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va 1 Ii 1 . u 4 4 1 ! 1 J x 9 4 gf 11 Q 4 ,-. gl K1 is F 5 1 ,. 1 4 -1 4. l vi -4 4 - 4 r. .QI ,J L! ff me N 1 'Q ,. 21 3 .1 s vy. ,. 'Pr iw, KXYH, gg Q, 'ji X , . E1 N of - W YL ,1 S ' X N X AR 37 V 3 R WJ WA X gum ,..n-,Ay x.'A5M"1gL X fqfqfff-iff 4, WL9.,,fff5 s,7N Ck' 'uf' C 'US W 'S X S , ,QQJLI I? W, diff. KX K M1 fi' ,fn I X fd' W 5 l Wgvsjf 11.16 55634. :gf , f K ' 3w?Q f'fpW'i, VKX' LW M' K, A f Lvl S54 'milf Li. fl!!-0 'Xk' Vs -, 9,11 , W LM if J nw I IW!! lf, i 1 U A ig , .iv 5 !k" Ll ! I Q, ', 11 I in ly ,," ' ' ,Y 7 ,' I ff W., M' .U N' QD M M, ' V: .,.,, f"' A lf , A, ,- C .V My W ,f W aff ,V 1 4, 5? M!! f IJ Iva! U up! ik x if YM gk of-J 1' 0763 ' 'A4 'W ,!f" rid I . . ff' !!jxfZ'fAAiAj A! Alf t V c, if . Bag? F 4 KJ viii pf ,fu f M ,Miki I X 9 F!! VW , f Q , W D J Q ff! W U' af WJ M fifjizjmw 3 1 Mwkgiw MJ dv VN 69'f,K'YH 741 I if Ut rfqdf jg! df 4 X I Q gr Nl J 1 LW' - I in IL!! ' . EL ,fp jf g A W E Q i V 9, , Kyra . I rf r ff . U I -F ' ' 1 QM ' ' . f 1 VM , I 3 f ' 6 " 5 0' J S ' MJ W A . . Y , I Y Alb , . I 1 ' A . ,, 'rl Vwgki, 1 ' A h Aillnvif :L F p X Q ' It V ,?f'f.I.,,, 1 , V I ' l l A Q ' ' -'-A J 5 ' ffil' ' Q . r .. - wg? , 31 k 2l,M.:L 1 -5 I' W I dwg, '- X r L Y. Nw' Mi, . - . I "2 Xxx 5 kk Aflnvrqj M mf., ,Tk U ' 2 f g 1n, 40 -'Q ff , wlntvfx.. I,-A , , ,Avid I! li: N1 P70 U5 AA? r-QSQn,t' 0 K T 'ifvxvwiva ,f T XLR EEKAS semoauuw S040 N x. ' 1 i' Y ax J F N? 1' - , ,X a . . ' ' ix f A ' 5 R ' N' ' K gxfl J X-X 'Q , -f -x . f f : , 4 4 F F517-xg f :1.se:22,1iXKf11+WL a, :vziesm f f sm: J-:-21.2fpif-f:m--wmsfmvfpffm-1' Im, ---v 1: wv'w:.Q.- 1.54.-.51-5-11. fmrnqm:-mmm'-mfg ,fi . - w -Q Z. Ifrtuu j, I pf' ' n. . 2 X 7, ,fl . -1 v f, .T 0, . ' 1-I g-'f"":,, 5 5 -, ', , 7 51" Af, - 74 I , ,M 4 Y A. 4 ,- I v'y lr ' -' ' -4' '-Z'f:L'-11, ,fiif 25, I 41" - me amy I ' I I I I I I I I , I I I Il I I II I . I III I I ,il I, Q I I I I I I I I va f -f1m!fi i-,',,.f1f - f-'lf' ,ff-if-T' v f""'4-4f4-7 Jfff'-fl ,-4-Q.. Coach G5Watty'9 Myers Though olten working behind the scenes, Mr. Myers has always done his best to bring stardom to our school. As our athletic director he has won many Oscars for us and has made a list of achievements that will be remembered for a long time to come. Because of this stellar performance, we dedicate the 1955 TIGER REVUE to Coach "VVatty" Myers, who has done much to bring Texas Senior High into the spotlight. vp? A Q SE' Q - - Qfsx -1-"' 44' -5 5 lwmcl H19 Scenes-H E1 ,M ff W .af 'N ff I7 ' . ' ig WL My 7 A s , I, I J dwg, af f'fg,W,,f w- W fm V bv U O O ' I H' 1" 5 Q ' A, I il! J Y ,',3.f- N -5' , kia 9 .fx " D I N-qm":':"" 5 'F 'lvl-1 Q- 4' V Q, 4fgY,YAV. 5 ' qvlajiz' ..-1- - - A AQDB' wr e WWW' . be u . 15' 50 UNCTAD- +he ProducBrs"Hme O igm-L -Fheir own . . . . ' I 'f"fL12,fP-+"s Uf"'ff Mr. Dale Howard 'Texas High has an Associate Superintendent for the first time. Mr. Howard, as our As- sociate Managing Director, has so capably fulfilled his duties that it seems that he is not a "newcomer" but an "oldtimer" in this kind of show business. In a very short time he has helped make our Tiger Revue a success. Dr. H. W. Stilwell Dr. Stilwell, our Superintend- ent, is the Managing Director of the Tiger Revue. He has been managing the show at Tex- as High thirty-four yearsg there- fore he knows all the angles, has all the answers, and has never had a "flop" production. Another big job of his is being president of 'Texarkana College. Dr. Stilwell is always ready and willing to support Texas High Mrs. Elizabeth Tapp Wvithout Mrs. Tapp in the di- rectors' office, our stage sh:-w could not go on. No produc- tion can be staged without a Secretary and a Registrar. We are lucky to have one like Mrs. Tapp. in any way Mrs. Virginia Lynch Such a production as our di- rectors present needs more than one Secretary. Mrs. Lynch does all the clerical work for our show . . . Needless to say, she "canft be beat." Mr. B. B. Lawson The success of any show de- pends largely on the Stage Di- rector. Mr. B. B. Lawson, the Principal of Texas High, has been directing the "stage show" at Texas High for thirty years, always seeing that everyone acts his part well and properly. Our 'Tiger Revue owes the majority of its successful "run" to its Stage Director, Mr. B. B. Law- son. Mr. A. A. Forester Newly appointed Assistant Stage Director to Mr. Lawson is Mr. A. A. Forester, better known in Room 211, working math problems. However he has quickly become a familiar figure in the Stage Director's office, where his chief role is at the outer table selling cafe- teria tickets and tabulating totals. Mrs. D. V. Cummings Included on the staff in the Stage Director's office is one who has been carrying out her multitudinous tasks as long as her boss. Mrs. Cummings, bet- ter known as I.aura, has so many jobs as Secretary to Mr. Lawson that everyone marvels at her ability to accomplish so much in such a short time. Everyone realizes that without Laura our "show" would not be complete. Mr. Garland Moss Someone must count the box office returns and keep them growing so that the show won't "close," Mr. Moss, our Busi- ness Manager, is the best Box Office Manager we know. He protects the "tiller" and keeps it ready for use in making our production a hit. Mrs. lfVillene Dixon The one who balances the returns in the office of the Box Office Man- ager is Mrs. Dixon. At all times she can account for the status of the Uwherewithalu to keep our show "on the road." Mrs. E. L. Goodroe The clerk's work never ends. Besides secretarial work, Mrs. Goodroe files and refiles all re- ports coming into and going out of the Box Office Managers of- ficc. Page 8 Mrs. Jetta WVade Mrs. YVade's duties in the of- fice of the Box Office Manager are to type all the notices and to complete all correspondence concerning our productions. Mr. Torn Bain Mr. Aubrey WVood . . . the secretary of the Board, showing some of the equipment he sells at the Sears' Farm Store. Mr. Hale Parker . . . the former president of the Board, looking through one of the millions of magazines that can be found at either of his stores, Hale's or The Sportsman. . . . vice-president of the Board, completing a telephone call as chief clerk to the Freight Agent of the Cotton Belt Railroad Lines. There could be no show without those who have enough faith in their patrons and are willing to give more than the usual time to plan the production. Texas Senior High is lucky to have the best and most interested Producers any show could have - These seven Producers are the Board of Education, who have spent many long and late hours - with- out remuneration other than self-satisfaction - planning and organizing this successful show for 1955. The entire Cast, from the stars to the prop men, wish to thank our Producers for a smash hit, the H55 Tiger Revue. Mr. John Haltom . . . the president of the Board, taking time out from his busy life as vice-president and man- ager of the truck division of Creekmore Motor Company. Mr. Burnham Jones . . . displaying one of the many styles of shoes sold at Cobb and Sons' Shoe Store. Mr. VV. R. Kelly . . . using the dictaphone to record the many orders he receives for electrical appliances he sells for the Tri-State Distributing Company of Shreveport. 'Mrn Bill Williams , . . the newest member of the Board, adjusting electrical equip- ment at his own shop, Williams Radio and Electric Company. A young, new member of the "Prompters" staff - A very good with the T-square and drawing board. Not g a had yell leader! Even better as a baby sitter. V I 'Xflr Herschel Henry Vocatzonal flgrzrultme The Farmer Boys like the D 1- students learn by doing such things as soil erosion landscaping and planting Mr Henry also presents entertalmng assembly programs Wllh hls Future lirmers Mrs Curren E. Allen etr'i fn'Dist1'ibutzve Educatzon D thats 1 tralrnng program for those stu dents interested' in retail, rvhrjlesalye, ana. service occupa tions. Allen callsiiit 'font-tlfrie-Juli" training M l'S.iii lill12i1T1 FiiflVl'alcolni , 1 High student-married tbiagfforiiiei Arkanisagil-Iigh1 t'r fs-tudent, Mrs. Malcolm is veryf busy AILV corn mutirig Wlestlawn jtlinior High Tto Te:ggas"Aven1re Junioii Senior High, She is never too busy draw paint place cards - and work with the F.'F.A. A A Nhs 1-.llcne ohnson Czvzcs Ks far as the students know Mrs johnson has no party preference or biased. opinions but she expects I . I V V class discussions Always preparlng a program b it hit' Kenneth Smith ll46Cfl6l7Z.ZCal D'l'dwZHff - f Girls' Rec., book reviews, civic clubs, or camping Xliss Ruth Hardy Amerzcan Hzstory Speaks softly but carries Vai biq stick to all Seniors Always good-naturedly them that Captain Lam rence's dying words.'D'ont711givc up the ship can bc ap plied to any situation. Practices what she preaches Mrs. A. A. Forester Civics and Texas Hist'o1'y Two "loves"' of Mrs. Forester are cats and history, especially about Bowie County. She is happy either be- friending homeless cats, helping aliens become citizens, or working with the DAR's . Mrs. M. R. McClure Physical Education Much of Mrs. McClure's time during football season was spent helping the cheerleaders. Although this is her first year at Texas High, she is not new in the sys- tem, for she was girls' physical education coordinator in the elementary grades last year. She likes to square dance. Mr. Wlatson Athletic Director and Head Coach Many hours. ..e- his office desk in the Tiger 'fcirggthe Tiger football and basketbal-l i" he spends out of liigiioffiee l"i' as he physical educa- trotggprograms 1,371 ,.,., ot1rfz.5y'stem. .,,. ,.c .... . .......iri.i A liliiiii M 2 Vggy Line and ... iiiii iiiii P Agpgg or during5P.E. classeshis cwest." he etigdence Room the 5th ifgyeriod ,.... lti lii t A . .. ,.... Mis Robert Barron Physical iiiiii 3 Another new member of the girls' l'.lZ. departmentli- ones. Now she is busier than ever - at home and at school. She came to Texas High from Jacksonville, Texas. , a few years she devoted all her time to her two little Mr. Eudell Dicus Assistant Coach Physical Education, and Drivers' Training A former Texas High Tiger of 1941, Mr. Dicus is now on the other side ot the desk - in the capacity of teacher. Hope he enjoys the teacher-angle as well as he enjoyed the student-angle. t . cc, Mr. William' Malcolm Coach and Physical Education The "Ramblers" coach from Texas Ave- nue junior High. Coach be small in stature but he is large in prowess. Keeps a smooth study hall. His "Missus" is .our teacher too. ers iii Y h'tWF :i a.lff.cemi Mr. Gerald McMullen Drivers Training, Physical Education, and Assistant "B" Coach Seen often cruising around town during school hours is Coach McMullen - not out for a pleasure ride but out giving a lesson in safe driving. His other duties in- clude'P.E. classes and scouting for the "B" team. Mrs. Mc is also a teacher. Club. Mrs. Larry Renshaw Speech., Radio Speech, English Mrs. Renshaw is 'tour babe in arms." She is not only learning how to teach "school" but is also learning how to keep house -- There's always a first time for everything - Good luck, Miss Witmer - we mean Mrs. Renshaw. Baylor Bears. Mrs. Delphine Lynch . English "Ex-Oueenn of the "B" team, Mrs. Lynch is a lover ol The Canterbury Pilgrims. As 1f.'ll..X. sponsor, she is a shining example for the members to follow. She teaches sophomore and junior English. If Mrs. Crane had time, she would teach English Most of her waking hours are spent in the Annual of fice. If she has any time left from that, she works with the Student Council. Then she teaches. Mr. Robert Bedwell, English Another newcomer to our faculty. Mr. Bedwell has taught in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Now he has come to Texas! He was a former table tennis cham- pion. Another hobby is photography. Mrs. Margaret McKnight Libmi ian Our new librarian is most helpful and kind to all She is a good "keeper" of the "manuscripts" She makes the library attractive with her ferns and other flowers Mrs. Christine Powell School Nurse On the second floor of the Library-Science building is an office which is often visited - the nurse's office, where you will find Mrs. Powell applying band aids or iodine. soothing pains, or checking minor injuries. Miss Irene Walter English A charter member of Texas Senior High Miss Walter will always be remembered for her cry of Drill drill drill!" She also lends her moral support to the Drama Mrs. Grady C Duck English When she is not teaching English Mrs Duck quite busy being president of the local Classroom Teach ers Association. She 18 also never too busy to boost the Mrs. Carroll C. Crane English Miss Roberta Yant Spanish, Modern History Our school 'isenoritaf' "Una buena professoraj' she also presents historical events - in English. Naturally she likes Mexican food. Mrs. R. C. Hamilton Latin It can never be said that Latin is a dead language in Mrs. Hamilton's class, although some of the students might still be in the maze v- or labyrinth. Mrs. Bill Wiagner Typing and Bookkeeping Preparation for future business managers is Mrs. XVagner's chief interest. However,we must not under- estimate her interest in A. Y. as sponsor, and in Boy Scouts, being wife of our Field Executive. Mr. Jess Pettey g Band Director This year has been rough for Mr. Pettey because for a long time he had no assistant for lhelowerrbantls, but heralways produces a "sweepstakes" Winner for Texas Senior High. A Mrs. A. VV. Reed Typing A very quiet person ,who gives all her' time to five typing classes. She also is interested in her older daugh- ter's dancing career. Miss Nona Eagle Choral Music One of the busiest members of our production is Miss Eagle. Besides her afternoon classes at Senior High, in the morning she directs the musical activities for the elementary schools. Her work has been evidenced many times by successful performances. Mr. Gayle Kesterson Typing, Commercial Arithmetic, Vocational Guidance Another alumnus of Texas High. Young in the teaching profession but seasoned in the knowledge of the tricks of his trade. His duties are varied, as you can sec. Mrs. Clyde Bane, -Ir. Typing and Shorthand lf the future secretaries she is training are as kind as she, any "boss" would hire them. She is an "old hand" now, having passed her first year of experience with fly- ing colors. Miss Pearle Hughes Plane Geometry J and Algebra Here is proof of "ghQ,Clij'if,,!hif1g5 in Small Packages-H Besides her three rnathV'clasgtes7Qin Senior High, Miss Hughes teaches math in' TexasiAvenue junior High in the mornings, andwsponsorst ,the'i,YffIfeens. Miss Bernice Marshall Homernalzmff and Two of the most ber1ef1c1al courses III our curriculum are taught by1M1ss Marshall She also sponsors our Future Homemakers of Xmerlca a worthy and necessary or ' ganization. She and Miss Parker continue then instrut , f tion through the summer months Mr A A Forester Planeparnfd1Solld Geometry, Alffebm, Trigonometry ,, t udgtng from the list under Mr 1orester's nanfte, there P 1S no math course he does not teach Hesone of our veteran teachers lately appointed assistant to Mrs- Law-V son Mr Forester nexer HIISSLS a High-Art Day witljrthe Mr. WVilliam Cooper Algebra and Mr. Cooper is another new member of the lrompt ers" cast. He came to us from Xllen Academy Bryan Texas. He is very sincere in helping his students under stand the principles and problems of math Mrs Mary Sue Dunkin Chemistry, Mrs Dunkin is always lookmg for Science Club members who are as interested as she in the latest developments of chemical science Her Science Club is famous for its original concoctions - and its travels. Miss Era Parker s,tf7' and ' ,Y t.' Relations Miss Parker, like Miss,Marshal'lg"-tfrains our future wives and mothers Sheqteaehesl them to'cook and sew, to keep a budget, and to "bare for Children - just to men- tion a few of theifduties 'for the "woman of the house." Her instruction liegins the junior High schools and continues through' Seniorar,High. w Miss Hazell Hardage Etiology and Physics If you wish inspirational ,knowledge about nature, insects, and matter and energy, sign up for one of Miss Hardage's science classes? in'tLhe Library4Science Building. She is very much interested in her field of work and shows that interest in class. , General Sctence Wt Nuig Nfl SXYQHQ X-sg Qf fx ff. i oak 9.912 x VQQQ ' ' O-O-O wi my -f 5 X Z Z C5 a wk wxe- W sf. YV d A ron .Sue Adams Bennie Allen Dorothy Anderson dll El 21 National Honor Society AY KY National Honor Societv Y DF Club Mill probably sell National Honor Girls Rec Ma orette VVants Teen officer FTA sune wp muslc because he loves ll G1rlS Rec Majorette J to teach if lT12ll11CCl teachers are does not like to be called Red platinum hair is her feature Leona Arnold DE Club XY Homeroom offi cei Col lv' Interior decorat in will be a cinch for his beautwl Pat -Xrnold Student Council National Honor Society Y leens AY It doesnt make Kitten mad to be called Mrs Van Hooser Truman Arnold AY Football Baseball that right T oycc Pearl Aver A.Y. Shorthand Club Pearlie wants to be a secretarv so there . won t be any homework to do. Glenn Bailey o it Y His ambition is to be a profes- sional wolf. Good luck! A YVilber ,Dean Barnes, K . A.Y., Science Club - What's the matter, "Curly Bill?" Can't you straighten things out in Wash ington? 1 Bonnie Bishop' A.Y., F.T.A., Y-Teen officer, Homeroom officer - lf Texas A 8: M ever becomes co-ed, here is one "Bon-Bon" ready to enroll. Iames Thomas Bius F.r.A., A Cappella choir, Boys Chorus - jimmy wants to see the world, a' la Navy - All the ports included. Billie Dub Blanton Dub"' - F.T.A., Girls' officer, A.Y., Girls' Chorus, officer - A perfect for both cheerleading and esigning clothes. Norma Blaylock A.Y., National Honor Society, F.T.A., Girls' Rec. - A hint to the wise: she wants to get mar- rieu. "l"oreve1more!" Who doesn't? Lura Braddock Y-Teens, A.Y. - "Oh heck," "Lurie," that wasn't a catty re- A, mark! Rebecca Braswell f . A.Y., Shorthand Club -'officer t Her ambition is --tiofbe a 'f'BeCky'f A co-ed. VVilliain -Bryant 'B' Brooks Annual, A.Y., Science Clubiqoffi- cer, High Senior officer, Home- ,roorn officer, National Honor So- iciety - fiHn1mm!" Justiask Bryan. -He'll kanowf4 or lQa'ififCl7Clayi Brown A.Y., Relations Club - Wantts an engineer. ,.., Tiger Band, Science Club - Ra- igidio Thang," no. WSZITQ 0 goof- iif fSlim." Ann Brucei i I qjfflh Girls' Chorus worry, ii? ig, 'QLL' there won't be tests inyn-ilrsing. ax UJ4 BI'l11I1f1Cld National Honor Society, luriior ,Anierican Citizens, Tiger V,fB3I1Ci No crazy drivers for "Bab5fi" She prefers flying. Janet Kathleen National Honor Societyiib Council officer, F.T.A., Corian- cil. junior American Citiiens of- ficer - Our future T.V. and Radio star . . . with just the right voice. larnes VV. Bonner Loretta Bowen D.E. L f'IX4Nay" on everything National Honor Society, F.T.A., for "Jimmy" but Uncle Sam's A.Y., D.E. Club - "Boy!" "Toot- Navy, i sie" will not gossip. i1'liat's for sure! She doesn't like lt. swsswsw we y ,ia- "Lat4gh and the world laughs Ioyce Campbell mth Wm? Cheerleader ----- l Weep and you weep alone." Always Smiling- -Ioe Edd Cardwell "Little Red" - National Honor Society, Library Club, A.Y. - Our number one "clown," Watch him "go, go, go!" .. A l Donny Cassidy - Football, A.Y., Home room officer, F.T.A. - "Sir Lance Hcatvl , lot" -4 Mlants a '56 Cadillac - to "fire up-with the gang." V Suellen Chance "Susie" W- Student Council, Girls! Rec., A.Y., 'F.T.A., National Hon- or Society - An admirer of a cer- tain l95l quarterback. Mamie Clements L ,A.Y., Shorthand Club offieer Homeroom officer, National Hon- or Society -e"Blondie" will be a perfect secretary one of these days Duaine Clevenger Q t Tiger Band, A.Y. - "jeff" knows all about drag racing. A Mary ,Coleman "Fran" - - Wlants to be a stewardess. ' Linda Collins , "Towhead', - Y-Teens, A.Y. -I Don't keep her waitingo- she might "shoot" you. 5- r John Compton Football - Have you noticed his "unusual" taste for girls? Don't blush, "johnny." I1 Annual A Y Cmzcns Club Honor Soclety F T A offlccr trees for the forest 'E. YEKYBODYON STFGEHP "--- . aqua.. .--1 rf. 1 -v bvs VJ' ff! r x li. 7 3" 'E !a-5.9.-t' Levada Sue Eason Donna Enger Shirley Estes The df-YWffQd dfmiflg Hmm - - goodness!" Sl1e prefers to be "Shorty" - A blonde who de- A.Y., Library Club - "Oh, really," Afffff the final Curfew Call- auty operator. serves her nickname - Hlants to "Shorty," do you want to be an be a secretary just like in "Meet X-ray technician? Millie." Lajuan Evans A Cappella Choir, A.Y., Band Club - Why, have you ever! A band director! - or is it direc- toress? ,flvilliain Edmond Faires serqorbayll, Track, AX. W "W'ild il,,-' ,Bill's"f pet peeve is South Oak - Cliff,-of '..,i Dallas. Wait until he is a jfootball, coach. , Lynn ,Flatte y i "Peg" A.Y. Council, 1f.T,A. Q ficer, Drama Club officer, Home- room officer, National Honor So- ciety 4--Coulcl easily be an aetress, but Wants to,be afniarriecl school leacllergff V:,,k., K, Q K - il-Ienry Forbes -"- A f f"Cotton" - ChoraligClub, A i1Cap- fpella Choir ,..' ALY., Boys' Chorus - !VVhat a conjbitiationfi ambition - surgeong gbyiword 'iiil Swgrop deatil!" Barbara S' National Honor! ii" NYM lnnior AlDPTlC3llifwlilZCUSiQ - ready versed in her aiinbftion ,,.1 a good wife and motlierigfiiotlieragi wise known as Mrs. I berger. Freeman littin Cllg,!J,lifQ3,National Honor So- Vpeiety - Yigffgdle-dee-tlee," "Sue -"oii jo," why about lessons? Eugene E. Fudge "Coon Hunter" - F.F.A., Nationlggw al Honor Society, Hoineroomgu lt, of- ficer - A familiar sight with' his guitar in assemblies. Henry Garrison - F.F.A. - Mixes farm- ingmfland basketball. Lynda Sue Gaston Donald Giles "Suzie" - Drama Club, F.T.A., "Leroy" - Homeroom officer, A.Y., - A future businesswornan Student Council, Science Club - - Experiments with new hair Yep, another future engineer, if styles, there will be no long assignments. Martha Ann Graves "Mamie" - Girls' Rec., Home- room officer - Mfell, how do you like that? Another future secre- my-. Kenneth lV..Greene, National Honor, Society, V A.Y.. Couneil, Football - "'Big flied," . forget V, about Lufkin!! JYou'll make :your contribution, "serious- lvl" l Donald L. Griifies County Secretary of F.I-f.A. V - "ShucksZ" No book reportsfin the V' mechanical engineering V field, "Grimes.?" V i 1 Billy Hackleman "Bill','V efiD,E. Club, - Hopes to . be a 'groeery store-manager. Has V a goodastart. I A ' t Norman Hall "Pooch'ie" - A.Y., Football, Bas- C ketball, Baseball - Another "goin" ' for ,Uncle Sam. Elizabeth jean Hamby 'V "Liz" - ShorthariidilClulJ f- Am- bition: Minister's Vwifeq Vtfonder . if she has anyone in mind? E' f Don Hamilton A.Y.,1Library Club - After high . school, what? There's more, "Hambone." Harvey Eugene Hariiilton "Harvey Handsome Hamilton" - D.E. Club - Hopes to be a book- keeper. Docsn t like : like James. Ann Hammond A.Y., Girls' Rec. Y-Teen officer, National Honor square dancing. Anita Harland A Cappella Choir - No term themes, "Nita," Billy Joe Henderson High Senior officer, Homeroom officer, Typing Club officer, A.Y., Tiger Band - WVants to be able to say Uexegi monumentum aere- prenniusf' No egocentric predica- ments, "Prima 'Donnaf' Barbara Hibbs "Bobbie" - National Honor So- ciety, AX., Girls' Rec.. 1-lomtrroum officer Hates to write themes but plans to grade them some Sondra Elaine Henry "Pep Squeak" - A.Y., D.E. F.T.A. - Planning to be a Home making teacher. . Q L , ,A is ?' "3 5 s , day. Lawana High Wilma Jane Hickerson "Wimp'X - Homeroom officer, A.Y., Choral Club - VVishes to- teach "little ones" in the future. D.E. Club H- Ambitious to 'become 3 SCCTCIHYY. Q Jerry Hill "Echolis" - F.F.A., A.Y., Inter- national Relations Club - Maybe he will become a great horn- blower in the Navy. -'Especially on Columbus Day. Betty Lou Hollowell "Boots" - A.Y., F.H.A. officer - This future author cloesn't like party poopers. Rose Marie Holmes A.Y., Girls' Rec., F.T.A. - "roommate," "Tillie the cat, Bobby joe Holman Science Club - VVants to be a second "King Midas." . Her " is almost human, "Rosie" thinks. "We should strip the mask Not only from men but from things And restore each object its own aspect." Christine Houghton Mary Huckabee Patricia Hutchison Girls Rec., A,Y., National Honor "Molly" - Has Liberty produced Pat Shorthand Club AY c Society, F.T.A. - Future billing: an Olympic star? - "VVell, aint A quiet little girl with a bii, vision tethnlcalities but Chris" Houghton, editor of New that nicc?l' by word Hupmobilel l6Cl'lI1lCHl faflm trouble Whig laik Herald. Benny Johnson A Cappella Choir, Choral Club 4- A future business man with ,an aversion for turnips. "Holy Smokes!" Clyde Jones i "Clyde Beaty - A.Y:, Drains Club officer - A happy-go-lucky news paper boy with a desire to be a swabby. y Vance Jones,Jr. Science Club, Anirilal, A.Y. - Texas High's future poet. Has already won prizes for his poems. Pete Frank Kaburich Library Club officer, A.Y. - An old master at the bop- - Love- 'em-and-leave-'em type, Charles Keese "Charlie" - National Honor So- ciety, , Student Council, Science Club - A future minister who X will probably preach against gos- sip. Liane Kelly Annual, A.Y. council, F.T.A. of- ficer, National Honor Society, Hoxneroom officer, Girls' Rec., Girls' Chorus - "Li-Annie" wants to t'each the little ones the way the ball bounces. Mary Pauline Kelly "Tootsie" - Girls' Chorus, Typ- ing Club - She's a "jolly good gal" and will be a better secre- l tary. joe Kennedy "Mutt" - D.E. 'Club officer - Plans to count the nickels and dimes in his own Five-and-Ten. Lillian Student Council or Society, A.Y., 4'Lil's" ambition le e raduate. g .5 know. ,C ima l I fl . gl' lui C z Lamb Doris Lambert Betty Lawley Helen Lay , National Hon- "Daisy" - junior American Citi- "Black" - Girls' Rec., A.Y. - Her Girls' Rec., A.Y., National Hono D.E. Club - zens, A.Y., National Honor So- desire is to be a heautician with, Society - Another beautician is to be a col- ciety, Homeroom officer -- Plans a college education. Get together with "Black," "Hel wyn." The moment arrives at last A hush falls - and the show. begins! c',,- jfy Horace Lea t "HOSE," - ,Choral Club - Our OWU Watch,,'r.adio, and T.V. re- ,pairnian fromfway back. h Mary Sue Line S, "Short Stufff' - G,irls"Rec.foffi. Cer, A.Y., National Honor Society, Annllalgf--'FiT,.A. 'Hopes not to stay at home and study when rtt she goes to college. j V A -IohnrjyLineberger if Football, iii' National Honor Society centers Of iHlCICSl and 1-Barbara: ' E Tommy Long iii, 1 1 "Red" - F.F.A. officer 'A . cessful loafer, he hopes. .lzi Qi. Gloria Lynch .-'Glo-Belle"?:4iGirls' Chorus, A.Y., Latin Club?-fQBet she won't take math in college. Sally McClure "Magoo" - Senior Class officer, ,--t' junior American Citizens cifficerg' A.Y. Council, National Hqhor Sofa' ciety, Student Council, Seems to fall for quarterlgaclgsy. Shirley LaVerne McDonald "Tootsy" - The quiet type who has an ambition to be a book- keeper. ohn McElheney, jr. Carol McGee - A.Y., Drama Club - "Sally" - A.Y., Girls' Rec. he love to hear a story!!! Headed for T. U. Rodney Martin "Bred" - National Honor Society, officer, Football to be worried about his tax already. l Future? lb?Qj'l?SES Club at IW' 3 - 2? -Gil' Zin WD.. LAK, one middle name? as .Y as gfwfw' ima 9.525 H ,tmb Q, GQV Carole Maxwell. - A.Y., junior American eitizetngw aeeei A ."lfttle girlie on? her '212WkQl'msf' 'le'-"M" Q' h I ' j' t nsag . 0 ,.,,, 1,. -vu ., 1 sf' f Y i'i 1 D officer, A.Y., i National Q-Ionfir Society Some J guy will bg lucky is Mlartha Tylaynor Honor Society, F. Club - "Maynor'will a career with any higine attached. Charles "Charlie" - A.Y., fiIigerNl'Ba11cl, Science Club --W.i,1.wn0r have V any trouble with term themes in college because there'lI be a teacher in 'the family. jerry Mitchell .,5"Red",.:9l- Science Club, A.Y. - Thisgfuture preacher hates 'to be always Without money. Joyce Mixon "Mickey" - Future Nurses Club officer - Airplane passengers will be charmed with this airline stewardess. Iaequelyn Morgan Martha Morris jackie" - A.Y., Y-Teens, Ch01'1ll Choral Club, Gifls' Chorus A Society Club - Hopes she won't meet any Cappella Choir - She won't take He wants to mise guys at college. math in college! joe Morriss Football, A.Y., Council, National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer' - Dumb girls will have the "typ- ical attitude" toward joe in his new Cadillac. Raleigh Morrison A future engineer whose main hobby is reading. Katherine Morrow Girls' Rec. - She left us for Long- view. ' Merajen Murdock "Midgie" - A Cappella Choir, Girls' Chorus. Girls' Rec., A.Y., Homerooni officer - "Heavens to Betsy, I hate to be disappointed! I wanna be a nurse." VVayne Murray "Nigger" - Football, A.Y. F VVants to dodge the draft and "cool cats." Jerry Nash A.Y., Football - just "let john do it," jerry. "It is an irksome word and task: And when heir laughed and said his say, He shows, as he removes the mask, A face thafs anything but gay." Mary Jayne Nash A.Y., Girls, Rec., National Honor Society, F.'I'.A. - "Don't be silly,' "jaynie," there're no bats in study hall. Iackie Neatherlin l - . - not by choice, hates to wait J g p neone. won't-have to take history ques tions. Carolyn Olive Shorthand Club, A.Y., - Ambi- tion: To own one hundred pairs of shoes - figure that out geo- metrically, "Stubborn" Catherine Olivet P A.Y. Council, Girls' Rec. officer, F.T,A., -1 "Baby Catherine" prob- ably will attend 'l'.U. - for obvi-' ous reasons. Jack Otwell D.E. Club - Lucky boy! Got out of school in the afternoons . . . to work. P john Owen National- Honor Society, Tiger Band - "Mutt" will probably de- sign a new "Hot Rod" model. ig Mary John Pappas K "Johnnie" - Girls' Rec. officer, ' F.T.A. I officer, A.Y., National Honor Society - Wfants to come K back to 'l'.H.S. as an English teacher - WVhat a break for 'iT.H.Sl David Allen Pate "Pates" - Plans to ,join the Navy or Air lforce - Hates gum smack- ers and loud-nionthed people. F? W Virginia Fay Pate ' "Ginger', V- Choral Club, A.Y., Girls' Chorus, Choral Class librar- ian - "Gotta go" after that busi- ness job. Rodney Clayton Peacock "Hot Rod" - F.F.A. officer, A.Y. - Another Navy man. Alacklyn Ann Neely Inn Nelon Lillie Ruth Nunn Majorette, A.Y., A "jackie" '- A.Y.. Y-Teens, Girls arrin Jim AY Football Little un National Honor So Choir This civics stu Chorus - VVhat heavenly days Baseball How can an engineer cety AY F'l A Drama Club when ackie is a steno ra her and skip ahssics Show offs and ossl ers don t 7710 Sflddfff OWS flfff H1056 NIH! ames Pearson VVil1iam Hughey Perry W 1ll13l'I1 Henry Ph1ll1PS Um' Crowbar AY Drama Club Football, A.Y. - "Little Willie" AY Science Club Look ou 7l"' Jeslefs "wtf-'Il smb Hell miss little sister when he plans to be a civil engineer. big league baseball here com graduates ' Bronko Martha Pierce A.Y., D.E., Girls' Rec. -- Don't rush "Mott" Clemg she's working on a medrcatrsecretary career. Choral Club After graduation no pop tests Sirah Theresa Polls L- A.Y.. 'National Honor Society, Girls'5'Rec. - Meet our future woman -fisaxxi-lmonesff '-fDr.f Sarie Polk. , .rryt J s w 'A.Y.. Suence Club Plans trip to the moon in the hopes there won't be anv spelling up there Gene tt'il' Pomeroyj ' o Tiger Band, National ,-A, Honor S04 ciety, A.Y., Science Club Q- How can a billionaire tell anyone to "calm down"? f F.F.A farme Janet Lee Powell A.Y., Homeroom officer - nj. . must like "dog food" snacks. CD0 they have 'em at Texas U.? ,"Pat' A Y Shorthand Club of , ,,Vi ficer Why girl what IS your middle name? junior American Citizens Club officer, National Honor Society, 1, N Carroll Lee Prigmore A.Y.. Boys' Chorus, Band Mana- ger, A Cappella Manager, Girls' Chorus Manager - "l'rig's" bound to be a super manager one of I these days. . Look out, women drivers. Q, - 'Q , , 1 - ' v fx 'fe 5' - .- ,ahscnfhxg ofi1a1'Ray"' - A VVhen Bill Turner comes home, he couldn't ask for a better wife. Thomas Edward Reddin f National Honor Societyp Latin Club officer Homeiioem officer Ioves scouting -' ?'Big 'Iom s ambition is to be angelecri tromcs engineer I dont know.f' t Sidney Faye Rishel Junior American 'sl' Citizens Club - Likes secretary work but not bossy people. Gotta have a' boss! AY Tiger Band lyplng Club" - No doubt about Joes future. Farmer is bound to be a ranch' V r Ray- Ryan "Skeet"'- e Choral ,,,-l Club, A Cap- pella Ghoir, A.Y.i - A first rate tenor.j1Plans to enter the field' of commercial art. Ruby Fave Sellman.. Girls Rec AY A Cappella ' Choir Girls Chorus My good- ness Ruby will nesei give up ' 'V A Charles Sharp Tiger fBand, Boys' Chorus - "Preacher" doesn't think slow drivers ought to be allowed. At Senior High one period a day. Shaw International Relzilgions Club Hey you' There are no short hours in electronics. Chelious luanita Rachal A.Y., Girls' Rec., Student Coun- cil officer, National Honor So- ciety - "Chelsie" dislikes squir- rel hunting. lfklonder why? ,,. S ' E Pe Smith Nancy Snipes SSY Red" - A.Y., Shorthand Club Nannie Cirs Rec A officer - My lands, another sec- FTA Shes mad for it TCIHTYH teaching that is Kaye Stafford Annual, Drama Club officer, A.Y. Council, Homeroom officer, Na- tional Honor Society, F.T.A. of- ficer f'K.K.", not Peggy, will be happy when she becomes' an airline hostess. X Lajuana Ann Supp Cheerleader, junior American Citizens Club officer, Student Council officer, National Honor Society, A.Y.- Council, Annual "Vvann1e" wontt be disappoint ed in teaching school. Bobby Rex Stokes "Zeke" A.Y., Boys' Chorus, A Cappella Choir Oh, wow, Uncle Sam, here's another Navy guy. Perry Suggs Tiger Band, Swing' Band, A.Y., Band Club -Q It might be that way in your book, Rahdedah, but not everybody reads- your book. Lurlynn Surratt Choral Club, Girls' Chorus- Be- ware, "Lurby" is a man-hater - Can she be successful without them? Durwood P. Swanger Football, AJY., Basketball, Na- tional Honor Society, Baseball, Senior Class officer - "Derry" dreams of a shingle reading: Dr. Swanger, Dentist. Ben Swearingen "Joe Mc" - Science Club officer He hates himself, not his fa 'mous assembly plays. Frank Symonds, . Plans to be a "grease monkey" or a gunsrnith - He doesn't like people who gripe. your nose up around "Boots" BH Charles H. Temple National Honor Society, Latin Club - He's still trying to learn how to shift gears quickly - "Sonny," it might be the carbu- retor. Alice Taylor Choral Club, A Cappella Girls' Chorus - DOI1'l janice Thompson "Tubby" - A.Y., Girls' Rec.. Na- tional Honor Society, F.T.A., Homeroom officer, - She may grow up one of these days. No A ,joke, she dislikes her nickname. Richard D. Tippie A.Y., Science Club officer - ' "Dickie" is waiting to make a million so he can retire. 'V Sarah Toombs National Honor Society, A.Y., Girls' Rec., A Cappella Choir, Girls' Chorus - Good deal, "Tornbstone"! WVhat's better' than a college,carcerP John Matthew Vaughan "Mat" - Science Club officer - a draft-dodgr that hates the Na- tional Guard. A , Juanita VVallace Girls' Rec., A.Y.,' National Honor Society. .What a break for the , passengers on "Nita's" flight. . I Judy VValker , "Red" - AX., Majorette, Nation- V ,,.- E WAV ' al Honor Society, Homeroom of- ficer, 'Girls' Rec., ,F'l'.A., Band - XJ ' Club - Don't panic, Johnny. She W up hates her nickname. viz ' Royce Wlatson International Relations Club, A.Y. - "Doc" wants to be an account- ant. "The play is done, the curtain drops, Slow falling to the promptefs bell, A moment yet the actor stops, And looks around, to say fare- well." Robert VVickliffe Temple Drama Club, A.Y., Track - An- other author at T.H.S. All right, already, NVick. Donald Keith Thomas Football manager, Baseball, Sci- ence Club - Has laid plans to be a petroleum engineer. Good luck, "Donald Duck." w .il 'il ,,,,.vEi,,sw K N K 41257 1' ,id 1 KV ,,,....-w- ff 'L-W 1 J, 1 ,R an . Y' Q.. ' milfs.: ,. 4 Kr- . ""'1. ' er rl? K. ' aw f' ,Lv Vivian Westerman johnny l'Vhitlock A.Y., Girls' Rec., F.T.A. - lNatch "John jo" - A.Y., Library out, you future millionaires, be- Basketball, Baseball - His cause "Pug's" going to marry for bition is Judy. money. James A. l1Vilbur "Buddy" - Choral Club. Nothing wrong with wanting to be an oilman. But there'l1 be English involved. ,... Clem lfV1ll1an1s 2'-'.National Honor Society, Distributive Educa- , f'--t' iClub-,,fSenior Class officer, Hybfjyroom Koifiycer - "Martha, if is FClemy's'A jerny,mC,arroll Wlillianig S National i'Hlmor Society! "-' tsciience Club- for, '.., Bti11,,mfi1Sim Cheerleader, igwmflilalziiaella Cliiigjr, boys' Yciifll have ifto Qf'whip" aM,sQake futugie SAX to .,, ,,., Helen Lucille Wilsdin "Lucy" - A.Y., Girls' - Hope being a secretary be as rough as gym class. 'if' Windle ChQeerleadeE,,oli1,ational Honor So- ciety, A.Y. Cofincil, Drama Club Wmaofficer, Basefiaatl A "Ellsworth" just wants happy. Bobby Vlfright yzxoo, VA.Y., Science Club - "Sherlockf,f,g"" 'llow's"going to take up engingeyr- ing. Lee Yokum Honor Society, Foot- ball, A.Y. -1 If "Tiny" teaches his engineering as he tackled for the Tigers, he has it made. He also made T. D.'s. ,, gi.. ,,,, , Low Senior Class lon VVayne Alvis Ann Anderson Steve Cook Yerba Craft Henry Forbes Bill Halliburton William Karrh Shirley Keese Duane Laramore Horace Lea Alvis McKinney Ierry McKinney Carole Maxey Ronald Spray Herman St-wer Duane Laramore President Herman Stover V1ce President Carole Maxe Y Program Chairman Shlrley Keese Secretary HIGH JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS james Markham ., .S,............ President Jerry King ,.I,,,, W.,W.II V ice-President Patty McAdams - ,L , Z L q,,....M.. Secretary Carolyn Bob Loe ........ Program Chairman HIGH SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS DHIIHY Petty' -f--... Z s M ...C,,.. President Herbert Hester ., L ., L L -L -Vice-President Judy Sf2if1iOH .-w. ..,: Z .....,.. S ecretary Roger Goolsby ,-- .,,, Program Chairman w1i,ww.,,,a,W', -..f . ,Q fs-,w:1.,Q1f1ae.we,wu-Qsgiitzef-f-fm71i.a,-ww-g-wfmw1esf-ussm,.ff-f- 1-aww-nw LOW IUNIO Don Carroll --- Cary Smiley --- Alex Smith L... Reginald Martin Paul Dowd L... LOW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Rex Ray .... ..-- President Wade Fowler --- Vice President Jerry Huggins --- Secretary Lynette Pearson -L Program Chairman Wanda Adams Barbara Allen Donald Allen Carolyn Arterbury Kenneth Askew David Atchison Susie Atchley Charles Barry Charley Beard Fielding Bentley Evelyn Bergt Clara Blaylock Mikey Bodine Erlene Bonner Leslie Bookout Erwin Bowman Joella Boyer Dorothy Britt Betty Brennan Myrna Brooks Shirley Brower Irene Brown Susan Brown Hazel Browning Martha Buse Joyce Campbell Ann Clark Elizabeth Clement Eugene Clower Peggy Coldicutt Dora Faye Coleman Dorothy Jo Collins Frances Cook Jo Ann Cook i ll unior Class Janet Cox Kathryn Crittenden Carolyn Crowell Rennie Culver Mary Ruth Day James DeLaughter Shirley Dennis Samuel Donelson Thomas Downs Diana Durham Kenneth Dyson Sharry Erickson Billie Jo Erie Jane Fanning Sylvia Farley Chris Fondos Mike Fooks Inez Freeman June Gary Sara Gentry Jean Glover Merle Gonser Shirley Gray Buddy Griffin Mary Lou Griffin Alton Guest, Jr. Vance Guyse, Jr. Bob Halliburton Donald Hamilton Carrie Hannon Billy Hargrove Ray Harmon Myrna Harris Richard Hazlewood CLASS ROLL Joyce Havelka Wayne Hawkins Martha Sue Hays Frank Henry Sandra Hicks Shelba Hilbun Rosalyn Hitchcock Grady Huckabee Thomas Huckabee Naia Huddleston Edward Hudgeons Marjorie Hudgins Sybil Hunter Patricia Jackson Sonny Jackson Ann James Anne Jarvis Allen Jenkins Thomas Jester Harold Johns Gene Johnson Peggy Joice Jerry King Thomas Knott Roy Kull Mary Lindsey lylartha Ann Lemo Carolyn Bob Loe Carolyn Lollar Patricia McAdams Marilyn McAlister Robin McAlister Steve McCain Lida McCollum HS Mary McDaniel Betty Jo McDonald Nancy Lou McDonald Carolyn McMurphy J. Q. Mahaffey Jim Manson James Markham Cecilia Martin Vincent Massey Donald Matthews Doris Merchant Evelyn lVIiroir Janice Monk Shelba Moon Lee Moses Michael Nance lris Nash Bobbie Jean Neal Pearlie Joe Newman Paula O'Rand Judy Owen Erma Parish Joe Peacock Billie Lou Perry Louis Pirkey Sue Purtle Joe Prescott James Rice Pat Richardson Eddie Robbins David Roberts, Jr. Mary Nell Roden James Rogers YViley Rood, Jr. Donald Rose Dan Scurlock Max Sellers June Simmons Jesse Sisk Loretta Smith Danny Son Frank Springer, Jr. Kenneth Steger David Steward Sally Stump, Weldon Talljant Frances Talley David Terry Charles Thornton Dillard Tinsley Ray Tipton James Vann Charles Venable Preston Waldrop Dale Wallace Johnnie VVallace Ray Waters, Jr. Virginia Webber Wilma Whisenhunt Edwin White Gloria Whitson Nina VVommack Ann VVright Pat Wright John Wyner Elaine Wynn Beverly Yarberry Tommie Adcock Charles Arnold Charles Antweil Georgia Asimos Travis Bailey Byron Barkman Janet Bartlett Nelda Belonie James Betterton Kay Blankenship Sam Blankenship Patsy Bonham Raymond Bretthauer Henry Briley Dennis Butler Monica Callahan David Carder Nan Cardwell George Carr Ann Clem Sue Clevenger Sara Collum Marjorie Compton Darline Connor James Cooper Beverly Corsette John Cotton Judy Dale Doris Ann Davis Richard Davis Patsy Dawson Dennis Day Tommy DeLoach Pat Dickens Janelle Dixon Patsy Dobson Dale Draper Steve Duncan i ll Sopholnore C ass J. L. Eldridge Nlargaret Ely Bobby Emberton Sally Enloe Donald Epperson Loy Erwin Lorna Evans I'Vann Farr Erma Finch Charles Pirmin Jimmy Foltz Pansy Fore Rosina Eristch Susanne Fudge Donny Fullenwider Shirley Ann Eunderburk Sammy Gammon Charles Gholson Gail Gibbons Jimmie Ray Goodson Roger Goolsby Reba Gray Diana Green VVilliam Green Nelda Hackett Gerald Haire Donna Hale Charles Hall Tamar Hall VVillie hlae Hamm Julia Hardin Jerry Harrell Herbert Hester Ronald Hibbs Freddie Hopkins Paula Hudman Beverly Ann Hunt VVilliam Irwin CLASS ROLL Camille Jenkins Beauford Jester Jerry Johnson Rita Johnosn Charles Jones Jeanice Jones Nlartha Jordan Barbara King Mary Lamb Donald LaRue Mary Lassiter Evelyn Leggett VVillene Lemley Jane Lilley Betty Jo Lindsey Nina Ruth Loyd Marvin McAlister Sally McCoppin Joyce Mclnvale Jerry McMahan Kenneth Mabry George Marshall Estelena Nlartin Patricia Ann Martin Reggie Martin Earlene Mason Robert lVlathena Charles Maxwell Kenneth Moore Tommy Moore Judy Moseley Barbara Neal Joyce Neal Sondra Nelon Donnie Nelson Charles Newman Barbara Nicklas Don Olive Nita Owen Annabel Pagan Eva Ann Pearson Betty Peters Paula Peters Gail Peeler Kristen Petersen Danny Petty Louise Phillips Linda Phillips Lucille Phillips Gary Pipes Avonelle Pittman Betty Lou Ponder Benny Porier Gayle Powell Mary Jane Powell Rozela Pyeatt Mary Lou Reed Don Robinson James Rochelle Keith Rutledge Larry Sharp Stanley Sharp VVilliam Shipp VVesley Shumate Dewey Smith Shirley Spencer Ernie Stainton Judy Stainton Jack Starling Gloria Steele Bill Surbey Sue Symonds Robert Tannehill Sue Taylor Van Teeters Lena Margaret Thedford Lynn Thomas Ann Thomason Leonard Thompson Lois Ann Thompson Carroll Tussey Bill Tweedy Lena Mae Tyler Judy Upson Richard Upson Saralou Vaughan Lynda VValker Flora VValraven James Walraven Raymond VVatts Judy VVeiss Carolyn VVelch Doyle VVesson Jerry West Donald VVhite Norma Jean VVhite Carol VVhitehead Jeannine VVhitlock Donald Wilcox Carol VVilliams Lanell VVilliams Myra Joe Williams Shirley Wilson Elaine VV ood Gary Wood Sammy VVood Bobbie Woods Carolyn VV right VValter Wyrick Cove Yates Jackie Young ow Junior Class CLASS ROLL Bobby Anthony Mack Arnold Dan Bookout Don Bowen George Braddock Edward Brettel Benny Cook Nlelton Cook John Craft Eddie Joe Daines Bill DeLong Johnny Erie Wade Fowler David George Nolan Gilley James Grau Chris Hackett Mike Hagen Ray Hargis Don Hickman John Hickman Jerry Huggins Betty Jackson Loretta Jenkins Troy Jeter Patricia Ann Jones Patricia Sue Jones Arthur Kackley Essie E. Kennedy Lewis Koepke James Larsen Jo Ann Ledbetter Jimmy Lynch Janice McCrary George lVlcKinney Jane McKnight Joyce Murphy Linda Page VValter W. Park, J Lynette Pearson Bobby Joe Phillips Bobby Jean Pool Jarrell Poole Margaret Powers Betty Jean Ramsey Rex Ray June Reed Harold Rhoden Carl Robken Barbara Sams Priscilla Smith William Sparks Bill Springer Richard Steele Nancy Stingley Joe Telford Tommy Thompson Lennie Tucker, Jr. Tommy Wilson Clinton Wright CLASS ROLL Jo Ann Bishop Mary Lou Caddenhead Doris Caler Donald Carroll Joyce Caskey Charles Caudle Thomas Caver Chester Clark Jimmy Daniels Thomas Dixon Geraldine Dolph Paul Dowd Jimmy Dugan Patsy Dugan John Everist Clayton Fant Linda Farr William T. Freeman Ronald Gammill Sylvia Gibson Juanita Griggs Luther Gri son Yvayne Hilti Roger Hines Thomas Hollornan Donald Hunter Glenda Johnson Bobby Keasler Marilyn King Hal Lorance Ann McClenClon David McGuire Ann Mclnvale John McLeod Dorothy Mae Marshall Harvey Jerel Matthews Travis Merchant Peggy Merrill Arlee Anne Miles Carl Miller Leon Nlitchell Joyce Mooneyham Dolph Nettles VV ayne Ogden Danny Olive James Oliver Thomas Phillips James Powell Mell Rachel Joe Mike Ross Donald VVayne Sivley Gary Smiley Bettie Lou Smith Alex Smith Carolyn Sturgeon John Ann Sullivan Joan Tiller James VVeems James Edward White James Gordon VVhite Sonja VVhite Elizabeth A. VVhitlock ow 0Illl0lll0l'0 C ass Fgwifi? PRuQgfI1uN5v X Tommy Knott Drum Major Mr. Jess Petteg Band Director x Tiger Concert Band rib , , x 1' I., ,J N ,f r 5:15 .X W ackie Neatherlin fi. A 5 E '- K' .2 1, .L J, Ann Wright P? VVanda Aaron tage Band Tiger Nlarching Band W, M lx Dorothy A Anderson Patsy Bonham Judy Walker Grand Chorus Director Chorus Dlanaglbrs Carroll Prigmore Charles Maxwell M155 Nona Eagle Chorale Gals 'E A Cappella Choir wW'2f'-+-1wf1fwr111- V 'M 'fw...w.ww-:nwwwumwa-vafeww.5vwfa,1vxwszrim-1wrr'ff1.-va" . - V f""'7'mg""'X"MV"mm"""'M x A 'L"W:W""m1""'L""f 'W 'I' WWE f"fNX K. K Vw W 32 Q ' Z, 4 4W. Xjvkbv - . f I, f ,Q , 'Ji ff' "W , : I 'wma X 1 1 eg J, ------ I l I 1 ? Bc-alcween Uwe Acts FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Sue Adams VVanda Adams Truman Arnold Bonnie Bishop Billie Dub Blanton Norma Blaylock Loretta Bowen Myrna Brooks Irene Brown Janet Buchanan Sandra Byrom Donny Cassidy Suellen Chance Ann Clark Ann Clem jo Ann Cook Jane Craver Darlene Cullins Stuart Daniels CLASS ROLL Gail Gibbons Sylvia Gibson Barbara Hibbs Sondra Henry Rose Marie Holmes Christine Houghton Naia Huddleston Ann Jarvis Martha Jordan Liane Kelly Mary Lindsey Mary Sue Line Carolyn Bob Loe Carolyn Lollar Nina Loyd Patty lVIcAdams Ann McClendon, Sally McClure Nancy lVIcDonald OFFICERS Shirley Dennis Rodney lylartin I I Diana Durham Nlartha lylaynor Llarw Kelly ...--.---------.----.- Presldenr Bill Faires Evelyn Ann Mirior Peggy Flarte ....... ..... Y 'ice-Presinnt Jane Fanning lim Nelon Mary John Pappas --- ....... Secretary Peggy Flatte Iris Ann Nash Sandra Byrom M-- ...A Treasurer Linda Gaston Mary Jane Nash Jane Craver ..... ..,.,-Reporter Kaye Stafford " "" Hlstonan Sponsors: Mrs. Delphine Lynch, Mrs. VVilliam Malcolm, N 1 6. J ff ll!!! Barbara Nicklas Ruth Nunn Catherine Olivet Annabelle Pagan Mary John Pappas Eva Ann Pearson William Perry Billie Lou Perry Mary Jane Powell Tommy Beddin Maurice Short Bettie Lou Smith Kaye Stafford ,ludy Stainton Sally Stumpp Frances Talley David Terry Lois Thompson ,ludy Walker Sandra VVeiss Vivian VVesterman Elaine VVood Beverly Yarbcrry Miss Irene Burkett ALLIED YOUTH COUNCIL MEMBERS Kenneth Greene ,.n,,.,...,.., President Ioe Morriss -aa ,..,,..,.., Vice-President Lajuana Stipp --, -,., .,,.. Recording Secretary Liane Kelly .,.,,e aa--Corresponcling Secretary Wayne Windle at ,V ,...n........ Treasurer Peggy Flatte ..n,, C - - , Catherine Olivet Sally McClure , -Program Chairman Publicity Chairman ,-,,--,Social Chairman Sponsors: Mr. A. A. Forest james Monroe ,,-- .,,. VVays and Means Chairman err Kin Kaye Stafford -a Patty McAdams Sally McCoppin Janet Buchanan , ....,,..,... , -----H1St0Ii3H I Y ' a a--o Ma Carolyn Bob Loe .av. -S aMembership Chairman - C , .a,..,.. -Senior Representative - - a a - - C a - a - at -Junior Representative - ,, B , - ., a a C - Sophomore Representative Student Council Representative Lee Yokum .a..,..,..,.., ,-Athletic Representative er, Mrs. Bill VVagner OFFICERS Lajuana Stipp -,,-,,....... ....... P resident Janet Buchanan --- ..... Vice-President Chelious Rachal --- -----!-- SCCICYHTY Frank Henry -- ....Y. Treasurer ,. - l " 3. Y A--.- - 4.x ss, 1 X ,Q-S Donald Allen Pat Arnold Janet Bartlett Betty Brennan Janet Buchanan Suellen Chance Margaret Ely Donald Giles Charles Hall Frank Henry Tommy Jester Charles Keese Lillian Lamb ROLL l W Mary Lindsey Nina Loyd Sally McClure Sandra Nelon Louis Pirkey Gayle Powell Chelious Rachal Loretta Smith Jack Starling Lajuana Stipp James Weems Sandra Weiss Lanelle VVilliams Sponsor: Mrs. Carroll C. Crane -p-vu ROLL Tommie Adcock Charles Antweil Georgia Asimos Kay Blankenship Dorothy Britt Ann Clem James Cooper Patsy Dawson Sammy Donelson Sally Enloe Sammy Gammon Nelda Hackett Ronnie Hibbs Loretta Jenkins James Dudley Larsen Donald LaRue Judy Moseley Joyce Neal Dan Olive Don Olive Nita Owen Linda Phillips Tommy Reddin Jack Starling Herman Stover Charles Temple Ann Thomason Carolyn Welch Carolyn VVright Jackie Young Sponsor: Mrs. R. C. Hamilton I wa nw 'Wen 9 4-gn 9 OFFICERS , Tommy 'Reddin .r,....,. s,...... 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Mahaffey Martha lylaynor Iris Nash Ruth Nunn Annabel Pagan Eva Ann Pearson Billie Lou Perry Eddie Robbins June Simmons Frank Springer Kaye Stafford Judy Stainton Sally Stumpp Wick Temple VVillene Timberly Lynda VValker Dale Wallace VVayne VVindle dmrfreasurer Sponsors: Miss Irene VValter, Mrs. Larry Renshaw RGLL Leona Arnold Loretta Bowen james Bonner Billy Freeman Billy Hacklernan Eugene Hamilton Sondra Henry Lawana High Grady Huckabee Sponsor : joe Kennedy Lillian Lamb ferry McGee Carole Maxey lNlolly Nlayer Jack Otwell Martha Pierce Max Sellers James Vllhite Clementine VVilliams Mrs. C. E. Allen . wa ,..., . 'Q , L L y, Q 1 R 0 "'- OFFICERS I Joe Kennedy ..e......C, L 4e,.,.... President Eugene Hamilton -- L 1,44, Vice-President Molly Mayer .... .....,,,.e.e S ecretary - 4 Lillian Lamb M- ,,,Program Chairman OFFICERS -ss---s,,-----,---President Davrd Roberts ,.....g c - - V ice-President ffal AE!" 13 A SN f, JJ, -f, . 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Historian Hal Dean Lorance John McLeod Travis Merchant Albert Mitchell Dolph Nettles Rodney Peacock Donnie Powell David Roberts jim Rochelle Donald Sivley Gary Smiley Alex Smith David Steward Billy Strickland Van Teeters Don Tussey jimmy Walraven Herschel Henry 5 , N C .3 ,-Rx C' Y ' if J' -J Shirley Spencer Nlna Loyd nlame Wood Shlrlev Keese Betty I-Iollovsell Rozma Frltsch Paney Fore Paula Hudman Ianice Monk Lorna Evam OFFICERS President Vice President Qecretarx Program Chairman Reporter Historian Parliamentarian Sergeant at Arms PIHDISL Song Leader 3 K I .Ls,- 1 4 Bl ' Neii l ll lllfi ROLL Nelda Belonie Margaret Ely Lorna Evans Pansy Fore Rosina Friatch SuLanne Fudge betty Hollovvell Paula Hudrnan Betty jackson Qhlrley Keese Nlna Lovd Estellena Nlartm .IADICC Monk Xtlllllll ll? 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' hn..:n-,.......mf6'N-- -f r r-5 ROLL Ann Anderson Truman Arnold Jo Ann Bishop Clara Blaylock Joella Boyer Susan Brown Barbara Brumfielcl Janet Buchanan Ann Clark Dorthy Jo Collins Jane Craver Bennie Culver Stuart Daniels Loretta Duniis Bill Faires Gail Gibbons Anne Jarvis Bob Halliburton Naia Huddleston Doris Lambert Johnny Lineberger Carole Maxwell Sally lN'lcClurc Jane McKnight VVayne Nlurray Jim Nelon Janet Powell Sue Purtle Pat Richardson Sidney Bischel Lajuana Stipp Frances Talley Richard Upson Sonja VVhite Gloria VVhitson Beverly Yarberry Sponsor: Mrs. A. A. Forester . I 'aww -UN x "D I l F ' 055 Q' 2, lack., 4 0 l lT55f1EKJ A 'S 7 9 :MS Y V1 xa- Nil ' lens , Q I H," 'Pl mv N4 ' ft' S' ,Q J t '15 44 0 'Q ,-.Ax Owe J f V92 Jane Craver - - Lajuana Stipp VL- Sally McClure Janet Buchanan Ann Clark LLL OFFICERS -Msr,,,,,,,,,,,r---President - - - -Vice-President ---- ----------Secretary W- ........... 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Powell Joyce Mixon Sara Mathis L- Frances Cook Juanita Griggs ROLL jon Alvis Wilbur Barnes Charles Barry Bryan Brooks James Brown Clinton Davis Kenneth Dyson Mike Fooks Donald Giles Luther Grigson Frank Henry Edward Hudgeons Vance Jones Charles Keese Jim Manson Vincent Massey 7 we Wn' O f' All 5 B1 EM .. lgkk - gf? jerry McMahan jerry Mitchell Bill Phillips Louis Pirkey Deane Pomeroy Gene Pomeroy jimmy Powell Larry Sharp Kenneth Steger Ben Swearingen Richard Tippie Arthur 'Tipton Mat Vaughan Don White Ierry VVilliams Bobby VVright Sponsor: Mrs. Mary Sue Dunkin 'mf-W"'4"'f-"'W"""""'f1"f in - - mnf--M-I WM at ROLL VVanda Aaron Dorothy Anderson Susie Atchlcy Billie Dub Blanton Norma Blaylock Sandra Byrom Sue Chance Sue Copeland Janet Cox June Cary Ann Hammond Barbara Hibhs Rose Marie Holmes Christine Houghton Ann James Liane Kelly Betty Lavvley Helen Lay Mary Sue Line Carolyn Bob Loe Sponsor: I, it Relda Markham Nancy McDonald Carol McGee Evelyn Miroir Merajen Murdock Jayne Nash Catherine Olivet Mary John Pappas Martha Pierce Sarah Polk Chelious Rachal Fay Sellman Betty Smith Nancy Snipes Janice Thompson Sarah Toombs Juanita VVallace Judy VValker Vivian VVesterman Clem Williams Lucille VVilson Ellene Johnson 2 P W - .. V U, " IM ..- l N RQLL Wanda Aaron Sue Adams Wanda Adams Tommie Adcock Donald Allen Ann Anderson Dorothy Anderson Patsy Arnold Georgia Asimos Kenneth Askew Charles Barry Janet Bartlett Billie Dub Blanton Kay Blankenship Norma Blaylock James Bonner Loretta Bowen Betty Brennan Raymond Bretthauer Bryan Brooks xflyrna Brooks James Brown Susan Brown Hazel Browning Barbara Brumfield Janet Buchanan Sandra Byrom Monica Callahan Joe Edd Cardwell Suellen Chance ational Elizabeth Clement Mamie Clements Peggy Coldicutt Dorothy Jo Collins Steve Cook Sue Copeland Jane Craver Carolyn Crowell Darlene Cullins Bennie Culver Stuart Daniels Beverly Davidson Mary Ruth Day Shirley Dennis Patricia Dickens Janelle Dixon Sam Donelson Loretta Dumis Kenneth D son Margaret Elly Sally Enloe La Juan Evans Peggy Platte Barbara Fox Jo Sue Freeman Eugene Fudge June Gary Charles Gholson Gail Gibbons Gloria Givens Kenneth Greene Nelda Hackett Tamar Hall Anita Harlandk Pray Harmon Joyce Havelka Joe Henderson Frank Henry Sondra Henry Barbara Hibbs Betty Lou Hollo w Chris Houghton Mar'orie Hud ins J 3 Sybil Hunter Patricia Jackson Ann James Gene Johnson Peggy Joice Charles Jones Sandra Jones Vance Jones Martha Jordan Bill Karrh Charles Keese Shirley Keese Liane Kelly Jerry King Roy Kull Lillian Lamb Doris Lambert ell onor Society Duane Laramore Helen Lay Evelyn Leggett Martha Lemons Mary Lindsey Mary Sue Line Johnny Lineberger Carolyn Bob Loe Carolyn Lollar Nina Loyd Marilyn McAlister Steve McCain Sally McClure Sally McCoppin Mary McDaniel Betty Jo McDonald Carol McGee George Marshall Patricia Martin Rodney Martin Sara Mathis Mollie Mayer Martha Maynor Jerry Mitchell Janice Monk James Nlonroe Joe Morriss Judy Moseley Jerry Nash Mary Jayne Nash Jackie Neely Sondra Nelon Lillie Ruth Nunn Don Olive Catherine Olivet John Owen Annabel Pagan Jimmie Palmer Mary John Pappas Eva Ann Pearson Billie Lou Perry Kristen Petersen Danny Petty Linda Phillips Louis Pirkey Sarah Polk Gene Pomeroy Janet Powell Chelious Ptachal Martha Randow Tommy Reddin Danny Scurlock June Simmons Nancy Snipes Shirley Spencer Frank Springer Kaye Stafford Judy Stainton Lajuana Stipp Sally Stumpp OFFICERS President r..... .......r,s. s A ,sss ssJames Monroe Vice-President --- .....,.,,L r,,..r s ,Joe Morriss Secretary ,,,,,.,,, .... S ally McClure Program Chairman ,, rscs VVick Temple Derwood Swan er Probert Tannehii Charles Temple Wick Temple Janice Thompson Lois Thompson Charles Thornton Sarah Toombs Mat Vaughan Sara Lou Vaughan Preston Waldrop Judy VValker Juanita Wallace Flora D. Walraven Pray VVaters Virginia VVebber Sandra Weiss Doyle Wesson Vivian Westerman Edwin VVhite Gloria Whitson Carol Williams Clem Williams Jerry Williams Wayne Windle Elaine VVood Beverly Yarberry Lee Yokum lllgh Junior Play One Wild Night directed by Mrs Larry Renshaw, was successfully pro duced in the Schools auditorium on Thursday evening March 10 Those taking part in this three act farce were Tommy ester Ins Nash Preston Wal drop Carolyn Bob Loe Betty Brennan Charles Thornton une Cary Sonny Jackson Betty Lou Smith Ronnie Cam- mill Dale Wallace ohn Ann Sullivan Sonja White Ann McClendon, o Ann Cook, Mahaffey, Pat VVright. flperetta The principals in the popular oper- etta, "HMS Pinafore," by Gilbert and Sullivan, which was given in late May, were Martha Ann Lemons, John Bunch, William Karrh, Preston Waldrop, Ann James, John Everist, Pat Wright, and Merajen Murdock. The operetta, di- rected by Mr. Jess Pettey, Miss Nona Eagle, and Mrs. Benshaw, was the fi- nale of the dramatic activities of Senior High. 0ne-Act Contest Play The contest play, "Nobody Sleeps," also directed by Mis. Benshaw, was given at the lnterscholastic League Meet in Kilgore on April 14. Pictured are the actors - Eva Ann Pearson, Janelle Dix- on, Jo Ann Cook, Irene Brown, and J. Mahaffey. Senior High Play The High Senior Play, another produc- tion directed by lVlrs. Ptcnshaw, was a three-act comedy entitled "Papa Says No". lt was given on May 6. The char- acters included Bryan Brooks, Janet Buchanan, Wick Temple, Chris Hough' ton, Liane Kelly, Stuart Daniels, Bill VVilson, VVayne VVindlc, Kaye Stafford, Peggy Platte, Sandra Byrom, Jane Cra' ver, Clyde Jones, and Mary Sue Line. Preston Waldrop and Liane Kelly Martha Ann Lemons DAR Good Citizenship Award All-State Choir Q-,gg Q. 11 WIIIIQS WHO TDavid Terry and Mary Lee Yokum Perry Suggs Tohn Pappas All-State Guard United States Navy Band Mr .dnd Mrs, F. T. A. Texas Sports Writers Association Wick Temple Peggy Platte, Carolyn Bob Loe "1 Speak for De1n0cmcy" Sally McClure, Catherine Olivet Contest Winner AY Delegates to Buck Hill Falls, Pa. Wllll' WHO Carolyn Bob Loe h Lillian Lamb JO nny Lineberggr 4 Sfufe S6CT8td7'y President of District FTA All-State Center Molly Mayer and Max Sellers . Delegates to State Convention Carolyn Lollar Dallas Tunes Herald and Fort Worth Sondra Henry Corresponding Secretary of Sm Telegram SPOUS Writers DE Sweetheart and Alyermte Delegate ' ' Ca lM e District FTA Alterrlste Illgeiate 4 1? L fx N I AS i 'ellfkv 4fGERS' Q2 K I xi-n 6 5 31245910 nw- 'ill 'ln ff Q. SPORTS X The Tigers inade their first home stand against the potent South Oak Cliff Bears from Dallas. A pair of costly fumbles and a passing attack that wouldn't click left the Tigers on the short end of a 21-14 score. The Tigers took their revenge out on Denison the next week by smothering the Yellow-Jackets 53-O. Billy Erie scored three touchdowns, George McKin- ney, two. After an open date, the Tiger den was invaded by the powerful, purple-togged Lufkin Panthers. The Tigers fell apart in the second quarter, but re- covered too late to keep the Panthers from a 41-20 victory. The next week the Tigers bounced back from their costly defeat, scoring a second-quarter touchdown and holding the tally to a 7-O victory over the pre- viously unbeaten Nacogdoches Dragons. James Mon- roe, Billy Erie, James VVedding, Danny Petty, and Johnny Lineberger were outstanding. Then the Myersmen, supported by a special train- load of fans, invaded Marshall. James VVedding paced the squad to a 26-6 victory. Scoring four touchdowns in six minutes, the Tigers easily rolled over their rival Tigers from Mt. Pleasant, 40-O, the following week. VVayne Murray and Danny Petty were standouts. Famed Catfish Smithis Longview Lobos howled into town to meet the Bengals, who, by the most out- standing playing of the season, stashed away a 34-0 victory in their last home game. The vengeful Tigers journeyed to Kilgore for the Turkey Day classic. To the surprise of the fans, Tackle Lee Yokum scored two touchdowns on passes from James Monroe, and the Tigers finished their schedule with a 46-6 victory over the Bulldogs. Mr. Eudell Dicus End Coach and Baseball Coach Mr. William Malcolm Mr. Gerald McMullen Assistant HB" Team Coach SUMMARY The pre-season prediction for the 1954 Tigers was, "We'll be lucky to win half our games." The amazing Tigers, however, won eight games and lost only two, finishing second in the district. A determined bunch of Tigers traveled to Tem- ple for the season opener. Sparked by a sensational 52-yard pass play from James Monroe to James Markham, the Tigers roared from behind in the last four minutes to bring home a 13-7 victory. The following week, the "under-do s" invaded Little Rock and brought home a rain-sojted 2-O vic- tory. Aided by the aggressive Tiger line, Kenneth Greene let loose a smashing tackle in the first quar- ter to give the Myersmen a safety which proved to be the only score. Mr. VV atson Myers Athletic Director and Head Coach Mr. lV1orris Groce Line Coach Bzll Fazres comes from behind to tackle the Longvzew ball carrier and stop a possible touchdown threat Offensive SCHEDULE Opponents Temple --- ,.,,. - Little Rock ....., S. Oak Cliff CDallasD Denison ....,,,. Lufkin ......... Nacogdoches Marshall .,,.e..e Mt. Pleasant Longview ...., - - Kilgore - - - Place There There - Here -Here -Here -Here There There -Here - - --There Swanger 15 bezng swampeol by the Lobos after a banal-off from Monroe Yokum becommv an elzgzlale pass recewer, drags three Bulldog tacklers over David Terry Fulllaack jim Nelon Halfback Roger Goolsby Fullback Stuart Daniels Quarterback Norman Hall Halfback B111 Falres Center Danny Petty End Lynn Thomas Tackle Don Thompson Manager Wedding, circling right end, attempts to elude a bevy of Dragons. james Weddzng lays a block agaznst the Naeogdoches Dragons as arnes Monroe carries around left end. Maurice Short Guard Jerry Nash Guard james Vann Tackle Donnie Carroll End Jerry King End Truman Arnold End Rodney Martin End Joe Morriss Guard "B" TEAM RAMBLERS Front Row: Phillips, Shumate, Tinsley, Surbey, Tannyhill, Rose. Middle Row: Rhoclen Steward, Kackley, Haire, Butler, Daines, Davis, Wright. Back Row: Marshall, Robin- son, Oliver, Shi p, Iones, Johnson, Guest. Fant. P Who goofed? - looks like Wedding and a Lobo, as Kenneth Greene moves up to investigate the puzzling situation. David Carder Guard Herbert Hester Beauford Jester Guard Manager VVade Fowler Halflaack George McKinney Quarterback Y,Q:1:1 12i5R2K1?'w5s.a12"'XLYHALJRLYSQQmeu:s2zx'.M521i'1Su'd2ai9:'3wi'ai.JaP'mW f1f'f?x1mrJaW:1L1+9s'al!!""'1fff'2fMLgi1-..i-Six'uf'vigil"Y" --Y , ,, Q' "W: 'Qi' V 1..,-zflmfwsrrazmswaq - Q-Q-H-f.mma-u1.mgwmmm.:wwmmmw.,. ,...,. . ..,,,...M, ,,.W,:mfwmmwmmmxmwm-zfrgzg,--MMw1w.ma:A1f Y - ,,,..,gm,4:1L-iam-2-ei---V V V W ,f:r.w1mmwmmmm+!,f5i,ifmgmkmmmrmwmmvQa1f.Mfng,,g,f,,Q:snvmfff,4,..L.,.A., Springer tries to block or Mczvericlzk attempt to score. SCHEDULE Opponent Place Hooks ..,..,.-,.,,, --- There Hooks ........,.....o ---- Here Kilgore Tournament - Sabine ,....... --- There E. Mt. ........ --- There Byrd CShreveportD - Arkansas High ,,,e -- --- There - ,.v. Here Texarkana College --- ---- Here Tournament Arkansas High ---- Mt. Pleasant ----- Arkansas High ---- Marshall ----- --- Longview --- Kilgore ------- Henderson ---- N acogdoches --- 1-ufkin ------- Mt. Pleasant ----- Marshall ------ Longview --- Kilgore ------ Lufkin -------- Henderson ---- Nacogdoches - - - - - - There ---- Here - --- There --- There ---- Here --- There ---- Here --- There Here --- There ---- Here --- There ---- Here --- There --- There ---- Here We They 68 44 61 49 69 25 48 57 51 57 64 55 Tigers won tournament. 65 52 76 74 65 52 57 59 59 49 50 63 46 41 47 53 58 62 63 65 63 5 5 60 71 48 64 52 71 34 49 57 52 SQYEQEEQ "B" TEAM Front Row: Coach Myers, Kenneth Askew, Fielding Bentley, james Markham, Billy Joe Erie, 'de Fiwler. Back Row: Bohb ' Emberton Ra Harmon Troy eter David Terry Ro er Gools- Wd- 1 Q 5 . y . .1 . .. a by, Dan Robinson. Basketball Sweetheart Chelious Baellal ' AUXDEW AWARDS ua 5 459, 1 l'i Q .:n:i"'5i1i1" ' n Iggy f .R 4 1.42 ' Qi . X nh ' M M FEV 7 A fy, jgfgfl ' Q 1 - ,, f ' J! j Q ,Q Q 'N '1 x b 1 Au N SJ 5' 1' W W' f 52' I 27?-'il , V' f xx 4 A Z Q fa 1 ,M 521 A mgefgf X. J' ,U 9 V . 4 ' nah' -ill f I N 's Ns I N A um Mil, ,Jef Mwqilwfyzi Mug ww, ,, Q qNWJ0xMulff Mmm! X XNJ- A u fz W 441, J 59 A- '-if NX 7x p f Ev ?f 2 H' 'E 9 " E' Ln .. .. 'f 'kwifmzwd :QW Wx fwfdww www My . ' L' , 61 '1 'l si' A1 1 MW A-4, QVWJJQWMWV F MWXCPWWAL 'V C3-9S1'd,V Suellen W -Qnd 62 A arm Mai? 96 we wow S3161 M 930519 YJ Rose Marie Holmes CCILI,-e Eddie C9509 goo ,r,,,,,,,,,,.-:Wi ,,,.kk .,,,,,, Q way ,-,. ..fw,m, -. iff yn 6 ML,,,ay Mary John Pappas JIJOW J! BM W Je 12 jwllrdodr Mu uamu a W auace john Wh1tlock owed oe Ou Kaye Stafford Judy Walk Gr YK Ee Yak W wa UU! 1 ,,.... N, M ff-- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,..,,, :..wW,1,ff ,w.11.:af,:.mf:w:.::Vw:-, .Q-ww KXSOU m'J'fL"'m"5"w"'1 " " ' "" :'LW'm7"Am "l"m'W kv ,ivy - .- 1.-.--,, - ..,v- - ,- - ... - -..-2'-.-,....-. . ....1..-....,g..-..- - - . , . 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'G tu 1' r lid' PF' f ' - , I 1293 , lg, , , N ntl h 'Qin , 'I-IA. . 'nu :lays V! l ' Q " I l .pin I' ... Nl 1 MH!! x I I 0 I . . , , . . 1 :uve 4 I x 4 : 2:22551 'ri 2 4- 4 ! 'NESN 1 : I ' K' L 1 'i nr ll - N .1 ' iwq. I x V N-I ., I ,lv . k .S-gg. Ilixll ,ii-ax: ll,-my , . . :Edig li5!gqa QE!! 'lllixhl 'JIEE' lc- I , x! Q !ngiN'l1 Ssfia sax - FH!! is EE -lr A ex, Kd 'Il .l ' :Q-NSE' lv I. ' INBQIN Q Inflli - ngilli . h I ,J .EH ,,....-...,....,... .vzte . , LS!!-I 4 . ,.'f,..f2'.:Q117Q515l9f,'fLf.121 .:?'9i':""'i-'--'H Zfvx I ' 1475 ltzlfllzvfifrlll 1 1111: A ..- f, 1, f1: - LL' .'f" 17,7 I' . X N "Zz:-fn 1:4 :1-111111111112-uffnffj :1U5fLf 1,4 ,pf I x ug' A ...- -L ..,,-.... i hae ' Q TUGBK RBYDE :':f'.:f.:i'.L:'::- -:f75E'f,i'f ' I ,, ..., - - ,mo - gl f5 I 12 gn 1 Q Q ta '95 3' 3 1 2 1 ...- 4 4 , 1 W - . r 4 - Glu 1 0. Q I 1 , - I I ' , J , , W X Simmons Drug Co. Dependable Prescription? Service 222 Main Dial 3-4128 ISABEL'S FLOYVER and GIFTS Dial: Day 3-5125 Night 3-3229 'aw ' ,f Compliments of Tilson 84 Company M. D. Tilson, Jr. Oran H. Scurlock Established 1920 Phone 3-3156 For Teen-agers . . . A Campus Favorite Mossey's Shoes 323 E. Broad Dial 2-9141 Roglcmd Office Equipment Co. "Office Outfitters" 311 and 313 Main Street Dial 3-6135 Texarkana P Q Courtesy Cleo ne rs Dub and Bryce Clayton Dial 3-7740 2410 New Boston Road Modern Vic-Tone Process Momon Furniture 34 Corpet Co. 200 East Broad Street Dial 2-5932 COFFEE CUP TOWN HOUSE LEE'S DRIVE IN The Tool House PAT PATNIAN Doiry Queen 1321 VV. 7th Surplus W'ar Supplies Tools, Barrels, Spark Plugs, Etc. For Your MALTS - SI-IAKES Dial 3-4303 620 W'est 5th SANDVVICHES Leo - Ritz Loop Drive-ln Joy Drive-In Ooklown for fashions . . . for college . . . for careers oge 95 1 'x ' N 3. U . M ' IT PAYS TO BUY GOOD The Furnifrfurae Mart , E SHOES 1 .- M 'I IX 1 f V h ' 1 5 X J 619 was Awe' X ' 7171" 117555125 HOTEL MCCARTN EY Phone 3-5125 BANQUETS . . . AND . . . PARTIES WOMMACICS Men's, Boys', and Girls' Wear 104 W. Broad Phone 3-6115 Texarkana Phone 3-6116 P 96 BoYD's, INC. Only the Best - Cut-Rate Drugs Dial 3-4171 301 Main The REXALL Store American Cleaners 1613 Texas Avenue Phone 3-8121 Kittrell Insurance . Compliments Agency ALL KINDS OF of INSURANCE in h 318 Pine - Phone 3-8532 Lcwley Mach e S Op , l , 1622 Spruce Dial 3-9992 Dick Carr Tommie Kittrell Compliments of Carglle Motor Company Texarkana Scenic COVNPC' HY CHEVROLET - CADILLAC Complete Stage Equipment OLDSMOBILE 1721 Spruce Dial 3-4933 - 1 Mac's Grocery and Market E. O. MCALISTER, OWNER FRESH MEATS - GROCERIES Dial 2-4462 8th Sc Laurel St. Texarkana, Arkansas Page 97 QQ! Boss Furniture Co. Q JCC? Q git-ii? 5 f'iPjf?lf ,aflomffmtniiy xbflfblxgglsxgroce ry iz VV'fQ1s12th Phone 3-8821 3f'3ef25'3ly,ff fl, C at B woy Borber 'YS' Ar Ghayiq-OUISlQM'G Shop J 602 est KV . E. 'ck s A. L. B s . razier 'NCQ'-25'553f'fS 1 V OH Tatu at uy your Lane C d Chest fffywl Org from Next door to the Electric Company PGQCF1 - Ritchie PHOTOGRAPHS BY Lumber Co. Everything for the Build Martin Patterson Ph 3 3121 3 d gc O k Official TIGER Photographer Hole Parker McCuI Ioch Appl icmce Co. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Sales and Service Dial 2-8872 102 Olive St H. B. Wren BEST WISHES 'K 'L Distributor Plgkens Typewriter Supply I i Typewriters - Adding Machines Cash Registers PROD CTS 307 Pine 3-5862 r Y 1 , VIA: if it J A Q i Pciqe . 'X - A K Wood Pharmacy "Super Self-Service" REXALL DRUG STORE Dial 3-3472 - 32-2261 2300 New Boston Road Compliments of Timberlake Hardware Company 306-8 Main Dial 3-8551 W. S. Chance Co. Goon POSITIONS WAITING! BE QUALIFIED! Enroll in TEXARKANA BUSINESS COLLEGE 84 ENGINEERING SCHOOL Be a Guest Any Day in Our Classes and Then Decide Ph. 3-6332 Bob McClure, Bus. Mgr Viva's Flowers 422 State Line Phone 2-4147 Compliments of Creekmore 'Motor Company, Inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH 1 Whatever your dream of success may be, a Saving Account can help you to make it a reality. Start saving here - and keep it up. Enjoy the grand feeling that comes with having money in the bank. The State National Bank 0F TEXARKANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Page 100 1907 ------ 1955 Ben F. mith Dr Goods Compan "lF lT'S NEW -- lT'S AT SMITH'S" Phone 3-6555 3024 Wood St. F. M. Suggs Construction Co. Commercial and Residential Bldg 1 I V Texarkana, Texas ft fl ,V 1 - I Ueckert's Jewelers 213 Pine Street Phone 3-7272 iq, Texarkana, Texas .I ,," . gif ' if!!! fi' :iii Adams Grd. ,3f'f'Mkt. ,' as ' 1 kf 2000 Newfl Boston Rdad 1 A . ,A .. K lghonq, 32-11181 1 P ' 1: l ' S 1 , Compliments - I .'x of ff Scottie's Sweet Shop , W 4 , f 1" .:"Ffee1Qfl'ivefy 1522 Pine Dial 3-9213 1 ' E 'll "i 52 if-5 A If ' ' Compliments K c M c - 1230 of Ri ley's "Radio-Texarkana" Gun 81 Tackle Shop 220 west Third Page lOl 1 p an V X L ' , W 41, 1 W I L r 'J ff' , I Y ' ' I fl fi r I 'X ,l W6 J .jf , M ! I ,fa X lTHOMAS ASIMQS - nl Ov , 1 f f Coryzjiflirnents-ofx I L' ' U- A 1 , ' oTTL Jefferson Coffee CO-.X x Shop L OPEN ALL NIGHT Front and State Line BRUCE CULLOM R. C. QSAPJ WALKER L da Cullom -Wdlker FINERMMQ' WEAR - PACKARD - 203 sAsr snow . TExARKANA,U.S.A Mack Trucks General Tires Compliments of Grim Hotel Drugs SID BAXTER Phone 3-3139 Page 102 Pryor's Flowers 911 Main Street Model Cleoners Home of Texarkana, Texas Thur-Clean Dry Cleaning Member F.T.D.A. Phone 3-3179 Mrs. Lena Marple 411 Hazel Dial 28433 OWENS BROTHERS JEWELERS Watches and Diamonds In the State National Bank Building COSTUME JEWELRY 210-212 State Line Polmer's Gro. 84 Mkt. was w. 7th Dial 3-4021 Compliments of Buhrmon - Phorr Hordwore Co. Third and Ash Ewa ICE Texarkana Arkansa- RE Page 103 717 , 7 I ,,1 f. nt' VIS M A . g fr ' ' f '. r . , f I - W g I 1 , - ' Compllments if 1 fl " !Compliments of V' I 1 Of U Service Stotion ' Lcyls Ice Cream Bar Washing and Lubrication 842 SSta.te Line Dial 2-30 WOMACK'S MODERN CLEANERS Dry Cleaners - Furriers - Dyers - Cold Storoge 210 West 7th St. Diol 3-6872 TEXARKANA ' , Pontiac Automobiles International Trucks f P-'N eg 9+ ring? . S in ' 3 U. S. Royal Tlres 35 S5 3 7th ond Spruce Q Q1 , 5 4 S0 A P 104 du 11 Gus Kennedy Shoe Store 122 East Broad Texarkana's Largest Home of Registered Diamonds if A Xi W ,ff f"'Tt My .' Texarkana's Leading jewelers the new fashion Quality Pianos and Service 2 J'- are Music Headquarters 106 E B d Ph 2-4232 ast ma one Established 1893 309 E. Broad YOl'beI'l'yIS Compliments And Grocery 84 Mo rket Home of Better Foods 1223 County Ave. Phone 2-5881 Texarkana, Arkansas Congratulations KTFS Radio Center Building 1400 ON YOUR DIAL Texarkana Texarkana, Texas Compliments of Hozlewood Condy Compony 2018 New Boston Road Phone 3-5762 age 105 Compliments of Guy's Orange Stand 7th AND ouvis McKinzie's Humble Service 1015 Texas Phone 3-3843 Right Lubricant- Right Place Right Time Compliments of Bane Motor Co. Dealers in NEW AND USED CARS 8th 84 Texas 3-7322 Compliments Hoffman Sc CBS TV of Seven - Eleven Drive-ln Groceries Appliances and Toys 24125 New Boston Road Dial 3-4035 C OM PLI M ENTS OF A FRIEND Murzicos' Royal Cleaners - Hatters Fine Cleaning 418 State Line -409 East 7th Texarkana, U. S. A. Page 106 Dorothy D. Brown's Style Shoppe Quality Merchandise - - - - - - Nationally Advertised A'You will look like a page out of Mademoiselle in Style Shoppe apparel' Roney's Flowers 816 west 7th sin-et 6 Dial 32-6991 Texarkana. Texas 6th and Hazel Dial 2-7022 . . C 1' t Smith Tire Compony Omp 'men S Dan T. Smith, Owner of Star Tires . u i ' Recapping and Vulcanizing Phillips Refrigeration Phone 3-4782 - 905 New Boston Rd. Dial 3-8021 llth and Bowie Best VVishes to the Class of '55 Texarkana, U. S. A. Compliments of J. R. Crowder Agency 308 State Line Insurance - Bonds Real Estate Phone 22-2751 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Electric .... Standard Portable 3692 . - Dial: 3-4140 214 W'Vest Third Street Texarkana BUSINESS MACHINES Sales - Service - Rentals - Supplies Centrol Music Co. "Music to Fit Your Mood" Juke box rentals for special parties 916 State Line 2-6592 C ONIPLINIEN TS OF w. R. Kelly I 1 HoI1H81 Fountleroy 1 ,GO rage 'KZ Bel k'JOneS 5. . 1401 Spruce Broad at Walnut Dial 22-2706 Phone S-4341 ' af JS Compliments of COMPLIMENTS fVetrcmo's Cleoners of 1213 West 7th Phone 3-3492 Rehkopf Mattress CO. Texarkana, Texas - J-750b'l2 Ne 1521 Texas Ave. 602 State Line Compliments of 4 eafferel-1-1111 ce., une. Q 12 Dallas Texarkana 71 emma, Q 1 K 6' ' f -N535 X PiQQly WiQQly 1801 West 7th 2526 New Boston Road "Good Shoes Since 1911" feewag' 102 East Broad Rehkopf Gro. 81 Mkt. No. 1-408 Whitaker 3-8081 No. 2-617 Burma 3-5711 Compliments of lie Cfilferion r Where Fashion Reigns Texarkana Texas Willioms Rodio cmd Electric Compony 715 West 12th Street Dial' 3-8241 Southern Creomeries -woon4n-lrcnn- 3rd and Pecan 2-6149 Hortslworrm Tile Co. TILE AND MARBLE CONTRACTORS Since 1923 903 Beech Street Texarkana, U.S.A. McWi l I ioms Stotionery Compony "Supplying Every Office Need" 310 Main St. Dial 3-6103 Gifts - Greeting Cards Commercial Printing OTTO'S DRUG Orro D. VVITZANSKY Store No. 1 Store No. 2 121 E. Broad 5th 8a Hazel St. Phone 2-4149 Phone 2-7651 Texarkana's Leading Drug Store ge 109 Highland Park Grocery 84 Market A Complete Service Food Store 25th and Wood Compliments of Moore Tire 84 Appliance Company 319 East Broad Compliments of Texarkana Glass 81 Mirror Works Compliments of J. J. Newberry Co. 110-112-114 West Broad Compliments of Lofton's Pharmacy 7th and Waterall Streets Phone 3-4531 Compliments ' , of ZIZ S . 8 Two State Service and Distinctive Apparel F or Women Two State Hobby Shop A. D. Schnipper Wholesale Meats l002 Wood Street Texarkana Texas Southwest Printers 84 Publishers, Inc. 308 East Broad Dial 2-4222 Texarkana, U. S. A. .TS A" COMPLIMENTS OF GRACE-SCOGGI NS SPORTING GOODS "Sp0rtsmen's Headquarters" 1502 State Line Dial 22-2161 Texarkana S ond S Supply Compormy "Complete Outfitters for Your Autou 217 E. Broad St. 300 W. Broad St Texarkana, Ark. Texarkana, Tex Hinshow Motors WATCHES - DIAMONDS Your KAISER - w1LLYs Dealer 2203 E. 9th St. Phone 2-9440 113 W- BTOHC1 19110116 3-7581 Porter McClure Co. COMPLIMENTS of HPAINT PEOPLEU Downtown and New Boston Road LoVe rrme Byrom 5'1- fi? 1 WF Mgr fp,4l, G gy COMPLIMENTS ,rw J QV 1 1 , of ,WM lffwflj iff ffl' he lj I ll ,fl rl I lfjf 1 I X ,X ff Ben Swearnngen Ill ffl ff' ,ff ffffl ffgj Texarkana bf ff HARRY's House ot Flowers National Bank 515 Main Telephone 32-6951 Member Fresher Flowers Artistically Federal Deposit Insurance Arranged Corporation For No Extra Cost MORRIS DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS 1617 Texas Ave. Phone 3-8832 COMPLIMENTS OF D. C. SANDERS Distributor TOMTS TOASTED PEANUTS "Why nickels leave home" Reed Construction Company 2418 Pine Dial 3-7629 'ABETTER HOMES" Rose Oil Company Mississipppi South's Largest Louisiana Independent Arkansas Dealers Texas L. C. LATHAM, GEN. NIGR. Page 112 W. S. Dickey Cloy Mfg. Co. Texarkana Vitrified Salt-Glazed Clay Sewer Pipe Not Affected by Sewer Gas or Acids COMPLIMENTS or Olive'r's Food Shop 504 Buchanan Avenue Dial 3-8971 For Free Delivery Compliments COMPLIMENTS of of Wolloce HOrley'DGV1dSOn S0195 Morguenitels 1704 Boulevard Beauty Texarkana Texas Compliments ' ' of X Z1-"j,,,X Northcutt Rodiotor m QWUMFUQN Shop ff , ' . SINCE 1922 ,VVXA , ma STEINKAMITS 5 Lx Teen Fashions y Infants , Girls' and Boys' Clothing Toys and Chi1dren's Furniture 1603 Texas Ave. Dial 32-1423 EorI's Oil Products , v A-4 ' 1 a,gL A ' ff! .dwI .1445 if N gif I I '11 '11 Nt I lynx I KA .f I .I 1 fain Ia : . -JFK , " V - Q 'Zggggjigggxxxxxfilxiilxxgy ' f" 4f' ,'1f" Vwnh . I ' I I ,iff I Q I f X will' 'mu ' ' I '1 f' 'i'L'X7'I , 1.1 j-A A' ' ,f " imp ix 1 , .. 1 f C En 'e ' ffT:ff-- Th ' ' I ' m WV ' 'W'-T5 Y, I J dd, A at L-FL! Q H11 Vi., , ' I' " W 'l'. :-'III H l I 2.45- ....f..EEQE51-lg-Te-. 529121 Q3 H' ,, , .1 .iaiaaiawgl 592213, I j , 1 , , lf' K 1 f !1 " is f Q . . WFENHAUSER 81 C0. Insurance - Bonds Phone 3-51 15 Texarkana Compliments of CLIFF VARNON Sells Insurance ' Texarkana Machinery 81 Supply Co. 1007 West 3rd Dial 32-2724 C 1' . . Omplmems Wllllam S. James of Realty Co. Texarkana Casket Company William s. James, jr. Texarkana, Texas Construction Co. Page 114 - DRINK " y w av lt ',,,,,,,,,,,,9"W"4 r um: - Lemon - som I NLUN f TWO vnanucr nr f FUU- nowu cnown sonuuo coMPANY I0 Fluid ' 2 'f , f' , , 'Qi-Z5 G'-A5555 lubboclghxus -I Texarkana, Texas N Compliments ' f HOTEL GRIM Texarkana Iron 84 TEXARKANAS Metal COITIPCFIY COMMUNITY CENTER Texarkana Arkansas N VF 'Q 9 -5 PLENTY OF s ' Q c y or-eg-.cafe PowER Fon 'Ik ' ' fs PROGRESS REDDY KILOWATT is ready V with plenty of electric power for the growth of every community. He's ready, too to cooperate - with every worthwhile school a program. -"'4'Z...... , y DUTIIIYESTERN ASAIID lil'l'Rll' UMPANY Pq115 Refrigeration - Air Conditioning Heating By G 0 D F R E Y 1401 West 7th St, Dial 3-5179 Jimmie's Typewriter Hospital J. M. white - J. R. White Victor Adding Machines Smith Corona Typewriters Repair Service Dial 32-1222 k It Texarkana U.S.A 2, 1 xr- , Q ll Compliments tx QVLEWIS BUICK 1 A ' of' V Azlthoriged Salegfand Service -, -X, if Texcnrkcmo Funerol 'i13Q1lwiT9XaSt px Dial 3-4137 s X 5 xg x A aw XI is . Ej. N, Xb S.fQwcrrt Lumber CROW LAUNDRY YCompony,t Inc. x, 1 -- IA Sales Office: P. O:'Box 503 1 N x ,Telephone 3-5137 11, 1 X2 1, w Texarkana, U. S. A. xi 1 'Y xi 1 x . I K 1 Texos Furniture Compcmy "Feather Your Nest with a Little Down" 400 VV. Broad Street DRY CLEANING 1106 Hazel Dial 3-416 Pcrqe 116 Compliments of Compliments Stump Cafe GOOD FOOD Highway 59 Texarkana of WALSH-LUMPKIN Le Grormde ond Sons WELDING AND IRON WORKS Wholesale Only 410 South Lelia Phone 32-1982 Twitty Nursery Over 80 Acres Fine Evergreens - Shrubs - Roses Complete Landscaping Service Dallas Hwy. Texarkana, Texas EAST FUNERAL ll0ME FUNERAL DIRECTORS Sixth and Olive - Dial 3-3141 Texarkana, Texas Pg 117 Q we 6th 0' Compliments ,of I Q M 1 ,, , The Sjliljent Body ond Faculty 1 X P 1 of the .4 FOUR STATES BUSINESS COLLEGE cmd'Texos Avenue Texorkcmo, U. S. A COMPLIMENTS OF HUNT PLUMBING SUPPLY CDMPANY 0F TEXARKANA Distributors' of AMERICAN-STANDARD PRODUCTS 5303 GOLDEN ROYAL MILK MILK AND ICE CREAM 1516 Texas Avenue Phone 32-3761 - 32-3762 Pq118 COMPLIMENTS OF MEYER'S BAKERY Compliments of H. Kress 81 Co. Baldwin Pianos and Organs Magnavox Television and Phonographs Band Instruments and Records RED RIVER CAFETERIA SERVICE Ralph Brothers Laundry and Dry Cleaning Dial 2-5103 or 2-3511 Compliments of Fox Tire Company 1501 New Boston Road Dial 3-5941 Geo. Clark and Company Ciao. B. CLARK H. F. HoLDEN,J INSURANCE 110 Pine Street Savoy Hotel Building Texarkana, Ark.-Texas Phone 2-3105 CCSLLINS and wu.uAMs FINE VVEARING APPAREL FOR MEN AND BOYS james Collins David Williams 104 East Broad PHONE 2-3324 George Manning Service 3rd 8: Texas Phone 3-3081 Johnson's Grocery 1001 Bowie Bottled under authority of the Coca-Cola Company by The Texarkana Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Page 120 6 . f 1: I X" j 3 fx ., 1- ' . , Ay .. I 1 0 .4 13-'lf 'Jr X Q, A . YQ ' AW XX . ' V .XR ji N XJ! N J I jj N j A if ' I A 'X X x xy :W VJ VJ X Jk ' kq .J V '23 JV w xblr ,I Ji A QE!! 'I 1 -A fn AJP sv fl , . V M Vw W U fy J . 'X V "' X Cv! V QW,h?Kxx 'rj V KJ Vx , 3 N , J ,' , J vi, xx, ,J A Q F N J 'tk e,! f, 'V' J ' J' 1 ,W I ' M 'X , N U jc j 'il N 4 QM, f J I i7 t jf J XJ 1 4, 3 , U Xi! jg I V , I , W I J' gf ,lf A Q x N 'U 'f W RN ' 'J x f NN, 2 xv " U 1 W fy Q Ki 'F X, f X3 tj ifxx. l jd QQ ' XJ , , 1 Y 2 J FN I V 7 4' '- I X , :. 1 X pn' I utxx I ' M3 1 I hx KV-J xx :Dj X -' y XV f J V J I x ,N 1 N X X 'F f , X f X X f! 7' at-J x A K N Nxt' t -., x K1 Q X X X , ' f ' f' V K,-' y if I il, J ,J ' ' V 71 j 2 , N!! - X! E: xi N, L H1 J . fx 5 X-f X. Cx' 'I' .9 . X P ff M Q fxwfwig Q 44968 P X fi W f Y ff MW' fm W, ,,,, ,, Y, ,,,, lk fha M A-nl. G 'Vx f4S'?ffiy5 A 415 ai' i 'mu Q S Q I is f'X J V 'M J0,.9Wd "', 7LAh7Lg1" d I, f 'V',ffQW,. 'Md

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