Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX)

 - Class of 1926

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Texas State College for Women - Daedalian Yearbook (Denton, TX) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Cover

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wwf f- L! ml W Q S , V ' , fi! . 1 V r 6 v , Q o . mo 42 5 x J V ,J-a Z .fill f N :xi 'ul "0 ful, ' '--f--- Q-a - f my "" ' -W GSM: ' Y Yu x N I 4 .MN -' - A. 3. H, 1.3 f f , 1 F592-L ,Ky 1 Vin x ef" r" L! E? X 'U YN C! Qu. , K ,w Q ,NN Q, .f ' ,NJ All X 1 ' 2 f 1 n w N. Q5 " 'W if., 5 Wy. ffm-2 ,HW QA 'fl ' fn! Y L., lf. 5" xv- ' w,.,,i ? WT. 0.53. 4 3 ,X Ne I 1 ' I N Y I . fl ii, ,X P , 111 3- ' 11 X 1 , :A 11' 4' 1-1. 1- 1 1 J' ' X ' 1,-fx! I 1 , M1 1 5 Q 1 6 H 1 .- 1 1 1 A 1 'Q g Ak 1! m 61.111 1 I 1 1 11 4 11 1 X 1 1 1 1 I ,ui 1, 1 11 121 A 1 .2 1 M1. 1 M . 1 1 , 1 1 if 11 1 41 N, f w G.,T.,0 , il- 1 , 1 I-. gf 1 2 M .1 11 :vp 1 ,J ' Q.: 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1 1: 3 W M . FA X ' V V X L 1 1 11 ,11 , 1 11 V1 f 1 i? if 21 1 1 .11.- ' ,1 11' 'ru-I E, '11 w 14: 1 1. .ix'iQ1"Uh-.'fgh7A pw, 1 1 - 1- r. . GW ESG :1 "x 'CM L 92:1 'W111 . V '55 'I ' ULQ 1 - , r "' .,'.. 1 7 17 I ' ' ' " L .1 - P- ' fi' 1' 1 1 1U 11 ' 1-'e 1 1 nf W' 51 ' ' 'I' 1 Hi A 1 1 W 1 1 FT' ,, '.",', 14 -V wwigmm -, 1'1 f 1 -ff'io?!1 'A 1- .- 1 - 1 ' ,' ' Gum, 5? FSF 1 ' 41' . 9 rg: QI' 11?--ll' 11 .1 11 1 1 11 5 "T?il,Ti1m 111 X .A1 ' 1 "aff, "4 '1 '1 1 1 1- 1 51 11 :11 1. IQ 1a WW ' M. K- 1 . 1 ' .f-1, -' 1- 1 I... Y . E", 3" X 1 1.111 1. " 1' L7 1 , L . 1 v --..11 , KETTQ -, , t 67 1. 1 v' ,L l C ENGR.-XYIXGN HY S17l"l'HWE5'l'HRN l'1xr:u.4v1N1: Co I"flk'I' Wnn'x'H, 'l'r:x.u :Gig l'RIX'I'IiD ANU BOVND HY l vmx B.-xxx TXvU'l'1-I COMl'ANX KAMM CITY, NIU. A-wr at w "H ,ups-va -up M Rs. VlRGINlfX C.-xRRoI,L :ge "Go ble ---that is the greatest anb most beautiful act possible to man."- Tb a nian wbbse ljs bas been niaele beaniwil by ser-vice fe ofbers ana' by fbe bigb sfanflara' gf bis own beari, fbese words are inrleea' frae. Mir. Clzarlie Ferguson fwlzo, pr iweiiiyjiar years bas been a pioneer in nzabing fir fbe eenybris bf fbe girls of C. I fl., was saab a nian. effna' zfbe girls gf flze college be lofuea' will beep a nieinery of flze rafber snzall Seofcb gentle-A nian, wifb grey bair ana' jqne grey eyes, fwbo baa' a bina'Qf greezing fir fbe girls be passed on zbe canipns. For if is zbe gwss gf saelz jrienrls as Ibis rare ala' genilenian ibai ada' fo fbe iraa'iii0ns ana' g7'07UfA gf C. I A. 1 w I v 1 r 1 Ii ' X V X M I 4, x A N J kx I f 4 f rl 1 , , y : Q 1 fl N: , . Y, : I, if nf Q it g , , ' , I . Y X , 2 5. N. i ' ' , f f f I V D -1 Page 19 "flly Girly of C. I dl' What Visions rise in my Heart and Mind as I pen a few Wo1'cls to "my Girls"! How empty mere Phrases seem as compared to the Depth of my Affection, Respect, and Admiration for what I have so often called a great part of the "Soul of the Southwest"-You, the great Student Body of C. I. A.! My Heart is unseverably bound to yours by the strongest T ies Humanity knows--the Bonds of kindred Hopes and Fears and Ideals. Wherever the Path of Duty may lead, I shall see your Faces, hear your Cheers and feel the Solace of your spiritual Presence. I shall never forget you. For you, and you only, have I striven. Your Approval, your Encouragement, your Loyalty have been, and are. my only Reward. I wish none other. There could be none greater. God bless and keep my Girls of C. I. A.! LINDSEY BLAYNEY. President. l rs - 52' - lg. A Q I - T 10, pr . 45- f' ' - ns. 1 .4 .x,Q.4m-Q- 4-4. ff77Aln Page 20 I .,,YY ., , ., , . .. . ,. -.,...- ,...,,..... ' I 3 1 1 1 I 1 i Y , , . 1 5 I 1 ! U w N 1, , 1, I 1 W ? i 2 I i Q , r I l I I u A o 1 I m 1 . I A 1 a X , l i Q ., 3 1 I ! X DR. LINDSEV BLAVNEV l u L-L .. iw I A i.i T A yy Ar! . F WH awww AMX Ik . ,.,,,A -L. 43.4-1 a g. ,su g4.ig...4r4n .QM l'ag1.- 21 Deaths of the College The College of Industrial Arts is an institution which builds the lives and charac- ters of young women. As a b u i l cl e 1' this institution makes women according to the ideals and lives of those who make the college. It is our Deans who have given of themselves to the college and have created its life. To them we owe Z1 clebt of gratitucle. IE, V, Wim-E l':S'l'EI.LA G. Ilxlfmx Dean nf the Collvgu Dean of lfVomau Rlnzimun J. 'l'uRulsN'rlNlc IESSIE II. PIIJMPXIRIPIS Srhnof11fk'rfllz'alfn1l School of Liberal Arla' JULIA IIIL1, A'rw1':i,1. MARGARB1' GLEASON VVILLIS II, CLARK 560001 of Fill!! -'iff-1' Soh o! of llama L.C0ll0l1LfL'J School of lufluxfrial Aus and .S'cimzfv.r 1-I I ui, df K 5 MM ll fx ,, , ' A I. . ,Nqr 4 ,Qui I q 'gut 3 ' A In Aw qt 1 ng fi ai ,M imw IU All 7 ma-e -WJ.-, nf 1 l A nk -.ianlgl .451-, , 1,44 s N,.LS-l-A- A94 , , Page X,gQZ'i43,21KQ.: J' .df Xxf- ff Q f 'w0"X.Qc1QQg1ff--!gf,2Q.f nQ"Y,q3!P'XX,f-wofx-5 fx L., Y , Q- 1, W I K ? r .I ,Y , f f ,Q ..,,,- , DEAN L. H. HUBISAIQIJ President-elect l 17 . N1 .1 Q2 Mx if A 1 D .JJ L51 , Xfiv 1-1.14 .. 1'tIj,'6 2 Buaurwdl of Regents 1 1 H N x F C. U. CONNELLEE UGH . UGENT ITZGERALD Vin:-lzresidcnt l'ru.rlrlw1l 5 , Mas. WILLIAM CAPPS J. W. DEGAN Secretary Trcawrcr r N 1 Mas. LEE josmpu Mus. P. TURNER I 'A A 9 fag' " " Mi 1 - . Q" IA QAA I ,RW an X L,Q.4m-A,. 4,4 , Page 24 1 Page 25 Departmental Directors C' N- AUKISSUN . RUTH Douunfxss D'f.17aff"lU"5 vf PAJWC-V Department of.S'u4'r4.'ta1'ial Sturlirfs N e 1 JUUA IIn.L A1'wm,1, A Dupartmufrl nf lfimz and LEE MONROE ICLLISON .flppliurl .flrts Department of Eflglixh D V D V 4 1 ELIZABETH F. Fukui-LR W1L1.1E I. Biker: WILLIS H. CLARK Depafg,ng,,g gf Phygiggl Department of Biology Depariment of Chemistry Educaliau 4-I al l Q 59 v Q I all U ag Q.64,..,', .1651 - . RX A Xl "Q Q- I ' IRI l ilk 0 -. A - - AGU ep" X ' .am W' ' -X-,ibm " fl 5 -"1 E nk - AlA, glXAL.s-yy., Owl-l.x-9- Lug, Page 26 Departmental Diireeters M . C i WILLIAM E. JONES ARGARILT 'LEMON , Department of zllmriff Department of llama E1'ououm'.r C. D. Jumm Deyiartmcrnf of k'COIIIIllIft'.F and Cozfurmzzuul H. A. HOLMES Departmwzt of Language JESSIE H. IIUMPIIRI1-LS Mfxum. BICQUEEN Wmu I H . Deparlmant of Sociology Deparfmunl of Bible l,uIi:f,'L?:M ISMZEIIEZEDH . QA . 1 is tx L' , 1 .nn ft TQ- Rh- t 5 A FL A QR 411' '- Ill I' 174 ly lb -.' i ' X li. 'Oy T' y QQA -' lwwfff 1l'D,f1-ff-we-ff err - mA- . ,L,fA -vL.l-L-fa 5- no 4.4.4. J..-'2.A14aL..A..1.iAs-I 1 I'ag1: 2 7 Departmental Directors Asfrnm W. NYGREN RICHARD J. '1'unR1-LNTINE Dufmrlmant of Dramatic licpartmwrt of k'rlm'ation k'.vf1ru.r.vio1z G. R. POAGE E. V. Wm'rE Department of History Department of lllathematics ERIE G. Sczrmor-:man FRED W. Wxss'rcoUR'r f,r.'j7tIl'flllL'lIl of fonrna1'i.vm lh'fnzrlmunt of Rural Arts I-J I . f x n Q u A 55: M i, - 4 A I ww QSM' ff A 'fn Ae, A .dp QF f 3, wh- . ng Lumgil- A-4 Page 28 ELIIIA NIARION PEARSON Anoriate l'rofe.r.ror Biology W. J, CRIEBs Assisfaiit 1,l'0fL'.TJ0l' Biology BERTIIA K. LLOYIJ lnstwrclor Biology LINDA ALLEN I nslriictor Biology II. G. VVHITMORE A .Isocialc Profvmor Chemixlry ANNE ELIZAIIETI-I WHl1'E A.I'.ri.rtai1t l,1'0f6J'.f0l' Chemimtry lMARY MABEI. REAST lmfwictor Chem islry MARIIARET C. HousE I iulrilclor C hem islry WII.I.IA:vI S'rAN'I'oN DONOHO A .vsoriate l'1'ofcs.I'or English LILA ST. CLAIR MCIVIAHON Axsocialo I'1'ofe.r.vor English AII'I'REY NELL WILEY A sxistaiil Profnsxor English ANNA VAN BUSKIRK As.ri.I'Iaut 1"rofc.r.ror lfiiglish NIAMIE W. WALKER Assisfaiil l'rofv.r.Ior English EIINA M. CLARK Assixlaizt l,l'0fL'.l'.f0I' Eiiglish Ru'I'II WEST lnsirirctor English DANA GLAss FAIRCIIILII The Faculty BI-:LLE TURNER JoIINsoN l NJf1'1Il'f0f Eiiglixh JEAN M. TILLEY I m'l1'1rdo1' English NIARIAN LONG l'rofe.r.I'or Fine and INIATTIE LEE LACY Axsofialc l"1'oj'u.r.vnr Fine MARX' MARSIIALL Awocialc 1,l'0fl!.H'0l' Fim: GERMANY KLEMM Axsislaril l'roj'v.r.rnr Fino EI.IzAIIE'I'II FRASER Assisfaiit l!7'0f1?J501' Fine 1'1vAI.YN II. RIEIIE Applied Art: W1 ,I ,spiiwz aim' .I Mini and A pplii-fl Illlli .-I pplii-fl l1i.rf1'm'lo1' Fim: ami Appliufl Ari.: IIAZEI. 1. LOOMIS lnxt1'11cio1' Fine and Applied Ari: IWARX'-LOVING WILSON ,IlJf7'1l!'f01' Fine and Applied Av'r.r DATY B. IIEALY lii.vli'11do1' Fine and fljrplicrl Arif ELLIE S. JENISON fl.r.I'i.rlant l'1'ofc.r.m1' G01lL'1'll111KIlf rwrl licoiioillif-.v ROIIER1' P. FELGAR 1I:sor'ialc 1'i'nfc.r.rnr llislory II. G. ALLEN flcfing l'1'nf1.'.x'.m1' lli.I'loi',v R. E. JACKSON flssisraizt l,1'0fBSJ0l' Hisrory SUE L. OvER'roN .4 rls Art: fl rfs Arr: 1,1511-m-for l n.rl1'ilr1n1' lli.rro1'y U I V LI Q A V , gk , A - - A A R ,ug - 55: i , ,JOM . L-, - -A - L.-ag-f - g. .Q . -Anna ago 29 , 17 The Faculty CORA EDITH SWINGLE W. D. MOORE Associate Professor Household Arts Professor Language ROIIERT KING ATWELL Assistant Professor Language IEAN STEWART A ssistaut Professor Household Arts BIABEL POTTER Assistant Professor Ilouseholof A rts LoUIs J. BOURDON ' Assistant Professor Laiigzlfzge KATE BEAR LOIS CARLISLE . Instructor Ilouseholri Arts Assistant Professor Lnnguolqe INIAUDE WALLIN Instructor Language LUCILE ROSENIII-:RGER Assistant Professor Ilousenolfl Arts ALLIE GEORGE SARAII MARsIIAI.I. CIIORN Instructor Ilouseholri Arts Instructor Language MYRA E. RE'I'z Instructor Language YVINIFRED BLAKE Instructor Ilonseholrl Arts W. M. IIUOIIES A ssistant ' Professor illatheimztifs NIAURINE CANON Instructor II ouseholzl Arts IIELEN ANNA LUDEMAN Instructor Illathematics LOUISE B. JORDAN Assistant Professor Ilouseholzl Arts STEI.I,A LEA OwsI.Ex' Associate Professor Voice HELEN A. BRAY Assistant Professor Ilouseholzi Arts liI.IzAIsI-:jI'II LEA!-IE Associate Professor Piano ICDNA L. STORRS Instructor Ilonseholri Arts ROBERT DANA W. ADAMS Assistant Professor Piano CLARA M. KELLY Assistant Professor Ilousenolff- Arts VERE NIACNEAL Instructor Piano anti Theory LAURA ANDERSON Assistant Professor Ilonseholof Arts MAIsI.E CLAIR KANOUSE Instructor Piano SAUIE LEE OI.IvI-:R A Instructor Ilonseholrl Arts CIIARI.oT'I'E IIALGRIN Instructor Ilouseholri Arts ORvII.I,I-: JENNINGS BOROIIERS I nstruetor Voice NVARDO FOU'I's RUssEI,I. li. CURTIS Instructor L inotyping Instructor Piano LI . I 5 H - A . it - an -Qu L,m-4x-4m- AX-4s. . fifffmin Page 3 0 2 , The Faculty WALDO P. HENDERSON Instructor Piano IIORACE A. JONES Instructor Violin F. G. JONES Associate Professor Philosophy Education ARTIIUR E. MACKEY Assistant Profcssor Philosophy Education GERTRUDE WAIWE Assistant Professor Philosophy Erlucalion CLARA TUCKER Assistant Professor Philosophy Education F. O, EPPRIGHT Assistant Profcssor Philosophy Etlucation IIOII GRAY Assistant Professor Philosophy Education PI-:RsIs CARTER TERHUNE Instructor Pulilio School lllusio IVA CHAPMAN Instructor Kinzlergarten IEW!-:LL LOCHHEAD Assistant Professor Philosophy Ezlucation LAWRI-:Nas II. M'OORE Assistant Professor Philosophy Education R. J. GARNER and anrl and and and anfl and and MARION ROWLAND ROIIERTS Instructor Physical Education DORICE MIRICK NIEYERS Instructor Physical Education LEAH VANCE BARNES Instructor Physiral h'rluvution HAZEI, RICHARDSON Instructor Physical Ednvotioiz CLARA WILITIS Pianist Physiral Erlmvztion JULIA ELIZABE'l'lI IIARRIs Instructor Physics GROVER C. SHAVV Assistant Professor Drmmitiv h'.vjIrus.rion MRS. GROVER C. SHAW Assistant Professor llflllllllfll' h'.I'prtrsion RUTH P. KENTZLER Assistant Professor llranmfic h'.rprr.I'sion MARY EMILY REID Instructor Dranzatic E.rprI.'ssion ANNIE ROMIII-:Ro Associate Professor Suc1'ctariIzl Stnflius ELINE STILES Instructor Secretarial Sturlius LAURA WIJRTZEI. Instructor .S'ozfrutarial Stuflirs CAROLINE IWIEYER Lihraria Il PEARL WHITE Assistant Lihrariau PAULINE ACKLIN Assistant Lihrariou Instructor Philosophy and l5fluwti0fl JULIA LIPSCOMB Instructor in Primary ffflflftlfiff Il MARIE ELIZABETH FARMER Assistant Librarian U A l. Us N , 'N -ii. A .ik lmnzviff ...- - --- ..-ALE ! QJ.-Q Q541sS?m,g.......-,,,n EXE Page .il 192.5 Faculty Assistants of Administration W. R. NABOURS liu.ri11e.v.v Illomzgw' W. M. LovELEss Seonflory to Presizzfewzf CATHPJRINE CARTWRIGHT Secretary Zo Deon of College Mamas RUNVON W Secretary lo Dean of W owen CHR1s'r1NE C0014 .Seewffzry lo Dum of W omefl Zoo A114151 Secretory to Rvgixlrar I4lr.1zABE'1'H HALL Szvrrelary to Reglrlmr MARY AIKEN Dieliiiazz of Lowry Hall ANl'l'A TAYLOR Secretory ' V oezztlomzl E duealion 'l'Hr:LMA BRUTON Dietilizw of Braekenridge Hall Mus. LEoNA BLEWETT Sorrelary lo Deportmeol of Music H. G. BROWN Mazinger of College Lamldry W. E. WAGGQNER Sl1Ife,'kl'c?f6f1' and Purehasiflg Agen C. C. SMITH Poultrgwzzm NELLIE L. COWAN, R. N. Nurse ol Hygeia 'S . jim Q Q IQ' " A I lkfllxw I L.: ,Pa A 'Q lo ,fa A ff .a. MR?-n. -....A wleLL!-..Ln!!L,An.-..--... an Page 3 2 4 Student Assistants - -Y N l'1V1'lI1YN 'llxxxlclx l"leANc:1s NIASON 1sAm1:1', 'l'Hmms Hlcssm Loulslc Y,x1,'1-:S NIAMIE RUTH LANGSTON l".'xv1Q: NABUURS .IICSSIIG V AN V11:1a'1'I-1 I+1s'1'H1eR 'lflm-:1wM,xN Aumuzv GREEN ' M1l,1mR1':n MAc'rl",xm..'xNlm EI,.IZ.,XI5I-I'l'H I-Iocxl-:R IJ,u.'1'cw M,xxw14:l.L l . tx Q . fx Msg, M Q gk 1 7' ' QAM V ' -L lk . L - ,A - 4 - gel .. ,IAQ Page 3 3 Student Assistants ANNIE QQOAN Rr,r:,xNoR IJu.I.oN Runv l'1vr:r,vN lJUr:osH GL.-xnvs Lmvn MARJQRIIQ CH,xNnl.ER ' GRAVE R1c.'H,xRnsoN IJORIS 1'1-:'r'rv Brzlwll-: MAE :XIKEN NI.xRc:ARE'l'1c IJ. CLARK ' JUs1'1c11-: CSR.-KH,-XXI KA'l'IE BLOCK r W K A, 'fig' f . " Q 5 iif1:sQf'qgfvQErff5' . fm. iff 1' "' f M" QQLXAAA- ---, Page 34 ' Class Ullloors Svml, I-LxN1:oc:K YYIRHINIA Plzlcflc liA'I'ICRlNA COWAN lVIERf'I'1R ICvANs 77 l':l.lZ,XIi1C'l'II Cmzsmv 7 l Freshman Class Mu: W:u.K1a1a 'lkwsxcxf 7 7 ,.A. 77 President Lomsl-1 NIARAI-H.1C 77 s7,. Yice-Pre-siclent Crlmalw XVEST 7 7 7 7 7 77 7 Sec1'cta1'v Nl,x1e,1oRm I'ARxH1l.r, 'l'reasurer Nluw P-Imrmzusmx 77 7Ycll Lender Sophomore Class Student 77 President Vice-l'resident Secretary 777'l'rensu1'cr Representative 'lionlav CRAIN Yell Lczlclcr ., 1 . lf - 7 QW ?? ' A HRM . ,MA -A- A.-m.-.- - ... Q MA!!-Qf.L.4L,,AAA,An Page 3 5 Class Olllce1rs junior Class V1o1,1s'1' Al,l4'RI-IV .. . . ,Presiclent S1c1.M,x Sc'11ow1: , Vice-1'reside11L M,1x1N1-1 S1-xwv1c1a 7 WSec1'etary L1c11,,x Ros1cN1m111. W s.,,,,. ,,,TI'C2lSll1'CI' 1'o1,1.v lWlN'I'0N ,, , Student Rep1'esentz1tive 1311111111 1'A1a14s .. ,,.,.,.7 ..,Ye11 Leader Senior Class IPURIS M1rC,x1v1'v .. ,,,., H , ,. l,1'CSlClCl1t J12w1c1,1, 12,1111-:s W s. Y ,. ,.Vice-1'resicle11t Do1zo'1'Hv Mc:C1uv . ., A.,Secretary E1,1z.1111-:'1'11 Lmxl,-xx . . .. . .,,l t, ,,t'l'rensu1'c1' E1,1:.xNo1e B1,o11M Student Representative I"1uxc'1-:s H1-:1ez1Nr:1f:R ,,tt ,tt,,. . .t.Yell Leader Q lil ' -5345 'N 3 16? IFA Aa A .. , M231-11. -,...,..,.4w4em.lAiqLQl,--.. .. - - 'NIH Page 3 6 I in XY, xx F f i f 1 , 1.14" N , 7 , A 1 XVV, , . A , f 1+ 'fe H N - U ,N . N wx 1 . If Y A 5-,f E. W.. 3x v Page 3 7 O h OUOUQ Aumucv Amin lfrfwlmw Lilfwzry Chaparral Clubg Y. W. C. A.g S. P. Q. R. Clubg XVashington County Clubg Praeter of S .P. Q. R. Club. 1U0iD O 0 Q O00 0qQ 14214141 l.lNl'1 .ANDREWS Grand Salim' L ifurary .Xthletic Associationg Y. XV. C. Ag Karle Wilson llaker Club. Yiom QXNDRUS lffmvfbr.-'lg' ff. fl. D. A. Chaparral Club. ling Q g Q oopg Z1-:Nm C. AscH1s,xuH 1:11 Ho1z.rZw.' fjhjhfidlll E ziuczzliwz Y. YV. C, A.g Athletic Associationg Karle XVilson Baker Clubg Freshman Yell Leader '22g College Yell Leader '23, 245 President Karle Wilson Baker Club '24, Vice-President '23g Vice-President Hous- ton Club '23, rw ag" . I fi! . .... flkffx .... . .loHNNm Lols BAIRD Gifmrr lfmdizlg Chaparral Clubg Debate Clubg Dramatic Art Clubg A Athletic Association: Life Saver Corpsg Robert Louis Stevenson Club. llil OO O Ol lQ Hl'Il.PfN B.uI.1w Dt-11101: H. A. D. fl. Villagefs Club. OOl0 ll OC Ol OOO- Lolemlz B,xI.r, Naumnz Lilerfzry M. E. B.g Villngefs Clubg Mizpah Club. gqao o nw!!-I1 Luc-up BALI, .l'0l'lUl4I Lilw'm'y Nlizpah Clubg Villngefs Clubg M. E. B. s l ll - nah Page 39 .Xl.vlN.x HAIQIQV C'ftII'k.f7'iHU V. ll. IC. Clmp111'1'z1l Club: Mary Swartz Rosa Club: Y. XY. C. A. i9Oil OO l NI.XR'l'lIA li, BARNl'l'l"l' Plzrix ljmzmzlfa la'.v.'f1n1.v.vin11 Prcsiclent Stuclcnt's Associzlticm '26: Student Coun- cil '25: .Xthenncum Club: Philonmtlmia Club: Dra- matic Club: Debate Club: Story 'I'eller's Club: Y. XY. C. A. Cubinct. 0010000 O QXNNIE Iuwulrz B,XRNl'1'l"l' Lam: Oak llflhtlfli Odeon Club, X'lCC-l,1'CSlClClllQ1 .-Xglninn Club: Public School Music Club. iliooaqo Q Q opgli ANNIE MMI.: l3AuNl1:'l"1' Dalfux ll. ,1. D. .S. Nl. lfl. 15. Club: Home liconcnnics Club: Y. XY. C. A.: Dallas Club, Secretary '23, Vice-Prcsiclcnt '24, Prcsiclcnt 325. , , 1 1 f' A Allin 'ulg '1,' 40 A 4 Tlx Q OID n QC lmlilzxlvlc lCs'1'14:r.l.14: l ll. .-I. D. .-I 3,xR'r0N fllfrrfiu Villagers' Clubg Y. XY. C. .-X. HQQOOOQIODOIOU .fl ' RRl1C'l' 1'l.XR'l'0N fllflrfiu I". .'l. fl. - -w Villagers' Club: M. IC. ll. Club: Y. W L. A. All Club: ,-'Xssistullt Art liclitm' llneclnlizm Monthly '74 ..,:f' 0oo lllb Qvtqiutouivoo 'nv lhlu-21: V. Il. li. -'Xlicc -l'll'CClll11l1 l l Q Q o OIUCNCFIC 13.-wmu Lih'1'm'y 'nlmcr Club. flJcIllLLf'z'l' QQ Q O9ouu Mya S1111 .-I llfllllffl . nik tl Alla Nxxvv L1-11-1 IS1-:iuev Ijwh-nil l'!1y.vif'f1l h'11711c11l1'w1 Karla Wilson linker Club: Life Sawing Corps: Athletic Association: Y. NV. C. A. - ' . . . . . 1 11,1-:V llicluev Dfzvrnwm V. ll. li. M. IC. li. Club: Athletic Association: N:1vn1'1'o ' w County Club: Y. NX. C A. l ooo g .ig-g Arzxi-is l'il'lRKV Drl7U.l'l1ll V. ll. IC. M. lil. B. Club: Athletic Associnticm: B'llV11l'l'1l County Club: Y. W. C. A. iinl 0 upguunu-11 JOSICPIIINIC lil.At'KlN1Cl.l, All-1'n'11w.v Lil4'1'm'y Kurlc Wilson Baker Club: Math Club: Rio Grzmclc Yztllcy Club: South Texas Club: Y. NY. C, A. I l'f1.q1' -1 2 ga 0 UOKH E 1 up 0 U ,llRlKlIlQ ll. lil..-xml-1 Dwllwl G. ll. lf. ' Villagers' Club. IOl Ol D C 'xi 1111.1-:.xNrne limum Sim fl1zy1f.i-fizltf llluxia Y. XV. C. A.g Athletic Associationg Philomathia Clubg Kindergarten Club: Schubert Club: Athen- aeum Clubg Senior Representative Student Coun- cil: Odeon Club. -OOO U C. l00o 'lllll11I,NlA BR.-x'1"1'oN lfnrl W llffflr Lift'I'tl1'LV Spanish Club: Villagers' Club: lfurt XYurth Clubg Girl Scouts. ugqa Q oneq l'11:r:r:v I-Sielsrfox-1 Lax .fI11grfw.v, Cal. lffllz' zll'l.i' .Xglaian Clubg V. W. C. .-X. Cabinetg Art Clubg Yell Leader Snphomore Class '24g Treasurer Aglaian Club '24, '25. o 'QD . A 1 'Wu 41 mink .. H Q l l ilg M l'r1,r,w: 4.4 a lluo, ' 0 lllclavl. Illqmvbr lfiahfmlzl' H..+I.D.A. frrr. .. Y. XY. C. LX.: Alice 'lfrccxuzm Pulmcl' Club. 1Ulil 0 O 0 000 O0O ,ANITIIIC lilw.-xN'l' Dufllrm V. ll. IC. M. IC, ll. Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. QCD.. U Oo .D UIOOOOO- lus'l'xN1-1 liulmx 7'u.w1'Kw111.1 !,iff'l'f11'-11 1 f - 1 M. lu. B. Clubg N. W. C. .X. iivno o 00,111 -1l.l-IN lll7I.IiRum4 l"01'l l'Vu1'ffz .lftljflf C'M'11li.vf1'L1' , Y. W. C. A. Czxbiuctg Athenucunu Clubg Fort Wurtll Clubg German Club, X'lCC-l,1'CSlCl6l'lt. JF A N .allli l'41.z,nJ -l -l ,A lf nlglfu K Az, . .,1a. 2 Lilcrfzry .Xh'l'll'1D Club. . Ill.-X .lllrric C erm Llubg Y. W. C 1 . St. f " " '13 "lELD Dfzllfzr i-av!! NI .mc :.x1:r:'1' C .-xr.1wv12LL flliailaml Lif4'1'm'y '. N '. C. A.g llhilcnnnthin Clul, Pre-sic cm '..f, '.. . c:m:uu:::n-.gov 00,---ssl Gldxlws C,xI,.DwEI.I, !:'l1.vim'.v,r .Lld111i11i.flz'11liwf M. E. B. Club: South Texas Club: Choral Club. ,... C'r11'fm,v C11 ffflf Y. XY. C. A. Af .AL-A-L-A-A li Laglfilwi 1 Mfg: 45 Ann Y., .ga-s U A ' 0 Giurilz l"i'l'14: C.xMPm-:I.r, Llafkilz Public Sffhfml M1z.vf.c Odeon Clubg Public School Music Club: L'Allegro Club, Vice-Presiclent '25g Vice-President P. S. M. Club '23, 224: Secretary lfreslimzm Class '23. I0tlOO 6090 OlCCllQj .I IZWICL C.xx'i': Dmzwz Lffz'l'1Il'j' 2 000000 IO D ill lOO Ginuws Ci':i.i,IIM Sizllwz H1z.vi1n'.v.r A zllffizlixlmtirm Dueclalinn Staff 'Z6g M. E. B. Club, Treasurer '26g Choral Clubg Girl Scoutsg Business and Profes- sional XVomen's Clubg South Texas Clubg Y. W. ,C. A. linac vase o susoopggili K.x'1'1-:RVN CH.xmv1c'rK Lfllllifll Lffl'I'17l'j' M. JC, 13. Clubg Girl Scoulsg Y. W. C. A. x, 3 ' I 4. f 2,1 .11 . I 4 I .' A l'a,gfc 46 .lm INII-1 CllRlS'l'l.XN l"luyflfm'l1 V. ll. lf. llumc lllcmmmuics Club: Paumbamcllc Club. lQIlOOOl O0 O0OCll0I XHXNKAV ClllllS'I'.Xl. llfllftlli Lflz'I'1Il"1' ouu 00000500000 0 Iso .IUSICPI I INN C1N'llRl'M G1'm'.vb.'r.fC' l.i!l'1'm'.1' L','Xllcg1'u Club: C. U. C. O. Club: Orclmcstrn. Y. NY. C. .-X. lqqaooo 0 QOQOOQ looco llll.I.X Cm1l"mN San .llzllqwlu lx'i11rl1'1'gm'f4'fl 'Betsy Ross Club: KlllllL'l'f,1'l1l'lCll Club: Crmchu Club: Y. W. C. A. "sig illlh lfw- 4 7 .-X1,1c'iA: Co1'1cI.,xNn llfirflilfr lfallx b'1f.vim'.v,v fl lfll1fllfJ'H'lZff0ll ,-Xglaian Club: Athletic Association: Life Saving Corps. l1UlOll0ol0oO00QO000ll Lois Cowax fllimx, S. L. l'., fllmim ll. fl. D. A. Karle Wilson Baker Club, President '25, '26: Vice- Prcsiclent Student Council '25, '26: 'lfreslnnan Coin- mission '22, '23: Y. NV. C. A.: Robert Louis Steven- son Club: Life Saving Corps, Captain '24, '25, '25, '26: Hockey 'l'ean1 '23, '24, '24, '25: Athletic Asso- ciation. IOVUOOUIIOOUODUIIOCO OO Rlfnv l'.w1.1N1c Cox Mm: lf. ff. ff. - llliiloinathia Club: Home Economics Club: Treas- urer Vreslunan Class '23: Member lfreshnian Commission '22, '23, Y"-'1l0lsl noon on oouosoyguiuui Xfuex Cruvmx Waro V. ll. E. A 2. ' xn .... 1 ' I' M' Allin ll f'1I,g'z' -l S PAULINE CURTIS Lilerarg Ivlrlu XYilson B1 MORAH CURT3 ICR Lilcrary G1:m'RL'1m D..xN1Rl. V. H. E. Fw lVvaMcr, ard ker Club' Y. VV. C. A. Chico Y7z'f1llI'll6' Philmnatluia Clubg 'Mary Swartz Rose Clubg UY. XY. C. A. iiu g q a u x1ARGARE'.l' DAVIE F. .-I. A. Villagers' Clubg Art Club. --f . 11 Drfllzm nah Page 49 .Alla , ,-1:1211 DAVIS J ack.w1wiZIf: l'hy.vimZ Ezlzzmliou NI. li. B. Clubg Athletic Associntiong Life Saving Curpsg Girl Scoutsg Y. W. C. A. QliQ 0 O 00 gg lx wr I 1: YN Ilwls Fcrrzfx V. ll. li. l0Ql cm. I.m:u.xvx:r-1 lYl.KVlS Gnwrz'i!f.- M. l Lfl1'I'1Il'j' ' C. li. Clubg Y. XV. C. AX. lnuinonqc Q sop,u lll.l.UN llflnw !w'11.rim'.v.r ,-I zlfnizlixinllimf NI. ll. ll. Clubg Waco Club: .-Xthenncum Club: I Business :md l'1'ofcssio1ml XYIJIIICIYS Club, Secre- tary '26. I , - A Page 50 0 1 ofn t Y fp o o Mun' lJoN.xc:u1:v T1'151ll01l V. ll. E. .Xlice Freeman Palmer Clubg Fannin County Clubg Q Mary Swartz Rose Clubg Y. W. C. A. I I C 0 U I l ' Rum' lflvicnvx lDUc:osH San 441110100 lf. A. A. Alice Freeman Palmer Clubg Art Clubg San Antonio Club, President '26g Y. W. C. .Lg Athletic Asso- ciation: Episcropal Club, President '26g Student Assistant, Art. l .QU - Lotflsic litmus Ckzppull fflr'l'tI1'j' .Xglaian Clubg Dallas Clubg ,lournalism Club, Pres- ident '25, '26: Reporter junior Class '24, '25g As- sistant llaedalian Staff '24, '.Z5g liditor, 'l'lie Lass-0 '25, '26g Y. W. C. A. luqqooomou :email NI.-uu:.xRia'1' l'l.Xlil.li W two ll. .-1. D. .fI. Betsy Ross Club, Secretary 'Z-13 Xl'ac0 Club, Presi- dent '25, '26g Home liconomic Club, Sophomore Representative ,243 Y. XV. C. A. tkfw. P1 QM "gf nik Page 5 1 cos iioooq Fav j'oNEs-EATON Gordon L ilemry Athenaeum Clubg F. M. Bralley Scholarship Clubg Philoiimathia Clubg Y. W. C. A. 90llOO OC 0 lO0nOll Lifcmry M. E. B. Clubg journalism Clubg Vice-President Senior Classg Y. W. C. A. lectin oo so 0soou Mnumz 1Ec'1'o1a Dwltau KimZc1'gar1fc1z Kindergarten Clubg French Clubg Robert Louis Stevenson Clubg Y. W. C. A. uuo c so 0 oiapgn-ii LoU1S1': ELLIS K ingwille L,ll.ff7l6'.S'.f A d7llf1lfJ'll'lIlf0ll Chaparral Clubg Athletic Associationg Rio Grande I Valley Clubg Y. W. C. A. its - ra ll Page jmv14:r.I. ICAVES N am gdochcs 1 , gee n g o L1r.I,1.xN Iilximlusv Vfzllvy Vilrw 11. .f1. D. A. l Y. W. C. A. llC00Ol I Ollll' RUTH ICRWIN' H am-y Grow Literary Atheuaeumg F. M. Bralley Scholarship Clubg Chap- arral Clubg La Junta Clubg S. P. Q. R. Clubg Y. W. C. A. RUBY ERNST Dwllnzz Public School zllzzxic Poet's Clubg Public School Music Clubg Orchcstrag Villagers' Club. lunge o ooo' ouq V1Rc:1xI.x llxmals Spur Public School flfllifd Public School Music Clubg West Texas Club. Q il! E I JH .... is if Wi. mink Page 53 Cru' V.l1.l'. fkfbk Brzzdy Kwrle llilson Biker Club' Heart of Texfls Club, SLcrLt'11'y 'md l'1'e'1su1'e1' '26' X. NV. C. . 7 orhx r. , tsl 115 Pitlxbzafjl . .-I. D. '. '.C. . vm '1r.l.1f V. H. E. un-..-... Lcns G1r.s'l'kAP V. H. E. 1'l1ilrmmthiz1 Club. cr opp'-'-al ,fifif 11 1 N 5 O A -in Vrfr ' Pagc 5 4 Fnzzlklifl 5 n A l cfnt 1 lg c v .Xxxuc Incl-1 Gm-:N llwnlwz L fff'!'1I1'.1' l,l'1llll21tlC Clubg Villagers' Club: Y. XY. C. A. French Clubg Student Assistant I-listory. QgO0 O O 0 I l.'XNlC .IIYSTICIC GR.-umm D,':.'i.ue Drafmllllf EA'ju'r.f.vio11 Philmnathizi Clubg Debate Club: President Y. W. C. .-X.: Vice-I'1'csident Philomathia Club: Drzuimtic .X rt Clubg Story 'Vellers' Clubg Athletic Associatinng Sam .-Xntfmio Club. ooo0lo O. 'Ol - l':S'l'l-Il.l.E Glmll.-iM Jaxptvr V. ll. lf. .-Xthletic Assrmcintiung Girl Scoutsg Y. XY. C. A. Q Q A Q Q Q poo 0 josizvn :Nic CQRAY HIUIAHUF .llnxia Clmpzirrzll Club: Schubert Club: Ocleon Club: Fannin County Club: Public School Music Club: C. I. A. Glen: Club: Y. XY. C. .Mg .-Xllicnucum Club. ' Gym ,ev . sinh Page.. 5 5 Q ii evo g MARIAN Glmv Dallax F. fl. fl. Athenaeum Clubg Aglaian Clubg Dallas Clubg Y. VV. C. A.g Athletic Association. Ol ll O O O O i DAISY MARIE GRAY .fefersozz ll. A. D. A. Philomathia Clubg Y. WV. C. A. Q OO.. - LUCY Gmvins Shrewjmrt, La. V. H. E. in-un Q Q eq I S a p , -it MRS. V11ec:1N1.x GIll12I'lNWOOD flzzxliu 5'I!.S'fllU5.f A1Z111i1zi.vm1Xia1L Villagers' Clubg Professional and Business Wo- men's Club. A ' j,, ,Allin Page 56 CHRISTINE Gum ES I'm'ucy Lffz'f4lI'jl Athletic Association' Life Swing Corps' lvtufnnwn C unty Club- Y. W. C. A. EVELYN f1I.Xll.l-IV Dallas F. H. F. Athenaeum Club' .Xlice I"retm1n Pmlmer Club: D is Club' Y. W. C. .-X. a ntl cus CATHERINE H.xxmm-:N liamzfm F. A. A. L'Allegro Clubg Art Clubg President '24 Houston Clubg Y. XV. C. A. ilunsu-uv' fu.--xl LORENA PI.-XRRSION P!!t.fbm'g G. H. E. Student Council '24, '25g X. XX. C. A ink Page 5 7 AGNES 'lfluc Hixvs Swim .-lmm V. ll. 15. Alice 1"1'CClllilll Pzllmei' Club: West Texas Club: Y. W. C. A. l0OlOl 00 0 000 :gal lVI1r.n1e1c11 HAYS G'ni1n'.vwil!c b'1r.vim'.v.v fl d111iui.fl1'f1li0l1 Business and l,l'0fCSSl011Zll XVOINCIYS Club. Q OO' O. Q. O. CQCOIOOQ 4Vc'7U B1'a1mfal.v Lifl'I'Il1'LV .Mliumlcuni Club: M. li. B. Club: Y. XY. C. A.: Sun .Xutmmio Club: Student Assistzmt Physics. iiooaqo 9 no o s qguii l"1:.-xrzfwts ll 1-:lax I Nl :nu Dl'llf.f0ll l'hy.rim! lizlfmzlifzff Athletic .'XSSOCl21fl0l1Q Aglnizui Club: Sopliomore Yell Louder 224: Senior Yell Lender '26: Grayson fl :- ..- .- ..a f-v Ki E LU' Y.: v-T' C I rx ,.. C 3 r-r IX! U1 14 1 3 4 'X ,f 40:9 if Alla ll 1,lI,I,'L' 58 Q oe' 0 lim I.1ft'H.l: Hll.I, Dunlwz V. ll. E. M. li. B. Club: Mary Swartz Rose Clubg Athletic .kasocizttiuxiz Villagers' Club: Y. W. C. A. QQQCOOQQU O OO Clk.,- M.wm:I.1.r: Him. il1f:Kiuury V. ll. E. U1'cbcst1'z1: Collin County Clubg Y. XY. C. A. O0 OUUOIUOOUCOOOIDUCOOO Q BI..xxc'Hi-1 HINICS 11ffg1',1,'jQ4,7,f Dmmaliif lC.rp.fw'.r.vi011 Clizlpnrral Club: lmbutc Club, gqnoco Q to OOQDQCOUIICCH XIAISI-II, I-lmxr ,11i,1f,,,,,g Lilurar'1' Phllfllllilllllil Club: Y. XY. C. A. 'Hu nillln Page .59 1 honog NIAMMI1-1 I-IU1-'1-' Trmlau Literary Poets' Clubg 'Fannin County Club, President '24, WS- Y W C A ..f.,...... Us Ill' O O C O I Q - IC r.Iz:mm'H I'IUMPI1REYS H ozzxlwz Literary M. E. B. Clubg Houston Clubg Y. W. C. A. - IC. ll Cl OIUIC .lO! R.Xf,'IIEI. Jrzuunulns Puri: KillI1ICflgfH7'fUlI 0 any 9 B off GRACE JENNINGS Szzlph-fn' .S'5o,--izzgr Lilcrary S. P. Q. R. Clubg Y. XIV. C. A. v H 'X' Aims Page 6 0 . unu Brin Jouwsow Pharr zllzmc ll 000 0 Ill IORINX ONIS 541111415 lf. ff. D. ff. - C I 'll .O - Lrxrzm. JONES Livizzgh,-10,1 V. ll. li. .-Xglaian Clubg Home licononiics Clubg X. XY. C. A. lingua no ooo K,x'1'111evN joN1-is T1'll1pff3 A'i11d4'1'gm'fu1l .-Xglainn Clubg Bell County Club, President '23: Kinclergnrten Club, Reportcrg Girl Scouts, Zncl Lieutenant: Junior Yell Leaderg Athletic Associa- tiong Life Saving Corpsg Y. XY. C. A. A V ll K Hulk ii? 59,55 l Mg :M M Page 6 1 Page 62 Llr.1.1.,xN jcmlzlmv ll. A. AJR Big Spring: l'hilom'1thi'1 Club Secrcmry Za 26' Y. W. C. A. L l.'ISl'Z K1-Il'l' 'I Lif4'1'm'y flf'l'1l 'y rms Llub' Robert Louis Stgvbnson Club' I"R.xxf'1cs Klxf' f.- ...4. - w 1 ' ' .. 1. ., ., . ' L TVHIM 'l'fll"1l llhuigon 0QO Euczlcxm Cxhxmlz limo Dwlzau L I lc1'm'y Spanish Club, Vice-1'resiclent'26g Villagers' Clubg Hockey 'l'cm11 '23, ' 23. Nfl in fl - 5233, l ll f , 6' wi Y f r l'il.1C.XNUR Klr.I.o17c:H ffffflfl l.flL'flI1'y Nl. li. B. Club: Robert Louis Stevenson Clubg Nliz- pnh Club: Y. W. C. A. 1-u-1.,4. .oufi-1 liizk'rH.x Kl.l1llN Dallas H. A. D. J. Kurle Wilsun linker Clubg Dallas Club: Athletic .Xssucixltiung Y. XY. C. A. OlD..ll'1 CiO xl.XlIll-1 Rl"l'lI L.xNf:s'roN R.1,,g.-f- Lifc'7'1II'V1' .Xthenneum Club: .Xglnizln Club: Press Club. Presi- dent '25, '26: Poets' Club: Literary liclitor linecln- lian Quarterly 225. 226: Student Assistant '25, '26: Y. XY. C. A. li0v Iloun Luis I.i4:.u'H Pluif11'i.'w ll. .l. D. .-I. Pilllllillllllt' Club: Y. XY. C. -Y Page 6 3 S I o'1'1'n': I EACH Brofwzwnofl H. fl. D. . 'L' . I 1-tm , X Illllflillill .-.D.. ,.i,ll.' 3. ICO lCI.lz,xm-"rx-I Lmmx Dwnlwz L il1.'1'f1rjf F. M. Brallcy Scholarship Club, Prcsiclent '25, '26g Robert Louis Stevenson Clubg Life Saving Corpsg Villagers' Club, Vice-President '24, '25g 'l.1'C21Slll'C1' Senior Class '26. ini 1 a AQ I o p , lu 1"l,ol:lN1-1 Loxcz Stuj1!1r1l7,-ille V. ll. 15. IC. B. Clubg Home Economics Clubg Tennis '22g Student Assistant Library '24, '25, '26, fifl -A li Pagc 64 alf' f. I I-1 M.-xluu CI11'!.f-ill' Lffz'1'1I7'j' .. 1. .C ig '. '. .f. lxu Nlasox S111 .All1,l1,vfim Pkg Jim! lfzllmlfiou Chaparral Club Secretary Z3 24' Kimlergarten ' 11: Stmry " ers lubg Y. '. '. Q ., " - resident '24, '25g Student Council, junior Repre- st- ative '..fg Student Loan Sale, Chairman '25, '.Zf: Athletic Association. President '2f, '26, nouno po.poisnan..u...l.l l"u.xNm'1:s Nlasox Gflrlfzfmi , . C. B. C 3 Dallas C ubp Y. X". C. A.g Stuc en Assistant, .-Xr . 1--u--.1-' fu.-ig . l.' 'UN Mix V-1 . , Drlllrm I 0-y.vi'1! klllfmliau C. l. C11 : Villagers' Club, Secre ary '2 . '25, President '25, '26: Latin Club, Honorary Nleinberg Hockey 'Z-L. 225: Girl Scoutsg Athletic Associationg 1 Student Assistant. '24, '25, '26, . . .... . Page 6 5 .Allis . .... ' JXl,l,I5NA IVIILAM Hwnmmfl l'!1y.vimZ Erlucalizm Aglniem Club, Vice-Prcsiclent '25, '26g Athletic .-Xssociation, Vice-President '25, '26g Life Saving Corps, Vice-President '25, '26g P. Q. R. '24, '25g Orchestra '23, '24, '25g Hockey 'l'e:1m '24g line- clalinn Stall' '25, '263 Y. XV. C. A. 19llllCo6Ou0o0ll0 lggnl Z AMm.l.x M 1 l.l.l'IR l'm'i.f 11. ,-1.0. ,-1. Aglnian Clubg Home Econmnics Clubg Y. XY. C, A. H OOO C O U ROHBIE Mums .Slm flffg.-In Lilfrnwjy Betsy Ross Club: Cnncho Clubg Y. W. C. A. itunes O uf,-ann-1 CHA1u.u'1"1'r: Mmczus llim Literary Y. W. C. A. ll Page 66 5? av- Lols RUTH Ml'l'l'IIlCI..I. C'0r.vimfla fllzzxic Athenaeum Clubg Odeon Clubg Y. W. C. A. lqgl 0 Gwi-ZNDOLVN Moxoom U Q 0v7!1IfIia' Phfj'.k'fCtIl E rlnmiizm Athletic Council, Basket Ball Managcrg Life Saving Corpsg Y. W. C. A. I'1'1'Hr:I.. Bon MClN'l'.,XfllT!C V. H. E. Betsy Ross Club. 1-:inn 1 q a 4 NIARY Momczxxa Lilcrary Aglairm Clubg West cintiong Y, W. C. A. I i 'xi' I O O - Dfllfllll 0 0 s Cr0.v.r Plaim' Texas Clubg Athletic Asso- mmf Q 1 'Y' X . mb Page 67 ,Aw on mono Q 'l'1c.xnv1'1 NIOORIC Roglfrx V. ll. li. Alice lfrceman l'al1ner Clubg Mary Swartz Rose Club: Y. W. C. A. Ulll O O I 'Q JXNNA M111aN141a1z Azfzirrxfm V. ll. E. Y. NV. C. A. l"l3XNl'l'1!-I NIUSICK Daiflgurjvlzl ,lluxic .-Xlilcnaeum Clubg Odeon Club, Prcsiclent '25, '26g Y. NV. C. A. 0 s an Q g n p , it l':l.l-LXNUR NIYERS Jlfll'-Yflflfl V. ll. Mary Swartz Rose Club. llscn 0000 ir w r H I ,,.. 2 V4 35 .Alain ll' Page 68 glean , linux l,.XlTl.INl1I MvN.x1'T llulzxlfw L ilf'z'm'y Nl. IC. ll. Clubg Schubert Clubg Odeon Clubg Hous- ton Club: Y. XY. C. .-X. -IIOOOQI I ...Ilf- Imicls Nlt'C.XlQ'l'Ell GlIf7'a'.i'lI1ll V. ll. Senior Class, 1,1'CSlClL'llt '26g L'4Xllegro Clubg Y. W. C. .X.. Cabinet '25, '26. ooo0 total 000 our 1'i-:.xm..x Mc:C.wl.1-xv l"ri.vzo Dmzzmlilf l5l.I'fJl'c'J'.X'fllll Pliilrnnzilliia Club, Vice President 'Z4g Story Tel- lers' Clubg Drmnatic Club, Vice-President ,253 lie- bnte Club, Presiclent '26g Collin County Club. Vice- Presiclent ,265 Dzieclalizln Staff '26g Y. W. C. A.. 'lll'C1l5l.l1'Cl' T265 QIou1'11ulisn1 Club. lugqao ooouooooqucl0ooo l+1xm,x Mt'Cl'lI-ISN1-IX' Sim flunmin V. H. IC. Pliilonintliizi Clubg Sun Antonio Club, Vice-1'1'esi- dent '26g Y. XY. C. A. nib Page 6 9 .Alla Page 7 0 IDouo'rnv MCCRAV D.-1111111 Drfwmlic lL'a'jm'.vsio1L Dramatic Club, President '26g Walker King De- bate Club, Vice-1'resiclent '26g Story Tellers' Clubg Philomathia Clubp Senior Class, Secretary '26g Y. W. C. A. Gimvic MCI.JAVllJ 01111-my Lilcrrzry M. E. B. Clubg Press Clubg Camera Clubg I". M. Bralley Scholarship Clubg Y. W. C. A. - O O ' . - LUIS NIKTCQAUGHY Vrrrmm F. A. A. Aglaian Clubg Art Club, Vice-President '23g Pan- handle Clubg Art Editor Daedalian Monthly '24, '25g Art Editor Daeclalian '25 ,'26g Y. XV. C. A. i 0 0 on U o p p s 1"r.ol:11:NcE M cG1ucc:o1e C arjmx Ch rixlf Publia Schulz! .fllfrxic npr' H - SE-P FFT? . amen v-40'-e Q5-O io :QQ C 55? ISE- ya? -Og BYE: 2412 ,.,. ,""Q :E QQ Q25 PSF-. ,C SO ,T F' 5: C'-.2 ,- ,. no SEE GU G... IQAQ 3 ..,.,, . ,. ,. ., ,... .. .v , , . .. ., , ...., , . ,.....g... K...-.. . . . ...H W-N.-.. M-- ....,.. . , ,, , H 1--Avudvum V F,xv1': NABOURS D. -uhm Lf!4'1'a1'y E. V. XVhitc Math Clubg Villagers' Clubg Montague County Club. M. 1 f'lTl+ZRl'l'E AICIIUIS l'w'm'3 b 1z.fi1l1'.r.r f11l11lif11.rl1'11lZ1m M. I. B. Club? IX'Illflll'1ll County Llub' Busimss 'md Professiouwl XYOIIILIIS Club' X. W. C. .L iii ANNr:'1"1'r: NYIXONI Z 1-.wwf .ma Lilcrwy Athenaeum Llub Prtsiclc-ut 25, 26' 1'. M. Bri ey Qchohrship Club' Iwtiu Llub President .Zo '-6' . b". '.C.z. 1l u N """"i Brj aw '11cx,xs ORMS Lilfrrzry '. W. C. . M 0' Q Page 71 Alli C31-INA 01414 DGIIZUIZ Lirrmry U 0 ll O O O I 1':'l'lIl-ll. Oulu-:r.I, Saw .flzfmuia Ilrfwmlizr l5.x115n'.r.riz11L l cob Lomsx-1 llxluw Dallas Lilvfuzfjf M, E. B. Clubg Dallas Clubg Student Assistant, Libralryg Y. XV. C. A. illunaaun 0 0 sopguili .XI,1r'1-1 l'.-xR'1'1-:N 1ll4Illf.k'tll17lf!ZL' 6.11.11 NI. IC, B. Clubg Home lflconmnics Clubp Y. XV. C. A. ' - A Page 72 ' lm fc Wham MARV 111111211 V.H.l'. Philom-lthiw Club ll'C.'lSLll'CI' Zf 26- Wwslminff County Club President 25 26' Home Vconomics Club. " zR1':s'1' L1-212 ,Ll Xu 2 Dz'lli.l'llll b lr.vim',r.f .J rlfzliflixlmliufl 1ilum'1Lhi1 Llub' Cx1"lV50l'l Luuntx Llub' Business and l rofessionnl lV0lllCl'l'S Club. l,l'CSlClCl1ll '2f, 2 5 . . , 11-noon op .1-1 z s m 'r:r,r, f. ffc'1'1II'j' HAINVI-I of Lil.-wry Q . 4 f 4 iss: -' -:xnocxc Sfurffmwlf.-r Cvillfc' ' NI. li. ll. Club: X. ll. L. .L , H Q... ,- L ' l l b l illlkb Page 73 Ailli RITA 1'RA'1"L' Lilw'm'y Ch apurral Club. .T1cw1cr,, RAVEN ll. E. H a x Gnrfrzlffillr: Cr.Ju:.x 1'Uc3m-:'1"1' A'mn'a5y b'1z.vimr.r.v 1-Ir17u1i11i.rlralf1m San Antonio Club. Q I I 9 l O WANM RALPH Farznurxzfillfr A'i1laQ'rg11rlf:11 i 1 n sq I 0 n Q a p g 1 1115.4 Zlwz 451' 2 : io' 8 I ..,. T . ' ll' Page 7 4 ,GPL .solo n 9 A NTU: N1c'1'i1'1-1 Rmc:1N Farmji V. H. E. Cliaiparrail Clubg Kaufman County Club, Vice- Prcsident '25, '26g Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet '25, '26g Dallas Clubg Home Economics Club. -HOOD... COIOUOOUIIUH FR,xNC1-:s REIJNICK Alice Blzsimmr fl 1l111if1i.l'Lr11Ziwl Villagers' Clubg Business and Professiolml Women's Club. 0OlOCOlCOOOOOU1l0O0lO0 f I-Luuum' Rmvizs Iflfmrhfwfonl V. H. E. Philonmtliiai Clubg Mary Swartz Rose Club. ilnunonoounoooonuullilli G1iNlClX'l:ZX'E RICE Smlggf L1'im'm'y Y. XV. C. A. Q ww nik ll-L92 Page 7 5 l NOOOQ Romana R1Nc:0 Gordon IJIYTIIIIIH6 15.1-praxxinn Athenaeum Clubg liclitor-in-Chief Daieclaliaul '25. '26g Story 'Fullers' Club: Debate Clubg Dramatic Club: Y. XV. C. A. UlllOl O OO Oil Mlxiii Rom-:R'1'S Crawford Ph 1'.l'fL'lIf lfrflldfltirlll .Xthletic ."xSSfJCl1'lfl0Hj XV:1co Club. -OOO! O .O .O ll .lOO XVAUNl'l'A Romxsox A bilww V. ll. Chaparral Club: Y. W. C. A.g Mary Swartz Rose Club. Secretary. lllllii o o o o blg Nl ILIJRPIU Riino Tawplcv Lil1'r1zry L'Allegro Club, Sccretrtry '23, 'Z-lg Secretary Fresh- mzm Class '22, '23g Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet '23, '24. iw - Aims Page 76 ll Kim U H G111114ul!f1 111411111 Xthenfleum Club Robeit louis Stuenson Club Chtpuml Club Honoi uv MLl11bLI Lllllbl 1 Club Seeretflrs lleisurei 74 75 Student Council 4 75 Student IxSSlSl"lI1l c.,l1Lll'IlSl.lf 73 74 24 71 Student .Pl10lUg'l'2'tlJl1CI' Public Press '2f, 'Z6g Y. XY. '. A. 3 Athletic A ssoeizl ion. Q I 0 O OO DOI Q . . VT: .' 1: 12 ,Q S1111 .-11111111111 Dmfffalic l5.rfJ1'1'.r.vi1111 Athenaeum Clubg CllJ1J2l1'1'1ll Club' Debate Club: lll'.lIll2ltlC Clubg San Antonio Club' Presiclent .lun- ' ' Clans ..-1. '2fg Assistant Manmfer Dueclziifln 225: Business Mzinziger liaeclalizin 25. us -anno 400 "Gill Lu,I.l1xx SIllCI'l'ARIJ DlfIlf0lI Dr1111111lia li.rj11'u.f.ri1111 lbtzunatic Club, Secretziry '25, '26g S. justinn Smith Debate Club, l,l'CSlClLTI1t '25, '26g Story Tellers' Club. ini-a q q o ,, ,. , p--111 Mus. M.uw A Nniclasox SIIICROR ffllllfflill I". .-I. .-I. L'Allegro Club, l'1'esiclent '24, 'Z5: Houston Club. Vice-l'resiclent 'Z3. '24: Life Saving Corps: Ath- letic ,Xssoeizltiong lfreslunan Hockey '22, 223: Y. XY. C. A. ,.... XMB. , J it S teeee Page 77 ln ,,,,,,, ,.,, , , .,.. ...,..,., . , .. ...N .A M-U..-...w..M.w-.1-.,-..v...wf...-M.-. rv wp...- .Alii Page 7 8 i-...mi-.-.....--.h.,...1-Aw...V...p..,...,..i.-.r-,......i.m,1.--.--..,-,....,.. , .. ,, . - - - -. - . E 1 - - A-Ks Lolilsl-1 SKINJNI-:R Hebron ll. A. D. A. , Aglflim Club' Art Club' Home Fconomics Club' Dalhs Club, President 25 76' Robert Louis Stev- enson Club Qccretwry Z4 Za' Y. XV. C. A. ng.-n-1:1 FTDNA SL.xLfc'11'1'nR '1,5f'1zff1od Literary VI. I . B. Club Honorary Member' James H. Lowry Club Chfirter Member Secretary 25 26' Athletic Association' I"1st 'lexfls Club' Y. W. C. A. HRSA SMITH Cedar Hil' Bmim'.f.v A dl1lfllfA'lI'tlZfIll1' irl Scouts' Y. XV. C. A. ini: l ,LAINE SMoo'r Danton literary 'illwoers Club' . X. C. Nfl C Q5 K ...f' ...................,.. ..... Kllfm ,... FRANCPLS SOU'l'II1'IRI.AND Shremrfmrl, La. Lilanzry Clmpzlrrnl Clubg Y. W. BVTHARD S'1'.xr,r.1Nf:s V. ll. E. C. A. Athletic :'XSSOCl2lll0llQ Y. XY. C. A. Q I i FRANcr:s S11-:vx-:NS H. E. Ellxzxugq-9 LOTTW: S'rRu VE Pfabfff: 5500111 ,lllnid N 1160 gflach Q xv 11-an Colwmm ini A bf:rm1M 'll Public School Music Clubg Public School Music Glee Clubg Aglainn Clubg Panlmnclle Clubg Athletic Associntiong Y. W. C. A. MN U 'LP Q- l'4zge 79 n llonot .x M .xlc 'l'.xl.l.1-:V H carrie ll. A. D. A. M. lx. B. Clubg Y. XV. C. A. I... . . '-1 .vx 'llxxxlcn Terra!! Li!4'1'r11'y xXl.l1L:llIlCllIll Clubg 19. M. Brulley Sclwlnrship Clubg Betsy Ross Club, RC1J01'tC1', '24, '25, l'1'csiclent '25, '263 Student Council '24, '25g P. Q. R. Club, Vice l'rcsicleut '25, '26: Knufmzm County Club, Vice- Prcsiclcnt '23, '24: Athletic Assuciutiong Y. XY. C. .-X. A Ojll lll..Ol.lI...llO.- .um-1 'l'.-xmv,x'1'1c14 C'al117w.eZZ V. ll. E. in-Q o n sq 0 o f y Iii 'I..-x 'l'.xvI.rm l"haw1f.v, .flrizomz 11. lc. .Kline l"1'uc1nzm Paxlmer Club. Vice-l'1'esiclent '25, IQ Cx A ,. Q. ,.. U: Q E: .-, JL T' .... ff 5 .-f c :E 5 F7 IQ LII NS :rx 44139 if ' " . fl Q .Muni lj ll" Page 80 K A . MAH!-xr. 'flckkv . r Club. Am. Bum, 'l HAcK1f:k V. ll. E. ljfllfllll f fl7'7'i.l'0lI Svl.vlA THOLI, Physica! liduffztiwz Life Saving Corps: Athletic Associationg C. A. Dollnx Y. W. 1-is Q. ...gi-1 Ismxm, 'l'HoMAs Literary Drzllnzx Villagers' Club: Student Assistant. Biology. l'rz,:,fu S1 sooo: M annoy X'rAI.l-ZSKA ',i'l'l0XlI'SUN Cn1'fw.r Chrixli ll. fl. 12. S. M. li B. Club: South 'Ifcxns Club: Student llietitizui 1Ullll0 O llOo0qg Nlll,ol:z4:o 'l'ox1-1 Sll4'l'1ll!lll l'f0jf.viml lc'4l1mm'w1 Iliff: Saving' Corps: Athletic Associzlliou. oocsoo env as uso ononnns-s l'1s'1'1-:l.l..x lfuu Sim .Jufwliu ll. .P1. 12. .-I. .Xlicc 'i"1'tEClllill1 l,2lilllC1' Club: Girl Scouts: Suu .Xu- tonio Club: Yollcy Hull 'l'c:1m: Hockey 'l'e:uu: Y. v 1 Xl. fr.. A. l1quyc coco o Q osapguuii IIQSSII-2 VAN Yi-:lc'l'lr llulzmuf I". .l. .l. v - v M. IC, H. Club: Art Club, Vice-1'1'csicleut Zn. 26: Lfzuucrzi Club: Houston Club: Y. XY. C. A MJ ,fx Allli i ill" l'ugu S l A Q OIO 0 U :l'lAZEl, V.wc:1rN Vwrmm flllmic Q Q C O G O Q C U O I 1 l'll.SlI1I XvAl,L'0'l"l' .llifllfrmzf Kif1r17wf'g'f11'frf1 Pl1il0m:1tl1i:1 Club: Y. NY. C. .X. - U I D I I U O I I O0 - Snmm XV,xI,s41-:la High lr'0Z!,v, N. JI. H. A. D. S. .Xthenaeum Club: M. lC. li. Clubg Mary Swartz Row Club, l'l'csiclc11t '.'25. '26p Y. XV. C. A. q q A u 0 0 0 one Q l'l1.lz.xn1':'l'rfl XV14:lss'1'11:l1 b'1'f1-zcfflwillff lw'l1.vim'.v.r Aa7ff1ini.vZ1'aliw1 Nl. IC. B. Club: Riu Grnnclc Valley Clubg Y.XY.C.A. my 5 ill L ll .A Page S3 Llf1'll.1-2 lvl-2lSll-I I". .'l. fl. r 45 S1111 .-Izllrmio -11--run --in-an lVlll,lJRl-Ill NYM I-:11:I,12R Davila.: L ih'f'arjf .'XKl'lCl12lCllll1 Clubg F. M. Bralley Scholarship Club: Press Club, Secretary Treasurer '25, '26: Poets' Club: Cl'l211JIlI'1'ill Club: Athletic Association: Y. XY. C. A. lux-3 lilA'lf1 11: XYH l'1'sr1'1"l' L ifwwlrjv lffjvml Betsy Russ Club' S. P. Q. R. Club: Y. KY. C. A. u-in I.,AUu,x XV!-11'1'r: V. H. E. qenq no ,u-lui S11 n'11f'p0rl , La. Aglaian Club, Secretary '24, '253 East Texas Club: Mary Swartz Rose Club. 4 ....... - Wfwl' - - Page 84 g 0 Q l 4 0 9 Mfxnm, XYll.I.1.xMs lfu.vi'1rfm111' 11. .-1. 0. .-1. ' Aglaian Cluh, Secretary '23, '24, Vice Prcsicleiit '24. '25, President '25, '26: Athletic Assncizltinng Y, W " . ckx. Q I I O 6 O Ol! ll NINA XY1I.l.l.xMs Eagle l'n.f.v Literary Aglziian Club, 'l'I'C2lSllI'C1' '25, '24, South 'llexns Club. President '23, '24, Tex-Mex Border Club, Presi- dent '25, '26: li. V. XN'hite Math Clubg .-Xthletic Association: Y. W. C. A. Ol0l 0 U00 .FRANCI-:S Wn.soN f:HI'1'hllI"Q' Phyximl Education Athletic Associationg Y. W. C. A. l q q n u 0 Q one 0 il. OPAL LANIER W own Lfmzifm H. E. Betsy Ross Clubg Mary Swartz Rose Clubg Home Demonstration Club, President '25, '263 Girl Scoutsg Panhandle Clubg Y. W. C. A. Y WN . "sig wh l'age 8 S 1 ll "0 0 M.Xlll!IK'l'I Worn: Raju-.' C513- l". .-1. J. M. li. ll. Club, President: Cuniern Club: Art Club: Axx'1lSlllllgllIll-UD-HITIZIJS Club: Y. W. C. .-X. U9ClUQ ll IOC lCl Yi-:iam Wuolsiftxf l!i!l.v!m1'u Plrbfiff .sdflllllf illlzxir M. li. B. Club: Hill County Club: Public School Music Club: Public School Music Glce Club: C. I. .-K. Glce Club: Hill County Club, Presiclent '26, 'Vice l'I'l5SlClCl1lQ '25: Y. NY. C. A. Q Olill I UO il. lgl'l5!4ll'f I,uUls14: Yxrias lllfC'f111!!f.'y 1713 '.i' im! 1511110111011 .Xlice I"1'ccmun lkilmcr Club, Secretn1'y-'l'1'cnsL11'c1' '25, '26: Athletic Assucizition, 'l'l'CIlSlll'61' '25, '26: Girl Scouts. noAg0osQo0p s opgu ANNA C.x'l'111':1uN1': Yivrx-:s f"rN'llt'.l' lx'i111fu1'gm'lf'1l Cl1:1pa11'1'al Club, Vresiclent '24, '25, C0l'l'lfSlJOlKlll'lg' Svc1'ctu1'y '22, '23: KlllClC1'g'ilI'fCIl Club. l'1'CSlClCl1f '23, '2-l: Junior .lflclitrmr llueclalian '24, '25: Y. XY. I C. A. Cabinet '24, '25: llnllas Club: Kaufman County Club. Alla . 11" Pzlgd S6 gcoli 0 no l .'XR'l'll1l Youxr: .Shrrfmul b'1r.vim'.v.v .J fl111i111'.fl1'alim1 Secretary Soplmnlxme Class '23, 'Z4: Ylcc-llresiclent Junior Class '24, 225: Grayson County Clulug Stu- dent Assistant History: Y. W. C. A. 1-ng nnooono uoooooqaoccul bl 1-:WJ-:LL I.-xctksox Duzlmz V. H. 1-.............. -.. N. -1 .-Xmanf: M.-m CROZIICR lffarl H'flI'lfI V. ll. li. Clmnpurml Club . llgqoro 0 ooooo0cooouo ll.-xlwrzv '.l'I-Icmvsox Ihvllfw V. ll. WM. l Page S7 Alli l'llJlJll'f 1'.xkKs C'lifl1m !'!1y.vim! lidlzmlinn l"I'CSl1Il111ll Yell Leader '23g junior Yell Leader 'Zig Life Saving' Corps. U 0 ll I C I O l Mus. Im NI,-u:N1':N,x1' Dmlan ll. J. D. fl. Lfh'1'm'y C2llllCl'1l Club. Prcsiclent '24, '25g South Texas Club, Sponsor '23, '24: President 'Z4. 'Z5g Y. XY. C. 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Cmufus LOIS DAVIS VIVIAN CREECII NOVELLE DICKINSON AGNES CIIIIRIE NIILDRED DAVIS DIARY ALICE CRANE NIINNIE DIIa'rERIf:II , EDITH DALBY I ORA DAvIg N '1'IIIf:LMA CRAWFORD FLORA DIIs'rI5R'r I ' Q . .63 IG? A CMAQ-Ia. --.A m4e,L1l.,la!5.?Ql,A--.A--,..,IEQIIII Page 132 ANNIE MM' DONAGHEY I.oU Cum: DIPPEL D.-usv DORMAN CARRIE IJIXON EDNA DOOLEY Run' Donn lil.,-xN4tIIll D1mvI.1Nu LURINE Donn RUTH DR1sc'o1.L RUTH DOERING INEZ DUFFY LUcu.E Downv K ,x1'H1.EEN DUN BAR Cx.:xUmA DONALDSON PAULINE DUNCAN LUf,:n.LE EAGLEs'I'oN L1-:mls Jo DUNMAN AI.n,:1c l'2IT1e1,M -xN FLORENCE DURHAM 'l'1-IPLLM A lin' r I' NA 1'1ARN1cs'1' G WENDOLYN ELLIOTT IIxa1.1-:N M. EBELING MARGARET liI,1.l0'r'1' MA'r'rI1-: PEARL EAKER Bonnm Ensxxas ANONA Emvfums DILLA ENOCHS -1 gl , ' L? 9 , ..g . Q in T X -m yr 'lb' .4 Q lg A A L - nil A Page 1 33 GLEN EYRIE 1",IIIIsIoN P.wI,INE FLEMING INEZ EPPERSON , NIAISEI, CREDE Fk,xzER , RUTH FMN l':S'l'llER FOULEY GEORGIA EPPRIGIIT ELEANOR FREN! IVA LEE FIEI,DErI THMMA FORD ALVA M. ERNEST OLIVE FREELAND IIELEN FENTIIESS BERVL FORNVWU 1iUNym.g IQTCHIESON DoRo'1'IIx' FEI-:EMAN INA DELLE FIEGEI4 BER'1"'A FORREST IiI,Iz.'xIsE'rII EVANS MMU' FRENCH WVERA DELI. FIELD Im FRANK LOUISE EVANS RIITII 1",uu3uIIAR Rog,n,n3 Fyggm ICMIIA' FRAZI-:R 1 I I I 1 Luc1II,I.I-: EVANS BIARY C-II.nR.xI'rII I I I X AN A ,r.,g, . nun. -AM lx,4s-4gx.4m - Ax-, , Page 134 l E' ' !loRo'1'Hv GOSSli'l"l' km-n GRM-:N FMNUPIS GARLAND M,xRGU1clu'rr: GRUNDY RUTH GUSSIWI' Nl-ZLLIIQ GRM: 1-1s'x'1f:I,1.r: G.-xuluxn YUONE G UNS1-REM, M.xRc:,xm:'1' IIELEN GRANT JU.-xNl'm GRISUAM I'o1,1,v GARRE'r'1' I,Ucn.1.1s Gurluxk 3 K4-x'l'uux'N Gknfl-'1N Iumr: GR,xN'rHAN GRALTE Gm' X VIVIAN GARY Oulvxfz GRl1"l"IS M mwxrz G u.xv1a:s JUANITA Gwx'N l31Q.fv1'Rrcr: GONZAL1-Ls L11.I.1AN Glucasnv Luxuaxla GRAY 1i1.1zfus1s'1'11 IIALI. VERNA Goomucu PEARL GR XY B1-:R'1'u,x GROSS ANNYE LAURA GOSSE'l"I' Ihxzm, IIAL1, l vs in 'ww . 4,- ' 1 is Q M '22 WWW A 'M ...- . --...-A- !!'1mlmm.-.,.-,,,wpm I Page 135 LENA IIARRIS j EA N N E'l"l'E IIANNROROUGH BIAMIE 'RUTH IIARRIS Ynmm I'IANm..EToN IJORo'1'1n' IIARRISON CA'l'll ERIN 1-1 IIAUG II.-vl-'1'1E LEE I-IARRISON ANNEHE1, IINR.-u.sON LOREE HARRISON CORN Em.'x IIEURICK '1'nE1.MA I'LxR'r ImRO'rm' II,-XRDIE BIARIE IIASLER A ILEEN IIARITIQE 'RUTII LUCILLE TIASLER MM' ROUTII PIENDRICKS M.xRJoRxE SUE lIAssEx,L ELSIE HEYEN M,xRx' IIAZEI, 1'IA'l'IICOCK JOE IIESTAND ANNIE PEARL HMS K,xTuL1-:EN IIICKS I.0msE Ill-ZNIJERSON LORENE PIOLBEXN CORA ANNA IIENDRICK RUTH HOFFMAN Lm'n,1,E HENSARLING IVIARY FRANCES HAMLET1' .1 I R ' fi? 2-Gig lb' " l, V fbiigg.-A V ,wc '-Lg" IA ,S A ., 1 , , A fam, 'Q Q. mmm. -,..,..,4waEd.LmQL,,A.A-----,, 'Mn Page 136 ADELIA IAIEUEEU 1'11.slE TIOOSER LAVENE HUOSON M,xRf:.xRE'r I-IAPPEI. IESSIE LEE I'IUGHlCS K,x'ruER1NE Hoksm-:V TREVA I-I UN T N E'I"l'I E H .-x1'c:1lER BI.-XRIE'l"l'A H UNT IIELEN E1.IzAnE'rH II.-xwI.Ev NIINNIE RIETA IIUTCHISON ICVELYN 1C1.Iz.uzE'1'H HOWARD AIATTIE BELL INNES J ' N X1-HA HOWELL M1cNON INGRAM DOROTHY 0. JOHNSON DOROTIW JALULPKA JESSIE MAY JOHNSON JEsslE JEAN JETER OLIJE BERNA JONES INIARY ELLEN JETER BEA'1'Ru1E JON ES llukcrrm' JOHNSON JOHNNIE JONES lilnu' JOHNSON JULIA BIRD JONES G LENNA JOHNSON JUAN1'rA JOYCE I . A 'EQEQJ .5EA,,i?i3. fa- . 'Jw Nx?,Qf'?1:7 Q mx "' " lb. A I N -ea J, '51-mx.-. An--'K lk .--,. O.- ,.-,-,! Q.-9 AL1svm,g...-.,.-,.,,n'2FAm Page 137 VELMA K IM HALL ANNIE KAINER Muwczna KINIANNON BIAIu:l'r:RI'I'r: KICETON 3IIxIu:ARI:'1' KING N,vrIcI,I.I: KEITT CI,.'xu.x KNIIIING AIILINI: KEMP Tom Klslu Mmrwz KMNNIQIW MAXINI-: KUIIIAIAN B Vrsv KIRSIINER .. ,,-K -z.-3.5 I NIIIZABETH LANE LORAIN I: LIQSLIE Vrzmm LANN ETIIILI, LEVERIDGE IIELEN LANGIIANIM ER BE.-x'1'RIcIc LI-:w LS NA'l'.u.II: LANsI-'umm WARIJ LIr1II'rI-'nm'r M.uu5E1u' DALE LAWRENCE Axilakicx' 11.11.551 14'I:,xxuI:s 1.mvI:R'roN I MMIII: Locuwoon 1 ,... ' '..'r"Y IRENE LAND '1'IucTIs LEMIION CLAIRE KIKPZR BESSIE KATE LEI: JL IQ' ' 9 U I l -f'fwQgrrI"f' fi? A lal I mi .-' , .5 'ZEN' 'Q ,., L-4f-4-.m- 4x...g . -Page 138 EI,IzAIsr:'rII XICCRACKEN Acsmis Lowm: lxrzz MIJIJONAIAJ Nfxoxu I.ovuI.I. A1'1ua'I"1' 51121 JoNM.l,I JOSEPIIINIL MQHRIIIIL l'luI.I:x0x1-2 BICDONALD RUTII MCCOY 1is'I'III:u Mcllulfv RUTH McCI,I:sKEv Axuus Mclr'ARI.ANII PIII-:ma MCCOWN linmxoa IWCGALL LUCILLE MCCOY PEGGY NICGANN Nl.-mama!-:'l' M1'NAIR 1'I:ARI. McGowN JOSEPIIINI-3 INICVVII.T.IANiS ANNIE MAE MCNAIR GLADYS NIADDOCKS INIIIA MAE HILL MAk1tEI,I.A NIALLOW lJmIo'I'IIv MCKELVI' G ENNE MAI.oNIa X HI:I,I-:N MQLEAN ' ALICE I.UmsM,w MAXINI-: Mc'MlI.I,AN MAIIGAII1-:'I' NIARAIXLI-1 ,, 1 I m . U 'LST X 0. ,, F IN W am AMN . I. ,nktv - ln A - L - l-4-f Q 5- I! 44.4- :JAR Page 130 IRENE NIASON ROIIERTA Moss LoYcE MAs'rERsoN I'1vxI.vN NIARSHALI. NIIRIAM lIA'l"l'lll5W'1 MAIIIIIQ HIARRS BIILDRED MAT'I'III:ws MARII-1 MARsIIAI,I, WILLIE N I Ak'l"l'H EWS 14I:'I'A VIQRN R NIARTIN ARNA M AY NIEARS DIARY Lovx BIARTIN IIoRo'rIIx' NIAYER RACIIAEI. BIAFLTIN :DORIS MAIIOW MYRA MILLS LOIS MERRILL EIJNA Mms MAIIRINE BIERRICK IIONNIE Mms '1'oM:m'R BIERRIUK KATIILEI-N NIINUS DRALVA MII.I,I:R VIoI,I:T AIIERS DOROTHY MII.I.RR CATIIERINE NIITCHELL J. l'ZI,I,Is RIILLER MIIJQRI-:D MELI. I . ' mar 4 U Q Nefwmxf' f' I ,, .. eg X .M mml ng -45-.. 1 el - -,Q-.4gx-4n- 4.4, Am Page LVA LEE NYORRISON JOHNNIE MURPHY HELEN MOORE VIVIAN NELSON LACY PAUL BIORRISON DORIS BIEISSNER 'FIIERESA BIOORE CIIRISTINE NI-:I.sO'I 0 'E NO 'I ' L ms 11 mx SON I.II,I.IE NAcI'II.INOER JESSIE JEWEL NIORRIS RUIWE NEWMAN I MARIE MOSER RUTH NATIONS KATIIRYN BIORRIS DONO NIOIIOLSON I CATIIIERINE NIUNUSION LESLXE NEIGIIIIORS LOUISE BIORRIS JENNIE NOLAND I NELI. MURPIIREE GERTRUIJE N1-:ATIIERV RUTH MORRIS FORREST NORRIS ANNETTE MURI-uv ANNIE NEAL ENA BOB MOUNTS TIIELMA OIIER l KA I IA 49 I , . Qi'iQ12IgqrbiI??? g I 'M . ...VA - A - 4-..A-f! MA.. 114g Page 141 JIINII-: PARKS EIrNII'Iz O'II.AxII.x SARA BARNES HI-:I,I-:N OI,IPII,xNT MIIRRIIQI, PASCHL GII.II'If: Rua PALMER MIIIIRICIQ PATTON LIII'II,I: PAIIISII III A PAYNE LIa'1'II,x PAIIK 1,IrI:II.I,Ia 1'.wNI: J0sIc1'IIINIc IEIRIUIZII CI:cII,r: PI':v'I'o:: INI.-IIIJIIRIIQ I'IIRKIIII.I. liurzm PEARSON BI:RI'II.-I MAI' PHII.LIrs WIIAIA PILIRSON CI,.xI1nIa PHILLIPS VIQLMA PILRKINS EVA PIIILLIIIS josI:PIfIINI: PIJRKINS CA'I'III:IuNE PINE ICM IIN PI-:'I'ERs DORUTIII' PIPI-:Il DoRo'rIIx' PETI-:Il sm: ' EDITH PLEIIGL N Nu"I'II: PIIENIX I':DX"I'llE !'o'I"I's I I ' fi' f ' fd III I u A I 15. ,SA la, f W as MIKE' II., -..,. A msileillk L'-Q L,--...-- -,,, imfnml Page 14 2 NIERLE PRICE CALLHL PR.-u'1'rm Num. Pl1uKlc'l"1' HM.:-:N Pu.-vrmzn 1Cr.1z.usr1'1'u l'U'rsmN JE'l"I'IE PRU1-:'rT JOSEPHINE Qmzm, l'Is'rm.m: 1'xussm-:vnu LILLIAN POTH 1.0111-:1.1.A PRWISMEYER NORMA Rfmsxx' KATHERINI-1 PRIEST V1-:RA RANKIN I,U'1'A PRICE VIVIAN RAYSOR Llc.uI 'Rx2x'No1.rms BER'1'IlA RE,xR1mN LOUISE Klfx"1'0N RUBY JOE R121-zvlcs Vmcmm RICE 14Z1m1Tn Rmczmas IIELEN Rnzlmkns V1oL1-:T Rlauxxcx MAc:f:m RICHARDS JOHNNI1-1 Fm' Rl-QED DIARY ELL1-:N RINKER BI.-XUGIE LEE REED KATIIERINE REINKEN N W A 4 'QQ M29 if? 'ee ,I "WW Y Vi fx -L :Q v- L. 543 'AGM A 4 - lNmv , , , , ,,1t'Jw-'sw'-'f , rm' A L A L. l A ag 1 AJ .4'2.4l.4alq4L :IAQ AL VIRGINIA Romgus VIOLEJI' RoT1I GLAITYS RISER RLIZAIIETII SIIIN DoRo'I'IIv Rorzxscu HELEN GRACE RouN'1'RE1-1 Aman: STI-:I,I,,x RITCIIIE MM-TIE SAHAER OLGA ROLATER ANITA RII-Lmasl-:I. NTARY LUCV RIVERS LENA SM-OMAN BIAGGIE M. ROIIIIINS EDNA RUNIII-:LL ELNORA ROACH ROSA SANIIIQR JOIINNIE BELL RAMBIE INIS RUSSELL MARY L- ROBERTS EI.IzAlsr:'rII SIJIIEER BIARIAN ROLLEY LYWA RUSSELL WYNELLE ROBERTS PEARL ScIIoI.I.I:I1'r EI.IzAIsETH RooT JOYCE SADLER GALEN ROBERTSON Mrunusn Scoccms I ' A X 1, mpblg 'Q - MRF II. - ,...,. i4:ff.!-ii! QQ L,A-.I-A- -- -. QTAII Il Page 144 , Z i I5HI,I.ll'l Su,x'.v 1qU,,,,1 SNK I 1 1 l',u'1,lNr: Sl'llWEI.l1ER llmuvrllx' Smrru NIARY Slim-'Lls'r'r IRICNIQ Sums JHSr1l'l11N1e Sm'n'r'r FR,xN1,'Es Wuxi-1 Sxlrrli I.URIC'l"l'.-X Snuolncs Rl"l'll SHIILER NIN.-x S1'0'1"l' l',,wnkv SNIl'l'll 1 llnko'rm' Sli.-whirl X Illam-:N D. SIQIMIMNEI: ,I 1-:ANNE Sr:kvl1.LE , 1.1519 SMITH liwru Suuom-: ldmmlx hm: S1,mN , 1",u'n-1 SHOFNER Lomsr: Sxwrn F117 XlH"l'll Suv' 1,m'x' SM.-x1.L NI .-nu' j EAN E'l"l'IS M.-x'r'rx' Lou S1x.'xNlu,l': SMITH Briss Slxlxums AMY Sm-I-,I K.vruRx'NE Slmxxox Rpm- SMH-,I e WHWIHYQEI 9 Xl-ee ,gg wx 'K nakf . ,..- ,A .. VA.. - 45-4-1 ! .QA .- :JAH ' Page 14 5 Josvzvmwrz S'rn.r, SARAII EI.!ZARl'2'l'lI S Xl 1'1'u NIIIMREID S'1'ouK'roN 'l' li l!Z'l'SI E SM ITH ILx'r'rnr: S'I'OCKI.EY Cmlm SPEARS ARZILLAII Swocxxaa JANIIQ STARK Gr:RA1.D1NE MVARY S'roK1zs CoNs'1'ANc1-: STARR TULA STONE GLADYS STE PII EN S MONA FM: S'1-UNE VELMA Sul-: S'1'1svENsoN Vmraxxm S'r0Nml.xM ' Nl II.I1Rl'lU S WAFFORIT Cirdxlm lflmxvrzs S'l'lw:nlNGl-:R I IA'l"l'l rf: '1',xuKr:R I.um'Y S'1'0Wl'1RS MM' WALKER 'l',xNsr-:v 'l'm:Lxm Sumau CI.,wm,x 'I'.fx'1'UAx A MV S11:I,m:Rs GRACE 'I',n'1.01: ICUNICE SuI.I,lv.-xx 1'lzMA '1',u'Lou 1"R,xNCEs SWEENEY BIABEI, TAYLOR . I A9 u . QM . Qi fm Ag' f-xA, can f ax !l',!L,--..-A- ---, ff?m:rMl Pazgf' 146 "N w 1 RUTH 'VILSOM :XLINE 'I'1ucs1cN1u'r1m Jfvslcl-xllxrc 'l'1-:um:I.r, CURINNE WALKER vm-A MMQ 'rfppg Vnueml.-x 'l'11RN1-:R , ,XNNIIQ Om 'rummg GliR'l'RlIl3E WVARIWZN IC1.vm.x 'l'o1.1,E AIYl1Rl'ZY Y.-xx V1.l1c'r Imam 'I'uoxms M.1uu:.uus'1' NYARDIEN lmvxsl-1 'l'o0N 1"x.c,m1:1-:Num VAUc:u'1' N Lxux' 'Vnoxl I-sos: NIARY W A'I'SON l1EONl'l'A TURN C',xuRo1.I. V.wm1N All-zms.-x 'l'mm1-soN '1'u1cluas,x Wmnu Mmczrrz '1'R.xx'1,on Sum Vmsox Nrzmm 'I'uREI,Km.n Mmmu-:n WEST Rm:-1c'c:.'x'I'koNsmI.1s I':Vl'1LYN l'1-slum Imrxsvz '1'11.I.1sx' Vm-A NV1g,w1q1g 1 w , W W U 111, L15 Q M W . ' Q -Q, ,M lk .-.A --- -AJ -. .-9 eA!41svm,g.--.A-,.,,n-WS! Page 14 7 GARNl.j1"l'p: XYIIITE 1 IRENIC XYILLIANIS KA'l'llx-mlm: W1-:nn X NIJTII Wurrrzsll-E A N N A 1"R.fXNl'lCS W 11: I4 sw: Ii 'l"I,4 nucxclc ' Wul'1"rr:xlu-1111: II 1-: .1v1'1:1m ' nc W 1-1 1 N 1-:wr I'oL1.x' NX 11,14 I-:s C I 1 1-zulu' W 1-:s'l' Omvl-1 xYII.L.'XliD I I I-:wr-zu W1as'l' OI.'l'.X Wn,1.I,ms lflm New-is W I 1 lcxl' l"I.lJRl'2Ni'E W1m,1.xx1s Nlmu' 1'1Vl'1I,YN XYIIITE JANE Wluswx 1 1 W 1 N I,l'1'll.I.l'l WlI,I.l.vxxlsrN Mmm' l-'ENNER Wlmmi N l'1x'm.x'N XYILSUN Rum Wlmux Mll.mu':nI.r:l':Wxl,1.l,xxxs FRANCES NYILIIUIT BIINNIE I4'u,xNe'1f1s XVILLIAMS IN 1-zz W .'Xl"l-'Uiih Sllrumcv VVII.I.I,-HIS ZA N E'l"l'l'I XYUIJN' li 'l'IH-ZLMA Wu.I.1.uls Rum' Worm .1 I wig cbs' A n. - 'eg:aQSQ1Aa4,.N-ga -- 4 Q ALA .2. n...-,..,. LF! L,----A- M-, M Page 148 41,ZRxfX4,f XCNK'flXQL'x.f1-:Eb4,fWV , f1Sg"Xfx'G- I. 'X..:1.1Q,ixx X: j xqkihrr-,ggwg I-Qi 'X l.,,,,..gfx5' ,- -I X, Cmu l',IcII'Is I VIRCQINII-X YLINIIT JIIAN WII'I's0N N.xR'I'II,-x IIANI 'om ' I: IIEARL WRM- RIr'I'II IIYAN YI-:I,xI.x CVVQITINNX Il0I,I,v Nlf'C'R.u' I I,oI'IsI-1 ,lowes ROENA S,l.H'l-is N.-xI:'I'II.x IAINRIIIIIIINS I,-Im,1.3 Bkmwrmn IIILIIA YIx'I'I':s DoI1o'I'IIY SLEIIGIQ X 1'fI'f'1'I ZMMN' OI',xI, WINIIIIIQIIG I I ' l L-I in I? .a. I A-44--I! LQ III f JNQ. N7 A., ,I Page 149 :nib 1 nyc 1 5 1 Miss MAR'1'HA B,xRNr:'r'l' l'1'f'.-tiiltfllf of Ma Sl1f11Z.'11l.r' .t1.l'.t'I1L'illfi1lll The Student's Association ol' the College of Industrial Arts is :tn organization of ztll students, created :uid promoted by the Faculty of the College for the purpose of developing self-government. It is rt co-operative government in which the lfziculty and Students share the responsihility of upholding C. 1. A.'s stztnclurcl of honor. - The Student Government is in the hands of the Student Council. The Council is coinposecl of four ollicers elected by popular vote of the student body, one repre- sentative of each class, House Presidents of liormitories, :incl student representatives from the boarding houses. The Dean of XVo1nen, representing the faculty. together with l'resiclents of the Senior :incl junior Classes sit in advisory capacity, . l T We . A . - I - , vu - ' ,,, an L,Q-4m.A- 4-4, xiffktfl IIIIILUJ l 52 Students' Council 1 vs . A '!5b,.f9Q,, ,Fm H: Q wwarzyfay Ages Ah ap, New ,.,-,. ,,,,,-,,,,, . ,, - ,A,,,,n'PJi3ig l'age 1 Freshman Commission Jmmm COOPER, Chairman l'IUL1aoNr: IWCIDONALD CHERRY W EST M1LnRr:n W1-:sr kXL'1'A VVILLIAMS RUTH DR1scoLD MARIID HASI,ER MARJORIE PARKHILL INEZ BARNARD MARCSJNRET MARABl,E MAE XVALKER TANSEY JESSIE LEE BANKS SARAH BARNES NORMA RAMSEY HELEN FENTRESS JOSEPHINE STILL In order to bring about an earlier understanding of Student Government and to promote Freshman interest and responsibility in student affairs, the College promotes a Freshman Commission. . X fi U -I E ' fi-iii 'WHA A 'gi ll nns.L..Aa. -1,4 - s-Q-L-,.m- 4-4. Albfxrn , Page 154 , v,A-'- K I '1 - " ' ' V- ...A Pugv I 5 5 Miss Jusiricn GRAHAM 1711-'.YfIlzt.'IIl .Smdcfzl Chrhvzfifm Amncifztizm 'l'he Students' Christian Association is an association of students organized to develop that spirit of mind and heart that should characterize a Christian college community. lt is the organization on the campus which promotes wholesome ideals of re- ligious and social life. The leading social activities of the year are provided for by the Y. W. C. A. .By its weekly devotional meeting. special emphasis is given lo, religious service. livery student should become a member of this organization and thereby con- tribute her share to the social and religious life of our college campus. 5. K '53 qi, U . Qv,,3-L.A- xml, lyxlgz' 1 Y. W QC. A. Cabinet 1 V I IJmw'1'1 1v TAYLOR MARY M.uu:,xm4:'l' 'l'.XVl.OR 1'r:,xRl,,x MCQ'C.fXlTI.P2X' .VX N'rmxr:'r'rr: Rmfslx l'1,x'r'ru-: Lmc lCr.1.1s Horus Mr'CAR'1'ER -I1's'1'1c1-: GR.-xH.u1 N ,7, , l'rcsirlL-nt l50RH'l'llY '1'.wl.uR ,. .... ,... X 'ice-l'1'esiclent f Nlixkv N1.x1u:.uu:'l' '1Xwl.ou .A Secrbtury l'r:.xm,,x Mc'C.,xu1,1-:v .. .. . 'l'1'eusu1'cr Olfl-'ICICRS Nl,-KRGl71'IRI'I'lC Bulscolc Dmus Wrzssrzxnoklf H1-:LRN Blmlakoox 1'or.l.v M1N'roN SARA!-I XYIHZAT IMA NIASON l . vs , Q if M X lmnak? .--A , ,,, --,, I Q!!-Q rALL1sY3w:L',g.A.,.-,,,n 'Wil ll f, Mus. I,1f:ux,x Bmcwl-:'1"1' S1-:mm XY.xl,K1':R RI.mN0k 141,01-ul NIINTIIG ROI!!-1R'1'S OPM, XVOOD Ushers for Artist Courses 1QA'1'Hl'1RlNE Nloxwzmrrzxw Fnixxctrzs S'1'14:vr:Ns CQLADVS CELLUXI LEONE XVIMHERLV K,v1'H1zvN JONES Q .Xxxx Nlmzxmzxa IMA MASON CAMILN B1f'l'Txf:m gXI.I.I'1N.-X Mlrhnr 1'ZS'l'EI.I.E GRAH.xM VIELD 1 , . I Q4 It u A ff? - 'gk 0 A ., A F Q il 'E 1 ln mars. -MA m.2a:1m!Q,Q.1QL,,A-,,,---, 1'41gr ISS V K. bbmww' 'Jmf-:sw fm s. 4, 5' """'-X""5"fo v, ? 'Mis' kgrf 1, y G I ,,,,,...,..l1,,,.--M Q, y y u , --V-,na -, ,,, ...... .- .,.,., -. . . . . ' 4 A . . , , fy--- ,Y ilu- ---1--V V VL. M V :MT 'E' 1.5.4, . ,MM-3. A . .. h V 1- .5-lx, -.51 ,, ' V, ,, A '. lm. QW' A W fir" ,. . ., , , , , ,. . -V .. . - -F fn- , ' ,t N .,-IJ, ,, v. . AX - ,A 5' - -. , -. T -1.7.-b l Aa, - in , h X N . f R 'l:f,wf. LN ,Af , L f 5- 51 f,fv,'3,h3. '. - 4 ,. , .,, 11: ., 1 , 1- ,.,1 , -3 ,vf .. V ,- - . , " . x 1 I L -.4 ' . 3, - db: r'7- av' --1 - 'K 3: u- .. J ' 1.11 1.2 - 4 .3 '. my y ' " 'lf' .l"f'S'-P , M, . , ,4 ..1,-, T,'-,USL ' -- r- ,ff -- Q, -S., 5, 1. L., ,. - ,N -Q gg, .1 b. , 3' .-.31 V . '- 'T . A7 W ,ff -.Lg 3.g.- -iq! : T' "z ' 1 HL. ' if .,- ' '- x 41 9 " . '. -'-4 -' -1 J ' r ' 117. 5. L '- ,H , EEA . J. m" f . X-'ffl ,JV ,, ', ' ' , , 75' ' vw "' P' . ..x 'I i.p,..,-,". - 'V ,Rn-f 1-fs Av M- A ,B :, I -59 S' . 'N - - 'LQ 'ff - o- '45, ' ' ' " ' . -. , . , . vi , , . . ,..,. -Q.. . , W.. , , 1, I Y N, , L , 4 ma ' Pe ,ILM HQ 'J 1, 4 f it 5 I 'X-y"1.fs vi ba, xi 4 N in wiqkuvw ai . N. I. 4 1 Page 159 Mary Eleanor Brackenrrdlge Literary Club O1"l+'IClCRS Smam Scruovv .. r.r..,, ,... .,.., . . President AI.'rHr3A Rvws ,,,7,. ,. .. .. Vice-President Annu: PEARL INYICHOLAS .. , . Secretary Gmnvs CEl.r.UM ,. . w,.,7r,., Treasurer HUNORARY MEMBERS MR. H. G. Al.1.11N MR. AND Mas. .'x'I'WEI.T. MRS. F. M. BRALM-:v MR. W. l.JoNoHo l1R.lAND MRS. LEE M. I'Zr.I.1snN Mlss KATE LACY Miss LILA ST. CLAIR MKATMAHQBN Miss STELLA Lm Owsmzv MRS. PERCTIS 'l'r-:RHUNE MR. AND Mus. R, J. 'l'URm:N'l'lNE A ' Q L- . 4 5555 Q, G31 A Iii gf' ,aI 1 mira. -...,. Qa:s,rlL,QLQL.,---,A-..--, Al Page 160 Mary Eleanor Brackenrrdge Literary Club ALIf'ORn, W7EVA ALEREV, VIOLET JXSKEW, ELEANOR BARNARD, RUEY HARNETT, ANNIE M.AIE BARNETT, MAVIS BALI., LORINE BALL, LUCILE BAUM, IRENE BAKER, MEVIJINE BERRY, ILEV BERRY, zXGN1-IS BEATV, IRENE BENSON, JANE BLADES, RITBY IO BLACK, KA'I'IE BLACK, WILLIE MAE BRIM, THl'1'1'A BUCHANAN, IVY LEE BYAR, BI-:NNETTA CANNON, CRVSTLE CALDWELL, GI,ADX'S CELLUIII, GI..ADYS CHANDLER, M.ARJORlE COOK, MRS. BLANCIIE COIT, ROUTH Club RO 1 FARAIER, ERNESTINE IFICKL, ROSAIIIE l"ERGU!-ION, RUTH l"I,INT, MAIIELINE UlI.I.1'ISPll'I, W7ENlCE GRIGSIIV, LILLIAN fTRll"FIN, OLIVE HARRISON, BOLLING IRIAIXILET, MARY FRANCES HAYES, IXLICE PIESTARD, JOE PIOCKER. ICLIZAEETII HOGAN, JULIA IIUIIIRHREYS, ELIZABETH HUNT, TREVA HIIIIGINS, IRIS HILL, MILIIRED HILL, LUCIIIE KINSLER, KATHERINE IQILLOUGH, ELI-ZANOR LEVI-:RE'r'I', CI..-SRE LEIJBETTER, GRACE LIGI-I'I'-FOOT, XIVARD LONG, FLORINE LUIIEAIAN, AI..ICE MASON, FRANCES IQICHOLAS, JXDDIE PEARL NATIONS, RUTH NEIGIIEORS, LESLIE NEAL, ANNIE PEARL PARTEN, :XI,lCl'1 PARRY, LOUISE 1,ROCT'1'OR, H.A'1"l'llC 1'OI"IfENEAI'I1I, 1"I.ORl'1Nf'E PERRVAIAN, DOLLY PUCKETT, LULA PEARL ROACH, ELNORA SCIIOW, SELIIIA STARKI-1, MARY BETHEL S'l'Rl'ZUER, GERTIE STRUVE, LO'I'I'IE STURGIS, SIDNA SAUNIIERS, ROSA SOIIIIIIERS, M.ARY SUGG, ELIZABETH STILL, JOSEPHINE SPEARS, CLAIRE '1'RASIc, l'IUl'lENIA '1'HAc:I4ER, lXDDlE BELL '1'RESSEMl'l'ER, .ALINE TIIOMPSON, LOUISE TI-IOIIIPSON. JULIA IFAVIS, B1-ZRNICE DAVIS, RACHEL DAVIS, CHRISTINE IQAVIS, ELFRED IDAVIS, NEI.I. IDAVIS, ORA IDILLON, ELEANOR DORAH, ELIZABETH MALLOW, MARCELLA M:XRAHI.E, CARRIE MAXWEl,I., DALTON MCTRIQIS, ARIIENE MORRIS, ILENE MONTGOAIERV. SARA LEE MORREI-IOUSE, MAIILE AAICK, NELL WALTON, HAZEL WVARIJEN, MARGARET VVALI., LOUISE YVALKER, SELMA NVEHS'1'ER, EI.lZAliE'1'1-I W IIVIIIERLY, MARGARET XYRAY, PEARL XVILSON, 1'1I.IZABE'l'H ECTOR, MERIIE MUSE, RUTH X'VILI.IAMS. MINNIE ,ILRANCES EDGAR, RUTH NIYNATT, ERON WOOLSI-W, VERTEX ICVERS, ALTPIA Mt,'KINNEX'. ICIINA MAE XVOOD, MAURICE 1"IEI,IIS, MARY' Ml'MIII.I.l1N, 'l'HEO VAN VRRTH, JESSIE is LI - I .I C? , .fa IA 'QI , 495, ,, E96 ,951 nl 1. Sr 1. Q, AL-JI,g296 A ' A Q H G ,uf n iIi ix X -m H - 'D uf qix IN Rf Im f GQ ' K 5.51,-Q' ' ' A ' nk . LQA - Q- lil--' o Lv 1 figlnl.-:IAQ Page 161 Chaparral Literary Club Off 1' C I2 1' J LOIs C.nII:ROx rr., I, ,. ,,... . ., 1,I't'SiKlt'llI IJOROTI-Iv U. 'l'.xvI.OR ...r, . Vice-Presiclent MARIr:'I"I'A HI-:burns . 'l'I'CZ1Slll'L2l' MARIQARI-:'I' PHILLIPS . Secrctzuqv AIIORI-:v JXDAIR VIOLA ANDREWS ALVINA BARRY Lous BAIRD JESSICA BARTON LUcvII.I: BURFORO M.xRI:.ARr:'I' BRIIMI1' RUBY K. BIIRFI-IARII QXHBIE MAI-1 CROZIER Mfxum: CLII-'T LOIS CAMERON VIRIIINIA CAMPRI-:I.I, LOIIISI: ELLIS M.IIRm1'TA Hlnnmfzs RUTH HI1l,I.lNl3SWflR1'il HlI.ll.A jAc'OusoN MAR1iARE'l' Lm-t ,IONI-is IMA MASON MAR.IIDRlE NIUORE Ruuv MlTRREl.l. VIRCSINIA PRICE MARILARE1' PHILLIPS ,'XN'l'OlNNE'l"l'E RmI':IN XV.-XINI'I'A ROBINSON 'l'HEI.wIA ROOI-:Rs MARIE SAIINOI-:Rs .ALICE SCOTT FRANCES SOLITHI-:RI.:xNn NONA S'I'ANnI,EE l.,0R0'I'HV U. 'l'.wI.OR ' Q5 '35 "'+Qf- QQQ ' NIARTHA TROUT FI.ORI-:Nun X'VA'l"1'S lNffilIll'.k' NIAXINE BARN:-:'I'I' Bom-IIE CRAIN XHRGINIA CMIPIII-:I.I, 1':T'1'A Lm: LORRV MAROARIYI' I.AIIm:Rn.xI,Ic M.ARY JO MCCANLRSS .IRAN PENDI-:RI:RAss CIADRINDA NEWTON l"RANL:Rs SNVIII-:R LORENI-: SIILLIVAN l".w Yum-:R xv?-HW! Q Sn' IA 1 'rm Em nga Q lx 4 Ax ln Ain I I rr., fir rf fa A sails. TA Z S 5 A If I.' I fr Q . A N' 4 'ii Y , 4 ' A - X- - V,,7?A.!. Honorary rlffembwrr RUTH ERWIN DORIS Wi-:ssENn0RF josEPH1NE GRAY MlI.,IDRED XVHEELER PAULINE KRRTON RUTH SEELE MABLE SCOFIELD MARY MARCiARE'l' TAYLOR NIARIAN WILLIAMS Miss Miss MRS. Miss MRS. CHRISTINE Cool: ELIZABETH LRARE D'Ar.ToN MEVERS ASTRID NYGREN GRovx-:R C. SH.-KW Miss M.AYME W'ALKER 1906 19 26 " .......... And the Chaparrals gathered themselves together to studie the goode masters of literature. And they pledged them- selves to emulate the swiftness of the chaparral in alle matters of kyndnesse. goodnesse, and trouthe. Lol as they supped together. they found that alle their traditions owed their richnesse to antiquitie. And they made diligent search amonge the ancient documents of their revered schoole and found its earliest year-booke. The name of it was "The Chaparral." Then they pledged themselves anew to their work, and returned to their stuclie of the goode masters of literature." ' l bl e fx . .QW . ..Si5iliYe.ff3. rn- ' ' 11,3 I - .l . lk flikt' A-.. ,,., ---J !.'l!hLM1Qsfe?g,,,,,,A,,,,gqggg A Page 163 Athenaeum Literary Club OIVFICERS A NNE'l"l'lC NIXON l'Or.r.Y MlN'I'CJN .Y :DORIS XVESSENDORIV Lrzlm ROSENDAHI. , ISABEI. ALLEN ELEANOR BLOHM MARTHA BARNETT NIARGARPTI' CALDWELI. 1':I4IZAUl'I'I'H CHEsm:Y LOIR CAMERON ELEANOR IVNLLON RUBY ICRNST RUTH RRWIN IEW l':A'I'UN Jusrzvmxl-1 CQRAV MARIAN CQRAV .'XxNm"1'r: NIKON 1,Ul,I.Y NIINTON IIURIS VVESSENDORF Lvzlm R051-END.-U-YI. NIAUIJIIC HERRING MRXRY EIARSON 1',xUr.INr: KEATON MRKRV MORAGNE LOUISE MANIOAULT l"R:xN4rr1s MUSLUR Lors RUTH MVFCHELI. Rmsmr: MINNN GRACE MCDAVUJ EMMA MCCHESNEY DOROTHY NICCRAY RORHIE RINOO SELMA SCHOWE MLXRX' BETHEI. STARKR M.A.RUARm' SC'0'l"l' Gr:R'l'm STRRUI-:R President XHCC-1,1'CSiClCllt Y , Secretary Treasurer RUTH SEELE MJXRV M,xRr:ARR'r TAYLOR IJOROTHV 'IHWLOR IJORA 'FANRERSLY ICYRLYN TANNER Vw.:-:SRA THOMPSON IYUCILE VVEISE M.fXIiIf5N XYILLIAMS SELMA XVALKER ELAINE SMOO1' Mlr.nRr:U WHm:I.ER l5ORH'l'I-IV NIOORE lh:1.r:N BULBROOK JULIA LEE PIERRING Mmllrz RU'r11 L,xxr:s'rON MARLR Sf:Olf1frEI.D lCvr:1,YN H.um:Y A., 9 14 gl, u A Q 'ifvQrfiQ' . I -'nwrfuff is fan gee, ,M if:1L!A!Q.Q.QL,A--.A----,mu Page 164 ,x,zN,Nfx,f XNf'3.ff'iY' xf YSCXXXN 'QL N v 'ff XB 51.1.51-I 'fiizggifx' " H' Athenaeum Literary Club 1 , up A tg'c5?sr ,PXa- 5 A - 14 e - ,ml Nba. 5 Wm if .,,, X -A.-.L.-A-sf! ,.. . w'i!! 'Jf M ' e MEQLY I'ag.f: 165 'NAIA Philomathia Literary Club OFFICERS MARGARET CA1.DwE1.1. ...... .A ,.... ..... . .. ..,....,... President Ql'UsT1CE GRAHAM ..... .7... V ice-President I,,11,1.1AN JORDAN ., ..... .,..... S ecretary Nl.-XRV PH1F1f:R ,. ,.,. Treasurer MARV BRYAN MARc:ARE'1' CA1,nw121,1. M11.DR111'J COWAN KATE CRU1x:1N1:'1'oN E11N1c'r: D1-:NN1s l"R1r:11:A l'11s1:N FAV JONES ICATUN J11AN1TA l"1,r:M1Nc: 1 Us'1'1c,:1: LQRAHAM MfKBP2I, Hour L11.1.1AN joR1aAN I.,11r'11.1.1: K114ER A1'RPZl,l.P1 K1Nf: IVBORIS LEA B1:ss11: Lr:w1s G1,A11vs L1.ov1J M11,11R1-111 LON1: Nllkl.-KM Lm1w1:Ns'1'1-11N Q, AL 11 S1151 MEI' f f-ff Im MAE MCCIJURE M,-x11R1NR MCMA1-10N M.A'l"I'll1 M 1-:RLR M1 11111.11 RU'1'11 PUELS MARV P1-1111'ER MARX" LoU1s1-: PINSON l"oRR1-2sT 11111: l'1.11:1111RR L'oRA ROAC11 L 1: v 1-:R'1' S H o'1"1's .'X1.11'1: S'1'1NN1-:'1"1' L1'1'11.1.1: LIPCHURCH XVERNA U1"1'0N ,ANNA W1-:AVER ITRA LRE XVHITNER MAm:1. WVILBAR 1111151111 W11.1.1A1s1s 151511: VVA1,1'u'1"1' TOY Maman... 4n.4.,4x,A'-..', ' 14- Q44 A ,Q Ain 1 A., A Q4 . .. 413 ,P 5.2" Q ,lm 0 P," 1' ee f M' 4 AA A. I' 11 M Philomathia Literary Club V , ,, v 1 vu mx . fi? 1 "' Q '1NHQ'43iYZ-E? M gm, ,, AA WN nakiv - L fA -Ang-A-fa g- gr QQA.-AIAQ Page 167 Agllaian Literary Club OFFICERS MHAHEII XVILLIAMS ,... .vA,,,... ........... I 'resident AI.I,I2NA MIl.fXNf II . ..... Vice-Presiclent .fkI,If:E X'V1iI!,'I'V ,, . ...... . SCCl'6f11l'y 1'I:c':c:v MIXIQIKJN GRAY BIQRNIVI-1 lEI'RRoIII:IRI Lols MKIQIIXIYIZIIX' I,oIvIsI: SRINNIQR NINA WII.I.I,xMs 1'Ef:r:v RRISVIIIQ CI.AR,,x Comma C. Blain. EVANS MARY GIVRNS EVA MAE H.-xI.III:R'If OR.-X HARIJRAIAN iKA'I'IIRvN JoNI:s FIOSEIIHINE M.-xc'RI':v ,ZXMELIA MII.T.ER MAIIRINI-I Ixwls RUBY PRIVIQ RosIII.I.Ic 'l'HORP LAURA W1-II'I'I-I LIIN'I':I.I,I2 JONES K.xTHI:RvN ENr:I.IsI1 SVHIILE HANCOVR MAIIRINIQ IRAVIS BRISVOI1: '1'1'crIsLII'eI' Mlumr. W1I.I.I,xMs IVRIINCIIS HERZINIIER ICMMA OUSLEV CONNIE BEI,,I, SPARKS zxNNIE SMITH LIIcfII.I.E Scturrrfrz Am:I,I,E KING WII.I.IE NlF1RI.E XY.-XLKER M.xRc:.aRm' CAR'I'I:R DImI.I:v BEN H.xxIIIRIfIIIT JEWEL JACKSON RIIIII-:UGA THAYIIR JENE'l'TE PRENTIS MARIIARM' Dowl.INr: VIRCIINII-X WAI,'I'I:Rs 1CvInI.vN HARIIEAI.-IN 01.1-:A H.A1iRl'2I,I, jour, BUIIINIZR AI.I:I:NA IVIIIAM IXLMA XV1'1'l'IRRSl'01'JN' RUTH BARRIZR PI.-XVDEN I-II'N'I'oN' IXIJVE XVELTY I 'Q '-' gf QQ41-'ffr ' Im Q 21,21 rf' I' ' 'FF AIM WRRQQII-M gm- nk ,,,A.,4w4IL5.m .. ., .-A-...A- ---. .IMI Al Pagu 1 68 Agllamiaum 1L1iIte1rauryCllu1b I Q L-lk Q VAX Fl A 771 yy lb' JMX XA--- M, 'qy -mv. AVJW lmrwsf .-,,. --, ---J L! QA,:11vm,4.,..,.-,,,n -:Page 121,34 mv -N.lFY L'AUeg1r'o Literary' Club Ol"'l"ICl'1RS CA'I'l'll'ZRINl'I H.KRIlEl.P1N . ..., . President GR,xc'1c l"l'l'1f: C,xxll'm1:l.r, 7, . . Vice-President f,I.IC'l'.'X W,xl,1..u'1-2 . . Secretary SAR xu XVI-I RM' . Treasurer L1'm'H,R CHR1s'rl,xN CLR.-Kl'l': Fwy: CAMPBELI. josRRH1Nr: CUCHRAM SARAH CRAmmocR fh'ZR'I'RUDI'1 DAWSON V1.0 IJENISON Gussu: Num, IFAVIS .XLVIS DA LEE V jo cQRAY CHRISTINE Gaovrxs I'.uvI.1NI-1 HALL SUSAN HAM1I.'1'ow .XNNA HAMMKXNIJ 1sAm:Lm: Hl7'l'CfHlNS HELEN C0w.AN C.-x'l'Hr:RlNr: HAMRLRN IVRANCES IQIMHROUIHI Gu.1,1AN Lowa IRIRIS Ml'CAR'l'F1R 'l"l.ORENkTl-I M1'QiRPIli.Ali 1'1nv1'HE MARn'm: l'Ivl-:LVN MOORE lJuRm'H v Moom: KIANIVR fVJIJEM WvN1f:1,1.r: Rom:R'rs Fv1,wR1Nv: SAWYER X'!RlilNIA Sczom' AMI-: BASS SMITH DOROTHY SPEER Hum. X'AUf,iHN LAvr:l.m: XVHITE OLETA WA1.LAr'r: SARAH XYHEAT 244- f 9 U ,. QQ?--456 A 3 , ,875 'Q ' er! m2w'!1L.-A,.A Q4:gLiLQsQLx,A-..-A-.,-, Mn I 1170 ANMSQY Alice lPHreemaL1mlPal1merY Literary Club OFFICERS 'l'1-IRR:-:SA LEMMON ,..... .. ..,, ,.A,,.,,7, , , President Zum TAYLOR . ..... . Vice-President lhzssm LOUISE YA'1'Es .. ,, . 77,. .. Secretary-Reporter LEON XVINBRRLV 1"I,0lU42Ni'1-I BOYD MARTHA CHRISTOPHER HP1I.PlN Coma IJOROTHV DORSEY MARY IJONAGHEY RUBY IJUOOSH MARY ITIARALSON AGNES HAYES EST!-LI.LE GRAHAM MRS. G. B. HEATH THELMA MEPZKINS TEAIIY MOORE , ,, ,. Reporter NEAL PERKINS POLLY TAYLOR 1':S'l'lQLLE U HR MARIE UGSHURN ANNIE LORA LOYELACE NELL NIORRIS EMMA VV ENALANDT LEONE VVIMBERLV FRANCES VAN COUNT JXNNA L. VVEEMS DORA TANKERSLICV RUBY BARRER l .s:. A Y . lg A - A - g..-44--'Q .rg - :IAQ - gr 1 7 Betsy Ross Literary Club OFl"ICI'1RS Evl-:LVN 'l'.xNN1a1: .... 1,l'CSidt'I1f R1"1'11 4X111xx1s Ro1a1111': M 1 us M1-:u'1'11-1 13. .X1.1.1-:N V1t1.x1.x ll. Almxls RL"1'H -Xlmxls 121511: Bmzxxxsla IN1cz Co1.m1,xN .I1f1.1.x Cm111'roN M.x1:141. Cow.-W Ilutxrz G1a,w1':s l,o111s1-1 XY111'1'1'11i1.11 . 'Vice-Presiclem' Scc1'ctn1'y-'Vrensurer Reporter Lm'1s1-1 Nl1xN1:c:.xU1,T 1'411.1.v M1N'1'0N Ruxmm MINS 1':'I'HIiI, Bon Ml3N'1'.Xi'il7E K.v1'H1-:1a1N1: N1c'01.s Ilus Pow14:1,1. W11.1, M.1.1'111c Rcmlxsmi L1f:,x11 S'1'11:w1r1 I':Vl1ZI.VN 'l',xNN1c14 I1-:w111, H1TI.I.INIgXN j1'1.1.x Klmzle Loulsrz WH1'1'1-'11-11.11 L11.1.1.xN L11r:m: 161-'1-'111 W1111's1:1.1, chi.-XI. XYOOD kg by-'IQI ' 4 A Ag, A .-gf.. ng -lag L,Q.4m-4m- 4.4 . Page 172 lr Press Club O l" l"I'Cl'1RS NIAMIP: Rlwu LANr:s'l'oN , .,, , .. . ,. 1?resiclent ANN SEYMOUR . .. ZWILIDRICD XVI-IEI'II,l'2R , lC1.1zAm:'1'rI Crnzsmv 1"r,oRr:Nc'E BAYLOR MARY C.xRm.lN Homncs Lomsr: .lil-1I'l'H Nlnllrz RUTH I.,xNc:s'r0N D Vice-1 resident ,, .St'Cl'Cl2Il'j'-'lll'CZlSllI'Cl' l,0RU'l'llY '.l',w1,uR ANN Slfzvxmun GR,xc'v1 Mczllixvm C.xR.,xm1I,l, HAVEN NIIIJJREIJ XVHEICLER l , vx Q H Q 'f . L-fA - 4- 3-53 -4.-1-an II F M Branhley Chapter Scholarship Society l':l,lZAHl'Z'l'l-I Lmxmx M1r,Im1':n Wumzmzxa Axxmw-I NYIXON Isnmr, ,X1,l,1':N HELEN BIVLHRUOK l",xv l':A'l'0N R1v'1'r-I liluvlx CLR.-H'E Mc'lJ,wm IS.'Xl!I'2l.l.I'I 'l'Hmr.xs O 'IF' l"I C E R S .77A.,h N President ,, Vice-President Secretary-'Vrensurer POLLY M1r:'1'oN lf'.xvE NAHOURS CHCNH f,RR ELAINI-1 SMOOT Iiv1f:I.vN 'llxxxm Dams Wvtssx-:Snow 9 J FQQQ- , AQ? 9' QUIK' E' alma 4Q.4..,4x..V.!0,,M,,4 A4-A A4 . w cgi, Q -41 " Wifi fx +-ywTff'Yf' Ms gg ames H. LOQWTY Literary Club OIVIVICICRS LAURA GUN'I'I-:R .,.. MARV AI,IcrI: BI:I.I, EIINA SI.AIIrIII'I'I:R A.... lCI.IzAIII-:'I'IVI BIIIIRON BIRIIII: NIA!-I -XIKICN MARY .XI,I1'I-1 BI-:I.I. RI,IzAIII:'I'H BIIIIRIIN ICI.Iz,-xIII:'I'H CoNI.v VIIQCDINIA I"RENl'll LAURA GlIN'l'1iIi OPHELIA JOHNSON ,. President .. , I XHCO-1,1'CSiClCI1t , .. , , S6Cl'Cl2ll'y ., '.l.'I'C21Hlll'Cl' HI-:ssm MANNINI: ICnI'I'II MARTIN 'l'I-IIIRI-ISA NI5Il'l'Z GI:R'I'RIII'IIc SANIII-IRS RIITHA SANDERS JCIINA SI,,AUc:I'1iI'ER GIcR'I'RI,II'm THORNI-III.L 1 IA .. I 'fab 355 I QWA EX I I m TS' - " 9981"--'IIfdff?' I' A ma X IE' fx n Q. 4. Ling-, .Q .:.A.-1.I,4s-I Page 175 Dramatic Club Ol"l"ICl'IRS l50RU'l'I'lY NICCRAV I l3RssII: LEWIS , , LIIJIIAN SHI-:PPARD .. LRvI':R'I' SHo1"1's A NN SI-:vxIoUR ..,7 JIIIINNII-I LUIS BAIRD M.IR'I'HA HARNETT HERMA C. BENUIT GIISSII: MAR BRAU CI,ARA Comm: K,x'I'.VxRINA COWAN .lCIINII:I: DENNIS INA FLYNN ANNIE LRE Gram: KHHERINI: CLR.-KHAM jIIs'I'II'R CZRAHAM lCI.uIIIsr: HALRV lJuRII'1'IIv Pi.-XRRISON MPII.HA HRNDRI-:x K,vI'III:RINR HILL BI,.ANctHE HINI-is JRNNIE L. HINIJBIAN HAVIJEN HLTN'l'l5N IJIIRQTHV INIIRAM MX'RI, JUSTIN Brzssm LEWIS .VXIALI LINNARTZ ,. . I President Vice-President I , Secretary . Treasurer , Reporter MILIIRRII LONG Lols MANGUM ICDVTHE NI.-XRICLE PEARLA MCC.-xUI.,I:v IJIIROTHY MCCRAY KATHERINE MON1'I IOMERV lfZ'I'IIxI, ORRELL ,IRAN PENDERGRASS IrLvI"I'IE ROSE 1,ROLf'l'OR EVA KATHERINE R.wznR MlI.DRElJ RRIKJHART RURI-IIE RINf:o ANN SEYMOUR LILLIAN SHEPP.-IRD LICVERT SHUTTN MILIJRRII SPARKS .XNNIE M. STROIJII RI-:Isl-:CCA 'l'H.wLR MILIIREIJ TONI: LOUISE XVAIJ, 1 JLIQTA XY.-XI.I,Af'E l"RrxNCRs WILSIIN N1A'l"l'IE M, MllJDI.Y91'l'0N .IILIN XYILSON 4.1 I f W , RMI, A I I ii?5'1SfPQEfP" . 15 A fNfIrKff'ff '3' Y. -Agg lvl.-.L-Q- AML n Page 176 Dramatic Club A l as . IFR 'Qi .695 Qing Q J A N, ' 85'-" Ahhh!! '- 'E X A Q 'EB' QEMYQQQI f-2, VM- . --f. --. ...---.1. -. ... Fl!,g,.1!.'4a..4.....a..A,,,,9 WAS! Page 177 Art Club NONA STANDLEE .. Ul"1"IC1'IRS j.r:ssIE VAN X7ERTH ..., A LICE XVEIXFV .A.. HIIIIIIIIQI' 13.xI:1'oN M,IIu:AIzI-11' IJ.-XVIII LOUISE M,xNIr:,xIII.T NUNA S'1'ANlJLEl'I RUIIY DUI:osH JESSIE VAN VI-:II'I'H JXLICE XYIf1I.'l'Y CATHERINE fIAMllLEN' X'lOl,E'I' ALIIIIEV Lms MQG.-IUc:I'Iv LUC'II.l.E WI-:ISE M ARV ANIJIQIISON S H EARI-:R Ml'2llI'2lll'l'lf SIIIIUI-:IIEII MAIIIAN Gugxv NEI.I.IIc MAI-2 I-EUENEII MAURINIIL Mc,:IN1AI-IAN M,IIII,E LKUITISIC TEIIIIV . .. 1'I'esideIIt Vice-1'rcsideIIt Secretary-'Freasurer MAIIIIIVII: Worm EI.IzIII-:I-:TH Bowmw 1':LlZAH1'I'l'll CoNI.v lCI.IzAIIm'H lJ,IIzIe,IH SIIWL IMI.-XNVULTK LUC1I,I,E KIIQER LOUISE M:XlQ.Xlil.IC II-:wEI.I. WEIIII MARIIIN WII.I.I.IxIs TONE 'I"IuNIaI.IN 'l"II.INc'Es Mxsmr RUTH HoI,I,INc:swoII'I'II XVILLYE MAE MI-:Anon HlI,I7:X JACOIISON JOSEPHINE MAc'I4Ev BoI,I.INI: HARRISON COIINI-:I.I.I 'l'IIoIINHII,I. , I In fungi? n Q A u I ' lil 41 V 5' 1 0 f W Nh. m Qgxg .. AQ. g1 i-Q-gx- A - AX-, , Page 178 'X Art Club cil3,"Q1L' A swf Mm Htkf .--A ,..,,,,.,,,,,- -. ,.. F.Jq!4A1!'z.,..- .,.-,,,Q Wg! Page 179 Story TOHOTS, Club -T01-INNIIC Lms .HAIRD MARTHA HARNETT EDRIS BORDRN CLARA COOKE KATE CRUnf:INTON C. BEAT, EVANS INA FLYNN IONE FRANKLIN JUSTICE CTRAHAM DOROTHY INORAM MRS. JOHNSON Blassu-1 LEWIS NIILDRED LONG l':DV'I'HE MARICTl.E JIMMIE W1l.L1TxMS IHQARLA 'NICCAULEV DOROTHY MCCRAY RTHEI, ORRELL P.-XT'1'Y PARRTSH RUTH PRNJE RORHIP: RINOO RIVITH SEELE IXNN SEYMOUR LILLIAN SHEPPARD LEYERY SHOTTS IJOROTHV SPEER PAULINT: SOMMERS CBERTRUDE THORNHILI, OI,E'I'.A XVALLACE T 1 Q 2:1541 fryfr' ,WLS T ff IDI ' ' . ngs.L..4:...4Q tx, Q-.A.-4m- 4,4 Am Page 180 Camera Club OFFICERS MRS. IDA MAONENAT ........ ...,.. , ........... . President LUCILLE BURRORD ,,,,.. ....... S ecretary-Treasurer GRACE MCDAVID .. .. .. ......... Reporter XvIOI,'K'l' Am-AR1cv JANE BENSON L1:c:u.r.E BUR1-'ORD '1'HEI,MA COc'rvrRUM MAUm-2 HALL JOSEPHINE MAOKEY Br:1rr,AH MAVES MRS. IDA MAONENAT GRACE McDAv1n MAURINE MCMAHAN OPAL S'rAm:v MABEI. L. SCHOFIELD MARTHA TROUT JOAN W ILSON H ozlnmry rllwzzbers MR. ADKISSON Miss HARRIS u 1 ' L., 3' , rg, . - ins 25' W?N"W1R' fm mkw . g... A4 - n. - 4.-A-f -u n- .nr 3-4 xg.. :JAR Page 181 X421 A Spanish Club OFFICERS IQATRINA COWAN .,... ..,. . ....... 1 ,resident EUGENIA KING ..... Vice-President POLLY NIINTON ,. ..,. .,,. S ecretary LEAH STIEWII: Treasurer ELSIE PHILLIPS LEAI-I STIEWIG ISAEEL THOMAS EUGENIA KING BEATRICE GONALEZ ORA DAVIS MARY LYLE VINCENT JEWELL PAXTON IJOROTHY TAYLOR PAULINE KEATON CONSUELO MUzQUIz RUTH ERWIN INEZ COLEMAN 14.-KTHERINE BURCHARD IDA MAY BERNHARD GRACE RICHARDSON MILDRED MCFARLAND EVANGELINE WILKS JXNNIE FAE BRUCE MlI,lJRED COLLINS CATHERINE MUNSON LUCILLE COVERT MARGARET FRANCES SCOTT MARIAN BENSON MARIE HUGHES XVILLIE MERLE VVALKER SUE STEYENSON LAURA BRATCHER MATTIE MERLE MIDDLETON EMILY ANN FRAZIER ZXDDIE PEARL NICHOLAS ALINIA WITHERSPOON DOROTHY EDMONSON ANNA WEAVER JOSEPHINE MCWILLIAMS INDA BENWAY OPAL GARRARD BEATRICE JONES POLLY MINTON KATARINA COWAN LOYCE LATIMER ANNETTE NIXON EDITHA DAVIS ELEANOR KII.I,OUGH EVA MAE HOLBERT HEI.EN OLIPHINT NINA YVILLIAMS GRACIE CROSS MARY CLARK MARGUERITE GRUNDY WVILL MAUDE ROBINSON MRS. IDA MACPNENAT IRIS HUDCJINS DORIS W ESSENDORF LUCILLE MORRIS ETTA LEE LOKEY RUTH FEIN WILLIE COBB MARY W ILLIAMS DOLLY MAE SHAW ELAINE BLEDSOE HELEN MARIE EBELING GRACE BEAL GENA ORR WARD LIGHTIIOOT DOROTHY RUSSELLE NELI. MICK PEARL SCHALBERT IRENE LAND JANICE DAVIS VIRGA BLOODWORTH MARGARET BENWAY AUDREY CLEIIIENT BERYLE FOREHAND JO HESTAND JEWELL HOLLIMAN BERNICE DAVIS NI.-XRGARET BURROWS RUTH NATIONS O 4 I I . -1 4 'Di Ig' "' EQ llll .1 Q .. , "AIKEN A Ag Yf'j?fE!?? 2 ,IFF . . uwi, ' A gal IEEEQRQLAQ. L,m-L-A- 4-4 . fiffktfi Page 18 2 Mary Swartz Rose Cllulb OFFICERS Selma W'AI.,KER ,A7... ,47,,,,A,,,, 1 ,resident TEADYP: MOORE .... ...... P 'irst President LOIS COWAN . .....,... ...... S econd President .ANNA MUENKER .N,... .... ' l'hird President ELEANOR MYERS ,..... ,P ...,..... Secretary NVAUNWA ROBINSON ....... ...,.. 'l 'reasurer MABEL VVILLIAMS ....... Reporter The "Mary Swartz Rose Club" was organized during the 1925-26 term, with an enrollment of nearly seventy- live. The membership consists of students in the Home Economics Department with senior standing and juniors and sophomores with honor rating. u Isl 'l w, , lk wx l' Q xl ax!! 5'-'f llmlmfje Q at in .' A i A 'T' 'wx ---K , Mud' " A ei, ,fr 1, I 'XA 'W' 'x el X I v .l 1, Qi N - if 'eg - Q L94 -l. l-1,1 Q X W, gmt :.'- , Wy in O 'T ,mn Q I g -lan I 'naw Page 184 Latin Club Latin Club l m A 1251..W5, five . .M ,A , 4. - 45-4,-! .A .. ,JAH N Page 185 2 , Home IDQMIOHSKTHJHOM Club Olav, I,.xNn-:R Worm O1"l"ICICRS . ..,. President X'1f:'1'.'x XYICANICR . Vice-President I,1l.r.l.,xN -IURIJAN ., . 1.11:oN1-1 Wlxrlslcmv Olav. L.xNl1-:R Worm L1l.l,lAN JORUAN Lrzoxrc Wx1um:ru.v IJAZICI. I-Iom-3 Mus. RUTH Ihxlaxs Secretary M. '.l'I'C1lSLl1'6I' I"l.muf:Nc:1c LA1xm1':R'r XfI41'l'A XVEANER ICVA Rosntm: RUTH NIORRIS VJQLMA H,xMm.1c'1'oN MARY E. BENNET 4.1 I 4 552' , 9.1355 " an iifi31SfPQElr' . 'M lm, A ' can 6 M ngu. -An lx,Q-L.A A 45. Ain Page 1 86 Math Club EVA N1A1'Z HAT,I3ERT M.AllY MORAGNII 1'oI.I,v MINTON MIXIQV HARALSON NINR WII.I.IAIIIS l+',IvI2 NAIIOURS DORA '1'ANRsI.I-:v ERRIE VVHITSIT CORA ROIICH JQSEPHINIQ BI..-wKwIaI,I.. MIRIAIXI L0I:Ns'I'IcIN MARV AI.IlifP1 BELL AMA LORA LOVELACE LA X7ELI,E YVHITE CATHERINE CARTWRIGHT NIAURINE IJURHAM E, V. XVHITE 1, I.: N M t QT . I in NAIS: X l.Nn1R'2fI .-- - - -. ---J Q!! e.f-1,Q414vM,4.-.,.-,.,,n -Wm Page 187 Odeon Club I I XKYEIUC MCZNPZTKI. PERSIS C. TERHIINII: MAHLE IQ.-XNOIYSE MRS. LICONA BLEWETT STELLA LEA CTWSLEV ORVILLE J. BORCIIERS XIVALDO P. HENDPZRSON HORACE A. JONES XVILLIAM E. JONES 1EI,IzARE'I'H LEAKE ROBERT TD.-XNA XV. JXIJAMS RUSSEI. C. CURTIS INDIA MAE HILI, LOUISE KEVTON IRENE GRAX'ES LUCII.I.E MCCOV LAURA BELL JOHNSON FRANCES LEE GARLAND ICRON MVNATT DOROTHY HALL MARV SHIFLETT MILDRED HUTCHINS MABEL VVILBAR LAVENE HUDSON FLORENCE WILLIAMS FRANCES MUSICK IVIADELINE FLINT SELMA SCHOW THELMA LEE JONES BERNA LOUISE BRIGHTWELL FRANCES SNvnER AUDREY STEPHENSON BERNICE ROBINSON VEIJMA D. AUAMS LOUISE TOON MAURINE MERRICK VEVA ALFORD LOIS RUTH MITCHELL EVELYN' TIDWELL MARY BETHEL STARKE CAMILLA BUTTERIPIELD ICRNESTINE FARMER JXRZILLAH M. STOCKER fXLTHA RVERS BERNICE ROBINSON RUTH DENISON .ALICE SCOTT THELMA OIIOR EDITH HAVES THELMA MEEKINS ELEANOR BLOHM LE.-KI'I STIEWIO ELECTRA BROWN JEAN WVATSON ANNIE LAURA HARNETT I R 553 2-Gig fb' " -- fganbw - ,JY -my A ,S A 3 , . ' ' ' 1 "MQ: 'f ' IGI L,.m-4AS-A- 4-4, Page 188 Odleam Club l Ll , figs AQ Q 1 1 offs G . 4faxiQaxgy2?E?? W ' NAIS' Af-X 'mx . ,-fA - 4.. - A044 ,fl .f.A.-Aung Page 189 3 HOUSTON Club BENNIE BMMELI. ELIZABETH CALHOUN XVINIFRED CIAIOLLIER MARGARET CLARK MARY CLARK f'IA'I"l'lE COOKE wr.-XRA IJOEH DOI-IERTY MARIIARET DOWLINCL BLANCHE 'DREVLING INEZ DUI1'IfEY MARY FOWLER ESTER FREIIIMAN LURLINE GENTRY MARGARET HELEN GRANT MARY CAROLIN HOIINIES JESSIE JEAN JETER BESSIE LEWIS NIILDRED LONG CATHERINE NII'I'CHELL -YVONNE NIOECHELI. DOROTHY MOORE ICRON NlVN'A'l".l' .-XMILIA SCI-IULDA LILLIAN NIAE POTHOIIE RUTII l'ULs RUTH ISAIIEL PURDV JXMY BELLE SELLERS .ICI,EI,EIIA SELLERS RIIIIY SMITH WINII-'RED SOENCER FRANCES SWEENEY LOUISE SWILLEY KI!-ISSIE VAN VERTH ZANETTA W OLEE EDITH MCDONALD JEAN XVATSON JA ' . it " . 15395 453 ' mm Rus. .. Ae- -Q ., - N, mg - .A - AW4 . - 'NAM IA Page 190 Dallas Ululb PIAZEI, LEE HALL IEANN1f:T'1'Jc A. H.ANSlilll!illTlFII MARJOME PIASSEL HEIJEN Moon: IXNNE MIXIE BARNr:'1"l' I,JoRo'1'Hv MAVER PAULINE SCHw12m.1cR '1'm1I,MA CRAWFORD K,x'1'HLE1zN Hlcxs MILDRED JOHNSON KATHRVN K14II.I,X' MILDRRD W' H1cr:r.1-:R SARAH W'H1c,x'1' Romana CR.-UN Kor,1s14:R1N1-: Honsmcv MARGARIQT Vcnmmxuxcs limlsrz SISK EMZAHETLI YVHEELER EZMA '1'AvI.ou MARGARET 1"R,xNc1cs Sc0'1"1' 'l'H1s'1'Is LEMMON Gussm MAE BRAU BIRDIE MAE IXKIN LOUISE DUKE OLIVE Runmc ROUTH COIT NI.-XRIAN GRM' Er.1zAm1'1'H Sum: IVV LEE BUCHANAN 1 ' LJ - ' ..g. . . 'g -Q, , A lk m f- .--A --- -MV - -- .. uk-A.!4LsvM ..--.A-,,,n'I23m Page PON: Worth Club O FFICPIRS BFSSIIC STILPIIENSON ,, .Y.. . .......,.A, JULIA 'TIIOMPSON ,.7. MIIIIJIQPZD V.-INZANT ...,. CIAIRI1: KIIQIJR 7,. I5OIusI4 .-Xxm:IasON 1CI,ANOIz Asxnw ICTIYIIIZI. 13,vI'Ics DORA Y. BI..-XNTON 'I'IIIf:LMIx IRI-NI: HR.'X'l"l'0N MIxIu':IxIu4:'I' BROWN HPZI.1'1N QIANI4: BIILIIIQOOK NORMA C. COLI.,xIzD l',.I:O'I'A CUI,l,lI'IR LUuII.E COYI:R'r M.xIIr:,IuI:'I' COVERT AIIIIII-: MAI: CROZIRR EIIIZAISWPI-I IJARRAII IJOROTHY I'Zl'H0l.S ALICE EI'I'I:LIxIAN ICIIILY lfmzlr-:II DOIzO'rHv GOssI:'r'I' MRS, BI:RxII'I-1 GIIOYES P.ufI.INI: HALL 1':Ill'l'H HAYES N.I'rH.x HlWWhII.I, CINIIRII: IC. KIKILII LIwII.I: KIKRR IVR.-xxvrzs KIAIIIROIIOI-I NIARO.-xIeI:'I' KINI: Rum MAI-2 Lrcwls u 1"I.ORI:NI'I: li. IVIAXWI WILLII: MAI: NIRAIJOR ANNO-1 PR.-IRI. NI4:.xL lixuu OIISLIQY QXIYIJRICY 1'ARmIAN Hl'2I,PZN l'R,I'rHI-:R lCI,1zAIsI:'I'II l'IV1'xI,xN MARIAN RIINYAN ciER'l'Rl7lH-I SAIINOERS l:1xIM,I Lm: SLOANIQ ELI. WA Iv +wf-- 0 A, President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer BESSIE STIHLPHENSON ISABEL 'l'EIJIJI,,II: JULIA THOMPSON EDITH ALINI: THORN AXLICE YI:RuI:RKIINs LOUIsE XVALT, RUTH NVHI'I'I:sInI-1 NI.-XRV-LOVING WILSON MIIROARE1' XVINFREY MAIQV L. WI'I'HI:RsI'ooN SIIRAII Imax WOI-'I-'ERD ICIINICI: I'Z'I'I:HII:sON JII,IN1'Iux JOYCE NIARIE SIIIINDERS GI:R'rkum-1 LIWIMORE MARIIAIIWI' BIIRI-'ORD MILDRIIIJ XYAN ZANDT FLORINI: IDI-:AVI-:R X wwf' 'El' A A ,. diggs 7 W' I 3 mars +A , 101, , O , Al m akin lslglvi' , , 1. 4sN .3-ui 4A Ax 4 Fort Wurth Club I , N N 1 , VF . A V 5-'W A XA 2 'f fill, Sf-5 1.11. 'H'ry-Qian .,, . LMA - A - g..A-f - gs - LMA gel- ,JAR Page 193 Sam Antonio Club OFFICERS RUIIV .l':VEI,YN IJIIOOSH . President RIIIMA MIJCHIISNRV A..., Vice-President XXIRGINIA IVRRNCII I .. Secretary BASIL CARRI':N'I'I-:R l+II,sII1 .IXIMIAN HPZRNl:k BIQNOIT JULIA BII:RsI'I-IRvAI.R 'l'Hr:mIA EITT MARIAN ICNOLE Nl.-XRlFT'I"1'A HFIDliES I.III'II,r: MCCOY RIITII MIICOV 'X'rlRUINlA PRIOI-1 LEW-1R'l' SHU'l"l'S Es'I'I-:I.I,A ITHR LrIc'II.I: WI-:IsI4: 'l'IcRLA 1'Oss NI1:I,LIr: M AI: BOIQRNIIR SAMMY!-I MAOEE EDITH CURTIS RLSII-: HI-:VI-:R LUc'II.I: xYlI,I.l.-UNISON MARY Ql"I:NNI:R XVILSON MARY RI.IzAI4P:'I'H RILEY . IDA MAE BICRNH.-XRD .TESSIR JRWI-:L MCBRRIS LOUISE MORRIS H.X'l"l'lPZ NI.-XE Wr:INI:R'I' Nl.-XRV l'II,IzAm:'I'I-I '1'RO11:LL JIIs'I'II'I-1 CQRAHAM BEA'I'Rl4'E GOxzAI.I:s ORA DAVIS RUTH Sl-ZEl,!'1 1"I.ORI-:xc'I-: BOYD CLARRNIIA NEWTON 1':'l'1-IRI, ORRFZLI. MvR'I'I.lf: ROSE I'DII:'I'I1:RT 'l'HI:I.xIA KIl.I.0l7f2II I"I.ORI':NI'I: B,-XVLOR CLARA 1'IIc'IcI:TT V1-:RA RANRIN JOHNNII4: IJRLL RAAIIIIE '.l'II1:REsA MOORE RIIIW l'IvI-1LvN DIIOOSH ICAIAIA MCCHRSNRV YVIRHINIA 1"RRNc'II H o1l11I'm'y Illuzzlbcr' W, PORTER LORINO Aix A ..1. maRn.,,-,I.,. m1ffaI,QAEA. Q.'QI,,--..,,.- AO--. Page 19 4 trfx G Sam Antonio Club 4 ! l W M R 7 M f-' , Q NAI- ,, ..,, .. H, Ja? UM "VFW Aff A X 'NUM . -,,- ,-, ...-,.-.-- -. - A!.l0.1-.wg.,..-a....,.-,,,H Wg! I Page 195 Villagers, Clullim .I llAL'l'0N lVlAxwEI,I. l':I.IZAB1'1'1'llLOMAX NIAIIG.-Xlll'1'l' IJAVIE ....,7 .. MRS. lvl.-XRION LORINE BALI.. LUCILE BALI, President MVRI, -IUs'I'IN . Yell Leader Vice-President ISAIIEI, ',l'IIoMAs lV,. . . . ,. Reporter Secrctary-'1'1'e:Isure1' jEwEI.I. 1'Ixx'I'oN ,,,7. Social Cl1ai1'I1mn SplIllJ'0l'.l' R. ROBERTS HELEN BEAVERS INEZ BLAINE QIIIIIMIE D. BLAINE fXNNII'Z l"AE BRUCE AI.I,IE MAE CAVE MIQS. BLANCHE B. COOK LucII.E HILL ICIIIIIINIA KING LEAI-I X"ANCE BARNES MAIIELINE KOONCE M,xRcEI.I,A MAI.,I.ow MARY NlEI,I. MCCALL ALINE lVllfliENZlE 1"AvE NAEOURS GENA clRR RUT1-I PRICE lvl.-XRfiARl'I'l' XVARDEN Ev,xNf:EI.INE XVIIIKS JXNNIE LEE GUEN . A l nun. -lin x,m..gx- A .. 4-4 . Page 196 Fannin County Club ANNIE MAE I JoN.'xr: I-I EV ALIIIIII WI'I'IIII:IasI1mIN FI,oIucNctE CI-IIeIs1'I,IN MABIIE HIIIPIE' M,xIw IJIINIIIIIIIQY OLE.-KN BI.AI:IuvI:I.I. JEAN l'I':NIIIcIu:Ia,Iss GRACE PEARI. SIIIIIIEI GRACE RIUIIIIIIQDSON EI,IzAIIE'I'H EVANS HEIIEN Coma Q, LULA PEAIII, 1'Uc:I4E'I"I' VH 1051-:PHINI-2 GIa.xv LOIQAINE LIIsI,II-I P,xIzI,ENE I"I.I+2MlNCJ PAULINE KIf:IQ'I'oN BESN NEAI, KIITIIRYN 1'ZNc:I.IsII 1XNNlE PEIIIQI. H.-ws IRENE SIKES LURIIINE CERAV NI.-XRClARE'l' BRU MMVIT X7lRGINIA Ror:EIes Lvnu RIISSELI, I KA I U '45, , i . 'li iS'QI3w??3? I WX 'Ee ,Jim lk . -,,, , -, ,,-,.,,! Q! gg,414vrQ1,4.-,..A-,,,n 'WAHI ' Page 197 i XQIN Panhanmdle Club I DANNIE MAE BATTLE BLANCHE BEAN HELEN BEARD AGNES BEASLEY IRENE BEATY MARCEI.LE BREWER ICILEEN BURNETT .PAULINE BUTTERFIELD ERIN CAMPBELL JUANITA CAMPBELL MIXNETTE CHASE JOHNIE CHRISTIAN JIMMIE COOPER EFFIE COWAN KATE CRUDGINTON MIIIDRED I-,AVIS MARTHA DEBERRV JESSIE DICKSON FRANCES DODSON UNA EARNEST NOVELLA ELROII IvA FRANKS MICA GRIIVITIN MARY AVIS CTENTRY KA1'I'IERlNE HARPER .TEWEL HOLLILIAN NI-:LL JONES .IUANITA JOYCE LOZELLE KINCAID HAZELIIE KING LOUISE KEYTON OPAL KURFUS LOYCE LATIMER LOIS LEACH 4 THERESA LEMMON ILA JOE LESLIE REBA MAE LEWIS QR- I 55 U 593 . . QA A Ace. A A .-. ""' nm.n-Aa. Q x,Q-.4x-A- 4-45 Page 198 Panhandle Club NOAMI LOVELL ACSNES LOWRE LETA XTERNE MARTIN PATSIE MATTHEWS LOVCE MASTERSON JOSEPHINE MCBRIDE MAURINE MERRICK DEALVA MII.LER ELMA MILLER EVA LEE MORRISON HATTIE MOUNTS IQATHLEEN MULLINO RUEV PAYNE WOOD CLARA JO NORTON LUCILE PAYNE INIS RUSSELL KA1'HERlNE REINREN ALICE STINNETT FRANCES XYAYNE SMITH RUTH LEE SMITH ELEANOR STRUVE XVANDA STRUVE HATTIE TACKER CQERTRUDE THORNHILL RUTH TILSON HTXZPZI. XVALTON 'l'HI-:RESA WEEE HESTER WEST GARNETT W HITE JEAN WHEATLEY FRANCES VVIESE LUCILE WILLIAMS Nl.-XBEI. WILLIS EDITH WILSON LAURA WILSON LEONE VVIMBERLY IQATHLEEN WOOD CUPAI. LANIER WOOD U It ' LP 9' ,Q iIii'X -We If snr' ' it lmnaifg . -LI , I.. ,Ln 515832 Page 199 HIUU1 County Club I I I VIOLET JXI.l"REV PI-IEBE McCowAN MACJCSIE RICHARDS VERI,A WooI.SEv IRIS HIIDIIINS MAIQGARIE DALE LAWRENCE MARY LANE MARTIN MARY EVALYN XVI-IITE HEIIEN ROUNTREE ' J5xI.'l'I-IA EVERS BEATRICE JONES MARY COWAN IVIILDRED MAI-IAI-'I-'EY MILIIRED BOONE SIDNA STURIIESS '1'II.I.IE BABE N'.-XTILE LANSEORD NATELLE KEIT1' XKVILLIE KENNI'1'I'l ROIIERSON MARTHA PORTER ADDIE PEARI, NIIII-IoI.As RUEY GII.I,II.ANII , I-I I P-Qi? W 653' A I. QPFQAQ ' ,.-,Q .LJW 4 0 . ' N11 ' ' ,G nba.s-4a. tx, VAL- AXM4 , , f'fAfn .L Page 200 Milan Couuty Club N CLARA list!-:N COOKE W ARD LR:H1'1-'OO'1' MIRIAM LONVHNS'l'I'2lN A , MARGARET l2I.I,IO'l"l' MARY ELLEN IETER , ' CEANELLIC Cox MA'1"1'lE IC. SAl',I.l-ll' X MARY Hl'2NlDl-IIQSQBN LOUISE YOUNG ., IZULEONE Mf7I5ON.XI,,D W Y Bastrop Couuty Club NEAI. PERKINS EDNA MAE BURT MAE VVALKER TANKSEY MARY LUCY RIVERS LUCILE EGLESTON zXMY SMITH VELMA PERKINS RUTH L. HASSLER AGNES BARROW DOROTHY JOHNSON VIOI.,A CALLAHAN LILLIAN BELLE RABLE LOY CALLAHAN MARIE HASLER C 1 tu .. F1 f25J.W A fi9,,i Q A X '22 ,QQ ,JMX lk HMC - L-fA - A. fl..g-f ! g 4.4- Alfa Page 201 Washington on the Brazos Club Qkunlucv AUAIR NIARY P1111-'1cR LAURA LEE BIRD ROSA SAxm:R Bomsu-1 ICLSKES M.ARV Smmuzu Loan: H.ARRISON 1'AUI.1Nr: SUMMER LUCILE HENSALING URA LEE XVI-II"l'ENRR OLETA XVILLIAMS I A if i ' ' A M mm? n..,-,.-A xm4eL4..m LS! LMA.-- M-, Al 11,1 gg 202 - Uklahoma Club C11.kls'1'lN1c DAVIS Ilu-:Nm BAUM RosJx1.m FISCI-II, IJOROTHY I'IARD1E RUTH XVALK1-LR Irzwrznr, TURNER I'Il'1l'.l'lN '1'AcKm'r 'I"I,OlU'INl,'E AGNEW EVA Bon MOUNTS CORINNE CHANDLER LAURA ANIQIIS Iluslmx GR.-xN'1'1-mm RUBY Umm MARJURIM CIl.XNDI,l'Z Q li QF-Q1 y Q36 4 Sn- HMM A -ji 4 A J r l nm , , A ' ,W Girl Scuuts INDA BENWAV MIIRGIIRET BENWIW K,x'I'IE BLOCK XVILLIE MAE BLOCK QQUSSIE MAE BIQAU :XUDREV CI.ElXIRN'1' MAEEL COWIIN LOUISE CREAEER I':I.I+'RED IDAVIS JXLTHA RVERS C. BEAL EVANS: MRS. MEI.T,.I1C Gl'1P1I.fXN' MARY I"IaANIfEs HAMLET IQATIE SUE H.xRIzIsoN I LOUISE HI-:WI-:'I"I' JEWEL HOI,I.lM,xN IQATHERINE KINSLEII IRENE LAND RUTH N,x'I'IoNs AIJIJIE PEARI, NIl'IIi3I,S HELEN OLII1II,xN'I' MARV LOUISE Pmsox VIRGINIA Ror:14:Rs MARIE '1XxRwA'rEIz ICs'I'EI,LA UHR LEQNE WIMIIEELV OPAL LANIEIQ Worm BESSIE LOUISE XIATES , I Q T52 Nia IA! I " A " fg-MJHI--:gf -19,4 'Q ma-Sm. -,..A Qv?m!MQL,-I.M--M., mm Page 204 I I I PHE FOLLOMYZG BEAUPIEB WEIYE SELECTED l3'V HZR. CHARLES DMM GIBBOIZ FROM CXGROUP OF' 77572. PHOTOGROFHB 'ms cmss mvonf 115.5 wma cnossrz BYEQCH of 'ms roun cmsfs ss l'i"E'5PE'C7'i'VE'L4Y l r l il ' I 1 1 .rm ,,, N ' 5 .314 lv' W9 Ai.. ,Q 'Mb by in my ffm v - . f ,, 1 5 5 V 2::i.a.a3I M r-:-2.1.1 11,1 gf 2 0 5 ' nruivr'-f::'mf::rx: 1 nz.-:xf:,uw,m1.:sm..1.u.,,..,. M.-f.--,-J-.. .. . ,,.,.---,,u,.x., .--.,a,,.,L, ,,,,--V, W - ,,4W,f,,,. ,, -Mn mu U Q 5 - ww W W- 7 ? N I , 'S' u. A ASS' FRABCES Sl?'YD5R Page 206 .Q in kihvpr 1 I -wc-. Mm... -, ..... 7 ' ...-..m---Y ....N.,... +V....,...-.A......,. ..... ::m...,,:, ,vu-nmmzwm--1 -A.-- -Ye--ffm 'iw ""- 'M'f'. fum ITEHBOIZ 5 Page 207 '5 3 5 U I 21:2 5 I i A gi gb Y V fr A 'G TQ" 4, ' W 35, N ' -ab-.L Q, 'YERA D5 LL HELDS l'f1gw 208 Y - -I I, F I I Vx' i 1 H' ??i""Ql31 X f. M A ' . A W' ZSXUZE BASS SEEWH Page 209 I - I W 'Y 1 57 , ,,,. - 4 , 524, rzonmo. Ramsey-rn - - 0 if' it asnman mix-on,w5 if l'a,4'c 2 I 0 - W 1 1 w W w 9:15, - ' , .gm mum. .513 'mm Jwzmn FA'V0l?i7'E I f -v 1 Q-x WGN E 6 . .. ' C - . i M' L0143 0ZH1GQ.UGH'Y .BEIMR fi0iVOI'? 'FE Page 21 3 n Page 215 N 0,1-IS AKERS I,U'1'm:R BAKER DABNEY BIGGERS NEALY ALLISON Cnunuv BARKLEY C1.E'rus BROWN A. J, ANDERSON ROBERT H. BAGGETT D. P. BULLINER ALLEN BAKER Bon BIGHAM GEORGE BULLOCK . 4.1 , I fa Q YSWIEWEV' f- Mum Orff" 1651! mf In ' nk -n.,.,4 gx,l-.l-A- 4-4, . Page 216 f JOE BURCH LLYBON CELLUM EARL H. COOPER VVILFRED BUSHNELL R. COLVARD, JR. Bovp CURTIS ELLIS CAMPBELL SQUIRE T. Coox SHIRLEY DA CAMARA SYRELL CARPENTER VERNON Coox ALFRED BAY, JR. U l , m Q. l , Q A J-5 A .4 6 ,Qi 'P ma XA 2 lr 53,115 J ummm? .-,,. -----,.-,!Qiihliifl-P,z,4..,..A-,,,n1TFEi31a Page 217 G. A. DEHNAM ARQH f2AlNER FRANK GRAHAM HARVEY W. l"I'I'E Ulm, GAvl'r JOHN IIEARN11: C. D. FLINT Glgokgm W, GLASS J. Pun. IIA1.1.ovvAv J. E. FURNEAUX PALMFR GOODSDEED FRANK L. IIULSE .1 I H4 5 A6139 KEY " '- 'e!gaQA9',Aaa,.!.:' . -4 .QW IA ,S A -.e , '. , .. " 49' gm ng -An Lx,.m-4m-4s- 4-4, , Page 218 V . K 7 f K fx A , wx- .fN-ZN-zxrxff X'6f'?f'fXlcf' X-6QJfl1.rjj,1L.3'bffNfXQf"H N H2--fifxw W-ff , Xi- 1- , .lmi vm! , X-:.,.,giwf?.....,v+M-E-H. W w HAL JONES IIAROLD L1-LIIMAN MARWN D' MASON WILBERT E. JONES W. S. LISTER PAUL F. MCCARTY R, FRANK KNOX Jos BROWN LovE .TACK MCDERMOTT H, M, LACY WILLIAM LUTER MAX MENZEES L. IX N q '5 ' X f A A 4 . Lv Q H ., ! 1 gig" ,,'9"v' I 1 'Q ..,i.4!, , MW Mm Paga 219 1 NASH Mums NEw1cLL N. NEWMAN HZORACE Scuown 1 N . Y x E. H. Moon i CECIL NICHOLS . I-IAROLD Coox SHAW N W N O. H. Mooxu: , DICK RUSSELL Q C- R' 51-ORRIE MAX B. Mosuw G. D. RUSSELL Rincon: STALLEY 4 H 5535 AGP 451 " '- eggs, bg,ua,.-1 .1 Q! '-4 Q' ,gr A Yimwiifnifn -.. ,rr . ' . 1 X I' ' 5 .Fl MW ng X L,Q-4gx-4m- 4-4, Page 220 RAYMOND TERRY AL'roN WALLXS E. M. Woon IIOWARD TnoRN'1'oN IIOWARD WARD HOWARD R1cnAR1msoN MYRON TURNER GEORGE WEI.CII C. D. Srnmw, JR. I 1 . N PRESTON TURNER J. C. VVILLIAMS R. A. WILSON MR, BIAGNENAT l an x U AGI Q . ' .An ,QE X,-3 fi A is i Q H -,Url-yi' 'F' X lla " 'V' 955 MIX IN 'vm MM ,Ma 'nw--'ff fr nfmx - g.- A fq- Lam --' Q 5. nn .-2-VL. 1.1-4 MA.. ,Jgn Page 221 V I V l'agc 2 2 3 we an I ff' ll-lhlstory of the Atlhletlc ASSOCIATION HILI' delvmg 1n the ant1ques we found that our Woman s Athletlc Assocxatlon was represented among them We say that the strength of an organwatlon 1n creases w1th vears We can prove thls law by gwmg to you some of the thmgs we have done In 1911 we find the orgamzatlon 1n 1ts crtdle days havmg only two major ports basketball and tenms 'lhroughout the wears untll 1971 warslty teams were selected for mtcrcolleglate act1v1t1es 'lhe old telegrams that an ere sent to the Athletlc Assoclatlon acceptmg challenges from other colleges are amusmg to us today Thes challenges are recelved no more fox, lt just 1snt bemg done Our lCl6"llS of physlcal educ 1t1on are growmg As we read the old records agam we feel the thull that comes wlth the mtm ductlon of a nevs sport to our college In 1917 one of our best and most mterestmg sports was mtroducecl Lets hlke And they dld and st1l1 do ln 1925 a real Hlklng Club was organlzed 'loday we have added to our repertolre of act1v1t11.s these major sports Vollev Ball I'1eld Hockey 1 leld Ball Baseball Swlmmlng and I 1fe Savmg Could we but 1J1CfL11'E' our gym of former days when 1t was a large bulky frame perpetual smlles the lhyslcal l2ducat1on Majors have when they show to the1r guests what they call lhe Prlde of the Campus In 1974 the constltutlon of the Athletlc Assoclatlon wts glven 1ts fmal amenl ment concermng au ards and pomts Flve whxte sweaters were awarded by tl Assoclatlon durlng that vear In 1925 the ASSOC11t1llD Jolned the first Telegraphic Swllllllllflg meet At tle same t1me other colleges ox er the state vsere entermg the meet The champlonshxp wx as made known bv mre 'lhe Assoc1at1on of thlg year contrxbuted to the loan fund a sum to be borrovs ell by worthy Physlcal Fducatlon Majors Three representatlves were elected to repre sent the ASSOCIWIIOH at the Womans Athlet1c Assoc1at1on Conference held at the UUIVCTSIIY of lewas At th1s conference problems concernmg the Woman s Athletxc Assoclatlon were d1SCL19'i6Cl and many new 1deas were galned The officers for the conference of 1926 were elected at the last meetmg The College of Industnal Arts presldent North '1e'1as State 'leachers College v1ce presldent Texas UUlVefQ1lX secretary and treasurer 0 0 0 D il f - C ' Y A K I K , . .C . 11' 1 1 . . 'A I I - I K . J AK t l . . . . L . I ' 6 ' ' RL. 11 2 ,yn K ' , ' , s J, 1" . . .' L V 3 ' .. ' .' . - 5 K A . J .K K . . . H , Y C h K Y . I I l I ' - C , , . 1 A 1 I . 1 . -.IQ K A Q ' . 14' ' 8 . ", 1 ' in ' C K, " . z ' . ' ' . ' K , V, . V- I i . ' h ' I, . , ' KK 7 ' !7 ' ' 1. .. . , 1 1 . .1 . . it K . . , A . I . 1 . 1 .II 1 , 1 1 ', 'll 1 , 1 1 , 1 I ' 1 I I. . u H . 7 1 I ' X . . 1 1 , ' 1 Y building, without classrooms, poolroom or apparatus, you would not wonder at the 1 I .' J 1 ' 1 ' 1 l . 1 Y .I ' . .' If . I K 11' 1 A ' 2 mn - ' ' ' P :J I ' 2, ' ' ' . 1 Q - ' . f. . ' .. ' . ' . A . f af: 1 -1 U I I K J ' 1 1 1 I ' . 7 . 1 ' l . 1 l -I 1 I K If F- ' ' 1 ' '. ' . ' 1 I. ' 1 .4 1 . . 1. . 1 l ' - - r 1 - ' v ' , . . . H I C . I N 1. I , 1 ' I Z ' -Q. . 3 , I K p K , , , . - . 5 . N. V' K K ln p 1 Page 224 Amthlleltllc Council Ol IILF RS lux 'Vlxsov XIIPNA MII mi MARY 1'owl1R Brsslr LOLISF X YIFQ XORMA RAMSFV 'VIARY Mmm ARI r l -xx Lok 1' VA CHFAVFS FDYA D001 FV frWI'NDOIX Y Mowoc IN RUBY JOE BIADFS MARY AIICF Norrxw X 1ce Hockey lenms Baseball X ollex B111 Basketbwll Hlklllg Poster Presldenl' Presmlent Secretm v I reasurer Managu Mfmager Manage: Mfmmgm L Manager Managu Manager 0 0 V' 4' 'Q . , Q 7' - -' Y , ,: ,,.7, ,. . .,..,,.7.,7 .7 . ' . 1. 4 , . V , ' ' . . fu 1 4 V u , I 4n, V --v- --, Y,,.,-YYY... 4 ---- ----- ----- --- ..-'-- 1 N f .7 , . ..., , ee... A ,. e.e,.. e....ee Y .. Com. B. RARISEY 7..,, , 7.,, ,, ,, ,. Swimming Manager 1. '- . 1 Q' ', . ..e.,... ..7, ': . A T Y' 'Ax' 1 4 4 4 ----.4---------- - ------A--- ---------- - --- 1 K K I f ' 1. , u - ,. 1 ,7,,.. ..,,., 7..., ,77,,,. . ' ' . ' . A .4 I .fl Y ----------- ----------------- - --- - 'i ' A Q Page 225 Life Saving HIL C I X Life Saving Corps is one of the most 1ct1ve organlz xtions on the campus It has fifty five members fifteen of which have passed the test this year Ihe officers are as follows Captain I ois Cowan Honorary President Dr Blayney Vice President Allene MIIEIHI Secretary 'Ire'1surer, Gussie Nell Davis, Mates Cola B Ramsey Nan Berrv Svlvia 'lholl and LOUISE Barnhill The corps is cllvlded lnto four groups and each group is placed under '1 Mate who is responsible for her group IS varied and a program is given bv different groups of the corps Such subjects as Requirements of '1 Good Pool, Hygiene of bwlmming Managing a gwllllllllllg Meet' and ' Relative Qualities of Outdoor Swimmlng Places are discussed Quite a few social entertainments have been given for the corps among them a dance at the Virglnm Carroll Lodge and sex eral luncheons at the college cafeteria In the fall a demonstration was given to the upper classmen and faculty during the visit of Captain Cantxxell In April another demonstration was given for the Freshmen Caplan: of the Corfu Lois Coww 0 I ' . . J . ' ' ' .. " ' 2 ' "2 '. .' Q- - ' , ' c 4 " f 1 . V ' . r . I c t , .4 . Q ." , . 'f - . , 5 . - . ' " ', I , y 'g K ' ' L S . - I I ' If 'r A I 4 I In As' sw. The corps meets every lfriday night for life saving practice. Sometimes this CK ' b Y! H ' ' '1 ' ' I5 il I. 'I K ' ' 5 . 4 , L n Y S ' ' ' ' ' ' , Y! ' . , ., . . ,. . I .. .4 I '. 1 .'Q I I .L 'K , C ul Y si I n I . ' A .f 1 I I, ' ' 1 1 I 7 . I .' c I - ' v - Page 226 'Vollley Baullll HE Volley Ball season for 192: 1926 opened October 12 and closed December 12 Wlth the F1sh as champlons 'lhe practlces were coached by the Semor Physlcal Educatlon Majors Wlth Mrs Fctor Roberts as supervlsor The first game of the season was pleyed between the Blg and Llttle slsters wxth the L1ttl6 Slsters as w1nners 'lhe F1Sh met the Sophs ln the final game beatmg them to the tune of 15 11 The pep squads were cheermg for thelr classes so the game dld not lack pep and enthusmsm Ill 1111115 er FDVA D001 FY F resh :mm S'0ph omore FZMA TAY! OR Lois CAMERON H ft-if eiwwmwiwtww , ,- ' J . H . ,, . , . . , . . , . . 1 . cr - an za - as - ' J - ' ' ' 1 cc - as rc vs - f s . - . . . . , , ,f r , 4 r 4 J , . , , I . L . , I 411 551 -, 1 A 5 ,gat An, fx A , - ,fjfrsfivjgyrl333hfggkkzi:3l:S5ii,Qi1WxA! ,rf -,T VK,,.,gj.5jf '. ,- K , ,Z . I' . ' M 9 K Q n Page 227 F' lid ll-llpclkey OCKICY season opened October 12, 1025. .livery one from Seniors to Freshmen came out in full force. with great class spirit and enthusiasm. 'l'his year the different teams were named. 'I'he jackrabbits came out ahead, with Ruth Bryan as Chief Hopper. 'l'he Wasps could not tiy as fast as the Jack- rahbits could run. 1 'l'he Freshmen won the class championship, with Kitty Sue Harrison as captain. For all the skinned shins, miss licks and broken sticks. we hope that next year will be as successful as this. with hockey leading all other sports. 1f04'K'1'y .Wl!llzIgL'l' Norma Raxrsrzv . . Q f 'iw 221 .e 3 stfrefg-5 :J f59tlfi1 w i ' 'f'+f- f , - ba -nf 'Nik R I-i t T-KQ.,,,!j ,Aiwyr . .qw ' K ' V X l , ' . . 74 - V , Mel-aff . ' V "Ti Page' 228 'll' he Texas A SM ll-lloclkey Talke off Game H1 seore of the gune wls l 0 111 fum of the Xggles lhev lll velled at the lexas X A M lake off gxme m lleld Hockey lh1s game was to be the '1 ake off game for the great A A M leaas ff une played on lhanksgwmg Day on lsyle l 1eld lt took we thlnk lor ueeks before the game was played the Splfll xx IS arlsmg 111 the he xrts of the students md certalnlv they gave vent to thls Splfll at the gune lhe teams were chosen from the glrls electmg Hockey as thelr m rjor sport for the term By the playera saymg I m an Aggle today or I m wearmg, orange and whlte the teams were well matched 'lhe game was played on the uthletle held at 4 50 November 23 'lhe lhyslcal ldueatlon Majors acted otllelals IH the gune Lertalnly our 'lexas and Xggle brothers would have sud We know you 1re for us had they wltnessed thls seene lven the lexas md N. K M clouns were there Wlth thelr colors Beeause of the great CI1thLlH1?lblll the pllymg and the spmt of sportsmanshlp the Athletlc Loucxl voted to make the game an annual affan' Who has a plophecv for the 1076 "lake oft game? 1m , U , s a 4' .1 . . . ' ., , . 1 r' . " . - 4 1 1 1. ' , ,1 I 1. I 1 1 1 . f 1 Q 1' Ufx , 1, , - .- 11 -i N Y .'f . . 1 ' 1 ' A . . 1 '1. ,, 1 n . A -Y rw , 1 ' A fs ,i - - 1 1 . 1. O1 1 . 1 f -. ,, ,H V - 1 1 i x - - .4 . . . 4 7 . A ' 1 1 1 , . 'lf .' 'E .' .'.. .' 2 1 A ' .' .' 1 I ' ,, A N - . i . 4 . l . 1 1 . 1 . . . , 1. 1 , , ' id s - an 11 1 - . . . .1 . 1 ' , " ' '9 1 Q 1 1 1 1 , 1 " . 1 1. 1 1 's 1' ' J -' 1 1 ' ' . v 1 . , A . . .44 1 . 1 115 . i . 1 , . , A . N H . ' 1 . 1 . 1 1. 1 1 1 " .1 1 H ' . .U ' .. '. .1 1 " . . f 1 . .1 . . . ,U 1. 1 V , - V - ' ' . 1 . 1 . . .. '1 .' 1 .N ' , 2 , 1 .' .' .' 1 .' , - , . , . . . 1 1 . N 1 , fu ws . 1 . " ... ' "1 . 1 ' ss., , , g W ' H. 4 u Page 229 Basketball ASKETBALL is one of the most interesting sports among women. A new plan was carried out this year, that of having competition between the different sections of Freshman Physical Education classes. Each team chose its captain and name. These games were held every afternoon after four-thirty. The final tourna- ment was held on March 9, between the Rabbits and the Toughies, the Rabbits being winners. Aside from the sectional games, regular practice for class teams began on january 11. The final game was held March 11, between the Freshman and Upper classmen. Freshman were winners, with a score of 30-22. On March 10, the junior Physical Education Majors challenged the Senior Physical Education Majors to a game. The Juniors won by a score of 36-12. Page 230 Tennrs HE 'lennls prospects for thls wear seem to be very good Although a full report of the years work cannot be glven as early as thlg must go to press the begmmng of the year ln tenms has been most 1JI'0pltlOLbS Late ln the fall an lnformal tournament was begun wh1ch IS to be flmshecl as soon as the weather allovss Ihere were ten slngles entrants and smteen doubles entrants Ill th1s lnform 11 tournament In the late sprlng a formal tournament 15 to be held and many entrles are expected for It More than tournament lntcrest however 15 bemg 6Xl1lbll2BCl Ill tennls 'lhose proflment m the sport and those 'UIYIOLIS to become proflclent hare already begun xx 1th aglle chambrayecl flgures gettmff ln trlm for the commg actrutles of sprmg 'lennls b1dS falr to become one of the most popular sports at C I -X and 111 prophetlc veln It wont be long before dreams of a playlng through champxonshrp w111 find expresslon 111 the work of ex ery tournament entrant 0 1 I - I- J 1 - ' x . . l 1 , ' . .' A1 7 1 '. .' . , ' 1 1 - , I . v. 1 . .i ' 1 . '.. ' ' l .' . . A : . .' ' ' 2 a 1 I C K K .vw y K . s .v l . l 1 , . . 1 , l .1 I 1 Y 1 coming out to practice. Every sunny afternoon the courts back of Lowry are Iilled Q. ., I A Q WH .D. .,, .IK 'N . I ' '. ' .' r . . . . . . . .. . .. . ' . . . , ,, . . N . ,, y . 1 - I - I . I l 7 ' r 1 - Page 231 Field Ball 1l+LID B XLL IS one of the neuest sports mt C 1 X It wasz mtrodueecl 1l'l the wmter term ln regular Phx smal l Cll1L'lfl0l'1 classes Probably the fact that It xs '1 comblnatxon of field ball basket ball and soccer made lt a puzzle to the students and thus the mterest began l,l'lCtlCt' and class work began lanuarv 4 ancl lmstetl through March v If ach stctlon tl team chose 1ts name 1ts Laptaln and the mterseetlonal tourmment began on lebruaxy 18 lhe lnterseetlonal games gave opportumtv for more to pwrtlclpate m competxtlve games for the dexelopment of sportsmanshlp 'md for the creatmn of a greater Qpmt of frlencllx r1v'1lrx lhe team that won champlonshlp for the year 1926 was the Cubs wlth Vllss Flcharclson as mstructor weve-w sfq t, ,H '1 c I ' ' s v Q n - - , ' . ' , 4 4' . . . . 1 . . I . ' . ' ' ' , . y s' I s ' - s . ' ' -. 1 - . I I p n n I I . ' ' s , , Q ' 1 - l . , f . . . . . 4 I .' . 2 1 4 ' . 1 h I 2 .' ' F 1 . .... . 1 . 5 2 ' . . ' , . ' ' . ' 4 ' ,' . ' ' ' , - s ' v ' . - - 1 c .', Y .' .' .' 4 , . K . . . V . I 7. e 1 . ' ' ' 1 ' . s U . " ' ' - . l"iwf "t" ss V - f . a t an Liiiw r . ,V 4, fg,.n:, gui 1 ', 7 gf-.4 l ,wel .l,4,,,,,- f , r W-fjqi: 9gSj' ,7' N l,,3.,.i.gfwj'1f2g.,5 Aug, ,wits-H - , K W. K A - if .A Y H im, .5 ,ity -1 .M A "PLq,wf , faffl. .' - s ,, A ,f,.Q2. my,-.f5m5.,5A,ggLu. f ,V .1,g-1-,M , ,,1. 74 K N ,bg I I I 4. ,, L A eg. f.: , Q I I , Page 23 2 As They Usually Do Hl mad lush of the dw begin 'ts clavs usu tlly do My ehurm and 1 gr tbbed our straws 'md note books md dwshed to the gym as we usu tlly do Xfter dress mg hastlly vxe dished to the front steps and begm chfttterlng g uly as churms usuwlly do The hour grew late 'ts hours usutlly do and upon hftmg our hemds who should we see strlclmg up the wftlk tt ft speedy pace but the cute Los burnch Heftdmg the dftshmg young ltsses vms our churm Arm Mmtle 'ts she usu'11ly 19 Slwppmg off long pwces at '1 I'd1J1Cl gent and snatchmg oif belt t1e 'md so forth she bellowed loucllv Come on there IS Mxss RlChRl'ClSOH I1l2l1CStlC21lly mountmg the fvm steps Flre incl water Me hu1rvP I guess not' I ll not hurry for anyone not even Whse Turber Xnywfly me wlstus mternus 15 stretched to 1ts c'1pac1ty slghed Sylvm 'md she sat down on the wftlk and rubbed her muscle as she usually does 1 4 - - 1 . 1 .-- 1 . . . . 1 . 1 - . 1' 1 1. ', . 1 . 1 1 .' S 1 'I I 1 .' , .' f 2 . I ..'." . . Y s 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 w . .. 4- . . 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 , - 1 1 . - ' ' 1 1 . . ,1 . . . 1 1 . . , .' , .' 1 ' 2 1 .T . , .f . 1 1 .' ' Eff .' '1 , , ' 1 , 1 .N . S 1 . . , . 1 I . . . . . A' 1 1 1 . 1 . , . 1 . , . . H .N .i . H . N . . I , , . .. . , i . C , H bl . . . 11 ' .. . 11 Y 1 . 1 1 . .. . , ' 1 . 1 1 ' '1 1 ' ' U ' 4 . ' . I c Y1. 1, . . 1 . 4 , .. l I u 1 v 1 1. 1 , 1 . . 1 ., , . . 1 .. , V , , , F v ' . 1 Page 23 3 As They Usually Do Glancing our orbits to the next class mates, we saw no one, but we heard "Hun, two, three, four, hun," etc.. Immediately marched into view "Suite 16." Zenda, as soon as she saw us, began screaming anxiously, "Oh, I hope I have some mail from my little Cloddie. Please say that I have!"-as she usually does. "Wait a minute, 'creachun I hope some day you'l1 realize that I have short legs and it's im Jossible to take lonffer ste s," fumed Nan smokinffl . bs b y "Is that the latest advertisement for Pepsodent tooth paste P" Then it dawned on mc that it was only Dalton cloggingly and grinningly coming up the walk, as she usually does. When we realized that it was late-A-as we usually do, we retired to the inside, "Oh, deah! This just makes me sick. Practice teaching and embroidering will be the end of me yet," sighed Elfred. Page 23 4 i ll we vwmvimdwhmw-49 As They Usually Do lh n we heard Mary yellmg, mulderously Look at me' I Flllght not do lt agam Grade me qulck M15 Rlchardson dl5lll1SQ6Ll class as she usually does 'Ihe lmposslble had been attalnecl smce Mary had skmnecl the cat' lhe two of us good churm Happy wamly trylng to mutate the latest IHOVIC of Crazy cat 'ns she usually does Lastlv came Gwen arguung W1'h herself trvmg to frame '1 debate Gwen vs Gwen on the great questlon Imburgher Cheese Upon Smelhng Smell Lrke Ben Hur l We paused scared f01 1 se ond Naw Ind I sfud Phat am t no monkey just Bess1e Iourse bouncmg from tree to tree makmg her way toward the gym on those powerful rurber legs A bell a doctor and '1 nurse runnmg madly Wlth a stretcher Horse who was profamly talklng to her leg that refused to carry her over the non plpes Wh1Ch fence our campus Page 23 5 As They Usually Do "Why, lfrances, such asinine tastes. Any one with a brain cell would prefer toddle bar to a pickle," Mildred argued hotly. "Why, Mid, hush talking' about prune ice cream. Look at those adorable sweet potatoes in that window," replied lfrances, pushing her eyes in. as she usually does. "What on--! Good heavens! My body! I know good and well Klepp and Clurtch have not cleaned house or had a pillow fight," said my churn. "But," ,l replied, 'twhere do you suppose they got all those milk bottles, violets and chicken feathers ?" We gave each other that knowing look, for we realized that even our best friends won't tell us, as we usually do. Page 236 "11'."l l'f2,1,'c 23 7 Three One Act Plays 'Ihrce one act plays were presented by the Dramatrc Club on the mght of Noxembel 11 QIX Who Pass yVh1le the Lentlls B011 was purely 1 play of the llnaglnatl , whrch accounts for thrs appearmg on the program, T1me 1n whxch You W111 W place the play back IH that per1od when gmnts and kmgs were reahtles and ballad slngers sang us to sleep every nlght CVIS7 lhe Prolog.,ue Oleta Wallace I'he Devxce Bearer Joan Wxlson Boy Ilattle Rose Proctor Queen Jennxe Louxse Ilmdman Mxme Mary Frelds Nlllkmald Eva Katherine Raysor Blmdman Ruth Prrce Ballad Singer Lols Mangum When the VS hlrlwmd Blows truly created the atmosphere of wmdy wrnds a d stormy nlghts The characters created the atmosphere adm1rably chsplaymg '1 great deal of dramatlc talent CAST Madame Ehzabeth Androya vufe of the General of the regular Government Army Ruth Seele josefa Mother of Oseald a blacksmrth and member of the workmen s Councxl Dorothy McCray Anna Iately lady s maxcl to Madame Androya Lxlllan Sheppard 'lhe 'lrystlng Place was the one humorous play 'md was enJoyed because of 1ts humor and clever actmg C4S7' Mrs Curtxs Blanche Hrnes Lancelot Bmggrs Dorothy Speer Mrs Brrggs fdythe Marlcle Jessre Louxse Wal: Rupert Smxth Katherme Montgomery Vlr Ingoldsby Le Vert Shottw Mysterxous Voxce 'Vlxldred Long f . I - , I ,, N V K . . of ' , ' ' ' H . . . n. - 4 c on ' I ' I ' rx ' --- - ' .rv e . . .K I . L . . I . ' i Y --------- - - ------- -- ---- ---- -- -,--4------4--------------4--------,..,.. , ....... . ,... ........ , ....,,. ,......, v ' ' I ' .. .... .. ,,....... ...... ..---..-.-- ...- ......... . -........... V. ........... ,. .,....,.,.,,.....,,. ,.,,,,,,,4,,,,,, I ' I. ,.,,,.. ..................... ....... .,,... . ................,....,.................. .. .........,............ Z .....,.... ,. ' Headsman ................. .......... ............. ..................................... ......,.............. . . .... . , Katherine Graham gg 7 - - in C . . n W' . . .' ' , nr ' 1 1 K n 1 1 ' f' I . ' , . . , , . , , . . . , , . ........................................................ If V V ' I! ' r V s I K s. . ' v ------ ' ------ L --e---------------- ' ------------------e--------------e-e--e--------------------------- A ---e - . Y 44 . , , , ,...................................... , ...,................................................................ .. . . , 1 Page 238 A Mrdsummer Nrglht s Dream Speak the speech I pray you as I pronounced rt to you trlpplmgly on the tongue, Shakespeare once sald And trlpphngly on the tongue, the phyers m A M1dSUl11lHCT Nlght s Dream tr1pped off the llnes to a dehghted audlence It has been the custom to present elther a play of Shakespeare s or Sher1d'1n s each yeflr at Commencement t1me Thls has resulted m the product1on of Romeo 'md Iuhet As You I 1l..e It lwelfth Nlght The Rlvals and A Mrdsummer NlglltS Dream 'lhese plavs have been presented by the Dramatlc Club The dlrectors of A Mldsummer Nxghts Dream were MISS S Justma Smlth lVI1ss Astrld Nygren and Grover Shaw It was presented on the lawn north of the Adm1n1strat1on Bulldmg whlch created an atmosphere suggestlve of a true mid summer mght and made the play admlrably spectacular L-1S7 Thesus Tgeus I ysander Demetrxus Phllostrate Qumce Snug Flute Snout Starvelmg Hypolyta. Hermza. Helena. Oberon Frtama Puck Mlldred Long, Edrxs Borden Ann Seymour Ruth Abramson Mary Lee O Qumn Robbxe Rmgo Jrmmxe Wll1lamS Ruth Prrce Oleta Wallace Dorothy Ingram Mxldred Sxmms Ruth Seele Gwendolyn Smlth Dorothy McCray Vlola Lmxson Bessrf Lewis 0 Q 9 , H . . . 3 ' 7 K? ' ' ' ' U ' ' 2 19 f s - , , ' 3 ' 9 K , . . . . H I C n u ' Y! I6 7 ' , P! ll' 1 ' JY If ' !! CK ' - f . 1 '- 4 s 3 ' v H s N - , . ,, . . , ,, . . . . ' - . n , 4 xinq C 1 L. I , . . . . . -nu-----W.-HH-un-nn--H-----uh--N-U----an---.H---nu' ' r 4 . . ............................................................. ,. ........ . - , .................................................................. Bottom ...... .. ................................ ..... , ..... . ......... Justice Graham . . , . . . , . Page 239 1: The Elixir ol' Love "'l'he lilixir of Love," under the direction of William Wade Hinshaw, was brought to the college hy the senior Class, on Ilecember 2. The musical comedy of two acts, by Ibonizetti. had all the brilliance and joyful- ness that one might expect. Doctor llulcamara. a traveling quaek. with his elixit of love in the quart bottle. aclclecl the element of humor. 'l'he romance of the comedy came with the love on Nemerino, a peasant, for Adina. She was possibly aelmirecl because she was a rich landowner. Gianetta. housekeeper and companion to Adina. was not a girl in whom romance hacl been nippecl in the bud. She, as a full bloomecl tiower tit for romance. acldecl the seeoncl romantic thread to the story. By being set in llaschi. an Italian village, a certain picturesqueness was given. which made the play seem a thing apart from real life. 'l'he doctor. lluleamara. with his jovousness of living' ancl optimistic attitude was one of those creatures who can be forgiven for such minor evils as stealing and quackery, merely because of his cleverness. 'l'he dramatic acting, to say nothing of the expressive voices, was enough in itself to captivate the admiration of the auclience. eller 2-lll Russran Symphonic Chou' If Charles IJ1CkLl1S had helrd the Russran Symphomc Lholr we belreve that h would have been lflsplred. to w11te 11 greater story than Why the Chllllei Rang S beautlful was the harmony of the eneemble of Ruvsran VOICLS under the dlrectlon of Baslle K1bal1ch11'h that the elnnax of Ihckena story has become a real thmgs to us for rn the cholr Q IHUQIC uc heard a perfect substltute of those chnnea The Russran Cllllll' vxas mlde up of tucntx two VOICES each m harmony wlth all the othcre wh1ch made the uhole so perfect that the hearts of the L I X glrls were suax ed to Qympathy and appreclatlon lhe pasmon for pcrfectlon seemed to deocend upon each slnger untll the whole encct was ao perfect that the chorr grlpped the audlence and held It rn perfect ecstacy 'Ihe VOICCS were 11ke a great organ bemg played upon by an artrat who hved w1th hls art and hved because hls art was llfe to hmm Mr Klkalchrch we bclleve u as auch an artlst and mth a kev board of twenty tuo XOICCS he produced an effect strangely beaut1fu1 lhe cho1r was partlcularlx good 1n 1ts I'Cl1fllt10ll of dehcate brllhant and llght notes wh1ch agaln Tellllndefl ue of the far off rmglng of chnnes But the deep pouerful full throated volce of Ivm Steschenko s was qulte as complnnentary I' he soprano aolo rendered by Ludnnla leodorova accompamed by the cholr dazzled the audrence because of the unusual effect produced bv such 1 Sllflpll, arrangement Ihe chorr was llke the muted strmgs of vrohne the swaymg of reeds rn the coolnesa of a Summers mght the dehcate hum of a falrys vmce and the deen beatmg of a bam drum all C0l1llJ1l1CCl IH one 0 e c ' " 1 . .s' ' ' ' ' 1 ' . 1 A .. 1 '1 .1 1 1 C . ' ' .' . . 11 ' H 1 1 1 1 . 0 . . . A . . 1 . 1 1 . 11. 1 1, . . . . N. -1 ' , N . 1 ,, 1 1 1 1. 1 1 . . ., . . 1 1. ,, A 1 1, , .1 1, 1 1 . 1 1 1. ..' ' ' . 1 . ,, -1 ' 1 ' , ' 1. . 11 1 J 1, 1 1 ' 1 . V -1 . A., 1 ', . 1 . . .r. . 1' '1.' 1, 1 1 1 . ,, V H. . 1 A N. l . C11 . J 1 1 C s. ' 11 1 - 1 1 1 w 1 . ' . . . u 1 C K l 1. ' ' 1 '1 1' 1' 1 11' 1 1 1 , ' -' 1 7- 1' - r ' ' - - . , 11 1. 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 , 1 n 1 1, . W . Y . . 1 .. 1 . . . 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 11 14, 1 ' -. . , ,Q i . 1 V - . ,I 1 u ln K1 C n , 1 .8 . . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 , 1 ' 1 3 1 ' ' 1 ., 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' l.'f u ,, . Q . A w . 1 . . 1 . . I 11 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 . . , . 11 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 , 1 I fun I Page 241 llcelbound Icebouncl, L three uct plw pte1entecl bx the llllllllllfl Llub xx IN 1 mmrkel success lhe plot of the stoxv concerned the Iold 111 fanulv who It the openmff of the plav, u ere 'tssemblecl it the old home 'twfutmg the death of the1r mother 111 order thctt thev nnght pounce upon her fortune llke '1 group of greedy wolves I clescrlptlon of these fll01Cl pelsonfthtlcs Owen Ihvls gfwe to hts plw the tltle Icebouncl Cl1r'1 Cooke '15 jane Crosby was 1LlIl2l1'lx tbly good m her IJI'ES6l1t2lt10I1 of the one chflracter of the cast who clld not have an 1cebound personahty lhe mterpre tatlon of Ben Jordan, played by V1rg1n1a Trench, was equally as good He, unhke 111 the other Jordftns, was 1clm1r1ble Wh1Ch 'lccounts for hw belng h1s mothers favorlte At the end of the play he 1nher1tQ hls mothers fortune through the mflr rmge of Iwne Crosby a falthful Qervant, who hw been left the entne e-.tftte under the pxousxon that Qhe wlll nnrry Ben C457' Clala Cook Vugmla. french Mlldred Rexclmert lane Crosby lien Torcldn Henxy lorddn Pthel Orxel' Beesle T enxs Marguerite Cartel Flla an old maid Qxster Nettle a young, miter Qadle a mdows Oxm her son Ilazell Ixmg, kate Crudgunton Rebecca Ihayer Dorothy C Ihrrzson Halma an old Servant lhe Doctor Judge Bmdford H " 4 . , . . . . . ., , ' ' ., . , . . 1 '4 c I , -. i' . 1 m 1 , 4 4 'f ' ' - -. . 1 . . . ' , , ' -, ' . . ' ' 4 ' ' cs ' L als . K K H . f . Y 1 . V 1 i 4. V. . n . . .' ' O' . er, ' . ' .T . , 5 . 1 Cf H Y 1 r 1 bl 1 1 . I. I 1 ' c 4 . c . ', ' . A 1. . , ' cz ' u ' f 1 - L 1 n - . . . . q . , . . . . , . N . . . N , 1 1 . . . L 4 , 1 . ., . . ' . - . . 1 , , 1 n L C - ' c 4 , . c . ' .' 1 l . ' .C L I n ,. s ' ..,............ .... . . ....... . ........... .. ..... . .............. ' ' '-: I ..,. . . - I - ' f --WV..----i4'..-.W--t--Y -B--W-A-A--7Y,-4'i--.--V-- ' ' Emma., his wlfe ......., ...,.. .. I.ou1se Creager' 1 , ' .' .................. ....,.... ,... .. .,.... ,. 'I ' . . I . . V. . , , . . ...,...........,....,. .... . ......... . ....... .. . . , L ' , " ' --V-My no an YMum-Unnunh-hn-nu---- r ' - .. , .. T , . . ..... , ,.... .... , ...........,.,., , . .......,,, .. ,,......., .., .... ..,,.,...,.., 7 'I 'K A',.,w'---vw'.'---.V-'------------.--------- I I r '-v t Page 2-I 2 193111111 WV111111t11111a11111s Orchestra 1111111 s 1 11 11 L11 111111 1111111 11 ls 1.1111111111 l 11111 1111111111111 111111111116 111111xxs But 111e1e 1.111131 1111 gums 1111111 1 111111 1- 1 1111 11s 1111111N 1 s11x x11 1111 lxxll 1111111s 1x1 xx 111111 1111 1111 111 1 11111s11 11111 1111 1111111111111 1 1 1111 s 11111 xx1111 111111 1x1 ' 11 1111111111-. 11111111 xx 111111 IQLC 1 1 f 11111 111111111111 111 1111111111 '1111 11 1 111111 111111 1 s1111111111111 111-s1c .111 111161111 1111 1111111s11.1 xv1s 11111 s 11 s . x 111 1 11111e 11f 1111111 1 C1111-111111 1111111e 111Ns1 111 CL 111 1111 C, I IL 1 11f 11 xx 18 111111111.1 11111111 ls v.1s 111 11s1 11 ,ll 11118 11 3111111 11 11111 1-111 11gg111 111111 e1111t1cl 11111 t11t 1111: 11111811 WIS 2.11 111111v'1b11 X 11 111111 1 1h111ugI1 111111 11111111111 111 1111 QILII1 1111101111 111 s1111 11.1111 1111 1111111 111 111111111 111 1118111611 X1J11111x1111.11e1x s1xtx 111111 111 1J1.1v1111g, ffl 111 Z1.171JICLl1l11VL 11111111111 1111111111 S1111 g 111111111 111 xx11111 Ll g 1111 11 111 N111 11111 111 1111 1,1111 1111111111411 11111 111s 1111111s111 ' 1 .NNY ' ,gf 11:1x'c 111-1-11 xx'1'i111:11 111111 said 11111111 1': 11 WI A11 1:111. ' 'l Of ' - . 1 1. ' ' , , ' ,, . Y. . ., . 1 1,-3 1 1 111' 111 s1:11 -1 11 , 111'1:1'c11':1x1'11 if the f111111xx'i11,,' is mid 111: 111111 : 1 l'.' 'I r.'11':1: "We 11111111111 11l111lt511.' 1 I' e 111111111-111 111' 111111111 111-Hg 111 ' '- '1v1'c :1111 '- 111 1is11'11 111 5 "1 11si1'." 11111. "1 - 1 ' : 1111D1Jl1111'j' 111 Sully 1"1:111 1-1' 12' " ' 1 111111 1.'-. 111111:1 1W1'1 : 'I -Iv: '-l1'ke:11i1f ' 1- 1' ' f'11y jazzy. 11:1s s111111-1'11i11g' :1111111t 11 111:11 wi11 11111 1e1 11 g'1'11xx' 11111. 1':1111 himself 111111111 :1 1111.1','1 't '1"l :l-- '13 -1' 14 .."lc ' .11' 'e " " if 1312.9 15 "Ye: 'l'11:11'.' My 1S'111,"' ' : F' . "1 1 " we : ' ' , ':.'."c:11 111 fa it 111:1de 1111 11111011511 1 ' 1 '. '. A. : lcliencc, f11' :111 " 1: 3 : '1"'1ix'e. 1'1' 1: 1' x 1-':1 f "1:11 H' Self." :1s 111 1 1: '1'1 1:' 11i'1 '- 111 :1 141'-1"1 : '11 1' , 1: z.'.' " 'xtel by :111 1Il.'1"'ll l"A' '--well, 1 ' 11' C. I. A. xvi11 11111' 1111:1s1 11f - 'mc Page 24 3 A 611 M Band I Blg B10tl1L1S .11e always as pleasmg .1s thex were the lllffllf the11 band p11yed fol us we see no reason wl1y X K 1Vl has 11ot been mobbed long 'lgo bs th1s slster sehool and 1obbed of 'Ill those brothers Nor do we see wl1v the kggles do not 101111 1 11111 C0111p111b and p1'1y agfunst Paul 11 h1te111.111 1'1o111 the t1111e our gallopmg gooses began bflllglllg' the Xgg'16 boys to o11r campus 1111111 the t1111e 111ose two 11ve1 1611011 programs were handed out to Us we 111 knew that t11ere was so111et11111g good 111 s1o1e for us lwen m ou1 c1.1ss1ooms as we heard 11e1v1er footsteps 111 the h'11ls t11e X X V1 band had 1ts etfeet 11 seemed to lend 'tn atmosphere of s1r111ge strength 1nd C01ll1Cl1:fI'1CC 1we11 t11111d Susan br1ghte11ed up 111 he1 Spamsh class and br 1ve1y translated 1 whole sentence She actually d1d lt sp1e11d1dlv, as though she feared that 11111 1111gl1t be 11NtC1'l111Q 1111ouff11 t11e keyhole llltf band was b1Ol.1gl'lt to the 14111113118 bx the SCIIIOI' elass lhey came o11 Much lhe f11st number the band played was a 111'1reh Stauneh Illltl lrue bx 1e1ke We thought 11111 w1s a good lDLg'111U1I10' fo1 we knew that they were st11111e11 and hoped that they XVCIL. tr11e e11oug11 to g1ye us 0111 two full l101l1S Il1ey d1d f1X6I'tl,1lL Hum ady Laszlo, bv 1 rkel was tl1e seeo11d number It 11115 bette1 111.111 the hrst ue coneluded as tl1e last Stlillll d1ed out 111e tl111Cl 11111111361 Wts 1 Solo for 1 trombone, performed by XX 111121111 I Ickles lt was bette1 than the seeond ll1L other numbers seemed to get better and after It was 1 OXLI no 1 e knew or even dared to guess whlch was the best of the111 111 111e o1ehest1.1 played follovung tl1e band 1JL1f01l11'111C6 lh1s eapped the ehmax Xnd we wondered wl1v the evemnff h.1d gone by so qu1ck1y and wh 11 11.1s 11ot 1JL11l1lSSi1.lJlC on such S1JC'L12'll 111ghts as th1s to lengthen the mght 111 hour 111 so 1111 smee we had to upl1o1d t11'1t standard as the 1 uture XX 11 es a11d Mothers 11e expeeted to do we 11ad to go to our roo111s and just dre 1111 about lt .111 6 9 4' ' . A.. . . s . .' , . 1, ' . J'. , , 1 1 . , . . , 1 ca ' , ., A . ' 1 .Z . K . . , "' A 1 ' 1 .'. A 1, , . A . 1 A . . A . A , ',. ,. . . 1 . .. . I . . I 1 1 v 1 V 4 Y l 1 I C A 1 4 L . . A , . . . ,, . . . . . . 11 W. , J , . ., , Y . V 1 YY I. , . . , . , V ., - . . . 1 . 1 , ., . 1' J 1 1 ., . 2 , . 1 , , L. 5. , . L.. ' . . v, , ,, ', . , 1 ' . A 1 A 1 '. ' 1 ' 1 1, 1 .1 1 . . 1, 1, 4 . 1 1 . . . , . . . . . , ' ', ' ' 111 , A C 1 A A 1 1 l n K 1 4 A . . . , . . . , A. , 1. , . . I ,A f he K 1 11. L C 1 A L A s . x 1 A 1 .1 A K - I 1 . , ,, c- ' " . . 1. . , - , ' ' 1 .. " , . t 1 . .11 K '1 K . - . 1 H A I L ' w H1 s 1 1 j 11 , .1 - D. . 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 . M1 . 'X 1 - . s 1 A ' . . A , . . 1 1 1, , b, 1. I . 1 , - 11 - - J . A, .J -A J , . , . . .. A 1 1 . .. . ' , ., 11 ,K K H 5 ., . , .,. .. . ,. 1 J V ' . . ,, . , . A K . . 1 , K. 3 be . ' A . . E., 2 11 - , H 7' ' 5 Q , , ' , . A 1 . 1 , 1, . .-- . 1 -s " 1 - - 1.11 1 - . ,1 K C 1 1 'v1- f 'm1 ' ,q Y 1 1 A ' ' I ' 1 ' , 1 ,.. . . 1 . " 1 .. As-., 1' , 1. . " '. 1. , 1' 1 . 1 1 . 1 . . .. X A, A A A X ' , . . K . y . 1. . , A . 1-1 ' ' 1 ' ' A . '-.l. .1 K- s ,s .1 5, A I . I. . t ' 11' 1' H . e, . , . , , 1 . . . A. 1 1 I I K K 1 1 A s 1 A l 1 a A 1 ' 1- 4, ' , , - , , 1 . Page 244 The Urcllestran, HF College Orchestrm hah become one of the moet promment lI1l1b1C'1l orgfuun tlonb on the campus At regular lntervale the orchestra has appeared over the Iort Worth broadcastmg Qtatlon WRAP thus wmnmg publlcatlon for lteelf 'md for the college Ihe orchestm 19 dlrected by Mr W1ll1am E Jones thue prmmg her muelcal 'xblllty T , . ' . ' " . . ".- 4. M . . , . . . . . i . . , 4 , 1 '. , V c l, . . . I . '. To be a member of the orchestra a student must pass a special requirement, . 'i 7 . . 4 ' I . Page 245 Page 2 4 6 'Choral Cllulzi H IC Choral Club, under the direction of Orville bl. Horehers, has won for itself popularity and aclmiratiou on the campus. This year it is made up of about Iifty members. It is open to every one on the campus who has passed a required voice test. The Choral Club meets twice a week. for which its members get one hour credit each quarter. 'l'he Club takes part in assembly entertainments and special programs of various forms. Page 24 7 'Virginia Carroll Lodge N attractlve feature was added to the campus life this year when the Virgmxa Carroll Lodge was opened to the students of C I A for the first time The lodge IS only the materlalization of another dream of Miss I-Iefieys to make the college life of C I A 1rls a happy reallty and a lovely recollection The club house is owned by the Student s Chrrstian Association and named for the late Mrs Vlfglnla Carroll the founder of the Y W C A movement at the 'lexas Qtate College for Women Although the club house is a new thlng on the C I A campus lt figures promlnently m the social l1fe of the girls If one has a few hours to spare between classes the lodge 19 iust the place to go to forget the cares of the classroom It IS an ldeal place to dance on the other hand girls find solace and qulet 1n the rest room 'md the beds of a sllver ,ray to blend wlth the chambray The lod,,e is not only a place to dance and rest but lt also has a readme room 't wrltmg room and best of all a kitchenette There 1S an upstalrs porch too-the wery place for a chat 1n the twlllbht of a summer evemng On a cool damp day lt IS co7y to sit about the bit, fireplace m the hvmg loom and talk of college affalrs or even to dlseuss thmbs of the bl, world outs1de of C I X Since Its opemng in the fall the four walls of the club house have wltnessed manv happy hours and have sheltered the glad hearts and the sad hearts of C I A It stands today '1 monument to the memory of '1 beautlful llfe and the promise of '1 blgber better C I A D l I . . . . . , I . , . . g. .' I c . . . J I , - ' - - . I 1 s L. C I - .C l Y. . . , ' .N s V .s i. C 1 1 I . I 3 y ' -. f upstairs. The C. I. A. glrl lS at home there, for the curtains are of blue chambray 1 V' .I 0' I 1 . O' ' I . , . c . , 0' , c , , . , . , 4 5. K .U . . . A . , ' N ' ff 'U ' '. .1 . 1 K l x s. I u c . . r r ' . ..' L 0' , W. . - - Page 2 4 8 li-lIaHoWe'en T HERE is always a weird feeling associated with Hallowe'en but Hallowe'en night on Blue Serge Hill is an event never to be forgotten by a C. I. A. girl. Girls filed into the dimly-lighted living rooms of Lowry and Brackenridge Halls on Hallowe'en nightg each girl eagerly expectantg yet experiencing qualms of mis- giving. On every hand spooky motifs greeted the eyes and sent nervous thrills to stalwart hearts. jack-o-Lanterns leered at timorous girls. Live ghosts added an uncanny reality to the scene. The fun really began when "The Ghosts of '26" extended cold, clammy hands to greet the underclassmen as they entered the dining halls. Oyster cocktail and other attractive items of the menu were interspersed with shrieks and laughter as the ghosts passed back and forth in the dining rooms. The sophomore hostesses, little sisters of "the Ghosts of '25," wound among the tables. and sang--just another feature of Hallowe'en at C. I. A. Then the dining halls were filled with those tunes so dear to the hearts of the chambray maidens. Hearts throbbecl, some gay, some sad, as voices sang the songs dedicated to Alma Mater-all songs pregnant with tender memories of the life and traditions of the college on Blue Serge Hill. At last Hallowe'en was over and the girls departed added one more link to their chain of memories-a Hallowe'en at C. I. A. ! Page 249 Thanksgiving I'I.XXKSGlX'lNG day dawned at the College of Industrial .-Xrts. a glorious mornin,g'. bringing with it at promise of a happy day. Optional breakfast for the unclerclassmen meant a busy morning at the College stores, :md from eight to ten, Blue Serge Hill presented the unusual picture of girls sauntering' leisurely to and from breakfast. .X fter each trip to the ltitle stores the orange and white of 'l'exas l'.. and the red and while colors of :Xggieland were evidenced somewhere upon the person of C. l. A. misses. for this was the day of the Big Game! Hearts beat a little faster as the girls yied with each other in singing' "Goodbye to 'Vexas lfniversityf' or "'l'he lCyes of 'l'exas .-Xre Upon You." The big event of Turkey Day at C. I. A. came when at one o'clock the girls assembled in Brackenridge and Lowry dining halls. As she bowed her head for grace, each maiclen's heart was especially thankful for home. country and C. I. .-X. Soon Puritan bonnets bobbed back and forth across the dining tables. Ifinally sighing with satisfaction the girls drifted from the dining halls and out into the November sunshine. 'l'hen came the time when the reports of the game came over radio, making some girls happy and others sad. but all good things must come to an end--even the day of days at C. I. A.-'l'HANKSGIYINGl Page 2 S 0 Valenfcme Dance Hell h1sto1x 1cpcxts ltself 18 x true xclxgc xx xs proud on X rlentme lllglll for some sexenteen hundred Ulrls of L I X esscntullx nnsses of 1026 werc transformed 1nto ladies and gallrnts of colonnl daxs Best of all the dlmng rooms of Brackenrlclge xnd Ioxx rx Halls xxcre conxcrtcd Into old fxshloned ballrooms As thc grand mlrch begxn lt sccmed as tlxoubh one xxe1c glllltlllf., through a style book of colonul drys vet the Marthls md Georges xxere flesh and blood 1eal1t1es charnung dainty grllfxnt and gry Xfter the grand march twentleth Y e rs xnd gI'?lllClf'1tllt'1N dld to the St1"l1l'lS of the Nlxnuet 111 C Across the floor strewn xvlth confettl xnd se1pent1ne hxndsonxe colonvxl gentle men led then grand lfldles 1n dances of long rgo lhen the soft st1 nns of dreamx muslc ceased and each courtly gentleman escorted hls lfxdy to '1 secludcd spot where they could eat the Valcntme supper Cllflfflllb oxcx then plates 111 the old f39l'1101'l6Cl way Soon the clanclng began agnn and once more the bxlhoom floors xxerc clowcled for the dancers xvere loath to waste one dance bccausc on the morrow the hoop skxrt povxdered Wlg gay breeches beauty patches bows lrce nntts 'xnd rulfled pantalets must glxe way to the conventlonal blue and whlte of Bluc Sergc H111 Home Sweet Home drlfted out over the ballroom to rennnd ladles and beaus that the Valentme Dance was over and that they must drlft back from thc land of makc bellexe 1nto the llfc of the txventleth centulx gnl X 0 ' l ll ' . 1 v 1 x l 1 33 ' . . 1 - - v '1 1 . - . if - --z . . . z - : if A 1. 1 . 1 , ' .3 ' . ' .' . z .' ' 'z .' 1 . ' ' ' . f ' . 2 1 1 ,V -l 71 ' 'A f I ' -. L' l 1 f. . .' A 'f 2 N 2 J ' . .' 1" ' 2 " f ' ,. . ' , , 'z z rg I ,. :J 2 ' ' 5 ' .' . . ' ' ' Q'-' . c l , c I , 2 I r 1' '. I I I V7 1 , I century couples danced the statel waltzes even as our wreat-ffreat-grzxnclmothers 1 1 . ' .' .' : , . ' ' ' 1. .' ' ' z .' ' " , 1 Q ' '. 1' - " 1' ' . Q :'. .' 'n . l' L' 1. s : .nj K 7 K ul l A xi . K 1 ,' i. . V ' U. , X . ' . I xv. ' - I 7 l S 1 S L A 'c .' A 4 ' 'S l , ' , S, . ', 1 ' S, . f S IK 7! ' ' ' , N , s . , . . Page 251 Semor Dances Senior dance: 'auth Niall? Ye: lztlle freshzzzwr flaming :mill twelve 'zuzth men' ENIOR dances are just 'mother of those l1bert1es known on the C, I A campus as semor pr1v1leges Indeed the dances g1ven by the town boys are great events 1n thc l1VCb of the SCHIOTS All day before the dance the barber shops and beauty parlors on the campus are crowded 1n some cases, even such ummportant matters as attendlng classes are ox erlooked m order that the hlgh and mlghty senlor may be ln tr1m for the semor dance And lf she IS so fortunate as to know '1 town boy and have 1 date for the At last It IS t11ne for the dance and the senlor "steps out ID her Canton or '1 strftly starched vo1le dressed all 1n whlte of course the senlor prlvxlegel 'lhere IS no un1form regulatlon agfunst wearlng flowers and handkerchlefs, and they add the deslred touch of color to Mxss Senlor s dance frock The dance' Oh' It IS lovely For days after lt IS over the glrls can be seen talkmg about It ln the halls and semol l1v1ng rooms and each sen1or looks forward Wllh keen 1nterest to the next dance I si D K N I I k 'Q 1 I c 1 . ' c ' . 3' . . ' 1 . ' .. . Y . ,, . K . ,, . . . . 1 . ' S I c ., 1 4 u c dance her joy knows no bounds. . . . . N ,, . s s I s Q s C ' ' . ., .7 K . r . . . . , V 5 1 1 ' . 'V s K . . . V l I .' . . l c . Page 252 Semor Breakfast Nl of the hrst events on tht HOClll LllLllCl'1I' of the Ll1ss of 76 w1s the eunrlse orerkfrst e1rly 111 the f1ll lust 1s the sun w1s rlslng the scmors, dressed m thelr wh1t1 umforms 1Qse1nbl1d on the green 111 front of thc Rm, rdlng House Inch glrl w1s presented vxlth 1 rose by thc 1JI'LNlClLl'1t of thc cl1ss, 1nd 11lll0Cll,1C6Cl herself to her Cl"lSSlll'ltCS Soon the grrls formed m the tr 1d1t1on1l L I A older 1 lme 1nd bre1l1fast wis h1ndcd out How good the cusp brcon hot coffee, flllll 1nd to1st t1eted th1t e1rly mormng' Brc1l1f1st vms sc1rcely over when the photogmphcr 1pp111cd wlth her equrp ment 1nd the ple1s1nt prospect of IJOSIUQ' for 1 group plcture confronted the scmors lt xwsnt so b1d thls posmg for thc Ll1ss of 26 formed the letters L 1 X As she stepped out of 11111 e1ch semor felt thflt shc wrs folloxxmg those who went before IS mother of the tr1d1t1ons of L I X l1f1. becfunc to her 1 ht llltlflll mrmorx o 3 , ' V .A -. - A 1 ', ., A 1 W .. ' . 1 '1 4 . . , . 1 1 1 1,. . .. 1. 1 , ' A 1 -1 . 1 1 ' 1' s I s 2 WX, 1 1 . v . 1., 1. 1. . X . ' 1 ., ' . ' A ' " ' 1 ' A .IA . A 11 . 1 u . ., 1 .1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 .i .' '- ' 1 ' .ij I ' 'f' ' ' A 1 .if 1 ' F ' 1' . fri: I n.u ' - A I 1 l 1 . I 1 V' ' ' l v w- A 1 I K n . 4 ' l K K n 21' 1 A . - 1 , , 1 1.x 1 i 1 1 . '1 '.1 .' '1.' I 1 ' 1 " 1 11 'A A , - ' 1 ' 1.'1 . .Q 1 ' 'X , " I 11' .. ' .1 1' 4 N ss ' 1 ' 'C- 1 K v L A Ks- n . . .1 . - ., .' " ' 1 .' ' ' .4 ' 1 ' .' A if ' ' ' .' A ' A - ' 1 ' , . ' ' V I A A A lf l A 1, 1 . 1 , . . 1 . 1 1 x1 , '. Page 253 111111111 Dances C R 11111111 11111 11111111 b 1 11111 111 11 s I 1111111 1 1 11 ss 11111 1 1 lhe ff111111ax111111 X1 XN 111111111111 111111 1111111 11111 gold 1111- glass 11111111 11111 some 11111 l11111c111.cl 1111111118 1111111111111 f111 1111 1111111 13111 1111. 111111111s 11616 11111 selnsh 111111 ll 1111111 111 1111111 11111s 11111 111111111 111 1111 L1111e1'1 1'11s11le111 11111 1118 W , tl cg 111111 1111s 1 1111 111111 1l1Ll1LSI1l 11111 th1 11111111rs 11111 1111111111 111 1111111 1111111 11111111 Of llllw fust 11111111 Llus lltllLL 111111, 1111e 11tl1e1' 111t1r1s1111g f11t1111s f111' there 1 1s 1 sp111.1l p111g1 1111 1111 11 X 1 11111111 1111 111111111 11111111 11f the 1111111 the 111111111s CllS1J61SLC1 f01 11a1s .wo L1111111cl11 1111.1 he-1 111111 111111111 1Je1 111se she 1111111 11:11 a11t1ge of '1 puvxlege '111c1 the 1111111111 felt 1h 11 1111 11111 class 111 1u111111s 1111gl11 who want 111 make 1 111111111 C,1'1Qs 11.111115 111 1-11111111 ft'l11llc 1111 111 college c11e11cl11 3 ICN! J 1 1 '1 111' - 1111111151 t1'111.liti1111:1l 111 C. 1. .X.: 111 1 - ' f-111 'e 1111: i11t'111 31 111111 thc s111"z1l 1'11le1111111' 1f thc 5111111 1' tj1:1.',' this yuan'-a jl11 " ' 11111301 ' ' C... -.' 1: -. 1. .2 , .' I if i . 1 J 1 , . .'.' K D. thc' 11 -. f " 1' .' 1 111 ' 1 " ,H 1 ife llllfl 1111- 111.-1111 111' 1.-:11'l1 s1'h1111l 111: 1111- tj Il -jc. 1-Z 1.--1 '15-',., .. ,'.--11 , ' ' v- 1,.A1 1, V I 1, ' 1 -,1 1':.' 1 .T ' "1 -as 1 ' VHC1-1. 4 . . I ,J 'V D. . ., .1 ,. ' 'V.-, I. .'., i 1. J, .: ,b L ."'1." 1' '1 .' '. f .' 1 '.. ' ' 1 'fa '.:' " ,A V. l'11f,-ff: 254 1 Page 255 l 1 IMA MASON Salas .MlZ7IdgC'f T HE annual Student 'Loan Sale was held in the Virginia Carroll Lodge in November. Preparations for the sale were made long before the sale opened. At nine o'clock on Thanksgiving day the doors were opened to the awaiting students, friends and visitors. In the afternoon of the first day of the sale a "drop in and sip with us" tea was given. After the Texas-A. X M. game the call was answered. Thanksgiving day was the main day of the sale but it continued in the afternoon of the following week. The Loan sale leaves to the Loan Fund of 1925-26, three hundred dollars and ninety-nine cents. For the success of the sale credit goes to the work of the depart- ments, the firms. the student body, and especially to the Loan Sale committee. I . a iii 2-Gia tbl' " '- M - ,.,-, . iv -4 3' A i A . , QF 1 . MWLIL, ' 5 g L,,x-4m-A- 4-4, Page 256 .. . ,... ...,,..' ...i Page 2 5 7 Iriterftfollegiate Debate Debate Teams JUSTICE GRAHAM MARTHA BARNETT LE VERT SHOTTS LILUAN SHEPP.-XRD ROBBIE Ri:-:Go ELoU1sE HALEY Aliemates ANN SEYMOUR KATE CRUDGINTON EBATING is the only inter-collegiate activity other than the '1'. I. P. A. in which C. If A. participates. The increased interest in debate this year has been expressed, first, in the organ- ization of the two Debate Clubs, The Walker King Debate Club, and The S. Justina Smith Debate Clubg and second, by the securing of three inter-collegiate debates, The first contest took place between Oklahoma College for Women and C. I. A. - The second contest took place between C. I. A. and West Texas State Teacher's College, at Canyon, Texas. The last debate was between C. I. A. and S. M. U. at the college. We largely attribute the increased interest and enthusiasm in debate to Mr. Grover C. Shaw, the coach. , l MJ 31.2. F as 'f .Q -.ig .43 A 3 f in . ' "pg -f ' 5 ' - nkts -lp !s,l-.ix-4g- 4-4. , Page 258 Page 2 5 9 I-Ili life in Blue Serge Hill is as any other college life, yet in a way so different, so unique. In the daily round and nightly rouncl--we have caught a few pictures that you may take with you wherever you go. Not that you will ever forget them but that you may have them to refreshen your memories years hence-to laugh over, cry over, and laugh again. S5969 Q fbi V ix 'I -kgs, 39,5414 , .1 N4 -4 .QT A . num -Aan L,Q-4gX-A- AX-, , Page 260 'F'- I l 1 1 ll A x In . In E 5 1' I . ,, -, G, -I, , ,J A M- Ld Maia l'41,r,u'NLZ6l 1 l 1 2 1 bflivwl , , I r 1 Q' l ! , Y I f - I 4 4 n A li ... 2: 115 Qu 1" A1 Q' -414 ix A l AIX :Hilti Page 262 v 5 i , 1 Q , 2 f ' E , S S I A E Q I 1 P -Q 1, V - ' W Q VF f, I 1 5f'fwf.f 5- 'V Q f 'Q' kdm A KW, ' 5 ,2.z.f,, 1,f X, wit Q , R 4, D Ui ,E Q I, ,-., 's L if X1 W X T,a,.,Lx,N ,-,,.Q,.,XX il? gin- S,' i1llfzkiLfN53N,fXq1X.3f 3:4, --,, Ax! Tjg1QivwfL,f.E0'X,QQfX.Qffr,:JM7,L5Q- .3525 Page 263 I V 1 V + r V , -n I l F ,K Q W E . 1- 1 E idx zgigw 'Ira' .. 1 J f H4 - '31 l I 4 m'bN'- me-Na. fi 'F T? rli I 5 5 'H G' :. 'Al A a nm ,Tm - -. HA I I -X 'J Q "' G ' f - lizgu iff v 1 4 , I ,i i S ,. 1 g ma: H L ..,.m.,,.- - - - -- , . u.....u3....w,...,,.,.,,,.,M1,A,,,,., ,,,...4,u.,u,,. ..-..p...,,-W.,.m,,...g.....,,xM,,,-m,,,,,-- dm, -in A, 2 X Q , E Af L 2 . ix tx A f if 1 J I H 5 -w , F F ! I 1 5 52 1 W 12 M1 5 ga 1 if 1 l A wg Y ' li " 1 ,1 E 32 ? 'l 1 " 3 Y W 'AW A 73 ' SI . i 1 I 2 3 1X 5 'N . A ,S Mi 1 -.1141-... 1 LLWR 'Q " A J : !.,,4 . +5fQ. XXQVSQ' H E f si gf? M N Page 266 1 gl f Q Ep s li ?3 if Pu i 1 E 5 5 5 f 5 i Q ' 1 5. E11 1 V f ? 4 - 'r 1 J 5 a I1 , x , .' I X VKX fx A i 4 iv ' ' HX fm xP I 1 24-W W W 9 ,f 'X I I Exim xjjffx K I, f JW L X ,...,g, ., 4L:Q-,fif:i'fXCb..1'2-0-"h'7'i::1'1EO..if1Cli.:c2iEcfQ 2.4 .f ,l-.iQ.g: Page 267 Uf P 4 it 1 X ' .... .,...... ,. -.,-...... ,,,,, Y I if vga - 1 , .s. f,yf 11,3 Il.: , ,MW 1 -' '2?! 'iJ' l..,.1':..v" , k v . . V, -- ---4-4 ...p ' V-4 I ,,.,..f . , ,.4.....n- M4 'W ' ' QI g?i,1gi ,, 1 22531 -gr : -N i -.D5,5M 1, ,,, , ,.m,. H 4 T i D IX fi i' Ill E A 1 5 A QIA A arg' . -V 0 mm if nf 1 -x f 'J A ana A' f - 4.14 l'f144wf 2 6 S F? V, ' 1 7 l Q m A A I na li. NIKE- . , , ,, A Q - ,A -Mamie I1 WJ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 '1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 :1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. U1 11 11 , HX. 1 1 'X 1.1" 1'! ' Q" I ,-,' I wma- figs-"-X-.LJX1 , 11111 .111 1, 155,31 1g1:i:-I11.1,L:,f :fir effwx 14526: 1 n..1...1.......,...1. .........-........ ..,, ,.. ........... ............-..--...., ..,--. ..,-. ...,...,-,--N.. ..........., , . , ...,.1.1..,,......... ......,.-................A.1...,-1-.--f-11,.-.....- Page 2 70 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 '1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i v 1 1 1 i S 1 1 1 A 1 6 .F -...4..1...x ....,.,,, ..f,, .. ., , ,, ,, ,,,,,.,,.,, N 1 Q A , X ' ' N r X jx 1 XXX x X X "X ' 1' , X xx mx, ,. wx-. Afxn-. -MXN ,f-,-.f--X ,- ,M ' ,NM-. rw.. f. ,fx N ' l'41gf, F' . . -l.-.i....... F -.Y T. V , . I A T m A I I no Ki. 1-:A mfs' - Q. -1 f .. ' 1 4 4 -na nf f - 4.4 Page 272 V' . ' iii.- Qi.-.. i. , , , w f i Y . , P li A A n la. f-R Ms. . , , , - - - --.Asa-1 Pig 273 V I I - I:l-U7 . V ' n g G ' Q f ax Q T- N 'xl S :ir" ,, . I -1' "4-'ri ..,... -2'la+1"..-Z".T.5'?:f! no Qu : .H -414 Page 274 rp. 1 . ..,. .......,......-........-....,...-.. .- 'V n A li H. 2 19g A4451 1111015- 1 ,. wiki! 145 7: ' I" va V , H' . Q . , ,u L.,-W. .N 5 'f . 'SE I I u . ' . ' 2 ., I 1 f I-- I I I J. f, I . 5 . -..I L ...... ...l................. s , 1 :px I 1 ' g I , ug ,,,,,i,s3,.. - K: v .':1-x.P'Agi,.' . 'X ' , gNfRA?QC!' '-lg f ' i ' L fiflx .. fa. A ' 1' IMS- . , , - - - - -.. :mini I 5 ' '76 - 1 . I Page 2 77 U 'X Daredladhiarn uarrfcerlly NIAMIE RUTH LANGSTON ....... ........, . ..... Editor ANN SEYMOUR ,,....,............. ...... L iterary Editor ALICE WELTV .- .... ......,. , .,... . ,. Art Editor RUTH PRICE ..............,. ........ B usiness Manager MARY CAROLIN HOLMES ....,... Circulation Manager Q lf a -Nairn gud' X':YQ'fl'.! gf' . . Q n. ,Yau - ,.., iv v-.Q In ff-M rw-5656! - ngs.L-An.s.. 1.4.5 r,,m-l-A- AMA... UTTAIH Page 278 Daeolaliau uarterly v I T H15 Daedalian Quarterly, the literary magazine of the College of Industrial Arts, gives the students an opportunity to have their literary attempts published. Only articles written by students are publishedg and every student is invited to submit contributions. The magazine consists of such forms as short stories. formal and informal essays, one-act plays, poetry, book reviews, and editorialsg and many of the articles exhibit genuine interest and ability. A l vi u - ' I , fm 'SM ,SQ lm 5' ' Sh' 1--xi-2kG'Q..1f fi fm A .f x Rv ,QQ ga H A ia F X la. lr, nm af tr-f . My nk' -an-.-A. ..L-i-4-f!5.- ff f qfl-1.IAn. Page 27 9 Xbfa The Daedalian Stailiii I IRST, an Editor, Business Manager, and Art Editor who planned and dreamed of an ideal Daedalian Year Book. Then, months of work, hard knocks and worries, all of which were mingled with the joys of new ideas and inspirations for the improvement of the Daedalian. Finally, a finished college annual in which we see many of our plans realized and the traces of many shattered dreams. A nine by twelve book which has been the ambition of former Daedalian staffs is really ours. '.l'his year the Senior class voted to enlarge the size of the Daedaliang and it is the first of this size to be produced by C. I. A. In creating the Daedalian we have tried to catch the real spirit of our college and represent it in tangible form so that it may live in the pages of this book forever. We have sought to represent glimpses of campus life and to record the events of the year 1926 so that the Daedalian will be a true memory book in the years that are to come. If we can make you feel again the joy of the Valentine dance, the fun of a Saturday night picture show, and the beauty of "Alma Mater" as it is sung by eighteen hundred voices, then we believe we have made for you a C. I, .-X.. Year Book. The work has been a privilege and a pleasure. l 'lisp' QI 16 i x1.w1pfY E! P 44 ,l ,, at H .jdgipi IA A ff" ' P I' A 'T A X N-fig fl Ml., .- .- .- .- Ml m nk,-L Qui, 4 A .4 .AL A .4 2 , The Daedlatlieuni Sitatlflil Jimmie lY1I.l.l.kNIS .... . I..AU1z.x Sxvm-11: Noxs S'l'.-XNIJIJ-Il-I Gmnvs Cl'2I.I.IYNI LE X"ER'I' Sl'I0'l"l'S Lois CAMERON JUSTICE CERAHAM QXLLENA Brilll.-XM . MAURIC1-3 Woon .C PEARLA McC:xl'l.i-:Y Svmr. H.xNi'or'lQ , C ... . ..,. Assistant Editor Assistant Business Manager Assistant Art Editor . ,,it, . Senior Class Editor junior Class Editor , Srmpliomore-,l+'reshman Class Society liditor Athletic Editor Feature Editor C. ., . Calendar Editor ,. .e,e.. Cartoonist .. .l W V? Q , ,, . if -Q, . ,Ji lk Niki . ..-AL -'4- 4-1-1- 5- n 0.4-1149 l Page 281 The Lass-o LOUISE' DUKE , ..... . Editor-in-Chief Brzssm STEPHENSON .. ,A.. Associate Editor I30RO'I'I-IV TAYLOR . ...,., ,, Associate Editor RUTH Pmcr: 7.o,, ., A. ...... .. Business Manager MARY CAROLINE Homms ..A.,,. ....., C irculation Manager 1 M n AZ r , N912-4 , iv " xnxx EYE! 1 'gf' 5 Ki- f 9 -5 AQ U Q u' 1.-:er , Q Aw, rxk r la. f Gai EAW- n.,.-,..A tw4eL.l,k4 LL! L,,,,,.-A- ---. ffffnnml Page 282 The Lass-o T HE Lass-0. the weekly newspaper of the college, is published by the students of journalism. The copy turned in by these students becomes laboratory material for student copy readers, who do the editing and headline writing. The editor and her associates supervise the make-up of the entire paper. The use of this real weekly newspaper insures that the conditions under which the journalism students work shall be nearly identical as possible with those she will meet when she has left school for actual newspaper practice. It insures that the student reporter shall be treated as a reporter and that the fundamentals of a newspaper office be impressed upon her. 1 to " tl 49 Q , . rhigaxgrjileti? i and X an u ina Q-E-Alzib I It N ln! O11.,. 'gmt .M . ,MA - L. - gym! .f4s-1.l4n Page 283 Page 284 ournadlism Club I,0msE DUKE DOROTHY ',l',wLoR Bnssus STEPH1-:NsoN Mlxkv C. HOLMES 1':I.IZAHl'ZTI-I CHESLEY ERIC G. SCHROEDER NI.-X'1"l'l E SALLER EUNICE SULLIVAN JIMMIE WILLIAMS KATE CRUDMNTON THERESA NIMITZ i A 2, ournaullisnm Club IEWELL EAW-:s Mr.-RRY EL1zABm'H HAWLEV MARIE OSBURN .ANNIE NElI.L .ANNA LAURA WEAMS MAIQX' Avis GEN'1'lQV FRANQJRS REDNICK SARAH BARNES LESLIE N1-LIGHRORS CLARA LEX'I'1RPfT'I' LURLINE l3R,x1'mv l vs N fm . W . .. Q Q W2 M "vw MM lk - . ..-A -Ah 4-4, ! -. L. Page 28 5 P0675 CL UB Estella G. Hefley Marnie W. Walker Daty B. Healy Ruth West William Dyer Nloore Exjacuffafo lVIary Carolin Holmes, "poet laureate" Marian Williams Janice Davis Ruby Ernst 0, with the afzciefzf Room' af ma11'.r lid- ture T 'wz'11e.v Me efernaf Paffzozz af .f0l1g. Efver Lofue jazzy ifg Ever Lgflf jlfedr itg Time cannot age irg Death cannot flay. Mildred Wheeler Jean Pendergrass Elizabeth Chesley ' Nlamie Ruth Langston lVIamie Huff Florence Baylor Lurline Gentry Jimmie Williams Cherie Foreman Dorothy Taylor , 4.1 I w fi? at Sl' lg! l. p!e:g7QSQ4m4,....a, .1l!w-- 4 all A .. f MEF n.,.-,...A yleLa!.m Qi!! lt,,.-..t-..- M- ,tm Page 286 I W x w I a S 1 vu N ' A ' XA 01 rf n, .. .Mm 535 1 'J Q "Hwy .,-, " lk . L- A - 1. . ann-: Q Q.. an . - ,JAR Page 287 W iraa yvf--vwv- r -I' mlv - g H . 1-. .5 . fs! 0-4-v J - N., V fb Nr- s. . .Jf, wf' . E X .1- ti.,-u 2515- ' V 3: . V JQ f if . NJ? , 3- "W-'? A X613 ,. " ' Q f, 5 fgwf . , ' . A 'X-, I ft' Q n h Y. .III I' v.,t!x-. W . gi , if f I ' 7 I 1-. 1 1 3 U , 9 5' J 'Xxx' .4 Q xx. 1 I i - , .. X .N V 14' 'Sv 1- Afer f3""3.i W. ,.,,.,, v -,... CMB. TT Qi I-J K, l Q.: Q3-4 gf K5 "' xe':5J'f!l,!' ' Q., AA Aww TH' ull 5f??j , f?-.Q' A - ng . -Am 4 -w,Q..4-4n- Ami, fakes 288 Mmsac fam 7 '4" sawn? u.+Q.qgffi' , i Ns WNMNHAHAAZ . ,z l Ll , U 157 W Q39 ' L . 2 axi9'mgy'jjES-57 ' Q "Hg --if Abmx Uk m fy . L- ,A - -4 . gl -A ! .QA .. ,IAQ W , Page 289 . , n 4 - 53fP"ffif . lv" F'TfI.7,- "'T""'-'I 'f:1"' v rg ,.::1-pf H' H X . . .. ,-,,,,.x,,1 . Ur. ,A KG Q1 ITKXX1 7 f -1 X? Nf VJ , lfonpxm-SOS .q V ' ' "' 4 'Q . ,, ' .L .jf ' " ' Q so M91 ,V li, I.,A- .7 ' Nb P fi v . QM " ,x -"' f A x N I 1 k . -Q? 7h , x 1 v ,KW 'dl' ' V 'Q' ' V -A Q ,ti ' - '. L , z. 'N wglgqve, - x ff xvfq Q I I ' 4.1 5 fa 1 . i' ,f a v Y N vsixas-,9'T'wu.:. ' ' yi-L Doi. .. - , . ,. v "lf0414 1 "f'g5'3'.miW1 A 9 an ' 'R' ', I ' " if ,i5.w'- ,.., . Y-.QT IA ' -n. , X Ll-, X- X, X, X, ,rim Ml 1 ,.f g - MQW ,,.....,.mL1-47543135 A .. A - - 'ln I'a,gu' 200 'uQ.fNafmf"YNa.KNLfxfNsQ1 X H V u V , su,i2A vu Aga? Q nf' VC - .. Wwe is KA ,,. I lu ' " 3 I . ' f1l " V ' lf .M A YIQYQ Q - A -m lr 'lf' IN wh- 1. 'f' . - I-Mx .Q--A -L.--,l-4-,ag- 1 -Lk 41 nf -I-IA . ...- 3 l img, if my 1 V, A ' ' I 3 af' Q, 1" A Q' X. mn I RSA- . X- ' -1,4 ..x,Q-4gx-Q- 4x-,4. fA77'.'f E MRM? A, A ... V-9F1.di4K6ll 'inf 5 4 C Q1 1, WWA GW' NR iugfac f 1 ka A ffm '4 1: 5? TQ, ,--W I 0 , nl ,, Q wx ' . A ,324 l A 0 Q ', 4 HQ' A X lf 'F I 4 fvfff Y. ' ' "-LIP..-ff . " ' I . . L- I Q L' lui'-' if s- in 441 ' 4 gf gf -AIA l , L- . nf' AQ., A A A Qfgigggf? Page 293 The Lost Thought It was not so long ago: just a year ago today. It was just the time of snow In a country not far away. I had planned a journey to a foreign land, But plans are often broken. My feelings could not be spoken. I walked in my garden thinking. Everytihng before was misty As if of wine I had been drinking. Into my mind there crept a thought Much happiness to me it brought. At that moment a whirlwind came My thought was gone, the wind to blame. Before me stood a tiny lad I did not know from whence he came He said to me-"You look sad" "Why are you happy my little man ?" My little friend said: "I know all lands, The waters and the burning sands. I am happy because the birds sing, And children swing And bells go ding- Please come away with me Not to listen to songs from me For I will take you to the wonder land To see the waters and the burning sand And hear the elfin band." "But my thought," said I. "You will find it by and by" Oh the childish grace of the little knight, and oh how trim. I could not choose but follow him. I was amused at the little pate, And offered not a whim as he led me to the He asked me to enter, and learn my fate. And there before my very eyes Lay a garden of blue roses. You may imagine my surprise. He took my hand And led me on through this field of On we walked, I heard a band, I looked and saw more blue, Not Bowers, but the deep blue oceang And the music I had heard That had aroused my every emotion Came from a sea bird Who seemed to be master and band On a tiny ship not far from land. . The ship in the Bay of Dreams was Sailing on to the enchanted Sea Away from my friend and me. The ship passed on. I turned to the shore And there was old Neptune, no doubt blue- Boating 'W A Q kvm , wx-o Q, 1 : 0' ilk garden-gate- A , I-I ?1 U I ,LT ' Gi ' ,, 95. 199' mx Q "Zi" Y. 'El' e Ag , ,ez - " 1 ' I - . , 5v,,6i"li 2 X I Ae f'h'ff"Kfaif mm nk,-g A, gl A Page 294 1 ,L.l,4A,4 A .nal The Lost Thought With all his daughters about His throne. There was even more, The whole court was there To wait on the mermaids fair. The little boy pulled at my sleeve And told me that is was time to leave. "Little boy, I will go far away If you will take me where the wind does play, I am sure the thought it stole away Would have made me as happy as a queen's arrayg 'Fake me to the home of the wind." He gave to me a pair of shoes with wings He took my arm and glided over the water He began to sing about wings And leaving Neptune with his daughter We walked and Hewg we were far away From the shore, far from the bay. As we walked in our winged shoes over the sea Large fishes and small fishes swam beneath me. The waves grew larger and the little boy Ran ahead to playg he was the waves' toy He rode the white caps even as they broke- ' I tried it too, and fell on the slippery slope. On we sped riding wave after wave. The sea was wild and seemed to raveg After a long long while We saw an island Before us, not a mile away. "Ashore, is it my land?" I turned to see him smile A grown-up smile for such a child. I noticed this child's features then. His eyes were large and dreamy blue. He had a faint smile when he looked at you His hair was dark, his eye-lashes too. When I had asked about the land He spoke again: "If you like roses You find them there If you like poses They grow too It depends on you If you are true." The golden shore of this tiny land, Came full in viewg the water was a band Of ribbon around it. The little boy removed our winged shoes And threw them on the watery plain- They sailed away-he shouted, Nwhoes shoes." And down they went, those winged shoes. We went to the very center of the land, To see the iiowers I had planned. But no, the earth opened wide Away down inside, I saw a ladder Made of the webs of the spider. I thought it would break, but my friend went on Proving to me that the ladder was strong. ' I followed and was greeted then l us . U ee y if is 7 y Q U N ll"lN'irf' we lk Hake ...-,. -..- ..-Aol Qs.-Q rAl!.lsSiiwf,g.-a... -,,,R'I?Ai1.'fl Page 29 5 2 The Lost Thought By a whole band of little men ' They were hardly larger than liies, Not very strong judging by their size- But they were stronger than two to my surprise, They looked to me like real men, but for their size. And too, they had wings and were very wise. What do you suppose they had? Wishing caps, both good and bad, They made them there And cloaks of darkness bad and fair. I begged and begged to keep just one, I started crying then for one, And then appeared before my eyes A person about six times my size- He had horns on his head, A pitch-fork in his claws, and was dressed in red. I cannot remember any more Until I woke up on the shore, I was still attended by my little boy This little friend who gave me joy. Before me lay a bridge of eggs, And like the gold at the rainbow's end Sparkled and shown more fairyland. I was commanded to cross by my little friend. I told him that all the eggs would break before we got to the end, He showed me then how the bridge was made 5 The arches were eggs of a larger, harder grade- Then too, on the bottom they were very large These were grey and brown, like an old barge. Each egg in the layer above Must have been dipped in the spring of love For the very harmony of this set Was like the rainbow when the grass is wet. And over these was a crystal set The crevices filled with diamond jets- As I stepped on the rainbow bridge, I was filled with the hope of old That I was nearing the pot of gold. So light were my feet, not even an egg did break, "Who laid these eggs, for goodness sake ?" "Mother Goose," said by little friend. And then it was that I looked back. There was no bridge, no sign of a track But there was a shadow over water and land There were birds in the air on every hand. Too soon we had reached the bridge's end. I saw a little town, Quiet, there was not a single sound. I wondered who lived there but did not ask For fear my friend would tire of his task. Then I saw the home of Jack and Jill By the side of a wee little rill, The place where they had had their awful spill- I saw a haystack as I peeped Over the house-top, and saw Boy Blue fast asleep, Then tiny sheep and little Bo-Peep. -- , '33 KJ 'tis U I . Asif, mm. ngu-l..4n xEg'2.1! -1 .4 a s-x..4-4- 4-4. . "-' 'fxln A Page 296 The Lost Thought The streets were narrow, the pavement green And there were blue streets in between. We came to the center of the town And there I stopped and looked around. The streets from here looked like a color dial, I could not keep back a smileg These streets led to this central place Where there was a driveway space And in the center was placed the flagpole. The flag was a huge picture of Mother Gooseg Truly I had found Mother Goose town. And after I had looked around I hastened on in Search of my lost thought. Just when I reached the edge of the town I heard a fierce noise and looked around There was Mother Goose herself. She was just the size of a grown-up cow And was certainly in a rage just now. She could not get her children together I thought she was going to lose every feather Walking up and down and flapping her wings And quacking like some terrible giant sings. Her large webbed feet were raising the dust I felt sure her bill would never rust- If she kept that up long. Then I found what the trouble was, Why her children were gone, and she in a fussy The cow had just jumped over the moon And the frightened children thought they were doomed. I hope she found them soon. We went on to a valley where Clouds were dark, the weather never fair J The air was cold and damp. As we followed the winding path we needed a lamp "The Valley of Dragons," I was told. And soon I saw before dragons young and old, I turned to go back but the path had closed. My friend told me to look, back no more- Until I had reached the other shore - Of this dreadful place. The dragons rushed toward me They showed their teeth with glee I screamed, and when I opened my eyes to see They were held by chains one yard from me Oh how terribly close, you see-- They had huge gray eyes with centers green And many scars in between. I could feel the heat and see the smoke As if from within them hell had broke- And then before my very eyes Was a dragon of a terrible size With seven heads and fourteen eyes. He broke his chain, my friend drew his tiny sword He looked up, and without a word A pathway opened up a mountain side. "Safe at last" my little friend cried This was a gray mountain which seemed to have no pride. U ily' 'iff' ,iii . tl in N 'EE lmnzw .-- - - -- ---J QJ! sAl,I1sSi1.Qr,g........-,,,n 'Wil . Page 297 The Lost Thought Soon I saw many castles also grey Nothing in the atmosphere was gay. Eagles hovered over those castle walls Against my will my friend led me through the halls Of the largest castle on the mountain. He said that the witch would not be home for an hour- I was afraid, I was in dreadful pain When I would think of that witches power- The castle was tall and round And it echoed every sound There were cells around the wall Some were large and some were small. In the first were many people sleeping- In this room they were all men From youths to those with bearded ching The next room was full of women hanging by their hair I certainly did not tarry thereg In another were trees that walked about Like human people, in and out. My friend explained with the air of a judge That they were people that the witch begrudged- We went through a huge room Filled with rings, sticks and brooms. And in another was medicine of every line- Dark, crystal, and red, like wineg In the center was a spiral stair Of course the child took me there. This stair was made of human hair. We climbed and climbed until at last We came to the top, not very fast. From the window we saw below The witch, she was not walking slowg She was dressed in gray, But her eyes looked very gay, To me it seemed that they fiashed red. Into the castle she rushed as if to be fed Upon us. I thought that I was ready to die When my friend commanded me to fiy. He threw a cloak around us . And we landed in a field of tangled underbrush. I was still frightened when I saw a light. I turned to my friend, "What can that be?" "Tis only the "Will 0' The Wisp" said he. "Don't be frightened, while you are with me" Suddenly, then we were in a land of green More beautiful mountains than I had even seen. I stumbled and looking in the grass I saw a long rusty gun of the past- "'l'is Rip Van Winkle's gun" said he- "Whoever is telling the story has awakened him, you see." I looked then and saw Rip himself, I-Ie stretched and yawned and looked about- He fiew into a rage when he saw me He thought at first that I was his wife, you see. ' A '93 at U h ' LN., . ggi- .Qi fm ' 'fbi ' 'l 4,3 an -Lag t -,QMQMA - AX-.. , lemln J. Page 298 The Lost Thought He seemed good enough when he saw his mistake- And said: "Why in thunder do they want to wake A fellow so soon. I want to rest- I've been asleep only twenty years at best." He took up his gun and started on to towng He went over the mountain and down. We turned to climb, my friend went ahead with an I ran after and on reaching the top, I was certainly ready to stop. "We are going down now, it won't be hard." And what I saw below, oh, to be a bard, To sing the beauties of that place. About half way down the mountain side, The mountain jutted out and was wide- And there surrounded by the green Was a crystal lake serene- .As we climbed down I could see How very clear the water must be- 'l'o reflect everything about so perfectly There were white swans, I counted six.-- And saw them among the water lilies mix.- Beside this lake was a beautiful flower More beautiful than I had seen in this world of ours. There on the bank, Narcissus stood revealed King of the hills and of the field, He was gazing, not at Neptune's daughter, But at his painted image in the water. A voice was heard from the mountain side, "My love, my love," it cried. I looked quickly around and then it sighed. A fairy queen I thought, by the golden voice But when I looked and saw not, I had no choice, For the sylvan sound of that wandering voice Came from the dainty, fleeting- dancer, Echo. Still crying for her lover in tones so low, We journeyed back over the mountain high For there was no other way, and no use to sigh. We did not go back but turned due west. At the mountain's foot, we found not a little nest But a wee castle there to make us guests. A tiny palace made of precious stones Of all colors and all tones. The windows were made of diamonds clear And the roof fashioned of rubies dear But the walls included everyone. It was surely a work that good fairies had done. A shadowed path found its way to the door NVhich lacy vines hovered o'er. The prince who opened the aged portal to me VVas proud and courtly as a prince should be. I-Ie was the kind of prince that modern girls see When they take time to think in the breeze of society And Cinderella, if you will know, NVas small, dainty, and white as snow ' She had a waist that men's arms crave And feet that make all girls rave. But with all her beauty, and she was fair, I saw a trace of a few freckles there. elf-like hop 7 Hospitality reigned in that place U - , Q gk .n A fi ft A .- A!! P ig ts, ami -nik? . LGA fi- l..L-f'a 4- 1 Page 299 The Lost Thought 1 hated to leave but "We must cover space." Whispered my little guide. We were ushered out through a long hallway Blue walls shone out through arches of flowers gayg We found ourselves in a garden fair. Myriads of tall flowers were there, Taller by far than I could reach. With perfect buds all agold like a lovely peachg King Midas had surely been that way For we found his path and we were gay. And though the odor was extremely sweet. So stifling we could hardly keep on our feet We found our way to an open space, And crisp-like air. Before us was a single tomb, beyond compare A hallowed tomb it was, of silver rare, So true was the heart of the sleeping one, That nature had fashioned her own headstoneg A moss-grown boulder was her choice And from the hallowed stone a living voice Of ever-blooming flowers of crimson red. Alive and velvet, and yet they bled: As they spelled King Arthur's mystic name And spoke to the world of his ever-living fameQ The little boy bowed his curly head. He was about to cry, as he softly said: "Come, come, please come away, If you wish to find your thought today." Then before my very eyes, Arose a mountain, to my surpriseg High upon the rock cliff side, VVas a place, very, very wide. , Where flashed a perfect rainbow, The rainbow had given me an awf-ul hope. Again I looked up a great distance to see, A green spot which looked strange to me, For all around things were deadg "The hanging garden" were the words I said. It was, and a vegetable garden if you please. In it were cabbages, corn and peas. . Higher still we climbed and the climate grew The few little shrubs looked very old. We climbed and climbed a very long time. The mountain was steep, we had to wind Around, and as we neared the top, I began to shiver and rock. The biting wind pierced my bones With their burning cold, like sharp-edged stones. I saw white bushes scattered all about I touched one, crystals flew, I gave a shout. They sparkled every color as they fell, But oh, how cold, how cold the spell cold 3 They cast on me, My friend explained as we neared the top That the bushes were snow where I had stopped. The top of the mountain was like a huge bowl Very deep into the mountains very soul This was lined with ice, It was clean and nice. . , I-I l A I e .. . i9'7..lf3l A tl Phil' ' . 93 A X I 55' 1 M.. me n...-..-A .moLsm - ., - .,--...-A, is-, fain Al Page 300 , 23411 The Lost 'llIll'll0llllgh.llZ All around the edge and up and down Grew rows of snow and in the bottom of this pit Was a large factory where they made more of it. After it was gathered. They made ice alsog Yes, all the ice and snow. The workmen looked to me like snow-men They were white but they were thin- From hard work, I suppose. Each one had a very long nose. And black sparkling eyes. I nearly froze. "I must have my thought, please little mang" He said not a word but took my hand. Led me around and clown to the other side, It was rugged but the path was wide. We were half-way down When he swung me around Into a cavern at the top of a cliff, I heard something go, "oooooh, biff"- And then cyclone demanded, "Who's there." The little boy said: "She is fair in play She won't give you away, Your child took away her thought to hear her say." Then the blustery wind invited me in And called to his wife, Gentle Breeze to attend. While he sat out front to blow and blow I-Ie almost rocked the mountain so And there I saw his breath that we call wind As he blew it out in streams, And took it in again. While he sat there causing storms of wind I went in with my little friend. "Please, may I have my thought To give me happiness that I have sought." Then Gentle Breeze kindly saidg "You have your wish my dear You shall never fear, You have it now, here. You will always be happy with your little friend He, who brought you to the wind He leads the mind out and away from the everyday, He is the thought the whirlwind stole away." I looked, there was no child, I was about to weep "Oh, I shall never never sleep." "My dear, what do you will, There is the wishing well Your wish to fulfill." "I want to be home," I cried. And there before me on a level plain Lay a field of blue flowers once againg Stripes of red flowers then were seen And rows of white flowers in between. And the stars began to shine In that field of blue which I call mine. I was glad to be home again In this native 1and,' But still greater the joy you understand T 0 know that this kind little man can ever take me at his will again. To that happier, lighter, daintier, fairy land. PEARLA MCCAULEV. " I cl 1 ' 'gl , -A . we he 'K . ..,- ,A ,. 4 - 'l.-g,.'.! Q Q! MA- ,JAR .m g Page 301 Hamlet Modernized T HOROUGHLY exhausted from my walk clown the aisle, I sank into the seat which the usher indicated. The night was intensely hotg I glanced about the theater and saw sitting very near me the venerable professor of English in one of New York's leading universities, very near him sat his delicate wife. To my right sat a young girl, the essence of everything lovely. but modern even to the detail of an escort who was a fair representative of the youth of 1926. At last a life long dream was about to be realized. All my life I had been a theater goer. I remember when I was a child of three. my father and mother went to the theater and left me at home alone with the maid. I wept bitterly. I have always had an especial fondness for Shakespearean productions, and "Hamlet" is my choice of them all. I spent several years at Stratford-on-the-Avon trying to absorb the atmosphere Shakespeare must have felt when he wrote his Hamlet, but I have never seen the play without feeling that there was something wrong. Long ago I realized that the play needed to be modernized. To-night the curtain was about to rise on the first production of HI-iamlet Modernizedf' The play was supported by an all-star cast. Miss Ima lflapper, an actress known both in Europe and America was playing the role of Ophelia. Opposite her, and playing in the role of Hamlet, I saw the name of the prodigy of the theater going world---Will Stacomb. Mrs. Lizzie DoDiet was playing the part of Ger- trude, the Queen mother. A man of national and international repute, and a XVorld War veteran. Colonel I. Loveme was playing the role of Laertes. Other features of the play bade fair to be very attractive: clowns for the clown scene were men who had formerly been with the Barnum and Bailey Circusg their duty was the care of the monkeysg so I knew the clown scene would be a treat. Players from the Metropolitan Grand Opera Company had been engagedto play the Mouse-trap scene. Music was under the direction of Sousa. Lords and Ladies of the court were members of Washington's most select society. Best of all, from the program I saw that the United States Govermnent had placed its stamp of approval upon "Hamlet Modernized" by permitting soldiers from our national guard to play in scenes in which soldiers would be needed. 'l'he scene is laid in New York. U. S. A. The time is the present. Suddenly the curtain rises and I am confronted with a barren stage. I marvel at this. I contrast it with the opening scene in the original play and remember that it was laid on a platform and soldiers were on guard duty. The stage is so bare that I decide that it must be NO MAN'S LAND, but suddenly I hear an approaching footstep. JA, A 'Q l E " it . ma, -' 0 ff !lQl.,--...-A.- L--. iifndil Page 3 02 1 . is ,Q ', 1 N' 4, . . X A HA R 54 Hamlet Modernized Suddenly a Yankee helmeted head rises from the back of the stage closely followed by a shoulder and arm clad in the khaki of the American soldier. This is uncanny, until it dawns upon me that the figure is rising from a trench, as the scene is taken from modern warfare. I am apprehensive for the approaching stranger, for the figure in the trench hurls a gas bomb. My fears are ungrounded for a soldier merges into view lowering a gas mask. When the poisonous gas has cleared away he removes the mask and greets his fellow in the trench with: "Long live the King!" The soldier in the trench climbs out, embraces his buddy and replies, "For this relief much thanks, 'tis bitter cold and I am sick at heart!" Here the audience responds to the fact that " 'tis bitter cold"g it is so cold, in fact that the professor is frantically mopping his face with a large handkerchief. His frail wife is fanning herself with a large palmetto fan, and the young girl at my right murmurs to her escort, "Well, Bill, if you can't beat that, for goodness sake give me the fan." When I turn back to the stage I see that there are two strange young men upon it. One of them is dressed as a Yankee soldier. His leather boots and the badge at his shoulder tell too plainly that he is a first lieutenant in the U. S. Army. It is Marcellus. His companion is the athletic type. His gray trousers. gray felt hat and gray overcoat only accentuate his manly bearing. The wind blows open his overcoat and I see that he is wearing a red sweater with a large white H upon it. The young man at my right enlightens me: "Nannette, the guy who is playing the role of Horatio is a Harvard graduate. This time next year I'll be wearing a red sweater with a larget white H upon it myself!" . I see a gem sparkling over the heart region of Horatio. It is a fraternity pin, for he and Hamlet are schoolmates. Suddenly a wide ray of light is flashed upon the stage. It is so bright it is blinding and I shade my eyes for a moment. When I look up again I see that the audience is gazing in wrapt wonder at the ray of light and then I see in the ray of light the figure of a king. I marvel at the bravery of the young men, for upon the first appearance of the light they all rush for the trench. Clinging to the edge of the trench, they peer over it at the figure of the ghost of the murdered king. As a friend of Hamlet's Horatio feels that he must speak to the ghost. Ducking his head in the trench he bravely shrieks, , , s x RAW 3529 W' ...Q UAW. Hamlet Modernized "I'1l cross it though it blast me!" I tremble with excitement, for I see that the ghost is about to speak, when I am horrified to hear the shrill crowing of a rooster from the wings of the stage. A light button snaps on the stage. The professor sighs to his wife: t'Ah! Mary, the ghost will not speak to-night. The crowing of the cock is the signal for the disappearance of the ghost-too bad! too bad " The stage is in darkness. When the lights are turned on in the audience the audience is too tense, after having seen the ghost, to applaud. Finally the curtain rises and the scene is quite changed. The scene is a modern railway station. I wonder how a modern railway sta- tion can be used in a production of "Hamlet," There is an old iron bench in front of the station and seated upon it are a young man and a young woman. I wonder who they are, and conclude that they must be a couple of New York's elect about to elope. The young man is strikingly handsome. His suit is of handsome material, but has a more modern cut than the most daring "jellybean" would dare venture out in. At his feet are a handbag and a suitcase. The young girl is a lovely blonde. Her light hair is well marcelled. Her skirt perhaps daringly short, and upon her feet she wears extremely high heeled slippers and chiffon hose. She carries a silver vanity which serves the double capacity of being a vanity and a cigarette case. She extends the case to the young many both light cigarettes. The young man begins speaking, and then I recognize the well-known voice of Colonel If Loveme. It is Laertes and his sister, Ophelia. l Laertes is about to leave for VVashington where he is to make his first appearance in the diplomatic life of our capital. . With all the characteristic pomp of an older brother Laertes begins advising Ophelia: "Farewell, and sister, do not sleep,-let me hear from you. For Hamlet and the triiiing of his favor, hold it a toy-nothing more. But here my father comes." A large limousine drives across the stage and draws up in front of the station. A liveried chauffeur opens the door and Polonius steps out. He is a small man. His clothes bespeak the workmanship of New York's best tailor, but the color is a severe black. He Hicks the dust from the toes of his shoes and places on his head a tall silk hat. The widower Polonius is wearing a red Carnation in his buttonhole. I kai rbi A ,Q 'I AW ,I I 4,1 .qt 11 an X is nn A - Ass. - A - 4-4 . Page 3 04 Hamlet Modernized He is carrying a box of cigars in his hand. The old man seems somewhat annoyed to find that Laertes has not yet departed for Washington and he exclaims: "Yet here, Laertes! For shame! Aboard, aboard l." and extending the cigars, "my blessings season this in thee." Here a negro porter appears calling out the train and Laertes turns to go, but he pauses to give one last farewell of advice to Ophelia. "Farewell, Ophelia, remember well what I have said to thee!" Ophelia makes a grimace at her brother which I take is to indicate that she does not want her father to know what they have been talking about. Laertes has scarcely turned his back to go before the old man begins questioning Ophelia. "What is't Ophelia he hath said to you ?" "Something touching the Lord Hamlet," Cangrily and pertlyj. "What is between you? Give me up the truth ?,' "He hath of late made tenders of his affection to me." "Affection, pooh! You speak like a green girl. Do you believe his tenders as you call them? You'll tender me a fool. Come your ways." Polonius enters the coach. When her father turns his back upon her, the lovely Ophelia makes a very unlovely face at her father, then sinks into the back seat of the car as far from Polonius as possible. She is pouting prettily as the coach drives off the stage. The curtain falls. VVhen the curtain rises again the scene is once more barren, but I don't mind the deserted scene. I like the simplicity the modernists have given to their setting. The audience is applauding loudlyg I wonder what it means when I discover two young men upon the stage. They are dressed in evening clothes, perhaps they have been to some function of New Yorkis elite. One of the young men I recognize at once as Horatio. His companion is well dressed from the toes of his patent leather pumps to his evening cape and the silk hat which he removes from his head. As he removes his hat the light fiashes upon the pallid features of a young man. and then sparkles on his heavily stacombed black hair-I recognize Will Stacomb playing the part of Hamlet. Hamlet pulls his coat about him and says, "The air bites shrewdlyg it is very cold." " ' ri'-.i - K . ' nA X -4-.-A -4.-l-A--ag. Page 3 05 Hamlet Moderinuized Again the audience responds to the fact that it is very cold in New York. It is so cold in fact that a man in front of me is endeavoring to take his portly wife from the theaterg she has fainted from the heat. My own collar is completely wilted. The old professor is fanning his wife. Nevertheless. it is "bitter cold" in New Yorkg snow is falling in great flakes---upon the stage. I hear a clock striking and it is quite obvious that it is meant for everyone to hear the striking of the clock, for it sounds and resounds through the theater. I count the strokes of the clock: it strikes twelve. Upon the twelfth stroke of the clock the two young men rush for the trench and peer over the edge. A great wave of light is tlashed upon the stage and in the light the figure of the murdered king is plainly visible. The audience is waiting breathlessly, hoping that this time the ghost will speak. Hamlet has recognized it as his father's ghost. He feels that he must speak to it. Clinging to the side of the trench he exclaims, "It waves me: go on I'll .follow thee." Here Horatio proves himself a true friend. In the spirit of true friendship he sneaks down to the far end of the trench, climbs out into the wings of the stage and to safety. Hamlet is left alone to battle with the ghost. Clutching a revolver Hamlet climbs from the trench and pointing the pistol at the ghost commands, "Speak, I'1l go no further." The lips of the ghost have parted the audience waits breathlessly. There is an ominous silence--then static-and then- "A1 Satan broadcasting from station H A IJ IC S the lines of the ghost for the modern production of Shakespeare's "I-Iamlet": 'I am thy father's spirit, x Revenge his foul and most unnatural murther. Adieu! Hamlet, remember mel' Hamlet is feeling the situation. He slaps himself loudly upon the heart. It is a noble gesture. the slap echoes and re-echoes through the threater. Hamlet says with feeling. "Hold, hold, my heart!" Gesticulating wildly he concludes the pledge with Hkemember thee! I have SWORN IT!" The curtain falls. , i I 9 if " ,SA b gg' 1 il lm nk , ,,4,, ls-s-.4m.- A.- As- , Page 3 06 Hamlet Mloccllernizetl When the curtain rises again, the scene has changed once more. lt is laid at the country home of Polonius, on the golf links. The weather has greatly abated, for it is spring in New York now. A small arbor commands a view of the golf links. It is decorated with red, white and blue hunting and from the topmost pinnacle of the arbor the Star Spangled Banner is furled to the breeze, About the doorway of the arbor courtiers of the court are grouped. It is a very select crowd. The King and Queen appear in the doorway of the arbor and Sousa motions to his orchestrag the National Anthem swells throughout the theater. The audience rises to a man. Even the players upon the green pause in their game, lean against their golf clubs and remove their caps as a tribute to our national air. When the music ceases I wonder why some women in the audience are still standing until I discover that they have their opera glasses focused upon the stage. It has been given out that the ladies who are playing the part of the ladies of the court are those members of Washington society who set the styles of our capital. The players have disappeared from the green. The lords and ladies have left the stage and the King and Queen have gone inside the arbor. Polonius saunters upstage, more dapper than ever before in his golf togs. He is as prosperous looking as John D. Rockefeller himself. Ophelia crosses the stage. but pauses in her walk across it to do a few jingling stepsg these I readily concede must be a late addition to the Charleston. She greets her father with: "My lord, as I was eating breakfast in bed Hamlet, no hat upon his head, his stockings ungartered His face pale as his shirtp His knees knocking each other-he comes before me." "Mad for thy love," and Polonius kittenishly pinches her cheek, "but come with me, I'l1 seek the King." I Polonius and Ophelia enter the arbor. With the indifference of the modern girl Ophelia makes a slight nod which takes in both the King and' Queeng then she drapes herself on the arm of a vacant chair. Polonius goes at once to the business at hand. It is the 'first close-up the audience has had of the King .and Queen. The audience cheersg I see the chest of Poloinus begin to swell. I hope when the play is over someone will go back stage and tell Polonius that the audience was not applauding for him but was paying a tribute to the King and Queen. U :lf bl , K . ' ll iiifx 'YH lr 'lb' lk fl ? -, ,. ,.-,,,n FFXI! Przge 3 0 7 Hamlet Modlernizedl The Queen is a striking creature. The King is handsomeg his well fitted suit and portly bearing made his a fair representative of America's greatest financier-a large cigar just adds the finishing touch. The King and Queen are seated at a card table. The empty glasses and vacant chairs tell plainly that they have recently had company. Polonius takes from an inner pocket of his coat a yellow packet. It is a bundle of telegrams, and I see that they are addressed to Ophelia-. Polonius begins talking as he opens one of the telegrams: "Your son is mad, I have a daughter." Here he indicates Ophelia, but she ignores the indication. Polonius continues reading one of the telegrams: "O dear O I love thee best, O most best, believe it! Aclieu! Hamlet." Polonius is a happy fatherg the face of Ophelia is a mask. The King nods significantly at the Queen, but I am unable to tell what the nod signifies. Turning to the professor I ask, "Sir, how do you account for the nod of the King and Queen?" "I do not know, but it is a very significant nodg it is quite evident that it is a very significant nod." I am disappointed in Ophelia. She is permitting her father to take ad- vantage of her in the presence of others. My faith in the young womanhood of today is restored, however, for I see Ophelia snatch the telegram from her father's hand, pick the packet from the table and rush from the arbor. She slams the door after her. Ophelia is tossing down the gauntlet to the young womanhood of 1926 to break away from parental guidance. She offers just another step toward the emancipa- tion of woman. - Ophelia has hardly gone before a well dressed woman stands in the doorway of the arbor. Her eyes take in the three inside the arbor, but rest finally only upon Polonius. To give the play a more modern touch she greets him with, "Oh, there you are." She enters the arbor. Polonius is somewhat fiustered. He places a chair for her at the table. They gaze into each others eyes-and only into each others eyes. The King winks at the Queen. I am disappointed, for I have always under- stood that royalty should never be guilty of ill-breeding. The King begins shuffling cards, the Queen passes around cigarettes, and the modern game of bridge begins. ' .QF 1.11 Q , Q6 f 'msg Wig, JN .1 Q I-I ' me '- lf KM 3 '11 'Eff' - 'R' Y Lf' 1 L: fi 11 m- 'in MW. R xwfazg, in if ' I s.s.L..As-,4.s-.4:s. -.L,s- -1 .4 - s,m..4gX-,m- 4-4, An Page 308 ll-llamllet Modlernizedl Someone is whistling a well known tune-in fact it is the air "Collegiate," Presently a young man in white iiannels stands in the doorway of the arbor. He has a tennis racket under his arm and is reading "College Humor." The sunlight sparkles upon his black hair and I recognize Will Stacomb playing in the role of Hamlet. He looks up from the printed page, glances at the four playing cards, and as he disappears from the stage he mutters, "These tedious old fools." When the curtain falls this time, the audience hopes that the actors will come out for the curtain call, and sure enough the curtain rises and this pleasant picture greets the eye: Hamlet and Horatio are propped together smoking cigarettes g Ophelia stands center stage, with the blase indifference of the modern girl, she powders her nose, Polonius is smelling the red Carnation in his buttonholeg Laertes stands beside his baggage, and the King is drinking to the Queen. The curtain rises on another New York scene. It is laid on a deserted country road. The road is a winding road. I wonder if some hold-up is about to take place when a large sport-model roadster drives across the stage and draws up at the side of the road. The car is occupied. It is moonlight in New York. The moonlight fiickers upon the pallid features of a young man and then flashes upon his heavily stacombed hair, and I recognize Will Stacomb as Hamlet. He never looked more manlyg his feet are propped up on the windshield of the car and he is slumped far down in the car seat. Taking a cigar from his mouth he begins one of his great speeches, "To be or not to be, that is the question." Here his companion, the lovely Ophelia, interrupts with one of her great speeches, "My lord, I have remembrances of yours, I pray you now receive them." She climbs out of the car, goes to the back and returns with a large box. She spills the contents upon the stage and I see bits of jewelry, articles of dress. empty candy boxes, withered roses, magazines, sheet music, books, and among other things, a large picture of Hamlet. Hamlet denies her, "I never gave you aught." I do not wonder that Ophelia is angered, for she has the evidence to prove to Hamlet that he has made gifts to her. Picking the picture up from the floor of the stage she hurls it at Hamlet exclaiming, "I know you did! Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind. There!" ll vb at , m :QM 23,1 .tiifhla fa :- ' J A V . a1.,,gyx?f,aQ,i!- n nk .--,. --- -A ,al IJ!-9 ran.1wis11.-,.....- ,sn 7155312 Page 3 09 Hamlet Modernized The picture falls harmlessly against the steering wheel of the car and the glass shatters to the floor. Sneering at her lover Ophelia continues to the audieuce. "I see that noble reason, like sweet bells jangled, out of tune and harsh--" Hamlet is so infuriated at this speech that he starts the motor with a jerk and Ophelia is only saved from being left on a deserted country road by jumping quickly to the fender of the car and it disappears from the stage. When the curtain falls one of the managers appears in front to announce that the members of the Metropolitan Grand Opera Company who were going to play the mouse-trap scene are unable to keep their engagement, but that the little theater movement of New York has consented to play the play. I hope the little theater people will do it good. for I remember from a course in college English that the moustrap scene is one of the great scenes of the play. The curtain rises and I see the play audience upon the stage. The scene is laid at the New York Little Theater. Among the stage audience I see the King. Hamlet. Horatio, the Queen, Ophelia and Polonius. Winking at Horatio, Hamlet questions Polonius: "You played once i' the university?" "I was accounted a very good actor." "What did you enact?" "Julius Caesar-I was killed i' the capital. Brutus killed me." It was a brute part of him to kill so capital a calf there." I am surprised to hear a loud slap in the audience and turning see the pro- fessor just ready to slap himself a second time on the knee. He is rocking with laughter at Hamlets jokem-soon I am rocking with laughter at Hamlet's joke, and soon the entire audience is rocking with laughter at Hamlet's joke. We all recover in time to see the villain pouring poison in the ears of the sleeping king. This is the King's great moment. He rises to his feet in rage and roars, "A light! Give me some light!" Someone in the audience passes up a Ilashlight. I like thisg it shows the close affiliation of the audience with the players. The King flashes the light upon Hamlet. and then he and his courtiers rush from the stage. a Q9 r l I SYS: 'Q If lap' dl! l-I 1 t I P A Ms . - t W ., ,aan...... . ." ----4.A-- A Hamlet Modernized Hamlet and Horatio are left alone upon the stage. They are well pleased over the culmination of the mouse-trap scene. 'l'hey are so well pleased, in fact that they become chummy. 'l'hey place their hands upon each other's shoulders and begin to jig about the room, until as if by inspiration Hamlet commands. "Come, come, some music!" Sousa tunes in his orchestra and this is the signal for one of the loveliest scenes of the play, New York debutantes, lovely in pastel shades Hock out upon the stage. 'l'hey are accompanied by young men in full dress-dancing begins. Hamlet is dancing with Ophelia when lfolonius interrupts "My lord. the Queen would speak with you." Hamlet is angry at having his dance interrupted, but he replies civilly to the old man. "l, will come by and by." Someone in the audience cries out, "ON WITH THE lJANCl'I." The dancing continues for some time and finally Hamlet pulling himself from 0phelia's arms says. "Now will I to my mother." 'l'he curtain falls. The next scene is greatly improved by being given a modern setting. It is the original closet scene, but it is laid in the Queens bedroom. In the original play l remember that the closet scene was staged in a small room hung with heavy black draperies. 'l'he white ivory furniture, the now white coverlet upon the bed. and the rich white satin curtains stand out in.vivid contrast against the blackness of the character of the wicked Queen mother. My one regret is that Shakespeare is not in the audience to-night to see how his original play has been improved by the modernists. 'l'he room is complete even to the detail of a lfrench maid who is gazing out of the window. She is gazing out into the night. I wonder what new device the modernists are about to introduce through the window when the maid turns. I follow her eyes, and they finally rest upon Polonius. He is talking with the Queen about Hamlet's madness. 'I'he Queen has taken the precaution not to violate modern conventionalities and has a French maid present as chaperone at her interview with Polonius. A step is heard in the hall. Hamlet is approaching. l'olonius steps behind the snow white satin curtain. The Queen mother in an effort to appear at her ease picks up a cold cream jar from the table and begins dabbing the cream upon her face. She has risen to her feet. l . ts Q. , at beast . ,cg at nh T, xy -fl HAI' ...-4 Page 311 Hamlet Modernized Hamlet is still angry at having his dance interrupted and he greets his mother with, "Well, what's the matter?" The Queen is about to reply when Hamlet points a revolver in her face and commands, "Sit you down." As the Queen sinks to the chair at her dressing table she screams for help. I see the black muzzle of a revolver peeping from behind the snow white satin curtain at the window. But Hamlet is too quick for the past generation. He whips a Colt's 45 from his pocket and without pausing to consider, he fires. There is a low thud, and the figure of Polonius is lying at the foot of the snow white win- clow curtain. This is much better than the original play, for it would have been very awkward for Hamlet to walk upstage, draw a dagger from his bosom and stab it through the rich satin curtain. Furthermore it would have ruined the curtains whereas the tiny bullet hole is hardly visible. Through all this the Queen is acting like any modern mother would. She is almost hysterical, wrings her hands and screams. Pointing a revolver in her face again Hamlet commands, "Sit you down-let me wring your heart." Mrs. DoDiet sinks in a swoon. There is a low grinding noise, and when the static has cleared I hear, Al Satan, singing off station H A D E S, as this is the last appearance of the ghost for the modern production of Shakespeare's Hamlet." And then: 'Hamlet, do not forget'. Hamlet's action here shows that he spent long hours of practice on the part. He falls to the floor in a tranceg he rolls his eyesg he clasps the region of his heart. I see him pass through a great soul struggle, then he rallies all his forces, like the dying Gaul he makes a super-human effort and is once more master of his own emotions. The Queen is as one dead. Hamlet crosses up-stage to the telephone and calls an undertaker to take charge of the body of Polonius. -f92Gf-F alghggf, ' Xue 3310" 5 x 1 -" 1 f ff I-I ,Aw R534 .Am .4-.4 Q an 4 .4 .ix .A A 4 Ain J- Q Q W .T 53-1355 '. 'Nu .. q I' V 1 5 g 'nfl A A X X- - X- X- . gif" Hamlet Modernized Before the curtain rises on the next scene I listen to the comment about me regarding the action of Hamlet. I see great possibilities for the youth of to-day, for Hamlet is being played by a young man of twenty. I see the future unrolling as a scroll for the young womanhood of to-day, too, because the next scene is the mad scene-Ophelia's great scene. I am horrified to discover that the mad scene has been omitted from the program. I turn' to the professor, "Sir! how DO you account for the omission of the mad scene!" The professor wrings his hands and pulls his hair and is about to answer when the young girl at my right says, "Oh, Ima Flapper is a friend of mine. No girl will loose herself enough to play in a mad scene. just think she would loose all her dignity before this great audience. It is ridiculous!" The next scene is greatly enhanced by its modern setting. It is a desert place. I hear the rumbling as of many tin cans rattling against each other. I decide that New York's garbage man must be coming to the city dumping ground with a huge load of tin cans when the inevitable Henry Ford rambles into view. The car stops. even after it stops the fenders continue to vibrate-it is as if the car were feeling the situation. 'i Two men alight from the car. They would be well dressed if their clothes were not so dirty. Each wears in his cap a badge--I see that they belong to that great fraternity-the labor union. They sit down beside the car and begin smoking their pipes. They have taken from the car a pick and a spade. Two young men cross the stageg it is Hamlet and his classmate, Horatio. When the grave diggers see the two young men they rise to their feet and go to work. This brings home to the audience the intricacies of the labor problem. And it proves true the old adage "when the cat is away the mice WILL play." One of the grave diggers has unearthed a skull. It falls at Hamlets feet. He picks it up and mutters to it, "Here hung those lips that I have kissed." The next scene is the same except that the ford is gone as are also the grave diggers and the pick and the spade. An undertaker is conducting a funeral. This sends a pang to my sensitive heart. I know it is the funeral of the lovely Ophelia. I am shocked to see Ophelia among the mourners. It is the first time in the history of "Hamlet" that Polonius is being given a public burial-it is Polonius' funeral. When the funeral service is over I wonder why Ophelia lingers behind. but she is joined immediately by Hamlet. With all the bravery of the modern girl she l ' LJ Q' 44. Q 'U T' V K 94' J? A nu ff , M, A L, ,, l QM! fAsaLoia1,4.-......-,,,n -Wav!! Page 313 Hamlet Modlernized tells her lover that Laertes has a poisoned dagger concealed in his shirt with which he means to stab Hamlet in a mock duel. ' The last scene of the play is a banquet scene. The Queen mother is enter- taining. About a large table richly laid with silverware and cut glass lords and ladies are searching for their places. Hamlet is among those present. and opposite Hamlet stands Laertes. Hamlet tinds at his plate a large white envelope. He opens it and his face becomes black with rage as he reads the note. He iiashes one glance at Laertes and then rushes out through the French doors and upon the lawn. Laertes follows Hamlet. The lords and ladies think it is going to be a mock duel. but I have seen blood in both the eyes of Hamlet and Laertes. A small boy bears a pair of dueling pistols. The lords and ladies line up to watch the duel. The King and Queen stand on the front row. The signal is given. but both young men fire wildly. Hamlet has slain the Queen and Laertes has killed the King. When the smoke has cleared away Hamlet is left alone upon the scene of carnage. The courtiers have disappeared lest they be involved in some society scandal or a murder trial. There is a low rustling sound and I see Ophelia standing at the back of thc stage. She never looked more lovely than she does now in her chic mourning gown. Then I see what the modernists have done. They have given to posterity a "Hamlet" in which Hamlet and Ophelia are spared to each other. I see a great future for the two. When the murder trial is over and Hamlet has acquitted him- self--as he no doubt will--they'can go away somewhere-out in the great open spaces where a man can be a man and live their own lives in their own ways. Perhaps they will go out where the West begins. but at all events I see only happiness for the two. Hamlet looks up and sees his sweetheart and with a glad cry he rushes into her arms as the curtain quickly falls. E 'lUS'l'lCE Ga.-num. . , V , l " Q, Ag- . ig! fa A lf' Apt i fit- -Fffvnkgn ee- f mm ngxL-A.s- L .4 Q. -v,.n-4Ax..4n-- Ax-.g. I I M Y I Y -YA. A YA - - ..., v 1 u 5 fi A . .. v..f ug x 5-'AAF 1 X RWM ogf M 7 'gi XMI . 'i' ,. A -- , ,134 - 'QM ri A 1 gf Y HL-,nf Q A "' ff fr. 5 - rn. ' I' 4.9 . ' . ' -n' . Na..--' A - n ln ' . L14 .. Q- ll-, a y.- 1 .L-:g4.. .f f A' .-:JA . ,,,, nr' WMM- fre- f..- A mf:-an Moutlhiings of Mittens Said one glove to another: "My own companion, where have you been all these months? Nell has looked everywhere for you. Of course, I could warm only one hand, but at last you are found." "Well, my dear, I have been in that old coat pocket which has been placed in the attic since last year. I have seen nothing since we returned from C. I. A. last yearfl "I went back and I am so sorry you didn't go along, It has been a great year." "Please tell me all about it, Hurry!" "Well, of course, it was great fun to see so many girls glad to see each other, but there were so many that did not come back. There was much talk about them for some time. The seniors of last year were missed, for everybody said that it seemed strange for them not to be parading the campus in white. And I am sure Nell never did feel like a senior, but I suppose the under- classmen looked at her just as they did the seniors of last year. "But, of all the blue clouds in the summer time! You should have seen that campus when everybody was in uniform. You remember, or course, something about how it used to look. A short time before classes began, the campus was blue, regardless of the sky-whether it was blue or gray. "At the beginning of school, along with vacation tales and future plans, I heard a great deal about plans for the Bralley Memorial Li- brary. I feel sure it will be a great thing." "Did they have a good Big Sister- Little Sister party ?" "Grand! But you should have been to the Valentine Dance. We danced to the music' of an out-of-town orchestra. And, the cutest colonial costumes! Con- fetti and favors and up till twelve o'c!ock! "And the new lodge! You should see it. The Y. W. C. A. club house that Miss Hefley has wanted the girls to have for such a long time. It was formally opened October 3. It is called 'The Virginia Carroll Lodge' and, dear, did you know that Mrs. Carroll is dead? She died February 24. We were so glad the lodge was finished and that she knew about it, although she never saw it. We sent pictures of the lodge to her. And the funeral services were held there for her." I "It is sad that such a life has to i end." "Yes, very." ! ! "But, tell me more about school." . , l - 3 s ' 14, ' ' - ' .gl aku A Aa, !'16Q5f,Q-4As-A - A-...4 . Page 316 "Well, Claudia Muzio was there. You know how wonderful she And the Russian Choir was very unusual and very excellent. They were both Artists course numbers and came before Christmas. But there was still another thing before Christmas, "The lilixir of Love.' It was an operettaf' "And what else P" "Well, let's see. There was lfresh- man Day as usual. The fish had a good time at the exclusion of everybody else. Their elevated status even extended itself to monopoly of the elevator. "Of course, there was such a lot of things-the Hallowe'ev party and Thanks- giving dinner. lllverybody seemed happy. And Senior Week was before Christmas. I think Nell had a perfectly wonderful time. Really I think everyone did. There was a town boys' dance, weiner roast, din- ner in town, picture show and a dance given by the little sisters. Oh, there was just too much, I can't remember everything all at once." "Go on. what happened since Christmas?" "Well, Paul Whiremaws Orchestra was here J anuary 22. Paul surely Could Shake his head and legs. The Dramatic Club gave fflceboundu March 10. Of course, there were many recitals. Final exams were held in March and on March 22 the new term began. "Say, did you ever think about the na- tionalities at C. I. A.? There was an in- vestigation, in a very small way, which revealed Japanese, Chinese, Swede, Span- ish, Mexican and French girls." "And what else happened?" "There were more Artist Course num- bers. Then the A. N M. Band was brought to the college by the senior class, who gave them a dance after the concertg there was the junior play, 'Captain Applej:ick'g the senior play, 'The Goose Hangs High'g the soph musical comedy, 'The Student Prin- cess'g and the fish stunts. Oh. plenty happened in the Auditorium after March 1. "The senior banquet was given May 8. The seniors were busy last term. And, then there was commenceinent--something u ,l ' ' L-,l 7 .,,, J, nl A Qi Q a H x IE' PIDNWTE lb. nw ' ...- - - ... --.L I Q!! rf.-L!e1sFie:K..-....A-.,,.n'iTAifi! I Page 317 sad and glad, judging by the faces of the girls. Anyway, it was a wonderful year. I only wish you could have been with me." "So do I. Tell me more." "I can't think-oh, yes, I almost left out about St. 1'atrick's Day. That is the day the seniors beg, you know, Nell's bunch went to Mr. Walvoord's. He is one of the new teachers. He mar- ried cluring Christmas and his wife is perfectly precious. They certainly were lovely to the Irish beggars." "I just want to know everything you can remember. Do you know where Miss S. justina Smith is ?" "Not now, but she was having such a wonderful time when I heard of her last. I heard Nell say she spent Christmas in Paris. And oh, yes-what do you think of this? You remember Mr. Shaw and Miss' Mendenhall?" "Sure, Nell had a class under Miss Mendenhall last year." H Say, not Miss Mendenhall now, She is Mrs. Shaw now. It happened Christmas." "How nice. How is Miss Helly, Dean White and Mr. King ?" H Oh, Mr. King's happy. He took the usual fishing trip. Oh, yes, there is something more about him. A Walker King Debate Club was organized this year. Its rival club is called the S. .lustina Debate Club." And so, far into the night. 2 C fs- . 49 'fill 4 " Q sillil -.-gf -1lg"'- - if A Q f':,1"4 rf 'll' ' as Mess tg' in no ,REI ngs.s.-,As. - .4 .s-m-4As-A- A--4- JiffNlll I 1'z1tg'cJ 3 l 8 I into A W 1XHU541,' Q nf' s .R A g 1 Li ., fm Wav 1 A .' r I. ,,, , A - 4!'F F' Xl Q If 'lr' mx 'YHA ,A . rqilhamaf f ' 4 ' ,ffm - Q.. 'A -'i-'.l.-l-"cl 5- In Af A' -111 - -- The Glitter She pulled the gay little red hat further down on her golden curls. Her scarlet mouth was tremulously curved-almost childishly as if she were about to cry. She was going back to C. I. A and R. V. was only a sparkling memory. But it was not that that caused her head to sink low on her right collar bone-for she loved her school work. No-it was the Great Disillusionment. He had seemed so big, so splendid. just when she lost faith in Santa Claus and Elsie Dinsmore, he had come with the dashing swagger of the greek god collegiate. Ah, here- she had thought-was the Splendid Reality. She had even begun to collect recipes and to speak dreamily of a little white house with bright green shutters. Her shoulders heaved heavily as she thought of it. And her mouth curved bitterly as if she had eaten a green persimmon. R. V. had been a golden dream. Ah, how he had loomed above all others at the Hop. Until the very last minute at the . , 4.1 l eff.. .W"...l5!' if iiwifflfirf a K5 'vi i' ICI MQ ngs.L..4s.4e.4qnxAgV.!.0..2.Q -L .4 -s Q-4gX..m- A 4 An Page 3 20 Station he had held her enthralled. She had forgotten all else. Then as the train whistle sounded, she had looked into the green inscrutable eyes: she had let her gaze linger lovingly on the sleek, black hair. She read the XYZ of love in his strong manly face. '.l'hen he had parted his lips slightly-as a child might have done she thought tenderly- And he had a gold tooth! A senior sits nonchalantly on the bus with a square-top set at a rakish angle upon her head. Upon inquiry it is found that she is to have her cap and gown picture made at a clown- town studio, and doesn't want to carry an extra hat! Our idea of a fellow with a good disposition is one who goes to sleep in a telephone booth while waiting to get the right number. ll fa Kgwfs W 6 kjQNwYOI,2m,:', ici W is ' in E-' ,cb , f X if 'al J R.. ' ,A wif' I 'U 0 ' y, 'lu X lil us. y..f5'J,,, fi A - , V -1 -1 a g.- -AA. ---- -f' 4' na - - - f-vw.- A A , WN!! Publication lpulbllics LOUISE SEZ: I Some men smoke as many as twenty cigarettes a dayg others smoke any given number. Yes, Geraldine, a baby who has eyes like his papa's is called pop-eyed. Some people are so dumb that they think a monecule is something an Englishman wears in his eye. And when a boy tells her that his love for her is as deep as the ocean, she knows that that is too much to swallow. A telephone line is the shortest line between two gossips. Some people get more sleep than others. But then some people have more classes than others. And more likely, if anyone found a medicine to cure love- sickness, no one would take it. -6' I l l at., Mez' A A2 e.- .a ' .. 'iw 'Q' .2 fl g Qgu-4A. L x,,.x.4x-,m- AX 4, Page 322 ' Publication Pulbllics LOUISE SEZ: We have never taken horticulture but we would suggest that the best time to pick apples is when the dog is chained. One student upon being asked who made the first cotton gin, replied that she didn't know they made it from that. Late hours are bad for one, but they aren't so bad for two. We wonder if a person is privileged to call his girl a knocker because she is something to adore. Ruth says, "Why not call her Hinges?" Many butchers are keepers of tough joints. A few words mumbled over your head means marriageg a few words mumbled in ygur sleep means divorce. We don't claim to know much about geography, but we know a bluff when we hear one. l tax , A 'QQUW , fl? f i if m llulhnsf i l-we . .... 1A .. A - QJ4--t - ... Q QA .. ,JAH Page 323 ????? No subject can be taught without a careful study of Methods in that subject. 'I'herefo1'e, no course in Methods can be laid out without a course in Methods in Methods. But how can one work out a proper Method in teaching in the teaching of Methods without first having a course in Methods as a subject to teach? But, also how can this course be taught by a proper method without a method of the method of' teaching the method? -..4,1.41n--u- .1niu-lp.-N1 .gn-n1n--'gin' .gp-.41-:signify If tunes can be made through colors, is there not a possi- bility that pictures can be made by radio? If you will tune in on Station C. I. A. I am sure you will see a picture, for listen: "There are several matters that I wish to speak of- iirst, in the fact that we will soon be going home for the Christmas holidays, and I don't want us to forget ourselves. 1 want to feel that you always keep about you that sense of fineness which should be characteristic of a C. I. A. girl." E ggi,-,', - 4 A n.,.-,.,-A- zefaI,.ngll!L.,--,..-I-I I A l'a,yff 324 The Yarn Goes Like This SQJENE: '.l'he Publication Office in editorial disorder. Stacks of Lass-O's and various sundry annuals add to the general journalistic motifg which is further carried out by the mad rush and hair-tearing propensities of main characters. TIME: Most any hour of any day. CHaRACi1'i:Rs: One Robbie Ringo, upon whose shoulders the responsibilities rest as editor-in-chief, and one Jimmie Williams who assists herg one Lois McGaughy who has felt the cosmic urge and from whose fertile brain Russian figures in multitudinous gay colors dance right merrilyg one Ruth Seele whose curly hair and blue eyes belie the business ability which is manifested by methodical peeks at the typewriter and firm "no's" when necessity demands conservative expenditureg and her one right capable associate who chose rather to work on the Daedalian all of her senior year than to be president of the student body-one Laura Snyder. PUR1-osifz: The best Daedalian in the history of C. I. A.-----dom. And right busily do they work! f 9 53 as 'Q AQ' U9-f lg lf- it Q iU..t2f" , ,,.Q I I 0 X la. lg llM,3lvIi'i'6Qie-.ffl i nr ' ll A L. 4. A.. 4. 4-1 Q Lv up 4-4141 3.44.-.mn.-4L .44 - 11,49 Page 3 9 3 1 iM4wQ af as ul, A wif- , ' 1 LJ ' X it f .I A I A QD3 in , ' Aw' - EM: Il A In A - JM: "5 5' 'F -f - km .-. f xsLA ' X 'L-"' ' ' 11 4 :raw 1 - x'l-l-l 254, , MTA. , MTWR AA., ..42L5Ii,l,lt An K W ac W 3S59A6,,, ' wg' ' 1 fi HA '03 fk A A g l Ll . , gy' ' , 2 ' 'v .. .' 1- l -.. v , Q4 - Fl A I v U 0 115 Q X -rn lr 'lb' , 1 .N 522 if 'T --' f-ff J A f' 1'-ATV . L14 - Q- 'l-A,..-' o up 1 ALA.- ji-X Af 4' .-1.IA V P 1 5 ' , gn.. 153' A ef' Y5iif'liW3!" Q 'p' AGFAA 542- QF1'f-'mmf mlm' nga .. An 1 .4 . x,Q..g.-.4m - Ax 4 , f 'adm l'rl.','4' .7 fi: P I I 1 m lm e rf E Nllge Y 'gli Afxwx lk VW' ...- . --. -M -, ! -. J .A - ,,,n 19552 4 lhzgf: 329 I 1 1 A r 'll i'1N19,g-wg' 'KJ K-J rf-gil r Q In A ' ' ' A MW , Y - lg-J A Ai A 1-f ' A A 'F' . . 'if . ' ' I K . A Nu-14' 2'9" B Irv f k A A x 4.--. - 1.14 s ul- ml- 4,4 , . , Signatures Af A x kfc-L.CLm,M ..LT- C Jlfvvvta. 2 Xvwvw f'-UWM' wgvymw-M-1 g. " . . 'F . , fimy.-fvyxfvvgxfg-vb CLA I . lfalfafu I I Lv-U, Ci.w:x.' Z -JQIYLAAJ4 L.Jfv4.7' fl 1 4-L Cf Z, 1 1 'fifvuhq W"- fey-Qil by M, ua -iw, 'W U70 'A' ,ufv-QE 'IJ-JXA If?-lu.. fi.-I4 O' +"-fU-'-. g U, Gyg wdf . 'I ' dl, 'ff V, L41-Q 14-L U, I . ' . 7 r,,' 4 A4 ,lf 'Ai' . ' I U J r-4 or-2.4, L u E . j aft!-A""" VN' kjxj K 1? 4, ,J 'LJ Q f Q' V, Q A . 4: H !MYg?f2f 'P 'NAQQQ 1694 WWW' , Arxwx m f' - . ...VA -A- LMAV - ... 1- Fi:!.f!.0T'?.9i?fA-..aL.-4A.,.1.f,4n .mm Page 331 J..4--LA-41" Signatures X ll 1 A 1 yu, X X 11 ' 5 ff' If ffv . I 1' f 1 If ' .41 f ,J I if , I s A K -If Lvl'-" ' Y 7 'I 4Z!of.if.w..4E. if "'l 11' . ' , if 7 1 u -I -fuss, ," I t I 4 5 ,Q ' 7. ,. 1, A f jvff,4LAl f Af- 41 ff, V .. 4 xx I Vf if , 4' .f. J' ,Rua f ff 5142, 5 ,ua I fs. I ff ff 1-r 1' X . u ,gf J A1 , 3, A .h f,-1. f f 1 J eff j. If . V 'JL ' Jj jf' It ' 1 ,f-fl' f." ff' f , " . f fr! ffl? :ry if X Q L 9 1 Y , , M K --, K ,, .U , v + .. 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UMM 9fW,V,1fQ,M6L, W 3 LKAJLKAL, A in ' 116447 , .Lk K AWK! 6Lfvg,C, Q-fyl, . 4WLLf1fWL,LxiJ,tj CAJYLIU L-jymvy ' , 0L'M w . . mmm, LrpgA, ,f.,,if Aj - G '5!,Z,, - J.,4.,,,,J L, WQKW! Z V, 5 !f" xfdmf-fy, -f..Lf.!", ,fx ,, , ,,f- ,J J, fmy Q, I -K If S , ., , g s LLV.!d.4:"" lfJV'Ju,b I V'5A'4f.JjJ,J'A, , F J' J' ' 4 f f '.,- W iffy ,, .f i V ' s 1 - v .' X ull H A I, All ., 1.-,VJ .1 . -' ..,., I ,-,. juz", -J ' ', hx! -V, Y. .' .1- .I ' V 4 -42 -f.xv-Arun., f-I ..A.XmAf4 - an QQ., -4 A ga NNE' QNQYQ 1 Wlbhyml Uh., A A 9362? 1 m . A 'A 'U N ' ,AM N T61 5 ' ' , ' 1v.x1-109, Gjfg' G -r -..- - HI A V ,ff A 3' 0+ 1. lb I 54 f- vfff , "-14,-.ff . T'- lk 2'.A .l.-A -4 3-1-1 a gs in A--A14.. -44..'i.4f of -114 , ,-.Q ' Page 3323 Signatures .,- Q'K"""""ff' ,MO WLT., bxgmpg cugk 'Q 3 -,, 9 ,L-L,,jg,Q,,' .q,.. -'J..Jx,9. fwN.u.N..n 5 .35, xg .. QIQ....j Q-Ls. 7:-fv--L . Q.-.K S-Q.....,, .3g,.,,,-,Qho3gQ,Q,0g.c,..,.,Q I gtg S all gb S .. jf I Q . """2"b"N-N-"'P fx-3 N9-Qfvfm 'D QXQ-Q49 l.k,,,..,g,: 4.1.1-Q.-wJ' -xg.-.N,S1v-Ju 'X--31' L53--0 W-Mfg XTX, ' " ' ' - in V-Q, svsvvrvrvexwv ,A+ 3, NQ,,,d,,,c,,QE zu. ' :JS-'3',,,. . K ' Q ',M ,v v,,.,njg,3,' Q ex LQ? ith "Fl - -Ss, 1-Qfb,,,A14J:Jf8hPv-L. ?'ff'Zf1fz,w - fjaafb 42 new 'f'2"5'd' 011-L www 4 ' ffl:-U V6 fffw. Unij' J , W E15 KI! fy l, Q25 3? - ,.-g wsdm'-4 .Q A I U , gQlX,.Lb-l.-A- M, ,zfmm Page 334 , . N W Y 15 . Signatures '3ff 14 , ,ii M 14' b -01 ' iiblcabgiwi Lf? .J bi If , Ga . JB S hx xx -MVN - -" kg J fwfmffiw - A X 3 N wfpx 9. El? 12 5 'x?zWwm'i Y' R2 171'2f5 13 ,ii 5 - ,I N Q if an 5 . .1522 ji. "if ' Q E30 , gi 5 is 2427? I A 1 ' Vffgfg? ' Y Aff' fffftfa---9 M Q ' Q 3559 sw ' x l m I ,, , A Q . 5 A yn-3 mJf'.A,4fTf , as nl 9' ' " 3, L' v,1"""'k??4'fflf' " A -'- A A ffm 'l um a X 2 , lr 'Ib' im iff? ' 'G f ' A K D - ' . lg A -fAg. fl..A-1a gs 3 4s.-Q..4.- .-2.-'i.x.fi4lq4..1.I4 . 5 ' l Page 335 ml! f v sa PINE? Signatures , KJ 1 mi. , vekef IA ax 45 H- Ili, A A 6 f gglAf nm.-A.- L -x-m-...gX-..- 4-4 . Page 336 l Signatures l Lx ' . f25J,,fW5 W ,, WDA e g'Nig55aY'f+-YZ? A Q ' Xl-g, ,gg A,.x4 ofx HMM .-- - - -. -A ,, Q Q.-Q r1LlJ.sv fQ4f,g.-.,..-,.,,n 'WAGE ' Page 337 Signatures ,L A f 'Q Aim Q . ff? MA iQ1'fI'F"mmf mm . ng ..,4t.x. -1 .4 . x,m-g.-.A- 4-4. I -'77'AIn Page 44.48 f vi' wr 'W wi if 11 'H' i 'vim-4 Whig in r uf, ,XT L lflkdsf uf if Q Q34 is Q 1 1- , S ,UV ' rw 4 eff? AA H uk '51,-64' ' 451 ...-...- ....------"'-' " -""-N l , r .4 , . . - ' X . pf..-L3 ': -V 4 14- " ',k I, I Mtn' 45 ,A , , ,..,,5 I ' , -N. . -w:,1 --vdfay, .MN 1 ,,-, 'vp' - v.:' . ' s,- '.'41. Q. f wk .. nm. , , -4.--,-9 -"W" I A-'gf' Fm -,ggn .. av, , - '. , ' . - M, V1 '1 413' ' ' ' 1 gf? -Q .sg "' 'I-. iff. '- , ' . :1:.'-H -' 1 1 .1 A w+f "f :.4:1'. 3 M- 'Viv' I ' A ' 1 ' 4"-f Wi' 34 'A 5 H .W , . ' ' V W ' '- gin, 'Q b n.. , lr YJ I- x..:p-ii-,.,a.i4f!v, I , f , it - Jim.-'M H it 'THQ' . V3 Y' NM ' A ' QS: it 4- ft . ,A,!.'1 . .44k5.! .-VQJA 1, . w :X , P H 1, fx 'f ga I ,- V ,. H .1 4.. AMM1, . , -P QT -I 'iq ' .- ' 1' Mai' "LL " fifflzv 1 . , , ir' ' :?'?'1l-Y"i 2-.'-" "wg fi .'.'?'f. H"'6"4' ' yi!! 4' 3" f' 4' Lim 6- I PM , ..:L,,ii.!':-:,1,I-,Eg ' Q14 ,.1.q5:' ff' x J-1,9 ,ug . v .. 4. Y.. Q. , M 5 L, 1, A .., A if K-: 'fg1311-".-- . ' QW,-'f.,I,, f' - - I -- 1 1 . V - 7',1 'ff' . k '- ' If -1 ,- ' 'Eff'-'1-, ' .1 if 'ag . ' fn' fu -.aw 1-1. XJ-' U " . Q 11 ' - A 1 -, V517 if' ta". rn V X ' " 5 ' , . ..,,.... -H---""""""""" ' A - 5-, 'Q " 5" ' ' - ' V w ,, ,..,. . .... .... . .-4-- ' g - -,, e. I V 1 x K , .... .. ........ ....-.-----M-U page 339 S a fe ty Fi rs t Courtesy Second Service Continuously GS' WE THANK YOU CN The Denton Bus Line 18656 710 7'm1r.r of St'7"I'l'1' 1926 FROM ALL OVER THE VVORLD xx'e.guf1w- food for C. I. A. They Demand The Best-- -'-- We Supply It Boren-Stewart Company DENTON, TEXAS 'Yu Other Houses at DA1,LAS-MCKINNEY-TERRELL-WAXAHAcH1E-TYLER- GAINSVILLE 'Thc Home of "Renown" Food Products Pg 340 OUR STORE IS IN HARIVIONY WITH YOUNG LADIES, THEIR IDEAS, AND IDEALS, HERE THEY WILL FIND THEIR FONDEST STYLE FANCIES EXPRESSED IN AUTHENTIC APPAREL FOR ALL OCCASIONS. HERE THEY WILL FIND SALES PEOPLE ALWAYS EAGER TO PLEASE THEM, I T'S THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERVICE. COLLEGE OUTFITTERS UNIFORM AND COLLEGE APPAREL IMMEDIATE SERVICE ON ALL MAIL ORDERS J. W. GRAY COMPANY the store of certain satisfaction Pg Ola' I 77 Tears. Tozmg In Ideas Qfy In existence for almost half a century this store has kept abreast of the times in merchandising in its every phase. Not satisfied with any forward steps We may have made, it is our earnest desire to make improve- ments from time to time to the end of making this store a place Where one likes to shop. Constantly be- fore us is our slogan: "Desirable and Dependable x Merchandise at Fair Prices A very complete stock of everything pertaining to Uniform Wear. Glad to have your requests for sam- ples. Mail orders amounting to 85.00 or more sent prepaid. Rig THE WILLIAMS STORE Court Square, East Denton, Texas A' Y! riendly F acts: It's a fact that we go any length to assure the complete and lasting satisfaction of every customer. It's a fact that We fill all mail orders intrusted to our care with the right materials and accessories to make any uniform garment. It's a fact that hundreds of students of CLA. have looked to this big department store for their require- ments for many years. They like the service: courteous and efficient sales folk, always in attendance. If you don't find what you Want at home send us your mail orders. Q9 RUSSELL-SLEDGE COMPANY Successors to VV. li. MCCLURKAN K COMPANY Compliments of THE CAMPBELL THEATRJES Inc. FIRST NATIONAL BAN K DHNTON, '1'1f:xAs T PVO-Excfuxifue Shopx llfith One fzfeaf Qf SKl"'Ul'L'L' P24 '79 CAPITAL, SURPLUS and . UNDIVIDED PROFITS JARMAN ' WRIUH1 , FLOWER 35108000.00 STYLE SHOPPE V SH OP PE 'F Q OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS Q gui gffwflw o an s H. F. S . 'Ex H .. , ,, Pr sr' - - ' I - - DR. W.CE-Ilixlir-5il3Il0UC'II , ,, , Vl't'0-PfZSflljiE? Cady to .xx ear Iilovvers for L. H. Scnwuan ., . A , , Cashier Lmgerle g Occasions XV. Ir, WOODWAQQD , . ,. Assistant Cashier Imlosiel-Y Member 2351 gf g.'f3fil2N Ei Efxi5fIi5IS NOVCIUCS 2? "",r'i3e1fflT5W" Page 344 77zcmk Tau, C. I. A. Our efforts to please you have been repaid by your generous patronage. We have a complete line of books, cards for every occasion, and We specialize in party decorations. Callfbr our Gibson line of M0ff0e.r and Greeting Carafv THE FAIR STGRE R. C. KEE , E11 S T SIDE OF S.f2,Uf-IRE The biggest little store in town Compliments of Welcomes you Duke 81 Ayres, Inc. 'li' 5c to 50c Stores RICHARDS AND SONS 4" iiiii A complete line of DRY GOODS NQTIONS C L 0 T H I N G guggl- 'glSGOODS S H 0 E S SgggCg?.1XSIl.ll9i'LIES 48? LACES, err. 4+ IL:iziziiiiczhisiigiizsifnf and Phone 99 We Deliver L. O. Jones, Manager Pg 'l-15 For more than 30 years THIS BANK has aided in the develop- ment of Denton and Denton county, serving the people in every financial problem coming before them. For more than 20 years we have watched with pride the growth of the COLLEGE OF INDUSTRIAL ARTS, assisting by Word and action in every possible Way, serving its managers. instructors and students whenever opportunity presented itself. We QM? He7"e fo Ser-ve Denton County National Bank ll Depository for the Collegen .I. W. IDHCAN. PrHSfd0r71 IVI. BARNES. Cdshfel' J. F. RALEY. Vice-President C. I-5. NllLI,IlR. Assistant Cashier F. C. DAVIS, Vice-Presiderzl Ci. C. WRlGH'l', Assfsranl Cashier Trade U41 THE CURTI STORE Modern Drug Stores in every sense of the word 7J07Ullf0iUll Headyzzrzrffrx-fbr' Drugs Victrola Records Kodaks Stationery Toilet Articles Soda and Lunches Expert Prescription Service by Four Registered Pharmacists Backed by a quarter of a century of experience Good Service Sim'e 1900 North Side South Side Do Yon Know? The negatives for the pictures in the 1926 Daedlahan are Med in our studio? And that at any tnne, Prints can be made of them and sent anywhere? y C7 000 Olfhcial Photographers for the hrst year book Olfhcial photographer for the 1926 year hook The Shaw Stnohio J. w. SHAW ' Denton, Texas IIARRIS-KO ENIG HARDWARE COMPANY Northeast Corner Square lfVe carry' a campfen' fine qi' ELECTRICAL GOODS, CHINA AND GLASS VVARE, ALARM CLOCKS, SHE.-XRS, HAIR CLIPPERS and CURLERS, ETC. fl ix zz Pfeamre lo Show You. Mx! to Home THE BEST PLACE TO EAT IS THE American Cafe '79 4" HARRIS-KOENIG F. C. ERNST HARDWARE COMPANY PROPRIETOR Serve f mm' YJ msc' Ui!! THE HOME OF PURITY ICE CREAM mm' al! Dairy Products DENTON DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. 220-222 WEST OAK STREET Phone 292 Ps' 348 Yellow Cab Company Phone 56 or 300 Taxi Cabs Touring Cars Fords for Rent YY. W. BRAKE, Proprietor Yellow Cal: General Transfer 8: Storage Phone 56 or 300 Baggage a Specialty J. w. royviizu, Prop. Denton Milling Company 'SV-' A7 IJt'llf0ll Ofwmfrf C0lll'l'l'll Manu faeturers of VE R IB E S T Flour, Corn Meal, Milk Feeds ow Denton Milling Company We Frame Pictures no V W SHEPHERD FUNERAL HOME VVe Appreciate Y our Patronage -'lr Vannoy jewelry Company 'tit 219 West Hickory Street an Ambulance Service .5148 P"""eS' 6 48 zss w. Hickory sr. Use EVERS' Dependahl e Hardware For nearly forty years we have been building a reputation for good hardware. just as your college has stood for the hesl there is in culture. IC.. l. A. students and faculty are continually bringing their friends here to get things. Some things that appeal most to them are- S-CISSORS l'LASHI.IGH'l'S CURLERS and other electrical appliances. EVERS HARDWARE CO. PIGGLY-WIGGLY fll. IQ O V li R 'l'H If WORLD PRICES The low prices you find dl every Plggly-XViggly store are not made hy accident. 'lihey are not placed on a few "leaders" and re- gained in other items. 'Vhey are not plicerl on old merchandise which must "move" in a hurry. 'lihey are FVIERY DAY Pigglv-XViggly prices. Enormous buying power. no charge accounts with bad debts. no expensive delivery service. fast moving stoclts. low margin of profit and volume sales- these things make Piggly-XViggly prices the lowest in D lil N T O N Pfllgfr' 349 lVe specialize in bobbing the hair, in hot-oil treatments for dandruff. and we use imported Castile Soap for shampooing. '79 We also carry a full line of Hair Nets, Combs, Barrettes, etc. jlfzss Taylors Eeaazy Salam , C C 9 9 . in lit i, ,' r2'i,tgwWf.i,GlE , . . You are trying to select something unusual for a really valued friend, you need assistance. We invite you to come and accept our help. Everything to be found on our tables and shelves possesses the quality of distinc- tion that everybody likes. The ftlfC'Ad'ifl' aficvzyf haffgf 0Ilf.fl'lfc' far you here. Come in and fook rl7'0lHNf. HGifts Reflect Thoughtll THE ART AND GIFT SHOP T223 Oakland Denton, Texas K's K's Kay 3 S S to re J Cll7"7"Z'6.V Il ,Que Thur -7xQI'F.l'.Vl'fl-EJ' Favors, accommodations, and appre- ciation all go with our business. We want you to make this store yours while in C.I.A. We apprecia- ate your good will the same as your patronage. K's Facing Lowry Eb' Capps K's See A46 Before You Die! +- R. DICK CRIDDIJQ, JR. American Life Reinsurance Company The Boston Store Sells for Less Denton's Fastest Growing Department Store There's a Reason: Snappy. popular priced merchandise. Al- ways showing the newest Ready-to-Wear, DRY GooDS, MILLINERY, BAGS, TRUNKS and SHOES Call and be convinced as to super values. THE BOSTON STORE Buy Froni C I A FlOTlSf Oldest, Biggest and Best A+ 4, 7Qpaz'1'z'7zg Neaffgf 230716 HALF SOLHS RUBBER HFI-il.S Home Grown Plants and Cut Flowers J. R. ALLBERT, Prop. lhgf: 3 5 l School Supplies Drugs SIOIiOn9fy Toilet Articles College Jewelry Cold Drg'nk3 Dry Goods Notions PRIIMARIULY Um' wz'.u'z'0n ly to ser-ve College Sfudefm' and Fzzculzjf. UQ efzrleawf' fo Carly in .rfoci af'- - zicles ffm! are reguz'rea'Qy Mew. 089 4 At Qur Store You Vxlill Find Merchandise for CULLEGE PEOPLE GYJ WHITSON 8: MCDADE The Original C. I. A. Store UNIFORMINGLY HIGH QUALITY AND CLEANLI NESS ARE CONSISTENT WITH THE HIGH IDEALS OF THE COLLEGE Here at the College of Industrial Arts is a laundry that would be a credit to any institution. "Wonderful" is the word used by many in describing our facilities. arrangement of equipment, and system. Year after year We have added to our facilities and knowledge in order that we might render the very best service possible to the student body and the faculty. We have done our best to merit the confidence which our patrons have expressed by their loyalty and words of appreciation. Qjy The COLLEGE STEAM LAUNDRY H. G. BROWN' N, flflfmczgcfr The Chffqge Sfore I Q tSyJc1'1'afz',s'f.v in - Students' Requirements Q COLLEGESTORE R. B. HSCUH, l'7"0pf'fef07t' IZIQ Oakland Avenue Our part in the recent pro- gram of beautification of the college campus is represented in the paved inside drives and the paved streets surrounding the campus. Q JAGOE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY DENTON, TEXAS MUNICIPAL GAS COMPANY Af P6l7'f7167' fwiffz Me Public ew Early Nfzfuml Gas Hi.v1ory: Natural Gas was known to exist in China, Persia and British India for many centuries, although it was never put to commercial use. It appeared as leakage from gas-bearing strata through crevices in the ground, and when lighted by the natives, it was worshipped as a Fire God. In this country, as early as 1775, George Washington dedi- cated to his country, as a national park, a tract of land which he had preempted, located in West Virginia, containing a burning spring. This, too, was leakage from a crevice in the ground. The first discovery of Natural Gas by drilling in the United States occurred through the drilling in the shallow wells for salt in Ohio and West Virginia, and probably dates back to early in the nine- teenth century. The first actual use of Natural Gas for light oc- curred in 1826, but it was not until 1872 that cities were piped for Natural Gas for domestic purposes. Prom that time the Natural Gas industry has had a phenomenal growth, increasing from a domestic servant of perhaps a hundred people to the present total of a few million consumers. Jlfunicipal gas Company of nEN'1'oN,ir1axAs Popularly known throughout this part of the country as "A Partner With the Public." Rendering Natural Gas service that is complete, covering adequate light, heat and power service of modern and satisfactory character. A twentieth century organiza- tion termed as one of the most popular institutions within the city's borders, and one whose patrons have found always willing and anxious to provide the most modern service and to assist in all matters that concern the good of the community. Jlffunicmczl Qui' Cbmprmy gf Texas gc 356 DR. P. LIPSCOMB Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Glasses Correctly Fitted Q-1 Office Over First Guaranty Bank CLYDE L. OLIVER, D. D. S. C. MURREY OLIVER, D. D. S. General Dentist Practice X-Ray and Diagnoix S-I SOUTH SIDE OF THE SQUARE CRADDOCK BUILDING OFFICE 208 HOME 1129 DR. C. H. HANCOCK Osleopalhie Physician Q-v 204 McClurkan Building M. L. MARTIN, A. B., M. D. DISEASES OF Eye, Ear, Nose ana' Throat S-1 Glasses Correctly Fitted OFFICE SUITE 100 RALEY BUILDING Phone: Office 22 - Res. 153 DR. RICHARD MANDELL W. N. ROWELL, D. D, S. GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE DENTIST X-Ray and Diagnosix 11-I Q an MCCLURKAN BWLDING Suite 203 Mcclufkan Building Plwne 936 Denton! I exas Southwest Corner ofthe Square Phone 341 DR .W. H. HAWLEY DEN'r1s'r-X-RAY DR. REBECCA M. EVANS 311 VVest Hickory Street SJ SJ OFFICE HOURS 1:30 TO 5:30 South Side of the Square Phone 1124 Phone 368 Page 357 We Wish to extend to each of you the most cordial wishes and our sincere appreciation. ie. . nl- l 77 7747777 Watkins Studio . H f ..-:-A- f e-- - J 7? Mr. and Mrs. J. C. James Denton, Texas What Good is a refrigerator without any ICE? There may be food in it, plenty of it AND it would cost only a few cents to have that food protected. SN Rayzor Ice Co. Denton, Texas Garrisonis Drug Store 4' P 7'L'.l'L'7"Zff7.07l Df'1zgg1'.s'f,' 6 We carry everything a modern drug store should carry. Shop here and you will be satisfied. Q? Phone 49 We Deliver West Side of Square TURNER Sc GRAHAM GROCERIES "If It's 'l.'o Eat VVe Have lt. m:N'roN, TEXAS On my record of service to my friends and patrons, I solicit your patronage. J. P. ivmtslszia Insurance and Loans Phone 61 l I 1, 359 77 Special Chicken Dinner at the M CRAY CAFE XVest Side ot' Square Elbert Produce Co. XfVholesa.le and Retail POUl.,'I'RY l-3 U "l 'T E R EGGS Denton Phone 45 Compliments of VV. l,. YARBOROUGH jewelry Store llenton Record Chronieal Daily and Semi-Weekly Editions 0 0.0 2I.l. VVest Hickory Street North Side ot' Sqyare Denton, Texas 'QT' NON.-X MAE OLSICN Coxmeliv Gmrfuale BEAUTY SHOP Pvrmfzmwf l!',1l'llZ.llg' SOUTH SIDE OF SQUARE Phone 191 Come to this shop or all 526 for mmediate satisfaction, f repair or purchase of All kinds of electrical ppliances 'llHlC l'll,EC'liRlC SHOP South of Post Office Remington Portable Typewriter ' The little typewriter with the standard keyboard. No shifting for figures. Price 9660. We also rent and repair typewriters. Plaiting, Buttons covered Hemstitching and Singer Sewing Machines Denton Typewriter Exchange East Side of Square Phone 780 LONG and KING 'lr'rX'l'll,lC SL7le'lJl,llCS ot' the li If1'l"l'lf1 R K I N D '79 Phone .tt l'n.4'r 3 51 0 A Old Fashioned E 5 1 Hospitality J in if gl Xxwi ,,,ifw- QXZIDE sweep of lawn, melting into the iii. ' X white of pillared veranda, shadowed by Q it WW X magnolia trees: lilting laughter of muslin- W I . at M- - ' , as frocked maidens and broad-shouldered gal- lants waiting there to greet the arriving guest -romance of an old-time hospitality . . . a hospitality whose essence was the feeling of "belonging" It is in the spirit of that old-time hospitality that we strive to make you feel at home whenever you visit this store . . . you a welcomed guest in our work-day home as well as a customer. Believing that courtesy is not unrelated to business efficiency, we are never too busy nor too efficient to be thoughtful and accommo- dating-particularly, may we say, to our friends of the College of Industrial Arts. WW W Q 1 fn? ,4 Z ft mix -f ' f A ff fff 'ff WW Z! Z Z?Wz4 Z' ZW? Z Z fa 2279? ZZ l . 'egg l'lzg,'w 360 H7776 Shop PWM A Sou!" Largest stock of Standard Vocal, Piano, Violin, and Chorus Music in the South. Only music of the better class. Only the best Editions. Personal accounts solicited with all professional musicians and Students. E. G. COUNCIL "Y7ze Mu.vz'c' Man" x if BUSH TEMPLE DALLAS, TEXAS The THREE LEADING STORES Ot' the Three Leading Cities of North Texas ' 'Hi Tour S6l'7JI'6'6, ' ----SANGER BROS.-1 DA l',l 1.-XS -VVACU - FORT ' VVURTH l"o1'tc'f11'1f wifh 7'v.vf1.f .r1'm.'f' .fcli-749 Hourl Interurban Service DHNTON--DALLAS THE Interurban provides safe. convenient, dependable and courteous service. Each car has a porter to assist with baggage. STUDENTS going to Dallas may call the Denton lnterurban Station and check their baggage from their room. The agent will make your appointments, hotel or Pullman reservations in Dallas without charge. Texas Interurban Railway L' A -wrth the Passmg' of Trme In a ew more years as you enter rnto husrness lzfe power eleetrre power 'wrll eorrre to the forefront ru your eorzserousness as one ofthe greatest thrrzgs tn the corn mereral -world Orr ever y hanrh you -wr!! ree hundr eds of trrrus the pr odrret of po .ver ru the orrrz of nearly efoer y ruarzufaeturea' Perhaps you fwrll return to your horrre tofwn at the end of your eoltege years, or perhaps you 'wrll male your home rn some erty 'where the oppor tunrtzes seerrr greater You realzze wzthout a doubt that the growth of any crty partrcularly from an rndwrdual standpomt, depends largely on the abzlzty of the power and lzght company to serfve 1 hrs eorrrpany rs proud to say that all eztzes and towns on rts tr arrsnzrssron svsferrz have ahurrdarzee of power mor e than errou gh or any rrrdustrzal growth Texas Power 8: Llght Co Providing for the Texas of Today Planmng for the Texas of Tomorrow , yrs I artrele, Z'71C!lll1lltl g the rrecessrtzes of lrfe. M A A WORD to flze STUDENT No doubt at some time you will be interested in our line of Domestic Science equipment and items for Home Economics. Don't forget that we are always prepared to serve you completely in these lines. Let us help you with our years of experience. Huey-Pf7z'lp H11.r If 6 HUEY-PHILP HARDWARE CO. DALLAS, TEXAS Compliments Texas Produce Compan WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE DALLAS, TEXAS Whatever Your Aim in Life May Be Saving money is a stepping-stone to the realization of your desires. If you are not already practicing the virtue of thrift-the whole- some habit of saving a certain amount of your income each month -then, you should begin at once. This Association offers you a safe, practical and easy plan of saving. Based on the experience of this company. SS 5.00 per month for 128 months will amount to 351,000.00 310.00 per month for 128 months will amount to 52,000.00 325.00 per month for 128 months will amount to 35,000.00 Write for our little booklet "The Building and Loan Savings Plan." DALLAS BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION DALLAS, TEXAS OIIIJICIERS AND DIRECTORS ARTHUR I.. KRAMER RHODES S. BAKER. President HUGO SCHOELLKOPI' E. E. SHliI.TON, Vice-President CHAS. I-. SANGER. Vice-Presidenl RAY NESBITT J, G. LOVING. Sf-rrelary-Treasurer D. Ii. NVAGGONI R 48,11 Plant NICHOLSON'S TESTED SEEDS The Standard of Quahtm A CONTINUATION OP Ask for beautifully YOUR PATRONAGE illustrated catalog WILL BE . GREATLY APPRECIATED A BY .gg T. C. SAMPLE A RoET. N1oHoLSoN 43, SEED COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS lgfilf The Church The School linked Together in Serv1ce The purpose of education is service, and we require an education in order to be able to render higher service. The great education factors are 'l' H 111 C H U R C H-'lhrougfl l'f.l'JW7.7ll.J'fL?7".L' 'I' H lj S C H O O L-Yyzrozzgh in 'leaa'hef'.s' TH li .N ICVVSPA PH R-'l71f'ougf9 fry I6f1ll.f07'.t' These are not all the educational mediums, but they are the most unselfish, for the men and women en- gaged in these pursuits get their greatest reward through service. In a more modest way the telephone is an educational factor, and it is our greatest pleasure to serve ade- quatelv. soUT1-IWEST BELL TELEPHoNE CoMPANY The Newspaper The Telephone TEXAS PRODUCT Every Texan should be intensely interested in our Home Institutions, and should support them un- stintedly by demanding their products. BROWN'S "Liberty Bell" Crackers, Cakes and Candies are Quality Products of the highest type and merit the patronage of the most exacting: Brown's Saltine Flakes-- Are Crisp and Delicious Brown's Fine Chocolates "Sweetest in 48 States" Made in 15 Diferent Assortments Also a Complete Line of 5 and 10c Bar Goods "Let's Go" - Maple Nut Candy Bar Contains Calories of a full Meal. BRO N ' S 2-133525 HIGGINBOTHAM MILLINERY CO 914 Jackson Street, Dallas Designers and makers of Patricia Model Hats and Clarice Trimmed Hats Jobbers of all kinds of millinery goods. and materials. Rfg WHOLESALE ONLY ADKINS-POLK CO. Wholesale Grocers 'fu Dallas Fort Worth Dennison Hillsboro - Greenville Page 36 7 illlll ii i 4' . X iff. i U I ITF-?ii" igQi1llIfii iis!x . 1 Q if glam. flew El 5' if ii fjwlvmi lfwz ii., .,.. ,f , .. . . ll , Commercial leadership is earned not inherited. The public rewards a store in pro- portion with the service it renders. Our leadership is an example of the people's ap- preciation of our usefulness to the community. , , ,.. , .mth v, 'J if '. .I IN 105, V . - Efff-wi.. fr- iaufr, film! - " li.: 13-3 "'5"'m""'v'ilif'-il--fur:.12'?fb'n H' .. .1 .l Arg ' fi ' mem' li r ' 'N ,ifflievliiiifi JM in l"Nilii'i'W 1 ' i wi, 31.41221 '.1':3!'-ii" -wf5i'lll'- Wi l L. -1 ,jiipfl-5--'.i all 2"C5ff"f5-JY1fiiflQf':i'Gf3f"w "2,i,f'f?f1f'2!"35- W' A F- A::x"-G" 511--053'3?Y?'fi9'53e?35f!-fir?"'I Q' 1' -fl 1. X' , fm" V, 4 4vf...f4-gif"- .,j "1 -:r'.-Q-bfi!" , 22: ,,,, ,.f-: fr r,I" ' -'Hs of -i- . il:'i.'i.i.iii 4 "7 'il ZQZQLLZ ' "4" jloslke Bros. Co. K -9 ,iv ' ' f. 1 .I 1 i" ' ' ,A 2 1 . V' in 5 .5 t -5 ,. The Big Store 9, San Antonio Over 100 Depts. The Original MEXICAN Restaurant y 'SKU P Where we hold Our Annual Banquets QU 117-I Zl Losowx STREET SAN AN'roN1o, rl1l3XAS Nationally known and Recognized as Pre-eminent Stylists to Women SHOE COMPANY 1:7-H9 ALAMO L:-LAZA wif fix wif San Antonio, Texas. U. S. Note-Our Representative visits all the principal college towns. Write now for date of showing in your locality. I ugr 3 68 1701111114111 11976, The H ertzberg Guarantee on a diamond-a walch--P-a piece of silverware- means just this- qf that the house ot' Hertzherg has been here since 1878-- QI? that the Ilertzherg Guarantee is a sound assurance ot' lasting satisiactione- QI? that you KNOVV whatyou are getting when your purchase is hacked hy the Ilertzherg name! Charming Gli"'l'S for every occasion BIRTHDAYS'-l'iNGAGl"iMl"iN'l'S-M-VVl"iDDINGS ANNIVFIRSARI HS -'C A R ID PA RTI KS f-HTC. Ulf! 7L"ZU6f7'lV Remodeleri zum' lfepzzircfz' in the Hertzberg Shop. Cfzzxs Pins amz' !4'7'lllL'7"7liLV Emblems marie In order. HERTZBERG JEWELRY COMPANY if fbi' Sign Wufhv Clark" Houston Street' Cw'm'1' Sl. A4tl7lV,.f , SA N A N'1'oN1o l'1l,gf1' 36 0 THERES A PAN GBURN fb Can ly 1 ne f the most n u shmg Polly says ey? beH'e1' foods-and oh so delicious' And the quality Pangburn puts into every piece reflected n th ver mcreas g de man! for Pa gb n Candles DEALER NEAR YOU. "Wonderful Shoes br' ,f Wonderful Girls Style and Youthful Beauty Without A Extravagance '79 WALK-GVER Boot Shop 233 East Houston Street SAN ANTONIO. 'I'ExAs 79 LUNDEEN'S Silk Shop 219 Alamo Plaza Q0 0 III S1'M.ve H1 1.7117 l'2"1'r San Antonio, Texas .P Hargreaves lpiriiinutiinig Co. mxLLAs, 'riixfxs For Pictures. Art Goods, Novelties, Engravings, et Cetera 1 4 170 mom K I N D142 RGA RT ICN Oli' MLFSICT Tlzww' lx fl Q STARR PIANC IFOR YOUR NEED lt has been conceded without question there are few require- ments of a musical equipment which in severity of demand ap- proaches that of school use. The instrument that withstands the rigors of educational usage must naturally become the standard by which others are judged. That is the reason the College of Industrial Arts recently bought eleven Starr-Made Pianos. We are proud to have Starr- Made Pianos in this wonderful school. We know these instrumnets will meet every demand made on them. Today over a thousand schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions are equipped with none other but Starr-Made Pianos. From the small school model only 3 feet 8,92 inches in height to the magnificent Concert Grand Starr-Made Pianos represent a maximum of value. Send for special school literature - S'lQ4RR l'.luY.7VOS EZYCEI, The STARR PIANO COMPANY 1f.vf116lz'.vhed 1872 Rzkfzmonrzi .17Zl1fl'6l7lIl CTONSICR VATOR Y FINGER PRINTS Most of us would think it rather uncomplimentary if somebody requested our prints, yet isn't it true we leave them everywhere- indelible tokens of our personalities and characters. Our reputations are built on daily impressions we make on the minds of others. Our success depends largely on the marks left by these myriad contacts. Very slight things have been known to affect the destinies even of the great. It is very much Worth While not only to be worthy of esteem, but to make all our contacts so expressive of our worthiness that the esteem of others will follow as a matter of course. VVe strive to register none but favorable impressions at this store. Our impressive mail order service is pleasing tool DEPARTMENT'STORE Firxl lo Seronn' on Hbmlon ana' Maifz For! PIQNII, 'fL",YIl.f The Harkrider-Keith-Cooke Company Wishes to convey to the students of the College of Industrial Arts its sin- cere Wishes for their happiness, pros- perity, and for the speedy and suc- cessful accomplishment of their un- dertakings in the future. GU Fort Worth - Wichita Falls - Abilene - Dallas - Corsicana i i 1926 fidffff oHoooLATEs fbi" AMERICAN QU.hlENS Sold By the Leading Deal:-EE-A-in Each Locality Q ,L lflflwn in Fort W orrh lfixil King's Candy Store 85 Tea Rooms 810 Main Maui, ounuus 1+'1Ll,r:n MONNIG'S Not an average department store, but an institution of service-that SERVICE which makes highest quality of material, workmanship SHOES AND HOSIERY and style the first consideration thus FOR COLLEGE GIRLS assuring our customers of superior 43, values in service-giving merchandise. 'Me flfelw tS3Dz1c'z'0u.v Store Houston, Throckmorton and Fifth Streets VVasher Brothers Fort VVortl1, Texas Pom' WOll'l'I'l TEXAS 1513 Town Edzzczzfzbm- Has taught you the advantages of mod- ern housekeeping methods: it has taught you the many things electricity can do for you. 'IU VVc carry a full line of proven standard 1'i1,l'1Cf'1'R1CA1, 1'.1f,US1":1"1f11,D APPIJANCIES F1l1.9'1l Tt'l'lll.1' 011 Illll' flrfl'1'ff' Fort Worth Power 81 Light Co. ACME POTATO CHIP COMPANY H. C. DODD, Prop. PO'1'A'1'O CHIPS SALTHD P1+IANU'1"S mm' S1f11+I1,1,HD PHCANS SJ Phone Prospect 1092 1419 Ellis Avenue 1 PORT WORTH, TEXAS Comp!1'ww1f.v of BERGMAN PRUDUCE COMPANY lfokw' Wowru AND fll'ANAH The Woman's Store Your Store We call this your store, for you are at liberty to come and go as you please. We are by no means perfect. but we are trying hard to make this store the kind of store where you and your friends like to trade. We show the "New Things" earliest and often exclusively. Come visit: us-we are glad to see you-always. i n FAIR The Haart of For! W01'fl1,J Shopping Dislrirt Houston Fifth and Main Sts. Compliments of FORT WORTH FISH MARKET GH Phones: Lamar 927 and 928 1208 Houston Street Fort Worth, Texas luiqf 3 75 Come to our Retail Store. Buy Retail at WHOLESALE PRICES '79 Saves You 25 to 302 'Ulu We appreciate Mail Orders. Prompt Service. IT PAYS T0 PAINT WITH WESTERN PAINT It pays from the start-No Premiums-No Special Days--Every Day the Same--Just Guaranteed Paint Sold RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES Then comes a Greater Saving for WESTERN Paint stays bright-"Stays Put"-long after other paints have faded and peeled. WE NOT ONLY SAY THIS- WE GUARANTEE IT! Western Products are Guaranteed to give Complete Satisfaction or your money Back. The Western Paint 85 Roofing Co. Makers of Bescote-The Liquid Roofing-Used for Entirely Covering any old Roof-or for merely patching Leaks. It is very Serviceable and Economical. f'There's a Westsern Product for Your .Every Need" 1600 HOUSTON ST., FORT WORTH LAMAR 5569 HWS Qualify Supfemeu Veihl-Crawford Hardware Co Wholesale and Retail SHAW BROS. Ice Cream S 'Special Cream for All Occasions SHAW H ROTI-IERS 1605-07 Main Street Fort Worth, Texas We Specialize in I-Iotel and Cafe Equipment Also Carry Complete Line of Builders Hardware, Sporting Goods, Radio, Tools, Stoves, Refrigerators, Grocery and Butchers Supplies IF IT IS IN OUR LINIC C Rl-CA M 142 RY COMPANY Fort ,Worth, Texas WH HAVE ri' If our solicitor does not call on you, mail us your order. PA' 376 M. B. WHITLOCK Gemfral Ci0llfl'lll'f0l' and Dealer in BUILDER'S SUPPLIES G59 Denton Texas Compliments Of Thank You, Girls, Come Back Next Year Manufacturers and Jobbers of Standard id Monitor Windmills 81 Monitor Gasoline Engines W Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies W, H.. Lindsey Mill and Gin Supplies H Well Supplies 1209 Oakland if-Wvenue aj , Compliments of Factory: , Fort Worth, Texas CARTER GROCERY Aiwhere the West Begins" Warehouses: Fort Worth Lubbock Fort Worth, Texas 1437 .S'l'IR1f'lC.'lrl S7'7'l,l+l QU,Jl,l7',7' SHOES and HGSE for the family fl A9423 The smart shoes in our store are not styles of the moment: they're styles that will endure, and will be in good taste until the shoes have outlived their usefulness We, shine FREE All Shoes purchased here THE E E5 A CQMPANY, INC. lSuccessors to A. F. Eversj Phone 67 No. 119 South side of Square THE y ..,,s DRESS UP sHoP A lJL'llf0ll'.V 07107 1C,w'!u.r1'-z'e life !llC7l,J' ima 1' Sfzop l '79 Carrying at all times the season's smart- est and most advanced offerings in Women's apparel, millinery, shoes and hosiery. L U " AN A f " 'vere ' 1' f V, :X x lim i "-'-'-""' 1 ' t iiiit 1--i-i- N ii-f rr'r' :mu ti ll-V 1 l l ll" i 'f lt l i mx 1 N 'Yu le lull .3 i' THE DRESS UP SHQP Exclusive but No! Expensive l428 Some place it says "'C5l7e pruoent business man aovertises: the wise stuoent reaos the aovertisementsf' Ebis book was maoe a possibility because of those 'fflruoent men ano women. we the annual staff ofl926 wish to thank them ano to ask the Stuoents again to jlatronize Taeoalian Tlixovertisers

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