Texas Military Institute - Blue Bonnet Yearbook (San Antonio, TX)

 - Class of 1950

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., I. H fur X, 1 141: 21 ., 1 Nm. .-wg. , Xa 72. W. 4.5 HA? F' Mi ? QQ fs 4 4 fi? Q 11 - A ' 51 -f , 'Af I N, 1-, -. 34 QF-Q ff- 13 . 5- V x 41 ,, f .x -. l M I N f I X - x X 3,-f1G,f4fg, "4 . , . -, , M ' ' an , .- . -- -1Q':r"T-a'fvf"lf- A '- sn.. . x NMMA, II-5 1' 'L A , vp 1w"a:- ,1 'Q '-L., '-f.-QA. - 0--, .fp , .H wi. ' 'rw 1, 5-t -9 fx A T:3'Tf6hQl'Sir.m9'if1kfN-Pk -,, sr " - 4: -'wi' 'Qs-ef f2A-'ffx if -F 'P '- "Nia . Q f?"f'f'L . .N -.."'fMTaiK5 CM - JM JEL i This Cz-rfifws Ups! Q AH ,4Q,,WfggQLM,,f4Zff,z' J QW, - ,fp Wg, ,4m wA,f9 my zgmwy, 5?,f!'f! 4Lff,,2lg'ffQrf'Il!fA', Ifyff,i'Y7lffxf"aYflfg'gfIJ'-7f'fJff2'f+"!, ,!??7fQ' Q" ., , WL, , Q Lxvyffffdbwf 7' -. 9f3Q3zvff15fwefSfffQ'2 ffwmfwff IKKQQP ff "'L riff!!! f9i?:'f794f'?f.x3J'5fKrx Wi K ,.v'?ff5f7f PQ?-+45-if ffff ,NV-' 5 A 5. Eixfi-'-' if PAGE 2 L'The true purpose of education is to cherish and unfold the seed of immortality already sown within usg to develop, to their fullest extent. the capacities of every kind with which the Cod who made us has endowed us." PAGE 3 'lyfty IH it !17IH'.f0ll lf---. ,f i f 'I H 'Q a K L Chairman of the Board i' W i' 'A' 'A' if Dr. Bondurant has given nobly of the affection of his heart and the power of his intellect to the students of our school and has received the love and honor of thousands of students that have benefited by this affection. He has realized that the future of our country lies in the enduring peace that comes from the integrity of an educated and trained citizenship, and has given of his best to constructive education. PAGE 4 President 'ff 'A' if 'A' i' if i' if Col. Bondurant is respected by all for his untiring efforts in the better- ment of our school. He is known for his industry and his ingenuityg his vision and his praeticalityg his shrewd understanding of human natureg his interest in all things both great and small. PAGE 6 if Col. William T. Bondurant, B.A., Litt.D P Superintendent if 'ff 'A' 'A' i' 'A' i' f Emerson once said, "The secret of education lies in respecting the pupilf, We, the Cadet Corps, say thank you, Dr. Miller, for that respect, for your untiring efforts to make our daily living more meaningful, and for your sincere guidance in preparing us for the future. PAGL b 'F' 'ff if Mr. J. D. Miller, M.A., Litt F acultyfffffffffff MR. BERNARD H. MEYER, M.sc. MR. ORBIA BLANTON, B.A. Univvrsity of Paris Austin Collvgc: University of Chicagog lfllfli-Vh Univvrsity of Mvxicog Univcrsity of Tvxas Spanish it Huis-lm , MISS VIl3A R. CiEORGE, B.A. But youifc Ovcrdfawn alfcady- Danivl Baku' Collvgc University of Tvxas Secretary and Treasurer PAGE 10 t ir i' 'k uk 'k 'A' 'Ir 'A' 'A' if Facu MR. L. M.AI,COI.Nl L1-zvv, MA. Tulanc' L'nivc'1'sity LvI1iVt'I'SifY of 'Vcxas lirzglixlz MR. W. O. M1u.r:R, B.,x. Austin Collvgm- IJil'L'l't0l' of Athlvtivs History 1'hat's pcrfcvt in 21 rrudu sort of a way. MR, RAYMOND G, LANINRAP-J B.SC Univcrsity of Chicago Sc'ic'm'r'5 PAGE 11 fm aculty if 'A' W'1'itv 21 Short vssay 'lr ai' 'lr 'A' 'lr 'A' 'k 'Ir 'lr MR. T. RUNKLE, B.A., M.A Southwvstvrn Univvrsity Pvzxhody 'l'c'ac'hvrs Collvgn' Lhivcrsity of Colorado II glish MR. CHESLEY BOWMAN, M.,x. MR. JAMES BEN SHAVV, M.A. Univvrsity of Tvxas Austin Collvgc' 11't'0II07TlZ'c'.f and .Uathrwnntirx A'If1fht'77lHfil'X PAGE 12 'A' 'lr ir ir ir 'A' ir 'A' 'Ir 'A' i' Facu MISS NI.-XRGOT RIX BROXVN, B.SC. XVh1'r1- did you suv that hook was? Our Lady of thm' Lulu' 1.ibrarinn MR. JOE H. VVARD, JR., M.A. Run' against timv. Univvrsity of rI'l'X2lS zwafhemalizrs PAGE 13 i' ir 'A' 'A' i' ir -A' ul' 'A' ir 'xii-r-V' DR W W BONDURANT, R, N MR. JIMMIE KLEIN Austm Collcqc Clncinnati Consvrvatow of Mum UIllVlYSltW of T1 M19 Mc du al School Southvrn Mvthodist Univvrsltv S'zhooI Phuzfzan Band Diwrlor IPs MISS MARY FREY, R.N School Nurse RK 'A' 'A' at ir ir 'lr 5"3Jf51'i9 , WM? T LT. COLONEL SAMUH1. G. KELLY, B.s., M.s. , Kansai -Stzrtv Collvgc , 1 P.Al..S'.65'T. MASTER SERGEANT EDWARD PUGH Axst. Inslrurtor 'A' PAGE 15 Y Military Department LT. EARL W. B1-11.1, B.s. Unitvd Statvs Military Ai'lldt'Illy' Auf. P.AfI.S.Cf?'1'. A likvly story! Military Department 'A' 'W' 'A' if 'ff 'F' 'F' 'A' ,Q 'A YVhc'rv do thx' hullvts umm- out? SLQRGEANT FIRST CLASS H. E. BAYER A11'n1i11is1rafiz'z' N. C. O. SERGEANT I'IARI,l'1Y BRONVN MASTPZR SHRGEANT H. F. CALLOWAY Armory A7ff!il'f,7A Asst. Instructor PAGE 16 4 ,SQ L,:g'.Jk,-.,:L 1 W: . .. - -i"35l? E .Q : i' 'lf if 1' if 'ff i' 'A' Military Department SERGEANT ERNEST W. MERTON MASTER SERGEANT H. B. WALSH Clerk Typist Supply Svrgrmzt Pvrfvvtionists PAGE 17 K l y .,...... . '1s.'2', K A u- A A-1 . v 4. 4 -Av: ' A fvwmq I L 4,1-.-ff W K, f".g,..!.'S-, .,..s....X , .mp-,,.-. W. f11.K.3.frn"" W in ...af ,, .. V, A Y K an 4 'rum A 'Ag . x V' K fm. 1., 1 vi K. I A hp.:-1 A PAGE 18 ziigpv- gas . Xw,i.,,. QP' A DXPL 3-'51NL15'b'?'.?f'5":-' 99.-mg'-.--,511-5514.15--ww'-:g mia 5. pt, iwtmf 51,-..i54.-Qe-g--fMe,G.5'f.Q2i fikiuxq. .n T-vgtfa 7 -"' "1 'rp-. ,ay ,..ji2!'1.12jg1-qi' 3 ' ,-. 11 1 .4'-'ff-a,- .,-,f,.- 19,1- .wp . -yn. 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VLung-:1:g.-,-gg:-'-:v,e,,Q' N,f'fs.'1..2w.-fz. gs -1-,-921Q.1.."11-':s'-ffz:.e'f,'5 G'1:f.f'.-' '-.'1x1a.+:..w tr- 5f'1'+-.'wn1ae'44 241. .'f s.fa-1-,f4.4.e-'W Jaxx" J: :sz-F gn' .'-.1'---W .f--Y-5'f.w2-.zfgel-13-. -f45'.'-qgznfn, 1. 1-41.1239 '-2' -1A,'f.-fi:-1-'.uw--fvfiri -ff-51 -.541'-'-mari:nf-52-.w,:',gQ-:1l',:..-1:8y"la':-5-gn-fp':5'.g-4":vuf'q53-'E Ev. :Vw-1-:f!3.' -, "-,Nj f1?'..-.L-,,-Jv:-:fy JI? --.',1ww:.y,','-wwf E-if 17- vA'.gt."?21. Q,-,'-'gay--. 1,211 mf-t.'7y:41-nf, 'ax fr.1.,21- ici. fv.,-' FF- 4.111-:C Nw-921, 5:42 ".v1'u !".'1J:'it'f-1X':1bif'PWil?-' 1'-sfiv-pf':,m ac"-w-mf'-,'1-f' 2" fwwft-J-1-af .'-w 1,-.+I itiffi-zffa-51'1flv1:1- -'9a:ffbff-Ify1"'- 5541-15fL:'Jl:k,51x'3V.-QP?-5-Lifilfsl.Qf?Q?I-!+1'f-'iii-1544S'iff51+i'w"g.12'-.2-'tiaiiiriSJW 'iP"'2:te-' " "ff" I-Q'?:f:H9i.'IfaS'if+f"i-"-3iL",',1V N 5 'L gf.-'-gg -'Lf':1-1gg- r-M1 '-y.ajr11 ni-..k':r1f,:.7-.'.2',: n 51. 'f S515 gi,-.14 'fjN1f'1jf.. . 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QA-if-Imfl' n- X , :1 '- si' ijffx E-TTL .. .. .. . .,4,..,,,.,,.,, ff wffith.-E-, f TM , ff' ,af-v2fi'1w--s --z- fm gf, 'E' 'vu m""v ' 11 'H' ,1"'n.s -..r1,, fm Y' .L .. ,-'53-:c ,-Q1 fs' "-xy 'glam 5 1 -f ' Q , P' 4 'f we Y f M?-pw f,' X 4' 1 2 . 4-I Q 1 ' Q 4 p L3 'ffl A 1 r 'WIA A., I A ' ,r N Y x 1 - I 7 pl r"Q'3"': ,ag T514 gg f 1 QQ. -ra-QSY " . ,,g,- y., -41 '. lfi'f.Q.fg y FJ'-3 J X ' 'U 4 ft R x V Q R ,.- .1 , 'W I lg I M ' 4 K v.-4' T 151.-yt -.ia r 'I A . 5 'SIE T X 'LN l 45: ,ia 'S A' ,'L.,,1,fl. ",. , 'R . FSH ..'f" .1 A 1 mi n.,f..e .. .ff f , ef Xia r f 1 14.3 'JEJL' 11555: 'Jing 4: .- j ' ij' A- R517 iy::'L'.g.-fp 1'jgge.' LA 'gf'-,'.Q,g,,4r ,Muff 'lkgsvirlf ,G's!-,.fx,g.f,'g5g:x, ' ' 'rl'-'. " :'-7f,- :..f, . -' " ' ,- ' :f-"-V' 5-if -. -fx . LR. "" 'V ful .JEL . , ., ' Xp -F,,f3T,g1L,a,5'.?.-J3955,fi-.7-..,,a5x?5u'-'ff f.,1,-555523-JA'-.iff .3-.H,1,P,,-".fg-, Iii-'1 2f"iF'Q '.:5'f5L1Ji.f. ,..,,,1-fl-tilt" 1'47T.' , .. 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MOORE Abilene, Texas Entered T.M.I. '48, from Abilene Highg Varsity Football l48, '49g Varsity Basketball '49, '50g Baseball '49g Captain Football Team '49g Little Giant Football Team ,491 Cotillion Clubg Staff Sgt. '50, College Prefe renee: Texas Teeh. Ambition: Petroleum Engineer. PAGE 20 ' lin:-1 t -' f'Z.1-4.-me .ff I 'Q vu J Class of 1950 Sc'c'n'Iary FRED MARLIN NEWMAN Abilvnv, Tvxas Entcrvd T.M.I. '48, from Abilc-nc High School: First Sergeant A Co. '50: Varsity Football '50, Collrgr Prcfcrcncv: Tcxas A. 8: M. Ambition: Animal Husbandiy. 51,4 WMM, Vim'-Pn'.vid1'r1t BENTON HINES, jr, tsskipfi Amarillo, Tvxas Entvrcd 'l'.M.I. ,48 from Amarillo High School: P.F.C. ,481 Battalion Svrgrant Major '-19: Honor Platoon '49, '50: High Point Co. '491 Ilr. A Baskrt- ball '49: jr. A Capt. '50: Varsity Football '49, ,502 Football Co-Captain ,502 All City Indrprndt-nt Football Champs '49: All Southwvst Ac. Lvaguc' Football Hon. Mon. '50: Varsity 'l' Club '49, '501 Varsity Basoball '49. Collvgc' Prt'lc'1't'nc't': 'l't'xas 'l'1'c'h. Ambition: Ram'hvr. PAGE 21 Class of 1950 KWH ' 2,7i'Q4g,,-fitfw , .".1"3' - u '. l '13QQ " 'Lx' f- , .IOE HARRIS AMISERSON "Fat Boy, Sonny" San Antonio, 'll-xas Entvrcd 'l'.M.I. from S.A.A. '46g Pvt. Co. C. '47, Cpl. Co. B '48g Sgt. 449g Capt. Co. li. '5Og Bc-st Sqd. '47-,491 Bvst Plt. '47L Bvst Co. '472 High Point Co. '49g Bcst Drcssod Cadvt '48g Manual of Arms ,483 Honor Plt. '50: junior Historians '47-'502 Scnior Lit. '49g Cotillion Club 4483503 Varsity Football '49, '50: Lcttvrman '50. Collvgv Prn'f1'1'c'nm'c: S.M.U. Ambition: Pvtrolcuin Enginvc-r. if Trfaszzrrr LOUIS C. ROMANO hfLuigi5J Mvxico City, D.F., MCxic'o Entvrcd T.M.I. '46, from AII1f'I'lC8I1 High Schoolg Best Plt. ,47, '48g High Point Co. '47, '48g Best Co. ,47, '48g Jr. B Football '47: Jr. A Football Co- Captain 449g Jr. A Travk '49g Cpl. Co. C '47g Staff Sgt. ,48g Capt. Battalion Adjutant '50g Bost Jr. Non-Commissionc-d Officer ,493 Honor Plt. '49, '50. Collt-gc PI'Cff'l'f'HCf'Z Colorado School of Mines. Ambition: Mining Engincvr. G PAGE 22 Class of 1950 JACK AMMANN San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.I. '46, from Alamo Heights Jr. High Sehoolg Co. C '47-'50g Sgt. ,49g TfSgt. ,5Og Best Plt. '47-,5Og High Pt. Co. ,48g Best Co. ,47-'49g -Ir. B Football '47g Varsity Football '48-'5Og Jr. A Traek '48, '49. Ambition Petroleum Engineer. College Preferenee: Texas University. JERRY cAs'rLE1aERRY Corpus Christi, Texas Entered T.M.l. '46 from Myn Seale High Sehoolg Pvt. '475 Jr. Football '473 Cpl. '48-3 junior Lit. Soeiety 'fl-8g Viee Pres. Soph. Class 318: S,fSgt. '49g Seeond Lieutenant Co, A '50: Viee-President Sr. Lit. Soeiety '50g Letterman Varsity Football '50. College Preferenee: U.S. Military Aeademy. Ambition: Doetor of Medieine. PAGE 23 Class of 1950 JOHN LOFTIN CONLON CfI.Q'3! San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.I. in ,46, from S.A.A.g Co. C '47-'49g Pvt. '47g P.F.C. '485 Sgt. '49g Company Sgt. Co. B '4-9g Second Lieutenant Com. Second Plt. Co. B '5Gg Senior Lit. Society '50g Fencing Club '47-'50g Fencing Club Captain '5Og Freshman Scholarship Medal '47q No Demerit Ribbon '47-'49g High Point Co. '48g Best Co. '47-,49g Best Plt. '49g Third Place Weapons Competition '49g Equipment Race '49g Personal Appearence '48g Blue Bonnet Staff '50: National Honor Society '49, '5Og Second Cousin, Allen Barnes, was Valedictorian of Class of 1910 at W.T.M.A. College Preference: Texas University. Ambition: Doctor Of Law. WADE A. DAWSON San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.l. in ,4-7, from Thomas Jeffersong Co. A '47-,50g Sgt. '49g SfSgt. '50g Jr. A Football '49g Jr. A Basketball ,49g Uncle, Floyd Buchanan, Attended W.T.M.A. in 1918. College Preference: Texas University. Ambition: Flyer. PAGE 24 Class of 1950 WARREN L. FARRIS Edinburg, Texas Entered 'I'.M.I. '46, from Edinburg jr. Highg Co. A '46-'SOQ Best Co. '47 High Point Co. ,47, Jr. Lit. Society '48g Final Debate. Best Speaker's Medal '48: Band '48g Jr. Historians '50g Sgt. '50q SfSgt. College Preference: Texas University. 2Zp4gAvuLv5,6ELLnJLL4 ADOLPI-I H. GIESECKE R. UBuddyU J San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.I. '46, from S.A.A.g Best Co. ,47g High Pt. Co. '47g Honor Plt. '50g Sgt. '49g Captain Co. A '5Og President of Jr. Lit. Soeiety '4-8g Final Debate '4-8g Senior Literary Soeiety '41-93 Panther Staff ,49. ,50: Vice-President jr. Historians '50g Cheerleader '5O: Viee-President Fresh. Class '48g Viee-President Junior Class '49. College Preference: Texas University. Ambition: Doctor WW! Wim Class of 1950 WILLIAM HEIL A-Billy, San Antonio, Tvxas Entered T.M.l. '45 from 'llh0IIl2lS Nvlson Pagc High: Sgt. '47-'5O: junior Litvrary Sovivty '45, '461 Dramatics Club '47-'48g Svnior Lit. Socivty ,503 High Point Co. '45, ,461 Bt-st Co. '481 Bcst Plt. '48: Bcst Sqd. ,48g Pantlivr Staff ,46, '48: Editor of Panthvr ,50g Editor of Blur' Bonnvt ,501 No Dcmvrits '46: Rcdburn Mt-dal for Journalism '48, Collcgc Prvfc'rt'nCC: Texas A. 8: l. Ambition: Businrss Exvvutivc. WJLGM ff :afar LEM E. LOCKHART uSfFf.S0llU licaumont, 'llvxas Tennis Tvam '501 Cotillion Club '50. Collvgv P1'vlc'rt'nt'v: Univvrsity of Houston Ambition: Doftor of Medicine. W xi PAGE 26 Entcrvd 'l'.M.l. from An1t'i'it'an Military At ide mv in ,48g Sgt. Co. B '4-95 jr. A Football 49 Varalty Football '50: Jr. A Baskvtbnll '4-83 Beat Co 49 Class of 1950 EMIR MACARI "'Pri1zcfv" Mvxico City, D.F., Mexico Entcrvd T.M.l. '48 from Gordon Srhoolg P.F.C. '49g Sgt. '5O: Bvst Room '49g No Dcmcrit Ribbon '49g Varsity Bascball ,49. Collvgv Prvfc'r0nCc': Louisiana State Univvrsity. Ambition: Industrial Enginvcr in Sugar. S img., afvmfff BILLY ROY MABRY "B'll', I, Dallas, 'll-xas Entered T.M.I. '46, from Highland Park High Schoolg Bc-st Sq. '46: First Division Band '47: Cpl. ,485 Svvond Division Band '4-8: Dramatirs Club '485 Sf'Sgt. '50g Sgt. Maj. '49: Band Drum Major '495 Chwrlvadcr '50. Collvgv Prc'fc'rvnu': Tvxas Univvrsity. Ambition: Lawyvr. PAGE 27 Class of 1950 Join MACARI Mexico City, D.F., Mexico Entered T.M.I. '48, from Gordon Schoolg P.F.C. '4-93 Sgt. '50g Best Room '4-9g Best Co. '49g Best Plt. '49g Varsity Baseball '49, College Preference: Louisiana State University. Ambition: Industrial Engineer. fd fe EDWARDO MANSTRETTA "Tiburon, Eddyv Maracaibo, Venezuela Entered T.M.I. '48, from Liceo "Andres Bello"g Sgt. Armory detail '50 Captain of Soccer Team '50 College Preference: University of Chicago. Ambition: Engineer. E2 Y E 'ifls PAGE za Class of 1950 JUDD AUTHOR PAYNE Muskogee, Oklahoma Entered T.M.I. '46g Jr. B Football '4-73 Co. B '47- '49g Jr. B Basketball '47g Jr. A Football '48g Jr. A Basketball '4-8g Cpl. '4-85 Varsity Basketball '49g Second Lieutenant Co. C '50g Cotillion Club '50. Www WILLIAM A. ROWAN fKRipJ! Fort Worth, Texas Entered T.M.I. '46, from S.A.A.g Best Squad '48g Best Plt. '47, '48g Best Co. '48g High Point Co. '48g Sgt. '4-95 Second Lieutenant Co. C '50, L B College Preference: University of Texas. Ambition: Petroleum. Drilling Contractor. 4ff,0Z?-:affffv fp Class of 1950 LHNVIS FREDERIC SCHERER "Luz", Houston, 'l'c'xas Entvrvd 'l'.M.l. 50. from Lamar High School: Lcttvrman Varsity Football 'SOL Cpl. Band '50 Varsity Baskvtball '50: Junior Historians '50. Collvgc' Pl'1'lil'I't'IN't'f Texas A. 81 M. Ambition: Ranrhvr and Farnwr. RQBERT SALINAS Laredo, Texas Entrrcd T.M.l. '48, from Martin Highg P.F.C. '495 Co. A '49g Staff Sgt. '4-93 TfSgt. '50 Co. B3 Honor Plt. ,49, '50g Bvst Room '49q City Widt- R.O.T.C. Comp., First Plarv manual of arms modal ,49. Collvgfr P1'c'fc'rvnc'c': Texas A. 8: M. PAGE 30 Class of 1950 GEORGE WAYNE SKLADAL Alamo H4-ights, Tvxas Entvrvd 'Ii.M.I, H151 Cpl. 48: SfSgt. ,491 Capt. Com. Co. C '5Og 8th Gradv, Soph., and Jr. Scholarship Mvdals '46, '48, '49g National Honor Socivty ,-19. ,501 No l3t'IHi'I'lt Ribbon '46-,492 Sgt.- at-Arms, Scnior Lit. Sovivty 'SOQ Rifle- Tvain '48- '505 Honor Plt. '-I-8-'503 High Point Co. ,481 Iivst Co. '48, '49. Collvga' PI'l'lil'l'l'Ill'l'I U.S. Nlilitary Avaclvmy. Ambition: U.S. Army Offivvr. MACK RUSH SKAGGS Entmwcd T.M.l. sgf. '49s sfsgr . ,50g jr. Historians 'SUQ Riflr- 'll1'Lllll ,503 Band ,502 Collvgv Prvfvrc' Ambition: Elm' K "C0zi'I1oyU Houston, Ti-xas l49, from Tvxas Military Collvgv: Honor Plt. '50 nw: Univvrsity of Houston. rtriral Enginvcr. PAGE 31 Class of 1950 CARL A. SMITH "Smitty, Alexandria, Virginia Entered T.M.I. '45: P.F.C. '46: Cpl. '46: Sgt. '47g TfSgt. '48g Capt. Band Com. '50: Honor Platoon '50g Third Place Weapons Comp. '48g Sceond Place Weapons Comp. ,49g Secly Jr. Lit. Soeiety '48g Junior Debate Medal '48: Treas. Senior Lit. Society '49: Sec'y Senior Lit. Soeiety '5O: Panther Staff '49, '50: Sec'y Junior Class ,49g Fencing Club '47: Jr. A Football '48g -Ir. A Basketball '48: Rifle Team '49, '50g Cheerleader '50. College Preference: University of Oklahoma. clafyf af 4 ALEX BURKE SPENCER San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.I. '46, from Alamo Heights Jr. Sehoolg Co. A '47-'50g Best Co. '46: High Point Co. ,46: Pvt. '47: P.F.C. '48g Cpl. '49g First Lieu- tenant Co. A '50g Executive Officer Co. A '5Og Rifle Team '48-'50: Third Place W. R. Hearst Trophy Match ,493 Cotillion Club '50g Father, A. B. Spencer Jr., S.A.A. '24g Grandfather, T. C. Frost, S.A.A. Class of '97g See'y-Treas. Rifle Team '50. College Preference: U.S. Military Academy. Ambition: U.S. Army Officer. UWJQ PAGE 32 Class of 1950 JAMES E. TERRELL ".lin1" Dallas. 'lvxzxs Ente-rc-d 'l',M.l. '49, from XVoodrow Wilson High School: Varsity Bzlsvhall '491 A Baskvthall '49, '5Og Bvst Co. '49. Collvgc' Pl'1'fi'rc'ncn': S.M.U. ' Ambition: Chmnival Engim-Q-r. ML, ,Uma GILBERT XV. STUIDER. "Gill, Bill" San Antonio, Tvxus Entcrvd 'I'.M.I. '46, from HOI'lll'l' Nlann jr. High School: A Football '47, '48: Basc-hall 'l'vzun '47- '495 Varsity Football '49: High Point Co. '46, '481 Bvst Plt. '47. '49g Bi-st Co. '48. '-49: Bcst Sqd. '49: Scvond Licutvruint Co. A '50. Collvgv Prvfi-1'm'nc'c: Texts A. 8: M. Ambition: Runc'hc'r. 27111 Silvio, PAGE 33 1 Class of 1950 ROBERT POWELL THOMAS IfB0bby!3 San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.I. '48, from Alamo Heights High School, High Point Co. '48g SfSgt. '50, Honor Plt. '50 College Preference: Texas University. P FREDRIC L. TOLLESON "Chief, Geronimo, Puercov Sisterdale, Texas Entered T.M.I. '44, from Peacock Military Acad- emy, TfSgt. Color Guard '49, Major, Battalion Staff '50, Best Co. '45, '47-'49, Best Plt. '46-'49, Best Sqd. '48g Jr. Historians '44-'50, Jr. Historian President '50g Editor of Blue Bonnet '50g Cotillion Club '49-'50g Jr. A Football City Champs '46, '47g Varsity Football City Champs '48, All Conference Tackle '49g Varsity Football '49, '50, Varsity T Club '48, '49, '50, College Preference: Stanford University. Service Preference: United States Navy. Ambition: Engineer. PAGE 84 Class of 1950 GEORGE PHILLIPS WHARTON, JR. A'KBuZZ!J Dallas, Texas Entered T.M.I. '46, from Highland Park junior High Sehoolg P.F.C. '48g Sgt. '49g SfSgt. '49 Seeond and First Lieutenant Co. B '50g Best Sqd. '485 Best Platoon '46-'48: Best Co. '48g High Point Co. '48g Cotillion Club '48-'50g Honor Platoon '48-'503 Jr. B Football '47g Jr. B. Basketball '471 -Ir. A Football '48, '49g Varsity Football '5O: Varsitv Baseball '50: Varsity Basketball '5Og Var- sity T Club '50. DAVID SMILEY WHITE KfDave!J San Antonio, Texas Entered T.M.I. '46, from S.A.A.g P.F.C. '48g Sgt. '49: Second Lieutenant Com. First Plt. Co B l5Og Rifle Team '48-'50g Rifle Team Captain '50g Varsity T. Club '49, '50g Honor Plt. '49, '50g Hearst .RifleCharnpionship,749. ' . College Preference: Colorado A. 81 M. Ambition: Forest Ranger. .EMM wil PAGE 3 CHAD P. PRA'l"I', Pmviflmzl ALVIN BLUMBERC LUCIEN H, COLLINS, JR. Class of 1951 WM. S. GARDNER DAVIS, Vice-Prexident THOMAS H. SHARP, JR., Secretary-'I're1m1rer EDWARDU APPEDOLE MELVIN BLUMBERG TOMAS CANTU czH,xR1.Es EUGENE DAVIS LEUN J. DAVIS EDUARDO BARBERENA CHRIS I. CARSON PHILLIP Ec:oNoMIDEs 4 'Q Class of 1951 fi '-Q-'X",, '--M... W ..c2.'5fi ,panels Nw Wm'-f "V'KClIlnv wt F. E-nal' 1 QQ.. .""'1s A asv "NN xiii Ji JHN PAT ESTES QW Sf:-' JOHN A. FEAGIN ,xL'csL's'1'L's A. HALL, JR. G CY JEAN LC JWE Nl JRRIS L. HUYT !TQ!""R BILLY R. GARRETT JAMES G. KUHNS IVAN MANNERING, JR. MARCUS USURIU PAGE RT ww... -Q.. 'N ..,g ABRAHAM ILRLNSPAN KENNETH LI. Li JYELL HARRY PENNINGTUN, III JAMES B. Pl-IRRIGU ARTHUR WILLIAM Pl' E F F ER Class of 1951 PAT HENRY POE FRANK H. SLAYIK, AIR. FRANCIS M. 'IINDALL -IERRY H. ROBERTS LEWIS S. SORLEY CARL O. TINSLEY DOUGLAS R. SEMMES GARY STANLEY JOHN R. VAELLO TEDDY SHAW THOMAS D. TERRY JAMES DALE ZIMMERMAN Class of 1952 MORRILL ROSS, JR., Prexident DON PAUL FLY, Vice- President ERNEST LEE HUNSAKER, Secretary-Treasurer AUBREY L. AKIN ANDREW L. BALLARD WILLIAM BELL, JR. RONNIE T. BUCKINGHAM PETER B. CARLSON LUIS CAVAZOS JOHN P. CHILTON MILFORD D. CONN ERNEST LEE CRUMPACKER WAYNE DAN EISAMAN VINTON R. FERRELL RONNIE N. FISCH PAGE 39 Class of 1952 PAGE JOHN M. GADDIS OSCAR C. GONZALEZ LUTHER H. HILL LAWRENCE A. INGALLS GUILLERMO GARZA CHARLES A. GORMAN EUGENE PAT HOLDEN DELMO JOHNSON, JR. MAX KALB DON W. JOHNSTON DON LIESEKE CHARLES S. LINGLE JOHN MAROSIS ' Class of 1952 1 TED MAROSIS MAURICE S. MAZEL JOHN WILLIAM Mfc:LANAHAN WALTER BEDELL MILLER JOSE MQNTEMAYUI1 WILLIAM NOWLIN TOM LEE PAYNE JOE SATEL LLOYD C. SCHILLER RUSSELL GEORGE STEWART JAMES THURMOND, JR. RONNIE WACKWITZ ARLEN B. WAHLBERG JOSEPH C. WITWER PAGE 41 Class of 1953 KENNETH E. GUBBISON, President MICHAEL K. ABSHER, Vice-Prexident FRANK G. HUNTRESS, III, Secretary-Trenxurer ROY CAMPBELL BOOTH DAVID M. BROWN JIMMY BU'I'Z DAVID S. CHRISTIAN BILL DALTON GARY GLK JBER ROBERT Gi DAD FRANK JOEL ADELMAN HARVEY W. ALLEN PHIL. M. BARSHOP EDUARDO CASTILLO J. FELIX QIASTILLD ALFRED CHALKLEY JAMES D. DANDRIDGE JAMES M. DAVIS HOUSTON EVANS HERBERT R. GIBSON ENRIQUE GONZALEZ HUGH HALFF GUILLERMO HEFFERAN VAN H. HOWARD, III PAGE -52 Class of 1953 JEROME JERGINS GLENN T. KELLY PAUL KELLY BENJAMIN KLEYMAN VERNON K. KOENIG ROEER1' J. M.1xNu1,EEERGER JAMES LEE MAVERILIK LARRY JOE MCDANIEL JOE M. MEREDITH SYLVAN STE PHAN LANG JOHN H. K. MEYER LIONEL L. PHILLIPS EDMOND O. PITRE WILLIAM W. POTTER LARKIN C. SMITH 'THOMAS E. NELSON, JR. WILLIAM ROBERT SMITH LEONARD B. TATAR MARTIN THEURER HUGH S. TULLOS, JR. WAYNE EDWARD ULRICH FRANK J. STE ED AUGUSTO VERASTIGUI PAGE 43 JOHN A. WALKER Class of 1954 RODOLFO E. VELA, President MICHAEL SAMARAS in TOM M. BRANNON, Vice-President . ARTHUR V. HULL ,IIMMY USSERY RAUL SALDANA GUILLERMO VALDEZ ... k A Long Way To Go PAGE 44 ZX f National Honor Society GEORGE W. SKLADAL ,... ....., P resident ADGLPH H. GIESECKE .,.. A .Vice-Presidewzf JOHN L. CONLON ..,,. . ,..., ,Szfcwtary JAMES B. PERRIGO ..., ,,.. S t'7Qt'H7lf-df-A7'77l.Y Membership in the National Honor Soeiety is the highest award for individual achievement that a Cadet ean reeeive. The members of this Society are ehosen by thc faeulty and must stand high in Seholarship, Leadership, Service and Charaeter. The number of I11CII1l'JPI'S is limited to a maximum of five per eent of the Junior Class and fifteen per cent of the Senior Class. Texas Military Institute is one of the very few private seh ools to enjoy the distinetion of having a eharter of this Soeiety. PAGE 46 U Blue Bonnet Staff JOHN L. CONLON ...4.......,.A.,,....,.... FREDERIC L. TOLLESON ,4,. WILLIAM HEIL 4,....,..... FRANK G. HUNTRESS III .,4. DAVID M. BROWN ,........ iv? 4 W ' M.-v4""' .-f--g,,N Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor . .Staff M1'mbrr . ,Staff Member Thr Blue Bonnet Staff wishes to vxpress its sincvrc' appreciation to Mr. Robrrt Blalr and Mr Charlcs Ross, Coronet Studiog Mr. D. A. Sparham, Mr. Jimmy Robinson and Mr W E ohnson Brand Engraving Co.g Mr. Charles Wvimc-r, The Clegg Co.g and Mr. Art A. Souuk Universal Bookbindcry, for thvir invaluable: technical assistance and advice in thv prcparatlon of this book Thanks art' cluc also to Miss Virginia Fitzgerald who cxvm'utc'd thc' Covvr dcsign and dlvxslon page drawings. PAGE 47 Most Representative Most Industrious. . Most Ambitious . . . Most Best Handsome . . . Natured ,.., Most Dignified .... Most Popular .... Most Valuable. . . . Most Sueeessful . . Most Courteous . . Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Officer. . . Hall of Fame DIGNITY Non-Commissioned Officer CSeniOrj . . . Non-Commissioned Offieer fJuniOrJ . . . Day Student Private Boarder Private. . . . Bugler. . . . . Musieian. . Drummer. . . Marksrnan . Athlete. . . Daneer, . , Politieian ..., . Mathematieian . . Deelaimer . . Kitehen Aid .... Dressed. . . . Prettlest ....... Biggest Shiek. . Biggest Shine .... . Biggest Wiseeraeker . Biggest Goldbriek . . . Biggest Gripe . . . Laziest Cadet. . . Most Militaristie. . . Biggest Feet ..... . . . .THOMAS C. LOCKHART , . ......... JUDD A. PAYNE . . . . .FREDERIC L. TOLLESON .JAMES BENTON HINES, JR. . . . . . . .GILBERT W. STUDER .......EMIR MACARI ............REXB.MOORE . . .THOMAS O. LOOKHART ...........WILLIAMHEIL .. JOE HARRIS AMBERSON . . . .GEORGE W. SKLADAL ROBERT SALINAS . . .. JOHN A. FEAGIN ........JAMES M. DAVIS . . . . . .ARLEN B. WAHLBERG ERNEST LEE CRUMPACKER LEON J. DAVIS . . . .WAYNE DAN EISAMAN .. . .DELMO JOHNSON, JR. .............REXB. MOORE . HARRY PENNINGTON, III . . . . . . .L. F. SCHERER, JR. .. . .GEORGE W. SRLADAL JOHN L. CONLON ...........CARLA.SMITH . . . .THOMAS C. LOCKHART IMPUDENCE PAGE 48 . . . . ,WARREN L. FARRIS . . . . ROBERT P. THOMAS . . . . . BILLY ROY MABRY . . . ADOLPH H. GIESECKE . . ........ JEROME JERGINS . . ERNEST LEE HUNSAKER . . .JOSE MONTEMAYOR .,......MACK R. SKAGGS . . . . .ALEX BURKE SPENCER Hall of Fame G EORGE W. LOUXS QROMANO GEORGE P. WHARTON M051 veRsA'm.v. MOST CENT LEMANLY PGE9 d I1 21 H Senior Literary Society DOUGLAS SEMMES. . . . . . P7't?Sldl"7If .IERRY CASTLEBERRY .Vice-Prf'5idf'nt CARL SMITH. . . . . . . . .Secretary GEORGE SKLADAL . . .Sergeant-at-Arms ALVIN BLUMBERG. . . .. Reporter MR. B. H. MEYER .... . Faculty Sponxor Melvin Blumberg james Kuhns john Conlon 'Iames Perrigo John Feagin Frank Slavic' Vinton Ferrell Carl Tinsley Augustus Hall Thomas Terry William Heil James Zimmerman 'LW'here we desire to be informed ,tis good to eontest with men above ourselvesg but to eonfirm d establish our opinions. ,tis best to argue with judgements below our own, that the frequent spoils d vietories over their re axons Inav settle in ourselves an esteem and eonfirmed opinion of our own." f Bmzwze PAGE 50 42' .Q fly 4 4 'Jai '- . , r., Junior Literary Society 0 .5 'A ,' . ,W , ff' A i" If " ' O O 4 1 v ., ENRIQUE GONZALES, . . . . . ,PTl'5fdl'Ilf FRANK HUNTRESS . , . Vive-Pnxviderlt MICHAEL ABSHER .... . . . , . .Svvrfflary .IOHN GADDIS .,... MR. L. M. LEVY . . Frank Adclman Ronald Buckingham William Dalton jam:-s Davis Hcrbvrt Gibson Gary Globvr Van Howard, III Larry MCDanic-l john Mcyvr Thomas Nc-lson Lioncl Phillips Larkin Smith .Iamvs Thurmond Hugh Tullos Wayne' Ulrifh "Rc'proac'hful speech from cithvr side Thi- want of argumvnt supplicdg Thvy rail, rvvilcdg as often vnds Thi' contrasts of disputing frivndsf' -fGay Svrgrarzt-af-Arnzx . Favulty Sponsor 1 . .NW PAGE 51 41 Q iii Q55 X if-Q Pg X . 4 -,Nr jp. A X, .. W ,W M V .ffl L . A . AH Q ww. x Af ,A A W I Mfg i ,ga v , W - ff SNK Wm? wig X , Tl sg NX .. . .. ., xx X. -x 1 , ,ss .N -Y xx X I 5, :Q JY - 4 ,, is K+ zzuli K wk . Lt Jr A A N :" A 'AAS Q x ' M i Q 53 'rf W' Q ,. ff ,N ex N Q It. t. F : 5 gfg,iE5m?g4:, G 5 X 'f R in S A A , ' ' f in Q M i I -. ,.,. A S ..,.. Q Y, ,ix S S wi'-W Cotillion Club THOMAS C. LOCKHART , . Pnxvidrn! FRED L. TOLLESON .,,.,. Vin'-Prrsz'd1'ut REX MOORE . MR. W. O. MILLER Of- Ambgrson .lose Montt-mayor Adolph Givswkr' Luthvr Hill Lcm Lockhart Waltvr MillL'r Judd A. Paym' Tom Paym' Burkv On with thc' danfv! lvt joy bc unconfinyd No slvcp till mom. whvn Youth and PlK'ZlSllI'l' nlvct. f-Bj'TO.'I ,Sm'n'la1'y-7'r1'a.v11n'r . , .Fafulty A1lz'i.v0r Spvnvvl' Gcorgc- P. Wharton PAGE 54 Varsity T Club Ray Campbell Booth ..., Football Kenneth E. Cubbison. . .Football Charles Eugene Davis. . .Football Wm. S. Gardner Davis. .Football Phillip Economides ..,.. Football Billy R. Garrett .,,..... Football Oscar C. Gonzalez .... Football james Benton Hines, Jr..Football Norris L. Hoyt .... ,,,. F ootball Arthur V. Hull. . . . . . . Football Lawrence A. Ingalls. .Rifle Team Delmo Johnson, jr.. .Rifle Team Thomas C. Lockhart .,.. Football Robert Mangleberger . Football PAGE 55 Walter Bedell Miller. .Basketball Rex B. Moore ...,..... Football Judd A. Payne ....... Basketball Tom Lee Payne ....,. Basketball Chad P. Pratt . . . .... Football Jerry H. Roberts ..,.., Football Joe Satel ...... .... F ootball Lewis F. Scherer. ..., Football Carl A. Smith. . .... Rifle Team Alexander Burke Spencer. . . Rifle Team F rederie LeRoy Tolleson. Football Arlen B. Wahlberg ..... Football George P. Wharton ..... Football David S. White ..... Rifle Team Junior Historians 1 AA! 'rn ?f Q' Q W 5 r M Q FREDRIC L. TOLLESON .... ..... P resident ADOLPH GIESECKE. A . . . .Vice-President WALTER MILLER ..,, ...A,.. R fporter MR. A. C. BOWMAN, . . .... Faculty Sponsor PAGE Tom Brannon David Brown James Dandridge William Deane Dan Eisaman Warren Farris Henry Groesbccrk Arthur Hull Stephen Lang Pat Poe William Potter Michael Samaras Louis Scherer Mack Skaggs Randall Thomson John Vaello Rodolfo Vela "In a word, we may gather out of history a policy no less wise than eternalg by the Comparison and application of other mf:n's forepasscd miserics with our own like errors and ill deservingsf' -Sir Walter Raleigh in Carole Sale Q , CBDLLOUIS Roma egg Eleanor Mauze Lt Davud Whate Panther Staff .. W ' fx., , 1 H lil , ', , Pub J vi! I A, v " lished bYlh ' ' - eccd - Ms , SAN ANT 915011-ex E P llltcxry fEUs....SfMH1Qfy1. . reviews 0f II'lStit A mr smme P""!fe ute ' f SS Sh ' no Dw HAM ar . ' rf ..... 'I LEA C - 5 - x , I 4 Q.. , DS es ' 1 Y P . . F' ?:f37'f'.r'1-K. ..f' wg' 37'?e'f5f,.,.,w w.,,, ..,f,fTlLLlon In .C 4 x - ' ' 4144 3 4 H'-5 ...ms 4-,,,,,j': v.1..,::"':"'- -n,,"-Tr.. m:"1-n,,1' fem, Gdels S M ' .' . . ..... fx., .. wr . I.. 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XQUIC .KX X es . - In "' xg.: UHF Kill I xd 90" rn "' ,J-,,,a.,, 1 444-t ri " ,xx nm- 'I' in-. 'l'u ,M D .x ,av pm' 'W' . .pl .5 . .. f,.mh'r we .vw o- - -me .A n- new c .w c-nh..-rn nm ngp-.r M0 to he can . ,ufhr 'WMI' ,wx um. s-rr nw an an 1 ,ad .x.x .. .x. x .4 .a ...- an 043' mln 3 Ill- KV llililf' ll il ff' All' 1194 AP' li' gp- rl 9- P-ptN"1 ,MIN rx .l pdl- hyd! 94 a uri' rn ideal' wwf' ynnlrxiy 10 1 IW th' fl-B wwf! ll p4llgfVl Ylllqi Jul 0l 'ian wth lah an hu Knut! rlml. hi pal' gpilmu and 701 il fl' cpl-5 Uni lvl' Q H 51' J ill. 'IA 9115! Ailfy Kill lab' annul.-.na-'n'...n.dl K gud" 111' 103 5 I gli rl lol idk, QI' ii rli I4 Cul nl f l D inf' lo! rbi pli- Cpini fini! H AAN. xv .. . . . 1 .U .. ,. . .. .. .. ., .. ,, ... M... .... .. H... .. ........e .....,. .,. ... .. ,.,. ..... W. mb, and the Littie Jxffy Tiger ere Then dxsastm e atxc' ,ui Pgvlffd we yn-I Ml' nf se ,A dir-'fm mu 1- ru .rw ,,r.1,nlAxm.xr.x1puxnn,a.. .4 - xn-ex-v-'.x--wa ...A-4.-an ,pin fi- 4 pdf' uri. 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Whbn ' time to sts C ' With ' 5 'L 0 f the Yanther has bro N O Voiume XVI!! of the 1949-1 if series of the Yanther. ' Frank -e Niforking on the Panther this Tommy Terry, Sports year has been a int of fun as weii Haii, 'Photographic Editor. Th h Q N as being educationai for both the reporters were Vinton Ferreii, Q' ey , editors and the reporters. The Tommy Sharp, John Fenginl John tamed W vu Th i staff has done its best to pub- Gaddis, and'Buddy Giesecke. fum Firma' A Te M21 M hsh a paper that the facuity and As this schoox year cioses, the ,me stffvxnz 0' ef ws 0 . ff the student body wouxd approve Panther is proud of the work ofi Umm! We 100191 Def' of and wouid enjoy reading. As the student body, and the staff C8W0"B3Kh Went 'nw 5' 2 by Tommy Sharp and web as adding some new features, iooxcs for-ward to writing the stor- U0 KQV- 501122 med-fof ' ' hh, Fatt, they have aiso tried to give better ies of an even more suecessfui B060 wife BNXWK 0' Du h TM ugivi K h Y ' pictoriai coverage of the news. year :Ext year. patchxed hxgfglp 1305 5 9 9 n 0" ' tmeetin of the lun- 'N' """' 'H'-' "mm """"""" out is s . 2 GDYMWQ PW' 30' ummefmm 'nd iostgigstjriins the ioiiowing nf- WY mwah' Then 1 'M' 013' 'fm had some funny idea Nancy Bivinge and John Feigin Been weve erected: Towson' gave to get hexp. 1 couldnt find boys studying 0, som we Teen Ansxw 'H' we M' dx' Yresidentg Giegecke, Vice Yresi- hed? 'T' S""'me"5' but X dec'd?d Q Our Adiutlnt. CBP M hog, Wb6lfd0Y fbofbiu 5'm"wh'oV'm dentg and Waiter Miiier, Secre- 'mlm' Bskfwm Nw: 3 5321223 meo. read the traii crevice- Seen at the movies were Tom- WW- , . . vgelolexinaril if about thirty ""h""?' ?"u""'d't: me gag. my 'Terry and Martlret Corninz. Dunn? me meemmgs uns vu' minutes 1 went back to schooi wwf smkntg m . Q ,994 of Gr-eg Kuxun and Gxaays Bondu- interesting wxxrs have Wm "we" nd gonna the water vaxve x quaexr. HW q"'e"e'x 't 0 on subiects hire. "The Lest Adam! ' ' stern iwk. ne, -mu, gut, Togxmyd and :Eine Minn 'Members oi me Mmm.. xy shut off the water, thus a-Sw The swam. be me, gwfg, oxiins, avi -5 ian an ei' HSM: Anwnio Rave, 1- ...me MQ, nig rhsaster tonxy three hot ers and wen w ei xo. eiasavxi it: gxlrzn, and Don Fdy and Yo- dim Dam? and vadws other Xe- drownedx. Y. T. wha!!! 1 Emlgsfsh have Amb , . , lends and fins about T555' The Since it was now 5:30 A. M., 1 Everything wex ng! W wwe ' DK 0111 xdiustroul ' BND in taiks WBYQEWUTT bY'W9 members went to see what had caused the 11:00 P. Mqvlhe Lt west Yom.. seen iast weeit with thexr dates of the Junior Historians and were ewrosgon w,,,b,bw mx, ,moeene as who M5 Q ' dame oi . were Ernest Kxstler, Johnny For x- ,xx very eornmendabie. gum, The msg, ,naw 1 went. was 9003 cgmg in K ,N tran, and George Coie. A Soxxectron wasx take: up 'EY me ring range, Here 1 found Sgt- Qblgbody Knov , ,Q . . N the istorians W 0 P 0 WS T' owngshv who was bwfi. He soon expir em' xgpxcffxfxgcfxil ation of the La Bahia hllission at 3:3521 Bgxe time tum. ge vms in the hah ,N XGGTWABXGS. Mao the Junior Hxswrl- K . mem in hw io: Amon ow, hom P " it possibie to take up a QBFHHB I ' X he www ha - -we ygg -f ' an of the xosmng a match with Yea 1 Y Gif 9 anyway. Qehooi. After further xnvestxga- M' mid, ' -pd that one oi my fed- bicycle' w ' 0. David the sent I Vx PAGE 60 "' mr"-'1f. D Battalion Staff LIEUTENANT COLONEL THOMAS C. LOCKHART . , Battalion Commander MA-IOR FREDRIC L. TOLLESON A .Battalion Exccutivv Officc-r CAPTAIN LOUIS C. ROMANO , . . . . ,Battalion Adjutant MASTER SERGEANT JAMES B. HINES. , . Battalion Serge-ant Major ATTACHED: Tcvhnival Scrgvant Tomas Cantu. , A Armory Aida' Svrgcant Edwardo Manstrvtta, .Armory Aida- ! ' Privatc First Class Edwardo Barbara-na A , Armory Aidc' PAGE 62 The Color Guard PAGE 63 Non-Commissioned Gfficers MASTER SERGEANT Chad P. Pratt FIRST SERGEANTS John A. Feagin Mack R. Skaggs Carl A. Smith TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Thomas D. Terry Jack J. Ammann, Jr. Tomas Cantu Gardner W. S. Davis Vinton R. Ferrell Robert H. Parkinson Thomas H. Sharp, Jr. Roberto R. Salinas STAFF SERGEANTS Wade A. Dawson Johnny P. Estes Warren L. Farris Oscar C. Gonzales HCDYY S. Groesbeeck Pete A. Hall James G. Kuhns Lem E. Lockhart Ivan Mannering RCX Moore James B. Perrigo Harry Pennington Jerry H. Roberts Merrill Ross Ffiillk H. Slavik Lewis S. Sorlev Robert R. Thomas Joseph D. Zimmerman SERGEANTS PAGE 64 Luis Cavazos John P. Chilton Milford D. Conn William E. Deane Wayne D. Eisaman John M. Gaddis Enrique Gonzales Charles A. Gorman William Heil Luther H. Hill Lawrence A. Ingalls Delmo L. Johnson Donald W. Johnston Emir Maeari Jose Macari Eduardo Manstretta John Marosis John W. MeClanahan Walter B. Miller Theodore Marosis Tom L. Payne Charles T. Shaw Jimmie V. Thurmond John R. Vaello CORPORALS Michael K. Absher Alvin D. Blumberg Melvin R. Blumberg Chris J. Carlson Charles E. Davis Leon J. Davis Ronald N. Fiseh Abraham A. Grunspan Ernest L. Hunsaeker Jesse J. Jergins Robert J. Mangleberger Maurice S. Mazel William H. Nowlin Pat H. Poe Roman C. Reyes Lewis F. Scherer, Jr. Russell G. Stewart Douglas R. Semmes Francis M. Tindall Carl O. Tinsley Band f - ' . l '.....n.. s wg CAPTAIN CARL A. SMITH .....,. ..,, C ompany Commandvr PRIVATE BILLY ROY MABRY ....... ......... D rum Major FIRST SERGEANT MACK SKAGGS .... ..,. F irst Svrgrant STAFF SERGEANT 3- Ivan Mannvring. SERGEANTS- Dan Eisaman, John Gaddis, Tcddy Shaw. CORPORALSM Michael Absher, Alvin Blumberg, Mclvin Blumbcrg, Leon Davis, Ronnie' Fisrh, Maurice Mazcl, Louis Schercr, Carl Tinsley. PRIVATES FIRST CLASS-David Christian, Ernest Crumparkvr, Jose Montvmayor, Leonard Tatar. PRIVATES - Glen Kelly, Paul Martin, George St-lf, Phil. M. Barshop, Larkin Smith, James Whyte. . S, Y PAGE 65 Company A CAPTAIN ADOLPH H. GIESECKE, . , Company Commander LIEUTENANT ALEX li, SPENCER , . . , , Ex:-cutivv Officr-1' FIRST PLATOON Licutvnant Cilbvrt VV. Studvr , . , Tcc'hnic'al Svrgvant Vinton Fcrrcll Staff Svrgrant Wada' Dawson A SECOND PLATOON Licutvnant .Ivrry Castlvlxfry Tvc'hnic'al Svrgvant Tommy Sharp Staff Svrgvant .lov Zimmcrman . PAGE CG , , Platoon Lvadvr . . ,Platoon Svrgvant Platoon Guida- Platoon Lvadcr . , Platoon Srrgi-ant . Platoon Guido STAFF SERGEANTS s Pvtv Hall, Warrvn Farris. SERGEANTS -Y john Chilton, William Dcanv, John Marosis. Tvd Marosis. CORPORALS -- Abraham Grunspan, Roman Rc-yes, Douglas Sc-ninu-s, PRIVATES FIRST CLASS Af Alfrvd Chalklcy, -lamvs Davis. Phillip Econoimidvs, William Garrvtt, Pat Holden, Stffphvn Lang, Thomas Phillips, -Iarnvs Tc'rrQ'll. PRIVATES: Harvvy Alle-n, Edwardo Appcdolc, David Brown, Felix Castillo, Bill Dalton, Hvrbcrt Gibson, James Hinos, Bon- jamin Kleyman, Max Kalb, Jimmy Ussrry, Antonio Urdam-ta, Ronnie Wavkwitz. Company B CAPTAIN -IOE HARRIS AMBERSON ,.... , .Company Commandcr LIEUTENANT GEORGE P. WHARTON . , ,Exccutivc Officcr FIRST SERGEANT THOMAS TERRY . . First Scrgcant FIRST PLATOON Licutcnant David Whitc ,.,..,....,., Platoon Lcadcr Technical Scrgcant Robcrt Parkinson . . . . . Platoon Scrgcant Staff Scrgcant Robcrt Thomas .t...,.. SECOND PLATOON Licutcnant john L. Conlon ,... Tcchnical Scrgcant Robcrt Salinas .,.. Staff Scrgcant Oscar Gonzalcs, . . STAFF SERGEANTS l- Lcm Lockhart. SERGEANTS - John Pat Estcs, Charlcs Gorman. Luthcr Hill, .Iohn McClanahan. Wlaltcr Millcr, Rcx Moorc. CORPORALS - Chris Carson, Charlcs Davis, Erncst Hunsackc r, Robcrt Manglcbcrgcr. William Nowlin, Russcll Stcwart, Frank Tindall. PRIVATES FIRST CLASS-Pctcr Carlson, Kcnncth Cubhison, Gary Globcr, Frank Hunt- rcss, Kcnncth Lovcll, John Mcycr, Arthur Pfcffcr, William Pottcr, Joc Satcl, Frank Stcccl. PRIVATES - Lcslic Ballard, Camphcll Booth, William Boll, Norris Hoyt, .Iamcs Mavcrick, Thomas Nclson, Frcdrick Prasscl, Randall Thomson, Waync Ulrich. PAGE 67 . Platoon Guida' Platoon Lcadcr Platoon Scrgcant Platoon Guidc . ,f I. I Company C iw IH il? Ill CAPTAIN GEORGE SKLADAL ...,......,....,.. . . . .........,...... Company Commander FIRST SERGEANT JOHN FAEGIN .... SERGEANT JIMMIE THURMOND 4... FIRST PLATOON Second Lieutenant William Rowan .,... Technical Sergeant Jack Ammann ..,. Staff Sergeant Morrill Ross .,..--,.. SECOND PLATOON Second Lieutenant Judd Payne. . . Technical Sergeant Gardner Davis. . . Staff Sergeant Lewis Sorley ......, PAGE . . . , . . .First Sergeant . . .Guidon Bearer . . . . .Platoon Leader . . .Platoon Sergeant . , , .Platoon Guide . . . , .Platoon Leader . . .Platoon Sergeant ........PlatoonGuide STAFF SERGEANTS-James Kuhns, Harry Pennington, James Perigo, Frank Slavik. SERGEANTS - Luis Cavazos, Larry Ingalls, Delmo Johnson, Emir Macari, Jose Macari, John Vaello. CORPORALS -Jerome Jergins, Patrick Poe. PRIVATES FIRST CLASS-Frank Adelman, Tom Brannon, Ronald Buckingham, Robert Goad, Van Howard, Spencer Lingle, Larry McDaniel, Martin Theurer, Hugh Tullos, Arlen Wahlberg, Joseph Witwer. PRIVATES - Edwardo Castillo, Arthur Hull, Vernon Koenig, Paul Martin, Marcos Osorio, Michael Samaras, William Smith, Guillermo Valdez, Augusto Verasdegy, John Walker, Ike West. ATTACHED - Staff Sergeant Henry Groesbeeck. . . Color Sergeant Sergeant Donald Johnston .... . ,Color Guard 68 EIRST TEAM David White Alexander B. Spencer Delmo Johnson Carl Smith Larry Ingalls Sgt. Harley Brown, Coach SECOND TEAM john MeClanahan Wayne Eisaman John Gaddis George Skladal Vinton Ferrell THIRD TEAM Frank Slavik H. S. Groesbeeek Mack Skaggs A. W. Pfeffer Tom Nelson PAGE 69 1 W Q WM- 4- XX H Commissioned Officers Capt. Louis C. Rpmano Baltalfon Afqatczfnf Maj Fredric L.ToHeson 5G'ffdfl0I? 5: Offglfgf' LT. COL.Tlpomas Lockhart Baftahan Commander Commissioned Officers CAP11 CARL A.Smm-s CAPI AooLPH H. Gu-:seems Commander Band Commander Co.A. CAPI Gzoaoz WSKLADAL Ln Ancx Bunn: Spzncsa Commander Co. C. Exe. Officer Company C. PAGE CAPI Jo: Hnams Amszasou Commander Co. B. Lv. GEORGE PAWHARTON ExC.Of6'Cer' Company B. Commissioned Officers HKS STUDE-R EJKJ1-:mmf CASTLEBEFQRY L11 DMD 5. WHQTE Co.A. Com.Second P1ak:oon,Co.A, Com. First Watson, Co.B Juan A. PAYNE Co, Q6 EQ, XX 'Q 5 1 Football Iunvs Bvnton Hints. Co-Cafltaill Rm-x B. Moon: C0-Cajltain Cozwh -lor B. Strong Arthur V. Hull, Alanal 11 PAGE 76 Football Gorizalez Leon Davis Roberts' Gene Davis Satel K Football Stewart Lockhart Garrett Pratt P GE sdebewy TbHeson 1 x Football Parkinson Scherer Booth Khuns Wahlberg 5 Amberson PAGE 9 Football G. Davis Wharton bbison Kleyman PAGE 8 Nemmarl Studer Soccer and Jr. "B" Football 1 l v X Y -f ivwoo PXGE 1 J PS 9 'H JR. X wk, .Mn V, Q Q Q 'ASK ,aw n,,.-Q ...X 5 ' ,QI , J, Q 55 P i Q Q Q 'if Q 326252. sg Q . gig: Q via" 'war r 5.1 .F hx ,ryfw .ml . Q x i F ' f", - bb . Q' ' ,KQK 4- . x .K -g ,. Z -. ,X 32 KJ.-Zi 'f5r'f I 4' ' I Fe Q if "vm -X NU - si 'X 'Ana-. 2- -is ww s X C' .f X PX i f gg!!! is 1 xv X XX fs ya N-X. X1 5' xi N , ' X I 'Q Y W RW f q - - - p Q '14 X K .Q Ts 45 ' . ,. -f X fi K- L Q .,.. ss 6 ix s t A 5 XX 3. XX. by ,f ,gi 0 X - K X X: X lx X K XX :ri XX - ,Q - 5 -x Q 'X f. .C x X - X x X X X X SY" ' .X :TSN ffl' 5 VI' Basketball Sk 'QR E1 Scherer Tom Payne Q. is At '2 QQ' Q? Qi 4 rw fi W , ' YQ-. ' af ?-1gQQ if Ai? f li N A , . 2i E Gonzalez A Judd inf! PAGE 8 Perl xgo Basketball 3 W ,Q W 4 Jergens Manglberger uns aker X, Rex Moore Wharton Junior Basketball PAGE ST Tennis and Fencing P NCL 88 gig Af 'ix AIRS W 1 Reunion at Princeton Left to right, standing: William L. Zander, James Harlan Kelly, Lt. Col. Zim R. Lawhon, Lt. F. A. Meyer, William B. Cassin, Benjamin D. Van Tuyl. Seated: William R. Pickering, Jonathan C. Calvert, Richard King, III, and George Sealy, Jr. This group of Texas Military Institute graduates held a reunion on March 2, at Princeton University. These and other Texas Military Institute graduates are distinguishing themselves in many eastern schools. The Blue Bonnet Staff would appreciate pictures of other similar groups in other colleges. PAGE 90 0 E? '-:-: Y - 3 1 gs Q i if gfrmw X o 'N ,r .gui MI MARKS! , gmgmxf ' V :ii 2 w xxx S Ri? , S .1 Q-Wwnmw 4 7 EW: A ,S Q, K 4562 f, , K1 45 -E.-saa:s5?sx., X , 52, A 1235: ' 2 I Q1 'kvwmwf W K 7 fsggfaagff Y: mf. fu x ,, Q f ww x 'Q 555 f x gi fi' xy? B VW' A 'QA M - fake if Nj? 55f'W,7?ff 513 x lfi +', A .QQ mari ' 3 Q, 'X "KQV ,Q i M..-5" fx ,xx ww Ex Aw qv -1 i.'f-Q-er rn- -MW. sw MXN Col. J. D Prof. Prof. Prof Mrs. Col. Bondurant , Miller . . Landgraf. Ward .,,, . Shaw ..., Chapman Kelly ,.... Lt. Bell , , , Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. Bayer . Pugh Walsh . . Calloway Mt'rton . . W. O. Miller . Miss Frey ..,. Prof Levy . . . The Sundozeners . Faculty Sayings . ....,. . . . ............ , - -"Well, my boyf' . . . . - . . ."I wouldn't want this to he known publiely, but." . , . , ."I don't elaim to be a genius, but I'm very seldom wrong." , . . . . . . . . . . . "It's so simple that any genius eould do it." . ."They give this little problem on the West Point Exam." . ,.,,,..........., .,...... . . .,.., "Listen, Darling." . . ,"I've a good story to tell you, but I don't feel like talking." , . . . . . . , . , ,MI thought it was alright to park here, b-u-t." . , . . . . ."I'm nothing but a lap post." . ."I've just got two more years." , . . , , ..,.. , ,"I'd like five boys." . . . . . . . , . . . . . .'lNow in the Air Corps, its done this way." ........,.,......,.,.,.....'iWell,whatdidLt.Bellsay?" . . . ."They just stood around with their fingers in their mouths." "Take these pills and get under the heat lamp for twenty minutes." .,,."Tulanewillreallygothisyearf' Academy Award ...,.,.. . . A , . ,..Trail Holiday in .Mexico . . . . .Not this year Battleground . . . . . . . Spring Training March of Time ,... ........ M .S. IV Class Shoekproof ..,..,.. ,,., T hird floor showers folson Sings Again As the Girls Go. . . , ,.,,.. .,,.... W harton , So go all 'I'.M.I. Cadets Unwanted . . .. , . . ..., . ..,, . , . , , P.'I'. lrzspertor General ..., . . Lt. Bell Bad Boy ,... ..,,........... . . Hines Tarzarfs New York Adventure. . . .... Garrett Hit Parade Cry of the Wild Goose . . . , . . , , . . . A.W.O.L Huekle-Buck . . . ..,. ..,... P .'I'. Slipping Around ,.,.. ..... P rof. Mule Train ,...,.. ..,. . . . Road March It 1sn't Fair ...,..... .,,,,.... . ,, . .. .,, ., ,. Bounds I Said My Pajamas and Put on My' Prayers , . . Getting ready for inspeetion Don't Cry foe . . . , . , . .,., . . . . . . ...,...,. Peaeoek Game . . . , . . Eighth Grade Mamrny . . .......... ,..,...,.. . . Through a Long and Sleepless Night ,,., . , . ,We study for exams. Blues Stay Away from Me ..,.,..... , . Friday Inspection . .,,..... Classes Broken-down Merry-Go-Round. . , Open Door, Open Arms ....... .,.., . . ,Summer Sehool This Foolish Heart ,... , . . , Gets Twenty-five tours PAGE 95 Nami: .A W Q My ,. ,. x fx., mf-W.-+.1.nw ,wx iam fmhw N- hvwtf ii? Y Wi' lf x xx ,ll wx ia V f, of? Q ,I Syl s ,,.mm X ,f vw my I , Qxww Looking Toward the Future E Wm-, thc' cadvts of Tvxas Military Institutc, salute our younger brothers at San Antonio Acadvxny. For, c-vvn as wr lvavc' our school to assume positions of grc-atvr rvsponsibility, so wc makm' way for those of you who follow in our footsteps to takc up our rifles and our rcsponsibilitivs at Tvxas Mili- tary Institutv. Thx- future of our school. and in a largvr sense, the future of our clvrnocravy, lirs in your hands. Kfvp trust with us: guard thvm well. W0 salutv you, then, cadvts of San Antonio Academy, students of today, lc-ada-rs of tomorrow. PAGE 98 55, .,. W? 7 -.-- 1886 t A Biue BOI111Bf' 41950 ' ev- V' a"''PW2:2'fz2a21z2fi15f24v'1 High Lights of the Year if 'k if 'lf 'lr 'lr if MOVIES All boys like movies, and so we were glad when Sergeant H. F. Calloway from T.M.I. came over on Mondays to show us pictures of various types. The different kinds of movies were appreciated by the students. We had pictures such as war invasions, old-time minstrel shows and comic features. Also, Coach Joe Strong showed us movies on rainy days when we could not go outdoors at play periods. Some of the war movies were entitled: "Dropping of the Atomic Bomb", "Invasion of Iwo Jima", and g'Bombardment of Germany". One of the outstanding features was called, "Old-time Minstrel Days". This feature had real sound effects and singing. It was a hit with the boys. Another military feature was called "Military Etiquette", which showed how a soldier should be during drill and at class. The boys really profited from seeing that movie. "Military Exercises" was another film, which showed how a soldier keeps in condition through exercises and calisthenics. We hope that the boys next year will enjoy the movies as well as we did this year. -David Steves, jr. Houston Munson, fr. PROGESS SHOW During the first month of school, Col. Bondurant broke the news to us that the General Motors "Preview of Progress" show was coming to the Academy sometime soon. We all awaited the event with much eagerness, and our keen anticipation was justly rewarded when we saw the show. The demonstrators rigged up quite a laboratory on the stage in our study hall. They first showed how synthetic rubber was 'made in a matter of seconds. The boys were startled when the rubber compound bounced out of the bottle onto the stage. Next they showed how criminals are caught with a powder that glowed under black lights. During this demonstration, three boys were used, and they each received a gold pencil, after a powdered dollar bill was found by means of the lights on one of them. Last of all, the visitors showed us how jet planes operate, by using as a jet a CO-2 cartridge. All boys were thrilled when the miniature plane shot through the air on its guide wire. -Mickey King. LIFE AMONG THE BOARDERS Academy boarders look forward to Saturday, for it is a custom for the boys to go to town each Saturday to see a show and to do some shopping. They come back with an assortment of things bought at the five-and- ten and at the model airplane shop. Gomic books, airplane sets and fish bowl aquariums, in order named, have been the three most bought classifications this year. When special events come to the city, we nearly always see them. The boarders went by special bus to enjoy the rodeo and livestock shows, held in the new Coliseum in February. On holidays there were special treats for us. On Hallowe'en we had an "old-fashion" party with apple dunking and all, in the dormitory. And then at Christmas, the faculty and the boys had a tasty turkey dinner and a Christmas tree, too. On Valentine's we had a special supper before going to a good show at the Uptown as we usually do on Saturday evenings. All in all, the Academy boarders enjoyed a well-rounded entertainment season. -james W. Donnell, III PAGE 100 ,Q K gif? V ' , NIQi4t'. '4fF if 'ff N, Ff yi l is I 5 ' F ' an . -v . - -, A .f:.51,2ff f. sg 4, . ay, g- --iff ---:1.i,,f. ,, fffif' " sk . .3 1-111 A , , xggii.. ' .-13,3 .. f- :v,.- .mfyxg rqrgiv-'Q ,i W. K V ,wk A,., , 1 K 3 K 1 gag ky , .f - wfkfzpr va " 4 I "G , W. if A :- 1' . 56517-S. -if R L f 2 . 1 ? U. L L, WY - .Eff A ,P L. 1' 5 ' M -v ,Q Q 'K A ii- f s? , ' ,iv . 5 A Q' M, if f 1 . va' M 'A ,ax 'X W QQX Q X Q at av E ol' r GSE T Sw xx 3' .5 A w ,NSN 'Si . ' . . 1? , Q N,.N,:, . A rg -.Nw HN .S ir ir 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr ir ir 'A' i' GOL. W. T. BONDURANT ......,.,......,.... President of S.A.A. and T.M.I. CNot shownp MR. S. PEARGE, JR. ,,.. ..... H eadmaster, English and Military Drill MR. A. W. ROE .,.,.., ....-.,.. L ibrarian, English and History MR. JIMMIE KLEIN. . . . . . .Band Instruments and Band Director MR. G. I. BROWN. .,.. ..,. ,..... S p anish and History MR. GEORGE S. TOUT. . . , . . Geography, Reading and Athletics MR. JOE B. STRONG, JR. , . . .... Physical Education MISS MABEL VAUGHAN .... . . .Hostess and Dietitian MR. JOSEPH DONALD GIAMBRUNO ...,. .... R eading and Geography MISS EDITH BILES .... ,.., R egistrar MR. W. T. BONDURANT, , . .....,. .,.. M athernatics MRS. E. E. OGILVIE .,....... ...., P iano and Musical Appreciation MR. JACK H. SWEARINGEN .... .... E nglish, Reading and Physiology PAGE 102 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'Ir CRESTON A. KING. JR. , DAVID P. STEVES. JR. , . HOUSTON MUNSON, AIR., . . OTHER MEMBERS OF THE STAFF Robvrt Browning .Iamcs W. Donnvll, III .Iohnic Ingram Bill McCandlcss .loc Miller A' Annual Staff Scott Petty, .Editor-in-Chirf Assofiatc' Editor Associatr Editor Jr. jamie Taylor PAGE 103 2 'lr 'A' i' 'A' i' Barn Dance 3 wpt PAGE 1 ront Campus 'k 'k if 'k ir ir 'A' 'A' 'k i' Mmnvllllllm wwwwwwl IIW I X 0810 AC' X ug,-am01,, eww '04 v Wap! J Ja, 4NTom0 XX 'WIIHH ll 1 S 4 "4 S -"f- 2 40 Q -...4 g In Q li '15 E v E Q 'Aff ' 2 ew: H va 2 'Swv X 4. Q, 'N- 7 WW xv ZWIIIW, I ,mm WNAXNN v x P-'XLF 1 Student Activitiwk' ' slfiwuml qos 4. 5 QQCQQ, 3',44L,1I 1 5 5' I"'?3?fI73 45r21N2SES"5?:? VN 2N4'4fw::w'a'f'-"w- W 'A-.-..l w" 1f11Jn3f ' ' w'f-JW I Ill 4" .' Fx IIII llll Wim ..i'1. umm guy ' th lln Wm llln 'N' K Class Presidents Mm,,..,...N,.. 'k 'A' ak 'A' 'Ir ir 'A' 'A' ir Class Presidents lPiI'turr' On cover of this swtionb CRESTON A. KING. JR. RICHARD PENI' , Q ANTONIO TRESPALACIOS LOGAN HUNTRESS A EDWARD BONDURANT. . . ROBERT GUTIERREZ.. . PAGE 108 xx A .Q- ' ,,.--"' ,J ..f ""',',, If .,-ff' . . 6 , v,., M A ,,.--"""' liighlh Sfrmzth . I Sixth Fifth Fourth . Third was 'N X Gmdr Grade' Grady Gradl' Gmdf' Grade 44- Xxktx SS I ..,.,,"t ir i' 'k 'A' 'A' 'k Morning Devotionals Morning exercises at S.A.A. inelude readings from the Bible, prayer in unison, songs and sometimes other features. The pirture on this page shows the Seventh Grade in a morning song, with Mrs. Ogilvie at thc piano. PAGE 109 enigrs i' i' i' 'k 'A' 'k 'A' ir i' 'A' CRESTON A. KING, -IR. ,.,. ..,... P resident RONALD KATZ ,.., . .,., Vice President DAVID FETZER ,..,..e.. .,.... S ecretary HOUSTON MUNSON, -IR., . . .... Treasurer DAVID P. STEVES, JR. ..... .... R eporter PAGE 110 ffffffffffgeniors Bobys Bondurant, W. Brown Donnell Evans Flannery Glasin Huppert Steves, A. Stradley Class Roll Allan Bobys .,.,A..A . . . Corpus Christi . . . 2nd year at S.A.A. William Bondurant. . . . . .Alamo Heights . . . . lst year at S.A.A. Robert Brown ...,, jim Donnell .... jim Evans ..... David Fetzer ..., john Flannery .... john Glasin ...., Donald Huppert. . Ronald Katz . 4.., , . . . . .Bexar County .... . . . .Fowlerton . . . . . . .San Antonio . . . . . . .San Antonio . . . , . . San Antonio . . . .. . Galveston . . . . . . San Antonio . . . . . 4 San Antonio . .- Creston A. King, Jr.. . . . . . Terrell Hills . . . Houston Munson, Jr. .... . . . San Antonio . . . Albert Steves IV. . . . David Steves, Jr.. . . . John Stradley ..... ...Bc-lMeade . . . .Terrell Hills . . , ...Dallas.. PAGE 111 6th year at S.A.A.' 3rd year at S.A.A. 4th year at S.A.A. 6th year at S.A.A. 4th year at S.A.A. 4th year at S.A.A. 2nd year at S.A.A. 3rd year at S.A.A. 6th year at S.A.A. 4-th year at S.A.A. 6th year at S.A.A. 6th year at S.A.A. 4th year at S.A.A. 7th Graders ir if 'k i' 'A' 'k i' 'A' Pent, R. , . , President Gilliland, T. Kothman, M. , . . . .Vice-President Glover, H. MCCandless, B. . , . . . . Secretary Petty, S. .... .,.. T reasurer Glover, T. Ingram, Dill, C Jenkins, R PAGE 112 ir 'k 'Ir ai' 'A' i' 'A' ir 7th Graders Jett, T. Roberts, K. Mc'Nvc'l, D. Robertson, F. Miller, Stewart, A. Stone, J. Sicvers, W. QNot Shownj PAGE 113 Nelson, S. Qualls, K. Taylor, J. Turner, A. 6th Graders "f 1' if if 1' W W i' 'l'1'vspalz1vios. A. . . Pfvxidcnt Kotluuan. WV. , . , .Vicff-Prmidmlt Lcfllw. Ch. Sl'fI'4'flll'j' Hall. 'l'. , . '1lTt'II5ll7ll Abshvr, T. Ayrvs, G. Chalklvy, 'l'. I3ZiI1Ill'IIllllt'l', ll. Day, L. Dimalinv. A. Falkstfin. F. Floyd, li. Givswkv. G. Nl PAGE 114 'lr 'lr i' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 6th Graders Hubbvrd. L. King, B. Pic'r1'1'. S. Huey, D. Lammons Prichard, L. Wvbstcr, N. PAGE 115 Jacobson, C. Lincoln, L. Wa-st, S. 'S' Kaplan, D. Passmorv. G. York, M. th Graders i' uk 'lr 'lr 'A' i' 'A' i' PAGE 116 Huntrcss, L., Prmiderzt Stearns, H., Vice-Pres. Pvct, E,, Secretary Gutivrrvz, A., Treasurer Bernstein, N. Browning, R. Cade, L. Colcman, F Cowl:-s, G. Glassfock, S. Hall, R Huber, K. Larry, C. Lvvvnson, A ir ir 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' Luzardo. MCKcxnziQ'. A. Mvyvr, B. Nvuman, S. Nicklin, R. Savagv, Schofield, L. Smith, A. Strvvs, H. Stryker, R. Sugarman. K. Swvcncy, M. Turm-r, W. White, C. Willvrson, Sth Graders PAGE 117 4th Graders Edward Bondurant . Clinton Lvukc- . . Alvord Ruthc'1'f01'd Yale' Ferguson Bohm: E. Lupv. BI'2lttlTl. MllI'l'iS, Castlv, B. Kluir. D. F21I'Illl'l'. 'If Nvwton, C' Imnzm. IJ. Pr-1-lvr, A. 'A' 'A' 'Ir ir t i' 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'k Prvsidmzt Vz'1'1'-Prmidvrzt . SUl'7't'fl11'j' 7'7'l'IlA'1l7'4'7A Raymond. C Smlndvrs, II Sc'x'illQ'. ll. Shanklv. P. Smith. 'lf PAGE 118 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' at 'A' ir 3rd Graders Robvrt Gutivrrvz . .Prvsidmlt Bucky 'Il-unison, , , Vi1'f'-Prznvidmzt Dzirrvll YVillc'rson . . Swrrfary Luis Roc-d ,.... , ,7'T!'I15ll7'l'f Anglin. R. Martin. C. Trahzm, T. Donop. S. Olingcr. S. Watts, E. Epplcr. W. Riddle, S. Witt, Hubbvrd. S. Stonv, E. Castillo, QNot Shownb PAGE 119 Alamo Society ir ir ik ir i' 'A' 'Ir 'A' Alamo Literary Society David Fetzer. , . . .President John Stradley .... . . .Vice-President Coach Tout and Prof. Bondurant. . . Berentsen Bernstein Bohne Bratten, J. Castle Coleman Dill Day Dimaline Donop Evans Falkstein Farmer Ferguson Flannery Gilliland Glasin Glover, T. Gutierrez, R. Hall, T. Hubberd, L. Albert Steves ........ Secretary Huey Huppert Jacobson Jenkins Jones King, B. Kothman, Leake, Ch. Leake, Cl. Levenson Lincoln Luzardo McNeel Martin Meyer Morris Muir Newman Olinger Peet Huber W Allan Bobys ...,.... Sergeant-at-Arms Prichard Riddle Roberts Robertson Rutherford Schofield Seville Sievers Smith, T. Stearns Stone, J. Sugarman Sweeney Taylor Tennison Trahan Turner, A. Turner, W. West Sponsors Willerson, J. Witt During the past year, the literary societies, the Alamo and the David Crockett, presented fine arguments for their existence. Never were the debates more spirited, and they aroused great interest among the students. The programs of thc two societies were of different types. Every boy had a chance to show that he could speak or take part in writing news notes, telling jokes, or playing musical instruments. One of the most interesting debates was: "Resolved, that television will take the place of movies in the next fifteen years." Affirmative speakers on this occasion were Bratten and Dill, while the negative was upheld by Evans and Dimaline. Another interesting debate was: "Re- PAGE 120 'A' 'ff A' 'ff A' A' A' A' Crockett Society David Crockett Literary Society Houston Munson ,. , ,, President Mickey King ,.,.,... Vice-Prcsiderzt David P. Steves, Jr. ,....... Secretary Robert Brown ........ Sergeant-at-Arms Prof. Swearingen and Prof. Giambruno. . . . , .Sponsors Absher Hubberd, S. Pierce Alvarez Huntress Qualls Anglin Ingram Reed Ayres Inman Raymond Barnes Jett Saunders Bondurant, B. Kaplan Savage Bondurant, E. Katz Shanklc Browning Kothman, M. Sibley Bygfly Lammons Smith, A. Cade Larry Steves, B. Castillo Lupe Stewart Cowles McCandless Stone, E. Dannemiller McKenzie Stryker Donnell Miller Trespalacios Eppler Nelson, S. Watts Floyd Newton Webster Giesecke Nicklin White Glasscoek Passmore Willerson, D. Glover, H. Peeler York Gutierrez, A. Pent Hall, R. Petty solved, that the United States should continue to give military aid to Nationalist China." Speaking for the affirmative, were Chalkley and Stradley. The negative speakers were Flannery and Gilliland. Comedy touches were interspersed on occasion to relieve the serious nature of the meetings. A special feature was presented by Kent Qualls, impersonating a winsome country lass in gingham dress and bare feet. She had been away for some time and was obviously glad to see some of her boy friends. On another occasion, David Steves attempted to play a borrowed saxaphone that be- haved in an unruly manner. Never was such an assortment of sounds heard coming out of an instrument. David stuck with his horn, finally mastered it, and played his selection in a creditable way. PAGE 121 A Hall of Fame 'A' 'A' 'A' Most Popular. . Most Useful. . , Most Ambitious. Most Handsome. . Most Gentlemanly ..., Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Best Natured ...., Officer . Athlete .... Dancer Non-Com. . . Dressed. . . Musician Drummer. , . Bugler .... Biggest Sheik. . Biffffest Goldbriek hh Biggest Feet ...... Biggest Mbuth. . . Biggest Shine. PAGE 122 . . . .MICKEY KING JIM DONNELL MICKEY KING .. . .MICKEY KING . . . .JIM DONNELL 'A' 'k 'lr . . . .RONALD KATZ DAVID STEVES . . . . .HAL STEARNS .. .DAVID FETZER .. .BILL McCANDLESS JIM DONNELL TONY TRESPALAOIOS ...MTOM GILLILAND TONY TRESPALACIOS .......DAVID FETZER ....KENT QUALLS . . . .DAVID STEVES . . . .KENT QUALLS .. .KENT QUALLS ir 'A' ak i' 'A' i' 'k Home Scenes PGE "Home Sweet Home" 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A 'A' 'A' Room inspection is daily routine among Academy boarders. Room mates whose rooms are rated the neatest have their names posted on the bulletin board in the study-hall. At the end of the school year, honor pins are awarded the boys, having the most points. Rooms, such as the one pictured above, are typical of the prize winning rooms. PAGE 124 if 'A' A if Commencement "' if A' I' Academy boys always look forward to commencement with joyous anticipation. The exercises combine field clay features, held in San Pedro Park, and literary events, presented in San Pedro Playhouse. At the time of this writing, it is too early to publish this year's pro- gram, but in the belief that many boys will like to have a permanent record of commencement, the highlights of the news story of last year's exercises, as reported in San Antonio Express, are given below: Military adeptness, coupled with proof of scholastic achievements, marked the 63rd annual commence- ment exercises of the San Antonio Academy at San Pedro Playhouse Friday. Eighteen scholarship medals were presented to the class leaders and 76 other medals and awards were given to cadets by Col. W. T. Bon- durant, academy president. Scholarship medals, won by the three top students in each class, were presented to Frank Huntress III, Orvis Maxey and Charles Shields, eighth grade, Creston A. King, Jr., Edward Olmstead and Ronald Katz, seventh grade, Ralph Copeland, Gus Amund- sen and Scott Petty, sixth grade, Jay Lee Lammons, Larry Day and Richard Copeland, fifth grade: Robert Brown- ing, Logan Huntress and Edward Peet, fourth grade, and Yale Hicks Fergu- son, Alvord Rutherford and Jimmie Morris, third grade. ROOM COMPETITION Cadets winning first place in best room competition in their divisions of the dormitories, were John Henry Glasin and Gus Amundsen of Galves- tong Dan Estes of Wichita Falls and Guillermo Valdez of Chihuahua, Mex- ico: Alton Stewart of San Antonio and John Stradley of Dallas, and Arthur and John Santikos of Corpus Christi. Piano playing awards, offered by Mrs. E. E. Ogilvie, teacher, were pre- sented to Gus Ayres, Eugene Bohne, Tom Chalkley, Ralph Copeland, Richard Copeland, David Christian, Frank Falkstein, Gary Glober, Keith Huber, Bruce Kuemmel, Jay Lam- mons, Larry McDaniel, Don Nelson, Stanley Pierce, David Reagor, John Savage, John Schaefer and Jim Willerson. For having had no demerits during the school year, honor pins were pre- sented to Creston King, Andy Smith and Steve Hubberd. Presentation of the no demerit award to King marked the fourth year he has been honored in this manner. BAND MEDALS Ilonor medals and ribbons in band instrument playing were awarded by Jimmie Klein, instructor, to Allan Bobys, Phil Barshop, David Christian, Gordon Cizon, Clayton Conoly, Ralph Copeland, Richard Copeland, David Fetzer, John Flannery, Van Howard, Lantz Hubberd, Steve Hubberd, Logan Huntress, Don Huey, Bobby King, Charles Leake, Perry Lewis, Douglas Muir, Richard Nussle, Glen Passmore, Richard Pent, Jimmie Phillips, Stanley Pierce, Lev Prichard, Kent Qualls, Forrest Robertson, Fred Rose, Larkin Smith, David Steves, Alton Stewart, Jamie Taylor and Bob West. Cadets of Company Band, com- manded by Cadet Capt. David Christian, received individual ribbons for being the best-drilled outfit on the drill field. Orvis Maxey presented the saluta- tory address and Frank Huntress III gave the valedictory address. ORCHESTRA PLAYS Included on the program of the commencement exercises were Don Nelson, Ralph Copeland, Larry Mc- Daniel, David Christian and Charles Shields, who presented piano selec- tions. The academy 41-piece orchestra played three selections that concluded the program. Short speeches were given by Yale Ferguson, Robert Browning, Jay Lee Lammons, Ralph Copeland and Cres- ton A. King, representing their several grades. The Rev. Sam O. Capers gave the invocation. PAGE 125 RockHouse 'A' Y if if if fi' i' One of the sights of San Pedro Park, opposite the schooli is the old Rock House. Legend has it that this was a fort, built as pro- tection against the Indians. More plausible explanation is that it was the smokehouse for a large home that used to stand before it, where the San Pedro Library is now. PAGE 126 S mowo ACADLMY' 4 'N pi "1 ' 1' ' in . gs Officers 'k i' 'A' 'Ir 'A' ai' ir i' xi' Second Livutvnant .... Captain ..,,. Second Livutvnant. First Lic-utcnant.. Captain, . ,... , . First Livutz-nant. . Captain , . Captain .... A . First Licutc-nant. , First Livutvnant, . Ma or ......,,, OFFICERS ROBERT BROWN ,. JIM DONNELL JIM EVANS .DAVID FETZER JOHN FLANNERY . . .JOHN GLASIN . RONALD KATZ . , , .,,..., MICKEY KING . A HOUSTON MUNSON, JR. A , , .ALBERT STEVES IV . . . .DAVID STEVES, JR. ir i' i' 1' i' if if Staff and Non-Coms STAFF Major .,......,. ..... , . ,..., DAVID STEVES, -IR. Captain Adjutant ,.... ,,....,, ...... R C JNALD KATZ First Livutcnant, Exvcutivc' Offi m'c'r ', ,..,. IIOHN HENRY GLASIN Color Svrgn-ants . . . .,,.,.., 'IOE MILLER, TONY HALL Color Corporals , TOMMY jE'l"l', .IOHNIE INGRAM NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS SERGEANTS Allan Bobys Bill Bondurant Tony Hall Donald Huppvrt - Wayne Kothxnan CORPORALS Gus Gicscckc' Johnny Ingram Tommy Jvtt Milton Kothman Bill Mc'CandlL'ss Aloe Miller Richard Pcnt Scott Pvtty Kent Qualls john Stradlcy PAGE 129 Jay Lammons Schrvincr Nvlson F orrvst Robcrtson Alton Stewart Jamie Taylor Austin Turnc-r Sol Wvst Cgmpany A 'k 'A' i' ir 'A' 'k i' i' COMPANY A Captain ,..,.,.. First Lieutenant ..,, Second Lieutenant ..,, First Sergeant ,.,. JIM DONNELL . . 4 .HOUSTON MUNSON 4 . ROBERT BROWN 4 4 . . .JOHN STRADLEY SERGEANTS Bondurant, W. Petty CORPORALS Nelson, S. Turner, A. West PRIVATES Cade Castle Coleman F alkstein Floyd Glasscock Glover, H. Hall, R. Jacobson Kaplan Luzardo McKenzie McNeel Nicklin Reed Sievers Smith, A. Stearns Steves, B. Sugarman Sweeney Trahan Turner, W. Watts White York PAGE 180 l 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 'k 'A' 'A' Company B COMPANY B Captain . . ..... ..... M ICKEY KING First Lieutenant , . . ,ALBERT STEVES IV Second Lieutenant . . .... . . .JIM EVANS First Sergeant, . . A , . .BILL MQCANDLESS SERGEANTS Pent Kothman, M. CORPORALS Gieseeke Lammons Kothman, W. PRIVATES Anglin Bernstein Bohne Cowles Donop Eppler Farmer Ferguson Huber Inman Larry LinCOlI1 Lupe Martin Nfeyer Moritz Morris Neuman Newton Olinger Peet Raymond Riddle Rutherford Saunders Savage Schofield Seville Shankle Stryker Webster Willerson, D. Willerson, J. Witt PAGE 131 Band and Orchestra i' 'A' ir 'A' i' 'A' 'A' Captaln ...,....., First Lieutenant ..,. First Sergeant .,.. Absher Ghalklcy Gilliland Hubberd, S. Leake, Clint Pierce Huppert Robertson Ayres Day Glover, T. Huey Levenson Prichard BAND SERGEANTS CORPORALS Stewart PRIVATES Bondurant, E Dannernillcr Gutierrez, A. Huntress Muir Tennisoln PAGE 132 . . . ,JOHN FLANNERY Qualls Taylor Bratten Dill Gutierrez, R. King, B. Passmorc Trespalacios DAVID FETZER ALLAN BOBYS Browning Dimalinc Hubbard, L. Leakc, Chas. Pceler 'A' ir uk 'A' ir 'lr if if if Drill Scene Picture shows inspc-vtion of cadets at Friday dross parade and rcvivw. Col. Bondurant and Coarh Pcarfc' arc' svcn looking the boys ovvr. PAGE 133 Battalion on No. Flores PC 4 A-NGN .A Spqrts u- . .fr ootball 'A' ir 'lr if if 'k if 'A' i' ir 'A' ,3wN...,,m,,,, y.4av-vG!'1f'Kxm'vNw Gam WSW f l , , Q 3 5 PAGE 136 4 , f4 Ef ww' f 23, EE"-f.:.. . bl -1 4 1 -lf'-W ,E-g ' 3f ? .-Mk x 'X-5 . -: K N 1- 1.5 :nn Q, "'ff6'-v'11,w.gQ9'awf:'5f1'l,,,"2w.:. 5111- 'avi fix W.-Qnief :N 'Ir 'A' ir 'A' 'A' ., Sx f my Aww ,W . K ,P 5 I . ' '-'Sy Munson Q -A . . 'wx' f X -Q ' x xx 'X X , 1 M ' - " 'gf ff X ,X N :V few i 1' - w-Q fi A. C 5+ . ' x x x ...,, . H -2 N x , E xl X ,:L?5.w4EQ x , . X Q- W 4 xy A ' f .. as-Q, '32-1 A Q25 X J' P i k 4 Zigx 'M' 55: . K X R - Q 4 - ' sk- 6 K i W K . ' A ' 1 , J: in Q A ' I A N . ' W M V ,MN 3, 'A -XM ' ' ., ,wwf-Slfw. , ---.-: ...., 1 f 7,5 -sw? Q 5 M. X336 K fats Q i f ' Yagwg "ft A Q Q w, 'aw it :,- , -f A 3h Z 1, -Q, S 1. Q..-fTf1"4sff'H-W .-N Q Y ,Af 'ESSaa.-z1. V X Football W Nw v f-"i5i-- ,leiwgm il' X, 'Eg . Q S..- ,Q 'Y X i iv Fix Q ws. M4 lx W W + X MF r -'X Q ' T W, gs ra I M .. " O - , A' ' i A A 3 N in , Vx-Q., - -F wf ' k x K ' , 'fs ', A .3-.. N ' A g if: fy N- I., ' M , - . , M' L W 5 x 3: ,K x "' .ggpyx . l . - "Ns, Q., + f ls- M - 'J '7"" . . W- 'N 'W M -9 HM- . ,xxx " -A 7- Q ' -"W X X ..g ,Q X ' N GN.-any . Y A ir, A .nmww Q, 1 H , Q. Q 3-,QNX .... ..,, QW G 3 X M, x. .. . 1 xx -1 Q. ., - sf -W -f w Q. N f ,X, 'Q ,f H Nw Nkdwvqg Hg Q N- - J' . N 4-..-X. f ., , Ax , L f W .mi A fffsw-M is Hg N M vi PAGE 137 Ootballffffffrfffff The' usual svhool sports wvrv invludvd in thv physvial training program at thv Avadvmy during thc sm-ssion just past. Under the dirvction of Coach Tout, Avadvmy tvanis in football and baskct- ball c'omp1'tm'd with othvr schools. Tho high point of thc- svason was rvavhvd whvn thc' Midgvt basketball tvmn won thc' Bvxar County championship in its vlass. This was thvir scvond consrfrutivv time to bring homm- tht- honors in that Contvst. Tvams wore' also cntcrvd in tht' South San Antonio Trark hivvt. Thr' attvntion of tht' boys was turnvd to soft ball during the spring tvrm. Tho Physical Education classvs wcn' again undcr thc' dircvtion of Coavh Strong. Bombardmvnt, intro- duvvd last yvar by Coavh Strong, vontinuvd to bv a popular svhoolyard gamma PAGE 138 A' 'A' A' A if A " Midget " Champions CHAMPIONS Bc-xar County "Midgc't" COIN-l'I'l'HCC Lvaguv. Svvond Consvciltivc' Svuson SEASONS RECORD S.A.A. 32 Ri-d c'm'111L' 1' Luthvran . , , , lll S.A.A. 25 Alamo Hvights . I8 S.A.A. 17 South San Antonio, A ll S.A.A. l5 Rc'df'c'1nc'r Luthvran . 7 S.A.A. 17 Alamo Hvights 6 S.A.A. 22 South San Antonio 23 GAMES WON S.A.A. 5 - Opponvnts . . , l Two I1N'IlllX'I'S of this tvam, Tony 'l'rr'spz1lzu'ios and David Fc'tz1'1', madc' tht- llvxzn' County junior Confvrvncv g'All-Star" tvam in HCl' Baskvthall. Q LATE NEWS NOTE l April 4: San Antonio Aradvnlyls tram won tht' B1-xur County junior ClOIlllK'I't'I1K'l' "C" championship in track, at Alamo Hvights Stadium. Mvmbvrs of this tvaniz Stvams. Stm-vvs, A. 'frcspalafios and Strzxdlvy. PAGE 139 Basketball w xx-S f N Xt,-af-1 ISS 4 2 Xi ,A X ,W 1 I HQ l 1 V vig A A 1 Q vw x ' .Q 551 S E - ,..f--"""""yr va , I, 'P' ' N V M U Zgw- .... ug L E ' - , 8:5-fin ' I Q. A S x 'E M ,... 5 .....,. N . .:::-:e5:. -.., , i U Q , M, aw V 1 I Y:-I:-::EEiE:im1 ,JJ . K 5 W V .X.I : ':::gmw ' . ' iq: N ' Q ----,, : .:. ,-.- , X X ww .,,,,: .,,,,,,,,, fi .,,, , A Www M wx M -ww-Na-w-x..WauQmd'!s N '- , .-.-- , .,.-. , Q - M, , if gg, N M S X ' , ' A Q S Q W X. ' ' w J. Q " X N : af f Q T955 4. 4 "J - ,Wk PAGE 140 t t t t t t t t 't Baske tball BRQWN Mid! FET-Z5 KATZ B 'fx- E iF :gl lx S25 ll sical Ed. 'A' 'A' ir 'lr ir 'A' 'A' ir PGE I L if i' 'k if 1? 'A' if Here and There Third Grade P. E. with Coaeh Strong in San Pedro Park. 1 I 'T A Pieture shows seetion of Fifth Grade after a visit to the Express Publishing Co1npnny's plant. On another occasion this grade visited Santa Rosa Hospital. Plant visiting was under the sponsorship of Prof. Swearingen. PAGE 143 vertisers A' A 'A' 'A' 'A' A A A A BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Robert Brown ..... .,.,,..... B usinvss Alanagrr Houston Munson, . .... Associate Business 1'VIa11agv1 jim Donnell, , . . ...,,. Cirfulation Marzagffr Scott Pcvtty. , . .,., Assistant Business Maizagffr Prof. Brown ..,., ..,.,..... F acuity Advisor First Place. . . LEADING SALESMEN Second Place .... .... Third Place. Fourth Place. Dill, Donnell, Fvrguson, King, M., Mc'Kf'nzic', PAGE 144 . , .Johniv Ingram Robert Browning . , . . . ,Scott Petty .Robcrt Browning Munson, Stradlcy 1' ll-, Autographs 1 .,,, , ,, ,, I, COMPLIMENTS frank Bros. Wwotoiekryoun MILITARY OUTFITTERS FOR T. M. I. AND S. A. A. CoMPuMENTs Of I. E. INGRAM EQUIPMENT CO. 1146 West Laurel Street Construction Machinery and ' Supplies San Antomo Houston Edmburg Corpus ChI1St1 I v I COMPLIMEN TS OF Fair-Maid BREAD AND CAKES 942201144 1950 GRADUATES JERSEYLAND C R EA M E R Y 2601 South Hackberry St. Phones: Lambert Z-1030 Kenwood 3661 L. F. FAULK MRS W C FAULK W N FAULK Compliments r of Jess McNeal Machinery Corporation 922 AUSTIN ST. Distributors of ADAMS MACHINERY i""l Visit the ESPERANZA RANCH Registered Brahma Cattle FOWLERTGN, TEXAS JESS MCNEEL, Owner Compliments Of C. L. BROWNING Contractors BASSE RQAD S. 4-5159 Compliments of DUDCBI1 Coffee Co San Antonio, Texas , W I Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears, Roebuck and Co. Everything For Your Family, Your Car, Your Home, Your Farm and Ranch. Romana Plaza - Kenmore Lane Free Parking Garfield 5151 X an Y one nn rr cr or t Petty Geophysical Engineering Company Geophysical Surveys, Domestic Transit Tower - San Antonio, Texas Petty Geophysical Company Geophysical Surveys, Foreign Transit Tower - San Antonio, Texas Petty Laboratories, inc. Manufacturers of Geophysical Instruments 317 Sixth Street - San Antonio, Texas 'A' SEISMOGRAPH GRAVITY METER MAGNETOMETER i' O. S. Petty, Van A. Petty, jr. President Vice President Dabney E. Petty, P. J. Rudolph, Vice President General Manager Now is the time . .. f i l I . . . for you to open a bank I , ff ses account and start building i ef" fi , Im - - glgjil 1 5:Q.i 3, your Iife-long credit stand- I T ing! We would appreciate A C I EEE! ss! Mi f ' I T EEEiE1 2af fs YOU' T ai ii in-if I I , :-- f wiilfi 4 I I - T A ig gig 'eq gc IEE 9waw iiiH:'l E I x tan , :wi T' ipqti J F R O S T -S !l1lm""mmm fi, N ATI o NAL B AN K T OF SAN AN1'oN1o M. ,Ag -A . l"'W!W1W 'C4-A 'af T Safety 0 Courtesy 0 Promptness T MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , I I NEW CARS on PARTS and SERVICE USED CARS Milam Chevrolet Company North Flores at Martin Street SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS PCE Compliments The Prassel Lumber Co. NLQR0 V94 co LA W4' 8557 BY T457t"7i57' The S Lincoln Sales ' Service ' Satisfaction Wholesale B 6 t lg 6 7, DISTRIBUTING WINCHESTER GUNS SUPER-X AND X-PERT PAINT AND BODY WORK Garfield 1271 S CHAS. DILL ' MQTORS S At T DOWNTOWN MOTCRS "Your Downtown Ford Dealeru AUTHORIZED SALES SERVICE Compliments Of I I I Dial Cathedfal I J. Frank Sfmnpp - R. D. Hardcastle 415 MAIN AV. I Wiiv 'iii' M4 W..." .,"lL,lQf "T ' 'Tl 'Q,,4'lI,f,j',l ' I fl3est 'wishes ' ro the CGIVIIDI-IIVIENIS I GRADUATING CLASS OF I NV.. ID.. ID A IL ILAXS II 901 McCullough at Ashby II San Antonio 2, Texas I Featuring Texas Spoke Leg Furniture I Designed and Manufactured in our Ow I Shops of Kiln Dried Pondorosa Piney and II New England Reproductions in Maple, Pin Cherry and Walnut. PAGE 1 Best Wishes to All of T. M, I. From Jimmie Thurmond's Dad ' Pak-Mor Manufacturing Co. We Built Your City's Garbage Collection Units ' Alamo Welding 81 Boiler Works 23 Years in Business - 812 N. Flores St. ' Alamo Welding Sr Press Works 14 Years Tractor Repair Service For Contractors All Parts of Texas ' M3ChiH6 - Day or Night Service 812 NORTH FLORES ST. G - 6502 G - 6503 Courtesy Aviation Coffee Company CCMPLIMENTS A. B. Spencer Sr Sons HLUMBERN San Pedro at the Underpass l Telephone Us X For A Ri-de In The Lower-Priced Pacemaker Davis Manufacturing Company ' . I ii I I Y IL IL il NEW HUDSON HUD SO' I SANITARY sl JANITOR SUPPLIES A Cleaner for everjil need 726 N. San Marcos St. Phone G. 3573 POLLOCK CLEANERS LAUNDRY - DRY CLEANING V 6307 BROADNVAY Ilcpenrlrrlile I'ei-sumrl Se1'1'l'rfe F O R EST B I H N ANTIQUES - GIFTS 1107 Broadway C. 0632 ORSINGER MOTOR CO. A 445 Main Avenue Fannin 5161 A. J. SMITH co. GIFTS - SEEDS - PLANTS - BULBS 5001 Broadway T. 2628 I AAA A I i eeee A fill I AMERICAN SPORTS CENTER Cathedral 5354 217 N. St. Mary'S St. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS oLMos BARBER sHoP I 120 Olmos Drive T. 0283 'l POE MOTOR CO. e 900 Broadway F. 9354 0 t SHAW QUALITY DIAMONDS X at NATIONALLY-ADVERTISED WATCHES ll It FINE JEWELRY X For Every Gift Occasion I CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS Never Any Interest or Extra Charges ll 'ITIXAS' Glilfl.-Yl'liS'l' ,IEWELHIIS S H AW' S 203 lt. Houston St. - Gunter Hotel l Saint illlargh iltiall Protestant School for Girls - Day and Resident- College Preparatory- Fully Accredited -Well Trained Faculty - Small Classes - Catalogue on Request. 117 EAST FRENCH PLACE GRETCHEN TONKS. M. A.. HEAD NIISTRESS P XGL 1 7 ALAMO HEIGHTS RED SL WHITE From STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS - VEGETABLES A Friend I 1020 Townsend Ave. T. 3396 WITH BOWDEN'S BEST WISHES Prescription Druggists from O t he u a n a nt e e SAN ANTQNIQ 5901 Broadway "Where Merfs Better Shoes are Sold" T- 3358 Charles Pharmacy COMPLIMENTS OF It's Smart To Trade At Charles AQWMZ Corner Woodlawn 8a Main Ave. PHONE PERSHING 7161 San Antonio, Texas WmWLQfgQ2mggQQQQ,fSSSA MT SSESSSSS M CAMP RIO UISTA COMPLIMENTS FOR BOYS OF INGRAM, TEXAS Founded 1921 - Geo T. Broan, Dir. Catering To The DISCRIMINATING PARENT ZAILIEQS PAGE 180 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1950 V MAIN STORE Alamo Plaza SPORTSMAN'S STORE 212 E. Commerce HARDWARE STORE 227 E. Commerce BUDGET HOUSE 204 E. Commerce TOY STORE 210 E. Commerce FARM Kr RANCH STORE 1107 S. Flores BUDGET APPLIANCES 208 E. Commerce WEST SIDE 528 W. Houston SOUTH SIDE 815 S. Presa ALAMO HEIGHTS 5210 Broadway Everything You Need . . . for yourself, your family, it's . . W! your home, farm or ranch, f AUTOGRAPHS PAGE 161 L A - L , A . ELLIS A L YLo, snoogmzog pup 1d1,lL0.lfd 7 A. l A PLUMBING - HEATING I SSHHJXH NMQHH AIR coND1T1oN1NG San Antonio, Texas 096I :IO SSV'IO Complete Line of DNILLVHGVH0 HHLL Ol Hotpoint gl G. E. Appliances Suouwnwvmuoo Garfield 9503 ' 2 Fannin 5977 2425 Broadway li --. Y-V Y .'f .-. "fi ... .TA ill--flk' W7 "' Jill" "7 , ,mi .- ., " ,-, MRS. E. E. OGILVIE l A ' Q'?'5'5'59?f TEXAS A TWV! OLDEST TEACHER OF PIANO E L JEWELERS San Antonio Academy 513 E. Houston St. - San Antonio, Texas f ,LIL ,Lf lilf' Y I ,Qg,, '. .' .,l.lQ lil f,,,T'T""'l11,1,',,ggj7 viljg, ,l-11,7 C"m1'l1me'ffS Alamo Paint 81 Wallpaper Co. LAUREL HEIGHTS GROCERY 5 PA1NT-WALLPAPER-RooF1NG 2608 MAIN AVE- l 1119 W. Commerce F. 9331 P. 3113 i 914 W. Houston G. 3447 DEPENDABLE SERVICE CHICAGO CLEANERS OWL CLEANERS AsNem'AsYourPhone 705 San Pedro C. 1254 P. 3131 COMPLIMENTS on B I L L Y A N N I THE FINEST IN JUVENILE SHOES LAUREL HEIGHTS PHARMACY lp AND cLoTHEs Complete Khaki Uniforms Main and Mistletoe P. 35161 l 4910 Broadway San Antonio CQMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 PAGE 162 INGRAM RGLLERS SSIZES-4TO 12 TONS Proved by years of Heavy Duty Use on Every Type of Rolling Model 56-5 to 6 TONS 5 Speeds Forward :md 5 Speeds Reverse - Same Ratio Acme Wire ancl lron Works 1343 West Laurel Street San Antonio, Texas AUTOGRAPHS ""' ' una- a u-nr --uairvn 3' Yi' Q Y FR l J O LIT CD by julian Ondcrdonk We are glad to liaye lwad an important part in tlne production ol tliis successful annual. We are equally as proud ol tlwe poolc as you are and appreciate your line spirit ol co-operation vvlwicli has made tliis publication possible. frm cttw ca. Producers ol Fine Printing San Antonio tationery ' Litlwograplwing " Engraving ' lvlimeograplws ' Office Furniture at .Q Til ffc .2 Q1 :Z if". J, D -J Q. . ., 5 A x ,L F' J-gi ., 7 . 'lil Q V 1 7,3157 rip!! - Ehsfigy, fp. iff? ,Sf A E 12' ' V,-f:':.v,1 - :Ui V- -I f V -..T - qu-A-'U' f 55 i rfffi-' "5 Vit 1, '-1:17 11- l , .-fi ' ? ,ifnfln ng e ix.. k -. - X ,- , ! f-1? F 152' ' 1 - IQ-. A 7-fi ' 5--E'-Ti Y' gfkifz ,- , 4 v ,5 d A 1 ,,-. -. iz... r ' L: 1- 1 4:- ": 3 ., 2: P' ,, , 'ff if . "i "'S i.i'. .v j-?,f,f,V, 'xg-af' ,, z, 'lf' 5427, .Sz ,519 :,g Tliiei 5-'Q Y , Y T-3 I ' ' 1" 1 'Laci'-if ' xl NTP' gals., W- - fl'-4 ' s lwif.. in ' ' 'i' -55+ ' Y , .... 'v:.' Y--' ' Q.. .1

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