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Texas City High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Texas City, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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650 MM f1xg2r5W 'PP 3 Dx M037 WW .W PM A M' W 5 W q5iJ',i3i'? H .W L! www ,QM gs ww WWE My iii? 'MW gg aww? fwmfqfw X353 M , A s 5 fl, 'WKMW fx W' M ,Www wifi? QWQMW MS f 1 fg Mijzjwygyjwyl j , ,g jqjggi Sig? JW Q35 M QQ, YYSJQ Ev-fee-c7543 'ff 7Qf.A.QL, MQW W M'MwwQN , We xx WW' X MMV WM x5"Qu,W' MSQW 5 W WMM , Eff X ww , ff 2f5fQf ff? ff ow gf Qs 7 M 1 V f-g,' - Q! ' f '- ' Q - if I . if 0 V . - 1 ' 'V-E i Q If 'fi' . .V 6 , E if ff ,Q Q 'fig 5 WYWE MQTM A iii W fy Egg 5 f sm W f f du if f ADEQ Q? EX 8 iz, h M dw 'xxx - . . . 3 'XJ ' ' Y . - -,-A- A' fi X -il hgisw X f ix qc, 2 f ff. . f 2 f ' 'F Q'-1, X J ,xr Y- V N, I 5759 h' F k'x.?, Q, A D .fi P A y fxV x I N V. ,QV 5 CN N " . 5253! 4 , A , NK i du: xg -F H: - . lvl l V K as X fx 11' QL V: t 1 ' j 2,1353 , V X 4 if m I H E -. s I , 1 f off? aff H 'I I I u . fix W M 1 , 1- .iff I4 f iff U f' .,, f' aff? af' 1 + A AF i fl' I iff ' LQ- - 1 ' 2 ,Y iff + ff x"i'CC2ZL' N: gr N . -A me fi' L ,f2 SfH-ff 1 V3 . 5 .ff Y3 f f6T.4' 4- X ' Qflfyf- 'cx 'N Xlxg ?m'Y , RE5ENT5 L W Q 1 ' 1 X., S - V . - xi Q F M W yQfffA ' , xl N- A j .A J" - s 'Aj Q X QDLL , my 9""'f T 9 'g QQ? bfi, 17 ., H E WA X, WM ,Ji TM ya flfvv xv' d xpm .IQ-QQL, , ,f ,Q V w fl I. wygew lflss -. DOL BQSX cn-5" 'C0'Kf21,LL,wL I .M L, -V , .., A 1 1- K.. Mirza sl' 5 ,l ' his 's e st year-v-1955 to 1956--a year of'fun, happiness, and em 34 ' . Thr this year are pictures and' impressions which have been left V our .3 'M . . . the bang of locker doors . . . the high spirited football Q 7, 3 I V s . . e teachers 5 . . the odors seeping from the chemistry room . . . the y ' l'.rly -- ming bells . . . the crowded basketball games . . . the class elections . . . R fr , iw Q mica! and dramatic school plays . . . club meetings . . . and the hum of the ,p a li't 'R N x ll before it struck 3:10, A, ii W0 J With these memories in mind, we, the annual staff, have tried to recapture X y the pleasures in Texas City High School, and we sincerely hope that in years to come this book will enableiits owner to also recapture them, Thus we present the Stingaree 1956, ,ti tg I 2 ' 5 "Ly s v k, V J it BAP. on-atlv 3 ,f fi if c if at new - i in-we , " sv ' J ' t W - , , 1 y y , , is 1' y ,yyy , 4. me . " ff u, w 'Nix X' Q , ,.L,,.1. 2 1443, y Nz, Y, A 1 :M ,ir Q H Mia sf A .5 j 2 ,, a,iiyp i ,ps r My ,,., ,.,.MW3g'f , .mt L 3 ' Q H i i L2 E 1 S I ,Jw A ir Q Vi 1 if X QM flu: Lf SX All 15 ' I SJW it 'iLn istiifzgtiig n . cu y . Sfeniors . Juniors . Sophomores Favorites . Clubs . Sports . Activities . Features . 5 fe few is is New Q . , 3- f f ij s A 7' if., 1 , 1 , N , , ,Q 5-A5 af Qf2' ff2ff'fff32ff it W "W , we W ww, ,, J wqsxfefff- JOHN C. GEE President of Board -Assistant Postmaster- THE SCHOOL BOARD ED C. WAYNE Board Member -Bras-Tex Appliance- A. O. WASON Board Member Charles Martin B' Co. ROY A. HOFFMAN Vice-President of Board -Hoffman Lumber Co.- DR. JOHN RADSPINNER Board Member -American Oil Co,- CUILFORD L. STRONG Board Member A. H. BARTH Board Member Monsanto Chemical Cof- AND ADMINISTRATORS 1 RAY SPENCER Assistant Superintendent C. T. DECKER Business Manager B. R. BROOKS Superintendent DON CANSLER Assistant Business Manager JACK ALEXANDER Secretary of Board and Tax Collector Assistant Principal W. H. PRIM Principal L. B. LANDERS ,pf 1- 6,1 ,n nv sifpt sf" f 9 11" as 0 ' , 'F we rg' ,X JQZQFEL 4 au- V: -1-I , , H' , ' 1 .r 17' 'ff gm? f ':i5vS!l-2 'LY , wa" X. uw , H .MM e na: -2 'ff-A1 . -f -,Q 592,15 E,lf,'F'.:,1f 45 143193 E . 'T' fr ' x JM-.. Isbell fY at MRS. E. DAWSON ANDREWS B. S., M. Ed. University of Texas, University of Houston Subject: English Sponsor of Sophomore Class. Euture Teachers of America BETTY BARTZ B. A. Southern Methodist University Subject: English Sponsor of Junior Class MRS. L. H. BUCHHORN B. A. Huntington College Subject: History Sponsor of Junior Class MRS. TINY M. BUTLER B. B. A. Baylor University Subject: Shorthand, Typing Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Commercial Club MARLIN O. CHERRY B. S. Ouachita Baptist College Henderson State Teachers College. Stephen E. Austin State College Subject: Biology, History Sponsor of Senior Class, Biology Club DON E. CLARK B. S. Texas A Y5 M College Subject: Baseball Coach Sponsor of Senior Class ' , . I." , H..." .er eff fl , 1 ff' 1 .. ' K - -If j ,. 4 . . I. ' .2 fl.. fe' ' -V . ,ff . e ' .f - QI 'j-aff , . . V, , . min, rf' THOMAS S. CLARK B. S., M. E. University of Houston Subjects: English, Journalism Sponsor of Annual, Senior Class, Press Club E. C. CROSS B. S., M. S. North Texas State Teachers College Subject: Industrial Arts Sponsor of Junior Class W. L. DAVIS B. S. Texas Tech Subject: Vocational Agriculture Sponsor of Senior Class, E. E. A. MRS. C. T. DECKER B. A. Mary Hardin Baylor College Subject: English Sponsor of Senior Class, Literary Guild MRS. TREASURE DELASHAW B. S. Texas Tech. College Subject: Home Economics Sponsor of Senior Class, Future Homemakers of America E. W. DUCK B. S., M. A. Peabody Subject: History Sponsor of Sophomore Class JIM DUPUY B. S. P. E., M. S. P. E. University of Mississippi Subject: Drivers Education Sponsor of "T" Associa tion, Junior Class Head Basketball Coach Asst. Baseball Coach X MILDRED C. ELY B. S., M. Adm. Ed. Texas Wesleyan College, University of Texas Registrar BERNADINE D. EIELD B. A. Rice Institute Subject: Spanish, Latin Sponsor of Junior Class J. B. GRAHAM B. S. North Texas State College Subiect: Electricity. Mechanical Drawing Sponsor of Sophomore Class MRS. GERTIE S. HALL Secretary A JAMES H. HARDIN A. B., B. D., B. S. University of Florida Presbyterian Theological Seminary, College of Ozarks Subject: Biology, Physics ' Sponsor of Senior Class, Advisor to Good S manship League FERN HOLDIN B. A., M. A. University of Texas University of Colorado Subject: Civics, History Sponsor of Junior Class RCLAND JOHNSON B. S. University of Houston Subject: Texas History Sponsor of Sophomore Class, "B" Team foot- ball coach PHILIP B. KOONCE B. S., M. Ed. University of Houston Subject: P. E. Sponsor of "T" Associa- tion, Junior Class IEEAXH JEAN KINDRED University of Texas Subject: English Sponsor of Interscholastic League Spellers, Sopho- more Class ED KELSON B. S. Mississippi Southern College Subject: P. E. Sponsorof "T" Associa- tion, Junior Class RICHARD LITTLE B. E. A., M. A. University of Texas, Uni- versity of Houston ject: Aft nsor of Sophomore Class ROBERT E. McDANIEL, JR. B. A. Stephen E Austin State College Subject: Mathematics Sponsor of Junior Class . get 10 JOHN C. MARTIN B. A., M. Ed. Stephen E. Austin State College Subject: Speech Sponsor of National Thespian Society, Senior Class CLARA MORTON M. S., M. S. S. W. T. T. C. University of Colorado Subject: Mathematics Co-Sponsor of Student Council MRS. MARY AGNES NEYLAND B. A., M. A. University of Texas Subject: English Sponsor of Junior Class ROY E. OHMERT B. S., M. Ed. East Texas State Teachers College University of Houston Subject: Industrial Arts Sponsor of Senior Class MARY LUCY POPE B. B. A. University of Texas Subjects: Typing I, Busi ness English Sponsor of Senior Class JAMES RAMSEY B, M. North Texas State College Subject: Choir Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Boys Quartette ROBERT L. RENFROE B. S., M. M. E. Sam Houston State College Subject: Band Sponsor of Sophomore Class LENUAL S. RIEHM Ph. B., M. A. University of Wisconsin, University of Missouri Subject: Chemistry MRS. K. D. ROBIRDS B. A. University of Arkansas Subjects: World History, English Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Chairman of Sponsors MRS. TOTSIE W. ROSS B. A., M. A. East Texas State Teachers College, North Texas State, University of Mexico, Michigan State College Subject: Mathematics Sponsor of Senior Class MRS. HAZEL SCRUCGS B.B.A., M. Ed. Baylor University, Uni- versity of Houston Subject: Typing Sponsor of Junior Class HARRY L. SMITH B. S., M. A. University of Alabama Subject: Industrial Arts Sponsor of Sophomore Class, Golf Coach JAMES ED STAGGS B. B. A. University of Houston Subject: Business Math Sponlsor of "T" Associa- tion, Junior Class Head Football Coach 'JANE TAYLOR B. A., M. A. East Texas State Teachers College Subject: English Sponsor of Senior Class W. B. THORNTON B. A., M. Ed. Austin College, Texas Tech Subject: Distributive Edu- cation Sponsor of Junior Class, D. E. Club BILL TURNEY B. A., M. S. Northeastern Oklahoma State, University of Houston, University of Arkansas Subject: Mathematics Sponsor of Senior Class, Future Teachers of America, Key Club BONNIE VERMILLION B. S., M. S. North Texas State Teachers College Subject: Mathematics Sponsor of Sophomore Class LAZELLE WILCOX B. S., M. Ed. Sul Ross State College, Texas University, Uni- veristy of Colorado. University of Houston Dean of Girls Sponsor of Cheerleaders Student Council DOVIE WINNIFORD B. A. East Texas State Teachers College Subject: English Sponsor of Senior Class, Director of Stingorama BETTY LEE WRIGHT B. S. Alabama State College for Women Subject: P. E. Sponsor of Junior Class MARY ELIZABETH EADS B. S. Baylor University Subject: P. E. Sponsor of Junior Class MRS. LEVI FRY B. A., B. S. Colorado State University Librarian Sponsor of Junior Red Cross MRS. NELL B. MCMAINS B. S. Southeastern State College, Oklahoma A. T5 M. College Subject: Typing and Bookkeeping Sponsor of Junior Class CLEMMA ROSS B. A., M. Ed. University of Houston. Colorado State College of Education Subject: History Sponsor of Senior Class ft ,H ,M A 13 longev ty as Texas City .-4 r ty in ioi SCH hold IS teache above he I hough Alt hey are I ving YO P OIHCHI a frivolous m picture in this Of f sed p0 QY th hers, t23C eartf' H Ar oung "Y C0 Ch E :N .'I.' U m G! X N E-' .E m H rv w ?s D0 C .- -C V-J F5 Q0 GJ L4 .A GJ -C a -C LJ 5 DD C 2 ru 5-J JZ O0 u: O 4-I left BFG, They 5 U-1 'cn 'di E E .2 E 2:5 5 :N XO N ai o 3 2 TJ N CU -I 'Q E 2:5 N N we NO P5 ri o L-J X-4 o E N5 8-4 .2 U vi L-4 as OJ DN CD NT .fi Ga E O 'JI C L4 av U-4 cn .2 E5 a.. N eu VN X v-4 E .2 LL Q3 .E 'U YU r: 5-I GJ LQ vi I-4 215 5-4 N GJ :- to v-4 'Ur- 'Of an 1 ' Y AW? 4 ,. V3 2 I LJ ' I V 'Q . , fn Q- 31744: ,, Y if V 'SZ ww i' f i X A, 2 3' 45 'f--...4."..:. A I 'K 1 X 4 H I I I 5',,Q, gg, Qfiai I wtf, ,fl Eli ' J I5 I i E ,....,...,MMN Z W4 Custodians Standing, left to right: M. F. Pickett: W. C, Baker: V. E. McBee, Head Custodian. Sitting, left to right: Tonie Ramon: Olivia Elizondp. 15 D IN MEMORIAL This is in the memory of Gayle Godard who would have graduated with this senior class. Although she is not with us in person, Gayle is with us in memory and thought. Born - July 9, 1938 Died -- August 13, 1954 16 41, 49,1 W fzfzU1JHM ,,v,W glvzywii if Jgifilif ROBERT ABERCROMBIE School Fav., '55-'56g Pres. Student Council '55-565 Pres. Sr. Class '55-'56g Boy's Win. Gal, Co. Elk's Leadership Cont. '56g Lone Star Bo-y's St. '55g Nat. Merit Scholar- ship Exam '55g Student Council '54-'56g Jr. Rotarian '55g Key Club '55-'56g Rep. Key Club '55-'56g Del. G.S.L. '55g Oil Ind. Cont. '54g Dee Walker ,Poetry Award '55g May Fete '55g Dramatics Club '56g Pres. Jr. Achievement Co. ,55-'56g Candi- date for Sr. Fav. '56 KARL F. BARTH Student Council '54-'56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Nat. Thes. Par. '54-'56g Key Club '55-'56g Soph. Play '53g Jr. Play '54g Inter. Play '55g Inter. De- bating '53-'56g District Meet, 3rd '54g Am. Chem. So. Award '55g Nat. Merit Scholarship Program Semi- Finals '55: History Award '55' Math Award 563 Stingorama Cont. '55g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Janoco Tres. '55g Janoco Pres. '56g Junior Blo- tarian '55g Good Sportsmanship League Visitor '55 MARTHA ATKINS SONJA BARNETT Cheerleader '54-'55g Soph. Play '54g Thes. Award '53-'54g Jr. Play '55g Candidate for Soph., Jr., Sr. Fa- variteg Candidate for Basketball Queen '55g Sr. Play '56g Lit.-Thes. Play '56g Inter. League Play '55g School Musical '54g Thes. Treasurer '54-'55g Thes. Vice Pres. '56g Band ,53-'54g Choir '54-'56g Dramatics Club '53g Intra. Volleyball '54-'56g Intra. Basketball '53-'56g Intra. Baseball ,53-,561 Martinettes '53-,56Q Operetta '56g Stingorama '54-'55g One Act Play '54-'55g G.A ' . '53-'54g Youth Theater Inc. '55-'56g Best RUBY ADDICKS RUTH ANN BAILEY Thes. Award '56 VICKIE BECK D. E. Club '54-'56g Commercial Club '55-'56 l 8 gg W -L-A Hg: f,,zfege:.w. fa, Sati n K K y d... I 224: .1 ' X ft e . S36 'X 9.9 kv? - MQVSS ' '- . B .xx es , .. E55 . . X ,W .ffl .f .. jx fa 7 37. S 5 x f s XS, x X X 'QS . .N X 6 N X5 X K X A. ,M kkkk X .. ARLENE BISCAMP n Drum Major '55-'56g M2J01'ePte '54-'55g Band '53-'553 Lit. Guild '53-'54g Commercial Club '55-'56 BARBARA ANN BOLES G. A. L. '53-'54g Lit. Guild '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '54-'56g Intra. Bas- ketball '54-'56g F.H.A. '55-'56g Bad- minton Intra. Tournament '53-'54g Press Club '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56 SHIRLEY HILL BODINE D. E. Club '54-'56 .ff L - ' . ,, -I 'f tmp' N 2 W' Q ' , '53 . 1 " 1 '57 ' If, ,Z . ' S. if ' W, Q fx f 4 fab X K V PHYLLIS BORDEN School Favorite ,565 Cheerleader ,54-'56g Basketball Queen '56g Win. Gal. Co. Elk's Leadership Cont. lst '56g Girls' State '55g Jr. Favorite '55g Opt. Queen '55g Student Coun- cil Treas. '54g Student Council Sec. '54-'55g Best Thes. Award '55g Jr. Rot. '55g G. S. L. Del. '55-'56g Sr. Play '56g Student Council '56g 'T' Assoc. '56g Press Club '55-'56g Soph. Play '54g Intra. Volleyball '54-'55g Drama Club Pres. '53-'54g Stingaree Tales '56g Nat. Anth. of Poetry '54g Musical '54g G. A. L. '53-'54g Thes. Rec. '54-,55 ROSE NELL BORN Band '53-'56g All Dist. Band '54-'55g Sax solo Inter. League ,553 Twirl- ing Trio Inter. League ,535 Sax Quartet '54-'55g Sax Sextet '55-'563 Sax Solo, Quartet, Sextet-Tri-State Fest. '55g Lit. Guild '53-'56g Choir ,56g Drama Club '53-'54g G. A. L. '53-'54g Dee Walder Poetry Cont. '55g Oil Ind. Cont. '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '53-'56g Intra. Basketball '53-'55g Musical ,53-'54 19 f 'D fwfi. avg, ff , 745 7' W f f I Z 4, f ,QV . f f xxx fe K JO ELLEN BLACK Football Queen '55-'56g Majorette '55-'56g Band '53-'56g Asso. Editor of Stingaree Tales '56g Commercial Club '55-,565 Press Club '55-'56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Intra Basketball Tournament '54-'56g Intramural Volleyball Tournament '55-'56g Lit. Guild '53-'54g Nat. Anth. of Essaysg Stingaree Tales ,55-y56g Dramatic Club '53-'54 BUDDY BOYDSTON Football Captain '55g Football '53-'55g 'T' Assoc. Vice Pres. '55-'56g 'T' Assoc. '54-'55g Most Val- uable Player Award in Football '55g Track '54-'56g Student Council '53g Press Club '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56 LANELL BOZEMAN MARY LOUISE BURNS LILLIAN BRADDY National Anth. of High School Poetry, '55g Commercial Club '55-'56 l RICHARD BRANDON CURTIS BUCHANAN Football '53g 'B' Basketball '53-'54g Baseball '54-'56g Basketball '54-'56g 'T' Asso. '54-'56 GARY BROACH Band '54-'56g Key Club '55-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Dance Band '55-'56g Biology Club '54g Tri-State Band '55g Youth Theatre Inc. '55-'56g Circle Theatre '55g Stingarama '54g Nat. Poetry Anth. '55g Nat. Essay Anth. '54g Dee Walker Cont. '55g Essay of Yr. '55g Jr. Red Cross '54-'56 CARLOTTA CANALES '55-'56 MARY JANE CLARK JACK COOPER LOU OLA CHAPMAN Lit. Guild '54-'55g Candidate for Basketball Queen '54-'55g Choir '55-'56g Press Club '55-356g Sting- aree Tales Staff '55-'56g Operetta JOHN WAYNE SHESSON Transfer: D.E. '55-'56g Program Chair. D. E. '55-'56g Jr. Achieve- ment '55-'56g Del. D. E. Con. '56 VENITA CLEMMER Intra. Volleyball '53-'56g Intra. Bas- ketball '53-'56g G.A.L. '53g Lit. Guild '53-'55g Sec. F'.H.A. '55-'56g F.H.A. Sweetheartg 'Jin Achieve- ment '55-'56 Treas. Key Club '54-'56g Nat. Thes. '55-'56g May Fete '54-'55g Dee Walker Essay Cont. 2nd, '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '53-'54g Nat. Essay Anth. '53-'54g "Sermons in Poetry" '53-'54g Stingarama '53-'55g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Jr. Achieve- ment Sales Mgr. '55-'56g Tex. A8zM Drawing Cont. '53-'54 21 HENRY CHAUVIN MARY EVELYN COLLIER Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Sec. Jr. Achievement '56g All State Band '54-'56g All Region Band '55-'56g All District Band '55-'56g Band '53-'56g Lit. Guild '54g May Fete '54-'55g Musical '555 Mgr. Intra, Basketball Team '54g Intra. Volleyball '55g Nat. Anth. of Essays '56g Tri-State Band '55g Stingarama '55g Candi- date Jr. Achievement Sweetheart '56 RITA SUE CORLEY HAROLD DeVANEY MARIE CURREY Intra. Volleyball '53-'56g Intra. Bas- ketball '53-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g Intra. Archery '54-'56g Soph. Play '53-'543 Pres. Fut. Nurses Club '55-'56g Choir '55-'56g Lit. Guild l54-'55g Choir Operetta '56g Nat Poetry Anth. '54-'56g Badminto-n Tournament '54 MINERVA cnuk My 'W MELVITA DANIELS f-, n PHYLLIS DEVER Thes. 54-'56g Dramatics Club '53-'54g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g F.T.A. '54-'55g Senior Play '56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55g Musical '54g Jr. Play '55g Grad. Honor Guard '55g Youth Theatre Guild '56g Jr. Achievement '56 22 1 BETTY DOWLING Jr. Achievement ,55-'56g Jr. Achievement Sec. '56g Commercial Club '55-'56g Major Club '55-'56g Fut. Nurses '55-'56g Biology Club '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '53-,565 Intra. Basketball '53-'56 MARILYN ANNA DIAZ Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Commer- cial Club '55-'56g Fut. Nurses '55-'56g Volleyball '54-'55 GORDON DILLION RAY DUDLEY NANNIE JO DICKEY Band ,53-'56g Jr. Red Cross '54-'56g Del. for Jr. Red Cross '55g Lit. Guild '53-'56g May Fete '55g Intra. Softball '54-'55g Intra. Badminton '53-'54g Intra. Basketball '54-'55g Intra. Volleyball All-Tournament Softball '54-'55g Red Cross Club Treas. '55g Jr. Achievement Treas. '56g Nat. Essay Anth. '55-'56g Solo Cont. '53-'55g Twirling Cont. '53-'54 RONALD ELDRED BILL DUNCAN 23 SHERRILL DEE ELLIOTT De Walker Poetry Cont. lst. Soph. Class '53-'54g Posture Award 2nd '55-'56g Commercial Club '55-'56g F.H.A. Club '55-'56g Fut. Nurses '55-'56 JAMES FIEDLER ARVIN ERD Soph. Play '53-'54g Jr. Play '54-'55g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Musical '53g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55g Jr. Achievement Vice-Pres. '55-'56g Sr. Play '56g Band '53-'56 MELVA BURNS EPLER D. E. Club '54-'56 EUGENE FARIS EDWARD ESQUIVEL VERA WELCH FLEMING FREDERICK GALBREATH Baseball Letterman '53-,545 Base- ball '54-'56g "B" Basketball '53-'55g "A" Basketball Letterman '55-'56g May Fete '55g 'T' Asso. '55-'56g 'ITi- State Choir '55g Band '53-'56 arama '55 EDWARD FOLLETT LAMAR FULLER Biology Club Vice-Pres. '53-'54g Biology Club Sgt.-at-Arms '54-'55 FRANK GARCIA MARY FRANCES GARRETT F.T.A. '55-'56g Sec. F.T.A. '56g Lib. F.T.A. '55-'56g Lit, Guild '54-'56g Dist. Del. F, T. A. '55-'563 G. A. L, '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '55g Sting- 25 MARSHA FRIDGE RALPH GARRETT Football '53-,555 Football letter- man '553 Basketball '54g 'T' Asso. '55-'56g Vice-Pres. D. E. Club '54g Stingaree Tales Staff '56g Tennis Team '56g Press Club '56 JOHNNY GARTON JIMMIE GREEN MARY ANN GATELEY LESLIE EDWARD GREATHOUSE Baseball '54-'56g Baseball letterman '54-2565 'T' Asso. '54-'56g D. E. Club '55-'56g Intra. Basketball '53g Bas- ketball 'B' Team '54-'55g Cont. to Stingarama '55 JO ANN GREEN D. E. Club '55-'56g D. E. Club Vice- Pres. '55-'56g Candidate for Sweet- heart of D. E. Club '55-'56g Del. T State Convention '55-'56g Girls State Co. Attorney '54-'55g Musical '54g Martinettes '53-'56g "June Graduate" '53-'54g Lit. Guild Play '54-'55g D. L, Debate '54-555 Drama Club '53-'54g Thes. '54-'55g Lit. Guild Club '54-'55: F.T.A. '54-'55g Basketball '53-'55g Volleyball '53-'55g Badminton '53-'54 26 WANDA GARTON If TJ WSW 'FW Q? A Fi Ti? if " Q fxflxvr A as X A "9 .vibe A ' "il"-V xl 3. f ,za Q K t U K , 1 . P A . ' rv' MSX at - " N: N . eg . . f X ROBERT GOREE Transferg Football letterman '54-'55g Jr. Play '54-'55g Sr. Play '55-'56g Inter. League Play '54-'55g 'T' Asso. '55-'56g Vice-Pres. Thes. '54-'55g Drama Club '54-'56g Bas- ketball '54-'55g Baseball '55-'56g Track '54-'55g Key Club Sgt.-at- arms '55-'56g Debate Team '54-'55g All-State Choir '55-'56g Male Quar- tette '55-'56g Operetta '55-'56g Inter- League Soloist Cont. lstg Dee Wal- ker Poetry Award '54-'55g Choir '54-'56g Key Club '54-'56 KARLENE GREENE Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55g Inter. League Typing Cont. '54-'55g Com- mercial Club '53-'55g G. A. L. '55-'56g Press Club '55-'56g Annual Staff '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Biology Club '53-'54 HILTON HALE RENA FAYE GUILES MARGIE BEARDEN HAMILTON Choir '54-'56g Regional Voice Solo Cont. lst '55-'56g Choir Operetta '56g Biology Club Sgt. Arms '53-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g All Tour- nament Baseball Team '55g Intra. Volleyball '53-'55g Intra. Basket- ball '55g All School Musical '54g May Fete '53-'55g Lit. Guild '553 Music Dir. F.T.A. '55g Nat. Thes. '56g Fut. Nurses '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '55g Songs of Youth '55 JANEY GRIPP Biology Club '53-'56g Sec. Biology Club '56g Lit. Guild '54-'55g Fut. Nurses Club '55-'56g Intra. Badmin- ton '53g F.T.A. '55-'56g Intra. Vol- leyball '53-'55g Intra. Basketball '56g G. A. L. '53-'54 DAYLE M. HARRIS Band '53-'56g Student Director, Band '55-'56g Dist. Band '54-'56g Re- gional Band '54-,565 Tri-State Band and Chorus ,55-'56g Nat. Thes. '53-'56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '56g Sr. Play '55'56g Biology Club Pres. '53f'54g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55g Musical '54-'55: Jr. Red Cross '53-'56g Assembly Bugler '54-'56: Sgouth Theatre Inc. '55-'56g Musical ' 5--'56 SANDRA HANNA Literary Guild '54-'55g Softball Intra. '544'55' Volle ball Intra. , Y '54-'56 27 1 K KENNETH HAVARD O LEWIS HERRINGTON JOAN HEERSSEN Sec. D.E. '55-'56g Nat. Anth. Poetry Contest '55g Candidate for Optimist Queen '55-'56g Candidate for D.E. Sweetheart '55-'56g Biology Club '53-'54. SYLVIA HERNANDEZ Merit Scholarship Competitor '55-'56g G.A.L. '53-'54g Commercial Club '54-'55g Fut. Nurses Club '55-'56g Intra. Volleyball '53-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g Intra. Bas- ketball '53-55g Intra. Badminton '53-'54g Archery, Jr. lst, '53-'54g All Tournament Baseball Team '54-'55g D.E. Club. CHARLES HEARN TOMMY HENLEY JIMMY W. HIGGINBOTHAM Football '53-'55g Football Letter man '54-'55g "B" Basketball '53-'54 Track '53-'54g 'T' Asso. '54-'55g Sgt at-Arms 'T' Asso. '55g Faculty Fol lies '54g Stingorama Cont. '54. Eowm HILL 'Q DON HUEY ,SK ,K 7 Q f I V, I ' . A I, ,v,., 5 W , , , 14 ,A f ,A -f I -,VV Lf iv N , rn J A ,. T 1 .1 1 ,7 ,HS g SARA HOOVER Transferg Nat. Thes. '53-l56g Inter. Cont. Play l53-'54g Soph. Play '53- '54g All School Musical '53-54g Lit. Guild '53-'54g May Fete '5-'54g F.H.A. '54-'55g F.H.A. Pres. '55-'56g F. F. A. Sweetheart Candidate '55-'56g Intra. Volleyball '55-'56g Vice-Pres. Jr. Achievement '55-'56. VIVIAN HUGHES May Fete Queen '56g May Fete '54g Girl's State Chief Justice of Su- preme Court '55g Jr. Play '53-'54g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Jr. Class One-Act Play '53-'54g Best Thes. Award '54-'55g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Biology Club '54-'55, Lit. Guild '54-'55g G.A.L. '53-'54g Lib. F.T.A. '55-l56g Vice-Pres. F.T.A. '55-'56g Nat. Merit Scholarship '55g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Intra. Bas- ketball ,52-'55g Intra. Volleyball '52-'55g Intra. Softball '52-'55g Intra. Archery '53-'55g "Songs of Youth" '54-'55 DIXIE HUMPHRIES Sec. Biology Club '53-'54g Pres. Biology Club '54-'55g Posture 3rd '53-'54g F.T.A. '55-'56g Nat. Essay Anth. '55-'56g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55g NOMA Spelling Cont. 3rd '54-555 Intra. Baseketball '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'54g Intra. Bad- minton '53-'54g G.A.L. '53-'54g Lit. Guild '55-'56, 29 A-' ' Y I C1-ft I ROSALIE HILTON Intra Basketball '53-'54g Intra. Vol- leyball '53-'56g Intra. Badminton '53-'54g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g Ma- jor Club ,54-'55g Commercial Club '55-'56. ' U RHODA HUNT Cheerleader '54-'563 St. Play '56g Jr. Play '55g Soph. Play '54g Musical '54g Inter. League Play '55g Mar- tinettes '53-,565 DeMolay Sweet- heart Candidate '55g "T" Asso. '56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Treas. Jr. Achievement '56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Inter. League Typing '55g Press Club '55-'56g Commercial Club '55'56g Posture 3rd '55g G.A.L. '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '54-'56g Intra. Softball '54-'56g Intra. Basket- ball '54g Nat. Poetry Anth. '55g Stingorama '55g Drama Club '53-,54. lr.- ' , I .f 7, :af f , ,I , , f, ., JS " ' , , I ff .. v. ,, fo, ' V M . 3 ff, " , . , I - ' X M if BARBARA HUNTER May Fete '54-'55g Press Club Sec '55-'56g Commercial Club Sec. ,563 Football, Basketball Queen Candi date ,565 Stingaree Tales '55-'56 Lit. Guild '54-'55g Sweetheart Can didate '5Sg Intra. Volleyball ,54-,56 School Favorite Candidate ,565 Stu dent Directory ,55-56g Intra. Soft- ball '54-'55, CHARLES JACOBSON Thespians '54-'56. 7 1 JANET ISBELL Annual Editor ,56g Inter. Art Award-Gold Key ,535 Inter. Art Award-2 Gold Keys ,555 Editor Stingaree Tales ,553 Art Editor Stingorama ,545 Oil Ind. Cont. '53g Merchant Marine Cont. ,533 Nat. Essay Anth. '53-,543 Dee Walker Poetry and Essay Awards ,545 Lit. Guild Sweetheart Candidate '54g Lit Guild '53-,563 Treas. Lit. Guild ,545 Vice-Pres. Lit. Guild ,553 Press Club ,55g May Fete '54g Soph. Play ,535 Jr. Play ,543 Inter. Play ,543 Lit.-Thes. Play ,545 Poster Award '56 il ly V44 MIDGE JACOBS Treas. Sr. Class '56g Student Coun- cil '54-,553 Corr. Sec. Student Coun- cil ,555 May Fete '55g Soph. Play '54-,555 Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '54g Charter Member Nat. Thes.' 545 Rep. Nat. Thes. ,565 Outstanding Thes. Award '54-'553 Jr. Rotarian ,563 Martinettes '54-'56g Intra. Vol- leyball '54-,563 Intra. Basketball '55-,565 Softball '54-,565 Musical '53-,54. DANIEL IRBY JANICE JACKSON Majorette '54-,563 Band '53-'56g Football Queen Candidate '56g Jr. Achievement Sweetheart '55-,565 Sec. Jr. Achievement '55-,56g Soph. Play '53-,545 Commercial Club '53-,565 Press Club '55-,563 Nat. Thes. '55-,563 Exchange Editor Stingaree Tales ,55-'56g Intra. Bas- ketball ,53-'54g Intra Volleyball '54-,555 Intra. Softball '53-'54g Dee Walker Poetry Award '54-,555 Rep. fgommercial Club ,555 Drama Club ' 3-,54. czf , I ff ,n f, U It n V4 1 f V, 6 'inf I Z 2 DAVID JARRELL Football '53-,555 Football Letter- man '54-,559 Basketball '53-'55g Track ,543 'T' Asso. '54-,563 Thes. Lit. Guild Play '55g Faculty Follies '54g Jr. Achievement '55-,565 Intra. Basketball ,545 May Fete '55g Jr. Rotarian ,555 Golf ,535 Stingarama '55 30 Cont. lst '54, LOIS JOHNSON Strong English Award '54-'55g Lit. Guild '54-'56g Rep. Lit. Guild '56g Nat. Essay Anth. '54-'56g Future Homemakers of America '53-'54g NOMA Spelling Cont. 2nd '55g NOMA Spelling Cont. lst '56g Verum Prandium Club '55-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56. 4 CARL GENE JOHNSON Band '53-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Solo Cont. 2nd '53g Solo EDWARD JOHNSON . TOMMY JONES Lone Star Boy's State '55g Nat. Thes. '53-'56g Best Thes. Award '53-'54g Honor Bar Nat. Thes. '53-'54g May Fete '53g Soph. Play '53-l54g "June Graduate" '53-'54g Musical l53-'54g Sec. Drama Club '53-'54g Jr. Play '54-'55g Debate Team '54-'56g Lit. Guild Play '54-'55g Inter. League Play '54-'55g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '54-'55g Jr. Rotarian '56g Key Club '55g Com- mercial Club '55-'56g Student Mgr. S hool Public Address System M4 563 Vice-Pres. Jr. Achievement 4001 '55:Z56. PATSY JONES Transferg Biology Club '53-'54g Lit. Guild '54-'55g Intra. Volleyball '53-'54g F.T.A. '54-'56g Stingorama '54-'55g Intra. Basketball ,53-'54'Q Nat. Essay Anth. '54-'55g Press Club '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g F.H.A. '55-'56g Sec. F.T.A. '55-'56, 31 T CAROLE JOHNSON CATHY JORDAN fWWW! X ff Mfffi f if , X! ,f y X 1 159, W, , I, .f N . f . -. V W, . , f , wtf , 0. ' , ,fs ' 1 A , ,4,i,f,f-5,44 ' 'J .wc fi? , Q if .- - A- . ,fffbgzf ' 5, S it MARIAN KEY ROLAND JORDAN Student Dir. Band '55-'56g All-Dist. Band '54-'56g Tri-State Band '54-'553 Most Outstanding Thes. '56g Most Outstanding Speech Student '56g Pres. Thes. '55-'56g Pres. Youth Theatre Inc. '55-'56g Nat. Essay Anth. '54-'56g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '54-'55g Boys State '54-'55g Key Club '53-'56g Soph. Play '53-'54g Jr. Play '53-'54g Sr. Play '55-'56g Musical Asst. Dir. '53-'54g Thes. Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Lit. Guild Play '54-'55g Play Cont. '54-'55g Debate '55-'56. RICHARD KOEHLER Track '54-'55g Key Club '55-'56g Stingarama Staff '54g Pres. Jr. Achievementg Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55g 'T' Asso. '54-'56g Football Mgr. '54-'56 HARRY B. KELSO Student Council '54-'55g G.S,L, '55-'56g Vice-Pres. Jr. Class '54-'55g Sgt.-at-Arms Nat. Thes. '53-'56g In- ter. League Play '53-'55g Sr. Play '56g Jr. Play '55g Soph. Play '54g Band '53-'56g Dist. Band '55g Out- standing Thes. 53 54, Jr. Rotarian, Charter Member Nat. Thes.g Drama Club '53-'54 Annual Staff '54-'56g Asst. Editor Commercial Club Commercial Club Annual '55-'56g '54-'56g Pres. '55-'56g Posture Cont. 2nd, '55g Ar- chery 3rd, '55g '53-'55g Intra. Intra. Baseketball Volleyball '53-'55g Intra. Baseball '54g May Fete '55g G.A.L. '54g Sr. Play '55g Jr. Play Play '53-'54g Nat. '55g Dee Walker '54-'55g Soph, Poetry Anth. Poetry Cont. '54g Student Directory '55-'56g "Songs of Youth" '54-'55 EUGENE KIRKPATRICK PAT KUYKENDALL WESLEY KINDRICK Baseball Mgr. '53-'56g Soph. Play '53-'54g "June Graduate" '53-'54g Stage Mgr. "Nine Girls" '53-'54- Drama Club '53-'54g Nat. Thesi '53-'seg Ur' Asso. '54-'56g Thes. Lit. Guild Play '55-'56 Band '53-'56g Majorette '54-'56g Sec. Jr. Achievement '55 - '56g Jr. Achievement Sweetheart '55-'56g Drama Club '53g Best Thes. Award '56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Commercial Club '55-'56g G.A.L. '53-'54g Musical '54g Martinettes '53 - '56g Treas. F.T.A. '55-'56g Thes,-Lit. Guild Play '55g Sr. Play '56g May Fete '54g Press Club '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Corr. to T. C. Sun '55-'56g Intra. Sports '53-'55g Posture 2nd, '54 32 --ma. PATSY ANN LaFONT Commercial Club '55-'56g Future Nurses Club '55-'56g Stingaree Di- rectory Staff '55-'56 JACKIE LAWRENCE S0Ph. Play '53g Nat. Thes. '53g Football '53g Track '55g Key Club ,55-'56 BETTY LAWRENCE Intra. Basketball '54-'55g Intra. Vol- leyball '55-'56g Intra. Badminton '53-'54g Drama Club '53-'54g Lit. Guild '54-'55g Press Club '55-'56g "June Graduate" '53-'54g Debate Team '54-'55g Stingaree Tales '55-'56 E RN EST LEAL Football '55--'56 EVA JEAN LEE Editor Stingaree Tales '56g Asso. Editor Stingaree Tales '55g Candi- date Basketball Queen '56g Nat, Thes. '53-'56g Vice Pres. Nat. Thes. '54g Program Chair. Nat. Thes. '53-'54g Drama Club '53-2545 Vice- Pres. Majors Club '54-'55g Majors Club '53-'55g G.A.L. '53-'54g Sgt.1at- Arms G.A.L. '53-'54g Best Thes. Award '54g Comercial Club '53-'55g Press Club '55-'56g Intra Basketball '53-'56g Jr. Play '55g Soph. Play '54g Sr. Play '56g Intra. Volleyball '53-'56g Intra Baseball '53-'56 DONALD LAMBRIGHT JEANINE LEE ' All Tournament Basketball '54-'55g Intra. Basketball '55-'56g Intra. Vol- leball '53 - '55g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g Nat. Anth. '54-'55g Choir '55-'56 JOE LEEPER Cheerleader '55-'56g Vice - Pres. Drama Club '53-'54g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Best Thes. '54-'55g Vice- Pres. Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Student Council '53-'55g Soph. Play '53-'54g "June Graduate? '53-'54g Lit. Guild Play '54-'55g Jr. Play '54-'55g Sr. Play '55-'56g Jimmie Martinettes '55-'56g Vice-Pres. Commercial Club '55-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Nat. Essay Anth. '55-'56g Key Club '55-l56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g 'T' Asso. '55-'56g School Musical '53-'54g Stingorama '54-'55 HENRY LOECKLE Band '53-'55 I MYRA LEWIS Commercial Club '55-'56g F.H.A. '53-'56g Soph. Play '53-'54g Nat. Es- say Anth. '54-'55 JERRY LERMAN Football Mgr. '54-'55g Track Mgr. '55g Key Club '54-'56g Vice-Pres Key Club '55-'56g 'T' Asso. '54-'56g Best Thes. Award '56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Sr. Play '56g Soph. Play '53g Lit. Guild-Thes. ,Play '55-'56g All-School Musical '53-'54g Youth Theatre Inc. '56g May Fete King '56g Jr. Achieve- ment '55-'56 ALVIN LoEcKLE, JR. Band '53-'55g Key Club '55-'Ng Track '54-'55g A11 District Bland '54-'55 VERA LEWIS wi 6 S xi 1 in . "1- ? w J . i V ANN LOOPER Biology Club '53-'54g Commercial Club '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '53-'54g F.T.A. '54-'56g G.A.L. '54-'55g Lit. Guild '54-'56g Lit. Guild Play '54-'55g Fut. Nurses Club '54-'55g Press Club '55'56g Annual Staff '55 - ,565 Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g F.H.A. '55-'56g Treas. Jr. Achieve- ment '55 - '56g Intra Badminton '54-'55g Posture Contest '54-'55g Jr. Achievement Sweetheart '55-'56 34 .lil l ' ' . 'IH4 . '54-'55 JOYCE McWHIRTER Asst. Treas. Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Lit. Guild '55-'56g Commercial Club '54-'56g F.H.A. '54-'55 JUANITA LOWRY Lit. Guild '53-'56g Lit. Guild Play '54-'55g Thes. '54-'56g Vice-Pres. Jr. Red Cross '54-'56g Treas. Jr. Red Cross '54-'56g Pres. Jr. Red Cross '55-'56g Band '53-'56g All Dist. Band '54-'56g All Regional Band '54-'55g May Fete '54-'55g All School Musi- cal '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55g Intra. Sports '53-'54g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '54-'55g Tri- State Chorus '55g "Songs of Youth" CAROL JEANNE McINTOSH Lit. Guild '54-'56g Par. Lit. Guild '56g Fut. Nurses Club '54-'56g Nat. Merit Scholarship Program '56g Inter. League Spelling 2nd '54g In- ter. League Spelling 1st '55 MARY ANN MADDUX Nat. Thes. '53-'56g Sec. Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Drama Club '53g Intra. Base- ball '54g Intra. Volleyball '53g Biology Club '53-'54g Musical '54-'55g Intra. Archery '54g Band '53-'56g G.A.L. ,54g Sgt.-at-Arms G.A.L. '54g Intra. Badminton '54g Sec. Jr. Class '54-'55g Sr. ,Play '55-'56g Student Council '55g Lit. Guild '55g NOMA Spelling Cont.g Sec. Sr. Class '55-'56g Dee Walker Cont.g "I Speak For Democracy" Cont. 1st '55g Sec. Band '55-'56 LILY MANRIQUEZ Press Club '55-'56 35 BILLY DON McDUFFIE Vice-Pres. Student Council '55-'56g Pres. Jr. Class '54-'55g Jr. Class Fa- vorite '54-'55g Key Club '55-'56g Band '53-'54g Intra. Basketball '53-'54g 1st Division Ensemble '53-'54g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55 ANNE MARTIN Lit. Guild '54-'55g Intra. Basketball '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '55-'56g Intra. Baseball '53-'56g Intra. Arch- ery '54-'55 JIMMY MARTIN Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Jr. Red Cross '53-'56g "June Graduate" '53g Choir '55-'56g Choir Operetta '56g Jimmy Martinettes '55 - '56g Basketball Mgr. 'B' Team '53-'54g Drama Club '53g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Musi- cal '53 MARILYN MEADOR Transfer D.E. Club Sweetheart '55-'56g DE. Club '55-'56g Chfoifi' '55-'56g Intra. Basketball '56g Arch- ery 2nd, '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54--'55g Stingorama '54,-'55 -.. BILL MARTIN Golf Team '54-'56g Key Club '55-'56g Biology Club '53 CHARLES MASSEY Football '53-'55g Football Letter- man '53-'55g Track '53-'54g 'B' Bas- ketball '53-'54g 'T' Association '54-'56 ' 2 DALE MAY Sr. Favorite '55-'56g Key Club '54-'56g Pres, Key Club '55-'56g Key Club Dist. Con. '55-'56g Key Club lnter.Con. '55-'56g,D.E. Club '54-'56g Pres. D.E. Club '55-'56g D.E. Con. '55-'56g D.E. Del Inter. Con. '55-'56g D.E. Con. Job Interview Cont. 2nd, '56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Jr. Achieve- ment '55-'56g Pres. Jr. Achieve- ment '55-'56g May Fete '54-'55g Sgt.- at-Arms D.E. Club '54-'55g Soph. TOMMIE MARTINEZ Play '53-'54g Jr. Play '54-'55g Sr. Play '55-'56 DANNY MEDINA Class Favorite '54g Vice-Pres. Soph. Class '54g Student Council '54g Tres. Student Council '54g Regional Win- ner in Declamation '55g Debate Clubg F.T.A. '55-'56g Nat. Thes.g Treas., Sr. Class '56g Del. F.T.A. Con. '56g Nat. .Poetry Anth. '55 36 HOWARD MEREDITH Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Sgt.-at-Arms '56g Thes. Lit. Guild Play '56g Best Per- formance Award Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '56g Sr. Play '56g Sgt.-at-Arms Sr. Class '56g Band l53-'56g All-Dis- trict Band '54-'56g All-Regional Band '54-'56g All-State Band '55-'56g Tri-State Band. '55g Jr. Achieve- ment '55-'56g Musical '55g Jimmie Martinettes J55-'56 JOHN WAYNE MITCHELL Key Club '53-'56g Sec. Key Club '54-'56g Biology Club '53-'56g Treas. Biology Club '53-'54g Vice-Pres. Biology Club '54-'55g Pres. Biology Club '55-'56g Rep. Biology Club '56g Annual Staff ,55-'56 GLORIA MILTON May Fete '54g Vice-Pres. Lit. Guild '55g Sgt.-at-Arms Lit. Guild '56g Vice-Pres. F.H.A. '55-'56g Student Council '54g Sec. Janoco Jr. Achievement '55g Nat. Thes. '53-'56g All-Tournament Volleyball '55-'56g Candidate for F.H.A. Sweetheart '56g lntra. Volleyball ,53-'56g Intra. Basketball '53-'56 TOMMY MOORE Baseball Mgr. '54-'56g KT' Associa- tion '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Club '55-'56 S fyw RAY MORRIS, JR. Sgt.-at-Arms Jr. Class '54-'55g Sgt.- at-Arms Sr. Class '55-'56g Drama Club '53-'54g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Soph. Play '53-'54g Jimmie Marti- nettes '55-'56g Key Club '55-'56g Comercial Club '55-'56g Jr. Achieve- ment '55-'56g Stingoramag Annual Staff '55-'56g May Fete '53-'55 37 Vice-Pres. Press Club '55-,565 Press FRANK JOHN MEYER Baseball '52-'54g Soph. Play '53-'54g Jr. Play '54-'55g Sr. Play '55-'56g Choir '53-'56g Musical '53-'54g Dee Walker Cont. '53-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55g Stingorama '53-'56g ffVoice of Democracy" Cont. 4th '54-'55g APPS Essay Cont. '54-'55g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Nat. Thes. '55-'56'g Stingorama Staff '55-'56g "Songs of Youthv '54-'55g Best Thes. Award '56 CHARLES MYERS Choir '53-'56g Pres. Choir '54-'55g Lib. Choir '55-'56g All-State Choir '56g Inter. League Solo Cont. lst '55J Bwlogy Club ,555 F.T.A. Club ,555 Male Quartet '55-,565 Operetta "Meet Arizona" '56 l RONALD MYERS Rep. D.E. Club '56g D.E. Club '55-'56g Stingorama '53-'55g Jr Achievement '56 SUNNY PARKER PAT NASH FLORINE NICHOLS F.H.A. '55-'56g Press Club '55-'56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Commercial Club '55-'56g Commercial Club Rep. '56g Fut. Nurses ,Club '55-'56g Rep. Fut. Nurses Club '55-'56g Candidate F.H.A. Sweetheart '55-'56g Stingaree Directory '55-'56 SIBYL MYHER SYLVIA NEWSOME Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Drama Club '53-'54g Commercial Club '54g A11- School Musical '53-'54g Nat. Essay Anth. '55g Jr. Play '55g Stingaree Tales '56g May Fete '54g Youth Theatre Inc. '55-'56g Choir '55-'56g G.A.L. '54g Press Club '55g Lib. Choir '55-'56 FABIOLA PEREZ X X l JEAN PERRY of X S ' if s 'Ki C r CAROLE PRITCHARD Stingaree Tales '56g Commercial Club '55-'56g Sec. Comercial Club '55g Press Club '55-,56Q Intra. Bas- ketball '53-'54g Intra. Baseball '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '53-'54g All-Tournament Volleyball '53-'54g "June Graduate" '54g Posture Cont. '54-'55g Stingaree Directory '55-56 LESTER RALEY MONICA FABIOLA PONCE G. A. L. '53g Commercial Club '54-'55g Intra. Volleyball '54g Vol- leyball Champions '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54g Intra. Basketball '55g All-Tournament '55g Intra. Softball '55g Softball Champions '55g All-Tournament Softball '55g All- Tournament Volleyball '55 XPS , ' I , I Z X ff -46 K... Wi V, V 4 W K f .4 NW, fi f fi f AW W Q Q mm! K , k MMMAW, ' f. f 7' s HELEN QUARLES Lit. Guild '54-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-565 Treas. Jr. Achievement '56g Jr. Red Cross '55-'56g Band '53-'54g Intra. Basketball '53-'55g Intra. Volleyball '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'54g Musical '53-,54 39 , FREDDY PEVOTO MARY REYES l Rosen RICHARDSON BARBARA ROCHNER Finalists in Houston Retail Mer- chant Scholarship '55-'56g D.E. Club '55-'56g Project Chair. D.E. Club '55-'56g Del. D.E. State Con. '55-'56g Treas. Choir '55-'56g Choir '53-'56g Candidate for Annual Hist. Award '54-'55g Nat. Essay Anth. '54-'55g Soph. Play '53-'54g "Voice of De- mocracy" Cont. '53-'54g Drama Club '53-'54g Intra. Basketball '53-'54g Intra. Badminton '53-'54 EDWARD RIDENOUR GUY RILEY Basketball Letterman '53-'55g Base- ball Letterman '54-'56g Drama Club Intra. Basketball Champions '53-'54g 'T' Asso. '54-'56g Candidate for Beau of F.H.A. '56 EDDIE ROBERTS Baseball Letterman '56g D.E. Club '55-'56 JUDY RUST Lit. Guild '53-'56g Par. Litf Guild '55g Vice-Pres. Lit. Guild '56g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Sec. Sr. Class '56g Soph. Play '54g Sr. Play '56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Annual Staff '56g May Fete '55-'56g Nat. Essay Anth. '54-'55g Drama Club '53g Nat. Poetry Anth. '55g Band '53-'54g Vice-Pres. Jr. Achievement '56 40 D ARDEN RISTAU Vice-Pres. Sr. Class '56g Stingaree Tales '55-'56g Best Performance Award Sr. Play '56g Sr. Play '56g Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Press Club '55-'56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55g Key Club '53-'56g Sgt.-at-Arms Key Club '55-'56g Band '53-'55g May Fete '56 er Poetry Cont. '54g Nat. Essay -- we-.---. PATTY SALAZAR Posture Cont. lst. '53-'54g Candi- date for Opt. Queen '55-'56g D.E. Club '55-'56 CAROLE JEAN SASSER F.F.A. Sweetheart ,55-'56g Posture Cont. '53g Stingaree Tales '56g Soph. Play '53g Jr. Play '54g Drama Club '53-'54g Nat. Thes. '53-'56g Commercial Club '53-'56g G.A.L. '53-'54g Press Club '56g Lit. Guild '53-'54g Nat. Poetry Cont. '53-'54g Nat. Essay Cont. '53-'54g Candidate for Sweetheart '55-'56g Martinettes '53-'56g Musical '53-'55g Candidate for Soph., Jr. Favorite '53-'54 FRANCES VAN SANDERS Inter. League Play '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '53-'56g Intra. Basketball '53-'55g Intra Baseball '53-'55g Bio- logy Club '54-'55 VADA JO SATTERWHITE Dist. Band '54-'55g Regional Band '54-'55g All-State Band Alternate '56g Tri-State Band '55g Lit. Guild '54-'55g Fut. Nurses Club '54-,56g Comercial Club '55-'56g Band '53-'56 WANDA FAYE SCHROEDER Vice-Pres. Commercial Club '56g Fut. Nurses Club '55-'56g Commer- cial Club '55-'56g Stingaree Direc- tory '55-'56 41 ISABEL SANCHEZ Lit. Guild '54-'56g Choir '53-'56g F.T.A. '54-'55g Tennis '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '55g Posture Cont. '54g Intra. Volleyball '54-'55g Dee Walk- Anth. '55g Musical '54g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '55g Operetta '56g Jr. Achievement '55g S t i n g o r a m a '54-'55 SHIRLY SCHULTZ Scholastic Art Exhibit 4 Certifi- cates '54-'55g Galv. County Civic Music Asso. lst, Poster Cont. '56g Nat. Poetry Anth. 'QZ45f'55g D.E. Club '56g Candidate D.E. Sweet- heart 'seg Biology Club ,54',55Q Tri! tra. Badminton l55 ' W W- , , , fm - ffl?" 'ww lipl ' if ' V' vi , ,. , . . I . i f ' JO ANN SEETON Commercial Club '55-'56g Candidate for Miss Secretary Commercial Club '55-'56 0 DOT SHAUBERGER Lit. Guild '53-'56: F.T.A. '54- '55g Biolofzv Club '53-'54: D. E. Club '55-'56: Soho. Plav '53-'54g Lit. Guild Play '54- '55: Jr. Play '54-'55g Historian F.T.A. '54-'55. CHARLES SERRANO AVIS SEWELL Nat. Thes. '53-'54g Lit. Guild '53-'56g Rep. Lit. Guild '55-'56g Treas. Lit. Guild '55-'56g Band '53-'54g Musical '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '55g May Fete '54g Inter. League Solo Cont. '54g Jr. Class Poetry Award '55g F.H.A. '55-'56g Choir Dir. F.H.A. '55-'56g Candidate for Sweetheart of F.H.A. '55-'56 42 . ANl'HONY sERRANo AMIE FAY SEWELL I.L. Spelling lst '54-'55g I.L. Spell ing 2nd '53-'54g Sec. Soph. Class '53-'54g Sec. L-it. Guild '54-'55g Soph. Play '53-'54g Lit. Guild Play Sr. Play '55-'56g Lit. Guild ' Nat. Thes. '53-'54g Par. '54-'56g Nat. Poetry Anth. Finals Poetry Reading Co-nt. Choir '53-'54g D.E. Club '55- tra. Badminton 2nd '54-'55g rama '54-'55 '54-'55g 53-'56 F.T.A '54-'55 '54-'55 '56g In Stingo f ' f xl 4 I 1 M111 TALLY SHELTON 1 9 DONIS SHOTWELL rf.-s-'l ass . -.a s v is-. . - ' - . fa xes-4.49, WNW ffm J , . Xg wsk 1 L V 3 x ' i 4 , A 1 . s. -of-ss X fn, s S 4' ff K V .R . s. ,ig A O1 . X. ., S Lf, 'WT ss. is 2. View wg!! mis " N ,' v 'Q 'if ff' ' f V' .Q 4BkXa:w..f' , S nl N7 X' fl .I ipfff is f no ' ' JANICE SMITH All-State Band Alternate '53-'56g Dist. Band '54-'55g Regional Band '54-'55g All-State Band '55g Tri- State Band '55g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Band '53-'56g Jr. Play '54g Inter. League Play Cont. '55g May Fete '55g Lit. Guild '53-'54g Inter. League Solo Cont. '53-'56 LOIS ANN SMITH Soph.. Play '54g Sgt.-at-Arms Jr. Class '54-'55g Lit. Guild '53-'56g Pres. Lit. Guild '54-'56g Band '53-'55g Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Candidate Lit. Guild Sweetheart '55g F. H. A. '55-'56g Intra. Basketball '55g F.T.A. '54-'55g Commercial Club '55-'56g Jr. Play '55g Sr. Play '56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '56g Musical '54g Dee Walker Poetry Award '55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '55g Drama Club '53 RITA SMITH School .Sweetheart '55-'56g Sr. Fav. '55-'56g Miss Future Teacher '55-'56g Best Thes. '54-'55g Pres. F.T.A. '55-'56g Pres. Lit. Guild '56g Stu- dent Council '55-'56g Vice-Pres. F.T.A. '54 - '55g Vice-Pres. Jr. Achievemnt '55-'56g Sgt.-at-Arms Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Sgt.-at-Arms Lit. Guild '54-'55g May Fete '53-'54g In- ter. League Play '54-'55g Soph. Play '54g Jr. Play '55g Sr. Play '56g Nat. Essay Anth. '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '54g Intra Volleyball '53-'55g Tennis '54-'55 . aff 1 Ki' Q 'X Z 'mn- 5 f YW W f 6 'M f Qff fy MMM J f W 1 Y WW CAROLYN SMITH G.A.L. '53-'54g Major Club '54-'55g Intra. Volleyball '54-'56g Intra. Basketball '54-'56g Intra. softball '54-'56g Commercial Club '55-'56 M- V JOE SMITHSON Choir '55-'56g Nat. Thes. '55-'56g Male Quartet '56g Operetta '56 DONNIE SOFFAR DENNIS STEEL Baseball '56g Football '55g Basket- ball '53-'54g Key Club '53-'56g Intra Basketball '54g Band '53-'54 GARY SPEER Football '53-'56g Football Letter- man '53-'56g Capt. Football '55-'56g F o olt b al l Goodsportsmanship Award4T55-'56g All Mainland '54-'56g All-Dist., 2nd Team '55-'56g Base- ball '53-'56g Baseball Letterman '53-'56g 'T' Asso. '53-56g Pres. 'T' Asso. '55-'56g Student Council '53-'54 JIMMY STAFFORD GENE STARLING BILLY STRINGER Sports Editor Annual ,55-'56g Key Club '53-'56g Band '53-'55g Nat, Poetry Anth. '55g Nat, Essay Anth. '55g Stringorama '54-'55 44 LINDA STANTON Nat. Thes. '54-'56g Lit. Guild '54-'55g Commercial Club '55-'56g ,Program Chair. Commercial Club '56g Fut. Nurses Club '54-'56g Annual Staff '55-'56g Program Chair. Fut Nurses Club '55-'56g Intra. Volleyball '55-'56g Intra. Basketball '55-'56g Stingorama Staff '55-'56g Fut. Nurses Club Sweetheart '55-'56g Lit. Guild Play '55g Student Directory '55-'56 f CHARLOTTE TARIN J Fut. Nurses Club '54-'56g Intra. Vol- leyball '55-'56g Candidate Fut. Nurses Club Sweetheart '55-'56g In- tra. Basketball '55-'56 JANICE TIPPING Transfer JACKIE TINSLEY Blology Club '53-'54g Poster Award 2nd '56g D.E. Club '55-'56 GLADYS TOLBERT Vice-Pres. Current Events Club ,545 Poetry Award '55g Intra. Basketball '53-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g In- tra Volleyball '53-'55g "Nine Girls" '55g "June Graduate" '55 a ROBERT THIBODEAUX PAUL TROSCLAIR Transferg Football '53-'54g Track '53-'54g Projector Club '53-'54g D.E. Club '55-'56 OLGA TREVINO 45 MARGO VINES JIMMY WELCH Key Club '55-'56g 'T' Asso. '54-'56g Basketball '53 - '543 B3Sketb3u '54 - '56g Basketball Letterman '53-'56g Biology Club '53g Intra. Basketball '53 JO ANN WATKINS E Band '53-'56g Majorette '54-'55g Head Drum Major '55-'56g Girls State '54-'55g Corr. Sec. Student Council '53-'56g Jr. Rotarian '55-'56g Candidate for Sweetheart '55-,565 Soph. Fav. '53-'54g Jr. Play '55g Soph. Play '54g Sr. Play '56g Thes.- Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Sec., Sgt.-at- Arms Soph. Class 253-'54g Band Council '53-'54g Qt. Thes. '53-'56g May Fete '56g Thgs. Treas. '54-,555 Drama Club '53-'535 Martinettes ,55- ,56g Treas. Commercial Club '55-'56g Musical '53-'54 ' GINGER WAGGONER G.A.L. '53-'54g Intra. Volleyball '53-'55g Intra. Basketball '53-'54g Intra Baseball '53-'55g Stingorama Staff '54-'55g Rep. D.E. Club YVONNE WALKER 46 x f ' . , ss., YW 45 f, .l . M M MAUREEN WEISS May Fete '54-'55g Student Council '54g Intra. Baseball '55g Intra. Vol- leyball '55g Intra. Basketball '56g Candidate for Football Queen '55g Nat. Thes. '54-'56 RALPH E. WELCH SAM WELSH Pres. Soph. Class '53-'54g Vice-Pres. Jr. Class '55g Student Council '53-'55g Football Mgr. '53-'55g Track Mgr. '54-'55g 'T' Asso. '54-'56g Treas. EARLENE WHITTER FOY WHITLEY Band '53-'56g Tri-State Orchestra '54-,55Q Student Council '54-'55g Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Sales Mgr. Jr. Achievement '55-'56g Rep. to Oil Progress Week '54-'55 'T' Asso. '55-'56g Track '56 SHARON WHITING LEE WHITMORE Martinettes '53-'56g All-School Musi- cal '53-'55g Candidate for F.F.A. Sweetheart '55g G.A.L. '53-'54g Com- mercial Club '54-'56g Par. F.H.A. '55-'56g Nat. Thes. '53-'56g Soph. Play '53-'54g Press Club '53g Lit. Guild '53g Intra. Baseball '54-'56g Intra. Basketball '53-'56g Intra. Vol- leyball '53-'56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Sr. Play '56 47 JOHN FRANKLIN WEYMOUTH ANN WILKS Band l53-'56g Dist. Band '55-'5-63 Majorettes '54-'55g Asst. Drum Ma- jor '55-'56g Band Council '53-'54g Student Council '53-'54g Vice-Pres. Student Council '55-,565 Basketball Queen ,54-'55g Jr. Rotarian '55-'56g Drama Club '53g Nat. Thes, '54-'56g 'LBest Trooper" Award '53-'54g Most Outstanding Thes. '54-'55g Sec. Nat. Thes. '54-,555 Soph. Play '54g Jr. Play '55g Sr. Play '56: Thes.- Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Musical '53-'54g Martinettes '53-'56g Com- mercial Club '55-'56g G.A.L. '53-'54g Dee Walker Poetry Award '54-'55g Nat. Essay Anth. '55-'56g Stingo- ramba '54-'55g Inter. League Typing '54-'55g Posture Cont. '55-'56 LANELLE WILLIAMS Lit. Guild '54-'55g Fut. Nurses Club '54-'55g Jr. Red Cross '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'55g Intra. Basketball '54-'55g Par. F.H.A. '55-'56g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '54-'55g Nat. Poetry Anth. '54-'55g Corr. Sec. D.Ei. '55-'56g Jr. Achievement '55-'56 SONDRA WOODS Posture Cont. Jr. 1st '54-'55g Pos- ture Cont. Sr. 1st '55-'56g Choir '53-'55g Lit. Guild '54-'55 CHARLES WISDOM Choir '54-'56g Pres. Choir '56g D.E. Club '56g Operetta '56g Male Quar- tet '56 SANDRA WILSON Best Actress Award 2nd Inter. Lea- gue '54-'553 Best Performance in Jr. Play '54-'55g Best Thes. Award '56g Sr. Play '55-'56g Jr. Play '54-'55g Soph. Play '53-'54g All-School Musi- cal '53-'54g Martinettes '53-'56Q "Voice of Democracy" 2nd '55-'56g Thes.-Lit. Guild Play '55-'56g Youth Theatre Inc. '56g Intra. Basketball '54-'56g Intra. Volleyball Champions '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'54g In- tra. Badminton Doubles '54-'55 WILLIAM WOOD ROBERT WOLD Mfg Y QS '25 xv ! ' .f, 'ww ' ' rpms ., . - Qt jf .jg A K X - 1 F CAROL WROBLESKI 48 a a BROUGH Football '53-'55g Football Letter- man '54-'55g Tri-Captain Football '55g All Mainland '55g Baseball '53-'54g Baseball Letterman '54g 'T' Asso. '54-'56g Basketball '53-'54g Track '55g Soph. Play l53-'54g Dee Walker Poetry Cont. '55 JANIE YBARRA Comercial Club '54-'55g G.A.L. '53-'54g Majors Club '54-'55g Intra. Baseball '53-'54g Baseball '53-'54g Baseball Champions '54g All-Tour- nament Baseball '53g Best Sports- manship Award '53-'54g Intra. Bas- ketball '53-'54g Nat. Poetry Anth. '53-'54g D.E. Club '55-'56g Intra. Basketball '55-'56g All-Tournament Basketball '55-'56 JORDAN-WOOD COMBO Left to right William Wood Gary Broach, Arden Ristau, Roland Jordan 49 SENICR CLASS OFFICERS President . . Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer . FALL . Robert Abercrombie . Billie Don McDuffie . . Mary Ann Maddux . . Danny Medina X President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Sergeant-atearms SPRING Q . Robert Abercrombie . . Arden Ristau . . . . . . JudyRust . . . . . Midge Jacobs Howard Meredith, Ray Morris ww 'F if A 'Q M' J f mf' in F , v 'S V' ' , rv V A 4 ft 4ilM,4 , . ' - , ' 1" ' xt' MQ , rl- K x RCW! ,4 ' 3 - ' 4- 1 5 1, ,.. I ' I fl x " m i . f X ' , , . . -ffaf ugx,, , ' I. I Isbell X Dorothy Anderson Patty Ayres Dorothy Barlow Annett Belinsky Toni Blain Linda Anderson Richard Anderson y Judith Andrick Anthony Anizan Peggy Ayres Kathy Baker Mary Lee Bailey Mickey Banister Jerry Barrington Doyle Beard Interesting? Ronnie Benedict Dorothy Bitnel' Wra. Lonnie Block Gerald Bottoms Barbara Boudreaux William Bridges if , iff' of X i X X s's Joe Brown , W ., ' , iv, S. ' x W , , , Wayne Chapman Mr Smnth keeps close watch!!! Dolores Dangle Wendy Darling Arthur Broyles Delane Byrd as W Q Eff Q 5. Wy Elaine Chesson Jerry Childress 4 V,-k J RE: Gilbert Ciavoglia Donald Cook I-sf D ww L ' 4 Beverly Clepper Q. I ' A4 ,,'V 7 .ff MQ it ' Fren Cruz Kenneth Chambers Jesse Ciabattoni June Collier Gloria Dahl Edward Diaz Elton Dodge Linda Domingues Nelda Driver Q 1 X X ,,., . ww, Dwvanne Epperson Dorothy Eubanks Neil Floyd m Q W, Mazine Gallaway Sandra Graham Sandra Drummond Charlie Duncan Harry Fergerson it-i F A .. Q' if 1, .,... I , OJ ' A W I F in Keith Fuller Geneva Gallaway Drucilla Gannon George Garret Alvis Green Virginia Green . M A Q' X X A X 5 X K X N SSI N v . El 'gg it ' J ames Eastepp John Ferling X Sue Elliott De Anna Fisher Mechanical Drawing?? Huedean Greer Michael Griffin Ronald Hale Mildred Halfmann Doris Haney Pat Hardesty Z5 Sue Handley Wayne Harris Millie Harvey Rex Harvill Wanda Havard Patsy Hayes Junior is relaxing!!! Carmen Hernandez Judy Hill 1 .X 6 M 1 y ' V lfzhi g ar H 5 M , Virginia Hodges Hewett Holman Peggy Holt Billie Hooter Ben Hargrove Billy Hatman Michael Head Evelyn Hipp 'S Judith Houghton John Houston Phyllis Jeanfreau Ramona Keels Mary Catherine Kenny Evelyn Warden Lamar Bob Hussey Arno Johnson . i"1'flI'li N - 'W 1 is Edith Kennard Maurice Kerr Jean Langley 1 K, t W' as J ,yyyy J if 4 Clint Hutchins William Jacobson Bobby JHUIGS Carol Lea Jones Sandra Jones Julia Jorgensen V I VV , J Q, Iv! M2 f ff' W 1, far E2 R? J J Mickey Kelly Wilbert Lafleur Gene Latham Charles Lee Ronald Lindsey Tenfh Lesson in-Changing A Tire. -. ul, 1 K S ,M ig 4' if Q Arthur Lochridge Walter Loving Pat McCall Mary K. McCullough g,h,1wW1.k. My b 14556553 ooo4ooo M fvadggwwy ly l GOOOQQS' a 358553 665 jig. V S I f , Sharon Loyd 1 IM! 9 f" N ff a Ya ' fp 0 " Qwielfaf g ,h fro t if V Q v Q an an 9 5 I Madeleine McDermott Ann McVay Priscilla Martin Shannon Medley Thornton Medley Phyllis Melvin if , ' tk 4 , at 1 I Z Charlene Lynn ai Z 'MIK 3 5 5? , ' ' I3 'f' if Sherrill McDonald ff Charline Martin M X, , ,, ,X A K Marguerite Mason Joyce Mewis Z f as 5 e I Of? , - .Q Qy- 2 f fig Jean McBride Kay McGrew Judy Martin Melvin Maxwell Wayne Mire Norma Moore Lucy Naquin Jimmy Owens Thomas Phelps Laverne Prewitt Betty Kay Mueller Maxine Niederhofer Eddie Padgett Patsy Pitt Wilma Rahn Mitzi Mueller X Carolyn Norton ' 44" .1?'! 2f" ,. 'Q 'P 3 -WMM , , ,V M Mi? af f . 1 N W, Qf, ,gt iy if Z X I 5 'f W Wim 4 4, f, - Q- ,,1.,-,:f'-127' . as ff V Carrol Pentecost xf ' , if I t.. P M, . I f , Patty Polson Klint Rasmussen Linda Muller Mary Napoli Michael O'Neal Janice Owens Waiting to see Mr. Landers?? James Ratterree Irby Ray Margo Rea Shirley Reagan Gaines Reynolds Jerry Richardson Pat Richardson Hazel Robie Jerry Rohosek Judy Rogers Claudia Schultz The Lineup!!! Pat Ryan Jesse Schmitz Leatrice Sanders Xp , Richard Schwarz John Scoggins Faye Lynn Sellers John Shannon 'W ,D , , WWF' J 5 ., . f si 7 Mary Margarette Sharp Yuca Lee Sheafor Billy Simmons James Smith Johnny Smith Y 7 J A 7 '-' Q2 J i 5 Q, Jerry Stafford Howard Stillinger Jerry Sullivan Margie Sullivan Laura Summers ' Z , 4 , w ' Z S .I X '? L. qv V4 yr Z 0 ff, f Kenneth Surratt Don Talbert Suzanna Tate Alene Tatum Jack Thompson Ann Lois Trahan Upton Lonnie Vanderford Ray V211 V055 Betty Waggener A Q Pat Tenhet Long Disfance?? Burett Waggoner Lyndel Weathers Jerry Ann Webb Rudy Wedemeyer Donald Westrup Linda White Jerry Whittington Jimmy Wickham Tommy Wickham Jerry Wilks Betty Williams Don Williams Jimmy Williams May Floyd Wood Don Yarbrough Johnny Wilds Gracie Winton Thespian Picnic at Pan-American Park. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICIIQQ FALL President . . .... . James Smith Vice President . . . . Charles Lee Secretary . . . . Faye Lynn' Sellers Treasurer . , ..... Gene Latham Sergeant-at-Arms . . Delaine Byrd, Michael Head SPRING President . .... . James Smith Vice President . . . . . Charles Lee Secretary . . . . . . Faye Lynn Sellers Treasurer . . . .... Jimmy Williams Sergeants-at-Arms . . Delaine Byrd, Gene Latham I lf? .: 'f ,17" 33' ' V 557' L i ? ' LSB ' , w a sla m . '44 lsbcll Gene Ainsworth Glynn Alexanger Dianne Alston Irma Alvarez Edward Anderson ,M Wm 1 f I I Jay Arrington Ruth Arrington Judith Atkins Patricia Avant Richard Bagby Judy Bailey Eddie Baker Gary Beard a ..14,. Mrs. Fry: "This one was due last December Michael Belluomini Wannell Biscamp Janelle Black ' ,yvl 2 Lazelle Black Sandra Bledsoe Patricia Bodine Joyce Lee Bothe Shirley Boyett v E it Alpha Bozeman Lanette Bozeman Ava Brown Laffy BTOWII TOIHITIY Bullington Tommy Cameron Sue Cappel Richard Carroll MHXU19 CTIHSS Jimmy Chflat Robert Ciabattoni Jerry Claunch George Claxton We're all here Miss Eads. 9? ,f 1 n f 1 ff YF 'E na W .. " MW X ,.,. . fa , . 2 N if A K ft ' , Patricia Cloninger Guy Compton Ted Conner Richard Connor Deborah Conrad Virginia Cox Linda Cozza Kenneth Cummings .eta Karen Cunningham Jim Dickey Ja mes DuPuy ly Brenda English , ': QI, f' S 'sig E V Y LZ " f Dalton Ewing Bette Mae Cuyos Charles Davis Ronny DeArman Mike Dickey 2 V Q i ff- ',-y ' Frances Deabay Robert Dotson Mary Jane Dowling Myrna Dudley M x my i X A f K Billie Eason Gary Ellinssfm Mr. Turney and Miss Vermillion help with math in halls. Tommy Estep Sylva Evans I Wayne Fortner Trudy Froeschl Wayne Fuller Maxine Galbreath Xt it Donald Gallaway Alvert Garcia Bobby Garner Milton Gates Vasco Gilbert Beverly Goodvar Marshall Goolsby Eva Jean Green Jimmy Green Musf be interesting! I! Laura Hernandez Carole Hertenberger Sharron Green Maurice Halfmann Alan Loyd Hansen Susan Hanson ,mf Johnny Hill Margaret Hill Margie Green Joyce Hamrick Ma C J eZ Joyce Heathco Ruth Hodges Tom Hogle Douglas Hopkins David Huffman Billy James Frank Johns Sally Jones Karen Hutchins Lila Jeanfreau Carol Johnson EV . 1 r , . X , nf, nf! ' 5 ff, fu 1, N 6' A an 1 .-f, Maureen Killeen H S J 4, Harriett Hopkins Nora Hutchins Qu ts 'f 2,9 ,Q , Q, . ,eg g t i f John House James Howard Jerry Ingram Richard Jacobson Sandy Jensen James Jones Bonnie King Intermission. x 3 Johnnie King Mary Louise King Shirley Kirkpatrick Lanny Landtroop Jan Koehler Judy Koehler Ronald Lee John Leopard Teacher's Iiffle helpers. Tess Lindsey ,file 4 Shirley Lowe .li Richard Madere Kay Mallory Bobby Manning Marvin Kubin Ellen Kuhn Thomas W. Lewis Linda Lilley Davis Llenos George Loeckle Jimmy Lytle Sara Kay Mace Roy McCall Betty McDuffie Marie McIntosh James Manross 'z I if Kathleen Massey Bill May Jackie Meier Gloria Miles 3 E Patsy Martin Jeff Medley Nancy Miller Bill Mitchell Drucilla Moore Daniel Morgan X Shirley Martin Olivia Martinez Sally Meek Emory Meier He wenf that-a-way!!! Pat Morgan Connie Morris Starling Moseley Stephen Muller Jesse Munez Gordon Myers Florence Nalley we Z aaa!! 'G Margaret Palmer Sammy Parker Lights! Camera!! Action!! Sharon Power Clayton Price Barbara Newsome Angelita Oroza ,asa at Sue Parsons Dean Patton fi Z, f ,E , Laura Pevoto Jo Ann Phillips Willie Pierce Jerry Powell if 614, 2 V , , A ff xg f - 7 , X5 4 2 s fy, ,,', F ,a 1 .k.,. .iii Vernice Pritchard David Pulley N: Ex Mary Ann Pace Murry Penland Margaret Pickens Mary Beth Powell Jane Jack Ramaker 4 G i Janet Roach QA as Lionel Santos We Lorenzo Segura Rosetta Shelton Phyllis Ramsey Lionel Roach Gloria Saucier Kervin Sellers Gail Shepherd Norma Dee Ray Margaret Rodriguez Marilyn Sealock Stanley Sewell Don Sherwood ik O. M. Rector Janie Reyna X ,I X K I9 i xx- M Q X ,f Q Q f , xx K fi Gene Rogers Ronald Rogers Waiting for the tardy bell to ring. f Joe Shipley Marvin Skaggs if Don Smith Elaine Smith Glen Smith ,X f K X s Rf ,iii i Deanna Soffar Arlene Spain Barbara Spencer Frances Stafford Deanna Stamm Preston Stinnett New Game: Indoor Baseball. Martha Stutts Frances Tolbert Theresa Torres Myra Trimble Qi S pair J 9 ,,:- f? AQ Alice Stanton Thomas Sterling O Pat Scott Marcia Strange , t 5 9 f 9 ' ,V LQ! ff, ' ' Ay, -' V, f W ig Q " x new v ,202 wa? .W ' Aleene Tadlock Floyd Thompson V U E., A :mi VE " W ' ' 1 J JW i'L, in Vi - If uf" 9' x 'Ve A 7 '4 S ftst J ' Warner Triplett Gene Troxlar fi Anita Trusty if-f A ,f J 1? X, Alice Voorhees George Waggoner Russie Lyn Walker Earline Wall Sue Beth Wallace Barbara Ann Walters Rosie Ward Nancy Warren Clara Jo Watson Malcolm Waugh Edward Wayne Irma Valdez Ray Vice Priscilla Vines Joan Voiles X f is Glenn Walker Laura Walker Melva Walker 'Z' ' A Funny place to take a bath. W4 Bobby Webb Z 4. Jane Welch Mary Welch Jan Wern Pat Westbrook David Westmoreland William Wheeler Billy White Fred White Rheba White Shirley Whitehead Ben Whitley y i y D. B. Whittington Benny Wilbanks Linda Wilcox Cheeze!! Winona Wilds Janice Wilson Peggy Wisdom Eva Nell Wisner Clem Wohleb Ella Josephine Wohleb Alton Wolfe Wayne Wolldredge ago A ff M' James Wright Ted Yates Magdalena Ydrogo Jerry Wayne Young Royce Young Amelia Zaragoza One-Two-Three--Four!! 7 6 K 3 Sf 113 SEQ-wwf-"FmiWFfWlVH0RE CLASS OFFICERS FALL President . . .... . Tommy Estepp Vice-President . . Larry Brown Secretary . . Tess Lindsey Treasurer . . Sandra Bledsoe SPRING President . . . . . . Larry Brown Vice President . . Jay Arrington Secretary . . . . . Eva Brown Treasurer . . Marie McIntosh 77 SWEETHEART DANCE Teachers' Table SWEETHEART DANCE I christnqai Meffy Oh, whaf 3 Life! aY ' B951 D 79 Look af fb 9Bi fdie, Farmefenes FW" ohwbqi hbj 34,1 :DEV xii 'I K. wi ,'f4' ,,.,0k K fi 'QM 1 X, A 4 7'9- 3 fivfl 1? f vii 'iw 3' A ' v 11' 4 uf 9 'N 17' ' A ' libel! mf fiftwfff , N ' , ivfiwib ,, Mswbv MV V10 , ,,,,,, ,,, f Wm 0 , ,, W,,,,,?f 71 mf . 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Janice Jacks-on ' Staff at work, .5 . . 0 . ,vb fgw O v, Z , 45 ,f Q A 0 9 9 29 Q may Q ii f Q 4 Q cabo i 0, 0 -qi ,uni yi STINGORAMA STAFF Editor-in-Chief . ......... . Madeleine McDermott Art Editor . . . Pat Cloninger Poetry Editor . . Frank Meyer Short Story Editor . Pat Westbrook Reportage .......... ...... M argie King Not pictured: Sandra Jones, Drama: lean McBride, Essay. L STAFF ll Isbe Janet ef n-Chi OI' Edit . .-4 1 525 S400 .E C'-A-4 25 8-A if to vs -E 8-4 'E 'ax YG 'Qc L-4 .32 25.3 HTJ CLI-J 8:2 ,M fa 'film If Pi Patsy turedj pic UO! g Editor C ert sin ...- Adv 61' OP , Okie Lo 6-I VJ :J fr. w 'U :a '1 Ed tors e-Up . .-4 Mak CHQ ne Gre n, Karle O as CI N 4-1 cn N5 'O E ,-J KOFS Ed F2 Pictu ..-4 ll uykenda K at . P Ed tor 1'1 utio ,.-4 Distrib 94 5 Q vi E- I' O Spons X NY ' , wig' , V, + 'Y f 1 7 f 'Q , s Q A f , 4, Q f S f , E . 1, A ff? P4-S? 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L4 vi B-4 GJ H --4 L.: P3 g -4 .-4 cv 'U Ci L ..1 2 O Nich orine Fl .I fd E14 FL CD La KS mx LI Q2 C3-4 O O L-I F1 CI ffl CI cv cv L4 O m C1 Q.: .- L-4 re M if O va .JC L.: C5 'T ma .2 C: F5 "D Rf GJ 5 24 'L4 C SS 7 S AI ev ,-I C rv: cv "U ru 5 U-J I rv: 'O r: CJ Qc L :a M 6-J YU Q4 LI 1: :1 I FU -cn o Lf: Di LJ -Q .L C o 4-4 1-a 'N-L 3 3 Q L4 2 W: TS '54 -Q pper. y Cle L4 zu 9 di Q2 RJ L' Q c: 2 U-J o '-J E 9, E z .2 Z L cn y Moore ITIITI :To L.: 4-1 GJ 3-A L4 11 U -C4 .9 YU QC E fi! .-C4 a-u O .-O .E O0 .29 If 7 E E 'T 1: O 4-3 VJ 'cn L o Q L 'O 'U :n Q 5 FU lv-I .2 O54 C cv 'U L4 'QC +L. -C Am C O 4.4 1. Wx Q: 'N 3 O L. -.4 C 9 LL , Flute Mary Evelyn Collier Janice Smith Jo Ann Watkins Margo Rea Trudy Proeschl Pat Morgan Linda Wilcox Oboe Faye Sellers Kervin Sellers' Bassoon John Smith Marjorie Green Myra Trimble Bass Clarinet Vada Satterwhite STINGAREE BAND Betty Waggoner Joan Voils Nan Dickie De Anna Fisher Leatrice Sanders Jackie Mier Clarinet Suzi Tate Eva Wisner Mary Beth Powell Marilyn Sealock Arlene Biscamp Ann Vwlilks Janice Jackson Phyllis Melvin Par Stott Sara Mace Maxine Chase Pat Ryan Priscilla Vines Don Sherwood Judy Koehler Jan Koehler Linda Anderson Violet Coombs Lazell Black Laura Peveto Ava Brown Diane Alston Martha Stutts Sue Beth Wallace Winona Wilds Saxophone Rose Born Joyce Mewis Gloria Miles Maxine Galbreath Gloria Saucier Margaret Rodriguez Delane Byrd Tenor Saxophone Gene Latham Mary Lee Bailey Deborah Conrad'H"" Baritone Saxophone Malcom Waugh Alan Hansen Cornet Dale Harris Gary Broach Mike Griffin Arvin Erd Tommy Cameron Tommy Bullington Richard Jacobson Jerry Glaunch Betty McDuffie Trumpet Wilma Rahn Doris Haney Preston Stinnett Pat Avant Lanelle Black French Horn Sandra Jones William Wood Juanita Lowry M. M. Sharp Maxine Niederhofer Harriet Hopkins STINGAREE BAND Mike Dickie Kathy Baker Jane Welch Barbara Spencer Priscilla Martin Baritone Howard Meredith Frederick Galbreath Harry Kelso George Garrett Eugene Faris Wayne Chapman Jimmy Dickie Glenn Smith Trombone Roland Jordan Foy Whitley Skipper Johnson NEred White! Warner Triplett Jimmy Lytle Dalton Ewing David Ray Bass Bob DuPuy J. M. Scoggins Don Witt John Strange Sherrill McDonald Ronnie Hale XEmory Mierf Gene Troxlar Vasco Gilbert Tympani Pat Kuykendall Percussion Bobby Jack James Carl Johnson Melba Walker Sharon Powers Russie Walker Librarians Jo Ellen Black Mary Ann Maddux Student Direcfors ROLAND JORDAN DALE HARRIS Director MR. ROBERT L. RENFRO Q 25 I HEAD DRUM MAJOR Jo Ann Watkins ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR Ann Wilks 2 ff Q' 1 ,X 2 1 ,W 'ZR W 4, : ,W ASSISTANT DRUM MAJOR Arline Biscamp 113 DORIS HANEY PAT KUYKENDALL Jo ELLEN BLACK SUZIE TATE 114 4 PHYLLIS MELVIN LINDA ANDERSON .IANICE JACKSON MARG0 REA 115 Q, I 1. X ,.'N , H I 24 is T, , A L Q - ' "A i -I, K MWNXU' ' 42? 51 -- . ,, Q . xi Url f ' 15 A' VL-.- Nair' Q " ' V if" , .' 1 m 1 ' " M ' E 'ii g hh mffgiiiiwr' A I 1 MARY EVELYN COLLIER Nlary Evelyn has been in the All-State Band for three consecutive Years, l95-1. '55 , '56. Along with this honor. she has also been in the All-District Band. 356: All-Region Band, '55-'56: Tri-State Band. '55: and First Chair -'56, At the lnterscholastic League Mary won first place in Flute Solo, -'55: first place in Vloodwind Quintet, '5-l: and first place in Flute Trio '55 '54 '54 '55 117 insult Sire x Qyr v-il W S FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ' OFFICERS Fall - Spring President . . ..... . Talley Shelton Vice President . . Donald Westrup Secretary . . . Lee Whittemore Treasurer . . . Bob Manning Sergeant-at-Arms . Don Williams Reporter . A . X . Ronald Eldred Sponsor . ....... ............ . Mr. Davis 44ml 2' x I F12 3 i-4 U El-I B4 UD cr LU 2 U. u. O - Spring 'xr fs. B LL. Dx President . ' ' Dale Ma Vice President . ' Jerry Lerman l r e gm UOE :So L-A Zig we wwf 'U 4-a 3 A-4 -3 Q O J:'Qd o T. XXI.. Q53 S w M 232. SHG' col-Cf. I3 GS 4-1 .2 D1 Arden , and ert Goree ,Q o Q5 -Arms IS-at gean Ser Mitchell Dale May, Jerry Lerman, Jack Cooper Arden Ristau, right Robert Abercrombie, Robert Goree, John Wayne row, left to Bottom ,-1 ,... w JI 3 2 ... ,.. . .-1 .fi LJ Q 3 3: 'Cf rv: GJ SE T ra J: .2 Q m CL cv na -J ew O 7 of QJ L4 L-1 cv 5-3 4-9 mx Q1 2 E E 'W ,.. m w 4-I Q0 VD . .-4 C C Q Q Lf FTS N- u. C U9 Q2 . .-1 C C 5 .4 2 JZ GJ C bd TJ 3-4 G1 JI .2 Q4 14 JI O0 ': C 4-3 4-3 N-4 2 3 C L4 'U C C U CJ v0 be E E Ss EEL OE IU Eg DN Q6 Ui-ci W-fu :sm CUZ 511: S5 c: Cl: CU 354 if 452 Uo SQ Hu Q2 Dx-4 5-4-1 Q.- UE nc ,-Em H . fi! SGS jie N M,-I ,QE HU '60 2,1 GJ ZH? O55 +-1'U .ii EE US N: CO1 C Dag - fi ilu: 13 EE RSL-4 gm. odd C Q m gon: JZ EO s-3-D 4-I V35 DN CL 2.9 .HJ 'Ilan EL .2050 20 uw KL-4 gil' -2 3 . o? '-'o -Us-4 .ECL tiff 4-I C D III S-E aw 37 -IS o 35 wi! L4 U v-4 a Mul Lind N D0 'U ': .C U O .1 1-4 D L 5-3 x-4 41 yllis Borden Ph N. 2 ? ,f 7 A , K , Mmm Q- , W , U , H ,aw ' fp ,wf , ' ff , 4 1104. s ,V N, M- f , .y t. x , ' LF "QL NH Q Zjgih, Q7 M, 'W vw V7 wiw. 1 iz if f fwhfffb , f W 7 A f" V 1 "?1f'4, ff' 1- W ,,, , V ,ff 4 f' 'fflj Q 3 , 2? ff ' , ' ,W X, , 3 J? f ' . ff Q 1 52 ' f Ogg? ,W .M-f r Wi, X GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUC!-X DRUCILLA MOGRE Best Sportsmanship Award in Basketball Top, back row, All-Tournament Basketball Team, left to right: Carlotta Canales, Mary McCullough, Billie Hooter, Olga Trevino, Dolores Daigh, Kay Mallory, Minerva Cruz, Clara Jo Watson, Nancy Miller, Judy Martin. Front row, Tournament Champs-Sophomores, left to right: Ciail Shepherd, Connie Morris, Sandy Jensen, Elaine Smith, Sammy Parker, Drucilla Moore, Florence Nalley. 122 J ULIA JORGENSEN Best Sportsmanship Award in Volleyball Top, back row, All-Tournament Volleyball Team, left to right: Mary Welclu, Mary Burns, Minerva Cruz, Ann Wilks, Trudy Froeschl. fl Front row, Tournament Champs-Seniors, left to rxghtz San- dra Wilson, Carole Sasser, Eva Lee. 123 , AE? swf, f .. 4, ffl ff ,ig . , 1 ,, 1 X V ' t p a ,-1 gm. jim mai! , gi A 21: M' 542 2. ' ' Eff , 15 el Q Mg, Y 7fVLQ " 1- .5 ' 1,04 ,Aw ff: wffzg 'gg "Lji,'Q3ifl O J Isbcu N. M Qi' ff f W yf 4 l V W,,l.W, ff , ,fg,,,.' , , ,glafi -luv f ', X 5' Q "thx -ff' ' W4 ,V V. 3' "f' 5 I JW ,MK 'fm , , 5.5- M , MN ,ie ' . f X if I, ' Q Q, J E fy x , K X . W ..,,,gWf f fe iw -Www 4., ,A 'ig Mg. 'lf y rg. ,fx f 1 .wr av fn fr Lu G1 CD LJ 43 Cn G1 41 LJ P+ 41 PH Lu Q Q DJ PJ EJ 'Q ii ir 'Q U1 G1 HJ 11 F4 w u fc PJ Q4 Di Q. Z :J '1 s: E E o fag 'W Gaim . GJ vf 3 Ogg x.. EGG 35 Q2 'gl' E oc ff! L-4 C3+.I'U :X 253 E 273 ,E SEE W mix . wai S s: Pxfsgz: 2 WUs: pg 3 ,ax 3 D123 '1 amw EEL 5 -.-.Ogg vs 'JE-'EE 3 EQP S Egg 2 QM d QE Cfj '11 SEQ M Ego . OCZ g bx V3 w s: ,-1 .cn E-Q 9 .-E1-1 ,Q 'ES S --- -'II LII T- Qi :- mam "' l-L65 3 EEE ,5 own' E 'Sign 4-I'-sd'-CFS ev'-'9Xm,.:: EQQQU CD EZEIZIUEE C-252 U FU mmm,-1 m2sO3 ga:-qiliggj .liliiggs GJ EMEQ' Efwd 'FE .C-Ciibgici Qj-Bw-I 9' EP :xg -. F53-DQ .oo -. o CQ'-Q Conti'- 901355 ES2g?w v-1l+- BC Od s 2-'WO O5k-g:c L., 79C Q -4 Ehgi-5 O'U .3 :gE:2w ovE.QO-JE fogzf-:Ora mf..-C U 'Q O QS! -L-2 '-v-4 4-a r-4 Q2 .id NS E-4 N4-J CI CES LJ D O w v IDN CG El uild G ra ry K6 -L1 - u Cl 9 Q-4 cn Q2 -Cl l-4 Wilson. CB l-4 'U s: N co ii fi E rn N .ii Gd Lf 4-J QI Barn .13 Q Son CI' Joe Leep cv as V-1 va 2 I-4 N -C U 5 .2 on bd DN L4 L-4 N CII cv D0 T2 s-4 -C u O P-1 3-4 5 ,C +-a 5-4 KC YZ ht: Tommy Henle -E' L. o isa 4-b Vx 2 3 O L4 'E o 4sa in O CQ irr. Pru a Soffarg Laverne 1111 Meyer: Dea Frank VJ .Q o U N P1 GJ on E v QS 3 Sally Jon SOC -ca 2 CQ fr! 3-4 'cs Q N cn S5 ru A-1 .2 Di r: N 'U 5-A 'ffl 'H L4 U-l .E :Q L-I KC 4-a -Q -PD L.. O 4-A 4-4 we an 'Sn 3 Second ro rrisg Dayle Ha of aa -Cl on :s CE s: .YE .Z P Jarrellg David x-4 3 -C an O bd 'U 'L-4 N -C .2 D5 3 Carolyn N Orton: well 'U 3-4 ru KD .2 1-31 Cl ru u I-I-1 estbrook. W el' en: Pat ga U ': 'O .E M 'TE 'U EU L-4 up O RCD is C O -uri 4-4 '-A 2 3 CIQ Dev lis O L. .-C. Q. 'rl 'Q .5-3 -Q lx .rl .5 'U N 5-A 5 'o I-4 C5 3 o III 75 U N o 3-4 an be B-J N O 'U O O 3 E .v-4 v-1 -4 .A 4-. -C -E5 L. O s.. Top row, left Mr. Martin presents Roland Jordan with the Most Outstanding Speech Student Award and the Most Outstanding Thespian Award. Standing, left to right: Bobby Jack James, Best Performance in Junior Play Award: Arden Ristau, Best Performance in Senior Play: Howard Meredith, Best Performance in Thespian-Literary Guild Play: Roland Jordan, Most Gutstanding Thespian and Speech Student: Rudy Wedemeyer, Jerry Lerman, Franlc Meyer, Best Thespians. Sitting, left to right: Sonja Barnett, Sandra Wilson, and Pat Kuykendall, Best Thespians. Y if X , A Q mfQ?'VQW ' fl .Rv ' , V12 ,',' I K fx Z X rw W L - " 1 l V N 6 P K , ' V N, U , ,, ff M. 1. .4W""9 fl I Wxifgi 1 ggfizi ' I I V VW lyffrz M 'X I Z WLT ' W2 53 , , A ,,,, ,A-' " f f x V ' Auf! 4 QQ f K, Q ' , ,v,1,, f I K I, -. , Z, 1 f o ,-x K """"" A f' x 4- M' f i' 'Nita X ff If T -.:fx Lx x X KA r FOOTBALL QUEEN, FOR 1955-'56, J, ELLEN BLACK BEING CROWNED BY LAST YEARS FOOTBALL QUEEN, JO ANN SHURTLEFI3 THE HONOREES AND THEIR DATES HAVE SPECIAL DANCE. ROYAL TABLE AT THE HOMECOMING DANCE, ENJOYING HIMELE. LIKE EVERYONE IS LOOKS 132 Y, 2 f f fi ml? 'Q' , 4, f I - +'m.717S UN' 1' 0,4 , f fc? V ffhffg N? , V, KQQWM 4 www W X , My A' IG! ly: JK fi fm 7 i 01 5 H, K "H-U., Lv, Q3 PL, if -v 'S' If car, 4 wr .QW if GREENIES X ANS nm! 19 GET ROASTED BY STINGS ' GO! STINGS! GO! 4,,, , . we ---I .y . 31 ' . ' , F1 .5 032 N M fm Www , f' , ,,,Q1 55 2' N , ,E +-N, i 2 2 , an ww N CHEERLEADERS JUMP SKY-HIGH XP ,nv AT DOWNTOWN PEP RALLY -X 5 Y PM R K Q5 S ig hw K F P 2 P x.P P44 I P wx- ' 'WM If P -if , P N-1:-1 , is 45 X I ,sum , MX ,P ,P X. . FY ' Q, A 'Mn V 41 P I M , 9 P i Q , P f'ff N P A P PPPPP, P PP PPPP PPPP P ,PPPP P P PPPP P A P Lfffffv P PM A ai PPPPPPP P PP f I A A gn P P ' I -ff,ff - W flf. M P PP .. ' "9" P .L P 1 .,, P P... 15517 XP THE TWIRLERS PERFORM 138 A 'tif I W I I, .,,, Jo " - NV ,ff - A X or In ' I ,..-ww f ,Z J 4 5 A 1 SWEETHEART I CANDIDATES 5 ,2 ' AND ESCORTS A CAROLE SASSER - KENNETH McANINCH JO ANN WATKINS - JACK COOPER If BARBARA HUNTER - JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM pHyLL15 BQRDQN , GARY JONES 'RITA SMITH - DALE MAY ANN WILKS - JIMMY WILLIAMS 139 A? .19 6 , if f n J' -:E wr fa 16 F I 'P f? -if THE LOVELY JIMMY MARTINETTES. T" ASSOCIATION SELLING REFRESHMENTS AT BASKETBALL GAMES 1 I 1 , . 7 Xifkgs , fx N, ,, 9 Ax 'gf ,dk A, ,X Rfk 3 2 Q f W! if X Qi? 1 Z Q WA: , 1 K fan' XX M fy -, 'T, , - G 1 4 , - T ,w ' ' I 'av W K 'Ly X "Miki x if Q , XX , 2 X f f x xx, vm N fn E, X M I gk x 5, , I ' I ' Q1 if ,X f y. t f X . V' 7 gl Q Z 3' af f +22 ' 7 1 427- 'V " f' ' 2 , 5 1 n xl V will WZ? 5 ig K f 5' ' 6 ff 1 ,X W, i f in ' f" M Vfff" A Y' f f if V, A ,if2,,WA -v,, ,,,. X vfff I - ffff' 'X ff" r ?,p f , . M f fl " 5 X 2' if X 6 4 MW " 'C f I f -4 , MR. AND MISS FUTURE TEACHERS DANNY MEDINA AND RITA SMITH MEMBERS OF THE GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP LEAGUE. THE F.F.A. GETS AWARDS F. H. A. BOYS DEHORN A COW. QCII 4 TEXAS CITY D. E. CLUB RECEIVES "BEST D. E. CLUB IN TEXAS" AWARD f z ,, f ,Q"S"a x 'QBQQ srmimfs SVWAB ,QW ' 5 lv: n x S , f 4 Coaches Ed Staggs and Ed Kel- son with the three football managers, Richard Koehler, Sam Welsh, Jerry Lerman, look on as game gets under way. 0 --x' , ,1 . wif fi ' 5111- mg!!! hula. I!!! - If-:-' eu- Il .ggil 4-7' H' fe' l 31 .fif- ,',7.Q',' - fl 1' '7 ri5'fi:.-2-ff'-f2" ,' .Q mr' 1 X f'P , :-gf" I B fggv ' i. , z 1 5 X .gk ' Jeff ff ' I-shell Y ML- "'Y"'wnq vi fs x , ' 4 I , ' 1 , z va x 's 4A..x X ri Y .Q STINGAREES TEXAS CITY HIGH SCHGGIJS 6-I l-4 Q3 2 ef 1: o C3 1.2 4-J Q1 OO 'U KN Q4 .2 'U 'U LU .E ,Q :s 1:4 .E D L-4 E IJ 6-J fi! 3-4 L-4 :x cf: v-Ci 4-J Q3 c: z: Q1 M E o 4-3 on c: '.:: .fi 5 fri. 'S Qs: -we :A 17,54 rg: J: Wa. E?- QS Q0 UU Cgo.. DOS me-J +-'va VDD Sf E ms: '-HG .o ,cw U S.: U U3 ..CfJ +u -QE .gpm '-E EQ La.. E: S40 -E Qm QFD ,272 SZ CGD 5- E .E "U E O +-J D0 C u: 3:1 E 5- 5-4 5-4 Q3 "3 Ld D0 D O 8-4 .D L4 I1 P 1 N Lu .iff FG 4-J O4 N 99 if Q 3 O :L 2 L-4 X-4 U '1 :J 4-I N tl . mug iv Bi 'ffm Qi., if 9,4 xg.. '03 GC 451 Ea: Ecu U..1 -v-JCI: 05.2 .L-4 'SE 200 ci., mc: 261 U Ln -Q .99 V-PN O2 4-."" Nao WN.- Se -ru 35 92 QE 723 EI .2 .-Hd CI ffl L-4 U.. I CU C9 C14 cn DN L4 N O E F5 4-J CL N L9 'c P E O 6-0 V3 'U IA O CO bx 'U 'CJ 5 Q .5 N 6-J cn. GS 9? ':. Fa H: Wm 55 Ov' I.. gg.-C. gif P13 E 95 will .Egg E3 46 5: 'us go 0105 Eu Nl-4 ,-IN fi Sv: 'TE L4 3022 2.2 Nod 2, ...Si -'EE .SHE bc. O HS to is 3.: E1 ...B SE I-.N I-LCQ D. B. Whittington STINGS BRING HIM DOWN TEXAS CITY 'I3 - BISHOP BYRNE 7 Jerry Whittington BOYDSTON CHARGES THROUGH X f 'f 2 W 'lm V -v 'eflwvvzfz-aww.-1 vmww' hz-fnvf-2'r"'-w1'r"'T'fwf'wf"'evfa U A 4 ax .. Unis f G. - . ,z f f' WHITTINGTON ON THE GO F 4. 1 David Jarrell TEXAS CITY 28 - if j 'Y Mi TJ Q, ,, . ff. M up-x--0 Jim SAN ANTONIO TECH 13 . . ,,. A 1 rw! 'Ks A 4 . ,A . mx fl J' N 3 4 5 Higginbotham TECH STOPPED SHORT I J"'WN Bill DUHCHH STINGS MAKE STOP TEXAS CITY 46 - SAM HOUSTON 6 STINGS CLGSE IN Frank Bardwell f w SURRATT TRIES POR PASS vu yr ,,,li? mn, kg g...... 1, A I Gary Speer Tri-Captain TEXAS CITY 28-ST. THOMAS I3 Marvin Kubin WI-IITTINGTON PLUNGES THROUGH x MW A I , X , lL-wlfr f Half' I ,4 STINGS OPEN A PATH Richard Schwarz TEXAS CITY 6 - FRENCH 12 GO GET 'EM STINGS Kenneth Surratt 75, , ff ff, 74 aa. f' E GOREE-BOYDSTON BLOCK PASS Earl Yarbrough Tri-Captain TEXAS CITY 6- PORT NECHES 38 Buddy Boydston Tri-Captain i 11 .h ., ,.-, 7? .X X xwlxi- -. ,g g J '22 ,P fn. Ml ij" . x :A I vw, 13 V V- , T bg .X T K., T 5.171 'S Jw W 5: 6 Jun ,A f 'f as - 4 2 A 1 l I 1 ,, . i w TT T 4 fil l N ik f . by V f .I : - N I T24 4 T 9, . nv. . ti' ' ,J N-Q4 x .MREJ Q f Wifi? ., INDIAN SURROUNDED Kenfwfh Suffaff BEAR BROUGHT DOWN TEXAS CITY 19 - SPRING BRANCH 21 WHITTINGTON TAKES LEAD ' ,al Eddie Padgett TEXAS CITY 0 SOUTH PARK 33 Dm 1 dum BOYDSTON AND LEAL CLOSE IN 4 . CONROE PICKS UP SHORT GAIN TEXAS CITY 7 - CONROE 37 D. B. WHITTINGTON GOES IN Buddy Boydston 'Mr W' f Dennis Steel-Sam Welsh MEDLEY MAKES FIRST DOWN Ralph Garrett TEXAS CITY 20 - ALDINE 6 BOYDSTON GOES ALL THE WAY Y WHIRLWINDS VJ Qc o o L4 UD .9 LE Q4 J: KJ CU o Cd 'E' s: .Q .-I L-4 .-1 .L-4 Z E 5 Q: EQ .o .2 o o U T5 .cz VJ S-A E IE E o Z? 'E QQ Q1 6 Lf GJ 'U 1: GS P4 2 'QC s: v: 3 U E o VJ s: Lf: o P1 E .ci KJ FU O U AL. -Q -UE C O L. 4-. Mix 2 3 O L. Q O F- J L4 L3 U 5 .si u rv O U 25 cu D FG L4 O cv CZ 5-X S fi 3 2 no :L 2 'U cv 2 DN :L+-. Ms L-1 LI cv cu L. O CI FJ cv 'O cv C3 'Il L4 3 3 LL an CI S .L-4 L-A L-A '42 5 FCS 'W ... .-. cv 3 o CL VN L4 L4 cv 'T LI -Q .cu C O 4-.. Middle row, left C1 O +-1 O0 C1 J aggsc 'Q Marvin Sk va aa 4-J KS DH 'U ma E- v OH S mp Tho 'U :L .Q U-4 "LO Lo S :L Lo .Q o LD 14 -Q .mv C o +L. s. '+L QJ -L. FOLU, IIOITI Bo nvx f,""a . , 4' Qu-qu. I 4' , 7 to right: Jim Williams, Fred ohn Charles Shannon, Don Smith, Jim Welch: Coach, D BASKETBALL TEAM IIICS SN iwmg 5 -.d"5:s U EFEQD us H-www I-4 Q-Big it Crum E-'Ol-fi' : Qc'-:N mga ,W N ..-C" Hui .GDN ooCQ.Z .C E Sffw. up W E...i3 -::g? EUWQN a.. ,gm adam ODONSN 3,552 Bo W M Ri My . ' 1 X f x - if L ' WW ' AW f- Q. 'uf ' . p f , .. if f MLW . 1 f xi X . 4 new f ,4 N f f Nm Q fi .X gQVh,.LQ 'K ? x N K A11 X ,,, AE A77 Qin. xy , I W ,ff I " I f ,, ., , fx W , W h 'R h W2 'Wm A S , J' , I '7 'f f' yawn!! ,V , f, 9, W an X, 01 :M 4 ,, 1 Aff ,, W , 7 'V' Z . 'X' 5 9 ' V 'E W f s I Q V X 5 ' Q3 if 0 f- rs f H l A, W W, 1 in Y J Q , X ,,f X I Zw, ,,,, A if ' V W A 1 'f xg ' 0 , N 1 l , A5 - gg , Q . is 4 45' N ' 9 x STINGS 65 SPRING BRANCH 52 STINGS 48 SPRING BRANCH J OHN SHANNON 45 STINGS 62 STINGS 63 SPRING BRANCH 60 JIM WELCH SPRING BRANCH 52 DON TALBERT N ,f, if f" ESR uw , S ' f , , W wwf ' ' , ar, fvfffw-,5 X . , ,fy z , , "f Q ig f ffm-,wnasm glliffzif- ,g im- Mgvfwf 1' "gills:-'W' CONROE 51 RAY VAN V OSS STINGS 62 CONROE 49 STINGS ' 71 CONROE 49 CURTIS BUCHANAN STINGS 78 CONROE 54 JIM WILLIAMS DISTRICT PLAYOPPS STINGS 50 FRENCH 55 STINGS 62 FRENCH 75 Left to right: Coach Jim Dupuy, Guy Riley, Jim Welch, Ray Voss, Freddy Galbreath, Managers Jerry Sullivan and Joe Brown. 55 G O L F Gif, ,Q LN Top row, left to right: Bill Martin, Dalton Ewing, Coach Harry Smith. Bottom row, left to right: James Wright, Kennith Chambers, Lorenzo Segura. 56 KENNITH CHAMBERS LoRENZo SEGURA BILL MARTIN JAMES WRIGHT DALTON EWING , We p row, left to right: Marvin Kubin, Lionel Roach, Rayford Harvey, Stephan Muller, James Howard, John Shannon, Mike Belluomini dle row left to right: Coach Ed Staggs, D. B. Whittington, Ted Conners, Charles Lee, Chip Wayne, Buddy Boydston, Bill Duncan, ornton Medley. TE KEEPS 3 I-LLIQE .f2"u,wQf 3 5-u.lZZ X J . I, Q1 X fl .H XM., 'P , . ,4yf ,, fx. 'X fx X 169 ""9" Q5 U s: 8 mi -2 -CIT: D42 'Sf SQ U. -cz E2 GSL-4 MQ! amz: 51: 'QS was ET: -1.55 ..-I 3. QU :Qi m,-J GS Us .CLI-I E+- wb pic: o 23 V-165 R53 cn .25 ES OC? Q... ..-C5 HEP ,Sox-4 :S 95 A-Jv--4 N-4. 22 gs-4 OE B4 QS o I-rg Y vi Seller Y White, Kervin Fred v-4 'S 3 'U 5-4 mx EQ ,hd C: ru U-4 U-4 sl cv ca Q4 UD on, Gary ngt Jay Arn s.: 'C .99 a-4 O 4-a +.a '-A-1 2 3 O 5-4 E 2 6 no 'QE' 4109" .2 5-1 .2 U cr 5 .:: U FS o U li. 32 M3-4 3 552 U -2 fn-o E11 .SSI-U :Q 35 u: P-Nm EE E4 '-Ds: 51: mb 'CIO :s N V33 FG.- :E iw Si Mm A53 .Bag 5-4 'OE .EO 5,453 1: E-g Sw as Lion if 95 ,-,W KL-4 . 32 gs.. 95 'xii Zo CQCQ Y. E5 cn. Z5 D .E '1 .c U 05 O U .ci 5-J CH Q3 I-4 E F1 U .id U ': 'U QJ X-4 LL. J 4-J GJ O0 'U R! Q4 .24 2333 .-C1 L93 fr: 'Jim Os-4 au.. WE Bm O.-C C05 if Q..-1 QE U E . O OD Ee. fd? PM 2501: mm C13-A mu. Ez 1.1.99 ,gnu :S SLE 4-av-1 Q55 52 O Hg Q4+-J OE E-co Islas! v ff A '-2 2 g 1 4 X. U . if 4 'W K- QM , , , I A 0 H f a X 1 4, Y+2Y 263, 0 0 6 'gg' ff' ? gg 77W-P279 TLMQQ , Qi M T A1 I ,. gm m Q 0'-ll f + S f A 6 X ,.f- .5 ' if f 72 X I 1, 4 Q 5 4, 1 ' ,., "1' I 'gg' A ' ' ' , 0' 'A i fi Y J , f 85 3 5 5 L- " ' 'F 'WS mf' L k i I , , K J N1 f ' If: , L ? V V , A W , N I Vlll FE f ,J .v1lZ ., ., , a.'.',f t z .QS x J K , - f 5 wk C 5 "V W4 u-. - ' , , ' Jw! L N WV 9 1 -fi Nw :L ' sa. 0- 1 x 'Q A sf, 3, ,L ii. 'Q -AP 5 He? 'gli A " ' 4 V i x 'N L ' H' 6, ' ' H I: ps Y I .W E- V ff'-A J Q - Q 1 . I :YA I he ,,f 1, 1 Q .,,, ' Vx Tfffi--F 4 ' , ' 'ww' Q Ll .4 492 ,, I 1 nfl. V ,I A . ., Q Q x: ?,,! :L ,i G 1 icf . ' f -- 0 HH' Zig? Q J I ' 5 A 7 ' ff H S N . Bd o I KA M- 1 'P ij i 1 F -l:,EN JMLE Q , 'kr i1 71 4 2 1 ,,, , , 1 'Q fx ,imfp I -I gli ' film ' A lb ' Y V' xfwlz, I ' Y 1 Q ,," Q W 1 , A ..:x '-E ' i v 1 Nj t f 'IF I. F A ' ,Q V 5 604- G03 G-of A ' 3 f X. 7 'rg N X, ' ' 111811 2' X S Z f 13 E S ! Q i 1 2 'bf X 1 ua M' f H V I , Q 'fn 0 ? ,f C ' .fwff W I ,f V f W ,,,, 1 u ,Zi nh A? P .1 'RW S Www gb .1 J AA 'NN' Y , 'MW A Q 'Q K Q .Q 5 V 2' x ff V' X W f X -xx X x 2, M X 137 fx x QA? ,fav .gum . new 4 'Qld rfmvv M 1 44 C Q1 2335, Q15 q w x ,, ,, 73 WWW p -u fu is S 9' Z Z z M CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Best Wz'shes. Seniors FLOWERS PHARMACY YOUR NEIGHBQRHQQD STORE TEXAS CITY INSURANCE AGENCY 901 5 Avenue North Phone-s-6676 - s-6679 F""'e"Y Kms, ooNAHuE s. sTAFFoRo Accv. s. J. c. TRAHAN Accv. SERVICENTER DRIVE IN ik Insurance and Bonds SANDWICHES AND DRINKS 'k Phone 8-8247 714 9 Street North 825 Sixth Avenue No. Phone 5-9952 Bob and Lillian Holder - ..,, ....-L---1- TEXAS CITY ATIONAL BANK OOOOOOOOO Texas City, Texas Capital Funds - - l750,QO0.00 MJD' "Member Federal Deposit I Corporation" i X L The Uriginal i 1. , -.,. If A ,, LJ -z .e S ,,,,e X Qld Age Security ifjjfxxx "A HOMEJ OF YQUR ow Q3 T T, , My C xR ! jf xx v QA I ra, ,. W If Af- 5545? T T J G XD 1 ,f f 1, It Q MAINLAND COMPANY f T '+L' Z 2 T T in MM,,.w"""'TM ,f"Jef,ff"MTw X' ' TEXAS CITY, TEXAS REPUBL:D WW REPUBLIC 0IL REFINING CCMPANY ' T THE ELECTRIC SHOP UP-TO-DATE CLEANERS SALES 8. SERVICE 609 Fifth Avenue North HOOVER CLEANERS EMERSON TV 8. RADIO "By Those Who Know OTHER SMALL APPLIANCES . . . For Those Who Care" 521 5th Ave. N. Phone 5-6841 Texas City Texas City 5-2262 TROUTS SPORTING GOODS BAY PRINTERS AND STATIONERS KAY'S MALT SHOP OFFICE suPPLlEs COMMERCIAL PRINTING 1401 Sixth Street North Corner of 4th Avenue and 7th Street Phone 8-8110 Phone: 5-9591 "Hoping the path of the future brings only the best of luck and success." CONNELLYS TEXACO SERVICE FEATURING B. F. GOODRICH PRODUCTS 1101 Sixth Street N. Phone: 5-2000 , ,,...-1 FIRST BEST wus!-:Es From STATE BANK TEXAS ClTY'S Texas City K T L W A Booster For The Home Town HTHE VOICE AND BANDSTAND OF THE MAINLAND" Member 27? Paid On F'D'I-C Savings 920 ON Youn DIAL CONGRATULATIONS MCGAR INSURANCE AGENCY 'Ir BEARDENS "CONTINUOUS SERVICE SINCE 1918" FOOD MARKET 1' Telephone 5-4406 'k 311 Sixth Sf. Norfh Texas Cify 1519 Sixth Sfreef Norih Best Wishes From THE MUSIC STAFF 618 6th St. No. Phone 5-5581 Compliments of TOT - THRU - TEEN 713 sm SI. WE SPEcIALIzE IN GIFTS AND CLOTHING FOR TOTS THROUGH TEENS COMPLIME NTS OF MURRAY A. POWELL GIBRALTAR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY and MURRAY A. POWELL, JR. GENERAL INSURANCE "Insurance of All Kinds" Congratulations, Seniors! STANSFIELD'S SUPPLY Phone 5-7428 821 Sixth Street North CHAMBERS, INC. 418 Sixth Street North Phone 5-2121 KING'S JEWELERS WATCHES - DIAMONDS AND GIFTS CAMERAS - SUPPLIES Showboat Theater Building Texas City, Texas Phone 5-4581 Phones 5-2391 and 5-2392 GLIDDEN PAINT Congratulations Seniors From BRAS-TEX APPLIANCE 8. HARDWARE CO. AUTHORIZED . DEALER JIMMIE BRASELTON 520 6th Street N. 406 Sixth Street North Phone 5-4371 Owner Texas City, Texas CONGRATULATIONS MODERN BEAUTY SALON MARY'S SNACK BAR OFFERING COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE STRICT!-Y SHORT ORDERS 620 4th Avenue North Phone: 5-9631 122 6th Street North CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BIG CHIEF SUPER MARKET 213 sixn-4 sneer Noam Pi-lone 5-2231 nest wlsues G. W. HETHERINGTON C 8. D PRESCRIPTION -'EWELER I PHARMACY 313 Sixth Street North Phone: 5-9122 319 Sixth Street North CONGRATULATIONS . . . Phone 5-2351 P. o. sox an SCHNEIDER? LoAN SERVICE CORPORATION 124 Sixth Street North Dial 54201 L 0 A N 5 and ua Sixth sim: North FINANCING Texas City Texas Texas City ROGERS . . . FINE SHOES 411 6th Street North Phone 5-6700 Texas City, Texas SALLY SHOP 613 Sixth Street North Phone 5-7751 RUST, EWING, JORDAN 8. SMITH INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS Service . . . is our watchword 619 4th Avenue North W. T. GRANT CO. "KNOWN FOR VALUES" 500 SIXTH STREET NORTH 0 Firestone Tires 0 Maytag Washers 0 Admiral T.V. 8. Refrigerators MAY SUPPLY CO. 613 Sixth Street North Phone 5-2342 Phones 5-7473-74 P, 0, Box 941 SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER COMPANY "Everything To Build Anything" 629 Third Ave. North Texas City, Texas ,-.1,-1- I a Its Magw When the 6-I2 repellent stick makes but- IFs No Magh in the acquiring of an education. It takes hard work by both students and teachers. It takes ade- quate classrooms and physical facilities. It takes real interest by parents. But it's worth the effort, Economic experts predict that educated persons will enjoy a very high standard of living by 1965, while unskilled and unschooled persons will have a hard time even get- ting a job. Carbide ancl mosquitoes disappear, Carbon Chemicals Company TEXAS CITY, TEXAS AGEE'S DRUGS I THE REXALL STORE 223 Sixth Street North Phone 5-7444 CONGRATULATIONS 1956 SENIORS 607 Sixth GALE'S BEAUTY SALON COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Air Conditioned Salon Street Phone: 5-9031 Compliments of HUMBLE SERVICE STATION Agents: D. N. WILLIAMS, SR. D. N. WILLIAMS, JR. Best Wishes to the Senior Class N U S B A U M ' S QUALITY MEN'S wEAR Phone 5-5462 606 Sixth Street North TH E CONGRATULATIONS, SENIOR MEN! SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Neeye Rememeee COMPANY Your Friendly Paint and Color Center ASK ABOUT OUR COLOR STYLING SERVICE . . . IT'S FREE. Dress for Success FRED JONES MEN'S WEAR Phone 5-2304 III Sixth St. No. 7II Sixth Street North Phone 5-4066 COMPLIMENTS PICK AND PAY SUPER MARKET OF SEVEN BIG DEPARTMENTS IN ONE BIG STORE Texas Avenue . . at Fifth Street PHILLIPS "66" H. D. MATTHEWS Phone: Office-5-7 202 Home-5-7630 BAY RADIO 8. APPLIANCE CO. "We Sell the Best- And Service the Rest" 619 Sixth Street North Phone: 5-7871 315 Sixth St. North MAYO W. NEYLAND APPLIANCE AND GIFT STORE GIFTS Fon THE Home W. P. Pitt, Owner Texas City Texas CNY Texas COMP'-'MENT5 OF PETERMAN JEWELRY MAINLAND LAUNDRY COMPANY AND CLEANERS Formerly: Michaels Jewelers Phone 54022 USTINGAREES 519 5th Avenue North FAVORITE JEWELERSH coMPLiMENTs OF REHBERG MOTOR PARTS CO., INC. 610 2nd Avenue North Phone: 5-7426 COMPLIMENTS OF PORTER - SHEFFIELD LADIES APPAREL 513 Sixth Street Phone: 5-5459 B. 81 J. MOTOR CO. GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING 622 Texas Avenue Phone 5.2002 HAM'S GARAGE General Auto Repairing Painting and Body Work Phone 5-7991 721 Texas Ave. J. I. Hamilton CONGRATULATIONS d BEST WISHES 1fofQoL0 1 ' for the : 0 MLA SENIOR CLASS? My iabanlf J of 1955-1956 www . , AMELQUQMI QurL.5cQ5E. f , CTeXasD Cotton Treybig L. M. Bordon John Ed. Russell COMPLIMENTS OF Phone 8-8271 RUSSELLIS BARBER 5H0p MARGARETTE'S BEAUTY SALON fUnion Shopb 518 7th Ave. N. Phone 5-2525 Margarette Wilks Lee Crisp Maryella Green 607 7 Avenue North Texas City COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS MEYERS SERVICE F""' WHOLESALE AUTO PARTS 516 5th Avenue North Phone 5-6311 phone 5-5288 1216 Texas Avenue HAROLD ELLIOTT CONGRATULATIONS sr-:Mons BEST WISHES From MOSELEY REFRIGERATION COMPANY MILDRED'S BEAUTY SALON Mathes Air Conditioning Distributor Personalized Hair Styling Specializing in Permanent Waving Your Authorized Frigidaire Dealer 513- 9th Avenue North Dial 5-5822 Air Conditioned Salon Texas City, Texas WELCH BROS. CHEVROLET Congratulations and Best Wishes on the 'iiii 71 'ii' "7'72'ff' LJLJMQZ' 'iii years to COl'l'lG. 702 9th Avenue North TEXAS CITY, TEXAS Chevrolet Sales and Service Phone 5-7463 COMPLIMENTS OF CHADWICK STUDIO PERSONALITY PORTRAITS "We are proud to have been selected to furnish photographs for your annual." 610 Fifth Avenue Phone 5-5651 TEXAS CITY, TEXAS Compliments of DUNCAN ROSS 81 COMPANY INSURANCE AND MAINLAND SAVINGS REAL ESTATE AND lT'S THE SERWCE LOAN ASSOCIATION THAT COUNTS Texas City, Texas Texas City Texas BEST WISHES From BOSTlCK'S RESTAURANT 8. TAP ROOM i' "Private Dining Room" 'A' Phone 3-3811 LaMarque, Texas BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS BAY - TEX LUMBER CO., INC. if Texas City Hx C0 U lr 94 H+. 1' Ps 'oo f 2 2 fe ' E mf 3 i rERMANS 5 A 0, DEPARTMENT STORE Q Q T, rouwnv cunts olvnmvu svols H 5 'ff VX l 311 LaMarque, Texas 1922 Magnolia Dial 3-6408 if PARAMOUNT CLEANERS 'Ir Texas City, Texas 518 Seventh Avenue North Dial 5-2222 CHAPMAN - BROWN LUMBER CO. LUMBER - HARDWARE - CEMENT - PAINT 826 Texas Avenue P. O. Box 1030 Phone 5-4491 Texas City, Texas JAY'S FOOD STORE "Large Enough To Serve You- Small Enough To Appreciate You" TEXAS AVENUE Phone 5-7675 Texas City CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS O. K. CLEANERS 623 Texas Avenue Phone 8-8181 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS TERRACE DRIVE INN 814 Ninth Avenue North Texas City ROSALIE and JOSEPH Phone 5-4071 GULOTTA COMP'-'MENT5 ANNA'S FLOWER SHOP OF "COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICES" NASH AND COTTON 521 Seventh Street North Phone 5-6641 914 Texas Avenue Phone 5-7476 Texas City, Texas LET SAM HARKINS SALES BRADLEY'S PRESCRIPTION "Your Authorized NECCHI-Elna DeaIer" THE WORLD'S FINEST SEWING MACHINES 518 Sixth Avenue North Phone 5-7861 625 Sixfh BE YOUR DRUGGIST Most Reliable and Efficient Free Delivery Street North Phon e 5-2393 MODERN CLEANERS 1111 Sixth Street North Phone 5-7611 MAINLAND PHARMACY "DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE" COMPLIMENTS FORD ACREE GARAGE A L L A N ' S Shoes for the Emir' 519 Ninth Street North Family 317 Sixth Street North Phone 5-9691 Telephone 5-6422 COMPLIMENTS BRADSHAW'S OF Florists and Nurserymen 405 N' th St. N. Phone 5-5601 PLANTOWSKY'S FURNITURE m Texas City, Texas COMPANY 814 Texas Avenue WORLD-WIDE WIRE SERVICE Cable Address: "BRADFLO" Texas City BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM HOFFMAN LUMBER COMPANY 915 Sixth Avenue North CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS BUSBEE'S FEED AND HARDWARE PIIGIDAIII Texas Phone 5-2051 701 Texas Avenue Texas cny FA I 0f6159 ' 55451 QONGRATULATIONS sENIoRs , !F Wg , FROM CQMM WY W - W If ww - ODYEAR SERVICE STORE P W , fN ,, 615 5th Avenue North Phone 5-4500 SEWJ51 CEM A W I, XE If 2 xXI'S14,lf nTexas City, Texas COMPANY I 5, I .- ' I1 1 I I- ,J I X"-M3 1 "Protect You lion ' c I 'rg YQ! M TOMAX LUMBER COMPANY r ' A 11' fm .ff 1 Po im' Seryceu F ' I ia " -. . ix ii, 3 EVERYTHING FoR TI-IE BUILDER ,iff E1 7 34154 We Manufacture 9' ' I Cabinets and AII Kinds of Built-In Eixfures L! Pontiac ir 1219 Texas Avenue Phone 5-4426 702 Texas Avenue Phone 5-2371 - ua? 'M Meg 0,:5: S fgfi-iQ1i'f0 9 p""'S , DRUM FINANCIAL CORP. T C T 6025 hS S S d h e: 5-2129 Phone57448 V fi ,W -faqffwfsf plf, .QQQCQQL if A 4, ,Q-If Z, gif' BE SHES V E 8-C 1 Q 5254 ' . QQ, QTHEWILEYKNICHOLLS co. 5 , lfidB'S BOATS a.Mo1SR?HqO, 2,1 xl 4 'V JQJWAJ gp V Q I0 l I Evinrude Out Boa Moi s ,sd cg ' 9, K TRANSFER ND STOR S es Service 8. Parts J N JaSke, Swoifffv Yi S is ,FY D22 -fivxggems for Qgdvan Lines 5 5,02 Xa Phon e Qu' 1 1 yi' XM: ' -c L ' f 5f R, ' Zifil' , x . ' ,. .. 'W " a I f E . 'f 'Nh i i'c" e f c LQ AA!! It Vlix, 21.4 Q K N I If To the Seniors of 1956: CI-IOOSIN G A , CAREER . 51 0,1 M - i D Y th ' , b- . . urmg Osm S you pro d women turn out millions of tons ably have been revi ans . . V icals and plastics annually for the future. Before makin yo ind, . ,every-'type of manufacturing. it might be good to investi he t promising field in Ameri today - t I ' I , these frontiers ot science interest career of science. The expan I oundar- ., , you, t your school counselor about ies of science mean n w opportu-nxt r I , ' i , e tralnlng need. You can become the college graduate in paid a y ' ' 0 f the key 1 t ay s technological rewarding profession. 1 - J WOT d - . a lea e world of The engineer and scientist of 195 to Orrow' is a man with varied interests. He may roam the country exploring for new ma- terials, work in a plant producing the miracle products of today, or know the thrill of discovering a revolutionary idea at the research workbench. Q A leader in these fields is the gigantic chemical industry. Its technically-trained Mo T0 CHEMICALS--0 PLASTICS Plastics Division Texas City, Texas 'M l , !M,?f dm, WWW Wwgwjjfgy LW, by fmw aww of Mffjigg Vggwgg Qcmwlzdgzzfx . - w0,,1-53, ,MCL QQ .F Nf"m?l2',6 . . 2wff wgdygg W WL 'Wifi wyyj fm ff' W 59C97!W+4gW7?E 7,4 n if ""if"qff?f' yofjfpugwj . 5? fpfrnfvyf 'WW' ffyw My ggfaifiigww . W W i, ' -164' JD ug yr if Q WQ c- WMA 1 W fyifffgiff 3 if Eyffiqggfiggws f Wfwgsx 2:4 ,xgfei 551 xff Si b Wi 3 MM if dxf" view 2253315525 3 3 if 3W M515 5125 Qgwiy 6 A050951 3,1 Wfii X5 3635535 ggi' it -I an ' 3 X .4 Q xl -f . , 'A ...K - . , Q . A ' Q I -A Ai ,,-,I I . n + A- ' .Anand EM N 0, -YF? Wi, n . ,wx JL if., ip! 6532 RQ H' exif' ' W. ,AA Af JIYM OK MW VM wh im QQ! I y I ,. 1 lmrgn ,hMm L,m. I xx Cf X , XX ' ' " .' .tm 'X if , X Cgf. X- A glmxg qfgwf' I M' A' 'K ,J u " f . - Q X I MAA 'f v' LJ' " 5 n , Q ' M .ff LM , W1'f , k' .. . f L' ,fq ,Q ,mmf-1'fJ 4,--l ff' . 1, ,Q 0434 .viii ,,V. .r 4 1 U ,b! I ,db .Ay , 10' at flag dvi L J M VL - My , X awe!! ti. PUC? GZJQLL Q Q, , Q ' 9 MLW, WM ff ' 4 L-F To ef" - QZLQW' ' Q AQ , 6 J xvxn yagp QY' A891 LL 415 eg, , h E: 113' ' QfNJ,ji?41w9 HYIWM M SEENEA W www mgffgwfww Wjggf 1 Q 0 f - 4 gf SPV wg W S ,W W W WW WWWQV 3 QM M ' 'iwfwiwqmwgwf EM W X ff - al. ' 1 1., V .. .,.

Suggestions in the Texas City High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Texas City, TX) collection:

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