Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX)

 - Class of 1936

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Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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IE ffl i III 'k TIT W IE W! .1 X I1 I I' fel NV i- - 5 M W I i' if - f'l i.. - M W W JIP NXV QW -" 'K lbw T QP mln im 4 - i.1. l1.l.l COPYRIGHT 19 3 6 IIMWQW SYDNA EDWARDS EDITGR-IN-CHIEF I IENNTE SHIREMAN M A N A G E R I NANCY MCP!-XDDEN A F T E D I T O R 1 JIT I M ' 'i 'll - I AWIWXV ii -I ! if 4 TIT ' WV - V T W uf wx ii fill ii , , ': r D P1 E D Q LI H N V l 9 3 6 f q C. , ish SENIOR CLASS " L OF X. THE TFXAQ STATE CO1 LEGE FOR WOMEN hi w 1 M W , ..- ii - ll 1 W it M WV jrll 4 I ' ,. .,, 4 4 N1"aINlKfTY A N N lxfIcF'fxI'1l'PYfN JXTVI' EDITOR YEITTEJ SEDEN fl!xR'I'OQNI3'I', C.f3.RIC,fx'I'URIST I-.l,5.RC2faFiE'T NEAI. f.jAE'V!DOIxJIST, C.5,FiICA'I'LTH1ST YVQNV-IE HEISSFQI VAIiI'TO?f3IAiIS'T, ART !xSSIS'I'AN'I' I'.1M2!fWN K" A M V 4 L -lr I LATARTQONISVI' Jill W! ':- 7' 5 2 4 + NV I Wy J!! W 1 I X If W ! if V V T lIT I T -i . LQ. it F Q R E W Q R D V Texas State College tor Women, from the beginning strong and vital, has reached a f I new stage of advance in her record of prog- ress. Long-laid plans for a greater material , college, plans which have been the basis ot 3 dreaming and oi speculation, are marching E? H I steadily toward completion. The end ot every l if 1 school year marks a closing approximation ..l of the plans tor a Greater T. S. C. W. With l seven new buildings on the campus, arisen lk almost magically, that greater school is tak- l ing shape before us. "By the ruins of the old i go the builders of the new" . . . to show the , many phases of the tremendous growth ot 3 the new, to recall for you the old and cher- ' ished ruins, this book has been designed. 7 .4 3 hi 's - I 3 s K -I W , ,, 11 Q Q2 5 ll . ,T ll Q, 1 J S ff' V 7 W . tl tt ill fl X 5 i u Q g - i .4 ll 7 lll 'I W 1... 4 , I l I 4 FAAC1 B QW 'I 4. I N -Y S SYDNA EDWARDS IENNNIE SI-IIREMAN ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITORS SENIOR EDITOR IUNIOR EDITOR SOPHOMORE EDITOR TRP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MANAGER EANITA MORGAN AMALESE GOUGH, MYRTLE SI-IIREMAN MARGARET DAVIS MARGARET SIMPSON VIRGINIA WAI.KER EIIESI-IMAN EDITORS IRIS PHILLIPS, IIEDWIG GRABBE, LOIS SAGER ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ADVERTISING MANAGER COPY EDITOR MAKE-UP EDITOR SNAPSHOT EDITORS FEATURE EDITOR MUSIC EDITOR DRAMA EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR CILUB EDITOR HUMOR EDITOR STA EF PHOTOGRA PH ER MAVIS BLOUNT LOUISE BAGWILL DORRIS GARRETT IEAN WASHBURN CHARLOTTE AND CHARLINE LANE IULIA ANN RIGGAN MARGARET WILLIAMS VIRGINIA ANN SCHULTZ MARGARET MANOR CONSTANCE BROWNING DRU ZUBER REBECCA TUMLINSON if 4 'WV F if I1 1+ - W ii 4' 2 II " it W X A v I DEDICHTION To striving and to Progress We dedicate this record ot a year of results. To Progress in its most vital sense We pledge this our irn pression of CI period of material change and spiritual growth ln untaltering search ot goals lodged high in the shinrng mountain ot ambition there has been breathed into S C W a strong de sire to halt advance only at the never to be attained summit of perfection To that inspira tional challenge to continued effort to a por trayal of the ideal ot a school made greater ln service by the generous support oi the of the administration and the constant loy alty ot an ever shitting student body We ded icate the 1936 DAEDALIAN lli W A- -I A1 W 4- ' I F If u i i g g i l K A - W I - i - b 5 ' ' , - L 1 , V people of the State, the far-sighted planning .1 p - ,f Q ' ' 4 Q it 1 7 1 I I 1 -- ll 'l W ill NV ' 'f i' 5 l rn. INMEMORIAM To the late Delos E. Nooe, director of the department of journalism, we owe much of our institutions progression in the past few years. His greatest achievement was to take the initiative without appearing to do so, to be "back-stage" and direct the activities of innumerable students without taking any of the creditable glory upon himself. Mr. Nooe was preeminently a man in whom the ideals of the greatest journalists were reflected. His amiable, con- ciliatory character of superior ability endeared him to all of those associates who knew him in campus activities, in Denton, and in the newspaper world. Much of his time dur- ing the past year was given over to acquainting Texas newspapers over the state with the growth and progression of S.C.W. The Texas Press Association and other scholastic organi- zations knew him as one of their most energetic members, and he was a leader of the Southwestern journalism con- gress which meets annually. College officials and students appreciate the illimitable achievements Mr. Nooe accom- plished with an ever-burning desire to press forward and open new fields for those interested in writing as a pro- fession. I w '1 H ww 'H w S V, ,, Eu u w . Hisaii Q1 X V MS, , Wu! H , r -:P -2 4 U 4 -l . uf QRDER QF BUCKS CAMPUS EXECUTIVES CLASSES CHOICES QRGANIZATIQNS , FEATURES FUN ftl W l +1 A I JWIWX ii li I ! if 4 Tlf WV I T W 4 llf W 4 ii , I Y i Z0 l-IYGEIA Hyaeia, the college hospital, first unit of the greater T. S. C. W. to be completed. Where, in spite of additions to the staff in X-ray and gen- eral hospital equipment, pills of the color called Pink remain in a time-tried habit. rf . ga,- A 1. I -1,9 ,X -I I .gl A, rf 'I xl, kt! gf' s u my W 156 'IQ-1 1 fi ,a-.. L ' b ' vu, . 5 ,414 I V .f M1 X .. 9 Nh . E i . 'J yn, , - fy :pa f --N 1 M5 2 V i , 5 . QE ff ,, 'I 3 my L TJ ' wus ,, '16 M., I-I. A. Belying the noteworthy activity ot life ar- ranged by the hands ot a clock, grave tall pil- lars grace the Southern facade of the louilding ot Household Arts .... Progress Walks in the halls but changes not the outlines of this center of hardy occupations and significant change. t l H I DOWN THE HILL "On brootd ctnd rolling plctins, 'nedth Texos skies"-not new, not lovely, but dedrly beloved, the Ad. buildinq ircrmes this View down Blue Chombrdy Hill. Winged Victory, poised in dqe- less iliqht, points the woy for those ot us Whose paths leod up THE HlLL. W , 4' ' w 1 H on 1. , , 1 1 ' WT- ! W , PREXY'S HOME Bright and Warm as its genial host, PreXy's home extends vicarious refuge to every horne- sick Fishie. A bright spot always, Whether in gay lanterns for the Garden Party or in clear moonlight tor a Serenade PreXy's birthday. , .F .u .gxw ,0- . -A . x i 3 3. 1-V. -.gr-y'j ki' . , 1 ' 'J ' . , " . , 1. V . '- I ," . l . I A , 4. t '. ' -,. f Y -7 - 'A --. -- -. " ., . 6,-?'.' . . U 'L .il-if-. '12 '- fir' . - , -,' NI- '-4. ' .. :E-pg. . 'f ' , .I l . '.r?,-,. . , . .Ti 15,--Ax: . N V . . -e ff . , 7 "YN '..- 5 1 In AUDITGRIUM Where two thousond ond tour hundred girls hectr the counselors of cr troubled world. Here the veil of the mists of culture is lifted, holding promise of cr perth to "guide those who will guide tomorrow." 1 ' , 1 H ,,-in K LP. .v. VK'-' I 1 ' ,9fLf' . 5 CH 1 K Aj' jr.. . W ' - A I rysrf- A , , . U Q 3, - si' My .- vi, X 5 " a if ya' .fi 1 ' 1 i ' , '13 u , 3 . , L1 I' M W, ,Qg Q , J, , 51 25 f Inv- r , :fx '55 V K ' ffgsgzf' -I amy 1 'Z THE LIBRARY Fifty-five thousand volumes to taste, to swal- low, to chew, and digest . . . despite possible gastric complications, F. M. Bralley Memorial Library is a monument to the finer elements of a rnan's life. A friendly, cherished, avoided place Where, by doinq, We learn to do. 'ln 5 ,Q. 1' AW s za' 9 dill L. 2 ., , ,, , . - . '. lm N.. ,351 1:-mv ' ., L. T-E.. MRS. IAMES M. LOVING K. W. DENMAN MRS. TERESA AENEY CHARLTON MRS. H. F. KING MRS. M. H. HAGAMAN MRS. I. DOAK ROBERTS BOARD CF REGENTS K. W. Denman, President Lufkin Mrs. Iames M. Loving Austin Mrs. H. F. Ring Houston I. K. Brim Sulphur Springs Mrs. W. E. Spell Waco Mrs. M. H. Hagaman Ranger Mrs. I. M. Charlton San Antonio R. H. Hoffman, Ir. Denton Mrs. Doak Roberts Dallas Through the co-operation of the nine members of the Board of Regents, much has been accomplished at S. C. W. Within the past year. Under the present members, the college has achieved its greatest enrollment and its greatest building program. S. C. W. students Wish to express their sincere gratitude tor those things granted us which have helped us to make our college what it is today. PREXY 2 DR. L. H. HUBBARD, PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE T0 THE CLASS OF 1936 Yours is the class which entered the Texas State College for Women when the depression was at its Worst. Your gradua- tion has meant, therefore, more than the usual amount of self- denial and self-sacrifice on the part of yourselves and your families. To that extent you have been really in earnest about your education. What has it meant to you? lames Russell Lowell once said that "the measure of a na- tion's true success is the amount it has contributed to the thought, the moral energy, the intellectual happiness, the spiritual hope and consolation of mankind." Now that you are going out into the World that will be the measure of your success, too, as individuals. I hope each of you will prove faithful to this ideal. Yours very sincerely, L. H. HUBBARD, President. 'S- Tl-IE DEAN E. V. WHITE, DEAN OF THE COLLEGE Our campus philosopher, Dean E. V. White, has directed and supervised the academic work of the college so as to make this year at S. C. W. one of the most satisfactory and worth While the students enrolled have ever experienced. With courtesy and efficiency, Dean White has aided us throuqh our college year, and his stories about "dah old Darkies" have por- trayed his sense of humor and optimistic personality. rr 1 EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION t CHARLTON, MILLER, CORNELL, BOONE OFFICERS Mrs. Teresa Abney Charlton President Mrs. Arch Dawson First Vice-President Miss Sara Ellen Cornell Second Vice-President Mrs. Roy Miller Secretary Miss Mary Katherine Boone Treasurer The Ex-Student Chapters throughout the state and among out-of-state alumnae have ever been loyal supporters and boosters of their Alma Mater, to which they return each year for a reunion. S. C. W. students owe much to those who have gone before them to pave the Way to a bigger and better in- stitution of learning, DEAN OE WOMEN MRS. MATTIE LLOYD WOOTEN, DEAN OF WOMEN Our dean ot women, Mrs. Mattie Lloyd Wooten, has been a source ot encouragement and inspiration to each and every S. C. W. student for the past three years. Her whole-hearted co-operation has made it possible for the entire student body to confide their problems in her. Through the ettorts of the Stu- dent Council and Mrs. Wooten, student government has been made possible at S. C. W. ASSOCIATE DEAN CF Tl-IE COLLEGE MISS l ESSIE H. HUMPHRIES Our associate dean of the college, Miss lessie H. Humphries, has, throughout the year, lent her undivided attention in co- operating with the student body in the innumerable progressive measures inaugurated by the administration. Her understand- ing of student problems and friendly advice has endeared her to all the students in S. C. W. BUSINESS STAFF , . W. M. LOVELESS, GEORGE WELCH, IOE REED, WALKER KING BUSINESS MANAGER WILLIAM M. LOVELESS CASI-IIER GEORGE WELCH AUDITOR I OE REED REGISTRAR WALKER KING STUDENT COUNCIL 1 Z xml Bone, Bishop, Collier, Ehlinger, Epps, Fargeson Hare, Harrell, Hood, Hughston, Lane, Langford Manor, Pace, Parris, Pendry, Tucker, Walker Student government on the campus has met with unusual success since its initiation in l934 through the continued lead- ership ot those students who, because of their integrity, have been selected to direct the student group. This council has charge of uniform regulations as Well as disciplinary prob- lems, and each case has been met, in the past year, with de- liberation and fairness in every case. OFFICERS STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT NELLE BONE STUDENT BODY VICE-PRESIDENT MARGARET MANOR STUDENT BODY SECRETARY CHARLIN E LANE SONG LEADER MARGUERITE BEARD YELL LEADER l EAN WASHBURN HEADS OE THE DEPARTMENTS Department of Physics DR. C. N. ADKISSON Department of Speech EARL C. BRYAN Department of Library Science MARY S. BUFFUM Department of Chemistry DR. WILLIS H. CLARK Department of Physical Education BONNIE COTTERAL Department of Business Administration RUTH DOUGLASS Department of English DR. L. M. ELLISON Department of Home Economics ERCEL M. EPPRIGHT Department of Sociology IESSIE H. HUMPHRIES Department of Extension . LILLIAN H. HUMPHRIES Department of Music WILLIAM E. IONES Department of Government and Economics DR. C. D. IUDD Department of Kindergarten-Primary Education DR. IEWELL LOCKHEAD Department of Iournalism F. L. MCDONALD Department of Art MARY MARSHALL Department of Biology WILLIE I. BIRGE Department of Foreign Languages DR. REBECCA SWITZER Department of Bible MCQUEEN WEIR Department of Rural Arts FRED WESTCOURT Department of History DR. GEORGE POAGE Department of Mathematics DR. E. V. WHITE Department of Philosophy and Education R. I. TURRENTINE A S . fl . fi ,I J it -f .S if v V I -K J V.. ': , .. ., .r ife . mai , f- 1 t ' " -Lea:-2, ,I iv f 1.11 X -,g Q.: 5, Adkisson, Bryan, Bufturn, Clark Cotteral, Douglass, Ellison, Eppright Humphries, Humphries, Iones, Iudct Lockhead, McDonald, Poage, Switzer Turrentine, Weir, Westcourt, White H. G. ALLEN RUTH ANDREWS ANDREW ASI-IBURN GRACE BAILEY IVIARIORIE BALTZEL CONSTANCE BEACH KATE L. BEAR LILLIAN E. BENSON WILLIE I. BIRGE MAYDELLE BISHOP LOUIS I, BOURDON HELEN A. BRAY LAURA BREII-IAN LUCILLE BRIDGERS EDITH M. BRISAC DORRIS IEAN BROOKS LURA MAE BURTON CARLOTTA CORPRON EMILY CATE CORIN N E CECIL IVA CHAPMAN FACULTY HISTORY MUSIC ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS FINE ARTS ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS FOREIGN LANGUAGE BIOLOGY BIOLOGY FOREIGN LANGUAGE HOME ECONOMICS HOME ECONOMICS LIBRARY SCIENCE FINE AND APPLIED ARTS BIOLOGY FINE AND APPLIED ARTS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION IOHNN IE CHRISTIAN WINNIE MAE CRAWFORD VALLIERE DECKER MARIE DELLENEY W. S. DONOI-IO MRS. H. B. DUCK BERTHA K. DUNCAN FRANCIS W. EMERSON R. I. GARNER ALLIE GEORGE MARY E. GOLDMAN OMA GOSNEY ESTHER GRIFFITH CHARLOTTE HALGRIM VIOLA HAMILTON MARY D. HARDIN MRS, HELEN HARRIS AMOS L. HEROLD EMORY G. HORGER MARY HUF FORD W. M. HUGHES FACULTY PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION SPEECH HOME ECONOMICS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS ENGLISH PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION ACTING REGISTRAR PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS HOME ECONOMICS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CHEMISTRY HOME ECONOMICS BIOLOGY FOREIGN LANGUAGE ENGLISH ENGLISH SPEECH ENGLISH MATHEMATICS FLORENCE L. HUPPRICH R. E. IACKSON LEE E. IOHNSON ELSIE IENISON MATTIE LEE LACY DOROTHY A. LA SELLE ELIZABETH LEAKE SARAH LEE THETIS LEMMON ELIZABETH LINSCOTT IULIA E. LIPSCOMB IENNIE LORENZ HELEN LUDEMAN A. E. MACKEY VERE MCNEAL MRS. F. L. MAGNENAT LUCILLE MACGRUDER MRS. R. A. MARK LAURA MCLAUGHLIN ARCHIBALD McLEOD LILA MCMAHON FACULTY PHYSICAL EDUCATION GOVERNMENT AND ECONOMICS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION GOVERNMENT AND ECONOMICS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS MUSIC HOME ECONOMICS FINE AND APPLIED ARTS PHYSICAL EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION SPEECH CHEMISTRY PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION MUSIC PHYSICS HOME ECONOMICS ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS SPEECH ENGLISH ROY MCPHERSON MARTHA MITCHELL RUTH H. MOOERS IEROME MOORE L. H. MOORE WM. DYER MOORE MARY FRANCIS MOORE MARY AGNES MURPHY INA F. NELSON SUE L. OVERTON STELLA LEA OWSLEY VIVIEN PALMER ELIDA M. PEARSON HARLAN PETTIT BEULAH PLUMMER I-IAZEL RICHARDSON FRANK RIGLER MARION ROBERTS ANNIE ROMBERG W. T. ROUSE MARTHA P. SANDERS FACULTY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MUSIC FINE AND APPLIED ARTS FOREIGN LANGUAGES PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION FOREIGN LANGUAGES PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION PHYSICAL EDUCATION LIBRARY SCIENCE HISTORY MUSIC SOCIOLOGY BIOLOGY MUSIC BIOLOGY PHYSICAL EDUCATION IOURNALISM PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BIBLE FOREIGN LANGUAGES MARY K. SANDS IVAN L. SCHULZE MAX L. SHIPLEY COREEN SPELLMAN SPENCER L. STOKER MARY D. TAYLOR WILLIE LEE TAYLOR PERSIS C. TERHUNE AGNES TRAMMEL CLARA TUCKER OLGA VOELKER MAMIE WALKER MAUDE WALLIN A. C. WALVOORD CLYDE WHITLOCK HARRY G. WHITMORE MRS. OLIVE WHITTEN CARL WIESEMANN AUTREY NELL WILEY BRANCH WILLIAMS BILLIE WILLIAMSON FACULTY SPEECH ENGLISH HISTORY FINE AND APPLIED ARTS PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION LIBRARY SCIENCE LIBRARY SCIENCE MUSIC ENGLISH HOME ECONOMICS CHEMISTRY ENGLISH FOREIGN LANGUAGE PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION MUSIC CHEMISTRY ENGLISH MUSIC ENGLISH PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS MATTIE LLOYD WOOTEN SOCIQLOGY ASSISTANTS IN THE DEPARTMENTS PAULINE ACKLIN ZOU AIKEN VIRGINIA BARKLEY ALVA BEAIRD H. I-I. BLAGG MYRTLE IEAN BOLTON ERA EOSWELL MRS, LOIS BOVELL MARGARET BOYD H. G. BROWN CLAUDE CASTLEBERRY NELLIE LEE COWAN MARGARET CRAWFORD MARY ELLA GEORGE GERTRUDE GIBSON OLIVE HALBERT DR. IESSIE L. I-IERRICK ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN SECRETARY TO REGISTRAR SECRETARY OF BRACKENRIDGE HALL ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF PUBLICITY ASSISTANT PRINTER ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN SECRETARY TO DEAN OF WOMEN SECRETARY TO ASSOCIATE DEAN MANAGER OE COLLEGE LAUNDRY PURCHASING AGENT HEAD NURSE ASSISTANT DfETICIAN ASSISTANT COLLEGE PHYSICIAN SECRETARY TO DEAN OF WOMEN ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN COLLEGE PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS IN TI-IE DEPARTMENTS IACK HESTER RUTH IACKSON MARY NELL IENKINS W. E. LOVELESS ELOISE LANGFORD FLORENCE MILES ' CLAUDE MINNERLY NELL MORRIS RUTH ROBERTSON MARY ROBINSON T. O. SAMPLE HELEN STALLINGS MARION RUNYAN MRS. BELLE STANIFORTH ELIZABETH WALKER GEORGE WEAVER BRANCH WILLIAMS ASSISTANT CASHIER SECRETARY TO PRESIDENT SECRETARY TO REGISTRAR ASSISTANT AUDITOR ASSISTANT DIETICIAN SECRETARY TO BUSINESS MANAGER C. I. A. POST OFFICE DIETICIAN SECRETARY TO DEAN SECRETARY TO BUSINESS MANAGER MANAGER OF BOOK ROOM SECRETARY OF LOWRY HALL SECRETARY OF STODDARD HALL DIRECTOR OF SMITH-CARROLL HALL ASSISTANT DIETICIAN C. I. A. POST OFFICE EAST WOOD STABLES .:Li55Es. J. GRADUATE COMMITTEE DR. WILLIS H. CLARK, Chairman B. A., M. S., University of Michigan: Ph. D., University of Wisconsin. DR. LEE MONROE ELLISON B. A., M. A., University of Texas: Ph. D., University of Chicago Dr. REBECCA SWITZER B. A., University of Texas: M. A., Ph. D., Columbia University MISS MARY MARSHALL Graduate Pratt Institute: B. A., M. A.. Columbia University: Fine Arts Di ploma, Columbia University GRADUATE STUDENTS MIRIAM ALBERTSON ALVA BEAIRD HERMA BENOIT ANITA BLAIR MYRTLE IEAN BOLTON CORA L. BOSWELL MRS. IANIA L. BRICKEY MRS. LOLA MAE BROWN MRS. ARLES RAY BYNUM MRS. LOLA MAE BUCK CORINNE CECIL IO COX MARGARET CRAWFORD FRANCES DAVENPORT MRS. M. V. DUCK MAURINE FAULKNER MAIOR F ine and Applied Arts Unclassified Education Art Education Education Education Elementary Education Physical Education English Literature Institutional Management Costume Design Institutional Management Business Management Physical Education Spanish MINOR English Speech Art in Advertising History English Music General Education Education English Language Foods Foods Education Spanish Language GRADUATE STUDENTS MARY D. HARDIN ANNABEL HODGES LA RUE HUMPHREY MRS. M. E. PERKINS KING VIRGINIA LAMM ELOISE LANGFORD MARTHA LANGSTON ELIZABETH LYON MRS. IDA D. MAGNENAT MARILYNN MILLER MRS. MYRA GOODE MILLER MARY MIZELL MARTY POINDEXTER MRS, ALVA S. PROFFER LUCY RUHMANN MARIAN E. RUNYAN VIRGINIA E. SMELLEY AGNES SPURLOCK HELEN STALLINGS MRS. W. W. WELLENKAMP BILLIE WILLIAMSON MAI OR English Literature Fine and Applied Arts Clothing History Spanish General Home Economics Sociology Sociology Unclassified Fine and Applied Arts English Literature Spanish Unclassified English Literature English Unclassified Education Education Fine and Applied Arts English Literature General Home Economics and Child Development MINOR English Language History of Art Child Development Government: Economics English Institutional Management Education History of Art English Language French English Language History English Language Education and Foods TCD TI-IE SENIOR CLASS OE '36 lt's your annual'-at least you published it-you elected the staff-you wrecked your own homes and everybody else's by draining Pop 'n 'em 'n Mom 'n 'em of every last cent they could spare-and so we have given you a section in the book all by yourselves. I did my best to leave out your pet activities, and I tried awfully hard to mix up your home towns, and I guess you love the way I left out the ones I don't like-or had some of my friends censored. The only thing I'm not responsible for is the photography. If the picture looks like you, don't blame meg why didn't you buy some 8 X lO's of yourself so Cluck's would take the freckles off? Don't say the saleslady didn't warn you. If I didn't like the subject you were majoring in, I changed it to something more suitable-as go my immediate ideas. I may have changed my mind about what you should have majored ing so see me again before you leave the campus if you like. Another thing, the senior sections were all mounted six times: I only mounted them the first time: so see some of the other members of the staff for details on the last five changes. We had an ex officio member misspell the names, because we all get tired of the same old things. I have left town, lSiqnedl MARGARET DAVIS. , I SENIOR OFFICERS SPONSOR ANDREW ASHBURN PRESIDENT HELEN LANGFORD VICE-PRESIDENT MAVIS BLOUNT SECRETARY DORRIS GARRETT TREASURER FANITA MORGAN CLASS REPRESENTATIVE LEAH BISHOP FLORENE ALLEN Goree, Texas B,A. Mathematics E. V. White Math. Club. LOTS ALLEN Goree, Texas B.A. English. FRANCES ALMOND Troup, Texas B.S. Public School Music Iames H. Lowry, Odeon Club, Fish Stunts, Soph. Stunts, Y.W.C.A. N lNA BAGGETT Holland, Texas B.S. Foods MARGARET BALL Cleburne, Texas B.S. Foods Student Council Ill, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Mary Swartz Rose, Student Assistant IH, IV. ELIZABETH BARGMANN Gonzales, Texas B.S. Business Administration Business and Professional C lub, W.A.A., Camera Club, Archery Club. CLARINE BARNABY Waco, Texas B.A. Art in Advertising Waco Club. SUE BARRON Center, Texas , B.A. English English Club, East T e x a s Club, Choral Club, Aglaian Club. I-IERMA BENOIT New Braunfels, Texas B.S. Speech Little Theater, Childrens Theater: Recital III, IV: International Rela- tion's Club. I UANITA BEVENS Bonham, Texas B.A. Spanish Spanish Club. LEAH BISHOP Calvert, Texas B.A. Library Science Student Council IV: Round Table IV: Senior Class Representative: Iunior Class Treasurer: M.E.B.: Sociology Club President IV: Library Science Club: Choral Club: Soph, Stunts. MAVIS BLOUNT Palestine, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Vice-President Senior Class: L'Alle- qro Club: W.A.A.: Kindergarten-Pri mary Club: Fish Stunts, Soph Stunts: Iunior Stage Show: Assistant Busi- ness Manager Daedalian IV. NELLE BONE Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Student Bod y President: Student Council I, III, IV, lunior Class Presi- dent III, Y.W.C.A. Advertising Man- ager: Theta Sigma Phi: M.E.B.: French Club: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: Iunior Stage Show: Beauty III: Who's Who in American Univer- sities III, IV, Who's Who for Leader- ship, Cotton-Ball Queen IV. MARIETTA BOOTH Fort Worth, Texas B.A. Education Y.W,C.A.: Odeon Club. ANNIE LAURA BOUNDS Wortliam, Texas B.A. History CHARLOTTE BOYCE Runge, Texas B.A. Vocational Home Economics Y.W.C.A.: Home Demonstration Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. IOHNNIE BRINDLEY Clarksville, Texas B.S. Library Science lVl.E.B., Library Science Club. MRS, LOLA MAE BROWN Denton, Texas B.S. Education FRANCES BRYANT Denton, Texas B.A. English IOSEPHINE BUCKELEW Barstow, Texas B.S. Physical Education Chaparral: Sailing Club, W.A.A. Stunts l, Ill, Vice-President IV, Sec- retary HI, Fish Stunts, Soph. Stunts. EVIE RUTH BURNS Timpson, Texas B.S. Education Choral Club, Aglaian Club, English Club, East Texas Club. MARIORIE BURROUGI-IS Sanger, Texas B.A. English Press Club, Latin Club, E, V. White Math. Club, Villagers' Club. ETTA IANE BUTLER Houston, Texas B.S. Interior Decoraiion RUTH CULLEN I-lallsville, Texas B.A. English Sociology Club, E.V. White Math. Club, Aglaian Club, Treasurer IV. WINIFRED CRUMP Waller, Texas B.S. Speech Iunior Recital: Senior Recital: Chil- dren's Theater: Little Theater. FRANCES CRUMLEY Italy, Texas B.A. Library Science M.E.B.: Alpha Lambda Delta: Athe- naeum: Alpha Chi: Library Science Club: La Iunta: Spanish Choral: Sec- retary Southwestern Conference ol International Relations Club. ROYBETH CROSSLEY Denton, Texas B.A. Library Science RUTH COZBY Grand Saline, Texas B.A. Speech Aqlaian Club: Iunior Recital: Senior Recital: Childrens Theater: Little Theater. EMILY COYLE Beaumont, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Art Club, President lV: Alpha Lamb- da Delta: Annual Staft Ill: M.E.B.: Round Table: Who's Who Art lV. LUCY ANN COWAN McKinney, Texas B.A. Library Science Alpha Lambda Delta: Library Science Club, Secretary IV: Alpha Chi, Sec- retary IV: Athenaeum: Press Club: French Club: Assistant in Library Science. PAULINE COWAN Denton, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Y.W.C.A.: Mary Swartz Rose Club. LENA LUCILLE COTTRELL Guion, Texas B.S. Education and English FRANCES CORBAN Tyler, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Chaparral: French Club: East Texas Club: Advertising Manager Iunior Regatta: Stunts Il. CATHERINE C. COOK Stephenville, Texas B.A. Home Demonstration Delian Club: Treasurer III: Home Demonstration Club. ODESSA COOK Dallas, Texas B.S. Home Demonstration HELEN RUTH CONNELLEY Wichita Falls, Texas B.A. Sociology Round Table, Vice-President IV: Sen- ior House Council, Vice'President IV: L'Allegro Club, President IV. MARTHA L. COLLIER Petty, Texas B.S. History BARBARA CHAPIN Petrolia, Texas B.S. Library Science Spanish Club: Library Science Club. THELMA CHAMBERS Elkhart, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. ALICE CARVER Farrnersville, Texas B.S. Library Science A.F.P.: Library Science: Le Cercle Francais: B.S.U. MARGARET DANIEL Atlanta, Texas B.A. English Orchestra: W.A.A. MARGARET DAVIS Dallas, Texas B.S. Bacteriology and Pathology Student Council I: Class Representa- tive I: 'Y'.W.C.A. Treasurer Il: M.E.B., Vice-President IV: Dallas Club, Presi- dent II and III: Hiking Club, Secre- tary II: W.A.A. Stunts I: Assistant Manager Hiking Il: Triton Club, Vice- President ll: Life Saving tA.R.C.l Ex- aminer: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: Deutscher Verein Club: Chairman Freshman Commission: Senior Editor Daedalian Annual. ETHEL RUSH DE WARE leiierson, Texas B.S. Business Administration Chaparral Club: Business and Pro- fessional 'Nome-n's Club: Senior Class Treasurer. DORIS DIGGS Wetumka, Oklahoma B.A. History ALICE MARGARET DONOHO Denton, Texas B.S. Speech Freshman Commission: Y. W. C. A.: Chaparral: Villager's Club: Sociol- ogy Club: Children's Theater: Little Theater: Iunior Recital: Senior Re- cital: Pish Stunts: Soph. Stunts. NELL M. DOYLE Fort Worth, Texas B.A. Fine and Applied Arts Port Worth Club: W.A.A.: Student Secretary. MARY JANE DRIENI-IOFER Ranger, Texas B.S. Physical Education Round Table IV: Physical-Education Professional Club, President IV: W.A.A. ALICE E. DUTTON Shreveport, La. B.A. Speech Round Table III: Philomathian: Cos- mopolitan, President III: Childrens Theater: Little Theater: Recital III, IV. nib SYDNA EDWARDS Knox City, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Daedalian Annual Beauty I: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: Iunior Stage Show: Athenaeum: Y.W.C.A. Cabi- net: Childrens Little Theater: Little Theater: Most Beautiful, Summer IV: Who's Who in American Universities IV: Editor-in-Chief, Daedalian An- nual IV: Art Club: O. U. Band Queen: Class Representative III: Stu- dent Council III. MATTIE MOSEL ELLIOTT Grand Saline, Texas B.S. Public School Music Orchestra: String Ensemble: Betsy Ross Club: Campus Serenaders III: W.A.A. Stunts II and III: Soph. Stunts. BEULAH ELLIS Denton, Texas B.S. Business Administration MONALEE ELLIS Port Worth, Texas B.A. Library Science L'Allegro: Le Cercle Francais: Li- brary Science Club: Iournalism Club: Fort Worth Club. ANNA LOU ESTES Eastland, Texas B.S. Iournalism Freshman Commission: Villagers', President II: A.F.P.: Athenaeum: Iournalism Club: Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-President III: Assistant Editor Lass-O III: Editor Lass-O IV: Iunior Class Vice'President: Round Table II, IV: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: Delegate to S.W. Iournalism Congress Ill: Who's Who in American Uni- versities IV. VIRGINIA EVETTS Austin, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. RUTH FOLSE Kansas City, Missouri B.A. English Round Table IV: Press Club, Vice- President III, President IV: Alpha Chi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Circula- tion Editor of Quarterly II: M.E.B.: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: Who's Who Literature IV. MARGUEBITE FRANKLIN Doucette, Texas B.A. Speech Chilclren's Theater: Little Theater: Iunior Recital: Senior Recital: E.V. White Math. Club. ELIZABETH FULLER Denton, Texas B.S. Library Science ' Round Table: Library Science Club, President IV: Chaparral: Villagers' Club: Stunts II. GLENDA T. GARLAND Annona, Texas B.S. Public School Music Odeon Club: Choir. LILLIAN GARLAND Annona, Texas B.S. Home Economics Adelphian Club: Odeon Club: Choir: Who's Who Home Ec. IV. DORRIS GARRETT Abilene, Texas B.S. Iournalism Round Table IV: Student Council III: Brackenridqe House President III: Theta Sigma Phi, President IV: Senior Class Secretary: Lass-O, As- sistant Editor III: Society Editor IV: Sociology Club, Secretary III: Abi- lene Club Reporter IV: Daedalian Annual, Copy Editor IV: Interna- tional Relations Club. MARY ALICE GARRETT Mart, Texas B.S. Business Administration ilfreshmanl EMMA LYNN GILL Goclley, Texas B.S. Business Administration Aclelphian Club. MARY GLIDEWELL Graham, Texas B.S. English Odeon Club: English Club: Y.W.C.A, MADELINE GRAVES McKinney, Texas B.A. Spanish Spanish Club: Spanish Chorus: Adel- phian Club, Treasurer IV. 'ir SILVER GRAY GRAY Denton, Texas BS. Fine and Applied Arts MARY OLIVE GRIFFIN Dallas, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Dallas Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. TOMMY GRIFFIN Patroon, Texas B.A. English Theta Siqma Phi, Secretary: English Club, President IV: Round Table IV 5 Iournalism Clubg Circulation Man- ager Lass-O, Summer III. GENICE GRUGETT Richardson, Texas BS. Business Administration GEORGIA FAETYN E I-IALBERT Graham, Texas B.S. Home Demonstration Home Demonstration C lub: Mary Swartz Rose Club. PAN SY HALLIBURTON Smithville, Texas B.S. Kindergarten Primary Education Kindergarten Primary Club, Secre- tary III, President IV: Golf Club. FRANCES HANRAHAN New York, N. Y. B.S. Education and History Y.W.C.A. LUCY IULIA HARRISON Wharton, Texas B.A. Iournalism Chaparral Club: Iournalism Club. ILA MAE I-IAWKINS Denton, Texas B.S. Library Science SARAH HAYDEN Pilot Point, Texas B.S. Business Administration Y.W.C.A. ADDIE LEE HEAD Grandview, Texas B.A. English Spanish Club, Spanish Choral. VIRGINIA HENDERSON Krum,Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Chaparral: Villaqer's Club: Soph. Stunts. MARGARET HERNDON Marshall, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts l..'Allegro Club. LAURA PAYE HERRING Hillsboro, Texas B.A. Spanish Spanish Club: Adelphian Club. IUANITA HILL Frisco, Texas B.A. Speech Little Theater IV. FAYE HOGUE Denton, Texas B.S. I-'ine and Applied Arts Spanish Club: Golf Club, President Illg Villagers' Club. EVELYN HOGUE Ietferson, Texas B.S. Bacteriology Chaparral Club: H. I. Mueller Biol' ogy Club: Business and Professional Women's Club. CAROLYN HOLLOWAY Dallas, Texas B.A. Clothing President of Round Table IV: Dallas Club, Vice-President: M.E.B.: Y. W. C. A.: Delegate to Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, Austin: Class Sec- retary III: Who's Who in American Universities IV: Iunior Stage Show: President Le Cercle Francais IV: Student Council II, III, IV. HELEN HORN Gainesville, Texas B.S. Public School Music MARY SUE HUDSON Paris, Texas B.A. English Le Cercle Francais: Odeon Club: Adelphian Club: Alpha Chi: English Student Assistant IV. RACHEL IANE I-IUFFHINES Denton, Texas B.S. Business Administration VilIaqer's Club: Camera Club. DOROTHY HUGHES Denton, Texas B.S. Public School Music Odeon Club: Orchestra: String Quar- tette: Villagers' Club. MILDRED HUGHES - Denton, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Art Club: Odeon Club: VilIager's Club: Orchestra. VIRGINIA IACKSON Iacksonville, Texas B.S. Foods Mary Swartz Rose Club. RUTH IOHLE Clifton, Texas BA. History FRANCES MAE IOHNSON Somerville, Texas B.S. Speech Children's Theater, Little Theater: Alpha Chi: Odeon Clubg National Collegiate Players: Who's Who in Dramatics IV. , KATY LYNN lOl-INSON Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Education and History Aglaian Club: Camera Club: Kin- dergarten Club: Fort Worth Club. VIRGINIA KEIM Denton, Texas B,S. Fine and Applied Arts Villagers' Club. MARGUERITE KELTZ Whiteflat, Texas B.A. Mathematics E. V. White Math. Club, M.E.B.g Y.W.C.A.g B.S.U.: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts. FRANCES KIBLINGER Abbot, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics KATHRYN KIRBY Waco, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Aglaian Club, President lllg Secre- tary lV Waco Club: Y.W.C.A.p Fish Stunts: Kindergarten-Primary Club. RUTH LAMBERT Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Kindergarten-Primary C l u bg B e ll County Club. ...il if fits' ,fkili zo... L -rr is LL VIRGINIA LAMM George West, Texas B.A. English Round Table II, IV: La Iunta, Secre- tary IV: Latin Club: Iournalism Club: English Club: Philomathian: Alpha Lambda Delta, President II, Vice-Pres- ident I, Senior Advisor IV: Alpha Chi: International Relation's Club: Who's Who of American Universities IV: Soph. Stunts: Who's Who Schol- arship IV. CI-IARLENE LANE Houston, Texas B.S. Physical Education Student Council IV: Secretary Stu- dent Body: Tennis Manager ll, Stunts I, II, Basket Ball Manager III, IV: Student Yell Leader Il: Sec- retary II, Vice-President III: Lehmann Tennis Award I, II, III: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet III: Daedalian Snapshot Edi- tor IV: Loan Sale Manager III: Ath- enaeum: Chaparral: Sociology: Hous- ton Club: Who's Who of American Universities IV: A.R.C. Life: Who's Who in Physical Ed, Savings Corps. CHARLOTTE LANE Houston, Texas B.S. Physical Education Round Table IV: Loan Sale Man- ager III: Athenaeum: Chaparral: So- ciology: Business Manager Fish and Soph. Stunts: Tennis Manager II, III, Stunts I, II, President IV: Who's Who of American Universities IV: Student Yell Leader II: Fish Yell Leader: Houston Club: Lehmann Ten- nis Award I, II, III: Daedalian Snap- shot Editor IV: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet III: Who's Who in Physical Educa- tion IV. HELEN LANGFORD Kilgore, Texas B.S. Physical Education and Spanish Student Council IV: Senior Class President: Representative at Corona- tion N.T.A.C. III: Representative Pan- American Student Forum III, Presi- dent IV: W.A.A. Stunts I, III: Student Assistant Foreign Language III, IV: Aglaian Club, President III: La Iunta: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts. JUNE LEITH Rio de Ianeiro, Brazil B.S. Foods and Chemistry Round Table III: President Delians III: Mary Swartz Rose: International Relation's Club: Cosmopolitan: H. I. Mueller Biology: B.S.U. Council. LOUISE LEONARD Fort Worth, Texas B.A. Biology Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Bible Club: Soci- ology Club: Odeon Club. ETI-IEL LEVIN Brenham, Texas B.S. Speech International Relation's Club, Vice- President III: Debate Team III: Re- cital III, IV: Alpha Chi: W.A.A.: Lit- tle Theater IV, National Collegiate Players. WILMA LEWIS Vernon, Texas B.A. English Les Debutantes: Y. W. C. A.: Soph. Stunts. VIRGINIA NEIL LITTLE Eastland, Texas B.A. Enqlish Odeon Club: English Club. MARISA LUSIARDO Montevideo, Uruguay B,S. Physical Education W.A.A.: Sailing Club: Spanish Club: International Relation's Club: Life Saving Corps: Dance Club: Triton Club. MARGARET MCCORMICK Breckenridge, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. ADELIA MCCULLEY Dallas, Texas B.S. Foods Round Table: Iames H. Lowry, Presi- dent IV: Mary Swartz Rose, Corre- sponding Secretary IV: Student As- sistant: Who's Who in Foods IV. MARTHA McCURDY Mission, Texas B.S. Public School Music Adelphian Club: Odeon Club, Presi- dent IV: Alpha Chi: Y.W.C..7-X.: Rio Grande Valley Club: Round Table IV: Who's Who in Music IV: Choir: Recital III, IV. IANE MCDADE Abilene, Texas B.S. Speech Senior Representative to House Coun- cil: Little Theater: Villagers' Club: Fish Stunts I. NANCY ANN MCFADDEN Collins, Mississippi B.S. Painting Villagers' Club: Art Editor of Dae- dalian Annual IV. DORIS MCGINNIS McAllen, Texas B.S. Home Economics Rio Grande Valley Club: Alpha Chi. CHARLIE MCGRAW Abilene, Texas B.S. Physical Education Round Table IV: Y.W.C.A.: W.A.A.: President Abilene Club: Odeon Club: Orchestra III, IV. MARGARET MANOR San Angelo, Texas B.S. Physical Education Vice-President Student Body IV: Physical Education Professional Club: Triton, President IV: Second Mate Life Saving Corps III: W.A.A. Assist- ant Volley Ball Manager II: Treas- urer III: Hockey Manager IV: Stunts I, II, III: Sports Editor Daedalian An- nual IV: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet III: M.E.B. Secretary III: Sophomore President: Soph. Stunts Manager: Fish Stunts: Who's Who of American Universities IV: Duchess Cotton Ball A. 61 M. IV. RUTH MAYNOR Texarkana, Texas ' B.A. Library Science Alpha Chi: Library Science Club. MACY MAYO Bonham, Texas B.S. Chemistry Student Assistant Chemistry: H. I. Mueller Biology Club. DOROTHY M. MEAD Gainesville, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts GENEVA MEADOWS De Kalb, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Home Demonstration Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. ZELMA PAY MEECH Voth, Texas B.S. Business Administration Business and Professional Women's Club III, IV: W.A.A. N ETTIE BELLE MESSICK Dorchester, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. FANITA MORGAN Longview, Texas B.S. Business Administration M.E.B.: Treasurer Senior Class: In- ternational Relations Club: Choir. MARY T. MOORE Frederick, Oklahoma B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education KindergartenAPrirnary Club. MARY IANE MOORE Denton, Texas B.S. Public School Music Round Table IV: Student Council III: President Y. W. C. A. IV: College Choir and Orchestra: College Organ- ist: Chaparral: Athenaeum: Alphi Chi: Alpha Lambda Delta: Villagers': Odeon Club. ALMARIE MORRIS Corsicana, Texas BS. Home Demonstration Home Demonstration Club: Betsy Ross Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. MARION ELIZABETH MOSS Waco, Texas B.S. Home Demonstration B.S.U., Vice-President: Home Demon- stration Club. BETSE MULKEY Troup, Texas B.S. Business Administration Villagers' Club: Soph. Stunts. MARY LOU MULLINIX Gilmer, Texas B.S. Speech Children's Theater: Little Theater: Recital Ill, IV: L'Allegro, President: National Collegiate Players: East Texas Club. MARY NICHOLS Vernon, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics M.E.B.: Iournalisrn C l u b: M a r y Swartz Rose: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: W.A.A. ANNIE KATHERINE NORRIS Celeste, Texas B.S. English ZELDA LEIGH OSBORNE Houston, Texas B.A. Library Science Library Science Club. MARY OXFORD Elkhart, Texas B.S. Home Economics Y.W.C.A.: Betsy Ross Club: Mary Swartz Rose: Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary Ill. MARIORIE PARRIS Denton, Texas B.S, Vocational Home Economics Round Table, Secretary IV7 Philo- mathia, President IV, Villagers' Club, Secretary: Mary Swartz Rose, Stu- dent Assistant. ARLEAN PATTISON Perryton, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics LAURIE GLEN PATTILLO Wichita Falls, Texas B.S. Speech Childrerfs Theater III: Little Theater IV: Y.W.C.A. IV. AUDREY PATTON Terrell, Texas B.S. Library Science Library Science Club. ELOISE PENCE Paris, Texas B.A. Spanish Alpha Chi: Le Cercle Francais: La Iunta. OLIVE RUTH PENDRY Greenville, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics LEONA CORINNE PETERSON Iustin, Texas B.S. Foods Aglaian Club, Mary Swartz Rose, Odeon Club, Fort Worth Club. ELIZABETH PETZEL Denton, Texas B.A. History DORIS POPE Hamlin, Texas B.A. English and Education Press Club: Betsy Ross Club: La Iuntag Stunts llg Representative Sen- ior House Council. LAVENE POWELL Lufkin, Texas B.A. Vocational Home Economics Senior House President, Student Council IV: Chaparral Club: Iunior Stage Show: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts. ELAINE PRATT Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Senior Class Song Leader: M.E.B.7 W.A.A,g Fort Worth Club, Vocalist, Campus Serenaders Hg Fish Stunts, Soph. Stunts: lunior Stage Show. KATHERINE IANE PRICE Houston, Texas B.S. Foods LOUISE RASOR Allen, Texas B.S. Sociology Sociology Club. EXIE RATLIFF Cedar Lane, Texas B.S. Home Economics Chaparral: Mary Swartz Rose Club. BETH RHYMES Port Neches, Texas B.A. English Childrerfs Theater Ill. ROBERTA L. RICKMAN Goycl, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics lULIA ANN RIGGAN Pearsall, Texas B.A. Spanish Chaparralg La Iuntag Le Cercle Fran' caisg San Antonio Club: Odeon Club: Spanish Chorus: Daedalian Annual Feature Editor IV. BILLIE RISENGER Denton, Texas B.S. Business Administration Business and Professional Women's Club: Villagers' Club. PAE RIVES Ferris, Texas B.A. English English Club. DORTHEL ROBINSON Trenton, Texas B.A. Mathematics Y.W.C.A.y E. V. White Math. Club: Bible Club. MABLE C. ROLLYSON Pecos, Texas B.S, Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. ETHEL ROUTH Gatesville, Texas B.S. Speech Little Theater: National Collegiate Players: Betsy Ross Club, President Ill, IV: Children's Theater: Recital IV, lll. ONESIA SATTERWHITE Lufkin, Texas B.S. Business Administration L'Allegro: Business and Professional Women's Club: Odeon Club: East Texas Club. MAE DELL SCHILLER Caldwell, Texas B.A. Spanish Round Table IV: Alpha Chi, Presi- dent lV: Alpha Lambda Delta, Presi- dent Ill: La Iunta, Vice-President IV: Philomathia Club, Treasurer III: ln- ternational Relations: Le Cercle Francais: Campus Serenaders ll: College Symphony: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts. MARTHA LEE SCI-IOBER Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Business Administration Business and Professional Women's Club, Treasurer IV: Fort Worth Club: Athenaeum Club. VIRGINIA ANN SHULTZ Alvarado, Texas B.S. Speech Recital Ill, IV: Little Theater: Chil- dren's Theater: National Collegiate Players: Alpha Chi. MARY ELEANOR SCOATES College Station, Texas B.A. Iournalism Business Manager Lass-O: Business Manager Daedalian Quarterly: Theta Sigma Phi IV: Iournalism Club III. IV. MARTHA TOYE Sl-IADDIX Shamrock, Texas B.S. Speech Y.W.C.A.: Little Theater: Campus Serenaders: W.A.A.: Choir: Panhan- dle Club: Fish Stunts. MARY ELIZABETH SHANNON Munday, Texas B.A. English Odeon Club: Library Science Club. g.g-L51 it ' MARY FRANCES SHAW Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Philornathia Club: Fort Worth Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts. MARGUERITE SHAWN Rusk, Texas B.A. Sociology Soph. Stunts. IENNIE SHIREMAN La Porte, Texas B.A. Iournalism Manager Daedalian A n n u a I IV: Lass-O Editor Summer IV: Circulation Manager III: Theta Sigma Phi: Lass-O, Society Editor III: Press Club, Secretary-Treasurer III, IV: M.E.B.: Athenaeum Club: Houston Club: Delegate to Southwestern Iournalism Congress II, III: Daedalian Quarterly Staff III: W.A.A,: Who's Who of American Universities IV: Fish Stunts: C o s t u m e Director Soph. Stunts: Who's Who in Ioumalism IV: Y.W.C.A.: Lass-O Staff IV. HELEN SILBERNAGEI. Dickinson, Texas B.S. Home Demonstration BARBARA SMITH Temple, Texas B.S. Education English: S p a n i s h: W.A.A.: Bell County Club. EDITH M. SMITH Rockwall, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. HALLIE MAE SMITH Mineola, Texas B.S. Home Demonstration Home Demonstration Club: Y.W.C.A.: B.S.U. Council. MARY LOUISE SMITH Cooper, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Kindergarten-Primary Club. VIRGINIA EDDIE SMITH Center, Texas BS. Kindergarten-Primary Education Aglaian: Primary-Kindergarten Club: Camera Club: East Texas Club, CLEO SPEED Daingeriield, Texas B.A. Public School Music L'Allegro Club: Odeon Club. JACKIE SPRADLIN Denton, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club. BETH STANFORD Linden, Texas B.S. Physical Education W.A.A., Treasurer III, Hiking Man- ager II: Triton Club: Sailing Club Skipper IV: Regatta ll, Ill: A.R,C. Life Saving Corps IV: Betsy Ross Club. MARTHA IANE STANLEY Fort Worth, Texas B.A. English Alpha Chi. LILLIE E. STEPHENS Gordon, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club: I. I-I. Lowry, Vice-President IV: Student Assistant, IMA NELL STILL Le Fore, Texas B.S. Business Administration Business and Professional Women's Club: Villagers' Club: Panhandle Club: Odeon: Camera Club: College Symphony: Orchestra. RUTH STILL Longview, Texas B.S. Business Administration Adelphian, Vice-President IV: Busi- ness and Professional Women's Club: Fish Stunts. HELEN RUTH SUTTON Dallas, Texas B.A. Education and English Dallas Club: Alpha Chi. IOHANNA STREICHER Seagoville, Texas B.A. Physical Education Y.W.C.A.: W.A.A.: Business and Professional Women's Club. IULIA ELIZABETH TATE Comanche, Texas B.S. Speech Little Theater: National Collegiate Players: Children's Theater: Recital III,'lV: Betsy Ross Club. MARGUERITE Tl-IOLEN Milwaukee, Wisconsin B.S. Clothing Adelphian Club, Secretary III, Presi- dent IV: Round Table IV: Athenaeum IV: Alpha Chi. DORIS THOMAS Tye, Texas B.A. English Odeon Club. LAURA MARGARET THOMPSON Bridgeport, Texas B.S, Business Administration Business and Professional Women's Club: Camera Club: La Iunta: Stu- dent Assistant. DALE TOWNSEND Moran, Texas B.A. Speech Adelphian Club: Children's Theater: Little Theater: Iunior and Senior Re- cital: Soph. Stunts. MARY LAVELLE TOWN SEND Mart, Texas B.A. Speech Chaparral, Vice-President IV: Waco- McLennan Club, President IV: Vile lagers' Club: Round Table: La Cercle Francais: Y.W.C.A.: Sociology Club: Fish Stunts: Soph. Stunts: Children's Theater: Little Theater: Recital III, IV: Iunior Rialto. S ELIZABETH TURNER Wichita Palls, Texas B.A. Fine and Applied Arts Orchestra III and IV. LIDA TURNER Paris, Texas B.A. Pine and Applied Arts W.A.A. LYDIA VASEK Dallas, Texas B.A. Fine and Applied Arts Betsy Ross Clubp Camera Club. OLETI-IA VAUGHN Wellington, Texas B.S. Business Administration I EN NIE VICTERY New Willard, Texas B.S. Public School Music Odeon Club: College Choir. IANE VITZ Denton, Texas B.A. English Y.W.C.A.p Choir: Villagers' Club: Camera Clubg English Maior's Club. JEAN WASHBURN Dallas, Texas B.S. Physical Education Student Body Cheer Leader Ill, IV: Stunts I, II, IIIyAssistant Manager Volley Ball ll: Manager Soccer III: Daedalian Annual, Iunior Editor III, Make-up Editor IV, Club Editor IV: W.A.A.Boardy Odeon Club: Dallas Club: Who's Who in American Uni- versities IV: Regatta Manager III: Physical E d u cat io n Professional Club, M.E.B. MARY ETHEL WHITENER Burton, Texas B.S. Physical Education Stunts II: W.A.A.: Volley Ball Man- ager Illp Historian IV: Physical Eclu- cation Professional Clubp Delian Club. ff . ?4n,,,:., ' MARILYN WILEY Wheeler, Texas B.S. Illustration and Painting AILEEN WILLIAMS Tyler, Texas B.S. Educaiion and English MARGARET WILLIAMS Frederick, Oklahoma B.S. Public School Music Odeon Club, Allegro Club, Dae- dalian Annual, Music Editor IV. ROBBIE WINDHAM Abilene, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics HELEN WOLLNER Fort Worth, Texas B.A. Art in Aclvertisinq CATHRYNE WOOD Ennis, Texas B.S. Education Y.W,C.A. LA VERNE SMITH Decatur, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics VELMA ATER Roscoe, Texas B.S. Public School Music RUTH BAKER Temple, Texas B.S. Business Administration Bell County Club. GRACE EVELYN BARNETT Palacios, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics VERA BARTON Denton, Texas B.S. Elementary Education ALENE BENNETT East Bernard, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MARGARET BEVILLE Petty, Texas B.S. Art and Education JEAN BOLLING Edna, Texas B.A. English RUTH BOWLING Bonham, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts CONSTANCE BROWNING Knox City, Texas B.A. Government Les Debutantes, President, Annual Daedalian, Club Editor: Southwest International Relations Club Confer- ence: Senior Representative of Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Chip Odeon Club. ALICE GERTRUDE BURKE Denton, Texas B.S. Business Administration MURIEL BURT Smithville, Texas B.A. English Student Council ll: Lowry House President Il, M.E.B.g Student Secre- tary, Stunts ll. LUCILLE BRUTON Love-lady, Texas B.S. Library Science Alpha Chip Spanish Club: Golf Club: Camera Club: Library Science Club. MARION CAMP Denison, Texas B.S. Pine and Applied Arts LAURA CHAMBERS Sweetwater, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics DOROTHY CHANDLER Denton, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MINNIE K. CHANDLER B.S. Vocational Home Economics MARY RUTH CLARK Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MARIKATHRYN COONRAD Denton, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics WILMA CHRISTINE COOPER Denton, Texas B.S. Public School Music BESSIE LEE CROSS Denton, Texas B.A. English English Majors' Club: Camera Club: Villagers' Club. MARIELLEN DICKERSON Cleburne, Texas B.A. Fine and Applied Arts Art Club: Chaparral Club: Athenae- um Club: Alpha Chi: Daedalian Quarterly, Art Editor: Stunts l. LAHOMA DICKSON Breckenridge, Texas B.S. Iournalism Delian Club: Orchestra: String En- semble: Iournalism Club: Daedalian Annual Staff III: Odeon Club: Golf Club: Hiking Club: Y.W.C.A.: Triton Club: Lass-O Stait: Campus Sere- naders. MRS. IAMES EARLY Paris, Texas B.A. Art and Education BARBARA EILAND Munday, Texas B.S. Foods Round Table IV: Delian Club, Presi- dent IV: Mary Swartz Rose Club: I-1.1. Mueller Biology Club: Odeon Club. FRANCES EFPS Gonzales, Texas B.S. Foods Student Council: Mary Swartz Rose: Aglaian Club: Smith-Carroll House President: Y.W.C,A. Round Table: San Antonio Club. ' ALLIENE AGNES FERGUSON Tyler, Texas B.S. Education GLADYS GARDNER Dallas, Texas B.S. Religious Service ANNIE MAE GILBERT Mabank, Texas B,S. Library Science Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary- Treasurer: Spanish Club: Triton Club: President of International Relations Club III, IV: Library Science, Vice- President IV: Athenaeum: Student Assistant Government: Uniform Com- mittee IV: Class Treasurer Il: Fresh- man Commission: B. T. U. Secretary Ill: Southwest International Relations Club. MARIORIE GILCHRIST Wills Point, Texas B.A. Spanish Spanish Club: Athenaeum Club. ANNIE MAE GRAY Roscoe, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club: Home Dem- onstration Club. GRACE GREEN Plainview, Texas B.A. Library Science VERNA HOLCOMB Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MERLE HAMILTON Garland, Texas B.S. Education RUTH HAMILTON Iacksboro, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club: Aglaian Club: Freshman Home Economics Club. ELIZABETH HARE Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Student Council IV: Round Table: Adelphian Club: Brackenridge, House President: Fort Worth Club: Camera Club: Art Club: Villagers' Club. FRANCES RUTH MARTIN Mabank, Texas B.A. Sociology Y.W.C..A.: Spanish Club. GOLDA HEARD Denton, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Kindergarten-Primary Club, HELEN HEYWOOD Cleburne, Texas B.S. Business Administration CHARLES HILL Denton, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics ALMA MARIE HOBSON Denton, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Villagers' Club. MARIANNA HOOD Emory, Texas BS. Education H. I. Mueller Biology Club. W... 2 Uiif-l"' ,- ,I , MARY INGLE Grandview, Texas B.S. Business Administration Aclelphian, Vice-President. MARIORIE IOHNS Houston, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Alpha Chi: Press Club: Houston Club: Art Club. CLANCY KELTZ Vernon, Texas B.S. Business Administration M.E.B.: Y.W.C.A.: Stunts I, II. EVABETH KEESEE Somerville, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Kinderqarten'Primary Club. LOUISE KILGORE Pineland, Texas B.S. Physical Education W.A.A.: Professional Club. ADELE KING Oklaunion, Texas B.A. English Adelphian Club: Stunts I. IUANITA LEMBERG Mason, Texas B,S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Alice F. Palmer Club, Secretary III, Vice-President IV: Kindergarten-Pri- mary Club, Secretary IV: Odeon Club: Stunts Il: Choir. VIVIAN LIDDELL Beaumont, Texas B.S. Physical Education IEANETTE LOLLAR Snyder, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club: Adelphian Club. NINA RUTH MCCUBBIN Valley View, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics IDABETH MCFARLANE Richmond, Texas B.S. Bacteriology and Pathology Round Table IV: H. I. Mueller Biol- cqy Club, Vice-President III, Presi- dent IV: Houston Club. MARY IO MERKT Nocona, Texas B.S. Costume Design MYRTLE LUCILLE MILLS Ranger, Texas Q B.A. Mathematics E. V. White Math. Club. MRS. ELSIE C. MILROY Caldwell, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Mary Swartz Rose Club, MARTHA HELEN MORAN Greenville, Texas B.S. Chemistry KATHERINE MORROW Simon, Texas B.S. Public School Music Betsy Ross Club: Odeon Club: Choir Orpheus. MARGARET MOULDEN McKinney, Texas B.S. Bacteriology and Pathology H. I. Mueller Biology Club: Adel- phian Club: Stunts I and II: Deutsch- er Verein. HARRIET IANE NALOR McGregor, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education MATTIERUE NEWTON Sanderson, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics NEVA ODEN Denton, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts Golf Club, Vice-President. CLYDENE OLIVER Denton, Texas B,S. Fine and Applied Arts Villagers' Club: A.R.C. Life Saving Corps. EMILENE OLSON Paris, Texas B.S. Library Science Library Science Club: W.A.A. MARGUERITE PARRIS Denton, Texas B.S. Kinderqarten'Primary Education Kindergarten-Primary C lu by V i l- lagers' Club. ARTIE PALMOS Heame, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Iames H. Lowry Club: Home Eco- nomics Clubg Mary Swartz Rose Club. DOROTHY PLANTS Seymour, Texas B.S. Journalism MARCILLE PLETTNER Weiumka, Oklahoma B.S. Business Administration SADIE PUCKETT Big Spring, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics ANN RANDOLPH Hunisville, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MARIE RAPE Texarkana, Texas B.S. Foods VAZELLE REEDER Hughes Springs, Texas B.S. Library Science Library Science Club. RUTH BITCHEY Palestine, Texas B.S. Kindergarten-Primary Education Kindergarten-Primary Club: E. V. White Math. Club, Vice-President IV. ZULENE BERYLEROSENBURG Decatur, Texas B.S. Religious Service Bible Club, Vice-Presicleni IV: House President IV: Y.W.C.A. ELIZABETH SAMMONS Mission, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Aris Adelphian Club. FRANCES SAMMONS Fort Worth, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics ROWENA SAUNDERS Lewisville, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MILDRED SHELTON Big Spring, Texas B.S. Business Adrninisiration Business and Professional Women's Club. LAWSIE DEE SHIRLEY N acogdoches, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MARY ELLEN SMITH Bryson, Texas B.S. Library Science Library Science Club. MARY ELIZABETH SMITH Denton, Texas B.A. English Alpha Chi. LOTS SOWARDS Texarkana, Texas B.A. Library Science Library Science Club. MARY STEIGERWALD Houston, Texas B.S. Speech Adelphian Club: Bible Club: Chil- dren's Theater: Recital III, IV: Iunior Rialto: Stunts ll. ALIENE SUMNER Brownwood, Texas B.S. Education and English EVA KATHERINE SUMNER Brownwood, Texas B.A. Education LEOLA TACKETT Graham, Texas B.S. Public School Music Odeon Club: Alice Freeman Palmer: Orchestra: Campus Serenaders. BILLIE CATHRINE TERRY Hillsboro, Texas B.S. Library Science Library Science Club. IUSTINE THOMPSON Sugar Land, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Iames H. Lowry Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. OLGA TRAMMELL Midland, Texas B.S. Foods HELEN TRAVIS Fort Worth, Texas B.A. History Fort Worth Club, President IV: So- ciology Club, President Ill: Alpha Chi, Vice-President IV: International Relations Club: La Iunta, President Ill: Athenaeum Club: Student Assist' ant History. LEN ORA TUCKER Denton, Texas B.S. Fine and Applied Arts REBECCA TUMLINSON San Antonio. Texas B.S. Physics and Education RUTH WEBB Deport, Texas B.S. Library Science Stunts Ip French Club Il: Library Sci ence Club. IUANITA WEBBER Begqs, Oklahoma B.S. Physical Education Stunts ll: W.A.A. Stunts III: Y.W C. A. Cabinet: Delian Club, Treas- urer: Sailing Club, Secretary: Bible Club. KATHERINE WEBSTER Dallas, Texas B.A. Mathematics L'A1legro, Secretary III: Math. Club President: Round Table III and IV. SIMMIE WHEELER College Station, Texas B.A. English ERNESTINE WHEELOCK Troup, Texas B.A. Library Science Stunts Hg Philomathia Club: La Iunta: Athenaeum: Library Science Club. GEN EVIEVE WHITAKER Fort Worth, Texas B.A. Physical Education W.A.A., Corresponding Secretary IV: Physical E d u c a t i o n Professional Club, BETTY WHITE Waco, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics BERNADINE WHITEMAN Brady, Texas B.A. Sociology AUDREY WILSHIRE Burleson, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MARTHA l. WINN Wharton, Texas B.S. Education and English Chaparral Club, Stunts I. ELIZABETH WHITLOCK McAllen, Texas B.A. Library Science Orchestra III, IV, String Ensemble III, String Quartet IV, Aclelphian Club. . FAYTINE ZUMWALT Baytown, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics MATTIE FRANK ADAIR Blum, Texas B.S. Vocational Home Economics Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Chi, Treasurer IV, Y.W.C.A., B.S.U. Coun- cil, President B.T.U., W.A.A., Mary Swartz Rose Club, Home Demonstra- tion Club, Vice-President III. RIVERS OLIPI-IINT Houston, Texas B.A. Sociology M.E.B., Sociology Club, Treasurer, French Club, Secretary IV, Houston Club, President IV. TCD Tl-IE IUNIOR CLASS OF '36 H your names aren't in the right places, or if We have you from Podunk when you are from Hidalgo Creallyl, don't blame me. lf you are really Mary lones and your picture is entitled Peggy Smith, remember that I had nothing to do with it. All of the junior section was sent to the engraver on lanuary l5th, and l forgot my official position until May lst, so don't suspect that I know what is Wrong when you start down the alphabet and don't find yourself. l can't stand the smell of rubber ce- ment, and I most assuredly don't want it under my finger nails: so use your own judgment as to what actually happened when l left you out, Ot course, if it makes you awfully angry, l'll be glad to hear you out, but I won't be able to explain a thing. Truthfully, CSignedJ MARGARET SIMPSON. IUNIOR OFFICERS SPONSOR FRANK RIGLER PRESIDENT DORA 'TUCKER VICE-PRESIDENT VIRGINIA IOI-INSON SECRETARY MARY GENE FRANKLIN TREASURER FRANCES SCHLICK CLASS REPRESENTATIVE DOROTHY EHLINGER GRACE ANDERS, Beaumont, Texas LOUISE BAGWILL, Plano, Texas RUTH BAINES, San Antonio, Texas W IIMMIE BARTON, Denton, Texas EILEEN BECK, Beaumont, Texas NORMA BERRY, Abilene, Texas DOROTHY BIGGS, Monroe, La. NORMA BLAKE. Vernon, Texas EMMA BOUNDS. Wortham, Texas RUTH BOYD, Grandview, Texas LU DORA BRADSHAW, Weatherford, Texas ELIZABETH BREIHAN, Kerrville, Texas GRACE BUTLER. Terrell, Texas LOIS BUTTON, Denion, Texas LETA BUTTRILL, Itasca, Texas 'TW PAYE CLARK, Cisco, Texas Q X GARLAND CLAWSON, Longview, Texas A , A Q W 2 FRANCES COLLIER, 'V - i L b 'N " Cleburne, Texas . - X ' --- . :rfx - - --22- rfi r t , :. 95:54 , .tg it 'nf'-eil ' , W f , tt -. ' ' "' ' tt 1 " ,g , t T , , ,. 1- KATHERINE COLLIER, Denton, Texas MARIORIE LYNN COLLIER, Dent on, Texas MARY ELIZABETH COOK Stephenville, Texas LOUISE COON. Terrell, Texas FRANCES CORREY, Timp son, Texas EDNA DALRYMPLE, ELIZABETH DI Houston, Texas EMER, Sealy, Texas DOROT New HY EHLINC-EER, Braunfels, Texas KATHERINEIFANNING, Clovis, N. M. MARCELLE POSTER. Nocona, Tex QS MARY GENE FRANKLIN, McKinney, Texas IANE FULLER, Denton, Texas LUETTA GILES, Denton, Texas AMALESE GOUGI-I, Beaumont, Texas OPI-IELIA GRESI-IAM. Krum, Texas LEONA HAMBY. Waco, Texas LOU ALICE HARRISON, Tuckerman, Ark. ELOISE HAWKINS, Fort Worth, Texas ff , LL PEGGY HENRY, Silver City, N. M. IOY HAWLEY, Denton, Texas ROSALEE HOLLAND, Satin, Texas IDA BRUCE HUNTER, Beaumont, Texas LUCILLE IACKSON, Mexia, Texas LOTTIE IONES. Lutkin, Texas RUBY IO IONES, Denton, Texas RUTH IUSTIN, Fort Worth, Texas MARGARET KLINEI, Gregory, Texas MILDRED LAWSON. Cleburne, Texas ELIZABETH LEATHERWOOD Denton, Texas ORIEN LEVY, I Dallas, Texas GWENDOLYN LEWIS, Hughes Spring, Texas ANNETTE LOMBARDO, Beaumont, Texas MARY IO LOWRY, Troup, Texas PAY McCAMEY, Fairbanks, Texas BETTY MCCOWN. Quitman, Texas DAISY McDONALD, Dorchester, Texas EDWARDINE MALLEY, Pine Bluff, Ark. REVA MANILOFF. Bryan, Texas MINNIE MANRY, Kingsville, Texas ALICE MARRS. Wichita Falls, Texas RUTH MATTIZA. Silsbee, Texas MILDRED MAYES. Columbus, Texas M. INEZ MAYO, Terrell, Texas EUGENIA MILAN, Clarksville, Texas CI-IANEY K. MILLER Clovis, N. M. MARTHA IETT MILLER, Texline, Texas WILDA MOODY, Mineola, Texas MAYSEL MOORE. Gainesville, Texas GWENDOLYN MORING. Denton, Texas RUTH MOSELEY, Rusk, Texas Cl-IRYSTINE MUELLER, Keriedy, Texas MARGARET NEAL, Lufkin, Texas MARY NELMS, Wichiia Falls, Texas WILLINE O'CONNELL, San Angelo, Texas I' .af- BULA MAE OWENS, Decatur, Texas MAXINE OWENS, Iacksonville, Texas MARIORIE PASCHALL Denton, Texas LUCILLE PERKINS, Alice, Texas CHELLIE P. PRESTWOOD, Houston, Texas RUTH N. PRICE, El Paso, Texas ELIZABETH PROVENCE, Denton, Texas MARY FRANCES REECE, Greenville, Texas ELIZABETH RHEA, Fort Worth, Texas DAPHNE RICHARDSON, E1 Campo, Texas WEITA RICHMOND, Blanket, Texas VIRGINIA RIGGS, Denton, Texas MARY ELIZABETH ROARK, Cleveland, Texas FRANCES ROBINSON, Denton, Texas IANE ROBISON, La Grange, Texas LENA BURT ROBINSON. Coleman, Texas VIRGINIA ROHRER, Houston, Texas LUCY RUHMANN, Waco, Texas CATHRYN RUSHING, Lueders, Texas MARY SANDERS. Kerrville, Texas VIRGINIA SANDERS Slaton, Texas IANET SANDERS, Postville, Iowa ALICE SCOATES, College Station, Texas MARGARET SIMPSON Denton, Texas LALAGE SLAY, Pinelancl, Texas CLEMENTINE SMITH, Greenville, Texas MARY LOUISE SMITH Demon, Texas EVELYN SOLOMON, Waterbury, Conn. MARGARET SCRUGGS, McGregor, Texas LORETTA STEHLING Kerrville, Texas KATHLEEN STEI-IR. Houston, Texas CASSIE STUERMER, Nordheim, Texas ROWENA STROMBERG Lockhart, Texas MARTHA SWAFFORD, Rockdale, Texas ELOISE TALIAFERRO, Denlon, Texas DORA TUCKER, Denison, Texas LUCY AD AMS, Demon, Texas MARY FRANCES ADAMS, Paris, Texas BERYL ALVORD, Houston, Texas VIRGINIA ANDERSON. Quemado, Texas FLOY AUSTIN. Olney, Texas IVA BAGGETT. Cleburne, Texas ZOE BARROW, Quinlan, Texas BILLIE BLANKENSHIP. Denton, Texas LUCILLE BLEDSOE Goldthwaiie, Texas ELEANOR BROWN. Wink, Texas WILMA BUCI-IANNAN. Weatherford, Texas ODELENE CANDLER Coleman, Texas MARIE CAILLET, Dallas, Texas MARGARET CAILLET, Dallas, Texas MARY CARRINGTON Mart, Texas LEATRICE CARTWRIGI-IT, Big Sandy, Texas MARGARET CASAD, Canutillo, Texas LAURA CHAMBERS Sweetwater, Texas MAVIS CLYMER, Denison, Texas FRANCES COBB. Grandview, Texas LUCILLE COLE, Pampa, Texas ALVA LEE COOKE, Corpus Christi, Texas ELIZE COX. Mexia, Texas LOUISE ADEL COX, Hillsboro, Texas FRANCES CUNNINGHAM. Fort Worth, Texas GLADYS CUTI-IBERTSON. Comanche, Texas EERN ICE DALLINGER Plainview, Texas ZOE IVEY DAVIS, Dallas, Texas ALICE DENTON, Clint, Texas TED DICKERSON. Cleburne, Texas MARGARET DOGGETT. Shreveport, La. ELIZABETH DOLSEN, Taylor, Texas MARTHA DUNN, Dallas, Texas ELOUISE DUNWOODY. Anson, Texas MABEI.. DURST. Crockett, Texas STELLA EDWARDS, Fort Worth, Texas ROSE ERISMAN, Fort Worth, Texas RUTH ERNEST, Si. Louis, Mo. ELIZABETH ERWIN, Waxahachie, Texas RUTH EVANS, Corsicana, Texas NELL FOSTER, Del Rio, Texas MARIIE GARRETT, Galveston, Texas AUDYE GENTRY, Cisco, Texas RUTH GLAZE, Fort Worth, Texas ALICE GRAHAM, Denton, Texas DOROTHY IIM GRAY, Denton, Texas PAULINE GRAY, Denton, Texas MARY GREGORY, El Paso, Texas VERNON GRIFFIN, Corsicana, Texas MRS. G. L. HARDING, Fort Worth, Texas IEAN HENDRIX, Abilene, Texas YVONNE HESSER. Houston, Texas EEFIE RUE HICKMAN, Edinburg, Texas MARILUE I-IICKS, Denton, Texas VIRGINIA HOAG. La Pryor, Texas MAHIERY HOGUE, Demon, Texas ZULA HOLLAND. College Station, Texas SARAH BERNICE HONEA, Anson, Texas BERNICE HOWARD. Wharton, Texas DOROTHY HOWARD, Hillsboro, Texas l ANE HOWARD, Wharion, Texas LEILIA DORIS HUDSON, Dallas, Texas KATHRYN HUGHES. Dublin, Texas JEAN HYDE. Leonard, Texas BILLIE RALPH HYER, Wichita Falls, Texas IEWEI. ISBELL, Sanger, Texas VIRGINIA LEE IOHNSON, Seymour, Texas MILDRED KARNES, Denton, Texas NANCY KENISON. Kansas Ciiy, Mo. CHRISTINE KING, Doucetie, Texas PAULINE KITTLEY, Rule, Texas DIANA LAFON, Laredo, Texas ELOISE LANE. Spur, Texas MARY LOUISE LEE, Anqleton, Texas GURTHELLE LENOX, Corsicana, Texas WILMA LENTZ, Red Rock, Texas HELEN LERNER, Galveston, Texas HELEN LOLLAR, Eayeiteville, Ark. ROSE MARIE LOTI-IOLZ, Cleburne, Texas ANNIE PEARL LOWE, Fort Worth, Texas PATRICIA LYON. Cameron, Texas CORRINNE MARKLEY, Beaumont, Texas MARY MARSHALL. Clyde, Texas DOROTHY MARBURGER Galveston, Texas GEORGIE LAGNES MARTIN, Weaiherford, Texas PAULINE MASON, Denton, Texas HELEN MATZNER, Fort Worih, Texas ESTELLE MAYO, Terrell, Texas ERILE MEAD, Coleman, Texas MARY WILMOTH MEAD, Coleman, Texas FERN MILLS. Dumas, Texas VIRGINIA MINGS. Big Sandy, Texas MARY ALICE MORRIS, McKinney, Texas ODIS MORRIS 1 Overton, Texas .I-IAZEL RUTH NELSON, Mt. Calm, Texas LOUISE NEWMAN. Dallas. Texas EVA LOIS OATES. Morrilton, Ark. VANETA ONLEY, Sulphur Springs, Texas MAXIE PALMER. Silsbee, Texas AUGUSTA PALMER. Denton, Texas LOUISE PEACE. Mission, Texas AGN ES PICKETT, Post, Texas BETH PERKNS. Wichita Falls, Texas CAROL PETERMAN, Aubrey, Texas VIRGINIA PUTNAM. Cuero, Texas IDA LEE RAINEY. Bonham, Texas RACHEL ROBERTS. Goocllett, Texas HELEN M. ROBBINS. Goose Creek, Texas W If , MARY FRANCES ROBINSON, Handley, Texas MARY MARGARET ROBINSON Trenton, Texas VIRGINIA RODGERS, Dallas, Texas MARY SANDERS. Kerrville, Texas FRANCES SCALES, Waco, Texas FRANCES SCI-ILICK, Wharton, Texas MARY SHAW, Marlin, Texas MARY IANE SCHUTTS, Fort Worth, Texas IEWEL SCOGGINS. Tioga, Texas PHOEBE SEHMANN. Wichita Falls, Texas ONA SELF. Denton, Texas MADGE SELMAN, Italy, Texas CAROLYN SENTER, Forney, Texas GENE SEWELL, Iacksboro, Texas JEWEL SHORT, Denton, Texas MARGIE SIMS. Mansfield, Texas MARY DORIS SMITH, Denton, Texas IRMA STEIN, E1 Paso, Texas .nz fi' Pl-IOEBE STREET, Denton, Texas MARGARET STONE, loplin, Mo. FRANCES ST. JOHN Temple, Texas IUDY STEGMAN, Brownsville, Texas KATHERINE STEELE, Marlin, Texas IUANITA STROUD, Honey Grove, Texas MARY ELIZABETH SWAIN, San Antonio, Texas GWENDOLYN TANNER, Gainesville, Texas MARY FRANCES TEMPLETON Wellinqion, Texas FRANCES THOMPSON, Lufkin, Texas WILLIE MAE THOMPSON. Loraine, Texas DORA TUCKER, Denton, Texas IOHNNIE LOUISE TURNER, Iacksonville, Texas DOROTHY VERNON, Holland, Texas DOROTHY VORHIES. Dallas, Texas LENORA WALKER, Wichita Falls, Texas MARY L. WALKER, Tyler, Texas ALMA WALLACE, Gunter, Texas 6 MODINA WARREN, Olney, Texas N ETA WARREN, Center, Texas MARGARET WEAR, Vernon, Texas ARLEN E WI-IITE, Hillsboro, Texas MARTHA WICK, Wichita Falls, Texas ZADA WIGGINS. Peaster, Texas BILLIE WILKINSON, Denton, Texas BURDETTE WILLIAMS, Cross Plains, Texas GOLDEN WILLIAMS, Electra, Texas PAULINE WILLIAMS, Odell, Texas KATHRYN WILLIAMSON, Bay City, Texas MARCELINE WILSON Princeton, Texas MRS. WILLIE BELLE WILSON. Denton, Texas BILLIE BURKE WINDI-IAM, Center, Texas ROY SUE WIMBERLY, Italy, Texas ELIZABETH WINZER, Reagan, Texas MARY ELIZABETH WOLFE, Quinlan, Texas PEGGY WOODYARD, Carthage, Texas MARIORIE BEASLEY, Wichita Falls, Texas MAXINE BRAY, New Orleans, La. EVA MAE COLSEN, Arlington, Texas RUTH ELLINGTON, Durant, Okla. APPIE MALAISE, Handley, Texas LUCILLE MILLER San Angelo, Texas LAVILLA NICHOLAS, Teague, Texas MARGARET TREADWAY, McKinney, Texas CLEMMIE WURTSBAUGH Iefferson, Texas IESSIE MAE WRINKLE, Goodlett, Texas ELVA YOUNGBLOOD, Henderson, Texas DRU ZUBER, Dallas, Texas LETTER TO SOPI-ICDMGEE CLASS OE '36 I'm no angel, but I've been pledged to the Elysian fields. Saint Peter hummed and hawed when I showed him my credentials, but when I told him I had been sophomore editor of the Daedalian under the Edwards-Shireman regime, he smiled benignly and said: "Come on in. You've had your share of Hell." I haven't met up with any of the other staff members yet, but I have a hunch I soon Will. When I came up on the Styx ferry with old Charon, I saw a bunch of sophomores I used to know. How- ever, they weren't pledged, because they didn't have the right back- ground. Some of the queens from Stunts were banging on the door when I came through, but I imagine they didn't make it. It's sort of lonesome up here, because I don't have anything to play with. When I was down on earth, I used to have a lot of an- nual cuts which I shuffled around, but I forgot to bring them. I saw application blanks for Mary Ann Walker and Virginia Patterson, but they didn't get in, because house presidents never do. The ledgers are regular coal fields with black marks they got for confiscating blue-flecked coats and gray shoes. Sisters Faulkana and Arnoldio have promised me that if I will get Verna Mae Hardy to design a new fur-lined sackcloth for us, they will see that I get eyes like Irene Pyle. Poor Irene, she strangled on Yankee Clover. It's lots of fun up here in Heaven. We don't have anything to do except sit and prevaricate. I've learned to tell falsehoods very well now. Helen Millwee nearly won the contest last night when she avowed that she had seen Georgiana Pace up here. I'm awfully glad to be away from S. C. W. until after the yearbooks are distributed. I hear that some ofyou sophomores are pretty sore about your section of the book. But you can't get to me. I'm high and dry: so if you want to avenge yourselves for the damage I've done you, you'd better get on next year's staff: that's your only chance to get up here. Adieu, CSignebD Virginia Walker l , V...- I SOPI-IOMORE OFFICERS SPONSCR MARIE DELLENEY PRESIDENT GEORGIANA PACE VICE-PRESIDENT MARY HELEN IOHNSTON SECRETARY MARIORIE PATTERSON TREASURER HELEN MILWEE CLASS REPRESENTATIVE VIRGINIA WALKER K, i 1, , xx r-.R .' fn" '- X z I -. -QL . '.. 'X MAE CATHERINE ALDERMAN ANNA PEARL ALEXANDER FRANCES ALVIS BETTY ANDERSON HILDA MAE ANDERSON ARMENIA ARMEN CRYSTAL ARMIN I-IARRIET AYERS IULIA BARNETT IANE BAUCUM GWENDOLYN BEEMAN CLARA BENNETT LUCILLE BLACKBURN VIRGINIA BLACKBURN RUTH BLAIR LIDA BOONE DOROTHY BOWDEN LEE RUTH BRAGG MARY I. BRANCH BEULAH BREAZEALE BESS BROWN IOHNNIE MERLE BHOYLES VERNA BRUNDRETT MARTHA BRUSH MARIAN BULL FRANCES BULLOCK CLEO BURGESS ANNE BURT FRANCES ANN CALLOWAY LOUISE CARTER MARY IOHN CASON IANE CHADWICK KITTY BETH CHRISTIAN EVELYN CLONTS MARGARET COLLIER KATHLEEN COOK SARA COWAN -- ELIZABETH COWDEN FRANCES COWDEN " VIRGINIA CRANDALL DOROTHY LOU CULTON BILLIE MARIE CULWELL MAURESE CUNNINGHAM CAROLYN DARSEY DORA JEAN DAVIS W SUEDELAFOSSE , ' 1 IEAN DE LANE ' L I I A . I-fm BARBARA IEFF DAVIS MARY EUGENIA DUNN ALEEN EAVES LOIS EDWARDS LOUVENA ESTEP DOROTHY PARBSTEIN MAURICE PINNEY MARY IANE FITCH LOUISE FORKE v WWW K- xl I if.- LENORE F UNK IULIET GALVAN WINIFRED GANDY EVELYN GARTMAN GENEVA GATES IOAN GERMANY DORA DEANE GRAHAM SUE ELLA GRAY YVONNE GRAYSON MILDRED GREEN WADE ROSEMARY GUNNING GEORGIA GWATI-INEY SARAH HELEN HALLEY A MARY IANE HALL W GENEVLEVE HALL MJ AU RHODA ELIZABETH HAMMELL MARY L. HANNON VERNA MAE HARDY IANICE HARRIS MILDRED HARRISON WINIFRED HARRISON MARGARET VIRGINIA HARVEY MARGARET HASSELL SALLY HUMBER ELAINE IARMAN LOIS I EAN ARMELLA IEFFERDS DORIS IENKIN S EDNA MAE IENKINS EMOGEN E IOHNSTON MARY LOUISE IORDAN ROSE KAPLAN ELIZABETH KARNES WILLIE MAE KENNEDY NORWYN KENT INEZ KIBLINGER MARGARET KNOX PAULINE KUCERA RUTH KULL RUTH LAMKIN SARA LANIER NORMA LARGANT MARSHA LEA MARY ELIZABETH LINDSAY GERALDINE LOGAN RUTHELLE LUNN MABEL MAIORS UNA MAE MANGRUM CLEO MANLEY MABLE MARTIN MARGARET MILES ROSE NEIGHBORS IEAN NUSOM NAN OGBURN FRANCES PARRIS RUBY PENCE gyms- I D GERTRUDE PENDER I lf ,yf-'JL MARGUERITE PPLUOH AUPT WL RUTH POPE ,Laffy 7 lf MARTHA PORTER I 0- J I I W 43, IW' I 'JW I V If 7 IEAN POUNS 'I' M' I RUTH PRICE I I I MAURICE PUTMAN CATHERINE RANKIN I I I I I I IOSEPHINE REID RUTH RITER I ANNA PAUL ROBBINS I RITA MAE ROBERTSON I I I I PALMA ROBINSON OSALENE ROGERS EUNICE RUDMAN MARYANNE RUPLEY W W HENRIETTA SALING MARY SCARBOROUGH MARY CAROLYN SESSIONS ALYCE SHEHRILL I IANE SHINDLER I MYRTLE SHIREMAN VORENA SI-IOAF ANN SIMMONS I PI-IYLLIS SIMS GRACE EVELYN SMITH MARY ELIZABETH SMITH MARY EVELYN SMITH I J I bfi' IW K f 11 MARGARET ADAIR ATHOL ANDERSON EMMA IEAN ARTHURS GEORGIANA ASPLEY BLANCHE ASTON VIRGINIA ATKEISON FAY ARMSTRONG LUCILLE BARKSDALE BETHEL BATES DORIS BEARD BERNELLE BEARD EVELYN BEARD HELEN BELL MARY ELIZABETH BENDER LOIS IO BENTLEY ANNA LOU BLAKNEY SYBIL BOWERS SARAH BRIM GLADYS RUTH BROWN HELEN BURGESS MADELINE BURKE BARBARA BURNETT DAISY BURNS OMEGA CABLE ROWENA CALDWELL KITTY WADE CELY BON HARDY CHAMBERS EDITH LOIS CI-IANEY 'N 1 is I x! u 14 C' 1 'B ,p 0 -Q N. EVELYN CHRISTOPHER ELMA COCI-IRAN MARTHA COOKE AGNES COOPER VERNELLE COPE PEGGT cox ELEANOR DANIEL RUTH DB1-ICON DORA ANN DENHOLLEN NELL DICKERSON ELIZABETH DOTY CARMETA DRUMMOND SUE DUNCAN IANE DUNN ENGRID ELLEDGE SARAH EVERI-IEART VIVIENNE EVETTS EUGENIA EZELL ARLENE FOSTER ELIZABETH FUQUA PI-IYLLIS CARLINGTON VIRGINIA GEER ELIZABETH GIBBS RUTH GIBBS VIRGINIA GILLEY FRANKIE GIST BEATRICE GOLDBERG HELEN GOLDSTEIN AUREL GRACE MORRIS GRANBERRY HELEN GRANT VIRGINIA GRANT MYRTLE ESTELLE HARDING VIRGINIA I-IARRINGTON RUBYE HARRIS MARGARET HASSELL IOANNA HAUK NANCY BEN HENDERSON IOAN HENDRIX BONNIE HESTER LUCILLE HICKS DE WITT HINES f IESSIE LOU HITTSON MARTHA HOAG is MARY ELIZABETH HOEHN AVIS HOPKINS PHYLLIS IOVINE MARTHA ISBELL KATHLEEN IOHNS MON DUE KARNES ELIZABETH KING FRANCES KING DORIS KOCH THELMA LAFON ROBERTA LAMM IOHHNY LA RUE ,fixi- ELIZABETH LEACI-I MARY LOUISE LEE MARIE LERMA ALMA LEWIS NAOMI LEWIS GRACE LINDLEY MARIAN LINDLEY FANNIE LITTLE CHRISTINE LOYLESS OLA LUMMUS TOMMYE MCADAMS MARY MCCARTY AMELIA MCCLINTON BETTY MCCLURE DOROTHY McCOMB IEANETTE MCCREARY MARY LOU MCILHANY VIRGINIA MCNEIL DOROTHY MAI-IR BETHOLENE MALAISE LENORE MANNING ROXIE MASSIE LULA BETH MAXWELL LADY ANN MAYFIELD INEZ MAYO IOSEPHINE METCALFE HARRIETT MULLER HELEN MILLWEE ROSE MINGS FRANCES MOONEYHAM ELEANOR MOORE RUTH ELLA MORRIS REBECCA MOSELEY BEA MOSS LEATHA SUE MULLINS PATSY NANCE MARTHA NEVILL GENEVA NIEMAN IESSIE OATMAN ALICE CATHERINE OGIER BESS ORENDUFF SAMMY ORMAN VERA OWEN MARIORIE PATTERSON VIRGINIA PATTERSON RUTH PATTISON BETTIE PERKINS CORINNE PERKINS MARY NELL PERKINS LAURINE PICKARD RUTH PRESTON LOREE PRICE VONDELLE PRIDEAUX BESS PRUITT IRENE PYLE ISOLINA RATLIFF if n' xx I 3 ' if 4 xi PV ya.- W . 1 Q x -. K .r-""'1 -L 'A f-. 'ELL ' TOM MARY RAY REBECCA REID KATHRYN RENNIE GENEVIEVE RHODES LUCILLE RICI-IARZ SYLVIA ROCKWELL LUELLA ROGERS SARA FRANCES SADLER ROSEMARY SAPIO EMMA SAUNDERS ESTHER SCHMIDT GLADYS SHIRLEY LILLIAN SIDDEN LORENA SKILES ELIZABETH SMITH MARY ELIZABETH SMITH HILDA SPARKMAN ELLA MAE STARCKE MILDRED STEADMAN DOROTHY SUE STEPHENS ANITA STEVENSON NAOMI STILL MARGARET STONEHAM DOROTHY STRAUGI-IN LUCILLE SULLIVAN ELIZABETH SWAIN ELIZABETH SWEENEY MONTIE SWEENEY FRANCIS TAYLOR MARY TAYLOR MARY BETH THOMAS EVELYN TOH TI-IORA THOMPSON LINE MAE TRAINER WILMA TUNE LORENE TURK NELL TURNER RUTH GORDON TYLER " VIRGINIA UMPRRESS LA RUE USSERY LORETA VAN PELT KATHRY N VARNER DOROTHY WAKEFIELD MARY ANN WALKER VIRGINIA WALKER SYLVIA WANKAN CLYDIS WARREN ALCIE WEBB OPI-IELIA WARENSKIOLD CORNELIUS WEBSTER EDDIE WEISHUHN LARAH WI-IEDHEE MARY VIRGINIA WHITEHEAD MARGARET WHITTINGTON ETHEL RUTH WILDS LA VERNE WILKINSON I 1. 5 4 I A IOSEPHINE WILKES HAZEL WILLIAMS TENNIE WILLIAMS EVELYN WILSON MARY ELLEN WILSON NORMA WILSON DICKIE WIMPY HALLIE WOOD 4 JULIA WOOD 1 SARA FRANCES WOOD A LILLIAM WOODHAM LUCILLE WOOLEY VIVIAN YATES KATHRYN YOUNG TOYCE CRAFT MARY IANE CUCKOVITCH 1 Q-,L ' I ' 1 -' .414 ff 49- ,TN 172-.29-7 744-M. ,gffff,a7afuJ ffi. W2 "' f ff f " fl I 552314 ' ,lvinaa ValVfff4,j7A3 . 'rgl,i.f 7:1 .9-vc. L nk Q 'ff ll ' .n 4, Q , 1 4 ' Avy VMZA-,mnifz at-4. . 'f V gy V Y., , Y Q ' Q-4 .1 TO Tl-IE I-'RESHMAN CLASS OF '36 We have you this time. If you think so many of you can enroll in this institution and get by with it, you're Wrong. To make this section "more interesting" We shuffled a box full of names and a box full of pictures and come what, come will. If you got left out entirely, Sager says that Phillips or Grabbe was responsible. lf you have the Wrong name, or it's just spelled poorly, Phillips says Grabbe and Sager attended to that section. If mother gave you the name of Marye and Pop donated the moniker of Schmidt and We spelled it plain Mary Smith, Grabbe says to see Phillips and Sager. But there were so many of you! My word, after all, were not even human about itl The only advice that We can offer is that all l,3OU of you must say "Nay" if the annual editor of next year's book should suggest that you be on the staff. We did our best to give you a puzzle, and this is our handiwork. Our addresses are in the student directory, heaven help us! I tSignedl LOIS SAGER IRIS PHILLIPS HEDWIG GRABBE. FRESHMAN OFFICERS SPONSOR PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER CLASS REPRESENTATIVE ELIZABETH LINSCOTT ANNE HUGHSTON KULA MAKRIS ALICE DAUGHERTY YVONNE WEBB ROSEMARY SURMAN I 1 l 9 I V qenieve abrahms juanita adrian ruth alexander a 00 W ff r X Qi? Q' annie 1. alberts 11 92,5 DR C jean e. alkire ethelyn allen Carolyn arnold mildred armstronq edith atcheson frieda atchley olive avent ida kate atkins jewell estelle baqwell corinne bailey jessie Curtis barreit iris barfield katherine jane barren j anette bartlett jo eunice battle elizabeth Qaines baugh doroihy baxter erma benbrook heulah france-s bishop evelyn black Iucille blanton mary blaylock beatrice lucille blewett dorothy jean blohm charlotte bolin sallye maxine boone eleanor boswell freddie boswell edna bowmcm dixie ray boyd florice bradford the-dc: brunt lela brice frcmces brocrdnox jucniicx broussurd Iorena browder mg brown mildred broyles esiher bruck dorothy brumley mcxrthc brycmt nova brycmt neva bunch Qxwggiw cxrdenille burdick 59,1 kathryn burger rosincx lee button N jermie buttrill crudrey byrnes josephine ccxlcrmec frcmces Caldwell gertrude ccxscd muttie chambers james cmncx chance geraldine chandler cxudrey cherry irene christian alczmo jo clark ccxiherine Coit becky cole X V N ,J Er I, x 1 1, 9 5' Wi 1 N 5 ' 1 ' ' xx rrr r':' " r A P X -:1. -.-.. . f 3 E , -sr - , . 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Wood bermie katewoocl v kathryn Wo dar marqcxretwoods anne Worden Constance wright elizabeth wright louise wright mary elizabeth wright la verne yaies mary za hry 'S' aim! ,M-, , YM aff, , ' ' I -mx- QI f l Z L7 S E N I O R ' 3 6 MOST BEAUTIFUL SENIOR XX X XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XX XXXXXiXfX'XX" 'XXXX XX XXX'ifX?XXX'XXX1XXXX XXXX'-X 'X'X'X'.5QXffXX5?i4XXX X' X'XX X XXX XXXXXX'jjiX5XfXXXX'WXXXXX XX XXXXXXXXX XX 595 XXXXXXXX XXX XXX XX XXQSQX XXX XX'XXX'XX"XXXff2QX" XXX- 'XX ' "XX XX XXX'XXX XXX XX XX X X XYXXXX "XXHX'X' XX 'XX X 'XX""XX"'XX' XXXX "XX XXQXQXXXX' XX XX X ' X XX" " X X X X X XXXX XX X ' XXX X XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XXX XXX X XXX 'XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXX' XXX 'X XXX" M "1"'XXXXXX X 'XXX X X " XX X " ' 'X X XX XX XXX XX X XX XX XX X XX XX XX XX X X X 'X X XX XX XX XX XX XX XXXX XX X .X XXXX . 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I zf IUNIOR'86 Gittings SOPHOMORE '36 , may H Ha-56 11 ww 2 ff 5 w Muff Gittinqs 7321? , m msg ,K ' fx , 1 0 Us ,fwfai Z!1h56 ,df FRESHMAN '36 YW., M5525-V A , ' w i.. Gittings MARIORIE ECKHART ANNE HUGHSTON GEORGIA B. IASPER KULA MAKRIS LOIS SAGER RCWENA 'TOWNSEND MARY IANE CUCKOVITCH MARIORIE PATTERSON ALTA LOIS POTTS IRENE PYLE MYRTLE SHIREMAN MAE TRAINOR Mx' ERHF, W? w ,fi - - 'J L 2552? ' K3 W , 1 R9 3 x . ,. A , , , X gs 11. ' Ez: - , A ' ,. 5,7 , Wffliiiiffg 4 v - -e -'fq 'LEW' ' .g":'1 M . ' -' -iff" " l.., : xfj-,W 51- 1-je! gaiffhl nv, 1' -f,3:fg1:1i24 .EL 'sg -milf QM! . 1 E ' Yi. - f Qt. , ,Qi , My -' 5' w, , Ns M, JM f,,. ,, awgxg N4 5.5 X- ww , List' ' 1? L' ., -211 NX , " 'umm w' 2? -Q2 Q.,-,ax 'U w w T ww If T as -,4i""E:eA Eowuwn cum: if 4,4 Lg neun-mv vo -me savannas f 'W ax . 1 gg ag c. R. MILLEH - 2 1' . PAT uouzunn D ,, 'J' nmsunv szcnznmcs l"'1 .... 2: ..., 5 A :li EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT ki AUSTIN. TEXAS ' um-an 15, 1956 K: 7 . I s . 5' - Miss .Tennie Shireman, Manager The Daedalian T. s. c. w. Q Denton, Texas 1 ' 13 'Ii Deer Miss Shireman: av! The twenty-eight pictures of the most beau- Q5 tiful girls of T.s.c.w. cams to me Sunday. It was one of the moat difficult decisions I have had A to make in eliminating twenty of these charming girls. Please do not feel that I am discriminating wi in any instance because of any outside influence. I know none of these girls, their relatives, nor ' their friends. TQ 25 I em sending by today's mail the picture you 7 requested. This is the only one I have left, so U I am insisting that it be returned. F 1 :,r Hoping that your annual will be a most success- I ful number this year, I em I? f Sincerely yoursg lil ,UQ W.. M Z7 Ili 51: eu -. -I uid EH ' li? . 1 I 'I 451' x 1 I 6 ,T 1 IA, P " 7 :Y?7 W I.?!' ?'?:' W 53 5' 4"-:.'fA"1P ':' -4'7" U" , J ' Y- A . I 1 1 2 'Z --.4........-..........-....-.............M.......-.....s...-......,..--...'.-v..-1.-..mwsv.vaswa4..-ff--evwa----f-'v-fv--------v----'-A - ' Q 4' ,,..-..........................,.. ...- f..-.-.mm-K-.mf-..m.f..-v-.-M4..f..s.-111 .M Q WI-ICD'S WI-IO I Home Economics fFoodsJ lC1oth inql ADELIA LILLIAN MCCULLEY GARLAND O Leadership Music NELLE MARTHA BONE MCCURDY I Business Scholarship Administration VIRGINIA CLANCEY LAMM KELTZ ' rf' QM . F, A . mu, V f"'-'KL Iournalisrn Literature IENNIE RUTH SHIREMAN FOLSE C Physical Education CHARLOTTE CHARLINE LANE LANE I Dramatics Art FRANCES MAE EMILY IOHNSON COYLE LEADERSHIP As one of the most outstanding students on the campus for many years in both social and curricula activities, Nelle Bone, art major, was chosen for leadership. She was junior and student body president, a mem- ber of M. E. B., Theta Sigma Phi, advertising manager of fish stunts, was included in Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, was correspondent for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and was Cotton Ball Queen at A. G M. College this spring. IQURNALISM For unusual journalistic ability Iennie Shireman was selected from that department for her contributions during the past three years. She was editor of the Lass-O in the summer of l935, circulation manager and book review editor of the Lass-Q, business manager of the Daedalian Annual, was in- cluded in Who's Who in American Univer- sities and Colleges, delegate for two years to the journalism congress, a member of the Press Club, M. E. B., Theta Sigma Phi, and chairman of the costumes of Soph Stunts. PHYSICAL EDUCATION For unusual achievement in the field of physical education, the Lane Twins, Charlotte and Charline, were selected by the physical education faculty to represent the department. They are members of the Chaparral, Athenaeum, W. A. A. clubs, were fish and soph yell leaders, have been tennis champions for three consecutive years, won the Leman award for tennis, were loan sales managers and have assisted as sports directors. Charlotte was president ot W. A. A. Charline was student body secretary. SCHOLARSHIP Selected from the student body by a fac- ulty committee, Virginia Lamm, English, was awarded the Who's Who distinction for schol- arship. She scored the highest grade on the Psychology test during her freshman year. She has been a contributor to creative litera- ture on the campus. She was editor of the Daedalian Quarterly and a member of Alpha Chi, Philomathia, Press, and International Relations clubs. LITERATURE For outstanding contributions to the Dae- dalian Quarterly for the past three years, Ruth Polse, English major, was selected for literature. As president of the Press Club, she furthered endeavor in the field of literature. She was a member of Alpha Chi, member of M. E. B., wrote the script for the senior stage show. She recently had a poem from an issue of a l935 Daedalian Quarterly pub- lished in the Dallas Morning News. MUSIC Martha McCurdy, music major, was chosen by the department of music faculty for her creative ability in the field of music this year. A member of Alpha Chi, she has taken the lead in many musical presenta- tions of the college, including "Orpheus" She is soloist in the choir of the college and president of the Odeon Club. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION For outstanding achievement in business executive ability in the business administra- tion department, Clancey Keltz was chosen. She has been prominent in the activities of the Business and Professional Women's Club, is a member of M. E. B., and student assist- ant in the business administration depart- ment. I-IOME ECONOMICS For her creative ability and originality in clothing, Lillian Garland was chosen to represent clothing. Her contributions in interior decoration have merited campus recognition. She is a member of the Mary Swartz Bose Club. Adelia McCulley, home economics, was selected for her achievement the past year in the field of foods. As president of the Iames H. Lowry Club, she has been active in its activities. She was also prominent as a member in the Mary Swartz Bose Club, and was student assistant in the home economics department. DRAMA Frances Iohnson, speech, was selected on the basis of her dramatic ability and active part in'the speech department. She was a member of the Little Theater, Alpha Chi, took the leading role in "Children oi the Moon," and had one of the leads in "The Distaft Side." She took an active part in the junior speech class production of "The Late Christ- opher Bean." ABT Cited for her creative work in art, Emily Coyle, interior decoration, received the award for art. She was cartoonist for the Daedalian Annual this year and is a mem- lcer of the M. E. B., president of the Art Club, and a member of Alpha Chi. nR EHN ,f 2 1:5 1 ss "'-:dz 4- " ffl.: Sydna Edwards Editor-in-Chief The editorial staff, headed by Sydna Edwards, has had charge of the composition of the year- book. Those assisting her were Fanita Morgan, associate editor, and Myrtle Shireman and Ama- lese Gough, assistant editors. Nancy McFadden supervised the entire art lay-out of the publi- cation. All of the main division pages, end-sheets, foreword, copy- right, and subdivision sheets are Miss Mcl:'adden's contributions. Her assistants were Margaret Neal, Yvonne l-lesser, Yetta Seden, and Marion Camp. The feature section, designed and composed by Charlotte and Charline Lane with the aid of Re- becca Tumlinson, photographer for the staff, is one of the most complete sections in the Dae- dalian. lennie S h i r e man, yearbook rnanager, was assisted by Mavis Blount, assistant business man' ager, and Louise Bagwill, adver- tising solicitor. Tl-IE DAEDALIAN Blount Edwards Grabbe Charlotte Lane , -A 'ur gsm. Morgan Riggan Simpson Washburn Neal Phillips Sager Shireman Tumlinson Walker Williams Zuber THE DAEDALIAN One ot the most diiiicult jobs on the annual this year was the fresh- man section, edited by Hedwig Grabbe, Iris Phillips, and Lois Sager. Virginia Walker was in charge of the sophomore section, and Margaret Simpson was junior edi- tor. Margaret Davis edited the senior section. Special editors were lulia Ann Riggan, Margaret Williams, Con- stance Browning, Margaret Manor, lean Washburn, and Dorris Gar- rett. Miss Riggan was feature editory Miss Williams was supervisor ot the music sectionp Miss Browning and Miss Washburn were club and composition editors, respec- tively, and Miss Garrett had charge of all copy. The humor section was collected by Dru Zuber and placed in the advertising and iun section by the business staff. lennie Shireman Manager Virginia Larnm The Daedalian Quarterly, literary maga- zine oi the college, is published three times during the regular session each year for the purpose of fostering and recognizing creative literary activity among the stu- dents. Short stories, formal and informal essays, poems, and book reviews comprise the body of the magazine, While contribu- tions of freshmen are grouped under a separate heading. Each of the members of the staff is elected by the student-body, but the editor-in-chief and the literary editor are selected from the nominations made by a committee of the English department, the art editor by the art department, and the business and circulation manager from nominations made by a committee of the journalism depart- ment. The editor-in-chief and the literary editor read the contributions, select the material for publication, proof-read the selections, and arrange the magazine. The art editor designs and makes the wood-cuts for the cover designs and illustrations, and the sponsor, Miss Mamie Walker, aids in the general selection and arrangement of ma- terials, and also in the collection ot writings. DAEDALIAN Virginia Lamm, Editor-in-Chief Mariellen Dickerson, Art Editor Grace Butler, Literary Editor PEW' QUARTERLY Mary Scoates, Business Manager Eloise Hawkins, Circulation Manager Miss Mamie Walker, Sponsor Butler Dickerson Hawkins Scoates 1 i 2 I i 1 1 Q I!-"" I . -.-., ,mg Bagwill Garrett Hawkins Miller Scoates Tumlinson Tl-IE LASS-O Anna Lou Estes, Editor-in-Chief Chaney Miller, Associate Editor Louise Bagwill, Associate Editor Amalese Gough, Associate Editor jennie Shireman, Book Page Editor Dorris Garrett, Society Editor Rebecca Tumlinson, Picture Editor Mary Scoates, Business Manager Eloise Hawkins, Circulation Manager The Lass-O, weekly publication of the col- lege, is devoted to the news of the campus and to the current problems and interests of student life. It was established by the students of the college in 1914, and is edited by students of journalism and printed by linotype students. All news used in the publication is judged on the same basis that it would be judged for any weekly newspaper. Students are given assignments and beats and are held accountable for their stories as they would be if at work on any daily or weekly newspaper, in a city. Copy prepared by these reporters be- comes the laboratory material for student copy readers, who do the editing and head-line writing under the supervision of the members of the staff who are elected annually by vote of the student body. Advertisements are made up and so- licited by journalism students taking ad- vertising. This is done under the supervi- sion of the elected business manager on the staff. This method makes the publica- tion financially able to pay for itself. The Lass-O is a member of the Texas Press Association and of the Associated Collegiate Press. ""fs., Anna Lou Estes Coreen Mary Spellman Chairman In appreciation to the Daedalian Committee, the student body and especially the senior class Wish to thank the members for their co- operation during the year of 1936. To each member of the commit- tee tor his or her coeoperation and particularly to Miss Spellman and to Mr. Welch who aided us so ma- terially with the color scheme, de- siqns, and art work as well as the financial side of the book, We ex- tend gratitude. THE DAEDALIAN COMMITTEE George Welch Andrew Ashburn Emory G. Horqer Wm. Loveless Thetis Lemmon Marie Dellney Dorothy La Selle Lee E. Iohnson . 1 Si-tv Carolyn Holloway As the college grew, the clubs grew, and it became impossible for the Dean of Women to work individually with each club as she had formerly done. The idea of an organization of the presidents ot all the clubs was formulated, and the result was the Round Table. ln its earliest stages, the Round Table held its meetings around a real round table, made of fifty-seven varieties of Texas wood and using the Lone Star of Texas motif in its inlaid design. This table, bought bythe members, was a possession of which they were most proud. ln 193334 the organization established the precedent of publishing a Round Table Handbook which contained the constitu- tion of the Round Table, information about the various clubs and organizations, and the rules governing the activities ol these clubs and organizations. This year the Round Table sponsored the appearances of Texas poets at the College as its part in the Centennial program, These appearances took the form of Sunday after- noon readings, and such poets as Fay M. Yauger, Patrick D. Moreland, and Reta Scott Garrett were guest artists. -W1 - Tl-IE ROUND TABLE Carolyn Holloway, President Marjorie Parris, Secretary-Treasurer Helen Ruth Connelly, Vice-President Bagwill Bishop Bone Christian Connelly Cook Dreinhofer Edds Eiland Ellis Epps Folse Franklin Fuller Garrett Gilbert Hare Hawley Hughston lean Keesee Larnrn Lane McCulley McCurdY McFarlane McGraw Miller Neal Parris Robinson Webster Schlick Tholen Townsend Schiller 's X. gg X t gs., x, Qt 1 ,V Y U Nu l , l tim - , lv -if . , fill .X 'B f 3 ' Ib zlz is. li q ':,. 4 Q - ,.!' T is Th e ' Y V ff" 4 T had f 17 i' Ly I v t , 5 t t tj' tl i V - fs A Q I . ' .L ' f - 1 ga .. ,, , i 1' ii uf ig mmm My tg-4 .fi-' T' Q Q f 'P-' , . 57 ef' V ,je ,.-.. ,r ,tv -4 52, 1 X'-is Y 'vt -ss, - I A i Q 1 v , ' tt .W - A furvb We T? fr Alexander Beck Collier Dickson ' Dunn Edwards Gardner h Ge-er Gough Honea E. Ruhmann Leonard Millwee Howard L. Ruhmann Stanford Tucker Walker YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSCCIAT I ON Mary lane Moore, President Lucy Ruhmann, Treasurer Q Amalese Gough, Vice-President Ruth Glaze, Pianist Virginia Lee Geer, Secretary E'l ' B k S L Under the capable leadership of Mary lane Moore, the Y.W.C.A. has been one of the rnost progressive organizations on the campus this year. Besides giving a Thanks- giving party for needy families, being in charge of the Big-Sister Little-Sister activi- ties and annual Christmas pageant, bring- ing prominent lecturers to the campus, and arranging debates on outstanding questions, this group sponsors student discussions in each main dormitory on Thursday nights. Miss Virginia Carroll brought the Y.W. C. A. movement into this college in 1904, and the Virginia Carroll Lodge, across the street from the presidents home, was named in her honor. In addition to the officers and cabinet, the society numbers among its most active supporters its sponsors, Mrs. Mattie Lloyd, Wooten, Miss Oma Gosney, Mr. lerome Moore, and Mr. W, S. Donoho. During the Christmas holidays Mary lane Moore was sent to Indianapolis for a na- tional conference, and in the summer dele- gates are sent to Hollister, Mo., for the regional convention. The cabinet of the Y. includes students who have charge of some particular phase ot the work and who are heads of commit' tees to work on each oi the problems. teen ec , ong eader MCITY lCIF1G Moore ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Marjorie Patterson Marjorie Patterson, President Ophelia Warenskjold, Treasurer Mary Martha Cooke, Vice-President Mae Dell Schiller, Senior Representative Beatrice Paschall, Secretary Dr. Elsie Ienison, Sponsor Browning Butler Callaway Cope Dorsey Eaves Fitch Gist Hall Harding Kline Kucera Lamm Mangrum Mattiza Moore Mullins Patterson Poff Porter Reid Shindler Scruggs Smith Smith Schmidt Thompson The campus chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, national honor fraternity for Fresh- men women, is composed ot active mem- bers and inactive members. After pledging gi the organization, a student is an active member for one year, with full voting priv- ileges, then she becomes a non-voting, in- active member for the remaining two years of her college career. Membership in the fraternity is based not only upon scholastic achievement dur- ing the Freshman year of a student's lite, but also on the potentiality of the student to complete her development in personality and scholarship. The purpose ol the organization is found in the pledge taken by incoming members upon their initiation-"We shall pass our lights on, one to another, Alpha Lambda Delta." Each pledge is charged to keep the light of her scholarship shining brightly out over the world she contacts every day, in order to promote literature and friendly intercourse among s c h o l a r s, and to strengthen the interest throughout the whole student body. fs, , 5. , T xiii f ,t,: , M - F , A . it T ft "" .1 51: if fini ' .M A, 1 'M ' ,L its . F, 'A J tt s ll -vn- I t v ix A 3 ' .. f f' with 4 f ' , 5- , , X , nf.: Q , A Z .lt , . V4 'SM 4 . aff- a. L .4 . :lil 1 :I - 1 t .ag . Adair Collier Dickerson Hudson Lenox Mattiza Robinson Sutton ,li K 4 K af ' '-4 x 'X , . V-2' 3 f 'It' 'Qs ix. H w . I 1 L,- Ball Cowan Folse Iohns Levin Maynor Scruggs Tholen F. M. BRALLEY Mae Dell Schiller. President Helen Travis, Vice-President Lucy Ann Cowan, Secretary 'B I . ,J 'e f. Casad Campbell Coyle Crumley Gilbert l-lonea Iohnson Lamm Lombardo McCurdy Moring Neal Smith Stroud Travis Tucker CHAPTER GF ALPHA CHI Mattie Frank Adair, Treasurer Dr. Elsie Ienison, Sponsor Dr. Autrey Wiley, Sponsor Dr. S. L. Stoker, Sponsor Alpha Chi is designed for that great body of substantial colleges and universi- ties that cannot hope tor early considera- tion by such an exclusive organization as Phi Beta Kappa. lt aspires to the same function in this field as does Phi Beta Kappa in its realm. T. S. C. VV. was ad- mitted into the society in 1923. ln 1934 the F. M. Bralley chapter had the honor of having the annual Alpha Chi convention meet in Denton. San Antonio entertained the l936 delegations, and the Bralley chapter was represented by Dr. Autrey Nell Wiley and Mae Dell Schiller. Formal initiation for thirty-eight new mem- bers was held in November, and in Ianuary the chapter was entertained with a Twelfth Night costume party by the faculty spon- sors, Dr. Wiley, Dr. Elsie Ienison, and Dr. Stoker. Meetings are held the last Thursday night of each month, and the program for this year has been based on Texas. High scholarship and a junior standing are required for entrance into the society, and junior, senior and graduate students are eligible. Members not pictured include Oscie Lee Brandes, Grace Butler, Mable Claire Durst, Mary Loraine Walker, Constance Browning, Ruth Little, Doris McGinnis, Mary lane Moore, Virignia Ann Schultz, Lois Vacker, Lucile Bruton, Virginia Hollan, Eloise Pence, Mary Ann Andrews, Ottie Mae Conley, Grace Meyer, and Alpha P, Mullins. Mae Dell Schiller Dorris Garrett Alpha Pi Chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, national honorary and professional frater' nity for women in journalism, was the first Greek-letter organization on the S, C. W. campus. Its purpose is to unite in the bonds of good fellowship college-trained women either engaging or purposing to engage in the profession of journalism: to raise the standards of journalism, to improve the working conditions for women of the pro- fession, and to inspire the individual to greater effort. Pledge services are held once each year. Pledges must be junior or senior journal' isrn majors, have the recommendation of the head of the department, and must have a high scholastic standing. Their work in journalism at the college must have been of a high caliber. The year's program of the fraternity in- cluded the editing and managing of an edition of The Lass-O, selling of Christmas cards, the lnitiating Banquet in the fall, the annual Spring Dance, in April, and the sponsoring of a Mexican luncheon to be given for the 150 delegates to the National Convention of Theta Sigma Phi, in Austin, Iune 20. At Commencement exercises each june, the Alpha Pi chapter presents a Theta Sigma Phi Plaque, engraved with the name of the receiver, to the student at the col- lege whose published Work in professional journalism has appeared the most outstand- ing during the year. Tl-IETA Dorris Garrett, President Amalese Gough, Vice-President Tommy Griffin, Secretary Medina Warren, Treasurer Bone Garrett Griffin Sccates Shirernan ...- IIC 3-so l A9 Formed from the ranks of the Chaparral and M.E.B. Literary Societies because of the crowded conditions of those two clubs, the Athenaeum Literary Club came into existence February 6, l9l8. Three girls ape pointed from the M.E.B. circle and three Chaps formed the nucleus of the new or- ganization, with fourteen others appointed to make a charter membership of twenty. In 1919, the club realized that success depends more upon quality than upon quantity, and voted to make a B average and sophomore standing two requirements for membership. Thus it became the Athe- naeum Honorary Society, with a member- ship limited to fifty of the strongest students on the campus-this to insure the carrying- out of the club motto: "We set before our- selves high ideals, and strive to attain them." Connected for over fourteen years with the Texas Federated Clubs, the club has sent a delegate to each year's state con- vention in Austin. This year the president, Marjorie Lynn Collier, gave the club's re- port at the district meeting in Sherman and was the Athenaeum delegate to the state convention. Members not pictured include Lucy Ann Cowan, Olivia Bishop, Elizabeth Dolsen, Helen Travis, Mary lane Moore, Mariellen Dickerson, Gladys Gardner, Grace Butler, and Dora Tucker. Crumley Durst Estes Franklin Gough Hawley Lane Mattiza Schober Shireman ATI-IENAEUM I-IONCBARY SQCIETY Marjorie L. Collier, President Dorothy Howard, Treasurer Olivia Bishop, Vice-President W. D. Moore, Sponsor Mabel Claire Durst, Secretary Marjorie Lynn Collier g. 1 'tl Ruth Folse The Press Club, one of the oldest clubs in the college, was organized in 1910. lt stresses creative writing by its members, requiring that each member bring an orig- inal contribution to the meetings. The ex- change of opinion and criticism and the free atmosphere of the club have been factors in the discovery of many 'talented students, some of whom have continued to write after graduation and have met with success in the world of literature. One must have a B average in English and a C average in all other scholastic work to be admitted. Another requirement which has been added since the origin of the Quarterly is that a girl must have had something published in the Quarterly be- fore she is considered ior membership. PRESS CLUB Ruth Folse, President Mary Gene Franklin, Vice-President lennie Shireman, Secretary-Treasurer Amalese Gough, Reporter Collier Cowan Franklin Gough Lamm Pope Shirernan Simmons i i 1 L Ellis lohns Provence Travis YT' .-1 "va -I 2 Barrow Benoit Browning CIUIHISY Ellis Garlington l.CtITtIT1 Leith Levin Lombardo Lusiardo Malley Morgan Petzel Scruggs Schiller Travis Walker INTEHNATICDNAL RELATICDNS CLUB Annie May Gilbert, President Phyllis Garlington, Secretary-Treasurer Helen Travis, Vice-President Dr. C. D. ludd, Sponsor The International Relations Club was or- ganized at T. S. C. W. in l9Z8 under the auspices of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and is one of many such organizations scattered through the colleges and universities of the world. Dr. C. D. ludd has been the sponsor oi this group since its founding and has ably directed the club activities and assisted in the discussions. A library is maintained by the club con- sisting ot some ZOO books and numerous pamphlets relating to club interests. The organization meets twice each month, dis- cussing pertinent, current topics of inter- national concern. On March 6 and 7 the society enter- tained on the campus the Southwestern ln' ternational Relations Clubs Conference with a wide representation of college groups from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ar- kansas and Texas. Two distinguished authorities on international relations, Dr Edgar l. Fisher, former dean and profes- sor oi history at Robert College in Istanbul, and Herrick B. Young, on leave from Al- borza College in Teheran, Iran, were guest speakers at the conference. The conference was divided into three discussion groups, their subjects for study being "American Neutrality and Policy To- ward Collective Action," "Sanctions" and "Latin-American Questions." Members not pictured include lean Boll' ing, Dorris Garrett, Maysel Moore, Marian Moore and Margaret Beville. Annie May Gilbert -li ,im Icy Hawley As the Mary Eleanor Brackenridge so- ciety completes its twenty-eighth season, its members look back contenteclly over a full year of activities. Both social and lit- erary in its aims and purposes, the club put over two successful dances in addition to its monthly meetings for discussion of current literature. Originated in 1907 under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Eleanor Brackenridge, who was vice-president ot the Board ot Regents until her death in 1924, this organization is the only one on the campus which is endowed. Loans are made irom the endow- ment tund each year to assist students in paying their way through college. Plans for this year have materialized mainly through the good work ot loy Haw- ley, president, with sponsor LaSelle always co-operating. Besides the regular welcome activities at the first of school, the M. E. B.'s sponsored a dance for freshmen at the gym and engaged in numerous activities to- gether, including the fall and spring lunch- eons, picture show parties, and other social events. MARY ELEANOR BRACKENRIDGE LITERARY SOCIETY loy Hawley, President Margaret Davis, Vice-President Elizabeth Dolsen, Secretary Barton Burt Clawson Dalrymple Gough Bishop Caillet Coyle Dolsen Hardy Bone Caillet Crumley Ehlinger Hicks Brindley Campbell Davis Elliott Holloway 5 t -, if i Howard, B. Keltz, M. Miller Oliphant Rohrer Walker MARY wfegi- In Howard. Manor Millwee Pratt Senter Trainer Keltz, C. Milam Nichols Robinson Shireman, M. 'Windham ELEANOR BRACKENRIDGE SCDCIETY Miss Antoinette La Selle, Sponsor The M.E.B.'s proudly point to the large number of their members who have been nominated for annual beauty pages, among whom are lane and Bernice Howard, Ioy Hawley, Elizabeth Dolsen, Margaret Davis, Carolyn Holloway, Margaret Manor, Mary Elizabeth Roark, Carolyn Senter, Myrtle Shireman, Mae Trainer, Peggy Elliott, Clarice Barton and Nelle Bone. A circus party was given for rushees this year at the Denton Won1an's Club, and other pledge activities included the iormal initiation dinner in the college tearoom and the annual Kid Party. For this last occasion, each year all club members throw their dignity to the winds and ap- pear in the gym in childish costumes. Oddities during Pledge Week for which the M. E. B.'s were responsible were the tin cans all pledges were forced to wear on strings around their necks, and which they were compelled to sit on at a mo- rnent's noticep not to mention the purple triangles which gleamed on all new mem- bers' tore-heads for the week of initiation. Members not pictured include Virginia Harney, Ioy Hawley, Doris Hall and Lavilla Nicholas. Margaret Davis Mary Gene Franklin The Chaparral Literary Society was or- ganized in 1904, the first literary club on the T. S. C. W. campus. There were very iew members in the club at first, but those few were workers, and each year has marked an advance. Loyal to the Texas spirit, the Chaparral, a small, native Texas bird, was chosen as the emblem of the club because the swiftness of the bird was symbolic ot the club's desire to go forward surely and swiftly with its ideals. It is amusing today to find that the first debate at T. S. C. W. was given by the Chaps on the subject, "Resolved: C. l. A. students should be allowed to wear white hats in the spring instead of caps." And as this club was first in debate and organi- zation, so has it been first in many things. The club had, in its first few years of or- ganization, a monthly paper called "The Chaparral" which created much interest, since at that time the school had no monthly or quarterly magazine. X W Cl-IAPARRAL LITERARY SCDCIETY Mary Gene Franklin, President Mary Lavelle Townsend, Vice-President Elizabeth Swain, Secretary Anderson Collier Petzel Drummond Fuller Harrison Barrow Corban DeWare Fanning Geer Hawkins Buckelew Davis Donoho Fuller Hassell Henderson XW Z7 P" . f 3 OCIWJ. L ,,,,,,, t, 1 'X f.' 1+- - ' ' its.. , f. ,, l ,F Vt-w QL. - I deft. '?R 0 will Hendrix Hough Howgfd Kina Lane Lane Lothh olz Moore Moring Ratlitf Riggan Swain Templeton Townsend Tucker Walker Wimberly Winn Cl-IAPARRAL LITERARY SOCIETY I Betty Anderson, Treasurer . Y ' f df, -5 ig Meetings this year were held every third Saturday in the college tea-room in the forrn of luncheons. Two dances in the gym- nasium, a picnic at Lake Dallas, and the annual "honey supper" supplied the fun and recreation. Each year a member is sent to represent the club at the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, and this November Mary Gene Franklin was sent to Austin as a delegate, accompanied by Miss Mary Gold- mann, The club was fortunate in having their report read which won the prize at the district meeting of Federated Clubs in the spring semester of '35, The Chaparral Club has always been one of the largest clubs on the campus, having at one time over 200 members. Its aim is to apply its efforts where they will do the most good and create the strongest impression, to the perfecting of the indi- viduals who compose the club. Members not pidtured include Olivia Bishop, Mabel Claire Durst, and l.aVene Powell. Miss Mary E. Goldmann, Sponsor Mary Lcveue Townsend Oscie Lee Brandes A realization felt by M. E. B.'s in l92l of the need of another literary society re- sulted in eighteen of their number volun- teering to charter a new club. This club came into existence under the name of Aglaian, the Greek goddess of brilliance. Purposes of the Aglaian Society are to -give its members a definite knowledge of literature, science, the arts, and to prepare them for the vital interests of the day, es- pecially in regard to the women of America. lt must have been a strong group -of young women who in 1922 gathered each 'Saturday night to discuss women and Americanization, for their ideals are up- held today in the minds of present mem- bers. Not only does the club strive to improve the citizenship of women from the literary -standpoint, but also in regard to their so- -cial and moral standards. The quarterly socials and annual dance are events -eagerly awaited and long remembered by all participating. AGLAIAN LITERARY SGCIETY Oscie Lee Brandes, President Mary Ruth Clark, Vice-President Elizabeth Leatherwocd, Secretary Barrow Clark Epps Kirby Peterson Sewell Antoinette Cole, Treasurer Miss Ruth Andrews, Sponsor Buttrill Cosby Hamilton Langford Robinson Smith I' Casad Cullen lohnson Leatherwood Robinson, lvl, Varner .mi 'is K X 4 Cable Carver Estes Gilley Hamby Lemberg Malley Maniloif Pickard Warren 'Tackett ALICE FREEMAN PALMER LITERARY SCGIETY Charles Hill, President Leona Hamby, Secretary-Treasurer luanita Lemberg, Vice-President Miss Stella Owsley, Sponscr Alice Freeman Palmer members are pledged by a system of preferential bid- ding. The society was organized in 1923, to act as a stimulus to a cultivation of the best in literature by studying parts of ity to promote high ideals and to broaden char- acter by association with others. Monthly programs of the club this year have featured the Centennial motif, placing emphasis on the work of Texas authors. Members not pictured include Madge Selman, Rose Kaplan, Bess Brown, Elma Cochran, Elizabeth Deaton, Frances Dial, Allyne Eaves, Lorena Estep, Eleanor Fer- guson, Ioan Germany, Helen Goldstein, Lena Mae Goldstein, Ioyce Greer, Nancy Ben Henderson, Iane Margaret Huffhines. Lucille Hatliif, Kathryn Rennie, Millie Stead- man, Iean Holland, Edith Atcherson, Max- ine Roper, Charlotte Wood, Annie Pearl Lowe, Virginia Gates, and Frances Ruth I-lartin. Charles Hill Helen Ruth Connelley ln l922 the L'Allegro Club was organ- ized, consisting of twenty charter members, with requirements the same as those of the other literary clubs. The club was repre- sented at the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs in Austin this year by Onesia Satter- white, who in behalf of the members, pre- sented a book to the library in the New Federation Horne. This year the meetings consisted of one business and literary meeting and one so- cial meeting each month. With subjects pertaining to the Texas Centennial, Fine Arts, and the Federation, the following program was outlined in the year book for the entire year: October: organization, discussion on Fed- eration, picnic at Lake Dallas. November: tea, lecture on parliamentary ethics, fine arts program. December: Bible study, and Christmas party. lanuary: Texas Centenl nial, Wornen's Day Program. February: rushing and pledging, rush party, annual breakfast, Leap Year dance. March: The- ater party, formal initiation, music program. April: Texas artists, Easter party. May: plans for following year, election of offi- cers, formal installation of officers, farewell party. Members not pictured include Marjorie Irvin, Frances Sammons, and lane Thomp- son. IJALLEGRO LITERARY SCCIETY Helen Ruth Connelley, President Mary Lou Mullinix, Vice-President Blackburn Bullock Hall Iustin Moody Patterson Scarborough Baines Collier Herndon Loyless Moore Rhea Speed Kathrine Webster, Secretary-Treasurer Miss Oma Gosney, Sponsor Blount Brim Ellis Ezell lenkins Johnson Miflgsf R- Mings, V. Mullinix Patterson Richards Satterwhite Tohline Williams Webster WM WW A' ' it l' Bowden Bragg McCloud Cross Edson Erwin Gaines Griffin Hicks Huffines Humbe Mills Nelms Slay Smith Stoeppleman Taliaferro Terry CAMERA CLUB Rebecca Tumlinson, Reporter Helen Millwee, President W. M. Loveless, C. N. Aclkisson, Mrs. Ida Mag- Marilou Hicks, Vice-President The Camera Club was reor- ganized this year for the purpose of keeping alive an active inter- est iri photography on the cam- pus. All students Who are enroll- ed in photography classes or Who are interested in it as a hobby can be members. Activities this year have includ- ed the display ot photographs tak- en and developed by the rnern- bers and the sale of these photo- graphs to students. Elizabeth Bargmann, who was graduated in February of this year, served as president during the first semester. , ' lake 7" ,, , I" ?: ,:.. Y l . ng, . . . ,. i, . .' l K ' I I' -.,.- . - F s"' "f ,nf , A' 13. 1 ' +943 ' iff' Q in--.Q . . - 1 ii a f il V ,I-Qfhwg zifr, Q .i Y ,. jfl' l C nenat, Sponsors Lee Ruth Bragg, Secretary Elildbelh BCIYQITICIUFI Marguerite Tholen The Adelphian Club was organized in November, l934, by a small group of girls who took their name from the Greek word Adelphi, meaning "sisters" Green, white, and silver were chosen as club colors, the white Chrysanthemum being the flower chosen to carry out this motif. The club started this year off by having Mrs. Roscoe Bates of Dallas came over to review "The Phantom Crown," by Betita Harding. The next "coup d'etat" was the presentation ct the handbooks. Through the efforts of Ruth Still and her committee, these attractive little green books bearing the club seal on the cover contained the program for the year, complete. The club aim is to appreciate modern literature, and this was kept in mind throughout the year's activities, Among these were a review given by Little The- ater Director Emory G. I-larger on "The Old Maid," Pulitzer Prize play that came to the college, a song and talk on Texas must' cians by Miss Stella Owsley, and many reports and recitals by members giving an intelligent eye with which to view the va- rious artists caurse and drama series num- bers. The Aclelphians federated with the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs this year. ADELPHIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Marguerite Tholen, President Elizabeth Hare, Secretary Ruth Still, Vice-President Madeline Graves, Treasurer Allen Gill Garland Graves Griffin Hare Herring Hudson Ingle King Lenox Lollar I-Yon MCC1-U'dY Moulden I Sammons Schlick Steigerwald N. Still R. Still Townsend Voorhies Fixx 1,- -- ln -Q-ev:f'h'- . ., 141 5" , ,, C3 ...,ma.ai si' Bennett Dudley Farnworth Funk Goodrich Griffin Hawkins Holloway lean lanes Lerma McClendon Peace Petzel Reed Stallings Steqman Wiley Wood Wood LOWER EIO GRANDE VALLEY CLUB ln the fall of l935 the Rio Grande Valley Club was organized and drew into its mem- bership all of the forty qirls who had come to T.S.C.W. from the Southern tip of Texas. An increased fellowship and co-operation among the Lower Rio Grande Valley stu- dents, which will be carried on into the summer months, has been the result. The program for the year included a Christmas party, December 165 a Spanish meeting, with Spanish dances presented, in lanuaryg a theater party at the Texas The- ater in February: and the observance of Texas Independence Day with a Mexican dinner at Whitson's in March. Flags of both countries were used for decoration at the dinner and favors were tiny souvenirs of Mexico. Miss Maude Wal- lin of the Spanish department gave an ac- count of student life in Mexico City, and Marisa Lusiardo, exchange student of Montevideo, Uruguay, gave a description of the life and customs of her native country. .f .5 W Lois lean Adelia McCulley The lames H. Lowry Club, organized in l925 by five members from the Mary Eleanor Brackenriclge Club and five from the Aglaian Club, was named in honor of the president of the Board of Regents at that time. In 1923 Miss Agnes Tramel, of the Department of English, was elected the first sponsor of the club, and she now holds that position. Meetings are held once each month and the programs this year emphasized Texas subjects. At one meeting Mrs. Mattie Lloyd Wooten talked on "Pioneer Women of Texas." Another meeting was devoted to Texas legends and songs, and another to Texas Wild flowers. Picnics were held in October and in May at Lake Dallas, and at Thanksgiving a buffet supper was given. A scavenger party was the event for April, and the last party of the year was a breakfast given in the college tearoom to introduce the incoming officers. The club federated with the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs in the spring. Members not pictured include Grace Butler, Margery Chaddick, Anne Dowell, Marguerite Duckworth, Dorothy LaSelle, Artie Palmos, Lenora Stallings, Fred Voor- hies, and Anna Fred Walker. IAMES Adelia McCulley, President Lillie Stephens, Vice-President Frances Caleb, Secretary Almond Cope Lafon Oatman Stein H. LOWRY CLUB Anna Fred Walker, Treasurer Marguerite Duckworth, Reporter Agnes Tramel, Sponsor Barrow Iohns Lafon Pattison Stephens X A i' im f ' .- is Cobb Kenison Mattiza Palmer Thompson Carter Dunn Larnm Pace Shaw Taylor, F. Van Pelt Chambers Dutton Lea Schiller Shindler Taylor, M. Wheelock PHILOMATHIA LITERARY SOCIETY Mariorie Parris President Allene Harris, Treasurer Frances Taylor Vice President Mary A. Murphy, Sponsor l I I Margaret Scruggs Secretary Mariorie Parris Philornathia means "Love of Learning." The aim of the Philomathia Literary So- ciety is to develop an appreciation of art, literature, and music, and with this shared appreciation, to sponsor social activities which will bring its members together. The principal theme of the Philos' month- ly meetings this year was a study of the Pulitzer Prize Plays. Other discussions dur- ing the year concerned Parliamentary Law, Women of the Bible, the value of Federa- tion, and the Texas Centennial. Social events for the year included a buffet supper, an entertainment given by the sponsor, an annual spring dance, a rush party, a cabin party at Lake Dallas, and a tea. The club has been federated for many years. For the past three years it has sent a delegate to the annual convention of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs in Austin. Members not pictured include Gladys Gardner, Caren Crouch, Ernestine Clark, Lillian Donaldson, Nell Foster, Phyllis Gar- lington, Lucy Ruhmarm, Mary Lois Meyers and Kathleen Scruggs. Carolyn Holloway In 1924 the French Club was started, and it was nursed during its infancy by Miss Perlitz, Dean of Women and professor of French, Miss Younkers, Mr. W. D. Moore and Miss Sanders advised it through its years of childhood and adolescence, and now it is affiliated with the Texas Federa- tion of Women's Clubs. The club sent Caro- lyn Holloway as its delegate to the 1935 Federation convention in Austin. Le Cercle Francais attempts to stimulate the interest of girls learning to speak the French language and devotes its program to contemporary French poetry, fiction, mu- sic and art. The social activities consisted of a Christ- mas party and a picnic in May, at which the newly-elected officers for next year were introduced. All students who have taken 131-2 French and are planning to continue their studies at least another year are eligible to mem- bership in the club. LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Carolyn Holloway, President Rivers Oliphint, Secretary Aspley Blanton Chance Dickerson Grant Lombardo Plants Schiller Townsend Sue Hudson, Treasurer William D. Moore, Sponsor Barron Brazley Bone Burnette Clark Culton Ellis Ferguson Grayson Hudson Mings Pence Ray Reid Shireman Swain Wilds Wood 7 ... ,. ,.'. pf Ap-51 it 7 -' e. ' A ef 1 . ,f , . . 7 p- W 1 f 2' , - ' W We, .M 6 ,. K an , ,tu , ' Blackburn Carver Daugherty Foster Hunt Pickard Riggan Tidmore Wright 1,- 59 1 ,. fi fn, it ' ' H I... Q , X 1 it 3 X, in .., sr , - ' f is X y. -iii! ., ' at 1. t ft 1 it - 2 5 "jg, V M V 1 if , E L 1' ,F - if 4 l ' . V.--i 4 1 I p x x 1 it Q It X l f - rt? X 'P H I A I Q XX ' - 1. Q f A ',", ' . . 1, . , .W .gc I If X' L i ' . 'ii 1 A ' 'If ,,, ' ' if The Bell County Club is one ot the new- est, yet most progressive organizations on the campus among the locality clubs. Requirements for membership are that members must live in the County for which the club is named, and must promise to foster all activity which will progress the organization as much as possible. Many entertainments have been given this year, and a get-together was held at the county seat for the local girls dur- ing the Christmas holidays. Vivien Edds, in the capacity of presi- dent, has aided the club extensively dur- ing the past two years, and much of the rv' - l'J.'8L added prestige of the club was gained through her etforts. The number of members is not limited, and the aim of the organization is to in- crease the school from the county within the next year. Heard Baker Mulhollen Hammons Lambert Edds Murphy McGinnis Smith Sullivan Williams Wright THE BELL COUNTY CLUB Vivien Edds, President Vivien Edds Beulah Ellis The Business and Professional Women's Club is composed of girls who are Business Administration majors, have at least a "C" average, and have gained the approval of a majority of the club members. For the past two years, the officers of the club have been associate members of the Denton Business and Professional Women's Club. This contact gave the group of offi- cers much good experience and valuable acquaintance with actual business people. This year marked the second year that the club has sponsored the publication of a complete student directory. The organiza- tion is federated and is active in all club activities. Honorary members include Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. McPherson, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Iohn- son, Miss Annie Romberq, and Miss Oma Gosney. BUSINESS AND PRGFESSIONAL WOMEN S CLUB Beulah Ellis, President Martha Lee Schober Treasurer Bargmann Berry Curtis Giles Kittley Palmer Sadler Still, I. Q I' AN f Q' H I F , 'V C , --,R -.. , " . 1 5 Q ,l V 4 f 1 C '.n 1 - rx 5 if 'Y fs 5 . B W- .X it J f' , Ya 5 . A L A , rf' Q - ' 'N L x' 1 L3 X 1 A ,351 Q X , .: i a 'g . r 113, , W Rf, x it . K . -' if U ' It 4 7 ' - ' 5?-9 W ri w et W "wtf K 'Q t .I fig" ..n A xxx , , tl F hg I ' - A V W? ki? V . V ' il . .r, V - QV 'g h A.,-Q M , eg gs, 5? , 4 Us it fits it inf: ' . , . N' - " f n 1 At 1 C' lt "tx ' xl -' V .1 I ' ,l gf 5 f Q.. 'six xl - 'r in A : .id Tfligvf ,W ' L Q 9' i Y .,:,,.f I A W . X ' .1 1 ' ' " -. 7 -s 1' ' 'x Y ,f '- f sm I' 3' C14 ' Il 5,3 if ' F 'f Q , l 1 U t, wi at 8 ' Q -. M ,N '3 ,f C' - W' , 'A U i Adair Bellville Brewer Caillet Caillet Carter Christopher Cooper Cox Davenport Davis Davis Daugherty Denhollem Dwelle Fitch Fuqua Gray Griffin Garrett Hare Hart Holloway Hughston Iones Iones Loey Levy Locheridge Mannor McCallum McVey Milwee Nichols Oldham Orman Perkins Parris Ray Bunyan Stellmacher Stuart Stites Strange Straughn Stubblefield Tatom Webster Wheclbee Webb Williamson Woodland Worden Wright Zachry Kitty Beth Christian, President Helen Millwee, Secretary Caren Crouch, Program Chairman The Dallas Club, which was organized in l932, aims to interest Dallas high school students in attending T,S.C.W. and to bring students already here into closer fellow- ship. Activities sponsored by the club during the past year include a buffet dinner and style show in October and a Thanksgiving tea during the holidays. At Christmas the members entertained with a Yuletide party, and in February a luncheon was given in the college tearoom. Prospective students were honored at an Easter tea, and again at a tea the latter part of April. The club rounded up its season of activi- ties with a picture show party in May. Charter members of the club who are still in the college are Margaret Davis, first president, Garland Clawson, Marie Caillet, and Carolyn Holloway. Carolyn Holloway, Vice-President Marguerite Duckworth, Reporter Katherine Webster, Social Chairman Kitty Beth Christian Katherine Webster In the school year l9Z5-26, the students majoring and minoring in mathematics. formed this department club. The aim of the club is to bring the students of mathe- matics into more intimate Contact that shall be socially pleasant and instructively valuable. The organization is named in honor of Dean E. V. White, head of the depart- ment. For the past three years Professor W. M. Hughes has sponsored the club. This year the club started its program with a social hour and reorganization meeting. In November, Mrs. W. M. Hughes spoke to the club members on the benefits derived from loyalty to club Work. In De- cember, they were entertained with a Christmas party. Business meetings were held in Ianuary and February, and a cabins party at Lake Dallas was the featured occa- sion for the group in March. A farewell party climaxed the year's activities. E. V. WHITE MATH CLUB Katherine Webster, President Ruth Ritchie, Vice4President Allen Cobb Hyde Pickard Richey Laurine Pickard, Secretary-Treasurer ' P Franki Boyles Garrett Keltz Poland Robinson orter Chaney Henderson Leary Richardson Stephens t .,,,,Q. . -,Aw lil' .. -..,. . ,, .5 . .- t x X 1 X S , ., . ,..- H' V , . L+ .. -"ig , X T' , ' ' A ,Q if 4 -T N ,- imp. .JT ik Wx 1 M , 1 g K ,. 1 ,K - 1. 1 Atl 't K s 4 1 f . t f an T 'T Q t ' ' 5. 4 Ag Y.- S. Vi I., 1 JT U - H , .f fini Q A A Q. it . xl ' ' U A A ' K' .W ? f ' it A 5 W? ' 3' L 1 .' fl V' H. 2 ' "W ' V l ' ' :Que Ii ' ' - - , H , X , X ' 1 l q : . trail Q V .xlfit ' T ' 'I Jr T' ff 1 ' W1 Z , . . sf. 'M ' gy "' A + "' , -,fly ll I4 I . Bentley Boyce Bressler Burke Chambers Cook Cook Cowan Cravens Crumley Cuthbertson Daniels Daniel Evisrnan French Grace Gray Hay Harley Hester Halbert Irvin Iones King Lewis Meadows Morris Moss Preston Ross Schamucker Silbernagel Silbernagel Smith Strornberg Sullivan Thompson Trammell Vedder Williams Odessa Cook, President Alma Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer Fred W. Westcourt, Sponsor The primary purpose of the Home Dem- onstration Clulo is to promote the study of current research and other interesting Work in the field of Home Demonstration. At each regular monthly meeting a speaker is presented who has made some outstand- ing contribution to this work. The main event oi the year is the An- nual Short Course held on the campus.xDur- ing this affair, representatives from the va- rious Home Demonstration Clubs and 4-H Clubs, as well as County Agents, Home Demonstration Agents, and Specialists from the A. G M. Extension Service are guests ot the club. The average attendance at this meeting is approximately 2,000 people. The closing feature is the banquet spon- sored by the Home Demonstration Club, given in honor of the visitors. The membership of the club has in- creased to sixty members this year. Two waffle suppers, a Christmas party, fall and spring picnics, and several banquets and luncheons form the socials for the year. 4 tri ,, X E351 T if ' Winifred Iones, Vice-President Evelyn Silbernagel, Reporter Odessa Cook Louise Bagwill Each year the Iournalism Club, composed of all students taking work in the depart- ment, participates in a number of educa- tional and social activities. During the spring semester the club sponsors a field trip to Fort Worth or Dallas to visit publi- cations and engraving companies. A spe- cial bus leaving Denton early in the morn- ing transports about 50 girls and the jour' nalism faculty on these trips. At several socials in the form of ban- quets and dinners prominent newspaper and literary men have spoken to the club. An outstanding yearly event of the club is the exchange oftvisits with the T. C. U. Press Club. This year T. S. C. W. students were entertained in Fort Worth. The club was organized in 1925, and has grown larger every year, until it now in- cludes approximately lO0 members. es Tl-IE IOURNALISM CLUB Louise Bagwill, President Madge Selrnan, Vice-President Bone Gist Hawkins Miller Selman Smith Warren Ioanna Hauk, Secretary-Treasurer F. L. McDonald and Frank Rigler, Sponsors Brundrett Graham Lewis Plants Shireman Stoepplemann Williams Carmack Grayson Lewis Rogers Simmons Thompson Wurtzbaugh Estes Haul: Lyle Sager Simpson Tumlinson Zuber .N -aa. I . if by yes.. 'ww'-N S .iff . ,Fi LF L liF,,'f ,, 1 7 ,' H l ft-iwqgi v-1 Z? The first Kindergarten-Primary Club of T.S.C.W. was organized during the early years ot the college. lust at that time the fostering ot public kindergartens was re- ceiving state-wide interest, because it was only a few years before, in 1899, that the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs was presented with the proposal of a kinder- garten movement. During this time of trial- and-error for the kindergarten, S.C.W.'s club, under the leadership of Miss Martha D. Fink, interviewed superintendents, in- fluential club women, and prominent citi- zens, with a view to getting kindergartens organized in public schools of the state. The purpose ot the organization is to bring those interested in the field together for a closer understanding of children. Gold and white are its colors: its motto is Froebel's suggestion, "Come, let us live with our children." Four traditional entertainments occur an- nually: a reception given by Senior majors in September, a Hallowe'en initiation party -x .K f l'.. ,f ,ttf otitis! 'J' I 2 .3 K 'R V I sponsored by Iuniors in October, a Christ- mas party planned by the Sophomores, and a Valentine party sponsored in February by the Freshmen majors. Blount Brandes Breihan Bruck Cartwright Eaves Chadwick Christian Cunningham Dollinger Edwards Grace Halliburton Harding Harrison Hendrix Johnson tones Kaplan Harrison Lambert Lemburg McCowan Matthews Moore Mullins Naler Nelson Owen Parris Pratt Putnam Ritchey Robinson Sanders Smith Smith Swain Taylor Webb KINDERGABTEN-PRIMARY CLUB Pansy Halliburton, President Mary Sanders, Treasurer Oscie Lee Brandes, Vice-President Dr. Iewel Lochead and Miss Iva Chapman, ' P I-I ll'b t Iuanita Lemberg, Secretary Sponsors ansy a 1 ur on Margaret Neal The Spanish Club, or La Iunta, was or- ganized in l925, and since then, with Miss Maude Wallin as its sponsor, it has grown until it is now one of the largest departmental clubs on the campus. Last year the club sent two girls to the Pan- American Meeting at Austin, and this year it became a member of the Texas Federation of Wornen's Clubs. Requirements for membership are that the student must be taking or have had Spanish 231, and all meetings are con- ducted in Spanish. The club was strength- ened this year by the presence among its members of several Spanish-speaking stu- dents, including Marisa Lusiardo from Uruguay. Club activities for the year began with the customary Mexican picnic at Lake Dallas and continued with the initiation of new members in November. Other affairs given were a Christmas party, a silver tea in February, and a banquet in May. , LA IUNTA Margaret Neal, President Mae Dell Schiller, Vice-President Virginia Lamm, Secretary Bevans Foster Hall Heck Lamm Pence Sessions Smith Ernestine Wheelock, Treasurer Margaret loyner, Reporter Miss Maude Wallin, Sponsor Bradford Galvan Harrison Hohl Lusiardo Pope Sherrod Smith Crumley Graham Hartley larmon McDermott Riggan Shireman Steadman Coulton Graves Head Johnson Mathis Schiller Sielski Vernon xg -'.. -qi 62 Q 'F sf , , ,, R :'-vs I. t 4 r -u 1' lx g 4+ at ff 3 rv- l ,.t-, - - -2-st 3 5 Q WL. K t E i I L t .Y L . -ganna:-:N is dl S , cj, Ball Boyce Buttrill Cook Cowan Eiland Epps Farbstein Griffin Harrell Hill Halbert Kucerq Leith McCormick Mattiza Meadows Messick Morris Oxford Parris Pendry Peterson Rhea Rickman Rochelle Rollyson Smith Smith Stanford Stephens Williams MARY SWARTZ ROSE CLUB Mary Ruth Robinson, President Adelia McCulley, Corresponding Secretary Ruth Mattiza, First Vice-President Mattie Frank Adair, Treasurer Dorothy Farbstein, Second Vice-President Lillie Stephens, Parliamentarian The Mary Swartz Rose Club, composed of students in the Home Economics de- partment, has as its aim to promote pro- fessional advancement for qualified stu- dents in the department of Home Eco- nomics. The club was organized in the year Mrs. Mary Swartz Rose attended the State Teacher's Meeting and also visited T. S. C. W. The first meeting of the club was held while Mrs. Rose was on the campus, and the newly organized club was called by her name in recognition of her out- standing leadership in the field of home economics. At the present time all stu- dents in the department are included in the club. Every opportunity has been taken to bring outstanding home economics leaders to the campus, and the program for this year placed special emphasis on the place of home economics in the Texas Centen- nial. Among the most enjoyable annual so- cial events are the picnic honoring new members in October, and the Silver Tea in April. By means of the latter, the club has been able to build up a small loan fund which is used to enable some home economics students to remain in school each year. Frances Epps, Recording Secretary MUTY Ruth BOlDi1'1SOY1 Martha McCurdy Odeon Club, an organization tor music students and all interested in music, is one of the largest of the clubs on the campus. It is an active force in promoting music as a social phase in college life. lts general aims are to promote musical activity on the compus, to make a serious study of music, and to make a musical contribution to the lite of the college. The course of study for the current year is a survey of the music of the principal European countries, with a special pro- gram devoted to Texas music in commemo- ration of the Centennial. V Members not pictured include Icxneyl Al- sup, May Armstrong, lulia Barnett, Mar- guerite Beard, Rose Brown, Esther Bruck, Claire Buffington, Garland Clawson, Edna Cook, Lucille Cottrell, Dorothy Cummings, Maurice Cunningham, Helen Cushman, La- homa Dickson, Elizabeth Dolsen, Mary E. Douglas, Edith Eppright, Mary Gene Er- win and Lillian Garland. 5- '+, 52 X. . Q,-ir 1, O D E O N C LU B Martha McCurdy, President Genevieve Hall, Vice-President Almond Booth Carrico Crawford Drummond George Goldstein Hawkins Hughes ' -ff--A,xgxJ,,iJgk', -."pl1BLnc scuool. Music 1 ' 9 Aff 1 s l .,.' 'V A V I NY t l l i t t " x. "' .,,-. ,L Q Barrow Beck Browning Broyles Cook Cooper David Deason Dunn Frazier Germany Gibbs Gray Green Hinds Honea Lemburg Lemons if 'r 5 ' ,. 4 :,- f H -C - ' l I ,, ..., ,,, , . , M, , ai 5 ,gl ' -u f. I , ' ij, I L , X It t Q , 1 'f Q i, Biggs Cable Crandall Deaton Garland Glen Hall Hughes Leonard . 'x Iwi, ,Al . s y . 4. t. 4 if si. A A 'H , . V-' 15... '- ...L - A ' Y., F l t :' .-- ' V V ff: 4 A , 'if' 1 ,E g, , L 'T L1 PM . . 1, M lily V E E N - ,,- X- if ..:h:-fr.-. ,K - .. V f-W ' ',., r, ,:.. l A:"" :AA .. 'Z' ' ' : ii , A i t me CT ,?:.,,, if ..,, 2-3 -'-.. , A fff fia f at , , f llii t t , f , T if P 'jf V' in W ':' 7 : li :.- f " 4 1-' ,iiliif- ' -, W ,,:,.: ,' - ',,:. V 1 t, 't i' 1 hx H ! " 4 2,4 . 7 gl Markley Moore Patterson Roberts Scoates Smith Still Thomas Williams F-V J . tty, Q e f! ik: Y' 5 ' f McKensie Moore Peterson Robinson Shindler Smith Stone Thompson Williams ' Nitty w 1 X . W .V 'ef-. -t 'K ,f L. , J! x. utr- - V. , 1 4 Mills Moore Petzel Shaer Shireman Stellmacher Tackett Victory Williamson O D E O N C L Patsy Nance, Secretary Omega Cable, Treasurer l gk vb-1? v r Ls' -nm, 1 -F tt Qt ,H . ,. r ,Q Mings Nance Riggan Schutts Smith Stephens Thomas Wilds Wyatt U B Miss ee f Q J a, -'rs.I7l5ib'x'-, - ,e Regular meetings are held the second Thursday in each month. Every two months a social of some kind is given for the members, the highlight of the social activities being a Christmas banquet. Miss Vere McNeal, professor of theory and harmony in the music department, is Odeon Club sponsor, Other members of the music faculty hold honorary member- ship in the club, The total membership in- cludes about one hundred twenty-five stu- dents and faculty members. Other members not pictured are Ellen Hawkes, lonnie Green Hawkins, Edna Hill, Sue Sudson, Mary Helen Iohnston, Helen Marie lanes, Ruth Kull, Evelyn Leake, Maxine Leverett, Marisa Lusiardo, Veva Emma Martinez, Martha Mitchell, Louise Newman, Sarah Frances Parson, Virginia Ramey, Mary Frances Robinson, Virginia Ann Shultz, Cleo Speed, lohn Marie Steal:- ley, Margaret Stoneham, Irene Talkington, Minnie Mary Voelkel, Elizabeth Whitlock, Sophia Williams, Helen Wollner and Mary Elizabeth Wright. v. 2 Vere McNeal, Sponsor Genevieve HGH Leah Bishop Organized in May, 1931, the purposes of the Sociology Club are to promote the social life of students in the department, to stimulate research in the field of sociol- ogy, and to be a part of the national so- ciological fraternity. Miss Iessie H. Humphries, associate dean of the college, and Mrs. Mattie Lloyd Wooten, clean of women, are the organizers and sponsors of the club. Both of them have addressed the group at several meet- ings upon vocational opportunities offered in the field of sociology. President L. H. Hubbard has been one of the guest speak- ers, and Mr. Arrighi of the United Charities of Dallas led a discussion of social work. Another feature has been the promotion of social relations with the S.M.U. club, and visits have been exchanged with thern. The club has rnade field trips to the United Charities in Dallas and to the Girls' Train- ing School in Gainesville. Two entertainments were given during the year for the needy children of Denton, a Christmas party and a picnic in Lowry Woods. THE SQCIOLQGY CLUB Leah Bishop, President Marjorie Lynn Collier, Vice'President Virginia Sanders, Secretary Cullen Hawley Lane Manry Sanders -.V v -1 asia Hill? H . it rv 9. '-vii. gl Q ' na.. if Rivers Oliphint, Treasurer Mrs. Mattie Lloyd Wooten, Miss Iessie H. Humphries. Sponsors Don oho Lane Levy Rasor Whiteman Dickerson Howard Leonard Oliphint Townsend Travis l t . i Q , , it i . ,.:.-rf .,,, '-4 'j vang, , , . O '.,.:: u ,wh ':.j!'n,,1 ' . O ., "nu -, Q' ni., ' ' - J-,. v ,..,.Jw!1fu, g 1 aku.. X is ,T ,L ' , .': - Q x T . ur , W 'rr' s. ' ' J! .L , Allen Bishop Brindley Bruton Campbell Carver Chapman Cowan Crossley Crumley Ellis Gilbert Green Hawkins Maynor O'Brien Olson Osborn Patton Reader Smith Sowards Terry Webb Wheelock Whitlock Elizabeth Fuller, President Sue Allen, Treasurer Annie May Gilbert, Vice-President Miss Mary Buffum, Sponsor Lucy Ann Cowan, Secretary ln the fall of 1933, the Library Science seniors, under the sponsorship of the de- partment faculty, organized this club. The purpose is both professional and social, the aim being to further acquaintance among the majors and to increase inter- est in library development throughout the state. There are thirty-four active members on the campus and one hundred and twenty alumnae, with an alumnae president and secretary. An emblem was adopted this year, and the program and choice of speakers for each monthly meeting were all directed by the librarians creed: "We believe in books: in the power of books to teach, the gift of books to in' spire, the efficacy of books to restore and give joy. We dedicate ourselves to our op- portunity for helping our fellows to know and love-books: to learn from books know- ledge of themselves: to seek in books re- freshment and laughterf to find in books spiritual springs of action and hope." Elizabeth Fuller Mary La Velle Townsend The Waco-McLennan Club was organ' ized on the campus about six years ago, and then in l93Z the number of girls from Waco and vicinity did not call meetings. Last year, Katherine Kirby of Waco organ- ized the club again and acted in the ca- pacity oi first president of the new orqani' zation which included all girls from the county of McLennan as well as the city of Waco. I The club has been very active this year. Many outings, picnics, dinners, and other forms of entertainment have been given. The number of members is approximately doubled this year, thus showing the in- creased enrollment of the college as well as the large number of new members from Waco and McLennan County. The club is a new member of the campus Round Table. Tl-IE WACO MCLENNAN CLUB Mary La Velle Townsend, President Virginia Lee Geer, Vice-President Dorthey Farbstein, Secretary Andrews Bowers Carrington Duncan Geer Kirby Scales Katherine Kirby, Treasurer Olive Halbert, Sponsor Naler, Reporter Barnaby Brant Davix Farbstein Harding Naler Scruggs Barrett Burck Derren Garrett Hauk Ruhmann Townsend I 4 M, 's 'Q x t 1 A , , , he . . d 4 ,X Z... Q Li? ' It . Q I 7K"N- , - x ' Q 4- 1 1 .I x X. ff , if , I ' " t N I L f' . 1 IQ: 3.4 si 'X , W 1 7' A i A -1..w-X 'uri fwfr -"F 0 19, x .1 Q Ll. I ' K f lr V ' V 1 1 L-r . Ln .ef 1 . if , ,, . as . . ,E V L . 4 3- ,ar g s egQ'g, ,,,9:.: 2+ t , V - .J 'gig Sg'?Q,-.snags-4 A Q ,,g "Q,91f5!StQQf ' v ' ,K -A wt L 1' K I 11. r r 1 Adams Alvis Arthurs Bates Boyd Browder Carmach Chambers Dial Dial Doty Drummond Dutton Estes Fanning Goodwin Harrison Harvey Harvey, M. Henry Iarman Kenison Lair Leith Lollar Lum Lynch McCaskell Malcris Maxwell Miller Morley Moss Morrell Petticrew Pewitt Rosenkrans Russell Stinson Stone Stubblefield Triplett Thompson Webb Wetzel COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Chaney Miller, President Carrneta Drummond, Secretary From the east, west, south and north came the girls who form the Cosmopolitan Club. It has one purpose: To bring out-ot- state girls together in one congenial group. ln the last two years the club has grown from forty-one to one hundred twenty-five members. This year, Oklahoma and Ar- kansas led in the number of native daugh- ters they contributed as members, with twenty-three and twenty-two, respectively. New Mexico followed closely behind with twenty. Foreign countries were represent- ed by Senorita Marisa Lusiardo oi Monte- video, Uruguay: Iune Leith of Rio de Ianeiro, Brazil, and Margueritte Richmond of Mexico City, Mexico. Cosmopolitan Club members come from Connecticut, District of Columbia, New York, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Washington, Louisiana, Mississippi and Kansas. Martha Moore, Vice-President Miss Coreen Spellman, Sponsor Chaney Miller Mary Francis Templeton The Panhandle Club is a locality organ- ization which is composed of girls who live in the extreme northwest part of the State. This year the club has doubled its mem- bership, and its members number approxi- mately fifty. Many entertainments have been given during the year including out- ings at the country club, Lake Dallas, and on the campus. Requirements ior membership are that each member must live in a part of the Panhandle country, and must promise to help to the best oi her ability to build the Club, Last year the club reorganized aiter it had been discontinued some years before due to a minimum number from this sec- tion oi the state. Mary Francis Templeton has been very helpful in reorganization and with the aid of the members, she has been partially responsible ior the increased prestige of the organization. ,s ,,. . A, h I ff'1lfTtt-its -- THE PANHANDLE CLUUB Mary F. Templeton, President Alexander Brumley Fletcher Harrison Leggett Saunders Smith Vllhite Bagwell Daugherty Vause l-lunkapillar Lemons Skoog Still Whitehead Bowden Doak Griffin Hershey Miller Small Stockstill Wiley Branch Farrington Griggs Kite Sager Smith Wheatley Williams , A.----g:'-i t K f A 'lv r 'V I., ...X 24.2 K ' if". ' F Z3 A Mu. y - X- ' , ' l ,rx l N , 'Tf t riff iil ll A 'X I - fl L 31 .... , 4 L -ir V .7 . ' 595' ' . V I J J' wg,-t .. ,yy . ' I 4 -41-9 , Alvoord Cowden Harris Lee Murphy Seary Stehr Weishuhn Burger Curry Hero Marks Pattison I. Shirernan Swain Wofford fx v f f .,4 br 4 Burton Byrnes Daniels Ernst Iamail Iohns McCamy McClure Phillips Robertson M. Shirernan Smith Thompson Tucker Wood Woods HOUSTON CLUB Rivers Oliphint, President Beryl Alvord, Vice-President -J The Houston Club was one of the first locality organizations in S. C. W. Its his- tory dates back to the year l9ll, when Miss Nelly Kittrell was elected first presi- dent. The purpose ot the organization is to compose a social group of students from Houston that will function in its home-city as well as on this campus, aiding new S. C. W. students and interesting them in the college. Activities oi the Houston group this year included a Christmas party held in Vir- ginia Carroll Lodge December l3 and par- ticipation by delegates in the Round Table dance in the spring. Perhaps the most im- portant, certainly the most valuable ac- tivity of the Houston Club this year, was the raising ot a contribution to the loan fund of the Houston Chapter of the Ex- Students' Association, to enable a Hous- ton girl to attend S. C. W. Members not pictured are Lillian Bea- man, Oscie Lee Brandes, Florence David, Aleen Eaves, Audrey Gardiner, Charlotte and Charline Lane, Marion Peterson, Ruth Roddy, Virginia Rohrer, Dorothy Nina Smith, Virginia Taulbee, Ethel Terry, Chel- lie Pearl Prestwood, and Kathleen Iohns. Dorothy D. Smith, Secretary Rivers Oltphint Margaret Casad Among the campus regional clubs is the El Paso Club, With a membership consisting of students from that city and vicinity. lt had this year a membership of nine- teen-all seven hundred miles from home. The group was organized in 1933, to promote the interests of the students who are from El Paso, and to help them become ac- quainted in a social way. To carry out this aim, several social func- tions were given during the year, including a cabin party at Lake Dallas in March, and a tea given in El Paso during the Christmas holidays honoring S. C. W. alum- nae in that city. During the year, the club mem- bers sold cold drinks at the all- college dances, and had a sand- wich sale, to defray expenses. Aileen Williamson, Vice-President Edra Bowman, Social Chairman luliette Galvan, Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Mattie Lloyd Wooten, Sponsor Ca sad, M. Gray Price Thompson Bowman .,-'Sl ' Ji . . . .21 ! 'WF fx Qi K -We . 5.2. KX ft if . 1 - 95-512 t, ,11.r A -, M.. . ., ,1 v - X Bluett Burns Button Compton Crass Cunningham Davis Fuller Fuller Graham Harper Hicks Hobson Hague Hutfines Iohnson Karnes Karnes Lovelace McFadden Moore Oliver Parmer Parris Phillips Ray Robinson Schott Short Street Talkingto Vitz Williams Wood Petzel VILLAGERS' CLUB Jimmie Clarice Barton, President Ruth Martin, Treasurer Marilue Hicks, Vice-President lane Fuller, Reporter Margaret Simpson, Secretary Mr. R. EI. Iackson, Sponsor .Vt . ..11 1 1 , 191,11 -H -vt - x, 1 gm I1 .- - 11 vm' 1 1 Collier Donoho Hawley Hussey McDonald Parris Saunders Tucker Peterman The Villagers' Club is composed of girls who attended the college but whose resi- dences are in Denton with their families. There are also a number of associate mem- bers who previously have been members of the club, but are not in school at the pres- ent time. The club meets the first Tuesday in each month at the college, and presents a large variety of interesting programs. Members have co-operated toward making each so- cial event this year a success. ,ln October there was a picnic at Lake Dallas and in December a dance at the gymnasium. Since the Villagers are interested in the welfare work of Denton, in November they sent a basket of food to needy people. On Christmas an entertainment was given for the poor children of Denton. Other events included on the year's program were a din- ner-dance in February, a luncheon in March, a dance in April, and a luncheon in May in celebration of the Texas Centen- nial. Iimmie Clarice Barton Emily Coyle The Art Club is composed of members of the art department who have made out- standing contributions during the year. These members are required to be of junior standing: however, many are pledged the second semester of their sopho- more year in order to be ready to go to work in the fall of their third year. A scholarship standing is required also. The girls belonging to the organization must have a B average in all art work and an average of C in all other studies. The initiation of the club requires that each pledge sketch herself within a few minutes before she can be admitted to the club, Emily Coyle with the assistance of the faculty in the art department, added much to the club's campus standing last iall by building up a circle of prestige for the or- qanization. Picnics, luncheons, and other forms of outings are sponsored by the members each year. ART CLUB Emily Coyle, President Beard Clawson Hesser Lyon Nelson Bone Edwards Hughes Milwee Self Camp Hare Iohns Neal Swain ,pn-anli4g.a 4? kb----V, " 1-4 Boswell Boswell Cable Clark Crawford Cunningham Edwards Gallihar Gilchrist Gunning Harding Harrell Hawkins Hicks Holcomb McDonald O'Nei1 Pratt Robinson Schutts Burgess Glaze McDonald Matzner Schober Shaw Wilson Bone FORT WORTH CLUB Helen Travis, President Ruth Glaze, Secretary-Treasurer As the name ofthe club implies, the Fort Worth Club serves as a medium through which students from Fort Worth and Tar- rant County may meet each other in a congenial manner and become acquainted. Its purpose is strictly social, and does not attempt to enter into the field of the vari- ous literary clubs on the campus. The Fort Worth Club also has as its purpose the furthering of the interests of T. S. C. W. among girls in Fort Worth. It was reorganized last spring and this year's officers were elected. There are over seventy students from Fort Worth and vicinity, one of the larg- est groups from any one city. This year a luncheon was held during the Christmas vacation in Fort Worth. In this way the girls have a means of meet- ing and talking together outside of the school atmosphere. It is hoped that this will become an annual event. Other ac- tivities in the schedule included a lunch- eon for mothers, at T, S. C. W., and pic- nics and parties to suit the seasons. Evelyn Wilson, Vice-President Maydelle Bishop, Sponsor Helen Travis Ethel Routh The Betsy Ross Club is one ot the cam- pus literary organizations which meets monthly. Each year in February, it issues bids to prospective members, and a max- imum number is taken into the club during rush week. The club is one of the oldest organiza- tions of literary activity on the campus, and it has been a member of the Texas Federation ot Wornen's clubs since l925. Each spring during the State convention in Austin, a delegate from the club is sent as its representative. The entire school year is crowded with activities including picnics at Lake Dallas, dinners, luncheons, and other forms of err- tertainment which are held on the campus. Ethel Routh, senior speech major, who has acted in the capacity of president for the past two years, has accomplished much in increasing the maximum membership and bringing about a number of changes in the organization. THE BETSY ROSS CLUB Ethel Routh, Presid Baker Hooper Morris Nelson Robinson Stanford ent Barnett Elliot Morrow Oxford Routh Tate ,J - .I ,....- .t:, X H Harris McCowan Naler Pope Simmons Vasek .. W . an Y :Ju Q K H A '- 3? ' 4 Hug ,Q f - '- m V 1 1 . 5' ' " . i i i H In I W 1Q:E,Qx- Y K ' I txt ,FB .1.1,,,, Emory G. Horger The Little Theater, directed by Emory G Horger, includes Seniors who are major ing or minorinq in speech. Each year five plays are produced, of varied types, chosen to give the student the greatest opportunity for development and to meet the require- ments of our particular audience situation. Much of the success of the past season was due to the distinctive settings designed by Archibald McLeod and executed by the Iunior Play Production class in the work- shop under the direction of U. I, Ramsey. Work in directing, costuming, lighting and properties gives the students a chance to learn all phases of the art of play produc- tion. The Little Theater group includes Herma Benoit, Ruth Cozby, Winifred Crump, Donnie Donoho, Alice Dutton, Sydna Ed- wards, Marguerite Franklin, Iuanita Hill, Frances Iohnson, Ethel Levin, lane McDade, Mary Lou Mullinix, Laurie Glen Patillo, Ethel Ruth, Martha Toye Shaddix, Virginia Ann Schultz, Mary Steiqerwald, Elizabeth Tate, Mary La Velle Townsend, and Dale Townsend. THE LITTLE THEATER Benoit Dutton Johnson Pattillo Steigerwald Cosby Edwards Levin Routh Tate f Crump Hill Mullinix Shaddix Townsend "Children ot the Moon," an exciting melodrama, was a popular success because of its appeal through mood and atmosphere as created by the theme, "moon-madness." Leading parts were taken by Donnie Donoho, Frances lohnson, lane McDade and Ethel Levin. "The Ioyous Season" was chosen by the class in Iunior Drama, taught by Miss Iennie Lorenz, for their Christmas play. The students produced the play and constructed the elab- orate and attractive setting. The play was a part ot the College's program for the Week before Christmas and admission was complimentary. The true spirit of Christmas, illustrated in the person of the main character, Sister Christina, played by Mary Gene Franklin, was the theme of the play. Other major roles were taken by Chrystine Mueller, Elizabeth Rhymes and Martha Toye Shaddix. W "The Good Hope," a tragedy of the sea, gave an unusual opportunity for characterization as well as an insiqht into a lite far removed from our own. The action takes place in a tishinq village with most ot the characters poor Dutch peasants and fishers. The inevitability of the toll taken by the sea was the theme of the play. Costumes and settings were noteworthy and conducive to establishment ot the mood and sympathy of the idea portrayed. Exceptinq a few comic characters, the peasants were a traqic lot. Important characterization work was done by Mary La Velle Townsend, Virginia Ann Schultz, luanita Hill, Marguerite Franklin, Elizabeth Tate, and Ethel Houth. Lesser roles were played by Ruth Cozby, Sydna Edwards, Laurie Glen Patillo, Alice Dutton, Winifred Crump, Herma Benoit, Mary Steiqerwald, Dale Townsend, and Mary Lou Mullinix. "The Distaii Side," a play for and about women, takes its name from an old English idiom meaning "the Woman's side of the house." The use of modern setting and costume aided in the audience's enthusiastic acceptance of this play, which was exceptionally Well suited to the tastes ot our audience. The cast included Ethel Routh, Mary Steigerwald, Iuanita Hill, Frances, Mary Lou Mullinix, Elizabeth Tate, Ruth Cozby, Chrystine Mueller, Marguerite Frank- lin, Laurie Glen Patillo, Alice Dutton, lane McDade, and Virginia Ann Schultz. "Aladdin" received keen appreciation from both children and adults, its production being accomplished by the Children's Theater under the direction of Miss Winnie Mae Crawford. The plays produced by this group are given With the idea of providing entertainment for chil- dren oi Denton. Sets and costumes offer problems for members ot the class as applied to the particular problems of the Children's Theater. For several years the College Choir, under the direction oi William E. Iones, head oi the department of music, has been an outstanding organization on the campus and an integral part of Texas' musical program. This year the Choir was composed of over forty members, each of Whom was required to pass an individual try-out before being admitted to membership. The Choir has developed in popularity as a concert organization throughout the state and has appeared on numerous occasions over the air. ln addition the Choir has appeared in neighboring cities and in San An- tonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Wichita Falls, Galveston, Austin, and Mineral Wells. Everywhere the group has met with hearty Welcome and has received the praise oi leading critics. William E. lones Some ot the Works performed by the Choir are: Schubert's "Ode to Music" and Cheru bim Song," by Tschaikowskyy "Open Our Eyes," by MacFarland: "Woodland Symphony by Beethoven, "Snow Legend," by Clokey, and "Romantic Cantata" and "Bosarnunde b Schubert, as Well as numerous shorter Works. The personnel of the Choir is composed as iollows: Eileen Beck, Omega Cable, Iosephine Dunn, Elizabeth Deaton, Frances Bullock, Velma Ater, luanita Lemburg, Genevieve Hall Glenda Garland, Lillian Garland, Mary lane Moore, Elizabeth Caldwell, Katherine Morrow Sarah Bernice Honea, Agnes Smith, Ionnie Marie Steakley, Iennie Victory, Marjorie Robin son, Dora Tucker, Martha Toye Shaddix, Chrystine Mueller, Christine Davis, Sara Brim Mar tha McCurdy, Veva Emma Martinez, Elizabeth Dolsen, Grace Green, Sophia Williams Ioan Germany, Annalee Hall, Bivers Oliphint, Lady Ann Mayfield, Vivian Edds, Marguerite Beard Ruth Ann Vitz, lane Schindler, Winnie Mae George, Bose Lee Lemmons, Ann Hughston Frances Caldwell, and Helen Carrico. The College Symphony Orchestra furnishes a fundamental part of the musical back- ground for all fine arts programs given by the school. For the last two years the orchestra has been under the direction of E. Clyde Whitlock, violin instructor. This year the orchestra has doubled its enrollment, which now amounts to approximately fitty members. The program given this year included two assembly concerts by the orchestra and a concert in conjunction with Ierome Rappaport, chosen by Iohn Erskine to represent the lulliard School of Music. The outstanding musical event of the year for all North Texas was a week's stay on the campus by Ernest Hutcheson, Dean of the lulliard School. Mr. Hutcheson conducted master classes, held auditions and played a concert on the Artist Course Series. The concert which especially appealed to the student body of the College was the assembly program given on December tenth, consisting of "Hungarian Luntspielf' Overture by Keler Belag "Aubade," from the Carnival of Animals by Saint Saensy "The Voice of Chimes," by A. Luigini, featuring a marimba solo by Beth Davisy and the final number, "La Reine de Saba," by Charles Gounod. Personnel of the orchestra is: Helen Bell, Beulah Francis Broadnax, luana Braussard, Mar- jorie Burdette, Muriel Burt, Omega Cable, Lois Chaney, Agnes Cooper, Beth Davis, Lahoma Dickson, Carmeta Drummond, Mosel Elliott, Mary Gene Erwin, Sara Frazier, leane Frothing- ham, Bernice Gaines, Elizabeth Gibbs, Ruth Glaze, Patty Glenn, Georgia Goodwin, Amalese Gough, Nita Hinds, Dorothy Hughes, Mildred Hughes, Brian Hunter, Lucile lackson, Char- lotte Lane, Corinne Markley, Mildred Mills, Mary lane Moore, Lena B. Robinson, Palma Robinson, Mae Dell Schiller, Rose- mary Surman, Leola Tackett, Doris Thomas, Elizabeth Turner, Elizabeth Whitlock, Ethel B. Wilds, lnez Williamson, lma Nell Still, Mary Helen lohnston, Margaret Collier, Ellen Hawks, Deprice Foster, Helen Wollner, and Merrell Strong, concert i master. E. Clyde Whitlock ln this, the second year of its organization, the Campus Serenaders, one of the few girls' dance or- chestras in the United States, have appeared in many out of town programs, carrying with them a stage show of college talent. Marguerite Beard, fea- tured soloist, has added much to the success of the bandq Charlie McGraw Most ot the orchestra's work during the past spring has been that oi enlarging its repertoire with standard selections and arrangements by the leader, in preparation for ap- pearance at the Texas Centennial Celebration in Dallas. Members of the orchestra are as follows: Charlie McGraw, director and accordionistg Lucile Iackson, violin, Margaret Daniels, violin, Sarah Frazier, Palma Robinson, Marguerite Watts and Billie Ralph l-lyer, saxophonesp Bert Robinson and Agnes Cooper, trumpets, Toye Shaddix, tromboney Paxton Erwin, drumsp Peggy Brainard, bassg Sarah Frances Parsons, piano. Mrs. Persis Terhune Under the direction ot William E. lones, assisted by Miss Ruth Andrews, the College Choral Club presented its first opera, Gluck's "Orpheus," Marguerite Beard, school song leader, sang Orpheus, Veva Emma Martinez sang Amor and Martha McCurdy sang Euridice. Instrumental music was turnished by the College Orchestra, assisted by members of the Fort Worth Symphony. Ballet was directed by Mrs. Marion Rowland Roberts, and the production was staged under the direction of Mr. Archibald McLeod. An annual event of the Public School Music Department is the presentation of the Christmas Assembly Program. This year, under the direction of Mrs. Persis Terhune, Department head, the program depicted Christmas Eve in the home of a family of the Russian nobility. "The Lord and Lady," a short play, was made picturesque by the colorful costumes of the Lord and Lady and their peasant retainers. Russian folk songs, sung by duets and trios, and a Russian chorus were featured. T.S.C.W. is on the air! For several years the Texas State College for Women has given programs over Dallas and Fort Worth stations, but this year for the first time in her history, the college boasts a broadcasting station other own. Every Monday afternoon at 4:15 various departments present a program which comes to you by remote control through station WFAA, Dallas. The studio is located in the auditorium and is modernly designed and furnish- ed in royal blue, white and brown. ln the picture we see the college string quartette, consisting of Merrell Strong, Elizabeth Whitlock, and Dorothy Hughes, violinists, and Amalese Gough, celloist, with Iohnnie Green Hawkins playing the piano accompani- ment. The guartette is an independent organization and has appeared on many musical programs presented by the college. Charlotte Lane The Women's Athletic Associa- tion is composed of all students on the campus who are interested in sports, cmd membership in the club entitles all students of the as- sociation to Work for emblems which designate a certain number of points attained in the various activities. The organization sponsors com- petition, fellowship, and an inter- est in innumerable activities which students not participating in the courses offered by the department of physical education, may take a part in. All twelve of the girls pictured have taken charge of a sport this year. Color teams help to make sports competitive and interesting. The teams vie for honors, and the manager of each stunt and her assistants C o - o p e r at e in team training. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION W. A. A. BOARD Io Buckelew Beulah Breazeale Dorothy Farbstein Mary Tom Gilley Helen Goldstein Lorena Hall Charline Lane Margaret Manor lane Robinson Eeth Stanford Mary Ethel Whitner Genevieve Whittaker 3? 'H-T' rr ' 1114-'Lia' 1 . .-gp 4 - . -'. iw- The sports of sailing, motor boating, and surf riding are popular at C. I. A.'s Cabins on Lake Dallas. Beth Stanford is President of the Sailing Club, which has its meetings each Saturday afternoon at the lake. All members of the student body are entitled to the use of these boats provided they have passed the safety test required and have some knowledge of the sport. Instruction is given to beginners. O I l Horseback riding is not included in the intra-mural program but it is one of the best loved sports here. A fine string of horses is maintained by S. C. W.'s stables and much interest is taken in form riding and hurdling. After the disastrous effects of final examinations, the W. A. A. stood ready to build up the student body again through the sport of basketball with Charline Lane as its manager. There were tournaments between the color teams, class teams, and teams representing localities. There was akeen spirit worked up and the tourna- ments Were enjoyed greatly, in spite of the experiments of the would be National Rating Basketball Officials. ln the spring a coed's fancy strongly turns to thoughts of tennis. fNot a very original thought but it's true.l The courts are filled with enthusiasts every afternoon and the W. A. A.'s coach, Helen Goldstein, knew how to work wonders at irnprov- ing your stroke if you followed her advi:e and practiced faithfully. A tournament was held and the winner's name was engraved on the silver loving cup which the W. A. A. awards the winner of each year. W , in Frankie Crist was this year's President of the Golf Club. This club has been grow- ing in importance every year due to the increasing popularity of golf throughout the country and through the untiring efforts of those people on the campus who are truly interested in golf as an individual sport. "Americas favorite sport" also rates high at T. S. C. W. Lorena Hall, who was its manager, said that baseball was the peppiest sport offered and recommended it highly for your free period recreation tif you're lucky enough to have a free periodlt. Numerous tournaments were held between the classes and color teams and the in- terest was so great we think Lorena might have been right at that. The N. R. C., which is not one of the President's new policies, but which signifies the National Red Cross Life Saving Service, has a very active chapter on our campus. Martha Ogilvie is the Captain, Eloise Hawkins is the First Mate, and Beth Stanford is the Second Mate. The organization meets Thursday night in the pool room of the gym. In March they sponsored a three day training course for Eicaminers. Volley ball had its season from the beginning of school until Thanksgiving with Beulah Breazeale as its manager. If you can count on the number of girls and the interest shown, it was a very successful season which shows that the W. A. A. is con- stantly coming closer to its aim which is to foster competition, fellowship, and whole- some recreation for the student body. In spite oi all the bruised shins, cracked knees and ankles, hockey season Went off with a bang under the direction of Margaret Manor. The Seniors won the class tournament. the Blue team Won the color tournament. The annual Texas-A. ci M. game was preceded by various interesting debates held in the dressing rooms be- fore and after practices, but on the final day the Longhorns definitely settled the ques- tion with actions. I O O The Triton Club was re-organized this year and had as their objective to develop a skill in the sports ot swimming and diving and to provide a means ot Wholesome recreation. They sponsored an inter-class swimming meet, which was the first held at C. I. A., and through which a great deal of interest Was Worked up in swimming. The officers of the club are Margaret Manor, President: Lorena Hall, Vice-President: and Ieanette McCreary, Secretary-Treasurer. f .tr it it 434 Q., 2- ' if ini,-t,g - -3- A 'iz I 5, -.fe p 3 ,He-A "Q:-:ga-.. 2' 3-"-F1---fe .A . 3' ' - f-41, - :.L "-g,A- .N?'-'r --,,, ' .: ' Q- ... -.- 4 ,Fav-1 ..,-,, .- .-4. ,- , .f . -we -F -- mt, , V , , -H ue- t f, .- ,, ,mm--. , 4. . HM ,-- any I, V 12. , - H --qi.,-f j - .fb -1 "--au" - - L . W'-Z 'Tn ... -- f--mf ..-- 4.3-.-y .. ,- .. .ear .gh - 1 "L-"2"fL'f ."'L'T, 11 """7" -. ' -"' .--,ra -4- a.... - -e e - - -.... T--e ---r..----:N- -' - -' -.r" A 1,3 ' .. ' - ...N - 1 .:" ' " 1 1""-' 5-15e.i::si,5:. me QQ:-'fii'-2: ' ' at'-sllam .-.. . Q.- 'R Archery hits the spot in more ways than one on this campus. This year Helen Birqes, manager, really put the season over with a record breaking enrollment in the sport. They entered the National Telegraphic meet and had several tournaments among themselves. Several types of dancing have been studied by the Dance Club but emphasis has been put on the composition of the Modern dance. Their meetings were held at the Gymnasium each Wednesday night with a large attendance. lane Robinson Was Presi- xb V " X H i i " X ' it iwm rw ,V H MH UMM X i M WW Nw Mww, dent, leanette Schlottmann and Eleanor Edson were Correspondence Secretaries. ' l ' I' H H ul' il xxx ll if ' ' i ' 'i 'i lim li'w'liiw11fff5l "iXlr.,tf,ffi n ,. ,r it . Tl-IE W. A. A. For the past fifteen years the physical education department has increased in size until it is now one of the largest on the campus and certainly one oi the most active. Under the leadership of Charlotte Lane of Houston and other members of the board, the organization has sponsored a number of activities which merit Commendation this year. The W. A. A. is the only campus organization which has its own cabin at Lake Dallas, and each Week-end a group of members entertains at the Lake. The cabin was moved from the campus two years ago, after it was decided that students liked camping on the lake better than on the campus. This year, lo Buckelew was vice-president of the organization, as well as a manager of sports. Each sport, already mentioned in its particular season, went oft in clocklike fashion, and Margaret Manor, Beulah Breazeale, Beth Stan- ford, Lorena Hall, Charline Lane, Mary Ethel Whitner, Helen Goldstein, Mary Tom Gilley, and Genivieve Whittaker shared honors in the year's successes. One of the organization's aims is to sponsor various contests throughout the year in order to give amateurs outside the department an opportunity to participate. Each sportvrnanager, during the year, held contests in her own sport field other than the big games oi the season. The W. A. A. Dance is one of the most elaborate events ot the college calendar. The organization is so large that it merits a great number ot people. The gym is lighted and decorated in the Red and White colors and the club's biggest social event is under way. The W. A. A. promotes true sportsmanship, which is obviously a valuable asset to success and happiness, and there is no doubt but that the lite oi any student will be enriched by becoming an active member of the organization. li one does not care for sports particularly, she still can derive pleasure and profit by being a member. lt is an oft statement, but a true one, that one can learn many things outside of books, and that a college education is not con- fined to the classroom. ln the true sense, it is a preparation ior lite, a learning ot how to give and take and be a sport at all costs! A 1 K Ei'-u Wt'-" , Alf ,L ..-,, , 2 I -WK X J 1' ft Q if V I I . Win' I I r KJ 1 if f Q M f J t-,1 , t . r ., , LI I y P' .,,. ' if ROBERT LA FOLLETTE Senator Robert La' Fol- lette, Ir., of Wisconsin was the first of the celebrities to appear this Year and drew probably the largest crowd of the season. This could be attributed either to his political alliances around the country or to his vital and magnetic per- sonality. He is very interested in national and state farm problems and has made same valuable experiments along this line. We wish the Senator the best of luck and hope that success and good fortune will al- ways follow in his toot- steps. LA ARGENTINA La Argentina, greatest Spanish dancer, literally danced her way into the hearts ot the students with her different interpretations of various native dances, but the especially charm- ing attractions were the dancing, singing, talking castanets. La Argentina is knownthrouqhoutthe world as "Queen of the Castanetsf' The dance which really won the public here was "La Garteranaf' She stayed in character until she was entirely off the stage, and in this particu- lar dance the character was a very entertaining one. Ir,-.i V' O7 PQ' Q MAX EASTMAN Americas paradoxical bit of inertia, Max East- man, kept us laughing through two impromptu lectures on poetry and get- ting the most out of living, and we honor him with the astonishing r e m a 1' lc: "The entire student assem- bly actually sat attentively for an hour." Although Mr, Eastman was included in the minor speakers ot the 1 e c t u r e series, he rated top notch along with our artists who W e r e comparably "very expensive"-but not half so entertaining." ,Q -1 3 ' . '41."2E+m4.."'-2.Q E+ ' ?".,f3?fL"".' - V-16 7 f ' 'i.j'1"f3f.-: '-11,2111211-f:,m-.321-A A.:-T. I ' 521' :1-'i?5"T2' LI ff 3? V min w w 1 H, W Wifi fw'-1 H. ,uw Y. f, zipgga '. 'xg -3:5 ',','wl1"11A ' ' Q3 .fi ' ag , f m' T7 . ww m 1 -.-7 l-5.3.5 Q V Q I f ? X H 1 v 1 f H H n Y IQ1 1 . - fy 'ff .-.I Ax g, . A . Z! ,',l I of "' a 9 9 9 if J? U Q Q I I NH HH H " " N-H H w w H . , LY I Hu Q wx 4. , . vA'f'3,. I , ' 'fm ep , swf' - 3: 3 . Am' N , 4-E-1 G 11 4 -.1 1! 1 1 M1 111111-11 1 XM. 21 K 1 1 n 1 ,gf ,11 re .:1 11 ' Fi: ' V31 -.4 ' Im 1 It t f .5 'QPF' ' 1 Avi 'Y c. "3 "L, 45.1-51 ,Jr ,R -. - .-p.,, nf,- , F 4 f N.. -3.'.1'1 1' 1.111 11 1 ,:,,..,. i 1 1 1 M , Q J. FL 9 Amt.. - -, ' 15l 'L NIH? it ' fjawa l Z. 1555, 1 I Lg, Q1Ai"'- all . Wg. , arf: jaw ' 11, 1- 4 '5 Y f-Xygflli' 'A V. I. If . R' . '-4fFf1"'r"-f' ' ' 1':- ,, . 1 1541 -fir? 'ur if bf gf , ,.,',1-5 ,1 1 'lgJ71..l-3 3.21 v' 3 F. 1 Ar?- " 1. 111 .",. if-'A' 54-.11-1L,' I 'f' , ,ff U. A '11 .fha LQ-gfFL11ii2 1413 wg 'f up., in... -2 1 3 1 - , M , ., ni, . 1 , 1. ,Q Q 1 1 w J 1 3 1 X 1 ' 1 1 .Z 1 ig, 1,111 ,, . 1, 61, . 1 1 1 K 1-gf 1 W wi ' 1 X11 -,1 1 1 5 '1:1,f'g3 V D7 :sae , f 1 W, ,547 5515 1,1 ig eu-4 5? -1 5 nf sexi' 11' W fi VWST. 11 1111 1: 1,1 1111 1., EYE as ' 7254 Y " 1: 'B 1 Q2 1 1 11111 11 K 1 4 1 1 'ig 111 xxx 1? 11e11-1? 1 'Y 11 W 1 1 , 1 5525111 1 1 11 1 11 11 11 V 1 2,551-1 I ff'-Q. YL fm, J, ILS., i 'K n 1 uw :-QL", 2321 ,"V Elf., - wf?f5?'QQl, ?A4,'X: Mt xi .W v- ff, Q 11"-'zvfw ifu ' -U , ..f fx 3 4.- I " . , ,. -I n I sv - - , , .W , . A ,L 3 :R 1.. ,Af 5. ,fn X 'wi' A ww 1,1 ,T .. ,. r my WZ: Yuri-I , -- 5,52 f- ,f-mv-K, Q Si ix 53 f EASE V, + 51 , fwfrw' 5? Mm isis? Sf '-:L w aw.. P E A.. NZ ,Al Q1 M: fl- "Q "ffl 'L .fi -,TV 45,-,. Ui , i if H55 . --ff 5 YA T sq , Q1 . ":.5,,f . . 1" 'im gm? - '25 2 I Wg, 1 1 w -Q - ff w 1 1 iz, if! ' .f .1 ,z ,1- QT 71- HT!- 1 H n Y The two ladies with the harp are Gertrude Peter- son arid Lucy Lewis who entertained us with their harp duos. La Argentina was pre- paring to board the train when this snap was taken, and Iames K. Wellard seems to have been re- ceiving instructions from Dr. Herrick. The bottom picture really needs no introduction, but please notice the expres- sion on Iasper Deeter's face. CHe is fourth from the front of their bus.l No- tice, also, the actors with whom one of the members of the annual staff made quite a hit with her recl hair ribbon. Could it have been the editor-inYchiei??? The chubby bebe on the pallet is Lois Sager .... Those two thumb-suckers in the double baby car- riage are the Lane Twins, Chawin and Chaw or vice versa. Margaret Simpson who since this p ic t u r e was taken has won herself a car .... Don't you know little Iris Phillips would be carrying a rose? In the middle, lovely Dru Zuber . . . leanie Wash- burn in the bonnet, getting ready to "go to town." Still going, aren't you hon? Holding on to that chair for dear life is Iulia Ann Riggan .... What are you looking so intently amused at Margaret Davis? More annual staff babies in various stages of growth. Little Virginia Walker looks as ii she is getting oil one of her wise cracks. . . . Louise Bagwill, lhai's a mighty big chair for you to be sitting in ..., Sydna Edwards, the editor-in-chief already lo o k in g serious about the annual problem. Mavis Blount, a la nude, taking her daily bath Cat least we hope it was dailyl .... The girl in the middle taking up most ai the page is Fanita Mor- gan .... lllfho is the one in the middle on the right? Wliy, Margaret Manor, of course. Iennie Shireman Cbelow Mavisl doesn't seem to realize she's got a big job ahead of her .... Another thumb-sucker, Marguerite Williams. Four charming babies at the bottom M Hedwig Grabbe grinning in her bath tub . . . Pinky Shire- man driving her first car . . . Ainalese Gough, you look kind ol sad on that tricycle . . . Nancy McFad- deneihe baby responsible for all the beautiful art work in the annual. Alexander Hoque's Taos painting class contributed these fascinating snaps of th e country surrounding Taos where, each summer, art students go to paint and enjoy the climate. The qirl in the Forest Ranqer's Observation Tow- er seems very active, but she is not guilty of mak- ing the footprints in the next picture. Said toot- prints were made by pre- historic man, climbing to his cave-home on the cliffs at Puye. The painting class risks its lite to peer down one of the hairpin curves above the beautiful Red River Valley, another View of which is shown in the next picture. Presenting the P r i Z e Page, folks, but prize only in places. The "most beautiful pic- ture." Selected because oi the scenery alone, al- though little Milwee is a swell girl . . . Two Bos- wells with Grace Kite at the bottom rung. That blank in the mid- dle is for you, "funny face." Those grinning things in white at the bottom ot the page won the "best cou- ple picture." Pratt cmd Ieanette, you looked too happy to refuse . . . lane Vitz's reclining position ap- pealed to the committee as being the "best individu- al." If you get what I mean? We thought the group at the bottom held that position too long not to get something tor it. It's the "best group picture" . . . left and Virginia, you could have been the funny picture but you wouldn't fit in the space left. Seniors-what does this procession make you think of? . . . Christine and Ianet trying to look "ln- dicmifiecl" tthot's cr new word on us, tool . . Cassie and Kitty in front of cr Chivvy Eileen is with them but she didn't rhymel . . . We don't know how this got by the censors, but what we wcmt to soy won't-so we'1l pass over the picture in the middle of the pcrqe, Clorineiif you don't mind . . . You can't fool us girls-we know that fountain doesn't have cmy water in it . . . Mary Helen cmd Deon- how does it feel to be in love-or ore you? Know this plcrce cmd these people? well il you clon't you dor1't qo to C. I. A. fMc1y we inform you thot this is not Q paid comutercicxl cxcivertisementl Q v-7 Macy you look Us it you've lost your lost friend-cheer up . . . Some more of those rock gcxr- den sitters-Ann, Pinky, cmd Hilda . . . Betsy has been stand- ing on her hecrd for nigh onto three months now and she's still going strong- here-'s hoping she lasts un- til the cnnucxl gets out . . . Shctw sunning herself . . . Food seems constantly to be thrust upon us-shcxll we join you in the repost, girls? . . . Annette-you could win ci prize with this picture for the prettiest individual. Mona Lee would take ci prize in anybody's grad- uating class . . . Winnie the Winsome fSome joke, eh fo1ks!J . . . Beanie and Spark Pluq here are the same as one. Ann, Betty, Mary and Iessie laughing down on that Pearman House qanq. . . . The latter appear quite amused themselves. Mildred Karnes pulling a fast one on the boy friend. He's taking it stand- ing up. Quite responsive, too, don't you think? The inimitable Spencer. He's looking at you, Mar- jorie lohns. These girls evidently tor- qot to hand their names in. You know who you are . . . lane Walker and Ieif Davis: lane remained, but Ieff left us. She was keen while she lasted. xfl P-X--H B . g. 1 l ga l.Q4X-'git' . -'sl , eseeiflm - . K-fe tv Q , it .eff , ii 'i ' 4' ga. 'i ' . ,Q N ,. 1 tt Bessie Orenduff, Audra Franklin, ond Elizabeth McDonald, hi girlsl . . . The elite of the campus dining - the Chaps, of course . . . Hello, Herring. IBY a Chap.l Who's Who in Music Martha McCurciy .... A girl who has the distinc' tion of being both beautie ful and intelligent-Sydna. . . . Marjorie lohns, sorry that you cmd Spencer couldn't be together. This is evidently a break- fast. . . The inside of somebody's room, some- where. Eugenia Iamail Waiting with Charlotte Love for that letter from Houston. . . . Texas' largest city sent these two girls here, too, but Mary K. doesn't live here any more. The evolution of C. I, A. Cczccomplished in l yearl. The skeleton of the Art building . . . looking down on Stoddard from the Ad building . . . The Fine Arts at a later date. Looks like a gyroplane, doesn't it? . . . Stoddard at the age of lO months. How the Fine Arts ap- pears to the Auditorium. . . . Stoddard again, look- ing a little hollow-eyed . . . The Science building in the distance practically falling on top of the library. Stoddard as it almost looks today .... If you'll look hard enough between those two posts and hid- den among the trees you might find the bottom of the Science Building. Ah! There's the Science building. Very artistic and so dainty. 4143" F31--Q: , gl .'Z,1-': '--u-v.:-'1g-- J- ' : - "+,n-f-m'gggg3.r-,135 - --4.44, 1 .'.'Q1.4.,-1 w - ' . ssL.:r:Et1JZwwf1l.,.',,, -ol. - K 'iw K 4 .cliff 4 ' iifseozfi. 9 'Lo 43 . 9 at Good night! Who took these pictures? Whoever took them probably doesn't attend C. I. A. any more. Ut you get what l mean.l From this view it looks as if the Ad. building is about to crash into the Li- brary-but don't get ex- cited-it was just the pho- tographer .... With apologies to the arohitect4Fitz and Brack aren't really this crooked -it's just us .... On our left we have the imposing looking H. A. on a spree . . . On our right -the President's residence as he would never care to see it .... Rosemary and Winifred -aren't you glad the smoke stack didn't act like this when you climbed it? . . , Don't be alarmed about Lowry being on the wrong side of Sayers-it was just developed crook- ed twe had crookedness on the brain that dayl . . . Hygeia-it looks as if you got too many of Dr. Herrick's pillsebe careful W-they're potent . . . Old Stoddard would turn over in its grave if it saw baby Stoddard now .... Beanie and Summers, congratulations and hail to the future .... Two-thirds of the mistakes in the freshman section are clue to the two young ladies seen in the middle of the upper row of pictures . . . Where's Mary Lavelleg there's Collie. The charming and inim- itable l. H. Pratt, you lucky girl .... The largest planks from the fourth floor of Brack .... Ohl you think so, too, limmy? Yep, girls, We sho' 'nuff had snow in Denton this year .... Even Shireman, the business manager, took time out to have her pic- ture taken amidst the falling flakes. Dorothy Baxter-to those of you who have not had the pleasure. What's the matter, Bill Marshall, couldn't you take it standing up from Mar- celle? Y .1 aight 'llfillgr i ' 1 , s l 'I V JA , , g w in Y ga, I in I up , . Q ll , s ii if he eff. N0 PAQ Ulyljw Nw These Karnes girls real- ly rope in ihe swains. . . "Sillyelle" . . . There's Iennie Shireman, "poopy" business manager of this annual. Marjorie Iohns. how do you live with her? Can't you read, Sue Allen? . . . The R. R. man dishing out "How to qo home" just before the holi- clays. Iane and Virginia pull- ing a "trashy" act in a small way. . . Thai smug little lane McDade. Hi fellas! . . . Wyaii and Crawford doing some- thing which no one seems to be able to make out in front of the auditorium. Six pairs of big feet on three big girls . . . Kath- leen Iohns with that sweet smile she always has for everyone twe really can say nice things when we want tol . . . Three girls in a friendly pose. . . More girls who like to have their picture taken by the iountain. . . Ruth and Mary that's no Way to skate . . . you're supposed to use feet, not your seats. That's Elizabeth in the middle with the strangle hold on Noma and Doris . . . Toy, if you can make love to Mary you are "a better man than I am, Gunga Din." Margaret Malden seems to have the tummy ache. Surely such two sweet girls below you as lane Vitz and Betty Cross could not produce such an ex- pression . . . Gladys Po- land perched on the Rock oi Gibraltar. Danny Daniels - cute, and knows it . . . Five swell Fitz kids, Doodle included. t 'Qc f' Ruby Nell - are you demonstrating the proper way to sit? Mary Craw- ford is also in a peculiar position-with rolled hose . . . Little Miss Manor- the duchess to you-give ing it to someone with a brick . . . Those fountain sitters on the rightgcan you swim? Helen, why don't you show your smile along with Mavis, Pratt, and leannette-you poop . . . Four smiling girls sitting on a bench lexcept two of them aren'tl . . . You gals in the middle-so you're from Texas - as if we dicln't know . . . The be- fore and after of Stoddard Hall-only this is the be- fore. . . That Capps bunchewhy hide your faces-we al- ready know how ugly you are fexcuse please-we had to say somethingl . . . Listen Ralph-that girl is too heavy lor you-try the one on the left. . . loan Germany and Polly Williams posing on the tennis courts-we forget whether they indulge or not. . . The two girls on the bottom at the right- you look so nice and sweet we actually haven't anything terrible to say about you-odd, isn't it? Those prissy sophs, Wil- lie Mary Nunn and Betty McClure, and are they hard to handle . . . C. I. A. tThe College of Irnps and Angelsj The girl at the top is assuming the po- sition of the latter but the former is probably more suitable. Mary Rodgers and Ruth Evans indulging in one of C. I. A.'s most popular sports . . . Good night! That girl in the middle looks tough enough to commit murder, and there are Mary Ethel and lean- nette below smiling in the face of danger . . . These C. I. A. girls are so hot they have to stand by cz fire plug to cool off. . . Four girls reading bed- time stories. It iust goes to show you what a lovely influence a h o m e-l i k e campus can have on one. Poker-face Scoates, did a boy have to come way from A. rSf M. to get just a little smile out ot you? He's accomplished more than we ever hope to. . . Freshmen always seem to have their pictures taken in front of Lowry, but after all, that's where they eat. . . Doris Garrett trying to look her prettiest for her West Point "to be" . . . What is this -A Walter drawing a sword on his Doris? She'll "Lam" him , . . Betty Cross beaming iond'y into the camerafe or is it the camera? . . . We don't know what to say about these three girls, so we'll skip them. . . Frances and Ruth being other than their usual dig- nified selves . . , The Beau- tiful girl in the middle of the page is Ann Randolph at the tender age of twelve. . . Shaw and Shad- dix-the sissy seniors . . You on the leit at the bottom, can't you stand up? . , . Prom this picture Virginia and her boy friend are demoted lrorn high grade morons to be- low zero idiots . . . Rose Ernest imitating "Top Hat" . . . Five nice girls out "outing" , . . What's the matter, Mary Aleen-did you get hung? . . . Ready for a cabin party? Why can't werqo? Wo lelt out Elizabeth and her boy friend on pur- posefwe hated to men- tion them in the same breath with those idiots next to them. . . Verna Mae and Virginia Lee, it's a long fall from third floor Fitz. . . Present' ing three intellectuals--but nice, too . . . Do you really think that vase adds to your attractiveness, girls? That Fitz bunch seems to be regular "still sitters" . . . Cute, don't you think? She plays the violin, too . . . Louise, is that cr new way of waiting for a ride? Charles Hill, you look too solemn. Why clon't you take a little of that grin away from Carolyn be- low you? . . . We've forgotten what this group in the middle stands for. Something big, evidently . . . The girl be- hind the gate is Clydine Oliver-in case you clicln't already know. wi, fefefimg 3 if XX 0 r ff A What's the matter, Big Boy? Did that mean fellow take lane away from you? lane, you look thrilled over it. Looking down on Gar- land Clawson. Those glasses make her look like "Popeye" . . . The inspi- ration of many an "F" on a theme. A ri "alter assembly" scene on the road from the new Science building. Margaret Boyd to us. Miss Boyd to the new studentsy but always Boyd. Palma among the palms Cthey are really reeds, but palms sounded loetterl, A typical scene looking clown from the rotunda. My, but these C. I. A, lasses are full of pep. lo and Ludora. They get along so well together. Watcha e cr t i n g and Whatta they playing, Dood- les? . . . A symphony of black and white going into the P. O ..., Two pretty girls against a pretty background. . . The Daeclalian Quarter- ly stcdffcontinued later . . . C. I. J-X.'s chief Life Saver in a too tender pose . . . Mr. Ramsey-be care- ful around those pretty girls-remember, you're a married man. Whats the meaning of this, girls-can't you stand up? . . . Cut out that kicking and act like a tu- ture wife and mother of this great state of Texas. lo Buckelew--be careful of leaving Guy surround- ed by all these girls on this page-you know these C. I. A. girls-their motto is "take him if you can get him" . . . tr 'W Qin. images A, i fix? '21 , j. - f- Q V 1 - t Y , fu ww-ttfffo " ew 'tt :guy E5T'ei..1"t' l Wifi ,M V ei +1 A lt -FV?" I 1 Af' .t a' fern' lf ., ', : .f:: 3.5-54-tt f '-.f't,5f?Q' , , -,-.UN gr A ,V I .111-if ' 151 s-5' 2-13, -'T . '. EJ: num Those mighty Freshmen 1,000 strong. They really put things over in a big Way. too. One thousand little fish eyes gazing with humble admiration upon their "Big Sisters" . . . Edna Dalrym- ple pointing with pride to half of "Prexy's Pets." A library view ot their triumphant entrance . . . Heap Big Chief Tucker looking kinda scared . . . The King Fish-Ann Hughston and the rest of the class officers staring and beaming fondly at the camera. Nellie Cleary and a lew other fish putting on their arm bands in preparation for their awe-inspiring en- trance . . . Views of the Fish entering the Audi- torium in all manner of ways . . . Dancer Dalrymple bow- ing in humble submission to the largest freshman class to ever attend the Texas State College lor Women. . . -I i gn Alrce srt by the flre foh pardon me you re srttmg on Lowry stepsl Danc mg rn the clark no I see two lrqhts 1n the d1stance Lxsten you two at the left cut that out whom do you thrnk you re wrth anyway? Mrs Wooten and one of her chzldren syrnpathetrc as usual You Ilttle qlrls rn the mlddle srttmg rn that fountarn doesnt excuse you from the Saturday nrqht bath trng rnslde of her drrnkmq mug or 1S she 1ust fool mg us Lrsten Margaret the C I A beds are really much more comfortable than that marble slab for rs tt mar ble? Four qrrls qomq places wrth clothes on Knon um form onesl I thlnlc that I shall never see cr human lovely as a swan Cwrth apologres to K1lmers Trees l . . . Little Lorena Hall sit- .l . . . Eleanor Edson hidinq quite a lot of pretty back- ground . . . On the left We have the Auditorium-on the right we have the li- brary texcept you can't see itl-and in the distance is the Ad. building . . . Mary Sue Davis-a nice girl-Bess Shield . . . de- scription censored. lulia-you look rather angelic in that white out- fit . . . Violet-are you and your friend qoinq into a chorus girls' dance? . . . Mary lo and Ruth on the steps of the qym-wonder what they are doing there? . . . A typical scene at the P. O.-one got and one didn't got tpardon our English? . . . Listen Doclie -Acut out dancing like that -you know nice C. I. A. girls don't . . . Thelma- it looks as if you are in swimming but you're afraid to get near the water. . . Madge Selmun shovel- inq it in ot the College picnic . . . Two girls clean- ing up lplciced here be- ccruse of the rarity of the occusionl . . . Scxy you- in buck of the choiri whot's in them thor qlosses . . . leon, you brute, why don't you pick on some- body your own size-and Genevieve-youve certain- ly not helping Beth much . . . An airplane view of three qirls Cthey might get conceited if we mentioned their nomesl . , . Dodie, whot're you stopping the qirl for-clicln't she go out the right door? , . . One of the most popular men ot the lunior born dance-the Scarecrow . . . Morillen Dickerson - cr swell girl with G lot of talent who knows how to use it . . . Another cxir- plcme view of somebody, somewhere at sometime in someplcrce with someone -soy, why doesn't some- body stop us? . . . is .ik La- N, .-fl. N. gf i E . 3 fl 5151 , Ware K ., .. y will .14 i' '4.:f'Si . I-A ' F J YQ 4 ,.m J. ,swims " 101' Qi A mlb, The result of the 11:15 bell on Thursday Cand practically every Tuesday tool . . . Sue Briggs looking down from Houston Hall. No Sue if she fell. . . Kay Maxwell handing Frank Rigler one of those white things which ain't needed on C. I. A. picnics. Fay Hogue lending a Willing ear to Mozelle's music. Mozelle won that music contraption by whistling, too. Sydna tried to play a tune on a banana at the Senior breakfast, but all she did was slip around. KA pun, my friendsj We can't tell what's holding those girls on that roof, but they don't seem to be afraid of falling. The Red Coats booma- sooning all over the place. Two benches in the park and two couples in the dark. Don't be fooled. They are in front of Brock and you can see every darn thing they do. Lena Harris and "Sport," Sport is the dog in the picture . . . "Please do not wall: on the grass," Kath- ryn and Charlotte, you two certainly believe in obey- ing signs, don't you? . . . Chig and Alma. Wonder what they are doing. "Little Nell" at the Senior breakfast . . . Four peaches among the peach blossoms. Or was that an- other group we were thinking of? . . . Violet Bryant with "Her Vision." She must be blind. Mary Nelms would look better if she were further away. Excellent if she were out of sight . . . That handsome young man at the bottom is the pride ol the print shop. Augusta Palmer and Faye Hague going to town in a "breezy" way. .5 ' , u X .. .40 J' Wouldn't they let you squeeze through, Foy? . . . Rosemary Surmcm in "see the birdie." She cclmost flew with them from the top of thot smoke stock . . . Frances King thought she could make herself smaller. She did. Ruth Mosely ond Mary Io Lowry with the boy friends standing in front of ct seeming hornet's nest . . . Why so pensive, Mur- qoret Davis? Or is that just o sour look? Now isr1't thot cr sweet little costume for our Ima Nell. We thought at first you weren't qoinq to be in the cmnuol . . . Edith Chcmey in "Anchors A- Weigh." Celeste cmd Dorothy evi- dently didn't wcmt their faces to show. Know this man? Well, whatever you want-he'll do his best to get it . . . Kathryn cmd Christelle showing off their dainty legs . . . The mari in the distance is Dicky-know him, Fish? . . . What's the matter, Garnet and Edith-are you homesick? Cheer up-only 8 months till lune . . . Coulcln't you two find any other railing beside the bed railing girls? . . . Audrey Garnenier likes the railings, too-only hers is rather rustic. . . One six hundrecith of A. 15- M. and their girl friends . . . It's pretty obvious that you three are trying to get in that window- tcome around some time and we will tell you a bet- ter wayl . . . Eugenia Tunstill, you look kinda tar out-in the country. . . no-T 1 Two happy C. I. A. girls Csounds nice, doesn't it?l . . . To avoid being called up for Discipline Commit- tee we are avoiding mak- ing any cracks about the Student Council . . . What you need is a ship's rail, not a lamp post, Augusta. Peggy Elliot seeming to be an actress temphasis on the seemingl . . . Dodie Tucker talking Cas usuall . . . Whatsa matter girls, sun get in your eyes or do you just naturally frown? Cut out that hair pulling and act the sophisticated sophs that you are, Swain, Milwee, and Iohnson . . . All you fish-here's some- thing to try in your bath- tub . . . Fay is preparing to take everything into her mouth but the kitchen stove. It might go in, too. Listen here-too many lamp post hangovers are too much on one page- if you must, pick a more private place . . . A group of innocent C. I. A, girls going on a very innocent cabin party . . . Hedwig Grabbe, are you actually trying to make us believe you can ride that bike? Hope you don't feel too dizzy when you finish looking at this page. Mary Taylor, why the grin? An ex-student re- turned to be "teacher"... You girls way in the dis- tance. come closer so we can see who you are- Oh! Stubborn, aye? Four dignified seniors acting silly tno sillier than you who are reading this page, thoughl . . . On the right we have a mess of Fish on Fish day . . . Please girls, the inside ot the car is the place to ride. According 'to statistics there are 23 girls in the line of pictures in the mid- dle of the page-please spare us from giving all their names. Mary Frances Templeton looting to town in her new togs . . . Five little girls trying to act like monkeys and making a nice job of it, too . . . You gals in front of the P. O. turn around so we can see you . . . lune Leith and friends -or is it just Iune Leith? -if 1"' J. -L9 fx ' f , 4 ffeishxx va?"S.. Another one ot those "sill sitters" . . . Mary Arl- cleline-what's the name of that book you're carry- ing? . . . Margaret Nealfthe qirl responsible for some cute cartoons in this book . . . You tour girls in the mid- clle--you car1't make us believe you look like that when you qo to bed-lun thermore-two of you clon't belong in that room . . . The Daeclalian Quarterly staff trying to look liter- ary. lsn't it odd how all these C. I. A. girls try to act like monkeys in cages ido you follow me?J . . . "It's S. M. U. and A. G M.e except it's only A. G M. in this picture with their lair fond friends . . . Are we having a war or somethinggno only some more A. 6- M. up for the week-end. . . The underclassmen dor- mitories from the Ad. build- ing . . . Members of the sailing club preparing for a sail . . . Guess where those qirls at the bottom are going-aw-somebody told you . . . A nice View of the drive from Oakland to the laun- dry . . . The Fish flapping into the auditorium on Fish day for some fine fun. . . The Hiqlers getting ready to "go to town" at the Iunior Barn dance . . . Some more of those red coats and white dresses on parade . . . C. l. A. girls just love to sit in the rock garden! it's so comfortable . . . Lou and the Caillets grin- niuqeat least Lou is . . . Little Mary Helen by the garbage canwyoifre gone but not forgotten . . . The former leader of the Cam- pus Serenaders in a char- acteristic pose . . . l-lere's that mighty junior class going on their an- nual hay ride . . . The butcher got hold of this page and we had a terrible time putting it to- gether again. It still doesn't look so hot! Corinne Markley still sawing away on that big empty wooden box. lt's really remarkable what she can get out of it, espe- cially when she hits it. "There crowned with majesty thy buildings rise" Cheferring to the Ad build- ing, of course.l Those three little boys must be friends of some- one who goes to C. I. A. Who that person is re- mains a mystery. The point is they till the space nicely. Thcse feet are going no- where tast. Wouldn't you like to know who was on top of them? That mob of girls with their backs turned are at the bus station praying to get out of Denton at least inside of the next three hours. Whose skirts are you try- ing ta hide behind, Pau- line Suki? . . . Helen Parsons about to "tee" oft. I guess that is the correct golf term. Are you two really studying, Isolina and Doodles, or is it just a time exposure? . . . La- veta Foster is the girl so daintily sitting on the roll- ers while Nellie Cleary and Lorena are the two chumps pulling her. Oletha Carroll pausing between bites at the All- College picnic. We had a hard time getting her to stop. The back and front view of those silly Lane twins. I know that Chaw is the one turned this way, I think. Look at those two girls sitting on Sayers steps. Alice, does Sue interest you? . . . Observe the three black birds at the right. Excuse me, the three C. I. A. girls. Dorothy Frels showing the beauty of nature to her boy friend. He evi- dently is too interested in the kodak pointed his way. Duchy Voekel and Mary Petticrew. Nice girls. 'Ma- t t, N tt, H 1 ,t it -51 , ,, i rf: :Q IW - - -. Q PM A ' ww 'QM ' 115.59 V , ' eq V ., ff-v,k J.. . rl . ' 'wilcfljl' 1 . rf-'ii l. I ' ig R Q t V, A r 1 . q. THIS SECTION, UNDER THE DISGUISE OF HUMOR, WAS WRITTEN UNDER THE AUSPICES OE CRACK AND COMPANY. CRACK AND COMPANY, LIBEL PROOF, WISH TO DEDICATE THESE FORTHCOMING PAC-ES TO THE NAMES THAT HAVE FAILED TO APPEAR WITHIN THE PRINTED SHEET. IF YOU ARE ONE OP TI-IE ONES WHO WAS OVERLOOKED, IUST CON- CLUDE THAT YOU WERE SO INSIGNIEICANT THAT YOU DIDN'T COUNT. NOW READ 'EM AND WEEP! Signed, CRACK AND COMPANY. NOTE: With apologies that We couldn't have been cz little dirtier. Although the censors laughed, they didn't think that you should. 5 3 P i I 1 DENTGINTS LARGEST DEPARTMENT STCDRE T H. M. RUSSRI J. CSI SQNS CQ. SAEE v SWIFT v SURE TRAVEL IN COMFORT TRANSPORTATION TO YOUR DESTINA- TION AT LESS EXPENSE IN SI-IORTER TIME. CONVENIENCE AND EPPICIENT SERVICE TO ALL POINTS. DIXIE MOTOR COACH Corporation f"'5 STU O f MJ Nea "Pull it down yourself! I told you not to cut in on my date!" HALL OF SHAME MAVIS BLOUNT .... for belng seen Wllh Edna Cook MARIE MCFALL ..... for breathlng RIVERS OLIPHINT ...... for bemg so swell GEORGIA GOODWIN .... for leavlng Mlssourl RUTH FERNANDES ..... for belng so adolescent MOSEL ELLIOTT .... for not bemg a blrd NELLE BONE .... for belng student presldent ETHEL LEVIN ....... for belng SO cute WINFRED CRUMP .... for blllnq her flnger narls PHYS. ED. DEPT. .... for no 1nd1v1dual1ty SUE ALLEN ........... for belng such a goody woody HELEN LANGFORD ..... for belng the 'ue that blnds BEULAH ELLIS ........... for thrnkrng so much of Beulah ANNALLOYD CARDWELL for belng so stupld MAROYLE KING ......... for belng so n yaa n yaa ONA SELF ............ for knowlng garland clawson ALYCE CHARLTON ..... for belng a regents daughter NELL DIOKERSON ...... for her aloofness VERNA BRUNDRETTE. . for belng so adorable RUTH GLAZE ........... for thlnlcmg she s popular GERTRUDE PENDER ..... for cannlballstlc table manners DOROTHY FARBESTEIN. . for belng ln the way ELAINE PRATT ......... . for belng such a sweet angel ELEANOR EDSON .............. I ....... for not staying at home ALL DORMITORY SECRETARIES .... g .... for knowing too much LEONORA WALKER .... ............... f or coming out of it BATH TUB PHILOSOPHERS LOUISE NEWMAN EILEEN BECK MR. ADKISSON VIRGINIA LAMM MAUREEN GILL AMALESE GOUGH BROCK MARY LOUISE RICHARDS THE MAIDS ' BUNN IE HOWARD LIDA BOONE VIRGINIA NEAL LITTLE BED TIME WITS PEGGY ELLIOTT IENNIE SHIREMAN YETTA SEDEN MARGARET CAILLET SOCIAL CLIMBERS LOIS SAGER VERNA MAE HARDY MARILOU HICKS I MAE TRAINER EDNA DALRYMPLE IO DUNN ORIEN LEVY LAURIE BAINES MARY ALICE MORRIS RUTH STRANGE GLADYS EADS SATELLITES YOU ANNE SIMMONS VIRGINIA ROHRER MARTHA LEE SCHOBER LA VELLE TOWNSEND DOROTHY EHLINGER ELIZABETH DOLSON DOROTHY HOWARD BEANY POWELL PINKY SHIREMAN KAY MAXWELL w x 1 Ae M ? W. 'V wg 1 L A .- 1. lv- n 1A HIV, .l1:lllll' 4 U J 1: S 2 E ,Qs E X 'Q c A.: -L f - ' V ' WJ I In xaccfb ' I QN .X N Where Smiles Reign Supreme There is no excuse for feeling blue when you can always feel at home in our College Store. You can't beat our prices, quality, quantity, and friendly service. We aim to please all of our customers by giving them every convenience possible. MR. AND MRS. R. B. 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ANYTHING GOES ....,, . . . . .CATHERINE MAXWELL . . . . . . . . .BETSY MULKY . . . .CHELLIE PRESTWOOD . . . . .CASSIE STUERMER . . . .MARY IANE CUKOVICH . . . .SALLY EVERHEART . . . . .DANNY DANIELS ... . .NELL DOYLE . . . .PHYLLIS IOVINE MACKEY . . . . . . . . . ."THE WINGED VICTORY" MARY, TED, and NELL DICKERSON ..................,BETTY KENEIPP . . . . .MILDRED REDDICK ... . . . . .MARCYLE KING . . . . .MATTIE L. WOOTEN . . . .PROF. IACKSON ............RUTHRODDY . . . . . . .IOHNNIE LOUISE TURNER . . .LUCY RUHMANN, SARA HONEA ................POLLY PLUMMER . . . . .ROSE MARY SURMAN . . . . . .WINIFRED SMALL ............MARY E. ROARK . . . .MARY KATHERINE TORRANS ..............IANE ROBISON CAMPUS QUIZZEB CAnswers on Page 3107 l. Who sleeps the most during assembly? 2. Who should make the ideal campus roommates? 3. Who has the longest line on the campus? 4. What house boasts ot its mammoth rats? 5. What floor on the campus thinks it is incomparable? 6. What has the worst reputation on the campus? 7. What does BESS SHIELDS call a social ladder? 8. Who thinks she is capable ot assuming NELLE BONES duties? 9. What senior wears the shortest skirts on the campus? IU. What junior has gone strictly Dorothy Ehlingerish? ll. What student believes she looks like Clark Gable in a tux? 12. What club always boasts of its many dances yet never gives them? ID. Dfs C. I. A. BEAUTY SI-IOP Pk Oiters you money-saving values .... We give T. S. C. W. students special attention and expert service. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS Fast Colors - Unusual Styles VIRGINIA I-IABT WASI-I PBOCKS The choicest of the Southwest- Oldest line in the field-Costs no more than the others-Sold by the Best Merchants everywhere. 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JE -- -- -1" --T v ' l ' 3 - ' C1 44 4f?f"'I 5 - 'lfff aw. 4. 1. 1753 JE - 2, :,. - R . . - ,- - M -, -.xr 'KE b- N pq, W- We FW' fp- - 'iffiiiia K f R- "I . -: ,Z ',. if ff P2 5' NXXXVQ- " gf 'H 1 ggfflq, 1 if -51. - g- :MALE 3- 'M 3:1 M1 159 ei: - ' :Y , ' 1' ' A, 4 1 wfg if 1- - '?'. .4 9,1 .-Q.. g, -,-L . .t - in 3 4 ,J. 4.4-Q ,.',,j,?f' riff' -,Tri "-,-,.ff,,,i?fi -T' - fi ?.5lIZi-1 57 ' 2- .vig "ffl: ,l .jyklzv 'JZ-l, 'L 3? . 4-Ziiifriw -9 51 "'3fL 1-'Wi '92 f 'fi X -. 15459 If -"1-34 .f+7"Si- . TUG' 'I' ":S"'1 .f I ' , " Fx V .'w - f' 7" 'WI "---f-'fi' v-Else- '-2 '- "'--' J -iff, n z f' :el -13 VN' F' ' "'17'5T- A if E' I 1 - , . f-1141, b ,, fe., 1 3 ' -'iq'-' , ,, - ':,. - -, ,, 'f ' f ''he''k:L'.1ifi-1-32113. Lg 1 35? ly 11. . ff-1-a-.1-3 ,:-gf- -J ff. :w.i:b:1! t.-Z2 ?v cz". x aff' , r f . ' ,n?.f ' A :W 'v , '..'.'-.1 1-1-T " . . 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":'7 i2' '3,' , ,ff ,5WfWQM3'w+-we Q 1. f 1--.1-.:' " - . A 'Ni VH n v A f 1 f ff I0 I ,vQ,'v 500 Ja 144W-Q -t'3s-25.4495-.41 5.375 -. - -1 A- x,b,.u.pfpfy 421 3- 1 !yQqoQ19fQ- -Q 0 V- 2?-vw.,-f vi-.091-. 1,1 "But Won't you even let me show you the blue ones?" IMAGINE LUCILLE BLACKBURN minding her own business VIRGINIA WALKER with no sense of humor MARGARET DAVIS knowing all she claims CAROLYN HOLLOWAY not looking angelic WALTER COWDEN alone MARIANNA HOOD Without THORA FULTON MARIE CAILLET bold and brazen A Sunday dinner without chicken a la feather MARY SCOATES smiling NITA GRACE HINES Writing poetry DORIS HALL with a mind of her own KATHRYN FANNING with one hair out of place GEORGE BOWMAN IASPER being a beauty MARTHA DUNN not being in love VERNA MAE HARDY not being "boy crazy" IOEL ROBISON being an optimist ELIZABETH SWAIN being important IEANETTE LOLLAR beinq Wicked DORA TUCKER RUTH GLAZE'S company being desired The CAMPUS SERENADERS playing in the right key at the same time PEGGY ELLIOTT not looking for Iean Washburn DR. ASHBURN dean of women MARY IANE MOORE self-composed YOUR EXPRESSION on not seeing your name in this section WE THANK THE FOLLOWING EOR THEIR OEF-HAND THOUGHT CONTRIBUTIONS "When it comes to looking wise, I just don my glasses and put on the bull." -LOUISE BAGWILL "Don't blame me.. I'm so little and all." -PI-IYLLIS IOVINE "Men just go crazy over me. I can't understand it." CNeither can well -GWENDOLYN LEWIS "Some day I'll show Eleanor Powell this one." -EDNA DALRYIVIPLE "I always sit right in front ot the prot so that I can laugh obvi- ously at their dry jokes. They like that, you know, and every A counts." -AMALESE GOUGH "I've climbed social ladders all of my life, but I just can't seem to reach the top." -VIVIAN LIDELL "Love is my life! Oh, why do I have to be bound with con- ventions?" -PATTI RICHARDS "I wonder if people talk about me as much as I talk about them. And then sometimes I wonder it I have any room to talk." -ORYSTINE MUELLER "Look at me! I'm on a pedestal tar beyond the common herd. And to think that I owe my success to myself." -DORA TUOKER "It's really not music that I love but Mr. Petit." -MAXINE LEVERETT "I know that I am mean and contemptible but inferiority com- plexes make one that way." -VIRGINIA BARKLEY "And the reason that I don't dare take advanced comp. is be- cause no one is going to criticize the way I write." -MARGARET SIMPSON " I wonder why everyone likes to dance with me." -IUANITA WEBBER "Oh yes, I have a way about me. I can sell most anything, even myself." -MADGE SELMAN WASH CUTS ELAINE PRATT LANE TWINS THE LAUNDRY "SUNSHINE VERGILH MARY GENE FRANKLIN RUTH EoLSE FUTURE WIVES AND MCDTHEES IULIA ANN RIGGAN SILVIA EOCKWELL GLADYS GARDNER MARY ETHEE WHITNER RUTH RITER VIVIAN LIDDELL DORRIS GARRETT RUTH EERNANDES FRANCES ooREAN KAY WILLIAMSON BETH RHYMES RoSE BROWN PETE LEWIS KATHRYN KIRBY Dorothy Howard: Your name ought to be dandruit. Elizabeth Dolsonr Why? Dorothy H.: Because you get in peop1e'S hair. Little MISS Mufiet Sat on a tuttet, Eating her curds and Whey. Aloha came a Spider and Sat down beside her, And Said, "IS this Seat reserved?" P i x l i The campus seems to be cluttered with stars-some that try to outshine others, some that never shine, and others that just shoot around hitching to greater planets. Twelve of these shining, out- shining, and no-shining examples are seen on the opposite page. NELLE "no-shine" BONE stepped into Anne Durrum's shoes hop- ing they would fit. tWell, we ask you, Nelle, did they?D lt was once heard that the LANE TWINS said that they were going to get some place on this campus. CWell, we're still waitinglb And then there are always those little ole things who don't amount to very much but some way manage to paddle their own canoes, as does IENNIE Sl-HREMAN. Aside from being a space- tiller, DOROTHY El-ILINGER is a shining example ot that broad smile and "mellow front" during elections-and otherwise, on occasion. . W We're still wondering how the CAlLLET TWINS slipped in on this page. CPerhaps it was a stormy night when the heavens re- minded us of a very sudden blanknessll Because ANNA LOU ESTES failed to scratch in Wl-lO'S WHO, we ielt rather sympa- thetic. Regardless, the progress on the Lass-O this year may be attributed to Ann's persistence and congenial way of getting things done. HELEN LANGEORD and CAROLYN HOLLOWAY also make good space-fillers, LANGEORD not for what she's done, particularly, but what she thinks she's done, ANGEL FACE HOLLOWAY did put the Round Table on the map. CWhat map?D Then there are always a few who stay around without getting in the way, like SYDNA EDWARDS. MARGARET MANOR, you did not rate this page because there was a better place tor you .... Cllnfortunately, it was cen- sored.l COMPLIMENTS OF FORT WORTH FISH MARKET 1208 HOUSTON STREET WHOLESALE AND RETA IL DEALERS IN FRESH FISH AND OYTERS CSea Foods of All Kinds in Seasonl PHONE 2-11 3 It has been a pleasure to furnish the scenes tor the 1936 Daedalian annual. CARRUTH'S STUDIO Answers: l. President Hubbard 2. Dean White and Harlan Pettit 3. The Registrar 4. Oakland Annex 5. 4th floor Braclc 6. Dormitory food 7. Any old pair of White shoes 8. Margaret Manor 9. Sydna Edwards IU. Mary Walker ll. Elizabeth Paxton .M.E.B. I2 The College of Intellectual Adolescents, in behalf of T. S. C. W., wishes to confer Honorary Degrees upon the following students: MRS. WILDENCAMP who feels that she is thoroughly capable of taking over Dr. Schultz's advanced English classes. IONNIE LOUISE TURNER who is so eager for intellectual advancement that she reads other people's rnail. DAPHNE RICHARDSON, ANNETTE LOMBARDO, and MARY IO LOWRY who keep it from being said that no upperclassrnen have dates. CLARINE BARNABY for being so good-tempered and sweet about everything. IANE HOWARD for earnestly trying to reform the World. PATTI GLENN, GLENDA GARLAND, and IUNE LEITH for personal neatness. DORRIS GARRETT for rnonopolizing all Lass-O features. LADY ANN MAYFIELD and ROOMMATE who have a way of rnooching until the World looks level . . . CSuggestion: Don't form habits you can't financej MARGARET SIMPSON who deserves a nice shiny baby buggy instead of a Pontiac. MARGARET MANOR for honestly believing that she is the sole string that is tying our student government association together. iThere's a place for peo- ple With such bizarre hallucinationsl OLIVIA BISHOP who is beautiful but --. CHRISTINE DAVIS who has enough Wit to suffice for the less fortunate. ALWAYS Fort T.S.C.W. "YOUR JANITQRS SUPPLY HOUSE" EVERS HARDWARE CO. FORT WORTH, TEXAS 51st, YEAR IN NNNTON EUREKA CHEMICAL CO PICKED AT RANDOM WINIFRED "BLOODHOUND" SMALL tracing down "Lass-O Critic" of Fish Stunts. SILVER GRAY GRAY up to her old tricks of never staying at home. If you don't get tired, we do! Mr. MCLEOD reading poetry to MISS COPRON. ELOISE HAWKINS, Dru Zulr:er's stooge, seen tagging along after her ideal. ANNA LOU ESTES slaving to get out a paper that no one reads. MAYDELLE BISHOP wondering what to do with "Pete" CDodoD Iohnson during physiology lab. MAVIS BLOUNT and BONNIE I-IESTER, alias rah-rah girls, doing the cutest things during semi-Weekly dances at the gym. ELEANOR HOOD forgetting that she is posing a Ia nude. CMake something dirty out oi it it you cant? A "high hat" being given EDNA COOK. LOUISE NEWMAN preaching but never practicing. I-IENGER CONSTRUCTION CO. CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS DALLAS, TEXAS GENERAL CONTRACTORS QM FOR SENIOR DORMITORY THE MCDDEL PRIVILEGE SHEET lParents are required to check the followingl l. To kiss professors for a grade 2. To neck in public places 3. To attend classes half asleep 4. To spend the night out of uniform 5. To ride the Goose 6. To fall in love with T. C. boys 7. Permission to have mail 8. To answer summons from disciplinary committees 9. To bull on quizzes 10. To eat dormitory food THINGS WE SHQULD HAVE Permission to eat breakfast in pajamas Streamline Gooses Long hair for phys. ed. majors A dark, dark, dark, dark, dark room for Mrs. Magnenat A Theta Sig bid for Gwendolyn Lewis An honor system Alarm clocks in assembly Tag dances An aviation curriculum Dormitory commissaries More professors like Mamie Walker and E. L. McDonald A third degree instead of a B.A. or B.S An old ladies' home for visiting graduates Continued on Page 3187 THINGS WE'D LIKE TO DO WITI-I OUR FIRST MILLION Continued on Page 3221 Isolate IOI-INNIE LOUISE TURNER to a deserted island and let her "Katherine Cornell" with the natives. Find a good set of reporter's brains for TOMMY GRIFFIN. Obtain a cruiser that doesn't know the Way home for two soul- seeking faculty members. Buy a hermitage for KAY MAXWELL and CASSIE STUERMER. Buy IEAN WASI-IBURN a net to put above her head so that she can catch the jokes as they fly bug. Buy a human exterminator for IANE FULLER and FRANCES GOSNEY. Ruy an ice pick to chip off some of ELIZABETH SAMMON'S ex- terior. THE PERFECT GIFT The FOR ALL OCCASIONS H: U M B E OIL St REFINING , Company I a Texas institution, extends hearty con- gratulations and best Wishes to the 1936 graduating classes of Texas' schools and colleges. May you find the work C for which you have equipped yourself pleasant and may your every effort meet with success. for American Oueens Jv L 2 M' L' LQSAFA 1'lE14-I-he w ObS 1 Ig fx fo wg QS QW 9 5 W' if - Mg VW QQE, me , , p J! al FEE!! my, If q +0 q rfisi' Course c e gxa 0.7 07' fu? Q ag D v K in if In - f V by en ou ' ' - I ' -' an-ive -I-wo , , X - minu.-Pea 1 A 1 h ' I before 'Hwe , I 4 peguformance- 1 wha wro . c e . ,f1 A , -3 , ' .A-A 'L 'Ni' f . . ,- Lx 6, , u.sae,, -l-ben-eh Q. Moral , . 0- ol, , I n lnq r- : 1-he erfor-mance V '- fo bec'u'n- A X. ' . W! 5, Fx fx tv , 7 5 U' if 2 If X "' f . E: 1 in Y ii, f Q ' E 4 A' 'I 31-. 1 Q Ip as F . 5- x " ...- 6 1 X 111- . Lck ,X x Y -.... , ' 3 I '- A , iii -anus-4 I -E ,-Z '- E d. - . ,I QQL ?:u.1?'zSo.n'l-e, Ocieagwqrtzail-om lane A 4- I5 3 3. Max Ea.5+m n Faqs I Q G. ISHY H fix X54 A f 'H':e: oH'iI'ucie QF +52 x5+ude'l'+5+iomeJ"n'fZi + DeanM!1fmil-e and pr-ca.Hubbarol affcc, s e Pres: n . enhanced BLIWAONIQO mmm - A QB w V554 Chg J' Q EQCF 59-hir fl 2' . A Q f ur- flat ve 'gf N' A 'Q I 1 r Q -f 'll 'K' v 1 ,I massed W f qour H Q ' -A Q Is. -4 . 211 2-ffm we I fssfi ff v : IW ssej-nb 5 efches THINGS WE SHQULD HAVE fContir1ued from Page 3143 College parking lot so that Marion Moss can have a little privacy Signal lights for traffic in the Ad. Building Money for George Welch Blue slips that aren't blue Competition during student elections Class instructions on "How to Bull" An alphabet beginning with A and ending in A Cto simplify the modern grade bookb A system for attending classes while still in bed More good sports like the freshmen "stuntsters" College picture shows worth seeing Senior class spirit A one-man congregation so that Eileen Beck can have her preacher all to herself Two rooms for Ona Self and Garland Clawson Some loose ambition for "Pete" Iohnson, who is incidentally a prize example of "lazy bones" "TAKE CUB WORD PCB IT" We sincerely thank our old friends for their previous business. To our new student school friends we extend a hearty welcome. We always appreciate your patronage and try at all times to please. CABBINGTCNS DRUG STCBE Patronzie your advertiser! Despite the increase in local and advertising abroad this year, there are still some merchants in Denton who have re- fused to advertise in one of the most outstanding college publications in Texas. Check oft the advertisers your- self and eliminate from your shopping list those stores who have tailed to help us. Denton is a college town, thriving chiefly on our support, so BE- WARE of those who talce your money but refuse to patronize us! ,- -ll --XE'j::1? A." 'j ' , 3 .,,:-E,.b1'E,,.. 1- .r1?:Z1s5'i'-'.' if f .a-.g.,,.,,,. ,V .s'j- ,. . ' 5:-525'-f .- V , 1 'Z fi' '-1'-'f'."Zr.-2 . . . -'A:ig.FG5-f:- Y -- . 1 .- .uz-i'e:a1zz'1 g - Sz , .. 5,4 ,,.,5' -.,....f :-.'-QQ-jfgiz-E., Q 3,1 ..,-.:"1f'rs:ft ng. If-.1 Tai- " j' .- Q, 'T K r., EQ 1 f. .,,. . .,, up .- ' " "-1'.7Z'::fi2l75gT3t 'Q '9 1551 -' ' ' ?'-1221156-.?5,2rlf22i?5L?:i'55':"ff-vtf' , -5' 4Q?f1Q.??Qi?P2zi:9Zy:751j3Q:1i'-2,1-iijmh jg Lf...- . 3 Wi :L-3fai"15fCi? - "5ggQ,,.q-.59,5.g,-, A "7 " Ay.-' N E , 5 T 1111- 1:2 if if f- . ' 1' 'nk ig .- :Quia-.P--J.. ag, 4,1 W., Y. 5,333-.939 .--.gig ,,-id e' . :J-,gif-4:-I fifufi f. fee: L' Q?ge3- -5 --g.a?i f"'1qif5S' 33:I.Q'r32:5i1',f:'4-77.12 ' "2f5"!r- I. "5-.25 I - n . . -., ' - ... - 1--fx. - 'Gaily-. 5.-:M fi -fi f: K-v' 5 '. "nf, v . '5?.g51'5,.q . qv . ,, 24 ' 'X ' .e.'i15'.-2 1 VL 4. ,- '-may :ia 'If -1 - W - P233-'. , .-?.gf'1.'f '- fi :.' - . ' - may R ig? Hill? P5 if-.v. 'J-E'f:fc" Vit.:-. -gz- .v Q :Qi :-'. 1 .. . ...x . . A' ' .f?2'E? si 3--r..-,f .4 . fix gi., -, Eiifj-. -:if-As iii'-ffi, -1- -fl: iw-F.5:1'.-'-T -.viz ,, .gig : . ..2.f.1f1swS'- ' . uf. -2'i'R17'4i.riflr.1-JW?-'f1'E"E:f.A3T?f.' r,-'1'-,- --.-'az-'P'-Lf:-:f:'. -. ,r r . :?-..-2 1"'-2-vw -iff -- Q, A ,Z - gf. 5. sir' 4, 5435.31.93 . zu..- 'f -'ffm'-1as-if--:.:1-'wiszfi - 4114 ff -27,5Q:g,:,g.5---1. fmffi- 5' L: 2.--ss?-, -.:-5-W . .f--9.3-: --.ff-f 1"g'Fl---..Q-'p - 'U . afaw--Q -If .-gs "nie-2'---Ev :1-Eliiiz-S55L,g.e'5-' fr -1-1-"7 'ij-:QQ-4 .1 U Q,--.. 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'f ??4 5-1-'lfi -:-'asp - V' -.4 - 1 4 , - L.-., -- f'.. -. ' W . ,,-2. 2.-:ff ' " " 4'-z' 'FQ Q ' A3 Wil'-2' f 'ig p-55? ' W - fi 55' .4-Q , as .k x f 5-K' L:-If ff.'1kfa5lx.91J4g,- : Q: 'ig-'. r L f 'QQ H... f-'13, -- .-r., 1 pmfwgg T S, V- ri -W Q 'f f+--h1IE55'-?:s.?3fE1- -"E, -17'-'ev f J " 9: Ag h?41w2'?,5fgffgM'14-givfe'Fx:-"-P5-.' J 1 N4 fv WA A-235154-,:2f' -.E-'11'ze.-1f'L.-41-sl ' vm L 41, Y 'Q ' he-.aeq:e4-ulfij-.slr--Q-5 iw b ,y-bglgl N La"-av-'YJ -f: : xvkn. 4 '.:---2-.2-. , g 'Eg '-" sC."5': - r.-K 4 'L-.wk . 4' 5. MC iii fi-if w ' 55-'gg NL-sg.. t-,:. A :.11w.75: Q 4. 1 1 3 5 5' L 'ff' 'P vii. f, '-:M , 'I ' H rv' -L.1e-v1c:fs'.- kg...-. , ,,, ,, gnivl-1.7 3. -, -- I--5. ' 4' vue ... S . -,iff . '- tw M H., L . 1 . , be-L . MQ ,Q ,,,,,, nf? Q f M Nea xg , ,,.4,,Ag we ww- .1 957-"Y?,itfni'f +iP.'EE3?25l1f1f 2Qi'f?sUi'5"E.:. "g.I-::::.f'- I. :,' J-:.W.-.-s.:'ra:ie:Q ' 'I aw- "PSSA, down there, Q WU'-Q-. 1 A M commq' Q i l 1 f'-5. 1. .EQ .Sf 'Q ".j"'MY ' ,- . .. . .1 " f- ..', ' wr-J fr5"x 4: .",, ' . 5515 fi V.,-. 5 . 5.55-2 "j,-' 55351 'lp' 15" C 5 'A as I 241'- 1'-'F if v.f4- V-.gp .I we .,.-. ,Q . f:-' . F 4 i -'l 4 .- --1. 5-, 1' 'Eff "ww , yi Q .E 1,15 f 'L-.-133, 72? 13? " 1 '- 3 9:-' xffiffi, 2- - :ng-.5 yr j - Q". .,-51-f.f5,,-- gi... 'fa If 425 flf!L,.yQ?' , - Kgs ' 'if"u:',' -1 ,xv , 1' I I- '47 Q . ' ' ,-Tip.. f lffifiiff 1-5 .' re' ?-V... ' il.'Ef'if' Qvf-if-f - 1. 2.-f-1.5514 . V '5 -if?-p.'4-iz?" ' 1 :f5'7Ah!rf an f 1? E1 fff 5253 f 2 . 1' wr -1 .' v- , .251 , ,1. sz., N , ' Q un.-Q. :- ' f 151-'J-Ev."-i ni-, ' ig frdifi 'Sr i-Q35 . :, - P 1 :A-,Q-EM. :.-..-'N - . A --1 . - .:-a- -'rzQ"'., 231' . . - , f - -- ' P ,. ix ' , vq my s- ifggg - I 'T' 'vm .' r Lf?2:?l' .. 12w.LupXH ' - - ap - - 1- 1 9:52 -.,-,am . '--- - .f--.- Q I have to lei go now. Miss Overtorfs Q u ENGLISH BULL TOY BULL PEKINESE LAP DOG AIEEDALE MUTTS CUE and COCKLEBUR HGUND SAINT IBERNARD7 POODLES GREAT DANE HAIELESS PUP ELGGDHGUNIJ FLEA CATCHER EGX TEEEIEE BIRD DOG DAGHSIIUND DIRTY DOG YAPS SHEEP DOG POLICE DOG ' GOING TO THE DOGS SPITZ PUDDLES UN DERDOG DOG PAGE AGNES COOPER CHELLIE PRESTWOOD MARYELLEN WILSON ELIZABETH BAUGI-I THELMA BUTLER LANE TWINS WALTER COWDEN, DANNY DANIELS MR. RIGLER SYDNA EDWARDS ELOISE HAWKINS, MISS DECKER DEAN WHITE MR. WHITLOCK M. L. W. GERTRUDE GIBSON ELIZABETH SMITH MELBA MCNEILL VIRGINIA LITTLE MARGARET MANOR MARTHA MILLER INEZ EELLER NELLE BONE MARGARET DAVIS CLEO MANLEY ELIZABETH TATE, IEANNE DWELLE KITTY BETI-I CHRISTIAN YOU FLOWERS EOR ALL OCCASIONS AT TI-IE COLLEGE GREENI-IOUSE ON THE CAMPUS THINGS WE'D LIKE TO DO WITI-I OUR FIRST MILLION fContinued from Page 3153 Buy a pedestal for EMORY G. I-IORGER'S admiring majors so that they will have a place to fall as they clamor to his feet. Buy a rope to give RUTI-I ANDREWS more pull. Buy a tub for ROSE MARIE LOTI-IOLZ so that she can really be Wishie-washie. Give IDA LEE RAINEY Miss Walker's English classes since she thinks that she is capable of running them. Buy a muffler Cshutter-upperl for BILLIE RALPH I-IYER. Give MOSEL ELLIOTT a chance. Steal some of MAYDELLE BISI-IORS timidity and give it to CI-IRYS MUELLER. Buy ANNE I-IUGI-ISTON a g-r-e-a-t big bouquet. i No Wonder they Woke up with paper dolls For the first time in three years VIRGINIA RAMEY has at last been put in her place! By some mistake of ours, Virginia's pic- ture is in the correct class section. It seems as a freshman, her picture was in the senior sectiong when she was a sophomore it appeared in the freshmen section, and when she was a junior she transferred to State and in the mix-up her picture was put in the sophomore section. And so, after being tossed hither and dither for three years, We wish to congratulate you, Virginia, on getting put in your place! HOW TO GET A WORM OUT OE AN APPLE Appeal to Worm's better nature. Say apple Will be sold by unemployed. Worm will Want to do its bit. Will come out. I-Ielp bring back prosperity. EDUOATE WORM. Send Worm university extension course. Worm will study. Will think self sophisticated. Leave great open spaces of apple. Become book Worm. PITY WORM. Say Worm is poor shut-in. Worm will Want to prove self vigorous upstanding Worm. Will attend gymnasium. Develop big muscles. Be unable to get back in hole in apple. Become bait for fisherman. NAG WORM. Find fault with Worm's every action. Worm will have no peace. Will feel down-trodden. Worm will turn. Will come out in rage. Get in touch with reliable bird. Wake same with alarm clock at early hour. Place on apple. Every bird will turn true to form. Will get Worm. Take large bite out of apple. Look for worm. Worm will have disappeared. Where is Worm? Charles: Shall We go outside for a little Walk? Marion Moss: You boys have the funniest Way of saying what you mean. MARY EUGENIA DUNN also uses her nose for breathing purposes. Helen I-Ieywardz "You know she let that fool kiss her." Mariellen Dickerson: "Worse than that, she let that kiss fool her." ..... .... L ui if-3 ft Lv 5-sf: ..f if: 1? 4 M- -W' me - ' 35? :J-H ' ii-xhzgi W. , V 5 ff.,-r Q-, A ?" , ' fixiggt? :gag 1 sw- 1331.. . gHf21,- ,. ..,, , ,MK "I knew M155 Spellmcm Wcfsn't nqht about that perspectlve " ALWAYS AT YOUB SERVICE Cfet what you Want in candy and school sup- plies from the bookroorn located in the Ad. Build- ing for your conveniece. O The Bookroom T. C. SAMPLE BOOKS . . . STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Voertman's Book Store We Specialize in Student Bequirernents ' ' ""' J' Ywigif 5 Y ' Q S N X x Af X P, r- nx:fi,t Nay N ' uu mfnfzfxaaf t1'1-ggllfga xfrfa--w. X bg ,.,. FK, A ,A ' ' E Glfii-31-?5iE3ff'4!3 I 531 , XX ff At ' X 5: if:iff4"31?75'5ff5-531515 ' "' 143 -5:5'-E'f"SI- it 'H ' b"":f3'!f?e'-r'41 5'- fl ,fr 4 -, --I?:T:3Z2?51 3-i4fiffiisi?fl1?32f'55tl f '15 '- fililggj' 1 ,j X-f:t'f"1":t H 1'-q-.-"JF-,ri-'LE-f-'MQ-..' 'E --Q Mn, LN"v -p.-wx - uni ' X Effiif-3' 'r5f1,'55fiT2-55'lgf1S'9f5fr I iz-I 2 -:f-.Sy ' "Vi-' -' '-'. "ff 1- .E41:?l': g NN fviflfci E 2.-Lf.x..3':wA:1f.S+ILQ-'2!vf"Q,1'i. , . :agift . uf. .5 we -14'lZv'3E if: :1'TU'ii7 1-11-.7?5i137i:fiSYL-1' .f ' , ft- '- - .v , ' 5 ai.-5-5:5 :f A if-' at .N ,I .glut-. ' ' ""' -'3-:H , -fx...'.T' ,. -A ZF5-,354 , 22C-24,2 TL I, 1136 " ,: p:f.s.9,- 1.13: xg 1.:.- 2 V Ig , , H -I . I , .. g,'.,K- I 5- -'Iain--1125 5 ff: .... -1-21: 3 :n un 4 .-1f'1:f':G"''1s:':'2q 1-:':'aw: .gl-.E-Z-'gg ff-. FL?-Y ,:'-.3jf'- ' . .' ll on .Il -1-L3-- .fAT'f1' '.--fr" -- ..-.-L l t 5 L-, ,-, ,,., , , 1:5 '-, E, ,L TL ,vi-L -Y - .- S i f 11.. , -'i1.-,,3?1s:1g. - --..,,.--'.,q:. .-, 'A Egg X '- Li, A Q, , ' f" j , "' g-,' '4'L.,T"",,, - - W" X fef gqa itagg-., -my 'Ti A , X Sf 1 'f ' fr , -, . 1 , ,Q J , Q I i' -V, 1,.' I ,' .' 5'--, .' 'I 5- 1 ' ln, .- ' Q '. . . - .fpfi-.V-iz I Lf 'E iw. si A p l f'.-I i Z I ' y" ' .4 - - - u : V I I '. ' 'Shu Q - -it ul.. .in ,m .. I ..., 79 V- f WJ15"4' """f """'t Our greatest pleasure is serving S. C. W.-the best ot luck ever in your years to come-and don't forget that the Palace, Texas, and Dreamland are for you IOUVQI Palace T Dreamland I? 'lil -A 25 we M gm QSPXGEL if N 'Z n i A ? g . .f5'1rtvi1"T"'5'-I g E ST- fx. i- , sy' Iyhleal THE REAL WHO'S WHO THE BIGGEST FLOP MASTER OF CEREMONIES IOURNALISM PHYSICAL EDUCATION MOST UNINTERESTING BEST ALL-AROUND GIRL BEST HASHER MOST DEVOUTT? ART BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEADERSHIP BEST COIFFURE BEST DRESSED GIRL MUSIC MOST INSIGNIFICANT GRINN ING HYENA MOST POPULAR DRAMATICS MOST EGOTISTICAL SCIENCE LAZIEST GIRL HOTCHA' HOTCHA' GIRL SCHOLARSHIP STOOL PIGEON MARGARET HALSTEAD MARGARET DAVIS TOMMY GRIFFIN, IEAN BOLLING CHRISTINE DAVIS ELEANOR EDSON MRS. WELLINKKAMP DOROTHY EHLINGER ELAINE PRATT HELEN WOLLNER MISS ROMBERG "DODO" TURRENTINE VIVIAN EADS SUE HARRIS CHRYSTINE MUELLER MARY NELMS ELIZABETH DOLSON PHOEBE SEHMANN IUDITH ANDERSON CASSIE STUERMER EUNICE "PETE" IOHNSON CHANEY MILLER ANNETTE LOMBARDO EDNA COOK WALTER CQWDEN 1 DEALERS IN... FRESH ERUITS ond VEGETABLES Berqmon Produce Co. oBsT1NATE CREATUREQ FORT WORTH' TEXAS CLUCKS CIA STUDIG "AT THE CAMPUS" DAEDALIAN PI-IOTCDGRAPHERS S CLUCK Du MRS G. S. CLUCK pliccxtes of C111 class photos con be had by addressing- DOHERTY CIA STUDIO 121 1 GAKLAND 5 I8lj elm sl':feel'In dallas I -fair i or1'r'c1il's bLI c1illTnc1s - DISTRIBUTORS OI: PREsH PRUITS AND STUDENTS VEGETABLES . West Texas Produce Co. me FORT VVORTH, TEXAS ALWAYS WELCCDME Briokeys Shoe Store We Specialize in sf C O L L E G I A T E FQQTWEAR Mc Combs Grocery DENTON WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW Why MARIANNA HOOD never combs her hair. How DOROTHY HOWARD, IANE HOWARD, ELIZABETH DOLSON, AMALESE GOUGH, BUNNY HOWARD, and YVONNE HESSER, fourth floor's gift to T. S. C. W., can still remain such goodC'?J friends and remain true to the same boy. Why the microphone in the auditorium makes MARY IANE MOORE so "goo-goo." , Why LOLITA HAGY was born. Why the most beautiful girls in this school are never selected. Why MRS. WELLENKAMP talks so much. What it would take to see VIRGINIA BARKLEY without the sour look. Why ERANKIE GIST received all the credit for Soph. Stunt advertising. ' How WINIFRED SMALL and ROSE MARY SURMAN had the nerve to scan the power house stack. Where Mr. Loveless got the mumps. Why Macy Mayo. How Pinky Shireman keeps her wave in. Which Southwestern Engraving Co. is the better. Why Cluck's Studio left town just before the Daedalian came out. If next year's staff realizes what they are getting into. If Margaret Simpson won that car. How TONY LA SELLE knows to turn in blue slips before out- side reading reports are due. If the senior formal orchestra cost S500 or 95350. Im. ,V ,,-,-,.--,mu W. COMPLIMENTS OF BEN E. KEITH CCD. DALLAS WICHITA FALLS COBSICAN A ABILENE MEXIA LUBBOCK DISTRIBUTORS OP FBESI-I FBUITS AND VEGETABLES '42 57' fi' 'V 1 15- L . . ll? ld 2 O . f WHAT THEY CUGHT TC TEACH Mr. Hughes Mr. Rigler Mr. Welch Dr. Lockhead Miss Buffum Mr. Loveless Miss La Selle President Hubbard Dr. Ashburn Miss Douglass Miss Birge Miss McMahon Gertrude Gibson Miss Crawford Mr. Horger Mr. McDonald Dr. ludd Miss Ludeman Prof. lackson Margaret Boyd Dr. L. H. Moore Miss Walker Mr. Bryan Miss Spellman Miss Linscott Zou Aiken Mr. Turrentine Mr. Mackey Child Welfare Ballroom Dancing Finances Physical Education Personal Grooming Ethics Horseback riding Art appreciation Life drawing Natural Dancing Sewing Child Development Personal Relations Archibald Pottery Poultry and Gardening Eepublicanism Knitting Crocheting Shorthand Education Yellow lournalism Speech History Economics The Faculty Ereshman psychology Mr. Mackey DOYCU REMEMBER The morning after the O. U. dance when all the seniors' white suits were decorated with red flannel fuzz? The morning the business administration department discovered that two eve- ning dresses sewed together made excellent pen wipers? When Virginia Neal Little was the official bouncer for the A. CS M. dance and she was the only senior that she didn't bounce? When the student body finally decided that the Allen sisters from Goree weren't twins-just plain vanilla sisters? What Red Camp brought to the senior dance? When the members oi the humor section ever did anything but make fun of everybody else? Pinky Shireman: So you had an operation. What for? Ruthelle Lunn: Three hundred dollars. P. S.: No! No! I mean what did the doctor take out of you. R. L.: Three hundred dollars. P. S.: You evidently don't understand, I mean what did you have? R. L.: Three hundred dollars. P. S.: Oh, I see: I was just wondering. La Vene Powell says her idea of being successful is not to marry the son of a millionaire. Dr. Poage: Miss Diggs, are you doing anything Sunday evening? Dorris Diggs Cvery surprisedl: Why, er, no, Dr. Poage. Dr. P.: Well, try to get to class a little earlier Monday morning. Marjorie Iohns: What's good for fallen arches, Doctor? My roommate has one. Dr. Taylor: Rubber heels. M. I.: What'll I rub 'em with? Ruth Cosby: Can you tell me where I can find I..incoln's Gettysburg address? Constance Browning: What do you want with it? R. C.: I want to write to him. Dr. Herrick: What's your name, little girl? Iohnnie Brindley: Iohnnie. Dr. I-I.: Young lady, you will have to change your name. It's not fit for a girl. I. B.: But mamma sent me to C. I. A. to keep from it. l LOVE ME SOBOBITY OFFICERS: President Annette Lombardo Vice-President Louise Bagwill Secretary Frances lohnson Treasurer Ruth Folse Mascot Sally Patterson MEMBERS: lean Bolling, Dorothy Plants, Mary Nichols, lna Fae Slayden, Mosel Eliot, Frances Almond, Ophelia, and Gertrude BWJJUH MOTTO: Day by day in every Way, l'll love me more and more. A SONG: I, Myself, and Me. lfxlwwxd KJEXQUQ vw FLOWER: Forget-Me-Not. W rrivfwv When you nestle in my arms, 'l'U"NJPf X Are you conscious of my charms? " Or do you long for some new ...The Way Ido? rm TELUN' YOU THEY ARE Ble- HELP IN MAKITQG- GRADES IN 'HI '- THESE' MASTERPI ECE TABLETS, PAPERS BlNDERS, S OTHER SCHOOL SUPPLIES BUY THEM FROM YOUR LOCAL DEALER w mfag7 If HQ! ,if-ae , ' . 1 K xx g I K, x 1 I 4 E, l. ,' gl 'nw if ,fi U, A i W: . ,K 'W 'til K X7 xii ,JT . -,J . 1' -1 , , -2, ,I ' 1 I-9 'mlb I L .tx ff. - Sold by Best Dealers over the South and West DICKSON-IENKINS MFG. CO. PT. WORTH, TEXAS Eleanor Eidson: I don't know Whether to take up poetry or painting. Wise freshman: Painting, by all means. Miss Eidson: Why, have you seen some of my sketches? Wise freshman: No, but I have read some of your poetry. Iulia Ann Riggan: You're getting so unbearable, I Won't be able to live with you pretty soon. Mary La Velle: How soon? Tate: Do your shoes hurt? Little: No, but my feet do. Freshman to Margaret Davis Who is acting as life guard: "I-Ielpl I'rn drown- ing! I can't swim!" Guard: "Neither can I, but I have sense enough to keep it to myself." A sensible girl doesn't have to look sensible, because a sensible girl has too much sense to look sensible. TO OUR CAFETERIA AND TEAROOM ATTENDANTS: We have liked having you around this year, and We hope that some day when you look back on your days at S. C. W. those mornings at the cafe and those evenings when "he" came and all of those club dinners, breakfasts, and luncheons will be pleas- ant memories of yours. The college cafe has its place as Well as ye old tea room, and in the college calendar that you'll remember longest, we hope they'll have a place. Tl-IE S.C.W. TEQROGM FIND CQFETERIQ WW W A I'1OVV OLll" CLI, N 9 12 Short dresses make men polite. You seldom see a man get on a street car ahead of one. Clubs, says an authority on them, grew out ot ancient social gatherings where people came to listen to the lyre. Some ot them still do. Cnesia Satterwhite: No, Daddy, I won't need any clothes this winter Dad: Good lord! l was afraid you'd come to that. Have you heard about the time Sally Patterson was asked to go skating and said she couldn't skate? Well, she was beseeched and implored, and she went, and she cou1dn't. Mavis had a little lamb. lt was white as snow, and everywhere that Mavis went so did Edna, Pratt, Elaine, Helen, and ten or twelve other people CAN YCU MATCH 'EM . Mary La Velle Townsend . Mr. McDonald . Miss Bunyan . Lane Twins . Chaney Miller . Mr. Brock . Miss Lee . Mrs. Wooten . Cassie Stuermer . Dru Zuber . lean Washburn . Miss Marshall . Miss Owsley . Toye Shaddix . Mosel Elliot . lirnmie Hood . lris Phillips . Rosemary Surman Why not? S. C. W.'s laziest girl Best dressed instruc Defective "Collie" Pipe Best secretary Noise "Hello, Honey" Dean ot Ladies Studebaker lane Robinson Accordian Appendicitis Flea-Flee Mumps Elevator imountain Dogs tor climber? Their meeting it was sudden, Their parting it was sad, She gave her young life meeklyg It was the only one she had. They buried her 'neath the daisies: Her rest is peaceful now- That's what always happens When a freight train meets a cow. Lord Erskine, at women presuming to rail, Calls a wife "a tin cannister tied to one's tail." And fair Lady Anne, while the talk carries on, Seems hurt at her Lordship's degrading comparison But Wherefore degrading? Considered all right- A cannister's useful-polished-bright. And should dirts its original beauty hide, 'Tis the fault of the puppy to whom it is tied. When he asked her to wed, "Go see father," she said. She knew that he knew that her father was dead. She knew that he knew what a lite he had led: She knew that he knew what she meant when she said, "Go see father." February 3, 1936. Dr. L. H. Moore, Education Department, Texas State College for Women, Denton, Texas. Dear Dr. Moore: Why, no professor, I will not accept that paper. You should have graded it and handed it back a week ago. Late work is never worth as much as Work handed back on time. And another thing-about that I know you can do much better it you'll really try. Get a good night's sleep before you start on the next set ot papers. With a little more concentration l'm sure you'd have given me an And while l'm thinking about it: l'll probably not be in class next Week, and on the following Monday, l'1l be a little late on account ot l'm get- ting my hair set for the next week-end: so don't call the roll until l get there. On second thought, maybe you'd better not call it at all on Monday. l've been very lenient with you, so try to appreciate this extra time l've given you. Sincerely yours, Anne Estes. CFFTI-IERECORD Bess Shield: I did all the work on properties in Fish Stunts, but I don't really care for any publicity about it. Ethel Levin: The reason I got Who's Who for Speech was because of the way I handled my lines in Post Road. Yetta Seden: I just hate everybody. No, I don't hate them, I just don't like anybody. People bore me. They don't have any sense, and most peaple don't carry on sensible conversations. Mary lane Cuckovitch: The reason I'rn a beautiful blonde is because I just am a beautiful blonde, because I had my hair fixed so I would be. Elizabeth Dolsenz I'm not really tired all the time: I just droop around so people will realize that I am puny and won't give me so much work to do. Phoebe Lou Sehman: The reason I'm so popular is because my sister built up a good reputation, and I'm still running on it. Mary Ann Walker: The reason I talk so much at mass meetings is because I want to run for a lot of offices next year, and I want a lot of people to get used to seeing me around. Virginia Walker: The reason I don't run for elections is because I'm a jour- nalism major, and just haven't time for such trivialities. Louise Bagwill: I'm really glad I am not going to be editor of next year's Lass-O because it would interfere with my Wednesday night dates, I'm afraid. Mary Walker: The reason I was not elected was because my roommate and I didn't want to take all the glory out of running. Edna Cook: The reason I got six blue slips was because no one ever wakes me up until noon every day. Dorris Garrett: The reason I didn't go to Norman with the journalism majors this year is because I was so "disorderly" at Baton Rouge in '35, Sue Harris: The reason I make all A's in art is because I'm so conscientious that the teachers just haven't the heart to give me anything else. Marjorie Lynn Collier: I'm glad that I didn't attend the mass meeting. So much noise and everything-and then too, I didn't want to take away any of Grace's votes. Christine Davis: The reason Miss Plunkett likes me so well is because I know all about the Church, School, and moral problems of Centah. I cannot keep my checkbook straight I find, to be quite frank, l'm much too lavish with myself And stingy with the bank. I had a little wooden whistle, But it wou1dn't Whistle I bought a steel whistle, But it still wouldn't whistle, U! M! So I bought a little tin whistle. gy . . . Now I tin whistle. M M-mm L50 DEFINITIONS 1 ,ffl A Pedestrian: A man who owns two cars and has a wife and daughter. BJ! X A home A place where one member of the family waits until another mem- yjikj brggr brings the car back. l I Wap! ' I coULDN'T if , if MO! - My parents told me not to smoke . . . I don't. Q X' ' 5JPNor listen to a dirty joke . . . I won't. X 1' -D ' They make it clear I mustn't wink MJ, If At pretty boys or even think of an intoxicating drink . . . I don't. O X67 ,yv'Wild Youth chases wine, women, and song. KJ A ,tx I chase no men-not even one. J fp XIX it V17 YouJvouldn't think I had much fun . . . I don't. K, mg ' AW" ---l " X N 'J ' K . x N Q5 Ii 'M Don't worry when you stumble: a worm is the only thing that can't fall down. XP -Il? yy if A l X OWL! C' IQ Dr. Palmer: Did you Write this report on my lecture, "The Curse of Whiskey?" C! Dorris Garrett: Yes, ma'am, I did. Dr. P.: Then kindly explain what you meant when you said, "The lecturer was evidently full of her subject." Dr. Ienison: Who made the first cotton gin? Libby Hare: Heavens! Are they making it out of that too? Elizabeth Tate: Have you heard the story that has been going around about Margaret Moulden? Virginia Neal Little: I-Ieard it! Why, honey, I started it. Anne Butler: Why is cream more expensive than milk? Ruth Alexander: Because it is harder for the cow to sit on the small bottles. 1 N' ' X ' 'Sv A " 1 " 2 4 . V A- I x V -,W :A 1' l I ' l Q ' I I ,. , -5 , r I '-'Q ,f 'J x ,1 Q ' N f . G lg ' !9Q!M!'w Hs fa 3' L, IN! N Q M' 1' I ' jc. 0 ' V f , loan 50 if 1 ' M- . Neal. Fczlm liclr aces DEAR DOROTHY: . 6 5 "On broad and rolling plains"-this C. l. A. campus-how many ' Su pairs of hose have you worn out? Get wise like your big sister and Q6 start looking for something serviceable, fashionable, and economical. Q.-Q Mutt's is featuring Se-Ling hosiery in all the new fall shades. And V you would like our anklets that are comfortable, and have that snug fitting top that assures you of staying above the S N heel. We have the ideal easiers for those tired, blis- Q v tered feet-straw slides-the college girl's life saver. 'V Drop in and slip your feet into a pair and glide over Q a cool floor. ' ls sister coming up soon? Have yours . a typical college room-one that will ' 4 , cause her to talk for hours about it. Amaze her with Mutt's striking Collegi- 1 .-- . S, E -J 3 A K' o o ' .J o ,o 1 T T l 7 4 ' I x J . . 3 LJ Q N ate curtains and twin bed spreads to ' , match. Have that horney atmosphere p with a small hooked rug or two in gala colors. Create that studious feeling with a table lamp-available in any size-just the color to harmonize with the rest of the room There are a jillion other things at Mutt's to make your winter quarters complete-things that you simply will adore. Let us dress up your uniforms-they will be a pleasure to wear with one of our scarfs . . . those charming triangles of silk, linen, or cotton in different shades. With a monogrammed handker- chief in your pocket-well, YOU will be the attractive C. l. A. student. Any of the girls in lVlutt's will delight in showing you the tricks of tying the different knots which make that Windsor tie unsurpassed for beauty. Mutt's is conveniently located right here on the campus . . . come in and chat with us . . . were interested in you. Try on our hats and dresses . . . you may be going to that S. M. U. game soon . . . open a charge account-make Mutt's your shopping center. Sincerely yours, ANNIE BETH COZART. HAVE YOU A MENTAL PICTURE OE Ruth Folse totaling Z47? Marian Moss out Wlthout Woodson? luanlta Webber minus brass buttons? Dr Stoker Wllh a lonq gray beard? Iohanna Streicher wrth a thouqht? The Hughes twins loafinq? Sltter Griffin with her mouth shut? Mary Scoates yelling? Mary lane Moore not making breaks in Assembly? Quita Sammons being able to see you without her specs? Irene Pyle with brown eyes? Elizabeth Dolsen a beauty? The Methodist Church not trying to ra1se money for something? Gladys Gardner saying Darn? Cluck s Studio letting you Walk out W1thout buylnq a picture? Kathleen Iohns with no lipstick on her teeth? Katherine Kirby outsrde of a telephone booth? Eloise Hawkins bald? Nelle Doyle? Lydia Vasek Without that ten-pound chain around her neck? Yourself last Wednesday at 1O:3O? Lucille Bruton Without a squeak? Marquerite Franklin with a hump? Floy Austen with a hair out of place? Evelyn Sibernaqel knock-kneed? Mr Turrentine taking advice? Marian Windham behind your countenance? Anne Simmons taking home economics? Anything? COMPLIMENTS OF P. E. M 0 R G Pl N CONTRACTING CO. BUILDERS or NEW UNDERCLASSMEN DoRM1ToR1Es EL PASO, TEXAS -ii-" FUTURE WIVES AND MOTHERS OF TEXAS Nineteen hundred forty-six Brings a class reunion which Reunites this Senior classe- Untold things have come to pass Which will be revealed to you As the classmates meet your view. As of old the tearoom stands For the shaking ot glad hands, And the hostess-our own Nell Greets the guests to wish them well. Some have gathered early there To be sure to get a chair. There is music to begin From Mozel's own violin. ln the ten years she has won Honors coming on the run. Mozel plays the violin Our ace athlete, Mary lane, Comes as sunlight after rain, Beaming with a hClpDY smile To be free for this short while Of her charge, a winsome child Whom she teaches virtues mild. All the way from Timbucktoo Little Gladys has been through Every missionary town Coming home with great renown, For a meager classmate tea- And new word of the NAVY. Farmer Doyle with wife and twins Brings a hayseed friend who wins Prompt approval when he plays For the twins to dance a phrase. Iournalism still is found Driving Iennie out to pound Dirty pavements in her search For that ad to save the lurch. Frantically our Anna Lou Tears her hair as press men do. And our Helen with her fan, Which she waves as Sally can, Still is pleading that we pay For the formal right away. By her side there always sat Elaine Galli Curci Pratt, Who is soon to sing for you Of the sunrise and the dew. All are much surprized to see Honoring this humble tea Donnie with her beauty's fame Who has won a movie name. Her French maid attends her well, lt's our own Mary Lavelle. From the army, trim and fair, Dorris shows no sign of care. ln her uniform of blue She has a surprise for you. Her small daughter, army bred, Dances with a soldier's tread. Mary lo does a military tap Annie Mae could just run in On a hurried little spin On her way to her vacation, At a meeting of relation. All the guests discuss at length Lucile Bruton's sudden strength. Modern Samson she can tear lron bars at the County Fair Three of our most lyric stars Drive about in gorgeous cars To the great broadcasting station Which was long their destination. lust a modest triolet- Quite hot cha-but that you'll get. The trio-Martha, Veva, Emma and Toye-sings. As the evening brings an end To the tea, and guests must wend Their way homeward from the fun, There is left a single one Dance which must be given here- From the bowry fresh as beer. These young dancers long aspired To be honored and admired For their great creative dance. Give this Manor girl a glance As she takes her ex-roommate lean-her partner-for her date. Manor and lean dance, This breaks up the tea indeed. Classmates find no longer need To retain their dignity. Everyone at last feels free To slap many on the back With the old C. I. A. smack. Sure as fate despite their plea They have come at last to be Future wives and mothers of This old state we all do love. . t t 1 - V 1 W Q 1 4 1 H Q Pardon me, may I trouble you for thdt duck? THE PURPLE COW I never saw a purple cow never hope to see one But I can tell you anyhow Id rather see than be one' BARRING A BONE OR TWG Glrls when they went out to swlm Once dressed l1ke Mother Hubbard Now they have a dlfferent whtm They dress more hke her cupboard A sultan at odds wrth hrs harem Thought ot a way he could scare em So he caught hun a rnousew Turned lt loose ln the house Thus startlng the flrst harem scarem Then there was the tune when Yetta Seden spent the mghl wlth Martha lay Wlnn and when the hostess who was readmg a book cl1d not turn the hght off at a decent hour MISS Seden rather sleeprly ralsecl her head and a thought came out of rt She sp1ed an envelope and not deslrlng to wake the hostess tore a small corner oft ln order to tell what t1me 1t was the followmg mornmg A man admlres the woman who can make h1m thmk but he keeps away from her He hkes the woman who makes h1m laugh but grows t1red of her He loves the woman who hurts h1m and grows to hate her He marr1es the grrl who flatters hun I used to be as good as gold or practlcally that My mother never had to scold her preclous httle brat Every evenmg at her knee I prayed for further pur1ty I w1sh that hte could always stay as srmple and as neat As m those envlable days of toast and cream of wheat And 1t could be that way agam by Just ehmmatrng men 1 1 . 1 . . 11 11 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I . , . 1 , . 1 PRESIDENT I-IUBBARD PRESENTING AWARD CBefore Microphonel Now you girls take your seats and I'll present the award. Now we have three places here-first place, second place, and third place. tAudience claps.l I want to thank you girls for working so hard in this contest, and I want all of you to be good losers. Remember, we can't all win. l know that some of you will be a little hurt, but you can smile and never show it. Now the third prize winner-just a minute, here's an announcement. We are going to have another contest just like this one next year. tAudience claps.l And we want it to be bigger and better than this one. We ought to have twice the number of girls who were on the stage this morning. After all, out of a student body this size, we should have three times this many. Since we are the largest woman's college in the world taudience clapsl, we ought to show them. And now, the awards. The third place winner is-being given the third prize for her excellent subject delivered this morning. The judges elected her be- cause, and so forth. Say, Dean White, what about that announcement on absence slips. Now, girls, on Thursday, we are going to have a big all-college picnic, and we want all of you to be there. CAudience claps feebly.l This award, now. Say, maybe I had better announce the first prize winner first. Now, this young lady has written a beautiful poem which she delivered in the contest. The judges have awarded her the cup on the basis of enuncia- tion, pronunciation, etc. CGrand climaxj tAudience is exhausted? Will Miss Tucker come forward, please? . Mavis Clymer . Ima Nell Still . Fadoo Richards . Gwen Lewis . Mary Margaret CAN YOU MATCH 'EM Tucker Patterson Sisters Fred Waring Yucca Bus. Mgr. S. C. W.'s best loser Secretary . Also-Rans Snapshots of self 43. Rivers Oliphint Family Resemblance . Archibald Eyes . Dr. Ashburn . Sarah Everhart . Ann l-Iughston . Bunny Howard 3850.00 Norris Russell Winnie Mae Most Eligible Bachelor 0 THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO THOSE WHO ABE THE BBUNT OE OTHEB PEOPLE'S IOKES AND WHO TAKE IT ON THE CHIN AND KEEP LOOKING UN- TIL THEY FIND SOMETHING IUST AS BAD ABOUT SOIVIE- BODY ELSE. -JIJEIL ll qw .1 in :H l- - Q i' 91 If Llou CAN Tgo AVELIIQ ,,'l'hl P ON The AD Buulmnn 5TAms '59-'-':.-'-'1 : 1 -xr- ON MEN-GET A LOAD OF THIS Men are what Women marry: Some have two hands, two feet, and some- times two wives, but never more than one idea or one dollar at a time. lf you smile at one, he thinks you are flirting with him: if you don't, he labels you a flat tire. lf you let him kiss you, he labels you "fast"-and he wishes you were more reserved, but if you don't, he seeks consolation in someone that Will. lf you flatter him, he thinks you are silly-if you do not, he thinks you do not understand him or appreciate him. lf you think of love and romance, he jumps to the conclusion that you are aching to marry him, and if you don't, he thinks you don't believe in it. If you are a vampire, he is scared of you: if you are good he doesn't like you. lf you smoke, he doesn't want you top if you don't, he thinks you are a mamrna's girl. If you drink, he thinks you are hard, if you don't, he gets a girl who will. lf you go out with other men, he thinks you are fickle. If you don't, he thinks no one wants you. Men are like Turkish cigarettes, all made of the same thing-some are a little better disguised than others. Generally speaking, men may be divided into three classes: husbands, bachelors, and widowers. Making a husband out of a man requires science, common sense, hope, faith and brains Cespecially plenty of brainsl. lt is a psychological marvel how a sweet, fluffy-haired, violet-scented little thing like a woman could kiss a big awkward, rum-smelling, cigarette-smoking thing like a man! Another thing: If you wear gay clothes and rouge, he hesitates to take you out. If you wear a tailoredbrown suit, he takes you, but sits and stares all evening at some woman in gay clothes and rouge. A man is just a worm in the dust. He comes along, and after a while, some chicken gets him. MCDRE Pl-IILSOPHY Eat very little pork and veal, Don't stay up late at night, Refrain from drinking at a meal And never get too tight. Don't smoke too many cigarettes Or eat too many pies: Don't get familiar with strange men Or fail to exercise. Be sparing of light wines and beers, Don't drink your coffee strong And you may not live ninety years But it will seem that long! AT LEAST ONE IN EVERY CROWD Sophomores, wearing Alpha Lambda Delta pins, who rush into the P. O., saying, "Oh, I just know I'm going to get a blue slip." Those who have so much to do. CWhat about the rest ot us?l IEAN WASI-IBURN. People who think that they are Moon Children. "WEENIE" CALDWELL. Long sleeved poplins and chambrays. T. C. Boys. Crepe I-Iangers, ELAINE PRATT. Then there is the old-fashioned sissy who has to ask her mother first. I-IELEN MILWEE. MARGARET CAILLET who always lacks just five cents to make a dollar. Students who think the campus is a place to throw all their trash. People who sing Alma Mater instead of the Doxology. GEOR- GIANNA PACE. Mr. McLeod: What would I have to give you for just one little kiss? joy I-Iawley: Chlorotorml 1 4 Mixing names and faces is just a pastime with the Annual staff. This time you mix your own. fa? 4 ltr- i r . ..-1 I- -sw,:..',-. V List:-g -Q. , "We hate to do this Mr. Turrenttne, but We'Ve just got to see how these sensory nerves operate." wj"QZ'," .' . gf, , 4. ,-,-V.'-.,.:-,.f:-f.-Lg-Z1.'f31:5m3:2153??sg1,fL-245544-57, .-3-L---EI :,-., 1 - . ,, . - - . . Wg 9.,-.s.y::-.e:.,-g-.f.:tfsw.-,-V.,.,f.g.ff-I'zv.'L':,'z-if 1.-1:f.gv2zv,-..?2g:i4'f--1.1--1552-'feisioki vge.:-okaigffff.21112:-3,1 .-1-'41, 1,55 'fm-M 7,-, . . 1 . "9 C '--ffvvic-ml-eazsicfze'15--:rw W' V35 fmffvzQ1?l1f:fe:e:fe:2f44:1-fcwv wwwwf '-1-vf:2:.:1Qx4+aSP4fvis-1'-'im-'ff 'Q 1 'O' X-' Q' -'f 0. 26:57 '-:-ga:-:gf-ri.-nga -y..'?N'1,wPv ' mf --if 'Q ' . -a- '-0 45'w '-f' 4-:wk 219 mf?" ' ?7'f",:"'ff-0 91? 'P'-2 if wwe" 0695. -' .. gf ' .- fgyfv f Q ' 4 evam-:gen1rgs1,wQ.f45Q.'.x.eQqfaq4qv24Q3sgsafsaaa-fggaiaiswufeu wg? Q61 av :fa f 1 1 .fl , ffl Q 9 if' I 9 Awe-rgvfwvw-ways 0.a'f.2af:-fwf-me-Kwwwi - - 9 yy? 'UI 'fwll ff fl . I f Q, ' Qvqlvg 95 fda-away-av3v' at-X645nee?-4:1:lane-ii-.----wi' Sw? ies-AS Qu .W U A41 41141 . v A og S 69Q99-Q-.aw-.fgxexp0--wmwfmfas:w:.a'wra--. 4-2-Q1 ,fe 1'-v1wa.nf , - - , 41 ff f I a ' vs Webb-vevww-w w s ' ful' 1 ' 006 0' Xfw-wmsfaas ff.-:.-. ,. a , ., f . ' - , . X S 49 X 4819 dh-v 5.4195-.J'-1 ,ff A I . X x 9998.1 v Q-. -1hmM.-.Q-.f-.:- e-wg:f.Mm4. Z If 1 M 1 ?- x L X - ,OOQ QQ-w"YgSa-ehwaismwzsf'-f-- -. 0 Qi 'L ? X X X Y X v'9 www -Q-:fvwm!!a-fkfgfrf-: 1-'Wai-:-hw . , f A f M ' i X . , N Q! '-wi!-as-r-mmf, '- V-'aefya-:wmv,,.' ff X K Weenie: ' lvi3iv:G'w'Hu Yin' X . f XXN-'dizf-:se24e1.Qrw -195355.55540 ' ' Q 3wb5Qf:3aaskQzQ--:r:-W R I V' " ' with e OOe43"6'92aw1-faf2'fSivf- Q4 -, "ll I ff? gv,?3'w .. , ,. .,....J-Q QV nemsrme f s A e ' - 0 F 'C E Q +. f f - 96'-:-a-31'3f! , Q f 'QS' 0 ' X N E WA V O N 7 Q23-L if Y'u.".fQ5 5 'Q Q I O T f 2- -N ,f.,v.-9.fr.a.1ivQ x 4 - 4 ' N Q p, 0 u- - - - - Nyc'- u'x' w":-.,- A , a A 4 Q f.,,,w ,T,..,:T,f,7 l .f ...V N - . . e V , 4 -.-- . -gg . Q- f 'px ,,. ,:1,eA3eAgAgx,,. . ,, -,.- - -' A ""' ' I , ,L,,,,,..- ....-.2--0 ' wwvsaf N Svfavmywwfffff W0 -, - 2' 4 W"?bT'2h3E!:Q - X 5 ' peg.. e if gal 2','..'-151-15, 'W ff P' Q . I 1 . V. , V, ,f ' f f' 1335? ?ff'hfmWZ f27MMWWlWd-Ziff 4 r'.f'M . "vc: f , FEE-v 5 X I Ein., p 5-Q 2225 ' . W? E51 , 4 2 53544 ""f"E"I fr- .. Em-.lerru N , .1 ,7 - lv I . un-nu Wxfg flag if l ' ,. l ., 1- mn- --nw lax .1 f , -' ' qs V ha da -fs xD: ff' gm. ln- .nh :gel aaa: be ,y V nf X '-'QQ :-' fn- I 12- . I 1 zyhlsz . U K- Uni at sg '4 X W yjjff . ' '21 V .2Z':1'- , 'EG 414 KY- 6 FQ -izlv 4 12:55 1 I H" be 5'-ff' "F ,, " ' ' - Iss.: H I I. IW 2,3 , if 1. , if 'T-R' I C afigai.. "H ' ' Q H Z! vm' x .JP-fe. ilfifl' - I X 3 ...wwf , pu- QV. ,. - J f --,rv Q, - ,.j.' EU. '.,f 0 1- J! l . Q., 1 f . :fa A ,lfffff ff ,l if fi 4- Wu- ' . .v I r Q. ' 1 2 ' if . 4 Xa 1 fa 96 - ... vf . q.. -A ' F15 , n.. QI 4, vel, ,,...n,..f, ---.X , , 0 - M nf A. . P JI "I, A . . ' ', flvaihz 'ea 'Riff N 1 ,f '- K ' V' ,Qlhlfg , .W4 59- YK '.... . 'Tl if ' l . il I I'l:'i:'j - 0'Wl'N nasfmee N '5 V - ,:..1- ,MM 7 .f 'H' L lm L-P '44, 3 "' ' X ..., ,1. .491 1 " - - " I :'2':...:sa1:r,. ' ,A ' wi- l sea' me- if gif 0 . , . WL' H 2 221 :fx-1 3 V ' A," i " - --, . I 1 . 1, ni Z- . Elf 0- .4 affi ne- J , ' ., 'QM - if: Hi' 15:1 Q f ' 5 LC 5' " I 341' -r-EEL 135' G 33 . " 1 Wi? 0' "' ' xi :i75?iL Z' ff W4 . 4 lliyv. , ng, Ly 43.5 Q f-fn-asgr.-ff ,.f-' ,,, If - I 'v 1 1 f '. , V . . W :v!I'1l 403 71222122-1? ff' .AZ - 15. .y51l' '13, Q ,,f.52f:Z?,i"ff Y, .,f. ff-w, ' , 1 -HM 42:0 .ff fun ... 2 hm: 2.4: "" 155' T- .gm elm' s'S5!'H f 4+ W ' El mf' as 4 Www W HM E522' -ff T-9,2122-, lv! 5 N 'flip "3" 'r?:QE J 'f'.5'i"6"70 " Inq: Q, 5 ,M f N , 4 ii' 1 .W 5523? 'ia l,- . ' 11.5.5 . p e. f Wflllwwm .--M 4 f' ,. S 1 a- ' , E342-,Si x f ' .gg I 4 ::?,,- ' 1' 4' ' ' 4 v:?52L'5E2i?if-f 2 1 .-.f ' . f ' ' , . riff. '22 ififffiiigiiiiifyd V-1 .. A 4' , 'E-"" Wx W I - ,rr ' . .za-12 f if 1 ., . 2? X '-gx U? -,izlijig 5" 5 - Q 4 1 4 . 4.u.n.z:2-Iof:gZ4jnS,e9v,n '.4.,, ga A 1 ' 0 ' , A 40 I ma , , 4 0 ,.4, I ,VJ - - , "4-"4rfM:a:af...., ,Q I f ff Q I t I 929 , .T N ' ffrkeiizfaff- e 'i .5 f ' f 'Q f - ' f- U .K 'Qf-9 I 4' fire 4' 5i:5Q.5,.g. . mg ' ., 4 600 7,1 X k "- , -Qi!! fi! iwfeakziii - 1 W jv . X9 -' - 0 -- I 4 Viz'-Q':?5zs!5EW+' - . .f 0 'g, - . Z 'fr ' ff . sQ?i" " f2ef1 , -. . - - - 'Q' 'ff ,.,,,f-4:u'Q4 vm . .-A , f,K,QK36! f . f i.ffifcifiisrafa3fLlZg5f73Z"?'f?5?5Vl 'F-5?-ei'-fb :Qff 59- X1 .sg ,, ' 1 X . W"-wwf' - 1' - 1 Look, Mother sa1d please excuse these cuts so I can come home a Week early for the holidays." WOULD YOU MIND TELLING THE REST OE US WHO SELECTED YOUR MAIOR CHRISTINE DAVIS MARGUERITE FRANKLIN? SARAH BARROW? ELEANOR EIDSON? NELL DOYLE CAROL PETERMAN? ROSE BROWN? MARY SCOATES? SARAH HAYDEN? GWENDOLYN LEWIS? LOUISADELLE COX? HELEN WOLLNER? GARLAND CLAWSON? MAVIS BLOUNT? EDNA COOK BONNIE HESTER? MARCILE PLETTN ER? MARGARET IACKSON? I ANE MCDADE? MARGUERITE KELTZ? THE REAL LITTLE THEATER CLUB PRESIDENT FRANCES IOHNSON MASCOT IANE MCDADE BEST HEROINE CRICKET CRUMP BEST HERO DONNIE DONOHO POLICY: Show all other speech majors how to czci. REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: Know all there is to know about everything. AN APPRECIATION THIS ANNUAL Bound in on AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO. DALLAS, TEXAS On fhe Brcacll BOTH SERVE QUALITY BOTH WISH THE GRADUATING CLASS SUCCESS IN LIFE ORIGINAL C. I. A. STORE LAMB-WHITSON FOOD PRODUCTS, INC. GENUINE FRIENDSHIP For the College, a personal pride in its growth, an interest in its activities, a sincere wish for the success of every stu- dent, are expressed in the at- titude of the officers and em- ployees of the DENTON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK DEPOSITORY FOR COLLEGE mber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporationl DUKE ci AYRES 5c to SLOO Stores We invite C. I. A. faculty, stu- dents, and friends to make our store headquarters While in town. We specialize in the small merchandise rnost people need. Visit our store often. DUKE CS AYRES, INC DENTON HELEN'S SHOP Art and School Supplies-Gifts, Stationery, Books, Music coMPLiMENTs or F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. l '-'gr V 1 W N 'THHHE RUN QCQMHPANY Atkins, Kate, Fresh., Denton y, lvey, Ir., Wells STUDENT DIRECTORY A Abbott, Melva, lr., Mart Abrams, Genevieve, Fresh., Dallas Abshier, Geraldine, Fresh., Liberty Acton, Ftichardine, Fresh., lasper Adair, Margaret, Soph., Dallas Adair, Mattie F., Sr., Blum Adams, Mrs. I. O., Sr., Denton Adams, Katheryn, Fresh., Heck Canyon, N. M. Adams, Lucy, lr., Denton Adams, Mary Frances, lr., Paris Adrain, luanita, Fresh., Grand Saline Akard, Hazel, Fresh., Grapevine Akins, Bonnie B., Denton Alberts, Annie L., Fresh., Denison Albertson, Marian E., Grad., Vernon Alderman, Mae Catherine, Soph., Fairfield Alexander, Anna, Soph., Bastrop Alexander, Margaret L., Fresh., Plainview Alexander, Ruth, Fresh., Seymour Alkire, lean, Fresh., Ennis Allbright, Mary Kate, Fresh., Dublin Allen, Annie Lee, lr., Waco Barron, Kathryn, Fresh., Center Allen, Ethelyn, Fresh., Hamlin Allen, Eunice, Grad., Denison Allen, Florine, Sr., Goree Allen, Lois, Sr., Goree Allen, Sue, Sr., Hillsboro Allen , Frances, Fresh., Denton Almond, Frances, Sr., Troup Alsup, lanyl, Soph., Hutchins Altman, Dorothy lane, Fresh, Sherman Alvis, Frances, Soph., Oklahoma City Alvord, Beryl, Ir., Houston Amis, Sue Fern, Fresh., Berino, N. M. Anders, Grace, Soph., Beaumont Anderson, Anna Lou, Fresh., Ftoyse City Anderson, Athol, Fresh., Corpus Christi Anderson, Betty, Soph., Marshall Anderson, Hilda Mae, Soph., Sour Lake Anderson, Marion, Soph., Deport Atherton, Laura Belle, Soph., Denton Atherton, Laura Belle, Sr., Denton Atkeison, Virginia Bess, Soph., Munday Atkins, Mrs. Horace, lrreg., Denton Ottaway, One Lee, lr., Fort Worth Austin, Floy, Soph., Olney Avent, Oline, Fresh., Delhi, La. Avis, Helen, lr., Wichita Falls Ayers, Harriett, Fresh., Houston B Baggett, Nina, Sr., Holland Baggett, lva, lr., Cleburne Bagwell, Louise, lr., Plano Bagwell, Estelle, Fresh., Claude Bailes, Ella Mae, Sr., Tyler Bailey, Corinne, Fresh., San Angelo Bailey, Marcie E., Fresh., Denison Baines, Ruth, Ir., San Antonio Baker, Christine, Fresh., Webster Baker, Dorothy, Fresh., Freeport Baker, Gladys, lr., Denton Baker, Ruth Mae, Sr., Temple Baker, Gladys, Fresh., Prosper Ball, Margaret, lr., Cleburne Ballard, Pinabelle, Ir., Denton Banfield, Lois, Ir., El Campo Barber, Marie, Ir., Memphis, Texas Barfield, Iris, Fresh., Galveston Bargmann, Elizabeth, Sr., Gonzales Barham, Margaret Elizabeth, Fresh., Vernon Barksdale, Mary Lucile, Soph., Dallas Barnaby, Clarine, Sr., Waco Barnett, Grace Evelyn, Sr., Palacios Burnett, Helen, Soph., Denton Barnett, lulia, Soph., Beckville Barns, Mary Ann, Fresh., Denton Barrett, lessie Curtice, Fresh., Waco Beard, Berneale, Soph., Denton Beard, Doris Florine, Soph., Dallas Beard, Margueritte, Ir., Dallas Beard, Beasle Evelyn, Fresh., Denton Beasley, Marjorie lo,, Soph., Wichita Falls Beazley, Anna Claire, Soph., San Angelo Beck, Eileen, lr., Beaumont Beck, Mary Catherine, lr., Winfield Beeman, Gwendolyn, Soph., Denton Bell, Helen Laverne, Soph., Beaumont Bell, Nan Elizabeth, Soph., Tioga Bellville, Esther, Fresh., Dallas Belman, lean, lr., Uvalde Benbrook, Erma, Fresh., Fairfield Bender, Mary Elizabeth, Soph., Mt. Calrn Bennett, Clara, Soph., Brownsville Bennett, Ethel Alene, Sr., New Braunfels Bennett, Viva Fay, Fresh., Damon Benoit, Herma, Sr., New Braunfels Bentley, Lois lo, Soph., Denton Berry,AOla, Fresh., Hillsboro Berry, Gladys, Fresh., Melissa Berry, Norma, lr., Abilene Berry, Opal, lr., Denton Anderson, Virginia, Soph., Ouernado Anderson, Walter, Fresh., Kountze Andrews, Margaret, Fresh., Waco Andrews, Ruth, lrreg., Milwaukee, Wis. Armen, Armenia, Fresh., Milford Armstrong, Fay, Soph., Elbert Armstrong, Lida Belle, Ir., Wharton Armstrong, May, Soph., Greenville Armstrong, Mildred, Fresh., Cleburne Arnim, Crystal, Soph., Corpus Christi Arnim, Doris, Fresh., Moulton Arnold, Frances, Grad., Greenville Arnold, Carolyn, Fresh., Henderson Arthurs, Emma lean, Soph., Cotton Plant, Ark. Ashburn, Frances, Soph., Denton Ashworth, Mary, Fresh., Canton Aspley, Georgiana, Soph., Denison Aston, Blanche, Soph., Vernon Atcheson, Edith, Fresh., Graham Atchley, Frieda, Fresh., Kirkland Ater, Velma, Sr., Roscoe Barron, Sue, Sr., Center Barrow, Sarah, Sr., Quinlan Barrow, Zoe, Ir., Quinlan Bartels. Bartels, Bartlett Evelyn, Soph., Needville Sonja, Fresh., Taft , Ianette, Fresh., Rice Barton, limmie Clarice, lr., Denton Barton, Marguerite, Fresh., Denton Barton, Vera, Sr., Denton Baskin, Myra Virginia, Fresh., Frankston Bass, Maggie Lee, Fresh., Durant, Okla. Bates, Bethel, Soph., Shreveport, La. Battle, Eunice, Fresh., Mont Belvieu Baugh, Baxter, Baxter, Baucum, lane, Soph., Longview Elisabeth, Fresh., Temple Dorothy, Fresh., Eldorado lean, Soph., Denton Baxter, Zetta, Fresh., Uvalde Bays, Marie, lr., Argyle Beach, Constance, Spec., Denton Beaman, Lillian Frances, lr., Houston Bevans, luanita, Sr., Bonham Beville, Margaret, Sr., Petty Biggs, Dorothy, lr., Monroe, La. Bishop, Beulah Frances, Fresh., Giddings Bishop, Olivia, lr., San Antonio Bishop, Leah, Sr., Calvert Bishop, Oleitha Dell, Fresh., I-laslett Bivins, lane, Soph., Amarillo Black, Evelyn, Fresh., Ft. Stockton Blackburn, Lucile, Soph., Shamrock Blackburn, Virginia, Soph., Victoria Blair, Virginia Ruth, Fresh., lustin Blake, Norma, lr., Mt. Vernon Blakeney, Ann, Soph., Ferris Blanchard, Etta, Fresh., Dallas Blankenship, Helen, Soph., Mineola Blankenship, Lucile, lr., Wills Point Blanks, Kittie Frances, Sr., Denton Blanton, Betty, Fresh., Carrollton Blanton, Lucille, Fresh., Tolar Blaylock, Mary, Fresh., Dallas Bledsoe, Lucille, Ir., Goldthwaite Blewet, Lucille, Fresh., Denton Blohm, Dorothy lean, Fresh., Shiver Blount, Mavis, Sr., Palestine Blozek, Pauline, Soph., College Station Boaz, Iuliette, Fresh., Bridgeport Bolin, Charlotte, Fresh., Daingerfield Bolling, lean, Sr., Edna Bolton, Alice Wade, Fresh., Sour Lake Bolton, lean, Grad., Denton Bone, Nell, Sr., Fort Worth Boone, Lida, Soph., Dallas Boone, Sally, Fresh., Leesville, La. Boothe, Addie Belle, Soph., Cuero Booth, Marietta, Sr., Fort Worth Boswell, Fredrieka, Fresh., Fort Worth Bounds, Annie Laura, Sr., Wortham Bowden, Dorothy, Soph., Amarillo STUDENT DIRECTORY Bounds, Emma, Soph., Wortham Bowers, Sibyl, Soph., Eddy Bowling, Ruth, Sr., Bonham Bowman, Edra, Fresh., Berino, N. M. Boyce, Charlotte Lorraine, Sr., Runge Boyd, Audria, lrreg., Denton Boyd, Dixie Ray, Fresh., Springer, N. M. Buftington, Lillian, Sr., Anderson Bullock, Frances, Soph., Sulphur Springs Carter Bernice Fresh Waco Carter Louise Soph Dallas Bumgarner, Hazel, Ir., lustin Bunch, Neva, Fresh., Bay City Bunyard, Ierienne, Fresh. Crawford Burdette, Dora, Fresh., Denton Burdette, Evelyn, Fresh., Denton Burdick, Ardinelle, Fresh. Coleman Cartwright Letress lr Big Sandy Carver Alice Soph Farmersville Casad Gertrude Fresh Canutillo Casad Margaret Ir Canutillo Case Beatrice Fresh Overton Cason Ruth Fresh Cleburne Boyd, Mary Kay, Soph., Denton Boyd, Ruth, Ir., Grandview Boyd, Wanda, Soph., Denton Bozeman, Frances, Fresh., McKinney Bradford, Florice, Fresh., Sweetwater Bradley, Elsa, Fresh., Holland Bradshaw, Lu Dora, Soph., Weatherford Bragg, Lee, Soph., Amarillo Brainard, Peggy, Soph., Artesia, N. M. Branch, Mary Frances, Soph., Miami Brandes, Ossie Lee, lr., East Bernard Brant, Theda, Fresh., Waco Burger, Kathryn, Fresh., Houston Burgess, Cleopatria, Fresh., McKinney Burgess, Helen, Soph., Ft. Worth Burke, Gertrude, Sr., Denton Budke, Madeline, Soph., Denton Burnette, Barbara, Soph., San Antonio Burns, Daisy, Soph., Denton Burns, Elizabeth, Fresh. Tenaha Burns, Evie Ruth, Sr., Timpson Burroughs, Marjorie, Sr., Sanger Burrus, Constance, Fresh. Ysleta Burt, Anne, Soph., Farmersville Cason Maryl Soph Cason Cecil Corinne Grad Denton Cely Kitty W Soph Del Rio Chadwick lane Fresh Carthage Chambers BonH Soph Wichita Falls Chambers L Elizabeth lr Sweetwater Chambers Mary A Soph Lovington N M Chambers Mattie Fresh Lovington N M Chambers Thelma Sr Elkhart Chance Iamesana Fresh Eastland Chandler Dorothy Ir Denton Chandler Geraldine Fresh Weslaco Breazeale, Beulah, Soph., Crockett Breihan, Elizabeth, Ir., Kerrville Brasler, Martha Lee, Soph., West Brewer, Bettye, Fresh., Dall Brewer, lean Ladine, Fresh., Breckenridge Brice, Lella Ruth, Fresh., Camden Brickey, Ianice Prather, Grad., Denton Briggs, Sue, Fresh., Seymour Brim, Sarah, Soph., Sulphur Springs Brindley, Iohnnie, Sr., Clarksville Broadhead, Louise, Fresh., El Paso Brodnax, Frances, Fresh., Mexia Broussard, luana, Fresh., Center Point Browder, Lorene, Fresh., Memphis, Tenn. Burt, Muriel, Sr., Smithville Butler, Anne, Fresh., Beeville Butler, Etta I., Sr., Houston Butler, Grace, Ir., Terrell Buttler, Thelma, Sr., Sabinal Button, Button, Buttrill, Buttrill, Buxton, Lois, Soph., Denton Thelma Mae, Fresh. Denton Iennie, Fresh., Itasca Leta, lr., Itasca Losina Lee, Fresh. Houston Chaney Edith Soph Dallas Chaney Lois Fresh Dallas Chapin Barbara Sr Petrolia Chapman Vera Ir Denton Charlton Alyce Soph San Antonio Cherry Audrey Fresh Newgulf Childress Leta Fresh Grand Saline Christian lrene Fresh Waco Christian KittyB Soph Dallas Christopher Evelyn Soph Dallas Brown, Bess, Soph., Bryan Brown, Eleanor, Ir., Wink Brown, Gladys Ruth, Soph., Floydada Brown, Kathleen, Fresh., Argyle Brown, Lola Mae, Sr., Denton Brown, Margaret, Fresh., Sanger Brown, Rose Louise, Irreg., Denton Brown, Sheba E., Fresh., San Antonio Browning, Constance, Sr., Knox City Broyles, Iohnnie, Soph., Electra Broyles, Mildred, Fresh., Electra Bruck, Esther, Fresh., Waco Bruck, Margaret, Fresh., Waco Brurnley, Dorothy, Fresh., Parnpa Brundrette, Verna, Soph., Rockport Bruton, Mary Virginia, Fresh., Dallas Bruton, Lucile, Sr., Lovelady Bryant Bryant, Bryant Bryant, , Frances, Ir., Denton Martha, Fresh., Vtfhitewright , Nova Edith, Fresh., Denton Violet Lee, Fresh., Dallas Buchannan, Dell, Fresh., Saratoga Buchannan, Wilma Grace, lr., Weatherford Buchannan, Evelyn, Fresh., Belton Buck, Mrs. Doris, Grad., Seymour Buckelew, Iosephine, Sr., Barstow Buckelew, Marjorie I., Fresh., Barstow Buell, Marion, Soph., Roanoke Bufiington, Beverly, Soph., Anderson . , ., . , .f ' I I 'I I I I I 'I I I I I .I ' I I 'I ' . ., ., , , A, I 'I 'I A U I If -I 1 I - I I I I 'I 1 I ' . , .. , , -, , . . ., I V I -I I I I -I I I I If ' I I II I , , ., , . ., I I I I 'I U I L I ' 'I -I I I I I QI Clair, Virginia, Fresh., Wichita Falls Byfield, llla Marie, Fresh., Llano Clark, BillC1 lou, Fresh., Arp I I I 'I Q I I I I 'I I I 'I I , . -, - C , . .. ' I l I 'I 7 :I -I I . , ., . . ., I I 'I l I v I 'I I ' . . ., . ., ., I I I 'I , , .. l I I 'I . I p I I ol I I 'I 'I I l I l l -I -I I I 4 I -I ' Byars, Annie Mae, Fresh., Dallas Bynum, Mrs. Arles, Grad. Denton Byrnes, Audrey Olive, Fresh. Houston Cabel, Omega, Soph., Ft. Worth Caillet, Margaret, Ir., Dallas Calliet, Marie, lr., Dallas Calame, Iosephine, Fresh., Wortham Caldwell, Frances, Fresh., Corpus Christi Caldwell, Elizabeth, Soph., Perryton Caldwell, Rowena, Soph., Stamford Calleway, Lillian, Fresh., Ada, Okla Callicut, Rachel, Soph., San Antonio Callaway, Ann, Soph., Hughes Springs Calvert, Iulia, Fresh., Tyler Camp, Grace, Ir., Monroe, Wash Camp, Marion, Sr., Denison Campbell, Lelia, Sr., Bettie Candler, Odelene, lr., Coleman Cannon, Henrietta, Soph., Madisonville Cardwell, Annaloyd, Ir., Denton Cardwell, Cornelia, Fresh., Palo Pinto Carey, Louise, Fresh., Celina Carmack, lo Marie, Fresh., Clovis, N. M Carmichael, Nell, Ir., Clayton Carrico, Helen, Fresh., San Antonio Carrington, Mary Ella, Soph., Mart Carroll, Oletta, Soph., Waco Carson, Margaret, Soph., Dallas Clark Clark Clark Clark Lela Faye Ir Cisco Earnestine Soph Dallas Mary Iean Fresh Canadian Mary Ruth Sr Ft Worth Clawson Garland Ir Longview Cleary Nellie Fresh Galveston Clonts Evelyn Soph Thornton Cloud Inez K Soph Boling Clower Margaret Ir Dallas Clymer Mavis lr Denison Cobb DorothyG Fresh Nixon Cobb Frances Soph Grandview Cobler Louise Fresh Collinsville Cochran Elma Soph Houston Cochran MargaretE Soph Sweetwater Coffman Stella Fresh Nocona Cogdell DorothyH Ir Mexia Cogdell Iohnnie Fresh Denton Coit Catherine Fresh Richardson Cole Becky Fresh Medicine Mound Cole Hazel Fresh Sherman Cole Lucille Ir Pampa Coleman Katherine Soph Denton Coll Marion R Fresh Artesia N M Collier Frances Ir Cleburne Collier Katherine Ir Denton Collier MargaretA Soph Marlin Collier Marior1eL Ir Denton Collier Martha Sr Petty Collins Catherine Soph Cisco Collins Clara Mae Ir Austwell STUDENT DIRECTORY Collins Elizabeth Soph Clyde Collins Mildred Fresh Corsicana Compton Iuanda Fresh Denton Compton Myrtle V Sr Lipan Cone Charlotte Fresh Wellington Connelley HelenR Sr Wichita Falls Conner SarahR Fresh Dallas Cook Cook Cather1nC Soph Stephenville Edna Fresh Ft Worth Cock Kathleen Soph Frankston Cook Mary Elizabeth Ir Stephenville Cook Odessa Ir Dallas Cooke Alva Lee Ir Corpus Christi Cooke MaryM Fresh Denison Coon Louise lr Terrell Coonrad Marikathryn Sr Denton Cooper Agnes Evelyn Fresh Lockney Cooper Doris Pat Fresh San Angelo Cooper Floy Soph Denton Cooper Helen Fresh Dallas Cooper Wilma Sr Denton Cope Vernelle Soph Denton Copp Dora Sr Denton Corban Frances Sr Tyler Carry King Ir Timpson Cottrell Lucille Sr Guion Covington Iackie Fresh Wmnsboro Cowan Lucy Ann Sr McKinney Cowan Pauline Sr Denton Cowan Saral. Sr Temple Cowden EddieB Fresh Midland Cowden Elizabeth Soph Corsicana Cowden Walter Sr Midland Cox Cox Cox Cox Cox Cox Cox Cox Cox Cox Alma Fresh Beeville Carolyn Ruth Fresh Eastland loe Grad Dallas Louise Adel Fresh Hillsboro Margaret lane Fresh Denton MaryL Fresh Dallas Mrs Myrtle lrreg Denton Nelle Sr Dallas Peggye Fresh Beeville Elize Soph Mexia Coyle Emily Sr Beaumont Cozart Annie Beth Fresh Normangee Cozby Lennie Ruth Sr Grand Saline Craddock Lutie Fresh Denton Craft Ioyce Soph Wichita Falls Cram Maurine Special Denton Crandall Virginia Fresh Carlisle Ark Cravens AnnS Fresh Anna Crawford Annella Fresh Lewisville Crawford Margaret Grad Atlanta Crawford Mary E Fresh Ft Worth Creighton Marguerite Sr Victoria Crenshaw Runell Soph Garland Creswell Melba Fresh Bowie Crrswell Adele Fresh Forney Crockard Dorotha Fresh Houston Cross Bessiel.. Sr Denton Cross LucyR Ir Brownwood Crossley Roybeth Sr Denton I I I I :I I I I I' I 'I I I I I 'I . 1 - -1 -1 I I 1 1 .1 -1 1 1 l -1 -1 I 1 I I 'I ' I I I I 'I ' I I I 'I I I 1 1 -1 1 , .1 fp I I 1 1 .1 I O I 'I I I I 'I I I I I I 'I . I 1 1 .1 1 . .1 . 1 .1 1 1 11 . . ., D I I I 'I I I I I I 'I . I l 1 ' 1 .1 I ' I I I'I I I I I 'I I ' I -I 'I I ' I I 'V -I I I I 1 I 1 .1 I ' A COWd9U1 FTGUCGS1 SOI-Uh-1 C0YSiCUUU Darlinson, Estaleena, Fresh., Pt. Arthur 1 1 1 l , 1 1 11 l , 1 1 .1 1 1 .1 1 1 -1 I , I -I 'I I , 1 I II 4 I I 'I I , 1 1 -1 ' I , 1 I 1 -1 I I , 1 1 ., ' J 1 I 1 -1 f , 1 U 1 -1 I I , 1 l 1 -1 I , 1 1 .1 I A - I , I 1 I 1 I 1 A , 1 l I I 1 -1 I 1 . ' , 1 -1 ., ' I 1 - 1 -1 I I ' , 1 1 .1 l , 1 -1 -1 - I , I 1 I 1 .1 I I , 1 - 1 .1 , 1 1 -1 I , I 1 1 1 -1 , 1 1 ., , I I! 'I 'I 1 1 -1 Crouch Elizabeth, Soph., Dallas Crouch Marjorie, Ir., Denton Crumley, Evelyn, Fresh., Corsicana Crumley, Frances, Sr., Italy Crurnley, Lois, Fresh., Austin Crump Lola Inez, Paducah Crump Winifred, Sr., Naller Cude Mary F., Fresh., Pearsall Cukovich, Mary lane, Soph., Galveston Cullen Ruth, Sr., Hallsville Culton Dorothy Lou, Soph., Corpus Christi Culwell Billie Marie, Soph., Henrietta Cummings, Dorothy E., Soph., Midland Cunningham, Frances, Ir., Ft. Worth Cunningham, Maurice, Soph., Prosper Curry Marilyn, Fresh., Houston Curtice Margaret E., Soph., Canadian Curtis DeLu, lrreg., Ponder Cushman, Helen, Fresh., El Paso Cuthbertson, Gladys L., Soph., Comanche Dale Hazel lane, Fresh., Blanco DaLee Rhea, Sr., Denton Dallinger, Bernice, Ir., Plainview Dalrymple, Edna, lr., Houston Daniel Damel Daniel Daniel Dorothy, Fresh., Houston Eleanor, Soph., Lott Hazel, Fresh., Lott Margaret, Sr., Atlanta Darr Rosalind, Fresh., Eagle Pass Darsey Carolyn, Soph., Grapeland Daugherty, Alice, Fresh., Dallas Daugherty, Olive, Fresh., Pampa Davenport, lane, Fresh., Dallas David Florence, Fresh., Houston Davidson, Mary, Fresh., Dublin Davidson, Martha, Fresh., Dublin Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Barbara, Soph., Center Beth, Fresh., Atlanta Christine, Ir., Center Doraiean, Soph., McKinney Doris, Fresh., Denton Hallie M., Fresh., Mertens Irma, Fresh., Doucette Leona, Fresh., Denton Margaret, Sr., Dallas Margaret F ., Fresh., McGregor Mary Lydelle, Fresh., Ouanah Mary Sue, Fresh., Brownwood Ollie Louise, Fresh., Wichita Falls Zoey Ivey, Soph., Dallas Day Altheah, Fresh., Iustin Deacon Ruth G., Soph., Corpus Christi Dearen Hazel Inez, F resh., Waco Deason Margaret Eloise, Fresh., Brackettville Deaton Elizabeth, Ir., Beaumont Davenport, Frances M., Grad., Denton Decker Valliere G., Special, Denton De Lafosse, Sue, Scph., Albany De Lane, lean, Soph., Breckenridge Denhollen, Dora Ann, Fresh., Dallas Denison, Martha H., Soph., Depart Denton, Alice, Ir., Denton, Doris, Fresh., leiferson Denton, lean, Fresh., Iefferson Dershimer, Evelyn, Fresh., San Antonio De Ware, Ethel R., Sr., Ielferson De Ware, Rosemary, Fresh., Brenham Dial, Frances, Fresh., Pine Bluff, Ark. Dial, Mary Nell, Fresh., Tuckerman, Ark. Dickerson, Aileene, Fresh., Goldthwaite Dickerson, Mariellen, lr., Cleburne Dickerson, Rebecca Nell, Soph., Cleburne Dickerson, Ted, lr., Cleburne Dickie, Ruth, Fresh., Woodson Dickson, Lahoma, Ir., Breckenridge Diemer, Elizabeth A., Ir., Sealy Diggs, Dorris, Sr., Wetumka, Okla. Dillard, Frances Lee, Fresh., Reagan Dcak, Denice, Fresh., Claude Dobbins, Carolyn, Soph., Denton Dobbins, Catherine, Soph., Denton Dobbins, Robbie, Soph., Denton Doggett, Margaret, Ir., Shreveport, La. Dolsen, Elizabeth, Ir., Taylor Donaldson, Lillian, Soph., Rosebud Donoho, Alice M., CDonniel, Sr. Dooley, lessie L., Soph., Denton Dcrrall, Valma, Fresh., Orange Dosterchill, Mary C., Fresh., Dallas Doty, Elisabeth, Fresh., Minneapolis, Minn Douglass, limanna, Fresh., McKinney Douglass, Mary E., Fresh., Breckenridge Doyle, Nell, Sr., Ft. Worth Drainhofer, Mary I., Sr., Ranger Drummond, Carmeta, Soph., Little Rock, Ark Duckworth, lra F., Fresh., Post Duckworth, Marguerite, Soph., Dallas Dudley, Mary V., Fresh., Brownsville Dukes, Vivian E., Fresh., Houston Dulaney, lane, Fresh., Paris Dumm, Mrs. Edna Holland, Soph., Beaumont Duncan, Sye, Soph., Mart Dunlap, Ida, Fresh., Kerrick Dunn, Josephine, lr., College Station Dunn, Martha lo, Ir., Dallas Dunn, Mary Eugenia, Soph., Abilene Dunn, Mary Jane, Fresh., Corpus Christi Dunwoody, Elouise, lr., Anson Duren, Frances M., Soph., Archer City Durham, Amy, Fresh., Slidell Durst, Mabel, Ir., Crockett Dutton, Alice, Sr., Shreveport, La. Dwelle, Ieanne, Ir., Dallas E Eads, Gladys H., Fresh., Marshall Eads, Mary lane, Fresh., Marshall Eager, Evelyn, Fresh., Denton Easley, Martha lane, Fresh., Detroit STUDENT DIRECTORY Eaves, Ruth, Fresh., Red Barn Eaves, Mary A., Soph., Houston Ebner, Evelyn Eliz., Fresh., Cleburne Eckart, Edna, Fresh., Dallas Edds, Vivian, Ir., Heidenheimer Edison, Leta Ruth, Fresh., Stanton Edrington, Alice, Fresh., Weslaco Edson, Eleanor, Fresh., Tulsa, Okla. Fletcher, Frances L., Fresh., Denton Edwards, Frances, Fresh., Ft. Worth Edwards, Iimrnie Doris, Soph., Gatesville Edwards, Lois, Soph., Longview Edwards, Margaret R., Fresh., Loraine Edwards, Stella May, Ir., Ft. Worth Edwards, Sydna, Sr., Knox City Edwards, Warrene, Fresh., Denton Ehlinger, Dorothy, lr., New Braunfels Eiland, Barbara, Sr., Munday Elbert, Ruth, Soph., Denton Elkin, Edna May, Fresh., Midland Elledge, Ingrid, Soph., Houston Elliott, Alice K., Fresh., Breckenridge Elliott, Edna lnez, Fresh., Brady Elliott, Mosel, Sr., Grand Saline Elliott, Peggy, lr., Stamford Ellis, Adeline, Soph., Houston Ellis, Amy R., lr., Corpus Christi Ellis, Beulah, Sr., Denton Gibbs, Elizabeth, Soph., Breckenridge Ellis, Monalee, Sr., Ft. Worth English, Nell lune, Fresh., Ft. Worth Enright, Dorothy, Soph., Waco Eppright, Edith, Fresh., Charlotte Epps, Frances, Sr., Gonzales Erismen, Rose A., Ir., Ft. Worth Ernest, Ruth, Ir., St. Louis, Mo. Ernest, Rose Andrea, Fresh., Houston Ervin, Rudelle, Soph., Mertens Erwin, Ardis W., Fresh., Baton Rouge, La Erwin, Frances E., Soph., Waxahachie Erwin, Mary Gene, Fresh., San Angelo Fairchild, Ruby, Soph., Mercedes Falkenberg, Marie, Soph., Denton Faltin, Frances, Fresh., Comfort Fanning, Kathryn, Ir., Clovis, N. M. Farbstein, Dorothy, Soph., Waco Fargerson, Anna M., Fresh., Houston Farrnworth, Betty M., Fresh., Edcouch Farrington, Oleta Marie, Fresh., Pampa Faulkner, Maurine, Grad., McKinney Feagan, Iohnnie, Soph., Krum Fells, Ora Mary, Fresh., Clemville Feller, Inez I., Fresh., Victor, Colo. Felton, lennie, Fresh., Big Spring Fenner, Sunny, Fresh., Laredo Ferguson, Alline, Sr., Tyler . Ferguson, Blanche M., Fresh., Leesville Ferguson, Eleanor R., Fresh., Ft. Worth Fernandes, Ruth Anne, Fresh., Odessa Ferrell, Dorothy, Fresh., Krurn Finlay, Marjorie, Soph., Lyford Finney, Maurice, Fresh., Nacogdoches Fischer, Ruth Mavis, Fresh., Port Arthur Fisher, Billie P., Fresh., Dublin Fitch, Mary lane, Soph., Dallas Flanary, Aileen, Fresh., Denton Fleetwood, Ruth, Fresh., Hearne Fletcher, Jimmie Lee, Fresh., Wichita Fa Flores, Marteil, Ir., Arp Foley, Nell, lr., Greenville Folse, Ruth, Sr., Kansas City, Mo. Forbes, Marianna, Soph., Perryton Ford, Dorothy, Fresh., Granbury Ford, Nina Va., Soph., Orth Forke, Louise, Soph., Teague Fortenberry, Helen, Fresh., Greenwood Fortenberry, Mildred, Fresh., Woodville Foster, Eunice, Soph., Ponder Foster, Gladys, Fresh., Nocona Giles, Luetta, Ir., Denton Estes, Louvena, Soph., Cooper Estes, Anna Lou, Soph., Eastland Estes, Elizabeth, Fresh., Coalgate, Okla. Eudaly, Mildred, Fresh., Bryan Evans Evans Evans Ann Louise, Fresh., San Antonio , Daphane, Fresh., Goldthwaite , Ethel Ruth, Ir., Corsicana Evans, Geraldine, Fresh., Graham Evans, lulian, Soph., Bonham Evans, Kennedy, Grad., Denton Evard , Mabel, Soph., Cameron Everette, Mary L., Soph., Blackwell Everheart, Sarah, Soph., Longview Evertson, Ethel M., Ir., Kerrville Evetts, Virginia, Sr., Austin Evetts, Fiviene, Fresh., Austin EYssell, Helen, Fresh., Denison Ezell, Eugenia, Soph., Paris F Fails, Viola, Fresh., Megargel Fain, Mary Kathryn, Fresh., Crockett Foster , Laveta, Fresh., Galveston Foster, Marcella, Fresh., Nocona Foster Arlene, Soph., Galveston Foster, Nell, Ir., Del Rio Foster Setfie, Soph., Electra Foster , Verna Lois, Fresh., Pearsall Fountain, Dorothy, Fresh., Marlin Fowler, Hattie Lou, Fresh., Angleton Fowler, lean, Fresh., Crandall Fox, Eleanor, Fresh., Grapeland Franklin, Audra Mae, Fresh., Bonham Franklin, Marguerite, Ir., Doucette Franklin, Mary Gene, lr., McKinney Frasier, Sara, Fresh., McKinney lls Fulton, Thora, lr., Houston Funk, Lenore, Soph., Weslaco Fuqua, Elizabeth Anne, Fresh., Dallas Gable, Altie, Sr., Hearne Gaines, Elizabeth, Fresh., Rogers, Ark. Gaines, Helen Sue, Sr., Richland Gaines, Berneice, Soph., Coleman Gainey, Frances Marie, Fresh., Grapeland Galvan, Iuliet, Fresh., El Paso Gamba, Gertrude, Fresh., Palestine Gandy, Frances W., Fresh., Robstown Gardenier, Audrey, Ir., Beaumont Gardner, Alexa, Fresh., McNary Gardner, Gladys, Sr., Dallas Garland, Glenda, Ir., Annona Garland, Lillion, Sr., Annona Garlington, Phyllis, Soph., Mission Garrett, Doris, Sr., Abilene Garrett, Marjie, Ir., Galveston Garrett, Mary, Fresh., Mart Garrison, Odessa, Fresh., Denton Gartman, Evelyn, Soph., Goldthwaite Gartman, Katherine, Fresh., Lampasas Gatchell, Mrs. Nellie W., Grad., Mt. Pleasant Gates, Geneva, Soph., Pearsall Gates, Virginia, Fresh., Artesia, N. M. Gayle, Virginia E., Soph., Edna Gearreald, Helen Ruth, Special, Denton Geb, Mary, Soph., Dallas Geer, Virginia Lee, Soph., Waco Gentry, Audye, lr., Cisco George, lanie, Fresh., Ardmore, Okla. George, Willie Mae, Fresh., Iowa Park Germany, loan, Soph., Frost Gibbs, Ruth, Soph., Ft. Worth Gibson, Gertrude, lrreg., McKinney Gibson, Van Glover, lr., Dallas Gideon, Ioan, Ir., Teague Gidson, lone, Fresh., Terrell Gilbert, Annie May, Sr., Mabank Gilchrist Marjorie, Sr., Wills Point Giles, Mrs. Anona, Soph., Denton Freeman, Mildred M., Fresh., Grand Saline Frels, Dorothy, Fresh., Yoakum French, Scottie, Fresh., Mt. Pleasant Fricke, Marjorie, Fresh., Carmine Fritz, Mary Alice, Fresh., Denton Frothington, leane, Fresh., Los Altos, Calif. Fuchs, Henslee, Fresh., Cypress Mill Fuller, Elizabeth, Sr., Denton Fuller, lane, lr., Denton F ullwood, Mildred, Fresh., Corsicana Gill, Emma, Sr., Godley Gill, Maureen, Fresh., Monroe, La. Gilley, Mary Tom, Soph., Ector Gilley, Virginia, Soph., Ennis Gipe, Lulu Marie, Fresh., Denton Gipson, Irene, Fresh., Alma Gist, Franc, Soph., Amarillo Gladish, Elizabeth, Fresh., Denton Glasscock, Mary, Fresh., Caddo Mills Glaze, Ruth, lr., Ft. Worth Glen, Patricia, Soph., Shawnee, Okla. Glidewell, Mary, Sr., Graham Godbold, Mrs. Io, lr., Dallas Godfrey, Naomi, Fresh., Lubbock Goerner, Anna, Fresh., Paige STUDENT DIRECTORY Goldberg, Beatrice, Soph., Hillsboro Goldstein, Helen, Soph., Beaumont Goldstein, Lena Mae, Fresh, Beaumont Gollihar, Dorothy Ieane, Fresh., Ft. Worth Gollihar, Lorraine, Fresh., Ft. Worth Goodrich, Mildred, Fresh., Brownsville Goodwin, Georgia, Fresh., Ioplin, Mo. Gosney, Frances, Soph., Denton . Gough, Amalese, lr., Beaumont Grabbe, Hedwig, Fresh., La Porte Grace, Aurel M., Soph., Lake Dallas Grace, Kedron, lr., Lake Dallas H Haas, Wilma, Fresh., Canutillo Hagan, Barbara, Fresh., San Angelo Hagy, Loleta Melora, Soph., San Antonio Hailey, Helen, Soph., La Rue Hall, Anna Lee, Fresh., Teague Hall, Catherine, Fresh., Lcnqvigw Hall, Doris, Soph., Dallas Hall, Genevieve, Soph., Teague Hall Lorena, Soph., Marshall Hall, Mary lane, Soph., Center Hall Nettie Bell, Fresh., Denton Graham, Alice, lr., Denton Graham, Deone, Fresh., Corpus Christi Graham, Esta, Irreg., Denton Graha Granb rn, Virginia, Ir., Lewisville erry, Marrin, Fresh., Monroe, La. Grange, Lillian lane., Soph., Ft. Worth Grant, Helen, Soph., Corpus Christi Grant, Virginia. Soph., Deport Graves, lulia Dorcas, Soph., Honey Grove Graves, Madeline, Sr., McKinney Gray, Annie Mae, Ir., Roscoe Gray, Dorothy lim, Soph., Denton Gray, Neville, Fresh., Dallas Gray, Phyllis, Fresh., Olney Gray, Ruth P., Soph., Denton Gray, Gray, Shirley, Fresh., Roscoe Silver Gray, Sr., Denton Gray, Sue Ella, Soph., La Mesa, N. M. Grayson, Yvonne, Soph., Ada, Okla. Green, Eleanor C., Fresh., Corsicana Green, Grace Marie, Sr., Plainview Greene, Nelwyn, Fresh., Overton Greenwade, Katie, Fresh., Floyd Greenwade, Mildred Alyne, Soph., Floyd Greer, Greer, Greer, Doyce, Fresh.. Vernon Edith, Fresh., Martens Ioyce, Fresh., Vernon Gregory, Mary Ada, lr., El Paso Gresham, Dorothy, Fresh., Louise Hallam, Virginia, Sr., Ft. Worth Halliburton, Pansy, Sr., Smithville Hallmark, Lillie Mae, Fresh., Brownwood Halstead, Margaret, Sr., Mission Hornby, Leona, Ir., Waco Hamilton, Edna Louise, Fresh., Denton Hamilton, Naomi Ruth, Sr., lacksboro Hamlett, Virginia, Fresh., Denton Hammers, Dorothea, Fresh., Orange Hammill, Rhoda, Fresh., Dallas Hammond, Malta, Fresh., Duncanville Hammons, Marzee, Fresh., Temple Hamner, Frieda, Soph., Shreveport, La. Hamrick, Louise, Fresh., Denton Hannon, Mary L., Fresh., Vernon Hanover, Ann, Soph., McGregor Hanrahan, Frances, Sr., St. Albans, N. Y. Harbison, Iackie Lavada, Fresh., Breckenridge Hardin, Dora Bill, Soph., Denton Hardin, Mary D., Grad., Terrell Harding, Mrs. C. L., Soph., Ft. Worth Harding, Myrtle Estelle, Soph., Waco Hardy, Verna Mae, Soph., Austin Hare, Roberta, Fresh., Dallas Hare, Nannie Lee, Fresh., Krum V Hare, Ruth E., Sr., Ft. Worth Harper, Mary Frances, Fresh., Prosper Harrell, Iessie Marie, Ir., Ft. Worth Harrington, Virginia, Soph., Seguin Gresham, Ophelia, Soph., Krum Griffin, Eva Doris, Fresh., Mercedes Griffin, Marion, Fresh., Goodlett Griffin, Mary Olive, Ir., Dallas Griffin, Tommy, Sr., Shelbyville Griffin, Vernon, Ir., Corsicana Griffin, Vina Lee, Sr., San Angelo Grifting, Lorena, Fresh., Dallas Griffis, Leitha Pauline, Ir., Valera Griffith, Mrs. Nona L., Grad., Denton Griffith, Ouida, Fresh., Nccona Griggs, lackie, Fresh., Canadian Grindstaff, Ava, Fresh., Haskell Grogan, Margaret, Fresh., Bloomburg Grugett, Genice, Sr., Richardson' Gunn, Ieanne, Fresh., Beaumont Gunn, Maxine, Fresh., Canton Gunning, Rosemary, Soph., Ft. Worth Gurley, Sarah F., Ir., Denton Guthrie, Elnora, Fresh., Ft. Worth Gwathmey, Georgia, Soph., Brownwood Harris, lanice, Soph., Houston Harris, Lena, Fresh., Clyde Harris, Marguerite, Soph., Center Harris, Rubye, Soph., Canton Harris, Sue, lr., Waco Harrison, Erie Nell, Fresh., Panhandle Harrison, Lou Alice, Ir., Tuckerman, Ark. Harrison, Iulia, Sr., Wharton Harrison, Maurine, Fresh., Groesbeck Harrison, Mildred, Soph., lasper Harrison, Werna, Fresh., lasper Harrison, Winifred, Soph., Crawford Harshey, Christine, Fresh., Pampa Hart, Lucile, Fresh., Dallas Hart, Mary, Fresh., Llano Hart, Mary Elizabeth, Fresh., Poth Hartin, Frances, Sr., Mabank Hartley, Beth, Fresh., Blooming Grove Harvey Harvey, Margaret, Fresh., Heavener, Okla. Harvey, Margaret, Fresh., Corsicana , Irma lean, Fresh., Heavener, Okla. Harvey, Elizabeth, Fresh., Deport Hassell, Margaret, Soph., Palestine Hauk, Ioanna, Soph., Frost Hawkes, Ellen, Fresh., Flatonia Hawkins, Dorothy Lee, Fresh., McAllen Hawkins, Eloise, Ir., Ft. Worth Hawkins, lla Mae, Sr., Denton Hawkins, Ionnie Green, Sr., Wichita Falls Hawkins, Marguerite, Fresh., Lufkin Hawley, loy, Ir., Denton Hay, Rachael, Fresh., Abilene Hayden, Sarah, Sr., Pilot Point Hazel, luanita, lr., Kilgore Head, Addie Lee, Sr., Grandview Head, Floy, Sr., Grandview Heard, Mrs. Clyde, Soph., Throckmorton Heard, Elizabeth Ann, Fresh., Belton Heard, Elsie, Ir., Denton Heard, Golda, Sr., Denton Heard, lris, Fresh., Denton Heath, Beatrice, Fresh., Big Spring Heath, Eulalia, Ir., Prosper Heck, Nina, Fresh., Giddings Henderson, Virginia, Sr., Denton Henderson, Nancy Ben, Soph., Kaufman Hendrix, lean, Soph., Abilene Henegar, Mary Ellen, Fresh., Gordon Henrich, Ellen, Soph., Denton Henrickson, Mary, Fresh., Whittenburg Henry, Peggy, Soph., Silver City, N. M. Henslee, Frances, Fresh., Farmersville Herndon, Margaret, Sr., Marshall Herndon, Rosemary, Soph., Dallas Hero, Suzanne, Fresh., Houston Herring, Laura Fay, Sr., Hillsboro Hesser, Yvonne, Ir., Houston Hester, Bonnie Lou, Soph., Mineral Wells Hester, Geraldine, Soph., Goldthwaite Hickman, Effie Rue, lr., Edinburg Hicks, Lucile, Soph., Ft. Worth Hicks, Marilue, Ir., Denton Hill, Doris E., Fresh., Albany,Texas Hill, Edna, Fresh., Weirgate Hill, Charles, Sr., Waxahachie Hill, Iuanita, lr., Frisco Hill, Maggie Maria, Soph., Dallas Hilliard, Mrs. Dorothy, Soph., Denton Hiltpold, Selma, Soph., Bay City Hinds, Mary Margaret, Fresh., Texas City Hinds, Nita, Fresh., Tye Hines, De Witte, Soph., Normangee Hines, lane, Fresh., Waxahachie Hitt, Annie Woodson, Fresh., Winnsboro Hittson, lessie Lee, Soph., Harrisonville, Mo Hoag, Virginia, Scph., La Pryor Hobson, Alma, Sr., Denton Hodge, Lucille LaDella, Fresh., Electra Hodges, Annabel, Grad., Shreveport, La. Hodges, Mildred, Fresh., Denton Hoehn, Mary Elizabeth, Soph., Dallas Hogg, Martha K., Fresh., Dallas Hogue, Faye, Sr., Denton Hogue, Marjery, Soph., Denton STUDENT DIRECTORY Hohl, Florence, Fresh., Houston Holbert, Anna Faye, Soph., Denton Holbert, Georgia Faye, Jr., Graham Holcomb, Verna, Sr., Ft. Worth Holekamp, Esther, Fresh., Comfort Holland, Jean, Fresh., Abilene Holland, Jimmie Mozelle, Fresh., Itasca Holland, Lillie R., Fresh., Thornton Holland, Rosalee, Jr., Satin Holland, Zula, Soph., College Station Holland, Zoulee, Fresh., Cleburne Hollon, Dorothy Nell, Fresh., Dublin Hollon, Sadie Lou, Fresh., Dallas Holloway, Carolyn, Sr., Dallas Holloway, Effie Joe, Fresh., Donna Holmes, Elizabeth, Fresh., Bryan Holt, Imo, Fresh., Honey Grove Holt, Kathryn Eliz., Fresh., Center Hcnea, Sara Bernice, Jr., Anson Hood, Jimmy, Fresh., Quanah Hood, Mariana, Sr., Emory Hooker, Mildred, Sr., Stephenville Hooks, Mary Frances, Fresh., Crockett Hooper, Mary Lene, Fresh., Houston Hooten, Dorothy, Fresh., Daingertield Hopkins, Avis, Soph., Denton Hopkins, Robin, Fresh., Houston Horn, Helen, Jr., Gainesville Horne, La Nelle, Soph., Ft. Worth Horst, Florence, Sr., Sanger Horton, Dorothy, Fresh., Abilene Hoskins, Mildred F., Jr., Denton Hough, Evelyn, Sr., Jefferson Houston, Martha Bea, Fresh., McKinney Howard, Bernice W., Jr., Wharton Howard, Dorothy, Jr., Hillsboro Howard, Jane, Jr., Wharton Howze, Betty, Fresh., Amarillo Howze, Peggy Jo, Fresh., Midland Hudgins, Margaret, Fresh., Wharton Hudson, Leila Doris, Jr., Dallas Hudson, Mary Sue, Sr., Paris Huebner, Lucile, Fresh., Bay City Huey, Mrs. Gwendolyn, lrreg., Denton Huithines, Elizabeth, Fresh., Richardson Hufthines, Jane, Fresh., Dallas Hutthines, Rachel Jane, Jr., Denton Hughes, Dorothy, Jr., Denton Hughes, Kathryn, Jr., Dublin Hughes, Mattie Mae, Soph., Carthage Hughes, Mildred, Sr., Denton I-Iughston, Anna Grace, Fresh., Plano Hulan, Verna, Fresh., Slocum Humber, Sally, Sr., Mineral Wells Humphreys, Leila Mae, Fresh., Lancaster Hunkapillar, Harriett, Fresh., Pampa Hunt, Dorothy, Soph., Houston Hunt, Mary Helen, Fresh., Brackettville Hunter, Brian, Fresh., Denton Hunter, Ida Brice, Jr., Beaumont Hussey, Bettie Ruth, Fresh., Denton Hussey, Eleanor Kate, Jr., Daingertield Hussey, Lula Jewel, Fresh., Denton Huston, Margaret, Fresh., Dallas Hutchings, Charlene, Fresh., De Walt Hutchison, Louise, Fresh., Graham Hybarger, Jimmie V., Fresh., Brackettville Hyde, Jean, Jr., Leonard Hyer, Billie Ralph, Jr., Wichita Falls I lngle, Mary, Sr., Grandview Iovine, Phyllis, Fresh., Waco Irvin, Ellen Hood, Fresh., Glen Flora Irvin, Glynn, Jr., Pandora Irvin, Marjorie, Sr., Texarkana, Ark. Isbell, Jessie Alice, Jr., Sanger Isbell, Martha Emily, Fresh., Hillsboro lsom, Frieda, Jr., Denton lvy, Oretha, Fresh., Donie I Jackson, Dorothy, Jr., Bowie Jackson, Lucile, Soph., Mexia Jackson, Martha, Soph., Denton Jackson, Virginia B., Sr., Jacksonville Jamail, Eugenia, Fresh., Houston Jameson, Leona, Fresh., Dougherty Janes, Mary Ellen, Soph., Mertens January, Helen, Sr., Denton Jarmon, Elaine, Soph., Marian, La. Jarson, Janice, Fresh., Pine Blutf, Ark. Jarrell, Ruth, Fresh., Kirkland Jarvis, Mary, Grad., Ft. Worth Jasper, George Bowman, Fresh., Plano Jean, Lois, Soph., Donna Jetierds, Armella, Soph., Kingsville Jeitus, Ruth, Fresh., Depart Jenkins, Doris, Soph., Datngertield Jenkins, Edna Mae, Soph., Breckenridge Jenkins, Mary Nell, lrreg., Denton Iohle, Ruth, Sr., Clifton Johns, Kathleen, Soph., Houston Johns, Marjorie, Sr., Houston Johnson, Virginia, Fresh., Longview Johnson, Frances Mae, Sr., Somerville Johnson, Gertrude, Fresh., Goldthwaite Johnson, ldell, Fresh., Denton Johnson, Katy Lynn, Sr., Ft. Worth Johnson, Nan, Fresh., Henderson Johnson, Theda Atrell, Fresh., Denton Johnson, Virginia, Jr., Seymour Johnston, Jean, Fresh., Tenaha Johnston, Emogene, Soph., Sweetwater Johnston, Mary Helen, Soph., San Angelo Jones, Maree, Fresh., Dallas Jones, Bettie Lee, Fresh., Dallas V Jones, Claire, Soph., Houston Jones, Emogene, Fresh., Daingertield Jones, Grace Belle, Fresh., Bivins Jones, Helen Marie, Fresh., Pampa Jones, Julia, Fresh., Dallas Jones, Lottie, Jr., Lutkin Jones, Marie, Jr., Harlingen Jones, Kathryn, Fresh., Kosse Jones, Ruby Jo, Soph., Denton Jones, Virginia Kay, Sr., Ouanah Jones, Winifred, Jr., Lancaster Jordon, Mary Louise, Soph., Aransas Pass Joyner, Margaret, Soph., Corsicana Judkins, Mary Beth, Fresh., Midland Justin, Christine, Fresh., Vernon Justin, R. Ruth, Jr., Ft. Worth K Kaplan, Rose, Bryan Karnes, Elizabeth E., Fresh., Denton Karnes, Mildred, Soph., Denton Karnes, Mondue, Soph., Denton Keathley, Doris, Fresh., Frost Kledy, Jean, Fresh., Ft. Worth Koese, Evabeth, Jr., Somerville Keesee, Elizabeth, Soph., Red Oak Keim, Virginia, Jr., Denton Keller, Mary Anna, Fresh., Electra Kelly, Anna Bell, Fresh., Uvalde Keltz, Clancey, Jr., Vernon Keltz, Marguerite, Jr., Whitetlat Kemp, Ruby Belle, Fresh., Denton Keneipp, Betty Lou, Fresh., Carrollton Kenison, Nancy Jane, Jr., Kansas City, Mo. Kennedy, Jerline, Fresh., Atlanta Kennedy, Mary Alice, Fresh., Atlanta Kennedy, Willie Mae, Soph., Breckenridge Kent, Norwyn, Fresh., Denton Kiblinger, Inez, Abbott Kiblinger, Frances, Sr., Abbott Kidson, Beulah, Fresh., Dallas Kilgore, Louise, Sr., Pineland Kincaid, Mary Dodd, Fresh., Dodd City King, Christine, Jr., Doucette King, Mrs. Bessie, Jr., Denton King, Frances, Soph., Jefferson King, Marcyle, Jr., Cleburne King, Mary E., Grad., Atlanta King, Tina Adele, Sr., Oklaunion Kinkler, Margaret, Fresh., Beeville Kinsler, Mildred, Jr., Austwell Kirby, Katheryn, Sr., Waco Kite, Grace, Fresh., Pampa Kittley, Pauline, Jr., Rule Kittrell, Laura, Fresh., Dallas Kline, Margaret, Soph., Gregory Knight, Janie, Soph., Seymour Knight, Willie Lee, Fresh., Mineola Knox, Marguerite, Soph., Lamesa Koch, Doris, Soph., Dallas Kornegay, Mavis, Soph., Chriesman Kay, Marian, Fresh., Sealy Krieg, Helen Ruth, Fresh., Austin Krizek, Agnes, Fresh., Port Lavaca Kubecka, Dorothea, Fresh., Cameron Kucera, Pauline, Soph., Ennis Kull, Ruth, Soph., La Mesa, N. M. Little, Ruth, Sr., Mineola STUDENT DIRECTORY L Lacy, Marie, Fresh., Dallas Lafon, Diana, Ir., Laredo Lafon, Thelma, Soph., Laredo La Grone, Willie P., Soph., Belton Lain, Ruth, Fresh., San Antonio Lair, Iulia, Ir., Holly Grove, Ark. Lambert, Ruth, Sr., Temple Lamkin, Ruth, Soph., Ponder Lamm, Maureen, Soph., George West Lamm, Virginia, Sr., George West Lane, Charline, Sr., Houston Lane, Charlotte, Sr., Houston Lane, Eloise, lr., Spur Lane, Frances, Fresh., Spur Lanford, Lunette, Fresh., Denton Langford, Eloise, Grad., Kilgore Langford, Helen, Sr., Kilgore Langston, Mrs. Martha N., Grad., Krum Lanier, Sara, Soph., Forrest City, Ark. Largent, Norma, Soph., Tyler La Rue, Iohnny Belle, Soph., Nevada La Selle, Dorothy A., Denton Latham, Berneice, Fresh., Overton Lattner, Christelle, Fresh., Thornton Law, Lorene, Fresh., Atlanta Lawler, Vee, Fresh., Hamilton, Ala. Lawrence, Edith, Fresh., Gilmer Lawson, Mildred, Ir., Cleburne Lay, Mary, Fresh., Austin Layton, Norma Dee, Fresh., Denton Lea, Marsha, Soph., Ft. Stockton Leach, Elizabeth, Soph., Irving Leake, Evelyn, Fresh., Graham Leak, Helen, Fresh., Abilene Leary, Peggy, Fresh., Estelline Leatherwood, Elizabeth, Ir., Denton Lee, Audrey, Fresh., Graford Lee, Mary Louise, Ir., Angleton Lee, Sarah, Denton Legge, Elizabeth, Fresh., Shreveport, La. Leggitt, Kathleen, Fresh., Wellington Leith, Iune, Sr., Rio De Ianeiro, Brazil Lemburg, Iuanita, Sr., Mason Lemon, Ida Bea, Fresh., Lagerman, N. M. Lemons, Rosalie, Fresh., Panhandle Lenox, Gurthelle, Ir., Corsicana Lentz, Sydolia, Fresh., Red Rock Lentz, Wilma, Soph., Red Rock Leonard, Louise, Ir., Ft. Worth Lerma, Maria, Soph., Mission Lerner, Helen, Ir., Galveston Leverett, Mrs. Maxine, Sr., Houston Levin, Ethel, Sr., Brenham Levy, Orien, Ir., Dallas Lewis Alma, Soph., Kosse Lewis, Gwendolyn, lr., Hughes Springs Lewis, Ida Mae, Soph., Monahans Lewis, Lalia tPetel, Soph., Eustace Lewis. Naomi, Fresh., Lewisville Lewis, Virginia, Fresh., Gainesville Lewis , Wilma, Ir., Vernon Liddell, Vivian, Sr., Beaumont Lindley, Alice, Fresh., Brady Lindley, Grayce, Soph., Mineola Lindley, Marian, Soph., Cleburne Lindsay, Mary Elizabeth, Soph., Paris Lindsey, Louise, Fresh., South Bend Lisenby, Iune, Fresh., Spur Little, Fannie, Fresh., Kirkland Little, Virginia, Sr., Eastland Lloyd, Amelia, Fresh., Cleburne Lloyd, Ioan, Fresh., Plainview Lochridge, Martha K., Fresh., Dallas Lochridge, Nancy B., Fresh., Big Spring Locke, Norma, Fresh., Red Oak Logan, Geraldine, Fresh., Amarillo Lollar, Helen, lr., Fayetteville, Ark. Lollar, Ieanette, Sr., Snyder Lombardo, Annette, Ir., Beaumont Looper, Ioan, Fresh., Denton Lorenz, Adolph, Fresh., Stockdale Lorimer, Helen Margaret, Fresh., Ft. Worth Lothholz, Rose Marie, Ir., Cleburne Lotz, Helena, Ir., Donna Love, Mamie Sue, Fresh., Cleveland Lovejoy, Lesta, Ir., Houston Lovelace, Beverly, Fresh., Vernon Loveless, lane, Sr., Decatur Low, Aline, Fresh., San Augustine Lowe, Annie Pearl, Ir., Ft. Worth Lowe, Christine, Fresh., Wolfe City Lowe, Mary Sue, Fresh., Denton Lowry, Mary Io, Ir., Trove Lowry, Nell, Fresh., Cooper Loyless, Lois Christine, Soph., Bettie Lum, Rheba Alta, Fresh., Clayton, N. M. Lummus, Ola, Fresh., Atlanta Lunn, Ruthelle, Fresh., Olney Lusiardo, Marisa, lrreg., Montevideo, Uruguay Lyle, Dorothea, Fresh., Wichita Falls Lynch, Mary Lucile, Fresh., Oak Park Lyon. Patricia, Ir., Cameron Mc McAdams, Gladye Mary, Fresh., Denton McAdams, Tommye Lea, Soph., Gordonville McAninch, Aline, Fresh., Merkel McCaleb, Virginia E., Fresh., Vernon McCallum, Ruthe, Fresh., Dallas McCampbell, Mattie Elizabeth, Ir., Smithfield McCamy, Fay, Ir., Fairbanks McCarley, Wanda, Fresh., Greenville McCarty, Mary Frances, Soph., Snyder McCary, Iewel lune, Fresh., Olney McCaskill, Mary L., Fresh., Arkadelphia, Ark. McCasland, Therecia, Fresh., Denton McClellan, Matie Belle, Fresh., Denton McClendon, Mary Io, Soph., Harlingen McClinton, Amelia Mae, Soph., Clarksville McComb, Dorothy, Soph., Monroe, La. McCormick, Nannie B., Fresh., Denton McCormick, Margaret C., Sr., Breckenridge McCown, Betty, Ir., Ouitman McCrary, Mary Louise, Fresh., Denton McCreary, Ieannette, Fresh., Houston McCreight, Doris, Sr., Yantis McCubbin, Nina Ruth, Sr., Valley View McCulley, Adelia, Sr., Dallas McCulloch, Gladys, Ir., Bonham McCurdy, Martha, Sr., Mission McDade, lane, Sr., Abilene McDaniel, Frances, Soph., Denton McDermott, Frances, Fresh., Cameron McDonald, Daisy E., Ir., Dorchester McDonald, Edith, Fresh., Denver, Colo. McDonald, Elaine, Fresh., Ft. Worth McDonald, Mary Elizabeth, Fresh., Bonham McDonnold, Trent, Fresh., Crandall McElroy, Marie, Soph., Winnetka, lll. McFadden, Nancy Ann, Ir., Collins, Miss. McFal1, Marie, Fresh., Amherst McFarlane, ldabeth, Sr., Richmond McGinnis, Doris, Sr., McAllen McGinnis, Christine, Fresh., Bartlett McGraw, Charlie, Sr., Abilene McGregor, Fanora Mae, Fr., Richland Springs McGuire, Eunice L., Soph., Denton Mcllhany, Mary Lou, Fresh., Wheeler McKenzie, Ethel, Soph., Denton McKenzie, Mertie Iack, Fresh., Cleburne McKinley, Georgia Mae, Fresh., San Antonio McKinnon, Mamie, lr., Kirbyville McKinnon, Mary Margaret, Fresh., Atlanta McLemore, Margaret, Fresh., Sulphur Springs McLure, Betty, Soph., Houston McMillen, Blanche, Fresh., Pampa McNeil, Melba, Fresh., Edna McNeil, Virginia, Soph., Moody McPherson, Mrs. Gertrude, lrreg., Denton McSpadden, Gladys, Ir., Denton McVey, Dorothy Vivian, Fresh., Dallas McWilliams, Marie Dalton, Fresh., Denton M Machen, Ollene, Fresh., Pleasanton Machen, Violet, Soph., Pleasanton Madison, Rosemary, Soph., Denton Magnenat, Mrs. Ida D., Grad., Corpus Christi Mahon, Marynell K., Fresh., De Leon Mahoney, Gary Nell, Fresh., Crockett Mahr, Dorothy, Fresh., Houston Major, Eleanor, Fresh., Beaumont Majors, Mabel, Soph., Colorado Makris, Kula, Fresh., Pine Bluff, Ark. Malaise, Appie, lr., Handley Malaise, Betholene, Soph., Handley Malley, Edwaldine, Ir., Pine Bluff, Ark. Malone, Iennie B., Ir., Goodlett Mangold, Ernestine, Fresh., Meridian Mangrum, Una Mae, Soph., Sherman Mangum, Sibyl, Soph., Crockett Manry, Mimie Lee, lr., Kingsville STUDENT DIRECTORY Maniloff, Reva, Soph., Bryan Manley, Cleo, Soph., Houston Manning, Lenora, Soph., Greenville Mannan, Ruth Evelyn, Fresh., Dallas Manor, Margaret, Sr., San Angelo Mantle, lda Ruth, Fresh., Dallas Marburger, Dorothy, Ir., Galveston Marcom, Ruth, Fresh., McKinney Markley, Corrinne, lr., Beaumont Markley, Minnie Ruth, Soph., Jasper Marks, Maudien M., Fresh., Barker Miller, Miller, Miller. Harriett C., Fresh., Abilene Marilyn D., Grad., Dallas Marjorie, Fresh., San Augustine Miller, Martha lett, Ir., Texline Miller, Myra Goode, Grad., Denton Mills, Fern, Ir., Dumas Marlin, Maxine, Fresh., Oklahoma City, Okla. Marrs, Alice, Ir., Wichita Falls Marshall, Mary, Ir., Clyde Martin, Georgie Lagnes, lr., Weatherford Martin, lane, Sr., Marquez Martin, Mable, Scph., Kaufman Martin , Ruth, Soph., Denton Martinez, Viva Emma, Sr., Kenedy Mills, Mildred, Fresh., Caldwell Mills, Myrtle Lucile, Sr., Ranger Millwee, Helen, Scph., Dallas Mings, Rose, Scph., Big Sandy Mings, Virginia, Ir., Big Sandy Minor, Katherine, Denton Mitchell, Edna Iean, lr., Denton Mixon, Vashti, Fresh., Denton Mixon, Winilred, Ir., Buna Mc-hloerly, Alamo, Fresh., Amarillo Moble, Elizabeth, Fresh., Lockhart Monroe, Cecile Bell, Irreg., Denton Montgomery, Helen, Soph., Ozona Moody, Wilda, Ir., Mineola Mason, Pauline, Soph., Denton Massey, Roxey, Fresh., Argyle Mathews, Alma Ioe, Ir., Denton Mathis, Zora, Fresh., Rule Matlock, Exo, Grad., Frost Matthews, Bessie Lou, Fresh., Croshyton Matthews, Frovelia, Fresh., Greggton Mattingly, Mary Boyd, Fresh., Winnshoro Mattiza, Ruth, Ir., Silsbee Matzinger, Maude Muriel, Fresh., Denton Matzner, Helen, Soph., Ft. Worth Maxwell, Catherine, Soph., Brady Maxwell, Lula Beth, Soph., Heavener, Okla. Maxwell, Robbie Ice, Soph., Denton Mayes, Mildred, Ir., Columbus Mayfield, Lady Ann, Soph., Waco Maynor, Ruth, Sr., Texarkana Mooneyham, Sarah Frances, Soph., Woodson Moore, Dorothy, Fresh., Balmorhea Moore, Eleanor, Soph., Daingerfield Moore, Gayden, Fresh., Gainesville Moore, Iosephine, Fresh., Ft. Worth Moore Moore Margaret, Soph., Houston Marian E,, Soph., Denton Moore, Mary, Sr., Frederick, Okla. Moore, Mary lane, Sr., Denton Moore, Maysel W., Scph., Gainesville Moore, Virginia, Fresh., Kemp Moran, Martha Helen, Sr., Greenville Morgan, Dorothy Helen, Fresh., Denison Morgan, Fanita, Sr., Longview Moring, Gwendolyn, Ir., Denton Morley, Nina, Fresh., Pine Bluff, Ark. Moriel, Mary Ophelia, Soph., Milford Merkt, Mayo, Estelle, Ir., Terrell Mayo, Mary Inez, Ir., Terrell Mayo, Inez, Soph., Brownwood Mayo, Macy, Sr., Bonham Mays, Emily, Fresh., Henderson Mead, Dorothy, Sr., Gainesville Mead, Erile, Ir., Coleman Mead, Mary Wilmoth, Ir., Coleman Meadows, Geneva, Sr., DeKalb Medlin, Dorothy B., Fresh., Denton Meech , Zelma Fay, Sr., Voth Melton, Kathryn, Fresh., McKinney Meredith, lanice, Soph., Sherman Meredith, Norma lo, Fresh., Krum Mary Io, Sr., Nocona Morrell, Carolyn, lr., Denton Morris Almarie, Sr., Corsicana Morris, Mary Alice, lr., McKinney Morris Odis, lr., Overton Morris, Ruth Ella, Soph., Reagan Merriman, Mary Lee, Fresh., Plano Merritt, Ianie, Fresh., Plano Messick, Nettie Belle, Ir., Dorchester Metcalfe, Iosephine, Soph., Elgin Miohalec, Wilsonia Mae, Fresh., Boling Midye Milan, Milan, Miles. Miles, Miller. tt, Marjorie, Soph., Tyler Elizabeth Teel, Fresh., Clarksville Eugenia, lr., Clarksville Margaret, Soph., Midland Sibyl, Fresh., Zavalla Caney, lr., Clovis, N. M. Morrow, Katherine, Sr., Sinton Morrow, Lillian, Fresh., Woodson Morrow, Marjorie W., Fresh., Bowie Moseley, Rebecca, Soph., Ouanah Moseley, Ruth, Ir., Rusk Moser, Mozelle, Fresh., Coleman ' Moses, Ruth Edna, Soph., Denton , Moss, Bee, Soph., Garland Moss, Marion E., Sr., Waco Moss, Mattie, Fresh., Madill, Okla. Moulden, Margaret, Sr., McKinney Mueller, Chrystine, Ir., Kenedy Mulhollan, Mary Lee, Fresh., Belton Mulkey, Betse, lr., Troup Mullinix, Mary Lou, Sr., Gilmer Mullins, Frances, Fresh., Port Neches Mullins, Leathe Sue, Soph., Grapevine ,. Murchison, Dorothy Lilyan, Fresh., Farmersville, Murphy, Dorothy, Fresh., Houston ,. 1, Murphy, Sue, Fresh., Bartlett 1 Murray, LaVerne, Fresh., Deweyville Murrell, Eloise, Ir., Gainesville Myers, Mary Lois, Fresh., San Angelo N Nagai, Mutsee, Ir., Orange Naler, lane, lr., McGregor Nance, Patsy, Soph., Coleman Nash, Agnes, Fresh., Iackshoro Neal, Margaret, lr., Lufkin Neale, Helen, lr., Denton Neeb, Patricia, Soph., Cross Plains Neelley, Martha Frances, Fresh., Waco Neff, Mary, Fresh., Trenton Neighbors, Rose, Soph., Dallas Nelms, Mary, Soph., Wichita Falls Nelson, Hazel Ruth, Ir., Mt. Calm ' Nelson, lessie Lea, Ir., Hutto Nelson, Mary Estelle, Fresh., Celina Nevill, Martha, Soph., Bonham Newman, Louise, Soph., Dallas Newton, Mattierue, Ir., Sanderson Newton, Nancy, Fresh., Cameron Nichols, Erma Aleene, Fresh., Vernon Nichols, Elaine, Fresh., Dallas Nichols, Mary, Ir., Vernon Nicholson, Muriel, Fresh., Ft. Stockton Nickerson, Ruth McGee, Washington, D. C Noel, Martha, Fresh., Hedley Nolan, Catherine, Fresh., Santa Rosa Nolan, Sybil, Fresh., Santa Rosa Nooe, Mrs. Mary Frances, Irreg., Denton Norman, Lilla Nell, Fresh., Frederick, Okla Norrell, Virginia, Fresh., Wheaton, lll. Norris, Ann, Sr., Celeste Norris, Eugenia, Fresh., Grand Prairie Northcutt, Frances, Fresh., Snyder Nunn, Willie Mary, Soph., Amarillo Nusom, lean, Soph., Gladewater O Oates, Eva Lois, Soph., Morrilton, Ark. Oatman, Iessie M., Soph., Corpus Christi O'Brien, Daneta, lr., Cleburne O'Connell, Willie, Ir., San Angelo Olden, Louise, Fresh., Atlanta Oden, Neva, Sr., Denton Ogburn, Nan, Soph., Port Arthur Ogier, Alice Catherine, Soph., Bryan Ogilvie, Margaret lane, Fresh, Houston Ogilvie, Martha, Fresh., Houston Oldham, Louida Bahette, Fresh., Dallas Oldham, Margot, Ir., Dallas Oliphint, Rivers, Ir., Houston Oliver, Clydene, Sr., Denton Oliver, lane, Fresh., Winters Oliver, Mary Louise, Buffalo Olson, Emilene, Ir., Paris Oneal, Frances Anne, Fresh., Ft. Worth O'Neal, luanita, Fresh., Odessa Rankin, Catherine, Soph., Bynum Laurine, Soph., Ladonia STUDENT DIRECTORY Onley, Vaneta, lr., Sulphur Springs Orbeck, Travis, Fresh., Clitton Orenduft, Bessie Mae, Soph., Bonham Orman, Sunny Ray, Soph., Dallas Orr, Dorothy, Soph., Denton Orr, Willia Lea, Fresh., Pottsboro Osborne, Zelda Leigh, Sr., Houston Ottaway, One Lee, Ir., Ft. Worth Owen, Emily, Fresh., Collinsville Owen, Maxine K., Ir., jacksonville Owen, Vera Belle, Soph., Ft. Worth Owen, Bula Mae, Ir., Decatur Oxford, Mary, Sr., Elkhart P Pace, Georgiana, Soph., Ft. Worth Paddack, Bessie Sue, Fresh., Krum Padgett, Opal, Soph., Denton Palmer, Maxie, Ir., Silsbee Palmos, Artie, Sr., Hearne Parker, Anna Beth, Ir., Dallas Parker, Dorris, Fresh., Westover Parks, Iosephine, Ir., Denton Parmer, Augusta, Ir., Denton Parr, Gena, Fresh., Alpine Parris, Frances E., Fresh., Dallas Parris, Marjorie, Sr., Denton Parris, Marguerite P., lr., Denton Parson, Helen, jr., Kerrville Parsons, Sarah F., Fresh., Smithville Partridge, Marie, Fresh., Shamrock Paschall, Beatrice, Soph., Amarillo Paschall, Marjorie, Ir., Denton Pass, Bernice, Fresh., Denton Perry, Gwendolyn, Fresh., Mertens Peterman, Carol, Soph., Aubrey Peters, Desda Mae, Fresh., Caddo Mills Peterson, Leona Corinne, Sr., justin Peterson, Marian, Soph., Houston Petticrew, Mary, Fresh., Pine Bluff, Ark. Petzel, Elizabeth, Sr., Denton Pewitt, Mary, Fresh., Fulton, Kentucky Rainey, Ida Lee, Fresh., Bonham Ramey, Dorothy L., Fresh., Trinity Ramey, Virginia Lee, Sr., Stamford Randals, leannette, Fresh., Hico Randolph, Ann Eleanor, Sr., Huntsville Randolph, Lurene, Fresh., Winnsboro Ptlughaupt, Marguerite, Fresh., Brenham Phillips, Altus, Fresh., Big Spring Phillips, lris, Fresh., Raton Phillips, Mary Louise, Fresh., Denton Phillips Pearl Ieanne, Fresh., Houston Pickard, Rape, Marie Lota, Sr., Texarkana Rasor, Louise, Sr., Allen Ratliti Ratliif , Exie, Sr., Cedar Lane , Lucile, Soph., Cooper Ratliii, lsolina, Soph., Rogers Ratliti. Mrs. Priscilla, Soph., Denton Ratliti, Ruby R., lr., Cedar Lane Patterson Patterson Marjorie, Soph., Denison Patterson, Mary, Fresh., Denton Patterson, Mary Lavanche, Fresh., Vernon Sarah lane, Fresh., Temple Pikett, Agnes, Soph., Post Pier, Martha, Fresh., Ft. Worth Pierce, Dessa Ray, Fresh., Winnsboro Pilgrim, Dorothy Merl, Fresh., Denton Pinson, Lois Blanche, Fresh., Forney Plants, Elsa, Fresh., Seymour Plettner, Marcielle, Sr., Wetumka, Okla. Plyler, Hazel, Soph., Saratoga Pofi, Ruth, Soph., Bardwell Poland, Gladys Dell, Fresh., Huntington Pond, Oleta Mae, Fresh., White Deer Pope, Doris, Sr., Hamlin Porter, Eleanor, Fresh., Denton Porter, Martha, Fresh., Hico Potter, Dorothy lane, jr., Ferris Potts, Alta Lois, Fresh., Dallas Potts, Herberta, Fresh., Denton Pouns, lean, Soph., Daingerfield Powell, La Vene, Ir., Lufkin Powledge, Mary, Fresh., Aubrey Pratt, Elaine, Sr., Ft. Worth Pratt, Fara Louise, Soph., Denton Preston, Ruth, Soph., Celina Prestwood, Challie Pearl, jr., Houston Price, Helen Marie, Fresh., Chriesman Price, Katherine I., Sr., Houston Ray, Mary Tom, Fresh., Denton Ray, Vera D., Fresh., Dallas Ray, Wylma loyce, Fresh., Dallas Reagan, Martha Ann, Soph., Denton Reagor, Hazel, Soph., Llano Reddick, Mildred, Fresh., Dallas Redman, Mary, Fresh., Saint Io Reece, Mary F., Fresh., Greenville Reeder, Vezelle, Sr., Hughes Springs Reid, Frances, Fresh., Ft. Worth Reid, Martha, Soph., Delight, Ark. Reid, Odessa, Fresh., Waco Reid, Rebecca, Soph., Pilot Point Reid, Wanza jane, Fresh., Mercedes Reinberger, Beth, Fresh., Longview Rennie, Kathryn, Soph., Pauls Valley, Okla. Reyder, Alma Helen, Fresh., Galveston Rhea, Elizabeth, Fresh., Ft. Worth Q Patterson, Virginia, Soph., Denison Pattillo, Laurie Glen, Sr., Wichita Falls Pattison, Arlean, Ir., Perryton Pattison, Ruth, Soph., Pattison Patton, Audrey, Sr., Terrell Paull, Susette, Fresh., Graham Paxton, Lurlene, Sr., Elkhart Peace, Fern Ellen, Fresh., East Bernard Peace, Louise, lr., Mission Peden, Ruth Hazell, Fresh., Roscoe Peek, Maxena, Fresh., Boxelder Pence, Ruby, Fresh., Brady Pence, Veda Elouise, Sr., Paris Pender, Gertrude, Fresh., Kansas City, Mo. Pendery, Olive Ruth, Sr., Greenville Pendley, Beulah Myrl, Soph., Waxahachie Price Price Price Loree, Fresh., Gulf . Ruth, Soph., Ponca City, Okla. , Ruth Nelson, lr., El Paso Prideaux, Vondelle, Soph., Lubbock Proifer, Mrs. Alva Stubbs, Grad., Denton Provence, Elizabeth, Soph., Denton Pruitt, Bess, Soph., Breckenridge Pryor, Mrs. G. C., Special, Decatur Puckett, Sadie, Sr., Big Spring Pumphrey, Mardell, Sr., Sherman Putman, Virginia Gaines, Ir., Cuero Putman, Maureen, Soph., Lueders Pyle, Irene, Soph., Celeste Pennington, Mada Lucile, Ir., justin Perkins, Beth, jr., Wichita Falls Perkins, Bettie Doris, Fresh., McKinney Perkins, Corinne, Soph., Wichita Falls Perkins, Virginia, Fresh., Dallas Perkins, Lucile, Ir., Alice Perkins, Mary Nell, Soph., Ouanah Ouattlebaum, Berneice Annette, Fr., Woodson R Ragin, Rosabelle, F reshtt, Mercedes, Raiborn, Martha, Fresh,.,Sun Angelo Rhine, Movelda, Irreg., Denton Rhodes, Genevieve, Fresh., Carrizo Springs Rice,Tauhlee, Soph., Wichita Falls Rice, Virginia Louise, Fresh., Houston Richards, Ruth Louise, Soph., Gainesville Richardson, Daphne, Fresh., El Campo Richardson, Pattie Nan, Soph., Sugarland Richarz, Lucille, Soph., Houston Richmond, Marguerite, Fresh., Mexico City, Richmond, Weita, Ir., Blanket Rickman, Roberta, Sr., Boyd Riddle, Louise, Fresh., Mexia Riggan, julia Ann, Sr., Pearsall Riggs, Virginia E., Soph., Denton Riley, Evangeline, Fresh., Greenville Riney, Iuanita, Sr., Pilot Point Riney, Ruby Pearl, Fresh., Pilot Point Rippy, Pauline, Soph., Richardson Risinger, Billie, Sr., Denton Ritchey, Ruth, Fresh., Palestine Riter, Ruth, Soph., Terrell Ritter, Helena, Fresh., Beaumont Rives, F ae, Sr., Ferris Roach, Doris, Fresh., Denton Roach, Gladys, Ir., Denton Roark, Mary Eliz., Soph., Cleveland Robbins, Anna Paul, Soph., Reagan . Robbins, Helen Margaret, Sr., Goose Creek Roberts, Dorothy, Fresh., Goodlett Roberts, Rachel, Ir., Goodlett Robertson, Frances N., Fresh., Keltys Mex STUDENT DIRECTORY Robertson, Daine, Fresh., Gilmer Robertson, Mary, Fresh., Wichita Falls Robertson, Rita Mae, Soph., Katy Robinson, Dorthel, Sr., Trenton Robinson, Frances, Ir., Denton Robinson, Lena Burt, Ir., Coleman Robinson, Helen, Fresh., Temple Robinson, Marjorie, Soph., Dallas Robinson, May, Fresh., lewett Robinson, Mary Frances, Fresh., Handley Robinson, Mary Margaret, Fresh., Trenton Robinson, Mary Ruth, Sr., Denton Robinson, Palma, Soph., Coleman Robison, lane, Ir., La Grange Robison, loel, Fresh., La Grange Rochelle, Esther Marie, Fresh., Bryan Rochelle, Leah, Fresh., Gonzales Rockwell, Sylvia Elizabeth, Fresh., Houston Roddam, Iohnnie Ruth, Soph., Kosse Roddy, Ruth, lr., Wharton Rodgers, Mary Virginia, Ir., Dallas Rogers, Rogers, Lucella, Fresh., Bonham Marion, Fresh., Dallas Rogers, Osalene, Soph., Newton Rogers, Katherine, Fresh., Temple Rohrer, Virginia, lr., Houston Rolley. Nancy, Fresh., loinerville Rollyson, Mabel Cathern, Ir., Pecos Roper, Maxine, Fresh., Ft. Worth Rosenberg, Zulene, Sr., Decatur Rosenkrans, Dorothy Marie, Fresh., Laird Roski, Lorine, Soph., Carmine Ross, Elizabeth, Fresh., Dallas Ross, Mary Anne, Fresh., F loydada Ross, Vivian, Fresh., Marlin Routh, Ethel, Sr., Gatesville Rudman, Eunice, Soph., Breckenridge Ruhmann, Elizabeth, Fresh., Waco Ruhmann, Lucy, Ir., Waco Rupley, Mary Anne, Soph., Houston Rushing, Cataryn, Ir., Lueders Russell, Fay, Fresh., Pine Bluff, Ark. Russell, Geraldine, lr., F armersville Russell, Hazel Rhea, Fresh., Farmersville Russell Russell Russell , lessye, Ir., Plainview , Rosalie, Soph., Sherman , Mrs. Verna, lrreg., Farmersville Russell, Vernadine, Soph., Farmersville Ruth, Elizabeth, Ir., Wharton S Sadler, Sara Frances, Soph., Corpus Christi Sager, Lois, Fresh., Childress Sala, Pauline, lr., Galveston Saling, Henrietta, Fresh., Denton Sammons, Elizabeth B., Sr., Mission Sanatord, Dorothy, Soph., Santa Rosa Sanders, Ianet, Soph., Postville, Iowa Sanders, Mary, Ir., Kerrville Sanders, Virginia Ann, Ir., Slaton Sapio, Rosa Mary, Fresh., Galveston Sarvis, Louise, lr., Denton Satterwhite, Onesia, Sr., Lufkin Saunders, Emma, Soph., Lewisville Saunders, Rowena, Sr., Lewisville Scales, Frances Webb, lr., Waco Scarborough, Mary, Soph., Kenedy Schaer, Sadie Bernice, Fresh., Chapel Hill Scheurer, Mary Emily, Fresh., Wichita Falls Schiller, Mae Dell, Sr., Caldwell Schleser, Kathleen, Fresh., Freeport Schlick, Frances, Ir., Wharton Schlottman, leanette, Fresh., Comfort Schluter, Annie Mae, Fresh., Ponder Schmalenbeck, Hildegard, Fresh., Rule Schmidt, Emma, Ir., Troup Schmidt, Esther, Soph., Galveston Schmidt, Louise, Fresh., Troup Schmucker, Ruth Annora, Fresh., Winnie Schnably, Katherine Kirby, Sr., Argyle Schober, Martha Lee, Ir., Ft. Worth Schott, Mary L., Fresh., Sherman Schram, Lois, Fresh., Wichita Falls Schroeder, Lillian Louise, Fresh., Brownwood Schrum, Mata Mary, Fresh., Big Sandy Schumacher, Frances, Fresh., Dallas Schutts, Mary lane, Fresh., Ft. Worth Scoates, Alice, Ir., College Station Scoates, Mary Eleanor, Sr., College Station Scoggins, Iewel Elizabeth, Soph., Tioga Scott, Emma lane, Fresh., Murchison Scott, Roberta, Fresh., Travis Scruggs, Margaret, lr., McGregor Scruggs, Kathleen, Soph., Midland Seargeant, Nell, Fresh., Brackettville Seavy, Edyth lane, Galena Park Sebastian, Sybil, Grad., Denton Seden, Yette, Sr., Big Spring Selensky, Margaret, Fresh., Dickinson Self, Ona, Ir., Denton Sehmann, Phoebe L., lr., Wichita Falls Selman, Frances, Fresh., Silsbee Selman, Madge, lr., Italy Senter, Carolyn, Ir., Forney Sessions, Mary C., Soph., Fairfield Sewell, Gene, lr., Iacksboro Shadclix, Toye, Sr., Shamrock Shade, Merrill Elizabeth, Fresh., Smithville Shahan, Gladys, Soph., Denton Shannon, Elizabeth, Sr., Munday Sharber, Viola, Soph., Denton Shaver, Mayme, Fresh., Knox City Shaw, Lou Helen, Fresh., Overton Shaw, Marguerite, Sr., Rusk Shaw, Mary S., lr., Marlin Shaw, Mary Frances, Fresh., Ft. Worth Shelton, Emma, Fresh., Denton Shelton, Mildred, Sr., Big Spring Sherrill, Alyce, Soph., Houston Sherwood, Alma, Fresh., Port Arthur Shield, Anna L., Fresh., Brady Shield, Bess, Fresh., Santa Anna Shindler, lane, Soph., Hempstead Shireman, Iennie, Sr., La Porte Shireman, Myrtle. Soph., La Porte Shirley, Gladys Mae, Soph., Houston Shirley, Lawsie Dee, Sr., Douglass Shoaf, Vorena, Fresh., Quitman Shoemate, Lorene, Fresh., Graham Sholders, Cathen Glee, Fresh., Denton Shoolroy, Pauline, Fresh., Houston Short, Bobby, lr., Denton Shultz, Va. Anne, Sr., Alvarado Siddall, Mary Ellen, Fresh., Gainesville Shumate, Mrs. Mary Ethel, lrreg., Denton Sielske, lerry, Fresh., Laredo Silbernagel, Evelyn, Fresh., Dickinson Silbernagel, Helen, Sr., Dickinson Simmons, Anna Elizabeth, Fresh., Menard Simmons, Anne, Soph., Navasota Simmons, Doris Louise, Fresh., Mexia Simmons, Mildred, Fresh., Whitesboro Simms. Floy, Normangee Simms, Lillion, Fresh., Port Arthur Simons, Catherine, Fresh., Edna Simpson, Margaret, Ir., Denton Sims, Margie Lee, Soph., Mansfield Sims, Phyllis, Fresh., San Angelo Sitton, Gladys Lee, Soph., Denton Skaggs, Nell, Ir., Brady Skiles, Lorena, Soph., Cleburne Skinner, Nora Ellis, Fresh., Slidell Skoog, Lillian, Fresh., Amarillo Slay, Lalage, lr., Pineland Slayden, Ina Faye, Red Oak Small, Ruth, Fresh., Ft. Worth Small, Winifred Ann, Fresh., Amarillo Smiley, Mary Fincher, Soph., Denton Smith, Smith. Smith, Agnes, Fresh., Amarillo Barbara, Sr., Temple Christine, Fresh., Denton Smith, Dorothy, Fresh., Houston Smith, Dorothy Nina, Soph., Houston Smith, Edith Mable, Sr., Rockwall Smith, Eliz. Arzella, Soph., Corsicana Smith, Eva Lucille, Fresh., Denton Smith, Geraldine, Fresh., Port Arthur Smith, Grace Evelyn, Soph., Alto Smith, Gretchen, Fresh., Sulphur Springs Smith, Hallie Mae, Sr., Mineola Smith, Hannah F., Fresh., Port Arthur Smith, Ioyce B., Fresh., Pampa Smith, Laura B., Grad., Denton Smith, Mrs. L. E., Irreg., Tyler Smith, Margie, Fresh., Llano Smith, Clementine. lr., Greenville Smith, Mary Doris, Ir., Denton Smith, Mary Elizabeth, Sr., Denton Smith, Mary Elizabeth, Soph., Wichita Falls Smith, Mary Ella, Sr., Terrell Smith Smith Mary Ellen, Ir., Bryson Mary Evelyn, Soph., Cleburne Smith Mary Louise, Sr., Cooper Smith, Mary Louise, Ir., Denison Smith Ruby Nell, Fresh., Brownfield Smith Va. Eddie, Sr., Center Smith, Willie Pearl, Fresh., Gilmer Treadway, Margaret, lr.. McKinney STUDENT DIRECTORY Smith, Wilma La Verne, Sr., Decatur Smyth, Geneva, Fresh., Denton Soelter, Gerard, lr., Dallas Solamon, Edna, lrreg., Haskell Solomon, Evelyn, Ir., Waterbury, Conn. Sommer, Clara lulia, Fresh., Brenham Sommerfield, Enneliese, Fresh., Ardmore, Okla. Sowards, Lois Ioyce, Sr., Texarkana, Ark. Sparkman, Hilda, Soph., Italy Sparks, Leon Marie, Soph., Marquez Speed, Cleo, Sr., Daingerfield Spencer, Martha, Fresh., Sulphur Springs Spradlin, Iacgueline, Sr., Denton Sprawls, Frances, Fresh., Clyde Sprulock, Doris, Fresh., Denton Stallings, Ada Bell, Fresh., Sebastian Stallings, Lenora, Soph., Terrell Standley, Iessie Willie, Fresh., Cleburne Stanford, Beth. Sr., Linden Stanford, Marjorie Fern, Fresh., Red Oak Stanley, Martha I., Sr., Ft. Worth Starcke, Ella Mae, Soph., San Antonio Stark, Mary Alice, Fresh., Denton Steadman, Mildred, Soph., Trent Steakley Iohn Marie, Ir., Durant, Okla. Steele, Katherine, Ir., Marlin Steele, Elizabeth, Grad., Dallas Stegman, Iudith C., Ir., Brownsville Stehling, Loretta, Ir., Kerrville Stehr, Kathleen, Ir., Houston Steigerwald, Mary, Sr., Houston Stein, Irma, Ir., El Paso Stellmacher, Elizabeth, Fresh., Dallas Stem, Mattie Lee, Fresh., Krum Stephen, Dorothy Sue, Soph., Cleburne Stephens, Iane, Ir., Denton Stepheson, Lillie Esther, Sr., Gordon Stephenson, Walene, Fresh., Loraine Stepheson, Ruth, Ir., Denton Stevens, Claribel, Soph., Smithville Stevenson, Anita, Soph., Pearsall Stevenson, E. Farris, lr., Hermleigh Stevenson, Mary Belle, Fresh., Knox City Stevenson, Vivian Estil, Fresh., Maypearl Stewart, Nel, Fresh., Dallas Still, Ima Nelle, lr., Le Fors Still, Naomi, Soph., Longview Still, Ruth, Sr., Longview Stinson, Edna Earle, Fresh., Ashdown, Ark. Stites, Alice Eva, Fresh., Dallas St. Iohn, Frances Ir., Temple Stockard, Sidney, Fresh., Denton Stockstill, Margaret I., Fresh., Pampa Stockton, Geraldine Eliz., Sr., Leander Stockton, Mary Belle, Fresh., Temple Stodgill, Iohnnie D., Fresh., Mart Stoeppleman, Gwendolyn M., Fresh., Silsbee Stogner, Dorothy, Fresh., Plano Stokes, Annie Bob, Fresh., Crockett Stokes, Lillian, Sr., Winters Stokes, Louise, Fresh., Caldwell Stone, Margaret L., Soph., Ioplin, Mo. Stone, Marjorie L., Fresh., Ennis Stoneham, Margaret, Soph., Stoneham Stovall, Sarah I., Sr., Terrell Stovall, Velma V., Fresh., Terrell Stover, Anna F., Iohnson City Stover, Vernelle, Soph., Ft. Worth Strange, Marsha Lee, Fresh., Dallas Strange, Ruth, lr., Hale Center Straughn, Dorothy M., Fresh., Dallas Street, Phoebe, Ir., Denton Streicher, Iohanna, Sr., Seagoville Strickland, Theodocia, Fresh., Denton Strickles, Mary L., Fresh., Goose Creek Stromberg, Rowena D., Ir., Lockhart Strong, Merrell, Ir., Dallas Stroud, Iuanita, Ir., Honey Grove Stroud, Trevalyn, Fresh., Silsbee Stubblefield, Iosephine, Fresh., Ada, Okla. Stubblefield, Rachel, Fresh., Dallas Stuermer, Cassie, Ir., Nordheim Sudduth, Irene, Fresh., Ft. Worth Sullivan, Hazel, Fresh., Temple Sullivan, Lucille, Fresh., Louise Sumner, Ailiene, Sr., Brownwood Surman, Rosemary, Fresh., Post Sutton, Bernice, Fresh., Hemphill Sutton, Helen Ruth, Sr., Dallas Swafford, Martha Anne, Irl, Rockdale Swain, Elizabeth, Soph., Houston Swain, Mary Elizabeth, Ir., San Antonio Swann, Kathleen, Soph., Hull Sweeney, Elizabeth, Soph., Gainesville Sweeney, Montie, Soph., Needville Swindle, Mrs. Mary, Sp., Denton Swinson, Frances A., Fresh., Calvert Thomas, Derene, Fresh., Paducah Thomas, Dorothy D., Soph., Somerville Thomas, Dorothy, Ir., Dublin Thomas, Frances, Fresh., Longview Thomas, Mary Beth, Soph., Strawn Thompson, Evelyn L., Fresh., Houston Thompson, Frances, Ir., Lufkin Thompson, lane, Soph., Honey Grove Thompson, lohnny Sue, Fresh., Arkadelphia Thompson, Margaret. Sr., Bridgeport Thompson, Marie, Fresh., Uvalde Thompson, Mildred, Soph., Throckmorton Thompson, Mildred, Sr., Sugarland Thompson, Rubye Louise, Fresh., Denton Thompson, Thora, Soph., Childress Thompson, Willie May, Ir., Loraine Thorp, Mrs. Louqenia M., Sr., Texan Tidmore, Marian E., Fresh., Mercedes Tinnon, Katherine V., Fresh., Dallas T . Tabb, Helen, Fresh., Naples Tackett, Leola, Sr., Graham I - Taliaterro, Mary Ioyce, Ir., Denton Taliaferro, Eloise, Ir., Denton Tallcington, Irene, Fresh., Denton Tanner, Gwendolyng Ir., Gainesville Tate, Elizabeth, Sr., Comanche Tate, Sammy, Soph., Denton Tatom, Marguerite, Fresh., Dallas Taulbee, Virginia, Fresh., Bay City Taylor, Galena Mae., Fresh., Bangs Taylor, Mary Florence, Soph., Rotan Taylor, Mrs. Nina M., Ir., Lewisville Taylor, Frances, Soph., Rotan Teasley, Edyth, Soph., Denton Templeton, Mary Frances, Ir., Wellington Terrell, Billie Dee., Fresh., Celina Terry, Ethel. Fresh., Houston Terry, Mrszxloe Elizabeth, Ponder Terry, Loyse, Sr., lowa Park Terry, Virginia, Fresh., Okmulgee, Okla. Terry, Willie, Sr., Hillsboro Thagard, Marsette, Fresh., Caldwell Tholen, Marguerite, Sr., Milwaukee, Wis. Thomas, Lorene, Fresh., Electra Tinsley Tippett, Tisdale Tohline Tooley, , Ioyce, Fresh., Hedley Ioy, Fresh., San Angelo , Celeste, Fresh., Eldorado , Evelyn, Soph., Ft. Worth Uarda, Fresh., Vernon Torrans, Mary Katherine, Fresh., Ietferson Toups, Dorothy, Fresh.. Overton Townle y, Olena, Fresh, Clifton Townsend, Dale, Sr., Moran Townsend, Mary La Velle, Sr., Mart Townsend, Rowena, Fresh., Mart Trainer , Mae, Soph., San Antonio Trammell, Olga, Ir., Midland Travis, Traylor Helen E., Sr., Ft. Worth 1 , Sarah, Fresh., Riverside Tribble, Deborah, Soph., Aubrey Tribble, Lucie, Soph., Denton Tribble, Marian, Fresh., San Antonio Trice, F rances, Fresh., Lott Triplett, Berenice, Fresh., Clayton Trout, Olga LaVan, Fresh., San Antonio Trueblood, Iimmie, Fresh., Childress Truett, Addie G., Fresh., McKinney Truitt, Carolyn, Fresh., Denton Tucker, Tucker. Tucker, Tucker, Dora, Ir., Denton Mrs. Grace, Spec., Denton Lenora M., Ir., Denton Margaret, Fresh., Ardmore Tumlinson, Rebecca, Ir., San Antonio Tune, Wilma E., Fresh., Dallas Tunstal l, Eugenia, Fresh., Longview Tuorila, Helen, Fresh., Wiergate Turk, Lorene, Soph., Beaumont Turner, Elisabeth, Sr., Wichita Falls Turner, Iohnnie L., Ir., Iacksonville Turner, luanita, Fresh., Cleburne Turner, Lola Faye, Fresh., Electra Turner, Lida Rolan, Ir., Paris Turner, Miriam, Ir., Lubbock Tumer, Myrtle Elizabeth, Fresh., Marlin Turner, Nell, Soph., Kirbyville Turner, Velta Clara, Soph., Ponder Turnidge, Helen Louise, Fresh., Abilene Williams, Iulian Aileen, lr., Tyler Vaughan, Lena Fay, Fresh., Denton Whitaker, Genevieve, Sr., Ft. Worth W White STUDENT DIRECTORY Tyler, Ruth Gordon, Fresh., Dallas Tyus, Anna Ernest, Soph., Kerens U Umphress, Virginia, Fresh., Van Alstyne Ussery, La Rue, Soph., Carbon Uttz, Ioe, Fresh., Eastland V Vacker, Lois, lr., lustin Vanderford, Crystel loan Ir., Shield VanDresar, Dorothy Ethel, Soph., Pharr Vanous, Edna Marie, Fresh., Mart Van Pelt, Loretta, Soph., Marlin Van Zandt, Neva I., Fresh., Denton Varner, Kathryn, Soph., Sherman Vasek, Lydia M., Dallas Vaughan, Oletha, Soph., Wellington Vaughan, Emma Gene, Fresh., Forney Vause, Ellarene, Fresh., Littlefield Vedder, Sarah Agnes, Fresh., Blum Venable, Olga, Navasota Vernon, Dorothy, Ir.. Holland Vezey, Mary Eloise, Fresh., College Station Vice, Wanda, Fresh., Beckville Victery, Iennie, Sr., New Willard Vincent, Dorothy Mae, Fresh., Beaumont Vinson, Katherine, Fresh., Lake Dallas Vitz, lane, Sr., Denton Vitz, Ruth Ann, Sr., Denton Voelkel, Minnie Mae, Fresh., Fayetteville Voelkel, Olga, lrreg., Elgin Vogel, Hazel Ruth, Fresh., Burkburnett Vorhies, Dorothy Lu., Ir., Dallas Waggener, Tommye Ruth, Fresh., Denton Wagner, Christine, Fresh., San Antonio Waits, Margaret B., Fresh., Sulphur Springs Wakefield, Dorothy lane, Soph., Ponder Warman, Wilma Sue, Fresh Wichita Falls Warren, Clydis, Soph., Olney Warren, Modina, Ir., Olney Warren, Neta, Sr., Center Washburn, lean, Ir., Dallas Washburn, Mildred, Fresh., McKinney Wasson, lane, Soph., Gainesville Watkins, Gayrel L., Fresh., Galveston Watson, Doris, Fresh., Barry Watson, Lucille, Grad., Stephenville Watson, Mary Rita, Fresh., Brownwood Watts, Hazel, Fresh., Pettus Watts, Lucille, Sr., Mineola Watts, Marguerite Louise, Fresh., Silsbee Waugh, Helen, Fresh., Bastrop Wear, Margaret, Ir., Vernon Webb Bonnie, Irreg., Ponder Webb Margaret, Fresh., Little Rock, Ark. Webb, Marguerite, Fresh., Krum Webb, Ruth, Sr., Deport Webb. Webb Webb Sara, Fresh., Brackettville , Virginia, Fresh., Brackettville Yvonne, Fresh, Tulsa, Okla. Webber, luanita, Sr., Beqgs, Okla. Weber, Virginia Eliz., Fresh., Hedley Webster, Katherine, Sr., Dallas Webster, lrene C., Soph., Ft. Worth Weishuhn, Eddie, Fresh., Houston Wellenkamp, Mrs. Will, Grad., Denton Wetsel, Lora Evelyn, Fresh., Clayton, N. M. Wheat, Gwendolyn, Fresh., Paris Wheatley, Catherine, Fresh., Pampa Whedbee, Sarah, Soph., Dallas Wheeler, Simie, Sr., College Station Wheelock, Earnestine, Sr., Troup Wheelock, Ianet, Fresh., Lockhart White White Adelaide, Fresh., Lone Oak Alta Frances, Fresh., Denton White, Arlene, Ir., Hillsboro White, Betty, Sr., Waco White, Helen, Fresh., Wellington , Mildred Sue, Ir., Grand Prairie Williams, Dorothy, Fresh., Temple Williams, Cecille, Fresh., Canadian Williams, Forella, Fresh., Doucette Williams, Frances, Fresh., Denton Williams, Georgia Mae, Fresh., Lamesa Williams, Luvelle, Ir., Electra Williams, Iris DeNelle, Fresh., Greenville Williams, lvonel, Fresh., Overton Williams, lack, Fresh., Tyler Williams, Margaret, Sr., Frederick, Okla. Williams, Marie, Fresh., Wolfe City Williams, Nancy Helen, Soph., Cameron Williams, Pauline, Fresh., Odell Williams, Pauline K., Fresh., Hemphill Williams, Reba Wayne, lr, Lubbock Williams, Sophia, Fresh., Beeville Williams, Tennie, Soph., Abilene Williams, Eloise, Fresh., Electra Williams, Mrs. Adeline, Soph., Honey Grove Williamson, Alyene, Fresh., El Paso Williamson, Barbara May, Fresh., Dallas Williamson, Billie Frances, Grad., Arlington Williamson, Kathryn, Ir., Bay City Williamson, Inez, Fresh., Graham Williford, Harriette, Fresh., F airfield Willis, Iimmie, lr., Center Willmo n, Katilou, Soph., Pecan Gap Wills, Evelyn, Fresh., Denton Wilson, Edna, Sr., Denton Wilson, Evelyn, Soph., Ft. Worth Wilson, Garnett, Fresh., Charlotte Wilson, Helen E., Fresh., Houston Wilson, Laura Lee, Soph., Giddings Wilson, Marceline Crystal, Soph., Princeton Wilson, Mary Ellen, Soph., Ft. Worth Wilson Wilson Wilson , Norma L., Soph., Charlotte , Rebecca Anne, Fresh., McKinney , Mrs. Willie Belle, Soph., Denton Wimberly, Roy Sue, Ir., ltaly Wimpy, Dickie, Soph., Burnet Whittington, Margaret, Soph., Henderson Walker, Dorothy, lr., Ft. Worth Walker, Leonora, Ir., Wichita Falls Walker, Mary Anne, Soph., Wichita Falls Walker Walker , Mary Loraine, Ir., Tyler , Virginia, Soph., Center Wood. Wallace, Alma Elizabeth, Ir., Gunter Wallace, Donna B., Fresh., Gunter Wallace, Elmira, Fresh., Canutillo Wallace, Nell Sue, Fresh., Garland Waller, Mildred, Fresh., Trinity Waller, Oma, Fresh., Celina Walton, Lynette, Fresh., Ioinerville Wang, Mrs. Floy M., Sr., Ysleta Wankin, Sylvia, Soph., Denton Ward, Iennie Wee, Fresh., Alvin Ward, Mary Alice, Fresh., Corpus Christi Warenskjold, Alice Ophelia, Soph., Cleburne Whitehead, Mary Virginia, Soph., Slaton Whiteman, Bernadine, Sr., Brady Whiteman, Mary Beth, Fresh., Brady Whitener, Ethel, Sr., Burton Whiteside, Dorothy Nelle, Fresh., El Campo Whitlock, Elizabeth, Sr., McAllen Whitmore, Ellie Nelson, Spec., Denton Wick, Martha G., lr., Wichita Falls Wiggins, Zada, lr., Peaster Wilds, Ethel Ruth, Soph., Dallas Wiley, Lucille, Fresh., McAllen Wiley, Marilyn, Sr., Wheeler Wilkes, Iosephine, Fresh., Nocona Wilkins, Dorothy Ann, Ir., Denton Wilkinson, Billy Louise, lr., Denton Wilkinson, Leverne, Soph., Kingsville Willey, Myrtle, Fresh., Center Williams, Burdette, lr., Cross Plains Williams, Bearyce, Fresh., Canton Windham, Billie B., Soph., Center Windham, Mariann, Fresh., Center Windham, Robbie, Sr., Abilene Winn, Martha loy, Sr., Wharton Winzer, Elizabeth, lr., Reagan Wisdom, Pattie Zou, Fresh., Tyler Wittliff, Dorothy, Fresh., Waco Wofford, Doris, Fresh., Houston Wolfe, Mary E., lr., Quinlan Wollner, Helen, Sr., Ft. Worth Wood, Katherine, Fresh., Dallas Wood, Ann Elizabeth, Fresh., Donna Wood, Bennie Kate, Fresh., Denton Wood, Cathryne, Sr., Ennis Wood, Charlotte, Fresh., Houston Hallie, Soph., Galveston Wood, lulia Claire, Soph., Donna Woodard, Kathryn, Fresh., Dallas Woodham, Dorothy, Fresh., Beaumont Woodham, William Elizabeth, Fresh., Odessa Woodruff, Margaret, Sr., Cooper Woods, Mrs. Lillian S., lrreg., Denton STUDENT DIRECTORY Woods, Margaret B., Fresh., Houston Woods, Sarah Frances, Soph., Kirbyville Woodyard, Marjorie Anne, Soph., Carthage Wooley, Lucille, Soph., Clarksville Worden, Anne, Fresh., Dallas Florine, Soph., Italy Wright, Constance, Fresh., Mulvane, Kan. Wright, Elizabeth, Fresh., Dallas Wright, Wright, Wright, Wright, Wrinkle, lessie Mae, Ir., Goodlett Worthy, Lena Helen, Fresh., Denton Lewise, Fresh., Temple Mary E., Fresh., Paducah Maxine, Fresh., Ft. Worth Wurtshauqh, Clementine, Ir., Ietterson Wurtsbaugh, Sarah, Ir., leiferson Wyatt, Nelva, Fresh., Marshall Wynn, Annette, Soph., Denton Y Yancy, Ruth, Fresh., Denton Yates, Laverne, Fresh., Canton Yates, Vivian, Fresh., Kaufman Yonker, Mary Alice, Soph., Ranger Young, Katherine, Soph., Marathon Younq, Mrs. Mayme, lrreq., Ponder Young, Mildred Anne, Ir., Harlingen Youngblood, Elva, lr., Henderson Z Zachry, Mary Winiired, Fresh., Dallas Zuber, Dru, Soph., Dallas Zumwalt, Faytene, Ir., Baytown Zwanzig, Addell Agnes, Fresh., Galveston S. C. W., We appreciate your splendid cooperation this year, and We hope in 1937. to see you back on the campus in larger numbers C. I. A. SHOE SHOP THE MOST IN TEXAS MODERN HOTEL .,,.,,.,...,,,,,, , ,, i7'5'l 'rf"fPis'1!f-2 lg--Lili" ,lg E' 2.15 A ,Q f A' 51 .3 A rendezvous for the dis- Q criminatinq who seek the , .. distinctive in appointment and service . . .A home tor I ,W., , 5 those who revel in and comfort! HOME OF THE VENETIAN ROOM WHERE BIG NAME BANDS AND ALL STAR FLOOR SHOWS ENTERTAIN YOU' ease T 4 I ml ' vs. . ' " 5 ' '4 2' ' f" . - -gifs - my ill! yf' .Ms ll! . .4-,g5gg4t,gQfj',- , V' I ..45'-:Jeff-' 14 4 :-- 5 Tigre i' ' iff A WM 1 I knew ou wouldn't mind: they are all old FORT WORTH! HOYEL OF DISTINCTION S JK Y ri' HE Bl. CKS ONE f jul! , q5mqf?f?'l' , 1 " .1 4 ll- - "Q5g.'ri.g's e .' I if-35.535 . V P ujgsas T' Bri 'if If iw :H tl' -513,4 ""f'e11 ll HT. ea ,mir ,ny ,...,.. 3 "',. " " , is 'L I-5 kiwi, 9 ,, lit, rf, fi, VJ, my ' Y Eur ,li Y wi he g af I , A. fits' 'T ' lzlmvn 1 A J-it ws .ar n ' a L 4 ' , . ,. "2".fi-rf--Q '-1 N 552, 5' R Ei, 5.1 IEW: if?g7f!33t5fgf5?'y , 7:':..z:a.:::..:.: L s-Eltr I' "" 'I' it Ill v 'zu F 13234, -f T.. 7. 5 ' ,,. . f!tl'! I is 5, 1 ua- r ' tiling! 7 .---- ,. gin ' V41 ll . . -.Mfr .i I, , 5. 1,9 - gg , F-in 1' Y A, ' I K J , I 'ak If xw LEX My J I 3 ' 5 r "ill t I I -f ay., f 9 iv, th' ' tm. I 1 4 4 f tg fill' I ea.: . is 'itil' mt ' 4 M ,1 f. 4 7 A I 1 l t 2 my W ! r ? A ln! X : I ' , l l l l r r.-2 ought : 5 u-.94 rtula X H W nlff vi 2,753 L e f I "fi 'li s f' , 6 61.5 s if A i I 5 4 I 3 1 i E ' 1 I W 3? ' f"1 1 ' J' 1 I f ,gf 'Q' 'ff . numbers. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST FOR 'SECOND SEMESTER Allison, Lucy Belle, Fresh., Teague Bagley, Mary, Fresh., Rusk Bailey, Opal Iuanita, Fresh., Royse City Baker, Margaret Evans, Fresh., Navasota Baxter, Fresh'., Denton Beaird, Alva, Grad., Shreveport, La. Beazley, Gibbs, Fresh., San Angelo Blair, Anita, Grad., Clarksville Bond, Cathern, Fresh., Tulsa, Okla. Boswell, Cora L., Grad., Denton Boyles, Pauline Faye, Fresh., Denton Braly, Mrs. Zelda McElroy, Fresh., Denton Brammer, Evelyn, Ir., Ft. Worth Brandeverry, Gladys M,, Fresh., Wichita Falls Bray, Maxine, Ir., New Orleans, La. Brim, Theta, lrreg., Denton Brown, Mrs. Golda R., Spec., Boyd Butler, Zella M. Smith, Sr., Eastland Carter, Geneva, Fresh., Friana Cauble, Helen, Fresh., Aspermont Chandler, Minnie Kay, Sr., Denton Chandler, Violette, Fresh., Denton Chasteen, Annie Lou, Fresh., Ore City Childers, Patsy Lee, Fresh., Tyler Clark, Lucy Della, Fresh., Roanoke Cogdell, Louise, Fresh., Denton Colson, Eva May, Fresh., Arlington Conner, Mrs. Hugh, Ir., Vernon Cook, Lillie Marie, Sr., Abilene Cooper, Charlotte, Fresh., San Angelo Cougler, Mamie George, Soph., Graford Crouch, Olivia, Fresh., Denton Davis, Mrs. Blanche Naugle, Grad., Denton DeBord, Marjorie, lr., Tyler DeBorde, Moreta Lee, Ir., Dallas Dixon, Mary Elizabeth, Ir., Blue Ridge Duck, Mrs. Mary Va., Grad., Denton Early, Mrs. Elizabeth McGuire, Sr., Paris Ellington, Ruth, Ir., Durant, Okla. Fears, Ruth, Fresh., Oklahoma City, Okla. Fisk, Marjorie, Fresh., Amarillo Fitzhugh, Meroba, Fresh., Waco Folts, Frances, Fresh., Austin Gibbs, lack, Grad., Denton Gipe, Mai-jory, Spec. Music, Denton Gipe, Mrs. Ruth, Sr., Denton Goolsby, Gertrude, Sr., Groesbeck Green, Annie Mae, Fresh., Wheeler Greit, Elvera, Fresh., Poth Griggs, Bobbye Lee, Fresh., Baird Hale, Imogene, Fresh., Stanton Hamilton, Merle, Sr., Garland Hankerson, Gracy Hale, Ir., Tyler Hardt, Elizabeth, Irreg., Greenville Harris, Mildred, Fresh., Tahoka Harrison, Lois, Ir., Seymour Hayes, Marguerite, Soph., Temple Hendrick, Elisabeth, Soph., Odessa Heyward, Helen, Sr., Cleburne Horst, Verdie Mae, Fresh., Sanger Howard, Mrs. Leona Gray, Soph., Denton Howell, Margaret Eleanore, Fresh., Abilene Humphrey, La Rue, Grad., Grapevine Hunt, Octavia, Ir., Stephenville Hunter, Mary Anna, Fresh., Denton lackson, Inez, Soph., Denison lackson, Margaret, Ir., Crystal City Iohnson, Eunice Marie, Fresh., Little Rock, Ark. Keen, Mary, Fresh., Aubrey Keen, Mildred, Fresh., Aubrey Keen, Eunice Wilma, Ir., Aubrey Ligon, Ruby, Fresh., Lott Lyon, Elizabeth, Grad., Denton McDonald, Mrs. Lee R., Grad., Denton McKenney, Annie Laura, Soph., 'Westbrook McNeely, Mrs. Helen D., Ir., Marshall Marshall, Loraine, Fresh., Whitesboro Middleton, Frances. Fresh., Streetman Milam, Mary Elizabeth, Soph., Overton Miller, Gay, Fresh., San Angelo Miller, Lucille, lr., San Angelo Mizell, Mary, Grad., Denton Morrison, Mrs. Maurine, Sr., Throckmorton Muns, Virginia, Fr., Clarksville Mustain, Mrs. Bertha, Sr., Aubrey Nagel, Lu Elsie, Soph., Cuero Nall, Sidney Merle, Fresh., Dallas Nichols, Lavilla, Ir., Teague Nichols, Mrs. Hazel Hooks, Sr., Galena Park Nieman, Geneva Mae, Soph., Borger Osburn, Dorlnthy Louise, Ir., Paris Owen, Ruth Marie, Fresh., Olton Parks, Iean, Fresh., New York City, New York Payne, Leona, Fresh., Denton Perry, Frances, Ir., Denison Pittman, Zelah Ann, Fresh., Cross Plains Poindexter, Martye, Grad., Lubbock Plants, Dorothy, Sr., Seymour Plummer, Polly, Fresh., Denton -- Priddy, Dorothy Mae, Fresh., Nacogdoches Randals, Flossy, Soph., Hico Reed, Lyda Lynn, Fresh., Frisco Reese, Estelle, Fresh., Clifton Roberts, Iulia, Ir., Farmersville Sanders, Rae, Ir., Houston Seden, Lillian, Fresh., Big Spring Sharber, Eva Io, Fresh., Denton Sharber, Ina Lou, Fresh., Bivins Shelton, Ruth, Fresh., Queen City Shelton, Woodie Rochelle, Fresh., Queen City Shrode, lna, Ir., Sulphur Springs Simpson, Mrs. Sallie, Irreg., Denton Singletary, lane Lee, Fresh., Bryan Smelley, Virginia, Sr., Temple Smith, Laura Beattie, Grad., Denton Smith, Sue, Soph., Denton Spradley, Catherine, Fresh.. Nacogdoches Spurlock, Agnes, Grad., Sulphur Springs Stallings, Helen, Irreg., Terrell Stewart, Mary, Soph., Graham Stone, Dorothy, Fresh., Denton Street, Iessie Catherine, Sr., Denton Teague, William Chandler, Gainesville Tucker, Mary Margaret, Fresh., Denton Vacker, Irene, Fresh., Ft. Worth Vandagriff, Geraldine, Sr., Weatherford Van Vleck, Louise, Fresh., Ft. Worth Vaughn, Ienna B., Fresh., Denton Wallace, Loreta, Fresh., Winters Wear, Peggy lean, Soph., Gainesville Webb, Ierlena, Soph., Gilmer Weddell, Virginia, Fresh., Port Arthur Wheeler, Zenna, Sr., Weatherford White, Mrs. Eunis Gibbs, Sr., Denton Whitlock, Fern, Fresh., Aubrey Wilbeck, Minnie Lee, Fresh., Pierce Wilshire, Aubrey, Sr., Burleson Wilson, Mary Louise, Fresh., Wichita Falls Wuerpel, Mrs. A. C., Irreg., Ft. Worth Yale, Mrs. Kathleen, Fresh., Denton Zimmerman, Mary Louise, Fresh., Breckenridge OUR INSTITUTION We are proud to have a part in the advancement of this institution, tor We, too, have made some Wonderful improvements in our sys- tem and facilities. You deserve the best in service: so we are striv- ing to show you the peak of perfection in quality Work. ln our endeavor to advance with the college We have installed special equipmentg so that now the students and faculty members can be assured of the quality of all branches of laundry Work- cleaning, dyeing, mending, sewing, furnishing caps and gowns, with additional machinery for unusual leather goods. We hope that you Will continue to be pleased with our service. O TI-IE COLLEGE LAUNDRY 5 Y - .,x., -,4..-, A., A U I ,. V n. If Q Y L l' , .V if y I , ay- Y I-I I 4, 1 f li . I 5 :J 'I . if' ,. A . i . 4. i, 1 - I ,V 1 2 4 4 5 i, , I, I 3' 4. i, I C fm my i' I A!! 4 I lil W i' M y W' W 4 T11 AZLW M 4 A741 i.. - l i- N f" W f ' ? M u N ir I ?1l f l Q flu If x

Suggestions in the Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) collection:

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