterman, Ann Loy ,,,..,... ....... 8 1, 145, 176, 187, 220 Peters, Florine .............. 47, 51, 81, 146, 175, Petersen. Gail ,,,,,,,, 204, 214, 177 217 INDEX Pharr, J aney ....,.,..,.....,... Phillips, Mrs. Dera ....,......,. Phillips, Frances Sue ........ Phillips, Joyce .,............,.. Phillips, Vicki ,............. Pickett, Dorothy ....... Pickett, Jean Ann ..,.,,. Pickette, Patricia .,.,.,,.. Pickins, Mary ................. Pierce, Dr. Thomas ,.,.,,. Pilley, Jane ......,......,.... Pina, Connie ......,..... Pistocco, Glenda ....,, Pluenneke, Gerry ,.,.,.,, Pocatena, Enid ............... Poduska, Patsy Ruth ,.i..,. Poe, Barbara ....,..,......,. Pollard, D. M. ...s..... 1 Pope, Virginia ...... Porter, Dorothy ........ Porter, Emma Lou .,...,, Porter, Helen .r,,,,,,...r Possehl, Carroll ...,.... Possehl, Phyllis ,,,, Potter, Carol ,,..,.... Potts, Roena ,,..,..,..,.,... Powell, Mrs. Pearla ..,......... Pozniak, Rachel Anne ...,.... Prado, Gloria ..,................ Prater, Shirley .,.........,. Preston, Preston, Mrs. George .,... Patricia Ann .....,.. Prewitt, Wilma Marie Price, Janis r,,...,.,,, Price, Joan ....,.,,,,.,.. Primm, Carolyn ....... Jo Ann .,...,. .-.,,, Pruitt, Barbara .,... Pruitt. Ra Sandra Proctor, Y Puddy, Sara .,i.,,.,,,,,,, Pugh, Frances Lillian Pulver, Madelyn ....... Pye, Jo Ellen ,,,.,.,. Quigg. Gracie ,.,... Quinby, Joan .,., ,,,.,,,,,,,, Quirino. Rackley. . Blanca Sara ........... Ramirez. Ramirez Rankin. Dolores ,.,,,,.,,.,,, Martha Jane ...,.,. Rosa Elizabeth ....,. Phyllis Ann ,...,.... Rathjen. Bonnie .itt,,..,,,,,,, Ray, Barbara ,--.,,-,,.,. Ready. Betty ,t,,t,.,,,,,,,,, Reagan. Goody Ann ,...... Reasonover. Frances ... Reeves, Joan ,,r,,,,,,,,,, Reimuller. Linda ,...., Remynse. Eleanore 11 Renteria. Raquel ,...., Rhoades. Dorcas 11 Rhymes. Peggy ,,,,t,,t Rlce, Joanna ....t,t,t,.,. ,..,,, Rich, Betty Janice ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Richards. Dorothy Ann Richards. Murray ,,,,,,,... Richardson. Margaret .,..... Richardson. Robbie ,,,.,.Y Richmond, Laura Jane 1 Riggs. Julia ,,,,,.,.,.,,,.,., Rigler, Frank C. ,.,,, 1 Riney, Bobye ,.,,,,.. Riney, Bonnie ...... Riney. Mrs. Rena ,,,, 11 ...,... 155, 1fff97f178Q 172 108 134 183 1111 81, , 196 1111111111 126 1111126,204 111111 126, 206 1111 97,167,197 11111111111 97 111111111 23 1111 126 1111 126 111 97 11111111111111 81 1111111111111111 56 1111 65,81,146,178 1111111111111 126 111111111111 19 11111111 126 11111111111 23 111111111111 109,171,197 1111111111111111111111 126 111111111111 97,207 208,209 7 3,176,207:208,209 111111111111111 109 11111 23,55 111 47,54,109 11159,81,184 11111111 126 1111111 25 1111126,208 111111 109 196 137 57, 97, 183, 193, 214 208 11111111111 109, 187 11111109,178,206 1111111 126,205 1111 48,109,192 111197,170,195 1111111111111 208 11111109,180,192 111111111197 11111 57, 97, 183 1111111111 97,181 11111126,207,208 1111111111111111 97 1111 47,52,109,188 111111111 109,197 11111111111 126 1111111111 167 111111111111 187 1111 97,206,196 111111111109 111111111 92 1111 126 1111 109 1111111 59 11111111 126 1111126,206 111111 126 111 1 23 1111166 11111 82 111111 208 11111111 189 11111 23,221 1111111 97 1111 126 11.1 23 Rios, Minerva 11111111 Risk, Jlmnlle 1111111111111111111111 Ritcher, Mrs. Helen 111111111 Rivas, Margaret 111. Reach, Josh P. 111..1 1 Roach, Mrs. Josh P. 11111111 1 Roach, Mrs. Katherine Roan, Carolyn 1111111111111111111 Robbins, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Barbara 11111.1111111 Joann Gale 111111111 Mamie 1111111111111 Mildred 111111111 Patricia 111111111 Mrs. Standlee Robertson, Ann ..11.11111.1.1111 Robinson, Frances 111.1 -1 Robinson, Lucille 111111 Robinson, Sarah 1111111111 Rodriguez, Rodrigues, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Alicia 11111111111111111111 Bertha Thelma Eva .1........1..1.....1. Gloria 111111 Julia 1111111.1 Roland, Marylee 11111111 Rollins, Myr Lou 111111 Root, Mrs. Peggy 1111111 Rosamond, Suzanne 11111 Roscoe, Julla 11111111111111111 Rouoseau, Marlene 11111111 Rowan, Annette 11111111111111111 Rubio, Margarita Rosa ..11111 Ruffle, Mavis 11111111111111111111 Ruiz, Elvia Eneido 11111111 Runge, Judge Carl 1111111 Runnels, Beverly 11111111111 Russell, Mrs. L. G. 1111111 1 Russell, Rebecca .....1.1111 Rutledge, Joan 1111111111111111111 111111111111 82 1111 57,82,195 1111111111 23 1111111 126 11111 23, 65 11111111 65 54, 109, 206 126 11111111 97 1111 97 11111 126 111150,127 1111 23 1111 97 111 208 1111 23 1111 82 111111 98 1111 82,181 11111 82, 1111 109, 127 169 195 1111111 127 11111 127 1111 82,196 1111111 109 111 82, 188 1111 83,187 111111 83 1111111 127 109, 208 83 1 11111111111111111 ,167 17 147,172,196 111111111 25 111111111 83 147,177,188 Ryan, Jacqueline Patricia 11111111111111111 1 109, 190 99 Ryan, Joan 111111111111111111111 Saenz, Amelda 11.1 111.111 Salinas, Berta .1111111.111.11 Salinas, Maria Lilia 11111 Salinas, Norma 1 11111111 Salisburg, Darlene .1111 Samet, Mitzi 11111 Sanchez, Elba 1111111111111 Sanders, Martha 1111 Safran, Barbara 111111111111 Sauer, Julia 111111111111111111111111 Saunders, Norma Oakman Scantland, Marjorie 1111111111 Scheh, Marie 11111111111111 Schmalz, Harriet 11111111 Schmidt, Barbara 11.111 Schrader, Ester Mae 111111 Schroder, Ellen 1..1 .. ...11..1... 1 Schroeder, Wanda Lee ...11.11 11 Schulze, Dr. Ivan 1111111111111 Scott, Mary ..1.11.11...1.11.....11..1. Seagraves. Mrs. Gladys 1111111 Seale, Peggy 11111111111111111..1. Seth. Charlene 1 1 11.111111 Severin, Janet 11111111 Shafer, Shirley Louise Shaffner. Waunita 1111 Shanahan, Pat 11111111111111111.1 Shank, Kennon H. ...1.....1111.1 . Shank, Mrs. Kennon H. 111111 1 Shanks, Mary Irene 111111111 Shapiro, Laurie 11111111111..1 Sharp, Mrs. Nancy .11.1111 Shaver. Tressie 11 109, 205 98 127 127 109, 169, 192 184 1, .1111 83, 167 127, u98f195Q 98 221 136 207 127 127 109 127 127, 205 127 134 98 EPSCJJJRXUI87 1111111111 109 98, 131, 183 127 23, 91 91 83, 188 134 136 INDEX Shaw, Betty Louise ..........., Shaw, Frances Elizabeth ,.,,,.... Sheffield, Margie ,..t......t,.... Shelder, Sherrill, Sherrill, Shinkle, Shipley Gene ...,........... Claudine ........ Dr. Joseph t,r,. Sally ....,,,,,,.,... Dr. Max .. .,,,e, 127 98 127 135 48, 98 23, 191 47, 109 Steele, Margaret ,,....,. Steidinger, Ru-th ............ Stein, Maxine Roberta ....,, Steiner, Shirley Ann ...... Stembridge, Betty .,.... Stephens, Laura ,.... Stephens, Lavia .....,, Shirley: Dr. Geraldine .,...... Shirley, Mrs. Lillian ...,v,.. Shook, Betty ,.,r,...,.... Sigle, Shirley .....,..,......,, Sikes, Mrs. Helen ......... Silva, Barbara Jean ,,.. 23 23 Stephens, Paulina .,,... Stevens, Lois Jean ......,.. Stewart, Barbara ............, Stiles, Mary Clare ...,,.,..,,. ..... Stogner, Jeanette Maxine ......... Stoker, Dr. Spencer Stone, Henrietta Cannon Stovall, Shirley ,.,,,.,.,...,. . Stowe, Louise ,,.............. Skaggs, Mary Lou .............. Smith Sylvia ,,....,.,.,.. Silva, Stella ..,.,,.,........,, .f.,f.-..----------v------- - - Simmons. Ann Frances ....... ..V,,.- 6 5, 34, 192, Simmons, Lou Ida ..........,,., ..,,,,,. 4 7, 90, 98, Simpson, Mary Kathryn ....,,,. ,,..,........ 1 27, Simpson, Nancy .....,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ...,,-,, 5 8, 84, Sims, Betty Jean ,,,,.,,,..,... Sims, Marilyn ,,,,... Sims, Norma ....,.... Skaggs, Anna Lee ,.,,,,,. 127, .,..fff"84, Skinner, Doris Annette ,,,,,.. Skubi, fonla ,...,...,,,,,.,...,, Smart Helen Marie ..........,. Smith, Betty Jo ..,,,,,.,,,............ Smith Mrs. Bonnie Marie ,,,,.., Smith, Eleanor Zane ....,.,.,,..... Smith Eloise ........,,,,,.,, Smith Dr. Euclid Smith Grace ,.,.......... Smith Julia C. .... . Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smithi Smith Snare Snow, Louise ,......,.,, v Marilyn Dee ,...., Norma Louise ..,.,, Norma Faye ,........ Patricia ....,,.,,.,. Rochelle .......,. Sally Dee ..,,,,. Sharon Lee ,,,,,,. Wynogean , Katharine ....... Jo Ann ,...,.,.... Soboslay, Marilyn Solomon, Ethel ,,,,,,,,, Somers, Carolyne Spann, Jo Ann ,.,. Spann, Nona ...... Sparks, Dr. Dade Sparks, Joan ...... Spears, Shirley Spellman, Coreen Spencer, Dorothy Jean ..... Spires, Betty ................, Spiser, Gillie Sue ......... Sport, Glenda ..,............. Spurgin, Mrs. Jimmie .... Squires, Dianne ............ Stacy, Mary Ellen ....... 47, 55, 182 207 188 206 127 127 127 193 109 127 98, 197 84 84, 51, 109, 168, 84, W"'128' 98, 110 84, 166 iff'i28Q ,af-1101 207, 110, 169, 110, 188 Strayhorn, Lou Elizabeth ......... Strickland, Patsy ..,....,........,.. Stuart, Ladye Jeanette ,........ Suber, Sue ,,,...........,.....,.,,.. Sundman, Joan ...,.,,......., Sutherland, Pat .,..... Suttle, Judy ,,.,............ Swann, Dr. Mildred ...... Swearingen, Norma ,...... Sykora, Unnie May ....... Taniguchi, Yuri ....,.,..,.., Tannahill, Rosa Jean ........ Tate, Carolyn ..............,. Taylor, Dr. Elizabeth ...,..., Taylor, Mary .............,,,.,, Taylor, Willie .,...,..........,.,. Teller, Virginia Irene ........ Templeton, Patricia ...... Terry, Connie Evelyn ..,,,..., 1 Terry, Eran Clair .......,.. The Berge, Marjorie Thieman, Annalise Thomas, Altamae ,,,,. Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Anne D. ....,.,,....,,,. , Arnette ,........,..,........,. Elizabeth Flowe Jeanne ...,..,.,...,.....,,.... I'S 9 Thomason, Barbara June ......... Thomasson, Pansy L. .......... . Thornell, Eleanor Ann ....,..,. 198, 184 198 198 81, 181 196 198 98, 191 110 198 98 24 135 198 110 98 59, 85, 175 85, 179, 191 98, 188 48, 110 110 110 198, 206 59, 110 98, 197 135 110 48, 110, 167 110, 208 53, 110, 110 182 207 137 24, 135 128, 206 128 128 128, 204 46, 47, 85, 197 47, 56, 85 55, 110, 197 Thorpe, Annltta .,....,,.,......,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 28 Tiemann, Margaret Virginia ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 98 Tilley, Bonnie Ray ,...,.,,,,.,..,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, 9 8 Titcomb, Sue ,............,,.,..... ,,,., 9 8, 185, 193, 204, 205 Todd, Betty .,,..,...,........,..... Tompkins, Mary Alice ...... Tompkins, Nancy ...,..,,,, Towles, Winell ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Towne, Dorothy Jean ........ Stafford, Emily-Mae ..,..,,.... ,...,,, 1 10, 186, 214 Stagg, Peggy Sue ,...,.,.,.,,,,,,,.,. ...,,..,...... 9 8, 171 Stallings, Mrs. Dorothy ,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 4 Stallworth, Mrs. Frances ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 2 4, 56 Stallworth, Jeanette ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 8 4, 188 Standridge, Marion ....,.., Stanford, Anne Louise ..... Starnes, Jewel .............. Stasney, Martha .......,,,,,., Steakley, Nancy Sue ....... Steel, Chloe ,,,...,.,......,.. . ............ 98 ..........110 110 188 1103 196 24 Townsley, Elaine ....,..... Tramel, Agnes ...,,,,...... Tramel, Rose ,,,,,,.,..,.,,,.,, Trevino, Alma Gloria Trevino, Amparo ........ Trevino, Dalia .,....,.. Trevino, Maria ,,,.,.,. Triesch, Frances ......... Tucker, Beth .,,,.,...,.,.,,,,,,,,,, Tull, Peggy Charlene ........ Turner, Selma Jane ....,.,,,,.,., Turrop, Miss Hilda M. .......... . Tutt, Peggy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Underwood, Barbara Charlton ....... Urguhart, Barbara -. Vandergriff, Mrs. Donice ....,... Vanderkooi, Mrs. Fanny Van Eer den, Janet .,,,,.,,,,,,, 51, 85, 166, 175, 192 24 128 128 24 110 128 99, 173 99, 189 55, 110, 174, 197 50, 85, 181, 186 129 129, 205 134 110, 209 85, 192 206 134, 136 24 119, 196 Vaughan, Dorothy Sue .,A.,., INDEX Van Eerden, Jean .A,,,..,.......A,.......7..,,77,77, Varga, Marie ,A,..,... Varner, Kathleen 7.,,.A.,.. Vasquez, Conchita ...,.Y,v...,,,, Vasquez, Maria Graciela Vaught, Elisabeth Isbell .,..,. Vega, Alicia .....,..... ....Y.,,7,7 Velasquez, Minnie ,,....,,, Vernon, Elizabeth Ann ..., Vessels, Grace Reba ,.,,, Vick, Suzanne ........,...,.. Villarreal, Olivia Irene Vinson, Frances Ann ,,,,,.,, Volpe, Toni ,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Von Clausewitz, Patricia Vose, George ,.e,.,,,.......,.... Wade, Annette ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wade, Gladys Parrylea ,,,, Waken, Dorothy ,eee.,e,.... Walker, Barbara ,......,.. Walker, Carolyn ,.,, i,,i.,..... Walker, Mrs. Margaret Walker, Raelynn .,., , ......, Wall, Carolyn ,,,,.,......77V, Wallace, Jo Ann , ,,,,,, Walling, Ellen ........,,,,.,.. Walser, Lexie Carolyn ,,,r,.., Walvoord, Dr. A. C. ,,,r. . Walvoord, Margaret ..vYYY,7.... Ward, Charley O'Neal .. Ward, Jeanene ,r,.........,7V7,. Ward, Ouida Jeanne .,,, Ward, Roxanna r,rr........,. Wardlow, Less Shanklin Warner, Bonnie ........,.. ..,,.,,,, ......,,,,,,....Yfvff Warren, Helen La Nelle Wasson, Susananne ,.........,,,,,,.... Watkins, Norma .,......,.,. Watson, Beth ,...,..,..... Watson, Billie Jacque ., Watson, Mary Ann ....,, Weathersby, .lo Ann .... Weathersby, Laura .,,,... Weaver, Charleen ,.,,,, Webb, Marion ,,,,,,,, Webb, Sue Jean ,..,,,,,, Weisburg, lone ,,,,,r Weiss, Frances ,.,.,,,,.,.... Welch, Alice Marie ....,,. Welch, Carolyn .... . ....... - Welch, Mary ............,.,r,,,. Wellborne, Dr. W. L. ..,.. . Wendorf, Doris Jane ,,,,.. Wentzell, Mary Nell ........ Wentzell, Virginia ,.,,,,,,, Wescott, Ellen ..,...,... Wessman, Nancy ....,.. West, Nora .,.,......... Westbrook, Elvie Westcourt, Fred ..,,v., Wham, Dr. George ,.,.,,. Wharton, Dr. V. L. ........ . Whipple, Phyllis Jill .. .... White. Carole ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 55, 111, 111, 196 129, 206 24, 197 54, 99 129 85, 195 1 136 129 129 205 129, 111 129 58, 85, 192 129 86, 177 59, 111, 188 86, 182, 187 86, 208, 209 .....,. 86, 197 99, 188 24 129 129, 206 129 97 99, 167, 185, 192 24 86, 166, 175 111, 207 208 174, 197, 216, 218 99, 189 205 'H"W'''PM'""""""i71,-'17ii,A'186, 188 129 129 99, 167, 197 99, 186 129 111 111, 196 51, 58, 86 86, 182, 192 184, 216 86, 196 129 129 86 so 52, 111, 188 129 87, 172 129 1 ,,.,,. 129, 219, 221 24 111 129, 207 White, Mari Jane White, Nadine White, Olive ..,.,,,,,,,,.1,.., White, Ollie Jo ,.,.,.,, 1,..,.1,,,,,,. Whiteford, Delora Jean .,,,,1, Whitehead, Shirley .1.,.,....,..... Whitehurst, Dorothy Carolyn Whitesidej Betsy Jean ...,.V,,.......,, . Whorton, Mary Frances ..,,1,, , Wideman, Alyce Ann ,,,, Wiley, Dr. Autrey ,,,,,,, 'Wilkes, Shirley 1, Wilkins, Dolly Jane .... Wilkins, Dorothy ...,,,,,, Williams, Mrs. Anne ,.., Williams, Florena ....,, Williams, Ora Joy .,...,.... Williamson, Shirlene Williamson, Suzy ,..,..,........... Williamson, Zearl Ouida ,,,,,, Willis, Naomi Ruth ,,,.,,,,...... Willis, Shirley May Shaw ....,.., Wilmarth, Charlotte ......V.,,,V,, Wilson, Carolyn ........,.,..,,, Wilson Christine Asher ..,,. Wilson Mrs. Grace ,,,,,., ,. Wilson, Helene ,,,,,1..... Wilson, Janet ....,,,. Wilson, Jean ,,,. ..,.., Wilson, Mariana ,.,.,. Wilson, Mimi ,.,,........... Wilson a Mrs. W. A. ..,.. . Winstead, Leila ,..,.,,. Winter, Pauline ,,,.., Wisdom, Laura ,.,.. Wise, Barbara ....,. Witt, Ann ,..................... Wolfe, Shirley Ann ,.1,., Wolters, Aline .,,....... Wones, Wilma ...... Wood, Nellie ..,,,,,, Wood, Patsy Sue ,,,,., Woodard, Barbara ....,., Woodard, Margaret ....... Woodard, Wilma ....,,,.. Woody, Doris Ann ..,.,,,,, Woolsey, Dr. A. W. ,,,.,. . Wray, Jo Ann ,.,,......... Wren, Jo Ann ..,........,.,.,, Wright, Georgia Ellen ....,11 Wright, Pat ....,.,.......,....,. Wright, Rita ,.,,,,,,....... Wyatt, Kathryn ...,.,,,,.. Wylie, Alice ,,,,...............,, Yarbrough, Mary Lou ,...... Yates, Bettie ..,,................ Yates, Dixie Nell ..,,........,,,.,,.,,,. Yeager, Thelma ............,.,.,.,.,.,,..... Yelverton, Mary Jacqueline ........ Young, Young, Young, Young, Yowell Dr. Dixie .,......,,,...,......... Mona Dean ,.....,.,,...... Dr. Paul ......... Mrs. Veneta , Martha ...,,,,, 27, 99, isa 111, 192 24 ,, ,.,,, 46, 47, 87, 148 97, 99 58, 37, 196 87, 195 129 97, 99 87, 148, 176, 188 129, 205 111, 187 129 130 136 130 87 87 130 136 134 111, 185, 192 111, 192, 206 99, 181, 185, 24 130 186 130 130, 205 , ,,,,,,, 130 137 130 130, 207 130 130 130 24 48 130 135 111 130 48 130 111, 194 115, 130 51, 130 111 24 48, 99, 176 24 24 130 - --Y--an-... Jllnh., I ln --l -5 WHY? Have you ever wondered just why we call our yearbook MTHE DAEDALIANW Here is the story . . . Once upon a time, as all good stories begin, there lived a Greek god named Daedalus. He was the god of architecture, a master of arts and crafts. When notice of his fame as an architect spread to King Minos, Daedalus was summoned before the royal court. 4'Build me a mighty labyrinth of wind- ing passages beneath my castle," the king ordered, and Daedalus began his work. At first the king was pleased with Daedalus, but then, his royal wrath was incurred by some obscure incident, and he ordered his architect thrown into the highest towers of the prison. He allowed him to take his small son, Icarus, with him. Daedalus tried again and again to find a way of escape from his lofty prison, but alas, King Minos had thought of everything and even the ships leav- ing the harbor were searched. "lVlinos may control the land and sea, but not the legions of the air," said Daedalus, "I shall try that way." So he conceived the idea of wings made from feathers and wax. He wrought the feathers together, beginning with the smallest and adding larger ones to form an increasing surface. The large ones he secured with thread, the smaller with wax until the whole resembled the wings of a giant bird. Daedalus built a pair of wings for himself and one for his son. "Take care, my son," he cautioned, 'for the sun is hot and waxen wings were not made i to endure such heat. Do just as I do and together we shall find freedom." And with these final words of warning Daedalus and Icarus soared into the air and away from their tower prison. In the fields shepherds and plough- men dropped their work to stare in horror at the giant winged creatures. All went well and might be so yet had not Icarus chosen to disregard his father's warning. Exulting in the joy of flight he rose higher and higher into the sun. In vain Daedalus shouted and cried as the wax began to melt. Suddenly the wings fell apart and Icarus, the disobedient son plunged to earth. A saddened Daedalus landed and buried his son where he fell. He called the land Icaria, then continued his jour- ney to Sicily. There he built a temple to Apollo, god of the sun and hung up his wings as an offer- ing. Miss Anna Mary Shouse, past director of Eng- lish, named the annual in honor of Daedalus. She felt that the name embodied the practical as well as the inspiration, which ties in with the college motto, "W e Learn to Do by Doing." Daedalus rep- resents the happy symbol of arts and crafts for which the college stands. An early annual was dedicated to him and a volume of poems issued by the Quarterly. JMH Q" F gt ,,s-at i'-6'P's , ,,, .,-v 7,16 ,ZIV 1 K K M, '14 ,, 1 e A ,ego at 1 lfietti' 1 G gs. 4 ...f -IN. ,.4,-. 1...-1 s Wi 63 FX ' WELL! . . . WE HARDLY KNOW WHAT T0 SAY! . . . All of a sudden we have time to do all the things we've been wanting to do all year !' Drawe just can't wait to get to bed and catch up on her sleepg Roxie is heading back to nature . . . says she's tired of taking pictures of people in groups so she's going out to take pictures of treesg Pat's got a good book all picked out and is really hot to get on it . . . as for me, Well, there's a show I've been wanting to see all semester and several places I want to go! I wonder how long this will last? We love it now but I have the feeling that within a few days we'll be finding time on our hands. l'd like to hang onto this last page now that it's all over . . . but at this stage of the game I guess that wouldn't be quite cricket. Seriously . . . it's been real! Really it has! Now that it's all over we can laugh about the missed classes, late hours, worries . . . things like the Cornhuskin' negs which went up in smoke and the popcorn which did, too. And when the time came to dedicate "the monster" we found we had more people than we knew what to do with. Since we couldn't give it to all of them, here they are anyway . . . Miss Benson, and the hours of German we flubbed, Mr. Chambers, who kept wondering where his WP and Law classes were but never said a wordg Mrs. Denman and the RAS in Stoddard, who never knew when. or where they would find us at night, Tom Murray at Taylor who thought we'd never make it, and Mr. Rigler, who probably did, too. Then there was the nightwatchman who never locked us out of the JayBee, the parents who wondered if we were still alive and David, who did, toog Max, who kept the whole campus laughing and produced the terrific division pages, Mr. Burchard who let us cry on his shoulder between pictures and our friends who supplied the coffee . . . Most of all, we'll never forget Stoddard 118, which housed us, our pictures fthousandsl, our coffee fgallonsl, our tears and our simples for a whole year. So . . . here it is and we hope you enjoy it, because, believe it or not . . . We have l ! eu,Lt .. iff' DV? 1 . 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Suggestions in the Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) collection:

Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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