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"1" rf 4 . -t...-k, . V h ,K M .A , Qs 'aikfxx 'TT . 1 X R Six E vigil 5'J-fL"ty?9f 'QQ Pm wie Qwiww N is 5 wvwwgyvm L1 U W W WM W A 4"'57" L i9KJ ,,lY 1 LM WMHP if milf MM MQW Pa V Q7 W WWW R ,Q 11 '3 gg Tim ,MQ 9 Y 6 5 r ' ' rrags ay' 4 , l 1 e 4 1 " ' H W f A QQQ ,1?'6TXP'S NJ ANNUAL. STAEE PROUDLY PRESENTS THE STINUTTTEE FOREWORD Man must contend with many great obstacles in life, and none is greater than the paradox of time. The relentless, demanding ticking of a clock is with you wherever you go. Time is a cruel dictator, sternly com- manding you to crawl out of that nice soft bed and go to school. Never- theless, the old man with the hour-glass can become ea real charmer when he prolongs that golden moment you've been anxiously awaiting, in order to make sure that you remember every precious detail. " ' It is for the purpose of preserving these special memories -that humans make and keep records-snapshots, diaries, and scrapbooks. We, the yearbook staff, have compiled this book for your enjoyment, and we hope it will bring many happy recollections to mind, as well as remind you of the memories yet to come. Here is the STINGAREE for 1958. We have tried tobcapture in it for you the laughter, the beauty, the sorrow, and the elationof a year in TCHS. We have attempted to deceive Father Time by saving for you a few important' moments, by dehydrating a sigh, by preserving a smile, and by freezing a tear. . THE ANNUAL STAFF OF 1958 ,, Administration Faculty . . Seniors . Juniors . . Sophomores Favorites. . Clubs . Activities . Sports . Features . TABLE OF CONTENTS fi" 'QFWQ FP w, K . J, it 21, SCHOOL BCAR AN JOHN C. GEE, JR. GUILFORD STRONG Board President Board Vice President Assistant Postmaster Construction Carpenter .iz DR. L. E. ROSENBLAD A, on WASON Mefnbefl I Member Texas CIW Clmw Charles Martin 81 Co, 4 1' ADMINISTRATIC ROY HOFFMAN Member Hoffman Lumber Co. ,Xxx W .gd J. S. PUTNAM Member Plant Manager of - Monsanto Chemical Co. A X-5 'kg' J WALTER C. HOLLAND Member Ho11and's Furniture and Appliance C. T. DECKER Business Manager JACK ALEXANDER Board Secretary DON CANSLER Assistant Business Manager N A. J. CASAL Assistant Principal L. B. LANDERS Principal B. R. BROOKS Superintendent of Schools RAY SPENCER Assistant Superintendent A tx S IT ED ONS I T CA I BL PU S I 4 I I I V V V V V '6-3 'SE U.: mum QE .22 E: mu : 'CD S-4 'cu :M 'cvs i-3 ,CD In-I Qi xi Ii Z! fi I je is-4 'O -r:: Luca gm -UCB mE -EE 2130 CCI CIS slim Fall Semester Sandra Bledsoe, I V I V V ngaree Tales Editors Sti Sandy Jensen, Spring Semester Q-QQ ,LZ ,I f 'v'P5ffrw,lfvfVvfZ44rJ J 'f' A "' f G 3 , A ll sd 53iLLYjff1 XM! I K LPI' f-6 D . ly 8 "dr , V 47 ' ,ff ' 1, X ,ff fly ig! f 2,1 1 1' iz, J f f,, . I if Q Qing, W Z fic Awmjw MRS. ELWYN BONE B.S. Tyler Junior College Stephen F. Austin State College Subject: English MRS. LEOLA BOONE B.S. Mississippi Southern Subject: Mathematics MRS. ANNE BUCHORN B.A. Huntington College Sponsor of Sophomore Class Subject: History MRS. TINY BUTLER B.B.A. Baylor University Sponsor of Commercial Club Subject: Shorthand, TYPIUQ MARY ANNE CHANEY B.B.A. University of Texas Sponsorof Senior Class Subject: Bookkeeping, Typing, Business Math 1.5. MARLIN O. CHERRY B.S. Stephen F. Austin Henderson State Taechers College Ouchita Baptist College Sponsor of Science Club, Junior Class Adviser to Good Sports- manship league Subject: Biology, Zoology DON E. CLARK B.S., M.A. Texas A8zM College University of Houston Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: History Assistant "B" team Foot- ball Coach Head Baseball Coach TOM S. CLARK B.S., M.E. University of Houston Sponsor of Annual, Senior Class, Press Club, 'tStingarama" Subject: English, Journal- ism VIRGIE CRIST B.B.A., MgB.E. North Texas State College Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Typing, Business Math, Commercial Law F. C. CROSS B.S., M.S. North Texas State College Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Industrial Arts W. L. DAVIS B.S. Texas Tech Sponsor of Junior Class, F.F.A. Subject: Vocational Agriculture ROBERT G. DEAN B.S. Stephen F. Austin State College Sponsor of Math Club, Co-Sponsor of Science Club, Junior Class Subject: Mathematics MRS. C. T. DECKER B.A. Mary Hardin Baylor College Sponsor of Literary Guild, Junior Class Subject: English MRS. TREASURE DELASHAW B.S. Texas Tech College Sponsor of Junior Class, Future Homemakers of America Subject: Home Economics E. W. DUCK B.S., M.A. Peabody Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: History .. .-4l....A-...A M-A.. ,l MRS. JANE DUNAWAY B.A. University of Texas Subject: English JIM DUPUY B.S.P.E., M.S.P.E. University of Mississippi Sponsor of Sophomore Class, "TH Association, Head Basketball Coach Assistant Baseball Coach Subject: Drivers' Education MILDRED C. ELY B.S.M., Adm.Ed. Texas Wesleyan College University of Texas Registrar MRS. BERNADINE P. FIELD B.A. Rice Institute Sponsor of Sophomore Class Subject: Spanish, Latin MRS. LEVI FRY B.A., B.L.S. W.T.S.C. University of Colorado Chicago University University of Houston Sponsor of Junior Red Cross Librarian J. B. GRAHAM B.S. North Texas State College Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Electricity MARY ANN HARALSON B.S. North Texas State College Subject: History JAMES H. HARDIN A.B., B.D., B.S. University of Florida Presbyterian Theologi- cal Seminary College of the Ozarks University of Texas S.F.A. State College Columbia Theological Seminary Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: Biology FERN HOLDEN B.A., M.A. University of Texas University of Colorado Sponsor of Sophomore Class Subject: History, Civics ROLAND JOHNSON B.S. University of Houston Sponsor of Letterman's "T" Association, Senior Class, "B" Team, Foot- ball Coach. Subject: History ED KELSON B.S. Mississippi Southern College Sponsor of "T" Associa- tion, Sophomore Class Subject: Physical Education LEAH KINDRED B.A. University of Texas Sponsor of Senior Class, F.T.A. Subject: English, Latin I MRS. LOUISE KNAUT B.A. Texas Western College Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: English PHILIP B. KOONCE B.S., M,Ed. University of Houston SPOHSOI' of "T" Associa- tion, Sophomore Class Subject: Physical Education FRANK A. LA CAVA B.M., M.Ed. Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester Florida State University Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: Band 4l A .25 A 1 L If ..,, -if U gr f S li' s his-1 f 3 I .K'X i I KN ,fa i as N 5 , . 33111: i. 1 - . S Hz r : X . 535 i 1 .sy " tg x... A i -' S CHARLES LITTLE B.S. Sam Houston State Teach- ers College Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Choir RICHARD LITTLE B.F.A., M.A. University of Texas University of Houston Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Art CLARA MORTON B.S., M.S. S.W.T.T.C. University of Colorado Co-Sponsor of Student Council Subject: Mathematics JOHN C. MARTIN B.A., M.Ed. Stephen F. Austin State College University of Colorado University of Wisconsin Sponsor of National Thespian Society, Key Club, Junior Class Subject: Public Speaking ROBERT E. McDANIEL, JR. B.A. Stephen F. Austin State College Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Radio Club Subject: Mathematics MRS. MARY AGNES NEYLAND B.A., M.A. University of Texas Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Advanced Students' Study Group Subject: English ROY E. OHMERT B.S., M.Ed. East Texas State Teachers College University of Houston Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: Industrial Arts DANIEL REEVES B.S., M.A. Sam Houston State College Sponsor of Slide Rule Club, Advanced Students, Study Group Senior Class Subject: Mathematics LENUAL S. RIEHM Ph.B., M.A. University of Wisconsin University of Missouri Subject: Chemistry ROBERT L. RENFROE B.S., Sam Houston State College Southern College of Fine Arts Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: Band '14 5 "a . if 'Y' Vu--P' w :X A MRS. K. D. ROBIRDS B.A. University of Arkansas Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: English MRS. GEORGE W. ROFF B.A. University of Texas University of Houston Texas Woman's College Curry's Boston School of Expression Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Speech, English MRS. EVELYN SANDERS B.A. Southwest Texas Teachers College Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: Typing, Business English MRS. JANE SCHAPER B.A., M.A. East Texas State Teachers College Sponsor of Junior Class Subject: English MRS. HAZEL SCRUGGS B.B.A., M.Ed. Baylor University University of Houston Sponsor of Sophomore Class Subject: Business English CAROLYN SISK B.S. North Texas State Teachers College Sponsor of Senior Class, Future Homemakers of America Subject: Home Economics JERRY SMITH B,M., M.M. University of Texas Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Music HARRY L. SMITH B.S., M.A. University of Alabama Sponsor of Senior Class, Golf Coach Subject: Industrial Arts W. B. THORNTON B.A., M.Ed. Texas Technological Austin College Sponsor of Sophomore Class, DE. Club Subject: Distributive Education MRS. J IM VARL EY Secretary ,fs V 4 1 1 1 l 1 of is BONNIE VERMILLION B.S., M.S. North Texas State Teachers College Sponsor of Senior Class Subject: Mathematics LAZELLE WILCOX B.S., M.Ed. Sul Ross State College University of Texas University of Colorado University of Houston Dean of Girls Sponsor of Cheerleaders, Student Council BETTY LEE WRIGHT B.S. Alabama College Sponsor of Sophomore Class Subject: P.E. The Faculty enjoys the F.H.A. tea 4........4.-Q. DEDICATION We, the Senior Class, dedicate this 1958 Stingaree to Mr. Thomas S. Clark for his devoted service and guidance to the publications department of Texas City High School. For nearly a decade Mr. Clark has sponsored the yearbook and the newspaper. In addition this year he has accepted the sponsorship of the school anthology, Stingarama. We affectionately thank Mr. Clark for sharing our joys and sorrows and making our stay in Texas City High School more pleasant. I2 II I IO 2 9 3 8 4 7 6 5 ENIORS Q 2-'-. - Q Qifi' li, ' I 0' ' X if .fl , I vwjiifw px L N I , ., FALL SEMESTER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Tommy Bullington, Vice Presidentg Sandra Bledso, Secretary-Treasurerg Jay Arrington, President. ge SPRING SEMESTER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Jane Putnam, Secretary-Treasurerg Jay Arrington, Presidentg Tommy Bullington, Vice President 18 uf, m -N 'N-., 'E I lic l. 2 IQ' 'P"f If if DANNY AGEE GLYNN ALEXANDER SYBIL DIANNE ALSTON . V 4 v Transfer '57-'58. Football Captain '58-'58, Varsity Football '56-'58, Band '55-'57, F.H.A. '58, Mid ,iNest Band Clinic 56, Varsity Basketball '56-'58, "B" Football '55-'56, Solo-Ensemble Contest 56-57, Intramural Bad- "B" Basketball '55'56, Lettermen's "T" Associa- minton '56, Intramural Volleyball 57. IRMA ALVAREZ EDWARD B. ANDERSON RUTH ARRINGTON National Essay Anthology '58, Junior Achievement Treasurer '57-'58, J. A. Ass't. Treasurer '56-'57, Choir Librarian '57-'58, Thespian Parliamentarian '58, Thespians '56"58, Literary Guild '55-'58, Liter- ary Guild Parliamentarian '55-'57, Literary Guild Board of Directors '57-'58, F. T. A. Wee President, F. T. A. State Delegate '57, F, T. A.. '55-'58, Com- mercial Club '55-'58, Intramural 'Volleyball '55, Intramural Badminton '55, Stingorama Staff '55-'58, Sophomore Line '55-'56, : D I' L . , . . ' 4 V an-ua.:-nail . tion '56-'58, Track '55-'57, Baseball '55-'56, Senior Activities Committee '57-'58. i Z 1 L 'A,. , ,I A an 5 JUDITH ELAINE ATKINS First Place Posture Contest '56-'57, Junior Achievea ment '56-'58, J.A. Secretary '56-'58, School Quar- tet '57-'58, Chorus line '57-'58, Jr. Martinetts '55-'56, Jr. Play '56-'57, Thespian Play '56-'57, Thespians '56-'57, Biology Club '55'57, F. H, A. '57-'58, F. T. A. '55-'57, D. E. Club '57-'58. 5 f ii. Donor:-iv ANoERsoN ,u JOSEPH WILBUR ARRINGTON JR. Student Council Pesident '57-'58, Senior Class President '57-'58, Senior Activities Committee Chairman '57-'58, Junior Class Preisdent '57, Soph- omore Class Vice President '56, May Fete '56p Mayor '57-'58, Junior Rotarian '57, Letterman Foot- ball '56, Baseball '55r'56, "T" Association '56-'58, Thespians '55-'56, Slide Rule Club '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57, J. A. Production Manager '57, Honor Guard '57, GSL. '57, Youth Activities Con- ference '57, Student Council Conference '58, May Fete King '58. RICHARD JULIAN BAGBY National Merit Scholarship Finalist '58, Key Club Secfefafy '57-'53. KCY Club '56-'58, Advanced Study Group '58, Junior Rotarian '58. .,,,, Q . gi 4 1 l ,4 i z I I 1 e I s . 3 4' i s MARY LEE BAILEY EDDIE CHARLES BAKER JUDY- FAY BAILEY . Industrial Arts Club Assistant Editor of Stingarama '58, Basketball Queen Candidate '58, Assistant Editor of Stingaree Tales '58, First and Second place in Danforth Art Exhibit '57, Annual Staff '58, Entry in Dallas Finc Arts Museum '57, Youth Theater '57, Volleyball Tournament Champs '57, Press Club '57-'58, FHA. '55-58, Intramural Softball Tournament '55, Intra- mural Volleyball Tournament '55-'58, Intramural Badminton '55-'58, l.L. Typing '57, Stingaree Tales Staff '57-'58. BARBARA BARFIELD First Place District Declamation I. L,, Third Place Regional Dcclamation I. L., Runncrvup American Legion Orntory Contest, F. T. A. '56-'58, Voice of Democracy Contest '56-'57, Intramural Softball '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '57-'58, llonor Guard '56-'57, Speech Club Parliiinicntiirinn '55-'56, l. L Clinic Purtlcipnnt '57-'58, National Mcrit Scholar- ship Tesl '57-'58, WANNELL BISCAMP MINNIE LAZELLE BLACK Band '55-56. F.H.A, '57-'58, Junior Achievement ..-V '-Qx Fx . 1 f I V xt 'I 3, fail or ' 'gi ii V 112232. v 's , M SANDRA JEAN BLEDSOE School Sweetheart '56-'57, Secretary Senior Class '57, Senior Activities Committee '58, Thespian-Lib erary Guild Plays '56-'57, Thespians '55-'58, Lit- erary Guild '55-'58, Literary Guild Treasurer '57, Secretary of Junior Class '56-'57, Key Club Sweet- heart '56-'57. Editor of Stingaree Tales '57, Junior Rotarian '57, Commissioner '57, National Essay Anthology '58, Thespian Treasurer '57, National Merit Scholarship Exam '57-'58, Third Place "I Speak For Democracy" Contest '56-'57, Student Council '56, Sophomore Treasurer '55, Texas City Sun Correspondent '57-'58, Advanced Study Group '58, Stingarama '56-'57, Junior Achievement '56-'58, Press Club '57-'58, J.A, Secretary '56-'57, NOMA Spelling Contest '56f57, Intramural Volleyball '57, '57"58' sung Tales Staff '5a. . i :fi I" W M X ,i I , 5. ' '. ,if ' ' I 'Q f' .af g 4 - 1. - :J MICHAEL CALVIN BELLUOMINI Football '55-'57, "T" Association '55-'58, Track '55, MILLIE JANELLE BLACK Band, '55-'56, F.II.A. '57-'5B. PATRICIA CAROL BODINE Choir President '56-57, Choir '55-'57, First Place Regional Solo Contest '56, Operetta '55-'56, NOMA Spelling '55-'57, Basketball Intramurals '57, Dis- tributive Education Club '57-'58. , it 'V , fi ' 1 5 f 2 51 3 , ,V aww, . .L , f 3, ' - ' 3 4' . ai ' .Qi i Q" : ig f'-s K' fi 'Tux .,,,,,, f 5 1 1 . : w JOHN BOGLE JOYCE LEE BOTHE SHIRLEY JEANNE BOYETT V V Y Future Nurses Club '56-'57, Intramural Volleyball Candidate Sophomore Favorite 55-56, Band-Seo ll,ll 44 AVA MARIE BROWN Cheerleader '58, National Merit Scholarship Exam if '58, Senior Group for Advanced Study '58, Sopho- more Secretary '56, "T" Association '58, Literary Guild '57-'58, Lit. Guild Treasurer '57, Lit. Guild Board of Directors '58, F. T, A. '56-'58, F. T. A, Parliamentarian '58, Lit. Guild-Thespian Play '57, NOMA Spelling Contest '5fiL'58, interscholastic League '57, Band '56-'57. Mid-West Band Clinic '57, Intramural Volleyball '56-'58. LARRY ARNOLD BROWN Junior Class President '56, Sophomore Class Presi- dent '56, Sophomore Class Vice President '55, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Test '58, Am. Chem, So- ciety Test '57, Key Club '56-'58, Key Club Lt. Gov. Div. III '57-'58, "B" Team Football '55, Track '56, Thespian Society '56-'57, Junior Play '57, Jr, Achievement President '57-'58, I. L. Number Sense '55, Intramural Basketball '55-'56, Intramural Vol- leyball '56-'57. TOMMY BULLINGTON Tournament '57, Publicity Chairman of Future Nurses Club '58. :sa , 5 v 1 Q uc X 1 i "5- ml Q, . at 41 A V CHARLES SHEPHERD BURTON Transfer, Basketball '56-'58, "B" Team Basketball '56-'57, Basketball Letterman, "T" Association '58, Tennis '57-'58, Junior Play '56, Intramural Volley- ball Runner-Ups '56-'57, Science Club '56-'57, Thes- plans '57, May Fete '57. retary '56-'57, F.H.A. Second Vice President 51- 58. EDDIE BROWN LYNDA LEE BUFFINGTON Transfer, Thespian '57-'58. Literary Guild '57-'58 Thespian-Literary Guild Play '58. BARBARA BUTCHER s Uv QS' THOMAS DUDLEY CAMERON Band '55-'58, John Phillip Sousa Band Award '58, Band Student Director '56'58, Band Vice Presi- dent '57-'58, Thespians '57-'58, Thespian Play '57-'58, All District Band '57-'58, National Essay An- thology Entry '57-'58, Slingarama Entry '56-'57, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56-'57, Solo-En- semble Contest '55-'58. May Fete Bugler '56-'57. JERRY P. CLAUNCH Band '55-'58, Key Club '56-'57, Youth Theater '56-'57, Thespians '56-'57, All District-All Region Blind '5tl4'5ll, Solo Conte:-it '55-'58, Band Council '58, All Stute Band '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, HATRICIA CLONINGER RICHARD MICHAEL coNNoR President Amateur Radio Club '57-'58, Radio Club '56-'58, Amateur Radio Operator K5LCS. Amateur l 'ZS' f "fry s , ALICE MAXINE CHASE Bluebonnet Girls' State '57, Thesplans '55-'57, Thespian Reporter '56, Band '55-'57, All-District B d '55, Distributive Education Club '57-'58, D.E. Clllqb Secretary '57-'58, D,E. Club Sweetheart '57-'58 Junior Achievement '57-'58, J.A4 Secretary '57-'58, Mid-West Band Festival '56, All School Mu- sical '56, Intramural Sports '55-'57. 41 ow .4 TED LEWIS CONNOR Track team '55-'56, Industrial Arts Club '56-'57, Intramural Volleyball '56-'57. Qvv ,. TOMMYE ANN CHILDS GEORGE BRADEN CLAXTON, JR. President Amateur Radio Club '56"57, Amateur Radio Club '56-'58, Junior Achievement '56-'5'7. l GUY COMPTON Kr-y Club '55-'58, Kcy Cluh Treasurer '57-'58, Dlx- tribulivc Education Club '57-'58, Junior Play '56-'57. DEBORAH ESTELLE CONRAD Band '55-'57, Commercial Club '57-'58, Commer- cial Club Secretary '57, Press Club '57-'58, Press Club Secretary-Treasurer '57-'58, F,H.A. '57-'58, Intramural Softball '55, Intramural Volleyball '56-'58, Intramural Basketball '56-'58, AIl-Tourna- ment Basketball Team '57, Junior Achievement '57-'58 J,A. Secretary '57, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55"57, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56. ' ' ,I W, ' 'r ggi ,-sei! Vi ,, W, I g g I f q af f " ii 3 W, 'If Q" H ' -4, A 'T if , I V I wg 7 , 7 VV!! 1 , , f X f aa , My f 44 i 7 fi if uc KY! Q LETA KAREN CUNNWGHAM CHARLES DAV's RONALD HowARn DE ARMAN Editor of Stmgarama '57-'58, Press Club President '57-'58, Press Club '57-'58, F,H.A. '57-'58, F,H.A. First Vice President '57-'58, Most Outstanding Award in Junior Play '56-'57, Junior Play '56-'57, Thespian Treasurer '57-'58, Thespians '55-'58, Youth Theater Treasurer '57-'58, Youth Theater '56-'58, Literary Guild '55-'58, Intramural Badmin- ton '55-'58, Stingaree Tales Reporter '57-'58. Thes- pian Literary Guild Play '55-'56, Youth Theater Play '56-'57, Interscholastic League Typing '56-'57, Thespian-Literary Guild Play '56-'57. JIMMY DALE DICKEY Band '55-'57, Mid-West Band Festival '56, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'56l Junior Achievement '55-'57, Vice President J,A. '57-'58, Vice President Achievers' Association '57-'58, D.E. '57-'58. MARY FRANCES DLABAY Associate Editor Sting Tales '58, Sting Tales Staff '57, Junior Play '56-'57, Thespian-Literary Guild Play '56-'57, Junior Red Cross '57-'58, Vice Presi- dent Junior Red Cross '57-'58, Junior Red Cross Convention '57, Commercial Club '55-'58, Thes- pians '55-'57, F.T.A. '56-'57, F.T.A. Reporter '56-'57, Press Club '56-'58, Youth Theater '56-'57, Junior Achievement '56-'57, Intramural Volleyball '55-'57, Intramural Volleyball semi-finals '57, Intramural Basketball '56-'58, Intramural Baseball '56, Intra- mural Badminton '55-'56, Badminton semi-finals '56, Intramural Archery '57, Student Directory Staff '56-'58, NOMA Spelling Contest '56-'57. MYRNA DUDLEY Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Volley- ball '55-'58, Intramural Baseball '55-'56, Future Nurses '56-'57. reg? N 5 ' ' -Q - 'W-N xx.. A t ' , fiii ,-gl i W, wa -. 'K A ...J as ls .Q A 4 il T li! it 1 W 1 JAMES ROBERT DUPUY Senior Group for Advanced Study '58, lnterschol- astic League Declamation '57-'58, I.L. Slide Rule '58, American Chemical Society Scholarship Exam '57, Student Council '56, Junior Achievement '56-'57, Band '55-'57. Band Student Director '56-'57, All-District Band '56, I.L. Solo and Ensemble Con- test first divisions '56, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56, Vice President Slide Rule Club '57-'58, Basketball Letterman '57-'58, Basketball '57-'58 Letterman "T" Association '57-'58, Junior Play '57 Thespians '57-'58, Jr, Achievement '55-'56, Intra- mural Volleyball '57. MICHAEL DICKEY Thespian Play '58, All State Orchestra '57-'58, Mid- West Band Clinic '56, Junior Achievement '57-'58, J.A. Production Manager '57, Thespians '58, Band '55-'58. ROBERT LEE DOTSON Key Club 55356, Biology Club '55-'56, Distributive Education Club '57-'58, Interscholastic League '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'57, NOMA Spell- ing Contest '57. JAN ENDICOTT -It . , ,A 1 17' f if ,I DALTON FORD EWING SYLVA LOUISE EVANS Q . . . . .Y d Student Council '58. Candidate for Football Queen 57-'58, May Fete '57, Honor Guard '56-'57. First Place Posture Contest '57-'58, Posture Contest '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58. Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Baseball '55-'56. GERTRUDE ANTOINETTE FROESCHL Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, All Tournament Vol- leyball '55-'58, llvst Sportsmanship Volleyball '56-'57, Literary Guild '55-'56, Thvspians '55'56 Sorm-ant-at-Arms 'l'lit-:ipians '5ti, All District Band '55-'50, Stlnli-nl Council '55'57, ltlujorotlt- '5Gf'57, llnntl '55f'5ll, Mifl-West Band Clinic' '56'57, lntrn, niural llazlininlon '55'5ti. lntrznnural Softball '55'5tS, Druln Mujorelianrl '57-'SEL Junior Avliievt' ment '57'5tl, Band flllllllfll '57-'5tl, All District Hand '57-'58, All llepmn liaml '57-'58, All State Ilantl '5'7"5tl, Ciiiiilirlzitt' for l-'ootlmll Qiirwvi '57-'58, Czinrliililtv for Iiusktftlmall Quo:-n '57 '58, t'nnili1late for liantl Sweulhoart '57-'58, All Sn-hool Sw:-vtlioart '57-138. MARJORIE MAXINE GALBREATH Band '55-'57, l',ll,A. '57-'58, F.Il,A. Treasurer '57-'58, Int1'iunin'al Volleyball '57-'58, Intramural Bailniinton '55, lntrnniural Baslu-thall '56-'58, ln- tramurzil Archery '57. Annual Staff Distribution Editor '58, 1" TA. '55, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'57, Mid-West Band Clinic '56, Posture Con- ii' test '58. BOBBY GARDNE wwf" F ""'5 ' i f 'l s President Texas Association Distributne E uca- tion Clubs of America '57-'58, Member of the Board of Governors D.E, Clubs of America '57-'58. President Texas City High School D.E. Club '57-'58. President Junior Achievement Company '55-'56, Band '55f56, Golf Team '55-'56, l was al f-we i L i WAYNE FORTNER WAYNE FULLER Football '55-'57, Basketball '55-'56, Baseball '57-'58 Track '56-'57. ALBERT MEDINA GARCIA Distributive Education Club '57-'58. R oLoruA cARzA ,WL-,ON GATES f JV' W t ., , SAMMY PARKER GILES Junior Play '56-'57, Intramural Basketball Cham- pionship Team '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'57, Intramural Basketball '56-'57, Commercial Club '56-'57, Literary Guild '55-'56, F,H.A. '57-'58. WAYNE GRAVES MARGIE GREEN BILLIE EASON HALE B A ,,,,,-, fi ff I I l EVERLY JANE GOODBAR May Fete '57, Youth Theater '56-'57, Literary Guild '55-'58, Thespians '55-'58, Intramural Basket- ball '55-'58, Band '55, Junior Play '56-'57, Intra- mural Volleyball '56A'57, Thespian-Literary Guild Play '55-'56, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Honor Guard '57, Youth Theater Production '57, Ex- change Editor '57"58. Junior Achievement '57-'58, Press Club '57-'58, F.H.A. '57-'58, Stingaree Tales Staff '57-'58, F.T.A. '57-'58. Production Manager J.A. '58, Intramural Softball '56, I-,um ,M an ' if VICKIE HALLMARK if is t W? : ,..' :.it.6 b K 4 in i fl I, sf-. 5 , il 5' 5 lyk EN, 2 L nga I I "'- ' .alla ,JI 8. MARSHALL GOOLSBY UB" Team '55-'56. JAMES FRANKLIN GREEN Key Club '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '56-'57, ROBERT JERRY GUMAER Varsity Basketball '57-'58, "B" Basketball '56-'57 Tennis '57, "B" Football '55, Student Council '56-'58, Junior Class Play '56, Slide-rule Club '57-'58, Thespians '57, Track '56, Runnereup Intraa mural Volleyball '57, JOYCE HAMRICK I I Fw ,J wwf - 9, W ' V' ,l 'fi T' xx it f KS, M ,i is h 4, ,t C f --l 'ff SUSAN HANSON CHARLES i-uLL U4 vmcmm Houses HARRIETT HILDA HOPKINS Assistant Drum Major '57-'58, Majorette '56-'57, All-State Orchestra '57-'58, May Fete 56358, Stu- dent Council '55-'56, Girls' State '56-'57, Intra- mural Volleyball '57-'58, Thespians '57-'58, Com- mercial Club '56'58, F.T,A, '57-'58, National Essay Anthology '57-'58, Senior Group for Advanced Study '58, Candidate for Band Sweetheart '57-'58. Youth Theater '56'58. .a..s. I rl , if ?-Hfl' , L- REX HARVILL Senior Play '56-'57, Thespian Play '57-'58, Youth Theater '56-'57, Thespians '57-'58, Secretary-Treas- urer Industrial Arts Club, Vice President Radio Amateur Club '55-'56, Football "B" Team '56"57, Baseball '5-1-'55, Junior Achievement '55-'57. ,.-.xx l . 5 Q , I Q ,i W ai ' P JOHN HOWELL HOUSE Football '55-'58, Three-year Letterman Football '55-'58, "T" Association '55-'58, "T" Association President '57-'58, Senior Favorite '57-'58, Student Council '57-'58, City Commissioner '57, Baseball '55-'58, Junior Class Sergeant-at-arms '56-'57, Usher for Baccalaureate Services '56, Junior Rotarian '57, CAROLE DEAN HERTNEBERGER F.H.A, '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Candi- date for Basketball Queen '58, Volleyball Tourna- ment '56-'57. RUTH HODGES THOMAS MORLEY HOGLE Junior Achievement '56-'57, Key Club '56-'57, Slide Rule Club '56, Ilonor Guard '57, National Merit Scholarship Test '57, NOMA Spelling Contest '56. JAMES ALLAN HOWARD "T" Association '56-'58, Football Letterman '55-'57, Basketball '55-'58, Track '55-'57, Basketball Letter- man '57-'58, "B" Team Basketball '55. A 'I . x N X xx ts X X 5 . Q X . St t ww W if swf W, s PR it Q 1 N, fi, fi cl NORA MAY HUTCHINS TULL H. IRWIN F.H,A. '57-'58. JE1Re51T,isGggg3iNGRAM Transfer, Band '56-'58. RICHARD EARL JACOBSON Key Club Senior Board Member '56-'58, Slide Rule Club '56, Amateur Radio Club '56-'57, Junior Achievement '57, LILA LA VERNE JEANFREAU Thespians '55-'58, Voice of Democracy Contest '56-'57, FTA. Song Leader '56-'57, Sophomore Line-up '55-'56, Posture Contest second place '57, National Essay Contest '57-'58, Intramural Basket- ball '55-'58, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intra- mural Badminton '55-'56, Junior Play Student Di- rector '57, Sandra Madere Dance Line-up '57-'58, Interscholastie League Speech Contest '57-'58. FRANK JOHNS ilhuv ,W 0 Maya BILLY JOE JAMES D I Football '56-'58, Thespians '56-'58, ThespianaLit- erary Guild Play '56, Thespian Play '58, "T" Asso- ciation '57-'58, Track Manager '56-'57, Science Club '55-'56. Editor Stin aree Tales '58, Assistant Editor Sting- aree Tales '57, Vice President Press Club '574'58, Press Cluh '57-'58, Junior Play '56-'57, Commercial Club Program Chairman '57-'58, Commercial Club '55-'58, Student Directory Staff '55-'58, Tennis Team '564'57, National Essay Anthology '57-'58, Junior Achievement '56-'58, Youth Theater '56-'57, Basketball Intramural Champs '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Softball '55-'56, Bad- minton Semi-Finals '554'56, Thespian Literary Guild Play '56v'57, ff me SANDRA LEE JENSEN 1, 4 in CAROL MAXINE JOHNSON Delegate to Distributive Education State Conven- tion '58, D.E. Club Reporter '58, Literary Guild '55-'58, Literary Guild Historian '56-'57, Intramural Basketball '56-'57, Intramural Volleyball '56-'57. Intramural Badminton '56-'57, Interscholastic League Spelling Alternate '55-'56, Int. Scho. League Typing '56-'57, Junior Achievement Sales Manager '57, J,A, Vice President '58, J,A. '5E'r'58, MARJORIE RUTH JONES F.H.A. '55-'56, Intramural Basketball '58, rf ' t 5 , 5 NOMA Contest '56w'57. , V My Af' ' x 1 I , tiff Fx 1 ns., 242 , 'M' SALLY JONES Junior Class May Fete '57, Student Council Repre- sentative '57, Literary Guild Reporter '57, May Fete '56, Junior Rotarian '57, Thcspians '55-'58, Literary Guild '55-'58, Thespian-Literary Guild Play '55, Intramural Volleyball '55-'57, Intramural Basketball '56-'58, Intramural Softball '55, Junior Class.I'lay '56, Intramural Badminton '56, NOMA Spelling Contest '56, Sophomore Dance Group Youth Theater '55-'57, Youth Theater Play MAUREEN CECILIA KILLEEN Cheerleader '56-'58, Basketball Queen '57-'58, "T" Association '56-'58, "T" Association Treasurer '57-'58, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Student Council '57, .Iunior Class Treasurer '57, Senior Ac- tivities Committee '57-'58, Key Club Sweetheart Canrlirlate '58, Ilonorahle Mention Intramural Vol- leyball '57-'58, National Essay Anthology '57-'58, Junior Favorite Camlitlate '56-'57, Senior Favorite '57-'58, All-School Favorite Canrlirlate '57-'58, Third Place Pasture Contest '56-'58, Scieliee Club '57-'58, 'I'hii'tl place Danforth Ari liixhihil '56, llouston Art Exhibit '56, l".'l'.A. '57-'5Il. JOHNNY KING JANICE JEAN KOEHLER Band '55-'58, Science Club '57-'58, All-District Band '55-'56, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Solo and En- semble Contest '56-'58, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56, Intramural Softball '56, Intramural Vol- leyball '57, Intramural Badminton '56, , . ,.wwm . , , 5, , . l , ig,- 1 I RAMONA KEELS Choir '55-'58, Choir President '58, Literary Guild '56, Stingarama Staff '56, All School Musical '56, Houston Art Exhibit '56-'57, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Intramural Archery '56-'57, Intramural Vol- leyball '56-'57, Choir Sweetheart Candidate '58. ,,,,- M '2 .' l ,' ,ft--mp. M JUDITH WYLMA KOEHLER Band '55-'58 Science Club '57-'58, All-District ' Junior Achievement '57'58 Jr Band '55'56, - , . Achievement Secretary '57-'58, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'58, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56, Intramural Volleyball '57, Intramural Softball '56, Intramural Badminton '56. 4 Jann, SV Am- , 'guy A . l 5 l I 3. , 'Il f' 'Y 5 , y 5 , .,, l ' 1'K ' 'uv 1 YP? JON KIEKBUSCH Football '55-'56, Track '56-'58, Junior Class Presi- dent '57, Student Council Representative '56-'58, Junior Class Favorite '57, Key Club '56-'57, Key Club President '57-'5B. BONNIE COLLEEN KING Future Nurses '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'56, Commercial Club '55-'56. MARY LOUISE KING Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Volley- ball '55-'58, Future Nurses '55-'58, Commercial Club '56, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Speech Club '55"50. MARVIN THOMAS KUBIN Three-year letterman Football '55-'58, 'I'ri-Captain Football Team '57-'58, All-District Football '57-'58, "T" Association '55-'58, Vice President "T" Asso. '57-'58, Letterman Track '56. f,f,f f,f, Q ' , ,,,,, I ,Z X , I , ,f ,VV if X ' fy, X 75, f ELLEN LEE KUHN LANNY LANDTROOP RONALD LEE Future Nurses Club Secretary '56-'57, NOMA Spell- ing Contest '56-'57, Champion Volleyball Team '57-'58, Honorable Mention All-Tournament Volley- ball '57-'58, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Intra- mural Archery '56-'57, Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Baseball '55-'57, Stingarama Staff '55-'57, ' JOHN LEOPARD DAVIS L, LLENOS Football Good Sportsmanship Award '57-'58, Foot- ball Letterman '56-'58, Lettcrmen's "T" Associa- tion '56-'58, "T" Asso. Sergeant-at-Arms '58, Track Basketball "B" Team '55-'56, Football PEYTON JEROME LOWERY ind ty Basketball "B" Team '55-'56. Basketball '56-'58, Second Team All District Basketball '57-'58, Base- ball '56-'58, Lettermen's "T" Association '57-'58, Junior Play '56-'57, F.F.A, '57-'58, Senior Farm Skills State Champion '57-'58, Intramural Volley- ball Champions '56-'57. Aviv President Junior Achievement '57-'58, Distributive JAMES LYTLE Education Club '57-'58, Vice President D.E, Club Band '55.'58y A11 State Orchestra 57358, 5010 and '57-'58, Key Club '57-'58 Ensemble contest '58, Mid-west Band Clinic '5e. it s -Ab' 1 ,,,,,,, TESS LINDSEY Cheerleader '56-'58, Sophomore Favorite '55-'56, Junior Favorite '56-'57, Senior Favorite '57-'58, Football Queen '57-'58, May Fete Queen '58, Sopho- more Class Secretary '55, Senior Activities Com- mittee '57-'58, Student Council Treasurer '56, Siu- dent Council Secretary '56-'57, Student Council Vice President '57-'58, Good Sportsmanship League '56-'58, Presiding Officer of GSL District 12 AAAA '57-'58, American Legion Auxiliary American History Award '56-'57, United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth '57, Literary Guild '55-'58, Lit. Guild Treasurer '56. Lit, Guild Vice President '57, National Thespian Society '55-'58, Lettermen's "T" Association '56-'58, "T" Asso, Board of Direc- tors '57-'58, Senior Group for Advanced Study '58, Stingarama Essay Editor '56-'57, First Place Pos- ture Contest '55, National Merit Scholarship Exam- ination '57-'58, Junior Rotarian '57, City Secretary '57, Sweetheart Candidate '56-'58, All School Fa- vorite Candidate '57-'58. GEORGE VESTAL LOECKLE Distributive Education Club '57-'58, Amateur Radio Club '56-'58, Amateur Radio Club President '56-'57, K5K.IO Amateur Radio Operator '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, American Radio Relay League Member, Vice President Amateur Radio Club '57-'58. BETTY GRAY MCDUFFIE Assistant Drum-Major '57-'58, Majorettc '56-'57, May Fete Princess '58, May Fete '55-'56, Band Sweetheart Candidate '57-'58, Third Place Posture Contest '55-'58, Bluebonnet Girl's State '5fV57, Student Council '58, Band Council '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Band '55-'58, Mid-West Na- tional Band Clinic '56, National Essay Anthology '58, F.H.A. Corresponding Secretary '57-'58, 4 , I " , 1 ,. --. 41 - . " Ps , '-3: '-i . fx 'O -Kb Q : ,. .4 F" . 1 I, V , I ,, ? ' 0' A ft ix jr' , . - I Vi I ' ' I "N" Q ..,:, t t v ip? V . KAY McGREW MARIE THERESE M:lNTOSH SARA KAY MACE Senior Activities Committee '57-'58, Junior Class F,H,A, '57-'58, Commercial Club '57-'58, Commer- Treasurer '56, Sophomore Class Treasurer '56, cial Club Secretary '57-'58, Band '55-'56, Solo and Literary Guild President '57, UT- Guild SGCFGUIYY Ensemble Contest '55-'56. All District Band '55-'56, '56-'57, FTA, PI'ESidGI1t '57-'58. F-T-A. SGCFGIHFY Intramural Badminton '55-'56. Intramural Volley- '56-'57. Thespian Parliamentarian '56-'57, Stinga- hall '56-'58, Intramural Archery '56-'5B. rama Essay Editor '57-'58, F,T.A, District Conven- tion Delegate '56-'57, F.T.A. State Convention Dele- gate '57-'58. Interscholnstic League Debate '55-'58, Thespian Play Publicity Chairman '57, Latin Medal '56. NOMA Spelling Contest '56, Youth Theater '56, Intramural Volleyball '57, RICHARD PAUL MADERE ELIZABETH MALONE Industrial Arts '55-'58, O KENNETH JAMES MANROSS BOBBY MANNING Science Club l'rt-sirlunt '56, Scicncc Club Vice Prc-siflunt '57, Scivnvc Club '56-'58, Key Club '57-'58, Thuspiuns '58, Sliclc llule Club '56-'57, Amateur Radio Club '56-'57, Junior Achievement '57-'58, 5-I rug! DOLORES MARTIN DORIS MARTIN ol-WIA MARTINEZ in nr .. , 0'1 ---e - -. ,E ,I T , l if gt . .. 52 iite I - -1 V 1. Q -VZ V. ,K ,.,, - P V. , I 1 Q, i JEFF MEDLEY JAcKiE Mensa VERNIE Mucets Track '56-'57, Two Year Letterman in Track, Foot- ball '55-'56, Two Year Letterman in Football, State Farmer '58, Senior Farm Skills '58, F.F.A. Chapter Sentinel '58, F.F.A. '58. GLORIA GAIL MILES Thespian Sergeant-at-Arms '55-'56, Thespian Re- porter '57-'58, All-District Band '55-'57, All-Re- gional Band '56-'57, Mid-West Band Clinic '56, Band '55-'58, Youth Theater '55-'58, Choir '57-'58, Commercial Club '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'58, Thes- pian Play '58, F.T.A. '57-'58, I.L. Poetry Reading Contest '56-'57, Junior Play '56-'57, May Fete '55-'57, Student Directory Staff '57-'58, NOMA Spelling '55-'56, WILLIAM OWEN MITCHELL Key Club '55-'58, Key Club Assistant Secretary, Radio Club '57-'58, Radio Club Reporter, Junior Achievement '57-'5B. A to NANCY KAREN MILLER fm S f W1 N , , 4 . ,,,, v-"""" Treasurer '55-'56, All Toumament Basket- ball '55-'56, F,H.A. '55-'57, Distributive Education Club '57-'58, NOMA Contest '56-'57, F.H.A. Style Show '56-'57, Winning Basketball Team '55-'56, All Tournament Basketball '55-'56, Honorable Men- tion All Tournament Basketball '56-'57, Intramural Softball '55-'56, All Tournament Softball '55-'56, Intramural Badminton '56-'57, Intramural Volleye ba l '55-'57. axk oRuciLLA Moons ,WM DANNY MORGAN PATRICIA MORGAN 4, time E i -75 I Thespians '55-'56, Literary Guild '55-'56, NOMA Spelling Contest '554'56, Good Sportsmanship Award in Basketball '55-'56, Winning Basketball Team '55-'56, Junior Play Cast '56-'57, Intramural Basketball '57-'58, Intramural Coftball '55-'58, In- tramural Volleyball '55-'5B. Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Intramural Archery '564'57, Junior Red Cross '56-'58, President Junior Red Cross '57-'58, Junior Achievement '56-'58, Secretary of JA. '56-'57, Honorable Mention All Tournament Bas- ketball '55-'56. CONNIE ANN MORRIS Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Badmin- ton '55, Intramural Softball '55, Intramural Volley- ball '57, F.H.A. '55-'58. C' i I I . ,fo L-...................L,,,...,-, A .4 -1 MILEDGE STARLING MOSELEY STEPHEN WAYNE MULLER Science Club President '57-'58, Science Club '55-'58, Thespians '57-'58, Junior Achievement '55-'58, J.A. Sales Manager '56-'58, Treasurer of Youth Theater '57-'58, Thespian Play. GORDON LEE MYERS Basketball '56-'58, Two Your Lcttorman in Basket- ball, Lettcrmcn's "T" Association, "B" Basketball '55-'56, Track '55-'56, JUDY O'NEAL u SUE PARSONS Q ff M will , -Q 5 Sophomore Favorite '55-'56, Two Year Letterman Football '56-'58, Junior Rotarian '57-'58, Student Council '55-'58, Good Sportsmanshin League '57-'58, Lettermen's "T" Association '56-'58, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Test '57-'58, Vice Presl- dent Junior Class '56-'57, Honor Guard for Gradua- tion '56-'57, Chief Deputy County Clerk '56-'57, May Fete '55-'57, "B" Basketball '55-'56, Track '55-'57, City Commissioner '57-'58. ..,t,-.,, "C l l l eh Q .M , M 454, f BRENDA LORENE PATE F,H,A, Secretary '55-'56, F,H.A. '55-'56, Biology Club '55-'56, NOMA Spelling Contest '56-'57, In- tramural Winning Volleyball Team '55-'56, Intra- mural Volleyball '56-'57, Intramural Basketball '56-'57, Intramural Archery '56-'57, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, lf-l Y ' V I A 13 JESSE MUNIZ JO ANN NARON F.H.A. '55-'58, FI-I.A. Third Vice President '57-'58, Thespians '57-'58, Intramural Basketball '56-'58, Intramural Badminton '57, Posture Contest '56, In- tramural Volleyball '57. MICHAEL O'NEAL LAURA ELIZABETH PEVOTO A Band '55-'58, MidAWest Band Clinic '56, Junior Achievement '57-'58, NOMA Spelling '57, F.IrI.A. '57-'58, Intramural Badminton '57, Intramural Sotfball '56, Intramural Volleyball '56-'57, Solo and Ensemble Contest '56-'58, Intramural Bad- minton '56. 4, , ' ff pg ,,x 2 WY e A ' ff ' ,,.,' ,, A " fi ff, X 4 3 '-if 0 an M tl. 4 i Jo ANN PHILLIPS MARGARET ANN PicKENs Interscholastic League in Cont Typ g est '56-'57, F.H.A. '56-'57, Choir '56-'58, Treasurer oi Choir '57. MARY BETH POWELL Band '55-'58, All District Band '55-'58, All State Music Librarian '57-'58, Mid-West Band Clinic '56-'57, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'58, Thes- pians '55-'57, F.T.A. '57-'58, Junior Achievement '56-'58, J.A. Vice President '56-'57, J.A, Secretary '56-'58, Youth Theater '55-'58, Second Place Intra- mural Archery '56-'57, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Intramural Softball '55-'56, Intramural Vol- leyball '56-'57. CLAYTON ARLEY PRICE Key Club '57-'58, Thespian Play '58, Slide Rule Club '58, Junior Achievement Vice President '58, J,A. Sales Manager '58. DAVID PULLEY Student Council Representative '57, Seniors Activi- ties Committee '58, Sports editor of "Stingaree Tales" '58, Assistant Sports Editor '57, Intramural Basketball Tournament '56-'57, Captain of Basket- ball Winning Team '55-'56, All-Tournament Volley- ball Team '56-57, All-Tournament Basketball Team '55-'57, Second Place Posture Contest '56-'57, Girls Basketball Good Sportsmanship Award '56-'57. 'ff J X137 JANE ANN PUTNAM Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class '58, Senior Activ- ities Committee '57-'58, Volleyball Good Sports- manship Award '58, All Tournament Voll b ll y a 58, All Tournament Basketball '57, Juniors Play '57, Youth Theater Play '56, Commercial Club President '57-58, F.F.A, Sweetheart Candidate '56, Tennis Team '57-'58, Badminton Intramural '5G'57, Thespians '56-'58, Sophomore Dance Group '56, Junior Dance Group '57. in , y, 51 . , A 3' ggi, ,, JERRY DONALD POWELL Football Letterman '56-'57. Football Captain '57, Basketball Letterman '58, Baseball Letterman '57-'58, Track Letterman '56, "T" Association '56-'58, "B" Team Football '55, "B" Team Basket- ball '56-'57, SHARON GAIL POWER Student Council '55-'56, May Fete Duchess '56, Junior Achievement Vice President '57, J.A. Presi- dent '58, Achievers' Association President '58, Captain Senior Basketball Team '58, All State Band '57-'58. Band '55-'58, F.T.A. '55-'58, Commer- cial Club '57-'58, Intramural Volleyball Champions '57-58, NOMA Spelling Contest '55-'56, Intramural Badminton '55, Intramural Softball '55, Youth Theater '55-'57, Mid-West National Band Clinic '57. VERNICE PRITCHARD Press Club '57-'58, Intramural Volleyball '56-'58, Intramural Basketball '56-'57, Intramural Badmin- ton '56-'57, F.H.A. '57-'58. I JACK RAMAKER Y' . -j'4tV" "-yu it I i , A , J 1 e M I ' G 1 , . I , , NORMA DEE RAY - PHYLLIS DEE RAMSEY Stingaree Yearbook Sports Editor '57-'58, Sting- National Merit Scholarship Exam '58, Senior Group for Advanced Study '58, Honor Guard '57, F.T.A. Vice President '58, F.T.A. Treasurer '57, FTA. Convention Delegate '57, Literary Guild Secretary '58, Lit. Guild Board of Directors '58, Lit. Guild Sergeant-at-Arms '57, Commercial Club '55-'58, NOMA Spelling Contest '56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Volleyball Cham- pions '58, All Tournament Volleyball '58, Honor- able Mention All Tournament Volleyball '57, In- tramural Basketball '55-'58, Honorable Mention All-Tournament Basketball '57, Intramural Bad- minton Tournament '56, Slide Rule Club '58, Pos- ture Contest '55-'57, Student Directory Staff '55-'58, Stingargma Entry '55, Junior Achievement Treas- urer '5 . JANET MAVIS ROACH I Future Nurses of America '56-'57, Vice--Presielent of F.li.A, '57-'58, Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year '57-'58, BECKY ROBINSON RONALD RO 1 dw aree Tales Sports' Editor '57, Stingaree Tales As- sistant Sports Editor '58, National Essay Anthol- ogy Contest '58, Thespians '55-'58, Literary Guild '57, Press Club '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, J.A. Secretary '57-'58, Thespian Play '57-'58, Youth Theater '55-'58, Senior Play '57-'58, Stingarama En- tries '57-'58, Musical Sophomore Line-Up '55-'56, Tennis Team '56-'58, Intramural Volleyball Toura nament '55-'58, Championship Vollfeyball Team '57-'58, Intramural Basketball Tournament '55-'58, Intramural Badminton '56-'57, t ,L whh ' I J Q' L li' , ' li ev l 'l 2 it I 'l llll -'rv I GERS LIONEL SANTOS 1 in 5: RICHARD REBOUCHE LIONEL JAMES ROACH Student Council '57U58, Advanced Study Group '57-'58, Two Year Letterman Football '56-'58, "T" Association '56-'58, Basketball "B" Team '55-'56, Track '55-'56, Football "B" Team '55-'56, Honor Guard for Graduation '57, May Fete '57. MARGARET RODRIQUEZ Commercial Club '57-58, Biology Club '55-'56, Fu- ture Nurses Club '58f'57, Band '55-'58, Mid-Welt National Band Clinic '56, Posture Contest '55-'58, Solo and Iflnscmlilv Contest '55-'58, Inlrnmurnl Badminton '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball 56-'58, Intramural Sotball '55-'58. GLORIA ANN SAUCIER Band Majorette '56-'57, Head Twirler '57-'58, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'57, Intramural Basket- ball '55-'57, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intra- mural Badminton '56, Intramural Baseball '55-'58, F.H.A. '57-'58, F.H.A. Reporter '57-'58, Press ub '57-'58, Annual Staff '57-'58, Stingaree Tales ist '57-'58, Band '55-'58, Mid-West Band Clinic '56-'57, Zlggiggng Contest '55-'57, Junior Achievement if , Q1 ' A , 5 I 5 .. , , V .,,,A W jf , 1 f l jay I ,rl , - i ' 'SSN s Y, mf ,,,.. '43 7 C , J, P, SCHMITZ MARILYN SEALOCK Amateur Radio Club '57-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Baseball Manager '57, F,F.A. '57-'58. M? STANLEY B. SEWELL Z F l Fey Club '57-'5B,I Thespians '58, Thespian Play 58, Senior Activities Committee '57-'58, Senior 9 if Play '58, Junior Achievement '58, , X vi! ihqgvff 4, . 1 , DON C. SHERWOOD Band '55-'58, Slide Rule Club '56-'57, Solo and En- semble Contest '55-'56, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56-'57. MARVIN RICHARD SKAGGS Football Letterman '56-57, Lettermen's "T" Asso- ciaQ:n '55-'58, Track '55-'57, "B" Team Football '55- 6, "B" Team Basketball '55-'56, Slide Rule Club '57-'58, Junior Achievement Vice President '56-'57, Stingarama Entry '57, Key Club '55-'58, Key Club Treasurer '58. O lv-""' DON SMITH l I KERVIN ROY SELLERS Baseball '56-'58, Letterman Baseball '57-'58, Let- termen's "T" Association '57-'58, Student Coun- cil '57, Band '56-'58, Band President '58, Inter- scholastic League '56-'58, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56-'57, Basketball Manager -'57, Intramural Volleyball '57, GAIL ARLENE SHEPHERD F.T.A. '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'56, F.H.A '56-'58, Intramural Volleyball '57-'58, Literary Guild '57-'58, JOE SHIPLEY GLEN SMITH ' 0 i 'L-.-re" . 5,.-.billy 7 " N MW If-ii' - f .l -gf, .. i I f- fe- I il ' tg-,,.i --if ' - 'e Q V V' tl' I, MOH Q i Ui ,V 4 ' I 15 A y . l il R' l -w. .- 1 J-' V Q -1 , ws- ., ea, 2 Y Ll, i I ' ' r s DEANNA 50FpAR BARBARA CARROLL SPENCER DEANNA CAROL STAMM Thespians '55-'57, May Fete '55-'56, Thespian-Liter- ary Guild Play '55-'56, NOMA Spelling Contest '56-'57, Interscholastic League Poetry Reading '56-'57, Intramural Volleyball '55-'56, Intramural Baseball '55-'56, Junior Achievement '56-'57, Dis- tributive Education Club '57-'58, National Essay Anthology '57-'58. v ALICE ANN STANTON Choir Presiflcnt '57, Choir Vice Prcsitlcnt '58, Press Club '57-'58, FHA, '57-'58, Stintgarec Tales Staff '57-'58, Po:-:ture Contest '57-'58, Choir '55-'58. Associate Editor Annual '57-'58, Vice President Commercial Club '58, Commercial Club '57-'58, Stingaree Tales Staff '57-'58, Press Club '57-'58, Band '55-'57, Solo and Ensemble Contest '56-'57, Thespians '55-'58, Stingarama '56, Intramural Vol- leyball '55-'58, Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intra- mural Softball '55-'58, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Mid-West National Band Clinic '57, Na- tional Essay Anthology '57-'58, lie, i Junior Achievement '55-'57, Sales Manager Jr. Achievement '55-'57, Choral Club '55-'56. Distribu- tive Education Club '57-'58, Operetta '56, Choral Ensemble '56-'57, National Essay Anthology '57-'58, Intramural Basketball '56-'57. THOMAS EDWARD STERLING Track '56-'57, Track Letterman '56, "B" Team Football '56, "B" Team Basketball '56-'57, Letter- men's "T" Association '55-'58, Distributive Educa- tion Club '57-'58, Treasurer D.E. Club '57-'58, Job Interview Contest-D.E. State Convention '58, NOMA Spelling Contest '55-'56, Transfer '55, Co- Captain "B" Team Football '56. me-A PRESTON .W- 5T'NNET"' . , , . ' ' PA'rRiclA ELIZABETH s'ro'r'r Band 5t"'58- Hand fvimfll 58- 'lunmr Achieve' Editor-in-Chief of Annual '57-'58 Senior Group for ment '58, .I,A, President REJAC '58, Slide Rule 5 ' Advanwd Study 577.58 Junior 'play -56-.577 Good Club '56, Midwest National Band Clinic '56. ii, sportsmanship Award Softball '55-'56, All Tum-nu. , ment Softball '55-'56, llonorahle Mention All Tour- nament Bnskelball '56-'57, Intramural mdminton gg '55-'56, Intramural Archery '56-'57, Intramural Bas- "" kethall '55-'58, Posture Contest '55-'56, Thespians -' V '55-'57, Stinfzarama Entry '55-'56, Junior Red Cross vy' ' Council '57-'58, Solo-Ensemble Contest '55-'58, All 4 21, ' District Band '55-'56, Band '55-'56, NOMA Spelling Contest '55-'57, Press Club '57-'58, Stingaree Tales Staff '57. I O l MARCIA LEE STRANGE Intramural Basketball '55-'56, Future A Nurses '56-'57, Commercial Club '56-'57, Distributive Edu- PEGGY GENE SULLIVAN cation Club '57-'58, F.H.A. '57-58. MARTHA STUTTS Transfer. -fr. . - V t . V, WA A H A Vfillfgt i F, . , . L nh ' V,s,.,,,,, .. ' A .1 A F 5 FLOYD WILLIAM THOMPSON RONALD TODD MYRA NELL TRIMBLE Football '55-'58, Track '56-'57, "B" Team Football '55, "A" Team Football Manager '56, "A" Team Football '57, Track Manager '56, Track Letterman ZgZ,,5Igetterman's "T" Association '56-'58, FFA. TRAVIS WARNER TRIPLETT Band '55-'58, Student Council '56-'57. IRMA VALDEZ JOAN BERNICE VOILES A Second Place Badminton '55-'56, Thespians '55-'57, Commercial Club '58, F.T.A. '58, All-School Musi- cal '56-'57, Band '55-'58, Thespian-Literary Guild Play '56, Junior Achievement '57-'58, Solo and Ensemble Contest '57, Midwest Band Clinic '56, x .5 .v GQ Q Q -3'-. lj ' xg 'eq I ALICE LUCILLE VOORHEES Commercial Club '56-'58, F.H.A. '55-'58, Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Archery '56-'58, F.I-I.A. Parliamentarian '56-'57, Student Directory Staff '57-'58. - f Solo and Ensemble Contest '56-'57, All-State Or- chestra '57-'58, All-District Band '574'58, Band Council '57-'58, Future Nurses Club 57358. F,H.A. '57-'58, Science Club '55-'56, Commercial Club '55-'58, Junior Achievement '56f'58, .I.A. Treasurer '56-'58, Representative to National Convention '57. Stingarama Entries '56-'57, Intramural Softball '55-'58, Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Archery '57-'58, . ANITA TRUSTY EDWARD RAY VICE Two-year letterman Football '56-'57, Two-year let- terman Baseball '57-'58, "B" Team Basketball '56, Track '56, "B" Team Football Captain '55, F,F.A. Team '56, Letterman's "T" Association '56-'58, Board of Directors '58, Honor-Guard '57, Firechiei in City Government '57. GEORGE WAGGONER - so.-1. Ayn' LAURA WALKER MILTON WALL BARBARA ANN WALTERS Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Basket- ball '56-'58, Intramural Softball '55-'57. MALCOLM LATIMER WAUGH Band '55-'57, Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'57, Amateur Radio Club '56-'58, Radio Club Vice Presa ident, Junior Rotarian '58, Midwest Band Clinic '56, Slide Rule Club '56-'57. - -,....- , I r'fiaf1',f ." .M V .. . ,YQ . 1, ,.., vi lre t my MELVA FAYE WALKER F.H.A. '56f58, F.H,A. President '57-'58, Thespians '56-'58, Band '55-'58, Junior Achievement '57-'58, J.A. Treasurer '57-'58, First Place Drum Solo Con- test '56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Basketball '554'57, .mi Ax l u , 3"""w yiriif H I 1, nf BOBBY WEBB Football Two-year Letterman, Football '56-'58, "T" Association '56-'58, Track '55-'57, "B" Team Football '55, "B" Team Basketball '55. , bf , ,no .- RUSSIE LYNN WALKER Girls' State '57, Junior Rotarian '58, National Essay Anthology '57-'58, Commercial Club Vice President '57-'58, Future Homemakers of America Historian '57J58, Thespians '55"56, Band '55-'57, Midwest National Band Clinic '56, Intramural Bad- minton '55-'56, Intramural Softball '55-'58, Intra- mural Volleyball '55-'57, SUE BETH WALLACE F,T.A. '57-'58, F.H.A, '57-'58, Commercinl Cli '57-'58, Band '55-'57, Stingarama '57, lntrumur Badminton '56, Intramural Basketball '57, Intl mural Volleyball '554'58. NANCY WARREN LINDA GAYLE WELCH F,H.A. '55-'58, F.H.A. Treasurer '55, Commercial Club '55, Texas Poetry Anthology '55. zz 1' 7 I F, I 4 .W if ., ,, V ' T, , , h , 2 ,f M, .f U., I m l lf!! i L, s. We , iz, ,,f,,,,fJ ' , f ff f f -X W ,- z ,f 42 2, 'f 4' ' Q7 - , P A 7 ff V 1' 77 MARY JANE WELCH All Tournament Volleyball '56-'58, All Tourna- ment Softball '56, All Tournament Basketball '57, Intramural Softball '57-'58, Intramural Badminton '56, Intramural Archery '57-'58, Band '55-'57, F.H.A. '57-'58, Solo-Ensemble Contest '55-'57, Mid- West Band Clinic '56-'57. FRED NOLEN WHITE Baseball '56-'58, Baseball Letterman '57-'58, Foot- ball '56-'57, Lettermen's "T" Association '57-'58, Junior Achievement '56-'58, Key Club '55-'56, Band '55-'56. D B. WHITTINGTON Football Letterman '56-'57, Track Letterman '56, "B" Team Basketball '56, I.ettermen's "T" Associa- tion '56. WINONA WILDS ii , ' ' f J 5 if PATRICIA ANN WESTBROOK Thespians '55-'58, Thespian Treasurer '57, Thes- pian President '57-'58, Literary Guild '55-'58, Lit- erary Guild Reporter '56, FTA. '56-'57, F.T,A. Reporter '57, Short Story Editor Stingarama '55-'58, Best Thespian Award '57, Youth Theater '56-'58, Youth Theater Award '57, Merit Scholar- ship Exam '57, Strong English Award '56, Latin Award '56, Junior Play '57, Lit. Guild-Thespian Play '55-'57, Thespian Play '55, '57-'58, Intramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Basketball '55-'58, Intramural Archery '57-'58, Intramural Badminton '55, Intramural Softball '55-'58, Stingarama Entries '57-'58, NOMA Spelling Contest '55-'58, Interschol- astic League Debate '58, National Poetry Anthol- ogy '56, Junior Achievement '56-'57, Youth Thea- tea Play '57, EVA NELL WISNER Band Sweetheart '58, Band '55-'58, All-State Or- chestra '58, All-Regional Band '55-'56, All-District Band '55-'57, Band Treasurer '57-'58, Band Coun- cil '57-'58, First Place District Ready Writing '56, Third Place Region Ready Writing '56, Senior Group for Advanced Study '58, Mid-West National Band Clinic '56, Tri-State Band Festival '55, First Division Solo and Ensemble Contest '55-'58, Inter- scholastic League Twirling Contest '56, I. L, Stu- dent Activities Conference '56-'57, I. L. Writing Contest '56-'57, Posture Contest '55-'56, Intramural Archery '57, Intramural Badminton '56, NOMA Spelling Award '55-'56, Stingarama Entry '57, Lamar College of Technology Band Clinic '57, National Merit Scholarship Exam '57, Junior Achievement '56-'57. s Q i Q U RHEBA WHITE WESTMORELAND National Essay Anthology '57-'58, FI-l,A, '55-'58, NOMA SPELLING CONTEST '55-'56, Intramural Volleyball '55-'57, Press Club '57-'58, Posture Con- test '56-'57. BEN W. WHITLEY Student Council '55, Junior Play '56, National Poetry Anthology '57-'58, Thespians '57-'58, Inter- scholastic League '56, Senior Group for Advanced Study '58. LINDA JOAN WILCOX Secretary Commercial Club '58, Commercial Club '56-'58, Band '55-'57, NOMA Spelling Contest '55-'57, Midwest Band Clinic '56-'57, Solo-Ensemble Contest '55-'57, Intramural Basketball '55-'57, In- tramural Volleyball '55-'58, Intramural Softball '55-'58, Thespians '55-'57, Junior Achievement '57-'58, .I,A. Secretary '58, F.H.A. '55-'57, ALPHA WOHLEB T , if 'ft 6 , ' X if ,S .51 ' YQ M Ji, S F xg-paw Y , i A r f i , i 1 i YI f 9 , Y. -gi Es! V if I CLEM WOW'-EB ELLA woHLEa noNNA JEAN woi.D Choir '55-'58, Future Nurses '57. ALTON RAY WOLFE lnrlustriail Arts Club, F.F.A. DONALD RAY YARBROUGH Football Mmixigcr '55, Golf Team '57. ROYCE ANN YOUNG Most Outstanding Girl '57-'58, Best Thespian Award '56-'57, National Merit Scholarship Semi- Finalist '57-'58, Junior Rotarian '58, Poetry Editor Stingarama '57-'58, Literary Guild '55-'58, Literary Guild Reporter '57-l58. Thespians '56-'58, Student Director Thespian Play '57-'58, Assistant Director of Thespian Play '56-'57, Thespian Reporter-Histor ian '56, Thcspian Historian '57, F.T.A. '56-'58. F.T.A. Secretary '56-'57, I-'.T.A. District Convention '56-'58, F,T,A, State Convention '57-'58, Intramural Basketball '56-'57, Intramural Volleyball '55-'56. Intramural Badminton '55-'56, Intramural Base- bnll '55-'56. JAMES TROY WRIGHT Golf '55-'58, Letterman Golf '56-'57, Junior Achievement '56-'58, "T" Association '57-'58, JERRY WAYNE YOUNG Amateur ltmiio Club '56-'58, Amateur Radio Oper ator K5l,tZ'l', Distrihutivc Education Club '57-'58. AMELIA ZARAGOZA of sf fa .EWWA .W ,qif el I I gt' vw f ra 3 r-1 LD CID 3 r-1 h--1 n-4 LJ 41 1-1 E CID NNUAL CHOIR 2 M , X Neff' Music was the theme of the annual choir banquet during which Barbara Lum was we .f4fff'- y' crowned Sweetheart. With ' i her is her -escort, Glenn Vs Wright. K4 Y R Choir members and their dates enjoyed both food and entertainment. 42 QUET Candidates for Choir Sweetheart and their dates were: Front row, left to right: Helen Lewis, Ramona Keels, Barbara Lum, Joan Padgett, Betty Sharp, and Jan Justus. Back row: Bob Todd, Ronny Hale, Glenn Wright, D. B. Whittington, Jerry Dozier, and Kenneth Surrat. b 1 I 7ff'W W .. Mr. Little, choir director, said a few words after the banquet. 43 -4-au: N0 Q-1 .-4 . V1 c-5.5 U I-4 o bv-4 N .- cz. I-4 .2 z: z v-1 M... O"5 c: S2 EE Q0 Ev, boo :E LEU gm 4-,cd 'QE gm fc: 1:33 OCD E GJ Q3 4-3 .CI O 3' +1 33 3,-Q 5-2 3 Ex 'CSO S .-4 F-4 CV O 3-4 -D 'U-3 U1 GJ oi? 0. Q3 SE 54 C5 D... gg 'S QF11 ,Lb ln-I A 5 arf 5 Q D-1 'CJ C1 CU one .H no U O .. Us tn gun 5 65 "'o 'UE +2113 wx-1 mm Q35-0 5,45-4 '15 419 , '55 315 o 2 no S-1 rn 'U 5-a 05 5... 1171 gt espian 1senberg, Sta Ge .:: H Be E LD iz? .S Q. V7 CU .c: 29-4 H? D4 rn 1 I ' f-. , J' 'L ,IN Y X 5 , ii-422 , 'L Vi M' 1 '2+"f- . if 'L ' '. -1:,, 'Y ki , M Q, ,. ,-- 1 X ' ,I ' A1 59 - V1 u '-1 , . .f'-" lull . , ,, rr 1 'f1iZ?'if,im? .: n5? f5,'1ff2ff1fv?fg ve an Q-ff"f1+ 'fm W wfwsf ,W,a..2 74+ wi'-,,W.!+ 'af 'W "1gff17?5f,4f'7QS!F5""'."f'7 ,,f Q, . . ff: 41 WE j xii 41 , fm Aix. 11 M22 A224 ' 'M MM Lf ' ff' , ' W' -wi - w w. 1' M,-, Lf f ,I - ,,.,,,.5 wg... 15515. , , A f .. ,eng-5 A u fi ...iff LET'S NOT HAVE A KNOCK-DOWN DRAG-OUT RIGHT HERE, JANET! v S , 2 E 5 5 1 'A'-n Z X E YEP, THE BOYS DID PRETTY WELL TONIGHT. K Q I2 Il I IO 2 I 9 3 I 8 4 I 7 6 5 9 UNIQRQ 1u--- - 0,4 s 5 m miss :fT? 'F fins 3254 ,. S4542 5' 331 ?iif'5?.Sf2 . Ink' V V I' k W Aa fur-f. X 2 A5 'zxw Aff' ', M- Xing-H' FALL SEMESTER JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Let to right: Jimmy Sprague, Presidentg Allan Mace, Vice Presidentg Nedra Scoggins, Secretaryg Jean Brooks, Treasurer. I I' M I f f'f:tfi SPRING SEMESTER JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Virginia Holland, Treasurerg Barbara Matthews, Seeretaryg Jimmy S ra ue, Pr 'd t' J h S Vice Presidentg Johnny Dezengotita, Sergeant-at-Arms. p g esl en , O n Osnowy 48 7 2. X V Z W, A r , 1 5 , W'-aw, 2 Dorothy Acree Iris Alexander O. D. Armstrong Kathryn Atkins Waiting for the bell to ring' -, Q J effie Bishop Lois Blanchard ,,, 4 ,i! if X Wf ,f W 2 dw ,f , 'MW 2' 1153: ' " 5 z i 4 I , 4 H5 5 .f Za Qi Wayne Amos Christine Bach Ay, V it N A William Anderson Grover Balwin ii 6 Barbara Armstrong X , .. I. Jimmy Barlow Sue Barneycastle Lee Bearden Jackie Bergeron Frances Bierman y iii Luckie Biggs A s r ug it-W 4 Charles Bishop Billy Botkin Kenny Bradley Jerry Brandt 49 4 I Susanne Bray Linda Burgin Richard Canales Martha Rae Carroll ff Z ' 'X .,,g?fTt r'4""'95i+'f?i'fi,y Jean Brooks Judy Busshart Ruben Cano ati f- is-A I iq Shelia Casey A1 YS' Iv, S A K gt... Xi, I 'XX Nancy Brooks Crystal Bruggman Bill Bryant , B ' ABC W B , ft ri Q A. L. Byrd Cynthia Caffall Elizabeth Calk wg, if ! J James Carroll Q Linwood Cayton eg KN . A - 1 K in Mary Sue Chatham Donna Cochran Clarice Coffey 50. Keep those staplers clicking, staff. . 4 Guy Combs Jerry Cooper 0 Eddie Covington Don Cox A 'mm , 7 'Z7"7W X f X W n f, ?l,ff fA5 Dona Kae Criss Berta Cruthis Tell us, too, please! Q Mike Durbin Beverly Elliott 'I 1 f , QC as .1 'I Steve Cox 4 .N Q Mike Curry Sandra Daniel riff- ,I yi A , ., S1 'f u ff fn j ,av ,Q ,o 4 ,f A, Q-:wi f , '14 .vfjr , "' Q' ai, my . J ,Q x , if-' ,,., , f' as , .Z if Dick Dickey Elissa Elliott 5 1 Sue Cox 1. 5' as W f wr 1, 6 ' V' t Albert Daigle W D V ,N Felix De Zengotita m ' , 'rw Tommy Dishburger Peggy Emshoff wg, . 5 X 1 A ' Q f i 1 Richard Coyle Lynn Danforth x .,-355 I . . - 1 Johnny De Zengotita Q Mary Jane Dowling Q ? Terry English 9. 461' , 445 2 '3 4 imp X U., Carolyn Erdman Barbara Etheredge li MY Mary Fuller Rosalie Garton i. 4 Gloria Gilbert 5' A w l 1. .ff K , , A V air' V 2 Gwendolyn Gist NJ ' -Q-, 4 Frank Gail i x,q,' rx, ,L .x sx - Jim Pat Evans Betty Gallion in George Gee Linda Geisenberg Joyce Ginn Paxton Gremillion ,K Barbara Girardin il Carroll Griffin 52 ,""' f H 23 ' , ,v f ,, T5 -A G L lug L l 33" fa i L 7 Q f. arf .-4, , Y K .sfrgnk ff? X- A swf .V -s f ,. , Judy Fitch Effie Lee Forest il Lonnie Gannon Mary Helen Gardner Shear,-,-W...r4 What lovely dresses! G. W. Griggs Gwynne Griner Janet Hager , K Lynn Hamrick Jacklyn Hale z W 42 f fy 'Wa' Z Donald Haney Dig those crazy licorice sticks! All Patricia Hale MZ' , 2? :Q Elmo Haney Mary Harris 7 Q, Wa 4 ff I , it W Jan Heerssen L Tommie Ruth Hall Kay Hanna r. ag!" , r rw a Ny ' f Naurice Harvey -4 -- Linda Henderson , h 'ms' H if fi! ,MQW Kay Hickman David Hightower Morris Hill David Hilton 53 Burton Hallmark Wg ,Q - 0 8 s hx. ls 5 P gi Nancy Hare ,, ' S -. vs ' Mary Hattem if-.agp Bill Hergesheimer Patsy Hipp Roseann Hluboky gf K... LQ --r.:-:y 41 4 ' V J 453 1 -A.' Judy Hughes I A 4' 11" yy L. 'hs Florine Jackson 3 19 i.. R X X Pat Jaramillo Jimmy Jimenez Virginia Holland Q. , Wayne Hughes - D- Ll 2 f . xx Sharon Howard l. 'Uh Shirley Hunt 11' Kathy Jacobs Patsy Jacobs is up '59 QL- J iw iw A J , , K j kv X X K Xa, I ' l lxn .Xi Gene Jarrell Elsie Jennings 4. , . K 1 - Harold Johnson Peggy Johnson 54 Rodney Howell s I K N5 e e, , ,..-5 James Huskey Virginia Howell Merlene Irwin Lionel, have you been a bad boy? K Quinny Jones Jim Jordon Harriet Kauftheil Mike Keahey M' M Vf' . iilff Pat Kenny Wayne King Earline Knight Jimmy Koehler That's the way, buy an annual. Cecilia Lara 134 Uv QW- E, 5. M I Barbara Leopard 6' if Linda Kindrick Richard Landry 'ET' Beverly Latham YS gy, M va' 41, f 4 WI' Helen Lewis ,Ai, J fb J 0 Nell King as Sars! Lantroop '1- Josephine Leigh Martha Lewis , M y M :rf 9. Lucrecia Lopez Barbara Lum Mickey McAdams Charles McDonald Margaret McGaughey .. ' "mi 55 'QTJ' J! Allan Mace Sandra Madere A- ho' Q 'G' J Joan Mavis Janice Moore 'I'-'Y Esther Muniz Sylvia Muniz 'If "iff: t ff e David Neal Sue Newsome X 3 Pat Null Bonnie Oglethrope A Tommy K. Martin snuff' vw' Sam Morphew Jackie Myers Dianne Nonus ' X2 -, V ., 5 -K Q7-gy ,S George Oliver 5 6 Rosenda Martinez Barbara Matthews F9 K, Y? S. Roberta Mosher James Mraz Any Rembrandts, Mr. Little? C4 ' , A ,, J 5 as V I Dennis O'Nea1 Angelita Orozco Joan Padgett John Plake I f ,W , ff I . X , i' Q f fd If X X f f pl Shirley Padgett Demois Poehl Yea, Slings! Lef's go!! Marian Roberts Connie Jo Rock W, f A VV June Palmer . ff, , 177 I f . 1 Frances Poston Bill Raley ,sv John Ridgway 'fit li Wir? Margaret Parker y fit, ' we-W f 0 W 'W'-... , . Zi Wesley Poston Polly Ray 'xeilsal' ' Linda Riley Nancy Rosenblad Susan Rossman .57 T! qilftanlr X 4 M5 -, , 4 Jo Ann Pegues L: Lo v sl-ef f an June Rahn ,X KN ,"B"' 'J Sharon Ricketson if 1 ,,,, in-W lr Eleanore Roach Joan Rudloff f Z I Q Fabian Salazar E-'f Kenneth Sebesta ff-5 Aer- Linda Sewell Barbara Sheaffer Glenda Sikes A vi" is Q .1 s. ? Robert Sasser Patsy Sccton Sue Sharer Cindy Sheaffer Barbara Slaton .L Mary Beth Schwartz Q-if Frances Sefcik if Betty Sharp Beth Shields S ,I , Walter Slawson 5 8 1 9 w. if g is gi' f if t. Nedra Scoggins Margaret Scott :Q i Y: : as X ,ie 'f x. new Beatrice Segura Patricia Sessions Must be in1'eresfing!!?! V: A . Z ,if f 1 ft , David Smith Max Smith X mf ' Juanita Soape Darrellyn Soffar John Sosnowy A T MV W ,V V, V ,I VV-A ' rg' I I M:-' V,fff, I Jimmy Sprague Eugene Springer Paul Steel Jack Stutts Dennis Speer Linda Stephens Dianne Sullivan , 10-45 , 7' fa if I- W J Lynn Spell Elaine Stone Sharon Swearingen ,. , 'Q 5 1:-f S ria J W A convention of the under-privileged. S' Sue Talley Emma Tarin Bill Teale s,-..:..,,,4.-:f -,-. M' , .- , .gilxk L f . ,f Bernice Thibodeaux Sandra Tomme Virginia Tooley Ronald Trahan Diane Transier 59 ,...,........ .. N- M I J' X, 5 Q-at A 4 A Carl Trotter Roger Valdez Cathryn Warden 4 it ., Carl Wedemeyer fee Vera Jean Welch A -1 ' ve -1 E lx Frankie Tucker ,1 ,, fi M L., ' vw? 4 f"Xl" Ginger Vanderlee Arleene Warner do ea , a N bl' 2 Howard Welch il e ,,- 1 'fi " Q N William Wentworth . i Mike Tyler Martha Tyre Autry Upton T' Q Mary Wagner Clyde Walters John Ward ,- 'D 1 1-r ' S Mk it Billie Louise Webb l Q , I Ronald Welch Don'f burn yourself. Heh, Heh! Pat West Richard West Carolyn Wheeler 60 . 4' TW V ffm f A f , if f f l aa if V0 hf Q2': William Wheeler Marsha White Dean Williams Don Williams Gossip, Gossip, Gossip. 'Vi' , V ,, f I .W Buzz Whiting 4 f f f 1 f 2 ' 1 Gayle Williams 4 iii.. f" -f 'Eff' ' " ,mv 'W x if 5 X . Patricia Wilder a. 4agg...MV .9 1 4 N fa :iii 91.1,-1 3 3? Joe Winfrey 'Sax 'ii ,,,,, .J f Lora Lea Wurzlow Margaret Yanas ,M kazaa' Laurel Yates Norm'a Dee leads the A Cappella Choir. .61 f,f.s I WM, 'CZ' 1 s -1' 6 Judy wuks Q Glenn Wright Brenda Yancey What'cha hiding from? ABSENTEES . . Frank Alexander Joe Anderson William Anderson Betty Buchanan qpnnie Byers Steve Cox Richard Coyle Kenneth Davis U X X! " ,,g,1i!vf'a'l I s, Terry' English Tommy Estep Virginia Herod Douglas Hopkins James Jones Carl Lee Sandra Levin Ray MCQuaig 62 I M WW ,W ' V f' Tommy G. Martin Emory Meier June Naron Glen Nivens I kr Margaret Palmer Nancy Peralez Robert Proffitt Gene Rogers E Nl Lorenzo Segura I . -r Archery students look for the af number of arrows that somehow did not find the target. M . , if . 1 , 1 Q - . X Q1 .-uM.Alu.a.-A.. . 65 if 'uno ,...-I" I IX X. Q, sw xg ge ,Q ' J I Ri W Q iw x SS -x, .41- W 9 X--f GPHOMORES H I2 I IO 2 3 Q 4 QW- I 1 1 llifa in L S'-far S I . , A. N153 Q X if FALL SEMESTER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Larry Cooper, Vice Presidenlg Douglas Burton, Presidcntg Louise Currie, Secretaryg Robert Callaway, Treasurer. .N,.-wi SPRING SEMESTER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Louise Currie, Secretaryg Douglas Burton, Vice Presidentg Larry Cooper, President. 66 Rose Adams Mina Jo Adamson Dolores Almendarez W an a Q? Dale Bailey James Bailey Larry Bailey 9, Elaine Bearden Whaf's the matter, is if cold? Ann Beliveaux Lynnette Bell Robert Benigno Teddi Blanton 67 Z 194 R Paul Anderson 'P-'47 Arona Baker Joyce Beasley Y v W lvll 'A Billy Joe Bell James Boatright a 6' ji 4 w 4' A Sandra Ashworth Sydney Bardwell wx.. , Q' vs, Rvws- Janet Beck K ,A 7+ at f I Larry Bell Aubrey Boles -nf fin , f 4-an-s I f , Er-. 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W "ff 9' A fx , Robert Dazy 1:29 Phyliss DeLooper 'Q Patsy Dodson 41 Ai I I I if Louise Currie st: - X' Lelan Day Doris De Lao 'KT' George Denkowski j f . . X 2' Adrian Domingues T ' A v Aron Doss Sammy Estep Judy Franklin f vs. .t . Q 5 1 Q' ', x Q . Sue Frusha Robert Gallaway 17-7- ,V '21, ff A N.,,,,.. it 4 A Elaine Dowd Tommy Drummond 441 '17 lx PL. Lillian Ethredge '7'..,'f il x 'Y 4 A 4 Don Frazier Dolores Fuller 3? I . A 5 .K . J. Lucy Garcia 0 .- I F . Barbara Fiedler 4 5 ln . f - . Rosalie Froeschl Suzanne Fuller ,v-. Mary Garcia 70 A Patricia Duncan 1512? 'M L N Susan Fisher Richard Elizondo ,A Jackie Fortenberry Think, girls, think! " Victoria Garcla ,Ek Mary Gardner -Fl Sf .4 Charlene Garton Ernestine Garza if it 2 Q Q' ,f W, , y 4 X If ka ,I Alice Gonzales Patsy Goodson Yea Sfings! Burn the Exporters Martha Hallenbeck Bill Hamilton " A A .r 5' f -3 Jody Gaugler 4 Barbara Goodwin an-il' 9 Q K 'I ' Xx, ""'s, Q FET' Harold Grimes Hank Haden Charles Hamilton 7 l Dianne Geisenberg I if 'R' f A A x Dorothy Goolsby 'Qu-lv Shirley Guillory f . James Hagen lv . J 5. H , Z 4 V , G , -fi. , ,JJ ke,, l K f , , 'Q. T 71X . 531131, 11. Wade Hamrick Glenda Goff 4 . as f W Joyce Green Joe Gunter 74 455 Z 7,1-M-,A Weldon Hall Annette Handley ' -nn , 5 4, wa ,s , in 1. 3 '17 ,lf av .J Janette Handley Mariann Hare H91 .1 A 'N' ' Alb if 4 i Danny Harvey Ann Harvill 'N ' b iejili - A L Turner Henley pr'-1 Q., 5 Q ' 4, ' Martha Henson Ignacio Hernandez Rachel Hernandez 2 , L A 5' O Wilson Hertenberger Virgil Hickman Eddy Harmon X1 49 'rg ' Nickle Haynes R Pat Hergesheimer Roy Herod Tommie Hill 72 ,.. Q ps, WV puns V Donald Harper Bill Harrison David Head Brenda Henley Get to work, Kathryn! Rosemary Hinze Juanita Holland Earlene Holley Billy Horn Marie Holsomback ,f E if 'f An. 75 4 L CT' J , ff Q Mike Hooks Z 6' We Q, My 4 ' I'7.11'rQ,g,W Z Mark Hopkins Q11 James Houchin Richard Houghton Jo Ann Howeth l 0 D A ML li Mike Hunt Betty Irwin J S.. ..,.r 4: A Willie James It couldn't be all that bad. Walter James Kay Johnson 2' ' limp Q'-9 ln...- Sherrill Johnson Martha Jones Bennie Kemp 73 ff, fl I in Woody Hopkins Douglas Hunt V? Judy Jacobson -1: 4 Q Charles Jenkins 'NI Q1 J, , A Carol Kendricks in LL bs., f' Mike Kenny Horral Wayne King Barbara Lampley X Niki' P iii lf. My x ,f A Randle Langley Johnette Lawrence Michael Kenny Nan Kinney Patricia Landers L, ' 4- 4 . 4 fe fifty if-L, - ' xref?-R11 if Raymond Tara Peggy Leader Judy Kiekbusch Meta Kirby All Phillip Landry Linda Latham ' is .1 , N53 lr Jo Ann Lemmond 74 l 9.44 J ,. .. if , Ray King Robert King 1 Marie Kornegay Clayton Lacy i "Now this one has skipped three times! Bobby Lewis Bobby Lightfoot I Arnold Lilley Helen Linton George Loving Cherry Lowry Hey, Kathryn, stockings are to hang up, not to wear this time of year! Carolyn McKenzie Elaine McVay .F VV Ill! Judy Loftin al. Larry Lohec Marce Lowry William McAdams Richard McClain X Q, A 1 - 2' Edna Earle McDuffie ww' V 43" M at if fm! , Q :I R Ralph MacKeen 75 fini"- Robert McCool in Pat McGill 4. Q, Paul Malone 'V iii' 4' I Jerry Lovett , .4 David McClain Glenda McCune ' , if he 1 Walter McGinty ff at Charles Martin is-. A-, K' .Ah Q. T7 - t 1, if i f Charles Mensch Jennie Moore Nicky Narvez 4 ta.. Jeffrey Newman Joyce Ostermeyer ' wily ,Ml Jo Ann Mensch 0' b ij Beverly Morris Wm., 'Nr C Anita Nelson if 'Lk 1 Z f Beatrice Nichols inf' ."P' fa 5 , I Billy Jack Pegues i wa Ns.. Gary Merryman 5' .ia . ' E Adela Muniz 'Ko' l li LJ V Betty Neugebauer my '67 Marcia Nichols Wanda Perren 76 Carole Miles Jerrilynn Mize X f QU' J iiirr Q, it wal? Bryan Myers Mary Alice Nalley Smile big, Mr. Hardin. Z , Patti Phelps Dorothy Polasek "1 'Q Q X I V Iwi: , I,,. K 79 1 f ' I W A , , Hugh Proffitt John Rochner Edward Rodriguez "Congratulations, Tess!" P 1 N.. nr Timothy Sanders Jan Schmidt Stephen Radford 'Wt R 15 K' David Rogers f an Mn 4 , f 1 'W ' f 7 11, 1' ff 5 1' . 'Z l f, A De Wayne Ross ia , 'fi Lillie Saidua I ' at I w"'1Fs' ts , . 'jf 5 Dorothy Schroeder 77 ,, 'ww -f Dorothy Raska Kenny Rogers gg 'Z i M., Z , lhfffi James Rush -.M E, if 2? Betty Sanders 6.4 4 Joseph Seffens Babs Roach Gloria Rohacek -1 K5 . -.4 ...may- E m Ronald Ryan ' 1 K, Q Us ... Darlene Sanders Ji, R g.xa,,,.,, ,J ' Y. Susan Seidl . , Q A . Q S ,fhf Milton Shannon 1 ,Z ,Q 1? . ,, 3 Joel Smith Bill Stifflemire I Jeannette Strangemeyer .., 'A " ,' 5, QLMRNNI Carl Sullivan W Bob Sharp Ziff: L1 I if Linda Smith Bill Stingel if i fi 311 2 A Della Strickland -Q 5 Dolores Surratt ,Q K Q x ai "'-A-Qi' . X, S A A -H.. Steve Sheaffer Joe Slemp Iwana Smith 5 "mat ., ' V ri , 'V Michael Smith Patsy Stockman Frances Struve Charles Talbert 7 8 Phyllis Steed Jo Ann Stevenson wr in Work, work, and more work! ' U1 Bonnie Lou Talbert Ruth Tatum .fp . T fi, it 64 f 1 ., 1 , I Z N, if ,f"z 5 I 4 V fi A, If X 7 -A A -3' 'gb K C., K K .. 'C W, - ff ' -1 , . f 'C' jg, f . - ' lm, K , ff' f f . , 4 ' ' ' " T ' f We ,,,, ' 'S M, f Q 107'--. Stephen Taylor Phillip Teale Griff Temple I Qii T ,s!f I I 4 f gi: X 0 Q 4 f , ' , Q '- - ff, , F, , 4 , ,f KN W' V' ni k' " , 1 Hal Thomas Autry Thompson Kenneth Thomson L 1 1 A Lanelle Tomlinson ' Hi, Exes! 'Kenneth Vanderslice , .im T ' figs? nnll Q Elouise Vasques Leo Waldrep Danny Walker 79 Kay Tenhet Mike Terry Gail Tillison Shelia Tinsley 1 Zenith Trahan Joyce Tyler Earlene Van Ness Tommy Van Ness 6 ,A Joe Walker Allan Weiss Pat Wellman Brenda Williams Rosemary Wold ink! Alfred Wright 1 f W Us gy-.-nn! 61 it'-, Pedro Ydrogo 55---ff L ii!!-dl. I R J Jackie Wheaily Jerry Wheeler Jack Wiechens Jill Wi.echens Y-T? r W 3 r John Williams Norma Williams Cecil Wilson Eddie Wisher Toni Woodall Karen Wooldridge 0. xx' Dolores Yanas Pete Yates This is the way a class should be!l?l iii Gerald Zemer "Wheels" al' the football game. 80 I ABSENTEES . Floyd Bailey fy f 4, irAI.,,w' , V' , V, X 4 Z 1 7' gg f M JW f , f ,X ff J QW' , f W! f f X I -.afu .am l Billy Dillon 4 2 W I ., 41 - ' , , f ' ,J l,ll J 'W i J , ,- James Burch Arty Chatham Jimmy Clanton I' .,., MZ iyfrrgiwfi K iz, Q, if .iffgi ' ff V 4 .fic ifnaigg fi, J' ' ' G 14-iw. V 'J ,az 'Hi..9Zz35a, ,, c w ' ' ia TOIII Durbin Jerry Wayne Earley Toni Endicott Wayne Fzaullzner Jerry Hanlon Jan Harvill Jimmy Hughes Donald Johnson 1. , i V Carl Knight Lee Roy Kuhl Duncan McEachern y . 8 1 'l.l A Q ls , - s HMM' 1' ' 1' ' i ' 1 bv , - l' I '-'- S , gf:-Q A .tif - , - A :xi s Q Q' 9 so s Y qxxl s ' Jack Pascavage Ray Pickens Larry Richardson Oney Sellers Ronnie Wade The Biology classes learn to dissect animals. Left fo right: Robert Gallaway, James Boafright, Kenneth Thomson, David Head, John Pitre, Mr. Cherry, and Stephen Radford. 82 1 li V'5",. mmf ? M, M 1 :rf :W Z, ',, 445 X fs Xu ,,,, , ,, I5 M ffff' '41, and ww' wiv 'Mfg an it I3 in 4 M I ,.,.f-04 Z! if 25, cl 'L .3 ul ff cf 4 l Sw vf lv. 1 f"" I 1. 5 E OFA :comes-v u aggsbgievaul BS-iub Sc: '73 E 332 eww , A E fee 025' 36:-:s UCI .E Q -4-aj-J"- rs ...CU :ww ...gg Egfr! ..-gp.-. E52 bmhf Sw!! uc: .EO 53290: Q35 we Bam SME CLEA. mio E E' c: 385: mTu'h QQ CI oo-- :ang BEE Q2-20,5 Qs-.H f-..q,,,, x- 5 s xg-'wwf 1' will 2 Q an '. K 5 W A Mr. Welch presents Mr. Brooks with the keys to a new Chevrolet truck for the F.F.A Department. Pictured left to right are Mr. Casalg avisg in Mr. D oks Mr. Bro the truck: Mr. Welch, on Williams. D and gl 'we w.. Y ,g....... T if 41 if "l vt NP S SHIP PAY AN SPORT SM OD if G0 I W- " 1-N o0T ALL. QUEEN nnizll?- 'v ..' 9 3 Bnsxgrgnu, 5' 5 z 4 N1 f " ' FN pl Q I S 4-:7'hsAR7' , QUEEN - sS0fhOHOR.f' fAv0R ITES 5fNl 0 R ffsvon mf S i fWnQRlTES Trmzfy Fl'065Cb - School 5wZL'66l'h66Z1fl' Tess Lindsey -- Football Queen J' it Smzrfm Madera -- All-School Fd1!01"if6 ,. L, f iw ,, ff, I gh ,, , 3 g fx' 1 4 1 f fyv Qi A f iff 1f9gxf'fg,,,, , L, . M, . K ,,.,X,X,f X ,W ' W A ,X . fl 'V .. ,N V V fl 5 as Wa Q sf . 5 sg 5 fix x3?g ai? Q .4 ,+ N 4 X x 5 U I - X " S TV 3 H Y 'iii 6 9 Xi ,X lr . E I F -H X Q I' ight vit 6 as 1 WJ f , ff!! Q' Zmmy meme! -- ll- Choo! Favorite 89 gg' 5 4 73' ' -Af Mmfrewz Kiffewz -- Basketball ,Queen Tess Lindsey FA VORITES 1. 5 SENIUR john Home 1 X. Sandra Madera FA VORITES - Qual.-av-, - . 4- JUNIOR fimmy Spmtgzze SOPHUMORE Lmfzfy COOP67' Lomye Cmfzfie FA VURITES Pmmm SIGN -- Aww! Edzmf ' 94 73" PERfo0 Il 'J' I IO 3 9 g 4 . '7 6 5 - V 1 F TA HA. HESFIAN IQSSB-ETATIQNI CLUB LUQ5 v-J I-1 LD L3 E ID cn n-I n-J bi 5-1 CD S-4 3 un C5 CD F-4 -o-2 n U7 3 .Q A: .SB hd 91 Sebasta Kenneth orphew, chl, M effor, Sam dentg Jud Sh CL cv .Sf If cv U5 'U .E n-I va U1 cu H -na C1 GJ 'U .-4 ffl CU O -as 0.0 .5 L-4 Q Di CU V1 .LS -I-1 U0 .-4 5-4 O 4.2 -4-I L4-4 CJ I-4 3. o 1-4 4-7 Q ca L. R4 resi affal, Cindy a ' enb Y, olland, Cynthia C Dale H n, pr Mace, Virginia t: Allan .CI DD ..-4 5-4 O -4-I 4-2 N-4 CD 1-4 M-4 B O 3-4 -cs is: O U OJ Cl! 91 'U 5 5-4 F4 f-4 - H CU si cu cv ,-4 v-4 M C1 cu cu s-4 3 5 In ua o s-4 he D5 :.4 cu Q as CJ gal .23 QE ,:x :w.LD 'L' I-Dcu ,D O Di H2 U1 3 Ee .i'.FI1 in Fi cw 'Sai P7-4 I-1 .2 Q, gc O5 Un: 5-5 L'-A-Q iw Lf -A-3 .IJ E599 bon ... Ho O-4-J Hz S32 GJ 3 o Q5-4 S-4 4: -A-3 S-4 3. 'CS S-4 --4 .CI 3 o HEI-1 Burton, Treasurerg Sylva Evans. ouglas ent Jean Brooks, Secretaryg D ident Tess Lindsey, Vice Presid rrington, Pres :JayA ht row, left to rig First ci CU E E 3 +2 -A-P C1 D-1 L.. 0.2 VJ U2 cu U2 4-3 :- cu ,Q o Di w CD CI O Po Z CI C2 --4 I3 0? L. aa cu E 5 CJ 1' EI .Q O DS .Q O VJ :: 2 ac .2 M s: o P1 3 ca X-4 -U L: O O Q9 ID .cl O C5 5 .2 Q. eu an -CI U1 .O L4 cu CQ O Q1 .-.. cu CI :ME rl L. Q2 on 5-4 5 .Q v, E E O E-' Lf OJ S-I 1+-I cu. S-4 ru GJ Q 2 A c GJ -1 2 s: o U2 sz: CU II-1 CU -Cl ... Y-1 C5 2 53 o l-1 'cs .E .:: P1 V21-f ' 9 1 f f rv'-' Q 3' rv it uf 5' 9 f 7 ,- 4 Ll' fbrf f"'f FUTURE TEACHERS OE AMERICA Front row, left to right: Marie Mclntosh, Presidentg Phyllis Ramsey, Vice President, Royce Young, Secrotaryg Nancy Rosenblnd, Trezisurerg Linda Sewell. Second row, left to right: Ruth Arrington, Barbara Barfield: Harriet Kziuftheilg Sandy Levin, Ava Brown, Parliamentarian. Third Row: Mary Beth Powell, Sue Beth Wallace, Harriett Hopkins, Jean Brooks, Cynthia Caffzill. Fourth row: Teflcli Blanton. Laverne Pulley, Kay Hickman, Edna Earl McDuffie. Fifth row: Mrs. Schaper, sponsor, Dale Bailey, Gloria Miles, Margaret Scott, Iwana Smith, Sandra Daniel, 98 W f f Q 7,7 f , , Z " lj, WM f, , ,, , WWA f c ff , W, ,V7,f,, f ,wfif CLUB L I EC C LI x.. ii fc? cv r-4 S2 o U -CI cu s-4 O .-Q cu Q 52 I-4 as 'I-7 cu L. o cu U1 af o cv E GJ S-4 I5 rn C5 GJ Vorhees, Arrington, Alice -U -A-I 5 Di F, C5 G+-4 9-4 O U2 C 9: Y"l '11 Q2 F-4 5-4 CU Q LT O ua C O Q4 rn Lf U F14 4-V 5 vim buf-1 ' Q22 Q-4 mo? 2-4519, cu cu cn 4-3 +-'L' CU .2954 CI as 'U ..-. Ill E3 o D-.cum agua:-4 Um ... ,B Q2 -1 S-A 5-4 C50 I5 Fm CD.. bm -4 'Tu E-4 5.9. sz: CD .-4 rn cn Z3 Di .M-4 +2 C1 Q2 TE V1 tnam Pu Jane t: gh t row, left to ri Fron :E .gon Tame g an ci 5.411 ,AME Q2 D-4 Q20 "SE D-4 .23 Cl Q2 I3 U1 Q9 ID E was ow ensen, Frances F, a Spencer Emma Tarln, Barbara Matthews. .2 5 3,3 -CI or Q2 ..,-4 F 3' o s.. cu U. bf as o I: cu 59" 51 'C C Jia.. .nm 3 c I' Second Th Barbar S-4 H- v .- 55 ,U .. C CD is. phlhnvrr-...w.....,4 . - s ,l ms. ra, Fax., il .L f R- A ,EW Q,-,ai filgfyf f tl . 'r ZQXTY, P JE ' 3 ni-1.-..,.e. 4 lv v, 1 1.-4v,....... , ,Q f i Li sf 1.4.1-...I vga - me f 3. nu...-......... pllllllnlrilllv . 4 , a:kaL.a..,. Q5 v-1 Ci ki cn Li 11 he-1 1 Li LQ L JS L1 CD 'E ua CD 1-.4 Q-si G5 GJ U .-4 D 4-I cn 5-4 .-4 Q-4 E C5 .:: on .E Q C 5 U CI cu r-4 cd M cvs 4-3 as .J .IJ G GJ TE uz L: EZ I-4 S .1 S5 .54 2 is E cu 'rn S 4-4 UD LE x-I cu .id .-4 ,cu I5 F 9. r-l aa ..4 U7 Ill Z3 D21 .Ei 0 U7 3 .Q .M an .... M 215 .-4 .Q E G JJ .-C. on ... Ho O -4-a -4-w Q-4 CD 1-4 -4-1 rn L4 .... Q GJ S-4 S14 v, 'U 5 P-9 CU X4 av, E 5 O S-4 ..-1 S-4 CU -4-w E GJ E GS ..-4 .-4 5-4 05 D-1 vo.. C1 s-4 C1 O U -C :vs s.. 0 -Q as Q CD S-4 CJ GJ U2 0.0 5-1 .M 'U 5-4 O U GJ S-4 Ui C DD D0 O U CII cu E EE il cv s.. 5 V2 as CJ 5 .CI -4-4 CU GJ 5-4 .D .-. cv: U an C1 ..-4 PC cu me-4 A 4-2 C GJ 'U --4 cn GJ S-4 C14 GJ .2 cw -c is .12 4-7 si O 5-4 03 Z c : QC vw .4.a +-w cu 51 o CQ Z1 aa S-4 ..-4 .I-4" U2 Pu s.. cu 4-7 .-4 aa Q cu x-4 cu .Q I-4 Q s.. cu LD uf s.. co 'U C1 cu .J -LJ cu D-4 x-I as .C VJ o E cu 4-3 s.. cu .Q O C5 IQ as L. cu 'C C E 41 In cv s-4 o bf cd un cv E o M .if F-4 CU Url 4 'ri 3-4 C5 Q-4 o cu r-J 1.-4 cu DQ CE. Q.: VJ L-4 as as III FJ cu P1 uf .M .2 s-4 'U S: cu M Q.: 'P 5 s-4 4-P U2 U7 as o Z1 cu s-4 if-4 J-3 .C .EP s-4 O 4-7 .J Q-4 GJ .-4 U1 C4 cu I cu -C 4-3 s-4 cvs Cf cv 2 sl cv C 'U s-4 cv CJ E IU ..-4 .-4 EI O3 S-4 'U C O U Q2 U2 cs 'U CI cu s.. 112 Ps 5-4 C5 2 Perren, Sandra anda Shephard, W Griner, Gail onniger, Gwynne Pat Cl ll Ha ie mm net Roach, To Ja ns ce Gin P. O P1 cu +3 U1 on U ... .-4 QC uf aa CI O '1 -LS .-CI un --4 3-4 O -4-w -4-2 Q-4 GJ .-4 af 9 ... fc S-4 .,.. .:: E4 cf O -4-2 C f: 91 gb C 's QE .-Q CU rm 5 GJ Z 71 Q-3 Q-9 OJ no Welch, Ella nda Li Gist, endolyn Williams, GW OTH lace, N ll Sara air, H ancy rick, N nd Ki nda Li Peveto, UFZ-1 La Bailey, Judy is, IT Connie Mo ght ri eft to Fourth row, 1 ' y ti o 4-3 as cv U2 9: V1 +9 cu I3-4 v-T .-C o U1 cv O s-4 54 cv 1:4 as V2 O 034 Bar- Beth Wallace, Nell King, Sue "cf C rv Iii .M .2 s-4 4-V V2 cv 2 as Q of r.. Pa 5-4 cu .-C'-4 'L' cu E if o '63 P4 4 as C: 5:4 .5 Q Q. F14 'S cv U 'Pu V1 'E Q-4 .ff B as .J C 2 cu U1 .bf Q .Lf CQ cu :I cv N cu r-I .Q Q aa PQ 4-7 cu Cl ,ics can V2 k, sponsor O' b rn .-4 CD V7 Ill 2 eb, ow, .... -CI to nf P' as .-. o D-4 bs O 5... O-4-2 F-49-4 O0 Q .E E CI cu s.. Ln JJ .-C1 DD ..-4 5-4 v-4 E O 5-4 .-CI -4-v M E71 IL LIE dra San US Brow V3 tariang A SH parliam gton, rin Ar ng, reporter 3 Ruth OU Y Royce t den esi pl' McIntosh, ie 3 Mar Roach .L L. o C5 an P'4 F11 r-L... L-. GJ 3 as CD 14-5 C aa TE U2 as L. D-4 cu Q .... 9 bf cu VJ 'U C .... r-'-I VI U7 cu P' Q L. as 0-7 ca L. o ev CD msey, t Linda Phyl igh eft to r Front row, 1 le lis Ra L. cv L. 5 V2 cu as L. 4-3 of o U1 'U CQ :S as D'-1 cu as Cl cu E L. O Z uf an DD 'U O E .ff .E DD .E 9 Lf cu .E L. U as C 5 U W. .54 Z 91 'U 5 V1 .. .L 5 Z Q-7 cu D-1 4-7 fn 5 4-7 cu D-1 "cf cu .-. -Q C as U7 O Cf. 9: o C cu Z S. ..-. 9 an rl 9: 'U S: cu U1 LT O V1 C: o Q-. V1 Lf as .ii o GJ Q ui I-1 2 5 o L. C C o o an U1 .ri 0-3 L. o 96-1 Q eu Q C ai GJ S-. O 42 L. .cz 4-P O S-4 O CI SQ CD .-T v-4 0 L. L. cv '1 as CI cv cb an C5 cv CI as O .CI Q-3 cv .-Q cv .5 Q5 'J-3 ..-. 'S cv -C VJ L. cu E vi' .M o O L. CQ CI CU Q3 '1 -4. 111 cu 46-4 9-4 cvs U cu ,.-. .SI +-J CI 91 D LI cu Q-4 5-4 cc an -C! C12 91 'O CI ..-. U C. cu E U1 VJ 0 Cd G U5 un 5 U2 .-. lil GJ 3 o E .E E on ,b 9 3 o 5-4 -cs .5 ..: E' L4 GJ 'cs CU E cu L. 'U C1 cu U2 U1 LQ O U cu V1 bm .C 4-3 cv bf. C. O U2 0-3 cu .1 Q ..-. LY. B O L. cu LC. KD :Q as U7 cu U cu .-. F11 cu .C UD L.. as U0 cu Z 4-3 as C cu 51 E cu J-7. 6-3 cu rl 91 .-. L. eu :L as CG H. cu '4-1 9-4 O U1 C1 9: .-. .-. as L. L. cu Q uf ,E -34 0-3 4 s: L. S-1 .r:: 66 C5 M E O 5-4 .c: 4-P S-. : O IL. -C i-3 as DQ 9- L. cs E LT as '44 9-4 cu aa .-C.' CD cu L. cv .-Q L. cv CQ C. o '4-3 DD C2 ..-. W-4 N-I 5 CQ cu 'U CI 9. L-I ri as CI o P1 91 .-. .-. cu U1 E cvs .-C DD C .-. CI E 5 U C cu L. cu M cu 4-W an n-I of Q. Q L. .-G 4-3 cv I11 DD O .2 CI CI o I-Q L? 4-3 O 4-3 CD 'O-3 cu D. M. o O L. .Q +4 C0 5 +-3 cu D-. 'cf L. an -C Q. as -CI CD E cu U Ei Z:lI'Z. W ch Fi S .- O F-4 .-CI +3 Q-. 1 if , at, ,,.. IJ fs, .4 ll-4 LD U3 CID IN 'EW xi Nl secretaryg Dorothy Acree, Quinny Jones, y Horn, Ava Brown, vice president Maureen Killeen, d McClain, Bill 31' lark, Rich C OU left to right: Coach D t row, 0I1 Fr treasurerg Linda Sewell, Tess Lindsey, Jay Arrington, Marvin Kubin, Jerry Powell. Second row, left to right: Coach Johnson, Ray Vice, Robert Sasser, Jimmy Jimenez, Marvin Skaggs, Luckie Biggs, Woody Hopkins, Glynn Alexander, John House, presidentg Floyd Thompson, Dickie Elizondo. Third row, left to right: Coach Kelson, Gordon Myers, Ronny Wade, Davis Llenos, sergeant-at-armsg Hector Jimenez, Frankie Tucker, Bill Harrison, James Wright, Lionel Roach, Alan Weiss. Fourth row, left to right: Coach Trigge, Lanny Landtroop, Felix DeZengotita, Bobby Webb, Pat Kenny. Jack Pascavage, Larry Cooper, Adrian Domingues. Fifth row, left to right: James Howard, Dennis O'Neal, David Smith, Wayne King, Stephen Muller, Mike Belluomini, Lawrence Caldwell, Fred White, John So- bb 3,2 wr-4 4:33 mm nv. QE Lis he Qs: 22 WE. 'mi Milp- 103 CJ I-1 Li L cn E rn pd LH yg Mary Louis King, publicity chairmang Ella Wohleb, reporterg Betty Darbonne, secretary-treasurerg Sharon Howard, vice +5 CI Q2 'O --. ua Beasle Sj.. .-. Q2 Ha LEU .2933 f-Cf. 2.-fi Ea 'E 3.1: 0: Pm '-'E can Oc.: L4 LRE. QJ F-4 Q. Q5 L. cu I C CI QC ui cw: C cu P 51 I-4 mm E.. ri O ua .rd U CU V1 0 O CI an S-4 o .-. In o '11 S-a Q Q UD .-4 X-4 F-4 o 2 91 -1 F-4 GJ fi an N03 E -1 .-4 l-1 i-4 0 '1 C. cu .-C2 cu L4 F -C 33 C1 aa N :J cv E .-. cu C1-. as SI cu P1 JJ .-C2 .PP s.. O 4-V 0-3 9-4 cv F4 3 o L. 'U CZ c o ca cn SI CI 91 ni ru CI cvs .CI o IJ CQ ...I m an 3 -A-9 ru CL. Q.. C C cu D'-1 5: cu M S-3 .Cf C0 .... s.. o 'O-3 4-3 'O-4 an .-. 3 O L.. 'U L.. .... .f: E1 Z fa-v Q-v UJ f-'Q Q5 F-1 O 3 as o ..-. CI cs V1 uf -C 4-7 o CQ an u 91 o '1 Q. Q1 as L. U vi z.. 2 .-. 49 -Q E cu CJ vi L. E N. cv 23 U' V2 cu 5 as .E 5 .2 if-I J-3 .CI .PP :-. o 5-7 Q-3 94-4 2 sf o s.. .C tsl s.. 5 o E. S CIE I SP ' 13 C5 "' cn 2 2 C!! ,J E-1 CJ -,, 23 E' 3 S 5 41 3: z N 9, Q, :- n E co as 2 5 cu Z .Q Q2 S E F9 cn E S ,Q .E .ZS ,JA no F-4 Q E GJ 2 5 9 .QT S U P-P cv 5 E 'Q cu 4: .,. E Q ba in E G5 E E O 5 E-4 E E Q, O :U F4 8 5 I-4 Q2 C14 3 , fc: Ac r.. 8 S 5 9 w GJ cz Q u P 5 4-1 05 .. Q 5 Q E :s 2 m W 2 'D cv Eh m.S WEE :mm 359 332 Eg? :CE 1-.wh va c: Ee 5 : 'Vx-1712. CQ 9, EEC, 26' Qi'-1 c.:i.,"""5 Flows 21-4 :gm CUCIGQPI C225 2+-'O..cv UPF-:M anna -Cl,g,E0Q.2 331:01-5 '-'Eoq -4-3 ox: -4-vg.,.,?, :SEE cvU"'E ,.. - ,::gO EQEQ ZMUQ Ccugg C+-IQ: L-4GJC2.,.. 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Helen Linggrge Oliver' Patrlcla 9 Q J 4 F4-4 Q2 I-1 is km CD 9 ...Eg Ulm -C -4-w bd rd. geant-at-arms, SSI' nr adgett, P irley t t I eaffer, plctured: Sh Not CLUB UTIVE EDUCATI DIST pha cy Miller, A1 all Judy 0'Nea1, N FY, W L0 I1 to ey bert Dotson, P Ro Chase, axine ing, M Ew ey, Dalton ck Di III r, Ji alke Pulley, Laura W David t: gh ft to ri le nt row, F0 F aj GJ rm 41 af. : 1: CYS Q .Q GJ --1 -CI E' nb P' GJ 5 5 -5 .-1 S E 54 2 CJ .. F5 5 2 52 QI 3 an : 2 41 -aa Ps W :E .S Q 3 S E Q -E: av. 4-' cc V' Q 5 un will 25 :S E G C 4 S .Q 3 S - E5 E : E cv as 5 G .Ei eu .M c: .2 5 P as E9 Q LQ 3 E Q-P :pd Q 41 'g P: U34 3 .. .2 rv .m 7 PM 3 S vi '1 E '10 Qi O .E cv cn E ,.4 CG 2 5 1: 3 U S Q Q nd L6 C: --T 2 xc: T2 cu Q 'JI D rn 2 .5 FE GS O 05 E S -5 ,EI U 5 'ai E0 : .cz Q .., ... cn 4: IN cd ... .s 1-. Z' 'O-' C 5-4 F-4 U1 GJ Cv c: vw E gi F6 '- un Q' S Q r-4 c: E sz U1 8.5, 5: -CUE .Egg ri. D 3523. " ..gq+-a EDB:-C-' uoO,,DO,E,0 5 - 25022 chair 2545 2. ng.-gh 3 - B 23252 'sung 25'-5 'QE Q-QLUEL-4 o-Q-- :1 uc-.sfo CDmE'4r-1554 '15 s.. cc Q1 o ev n-I Q -C1 o 71 af lil as ev P4 'Z CQ S-f o J-7 u as Di 2 cj 52 aa -M UI 5 m U1 cv E cs P-a cf cv E on U0 5 s.. F-'Q Ill cu +0 V1 9. L4 O Fc. ffl' E V1 Cl o Q of I11 -M o o r-1 an UD n. o an C3 bf cu P'4 cu D5 Z' 55 J-F -C .29 s.. o 'O-3 'J-3 9-4 aa P-1 5 o L4 -I: -as Q-4 .-1 In ui CI I I-4 CJ -4-J CD 51 E E O P4 'E 99 -4 5 4-I CJ .-4 Q4 -4-I O Z Q SCIE CE CL B Mizej J errilynn rariang lib Levin, Sandy hnsong Jo Sherrill urerg HS ott, tre Sc are t arg rgM le oeh K Judy U9 di Blanto ed kmang T OC Patsy St ght ri to ft row, le Front .ri i-3 s.. o 3 -S IA QC cu F-1 'bn Mx: si F-1 an 'C CJ C5 C L1 a-4 cu S 5: +3 C 'I-1 U o E s.. ev JL' 5 'if :vs a: E TE 9 cv Q 5: cu 3 eu 7 Z cu cb i-5 L. as .Q Q Di 2:5 P14 CL E aa E4 "5-4 T221 sq U E o VD E E .Q +3 GJ Q xc: GJ bd 2:5 I-4 3:1 D-1 s: .cz O vw LT GJ 4-J c. CD cz S-4 CU O V 2 as M ii S-4 O it-4 'cs CB cr +-I cn 5 O S-1 'Si :UN UD CD 5 .ci o. CJ III F-4 cv: +3 UQ .E 32' E UU N cs E PE :- Q.: T3 C cv UQ as C as li s-4 cvs C4 if no 15 as x-4 as S cu :- cu 43 F-4 as CQ E Q cu E 'E if-7 Q Pu P"'I o L. cu U L-4 cv 'O-5 1-4 o CL eu s-4 '15 cu lil 43 C an VJ o Gi :A ca E cu Z -I-5' CD 5 4-3 co Q-1 -LT C an 73 U2 cv s.. CL as .2 D uf U1 o 5-l C eu E QHHB rgK SDODSO +5 C GJ 'U --1 V2 Q3 5-4 CL S cv ,-4 OJ Koehler. Jan Stuttsg ck eaffer, secretaryg' Ja Sh ndy ayg Ci dgew i R eg John ouch chard Rev en Kileeng Ri P6 Mau Boatright GS Jam ictured: Mos Not p m .D O U C3 V1 af CI O .-. as 2 -C1 6-3 as -Q as .5 .-. F11 s-T an .... o 5 cu ID .S s.. O Pi U 15 .E J4 4-7 4 E1 9: s.. -C +3 cu '94 Po. s-1 cu v-C o 3: s-4 D-4 an .2 C x.. as P U. Q-7 o 4-3 U1 .5 .2 S-4 Q-5 cu D-4 Lf cv .C s.. is cu C: an 2 :- 41 ru? s: O S-4 6-I UJ E L4 41 CU S-4 C5 .Q S- 05 CQ 3 9 ... -cu cz so O3 Qu: S-4 O U1 UI Pa U2 4-J CC! 9-1 .M .2 K3-1 Q3 U .-1 v-4 42' ri Z Hodge cu .... CI ..- rm 5-1 .,.. P s-T cu ,Q 'U o o CD za F-1 s-4 as :Q as CQ :Q cs Di cu GJ D4 eu E F-4 o Z L: an Q C1 ev D4 CD cu S-4 ru .Q 5-4 CU CQ S cv: .Q cu .-. Q fl! ev Q CI :vs I-4 F14 ai o U2 'U cv EE CU I-4 'U CI CU U2 m.. C GJ +-I GJ I-1 CU U0 f-4 if 'U Q 5'-5 --4 Q2 3-1 O f- C: 4-2 fn 5 el row: Rheba A . -cs .E .c: E1 .L 'h.8'5's 33 i Q- I 108 - 13 ,fiunx CLUB IO D ID 4 11 esident. pl' nnon Co ard ch chell, reporterg Ri identg Bill Mit CS n, vice pr o 'G-5 PC cu I? CJ E as 'U cu L. CD 5 uI'1 E -C4 o U2 as In VJ an 'W L. aa L. 5 ffl sv Q.: l-4 i-3 as 4-3 as L- o aa V2 -E Q cu CQ aa CI ..- 6-3 VJ -I-1 L. -CI U .LS .-C1 D0 ..- L. o +3 -A-W Q-4 as I-1 E o L. Q-5 Cl o I-1 FH cv AE S-'cs Q .Cf DD 5 5 E V11 o o P'1 rd 2 bf F-1 o U2 Q o Q-4 UZ E cu LC as L. U I-I 2 ri .-4 E li E :Z V2 as o O 71 L. L. an 'w L3 LC U0 ..-. L. o 6-3 Q-5 'O-I aa U11 if O F-1 'U C O U Q3 U2 n n-1 r: 235 E .-.E 50 cu an Flu-I cv can QD gm 2 4:23 ISO 321 EQ 'E 'ge -.: 'gm Dim .Ao QT :s O25 ,SC TUE o Q'-Q new 5:-. o Qu. LEE '5-9, DCD iw 'OE iw 53 may 4-P 351 S cub, 'AE :JE 55 8 O55 :Ea-' F.. '-'O Tl? 5,0 m.q.:f:.f D922 .. gui mm? .. OJZn"V1 r-12.43-99 cu snag L15 :U2,.. QQ TI gvgm SP5 r"'Q4 go O23 in-.-4m BEQLJ 4-agsplri :rg Em E war.: awe, ...an-42 T5-550 as--5 .. .. gr-1 H.. LEED-A mun:"'E Zigi' :aim Legg -'O mai? :o...' II P: , 3:52 F-255 ,-CE:..:n: U2 3-1 0 :A GJ E CI C 'U s.. O C5 fc? S-4 CU 3 o I UJ GJ E CTS A1 ah ox OO ,EU Es: mo ,QQ buzz? no s: CTS Q ,yo E35 fc GJ E zw. :S O EI o O 3515 'Ds sf Q23 '34,-4 may EDD iii' me .id U 55 V1 af if C C5 .-..C2 P: 3 Charles Da av, Q s: Q9 CD M45 UJ Q2 ...S .Em om. OCD:-1 1:Ef:9 iii: T--5 Ogw 4-3 4: on : 52 EQ: .... O O23 mmm '15 5 .C .2 Of. ?' ,-. cu LD CD C GJ cs L. fC .iw 22 G5 :Q O4 an 21 no 'G rf -.-1 f cn 9' ... cz. 29:1 , Qs '15 1-Sin Lg' ,comm Lt, :.. LJ .EL L-1 OCJ O'-'Qi -add--1 ,. 4 3-4 CQ -4 fo-C CJ -c Sf : .. fi 59 QP-4 "'z-if 1-'Q-4 ... 5 'U I- ..-. ...a .233 rv PM-AZ KEY CLUB SWEETHEART CANDIDATES Bonnie Oglethorpe Killeen Maureen O6 Sandra Bleds ""1---qu.. AND GINIA HOLL Key Club Sweetheart R ,N Xt: TEXAS CITY HIGH SCHOOL KEY CLUB CL L SLI I'. O UI 1: o Q. U1 uf Q as GJ CJ DS 1.1 3 x: L1 E 24313 ....... E511 ffl FS: -ao ,Jw ' E :ca vw S E do 25 E, mi , 2 'Wm 'Cc 'S-.. 5-1 5-4x4 .ffl 5, G25 Q43 E-- .451 VJ 55 OS ilu: CII: O3 far mil- X-4.x Q71 355: oi. 'ES C51-1 QQ Q53 Ev C? 11,' wi' -rf: VJ.-. ...., :Q .. M12 44:5 D ,:.. '19 .Z :A- P'-I-'1 Ch 'rc .ii 25. CC 2 .Ll pf .10 cz.. L"--1 ., E: O3 YW? f-s B 'S 'U' 'X QM' L? TINGARAMA STAFF Bottom left, Editor-in-Chief, Leta Karen Cunningham, center left, Short Story Editor, Pat Westbrook, top center, Essay Editor, Marie Mclntoshg right center. Art Editor, Judy Bailey, bottom right, Poetry Editor, Royce Ann Young. 112 Tl GAREE T LES STAFF i K 5 FALL SEMESTER Left to Right: Sandra Bledsoe, Editorg Sandra Jensen, Associate editorg Beverly Goodbar, Exchange editorg Norma Dee Ray, Sports editorg Margaret Pickens, Assistant sports editorg Barbara Spencer, and Mary Frances Dlabay, Copy readers. Seated: Judy Busshart, Make-up editor. ei I SPRING SEMESTER Left to right: Judy Bailey, Associate editorg Beverly Goodbar, Exchange editorg Sandy Jensen, Editor, Judy Busshart, Make-up editorg Frances Dlabay, Associate editorg Norma Dee Ray, Assistant sports editor, Margaret Pickens, Sports editor. 113 i -uv... ...A- 1-f 55T'fKxt. '.' I . A 1. sw-Q.. llama may FM' E!!! ML' 7? ri f L3 LJ CD C71 L3 2 LTJ P11 F? ouise L Ashworthg dra San 1 president Ce vi Dlabay, HCES F3 tgF presiden Moore, Zi Drucill Stottg tricia Pa Perreng Wanda Sanders arlene D ght: ri .- row, left to First I'lSOI'. 0 SP rs. Fry, itzg M In Sch Jesse Nalleyg lice ryA 8 erg, secretaryg M nb Giese Linda HS ey.- Tilhso LT'-1 cu E-1 .93 CI C o CQ Ei L.. L.. 5 U ail row: G cond Se 1 in cn M QQ E LT .2 U 5 SU cn rs .-1 7-4 O Typists tott S ricia '55 an 1.-4 fi' -CI U .E I-1 O 11' 'U L11 .SI -,gg U M 33 cn L5 ,,,, 5:5 Q... cufo s-4 ra 114'-a cu U Q, ra Q D-4 5: U2 -I C 74 S-4 D4 C1 E I'S g Edito Advertisin encer Ray Bailey 5: 'CS Sm: "Sw T95 QQZ L4 O +4 L4 O H3225-1 N13 gg..-. "" 'U .img U-A-I 83-J mgli-4 4:1112 1 "7 5.0-4. 4..-2nhn-- ---..., -A,,, N! a,,,,,. ,Q MR. SMITH Woodwind Instructor -4"'A ZS. OBOES: Sellers, Kervin Bach, Christine Goodwin, Barbara FLUTES: Froeschl, Trudy Scoggins, Nedra Kirby, Meta Bailey, Dale Yanas, Margaret Jacobson, Judy Williams, Gayle Brooks, Jean McCune, Glenda CLARINETS: Wisner, Eva Powell, Mary Beth Sealock. Marilyn Caffall. Cynthia Shields. Beth Holsomback, Marie 116 -at., WL-.Y 1- Ill-...Ani A .--wg-1 thing:-W TEXAS CITY HIGH Peveto, Laura Koehler, Judy Boatright, James Koehler, Jan Vines, Priscilla Jennings, Elsie Froesehl, Rosalie Borders, Jorene Smith, Joel Rudloff, Joan Stevenson. Joann Moore, Janice Muniz, Adela Terry. Mike Muniz, Sylvia Landry, Philip BASSOONS: Trimble, Myra Jackson, Florine Fisher, Susan McDuffie, Edna Earle BASS CLARINETS: Voiles, Joan Fitch, Judy Howard, Sharon Sherwood, Don Morris, Beverly Lightfoot, Bobby Holly, Earlene ALTO SAXES: Briggs, Bonnie Wurzlow, Lora Lea Johnson, Kay Hana, Kay Lopez, Lucrecia TENOR SAXES: Saucier, Gloria Fiedler, Barbara Brown, Lou BARITONE SAXES Rodriquez, Margaret Tinsley, Sheila it A Jr- - - --unr- W- ---aw CHOOL CO CE T B BASS SAX: Hill, Tommy CORNETS: Claunch, Jerry Byrd, A. L. Cameron, Tommy Thomas, Hal Vanderslice, Kenneth Rogers, Kenneth Proffitt, Hugh Rogers, David Rodriquez, Edward Hickman, Virgil Carpenter, Kelly Clifford, James Yanas, Delores Plake, John HORNS: Hopkins, Harriett Mavis, Joan McDuffi'e, Betty Dickey, Mike Schwarz, Mary Beth Wiechens, Jill Adamson, Mina Jo Irwin, Corky TROMBONES: Lytle, Jimmy Whiting, Buzz Hill, Morris West, Richard Baldwin, Grover Lohec, Larry Bailey, Larry BARITONES: Brandt, Jerry Bishop, Charles Stinnett, Preston Frazier, Dan Smith, Glen Bailey, Floyd BASSES: Winfrey, Joe Barlow, Jimmy Gannon, Lonnie Bearden, Lee Speer, Dennis Meier, Emory Cook, Denny Wiechens, Jack PERCUSSION: Walker, Melva Dishberger, Tommy Diaz, Fred Power, Sharon Decker, Martha Elliott, Beverly Ryan, Ronald Vasquez, Elouise 117 QL? X TRUDY FROESCHL-DRUM MAJOR OF STINGAREE BAND 118 HARRIETT HOPKINS ASSISTANT BETTY MCDUFFIE DRUM MAJORS fi? Jean Brooks Sharon Howard, Gloria Saucier STING BAND OFFICERS Front row, left to right: Eva Wisner, Treasurer, Trudy Froeschl, Band Councilg Lora Lee Wurzlow, Band Council, Cynthia Caffall, Secretary. Second row: Jerry Brandt, Band Council, David Rogers, Band Councilg Hal Thomas, Band Councilg Jerry Claunch, Band Council. Third row: Kervin Sellers, President, Tommy Cameron, Vice- President, A. L. Byrd, Reporter, Preston Stinnett, Band Coun- nil s. . S-7 V? STI GAREE MAJORET TE Nffdfa Scoggins, Gayle Williams if ALL-STATE BAND LIBRARIANS Marilyn Sealock, Jeff Bishop, Bonnie Briggs Mary Beth Powell, Beth Shields Q 'ni MH ' , 3 5 Q WHY? I If 4? fj ' 1 J ll 'Af 1 ' ,H 'A I , , ,1 , , t .-9 , , " X .' A Z V f f f r ' ng . f .1 ,t fl , -I , if , . ,pa it l f W "H , " fx . ,M 1 J ' f ' , '- 1 f ke, , X .' - . . f f f I , , . ZQQV I M Efff X ,QW lf? I, f ffhvf WM f f i WP' ff' Zf f w ' f . f fl '- ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS Trudy Froeschl, Jerry Claunch, Cynthia Caffall. Q fv-as cv "f ALL-STATE ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Front row, left to right: Harriett Hopkins, Joan Mavis, Christine Bach, Myra Trimble. Second row: Sharon Power, Mike Dickey, Eva Wisner, Joe Frank. 121 EVA NELL WISNER - BAND SWEETHEART 122 TOMMY CAMERON -JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA AWARD 123 ix i 0 EJ f ........ , gl 1 f CHEERLEADERS Linda Sewell Ava Brown, Tess Lindsey. to right: Maureen Killeen, Quinny Jones, Dorothy Acree, Left BASKETBALL HO ECOMING TEXAS CITY - 42 GALENA PARK - 48 Maureen Killeen was presented with a bouquet of red carnations as 1958 Basket- ball Queen. She was escorted by Lanny Landtroop. The candidates and their escorts Were, from left to right: Lanny Landtroop, Maureen Killeen, Robert Gumaer, Trudy Froeschl, James Howard, Judy Barley, Gordon Myers, and Carole Hertenberger. 125 WX K fm-wwf f 'L ,, X ,,,, Q Q ,af Sw 4 aff' ' , ,shui ...Mfgfmjy f, is w Q MM 1 s. S V f. -tl'- l f! ll ' li' 5 1 I w 1 7 " I 'f wif . A CVWQV H135 1957 POSTURE CO TEST WINNER Poise and grace are characteristic of these nine Texas City High School girls, who placed this year in the annual posture contest. Left to right: Lila Jeanfrcau, second place, Senior, Dona Kae Criss, third place, Juniorg Martha Henson, second place, Sophomoreg Sylva Evans, first place, Seniorg Betty McDuffie, third place, Seniorg Nedra Scoggins, first place. Juniorg Jan Heerssen, second place, Juniorg Susan Siecll, first place, Sophomoreg Dale Bailey, third place, Sophomore. 128 I 40" Q '. ? 4 CH PION VOLLEYB LL TE Back row, left to right: Sharon Power, Barbara Barfield, Sally Jones, Judy Bailey, Nancy Faulkner, Norma Dee Ray Harriett Hopkins. Front row: Phylis Ramsey, Mary Louise King, Olivia Martinez. wygy ,yn f f LW l W 4, Z ALL TGUR A E T TE Back row, leff to right: Phylis Ramsey, Trudy Froeschl, Sandra Landtroop, Louise Currie. Front row: Mary Jane Welch, Jane Putnam, Olivia Martinez, Betty Sharp. 129 1953 BASKETBALL rn Q-1 2 fi E CJ :ic O... 'fir SQ U1 C5 QE QE new 'Q-I ffm U CU U3 EE .Q CE! .E '-'CD Blu 5-4 3 om S-1 CD x.E U mi? DOI:-I :L Nonus. 3116 Di AN- 'gm C5 UI of .2 5 'U C m 5 L. on UD .E U 3 O I-4 1-5 C O s-1 in C ZZ 5-4 11 E 05 'U C CD rn O Q1 oi I-4 CU -C U2 91 Q-w '63 . rn? I ga: QC!! 'UU "E E.-I 'J 's,,g,.4ff" -Q . f L x, Q .av ft New -"X-+f-.Wm 1-MLW XS-nd 1 -d ' ff-fm... fd E E-4 E-1 Z Li 4 ID O E-1 U1 F: cu A1 .2 Q-4 4-F as L4 cu U0 I-t cu E ALL RD A AW ANSHIP SM R SPO BEST I- Janet Hager. Back row: Edna Earle McDuffie, Rosenda Martinez, Drucilla Moore, Martha Henson, Margaret Pickens Dorothy Acree. a Jeanfeau, Beverly Latham, Lil Bearden, Ile arvill, Elai H Jan Betty Sharp, t I'0WI Fron ,,q ,f ,M i Hx! if A ., I, -o Z If 4 fy 2 .. M, 01. 'v, Nil. x f l , ,ff wry' , f' 47 K I 1 P' V . . had xg. i A LI: F 2 3 P14 u-J CI-1 Z 45 '31 cn E rn Li D-4 cn rn 4 r-I CJ r-4 531 3 F4 .ci un Z3 is E O CJ P14 CU 2 'U C cu .E 3 if ti 5 O 5-4 Fil E. I-4 KS P-I lf. .D no cu ID 'U I-1 cu J-'J u -.-. DS 1-I Q2 .-1 .. 5 be-K A E 0.2 .C Q4 cu i-J U2 5 GJ 3 ca U2 ZA as H C1 cu -4-J U2 .LS .CI C0 ..-. s.. o +-J ft-W 9-4 cv li -ci cv 4-I cs as UD s P-4vJ N CD v. i G2 821 Jan Koehler, Kenneth Manross key, .2 Q GJ E E vi CD 1: O P-1 Dm .. .... CU cn s.. .Q -. YU CD 'Q CU 2 uh ok, Royce Ann Youn o L.. ,-C2 4-J U1 tw 5 -6-3 fu D-4 vi oo A on su -id fn Preston Stinnett and CJ --4 if I-4 CU 5-4 nd sl, GJ 5.0 :A .E Q, CI O un HE Ulm S atric n, Phylli CU .,-4 Cu .si U0 Q12 gf: CU 531 ... E16 L4 s: 3 is UIQ 3 Third row O K-4 'U E1 O U CD U2 rn rn 42 P-1 U as 2 Z D P1 an I f- rw an Q ra E- z Q U2 as Q at '15 C CU v-1 1-1 O m .9 .E D0 .51 5 Q-I' 4+-4 O .-1 U 5 CC F: cfs Q P1 uf E cu 'U 41 L2 2 51 cv -M .2 2 3: cv P14 'U cu s-4 CQ 3. Q Q G9 M L.. CD P11 3. E4 0 .rc .-. 2 uf ma .E Q Q GJ v-1 Q2 .Q Ill ,Q Ld E O P14 N 3-4 5 GJ sv ol CU 5-4 O n-T sl O 3. GJ E 0 'cs 5' U14 S-4 CYS U +2 -CI D0 ..-4 5-4 O -4-1 -4-I -o-4 Q2 F14 3 o s-4 .M O cu CQ 'Ci 5-4 3, m f-i -If A. i-7 5-4 O '44 Q CU Q Q Q 9: n-'I Q .9 E E as s.. L5 CI o Q-3 N cv D-1 3: cv ,-C1 cs as M as SE 2 115 -Q O o as 'W 5: -C1 d-3 cv U of ca cvs E C cu .-. ,- 4 ,J cu DD s-. as f-Q -Q .2 D 5: E E o F' cf Q4 L-4 o J: i-3 as .-. DD O .2 C C1 O CQ Lf cu UD cu D1 4-7 as C1 as '5 ti F-4 'U C cu r-J 'U s.. cu -C1 .2 od if CI cu E 'U Q bl C 5: Pi o L. cu U -G. fi E U2 PC cs E ,-4 ..- CD ,C 4-3 V+-4 5 cu M 'O-7 4-7 as .Q s.. s-4 cu 'FU J-3 -C: U0 ..-. Q O 'J-7 4-V 54-4 aa F'4 3 o s.. Q-3 S: O s.. KH .bi U o K3 o P1 cu ... CI C O U Jarrell Margaret Scott Vera Jean Welch, 'Nancy Rosen- C116 eaffer, G Sh bara ch, Bar 03 R OI' lean ere, E ad M dy Acree, San Dorothy S, U2 ..-. s.. U cv cs I!! va CI O C3 'ii cu s.. 5 4-7 .2 Q1 'S Z -I .-4 Q3 3 Q2 cn ev -cs .E r-I Q CU E cn cn O DS CI CU un 5 Cl! 'U GS .-4 .Q 49 K2 33 TIO AL THE PIA OCIETY PRE E T 66LILI0lVl" Front row, left to right: Gloria Miles, Toni Woodall, Pat Westbrook, Mike Dickey, Richard Landry. Second row: Ronnie Ryan. Dianne Geisenberg, Darcy Brooks, Kathryn Atkins, Tommy Cameron. Third row: Virginia Howell, Helen Linton, Susan Rossman, Emma Tarin, Laurel Yates, Sue Talley. Fourth row: George Oliver, Rex Harvill, Judy Wilks, Marcia Nichols, Jerry Hanlon. Fifth row: Carolyn Erdman, Phyllis deLooper, Sandra Bledsoe, Margaret McGaughey, Billie Joe James, Charles Jenkins, Mickey McAdams. Clayton Price. Sixth row: Dick Dickey, Starling Moseley, Tess Lindsey, Stanley Sewell, A. L. Byrd, Tommy Martin, Kenny Bradley, Bobby Lewis. 134 1424: 5 ul A :fit I fL'4iE'1 Q .. L M., . 'L 1 1 Z H' """- '-P 'tr' .,4.g:g: ' f -mfg 5:11. 1:2 If gi Y mea ,CHOOL 55155521 E oucv-TION Rossa moss PONTWZ 9' 1219 rims Avi. rfxastfw ff' -- Roger Jacobs presents Jim Dupuy with the keys to a new Pontiac for the Drivers' Education course. Looking on are Linda Geisenberg and Joan Mavis. Jerry Chain, Texas City Country Club golf pro, presents a trophy to the Sting golf team for first place in the annual Stingaree Invitational Golf Tourney. 135 X ff' ff .lyi- AHLL5 55,1 BAND P RTY H0 on or BA D WEETHEART ly' President of the band, Kervin Sellers, congratulates Sousa PI'6St0H SUHHGU PFGSGIUS Eva WiSUeI', Band Sweetheart, award winner, Tommy Cameron. with a corsaae. V Y' I Mayor Jack Goddard and Mrs. Goddard were guests at the party. Candidates for Band Sweetheart were, left to right, Trudy Froeschl, Harriett Hopkins, Betty McDuffie, and Eva Wisner. Mr. Robert Renfroe, band director, and Mrs. Renfroe were among the chaperones at the party. Band members and guests enjoyed the banquet before the dance. 136 ,,,,1 ,fav 137 RE I BONF NG I CO O E 14, 1957. We burned the Exporters. November D 0 U X94 I., A W, 9 4 K 1 4' 5 P 1 .: , .sy , I . 1 . 4 l 1 Q Y ,, t 1 x . 45 rg K , I i X ' ' ' x xxxl k 1 A -,Y , A F 1-' X 4.7 ' .X N' 7 , ., 5 -in , iv ' 1 . M ' ' ' ' L, 'f 54. - Ap.: ,.,.X, - .., , ,xxg fx, . f ' ' ' A ' , Q I ,- J W 1 . . , ,V .51 , iv- 92 - V' : . if I ,' x x rm' , :NJ ,M , X V n -,. ' f vff Xi.. X4 'T gg' 6 Q5 ,xr O , A if 1, ,fi 5,171 a f - v ' '. . ixaff 9" 'UQ V, ff N ' f mf f-ffm, . 1' A Q . -. 4 9 x' all x4'X'xf"' JT J w A V lf- . xfx 4Q.mk4,,n?-,,,. gf . uf. f 'x m"l'ki.dvl4"Q'J!'f ff ., ' 11 fm' -V Q: X 'HM' fix v " , . W. c-.:" 1- " . Q 'fbvsrfvy-qf5'f' X. JM-fi 52119 , . H f f ' ". ir.. - 21' Y ' 1" ' 4, ' A ' ' -.1 " 'A I 'gl X lux yi Wy. L: is ' , A .. . ,gn lf' 'V '- G A ' Ll L 1"f x l ,V f5R'1:g,1h 7 Uv, '- aff' .af , 2 -rim V , QA AWK: Y M, ,- , . ff ' -rp, Hmm THE 1957 FOU' ,.4f' ,K Smal gf- qtgf A21 5'- j I 4. Ann: X MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD ARE ENJOYING A HEARTY MEAL. EVERYONE IS ASKING FOR MORE! 140 B LL B NQUET 'F- , rl" ""'4 THE CHEERLEADERS SEEM TO BE HAVING A GOOD TIME. 34, ALL GUESTS ARE ENJOYING AN AFTER-DINNER TALK. 141 MR. DIXIE WALKER PRESENTS HECTOR JIMENEZ WITH THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD AT THE ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET. MR. A. O. WASON PRESENTS DAVIS LLENOS WITH THE BEST SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD AT THE ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET. 142 4 f Nw . I ,wg These five boys and their sponsor, Mr. Dean, attended Texas Academy of Science on the SMU campus. Left to right: James Boatrightg David Headg Stephen Radfordg Bill Bryantg Robert Hallowayg Mr. Dean, sponsor. ""s..f"" S. These members of the FNA practice at Danforth Hospital what they have been learning. Left to right: Mrs. Bob Greeng Mrs. Gene Garnbrellg Betty Darbooneg Mrs. T, K. Mooreg Martha Rae Carrollg Sharon Howardg Mary Louise Kingg Betty Buchanan, the patient. 143 L, u "' m 6 , 1 l 1 ' 5 fn, 6' , 42 wi 2' ' war f nf w 7 W., I S W, I' K K' if 1, 4 ? WN., , . , S 2' , V , 5 ' Sf ,Y 74 , 1 W , + sg ' 1 V fy if S X , , 2 ff ZZ, ,Q ' , , ' ,gf gf 5 W , A - f av , v' J 3 Sk fff i 4 5 ,L 'X . G., U f by f 1 .I l ,f I . '. hi al- 1 ' A psi mia' 8 "i"" 'WH 4 1-M, ir.. 3 E - . , Q .m.-..,. -1, ' U.. X 99 R 'S JJ Q, Q A E F9 Fi! THESE MEMBERS OF THE FFA WON STATE HONORS IN CONTEST THIS YEAR. Left lo right: lluy Pickens, Lanny Landtroop, Joe Gunter, Harry Jeff Medley, and Gene McC0slin. DISTRICT HONORS WERE AWARDED TO THESE MEMBERS OF FFA. Front row, left to rightg Kneeling: Gary Borner, Carl Sullivan. Marvin Carroll, Tim Sanders, Lelan Day, Ray Pickens. Back row, left to right: Mr. Davis. sponsor: Wayne Faulknerg Danny Harveyg Joe Gunterg Joe Shipleyg Lanny Landtroop llzirry Jell' Medleyg Jack Hamakerg Gene MeCoslin. 146 ...1-.-.-Q IA 'G CZ 'gm QU? CJ fm Q-JU? CD'-4 3L..4 CDO Q6 Ibm 5.1!sh!l!l!l!l' ,N V , HU J-4 5 UL 4 2 O +-1 -4-2 H+-4 112 -4 of L. rv 3 'J-3 s.. cu CD ,C 43 0 ca 3 U2 ff LH LL Z O LL U7 LU F- 4 Q Q Z 4 L, LU I l' 91 GJ CI 'O 5- U2 nf x.. Q: 'U 55 me A CU 2.4 'CS CI CU U2 ,-4 ,-4 v 'as U1 c: E5 : cn 3 -. V L. ,., C C j.. .14 ..a ,.. 311 I-4 CI O U7 ..-. ,-1 -1 ,-1 r 74 TJ CJ rriwcll CU fv- -4 U s N 5 1 UA fuk I x by 4 Y Q' 3 ? ,J OX A xgWv i ngx 'W' N-E x ,JIU',' ' f A , Ml, Q 51. R572 1 f f 01 Z., ,ff 1 2 Z if 4, Must have been a good one, Lucky. Robert, please don't push Linda in! Wake up, Shepherd! Coach Jim Dupuy presents Lanny Land- troop with award for most free-shots made. Q Has everybody got the itch around here? WEETHEART DA CE Amid the fans, Buddhas, and cherry blossoms of the Oriental theme of the Sweetheart Dance of February 15, Jay Arrington, president of the Student Council, presented a bouquet of red roses to Trudy Froeschl, School Sweetheart for 1958, during the dance in her honor at the school cafeteria. 4 D-4 K ml' f 'K " ,P A FNNX SAND N , A JOHHOUJZ' i 5 9 1 4 :Pl I .ww "" X wg-,L -...an-Q--', X 2166! 'Q :K I-'I yi' ,A 9' K' A J Q :IE JA Y ARR! NG 4305, NTRUDY NIKE ' f , 3 wee Tc-see-we? Ceoommes HOD 6 sc OPJTS fertszafg ' JE RK1 f f L,owb5Q 1' f "'bZi.ir SCHOOL FACULTY vs. "A" SQUAD 53 Coach Landers watches Stings. I B 4' . V gi f i 49 his "Old Men" discuss their technique against the ,X arees, girls, not for the coaches. Those smiles better be for the Sting- Stingarees shoot for a basket while Jimmy Sprague decides to take a snooze. ...Z E-F7 For a while the Stingares had the "Old Men" real worried. -Qi 21-50 I ,ze M1 2 4 23 65 27 9 32, f 3 Q ,sq 4' 42 313 , A 25 it ul, 1? 0 4 , It 2 .' 35 5 24 54' 36 A 23 sa '7 6 5: 3' '7 32 U 37 f 5' 0 9 Q9 99 91 q sr 3 9 9 'fa 42 I7 W' 95 "" U ls no '5 PQ RTS i. y Jim mm e, Ji Ge eorge SSS, G Lucky Bi do, OH ompson, Dickie Eliz Th oyd Domingues, Fl all Adri ade, VV arrison, Ronnie H Bill 0I'l'l. Billy n t: left to righ v ront ron F James, Johnny De Zengotita, Jack Pas- Llenos, Pat Kenny John House, Jerry Powell, Billy Jack Jiminez, Dav s ..-1 I' t0 ser, Hec ert Sas ob Bobby Webb, R 3 O I-4 CD ... 'c 1: 'ld u-4 4 Cooper, 'Neal Glynn Alexander, Wayne King, Lionel Roach, Charles Talbert, Marvin Kubin, La oach Koonce. C Dennis O Kelson, Q. h. Coach .2 P mu: 2,573 .2221 gm H. iw ,Vx OU : Us-1 vfo DDF' 995 5-'ra 2:2 gal, 93 va 3.1: O.-I no E 'xc 332 11,14 .-I ,- Q2 3 E CU U as U S an 1-. 3 cu n-J 1-3 aa ID C P-1 STINGAREES Z O I- LD Z .I M 4 GD I- I Q I-Ll I O +- 0 III 4- 0 U1 L 0 Q. O 0 U 'U C IU L OD In ua IU U7 a standstill Slings at the conquered Stingarees The Yellowjaekets Heights gton Arlin n-A U1 U1 the '57- frst game of .-.4 their for 6-0 '58 season. came in the third The only score period when Jimmy Jimenez went over. Ronn e Wade missed the con- ..-1 in players Outstanding VCl'S Oli. .Q .-1 U.. 'C ru 3 'E C o CC 9 5 3 as .- f- f-. C1 C0 U2 E 4-P and Vebb, X Bobby Jimenez, my John llouse. 12 mo 15 on 82' rn fl E56 5,5 U STINGAREES :- SS E skirts Milby end 0'Neal straight wins, Texas two After of the Milby Buffs bowed to City 12-0. Houston suffered the loss The Stingarees quarterbackg exander, Al Glynn of and Jack Ronny Wade, halfbackg Pascavage, tackle. These boys were out of many following games. Milby stops '19 A Sfi 'E Im Q19 Et: F4 O E 'DS mn. istrict All-D STINGAREES 'D Go Stingarees! The Galena Park Yellowjackets light the for too much Were Ci he t t 12-AAAA t ric E 41 GJ cost Dist ht Stings. It defeat the W 39-6 in Fi? an of W offensive sho real The only yard pass com- 21 WHS H gS tin S the CG quarterback Lawren n from pletio Muller. hen P te S end Caldwell to d the only FG Domingues sco HH Adri eak ksn HC quarterb 3 touchdown on play. an RK PA NA LE GA Of C0 157 .ae L IB n. IU C 2 I5 0 VI : .C E 3 O a. DER ni ALEXAN S-4 O Q2 'T .M FJ CU 'E Z0 25 7: .1 0 G' Tri-Captain STINGAREES enez carries the ball Jim lndians were The Harlandale to San Antonio, victims sent back of a 15-14 defeat. The Stings scored In- the but first quarter, in the dians came back and scored twice score at the half. a 14-6 leave t0 back in the Stings roared The final half and clinched the Harlan- team 15-14. Outstanding play- dale game were Ronnie that in BTS and Jimmy Jimenez. Wade 4 U ln I- HARLANDALE YI' I-I 158 .I EE gli 0:2 0-I ,,"U mi? gg: LUCJ -a aptain Tri-C STINGAREES 'mu WN House fopples over Baytown Stingaree line held The rugged but the Baytown Ganders, up to aerial the stop not could they ield- YY Cit QXHS flight of the ball T an unwilling 34-0 defeat. Jerry ed Bobby Jimenez, ector H ell, POW Marvin Muller, Stephen Webb, 3 Were age CHV HS , and Jack P in Kub the line. tribute to Dennis O'Neal and Jimmy Jime- dn't l t cou bu ball, 8 th ed carri IIGZ line. The Gander reach the goal Lawrence of top OH stayed line Stings with he t , leaving ll Caldwe if :wif Z YTO 34 BA catch by 0'NeaI Good Il. aerial competitio HO VICE P- 4 1 enior Halfback STINGAREES Jimenez charges an Eagle PASADENA IN Q' de- faced The Stingarees again as they bowed to Pasadena, feat C95 If V ein H1 C3 Ore SC City's only EXHS T the middle of the second quarter to when Lawrence Caldwell passed did E32 NT. 'US Cc: oo 30 as lC"' nl-1 sf-'3' 'gi cv ,ce 0 n :E Q E C-'cu C N ba.: U2' Llenos, avis D I ler phen Mul CD +4 UQ in Hg were outstandi ice V Ray and HIC. ga he t 160 Muller and Llenos await the Eagles unior N UI Z UI E -1 Guard IZ O I- U UI I 1 STINGAREES 1' I- BALL HIGH Wade goes over for Stings The swift and alert Stings crash- an 14-0 in ed the Ball High Tors aerial game. the filling aldwell, C HCC F6 Law om +'.-C1 4-7 'UQ 2: Q... D133 A53 gm no SUE 1-3+-2 I-1 2:5 o Us mu.: Q02 3? Q91 ,-CCS C095 enez, im y J mm Ji for WHS chdo U t0 lay- gp r outstandin he t llback. O fu and Adrian ers were Jerry Pow-ell Dommgues. ?f A W, ff W ,W 4 ' 4, af 1 6 I Tors 6 fh haf Stings Ns.. U-I2 25 'UT 5 in EE EE' -,514 E 7 C O .-4 4-J C Q2 -A-w U .-4 I-4 Q-2 VJ .-4 Q -4 r-4 41 STINGAREES O SPRING BRANCH 0'NeaI makes first down The Spring Branch Bears hand- loss fifth their 665 the Stingar ed of 25-0. 3 SCOPE with The Stings dominated the play the Bears the first half and held in 0-0 at the end of the second period. the Sting offense Outstanding in was Glyn Alexander. Marvin Kub- on defensive standout 3 in was Powell. Jerry ith YV along L 15 9 .D IU an C 3 O 15 0 Ch IU P m u Ill m D. LLENOS VIS enior DA End STINGAREES BRAZOSPORT Llenos makes TD against Brazosport Texas City's homecoming crowd was disappointed as the Stingarees lost their final game, 26-7. lone score came in The Stingis the opening minutes of the fourth Caldwell quarter when Lawrence passed to Davis Llenos. Ca1dwe11's to David Smith scored the pass and Jimmy Jimenez extra point. played an outstand- Llenos Davis ing game. "WT 'O N L IU .C U 10 U5 C T: Ch ur IU 0 -4- 0 Tx. E o U : I0 an IU D. SE HOU JOHN CIIIOI' Guard ' STINGAREES Z SME SE Hopkins intercepts pass stomped The Texas City Stings in 39-21 Buccaneers the Kirwin their fourth game of the season. to vic- that led the Stings Boys O'Neal, Adrian were Dennis tory Cald- Hopkins, Lawrence Woody well, and Stephen Muller backed by the rugged T. C. line. 17 .2 L 1: 3 o 1: o ou L 'U .s: U L cv an U :a P' 'u x: 'U UI o : 2 .I ULLER ENM STEPH enior End , s 'Z .ns Z 1 f 5 i , 1 Y" fiik i, li 'vs wi. in lf' .us-ul vii: N XX NX , Z, W XS xxx X ' ,A ,'Z'g w, F 1957 EA BALL BEEIV I ST n-A ON Ln s- K-I cv CD cu C-' cs E uf Z O o 3-1 M C ay M Eff an CI 9: cv E .2 ,Z .2 Z E ua 'U rs U1 -if CI m III 5: C C ca I!! an F5 E ii E as ..- CD cv o V1 E o E s.. cu E :w-. -cs 'c EJ E ... as i-3 CL F5 U ... S-4 E-4 ui rn CD Z Ci C5 P 9, E E N un 4-V cz 5 I VJ C5 .-4 CD 'J o Q 1.3 .-C .EP S-1 O -as .4-w Q-4 QJ v-4 GJ DD G5 n I-4 'S CIC GS -CI 22, Q5 ... ,bd 55 E .9 E .c Q-4 bi s-4 cv: .S U2 .-Q o CQ Si as Z as CQ U2 ca E cu '1 F5 L4 5 C O '1 Eff U1 an Z CI cvs P Pm E E O E-4 if 0 C CI cu L. CQ s-4 as 4-7 .-. 5 ii C1 C cu bd as If 2 ci if Q3 s.. O 3 6-3 CI 5 .-. ki s.. 2 CJ C O Q -C Q cu C U 5 E2 O S-4 -4-2 YJ L1-4 'U E O D CJ ic.. cs I cv 'O :A 5 .E CJ I-1 5 m U2 an E cu w E o E CI cv v-G cn C1 o +4 ... ... 2 LF ua 00 s.. Q.: .Q F: cu 'O-7 Ll cu I C o an 3 E .... cu 'O-3 Q4 C5 Q ... 5-4 I-4 :Q an CJ 55 r-I C o -6-3 51 ra .-. CJ BB .E 9 o f-1 as D0 I-4 o cu C5 ii O cn CI -C2 O '1 'U C 3 O Cf. -C U ax O U 3 o 5-1 'U s.. LE Clff' GJ on C5 s: CU 2 c: ... C5 A-3 x-I S 2 L: GJ m S-4 GJ C S-4 IJ E4 D-4 CU Q ': z-4 9: 21' I5 U CD FE E E EP 3 'U Q2 L4 gi as E 41 .-1 -Q OJ un N cz CU 2 s.I uf U1 O Cf. 0 :: af. S CD Q E th :s DG Ill E C5 P1 25 .. B. O U 1: X-4 CU s U ... Cf. -2:3 GJ La :s +0 .2 Q. a-I o Z ,3 1953 STINGAREE BASKETBALL TEA Ev, aa L5 U ' O0 N-4 2: E: E fu Qg 'S E E 61 cn b-O gen -4-I 'D CI CU n-1 E CV mr: CZ 3 C cv all ,DR U00 um LD cs Em a.. cu CJ 'U F-4 E3 sz: 41 5m -- U 2:7 L... L:- si ES 50.2 UQ' 'Q ci ,gc O Z: mu Eff x-. as wi' Zo O-4 C o 'F' P4 O cn if 5 o CE V1 cu E 'TI cu Q '55 '1 E O +4 'Sm 0923 ,UUJ F-1+-1 Q13-1 ,CQ Q-UD OO .-CD1 CD P5 :Ei gn: ,..Q D-4 WE 5,5 E5 Em E8 J-3.. ,Ed-P E9 D3 O PO Q-v -as '+-4+-3 ,EMS -,J 3 25 +-3 CM Ox Cm Pu I-4 L4 GJ '1 1,461 SUE 3-a .2 KI CI O DG L: GJ ii ,c: E9 DS if E vi no '29 CQ v. .sc U :a -1 We 1 fig b.Wgp1lhQw?ff5Qf5f2 I, 1 'u MJQL. W, Wgzuvi W if I 'QJQG Q '4 f 154 L W CLYDE WALTERS GLYNN ALEXA TEXAS CITY GALENA PARK Q' TEXAS CITY GALENA PARK GEORGE GEE l M' F, ,a H i 7.0 .-..-Af-+"-n Q ' i cn as X1 - , cn mfl?1"'AgI' ln , L , .gl ' ' , W pus 2 A 44 lk My f f 7 f K f f 'V 174 , C , ff f f w, 1 f 1 ,M-vf-W . 4'-um. ,W--4 mn 173 rn Q.. L3 4 P-HI E I Li 1 n-J Iii L12 I--4 CID ci O '5-3 L-4 5 CQ U1 C5 P11 un : O Q uf o I -'24 s.. cu E his .E M -Q o CQ .E .aa cz. .-T cv an 6-3 U2 .-. 5 as F14 +5 .C ,EP S U2 cv E cu '1 ci s.. 5 DD as U2 o N C Q: L. o ,J uf.-CI 9 +-1 E CU vw GJ +0 ev Q4 -L3 .C EP s.. O 4-w 4-1 14-4 GJ r-4 5 O L. 4-7 C O s-. B4 E cn -C5 Q cu O O L3 .CZ .20 s-4 O 4-9 4-3 '4-4 if 25 O s.. .M La as CQ 5. 5-4 3. O An Q. U F-4 'W E ur? -M o o 5. .ra U Le 'Vu Q E. N I -cg' gl Pm u- -4-v. E ki KD Qu C6011 ogg D-1, Us -OJ aw Q41 :ii Or 441 U0 ci, nl-1 GH' 4 u-1 1 'J MQ mv- 'Us S: v. w . Ae 5 O, ggi ,Us Qu O, 9.1 BE F 1953 S11 GA EE T ACK TEA cd as . DD A Q E cz' if O :A Z2 .M v-4 U ,Lf E 5 ax 2 E E+ cf 6 'U O C zn Z EI '.-1 S E E 'L' U2 cv -- Q ff S . Q : S 5 :E E E-1 El? Q3 E S- 'U -.. 3 -.. S-1 ,.. 9 CD gi 55 ,E -- Q G-P .24 S 'Si -2 m f-4 S-1 U E ,,, .A cu cu -:Q U1 E B Q2 pq .-4 'U . Q 'U uf 3 if Z3 -- 9, '-' V' L.. .rd 'V cu o U1 .CI Q Q2 U 55 'v-1 . 'M :T r: .U Q, 2 a Q 'cs .A ,,, .Q Z' S Q M is 5 ag mf O 0 Q III 2 2 5 E 3 fl H .A cn CL .A 5 CVE ua ,.:: E cn if V1 ,Q r' 5 E3 5 as 2,9 F1 4-' H .ss 3 Q2 O 2 w Z Q Lf IU 2 Q5 S4 05 - O Q 5 O -- E 'S Ev? 3 mom 5 s-.NJA ag 2 f.. ai M gag c: E'-3 ,2 EES -. EHS 5 gi E Eviwaf' ,am ,,,o 518.520 3 F3 'H 0.22-fljgg Qaagm -I-325 'W QWQEH 'CHQ 'U is EE 8-12263 O..CI rn EDT-O'-'D wwg 2" -Ecu -Egxw 3+-foo. ozm,,,o-. f-1.5 E3 -4.ut:'U O wigs.:-. Egegw 3:20-hub gs.: HQ e 'im 7 A ST IN GAREE BASEBALL TEA 4:55 -9-S Q.-C go o EO Si OE Bleu C3 uf C1-4' EES D13 Oo T-rm. QE: on gi A45 8.9. S? 55' M05 cut-f .-40 ,M .SQ Qs 'ffm 130.-4 .ani me .25-1 Mrs E eu .JM 0-5 U 5 on UCD F., .eg 'ess 3 . bl Ea 4110 EE U7 -55 V1 35 goo .,.."1 55' QE EE 'UI-4 'Lf' vga: QF O2 '33 bw ati Q: O '1 ,Z - 35 DD SI LII E an bf E UZ GJ .Q CD U2 9-. CI CI Q Q- E-fi: unc E5 .am 'Hs 2,0-1 ti? CDO ""F-4 vdwo CI Bo evo QJQJ CHU! Clark. Floyd Ba Iey, Paul Malone, Coach Don .,-4 Sellers, Lanny Landtroop, Fred White, Lawrence Caldwell, William Anderson, Walters, Kervin lyde w:C I'0 LI 32 S73 fu.: EE-1 Z mf! ??fJZ? -V : 97:-,wffy V ,Q f , , , wf 99, f f 5. 7 , 4.,fOf ,fs fy, f , fi 4544 L. Wh, , ff' 3 3- ' n ff? hw f WR: , . Sy , 6 -Q..-,, N.,.N.-NW ,...-aff' Z, as . 11 177 Vard. Y Tucker, Jon rankie Fred White F bf C CI cu bd 'Ex' Q-4 P15 f-4 aa 'E 'Es' CJ 4-7 -C .En F-1 o 4-3 4-3 "4-1 an F'-1 5 o 3-4 4-7 I: o r-4 B4 sta. Sebe enny Bailey, K yd op, Flo l'0 Landt anny nce Caldwell, L F6 W La erson, nd mA El n Sellers, Willi Kervi Pitchers: Second row, .A A ,A ,z ,X K 4 cf' 1 ,Q 1 '- L ,f x . 9. V ' ' , My u , ,f ' f Mf, INFIELDERS .x 1, - a A' " ' ' 1? 1 4 ,, JN KT i A A V x f ,Wf W. A wp ff Q "ww V. , f MZ' r 'X A d., .,LL" , ,RCF x lm N my f in I ' N lv A , N ,fn-N ,Q " Q 18 I ,X if 1 W .3 ,., I -1 ,ff A J' N 'i.,s-,' U , 1, M ' I 'APL W' 'K b ' " '. v' ' 1 5 ' 'Ffh f I fu V 1 "? vi :Z .3 E W E .sz 52 'bd r: 'S -5 'A f-a E 5 Q, F-1 .Z 8 E' s: 2:24 EES sag, Hi - S0525 kno CC O A 'ss 4-3 we -Eg E52 L4 .-EE age 5-4 Q9 I-:Aim U7 vi .x x: N .Q Z E? : s: CD CQ J 11. Y, J- I ik OUTFIELDERS -in Rogers, HY :sf cu C: ..-. E ..-. '1 L. Q 4-3 o cu 'FC , Ken gf: ,cv .23 953 mb. Si: QCD E "5 3 ,Q-4 gb 3? as 'CS Sa E2 U0 me JJ: -C15 .aw PM Ss 'A-3 11,5 f-Jr' 178 wr V? . n u l . K, Ax. '. , 4 - .5 - fm 4 f ff!'j' 5. 1 8 Win 'T' ff I 1,37 , I , fb " ' ,Q 4 0 A A A-,J ff 'W fs gh ij ' , VV ,J , ,, , VV 'RZ V f,, , L' I Q 1 A w 13 IIUIIIIII IIIIIII2 I 2 I I I no I Cy 3 5 IN LAS PA FICE 4 7 5 5 I ' I VE!-ITIIIQES J THE ORIGINAL OLD AGE SECURITY 'k if "A HOME OF YOUR OWN" 'ki' t i MAIN LAND COMPANY TEXAS CITY, TEXAS COM PLI M E N TS OF GATES - REAGAN MERCHANTS FURNITURE EXCHANGE TRANSFER 8. STORAGE CO. FRANK and MARIE NEWSOME Furniture Our Specialty if it is to be had-we have it CITATION CORSAIR if it is for sale-we Buy it PACER RANGER if it is to be moved-we move it Ave. Ph. Texas Avenue Ph' CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS DROZD PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Phone 5-4404 - Night 5-4405 319 Sixth Sf. N. Texas Cify BOZEMAN APPLIANCE SALES 8. SERVICE uk ir I7I0 Texas Avenue Ph. 5-7979 G. F. MCNAIR TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS B. F. GOODRICH TIRES 8z BATTERIES .. 0 .. IIOI Sixfh SI. N. Ph. 5-2000 Congratulations ana' Best Wishes to the Class of '58 CHUCK'S "66" SERVICE STATION "The Besf In Service" O I O I002 Sixth Sf. N. Ph. 8-T281 COMPLIMENTS OF HICICS BARBER SHOP "UNION SHOP" AIR CONDITIONED COMPLIMENTS OF REHBERG MOTOR PARTS CO., INC. 'A' 'A' 618 Tenth Avenue N. Phone 5-7426 610 Second Ave. N. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS 1958 0 O 0 COMPLIMENTS OF WAH CHAN G CORP. 'A' 'k PRODUCERS OF RARE METALS 'k i' if TEXAS DIVISION TEXAS CITY, TEXAS Congratulations Seniors . CQMpL1MENT5 QF ir 'k ir 'A' "Protect Your Pontiac with . . JOHNSON Pontiac Service t t MATERIAL COMPANY ROGER IACORS PONTIAC 'k 'A' 1219 Texas Ave. Ph. 5-4426 COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY MART 2101 Ninth Ave. N. SAM HARKINS SALES NECCHI-ELNA SEWING MACHINES T . . Fabrics, Sewing Notions MEET THE GANG AT THE 927 Ninth Avenue N. Texas City, Texas DAIRY MART COMPLIMENTS OF auneens ALL THE wAv l JONES - GREEN oLDsMoBlLE HOT DOGS ' G! FRIED Pies S .r,, I . I f . I i Sales and Service FRENCH FRIES ,S f o I o FRIED ci-IICKEN - Ph. 8-1671 924 T A tIs'.I, Atver venue RURCER KING WELCH BROS., Chevrolet CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES IN THE YEARS TO COME. BEARDENS A 0 Foon X O - gi' 1'nT.,f5f, " S oRE cHEvRoLET sALEs AND sekvlcs ' ' ' if if "YOUR NElGHBoRHooD 702 Ninfh phone Luclcv seven STORE" Ave. North 5-7463 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS 1958 Emmett F. Lowry Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTOR Post Office Box 1428 Texas City, Texas BEST WISHES FROM TEXAS ClTY'S KTLW "The Voice and Bandstand of the Maz'nland" 920 ON YOUR DIAL BRAKES - FRONT END - FRAME i Texas City Tire Shop, Inez STRAIGHTENING P U L L E Y ' S ' ' ' "No job too big or too small" 1139 Texas Avenue PAINT AND BODY sHoP Texas CNY' Texas WHEEL BALANCING o I o Phone 5-5001 1915 Texas Avenue Phone 5-5701 Congratulations Seniors GOODBAI-VS KLEWS OF CARPET 'A' DRAPERIES UPHOLSTERY AND DECORATING SERVICE TEXAS CITY 418 Texas Avenue 417 Sixth St' N' Phone 5-6562 Nunez Construction Co., Inc. J' C' PENNEYS Constructors and Engineers Always First Quality 'kit o T ',' , Harbor and Marine Improvements, Pile Driving, Foundations and Wharf Constructions. Texas City COMPLIMENTS HOLLAND'S FURNITURE C 915 EIGHTH AVENUE NORTH PHONE 8.1751 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Dixie Walker Venetian Blinds COMPLIMENTS OF Goodyear Service Store o I 0 0 C 0 615 Fifth Avenue, North 1207 Texas Avenue Ph. 5-7632 Texas City, Texas Congratulations to the Senior Class from: Knightls Culf Service Sixth St. and Eighth Avenue N. o O o Ph. 5-6834 Texas City COMPLIMENTS OF Royal Laundry and Cleaners o I o 930 Texas Ave. Phone 5-7591 Elite Corset Shoppe Registered Corsetiere "Personalized Service' if 'A' i' Ph. 5-7311 817 Sixth.St. N. Tennille Roofing and Sheet Metal Works ROOFING AND METAL WORK EXCLUSIVE PLASTIC ROOF APPLICATORS E. W. "Spud" Drager DON'T BLOW UP-CALL UP Water Heater Service Company 'A' 'A' 'A' CHUOKE PLUMBING 725 Ninth St. North Texas City, Texas COMPLIMENTAS OF Felkner's Sinclair Station 'A' if 'k 901 Sixth St. N. Ph. 5-6681 i CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Terrace Drive Inn . 3 8,4 Ninfh N,,,,,, Schneider S Jewelry Store Texas City Phone 5-4071 f if af LEO ond ROSALIE HINSON and JOSEPH GULOTTA 11a Sixth sfroof North Phone 5-4201 CONGRATULATIONS Congratulatiorzs Seniors '58 TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM ..... Striclqlancfs 11 75 1+ Humble Service Station 621 Sixth Noffh Ph. 5-2393 1401 Sixth sf. N. Phone 8-1300 HARVEY FERGUSON cONORA'rULATIO1NS, SENIORS Kingrgy Furniturg From . . . B "COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS" -A' -A' ir -k -4- if 406 Sixth Street North Phone 5-4371 P, 0, Bgx 488 Texas Cify, Texas CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of lVlac's Clothes Clinic Ford Acme Garage No. a 'rwohfy-firof sfroof South Ph. 5-2992 5'9 Ninfh 5"ee' Nm" +1 or if if if if TBXBS CNY, Texas TELEPHONE 5-6422 l CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS SUPER MARKET 213 Sixth Street North Phone 5-2231 1 ROGERS . . . Fine Shoes UP -TO-DATE CLEANERS 411 Sixfh Sireef Nonh 609 Fifth Avenue North if if if ff ff ff "BY THOSE WHO KNOW PHONE 56700 FOR THOSE WHO CARE" 'lr 'A' 'k 'Ir 'A' 'A' Texas City, Texas Phone 5-6841 Texas City RUST, EWING, JORDAN MITH OLEANDER MOTOR "Your Friendly FORD Dealer" and S INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS U Q? if if if mffgq SERVICE . . . is our wotchword ' Texas City, Texas 'I' E 'A' Sixth Street and Eleventh Avenue North 619 Fourth Avenue North Phone 5-7449 TEXAS ROLLING MILLS Inc. TEXAS CITY'S NEWEST INDUSTRY EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS AND EVERY BEST WISH FOR SUCCESS TO THE SENIOR CLASS 1953 I GENERAL OFFICES: TEXAS CITY, TEXAS .,,,Y YY Y . +-9-.-..-.ii Farrell Paint 81 Floor Co. Artist Supplies, Custom Framing Wallpaper, Paints, Murals, ,Iay's Food Store "Large Enough To Serve You . . Linoleum Small Enough To Appreciate You" Phone 5-5831 Texas Avenue 626 Sixth St. Texas City, Texas Texas Avenue Phone 5-7675 Texas City COMPLIMENTS OF Frog's Service Station O CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Deekeras One Stop Laundry 508 Seventh Ave. N. C Phone 5-2111 Texas City, Texas Phone Texas City's Oldest Furniture Store 5-2041 415 Texas Ave. Star Furniture Co. OF TEXAS CITY "BETTER FURNITURE FOR LESS" Member Retail Merchants Assn. JOE LERNER, Owner COMPLIMEN TS OF MATTHEWS INC. REPUBLIC PETROLEUM PRODUCTS O Sixth and Texas Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF DAIRY DELIGHT Sixth St. and Fifteenth Ave. SANDWICHES, DRINKS ICE CREAM Phone 5-4672 BEST WISHES DUPREES DRIVE-INN Compliments of . . . Meyers Service WHOLESALE AUTO PARTS 516 Fifth Avenue North Phone 5-6311 The Electric Shop SALES and SERVICE HOOVER CLEANERS EMERSON TV and RADIO -Other Small Appliances- 627 Texas Avenue Texas City Phone 5-2262 CONGRATULATIONS FROM ...... L. I. Elgin Truck and Equipment Contractor 801 Texas Avenue Phone 5-2251 Texas City Armature Works, lnc. REWINDING and REBUILDING ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT SERVICING ALL MAKES 1121 Texas Avenue Day: Phone 5-9791 Texas City, Texas Coastal TV and Appliance Co. 611 Seventh Avenue North - Phone 5-6868 VORNADO HOME-AUTO AIR CONDITIONING, TV APPLIANCES SALES - SERVICE Servicenter Drive ln SANDWICHES and DRINKS A 4 0. ,,,... Phone 8-8247 714 Ninth Street North J. .. ,.... BOB and LILLIAN HOLDER Pick and Pay Super Market SEVEN BIG DEPARTMENTS IN ONE BIG STORE 0.0 Texas Avenue . . At Fifth Street B. and I. lVlotor Co. Q .4 L? GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING . Q. 622 Texas Avenue Phone 5-2002 Careers Unlimited In 1958 the scientists and engineers of America are becoming increasingly important to the progress of our nation. The demand for technically trained people has exceeded the supply for many years. All this means there is a place for you in the fields of science with a rewarding and well paid job. If you think you might fit into one of these fields, why not start now to investigate a career in science or engineering? Talk to your school counselor and technical men, write colleges and industries for information. By making your choice now you can become a leader in the technical world of tomorrow. Monsanto MONSANTO CHEMICAL COMPANY PLASTICS DIVISION TEXAS CITY, TEXAS i Bradshawis Peterman Jewelry Florists and Nurserymen Company 405 Ninth Street North Phone 5-5601 TEXAS CITY Formerly: MICHAELS JEWELERS WORLD-WIDE WIRE SERVICE -+- Cable Address: "BRADFLO" HSTINGAREES' FAVORITE JEWELERSU From . , . OF. . . The Music Staff Humble Service Station -4- Ninth and Ninth Phone 5-7200 618 Sixth Street North Phone 5-5581 D, N, WILLLIAMS, JR, Congratulations, Seniors! - Matthews Stansf1eld's Supply Amoco Service Station - - o Phone 5-7428 821 sixfh Avenue North 1220 Sixth Sfreef Ph- 5-9401 Kings Jewelers COMS TS WATC?5IiAEeE'T'1'G?:f:fI'E'i WTS R O C K 9 S sHoWBoAT THEATRE BUILDING Variety and Gifts I Texas CifY Phone 5-4581 TEXAS CITY TEXAS CITY NATIONAL BANK 1907 1958 OVER FIFTY YEARS OF SERVICE I Texas City, Texas I CAPITAL FUNDS ,S.. . -- o .,.,.A S950,000.00 l "Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation i il McCAR INSURANCE AGENCY "CONTINUOUS SERVICE SINCE 1918" O O O TELEPHONE 5-4406 311 S-ixth Street North Texas City BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS BAY-TEX LUMBER COMPANY, Inc. O Texas City PFEIFFER ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Manager N. E. C. A. UNION ELECTRICIANS "No Job Too Small or Too Large For Us" FRANK CURRY, Manager 912 Texas Avenue Phone 5-6881 Texas City, Texas Congratulations and Best Wishes to The Seniors! BUSBEE'S FEED and HARDWARE FRIGIDAIRE SALES AND SERVICE Phone 5-2051 701 Texas Ave Texas City CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Flowers Pharmacy "YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE" SalIy's Youth Center 613 Sixth Street North O O O I O I PHONE 5-7751 901 Fifth Avenue North Phone 5-6676 Compliments T C,t of . . . y Smlth s Barber Shop Pastry and Spudnut 619 Seventh Avenue North Phone 5-7131 Texas City, Texas ' URBON S. SMITH, Owner JAMES BLANKENSHIP and NOAH PAYTON, Barbers 813 Ninth Avenue North Phone 5-6822 JOE, The Shine Boy Guy SewelI's Mobil Service Station Mechanic on Duty and Road Service TIRES, BATTERIES, and ACCESSORIES Corner of Sixteenth Avenue and Sixth Street BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS NUSBAUIWS QUALITY MEN'S WEAR O Phone 5-5462 606 Sixth Street North Congratulations 1958 Seniors Galeis Beauty Salon COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Air-Conditioned Salon 607 Sixth Street Phone 5-9031 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Mildremfs Beauty Salon PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLING Specializing in . . , PERMANENT WAVING AIR CONDITIONED SALON TOMAX LUMRER Bas' Wishes COMPANY DUR'S BOATS and MOTORS EVERYTHING FOR THE BUWDER EVINRUDE OUTBOARD MOTORS SALES - seuzvuce a. PARTS --A., - 0 ... We Manufacture CABINETS AND ALL KINDS OF YELLOW JACKET, HOLMES, SMITHBARRY BUILT-IN FIXTURES MORPHEW BOATS -.g.- I- O -I 702 Texas Avenue Phone 5-2371 Phone 5-5902 1446 Texas Avenue WACN ER ELECTRIC BEST WISHES SUPPLIES - CONTRACTING - APPLIANCES TO THE SENIOR CLASS LIGHTING FIXTURES From .... Member N. E. C. A. 422 Texas Avenue Box 1570 Day: Phone 5-2433 Night: Phone 5-2441 City, Texas COMPANY , ZIP'S TRIM SHOP AUTO GLASS INSTALLED 915 Sixth Avenue North 826 Ninth Avenue North Phone 5-6872 Texas City, Texas CUSTOM MADE SEAT COVERS Chapman-Brown Lumber CHAMBERS, Inc. Company LUMBER - HARDWARE -- CEMENT PAINT 418 Sixth Street North 826 Texas Avenue Phone 5-4491 Texas City, Texsa PHONE 5-2121 Bay The Sherwm-Wllhams Prlnters and Statloners Company I YOUR FRIENDLY 1i?OFFICE SUPPLIES PAINT AND COLOR CENTER Corner of Fourth Avenue and Seventh Street AS About our ??QO??ig5fI',n9 Service PHONE 5-9591 Phone 5-2304 11 Sixth Street North Phone 5-7871 315 Sixth Street North C. W. Hetherington Mayo W. Neyland Appliance JEWELER and Gift Store ' ' ' GIFTS FOR THE HOME - 0 - 313 Sixth Street North Phone 5-9122 Texas City, Texas 7 Modern Beauty Salon AHHH S FIOWCI' SIIOP QEEERING CQMIJLETE "COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE BEAUTY SERVICE Including WORLD-WIDE WIRE SERVICE" , , , 521 Seventh Street North Phone 5-6641 620 Fourth Avenue North Phone 5-9631 TEXAS CITY, TEXAS CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! May the years ahead hold success and happiness for each of you in your chosen fields. TEXAS CITY REFINIM9, Inc. and its TANKER SUBSIDIARIES Texas, City, Texas PROCESSORS AND SHIPPERS OF PETROLEUM AND ITS PRODUCTS Mainland Bank 81 Trust Co. 565' Wishes Texas City From BOSTICK'S RESTAURANT and TAP ROOM A BOOSTER FOR THE HOME TOWN 'NGS PRIVATE DINING ROOM" K Ph 3 3811 Lo Marque, T Best Wishes to th Senior Class of T958 TEXAS CITY TERMINAL RAILWAY COMPANY -0- T CyT Congratulations S COMMUNITY PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY DUNCAN ROSS and COMPANY INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE T CyT of... MAINLAND SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION PIC-N-PAC I Texas Avenue P ARMY and NAVY STORE I OF PORTEIVS Ladies Apparel -0-. ..0-. 329 Texas Ave. Texas City, Texas 513 Sixth St. Ph- 5-5459 BOWL EASIER, SMOOTHER WITH CQMPIJMENTS QF AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS CORAL LANES 822 Ninth Avenue North Phone 5-9272 Rod and Reel Shop g La Marque Reereatlon PHONE 8-8160 Bowllng Center 202 Highway 3 Phone 3-9411 108 Sixth St. N. Texas City, Texas Owned and Operated by JOHN GRAY and J. P. GRAY Congratulations Annual Staff CHADWICK STUDIO 612 Fifth Avenue North Phone 5-5651 "PERSONALITY PORTRAlTS" MRS. HAZEL "GRANNY" ORRELL Manager COMPLIMENTS OF King's Shoe Shop 208 Sixth Street, North GUARANTEE SHOE REPAIR FINE LEATHER FILL UP AT Fillips Mobile Station 601 Sixth St. North 0 . o Texas City, Texas Jimmy French Used Cars 2 Sixth Street North 73? il? Sir Phone 5-7181 H. B. Mitchell Plumbing Co. 1315 Texas Avenue Phone 5-6901 ELLIS RESTAURANT 629 Fifth Avenue North PRIVATE DINING ROOMS AIR CONDITIONED COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT H. SHILLING North Sixth and Second Avenue wir iff Sir Texas City, Texas Congratulations Seniors ,Ioe Burk Auto Parts 618 Texas Ave. Ph, 5.7051 DISBROW'S COMMERCIAL PRINTING 8. LITHOGRAPHING Formerly Bay Printers Printing Dept. 625 Fourth Avenue N. Ph. 8-1131 Texas City, Texas ?' Ivan W7 Go To College . I ,Qi QM I+' I M2 7f lgg. as MQ GERD-,l X iff -teh w' Q I ga X . 5 Q, Ivan Butinski has it made. He will finish high school and go off to college. He will, that is, if he knows what's good for him. Once in college he will study the courses he's ordered to, or else. Most probably he will be d i r e c t e d into a professional or scientific career. After finishing college it will be more of the same. All work and little or no play. He will be told where to work, where to live, and, to a degree, what to do with his "free" time. Ivan really has it made, his whole life is planned for him. You are at the same stage in life as Ivan, but in your case, it's different. American Company You can decide for yourself whether or not to seek a college degree. Any field is open to you. Your choice, in this as in other matters, is limited only by your own desires and abilities. The rewards are equally limitless. Along with the tangible symbols of success, a new car, a fine home, and many conveniences, goes an even bigger reward: A sense of ac- complishment. An educated man may feel, and Tightly so, that he is helping to protect and improve his country's way of life. Yes, Ivan has it made. He will succeed. Will you? D FIRESTONE TIRES MAYTAG WASHERS Modern Cleaners PHILCO REFRIGERATORS 1111 Sixth Street North il? il? Sir Sk if? Sf? May Supply Co. S PHONE 5-7611 613 Sixth Street North Phone 5-2342 if if 1 ak ADMIRAL TV 1 if l Phone 5-2351 P. o. Box 871 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Loan Service Corporation P1HH1L0WSky'S Fumltufe 124 Sixth Street North Texas City i o E 1 F E LOANS and FINANCING 814 TEXAS AVENUE f 5 l F ll V 7 7 Agee s Drugs Phelps lVlen s Shop if 1 Q THE REXALL STORE - - .-. - E i o sos sixfh sfreef North Texas City, Texas E 223 Sixth Street North Phone 5-7444 l P i l l Compliments of . . . Annls Restaurant GOOD FOOD FOR PLEASED GUESTS . . . Our Traditi and Cleaners on i Phone 5-4022 519 Fifth Avenue North 116 Sixth Street Texas City x Borden's Avenue Service Station QUALITY PRODUCTS REASONABLY PRICED O HARVEY and PHYLLIS BORDEN 1130 Texas Avenue Phone 5-9522 Mainland Pharmacy TROUTS SPORTING GOODS "DEPENDABLE PR15scR1P'1'1oN -H-, -2.- SERVICE" Phones 5-7473-74 P. O. Box 947 Compliments of . . . South Texas L mber u Margarette's Beauty Salon Company "EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING" MARGARETTE WILKS-LEE CRISP MARYELLA GREEN-JOYCE JONES 629 Third Avenue North Texas City, Texas 518 Seventh Avenue North Phone 5-2525 Co pl' e ts mf 'm " Paramount o . . . Cleaners Tot-To-Teen 713 Sixth Street I We Specialize in . . . 518 Seventh Avenue North Dial 5-2222 GIFTS and CLOTHING For TOTS Through TEENS Texas City, Texas I liat Is a cientist. A poll among high school students last year revealed that many young people regard the scientist as an odd-ball who never gets any fun out of life. They think he is a man dedicated to hard work, has little sympathy, and has little or no family life. They do admire him for his selfless devotion to service. This concept is based on hazy knowledge and the Hollywood image of a scientist. Some scientists may be born, but most of them are made. They start with a basic inquisitiveness and a feeling for numbers. Then comes the challenge of a teacher who asks two new questions for every one he answers. There is the mental sweat of working out a quantitative analysis-and the glowing pride of being right, to the fourth decimal place. There are days and years of learning and study which silently dissolve in that magic moment when a new idea strikes. And then you have a scientist. Actually he is a man who looks like his fellow Americans around him. He usually marries early and has a bigger-than-average family. He is ath- letic, works up intense interest in hobbies, and works hard in church and community projects. In other words-a thoroughly desirable citizen. UNION CARBIDE cHEMlcAl.s coMPANv Dwzszon of U mon Carbide Corporation TEXAS CITY, TEXAS i' i' 'll 'HSS

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Texas City High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Texas City, TX) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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