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Iv. Texas a8:m, 1964 "HOME OFTI-IE FIGHHN' TEXAQ AGGJES" djW 3'? 7h 49!, i QWEMENTOF POLICY. In The 1964 AGGIELAND we have Tried To represenT The lighTer side of life aT A8TM, and depicT The smaller, day To day incidenTs ThaT make life aT Aggieland whaT if is. Our aim is To provoke fond memories of The 1963-1964 school year. AIThough we may occasionally poke fun aT cerTain individuals, The changing Times, and The venerable insTiTuTions of Aggieland, H is our sincere desire ThaT no one will Take offense. ATTer all, whaT is more Typical of A8TM Than Good Aggie Bull? Chris and John ADMINISTRATION .................................. 8 ACTIVITIES ............................................ 24 VANITY FAIR ........................................ 56 MILITARY .............................................. 74 CIVILIANS SPORTS .................................................. 208 ORGANIZATIONS .................................. 248 CLASSES ................................................ 382 ADVERTISING AND INDEX .................. 490 ,t '. "T1"- .lvw , 1 i '1 J 55.3; 4 CONFERENCE BAQKETBALL- BAQEBALL CHLWPIONQ. a 4 Ii . ' L I 5 vVLB- A, 7-7 l I rb JOHN 1:. KENNEDY PRESIDENTOFTHE UNHED ewes AlThough many Americans may noT have agreed wiTh The policies of John Kennedy, no one can help buT ad- mire him for his deTerminaTion and forTiTude, and his willingness To Take a definiTe sTand on an issue and sTick by The principles he had commiTTed himsehc To supporT. AlThough he was unable To see many of his programs pUT inTo effecT during his own lifeTime, The policies which he developed will provide guidelines for American govern- menT for years To come. AfTer Taking The oaTh of office as The new PresidenT, former Vice PresidenT Lyndon Johnson commiTTed himself To carry on wiTh Kennedy's program, and conTinue To sTrive for legislaTion dealing wiTh medical aid, aid To educaTion, civil righTs, lower Taxes and many more of The innovaTions begun by J.F.K. As The years go AssassinaTed on Friday, Nov. 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was shoT while riding in an open car in Dallas wiTh Governor John Connally, who was also' wounded. The alleged assassin is Lee Harvey Oswald, an avowed communisT who had recenle reTurned from Russia, and who had previously ThreaTened Gov. Con- nally's life. Two days IaTer, as The naTion mourned The loss of Their PresidenT, Oswald himself was gunned down in The basemenT of The Dallas CounTy CourThouse. Jack Ruby, a Dallas nighT club operaTor, sTepped from The crowd and shoT Oswald To deaTh before a naTion- wide Television audience. AfTer a sensaTional Trial, Ruby was given The deaTh penalTy, bUT as The school year closes his lawyers are appealing The decision. AT The same Time, The Warren Commission, headed by Chief JusTice Earl Warren, is invesTigaTing The acTiviTies of by, The memory of The adminisTraTion of John Kennedy Oswald, in order To come To a final conclusion concern- will remain a vivid one in The minds of all Americans, and The ideals for which he sTood will burn in The pages of mg hls guan. hisTory. AT noon Friday, The 1963 Bon- fire had progressed This far. It went no furTher. As The nation enTered a period of mourning, This, one of Aggie- Iand's most famous Traditions, was 'called off. In regard To sacrificing The huge fire and The accompanying week of work, Head Yell Leader Mike Marlow said, "lT's The most we have; lT's The leasT we can do." In a heavy ChrisTmas snow- sTorm, a delegaTion of Aggies places a wreaTh on The grave of The laTe PresidenT at Arling- Ton National CemeTery. J. B. TEMPLETON JR. '50 Ben TempleTon, Class of 1950, was an acTive and suc- cessful Aggie. AfTer graduaTion, he joined The AusTin Bridge Co. in Dallas. Four years ago, aT The age of 29, he founded his own company which was an immediaTe success. Ben served as vice presidenT of The NorTh Texas DisTricT of Former STudenTs and was Twice elecTeol presidenT of The Aggie Club. AcTive in civic affairs, Ben was a member of The Dallas Freedom Forum, a regisTered professional engineer, a mem- ber of The American SocieTy of CiViI Engineers, and a par- TicipanT in Dallas youTh acTiviTies. He and his wife held many offices in The Midway Hills Chris- Tian Church: Ben as chairman of The Official Board, deacon and elder,,and PaTsy Jo as deaconess and presidenT of PaTsy Jo TempleTon The ChrisTian Women's Fellowship. Their pasTor said of Them, "IT seems incredible ThaT Two people could have done so much . . A8TM PresidenT Earl Rudder Told Ben's parenTs, "I know of no former sTudenT who has been of greaTer service To A8TM . . ." Ben, his wife, and R. L. Klein '46, were killed when The TempleTon Company plane crashed November 26 near New Orleans. Ben's survivors include his parenTs, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. TempleTon; Two sons: John B. IV and RoberT Todd; and a daughTer, Joni Elaine. To The memory of This greaT Aggie, The 1964 AGGIE- LAND is dedicaTed. RICHARD JEFFERY '64 PAT CROUCH '66 RODOLFO ARAGON, G.S. ROBERT C. WOODY, G.S. JOE FRANK BECERA '65 CAPT. JAMES P. JENRETT '58 NORMAN BEARD '64 EDWARD L. LEWIS '66 JOHN L. CLEAVES '67 ROBERTO PAYAN-ZAPICO '67 THOUGHTS ON A DEPARTED AGGIE The lights are dimmed The dorm is stilled We're mourning for an Aggie-killed. Silver Taps heard in the night, Faint sounds of tributes Lasting light. His voice was part of Every crowd, When Aggies cheered Their college proud. by R. E. Brunkenhofer '64 Mute forms go now To pay their due, To show what Aggies Say is true. We stay Together to the end And never once forget our friend. For some day when our Day is done, They'll play for us And all will come. Our final place beyond We'll find, And many friends we'll Leave behind. No tears are shed When Aggies die, A loved one may A litTIe cry, But sadness won't bring Back The dead, Or comfort someone's Troubled head. It's best if we forget His end- Think only of our Living friend. BOARD OF DIRECTORQ. "All righT now, genTlemen, on the count Of SEATED, LefT To Right: 5. B. WhiTTenburg, Amarillo; John W. Newton, Beaumont; STerling C. Evans, Houston,- H. C. Helden- 1hree we'll fake the fels, Corpus Christi. , STANDING, Left To Right: Clyde H. Wells, Granbury; Clyde Thompson, Diboll; L. F. PeTerson, FT. Worth; Dr. A. P. pIClU re, SO BeuTel, Lake Jackson; Gardiner Symonds, HousTon. leT's all have a greaT big smile, now. Ready? Okay, one .Two...Three...' I AppoinTed by The Governor of Texas, The Board of DirecTors is responsible for The managemenT of The Texas AW UniversiTy SysTem. The ciTizenry of Texas is represenTed by Board members coming from all parTs of The sTaTe and all walks of life. All maior policies of The SysTem, such as The recenT name change, The building pro- gram, The admission of sTudenT's wives To classes, and The obTainmenT of The new cycloTron insTiTuTe, are iniTiaTed by The Board, aT Their regular meeTings. The successes of The A8TMlSysTem in The pasT, presenT, and fu- Ture can be Traced To The efforTs of The A8:M UniversiTy Board of DirecTors. Office of The Chancellor of The A8iM SysTem was creaTed in 1948 by The Board of DirecTors. The Chancellor is The direcTing head of all acTiviTies of The AW UniversiTy SysTem, and adminisTers The various colleges, agencies, and services of The Sys- Tem Through an execuTive officer in charge of each. Dr. M. T. HarringTon rose To The posiTion of chan- cellor from The A8TM College presidency, which he firsT held in 1950. He has been a parT of A8iM for TorTy-six years, earning his BS. and M.S. degrees here, and Teaching in The ChemisTry DeparTmenT unTil 1941, when he wenT To Iowa STaTe for his Ph.D. Since Then, he has served A8xM To The besT of his abiliTy. DR. M. T. HARRINGTON Chancellor of The A8iM UniversiTy SysTem .' MR. ROBERT G. CHERRY V Assistant to The Chancellor elk axe e. ' DR. JOHN C. CALHOUN Vice Chancellor for Programs n: MR. CLYDE FREEMAN Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs PPEQFDENF : .. PresidenT Rudder assumed office i: on July 1, 1959. His adminisTraTion '4' has been marked by vasT expansion 1' of faciliTies, higher salaries for sTaTIC s X and faculTy and The aTTainmenT of greaTer sTaTus for Texas A8TM Univer- 4.", siTy. ,. , 1' Mr. Rudder was born in Eden, 4 .959er 1 Texas, in 1910. He aTTended TarleTon 41 4. . AgriculTuraI College Tnow TarleTon ' :4 TaTe College1 for Two years, and com- 45., pIeTed his educaTion aT A8TM, where , f a he leTTered in TooTball. He graduaTed 4 '1 r, in 1932, receiving The 8.8. degree in T J - IndusTriaI EducaTion. He TaughT and 4.4 coached TooTbaIl unTiI The beginning 1 . of The Second World War, when he w wenT inTo The Army as a TirsT IieuTen- . 4145M anT. He served wiTh disTincTion, aT- , 4; 4; s Tammg The rank of Colonel In iess -. 31 ; Than four years, and led The Second ,1: T Ranger BaTTaIion's assaulT on The cliffs - 1 of Normandy on D-Day. .- Before coming To A8TM he served as Texas Land Commissioner, and 1:1 presenle serves as AssisTanT DepuTy .. Commander of reserve forces, Con- 4 ; TinenTal Army Command, holding The T 11' rank of Maior General. 1 President Rudder speaks at The dedication of The 4 Texas Maritime Academy. ' ? TM JAMES P. HANNIGAN Dean of Students DR. A. A. PRICE Dean of Veterinary Medicine DR. FRANK W. R. HUBERT Dean of ArTs and Sciences :3 ; DR. WAYNE C. HALL T Dean of GraduaTe Studies CAPT. BENNETT M. DODSON Director, Texas Maritime Academy ObiecTives of The UniversiTy are mainTained by The ExecuTive CommiTTee as seT forTh by The by-laws. Under The direcTion of PresidenT Rudder in weekly meeTings, The commiTTee decides how besT To sTrive for "academic excellence," and keep The college headed Toward iTs primary ob- jecTive, as sTaTed by STaTuTe: "The leading obiecT of This college shall be, wiThouT excluding oTher scienTiTic and classroom sTudies, and including miliTary TacTics, To Teach such branches of learning as are relaTed To agri- culTure and The mechanical arTs, in such a man- ner as The legislaTure may prescribe, in order To promoTe The liberal and pracTical educaTion of The indusTrial classes in The several pursuiTs and professions in life." DR. G. M. WATKINS DirecTor, Agricultural lnsTrucTion DR. R. E. PATTERSON Dean of Agriculture DR. WILLIAM J. GRAFF Dean of lnsTrucTion H. D. BEARDEN Texas Engineering Extension Service H. L. HEATON Director of Admissions and Registrar FRED BENSON Dean of Engineering COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE The sTUdy of agriculTure has been a mainsTay of The curricula aT A8tM since The school was opened in 1876. As a land-granT insTiTuTion, A8TM has offered agriculTural insTrucTion, exTension and research for almosT 90 years and has been insTrumenTal in The inTroducTion of many Techniques To The sTaTe's food-producing indusTry. P.reparaTion aT A8LM opens The door To more Than 500 occupaTions in nine maior areas of agriculTure: research, indusTry busmess, educaTion, communicaTions, conservaTion, serviCes, farming and ranching. I Physical faciliTies for sTudy are among The besT in The counTry. FaciliTies include The 5,000-acre main campus, a 3 000- acre planTaTion in nearby Burleson CounTy, and Texas AgriculTural ExperimenT STaTions across The sTaTe which ToTal 46,000 acres. Two maior affiliaTes wiTh The College of AgriculTure provide invaluable assisTance. The Texas AgriculTuraI ExperimenT STaTion and The Texas AgriculTural ExTension Service work in close cooperaTion wiTh Texas A8TM To fosTer research and ex- Tensnon educaTion. Since many agriculTure professors combine Teaching wiTh research, sTudenTs are assured of learning The laTesT developmenTs in The field. Oxen mill pasT The "Old Main" on Their way To The R.R. sT'aTion. This phoTograph was Tak- en at The Turn of The cenTury. TopposiTe page-TopT. writ Ta..; mean: A'Tnuia' wax K- . Unlike The days of old, modern students mill pasT The "New Science Building" To G.P. sTaTions. This picTure was Taken aT The Turn. ,...,.. The IasT Agricul- Tural landmark of The old cenTury sTeps aside for progress, The ancienT Science Hall is razed. Academic Building-nucleus of the College of Arts and Science. This picture was faken in 1923. IIIII: , nuns: .LJ-u xgzmwk Ht: ' 3 33' ?3 1 1 wmmmmawnwmmmmwwm w W v Students make use of the MW'WMWM Data Processing Center to work out some complicated prob- lems. mmwf COLLEGE OFARIS 8 QUENOEQ The College of Arts and Sciences has expanded from its early headquarters in the Acaderr operations in ten buildings. At A8dVl, a well-developed program of liberal arts and basic sciences is considered of vital imports cation. These studies are administered through the College of Arts and Sciences, composed of 14 depa natural and social sciences, business, education, language and literature, journalism and physical e The College of Arts and Sciences has a two-fold purpose: it serves as a partner of the other deg directing the liberal and scientific education of technical students. It also offers complete courses specializing in an area of arts or sciences. For all students the study of the humanities, the social and the natural sciences provides instruct civic and economic development. It also helps develop orderly thought and analysis required to St trains students to express themselves clearly and concisely. Wayne L. Sterling, graduate student in entomology, is shown setting the lighting and temperature for boll weevil eggs in the controlled environment cab- inet. Students participate in wrestling under A8xM's Physical Education program. This 1890 photograph of 1he Mechanical Engi- neering Shop shows crude beginnings from which an extensive College of En- gineering has develdped. The reactor "swimming pool" the heart of the Nuclear Reactor. The tra- veling bridge can move the reaction wherever the operator wants it. COLLEGE OF- ENGINEERING Engineering has been an integral part of The curricula aT A8TM for almosT 90 years. A Typical engineering sTudenT aT A8TM may work on a fission problem uTilizing an aTomic reactor, sTUdy guidance sysTems for space vehicles, or pore over The principles of a beauTiful bridge. The College of Engineering occupies 14 buildings on The campus and is ranked among The highesT degree granTing schools of engineering in The UniTed STaTes. Guided by a disTinguished faculTy of engineers, sTudenTs have The laTesT Training and research equipment available for Their use. Some of The faciliTies-The 4V2 million dollar DaTa Processing CenTer, The five-megawaTT Nuclear Science CenTer and The AcTivaTion Analysis LaboraTory IocaTed aT The Old Bryan Air Force Base-cannoT be equalled on any campus in The SouThWesT. Three sTaTe research and exTension educaTion agencies wiTh headquarTers on The A8TM campus are closely asso- ciaTed wiTh The College of Engineer- ing and add sTaTure To iTs insTrucTionaI program. The Three: The Texas Engi- neering ExperimenT STaTion, a basic and applied research cenTer; The Texas Engineering ExTension Service which disseminaTes new Technology To in- dusTry and The Texas TransporTaTion lnsTiTuTe, a planning and developmenT organizaTion concerned primarily wi h highways. Thus A81MIS College of Engineering conTribuTes greale To The new era of Technology in our naTion. Theo Holleman, architecTure graphics profes- sor, instructs students in modern and spacious architecture labs. This year The Department of Architecture came into its own, moving from The Top floor of The Academic Building To iTs $900,000 structure. m ,m xxxxw Sonia Faye Oliphant from Poteet, the first female veterinary studenf at Texas AEtM, is entering the Small Animal Clinic while Dean Gage, freshman from San Saba, opens the door. COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE The College of VeTerinary Medicine aT A8TM is The primary source of doctors of veterinary medicine for Texas and The SouThwesT. VeTerinary subjecTs sTudied include veterinary anaTomy, medicine and surgery, microbiology, parasiToIogy, paThology, physiology, pharmacology and veTerinary public healTh. FaciliTies for sTudy include new, modern buildings equipped wiTh The laTesT Techni- cal aids such as closed-circuiT Television. The college operates a large and small ani- mal clinic'on cameus and mainfains a spe- cial veTerinary libra'ry. Two years of pre-veTerinary study are required before enrollmenT in The profes- sional course. The number of sTudenTs ad- miTTed To The professional level is limiTed each year and compeTiTion for admission is keen. In The large animal clinic students in Vet- erinary Medicine operate on a horse. This picture was taken in 1925. Although the cavalry has become obsolete, The need for new and better Trained veterinarians never ceases. Cadets relax with folk songs at day's end during European cruise. After spending the first year on The Texas A8 M campus, Texas Maritime Academy Ca- dets move to Galveston for training. V . A v I i V!KAS IAQ-Y I miA A u ' .r lYln'n'lquvDAE':v:m ' ' ---- T9449 MAWME ACADEMY CAPTAIN BENNETT M. DODSON, U.S.N. Superintendent Texas Maritime Academy Cadets take three summer cruises on the Texas Mari- time Academy ffaining ship to various parts of the world in order to gain practical experience and training. v The Texas Maritime Academy offers an opportunity to qualify as an officer in the United States MerchantvMarine, to earn a commission in the United States Naval Reserve tinactivet, and to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in marine engineering or m marine transportation. To fulfill the opportunities the Texas Maritime Academy program begins with the freshman year on the A8tM campus at College Station. The remaining three years are spent on the newly developed Texas Maritime Academy campus in Galveston. To supplement classroom instruction the Texas Maritime Academy students spend three summers aboard the Academy training ship in training cruises to ports of European, Caribbean and South American countries. The Texas Maritime Academy, one of six such schools in the United States, is the only school dedicated to serve the maritime industry on the Gulf Coast. This industry, as a center of our foreign trade and travel, is a vital and dynamic part of Texas and the nation's economy, as well as an essential element of the United States defense program. The need for highly trained men is evident as this career field enters the nuclear age, as represented by the world's first nuclear merchant ship, NS Savannah. In the two fields of instruction available, the marine transportation course is designed to familiarize cadets with ship operation and management and places particular emphasis on the economic and business aspects of the maritime in- dustry and foreign trade. The marine engineering course, which is closely related to mechanical engi- neering, emphasizes the design, operation, and maintenance of maritime power plants Uncluding nuclear-powered marine piantsT and associated equipment. The student also receives instruction in the arts and sciences to qualify for his bachelor's degree. A Model of a six million dol- lar cyclotron which is to be finished by 1966 is the fifth "Atom Smasher" of its kind to be located on a university campus and largest in the South. The Oceanography and Meteorology Dept. has two research platforms off the coasf of Panama City, Flo'rida. Sfage I is 11 miles off shore and sets in 100 feet of water. COLLEGE OF GRADUATE GIUDIEQ The College of Graduate Studies has come into its own in recent years with research in fields from nuclear reactor prob- lems to mapping of the ocean floor. Graduate studies at A8xM offer education beyond the bachelor's level for both research and professional pursuits. A8tM is one of two state supported institutions designated by the Texas Commission on Higher Education to assume leadership in graduate studies. The program at A8:M concentrates on engineering, the basic sciences, agriculture, veterin- ary medicine and selected subjects within the liberal arts. Goal of graduate study is the creation of knowledge, fostered by bringing the best-thinking students and professors together into a critical mass bearing on a problem. Facilities for research at A8iM are outstanding. There are 150 laboratories at the main plant in College Station and in field sites across the state. Some of the research facilities cannot be duplicated in any university in the Southwest. Cost of research projects at A8iM run in excess of $10 million, much of which is spent on proiects in which graduate students participate. Dr. R. E. Wainerdi, Associate Dean of Engineering, explains a "probe" to visiting NASA delegation headed by James Webb iGray suiti. ? 4' Army Cadets and their dates dance to the music of Jessie Poo Pah 000" Hill at the 1964 Combat Ball. ACIMUEQ A supposedly accuraTe accounT of The 1963- 1964 school year, depicTing The various acTiviTies of The sTudenT body wiTh a somewhaT Tongue-in- cheek aTTiTude. This secTion is devoTed To The daily life of The Aggie as a sTudenT. We have done our besT, however, To overlook ThaT dreary aspecT of sTQdenT life known affecTionaTely as sTudying, and concenTraTe on The more educaTional aspecTs. Typical long lines at fall registration at most schools. Senior student cogitates over problem of getting clothes and furnishings up to his fourth stoop room. He finally got them all in, after a hard day's work. Addition of coeds to the campus brought ' ; a variety of comment, pro and con. New dorms go up in the Old Area . After long years of slow collapse, Science Hall finally takes gas . . lgo, right, Director of A8tM's cyclotron confers with staff members on plans for in 1968. to be completed 000 project, I 000 7W7 I thM J. G. institute, the $6 2 :e Dr. I I ll "mm H W; h Q 27 . . Study was difficult for those students residing here first semester due to noise of construction work during the day, and an- guished cries of Larry Vetter at night, over the loss of his diamonds. Old Area takes on a new Look . His 'de. msn istrators new dorm a bricks on to prove to admin removed lays that upperclassmen had not walled a freshman up was later Unidentified workman handiwork "Well, we've had a preTTy good season, I reckon." "Yep, a 5-0 record. Five aTTemst and no misfires." "IT seems To me ThaT we acTualIy did Texas Tech a 4,, preTTy good service by W 44A ' helping ouT ThaT horse y; 'WM' N of Theirs The way we h I , ' did, probably The firsT .ll. llj'ulllll "W y .. exciTemenT she's "i'l4 l l Ill! as had in years'll ll AAVNl l. h l l l fl aflr l'Illlli I l ,rlll l ThaT's True, of course, . y l ' l 'Wyllnh WW ; gs; ' 9M and by This Time nexT Wiiilllygfplg lllzlli' ' M'V yr l 445; year, Tech oughT To g? L ' ' jrpimhhy ' If ,, A $ ' f' have Two mascoTs insTead ' m " ,, K lb of iusT one." "MighTy generous of us, all righT." "How abouT TCU? Up There Vet sTudenTs Thoughtfully care for Peruna, while The clean of sTudenTs, or waiTing for SMU cheerleaders To come claim her. somebody like ThaT was supposed To have helped Those Ags walk off wiTh The Horney Toads, and even provided a police escorT.-ThoughT They were members of The VigilanTes CommiTTee." "A similar case To The Rice Owl, where some Aggie daTes kepT The guard occupied, while The A95 calmly walked 0T1c wiTh Rice's prized paper- mache Owl." "And There was all ThaT commoTion aT The VeT hospiTal when Peruna was kepT There." Andrew Salge brings Rev over To meeT Aggie SweeThearT llYeah: bUl H was nOThlng NaneTTe Gabriel aT T.C.U. game. compared To The Time Bevo showed up." Bevo looks up in apprehension as kidnapers approach. lconTinued on page 29l we "9' gkbe . FighTers from F-2 proudly display horned frogs That TCU officials gave Them. "Where is Bevo?" Texas Ranger 0. L. Luther pumps Aggies for in- formaTion as To whereabouTs of elusive cow. Orig- inal Bevo-nappers, coerced by warrant for their arresT, brought him To nearby farm, only To find ThaT The animal had been sub-kidnaped by anoTher 28 group. lconTiniues from page 28l "Bevo was The easiesT of all; all They did was go ouT To ThaT pig-farm and load him mm The Truck." "No guards, no Trouble, no noThin'." "The big problem was in deciding which group of Ags ThaT showed Up ThaT high was To geT The honor of sTealing him. Then The Sips had To send The Texas Rangers, an arresT warranT for caTTle rusTling and a bunch of scrawny 'Silver Spurs' To geT him back." 'fRidiculous-we would have given him back sooner or laTer." "Yeah, barbecued Ill Mike Marlow leads Traditional yell practice aT T.W.U. on Friday night before Corps Trip game wiTh T.C.U. Among other Things thaT night, a dance was held.-The Ags Tied T U. The next day, 14-14. Coach Hank Foldberg is carried off field by jubilant Team after Rice victory. Team seemed To be sparked during second half by half-Time brawl which re- sulted from The poor attitude and conduct of cer- Tain Rice students. Freshmen from A-2 hold a Rain Dance, on Saturday afternoon, before The Baylor game, The rain, which was needed To slow Don Trull's passing, didn'T come until a half-hour afTer The game. 29 . w :m Wf a- .. , Aggies 'l3, T.U. 9 Referees 6 mm mm SUN summit "This is the greatest iniustice to a group of young fellows I've ever seen!" -HANK FOLDBERG November 28, 1964 "There was a lot of complaining about the T.U. game this year, ironically, some of it came from T.U." "Yeah, one 'i of the Board of Regents up there called Kyle Field a "Quagmire," and a "disgrace." He failed to mention or apologize for the fact that the muddy con- dition of the field was due in large part to the grass killer that T.U. students had poured on it the previous Saturday, when the Aggie student body was in Houston for the Rice game." "They didn't complain about us being penalized eighty-two yards, compared to their fifteen, though." Aggie fish chows down on a "Bevo-Burger," while the team gets in shape to make mince- meat of the National Cham- pions. Know how Bevo got his name? The Ags stole him one year, a while back, after having knocked off the conference lead- ing Sips, 13-0. Just for "Good Bull," they branded the score on his scrawny flanks. When the Tea-sips got him back, they decided they had to do something about this disgrace to their ego, so they made a "B" out of the 13, an "E" out of the dash, and inserted a "V" before the "0." Hence: "Bevo." Most controversial catch of the season-Jim Willenborg intercepts a TD. pass in the end zone. The officials ruled it incomplete, but game films later showed Willenborg catch the ball, juggle it-as he is doing here- grab it, drop to his knees about two feet inside the stripe, fall forward, and slide out of the end zone with a firm grip on the ball. The marks made by Jim's knees were clear in the wet grass, but the official still ruled it incomplete. This was the same official who had previously called a T.U. pass good when the receiver appeared to have one foot out of bounds, failed to see a T-sip strike an Aggie player in front of him, and flashed a "Hook 'em Horns" sign after the game. It was not the same official who appeared on the field carrying an orange flag. Mark Jackson and a crew of former fish drill team members pose beside "Ol' Sarge," the 105mm howitzer that boomed out each Aggie score, and filled Kyle Field with smoke. 30 AToudu 06v GoodAggw Buw 3!, f Waymr 55' 5-,; 634'9479 7' $017 7 x77 19 4? 1146171? "All right, dress it up in there, it looks sloppy! Beckom, step back a little. Lewis, move up some. It's terrible! Everybody fall out and takealook at it!" According to the SQUADRON, this particular Town Hall show required a special close-up preview by Messrs. Hannigan, Harring- ton and Rudder, before innocent Aggies could be exposed to it. Apparently, it didn't pass. Installation of pool tables in the MSC added a new atmosphere to one area'of the campus. Here, campus leaders make an important decision. If Howard Head drops the eight ball in the side pocket, non-regs get to wear the "old army" ring. But if Dresser puts the fifteen in the corner, girls are banned from Silver Taps. WINTER CARNIVAL George "Poopsie" Hargett crams the ring on Ray "Cuddles" Kubala in show sponsored by the Aggie Wives' Club. Hairy- armed baby tTravis Reagant is looking for his bottle. In a rare display of bravery, the Air Farce got up enough nerve to attack the ground-pounders. Superior 2 Volkswagens can go anywhere. The owner of this one tactics prevailed, however, and Corps Staff marched Sully takes a dim view of New Army "mech- t wasn't sure, but after finding his keys in the snowman's into the mess hall. Everyone was "snowed." anized" fish. At least Fish Long made it to hand, he dug through and found his. formation on time. 3I Seniors participate in the annual elephant walk, symbolizing that they are about to attend their last game as members of the Twelfth Man. kt Officer from the Canadian Air Force iwe thinkt, inspects the Fish Drill Team at Tucson, Arizona. Although they didn't place in this competition, many of the Aggies seemed to come up with some rather eye-catching dates. They appeared to be about the only group to score in this phase of competition. PINKEY HITS 80 iyearsi. A8tM's official greeter doles out maroon and white birthday cake to Earl Rudder and J. B. Hervey. Pinkey has now been associated with A8iM College iand Universityt for more than sixty years. "Winter never used to be this cold when l was a kid,'.' the oId-timer will never admit, but this year it snowed twice at Aggieland, and for the second year in a row. The civilians pictured here attempted to build a snow-man, but gave up when they found out how heavy a snowball could get. The crew in dorm 10 built a snow-woman. Very - ' - - interesting. Corps Seniors present Pinkey With a birthday present. , $2 VWAXWWNN Below decks, engineers stand watch. Ship was wholly operated and maintained by Cadets size up the bridge of the State of Maine. The cruise was taken in under the supervision of experienced instructors. coniunction with the Maine Maritime Academy, who turned out to be good cadets, old boys, inspite of the fact that they were Yankees. Cadets enrolled in the Texas Maritime Academy completed a ten-week cruise on April 11, in conjunction w the Maine Mari- time Academy. More cruises are scheduled for the summer months as an integral part of the midship- men's training program. The ship visited ports in Europe, South America, and the Caribbeah area. W7 ,7 :vam ,, Lifeboat drills seemed to be inevitable . . . Liberty in Antwerp, Belgium. But there is still time for a letter home. this smiling in- Everyone does his part, seafarer's oldest dividual holds down the job. I "h . . um $SDI IV; zen yo 3' a 5;: 5' T HerberT J. Miller, Federal Affairs Counselor of The Tax Foundation, greeTs SCONA delegaTes along wiTh Russell HuddlesTon, SCONA chairman, dean i Benson and Hal Brown. Round Table '8' diacusses i ; and evaluates The Tax pro- cess. President Rudder, and Round Table chairmen C. H. Boyd and Thomas Pastoriza, discuss na- Tional economics wiTh some of The delegates. "U.S. MoneTary and Fiscal Policy: A Taxpayer's View," formed The subieCT of This year's STudenT Conference on NaTional Affairs. One hundred and eighTy delegaTes from TiTTy colleges in The UniTed STaTes, Mexico, and Canada, gaThered in The Memorial STU- denT CenTer in The early parT of December. As an unceasing cold rain fell ouTside, They heard Talks by disTinguished speakers, such as Edwin P. Neilan, Chairman of The US. Chamber of Commerce, and in Round Table Discussions, broke The Topic down inTQ iTs na- Tional and inTernaTional aspecTs, comparing presenT policy wiTh pasT pracTices. The conference was closed by a sTirring and impressive Round-Up speech by Max Freedman, eminenT WashingTon newspaper correspondenT and columnisT, which compleTer capTivaTed The audi- ence, and received a sTanding ovaTion. SCONA IX, as iTs predecessors, was a complefe success, and serves To underscore The inTense inTeresT which Today's sTUdenTs Take in Their naTional affairs. Msmmame M: Delegates from fifty schools, including West Point, A8TM, and The Naval Academy listen to plenary session speaker. 34 4V3 modegates "WhaT do you Think of The Conference This year?" "Oh, iT's real nice." "And The Speakers?" "Very good!" "Is your room comforTable?" "JusT fine." "How abouT The food?" W. . . well . . "Oh? WhaT seems To be The Trouble?" "Well, now Take This cold brown and whiTe sTuff in This cup, for example . . ." "The round Table discussions The nexT nighT, having are The principal ingredienT enioyed if so much. Seems, ThaT makes SCONA a success. For however, ThaT The place was swarming insTance, The impromptu wiTh delegaTes, discussion ones aT Franklin's. Some of The chairmen and The like, and Juniors Took some delegaTes iT wound up one of The high- from STevens College ouT There lighTs of The whole affair." The firsT evening, To "We", be H ever so humble, There's dance, Then wenT back no place like Franklin's." "Heard from Mr. Hughes yeT?" "His secretary said he mighT be on a plane." "Which plane?" "She didn'T know, but if mighT be a Train." "Any idea where he is?" "Someone saw him lasT week ' in WashingTon." "Well, he isn'T scheduled To give his speech 'Til four ThirTy. WhaT Time is H?" "Four TifTeen." "Plenty of Time." 9 Max Freedman delivers his dynamic Round-Up Speech. Coach Metcalf boards plane, as Team goes To Arkansas To beat Razorbacks. "BaskeTball season was a big success This year." "NaTurally-Throw a championship Team in wiTh ThaT naTural FighTin' Texas Aggie SpiriT, and you've really goT someThing; The scene in The quadrangle aTTer The T.CU. game, for insTance, or 3,000 Aggies aT EasTerwood AirporT aT Two a.m., afTer The Tech game." "Had a mighTy dull Time wiTh T.U. This season, Though." "NoThing you wouldan expecT. When The Tea-sips lose, They iusT grumble from a safe disTance. IT's when They win ThaT They really geT obnoxious This year, They losT!" "I recall ThaT a few of The TourTeen Sips ThaT came To supporT Their Team when They played us here, had The audaciTy To wriTe The Daily Texan a leTTer, and claim ThaT The Aggies hadn'T TreaTed Them nicely, and were really very crude!" "Now isn'T ThaT Too bad?" 36 MeTcaIf Talks To Aggies who came out To hearTbreaking game To Tech by Two points. IT was The Teamls only conference loss. 0 m Band members wildcaT as Team finally pulls ahead of T.C.U. in The second overTime period of The game ThaT clinched The SouThwesT Conference Cham- pionship. In about Ten seconds, near rioTs erupted in The dorm areas. The airport To meet The Team afTer dropping a T V;- tle ' . 'I IV I ll um Thrown in as a baskeTbaH extra, The Harlem GlobeTroTTers made an appearance in G. R. White Coliseum: The picTure above is noT of The GlobeTroTTers. This is a pre-game game sTaged by The sports depT. of The BaTTalion. The Bat staff beaT The Brazos Valley Press Club, 41-41. The 8an victory was carried largely on The shooTing of Jim Butler, who made seven poinTs on one shot The Brazos club became somewhaT suspicious when one of Their sTars-Carol Broussardereceived one point for Two field goals and a Tree Throw. "GOT To hand H To ThaT varsiTy squad, They really showed The way on The courT This year." "Sure made one feel mighTy proud To carry ThaT Team off The courT afTer The IasT game. Q NF, -mlghTy prOUd! 93:6 E622: ll: faor ' ship. All ' . .U and T.U. THE 1964 SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS Team: Atkinson, Ferguson, Stringfellow, Norman, RobineHe, Beasley, Timmerman, Gasway, Merritt, Reynolds, Lenox, Timmins. Sraff: Stiles, Metcalf, Wilson. 38 L'Xt M ' t. t- $t-w'xx'343X 3w t x n; wmu Marty Robbins Brothers Four TONIGHT TOWNl-WL Town Hall was plagued this year, as in every year, with late arrivals of performers, seating problems, and inadequate cof- fee supplies, but none-the-less man- aged to put together one of the best and most varied pro- grams yet seen at Aggieland. In ad- dition to the groups pictured, B e n n y Goodman gave a classical recital, the day before he led a parade in Houston; the Norman LUboff Choir gave an excel- lent performance, and provided some adventurous A g s with dates for the evening; and Pete Fountain put on an admirable iazz pres- entation. Probably the high- light of the year was Peter, Paul and Mary, already quite pop- ular on the A8tM campus, w h o s e show was possibly the best received in the history of Town Hall. Kingston Trio t T3; FL 1- A 93AM; v ; l t t We Anew A. t r A AAAP A, e Aggie Players rehearse for production of "Dr. Faustus." one of the most popular produced by the group, and much deserved attention to the work of this talented organization. 1 The Aggie Talent Show brings in all types of "acts.' trip to G. Rollie White Coliseum on Spring Military Weekend. The play was served to call The winners get a free Issues The World Around Us Series this year featured a wide variety of subiects for interested stu- dents. Movies, speeches, and dis- cussions were presented by a list of eminent lecturers from across the nation, on topics ranging from life beneath the sea to con- ditions behind the iron curtain. The Wayfarers, Bill Sturgeon, and George Clark, winners of the Aggie Talent Show, were feature performers at ITS. 9pm Fiesta, 1964 Sponsored by the Great Issues Committee, with the cooperation of NASA. in Houston, the 1964 Space Fiesta brought an unparalled display of government ad- vancements and scientific achievements to A8iM. Speak- ers were Major Robert Rushworth, the second American to win astronaut's wings; Willy Ley, eminent scientist and writer; and Wernher von Braun, head of spacecraft development for the National Space and Aeronautics Administration. Representatives Don Fuqua, Olin E. Teague, and E. J. Patterson try on Texas style hats with Dr. Wernher von Braun and his daughter. The visiting Con- gressmen are all members of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Manned Space Flight. 1 r . Bob Bell, Gary Tisdale, and Mrs. Bob Long look over a model of Saturn l. She is not laughing at the fact that the sign seems to indicate that Bell is an "Average Size Man." Visitors "scope out" the General Electric ex- hibit. Inside one could operate a simulated missile interception system, take a simulated trip around the moon, or even view a simu- lated firing of a satellite and trace its subse- quent course around the earth. Visitors check out a model of a space craft which would be built and launched from. an orbiting space station, for exploration of Mars. Ags examine the Gemini capsule, which is slated to carry two astronauts into space sometime in the near future. One such capsule was put into orbit in April, in a dry run exercise. Cadets look over a display describing US. plans for an unmanned lunar landing. Much research and development for the proiect is carried on in A8iM's activation analysis labs. 4o E. g, 515., I 1 4:11! ix x F A a t v24 ,se The Vets got the jump on everyone, initiating the new ballroom of the Ramada Inn with the AVMA Ball. Elaborate decorations highlighted the Sophomore Ball. Un- fortunately, many individuals spent most of the evening pull- ing down the balloons, to use for souvenirs. But then, what more could you expect of sophomores? The Senior Ring Dance was much more intellectual. There, the more sophisticated seniors spent their time pulling leaves off trees. The Band Dance, supposedly a real wild affair twhich we doubtt, gives everyone a chance to show off their date, drum and bugle corps patch, etc. "Don't you think we ought to include some pictures of the parties that start after the dances are over? After all they're usually the main attraction of all these weekends." Sure, but who had time to fool around The Juniors also went all out, decoration-wise. This particular WlTh a camera? individual is trying to snow everyone at the table with his R.V. cord. All are obviously impressed. Cafe Rue Pinalle, in the ballroom of the MSC, was held right after ITS. The Avantis, a local group, provided the music, and gave some very strong competition to Jessie Hill, who was playing at the same time, at the Combat Ball. 4' qa Q W T :3 e? The lnTercollegiaTe TalenT Show was, once again, a rousing success. From a small beginning a few years ago, The show has grown To be one of The high spoTs of The school year. The perform- ances geT beTTer and beTTer each year, and The show has gained renown ThroughouT The SouTh- wesT. The ads are selecTed by a panel ThaT Travels To mosT of The schools in Texas, Arkansas, Okla- y homa, New Mexico, and Louisiana. i The show was opened and closed by The Apache Belles from Tyler Junior College. Their act was greeted with obvious enioyment by The many Aggies without dates. TAnd by quite a few That had themJ "Whoo-wah," anyone? v The Wayfarers, A8.M's own group, stomp out a Tune a la Kingston Trio. The Trio was reduced to a duo at The end of The semester, however. IT seems That all sing and no study make John a dull boy. Janet Wood, of Texas Tech, proved To have one of The best r voices in The show. After This particular song, The black formal came off To reveal a more daring cocktail dress underneath, in T,- which she sang for her second number. The A95 dared her To do it again, but she was chicken. The Old Original New Orleans Symphonette from Tulane hauled out Their various "insTrumenTs" and got set for a good old coumry sTomp. "Where's my cigar box geetar, Ma? ThaT's my kind of music." 42 Miss Tommie Coleman of the University of Arkansas had them on the edge of their seats with her modern dance routine. A good-looking girl, she made quite a hit with the Aggieland staff. In fact, we had to twist Chris's arm to make him give the picture back. The Four Naturals from Oklahoma State University moved the audi- ence to tears with their classic rendition of Brahm's Fourth Symphony. Uhe odd looking instrument next to the piano is the Oklahoma substitute for the Base ViolJ The Briarwoods, from somewhere in Louisiana, made quite a hit with their excellent performance of folksongs. ' 4 07M H'sN JWVV' "How about that?" "Yeah, how about that!" Mmmmmmm . . . 1 These two young ladies were a part of the 1 variety entertainment at the Follies. Actually, they were part of a trio, but the third, a drummer, is not pictured. The singer sang, the drummer drummed, and the pianist pi- anised. tPianoedN The T-Association began initiating its new members by A later Hey-lt's peppermint! Highlight of the show was a complicated Old Army melodrama, sponsored by the Aggie Players. The ex- tremely attractive villainess here conspires with the extremely evil villain, to get all the old lady's money. You-know-who donnit. ; meeocmnow wmanow HIGH SCHOOL?! R.V. rejects an applicant for a date to the Rex Ball in New Orleans. having them wash cars for free at the U-WasheEm. Scheduled to run until ten p.m., the event had to be called off at nine, when the initiates ran out of quarters. turn of events found the group at various places, such as Houston or Waco about one a.m., clad in stylish potato sacks, with adhesive tape wrapped around the eyes. The object was to hitchhike back to school, complete with eyebrows. BEST IN THE SOUTHWEST Coach Chandler, Mike McClure, Jerry Ballard, Fred Carlton, Billy Crain, Lance Cobb, Alan Koonce, Jerry Pizzitola, George Hargett, Richard Beller, Bill Hancock, 5. M. Meeks, Ed Hannigan, Bobby Mohr. FRONT: Steve Hillhouse, Bill Grochett, wax K-Whop! And there goes another one. The second place Sips began to squirm in their seats at this point. Picture this: A tense game, tied 2-2 in the top of the ninth. The visiting team, fighting hard, loads the bases, with one out. A slugging pinch-hitter steps up to the plate. K-Whop! K-Whop! Shh-Whop! Three strikes and he's out. Thingstlook bad. A slugging first baseman takes the batter's box. Things still look bad. K-Krack! A triple; three runs and Frank Stark saves the day. But Jerry Pizzatola takes it calmly. Says he: "At least I didn't hit into a double play!" Harry Perkins, DeWayne Stewart, Chuck McGuire, Johnny Lee, Rinnie Byrd, Marvin Dawkins, Robert McAdams, Johnny Crain,NealThompson,Frank Stark. "Give 'em Hell, Tom!" Coach Chandler stands up for his boys in TU Land. Unfortunately he was shoveled out of the game for this incident. McGuire gets a lift off the field in traditional hero's style. 45 Civilian Students pass out lists of "approved" Crowds mob MSC for civilian candidates on election day. 46 King Cotton and Court. Kindred Kaskey, agronomy Four Cotton Princesses pose with Court members. Second from left is Lynn Parks, 1962-63 major from Weslaco, with Supak, Chaney, Conner, Aggie Sweetheart. Smith, McClung, Bartek, Adams, and Fuchs. Home-grown Cotton Queen, Miss Jocille Hanover of Bryan, represented the Brazos County A8KM Club. She and the eight other members of her court- were selected from 150 girls nominated by colleges, clubs, professional societies, etc., all over the state. The group was again presented at the Cotton Ball, later that evening. "I don't know, I've always tried to vote for the student whom I thought would do the most for all Aggies." "But sir, that is no longer the vogue. Now, if you are a civilian, you vote for the candidate who will do the most for all civilians; if in the Corps, you vote for the Corps candidate!" "Divide and Conquer?" student elections. Record turnouts were reported in all three elections this year. Civilian students captured unprecedented maiorities on the Student Senate and Election Commission. . Sariiane English,- crowned Combat Cutie Uhe girl we'd most like to get pinned down in a foxhole witht at the Combat Ball, gets emotional at the crowning ceremony. It wasn't the helmet that hurt, nor was it the over- Third Brigade Staff passes in review on Spring Military Day talso known as Milt'ry Day, Mickey whelming effect of winning, it's just that Gerald Syler's Mouse Day, or "I.C.C.L." Dayt. General W. J. Sutton takes the salute. beard Was so scratchy. "Get away from me, you antmal!" ActualIy, the attractive, albeit ap- prehensive, young thing on the right is merely doing the twist. Her boyfriend tried to convince her that in addition to ITS, Combat and Mili- tary Balls, Cafe Rue Pinalle, the review and a skydivers' exhibition, the military science department was conducting a demonstration of a night assault at Teague Training Area. She didn't buy that! She: "That sash tickles, y'know!" He: "Aw, c'mon, honey, how can you criticize a lady- killer like me?" 47 tvi""9mwi M , . i w Vs Officers and colors present arms. Few cadets ever get to see this part of the proceedings, but what it amounts to is that all the big-wigs march up to the reviewing stand and salute. We're not sure whether this is entirely out of respect, or whether they are just trying to get in a few more points. The high- light of the whole business comes later, when the Corps Commander booms out, "PASS IN REVIEW!" At that time it becomes a senior's privilege to express his pleasure that the review is about over with a lusty "WHOO-WAH!" It then becomes the Trigon's privilege to attempt to stifle such demonstrations with increased threats. Occasionally, to prevent any of these dares from being carried out, it is necessary for Aggie dates to assume this important responsibility. "Reviews, parades, etc., are a funny thing here." "How do you mean?" "Well, here's a military ,schoolusupposedIy-where ' everyone loves to bring a date go to a review-an t ideal opportunity, it 'J Company E2 is responsible for the care, feeding, upkeep and'safety of Reveille. No seems TO me! TO ShOW Off .. one is quite sure iust how they originally obtained this honor, but none-the-Iess, they've even more. I Thoughf ., I got her, and they do an admirable iob. Anyone who even tried to get into their , . dorm around Turkey-Day can attest to that fact. everybOdy was supposed V ' down for the weekend, impress i y her with his starched twt' uniform, medals, knowledge of l .-V . campusology, and so forth, but I :ff ,, where everyone claims that i i they just hate to 3i $1 t to love a parade." . 73K: 1 ; "Well, maybe they'd rather i Jaft: L love their dates." th : ' Third Brigade Color Guard passes in review. On their own, they got together this year and went to participate in the annual drill competition, at L.S.U., where they placed second. They later won first place in the Corps. Company F-I dips its colors at the reviewing stand. They won four flags this year, a distinct honor Among their laurels were the General Moore Award, Outstanding Infantry Company Outstanding- Engineering Company, and Class A Intramural Champions. ' I Every San JacinTo Day, Aggies all over The world gaTher for The TradiTional MusTer ceremony To pay homage To Those Aggies who have been losT during The pasT year. Perhaps The mos'T famous MusTer was held on Corregidor, shorle before ThaT island sTronghold fell during Worlld War II. BUT ceremonies of various sorTs, which ofTen go relaTively unnoTiced, and held an- nually, virTually everywhere. Whenever Two or Three or more A8TM men may geT Together on April 21, a service will be held. Perhaps The largest of These is held here on campus, where Thou- sands of A8TM sTudenTs, plus local former sTudenTs, are always on hand. mu.-.a..--ea,ke... age A Dr. King Gill delivers The Muster address. The musTer address was delivered This year by King Gill, The original TwelfTh Man. He relaTed The life sTory of a living legend, Telling of his experiences during and since The fooTball game wiTh CenTre College when he came from The sTands To don The maroon and whiTe, and esTab- Iish what is perhaps A8:MIS most famous Ross VolunTeer Firing Squad, ready To fire The TradiTional volleys for Their comrades who have passed away since The previous MusTer. TradiTion. The experience was an envelop- ing one for him, and he is always in The IimelighT among fellow Aggies. He appealed To all sTudenTs, pasT, presenT, and fuTure, To carry on The TwelfTh Man spirit, and always remain uniTed, on all occasions. Crowd gathers for MusTer. The ceremony was held in front of The AdminisTraTion Building for The firsT Time in a number of years. 49 1964 has seen many new innovations at A8tM. For instance, we fielded very important our first cricket team this year. "Big Deal," say some. sport in some parts of this country. Harvard, we believe, "Not so," say we. Cricket is a has a cricket team. Therefore, perhaps the next time someone mentions cricket, A8KM will be associated in their minds with the great centers of intellectual learning. Besides, they thoroughly trounced T.U. several times this year, as they are doing here on April H, which was the Saturday of the Students and their dates pick up barbeque during the afternoon, Field House. Joe Daniel and the Down-Beats, of Perrone's Night Club fame, provide music for the informal afternoon function. . . v. WW A fair lass named Carol Ann Voelkel is escorted to the stage to be Miss Voelkel gets her crown and crowned Civilian Sweetheart for 1964. flowers, the M.C. gets the microphone, and everyone else gets to look and listen. Later on, dancing resumed, and the Melody Masters. to the music of Jimmy Heap my.- D A4..4..A. Mrs. Edna M. Urbanic, of Galveston, accompanied by her son, Charles, is announced as Aggie mother of the year. She is an extremely active Aggie supporter, and has had two sons attend A8tM. Jim Bourgeois receives the Houston Chamber of Com- merce citation cord as outstanding iunior in the Third Brigade. w , W WM MW .wmwm , Mrs. F. E. Hottenroth, mother of the Maroon Band commander pins a flower on an Aggie fish. It Company F-l dons white cords as General Moore Award winners. The was her firgt visit to the A8lM campus and she made scholastic awards were taken by companies A-2 and F-3, and the Sixth I Battalion. the trip from Montclair, California, for the occasion. Company E-2 falls in for flower pinning ceremony. NR Mr. A. M. Waldrop presents Drum and Bugle Corps Award to Buddy Musser. 5! Senior Banquet was held in Duncan Hall, where the food turned out to be delivered by Bob Murphey, elaborating on his favorite and highly entertaining favorite subject, "Tales of East Texas." Stan Wylie read the Senior Class History, a fairly frank document dealing with the tmanyt trials and tribulations of the Class of '64. surprisingly good. The "Hey, babe, this is supposed to be a dance. 50 how about it, hey?" "Like uh, where is the photographer?" "Like uh, I don't know. You were supposed to have b g I arranged for him to be here." ' f "Well yeah, but he's not here, and we've got to . . t get some pictures of the t V Vanity Fair presentation. I '1 f f t J l t x I'd hate to think we might have to let all these good-looking chicks get away free-with no pictures y'know." "Well, it's your fault, y'idiot!" t L I Seniors danced to the music of Buddy Brock, whose big orchestra was housed on a large stage decorated to resemble an appropriately named ship. The theme of the dance was "Bon Voyage." The final fling of The year is held by The Corps Juniors Tnow Seniorsi, in The ballroom of The MSC. WiTh The excepTion of final review, if is The TirsT opporTuniTy To wear Their booTs for any lengTh of Time. This can prove To be a raTher re- warding idepending on whaT The daTe Thinks of Aggie Seniorsi or disasTrous idepending on how well The booTs have been broken ini experience. Fun and games come IaTer, when The new Senior Tries To find a freshman To pull The booTs off-and freshmen are hard To find. Generally, This imporTanT honor falls To The daTe. A bit of daTe-grabbing going on here, iT appears. iT isn'T certain who is grabbing whom, or why. Don'T ask quesTions. He: "What kind of a sTep do you call That?" She: "ThaT's The 'i'm Trying To keep my feet out from under Those clod-hoppers quick- sTep'." This individual aTTempted The cha-cha. A few minutes Here we see quite a differenT situaTion. This girl's after This historic picture was Taken, he became dress was so eIaboraTe ThaT her daTe wasn'T quite Tangled in his spurs, and severely maimed his date, sure how To hold her. We courTeoust offered as she Tried in vain To geT free. Such a loss, we say. To demonstrate, buT were raTher discourteously refused. 53 Governor John Connally, fresh from victory in the democratic primary, delivered the commencement address. He gave an out- siderts view of AatM thighly complimentaryt, and proved to be Degree candidates get outfitted with doctoral hood. At a highly effective speaker. this ceremony, A8KM bestowed 15 Ph.D.'s, 79 Masters, and 687 Bachelor's degrees. ...AND FINALREMEW The first time around, the Cadets put on a good show, receiving smiles of admiration from the large crowd of sweethearts and families, but . . . . . . then the rains came, and the second review had to be post- poned for half an hour. Nonetheless, outfits gathered on the rain-soaked field to sing the traditional "Auld Lang Synef and bid farewell to the departing Seniors. At last activity started again, the Seniors marched across the field, took their positions in the reviewing line, and the Corps, now COMMIQQONING . . . Maior Vilas swears in the new Army, While outside, like vultures, cadets lay in wait. The first cadet to salute each new officer receives a silver dollar from him. And sweethearts receive the honor of pinning on the bars. minus one class, marched past, somewhat wet, but with sabers flashing, and with boots, for the most part, still brightly shined. '1': w WNW FAIR The six most beautiful of Sen- ior Favorites, with the seven run- ners-Up; The Sweethearts and Queens of The 1963-64 year; and our own Aggie Sweetheart. "Girls, Girls, Girls . . . were made to love!" um 23 g: A group of Vanity Fair finalists and their a escorts pose on the lawn of 1he System Administration Building. 57 X t 1 .. r. . 'I . '. . i ?i The Aggie Sweetheart fof 1964 is Miss Nanette Gabriel, N a fashion merchandising maior from El Paso, Texas. As one iff can see from the pictures, Miss Gabriel is quite a charming ality. She has endeared herself to everyone with whom , 7 she has come in contact, and we Aggies are proud to be Kf f', . represented by her. '4 L , Nanette was chosen from twelve finalists who visited the girl. She has dark hair, dark eyes, and a vivacious person- ; campus early in October. These finalists were selected from 2': " " eligible girls attending Texas Women's University by a selec- V 1x": tion committee consisting of the Presidents of the Sophomore, u I. 3 3 Junior, and Senior classes. The twelve finalists were presented 1 ' to the student body on the weekend of the University of wilf' MW Houston football game. On Sunday the final selection was made. A selection committee observed, voted, and finally selected Nanette. We think that they made the right choice. :EARI Nanette was presented with an Aggie Senior Pin when she was selected Sweetheart. She is thus pinned to over five thousand boys. She was presented to her pinmates at halftime during the T.C.U. football game in Fort Worth. Paul Dresser, Commander of the Corps, handed her the roses, and kissed her. Ut's times like this that make the Corps Commanders position worth havingJ The Corps showed its appreciation with the usual cat calls, whoo-ahs, gig 'ems, etc. The Aggie Sweetheart makes many appearances on the campus during the year. Nanette has handled herself admir- ably, and we are very proud of her. The Pinning The Presentation Just practicing "Farmers Fight" VANHY mm 1964 Violate Hudsow Vickie is a sTudenT aT The University of Texas. She maiors in pre-med and finds Time for Tennis, waTer-skiing, painTing and modeling. To This already full schedule she adds a few hours of volunTeer work in The hospiTal each week. Her oTher honors include: Imperial Priory Queen of Texas, DisTricT Lions Club Queen, and Flying KadeT SweeThearT. Vickie's personaliTy and charm were factors in gaining her a spoT in The VaniTy Fair of1964. WW Karen is an Elementary Education major aT The University of exas. Her hobbies include skiing, sewing, and modeling. She was Miss COM 45 for 1963, Miss Phofoflash of 1963, and Miss National Press Photographer of 1963. A charming girl, Karen is a worthy selection for Vanity Fair 1964. Dilek originally lived in Ankara, Turkey, buT she now makes her home in MaThis, Texas. TAT leasT, for The Time beingd She aTTends high school in MaThis, and plans To aTTend college in The STaTes. She enioys sewing, dancing, golf and cheer- leading, and was a runnerup in The Texas PiraTe Queen conTesT. Her personaliTy and good looks make her a welcome addition To The VaniTy Fair of 1964. Betty is also a student at Texas University. A Speech and Dramatics maior she is a member of The Curtain Club aT The UniversiTy. She lists dancing, reading, skiing and Twirling as her favorite pastimes. She has been elected To the Fresh- man Council and is Miss Personality. Betty's even Temperament and cooperaiive- ness made working with her a pleasure. Her good looks and charming smile won The judges and a place in Vanity Fair 1964. frjfgmm i , . Wxxx mwm 5x ,Wylmkma em NMM a , Juanita attends Sam Houston Siaie College and is maioring in Elementary Educa- Tion. She is a member of The Kappa Delia Sorority. Her favoriTe aciiviiies include sewing ahd dancing. Juaniia's poise and good looks made a hiT with The selection committee, and she gained her spot wiTh room to spare. Sandra was graduated from Sam HousTon State College lasT January. She now is working as a free lance model. She likes skiing, and horseback riding and "loves" To Travel. Sandra Took several beauty confesfs while attending Sam Hous- Ton. She was a Reveille Beauty, Alocade Beauty, Texarkanals Ou door Queen, among oThers. Her beauTy and poise made her an Aggieland staff favorite. She is a definite asse'r To The Vanity Fair. Saraiane is another Texas University student. She maiors in Fine Arts, and her activities include painting, sculpture, and interior decorating, showing horses and skiing. She was Combat Cutie at The Combat Ball This year as a plus To her selection as Vanity Fair semifinalist. Toni attends Southwest Texas College where she maiors in speech therapy. She is a twirler in The band, and in other contests she has been selected Miss Austin Aqua Beauty and Miss Kiwanis, Miss Shrimporee. Carol hails from Little Rock, Ark., where she attends Little Rock University. She is a History maior, and in her spare Time she models, paints, water skis, and plays the piano. She has been selected Miss Personality of Arkansas and District Forest Princess. A 6F71, A fx" , 1 A ?'ng BQUZLUQQJJ Pam is The wife of an A8xM student. She includes swim- ming, waTer skiing, golf, bowling, bridge, and dancing on her lisT of favorite activities. Pam was the A8JM Sophomore Sweetheart, Miss Splash Day, and Mrs. Per- sonality of A8xM. Amway Lw EWM Anna Lee is a secretary in San Antonio. She likes to ride horses, water ski, and play Tennis. WNW FAIR RUNNEPS UP Linda attends Sam Houston State College where her maior is Elementary Education. She is a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and secretary of the Sophomore Class. She was the Sweetheart of the Junior Class at A8iM, Miss Sam Houston, a Sam Houston Beauty, an AII-College Beauty, and an ROTC Sweetheart. 03mm LeBoeu6t Diann attends Texas A8IM University and majors in Physical Education. iHer husband is an Aggie tooJ She is an accomplished dancer, and, was a professional performer before her marriage. She won several con- tests, with one victory bringing study of dancing in Holly- wood. She was also a semi-finalist in Houston's Miss Mermaid Contest. deggmb Sandy, The wife of Joe Surovik, works aT The Bryan HospiTal as a regisTered nurse. She is The moTher of a Two-year-old son. She uses parT of her spare Time To serve as represenTaTive on The Aggie Wives Council. Jocille is a senior aT STephen F. AusTin High School in Bryan. She was enTered in The CoTTon PageanT by The Brazos CounTy A8TM Club. She is a member of The AusTin High STudenT Council, and has been honored by selecTion To Who's Who in American Schools. 7l Ewigm ' ".st Sweetlwaab Evalynn is a high school Senior af Jesse H. Jones High in Hous- ton. She likes To participate in sports and enjoys dancing. . . .Jum'om 9mm Judith is from Hays, Kans., and attends Southwest Texas State College. Among her Titles are: Miss Maioretfe of Kansas, Most Beautiful Maiore'rfe in Kansas, and Miss Teenage Kansas. She is a Music Education Major at SWTSC. Banbam Loug . Fisk Qumtiteanb Barbara is a iunior af Bruni High School in Bruni, Texas, where she is a cheerleader and was named Sophomore Class Favorite. o o oAfIvFowaweetLeant Sharon is a iJnior af Southwest Texas State College with a Busines: Educafion major. She is a member of the Chi Omega Sorority, a SirUTTer LieuTenanT, and First Runner-Up for Miss Soufhwesf Texas. Qusanaw Hm ...Bauab9weetiwmb Susan is a junior at Pearsaii High School and a member of The Pearsall Maverick Band. She is Junior Class secretary and was a Homecoming Duchess. Carol is a sophomore aT Texas Tech and a Liberal Arts major. She was a fwirier and drum major in high school, and as such won more Than 50 medals and Trophies. She was Branham Mayfesf Queen, Washingion County Fair Queen, and March of Dimes Queen. AT Tech she has been a Playmate finalist and a Twirler with The Red Raider Band. 't'a YA The Corps of Cadets passes in review on Spring Military Day. Section edited by BOBBY WARREN CONTENTS Band ................... 88 First Brigade 93 Second Brigade .................................... 1 1 1 Third Brigade ...................................... 129 First Wing ............................................. 151 Second Wing ........................................ 171 For Auld Lang Syne. COL. D. L. BAKER Commander of CadeTs Colonel D. L. Baker, a naTive of MaThis, Texas, was graduaTe'd and commissioned aT Texas A8tM in 1933. He enTered acTive duty in 1941 and in February, 1943, ioined the Third Army HeadquarTers. He served as a sTaff officer wiTh That command in The European TheaTer unTil The end of World War II. In 1949 he assumed command of The 2nd BaT- Talion, 17Th lnfanTry RegimenT, and held The posT Through 1951, The unit's first year of combat in Korea. During The period 1956-1957, he commanded The 27Th lnfanTry Regiment The Colonel has attended several schools includ- ing The Advanced lnfanTry Officers' C0urse, Com- mand and General STaff School, and The Army War College. His decorations include The Combat Infan- tryman's Badge, The Silver STar with Oak Leaf Cluster, and The Bronze STar wiTh V device and Two Oak Leaf Clusters. Colonel Baker assumed The duTies of Professor of Military Science and CommandanT, The Corps of Cadets, aT Texas A8tM UniversiTy on July 29, 1963, following his assignmenT as Chief, The Special Re- view Division, Office of The DepuTy Chief of STaff for Personnel, Headquarters, United STaTes Army, PenTagon. GIAFF OFFICERS Baker, D. L. Starkey, J. F. Vilas, J. R. Garrison, R. W. Hotchkiss, T. R. Gruber, K. W. Sfuverud, H. A. Smith, B. F. Gordon, W. T. Wells, C. B . Sanders, H. M. Drake, F. F. Bell, W. W. Hopkins, P. B. Denny, D. M. Walker, L. K. Lorms, J. L. Anderson, D. T. Vernon, A. E., Jr. Carr, Re'ed Hertzog, F. S. Dudley, B. G. Mafchin, T. O. Gargus, John BoITe, D. E. Hewitt, L. R. Jessee, W. T. Williamson, D. N. Carmichael, H. H. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Nicolas, F. K. Hensley, T. l. Stafford, A. A. J. Love, L. E. TruiH, K. H, Anderson, K. W. Sullivan, M. E. Gordon, Alvin Butler, D. W. C. Ingram, J. A. Panfalion, C, A, Farnswor'rh, R. H. Grant, I. E. Grant, W. J. Ferguson, H. W. Russell, D. L. McCollum, C. E. Ryan, R. J. Dayton, H, H, McNair, B. G. Coleman, M. T. CIVILIAN PERSONNEL Baker, Juanita H. Mauldin, Virginia D. Cook, Elizabeth W. Basham, Marilyn M. Horns'rein, C. F. Morrison, Maiorie Presnal, B. C. Swafford, V. Reese, Calvin 77 COURT "A" SEATED: Laughlin, Roberts, Gruner, Bate; STANDING: Forehand, Ransdall, Ashy, ZaTopek, Bolling, McGrady, Brown, Syler, Burgoon, T ' f I MeTz, Morgan, Rogersl Macaluso. T vi: "FOR THE DISCIPLINE OF STUDENTS BY STUDENTS" The Cadet CourT is composed of cadet officers selecTed by The CommandanT on recommendation of " g The Corps Commander. There are Two members on each courT from each Brigade and Wing, and one mem- L; ber selecTed aT large. The CourT deTermines guilt or innocence, and recommends punishment The Com- ; A mandanT fixes final punishmenT in accordance wiTh The ArTicles of The Cadet Corps. T r,-;.l h COURT "B" ' l SEATED: Laughlin, Siegelin, Keeling, Bate. STANDING: Collins, Mahaley, Purcell, Hargrove, Gabberf Monier, Florence, Franklin. CADET HONOR oouwch CADET HONOR COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: Ridley, Long, Schnable, Chapman, Buchanan, Stanton. NOT PICTURED: Bowers,0ddson. The Honor Council is responsible for insuring that a spirit of honor is instilled within each cadet in the Corps of Cadets and that the basic statement of the Code of Conduct, "A cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do," becomes a part of each cadets way of life. The Honor Council each year gives information to entering cadets regarding this policy and guards against the appearance of practices inconsistent with the Code of Conduct. This year only three incidents were brought before the council. This number is a marked decrease over the number of violations in the past few years. The Honor Council is doing a very fine job in preserving one of our most cherished possessions, the Code of Conduct. CADET OFHCERS Platoon Commander, Mac Conard; Platoon Commander, William Radican; Cadet Executive Officer, Dan Miller,- Cadet Commander, Jack Smith. FIRST ROW: J. Smith, D. Bilancich, T. Richards, P. Fanning, Lt. K. V. Luehning Unstructod, Commander Smith Unstruc- tod, R. Ellis, B. Elliot, T. Terry, C. Hall. SECOND ROW: J. Brady, C. Wendenburg, R. Wise, D. Frecke. THIRD ROW: J. Walcutt, D. Donkervoet, J. Coonrod, D. Long, C. Enloe, L. Newman, B. Lovell, J. Schmidt, Howard, 1.. Mumford, C. Williams, W. Radican, R. Schultheis. FOURTH ROW: Ragle, J. Van Hardeveld, D. Miller, P. Rice, P. Herman, C. Haglund, M. Resner, E. Higgins, H. H. Fredrickson, T. Houser. m Xxxvm m , FOURTH ROW: White, Landtroop, Van Buskirk, Meyer, Chesney, Walker, Roush, Williams, Buenfillio, Rodriquez, Woyewodzic, Richards, Hutton. THIRD ROW: Bafsell, Skusa, Douglas, Lyerly, Maule, Bonner, Rowe, Kennemer, McDaniels, Rapp, Bardin, Wallace, Happ, Fisher. SECOND 0'2; aw , ; ,, M M, , m w.-m4-w4..w,.mm -MW-w-WMWW V , , ' WMWMW , , , , , , ROW: Zapata, McElroy, Barton, Kuykendall, Brown, Newberry. Flores, Korb. Holcomb, Paydo, Calloway, Brill, Mann, FRONT ROW: Simpson, Grossenbacher, Commanding Officer RICHARD W. GROSSENBACHER 82 SIXTH ROW: Davis, Trainer, Rektorik, Suhler, Bumill, Scoggin, Bourgeois, Fisher, Franklin, Lewis, Bantle, Higgins, Johnson, Bowles, Palm, Vernon, James, Beckom, Alverson, Maddox, Rose, Triesch, Buckallew, Oddson, Burr, Rader, Owen. FIFTH ROW: Frank, Durbin, Muller, Furber, Feigel, Hopgood, Halbert, Wood, THOMAS M. ASHY Executive Officer JAMES E. SCHNABLE Operations Gibson, Fine, Schotf, HAROLD W. SCHMID First Sergeant ALBERT M. SIMMONS Administraive Smith, Jones, Mann, Schmidt, Owen, Florence, Cox, Harrison, Wortham, Warren, Smivh, Lain, Browne, Gusman, Tisdale. FOURTH ROW: Bourne, Templer, Clay, Tiierina, Seely, Gibson, HiH, Sherman, Holdifch, Glenewinkle, Davis, Finkbiner, Lindsay, Allen, Rchardson, Holloway, McGinn, Keltner, Pounds, Jaynes, Cardwell, Riley, Duplissey, Migura, Ramsey, 99 VOLUNTEERS Gregory, C. H. Ashy, T. M. Simmons, A. M. Schnabel, J. E. Hubler, G. L. Jasek, R. O. Gabbert, J. H. Schmid, H. W. Porter, L. G. Dickson, J. R. Clawson, B. G. Valdez, A. L. Summers, F. D. Rice, R. R. McCulloch, B.' E. Felder, J. W. Powell, C. T. Sfuckey, J. W. Bate, H. E. Gruner, K. A. Smith, R. D. Gershbach, K. A. Cafes, R. L. Freeman, A. M. Rowe, J. H. Stanton, W. L. Dresser, P. A. Vela, G. J. Serchell, J. F. Hardgrove, J. T. ROSTER Garrett, L. N. Frank, J. C. Monschke, R. A. Allen, J. E. Franklin, D. A. Muller, F. M. Allen, R. M. Furber, R. W. Oddson, T. A. Alverson, K. W. Gibson, P. A. Owen, F. S. Bantle, H. T. Gibson, W. E. Owen, R. S. Beckom, E. A. Glenewinkle, D. R. Palm, R. N. Bourgeois, J. E. Gusman, M. A. Pounds, H. E. Bourne, C. M. Halbert, D. M. Rader, W. K. Bowles, J. A. Higgins, M. E. Ramsey, J. S. Browne, H. A. Hm, B. L. Rektorik, H. J. Buckellew, W. R. Harrison, W. T. Richardson, M. L. Burge, C. E. Holdrifch, D. W. Riley, P. E. Burr, H. H. Holloway, M. T. Rose, J. T. Buttrill, G. H. Hopgood, M. T. Schmidt, G. W. Cardwell, T. A. James, L. R. Schotf, R. J. Clay, A. W. Jaynes, Jay Scoggin, P. C. Cox, C. L. Johnson, 8. R4 Seely, T. R. Cox, F. W. Jones, H. P. Sherman, W. T. Davis, G. L. Keltner, N. L. Smith, E. C. Davis, W. M. Lain, W. K. Smith, R. P. Duplissey, C. R. Laughlin, M. D. Suhler, D. R. Durbin, J. R. Lewis, H. S. Templer, T. W. FiegeL J. L. Lindsey, J. G. Tiierina, A. A. Fine, T. M. McBride, R. T. Tisdale, G. L. Finkbiner, T. C. McGinn, F. L. Trainer, L. D. Fisher, J. H. Macaluso, M. A. Triesch, E. 0. Florence, R. C. Maddox, L. A. Vernon, A. E. Forgeng, T. 5. Mann, J. C. Warren, J. R. Fox, J. D. Migura, W. W. Watts, F. L. X; Laughlin. THIRD ROW: Macaluso, Forgeng, Watts, Monschke, Cox, McBride, Allen, Burqe. SECOND ROW: Cafes, McCullouch, Clawson, Stanton, Gers- bach, Gruner, Dickson, Bate, Felder, Stuckey, Powell, Goodenougzh, Sum- mers, Smith, Hardgrove, Porter, Freeman, Rowe. FIRST ROW: Schmid, Gabbert, Simmons, Ashy, Gregory, Hubler, Schnable, Jasek. The Ross Volunteers is the oldest student organization in the State of Texas. It is com- posed of the outstanding iuniors in the Corps of Cadets, with senior officers and non- commissioned officers. Organized in 1887, it originally was a crack drill team known as the Scott Volunteers, named after its founder, CoJ. T. M. Scott. The R. V.'s today are an Honor Company, whose dOties include serv- CHARLES H, GREGORY ing as the official Honor Guard for the Commanding Officer Governor'of Texas, the Honor Guard for King Rex of the Mardi Gras, and providing guard details for distinguished visitors to the A8tM campus. In addition, they appear, by invita- tion,0in various parades and celebrations across the Southwest. The name Ross Volun- teers has honored former president Lawer- ence Sullivan Ross, considered the father of A8tM, since 1902. GEORGE C. HUBLER RUSSELL D. JASEK JOHN H. GABBERT First Platoon Second Platoon Third Platoon Leader Leader Leader E $rd Bn L ;N wry, .MwWV4w,l Texas A81M is the nation's largest military school and largest single source of trained officers 5 for the armed forces. The world ren wn Cadet Corps provides training in basic leadership, honestyfgz tunity to foster strong and lasting personal friendships. h In this picture you see the review that lives the longest in the hearts of all seniors. This Final' Review is the last time seniors march as members of the Corps of Cadets. 3 .1 . v . L m. .. - I , 3. a! .l x I .l .l' K I V .0ch ., , ; .y . . .13. till y x L , x . N. f . w r A . z u .,ua . $ . .w C . l . J . . . .. u ,a, m ..t, .j . . thinly, .3! 3 .I... turf. . 0 Va q . 3 .. .. , ?. .t .. , Ii, .. j .a . VI .5. M: .7. . t, . x x:. ., , UV... .1. f. , , x WWI I : V xii :w a n... : vi , v . , . V . 22 ctx COL. RICHARD L. RAILSTON Deputy Corps Commander MNGT. TERRENCE A. ODDSON Corps Sergeant Malor COLJCORPS PAUL'A. DRESSER Corps Commander LT. COL. IRVIN LT. COL. TOOLE, JR. RUSSELL D. JASEK Scholastic Officer Operations Officer LT. COL. JAMES M. LT. COL. ALBERT LT. COL. LT. COL. JOE V. MORGAN M. SIMMONS JAMES F. SETCHELL CHAPMAN Commander- Corps Supply Inspector General Corps Chaplain Consolidated Band Officer LT. COL. MANNING D. LT. COL. JIMMIE LT. COL. MICHAEL M. MAJ. WAYNE M. LT. COL. HERMAN E. SMITH P. BURNEY, JR. MARLOW NOSTER BATE Public Information Day Student Liaison Officer Head Drum Maior Intelligence Officer Officer Liaison Officer M $GT. GARY L. MLsGT. JOHN T. M $GT. JAMES D. M 5GT. NEIL L. MfSGT. HIRAM H. TISDALE ROSE FOX KELTNER BURR, JR. Intelligence Sgt. Scholastic Sgt. Athletic Sgt. Operations Sgt. Supply Sgt. I" "Recall, step off on Hullabaloo Silver bugles flash in the crisp autumn air, the Aggie War Hymn rings forth, and the countless thousands roar their approval. Moving with the precision that inspired writers to label it as "reminiscent of the powerful Roman legions Victoriously pa- rading into the coliseum," the Fightin' Aggie Band moves forth. This year the "Pulse of the Spirit of Aggieland" led the Corps of Cadets through the streets of Ft. Worth and Houston, traveled by special trains to Baton Rouge and Lubbock, appeared be- fore millions of television viewers on Thanksgiving Day, and was on hand throughout the year to provide stirring music for campus activities. As one of the oldest organizations on the campus, the Aggie Band can trace its ancestry back to the year 1894 when the original thirteen members ap- peared at functions wearing double- striped pants and blaring away on the "Hot Shot March" and "Under the Double Eagle." Arthur Jenkins, the corps bugler, and Joe Holick, a boot and shoe merchant, were the Band's founders. Holick began playing for the Corps when the College drummer became ill and died. The college officials preferred the bugle over the drum for reveille and asked Holick to organize a band. Of the thirteen original members who responded to the call, seven played the comet. The two organizers had plenty of talent and spirit, but very little money. In fact, they had only a few instruments and no money, but a professor did give them $100 to help them get started. Needing instruments badly, Cadet Woods, former member of a disbanded group in kontinued on page 9W LIEUTENANTS Crow, 5. D. Crutchfield, J. C. Freeman, C. H. Grimsinger, C. E. Halpain, R. T. King, J. B. Madeley, G. R. Madeley, P. C. McLaughlin, L. A. Richardson, D. M. Sheiness, H. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Ballard, 5. H. Noster, W. M. Reese, C. H. Reinke, S. T. Richards, R. R. Upchurch, J. P. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Becka, J. C. FOURTH ROW: Seale; Mergen; Burnett; Chitty; Cleveland; Graf; Ringo; Estes; Winn,- Carter; Burleson; Brummett; Gillis; Jarrell; Beyer; David- son; Brown; Adkisson; Schaeffer; Anthony; Beck; Pelt; Stacell; Blood- worth; Mullins; Tietze; Moore; Luckenbach; Cox. THIRD ROW: Schwank; Rosenstein; Hearin; Russell; Gardner; Fowler; Hendrix; Collins, B. C.; X :;,.x' It :2 f. 13.x? i 03' 4; ft" MAROON BAND ROSTER Hilburn, B. M. Collins, W..G. Hyde, M. M. Gill, E. C. Johnson, R. D. Graf, K. E. Nicholas, R. W. Graham, D. E. Tiieriha, Albert A. May, R. L. Wier, M. l. Palmer, D. W. Pelt, P. SERGEANTS ON STAFF Windsor, C. 0' Barr, D. B. Winn, R. D. Buckellew, W. R. Fernald, W. F: SOPHOMORES Beyer, M. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Burnett J. T. Blackwell, T. M. Cervenka, B. G. Killingsworth, A. E. Estes, l. V. Killough, D. T. Gillis, T. O. Lange, A. K. McClung, J. E. Paffon, J. L. Moore, M. G. Williams, D. H. CORPORALS Beck, F. E. FRESHMEN Bloodworth, M. B. Adkisson, G. B. BOX, R. R. Anderson, D. P. Holmes; McDaniel; Gill; May; Cervenka; Thompson; Graham, D. E.; Sfa?ford; Palmer; Myers; Fehler; Barnes; Green; Box; Williams; McClung; Windsor; Manning; Anderson. SECOND ROW: Collins, W. G.; Tiierina, Executive Officer WILLIAM L. TERRY Barnes, J. N. Becerrill, R. H. Burleson, D. C. Carter, D. C. Chiny, H. C. Cox, J. C. Davidson, J. R. Gardner, T. H. Holmes, D. L. Jarrell, F. J. Luckenbach, C. A. McDaniel, J. A. Mergen, R. J. Myers, J. E. Rosenstein, T. W. Russell, W. R. Savage, F. E. Schaeffer, J. F. Schwank, R. H. Seale, Michael R. Sfanaland, S. l. Tiierina, Andy A. Commanding Officer JAMES R. HOTTENROTH First Sergeant G. E. KRETZSCHMAR Buckellew; Johnson, R. D.; Blackwell; Fernald; Wier; Lange; Becerrill; Savage. FIRST ROW: Honeycuff; Madeley, G. R.; Madeley, P. C.; Crutchfield; Ballard; McLaughlin; Reese, C. H.; Reinke; Ridley; Up Andy; Krefzschmar; Sfanaland; Killough; Killingsworth; Tiierina, Albert; church; Hottenroth; Nosfer; Terry; Richards; Grimsinger; Richardson; Hart; Barr; Hilburn; Nicholas; Becka; Patton; Hyde; Johnson, J. E.; Crow; Sheiness; Freeman; King; Halpain. WHITE BAND ROSTER Del Rio, borrowed instruments from sev- LIEUTENANTS Sasse, F. W. b eral of its members and brought them Albert,W. E. Slaughter, D. S. to Aggieland for his fellow cadets to use. Cronenberger, P. C. Stoffregen, G. E. The Bandsmen were well drilled and Dendy, C. 3. Wright, T. W. made such a good impression that others Kuenemann, C. L. were soon clamoring to ioin. From the McMurry, D. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF beginning Holick stressed good march- McVey, S. A. Cook, H. E. ing form and accuracy of pitch. By the Potter, D. J. Seely, T. R. turn of the century, the Band had made Weatherby, J. L. t its reputation. CORPORALS Drum Major Commanding Officer The first drum maior for the Aggie SENIORS ON STAFF Belinsky, P. B. DAVID L. CREECH Spring Semester Band was a fellow with the unlikely Barker, D. E. Blaylock, J. E. ROBERT L BURGOON name of California Morse, whose talent Clay, H. L. Brotze, G. H. with his fists kept audible criticism Galvin, D. L. Ellis, R. C. of the Band at a minimum, but which Jones, D. S. Grafton, M. B. also forced him to leave school before Morgan,J. M. Hanna,W. W. the end of the year. Hufhines, B. R. At one time the famous spring con- TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Kennemer, L. C. certs drew crowds from students and Adams, D. E. Lamm, M. E. campus groups. As the number of auto- Alexander, R. M. MacNutt, J. G. mobiles increased, the number of students Blankenship, J. W. McGinnis, C. T. here on weekends declined. Band activities deVilleneuve, A. B. Morris, D. R. were later reduced to one spring concert Douglass, M. E. Neeley, J. E. in Guion HalI and a concert on the Pres- German, D. L Rasmussen, R. A. ident's lawn. Later, even these events Gibson, R- L Stearns, C. R. were abolished. Marion, D. P. Thurman, J. E. The Aggie Band played peace-maker at MCMUNY, R. D. the i963 A8tM-Rice football game. But, Miears, L T. SOPHOMORES. that wasn't the first time the Band Reicherzer, G. W- Cope, H. D. FIRST ROW: Miller, Clay, Weatherby, Cronenburger, Jones, D. 5., Creech, Albert, Dendy, Reese, Barker, Burgoon, Morgan, Potter, McMurray, Executive Officer Fi'Si Sergeant McVey, Galvin. SECOND ROW: Thurman, Phillips, Powell, Gibson, DAVID 5- BARKER LARRY PHILLIPS Mathias, Reicherzer, Adams, DeVilleneuve, Stoffergen, Douglass, Shone, German, Miers, McMurray, Wright, Marion, Woodward, Slaughter, Jaglar, Cook, Smith, Sase, Alexander,'$eeley, Blankenship. THIRD ROW: Baker, Hefner, Kruse, MacNutt, Blanton, Richardson, McGinnis, Graham, Curtis, Bleeker, Smith, Mock. FOURTH ROW: Grafton, Lobrecht, Jaffe, Blaylock, v .1 e W....., - v -.. '1, hi" $? HVA v1 f?!" X m: w 447v f. . I - ;tt 90 aw i ' e Graham, R. J. W. Miller, W. L Musser, T. W. New, B. L. Noxon, J. E. Widmer, D. A. Worsham, L. M. FRESHMEN Baker, B. R. Balhorn, C. E. Beever, S. G. Bianton, D. R. Brison, E. D. Davis, J. B. Dupree, R. B. Fest, 5. E. Goodson, J. F. Gustafson, R. H. Hafner, J. L. Helmcamp, J. F. Ja'ffe, S. H. Kocian, D. A. Koenig, W. T. Kruse, R. F. Porter, D. A. Richardson, L. V. Segrest, J. C. Smith, 8. A. had done so. Back in 1926 when bedlam broke out among the student bodies of A8tM and Baylor, the Band played the "Star Spangled Banner" slowly through twice to keep the cadets at attention and to give the police a chance to position themselves and the firemen to string a hose. Of all the trips the Band has made, the one in 1955 to the A8tM-UCLA football clash was the longest. Although the team was outscored, the Band won the plaudits of the newsmen and the 80,000 fans, who flatly asserted it was better than anything they had heard and seen at games with Big Ten Conference univer- sities. For weeks afterwards magazines and newspapers carried stories praising the Band's halftime drill. At home, the Board of Directors passed a resolution commending the Band for "an ap- Hempcamp, Davis, Musser, Huffines, Smedberg, Ault, Dupree, Prather, Hanna, Brotze, Segrest, Kirkam, Warren, Braunig, Mack, Lamm, Stafford, Spadafora, Jennings, Mazer, Lehto, Belinsky. FIFTH ROW: Ellis, Fest, Cayton, Black, Noxon, Porter, Miller, W., Ingram, Kocian, Thayer, Gustafson, Jacks, Koenig, Beever, Goodson, Trash, Gustine, Balhorn, Neeley, Kennemer, Rasmussen, Ashworth, Stems, New, Worsham, Brison, Morris. mwwu pearance and performance that was highly creditable and well received by the audience." Added together, the musical background of the Band's members represents nearly 1,500 years of instrumental training. And although A$M has no school of music, carries out no scouting program for Band members, and offers no financial assist- ance, high school graduates regularly refuse scholarships to other universities to be a part of this famed organization. The power of influence behind the Aggie Band is its director, Lt. Col. Ed- ward V. Adams, '29, who has directed the Band for the past 18 years. Col. Adams was a member of the Band when it was housed in Gathright Hall and he played trumpet under Col. Dunn for four years. As stated by Col. Adams, the Band's goal is to continually achieve mww ,, "military dignity with audience appeal." There are very few campus activities of any importance in which the band does not participate. The Band plays for football, basketball and baseball games in addition to the numerous reviews and pass-bys. The Band also provides mu- sicians for the Aggieland Orchestra, the Silver Taps team, and the Drum and Bugle Corps. In the days of "old Army" at Aggie- land, the Maroon Band was the artillery outfit and the White Band was the infantry. Today they are divided for administrative purposes only. Whenever they appear, they do so as one unit. Col. Adams himself never appears on the gridiron with the Band. He prefers, instead, to leave the Band's leadership up to its three drum majors. Col. Adams was director of the Band when record albums were made by Recording Publica- tions, Inc. of New Jersey. More than 12,000 sets of these records have been sold. This is more than have been sold by any other school in the nation, in- cluding the Yale Glee Club and its Whiffenpoof song. Whether it is appearing at home or far away, the Aggie Band never leaves any doubt why it is called "the Pulse of the Spirit of Aggieland" and few are those, indeed, who would not be proud to call it theirs. WTEX'A'AS hem: MAJ. DANIEL L. GALVIN Executive Officer '2. LT. COL. JAMES M. MORGAN MAJ. WAYNE M. NOSTER Combined Band Combined Band Commanding Officer Head Drum Maior MAJ. RONALD MAJ. HERBERT L MAJ. DAVID JONES MAJ. JOHN P. MAJ. STANLEY MAJ. ROBERT L. RUSSELL RICHARDS CLAY Adjutant UPCHURCH BALLARD, JR. BURGOON Chaplain Scholastic Officer Intelligence and Safety SUpply Officer Operafions Officer Officer MAJ. CHARLES H. M $GT. THOMAS M SGT. WILLIAM M SGT. DENNIS B. BARR M SGT. WILLIAM R. M SGT. HAROLD E. REESE RUSSELL SEELY, JR. F. FERNALD Scholastic Sgt. BUCKELLEW COOK Air Operations officer Sergeant Major Drum 8 Bugle Corps Operations Sgt. Supply Sgt. Sgt. s 47;? MBGT. DAMON HOLDITCH Operations Sergeant meumww , WW L FLORENCE Intelligence Officer MAJ. HAROLD D. MBGT. ERIC P. JONES Supply Sergeant MAJ. LANNIE D. JACKSON Chaplain M $GT. MICHAEL L RICHARDSON Scholastic Sergeant $wwm v .Vw46rxuwxx jor MAJ. WILLIAM K MONIER Adjutant Sergeant-Ma l E mm R mm .m. QR S M Icer ions Off MAJ. TOMMY J VICKNAIR LT. COL. ABELARDO L. VALDEZ Scholastic Officer Operat Icer COL. DAVID C. ANDERSON Commanding Officer KINDRED P CASKEY Supply Off : xxxxxxxxxxxxs: x x $$x xxx . xxx 3 x X X , , xxxxxxxxxxxxXx Kw x LT. COL. GERALD W. SYLER Executive Officer MAJ x xxxxxxxxix wix xxVxxxxxxk s ,7292 a 2;, ,7 , LT. COL. RICHARD H. METZ Commanding Officer MAJ. HERBERT G. JERNIGAN Executive Officer MAJ. CYRIL J. MAJ. BILLY M. MAJ. KENNETH A. DURRENBERGER MULLICAN RADDE Adjutant and Supply Officer Chaplain Scholastics Officer MAJ. EDWIN J. BOWERS MAJ. PERCY A. SMITH, JR. Operations Officer Intelligence and Safety Officer M $GT. JAMES C, T SGT. LEONARD G. TXSGT. THOMAS W. TNGT. MARION C, MANN STEFFENS, JR. TEMPLER REEVES 94 Sergeant-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant Operations Sergeant ,m .1 . Lm-t ,- ... LT. COL. MICHAEL D. MCGOWN Commanding Officer MAJ. GEORGE R. EEDS Executive Officer MAJ. DENNIS E. NEWTON Scholastic Officer MAJ. THOMAS L. ' ' MAJ. GLEN A. JAMES FERGUSON . V , .v Adiutant and Supply Adjutant ' Officer MAJ. JERRY L. FRANKLIN Intelligence Officer MAJ. ROBERT T. SGTJMAJ. PAUL USGT. JAMES M. TXSGT. GERALD R. USGT. FRANK S. USGT. THOMAS T. POWELL EDWARD RILEY MAYO CONN OWEN, JR. McCONNELL Operations Officer Sergeant-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant Supply Sergeant 'wwmmm wmwmam : WMMMMM 4 - FOURTH ROW: Garza, 5., Simpson, Park, Nolan, Lummus, Ezell, Cothren, der. Schmoldus, Wiswell, Faulkner, Stephens, Heep, HarriS, Hefley, Stef- 7' Murray, Grove, Wood, Keisling, Spafford, Norton, Earp, Schade, Garza, fens, Riddle, BUSh, COX: Dickens, Jones, 5-, Dawson, Cahill, Defrank, P., Walker, Russo, McLeroy, Little, Thomas, Roeder, Lane, Maule, Jones, Perry. SECOND ROW: Slayfon, WaHS, SchulZ, Robbins, Lanasa, COIN", J., Lackland, Christiansen. THIRD ROW: Permenter, Swanson, Ely, Alexam COMPANY A-1 ROSTER ' - LIEUTENANTS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Jones, J. D. f , ":- Duke, w. M. Colfrin, R. B. Little, R. G. ,3; . 3. . Flaherty, D. F. Holmes, W. Lummus, J. L. ' '7: Q Korose, B. J. Lanasa, P. J. Perry, 3' L- . L , MC"Elan, J. E. Schultz, R. Slayfon, B. F. Morton, C. R. Thomas, M. A. w ' Supercinski, F. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Heep, G- R. Williams, W. C. Richardson, M. L. SOPHOMORES SENIORS ON STAFF CORPORALS Murry, J. f Chapman, J. V. Alexander, T. L. Norton, J. A. 3 ; Mullican, M. c. Bush, J. K. Riddle, B. L. j Durrenberger, C. J. Christensen, l. R. Swanson, N. C. ' Smith, P. A. Ely, J. T. Cuney, F. C. Jernigan, H. G. Heflet, M. F. FRESHMEN Cahill, M. R. 9b Executive Officer WAYNE M. DUKE First Sergeant FOSTER L. WATTS, JR. Commanding Officers: RICHARD M. HARWELL spring WAYNE M. DUKE fall Richardson. FIRST ROW: Durrenberger, Flaherty, Chapman, Morgan, Williams, Duke, Harwell, Morton, Korose, Smith, Mullican, Vicknair, Supercinski. Cothern, S. B. Maule, W. F. Cox, G. B. McLeroy, R. L. Dawson, J. E. Nolan, C. M. DeFrank, T. M. Park, D. M. Dickens, B. C. Permenter, J. N. Earp, J. B. Roeder, R. E. Ezell, S. O. Russo, M. P. Faulkner, R. B. Schade, H. C. Garza, S. L. Schmoldus, C. J. Garza, P. Simpson, M. B. Grove, R. L. Spafford, J. F. Harris, A. F. Steffens, C. Jones, 5. A. Stephens, J. C. Keisling, K, Walker, J. W. Lackland, R. H. Wiswell, E. 0. Lane, J. R. Wood, J. H. FIFTH ROW: Clark, Ansel, Liles, McClung, Diaz, Whitton, Ryan, Pappas, Wyatt, Kellgy, Fickessen, Small, Davis, T., Compton, Jenkins, South, Brown, Butler, Goodwin, Alexander, Irvin, Darmon, Neely, Carothers, Culver, Koehler, Lene, Curlee, Oberdorf. FOURTH ROW: Vine, McConnell, Welsh, "Hang On" Henry Goodwin and date. LIEUTENANTS Davis, J. D. Fichtner, M. C. Mason, E. A. McCown, J. R. Sanderlin, L. R. Schaezler, C. H. Vela, G. J. Vollmer, J. F. Williams, R. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Caskey, K. P. Evans, Wilson, Renaud, Condino, Shields, Stern, Griffith, Johnson, J Dickens, Herringfon, Handley, Bradley, Tomberlain, Cilio, Carey, Stein, Worley, Peques, Sabayrac. THIRD ROW: Gay, Schoof, Hughson, Phillips,. Horne, Florence, Davis, P., Golasinski, Eller, Graham, Reeves. SECOND Jackson, L. D. Marlowe, M. M. Roberts, H. E. SENIORS Dexter, M. A. Johnson, M. H. Soper, L. J. 'I COMPANY TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Davis, P. L. Eller, C. R. Florence, R. C. . v 4mwg... .mm x ROW: Dexter, Schaezler, Soper, Vollmer, Vela, Williams, FIRST ROW: Nelson, Mahaley. B-1 ROSTER Guzman, M. A. Hughson, W. N. STAFF SERGEANTS Golasinski, M. J. Graham, J. F. Home, J. W. Phillips, W. N. JUNIORS ON STAFF Reeves, M. C. Templer, T. W. CORPORALS Culver, L. S. Darmon, R. B. Davis, T. S. Dickens, W. P. Fickessen, J. C. Gay, J. D. Goodwin, H. W. Ryan, G. K. Sabayrac, L. Vine, J. B. Sanderlin, Fichtner, SOPHOMORES Clark, J. J. Evans, M. L. Griffith, J. S. Jenkins, R. E. Pappas, H. J. Sfein, R. W. FRESHMEN Alexander, J. C. Ansel, S. A., Jr. Bradley, R. C. Brown, C. B. Butler, J. E. Carey, R. R. Carofhers, M. A. Cilio, A. T. Clark, W. W. Compton, M. E. Condino, F. F. Curlee, J. W. Diaz, P. H. Guin, L. H. Handley, R. T. Mason, Davis, J., Caskey, Herringfon, J. R. Irvin, R. A. Johnson, J. E. Kelly, T. L. Koehler, O. K. Lasell, M. H. Lene, T J. Liles, K. W. McClung, B. M. McConnell, R. W. Neely, R. W. Oberdorf, R. E. Ostman, R. A. Pegues, D. S. Renaud, A. F. Shields, T. S. Small, D. R. South, T. R. Stern, R. H. Tomberlain, M. P. Welch, J. D. Whitfon, D. L. Wilson, P. Worley, R. M. Wyatt, J. E. First Sergeant RONALD J. SCHOTT Commanding Officer DON R.. MAHALEY Executive Officer GEORGE l. NELSON 99 FOURTH ROW: Bane, Harned, Marrou, Anderson, Davis, Scheer, Dreesen, son, Barton, Vandervoort, Jungman, BoHer, Denison, Schultz, White, Towler, Frazier, Marshall, Hinton, Sylvester, Karrie, Zuehlke, Whitson, Smith, A., Pall, Boyce, Copper, Birdwell, Stacha, Brown, J., Denman, Brown, A. E., Dethlefsen, Alston, Benson, Engelbrechf, Thorpe, Koberg, Raska, Humphries, Blain, Taylor, Rose, Patterson, Medina, Higgins, Dodson, Lipiec, Roland, Willingham, Smelley. THIRD ROW: Salmon, Knut- Christopher. SECOND ROW: Smith, R., Blain, Cook, Parker, Clark, Theis, Blain, N. D. Dreesen, A. D. Boner, J. K. Engeibrechf, R. S. Boyce, W. C. Fitzgerald, F. H. Brown, J. M. Harned, C. R. COMPANY C'l ROSTER Christopher, D. A. Hebert, P. F. Frazier, S. W. Higgins, R. W. LIEUTENANTS Vitek, P. C. Humphries, R. J. Jungman, F. M. Groom, J, N. Lipiec, C. M. Karle, F. G. Latham, E. E. STAFF SERGEANTS Munson, M. A. Lagow, C. M. Lewis, R. A, Chilton, H, P, Scheer, E. F. McQueen, S. G. Luymes, A. H. Smith, S. F. Schultz, L. R. Pall, M. S. Morgan, E. K. Stacha, R. Raska, R. W. Pye, P. G. CORPORALS Towler, H. B. Roland, A. L. Simoneaux, E. M. Brown, A. E. Whifson, J. T. Salmon, C. R. Commanding Officer Wiedenfeld, K. W. Coolk, W. E. FRESHMEN smweyl W. J. Denison, D. R. Smith, R. C. ARTHUR C. FISCHER SENIORS ON STAFF Dodson, D. H. Alston, F. G. Smrkovsky, R. A. Bower; E, J Marrou, B. F Bane, R. D. Spears, J. A. Florence, H. D. Medina, A. J, Benson, R. C. Sylvester, J. B. Radde, K. A. Smith, R, D, Bradley, J. L. Taylor, C. A. Zuehlke, R. C. Brandt, R. E. Taylor, M. 5. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Cooper, L. R. Vandervoort, P. E. Hellums, L. N. SOPHOMORES Clark, R. J. Watts, B. R. Jarvis! w, B, Anderson, C. E. Davis, E. J. White, J. W. Stepp, J. L. Barton, M. Denman, J. L. White, R. L. Theis, T. M. Birdwell, H. L. Dethlefsen, M. H. Willingham, J. L. Executive Officer FELIX G. COLLARD Ill First Sergeant JAMES E. PARKER xwwmmxmm k AN N xwm Spears, Chilton, Kneisler, Vitek, Hellums, Jaruis, Weatherby, Jernigan, Sfepp, Musfon, Hunn, Munson, McQueen, Watts. FIRST ROW: Morgan, Lewis, Bowers, Florence, Latham, Radde, Collard, Fescher, Wiedenfeld, Pye, Simpfon, Groom, Luymes, Simoneaux. ISTBRIEbnE 0-1 "The last of old Army" COMPANY LIEUTENANTS Heineman, 5- J. Steffens, L. G. Braden, W. F. Martinez, H. T. Fowler, R. L. McQueen, H. D. CORPORALS f. ,V Gentry, T. E, Olivarez, B. D. Crocker, L. D. I ' ; Glodf, J. F. Dismukes, J. T. Lanning, J. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Griffin, C. V. 3 Presher W. A. Armstrong, W- E. Herbert, J. C. - Salinas J. M. Bifar, J' J' Hargrove, T- R- , Buchwald, J. G. Jackson, T. M. Sanders, L. L. Dickie, T. M. Jacoby, P. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Howard, H. K. Robinson, J. E. Metz, R. H. Prentiss, T. W. Rutledge, R. N. Watts, W. R. Tate, P. V. . TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Wright, M, Woods,' D. R. ghUP'k' 5' E' JUNIORS ON STAFF SOPHOMORES 1 ollms, J. G. - Fuchs, J. A. Mann, J. C. Berger, E. J. FOURTH ROW: Rutledge, Bergerk Kinard, Cobos, Harbert, Woods, Zuehlke, Harvey, Rippy, Ontiveres, Stanfield, Wyatt, Bridges, Payne, Henry, Richter, Hargrove, Griffith, Hennard, Fischer, Kent, Sontag, Countiss, CIaYTon, Hill: Bohn, Bowers, Morgan, Griffin, Schuchardf, CTOOkS, McCall, Webb, Cumbie, Meir, Schwertner, Coates, Wadsworth, Desmukes, Robin- Bipperf, Zwahr, Huebinger, Crocker, T519: Jackson. SECOND ROW: 5 son, Neubauer, Shafer, Sullivan, Moore, Wilson. THIRD ROW: Callaway, Jacoby, Olivares, Watts, Martinez, ChUPik: Bifar, Steffens, FUChS: Arm- . l02 1 0-1 ROSTER Bohn, P. G. Stanfield, G. G. Kinard, D. H. Bowers, R. E. Webb, B. L. Lovell, A. C. Callaway, M. Wilson, W. L. Meir, W. C. Davis, A. R. Moore, J. H. Fischer, D. H. FRESHMEN Neubauer, J. P. Griffith, S. E. Bipperf, R. D. Ontiveres, G. C. Harvey, E. J. Bonvillain, F. B. Payne, D. A. Hennard, D. M. Bridges, F. W. Richter, E. R. Hill, 0. Clayton, K. A. Rippy, R. L. Keilers, D. R. Coates, C. L. Shafer, M. L. Kent, L. L. Countiss, W. F. Sontag, W. H. Law, J. R. Cobos, C. R. Sullivan, J. P. McCall, H. G. Crooks, J. D. Wadsworth, G. L. Morgan, R. W. Cumbie, B. K. Wyatt, W. K. Schuchardt, J. C. Henry, T. C. Zuehlke, L. D. Schwerfner, L. J. Huebinger, W. E. Zwahr, H. A. Hunter, D. C. strong, Heineman, Buchwald, Wright, Dollins, Prentiss, Dickie, Howard, McQueen. FIRST ROW: Johnson, Salinas, Glodf, Presher, Sanders, Lyons, Fowler, Lanning, Gentry, Braden. Executive Officer LUTHER L. SANDERS Commanding Officer DAVID F. LYONS , ' . g . , First Sergeant Maqp, , , , J . 3M, WW3 VWW , H I lmwyw , dewmym z , WWWW WM, Mammw COMPANY E-1 ROSTER - LIEUTENANTS Franklin, J. L. Molina, H. E. Oates, E. C. Carter, J M, McGown, M. D. Riley, B. L. Smitth, W0. 3 ve er, . . Dmy' D H' Newmn' 0' E' JUNIORS ON STAFF Terrell! c. w. 33:13:25; HC' w TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Holdifch, D. w. Veselka, v. K. I h I Bass, P. M. Owen, F. S. :Zulkii's N; H. Davis, G. L. Rekforik, H. J SOEHOMORES Kemp AI. E. Gibbons, W- 5- R056, J- T- Afklrjson, R. M. Leonalrd, T. B. Johnson, 8. R. CORPORALS Cassny, R. D, um! 5' A. Kieschnick, H. W. Marr, C. E. Mosty, 5. N Lewis, L. D. Allen, J. L. Noonan, C. C. Watts A A Thompson, A. C. Armstrong, D. R. ParEer, D. M. ' . ' Callan, M. B. Pollto, J. G. SENIORS ON STAFF STAFF SERGEANTS Knouse, J. A. Ferguson T. L. Gregow, E. H. Mazza, T. N. FRESHMEN ' Minor, R. R. Bassham, J. M. FOURTH ROW: Gilardi, Bassham, Parker, Wallace, Minor, Layton, Knouse, Mazza, Durham, Atkins, Allen, Terrell, Polito, Smith, Weathersbee, Griffith, Atkinson, Oa1es, Coddou, Gilcrease, Sveter, Bradley, Brady, Frias, Partridge, Grayson, Yauger, Marshall. SECOND ROW: Callan, Hightower, Williams, Weatherbee, Masoomian, Weise, Marr, Bentzen, Higgins, Gregory, Lewis, Riley, Kirkes, Gibbons, Davis, Rekforik, John- Armstrong, McDaniel, Matthew, Chapmen, Lyerly. THIRD ROW: Flores, son, Kieschnick, Rose, Thompson, Owen, Molina, Bass, Holdiich, Krebs, Mowmmvwm WzWAW Mmmmw Wawmu 7 . , wmwwhmr, WW ankyyywz Benfzen, G. W. Coddou, C. A. f. . Flores, L. ,1 a Fries, P. F. -' , Grayson, S. M. Griffith, C. A. f ,. Lyerly, G. E. Marshall, D. V. Masoomian, S. Z. V. v--' , McDaniel, S. L. - 4 f. Partridge, R. B. k '. - Wallace, C. H. . ' eat ers ee, . . Executive Icer , , W h b W C Off. I I Weise, J. N. JOHN A. McCLURE . 1 . , First Sergeant K 1, a 3 MICHAEL E. HIGGINS 1," : i I : . x , ' I ! . its E Commanding Officer .; DAVID P. PAYNE 1,. ' K: -.5, , u 5 , ,1 . ,u - Johnson, Covington. FIRST ROW: Watts, Mosty, Dougan, Do'ry, Ferguson, . : Leonard, Kemp, McClure, Hawkins, Payne, Newton, McGown, Carter, 7; Keesfer, Harf, Edmundson, Listy. , 3f - i . ' ,a . Temp. 180 . " Time 5:30 AM. . f ;. 1 xCxCxonQXx l05 Commanding Officer THOMAS R. RANSDELL Executive Officer HERSHEL J. MARTIN, JR. First Sergeant HARRISON P. JONES LIEUTENANTS Holley, A. N. Martin, H. J. Mayfield, W. T. Merka, J. T. Smith, R. D. Sfancil, W. R. Yaklin, J. G. SENIORS ON STAFF James, G. A. Monier, W. T. Powell, R. T. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Anderson, L. F. Brown, S. P. Conner, H. S. FINEST FIRST COMPANY F-l ROSTER Ledbetfer, W. R. Owen, R. S. Palmer, J. A. Schell, J. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Bauer, S. M. Cook, J. H. Eddleman, E. G. Jeffus, M. R. Kuchnicki, R. P. Miles, R. D. Sfriegler, T. L. Wolff, M. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Jones, E. P. Keltner, N. L. McConnell, T. T. Riley, P. E. Conn, G. R. JUNIORS Casfellanos, M. M. Humber, J. B. Cravens, G. W. CORPORALS Bresler, D. A. Carter, R. K. Duvall, D. E. Lyon, W. L.' Milsfead, J. P. Monroe, M. P. FOURTH ROW: Gibson, Cole, Swifzer, Oliver, McKeen, Holman, Sfrege, Danat, Amox, Groce, Sloan, Nauck, Lyon, Scott, Vaughn, Rechf, Nicks, Carter, Thompson, Monroe, Seymour, Haase, Graves, Fritz, Sharp, Duvall. THIRD ROW: McMains, Green, Hofer, Jaegers, Potts, Kronen- Oliver, T. B. Sloan, J. E. Vaughn, F. A. Watts, D. E. James, S. L. SOPHOMORES Bownds, W. A. Brown, T. G. Cole, R. H. Danaf, A. W. Erwin, E. A. Fritsche, C. M. Henglein, R. J. Hill, C. C. Hofer, C. T. Holman, B. M. Kronenberger, McMains, J. R. Mitchell, C. L. Nicks, W. L. Potts, J. M. Pfak, L. D. Rodriguez, B. Sharp, R. W. Switzer, S. A. Thompson, M. S. Thornhill, O. M. FRESHMEN Amox, R. L. Desilets, G. E. Fritz, J. L. Gibson, E. G. Groce, W. E. Graves, J. H. Green, K. E. Jaegers, G. A. Haase, T. C. Lee, W. McKeen, R. G. Nauck, A. R. Osmon, H. E. Rechf, D. L. Scott, S. I. Seymour, R. W. Strege, D. L. Unikel, L. A. Warren, J. S. berger, Desilets, Ptak, Osmon, Brown, Watts, Bownds, Fri'rsche, Unikel, Milstead, Erwin, Warren, Henglein, Hill, Lee, Rodriguez. SECOND ROW: Jones, H. P., Castellanos, Jeffus, Keltner, Kuchnicki, McConnell, Cravens, Brown, Miles, m mMWzW, , , MWNWWW Eddleman, Striegler, MW. ,1 ad. nyllwwmw Led better, Cook, Schell, Jones, E. P., Anderson, Owen, Conn, Bauer, Conner, Wolff. FIRST ROW: Bresler, Monier, Smith, James, Ransdell, Merka, Powell, Mayfield, Yaklin, Thornhill. Palmer, Martin, Riley, Stancil, Commanding Officer GREGORY G. HOLOCHWOST l08 First Sergeant JAMES P. DURBIN Executive Officer RONALD M. BRAME COMPANY G-1 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Adams, T. L. Bauer, R. D. Brame, R. M. Collins, P. M. Eeds, G. E. Jackson, M. L. Johnson, C. A. Meyer, N. G. Orena, G. Perry, J. W. Post, E. T. Striegler, H. R. SENIORS ON STAFF Anderson, D. C. Syler, G. W. Toole, l. Valdez, A. L. TECHN lCAL SERGEANTS Brewster, C. H. Howard, R. C Jamison, C. L. Jones, D. R. Ledoux, L. E. Mosesman, FOURTH ROW: Graves, Fisher, Nagy, Van Hardeveld, Rohe, Kirkpatrick, Linton, Patton, Whifson, Crow- der, Fulgham, Hicklin, Furrh, Morris, White, Nagid. THIRD ROW: O'Brien, Kaiser, Hablinski, Mullen, Biron, Trimble, Landreth, Harding, STAFF SERGEANTS Heikkila, E. C. Mayo, J. M. O'Neal, J. L. Patton, M. L. Scaggs, R. L. Segura, R. P. CORPORALS Bartlett, T. R. Fisher, T. L. Fulgham, W. N. Furrh, S. R. Koch, K. J. Mella, C. A. Nagy, W. F. Radcliffe, R. J. Taylor, G. L. Whitson, R. H. SOPHOMORES Baugh, L. T. Boydston, M. B. Burlin, C. W. Cano, J. U. Fleniken, J. P. Fredrick, R. A. Graves, J. R. Hicklin, J. S. Johnson, A. 8. Kaiser, L. K. Linton, R. E. Morris, R. L. Mosesman, B. Nagid, P. A. Orton, G. K. Pierce, D. R. Redmond, G. B. Smith, J. H. Trimble, R. L. Unroe, D. M. Van Hardeveld, J. A. Williams, K. D. Winkle, F. M. FRESHMEN Arnold, M. J. Biron, B. Bramlett, J. C. Cauble, B. W. Chastain, J. D. Crowder, J. L. Curtis, F. P. Frank, G. E. Hablinski, W. N. Harding, T. H. Harvel, D. J. Kirkpatrick, J. R. Klampke, S. E. Landrefh, G. E. Maselli, N. V. Monaco, T. A. Morgan, M. R. Mullen, D. R. O'Brien, J. E. Padgett, S. L Patton, J. C. Phelps, R. Rapp, D. G. Rohe, J. M. Sandell, J. D. Sinks, T. S. Sweeney, W. L. Tramham, C. R. Waters, E. P. White, M. D. Wright, F. J. Taylor, Urban, Bartlett, Arnold, yaw H A A Segura, Orena, Perry, : i; Q; I Durbin, Heikkila, Holochwost, Jones, J mison FIRST ROW: Mella, Brame, Streigler, Johnson. ms, Skaggs, O'Neal, m, Fleniken, Winkle. , Bauer, Eeds, Adams, Post, Colr May Burl Meyer I Toole, Jackson, rid mm w w mo BH Syler, m, Atkins, Tranfham, is, Ledou , Jones, Wiimwmmvm , : wL$WW wfxxzo WyxxOMWJV i QM? N , ? .xy 4 x k r z Orton Sweeney, Chasta Wafers, xx, ight, Baugh, Fredrick, Boydsfon, Curt ,Wr I Klamke, SandeH Morgan x; :m,. Frank, Monaco, Cauble, Radcliffe, Rapp, Cano, 57 $2 W Harvel, Redmond iI SECOND ROW f , Unroe, Phelps, Masell Padgett. Sinks, BramleH Pierce, Johnso ., LT. Col. E. V. Adams came To A8le in February of 1946, To assume The direcTorship of The Aggie band- Then, 130 pieces sTrong. He had graduaTed from A8:M wiTh The class of '29, himself a band member for four years. AfTer graduaTion, he worked as a direcTor aT several high schools unTil enTering The service aT The ouTseT of World War II. AT The close of The war, he lefT The army, and came To A8ch, replacing Col. R. J. Dunn, who had served as direcTor for 21 years. He says ThaT his disTincTive occupaTion has been a very rewarding experience, noTable for The many persons he has seen come and go, during The pasT eighTeen years. Under his direcTion The organizaTion has grown To a peak size of 264 members, in 1962, and has gained national acclaim. His greaTesT Thrill as band direcTor, he Tells us, was The huge ovaTion The band received aT The UCLA. game in Los Angeles, in 1957. Col. Adams has worked very hard wiTh The band, and iT is primarily Through his eTforTs ThaT The band is whaT H is Today. The AGGIELAND would like To saluTe Col. Adams on a job well done. We know ThaT in The fuTure The Aggie band will conTinue To be of The highesT qualiTy. Col. and Mrs. Adams aTTending The annual Band Dance. LT. COL. WILLIAM K. MAJ. JOSEPH E. STANTON MANN, JR. Executive Officer Adjutant MAJ, GLYN M. COOK MAJ. JOHN E. MAJ. HARRY L. Chaplain GOFF HAGGARD Scholastic Officer Scholastic Officer Spring Fall MAJ. ROBERT M. MAJ. MICHAEL L. DENNEY SHAW Inspector General Operations Officer gt 4 7 f MAJ. MINOR $GT MAJ. FRANK M. M $GT. JIMMY D. MXSGT. FRANK M. M SGT. ROBERT M. NVSGT. CHARLES E. PEEPLES, Ill MULLER, JR. GEORGE TOVEY NALLEY WALLACE Logistics Officer Sergeant-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Operafions Sergeant Supply Sergeant Operations Sergeant Fall Spring LT. COL. WILLIAM W. R. PURCELL Commanding Officer . :- -m- Jusmw A MAJ. C. CHRIS SCHAEFER Execque Officer 1. .; K . , cf" mn- MAJ. HENRY A. NIEHAUS Adiutant MAJ. JOHN H. CHRISTIAN Intelligence Officer MAJ. DAVID T. FOWLER o 1' Off' pera'ons 'cer MAJ.CHARLES E.BRANDT Scholastic Officer MNGT. DAVID R. SUHLER USGT. WALLACE W. USGT. G. DAVID PETTY Sergeant-Maior MIGURA Supply Sergeant Scholastic Sergeant USGT. HARRY S. LEWIS Operations Sergeant LT. COL. SHELBURNE J. VESELKA Commanding Officer MAJ. AVERY W. SMITH MAJ. FRANKLIN D. Executive Officer SUMMERS Scholastic Officer MAJ. STEPHEN K. RINARD Safety and Intelligence Off. SGT MAJ, ROBERT N. T SGT. LARRY K. PLUNKETT TXSGT. BEN E. WOLFE PALM Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant Sergeant-Maior T SGT. JERRY N. WHITEKER Supply Sergeant ll3 FOURTH ROW: Schwiening, Kithas, Mitchem, McCabe, Crawford, Ham- mond, Hopkins, Honeycutf, Harrison, Rasbury, Baker, Roberts, Harrell, Sparks, Sobey, Holladay, Harwell, Long, Adams, Prugh, Carpenter, COMPANY A-2 ROSTER "Let's go, They're already falling out for drill." "Where's Bullet?" "Where do you think?" "Denfon?" "It's a weekend, isn't it?" Commanding Officer TOM COLLINS First Sergeant J. RUDY HERMAN Executive Officer JOHN E. FINKS LIEUTENANTS Cancellare, Joseph E. Collins, Thomas Elsbury, Bill R. Finks, John E. Werf, Harold E. SENIORS ON STAFF Christian, John H. Goff, John E. Mann, Joseph E. Schaekr, C. Chris SENIORS Neale, Robert K. Salinas, Carlos R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Neel, Jerry D. Smith, Randall P. Warren, John R. Lewis, Hunt, Piper, Korb, Weppler, Hess, Matocha. THIRD ROW: Kuyken- dall, Cook, Betfge, Edgar, Rehmef, .Marek, Alfonso, Campbell. SECOND ROW: Holt, Herman, Migura, Atkins, Dingley, Hennessey, Woodruff, STAFF SERGEANTS Atkins, James K. Dom, Richard C. Haluska, Jerry L. Hennessey, Richard A. Lee, Alfred C. Norton, William M. Woodward, Daniel Y. JUNIORS ON STAFF George, Jimmy D. Migura, Wallace E. CORPORALS Baker, Robert D. Campbell, Richard S. Harrell, Thomas E. Holt, Jack B. Rasbury, Michael B. Sobey, Thomas M. Sparks, Richard C. FighTin' Company A-2 came Through in HS usual rare sTyle This year, aTTaining fifTh place in The Corps; and Taking The P. F. Jouine academic award back from The Meds. We mighT noT have been so hoT in inTramurals, under The leadership of Pachy- derm WerT, buT we had fun Try- ing. AT leasT ThaT's whaT They keep Telling us. In spiTe of our high academic sTanding, we found Time for The usual nighT excursions, waTer TighTs, and groad conTesTs, and many of us even managed To pUT in some work on The AGGIE- LAND. Finally off probaTion, we managed To pUT TogeTher a com- pany parTy in GalvesTon, and raised as much ruckus as possible aT The Corps Trips. All in all, iT's been a preTTy good year. George, Neel, Dom, Haluska, Woodward, Warren, SmiTh, Norton, Lee. FIRST ROW: Mann, Werf, Salinas, Goff, Finks, Collins, Neale, ChrisTian, Elsbury, Schaefer, Cancellare. FRESHMEN Alfonso, Raymond W. BeTTge, Paul D. CarpenTer, ForresT L. Cook, Archie D. Crawford, William H. Hammond, John C. Holladay, John N. HoneycuTT, David M. HunT, Richard C. Korb, KenneTh W. Kuykendail, Barry Long, George W. Marek, James E. MaTocha, Donald J. MiTchem, RoberT E. Piper, Alan L. Rehmet, Joseph D. Schwiening, Fred Weppler, Larry A. A-BatTery freshmen assist John Finks in a sky-diving mission. THe had missed his plane, so They volunTeered To helpJ The Class of '67's bonfire, small in size but enormous in spirit. FOURTH ROW: Burks, Pawlak, Criswell, Lane, Smith, G. P., Vittetoe, Birdsong, Brock, Mika, Field, Bradner, McCutchen. THIRD ROW: Black, Smith, T. H., Harris, Nelson, Hayden, Moore, Mounce, Chaney, Neely, Priest, Brown, Hatcher, Schuman, Duke, Stupka, George, Chapman, Horn- Krebs, Felkner, Gilbreath, Steindorf, Kubicek, Dickson, Van Horn, Dietz, back, Duncan. SECOND ROW: Fisher, Trainer, O'Reilly, Barr, Stengel, llb m x BuzzARdEB ; D '75 - 1 WW, m, J M. h, g I , COMPANY 3-2 ROSTER , x LIEUTENANTS STAFF SERGEANTS Hornback, James R. FRESHMEN K. Degyansky, Albert W. Dailey, John H. Lane, Robert W., Jr. Birdsong, William A. vs" Finkelstein, Jerry Story, Earnest R. Neely, James '3' Black, George L. ' Fiffs, John M. Wood, James M. Schuman, Albert D. Bradner, George T. i Fraley, Morris SOPHOMORES Criswell, John S. 1 Franklin, Lawrence M. JUNIORS Dickson, Angus '1 Robinson, Charles W. Ewing, Thomas G. Chapman, chhn W. Field, James W. . Springer, Bobby L. Stengel, James L. Cramer, Panlel J' Gilbreath, Walter S. Taylor, Kenneth F. Wiley, Malcolm K. Dletz, lrvmg M Krebs, John E. Duke, Bruc.e R McCufchen, Danny R. 7 SENIORS 0N STAFF CORPORALS Duncan, Wllllam 5. Nelson Arued E. Brant, Charles E. Brock, Kenneth D. Felkner, ROY D' Pawlak, Jerry M. Brown, Ronald F. George, Edward H' Racker, Richard M. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Burks, Conrad H. Klfblcek, Donald Sfupka, Kenneth C. '2 Barr, Frederick J- Chaney, Thomas R. M'ka' Donald E Talbert, Robert E. - . McGinnis, Ronnie M. Fisher, Denzel L, MOPre' Ronlald K VanHorn, Jack L. x! McKinney, Gary A- Harris, Franklin A. Smith, Garrison P' Vittetoe, James E. Smith, Ted H. O'Reilly, Michael P. Weber, John Willis, Robert E. Hatcher, Lester B. Hayden, Louis E. McGinnis, McKinney, Wood, Story, Crammer, Ewing, Dailey, Wiley. FIRST ROW: Taylor, Finkelstein, Degyansky, Springer, Fitts, Fraley, Koehler, Franklin, Brandt, Balentine, Martin, Robinson. Commanding Officer BUFORD R. KOEHLER, JR. First Sergeant LLOYD D. TRAINER V mrxuxm Wwywxm. '51wa M lrn I , V, , Mm WWW WWWWWWW Mun MMWAM, H7 2 ;..4 a zyxm mm? ayuylManyM a Moray wavy 44M, FOURTH ROW: Lipiec, Rodgers, Meaux, Denny, Barry, Spencer, Ramsey, Miller, Snowden. THIRD ROW: Bagby, Silliman, Lewellen, Mann, Manning, Hilton, Engelbert, Cherry, Gee, Hammel, Willcox, Boese, Jarvis, Rowe, Collins, Kornfuehrer, Meek, Miller, Thying, Brand, Copper, Ferguson, Jones, Engelbert, Dusek, McPherson, Kahanek, Esparza, Wilson, Chapman, Scherer, Allen, Brooks, Taylor, Juarez, Smith, Holster. SECOND ROW: Whitaker, T. R. Hilton, W. J. Whiningfon, R. F. Holster, d. L. Juarez, R. Z. STAFF SERGEANTS Lewellen T. E. Bishop, M. D. Ramsey, J. B. LIEUTENANTS SENIORS ON STAFF Gros, R. P. Smith, B. R. Christian, H. D. Cook, G. M. O'Nealr M- N- Spencer, J. R. Doreen, W. R. Schlather, K. J. Willcox, M. G. Jaris, J.. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Walker, S. L. Williams, T. R. Persyn, H. 0. Burns, J. M. Powell, w. L. May, w. D. JUN'ORS ON STAFF SOPHOMORES Pridmore, J. A. Robinson, D. K. Suhler, D- R- Bagby, D, E. Record, J. E. Volz, G. A. Tisdale, G- L Boese, J. O. Wilson, W. B. Vrzalik, J. H. CORPORALS ghaPman, D. M. ollms, R. E. Allen, D- E' Engelbert, R. A. Denney, M. 5- Hammel, R. W. Engelbert, R. E. Jaris, E. J. Esparza, E. D. COMPANY C-2 ROSTER x x 91k Executive Officer HARVEY O. PERSYN A... w- Williams, Holloway, Whinington, May, Burns, Walker, Whitaker, Robinson, Gros, Suhler, Schlafher, Vrzalik, Volz. FIRST ROW: Cook, Pridmore, Wilson, Christian, Persyn, Forehand, Jaris, Doreen, Powell, Record. First Sergeant ERNEST R. HOLLOWAY Kahanek, H. Jones, C. T. Miller, R. D. Kornfuehrer, P. R. Reimers, D. D. Lipiec, J. M. Scherer, R. M. Mann, M. D. Taylor, P. E. Manning, C. Q. Meaux, L. E. FRESHMEN Meek, R. L. Barry, J. L. Miller, A. R. Brand, J. B. McPherson, G. E. Brooks, C. R. Rodgers, B. W. Cherry, F. B. Rowe, R. H. Cooper, J. H. Silliman, C. M. Dusek, 3- J- Snowden, J. D. Ferguson, G. H. ThyingpL. W. Gee, T. Wilson, T. G. Commanding Officer GILBERT HORTON FOREHAND W'g V 1147174 J Executive Officer ROBERT W. WIEDERHOLD COMPANY D-2 ROSTER Commanding Officer GARY L. BYRD First Sergeant UEUTENANTS GLENN W. SCHMIDT Echterhoff, J. H, a . Geye, R. J. Apple, anyone. Glisan, C. L. Gray, D. K. Jamison, W. P. McAfee, W. R. Praisner, A., Jr. Reynolds, J. R. Sudderth, C. V. Thompson, M. D. Wiederhold, R. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Fowler, D. T. Jasek, R. D. Niehaus, H. A. Purcell, W. R. FOURTH ROW, Left to right: Trulock, W., Allen, DuRard, Merritt, McCormick, Roberts, Durbon, Harvison, Simmons, D., Wright, Curry, Waters, Lederer, Mosty, Garner, Jensen, Smithson, Yows, Proctor, Dun- Benton, Farrier, Atkins, McNally, lap, Covington, Jinks, Specia, Bradford, Lane, Spaw, Walker. THIRD wxmm wwww SENIORS Haggard, H. L. Heibel, R. A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Atkins, R. D. Barlow, J. E. Burke, A. J., HI Carillo, D. S. Feighny, M. L. Long, J. G. JUNIORS ON STAFF Lewis, H. S. Nalley, R. M. Petty, D. G. Tovey, F. M. ROW: Edwards, Gomez, Wofford, Richardson, Ramirez, Lindsey, Talley, Swanson, Sfower. SECOND ROW: Huston, Schmidt, Carillo, Burke, Petty, Hoysa, Betz, Long, Moyer, STAFF SERGEANTS Betz, R. A. Farrier, R. C. Ferguson, R. L. Simmons, K. O. Snider, R. H. Spengler, W. M. CORPORALS Allen, J. D. Gomez, R. V. Harvison, G. E. Huston, M. D. Lederer, A. C. Mosty, R. L. Simmons, D. H. Spaw, W. J., Jr. Swanson, W. T. Feighny, Snider, Ferguson, Smith, Barlow, Spengler. FIRST ROW: Heible, Fowler, Reynolds, Purcell, Echterhoff, Weiderhold, Geye, Byrd, Thompson, McAfee, Sudderth, Gray, Glisan, Praisner, Haggard. 3 l1 x ' my; Mammy ' n wmxow WWW V7 XWWy, xi mmmwu, 5 4 vmwm a warm WWW U xwwx Wwwyyy M L WWZWM X X4XW 7X mWXX wa XMW SOPHOMORES Long, C. E. FRESHMEN Covington, C. C. Curry, V. E. Dunlap, M. E. DuRard, B. L. Jenson, P. L. Lane, M. C. Lindsey, C. E. McCormick, J. R. Procter, M. R. Ramirez, N. T. Specia, R. A. Tally, R. D. Walker, T. R. Yows, J. T. mlxmmx$ lelnmwx myxwxm 17W bWWXf lW me VMAWWM But, Sarge, I hate apples. l2l .wmwww .m COMPANY E-2 ROSTER f LIEUTENANTS Adams, D. L. Land, T. E. Mayfield, J. Morrison, D. G. Shaw, C. C. Sfengel, G. J. 32m: MMA MW wxywxwwnwr SENIORS ON STAFF .. Abboft, C. S. .K Davis, G. E. 5' Dresser, P. A. ' Shaw, M. L. Stanton, W. K. Summers, F. ' . . TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Aldrich, L. W. . Butfrill, G. H. '7' ' Good Morning, Sir. 3 FOURTH ROW: Walker, Penn, Ware, Laramey, Galloway, Evans, Melcer, Jackson, Peterson, Robertson, Henderson, Schessler, Mikeska, Davis, Praeger, McMath, Studley, Fagan, Smith, Tidmore, Parrotf, Sims, Henry, ' Fell, Lake, Pearson, Sharp. THIRD ROW: Nettlefon, Dooley, McKenty, El- l22 a Haw. Executive Officer THOMAS E. LAND First Sergeant EUGENE O. TRIESCH, JR. Commanding Officer CRAIG S. ABBOTT Dulin, E. R. Henry, S. S. Davis, J. F. Finkbiner, T. C. Holder, L. D. Elliott, J. E. Gunter, J. H. Jackson, D. L. Emmons, J. C. Oberhoff, K. E. Lake, 5. T. Fannin, C. L., Jr. McMath, J. S. Galloway, S. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Melcer, M. R. Heafon, C. R. Bayer, W. C. Rodgers, J. H. Henderson, J. 5., Jr. Brooks, J. M. Salge, A. C. Laramey, T- A- Janacek, J. W. Thornton, A. W. Pearson, A, P. Mdrrow, N. M, Penuel, v. 3., HI Northcutt, J. R. SOPHOMORES Robinson, F. L. Brooks, J. A. Sharp, D. A. JUNIORS ON STAFF Evans, M. 5. Sims, R. N. Muller, F. M. McKemy, S. C. Vogel, D. E. Palm, R. N, Studley, P. R. Walker, M. R, Zapata, T., Jr. CORPORALS FRESHMEN Dooley, R. M. Cochran, D. B. "0th Fannin, Ufiber HOPkinSI Rodgers, Thormonl Zapata, Cochran, Pennell Palm, Buttrill, Dulin, Morrow, Brooks, Janzcek, Gunter, Finkbiner. FIRST Lewis, Vogel, Heaton, Brown, Brooks, Payne, Emmons, Martin. SECOND ROW: Holder, Triesch, Vaselka, Land, Stengel, Mayfield, Shaw, Shaw, Ab ROW: Evans, Oberhoff, Bayer, Lane, Aldrich, Muller, ROQeFSI Northcutt, botf, Stanton, Adams, Morrison, Jenkins, Peeples, Reveille II, Salge. I23 Jo FOURTH ROW: Cox, Day, Campfon, Thurman, McKinney, Otis, Pickering, McDonald, Wahl, Hall, Costello, Griffin, Schroeder, Kaizbeck, Hillis, Smith, Heger, Post, Sfo'rler, Seerden, Pizzitola, Newman, Essex, McFarland, Preas, Poteete. THIRD ROW: Perrone, Hop- J -;;m;- $49117", WW, m 1,211 Home for the weekend! LIEUTENANTS BouHe, Kenneth L. Brunkenhoefer, Robert E. Gallagher, Robert P. Greenhaw, Larry M. Hill, David G. Irvin, Stanley M. Leonard, Rodney V. Long, William L. McMillian, John W. Trahan, Terry C. Webb, John B. SENIORS ON STAFF Hodges, Mcloud B. Rinard, Stephen K. Vaughn, Ronald W. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Clay, Albert W. Davis, Grayson L. Devine, Robert P. Executive Officer JOHN W. TAYLOR, JR. First Sergeant JOHN C. FRANK Commanding Officer CHARLES H. GREGORY mu :2' Hable, Plunketf, Malaise, Diaz. FIRST ROW: Greenhaw, McMillian, Rinard, Leonard, Hill, Webb, Brunkenhoefer, Gregory, Vaughn, Trahan, Long, Taylor, Irvin, Gallagher, Boufte. kins, White, Jones, Langley, Higgins, McAdams, Senuta, Gardner, Gearing, Moore, Godfrey, Wallace, McNally, Topperman. SECOND ROW: Smith, Frank, Clay, Vacek, Garcia, Montgomery, Warren, Devine, Davis, Victory, COMPANY F-2 ROSTER Hable, Robert H. Malaise, William L. STAFF SERGEANTS Diaz, Leonard F. Garcia, Anastasio Montgomery, James M. Vacek, Mark J. Victory, Jerome H. Warren, Don E. JUNIORS ON STAFF PlunkeH, L ry K. CORPORALS Day, Thomas M. Gardner, Paul F. Heger, Robert 'S. Higgins, E. Lee Moore, William S. Seerden, William F. Smith, Julian S. SOPHOMORES Pickering, Grover Q. Pizzifola, John A. Post, Donald E. Pofeete, Donald R. Preas, Edgar C. Schroeder, James M. FRESHMEN Costello, John J. Cox, Arnold D. Essex, Bill L. Gearing, Phil R. Godfrey, Fredrick Q. Griffin, Robert R. Hall, Henry T. Hampton, Robert J. Hillis, Conrad M. Hollister, Jerry G. Hopkins, Michael H Jones, Bill T. Kafzback, Edward R. Langly, George A. McAdams, Robert G. McDonald, Robert J. McFarland, James W. McKinney, Bill D. McNally, William P. New man, Clydus T. Oatis, Bob E. Perrone, Paul F. Senuta, Jan P. Smith, Terry L. Sfofler, Donald L. Thurman, Stephen S. Topperman, Andrew H. Veselka, Eugene K. Wahl, John L. Wallace, Forbes L. White, Robert M. FOURTH ROW: Breed, McMillan, Fowler, Gonzales, Simmons, Rodgers, Newton, Porter, LeBlanc, Nolte, Lambert, Terry, Wolf, Chovanec, Hind- man, Cooper, Menn, Fraley, Brown, Wallace, Dockery, Sfarnes, Aldridge, LIEUTENANTS Anthaume, C., Jr. Beamer, J. May, D. W., Jr. Mitchell, R. L. Parker, W. B. Rodriguez, T. M., Jr. Vaughan, T. F., Jr. Wagner, T. P. SENIORS ON STAFF Denney, R. M. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Arnold, T. R. Hancock, W. R. Howard, B. B. COMPANY G-2 ROSTER Rowland, R. A., III Vernon, G. G. Vick, J. D. STAFF SERGEANTS Hart, M. J. JUNIORS ON STAFF Wallace, C. E. Whifeker, J. N. Wolfe, B. E. CORPORALS Aldrich, S. F., H Boyd, G. A. Chovanec, E. E. Cooper, R. E. Dockery, R. L. Fowler, D. W. James, M. E. Newton, R. D. Simmons, J. M. SOPHOMORES Diaz, C. L. Horn, L. H. Lovil, W. C., Jr. Young, R. L. FRESHMEN Abbot, E. C. Breed, A. G. Brown, C. P. Cuellar, R. Horn, James, Klfehl, Kelly. THIRD ROW: Diaz, Tate, Cuellar, Abbott, Taylor, Wilson. SECOND ROW: Boyd, Vernon, AL, Wolfe, Howard, Whitaker, Arnold, Vernon, Gary., Wallace, Hart, Vick, Hancock, Rowland. FIRST Dodd, C. L. Fraley, J. H. Hindman, W. R. Kelly, J. B. Koehl, H. R. Lambert, D. W. LeBlanc, R'. B. Menn, A. E. Nolte, G. Porter, R. E. Starnes, R. M. Tate, N. B. Taylor, D. B. Terry, W. R. Wallace, H. 8. Wolf, M. T. ROW: Parker, Vaughn, Rodriguez, Beamer, Denny, May, Anthaume, Mitchell, Wagner. Cameron, Basham, Commanding L. MALCOLM BA Executive Officer DON S. CAMERON nm ALBERT Sergeant E. VERNON TEM$ A854 HOME OF THE QOUIHWEQ' CONFERENCE MAng The annual Turkey Day game was perhaps the most colorful in the long history of the series. The spirit of both student bodies was at a peak. The rivalry was even greater because of the recent visit of Bevo to the A8iM campus. This visit, unsanctioned by TU officials, gave every indication that the game was going to be one of excitement. As the stadium filled the Teasips brought in their version of a cannon and set it in the south end of the stadium. A few minutes later the A95 brought in their version of a cannon. The first time the Aggies fired the crowd knew that there would be no match between the two. Reveille Ii-The mascot that stays home. COL. HARLAN E. ROBERTS Commanding Officer LT. COL. KENNETH A. MAJ. RUFUS R. MAJ. LAWRENCE C. GRUNER LYNE VETTER, JR. Executive Officer Adiutant Chaplain LT. COL GREGORY H. MAJ. JOHN H. ROWE MAJ. LARRY GV MAJ. WILLIAM L. LANGLIN Supply Officer PORTER STANTON Scholastic Officer Intelligence Officer Operations Officer M $GT. JAMES E. M $GT. THOMAS M. BOURGEOIS FINE Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant l29 I'm m, 1.4ng glxgml...af:k17. . HDLHiHIAHIA, 4 .A , LT. COL. ROBERT R. RICE Commanding Officer MAJ. JERRY W. MAJ. GERALD R. MAJ. STEPHEN K. MAJ. MICHAEL E. MAJ. VERNON H. MAJ. J. DEE FELDER DONALDSON FISK KEELING COOK TYLER Executive Officer Adjutant Chaplain Scholastic Officer Supply Officer Operations Officer MAJ. JERRY W. 1st LT. GEORGE WSGT. HERBERT A. USGT. GEORGE R. USGT. JOHNNY s. USGT. WILLIAM L. GODKIN HUBLER BROWNE MARSHALL RAMSEY TREDWAY, JR. Scholastic and Intelligence Officer Sergeant-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant Operations Sergeant Safety Officer LT. COL. THOMAS H. MEADOWS Commanding Officer ,2 66X 7 x ivy. MAJ. GARY L. DOERRE Executive Officer MAJ. FRANK E. MEYERS MAJ. ROBERT N. MAJ. JOHN R. DICKSON MAJOR JAMES M. ADAMS SchoIastic Officer MCGUIRE, JR. Intelligence Officer Operations Officer Maritime Liaison Officer SGTJMAJ. ANDRAS J. IUSGT- HUBERT C- .USGT. DON A. T $611 JAMES C. RIGGS CSAGOLY ROCHE LIGHTSEY Scholastic Sergeant Sergeanf-Maior OPGTBHOHS 567963"? Supply Sergeant FIFTH ROW: Provine, Dunn, Fibley, Semmelrogge, D. Davis, Warren, Belcher, Gudgel, Milstead, Mezger, Robinson, Derden, Schiffman, Cooper, Hurley, Queen, Franks, Matthews, Schreiber, Kidd, Shaunty, Jen, Perry, Bryan, Love, Johnson, Connor. FOURTH ROW: Frederiksen, Whitfield, Foster, Welsh, Miner, Van Hoosier, Clark, Dodgen, Payne, English, Garner, Smith, Grant, Hulbert, Broussard, Richards, Lee, LeBus, Hol- comb, Henderson, Gosney, Burkhart, Bamberg, Godin, Snipes, Stell, Coon. THIRD ROW: Hall, Dunavant, Koehler, Sullivan, House, Davis, Taylor, Thomerson, Voss, Hall, Stephens, Lackey, Lillard, Dominy, Parkin, Touchon, COMPANY A-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Adams, R. H. Elmore, R. D. Goldman, J. B. Habbinga, R. J. Oman, J. B. Woodall, R. P. SENIORS ON STAFF Cook, V. H. Fisk, S. K. Keeling, M. E. Rice, R. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Campbell, J. W. Gray, J. W. Smith, E. J. Wait, J. I'.T$535575335'M4wm .H W; w . .615?'Ei Q- Ma, xwv .zxx myvaVMQwCMMVKx Ag MZH A , 7 Kiwm74$k$xf Keeling, Blackmon, Schlegel, Webb, Wedemeyer, Burrow, Mobley. SEC- OND ROW: Ovenon, Ballard, Campbell, Gray, Crosbie, Smith, Browne, Wait. FIRST ROW: Rice, Habbinga, Oman, Elmore, Fisk, Adams, Kieschnick, Cook, Woodall, Keeling, Goldman. JUNIORS ON STAFF Browne, H. A. Crosbie, J. M. Dunn, S. L. Henderson, M. P. English, R. W. House, R. Frederiksen, L. W. Hulbert, D. E. Holcomb, J. A. Hurley, W. N. CORPORALS Keeling, D. W. Jeff, A- D- Bamberg, W, H, Kidd, G. T. Johnson, R. E. Davis, D. S. Lee, T. W. Koehler, W. E. Dominy, J, F, Mobley, F. D. LeBus, J. M. Foster, J. L. Schiffman, C. F. Lillard, M. D. Gosney, G. L. Smith, F. J. Love, K. C. Gudgel, K, E, Taylor, W. 0. Matthews, D. M. Hall, D, R. Thomerson, J. D. Mezger, J. R. Lackey, S, H. Touchon, A. H. Milstead, T. Overton, M, E. Warren, K. J. Miner, J. C. Perkin, J, C, Whitfield, J. R. Payne, J. M. Richards, B. 5. Perry, R. W. Shaunfy, T. L. Provine, W. C. Sullivan, J. A. Queen, F. J. Van Hoosier, W. L. Robinson, R. N. Voss, R. G. Sanders, R. W. Schlegel, M. H. Schreiber, H. C. Semmelrogge, J. P. Snipes, R. L. Stell, W. V. Stephen, P. L. Webb, J. T. Wedemeyer, H. M. Welsh, R.' P. FRESHMEN Bilger, A. P. Burkharf, V. H. Burrow, R. L. Bryan, M. B. Cooper, G. W. Davis, G. B. Dunavant, M. L. Finley, R. M. Franks, T. F. Garner, R. C. Godin, J. M. Grant, L. D. Hall, N. P. SOPHOMORES Belcher, E. W. Blackmon, J. A. Broussard, E. A. Clark, G. G. Connor, J. C. Coon, C. N. Derden, W. H. Dodgen, J. P. Executive Officer H. RICHARD ADAMS Commanding Officer GERALD B. KIESCHNICK First Sergeant JOHN S. BALLARD . Aw Ai mAWMALun-x L. 4.5;; Commanding Officer JAMES T. SCOTT Executive Officer LOUIS L. YOUNG New Army-"Wake Up, Mr. First Sergeant WILLIAM E. HATTAWAY Richter, Sir" COMPANY B-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Brumbelow, R. Young, L. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Stanton, W. K. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bray, J. H. Dougherty, J. C. Emerson, C. A. Fiedler, L. N. Matthews, W. P. Richter, C. X. STAFF SERGEANTS Burkhalter, K. R. Deutsch, R. G. Gillis, D. E. Honea, J. E. JUNIORS ON STAFF Oddson, T. A. Marshall, G. Ramsey, J. S. CORPORALS Brummetf, B. C. Barker, D. S. Campbell, C. B. Escobar, K. R. Jacob, M. T. Keese, L. A. Leftwich, M. W. Shields, J. R. Skiles, C. A. Vaughn, R. E. FOURTH ROW: Guterrez, Ritchey, Haynes, Terrell, Dungan, Hughes, Left- wich, Heinen, Reeves, Morriss, Derstine, Huffman, Wyatt, Herring, Brew- ster, Schmidt, Keese, Edmondson, Hammitt, Nickelson, Campbell, Redden, Barder, McLean. SECOND ROW: Jacobs, Haffaway' Richter, Emerson Maiors, Caswell, Clarke, Choafe, Lewis. THIRD ROW: Richardson, Laborde, I Brummet'r, Vaughn, Duren, Fincke, Key, VanZandt, Smith, Ray, Jordan, Johnson, Gossom, Shields, Clay, Vogt, Belcher, Skiles, Pearce, Escobar, SOPHOMORES Belcher, W. R. Brewster, O. F. Caswell, J. E. Dungen, C. T. Gutierrez, H. X. Herring, S. M. Huffman, K. W. Jordan, 5- E- Key, D. M. Lewis, J. C. Maiors, D. w. Morriss, C. A. Maples, A R Nickelson, R. Redden, M. E. FRESHMEN Reeves, 8. W. Clarke, W. H. Richardson, C. A. Derstine, H. W. Schmidt, V. H. Fincke, D. Smith, M. D. Hammitf, E. D. Wyatt, L. E. Heinen, R. E. Terrell, D. 0. Hughes, J. C. Ray, D. Fielder, Deutsch, Honea, Callahan, Wynn, Dougherfy, Gills, Oddson, Bray, Matthews, Price, Burkhalfer, Marshall, Ramsey. FIRST ROW: Sfanfon, Young, Scott, Duncan, Roberts. WNW ,AW w w . MAMMAWM X W w, FIFTH ROW: Rubach, Hannigan, Eastman, Harvey, Williamson, Aldape, Glassford, Bennett, Horton, Lunsford, Balkman, Staff, Labarbera, Perry, Morgan, Wetherbee, Vanek, Douglas, Kluge, Dimock, Burditf, Byrne, Filtsch, Toone, Gaden, Garcia, Franklin. FOURTH ROW: May, Pollock, Reynolds, LIEUTENANTS Bland, R. W. Tisdal, V. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Gruner, K. A. Godkin, J. W. SENIORS Vetter, L. C. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bourne, C. M. Glenney, S. W. Heartwell, S. F. Lindsey, J. G. Smotherman, R. D. Turney, W. H. Wilson, J. A. COMPANY C-3 ROSTER JUNIORS ON STAFF Davis, W. M. Macaluso, M. A. JUNIORS Emerson, C. D. CORPORALS Byrne, R. P. Douglas, J. W. Diaz, H. C. Glassford, D. M. Holden, E. J. Knipstein, R. C. Lunsford, T. M. Pavelka, M. A. Sherman, W. M. Staff, J. V. Trapolino, L. S. Cockrell, McCoy, Halpin, Zeis, Hasselmeier, Armstrong, Terry, Jen, Ship- man, Kleypas, Brown, Diaz, Zahn, Shipman, Knipsfein, DeAtley, Marshall, Trapolino, Young, Rapp, Riggs, Fischer, Donnellan, Smith. THIRD ROW: Maktin, Holcomb, Saenz, Black, Chumley, Coco, Holden, Curran, Hart, Young, R. A. Zeis, P. M. SOPHOMORES Black, R. R. Burditf, M. L. Coco, M. F. Curran, D. J. De Atley, B. R. Dimock, J. A. Donnellan, R. Q. Eastman, G. L. Gaden, J. D. Goldfarb, J. H. Hart, J. W. Hasselmeier, R. l. Horton, E. L Kluge, C. A. Mendoza, F. I36 Nichols, R. Pena, O. E. Perry, C. E. Pollock, J. E. Reynolds, J. W. Saenz, A. J. Shipman, N. R. Singleton, W. J. Smith, L. W. Spradling, D. H. Sweeney, D. A. Terry, W. M. Thompson, D. P.. Toone, L. S. Wefherbee, C. F. FRESHMEN Aldape, J. Allen, B. P. I J Armstrong, D. A. Balkman, J. P. Bennett, R. O. '7 Chumley, D. L. .. Cockrell, M. W. Cole, T. T. Filtsch, S. G. V Fischer, D. H. x Franklin, R. H. w'l ' Garcia, E. Halpin, J. M. :5 Hannigan, E. V. '1. Harvey, V. O. f?" Holcomb, R. A. - JeH, W. J. Kidd, G. S. 1 Kleypas, B. M. La Barbera, P. T. . .3 Marshall, W. P. Martin, C. M. May, L. L. McCoy, R. D. ' McKinney, G. G. ' Melville, D. E. l Morgan, T. J. Rapp, J. H. Riggs, M. S. Rubach, A. M. Shipman, R. D. Vanek, K. N. . Williamson, R. P. 4'" Young, J. W. Zahn, C. W. 851': Melville, Cole, Goldfarb, Pena, Thompson, Pavelka, Allen, Singleton, Mendoza, Cabla. SECOND ROW: Sherman, James, Macaluso, Davis, HearTwell, Wilson, Glenney, Emerson, Smothermon, Lindsey, Turney, Bourne, Young. FIRST ROW: Stanton, Gruner, Tisdal, Ashy, Bland, Godkin. C-3 MARCHING SONG We are brave, we are bold BuT This marching sure geTs old As The medics go rolling along. I'm a lover, noT a fighTer, And This rifle don'T geT lighTer, As The medics go rolling along. Chorus For iT's hi, hi, hee, and an appendecTomy Make Those incisions deep and long! And where 'er we go, you will Always know, ThaT C-3 is rolling along. We don'T keep peTs, like The veTs, And we don'T ride airforce ieTs. And Those medics go rolling along We don'T scream, like Gyrenes. We aren'T kicked ouT by our deans. And Those medics go rolling along. We're The besT, meeT The TesT And we by-pass all The resT And Those medics go rolling along. We've goT our place in The sun 'Cause we're always number one. And Those medics keep rolling along. Tune: "The Army Goes Rolling Along" First Sergeant LARRY R. JAMES Executive Officer VlCTOR C. TISDAL, JR. Commanding Officer THOMAS M. ASHY DEE COMPANY D-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Goodson, D. H. Jones, M. G. Peters, B. C. Schaeffer, C. J. SENIORS ON STAFF Schmid, H. W. Laughlin, G. H. Donaldson, G. R. Felder, J. W. Tyler, J. D. CORPORALS MarabelIa, P. J. Agliem, G. C. McBrearty, C. F. Andrews, K. R. Slimp, J. 8. Bishop, E. H. Fuller, D. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Gordon, P. T. Barron, J. T- Humphries, P. M. De Pasqual, J. A. Lopez, F., Jr. Howard, C- W- Matthews, W. T. Larkin, J- 3- McAdams, C. O. lee, J- A. Petrasek, A. G. Murphree, 0- 5- Wantzloeben, K. L. Saenz, J. L Weathers, S. J. Wakefield; L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Wooldridge, J. T. SOPHOMORES Batey, R. Darling, H. B. Holcomb, W. D. Laughlin, M. D. JUNIORS ON STAFF Chastang, D. E. Donovan, R. L. Dromgoole, G. A. Kennedy, G. W. Bourgeois, J. E. Tredway, W. L. FOURTH ROW: Miller, Schubert, Parmer, Sleeper, Donavan, Hudgens, Dromgoole, Markham, Bishop, Connevey, Minks, Klien, Greenwood, Andrews, Wright, Webb, Kennedy, Houston, Visage, Deaton, Hillhouse, Stockstill, Lopez, Beauchy, Moore, Godwin, Stanitzky. THIRD ROW: .. Jayne. Minks, R. C. Hill, G. G. Moore, W. D. Hillhouse, M. Schubert, R. H. Houston, D. A. Sheaffer, D. E. Hudgens, E. M. Sleeper, W. W. Husfelt, G. E. Stockstill, G. R. Klein, L. J. Wright, R. A. Le Bus, B. K. Wright, W. L. Loomis, B. J. Soliz, P. T. Markham, W. E. Webb, G. D. McElroy, K. K. Nohe, J. Michie, C. D. Greenwood, W. Miller, R. M. Paladina, J. R. FRESHMEN Parmer, D. L. Beaudry, R. G. Smith, W. B. Burns, J. C. Stanitzky, C. J. Chipps, J. C. Towers, D. Connevey, L. H. Visage, S. J. Deafon, T. H. Wisenbaker, W. C. Godwin, J. C. Young, J. B. Gordon, Fuller, Michie, Dowden, McAdams, Young, Chipps, Weathers, Petrasek, Soliz, Burns, Hill, Wisenbaker, Matthews, Towers, McElroy, Wantzloeben, Agliette, Nolte, Smifh, Chastang, LeBus, Wright, Loomis, Paladina. SECOND ROW: Humphries, Taylor, Laughlin, Laenz, Howard, Executive Officer MORRIS R. HARRIS, JR. Commanding Officer JACKSON D. MELTON First Sergeant WILLIAM E. TAYLOR Murphree, Lee, Bourgeois, McBrearty, Wooldridge, Tredway, Darling, Barron, Wakefield, DePasqual, Larkin, Slimp, Marabella, Holcomb. FIRST ROW: Peters, Schaeffer, Laughlin, Felder, Harris, Melton, Tyler, Ressby, Goodson, Jones. ' muxmmwmaw THIRD ROW: Young, Vandercruysen, Stephens, Sfaniukyl Simmans, Jones, See, Giesenschlag, Prugel, Fowler, Lawson, Taylor. SECOND ROW: Ohlendorf, AmOld, Fick, Coufal, Gailey, Manning, Hughes, Matcek, lsom, Jones, Bateman, Pantalion, Meier, Tovey, Bell, McGauhey, Richmond, Saenz, McAffee, Scherbel, Meiller, Shaunfield, Thompson, Ashcraff, Gregg, Long. FIRST ROW: Melton, Hartley, McGill, Hickman, Jernigan, Meyers, Executive Officer DAVID R. BOLLING, JR. COMPANY E-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS isom, Conrad FRESHMEN - Harvin K. Arnold M R Crufsmger, Larry Ones, , . . Hartley, Thomas Mcgauhey, Robert Coufal, Sidney Hickman, Royce Meter, Eugene P. Fick, Donald lhrig, John R. Tovey, Frank M. Gan?" Dmight McGiIl, D. w. Hug es, T omas W. McGregor, Mark JUNIORS ON STAFF Manning, Walter S. . . Melton, Jackson D. ROChE, Hubert Mafcek, James F. Commanding Officer Scogg' , Ph'll' Aff I J. ssmons ON STAFF '" ' 'p MC ee 'mmY THOMAS A. McADAMS Meiller, Joaquin Adams, James M. CORPORALS Ohlendorf, Curtis Dickson, John R. Ashcraft, JaCk 6- Saenz, Rene Franklin, Jerry Giesenschlag, W. H. Scherbel, Charles Jernigan, H. G. Gregg, Layton 0- Shaunfield, Phillip First Sergeant Meyers, F. E. Jones, Jerry L Simmans, Randy D. CHARLES A. PANTALION Roberts, Charles T. Lawson, Sharol D. Stanitzky, Carl Prugel, James A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS See, Edward C. Bateman, Barry L. Thomasl Ray F- Bell, Bob Thompson, Stephen M. Dingley, Dale D. Stephens, James C. Vandercruysen, H. A Young, James B. Roberts, Bolling, McAdams, Crutsinger, lhrig, McGregor, Adams, Franklin, Dickson, Smith, Jones. I42 THIRD ROW: Wilcox, Campise, Balmer, Zak, Young, Cangelose, Cooner, t- I Young, Catalina, Williams, Tharp, Boykins, Farr, Smelly, McDowell, Robin- Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; . . . an accurate description of Roger Vick on the way to the bag. Seniors move across the drill field at Final Review. son, Deen, Wall, Ruffino, Engelbrechf, Riley, Pridgen, Lewis. SECOND ROW: Lewis, Genf, Ward, Brown, Garner, Johnson, Hopkins, Davis, Allen. LIEUTENANTS Atkins, Noble J. Blasingame, Christopher 5. Dean, Don R. Henson, Sidney L. McCulloch, Ben E. Spencer, John C. Tudela, John SENIORS ON STAFF Doerre, Gary L, Jackson, Ben R. Meadows, Thomas H. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Brown, Clifford L. Davis, Roland O. Garner, Daniel S. Hopkins, Brock F. Mark, Michael H. COMPANY F-3 ROSTER STAFF SERGEANTS Allen, Henry L. Catalina, Frank J. Johnson, Joe N. Ward, John K. JUNIORS ON STAFF Riggs, James C. CORPORALS Balmer, Wilbur J. Boykins, George F. Farr, Louis L'. Lewis, Harry W. Lewis, Larry D. Smelly, Eddie M. Tharp, Kenneth A. Young, Charles R. FIRST ROW: Atkins, Tudela, Spencer, LaValIe, Long, Henson, Blasingame, McCulloch, Doerre. SOPHOMORES Campise, James W. Catalina, Pete A. McDowell, David H. Pridgen, Lynn E. Riley, Martin L. Robinson, Wesley J. Williams, Robert H. Wilcox, Don H. FRESHMEN Cangelose, Patrick D. Cooner, Harold D. Deen, Travis D. Engelbrechf, Clyde C. Frinze, Everett K. Ruffino, Preston J. Wall, Arnold I. Young, Ralph Zak, Michael J. Commanding Officer MARTIN D. LONG Execufive Officer MICHAEL F. LaVALLEE First Sergeant TERRENCE R. GENT . Executive Officer RAY FREEMAN Commanding Officer JOHN H. GABBERT FOURTH ROW: Anfosh, Merritt, Bailey, Aglieni, Barry, Yarborough, Eilers, Eidison, Jen, Manly, McCoy, Sharp, Seago, Pendery, Sumpfer, Mullins, Green, Sherman, Beckman, Medford, May, O'Neal, Dean, Prestidge, Stanley, Williams, Heifman. THIRD ROW: Grimes, Frandolig, Burns, Donaho, COMPANY G-3 ROSTER "All right, all right, same old story. Who's got it this time?" LIEUTENANTS Jernigan, J. C. Kell, J. C. Oaker, D. A. Parks, W. G. Sanders, J. R. SENIORS ON STAFF Bate, H. E. Lyne, R. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Callaway, M. R. lnniss, R. W. Kellar, K. E. Reifsnyder, R. Ward, K. B. JUNIORS ON STAFF Csagoly, A. D. Lightsey, D. A. Roche, H. C. JUNIORS Barnes, L. A. Clifton, D. Downey, C. R. Galey, J. H. Mayers, P. Seitz, R. D. Southerland, J. M. Williams, F. F. CORPORALS Bate, J. M. Blake, J. Donaho, G. R. Eidson, T. E. Gordon, D. M. Owens, Miller, Crouch, Mitchell, Oberle, Reichle, Harvey, Mullins, Smith, Southerland, Kellar, Clifton, Csagoly, Word, Gordon, Miller, Bate, Gummer, Roberts, Strauss, Creswell, Hays, Cupp, Reifsnyder, Kunz, King, Norman. FIRST ROW: Sprung, Bass, Kniffin. SECOND ROW: Schubert, Tubre, Burd, Mayers, Blake, Lain, Kell, Parks, Freeman, Gabbert, Oaker, Borns, Galey, Seifz, Downey, Williams, Roche, lnniss, Lighfsey, Callaway, Lyne, Sanders, Jernigan. Jett, J. May, R. E. Merritt, W. L. Oberle, W. T. Sherman, S. Sprung, W. C. Stanley, R. G. Tubre, S. R. SOPHOMORES Antosh, G. F. Burd, H. H. Creswell, J. L. Harvey, G. Hays, D. M. King, C. L., Jr. Kearney, J. A.. Kunz, R. A. McCoy, J. W. Medford, S. Miller, D. H. Miller, L. B. Owens, W. P. Pendery, D. A. Presfidge, J. C. Reichle, L. A. Seago, J. M. Sharp, M. V. Sumpfer, G. W. Teipel, J. R. FRESHMEN Aglieni, T. C. Bailey, W. D. Berry, C. M., Jr. Crouch, C. M. Cupp, L. G. Gummer, S. V. Green, W. E. Grimes, R. R. Heitman, L. Manley, S. Mitchell, J. B. Mullins, T. S. Norman, W. A. Roberts, W. D. Schubert, G. W. Strauss, D. D. Williams, R. M. I45 ; j FIFTH ROW: Kovar, Adams, Ellis, Ray, Lamkin, Rowe, Arrington, Ermis, Bell, Rymkus, Farr, Bowen, Lindsey, Flippo, Burleson, McMillian, Moss, Schutze, Gardner, Carroll, Mullen, Phillips, Earl, Carroll, Rymkus, Owens. FOURTH ROW: Oehrlein, Coker, Dougan, Hannigan, Kidd, Henery, Gip- LIEUTENANTS Beller, R. L. Hammonds, C. E. Mooney, J. E. Reagan, T. H. Scott, K. Z. SENIORS ON STAFF Rogers, G. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Aldrich, A. A. Custer, C. D. Karr, K. G. McLean, K. J. STAFF SERGEANTS Meeks, Thomas E. Sebastian, J. W. Commanding Officer MIKE SWAN Execuiive Officer KENNETH SCOTT First Sergeant JOSEPH JENKINS son, Willis, Zahn, Steinderf, Thomas, Plummer, Juge, Henry, Currington, Thomas, West, Robinson, Reeves, Clifton, Weiss, Prugh, Poss, Nilson, Scott, Turney, Curlee. THIRD ROW: Colbert, Harriman, Meadows, Crain, Runge, Dosher, Carpenter, McCarty, Murrah, Scott, Stefek. SECOND COMPANY H-3 ROSTER CORPORALS Hurta, F. J. Carpenter, E. N. Koehn, D. W. Colbert, C. M. Leonard, M. T. Devine, Michael Lindsey, G. S. Dwarshus, A. G. Meadows, D. B. Kachtik, Jerry McBryde, C. W. LaGrange, C, R, McCarty, R. M. McNauhan, Edward MCC'UFE, M. R. Murrah, T. F. Moore, J. A. Rector, R. L. NeaI, R. E. Runge, J. F. Nilson, J. H. Spadora, Joseph Offner, M. Ward, W. R. Ouellette, P. L. Wellborn, Joe Reeves, 6- N- Reynolds, J. W. SOPHOMORES Robinson, R. C. Bates, L. E. Schwarzenbach, J. R. Brown, G. R. Scott, R. A. Crain, W. L. Shilling, C. R. Cobb, L. N. Sparling, T. R. Cissell, R. M. Staples, G. W. CIime, R. L. Stefek, John C. Dosher, R. H. Stringfellow, R. C. Harriman, W. B. Tarr, J. E. Hillhouse, S. A. Thomas, D. L. Houston, D. P. Thompson, N. T. ROW: McBryde, Jenkins, Custer, Meeks, Wellborn, Aldrich, Johnson. Swan, Mooney, Reagan, Minnick. Tumey, W. W. West, D. E. Wood, C. R. FRESHMEN Adams, N. E. Arrington, T. M. Bell, J. D. Bowen, J. D. Burleson, R. E. Carrol, L. T. Childress, G. D. Clifton, D. M. Coker, D. J. Curringfon, L. D. Curlee, J. W. Dougan, J. T. Earl, G. N. Edwards, E. H. Ellis, J. F. Ermis, H. J. Farr, W. E. Flippo, W. H. Gardner, W. C. Gipson, Jerry Hannigan, E. V. Henry, L. D. Henry, M. M. Karr, Sebastian, Henry, M. M. Highfower, J. R. Jenkins, P. S. Juge, R. A. Kidd, R. W. Kirchmer, J. T. Kirk, L. R. Koss, W. E. Kovar, G. W. Lamkin, Kenneth Lenox, D. L. Lindsey, R. McMillian, T. H. Moss, C. L. Mullen, D. P. Oehrlein, F. R. Owens, M. T. Phillips, M. L. Plummer, R. Mm Harriman, McLean, FIRST ROW: Hammonds, Scott, Poss, J. M. Prugh, R. W. Pyburn, J. H. Ray, S. J. Rowe, L. M. Rymkus, M. Rymkus, P. Schufze, G. C. Sims, R. M. Smith, J. M. Steinderf, G. N. Sfovall, D. G. Taylor, W. B. Thomas, R. N. Weiss, J. H. Westerfield, l. D. Willis, G. E. Worst, J. M. Zahn, C. W. The A95 in Arkansas to lend support to the South- west Conference Cham- pions. Guess who got the award for the best dressed senior. I-3 was composed of cadeTs enrolled in The United STaTes Marine CorpsT PlaToon Leaders Class TPLCT program and fresh- men of The Texas MariTime Acad- emy. MariTime fish compleTe Their educaTion in GalvesTon. Their Training includes cruises plus in- Tensive insTrucTion in Marine En- gineering and Marine Transpor- TaTion. The Marine PLC's Take Their military Training during The sum- mer aT QuanTico, Virginia. Upon graduaTion from A8TM, They be- come commissioned officers in The Marine Corps. Of The presenT 61 Marine generals, five are Ag- gies. Two of These five hold The imporTanT commands of The Ma- rine Corps RecruiT DepoTs aT San Diego, California, and Parris ls- land, NorTh Carolina. Although I-3 was disbanded on Dec. 10, 1963, iTs former members conTinue To display The qualiTies and aTTribuTes which made The company so ouTsTand- ing during iTs exisTence. , . :- , v u, a "4....A 3a.... THIRD ROW: Hall, Elliott, Glasscock, Veselka, Wendenburg, Wise, WalcuTT, Wilson, Wagsfaff, CrampTon, Hurst, Williams, Fredrickson, Rice, tel Commanding Officer NORMAN W. BEARD, JR. This page is dedicated by the men of Company l-3 to the memory of Norman W. Beard, Jr., our last com- manding officer. Norman's devotion to duty, soldierly bearing, and constant hard work was an inspiration to us all. We feel he exemplified the true Spirit of Aggieland and possessed the high qual- ities desired in a Marine Officer. It is our hope that the example he set will not be in vain, but will serve as a path to lead and inspire Us in our future endeavors. Ragle, Cuny, Cope, Baker, Jensen, Lovell, Hauser, Donkervoet, Coonrod, Howard, Fanning, Miles, Weber, Huerta, Fricke. SECOND ROW: Long, Executive Officer JAMES H. ARMSTRONG First Sergeant TED HOPGOOD Hopgood, Blair, Fine, Scoggin, Guzman, Burge. FIRST ROW: McGire, Vetter, Armstrong, Beard, Holley, Porter, Rowe. COMPANY l-3 ROSTER LlEUTENANTS Armstrong, J. H. Holley, A. N. SENIORS ON STAFF Hubler, G. L. McGuire, N. R. Porter, L. G. Rowe, J. H. Vetter, L. C. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Blair, F. S. Burge, C. E. Guzman, M. A. Scoggin, P. C. JUNIORS ON STAFF Fine, T. M., Ill CORPORALS Crampton, R. N. Cuny, F. C. Huerta, W. Long, C. E. Veselka, V. K. Weber, J. D. FRESHMEN Baker, M. A. Coonrod, J. W. Cope, J. T. Donkervoet, D. L. Elliott, W. S. Fanning, K. P. Fredrickson, H. Fricke, D. L. Glasscock, L. Hall, C. G. Hauser, T. F. Howard, R. HursT,'R. D. Jensen, P. A. Lovell, R. H. Miles, R. Ragle, W. G. Rice, P. D. Terry, A. T. Wagstaff, T. L. Walcutt, J. M. Wendenburg, C. A. Williams, J. D. Wilson, R. B. Wise, L. R. 149 ' 5 szmg cw W2 w my M I. g. A.X u l i a W The FEgW' Twas Aggie Bomb l50 COL. FRANK R. KIOLBASSA Commanding Officer LT. COL. LAWRENCE N. LT. COL. DON R. MAJ. BILLY G. MAJ. HAROLD C. MAJ. JAY B. MAJ. MICHAEL L. GARRETT, JR. VEAZEY CLAWSON BROWN NICHOLS LUTICH Executive Officer Scholastic Officer Adiutanf Chaplain Operations Officer Safety Officer MAJ. ALLAN C. MAJ. JOE W. M $GT. DAVID A. M SGT. RONALD E. MXSGT. JAMES D. M $GT, JOE A, PETERSON STUCKEY FRANKLIN HOWELL BOLES BOWLES Intelligence officer Supply Officer Sergeant-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant Supply Sergeant LT. COL. RUSSELL L. KEELING Commanding Officer MAJ. AUGUSTUS FREEMAN, JR. Executive Officer MAJ- KENNIETH W. BAKER Scholastic Officer MAJ. JOHN S. PRATER Supply Officer MAJ. RONALD L. LUECK MAJ. ROBERT D. . NETH GOODENOUGH MAJ KEN MAJ. JERRY H. JESSUP Personnel Officer GERSBACH , . lntelhgence and mm W gm Operations Offxcer Safety Officer Adiutant M SGT. E. C. SMITH Sergeant-Maior USGT. WILLIAM T. SHERMAN . ' ' Scholastic Sergeant VSGT. GARY R. ' w - DUPLISSEY I , . Operations Sgt. TXSGT. CAREY L. , n WHITE Supply Sergeant LT. COL. CHARLES T. POWELL Commanding Officer MAJ.JAMES P. ' ' ' V, x ' ' . , MAJ. MICHAELJ. BUCHANAN , ; , , , ' HALABURKA Executive Officer . ' Safety and Intelligence ' Officer MAJ. MICHAEL c. . '1 x MAJ. ROY L. NETZ HAMILTON f g V Adjutant and Scholastic Officer ' . Supply Officer MAJ. JOSE VILLARREAL, JR. Operations Officer M SGT. WILLIAM K. T SGT. THOMAS D. T SGT. DENNIS R. RADER LAIRD GLENEWINKEL Sergeant-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant Kiobassa, F. R. JUNIORS ON STAFF Lueck, R. L. Duplissey, G. R. Miller, R. A. Sherman, W. T. Peterson, A. C. CORPORALS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Buck, C. G. BOEth, R- R- Craddock, O. W. Halberf, D. M. Franks, C. E. SQUADRON I ROSTER Lindsey, C. D. Harris, R. A. Wood, P. D. Lauer, K. 3. AN Pd ff,L. . LIEUTEN T8 a 96 R Millikin,C.W. Clawson, B. G. Wilcox, G. P. STAFF SERGEANTS Quebe, J. C. Guin, B. H. Smith H. F. . . SENIOR I R nen, E. A. Johnson, G. N. S ON STAFF a. Knesek, J. H. Garrett, L. N. JUNIORS SMS' J' K' Tindall, M. H. Levy, J. H. JessuP' J' H' Burgel E. Tron, J. E. FOURTH ROW: Hines, Graf, Chalmers, Brown, Judith, Bacon, Gillis, Rodrigues, Harris, Gossett, Towery, Pogue, Raineri, Fries, Standish, Clark, Roden, Safford, Dow, Schuck, Hohman, Schroeder, Hlavaty, Figun, Fraser, Brown, Troft, Peters, Franks, Hunter, Read, Crook, Read, Kennemer, Millikin, Lauer, Brown, VonDohlen, Zinn, Tanner, Winkler, Fortenberry, Pilot, Oddm, Craddock. SECOND ROW: Russell, Galle, du Sluis, Noyes, Hull, Buck. THIRD ROW: Kelly, Mafyear, Stewart, Green, Bose, Ellis, Duplissey, Sherman, Smith, Wood, Halbert, Lindsey, Boheck, SOPHOMORES Clemeants, D. G. Bacon, W. S. Crook, J. M. Brown, J. F. Dow, D. E. duBose, W. D. Ellis, R. P. Graf, A. D. Figun, S. L. Hull, D. E. Fortenberry, K. K. Judith, J. H. Fraser, B. S. Mafyear, A. L. Fries, E. R. Odom, M. N. Galle, J. R. Schroeder, K. R. Gillis, M. A. Towery, W. H. Green, K. E. van Dohlen, D. R. Hines, D- R- Hlavaty, A. J. FRESHMEN Hohman, D. N. Brown, E. W. Kelly, K. D. Brown, J. N. Martinez, J. Chalmers, J. W. Noyes, T. E. Clark, R. A. Ogle, W. E. Peters, E. A. Pilot, A. R. Pogue, C. M. Read, R. M. Read, A. E. Roden, J. R. Rodrigues, G. Roofe, G. L. Russell, K. E. Safford, C. R. Schuck, R. B. Standish, J. R. Stewart, K. W. Tanner, W. E. Travillion, W. L. Winkler, D. E. Woods, D. E. Zinn, A. N. Woods, Ogle, Tindall, Martinez. FIRST ROW: Quebe, Levy, Jaynes, Clawson, Guin, Wilcox, Peterson, Miller, Lueck, Mance, Padgen, Johnson, Knesek, Garrett, Jessup, Kiolbassa. Executive Officer ROBERT A. MILLER Commanding Officer JAMES P. NANCE First Sergeant JAY JAYNES FIFTH ROW: Hunfer, Chesney, Pogor, Wisenbaker, Stults, Biles, Hlozek, Esquivel, Zimmerman, Screws, Willoughby, Eyring, Dougherfy, Walker, Madison, Bohan, Crumbliss, Lockhart, Damon, Myers, Wyninegar, Sim- mons, Hoofon, Dillon, Caudill, Gosschalk, Reding. FOURTH ROW: Reyn- CAROLE ASHCRAFT Squadron 2 Sweetheart l56 olds, Smith, Neal, Hughes, Bentley, Maberly, Miller, Sfropp, Aldrich, Chewning, Gerke, Bird, Denney, Offholfer, Bess, Van Buskirk, Lovelace, Cooley, Tyson, Fudge, Ludwig, Muller, Parigi, Joyer, Williams, Baker, Tucker. THIRD ROW: Nagel, Trammel, Morgan, Duerer, Hunt, Cook, LIEUTENANTS Beckman, W. W. Crawford, D. E. Friedlander, J. P. Howder, J. D. McGlothlin, L. W. Rardin, D. C. Reavis, R. L. Sheefz, R. D. Sullivan, R. G. SENIORS ON STAFF Goodenough, R. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Atwell, D. C. Bender, W. C. Bradburn, T. L. Chappelle, R. J. Reeves, L. E. STAFF SERGEANTS Coakley, G. R. Laird, R. L. r Pusch, D. E. Rannals, L. D. JUNIORS ON STAFF Bowles, J. A. Franklin, D. A. JUNIORS Bickham, J. A. Bullock, E. D. Sandford, R. D. CORPORALS Crumbliss, J. J. Hlozek, D. R. Hooton, J. G. Hunter, L. T. Lovelace, J. L. Simmons: E. C. Smith, J. A. Smith, P. A. Sfropp, J. R. Walker, J. C. SOPHOMORES Bryan, J. R. Fur- KamIW.-. J...-x.. . w AM we .: McElroy. SECOND ROW: Cox, Rannels, Atwell, Laird, Bowles, Bender, Pusch, Chappelle, Reeves. FIRST ROW: Smith, Maw V r. ; ,1 Franklin, Sheetz, Goodenough, Rardin, McGlothlin, Crawford, Gonzales, Sullivan, Howder, Beckman, Friedlander, Reavis. SQUADRON 2 ROSTER Daly, M. E. Damon, J. A. Denney, W. E. Duncan, R. R. Gosschalk, J. A. Reding, P. W. Sfulfs, R. P. Tramel, J. T. FRESHMEN Aldrich, C. Baker, H. D. Bentley, R. J. Bess, R. C. Biles, D. B. Bird, R. G. Bohan, F. J. Caudill, R. M. Chesney, J. D. Chewning, D. G. Cook, H. N. Cooley, G. L. Dillon, 8. E. Daugherty, K. Deuerer, A. W. Esquivel, A. Eyring, M. W. Fudge, W. B. Gerke, W. C. Hughes, J. L. Hunt, C. L. Joyer, F. H. Lockharf, J. V. Ludwig, A. J. Maberly, E. D. Madison, W. F. McElroy, D. R. Miller, W. T. Morgan, D. H. Mueller, R. C. Myers, R. J. Nagel, J. C. Neal, J. K. Offholter, C. F. Parigi, J. S. Pogor, M. M. Reynolds, H. G. Richardson, R. C. Screws, D. L Tucker, T. J. Tyson, W. E. Van Buskirk, R. L. Williams, D. C. Willoughby, J. M. Wisenbaker, K. A. Wyninegar, N. C. Zimmerman, W. F. SQD. 2 OUTFIT POEM Siffin' neath a campus free, A lonely teasip sipped his tea, When suddenly from far away, A Fightin' Aggie came to say: "Lonely sipper quench your thirst, For now you are no longer first. We are the Aggies,1he Aggies are we! We iust brought you to your knees!" First Sergeant FRANK W. COX Executive Officer ROBERT J. GONZALEZ Commanding Officer RICHARD A. BIGGS 157 FOURTH ROW: Richardson, McCarthy, Cardiel, Hervey, Harcrow, Bellinger, King, Brown, Roberts, Britt, Morgan, Angel, Graham, Holtz, Langseth, Fowler, Ellermann, Petty, Stewart, Benton, Weaver, McKnight, Wheat, Berkley, Woodson, Massey, Beaumont, Doyle, St. Clair, Watson, Browne, Frazier. THIRD ROW: Cure, Whitson, Hutton, Nowlin, Allbrinon, Poznecki, Sufphen, Ford, Kickliter, Skusa, Locke, Ansley, Jeanes, Blackburn. SECOND ROW: Wille, Gibson, SQUADRON 3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Cloninger, R. E. Conely, J, D. Harrington, W. P. Henneberger, A. E. Kampe, A. J. Voss, J. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Baker, K. W. McGrady, M. S. Prater, J. 5. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Badgwell, D. H. Barry, J. D. Chaney, E. W. Cofferell, J. M. Robertson, S. B. STAFF SERGEANTS Bornefeld, B. 'K. Garner, H. E. Jones, C. B. Reitz, J. J. JUNIORS ON STAFF White, C. L. CORPORALS Cardiel, R. D. Doyle, T. A. Ford, E. R. Frazier, R. L. Kickliter, L. N. Newcomer, E. S. Newcomer, Canion, Hanusch, Phillips, Petty, D. B. Roberts, J. S. Stewart, L. M. Wille, K. B. SOPHOMORES Beaumont, R. D. Cure, L. M. Fowler, J. E. Hanusch, J. A. Harcrow, R. J. Nowlin, J. R. Poznecki, A. W. Wheat, L. D. Woodson, J. P. FRESHMEN Allbritfon, G. M. Angel, J. T. Ansley, C. H. Bellinger, T. P. Benton, M. W. Berkley, R. D. Blackburn, J. R. Executive Officer K c? st? KEITH A. WINGFIELD Commanding Officer ARTHUR G. MUNFORD First Sergeant WILLIAM E. GIBSON I58 Robertson, Reitz, White, Garner, Bornefeld, Badgwell, Jones, Barry, Chaney, Cotterell. FIRST ROW: Henneberger, Kampe, Conely, Cloninger, Baker, Wingfield, Munford, Prater, Stuckey, McGrady, Harrington, Voss. Britt, A. C. Brown, W. A. Browne, R. D. Burch, Clarence M. Canion, K. L. Ellermann, R. D. Graham, G. C. Hervey, S. D. Holtz, S. T. Hutton, J. C. Jeanes, F. W. King, D. L. Langseth, R. L. Locke, M. P. McKnight, T. J. Massey, R. E. Morgan, H. C. Phillips, J. N. Richardson, W. P. Skusa, D. A. Sutphen, D. L. St. Clair, C. L. Watson, R. R. Weaver, D. A. Whifson, W. P. I believe it's time to leave. FOURTH ROW: Daerr; Berry,- Herrington; Aldridge; Barlow; Brown; Anderson; Riser; Cannon; Clark; Coco; O'Brien; Rankin; Young; Eldridge; Cohen; Nolen; Alexander,- Ronco; Anderson; Weisman; Good win; Freshour; Perry; Allen; Commanding Officer W. ROBERT PARR, JR. I60 Norris; Hamilton. Executive Officer FRANK CIARROCCHI, JR. THIRD ROW: Erwin; First Sergeant THOMAS E. LILES, JR. Taylor; Tuseth; Calloway; Beard; Fisher; Buescher; Doyal; Anderson Guerfler; Young; Miller; Mumford; Ebey; Strohacker; Bradley; Brown,- Grossenbacher; Hoffman; DeHart; Fenfer; Lucero; Brannan; Smith; Okiyama. SECOND ROW: Gray; Liles; Bergoon; Fidler; Saloma; Pool; SQUADRON 4 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Ciarrocchi, F. Dean, J. H. Glover, J. E. Hare, C. H. Miller, J. L. Schneider, R. W. Skupin, G. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Freeman, A. M. Gersbach, K. A. Keeling, R. L. Brown, H. C. Nichols, J. B. SENIORS Johnson, R. M. Lester, M. L. Pearson, T. H. Slider, G L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Coreil, V. D. Cox, C. L. Fidler, 5. E4 Rutyna, A. P. Saloma, D. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Bergoon, R. D. Pool, W. C. JUNIORS ON STAFF Smith, E. C. JUNIORS Huntington, J4 CORPORALS Aldridge, R. C. Bailey, T. C. Daerr, R. L. Doyal, S. R. Erwin, P. F. Gray, J. A. Hamiltoh, P. C. Ronco, J. A. Young, J. T. SOPHOMORES Denison, E. B. Tusefh, R. A. Viftefoe, D. C. FRESHMEN Anderson, L. 0. Anderson, R. R. Barlow, G. R. Beard, J. H. Berry, M. 0. Bradley, G. M. Brennan, E. W. Brown, M. A. Buescher, F. J. Calloway, M. A. Coco, J. S. Cohen, D. A. Deharf, R. E. Ebey, J. E. Eldridge, R. A . Fenfer, L. C. Fisher, J. H. Goodwin, L. H. Grossenbacher, R. W. Guertler, R. M. Hoffman, C. W. Lucero, E. Miller, B. E. Norris, C. M. O'Brien, R. W. Okiyama, J. E. Perry, A. L. Rankin, R. W. Riser, E. L. Taylor, W. H. Young, C. R. F 2' 'i i z? Cox; Shinsky; Lester,- Freeman; Rutyna; Hare; Smith; Plummer; Johnson; Brown,- Coreil; Jones. FIRST ROW: Gersbach; Skupin; Nichols; Ciarrocchi; Parr; Miller; Dean; Keeling; Pearson; Schneider; Slider,- Cooke; Glover. At least a few Ags were able to go to TCU for the game that put A$M on top of the conference. ,SIXTH ROW: McGehee, Brown, Kirchner, Chauviere, Hayes, Pena, Mat- son, Buentello, Watson, Alford, Phillips, Burns, Gordy, Schoolcraff, Ekmark, Stevens, Gingrich, Smith, Griffin, Harris, Penrod, Billingfon, Jaeckle, Brown, Albin, Smith, Massey, Campbell. LIEUTENANTS Barrilleaux, J. Matthews, W. M. Shaw, E. R. SENIORS ON STAFF Simmons, A. M. Corps Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bush, J. G. Commanding Officer RICHARD E. BARTOSKEWITZ I62 FIFTH ROW: Bum- SQUADRON 5 ROSTER Hamilton, W Hamme, T. 3. Stevens, R. M. Sfricklin, B. C. STAFF SERGEANTS Bogart, D. M. Henry, G. M. CORPORALS Alford, B. F. Clements, J. R. Dibrell, C. F. Harris, D. A. Hill, W. C. Howard, J. W. Misfrof, R. W. Page, G. O. Rupley, J. A. Smith, A. D. Watson, F. D. Executive Officer E. JAMES BRINKLEY SOPHOMORES Billington, R. J. Dublin, F. W. Gingrich, L. H. Hamel, C. G. Hagle, D. Hart, A. P. Holcomb, D. Massey, C. L. Montgomery, A. A. Oliver, M. Parks, J. Penrod, R. W. Peoples, W. M. Schoolcraft, T. A. Smith, R. L. Tyree, T. Watson, R. C. FRESHMEN Amhony, B. M. First Sergeant LOY E. MEEKS, III garner, Teddlie, Hart, Walo, Miller, Clements, Hill, Paydo, Coe, Anthony, Spengler, Vifek, Woyewodzic, Meyer, Linenberger, Lousiaunau, Domin- guez, White, Rodriguez, Page, Von Rosenberg, Mistrot, Echols, Howard, Cregg, Hamel, McElroy. FOURTH ROW: Watson, Brill, Dublin, Mont- Barfon, D. M. Brown, T. J. Brill, R. R. Buentello, R. G. Campbell, C. D. Chauviere, E. D. Cregg, G. L. Echols, D. K. Gordy, J. N. Griffin, C. D. Hayes, J. W. Jaeckle, A. C. Kirchner, K. W. Meyer, W. C. McGehee, T. L. Paydo, J. 5. Phillips, T. Stevens, J. D. Teddlie, D. E, Vitek, R. D. Walo, D. E. Whhe, W. A. Woyewodzic, E. J. yW . gomery, Barton. THIRD ROW: Bogart, Hamme, Bush, Stevens, Hamilton, Henry, Stricklin, Richard. SECOND ROW: Dibrell, Meeks, Shaw, Bar- rilleaux, Mathews, Simmons. FIRST ROW: Brinkley, Bartosekewifz. Mm: gaL-mwMLamg-E't W' M u; ;4 44k ,4 w! '4 W ,,.MMf W,.,,: W x Mz ' Mk z 2! FOURTH ROW: Smith, Compton, Elles, Ragsdale, Surles, Real, Reid, Dieterf, Rozenburg, Matthys, Terkanian, Grunewald, Haag, Crenwelge, Engelbrecht, Arellano, Pina, Norwood, Soefie, Lewis, Strange, Dutton, Miller, Hood, Ruth, Hoffman, Schulze, Hebert, Hereford, Hardey, Cannon, Raun, Townsend, Douglas, Holloway, Baumann, Kovich, Ginsbach, Ward, McAlpine, Rich, Ross, Cruz, McPherson, Snider, Torforice, Renteria. SECOND Combs, Felps, Chifwood. THIRD ROW: Westmoreland, Gayle, Watts, LIEUTENANTS Fidler, C. C. Fortune, D. S. FriTze, V. V. Jones, R. C. Ratliff, M. T. Spence, G. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Lutich, M. L. Netz, R. L. Villarreal, J., Jr. Really? Mr ROW: Stewart, Norman, Martin, Allen, Superkent, Banner, Bollinger, Fox, Sanders, Martin. FIRST ROW: Spence, Lutich, Fritze, Jones, Fortune, Lewis, Beerwinkle, Netz, Schnabel, Fidler, Ratliff, Villarreal. SQUADRON 6 ROSTER TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Gayle, C. M. Allen, J. E. Kunz, A. E. Bollinger, L. 5. Rich, D. F. Martin, C. 0. Martin, v. z. FRESHMEN Sanders, R. A. Arellano, C. R. Cannon, C. E. JUNIORS ON STAFF Combs, J. A. Compton, C. G. Fox, J. D. Crenwelge, R. H. JUNIORS Cruz, D. J. Banner, W. W. Dieterf, R. L. Douglas, D. D. CORPORALS DUHon, G. E. Felps, D. D. Elles, J. W. Englebrechf, F. E. Ginsbach, R. T. Grunewald, K. F. Hereford, M. G. Manhys, A. W. Ross, T. H. Snider, V. V. H389, D. A. Stewart, J. R. :agierlRR-TD. e r , . . Westmoreland, J. S. Hoffman, R. F, SOPHOMORES Holloway, F. M. Hood, B. M. Baumann, D. L. Chitwood R. D. Kovich, A. 3., Jr. Executive Officer CARL P. LEWIS First Sergeant HENRY H. NORMAN Lewis, L. W. McAlpine, E. F. McPherson, T. C. Miller, S. G. Norwood, J. A. Pina, M. Ragsdale, J. R. Raun, T. N. Real, C. 8. Reid, J. W. Renteria, l., Jr. Rozenberg, E. R. Ruth, A. M. Schulze, E. M. Smith, G. M. Soefie, H. J. Strange, R. B. Surles, L. E. Teare, J. M. Terkanian, D. M. Tortorice, S. J. Townsend, J. D. Ward, N. C. Watts, K. D. Commanding Officer DAVID H. BEERWINKLE I65 FIFTH ROW: Graves, Czaikowski, Simmons, Tower, Savage, Saunders, Branon, Stanton, Matkin, Stephens, Kasprzyk, Carter, Willingham, Peterson, Boortz, Walker, Schappaugh, Hill, Hicks, Martin, Druebert, Villiva, Beggerly, Muniz, Klahn, Jacobs, Magee. FOURTH ROW: Mac- Commanding Office'r EDWARD J. ZATOPEK I66 Executive Officer JOHN R. VlCK First Sergeant THOMAS A. CARDWELL Donald, Crowley, Cardwell, Seargent, Weldon, Harris, Soland, Richards, Tessada, Scott, Dance, Bricker, Mazzagafe, Hansford, Campbell, Place, Dunkerly, Collins, Britt, Jeffrey, Villarreal, O'Hara, Wilkinson, McLeroy, Fletcher. THIRD LIEUTENANTS Bills, E. D. Dampman, W. A. Hind, W. L. Klufz, W. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Halaburka, M. J. Hamilton, M. C. Powell, C. T. SeTchell, J. F. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Campbell, B. M. George, R. O. Lindsey, J. A. Piper, L. L. Sfarek, J. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Fowler, G. C. ROW: Reeh, Cardwell, Reeves, Fowler, Piper, Campbell, SQUADRON 7 ROSTER Reeves, E. C. Teems, T. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Boles, J. D. Burr, H. H. JUNIORS Barrett, R. E. Dunkerley, R. P. CORPORALS Bratton, J. W. Drueberf, H. C. Fletcher, R. W. Peterson, R. E. Reeh, C. D. Saunders, M. C. Schappaugh, R. D. Simmons, T. Tessada, E. A. SOPHOMORES Beggerly, J. D. Campbell, C. W. Carter, C. F. Dorn, W. C. Jacobs, J. A. Mazzagate, R. J. Piesieski, S. W Place, B. E. Speckels, W. D. Stephens, A. L. Thornhill, J. D. Weldon, W. C. Willingham, G. A. FRESHMEN Bricker, J. D. Britt, H. W. Boorfz, N. A. Cardwell, R. G. Collins, C. Crowley, R. T. Czaikowski, T. P. Dance, D. E. Graves, A. P. Hansford, C. L. Harris, W. L. Hicks, A. W. wmf: Jaw .25! w, w- In Memoriam to P. L. CROUCH Sfarek, Burr, George, Lindsey, Teems, Boles. SECOND ROW: Hind, Sefchell, Bills, Klufz, Powell, Halaburka, Campman, Hamilfon. FIRST ROW: Vick, Zafopek. Hill, J. M. Kasprzyk, E. J. Magee, J. G. Martin, L. J. Matkin, W. R. McLeroy, J. A. Muniz, E. Newberry, R. J. O'Hara, M. S. Richards, H. M. Savage, .1. C. Scott, R. C. Tower, M. M. Villarreal, L. D. Sweethea rt: Walker, J. M. REBECCA JANE ALLEN ; Wilkerson, J. C. I67 .whp. k . . . . E um" I: . J h .mf "a Lit . hklik y L ELI! pg; L l,il r nun; Iv; tv EIII:Th 5L1! glib! plinth; I g Elg iv! McIntosh, ? .9 , Scarborough, Blazek, Hearron, Powell, Johnson, Hubnik, Odum, Crowder, , West, Schroeder, FOU RTH ROW: Trotter Darden, Smith, Hunter, Johnson, Corman, Carter, Bryant, Arnold, Presley, Lemke, Roush, Lamkin Morris, Redwme, McDonald, Otten, Coverdale, Gallegoz Landfroop, Garza, Quebe. , HIII, Echols, Brewfon I FIFTH ROW- Arnold Reynolds, ,, 253.2 . K125 , ve got to go where? I You Executive Officer TOMMY H. WADE First Sergeant PATRICK A. GIBSON Commanding Officer WILLIAM M. HAYS I68 McMahan, Leonard, Randall, Morgan, King, Roberts, Martin, London, AI- tans, Fidler, Hensely, Kardys, Treece, Mendelsohn, Glaze, Kinnard, Wright. I'v THIRD ROW: Rodriquez, Rash, Gibson, Rosenbach, Gee, Short. SECOND ROW: Cano, Gibson, Metze, Glenewinkel, Gray, Santor, Green, Laird, Fisher, Mabie, Crank, Pierson, Rasch, Griffin, Babin, Rader, Often, For- rest, Byrd, Gregory, Jones, Howell. FIRST ROW: Metteaur, Mitchell, Buchanar, Davis, Burk, Wade, Seay, Hays, Talarek, Gaines, Wylie, Hernandez, Wynne, Jablonski. J SQUADRON 8 ROSTER ? f .-. LIEUTENANTS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS ' -: Burk, R. C. Corman, W. L. - . Davis, D. C. Crank, P. W. ,. .1 Gaines, J. R. Jonels, J. E. ' " Jablonski, T. M. Mable, G. J. . Met1eaur, J. D. OHen, 13- B- . Mitchell, M. G. Rasch, A. A. . Talarek, W. R. Santos, J. C. ' w r ,s. R. y le STAFF SERGEANTS SENIORS ON STAFF Byrd, J. S. Seay, D. E. Forrest, F. C. Gray, H. W. SOPHOMORES Green, R. M. Arnold, S. E. Johnson, R. C. Griffin, J. E. Gee, J. F. Kardys, R. Gibson, G. C. King, T- M- JUNIORS ON STAFF Hearron, G. S. Kinnard, J. R. Babin, L. B. Hunter, J, M, Lamkin, S. L. Fisher, J. H. Lemke, C. D. Landfroop, L. L. Glenewinkel, D. R. Rosenbach, L. M London, R. G. GreQOFYI R- W- Short, R. J. McMahan, J. D. Howell, R. E. Martin, J. A. Laird, T. D. FRESHMEN Mendelsohn, S. W. Rader, W. K. Alfans, R. U. Often, E. L. Arnold, M. B. Presley, J. M. CORPORALS Blazek, J. B. Quebe, F. Brewton, A. R. Carter, G. S. Randall, J. B. Bryant, L. M. Coverdale, H. F. Roberts, G. R. Cano, N. O. Crowder, D. K. Rodriquiez, R. Gallegos, J. Darden, D. A. Roush, R. T. Morgan, C. E. Echols, M. Scarborough, 5. Morris, L. D. Fidler, W. M. Schroeder, T. K. Powell, L L. Glaze, R. M. Treece, B. G. Rash, C. E. Hill, D. Trotter, J. T. Reynolds, D. C. Hosley, R. C. Wright, R. W. I69 HIGTOPX 0mm; GRADUNWG CLAQQ OF '64 . as related by Stan Wylie, at the Senior Banquet. Do you remember that clay in September of 1960, when we first set foot on the A8rM campus as frightened Texas Aggie fish? Many of us were with our parents at the time, when we entered our plush dormitories and met our GO. My, how we were impressed by his shiny medals, boots and friendliness. He seemed especially friendly to our parents as he called us by our first names, and assured our parents that we would be in good hands. How about that first time you walked across the III quadrangle and said "Hi, there to the friendly looking cadet with the black braid on his hat? Our class was blessed from the start with an uncanny knack for organization. Illustrating this ability were sev- eral elite groups: One, under the code name "Rangers," had the objective of beautifying our campus with little white fish; and another civic group decided that our campus needed more monuments, so, under the direction of an insignificant fish named Dresser, they obtained a World War II trophy, compliments of the City of Cald- well. Besides being constructive, we also proved very effective in the demolition of the TCU Vigilante's cannon in Kyle Field. Then, of course, there was our first fighting Texas Aggie bonfire. In keeping with good Aggie tradition, we hauled logs for a mile, knee deep in mud, because the trucks couldn't get into the cutting area. Then spring hit the campus, and all the fish were puzzled by water fights, shining Sully, and the fact that our C.O.'s had three birthday parties in one semester, each in a different city, or down on the shores of the Brazos. But finally came the big day that we had all waited so anxiously for-Final Review! Dave Anderson and David Hill remarked that we looked rather hot down on the drill field, as they watched the review from a Hender- son Hall window with all the other "thicks." Remember how much pleasure it gave us after the first time around, to throw our fish caps high into the air? It gave Old Army Lou pleasure too. Then, after a summer that passed too quickly, we came back to school as mighty sophomores-only to have a midnight session in our First Sergeant's room the first week, to learn just how mighty we actually were. Our other activities throughout the rest of the year consisted of mustering grade points that were lost our fish year; asembling, mimeographing, distributing old' bull-text poop; and trying either to obtain contracts, get our beloved D 8s C papers, or join the beard and shower shoe fraternity at Law Hall. Finally, however, another year came to an end, and we became recognized as adults: we no longer had to put a pass on the door to go to the rest room. As iuniors, we proved our courage with a mighty yell of "Beat the Hell out of the class of '63," as the Seniors performed a half-time can-can on Kyle Field. But alas, because of our originality, we lost our coveted white belt and braid. That year also, many a Friday night was spent with the civilians at home, the Air Force drinking beer at Nezzies, and the ground-pounders wandering hopelessly lost in the mud at Teague Training Area, with Ceril Durren- berger standing atop a hill yelling "Follow Me!" But our combat training paid off later when the "corps of gladiators" traveled to Austin to engage the sips in a friendly game of basketball. After a summer of iobs, tents, dust, Camp Eagle, quotes for the day, and nightly beer busts at the P.X'., we returned to dear old A8iM to don our boots and senior rings, and listen to "Mach-Buster" Railston's tales of filling the white bag in his maiden flight of the X;15. To greet us, we had a "New Corps," and a new com- mandant. But we were all happy in our new positions in the corps. We had a 4-F DMS for a Third Brigade Commander, the only corps Chaplain who could stand at attention and see the sun set between his legs, and "Lizzie" Marlow even made Corps Staff. Seriously, Seniors, the Class of '64 has done a lot to be remembered during our four years here. We were the first to win two conference championships in one year, and the first to beat T.U. in football in eight years. iA8iM 13, TU. 9, Ref. 6t. Well, I think 'l've hit most of the high spots of our past four years. There have been many good and bad times for all, but the most important thing is that we made it all the way together. I imagine we'll always re- member such things as drown outs, water fights, and some weekends at Uncle Ed's and Uncle Jimmy's. All I can say in closing is "Thanks"! It's been a great pleasure to record the history of the Class of '64-The best class ever to hit this campus. Stan R. Wylie '64 ECONQD ww COL. GERALD W. SIEGELIN Icer Commanding Off ?loiml ?,i, any, ,3. iii. $3.3 COL. ELLIS V. LT SMITH . WILLIAM J. MAJ . COL. JOHN E HILLIARD Scholastic Officer LT . KING Adjutant W IL Du A C MAJ . PARNELL WILLIAM D MAJ Icer ive Off Execuf HERRMANN Supply Off Chaplain Icer MAJ. WILLIAM L. MAJ. DAVID M. BOOTH , Ill EVANS Safety and Intelligence Off Operations Officer Icer ?;I .MW g6? 12M??N ? g7 , ? g ymeWmWww, THOMAS J. M SGT M SGT. JOE H. FISHER M SGT. RICHARD A. SGTJMAJ. BARNEY L. Operations Sergeant FORGENG Supply Sergeant MONSCHKE Scholastic Sergeant Sergeant-Maior 2,? WWMZMMW MMM V , EDWIN A BECKCOM Operations Sergeant JACKIE BOZANICK 3rd Group Staff Sweetheart T SGT ls? SGT. PHILIP J. DEVOLITES Supply Sergeant 1YSGT. ROBERT E. Scholas1ic Sergeant lCef M va .1 MO 0k H T MAJ Scholast MNGT. WARREN T. HARRISON Sergeant-Maior MAJ. DAVID E. SEAY Operations Officer Icer . MCGRADY ing Off MAJ. RONALD D. GRAY Adjutant JR. Intelligence and MICHAEL S Command Safety Officer MAJ. JOSEPH M. WATSON, LT. COL MAJ. VICTOR H. THOMPSON, Ill Executive Officer x xxwm is? L LT. COL. JAMES T. HARDGROVE Commanding Officer MAJ. WILLIAM S. LEIGH MAJ. JERRY L. MAJ. ROBERT W. MAJ. LUTHER R. MAJ. ROY J. STOVER Executive Officer PARTRIDGE THOMAS POWERS Intelligence Officer , Adiutan'r Scholastic Officer Scholastic Officer MAJ. DOUGLAS H. MAJ. JOHN F. SGTXMAJ. JAMES M. TXSGT. LEOPOLD B. USGT. RAYMOND W. T SGT. LARRY MADDOX ANDERSON DWORACZYK ROBERTS BABIN GREGORY Operations Sergeant OperaYions Officer Safety Officer SergeanT-Maior Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant .A I '73 zrvwwxwmwxzrmmmmwmwmw'w mmmumm 7 FOURTH ROW: Burch, 0Winslow, Griffith, Ruppersburger, Executive Officer G. W. KETCHEL WILLIS Commanding Officer HENRY E. HALIASZ First Sergeant FRANK X. GRUEN, JR. Berry, Baird, Silver, Worrel, Haseloff, Stephens, Scott, Griffin, Turley, Young, Tomlin, Rose. SECOND ROW: Gilbert, Gruen, Draemer, Salitros, McAdoo, Parker, Fried, Overton, Lane, Scott, Kingston, Alverson, Brown, Persons, Storrie, Barlow, Hawkins, J., Tyer, Medina, Steenburgen, Hein- rich, Mayer, Book, Slider, Renneberg, Barry, Limpus, Blair, Robinson, Greer, Kerr, Macias, Burke. THIRD ROW: Eeds, LIEUTENANTS Arnold, J. ,' Gram, L. J. SQUADRON ' 1. . Holliman, J. G. Morgan, R. P. Morris, J. A. 23mm; JkJ' - :5 Wlllmann, R. L Van Wagner, R. G. . f . 5V . f :EN'ORS 0;: SJTAFF JUNIORS ON STAFF 73' -. errmann, . . W Thompson, V. H. SCOH' R' E. W TECHNICAL SERGEANTS :UNIOR: E Alverson, K. W. rown, ' ' . Draemer, J. B. Fred, A. R. . O t J Kingston, J. R. . Yer on' ' McAdoo, s. F. ' a i SOIIS, J. L. Parker C P ,11; Warnick, P. W. ' ' 7 STAFF SERGEANTS :OIRPOR-fo: :' ' Hawkins, R. M. ar-ow, ' ' $' 7 Blair, G. D. ,. Lane, B. G. - g M C R L Burke, M. , , . C W" ' Gilbert, M. D. , ,A ' : Warnick, McCue, Solis, Hawkins, R., Suib, Van Wagner. FIRST ROW: Holliman, Grant, Willmann, Willis, Haliasz, Thompson, Morgan, Morris, Hermann. :OSTER Greer, C. L. Griffith, D. L. Ray, L. F. Robinson, W. G. Ruppersberger, J. E. SOPHOMORES Burch, J. T. Kerr, B. Medina, R. Tyer, B. R. Winslow, M. FRESHMEN Baird, G. M. Barry, W. P. Berry, J. L. Book, W. C. Eeds, J. M. Griffin, J. K. Grimes, G. K. Haseloff, W. C. Hawkins, J. G. Heinrich, D. J. Henderson, Q. R. Limpus, L. L. Mayer, G. J. Macias, J. J. Persons, J. C. Renneberg, G. E. Scott, R. S. Silver, R. C. Slider, J. T. Steenbergen, J. E. Stephens, L. A. Sforrie, J. P. Teel, G. A. Tomlin, J. B. Turley, J. R. Worrel, E. J. Young, G. A. xmm mxx v v A wquQ WWWWWMWMMMWW WIWW FOURTH ROW: Rutledge; Van Wagner; White; Myers; Jones; Friddle; Farr,- Eller; Beckner; Vega; Seay; Stanley; Russ; Heath; Bennet; Mosman; Stengele; McCannon; Cree; Jerden; War- Thompson; Chambliss; rn; Bordovsky; Byrnes; Bond; Pigford; Fuller. THIRD ROW: Vargas; Commanding Officer CHARLES E. GRIFFITH SQUADRON 10 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Belofe, J. C. Harvey, R. E. Martin, R. E. Mundt, H. G. Neumann, C. E. Peterson, J. P. Provine, C. E. Rust, M. M. Shannon, C. J. Zimmerman, W. B. Thompkins, J. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Turzak, T. M. Executive Officer C. E. PROVINE TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Hurley, J. M. Kemp, J. Mann, G. A. Miller, D. M. Miller, J. E. Simons, M. T. Stokes, R. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Herzog, C. E. Murphey, R. G. Oeltien, A. F. Peftus, D. W. Yarbrough, M. N. First Sergeant MURRAY L. WORTHAM Copeland; Newton; Fowler,- Kemp; Richardson; Houston; Reed. SECOND ROW: Yarbrough; Herzog; Williams; Riordan; Miller; Mann; JUNIORS ON STAFF Hiff, B. L. Harrison, W. T. Monschke, R. A. JUNIORS DeFloria, H. J. Lindstrom, E. N. McAllister, C. B. Riordan, R. R. CORPORALS Bond, N. E. Bordovsky, R. D. Irwin, G. W. Reed, J. A. Stanley, M. C. SOPHOMORES Byrnes, J. M. Marconfell; Muzny; Lindstrom; Harrison; Jerden, L. R. Jones, R. A. Muzny, L. S. Myers, W. F. Warren, J. L. FRESHMEN Beckner, R. E. Bennef, K. W. Chambliss, E. B. Copeland, J. C. Cree, D. W. Eller, R. A. Farr, R. E. Fowler, B. A. Friddle, G. C. Fuller, N. M. Hall, C. G. Heaih, J. B. Smith; Hurley; McAllister; Hitt; Penus; Simons; Stokes; Monschke. FIRST ROW: Irwin; Wortham; Rust: Belofe; Neumann; Mundt; Zimmerman; Provine; Griffith; Harvey; Shannon; Sieglin; Thompkins; Peterson; Martin. Houston, V. L. Kelley, S. P. Kunefka, M. F. Marcontell, J. H. McCannon, D. L. Meade, R. Mosman, T. M. Newton, P. L. Pigford, J. M. Richardson, J. C. Russ, T. A. Rutledge, R. R. Seay, M. G. Stengele, H. E. Thompson, J. R. Van Wagner, B. W. Vargas, E. S. Vega, J. E. White, J. H. r, x , 392' a Come on, Smile! I77 FOURTH ROW: Cottrell, Rice, Woodard, Potenza, Coons, Bialas, Heinich. THIRD ROW: Pechanec, Davis, Koliba, Bohls, . Peterson, Harvey, Peck, Sherrill, Arrington, Rial, Ralph, Ca- Naron, Atchley, Berg, Bafsell, Grey, Byram. SECOND ROW: . .',;.f ,7 A wood, Harper, Brant, Kelley, Williams, R. G., Tenison, Cox, Laxson, Tompkins, White, $?0V3": Evans, Williams, A- P., ' ' Arledge, Stephenson, Hartnetf, Peek, McKenzie, Johnson, Meyer, SQUADRON H ROSTER - LIEUTENANTS Marburger, D. T. Cosman, W. L. Dusard, L. F. JUNIORS ON STAFF Gore, D, L Devolites, P. J. Swindell, G. R. CORPORALS SENIORS ON STAFF Cox, G. M. King, c. w. Naron, D. V. Pechanec, W. C. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Peterson, D. L. Laxson, M. W. Ralph, P. V. V ' Shadel, W. N. Tenison, L. T. - v Stoval, J. M. ' " Tompkins, B. G. SOPHOMORES White, H. T. Arrington, B. L. Cannon, M. D. STAFF SERGEANTS Potenza, T. G. Evans, R. E. Reid, W- L Commanding Officer ROBERT D. SMITH Executive Officer WALTER L. COSMAN First Sergeant STEPHENJ.WILLIAMS - AA. I78 Shadel, Marburger, Webb, Young, Williams, S. J. FIRST ROW gig . 1 . lvlrl 1'11 11 I79 Gary Gobbler and Ned Neatguy, terrors of the second o. 7? O 322. O t s e, r O G h, .n m s n, a m S a I l .0 Wk?? m s U D d d .m w s s. e .n E. o C. .. v . . . CD m. E AL.E.L. HRGELMV.,. . . A .R. nJ C NR...B.O.TGD...OI V" I :MLeIMGCd,P.Kf,,,M.me.m m m Hgn,,ho.mRr,MYh.wmnea 9. r deSdonrenekbeeh g r SEShnW Yprn.IKVID..W mm .m Elrmhmammummdloceeo , GK S FABBBCCGHHHHKMM$W . :ull'llti : .1; Executive Officer MAURICE F. LYNN Commanding Officer ROBERT L. CATES First Sergeant RONALD W. FURBER ,, W ,A MVW mthWy WWW Wwwmvw-w, z z . rnmmx M"Mwwm7wW"meg9zx FOURTH ROW: Holland, McCannon, Vaughn, Crockett, Jenkins, Ulrich, Kleemier, Lewis, Adams, Schmidt, Tyson, Fitzgerald, Lozowski, Gamble, Bryan, Halton, Moraski, Galloway, Haley, Bennen, Culver, Dodd, Neely, Muchlenbeck, McGowan, Harris, Weir. THIRD ROW: Jones, Hocking, SQUADRON 12 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Behrem, C. H. Haraway, W. J. Jackson, W. E. Herring, R. L. Lary, C. M., Jr. Kyle, J. D. Lynn, F. M. Longnecker, C. E. Page, P. C. McHaney, S. K. Williams, R. C. STAFF SERGEANTS SENIORS ON STAFF Kainer, E. L. Evans, W. L. O'Brien, T. P. Gray, R. D. Hilliard, J. E. CORPORALS Powers, L. R. Galloway, E. Watson, J. M. Jenkins, T. D. Wm??? , , I:- I Haraway, Longnecker, Kyle, Herring, O'Brien, Kainer, McHaney, Byrne, Hall. FIRST ROW: Smith, Page, Gray, Lary, Evans, Behrent, Lynn, Cates, Hilliard, Watson, Cass, Jackson, Powers, Williams. Happ, Minzenmayer, Fagan, Cunningham, Patton, Sabatier, Hooper, Doolittle, Markey, Erskine, Zemanek, McKibBen, Lawrence, Sandacz, Wilks, Fearneyhough, McNabb, Vaughn, Robertson, Franks, Alexander, Neumann, Lenzo, Beville, Pool, Nokes. SECOND ROW: Cook, Furber, Kleemier, H. G. Neely, J. P. Smith, T. A. Zemanek, V. J. SOPHOMORES Bennett, H. W., Jr. Byrne, J. P. Crockett, D. 5., Jr. Culver, J. L. Doolittlg, J. H., lll Erskine, R. D. Fitzgerald, G. W. Hall, R. W. Harris, G. A. Hollan, J. D. Jones, J. K. Lewis, W. C., Jr. Lawerance, L. R. McCannon, D. R. McGowan, B. W. Markey, F. H. Muehlenbeck, R. J. Ruedrich, R. A. Siebern, V. E. Weir, V. A. Wilks, P. G. FRESHMEN Alexander, R. W. Cunningham, R. D. Dodd, M. M. Franks, P. A. Gamble, P. K. Haley, J. R. Hocking, A. E. Happ, G. H. Hooper, B. L. Lenzo, D. R. McKibben, P. E. McNabb, J. C. Moraski, D. P. Neumann, L. M. Patton, G. N. Pool, W. M. Robertson, C. N. Sabatier, M. J. Tyson, J. P. Ulich, W. L. Vaughn, J. C. x fo Executive Officer JOHN W. HULL, JR. Commanding Officer LOUIS W. ZAESKE, JR. First Sergeant . RONALD T. MCBRIDE . . mexuwy 01W WWW WWW W FOURTH ROW: Beene, Williams, Bearden, Darden, Beere, Wright, Wilson, Darling, Moon, Rakoff, Drahos, Smith, Walker, Arthur, Hopkins, Bornhorst, Roesler, Vacker, Lippe, Rogers, Kemper, Sandifer, Filbyrn, Bonner, Phillips, SQUADRON LIEUTENANTS Davis, T. E. Green, R. W. Hanson, W. B. Murray, J. M. SENIORS ON STAFF Partridge, J. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Lynch, R. W. Menzies, S. P. Stafford, H. R. CORPORALS Baggen, J. E. Bearden, D. H. Burnene, R. L. 13 ROSTER Dardep, J. G. Decker, D. H, Dillard, R. H. Filburn, R. B. Jackson, 0. Nelson, J. E. Rogers, F. V. SOPHOMORES Burns, R. L. Henslee, R. W. Kelley, C. P. Mock, T. D. Roesler, H. W. Sanchez, D. Tomlinson, W. Vacker, R. C. Wright, W. V. Shaw, Decker, Ripley. THIRD ROW: Burnefte, Sullins, Tomlinson, Baggen, Schwarzwalder, Nelson. SECOND Row: McBride, Stafford, Menzies, Sizemore, Wilson, MOberly, Ferrata, Keating, Burns, Jackson, Dansby, Lynch. FIRST ROW: Nelson, Murray, Partridge, Hull, Zaeske, Davis, Han- Sanchez, Kelly, Thomas, Andies, Novosad, Gay, Stone, Andies, White, son,Green. FRESHMEN Beene, R. A. Bonner, J. A. Bornhorsf, J. M. Dansby, R. S. Ferrata, C. D. Gay, R. E. Kemper, G. H. Lippe, L. G. Moberly, R. D. Nelson, J. E. Novosad, S. W. Rakoff, R. N. Ripley, R. R. Shaw, B. L. Stone, T. C. The Elephant Walk Thomas, G. E. Walker, F. S. White, J. H. Wilson, C. B. Wilson, G. T. SIXTH ROW: Richards, Commanding Officer ROBERT M. ROGERS Spencer, Executive Officer WALTER P. GROFF Menger, Horvath, Brufon, Millar, Morrill, Railsfon, Remme. FIFTH ROW: First Sergeant ROY M. ALLEN SQUADRON 14 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Meredith, D. L. Venglar, P. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Hardgrove, J. T. Leigh, W. S. Parnell, W. D. Railsfon, R. L. Smith, E. V. Sfover, R. J. H., Jr. SENIORS Scharck, R. A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS D'Agrossa, D. D. McGinn, F. L. Rubinstein, K. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Forgeng, T. J. Roberts, J. M. CORPORALS Brumley, B. D. Hollingsworth, R. C. McKinney, J. C. Nabors, M. Prewiff, R. A. Rainey, D. J. Smith, D. B. SOPHOMORES Bafhey, G. A. Beck, M. D. Black, N. E., Jr. Blair, K. L. Coffin, C. H., lll Dewitt, A. T. Duchamp, E. A., III Elsey, R. F. Houston, J. B., Jr. Huddler, T. J. Lindsay, L. C. Potts, W. R. Prewitf, J. T. Remme, M. L. Scarborough, C. H. Schur, J. L. Swope, J. R. Wingafe, R. D. FRESHMEN Benwell, J. C. Brown, R. A. Casfeel, T. L. Douglas, P. P. Fry, C. L. Grisham, T. L. Hauss, D. E. Horvafh, J. S. Langs'ron, J. B. Lasafer, M. L. Lyle, J. L. Menger, J. M. Miller, J. T. Moreno, E., Jr. Morrill, H. R., Jr. Pasho, R. E. Pearson, S. W. Railsfon, D. B. Richker, M. S. Sadler, E. P. Statum, C.' M, Weathers, J. R. Wing, W. R. Lindsay, Swope, Hollingsworfh, Wing, Schur, Sadler, Schlener, 'McRae, Bathey, Powell, Scarborough, Lasater, Brown, Wingate, Dewitt, Thompson, Beck, Galloway, Richker, Thayer, Benwell, Brown, Rainey, Casfeel, Duchamp, Pearson, Prewitf, Elsey, Houston, Potts, Smith, Black, McKinney, Denny, Sfatum, Nabors, Grisham, Coffin, Weathers, Douglas, Lyle, Cordero, Prewitt, Gager, Moreno, Hauss. FOURTH ROW: Langston, Fry, Pasho, Blair. THIRD ROW: Allen, L: E -m- ...........-.. w" asw-w-F'Vwm-v. 4. ,. ,g . i w Looks of all kinds Forgeng, McGinn, Roberts, Hardee, Rubinstein, D'Agrossa. SECOND ROW: Brumley, Booth, Stover, Dworaczyk, Hardgrove', Venglar, Scharck, Parnell, Smith, Railsfon, Pate, Meredith, Leigh. FIRST ROW: Groff, Rogers. , .. dewmpw WMNW-WMW LIEUTENANTS SENIORS Brown, H. E. Bunkley, J. T. Curingfon, E. B. George, G. L. Fergeson, R. T. Killingsworth, J. B. Huff, L. D. Lemons, G. L. SQUADRON 15 ROSTER McGarvey, A. J. Lowe, D. W. Price, J. B. Park, R. Smith, H. C. Smith, J. R. Spurger, J. R. Thornton, R. E. Whifaker, J. D. Weaver, W. C. Whinington, J. R. SENIORS ON STAFF Winship, T. E. Anderson, D. H. Baker, K. TECH. SGTS. Dworacyzk, J. F. Britten, C. L. Hermann, W. J. H. Philpot, G. McGrady, M. Presley, E. G. Prater, J. S. Riske, R. M. Smith, M. D. Scott, P. A. Stover, R. J. H. Wolf, W. M. Thomas, R. T. Commanding Officer DENNIS W. DOWLING mm rympmm WWWWWWM WV, WWWWW W WWWWWW Executive Officer JOHN B. PRICE FOURTH ROW: Hubacek, West, Johnson, Foster, Williams, WRoss, Golden- berg, Paschal, Rutledge, Morris, Mousner, Piwonka, McDaniel, Haisler, Powell, Presnal, Horn, Schember, Powell, Dalton, Capps, Sheppard, Frazer, Mims, Mervish, Houze, Lewis, Gaddis. THIRD ROW: Couger, Johnson, First Sergeant HERBERT E. POUNDS STAFF SGTS. Mims, F. M. Adams, C. L. Johnson, D. W. Hinton, L. D. Powell, J. W. Burroughs, M. A. Kemler, A. V. 3 .33 Moon, W. H. Rutledge, L, D, Burton, W. J. Little, N. E. 3. . I 3 Watson, B. K. Stewart, R. E. Capps, C. C. Maldonado, M. O. i 3 V. 3 ? Wolcoff, G. M. Casey, T. W. Massey, L. C. 5 .. ' SOPHOMORES Couger, R. c. Middleton, R. L. 3 JUNIORS ON STAFF Cronk, A. C. Clark, C. B. Mousner, R. E, 3 - Maddox, L. M. Grams, E. J. Cronk, A. E. Paschal, E. H. i 1: Goldenberg, R. D. Foster, G. W. Peavy, R. D. Z ; '1 JUNIORS Horn, L. G. Frazer, R. L. Piwonka, D. J. V Bowen, M. C. Hubacek, J. C. Garcia, J. S. Presnal, D. J. E .r ' Tompkins, A. T, Johnson, J. B. Haisler, R. L. Risinger, D. A. G: Lewis, L. J. Hale, B. J. Ross, H. W. ' . ' CORPORALS Mervish, A. D. Havel, J. R. Schember, K. A. - b 3- a V Berry, L. A. Morris, J. L. Houze, R. A. Sheppard, J. D. 3 . If Clark, D. W. Powell, R. A. Holdredge, D. E. Sledge, G. D. 3 '- 3. : 3 Dalton, J, V. Thompson, R. C. Hubacek, T. W. Tufano, C- C. .. 3 Eddings, H. S. Weir, R. G. Hyvl, D. J. West, J. M. .an n i Gaddis, A. M. Janac, J. R. Williams, S. T. i ' Lu ' McDaniel, R. FRESHMEN l Ackerman, C. W. 3 4; AW WWme 3 y MW , 113.3va; AM 46,me 1 1 Maldonado, Middleton, Burroughs, Janac, Thompson, Burton, Sledge, Philpot, Tompkins, Wolcon, Wolf, Henfon. FIRST ROW: Spurger, Berry, 3:7 V 3. ' Peevey, Hubacek, Holaredge, Hale, Havel, Hyvl, Risinger, Eddings, An- Pounds, Bunkley, Killingsworth, Whitaker, Huff, Richardson, Price, Dow- " 3 , derson, Cronk, Kemler, Catalena, Stewart, Clark, Little, Cronk, Ackerman, ling, Winship, McGarvey, Smith, George, Curingfon, Thomas. 3 -'i 3 Clark, Weir. SECOND ROW: Moon, Scott, Presley, Britten, Maddox, Riske, .. 3 j 7 ml l87 THIRD ROW: Casey, Graves, Bryan, Sindo, Dezell, Ginsbach, Warren, R., Tolleson, Byrne, Dinwiddie. SECOND ROW: Flournoy, Hapenny, Dauff- Wool'ters, Plsek, Keating, Holcomb, Simmons, Grossman, Beckham, Abbott, man, Sidman, Hooks, Dickerson, Jordan, Wrighf, Miller, Schrider, Smith, Doran, Dawkins, Jenkins, Buffin, Cosper, Hooton, Cook, J., Dyer, Smith, Ronald, Brin, Malifz, Ayres, Myers, Nesbif, McGough, Cleaves, Feray, Barnett, B. W. Malifz, C. C. Beckham, J. B. Mason, C. E. SQUADRON 16 ROSTER Barry, R. A. Miller, H, C. Brm, S. E. Moseley, J. C. Caldwell, C. W. Myers, P. L. LIEUTENANTS Kauffman, J. H. Cam"! J. W' N855"! R- 5' Johnson, R. W. Kooser, D. E. Chiles, T H' Perry, G- E- Lee, R. G. Cleaves, J. L- Plsek, R. w. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Stabler, J. M. Cook, J. M. Price, D. D. Tolleson, D. w. Cccper, H. W- Schmidt, G. R. Trifon, D. A. Cosper, J. W. Schrider, M. S. Cox, G. D. Schwarz, R. N. SOPHOMORES DeBusk, K. S. Scott, R, D, Callcott, w. H. DEVineY: H- 3- Sidman, J. D. JUNIORS ON STAFF Collins, 3. J. Dickerson, R. G. Sidman, J, D. Beckcom, E. A. Connell, W. Dinwiddie, W- T- Simmons, E. C. Dyer, D. E. Feray, D. L. Smith, R. N. JUNIORS Fletcher, p. H. Fisher, J. M. Sparkman, J. D. Neal, R. M. Hooton, J. W. Grossman, J. H- Stewert, J. R. Singleton, J. M. Hollier, R- E- Ussery, S. R. CORPORALS Breding; E. V; Hooks, R. J. Valentine, J. R. Atkinson, W. C. Koonce, A. Howard, A. L. Wallace, J. B. Dawkins, M. H. Wolters, R. Isenhower, R. W. Warren, J. Doran, R. L. Keating, J. J. Watson, M. W. Duran, J. M. FRESHMEN Lemon, w. L. White, J. w. Flourney, S. J. Abbott, J. P. Liptak, J. F. Wickerham, J. B. Hapenney, J. D. Ayres, D. W. McGough, L. J. Winfer, L. S. Ferguson, J. R. Ford, L. A. Kyle, A. C. Vasseir, W. C. ,4,. q 4 ' . , . " . . , i - . ' Commanding Officer ' SCOTT W. BECKWITH Confella, Lee, Fisher, Sidman, Callcott, Ussery, Adams, Price. ROW: Duran, Bantle, Ford, Kyle, Beckwith, Ferguson, Neal, Vasser. Woodall, J. A. Adams, P. L. Barton, R. E. Berkley, R- 0- Squadron Sixteen is e Air Force a'rh- ff' , J. K. . . BU 'n lefic 0qu f. I'rs commander, SCOTT Beck- Casey, T. W. Alexander, R. C. wi h, was This year chosen as ou fending 335:2! :1 D- Air Force cadet, and is a recipient of The GilgacRR'.Gv Legion of Valor Award. The members Graves, H. L. of The ouffif, being athletes of one sort toga: T'H or another, are members of the "few nicoSWZi, 3'. days a week" Corps, but we still have ' ' Parson, 1- C- hopes for Them. Smith, R. A. Ward, D. H. -K' v Wiggins, D. T. ' . Wilk, D. " Wise, R. M. . Wright, H. E. ' A Yarfer, J. F. First Sergeant H ROLD T. BANTLE s i , , , , v, , ' ' ,-..i V ,7' 4 y ? '4 V u ,v 4 a , i, , . I i ', . W i gay; ,4 hn-a i , Executive Officer DOUGLAS HEWETT Commanding Officer JAMES E. SCHNABEL SPARTAN 17 Wsr-m... .s . owamme- am MRV "m.ngp- r .. "Evergreen 17!" Yes, that's what they called us. A brand spankin' new outfit with two seniors, four juniors, seven FirsfSergeant sophomores, and eighty-six "fish." We JOHN L'F'EGEL were commonly called "Fiegel's army" or "Papa Schnoobel and his fish drill team," and no one gave a second look ' , FOURTH ROW: Jackson, Ellison, Reed, Holden, Haroldson, toa"Squadron Of fish." , Mayeux, Van Hellen, Bernard, Hern, Sweat, Straub, Gould, Boyd, Cummings, Thompson, Burney, Zwarties, Young, Parsons, Harrel, Stinson, Jheen, Shroeder, R'ountree, Wright, Petrash, Clark, Smith, Havard. THIRD ROW: Deginder, Nowlin, Foche, Nary a soul could see the winning combination that this mass of "Spartans" held. Eighty-six pre-veterinary, pre-med- ical, and pre-dental freshmenxwith the potential and desire to make something of their outfit, their class, Texas A8tM University, and themselves; put together with a group of determined sophomores who possessed a desire to make some- thing of the fish; a group of iuniors who took pride in their leadership to guide,- and the best damn Commanding Officer in the entire class of '64nbrother,. when you put them together, you've got a proud outfit, destined to change the course of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A8iM University. And that we did. From 39th in our first football march- in, to a mighty 2nd in the Spring Mili- tary review, we proved we had the mili- tary prowess. By taking a big first in Corps in intramural swimming-we proved we had the athletes. Being a medical outfit, we had to stress academics; our grades showed the results. We are a well rounded outfit. We're going places and doing big things, so look out . . . WE'RE SPARTAN 17. I90 . L ., q. '34 . url.- SQUADRON 17 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Johnston, R. W. Boyd, G. A. Burney, P. Carmichael, R. C. Chancellor, H. M. Christie, R. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Barker, L. R. Hawkins, H. K. Clark, R C. Laird, P. O. Cummings, D. D. McBreafy, C. F. Deginder, K- McCall, R. H. Escobar, R. B. Gardner, D. F. CORPORALS Gordon, W. W. Bernhard, L. K. Grahm, R. H. Chauviere, R. J. Green, C. S. Fisher, T. E. Grossie, V. B, Kiya, M. K. Gunnels, R. D. Petrash, E. F. Harrelson, J. B. Thompson, D. l. Havard, T. J. Farmer, L. Hearn, W. E. Holden, C. L. FRESHMEN Jank, W. E. Bailey, J. F. Jochimsen, S. T. Bardin, A. E. Jennings, J. W. Chambers, Kiya, Chauviere, Reeser, Diamond, Wood, Grossie, Barden, Myers, Wilk, Matelski, Johns, Fisher, Bailey, Gordon, Robinson, Jank, Downs, Green, Graham, Moreau, Alms, Koatz, Kennedy. SECOND ROW: Roudon, Escobar, Daniel, Dumesnil, I MMWWKM M w k x rmrwnwym, m w, a ,m w m wwwwoww L ,h w, rw-mwww w Kirkpatrick, J. S. Matelski, D. E. McPherson, R. L. Moreau, E. L. Morris, R. S. Myers, T. H. Nowlin, T. P. Obdyke, L. K. Roudon, R. M. Rountree, J. R. Sartain, A. R. Schroeder, D. L. Smith, T. H. Sweeney, G. L. Taylor, N. A. Van Hellen, R. W. Winn, R. M. Wright, J, M. Wright, L. M. Wood, J. D. Young, J. K. Zwarties, W. J. Rigby, McPherson, Morris, Winn, Sartain, Jennings, Wright, Carmichael, Obdyke, Gardner, Gunnels, Bernhard, Kirkpatrick, Christe, Faris. FIRST ROW: Farmer, Fiegel, Barker, Schnabel, Hewett, Hawkins, Laird. l9! AWARDS INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Texas ROA Award PAUL A. DRESSER ,JR. UDC Trophy HARLAN E. ROBERTS N. S. Meyer-Raeburn Award MICHAEL D. McGOWN Fritz Award EDWARD J. ZATOPEK Caldwell Trophy NEIL L. KELTNER D.A.R. Award HIRAM H. BURR, JR. Mother's Club Award JOHN D. GAY Outstanding Freshman NEAL C. WARD HOUSTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS NEIL L. KELTNER Corps Troops HIRAM H. BURR, JR. AND JOHN T. ROSE First Brigade HORACE J. REKTORIK Second Brigade ROBERT M. NALLEY Third Brigade , JAMES E. BOURGEOIS First Wing DAVID A. FRANKLIN Second Wing WARREN T. HARRISON Band THOMAS R. SEELY, JR. Corps DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AWARDS PAUL A. DRESSER, JR. Senior NEIL L. KELTNER Junior THOMAS F. MURRAH Sophomore ROBERT A. HOLCOMB Freshman UNIT AWARDS President's Award SIXTH BATTALION Gen. George F. Moore Trophy .. COMPANY F-I George P. F. Jouine Award COMPANY A-2 Corps Academic Achievement Award COMPANY F-3 Gen. S. J. Buchanan Award COMPANY F-l R. D. Hinton Award ...................................................................................... 3rd BRIGADE COLOR GUARD CHICAGO TRIBUNE AWARDS RUSSELL L. KEELING Senior JAMES P. BUCHANAN Senior RONALD E. HOWELL Junior DAVID T. KILLOUGH Junior BEST DRILLED UNITS First Place COMBINED BAND Second Place SQUADRON 7 Third Place COMPANY F-l Fourth Place SQUADRON 8 Cadets receiving awards at the annual Parents Day presentation ceremony. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS SOPHOMORES Peter B. Belinsky Roger R. Box Gary H. Brotze David E. Gfahm Larry C. Kennemer John E. McClung Douglas R. Morris Tommy W. Musser Jimmy E. Neely Benny L. New Jon E. Noxon Daniel W. Palmer Ceci! O. Winsdor, Jr. Ronald D. Winn FRESHMEN Gid B. Adkisson Ill David P. Anderson Barry R. Barker Donald C. Burleson, Jr. Harvey C. Chitfy Jim R. Davidson Thomas H. Gardner Robert H. Gustafson William T. Koenig Richard R. Manning Richard J. Mergen Jack E. Myers Lonny V. Richardson Thomas W. Rosenstein, Ill Francis E. Savage Scott I. Sfanaland BEQT DRILLED During The Parents Day ceremonies This year, the following named cadets were designated as being The Best Drilled in their respective outfits. SOPHOMORES FREDRICK C. CUNY Company A-1 JACK R. FICKESSEN Company 8-1 BENJAMIN F. MARROU, JR. .................................... Company C-1 JERRY C. HARBERT Company 0-1 CURTIS W. TARRELL .................................................... Company E-1 ROGER W. SHARP 1 Company F-1 KENNETH J. KOCH Company 6-1 JACK B. HOLT Company A-2 JAMES R. HORNBACK .................................................... Company 8-2 TRAVIS R. WILLIAMS .................................................... Company C-2 CARL E. LONG - Company 0-2 JOHN H. RODGERS Company E-2 PAUL F. GARDNER Company F-2 REGINALD D. NEWTON ................................................ Company 6-2 MICHAEL E. OVERTON .................. Company A-3 MICHAEL T. JACOB .................................................. Company 8-3 CHARLES F. WETHERBEE ............................................ Company C-3 FRANK LOPEZ, JR. Company 0-3 JACK G. ASHCRAFT .. .......... Company E-3 LOUIS L. FARR, IV STEPHEN R. TUBRE Company F-3 Company G-3 THOMAS F. MURRAH .................................................... Company H-3 KENNETH B. LAUER Squadron 1 JOSEPH C. WALKER Squadron 2 DANIEL B. PETTY Squadron 3 JAY A. GRAY Squadron 4 DICKIE A. HARRIS Squadron 5 MICHAEL G. HEREFORD ................................................ Squadron 6 MICHAEL C. SAUNDERS ................................................... Squadron 7 RANDOLPH J. SHORT ................................................... Squadron 8 JOE T. BURCH Squadron 9 NORMAN E. BOND Squadron 10 WILLIAM L. REID, JR. .................................................... Squadrbn 11 THOMAS A. SMITH Squadron 12 RALPH B. FILBURN, Ill ............................. $quadron13 DAVID B. SMITH Squadron 14 LAWERENCE D. RUTLEDGE ......................................... Squadron 15 JAMES H. KAUFFMAN ................................................... Squadron 16 LARRY K. BERNHARD .................................................... Squadron 17 ROY L. MAY Maroon Band JACK E. THURMAN, JR. ................................................... White Band FRESHMEN MARVIN B. SIMPSON, Ill ................................................ Company A-l MICHAEL A. CAROTHERS ................................................ Company 8-1 JOHN B. SYLVESTER .................................................... Company C-1 DAVID H. KINARD Company 0-1 LEO FLORES Company E-1 ALBERT RAY NAUCK ................................................... Company F-1 JERRY LEE CROWDER ................................................ Company 6-1 KENNETH W. KORB Company A-2 JEROME M. PAWLAK .................................................... Company 3-2 RICHARD H. ROWE Company C-2 JAMES T. YOWS, JR. ......................... Company 0-2 DOUGLAS A. SHARP .................................................... Company E-2 FORBES L. WALLACE, JR. ............................................ Company F-2 WILLIAM R. HINDMAN ............................................... Company G-2 RICHARD W. PERRY .................................................... Company A-3 LAWERENCE E. WYATT ................................................ Company 3-3 ROBERT A. HOLCOMB ............................................ Company C-3 WILLIAM c. W15ENBACKER, JR. ................................ Company 0.3 JIMMY A. McAFEE ................................................... Company E-3 DENNIS M. McCABE ................................................... Company F-3 RAYMOND M. WILLIAMS ............................................ Company 6-3 CLIFTON L. MOSS, JR. ................................................ Company H-3 JOHN R. STANDISH, JR. ............................................ Squadron 1 JOHN D. CHESNEY Squadron 2 ROY E. MASSEY Squadron 3 RICHARD W. GROSSENBACHER .................................... Squadron 4 RODOLFO G. BUENTELLO, JR. .................................... Squadron 5 ANDREW S. KOVICH ............................... , ..................... S quadron 6 HUGH M. RICHARDS Squadron 7 DALTON J. HILL Squadron 8 WILLIAM C. HASELOFF ................................................... Squadron 9 JAMES B. HEATH Squadron10 GENE A. BIALAS Squadron 11 JOHN H. HARP, JR. Squadron 12 JOHN H. BONNER Squadron 13 HARRY A. MORRILL, JR. ................................................ Squadron 14 GARY W. FOSTER Squadron 15 WILLIAM T. DlNWlDDlE, JR. .................................... Squadron 16 ANDREW E. BARDIN, Ill ............................................... Squadron 17 RICHARD J. MERGEN ................................................ Maroon Band DENNIS R. BLANTON White Band :K WEN w. i! Howard Head, Lynn Parks, San- dra Hulsey, and Kieth Clark supervise the balloting for Ci- vilian Sweetheart at the Ci- viiian Sfudenf Ball. CMLWUQ A pictorial listing, by dormi- Tories, of The Civilian section of The student body. Section Edited by JACK HOLT JOHN JACKSON Assistanf Civilian Chaplain JOSEPH KORENEK Y O B R E T E P S N A H NICK FOHN GARY BLINKA Annex DAVID JOHNSON Parliamentarian DONALD CARTER College View i , gag? TERRY NORMAN Sophomore Representative ALLEN LEE Dorm 13 hp 9r. CHARLES SHOOK KEN SCOTT Hart Athletes PAUL OLIVER Junior Representative Treasurer JOHN WR IGHT Battalion Representative KENNETH WEST WILLIAM STOKES Day Students Hart Civilians f ; 2 . X I97 HART HALL CMUANQ ? MM: , , I x WX wag 7 x m lm,, .,ww. v. FlRST ROW: Boelter, John E.; Hall, Claude 8.; WinneHe, Walter M.; Drouilhet, Allen F.; Cobler, Richard 6.; Singer, James R.; Maiors, Doyle G.; Davis, Rodney D.; Bary, Mohammad Rafigul; Rahman, Ahsanur; Ahmed, Kamaluddin; Abraham, Awaldy; Al-Laylav M. Tayely; Yao, T. W. SECOND ROW: Biswas, Mozibur R.; Garcia, Victor E.; Finch, Joe L,- Davis, Johnny H.; Benson, Jim,- Jozwiak, Paul, Jr.; Ross, Bill Joe; Sidelman, Z. V.; Chavez, Gerardo; Kamaluddin, Bakta Alam; Stokes, William P,; Al-Rawi, K. H.; Korenek, Edwin J.; Hays, Terry G. THIRD ROW: Graham, Owen H.; Brandt, Melvyn E.; Mayfield, William C.; Camp, Bi"; Gallaway, Tom; Ener, 5- L; HOliCk, Don; LeBlanc, Rufus; Madden, Charles 0.; Gilbert, Joe W.; Day, Dayton; HUQhESl Gaylon 5-; Reel, Ronald L; Jones, Michael 0- FOURTH ROW: Richmond, Elliot M.; Guest, Jerry D.; Stafford, H. A., III; Serrill, Richard R., Jr.; Sinha, Braiendra K.,- Presswood, Lani; Fore, James. RONALD LEWIS REEL Dorm President HART HALL CIVILIAN COUNCIL Heft to righU Jones, Stokes, Hays, Singer, Drouilhet, Korenek, Reel. MISS LISA ANNE NIEDERAUER Hart Hall Civilian Sweetheart I98 a227,??? f ,rx ?;ftrf'fw Nam: qwr: .v u, . w... .N, wnwm ?un ...f .7 A- 1 m , ... -'-:-y-h. yaw i x , I I DORM COUNCIL OFFICERS President-RICH HALL Vice Presidenf-JOHN FULKERSON Secretary-Treasurer-RICHARD BELLER Civilian Council Representative-KEN SCOTT MISS SHARON LYONS Hart Hall Athletes Sweetheart ROSTER FIRST ROW Abbot, John Adams, Noel Adams, Pele Alrich, Albert Arringfon, Tom Ayers, Don Bollard, Jerry Barker, Dick Beckwilh, Scott Beller, Richard Berngen, Frank Bethe, Ken Bilgufay, llhan Bowen, Don Brown, Bob Brown, George Buffin, John Byrne, Roger Campbell, Herb Carlton, Freddie Carpenter, Ed Cushion, Jack Chiles, Torn Cleaves, John Climie, Bob ClifVOn, Danny Cobb, Lance Coker, Don Collins, John Confella, Carl Confreas, Raul Cook, John Cosper, John Crain, Billy Crain, John Curlee, John Custer, Don Deviney, Herman Dinwiddie, Bill Doron, Russell Dyer, Doug Dyer, Ed Dugon, John Duran, John Earl, Geoffery Edwards, Earl Egger, Larry SECO D ROW Eichm Ed Feray, ave Ferguson, Jay Fisher, Don Flourney, Sam Fulkerson, John Gardner, Ed Glover, Dove Griffey, Bert GrocheH, Bill Hall, Rich Harriman, Bill Hillhouse, Steve Holcomb, Dave Hooks, Rodney Hoofon, Jim Hoshine, Hurry Hurra, Frank Johnston, Ralph Juge, Randy Karr, Ken Keating, Joe Koonce, Alon Kooser, Don Koss, Bill Kutoc, Harvey Kyle, Art Lee, John Molity, Charles McArtin, Robert Mason, Buster Mutson, Randy McAdams, Robert McClure, Mike McGough, Larry McMiIIian, Torn Meadows, Dan Meyers, Earl Miller, Henry Mitchell, Pot Moss, Cliflon Neal, Bob Neal, Ray Nesbi'r, Richey O'Bryunf, BiH Offner, Mike OuelleHe, Paul THIRD ROW Palmer, Mike Povlicek, Wayne Price, Don Rapp, Mike Reeves, Gory Robinson, Bob Roias, Luis Rowe, Larry Runge, Jim Salazar, Ray SaHler, Steve Schrider, Mike Schwarzenbock, John Scott, Abe Scott, Ken Sebastian, Jim Schilling, Cecil Sidmun, John Sidmon, Judson Sindo, Lance Smith, Don Smith, Robert Smith, Ron Sporkmon, Jim Stahles, George S'effik, John Stovoll, Darrell Torr, Jim Thomas, David Tomas, Ron Trifon, Dave Turney, Bill Ussery, Roy Valentine White, James Wilkie, Ralph Wolters, Richard Wood, Cecil Woodall, Buddy Wright, Haskell FIRST ROW: Whitlock, Garciade, Slone, Carter, Lammers, Duderstadt, Davenport, Boy, Oehler, Henigan, P. R. Oliver, J. T. Oliver, Trlica, Elizondo, Rodriguez, Diaz. SECOND ROW: St. Pierre, Vann, Correll, Heideman, Plum, Baldarrama, Melton, Smith, Lee, Bills, Truiillo, Herrera, Corwin. THIRD ROW: Hawkes, Risinger, White, Canup, Armana, Robbins, Thedford, Howle, Coburn, Spears, Lee, Boy, Casares. FOURTH ROW: Barthold, Estrada, Kolimann, White, Burke, Stillwell, Cruz. FIFTH ROW: Cox, Kurtz, Rice, Van Cleve, Pharris, Pearson, Risinger, Smith, Brewer, Weber, Hausmann, Braffon, Parnell, Tarranco, Cufshall, Luedke, Thedford, Hale, Unikel, Castro. FIRST ROW Ahn, Chang Won Angel, Humberto ArmaHa, Thomas A. Aycchi, Soloh BoggeH, Mark R. EaggeH, Penn D. Boldorrcrna, Alredo M Bedrich, Curtis Allen Benomaro, Ezzeddine Benefield, Richard Lynn Berry, John Franklin Berthold, Alfred E. Bills, Dwain Boegsfedfe, Theodore Wm., Jr. Boofrighf, James Allen Boehm, Wrn. Steve Borg, David A. Boy, Ernest A. BoyL Hans Peter Bratton, Gerald Roy Brewer, Charles G. Brown, Joel Thomas Brown, Robert C. Burchers, Jack M. Burke, John M., Jr. Burkhard, Wm. Courtney Coin, George Eugene Ccnup, David H. Carlisle, Rodney T. Caner, John Stephen Casores, David Cassidy, Donald D, Castro, William Chen, Liang Yao Chifwoodl Kenneth L. Christ, Allen Eugene Coburnl Winfred Cleve Condit, Robert John Cooper, Leonard D. Correll, Roy Allen Corwin, George A Cox, Ronald Joy Cruz, Roger Cutsholl, Jack Raymond Dannhaus, Edward A. Davenporf, Roe R., Jr. Dias, Jolio R. DEep, The Minh Dinsmore, Philip K. Donaho, Jimmy J. SECOND ROW Dudersiadt, Culver L. Dunbar, Craig 8. Duplat, Augusto Durham, L. Johnny Earl, Jerry M; Eder, Alan James Eggleston, Edward M. Elfonf, Robert Elisondo, Rodolfo EI Mehiri, Hossen Ely, Edward Wm. Estrada, Eduardo Fegueredo, Luis A. Finkelstein, Mark Flores, Raul, Jr. Garcia de Poredes, Diego Green, Joe Bert Gutierrez, Anibal A., Jr. Holberdier, Louis 5. Hole, Joseph Nathan Han, Sung Deuk Hanover, Gene A. Hansen, James C. Hausmann, Richard J. Hawkes, Robert W. Heideman, Kenneth E. Henigon, Allen M. Herrera, Frank G. Hodpe, John H. Hodde, William Edward Horelica, Henry P. Howle, Willard L. Hyman, J. D. Kabell, David Lee Keeling, Jack R. Kiel, Glenn D. Kim, Gil Chung MILNER HALL DORM COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Lammers, Whitlock, White, Davenport, Boy, Oliver, Carter. SECOND Hausmann, Henigan, Oehler, Oliver, Heideman, Duderstadt. ROSTER Kregmer, John W. Kurfz, Lyndon Wm. Lacy, Nelson F. Lammers, Lawrence P. Lora, Oliver Lowlor, William F. Lee, Benicmin K. Lee, Jerry Byron Lime, James M Locksfedf, Kerry 0. Lu, Ho-shou Luedke, Delmos L. Madison, William F. THIRD ROW Marek, Glenn W. Martin, Samuel P. McAfee, Michael L. McBee, James T. McKelvain, Burrell K. Mebone, Horace Frank Medina, Pablo M. Melton, Robert G. Mills, Donald Wm. Moench, George T. Montoya, Jose A, Jr. Morgan, Wm. E. Moritz, Burt E Myers, Randolph P. Newberry, Jerry Ng, Randsel Nunez, Bcrrientos, Ernesto O'Brien, Charles E. Oehler, Charles Richard Oliver, James T. Oliver, Paul R. Oliver, James T. Ontiveros, Henry Monvel 'Pan, Ko-Chang Parnell, James L. Poyun-Zopico, Roberto Pearson, Wm. Tom, Jr. Fenland, Aaron Brown Perkins, Herbert A. Peterson, Mockey Glen Pharris, Christopher A. Pickett, Russell C. Pickles, Robert J. Pins, Manuel, Jr. Pittman, Pin Plagens, Clarence F. Plum, Robert W. Polin, Jose Corlos Pratt, Michael Wm. Raymond, Dennis Herbert Reochi, Santiago Rice, Daril E. Risinger, Charles R. Risinger, John D. Rivera, Antonio ROW: Kabell, Boy, 200 Roach, James B. Robbins, Wm. P. Robinson, Clifford Wm. Robinson, Robert W. B. Rodriguez, Amaro FOURTH ROW Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Leonel A. Rodriguez, Omar C. Rutherford, Frank N. Soenz, Sigifredo Scott, James M. Sikes, Jimmy E. Simmons, Joe D. Simpson, Russell B. Sinz, Kurt Slone, Richard L. Smith, Thomas E. Smith, Walter R. Smith, William T. Song, Byong-mu Spears, James R. Spellmunn, Robert Stanton, James O. Sfillwell, Virgle C., Jr. St. Pierre, Ernest G. Siribley, Kendrick R. Suharlo, Sdedardio Tauie, August F. Taylor, M. E. Torrance, Phillip L. Thedford, Billy R. Thedford, Marvin TigerH, Wm. David Trlica, Frank E., Jr. Truiillo, Joe A. .Unikel, L. A. Up'more, David Urbina, Luis R. Van Cleve, Delbert Wm. Vann, Richard D. Vallarino, Octavio A. Vunder Dys, Richard H. Vasek, Leon J. Vaughn, Allen R. Villarreal, Ruben Weber, Edward R. Weiser, Harold E. Wessels, James A. White, Charles D. White, Michael E. Whitlock, Larry L. Williams, Donald L. Yang, David D. Ysrael, Simon Ysrael, Miguel C. Zbranek, Willie Jr. Zepeda, Abdon PATRICIA ANN PARKER Milner Hall Sweetheart FIRST ROW: LeBlanc, G. l.; Gardner, R. G.; Voelkel, T. T.; Daggs, B. A.; Mahoney, J. M.; Terry, D. D.; Stringer, J. L; Hughes, W. H.,- Bishop, Joe M.; Zamzow, K. A.; Germany, J. R.; Strub, Rodney J.; Veith, Bert. SECOND ROW: Springer, John 5.; Faulk, Danny J.; Harper, John C.; Candelaria, Frank; Winfrey, James; Gibson, Werner J.; Fallin, Michael M.; Griesenbeck, Cylde N.; Smith, Richard; Waskom, Tommy L,- Kelso, Charles W.; Wilson, Robert W.; Cook, Donald D.; Wood, William C.; Holy, Grant J. THIRD ROW: Goldston, Richard T.; Felt, Rodger L; Oliver, Byron D.; Fikes, Billy R.; Nash, James F.; Parker, Kenneth D.,- Sandford, R. D.; Oliver, Mik'e M.; Cathey, Jimmie J.; Head, Howard M.; Fry, Steve; Prochaska, Richard; Richter, A. J.; Schomburg, Authur B.; Godwin, Tommy L,- Ivy, Larry M. FOURTH ROW: Mostyn, C. R.; Smiih, D. W.; Frye, D. J.; Chalberg, M. L; Thrasher, C. M.; Parker, R. D.; Bailey, Jim; Schuelke, Larry; Janik, Willie L.; Warren, Don; Holt, David L,- Rohde, Norris; Russell, Howard T.; Eccles, Roy J. FIFTH ROW: Pepper, Jack M.; Bowling, Avon; Sanchez, David 5.; Jackson, Mike; Abraham, Herbert G; Hendrix, Charles R.; Kana, E. J.; Edgington, Larry E.; Johnson, David W.; Secor, William T.; Parks, Billy D.; Jager, Mitchel,- Teal, Barry B.; Stewart, Bill; Flores, Raul D. $EXTH ROW: Lindsey, Ruben D.; Combest, John T.; Deuel, Lloyd E.; Armstrong, Richard W.; Bashor, Harvey M.; Bedinger, C. A.; Wood, Gerald L; Griffiths, Jerry B.; Olivares, Alberto M.; Harris, Larry G.; Mafelske, Dick E.; Simmons, Kenneth C. BOBBY A. DAGGS President Mitchell Hall w, WWW W CAROL LYNN VOELKEL Sweetheart Mitchell Hall MITCHELL HALL COUNCIL FIRST ROW: LeBlanc, Stringer, Bishop, Mahoney, Terry, Voelkel, Germany. SECOND ROW: m Gardner, Zamzow, Hughes, Daggs, Strub, Veith. 20l FIRST ROW: Coleman, Randy J; Ghormley, Bennett A.; Hook, Charles 0.; Moore, Ronald L.,- Aiken, William A.; Corder, P. R.; Coppinger, John T.; Beal, Charles . C.; Berry, Edwin C.; Lissiak, Victor, Jr.; Graves, David E.; Harp, Jeffrey C.; Dillon, William E.; Sayers, Jerry; Holder, George R.; Hines, Ronald 5.; Barron, l Gary R.; Akin, Danny G.; Piersall, Glenn J. SECOND ROW: Brecher, Allen R.; Christman, Howard M.; Cook, Larry E.; Crouch, Gary W.; Gumm, Harold W.; Chlapek, C. J.; Herring, Johnny M.; Wilson, Marshall P.; Norman, Terry R.; Keeton, Kerry 5.; Culver, Byron K.; Fisher, Joseph H.; Arredondo, Marcelino; Scott, Samuel. THIRD ROW: Taggart, Murrey J.; Martell, Robert D.; McDonald, Richard P.; Hatzenbuehler, Charles C.; LeCrane, Michael J.; Vandiver, Robert L.; Lee, Robert F.; Harrison, Dick; Neal, Tom M.; Lipscomb, Jack,- Madiigal, Gilberto; Gieger, David; Schmidt, John. FOURTH ROW: Butler, Daniel Y.; Nachod, Jay E.; Juarez, Jacinto P.; Bolinger, William Gary,- Franks, Orlan H.; Arledge, George E.; Seale, Frank W.; Wilson, William B.; Youngblood, Rex; Friedmann, Raymond J. FIFTH ROW: Swinburn, Woods C.; Bearden, Robert C.,- Vargas, Rafael E.; Harrell, James E.; Miller, James E.; Hobbs, William D.; Baily, Ed.; Sansom, Homer J.; Aubrey, Martin; McBrayer, Mike; Buck, Robert L.; Gonzalez, W. K.; Jemelka, Erwin D.; Soland, Fred H., Jr.; Myers, John W.; Gonzalez, Rosendo J.; Guerra, Robert L.; Spiller, Dan- viller D, LAW HALL COUNCIL SUSIE SANDERS FIRST ROW: Hook, Coppinger, Beal, Lissiak, Dillon. SECOND ROW: Berry, Graves, Hines, Sayers, Sweetheart of Law Hall Harp. THIRD ROW: Brecher, Coleman, Ghormley. 202 LEGETT HALL, 1963-64 Sweetheart DOLLY STILES In April, a dorm barbecue was held for students and guests. ROSTER Altman, William W. Maddox, Robert A. ; Balfour, B. B. Mares, Daniel F. Browder, Bill Marsh, Ron A. Cofchings, Ronald C. Mason, William K. 1 Coin, Jimmy D. McGowan, Dee W. Caubel, James S. Minx, Hubert Chapman, Jerry W. Moore, John M. Cortez, Ronald L. Morrow, John M. Coulson, David H. Northcuff, Howard W. i q Crosthwait, William R. Odum, George A. "3' Decker, John J. Parry, William H. i1 Dilfz, Theo R, Patton, John H. 4:? Duponi, George L. Perry, Howard S. 1 Ficher, Richard H. Pickard, Lowery B. w Fillinger, Thomas J. Powell, Roger A. Furber, James E. Rachel, Richard W. 1 .J' Griffith, Steven K. Roxbourne, Michael L. r Hanzzik, Herman H. Roach, Pat H. W Harris, Jack E. Rosenbaum, Gene W. 4 Harrison, James F. Sanford, Michael B. w Hlavinka, Joseph J. Shane, John W. Jackson, Jock Sheleer, William E. ; James, Karl R. Shupak, George L. Jendrush, Gerald J. Stasney, Paige A. V Key, R T. Strange, William B. Q Kiolbassa, Thomas A TTOCY, DiCk K g! Kleypos, Gerald A. Vaughan, J. C. Knox, Eldow B. Wood, Ralph E. Lousford, Ronald LEGETT HALL COUNCIL J. C. Vaughn, Eldon B. Knox, G. J. Jendrusch, John M. Morrow, Paige A. Stasney, Joeseph J. Hlavinka, Daniel R. Mares, Robert T. Key, William H. Parry, Jimmy D. 203 Abel, Albert W. Akin, Donny G. Alderson, John L. Apostolo, Donald L. Arquella, Eduardo Avont, Thomas R. Barnard, Charles Barron, Jorge W. Burzi, Houshang Baylor, Edwin R Berger, Michael E. Bongiovi, Lawrence BoHenfield, Samuel Brodden, Edward J. Bradford, Philip W Briggs, Arthur F. Brown, James M. Brown, Jimmie E Buckler, Hermon L. Collowoy, Ben E. Cantrell, Thomas M. Correll, Don F. Chumley, Delbert Clark, Jerry L. Clark, George W. Cook, Bruce Cook, Curtis P. Cooper, Damon C. Copeland, Donald P. Covin, Elmo M Craig, Chris Craig, Dole Cruz, Juan M. Cuellor, Cholon J Curl, Thomas W, Dcel, Michael D. Dale, John L. Dobyon, Alan Lee Dominguez, Juan C. DeLaGarzol Gustavo DeLlono, Antonio J. Dinmar, Roger W. Dupuy, Jerry W. Dwighv, Frederick P. Edelbrock, Joseph A Edgmon, Sieve EsVrodc, Luis Forbon, Javier F Farmer, Leslie 0. Ferguson, John S. Finkelstein, Mark M. Fisher, Henry Fisher, Frqncis R. Fisher, Ray J, Fisher, Thomas E Flores, Daniel Flores, Willis R Fohn, Rick H. Forrest, Blake F. Forster, Peter Fossafi, Humberto Frifz, Weldon B. Garcia, Delfino Garcia, Enrique M Garcia, Jesus Garcia, Mario G. Gory, Partick C. Garza, Alberto Gelvin, Gerald P. Gibson, David V. GoldenbloH, Phillip N. Gilliol, Alfred PUPXEABMLL Glonssford, David Greek, Gerald T. Griffen, Terry R. Hobunski, William M. Halloran, Kenneth Hcllaran, Russell Hallderson, Michael D Hondley, Robert T. Harrison, Burr C. Hart, Harry W. Hayes, William J. Haynes, Grady L. Heard, Ernest S Henks, Leslie E. Heshmatl, Mahmod Hollingsworfh, J. S, Hollis, James E. Hopkins, Jerry Hudgens, William W. Humber, Joseph B. Joegers, Gordon Jacobs, Robert M. Jen, Alvin D. Jordan, William H. ROSTER Jones, Richard F. Jones, Ronald M. Koofz, Ervin A. Kane, Kimberlin Kirkpatrick, Jock Kleiber, Leo P. Knipsrein, Roberll Konrodi, Andrew Kouenborn, Byron Knofhman, Herbert Loves, Charles G. Lara, Herman Lester, Feldon R. Lerson, James C Lewis, Charles Lewis, Hogue W. Moher, Charles Marlin, Alfred A. Martinez, Juan Mason, William McDougal, Shelby E. McLoy, George L. Miller, Richard Miller, William E. Mitchell, Edwin D. Mitchell, Mike H. Montgomery, Jerry R. Murphey, David L Murry, Robert C. Nesuda, Roger Nicely, Clyde Nichell, Robert L. Nolte, John Oelrien, Albert F. Parker, Donny Pate, Ronald E. Peebles, Gary L. Percival, Alfred R. Perrymon, David A. Peterson, Robert A. Perms, Daniel W. Pilkard, Ronald M. Posi, Lynn J. Presswood, Loni Price, Alvin L. Roy, Murphey Reeves, Solon A. Renaud, Aristide F. Reue, Glenn H. Rich'er, Johnnie R. Riddle, Thomas E. Rivera, Arturo Robinson, Boyd F. Roderiguez, Arnoldo G. Rodgers, James Rogers, Jerry A. Ross, Hons W. Ruiz, Jorge Rumsch, Orville S. Schiller, Morice L Schroeder, Milford R. Schoenemonn, Willaim A. Schofield, Johon S. SchoH, William Shockly, Joe Dan Shumcte, Donald E. Simpson, Charles E. Smallwood, Robert D. Smith, Jerry F. Snedaker, Robert C. Spencer, Erick L. vvwrvg '17:" 4:: '9 'r Stoops, Steven Srraub, Charles Stried, Ronald Oliver Sturgeon, William C. Swann, Choles S. Tavakoliun, Mohammad TigereH, William D. Thompson, Aubrey H. Urbina, Luis R Valarezo, Carlos G. Vargas, RafoeIe E. Verlorde, Armondo Wcligura, Randy L. Waller, Floyd R. Warren, Lowrance A. Wesimooreland, Gary Williams, Donald L. Williams, James M Wilson, Clyde A. Windham, Terrell D. Woodall, John B. Yauger, James H Young, Craig B. M , M?! I M MW ?V W X ,M W MW y M 7 COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Riddle, Garcia, Williams, Kollenborn, McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Peterson, Cook, Windham, Reue, Pate, Percival, Hanks. ROBERT A. PRESTON President CONNIE LEWELLEN Sweetheart 204 FIRST ROW: Pena, Gustavo, Jr.; Melvin, H. L.,- Dees, Allan W.; Shanidur Rab, Khandker; Eggleston, Edward M.; Rambin, Ronald E.; Hood, Robert A.,- Crosby, Richard J. SECOND ROW: McGrath, Michael; Dulock, Raymond; Cooper, Scott E.; Blakemey, Roger N.; Mills, Gary G.; Edling, Thomas 0.; Emanis, James R.; Hancock, Woody R., Jr.; Moore, Richard. THIRD ROW: Duty, Douglas W.,- Wright, James L; Proctor, John M.; Slavik, George J.; Duty, Douglas W.; Wright, James L.; Proctor, John M.; Slavik, George J.; Moore, John E.; Obediente, Jorge 6.; Polk, Leroy J., Jr.; Pitts, Gerald N. FOURTH ROW: Shallcross, Scott; Roming, Douglas; Nixon, James 0.; Johnson, Butch; Pipes, Charles; Peterson, Keith; Raymond, P. T., Jr. MM w 4 , 'M w M" JANICE WILLENBORG Sweetheart of Walton Hall WALTON HALL DORM COUNCIL 205 FIRST ROW: Howard, Vohney W., Jr.; Hubert, Pare E.; McKenzie, William H., Jr. SECOND ROW: Shiffleth Avril E.; Kirkland, David 5.,- Richburh, Walt C.; Miller, Richard H.; Lewis, Dean R. FIRST ROW: Cauthron, David L; Ross, Ted T.; Nash, Robert 5.,- Griggs, Dwight 8.; Clancy, Larry D.; Lee, Allen B. SECOND ROW: Pickard, James M.; Haynes, Phillip E.; Agarwal, Ram 6.; Cheeseman, Cliff; Marshall, Kent; Harris, Cliff; Deen, Loyd; Fraser, J. G.; Taylor, Jon; Fenster, Richard A. THIRD ROW: Venuti, Alfred R.; Kressler, Herbert H.; Moench, C. J.; Eaton, Curtis W.,- Miller, William A.; Wegenhoft, Kenneth N. FOURTH ROW: Crawford, Jack H.; Nuinez, Joe E.; Goetz, Paula; Morgan, Thomas L.,- Gilmore, Steve C.; Gamble, Michael E.; Benarjee, Kodali; LaBarbara, Joseph N. FIFTH ROW: Bergman, Bill; Raymond, Bill; Duncan, W. R.; O'Connor, J. H.,- S1ripling, Ray,- Ross, Donald L; Ofcarcik, Ralph P.; Read,Charlie H.;Oehl,Marxin J.;Havel,Jerome A.;Seeker,Ed. EMA -4 1- . 'T Civilians and Their dates chow down on barbecue during The Civilian Student Weekend. Miss Carol Lynn Voelkel of Texas Tech is named Civilian Sweetheart of 1964 an The Civilian Ball. A brief poem abouT married life aT Aggieland, slipped sTealThily inTo our office during The dead of nighT. In The land of College STaTion, Over walls and quarry piTs, Dwell The creaTures known as Aggies, BroThers To The crany wolf. NeiTher fowl nor fauna being, BeasT of field in rank and file Lure Their prey by sTanding Tall In uniforms and TempTing smiles. Like Their broTher badger fear They noThing, Man nor maid, And broken hearTs and Tears are lefT Wherever Aggies sTayed. Aggies feed on saccharine words And someTimes lose The chase, BuT capTiviTy is rare. Though you Think you have him Tamed He will always be The same Branded by an Aggie name Bondage doesn'T end The game Cause an Aggie can'T be Tamed! CM 1'- ;. AA A a 4.; i e: Dan Louis, presents The Battalion Award To Robert Knight, journalism professor. He was recognized for The outstanding contributions he has . . 3 made To The sTudent newspaper during The 1963-64 school year. A Girl Who Married One 207 A66! E QPOPIQ Section Edited by HAP WERT 209 ir' wawzvt" '. "A "WW I I 7W? 1-"? A- $4 cu?! m COACHING CRAIG RANDALL w . rvw. Warw V" wk'TrV'K'j' w V , JACK O'BRIEN DICK JOHNSON JOE WALBORG LEONARD BROWN HEAD COACH HANK FOLDBERG NEIL SCHMIDT . AWw-v W A -mawhmnmc-nyf . CarpenTer opens a hole as Reagan goes for first down. LQU Downs A93, 14-6 A sellouT crowd of 68,000 saw This sea- son's opener, a brawling baTTle ThaT was de- cided in The second quarTer by a pair of Aggie misTakes. In The firsT minuTe of play, Tiger halfback Joe Labruzzo fumbled a punT and Turned H mm an 83-yard T0uchdown run ThaT senT The slam-bang LSU Tigers To a 14-6 vicTory over The Texas Aggies inT BaTon Rouge. LSU spenT The lasT Two quarTers conTaining an Aggie Team ThaT never quiT. Sophomore quarTerback Charles LaGrange came off The bench in The TourTh quarTer To move The Ag- gies To Their lone Touchdown wiTh only ThirTy seconds lefT in The game. LaGrange-lisTed sixTh in The order of Aggie field gen- erals on The AOM rosTer-seT up The score wiTh a 23 yard pass To Travis Reagan for a firsT and goal on The LSU seven yardline. On a TourTh down, and Tour yarder To pay dirT LaGrange piTched ouT To Billy Uzzell, who Threw a halfback pass To Travis Reagan who caughT iT aT The goal line and backed in for The Touchdown. Uzzell Tried To run across for The Two poinT conversion, buT The Tough Tiger line Threw him back. Ray Gene Hinze and Bill Ward Team up To stop Tiger behind The line of scrimmagg ANDREW OVERTONeC TRAVIS REAGAN-HB JIM WlLLENBORG-Q MIKE KOHLMAN-C BILLY UZZELL Quarterback DAN McILHANY Quarterback JOE WELBORN CenTer stout Buck De6enw Qtops A33, 17-0 Ohio STaTe Threw away iTs "Three yards and a cloud of dusT offense," and Turned loose iTs halfbacks for The firsT Time This year. MisTakes were The key noTe of The Aggies all day in from of a capaciTy crowd of 81,241 fans. The visiTing Aggies were held To a single firsT down in The firsT Three quarTers, and made Their only spurT laTe in The game as Ohio STaTe's Third sTring Took The field. MosT of The Aggies' gains came in The final period buT Three drives were halTed by a fumble, a pass inTercepTion, and a loss on downs deep in Ohio TerriTory. Fullback Jerry Rogers and quarTerbqpk Dgn Mcllhany were The lead- ing ground gainers for The Aggies. Rogers wiTh 38 yards in 7 Tries, and Mcllhany wiTh 43 in 11 carries, mosT of Them in Take roII-ouT passes. The sTaIwarT Ohio STaTe defense held A8TM To 28 yards rushing and nine passes in The firsT half. Ohio head coach Woody Hoyer, who has feaTured a fullback-up-The-middle and quarTerback-rollouT offense, senT his scurrying half- backs on 38 of The 54 rushes and They gained 138 of The 220 yards The Buckeyes rolled Up on The ground. Uzzel and KachTik close in on Ohio STaTer. Tempers fly in Texas Tech game. TTQlwts Out Cadets, 10-0 A brilliant, diving catch in the end zone by all-conference end David Parks and a 37-yard field goal by H. L. Daniels that tied a conference record brought the inspiring Texas Tech Red Raiders a 10-0 victory over the Texas Aggies before a crowd of 38,000 fans. ln the first quarter Daniels hit the scoring column on a record-tying 37- yard field goal with 7:36 left in the first quarter. The Raiders moved from their own 20 to the Aggies 20 where on fourth down; Daniels booted his fourth three-pointer. A clipping penalty broke up a potential Farmer drive at the Tech 49 when Jim Linnstaedter fumbled and recovered for a 5-yard loss. That brought on the punt to the Tech 20 and the red- shirted Lubbock crew required only four plays to move all the way. The biggest Aggie threat came when AOM marched largely on Linlnstaedterfs third down pass from their own 15 to a first down at the Tech 11. But in the next play Linnstaedter was thrown for a 17-yard loss. With the ball on the 25 Bobby Lee attempted a field goal that fell short. Neither team was able to score in the last half and the game turned into a de- fensive battle with too many mistakes, breaks, fumbles and punting. RONNEY MOOREe-G MELVIN SlMMONS-G LARRY BATES-FB WAYLON WARD-T 3 wnmkmsdwmanisw Jr A RAY GENE HINZE-T JAMES CRAlG-T YANCY BOUNDSeG Poms Upset Fauowd Cadets, 9-7 If it had not have been for a drop of rain in the official's eye, A8!M might have won. The Aggies were stymied on the Pony 21 after George Hargett had returned an intercepted pass 57 yards to SMU's 22. Bob Lee attempted a field goal that the referee iudged to be wide. The kick looked good from the east side of the field and Head Coach Hank Foldberg, standing on the west side, felt the boot was good. "But the referee said it was wide, and his decision counts," Foldberg said after the game. The Aggies came within inches of a tie in the second period when tackle Bill Ward broke through to apparently catch SMU's 2 T4 Ray Kubala stops Pony 3 yards Danny Thomas in the end zone. But the refs came through in fine style placing the ball on their 1 centimeter line. Once again this season, Jim Keiler's booming punts were the backbone of the Aggies offense. The tall senior kicked six times for a 45.3 average. Keller got off probably the best punt of the year under poor circumstances in the second quarter. Sophomore Bill Ward demonstrated that he will be a man to watch for the next two years with his stellar line play. George Hargett drew praise from Foldberg for "doing a fine job." short of touchdown. RONNIE CARPENTER-E JIM LlNNSTEADTER-QB ' JIM KELLER-QB JOHN SPARLING-QB Mike Pitman topples TCU Horned Frog gs OuwQassTOU, 14-14 The Ags showed a little of the class that they were supposed to have all season when they ran TCU ragged and created a blood-n-guts 14-14 tie before a warm weath- er crowd of 37,372. If there was any doubt about the colors the Ags were wearing, you should have heard the roar for the Maroon when the stout Aggie defense thwarted the Frogs' final threat for a TD in the last few minutes. Before the kick-off TCU was 13-5 favorite, but A8xM, tiring out of the line like the Aggies of old, tied the game early in the and Rogers pickoff Horned frog as Hargett and Drennan close in to assist. second quarter and then went ahead at the half, 14-7 when big Waylon Ward blocked a TCU punt, scooped up the ball and rambled 17 yards for pay dirt. The stout Aggie defense was led by cen- ter Ray Kubala and tackles Bill Ward, Way- lon Ward, and Ray Gene Hinze. For most of the game, TCU ran its traffic away from the 255 pound Kubala. George Hargett was accredited with the most dazzling scamper of the afternoon, a fancy 31-yard run down the side line that set Up A5M's first touchdown. xx x New 'tt $5 The Texas Aggies had little to yell about against Baylor except ace Mike Pitman's TD interceptions. Three times passes from Baylor's Don Trull ended up in the arms of the mighty mite. Coach Hank Foldberg used five quarterbacks, and until the fourth quarter he had more quarterbacks than first downs. Charles La Grange finally sneaked a TD across with five minutes left in the game. The 27-point difference re'presented Baylor's most convincing win over the Beans Bomb Ags, 24-7 Aggies since the 1901 score of 46-0. It had been 1960 since Baylor last scored a TD on the Aggies. But the Ags, after they couldn't move from the Baylor 10, were just there in body. George Hargett hit Elkins a good whack and then pounced on the ball at the 10. At this point the Ags ex- perienced a series of reverses. For the second straight week tackle Bill Warrd, whose blocked punt helped the Aggies tie TCU, had a big day on defense. Budgie Ford pushes through for another yard. JAMES DRENNAN End . TUFFY FLETCHER . 1 ,l, End , EDWARD BREDING - 3x 5' End . x fit RAY KUBALA-C RICKEY WHATLEY-E JIM STABLER-HB JOHN NILSON-G Rogers recovers fumble on A8TM's 25 yard line. Hogs DmAggfes, 21-7 AfTer a good firsT half, The CadeTs never crossed The Arkansas 42 in The second half. They made only Two firsT downs in The lasT Two periods in suffering Their TiTTh loss. WiTh LaGrange clicking on a 27-yard pass To HargeTT, The Aggies moved To a TirsT down aT The Arkansas 14 afTer The kick off. BUT Tommy Moore inTercepTed aT The one yard line To end The ThreaT. Midway of The period Finch hiT LaGrange. He fumbled and Williams recovered for Ark- ansas aT The Aggie 27. LaTe in The opening quarTer The cenTer snap sailed over The head of Nix, The punTer, on fourTh down. Derlin- ing, The safeTy, elecTed To run The ball ouT and goT as far as The one, where Big Ronnie CarpenTer dropped him. On The firsT play of The second quarTer LaGrange sneaked over. Lee's kick Tied The score. The Aggies, who had gone The Third quarTer wiThouT a firsT down benefiTTed by a pass inTerference ruling for a firsT down aT The 48. Then a TourTh down gamble aT The 42 failed when LaGrange's pass wenT in- compleTe, and The Hogs marched 58 yards in 10 plays To Take a 21-7 lead. Coach Foldberg carried off field by Team afTer The Rice game. Jim Keller, an old Cougar beaTer from way back, made his firsT sTarT of The season aT quarTerback here SaTurday nighT and guided Texas A8TM To a 23-13 win over HousTon. A crowd of 18,055 in Kyle Field saw Big Jim Take advan- Tage of four U of H fumbles To produce Three Touchdowns, a field goal and The firsT Aggie vicTory of The season. The Aggies dangerous 6-2 defense held The Cougars To 43 yards rushing and fierce CadeT Tackling caused U of H To cough up The fooTball when and where H hurT. Houston had The ball for only 25 rushing plays, while The Aggies' conTrol TacTics aimed for The mosT parT aT The Cougars' IefT side, gave Hank Foldberg's Troopers The JOHN BROTHERTON-E PAT BARTON-T BILL WARD-T ball for 73 rushes. Keller, used primarily as a safeTyman in A8TMIS Three previous games, scored Two Aggie Touchdowns and kepT A8:M drives alive wiTh key fourTh-down runs which paid off in new series of downs. The new model Budgie Ford lno relaTion To TU's led all rushers wiTh 97 yards in 17 carries for 5.7 average and Jim LinnsTeadTer came on in The second hahC To gain 44 in six ThrusTs. Coach Foldberg invenTed a couple of surprises for his old compaTrioT Bill Yeoman and HousTon spenT The resT of The nighT Trying To figure Them ouT. JERRY ROGERS-FB MIKE PlTMAN-HB GEORGE HARGETT-HB TOM MURRAH-G Waylon Ward stops Rice Owl in final minutes of a surprising game. was; UPMQ my ieoe Ol' Sarge rose up out of SWC cellar and gave Rice something to think about, and probably gave TU scouts ulcers. Ol' Sarge dusted off his dress whites and conked the favored Owls right in the kisser with a 13-6 defeat. The Aggies recovered from a blow that had stag- gered teams far better than theirs: a 98- yard touchdown return on the game's opening kick-oft by Gene Fleming. The A95 fought back with two field goals by Bobby Lee, and a third quarter scoring drive engineered by Jim Keller to bring revenge after four years of Ray Gene Hinze trips up Owl for an incomplete pass. Rice domination. Lee's second field goal was a 44-yarder, with less than three minutes to play, that settled a day of dare-devil football. The first half ended in 6-3, Owls leading. Then it happened-the whole tenor of the game changed. The crowd was so keyed up that it seemed to affect both teams, the Aggies more so. Wing little Travis Reagan scored the winning TD, slanting outside end for five yards, and walking over Gene Fleming who had shamed the A95 on the open- ing kick-otf. own, had barely missed winnihg: a genie Th person ThoughT They could win . The unbeaTen Sips, wiTh The help of some 7 er calls by; The refs, rallied in The IasT minuTej and 19 seconds To defeaT; The Ags, 15-13, and assure Themselves of a naTIonai fooTballe from H Three Times, on Texas' Ted-ious, drive To The game's winning TD. 5 . y I ' ' i . The Aggies oquid Themselves wiTh' good plays The pass To Reagan, ThaT senT The Aggies on To a 7-3 lead aT The half, was a Touch of perfecTion on The parT ofySenior QuarTerback v31917i753uym$ WW; ,Kelier. j Tea-sips call iT sour grapes, buT The films show The criTical planyillenborg in The end zone wiTh The ball in his hands and" boTh feeT planTed firmly wiThin The end zone. lmparTiaI rffans can'T begrudge The Aggies' biTTer self-regreT. They were gallanT underdogs, and came closer Than any Team To over- Turn The Tea-sips' saucer. This series of seven picTures shows how Travis Reagan scored The firsT TD for The A95 on Turkey Day. The piTch To Reagan, ThaT senT The Aggies on To a 7-3 lead aT The half, is a biT complicaTed, so here's Reagan's personal sTory: "Two halfbacks, IaTer idenTified as Jim Hudson and Joe Dixon, boTh hiT me as I iuggled The ball, and l wouldn'T have caughT iT oTherwise. They knocked me mm it When The ball came down They weren'T around, and I Took off down The sideline." CarpenTer lenT a helping block on ScoTT AppleTon C'I was glad To geT a piece of him'U abouT The Texas 30, and Tony King's goal line Tackle came Too IaTe. Reagan and King boTh splashed waTer as They slid inTo The end zone, and H was a weT, glorious Aggie Touchdown. CarpenTer-"We wenT ouT and goT The game ball, because we felT we deserved iT. Their capTain, David McWiIIiams, walked up To geT H and I iusT reached down and goT iT. He Tried To grab H, and he said, "We won and H belongs To us." I Told him ThaT we furnished The game ball and we were going To keep H, and he iusT leT go and l goT iT." Willenborg makes mOST disputed catch of The season. Reagan geTs unscheduled baTh for his efforTs. h L. to R.: Billy Atkinson, Cecil Ferguson, Dick Stringfellow, Ken Norman Paul Timmins. Kneeling: David Styles, Shelby Mefcalf, Don Wilson. 222 Victorious Ags hoist Dick Sfringfellow on their shoulders. A8M 61 71 71 96 7O 58 61 56 99 75 92 65 65 74 83 72 82 79 77 6O 82 75 7O 65 $EAQON RECDRD OPPONENT Houston ........................ 58 Utah State ...................... 94 UTah U. ........................ 98 Sam Houston ................ 63 Okla. City .................... 80 Miss. STaTe .................... 54 Washington .................. 53 Wichita .......................... 70 Wyoming ...................... 87 SMU .............................. 61 TCU .............................. 94 Texas ............................ 60 Houston ........................ 73 Rice ................................ 70 Baylor ............................ 58 Arkansas ........................ 64 Texas Tech .................... 84 Rice ................................ 67 Baylor ............................ 71 Arkansas ...................... 57 Texas Tech .................... 7O SMU .............................. 7O TCU .............................. 66 Texas ............................ 63 Coach MefcahC has compiled a fine record in his first year as head basketball coach. HEAD COACH SHELBY METCALF 0:- v A 7: wk WWW 77"7 'W7W7W7774 I J v;w,rv , Bill Robinette, John Beasley, Tim Timmerman, Bill Gasway, Lynn Merritt, John Reynolds, Bennie Lenox, 1 7 7 Wm wwmwwaw r W. Mw3l.. --vw-ra ! 1 I Aggies Bumpm , 7 JANUARY, COLLEGE STATION Guard Bennie Lenox led a clawing, sagging Aggie defense To anoTher Ag vicTory over TCU. MeTcalf's crew confiscaTed The backboards like They were crediT cards for grade poinTs pulling down 61 rebounds To 46 for The Frogs. Bill RobineTTe gave an ouTsTanding performance, clearing The boards 11 Times while sophomore Dick STring'fellow had 10 rebounds wiTh several steals. All-American candidaTe Bennie Lenox pumped in 27 poinTs in nine of 16 field goals and nine of 11 free Throws. Lenox played only 28 minutes. '7'. --' Beasley shoots long for anoTher Two points. Ags Talw 1w 3 MARCH, FORT WORTH TCU's Horned Frogs forced Texas A8tM inTo an exciTing double overTime period here Tuesday nighT, buT The Aggies pulled ouT a nervous 70-66 vicTory To clinch The SouThwesT Conference bas- keTball championship. The CadeTs are now 12-1 in The race, Two games ahead of Texas Tech, 10-3, wiTh only one remaining. This is A8xM's firsT ouT righT champion- ship since 1923, and only The Aggie's second TiTle in 41 years. Ironically, Shelby MeTcalf broughT The TiTle To A8tM in his firsT year as head coach. Junior Guard Paul Timmins sTarTed The laTe rally when he hiT a goal breaking a 62-62 Tie wiTh 3:51 lefT in The deciding period. Timmins was fouled on his scoring drive and Then added anoTher poinT To The Aggie cause aT The free Throw line. Lenox Takes an easy free Throw. r 223 mew 5 JANUARY, DALLAS A81M opened conference play Saturday night in Dallas with a 75-61 victory over the SMU Mustangs. The Ponies were 10 point favorites but couldn't contend with the Aggie height and torrid shooting of Bennie Lenox who paced the Cadets with 27 points. Outstanding defensive man for the Aggies was Bill Robinette. The Lynx in action! Aggies Couch Ponies 28 FEBRUARY, COLLEGE STATION With Bill Robinette swinging the lasso, the Aggie cagers corralled the SMU Mustangs Friday night, 75-70, and in the process latched onto at least a share of the SWC basketball title. Robinette, 6-7 senior from Port Arthur, ac- counted for 17 points in pacing the Cadets to their 11th Conference victory. The win kept the A95 atop the loop standings. Robinette hit five straight from outside the circle to bring the Maroon from a one-point half-time deficit to a seven-point lead. The event that set Aggie fans aglow with hope for the future was John Beasley's record- breaking rebound pace. The 6-8 center from Kildare pulled down 13 rebounds to give him 223 for the season. Robinette looks on as Norman sinks two. 224 .g'kA , Bill RobineTfe shows why he was ouTsTanding defensively for The Ags. Ags Dump Owis 15 FEBRUARY, COLLEGE STATION Texas A8TM, spurred on by 8,000 healThy-Iunged fans, wore ouT The Rice Owls in The second half here SaTurday nighT and won a key SWC game, 79-67. Rice wenT down for iTs fourTh loss in eighT games, bUT The Owls needn'T hang Their heads. They gave The supreme efforT unTil The Aggies sTeadily overcame Them in The IasT 14 minuTes. Soph John Beasley, Mr. AuTomaTic from around The keyhole, produced 25 poinTs To lead boTh Teams. Clear Creek's Bennie Lenox added 22 and ouTscored his rival, Rice's Kendall Rhine, by four. Cadets Edge Owls 3 FEBRUARY, HOUSTON SaTurday nighT, a gallanT band of fired-Up Aggies quelled The confidenT Rice echoes as They downed The Owls, 74-70, for Their fourTh sTraighT conference vicTory. STaged before The largesT Rice baskeTball crowd in his- Tory, The Ags edged Their way closer To a championship as They were spearheaded by The sparkling shooTing of soph John Beasley who scored 22 poinTs and Tied Rice's wonder, KendaIl Rhine. The Ags dominaTed second half acTion Though Rice kepT wiThin sTriking disTance righT To The end. The lead changed sides on 10 occasions wiTh The MeTcalf crew on The long end seven of Those Times. f - T 3 RobineTTe vs. Rice for The rebound. 225 TT Edges Aggies 12 FEBRUARY, LUBBOCK A lQ-poinT lead siTTed Through The fingers of The gallanT Ags as TT's Sid Wall hiT a long one-hander wiTh Two seconds lefT in The ball game To give The Red Raiders a Thrilling 82-80 vicTory. The full courT press proved To be The CadeTs' nemesis again as a husTling Glen Hallum repeaTedly sTole The ball To whiTTle down The Aggie's margin. A full house of 10,150, plus 3,000 more fans waTching closed circuiT TV in an adioining audiTorium, waTched A8TM Take The Tip-off and move ouT To a quick four poinT lead on shoTs by John Beasley and Bennie Lenox. Beasley Takes an easy Two-poinTer. FalwumTalwlt 25 FEBRUARY, COLLEGE STATION The vicTory ThaT puT The CadeTs Two games ouT in from of Their nearesT rivaI-Techtwas even sweeTer, con- sidering Tech's win over The Aggies in Lubbock, buT This Time The clock kepT running. Tech Took Their firsT, lasT and only lead of The game when sophomore Dub Malaise opened The conTesT wiTh a free shoT. Then A8xM's Top sophomore, John Beasley, Took over and H was all Big John for The nexT Two and a hahc minuTes. Beasley hiT four jump shoTs and a free Throw To boosT The CadeTs To a 12-5 margin. A8TM Coach Shelby MeTcalf played 11 men, and all 11 played like all-conference selecTions. . Lenox pushes Through for Two more poinTs. 226 ..,4- -, CadetsDumpTU 13 JANUARY, AUSTIN With a tremendous display of poise, shooting accuracy and near-errorless basketball, A8:M's cagers gained sole possession of first place in the SWC roundball race with an ego-boosting,. chances-boosting 65-60 victory over the Long- horns in Austin Saturday afternoon. Aggie coach Shelby Metcahc showed an over- flow crowd of 7,800 in Gregory gym, and sev- eral hundred thousand TV viewers, a hustling, heads-up ball club with a well-balanced attack and surprising depth for a squad with so many first year men. The Ag victory was a vivid illus- tration of the outstanding job Metcalf has done in his first year as head man. Dick Stringfellow drives through for the Iay-up. TUChokesOut 5 MARCH, COLLEGE STATION The Ags came within a lung's shout of pulling defeat from the iaws of victory Thursday night but TU choked twice and the Cadets squeezed by 65-63. With 0:42 on the clock, A8tM had control and a 64-61 lead. Having a hard time finding the basket, the ball had little trouble finding the hands of Texas' Tommy Helms. Joe Fisher took the pass, threw the ball over his head toward the basket, and scored, making it 64-63. Nineteen seconds remained when the Aggies brought in the ball, TU's Jim Bob Smith intercepted an Aggie pass and was fouled by Paul Timmins. Smith then went to the free throw line amid the screams of 8,500 fans. Oblivious to the yelling, Smith calmly flipped the ball up . . . and missed! Big John displays winning form. 227 TOP: F. Carlton, J. Ballard, 8. Grochett, S. Hillhouse, J. Crain, N. Thompson, bat boy-H. Perkins. SECOND ROW: Coach T. Chandler, B. Crain, M. McClure, B. Hancock, F. Stark, equipment manager-S. M. Meeks. THIRD ROW: manager-E. Hannigan, L. Cobb, A. Koonce, J. Pizzatola, G. Hargett, R. Beller, manager-B. Moore. FOURTH ROW: D. Stewart, C. McGuire, J. Lee, R. Byrd, M. Dawkins, R. McAdams; mascot, Thomas D. Chandler. 9W0 QCOREQ A8tM OPPONENTS 7 TCU ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 14 5 Texas , ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, 2 7 Baylor ............................ 8 9 Rice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 3 SMU , .............................. 2 5 TCU ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 5 TCU ............................... 1 6 SMU l 7 SMU ............................... 2 2 Texas . ............ , ,,,,,,,,,, 3 5 Texas .............................. 2 Tom Chandler's Maroon diamondmen showed they could come through when the pressure was on with their victory in Clark Field in Aus'tim and win the Southwest Conference title. The Aggies put eight men on the Southwest Conference Head Baseball Coach baseball team: Stark, Grochett, Ballard, Koonce, Hancock, TOM CHANDLER Hillhouse tnamed sophomore of the yeart, Hargett. The A95 represented District 6 in the NCAA College World 228 Series. Aggie Senior Frank Stark comes in to catch a pop-up as Bill Hancock watches TCU9EPJEQ: 7-14, 5-1, 234 FORT WORTH: The A8rM baseballer turned philanthropists Tuesday afternoon to give TCU a 7-14 SWC victory in a wild con- test in Fort Worth. Holding a 5-3 lead after six innings, the Aggies committed three errors to open the floodgates for 9 Horned Frog runs in the seventh frame. Sophomore third baseman Billy Crain was the first to offer his donations when his throw to first base on Bob Sanders' grounder was low. Frank Stark slides into second-SAFE!! The Ags picked up a pair of runs on three hits in the eighth inning, but TCU came back with two in their half of the eighth to maintain their 7 run margin. For the first five frames, McGuire and TCU's starter Lance Brown engaged in a pitching duel with both teams scoring twice. The Cadets opened the scoring on a single by catcher Bill Hancock and a double by Lance Cobb in the second inning. COLLEGE STATION: Outstanding pitching performances by Chuck McGuire and Steve Hillhouse gave the Aggies a pair of 5-1 victories over TCU in Travis Park Friday and Saturday. McGuire allowed five hits under the lights Friday while striking out 11 and walking three. Hillhouse went one stretch of 15 straight outs, giving up but three singles and striking out eight. The Ags managed four hits against TCU in the first game. But one was a 340-foot home run against the wind by sophomore Allen Koonce with Bill Grochett on base. Koonce and Jerry Ballard picked up a pair of singles each to pace the Ags' hitting Saturday against Lance Brown. The Ags have To geT in a liTTle baTTing pracTice before going To Omaha This summer. WQEPJEQ: 7-8, 7-4, 2-0 WACO: The Baylor Bears spoTTed The CadeTs a quarTeT of Tallies in The opening frame and Then wenT on To Take an 8-7 decision in Waco. Coach Tom Chandler's Maroon seT The bombardmenT pace early wiTh Jerry Ballard, Bill GrocheTT, and Bill Hancock banging singles in The TirsT inning. The hiTs plus Two sTraighT errors by The Bear shorT- sTop and a sacrifice fly from The baT of Billy Crain ac- counTed for The Ag runs. COLLEGE STATION: Allen Koonce slammed a 340 TooT home run in The sevenTh inning To give A8TM The decision. Koonce blasTed his big one afTer singles by Jerry Ballard and Bill GrocheTT. The blasT gave The CadeTs a 6-3 lead. COLLEGE STATION: The seven inning second game Turned ouT To be a piTcher's baTTIe wiTh A8TM's Chuck McGuire hurling a one hiTTer. Baylor Twirler John PorTer allowed only four hiTs buT Three Bear misTakes doomed The BapTisTs' cause. The Ags picked up Their Two runs in The second inning on walks To Billy Crain and Frank STark. George HargeTT doubled To leTT field To bring in one run. Mike McClure, subbing Tor Ballard, reached firsT on an error To bring in The oTher run. COLLEGE STATION: SMU's baseball Team learned The "STark" facTs of life Tuesday afTernoon and decided ThaT They were beTTer off wiThouT Them as The Aggies used a IasT diTch spurT To nose The Ponies aT The wire, 3-2. Frank STark was The jockey ThaT kepT The MusTangs from The winner's circle in Travis Park. Frank belTed a 400 fooT drive over The righT center- field fence To accounT for The AggiesCfirsT TWO runs. STark led off The IasT of The ninTh wiTh a double To The left cenTerfield fence, and George HargeTT redeemed him- self by slashing The firsT piTch down The righT field line, driving in STark and giving The Aggies The vicTory. Texas A8TM had Three-run splurges in Two innings To beaT SMU, 6-1, and hang Tigthy in The SWC baseball race. Chuck McGuire and Johnny Crain combined To hold The MusTangs To five hiTs while The Ags pounded Ten. The Aggies scored Three runs in The second when Lance Cobb singled, Frank STark beaT ouT an infield hiT, George HargeTT Tapped a bad hop single, scoring Cobb and Jerry Ballard regisTered his second hiT To drive in anoTher. DALLAS: SaTurday's game was The same sTory as Leny STeve HillhousesTossed a six-hiTTer while The CadeTs ToTaIed 15 hiTs. Lance Cobb picked up a pair of hiTs and five Another Aggie crosses The p a'r QMU QERIEQ: 3-2, 6-1, 7-2 oTher Ags had Three each. Hillhouse sTruck ouT 10 and walked 2. Fred CarlTon made his firsT appearance in The Aggie sTarTing lineup SaTurday afTer making a game-saving caTch as a laTe inning replacemenT for Allen Koonce who was injured in Friday night's game. George Hargett going home in Friday night's game. Coach Chandler Talks To umpires before The game To get a few Things sTraighT! RICE $9259: 9-5, 1 1-4, 2-0 COLLEGE STATION: A8TM puT 12 men on base Friday nighT, buT could only bring a pair home. Thanks To Chuck McGuire's Three- hiT piTching, only one run was needed as The Aggies won Their ninTh sTraighT game, beaTing Rice, 2-0. The senior chunker from Dallas was superb in sur- rendering singles in The second, sixTh and ninTh while sTriking OUT 13 Owls and walking only Two. The win broughT McGuire's record for The season To 6-2. The Aggies finally broke up The shUT-ouT in The sevenTh. Jerry Ballard picked up his Third single of The nighT and wenT To Third on Bill GrocheTT's lone shoT To lefT field. Allen Koonce Then beaT ouT a slow roller To shorTsTop To score Ballard. HOUSTON: Texas A8xM ouT rallied The Rice Owls for a 9-5 SouTh- wesT Conference baseball win on SaTurday aT Rice. The Aggies punshed Owl piTching for T7 hiTs enrouTe To Their second SWC win againsT Two losses. The Aggies pulled 232 away from Rice Three Times and Twice The Rice Owls came back. BUT a Three run sixTh inning bingo senT The Aggies ouT from 7-5 and STeve Hillhouse haITed The Owls aT ThaT poinT. CaTcher Bill Hancock's single in The firsT inning scored Two Aggies and Koonce's homer in The Third made iT 3-0. x Senior catcher Jerry Pizonola gets in a IiTTle baTTing.pracTice in The cage. A, Y," Chandler gets kiss in Clark Field. The doomed Tea-sips Take The field. QIPQWCE 64$! 5-2, 2-2, 5-2 COLLEGE STATION: Sophomore Lance Cobb supplied The hiTTing and sopho- more STeve Hillhouse The piTching SaTurday as Texas Aggies beaT Texas 5-2 To Throw The SWC baseball race mm a virTual five-way Tie. Cobb accounTed for all of The Aggie's five runs, hiTTing Two homers. He scored in The second inning when senior Third baseman George HargeTT doubled and Then knocked a solo homer in The fourTh. Cobb Then slammed a Two run homer in The fiTTh, bringing in Dewayne STewarT. In The eighTh he walked and scored on Billy Crain's double. Hillhouse wenT The disTance on The mound, giving up only seven hiTs. BoTh of The Texas runs were unearned. Hillhouse was The firsT Aggie piTcher To finish a full game This season. AUSTIN: The firsT round of The Texas A8TM-Texas showdown for The SouThwesT Conference Championship in baseball wound up in a sTalemaTe called afTer Ten innings because of darkness. The Aggies Took advanTage of Texas for four singles and Three runs in,The firsT inning, Then TU iumped in for The lead in The boTTom of The fifTh inning. BUT The Aggies came on sTrong again To end The game in a 5-5 Tie. AfTer seven innings The nexT day, The A95 bowed ouT in The boTTom of The sevenTh, losing, 2-3.. In The second game, Senior firsT baseman Frank STark drilled a Three run double wiTh Two OUT and The bases loaded in The Top of The ninTh inning To give The Aggies a well earned and well deserved 5-2 win over The Sips. L to R: Neil, B.; Aldrich, A.; Williams, R.; Barker, R.; Roias, L.; O'Bryant, B.; Contreras, R.; Coach Omar Smith. lMMlNG STANDING, L to R: Mammalia, Coach; Sido, L.; Hooten, J.; Staples, 6.; Climie, 8.; Beckwith, 5.; McMillan, T.; Adamson, Coach. SEATEDfL to R: Offner, M.; OueleHe, P.; Trifon, D.; Karr, K.; Harriman, 8.; Palmer, M. 234 TlPoq3 : i i ,3 -, . L to R: Jeff Andrick, Ray Neal, Mike Higgins, Doug Dyer, Coach Henry Ransom, Art Kyle, Jay Ferguson, Eddie Carpenter, Ralph Johnston. is??? k 1:: b , l :-l. 3; ' 5 TA t- " A - a - . 0 , W: :- . ' a , h t l . 2f ., . - 3 , A E: 't t W t w; , . K .- K 1 '7 'E 193' t .J ,4 , h . Y. z I . Texas AatMIS master golfers were upset Mike Higgins and Jeff Andrick, A8tM's K h' in SWC play this spring and had to ace golfers, were picked for the SWC 1 '-' ' settle for third place in the conference. playoffs and will represent A8tM this t summer at Lubbock. xv. 235 zy wm MM , ; 1 Coach Thomas displays beaming smile over his two weighfmen, Randy Maison, freshman, and Danny Roberts, senior. .WW myh wqu. x .;7 - "L 3 W W Km: Junior quarter-miler Ted Nelson clocked 46.6 to qualify for the Coliseum Relays. Wwwag aM Randy Matson qualifies for the Coliseum Relays in Los Angeles by tossing the shof 64'10V2". .vaAvx W -M vw mm mm I 'PXWZMMMM ,7 x ' ,,,,W;;;,,.,, m vf; V 16. The 440 relay team of White, Woodall, Mason and Price. if OUHH Atkinson, W, McAdams, R Murrah, T. F. Merritt, R. l mK .md, .mY eb SF W. W. Robinette, Hancock Reynolds, J. Keller, Jim President Craig, J. Anderson, J. Carpenter, R. J. Collins, v ifhin y. 2.. . e ggkjvif. .iiutwusz, 3.3.9:? .Lu 1.: .a, 1! ?mtg..lsf ? A Bounds, Y, Kohlman, J. Hinze, R. Dawkins, M. Hammonds, C. Simmons, M. Fletcher, P. Lee, R. Beasley, J. LaGrange, C. Timmerman, T. Hankins, H. Crain, J. Stark, F. McGuire, C. Goodenough, R. Wellborn, J. The "T" Association was founded on November 14, 1907, at the suggestion of Mr. Karson, then coach of the football and track teams. Its purpose is to provide an organization for fellowship among those who have received athletic honors while at A8tM. To be a member, a person must have received the letter "T" in either a major or minor sport. An additional qualification for one lettering in a minor sport is that the athlete must be a SWC champion in the individual event. Associational activities include the fall banquet, spring picnic, and Meeks' T' the annual All Sports Day at which all visiting high school students for the coinciding High School Day are guests. Overton, A. Nilson, J. Vasser, W. Stringfellow, R. Ward, W. $33,213, BOTTOM TL-RT: T. Reagan, F. Schweining, L. GarreTT, V. Vesekla, R. Morris, J. Palmer, C. Ansley, R. Seymour, L. HaTcher, D. Harvell, B Monier. THl D ROW THU: M: Swan, R: Jones, M Beck, D. May, M. Monroe, E. Gibson, M. Ware, G. Eeds, D. Johnson, N. Wyninegar, J. SimpTon, D. McLain, W. Ward. RD ROW TL-RT: D. HI", B. Devme, J. Bailey, J. Reynolds, M. Hopkins, B. Franks, B. Brady, D. Simmons, P. Scoggins, J. Bowles, G. Clark. 2 1m gngg-ISEDGSIiOBVSTTEJgT TL-RT: JT Swenke, C. Pugh, J: Jackson, J. Benson, R. LeifesTe, J. Bailey, B. Paulson, J. Ray, J. Benes, P. Jozwaik. Top R T - h. B. Camp, R. Kubala, J. Nicholson, R. Sandford, B. Grammer, T. Richards, J. WrighT, M. Myers, J. Lively, A. HoyT, C. Prescott, J. Keller. OW TL-RT: T. Tillery, P. BrosTek, C. Madden, J. OrTs, P. McKinnis, C. Jung, G. Kaderli, P. Lester-Captain. CmpsTops mam, 22-14 The Corps won The second annual TwelfTh Man Bowl over The civilians. Fullback Van Veselka, quarTerback Ed Gibson and halfback Mike Hopkins were The' ouTsTanding players for The Corps in Theierecond vicTory of The young series. Veselka inTercepTed a pass, recovered a fumble and ran 70 yards Through The cenTer of The line for The second Corps 240 score. Gibson hiT Hopkins wiTh a pass for The Corps' second TD and Then ran for The Two poinT conversion. The civilians opened The scoring when Dick Lewis weaved 42 yards for a TD wiTh 5:50 IefT in The TirsT quarTer. Condy Pugh passed To Ronnie Sandford for The exTra poinTs. ?.rkbrztil Rex Graham, Steve hrow 't B Lynch-Vice President A side Mat techniques. Bo I v, s, illhouse, John Speedie, Tif Simmons, Greg Mann, Rick Tessada, Kenneth Dessert, Dan Parker, .1 r a .n h g n e g r 0 e G n, w o r B k .m R e, n a L e C U r B S: f r e b O R n h o J 01v r e b m a B m In; .B d. n E .lo a n O R -Secrefary and Treasurer, Larry Stephens-Advisor, Glenn Piersall-President KNEELING-L. to R.: Jerry Woodson The familiar back throw. Russell McAfee . to R.: Don Edens, Steve H to R is? throw. L L SITTING- A high wa I I FRONT ROW SECOND ROW Chupik, Captain R. Hewitt-lnsfructor. BACK ROW, STANDINGw STANDING-L. To R.: Benito Lopez, capTain, Mexico; Jose Rodriquez, CosTa Rica; Mauricio Martinez, El Salvador; Klaus Seeger, Argentina; Guillermo ValienTe, El Salvador; Julio Diaz, El Salvador; Don Gilmore, UniTed STaTes; Juan Dominguez, Mexico; and Corrigan Cooper, Honduras. KNEELING-L. To R.: Richard Smith, GuaTemala; Fernando Roias, Mexico; Armando Velarde, Peru; Ricardo Percival, CosTa Rica; Guillermo Castro, CosTa Rica; Carlos MaTamoros, Honduras; Jasson Gryzagoriois, Brazil; Eduardo Estrada, CosTa Rica; Charles Valarezo, Ecuador; and Humberto Angel, Columbia. WTW Tm wa FooTball soccer, The world's mosT popular organized sporT, has been aT A81M for over Ten years. In This period, The A8TM Team has had many Triumphs, including The sTaTe champion- ship in 1957. Ever since 1957, A8tM has been Trying To regain ThaT Title, and in boTh 1960 and 1963 The Team finished sec- ond. This year, The Aggies again Took second place in The STaTe. LasT year's record 18-1-1 was good enough To place The Aggies in The finals. UnforTunaTely, The only loss of The season was in The championship game To San AnTonio's inTernaTional soccer Team This year. ATTer a season record of 11-2-1, The Aggies reTurned To The cup finals, buT were again defeaTed by The defending champion, San AnTonio. Besides The Texas Cup, The Aggies sponsored The FifTh Annual Pan American Week TournamenT on our campus, hosT To TU, SouThwesTern, and ST. Mary's. Our Aggie Team is made up of players from many counTries, including The U. 8., Mexico, GuaTemala, ArgenTina, El Salvador, Honduras, CosTa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecua- dor, Brazil, Philippines. Soccer had iTs U. S. beginnings on The easT coasT, buT Euro- pean and LaTin American influence has spread soccer over The norThern and wesTern porTion of The counTry. PPmeZbI BACK ROW-L. to R.: C. E. Evans-Sponsor, Jim MackFee, Bill Gibbs, Joe Depasqual, Hector Diaz, Jerry Levy. FRONT ROW-L. To R.: Pete Hickman, Ed Merrif, Bill Altman, Ben Jackson, Dave Engle. M ?, i , TOP ROW L. to R.: Tom Thompson, Melvin Cockrell, James N. Phillips, Mike Read, Sgt. Farnsworth, T. Cox, Lonnie L. Powell, Terrell Mullins. BOTTOM ROW-L. to R.: Robert M. Nalley, Mack B. Hodges, Tom Smith, Charles F. Wetherbee, Gary L. Byrd, Carl E. Long, Bennie L. Riddle, Wm. J. Birdsong. 243 Intramural Managers: KNEELING: Brewer, Carter. FIRST ROW: Hart, Stephens DirectorL Riley, Wilson, Cramer. Class A VolleybalI-KNEELING: Davis, Byrd, Jones. STANDING: Bryant, Rasch, Crank, Griffin. 244 Oberhoff, Howard, Gunter, Parker, Clements. SECOND ROW: Smith, Medford, Davis, Evans, Aw. .- v m ,.. $$3 $1 'r WW wwm,www ' "WwwmwwMW ' ;," M", wyzww ? Class B Swimming: BACK ROW: Schade, Parsons, Dinwiddie. FRONT ROW: Hwy Class A Handball: G-2: STANDING: Mitchell, Crain, Beamer, Rodriquez. KNEEL- ING: Vick, Basham, Wagner. Class B Wrestling: STANDING: Crouch, KNEELING: Savage, Sartain, Lee, Curtis. Rakoff, Stevens, Mitchell, Warren. Class A Tennis: Sq. 8: STANDING: Burk, Crank, Rasca, Griffin. KNEELING: Wade, Gibson. Franze, Canglose, Wall, Class A Track: Sq. 11 16: STANDING: Col- lins, Stabler. KNEELING: Breeding, Lee. Class B Volleyball: F-3: STANDING: Zak. KNEELING: Cooner, Englebrecht, Young. Class B Tennis: Sq. 2: STANDING Chewning, Willoughby, Biles. KNEELING: Joyer, Cooper, Aldrich. Class B Handball: A-l: STAND lNG: Schade, Keisling, Garza, Grove. KNEELING: Supercinski, Lackland, Jones, Park. Class C Football: Dorm 13: STANDING: Clancy, Class C Basketball: Walton Hall: STANDING: Rodgers, Wood, rows, McKinnis. KNEELING: Stuart, Nieto, Weber. x Bur- 246 Class C Softball: Vet Students: STANDING: Kirk, Smith, Burchers, Frosch, Class C Horseshoes: Puryear Hall Nash, Teague, Goetz, Harris, Griggs, Smith. KNEELING: Marshall, Cass, Mitchell, Fisher, Burnett, Callaway, Lester, Warren. 1'7 Wood. KNEELING: Tatum, Ward, Norwood, Holmes, Beethol, Wilson. Class A Running Events: STANDING: Brumley, Haberf. KNEELING: Currington, Dennison. ; wzmwzxw; 1 1., i; g: M g 3; i i 2 I Class C Volleyball: Puryear: STANDING: McDougall, Smallwood, Peterson, Class A Softball: Sq. 14: STANDING: Meredith, Duchamp, Rodgers, Waligura, Warren. KNEELING: Fisher, Lester, Callaway. Schark, Hardgrove, Leigh. KNEELING: King, Roff, Rainey, Dwordczyk. Class A Horseshoes: Sq. 10: Zimmerman, Siegelin, Bond, Warren, Belote, Yarbrough, Bordorsky. . - . . Inf 2, "half! t1, ywxsk? Ix? dagilenblrikbtlbL PDT?! Kg'pg! L IE ., va-W ORGANIZMONQ A brie1c summary of The various clubs, associations and campus groups at A8aM, assimilated as Y. - ,.v .a'W WVWY, follows: i, 5 Student Publications ..................... page 250 ' Organizations ............................ page 259 Professional Clubs ...................... page 289 HomeTown Clubs ........................ page 325 Mofher's Ciubs ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, page 366 i F- L The Memorial Student Center, living room of the campus, center of University activities. y 249 QTUDENF PUBLICAHONQ i 639? gxngb,eratta'i0" 4x. 'Iwomrvz QQPW TEYEWM figiizaw: .XW': WK ?:?35 1 I ' ,m-A II; ' "ion h." afar; .1 F0013 Ed 7 mm , . 1v . g ELI!!! Student Publications at A8 M provide media of communica- Tions and practical experience in the field of journalism. JIM LINDSEY Director of Student PublicaTions 250 STANDING: Winston Wilson, Bill Braden, Tom Hargrove, Wayne Hanna, Mike Wuensche, Charles Urbanic, Lee Ballinger, Roland Smith, Mike Jack- son. SEATED: Ted Gentry, Ham McQueen, Larry Braidfoof. AGRICULTURIST STAFF Editor . LARRY BRAIDFOOT Managing Editor NICK MCGUIRE Editorial Assisfanf ...... LEE BOLLINGER Editorial Assistant HAM MCQUEEN Circulation Manager TED GENTRY Faculty Advisor . MR. JOHN HOLCOMB Faculty Advisor .- DR. PAGE W. MORGAN Faculty Advisor DR. A. B. WOOTEN Cartoonisf DAVID LYONS AGGIE "All right now, we'll make this meeting as short as possible-l realize that everyone has finals tomorrow, but we've iust got to get to'work and get some of this book out. Jack, how far along on the civilians are you?" "Well, actually, I really haven't got too much to go on, so far. You know how it is, trying to get anything out of the civilians. Ever tried to wring water out of a rock?" "Well, how about you, Randy, have you gotten that material from the Student Senate yet?" Well, you know how it is with the civilians, Chris, have you ever tried to . wring water from a rock?" - Editorial Staff: Big-John Sparky, asst Ink-Slinger; Pogmahc $chaefen Head Hench: "Uh, no. H ap, have Groad .Taylor, Other Honcho; Aristotle Collins, Intelligence Officer; Hot-Stuff Haggar , YOU gotten anything from Head P'casso' the athletic department yet?" Well, not really; you know how it is with them, it you've ever tried to squeeze water out of a shot put. "Uh, yes. Well, Randy, have you . . ." "Ho! Ho!" "That was very cute, Hap. Randy, have you gotten . . . "You're no Milton Berle yourse'lf, y'know." "All right! Randy, have you gotten anything from the clubs as yet?" "You know how it is, Chris. Have you ever tried . . ." "Yeah, I know! Tom, how much advertising have you pulled in?" "Not too much, really. You know how it is if you've ever. . ." "All right, All right! We all know! Now look, all kidding aside, it's getting late in the year now, and we've got to get this stuff done. We need organization, cooperation, and, above all, a sincere effort on everyone's part. We can't afford to fool around any longer. We've all got to buckle down, really get serious, and get this thing finished up. The time for beer-busts, good bull and fun is past. It is now time to work! Work hard, and work seriously! II Class: Squirrel Wallace; Flop Gearingp-Military Heger, Chief of Operations; Ten-Hut Senuta; D'on't-Mess-With-Me Thurman. Hometown Corporation lSeen hanging around the Aggieland officel; Mad-Man Marek; Tex Alfonso; Big Bad Baker; l'm-a-Suave-Guy Hunt,- Wallace Magoo, City Manager; Fearless Fred Schweining; Richard Burton Long; Robert Thunder-Road Mitchum. 252 uQ. - D Really get down, put some Though? info it, put some work into if, and get finished up. If we don't, we're liable To be here all summer. Now, let's get serious, and get with if. Wallace, how soon can we expect those pages from your section?" "Well, Chris; you know how we are, if you've ever tried To wring wafer from a . . ." ah uanghe-m' A' i "We care enough . . . iust enough." Sports Department: Crazy Legs Cook,- Ben Hogan Harrell; Mickey Mantle Werf, Athletic Officer and AII-American Boy. Civilians and Moth'ers' Clubs Division: Donnie the Cnp Rehmef; Okie Holt, Commanding General. "It's spelled D-R-E-S-S-E-R. No? D-R-E-S-S-H-E-R!" Index Section: Shady Lane; Military Diefz; Boon-docks Brock; Tex Stupka; lvy-League Dickson; Rudolf Uhe Mousew Herman, section head and chief suspect,- Manly Man- nmg. fight than switch." Military Battalion: FRONT: Harmless Honeycutt; Yogi Bear Matocha; By-the-Book Warren, Commander; Discipline-plus Wepe pler. Rear: Dick Rommel Campbell; Disciplineless Carpenter; "Us Terrytown smokers would rather Professional Clubs. On left: Hollywood Rasbury. In rear: Bird- Man Hammond. Center: The Three Mousekefeers; Bettge; ' - Crawford; Holladay. In front: The thinking man-R. P. Smith. Pled Piper. 253 THE WHOM . Editor ......................................................................... DAN LOUIS Managing Editor , RONNIE FANN Sports Editor JIM BUTLER THE BATTALION, the official newspaper of the University and College Station, is staffed entirely by students. It reflects the sentiment and opinions of the student body. We commend the editors and staff iknown affectionately as Batt-men because the; only operate at night, in cavesi on a job well done. THE BAT- TALION is one of the major student publications, and a rewarding feature of life at A8iM. "Oh no! Who wrote that?" Batt editor Dan Louis examines his publica- tion with a fiercely critical eye. Managing Editor Ronnie Farm, in his customary role of manag- ing the news. Wright, checks out press releases with Glen Dromgoole. Ken Coppage, staff photographer, operates enlarger in press dark- room. Rare photograph of Jim Still on the sidelinew Butler shows him at typewriter. Rare indeed. Controversial staff writer Mike Reynolds tries to get his opinions down on paper, while helpful contemporaries Maynard New Rogers, Marvin Schultz, Bob Shulz and Clovis McCallisfer try to decide just what his opinions are going To be. 255 n u a : .lmJAAnm.-Av '9d;s 256 ,4 ,, Bennie Smith, Wayne Terrell, Bill Gibbons, Joe Sfuckey, Bob Lee, Mike Higgins, Bob Holloway. Editor ........... ENGINEER STAFF CORKY FORSTER - MIKE HIGGlNS Associate Editor Associate Editor BOB HOLLOWAY Layout Editor ArT Editor Business Manager JAY NICHOLS - ROBERT G. LEE LEO DUSARD .pj; x mfmr '-'-7:': nwv ,-.7- A, , . Jud Rogers, David Jones, John McC!ung, Tom Hargrove REVIEW STAFF Edifor ................................................................................. DAVID S. JONES Managing Editor - VA- ..................... JOHN McCLUNG Associa're EdiTor .............................................................. CRAIG ABBOTT Sfaff WriTer ....................................................................... PAUL STUDLEY Sfaff Wrifer ...................................................................... TOM HARGROVE Photographer ............................... JUD ROGERS Advertising Manager ,, TED JABLONSKI Art Director ................................................................. A JIM HUNT FaculTy Advisor ............................................................ DELBERT MCGUIRE FOURTH ROW: Wolf, McGuire, McCann, Simpson, Gage. THIRD ROW: Ligon, Schroeder, Banks, Crawford, Airhar'r, Deen, Shafer. SECOND ROW: Sheets, Clark, Carter, Simmons, Broussard, Good. FIRST ROW: Shores, Breeding, Ward, Bullard,Crews,CroUch. ; Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BILLY WARD - Executive Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PATRICK CROUCH . Production Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BILL BREEDING . Associate Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TRAVIS MCGUIRE Cartoonist ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JIM LOVlCK Photographer .................................................................... PERRY SHEETS Business Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TOMMY BULLARD : 258 WM Me WVW . Aggie parachuter Tries for accuracy. A8TM'5 parachute Team Took sec- ond place in The United States among Colleges and Universities aT The National l n T e r c o I- legiaTePara- chute Meet, held aT Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. CAMPUQ ORGANIZATIONQ T .- A picTorial record of The clubs, com- ! miTTees, and socieTies which provide various services for The school and The sTUdenT body. CompleTe wiTh a brief ' biT of TascinaTing wriTTen maTerial abouT ; 7? each, provided by The club officers, or, , in cases of delinquency, by The Aggie- T V " land STan. SecTion EdiTed by RANDY SMITH 259 Int. RFIALL PRESIDENT WI ,8? Springer VICE PRESIDENT M V Strandtman SECRETARY J. Ciemenfs TREASURER F. Watson SGT. AT ARMS G.,;.Schaefer PRESIDENT Jerry Sfrandtman 260 d a! Texas A8IM In The spring of 1962. Its many service activities include annuaa blood drIve, ushering at various campus functions, aiding district SPRING J. Strandtman H. Sheiness J. Mayo F. Watson B. Baummel SWEETHEART Anita Tolman OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bonnie Morgan VICE PRESIDENT ,, Muriel Silcock SECRETARY ................................................ Cheryl Ahrens TREASURER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Paula Burke REPORTER ............................................ Raymonda Almand PARLIAMENTARIAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jane Tidwell SPONSORS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mrs. J. Hannigan Mrs. Bennie Zinn FIRST ROW: Gopffarth; Hannigan; Zinn; Tidwell; Morgan; Silcock; Ahrens; Burke; Blaschke; Harper. SECOND ROW: Rubec; Charlton; McCann; Kavanaugh; SchlichT; MerriTT; Surovik; Grubbs; Haag; Hodges. THIRD ROW: Warwick; Claque; Walker; Smith; Calk; Eronimous; Boyd; Owens; Hulen. T, The obiecTive of The Aggie Wives Council is To provide service and To promoTe l fellowship and cooperaTion beTween The various wives' clubs on campus. The council is composed of one elecTed represenTaTive and The presidenT of each wives' club. lTs many acTiviTies for This year included The "old hosiery drive," annual 1. council Tea, serving aT The freshman recepTion and The faculTy recepTion, publish- 5 ing of a married sTudenTs direcTory and guide and a monTth newsleTTer of club i acTiviTies, parTicipaTion in The Brazos CounTy T.B. Ass'n., and The sponsorship of . The Mrs. Texas A81M ConfesT. PRESIDENT Bonnie Morgan OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........................................ Charles Shook VICE PRESIDENT .................................. Jon Booker ,7 VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Don Carter VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Ed Michael 1'; TREASURER ........................................ Ken Shipman SECRETARY ................................... Travis Brice PARLIAMENTARIAN ............................ Jim Simpson CHAPLAIN ........................................ Lance Bullard SEATED: PickeTT; Springer; Murray; Booker; Shook; Brice. STANDING: Gayle; Kleibrink; Franklin; Bullard; Simpson; Beck; Bell; Ford; Bullard; Marsala; Hill. APARTMENT COUNCIL In iTs sevenTh year of exisTence, The AparTmenT Council has worked Toward creaTing uniTy among married sTudenTs. The council has played an imporTanT parT in keeping The married sTudenTs and Their wives informed of campus acTiviTies. Sweetheart RUTHIE HALL 26l AQQOQNTON OF FORMER MEMBERS OF THE F1914 DRILL TEAM SWEETHEART Geneva Moehring PRESIDENT Mark Jackson VICE PRESIDENT Ben Wolfe SECRETARY Melon somherland FIRST ROW: Capt. Lorms; Wolfe; Jackson; Southerland; Wallace; Carr; Capt. Hewitt. SECOND ROW: Rogers; Koch; TREASURER Suib; Holditch; Williams; Smith; Fiegel. THIRD ROW: Norton; Thornton; Nowlin; Nachod; Gregory. FOURTH ROW: Charles Wallace Martin; Cordero; Melcer; Gay,- Darmon; Medina. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Robert Carr CHAIRMAN TROPHY COMMITTEE Damon Holditch CHAIRMAN CEREMONIES COMMITTEE Albert Williams SPENiOES In 1961, a group of Aggies who were former members of the Fightin' Texas ap. orms CaptHewm Aggie Fish Drill Team were not satisfied to let their interest in the Fish Drill Team terminate with the end of their freshman year. They decided an organization of former members should be formed to aid the drill team. They realized that the drill team was a self-supporting organization which placed a large burden on the team members. As a result, the Association of Former Fish Drill Team Members was organized in the fall of 1961. Since, through the efforts of the team and the association, the Fish Drill Team is beginning to receive some of the support and recognition it deserves as an outstanding representative of Texas A8tM. As membership and interest in the association increased, plans for an in- vitational drill meet began to formulate. After two years of planning and coordinat- ing, the Texas A81M lnvitatiohal Drill Meet was organized. However, due to pigemae $2222 L'aMgingyZQ conflicts with other intercollegiate activities, it had to be postponed for this year. The Meet will now be an annual event bringing several hundred college and high school students to Aggieland. The competition will be one of the largest in the Southwest, with teams from Arizona to Alabama, and Texas to Indiana receiving invitations. Trophies are to be awarded in the college and high school divisions. The Association plans to do much more for the team and thus help spread knowledge of the Spirit of Aggieland through the Fish Drill Team. PRESIDENT . . a Mark Jackson 262' Awwm . . Ape ARE AND SCIENOEQ COUNCIL Don R. Mahaley Robert Denny Thomas M. Ashey Dr. George Schlesselman PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY SPONSOR Problems relating 10 studies and student life are aired in the council by the elected representatives of The departmental and technical clubs within Arts and Sciences. T. C. Kolkhorst Roger Blakeney Don McGown Donald Neumann Terry Edgington Cecil Bourne Keith Ward Jim Harrell James Bourgois Tom Cardwell Joe Eckles Sim Lake 263 adm5z$d:-L-;.nn4 ; 3 1: FIRST ROW: Ward,- McCann; Sharp; Dorris; PaTe. SECOND ROW: Morris; Charlton; White; Read; BechTol; McCreary; Holden. THIRD ROW: Baysden; Flowers; Thompson; Schuh; Allen; McGuire; Garcia; Corse; Orchard; Christie; Morris; Lamb; Leggeft; Hudman; Kearney; Price; DenTon; Edwin; Wood; Sheets; Lay- cock; Urso; Taylor; Avery; Shores; Egloff; Blazek; Anderson; CaToTr; Hendry; LeTscher. The Auxiliary To The STudenT ChapTer of The American VeTerinary Medical AssociaTion came inTo exisTence in The fall of 1950. The group is composed of all four years of sTudy. A consTiTuTion was drawn up and adopTed in The spring of 1952. The Auxiliary has a compleTe group of officers elecTed To coincide wiTh The school semesTers. As designaTed in The consTiTuTion, each class is represenTed in a designaTed office. Among The many acTiviTies of The Auxiliary is The sponsorship of exTension courses from Sam HousTon STaTe Teachers' College. Ci-IPJQTTAN QOENCE ORGANIZAHON President CYRIL DURRENBERGER Sweetheart CHERYL BOYD FRONT ROW: Henneberger; Menefee; Durrenberger. 0ND ROW: Weathersbee; Waggoner, Deutsch. The purpose of The ChrisTian Science organizaTion is To promoTe The orderly growTh of ChrisTian Science and To parTicipaTe in auThorized acTiviTies of The ChrisTian Science Church. The organization senT Three members To The college organization meeting in Boston last summer. A lecTure enTiTIed "The Origin and Power of ThoughT" by Paul S. Seely was sponsored by The organizaTion. Weekly meeTings were held in The M.S.C. This year. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ................................ Robert M. Denney VICE PRESIDENT .................... Paul M. Humphries TREASURER ................................ George J. Stengel REPRESENTATIVE TO ARTS AND SCIENCES COUNCIL .................... Sim T. Lake FRONT ROW: Henry; Powell; Lamkin; Anderson; Stengel; Denny. SECOND ROW: Pepper; Fallin; Lake; Vaughan; Humphries. Dr. John Q. Anderson, Head, Dept. of English, presents members of the Debate Team with superior rating certificates as a result of their being undefeated in the annual tournament held at San Marcos. PRESIDENT Robert M. Denney tNotice the old Army Brasst FALL TOURNAMENT RESULTS The purpose of the A8tM Debate Club is to train men in the logical formation of ideas and the effective presentation of them. The club Vg'4n L1055 opnga'o members have an extensive training program during the first semester 6 ' of each year consisting of logical writing, speaking, and practice debates; the payoff comes at the many competitive tournaments en- tered late in the fall and early spring. SOUTHWEST CONFERENCE The Debate Club provides the training for the A8tM Intercollegiate STANDINGS, 1964 Debate Team, which is sponsored by the English Department and Baylor -- 1 the Memorial Student Center. The team, consisting of 10 members, Texas A8tM -- 2 tie makes about eight to ten trips a year, ranging from the Baylor Rice -- 3 tie Invitational Tournament to the University of Arizona Tournament in Texas 4 Phoenix. Texas Tech 5 Arkansas ....... 6 SMU ......... 7 . 5 265 THE FLYING KADEIQ TOP ROW: Jim Sedberry; Ray Jones; Ronald Miller; Jim O'Connell; Travis Raun. FRONT ROW: Gill GaTlin; Larry Anderson; Dennis '1', -. Bentley. T ' . T , W "Yea, buT what Time is it?" "Hi, I'm your new insTru'cfor." OFFICERS , CHAIRMAN ..... .. Ronald Miller SECRETARY-TREASURER ...................................................... Ray Jones VlCE-CHAIRMAN .. Dennis Bentley AIRCRAFT MANAGER A. Jim Sedberry ADVISORS James P. O'Connell Dr. James F. Cooper , . As a stimulus To The growTh of aviaTion inTeresT on The A8TM campus, The Flying KadeTs CommiTTee was formed under The direcTion of The Memorial STUdenT CenTer Council. The purpose of The KadeTs is To promoTe flying, safeTy, skill and inTeresT. The club offers reduced raTes on modern aircrafT aT Easterwood Field and each year parTicipaTes in a naTional air meeT sponsored by The NaTional InTercollegiaTe Flying AssociaTion. Here on The campus, The Flying KadeTs offer To any sTudenT, regardless of classificaTion, The opporTuniTy To learn abouT flying and To parTicipaTe in an enjoy- able program based on flying skill and safeTy. SWEETHEART Vicki Hudson 266 ml: a: HR FIRST ROW: Gunter; Hall; Studley; SchweTz; Evans; Young; Miller; Gray; Hart,- Brown. SECOND ROW: Bell; Lazenby; Riser; Boy; Rawls; Dr. Abbott; STark; Mayeux; Grayson. CHAIRMAN "The World Around Us." OFFICERS The purpose of The GreaT Issues CommiTTee is To sTimU- laTe on The campus an informed and inTelligenT discussion of naTional and inTernaTionaI affairs. To supporT This aim we presenT To The sTudenTs men who know The facTs and policies firsT hand, wiTh The idea ThaT The speakers' opinions do noT necessarily have To agree wiTh Those of The maioriTy. Only in This way can The sTUdenTs be made conscious of all sides of an issue. The GreaT Issues Series is presenTed on The Theory ThaT, in a democracy, agreemenT is noT essenTiaI-parTicipa- Tion is! Harold Brown VICE CHAIRMAN J. H. Gunter Jim Brinkley SECRETARY PaT Gray TREASURER ADVISOR Dr. John Abbott J. W. Stark ADVISOR "Space FiesTa-'64" 267 WERAOOMMMEE The Camera Club provides for The interested siuden'r The facilities, instructions and ac- Tivifies, which help him on his way To becoming an accomplished photographer. The activ- ities consist of Talks given by professional phoiographers, along wiTh many opportunities for displaying personal work Through club contests. PRESIDENT Charles Beal OFFICERS PRESIDENT Charles Beal VICE PRESIDENT John Ward SECRETARY Andy Anderson TREASURER Aubrey Martin Jerry Payne i! 3;; ADVISORS 'I V Herman Kelly I i. C. M. Sykes iii 5 ii i ii 5 Left to Right: Sykes; Beal; Gibson; Ward; Reese; Payne. '4 KNIGMQ 0F COLUMHJQ E i i ., ii ; W i 4 .- V . :x U 5 il n X ? T K i V, .- ., a 1 ' LL . t L i ,l I FIRST ROW: Morgan; Braden; Bockholf; Tovar; Pena; Vivero; Saenz; Grams; Dylla; Villailon. SECOND . ROW: Stermer; Smith; Gorzycki; Alexander; Basiardi; Peisinger; Father Elmer; Colonel Starkey; Schwer'rner; f Kosfer; Eckelkamp. ' , College Station Council No. 3205 was organized in February 1949 as ' ' one of The 3400 councils dedicated to The principles of ChariTy, Unity, OFFICERS i - Fraternity, and Patriotism wifh membership of over one-million members. GRAND KNIGHT ; The Knights strive To increase Their knowledge of Catholicism and 10 P'Iarpena s - . . . . . DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT ; . develop proper relationship between religious and secular pursuns. LouisHovarek J I Council No. 3205 helps in The promotion of proiecfs That benefit CHAPLAIN primarily Catholic Aggies such as St. Mary's Student Center which was Father Charles Elmer . db hK'h l b fT dhl' . CHANCELLOR finance y T e mg is of Co um us 0 exas, an epmg To raise MaitBastardi funds for St. Mary's Chapel. PRESIDENT 268 Pilar Pena IAMAL .uh-g: MODERN LANGLTAGEQ CLUB ;7 T 11 e SWEETHEART Pat Henderex OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........................................... F. Supercinski SECRETARY-TR EASURER PROGRAM CHAI RMAN ....... G. M. Adam Guerra; Arnold; Hernandez; Adam; Gonzalez; Supercinski; Perkins. J. R. Hernandez PRESIDENT Marion W. Leffwick The MSC Music CommiTTee, under The chairmanship of WeSIey LefTwick, has enjoyed a successful year wiTh iTs presenTaTion of ouTsTanding programs. The commiTTee has sponsored such enTerTainmenT as "The A8d Singers" from The Texas College of ArTs and lndusTries, Kingsville; The Sam HousTon STaTe Teacher's College STage Band, HunTsviHe; The Lass-o-Choraliers from Texas Women's UniversiTy, DenTon; The BrazosporT High School A Cappella Chorus, FreeporT; a Barbershop SpecTacular feaTuring The HousTon ChapTer of SPEBSQSA; The Sam HousTon STaTe Teacher's College Brass Choir, DenTon; and The spring concerT of The famed Texas A8TM Singing CadeTs. 269 MSG. COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Brown; Brandt; Morgan; Head; Rowland; Kunkel; Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Skrabanek; McConnell; Hall; Oddson; Furr; Fann; : '1 mt Wimbish; Reuscher. Not pictured: Wier; Stark,- Horsely; Monroe. t 1 The MSU Council is charged with the organization and operation of the activ- ities and events that occur within the Center. It has a student as its president, a student as its vice president, seven other student members, one graduate school student representative, five faculty members, two former students and the director of the Center. hi - . ,.. .434 V OFFICERS t. PRESIDENT Howard Head VICE PRESIDENT .................................................... Mike Wier I '5 SECRETARYJREASURER ........................................ J. VV. Shrk gt h hi Ti SWEETHEART June Hunt 270 MEMOPJAL QIJDENT CENTER DIRECI'OPNE PRESIDENT ........................................ Howard Head VICE PRESIDENT ................................ Michael Wier SWEETHEART VlCE-SWEETHEART Connie Fraker Sylvia Diesse FIRST ROW: Parker; Robinson; Head; Wier; Ilse; Bell. SECOND ROW: Bloodworth; Watson; Griffin; Storey; Leftwich; Wimbish; Beal; Reel; Graham; Ray; Frank. The chairmen of all standing Memorial Student Center Committees comprise the MSC Directorate. The purposes of the MSC Directorate are to correlate the work of the MSC committees, examine common problems, discuss the techniques Of effective group work and community service, and formulate social, recrea- tional, cultural, and educational programs for recommendation to the MSC Council. Each of the committees has a chairman, one or more advisors, and a number of committeemen. The committees include Bowling, Billiards, Bridge, Browsing Library, Camera, Chess, Creative Arts, Dance, Flying Kadets, Great Issues, Leader- ship, Music, Pan American Week, Public Relations, Radio, SCONA, Talent, Travel, Town Hall, and Table Tennis. 27I SADDLEAND QMOIN CLUB The AEQM Chapter of The Saddle and Sirloin Club is rated first in national com- petition on club activities and scrapbooks. The goal of The club is To develop leadership so The members may continue to make outstanding contributions To livestock and related industries. FiRST ROW: Bartoskewitz; Venglar; Rosenbach; Prewitt; Polk; Fohn,- Newton; Duchamp; Morgan; Korenek; Hall; Stein,- Jacoby; Spa- cek. SECOND ROW: Zatopek; Matocha; Cordero; Diaz; Schubert; Sleeper; Morgan; Weathers; Fillinger; Newett; Prochaska; Toman. THIRD ROW: Spence; Zotz; Prewitt; Hubert; Chovanec; McNally; Batsell; Hohman; Parker; Polito. FOURTH ROW: Fincke; Rapp; Ramirez; Smith; Zwarties; Lemke; May; Berger; Klein; Schuck; Ketzler; Otten;Mayeux;Young;Moraski; Heibel. The Newman Club provides a religious education for Catholic students enrolled in a secular college. The club has a threefold purpose: religious, educational, and social. Its aims are to help Newmanites share more intelli- gently and fruitfully in the worship of God, develop a deeper love for the sacraments, and real awareness of God's graces and by the guidance and counsel of their Chaplain to find their part in the lay apostolate. PRESIDENT Dennis Newton OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dennis Newton VICE PRESIDENT Kane Morgan SECRETARY Nick Fohn TREASURER James Polk SENIOR REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Eugene Duchamp SWEETHEART Maureen Caro!a FIRST ROW: Decker, Dave; Heard, Skip; Olden, John,- Finks, John; Deveny, Don. SECOND ROW: Coffin, Charles; Stewart, Bill; Griffey, Bert; Head, Bruce; Grimes, Richard. THIRD ROW: Adams, Robert; Hammond, Jack; Works, Pat; Robinson, Doug; Galloway, Stephen; Hampton, Louis; Diltz, Ray. The Texas A8!M Parachute Club is proud of its contribu- tion to the popularization of America's fastest growing sport. The Club provides organization for sport parachuting, and promotes the sport by presenting it to the public in a clear perspective. The club is proud of its safety record, demon- strating that the sport can be as safe as it is thrilling. Since the club was started, three years ago, there have been over 1,200 iumps made with the club. The Parachute Team brings home trophies from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. h t . . . ,, H CRASH AND BURN OFFlCERS Aggle Skydwer Packing a rag- PRESIDENT John Finks VICE PRESIDENT ............. John Olden TREASURER Carlos Salinas OPERATIONS OFFICER ................ Don Deveny 274 Ac-T: PAN-NAEPJCAN CLUB The Pan-American Club was organized 13 years ago. Among iTs objecTives are To promoTe uniTy and companionship among The sTudenTs of The Americas, and To fosTer beTTer undersTand- ing beTween The visiTing sTudenTs and The communiTy in general. One of The club's main projecTs in 1963-64 was To sponsor a series of informative Talks given by sTudenTs from The dif- TerenT Pan-American counTries represenTed in The club. The Topics of The Talks ranged from peculiar cusToms and Tradi- Tions To presenT day economic and inTernaTional problems. PRESIDENT SWEETHEART Cilia Gutierrez Juan G. Dominguez VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Francisco J. GUTierrez Jaime Cuellar A. Villarreal, Jr. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Juan G. Dominguez VICE PRESIDENT .. Francisco J. GuTierrez SECRETARY ,,,,,, Jaime Cuellar TREASURER . ........ A. Villarreal Jr. Diaz; Paredes; Reachi; Rodriguez; Unikel; Galindo; Montalvo; FIRST ROW: Vega; Castillo; Carrillo; Angel; Boy; Lopez; Minicucci; Watkins; . . Rayan. SECOND ROW: Cuellar; Guevara; Ross; Polin; Rodriguez; Arguellas; Lara; Elizondo; Villarreal; Guerra; GuTierrez; Serna; FossaTl; Garcua; Flores; Gouyaley; Tarfan; Barron; Martinez; AugusTo; Helguero. THIRD ROW: Villarreal; Andres; Estrada; Cordon; Dominguez; Garcna; ResTrepo; Smith. 275 . OFFICERS PRESIDENT L. Malcolm Basham VICE PRESIDENT William C. Swindle SECRETARY William C. Bayer SPONSORS Dr. J. M. Skrivanek Dr. J. A. Dabbs PRESIDENT L. Malcolm Basham FIRST ROW: Graham; Bayer,- Killingsworth; Swindle; Basham; Anthaume; Dabbs; Skrivanek. SECOND ROW: Prugel; Rodgers; Rose; Braidfoot; Larkin; Bott; Martin; Goff; Badgett. THIRD ROW: Paveika; Smith; Warren; Arnold; Proctor; Bernard; Kosowski; Cain. FOURTH ROW: Thompson; Horton; Holden; Batson; Tomberlain; Gon- zalez; Hooks; Bearden; Guerra; Bolte. FIFTH ROW: Combs; Glassford; GoIdenberg; Rozacky; Oliver. In its third year the Texas A8xM Russian Ciub continued efforts to better acquaint the students of A8!M with the Russian language, culture, and people. Much credit for the club's success this year goes to the sponsors, Dr. J. M. Skrivanek and Dr. J. A. Dabbs. CHAIRMAN R. L. Reel FIRST ROW: Hall; Martell; Reel; Holleran; Reyna. SECOND ROW: Wimbish; Josnston; Benson. The Creative Arts Club was formed eight years ago as a result of the "beatnik" movement started in a San Francisco coffee house. As you can tell by the group picture, this club is made up of a bunch of non-regs who got together to try and turn the snack bar in the MSC into their own coffee house. However, the administra- tion disagreed with this idea and thus they demonstrated by growing beards of weird designs. One of the members pictured still seems to be demonstrating. 276 KNEELING: Jackson; Taylor; Todd. FIRST ROW: STevens; Hicks; Robinson; Wise; Cleve; Kiker; CrapiTTo; SaTTler; Todd; WigingTon. SECOND ROW: Brewer; NorthcuT. THIRD ROW: Luzins; South; Lee; Egloff; Dyal; Schlinke; Brown. FOURTH ROW: Green; Stubbs; Thornberry. FIFTH ROW: Robinson; Pipes; Taylor; Traylor. SIXTH ROW: Camero; Wells; Winch. SEVENTH ROW: Garner; Walzel; Hamme; Smith,- White; Duncan. EIGHTH ROW: Voelkel; Samford; Corman. RODEOOLUB WiTh The forming of The National InTercollegiaTe Rodeo AssociaTion Feb. 1, 1949, The Rodeo enThusiasTs aT Texas A8TM, complying wiTh naTional rules, organ- ized The Rodeo Club. All sTudenTs, regardless of Their maior field of sTudy, are eligible To become members and conTinue The phase of rodeoing which They like besT. This associaTion, sponsor of The Aggie Rodeo Team, is seT up in The recreaTional sporTs program under The direcTion of The STudenT AcTiviTies and The InTramural Manager. Each year The club sponsors a N.I.R.A. Rodeo and a QuarTer Horse Show, approved by The American QuarTer Horse AssociaTion and The NaTional CuTTing Horse AssociaTion. SWEETHEART Sonia OliphanT OFFICERS PRESIDENT Frank CrapiTTo VICE PRESIDENT Tad Egloff SECRETARY Mike Mabry TREASURER Wesley Robinson ARENA DIRECTOR . Jerry K. Taylor PROGRAM CHAIRMAN .. BriTT Jarvis PUBLICITY Paul Kiker SPONSOR .. Mr. Bill Jackson PRESIDENT Frank CrapitTo FIRST ROW: Rodgers, Westmoreland; Biggs; Young; Jochimsen; Williams; Whitlock; Smith; Ward; McLeroy; Olivares; Wagner. SECOND ROW: Vandercruyssen; Barnes; Keliy; Dodson; Ruppersberger; Sanderlin; Chalmers; Brandt; Pusch; Stephenson; Tyree; Wallace; Parker. THIRD ROW: Smith; Decker; Sturgeon; Taylor; Reaux; Riggs; Cain; Manning; Schember; Leftwitch; Meiller; Kyle; Lewellan. FOURTH ROW: Warnick; Hatton; Ghormley; Henry; Ficker; Keese; Warren; Neuman; Rupley; Arrington; Braidfoot; Matthews; Ray. Not Pictured: Luymes; Jackson; Gore; Read; Meyer; Scarborough. MPQANDLOCALPBOGWS This year, aside from their annual trip to Dallas for the Miss Teen-Age America Pageant which was telecast nationwide, the famed Singing Cadets of Texas A8iM University made a concert tour which included stops in South Texas and Louisiana. Among the'places on the tour were Paris, Freeport, San Antonio, Uvalde, Victoria and Houston, Texas, and Shreveport, Louisiana. Aside from these tours and trips, the Singing Cadets also made 18 appearances on the campus for conferences and short courses during the school year. FROM THE DIRECTOR- "Music has many charms to soothe, inspire, incite, and teach mankind. It is a means of expressing the complete gamut of emotions. For these young men who use glee club singing as an avocation, music is fun and relaxation as well as a means of expression. We have no music majors, iust men who have a deep and profound love of music and people. Knowing this, music is used which is fun for the performer as well as for the listener. it is a privilege working with these young men who take so much pride in first being an Aggie and, secondly, in having the opportunity to serve as good-will ambassadors for their University." 278 at x. ROSTER SPRING 1964 NAME HOMETOWN FIRST TENOR Barnes, Lethan A. 6Abilene, TexJ Decker, David H. Gan Antonio, Texj HaHon, James R. 6Woodville, TexJ Rodgers, John H. 6Austin, TexJ Smith, Jackson K. 6Houston, Texj Vandercruyssen, Henry A. 6College Statiom Warnick, Philip W. 6Dallas, TexJ SECOND TENOR Brandt, Charles E. maytown, TexJ Cain, Jimmy D. 6Coolidge, Texj Chalmers, James W. 6Houston, TexU Ficker, Richard H. 6Sfaunfon, IIIJ Gore, Charles E. 6Bay'fown, TexJ Jackson, Lannie D. Harmersville, TexJ Keese, Larry A. 6Housfon, TexJ Luymes, Alan H. Sioux Falls, 5. DJ Manning, Walter 5., Jr. 6College Statiom Neuman, Donald B. 6Chilton, Texj Read, Raymond M. 6Housfon, TexJ Ruppersberger, John S. Uacksonville, FIaJ Sanderlin, Larry R. Electra, TexJ Schember, Kurt A. 6College Sfafiom Warren, Donald R. Richardson, TexJ Whitlock, Larry L. Wells, TexJ Williams, James M. Gan Antonio, TexJ BARITONE Biggs, Richard A. 6Dallas, TexJ Dodson, David B. 6Corpus Christi, TexJ Ghormley, Arnold B. Wasadena, TexJ SINGING CADEIQ SINGING CADET OFFICERS 1963-64 NAME HOMETOWN Henry, George M., Jr. 6Bakersfield, CalifJ Jochimsen, Stuart T, 6Manchester, ConnJ Kelly, Robert M., Jr. 6Marlin, TexJ .Reaux, Eddie C4 6Abbeville, LaJ Riggs, James L. 6College Statiom Scarborough, Cecil H. 6Crane, TexJ Sturgeon, William C. Herrell, TexJ Taylor, Thomas H. 6College Statiom Wallace, Claude H., Ill 6Houston, TexJ Westmoreland, John S. 6Houston, TexJ Young, Don P. Gan Marcos, TexJ BASS Arrington, William C. Greeport, TexJ Braidfoof, Larry 6Estelline, TexJ Kyle, James D., Jr. 6Vicforville, CalifJ Leftwich, Marion W. Hubbock, TexJ Lewellen, Theodore E., Jr. Uroup, Texj Matthews, Thomas M. Huling, Texj Meiller, Joapuin W. 6Bryan, TexJ Meyer, Alvin H. 6Weatherford, TexJ McLeroy, Robert L 6Housfon, TexJ Olivares, Andres Uampico, MexJ Parker, James E. Wlainview, TexJ Pusch, Donald E. 6Housfon, TexJ Ray, Leonard F. 6Conroe, TexJ Rupley, James A. El Paso, TeXJ Smith, DarreH F. 6Anahuac, TexJ Stephenson, Charles E. 6Houston, TexJ Tyree, Thomas N. 60dessa, TexJ Wagner, Thomas P. 6Dallas, TexJ Ward, John K. 6Bryan, TexJ STANDING: Jackson-Publicity Manager; Pusch-Business Manager; Biggs-Vice President. SEATED: Keese-Librarian,- Sturgeon-President. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Larry Vetter VICE PRESIDENT Mac Gusman SECRETARY Norman Beard TREASURER John Rowe HOUSTON LIASON ................ Torn Rodriquez Peggy Sanford SWEETHEART QEMPEB FIDEUQ QOCIEIY FRONT ROW: Rowe; Beard; Rodriquez; Vetter; Hubler; Holley; Armstrong. SECOND ROW: Ogle; Cuny; Vaselka; Scoggin; Fine; Hopgood; Guzman; Burge. The Marine Corps prides itself in being an elite military organization. Devotion, Leadership, Knowledge, and Loyalty are trademarks of the Marine officer. The Semper Fidelis Society is organized to promote the interests of the Marine Corps among Texas Aggies, and to offer Aggies an opportunity to see better their responsibilities as a Marine upon their graduation. The Student Agricultural Council is composed of the president and one member of each club in the school of Agriculture at Texas ABTM. Some of the activities the council sponsors are the Agricultural Convocations and AlI-College Day. QTUDENFAGRICIJLTUPAL COUNCIL Karleen Wa rd SWEETHEART OFFICERS A. Charles Fischer Walter Richburg Billy Loveless Danny Stewart James Lanning DR. R. C. POTTS FIRST ROW: Fischer; Richburg. SECOND ROW: Westmoreland; Estep; Waller; Wuenshe; Bartee. THIRD ROW: Zamzow; Krieg; Simpton; Sanderlin; Pye. FOURTH ROW: Jackson; Linderman; Radde; Fowler; Chaney; Sagehiel. 280 ,2' 49 FIRST ROW: Partridge; Anthau me; Syler; Simmons; Garratt; Franklin. SECOND ROW: Anedaker; Anderson; Zaeski; Shaw; Burney; Powers; Hardgrove; Ashley. THIRD ROW: Forgeng; Jaynes; McBride; Lindsey; Marburger; Harraway; Duplissey. FOURTH ROW: Furber; Keltner; Aldrich; Macaluso; Smith; Roberts; Kainer. FIFTH ROW: Fox; Burr; Rektorik; Fine; Menzies; Oddson; Tisdale; Bowles; George; Jones; Rose. CHAIRMAN T. H. Garrett PUBLICITY Gerald Syler TOWN HALL Town Hall Staff's main obiective is, to provide to Texas A8tM University and the Bryan-College Station area, entertainment which is not only popular, but also educational. A wide variety of shows is selected each year by students on Town Hall Staff. This year's program is consisting of nine shows, including such artists as "The Kingston Trio," "The Brothers Four," "Peter, Paul, and Mary," "The San Antonio Symphony Orchestra," and "Marty Robins." Any student of junior classification, either corps or civilian, is eligible for membership. Members are selected at the beginning of each school year. Any interested sophomore should see the Town Hall Display at the MSC during Spring Open House. PERSONNEL Jerry Partridge PROGRAMS Bob Smith VICE-CHAIRMAN Jim Schnabel FINANCE Larry McGlothlin HOST Al Simmons PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT Harlan E. Roberts Tom McConnel CHAIRMAN PUBLIC CHAIRMAN STUDENT LIFE CHAIRMAN ISSUES CHAIRMAN STUDENT RELATIONS J. P. Nance Larry N. Garrett WELFARE Robert A. Miller Allan C. Peterson SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT SOPHOMORE CLASS PRESIDENT FRESHMAN CLASS PRESIDENT David C. Anderson Frank M. Muller Richard W. Dooley Louis K. Obdyke ENGINEERING REPRESENTATIVE ENGINEERING REPRESENTATIVE ENGINEERING REPRESENTATIVE VET-MEDICINE REPRESENTATlVE VET.MEDIQNE REPRESENTATIVE SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SOPHOMORE Bill J. Herrman Charles E. Wallace John Nelson Ronald Mull Keith A. Clark 282 PARLIAMENTARIAN RECORDING SECRETARY Gregory H. Laughliq Bill Camp HEAD YELL LEADER DEPUTY CORP COMMANDER VICE PRESIDENT MSC COUNCIL VICE PRESIDENT Mike Marlow Richard L. Railston Mike L. Wier CIVILIAN COUNCIL Jeff C. Harp VICE PRESIDENT AGRICULTURE REPRESENTATIVE AGRICULTURE REPRESENTATIVE ARTS 8 SCIENCES YMCA COUNCIL SENIOR SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE SENIOR Donald R. Warren Charles A. Fisher Roland D. Smith Shellburn J. Veselka FRESHMAN SENATOR FRESHMAN SENATOR FRESHMAN SENATOR FRESHMAN SENATOR Dan H. Fisher Ray E. Porter Robert M. Miller Douglas A. Sharp 283 YMCA COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................... Lannie Jackson VICE PRESIDENT .................... Don Warren SECRETARY ........................ David Graham TREASURER ........................ l. M. Dietz, III CHAIRMAN, PROGRAM COMMITTEE .e Terry Oddson FIRST ROW: Willis; Janek; Warren; Chapman; Jackson; Stanton; Geye; Carpenter; Dietz. SECOND ROW: Riggs; Mason; Emerson; Cox; Sherrill; Noxon; Kennemer; Graham. THIRD ROW: Vine; White; Slimp; Riddle; Lamkin; Gill; McGinnis. FOURTH ROW: Simmons; Rountree; Van Hellen; Gay. Many generations of students have spanned the campus since the Young Men's Christian Association was established here 75 years ago. The program has evolved and expanded in that period of time, but basically its ideals and objectives have remained the same. It was intended here as in other colleges to supplement and enrich the academic program with spiritual and religious values. While it is functioning for the benefit of faculty and students, it is primarily intended to help young men in their formative years, in their search for the meaning of life. The program is geared to help students unfold their personality by giving them a chance at wholesome self expression, and at the same time creating for them an atmosphere that would develop a sense of fellowship, making them more valuable members of the college community and in later life. Among its activities are the Chapel programs, Freshman Camp, retreats and conferences, Marriage Forums, United Nations Club, Hensel Park activities, Bible study, Freshman Council, Polaris Council, bringing speakers to the campus, special services in All Faith's Chapel, Faculty Fellowship, Man Your Manners, and discussion groups. The student Y.M.C.A. is a laboratory where young men can live Christian principles in accordance with the purpose of the Y.M.C.A., thus developing leaders who will achieve success in the business world after graduation from the University. SWEETHEART Donna Cantrell t 284 QUDENF ENGINEERS COUNCIL DESIGN STUDENT SOCIETY GEOLOGY Clifford Brown Michael McBrayer J. B. Syptak Ronald Reel James Carpenter R. M. Brame INSTITUTE OF AEROSPACE SCIENCES A.I.l.E. Frank Stark Fred Valenta Edward P. Miller B. J. Smith J. F. Sefchell A.S.M:E. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION SOCIETY David Barkemeyer James E. Furbe; Wallace L. Johnston J. M. Calterell Charles C. Beal Howard Mitchell A.G.C. A.S.C.E. A.I.A.A. s ' "hc p .511 ..... ---1 Tom Matthews 5. L. Heuson Tommy Gallaway Ben R. Smith A.S.AG.E. Charles L. Butler A.I.Ch.E. l.E.E.E. D. 5. Clifton John M. Fins Jeff Harp J. E. Simpton EX-OFFICIO EX-OFFICIO William W. Mason John C, Holliman A.I.M.M. and Pet. E. A.F.S. A.I.M.E. W. J. Herrman 285 P. C. Forster J. R. Hollis James Lyon X F. D. Hamilton E. F. Montgomery -x SWEETHEART Patsy Ulbrich PRESIDENT PHI Em QIGMA FIRST ROW: Dodgen; Steffek; Dr. Dobson; Sullivan; Murrah; James; Dr. Ransdell. SECOND ROW: Fossati; Serna; Westerfield; Plsek; Hickman; Young; Dinwiddie; Newton; DeFrank; Eidson; Gordon,- Hatzenbuehler. THIRD ROW: Hannigan; Garza; Carter; Beene; Clove; Pearson; Cook; Wright; Robertson; Holcomb; Groce. FOURTH ROW: Barton; Ward,- Rovdon; Chipps. FIFTH ROW: Teel; Hudgens; Heath; Cooper; Chauviere; Burney; Houze; Sember; Hopper; Baggett; Frederick; Starnes. Organized at the University of Illinois in 1923, Phi Eta Sigma, the National Scholarship Society for freshmen, encourages scholarship amo-ng first year college men and honors those who make outstanding records. Those attaining a grade point ratio of 2.50 or better their first semester, or having this ratio as an average for their first year, are eligible for admission. Sophomores comprise the active membership in the local chapter, but inactive membership extends for life. The Sixty-Seventh National Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma was established at Texas A8rM in January, 1949. Since that time, almost 1,000 Aggies have been initiated into the Society. VICE PRESIDENT t 286 SECRETARY ......... OFFICERS Andy Sullivan HISTORIAN J. P. Dodgen .................................................... Tom Murrah TREASURER Karl R. James ................................................... John Steffek FACULTY ADVISOR A Dr. Wm. Dobson FACULTY ADVISOR .................................... Dr. C. H. Ransdeli ".51: HILLEL FOUNDNTON SEATED: Elfont; Melcer; Hyman; Mark; Gerbert; Reiser. STANDING, FIRST ROW: Minkon; Mosesman; Cooper; Sprung; Suib; Finkelstein; Fenster; Goldman; Kelminson; Topperman; Mrs. Reiser. SECOND ROW: Cohen; Wolf; Goldfarb; Mullins; Sidelman; Kahan; Klein; Reiser. Not Pictured: Babin; Belinsky; J. Finkelstein; Fisherman; Friedberg; Gardner,- Gould; Hall,- Jaffe; Leach; Levy; Luther; Marmelstein; Myers; Perry,- Richker; Rubinstein; Scherer; Schmidt; Shapiro; Sheiness; Tenzer;Trifon;Vann;Wolkowicz;Wood;Zinn. foundations and counselorships on college campuses sponsored by the B'nai B'rith organization. Its obiectives are to help college students understand and to appreciate their Jewish heritage. It is a program dedicated to the inter- pretation of Jewish tradition at its best. Hillel is a full-fledged foundation taking its place among the numerous religious cultural organizations that make up the spiritbal life on the campus. The program is carried out by means of lectures, open forum discussions, seminar groups, weekly religious services, observance of the maior Jewish holy days, welfare drives, and interfaith ac- tivities, all of which together to help build for the student an all around personality. SWEETHEART Barbara Gochman OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jonathan Hyman VICE PRESIDENT Mike Mark TREASURER Josh Gerbert SECRETARY Donald Reiser BUILDING CHAIRMAN Shelly Minkon PARLIAMENTARIAN Warren Sprung REPORTER David Cohen RELIGIOUS CHAIRMAN Rickey Melcer SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Paul Nagid FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVE Mike Richker At Texas A8tM the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation is one of 248 units of 287 4Z5?! A technician removes a neutron source from the nuclear reactor. Technical facilities such as this are valuable in conduciing research and training, and serve to stimulate greater student interest in professional studies. PPDFEQQIONAL CLUBQ A continuance of The preced- ing, bu'r with aTTenTion nOw di- verTed To narrower fields. Section Edited by RANDY SMITH 289 ACOUNTING QOCIBY The primary goal of The Accounting SocieTy is The compIeTe development of iTs members inTo leaders in The profession. The socieTy recognizes The fact That a keen mind alone does noT advance a man. Through This recognition The socieTy works To blend in The practical aspecTs of The accounTing sTudenT educaTion. The program of The Accounting Society consisTs mainly of speakers from various fields. These speakers cover a varieTy of subiecTs of interest To ac- counTing sTudenTs and are always open To quesTions and problems presenTed To Them. This year The society is sponsoring a scholarship To be presenTed To a qualified iunior accounting maior. The socieTy is not PRESIDENT all work-in The spring iT assisTs in The annual Texas A8TM Accounting Calvin Chlapek Conference, 3 sTaTewide meeTing of accounTanTs held on campus, and The annual Girl WaTching Congress held in April. AT The end of each year, The socieTy, TogeTher with The accounTing faculty, holds iTs annual sTeak fry and beer-busT Ta celebraTion of geTTing Through anoTher year of B.A.i. SWEETHEART Joyce Chlapek PRESIDENT Calvin J. Chlapek ADVISOR Mr. Alan Porter AMERICAN lNGmUiE OF CHEMICAL ENGTNEERQ FIRST ROW: Minx; Beighle; Peterson; Byrom; May; Rambin; Holliman; Anderson; Atkins. SECOND ROW: Gore; Soape; BeloTe; Feguson; Power; Kane; Rubac; Brasingfon; Huddleston. THIRD ROW: Gilbert; Haluska; Finkelstein; Cameron; Schmidt; Rudd; Mason; Young; Bryson. The basic obiecTives of The American InsTiTuTe of Chemical Engineers are advancemenT of chemical engineering in Theory and pracTice, and The main- Tenance of high professional pracTices among iTs members. This insTiTuTe; Li provides means for The publicaTion and exchange of Technical informaTion in The field of chemical engineering, 2J Provides an organizaTion which promoTes The wider recogniTion of chemical engineering as a profession and which is effecTive in improving The professional and economic sTaTus of chemical engineers individually, 3.i EsTablishes a professional sTandard of conducT and draws iTs members from Those who have subscribed To This sTandard. STUdenT chapTers are organized under a charTer granTed by The council of The insTiTuTe wiTh The obiecTives of promoTing The professional developmenT of Their members by Their programs and by Their relations wiTh oTher sTudenT chapTers and wiTh The parenT body, and conTribuTing To The development of chemical engineering Through acTiviTies involving The faculty and all classes of sTudenT members and sTudenTs. PRESIDENT R. R. Huddleston OFFICERS PRESIDENT Russ HUddlesTon VICE PRESIDENT Joe Fisher SECRETARY Jerry Power SWEETHEART Marilyn Thomas OFFICERS PRESIDENT ................................ G. R. Freeman VICE PRESIDENT .e R. L. Tillman SECRETARY .................................... D. A. Joyner TREASURER ................................ H. T. Terry RECORDING SECRETARY ............ J. M. Ledden SPONSOR ............................................ R. Street FIRST ROW: Burgess; Covan; Street; Council; Freeman; Tillman. SECOND ROW: Imrie; Ledden; Joyner; Terry,- Kamaluddin; McDougall; Johnson. THIRD ROW: Stark,- Phillips; Valenta; Kitchens; Rogulsky; Rodgers; West. The purpose of Alpha Pi Mu is to confer recognition upon students of industrial engineering who have exceptional academic interests and abilities in their field, to encourage whenever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of industrial engineering education, and to further unify the student body of the Industrial Engineering Department in presenting its needs and ideals to SWEETHEART the faculty. Bernice Byrd AGPJQJLTUPAL ECONOMICQ CLUB The Agricultural Economics Club contains faculty and student members interested in agriculture business from the Department of Agricultural Economics and other fields of study. By sponsoring speakers prominent in the agricultural fields of credit, policy, and management, potential leaders in agriculture receive first hand information and develop a broader prospective in agricultural prob- lems and their solutions. Meetings at bi-weekly periods include faculty and students. A social period following the meeting encourages cordial acquaintances among students, faculty, and extension workers while joint projects instill a spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness. PRESIDENT Walter Richburg OFFICERS PRESIDENT Walter Richburg VICE PRESIDENT Nick McGuire SECRETARY Ben Olivarez TREASURER Wayne Smith FIRST ROW: Schmedemann; Richburgi McGuirsik Caughfie'd; Clark,- Olivarez; Smith; Jarvis; Pye; Wooten. SECOND ROW: Pippin; Albert; Jones,- Lutich; NetZ; Lueck; mm 31 RUNf-tdge; Sertwelle. THIRD ROW: Dulock; Hooks,- Allen; Kopp; Fortune; Thornberry; Kurtz; Ocker. FOURTH ROW: Ray; Benes; Fidler; WInters; Peterson; Bolinger; Wilson; Forrest; Corman. 292 anaV WW wgmvna OF AERONAUHCQ AND AQTBONAUUCQ FIRST ROW: Dampman; Brice; Smith; Evans; Anderson,- Burk; Willmann; Nichols; Beckwith; Setchell; Hubler; Hunt; Crowder; Roden- berger. SECOND ROW: Lamm; Cronk; Schmarsahl; Alverson; Brown; Williams; Chapman; Bentley; Wilson; Dessert. THIRD ROW: Foster; Martin; Armatta; Shigpin; Jacobs; Burch,- Solis; Finkelstein; Santos; Gibson; Vasser; Howell; McAdoo; Smith; Lane; Sanger- hausen. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics grew out of the 1963 merger of the American Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences. The Texas A8lM Stu- dent Chapter is designed to provide the engi- neering student with an opportunity to engage in activities associated with his future career in the aerospace industry. It is open to any interested student. Activities include field trips to nearby aerospace industries, lectures by prominent men in the industry from over the United States, films, and an active participa- tion in the annual Space Fiesta on the A81M PRESIDENT campus. SWEETHEART James F. Setchell Martha Byars OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................................... James F. Setchell VICE PRESIDENT ............................ Rober? C. Burk SECRETARY ........................................ Benny R. Smith TREASURER ....................................... Jay B. Nichols JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE TO STUDENT ENGINEER'S COUNCIL ........ Jose L. Solis Aeronautical design 101 . . . 293 294 AGPJCIJLTUPAL ENGINEERING QOClElY PRESIDENT OFFICERS Jerry Simpton VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Eugene Lindemann TREASURER Gilbert Kreizschmar James Parker ADVISOR Ralph McGinfy PRESIDENT Jerry Simpion SWEETHEART Mrs. Bob Petter Since its beginning in 1907, The American Society of Agricultural Engineers has functioned actively To develop The field of Agricultural Engineering. The Student Society of Agricultural Engineers is helpful in further promoting The Agri- cultural Engineering profession. The Texas A8JM Sfudent Branch was organized in 1925. FIRST ROW: Richardson; Morrow; Simpton; Lindemann; Aldred. SECOND ROW: PeHer; Gerick; Kirkpatrick; Hussain; Wood; Biswas. Hale; Thedford; Haile; FIRST ROW: Bartek; Heine,- Gannaway; Deshotels; McClung; Moore; Caskey; Luymes; Mills; Hunt. SECOND ROW: Mcllhaney; Newland; Hooks; Cotner; Wurzbach; McMichael; Vegar; Beckmuyer; Villalon; Gore,- Hearn; Stacka; Alston; Whitaker. THIRD ROW: Callaway; Salinas; Sanders; LaBarbera; Adams; Guevara; Valiente; Luzius; Conner; Brown; Speir; Allen; Hoch. FOURTH ROW: Allison; Gloss; Miller; Lamprecht; Loe; lee; McDonald; Schwertner; Supak; Hemphill; Jones; Coburn. Handling practically everything from a summer baggage storage in dorm basements to presentation of Queen Cotton and her Court keeps these future planters rather busy the entire year. To mention iust a few of the other activities sponsored by the society, there is the Parents' Day exhibit, a study tour for junior students, a trip for the crop iudging teams to Kansas City and Chicago, and the bi-monthly meetings to post the students on the latest agronomy news. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jaroy Moore VICE PRESIDENT Bobby Heine SECRETARY James Bartek TREASURER R. L. McClung PRESIDENT SWEETHEART Jaroy Moore Susie Edens 295 POULTRY QOENCE PRESIDENT 1 Gary EsTep j! i 'T 5 l FRONT ROW: Ihms; EsTep; Quisenberry; Ryan. SECOND ROW: Zo'rz; Yaskovic; El E. Maidoub; Murrell. e Membership in The Poultry Science Club includes any sTudenT who is inTeresTed OFFICERS l in poulTry. The purpose is To sTimulaTe inTeresT in The study and application of PRESIDENT ................................ Gary EsTep I VICE PRESIDENT ........................ Bob Ryan i' poulTry. ProiecTs include: sponsoring of poultry iudging Teams, holding The annual barbecue; and presenting speakers and films. NAEPJCAN TNQTTIUIE OF TNDUQPJAL ENGINEERS FIRST ROW: White; Council; Street; Kamaluddin; CoVan; Cobler; Burgess; Johnson; Rogulsky. SECOND ROW: McDougal; Kitchens; Inchausfe; Harris; West,- Cleveland; Terry; Rodgers. THIRD ROW: Gram; Ben- nett,- STock; Joyner; Pirkle; ValenTa; Ledden; Berry. FOURTH ROW: $Tark; ScoTt; Warren; Phillips; The AIIE STudenT Chapter was founded wiTh The idea of sTimulaTing The inTeresT of The sTudenT with pracTical knowledge of how The Techniques of industrial engineering are applied in industry Today. In addition To The sTudenT's classroom education, The chapTer sTrives To instill a deep appreciaTion of The problems ThaT will confront him during his career. Freeman; Ellis; Imrie; Tillman. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................ Frank Stark VICE PRESIDENT .................... Larry lmrie SECRETARY ................................ Harry Ellis TREASURER ......... Don Joyner 296 PRESIDENT Frank Stark -F. 4t xv vmr' xx; MEDICAN SOCIEN OF CML ENGWEERS w, w. . v . mW WA. WW ., w. . . , 53? D Lee; Hirsch. THIRD ROW: Wynne; Buchanan; Harrington; Wright; FIFTH ROW: Kassaw; Keahey; Long; Pena; Herring. SEVENTH ROW: Stuckey; FIRST ROW: Forster; Meyer; Bratton; Pickett. SECOND ROW: Baty; Silcock; Wagner; Holcomb; Sandstedt. FOURTH ROW: Garner; Anderson; Sumpter; Homayoun; Gallaway; Abernathy; Dallas. Balsingame; Nash; Kidd; Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Ingram,- Walton; Brecher; Carter; Penaloza; Catchings; McNeill; Beall; Kiolbassa; Fowler; Purcell; Arguelles; Garza; Hallenberger; Simmons; Green. EIGHTH ROW: Moyer; Kistner; Matthews; McDonald,- Chaney. To enrich the student's college courses by beginning those professional contacts and associations which are so valuable to the practicing engineer throughout his life, is the main obiective of the ASCE Student Chapter. The purpose of the chapter is to help the student prepare himself for entry into the profession and the society. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Peter Cari Forster VICE PRESIDENT AI Meyer SECRETARY Jimmie Bratton TREASURER Dan Pickett SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Peter Carl Forster Margie McColgan 297 298 FIRST ROW: Kuehn; Boy; Koonce; Beal; The American Society of Mechanical Engineers provides during the year many opportunities to hear informative guest speakers from school and industry. An air of professionalism is induced in The student member, and an excellent link wifh industries and actual engineering is established by Taking advantage of the many benefits offered by The A.S.M.E. OFFICERS Charles Beal PRESIDENT PRESIDENT SWEETHEART Jan Porter Charles Beal Weber. SECOND ROW: Raymond; Hale; Long; Moore; Cotterell; Lee. THIRD ROW: McClothlin; Leininger; Windham; Corder; Sayers. FOURTH ROW: Springer; Vandiver; Koym; McClusky; Starr,- Morales. The Junior Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association of Texas A8TM University, College of Veterinary Medicine, was organized to promote a spirit of friendly relations among the students regularly enrolled in the course of veterinary medicine, and to provide additional opportunities for the members to gain professional knowledge. The chapter holds regularly scheduled meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Guest speakers are invited to these meetings to discuss subjects that are of interest to the members. The functions of the chapter are carried out by its officers, members in good standing, who are elected by their fellow mem- bers for a term of six months. The Southwestern Veterinarian is a student publication that is prepared and published four times per school year. A student editor is selected on his outstanding abilities and qualifications and he in turn selects and appoints his staff. In addition to the above functions, the chapter continues to maintain a sum of money known as an emergency fund; members regularly contribute their blood to a hospital and the money received is deposited in the emergency fund. This fund is used to make loans to chapter members who require financial assistance to remain in the College of Veterinary Medicine. PRESIDENT SWEETHEART E. A. Todd Thelma Short 299 AQQOCWTON FOB COMPUTING MACHINERY h :' I .4 . i 1 "i: p e :wtlv, i I T , 4:; ' FIRST ROW: Dressen; Ballew; Braswell; Smith,- Phillips; Seagraves; Drew; Smith. SECOND ROW; Buck- i .57 , masTer; Konen; STewarT; Evoniuk; BlumentriTT; KrisT; Forehand. THIRD ROW: Herzik; Norman; Pry; T' + 12' Cabron; Cone. FOURTH ROW: Allen; Anderson; Williams; Jones; Fossum; Burger; Buss,- Lyle; Taack; ; ., N; - Richers. h. .. I ,, 5' The Texas A8tM STudenT ChapTer of The AssociaTion for CompuTing Machinery 1; 7 e e was esTablished Three years ago. IT has grown rapidly mm a large, acTive organiza- zen - n v u l . X k T- Tlon composed primarily of graduaTe sTudenTs m compuTer scuence. L 4 l The basic purposes of The associaTion is To promoTe an increased knowledge, a i . k greaTer InTeresT, and a means of commumcaTIon beTween persons InTeresTed In T q 'I compuTing machinery. . . l . PRESIDENT 1-? f . Lynn Braswell h V: - x?- I .4 I ..- B u? ? 7 l e i , T T - V T WT 4 T 4 FIRST ROW: Brundidge; Mitchell; Swope; Rinard; Keeney. SECOND ROW: Lee; Coleman; Morgan; Miller. PRESIDENT x : Paul Mitchell h. g C ' This organization IS for The purpose of'furThermg The oblechves of The parenT soaeTy, The American MeTeorologIcal v SocieTy, aT The universiTy level. Programs are presenfed To broaden The sTudenT's inTeresT in meTeorology and, whenever AM .. possible, delegaTes are senT To The various naTional conventions. 300 OFFICERS CHANCELLOR .................... Kenneth A. Radde CENSOR ................................ Larry D. Braidfoof TREASURER ............................ Larry A. Wendel SCRIBE ............................... William R. Chaney HISTORIAN .................... James E. Schnabel FIRST ROW: Schnabel, Radde, Chaney, Braidfoot, Carpenter, Wythe, Huss. SECOND ROW: Matthys, Westmoreland, Olivares, Waller, Sperry, Wuensche, Simpfon, Braden, Fischer, Green. THIRD ROW: Cashey, Conner, Nefz, Oliver, Forrest, Sfeffens, Heinemann, Migura, Madeley, Madeley, Parker. TOP ROW: Richburg, Smith, Krieg, McClung, Jarvis, Fuchs, Dollins, Fox, Folsom, Bartee, Fowler, McCollum, Osbourn, Sagebiel. OFFICERS PRESIDENT D. R. Tidwell VICE PRESIDENT A. F. Herrmann SECRETARY H. C. Kayanaugh TREASURER R. C. Burk FIRST ROW: Lowy, Cronk, Hunter, Tidwell, Myers, Herrmann, Kayanaugh, Samson, Bennett, Solis. SECOND ROW: Knight, Sweet, Bland, Sherri", Beckwith, Anderson, Rodenberger, Miller, Meiners, Williams. The honorary society of Sigma Gamma Tau was iointly founded by Tau Omega and Gamma Rho aT Purdue UniverSiTy in 1953. Its purpose is to recognize and honor those individuals in the field of aeronautics and astronautics who have, through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement, been a credit to Their profession. The Society seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and professional practices and to create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship, particularly among students of Aerospace Engineering. 30l rw XM V M WM 7M , X M MW4XMQWM y WM4yM M' MMO WXWM? M , M i H WNW PRESIDENT Larry Sanderlin FIRST ROW: Miller; Hyman; Sanderlin; Hayes; Beck. SECOND ROW: Hollingsworth; Bornefeld; OFFICERS Boehck; Lange; Jackson; Smith. THIRD ROW: Padgett; Lanasa; Kneisler; Eaton; Cothran. PRESIDENT FOURTH ROW: Skrabanek; Hatzenbuehler; Kainer; Furber; Davis; Thompson; Bathke. Larry Sanderlin VICE PRESIDENT Organized in 1926, the Sociology Club has since been of invaluable service to students maioring or minoring Mike Hayes in sociology. Meetings are held twice a month, each presenting an outstanding speaker concerning a particular SEEORETQSL field of sociology. One meeting each semester is a public interest program. This year, the first centered on al- ADVISOR coholism and the second on iuvenile delinquency. L.M. Beck A new activity this year was the representation of tour club members at the Southwestern Sociological Associa- tion, held in Dallas. FINANCE QOCIHY OFFICERS PRESIDENT PRESIDENT . George L. Nelson TREASURER ................................ Murray Fightner Georgel- Ne'son VICE PRESIDENT ............................ Thomas Laird PROGRAM CHAIRMAN , . Jack Slimp SECRETARY Bryan Grammer PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN ........................ H. Pappas The purpose of the Finance Society of Texas A8tM University is to: H Promote a professional attitude among students in Finance and closely allied fields 2i Provide an opportunity for these students to meet for the purpose of studying and exchanging ideas related to this field 3 Stimulate interest in the field of Finance at Texas A8!M University. With these purposes in mind, the Finance Society completed a very successful and interesting first year. Sup- plemented by speakers throughout the year and other activities, the club completes its year with a gala party. FIRST ROW: Wisdom; Mikus; Kazda; Redwine; Percifield; KenT; Cook; Lanning; McKelvain; Alexander; Urbanic; Prescher; Callaway; Howle; lrick. SECOND ROW: Andrews; PaTTerson; Akin; Chilton; StewarT; Rogers; Jackson; Ramsey; Riser; SchulTe; CaThey. THIRD ROW: Gentry; Krieg; Madeley; Madeley; Greener; Thomas; Oman; GasTon; SmiTh; Youngblood. FOURTH ROW: Knebel; Hanna; NorThcuTT; Burman; CaTchings; Henigan; Crow; McLemore; Bills; Alvis; Jenkins. FIFTH ROW: Holcomb; Galloway; KunTz; Hinds. The .program of The CollegiaTe FFA ChapTer aT Texas A8!M UniversiTy is buiIT around The needs of The TuTure Teacher of vocational agriculTure and fufure leaders in professional agriculTure. The CollegiaTe FFA ChapTer, con- ducTed by The DeparTmenT of AgriculTural EducaTion, is The professional organizaTion for agriculTural educaTion majors. This year The CollegiaTe FFA Chapter conducted 12 officer leadership Training schools ThroughouT The sTaTe in which 65 chapTer members parTicipaTed. OTher chapTer acTiviTies include assisTing wiTh The Area and STaTe Judging ConTesTs; sending delegaTes To The NaTional FFA ConvenTion and STudenT Teachers Conference aT Kan- sasCiTy, Missouri, and The publicaTion of a chapTer yearbook. The CollegiaTe FFA ChapTer climaxes The acTiviTies of each year wiTh The STudenT-Prof BanqueT in May. SelecTed by The members and honored aT This evenT are The ouTsTanding professor in The DepartmenT of AgriculTural Educa- Tion and The ouTsTanding professor in The College of Agriculture. OFFICERS SPRING FALL PRESIDENT ............................... Vernon Cook ......................... J. W. Lanning VICE PRESIDENT . ...John Percifield.... Burl McKerain SECRETARY ............................. David Redwine ................... James Engbrock REPORTER ................................ Douglas Mikus ................... Charles Eubanek TREASURER .............................. John Kazda .......................... WalTer Prescher ADVISORS ................................ Ray Wisdom ............................. Ronnie Lewis .................................................... Bill lrlck Glenn Alexander SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Charlotte Garrett V. H. Cook 303 DNPX SCIENCE CLUB DAIRY PRODUCTS JUDGING TEAM Heft to rightt Dr. A. V. Moore Jerry McFarland James Dollins Mike Wuensche Gordon Irvin The Dairy Science Club was formed in 1922 as the Kream and Kow Klub for the purpose of further- ing student interest in the Dairy Industry. The club is mainly composed of dairy science maiors, both production and manufacturing, and a few members are from the food technology department. Objectives of the club are to raise money for several judging teams and to maintain the student interest in dairying. Activities include sponsoring two senior judging teams, active participation in the dairy short courses, the 4-H and FFA contests and the annual spring dairy show on the A8!M campus. FIRST ROW: Hurley; Dollins; McFarland; Wuensche; Irvin; Dr. Moore. SECOND ROW: Berry; Fielder; Armstrong; Bilford; Matthys; Fischer; Rahman. THIRD ROW: Villarreal; Wadsworth; Roland; Soefie; Barsales. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jerry McFarland VICE PRESIDENT .e Gordon Irvin TREASURER Mike Wuensche REPORTER Marcus Hurley MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN James Dollins SPONSOR Dr. A. V. Moore PRESIDENT SWEETHEART J. L. McFarland Carolyn Allcon 304 FIRST ROW: Wilson; Forehand; Carlisle; Fitfs; Pearson; Smith,- Watts; Siegelin; Kemp. SECOND ROW: Schell; Faulk; Lange; Herring; Griffin; Johnson; Wehner; Christian; Harp; Dr. Rakoff. THIRD ROW: Saloma; Robertson;Matelske;Armsfrong;$mifh;Golladay;Dillon. "Hmmm. First time I've been able to get W.T.A.W." SWEETHEART PRESIDENT John M. Fins Janice Willenborg Gamma Mu, the Texas AeM Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu National Electrical Engineering honor society, bridges together Those who have manifes'red a deep interest and marked ability in their profession by Their outstanding attainments in college and in practice. The Chapter recognizes those who have distinguished Themselves by academic excellence, extracurricular activities, outstandingleadership,and exemplary character. The 1963-64 program is planned To render service to the Texas AeM Electrical Engineering Department and To assist The Chapter members to continue to progress Through association with prominent alumni and other dis- Tinguished individuals in the field of Electrical Engineering. "Then the mouse runs in here and ZAP, you've got him." 305 FIRST ROW: Zamzow; Randolph; Jackson,- Berry; Nemec; Cancellare. SECOND ROW: Prochaska; Mayers; Almand; Duty,- Hutchison; Boring; Clark; Shaunak; Kyle; Lee. Membership in the Texas A8tM Entomology Club is open to all students majoring in Entomology or related subjects and also anyone interested in the purposes and activities of the club. The key purposes of this club are to further knowledge of matters and opportunities concerning entomology, to bridge the gap be- tween faculty and students, and to further general good fellowship of members. Among its major activities are the sponsoring of four members as delegates to the entomology convention in Monterrey, Mexico; com- piling and publishing the annual club publication, The Aggie Entomologist; displaying student work in the Memorial Student Center, ,and also many social events. MASCOT OFFICERS PRESIDENT ............................ Stanley Nemec VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Joseph Cancellare SECRETARY-TREASURER Edwin Berry REPORTER Lee PRESIDENT SWEETHEART S. J. Nemec Raymonda Almond McGowan; Surovik; Howard; Bu'ns; Nicely; Bartee. SECOND ROW: Haag; McCoy; Persyn; Record. THIRD ROW: Hood; Norwood; O'Brien,- Young; FIGHANDGAMECLUB The Fish and Game Club is The official sTudenT club for The DeparTmenT of Wildlife ManagemenT aT Texas A8TM. Membership in The club is open To all sTudenTs and faculty in wildlife managemenT and To oThers interested FIRST ROW: Harris; Fillinger; Ivy; RidouT; TrueTT; Smith; GenTner; Mitchell; Spalsbury; Land; Post; Fowler; Folsom; Schofield. in The purposes of The club. OFFICERS PRESIDENT James H. Bariee VICE PRESIDENT ................................... Joe Truelf SECRETARY ........................................................ Scot Schofield TREASURER Clyde Nicely PRESIDENT James H. BarTee COLLEGWE4-HCLUB Membership in The CollegiaTe 4-H Club is open To all sTudenTs inTeresTed in agriculTure and To former 4-H club members. lnTeresTing programs are presented aT monThly meeTings wiTh speakers from personnel of The college sTaff and The ExTension Service. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... Danny Stewart SECRETARY Fred Martin VICE PRESIDENT .................................................... Bob Rogers TREASURER Mike Hereford i ' l :g. A a: N: leewaka; z w SWEETHEART Betty Bell FIRST ROW: Radde; McDonald; Rogers; Stewart; Chitwood; Hereford; Cook. SECOND ROW: Loe; Crouch,- MarTin; Townsend; Hood; Ramsey. THIRD ROW: McQueen,- Spears; Dreesen. 307 The Texas A8:M Floriculture Club is open to all" graduate and undergraduate floriculture students and other persons in- terested in this branch of agriculture. The organization's monthly meetings afford students, professors, and prominent guest speakers the opportunity to discuss per- tinent topics in a cordial atmosphere. Our thanks are extended to Prof. A. F. De- Werth and Herley C. Thompson for their help during the year. PRESIDENT FIRST ROW: Glodt; Sperry; Hold; Howard. SECOND ROW: Buswell; Richardson; Ricer. THIRD ROW: McDonald; Thompson; Weiser. OFFICERS Neil Sperry VICE PRESIDENT .. John Glodt SECRETARY-TREASURER Dean Ricer SEATED: Meyer; Syptak; Brown; Blank. FIRST ROW: Montgomery; Strange,- Chaney; Burke. SECOND ROW: Simpson; McBrayer; Howle; Kelley; Harlan. One of the main objectives of the Geological Society of Texas A8iM is to provide students a chance to become better acquainted with each other and the faculty outside the classroom. Mem- bers of the Society are composed of sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students in geology. Meetings are held once a month, and prominent guest speakers are invited to talk. The speakers supplement the students' education in the field of geology, and talks are intended to provide the students with an idea of what to expect when they enter the profession. PRESIDENT John Syptak OFFICERS PRESIDENT John Syptak VICE PRESIDENT John Maxwell SECRETARY-TR EASURER John Meyer HEAUH AND PHYQICAL EDUCANON SWEETHEART Judy Tondre PRESIDENT Leon Blaschke VICE PRESIDENT Frank Dworaczyk SECRETARY-TREASURER Bruce Currington SPONSOR Dr. C. W. Landis FIRST ROW: Roberts,- Allen; Wilson; Currington; Blaschke; Warrick. SECOND ROW: Smith; Goetz; Deutrich; Bailey; Sennill; Landis. THlRD ROW: Rasco; McLendon; Roberts; Anderson; HinzepBrotherton; Christian. SWEETHEART Sharyn Speights PRESIDENT Juan Dominguez VICE PRESIDENT Clarence Beck SECRETARY Daniel Galvin TREASURER Bill Robinette z FIRST ROW: Robinette; Winningham; Jones; Hamilton; Galvin; Dominguez. SECOND ROW: Watrd;meith; Petty; Hook. The A8tM Physics Club is affiliated with the American Institute of Physics through the local chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society. The club sponsors get-togethers for students and faculty in the department as well as other ac- tivities designed to enrich the individual's study of physics. 309 OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ..... ADVISOR Gene O'Neal Loveless Ross LaGrange Ed Batcheler E. Burns FIRST ROW: Halldorson; Batcheler; Loveless,- O'Neal; Havel; LaGrange. SECOND ROW: Nip; Storey; Sandhu; Lama,- Burns; Lipe. SWEETHEART Cathie Hall HORIIQJLTURE CLUB Students majoring in the field of horticulture which includes olericulture, pomology, and food technology, make up the membership of the Texas A8tM Horticulture Club. One of the main objectives of this club is to promote Texas horticulture on the campus and throughout the state. To accomplish this the so- ciety carries on many activities, including an An- nual Inspection Tour and the Horticulture Show. PRESIDENT F. Darrell Hamilton PEIROLEUM ENGJNEERJNG CLUB The Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineering of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers has util- ized this school year to acquaint its members, un- dergraduate and graduate, with recent technologi- cal developments in the areas of production, res- ervoir, and drilling engineering. FIRST ROW: Whatley; Praisnar; Garcia; Cook; Hamilton; White; Lyon. SECOND ROW: Herricks; Turney; Welborn; Gloger; Mabie. THIRD ROW: Wiesepape; Edman; Little; Peevey. PRESIDENT OFFICERS F. Darrell Hamilton VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY Ernest Montgomery Henry Niehaus TREASURER Curtis Cook :4 e FIRST ROW: Ovelm; Maddox; Fitts; Pearson; Smith,- Watts; Siegelin; Kemp; Dees. SECOND ROW: Lee; Germany; McCue; Piper; Johnson; Wehner; Kelly; Christian; Harp. THIRD ROW: Lange; Cassidy; Buy; Thedford; Smith; Golladay; Brandt; Dillon. FOURTH ROW: Mares; Kiolbassa; Eggleston; Stillwell; Liles; Armstrong; Matelske; Hardeman; Hanson. FIFTH ROW: Robertson; Herring; Worley; Griffin. 7 , t; l -7 l f ; 77y XV 7'7A7M 7 7 7,777.77. - vmwwwuvxwmnrkzaw; . INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ANIED 4 ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS y, One of the main objectives of the lEEE is to bricige the gap between school and industry. This technical society also tries t6 enlighten the under- graduate as well as the graduate student on new , 777ni230?yflhndgimportant. researth in all phasesptc Ele5tr';4$ providing guest speakers at its bi-monthly--.meje"gftgs Other highlights include technical Writing Icontests 7 , 7 7 477 7:7 ,7 7 wxxxx Xx xv Labs, from start . . . eublications, and the annual ElectricalEngineering Picnic falong with the Faculty-Senior- theagesail game new in the spring. othcms ,, i CHAIRMAN :,; , John M. Fltts VICE CHAIRMAN ........... Luther Powers SECRETARY , Maurice Siegelin TREASURER ; , 7 David Kabell tyl'PROGRAM CHAIRMAN ................................... Terry Griffin FACULTY ADVISOR, ....................................... Willard Worley CHAIRMAN ' SWEETHEART John M. Fitts Karen Smith lnegativel lpositivel 3' l PRESIDENT Allen Lawrence FIRST ROW: Larson; Wright; Crow; Reavis; Kreymer; Elkins; Lawrence; House; Felder. SECOND ROW: Lewis; Watson; Bishop; Smith; Padgett; Truiillo; Morgan; Weidman. THIRD ROW: Toma"; Lyne; McAdams; PRESIDENT .................... Allen Lawrence Minnick; Miller,- Risinger; Dorn; Cardwell; Sargent; Jones. VICE PRESIDENT -------------------- Jerry Felder SECRETARY ................... John Kreymer PRDGRAM CHAIRMAN ........ Rufus Lyne The Society for Advancement of Management, the recognized national pro- fessional organization of managers in industry, commerce, government and education, and the pioneer in management philosophy, has been dedicated to the advancement of management and management men since 1912, when the original Taylor Society was established. In its first year of existence at Texas A8tM, the Management Society has strived to provide students with an insight into the actual practice of the management profession. QAE. SWEETHEART Peggy Graves PRESIDENT ........................ Ted Bernard VICE PRESIDENT ................ Rodger Felt SECRETARY ........................ Wes Taylor TREASURER ................................ Bill Shaw FIRST ROW: Fletcher; Truettner; Bernard; Felt; Shaw; Taylor. SECOND ROW: Vandiver; Nachod; Neuman; Pubus; McGinnis. THIRD ROW: Hopper; Leininger; Windham; Pursley; Mostyn; Flowers. FOURTH ROW: Brannan; Lazenby; Key. The Society of Automotive Engineers, founded in 1905, is one of the largest national professional organ- izations. The work of the SAE has been unlimited in the field of engineering; therefore, its members rep- resent every area of the field. 7 3l2 OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...................... Henry Moreland VICE PRESIDENT ................ Ricardo Cerna SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . Louis Bond HISTORIAN ........................ Jerry Hedrick REPORTER ................ Wallace Johnston FIRST ROW: Hawkins; Hedrick; Moreland; Bond; Cerna. SECOND ROW: Bishopp; Boone; Yeager; Kana; Kleypas; Earle. THIRD ROW: Blum; Brooks; Johnston; K. JohnsTon; Barkemeyer. FOURTH ROW: Tate,- Cozzens; BerTrano; Hardeman; Malone; Furber. TCTTA WW QiGMA IoTa Lambda Sigma is a naTional socieTy of professional minded Industrial Edu- caTion men who have bound Themselves To uphold The principles of scholarship, leadership and service. The socieTy has Three major obiecTives: The recogniTion-of professional Training in The field of lndusTrial EducaTion, The recognition of high scholarship in The field, and The creation and mainTenance of a closer bond be- Tween The acTual and prospecTive Teachers, supervisors, and direcTors of indusTriai EducaTion in school and indusTry. PRESIDENT Henry C. Moreland, Jr. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ........................ David Jones VICE PRESIDENT ............ William Braden SECRETARY ............................ David Stiles TREASURER ........................ Paul Johnson FIRST ROW: Stiles; Braden,- Jones. SECOND ROW: McGuire; Horton; WrighT; Dromgoole; Louis; Mc- Queen; Knight. QIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma DelTa Chi, Professional Journalistic SocieTy, is a professional socieTy for men engaged in and dedicaTed To The highesT principles of journalism. IT is com- parable To The professional organizaTions serving The fields of law and medicine. The members of The socieTy are chosen on a highly selecTive basis from The mosT promising men engaged in journalism. PRESIDENT David S. Jones 3l3 lNQUPANCE QOCIEIY FIRST ROW: Smith; Leigh; Lyles; McCown; Knox; Vela; Mintz; Valarezo. SECOND ROW: Freeman; Bergoon; Nash; Restivo; Oliver; Crosby; Robinson; Thomas; Schaezler. THIRD ROW: Larson; Mason; Hill; O'Reilly; Aldrich; Hopkins; Florence; Shaw. FOURTH ROW: Volz; Gibson; Durbin; Harrison; Warren; Stiles; Johnson; Lang; Roberts; Cook. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Royce Knox VICE PRESIDENT Larry Mims VICE PRESIDENT OF PROPERTY AND CASUALTY ................... Bill Leigh SECRETARY-TREASURER .................................................... Jack McCown HISTORIAN Pat Barton SENIOR ARTS AND SCIENCES REPRESENTATIVE ........ Guellermo Vela SPONSOR Henry Lyles, C.L.U. SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Janet Tate R. M. Knox Field trips, guest speakers, and social activities are all part of the Insurance Society's effort to round out the prac- tical aspect of an insurance maior's education. The society maintains contact with numerous insurance companies and tries to help senior members secure employment upon graduation. In addition, programs which are designed to acquaint new students with the various opportunities in the fields of insurance are offered. Co-sponsorship with the Brazos County Association of Independent Agents and the Central Texas Life Under- writers Association in encouraging students to participate in the educational programs of the Insurance Institute of America and the American College of Life Underwriters is one of the primary activities of the Club. 3l4 FIRST ROW: ResTivo; Meyer; White,- Edgington; Nafe; Kolkhorsf; Ames; Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Garcia; Rodriguez; Vaughan; Mullican; Irvin; Morgan; Holmes; Fields; Anderson; Leonard; Soper; Hancock; Johnson. THIRD ROW: Johnson; Scott,- Maher; Huff; Petty,- Provine; Lewis; WalTon; Truiillo; Kauffman; Sanford,- Oehl. FOURTH ROW: Jones; Cooper; Jones; Dorn; ElfonT; Brewer;Toman; KloTz;Treio; Lang;$heppard;Thompson. PRESIDENT James P. Buchanan MARKEnNG QOCIETY The objecT of The MarkeTing SocieTy is To promoTe, fosTer, and encourage inTeresT, undersTanding, and scholarship in markeTing Through fellowship among sTudenTs, faculTy members and businessmen. The socieTy Tries To aTTain This obiecTive by being a collegiaTe chapTer of The American MarkeTing AssociaTion, which offers The opporTuniTy for mem- bers To become acquainTed wiTh prominenT businessmen and markeTing innovaTions. Mem- bers have The opportuniTy To hear speakers which The socieTy brings To The campus ThroughouT The semesTer and during The annual Sales Clinic, which is co-sponsored wiTh The HousTon Sales ExecuTive Club. Two H. W. PeTer's Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year aT The annual Sales Clinic To Qualified socieTy members. Membership in The socieTy is open To any sTudenT wiTh a sincere inTeresT in markeTing. OFFICERS PRESIDENT James P. Buchanan VICE PRESIDENT TFALU George K. White VICE PRESIDENT TSPRINGT KenneTh Z. Scott SECRETARY Norman G. Meyer ASSISTANT SECRETARY Gerald A. Nafe TREASURER iFALU Robert E. Oatis TREASURER TSPRINGT Chris H. Schaezler ASSISTANT TREASURER Michael H. Hopkins SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE ARTS AND SCIENCES COUNCIL ............ T. C. KolkhorsT JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE ARTS AND SCIENCE COUNCILS ............ Larry EdgingTon SWEETHEART Gay Lynn Rutledge 3l5 3I6 FIRST ROW: Davis; Limmer; Tisdal; Ashy; Turney; Bourne. SECOND ROW: Dr. GraviTT; Pavelka; Curran; Laird,- Macaluso; Black; Allen; Cure; Mendoza. THIRD ROW: Pepper; Deginder; Ferguson; Beal; Coco; Sullivan; Cockrell; Myers,- Brindley; Smith; Goldfarb; Pena. FOURTH ROW: Holden; Camp; Smothermon; Fernandez; PorTer; Byrne; Young; Diaz; deVilleneure; Zeis; Trapolino. FIFTH ROW: Godkin; SWindell; Mayeux; Franklin; Easfman; KnipsTein; Wilson; Dimock; Gaden; Harvey; Gruner; Dansby; Nichols; Van Hoosier. SIXTH ROW: FilTsch; Aldape; Horton; Glassford; WeaTherbee; Spradling; Glenney; LaBarbera; Morgan; James;Lunsford;Douglas;Barham;Bolling. The Pre-med Pre-denT Society, esTablished To keep A8:M's pre-med sTudenTs' interests high, offers a wide and varied program. The bi-weekly meetings ofTen feature Talks from some of The SoufhwesT's most distinguished physicians and denTisTs. This year films of acTual operaTions and experimenTs were shown. HighlighTing The year's acTiviTies are Trips Through medical and denTal schools and The SocieTy's annual spring banquet. This year, as in Times pasT, The SocieTy has kepT The pre-med and pre-denT sTudenTs inferesTed in Their fields and looking earnestly Towards The fuTure. OFFICERS PRESIDENT V. C. Tisdal SECRETARY-TREASURER .................................... R. C. Knipsfein VICE PRESIDENT ................................................ W. H. Turney PARLIAMENTARIAN ................................................ W. M. Davis SOCIAL CHAIRMAN ........................................ W. S. Glenney CORRESPONDING SECRETARY ........................ B. L. Limmer ADVISOR Dr. H. L. Graven SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Dandy Barren V. C. Tisdal and. The Pre-Veterinary Medicine Society is devoted to the purpose of inspiring and informing students who desire to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the many aspects of their chosen profession. The principal function of the society is regular meetings including well planned programs pertaining to some phase of veterinary medicine. These programs concern every aspect of the field, from requirements to enter the School of Veterinary Medicine to the actual functions of practicing veterinarians. In the past, the programs have in- cluded surgical operations presented live, a speaker from the selection committee of the School of Veterinary Medicine, and lectures on specialized fields of Veterinary Medicine. Other functions of the society include an annual party and guided teurs of Dormitory 5 and the Black Hole of Calcutta. PRESIDENT Gary Gosney PRESIDENT ELECT J. P. Dodgen SECRETARY-TREASURER .................................................... Kirby tup-the-creekt Warren REPORTER Jim tDonald Duckt Foster PARLIAMENTARIAN Stacy tPlutot Lackey BUCK-PRIVATE AT ARMS ........................ Keith tthe original Mickey-Mouset Gudgel PRESIDENT V. C. Tisdale MASCOT SWEETHEART Linda McGrath 3'7 I ?IIZIIIII z, I??? ggII I I WM; I I I III 5; 5??? ?MIZIZ PRESIDENT Charles Butler Mark Jackson KEEPER OF THE PURSE DICTATOR Charles Butler VICE DICTATOR . Don Willis ROYAL NONESUCH . . fish Rohe Woman's Auxiliary I Orena; Post Jackson; mu .m G c M SECOND ROW illis; Rohe. W I Fann. Eeds I Caldwell,- Bauer; Strode. SECOND ROW Herrin; Gaither I Nelson; Peterson; I Menke AQQOCW'ED GENERAL CONTRACTORS I Butler; Ferrell King I uerlna; 1... Weaver Fl RST ROW Jablonski. Morgan. THIRD ROW FIRST ROW 3l8 OFFICERS PRESIDENT James Jenkins VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Ed Arledge SECRETARY-TREASURER Leslie Hanks PARLIAMENTARIAN John Alderson PUBLICITY Raymond PrewiTT FIRST ROW: Alderson; Hanks; Jenkins; Goode lSponsorl; Arledge; PrewiTT. SECOND ROW: Kennerly; Emmons; McNally; Kauffman; Mason; Thompson. "ThaT They may Truly and imparTially adminisTer iusTice." WiTh This moTTo in mind, The Pre- Law SocieTy spenT an inTeresTing year in preparing iTs members for law school .by supplemenT- ing The academic curriculum wiTh inTeresTing and educaTional acTiviTies connecTed wiTh The law pro- fession. The socieTy enTerTained noTed speakers and made field Trips To The STaTe Prison aT HunTsville and The NaTional Chancery ConvenTion in Dallas. SWEETHEART PauleTTe BoorTz RANGEAND FOPEQTPXOLUB The Texas A8TM Range and ForesTry Club is a deparTmenTal and professional club open To all maiors and minors in Range ManagemenT and ForesTry, and all oTher sTudenTs inTeresTed in These fields. ITs programs is designed To help sTimulaTe professional inTeresTs of The sTudenTs. The monThly meeTings consisT of sTudenT programs, guesT speakers lboTh professors and pracTic- ing professional Techniciansl and films. Dr. Don Russ, Dr. Omer Sperry, and Dr. Jim Dodd have given valuable help ThroughouT The year. SWEETHEART Denise Dellinger PRESIDENT . . . Floyd R. Waller VICE PRESIDENT . . . Gary Spence SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . A. D. Crocker REPORTER . . . J. Billingsley SOCIAL CHAIRMAN . . . E. Heinemann SPONSORS . . . Dr. Omer Sperry . Dr. Jim Dodd FIRST ROW: WesTmoreland; Crocker; Spence; Waller; Hememann. SECOND ROW: Dr. Sperry; Bone; Vacek; BO?- Ter; Fraser; Gilbert; Richards; Derfus. THIRD ROW: RaTliff; Lewis; Amara; McCall,- Jacoby; CuTshall; Forest; Banner. FOURTH ROW: Cunningham; Niemann; AppleTon; Henard; Taylor; Dreesen; Coates; Sontag. QUDENT PQYCHOLOGlCAL AQQOCIZIHON FIRST ROW: Dr. Casey; Drouilhet; Fulkerson; Holley; McGill; Creech. SECOND ROW: Merritt; Blakeney; Ling; Van Waggoner; Railston. PRESIDENT OFFICERS John Fulkerson VICE PRESlDENT Charles Strong SECRETARY Adrien Drouilhet PROGRAM CHAIRMAN David Creech The purpose of The Studenf Psy- chological Ass'n. is To give The stu- dent with an interest in psychology a central group as an outlet for his ideas and problems. The association will undertake different projects, Iis- Ten to speakers, and help the stu- dent gain an insight on a career in psychology. The association also will provide a liaison between the stu- dents and insfruc'rors so That both may benefit. SWEETHEART Dede Leahy 320 DEQIGN GTUDENT GOOEIY PRESIDENT R. M. Brawl MEMBERSHIP ROSTER R. Abbott,- T. Ashley; A. Bafey; H. Bradshaw; L. Baugh; L. Carter; J. Carpen. fer,- J. Cano; R. Copeland; C. Chambliss; R. Cox; D. Denison; B. Davis; C. Digrell; J. Drennan; F. Dublin,- E. Eronimous; E. Edwards; J. Focke; B. Ferro; J. Foster; R. Fredrich; J. Fowler; J. Croon; R. Gomez; B. Graham; M. Greer,- L. Gingrich; P. Hollern; E. Hunt; A. Hoyt; W. Huerta; D. Holt; D. Hatezbuehler; M. Johnson; L. Kaiser; J. Kirkpatrick; B. Lopez; R. Lee; C. Ligon; G. Love"; J. Listi; L. Moore; N. Morrow; J. Mills,- D. Moccaferie; J. Munson; R. Meyers; D. Malcolm; D. Miller,- R. Mantell; B. Nelson; 8. Mosesman; K. Patton; D. Pierce; R. Rabb; G. Riner; L. Rabs; M. Ratbourne; D. Simpson; K. Simmons; E. Shaw,- R. Stogsdill; A. Smith,- G. Sakkal; R. Thornton; T. White; J. Westmoreland; J. Wallace,- R. Wimbish; J. White; J. Wright. QOCIEW OF WW MILTWEX ENGINEERS FIRST ROW: Long; Ferguson; Spencer; Marr; Thompson; Porter; Gibbons; Caner. SECOND ROW: Oates; Smith,- Terrell; Gregory; Lewis; Becka; Chovonec; Minor. THIRD ROW: Allen; Seitz; Downey; Williams; Miller; Engelbert; Smith. FOURTH ROW: Knouse; Engelbert; Jones; Weise; Weathersbee; Basham; Noonan. W . m VVVVV 5: xi M3: ,0 0 0 f 2 2le 2 E .. 3 : ! 0 Engingeers is an association in which engineers fxffiejgs of civilian engineering practice eeNaggojakSTEEijF 4f The Society has a member- 7' engihelrigg and R.O.T.C. stu- K 5.21? M Organized on January 1, 1920 from all of The engineering serv loin To increase the eng ship of 30,000 Througngf and" u 13ng ?z Themior activity fielQKiFiiQxSi s to The AV; e ix afihUal "field V ; 2.22m .w-mm tqnareade w w W trip? sbensored by 1th X xix x xx xii x f, i ESECVREI: RY , h 2TREK$QIQER W? ADMlSQR 27 sxxxmxk xx 0 Xx 12$ PRESIDENT fix 5 SWEETHEART 0 0' .L. S. Porter Darleen Hindermann bun...- .o-o... s 32l lNDUQiPJAL EDUCAHON QOOEIY 0M5 SWEETHEART Sherry Williams By establishing a fraternal relationship between the students enrolled in the various options of the Industrial Education Department, the Industrial Education Society helps promote a well-rounded social and academic life. In order that the student may develop socially, the society encourages its members to participate in the various activities offered by the University, thereby aiding the members to better understand their position in the business world after graduation. From the academic standpoint the society makes a special effort to bring into the meetings speakers skilled in the various options by the department so as to give the members a broader outlook on their educational needs for their future occupations. 322 QUDENI' EDUCAHON AQQOCNON PRESIDENT A. W. Krebs, Jr. FIRST ROW: Riddle; Lanasa; Coco; Neumann; Gardner; Lowry; Krebs; Wynn. SECOND ROW: Garza; Zumwalt; Irish; Cathey; Carlton; Hernandez; Clason; Dr. Stokes iAdvisori. THIRD ROW: Wood; Venglar; Goldsmith; Christion; Howle; Striegler; Washburn; Dronilhet; McKelvain. PRESIDENT Arno Krebs PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN ................................................. Phil Lanasa VICE PRESIDENT Paul Rice PARLIAMENTARIAN ..................... e. Charles Gardner SECRETARY Hillis Lowry ARTS AND SCIENCES COUNCIL ........................ Don Neumann SOCIAL CHAIRMAN .......................................... Thomas Riddle Shirley Coco eli51'- EU BEE P1, TEXAS DEUZX FIRST ROW: Landry; Miller; Thompson,- Wainerdi; Harp; May. SECOND ROW: Kabell; Newman; Mitchell; Burk; Holliman; Rambin; Watts ; Shaw. FOURTH ROW: McBrayer; Ferguson; Clifton,- Pa1mer. THIRD ROW: Pearson; Powers; Wilson; Schiller; Boedecker; Bernatd; Johnson; Koonce; Duncan; Sherrill; Baldwin; Rubac; Huddleston; Ener; Starr. FIFTH ROW: Gallaway; Taylor; Valenta; Smith; Christian; Bedoya. TAU BETA PI TEXAS DELTA Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 by Dr. E. H. Williams, Jr., to honor those who had excelled in an engineering curriculum in college and graduates who became outstanding in the field of engineering. The first member, I. A. Heikes, was initiated in 1885 by Dr. Williams, and the society has since grown to the present organization of 114 undergraduate chapters and 29 graduate chapters with a total initiated membership of over 121,000. The Texas Delta chapter, one of the largest chapters of Tau Beta Pi, was chartered in October, 1948, and now has an initiated membership of over 1,900. Texas Delta received one of the four outstanding chapter awards given by the national association for work done by chapter members in 1962-1963. Review sessions for the E.I.T. Examinations are sponsored by Texas Delta, and a scholarship is annually awarded to a deserving engineering student. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Edward Miller VICE PRESIDENT Ralph H. Mitchell RECORDING SECRETARY ............................................................... Jeffrey C. Harp TREASURER ............ Robert A. May CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Elbridge P. Eaton CATALOGUER ........ .. . Paul Landry SWEETHEART Tau Beta Pi Bent Diane Fitts PRESIDENT E. P. Miller Fins,- Rather odd-looking c h i l cl i through operation. 5 b o r n, a difficult EVOLUHON OF AN AGGiE Age 10: Child has trouble at school. Other children laugh at his clothes. Effective use of Saber soon puts end to that nonsense. Age 17: High school teachers wonder, but individual man- ages to graduate. Age 18: For the next four years or so he will consider himself king of the world, will spend his weekdays studying fervently, and weekends impressing girls with his fancy uniform. All highways lead away from College Station To That comfort- able, wonderful place called home. Section Edited by WALLACE MIGURA ABILENE HOMETOWN CLUB W. WW V A W XX eMWa Th??? -4X0jfi W FIRST ROW: Rice; MundT; Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Bryan; Brown; Beyer; McGinn. THIRD ROW: Overton; Edwards; Neely; Taylor. Working in co-operaTion wiTh The Abilene A8TM MoThers Club, The club brings The boys from Abilene To- geTher boTh on The campus and aT home for social TuncTions. During The holidays and summer vacaTion The members are insTrumenTal in encouraging high school seniors from Abilene and surrounding Towns To aTTend I A8xM. Each SepTember, The club, along wiTh The MoThers Club, sponsors a parTy for newly enTering freshmen. PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER SWEETHEART Lana Morris 326 Fred McGinn Paul Taylor Clark Carter PRESIDENT Fred McGinn W-r;. TWA! re'wufw WT N i; T AMARJLLO HOMEDWN CLUB We of The Amarillo Hometown Club wish To dedicate This page To The Amarillo A8iM Mothers Club in a vain effort To Thank Them for fheir love, thoughtfulness, and patience Through The years, which is so great a part of every one of us. FIRST ROW: Willis; Hill; Weatherbee; Reeves; Lee. SECOND ROW: Devanby; Ansley; Britt; Tyson; Chewning. THIRD ROW: Rapp; John; Cook; Godin; Smith; Wenfhers. l PRESIDENT ............................................................ David Hill VICE PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,, Clint Reeves SOCIAL SECRETARY .................................... , c. Collard SECRETARY-TREASURER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Weatherbee i SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Ginger Daughtry David Hill 327 APEAHOMEIOWNCLUB The Bay Area Hometown Club, formed in 1959-60 for Aggies from the mainland cities of Galveston and surrounding counties, is now an organization of 50 members. The purpose of the club is to enable the Aggies of these towns to keep in touch during the school year. Club functions are sponsored jointly with the Mothers Club during the school holidays. e PRESIDENT Robert Jennings FIRST ROW: Winnette; Redd; Jennings,- Hawkins; Ivy. SECOND ROW: Palmer; Burkhart; Holt; Hill; Schumann; Meyer; Brown; Kirkham; Forten- berry. THIRD ROW: Lindsay; Harris; Cullen; Linton; Campbell; Perry,- Morris; Fisher. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Robert Jennings VICE PRESIDENT Mike Hawkins SECRETARY Robert Frazier TREASURER Charles Rash SWEETHEART Cherri Lynn Oakley t 1 i 328 BAWOWNHWETOWNCLUB The Baytown Hometown Club at Texas AeM consists of students from The East Harris County area, including graduates of Bayfown, Cedar Bayou, Crosby, Barber's Hill and La Porte high schools. ITS purpose is To introduce Texas AhM To high school sTudenTs. Included in The club's activities are annual assembly programs at The respec- tive high schools, college orientation programs for prospective freshmen, midsummer and Christmas dances for club members, Aggie exes, and prospective Aggies. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .......................................... H. E. Werf VICE PRESIDENT ...................................................................................................... Bobby Paulson SECRETARY-TREASURER ........ James Pridmore SOCIAL SECRETARY ..... Melvin Johnson SWEETHEART Juanita M. Johnson PRESIDENT H. E. Werf FIRST ROW: Pridmore; Wert; Johnson; Maher; Paulson; Sfasney. SECOND ROW: Brady; Bachmeyer; Ferguson; Teel; Spangler; Harrison; DUpIis- sey; King. THIRD ROW: Harrison; Ocker; Mettke; Korenek; Lansford; Becka; Pursley; Janacek. 329 BEAUMONF HWEFOWN CLUB , MK; FIRST ROW: Byron; Hawkins; Ashy; Le Blanc; White; Busch. SECOND ROW: Harvey; Brown; Page; Sleeper; Newton; Simmons; Lanasa; Dockery; ii Hammel; Villava; Simmons; Wingate. THIRD ROW: Richardson; Riggs; Koehler; Bennett; Jones; Gilcrease; Killard; Totorice; Lockard; Parigi; Hebert; Brown; Tate; Sontag; Foster; Nauck; Osmon; Smith. V. OFFICERS .' PRESIDENT Thomas Ashy I VICE PRESIDENT ....... .. Philip Lanasa '- SECRETARY-TREASURER Tifton Simmons y " E X n i a i 3' i. t A I 't I SWEETHEART PRESIDENT t k Kathie Weston Thomas Ashy " - "'1 ,1, s: The Beaumont Hometown Club is designed to promote student welfare on campus and off, and to develop closer relationships between Aggies that come from the Golden Triangle area. The Beaumont A8tM Club and y. Beaumont Mothers Club work closely with the Hometown club to provide Aggies with two Beaumont newspapers, 3 T one in the Memorial Student Center's Browsing Library, and the other in the Cushing Memorial Library. The 'Jaz annual Christmas dance, the between-semester covered dish supper, and other functions are sponsored through 5 the combined efforts of these clubs. Ags from Winnie, Fannet, Silsbee, Hamshire, Vidor, Voth, and Rosedale t . complete the Hometown club membership. i Donald Cook BELWEEHOMEIUNNCLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... Donald D. Cook VICE PRESIDENT .......................................................................................... Bill Camp SECRETARY ....... ., W Forrest Mobley TREASURER ................ Dennis Newton SWEETHEART e 4 Tracie Broussard Vi mg h 5, X w FIRST ROW: Heibel; Seay; Smith; Camp; Cook; Newton,- Nelson; Davis; Mobley. SECOND ROW: Cook, H.; Shields; Clark; Handley; Spaw; Brown; . Bush,- Sveter; O'Connor; Andei'son; Wendenburh. THIRD ROW: Escobar; Johnson; Frank; Watson,- Dougherty; Franks, T.; Graham; English; Coates; L Crosthwaif. J Serving The alumni of Bellaire High School of Houston, The Bellaire Hometown Club is one of The most active on The campus, supporting activities of Bellaire High School and attempting 10 interest The students There in Texas A8JVL During The past year, the club organized numerous social events. 33: P BPAZOPJA OOUMY HOMEOWN CLUB PRESIDENT Gregory H. Laughlin VICE PRESIDENT Lee Nelson Hellums SECRETARY-TREASURER Wade E. Cook SWEETHEART Linda McGill wzw FIRST ROW: Hellums; Laughlin; Cook. SECOND ROW: Laughlin; Morgan; Kennemen; Edling; Hughes; Johnson; Mun- son. THIRD ROW: Fried; Coddou; Irvin; Newman; Barnes. FOURTH ROW: Cook; Warren; Taylor; Griffin; Lunsford. FIFTH ROW: Baugh; Johnson; Dodd. The Brazoria Counfy Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Angle'ron, Brazoria, Clute, Freeporf, Jones Creek, Lake Jackson, Pearland, Sweeny, and West Columbia. The main purpose of The club is To help Aggies from Brazoria County to become acquainted. Each year The club has a party during the Christmas and Easter holidays. PRESIDENT Gregory H. Laughlin 332 2 x o h h e e V FIRST ROW: Ocker; Melia; Goodenough; Brunkenhoefer; Sieglin; Partridge; Ilse. SECOND ROW: Pall; Massey; Barry; Lauer; Roth; Dietz; Harrell. This club is composed of students from "The Sparkling City By The Sea" and is one of the best known social clubs on the campus. After each home football game, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and during the spring and or its gala social events featuring weIl-known entertainment. Also the or- summer, this organization is noted f ganization is ably assisted by a top Mothers Club that co-operates in many ways with the college in aiding their sons. Through these activities and meetings, the "Corpus Aggies" have developed a high amount of fellow- ship and co-operation with one another. PRESIDENT ............................................................ Robert Goodenough VICE PRESIDENT ................................................................ Bob Devine SECRETARY ............ Mike Theis TREASURER ....... Charles Mella .f 1.3 i i PRESIDENT 7 , H Linda Connell Robert Goodenough 333 ELPAQO HOMEIOWN CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jim Vollmer VICE PRESIDENT Rick Railston SECRETARY-TREASURER Scott Conner SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Veronica Kastrin Jim Vollmer FIRST ROW: Hocking; Montgomery; Conner; Duncan; Young; Vollmer,- Salinas; Candelaria; Cancellare; Monaco. SECOND ROW: Fenter; Brandt; Boyce; Cole; Fell; Muston; Coreil; Wood; Clark. THIRD ROW: Simmons; Kennedy; Walker; Simmons, K.; Majors; Roeder; Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Burns; Thompson; Davis; Baker; Rupley; Bradley; Medina. Even though El Paso is located 700 miles from A8:M, interest in the school is strong. Evidence of this is shown by the steadily increasing number of students from the El Paso area. The club's activities include various social functions held throughout the year, the highlight of which is the annual Christmas party when the Club Sweetheart is chosen. The members express their sincere appreciation to the Mothers Club for its interest andssupport. a:' e FIRST ROW: Heep, Furber, Fancher. SECOND ROW: Callcott; BraHon, Bielfeldt, Waller, Jacoby, Jung, Felps, Kaderli, Heinemann. THIRD ROW: Pehl, Adams, Evers, Kothmann, Honea, Kunz, Stewart, Wright, Smith, Sloan. FOURTH ROW: Reagor, Crenwelge, Crider, Furber, Oatman, Kirchner, Leifesfe, Barker, Shannon, Jordan. PRESIDENT Dale Barber VICE PRESIDENT Gerald Heep TREASURER Thurman Fancher SECRETARY James Furber REPORTER . Franklin Reagor SWEETHEART Sheila Schuessler The Hill Country Hometown club is one of the largest and most active social clubs on the Texas A8:M Campus. The club sponsors a Christmas, Easter and beginning-of-school party and dance to provide funds to sponsor a duchess in The Cotton Pageant each year. The club is composed of students from 10 counties and some 16 different towns covering an area of 5800 sq. miles in South and West central Texas. 3'; 'T-T v f st 1 a u PRESIDENT g y Dale Barber l 1 ,3 I 335 LAPEDOHOMETOWNGUB PRESIDENT Javier Valdez VICE PRESIDENT Roberto Morelos-Zaragosa SECRETARY Delfino Garcia, Jr. TREASURER Albert Czar, Jr. PARLIAMENTARIAN Javier V. Speed REPORTERS Hector Gutierrez Paul Flores, Jr. PRESIDENT Javier Valdez SEATED: Speed, Flores, Ramirez, Valdez, Garcia, Czar. STANDING: Ruiz, Gil, Madrigal, Garza, Juarez, Garcia, Ellison, Garcia, Berry, Farias, Flores. The Laredo A8tM Hometown Club consists of approx- imately 70 members from Laredo, Texas, Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., and surrounding areas. This highly spirited club sponsors a summer dance and a Christmas dance. The two events provide the club with working funds and finance a banquet at the end of the year which honors the club seniors and the Laredo Mothers Club. MARSMLLHWETOWN C1UB The Marshall Hometown Club consists of Aggies from Harrison County, which is in East Texas. The main attraction of Harrison County is beautiful Caddo Lake which offers rest and relaxation. The club offers a closer relation- ship to its members while on campus and a chance To attend several social functions at home during holidays. The Club is grateful to The A8:M Mothers Club of Marshall for its support during the year. To them we would like To say, "Thank You, MO'rhers." SWEETHEART Peggy A. Westbrook FIRST ROW: Bills; Bond; Crowell; Byassee; Taylor; Thomas. SECOND ROW: Moore,- Smith; Boehm; Waskom; Lewis; Hooton; Stropp. OFFICERS PRESIDENT .. Tommy Crowell VICE PRESIDENT Jerry Power SECRETARY-TREASURER Horace Byassee PRESIDENT Tommy Crowell ORANGE COUNW HOMEOWN CLUB The Orange County Hometown Club was organized to provide a time for all Aggies from Orange County to get together and see how we all are doing. "It sets a place vllhere the men from the separate towns in Orange County come together and get better acquainted. "Officers hope that more of the men from Orange County will take the opportunity to ioin and work in the club to make it a more helpful organization. FIRST ROW: Taggart; Martell; Robinson; Hatcher; Vandervoort. SECOND ROW: Sexton; Morris; Mazzagate; Bryant; Harris. OFFlCERS PRESIDENT Charles Robinson VICE PRESIDENT Robert Martell SECRETARY-TREASURER .................................................... Jante Taggart SWEETHEART PRESIDENT , Faith Ann Morris Charles Robinson 338 FIRST ROW: Gray; Sherrill; Ghormley; Wylie; Seale; Thompson; McMurray. SECOND ROW: BurkhalTer; Goodwin; Evans; Eddleman; THIRD ROW: Moehlman; Terrell; Duerer; -Burleson; Ward; Connevey. The Pasadena HomeTown Club is composed of graduaTes of Pasadena, SouTh HousTon, and Deer Park high schools. Regular meetings are held To promoTe friend- ship and provide fellowship for Aggies from This indusTriaI cenTer. The main social evenT of The club was a wesTern parTy and banqueT given by The Pasadena MoThers Club. For This and The support of our oTher acTiviTies, we exTend To Them our Thanks. PRESIDENT .................................................. STan Wylie VICE PRESIDENT ............................ BenneTt Ghormley SECRETARY-TREASURER ...................... Eddie Sherrill SOCIAL SECRETARY .................................. Mike Seale O'Neal; Barlow; Jones. SWEETHEART Linda Bradbury 339 PECAN WLLEY HOMEOWN CLUB SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Currin Ann Carpenter Donn German Comprised of Aggies fro-m Brownwood and surrounding communities in the Heart 0' Texas, the Pecan Valley Hometown Club affords its members a chance to "get-together" at least once a month. This year during the Easter holidays, the club sponsored its second annual dance in Brownwood and had approximately 150 persons attending. With its willing co-operation and assistance, the A8tM Mothers Club of Brownwood again has proven itself as an invaluable asset of our hometown club. The Mothers Club has taken- upon itself the responsibilities of financing our club's fuIl-page picture in the AGGIELAND and of sponsoring the club's sweetheart for the annual Cotton Pageant and Ball. To them we are ever grateful and would like to extend a hearty "Thanks." FIRST ROW: Hammonds; Holland; German; Riker; Watkins; lhrig. SECOND ROW: Shaw; Dunavanf; SEEIY; White; CBWYEI'; PMS; Harris. THIRD ROW: Lamkin; Cox,- Clark; Lindemann; Buhler; Jones; Dobyns. i210 GPANDE WLLEY HOMETOWN CLUB The Rio Grande Valley Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Hidalgo, Cameron, Wiliacy, and.Starr Counties who wish to gather with their fellow Aggies and support social and educational events. The club participates in High School Career Day and sponsors a duchess in the Cotton Pageant each year. At this time the club would like to express our thanks to the Rio Grande Valley A8:M Mothers Club for their willing cooperation and assistance in various activities and for the fine Christmas Party they sponsor annually. i. , as? - FL? , .g 0 I. ' flit . 7... ii. f. .' ; I 1 " , ii in: "" i ., . I .. .. t: i "i z, SEATED: Sluis; Jones; Davis; Mika; Durham; Soteio. STANDING: Vittetoe; Krebs; Landreth; Sylvester; Wolf,- Pena; Crouch; McDonald. i i ,, tr f i :4 o ; i . ,4 . 1', . 'l i '5' Viig mi", :2 k. id , -i i PRESIDENT . Jim Davis . ..l s; i VICE PRESIDENT Ray Jones -. SECRETARY-TREASURER .. Harry Jones J SOCIAL SECRETARY Donald Mika .1 f h i e i i" l e 1 , t i . PRESIDENT SWEETHEART Jim Davis Pamela Knapp 34l SANAMONIO HOMETOWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Bauer; BeLofe; Collins; Parker; GarreTf; Willmann; BarToskewiTz; Klutz; Spence; Herring; STrub; Ransdell; Monier; GranT. SECOND ROW: Lutich; Jones; Story,- Allen; HoldiTch; Nicholas; Bailey; Bolinger; Cardiel; Gummer; Swanson; MarTin; Thompson; Sasse. THIRD ROW: Gallegos; Cano; Nagy; Singleton; Fernald; Kubicek; Studley; Rogers; Braunig; Penn; Henry. FOURTH ROW: Fry; Gordon; Guernd; VanHeIlen; Murrah; WanTzloeben. SWEETHEART PRESIDENT Linda Robinson Lee J. Grant PRESIDENT Lee J. Grant VICE PRESIDENT ...... Tommy L. Adams RECORDING SECRETARY Alton C. Thompson SOCIAL SECRETARY Rick W. Sasse TREASURER Bill K. Monier The San AnTonio HomeTown Club is one of The IargesT and mosT acTive on The campus. Besides regular meeTings on The campus The club sponsors dances and parTies during The Thanksgiving, ChrisTmas, and EasTer holidays. This club is fortunaTe in having a regular place in which To meeT. Aggie Park consisTs of several acres of ground, a beauTiful club house, and a paTio. The club is graTeful To The San AnTonio MoThers Club and The San AnTonio Former STudenTs Associa- Tion for Their support 342 OFFICERS PRESIDENT , , ,,,,,,,, , James C. Carter VICE PRESIDENT ,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , L. J. Candella SECRETARY , , , ,, , r , Miichell Wilcox TREASURER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, r , ,,,,,,,,, Joe! B. Goldman SOCIAL CHAIRMEN , , Thomas L. Morgan Titus W. Alley SWEETHEART Carolyn Woodall The Shreveport Hometown Club is composed of members from Shreveport, Bossier City, and surrounding areas. The club engages in both social and service functions. IT works with the Mothers Club and The former students in promoting interest in A8TM in The area high schools. The club supports several parties during the year, including an annual New Year's Eve dance. SECOND ROW: Tedford; Hancock; Averen; Evans. THIRD ROW: FIRST ROW: Thompson; Carter; Woodall; Goldman; Morgan. Pyburn; YaugerT Berkley; 343 QONQ OF QEPMCE HWETOWN CLLB Quite easily one of The IargesT social clubs on The campus, wiTh more Than 100 members, The Sons of The Service provides a homeTown club for Aggies from miIiTary families who cannoT claim a Town as Their own. The club sTrives To break The rouTine of The school year wiTh educaTional as well as social functions for iTs members and Their guesTs. FIRST ROW: Myers; Chappelle; Van Wagner; Bender; Allen; McAdoo; McCue. SECOND ROW: Roofe; Quebe; Bacon,- Jacobs; Grunwald; Newton; Callo. awy. THIRD ROW: Cunningham; Screws; Schuck; Thornhill; Harcrow; McCannon; Petrash. PRESIDENT ............................................ Doug Howder VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Bill Bender TREASURER ................................................ Roy Allen SOCIAL SECRETARY ............................ Mac Freeman H p34 could only 5'6: me now ! PRESIDENT Doug Howder 344 FIRST ROW: NeweH; Wurzbach; Fohn; Spears; Stein; Howard. SECOND ROW: Diaz; Newman; Bipperf; Allen; Nester; Burk; Warren; Templer; Schott. THIRD ROW: Fillinger; Burns; Rhodes; Smallwood; Warren; Hayes; Jungman; Ney; Heyen. PRESIDENT Franklin J. Stein VICE PRESIDENT Harvey Persyn TREASURER Jack Spears SECRETARY Clark Wurzbach REPORTER Nick Fohn PRESIDENT SWEETHEART Franklin J. Stein Carol Burke We are dedicated To promote friendship and co-operafion among all students from Southwest Texas. This area includes The counties of Dimmi'r, Frio, Uvalde, Kinney, LaSalle, Medina, Atascosa, and Zavala. Activities include meetings Twice monthly, a social function each semester, and an end-of-the-year party at home in May. All Aggies from the area are invifed To attend and become acquainted with their hometown Aggies. 3.45 WWW COUNTY HOMETOWN CLUB PRESIDENT Phil Beighle VICE PRES!DENT-SECRETARY-TREASURER ................ Jim PeTTy Members of The Tyler-SmiTh CounTy HomeTown Club, hail from The Tyler-SmiTh CounTy area, famous for iTs Annual Rose FesTival. IT has provided A8:M wiTh many fine sTudenTs. The' club servesh primarily as a social organization, The highlighT being The popular ChrisTmas ParTy. Members express sincere appreciaTion To The Tyler A8tM MoThers Club for iTs conTinous aid and support SWEETHEART PRESIDENT MarTha Beasly Phillip Beighle FIRST ROW: Clinkscales; Petty; Beighle; Rachel. SECOND ROW: Walker; Heafon; Balfour; NolTe; Carpenter. ....;m:s -eyg an MEWM . PRESIDENT ...................................................................... Edwin Bowers VICE PRESIDENT ................................................................ Jesse Parker SECRETARY-TREASURER ................................................ Sid Medford The Angelina CounTy HomeTown Club was organ- ized in The fall of 1954. The primary obiecTive is To promoTe inTeresT in A8xM in Angelina CounTy. A MoThers Club also has been organized which spon- sors social funcTions on and off campus for our club members. ANGELINA COUNTY HWH'OWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Hudgens; McCall; BaTe; Bowers. Smelley; Seago; Medford; Geye. SECOND ROW: MiTcham; Azwo 4.- Ha PRESIDENT John ChrisTian A, small bUT acTive organizaTion, The AusTin HomeTown Club is com- posed of ouTsTanding young men who refuse To paTronize The rival insTiTuTion known as "Land of The H PRESIDENT ............................................................................ 40 Acres. The sTudenTs Try To pro- VICE PRESIDENT moTe inTeresT in Aggieland for boys SECRETARY-TREASURER -------------------------------------------------------- who oTherwise would be snared by The Teasips. John Hank VVHbur Banner; Christian; Howard; Worsham; WaTTs; Bohn; Keilers; McElroy; Willingham. Christian Howard Banner BELL COUNTY HOMEOWN CLUB PRESIDENT J. E. Engbrock VICE PRESIDENT J. J. Coufal SECRETARY AND TREASURER .................................... J. K. Bush REPORTER R. A. Prewitt SWEETHEART Mickey Mikulas Working in co-operafion with the Bell County A8iM Mothers Club, the club brings the boys from Bell County together both on the campus and at home for social func- tions. This club's main function is to en- courage high school graduates to attend A8cM, and maintain a close relationship be- FIRST ROW: Kleypas, Coufal, Engbrock, Prewitt, Powell, Chlapek. SECOND ROW: Laramey, tween students and Aggie Exes. Shallcrbss, Mikeska, Brewster, Davis, Oliver. BiGTi-"CKEF HOMEiOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Patricia Lee The Big Thicket Hometown Club, composed of students from Tyler, Trinity, Polk, and San Jacinto Counties, is primarily a social organization which brings together Aggies from this Southeast Texas area known as The 3'? Th'CkeT' The purpose FIRST ROW: Risinger, Freeman, Jernigan, Read. SECOND ROW: Denman, Anderson Gil- of the club is to stimulate Interest In Texas A8tM ben, Carder, Woods, Whifson, ' throughout The Big Thicket and encourage boys from that area to attend. FIRST ROW: Reicherzer; Glenewinkel; Bourgeois; Druewbert. SECOND ROW: Pogor; Brock; Reeh. THIRD ROW: Fielder; Heger; Soefie; Ludwig. PRESIDENT James E. Bourgeois The Cenfex Hometown Club is com- posed of sfuden'rs from the South Texas Towns of New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Seguin. New Braunfels is noted as a vacation center, San Marcos is well known for its underwater aquarena, and Seguin, for its rich farmland. FIRST ROW: Wolfe; Martin; Vaughan; McClure; Mason; Kemp; McGiII; Jackson. SECOND ROW: Marr; Hatzen; Buehler; Carrillo; Walker; Landtroop; Weatherby; Harris; Vanek; Wright; Lackland. SWEETHEART Paula Rackley PRESIDENT Tony McClure VICE PRESIDENT Ben Wolfe SECRETARY-TREASURER Chuck Marr SOCIAL SECRETARY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Eddie Mason PRESIDENT Kenneth Glaze VICE PRESIDENT ................ Scotty Scott SECRETARY Ronnie Fletcher TREASURER Bill Campbell SWEETHEART Barbara Brown Sheehan; McGinnis; Scott; Wedemeyer; Glaze. The Deep East Texas Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Longview and surrounding communities. It is one of the "Piney Woods" regions of Texas. The club was formed to continue and strengthen the com- panionship of Aggies from this area and to provide activities at school and home. PRESIDENT ........................ Wallis McMath VICE PRESIDENT .................. King Neale SECRETARY-TREASURER ...... John McMath PRESIDENT Wallis McMath The purpose of this club is to provide activities for the club members during the school year and to stimu- late interest in Texas A8xM among the high school stu- dents of Denton County. Each year the Aggie Exes from Denton County in cooperation with the Denton Home- town Club sponsor interested students to the annual High School Day on campus. FRONT: McMath; Neale; McMath. BACK: Dodson; Kirkpatrick; Deni- son; Salmon. -.: EAGLE 949$ HOMETOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Susan Bruce SEATED: Urbina; Garcia; Olivares; Sparks; Rodriguez; Saenz. STANDING: Rodriguez; Sahchez; Rodriguez; Buentello; Macias. PRESIDENT -------------------- James H- Sparks The Eagle Pass Hometown Club is small but active organization. The club spon- V'CE PRES'DENT ------ Alberto M' Olivares sors several social functions both on and off the campus during the year. The SECRETARY-TREASURER .............................. . . . . . . Lieonel A. Rodriguez club also takes an active part In the annual High School Career Day actlvmes. PRESIDENT . , James M. Murray t E K- SEATED: Boone; Murray; Mieatrs; Stern; Hatrtmann; Goldsmith. STANDING: Oberhoff; Murray; Shafer; Vogt; Christ; Kurtz; Reue; Simmons. PRESIDENT ''''''''''''''' James M. Murray The Fort Bend Hometown Club is organized to bring together Aggies from V'CE PRESIDENT """""" L' Thomas mean this area in order to stimulate fellowship and provide social activities for club SECRETARY Ronald H. Stern , members. The club promotes the annual Hugh School Career Day and encourages TREASURER .................... Kenneth Stupka . high school students to attend Ach. 35l FORT WOPIH HOMETOWN CLUB The ForT WorTh HomeTown Club is primarily for Aggie social acTiviTies in The ForT WorTh area. Throughout The school year, The club meeTs in bi- monTth meeTings where planning is carried ouT for The various acTiv- iTies. PRESIDENT J. E. Mann, Jr. FIRST ROW: Pendery; Brewer; Wiley; Wilson; Owen; Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: Armstrong; Beard; Crawford; Wright; Mack; Spears. 352 This club, composed of Aggies from The GalvesTon area, sponsors such acTiviTies as a formal dance dur- ing The ChrisTmas season and in- formal parTies and barbecues. To- geTher wiTh Aggie Exes, iT ioins in High School Day here aT A8TM. PRESIDENT Harvey Bashor SEATED: Higgins; Bashor; Armstrong; Finkbiner. Rapp; Morris. STANDING: Farmer; Phillips; Pepper; Hasselmeier; ...A e SWEETHEART Carolyn Reeves PRESIDENT SEATED: Mccollum, $urber, Curran, Cooper. STANDING: Gamble, Roland, Wheat, Angel, Bartlett, MCCOY; ' Martin $urber Roberts. V VICE PRESIDENT James McCoIlum SECRETARY Donald Curran REPORTER larry Cooper The Garland Hometown Club is an active club providing the members with social activities both on and off campus. The club's main obiective is promoting friendship among its members through regular meetings and social functions. "yam. -z;. .I . i .. GRAYQON oouw HWEDWN CLUB x. s Qihw 'ih": sat - 2,. Mm: mg i. 3: wisk I. was in Rus'uN cmh-V- Our hometown club is an organization whose purpose is to allow the men from Grayson County to become united in friendship through doing things together. Among the activities it has each year is a pre-school picnic to welcome the enter- ing freshmen and a picnic at the beginning of eaCh summer TO bid farewell to the graduating FIRST ROW: Chaney, Guilloud, Whitlock, Dingley, Williams, McHaney, Richardson. seniors- Our MOthersl CIUb gives a dance eaCh SECOND ROW:May,Musser,Lummus,Woiewadzic,Terry. year during the Christmas holidays. 353 Composed of men from Victoria, DeWift, Calhoun, and Goliad Coun- Ties, The Guadalupe Valley Club functions To bring These Aggies To- gether both at home and on campus. FRONT ROW: Migura; Crow; Stanton,- Housmann; Milam. BACK ROW: Hanselka; Weppler; Mullins; Marek; Milam. SWEETHEART Lin Lamprecht HILL OOUMY HOMEOWN CLUB PRESIDENT Leslie G. Irvin PRESIDENT ........................................ Leslie G. Irvin VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Jake Hull SECRETARY ........................................ Don Christian TREASURER ........................................ Gary Wimbish SEATED: Kazda; Christian; Irvin; Hull; Wimbish STANDING: Kyle; Lowry; Kennedy; Davis. 354 a.gt- JACKSON OOUMY HOMEOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Virginia Peckham The primary purpose of the Jackson County Hometown ' Club is TO provide a more closely knitted relationship FIRST ROW: Venglar; Meyers; Toman. SECOND ROW: Schomberg; Cosper; between 1+16 students of Jackson County and acquaint $pacek;Munford.THlRD ROW: Novosad;Ellis;Schuchardt. present high school students with the advantages of at- tending Texas A8tM University. LAWCA OOUMY HOMEOWN CLUB The Lavaca County Hometown Club, composed of Aggies from Yoakum, Halletsville, Shiner and Moulton, is organized in an effort to unite the students from this area through monthly meetings and various social func- tions. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Glenn Schmidt VICE PRESIDENT .................................................... Britt Jenkins SECRETARY John Trott TREASURER Jerry Lindsey FIRST ROW: Lindsey; Garner; Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Trott; Lindsey, J.; Jenkins; Schmidt. SWEETHEART Sherry Lynn Benbow 355 .- 1 431311.; vi: . 1211: . M; Aede-i- - - V,.e....g.e AA. A . .Ah -gLAE; LOWERTPJNWWLLEY HOMEOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Diane STovalI PRESIDENT ................................................ Don Rudd VICE PRESIDENT ................................ William Mason SECRETARY .................................... Charles McAdams SOCIAL SECRETARY ............................ John Collins FIRST ROW: Blazek; McAdams; Crocker; Mason; Rudd; Vanderhiden. SECOND ROW: Willoughby; Amox; Bradburn; Greak; CaTchings; HewiTT; Erroll; Odum. The Lower TriniTy Valley HomeTown Club' is composed of Aggies from LiberTy, Chambers, and surrounding counTies. The small buT well organized club Tries To influence ouTsTanding high school seniors from The area To choose A8TM as Their university. Members voice deep appreciaTion To The Former STudenTs Of LiberTy CounTy for Their supporT. 356 WGOPDA COUNTY HOMETOWN CLUB The MaTagorda CounTy HomeTown Club, an organizaTion composed of Aggies coming from The hub of The "Golden Guhc CoasT," is designed To provide an opportuniTy for its members To meet and relax wiTh friends from home. The club is acTive in planning social evenTs in MaTagorda CounTy during The various holidays. PRESIDENT ........................................ Curtis Neumann VICE PRESIDENT .................................... Bill .Richers SECRETARY ............................................ John Fondon TREASURER .................................... Donald Richardson ENTERTAINMENT ............................ Richard Jerrill SWEETHEART Shirley Hogg FRONT ROW: Neumann; Fondon; Jerrill; Richardson. SECOND ROW: Bowers; Kana; Schuelke; Hlozek; Zemanek; Graham; Slone. THIRD ROW: Towler; Fenland; Abraham; Jager; Kubecka; Hurta; Brown. FOURTH ROW: Pendergrass; Seerden; DalTon; Neeley; Stafford,- Bickham. ......d -, -.D - While building good fellowship among its members, the McCulloch County Hometown club promotes Texas A8:M to the citizens of McCulloch County and creates interest'in our university among high school students of the area. FIRST ROW: Holcomb; Kidd; Lemons; Kzar. SECOND ROW: Miller; Steffens; Pina; G. Kidd; Royal. THIRD ROW: Moran,- Engdahl; Dillon. e SWEETHEART Aileen Bratton MID COUNTY HOMEOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Virginia Jernigan The Mid-County Hometown Club is com- posed Of Aggies from Nederland, Port FIRST ROW: Jernigan; Fritsche; Nolte; Kollenborn; Collins; Sartain; Minaldi. SECOND Neches, Graves, and Sour Lake. ROW: McPermand; Scott; Curlee; Jeffrey; Petty; Windham. THIRD ROW: Garton; Beau- The club has offered a unit through which mont; smith; Stewam Rehe' members gather for fellowship and social functions both here and at home. Members express appreciation for the support from the Mothers Club this year. 357 PRESIDENT Tom Post PRESIDENT ........................................ Tom Post VICE PRESIDENT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bill Doreen SECRETARY ...................................... John Fitts TREASURER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Mike Ward 5 Jim SEATED: Ward; Post; Fitts; Knight. STANDING: Flournoy; Fisher; Brewster; Post; Klise; Fisher; Sabatier; Vaughn. PRESIDENT Harlow W. Rawls Coming from the largest industrial and cultural, center between Dallas and Houston, the men of this club are noted for their friendliness and their willing- J - ' M ness TO say a few 900d words abOUf SEATED: Dresser; Brown; Strange; McCIung; Rawls; Post. STANDING: Nokes; Rich; Robinson; Love; Texas A8tM wherever the place or what- Doran; Perry; Gordon. ever the occasion. From their ranks in recent years have come two corps commanders, a varsity football player and a varsity baseball player, a managing editor on a campus magazine, class officers, and others who work hand in hand with the Navarro County Former Students Association and the Mothers Club to promote the interests of A8tM in their area. 358 wnngt umfngt ;" 1 i PRESIDENT Glen James q PRESIDENT ............................ Glen James V VICE PRESIDENT ................ David Morgan SECRETARY-TREASURER ........ Bill Gibbons 4, SEATED: O'Rena; Morgan; James; Trahan; Beal; Gibbons. STANDING: HehrT; Morgan; Kirchmer; Bell; X x , Morgan; Erwin; Hefley. TX 3 x f The PorT ArThur HomeTown Club, 35 sTrong, is composed of Aggies from PorT 7f ArThur and viciniTy. PorT ArThur is a member of The Golden Triangle which "oils J The world." The club parTicipaTes in High School Career Day and sponsors a duchess ; in The CoTTon PageanT each year. 1 SANANGELO -WE9TTEXAQ HOMETOWN CLUB Aggies residing in or around San Angelo are eligible To ioin The San AngeIo-WesT Texas HomeTown Club. The club sponsors several acTiviTies, The mosT imporTanT of which is The annual ChrisTmas dance. The proceeds are donaTed To The San Angelo MoThers Club which is used for The scholarship fund for local Aggies. PRESIDENT Ben E. McCulloch SEATED: Higgins; Tiierina; McCulloch; Wynne; Fuchs. STANDING: Tiierina; Green; Edgingion; Schweriner. 359 SWEETHEART Nana Kelly PRESIDENT ........................................ Allen Lawrence VICE PRESIDENT ................................ Frank Sugarek FIRST ROW: Galladay; Fikes; Schafer; Miller; Harris; Lawrence. SECOND ROW: Sugarek; SECRETARY ........................................ Ray Schubert Brown,- Holland; Schubert; Burns;.$alge. THIRDh ROW: Mortimer; Schubert; Roberts; Gingrich; TREASUR Amo'd. ER ............................................ John Hollan The San-Re-Bee Hometown Club is composed of students from San Patricio, Refugio, and Bee counties. The purpose of The club is to Unite students from These counties and to provide social recreation and activities for the students. 360 900m LOUIQIANA HOMETOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Susan Simmons FIRST ROW: Boelfe; Gaille; Lewis; Benton; Provine. SECOND ROW: Echterhoff; Lambert; Stafford; Tuseth; Graf- ton; Shallcross; Preiean; Davis; Norton. THIRD ROW: Juge; McRae; Klamke; Hoofan; Finley; Provine; Crosbie; Hughes; Peoples; Buescher; Wisenbaker. OFFICERS CTEEIDPERTSIDENTHzrkprtim: H The "South Louisiana .Hometown Club is composed of all these displaced SECRETARY ........................ George Benton Caluns from Alexandria south to New Orleans, an area ofherwnse known as Jim MurraY the "Marshland Of America." TREASURER ............................ John Boelte RECORDER ............................ Ronnie Gros SOCIAL SECRETARY ........ Spencer Gaille QPPJNG BRANCH HOMEOWN CLUB PRESIDENT Gregory Pye PRESIDENT Gregory Pye VICE PRESIDENT ..... Perry Wood SECRETARY ............. John Gay TREASURER ............................................ Grady Wilks FIRST ROW: Wilks; Barker; Nichols; Jenkins; Pye; Gay. SECOND ROW: Rosenstein; Moss; Mclnfosh; Mohr; $chiwefz. THIRD ROW: Towers; Pappas; Bennett; Quebe; Walters; Wallace. The Spring Branch Hometown Club is composed of members from The Spring Branch-Memorial Drive area of Housfon. The club is mainly a social organization To strengthen companionship of Aggies from These areas. 9r. THOMAQ OF HOUQTON HOMETOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Shari Lyn Reding FIRST ROW: Hernandez; Listi; Marlow; Hall. SECOND ROW: Day; Seerden; Biron; Gaden; Allen; Ferrafa. Composed of Aggies who have grad- uated from St. Thomas High School in Houston, fhe Sf. Thomas Club provides PRESIDENT 53'" L's" VICE PRESIDENT Ed Ducin chances To meet both on and off cam- , , I TREASURER Jessee Allen pus. During the year this club a so serves SECRETARY , Tom Day as a link between A8sM and boys who are interested in becoming Aggies. PRESIDENT ' Joe W. Sfuckey , - 3;; 1;: T4 ; SEATED: Morrow,- Upchurch; Peterson; Stuckey; Harrison. STANDING: Wright; Smifh; Cregg; Copeland; Palmer. T'; '" Fina 3W 1 The Texarkana Hometown Club has served as a means of bringing Aggies from The Texarkana area Together for The past 18 years. The meetings of The club are used for The discussion of news from home, discussion of different problems that arise, and The planning of social funcfions which are held both on campus and at home during The holidays. 'x .9. v; k e 4.. 3 7-?4, g i .2"? . x. T-bv'sQo. "3'7 ,:.K4. The Californians is a club composed of stu- dents here at Texas A8TM who are from the "Golden State." Since reorganization This year, the club has offered a means for fellowship and social functions both here and at home. The club also helps sTudenTs get Transportatien to and from California. n I v-n-g TH?" FIRST ROW: Alverson; Wille; Hottenrofh; Nowlin; Henry. SECOND ROW: Pawlak; Kneisler; Owens; Tubre. THIRD ROW: Shappaugh; Ebey; Lyle; Jaeckle. V T NW 4;;w1 1."! ., ., $7 I T i 362 WAOO MOLENNAN COUNTY HOMEOWN CLUB SWEETHEART Mrs. Ken Baker SEATED: Kainer; Chupik; Baker; Nash; Dollins; Hancock. STANDING: Duty; Roming; Dulock; Lozowski; Cun- ningham; Darden; Barlow; Chauviere; Dones; Donnellan. pREs'DENT ------------------------ Ken w. Baker The Waco Hometown Club is one of the most active hometown clubs on the VICE PRESIDENT ................ Steve Chupik campus. It serves as a means for the Aggies from the Waco area to gather and SECRETARY-TREASURER ........ Jim Dollins enjoy each other's company. 7 WAQMNQON oouw HOMEOWN CLUB .j 1 when w-nu-u must; ss The Washington County Hometown Club, . y, , through meetings and social activities which it ' 5 ; holds throughout the year, helps to strengthen . the bond of fellowship between Aggies from . h Washington County. The club also helps to in- ' form high school students of the educational op- portunities at A8xM. e . FIRST ROW: Wilke; Heideman; Voekel; Dannhaus; Quebec. SECOND ROW: Kolkhorst; I 7. Rosenbaum; Rohde; Thedford; Wiesepape; Seeker. THIRD ROW: Winkelmann; Jurries; 'f ' ' Holle; Thedford; Borgstedte. 363 WTLLWMQON COUNTY HOMETOWN CLUB The Williamson CounTy HomeTown Club consisTs of Aggies from George- Tov'vn, Taylor, Round Rock, Thorndale, Thrall, HuTTo, Granger, Rice's Crossing, Leander, and neighboring counTies. On campus, The club sponsors regular meeT- ings and various social funcTions. Every year The MoThers Club co-operaTes in sponsoring The club sweeThearT in The annual CoTTon PageanT. Back home, good Times are To be had aT The Aggie Dances, SWEETHEART Maiorie Anderson sponsored by The Club, aT The end of semesTers. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mikus Douglass VICE PRESIDENT ............................................ Kenneth Gersbach SECRETARY-TREASURER ........................................ Ned Rhoades FIRST ROW: Rhoades; Douglas; Gersbach. SECOND ROW: Blackmon; Oman; Hanusch. THIRD ROW: Johnson; KreTzschmar. FOURTH ROW: Albert, W.; Albert, C.; Krieg; Miller; Barker. OFFICERS ...................................... David Fowler VICE PRES: E , .................................... Clifford Roberts $ECRETARY4T ASURER ........................... Mike GilberT PRESIDENT David Fowler FIRST ROW: Meyers; Wills; Fowler,- Brown; Gilbert. SECOND ROW: Gray; Snowden; PoTeeT; Csagoly; Ward; Fowler,- Cooper; Helmcamp; Hampton; Wood; Gossom. Composed of men from The NorTh Texas Area in and around The WichiTa Falls viciniTy, The WichiTa Falls HomeTown Club sponsors The annual All-College Dance during The ChrisTmas vacaTion and The dinner banqueT beTween semesTers. The purpose of The club is To give The sTUdenTs from The WichiTa Falls area an opporTu- niTy To geT beTTer acquainTed, and To sponsor various social acTiviTies for The mem- bers' benefit. .The MoThers Club and Former STudenTs assisT The club every year in planning and financing acTiviTies. Jew kw... .wu smug J. mamtra. , am FIRST ROW: Green, Coffin, Curtis, Lasell, Ofcarcih. SECOND ROW: Reitz, Longnecker, Winkel, Shaw. THIRD ROW: Young, Figun, Pickles, Clanc Weldon. 3 PRESID NT . W. Green VICE PRESIDENT . Bill Talarek SECRETARY Ronald Smith TREASURER .. James J. Reitz 1n; PRESIDENT R. W. Green 3 FEDERATION OF TEXAQ ASM UNNERGHY Aer MOTHERS' CLUB OFFICERS New officers for the Federation of A8tM MOTHERS' CLUBS met here September 14 in the Memorial Student Center. Officers are: tsEATED, left to righti Mrs. Earl Rudder, honorary president; Mrs. John G. Frank of Houston, President; Mrs. M. T. Harrington, honorary president. iBACK ROW, left to rightt Mrs. Joe J. Scalise of Houston, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Doug Hattaway of Lufkin, historian,- Mrs. John Beasley of Austin, second vice president; Mrs. H. E. Dew of Tyler, first vice president; Mrs. Joe Ashy, Beaumont, recording secretary; Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin of Bryan, fourth vice president; Mrs. J. O. McMahan of Dallas, third vice president; Mrs. Carroll W. Cox of Beaumont, vice president at large; Mrs. W. A. Prewitt Jr. of Temple, treasurer; Mrs. Kurt Monier of San Antonio, parliamentarian. The first A8tM Mothers' Club was organized in Dallas in 1922 by Mrs. H. L. Peoples. As other clubs were formed over the state the Federation of Texas A8tM Mothers' Clubs was organized in 1929 with Mrs. F. L. Thomas of Bryan as the first president. At present the Federation is composed of fifty local Mothers' Clubs throughout the Lone Star State with a total of 2,415 members. It is the primary purpose of the A8tM Mothers' Clubs to contribute to the welfare of their sons in A8tM University and to cooperate with the University in aiding their sons and A8tM University in any way that may be deemed acceptable. Some of their activities include awards to the Corps of Cadets, contributions to scholarships, and contributions to the University Hospital and Student Loan Fund. 3.. i g 3 1 g AUQTN Four charter members of the Austin A8tM Mothers Club reminisce about the founding of the club twenty-five years ago. Standing are Mrs. F. C. Homeyer, left, and Mrs. Mike Balagia. Seated are Mrs. Chester A. Freund, left, and Mrs. August Haenel. They hold a photograph of Mrs. E. E. Hill, also a charter member and former president of the group. During the war years this small club sold more "Bonds for Bombers" than any organization of any size in Austin-enough bonds for two bombers with 12 escorts each. The bombers were named "The Spirit of the Texas Aggies." The club has grown in number to 70 members since its founding in 1938. Proceeds from club activities go each year to sponsor the Thanks- giving Dance in Austin before the Turkey Day football game. The busy club also donated the fountain, in the M.S.C. lobby. The Austin Mothers Club demonstrates the meaning of the "Spirit of Aggieland." OFFICERS President-Mrs. David Tisinger, lst Vice President-Mrs. B. H. Balfour, 2nd Vice President-Mrs. A.' H. Christian, 3rd Vice President-Mrs. Gene Howard, Vice President at Large-Mrs. John Beasley, Recording Secretary-Mrs. Stacy Smith, Corresponding Secretary-Mrs. Tom Caldwell, Treasurer-Mrs. Joe Bowles, Parliamentarian-Mrs. William Towery, Historian-Mrs. Mike Balagia, Press Reporter-ers. F. F. Williams, TransportationeMrs. William Towery. OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Fred McGinn TST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Basil Taylor , 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. H. C. Fowler 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Ernest Buchanan SECRETARY-TREASURER . . . Mrs. Jack Neely HlSTORlAN-PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mrs. Orville Rumsch REPORTER . . . Mrs. Jack Shipman LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Orville Rumsch, Mrs. J. C. Shipman, Mrs. Jack Neely, Mrs. Fred McGinn, Mrs. H. C. Fowler, Mrs. Ernest A. Buchanan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. A. A. Edwards, Mrs. B. J. Yarbrough, Mrs. Juanita McClanahan, Mrs. C. N. Cannon, Mrs. M. C. Barton, Mrs. Mary Beechly, Mrs. A. W. Glover. THIRD ROW: Mrs. B. P. Huchton, Mrs. J. F. Dominey, Mrs. F. R. Rice, Mrs. T. B. Brown, Mrs. E. F. Beyer. 368 Left to Right, SEATED: Mrs. Raymond Rash, Mrs. James Prestidge, Mrs. Edward Schulze, Mrs. J. D. Culver, Mrs. L. Charles Lindsay, Mrs. F. C. Cooper, Mrs. L. B. Dampman, Mrs. Walter Winnette. STANDING: Mrs. Arnold Boberfson, Mrs. Elwood Fisher, Mrs. Fred Linton. The Bay Area Mothers Club, consisting of members from LaMarque, Texas City, Dickinson and surrounding areas, is a small but active organization which firmly believes in giving full support To all Aggies. lfs many projects this year have included donations Toward scholarships, magazine subscriptions for The campus hospital, and a picnic at Herman Park following The Houston Corps Trip Parade for all Aggies, dates, and parents. These Moms are proud of Their boys and Their boys are proud of Them. - qwmw Mwwmwm Mrs. L. Charles Lindsay PRESIDENT BACK ROW: Mrs. John Young, Mrs. C. H. Tipton, Mrs. Owen, Mrs. W. H. Powers, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs. J. A. Pridmore, Mrs. D. F. Johnson, Mrs. J. C. Becka, Mrs. R. C. Paulson, Mrs. O. J. Lamb. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. V. Pursley, Mrs. W. G. Menke, Mrs. Carl Contella, Mrs. Dorothy Harrison, Mrs. D. Killingsworth, Mrs. Pat Leslie. FRONT ROW: Mrs. R. Z. Mills, Mrs. H. L. Wert, Mrs. H. A. Garner, Mrs. D. G. Killough, Mrs. G. Spangler. Not Pictured: Mrs. G. T. Atkins, Mrs. M. M. Brown, Mrs. A. C. Coker, Mrs. Adrian Drouil- hef, Mrs. G. Ferguson, Jr., Mrs. Grace Gore, Mrs. l. Winningham, Mrs. P. Holladay, Mrs. F. Kana, Mrs. C. Keeling, Mrs. H. Lansford, Mrs. E. R. Rutledge. 369 MEMBERS FIRST ROW SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Mrs H Allen Mrs. C K Dodge Mrs. H. E O. Osman Mrs, C. L. Allen Mrs. C. R. Dollinger MTS- F: W- Perlirz Mrs. H, Allen Mrs, E. D. Dyer Mrs. G. H, Peel Mrs, R, Asbury Mrs. BT W. French Mrs. F. W. Pipkin Mrs. J. H Ashy Mrs. H, L, French Mrs. H. E. Richardson Mrs. N H, Bailey Mrs. E T. Fuller Mrs. A. Saxe Mrs. S. Barranco, Jr. Mrs. H. B, Funchess, Jr. Mrs. J. L. Simmons MrsT R. D, Bennett Mrs, J. V. Giardina Mrs. T. Simmons Mrs. J. E. Blaylock Mrs. R. M, Graham Mrs. J. O. Smith Mrs. R. MT Brent Mrs. L. F. Guseman MrsT R. L. Smifh Mrs. L. H. Brewer Mrs. D. C. Holey Mrs. H R. Somag Mrs. D. Broussard Mrs. v, Hcmmel Mrs. A. L. Stephens Mrs. A. D. Brown Mrs. R. w, Hawkins Mrs. E. J. Swain Mrs- W- W- Brown Mrs, R. C. Howard Mrs. J. E. Thurman MYS- L- P- Byrne Mrs, R 5. Harvey Mrs. C. T. Verble MTS- J, 3- BWOT" Mrs. J. R. Jefferson Mrs. C. V. Villiva M'S- C- B. CIOYPOOI Mrs. C. A. Kiker Mrs. A. N. Walton, Jr. Mrs. G. H: COGHQY Mrs. H. F. Koehler Mrs. F. Wesson M's. B. F- Cockrell Mrs. B, R Koehler Mrs. D. P. WheaT MrS- VT Coco , Mrs. J. 5. LONG Mrs. F. E. Willcox MrS- L- B- Colvm Mrs. G. J. LeBlanc Mrs. J. A. Windham Mrs; C- W' COX Mrse J. Langston Mrs. R. M. Wingote M'S- W- W. CPX Mrs. F. 5. Looney Mrs. R. E. Wifhers Mrs. J- P' Craigen Mrse C. N. Mogee Mrs. R. H. Youngblood Mrs. D. B. Currie Mrs. E. W. McCown Mrs. c, J- Cums Mrs. we F. McDermand HONORARY MEMBERS M'S' J- D. Deshorels Mrs. K. R. Nauck Mrs. E. L. Grey M'f- J- NT Eller Mrs. Reggie M. Newion Mrs. W. H. Litchfield Sr M's- JT H- Dodge Mrs. H JT Nobles Mrs. P. Montague , I Mrs, W. P. Stine The BeaumonT MoThers Club, originally called The Jefferson County A8TM MoThers Club when founded in 1933, has grown from a few members since iTs beginning To almosT 100 wiTh ever-increasing enThusiasm. A member of The STaTe Federation since 1948, The BeaumonT MoThers Club has had six of HS members serve on The board, one of whom was president during 1962-63. The BeaumonT club helped activate District 7 of The MoThers Clubs in 1962 and currenle includes members from nearby Vidor, Silsbee, Nome, FanneT and Loeb. OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Buford R. Koehler VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. E. J. Swain IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. A. N. Walton, Jr. 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Joe H. Ashy 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. D. B. Currie RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. C. Villiva CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. G. H. Coakley TREASURER . . . Mrs. Sam Barranco, Jr. CHAPLAIN . . . Mrs. A. D. Brown PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mrs. George H. Peel HISTORIAN . . . Mrs. C. A. Kiker CIVIC COORDINATOR . . . Mrs. E. T. Fuller PUBLICITY . . . Mrs. Burton French 370 A Mr. and Mrs. Jack Langston arrive at The annual Freshman Parents Open House. GALVEQTON SLANDAEM MO'n-IERQ CLUB iwmmw xx xaauLxwiv'. SEATED, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Edna Urbanic, Mrs. Simeon Young, Mrs. J. W. Armstrong, Mrs. R. R. Hannigan, Mrs. Frank Harling, Mrs. A. A. Bowers, Mrs. A. J. Kampe, Mrs. P. J. Marabella. STANDING, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kenneth Fagan, Mrs. Charles P. Hammel, Mrs. J. H. Smith, Mrs. Raymond Rapp Jr., Mrs. R. E. Townsend, Mrs. H. C. Haglund, Mrs. Laura Herman, Mrs. N. H. Pepper, Mrs. Robert F. Boese, Mrs. Tom Phillips, Mrs. Henry W. Fredrickson, Mrs. Conway Shaw. OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. T. Frank Harling IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. A. J. Kampe 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. A. A. Bowers 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. J. W. Armstrong 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Luke Rossi SECRETARY . . . Mrs. J. C. Bashor TREASURER . . . Mrs. P. J. Marabella BRAZOQ OOUNIYAQM MOTI-IEPS CLUB TOP ROW: Mrs. L. J. Horn, Mrs. G. D. Hallmark, Mrs. Layton Gregg, Mrs. W. S. McCully, Mrs. J. W. Monk, Mrs. John C. Hubacek, Mrs. Ernest Langford, Mrs. G. E. Madeley. SECOND ROW: Mrs. N. M. Randolph, Mrs. K. S. Hallaran, Mrs. Albert Syptak, Mrs. Oran Beal, Mrs. William Foster, Mrs. J. M. Daniel, Mrs. Roland Dansby, Mrs. Rosemary Burroughs, Mrs. Leonard Mousner, Mrs. Bert Mullins, Mrs. Dan .Davis. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Albin Zak, Mrs. O. J. Moss, Mrs. R. E. Callendar, Mrs. Dona Carnes, Mrs. E. V. Adams, Mrs. J. H. Lloyd, Mrs. L. L. Stuart, Mrs. J. G. Gay, Mrs. Don Young. FRONT ROW: Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin, Mrs. J. H. Quisenberry, Mrs. John Barton, Mrs. A. E. Cronk, Mrs. R. H. Mitbhell, Mrs. Earl Rudder, Mrs. T. H. Harring1on, Mrs. F. R. Brison, Mrs. L. A. Maddox. 37l DALLAQ OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. C. l. Holliman VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. J. O. McMahan IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. J. D. Touchon 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. W. L. Evans 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. R. L. Phillips 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. George Reese 5TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. R. E. Jones 6TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. W. A. Collins, Jr. 7TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. F. E. Harris RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. J. B. McClure CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. G. M. Gibson FIR Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs, Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. ST ROW: . L, D. Adams N. J. Atkins R. E. Barbre W. D. Barry C. V. Baxter W. D. Bennett A. J. Bergoon O. E. Bergstrom Theodore Bernard D. L. Bertillion Roscoe Befz R. A. Biggs A. P. Bilger C. A. Blakely M. E. Bradshaw S. H. Bramlen A. L. Brill G. E. Erin R. C. Burgoon W. H. Byrd, Jr. Donald Cameron T. A. Cordwell J. Y. Carillo T. H. Chaddick A. K. Choate J. W. Clark J. B Coker Jean F. Compton Andrew Cook Randall Cooper Ilene Copeland W. W. Creocy Ruby Crowder W. M. Dantzler E. W. Davis E M. Deharf J. A. De Posqual J. B. Dimon E. J. Dugan C. A. Dungon C. V. Edmundson John Elfonf W. A. Collins, Jrl TREASURER . . . Mrs. Donald Cameron HISTORIAN . . . Mrs. Gail Holloway PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . E. R. Holloway MEMBERS Mrs. W. L. Evans, II Mrs. W. E. Former Mrs. J. S. Farrier Mrs. J. R. Ferguson Mrs. T. H. Ferguson Mrs. J. B. Finks, Jr. Mrs. Ray Frederiksen Mrs. Everett George Mrs. H. M, Gibbs Mrs. E G. Gibson Mrs. G. M. Gibson Mrs. J. F. Graham Mrs. C. C. Green Mrs. Max Greer Mrs. R. B. Holpin Mrs. Arch Harris Mrs. F. E. Harris SECOND ROW: Mrs. . M. Hort Mrs. . E. Hurvison Mrs. , J. Hotzenbuehler Mrs. . W. Hatzenbuehler, Jr. Mrs. . W. Howkes Mrs. E Henneberger Mrs. . W. High'ower Mrs. . R. Holloway Mrs. H. Holt Mrs. . J. Hortsmeier Mrs. . W. Howard, Jr. Mrs. . Hurley Mrs. . L. Jackson Mrs . A. Jaffe Mrs. J. Jarrell, Sr. Mrs. M. Jeffus Mrs. C. P. Jones Mrs. R. E. Jones Mrs. Gail Kemp Mrs. Jack Kennedy Mrs. O C. Kerley Mrs. W. E. King Mrs. A. S. Kovich Mrs. R. L. Londfroop Mrs. J. G. Layton mmmmrwrnommn T IZn Mrs. Tyree Leonard Mrs. Charles Marr Mrs. J. S, Martin Mrs D. H. Mathias Mrs. J. B. McClure, Jr. Mrs. D. L. McGilI Mrs. N. H. McGowan Mrs. Touncie McKinney Mrs. J, O. McMahon Mrs. D. M. Melcer Mrs. J. D. Melton Mrs. F. Mikulec Mrs. M. H. Miller Mrs. W. H. Miller Mrs. H. R. Merrill Mrs. J. A. Morris, Jr. Mrs. C. A. Morris: Mrs. Hal Moseley, Sr. Mrs. Alex Mosesmcn Mrs. A L. Myers Mrs. R. C. Myers Mrs. L. Nagid Mrs. Z. Norunsky Mrs. G. Nenleton Mrs. T. Norwood Mrs. T. M. Oddson Mrs. M. Offner, Jr. Mrs. Oscar Olden Mrs. Oscar Olson Mrs. J. H. PoHiIlo Mrs. . . Peuvy Mrs. . . Persons Mrs. . .Phillips Mrs. . . Phillips Mrs. . B. Phillips THIRD ROW.- Mrs. F. M. Pierce Mrs. R. Plumlee Mrs. C. W. Price Mrs. M R. Proctor Mrs. J. C. Rambin Mrs Mrs. 0. Reese Mrs. C. F. Riley Mrs. W. H. Roberts Mrs. F. L. Robinson Mrs. J. L. Salmon Mrs. . B. Sartain Mrs. G. Schulz Mrs. H. Seeber Mrs. . Shores Mrs. Smith Mrs. Smithey Mrs. Smotherman Mrs. . Souner Mrs. Stobler Mrs. . Sfcrnes Mrs. . Steadman, Jr. Mrs. fewer? Mrs. W. P. Stokes Mrs. R. W. Taylor Mrs. Maury Tenzer Mrs. J. D. Touchon Mrs. Helen Treodway Mrs. Norman Vanek Mrs. T. F. Vaughan Mrs. W. E Vaughn Mrs. . L. Voss Mrs. . C. Wallace Mrs. . A. Weaver Mm D. Welch Mrs. . P. Welsh Mrs. . W. Whetsel Mrs. . T. White Mrs. . S. Williams Mrs. E. Williams Mrs. E. Wolfe Mrs. . H, Wooldridge . S. . P. WnWT WFWInPZ memTWfVI U? IIIf-OTF 5.3.0 Mrs; Wright Mrs. Carney Mrs. . P. Jeffery Mrs. L. B. McGinnis Mrs. W. P. Richardson Mrs. W. L. Wahl Mrs. A. Young 700:9 PRESIDENT Mrs. C. l. Holliman ASSOCIATE MEMBE RS FOURTH ROW: Mrs. L. A. Balser Mrs. J. Bonnet Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs, Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. rn ? S, 0 S 3 . S. Brown T. BrundreH Collier W. Dillion Freeman S. Gerrald . Gleiser C. Groves C. Hanson, Jr. F. Harris M. Haswell W. Hedderman J. Herron W. Hoernig, Sr. C. Hoppers L. Janak L. Kennedy V. Kinslow S. Klink . C. Lonquisf A. Madden Von Massengale B. Porris M. Pendlefon L. Peoples Mrs. E. Przoda Mrs. G. Rainey Mrs. W. W. Schnable Mrs. A. F. Sidoti Mrs. N. R. Sfork Mrs. H. Utay Mrs. J. T. Williams orwooo. ????;KOEFPWFFQPOFFWTI mevmw 0 1w , ., OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Arturo Barrera TREASURER . , . Mrs. A, A, Alvardo IST VICE PRESIDENT - - - MTS- ROQUB Rodriguez RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. Manuel Tiierina Jr. 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Carlos Vela CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. Frank Durda 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Florentine Ramirez HISTORIAN ' . . Mrs. Raul Flores JAQPEIZ oouvasM MOMERS CLUB Wwwmm my my, OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. R. R. Childers VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. E. B. Jacks SECRETARY . . . Mrs. W. A. McLeod TREASURER . . . Mrs. Paul R. Durham HISTORIAN . . . Mrs. Ernest Ener R MMMMM MM Z, Maysz M MMX M7 X72 MEMBERS Alexander Mrs. PM DeFronk Mrs. C. WM Koonce MrsM MArmsfrong SECOND ROW; Mrs, E. WM Langston Mrs. -BOII9Y MrsM A. R. deVIlleneuve MrsM F AM Lofhrop Mrs. Mrs. R. E. Elmore Mrs. B L. Lester Mrs. Mrs. J. B. Erismon THIRD ROW: Mrs. Mrs. J. M. Estes Mrs. G. F. Lyons Mrs. MrsM CM AM Fisher Mrs. R W. McCleskey Mrs. Mrs. RM C. Gage Mrs. .McGough Mrs. P- Bechler Mrs. R. E. Garner Mrs .McHom Mrs. M Berry Mrs. WM T. George Mrs. MMcLendon Mrs. W J. Smelley, Jr. C. Birch Mrs. E, Gerke Mrs. McWhirler FOURTH ROW- C Bray MrsM DM M. Glassford MrsM Mann MrsM RM T, Smith E Boswell MrsM R. L Greene Mrs. .Meols MrsM R, C. Sparks CM Brewer, Sr. Mrs, C, L Greer Mrs. Miller Mrs. HM Sreworf DM Rogers R. Roudon FM Sanders . Sondlin . E. Schrickel . PM Shollcross ,G. Shilling, Sr. MB. Simpson, Jr. H. Small DM Buis Mrs. GM A. Guerfler MrsM .Monschke MrsM L. SullIvun Caswell MrsM DM Gunnels MrsM MrsM FM Sumpter J. Vaughan J. Virek J. Warren A. Warts, Sr. SM West D. Wholey B. Wheeler J. Whiningron AM Wilson B. Wilson, Jr. M. Wilson Wright . W, Wrigh! . J. WyaH Zuhn M F. Zimmerman H H. Christopher Mrs. FM W. Hall Mrs, MW LM Climie MrsM C. F. Horned Mrs. MTSI B Cobb Mrs. G. Harris Mrs. Mrs. B. Collins MrsM E H, Harrison Mrs. Mrs. B. Conder MrsM H. J. Hawley Mrs. . Perkin MW E. Cook Mrs, OM C. Hix Mrs. M'SR . H. Cook Mrs. E, Holcomb Mrs. H. Pendery MW P. Cooper Mrs. N. Hoskins Mrs. .DM Perry Mrs. J. Costa Mrs, W. D. Hughort Mrs. .W. Prentiss Mrs. M L Cosmon, Jr. MrsM AM GM Hubbard MrsM A. Presswood MYSI J. Costello, Sr. MrsM K. E. Johns, Sr. Mrs, E. E. Roines MFS- .M. .D. .W. R .MM .0 N R RM C. L. H R C. M W. P. Buckellew MrsM RM LfGrove Mrs. ifchell MrsM A. J. Sullivan W J. T R. HM A. L C. M H. D W J. R . L. Crawford Mrs. W. V. Jones Mrs. AM H. Record MFSM . R. E. Creswell Mrs. JM W. Jordon Mrs. F. C. ReedM Jr. MFS- . JM D. Crill Mrs. BM Kelly Mrs. PM F. Reeves MFS- . J. WM Crouch Mrs, BM C. Kendrick Mrs. G. W. Reynolds MFSM . RM B. Dormon Mrs, JM DM Kennemer Mrs. JM B. Riddle MFS- . M. H. Deon Mrs. DM R. Kirk . R. L Deovers $DESOWFOFPOSPFOT: EXECUTIVE BOARD PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. M. M. Alexander 7TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Chas. C. Brewer VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. Travis smaII RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. G. F. Lyons CHAPLAIN . . . Mrs. J. B. Riddle CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. c. J. Vifek IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. A. R. de Villeneuve TREASURER - - - Mrs. William T- George 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . , , Mrs. W. W. Wright PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN . . . Mrs. Frank T. Murray 3RD VICE PRESIDENT. . . Mrs. Fred Holcomb HISTORIAN'M . . Mrs. T. H. Christopher 4TH VICE PRESIDENT , , . Mrs. EIgene pearce TRANSPORTATION CHAIRMAN . . . Mrs. c. D. Whaley 5TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. J. E, Mann SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMAN . . . Mrs. L. C. Birch 6TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. F. A. Lafhrop OFFICERS FOR 1963-64 PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Jack Cline VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. George Logan IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. O. C. Dickens 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. J. R. Hancock 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . Mrs. Charlie Baker 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . Mrs. Boyd Callan 5TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. E. K. Lamb RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. W. L. Keeling CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. W. B. Wilson TREASURER . . . Mrs. M. H. Cissell PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mr. W. L. Gotcher HISTORIAN . . . Mrs. W. D. Herring SCHOLARSHIP . . . Mrs. Judge Gardener R. E. Graham-Secrefary; Mrs. L. W. dent. SECOND ROW ULeff to Rith: Axel Jenson, Mrs. O. R. Kubecka, Mrs. Harry Stafford, ham-2nd Vice President,- Mrs. George Brown-Parliamentarian; Mrs. OFFICERS-FRONT ROW Ueft To rith: Mrs. Herbert Bick . . J. O. Thompson-Ist Vice President; Mrs. Howard Ham-3rd Vice Pres: l F l s Richers, Jr.-President; Mrs. Ben Towler-Treasurer; Mrs. . . 5 Mrs. E. R. Neumann, Mrs. George Kana, Mrs. R. H. Neeley, Mrs. Ray Bowers, Mrs. Moms Richardson, Mrs. c Mrs. E. H. Abraham, Mrs. R. R. Serrill, Mrs. Vernon Wright. 375 376 HOUQTON ". . . To serve our sons in an organized and directed manner with the same spirit with which we serve them as individuals." OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. K. L. Nelson VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. Joe Scalise 5TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. S. A. Salitros IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. H. Ryan RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. W. F. Ralph 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. P. L. Young CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. H. W. Bennett 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. J. H. Pappas TREASURER . . . Mrs. C. J. Hamilton 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. D. W. May PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mrs. Douglas F. Edman Houston Mothers at their Nov. 7 meeting at the Blanton Memorial Center. The Houston Mothers Club, undoubtedly the largest in the Federation, may also be distinguished by their rigorous annual program of support for the Uanersity and promotion of co-operation between students, faculty, and parents. The Houston club is responsible each year for the George Jouinine Award given to the Unit showing the highest scholastic improvement record. They also sponsor the Opportunity Award Scholarship for a Houston boy each year. Their program of speakers during the year reflected their interest in all phases of school activities: speakers included President Earl Rudder; Col. Denzil Baker, Commandant of Cadets; Paul A. Dresser, Cadet Colonel of the Corps; and Mr. Hank Foldberg, Athletic Director and football coach at A8tM. PASADENA 158M MOIHEEQ CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. L. R. Gaines 5TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Otis Wylie 6TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. N. W. Goodwin SECRETARY . . . Mrs. D. L. McMurray TREASURER . . . Mrs. O. L. Jamison PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mrs. C. E. Powitzky HISTORIAN . . . Mrs. Donald F. Albin VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. A. B. Johnson 'IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Roy Eddleman 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. J. G. Mcllhany 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. A. B. Johnson 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Louis Riske OFFICERS TREASURER . . . Mrs. Marvin E. Erwin RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. W. A. Girouard CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. John Quereau PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mrs. Dan Wiggins CHAPLAIN . . . Mrs. W. F. James PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. E. E. Marcantice IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. John E. Richard 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. C. O. Beal 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. W. E. Gibbons 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. O, D. James Club activities include a Tea for new A8xM mothers and a dance for The boys when They come home for Christmas. 377 , y Mny W ! M W 7ly I FIRST ROW, SEATED-Left to Right: Mrs. D. C. Anderson, Mrs. Ralph Stevens, Mrs, R. H. Ault, Mrs. Norman Sluis, Mrs. H. G. Valerius, Mrs. E. E. Johnson, Mrs. J. H. Vinetoe, Mrs. J. R. Beamer, Mrs. Larry Grimm. MIDDLE ROW-Left to Right: Mrs. John Holcomb, Mrs. Ra yMcDonaId, Mrs. Mildred Franks ,Mrs. Filbert Engel- brechf, Mrs. J. H. McPherson, Mrs. Mary S. Jones, Mrs. Frank L. Anderson, Mrs. L. Roy Ussery, Mrs. R. P. Bayne, Mrs. Leta Hooper, Mrs. Glenn Ginsbach, Mrs. Fred Mika. THIRD ROW, STANDING-Left 10 Right: Mrs. Hilary Duval, Mrs. Carl Brown, Mrs. Conrad Hilles, Mrs. H. L. McCarley, Mrs. Troy H. Myers, Mrs. Peter Forster, Mrs. Bredo Christensen, Mrs. Ambiro Reyna, Mrs. Domingo Sotelo, Mrs. Betty Lavender, Mrs. N. E. Landrefh, Mrs. C. E. Townsend, Mrs. T. L. Cooley, Mrs. .v George Schulgen. ' f' " OFFICERS i H , PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Homer ValeriUS, Harlingen 4TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Ralph Stevens, Weslaco l VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. George Schulgen, Santa Rosa 5TH VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Edwin LaGrange, Rio Grande City ? - IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Roy McDonald, San Benito RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. E. E. Johnson, Harlingen , 1 'IST VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Ambiro Reyna, McAllen CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. Norman Sluis, Weslaco 2ND VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. John Holcomb, Progreso TREASURER . . . Mrs. Donald Anderson, Mercedes : - 3RD VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. R. P. Bayne, Rio Grande City HISTORIAN AND PUBLICITY . . . Mrs. R. C. Jones, Mercedes 4'. :3 ff PARLIAMENTARIAN: Mrs. Tom Stevens, Santa Rosa 7' " 7 . 378 WICHHA FALLS ASM MOTHERS CLUB The Wichita Falls AhM Mothers' Club is made up of dedicated Aggie fown Club and The Aggie Ex's of this city, strive to keep the spirit of Aggieland working at all home activities. main interest is in giving financial aid and moralsupport folocalboys. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mrs. Tommie E. Stuart FIRST VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. J. D. Faulkenberry SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. Eddie Sheer THIRD VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. O. J. Cooper Jr. SECRETARY Mrs. A. E. Gilbert Jr. TREASURER Mrs. Frank E. Meyers mothers, who, by working with The Home- BACK ROW: Ueft to righn Mrs. John Bonner, Mrs. W. P. Kilpatrick, Mrs. D. C. Bruce, Mrs. Leon Ruffle, Mrs. Belia Tiierina, Mrs. Gertrude Witherspoon, Mrs. Grafa, Mrs. O. R. Harverp. SEATED: Ueft to righw Mrs. Bob Sharp, Mrs. Claude Stone, Mrs. C. A. Bowen, Mrs. M. M. Johnson, Mrs. W. E. Alberf, Mrs. Zappe, Mrs. J. E. Price, Mrs. A. A. Gunter, Mrs. Leon Martin, Mrs. W. E. Kemrey, Mrs. K.T.Gaun1t, Mrs. Josie Lemley. . Richard Adams . Sture A. Ansel, Sr. . Gernot Arnold . J. F. Bailey . A. N. Baldorramo . R. N. Boldarramo . John S. Bollard . E. F. Bartoskewitz E. H. Bauer . Raymond Becerril Edwin A. Beckcom, Jr. . Fred E. Berger . Margaret Bowman . T. B Bradford . W. S. Brashears . E. E. Braun . E. P. Braunig . A. F. Briggs . S. R. Brooks . Charles F. Brown, Jr. . H. C. Brown John E. Buffin . Herman F4 Byrom . Nieves M. Camera . S. E. Carpenter . Roy A. Carter . Leopold Castanon . Elmo M. Cuvin, Sr. . Arthur E. Chapa . Natalia Chumley . N. M. Clifford, Jr. . Leo P. Cloud, Jr. . Sol Cohen . Sarn W. Collins . Wm. H. Collins . Fernando Cuellar . Lloyd G. Cupp . Sarn Curtis . George B. Davis . W. D. Deaton . Lloyd E. Deuel . Charles F. Dibrell . Charles Drew . Robert Duncan . Orvol E. Dunlap . Jerome Dusek . G. M. Earl . Lester A. Eggleston . W. l. Fernald . R. W. Fichtner . Richard Fischer . BeHy Fisher . Louis G. Fortune . H. R. Freiling . V. V. Fritze . E. 5. Fry . Jose R. Gallegos . Marville R. Gill . Donelson Gillis MEMBERS . Harry L. Gilmore Walter S. Glenney . John G. Glodf . Lee J. Grant . Arthur E. Greenwood . Martin Grimsinger . Walter P. Groff . Wilfred M. Groff . Curtis J. Grossenbacher Frank Gwen . Chas. Gummer . John R Haley H. E. Hall . Thomas J. Huvard, Jr. . Ned S. Hays Harold A. Heartwell . Robert E. Herold . Birdie D. Herren . Alton L. Herring . John R. Herring . Edward F. Heusinger . Guy C. Hill . Damon Holdifch . O. L. Holmes . William A. Howerton . Melvin Huebinger . E. T. Humble . Leslie Hunt . E. C. Junk . Vincent Jendrusch . Richard O. Jenkins . A. B. Johnson . John H. Kell . F. F. Kelly . Dale J. Kent . F. A Kiolbassa . M. F. Korb . C. R. Landon . W. H. Lcngdon Ruth Turner Langhammer . Aleck H. Loxson . Richard Lay, Sr. . George J. Lee . Robert C. Lee . Florence M. Lindsay . Ellsworth S. Lorms . Gilbert G. Loudon A L. P. Lutich . George S. Lybecker . Armando V. Macaluso . Aleck F. MacDonald . W. N. Mann . H. J. Martin . Ralph E. Martin . Tom 0. Mathews . F. R. Mafson . A. D. Mayfield A R. D. McKeen . Pat Milsread . Percy J. Mims , C. H Molberg . Kurt Monier . G J. Moore . Harry W. Morgan , Owen Mott T. A Murrch . Sylvin Muzny , B. N, Myers . C. E. Noonan Louis K Obdyke Robert E. Oberdorf . John J O'Brien . F. B. O'Donnell . Earl Offholter . Frank 5. Owen . Frederick Pearson . Raymond Phelps, Jr. . Walter C Pool W C. Prather . Tom Ransdell . Sam Richmond . V. L. Riley . Clarence Rinard . T. G. Riordan . Gloria J. Rogers Paul P. Rose . Jock Rosenthal . Harold A. Rowe . A. M. Ruth . L. R. Rutledge . Chester C. Schaefer . Max F, Schlather . Harold W. Schmid . Gus E. Schnabel . Albert Schoenemonn, Jr. Irwin T. Show . Wm. Shenkir . J. M. Singleton Estelle Smivh . Adolph J Specia . S. W. Spence . Frank Springer . A. G. Stoops . A. J. Strub . Gareld J. Slryker . Elizabeth A. Suelfenfuss . 0 C. Swanson . Louis E. Tauberf . A. T Terw Leslie E. Tingle . C. D. Thompson . Mattie Thompson . Leon J. Tolle l. C. Trimble . R. K. Valentine . J. A. Van Hardeveld . Russell C. Van Hellen . V. C. Van Horn PRESIDENT Mrs. William Brashears . Arthur P. Vick . Paul M. Vilcoq 4 Ernest Wolo . L. A. Wantzloeben . Foster L. Watts Elsie B. Wells . Earl J. Wentworth . Thomas S. West . R. H. Williams . Travis M, Williams . Gertrude Willmann . Emanuel Wulfe . Noble C. Wyninegar . E. F. Zotopek . B. H. Zimmerman . Wm. J. Zwonies . Jack Burks . Sidney Munson xx x xe$ Nix x N s x Rf xxx x x K xxx Xx xx x x x xx x X x x NQ$xQN xxix X Qxx XQNxV xxx? OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. John Halloran VICE PRESIDENT AT LARGE . . . Mrs. Arnold Ocker Isf VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. Robert Holley : 2nd VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. E. w. McGlothlin 1 3rd VICE PRESIDENT . . . Mrs. l. M. Diefz RECORDING SECRETARY . . . Mrs. Myrtle Pickett TREASURER . . . Mrs. Jack Miller PARLIAMENTARIAN . . . Mrs. Wayne Siegelin HISTORIAN AND SCRAPBOOK . . . Mrs. Calvin Massey . 'V I MEMBERS PRESIDENT Mrs. R. D. Bates Mrs. Melwn LLacy 1 Mrs. A. G. Bo d Mrs. G. . cves Mrs" JOhn K' Halloran Mrs. w. F. Brinkenhoefer Mrs. E. w. McGIothin Mrs. J. P. Burney Mrs. G. L. McGregor Mrs. Jim Burney Mrs. Calvin Massey 1 Mrs. Clyde Carlton Mrs. C. A. Mellu Mrs. K. 5. Clayton Mrs. Jack Miller 1 Mrs. Jack Collier Mrs. W. 5. Minor, Jr. Mrs. .J J. Custer Mrs Jcs. E. Moberly 1 Mrs. Sam Davidson Mrs, Arnold Ocker Mrs. C. M De Lomel Mrs, Harry Ogle Mrs. R. P. Devine Mrs. E. 6. Former Mrs. Irving Dietz, Jr. Mrs. Kirk Perm Mrs E. A. Eldridge Mrs. Myrtle R. Pickett Mrs. Lonnie Glosscock Mrs. B. F. Rmpy Mrs. H. F. Goodenough Mrs. M R. Schroeder ' ' ' Mrs. Henry W Greene Mrs. A. T. Schwor; j 1 Mrs. John K. Halloran Mrs. W. G. Siegelln . Mrs, s. L. Hicklin Mrs. s. A. Teasley ' Mrs. Robert E. Holley Mrs. Clotile Wilson 1- Mrs John H. Ilse JJ 38l Mu-ox CLAQQEQ The sTrengTh of The School is The sTudenT body. The more Than 8,000 sTudenTs of Texas A8JVl Uni- versiTy have worked, swe-aTed, and sTrained ThroughouT The year. Some have falTered due To The high academic sTandards and The demanding phys- ical rouTine. The remaining sTUdenTs have every righT To be proud. College is noT easy; H is a TesT of boTh menTal abiliTy and sTaying power. The ones who drop ouT will regreT Their decision wiTh The passage of Time. The new visTas and opporTuniTies which were once wiThin Their grasp are now, for The mosT parT, gone. College is a long and difficulT Task, buT The way To anyThing worTh while is noT paved wiTh roses. We saluTe The graduaTes who have made H, and The ones sTill fighTing who will make iT. We piTy Those who fail or quiT and feel a greaT deal of anguish Tor Them, for They were our friends. LefT: In The TradiTional ceremony aT The Senior Ring Dance, Bonnie Turns The Ring around so ThaT The cresT faces away from John. This s m oizes a e senior is read 0 se . . y b l lh l 1h y l l p Sechon EdITed by BOB HEGER ouT of college life and face The world. WHO'Q ApproximaTely 750 Colleges and UniversiTies ThroughouT The United STaTes recognize Their ouTsTanding seniors by naming Them To WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. The criTeria for selec- Tion by The nominaTing commiTTee includes scholarship, parTicipaTion and leader- ship in sTudenT acTiviTies, ciTizenship and service To The school, and campus populariTy. To be considered for The honor, one musT firsT be nominaTed by a sTUdenT or faculTy member, have a GPR. of aT IeasT 1.5, and be a senior. The applicanTs are Then carefully screened, and The mosT ouTsTanding selecTed. This year, Texas A8TM besTowed This coveTed honor on 37 sTudenTs. They can all be proud of Their record and of The recogniTion They have received. JEFFREY CLAUDE HARP Phi Eia Sigma, Dorm Council, Civilian Student Councilv- Vice President and President, Tau Beta PieSecreTary, Eta Kappa Nu-Secrefcry, Phi Kappa Phi, i.E.E.E., Sweethearf Selection Comm., Who's Who Comm, Outstanding Student Councilman Award, Honor Council Appellate Court, Student Eng. Council, Student Senare, Election Commission, Alcoa Undergraduate Scholarship, Distinguished Student. RALPH HOWARD MITCHELL, JR. National Merit Scholarship, Chemstrand Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau BeTa PieVice President, Phi Eia Sigma, Student Eng. Council, Distinguished Student, Swimming and Wafer Polo Team, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Association for Compuring Machinery, Freshman Engineering Society. FRANK WILLIAM STARK, JR. Distinguished Student, Dorm Council, Dorm President, Civilian Student Council, Sweetheart Selection Comm., AllE-Vice Presidenr, Alpha Pi Mu, Handball Club, Varsity Baseball, T Association, AIl-SWC Baseball. PAUL ALTON DRESSER, JR. . Cadet Colonel of the Corps, Distinguished Student, DMS,Junior Class President, Social Secretary of Sophomore Class, Stu- dent Senate, Election Commission, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma Treasurer, Ross Volunteers, Scona Vlll-Vice Chairman, Sweetheart Selection Comm., Ring Committee, Student Health Service Board, Caldwell Trophy, Outstanding Sophomore, Outstanding Fish, Varsity Track, Legion of Valor of the Unhed Skates, Who's Who Comm. JUAN GERARDO DOMI NGUEZ Distinguished Student, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Schlumberger Collegiate Award, Good Neighbor Scholarship, Pan American Club, Physics Club, German Club, Arts and Sciences Council, Dorm Presidenfs' Council, Civilian Student Council, University Soccer Team. RICHARD MOORE Civilian Student Council-Presidenf and Vice Presidem, Sluden? Senate, Who's Who Comm, Student Senate Traffic Comm, Kyle Field Usher Chairman, Accident Prevemion Comm., Civilian Sweetheart SelecHon Comm., Design SPU- den, Society, Dorm Council. DAVID CARL ANDERSON Fish Football, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, Ross Volunteers, Gamma Delta, Associate Editor "Texas A8M En- gineer," Distinguished Student, DMS, Houslon Chamber of .Comrnerce Award, First Brigade Commander, Senior Class President, Student Senate, AIAA, Town Hall Staff. RONALD MILTON BRAME President Design Student Society, Engineers Council, Distin- guished Student, DMS, Execufive Officer Company 6-1, Phi Eta Sigma. CRAIG STEPHENS ABBOT President, A.O. Chapter Sigma Tau Delta, Rifle Team, Elec- tion Commission, Commander Company E-2, Commander 4th BaHalion, President English Sociefy, Press Club, Distinguished Sfuden', DMS, Outstanding Ccdet-Mh Army Summer Camp, Associate Editor A$M Review. HOWARD MARTIN HEAD Distinguished Student, President MSC Council and Directorate, Scona IX Executive Comm, AVMA Award of Merif, Sfudent Senate, Student Welfare Committee, Great Issues Committee, Dorm Council, Phi Eta Sigma Secretory, Pre-Ve! Society- Secrefary-Trecsurer, Richardson Hometown Club, Outstanding Fish-Company G-S. HARLAN EARL ROBERTS Student Body President, Commander of 3rd Brigade, Ross Volunteers, Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Sfudenf, DMS, Rowan Scholarship, President of Cadet Court, Economics Club, Ac- counting Society, Arts and Sciences Council, Town Hall Staff, Election Commission, Southwest Conference Sports- manship Committee, Sweeiheor' Selection Commi'Ffee, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award. mwmxwaw n 4 , vawmi; 4; v .2 mermmmA MnW JAMES P. BUCHANAN H. W. Peters Memorial Scholarship Award, Sons of The American Revolution Award, Marketing Socier-Presidenr, Abilene Hometown Club, American Society of Civil Engineers, Building Products Marketing Club, Marketing Society, Ross Volunteers, Scone VIII, Phi Etc Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. Honor Council, YMCA Freshman Camp, Distinguished Student, DMS, Execuiive Officer 2nd Group Staff. WILLIAM CLAYTON ROBINETTE, JR. Distinguishgd Student, Fish and Varsity Basketball, 2nd Team All Southwest Conference Basketball, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, T Associafion, Physics Club, German Club, Math Club, Co-Captain of '64 Aggie Basketball Team. RICHARD LOUIS RAILSTON Deputy Corps Commander, Air Force Division Commander, Distinguished Air Force Coder, Senior Class Social Secretory, Student Senate, Sweetheart Selection Committee, Air Force Ball Committee, Ross Volunteers, Firing Squad, Distinguished Student, El Paso Hometown Club, Flying Cadets, YMCA Freshman Camp, First Sergeanf Schd 14, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award. i MMSWQEEdSv i m AMERICAN I q: UNzVERsmEs ;. 1'5 AND COLLEGES 1,2 AMA- ;. .:..; W. . y . KENNETH ALBERT RADDE Opportunity Award Scholarship, Danforth Foundation Scholar- ship, Rolsron Purina Scholarship, 15! Battalion Scholastic Officer, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Col- legiate 4H Club, Bosque County Hometown Club, Saddle and Sirloin Ciub, Student Agricultural Council, Student Senate, Agricullurisi Staff, Distinguished Student, DMS. MICHAEL McLERNON MARLOW Fish YeH Leader, American Ordnance Association, Distin- guished Student, Newman Club, Marketing Society, Insurance Society, Texas A8.M Parachute Club, Head Yell Leader, Student Senate, Chairman Bonfire Commiffee, Southwest Con- ference Sportsmanship Committee, Ross Volunteers, Sons of the American Revolution Award, DMS, Army Aviation Pro- gram, YMCA Leadership Conference, Liaison Officer Corps Stuff. MICHAEL DON McGOWN Distinguished Student, Ross Volunteers, Pre-Law Society, So- ciety of American Military Engineers, Commander 2nd Battalion, Delegate to Student Conference on United States Affairs, DMS, Economics Club, Arts and Sciences Council, Outstanding Junior First Brigade, Public Affairs Conference, SCONA XIII, Executive Committee SCONA IX, Lckeview Leadership Conference, Aggie Players Silver Key Award, Dallas Hometown Club, Phi Kappa Phi, N S. Meyer- Roeburn Foundation Award. ROBERT CLYDE BURK Douglas Aircraft Scholarship, Distinguished Student, Ross Volunteers, Scholastic Officer Squad 8, Singing Cadets, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics- Vice Chairman, Flying Cadets, C.A.P., SCONA VIII, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau-Secretury-Treasurer, Tou Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi 388 yr- ERNEST LEVI ENER, JR. Tau Beta Pi, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Distinguished Student, DMS, Dorm President, Cross Country Team, Southwest Con- ference Cross Country Champion, Track Team, SWC Two Mile Champ, School Records for Twa Mile and 3000 Meter Steeplechase, Track Captain, Freshman Cross Counfry Coach, Texaco Scholarship. NOE PAUL MARMOLEJO Clayton Fund Scholarship, August A. Neuner Scholarship, Fox and Jacobs Architec- tural Award, Clayton Fund Traveling Fellowship to Brazil, Jesse Jones Traveiing Fellowship to Europe, Distinguished Student, Tau Beta Pi, M.S.C. Camera Club, Dorm Council, Design Student Society, SCONA VIII Delegate, Pan American Week Publicity Chairman. JOHN MURRAY FITTS Phi Efu Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu-President, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Chairman of IEEE, TSPE, Student Engineers' Council, Distinguished Student, Midland Texas AOM Club Scholarship. JOE VURN CHAPMAN Distinguished Student, Secrefury-Treasurer YMCA Cabinet, Representative and Delegate to the National Student Assembly of the YMCA, Talent Committee, Secretary of Intercollegiate Talent Show, Wichita Falls Hometown Club, Snyder Home- town Club, Texas A8M Parachute Club, Accounting Society, Bonfire Committee, Corps Chaplain, President of Honor Coun- cil, Corps Representative to Civilian Student Council, Army Aviation Program, Student Senate. RICHARD LEE FORGASON Distinguished Student, Pre Ver Society, AVMA President, President Junior Veterinary Class, Faculty Award of Merit, Phi Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, National Science Foundafion Research Grant, Code of Ethics Committee, 2nd Group Staff. LELVE G. GAYLE President of Civilian Council, Mother of the Year Selection Commiffee, MSC Leadership Conference; Houston County Hometown Club, Student Senate, Civilian Student Council, College Traffic Committee, Junior Class Representative, Chair- man of 12th Mon Bowl Committee, Masonic Lodge, AVMA, Soufhwesfern Veferinarian Assistanf Editor, Pre Vet Society, Apartment CounciIA WI LLIAM KENNETH STANTON Distinguished Student, SCONA VI, VII, VIII, and IX, Math Club, Bridge Club, Victoria Hometown Club, Quartermaster Asso- ciation, Student Senate, Election Commission, Chairman of Blood Drive, Chairman of Campus Chest Drive, YMCA, Delegate to National Student Association of YMOX, Ross Volunteers, MSC Leadership Conference, The Battalion Award, Washington Student Citizenship Seminar, Honor Council, Arts and Sciences Council, Executive Officer 2nd Brigade. ROYCE MALCOLM KNOX Athletic Sergeant-Squad 5, Distinguished Student, Insurance Society, Houston County Hometown Club-Vice President, Yell Leader, Civilian Student CounciI Executive Committee, Dorm Council, American General Scholarship, Committee for Better Corps Civilian Relations. CHARLES JOSEPH MCGUIRE Baseball Scholarship, Fish and Vcrshy Baseball, All South- west Conference Baseball Team 13 YrsJ, T Associafion, ln- surance Society, Distinguished Student, Marketing Society. JERRY DON BELL AVMA, Apartment Council, Civilian Student Council, Apart- menf Council President, Dorm Presidents Council, Southwest Veterinarian Staff, Student Manager, Ouislonding Dorm Pres- idents Award , MUSEUM 5 Amneswomsigz '1 $NAMER2CAN L; UNIVERsmEs -; AND comm gs, EDWARD LEE WALKER Phi Eta-Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Phi Sigma, Distin. guished Student, Russian Club-Presidenf, Physics Club, Leffermun's Club, Varsity Basketball, MSC Culture Leader- ship Proiecf, MSC Travel Committee, Graduate Student Council, NASA Predocmrial Fellowship, Experiment in Infer- nafionul Living WUgoslaviaL JOHN C. HOLLIMAN Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Befa Pi, Freshman Engineering Society, Socieiy of American Military Engineers, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Dallas Hometown Club, Young Republican's Club, Outstanding Student in Chemical Engineering, Lubrizol Scholarship, Siudenf Engineers' Council, Distinguished Student, Scholastic Officer3 Squad 9. JAMES EUGENE SCHNABEL Freshman Agricultural Society, San Antonio Hometown Club, Range and Forestry Club Social Secretary, MSC Publicity Committee, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall Staff, Alpha Zeta, Student Soil Conservation Society, Sons of the American Revolution Award, AdiufanH-Corps Staff, Commander Squad 17, Honor Council, Distinguished Student, Who's Who. THOMAS MICHAEL ASHY Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Student, Pre-Med Pre-Dent Sociely Vice President, Arts and Sciences Council, Lulie Huey Lane Award, Julia Ball Lee Scholarship, Town Hall Staff, Cadet Court, Ross Volunteers-Outsfanding Junior and Executive Officer, Commanding Officer Company C-3, Hous- ton Chamber of Commerce Award. IN WhOG Who 5 gAMONGSTUDENTSj w :NAMERICAN I A UNIVERSITIES C: AND COLLEGES! wawmmywxxxw LESLIE GARRY ADAMS Distinguished Sfudenf, Vice President of Sophomore Vel Class, Outstanding 2nd Year Student in Vet Medicine, Pres- ident of AVMA Student Chcpfen SCOTT W. BECKWITH Wafer Polo Team, Fish and Varsity Swimming Team, Dis- hnquished Student, Distinguished Air Force Coder, American Soqefy of Military Engine'ers, American Ordnance Association lnshfufe of Aerospace Sciences, American Institute of Aero: ngutics and Astronautics, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Slgmg Gamma Tau, Commander-Squad 16, Sons of the American Revolution Award, Fort Worth Hometown Club. LAWRENCE NEWTON GARRETT, JR. San Antonio Hometown Club, Intramural Manager, Distin- guished Student, Phi Efa Sigma, Convair Award, Chicago Tribune Award, Distinguished AFROTC Cadet, Ross Volun- teers, Cadet Court, Executive Officer lst Wing, Town Hall Staff, Great Issues Committee, Student Entertainment Man- ager, Math Club, Arts and Sciences Council, Student Issues Commitfee, Student Senate. FRANK RICHARD KIOLBASSA Ross Volunteers, 15f Wing Commander, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, Institute of Traffic Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of American Military Engineers, Alpha Phi Omega-President, President of Fish Class, Student Senate, Election Commission, Traffic Appeals Court. GERALD WAYNE SIEGELIN Commander 2nd Wing, Cadet Court President, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Era Sigma, Distinguished Student, Chicago Tribune Award, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, Distinguished AFROTC Sfudenf, Ross Volunteers, Texas A81M Engineer Staff, Corpus Christi Hometown Club. HOYT, ALBERT W. "Retsbew" Arch. San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Design Student Sociefy. HUNTER, CHARLES RICHARD "Chas" Arch. Design Borger Age 22; Class '63; Co. 8-2; 0.5.5.; Hometown Club, Pres. LIGON, CHARLES WALKER "Piggy" Arch. Design Comanche Age 28; Class '63; Design Studenf Society; "Architecture Plus" Sfaff. LOPEZ, BENITO Arch. Maramoros, Mex. Age 24; Class '62; Am. Gen. Contracrors; Design Student Society; Pan American Sociefy; Soccer Team, Capt; MSC Soccer Chairman. MARMOLEJO, NOE R. Arch. H. Matamoros, Mex. Age 22; Class '62. METTKE, WINSTON DOUGLAS Arch. Consr. Baytown Age 21; Class '63; AGC; LSA, Pres.; chfown HTC. SIMMONS, KEITH JOHNSON Arch. Shreveport, La. Age 24; Class '64; Tau Beta Pi; Design Student Socieiy; Tile Council of American Com- petition Winner; Outstanding Soph. Design Student. WILLIS, DONALD EARL "Don" Arch. Const. Atlanta, Ga. Age 22; Class '63; Student Senate; Texas Aggie Band; Drum 6 Bugle Corps; 'lst. Lt. Cadet Corps; YMCA Pres.; SCONA V, VI, VII, VIII; Assoc. Gen. Contractors; United Nations Club; YMCA Freshman Camp Chairman; Baptist Studenl Union Vice Pres. ABEL, BURL MICHAEL "Mike" Vet. Med. Lubbock Age 23; Class '64; 3.5. Animal Science, 0.5.; AVMA, Parliamentarian; Press Club; Adv. Editor, SWV; Honor Council; Class Reporter. ALLEN, WILLIAM RAY "Ran" Vet. Med. Hillsboro Age 25; Class '62; AVMA; Soufhwesfern Veterinarian; Press Club; Handball Club. AVERY, DURWARD ROBERT, JR. "D. R." Vet. Med. Jonesboro, La. Age 27; Class '62; Phi Kappa Phi. BUTLER, CHARLES LEROY "Chas" Arch. Consf. Midland Age 22; Class '63; Aggie Band, W-Band, Drum 8x Bugle Corps, K. Frank Robinson Awavd; AGC Pres.; Student Engineer's Council; Design Studeni's Sociefy. CALDWELL, ALAN BOYD "Alan" Arch. Const. Houston Age 28; Class '59; Student Chapter AGC, Trecs.; Wesley Players; lntrcmurcls. ELBRICH, JOSEPH JOHN "Joe" Arch. Houston Age 22; Class '63; Tau Beta Pi; Design Student Society. FERRELL, JOEL F. Arch. Houston Age 24; Class '62; AGC, Treasurer, Vice Pres. FRITH, CHARLES E. "Chas" Arch. Shreveport, La. Age 22; Class '63; Design Student Society; Shreveport HTC. GAITHER, GALE H. Arch. Consf. Houston Age 22; Class '63; AGC; Alpha Pi Omega; Great Issues Committee; Exec. Officer, Sq. 3. GREER, MICHAEL LEE "Mike" Arch. Fort Worth Age 23; Class '63; Design Student Society. "Bulldog" BAILEY, EVERETT MURL, JR. Vet. Med. Forsan Age 23; C1055 '62; Student Chapter AVMA; Exec. Editor Southwestern Veterinarian; 0U?- sianding Fish; Big Spring HTC. BAYSDEN, THOMAS LAUREN "Tom" Vet. Med. Oshkosh, Neb. Age 29; Class '64. BITTER, JOSEPH WHITE "Joe" Vet. Med. San Antonio Age 23; Class '61; AVMA. BOTARD, ROBERT WILLIAM "Bobby" Vet. Med. Alice Age 24; Class '61; AVMA. CANNON, ROBERT D. Vet. Med. Coleman Age 26; Class '64; AVMA, CROUCH, CHARLES G. Vet. Med. Devine Age 23; Class '62; AVMA Sec.-Treas.; Southwest Texas HTC. DALGARD, DAN W. Vet. Med. Racine, Wis. Age 28; Class '62; Phi Eta Sigma; AVMA. DAVIDSON, ROBERT JOHN "Bob" Vet. Med. Galveston Age 22; Class '62; Pre-Vev Society; AVMA. DORRIS, KENNETH DEAN "Ken" Vet. Med. Fort Worth Age 30; Class '60; AVMA; Civilian Student Council; Pres. and Co.-Pres. Apt. Council; Rodeo Club; Rodeo Team; Chairman Quarter Horse Show; Who's Who Selection Committee. "Eddie" EPPERSON, ERNEST EDWARD Vet. Med. Denham Springs, La. Age 24; Class '64. FITZFATRICK, ROBERT VALE 11 "Bob" Vet. Med. Dallas Age 23; Class '64; AVMA; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Zeta. FORGASON, RICHARD LEE Hungerford yer. Med. Age 23; Class '62; 0.8., Pre-Vet Society; ,AVMA, Parliamentarian; Pres.-Elect, Pres.; Phi Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Pres., Jr. Vet. Class; Faculty Award of Merit. FROST, WARREN WHITMAN "Jack" Vet. Med. Arlington Age 25; Class '64; Soph. Class Rep., AVMA; Sec.-Treos., Jr. Class; Sec.-Treas., Phi Zeta. FUNK, KENNETH DOYLE "Ken" Vet. Med. Alexandria, La. Age 24; Class '64; AVMA; Counselor Allen Academy; Intramurals. GOWAN, GEORGE EVERETT Vet. Med. Winnsboro, La. Age 23; Class '64; AVMA, Sec.-Treas. GROVES, MICHAEL G. Vet. Med. Corpus Christi Age 23; Class '64. HALL, CHARLES LYNN Vet. Med. Palestine Age 30; Class '54; AVMA, "T" Assoc.; Pres. Sr. Vet. Class; Vice-Pres. Jr. Vet. Class. HARBEN, ROBERT MALVERN Vet. Med. Fort Worth Age 29; Class '64; AVMA. HAYES, HOWARD MAXWELL, JR. Houston Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '61; Phi'2fm65igma; D.S.; Aggie Players; Belloire HTC; Handball Club; Civilian Handball Intramural Team; AVMA. HENLEY, JOHN W. Vet. Med. San Angelo Age 23; Class '62. HUBERT, EARL THEODORE, JR. Riviera Vet. Med. '64; Pre-Vel Society; AVMA; Singing Cadets; Southwestern Veterinarian Age 23; Class Staff; Exec. Officer 5111 8:1. Gp.; Dance Committee, Newman Club. MONTICELLO, SAM ANTHONY Vet. Med. Age 26; Class '63; Editor, Southwestern Veterinarian AVMA Council; Jr. Vet. Class Sec.; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Mgr. Hensel Apts.; K of C.; AVMA. NORTON, WALLACE BERRY Vet. Med. Age 25; Class '64; Phi Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; AVMA. PAYNE, JERRY B. Vet. Med. POTTER, ROBERT HESTER Vet. Med. Age 24; Class '61; AVMA; Colorado County HTC. REESING, ERNEST 0., JR. Vet. Med. Age 28; Class '64. ROBINSON, GARY TUCKER Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '62; AVMA. ROGERS, WILLIAM P. Vet. Med. Age 27; Class '64. SEAQUIST, MICHAEL E. Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '64; AVMA. SHARP, MARVIN L; JR. Ver. Med. ; Age 33; Class '64; Pres., Soph. Vet. Class. HUDMAN, PAUL BERNARD Ver. Med. Age 29; Class '56; AVMA; Rodeo Club; Sr. Class Vice Pres. HUGHES, DAVID R. Vet. Med. Age 25; Class '62. KEAHEY, ELDRED E., Vet. Med. Age 29; Class '64. KEARNEY, WENDELL M. Vet. Med. Age 30; Class '64; AVMA. KELLER, CARL E., JR. Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '62; South Louisiana HTC. LANGE, WILLIAM THOMAS, JR. Vet. Med. Age 26; Class '64. LEGGETT, CHARLES BENJAMIN Vet. Med. Age 30; Class '64; AVMA. LEISSLER, LEE CONRAD Vef. Med. Age 29; Class '64; D.S.; Vice Pres. Soph. Vet. Class; AVMA. LUEDERS, HARRY JAMES Vet Med. Age 31; Class '64; AVMA. MARSHALL, ARVLE EDWARD Vet. Med. Age 25; Class '64; AVMA. MASSEY, MELVIN T'. Ver. Med. Age 25; Class '64. MCCREARY, KARON GALE Vet. Med. San Angelo Roaring Springs "Pete" Canton Sweetwater Baton Rouge, La. IIBiIIII Sherman IIBenII Wichita Falls llLeeII Wichita Falls IlJimll Muldoon Canyon Tyler Ilcaseyll Royse City Age 23; Class '62; D.S.; Pre-Vet Society; AVMA; Arnold Air Society, Wrestling Club. Ilsamll Lake Charles, La. Sec.; Press Club; Kappa Alpha Order; Warren "J. B." Gainesville IIBobll Columbus Dallas Waelder Logansporf, La. llMikeIl Palacios "Mickey" Vernon SHAW, WILLIAM ANDREW "Snowman" Vet. Med. Houston Age 23; Class '62, SIZENBACH, GARY LEE "Size" Vet. Med. Spring Branch Age 24; Class '61; Pre-Vev Society; AVMA; Grad. Rep. Civilian Student Council; Dorm Pres.; Head Waiter Sbisa; Circulation Editor Southwestern Veterinarian. STROLE, MALCOLM BERNARD Vet. Med. Abilene Age 23; Class '62. SYLER, IRA ALFRED, JR. Vet. Med. . Flaronia Age 24; Class '61; AVMA; Souihwestern Veterinarian Staff; Pre-Vel Society. TODD, EDWARD ALTON Vet. Med. Houston Age 23; Class '61; AVMA, Pres., Reporter,- Southwestern Veterinarian, Business Mgr.; Corps Staff; Yell Leader, Head, Jr.; Student Senate; Civilian Student Council; Pre-Vet Society,- Pres.; Ross Volunteers; D.S.; D.M.S.; Rodeo Club. VALERIUS, JACKIE ALLEN Vet. Med. Santa Rosa Age 23; AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff; Rio Grande Valley HTC. VAN DYKE, DON Vet. Med. Houston Age 30; Class '64. WALTHER, JAY RONALD Vet. Med. San Angelo Age 22; Class '62; AVMA, 0.8. WOODS, DAVID L. Vet. Med. McLean Age 23; Class '64. WURSTER, ALBERT C. "AI" Vet. Med. Jonesville, Ala. Age 28; Class '64; AVMA. AUG. WFMEDQ '64 ADAMS, LESLIE GARRY Vet. Med. Marfa Age 22; Class '63; AVMA, Pres.; Who's Who; Outstanding Student; Vice-Pres. Soph. Vet. Class; Pres. AVMA; D.S.; Phi Zeta. BELL, J. Don Vet. Med. Houston Age 27; Class '64; Apt. Council; Civilian Student Council; Dormitory Pres. Council, AVMA. BRANTLY, STANLEY M. Vet. Med. Homer, La. Age 31; Class '64. BREEDING, WILLIAM WALLACE "Bill" Vet. Med. Miami Age 22; Class '63; Southwesiern Veterinarian, Production Editor; AVMA. BRUMBELOW, ROBY YOUNG, JR. Vet. Med. Rosenberg Age 25; Class '64. BULLARD, TOMMY L. Vet. Med. Phillips Age 22; Class '64; Apr. Council; Business Editor Southwestern Veterinarian. CARDWELL, BILL REESE "Bill" Vet. Med. Sheffield Age 23; Class '62; AVMA. CHRISTIE, RUSSELL JOHN Vet. Med. San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec.; D.S.; AVMA; Natl. Science Foundation Research. COOPER, DOYLE BALDRIDGE "Bud" Ver. Med. Glen Rose Age 23; Class '62; Vice Pres. Fish Vet. Class; AVMA; Pre-Vef Sociefy. CREWS, ROBERT LANCE "Lance" Vet. Med. Kenedy Age 23; Class '64. CROUCH, PATRICK KEITH "Pa?" Vet. Med. Lufk in Age 23; Class '62; Ross Volunteers; Aggie Band; Band Staff; D.S.; MSC Council RepJ Southwestern Vet. Staff. DENNIS, RICHARD ANDREW Vet. Med. 5 Age 23; Class '63. ELLISTON, NOLIE GREGORY Vet. Med. Hereford Age 34; Class '64. I IIRayI ainf Jo FLUITT, ALFRED LEON "Happy" Vef. Med. Marble Falls Age 28; Class '62; AVMA; Rodeo Club. GARDNER, RONALD GILBERT Vet. Med. Humble Age 29; Class '56. GARZA, ROMAN RAUL Vef. Med. Rio Grande City Age 28; Class '59; AVMA, Reporter; AVMA; Sgt. at Arms; Soph. Livestock Judging Contest, 2nd High Individual; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Rodeo Club; Newman Club; Rio Grande HTC. GAYLE, LELVE GARLAND Vet. Med. Weldon Age 23; Class '62; Who's Who; Aggie Honor Council, Pres.; Houston County HTC, Pres. GILMORE, SAMUEL A. "Alan" Vet. Med. Brownsville Age 27; Class '62; AVMA. HOYLAND, ROBERT JOHNSON, Ill "Bob" Ver. Med. Arcadia Age 23; Class '63; Vice Pres. Sr. Vet. Class. HUVAL, LOUIS JOSEPH, JR. Vet. Med. Cecilia, La. Age 23; Class '64. JENSON, DENNIS WAYNE Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '63; Pre-Vef Society; AVMA. JESTER, RICHARD 5. Vet. Med. Jennings, La. Age 22; Class '63. KERN, JOHN FREDERICK "Jack" Vet. Med. Houston Age 23; Class '63; AVMA; Pre-Vet Society; Rodeo Club. LAMB, ELTON KNOX, JR. Vet. Med. Waco Age 22; Class '64; AVMA. LILLARD, PAUL GEORGE Vet. Med. Jacksboro Age 28; Class '58; AVMA, Freshman Rep.; Fish Football. LOVICK, JAMES SHEPPARD "Jim" Vet. Med. Longview Age 23; Class '63; AVMA; Deep East Texas HTC; Young Republicans; Southwestern Veterinarian Staff Cartoonist. LOW, WALTER WALLACE Vet. Med. Jennings, La. Age 22; Class '63. LOZO, ROBERT DODD, JR. "Bob" Vet. Med. Nixon Age 23; Class '62; AVMA. LUMPKIN, WILLIAM LEE "Bill" Vet. Med. Lake Charles, La. Age 23; Class '64. McKNlGHT, JOE TRUMAN Vet. Med. Longview Age 23; Class '64; 0.5.; Pre-Vef Society; AVMA; Singing Cadets; Librarian, Business Manager, Pres.; Who's Who. Palacios MILLER, BEN 0., JR. "Do-Do" Vet. Med. Eunice, La. Age 31; Class '64; MISTRETTA, BERNARD "Bernie" Vet. Med. Baton Rouge, La. Age 25; Class '61; Alpha Zeta; AVMA Counml; Ethics Code By Laws Committee, 59'. 0' Arms; Vice Pres; Jr. Class President. MOFFETT, FRANK 3. Vet. Med. Dilley Age 27; Class '63; AVMA, Presidenv, Vice Pres., Represen'ative; Pres; Soph. Vet. Class. MORRIS, EARL LOUIS Vet. Med. Alice Age 25; Class '64; AVMA; Intramurols. MORROW, GERALD L "Jerry" Vet. Med. Munday A99 29: CIOSS '63; Day Student Council; SCONA IX Delegam; Phi Zeta; AVMA, Class Rep. MULL, RONALD LOYD Vet. Med. DeLeon Age 28; Class '64; AVMA; Student Senate; PATE, ROBERT S. "Bob" Vet. Med. Center Age 22; Class '63; Pre.Vel Society; AVMA; Shelby-Dozhes HTC. PERRY, THOMAS DAY "T. D." Vet. Med. Fort Worth Age 32; Class '63. RATHKE, HERMAN LEE Vet. Med. Three Rivers Age 24; Class '64; AVMA. '64 READ, WILLIAM KAY Vet. Med. Deporf Age 26; Class '64; AVMA; Phi Zeta. REEVES, BRIAN ALLAN Vet. Med, Dallas Age 22; Class '63; Pre-Vef Socie'y; AVMA; D.S. ROBERTS, CLIFFORD RILEY "Cliff" Vet. Med. Wichita Falls Age 22; Class '63; D.S.; Pre-Ve! Society; Dance Committee; Great Issues Committee; MSC Directorate; AVMA; Vice Pres. Hometown Club. SCHEHIN, MARTIN LAWRENCE "M. L." Vet. Med. Wellborn Age 23,- Class '63,- AVMA. SHORES, STEPHEN ADAIR "Steve" Vet. Med. Irving Age 23; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Best Drilled Freshman; AVMA, Class Rep.; Apt. Council; Civilian Student Council; Phi Zeta; Southwestern Vet. Assoc. Editor. SMALL, TRAVIS HUGH, JR. "Klu" Vet. Med. Fort Worth Age 23; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; AVMA; D.S. IIBUdII SPIVEY, F. H. Haynesville, La. Vet. Med. Age 34; Class '64; AVMA. TATUM, MICHAEL EDWARD Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; AVMA, Vice Pres. and Sec.-Treas. THOMPSON, KEITH JAY "Thomp" Vet. Med. Palacios Age 23; Class '62; AVMA. llMikell Rocksprings VARISCO, BRAZOS JOE Vet. Med. ' Age 23; Class '63; D.S.; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; AVMA; Pre-Vet Somety. WARD, BILLY C. Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '63; Editor Southwestern Veterinarian. WATERS, CLAUDE C. Vet. Med. Age 24. Bryan Phillips Greenville WHITE, THOMAS EDWARD "Eddie" Vet. Med. Shreveport, La. Age 25; Class '61; AVMA; AVMA Rep.; Pres. Senior Class; Mark Morris SfudenlL Rep. WHITEHEAD, HAROLD JOSEPH Vet. Med. Age 30; Class '64. WHITFORD, HOWARD W. Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '62; Phi Era Sigma; Alpha Zeta; AVMA; Phi Zeta. IIJOeII Anahuac Alice "Chuck" WILLIAMSON, CHARLES HUBERT Amarillo Vet. Med. Age 34; Class '64. WILSON, DARR FRANCIS Vet. Med. Age 23; Class '63. WILSON, JAMES CHARLES Vef. Med. Age 23; Class '63; Ft. Worth HTC; AVMA; Pre-Vef Society. Galena Park IlJ imll Forf Worth AGARWAL, RAM GOPAL Per. E. Age 24. AVASTHI, SURJIT MOHAN Per. E. Age 22. BARY, MOHAMMAD RAFIQUL Mf. Age 24; Table Tennis; Badminton; Lawn Tennis; Cricket. Calcutta, India Moradabad, India llLaalll Jessore, East Pakistan BEASLEY, WILLIAM LOUIS "Bill" E.E. Longview Age 43; Class '43. BISWAS, MOZIBUR R. "Hiru" Ag. E. Faridpur, E. Pakistan Age 24; Photography; Football; Cricket. BLUMENTRITT, CHARLES W. Math. San Angelo Age 28; Class '64; 8.5. in Math. BOND, LOUIS H. I. Ed. Ballard Age 29; Class '63; 0.8.; Iota Lambda Sigma; Industrial Education Society; Brazos Valley Industrial Arts; TIAA. CHAUTHANI, ABDUL REHMAN "Chanutani" Indore City, India Age 29; Formal Sec. of Indian Student Assoc. CHOWDHURY, TIM FAZLAYRABBI "Chowdhury" Vef. Microbiology Badiakhali Age 26. CORDER, PAUL RAY M.E. Age 23; Class '63. COUNCIL, CLARENCE DAVID I.E. Age 24; Class '61; BSME; ASME; AIIE; Alpha Pi Mu. EDMAN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Pet. E. Age 23; Class '62. Livingston Pasadena "Bill" Houston ERNST, HERBERT LLOYD "Herb" Poultry Science Somerset Age 23; Class '62; Who's Who; Vice Pres., Student Council; Graduate Student Council, Vice Pres. FIKES, RALPH WILLIAM Math. Taft Age 21; Class '63. FROEMKE, ROBERT M. "Bob" N.$.F. Science Ed. Zillah, Wash. Age 35. 400 AI! GHOSH, DEBABRATA Plant Physiology Calcutta, India Age 28,- Clcss '55,- Pres., Indian Student's Assoc; Foreign Student Rep., Graduate Student Council. HALBERDIER, LOUIS STAYTON, JR. BiOlOgy Kingsville Age 22. HARPER, WILLIAM JOE "gull C. E. Sulphur Springs Age 26,- Cluss '64. HEDDINS, GERALD CLIFTON Horticulture Age 24; Class '62. HESS, DENNIS P. Educa'ion Valley City, N. D. Age 29. HODGES, JAMES MELVIN Ed. Age 32. Brazoria Eugene, Oregon HUGHES, BILLY L. Ed. ' Age 32. Abilene HUNTER, DONALD THOMPSON "Don" Aerospace Engr. Age 22; Class '63. HOUSfon HUSAIN, A. M. MUAZZAM Ag. Eco. . ' Dist. ComiIla, E. Pakistan Age 26; infed Nations Club, Pres.; Cricket Club, Vice Pres.; Pakistan Sfuden? Assoc. Sec. ond VICE Pres.; AFEA. I JELINEK, AL VINCENT "Al" Physics Houston Age 24. KAMALUDDIN, BAKTE ALAM "LUbU" I E . . Faridpur, E. Pakistan Age 24,- Class '61; AIIE; Tau Bela Pi; Null. Engr. Honor Society; Alpha Pi Mu; lndusl. Engr. Honor Society. KONEN, HARRY P. Math. Houston Age 23. KUSCHNER, ALLARD W. "Al" Physics and Math Burton, Ohio Age 29. LONGENECKER, LORNA JANE Education South Bend, Ind. Age 25; Class '60. LONGENECKER, NEVIN E. "Nev" Education South Bend, Ind. Age 27; Class '64. MASSEY, JAMES R. "Jimmy" E.E. Alice Age 22. MATOCHA, JOHN EDWARD Soil Chemistry Beeville Age 24. McCONNELL, AUSTIN DAVIS, JR. "Jerb" Ag. Ed. Kilgore Age 22; Class '63. MEYER, ALVIN HAROLD "AI" C.E. Wearherford Age 26; Class 263; Singing Coders; ASCE, Vice Pres. MORELAND, HENRY C., JR. Ind. Ed. Kingsland Age 23; Class '62. MORRIS, ROBERT L. Computer Science Portland, Oregon Age 42,- Cluss '65. MUNN, JOHN ARLEN Science Educ. Cushman, Montana Age 27. PATE, MELVIN J., JR. "Toofie" Science Educ. Harrold Age 27; Class '58. PETICOLAS, JOHN DAVIS "Dave" Physics El Paso Age 22. RADAIDEH, SALEH MOHAMED "Radaideh" Plant Pathology Jordan Age 27. ' ROBERTS, RONALD CURTIS "Ronnie" Biochemistry and Nutrition Tyler Age 22; Class '63. .. SCHNEIDER, ROGER D. "Rog" Educafion Sheboygan, Wis. Age 30. SCHROETER, DONALD RICHARD M.E. Devine Age 25; Class '63; ASME; Tau Bela Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; D.S.; Honor Grad.; Humble Oil 8: Refining Co. Educ. Foundation Fellowship. SCOTT, STEPHEN GARY "Steve" Pet. E. Colorado City Age 29; Class '59. SERWOLD, JOHN CHARLES "Jack" Science Educ. Edmonds, Wash. Age 28; Class '53. SINHA, BRAJENDRA KUMAR Per. E. Darbhanga, India Age 24. SMITH, EUGENE BARTEL "Gene" Computer Science ' Housfon Age 32; Class '53. SNYDER, RICHARD WALTER "Dick" Per. E. Glassport, Pa. Age 31; Pet. Engr. Club; Singing Cadels. STALLWORTH, THOMAS W. C.E. College Station Age 45; Class '65. STEWART, BRUCE W.. Mgmf. Del Rio Age 22, STEWART, FRANK EDWIN Physics Dallas Age 22. SURTI, VASANT H. Ahmedabad, India TAYLOR, JERRY K. "Gut" Age 24; Class '62; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; Coleman County HTC; Rodeo Assn.; AREN Direcfor; Vice Pres. Rodeo Team. THOMPSON, BERT DARRELL Ind. Ed. Temple Age 28; Class '58; Singing Cadets; Brazos Valley Ind. Arts; Bell County HTC; Industrial Education Society Officer; Intramurals; Baptist Student Union Officer. VERNEY, EDWARD Educ.-$ci. Educ. Loomis Age 38; Class '52. WALKER, DAVID LACY "Dave" Accounting Dallas Age 21; Class '63. WILLIAMSON, MORRIS LEEROY, JR. Math Statistician Grandbury Age 23; Class '63. YAO, TSO-WEI E.E. Hong Kong, China Age 25; Class '64. l g 1 . ; L. to R.: Netz, Wylie, Monier, Anderson, Railsfon, Marlow, Collins. OLAQQ OFFlOEPS DAVID C. ANDERSON -- President WILLIAM K. MONIER ' ' ........................................... Vice President THOMAS COLLINS ......................................................................................... Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD RAILSTON n ........................................... Social Secretary WYLIE STANLEY - -- ........ ' - Historian LAWRENCE GARRETT .............. Student Entertainment Manager ROY L. NETZ .................. -5 ..... - . Senior Representative to the MSC MIKE MARLOW .................. Head Yell Leader 403 ALEXANDER, CARL GLENN Ag. Ed. Age 21; Class '64; FFA, Student Advisor. ALEXANDER, JON M. Marketing Age 23; Class '64; Singing Cadets; Marketing Club; Marketing Sociefy; Pistol Team. ALLEN, JERRY V. Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. "Glenn" Lometa Amarillo Amarillo HTC; Mason ALLEN, ROBERT CHARLES Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Pre Vet Society. ALMOND, MALCOLM W., lll Animal Husbandry Age 22; Class '64. ALSTON, JIMMY ALBERT Plant and Soil Science llBobll McKinney "Bill" Fort Stockton Temple AMAD, MOHAMAD T. "David". C.E. Jerusalem, Jordan Age 23; Class '64; Chi Epsilon; SMC Summer Pres.; Arab Student Club, Pres.; Soccer Team; Table Tennis Committee, Chairman; United Nations Club, Secy.; ASCE. ANDERSON, DAVID CARL "Dave" Aero. Engr. Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '64; DS; Ross Volunteers; DMS; Associate Editor, Engineer; Sigma Gamma Tau; Student Senate; Senior Class Pres.; Who's Who; Am. Inst. of Aeronautics 8. Astronautics; Election Commission; Fish Football Team; Aggie Sweetheart Selection Committee; Gamma Delta. ANDERSON, DOUGLAS HAROLD Ch. E. Age 22; Class '64. IIDOUgII San Antonio 404 ABBOTT, CRAIG 5. English Age 22; Class '64; English Society; Pres., Sigma Tau Delta; Election Commission; Antonio HTC; Cadet Court; Who's Who. ABENDROTH, KENNETH DOUGLAS Incl. Engr. Age 25; Class '64; Ind. Engr. Society; Parliamentarian, Industrial Arts Assn. ABERNATHY, ROBERT CHAD Ch. E. Age 22; Class '64; ASCE. San Antonio DMS; Pres., Alpha Iota; Editor, Review; Son Rifle Team; Press Club; D5; Associate Brazoria Hughes Springs ADAMS, DONALD ROBERT Educ. Age 22; Class '64. ADAMS, H. RICHARD Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '64; DS; Pre-Vef Sociefy; AVMA. ADAMS, JAMES MURPH "Jim" I .T. Housfon Age 22; Class '64; Semper Fidelis Society, Program Chairman; Industrial Education Society, Secy. IlDonll Houston "Rich" Dallas ALBERT, WILLIAM E. Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Williamson County HTC; Drum 8x Bugle Corps. ALDERSON, JOHN LOCKE, JR. History Hutfo "Locke" ' Dallas Age 21; Class 64; Dallas HTC; Pre Law Society, Parliamentarian; Fish Engr. Society. ALDRIDGE, RICHARD L. "R.L." I.T., B.A. Wesla'co Age 36; Class '65. xmhy WW W w W74 W Maw mm... .WW m BALLARD, STANELY H., JR. "Stan" C.E. Terrell Age 21; Class '64; ASCE. BALKE, DAVID ERNEST "Dave" Chemistry Houston Chemistry Club, Pres.; Town Hall Staff. BANKS, KEITH LYTLE Vet. Med. Lubbock Age 22; Class '63; AVMA; Young Republicans. IIBobII BARHAM, BOBBY GENE Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '64; Intramural Swimming; AVMA. BARKER, DAVID ELMER Finance Age 21; BARNES, VERNON DOUGLAS Bus. Adm. Age 23; Class '64. Blooming Grove Class '64; Exec. Off. White Band; Aggie Band; Finance Society; Air Force ROTC. "Bear" Houston Age 21; Class '61; Phi Eta Sigma; 0.5.; SCONA VII, VIII; AICE; Am. Ordnance Assoc.; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramural Mgr.; Aihletic O1ficer. BARTON, PATRICK JOSEPH General Business Age 21; Class '64; Football; Insurance Society; Marketing Society. BARSCH, BOBBIE KNIGHT Wildlife Mgmr. Age 22; Class '64. BARRILLEAUX, JAMES LEONARD Chf. IlJimlI Denron Game Club, Pres.; Student Agricultural Council; Alpha Zeta; BARTEE, JAMES H. Wildlife Mgmf. Age 21; Class '64; Fish 8. Denion HTC. BARTEK, JAMES DENNIS Agronomy Age 22; Class '64; Agronomy Society; Soil Judging Team. BARTON, JOHN FRANKLIN C.E. Age 22; Class '64; Houston llDougll Granger IIPatll West "Jake" Temple ANDERSON, RAY W. "Ray" Marketing Victoria Age 23; Class '63,- Marketing Society. ANTHAUME, CHRISTOPHER JR. "Chris" Houston Economics Age 21; Class '64; Town Hall Slaff; Economics Club, Vice Pres., Frog. Chairman; Newman Club; Russian Club; American Ord. Assoc. ARGUELLES, EDUARDO "La'O" Civil . Engr. 5' P350 Age 22; Class '64; Pan American Club; ASCE. ARMSTRONG, JAMES HENRY "Jim" M,E. Weatherford Age 20; Class '64; Semper Fidelis Club; Fort Worth HTC; SAME; ASME. ASHY, THOMAS MICHAEL "Torn" Beaumont Pre-Med Age 20; Class '64; P-hi Eta. Sigma, Historian; D.S.; R.V.; Exec. Off. R.V.; Outstanding R.V. Jr.; Pre-Med SBCI'e'ry, Vlnce Pres.; Art: and Science: Council, Sec.-Treas.; Town Hall Staff; Cadet Court A ; Luhe Huey Award; Julia Ball Lee Scholarship; Houston Chamber Commerce Award; Ourslanding Fish and Soph.; Pres. Beaumont HTC. BACHMEYER, GERVASE RAY Ag. Economics Baytown Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Newman Club; Baylown HTC. BAILEY, THOMAS R. "Tom" LD. Jenkinron, Pa. Age 26; Class '63. BAKER, KENNIETH WAYNE "Ken" Accounting Waco Age 22; Class '64; Waco HTC, Pres.; Insurance Society. BALENTINE, JAMES McANEAR "Mac" Roxran Accounting Age 23; Class '64; Red River Valley HTC, Pres.; Accounting Society. llBoblI Brady Bryan BARTOSKEWITZ, RICHARD EDWARD igEe23; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Newman Club. BASHAM, LUTHER MALCOLM Math Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Russian Club, Pres. BATE, HERMAN EDWARD Marketing Club. BATEY, THOMAS ALDEN Arch. Age 22; Class '65; Design Student Society. BAUER, R1CHARD D. Arch. Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Assoc. Gen. Conlracfors, Rep. BEAL, CHARLES CLARENCE M.E. Age 21; Class '64; ASME; MSC Camera Committee. BEAL, OREN WOODROW, JR. Accounting Age 21; Class '64. BEAMER, JAMES HUFF M.E. Age 21; Class '64; Rio Grande HTC. BEARD, NORMAN W., JR. Finance Fish Engr. Society; Intramural Wrestling Champ. BECK, CLARENCE LEROY Physics Age 21; Class '64; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice Pres.; Vice Pres., Physics Club; D.S. BECKER, F. WILLARD Enfomology Age 22; Class '64; Entomology Club. BECKMAN, WADE W., 111 Markefing Age 21; Class '64; Markefing Society; Insurance Society. BECKMEYER, JOHN CRAIG Agronomy Age 22; Class '64. BECKWITH, SCOTT WILLIAMS Aerospace Engr. Anaheim, Calif. Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Swimming Team, Letter; Varsity Swimming Team, Letter, Captain Swimming Team; Water Polo Team; Tau Bela Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; Dist. Air Force ROTC Sfudenf; Vice Commandant: Award-Stu; Sons of American Revolution Award; Engineering Graphics Contesf; Institute of Aerospace Ackerly Sciences; Sociely of Automotive Engineers; SAME; American Ordnance Association; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; 151. $91. Sqd. 16; Commander, Squadron 16. BEDINGER, CHARLES ARTHUR, JR. "C. A." Animal Science Madisonville Age 21; Class '64. BEDRICH, CURTIS ALLEN Accounting Burlington Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Society. BEERWINKLE,'DAVID H. "Dave" Animal Husbandry Belton Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres. Freshman Ag. Society; Rep. Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; Bell County HTC; Sr. Meats Team. BEKE, JOSEPH G. Ag. Education Age 20; Class '64. Ilskipll Spring BELLER, RICHARD LEE Math Age 21; Class '64; Baseball 1Fish1 and Warsifyl; Physics Club; "T" Association. BELOTE, JAMES C. Ch.E. Age 21; Class '64; A.I.Ch.E.; San Antonio Hometown Club. BENSON; JAMES ROBERT, JR. "Jim" Accounting Nacogdoches Age 22; Class '63; Fish Football; Varsity Red Shirt; Civilian Student Council; Civilian Campus Chest Co-Chairman; Chairman 12th Man Bowl; lnlramurals Committee; Civilian Weekend Committee; MSC Bowling Committee; MSC Creative Arts Committee. Victoria llJayll San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Dist. Student; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Safety Comm. Bonfire; Best Drilled Soph.; Insurance Society; Marketing Sociefy; Lufkin Hometown Age 21; Class '64; Sec., Semper Fidelis Sociefy; Ff. Worth HTC; Finance Club; SAME; "Bart" San Antonio Venus Lufkin llTomll Richards "Rick" San Antonio Port Arthur Bryan "J. B." Lyford "Wi Ck" Fort Worth Victoria "Will" Richardson IlTwigll Houston BEHRENT, CURTIS H. Accounting Falfurrias Age 20; Class '64; Accounting Society; D.S.; Brush Country HTC; Flight Ldr., Sqd. 12. BENTLEY, DENNIS L. Aero. Ackley, Iowa Age 21; Class '64; Flying Kadets; Vice Pres. American I'nsfitule of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Natl. Intercollegiate Flying Assn. BERNARD, THEODORE EDWARD "Ted" M.E. Irving Age 21; Class '64; Town Hall; Tau Befu Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Pres., Sec. of Society of Auromotive Engineers; Russian Club; Student Engineers Council; Dorm Council Rep. BERRY, EDWIN CLARK Entomology Age 25; Class '64; Dorm Council; Dorm Editor; Agr. Council; Sec., Trees. Club; 13.5. Waskom Enfomology BIRCH, C. GENE Animal Husbandry Age 22; Class '64. BIELFELDT, JAMES KARL "Jim" Animal Husbandry Mason Age 21; CIass '64. BIGGS, RICHARD ARLEN "Boo" Gen. Bus. Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Pres. Chi Alpha; Pres. Singing Cadets; FIP Leadership Conference. Hurst BILLS, EUGENE DUVAL "Gene" I.E. Marshall Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Engr. Society; Marshall HTC; Athletic Officer Sqd. 7. IlJoell BISHOP, JOE M., JR. . Saranac Lake, N. Y. Personnel Mgmt. Age 21; Class '64; Management Society; Insurance Society; Athlelic Officer Mitchell Hall; Dorm Council. BLAKENEY, ROGER N. Psychology Vidor Age 24; Class '61; Alpha Zeta; Club; SCONA V; Ross Volunteers; Psychological Association. Alpha Kappa Delta; Arts and Sciences Council; Sociology Walton Dorm Council, Sec., Vice Pres.; Student BLAND, RANDALL WALTON "The Wild-eyed Liberal" History 4Pre-DenU Galveston Age 21; Class '64; Newman Club; Parliamentarian SociaI Chairman PretMelere-Denl Society; Pres. Young Democrats; Ordnance Sociefy; German Club; Galveston HTC. BLASCHKE, LEON A. Odessa Pf. Age 22; Class '64; Pics. PE Maiors Club. BOAZE, ERNEST PAUL Marshall Economics Age 29; Class '64. I wonder why there is a chow line forming over there? BOLLING, DAVID RANDOLPH "Dave" Pre-Med 4Chemistry1 Palacios Age 21; Class '64; Pre-Melere-Dem Society; Chemistry Club; Code! Court. BOOTH, DAVID MICHAEL "Mike" Meteorology Cleburne Age 21; Class '64; Chi Epsilion Pi; Student Chapter American Meteorology Society; Vice Pres. TAMSCAMS. '3! BOUNDS, GARRY LELDON I 2' " Animal Science Galvesfon F K Age 22; Class '64; AVMA. " BOUTTE, KENNETH L. "Friar Tuck" Markefing Lafayette, La. Marketing Society,- Treas., South La. HTC; Newman Club. BOWERS, EDWIN J. Animal Husbandry Lufkin Age 21; Class '64; Honor Council; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club2 BOWMAN, JAMES WAYNE "Jim" BBA 6Accounfing1 San Anfonio Age 21; Class '64; Fish Drill Team; Aggieland, Military Section; ROTC. 2 1 BOX, JOHN W. i Meteorology Thorndale .w j BOY, HANS PETER "Pet" . Mechanical Engineering Bogota, Colombia ' Age 20; Class '64; Civilian Student Council; Milner Dorm Council, Vice Pres.; Freshman Swimming Team; Varsity Swimming Team; Pan American Week Committee Chairman; ASME; Historian; Pan American Club; SCONA, Official Delegate. 1 ; BOYD, ERNEST WILLIAM "Ernie" ' History Dallas ., " 3 Age 24; Class '61; Fish Drill Team; Dallas HTC; Outstanding Soph.; Best Drilled $oph.; . .. ' Distinguished Student. -. ,. 2 BRADEN, WILLIAM FRANK "Billy" 'ILM Ag. Journalism Columbus 1 Age 22; Class '64; Agriculturist; Alpha Zeta; Sigma Delta Chi; K. of C.; Student Arts and 2: Sciences Council; Journalism Society; 0.5. I BRAIDFOOT, LARRY DON 2;; Animal Science, Estelline - Age 21; Class '64; Staff Writer, Editorial Assistant, Editor Agriculturist; BSU Pres.; Alpha -' Zeta; Censor 1963-64; Student Ag. Council; Sec.-Treas. Agricultural College Magazines. BRAME, RONALD M. Arch. San Antonio , Age 21; Class '64; Pres. Design Sfudent Society; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities; Engineer's Council. ' , v .' V . J s 9;; 4Jm. A J AAJAJ 4.2 AAJ; J3: BRANDT, CHARLES ELY E.E. El Paso Age 21; Class '64; Singing Cadets; MSC Council, Sr. Class Rep.; Phi Eta Sigma; MSC Directorme Assistant; El Paso HTC; 151. Place Freshman Marh Contest; Delegate to Assn. of College Unions Convention. BRASINGTON, JOHN ROBERT Ch.E. I San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; AIChE. BRECHER, ALLEN RAY "AI" C.E. San Antonio Age 25; Class '64; House Master Law Hall; Law Hall Dorm Council; ASCE. BREWER, CHARLES CASWELL "Brew" ; Markefing Fort Worth 1 Age 21,- Class '64; Intramural Mgr.; Sec.-Treas., Ft. Worth HTC; Marketing Society. 5 BREUR, RAYMOND A., ll "Ray" ' Zoology Dallas Age 21; Class '64,- Dallas HTC; Fish Wrestling Champion; Treas. Wrestling Club; Pre-Vet Sociefy. .i BRICE, TRAVIS ROLAND ; Aerospace Engr. Splendora 1 Age 21; Class '64; AIAA; Rep., Aparimenl Council; Intramural Manager; Distinguished 1 1 Student. BRINKLEY, ERNEST JAMES "Jim" Arch. Houston Age 21; Class '64; SCONA VII, VIII; Great Issues, Sea; BSU; Design Student Society; Duncan Dining Hall, Head Waiter; Galena Park HTC. BRITTAIN, MACKY LEE Vet. Med. Terrell Age 21; Class '64. BROOKS, CARROL T. M.E. Carthage Age 22; Class 64. 408 I've got spurs that jingle, iangle, iingle . . . "Mike" BROOKINS, MICHAEL LEE Silsbee M.E. Age 22; Class '64; 0.52 BROWN, HAROLD CLIFTON Mf. Age 21; Class '64; SCONA VIII and IX, Great Issues Commince. BROWN, JAMES SYDNEY Meteorology Age 32; Class '64. f'Hal" San Antonio "Jim" Gare City, V5- BROWN, ROBERT C. Ag. Ed. Harper Age 22; Class '64, BRUCE, JIMMY CARL "Jim" Entomology San Angelo Age 23; Class '64. BRUNKENHOEFER, ROBERT EDWARD "Brunkie" Economics Corpus Chrisii Age 21; Class '64; Corpus Christi HTC; Economics Club; PrevLcw Society. BRUNS, JAMES CHARLES "Jimmy" B.A. Bryan Age 23; Class '63; Finesse Club; Business Sociefy; Cadet Private Co. K-2, BUCHANAN, JAMES PAUL "Buck" Abilene Marketing Age 21,- Class '64,- Phi Elu Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi,- Ross Volunteers; SCONA VIII; Marketing Society, Pres., Sec.; Honor Council; Distinguished Air Science Cadet; Oursvanding Jr.; Abilene HTC; 025.; American Ordnance Assn, BUHLER, HERMAN COYLE M.E. Brownwood Age 20f Class '64; Pecan Volley HTC; American Society of Mech Engn; Distinguished Student. BULLARD, D. LANCE "Lanny" Sociology Longview Age 21; Class '64; Chaplain, Apr. Council; Sociology Club; NRA Rep2 BURCHERS, JACK M. Vet. Med. Kingsville Age 23; Class '63. llRedll BURK, ROBERT CLYDE Aerospace Engr. Leawood, Kansas Age 20,- Closs '64; Ross Volunteers; Singing Cadets,- SCONA VIII; CAP; American lnSl'lfUYe of Aeronautics 82 Astronautics, Vice Chairman; 2nd. Place Engineering Graphics Contest,- Outsicnding Fish; Bes' Drilled Soph.; Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges; Tau Beva Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi. BURNEY, JIMMIE PAUL, JR. Economics Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Rep,, Secy.-Treas., Corpus Christi Pre-Med Society; Secy. Economics Club; 3rd Brigade Color Guard; Secy. Corpus Christi HTC; Best Drilled Soph. BURGOON, ROBERT LAWRENCE "Larry" C.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; DS; DMS; Combined Bond Staff; ASCE. BUTLER, JAMES MILTON "Jim" English Amarillo Age 21; Class '64; Sports Editor, BATTALION; 2 Letters ABM Bowling Team; 05. BYASSEE, HORACE LATHAN "Spud" Accounting Marshall Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society; DS; Secy-Treas. Young Democrats of Harrison County. BYRD, GARY LEE E.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Capf. Rifle Team. CALLAWAY, BEN EARL "Ben" Agronomy Rockdale Age 22; Class '64; Agronomy Society. CAMERON, DON SCOTT Ch. E. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; DMS; AIChE; Dallas HTC; Best Drilled Soph. CANCELLARE, JOSEPH A. "Joe" Entomology El Paso Cvge 22; Class '64; Entomology Club, Vice Pres.; AGGIELAND; Peso HTC; Duncan alter. CARR, ROBERT CLEMENS "Bob"; Modern Language Housfon 1 Age 21; Class '64; Fish Drill Team; SAME; Former Fish Drill Team; Secy., Soc. Ch. E.; NEA; ' Modern Language Club. 1 CARTER, JAMES C. "Jim" Vef. Med. Shreveport, La. Age 21; Class '64; DS; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre Vet Sociefy; AVMA; SOUTHWESTERN VETERI- NARIAN, Assistant Editor; Shreveport HTC, Pres.; Newman Club. CARTER, JOHN MlCHAEL "Mike" C.E. San Anfonio Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., Society of American Military Engineers; Intramural Man- ager; American Society of Civil Engineers. 1 CASKEY, KINDRED PlERSON "Bubba" Planf and Soil Science Weslaco Age 21; Class '64; Phi Ela Sigma; Alpha Zeta; DS; DMS; Agronomy Society. 1 CATES, ROBERT LLOYD "Bob" Economics Freeporr Age 22; Class '64; DS; DMS; Ross Volunteers; Phi Ela Sigma; SCONA VII, VIII, IX; Brazoria Counfy HTC; Fish Drill Team, Oufstanding Fish; Outstanding Soph.; Dow Chemical Co. Scholarship Award; A81M Opportunity Award. OLAQQ OF '64 Dr. Willi Ley explains the operation of a hydrogen engine to prospective astronauts. Colin Lamb de- clares he'll have to be drafted before he will ride on that thing. Rawls apparently doesn't believe it will work, anyway. 410 ; CHLAPEK, CALVIN J. "C. J." Accounting Temple Age 22; Class '64; Bell County HTC; Insurance Society; Brethern Youth Fellowship; Account- ing Society, Sec.-Treos., Pres. CHRISTIAN, DON O. P.E. Age 21; Class '64; Education Club; Physical Education Club; Hill County HTC. CHRISTIAN, HARRY DENNIS 5.5. Age 22; Cla.'64; IEEE, AIEE, Fish Engr. Society; MSC Council; BSU. Birome "Dennis" Galena Park CHRISTIAN, JOHN HUNT "J. C." E.E. Austin Age 21; Class '64; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa NU; Austin HTC; IEEE; D.S.; lntell. 01L, 3rd Ban. Staff. CIARROCCHI, FRANK J. 5.5. Gaithersburg, Md. Age 20; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; Yankee. HTC; ABxM Skydivers; MSC Dance Com- minee; SCONA IX. CLANCY, LARRY DAN Accounting Age 22; Class '64; "T" Associaiion. IIDannyll Sweetwafer CLARK, KEITH ALLEN Marble Falls Vet. Med. Age 30; Class '64; Student Senate; D.S.; Phi Eta Sigma; AVMA; Assistant Editor South- wes'em Veterinarian; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Research Assistant; Dept. of Vet. Pathology. CLAY, HgRBERT LEROY "Shakey" Edinburg Accounting Age 22,- Closs '64; Aggie Band; Combined Bond Staff; Scholastic Officer; Rio Grande HTC; Accounting Society. CLAWSON, BILLY G. Finance Llano Age 21; Class '64; Hill Country HTC; Sec., Accounting Society; Society for Advancement of Mgt.; Ross Volunteers; Ross Volunteers Permanent Firing Squad. "Clem" CLEMENTS, DON BARTON Friona Education . - Age 21; Class '64; Panhandle HTC; SNEA Society; Marketing Soaefy. CLIFFORD, N. MIKE M.E. Age 23; Class '64. CLINE, JACK C., JR. San Antonio Education . . Waco Age 22; Class '64; Singing Cadets; MSC Council and Directorare; Chairman MUSIC Cqm- mitlee; Vice Pres. Wichita Falls HTC; Arts and Sciences Council; Texas Student Education Association. CAYLOR, LEE HARDY Finance Pre-Melere-Denl Society; Newman Club1 CHAPMAN, JOE VURN Accounting E.E . 8 Age 27; Class '64; IEEE; McCulloch County HTC; D.54 rady CAYLOR, JOHN RIGDON E.E . B d Age 29; Class '64; IEEE; McCulloch County HTC. re y CHAMBERLIN, EDWIN PHILLIP "Phil" 5.5. Age 23; Class '64. Gaheyon CHANEY, W1LL1AM REYNOLDS "3111" Plant and Soil Sciences Sherman -AgeR22; Classd'6ff' Phi Elsa SigmAa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Scribe; Outstanding Fish In ange an orestry e L; ' It I C 'I; A ' ,- HTC; Fish Agricultural suit"; gncu ura ouncu gronomy Socvefy Grayson County CHAPA, ARTHUR ERNEST "Art" ' . San Antonio Age 20; Class 64; Fish Drill Team; San Antonio HTC; Insurance Sociefy; Finance Society; I "Joe' Snyder Age 22; Class '64; Pres. Honor Council; Corps Chaplain; Corps Rep. to Civilian Studenv Coyncil; Chairman YMCA; Parachute Club; Accounting Society; Avnoiion Program; Corresponding Sec., ITS. CHAPPLE, FRANK E. Ver. Age 21; Class '64; AVMA. Med. CHERVENKA, WOODROW GLEN Agronomy Age 21; Class '64; Agronomy Society. CHITWOOD, KENNETH LONNIE Vet. Med. Age 24; Class '64; AVMA. Pres. Snyder Slaton HTC; Army IIWOOdyII Rogers IIKenII La Pryor CLOONAN, PATRICK M. "Pat" Arch. Const. Ballinger Age 26; Class '60. CLONINGER, RAYMOND EARL Math. Texas Cify Age 21; Class '64; Swimming Team, Fish; Math Club; Bay Area HTC; Air Force Flight Program; Bowling Club. COBLER, RICHARD GRAY M.E. Waelder Age 21; Class '64; ASME; AlIE; Housemaster Hart Hall; Duncan WaHer; Sbisa Waiter. COKER, JOHN LEE Ag. Ed. Rosebud Age 22; Class '64. COLEMAN, RANDY J. Meteorology San Angelo Age 21; Class '64; Meteorology Society; San AngeIo-Wesf Texas HTC; Sec. Law Hall. COLLINS, PAUL MICHAEL C.E. Houston Age 21; Class '64; AGC; E1 Poso HTC, COLLINS, THOMAS H. "Tom" Math San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Business Manager Aggieland; Sec.-Treas. Senior Class; Code? Court; C.O., Co. A-Z. COLLARD, FELIX 6., III "Butch" Animal Husbandry Amarillo Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. CONELY, JOSEPH DOYLE "Joe" I.T. Arkansas City, Kan. Age 21; Class '64; 1. Ed. Society. CONLAN, EDWARD FRANCIS "Ed", Mereorology Niagara Falls, M. Y. Age 33; Class '64. COOK, CURTIS PAUL "Dick" Per. Engr. Floresville Age 21; Class '64; Trees. Pet. Engr. Club. COOK, DONALD DAVID Insurance Houston Age 21; Class '64; Pres. Bellaire HTC; Insurance Society; Swimming Intramurals. COOK, GLYN MCDONALD "Mac" History Galena Park Age 22; Class '64; Social Sec. Sr. Class; .German Club; Ple-Law Society; Election Com- mission; Student Chaplain; YMCA; D.M.S.; Freshman Engineering Society; 2nd. Brigade Chaplain. COOK, VERNON HOWARD Ag. Ed. Perryfon Age 21; Class '64; Collegiate FFA; Pre-Vet Society. COOPER, WILLIAM B. "Bill" C.E. Garland Age 27; Class '64. COSMAN, WALTER LEO, 111 Finance Ft. Worth' Age 21; Class '64; Newman Club; Finance Socieiy; Insurance Society; Ft. Worth HTC. COTNER, SAM, DON Agronomy Age 22; Class '64; Agronomy Society; D.S. COUFAL, JIMMIE JOHN Ag. Ed. Temple Age 21; Class '64; Agricultural Society; Vice Pres. Bell County HTC; FFA Chapter. Edinburg CRAIN, JOHN ROBERT "John" P.E. Houston Age 21; Class '64; "T" Association; Baseball; PE Club. CRAWFORD, DONALD EARL "Lightn'" B.A. Housfo'n Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society; Management Society. CREECH, DAVID LEE "Crotch" Psychology Houston Age 21; Class '64; White Band; Drum Major; 'Aggie Band; Combined Band Stuff; Drum 6 Bugle Corpsf Drum 6 Bugle Corps Sgt; Silver Taps Team; Program Chairman; Student Psychological Association. CRONENBERGER, PAUL C. LT. LaGrange Age 21; Class '64; Camera Club Activities Chairman; White Band Athlefic Officer, Aggie Band; Head Waiter,- lnduslrial Education Club. CROOK, JIMMIE F. Accounting-Economics Age 26; Class '59; Accounting Society. CROSBY, RICHARD JAY Acciounring-Finance Piffsburg, Pa. Age 21,- Class '64; Accounting Society; Finance Club; Insurance Society; Yankee HTC; Dorm Council Ramp Representative; Wrestling Team; Judo Club; Bowling Committee; Bridge Comminee. CROSSER, DANIEL DEAN Aerospace Engr. Age 21; Class '64; 0.5.; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Garland I:Richu IlDanII Iowa Falls CRUM, MORRIS GLENN "Charlie" Wildlife Mgmr. Bryson Age 22; Class '63; Fish 2L Game Club; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. CRUTCHFIELD, JAMES CLIFFORD "Jay" History Bellville Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Band; Drum 6 Bugle Club; Maroon Band Athletic Officer. CURINGTON, ELDON BRUCE P.E. Houston Age 22,- Cluss '64; Aggie Bible Class; Health 6 PE Maiors Club; Arts and Science Council, Rep. from PE Club; NEA and TAHPER Studenv Section. CURRIE, JACK WILLIAM Ind. Ed. Age 42; Class '64. DAGGS, BOBBY ALLAN Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '64. DALE, JOHN CARROLL Horticulture Age 25; Class '64; Gymnastics Team, Sec.-Treas.; Horticulture Club Bus. Mgr. Lori Grandview "Reverend" McAIIen DALLAS, WILLIAM JUDSON "Bill" C.E. Fr. Worth Age 42; Class '64; ASCE. DAMPMAN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER "Bill" Aero. Engr. La Marque Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Engineering Society; Bay Area HTC; American Institute of Aerospace Sciences; Professional Engineers. DANES, WILLIAM RICHARD "Dick" C.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64. Smile! You're on candid camera. DANIELS, CLIFTON JR. Vet. Med. Longview Age 21; Class '64. DAVIS, ARNOLD E. M.E. Marshall Age 27; Class '65. DAVIS, DAVID CRAIG "Dave" Markering Be.lluaire Age 21; Class '64; Bellaire HTC Sec.; American Ordnance Association; Society of MIIHGI'Y Engineers; Marketing Society. DAVIS, GORDON ELLIOT, JR. "G. D." Finance Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Chairman, Sec. Committee SCONA 1X; Execuiive SCONA 1X; Class Sec.-Treas. Jr.; College Hospital Advisory Board; Dining Room Advisory Board; Dallas HTC; Great Issues Committee; Finance Committee; Caldwell Raiders. DAVIS, JERRY DON "Brillo" Marketing Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Marketing Society; Business Society; Dallas HTC; Intramural Mgm Ans and Sciences Council; Finance Society. DAVIS, RODNEY DOUGLAS E.E. Haskell Age 21; Class '64; MSC Radio Committee; Dorm Council Soph. Rep. DAVIS, THOMAS EDWARD Arch. Scott AFB, III. Age 21; Class '64; Design Student Society; AGC; ABA Award. DEAN, DON R. E.E. Beaumont Age 22; Class '64; ASME; AIEE; IEEE. DEES, ALLAN WILLIAM "Skipp" E.E. Kaufman Age 21; Class '64; IEEE; YMCA Cabinet; SAME; Walton Dorm Council, Executive Council; Editor Dorm Newspaper; Fish Camp. DELAVAN, RONALD JEROME "Ronnie" Geology San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Geology Club, Pres. and Jr. Rep.; Judo Club; Student Engineering Council; San Antonio HTC. DE LLANO, ANTONIO JOSE Agronomy Laredo Age 22; Class '64; Laredo HTC; Newman Club; Agronomy Club. DENDY, CHARLES SANDERS "Sandy" Math. Monahans Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Band; Radio Committee; Odessa HTC; Talent Committee; IEEE; Pre-Med Society; AIEE; IRE; Math Club; Trans Pecos HTC. DENNEY, ROBERT MARTIN "R. B." C.E. San Antonio Age 20; Class '64; Pres. Debate Club; Vice Pres. Arts and Sciences Club; Capt. Debate Team; SAME; ASCE; ITE; AA; Feature Writer, BoHelion. DEXTER, MICHAEL ADAM "Perro Gordo" History Houston Age 21; Class '64; Fish Yell Leader; History Club; Pre-Law Society; St. Thomas HTC; Intramural Mgr. DICKSON, JOHN RICHARD Meteorology San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers, Sgt; Town Hall Committee; Vice Pres. American Meteorological Society; Outstanding Cadet; Fish Drill Team. DILLON, WILLIAM EDWARD "Bill" E.E. Donna Age 21; Class '64; Law Hall Dorm Council; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. DISINGER, THOMAS A. "Tom" Marketing Attica, New York Age 21; Class '64; Phi Kappa Phi; Marketing Society; Management Society. DITTMAR, ROGER WAYNE Ag. Eco. Fredericksburg Age 20'; Class '64; Hill Country HTC; Ag. Eco. Club. DOAK, WILSON F., JR. E.E. College Station Class '64. DOERRE, GARY LEE E.E. Klein Age 21; Class '64. DOMINGUEZ, JUAN GERARDO Physics Mexico City, Mexico Age 22; Class '64; Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Pres. Sigma Pi Sigma; Pres. Pan American Club; Pres. Puryear Hall; Arts and Sciences Council; Civilian Student Council; MSC Pan American Week Committee; German Club; Sec. Dorm. Pres. Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Schlumberger Collegiate Award; Good Neighbor Scholarship; Soccer Team. ,u-Q DONALDSON, GERALD R. Ag. Ed. Boling Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; FFA; PreMelere-Denr Society. DONNELL, LYNDON EARL "Lynn" I.T. Smirhville Age 24; Class '64. DOREEN, WILLIAM ROBERT "Bill" Arch. Midland Age 22; C195: '64; Cross-Counhy Team; Track Team; Midland HTC, Vice Pres.; Design Sctuden? Socnety; American Military Engineers Sociery; American Ordnance Assn.; Dorm ounci ; D.S. DOUGAN, DAVID WYNN "Dagg" History Palestine Age 21; Class '64; Pre-Law Society; 0.5.; Palesline HTC; Head Waiter Duncan Hall. DOUGHERTY, VERNON V. Education Emory Age 22; Class '64. DOWLING, DENNIS WILLIAM Ch.E. . Woodsboro Age 21; Class '64; A1015; D.S.; Scholastic Achievement Award; Oufsianding Soph., Sqdn. 15. DRESSER, PAUL A., JR. "Paul" History Corsicana Age 21; Class '64; Commander, Corps of Cadets; Jr. Class Pres.; Ross VquMeers; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Senate; Vice-Choirman SCONA VIII; Social Sec. Soph. Class; Phi Eta Sigma; D.M.S;; Elec'ion Commission; Aggie Sweetheart Selection Committee; Ring Com- minee; Student Healih Service Board; Corps Color Guard. DROUILHET, ADRIEN F., Ill Education Baytown Age 21; Class '64; Baylown HTC, Sec.; MSC Camera Club; La. Club Parisien, Pres.; Sec. Psychology Club; Student Education Assn.; Han Hall Dorm Council Rep., Vice Pres.; Research Assistant. DROW, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Vet. Med. Scherfz Age 22; Class '64; Pre-Vet Society; AVMA. QENIOPS DUDLEY, DAN I., JR. "Duck" Sociology Denton Age 21; Class '64; Sec. Denton HTC; Amateur Radio Club; Fish 81 Game Club. DUKE, WAYNE MICHAEL History Fort Worth Age 20; Clas's '64; 0.5.; D.M.S. DULOCK, RAYMOND WADE Ag. Eco. Waco Moorman Scholarship; Ag. Eco. Club; Waco-McLennan County HTC. DUNCAN, SILAS EDWIN "Eddie" Pre-Med El Paso Age 22; Class '64; Pre-Vet Society, Pres.; Pres. of Vet. Fish Class; Talenl Committee Chairman; MSC Director AssL; MSC Distinguished Service Award; AVMA; El Paso HTC, Sec.-Treas.; Dance Committee; Student Center Area Conference. DURRENBERGER, CYRIL JOSEPH Math Bellaire Age 21; Class '64; Fish Drill Team; Phi Eta Sigma; Pres. Christian Science Org.; D.M.S.; D.S.; M0111 Club; Best Drilled Soph.; Bellaire HTC, DUSARD, LEO FRANCOIS 1" CE. Randolph AFB Age 21; Class '64; Athletic Officer; ASCE; SAME; Sons of Service; San Antonio HTC; Bus. Mgr., The Engineer; Best Drilled Soph. DWORACZYK, JOHN FRANCIS "Frankie" P.E. Port Lavaca Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres. PE Maiors Club. EATON, CURTIS WILLIAM Sociology Decatur Age 22;;Class '64; Sociology Club. ECHTERHOFF, JAMES H. "Jim" E.E. New Orleans, La. Age 21; Class '64; IEEE; Committee Member SCONA VII. VIII, 1X; South La. HTC. EEDS, GEORGE ROBERT C.E. San Marcos Age 21; Class '64; Associated Geneml Connectors; ASCE. EGGER, LARRY A. Pf. Wallis Age 22; Class '64; "T" Association; PE Club. ELFONT, ROBERT L. "Bob" Marketing Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Track Team; Fish Numeral; Dallas HTC; Hillel Club; Markeling Society. FELT, RODGER LAWRENCE M.E. Age 22; Class Drill Team; 0.5. '64; FERGESON, ROBERT T. Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Handball Club. FERGUSON, JOHN 5. Accounting Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Sociefy. FERGUSON, THOMAS LEE Ch.E. Age 21; Class '64; Newman Club; AlChE; SAME. FICHTNER, CHARLES MURRAY Finance Vice Chairman Automotive Engrs.; Dorm Age 21; Class '64; Finance Society, Treas.; San Anionic HTC. FINCH, JOSEPH LUTHER Physics Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; MSC Camera Committee. FINKS, JOHN ELBERT Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Aggieland Section Editor; Pres. Parachute Club. FISCHER, ARTHUR C. Dairy Science Age 21; Student Assn.; Dairy Science Club; Inter. Council; Cc. Commander. FISHER, HENRY E. Class '64; Accounting Age 22; Class '63; Newman Club; Accounting Society; Marketing Society. 4l6 Ross Volumeers; Agricultural Council; Council; Student Waco Fish Waco HTC; New Orleans, La. IIFergll Dallas "Weasel" Dallas Senate; "Mervis" .San Antonio ELLISON, GERALD English Amarillo Age 23; Class '64; Sigma Tau Delta; ELMORE, ROBERT DANIEL "Bob" English Ff. Worlh Age 21; Class '64; English Society; German Club; Gamma Alpha Sigma. ELSBURY, BILLY RAY "Ray" M.E. Jacksonville Age 21; Class '64; Alpha Phi Omega; AlChE; Cabot Engr. Award Scholarship; Former Students Scholarship; Pres. Cher k HTC; D' 1' 'h d d f " - ' Staff; Editor Index Section 14kggielarfd.ee 's Ingms e Stu en 1Mlllfaryl, Aggleland EMANIS, JAMES ROGERS Physics Freeport Age 21; Class '64; Republican Club; Physics Club; French Club; 12th Man Bowl; Brazoric County HTC. ENGBROCK, JAMES EDWARD Ag. Ed. Cyclone Age 21; Class '64; Alpha Zeta; Sec. FFA; Pres. Bell County HTC; Newman Club. ESTEP, GARY DOLAN Poultry Science Cherokee Age 22; Class '64; Pres. Poultry Science Club; Agricultural Council; '64 Poultry Judging Team. EUBANK, ROBERT 1 BROOCKE "Eubie" Hisfory Cross Plains Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Pres. Conservation Club; Pres. Young Republicans; Pre-MedNre-Denf Society; Great Issues Committee; Arfs and Sciences Council. EVANS, RICHARD SCOTT "Dick" Personnel Adm. San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Fish Track Team; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Pres. Council; San Antonio HTC; Marketing Society; Insurance Society. EVANS, WILLIAM lORAlN, lll Aerospace Engr. Age 21; Class '64; AIAA; Transportation Comm. at BSU. "81"" Grand Prairie EVERS, WILLIAM HARRY Vet. Med. Houston Age 23; Class '63. FARRAR, JAMES R. "Randy" Accounting Waco Age 21; Class '64; Waco HTC; American Ordnance Association. FELDER, JERRY WAYNE' Personnel Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Ordnance Society; Pres. Management Society; Lufkin HTC; Intramural Manager. llJerryIl Alto Pre-Melere-Denf Sociefy; Vice IIBObII Bryan IlJoell San Antonio Cuero Lurheran IlHanklI El Campo FISHERMAN, BARRY NAT Zoology Houston Age 20; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; Pre-Melere-Denf Socievy. FISK, STEPHEN KENT "Steve" English Houston Age 21; Class '64; Fencing Club; Svudenv Chaplain; Pre-Ver Society. FITTS, JOHN MURRAY E.E. Midland Age 21; Class '64; PM Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu, P!es.; Tau Bela Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; IEEE, Chairman; Student Engineers Council; 151. Place Soph. M0111. Coniesi; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. FLAHERTY, DANIEL JOE IIDannyll Gen. Bus. McCamey Age 22; Class '63; Insurance Society; Management Society. FLORENCE, HAROLD D. "Doug" Animal Husbandry Kingsville Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Cadet Court; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club. FLOWERS, THOMAS LESTER "Tom" M.E. Brazoria 3?? 22; Class '64; American Society for Metals; Sociefy of Automotive Engrs.; Brazoria FOHN, NICHOLAS H. "Nick" Entomology Uvalde Age 22; Class '64; Newman Club, Vice Pres.; Vice Pres. Dorm Council; Dorm Council Rep.; Entomology Club. FOREHAND, GILBERT HORTON "Gil" E.E. Haynesville, La. Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Era Kappa Nu; Tau Ben: Pi; Ross Volunteers; MSC Council, Vice Pres.; Fish Engr. Society. FORTUNE, DOUGLAS SCOTT Ag. Eco. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Fish Ag. Society; Agriculture Economic: Club; Fish Swimming Team; SCONA IX. '64 FOWLER, DAVID T. "Big Dave" C.E. Wichita Falls Age 21; Class '64; ASCE; Election Commission; Pres. Wichita Falls HTC. FOWLER, RONALD LYNN "Ron" Wildlife Mgmf. - Abilene Age 21; Class '64; Alpha Zeia; Student Agricultural Council; American Ordnance Association. FRALEY, MORRIS ALBERT, JR. "Buddy" C.E. Wharton Age 20; Class '64. FRANKLI N, LAWRENCE MCCARTY "La rry" Math. Tulsa, Okla. Age 21; Class '64; Phi Kappa Phi; Distinguished Student; Town Hall Staff. FRANKLIN, JERRY LEWIS Math. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Dallas HTC. FRANKS, JAMES CARROLL Chemistry Hearne Age 22; Class '64; Flying Kadets; Chemistry Society Treas.; An: and Sciences Council; American Chemical Society. FREEMAN, AUGUSTUS M., JR. "Red Dog" Insurance Bellevue, Neb. Age 23; Class '64; Insurance Society; Ross Volunteers. FREEMAN, CHARLES HILLYER "Charlie" E.E. Rosebud Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Band; Maroon Band Scholastic Officer; Disiinguished Military Stduent; Aggielond Orchestra; IEEE. FREEMAN, RAYMOND DOUGLAS "Ray" Accounting Groveton Age 22; Class '64; Accounting Society. FRITZ, VERNON VAN JR. Animal Husbandry San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 8. $rloin Club,- Fish Ag. Society; Mgr. Sociefy; Judging Team. FRIEDLANDER, JACK PHILIP Hisiory Corpus Christi Age 22; Class '64; Bonfire Committee; YMCA; prus Christi HTC. FRY, STEPHEN THOMAS "Steve" Economics San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Newman Club; Economics Society. GARCIA, DELFINO, JR. Marketing Nuevo Laredo, Mex. Age 21; Class '64; Pan American Club; Marketing Society. GARZA, ALBERTO "Beta" C.E. Laredo Age 21; Class '64; ASCE. GARRETT, LAWRENCE NEWTON, JR. "Larry" Math San Antonio Age 20; Class '64; Student Issues Committee Chairman; Student Senate; Ross Volunteers; Permanent Firing Squad; Color Guard; Convair Award; Chicago Tribune Award; D.M.S.; Arts and Science Council; Soph. Intramural Mgr.; Chairman Town Hall Committee; Our- s'anding Soph.; San Anionic HTC; Intramural Tennis Champions; Chairman Publiciiy CommiNee Great Issues; Code! of the Week STU; Class Officer; Student Enfertainment Manager; Outstanding Freshman; Soph. AFROTC; Corps Intelligence $91.; D.S. GEORGE, GERALD LYN "Jerry" Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Socie1y; American Ordnance Assn. GEORGE, SAMMY JOE M.E. Marshall Age 24; Class '63; ASME. GERSBACH, KENNETH A. LT. Age 21; Class '64. IIKenII Taylor GEYE, RAYMOND JEFFREY "Jeff" Psychology Lufkin Age 21; Class '64; YMCA; Psychology Club; Angelina County HTC; Engr. Society. GIBSON, WERNER JOHN "Johnny" Gen. Bus. Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society. GILMORE, DONALD WAYNE "Don" I.T. San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; SAME, Treas.; Fish Drill Team; Foundry Society; Best Drilled Fish and Soph.; Guidon Bearer; 1. Ed. Socieiy; Soccer Team. Robleciro, Venezuela 418 FRY'E, DONALD JOSEPH C.E. Age 21; Class '64. FUENTES, JEROME Bus. Mgmt. FUGLER, THOMAS D., JR. Business San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Fish Drill Team; Treas.- Chess Club; Insurance Society; San Antonio HTC. FUGGER, EDWARD FLOYD "Ed" Animal Husbandry Galveston Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club. IIDonll Marshall Age 22; Class '64; Finance Society; Marketing Society; Insurance Society. FULKERSON, JOHN ROGERS "Johnny" Bayfown Psychology Age 22; Class '64; 0.5.; Fish Track and Cross Country Team; Dorm Council; Vice Pres. Han Athletes; Pres. Civilian Student Council. FURBER, JAM I.T. Age 21; Class '64; I010 Lambda Sigma. GABBERT, JOHN HAL B.A. Age 21; Class '64; Fish Baseball; Best Drilled Soph.; Cadet Court; Ross Volunfeers; Platoon Leader; Insurance Society; Pres. Circle K Club. 'GAINES, JIMMY RAY Physics M.E. Pasadena Age 21; Class '64; Chairman MSC Dance Committee. GALINDO, EUDORO A. "ChUSO" Gen. Bus. Cochabamba, Bolivia Age 20; -Class '64; Newman Club; Pan American Club; United Nations Club; Dorm Council; Gymnastic Club; Fencing Club. GALVIN, DANIEL LISENBEE "Dan" Whiteface Age .22; Class '64; Aggie Band; Ross Volunteers; D.S.; D.M.S.; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Sec. Physics Club. GALLAGHER, ROBERT PAUL "Yank". Accounting Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Aggieland Sports Staff; Young Republicans; Accounting Society; Marker- Ing Society; American Ordnance Society; Outstanding Soph. GALLAWAY, THOMAS MICHAEL "Tom" C.E. New London Age 21,- Clgss '64; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Student Engineers Council; ASCE; Sr. Rep. Engineers Club; Student Council; lntramuruls; D.S. IIDonlI San Antonio ALBERT "Jerry" Studen! Psychological Association; Varsity Cross Country Team; ES E. "Jim" Johnson City llJugII Paris "Jim Ray" GINZEL, ALWILLIAM JAMES "Sonny" Accounting Bryan Age 23; Class '63. GLISAN, CHARLES L. "Larry" Accounting Nashville, Tenn. Age 23; Class '64; Bowling Team, Letter. GLODT, JOHN FRANKLIN "Johnny" FIo'riculfure San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Floriculture 81 Landscape Hort. Club, Pres.; San Antonio HTC. GLOVER, JOE EDWARD Accounting Knox City Age 21; Class '64; Abilene HTC; Ross Volunteers; Ross Volunteers Firing Squad. GLUECK, ELLIS EMIL, JR. Land Arch. Columbus Age 22; Class '64; K. of C.; Dorm Council; Landscape Architecture Club. GODKIN, JERRY WAYNE Pre-Dent Houston Age 21; Class '64; Jeff Davis HTC; Pre-Denf Society. GOETTLE, JIMMY ALBERT "Jim" M.E. Longview Age 22; Class '63; D.S.; D.M.S.; Pres. Bowling League; Bowling Team; SAE. GOFF, JOHN EDWARD History Pampa Age 22; Class '64; Aggieland Staff; Russian Club; D.S.; D.M.S.; Panhandle HTC. GOLDMAN, JOEL Vet. Med. Shreveport, La. Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigmar D.S.; Shfeveport HTC; Treus. Soph. Class; Hillel Foundation. GONZALEZ, M. R. Modern Languages Age 23; Class '64; Modern Languages Club; Russian Club; French Club; German Club. GONZALEZ, ROBERT JOSEPH "Speedy" Accounting San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC; Accounting Society. GONZALEZ, WILLIAM KARL "w. K." Zoology Houston Age 21; Class '64. GOODENOUGH, ROBERT DAVID M.E. Corpus Chrisfi Age 22; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Pres. Corpus Christi HTC; "T" Association; D.M.S. GOODSON, DAVID H. B.A. Hinance; Comanche Age 21; Class '64. GORE, CHARLES EDWARD Plant and Soil Science Bayiown Age 21; Class '64; Singing Cadets; Agronomy Club. GORE, DONALD "Don" C.E. Sheridan Age 21; Class '64; AlChE. GRANT, ALBERT DOYLE Accounting ' Clayton Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Society; Marketing Society; Finance Society. GRANT, LEE JOSEPH LE. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Fish Drill Team; Fish Engr. Society; Sec.-Treas. Soph. Class; AIIE; Jr. Rep. Sfudent Engineers Council; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC, Sec., Pres. GRAY, DARRELL K. 6'Kin" Ch. E. Pasadena Age 21; Class '64. GRAY, PATRICK CALDWELL "Tiger" Math Grandbury Age 23; Class '63; MSC Bowling Committee; MSC Great Issues, Trees. GRAY, RONALD DEXTER "Ronnie" Gen. Bus. Fort Worlh Age 22; C1055 '64; Sons of Service; Ausiin HTC; Shreveport HTC; Insurance Society. GREEN, JOE BERT Plant and Soil Science Age 21; Class '64; Alpha Zeta; Agronomy Sociefy; DS. GREENE, PATRICK ROBERT Accounting Houston Age 20; Class '64; Social Sec., Corpus Christi HTC; Pres., Marketing Socieiy, Vice Pres.; Vice Pres., Student Senaie; Accounting Society; Ramp Rep.; Bridge Club. GREENHAW, LARRY M. "Hopper" Math. Roswell, NM. Age 23; Class '64,- Math Club; Chi Alpha; ,,Benu Roaring Springs GREENWAY, BOB LYNN "Bob" Ag. Ed. Wolfe Cify Age 22; Class '64; FFA; DS. GREGORY, CHARLES HARRY Economics Age 21; Class '64; SCONA VII, VIII, IX; Ross Volunteers; Commander. GRIFFIN, TERRY ROYCE E.E. "Butch" Houston Mt. Enterprise Age 22; Class '64,- IEEE; TSPE; Eta Kappa Nu; MSC Radio Committee; MSC Directorate. GRIFFITH, CHARLES ELMER "Griff" M.E. Freeporf Age 21; Class '64. GRIFFITHS, JERRY BERNARD English Age 23,- Closs '62,- Singing Coders,- Best Drilled Freshman. GRIGGS, DWIGHT SIMPSON Ag. Eco. Hamlin Age 21; Class '64. Housfon GRIMSINGER, CLYDE EDWARD Ind. Tech. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Bond; Drum 81 Bugle Corps; 1. Ed. Society; San Antonio HTC; Bonfire Safety Committee; Campus Safefy Committee; Lutheran Student Assoc, Pres.; Gulf Region Vice Pres; GROFF, WALLACE WILFRED "Wally" Personnel Adm. San Anfonio Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Insurance Society,- Management Sociefy; DS; Hense! Area Rep. to Apartment Council. GROFF, WALTER PETER "Junie" Ind. Tech. San Anfom'o Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; I, Ed. Society; Ountonding Freshman. GRUBBS, LCNZO JEROME "Bob" M.E. San Antonio Age 33; Class '64; ASME; SAE. GRUNER, KENNETH ALLEN "Ken" Pre Denr. Hempstead Age 21; Class '64; Pre-Med Pre-Denr Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Ross Volunteers; Cadet Court A GUILLOUD, GARRY LEE "Gil" Vef. Med. Poftsboro Age 22; Class '64; AVMA; Groyson HTC; Fish Agriculture Society. A water fight is good but, this is ridiculous! Never again will she flush me! HALPAIN, RICHARD TILDEN Accounting Perryfon Age 21; Class '64; Band; Aggielcnd Orchestra; Accounting Society. HAMILTON, FREELIN DARRELL "Darrell" Pef. E. Andrews Pres., Pef. E. Club; S1uden1 Engrs. Council. HAMILTON, MICHAEL CLINTON "Mike" Physics Houston Age 21; Class '64; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; SCONA IX. HANCOCK, WILLIAM MCKENZIE "Bill" Business Shreveport, La. Age 21; Class '64; "T" Assn.; Varsity Baseball; Shreveport HTC; Marketing Society. HANCOCK, WOODROW 12., JR. "Woody" Marketing Jasper Age 22; Class '64; Intramural Mgr.; Marketing Society; Insurance Society; Finance Society; Civilian Tennis Champions. HANKINS, H. CLIFF Accounting Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Varsity Basketball. HANKS, LESLIE E. "Les" Accounring Waco Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., Puryear Hall; DS; Secy-Treas., Pre-Law Society; Accounting Society; Waco-McLennan County HTC. HANSARD, JAMES BRUCE "Jim" Zoology Age 21; Class '64; Pre-Vet Society; 121h Mun Bowl. HANSEN, RICHARD FRIEDRICH Corpus Christi IlRichll Finance New York City Age 21; Class '64; Bowling Committee; Vice Chairman; Bowling Team; Yankee HTC. HANSON, WAYNE BERTIL E.E. Hampfon Rds., Va. Age 21; Class '64; Scholastic Sgt, Flt. Commander; AIEE, Membership Chairman. HARDGROVE, JAMES T. "Jimmy" Math. Clovis, N..M Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers, Active R.V.; Cadet Court B; Town Hall Staff; SCONA Vlll; Freshman Engr. Sociefy; Panhandle HTC; Flight Indoctrination Program. HARDING, HENRY ROLAND Arch. Age 21; Class '65. Bryan GUNTER, JERRY W. "Jerry" Psychology Kirbyville Age 21; Class '64; Sludcnt Psychological Assn.; Fish Baseball Letter. GUTIERREZ, FRANCISCO JOSE "Frank" Marketing Managua, Nicaragua Age 21; Class '64; Marketing Society; Vice Pres., Pan American Club; Socce! Team. HABBINGA, RICHARD JOHN Planf and Soil Science Lubbock Age 21; Class '64; Agronomy Society; Sou1h Plains HTC. HAGGARD, HARRY LEE "Fireplug" Land. Arch. Hood River, Ore. Age 22; Class '64; Yell Leader; Ross Volumeers; An Editor, Aggieland; Floriculrural Club; Bonfire Committee; Schol. Off., 2nd Bgd.; Duncan Volunteers, HALABURKA, MICHAEL JAMES "Mike" E.E. Pittsburgh, Pa. Age 21; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; AMES; Yankee HTC; Wrestling Team; IEEE. HALE, RONALD ELMER M.E. Age 23; Class '64; YMCA Freshman Council; Pork HTC; ASME; ASM; DS. "Ronnie" Galena Park Intramural Alhleric Manager; Treas., Galena HALIASZ, HENRY EDWARD E.E. Age 21; Class '64; Bowling Team. HALL, RICHARD STEPHEN Arch. Age 22; Class '64; Dorm Council, "T" Assn.; Track Team; Student Society; "Hank" Brooklyn, N.Y. "Rich" Houston Council; Design HTC. "Ron" San Antonio Pres., Vice Pres.; Track Rep.; Dorm Pres. Newman Club; Spanish Club; Creative Ar1s Committee; Pre-Med Pre-Dent Society; Pan American Club; 05; St. Thomas HALLENBERGER, CHARLES RONALD Cf. Age 25; Class '64; ASCE. HAVEL, JEROME ANTHONY Horticulture Age 26; Class '64; Horticulture Club. HAWKINS, RALPH W., JR. Management Age 21; Class Beaumont HTC. HAYES, WILLIAM JOSEPH Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64. llJerryII El Campo "Hawk" Beaumont '64; Corps of Cadets; Business Society; Management Society; General IIBiIlII Houston HAYS, WILLIAM MCNEILY M.E. Age 22; Class '64. HEAD, HOWARD MARTIN Vet. Med. Richardson Age 21; Class '64; Chairman Region X11 Assn. of Colleges Unions, Pres. and Vice Pres., MSC Council 6 Directorate; Phi Eta Sigma; Great Issues Committee; Srudent Senate. HEIBEL, RICHARD A. Geology Age 21; Class '64; Bellaire HTC; Geology Club; Newman Club. IIBiIlII San Antonio "Rick" Bellaire HEIDMAN, KENNETH EARL Mafh. ' Age 21; Class '64; Math Club; Dorm Council; Lutheran Student Assn. HELMERS, STANLEY LEON Ag. Ed. Age 23; Class '64; FFA. HENDRIX, CHARLES RICHAR Accounting - Age 21; Class '64. Brenham Girvin Houston QENIOBQ HARE, CHARLES EDWIN Bus. Mgf. Age 22; Class '64. HARP, JEFFREY CLAUDE E.E. Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., Engineers Council; Correspondent Secy., Tau Beta Pi. HARPER, JOHN C. Animal Science Age 20; Class '65. Housfon IlJeffIl Houston Civilian Student Council; Sfuden! Senaie; Secy., Student Secy., Era Kappa Nu; Student Election Commission; Rec. IlJonle Van Horn HARRINGTON, WILLIAM PAUL E.E. Age 21; Class '64; IEEE; Young Republicans; 51. Thomas HTC; Chess Club. HARRIS, LARRY GRANT Marketing "Bill" Houston Fort Worth Age 21; Class '64; Pre-Med Pre-Dent Sociefy; Social Secy., Ft. Worth HTC; and Vice Pres. HARRIS, MORRIS RAY, JR. "Ray" Journalism Sinfon Age 21; Class '64; SamRe-Bee HTC. HARRISON, EARNEST RICHARD, JR. M.E. Age 30; Class '63; ASME; SAE. HARTFIEL, DAN ALLAN Arch. Age 23; Class '64; DS. HARTLEY, THOMAS MAXWELL Accounting Age 21; Class '64. llHarryll Houston Rosenberg "Tom" San Antonio HARVEY, ROBERT EUGENE Aero. Engr. Age 21; Class '64; Am. Inst. of Aeronautics 81 Astronautics; Intramural Mgr.; Corps Color Guard. HASTEN, WILLIAM HULEN Ag. Eco. llBobll Lubbock SAME; South Plains HTC; "Doodle" Bayfown Age 21; Class '64; Boyfown HTC; Ag. Eco. Club; Soph. Rep., Leger? Hall; Dorm Council. HAUSMANN, RICHARD J. "Rick" Accounting Victoria Age 22; Class '64; Accounting Society; Newman Club; Milner Hall Dorm Council; AFROTC. QENIOBG GUNZIL, SNUFFY P. Mount Ide Taking over Age 69; glass '34; Rifle Team; Orzark Home Club; Corps Staff; Fish and Game; sharpest Hillbilly m Hart Hall; Welcoming Committee SCONA; Honorary Member of the K.K.'s; Sezrgfaanf of Armies 'of the Sjudenf Senate; Influential Member of the Election Com- mISSIOH; NAARP Mahonal Association for he Advancement of the Ramming ProcedureL ' HENNEBERGER, ARMIN EDWARD, JR. ; Finance Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Athletic Officer, Sqd. 3; Finance Sociefy; American Ordnance Society; MSC Bowling Commiffee; Dallas HTC. HENSON, SIDNEY LAYNE "Sid" C.E. Gilmer Age 23; Class '64; Pres., TSPE; ASCE. HERNANDEZ, ANDREW R. "Andy" B.A. Bryan 299. 26; Class '64; Accounting Society; Texas State Teachers Assn.; National Educational ssn. HERNANDEZ, JOHN RICHARD "Rick" Modern Languages Houston Age 21; Class '64; Pres., AusIIn-Jones HTC; Secy.-Treas., Modern Languages Club; Vice Commandant Award at Camp. HERRING, DAVID CLARK C.E. San Antonio Age 20; Class '64,- ASCE. HERRING, JOHN MILLER "Johnny" Range Management San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Range 6 Forestry Club; Social Chairman, San Antonio HTC; MSC Dance Committee. HERRlNGTON, BENNY STEVE Ind. Ed. Baytown Age 22; Class '64; I.Ed. Society. HERRMANN, WILLIAM JOSEPH "Bill" M.E. Houston Age 22; Class '64; Student Senate Representative; Election Commission; Sfudenl Engineer Society. HETHERINGTON, NOBLE, JR. I. Engr. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Singing Cadets; AlIE; Young Republicans; Canterbury Assn.; Radio Committee. HEWETT, DOUGLAS N. "Doug" Zoology San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Pre-Med Pre-Denl Sociefy; Young Republicans Club; San Antonio HTC. HEYEN, JOHN GARY "Gary" Mafh Uvalde Age 22; Class '63; Math Club; Russian Club; Souihwest Texas HTC. HICKMAN, ROYCE H., JR. "Bud" Accounting San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Accounting Society; San Antonio HTC; Markefing Society; Inrerfahh Council. HICKS, KAY DOUGLAS "Jack" Accounting Bryan Age 22; Class '64; Accounting Society. HIGGINS, PATRICK H. Physics Menard Age 21; Class '64; Band; Sigma Pi Sigma; Russian Club; West Texas HTC. HILL, JOE EDDIE Finance Brownwood Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society; Freshman Track. HILLIARD, JOHN EDWARD History Newton Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Arts 81.Sciences Council; Young Republicans Club; Pre Law Society; Russian Language C1ub; Aggie Players. HIND, GARY JAMES "Gary" Math San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Math Club. HINDS, FRANK CARROL ; Ag. Ed. Luling Age 21; Class '64; FFA; NEA; TSTA. HOLLAND, JAMES DAVI D E.E. Corpus Christi Age 22; Class '64. HOLLIMAN, JOHN CHARLES "G.F."' Ch. E. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Who's Who; Student Engrs. Council, Vice Pres.; AlChE; SAME; Dallas HTC; Young Republicans Club; Freshman Engr. Society; Outstanding Freshman 81 Soph. Scholastically; Lubrizol Scholarship; Soph. Math Contest, 3rd Place; DS. HOLLIS, JAMES R. "Bob" M.E. Hallsville Age 23; Class '64. HOLOCHWOST, GREGORY GEORGE English San Anfonio Age 21; Class '64; Cadet Court; DS; Ross Volunteers; Permanent Firing Squad; Economics Club, Vice Pres.; DMS. HOLY, GRANT JAMES C.E. Houston Age 21; Class '64. HOMAYOUN, MANOUCHEHR C.E. Mashed, Iran Age 26; Class '64. HONEYCUTT, WESLEY HOWARD Gen. Bus. Coahoma Age 22; Class '64; Band; Freshman Engr. Society; Insurance Socieiy; Young Democrats; Big Spring HTC. HOOKS, HOWARD BASCOM Mafh Amarillo Age 24; Class '64. HOOKS, RONALD FRED "Ronnie" Ag. Eco. San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Agricultural Economics Club. HOPKINS, DONALD WAYNE "Don" I.D. Houston Age 21; Class '63; San Houston HTC; Industrial Education Society; Marketing Society. HOPPER, BARRY RICHMOND M.E. Manchester, Conn. Age 21; Class '64; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Efa Sigma; SAE; ASTM; ASM. HOTTENROTH, JAMES R. "Jim" English Montclair, Calif. Age 20; Class '64; Fresh. Engineering Society; Outstanding Soph. Award, Maroon Band; Ross Volunteers; Drum 81 Bugle Corps; Silver Taps Team; Aggie Band; Aggieland Orchestra. HOWARD, VOLNEY WARD, JR. "V.W." Wildlife Mgf. Carrizo Springs Age 22; Class '64; DS; American Ordnance Society; Game 6 Fish Club; Pres., Annex Council; Annex Council Rep.; Dorm Pres. Council. HOWDER, JOHN D. "Animal" History Raleigh, N.C. Age 21; Class '64; Fish Swimming Team; Water Polo Team; Bonfire Committee; Head; Sons of Service Team; Vice Pres. and Pres., Student NEA. HOWELL, ROBERT MASON "Bob" F.E. Forr Worth Age 22; Class '64; ASM; ASME. HOWLE, WILLARD LYNN Ag. Ed. Stephenville Age 20; Class '64; FFA Chapter, Historian. HUBLER, GEORGE L. Aero Three Rivers Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers, Platoon Leader; PLC. HUDDLESTON, ROY RUSSELL "Russ" Ch. E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; SCONA IX, Chairman; AlChE; Pres., Student Engrs. Council; Chairman Technical Awargls Committee; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; SCONA XIV, Delegate; West Point Committeeman SCONA VII and VIII. IRISH, BILL R. Wildlife Mgt. Age 23; Class '64; Studenl Council; Pres., Bell County HTC; Fish 8. Game Club; Student Education Assn. Temple IRVIN, LESLIE GORDON Dairy Mgr. Milford Age 21; Class '64; Hill County HTC, Presn Secy.; Dairy Science Club, Vice Prey, Reporter; Dairy Products Judging Team. IRVIN, STANLEY MAX "Taffy" Gen. Bus. Age 20; Class '64; Marketing Society; Gymnastic Team; Shreveporl HTC. Shreveporf, La. JABLONSKI, "Yank" Journalism New York City, NY. Age 20; Class '64; Pres., Alpha Della Sigma; Vice Pres., Society of A6M Joumclisls; Senior Rep., Students Arts 8. Sciences Council; Adv. Mgr., A8.M Review; SCONA 1X, Publicity Committee; Official Delegate, Alpha Delta Sigma Natl. Convention; Staff Writer, Battalion; Press Club; American Ordnance Assn.; Yankee HTC. JACKSON, GARY L. Entomology Age 23; Class '64; Rep. to Ag. Council Enlomology Club. JACKSON, JOHN EDWARD "Fat Jack" Sociology Winters Age 21; Class '64; Student Chaplain; Civil Sludent Counci1; Sociology Club; German C1ub; Pres., Lutheran Sludem Assn. TED M. Alamo JACKSON, LANN1E DWAYNE "Reverend" Ag. Ed- Farmersville Age 20; Class '64; YMCA Cabinet, Secy., Pres.; Singing Cadets, Publici'y Mgr.; FFA. JACKSON, LESLIE PAUL Accounting Marlin Age 25,- Class '64; Accounting Club. JACKSON, MARK L. Arch. Const. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Fish Dlill Team, Adviser; Presq Assn. of Former Members; Besl Drilled $oph.; SAME; 055; Dallas HTC; AGC, Vice Pres. JACKSON, WILLIAM EDWARD Wildlife Mgr. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Fish 8. Game Club6 JACOBY, ROY ALTON "Kraut" Vet. Med. Fredericksburg Age 21; Class '64; Newman Club; Hill Country HTC; AVMA. JAMES, GLEN ALLEN Accounting Porr Anhur Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Port Arthur HTC; Newman Club; Accounting Society HUGHES, WILLIAM HOWARD "Bill" Bus. Adm. Center Age 22; Class '64; Muchell H011 Dorm Counci1; Accouming Society; Insurance Sociuy; Marketing Sociuy. HULEN, HARRY Marh Palacios Age 21; Class '64; DS; DMS; ACM; Honovs Graduate. HULL, JACOB BRYAN "Butch" Math Milford Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., H111 County HTC. HULL, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. Aerospace Engr. Sonora Age 21; Class '64; Am. Inn. of Aeronautics 8. Anronaurics. HUMBLE, ROBERT ALLEN Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64. HYMAN, Sociology Houston Age 21; Class '64; Donn Council; Sociology Club; GalvesIon HTC; Bellaile HTC; Sluden! Agriculwrul Council; Hillel Club, Pres.; OS. Corpus Christi JONATHAN DAVID "Jon" IHMS, ORLAN LESTER Pouhry Science Georgerown Age 22; Class '64; Band; Poultry Science Club; Lutheran Smdenl A:sn.; Greai wae: Comminee; SCONA VII,- Williamson County HTC; Poultry Judging Team. ILSE, MICHAEL LEE "Mike" Landscape Architecture Corpus Christi Age 22; Class '64; MSC Talent Committee Chairman; Financial Chailman; Leadership Conference; 055. INCHAUSTE, JORGE A. "Pincho" Ind. Engr. La Paz, Bolivia Age 23; Class '64,- AIIE; ASME; Unived Nations Club; Pan Amerizan Club; Newman Club; Jr; Rep. to Dovm Council; Tennis Team; Activilies Seclion, Aggieland; Good Neigh- bor Scholarship. 1 i i, a ' JARIS, JOHN R. "Rev" Finance Houston Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society; Finance Society; Scholastic Officer; Newman Club; JASEK, RUSSELL D. E.E. Lake Jackson Age 21; Class '64; IEEE; Election Commission; Sweetheart Selection Committee; Ross Volunfeers; Platoon Leader. JENKI NS, JAMES JAYE Finance Housfon Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Pre Law Society; Vice Pres., Reagan HTC; Secy.-T.reas., Pre .Law Society; Election Commission; Soph. Intramural Mgr.; Secy., Reagan HTC; Finance SoCIely. JENKINS, RICHARD ARTHUR English San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; SCONA V11; DS; Pre Med, Pre Dent. JERNIGAN, DAVID STEWART Math Bryan Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; 05; Physics Club; Malh Club; Canterbury Assn.; Am. Military Engrs.; American Ordnance Assn.; German Club. JERNIGAN, HERBERT GARY 1 M.E. Nederland 1 1 Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; WresHing C1ub; Vice Pres. HTC; DMS; Opportunity Award Scho1arship. JESSUP, JERRY HOWARD "Jolly" English Randolph AFB Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Della; Pres., French Club. JOHNSON, CHARLES ALLEN "Mike" Arch. Rockporf Age 22; Class '64; Tarpon Club; Design Student Society. JOHNSON, CHARLES J. Accounfing Spring Age 21; Class '64. JOHNSON, DAVID WILLIAM "Dave" Animal Science Websfer Age 22; Class '64; Civilian Student Council; Recording Secy., Corresponding Secy., Par- liamentarian; Mitchell Hall Dorm Council; Pre-Med Pre-Denf Society; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Bay Area HTC. JOHNSON, GARY N. "Gar" Chemistry Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '64; Chemistry Club; Corpus Christi HTC. JOHNSON, HOWARD CARROLL "Butch" Vet. Med. South Houston Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres. YMCA Council; Singing Cadets; YMCA vSfUdenl Council; 121h Man Bowl; Pre Vet Society, Reporter; Saddle 8x Sirloin Club; Alpha Zeta; Honor Society; Exhibitor Livestock Show; Pasadena HTC; AVMA; Dorm Chaplain; ITS, Stage Crew. JOHNSON, MAX MATT C.E. Freeport Age 22; Class '63; ASCE; Brazoria County HTC; Intramural Mgr.; MSC Dance Com- mittee. JOHNSON, MELVIN HAYDEN "Albino" Marketing Baytown Age 21; Class '64; Swimming Team; Intramural Mgr.; Marketing Society; Battalion Cir- culation Manager; Social Secy., Bayfown HTC. JOHNSON, RANDY MELVIN M.E. Cookville Age 20; Class '64. NO, no, no, fhe Trigon is in the other direction. JOHNSON, WALTER HOWELL, JR. "Hal" Marketing Waco A99 27: 0033 '64: Markehng Society; Business Socic-Oy; Management Sociefy; Intramural Manager, JOHNSON, WILLIAM HOWARD "Bill" E.E. Daingerfield Age 22; Class '64; IEEE; Tau Bela Pi; Eva Kappa Nu. JOHNSTON, KENT MYRON I.T. Houston Age 23; Class '63; DS; Civilian Student Council; Banulion SvaH Wrilef; Americqn Foundrymcn'x Society; ASME; Industrial Education Society; lola Lambda Sigma; Aggie Bond. JOHNSTON, WALLACE LAMONT "N.A." Ind. Ed. Beaumont Age 27,- Clcss '64; lnduslrial Education Society; Engineers Council; PIcL, I.Ed;; Pres. Engrs. Counol; Iota Lambda Sigma; Pres., Inter-Council; Safeiy Commince; MSC Sta" Student Eniertuinmenl Advisor; lola Lambda Sigma, Rep.; CveaHve Arts Comminee. AdViSO'. JONES, DAVID 5. Journalism Killeen Age 21; Class '64; Editor, Review; Plan, Sigma Della Chi; DS; DMS; Band Stuff; Out- slanding Soph, Army Band. JONES, GEORGE FRANCIS Accouniing Houston Age 20; Class '64; Student Council; Accounling Socieiy; Insurance Society; Avhlevic Cabin Rep; DS; Lamar HTC. JONES, MICHAEL HOWARD "Norm" Marketing Housmn Age 21; Class '64; Marketing Scenery; Houston HTC, JONES, RAYMOND C., JR. "Sky King" Ag. Eco. Mercedes Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Rio Gland: Valley Club; Flying Kudeis; Skydivers Club; lnncmurol Track, Tennis. JONES, TOMMY LYNN Accouniing Brownwood Age 22; Class '63; Pecan Valley HTC; Secy., Accounting Socie'y. GEMORG KABELL, DAVID LEE "Dave" E.E. Houston Age 20; Class '64; Scholastic Achievement Award; Chairman MSC Dance Committee; IEEE, Treasuren KAMPE, ARNOLD JAMES "Jim" M.E. Galveston Age 21; Class '64; ASME; Galveston HTC; Newman Club. KANE, KIMBERLIN M. "Kim" Ch. E. San Anronio Age 21; Class '64; AIChE; San Antonio HTC. KASS, DAVID RALPH, JR. "Dave" Accounting San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Swimming Team, Co'CapM Varsity Swimming Team, Letter, Athletic Mgr.; Dorm Rep.; Accounting Society; San Antonio HTC. KAZDA, JOHN L. Ag. Ed. Abbott Age 21; Class '64; FFA, Treas.; Hill County HTC; Fresh. Ag. Society; NEA. KEELING, MICHAEL E. "Mike" Vet. Med. Bayrown Age 21; Class '64. KEELING, RUSSELL LEE "Russ" E.E. Waco Age 21; Class '64; DS; Freshman Engineering Society,- Waco HTC; Phi Era Sigma; Flesh- man Scholastic Award; Singing Cadets; Military Engineers Society; Soph. Scholastic Award; Best Drilled Soph.; Ross Volunteers; Reserve Officers Aviation Award,- Air Force FlP Program; Air Force Times Award; DMS; Trial Counsel for Code! Court; Commanding Officer First Group. KEITH, MARSHALL DALE M.E. Berger Age 23; Class '64; ASME; ASM; ASHRAE. KELLER, FREDERICK LEE "Freddy" M-E- Banlen Age 22; Class '63; DS; DMS; ASME. KELLY, ROBERT M., JR. "Doc" E.E. Marlin Age 21; Class '64; Singing Cadets,- IEEE. KEMP, ALLAN EDGAR E.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; IEEE; SAME; Eta Kappa Nu; Dallas HTC. KIDD, WILLIAM TOMMY C.E. Brady Age 22; Class '64; McCulloch HTC; ASCE. KIEL, GLENN DALE Wildlife Mgr. Age 22; Class '64; Game 3i Fish Club. KIESCHNICK, GERALD BRYAN Animal Science Age 20; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Soc.; Bellaire HTC; DS. KlLLl NGSWORTH, JOHN BENJAMIN Math. Age 22; Class '64; Russian Club; SCONA VII, VIII. KING, CARL WILLIAM Meteorology Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Bonfire Committee. KIOLBASSA, FRANK R. C.E. Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Senator; ASCE. KIRK, JOHN HUSTON Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '64; AVMA. KIRKPATRICK, WILBURN LEWIS Ag. Engr. ASAE; Foundrymen's Sociefy; ROTC. KISTNER, RICHARD WAYNE C.E. IICUrlyII Red Hollow I "Jerry' Housfon Pre-Vet Society; Pres., Lutheran IIBenll Baytown Dallas "Frank" San Antonio Freshman Class Pres.; Student Senate Secy.; Student Fort Worth "Kirk" College Station x "Dick" San Antonio Age 23; Class '65; Program Chairman, American Society Civil Engineering. KLEYPAS, GERALD ALLEN Ind. Tech. Age 21; Class '64; Iota Lambda Sigma; HTC; DS. KLOTZ, LARRY DEAN B.A. Age 21; Class '64. KLUTZ, WILLIAM LEWS B.A. Age 21; Class '63; Management Anlonio HTC. KNOX, ROYCE MALCOLM B.A. Age 22; Class '64; Yell Leader; IIJerryll ; ', Temple Newman Club; Ind. Educ4 Society; Bell County Thorndale "Bill" Von Ormy Marketing Society; Fish Drill Team; San Crockett Pres., Insurance Sociefy;,Corresponding Secy., Civilian Student Council; Vice Pres. Houston County HTC. '64r KOEHLER, BUFORD RAY, JR. E "B.R." E.E. Beaumonf Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Society of-Engineers; IEEE; Beaumont HTC; Commanding Officer, Company 8-2. KOLKHORST, THEODORE CARL "T.C." Marketing Brenham Age 22; Class '64; Marketing Society; Arts 81 Sciences Council; Intramural Softball. KOPP, LARRY DALE Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '64. Pottsville KORBELL, JOHN CHARLES C.E. and English San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; DMS; Commanding Officer, Squadron 13; American Society of Civil Engineers; Society American Military Engineers; English Society; San Anfonio HTC. KORENEK, JOSEPH LEON "Joe" Aero Engr. Bayrbwn Age 21; Class '64; LegeH Dorm Council; Civilian Student Council; Newman Club. KOROSE, ROBERT JOHN "Possum" Meteorology Bellaire Age 21; Class '64; Bowling Team; Vice Chairman Bowling Committee; American Meteoro- logical Society. KREBS, ARNO W., JR. "Kraut" Education BeIIviIIe Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Band; Student Education Assn.; Vice Pres., Pres. Pre-Law Society. KROUSE, RICHARD CARL Marketing Houston Age 22; Class '63,- lnsurance Society; Marketing Society; Young Republicans Club. KUENEMANN, CHARLES LEE I .T. Fredericksburg Age 22; Class '64; Band. LaGRANGE, BOONE ROSS Horticulrure Rio Grande Ciry Age 22; Class '64; HOHICUIIUTE Club, Pres.; Football; LAMB, COLIN EDWARD "Ed" History Caldwell Age 21; C103: '64; Fish Engineenng Socieiy; Design Student Society; Great Issues; Delcgu1e to Model United Nations; Dorm Rep. LAMBERT, JOHN WAYLAND, JR. "Bill" Vet. Med. Lafayette, La. Age 21; Class '64. LAND, THOMAS EUGENE "Tom" Economics San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Economics Society; MSC Bridge Commince; Intramural Mgr. LANDERS, JOHN BROOKS E.E. Menard Age 22; Class '63; Aggie Bond; Ross Volunveers; IEEE; Drum 8. Bugle Corps; DS. LANGLEY, FRANK MICHAEL "Skip" Pre-Vef Hillsboro Age 21; Class '64. LANNING, JAMES WALTER "Hoss" Ag. Ed. Sylvester Age 21; Class '64; DMS; Ag. Council, Rep; FFA, Rep.; Agricullurisr $10". LARA, OLIVER Animal Husbandry Neiva, Colombia Age 21; Class '65; Pan American Club; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club. LARSON, ROBERT ANTHONY Gen. Bus. Weslaco , Age 22; Class '64; Sigma Tau Della; English Honor Fraternily; Insurance Society; Mon- agemenv Society; Young Republicans; Arts 8x Science: Club. C v ' 1; . .d v "F, LARY, CAMM CARRINGTON, JR. Economics Burner Age 21; Class '64; Eco. Club; Russian Club. LAUGHLIN, GREGORY HAINES "Greg" History West Columbia Age 22; Class '64; Vice Pres., $1udenf Senate, Parliamentarian; Election Commission; Pres., Brazoria County HTC; Chairman Student Senate Executive Comminee; Ross Volunteers; Senior Court. LaVALLEE, MICHAEL FOSTER "Mike" Ind. Tech. Houston Age 22; Class '64; Ind. Ed. Socie1y; Sam Houston HTC; SAME. LAVENDER, WILUAM A. "Bill" Bus. Adm. McAIIen Age 22; Class '64; Marketing Society. LAWLOR, WILLIAM F. "Billy" Psychology San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Student Psychological Association; Sociology Club; Red Cross; Semper Fidelis Society; Dorm President. LAWRENCE, ALLEN 5. "Al" Personnel Mgr. Sinron Age 20; Class '64; Pres., Management Society; Prey, SamRe-Bee HTC; Rep,, Marketing So- ciety; Insurance Society. LeBLANC, GERALD J. "Jerry" Animal Science Beaumont Age 23; Class '64; K of C; Beaumont HTC; Pres., Milchell Holl; President's Council. LeCRONE, JOE MICHAEL "Mike" Ind. Tech. Amarillo Age 21; Class '64; 1nd Ed. Socicly; American Foundrymen's Sociely; Amarillo HTC. LEE, ALLEN B. Meteorology Sheridan, Wy. Age 21; Class '64; TAMSCAMS; Dorm Pres.; Cuvilian Sludenr Council; Dorm Pres, Council. LEE, CARL JOHNSTON Arch. Bayrown Age 21; Class '64; Bayvown HTC. LEE, JERRY BYRON Agronomy Dublin Age 24; Class '64. LEE, ROBERT GEORGE "Bob" A'Ch- Pleasanton Age 22; Class '64,- Design Student Sociery; Engineer Mogaz3ne Art Edilm. "Bill" LEIGH, WILLIAM S. Houston Insurance Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society, Vice Pres.; Bellaire HTC; DS. LEININGER, JERRY SYLVAN M.E. Age 25; Class '64; ASME; SAE, AWS. LENOX, BENNIE HAROLD Gen. Bus. Age 22; Class '64; Insurance Society; Basketball LeHermon. Montpelier, Ohio League City LEONARD, RODNEY VOYLES Marketing Age 22; Class '64; Marketing Society; Accounting Society; Staff; Abilene HTC. LESTER, FELDON RAYMOND Math. Age 22; Class '63. LESTER, MICHAEL LEE Keller CE. Age 21; Class '64; American Society of Civil Engrs.; Chi Epsilon; Ft. Worth HTC; Keller HTC. Abilene DS; Aggieland Staff; Review IIRayll Boerne LEVY, JEROME H., Jr. "Jerry" Accounfing Houston Age 21; Class '64; Handball Club, Trees. and Vice Pres.; Hillel Foundation; Business Society; Bellaire HTC. LEWIS, CARL PARKER "Buddy" Arlington Range Mgr. Age 21; Class '64; Range 6 Forestry Club. LEWIS, RONALD ALTON "Ronnie" Ag. Ed. Beaumont Age 22; Class '64; 4-H; FFA; Fish Ag. Socie?y. LINDSEY, KENNETH CHARLES "Ken" Human Relations Bryan Age 21; Class '64; Day Student PresA; Rep. Dorm Pres. Council; DS; Sociology Club. LISTI, SAM A. "Sam" Arch. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Pres., St. Thomas HTC; SAME; Newman Club; DSS. LONG, MARTIN D. "Duane" C.E, Irving Age 21; Class '64; American Society of Civil Engrs.; SAME; Honor Council; DMS; Irving HTC. "Lump-Lump" LONG, WILLIAM LINTON Gilmer Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Flying Kadets; Northeast Texas HTC; Accounting Society. LOUDERMILK, WALTER B. Ag. Ed. Age 22; Class '64; FFA; Education Club. LOVE, ALAN C. English Kerrville Age 26; Class '64; English Club; Vice Pres. English Club; Sigma Tau Delta Honor Fraternity, Secy.; AggieIand Orchestra; Aggie Players. DeLeon LOWRY, WILLIAM HILLIS Math. Coolidge Age 22; Class '64; Student Education Assn1; Secy.-Treas. TSEA; Math Club; Young Re- publicans Club; lntramurals. LUECK, RONALD LEE Ag. Eco. Age 22; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Ag. Eco. Club; Gamma Delta; DMS. LUTICH, MICHAEL LLOYD "Mikel, Ag. Eco. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Boss Volunteers; Fish Drill Team; SCONA IX; Arrangements Chairman; Ag. Eco. Club; Aggle Players; San Antonio HTC; DMS; Best Drilled Soph.; Former Fish Drill Team; LiHIe Southwestern Livestock Show, 3rd Place Angus Heifer. IILUkeII Hamilton LUYMES, ALAN H. Plant and Soil Science Age 21; Class '64; Singing Cadels; Alpha Zeta; Agronomy Society. LYNE, RUFUS ROGERS Business George West Age 21; Class '64; Fish Baseball Team; Varsity Baseball Team; Management Society, Program Chairman; Insurance Society; Pre Law Society. LYNN, FREDERIC MAURICE Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Dave Beck Award; Accounting Society; Sioux Falls, SD. "Rafe" Schertz Centex HTC. MCSPAVERS, ARCH Q. Taking: Nothing LYONS, DAVI D FOREST "Dave" Ag. Engr. Graham Age 20; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; American Sociely of Ag. Engr. MADDEN, CHARLES DOUGLAS "Chuck" Farm Management Minden, La. Age 22; Class '64; BSU Executive Council. MADELEY, GERALD ROLAND Ag. Ed. Stephenville Age 22; Class '64; Fish Ag. Society; FFA; Aggie Band; 05; Associcne Editor "A8M Chrisvion"; Alpha Zeia. MADELEY, PHILIP CURTIS Ag. Ed. Stephenville Age 22; Class '64; FFA; DS; Fish Ag. Socie1y; Associate Editor "A8.M Christian"; Band; Alpha Zeta; Drum 8. Bugle Corps. MAHALEY, DONALD R. "Mom" Accounting Rice Age 22; Class '64; PICS. Am 8. Science: Council; Accounting Society; Ross Volunteers; Code! Coon; Rep. 10 Inter-Council; Jr. Rep. 10 Arts 8- Sciences Council; InIramural Mgr.; Most Outstanding Soph.; Navarro County HTC. MALONE, RONALD EDWARD "Ron" I.Ed. Hereford Age 25; Class '64; Ind. Arts Club; Tex Industrial Arts Assn.; Iota Lambda Sigma; Studenl- Engineers Council. MANN, JOSEPH EDWARD, JR. "Big Ed" Accounting Fort Wonh Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunleers; Military Section Aggieland; PreL Ft. Worth HTC; Accouniing Socie'y; F1. Worth Moiher's Club Scholarship; DS. MARES, DAN1EL FRANK "Danny" E.E. Temple Age 21; Class '64; Dorm Councii Rep. MARLOW, MICHAEL MCLERNON "Mike" Marketing Houston Age 22; Class '64; Head Yell Leader; Studem Senate; Class Officer; DMS; Chairman, Bonfire Committee; Marketing Society; Ross Volunteers; Fish Yell Leader; Army Avialion Program; Parachute Club; American Ordnance Society,- lnsurance Society; Newman Club; YMCA Leadership Conference. MARTIN, HERSHEL JOSEPH, JR. "Joe" B.A. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64. MARTIN, JOSEPH D. "Dave" . 9" History Dallas i '1 Age 21; Class '64; Camera Committee; Russian Club; Dallas HTC; SAME; ADA; Best 'g" Drilled Soph. cud.- MARTIN, RALPH EDWARD, JR. "Gremlin" 5.5. San Antonio Age 20,- Closs '64; IEEE; San Anionic HTC; Newman Club; Intramural Mgr. MASON, EDGAR R. "Eddien Marketing Dallas Age 21; Class '64; SCONA, Planning Comminee; Secy., Dallas HTC; Marketing Society; Pre Law Society; Finance Society. MATTHEWS, WILLIAM ALLEN, JR. "Pope" Math. Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Chairman Programs Comminec, Great Issues Comminee; Vice Pres., Math Club; Association Computing Machinery; Singing Cadeh; Dallas HTC. MAULDIN, PAUL DEAN E.E. Stephenville Age 28; Class '64; Eva Kappa Nu; "Pea Possum" Passing: Less Age 272; Class '89 118891; Gamma Alpha Sigma; Ross Dlahee; Undlshnguished Student- Lon Sergeant Sq. 68; Sa1e1y OHicer-Fall 51011; E63190": Volumeers; Royal Older of vhe Sack Ra's; Maggie Laixon Sergeant; Duncan Regulars. CIAQQOF'M LYON, JAMES HARMEN "Jim" Per. E. Oklahoma City, Okla. Age 21; Class '64; Studen! Engr. CouncEl; Pet. Engr. Club; AIME. MAY, DEAN W. M.E. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Lamar Houston HTC; ASME. MAY, ROBERT A. "Bob" Ch.E. Teague Age 21; Class '64; Tau Beta Pi, Treas.; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi .Eta Sigma; Vice Pres; Law Hall; Outstanding Soph. in Chemislry and Chemical Engineering. MAYFIELD, JESS Accounting San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Election Commission; Accounting Society; San Antonio HTC; Flying Coders. MAYFIELD, WILLIAM TERRELL "Pima" Sociology Hayden, Arizona Age 21; Gas: '64; SAME; AOA; Inter-Faith Council; Sociology Club; Aggie Players; Secy., Canterbury Association; SCONA VII; Executive Council; Canterbury Assn. MCADAMS, ROBERT JAMES B.A. Houston Age 22; Class '64; Managemenf Society; "T" Association; Varsity Baseball Team; MCADAMS, THOMAS ARTHUR "Tom" Personnel Mgr. Ff. Knox, Ky. Age 22; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Sons of Service; DMS; Best Drilled Soph.; Manage- menf Society; Flight Training Program. McAFEE, WINFIELD RUSSELL "Mac" Sociology Van Horn Age 21; Class '64. McANALLY, JON PHILIP Math San Antonio Age 22; Class '64. McBRAYER, MICHAEL ALBERT "Mike" Geology San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; Geology Club; Tau Befu Pi; Student Engineers Council. McCLURE, JOHN ANTHONY "Tony" History Dallas Age 21; Class '64; SAME; AOA; lniramural Mgr.; DS; DMS; SCONA VIII; SCONA IX, Planning Committee Chairman; Pres., Dallas HTC; College Bowl Finalist; Aggie Talent Show. McCLUSKY, ROBERT E. "Mac" M.E. Daisefta Age 22; Class '63; ASME. McCOWN, JACK RAYMOND "Shaky" Insurance Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Intramural Mgr.; Secy., Insurance Society; Dallas HTC. McCULLOCH, BEN E. "Ben" B.A. San Angelo Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Permanent Firing Squad; San AngeIo-Wesf Texas HTC, Pres., Secy.-Treas., Rep.; Business Society; Scholastic Improvement Award; Army Flight Training. McDANIEL, KEITH ROBERTS E.E. Ff. Worth Age 21; Class '64; IEEE. McDERMAND, WILLIS FREMONT Ag. Eco. Nome Age 22; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club. MCDONALD, MERION HERBERT "Herb" C.E. Age 22; Class '64; ASCE. MCDONALD, ROY ERIC Agronomy San Benito Age 21; Class '64; Agronomy Sociefy; Newman Club. MCFARLAND, JERRY L Dairy Science Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Dairy Science Club; San Anionic Dairy Technology Scholarship. Cypress McGILL, DENNIS WALTER "Dec" Psychology Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Best Drilled Fish 8. Soph.; Psychology Club; Dallas HTC; AOA. McGINTY, JOHN WALTER Education Texas City Age 22; Class '64; Bay Area HTC; Student Education Association. McGLOTHLIN, JAMES ORA, JR. "Jim" M.E. Houston Age 25; Class '60; ASME. McGLOTHLlN, LARRY WYMAN "Duck" Education Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Wreslling Club; San Anlonio HTC; Corpus Christi HTC; Town Hall 51011,- NEA Sluden! Assn. MCGOWEN, ROBERT STEVENS "Bob" Physics Genoa Age 23: C1035 '64; Pan American Club; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; Judo Club; Soccer Team; MCGOWN, MICHAEL DON "Don" Economics Dallas Age 20; Class '64; 05,- Best Drilled Soph.; Pre Low Sodely; Chairman Program Comminee SCONA 1X, Executive Council SCONA IX; Ross Volun1eers Mililary Honor Guard; Delegate Io Scum; Economics Club; AH: 81 Sciences Council; Society of Revolution Award; Agng Players; Silver Key Award; DMS. McGRADY, MICHAEL SCOTT Sons of American "Mickey" Accounting Roswell, NM. Age 22; Class '64; DMS; Ross Volunteers; Best Drilled Fish 8. Sophq Swimming Team; Water Polo Team; intramural Ccrps Swim. Champion; Accounling Socie1y; Pre Law Socievy; Sr. Court; Sons 01 American Revolution Award. MCGREGOR, MARK DUCKWORTH Accounting Age 22; Class '64; DS; Accoun'ing Socievy; SCONA. MCGUIRE, ROBERT NICHOLAS "Nick" Ag. Eco. Deerfield, III. Age 21; Class '64; Oificcr Fish Ag. Society; Semper Fidelis Society; 1:! Vice Pres. Ag. Eco. Club; Managing Edi10! A8.M Agriculturisl; Press Club; Journalism Sociely; Alpha Delta Sigma Secy.; Naiionol Officer ACMA; Outsvonding Fish Dam. of Ag. Eco.; Ounwnding Soph. of Ag. Eco; Dept; Corp; Scholastic Achievement Award; Pres., Ag. Communica'ions Club, Corpus Christi Mcl LHANY, GUY WELDON "cw." Agronomy Lorena Age 23; Class '63; Agronomy Society; MCKELVAIN, BURRELL RAY Ag. Ed. Moran Age 22; Class '64; FFA; NEA; TSEA; Soil ConservaHon Socie1y1 MCKINNIS, PATRICK HUNARD "Pat" Ind. Disf. Edcouch Age 21; Class '64; American Foundry Sociely; 12th Man FoovboH; Rio Grande HTC; Wolvon Holl Eoske'boll Champions. ' 64 McLAUGHLlN, LESTER A. "Jack" Marketing Bryan Age 21; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; Ordnance Society; Marketing Society; Finance Society; Band; Economics Club; Business Society; Baptisl SIudenl Union. McLEOD, TERRY LYNCH "Mac" B-A- Jasper Age 21; Class '64. McMATH, CHARLES WALLIS E.E. Denfon Age 23; Class '64; Pres., Danton HTC; IEEE, McMURRAY, DAVID W. Modern Languages Houston Age 21; Class '64; Modern Languages Club; American Ordnance AssociaHon; Aggie Band. McVEY, STAN ALFRED, JR. "Slick" Animal Husbandry Odessa Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Band; Drum 8. Bugle Corps; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Odessa HTC; DS. MEADOWS, THOMAS HOLLIS, JR. "Pete" M.E. Lake Jackson Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Tau Beta Pi; Phi E10 Sigma; Student Engineers Council; ASME; TSPE; Cooper Bessemer Scholarship. MELENDOZ, ROBERT "Bob" English Brownsville Age 23; Class '64; Honorary Member English FraOerniry; Lower Rio Grand: Valley HTC. MELTON, JACKSON DALE "Jack" Economics Dallas Age 22; Class '64; DMS; Ross Volunleers; MERKA, JOE THOMAS "Turk" I.T. Premonr Age 21,- Class '64. MERRITT, ARTHUR LYNN "Hopper" B.A. Robsrown Age 22; Class '64; Freshman 8. Varsily Basketball Teams; "T" man; Insurance Society. MERRITT, RALPH EDWARD Associovion; Publicity Choir- "Rf." Accounring Andrews Age 22; Class '64; Varsity LeHerman; Freshman Lenerman; Accounling Society; "1'" Associa'iom METTEAUER, JOE DEAN "Dean" Wildlife Management Timpson Age 22; Class '64; Fish and Game Club. METZ, RICHARD HENRY Entomology Housion Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Players; Arts 2; Sciences Council; Cadet Court; SCONA1 MEYER, NORMAN GEORGE Marketing Dallas Age 20; Class '64; Secy. Marketing Society; Best Drilled Freshman. MEYERS, FRANK EDWARD "Eddie" M.E. Wichita Falls Age 20; Class '64; ASME; Wichita F0115 HTC. MIKUS, DOUGLAS T. Ag. Ecl. Taylor Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Williamson County HTC; Rep., FFA. MILLER, EDWARD PEIER Aerospace Engr. Union Grove, Wis. Age 29; Class '64; Pres., Tau Befo P1; S1gma Gamma Tau; Sfudenf Engineers Council. MILLER, J1M L. C.E. Dumas Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Panhandle HTC. MILLER, M. RONALD "Ronny" Zoology Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Pre Med Society; Pres1, F1ying Kadefs; Freshman Drill Team; Russian Club; MSC Club Council. MILLER, ROBERT ALLEN "B11mp" Personnel Adm. Sinfon Age 21; Class '64; Intramural Manager; Chairman MSC Travel CommiHee; Public Relations Chairman, Student Senate; DMS; Administrafive Asst. 10 Directors Executive Development Course. MILLER, STANLEY ROBERT Animal Husbandry Brady Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Brady HTC; Agricultural Council; Aggie Band; Advertising Manager of Saddle 81 Sir1oin Club Yearbook; DS; Jr. Livestock Judging Team. M1NALD1, DAVID LYNN Math. Nederland Age 22; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Math Club; Pres., Midcounfy HTC; D5. MINNICK, TIM ALLEN B.A. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Fish Baseball; Varsity Football, Mgr.; F1511 Foofboll Mgr.; Insurance Society; Management Society. MINX, HUBERT, JR. Chf. Texarkana Age 22; Class '64; AIChE; Texarkanc HTC. MITCHELL, MALCOLM GARY "Mitch" Aero Engr. Cromwell, Conn. Age 21; Class '64; IAAS; AOA; ASME. MITCHELL, RALPH HOWARD "Mitch" M.E. College Stafion Age 21; C1055 '64. MITCHELL, ROBERT E., JR. "Mitch" Journalism Comfort Age 23; Class '63; Battalion; Hill Counhy HTC; Secy., Canterbury Assn.; Diocese Delegate; SAMJ; Sons of Service. "Does this mean we're under arrest?" 6 "Wha1L do you mean, she's frigid?" 1 1 MORGAN, JAMES EVERETT, JR. History "Jimmy" Houston Age 21; Class '64; Sam Houston HTC; Spanish Club; Economics' Club; History Society. MORGAN, JAMES M. "Jim" Gen. Bus. Ft. Worth Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunleers; Aggie Band; Oufsh'mding Band Junior; Sons of Service; Best Drilled Fish and Soph., White Band; Drum 81 Bugle Corps; Silver Taps Team; OMS; MORGAN, ROBERT PAUL "Bob"; Personnel Adm. Port Arthur Age 21; Class '64; Baptist Student Union Executive Council; Port Arthur HTC. MORRIS, JACK A. "Smiley" Personnel Adm. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society; Dallas HTC. MORRISON, DAVID GORDON English Amarillo Age 22; Class '64; English Society; Amarillo HTC. MORROW, JOHN M., Ill Ag. Engr. Hook Age 22; Class '63; Dorm Rep.; Secy., Dorm Council; Officer ASAE. MORTON, CURTIS RAY I.En. Welch Age 20; Class '64; Secy., Trees, YMCA Cabinet; Co-Chcirman, MSC Music Committee; MSC Talent CommiHee. MOSELEY, JAMES L. "Jim" Vet. Med. Snyder Age 22; Class '64; Pres., Pre Vet Society; Jr. Rep. MSC Council; AVMA. MULLICAN, BILLY M. "Mike" Marketing Lampasas Age 21; Class '64; Sky Divers Club; Marketing Sociefy; Accounting Society; Insurance Society; Talent Committee; Lampasas HTC. MUNDT, HENRY GERALD "Jerry" Accounting Abilene Age 20; Class '64; IntramuruPManuger; Accounting Society; Abilene HTC. MUNFORD, ARTHUR GARY "Art" Pre Denf Ganado Age 21; Class '64; Jackson County HTC; Ross Volunteers; Pre Med-Pre Dent Society. MUNSON, JOHN HANKS, JR. Arch. Sugarland Age 22; Class '64; Camera Club; Design Student Society. MITCHELL, ROBERT LEE IIBoblI Mefeorology Houston Age 21; Class '64; Arts 81 Sciences Council; Pres., American Meteorological Society. MOFFITT, EARL A. Animal Husbandry Amarillo Age 22; Class '63; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. MONIER, WILLIAM KURT "Bill" Ind. Tech. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., Senior Class; Cadet Court; Ross Volunteer Firing Squad; Vice Chairman Election Commission; Ind. Ed. Society; San Antonio HTC, Treas.; Fish Engr. Society. MONTGOMERY, JERRY L. "Jerry" Geology McAIIen Age 23; Class '65; Geology Club. MOORE, GARY T. Vet. Med. ToIar Age 21; Class '64. MOORE, RICHARD Arch. San Antonio Age 27; Class '64; Pres., Student Council, Civilian, Vice Pres.; Senator Student Senate; Who's Who; American Institute of Architects; Exchange Store Advisory Committee; Traffic Chairman; wafic Appeals Court; Delegate Leadership Conference; Delegate Leadership Training Program. MORALES, ROGERIO Mf. Age 24; Class '63; ASME. MORELOS-ZARAGOZA, ROBERTO A. Ch. E. IlRogerIl Corpus Christi "Befo" Nuevo Laredo, Mex. Age 22; Class '64; AIChE; Pan American Club; Chairman Sweetheart Comminee; Laredo HTC, Pres., Vice Pres.; Business Manager, Chemical Engineering Coffee Club. MORGAN, BILL E. Arch. Age 22; Class '64; Brazoria HTC; AGC; Mosher Memorial Scholarship. Brazoria MURRAY, JAMES MICHAEL "Mike" I.T. Rosenberg Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Fort Bend County HTC. MYERS, ALAN WAYNE Aero. Hearne Age 22; Class '64,- Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; DS; Honor Graduate. NAILL, WALTER 5., JR. Bus. Mgr. Age 21; Class '64, NANCE, JAMES PATRICK "Roadrunner" I.T. Three Rivers Age 21; Class '64; Student Senate Executive Committee; Ross Volunteers; NASH, ROBERT STRATTON "Bob" Civil Engr. Houston Age 24; Class '64; ASCE; Dorm Council. NEAL, TOM MORRIS "Tom" Vet. Med. Lubbock Age 21; Class '64; AVMA. NEALE, ROBERT KING "Bullet" Math. Denton Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres, Denton HTC; Secy., Math. Club. NELSON, ARTHUR FOSTER Accounting Brownwood Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society; Pecan Valley HTC; DS. NELSON, BARDIN H., JR. Arch. College Station Age 22; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Design Student's Society. NELSON, GEORGE LOWELL "Jock" Finance Houston Age 21; Class '64; American Ordnance Society; Insurance Society; Intramural: Official; YMCA; Brush Country HTC; Bellaire HTC; Pres., Finance Society; Management Society; DMS; Committee Chairman, Bonfire. NETHERY, JIMMY CHARLES Accounting Milam Age 21,- Class '64; Aggie Band,- Drum 8. Bugle Corps; Accounting Society; Inlramurals, Basketball, Volleyball. NETZ, ROY LORING Ag. Eco. Alamo Age 22; Class '64; DMS; Ag. Eco. Club; Rio Grande Valley HTC; Alpha Zefc; Opportunity Award Scholarship. NEUMANN, CURTIS ERWIN M.E. Bay City Age 21; Class '64; Matagorda County HTC; Trecs., Pres.; ASME; SAE. NEUMANN, TERRY LEE C.E. San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; ASCE. NEWTON, DENNIS ELBERT Pre Med. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., Pres., Newman Club; Vice Pres., Trecs., Belloire HTC; Pre Med-Pre Dent Society; DS; DMS. NICELY, CLYDE ELMORE "Nairix" Wildlife Mgr. Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '64; Corpus Christi HTC; Camera Club; Trecs., Fish 8. Game Club. NICHOLS, JAY BYRON Aero. Engr. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Am. lnsti. of Aeronautics 81 Astronautics; Engineer Magazine, layout Editor. NIEHAUS, HENRY A. Pet. E. Kerrville Age 21; Class 164; Secy., Society of Petroleum Engr.; Hill Country HTC. NORWOOD, GARY LUTHER Vet. Med. Seagoville Age 22; Class '64; AVMA; Pre-Vef Society; Dallas HTC. NOSTER, WAYNE MAURICE E.E. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Phi Eta Sigma; Efa Kappa Nu. O'BRIEN, CHARLES EUGENE "Gene" Finance San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Society; Finance Society; Marketing Society. 436 OCKER, DON A. Ag. Eco. Age 22; Class '63. ODSTRCIL, ROBERT R. Corpus Christi C.E. Bryan Age 21; Class '64; Civil Engr. Club. OEHL, MARVIN JAMES Accounting Ganado A92 22; Class '64; Accounting Society; Marketing Society; Newman Club; Jackson County HT . OLIVARES, ALBERTO MANUEL "Beto" Chemistry Eagle Pass Age 21; Class '64; ChemisIry Club; Newman Club; Pres., Eag1e Pass HTC. OLIVARES, ANDRES "Andy" Animal Science Tampico, Mex. Age 23; Class '64; Alpha Zeta; Singing Cadets; Baptist Student Union. OLIVAS, JOSE R. "Rey" Bronte B.A. Age 21; Class '64; 12111 Man Bowl; American Ordnance Assn.; Newman Club; La Parranda. OLIVER, BYRON D. Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '64; Alpha Zeta; DS; Russian Club; Ag. Eco. Finance Society; Accounting Society; Vice Pres., Shelby-Doches HTC. OMAN, JOHN BILL Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '64; Rodeo Club; Pre Vet Society; Vice Pres., Abilene HTC; American Farmer Degree, FFA. ONKEN, GARY LANCE Aero. Engr. Age 22; Class '64. Timpson Club; Marketing Society: Avoca Pre Vet Society; AVMA; Winters ORTS, JACK ROBERT Ag. Ed. Floresville Age 21; Class '64; FFA; 4-H; San Antonio HTC. PADGETT, LEO R. "Ragger" Management Lubbock Age 21; Class '64; South Plains HTC; Society for Advancement of Management. PARK, WILBUR 63., JR. "Bill" Ag. Eco. Pecos Age 22; Class '64,- Fish Track; Varsity Track; Ag. Eco. Club; Trans Pecos HTC. PARKER, DANNY Math. Center Age 22; Class '64; MSC Directorate 6 Bridge Committee; Math Club. llJimll PARKER, JAMES CARLYLE San Antonio History Age 23; Class '64; History Society. PARKER, WILLIAM 3. "Bill" I.T. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; LEd. Society; Engineer Society; San Antonio HTC. PARWELL, WILLIAM DON History Channelview Age 21; Class '64. PARR, WILHAM ROBERT, JR. Robstown Ind. Engr. , Age 22; Class '64; Ross Volunteers. PARTRIDGE, JERRY LYNN M.E. Age 22; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; Town Hall Staff; 121h Man Bowl. Corpus Christi PATTERSON, RONALD D. "Toots" Ag. Ed. Lomefa Age 21; Class '65; Saddle 8t Sirloin Club; FFA; Jr. and Sr. Livestock Judging Team. PAULSON, ROBERT C., JR. "Bob" C.E. Baytown Age 22; Class '64. PAVLAT, EUGENE GILBERT Holland Agronomy Age 22; Class '64; Agronomy Society; Soil Conservation Society. PAYNE, DAVID PATTERSON "Pat" Finance Waco Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Finance Sociefy; Waco HTC; SAME; Insurance Society. PAYNE, EUGENE EDGAR "Gene" Physics San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; DS; ASME; Fish Engr. Society; SAME; AOA; Op- portunities Award Scholar; Physics Club; San Antonio HTC; Aggieland Staff. PEARSON, TOMMIE HOWELL E.E. Victoria Age 21; Class '64; E10 Kappa Nu; Phi Era Sigma; Tau Bem Pi; DE; IEEE; Fish Scholasiic Award; Guadalupe Valley HTC. PEEPLES, MINOR, Ill Economics Texas City Age 21; Class '64; MSC Dance Committee; Town Hall Staff; Pre-Law Society; Economics Society; Texas City HTC; German Club. PENA, PILAR "P110" C.E. Laredo Age 28; Class '64; American Society of Civil Engineers; Institute of Traffic Engineers; Texas Society of Professional Engineers; ASCE; Technical Paper Confesf Winner; K of C. PENALOZA, DANIEL D. "Don" C.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Lenerman, Fish Track Team; American Society of Civil Engineers; San Anionic HTC; Newman Club; United States Marine Corps. PERRY, LARRY MILTON Gen. Bus. Houston Age 23; Class '63; Pre-Law Society. PERRY, JOHN WILSON "Butch" l.T. Roxfon Age 21; Class '64,- Red River Valley HTC; Industrial Education Society. PERSYN, HARVEY 0. Wildlife Mgf. San Antonio Age 20; Class '64; Vice Pres., West Texas HTC; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC- Fish and Game Club. I PESEK, FRANKLIN GEORGE Ag. Eco. Halleffsville Age 21; Class '64,- Ag. Eco. Club; Newman Club. PETERSON, ALLAN C. "Al" Math. Age 21; Class '64; Student Senate Chairman; Student Welfare, Traffic Appeals Court; Vice Pres., Jeff Davis HTC; Math. Club. PETERSON, JAMES PEREZ "Pete" Ch.E. Houston Age 21; Class '64; AIChE; SCONA IX; Judo Club; Newman Club; 51. Thomas HTC; Fish Engr. Society. PETERSON, ROBERT ARVIEL "Bob" Ag. Eco. Rio Grande City Age 22; Class '64; Pres., Puryeur Hall; Dorm Council; Ag. Eco. Club; Rio Grande Valley HTC. PETTER, ALBIN ALOIS "AI" Ag. Engr. West Age 21; Class '64; Am. Society of Ag. Engr. POLK, LEROY JAMES, JR. Ind. Tech. Weimar Age 21; Class '64; Newman Club, Trecs.; Ind. Ed. Society; Fish Engr. Society. POPE, TRAVIS GORDON Ag. Eco. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Ag. Eco. Club; ROTC; Pre4Ve1 Society. PORTER, LARRY GENE M.E. Texas City Age 22; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Staff; Permanent Firing Squad; Pres., SAME; Bay Area HTC; Young Democrats; Phi Eta Sigma; DS; Semper Fidelis Sociefy. POTTER, DOUGLAS JOHN "Doug" Ag. Eco. Columbus Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Aggie Bond; Fayette Colorado County HTC; Pre-Vet Society. POWELL, CHARLES TRENTON Accounting Groesbeck Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Scciely; DMS; Ross Volunfeers; Sons of Am. Revolution Award; Markefing Society. POWELL, ROBERT THOMAS "Tom" History Temple Age 21; Class '64; SCONA IX; Executive Committee; American Ordnance Assn.; Stacy.- Treas.; Vice Pres., Pres., Society of Am. Military Engrs. POWELL, WOODROW LEE "Woody" E.E. El Dorado, Ark. Age 21; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; Institute of Electronics 8. Elec1rical Engrs.; Fish Track Team; Gymnastics Club. 438 POWER, JERRY MARTIN Ch.E. Marshall Age 21; Clas: '64; YMCA; AOA; Vice Pres., Pres. Marshall HTC; Vice Pres., Secy. AlChE; Fish Engr. Society,- YMCA Fish Camp Counselor. POWERS, LUTHER ROBERT "Bob" E.E. Wesf Columbia Age 22; Class '64; En: Kappa Nu; Vice Chairman; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE; Bridge Corre. Sponsor; Town Hall Staff; DS. PRAISNAR, ADAM, JR. Per. E. Realiros Age 21; Class '64. PRATER, JOHN SAMUEL "Jack" M.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; SAF Student Member; DMS. PRESCHER, WALTER A., JR. "Walt" Ag. Ed. Clifton Age 21; Class '64; FFA; Bosque County HTC. PR1CE,JOHN B. Math and Eco. Long Beach, Calif. Age 21; Class '64; Math Club; Calif. HTC; DS. PRIDMORE, JAMES ARTHUR, JR. "Jim" E.E. Bayfown Age 21; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; Great Issues Committee; AIEE; IEEE; Publicity Chairman. PROVINE, CHRISTOPHER E. "K11" Marketing Alexandria, La. 1:99. 20; Class '64; Marketing Society; 5. La. HTC, Vice Pres.; Business Society; 1nsurance ocuefy. PUMPELLY, HOWARD "The Pump" Ag. Eco. Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Pre-Law Society, Publicity Chairman, Secy.-Treus.; Ag. Eco. Club; Ramp Rep., Dorm Council, Secy.-Treas. Annex; Rep. to N011. Chancery Society. '64 PURCELL, WILLIAM W. R. "Bill" C.E. Arlington, Va. Age 21; Class '64; DMS; ASCE; SAME; Sons of Service; Yankee HTC, Secy. PYE, PERRY GREGORY Ag. Eco. Houston Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Pres., Spring Branch HTC; DMS; DS; MarkeHng Society; Ag. Council. RACHEL, RICHARD WAYNE M.E. Texarkana Age 20; Class '64. RADDE, KENNETH ALBERT Animal Science Meridian Age 21; Class '64; Student Senafe; Student Ag. Council; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice Pres.; Chancellor, Alpha Zefa; Saddle 1k Sirloin Club, Treas.; Agriculturist Staff; Sr. Livestock Judging Team; SCONA IX; Who's Who RAILSTON, RICHARD EOUIS "Rick" Psychology El Paso Age 21; Class '64; Chaplain, Election Commission, Student Senate; Social Secy., Sr. Class; DMS; Houston Chamber of Commerce Award; Sons of Am. Revoluiion Award; DS; Ross Volunteers; Permanent Firing Squad. RAMBIN, RONALD EMMETT "Ronnie" Ch.E. Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Phi Era Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; DS; AIChE; Dallas HTC; Fish Engr. Sociery; Fish Drill Team; Best Drilled Fish Award; Ross Volunteers. RANSDELL, THOMAS RAYMOND "Tom" I.T. Boerne Age 21; Class '64; Fish Election Commission; Cadet CourI. RAPP, HARRY MICHAEL, JR. "Cubbey Bear" ACCounting Amarillo Age 22; Class '64; Housemasfer Han Hall; Dorm Council; Accounting Society; Bowling Committee; Amarillo HTC, RARDIN, DAVID CRAIG "Dave" Physics San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Physics Club. RASCO, BILLY JAMES P-E- Hearne Age 25; Class '64; P.E, Club. RATLIFF, MARVIN T., JR. Range Mgr. and P.V.M. Del Rio Age 21; Class '64; Range 6 Forestry Club; Del Rio HTC, Pres.; Fish Ag. Society. RAY, WILLIAM MARTIN "Bill" Ag. Eco. El Paso Age 25; Class '64; A91 Eco. Club; FFA; Fish Track Team. READ, CHARLIE HERMAN Accounting Grovefon Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Society; Pres., Big Thicker HTC; Baptistlsmdent Unlqn; DS; Opportunity Awards Scholarship; Houston Chapter of Financial Executives Scholarship. REAGOR, FRANKLIN M. Animal Husbandry Llano Age 23; Class '64; Vice Pres., Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; Hill Country HTC, Treas.; Jr. and Sr. Wool, Meats 8x Livestock Judging Teams. l REAVIS, RADFORD LEE "Fat Boy' B.A. Alvin Age 22; Class '64,- Insuronce Society; Management Society; 12th Man Bowl. RECORD, JAMES EMMETT "Jim" Wildlife Management Fort Worth Age 21; Class '64; Fort Worth HTC; 12th Man Bowl, Fish 81 Game Club. REDWINE, DAVID HESTON "Dave" Ag. Ed. Colorado City Age 22; Class '64; FFA, Officer. REEL, RONALD L. Arch. Houston Age 23; Class '64; Civilian Student Council; Dorm President, Council Chairman; Engineers Council; Design Student Society, Secy.; Chairman, Decorations, Civilian Student Week- end; Traffic Committee; Chairman Creative Arts; Ramp Rep., Dorm Council. REESBY, WILLIAM DAVID "3111" Arch. Sherman Age 22; Class '64; Fish Engr. Society; Grayson HTC; Design Student Society. REESE, CHARLES HENRY "C.H." Aero. Engr. Houston Age 21; Class '64; AIAA; Ross Volunteers; Firing Squad; Freshman Engr. Society. REESE, GEORGE ELMER "Fa? George" English Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Cadet Cupfain, Aggie Band; Commanding Officer, White Band; Ross Volunteers; Code? Court 8; Silver Taps; Drum 8: Bugle Corps; Guidon Bearer; Ouf- standing Freshman 81 Soph., White Band; Drum Maior Freshman Band. REDFORD, SAMUEL D. 5.5. Hamilton Age 28; Class '64; IEEE. RESTIVO, JAMES ANDREW "Jimmie" Gen. Bus. Bryan Age 22; Class '63; Newman Club; Spanish Club; Pan-American Club; Vice Pres. French Club; Marketing Society; Insurance Society. RESPESS, RICHARD ORMAN "Dick" Biology Kilgore Age 22; Class '64. RESTREPO, ALVARO CARLOS "AI" Animal Husbandry Bogofa, Colombia Age 22; Class '64; DS; Alpha Zeta; Pres., Fencing Club; Fencing Team; Pan American Club, Treas.; Chairman of Pan American Week; Committee of MSC; Sbisa Hall Waiter. REYNOLDS, JOEL RICHARD Ind. Engr. Houston Age 21; Class '64; AIEE, Conference Rep. RHOADES, NED L. Marketing Taylor Age 23; Class '64; Williamson Counfy HTC, Secy.-Treas. Are they really showing Mickey Mouse cartoons? 2 RICHARDS, RONALD RUSSELL "Rufus" Range Management Paducah Age 21; C101! 64. Agg-e Bone, Choplcm. Comb-ned Band; Drum A Bugle Corps; Range A FOIeHIy Club, Rodeo Club, Sowh P1a-M HTC, Yeung Repubhcam Club; Ameucan So; oely 01 Range Marugcmcnz R1CHARDSON; DONALD M. "Don" Ind. Tech. Bay City Age 21, Clan 64 Bond, 1nd Ed Soc-eiy; Bond lemIlon; Motogorda HTC; Fleshrmzn Engr. Socuely RICHBURG, WALT C. "W311" Roscoe Ag. Eco. Age 21,- Clon 64, Frethon Ag; Soc-c'y, 05, Ag. Em, Club, PICS; Ag. Councn1 Vcce CHO'IMOO: Dorm Vice Pm; Dormauev; Alpha Zeta,- Roxcoc HTC; Gmndchampvon SW'M: Shcwmoruhqp "Rock" Anahuac Young Democra's; RICE, PAUL LEE Hisrory Age 22,- Clou '64; Educahon Club. Vme Pch; Semper Fldelll Sonny; RICE, ROBERT RITCHIE Animal Husbandry Abilene Age 21; Class '64; VICC PreL, Abilene HTC; Ben Dnlled Soph. and Fleshman; Ron Volunteers; Saddle A SIrIo-n Club; RICHARDSON, CLARENCE WADE Ag. Engr. Age 2l; Clan '64; Ag; Engn. Semen; Moody RICHERS, LOUIS WILLIAM, 111 "8111" 5.6. Bay City Age 21; Class '64; Inniune 01 Elecvncol 81 Eleznomc Engmeeu; Compuhng Machmery Ann; Malagovda County HTC, Vnce Pres. RICHMOND, MARVIN ELLIOT "Elliot" Physics San Antonio Age 21; Clan '64; MSC Camera Commullee; Physics Club; Fencmg Club. RIDEOUT, DAVID WAYNE "Dave' Wildlife Management Henderson Age 23; Class '63; Fush 8- Gome Club; Alpha Phi Omega; 1 RIDDLE, THOMAS EDWARD "Tom" Educa1ion Weatherford Age 21; Class '64; Housemoxlcr, Dorm Counsel; RIDLEY, ROBERT LOW "Bobby" Dallas Pre.Med. Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Bond; Drum Maior; Maroon Band,- Phi Eta Sigma; Cadet Honor Councnl; YMCA Cabinev; Chairman, YMCA Freshman CommiHee; SCONA VI; DS; Pre Mcd-Pre Den! Society. RINARD, STEPHEN KENT Meteorology Age 21; Class '64; 05; San Antonio HTC; American Meleorologicul Socievy. "The Unknown" San Anrom'o RISINGER, JOHN DAVID Management . Woodville Age 21; Class '64; Blg Thicket H1C, Treesw Vice Pres.; Managemem Socievy; SAM; Marku- ing Society. ROBBINS, WILLIAM P. "William" Ind. Tech. Amarillo Age 25; Class '64. ROBERT, JAY BOB P.E. Bryan Age 22; Class '64; Pf; Club; Freshman Baskevball Team. "Tommy" ROBERTS, CHARLES THOMAS Finance Age 22; Class '64; Finance Socievy; lmurance Socievy. ROBERTS, HARLAN EARL Bus. Mgr. Dale Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Shudem Senora; Phi Era Sigma; 05; OMS; Town Hall Sm",- Ron Volunteers; Am 5 Science Council; Economic: Club; Management Society; Accounting Society; Leadership Conlerenze; Southwest Conlerence Spousmanship Committee; Elechon Communion; Prey, Code! Court "A"; Appellate Honor Counc-I, ROBINETTE, WILLIAM CLAYTON, JR. Physics 'Pon Arthur Age 21,- Class '64; Varsity Boske'ball Letterman; Phi Eta Sigma Honov Society; Sigma Pi Sigma; Trcos.. Physics Club; 05; Who': Who; "T" Anocialion. Shrevepon, La. "Bill" ROBINSON, CHARLES WILLIAM "Skipper" Economics Orange Age 21; Class '64; Bowling Commllee; Chairman; Aggie March Team ROBINSON, NELSON EDWARD Mexia Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64: Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; ROBINSON, ROY WALLACE Meteorology , Age 23; Class '64; Studenl Chapter 01 Meteorolcglzal 5051921, HBO" Marble Falls 4'1; RODGERS, WILLIAM LAUNTZ Accounting "Bill" San Antonio Age 25; Class '64; MSC Bridge Committee; Dorm Athletic Officer. ROGERS, ROBERT LEE Ag. Ed. "Tomas" Laredo Laredo HTC, RODRIQUEZ, TOMAS MARIA C.E. Age 20; Class '64; Sgt. of Arms; ASCE. ROGERS, GERALD GLASSON M.E. Age 21; Class '64; ASME; SAE; Ross Volunteers; "T" Football and Track; Varsity FootbalL Athletic Officer; Program Chairman of Semper Fidelis; "Jerry" Corpus Chrisfi Assn.; Corpus Christi HTC; Freshman IIBobII Edinburg Age 22; Class '64; 4-H; FFA. ROSPRIM, JAMES F., JR. Ind. Tech. IIBobII Alvin ROGERS, ROBERT M. B.A. Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Society; Brazoria County HTC. RONESKEVITZ, RICHARD CHARLES Wildlife Management Age 22; Class '64; Fish 6 Game Club; Music Committee. "Ronk" Garfield, NJ. "Jim" Houston Age 25; Class '59; Ind. Ed. Society,- Am. Foundrymen's Society. ROSS, DONALD LEE Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64. ROWE, JOHN HILLIARD Finance Age 20; Class '64; Trons-Pecos HTC, Pres.; Intramural Manager; Ross Leader; Business Society; Insurance Society; Finance Sociefy; Semper Intramural Champ; Freshman Tennis; Arts 6 Sciences Council, Parliamentarian. Huntsville "Dirty" Fort Stockton Volunteers, Squad Fidelis Society; RUBAC, RICHARD EMIL Ch.E. Temple Age 19; Class '64; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; ASTM Award; DS; AIChE; Alcoa Scholarship; Universal Oil Scholarship; American Oil Scholarship. RUDD, DONNIE Ch.E. Liberty Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Freshman Engr. Society; Fresh. and Soph. Rep. to Student Engineers Council; Secy, Student Engineers Council; Jr; Rep.; AlChE; SAME; AOA; YMCA Cabinet; DS. RUDDER, GARY DAN "Gary Dan" Accounting Elk City, Okla. Age 21; Class '64; Fish Yell Leader; YMCA Cabinet; Singing Cadets; MSC Music and Talenf Committee; Vice Pres., Parachute Club. CLAQQ OF- '64 "Ronnie" Bandera and Sr. Wool Judging RUGH, RONALD EUGENE Range Management Age 22; Class '64; Hill Country HTC; Saddle 1L Sirloin Club; Jr. Teams. RUST, MALCOLM MCNIEL History Age 22; Class '64; Sons of Service HTC; Aggie Gun Club; BSU Council. RUTLEDGE, WAYNE Ag. Eco. Age 27; Class '64; Dairy Science Club; Ag. Eco. Club. "Mack" Mobile, Ala. Houston usage" Fredericksburg Pres., Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; 4-H .Club; Ag. Council; Alpha Zeta,- SAGEBIEL, JOE A. Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64; Hill Country HTC. SALAS, DANIEL WAYNE Vet. Med. Age 24; Class '63. SALINAS, CARLOS RUBEN Math. Age 21; Class '64; Parachute Team. Pledger El Paso SALINAS, JOE M. "Bandit" Agronomy Premonf Age 21; Class '64; Brush Country HTC; Agronomy Society; Soil Conservavion Society. SAMFORD, ROYCE ALDON Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64,- Pre-Vel Society,- Soddle 81 Sirloin Club; HTC. SANDERLIN, LARRY ROBERT "Sandry" Sociology Electra Age 21; Class '64; DS; Singing Cadets; Alpha Phi Omega; Sociology Club, Pres.; SCONA IX; Student Agri. Council; YMCA; Intramural Athlelics Manager. Hico 442 ul2 SANDERS, JAMES LEE "Jim" Agronomy Texarkana Age 21,- Clou 64; Agronomy Sotue'y SANDERS, LUTHER lEE Ag. Eco. Carbondale, Colo. Age 21; Clan 64; Ag. Eco Scmciy, Fuh Dull Team; Former Fuh Drill Team Assn. SARGENT, WILLIAM STURTEVANT "Sarge" Bus. Adm. Findlay, Ohio Age 21; Class '64 NSC Rodua Commute, Alpha Ph: Omega. Monugemen! SodePy; Economm Club. SARTWELLE, WILLIAM CRAIG "Bill" Ag. Eco. Houston Age 22,- Clms '64,- Program Cha1rmon,Ag Eco Club SAYERS, MARVIN JERRY "Jerry" M.E. Galveston Age 23, Class '64; ASME, Dorm Cowcul; Intramural Spot's; Galvexlon HTC, Vice Pres. SCHAEFER, CARL JULIUS, JR. "Joe" Chf. Sinfon Age 21,- Clou '64; Son Re Bee HTC SCHAEFER, CHESTER CHRIS "Chris" History and Govt. San Anyonio Age 21; Class '64; Edulor, Aggieland; Ross Volunteeu; San Anlonlo HTC; Son! 01 American Revoluhon Award; 08; DMS. SCHAEZLER, CHRIS HAROLD "Krau!" Marketing San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Son Anlonio HTC; Matkeling SocieVy; Finance Sociery; Insurance Socuety; 8U$IHESS SocieVy; Oldnonce Society; SCONA IX. SCHARCK, RONALD ADOLPH "Ron' Finance Houston Age 21; Class '64; Insurance Sociely; SI. Thomas HTC; Modeling Sociely; Finance Society,- F-sh Golf Team; Management Society. I SCHILLER, MAURICE LEE E.E. Rosenberg Age 23; Class '64; Tau 8cm Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Secy.; IEEE; For? Bend Coun17 HTC. SCHNABEL, JAMES EUGENE "Jim" Range Managemenr San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Vice Chailman, Town Hall SIaH; Ross Volunteers; A1phc Zeta, Chronicler; Honor Council Swden! Soil Conservation Sociely, Trcax.; Range 8. Forestry Club, Social Secy.; San Antonio HTC; MSC Pub1icily Committee; Town Hall Sta" Junior. SCHNElDER, ROBERT WILLIAM "301" Ind. Tech. Mexico City, Mex. Age 21; Class '64; Ind. Ed; Society; SCHULTZ, MARVIN LEO "Scoop" Journalism San Amonio Age 22; Class '64; San Antonio HTC; Newman Club; BaHalion, Asst. Sports Editor,- Sigma Delia Chi. SCHULZ, ROBERT G. "Bob" Journalism Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Sigma Della Chi; Staff Wriler; Bonalion; SCONA Publicity. SCHWILLE, ED MARTIN "Eddie" I Wildlife Mgr. Dallas Age 29; Class '56; Game 5 F1511 Club; Fish Drill Team; Poullry Club, SCOTT, JAMES TERRY Animal Husbandry Coleman Age 21; C103: '64; Saddle 8n Sirloin Club1 SCOTT, KENNETH Z. B.A. Marketing Odessa :2 V Age 21; Class '64; Dorm Council; "1'" Assn.,- CiviHon Studen! Council; Morkeling a, Society; Inswancc Society; Seniot Court, , SEAY, DAVID EDWARD "Dave" e Ind. Ed. Houston Age 22; Class '64,- Belluirc HTC; Sczy, 1nd. Engn: American Ordnance Ann. 2 t t 1. g . z 2 ? 1p. i- ' SECOR, WILLIAM THORNTON 2 Animal Husbandry Kerrville '2 Age 21; C103: '64. ' SERRILL, RICHARD RUGELEY "Rich" P.E. Maragorda Age 22; Class '64; Molugorda C0unfy HTC; ?.E. Club; Fixh Track SETCHELL, JAMES F. "Bill" Ennis Aero. Engr. Age 20,- Class '64; Fish Swimming Team; Fish Engr. Society; Aeraxpote chcnccs; EngrL Council; Ross Volunteers-Permanen! Firing Squad: Chairman Am. lnslilule of Aeronouliu and Astronautics; DMS. SEXTON, CHARLES SCOTT Chemistry and Math Age 21; Class '64. SHANNON, CARL J., JR. M.E. Age 23; Class '64; ASME; SAE; AFS; Hill Country HTC. SHAPIRO, THEODORE ALLEN Gen. Bus. Age 24; Class '64; Marketing Society; Management Sociefy; Hillel Society. Orange Llano IlTedII Springfield, NJ. SHAW, CHARLES CLEMENS "Chuckie Poo" Finance San Antonio Age 22; Class '64; San Antonio HTC. SHAW, EARL RAY "Ricky" Arch. La Marque Age 22; Class '64; SCONA VII; SCONA Vlll; Great Issues, Chairman Arrangements Com- mittee; Design Student Society; Fish Yell Leader; Election Commission. SHAW, MICHAEL LEE "Mike" San Antonio History Age 21; Class '64; EIecHon Commission. SHAW, WILLIAM BERNARD "Bill" M.E. Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Captain, Wrestling Team; Vice Pres., Wrestling Club; Automotive Engineers Society, Treas.; Mechanical Engineers Society; Military Engineers Society. SHAW, WILLIAM GEORGE "Bill" Gen. Bus. Brownwood Age 21; Class '64; Marketing Society; Pecan Valley HTC. I1 SHEETZ, ROY DELAND "Bull" 1 English and History Arlington, Va. Age 22; Class '64; English Sociefy; History Society; Sons of Service; Washington, DC, HTC. SHEINESS, HERSCHEL LEE History Age 21; Class '64; Hillel Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Bond. SIEGELIN, GERALD WAYNE E.E. Corpus Christi Age 21; C1055 '64; Tau Beta Pi; Who's Who; DMS; Engineer Staff; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eia Sigma; Ross Volunteers; Chicago Tribune Award; Houston Chamber of Commerce Award; DS; Secy., IEEE; Outstanding Fish and Soph. SIMMONS, ALBERT M. "Al" Arch. Vega Age 22; Class '64; Adm. Officer, Ross Volunteers; Design Studenl Society; Newman Club; American Ordnance Society; DMS; SCONA VI, VII, Vll, IX; Town Hall Staff; Decorations Air Force Ball, Conf. Mang.; SCONA IX, R.V. BALL, Jr. Ball; Permanent Firing Squad. SENIORS Alice SIMMONS, JERRY LEE Vet. Med. Keller Age 22; Class '63. SIMMONS, JOE DALTON Ind. Tech. Orchard Age 21; Class '64. SIMPTON, JERRY E. "Bear" Ag. Engr. Galveston Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Ag. Engr. Society; Alpha Zeta Fraiernify; Ag. Council; Wrestling Team; Engineers Council. SINGER, JAMES ROBERT "Jim" Math. Paris Age 21; Class '64; Physics Club; Russian Club, Vice Pres.; Dorm Council; Ramp Rep.; Aggie Players; 05; Fish Golf Team. SIZEMORE, JAMES L. "Squat" Ed. Liberty Age 22; Class '64; Lower Trinify Valley HTC. SKUPIN, HENRY CHARLES Math. Rosebud Age 21; Class '64; DMS. SLADEK, HERBERT H., JR. "Buddy" Ag. Eco. Austin Age 22; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club. SMALLWOOD, ROBERT DOUGLAS "Doug" B.A. Utopia Age 21; Class '64; Southwest Texas HTC; Management Society; Intramural Basketball. SMITH, AVERY WAYNE Finance Austin Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Eleciion Commission; Austin HTC; Finance Society; Track. 444 u K2 Vlapdg'tl oj J 10H t11s1. klsLTICS SMITH, CHESTER A., JR. Ag. Ed. Temple Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 8- Sitloin Club; Livestock 8. Meat: Judging Team; Bell County HTC; FFA. SMITH, DOUGLAS WAYNE "Doug" E.E. Center Age 22; Class '64. SMlTH, ELLIS VIRDEN Wildlife Management College Station Age 22; Class '64; Ross Vo1unlecrs; Fish and Game Club; 05. SMITH, HAROLD WAYNE Ag. Eco. Stamford Age 23; Class 164; Ag. Eco. Club, Treas.; Finance Sociely; Insurance Socie1y. SMITH, JAN LeROY Pf. Denron Age 26,- Closs '64. SM1TH, JOHN ROBERT Aero Engr. Age 22; Class '64; AIAA; Navarro County HTC, Vice Prey "John R" Corsicana SMITH, MANNING DeWITT "Dee" E.E. College Station Age 22; Class '64; DMS; 05; Ron Volun1eeu; SAME; Tau Beta PI; Em Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma,- Badminton Club, Doubles Chomp; Fixh Football Team,- Oumanding Jr. Engr. Awutd. SMITH, PERCY AL, JR. nBUddyu Accounting Houston Age 21; Class 164,- Arts !; Sciences Counci1; Accounting Sodcty; Insurance Society; BeHoire HTC, SMITH, ROBERT DAVID "Smitty" LT. Conroe Age 21; C1033 '64, SMITH, ROBERT D. "Bob" E.E. Victoria Age 21; Class '64; DS; Sccy , Guadalupe HTC; Ron Volunteers: Etc Kappa Nu; OuL s1andinng., 3 Gp.; Town Hall 51011, Produtfionx Chuhmon. SMITH, ROGER VAUGHN Meteorology Age 32; Class 16L SMITH, WILUAM TRAVIS B.A. Age 21; Class '64 Trenton, Missouri "Bill" Bryan SMYTH, JOE G. Arch. Age 22; Class '641 SOAPE, JERRY WAYNE Age 21; Class '64; Intramural Athlct u: AIChE, SOPER, LEIGH JEROME 'Sleepy' Marketing Dallas Age 21: Class '64; Marketing Seciew; Bushes: Sedc'v; '0ch HTC. Corpus Christi Let me say this about that . . . SPACEK, JAMES FRANK Education SPEIR, JOHN DAVID Agronomy SPENCER, TROY DAVID Physics "Speckle" Ganado Age 22; Class '64; Newman Club; NEA; DS; Jackson County HTC. SPALSBURY, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Wildlife Mgr. Borger Age 22; Class '64; Fish and Game Club; American Society of Mammalogists; Borger HTC. SPEED, JAVIER VALDEZ Business Age 24; Laredo Class '64; Pan American Club; Insurance Society; Marketing Society. IIJackIl Uvalde Age 22,- Closs '64; Agronomy Society; Southwest HTC, Treas.; Saddle 8t Sirloin Club. SPENCE, GARY WAYNE Range Management San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Vice Pres., Range 6 Forestry Club; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC. SPENCER, JOHN 5. LT. Age 22,- Class '64; Sam Houston HTC; Ind. Ed. Commerce; Freshman Intramural Softball Championship. "Spence" Houston Chamber of Society; Jr1 Rep. to "Dave" Bryan Age 24; Class I'61. SPERBERG, RONALD LEIGH Finance Age 21; Class '64; Odessa HTC; Flying Kadets; DS. SPILLMANN, CHARLES DOUGLAS Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Alpha Zeta. Odessa IlDougII Austin SPRINGER, BOBBY L. M.E. Rockwell Age 22; Class '64; Pres., Alpha Phi Omega; ASME. STANTON, WILLIAM L. Pet. E. Age 21; Class '64,- Med-Pre Den? Society. STARK, FRANK WILLIAM, JR. Ind. Engr. Davenporf, Iowa Age 21; Class '64; Dorm Council, Pres., Secy.; AIIE, Vice Pres.; Handball Club; Baseball Letterman; AlI-SWC Baseball; AIl-NCAA District VI Baseball; Civilian Student Council; Aggie Sweetheart Selection Committee. STARR, HOWARD GRAHAM M.E. Age 24; Class '64; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; ASM; DS, Houston Ross Volunteers; Am. Military Engrs. Society; Houston HTC; Pre Houston STASNEY, PAIGE A. Animal Science Baytown Age 22; Class '64; Vice Pres., Baytown HTC; Dorm Pres.; Committee on SfudeM Health 8. Sanitation; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. STEEN, MORRIS ALLAN Math. Age 21; Class '64. STEIN, FRANKLIN JOSEPH Vet. Med. Age 20,- Class '64; AVMA; Newman Club; 05; Pres., Southwesv Texas HTC. "Mouse" San Antonio "Frank" San Antonio "Dick" Garden City, Kan. Election Commission; Arts 8. STENGEL, GEORGE JORDAN, JR. English Age 21; Class '64; French Club; Debate Club, Secy.-Treas.; Sciences Club. STEVENER, BOBBY LEE Vef. Med. Age 20; Class '64,- AVMA. STEWART, DANNY BEN Ag. Ed. Age 21,- Class '64; FFA; Pres., 4.H Club; Trees, Ag- Count"- IIBobII Bryan Sterling City 446 SPURGER, "Ritchie" Math, Houstdn Age 21; Class '64; A531. A111. Officer; Math Club; Physics Club; Sam Houston HTC. STANTON, WILLIAM KENNETH Math. Age 21; JAMES RITCHIE "Ken" Victoria Class Campus Chest, '64; Election Commission; Student Senate, Chairman, Blo.od Drive; Ross Volunteers; DS; Honor Council; SCONA; MSC Appreciation Award; Bat- fallon Award; Math Club; Victoria HTC; YMCA Cabinet; Arts 81 Sciences Council; A8M Adjunct SChOIG' Award; Quartermaster Association; Exchange Store Advisory Board; MSC Leadership Conference; YMCA Fish Camp Adviser; Who's Who; Delegate 10 National Student Assc. of YMCA. STOGSDILL, RUSSELL LEE Arch. Forr Worth Age 25; Class '64; Design Student Society. STOKES, WILLIAM PICKETT, JR. "8111" M.E. Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Civilian Student Council; Swimming Team; ASME. STOVER, RAY J. "Ray" English and Physics Iceland Age 21; Class '64; SCONA; Phi Em Sigma; Debate Team; Ross Volunteers. STRANDTMAN, GERALD A. "Jerry" Accounting Spring Branch Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Alpha Phi Omega; Insurance Socieiy; Accounting Society. STRANGE, WILLIAM BAZEL Geology and English Kerens Age 22; Class '65; Geology Club; Navarro County HTC STRIEGLER, HARVEY R., JR. Education Irving Age 21; Class 164; Educafion Club. STRINGER, JAMES LEWIS "Jim" M.E. . Henderson Age 21; Class '65. STRIPLING, W1LL1AM BENJAMIN, JR. "Bill" C.E. Nacogdoches Age 22; C105: '63. STRUB, RODNEY JEFF E.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Dorm Council; D51 '64 STUCKEY, JOE W. "Dimps" C.E. Queen City Age 20; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Am, Society of Civil Engrs.; Traffic Engrs. Institufe; ASME; Judo Club; Top CE. Soph.; Engineer Staff; Pres., Texarkana HTC; Research Asst, Texas Transportation Institute; SCONA Host STURGEON, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Arch. Cons. Terrell Age 22; Class '64; Singing Cadets; DSS; AGC. SUDDERTH, CARL VIRGIL "Carj" Geology Mission Age 21; Class '64; Geology Club; Newman Club; Student Engr, Council; Military Engrs, SULLIVAN, RICHARD GRANT M.E. Delmar, N.Y. Age 21; Class '64; SAE; ASME; Gymnastics Team; Yankee HTC. SUMMERS, FRANKLIN DALLAS "Frank" Economics Longview Age 21; Class '64; Jr. Ye11 Leader; Delegate Scu1hwest Conference Sportsmanship Assc. SUPERCINSKI, FRANKLYN LEE "Frank" Modern Languages Wichita Falls Age 21; Class '64; Arts 81 Sciences Council; Pres., Modern Languages Club; Trecs., Young Democrats; Russian Club; Wichita Falls HTC. SURBER, MARTIN F. Marketing Garland Age 22; Class 164; Garland HTC; Pres, SUROVIK, JOE T. "Red" Wildlife Mgr. and Ed. Holland Age 24; Class '65; Game 8. Fish Club; Brazos Volley Gun Club; Brazos Bowman. SYLER, GERALD WAYNE E.E. Sherman Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Publicify Officer Town Hall; IEEE1 SWAN, MICHAEL K. "Mike" Marketing Afhens Age 21; Class '64; Varsity Football; Freshman Football; HT" Association; Marketing Society; Management Society; Afhleh'c Rep. Southwesf Conference Sportsmanship Committee. SWIFT, JERRY DEES Ag. Ed. Crane Age 23; Class 164; FFA1 TACKITT, ROBERT C. "Bob" E.E. Worrham Age 23; Class '63; IEEE. CLAQQ OF "Mike" Shreveport, La. SCONA VII, VIII, THOMPSON, MICHAEL DAVIS Arch. Age 21; Class '64; Design Student Society; IX; Execque Committee. THOMPSON, VICTOR H., 111 Economics Age 21; Class Ordnance Assn. THORNBERRY, JONATHAN MICHAEL Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '64; Ag. Eco. Club; Rodeo Club; Montgomery County HTC; 4.H Club. Shreveport HTC, Secy.; Houston '64; Firs? 591., Fish Drill Team; Ross Volun'feers; Economics Club; Am. IlBoblI Tulia THORNBORROW, ROBERT E. 5.5. Age 25; Class '64. TISDAL, VICTOR C., JR. Zoology Age 21; Class '64; Preesq Pre-Med Pre-Dent Society. TOMAN, RAYMOND PATRICK, JR. Gen. Bus. Age 22; Class '64; Insurance Sociely; Management Society; Most Improvement in Grades; DS; Jackson HTC; Newman Club. IITisll Elk City, Okla. "Tommy" Lampasas TOMPKINS, JOHN WILLIAM English Age 21; Class '64; Gamma Delta; Chess Club; English Society. TOOLE, IRVIN, JR. C.E. Oakhursf Age 22; Class '64; ASCE; SAME; Big Thicker HTC; Opportunity Award Scholarship; DS; DMS; Ross Volunfeers Permanent Firing Squad. TRAHAN, TERRY CHAMBERS Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Singing Cadets; Brigade Color Guard. 448 IlBiIIII Brooklyn, N.Y. DS; Vice Pres., Yankee TALAREK, WILLIAM ROBERT Math. Age 20; Class '64; Bowling Committee; Math Club; Match Team; HTC. "Stump" TAYLOR, HAROLD ALLEN Fort Worth Marketing Age 22; Class '63. TAYLOR, JAMES HERBERT Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '64; AVMA; Sears Roebuck Scholarship. IIJ imll Weatherford TAYLOR, JOHN WILLIAM, JR. "Ace" Eco. El Dorado, Ark. Age 21; Class '64; Aggieland Staff, Class Section, Assl. Ed.; Economics Club. TAYLOR, KENNETH FRED Aerospace Engr. Age 21; Class '64. TEASLEY, JOHN H. Personnel Mgf. Age 21; Class '64; Ordnance Assn. Sanro "Johnny" Corpus Christi HTC; Newman Club; Young Republicans Club; Am. Corpus Christi TENZER, NEIL BRUCE Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '64; AVMA; Wrestling Team; TERRY, WILLIAM LLOYD "Bill" E.E. San Saba Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Bond; Aggieland Orchestra; IEEE; Freshman Engr. Society. THEDFORD, MARVIN Ag. Engr. Age 23; Class '64; Intramural Football; Ag. Engr. Society. Dallas Pre-Vet Society; 8.5. of Vet Science. Brenham "Charlie" Marshall Insurance THOMAS, CHARLES ELDON Finance Age 21; Class Society; IIA. THOMAS, ROBERT WAYNE Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; D5. THOMPSON, DAVID RICHARD "Dave" Agronomy Nocona Age 21; Class '64; AOA; Agronomy Society; Soil Conservation Society; Texarkana HTC; DS; Young Republicans Club. '64; Marketing Society; Pres., Marshall HTC; Finance Society; IlBobll Bryan 64 "Jon" Conroe "Bubba" Ganada Marketing Society Award for "Zombi" Pr. Arthur URDANETA, RAFAEL EUDORO Marketing Age 25; Class '64; SCONA; Murkeling Society; Insurance Society. VALAREZO, CARLOS GERARDO Bus. Adm. Age 22; Class '64; Pan American Club; Soccer Team. VALDEZ, ABELARDO LOPEZ Cf. Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers, Staff; ASCE; Newman Club; Moore Unit; Best Infantry Unit. Mexico City, Mex. Zaruma, Ecuador "Lalo" Floresville Outstanding Fish; General VALDEZ, JAVIER B.A. Laredo Age 23; Class '63; Management Society; Newman Club; Laredo HTC, Treas., Pres. VALENTA, FREDJULIAN LE. Jarrell Age 29; Class '63; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE, Pres.; Alpha P1 Mu, Vice Pres.; En- gineers Council. VAN CLEVE, DELBERT WILLIAM Houston Animal Husbandry Age 21; Class '64; Rodeo Club; Jones-Austin HTC; Pre Vet Society; Church of Christ Bible Chair; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. VANDIVER, ROBERT LEE "Bob" M.E. Alice Age 21; Class '64; ASME; SME; Dorm Council; Freshman Drill Team; Hometown Club. VAUGHAN, RONALD WAYNE "Wayne" Psychology Ft. Worth Age 20; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Sons of Revolution Award; Houston Chamber of Commerce Award; SCONA VII, VIII, IX; DS; DMS; Freshman Drill Team; Debate Team. VAUGHAN, T. FRANK, JR. Marketing Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Markeiing Society; Management Society; Dallas HTC. VAZQUEZ, SERGIO V. Accounting Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Age 21; Class '64; DS; Pan American Club; Secy., Laredo HTC; Accounting Sociefy; Newman Club. VEAZEY, DON RUSSELL Meteorology Houston Age 21; Class '64; DS; Opporiunity Award Scholarship; Phi E10 Sigma; Ross Volunteers; Vice Commandant: Award; Best Drilled Soph. VEITH, BERT L. Personnel Adm. ' Age 21; Class '64; Mitchell Hall; ' Society. San Antonio Floor Repw Secy.-Treas.; Asst. EcL-lndex SecHon; Insurance TRUETT, JOE CLYDE Wildlife Mgf. Age 22; Class TRUJILLO, JOE ANTHONY Bus. Adm. Age 25; Class '64; Management Soc1e1y; Marketing Society. Jasper '64; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Vice Pres., Game 6 Fish Club. IIJOelI Roswell, NM. TUDELA, JUAN ANTONIO "John" 1. En. La Paz, Bolivia Age 24; Class '64; All; Newman Club; Pan American Club; Soccer Team; AIP. TUMLINSON, GRADY NIXON Ag. Ed. Age 26; Class '60. TURZAK, THOMAS MICHAEL Ch.E. Age 21; Class '64. Mission IITOmII Pirfsburgh, Pa. "Yank" TWOMEY, RAYMOND DOUGLAS New York City, NY. Marketing Age 21; Class '64; Business Club; Yankee HTC. TYLER, JESSE DEE Accounting Galveston Age 20; Class '64; Accounting Sociely; Gclves1on HTC. UPCHURCH, JOHN PAUL Texarkana Meteorology Age 21; Class '64; Band; Aggieland Orchestra, Director; Intelligence and Safety Officer, Combined-Band S1011; DMS; Am. Meteorological Society; Chi Epsilon Pi; Mefeorology Honor Sooefy; Texarkana HTC, Secy. UPTMORE, DAVID JOSEPH Accounting Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Society; Newman Club. West VELA, GUILLERMO JOSE "Memo" Insurance Laredo Age 21; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; Ins. Rep. 10 Arts 6 Sciences Council. VENGLAR, PATRICK WILLIAM HPaf" Ed. Ganado Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Engr. Society; Newman Club; Tex. Students Teachers Assoc; Pres., Jackson County HTC. VESELKA, SHELBURNE JAY "Shelly" History Bellaire Age 20; Class '64; Guidon Bearer; Outstanding Soph.; Election Committee, Chairman; Siudent Senate Rep. from Arts 6 Sciences; Bellaire HTC; Pre-Law Sociefy; DMS; Sons of Am. Revolution Award. VETTER, LAWRENCE CHARLES "Larry" History Seguin Age 21; Class '64; Student Chaplain; Pres., Semper Fidelis Society; Newman Club. VICK, JOHN ROGER Government Housfon Age 21; Class '64; SAME; Alpha Phi Omega; Am. Ordnance Society; Sons of Service. VICKNAIR, TOMMY JUDE "Coon" Mafh. Porf Arthur Age 20; Class '64; Ross Volunteers; DS; Wrestling Club; Vice Pres., HTC; Pres., Math. Club. VILLALON, BENIGNO "Ben" Agronomy Edcouch Age 27; Class '64; Agronomy Society; K of C. VILLARREAL, JOSE, JR. "Mexkie" Animal Husbandry San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. VOELKEL, TRAVIS T., JR. "Hoss" Animal Husbandry Brenham Age 21; Class '64; Pre Vet Society; Mitchell Hall Dorm Council; Student Council Rep.; Rodeo Club; Saddle 1L Sirloin Club; Sbisa Dining Hall CommiHee; Outstanding Civilian Students Committee Chairman; Civilian Sfudenf Weekend Dance Commiffee, Advertising Committee; Washington County HTC, Pres.; Young Republicans Club; Mitchell Hall Infra- murals, Football, Baseball and Wrestling; CoHon Pageant Escort. VOLLMER, JAMES FRANCIS, JR. "Mole" Accounring El Paso Age 21; Class '64; Pres., El Paso HTC; Delegate to SCONA IX; Accounting Society; Marketing Society. VOSS, JERRY DON "Run?" Ind. Tech. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; I. Ed. Society. WADE, TOMMY HOUSTON Accounfing Dallas Age 22; Class '64; Accounting Society. WAGNER, THOMAS P. "Tom" C.E. Dallas Age 20; Class '64; Singing Coders; Am. Society of Civil Engrs.; Chi Epsilon; Young Republicans; Aggie Bible Class. WALL, LOUIS JAN "LOU" Range Mgr. Brownwood Age 23; Class '63; Range 6 Forestry Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Game 8. Fish Club; Pecan Valley HTC. WALLER, FLOYD ROBERT "Floyd" Range Mgr. Mason Age 21; Class '64; Range 81 Forestry Club; Pres., Am. Society of Range Mgt; Student Ag. Council; Infer-College Council; Freshman Ag. Society; Range 81 Foresrry Club; Pianf Identification Team; Dorm Council; Alpha Zeta. The result of an unofficial corps trip to TU. Z WALLS, CHARLES NOEL E.E. Age 23; Class '63; IEEE. WARREN, LAURENCE ALLAN Animal Husbandry WARRICK, CLIFTON EUAL Physical Education WATKINS, CHARLES EDWARD Markefing Age 23; Class '64; Baseball Team; Marketing Society. WATSON, CARL LEE Incl. Tech. WATSON, JOSEPH MYERS, JR. B.A. Age 22; Class '64; Southwest Texas HTC; Saddle 84 Sirloin Club. Milburn, Okla. Uvalde "Cliff" San Antonio Age 28; Class '57; Health ii Physical Education Club; San Antonio HTC. "Chuck" Brownwood nDocu Houston Age 24; Class '63; MSC Camera Committee; Safeiy Club; Alpha Phi Omega. "Joe" Hurst Age 20; Class '64; 05; Ft. Worth HTC; Chairman, MSC Chess Committee. WATTS, AUGUSTUS A., JR. "Andy" E.E. Ft. Worth Age 21; Class '64; IEEE; SAME; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa NU; Worth HTC; Bes! Drilled Freshman; DS. WEATHERBY, JAMES L. "R.H.P." Math. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Aggie Band; Pres., Moth Club; DS. WEHNER, BYROM THORGESON "BI." E.E. Houston Age 20; Class '64; Freshman Engr. Society; IEEE; IEE; Publicity Committee; MSC Radio Committee; Wesley Foundation, Tress" Secy.-Treas.; DS; Scholarship Award; A8M Adiunc'; Tau Beta Pi; Etc Kappa Nu. QENIORS WEIDMAN, ROBERT R., JR. "Bob" B.A. Marshall Age 28; Class '65; SAM. WEISER, HAROLD EDWARD Floriculfure Cisco Age 21; Class '64; Floiicullure Club. WELBORN, BRUCE LOZlER "Razor': Pef. Engr. Gladewater Age 24; Class '64; HTC; Pet. Engr. Club; AIME. WELLS, JAMES C. "Jim" Animal Husbandry Madisonville Age 23; Class '64; Saddle EL Sirloin Club. WERT, HAROLD EDWIN "Hap" Math. Baytown Age 21; Class '64; Math Club; Chess Club; Spor1s Editor Aggieland; Pres., Baytown HTC; WEST, KENNETH WAYNE "Kenz" Accounting Bryan Age 21; Class '64; Civilian Siudent Council; Accounting Society. WHITCOMB, MICHAEL BERNARD "Mike" Ind. Tech. Baytown Age 22; Class '63; American Foundryman's Society. WHITE, GEORGE K. "Flop" Gen. Bus. Mont Belvieu Age 22; Class '64; D5,- Vice Pres., Marketing Sociely; Business Sociely. WHITLOCK, LARRY LEE Microbiology Bells Age 23; Class '63; Singing Cadets; Dorm Council; Groyson HTC; Baptist Student Member. WIEDENFELD, KENNETH WAYNE Animal Husbandry Comfori Age 21; Class '646 WIEDERHOLD, ROBERT W. "Billy" Agronomy Dime Box Age 21; Class '64. WILBECK, AUGUST CLARK "Clark" Animal. Husbandry Hungerford Age 22; Class '64. WILLCOX, GERALD PATRICK "Pat" I.T. Anahuac Age 21; Class '64; Baytown HTC; Fish Intramural Diving Champ; MSC Dance C1055; WILLIAMS, JAMES MORGAN "Jim" Wildlife Mgr. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Singing Cadets; Dorm Chaplain; Young Republicans; San Anlon1o HTC; Fish 6 Game Club; Sons of Service HTC. WI LLIAMS, JOHN LEE Ag. Ed. Harlingen Age 26; Class '64; FFA. WILLIAMS, ROBERT CHARLES 5.5. Age 21; Class '64; Pres., Hometown Club; IEEE. WILLIAMS, RONALD LEE "Willie" Ag. Eco. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; Intramural Mgr.; Dallas HTC. WILLIAMS, WILBURN C. History Big Lake Age 21; Class '64; Squadleader, Platoon Leader in Co. A-1. Denison WILLIS, G. W. KETCHEL Accounfing Amarillo Age 21; Class '64; Accounting Society; Amarillo HTC; Bapfisf Student Union; Foreign Student Chairman; Scholarship from Amarillo Mother's Club. WILLMANN, ROBERT LOUIS "Bob" Aerospace Engr. San Antonio Age 21; Class '64; Freshman Engr. Society; Aerospace Sciences Institute; Am. Institute for Aeronautics 81 Astronautics; Civil Air Patrol. WILSON, MARSHALL PAIGE E.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '64; E10 Kappa Nu, Trees; Tau Beta Pi; Radio Committee. WILSON, ROY DON "R D" Physical Educafion Ft. Worth Age 22; Class '64; "T" Assoc; Trainer; Physical Education Maiors Club; Ff. Worfh HTC. WILSON, WILLIAM BRADLEY Civil Engr. Houston Age 21; Class '64; ASCE; SAE. WIMBISH, ROBERT WALLACE Arch. Milford Age 22; Class '64; Great Issues, Chairman; MSC Council; SCONA Executive Committee; Chairman Leadership Conference. WINDHAM, TERRELL DEAN "Wink" M.E. Age 21; Class '64; ASME; SAE; Ramp Rep.; Dorm Council; Mid County HTC. WINGFIELD, KEITH A. "Sniffer" M.E. Silsbee Age 21; Class '64; ASME; DS. WINSHIP, THOMAS EDWARD M.E. Age 20; Class '64; ASME. Nome I "Tommy' Spring WOLF, ROBERT HERMAN "Bob" Vet. Med. Shreveport, La. Age 21; Class '64,- Southweslern Veterinarian Staff; AVMA; MSC Summer Directorate. WOMACK, GLENN LEWIS I.T. Age 22; Class '64. WOOD, LARRY DON Animal Science Age 21; Class '64; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; Rodeo Club; Gun Club. Longview WOODALL, RUSSELL PHILLIPS "Phil" Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '64; Pre Vef Society, Officer; Shreveport HTC; AVMA. WOODS, WARREN Eco. Shiro Age 21; Class '64. Shreveport, La. "Rusty" WURZBACH, CLARK ROY Agronomy Hondo Age 21; Class '64; Secy., Soufhwesf Texas HTC; Agronomy Society. :1 Jim... I .1 " ' 0'. " an...- VJYLIE, STANLEY ROSS ACCOUHNVVQ WYNN, HAXEY RAY Ef. Liv ff C 1:1: ti VJYNNE, JACK WALTERS CE. r'jh , YOUNG, LOUIS L Animal Science Ivy 7? 0:1: 54 YOUNG, NUCHAEL STARR Zoology L7" :1 CMI'. 64 ZATOPEK, EDVJARD JAfAES Mf. r570 71 Clcz't '61 F'k T7"! San Aqu 3 H'C ZAESKE, LOUIS WILLIE, JR, M.E I-gc ?2, Clot: '64: R01: VoluMccrz; Sludcnl Scnrc; Ropublwccm Club ASME; American Ordnance ASiCC; ZIMMERMAN, WINTON BOYD Aero Age 21; Class '64- 50:7, Imam.- rJ Acrctpaco S AnYCMO HTC A Stickers, anyone? Stickers am, eve? That bottle didn t haxe a candle in if a? the begivn'rg cf pa'$,'. 03; Team HcH Scc'wcfy d ML'c'y EN: EN" :'cn:cz- Scc'cl Ccn, PH: 3" '."rr': "Lou" Florosvilln CVcH Y'mq "Zim" San Antonio .'r' :v Clc-t Y'M "Stan" Pasadena 6'. Lufkin San Angelo F'e-kman Ergv "Lou" El Paso "Mikky" Temple uEdn San Anionic PUFF ';PA'"'T'1 U.! DV-S 454 : V xwxxxxxxxwxx x w CLAQQ OF- 1965 i i Tisdale, Triesch, Miss Anderson, Miss Gabriel, Muller, Wallace FRANK M. MULLER President EUGENE O. TRIESCH ............ -fu , , , Vice President GARY L. TISDALE - ........ "mu, ' H Social Secretary CHARLES E. WALLACE -, --- Secretary-Treasurer JUDY L. ANDERSON .......................................................... Junior Sweetheart NANETTE GABRIEL ,N Aggie Sweetheart Bcnllc, Harold T. i Bovgmonn, VVxllxom G. Borkcymcycr, David L. Eavkm Ruhord B Barlow, John E. EON, Dcnms 3. erCH Rmhord E. Bowen, J0me: T 4 Barry, Jumcs D 4. Balcman, Bony L. -' Bnucr Stephen M Ernie: M chncl C A Boxer XV llram C, ' ' Soda Jrkn C '? Bcckcm Ema n A A Bc gMc Ph H 9L Ponder w Ilmm C Sena Jmcrh F Bcn'w'v M194 0 , Jr chgncn Rewald D Eryn cvnl C Bet: Fume A Bculncgcl Eimu H. Bsckhcm .Vshww c A Bmhcp Man '1 0 84m, 1350 J Bloclmcll FchdtJ Slczhcll Thcmcs At 455 Blankenship, James W. Boehck, Richard R. Bogart, Danny M. Boles, James D. Bollinger, Lee S. Bone, George E. Borg, David A. Bullock, Eddie D. Bullock, Robert L. Burke, Advia J., Ill Burkhalier, Kenneth R. Burns, Henry T. Burns, James M Jr. Burr, Hiram H., Jr. Bush, John G. BuHrilI, Gerald H. Byram, James C. Byrd, Joe S. Coffey, Garry E. Cain, George E. Callahan, Francis T. CallcoH, William H. Camero, Hector A. Camp, Bill Campbell, David F. Cunup, David H. Ccrdwell, Thomas A. Callon, Freddy W. Carpenter, James M. Carrillo, Arturo L. Carrillo, Daniel S. Cosares, David, Jr. Castellanos, Martin M. Castillo, Julio C. Catalina, Pete A. BorgsfedteJ Theodore W. Boring, Emory P. Bornefeld, Bruce K. BoH, Jeff L Bourgeois, James E. Bourne, Cecil M. Bowers, Joe Brewster, Charles Britten, Charles L. Brooks, John M. Brotherton, John R. Broussard, Gordon G. Brown, Clifford L Brown, Larry G. Brown, Raymond L. Brown, Richard E. Brown, Roberf C. B owne, Herbert A. Bruce, David L. B son, Bernard G. ' uckeHew, William R. K. ' . $1 4, ' ' N"?! l i : n r u?!"R s : J a Dannhaus. Edward A. Darling, Hermon 8 Davis, Graymn L, Davis, Groyum L. DePasquol, Joseph A. de Villcncuve, Allen R. Devolivcx, Philip L Ca'al ac Pc'e A Ca':h rgs Rcaa'a C Cc.'m:n Cm d L, Chaney, Emu! W. Chcnmon, CL" M, Chencwe'H Robe" D. Ch !!:F Havchi WI. Ch: 3! Ailm E CHUDJ S'ephcn E Clovk, Jury l Clarke Gccvgc W CI hC'1 Dov d S Cochlcn John 5 Cchen Robert S Colletell, John M Coulson, Duv-d H Cox, Charles I Cox, Frank W Croclnclll Raymond W Cvechll, Raymond E, Crews, Thomas C. Chdcf, Jeny J Crowh, Gary W Cvuz, Roger Csogoly, Andvm J. Cuellor, Jame Cullen, Raymond P. Czar, Alben M , Jr, Dobyns, Alan L Dodson, David E Dodxon, Henry W. Dollms, James G. Doporio, Julie C Dorn, Richard C. Douglass, Mulvon E Downcy, Charles R. Downing, James N. Dreamer, John B. Duelm, Aubrey L Dulin, Edwin R. Dupliney. Gary R. Durbin, James P. Duty. Douglas W. Dyal, Donald R. Eddlcmon, Earl G Edgingwn, Larry E. Eggleston, Edward M. Elizondo, Rodolfo Elwell, Robert E. Gent, Terrence R. George, Raymond 0. German, Donn L. Germany, Jesse R. Gerrald, ScoH W. Gibson, Pafrick . Gibson, Robert L, Jr. Gibson, William E. Gilmore, Donald E. Ginzel, Daniel H. Glass, Daniel W. Glaze, Kenneth E. Glenewinkel, Dennis R. Golosinski, Michael J. Gonzalez, Ju n D. Goodman, La ry E. Gray, John W. Greek, Gerald T. Green, Richqd M. Greer, Max M. Gregory, Raymond W. Griffin, James E. Gruen, Frank, Jr. Guevara, Alvaro Gumm, Harold W. Gunter, James H. Huile, Daniel G. Halberf, David M. Eronimous, Rober? M. Esfrada, Eduardo Evans, Robert E. Evers, Gerald W. Fann, Ronald L. Falkner, James L. Fernald, William F. Fidler, Steven Fiegel, John L. Fillinger, Thomas J. Fine, Thomas M., Ill Finkelstein, Moshe Fisher, Joe H. Fisher, Roy J. Franklin, David A. Franklin, Kenny J, Frederick, Ralph A. Fried, Albert R. Fritz, Weldon B. Frizzell, Roy B. Fuchs, James A. Furber, Ronald W. Gage, E. Dean Galey, John H. Garcia, Anastasio Garcia, Mario N. Garcia, Robert R. : Garner, Daniels S. Mahoney, John M., II Mann, Greg A. Mann, James C. Morabella, Peter J., Jr. Marable, Don H. Morburger, Donald T. Margo, Roberto S. Marion, David P. Marshall, George R. Mortell, Robert D. Martin, ANred A. Martin, Aubrey G. Martinez, Homer T. Mason, William W. Matthews, Thomas M. May, Wiley D., Jr. Meyers, Pablo, Jr Mayo, James M. McBride, Ronald T McCall, Richard H., Jr. McColIisler, Clovis E. McCIung, Roy L. McCoIlum, James E. McConnell, Thomas T. McCoy, George L. McDaniel, O'Rell O. McDowell, David H. McFerrin, Artie R. 46! L rkin, James B. Laughlin, Michael D. Laurel, Victor H. Laxson, Mack W. LeBlanc, Rufus J., Jr. Ledoux, Laurie E. Lee, Beniomin Lee, James A. Lee, Peter H. Leggetf, Morris D. Lehne, Jimmy A. Lefson, James C, Lewis, Harry S. Lewis, John E. Lindstrom, Everett N. Ling, Don L, Jr. Lipe, John A. Lissiok, Victor, Jr. Liston, Ronald W. Longneck r, Carl E. Luedke, Delmas L. Luzius, Carl F Lynch, Robert W., Jr. Lyons, Don K. Mobie, Gary J. Maccoferri, Don A. Maddox, Douglas P. Maddox, Larry A. .. bpia-mbkik; 4L .. . s wa 'ithnwuulu' ,. .3! McCInn, Fred L MchnI'. McKrnnr , Cmy A. , Homllmn D, . , Loy E., II Meter, Eugene P. Mclmn, Robert G. Menziez, Stephen P. Meszer, Clarence R., Jr. Mieares, Leslie T. Miguro, Wallace Vv'. Milom, William C., Jr. Miller, Joel E. Mills, Donald W. Mims, Constantine, IH Mitchell, James D Mohr, Robert E. Molina, Hanry E. Monschke, Richard A Montoya, Jose A., Jr, Moon, William H. Mooney, WIIIEam E., JL Moore, John E. Moore, Lawrence Y. Moore, Ronald L. Moremcn, David E. Muller, Frank M., Jr. Murphey, Ronnie G. Murphee, Donald E. Murphy, David L. Murray, Roberv CA Mus'on, Kun A. Myers, Charles W, Myers, Earle R, Jr. Myers, Me'vin A. Myers, Norman E. Neal, Rober! M, Nesuda, Robert A. Nicholas, Robert W. Nixon, James L. Norman, Henry H. Norris, John R. Northcu", Jasper R. Norvell, Mkhuel J. Obedienfe, Jorge 6., Jr. OberhoH, Kenneth E. O'Bryont, Bill Ocker, Edward D. O'Connor, Joseph H., Jr. Gig 'em! A part of the Aggie zoo, and its zoo keepers. Oddson, Terrence A. Oinen, Ronald S. Olivarez, Ben D. Oliver, Michael M. Oliver, Paul R. Olson, M. 3199"62 Oman, Richard A. O'Neal, James L. O'Necl, Michael N. O'Reilly, Michael P. OHen, Douglas B. Owen, Frank $ , Jr. Pucholl, Carlton W. Palm, Robert N. Pedigo, Stephen K. Pendergross, Carl, Jr. Fenland, Aaron B. Perez, Victor M. Perkins, Herbert A. Peterson, Keith A. PeHy, George D. Petty, Jerry L. PeHy, Robert L. Phillips, Larry A. Pickard, James M. Pickord, Lowery B. Picken, Guy V. Piersall, John G. Piper, Lloyd L, Plummer, MiHy C. PIunkeH, Lorry K. Pool, Walter C. Porier, Ron R. Post, Lynn J. Pounds, Herbert E. Powell, Roger A. Proctor, John M. Pusch, Donald E. Plyant, Alfved J. Quisenberry, Alex J. Rab, thndker 5. Radar, William K. Mw' ' $257M r Ramsey, Johnny S. Runnels, Larry D. Rasch, Anthony A. Roy, Murphy E., Jr. Raymo d, Dennis H. Reeve, Lowell E. Reeves, Marion C. Reich, Robert E. Reicherzer, Gory W. Reifsnyder, Richavd E. ReHz, James J. Rektorik, Horace J. Reue, Glenn H. Reyes, Ruben V. Schur, Donald G ScoH, Preston A, Scott, Robert E, Sedberry, James M. Seely, Thomas R, Jr. Seguro, Richard P. Seirz, Richard D. Serimshire, Floyd H. Shodel, William N. Shane, John W. Sherman, William T. Simmons, Kenneih O, Simons, Milam T. Simpsonl Jimmie D. Simpson, Russell 8. Skaggs, Ronald L. Slaughter, David C. Slimp, Jack B. Sloan, Michael A. Slone, Richard L. Smith, Benjamin R. Smith, Charles E Smith, Darrell F. Smith, E C. Smith, Havold D. Smivh, Jackson K., Jr. Smith, Jay D. Smivh, John 0,, Jr. Richardaonl Michael L. Richter, Alden J,, Jr. Richter, Call X,, Jr, Riggs, James C. Ruley, Bully M, Riley, Brian L. Riley, Paul E Risingel, Charles R. Riske, Rober! M. Rivera, Antonio Robenson, Bill R. Robertson, Stephen B. Robinson, Michael C, Roche, Huber! C. Rohqdinglonis D Roming, Leland D. Soloma-Orozco, David A. Sanchez, David S. Sondfordl Ronald D. Sonfovd, Michael B. Songerhcusen, Chavles R. Sonsom, Homer J. Sonms, Jose C. Schowe, R. B, Schlaeger, Herman T. Schlcther, Kenneth J. Schmidt, Glenn W. Schoenemcnn, William A. Schomburg, Anhur B. SchoH, Ronald J. Suib, Michael R. Supak, James R. Taylor, William E. Teems, Terry L. Templar, Thomas W. Thedford, Billy R. Theis, Thomas M. Thomas, Norman C. Thompson, Alton C. Tierce, Millard L. Tiierina, Albert A. Tompkins, Bill G. Trainerl Lloyd Traylor, Bobby Traylor, Richard C. Tredway, Willard L. Trevino, Manuel R. Triesch, Eugene 0., Jr. Turney, William H. Urbanic, Charles E. Urbina, Luis R. Urdaneta, Rafael A. Uribe, Adelaide, Jr. Vacek, Mark, Jr. Valienle, Eduardo A. . VanWagner, Roger G. Vasek, Leon J. Vaughan, J C. Smith, Richard W. Stephen F. Smith, William O. Smothermon, Ronnie D. Snider, Robert H. Soland, Fred H., Jr. Sofelo, Oscar South, John H. Southerland, Jesse M. Spaefh, Clifford W. Spain, Henry S. Spengler, David W Spellmann, Robert L. Spencer, Erik L. Stevens, Michael P. Stevens, Richard M. Stewart, Chester 0. Stewart, William H. Stiles, David E. Stillwell, Virgle C., Jr. Sioffregen, Glen E. Stokes, Richard H. Sfovall, John M., Ill Stricklin, Billy C. Sfriegler, Thomas L. Suarez, Armando L Sugarek, Frank L. Suhler, David R. RICHARD DOOLEY Dooley, Miss Gabriel, Williams, Miss Eicholtz, Beck President MICHAEL BECK MICHAEL RAYBOURNE TRAVIS WILLIAMS Vice President JOHN RODGERS EVA LYNN EICHHOLTZ NANETTE GABRIEL MSC Representative Sophomore Sweetheart ........... Aggie Sweetheart 'd 5:7 JR Bresler, Dona A. Bfewster, Olun F. Brewvon, Audie R. Brockl Kennnh D. Brovze, Gary H. Brousxord, Edward A,, Jr. Brown, A. E. Brown, James F. Bro.W!, hmmxe M. Brown, Ronald F, Brown, Thomas G. Brumley, Billy D. Brumley, leliom D. Brumme", Barry J. C. Bryon, Jerry R. Bryant, Larry M. Buck, Craig G. Burch, Joe T. Burgoonl Collm 8. Burnett, James T, Burnetre, Ronald L. Burns, REchord L. Bush, Joseph K Byrnes, John M. Collowuy, Morris D. Campbell, Billy M. Campbell, Richard 5., Jr. Cannon, Michael 0. Cone, Joe U. Cono, Norcusco O. Cordlel, Richard B. Carpenter, dewn H. Carter, Clark E Castro, William Coswell, James E. Cervenko, Benme G. Cholberg, Marshall L. Chosvong, Dowd E. Chitwood, Richard D, Chovanec, Eugene E. Clancy, Edward L. Clark, Dowd W. Clements, John R. Cllmm, Robert L. Coco, chhoel F. Coffin, Charles H; Cole, Robert H. Collins, Robert E., Jr Collins, William G. Combs, Harold R. Connell, William 8. Cook, Larry E. Cook, Wade E. Coon, Crmg N, Cooper, Richard E. Cope, Houston D. Copeland, Ronald R. Corbett, Billy B. Cordero, Virgil N., HI Correll, Roy A. Cox, Gerald M. Cox, Ronald J. Craddock, Oliver W. Craig, Chris E. Crocker, Larry D. Crockett, David S. Crumbliss, James J. ver, James L. uny, Fred C. Cure, Louie M. Curing'on, Lloyd D. Daerr, Richard L. Dalton, James V. Duly, Michael E. Dorden, James 6., III Darmon, R' hard B. Davi T Dhif, Khemois Dioz, Julio F. Dibrell, Charles F., Jr. Dietz, Irving M. Dilfz, Theo R. Dismukes, John T., Jr. DiHberner, Phillip L. Dockery, Rodney L. Dodgen, John P. Dodson, David H. Dominy, James F. oho, Glynn R. Donnellan, Robert Q Donovan, Richard L. Dooley, Richard M. Doolittle, James H, Ill Doran, Russell L. Dorn, Wilfred C., Jr. Douglas, John W. Dowden, William T., Jr. Doyul, Sidney R. Doyle, Thomas A Dromgoole, Glenn A. Druebert, Hilmar C. duBose, Wade B. Duchamp, Eugene A. Duncan, William S. Dungan, Clifford T. Dungan, James R. Duran, John M. Duvall, Du can E., Jr. Ellis, John M. Ellis, Robert C. Elsey, Ronald E. Elzner, Dennis R. Engdahl, Gilbert R. Engelbert, Richard E. Engelbert, Robert A English, Ronald W. Erwin, Edward A. Escobar, Kenneth R. Esporza, Edward D. Estes, Ivan G. Evans, Michael L. Felkner, Roy D. Felps, Alton D. Ferreira, Abel M. Ficker, Richard H. Fischer, David H. Fisher, Joseph H. Fletcher, Ronald W. Ford, Edwin R. Foster, Jim Fowler, Harry B. Fowler, Thomas P. Franks, Clarence E. Fraser, Joseph G. Frazier, Stephen W. Fredericksen, Larry W, Friedmann, Raymond J. Fulgham, William N. Fuller, David W. Furrh, Samuel R. Gaden, John D. Gallegos, Joseph Galloway, William E. Gamble, Michael E. Garcia, Romeo C. Gayle, Charles M. Gee, John F. Gibson, David V. Giesenschlag, William H. Gilbert, Michael D. Gill, Ellis C. Gillis, Travis 0., Jr. Gingrich, Larry H. 469 Goodwin, Henry W Gordon, Donny M. Gordon, Palrick T. Gosncy, Gary L. Grof, Albert K Graf, Kenneth E. Grolton, Michael B Graham, Dove E. Graham, Rick J. W Grams, Eugene J. Graves, Jack, Jr, Gray, Jay A. Griffnn, Charles V. Griffith, Donald L. Griffith, John S Griffith, Michael W. Griffith, Sieven K. Gudgel, Keith E. Guerra, Robert L. Gutierrez, Hector X. Hoglc, Donald H Hall, William S HOMIHOn, Po'nc C. Hommel, Richard W. Hanna, Wayne W. Hanusch, John A. Hanzalik, Hermon A. Hapenney, James D. Harbert, Jerry C. Horcrow, Robcn J. Horgrove, Thomas R. Harrell, Thomas E. Horns, Dickie A. Horns, Franklin A. Harris, Jack E. Horns, Ronald A. Hort, Anyhony P. Harvey, Edgar J. Harvey, Gary B HosselmeJer, Robcrl J. Horcher, Lester B. Howkes, Rotor! W. Hayden, Louis E. Hays, Dowd M. Hearron, George S Hefley, Martin W Heger, Robert S. Hencrd, Don M,, Jr. Henry, Sam 5., Jr. Hensorling, George B. Henslee, Robert W., JL Hereford, Michael G. Herring, Sheldon M. Hicklm, John S Mt? . Hicks, Hal S HIH, Cornelxus E. Hill, Orvel F. Hlll, Mlolmr C. Hdron, Whnncy L Hlozck, Donald R. Holden, Erc J Holder, Leonard D. Hollon, John D., HI Hollingsworfh, Russell C Holster, Jesse L Hood, Ronald E. Hooton, James G. Hooton, James VV Horn, Lows G. Hornbock, James R. Horne, Morrwselte W Houston, James B. Howard, James W. Hubert, Paul E. Hudler, Thomas J. Huffman, Kirby Ml. HUH'IIHCS, Bobby R Hughes, Lynn 3., Jr. Humphries, Paul M. Hurto, Frank J. Huston, Michael D lsbell, Robert G. Ivie, Glen W Jackson, Donald L. Jackson, Oscar, Ill Jackson, Thomas M. Jacobs, Jerry A Jocobv, Pete Wk, JL Joegers, Gordon A. James, Korl R. Joris, Edward J. Jendvusch, Gerald J. Jerden, Larry R. Johnson, Afton B. Johnson, Albert P. Jones, Hugh N. Jones, Jerry L, Jones, chhord A Juarez, Jocunlo P. Kohonek, Henry Kaiser, Larry K. Kouffmon, James H. Kearney, John A. Keeling, Donald XV. Kellcrs, Dennis R Kelley, Charles P. Kcnncdy, Cory VV 470 Kcnncmcr, Larry C. McGowan, Dee W. McGrath, Michael J. McKaughon, Edward W. McKinney, John C. McMillen, Thomas A Medford, Sidney F. Mella, Charles A. Mencoza, Francisco Merritt, Weldon L. Mika, Donald F Miller, Jack H. Miller, Larry B. Miller, Wesley L. Miller, William A. Millikin, Charles W., Ill Milsread, James P. Minks, Ray C. Mistrof, Ralph W. Mitchell, Edwin D., II Mock, Tommy Dl, Jr. Moon, Thomas E. Moore, John M. Moore, Marbert Gw Jr. Moore, Ronald K. , William D., III Morgan, Charles E Morgan, Ronald W, Morris, Douglas R. Morris, James H Morris, Larry D. Morrison, Robert G. Mosesmon, Barry Mosty, Robert L, Jr. Manley, James R. Munson, Gary W. Munson, Milcm A. Murrah, Thomas F. M rray, James C Musser, Tommy W. Muzny, Lawrence S. Myers, William F. Nabors, Michael Nagy, William F. Ncron, Duane V. Neeley, Jimmy E. Neely, James E. Neely, Joe P. Nelson, John E. New, Benny L. Newcomer, Everett 5. Newton, Reginald D. Nickell, Robert L. Nolfe, John F. Northcun, Howard W. Kessler, Homer W Key, Dennis M. Kicklirer, Lowry N. King, Cullis L., Jr Kirchner, Vinson E. S. Kiyo, Michael K. Kleemeier, Henry G. Knouse, Jerry A. Koch, Kenneth J. Kollenborn, Byron B. Kosows Robert V. Kronen erger, Louis Kublcek, Donald Kunz, Andrew E Lackey, Stacy H. Lake, Simeon T. Lamm, Michael E. Lone, Robert W. Lonsford Ronald C. Low, Jo as R. Lawson, Shurol D. Lee, Loyl L Lgfbvic'h, Marion-W J - Leifeste, Lin Y , . Long, Robert K. Lovelace, David J. Lovelace, John L. Lunsford, Thomas M Morkey, Frank H. Morrou, Benjamin F. Marsh, Ronald A. Martinez, Juan A. Massey, Billy G. Massey, Calvin L., Jr. Mcrthoei, Rudolf H. Matthews, Warren T. Molthys, Allen W. Mulyeor, Arthur L. May, Roy L. McAdams, Charles 0. McCall, Homer G. McCarthy, Loyd V. McClung, John E McDonald, Rich rd P. McGinnis, Charles T., Ill McGowan, Brian W. Norton, lumm i melm, Jumm R NDKDH, Jun I Okmuk, Ralph P. OHum, Muhm'l, Ill OIIVN, Hmmm B Overlon, Mwlm E Owen, Rohch W. Pnlmer, Daniel W; Parry, Wlllmm H POM, Ronald E. PoHon, John H. Povclku, Mac A. Pcchoncc, William C. Peoples, William M. Polcwol, Alfred R. Parry, Billy B Perryman, David A. Peterson, Donald L. Polrank, Alberl C. Pelrush, Ernes! F. Perry, Daniel B. Pickering, Grover Q Pickles. Robert J. Pierce, Don R. PICSIcski, Stan W. Pipes, Charles R Pizzifolo, John A. Place, Bradley E., Jr. Poliro, Joseph G. Post, Donald E. Potenzo, Tommy G. PoHs, erllom R. Powell, James W. Powell, Lonnre L., Ill Pozneckl, Andrew VV , Jr. Preieon, John C Presswood, Lam N. Prewutr, John I. PreWIH, Raymond A, Pick, Lloyd D. Quebe, John C. Rodcllffc, Ronald J. Roinen, Edwin A. Romey, Dovud J Ralph, Peler V Ramsey, Jack B , Jr Rash, Charles E. Rasmussen, Richard A. Roybournc, Michael L. Reed, James A. Reeh, Charles D. Reese, Kenneth L. Reeves, Gary N. Reichle, Leander A, Jr. Reid, Wlllwom L. Relmers, Duwd D. Remme, Mmhoe! J. Reynolds, Dowd C. Rmhords, Burr S. Rwddle, Benny L, Roberts, John S. Retmson, James E Rodgers, John H, Rodriguez, Benlomm, Jr! Rodrwguez, Jose M, Roesler, Helmuvh W, Rogers, Floyd V. Roles, LUIS E. Rosenboch, Lawrence M Rosentoum, Gene W Ross, Thomas H Roih, Clayton L. Rouis, El Mongl Rounlree, Mox F, Ruednch, Randolph AA Range, James F. Ruppersberger, John S, Rutledge, Robert M. Soenz, Angel, Jr. Solge, Andrew C. Solrnos, Jose L. Sonchezl Dvego Sounders, Mvchoel C Scarborough, Ceol H. Schoppough, Ronald D. Scheer, Eddie F. Scherer, Richard M. Schvwetz, Theodore F. Schroeder! Kenneth R. Schubert, Raymond H Schuchordr, Jimmy C. Schuelke, Larry L Schultz, Lewvs R, Schur, James L. Schwerrher, Larry J, Scan, Richard A. Seogo, John M. See, Edward C. Shollcross, RIChOId S. Sharp, Marcus V, Sharp, Roger W. Sheaffer, Donald E Sherman, Steve A. Summons, Don H, Simmons, Jerry M. Singleton, James M Skules, Clifford A , Jr. 472 aim? . - 5.; m .u- L5,; .; war memw" W'wwwwwrn w . Tompkins, Alfred T. Touchon, Anthony H. Tracy, Dick A. Trlica, Frank E., Jr. Troff, John E., Jr. Tubre, Sfephen R. Tyree, Thomas N. Urban, William F. Vackar, Robert C. VanHoosier, William L. Vcnn, Richard D. Va ghn, Francis A V ughn, Ronald E. Van Dohlen, Donald R. chdill, Stephen W. Wallace, John W. Waller, Lynn A. Wonleoeben, Kenneth L. Warren, Kirby J. Worringfcn, David R. Watson, Frank D. Watson, Richard C. Waits, David E. Watts, Eddie Lu Weathers, Stanley J. Webb, Bryon L. Weber, John D. Weedon, James R. Weir, Victor A., ll Wessels, James A. Westmoreland, Gary K. Westmoreland, John S. Wetherbee, Charles F. Whilson, John T. Whifson, Robert H. Wilks, Phillip G. Willcox, Mitchell G. Wille, Kenneth B. Williams, David H. Williams, Travis R. Willingham, George A. Wilson, Clyde A., Jr. Wilson, Winston L. Winsdor, Cecil 0., Jr. Winn, Ron D. Wollers, Richa A., Jr. Woods, David R. Woodson, Jerry P Worsham, Lushene M. Wright, Robert A. Wright, William D. Wright, William V. Yuhia, Abdelmaiid Young, Craig B. Slavik, George J., Jr. Sleeper, William W., Jr. Sloan, John E. Sluis, James K. Smith, David B. Smith, James A. Smith, James H. Smith, Pat A. Smith, Robert L. er, Vic'or V. Williu Stanley, Melvin C. Stanley, Richard G. Steurns, Cloud R. Stein, Russell W. Stewart, Joe R. Stewart, Lindon M. Sfewarf, Robert E. Sfockslill, Gerald R. Stoops, Steven G. Sfryker, Allen J. Sfudley, Paul R. Sullivan, Andy Swanson, William T. Sweifzer, William A. Swepe, James R. Tate, Paul V. Taylor, George L. Taylor, Jon C. Taylor, Thomas H. Taylor, William 0., Jr. Tees, David G. Teipel, John R. Tesscda, Enrique A. Thomas, David L. Thompson, Dilworth P. Thompson, Marion 5., Jr. Thornhill, John D. Thornhill, OHo M., Jr. Thornton, Alton W., Jr. Tindcll, Marion H. Tolleson, William D. Tomlinson, Warren N. , YYYYW L , 7L5 27L Z? 7?? , Z Z ZL Y President iden'r Treasurer Secretary Pres ?Vice SefCreTaxry SOClaI x x? VszKYle ?My ?MZZ ?i L i L Y7 ff; Kw y f yf Y waf , 2 Y o l" E c M e, k Y .0 b 0 S, r 9 Y e M LtoR LOUIS OBDYKE DENNIS ELROY ROBERT MEYERS JACK NELSON Abbott, Edward C Abbott, John P g Ackermon, CI hon W Adomt, Billy D Adams, John W Adoma, Neel E, Jr Adama, Pemr L thticn, C d E, II Aglwlh, TC-Nf C Aldopc, Joel Aldnch, Collm S Alexandcrt James L. Alexander, Ruben W Alexander, Roy C. Alfonzo, Raymond W. AHtrunon, George M. Allen, Bren! P, Almzl Robert J Alston, Freddy G Allons, RlChOrd U Amox, Ronald L Anderson, Charles L. Andcuon, Dowd P, Andcrzon, Lony O Andorran, Roger R. Andes, Fred 5 Andes, Randy T, Angel, Humbcrvo Ansel, 5mm A, Jr. Ansley, Charles H. Anvhony, BIHY M. Anthony, Roy M Aponolo, Donald L. Avellopol Carlos R. Arlcdgc, Robert G. Almsnong, Daniel A. Amoki, MIChOCl BV Arnold, MIHon R Amngvon, Thomas M. Arthur, John A Aichlcy, Ronald W. Alhcnon, James C. Alkunx, Put A Aulv, Robert H V Auslln, Jack L. h Bcggcll. Penn 0. Bailey, Dowd T, Bouley, John F Boulcy VJv-ldcn D Bond, Glen M Baker, Bony R Baker, chly D , Ill Baker, Mmhocl A Bolhmn, Charles E Balkmon, John P Baldm, Andrew E, Barlow, George R Barnmd, Charles T. Buvncz, Jachon N. Barnhun, R-chord L, h. n r A x .r '2- Bany, J3h'1 L Barry, Vloync P Bortcn, Dowd M Ban, Robul F. Euuham, James M thcll, Mmhocl L, BONE, Rob." 0. Bone", Raymond C, Beard, Jamcs H. d Beagdq, li:hovc' O, Beccrr I, Roymcnd H4 Bccihum, John B , JI. Bccbmun, thho'd F Ecchnu, Ralph E, :If': r: PADCH A 8921:, Charles VJ. Eccvcv, SVephcn G 1 Echycm, Thcwo: AV Beilmgerl Thcr'c'. P Senna". chrc'h VI Benacw Vcchr'xd 0V Bcrzs'n, Vcbul C Benucn, chdcn W auger, N chcel E. ; Berkley, ?:bul D. EL'I'If, Cchlc: M, Ecvy;,J"n'-1L. Barry, M zhccl O 821:, ?:ber! C Bevgc, PCuI D 36: He, 1:51 P E clcz, GM: A. Elcz, Cum: 8. E lgcr, Alben P., JI. E ppcn, Pager D. Bud, 7.1:ell o. 475 Love is like Taking a picture . . . you never know how it will Turn out. Bryan, George R. Bryan, Joseph J. Bryan, Michael G. Bruton, William T., lll Buck, Robert L. Buenfello, Rodolfo G. Buescher, Frank J. Buffin, John K. Bumgorner, Jerry M. Burch, Clarence M. Burkhcrl, Van H. Burleson, Donald C. Burleson, Richard E., Jr. Burney, Donald P. Burns, James C. Burns, Lorry We Burroughs, Michael A. Burrow, Roger L. Burton, William T. Butler, Daniel Y. Butler, John E. Byrum, Thomas F. Cable, Richard O. Cohill, Michael R. Cain, Jimmy D. Callowoy, Michael A. Campbell, Clinton D. Canglose, Patrick F. Ccnion, Kenneth L. Cannon, Charles E. Cannon, Jerry W. Capps, Cecil C. Cardwell, Richard G. Carey, Roylord R. Carmichael, Richard C. Carofhers, Michael A. Carpenter, Forrest L. Carrell, Don F. Carroll, James W. Carroll, Lonnie T. Carter, Donald C. Carter, Gregory 5. Casey, Tommy W. Caloleno, Pete W. Couble, Barney W. Cuwood, Benny J. Cayfon, Stewart K. Chalmers, James W. Chumbliss, Edmond B. Chapman, Roy D. Birdsong, William A., Jr. Biron, Beau Block, George L., Jr. Blackburn, James R. Blonlon, Dennis R. Blazek, Joseph B. Bleker, Edward G. Bohan, Frederick J., Ill Bohl, Terry L. Bonner, John H Bonvillain, Frank B. Book, William C., Jr. Boorlzl Neal A. Bornhorst, James M. Bowenl J. Donald Boyd, Gary A. Bradford, Tom 5. Bradley, Gory Ml Bradley, Ronald C. Bradner, George T., Sr. Brady, William E. BromleH, James C. Brand, Jimmy B. Brannon, Emory W. Brant, Charles E. Breed, Alan G. Ericker, Joe D. Bridges, Floyd W. Brill, Robert R. Brin, Sfephen E. Brison, Eugene D. Britt, Arie Cl Britt, Harry W. Britten, Richard T. Brooks, Charles R. Brown, Carl B. Brown, Charles L. Brown, Charles P. Brown, Edgar W., W Brown, James M., Jr. Brown, James M. Brown, James T. Brownl Michael A. Brown, Rodgers P. Brown, Ronald A. Brown, Thomas J. Brown, Wayne A. Brown, Wayne W., Jr. Browne, Ronald D. Brummelt, Juan H. Will The cadet who sneaked OUT of the dorm last nife To meeT a girl in The woods please step forward . . . company . . . half. Chasiain, Jim 0, Chouvieve, Edward 0. Cherry, Frederick E. Chesney, John D. Chewning, Dudley G. Chiles, Thomas H. Chipps, James D. Chiny, Harvey C. "a. 7-... ,- w .a. Choa'e, John R. Christie, RlChO'd L Chumley, Delben L. Cilio, Alfred T Clovk, Charley 8. Clark, Hairy G. Clark, Raymond C. Clark, Richavd A. Clark, Ronnie J. Clark, W-Ilard W , JL : '- ' r xx x51 "-J VI. ! 2.. . 7 x ! h, I H, . 1 g . 9.. V 4 1' 1' '9 V n1 I I r In ' ' 4 . Clarke, Gerald 5. Clarke, Wulluum H, Clayton, Kenneth A, Clifton, Danny M. Coons, Charla: L,, Jr. Cobos, Charles R. Cochran, Donald B. . Cockrell, Melvin W. Coco, Gerald S. '4 Coddoul Charles A Cohen, David A. Coicr, Donald J. Cole, Thomas T. Collins, Craig Combs, Jame: A. Compton, Cecil G. Compton, Michael E. Condino, Francis F. Conneven Loyne H. Cook, Arthie 0., Jr. Cook, Charles D. Cook, John M , IH Cooley, Gary L Taxes are iust like golf. You drive your heart out and then end up in a hole. Coons. Poul R Cooper, Donald 5. Cooper, Gary W. Coopei, John H, Cocoper, Larry R. Cooper, Leonard D. Cope, Jesse T., Ill Copeland, James C. Casper, Johnnie W. Costello. John J COHIcH, Barry W, Co'hlenA S'erlmg B. Coufal, Sidney R. Counmx, WIIl-um F. Covudale, Harold F. Covmgion, Cluuovd C, Cowan, Donald R. Cox. Avmund D, Girls with a future, beware of men with a past. Cox, Govy 8 Cox, J0me: C, III Crowfovdl WIIIIOm H. Cite, Dcwd W. Clegg, Gary, L. Crenwclge, Roger H, Cnswell, John S Crank, Allred E, Jr. Crook. Jack M Crookx, Jumu D . Jr. Crcuhwa", William 3. Cloud", Dcdy IL Crowdev, Jerry L. Owl". Robe" T. Clouth, 037.95 M. Cruz, David J Cuellur, Robe" Cumbio, mu, K. Cummings, David D. Cunn ham, Randal D. Cusp. Ucyd GV Cuvltc, Jesse W vay. v.91 E CuHx, FIGW P Czolic-nir, Theme; 7. DenzeA Dav'd E Don 2L Lon, M Cunxby, Feb!!! 5, Devan, Ccvd A. De: d'an, Jmn R. Edd c J. :, Gecvge B. 'cwex B lghn F Fcben O 4 Jenn E. , Thoma; H. u 712v s D. DcFrcaL Thoma: M. DeGmder, Kelvin DeHch Ronald E. Denman, Jerry L. Derane, Henry W. Desilers, Gary E. Dethlefsen, Mac H. Dezell, Glendon B. Diaz, Peter H. Dickens, Brad C. Dickerson, Raymond G Dickson, Angus Dietert, Raymond L. Dillon, Ben E., Jr. r Dimon, Roy M. Dinwiddle, William T., Jr. Dodd, Michael M. ' Dominguez, Hugo E. Donges, Henry E. Donkervoef, Donald L. Dougherry, Ken W., Jr. Douglas, David D, Douglas, Paul P. . Dow, David H. a Drohos, John E. W, Dreesen, Alan D. I v ' Duerer, Albert W , Jr. . ' Dugon, John T. I Dumesnil, Curtis A. - s Dunavanf, Michael L. Dunlap, Melvin E. 2.. Duplof, Augusto F. ! ' DUPree, Russell E. wl Durand, Berf L. , Durham, Kenneth L. Dusek, Barry J. M Dutton, Gary E. 1 Earl, Geoffrey N. ' Earp, James B. ' The tongue weighs practi- cally nothing . . . yet it's Ebey, John E. Echols, David K. . - fl ' ' Echols, Melvin ' surprlsmg how.few are Eddings, Larry R. M n able to hold IT. Edelbrock, Joseph A. , - 4 Edgar, Thomas D. Edmondson, Hugh B. 1 Edwards, Earl H. Edwards, Robert D. Eeds, John M. Eidson, L. DeWayne Eilers, Willaim A., Jr. Eldridge, Randall A. Eller, Ronald A. Elliarrnqm, Ronald D. Elles, James W. Elliott, Jerry E. Elliott, William 8., Jr. Ellis, John P. Ellis, Richard P. Ellison, Truman 0., Jr. Engelbrechr, Clyde C. Engelbrecht, Frederick E. Engelbrechr, Ronncld S. Ermis, Harvey J. Escobor, Kenneth R. Escobar, Ruperto B. Esquivel, Arturo The only way To get ahead at A8 M is To get Up real early and get in line. Essex, William W., Ill Eyring, Mark W. Ezell, Shannon 0. Fogan, Kenneth J., Jr. Fugan, William A. Fannin, Cum L., Jr. Fanning, Karl P. Furies, Peter F. Farr, Robert E. Faulkner, Robert B. Fehler, Edward D. Fenter, Lester C. Feray, David L. Ferguson, George H., III Ferguson, John F. Ferraro, Charles D. Fest, Stephen E. Fick, Donald L. Fidler, William M. Field, James W. Fields, Glenn F. Figun, Stephen L. Filtsch, Stephen G. Fincke, Douglas R. Finley, Ralph M. Fischer, Daniel H. Fisher, James H. Fisher, John M. Flores, Leo Forfenberry, Kirby K. Foster, Gary W. Fowler, Bob A. Fraley, John H. Frandolig, James W. Frank, George E. 478 Franklin, Richard H. Franks, Bobby R. Franks, Orlan H. Franks, Paul A. Franks, Thomas F, Franze, Everett K. Fraser, Ben S. Frazer, Robert L. Fredrickson, Henry Freshour, Richard J. Fricke, Dave L. Friddle, George C. Fries, Earl R. Fritz, John L. Fry, Clifford Li Fudge, Wayne 8. Fuller, Nicholas M. Goiley, Dwight L. Golle, Jere R. Galloway, Stephen L. Galloway, William M, Garcia, Eloy Gardner, David F. Gardner, Thomas H. Garner, Richard C. Garner, Robert R. Garza, Daniel A. Garza, Pedro Garza, Salvador Gay, Richard E. Gearing, Phil R. Gee, Thomas W. Gerke, William C. Gibson, Edwin G. Gilardi, Philip C. Gilbreaih, Walter S. Gillis, Mailon Ai Ginsbuch, Robert G. Gipson, Jerry L. Godin, James M. Godfrey, Frederic Godwin, John C. Golden, Joe A Gonzalez, Rosendo J. Good, Bill R., Jr. Goodson, Jesse F! Jr. Goodwin, Lee H Gordom, William W. Gordy, James N. Gossen, Robert P. Gossorn, Woodrow W., Jr. A friend is one who has The same enemies as you. To a bachelor a wedding ring is like a tourni- quet. It stops circulation. Grah m, Glenn C. Gra f, Lorry O. Groves, Allan P. Graves, Henry L., Jr. Groves, Jerry H. Groyson, Stewart M. Green, Charles S. Green, Kenneth Edward Green, Kenneth Eugene Green, George E. Green, William E. Griffin, Charles D. Griffin, John K. Griffin, Robert R Griffiih, Craig A. Grimes, George K., Jr. Grimes, Richard P. Grishom, Thomas L. Groce, William E. V . V Grossenbacher, Richard W. Grossie, Vernon B., Jr. Grove, Robert L. Grunewold, Kenneih F. Gueriier, Robert M. Guin, Lester R. Gummer, Sieve V. Gunneis, Robert D. Gustoison, Robert H. Hacg, Dennis A. House, Timothy C. Hablinskil William M. Hefner, John L. Holey, John R, Jr. Hall, Charles Gary Hall, Charles Goodman Hall, Henry T. Hall, Norman R. Holpin, James M. Holrom, Donald H. Hommit, Eorl D. Hammond, John C. Hampton! Robert J. Handler, Robert T. Honnigan, Edward V. Honsiord, Charles L. Happ, John H., Jr. Harding, Thomas H. Horkey, Ronald D. Horned, Charles R. Harrell, Donald P. Harrelson, Johnw E, Harris, Arch F, Harm, Bull L. Harrison, Vernon D. Harper, Kurv H. Horvell, David J. Harvey, Gory Ge Harvey, Victor C. Harwell, Leslie J. Hoseloff, William C, ! Hotzenbuehler, Daniel B, Hauser, Thomas F. Q; . V ,7 chss, David E. m ,7 '4 Havel, Joseph R. h h; Hawkins, Joseph G, Hayes, Jerrol W. . Heorm, WoHer P. a Hearn, Wylie E. I X Heath, James B. Heofon, Cyrus R., Jr. - ' - Hebert, Ronald T. e ' I w Heinen, Ronald E. ,' 3 Heinrich, Daniel E. w ' Heinrich, Durwood J. , e in Heitmon, Lawrence P. ,, Helmcamp, Jack F. XX Henderson, Joseph , h 16 Henderson, Michael P. Henderson, Quentin R. Henry, Milton M. Henry, Melton M, Henry, Thomas C. Hensley, William M. : .521 Herringlon, James 12., III y: Hickman, Richard A. V' M h Hicks, Arthur W. . h , . The average man never knows if he ers bathing beauHes un- TH hek bathed one, but an Aggie has advanced infonnahon. Higgins, Robert W. Hightower, Erskine W. Hightower, James R. Hill, Jerry G. l Hill, John M., Jr. ' . I v hf. I HIIlhouse, Michael R. t q; Hillis, Conrad M. ' W; '77" ' Hindmcn, William R, h ' gs A1 Hlavoty, Andy J. j Hocking, AIfred E., III '3 " Hoffman, Charles W. ' Ar": h Hoffman, Richard F. " ' Hogan, William D. t 2 Hohmon, Dennis N. , V; E , Holcomb, Rater! Ae Holden, CorneHus L. Holdredge, David E. Hollopoy, John N. Hollister, Jerry G. Holloway, James M. Holmes, David L. Holfz, Stephen T Honeycutt, David M. Everyone expects The inev- itable, but They don't expect it quite so soon. Hood, Btu Me Hopkins, Charles L. Hopkins, Michael H. Hopper, Bruce L. Horvofh, James S. agig; 4--.: e6! Hosley, Richard A,, ll House, Randolph W, Houston, Donald A. Houston, Victor L. Houze, Robert A. Howard, Lawson Hubucek, Thomas W. Hudgens, Ernest M. Huebinger, Wayne E. Hughes, John C., Jr. Hughes, John L. Hughes, Thomas W. Hulbert, David E. Hunt, Curtis L. Hunt, Richard C. Hunter, Darius C. Hurley, William N. Husfeld, Glenn E, Hutton, James C. Hyvl, Daniel J. Ingram, Donald B. Irvin, Robe" A. Joeckle, Alan C. Joegels, Gordon A. Jackson, David A. Jaffe, Stephen H. Janoc, Joe R. Junk, William E. Jarrell, Freeman J., Jr. Jeones, Franklin W. Jeffrey, David L. Jenkins, Paul S. Jennings, Arthur C. Jennings, James N. Jensen, Paul A. 480 Jensenl Paul L. JeH, Alvin D. Jen, William J. Jinks, Hiram G. Johns, Kenneth E. Johnson, Jackie Johnson, James E. Johnson, James H. Johnson, Kenneth W. Johnson, Randolph E. Johnson, Ronald D. Jones, Charles T. Jones, Edwin E. Jones, Richard F. Jones, Stephen A. Jones, William T. Jordan, George E. Jordan, Michael G. Joyer, Floyd H. Juge, Randall J. Jungmon, Frederick M. Kcalz, Ervin A. Kardys, Richard Kurle, Frederick G. Kasprzyk, Edward J. Katzbeck, Edward R. Keeling, David T. Keisling, Kim Kelley, Larry D. Kelley, Steven P. Kelley, Ted L. Kelly, Jennings, B Kelly, Kern D. Kemler, Arden V. Kemper, George H. Kinard, David H. King, Thomas M. Kinnard, Joy Rl Kirchner, Kenneth W. Kirk, Laurence R. Kirkhom, Emmett 0., Jr. Kirkpatrick, James R Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey S. Kithas, George A. Klahnl James B. Klamke, Stephen E. Klein, Lawrence J. Kleypos, Bernard M. Knulson, Ronny E. cherg, Frederic J. Kocian, David A. The average father wears out a pair of shoes while The rest of The family wears out a set of Tires. "The man who knows how will always have a job, buT the man who knows why will always be his boss." Koehl, John B. Koehler, OHo K. Koehler, Wayne H. Koenig, William T. Kolibo, Marvin L. Korb, Kenneth W. Kornfuehyer, Paul R. Koss, William E. Kovich, Andrew 5., Jr. Krebs, John E. Kruse, Robert F. Kunetka, Michael F. LoBarberu, Philip T. LaBorde, Philippe Lacklond, Robert H. Lacy, Nelson F. Lambert, Dennis W. Lamkin, Kenneth A. Lomkin, Stephen L. Landrerh, Gordon E. Lundlloop, Larry L. Lane, James Lune, Michael C. Longdon, Wendell H., Jr. Langley, George A. Longselh, Richatd L. Langslcn, John B. Larumey, Thomas A. Lcscter, Martin L. Lcsell, Melvin H. Loves, Charles G. Layton, James G. Lazenby, Richard T. Le Blanc, R. Bruce, Jr. Le Bus, Barry K. Le Bus, John M. Ledbener, Harry L. Lee, Wayne Lehlo, Axel E. Lemon, William L. Lenzo, David R. Leonardl Roy H. Lewis, Converse R., Ill Lewis, John C. Lewis, John E. Lewis, Larry E. Lewis, Phil B. Liles, Kenneth W., Jr. Lillard, Malcolm D. Limpus, Lawrence L. To some students a prof may be a pain in the neck, other student may have a lower opinion of him. Mofcek, James F. Motelski, Dwain E. Motkin, William R. Motocho, Donald J. Motson, John J. Matthews, Douglas M Muule, erliom F. Mayer, Gordon J. Mozur, Edward McAdams, Robert G. McAffe. Jimmy A. McAffe, Michael L. McAlpine, Eugene F. McCobe, Dennis M. McConnon, David L. McCarthy, Michael P. McClung, Billy M. McConnell, Robert W. McCormick, Joe R. McCoy, Rodney D, McCutchen, Danny R. McDoniei, James A. McDaniel, Sam L. McDonald, Robert J. McElroy, Dennis R McElroy, Gary W. McElroy, Kennedy K. McFarland, James W. McGehee, Thad L, Jr. McIntosh, John F. McKeen, Robert G. McKenzie, Michael C. McKibben, Paul E. McKinney, George G . McKinney, William B. McLone, James C. McLean, James E. McLeroy, John A. McLeroy, Robert L. McMilIan, Charles H. McNabb, Joe 0. McNally, William B. McPherson, Gerry E. McPherson, Ronnie L. McPherson, Thomas C. McQueen, Samuel G. McRae, Douglas K,, Jr. Meade, Ricardo Meaux, Lamont E. Medina, Pablo M. Lindcey, Claudr: E. Linenbevrjer, Ralph A, Lipicc, Jerome M Lippc, Larry C. LIch, Neal E chrechv, Morris N, Locl'ey Mile: P. Lockharr, Jame: V. Lockmdt, Kerry 0. London, Roger K Long, George W. Loomis, Billy J, Lousfaunau, Lawrence J, Love, Kennevh C, Lovell, Ashley C. Lovell, Roberf H. Loyd, Jerry L Lozowski, William R. Lucero, Edward, Jr. Luckenboch, Carl A Ludwig, Al J, Lyle, James L. Lyerly, George E. Mcberly, Edwin D. MacDonald, Edward A. Macias, Jose J. Madison, William F Mogee, John G. Maldonado, Mucorio O. Molifz, Charles C. Manley, Strode D, Mann, Mike D Manning, Craig Q. Manning, Richard R. Manning, Walter S., Jr Marconrell, James H. Marek, James E. Markham, William E,, Jr. Marshall, Douglas V., Jr. Marshall, Lon L. Marshall, William P. Martin, Charles M. Martin, Leslie J. Martin, Samuel P. Martinez, Jesus Martinez, Mauricio Moselli, Nicholas V Mason, Clarence E. Mosoomion, Stephen Z. Massey, Roy E People are like tea bags. They don't know Their sTrengTh until They get info hot water. Meek, Robert L. Meier, Wayne C. Meiller, Joaquin W. Melville, David E. Menger, John M. Menn, Albert 0. Mergen, Richard J. Merritt, Arthur G. Meyer, Michael V. Meyer, Wayne C. Mezger, James R, Michie, Charles D. Middleton, Roger L. Mikeska, Raymond C. Milanos, George E. Miles, Richard M. Miller, Jerry T. MiHer, Alan R. Miller, Bert E. Miller, Henry C., Jr. Miller, Robert M. Miller, Stanley G. Miller, William T. Milstead, Tom Miner, Judson C. Minzenmayer, Dennis E. Mitchorn, Robert E. Mitchell, Jim B. Mitchell, Kris Moberly, Richard D. Moehlmon, Lewis R. Monaco, Thomas A. Moon, Michael M. Moore, James H. Moran, Robert A. Moruski, Dennis P. Moreou, Edward L. Morgan, Charles H Morgan, David H. Morgan, Michael R. Morgan, Thomas J. Morrill, Harry R., Jr. Morris, Robbie S. Morriss, Carl A. Moseley, Joe C. Mosmcn, Thomas M. Moss, Clifton L. Mounce, Jerry F. Mousner, Robert E. Muller, David R. Women know the value of love, but men know the cost. A textbook has a problem that states, "If an electrician earns $50 a week . . ." It's not math-it's ancient hist Mueller, Robert C. Mullins, Bert D. Mullins, Howard M. Mullins, Terrell S. Muniz, Edelmiro Mumford, Larry G. Myers, Jack E. Myers, Robert J, Myers, Troy H. Narunsky, Morris J. Nash, Dallas L. Nauck, Albert R. Naumonn, LeRoy M. Neal, James K. Neely, Richard Wt Nelson, Arved E. Nelson, Jack E. Nesbit, Richard S. Nettleton, Gordon A. Neubauer, John P. Newberry, Robert J. Newman, Clyde T. Newton, Philip L. Nickelson, chzell, II Nokes, Gary Noland, Clifton M. Nolen, James R. Nelle, George A. Norman, War! A. Norris, Chris M. Norwood, James H. Novoscd, Sidney W. Noyes, Thomas E. Oatis, Robert E. Oberdorf, Robert E. Obdyke, Louis K. O'Brien, John E. OtBrien, Robert W. Odum, George A. Ogle, William E. OtHara, Michael S. Ohlendorf, Curtis G. Okiyuma, Johnny L. Ontiveros, Gilbert C. Osmon, Harold E. Ostmon, Robert A. OHen, Edwin L. OversVreet, Robert E. Padgett, Steven L. Pall, Michael S. A husband is what is left of a sweethea rt after The nerve has been removed. Proctor, Michael R. Provine, William C. Prugh, Richard W. Pool, Wendell M. Porter, Raymond E. Poss, John M. Powell, Arthur E. Pyburn, Jack H. Qeube, Fritz Queen, Floyd J. Rackor, Richard M. Ragle, William G. Ragsdale, James R. Roilston, Dale 8. Rakoff, Richard N. Ramirez, Narcisso T. Randall, Jack B, Rankin, Ronald W. Ropp, Donald G. Rapp, James H. Raska, Robert W. Raun, Travis N. Roy, Sammy J. Roy, William D. Read, Arthur E., Jr. "Read, Raymond M Real, Caspar S. Rechl, Dwight L. Redden, Michael E. Reed, Gary W. Reeves, Samuel W. Rehmer, Joseph D. Palladina, John R. Parigi, Joe S. Park, David M. Farmer, David L. Partridge, Charles C. Partridge, Richard 8. Patterson, George M. Patton, Gene N. Patton, James C. Patton, Karl S. Pasho, Robert E. Parsons, John C. Pawlak, Jerome M. Payne, Brian M. Payne, David A. Payne, James M. Pearson, Alec P., Jr. Pearson, Sammy W. Peebles, Garry L. Peevey, Richard D Pena, Mario Penuel, Victor 8. Pepper, Jack M. Peques, David S. Permenfer, John N. Perrone, Paul F. Perry, Arvin L. Perry, Richard W. Persons, James C. Peterson, George M. Phelps, Raymond Phillips, Gary B. Phillips, James N. Phillips, Thomas, Jr. Pigford, Joe M. Pilot, Alan 8., Jr. Pine, Manuel, Jr. Piper, Alan L. Piwonko, David J. Plsek, Robert W., Jr. Pogor, Matthew M. Poque, Charles M., II Porter, Donald A. Praeger, Charles E. Prather, William C. Presley, John M. Presnal, Danny L. Price, Don D. Priest, Samuel J. Prochcska, Richard The trouble with what melts in your mouth is way if bulges in front of the mirror. Reid, James W., IH Renaud, Aris'ide F. Renneberg, George E. Renteria, Isaac, Jr. Reynolds, Herbert G. Rial, Samuel C. Rice, Ronald D. Rizhords, Hugh M. Richardson, Carl A Richardson, Jacob C., Jr. Richardson, Jerry W. Richardson, Lonny V. Richardson, Ronnie R. Richker, Michael S. Richter, Eugene R. Rigby, William C. Riggs, Maxey S. Ripley, Richard R. Rippy, Roger L. Riser, Eugene L Rismgcn Dowd A, Rttchey, Vlulliom M. Roach, Pat H Robertt. George R. Robuu, W-II-am D. Vobenon, Charles N Poblnzont Fred L, Jr. Robinson, James W. Robinsonl Motttn M Robimon, llobut G. Rode", Jack R Rodgers, BIHY W. Rodnguct, Ammo Rodnguex, Guadalupe Gt 9ocdcr, Robert E, Rogers, Clem W. Rohe, Jamue M Roias, Fernando J, Roland, Aubley L. Romine, Lawrence 0. Reset Charles H. Roscnatcun, Thomas W. Roudon, Roland Mt Rountvee. John R., Jr. Roush, Robe" T. Rowe, Ruchord H Rotcntwg, Edward R. Rubcch, Alton M RuHmo, Pleston J Rots, Thomas A Runcll, Kcny E, Ruucll, W-lI-om R, Jr, Russo, Muchocl P. Ruth Andrew M s V- 1?, Rulhct'otdl John S Rutledge, Roy R Rymlus, Mtlc Rymkus, Putltck SGbO'tC', Mtchocl J A toast to the iron Curtain: "May it rust in peace!" Sudlcr, Edward P Sacnz, Rene Socnr, Svgxhcdo SoHovd, Charla R Salmon, Clovence Rt Sondcll, Jerry D. Sanders, Ronald M. Savage, FIOHCIS E. Sottoln, Allen R. Nature does make mistakes. Sometime she puts all the bones in the head and none in the back. I 3' Sovcg' Jt'm e C Schccr Hcv'ld C -. Ethoc'rv , "-m o F H; ' Ethe'bet Yu! A h gamut Chgrh-g E :U-Iogo'! u rhoel H 9H,". w It om r Ca... C. mm, 9 mt..- q- . nu H I : Ix schn- 5er EN 35.. M. u mulg VIII Skelton, Jack L. Skusa, David H. Sledge, George D. Slider, James T. Small, Daniel R. Smelley, Walter J. Smith, Andrew D., lll A traffic expert said that if all The cars in The nation were placed end To end, some nut would pull out and try To pass 'em Stephenson, Charles E. Stern, Ronald H. Stevens, Jerry D. Stewart, Jerry R. Slewarf, Kirkland W. Stinson, John R. Slone, Thomas C. Storrie, Joseph P. Slorler, Donald L Slovoll, Darrell G. Slover, Michael E. Strange, Robert B. Struub, Charles J. Strauss, David D. Slrege, Dan L. Smith, Bruce A. Smith, Donald E. Smilh, Gerald M. Smith, Jon M. Smilh, Lorry G. Smith, Michael D, Smith, Miller R. Smith, Rodney C. Smith, Roger D. Smith, Ronald N. Slrohacker, Louis W. Slupka, Kenneth C. Sullivan, John P. Sufphen, David L. Swecff, Guy A. Sweeney, William L. Swope, Karl H. Sylvester, John B. Talbert, Robert E. Tally, Richard D. Tanner, Walter E. Tale, Nahum, B. Smith, Terry L. Smith, Thomas H. Smith, Warren E. Smithson, George R. Smrkov , Roy A. Snipes, Roy L. Snowden, James D. Soefie, Harold J. Solcnd, John P. Sontag, William H. South, George L. South, Thomas R. Spafford, Joe F. Spengler, George D. Spann, Charles E. Spears, Joseph A. Specie, Richard A. Stacell, H. Glen Stafford, Roger H. Slonaland, Scott I. Standish, Joh'n Rl Slanilzky, Carl A. Stanton, John S. Slurnes, Robert M. Slalum, Cyril M. Sr. Clair, Carl L. Sleenbergen, James E. Steffens, Craig A. Sfeindorf, Gerald N. Sfell, William V. Sfenegle, Harry E. Stephen, Paul L. Stephens, James C. A tea-sip's fiancee had him so well Trained That when the wedding ceremony Took place, he said, 'I do-don'f l dear." Taylor, Charles A. Taylor, David B. Taylor, Wright B. Taylor, William H. Teddlie, Don E. Teel, Gerald A. Terkanian, Donald M. Terrell, David 0. Terry, Augustus T. Terry, William R. Thayer, David H. Thoyer, Francis N. Thrush, John J. Thomas, George E. Thompson, Allen R. Thompson, Jon R. Thurman, Charles C. Thying, Lee W. Tidmore, Randall L. Tielze, John C. Tiger", William D., Jr. Tillery, Tommy A. Tiierina, Andrew A. ;... mm.-- -,H...u-... n- Tcmm, ch'Jld N Tombevla A, Man a P, Jr. TcmlwV Jzchh E, Jr Toppumdn. ANJj Toner, M choc! M Tcweva, 36"" 1 ch'zv'm Com J Tannin": Jan- 3 TIGMF'J'" CHI 7. Treete. EGI'Z" C Tycnry JZLF I TIJuNy y'chmr .'.' Today, Yrcntl Tmhf Juror: F 1259" P T112" W H '2'" f U! LHV VI N cm L. 'o :rl 1,: A ann Unbe, laud Uazcvy Cantu! 9 Val rn'ru C. lIrV'w f VulMVhe. Jn'w-z P Van Eutb '9, potty! L, vG'Vh'VvZZ". paJ E VorI-iv Krnne'k H Van Hrllrnv 9.11 VL VIM Hzr'y Jack C VanWogm-v, 81,-! W Vargas, fdamd 5, J! Vavgm, Fa'av-I f Vaughan, Clydc C Vaughn, Jame: C, Jrv Vega, Juan f ammo sown. x Vullavrt-al, LrPoy Du Vwagr, Son'wtl J. Heard at the Aggie Wives' Club: "It's ridiculous to say my husband is a hard drinker. Why, he does that easier than anything else." o VIVcL, Python! D, J! VINMC-r. Jomu E Vogcl, Donald E van Rozrnbug, Vhlhom E. chswsvlhv Clady l, wogpau Thrvwv. L Vlohl, Jch" l XVU'N" Irh" '4 VJth-v Dnvd T Vn'krv Frl'ons Violin, John M VVnHr-r J'Jm W Vulhm M dmcl R xvalku Yhomos R 3 You needn't worry about avoiding temptation after you pass 50. That's when it starts avoiding you. g .'.rjr-r.r' "r": '.' .'.r..u..u rp-nw H .'.'r u . n-e1 '4 .'.c n, . ' u Jn'e'P '"Pi , We tn. 3;?."' p A . and where does this come in? I never kiss, I never neck, I never say "Hell", I never say "Heck." I'm always good, I'm always nice, I play nb poker, lshoot no dice. I never drink, I never flirt, I never gossip or dish the dirt. I have no line or funny tricks, But what the Hell, I'm only a FISH. Wilson, George I. Wilson, Penrhyn, III WiIson, Robert B. Wilson, Terry G. Wing, William R. Winkler, Donald H. Winn, Robert M. Wise, Lewis R. Wisenboker, Kenneth A. Wisenboker, William C. WisweII, Eric 0. Wofford, LamI L. Wolf, Michael T. Wood, James D. Wood, James H. Wood, Ralph E. Woodard, Joe D. Woods, Don E. Worley, Robert M. WorreI, Edward J. Worst, John M. Woyewodzic, Edwin J., Jr. Wright, Ernest C. Wright, Fred J. Wright, Haskell E. Wright, Joseph M. Wright, Larry M. Wright, Ronald W. Wyatt, James E. Wyatt, Lawrence E. Wyatt, William K. Wyninegar, Noble C. Yarbrough, David L. Youger, James H. Young, Clifford R. Young, George A. Young, James B. Young, James K. Young, John W., Jr. Young, Ralph R4, Jr. Yows, James T., Jr. Zohn, Charles W. Zak, Michael J. Zapata, Thomas, Jr. Zimmerman, WiIIiam F., Jr. Zinn, Alan M. Zuehlke, Lawrence D. Zwahr, Harley A. Zwarties, WiIIiam J., Jr. "'No sir, we don't know how your girl's picture got pasted to the ceiling!" 4 Is that a frown on Sully's face as two coeds say, "We're here to 9,. CLOCKWISE '64 Morris, Darleen Y. King, Holly Kathryn lyon, Sherry Lynn Nelson, Sallie S. '66 Hale, Karen Jaye McCaffcrly, Doris J. Steen, Judith Ann Walker, Roney Ann '67 Beykin, Carol Ann Beasley, Mariiane Hulen, Charlene K. Scott, Betty M. Thompon, Yvonne Ann 1964 ADVERMQEPS AGGIELAND STUDIO AMERICAN STATE BANK BARN DOOR CALDWELL'S JEWELRY STORE CAMPUS AND CIRCLE THEATERS CAMPUS CLEANERS CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE CO. CHAMPION PAPERS. INC. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CONWAY'S CORBUSIER CHEVROLET W. H. CURTIN 8: CO. JOHN DEERE CO. ECONOMY BOOT CO. EXCHANGE STORE JOE FAULK'S , FERRERI'S TRIANGLE RESTAURANT FORDYCE CO. FORSYTH ENGINEERING CO. C. P. HANCOCK AGENCY HOLICK'S CO. HUGHES TOOL CO. LESTER'S MADELEY PHARMACY W. T. NEIL JEWELERS ORDER OF THE SONS OF HERMANN PARK CLEANERS PARKER-ASTIN. INC. 6. S. PARKER LUMBER CO. SANKEY PARK JEWELERS SANITARY FARM DAIRIES STACY FURNITURE CO. STUART HARDWARE CO. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. VARSITY SHOP A. M. WALDROP 8 CO. H. B. ZACHRY :v. , 715;: The Home of Fine Photography 115 N. MAIN COLLEGE STATION IT has been a real pleasure To serve The "Aggieland '64" and its fine staff, as well as the students of AM College. Remember That all portrait negatives are kept in our permanent file and prints may be ordered at any Time, by mail or in person. Besf wishes from, GENE SUTPHEN, Owner M. :A-sauzagmv-r'wz I1; m. j; 1: NM. ., 49l 492 I r "' '-'3 '"CWCF band Mum The Palm Thai Rdrmhm . . . Fifty Million Timm H Um AgnVs 04553 Pav-Me And for +he Bes+ in Movies. Visi+ CAMPUS and CIRCLE THEATRES College SfaHon H. B. ZACHRY C0. General Contractors San Antonio, Texas 5 YOUR N EXCHANGE STORE 494 Designed for benefii's +0 'I'he AGGIE s+uden+ body. +he 'Ex- change S+ore like any good business makes a profit These profits are yours because you are +he one +ha+ really counts. gagggn-aam'wuuw From September I947 +0 Oc+ober I962. almos-I' $700.000 have been alloca'red from s+ore profi+s +0 Sfudenf Welfare and Recrea+ion. These proiec+s have received help from Exchange Sfore profi+sz The Grove The Aggie Players The Memorial S+uden+ Cen+er Guion Hall TheKRodeo Arena Tennis Cour+s Lighi'ed Sofiball Field Y.M.C.A. Library Music Room The Aggie Band Library Recrea+ional Reading Room ln'rramural Afhlei'ic Equipmen+ Golf Course Movable Review Sfands '.. :::::: . f 1P -- . , ,. b. $ " F1! 3; lv 1' V q; I ' Ion.' ,J ,... 7., .. An-w. 1X K Li? a F: MES? ARE 5 mm AbboH, Craig, S. 123, 386, 404 Abbott, Edward E. 475 Abbott, John P. 475 Abbott, Roy E. 320 Abel, Alber' W. 455 Abel, Burl M. 394 Abendrofh, Kenneth D. 404 Abernathy Roberf C. 297, 404 Abraham, Herbert C. 198, 356 Ackerman, Clifton W. 187, 475 Adams, Billy D. 475 Adams, Darrel G. 335 Adams, David E. 90, 455 Adams, Donald. R. 123, 404 Adams, Henry R. 133, 404 Adams, James M. 131, 141, 404 Adams, John W. 475 Adams, Leslie G. 392, 397 Adams, Noel E., Jr. 146 Adams, Peter L. 475 Adams, Roberf W. 274 Adams, Tommy L. 108, 342 Adkisson, Gid 8., 111 89, 475 Agarwal Ram G. 206, 400 Aglieni, Gary C. 138, 468 AglieHi, Terry C. 144, 475 Ahmed Kamal U. 198 Aiken, William B. 202 Airhari, Jim W. 258, 455 Akin, Danny G. 202, 303, 468 Albert, Clifford W. 364 Albert, William E. 90, 364, 404 Als1on, Jimmy A. 404 Altans, Uldis 169, 475 Altman, William K. 243, 455 Alverson, Kinfner W. 82, 174, 293, 362 Amad, Mohamed T. 404 Amox, Ronald L 107, 356, 475 Amthor, George M. 468 Anderson, Charles E. 100, 468 Anderson, Charles L. 475 Anderson, David C. 92, 108, 282, 386, 404 Anderson, David P. 89, 475 Anderson, Douglas H. 173, 189, 404 Anderson, Lorry O1 160, 266, 475 Anderson, Louis F. 107, 455 Anderson, Ray W. 405 Anderson, Robert J., 111 455 Anderson, Roger R. 160, 331, 475 Andes, Fred 5. 475 Andes, Randy T. 475 Andres, Albert E. 275 Andrews, Donald G. 455 Andrews, Kevin R. 138, 468 Angel, Humberto 242, 475 Angel, James T. 158, 353 Ansel, Sfure A. 98, 475 Ansley, Charles H. 158, 240, 327, 475 Anthoume, Christopher 125, 276, 281, 405 Anthony, Billy M. 475 Anthony, Roy M. 475 Antosh, Thomas F 144, 468 Austin, Jack L. 475 Avanv, Thomas R. 455 Avasrhi, Suriit M. 400 Averen, Joe N., Jr1 343, 455 Avery, Durward R., Jr. 394 Bcbin, Leopold B. 169, 173, 287, 455 Bachmeyer, Francis A. 329 Bochmeyer, Gervace R. 405 Bacon, William S. 154, 344, 468 Bodgwell, Don H. 158, 455 Bagby, Donald E. 118 8099911, Joe E 183, 468 BcggeH, Penn D. 475 Bailey, David T. 475 Bailey, Edmond l. 202, 455 Bailey, Everett M. 395 Bai1ey, James M. 342, 455 Bailey, John F. 475 Bailey, Thomas R. 405, 468 Bailey, Weldon 144, 475 Baird, Glen M. 174, 475 Baker, Barry R. 90, 475 Baker, Henry D., III 156, 475 Baker, Kennieth W. 152, 158, 187, 405 Baker, Michael A. 149,475 Baker, Robert D. 114, 333 Baldwin, John T. 323 Balentine, James M. 116, 405 Balfour, Boyce B. 346, 455 Balhorn, Charles E. 90, 475 Bolke, David E. 405 Balkman, John P4 136, 475 Ballard, Jerry J. 45, 228 Barry, James D. 158, 333, 455 Barry, John L. 475 Barry, Wayne P. 174, 475 Barsoles, Pelronilo B. 304 Borsch, Bobbie Knigh1405 Borree, James H, 280, 307, 405 Borfek, James D. 295, 405 Bartlett, Tommy R. 108, 353, 468 Barton, David M. 475 Barton, John F. 405 Barton, Mike 100, 468 Barton, Patrick J. 218, 405 Bar1oskewifz, Richard E. 162, 273, 342, 406 Bury, Mohammad R. 198, 400 Bosham, Donald N. 321 Bashum, Luthur M. 127, 406 Bashor, Harvey M. 352 Bass, Paul M. 104 8055, Robert F. 475 Bassham, James M. 104, 475 Bate, Herman E. 78, 87, 144, 347, 406 Bore, Jerry M. 144 Bateman, Barry L. 141, 455 Bates, Larry E 146, 213 Bofey, Richard 138 Batey, Thomas A. 406 Bathey, George A. 184, 468 Barhke, William L. 302 Batsell, Michael L. 81, 179, 273, 475 Bafson, Thomas 0., Jr. 276 BaHe, Robert Dan 100, 475 Batten, Raymond C. 475 Bauer, Richard D. 108, 406 Beckwirh, Scott W. 234, 293, 392, 406 Bedinger, Charles A., Jr, 406 Bedoya, Carlos Alfredo 323 Bedrich, Curtis A. 406 Beene, Robert A. 183, 475 Beere, Charles W. 183, 286, 475 Beerwinkle, David H. 406 Beever, Stephen G. 90, 475 Beggerly, James D 166, 468 Behrens, Thomas A. 475 Behrenf, Cunis H. 181, 407 Beighle, Phillip L. 291, 346, 455 Beke, Joseph G. 406 Belcher, Earl W. 468 Belinsky, Pe1er B. 90, 286, 468 Bell, Bob D. 40, 141, 267, 271 Bell, Jennings D., 111 146, 359 8e11,.1erry D. 261, 391, 397 Beller, Richard L. 45, 146, 199, 228, 238, 406 Bellinger, Thomas P. 158, 475 Belofe, James C. 176, 291, 406 Bender, William C 156, 344, 455 Benes, Joseph 8. 240, 292, 455 BenneH, Howard W., Jr. 361 Bennett, Kenneth W. 475 Bennett, Richmond 0. 136, 330, 475 Bennett, Virgil 0., Jr. 455 Birch, Cullen G. 407 Bird, Russel G. 156, 475 Birdsong, William A. 116, 243, 475 Birdwell, Harvey L., Jr. 100 Biron, Beau 108, 109, 361, 475 Bishop, Eugene H,, Jr. 138, 468 Bishop, Gerald T. 468 Bishop, Joe M., Jr. 201, 407 Bishop, Marvin D. 455 Biswas, Md., Mozibur R. 198 294, 400 Bifar, Jose J. 102, 455 Bitter, Joseph W. 395 Black, George L 475 Block, Norman E., Jr. 468 Block, William R., Jr. 136, 468 Blackburn, James R. 158, 475 Blackmon, Joe A. 133, 364, 468 Blackwell, Freddie J. 455 Blackwell, Thomas M. 89, 455 Blain, Nicholas D. 100, 468 Blair, Francis 5. 149 Blair, George E., Jr. 174 Blair, Kippen L. 468 Blake, Jock P.I468 Blakeney, Roger N. 205, 263, 320, 407 Bland, Randall W. 136, 407 Blankenship, James W. 90, 456 Blanton, Dennis R. 90, 475 Bloschke, Leon A. 407 Bloylock, James E., 111 90 B1ozek, Henry E., III 264 For The Diamond In Your Senior Ring Larges+ Thaf WE" Go In The Shield Cos+-$65 MAVERICK BLDG.-SAN ANTONIO, TEX. FRITZ SCHILO Grand Presidenf WM. V. DIELMANN, JR. Grand Sec'y-Treas. A Frafernal Benefif Socie+y Home Office 515 So. Sf. Mary's S+ree+ : 11888wa 1 Pg 1x Board of Trustees H. J. WINDLINGER R. W. STAPPENBECK BRUNO J. KAHMARK Pos+ Office Box 1941 San Anfonio. Texas 78206 7mm mm Albin, Garry D. 162 Aldape, Joel 136, 316, 475 Alderson, John L., Jr. 319, 404 Aldred, William H. 294 Aldrich, Armistead A. 146, 234 Aldrich, Collin S. 156, 475 Aldrich, Lovel1 W. 455 Aldrich, Samuel P. 126, 468 Aldridge, Randolph C. 160 Aldridge, Richard L. 404 Alexander, Carl G. 404 Alexander, James 98, 475 Alexander, Jon M. 404 Alexander, Richard M. 90, 455 Alexander, Robert W. 181, 475 Alexander, Roy C. 475 Alexander, Thomas L. 96, 468 Alfonzo, Raymond W. 114, 475 Alford, Beniamin F. 162 Allbrinon, George M. 158, 475 Allen, Brent P. 136, 475 Allen, Donald E. 345, 468 Allen, Henry L. 143 Allen, James E. 164 Allen, James H., Jr. 455 Allen, Jerry V. 404 Allen, Jesse L. 104, 455 Allen, John D. 120,468 Allen, Robert C. 404 Allen, Roy M. 184, 344, 455 Allen, William R. 264, 394 Allen, Wi1lieJ.455 Almond, Lyndon K. 455 Almond, Malcolm W., 111 404 Alms, Robert J. 475 Al-Ruwi thshea M. 198 Alston, Freddy G. 100, 475 498 AposfoIo, Donald L. 475 App1e1on, Roy B. 319 Applewhife, Jim R. 455 Arguelles, Eduardo 275, 297, 405 Arledge, George E. 202 Arledge, Robert G. 178, 179, 475 Armand, Thomas A. 293, 455 Armstrong, Daniel A 136, 352, 475 Armsfrong, Donald R. 104 Armstrong, James H. 149, 405 Armstrong, Richard W. 352, 455 Armstrong, William E. 102 Arnold, Michael B. 169, 475 Arnold, Michael .1'. 108 Arnold, Milton R. 141, 360, 475 Arnold, Stephen E. 169 Arnold, Thomas R. 125 Arredondo, Marcelino 202 Arringlon, Billy L., Jr. 179, 468 Arringfon, Thomas M. 146, 278, 279, 475 Arthur, John A. 183, 475 Ashcroft, Jack G. 141, 468 Ashley, James T., 111 281 Ashy, Thomas M. 78, 82, 137, 263, 316, 330, 392, 405 Afchley, Ronald W. 475 Afherfon, James C. 475 Atkins, James K. 114 Atkins, Noble James, Jr. 143 Atkins, Pat Alan 475 Atkins, Robert D. 120 Atkins, William R. 37 Atkinson, Robert M1, Jr. 104 Atkinson, William C. 222, 238 Atwell, Donald C. 156, 455 Aulf, Roberf H. 90, 475 Ballard, John S., III 133, 455 Ballard, Stanley H., Jr. 89, 92, 405 Ballew, Glynn E. 300 Balmer, Wilbur J., Jr. 143 Bomberg, William H. 133, 241, 468 Bammel, William E., Jr. 455 Banks, Keith L. 258, 405 Banner, Wilbur W. 164, 318, 347, 455 BanHe, Harold T. 82, 455 Barber, Dale 8. 134, 335 Bardin, Andrew E. 81, 475 Bargmann, William G. 206, 455 Barhom, Bobby G. 405 Barham, Worth W. 316 Barkemeyer, David L. 285, 455 Barker, David E. 90, 405 Barker, Dudley S. 468 Barker, Gary L. 364 Barker, Richard B. 234, 455 Barlow, George R. 160, 475 Barlow, Jimmy R. 174, 363, 468 Barlow, John E. 120, 339, 455 Barnard, Charles T. 475 Barnes, Jackson N. 89, 332, 475 Barnes, Lethcn Alon 143, 278, 279 Barnes, Vernon D. 405 Barnhart, Richard L. 475 Barr, David L. 89 Barr, Dennis B. 92, 455 Barrett, Richard E. 455 Barrilleoux, James L, 162, 405 Barron, Gary R. 202 Barron, James T. 138, 455 Barron, Jorge W. 275 Bauer, Sfephen M. 107, 342, 455 Bough, Lawrence T. 108, 320, 332, 468 Baumann, David L. 164 Baxter, Michael C. 455 Buyer, William C. 123, 455 Baykin, Carol A. 489 Baysden, Thomas L. 264, 395 Real, Charles C. 202, 285, 298, 359, 406 Real, Jacob B., Jr. 316 8901, Oren W., Jr. 406 Beall, Ronnie T. 297 Beamer, James H. 126, 406 Beard, James H. 160, 475 Beard, Norman W., Jr. 149, 280, 352, 406 Bearden, Don Allen 183, 468 Bearden, Robert C. 202 Beasley, John M. 37, 222, 224, 225, 226, 239 Beasley, Mariione M. 489 Beasley, William L. 400 Beaudry, Richard G. 138, 475 Beaumont, Michael L. 357 Beaumont, Richard D. 158, 468 Becerril, Raymond H. 89, 475 Bechtel, David T. 264 Beck, Clarence L. 261, 406 Beck, Farrel E., Jr. 89, 468 Beck, Michael O. 240, 467, 468 Becka, John C. 89, 321, 329, 455 Beckcom, Edwin A, III 172, 455 Becker, Frederick W. 406 Beckham, John B. 475 Beckman, Richard F. 475 Beckman, William W., 111 156, 406 Beckmeyer, John C, 295, 40 Beckner, Ralph E. 176 Benson, James R., Jr. 198, 240, .406 Benson, Robert C. 100, 475 Bentley, Dennis L. 266, 293, 407 Bentley, Robert J. 156 Benton, George L. 120, 360 Benton, Michael W. 158 Bentzen, Gordon W. 104, 475 Benwell, John C. 184 Berger, Eugene J. 102, 468 Berger, Michael E. 475 Bergoon, Ronald D. 160, 314, 455 Berkley, Robert D. 158, 343, 475 Bernard, Theodore E. 276, 312, 323, 407 Berngen, Frank E. 468 Bernhard, Larry K. 468 Berry, Charles M. 144, 475 Berry, Derry C. 455 Berry, Edwin C, 202, 407 Berry, Jimmy L. 174, 475 Berry, Larry A. 187, 468 Berry, Michael O. 160, 336, 475 Bess, Robert C. 156, 475 Bettge, Paul D. 114, 475 Betz, Roscoe A., Jr. 1201, 455 BeutnogeI, Elmer H. 455 Beville, John R. 475 Beyer, Melvin L. 468 Bialas, Gene A. 178, 179, 475 Bickham, Clyde R. 356 Bielfeldf, James K. 407 Biggs, Richard A. 156, 157, 278, 279, 407 Bilcncich, Donnie B. 80 Biles, Dennis B. 156, 475 Bilger, Albert P. 133, 475 Billington, Robert J. 162 Bills, Elton D. 166 Bills, Eugene D. 337, 407 Bipperf, Roger D. 102, 345, 475 Blazek, Joseph B. 169, 356, 475 Bleker, Edward 6. 90,475 Blinka, Gary L. 196, 292 Bloodworfh, Morris 8. 89 Blumentritf, Charles W. 300, 400 Booze, Ernest P. 407 Bockholf, Anton J. 268 Boedecker, Thomas J. 323 Boehck, Richard R. 154, 302, 456 Boehm, William S. 337 Boelfe, John E. 198, 360 Boese, John O. 118 Bogart, Donny M1 162, 456 Bohan, Frederick J. 156, 475 80111, Terry L. 475 Bohn, Phillippe B. 102,347, 468 Boles, James D. 151, 166, 456 Bolinger, William G. 202, 292, 342 Bolling, David R., Jr. 78, 141, 316, 408 Bollinger, Lee S. 164, 456 80112:, David E. 276 Bond, Louis H1 400 Bond, Michael S. 337 Bond, Norman E. 176, 468 Bone, George E. 456 Bone, James R., Jr. 319 Bonner, Jphn H. 81, 183, 475 Bonvilloin, Frank 8. 475 Book, William C. 174, 475 Booker, Jon A. 261 Boorfz, Neal A. 166, 475 Booth, David M. 171, 408 Bordovsky, Robert D. 176, 468 Borg, David A. 456 Borgsfedfe, Theodore W. 363, 456 Boring, Emory P., 111 456 C. P. HANCOCK AGENCY 38l5 Old College Road X Represenfing TEXAS' LARGEST INSURANCE COMPANY JOE FAULK'S AUTO PARTS BRYAN ARMATURE WORKS Forsyth Engineering Company Engineers and Machinis+s James M. "Cop" 7H Forsy+h 'I2 David M. "Cop" $64 Forsy+h '22 John E. Tinsley l4I James S. Forsy+h. '50 875 Lockwood Drive P. O. Box I8602 Hous+on 23, Texas ORZ-I7II No . . No . . I Said Cheese . . Not Knees l l o DAIRY PRODUCTS salmon, nau- Milt." Bryan College Sfafion For 1416 Fines+ in Men's Wear See Townshire I9II Texas Ave. Bryan. Texas -$ 499 Bornefeld, Bruce K 158, 302, 456 Bornhorsf, James M. 183, 475 Beford, Robert W. 395 8011, Jeff L. 456 Boner, Jon K. 100, 319, 468 Bounds, Garry L. 408 Bounds, James Y. 239 Bourgeois, James E. 51, 82, 129,' 138, 139, 263, 349 Bourne, Cecil M. 82, 136, 263, 316, 456 BouHe, Kenneth L. 125, 408 Bowen, J. Donald 146, 475 Bowers, Edwin J. 92, 100, 347, 408 Bowers, Joe 456 Bowers, Ralph E, 102, 356, 468 80w1es,Joe A. 82, 151, 156, 240, 281, 456 Bowling, Floyd A. 456 Bowman, James W. 408 Bownds, William A. 107 Box, John W. 408, 456 Box, Roger R. 89, 468 Boy, Ernst A. 456 Boy, Hons P. 196, 298, 408 Boyce, Wilbur C., III 100, 334, 468 Boyd, Ernest W. 408 Boyd, Garland A. Boyd, Gary A. 475 Boydsfon, Michael B, 108, 468 Boykin, George F. 143, 468 Bradburn, Terry L. 156, 356 Braden, Edward J. 301, 455 Braden, William F. 102, 251, 408 Bradford, Tom 5. 120, 476 Bradley, Gary M. 160, 476 Bradley, John L., Jr. 100, 334, 468 Bradley, Ronald C. 98, 476 Bradner, George T., Jr. 476 Brady, James W. 80 Brady, Linn M. 329 Brady, William E, 240, 476 Braidfoot, Larry D. 251, 278, 279, 408 Brcme, Ronald M, 108, 285, 386, 408 Bramletf, James C. 108, 476 Brand, Jimmy B. 118,476 Brandt, Charles E. 112, 179, 279, 311, 333 Brandt, Melvyn E. 198 Brannun, Emory W. 160, 312, 476 Branf, Charles E. 408, 476 Branlly, Stanley M. 397 Brasington, John R. 291, 408 BrasweH, Clarence L. 300 Bratton, Jack W. 166, 468 BraHon, Jimmie L. 297, 335 Braunig, Henry J. 90, 342 Bray, James H. 456 Brecher, Allen R. 202, 297, 408 Breding Edward V. 216 Breed, Alan G. 126, 476 Breeding, William W. 258, 397 Bresler, Done A. 107, 468 Breur, Raymond A., 11 408 Brewer, Charles C., Jr. 408 Brewer, James W. 352 Brewster, Charles H. 108, 358, 456 Brewster, Olin F., Jr. 348, 468 Brewfon, Audie R., 111 169, 468 Brice, Travis R. 261, 293, 408 Bricker, Joe D. 166, 476 Bridges, Floyd W. 102, 476 Brill, Robert R. 81, 476 Brin, Stephen E. 476 Brindley, Paul B. 316 Brinkley, Ernest J. 90, 267, 408 Brison, Eugene D. 476 Britt, Arie C. 158, 476 Britt, Bobbie G. 327 Britt, Harry W. 166, 476 Britlain, Mucky L. 408 Briftun, Charles L. 187, 456 Britten, Richard T. 476 Brock, Kennifh D. 349, 468 Brookins, Michael L. 409 Brooks, Carrol T. 408 Brooks, Charles R. 476 Brooks, John M. 123, 456 Brooks, Jordan A., Jr. 123 Brostek, Alexander P. 240 Brotherton, John R, 218, 456 Brofze, Gary H. 90, 468 Broussard, Edward A., Jr. 468 Broussard, Gordon G. 456 Broussard, James E. 258 Brown, Austin E., II 100, 360, 468 Brown, Carl B. 98, 476 Brown, Charles L. 476 Brown, Charles P. 126 Brown, Clifford L. 143, 285, 456 Brown, Edgar W. 154, 476 Brown, George R., Jr. 146, 328 Brown, Harold C. 78, 267, 409 Brown, Harold E. 151 Brown, James F. 154, 468 Brown, James M. 476 Brown, James M, 476 Brown, James S. 409 Brown, James T. 476 Brown, Jimmie M. 468 Brown, Larry G. 456 .Brown, Michael A. 160, 476 Brown, Raymond L. 364, 456 Brown, Richard E. 174, 241, 456 Brown, Robert C. 409. 456 Brown, Rodgers P. 330, 476 Brown, Ronald A. 476 Brown, Ronald F. 326, 468 Brown, Sidney P. 107 Brown, Thomas G. 107, 468 Brown, Thomas J., Jr. 331, 476 Brown, Wayne A. 158, 476 Brown. Wayne W 330, 476 Browne, Herbert A. 130, 456 Browne, Ronald D. 158, 476 Bruce, David L456 Brucm Jimmv C. 409 Brumbelow, Rov Y , Jr. 397 Brumley, Billy D. 468 Brumley, William D, 468 Brummen, Barry J, C. 468 BrummeH, Juan Hollis 476 Brunkenhoefer, Robert E 125, 333, 409 Bruns, James C. 409 Brufon. William T. 184, 476 Bryon, George R. 476 Bryon, Jerry R. 468 Bryan, Joseph J. 476 Bryan, Michael G, 326, 476 Bryant, Larry M, 169, 338, 468 Bryson, Bernard G0, 111 291, 456 Buchanan, James P. 79, 153, 326, 387, 409 Buchanan, Philip N. 297 Buchwald, John G. 102 Buck, Craig G, 154, 468 Buck, Robert L. 476 Buckellew, William R. 82, 89, 92, 456 Buckmasfer, Herbert L. 300 Buenfello, Rodolfo G. 81, 162, 351, 476 Buescher, Frank J. 160, 360, 476 Buffin, John K. 476 Buhler, Herman C. 340, 409 Bullord, Delbert L. 261, 409 Bullard, Tommy L. 258, 261, 397 Bullock, Eddie D. 456 Bullock, Robert Lee, III 456 Bumgurner, Jerry M. 476 Bunkley, James T. 187 Burch, Clarence M. 158, 476 Burch, Joe T. 174, 293, 468 Burchers, Jack M. 409 Bord, Howard H. 144 BurdiH, Michael L, 136 Burge, Charles E. 149, 154, 280 Burger, Arthur F. 300 Burgoon, Collin 8. 468 Burgoon, Robert L. 78, 90, 92, 410 Burk, Robert C. 169, 293, 323, 388, 409 Burke, Advia J. 120, 456 Burke, Michael D 174 Burkhalfer, Kenneth R. 339, 456 Burkharf, Van H. 328, 476 Burleson, Donald C. 89, 339, 476 Bur1eson, Richard E. 146, 476 Burlin, Charles W., 111 108 BurneH, James T., 111 89, 468 BurneHe, Ronald L. 183, 468 Burney, Donald P. 286, 476 Burney, Jimmie P., Jr. 87, 410 Burns, Henry T. 456 Burns, James C. 138, 334, 476 Burns, James M., Jr. 360, 456 Burns, Larry W. 476 Burns, Richard L. 468 Burr, Hiram H., Jr. 82, 87, 166, 456 Burroughs, Michael A. 187, 476 Burrow, Roger L. 132, 476 Burson, Byron L. Burton William J. 187, 476 Busch, Paul A., Jr. 330 Bush, John G. 331, 456 Bush, Joseph K., Jr. 468 Buss, Larry H. 300 Buswell, Gordon E. 308 Butler, Charles L. 285, 318 Butler, Daniel Y. 202, 476 Butler, James M. 254, 25,5, 410 Butler, John Edwin 98, 476 BuHriIl, Gerald H. 82, 123, 456 Byassee, Horace L. 337, 410 Byram, James C. 456 Byrum, Thomas F. 476 Byrd, Gary L. 120, 243, 410 Byrd, Joe s. 169, 456 Byrd, Ronald R. 45, 228 Byrne, Jerome Patrick 181 Byrne, Roger P. 136, 316 Byrnes, John M, 176, 468 Byrom, James E. 291, 330 Cubla, Richard O. 476 Cabron, Franklin E. 300 Coffey, Garry E. 456 CuhiH, Michael R. 96, 476 Cain, George E. 455 Cain, Jimmy D. 278, 279, 476 Caldwell, A1an Boyd 394 Callahan, Francis T. 456 Cullen, Miachael B. 104 Ccllaway, Ben E. 410 Callaway, Michael R. 144 Collaway, Morris D. 102, 468 CellcoH, William H. 335, 456 Col1oway, George E. 344 Callowoy, Michael A: 81, 160, 476 Camero, Hector A. 277, 456 Cameron, Donald Scott 127, 291, 410 Ccmp,Bill198, 283,316, 331, 456 Campbell, Barry M, 166 Campbell, Billy M. 468 Campbell, Clinton D. 476 Campbell, Clyde W. 166, 350 Campbell, Colin 8. 328 Campbell, David F. 455 Campbell, Richard 5., Jr. 114, 468 Campise, James W. 143 Cancellore, Joseph A 114, 306, 334, 410 Condeloria, Frank 201, 334 Canglose, Patrick P. 143, 476 Ccnion, Kenneth L. 158, 476 Cannon, Charles E. 164, 476 Cannon, Jerry W. 476 Cannon, Michael D, 179, 468 Cannon, Robert D. 395 Ccno, Joe U. 108, 320, 342, 468 Cone, Norciso O3, Jr. 169, 468 Conup, David H. 456 Capps, Cecil C,, Jr. 187, 476 Cordial, Richard 8. 158, 342, 468 Cordwe1l, 8111 R. 397 Cardwell, Richard G. 166, 476 Cordwell, Thomas A. 166; 263, 456 Corey, Ruyford R, 98, 476 Carlton, Freddy W. 45, 228, 322, 456 Carmichae1, Richard C. 476 Carothers, Michael A. 98, 476 Carpen1er, Edwin H. 146, 346, 468 Carpenter, Forrest L. 114, 476 Carpenter, James M. 285, 320, 456 Carpenter, Ronnie D. 215, 217, 238 Carr, Rober? C. 262, 410 Carre11, Don F. 476 Carrillo, Arthur L. 275, 456 Carrillo, Daniel S. 120, 349, 456 Carroll, James W. 476 Carroll, Lonnie T. 146, 476 Carter, Clark E. 166, 326, 468 Carter, Donald C. 89, 196, 476 Carter, Gregory S. 169, 476 Carter, James C. 258, 343, 410 Carter, John M. T. 104, 410 Carter, Les1ie A. 320 Carter, Lloyd J. 261 Carter, Richard K. 107, 297 Coscres, David 456 Casey, Tommy W. 187, 476 Coskey, Kindred P., Jr. 93, 98, 295, 410 Cass, Stein L. 246 Cassidy, Donald D. 311 Casreel, Terence L. 184 Custellanos, Martin A. 107, 456 Castillo, Julio C. 275, 456 Castro, William 468 Castro-Gil Efrain 242 Caswell, James E. 468 Cutolena, Frank J, 143 Carclena, Pete W. 476 Caroline, Pete A. T. 143, 456 Calalina, Pete A. 457 Catchings, Ronald C. 297, 356, 457 Cares, Robert L. 180, 410 Cathey, James R. 322 Cothey, Jimmy J. 201 Cutor, Robert Lee, Jr. 264 Couble, Barney W. 108, 476 Coudil1, Randall M. 156 Caughfield, Roy E. 292 Cau1hron, David L. 206, 457 Cowood, Benny J. 178, 179, 476 Cawyer, Raymond D. 340 Coylor, John R. 411 Cuylor, Lee H. 411 Ceylon, Stewart K. 476 Cervenka, Bennie G. 89, 468 Chalberg, Marshall L. 201, 468 Chalmers, James W. 154, 278, 279, 476 Chamberlin, Edwin P. 411 Chambliss, Char1es L. 320 Chambliss, Edmond B. 176, 476 Chaney, Ernest W. 457 Chaney, William R. 411 Chapa, Arthur E. 411 Chapman, Joe V. 87, 389, 411 Chapman, Maurice G. 79 Chapman, Philip R. 293 Chapman, Roy D. 476 Choppelle, Raymond J. 156, 344 Chopple, Frank E., III 411 Charlton, Powell G. 264 Chcstoin, Jimmie D. 108, 477 Chastang, David E. 138, 468 Chaufhani, Abdul R. 400 Chauviere, Edward D. 477 Chavez, Gerardo G. 198 Cheeseman, Clifford H. 206, 457 Chenoweth, Robert D. 321, 457 Cherry, Frederick 8. 477 Chervenko, Woodrow G. 411 Chesney, John D. 81, 156, 477 Chewning, Dudley G. 156, 327, 477 Childres, Glenn D. 146 Chiles, Thomas H. 477 Chilton, Harold W, 100, 303, 457 Chipps, James D. 138, 286, ChiHy, Harvey C. 89, 477 Chifwood, Kenneth L 411, 468 Chitwood, Richard D. 164 Chlapek, Calvin J. 202, 348, 411 Choafe, John R, 477 Chovanec, Eugene E. 126, 273, 468 Chowdhury, T, I. M. F. 400 Chrisf, Allen E. 351, 457 Christensen, Ivar 8. 96 Christian, Don C. 322, 354, 411 Christian, Harry D. 411 Chrisiian, John H. 112, 114, 347, 411 Christie, Richard L. 477 Christie, Russell J. 264, 397 Christman, Howard M. 202 Christopher, David A, 100 Churnley, Delbert L. 136, 477 Chupik, Stephen E. 102, 241, 363, 457 Ciarrocchi, Frank, Jr. 160, 411 Cilia, Alfred T. 98, 477 Cissell, Robert M, 146 Clancy, Edward L. 365, 468 Clancy, Larry D. 206,411 Clark, Charley B. 187, 477 Clark, David W. 187, 468 Clark, Gerald H. 240 Clark, Harry G. 334, 477 Clark, Jerry L. 98, 457 Clark, Keith A11en 258, 282, 411 Clark, Lee Howard 331 Clark, Raymond C. 477 Clark, Richard A. 477 Clark, Ronnie J. 100, 477 C16rk, Willard W. 477 Clarke, George W., 111 457 Clarke, Gerald Sims 477 Clarke, Wil1iam H. 477 Closon, John K. 322 Clawson, Billy G, 82, 151, 154, 411 Clay, Albert w., III 125 Clay, Herberti. 90, 92, 411 Cayfon, Kenneth A. 102, 477 Clements, Don B. 411 Clements, John R. 468 Cleveland,Wi11ic1m C,, Jr. 296 Clifford, Nasu M. 411 C1111on, Danny M. 146, 477 Clifton, David S. 285, 323, 457 Climie, Robert L, 146, 234, 468 Cline, Jack C., Jr. 411 Clinkscales, Thomas A. 346 Cloninger, Raymond E. 158, 412 Cloonon, Patrick M. 412 Comes, Charles L., Jr. 102, 319, 331, 477 Cobb, Lance H. 45, 146, 228 Cobler, Richard G. 198, 296, 412 Cobos, Charles R. 102, 477 Coburn, Winfred C. 295 Cochran, Donald B. 123, 477 Cochran, John S. 457 Cockrell, Melvin W. 136, 243, 316, 477 Coco, Gerald S. 477 Coco, Michael F, 136, 316, 468 Coco, Shirley L. 263, 322 Coddou, Charles A. 104, 332, 477 Coffin, Chor1es H., 111 184, 274, 365, 468 Cohen, David A. 160, 287, 477 Cohen, Robert S. 457 Coker, Donald J. 146, 477 Coker, John L. 412 Colbert, Charles M. 146 Cole, Robert H. 334, 468 Cole, Thomas T. 136, 477 Co1eman, Randy J. 202, 412 Collard, Felix G., 111 327, 412 Collins, Craig 166, 477 Collins, John W. 238, 356 Collins, Paul M. 108, 412 Collins, Robert E., Jr, 357, 468 Collins, Thomas H. 2, 78, 114, 342, 412 Collins, William G. 89, 468 Colfrin, Robert B. 96 Combs, Harold R1, Jr. 468 Combs, James A. 164, 477 Compton, Cecil G. 164, 477 Compton, Michael E. 98, 477 Conurd, Muckay T. 80 Condino, Francis F. 98, 477 Cone, Charles L. 300 Conely, Joseph D. 158, 412 Conlan, Edward F. 412 Conn, Gera1d R. 95, 107, 455 Connell, William B. 468 Conner, Howard 5. 107, 334, 455 Conner, James C, 457 Connevey, Layne H138, 339, 477 Confreras-Serrano, Raul 234 Cook, Archie D. 114, 332, 477 Cook, Charles D, 327, 477 Cook, Curtis P, 412 Cook, Donald D. 331. 412 Cook, Glyn M. 111,412 Cook, Harold E. 90, 92, 457 Cook, Herbert N. 156, 331 Cook, John H. 107 Cook, John M 477 Cook, Larry E. 202, 468 Cook, Vernon H, 130, 412 Cook, Wade E, 100, 332, 468 Cooley, Gary L. 156, 477 Coon, Craig N, 133,468 Cooner, Horo1d D. 143 Coonrod, James W. 80, 149 Coons, Paul R. 178, 179, 477 Cooper, Damon CA 242, 457 Cooper, Donald S. 477 Cooper, Doy1e B. 397 Cooper, Gary W. 477 Cooper, John H 477 Cooper, Larry R. 100, 353, 477 Cooper, Leonard D. 477 Cooper, R1chord E, 126, 364, 469 Cooper, Scott E. 205, 457 Cooper, Wil1iam 8, 412 Cope, Houston D, 90, 469 Cope, Jesse Tiner, III 149, Copeland, James C. 176, 477 Copeland, Ronald R, 320, 362, 469 Coppage, Ken 255 Coppinger, John T. 202, 457 Corbett, Billy 8. 469 Corder, Paul R, 202, 298, 348, 400 Cordero, Virgil N., 111 184, 273, 469 Cordon, Oscar H. 275 Corei1, Vincen'r D, 160, 334 Corman, Wayne L. 169 Correll, Roy A. 469 Corse, Arthur R. 264 Cosman, WaHer L., 111 179, 412 ' Cosper, Johnnie W. 355, 477 Costello, John J. 125, 477 Cofhren, SterIing B. 96, 477 Cotner, Som D. 295, 412 Cofferell, John M. 158, 298, 457 CoMreII, Barry W. 178, 477 Coufol, Jimmie J. 348, 412 Coufal, Sidney R. 141, 477 Couger, Robert C. 187 COUISon, David H. 457 Coulter, Lone Council, Clarence D. 400 Countiss, William F. 102, 477 Covan, John Morgan 292, 296 Coverdale, Harold F. 169, 477 Covington, Gifford C. 120, 477 Cowarf, Donald R. 477 Cox, Armand D. 125, 477 Cox, Charles L., Jr. 160, 457 Cox, Frank W. 157, 457 Cox, Gary 8. 477 Cox, Gerald D. 469 Cox, GeraId M. 179, 340 Cox, James C. 89, 477 Cox, Ronald J. 320, 469 Cracknell, Raymond W. 457 Craddock, Oliver W, 154, 469 Craig, Chris E. 469 Craig, James W. 238 Crain, John R. 45, 228, 412 Crain, William L. 45, 228 Cromer, Daniel J. 116 Crompton, Ross N. 146 Crank, Paul W. 169 CrapiHo, Frank R. 277 Cravens, Gerald W. 107 Crawford, Donald E. 156, 412 Crawford, Jack H. 206 Crawford, William 352, 477 Creocy, William W., Jr. 114 Cree, David W. 176, 477 Creech, David L. 90, 320, 412 Cregg, Gary L. 361, 477 Crenwe1ge, Roger 164, 335, 477 Creswell, John L. 144 Creswell, Raymond E., Jr. 457 Crews, Robert L. 258, 398 Crews, Thomas C. 457 Crider, Jerry J. 335, 457 Criswell, John S. 116, 477 Cracker, Larry D. 102, 319, 469 Crockett, David S. 181, 469 Cronenberger, Paul C. 90, 413 Cronk, Alfred E. 187, 293, 477 Crook, Jack M. 154, 477 Crook, Jimmie F. 413 Crooks, James D. 102, 477 Crosbie, James M. 132, 360 Crosby, Richard J. 205, 314, 413 Crosser, Daniel D. 413 Crosthwoif, Wil1ium R. 331, 477 Crouch, Charles G. 395 Crouch, Charles M. 144, 477 Crouch, Gary W. 202, 341, 457 Crouch, Polrick K, 398 Crouch, Patrick L. 253 Crow, James D. 351 Crow, Sanford D. 89 Crowder, Colie G. 293 Crowder, Daryl K. 169, 477 Crowder, Jerry L. 108, 477 Crowell, Thomas D. 337 Crowley, Robert T 166, 477 Crum, Morris 6. 413 Crumb1iss, James J. 156, 469 Crutchfield, J. C, III 89, 413 Crufsingcr, Larry L. 141 Cruz, David J. 164, 477 Cruz, Roger 457 Csogoly, Andras J. 131, 144, 364, 457 Cuellor, Robert 126, 477 CuellanChocon, Jaime 275, 457 Cullen, Raymond P. 328, 457 Cu1ver, Byron K. 202 Culver, James L. 181, 469 Culver, Lee S, 98 Cumbie, Billy K. 102, 477 Cummings, David D, 477 Cunningham, Randal D. 181, 344, 477 Cuny, Frederick C. 146, 280, 469 Cupp, Lloyd G. 144, 487 Cure, Louie M. 158, 316, 469 Curingfon, Eldon B. 187, 413 Curingfon, Lloyd D. 146, 469 Curlee, Jesse W. 98, 146, 357, 477 Curran, Donald J. 136, 316, 353 Currie, Jack W. 413 Curry, Virgil E. 120, 477 Curtis, Frank P. 108, 365, 477 Custer, Calvin D. 146 Cutshal1,Jack R. 319 Czoikowski, Thomas P. 166, 477 Czar, Albert M. 336, 457 Daerr, Richard L, Jr. 160, 469 Daggs, Bobby A, 201, 413 Dale, John C. 413 Dolgard, Dan W. 395 DalIcs, William J. 297, 413 Da1fon, James V. 187, 356, 469 Duly, Michael E. 469 Damon, James A. 156 Dampmon, William A. 166, 293, 413 Dancf, Alfred W., Jr, 107 Dance, David E. 166, 477 Danes, William R. 413 Daniel, Larry M. 477 Daniels, CHfron, Jr. 414 Donnhaus, Edward A. 363, 457 Dansby, Robert S. 477 Darden, David A. 169, 477 Darden,Jc1mes G., 111 469 Darling, Herman B. 138, 457 Darmon, Richard 8., Jr. 98, 469 Davidson, Jim Ross 89, 477 Davidson, Robert J. 395 Davis, Arnold E. 414 Davis, Aubrey R,, Jr. 469 Davis, Charles E, 469 Davis, David C, 169, 331, 414 Davis, Eddie J. 100, 354, 477 Davis, George 8. 477 Davis, Gordon E., Jr. 123, 414 Davis, Grayson L1 125, 348, 457 Davis, Groyum, Lloyd 104, 457 Davis, James 8. 90, 477 Davis, James H, 341 Davis, Jerry D. 98, 414 Davis, John F. 477 Davis, Johnny H., Jr. 198, 360 Davis, Paul L. 98 Davis, Richard A. 469 Davis, Robert 01 477 Davis, Rodney D. 198, 414 Davis, Roland O. 143 Davis, Thomas E. 414 Davis, Thomas S. 98, 334, 468 Dawkins, Marvin H. 45, 239 Dawson, James E,, III 477 Day, Thomas M. 125, 361, 469 Dean, Don R. 143, 414 Deon, Joe H. 160 Deatley, Bernie R. 136 Deaton, Thomas H. 138, 477 Decker, David H. 274, 278, 279, 469 Deen, Loyd S. 206 Deen, Travis D. 143, 477 Deen, Wallace A. 258 Dees, Allen W., 11 205, 311, 414 Defloria, Heinz J. 176 Defronk, Thomas M. 96, 286, 477 Deginder, Kelvin 191, 316, 477 Degyansky, Albert W. 116 Dehart, Ronald E. 160, 477 Delavan, Ronald J. 414 DeHano, Antonio J. 414 Dendy, Charles S. 90, 414 Denison, David R. 100, 320, 350, 469 Denman, Jerry L. 100, 348, 478 Denney, Michael E. 469 Soufh Gai'e MADELEY PHARMACY 334 Sou+h Jersey College Sfafion FUPleUPf f0 Townshire Shopping Cenier R: Champion's Shopping List i UM": Champion is not only a producer of fine i "-i'i papers, it is also a good customer of its Texas neighbors. Champion's annual purchases, ranging from pulpwood to CORDS OF PULPW 0D '2; paper c.lips,. put .millions of dollars in 0000 "2-7, Circulation 1n this area, help support CU Fr FNATURAL 6A 1- thousands of jobs on farms, in industry, ,2 '--;. in business. The phenomenal progress RiCACVD "x; of the Southwest is the story of in- im ' :3 -i dustries like Champion which, in their growing, help stimulate the growth of all their neighbors. Champion Papers Inc. TIXAS DIVI'ION CORBUSIER SANKEY PARK W-ziLJWQ SALES SERVICE WATCHES SILVER III No. Main Bryan. Texas Bryan 50l Law. .31 Denney, Robert M, 111, 263, 265, 414 Denney, Wayne E. 156 Dennis, Richard A. 398 Deposquul, Joseph A. 138, 243, 263, 457 Derden, William H. 133 Derfus, John Arthur, Jr, 319 Dersline, Henry W. 134, 478 Deshofels. Jesse 0., 111 295 Desilets, Gary E, 107,478 Dessert, Kenne1h O. 241, 293 Defhlefsen, Mac H. 100, 478 Deuel, Lloyd E. 469 DeuVrich, Fred Herman 309 Deutsch, Randall G, 134, 264 Devaney, David B. 327 Deveny, Don . 274 Devine, Michael D. 146 Devine, Robert P., Jr. 125, 240, 333 Devilleneuve, Allen R, 90, 457 Devolifes, Philip J, 172, 179 457 DewiH, Amos T, 469 Dexter, Michael A. 98, 414 Dezell, Glendon B. 478 Dhif, Khemois 469 Diaz, Carlos L. 126 Dioz, Hector 136, 243 Dioz, Julio F. 242, 469 Diaz, Leonard F. 125 Diaz, Peter Harold 98, 478 Dibre11, Charles F., Jr, 469 Dickens, Brod C. 478 Dickens, William P. 98 Dickerson, Raymond G, 478 Dickie, Teddie Mac 102 Dickson, Angus 478 Dickson, John R, 131, 141, 414 Dieter1, Raymond L. 164, 478 Dietz, Irving M. 111,116, 333, 469 Dillon, Ben E. 156, 357, 478 Dillon, William E. 202, 311, 414 Di11z, Theo R. Jr. 274, 469 Dimock, James A. 136, 316 Dimon, Roy M, 478 Dingley, Donald D, 104, 141, 353 Dinwiddie, William T. 286, Disinger, Thomas A. 414 Dismukes, John T. Jr. 102, 469 DiHberner, Phillip L, 469 DiHrnar, Roger W. 414 Dock, Wilson F. Jr. 414 Dobyns, Alan L. 340, 457 Dockery, Rodney L, 126, 330, 469 Dodd, Don L, 126 Dodd, Michael M. 181, 332, 478 Dodgen, John P. 132, 286, 317, 469 Dodson, David B, 279, 457 Dodson, David H. 100, 350, 469 Dodson, Henry W. 457 Doerre, Gary L. 131, 143, 414 Dollins, James G. Jr, 102, 304, 363, 457 Domjnguez, Hugo E. 478 Dominguez, Juan G. 242, 263, 275, 385, 414 Dominy, James F. 132, 469 Doncho, Glynn R, 144, 469 Donaldson, Gerald R. 130, 138, 415 Donges, Henry E. 478 Donkervoef, Donald L. 80, 149, 478 Donna", Lyndon E. 415 DonnelIan, Robert Q. 136, 363, 469 Donovan, Richard L. 138, 469 Dooley, Richard M. 123, 282, 467, 469 Doolittle, James H. 181,469 Doporto, Julio C. 457 Doron, Russell L. 358, 469 Doreen, William R. 118,415 Dorn, Richard C. 114, 457 Born, Wilfred C. Jr. 315, 469 Dorris, Kenneth D. 264, 395 Dosher, Robert A. 146 Doly, Donald W, 104 Dougan, David W. 104, 415 Dougherty, Kenneth W. 156, 331, 478 Dougheny, Vernon V. 415 Douglas, David D. 164, 364, 478 Douglas, John W. 136, 316, 469 Douglas, Paul P. 478 Douglass, Milton E. Jr, 90, 364, 457 Dow, David H. 154, 478 Dowden, William T. Jr, 138, 469 Bowling, Dennis W. 186, 415 Downey, Charles R. 144, 321, 457 Downing, James N. Jr. 457 Doycl, Sidney R. 160, 469 Doy1e, Thomas A. 158, 469 Draemer, John B. 174, 457 Drahos, John E. 183, 478 Dreesen, A1an D. 100, 307, 319, 478 Drennon, James L. 216, 320 Dressen, Pefe C. 300 Dresser, Paul A. Jr. 86, 358, 385, 415 Dtew, Donald R. 300 Dromgoole, Glenn A. 138, 313, 469 Drounlhet, Adrien F, III 198, 320, 322, 415 Drow, Wi11iam C. 415 Druebert, Hilmar C, 166, 347, 469 Dub1in, Frank W, 320 Dubose, Wade 8. 154, 469 Duchamp, Eugene A, III 184, 273, 469 Dudley, Bobby G, Dudley, Daniel 1, Jr, 415 Duelm, Aubrey .1, 457 Duerer, Albert W, 156, 478 Duerer, Robert E, 339 Dugon, John T. 478 Duke, Bruce R. 116 Duke, Wayne M. 97,415 Dulin, Edwin R. 123, 457 Dulock, Raymond W. 205. 292, 363, 415 Dumesnil, Cur1is A. 478 Dunuvonf, Michael L. 132, 340, 478 Duncan, Silos E. 334, 415 Duncan, William S, 469 Dungan, Cli1ford T. 469 Dungon, James R. 469 Dunkerley, Roland P. Jr. 166 Dunlap, Me1vin E. 120, 478 Duplof, Augusto F. 478 Duplissey, Gary R. 152, 154, 281, 329, 457 Dupree, Russell B, 90, 478 Duran, John M, 469 Durard, Bert L, 120, 478 Durbin, James P. 82, 108, 314, 457 Durbon, Mark C, 120 Duren, Jerry L, 134 Durham, Kenneth L. 478 Durrenberger, Cyril J. 94, 96, 264, 415 Dusord, Leo F. 111 179, 415 Dusek, Barry J. 478 DuHon, Gary E. 164, 478 Duty, Douglas W. 205, 306, 363, 457 Duvoll, Duncan E. Jr. 107, 469 Dworshus, Albert G. 146 Dworaczyk, John F. 173, 187, 415 Dyal, Donald R. 277, 457 Earl, Geoffrey N. 146, 478 Earp, James B. 96, 478 Eastman, George L. 136 Eaton, Curtis W. 206, 415 Ebey, John E. 160, 362, 478 Echols, David K. 478 Echols, Melvin 169, 478 Echfcrhoff, James H. Jr, 120, 360, 415 Eddings, Larry R. 478 Edd1eman, Earl G. 107, 339, 457 Edelbrock, Joseph A. 478 Edens, Donald L, 241 Edgar, Thomas D. 114, 478 Edgington, Larry E. 263, 315, 359, 457 Edling, Thomas O. 205, 332 Edmondson, Hugh 8, 478 Edmundson, Charles W. 104 Edwards, Earl H. 146, 320, 326, 478 Edwards, Robert D. 120, 478 Edwin, John R, 264 Eeds, George R. 95, 108, 240, 415 Eeds, John Marion 478 Egger, Larry A. 415 Eggleston, Edward M. 205, 311, 455 Egloff, John Mark 264, 277 Eidson, Louie D. 478 Eidson, Thomas E. 144 Eilers, William A. Jr. 478 Ekmark, Carl J. 162 Elbrich, Joseph J. Jr. 394 Eldridge, Randall A. 160, 478 Elfonf, Robert L. 287, 315, 415 Elizondo, Flores R. 275, 457 Eller, Charles R. 98 Eller, Ronald A. 176, 478 Ellerman, Ronald D, 158, 478 Elles, James W. 164, 478 Elliot, Jerry E. 123,478 Elliott, Bobby R. 80 Elliott, William S. 149,478 E1115, John M. 469 E115, John P. 146, 478 E1115, Richard P. 154, 478 Ellis, Robert B. 80 Ellis, Robert C. 90, 469 Ellison, Gerald V. 417 Ellison, Truman G, 336, 478 Elliston, Nolie G. 398 Elmore, Robert D. 132, 417 Elroy, Dennis 474 Elsbury, Billy R. 114, 417 Elsey, Ronald E. 184, 469 Elwell, Robert Edgar 457 Elzner, Dennis R. 469 Emonis, James R. 205, 417 Emmons, Jeffery C. 123, 319 Ener, Ernest L. Jr. 198, 323, 389 Engbrock, James E. 348, 417 Engdch1, Gilbert R. 357, 469 Engelbert, Richard E. 321 469 Engelbert, Robert A, 321, 469 Engelbrechh Clyde C, 143, 478 Engelbrecht, Frederick 164, 478 Engelbrechf, Ronnald S. 100, 478 Engle, Phillip D. 243 English, Ronald W. 241, 469 Enloe, Jesse C. 80 Epperson, Ernest E. 395 Ermis, Harvey J. 146,478 Ernst, Herbert L, 400 Eronimous, Robert M, 320, 458 Erskine, Rodney D. 181 Erwin, Edward A, 107, 359, 469 Erwin, PeVer F, 160 Escobcr, Kenneth R. 331, 469, 478 Escobor, Ruperro 8, 478 Esparzo, Edward D, 118, 469 Esquivel, Arturo 156, 478 Essex, William L. 125, 478 Esrep, Gary D. 280, 417 Estes, Ivan G, 469 Estrada, Eduardo 458 Eubunk, Robert B. 417 Evans, Melvel S, 123, 343 Evans, Michael L, 98, 339, 469 Evans, Richard S. 417 Evans, Robert E. III 179, 458 Evens, William L. 111 171, 181, 293, 417 Evers, Gerald W. 458 Evers, Wil1iom H. 417 Evoniuk, Eugene A. 300 Ewing, Thomas G, 116 Eyring, Mark W. 156, 478 Ezell, Shannon 0. 96, 478 Fogon, Kenneth 123, 478 Fugan, William A. 478 Fallin, Michael M. 201, 265 Fancher, Thurman L, Jr, 335 Form, Ronald L. 254, 270, 318, 458 Fannin, Corn L. 111 123, 478 Fanning, Karl P. 80, 149, 478 Farias, Peter F. 336, 478 Farmer, Leslie G. 111 352 Farr, Louis L. IV 143 Farr, Robert E. 176, 478 Farr, Walter E. 146 Forror, James R. 417 Farrier, Robert C. 120 Foulk, Danny J. 201 Faulkner, Robert B. 478 Fehler, Edward D. 478 Feighny, Michael L, 120 Felder, Jerry W, 82, 130, 138, 312, 417 Felkner, James L, 458 Falkner, Roy D, 116, 469 Fell, George K. 123, 334 Felps, Alton D, 164, 335, 469 Felf, Rodger L. 201, 417 Fenster, Richard A. 287 Fenfer, Lester C. 160, 334, 478 Feray, David L. 478 Fergeson, Robert T. 187, 417 Ferguson, George H, 329, 478 Ferguson, Jay R. 188, 235 Ferguson, John F. 316, 478 Ferguson, John S. 417 Ferguson, Robert L. 120 Ferguson, Thomas L. 95, 104, 417 Ferguson, William C. 222 Fernold, William F. 89, 92, 342, 458 Fernandez, Alberto T, 316 Ferraro, Charles D. 183, 361, 478 Ferreiro, Abel M. 469 Ferrell, Joel F. 394 Ferro, William E. 320 Fest, Stephen E. 90, 478 Fichfner, Charles M. 98, 417 Fick, Donald L. 141, 478 Ficker, Richard H. 278, 279, 469 Fickessen, Jack R. 98 Fidler, Steven E. 160, 458 Fidler, William M. 169, 478 Fiedler, Lloyd N. 349 FiegeI, John L. 190, 458 Field, James W. 116, 478 Fielder, John C. 304 Fields, Glenn 478 Figun, Stephen L. 154, 365, 478 Fikes, William R, 201, 360, 400 Filburn, Ralph B, 183 Fillinger, Thomas J. 273, 307, 345, 458 Filtsch, Sfephen G. 136, 478 Finch, Joseph L. 198, 417 Fincke, Douglas R. 134, 273, 478 Fine, Thomas M. 82, 129, 149, 280, 281, 458 Finkbiner, Terry C. 82, 123, 352 Finkelstein, Jerry 287 Finkelstein, Mark 293 Finks, John E. 114,115, 274, 417 Finley, Ralph M. 360, 478 Fischer, Arthur C. 280, 417 Fischer, Daniel H. 102, 478 Fischer, David H. 469 Fisher, Henry E. 417 Fisher, James H. 478 Fisher, Joe H. 171, 328, 458 Fisher, John M. 478 Fisher, Joseph H. 160, 202, 358, 469 Fisher, Roy J. 458 Fisher, Terry L. 108 Fisher, Thomas E. 358 Fisherman, Barry N. 287, 417 Fisk, Stephen K. 130, 417 F111;, John M. 116, 285, 305, 311, 323,358, 389, 417 Fitzgerald, Giles W. 181 Fifzpotrick, R. V. 11 395 Flaherfy, Daniel J. 417 Fla", Curtis A. 458 Fleniken, James P. 108 Fletcher, Pierce H. 239 F1e1cher, Ronald W. 350, 469 Flippo, Walter A. 146, 458 Florence, Harold D, 78, 93, 100, 417 F1orence, Ronald C, 314, 458 Flores, Leo 104, 336, 478 Flores, Rau1 Jr. 458 Flournoy, Sammy J. 358 Flowers, Thomas L. 417 Floyd, Kenne1h D. 238 Fluin, Alfred L, 398 Focke, John W. 320 Fohn, Nicholas H. 196, 273, 345, 417 Folsom, Ralph E. Jr. 307 Fondon, John W. Jr. 356 Ford, Edwin R, 158, 469 Ford, Lloyd A. Jr. 261 Ford, William J, 238 Forehand, Gilbert H. 78, 119, 300, 305, 417 Ferguson, Richard L. 390, 395 Forgeng, Thomas J. 82, 171, 281, 458 Forrest, B1ake F. 458 Forrest, Freddie G. 169 Forster, Peter C. 297, 330 Fortenberry, Kirby K. 154, 328, 478 Fortune, Douglas S. 164, 292, 417 Fossofi, Humberto 275 Fossum, Jerry E, 300 Foster, Gary W, 187, 293, 478 Foster, James R. 320 Foster, Jim 317, 469 Fow1er, Bob A. 176, 478 Fowler, David T. 112, 120, 364, 417 Fow1er, Donald W. 126, 364 Fowler, George C. 166 Fowler, Harry B, 469 Fowler, James E. 158, 320 Fowler, Ronald L. 102,417 Fow1er, Thomas P. 469 Fox, James D, 87, 458 Froley, John H. 126, 478 Fruley, Morris A, Jr, 417 Frandolig, James W. 478 Frank, George E. 108, 478 Frank, John C, 124 Franklin, David A. 151, 156, 458 Franklin, Jerry L. 95, 104, 141, 417 Franklin, Kenny J. 458 Franklin, Lawrence M. 417 Frank1in, Richard H. 136, 316, 478 Franks, Bobby R. 240, 479 Franks, Clarence E. Jr. 154, 469 Franks, James C. 263,417 Franks, Orlun H. 202, 479 Franks, Paul A. 181, 479 Franks, Thomas F. 331, 479 Franze, EvereH K. 479 Fraser, Ben S. 154, 479 Fraser, Joseph G. 206, 319, 469 Frazer, Robert L. 158, 187, 479 Frazier, Robert L. Jr. 328 Frazier, Stephen W. 100, 469 Frederick, Ralph A. 458 Frederick, Richard A. 108, 320 Frederiksen, Larry W, 132, 469 Fredrickson, Henry W. 80, 149, 479 Freeman, Augustus M. Jr. 152, 160, 314,344, 417 Freeman, Charles H, 89, 417 Freeman, Raymond D. 144, 417 Freshour, Richard J. 479 Fricke, Dave L, 80, 149, 479 Friddle, George C. 176, 479 Fried, Albert R, Jr. 174, 332, 458 Friedberg, Mordecai 287 Friedlonder, Jock P. 156, 417 Friedmann, Raymond J. 202, 469 Fries, Earl R. 154, 479 Frith, Charles E. 394 Fritsche, CHorlie M, 107, 357 Fritz, John L. 127, 479 Fritz, Weldon 8.458 Fritze, Vernon V, Jr. 164, 417 Frizzell, Roy 8. 458 Froemke, Robert M. 400 Frosf, Warren W. Jr. 395 Fry, Clifford L. 479 Fry, Stephen T. 201, 342, 417 Frye, Donald J. Jr. 201, 418 Fuchs, James A, 102, 359, 458 Fudge, Wayne 8. 156, 479 Fuentes, Jerome A. 418 Fugger, Edward F. 418 Fugler, Thomas D. Jr, 418 Fulghom, William N. 108, 469 Fulkerson, John R. 199, 320, 418 Fuller, David W. Jr. 138, 469 Fuller, Nicholas M. 176, 479 Funk, Kenneth D. 395 Furber, James E. 285, 335, 418 Furber, Ronald W. 180, 335, 458 Furrh, Sumue1 R. 108, 469 Gabberf, John H, 78, 82, 83, 144, 418 Goddis, A1vis M. Jr. 187 Goden, John D. Jr. 136, 316, 361, 469 Gage, Errol 18, 258, 458 Gailey, Dwight L. 141, 479 Guille, Raymond S. 360 Gaines, Jimmy R. 169, 418 Goither, Gale Harrison 394 Coley, John H. 144, 458 Golindo, Eudoro A. Jr. 418 Gallagher, Robert P. 125, 418 Galloway, Thomas M, 198, 285, 297,323,418 Ga11e, Jere R. 154, 479 Gallegos, Joseph 169, 342, 469 Galloway, Stephen L, 123, 479 Galloway, William E.181, 469 , Galloway, WiHiom M. 479 Calvin, Daniel L, 4, 82, 90, 92 Gomb1e, Michael E. 206, 353, 469 Gamble, Patrick K, 181 Garcia, Anosfosio 125, 458 Garcia, Delfino Jr. 418 Garcia, Eloy 136, 336, 479 Garcia, Jesus Jr. 351 Garcia, John S, 187 Garcia, Lionel G, 264 Garcia, Luis S, 336 Garcia, Mario J. G. 458 Garcia, Robert R. Jr.-458 Garcia, Romeo C. 469 Garcia, Victor E. 198 Gardner, David F. 479 Gardner, Paul F. 125 Gardner, Ronald G. 201, 398 Gardner, Thomas H. 89, 479 Gardner, WiHiom C. 146 Garner, Charles P, 120 Garner, Daniels 5. 143, 458 Garner, Harold E, 158 Garner, Richard C. 355 Garner, Robert R. 297, 479 Garrett, Lawrence N, Jr. 151, 154, 240,282, 342, 393, 403, 418 Garza, A1berfo 297, 336 Garza, Daniel A. 479 Garza, Pedro 96, 479 Garza, Roman R. 398 Garza, Salvador 96, 322, 479 Gaston, Gilmer E. 303 Gasway, William B. 37, 222 Garlin, Gilberf.W, 266 Gay, John D. 98, 361 Gay, Richard E. 479 Gayle, Charles M. 469 Gayle, Lelve G, 261, 390, 398 Gearing, Phillip R. 125,479 Gee, John F. 169, 469 Gee, Thomas W. 479 Gent, Terrence R. 458 Gentry, Teddy E. 102, 251, 303 George, Gerald L. 187, 418 George, Jimmy D, 111, 114 George, Raymond O. 458 George, Sammy J. 418 Gerbert, Joshua 287 Gerick, Milom J. 294 Gerke, William C, 156, 479 German, Donn L. 90, 340, 458 Germany, Jessie R, 458 Gerra1d, Scott W. 458 Gersbcch, Kenneth A. 82, 152, 160,364, 418 Geye, Raymond J. 120, 347, 41 8 GhormIey, Arnold B. 202, 278, 279, 339 Ghosh, Debabrolc 401 Gibbons, William E. 104, 256, 321, 359 Gibbs, William H. 243 Gibson, David V. 469 Gibson, Edwin G. 240, 479 Gibson, Gary C. 169 Gibson, Patrick A. 293, 458 Gibson, Robert L. Jr. 90, 458 Gibson, Werner .1. 201 Gibson, William E. 458 Gieger, David K. 202 Giesenschlag, Wi1110m H. 141, 469 Gil, Elias E. 336 Gilardi, Philip C. 104, 479 Gilbert, Allyn T. 348 Gilbert, Joe W. 198, 319 Gilbert, Michael D. 174, 364, 469 Gilbreufh, Walrer S. 479 Gilcreuse, David L. 104, 330 Gil1, Ellis C. 89,469 Gillis, Mailon A. 154, 479 Gillis, Travis 0. Jr. 89, 469 Gilmore, Donald E. 458 Gilmore, Donald W. 242, 418 Gilmore, Samuel A. 398 Gilmore, Steven C. 206 Gingrich, Larry H. 162, 320, 360, 469 Ginsbach, Robert G. 164, 479 Ginzel, Alwilliam J. 419 Ginze1, Daniel H. 458 Gipson, Jerry L. 146, 479 Glass, Daniel W. 458 Classcock, Lonnie 111 149 Glassford, David M. Jr. 136, 276, 316 Glaze, Kenneth E. 350, 458 Glaze, Robert M. 169 Glenewinkel, Dennis R. 82, 153, 169,349,458 Glenney, WaHer S. 136, 316 Glison, Charles L. 120, 419 Glodr, John F. 102, 308, 419 Glover, David W. 238 Glover, Joe E. 160, 419 Glueck, Ellis E. Jr. 419 Godfrey, Frederic 125, 479 Godin, James M, 132, 327, 479 Godkin, Jerry W, 130, 136, 316, 419 Godwin, John C. 138, 479 GoeHIe, Jimmy A. 419 Goefz, Paul A. 206, 309 Goff, John E.111,114, 419 Golaskinski, Michael 458 Golden, Joe A, 479 Goldenberg, Dee R. 187, 276 Goldfarb, Jerrold H. 136, 287, 316 Goldman, Joel 287, 419 Goldsmith, Barry 351 Go1dsmi1h, James W. 322 Goldston, Richard T. 201 Golladay, Harvey L. 305, 311 Gomez, Rudolph V, 120 Gonzalez, Juan D. 458 Gonzalez, Marcelino R. 419 Gonzalez, Robert J. 157, 419 Gonzalez, Rosendo J. 479 Gonzalez, Wi1liam K. 419 Good, 8111 R, 479 Good, Robert E. 258 Goodenough, Robert D. 82, 152, 156, 239, 333, 419 Goodman, Larry E. 458 Goodson, David H, 138, 419 Goodson, Jesse F. Jr. 90, 479 Goodwin, Herbert L. 479 Goodwin, Henry W. 339, 470 Gordon, Donny M. 144, 470 Gordon, Patrick T. 138, 342, 470 Gordon, William W. 479 Gordy, James N. 162, 479 Gore, Charles E. 279, 419 Gore, Donald 179, 291, 419 Gosney, Gary L. 132, 317, 470 Gosschalk, .1005? A. 156 GosseH, Robert P. 479 Gossom, Woodrow W. 134 364, 479 Gould, Paul A. 287 Gowan, George E. 395 Graf, Albert D. 154, 470 Graf, Kenneth E. 89, 470 Grafton, Michael B. 90, 360, 470 Graham, David E. 89, 356, 470 Graham, Glenn C. 158, 479 Graham, James F. 98 Graham, John W. 470 Graham, Owen H. Jr. 198 Graham, Rex Holcomb, 241, 331 Grams, Eugene J. Jr. 268, 470 Grant, A1berf D. 419 Grant, Larry O. 479 Granf, Lee J. Jr. 174, 342, 419 Graves, Allan P. 166, 479 Groves, David E. 202 Groves, Henry L. 479. Graves, Jack Jr. 470 Groves, Jerry H. 16, 479 Gray, Darrell K. 120, 339, 419 Gray, Howard W. Jr. 169, 364 Gray, Jay A. 160, 470 Gray, John W. 458 Gray, Patrick C. 267, 419 Gray, Ronald D. 172, 181, 419 Grayson, Stewart M, 104, 267, 479 Greek, Gerald T. 356, 458 Green, Char1es S. 479 Green, George E. 479 Green, Joe B. 420 Green, Kenneth E. 106, 479 Green, Kenneth E. 107, 154, 479 Green, Richard M. 169, 458 Green, Richard W. 297, 365 Green, William E. 144, 479 Greene, Patrick R. 420 Greener, Roberf W. 303 Greenhaw, Larry M. 125, 420 Greenway, Bob L. 420 Greer, Char1es L. 174 Greer, Max M. Jr'. 458 Greer, Michael6 L. 320, 394 Gregory, Chur1es H. 82, 83, 124, 420 Gregory, Eugene H. 104 Gregory, Raymond W, 169, 173, 458 Grey, Rex O. 179 Griesenbeck, Clyde A. 201 Griffey, Bert 274 Griffin, Charles D. 479 Griffin, Charles V. 111 102, 470 Griffin, James E. 169, 458 Griffin, John K. 174, 479 Griffin, Rober! R. 125, 332, 479 Griffin, Terry R. 420 Griffith, Charles E. 420 Griffith, Craig A. 104, 479 Griffith, Donald L. 174, 470 Griffith, John S. 470 Griffith, Michael W. 470 Griffith, Stanley E. 102 Griffith, Steven K. 470 Griffiths, Jerry B. 420 Griggs, Dwight S. 206, 420 Grimes, George K. 174, 479 Grimes, Richard P. 144, 274, 479 Grimsinger, Clyde E. 89, 420 Grishom, Thomas 1.. 479 ,, - A,A..4-.M w. L: a t3 d " 7- E , 1W , , . Q, a L r 4., W? . "j MW? 4 x lg J Aug-?mr M, x 3.4 x z "' ; , f y k ,1! g..J if; Q 4;, - 9' P ' i ' ' l '23 '7 '5 K .34 I -1, a w; ,3 13K '3 : m - Y , 3 '43! '3' a: -, zw w; r. rz, 3 -v 3 g --.- , 7 1 5 ' ,. 5a 7- ' ' f V f i f? ' , ?Q' ' m n r7 " 7n; 1 I 4 ? , ii . 3 a a k , w A 03 w h , . 3; n . x , g ,7 , .k M, ,3 . ,, ., t .4. , a x- .7" K, x; xx X 1 V 5 you can buy! WORLD'S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF OIL WELL DRILLING TOOLS HUGHES TOOL COMPANY OH Tool Division Houston, Texas $1964, Hugwes ?JJI 531133". ' -;":;' , J '9; ,Hr'm: f'Lze-uw :' Myra 7:3' C:'v::-,. Groce, William E. 107, 286, 479 Grochett, William S. 45, 228 Groff, Wallace W. 420 Groff, Walter P, Jr. 184, 420 Groom, James N. Jr. 100, 320 Cros, Ronald P. 118 Grossenbachcr, Richard 81, 479 Grossie, Vcrnon B, Jr, 479 Grove, Rober1 L Jr. 96, 479 Groves, Michael 395 Grubbs, Lonzo J. 420 Gwen, Frank X. Jr. 174, 458 Owner, Kenneth A. 78, 82, I29, 136, 316, 420 Grunewold, Kenneth F. 164, 344, 479 Gryzugoridis, Jasson 242 Gudgel, Keith E. 317, 467 Guerra, Robert L. 470 Guer1her, Robert M. 479 Guevara, Alvaro 275, 458 Guilloud, Garry L. 353, 420 Guin, Bobby H. 154 Guin, Lester R. 479 Gumm, Harold W. 202, 458 Gummer, Steven V. 144, 342, 479 Gunnels, Roberi D. 479 Gunter, James H. Jr. 123, 267, 458 Gun1er, Jerry W. 421 Gustofson, Robert H. 90, 479 Gutierrez, Anibal A. 336 Gutierrez, Francisco J. 275, 421 Gutierrez, Hecfor X. 470 Guzman, Manuel A. 149, 280 Hoag, Dennis A 164, 479 Haase, Timothy C. 107, 479 Hobbinga, Richard J. 132, 421 Hable, Robert H. 125 Hablinski, William M1 108, 479 Hefner, John L 90, 479 Haggard, Harry L. 111, 120, 420 Hugle, Donald H. 470 Haglund, Carl H. 80 Hoile, Danel G. 294, 458 Haisler, Robert L. 187 Holaburka, Michael J. 153, I66, 420 Halberdier, Louis S. Jr. 401 Halberf, David M. 82, 154, 458 Hole, Billy J. 187 Hole, Joe N. 294 Hole, Karen J. 489 Hale, Ronald E. 298, 421 Haley, John R. 181, 479 Haliasz, Henry E. Jr. 174, 421 Hall, Charles G. 176, 479 Hall, Charles G. 479 Hall, Charles L. 375 Hall, Claude B. 198, 459 Hall, Henry, T. 125,479 Hall, Norman R. 479 Hall, Richard S. 199, 421 Hall, Richard W. 181 H011, William S. 470 Hallenberger, Charles R. 297, 421 Halpcin, Richard T. 89, 421 Halpin, James M. 136, 479 Holtom, Donald H, 479 Halusku, Jerry L. 114, 291 Hamilton, Freelin D, 421 Hamilton, Michael C. 153, 166, 421 Hamilton, Patrick C. 160, 470 Hamilton, William L. 459 Hamme, Curtis 5. 459 Hammel, Richard W. 118, 330, 470 Hammil, Earl D. 134, 479 Hammond, John C. 114, 274, 479 Hammonds, Charles E, 146, 239 Hampton, Robert J. 125, 364, 479 Hancock, William M. 45, 228, 343, 421, 459 Hancock, William R. 126, 363 Hancock, Woodrow R. Jr. 205, 421 Handley, Robert T. 98, 331, 479 Hankins, Harrison C. 239, 421 Hanks, Leslie E. 319, 421 Hanna, Wayne W. 90, 251, 470 chnigan, Edward V. 45, 136, 146, 479 Hansard, James B. 421 Hanselka, Calvin W. 354 Hansen, Richard F. 421 Hansford, Charles L. 166, 479 Hanson, Wayne 8. 311, 421 Hanusch, John A, 158, 364, 470 Hanzalik, Herman A. 470 Hapenney, James D. 188, 470 Happ, John H. 81, 181, 479 Huraway, William J. 181 Harben, Roberf Malvern 395 Herbert, Jerry C. 102, 470 Hurcrow, Robert J. 158, 344, 470 Hardeman, Lyman J. 311, 459 Hardgrove, James T. 82, 173, 281, 421 Harding, Henry R. 421 Harding, Thomas H. 108, 479 Here, Charles E. 160, 422 HargeH, George W. 45, 215, 216, 217, 219, 228 Hargrove, Thomas R, 102, 251, 257, 470 Horkey, Ronald D. 479 Horned, Charles R 100, 479 Harp, Jeffrey C. 202, 283, 285, 311, 323, 384,422 Harper, John C. 201, 422 Harper, Kurt H 179, 480 Harper, William J, 461 Harrell, Donald P. 479 Harrell, Gary R. 459 Harrell, James E. 202, 263, 459 Harrell, Thomas E. 114, 333, 470 Harrelson, Johnny B. 480 Horriman, William B. Jr. 146, 234 Horringfon, William P, 158, 297, 422 Harris, Arch F, 480 Harris, Cliff A. 206, 459 Harris, Dickie A. 328, 470 Harris, Franklin A. Jr. 338, 470 Harris, George A, 181 Harris, Jack E. 470 Harris, Lorry G, 422 Harris, Morris R. Jr. 360, 422 Harris, Ronald A, 154, 470 Harris, Ronald B. 459 Harris, William B1 459 Harris, William L. 166, 480 Harrison, Earnest R. Jr, 422 Harrison, James F. 459 Harrison, MiHon L, 362, 459 Harrison, Vernon D1 329, 480 Harrison, Warren T1 172, 329, 459 Horl, Anthony P. 470 Herr, Charles McL 104 Hart, John W. Jr. 136 Hart, Melba J. 126 Hartfiel, Don A. 422 Hartley, Thomas M. 141, 422 Hartmann, Norbert A. Jr, 351 HarfneH, Thomas R. 179 Harvell, David J. 108, 240, 480 Harvey, Edgar J. 102, 470 Harvey, Gary B. 470, 480 Harvey, Gary G. 179 Harvey, Robert E. 176, 422 Harvey, Viclor O. 136, 330, 480 Hcrvison, Gary E. 120 Harwell, LeslieJ. 480 Haseloff, William C. 174, 480 Hassclmeier, Robert J. 136, 332, 470 Hasten, William H. Jr. 422 Hatcher, Lester B. 116, 240, 338, 470 HaHaway, William E. 134, 459 Hutton, James R. 278, 279 Hafzenbuehler, Charles 202, 349, 459 Hcfzenbuehler, Daniel 320, 480 Hauser, Thomas F. 80, 149, 480 Hausmann, Richard J, 422 Houss, David E. 480 Havard, Thomas .11 191 Havel, Jerome A. 422 Havel, Joseph R. 187, 480 Hawkes, Robert W. 470 Hawkins, Ennis M. 330, 459 Hawkins, James H. 104 Hawkins, Joseph G. 174, 480 Hawkins, Ralph W. 422 Hawkins, Roberr M. 328, 459 Hayden, Louis E. 470 Hayes, David W. 470 Hayes, Howard M. Jr1 395 Hayes, Jerral W. 345, 480 Hayes, William J. 422 Haynes, Grady L. 459 Haynes, Philip E. 206 Hays, David M. 144 Hays, Terry G. 198 Hays, WiHiam McN. 422 Head, Bruce C. 274 Head, Howard M. 201, 270, 271, 386, 422 Hearin, Walter P. 480 Hcarn, Wylie E. 480 Hearron, George S. 169, 470 Hearfwell, Stephen F. 136 Heath, James B. 176, 286, 480 Heoron, Cyrus R. 123, 346, 80 4 Hebert, Ronald T. 100, 164, 330, 480 Heddins, Gerald C. 401 Heep, Gerald R. 96, 335 Hefley, Martin W. 96, 359, 470 Heger, Robert S. 125, 349, 470 Heibel, Richard A. 120, 273, 331, 422 Heideman, Kenneth E. 363, 422 Heikkila, Edwin C. Jr. 108 Heinemann, Eugene J. 102, 319, 335, 459 Heinen, Ronald E. 134, 480 Heinich, Daniel E. 179, 480 Heinrich, Durwood J. 480 Heitman, Lawrence P. 144, 480 Helguero, Victor H. 275 Hellums, Lee N. H 100, 263, 332, 459 Helmcump, Jack F. 90, 364, 480 Helmers, Stanley L. 422 Henord, Don M. Jr. 102,319, 470 Henderson, Joseph S. Jr. 123, 480 Henderson, Michael P. 480 Henderson, Quenvin R. 174, 480 Hendrix, Charla: R. 422 Hendry, James E. 264 Henglein, Robert J. 107 Henigon, Allen M. 333 Henley, John W. 395 Henneberger, Armin E. Jr. 158, 264, 423 Hennessy, Richard A. 1C3 Henry, George M. 279, 278, 362, 459 Henry, Larry D. 146 Henry, Melton M. 146 Henry, Milton M. 146, 480 Henry, Sam 5. Jr. 123, 342, 470 Henry, Thomas C 102, 480 Hensorling, George B. 470 Henslee, Robert W, Jr. 470 Hensley, William M1 480 Henson, Sidney L. 143, 423 Henton, Larry D. 459 Hereford, Michcul G. 470 Herman, John R. 114, 459 Hermann, Paul D, Jr. 80 Hernandez, Andrew R. 423 Hernandez, Joaquin 459 Hernandez, John R, 423 Hernandez, Mike Jr. 322 Herrera, Francisco G. 459 Herrin, John A. 318 Herring, David C, 297, 423 Herring, John M. 202, 423 Herring, Kenneth D. 311 Herring, Robert L, 181, 342 Herring, Sheldon M. 470 Harrington, Benny S, 423 Harrington, James R, 111 98, 480 Herrmann, William J. H, 171, 174, 187, 282, 423 Hervey, Stewart D, 158 Herzik, Aubrey M. 300 Herzog, Charles E. 176 Hess, Dennis P. 401 Hefheringfon, Noble 423 Hewes, Cecil G, 459 Hewett, Douglas N. 190, 423 HewiH, Emmi" R. 356 Heyen, John G. 345, 423 Hicklin, John S. 108, 470 Hickman, Richard A. 480 Hickman, Royce H, Jr. 141, 423 Hicks, Arthur W1 166, 480 Hicks, Hal 5. 470 Hicks, Kay D. 423 Higgins, Elliott L. Jr. 80, 125 Higgins, John T, 352 Higgins, Michael E. 105, 256, 459 Higgins, Pofrick H. 423 Higgins, Robert W. 100, 480 Highfower, Erskine W. 480 Hightower, James R. 146, 480 Hilburn, Benny M. 89, 459 Hill, Arthur T. 261 H111, Cornelius E. 470 Hill, Dalton J. 328 Hill, David G. 125, 240, 327 Hill, Gerald G. 106, 138, 480 Hill, Joe E1423 H111, John M. 166,480 Hill, Orvel F. 102, 470 Hill, Walter C. 470 Hillhouse, Michael R. 138, 480 Hillhouse, S1ephen A1 45, 146, 228, 241 Hi11iard,John E. 171 Hillis, Conrad M. 125,480 Hilton, Whitney J. 118,470 Hind, Gary J. 166 Hindman, William R. 126, 480 Hinds, Frank C. 303 Hines, Daniel R. 154 Hines, Ronald 202 Hinton, Dexter C. 187 Hinze, Ray G. 211, 215,219, 239, 459 Hirsch, Mary .1. 297 HIM, Barney L. 82, 171, 176, 459 Hlauaty, Andrew J. 154, 480 Hlozek, Donald R. 156, 356, 470 Hobbs, William D. 202, 459 Hobler, Ross L. 459 Hocking, Alfred E, 181, 334, 480 Hodges, James M, 401 Hodges, McCloud B. 125, 243 Hofer, Charles T. 107 Hoffman, Charles W. 480 Hoffman, Richard F. 164, 480 Hogan, William D. 480 Hohman, Dennis N. 154, 273, 480 Holcomb, David R. 357 Holcomb, Robert A. 136, 480 Holcomb, William D. 138, 459 Hold, Leonard R. 308 Holden, Cornelius L. 480 Holden, Eric J. 136, 470 HoIder, George R. 202, 459 Holder, Leonard D. 123, 470 Holditch, Damon W. 82, 93, 104, 262, 342, 459 Holdredge, David E. 187, 480 Holick, Donald H. 198, 459 Holladay, John N. 114, 480 Hollan, John D. 181, 470 Holland, James D. 360, 424 Holland, Larry A 340 Hollern, Patrick J. 320, 459 Holley, Anson N. 149, 320 Hollimun, John C. 174, 285, 291,323, 391, 424 Hollingswonh, Russell 470 Hollis, James R, 424 Hollister, Jerry G. 125, 480 Holloway, Ernest R1 119, 459 Holloway, James M. 480 Holman, Bailey M, 107 Holmes, Charles R, 459 Holmes, David L. 89, 315, 480 HolochwosY, Gregory C. 108, 424 Holster, Jesse L. 118, 470 Holt, David L, 320 Holt, Jack B. 114, 328 Holfz, Stephen T. 158, 480 Holy, Grant J. 424 Homoyoun, Monouchehr, 297, 424 Honeo, John E 134, 335 Honeycuh, David M. 114, 480 Honeycult, Wesley H. 424 Hood, Billy M. 164, 480 Hood, Robert A. 205 Hood, Ronald E, 470 Hook, Charles 0. 202, 459 Hooks, Donald L. 459 Hooks, Howard B. 424 Hooks, Ronald F5 292, 424 Hooper, Bennie M. 181 Hobton, James G, 156, 337, 470 Hoofon, James W. 360, 470 Hopgood, Marvin T. Jr. 82, 149, 280, 459 Hopkins, Chor1es L. 480 Hopkins, Donald W. 424 Hopkins, Franklin E. Jr. 460 Hopkins, Michael H. 125, 480 Hopper, Barry R. 424 Hopper, Bruce L. 480 Horn, Larry H. 126 Horn, Louis G. 187, 470 Hornbock, James R. 116, 470 Horne, John W. H 98 Horne, MorriseHe W. 470 Horton, Edward L. 136, 316 Horton, Linda 0. 313 Horvath, James S. 184, 480 Hosley, Richard A. 169, 480 HoHenrovh, James R, 89, 362, 424 House, Randolph W. 480 Houston, Don P. 146 Houston, Donald A. 138, 480 Houston, James B. 470 Housfon, Viclor L. 176, 480 Houze, Robert A. 187, 286, 480 Howard, Albert L 480 Howard, Bobbie B. JrA 126, 460 Howard, Clyde W. 111 138, 460 Howard, Henry K. 347 Howard, James W. 470 Howard, Richard L. 80 Howard, Russell C. 108, 460 Howard, Volney W. Jr. 206, 345, 424 Howder, John D. 156, 344, 424 Howell, Robert M. 424 Howell, Ronald E. 151, 169, 460 HoweH, Ronald E. 293 Howle, Arlen G. Jr. 322 Howle, Willard L. 424 Hoyland, Robert J. 111 389 Hoysa, Matthew J. Jr. 120 Hoyt, Albert W. 240, 320, 394 Hubocek, John C. Jr. 187 Hubocek, Thomas W, 187, 480 Hubert, Earl T. Jr. 395 Huber', Paul E. 206, 470 Hubler, George L. 82, 83, 130, 149, 280, 293, 424 Huchton, Richard M. 460 Huddleston, Roy R. 34, 291, 323, 424 Hudgens, Ernest M. 138, 286, 347, 480 Hudgins, William W. 460 Hudler, Thomas .1. 470 Hudrnan, PauI B. Jr. 264, 396 Huebinger, Wayne E. 102, 480 Huerta, Wally 149, 320 Huff, Larry D. 187, 315 Huffman, Kirby W. 470 Hufhines, Bobby R. 90, 470 Hughes, Billy L. 401 Hughes, David R. 396 Hughes, Gaylon E. 332, 460 Hughes, John C. 480 Hughes, John L. 156, 480 Hughes, Lynn 8. Jr. 360, 470 Hughes, Thomas W. 141, 480 Hughes, William H. 201, 425 Hughson, William N. 98 Hugo, John E. 460 Hulben, David E. 132, 480 Hulen, Charlotte K. 489 Hulen, Harry 425 Hull, David E. 154 Hull, Jacob B. 425 Hull, John W. Jr. 425 Humber, Joseph B, 107 Humble, Robert A. 425 Humphries, Paul M, 138, 265, 470 Humphries, Richard J. 100 Hum, Curtis L. 156, 480 Hunt, Edward V. 320 Hunt, Glen L. Jr. ,293, 460 Hunt, Richard C. 114, 480 Hunter, Charles R. 394 Hunter, Darius C. 480 Hunfer, Donald T, 401 Hun1er, Joseph M. 169 Hunter, Lorry T. 156 Hurley, James M. 304, 460 Hurley, William N. 480 Hurst, Rober! D. 149 Hurfo, Frank J, JL 146, 356, 470 Husoin, A. M. Muozzom 401 Husfeld, David C. 460 Husfeld, Glenn E. 138, 480 Hussain, Abu Ahmed M. 294 Huston, Michael D. 120, 470 Hutchison, William E. 306 HuHon, James C. 158, 480 Huvol, Louis J. Jr. 398 Hyde, Michael W. 89, 460 Hyman, Jonathan D, 287, 425 Hyvl, Daniel J. 187, 480 Ihms, Orlcn L. 296, 425 1hrig, John R. 141,340 Ilse, Michael L. 271, 333, 425 Imrie, Lawrence T, 292 Inchousfe, Jorge A. 425 lhglehurf, George H. 241 Ingram, Donald 8. 480 Ingram, Johnny L. 460 lnniss, Roberf W. 144, 460 I'rick, Billy F, 303 Irish, Billy Rowe 322, 425 Irvin, Leslie 0, 425 1rvin,Rober1 A1. 98, 332, 480 Irvin, Stanley M. 125, 425 Irwin, Garland W. 176 Isbell, Roberf G. 470 Isom, Conrad B, 141 Ivie, Glen W. 470 Ivy, Larry M, 328, 460 Jablonski, Ted M. 169, 318, 425 Jackson, Beniamin R. 143, 243 Jackson, David A. 480 Jackson, Donald L. 123, 470 Jackson, Gary L. 425 Jackson, John E. 196, 240, 425 Jackson, Lonnie D. 93, 98, 279, 425 Jackson, Leslie P, 425 Jackson, Mark L. 30, 108, 262, 349, 425 Jackson, Oscar III 470 Jackson, Thomas M, 102, 251, 470 Jackson, William E 181, 425 Jacobs, Clifford A. 344 Jacobs, Jerry A. 166, 293, 470 Jacoby, Pete W. JL 102, 470 Jacoby, Roy A 335, 425 Jaeckle, Alan C. 480 Jaegers, Gordon A, 107, 362, 470, 480 Joffe, Stephen H, 90, 287, 480 Jageler, Charles D. 90 Jager, Mitchell 356, 460 James, Glenn A. 95, 107, 425 James, Karl R. 470 James, Larry R. 137, 316, 460 James, Morris E. 126 Jamison, Charles L. 108, 460 Jonoc, Joe R. 187, 480 Jonacek, Jimmy W. 123, 329, 460 Janik, Willie L. 201, 460 Junk, William E. 480 Jaris, Edward J. 118, 470 Joris, John R. 426 Jorrell, Freeman J. 89, 480 Jarvis, Billy B. 292, 460 Jarvis, Wesley W. 100 Jasek, Russell D, 82, 83, 87, 425 Jaynes, Jay 82, 281, 460 Jeanes, Franklin W. 158, 480 Jeffrey, David L 357, 480 Jeffus, Mac R. 107, 460 Jelinek, Al V. 401 Jendrusch, Gerald J. 470 Jenkins, James J. 361, 426 Jenkins, Joseph S. B. 355, 460 Jenkins, Paul S. 146, 355, 480 Jenkins, Reagan E. 98 Jenkins, Richard A 426 Jenkins, Robert D. 460 Jenkins, Trenton D. 181 Jennings, Arthur C. 480 Jennings, Jame; N. 480 Jennings, Robert L. 328 Jensen, Dennis W. 398 Jensen, Paul A. 120, 149, 480 Jensen, Paul L. 480 Jerden, Larry R. 176, 470 Jernigan, David S. 426 Jernigan, Herbert G. 94, 141, 348, 426 Jemigan, William A. 460 Jessup, Jerry H. 152, 154, 426 Jes1er, Richard S. 398 Jetf, Alvin D. 148 Jen, James E. 144 Jen, William J. 136, 481 Jinks, Hiram G. 120, 481 John, Roger McK. 327 Johns, Kenneth E. 481 Johnson, Afton B. 108, 470 Johnson, Albert P. 364, 470 Johnson, Billy R. 104, 332, 460 Johnson, Charles A. 108, 426 Johnson, Charles J. Jr. 426 Johnson, David W. 426 Johnson, Gary N. 154, 426 Johnson, Howard C. 426 Johnson, Jackie 481 Johnson, James E, 98, 481 Johnson, James H. 481 Johnson, Joe N. 143, 460 Johnson, Kenneth W. 481 Johnson, Max M. 426 Johnson, Melvin H. Jr. 98, 329, 426 Johnson, Randolph E. 481 Johnson, Randy M. 426 Johnson, Robert C. 169 Johnson, Ronald D, 89, 481 Johnson, Roy D. 460 Johnson, Tom M. 103, 460 Johnson, Virgil L. 332 Johnson, Walter H. Jr. 427 Johnson, William H. 427 Johnsion, Kenf M. 427 Johnston, WOHace L. 285, 427 Jolly, Roberr W. 460 Jones, Charles T 481 Jones, Curtis 8, 158, 460 Jones, David S. 90, 92, 257, 313, 427 Jones, Edwin E 481 Jones, Eric P. 93, 107, 460 Jones, George F. 427 Jones, Harrison P. 106, 107, 341, 460 Jones, Harvin K. Jr. 141 Jones, Hugh N. 470 Jones, James D. Jr. 460 Jones, James E. 169, 339 Jones, James G. Jr. 138, 342 Jones, Jerry L. 141, 470 Jones, Michael D, 460 Jones, Michael H. 427 Jones, Raymond C. Jr. 164, 266, 427 Jones, Richard A 176, 470 Jones, Richard F. 481 Jones, Ronald M, 340, 460 Jones, S1ephen A. 481 Jones, Tommy L. 427 Jones, William T. 125, 481 Jordan, George E. 335, 481 Jordan, Michael G. 481 Joyer, F10yd H. 156, 481 Joyner, Donald A. 292 Jozwoik, Paul L Jr. 198, 240 Juarez, Jocinto P. 202, 336, 470 Judi1h, Joseph H. 111 154 Juge, Randall J. 146, 481 Jung, Curtis W1 240, 335 Jungman, Frederick M, 100, 345, 481 Jurries, Royce W. 363, 460 K0012, Ervin A. 481 Kabell, David L. 323, 427 Kochfik, Jerry V. 146, 212 Kaderli, Gerald B. 240, 335 Kchonek, Henry Jr, 118, 470 Koiner, Edward L. 181, 281, 302, 363 Kaiser, Larry K. 108, 320, 470 Kamaluddin, Bokre A. 198, 292, 296, 401 Kompe, Arnold J. 158, 427 Kano, Edward J, 460 Kane, Kimberlin M, 291, 427 Kardys, Richard 169, 481 Karle, Frederick G. 100, 481 Korr, Kennord G, 146, 234 Kosprzyk, Edward J. 166, 481 Kass, David R. Jr. 427 Kassaw, Jerry D, 297 Kotzbeck, Edward R. 125, 481 Kauffmon, James H. 315, 470 Kozda, John L 303, 427 Keahey, Eldred E. 396 Keahey, Joseph M. 297 Kearney, John A. 144, 470 Kearney, Wendell M. 264, 396 Kearing, David T. 481 Keeling, Donald W. 470 Keeling, Michloe E. 130, 427 Keeling, Russell L, 78, 152, 427 Keese, Larry A. 134, 278, 279 Keester, George W, 104 Keefon, Kerry 5. 202 Keilers, Dennis R. 479 Keisling, Kim 96, 479, 481 Keith, Marshall D. 427 Kell, James C. 144 Kellor, Kenneth L. 144 Keller, Carl E. Jr. 396 Keller, Frederick L. 427 Keller, James L. 215, 218, 219, 220, 238, 240 Kelley, Charles P. 470 Kelley, Larry D. 481 Kelley, Steven P. 176, 481 Kelley, Terry L. 98 Kelley, Theodore L. 481 Kelly, Jennings B. 126, 481 Kelly, Kern D. 154, 481 Kelly, Robert M. Jr. 311, 427 Kelminson, Lawrence 287 Kelso, Charles W. 201 Keltner, Neil L. 87, 107, 281, 460 Kemler, Arden V. 187, 481 Kemp, Allan E. 104, 311, 349, 427 Kemp, Johnnie 176, 460 Kemper, George H. 481 Kennedy, Gary W. 138, 470 Kennedy, Michael J. 334 Kennemer, Larry C. 90, 450 Kent, Leonard L. 102 Kern, John F. Jr. 398 Kerr, William B. 174 Kessler, Homer W. 471 Keleer, Richard W. 273 Key, Dennis M. 471 Kicklifer, Lowry N. 158, 471 Kidd, George T. 111 357 Kidd, Gerald S. 136 Kidd, Ronald W. 146 1'5: - l08 No. Bryan Bryan. Texas CAMPUS CLEANERS Near College Laundry Sub S+a+ion-New Dorm Area VI 6-6II5 Serving Texas Aggies in Their Every Clo+hing Need. THE FORDYCE COMPANY Box I98I SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS R. W. Briggs. 'l7 L. Ed Lee. '37 R. W. Briggs. Jr.. '55 Dan H. McLendon. '39 505 Kidd, William T. 297, 357, 427 Kiel, Glenn D. 428 Kieschneck, Gerald B. 133, 428 Kieschnick, Herbert W1 104 133 Kiker, Joseph P. 277 Killingswonh, Amos E, 89, 460 Killingsworth, John B, 187, 428 Killingswor'h, Louis D. 460 Killough, David T. 89,460 Kinard, David H 102, 481 King, Car1W1 171, 179, 428 K1ng, Cullis L, Jr. 144, 471 King, Holley, K 489 King, Jon B. 89 King, Thomas M. 169, 329, 481 Kingston, Joseph R HI 174, 460 Kinnard, Jay R 169,481 Kiolbosso, Frank R. 151, 154, 297, 393, 428 Kiolhassa, Thomas A. 311, 460 Kirchmer, John T. 146, 359 Kirchner, Kenneth W. 481 Kirchner, Vinson E. 335, 471 Kirk, John H. 428 Kirk, Laurence R. 146, 481 Kirkes, Fred N. 104 Kirkham, EmmeH O. 328, 481 Kirkland, David S. 206 Kirkpatrick, Jack 460 Kirkpatrick, James R. 108, 320, 350, 481 Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey S. 481 Kirkpatrick, W. L. 294, 428 Kistner, Richard W. 297, 428 Kithus, George A. 481 Kiya, Michael K. 471 chhn, James B. 166, 481 Klamke, Stephen E. 108, 360, 481 Kleemeier, Henry G. 181, 471 Kleibrink, Ronald G. 261 Klein, Lawrence J. 138, 273, 287, 481 Kleinerf, Glenn A. 460 Klepper, Ronald W. 460 Kleypas, Bernard M. 136, 481 Kleypas, Gerald A. 348, 428 Klotz, Larry D. 315, 428 Kluge, Charles A. 136 Klutz, William L. Jr. 166, 342, 428 Kneisler, James R. Jr. 362 Knesek, John H. 154 Knipsfein, Robert C. 136, 316 Knouse, Jerry A 104, 321, 471 Knox, Royce M. 314, 390, 428 Knutson, Ronny E. 481 Koberg, Frederick J. 481 Koch, Kenneth J. 108, 471 Kocian, David A. 90, 481 Koehl, John B. 481 Koehler, Buford R. Jr. 117, 428 Koehler, 0110 K. 98, 481 Koehler, Wayne H. 330, 481 Koehn, Donald W. 146 Koenig, William T. 90, 481 Kohlman, Joe M, 211, 239 Koliba, Marvin L. 179, 481 Kolkhorsf, Theodore C. 263, 315, 363, 428 Kollenborn, Byron B. 357, 471 Konen, Harry P. 300, 401 Koonce, Alan R. 45, 228 Koonce, Gary W. 298, 323 Kopp, Larry D. 292, 428 Korb, Kenneth W. 81, 114, 481 Korbell, John C. 428 Korenek, Edwin J. 198 Korenek, Joseph L. 196, 428 Korenek, Victor J, Jr. 329 Kornfuehrer, Paul R. 118, 481 Korose, Robert J. 96, 428 Kosowski, Robert V. 471 Koss, William E, 146, 481 Koster, David F. 268 Kofhrnann, Herbert G. 335, 460 Kovar, Gary W. 146 Kovich, Andrew S. 164, 481 Koym, Louis C. 298 Krebs, Arno W. Jr. 322, 428 Krebs, John E. 341, 481 Kressler, Herbert H. 206, 460 Krefzschmar, Gilbert E. 89, 364, 460 Krieg, Daniel R. 280, 364, 460 Kronenberger, Louis Jr. 107, 470 Krouse, Richard C. 428 Kruse, Robert F. 90, 481 Kubalo, Raymond G. 215, 240 Kubecka, Oswald R. 356 Kubicek, Donald 342, 471 Kuchnicki, Richard P. 107 Kuehn, Nolan R. 298 Kuenemonn, Charles L. 428 Kunefka, Michael F. 481 Kunz, Andrew E. 335, 471 Kunz, Robert A. 144 Kurlz, Lyndon W. 292, 460 Kuschner, Allard W. 401 Kuykendall, Barry J. 81, 114 Kyle, James D. 180, 278, 279, 460 Kyzar, Carl T. 357 Labarberu, Joseph N. 206, 295 Labarberc, Philip T. 136, 316 chorde, Jon P. 134 Lackey, Stacy H. 317, 471 Lake, Simeon T. 471 Lacklond, Robert H. 96, 349, 481 Lacy, Nelson F. 481 Lagrange, Boone R. 429 Lagrange, Charles R, 146, 211, 216, 217, 239 Loin, William K182 Laird, Patrick 01 460 Laird, Rotert J, 316 Laird, Roy L. 156, 460 Laird, Thomas D. 153, 169, 191, 302, 460 Lake, Simeon T, 123, 263, 265 Lamb, Colin E. 429 Lamb, EHon K. Jr. 264, 393 Lamberv, Dennis W. 126, 481 Lambert, John W. 360, 429 Lomkin, Kenneth A. 146, 340, 481 Lomkin, Stephen L. 169, 481 Lamm, Michael E. 93, 293, 471 Lomprechf, William 0. Jr. Lonaso, Philip J. 96, 302, 322, 330, 460 Land, Thomas E, 123, 429 Lenders, John B. 429 Londreth, Gordon E. 108, 341, 481 Landry, Paul L. 323 Londtroop, Larry L, 81, 169, 349, 481 Langley, Frank M. 429 Lane, Bruce G. 174, 460 Lane, James R. 111 481 Lone, Michael C. 120, 481 Lone, Robert W. Jr. 471 Long, William W. 315 Longdon, Wendell H. Jr. 481 Lange, Aubrey K. 89, 460 Longe, William L. 311, 460 Lange, William T. 396 Langley, George A. 125,481 Langseth, Richard L. 158, 481 Langston, John B. 184, 481 Lanning, James W. 102, 303, 429 Lcnsford, Ronald C. 329, 471 Lara, Oliver 275, 429 Loromey, Thomas A. Jr. 123, 348, 481 Larkin, James B. 138, 276, 461 Larson, Robert A. 429 Lory, Comm C. Jr. 180, 429 Lusoter, Martin L. 481 Lasafer, Thomas E. 184 Lasell, Melvin H. 365, 481 Lafham, Elwin E. 100 Luuer, Kenneth B. 154, 333 Loughlin, Gregory H. 129, 138, 283, 346, 429 Laughlin, Michael D. 138, 346, 461 Laurel, Victor H. 461 Lavollee, Michael F. 429 Lavender, William A, 429 Loves, Charles G. 481 Law, James R. 471 Lawlor, William F. III 429 Lawrence, Allen 5, Jr. 312, 360, 429 Lawson, Sharol D. 141, 471 Laxson, Mack W. 179, 461 Laycock, Jerry W. 264 Layton, James G. 104, 481 Lazenhy, Richard T. 267, 312, 481 Leblanc, Robert B. 481 Leblanc, Rufus J. 461 Le Blanc, Gerald J. 126, 201, 330, 429 Lebus, Barry K. 481 Lebus, John M. 481 Lecrone, Joe M. 429 Ledbener, Harry L. 481 Ledbener, William R. Jr. 107 Ledden, John M. 292, 296 Lederer, Alois C. III 120 Ledoux, Laurie E. 108, 461 Lee, Alfred C 114 Lee, Allen B. 197, 206, 429 Lee, Beniomin K. 461 Lee, Carl J. Jr. 429 Lee, James A. 138, 461 Lee, Jerry B. 429 Lee, John E. 45 Lee, Loyl L. 471 Lee, Peter H 461 Lee, Robert E. 327 Lee, Robert G. 429, 471 Lee, Thompson, W. 471 Lee, Wayne 481 Leftwich, Marion W. 134, 271, 279, 471 Leggen, Charles B. 396 LeggeH, Morris D. 461 Lehne, Jimmy A. 461 Lehfo, Axel E. 90, 481 Leifeste, Rodney D. 240, 335, 471 Leigh, William S. 173, 184, 314, 430 Leininger, Jerry S. 298, 312, 430 Leissler, Lee C. 396 Lemke, Clyde D, 169, 471 Lemon, William L. 481 Lemons, Gerald L. 186, 357 Lene, Thomas J. 98 Lenox, Bennie H. 37, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 430 Lenox, Dwayne L. 146 Lenzo, David R. 180, 481 Leonard, Martin T. 146 Leonard, Rodney V. 125, 430 Leonard, Roy H. 481 Leonard, Tyree B. 104 Lester, Feldon R. 430 Lester, Michael L. 430 Lester, Peter F. 240 Lctscher, Roberf M. 264 Letson, James C. 461 Levy, Jerome H, Jr. 154, 243, 287, 430 Lewellen, Theodore E. 118, 279 Lewis, Carl P1 430 Lewis, Converse R. III 481 Lewis, Harry S. 112, 120, 360, 461 Lewis, Harry W. 143 Lewis, John C. 481 Lewis, John E. 461, 481 Lewis, Larry D. 104, 143 Lewis, Larry E. 481 Lewis, Larry J, 186 Lewis, Lonnie D. 164, 461 Lewis, Phil 8. 481 Lewis, Randall D. 461 Lewis, Ronald A, 100, 430 Lewis, William C 180, 337, 471 Lighrsey, Don A. 131, 144, 461 Ligon, Charles W, 320, 394 Ligon, Frank 81 258 Liles, Kenneth W. 98, 481 Liles, Thomas E, Jr. 311, 461 Lillord, Malcolm D. 481 Lillard, Paul G. 398 Limmer, Bobby L. 316 Limpus, Lawrence L. 174, 481 Lindemonn, Eugene R, 280, 294, 340, 461 Lindsay, Charles D. 154, 461 Lindsay, Leslie C. 184, 328, 471 Lindsey, Claude E. 120, 482 Lindsey, Glynn S. 146 Lindsey, Jan A. 166 Lindsey, Jerald G. 136, 355 Lindsey, Kenneth C. 430 Lindsey, Robert D. 461 Lindsey, Ronald L. 355 Lindsfrom, EvereH N1 176, 461 Linenberger, Ralph A. 162, 482 Ling, Don L. 461 Linnsfaedter, James A. 213, 215 Linton, Roy E. 108, 328, 471 Lipe, John A. 461 Lipiec, Chester M. 100, 471 Lipiec, Jerome M1 482 Lippe, Larry G. 183, 482 Lipscomb, Jack C. 202 Lissiok, Vicror Jr. 202, 461 Lisfi, Samuel A. 104, 361, 430 Liston, Ronald W. 461 Little, Neal E. 186, 482 Little, Robert G. 471 Lively, John R. 240 Lobrecht, Morris N. 90, 482 Locke, Miles P. 158, 482 Lockhart, James V 156, 482 Locksfedf, Kerry 0. 482 Lee, Bennie T. 295 London, Roger K. 169, 482 Long, Bobby P. 298 Long, Car1 E. 149, 243 Long, Donald R. 80 Long, George W. 114, 482 Long, John G. 120 Long, Martin D. 297, 430 Long, Robert K, 471 Long, William L. 125, 430 Longenecker, Lorna J. 401 Longenecker, Nevin E. 401 Longnecker, Carl E, 180, 365, 461 Loomis, Billy J. 482 Lopez, Benito 242, 320, 394 Lopez, Frank 138 Loudermilk, Walter B. 430 louis, Daniel J. 254, 313 Lousfuunau, Lawrence 162, 482 Love, Alan C. 430 Love, Kenneth C. 482 Lovelace, David .1. 471 Lovelace, John L. 156, 471 Lovell, Ashley C. 482 Lovell, Robert H. 80, 149, 482 Lovick, James S. 398 Lovil, William C. Jr. 126 Low, Walter W. 398 Lowry, Hillis 322, 430 Loyd, Jerry L. 482 L020, Robert D. Jr. 398 Lozowski, William R. 363, 482 Lucero, Edward JL 482 luckenbach, Carl A. 89, 482 Ludwig, AI J, 156, 349, 482 Lueck, Ronald L. 152, 154, 292, 430 Lueders, Harry J. 396 Luedke, Delmas L. 461 Lummus, Jerry L 96, 353 Lumpkin, William L. Jr. 398 Lunsford, Thomas M. 136, 316, 332, 471 Lutich, Michael L. 151, 164 292, 392, 430 Luymes, Alan H. 100, 279, 295, 430 Luzius, Carl F. 277, 295, 461 Lyerly, George E. 81, 104, 482 Lyle, James L. 362, 482 Lynch, Robert W. Jr. 241, 461 Lyne, Rufus R. 129, 144, 312, 430 Lynn, Fredric M. 180, 430 Lyon, James H. 431 Lyon, Sherry L. 489 Lyons, David F. 103, 431 Lyons, Don K. 461 Maberly, Edwin D. 156, 482 Mable, Gary J. 169, 461 Mocoluso, Mario A, 78, 82, 136, 281, 316 Moccoferri, Don A1 461 MacDonald, Edward A. 166, 482 Macias, Jose J1 174, 351, 482 Mock, Michael L. 90, 352 MocNuH, John G. 90 Madden, Charles D. 240, 431 Maddox, Douglas P. 311, 461 Maddox, Larry A. 173, 461 Madeley, Gerald R. 89, 301, 303, 431 Modeley, Philip C. 89, 301, 303, 431 Madison, William F 156, 482 Madrigal, Gilberto 202, 336 Magee, John G. 116, 482 Moholey, Donald R. 78, 98, 99, 263, 431 Moher, Charles R. 315, 329 Mahoney, John M, 201, 461 Moiors, David W. 334 Maiors, Doyle G. 198 Malaise, William L. 125 Malcolm, Daniel K. 320 Maldonado, Macario O, 186, 482 Molitz, Charles C. III 482 Malone, Ronald E. 431 Manley, Strode D. 144, 482 Mann, Greg A. 176, 241, 461 Mann, James C. 94, 461 Mann, Joseph E. Jr. 111, 114, 352, 431 Mann, Michael D. 482 Manning, Craig Q. 482 Manning, Richard R. 482 Manning, Walter 5. Jr, 141, 279, 482 Marobella, Peter J1 Jr. 138, 461 Marable, Don H. 461 Mcrburger, Donald T. 179, 281 , 461 Marconrell, James H. 176, 482 Marek, James E. 114, 354, 482 Mares, Daniel F. 431 Margo, Roberto S. 461 Marion, David Paul 90, 461 Mark, Harold M. 143, 287 Markey, Frank H. II 471 Markham, William E. 482 Marlow, Michael Mc. 29, 32, 87, 283, 361, 388, 431 Marmelstein, Allen D. 287 Marmoleio, Noe R. 389, 394 Marr, Charles E. 104, 321, 349 Marrou, Benjamin F. Jr. 100, 471 Marsala, Joseph E. T. 261 Marsh, Ronald A. 471 Marshall, Arvle E. 396 Marshall, Douglas V. Jr. 104, 482 Marshall, George R. 130, 461 Marshall, Kenton E1 206 Marshall, Lon L. 482 Marshall, William P. 482 Marfell, Robert D. 202, 276, 338, 461 Martin, Alfred A. 461 Martin, Aubrey G. 461 Martin, Charles M. 482 Martin, Chester 0. 164 Martin, Hershel J, Jr. 106, 107, 392, 431 Martin, Joseph D. 169, 431 Martin, Leslie J. 166, 482 Martin, Ralph E. Jr. 176, 431 Martin, Samuel P. 482 Marlin, Victor Z. 164 Martinez, Homer T. 102, 461 Martinez, Jesus 154, 482 Martinez, Juan A. 471 Martinez, M. Mauricio 242, 482 Maselli, Nicholas V. 108, 482 Mason, Clarence E. 482 Mason, Edgar A. 98, 349, 431 Mason, William L. Jr. 461 Mason, William W. 285, 330 Masoomian, Stephen Z. 104, 482 Massey, Bil1y G. 471 Massey, Calvin L. Jr. 333, 471 Massey, James R. 401 Massey, Louis C. Jr. 186 Massey, Melvin T. 396 Massey, Roy E. 158, 482 Matamoros, Carlos H, 242 Matcek, James F. 141, 482 Matelske, Richard E. 305, 311 Matelski, Dwain E. 191, 482 Mathews, Guy G. 162 Mmhias, Donald R. 90 Mafkin, William R. 166, 482 Mafocha, Donald J. 114, 482 Malocho, John E. 401 Maison, James R. 234, 237 Maison, John J. 482 Manhaei, Rudolf H. 471 Matthew, Stephen C. 104 Matthews, Douglas M. 482 Matthews, Thomas M. 278, 279, 285, 297, 461 Matthews, Warren T. 138, 471 Matthews, William A. Jr. 431 Manhys, Allen W. 154, 164, 301, 304, 471 Maryear, Arthur L. 471 Mauldin, Paul D. 431 Maule, William F. 81, 96, 482 May, Dean W. 126, 240, 431 May, Robert A. 431 May, Roy L. 89, 471 May, Russ E. 144 May, Wiley D. 461 Mayer, Gordon J. 482 Meyers, Pablo 144, 306, 461 Moyeux, Gilbert 316 Moyeux, Gilbert E. 273 Moyfield, Jess 123, 432 Moyfield, William C, 198 Moylield, William T. 432 Mayo, James M. Jr. 95, 108, 461 Muzur, Edward 482 Mezzo, Thomas N. 104 Mozzagate, Roy J. 166, 338 McAdams, Charles 0. 138, 356, 471 McAdams, Rokert G, 125, 482 McAdams, Robert J. 45, 432 McAdams, Thomas A. 432 McAdoo, Sfeworl F. Jr. 174, 293, 344 McAfee, Jimmy A. 141, 482 McAfee, Michael L. 482 McAfee, Winfield, R. 120, 432 McAllister, Charles B. 176 McAlpine, Eugene F. 164, 482 McAnaIIy, Jon P. 432 McBrayer, Michael A. 202, 285, 308, 323, 432 McBrecrIy, Charles F, 138, 191 McBride, Ronald T. 82, 281, 461 . McBryde, Carl W. 146 McCoba, Dennis M. 482 McCofferfy, Doris J. 489 McCall, Homer G. 102, 349, 471 McCall, Richard H. Jr. 461 McCann, Michael T. 258, 264 McCallister, Clovis E. 255, 461 McCannon, David L. 176, 482 McCannon, Dennis R, 180 McCarthy, Loyd V. 471 McCarthy, Michael P, 158, 482 McClung, Billy M. 98, 482 McClung, John E. 89, 257, 358, 471 McClung, Roy L. Jr. 295, 461 McClure, John A. 105, 349, 432 McClure, Michael R. 45, 146, 228 McClusky, Robert E. 298, 432 McCollum, James E. 353, 461 McConnell, Austin D. Jr. 401 McConnell, Robert W. 98, 482 McConnell, Thomas T. 95, 107, 282, 461 McCormick, Joseph R. 120, 482 McCown, Jack R. 98, 314, 432 McCoy, George L. 111 461 McCoy, John W. 144 McCoy, Rodney D. 353, 482 McCreary, Karon G. 264, 396 McCue, Robert L. 174, 311, 344 McCulloch, Ben E. 143, 432 McCutchen, Danny R. 482 McDaniel, James A. 89, 482 McDaniel, Keith R. 432 McDaniel, Orell O. 461 McDaniel, Rona1d 186 McDaniel, Sam L. 104, 482 McDermand, Willis F. Jr. 357, 432 McDonald, Merion H. Jr. 432 McDonald, Richard P. 471 McDonald, Robert J. 482 McDonald, Roy E. 341, 432 McDougaIl, John A 292, 296 McDowell, David H. 143, 461 McElroy, Dennis R. 156, 482 McElroy, Gary W. 482 McElroy, Kennedy K. 347, 482 McFarland, James W. 125, 482 McFarland, Jerry L. 304, 432 McFerrin, Arthur R. Jr. 461 McGaughey, Robert L. 141 McGehee, Thad L. Jr. 482 McGilI, Dennis W. 141, 349, 432 McGinn, Fred L. 82, 184, 326, 462 McGinnis, Charles T. 350, 471 McGinnis, Ronnie M. 462 McGinty, John W. 432 McGlothIin, James 0. Jr. 298, 432 McGlothIin, Larry W. 156, 433 McGowan, Brian W. 180, 471 McGowan, Dee W. 471 McGowen, Robert S. 433 McGown, Michael D. 95, 104, 263, 388, 433 McGrady, Michael S. 78, 158, 172, 186, 433 McGrofh, Michael J. 471 McGregor, Mark D. 141, 433 McGuire, Charles J. 45, 228, 239, 391 McGuire, Robert N. Jr. 292, 313,318,131,149, 433 McGuire, Travis C. Jr. 258, 264 McHaney, Stephen K. 180, 352 Mcllhaney, Guy W. 295, 433 Mcllhany, Joe D. 212 McIntosh, John F. 361, 482 McKaughan, Edward W. 471 McKeen, Robert G. 107, 482 McKelvain, Burrell R. 303, 322, 433 McKenIy, Samuel C. 123 McKenzie, Michael C 179, 482 McKenzie, William H 206 McKibben, Paul E. 180,482 McKinney, Gary A. 462 McKinney, George C. 482 McKinney, John C. 184,471 McKinney, William B. 125, 482 McKinnis, Poirick H, 240, 433 McKnight, Joe T. 398 McKnight, Thomas J. 158 McLoin, James E, Jr, 240 McLane, James C. 482 McLaughlin, Lester A. 89, 433 McLean, James E. 482 McLean, Ken J, 146 McLemore, Don R. 303 McLendon, James R. 309 McLeod, Terry L. 433 McLeroy, John A, 166, 482 McLeroy, Robert L. 278, 279, 482 McMahon, James D. 169 McMaVns, James R. 107 McMath, Charles W. 350, 433 McMofh, John S. 123, 350 McMichael Bobbie L. 295 McMillan, Charles H. 482 McMillan, John W, 125 McMillan, Thomas A. 146, 234, 471 McMinn, Morris Talmage McMurroy, David W. 90, 339, 433 McMurray, Robert D. 90 McNabb, Joseph 0. 180, 482 McNally, Reid P. Jr. 273 McNally, William P.125, 482 McNeill, Mike L, 297 McPherson, Ronnie L, 191, 482 McPherson, Thomas C. 164, 482 McQueen, Hamilton D1 102, 251, 313, 462 McQueen, Samuel G. 100, 482 McRae, Douglas K. 360, 482 McVey, Stanley A, Jr. 90, 433 Meade, Ricardo 176, 482 Meadows, Daniel 81 146 Meadows, Thomas H. 131, 143, 433 Meoux, Lamont E. 118, 482 Medford, Sidney F. 144, 347, 471 Medina, Alfonso 100 Medina, Pchlo M. 482 Medina, Robert 174, 334 Meek, Robert L. 118, 483 Meeks, Loy E. 162, 462 Meeks, Thomas E. 146, 239 Meier, Eugene P. 141, 462 Meier, Wayne C. 102, 483 Meiller, Joaquin W. 141, 278, 279, 483 Melcer, Morton R. 123, 287 Melendoz, Roberf-433 Mella, Charles A. 108, 333, 471 Melton, Jackson D. Jr. 141, 433 Melton, Robert G. 462 Melville, David E. 483 Mendelsohn, Stephen W. 169 Mendoza, Francisco 136, 316, 471 Menger, John M. 184, 483 Menn, Albert 0. 126, 483 Menzies, Stephen P. 183, 281, 462 Meredith, David L. 184 Mergen, Richard J1 89, 483 Merka, Joe T. 107 MerriH, Arthur G. 483 Merritt, Ar1hur L. 37, 222, 433 Merritt, Ralph E. 238, 433 Merritt, Walter E. Jr. 243 Merritt, Weldon L. 144, 471 Mervish, Alan D. 186 Messer, Clarence R. Jr. 462 Metteauer, Joe D. 169, 433 Mettke, Winston D. 318, 329, 394 Metz, Richard H. 78, 94, 102, 434 Meyer, Alvin H. 279, 297, 401 Meyer, Michael V. 179, 483 Meyer, Norman G. 108, 315, 434 Meyer, Wayne C. 328, 483 Meyers, Frank E. 131, 141, 355, 434 Meyers, Robert 320, 474 Mezger, James R. 132, 483 Michael Edwin D. 261 Michie, Charles D. 483 Middleton, Roger L. 186, 483 Miears, Leslie T. 90, 351, 462 Migura, Wallace W. 82, 112, I14, 301, 354, 462 Mike, Donald F. 116, 341, 471 Mikeska, Raymond C. Jr. 123, 348, 483 Mikus, Douglas T. 303, 434 Milam, William C. Jr. 354, 462 Milanos, George E. 483 Miles, Richard M. III 149, 483 Miller, Jerry T. 184, 483 Miller, Alan R. 107, 483 Miller, Ben D. Jr. 399 Miller, Bert E. 483 Miller, Daniel S. 80 Miller, David M. 176 Miller, Edward P. 285, 434 Miller, Eugene P. 323 Miller, Henry C. 483 SHOE 8t BOOT REPAIR Wesfern Boo+s and O+her Foofwear in S+ock LEATHER GOODS A's- " I I 1! JD - - - .- . Arch Supports and Orfhopedic -' ' Work, Cusfom and S+ock Appliances BILL TASSOS' BARN DOOR 8400 North New Braunfels San Antonio, Texas :23: :igTSES NO BETTER CHARCOAL BROILED STEAK-w NAMETAPES RU,BBER STAMPS GOLD STAMPING -CARDS, PHOTOS. NEWS PRINT CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE COMPANY ,INC. 202 Sou+h Bryan Avenue AMA Since I89' NORTH GATE Telephone TA 2"388 COLLEGE STATION. TEXAS B'Ya'" TM CUSTOM BOOTMAKERS GOOD ELECTRIC SERVICE A Partner in Area GrowthA Serving homes, business and industry in L, T he Opportuhinrbntier OF TEXAS TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY 507 Miller, Jack H. 471 Miller, James E. 202 Mi1ler, Jimmie L. 434 Miller,Joe1 E. 176,462 Miller, Larry B. 144, 357, 471 Miller, Marlin R. 434 Miller, Richard H. 206 Miller, Robert A. 154,282, 434 Miller, Robert M. 283, 483 Miller, Ronald P. 266 Miller, Stanley G. 164, 483 Miller, Stanley R. 434 Miller, Wesley L. 471 Mil1er, William A. 206, 471 Miller, William T. 90, 156, 483 Millikin, Charles W. III 154, 471 Mills, Donald W. 462 Milsfead, James P, 107, 471 Milstead, Tom 483 Mims, Constantine III 462 Mims, Forrest M. III 186 Minaldi, David L. 357, 434 Miner, Judson C. 132, 483 Minkon, Sheldon A. 287 Minks, Raymond C, 138, 471 Minnick, Timothy A. 312, 434 Minor, Robert R. 104 Minx, Hubert Jr. 291, 434 Minzenmayer, Dennis E. 483 MisfreHa, Bernard 399 Mislrof, Ralph W. 162, 471 Mitcham, Robert E. 114, 347, 483 Mitchell, Edwin D. 11 471 Mitchell, James D. 462 Mitchell, Jim B. 144, 483 Mitchell, Kris 483 Mitchell, Malcolm G. 169, 434 Mitchell, Ralph H. Jr. 323, 384, 434 Mitchell, Roberl E. Jr. 434 MitcheH, Robert L. 126, 435 Moberly, Richard D. 183, 483 Mobley, Forrest D. 331 Mock, Tommy D. Jr. 471 Moehlman, Lewis R, 339, 483 Moench, Carroll J. Jr. 206 Moffelf, Franklin S. 399 Moffitf, Earl A. 435 Mohr, Robert E. 45, 462 Molina, Henry E. Jr. 104, 462 Monaco, Thomas A. 108, 334, 483 Monier, William K. 78, 93, 107, 240, 392, 435 Monroe, Myles P. 107, 240 Monschke, Richard A. 171, 176, 462 Montgomery, Arthur A. 334 Montgomery, James M. 125 Montgomery, Jerry L. 435 Monticello, Samuel A. 396 Montoga, Jose A. 462 Moody, Thomas N. 471 Moon, Michael M. 483 Moon, William H. 186, 462 Mooney, Jack E. 146 Mooney, William E. 462 Moore, Gary T. 435 Moore, Jack M. 202 Mobre, James A. 146 Moore, James H. 102, 483 Moore, Jaroy 295 Moore, John E. 462 Moore, John Mark 471 Moore, Lawrence Y. 462 Moore, Marberf G. Jr. 89, 471 Moore, Richard 385, 435 Moore, Ronald K. 471 Moore, Ronald 1.. 213, 216, 462 Moore, William D. 138, 471 Moore, William 5. II 125 Morales, Rogerio 298, 435 Moran, Robert A. 357, 483 Moraski, Dennis P. 180, 273, 483 Moreau, Edward L. 191, 483 Moreland, Henry C. Jr. 401 Morelos, Zaragozu R. 435 Moreman, David E. 462 Moreno, Elias 184 Morgan, Billie E. 435 Morgan, Charles E. 169, 471, 483 Morgan, David H. 156, 359, 483 Morgan, Emmett K. 100 Morgan, Harry C. 158 Morgan, James E. Jr. 435 Morgan, James M. 87, 90, 92, 435 Morgan, Michael R. 108, 483 Morgan, Robert P. 174, 359, 435 Morgan, Ronald W. 102, 471 Morgan, Thomas J. 359, 483 Morgan, Thomas L. 343 MorriH, Harry R. Jr. 184, 483 Morris, Carl A. 483 Morris, Darleen Y. 489 Morris, Douglas R. 90, 471 Morris, Earl L. 264, 399 Morris, Jackson A. 111 174, 435 Morris, James H. 471 Morris, Larry D. 169, 338, 471 Morris, Robbie S. 191, 483 Morris, Robert L. 401 Morris, Robert L. 108, 352 Morrison, David G. 123, 435 Morrison, Robert G. 471 Morrow, Gerald L. 399 Morrow, John M. III 203, 294, 362, 435 Morrow, Nicholas M. 123 320 Mortimer, William B, 360 Morton, Curfis R. 435 MoseIey, James L. 435 Mose1ey, Joe C. II 483 Mosesman, Barry 108, 287 320, 471 Mosman, Thomas M. 176, 483 Moss, Clifton L. 146, 361, 483 Mosty, Scott N. 104 Mosty, Robert L. Jr, 120, 471 Mostyn, Claude R. 201, 312 MoHley, James R. 471 Mounce, Jerry F. 116, 483 Mousner, Robert E. 483 Mueller, Robert C. 483 Mull, Ronald L. 282, 399 Mullen, David R. 108, 146, 483 Muller, FrankM,82,111,123, 282, 454, 462 Mullicun, Billy M. 94, 315, 435 Mullins, BerlL D. 354, 483 Mullins, Howard M. 483 Mullins, Terrell S. 144, 483 Mumford, Larry G, 80 Munch, Henry G. 11 176, 326, 435 Munford, Arthur G. 355, 435, 483 Muniz, Edelmiro 166, 483 Munn, John A. 402 Munson, Gary W. 471 Munson, John H. Jr. 320, 435 Munson, Milam A. 100, 332, 471 Murff, Stanley L. 233 Murphey, Ronnie G. 176, 462 Murphree, Donald E. 138, 462 Murphy, David L. 462 Murrah, Thomas F 146, 219, 286, 392, 471 Murray, Bernard J. 360 Murray, James C. 471 Murray, James M. 351, 436 Murray, Robert C. 351, 462 Murrell, Ernest H. 296 Musser, Tommy W. 90, 353, 471 Mus1on, Kurt A. 334, 462 Muzny, Lawrence S. 176, 471 Myers, Alan W. 436 Myers, Charles W. 462 Myers, Earle R, Jr. 462 Myers, Jack E. 89, 483 Myers, John W. 202 Myers, Melvin A. 240, 462 Myers, Norman E. 238, 462 Myers, Roberf J. 156, 483 Myers, Troy H. 483 Myers, William F. 176, 471 Nabors, Michael 184, 471 Nachod, Jay E. 111312 Nafe, Gerald A. 315 Nagel, James C. 156 Nagid, Paul A. 108 Nagy, William F. 108, 392, 471 Neill, Walter E. Jr. 436 Nalley, Robert M. 111, 123, 243 r 1 Nance, James P. 282, 436 Naron, Duane V. 179, 471 Narunsky, Morris J. 483 Nash, Dallas L. II 483 Nash, James F. Jr. 201, 363 Nash, Robert S. 206, 436 Nauck, Albert R. 330, 483 Naumonn, Leroy M. 180, 483 Neal, James K. 156, 483 Neal, Roy E. 146 Neal, Robert M. Jr. 462 Neale, Robert K. 114, 350, 436 Neel, Jerry D. 114 Neeley, Jimmy E. 90, 180, 356, 471 Neely, James E. 326, 471 Neely, Joe P. 471 Neely, Richard W. 98, 483 Nelson, Arthur F. 436 Nelson, Arved E. 483 Nelson, Bardin H. Jr. 320, 436 Nelson, George L. 98, 99, 302, 436 Nelson, Jack E, 483 Nelson, John E. 282, 471 Nelson, Sallie S. 489 Nemec, Stanley J. 306 Nesbit, Richard S. 483 Nester, James A. 345 Nesuda, Roger A. 462 Nethery, Jimmy C. 436 Nettleton, Gordon 123, 483 Nefz, Roy L. 153, 164, 301, 436 Neubuuer, John P. 102, 483 Neumann, Curtis E. 356, 436 Neumann, Donald B. 263, 279, 322 Neumann, Terry L. 176, 436 New, Benny L. 90, 471 Newberry, Robert J. 81, 483 Newcomer, Everett S. 158, 471 Newen, James A. 345 Newland, Leo W. 295 Newman, Clyde T. 125, 332, 345, 483 Newman, Cyrus J. Jr. 323 Newman, Louis M. III 80 Newton, Dennis E. III 95, 104, 273, 331, 436 Newton, Philip L. 176, 344, 483 Newton, Reginald D. 126, 330, 471 Ney, Patrick J. 345 Nicely, Clyde E. 307, 436 Nicholas, Robert W, 89, 392, 462 Nicho1s, Jay B, 151, 293, 361, 436 Nicholson, Jacob F. III 240 Nickell, Robert L, 471 Nickelson, Ronzell 134, 483 Nicks, William L. 111 107 Niehous, Henry A. 112, 436 Nilson, John H. 146, 239 Nixon, James L. 462 Nokes, Gary 358, 483 Noland, Clifton M, 96, 483 Nolen, James R, 483 Nolfe, George A 126, 483 NoHe, John F. 357, 471 Norman, Henry H, 462 Norman, Kenneth R, 37, 222 Norman, Richard H 224 Norman, Terry R. 197, 202 Norman, War? A. 144, 483 Norris, Chris M, 483 Norris, John R. 328, 462 Norfhcuf, John H. 277 NorfhcuH, Howard W. 471 Norfhcuff, Jasper R. 123, 462 Norton, James F. 360, 472 Norton, Wallace 8. 396 Norton, William M. 114 Norvell, Michael J. 462 Norwood, Gary L. 436 Norwood, James H. 164, 483 Noster, Wayne M. 87, 89, 92, 436 Novosad, Sidney W. 355, 483 Nowlin, James R. 158, 362, 472 Noxon, Jon E. 90, 284, 472 Noyes, Thomas E. 154, 483 Nuinez, Joe E. 206 Oates, Eugene C. III 104 00115, Robert E. 125, 483 Oafmon, Wilburn S. 335 Obdyke, Louis K. 282, 474, 483 Obedienfe, Jorge G. Jr. 205, 462 Oberdorf, Robf E. 98, 483 Oberhoff, Kenneth E. 123, 351, 462 Obrien, Charles E. 436 Obrien, Francis P. 483 Obrien, Robert W. 483 Obrien, Thomas P. 180 O'Bryanf, 8111 234, 462 Ocker, Donald A. 144, 292, 333, 437 Ocker, Edward D. 329, 462 O'Connor, Joseph H. 206, 331, 462 Oddson, Terrence A. 82, 86, 270, 281, 284, 463 Odom, Michael N. 154 Odsfrcil, Rober1 R. 437 Odum, George A. 356, 483 Oehl, Marvin J. 206, 315, 437 Oehrlein, Fred R. 146 Oe11ien, Alberf F. 176 Ofcarcik, Ralph P. 206, 365, 472 Offholfer, Charles F. 156 Offner, Michael 111 146, 234, 472 Ogle, William E. 154, 280, 483 O'Hara, Mike S. 166, 483 Ohlendorf, Curtis G, 141, 483 Oinen, Ronald S. 463 Okiyama, Johnny L. 484 Olden, John M. 274 Oliphant, Sonja F. 18 Olivares, Alberto M. 351, 437 Olivares, Andres 278, 279, 437 Olivarez, Beniamin D. 102, 463 Olives, Jose Reyes 437 Oliver, Byron D. 201, 437 Oliver, Michael M. 201, 348, 463 Oliver, Paul R. 197, 463 Oliver, Thomas B. 472 Olson, Milford E. 463 Oman, John 8. 437 Oman, Richard A. 364, 463 O'Neal, James L. 108, 339, ' 463 O'Neal, Michael N. 463 Onken, Gary L. 437 Onfiveros, Gi1berf C. 102, 483 Orchard, John H. 264 Oreilly, Michael P. 116, 314, 463 Orena, George 108, 318, 359 Orton, George K. 108 Orfs, Jack R, 437 Osman, Harold E. 107, 330, 483 Ostman, Robert A. 483 Often, Douglas B. 169, 463 Otten, Edwin L. 169, 483 OuelleHe, Paul L. 146, 234 Overstreef, Robert E. 483 Overton, Andrew J. 211, 239 Overton, John III 174 Overton, Michael E. 326, 472 Owen, Frank S. 95, 104, 463 Owen, Robert W. 472 Owen, Ronald S. 352 Owens, Mackubin T. 146 Owens, William P. 144, 362 Pachall, Carlton W. 463 Fudge", Leo R. 154, 437 Padgett, Steven L. 108, 483 Page, Paul C. 180 Poll, Michael S. 100, 333, 483 Palladina, John R. 484 Palm, Robert N. 113, 463 Palmer, Daniel W. 89, 362, 472 Palmer, Donald P, 223 Palmer, John A. 240, 328, 463 Palmer, Michael A. 234 Ponfolion, Charles A. Jr. 141, 463 Poppos, Harris J. 98, 302, 361 Parades, Antonio 1, Jr. 275 Porigi, Joseph S. 156, 330, 484 Park, David M. 484 Park, Ross A. 186 Park, Wilbur G. Jr. 437 Parker, Carson P. 174 Parker, Don M. Jr. 104 Parker, Danny 437 Parker, Everett R, 463 Parker, James C. 437 Parker, James E, 463 Parker, James E. 278, 279 Parker, Jesse C. 347 Parker, Kenneth D. 201, 462 Parker, Lloyd W. Jr. 392 Parker, Roy D. 201, 463 Parker, William B, 126, 437 Perkin, John C. 132, 144 Parks, Billy D. 201 Pormer, David L, 484 Parnell, James L 463 Parnell, William D. 171, 184, 437 Parr, William R, Jr. 437 Porroff, Richard B, 123 Perry, William H. 472 Parsons, John C. 484 Partridge, Charles C. 484 Partridge, Jerry L. 173, 281, 333, 437 Partridge, Richard B. 104, 484 Pusho, Robert E. 184, 484 Pete, Melvin J, Jr. 402 Pofe, Robert S. 264, 399 Pure, Ronald E. 472 PaHerson, George M. 180, 484 Patterson, Ronald D. 437 Patton, Gene N. 484 Pa'ton, James C. 108, 484 Patton, James L. 89, 472 PaHon, Karl S. 320, 484 Paulson, Robert C. Jr. 240, 329, 437 Puvelka, Miro A. Jr. 136, 276, 316, 472 Pavlof, Eugene G. 437 Powluk, Jerome M. 116, 362, 484 Paydo, John S. 81, 162 Payne, Brian M. 484 Payne, David A. 102, 484 Payne, David P. 105, 438 Payne, Eugene E. Jr, 438 Payne, James M. 484 Payne, Jerry B. 268, 396 Pearson, Alec P. 123, 484 Pearson, Sammy W. 184, 484 Pearson, Tommie H. 311, 323, 438 Peavy, Jerry Wayne Pechanec, William C. 179, 472 Pedigo, Stephen K. 463 Peebles, Garry L. 123, 484 Peeples, Minor III 111, 438 Peevey, Richard D. 484 Peisinger, Roman J. 268 Pelt, Phillip E. 89 Pena, Gustavo J. Jr. 205 Pena, Mario 484 Pena, Oscar E. 136, 316, 341 Pena, Pilor 268, 297, 438 Penoloza, Daniel A. 297, 438 Pendergrass, Curl Jr. 463 Pendery, David A. 144, 352 Fenland, Aaron 8. 356, 463 Penn, Perry H. Jr. 123, 392 Penrod, Robert W. 162 Penuel, Vic1or B. 123, 484 Peoples, William M, 472 Pepper, Jack M. 201, 316. 352, 484 Percifield, John M. 303 Percival, Alfred R. 242, 472 Perez, Victor M. 463 Perkins, Herbert A. 45, 463 Permenter, John N. 96, 484 Perrone, Paul F. 125, 484 Perry, Arvin L. 484 Perry, BiHy B. 472 Perry, Charles E, 136 Perry, John W. 108, 438 Perry, Larry M. 438 Perry, Richard W. 328, 484 Perry, Thomas D. 399 Perrymon, David A. 472 Persons, James C. 174, 484 Persyn, Harvey O. 119, 438 Pesek, Franklin G. 438 Peters, Burnis C. Jr. 138 Peters, Eric A. 154 Peterson, Alfred W. 292 Peterson, Allan C. 151, 154, 282, 438 Peterson, Donald L. 179, 472 Peterson, George M. 484 Peterson, James P. D. 176, 438 Peterson, Keith A. 463 Peterson, Richard H. 362 Peterson, Robert A. 438 Peterson, Rodney E. 166, 167 Peficolos, John D. 402 Petrasek, Albert C. Jr. 138, 472 Pefrash, Ernest F. 191, 472 Fetter, Albin A. 294, 438 Pefrus, Daniel W. 176 Petty, Daniel B. 158, 472 Petty, George D. 112, 120, 462 Perry, Jerry L. 346, 463 Perry, Robert L. 463 Phelps, Raymond 108, 484 Phillips, Gary B. 484 Phillips, James N. 158, 243, 484 Phillips, Larry A. 90, 463 Phillips, Michael L. 146 Phillips, Thomas Jr. 352, 484 Philpof, Gerald W. 186 Pickard, James M. 206, 463 Pickard, Lowery B. 463 Pickels, George H. 365 Pickering, Grover Q. 125, 472 Pickett, Daniel E, 261, 297 PickeH, Guy V. Jr1 463 Pickles, Robert J, 472 Pierce, Don R. 108, 320, 472 Piersall, John G, 241, 463 Piesicski, Stanley W. 472 Pigford, Joe M. 176, 484 Pilot, Alan B. 154,484 Pina, Manuel 164, 357, 484 Piper, Alan L, 108,484 Piper, Lloyd L. II 166, 311, 463 Pipes, Charles R. 205, 277, 472 Pippin, Nathan W. 292 Pirkle, Paul S. 296 Pitmon, Mikel J. 215, 216, 219 Pins, Gerald N. 205, 340 Piwonka, David J. 484 Pizzitolo, John A, 125, 472 Pizzitolo, Michael J. 45, 228 Place, Bradley E. 166, 472 Plsek, Robert W. 286, 484 Plummer, MiHy C. 463 Plummer, Ralph L. 146 PlunkeH, Larry K. 113, 125, 463 Pogor, Monhew MA 156, 349, 484 Pogue, Charles M. 154, 484 Polin, Jose C. 275 Polifo, Joseph G. Jr. 104, 472 Polk, Leroy J. Jr. 205, 273, 438 Pool, Walter C. 463 Pool, Wendell M. 180, 484 Pope, Travis G, 438 Porter, Donald A. 90, 484 Porter, Larry G. 129, 149, 321, 438 Por1er, Raymond E. 126, 283, 484 Porter, Ronald R. 463 Poss, John M. 146, 484 Post, Donald E. 125, 353, 472 Post, Edward .T 108, 353 Post, Lynn .1. 463 Poteefe, Donald R. 125, 364 Potenzo, Tommy G. 179, 472 Potter, Douglas J. 90, 438 Potter, Roberf H. 396 P0115, Jack M. 107 Potts, William R. 184, 472 Pounds, Herbert E. 463 Powell, Arthur E. 484 Powell, Charles T. 153, 166, 438 5 PoweH, James W. 186, 472 Powell, Lonnie L. III 169, 472 Powell, Richard A. 186 Powell, Robert T. 95, 107, 438 Powel1, Roger A. 463 Powell, Woodrow L. 438 Power, Jerry M. 439 Powers, Luther R. 173, 180, 323, 439 Poznecki, Andrew W. Jr. 158, 472 Praeger, Charles E. III 123, 484 Praisnar, Adorn Jr. 120, 439 Prater, John S. 152, 158, 186, 439 Prather, William C. 90,484 Preas, Edgar C. 125 Prejean, John C. 360, 472 Prentiss, Thomas W. 102 Prescher, Walter A. Jr. 102, 303, 439 Prescott, Carl C. 240 Presley, Edward G. 186 Presley, John M. 619, 484 Pre;nal, Danny L. 484 Presswood, Lani N. 198, 472 Prestidge, James C. Jr. 144 PrewiH, John 1. 184, 273, 472 PrewiH', Raymond A. 184, 273, 472 Price, Don D. 234, 484 Price, John B. 186, 439 Pridgen, Lynn E. 143 Pridmore, J. A. Jr. 118, 329, 439 Priest, Samuel J. 116, 484 Prochoska, Richard 201, 484 Proctor, John M. 205, 463 Proctor, Michael R. 120, 484 Provine, Christopher E. 176, 315, 360, 439 Provine, William C. 360, 484 Pruge1, James A. 141, 276 Prugh, Richard W. 146, 484 Ptak, Lloyd D. 107, 472 Pumpelly, Howard E. 439 Purcell, William W. R. Jr. 78, 112, 120, 297, 439 Pursley, Jerry W. 312, 329 Pusch, Donald E. 156, 278, 279, 463 Pyburn, Jack Harris 146, 343, 484 Pybus, Jack L. 312 Pye, Perry, G. 100, 280, 292, 361, 439 Pylanf, Alfred J. 463 Quebe, Fritz 169, 361, 484 Quebe, John C. 154, 344, 472 Queen, Floyd J. 484 Quisenberry, Alex J. 296, 463 Rob, Khondker S. 463 Robb, Ronnie P. 320 Rachel, Richard W. 346, 439 Rocker, Richard M. 484 Radoideh, Saleh M, 402 Radcliffe, Ronald J, 108, 472 Rodde, Kenneth A. 94, 100, 280, 301, 307, 388, 439 Rader, William K. 153, 169, 463 Radican, William W. 80 Ragle, William G, 80, 149, 484 Rogsdulc, James R, 164, 484 Rahman, Ahsanur 198 Railston, Dale 8, 184, 484 Railsfon, Richard L, 86, 283, 334, 387, 439 Roineri, Edwin A, 154, 472 Roiney, David J. 184, 472 Rukoff, Richard N, 164, 484 Ralph, Peter V. 179, 472 Rcmbin, Ronald E, 205, 291, 323, 439 Ramirez, Adolfo Jr. 336 Ramirez, Norcisso T. 120, 484 Ramsey, Jack B. Jr. 472 Ramsey, Johnny 5. 130, 463 Randall, Jack 8. 169, 484 Randolph, John L. 306 Rankin, Ronald W. 484 Runnels, Larry D. 156, 463 Ransdell, Thomas R, 78, 106, 107, 342, 439 Ropp, Donald G. 108, 352, 484 Ropp, Harry M. Jr. 439 Rupp, James H. 484 Rardin, David C. 156, 439 Rasbury, Michael B. 114 Rasch, Anthony A. 169, 328, 463 Rosco, Billy J. 309, 439 Rash, Charles E. 169, 472 Rosko, Robert W. 100, 484 Rasmussen, Richard A. 90, 472 Rathke, Hermon L. 399 Ratliff, Marvin T. Jr. 164, 439 Raun, Travis N. 164, 266, 484 Rawls, Harlow W. 267, 358 Ray, James E. 240 Ray, Leonard F. 174, 278, 279 Ray, Murphy E. 463 Ray, Sammy J. 146, 484 Ray, William D. 484 Ray, William M. 292, 439 Roybourne, Michael L. 472 Raymond, Dennis H. 298, 463 Raymond, William C. 206 Reachi, Santiago G. 275 Read, Arthur E. 154, 484 Read, Charlie H. 206, 348, 440 Read, Raymond M. 154, 243, 279, 484 Read, William K. 264, 399 Reagan, Travis H. 146, 211, 219,220, 221, 240 Reogor, Franklin M. 335, 440 Real, Caspar S. 164, 484 Reoux, Eddie C. 278, 279 Reuvis, Redford L. 156, 440 Rechf, Dwighf L. 107, 484 Record, James E. 118, 307, 440 Rector, Richard L. 146 Redd, Cecil 328 Redden, Michael E. 484 Redford, Samuel D. 440 Reding, Patrick W. 156 Redmond, Glenn B, 108 Redwine, David H. 440 Reed, Gary W. 484 Reed, James A. 176, 472 Reeh, Charles D. 166, 349, 472 Real, Ronald L. 271, 276, 285, 440 Reesby, William D. 440 Reese, Charles H. 89, 92, 440 Reese, George E, 440 Reese, Kenneth L. 472 Reesing, Ernest 0. Jr. 396 Reeves, Brian A. 399 Reeves, Elmo C. 166 Reeves, Gary N. 146, 472 Reeves, Lowell E. 156, 463 Reeves, Marion C. 94, 98, 327, 463 Reeves, Samuel W. III 484 Rehmef, Joseph D. 108, 484 Reich, Robert E. 463 Reicherzer, Gary W. 90, 349, 463 Reichle, Leander A. Jr. 144, 472 Reid, James W. 164, 484 Reid, William L. 179, 472 Reifsnyder, Richard E. 144, 463 Reimer, David D. 472 Reinke, Stanley T. 89 Reiser, Donald 287 Reilz, James J. 158, 365, 463 Reklorik, Horace J. 93, 104, 281, 463 Remme, Michael J. 184, 472 Renaud, Aristide F. 98, 484 Renneberg, George 174, 484 Renteria, Isaac, Jr. 164, 484 Resner, Michael E. 80 Respess, Richard O. 440 Restivo, James A 440 Reslrepo, Alvaro 275, 440 ads. One Source for Laboratory Supplies Instruments Apparatus 8 Glassware Chemicals Furniture Mechanical Equipment N.HEBURTIN a. co. 1' SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS .- unusvou o qu o IIIMINGHAM 0 pm: OIlIANS 0 Hum '. nlus o ucuouvnu o nunn . coma: cmusn '. 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Jr. 484 Rice, Patrick D. 80, 149 Rice, Paul L. 441 Rice, Robert R. 130, 326, 441 Rice, Ronald D. 484 Rich, Danny F. 164, 358 Richard, Russell J. 162 Richards, Burl S, 472 Richards, Hugh M. 166, 484 Richards, Ronald R. 89, 92, 441 Richards, Thomas P. 240 Richards, Tommy L. 80 Richardson, Carl A. 484 Richardson, Clarence W. 294, 441 Richardson, Donald M, 89, 356, 441 Richardson, Jacob C. Jr. 176, 484 Richardson, Jerry W. 484 Richardson, Lonny V, 90, 484 Richardson, Michael L. 93, 464 Richardson, Ronnie R. 330, 484 Richardson, William P. 158 Richburg, Monte Z. 206 Richburg, Wul'er C, 280, 292, 441 Richers, Louis W. III 356, 4 41 Richker, Michael S. 184, 287, 484 Richmond, Marvin E. 441 Richter, Alden J. 201, 464 Richier, Carl X. Jr. 464 RiclNer, Eugene R. 102, 484 Riddle, Benny L. 243, 472 Riddle, Thomas E. 322, 441 Rideour, David W. 307, 441 Ridley, Robert L. 79, 183, 441 Rigby, William C. 484 Riggs, James C. 143, 131, 279, 464 Riggs, Maxey S. 330, 484 Riker, Ronald D. 340 Riley, Billy M. 464 Riley, Brian L. 104, 464 Riley, Martin L. Jr. 143 Riley, Paul E. 95, 157, 464 Rinard, Stephen K, 113, 125, 441 Riner, Gary D. 320 Riordan, Richard R. 176 Ripley, Richard R. 484 Rippy, Roger L. 102, 485 Riser, Eugene L. 267, 303, 485 Risinger, Charles R. 464 Risinger, David A. 485 Risinger, John D. 186, 441 Riske, Robert M. 186, 464 Ritchey, William M. 485 Rivera, Antonio 464 Roach, Pat H. 485 Robbins, William P. 441 Robert, Jay 8. 441 Roberfs, Charles T. 141, 441 Roberts, Clifford R. 364, 399 Roberts, George R. 169, 485 Roberst, Harlan E. 129, 282, 387, 441 Rober's, James M. 173, 184 Roberts, John S. 158, 353, 472 Roberts, Ronald C. 402 Roberts, William D. 144, 485 Robertson, Billy R. 464 Robertson, Charles N. 180, 485 Robertson, Stephen B. 158, 464 Robinene, William C. Jr. 37, 222, 223, 224, 225, 238, 387, 441 Robinson, Charles W. 338, 441 Robinson, Douglas C. 274 Robinson, Fred L. 123, 485 Robinson, Gary T. 396 Robinson, James E. 102, 472 Robinson, James W. 485 Robinson, Martin M. 485 Robinson, Michael C. 464 Robinson, Nelson E. 441 Robinson, Roberi C. 146, 485 Robinson, Roy W. 441 Robinson, Wesley J. 143, 277 Robinson, Whelyn G. 174 Roche, Huber? C. 131, 141, 144, 464 Roden, Jack R. 154, 485 Rodenberger, Molcie L. 293, 301 Rodgers, Billy W. 485 Rodgers, John H. 123, 279, 472 Rodgers, William L. 442 Rodriguex, Amaro 275, 485 Rodriguez, Beniamin 107, 351, 472 Rodriguez, Guadalupe G. 154 485 Rodriguez, Jose 242 Rodriguez, Jose M. 472 Rodriguez, Leonel A. 351 Rodriguez, Manuel Jr. 351 Rodriguez, Richard 169 Rodriguez, Campos E. 275 Rodrlquez, Tomas M. Jr, 126, 280, 442 Rocdcr, Robert E, 334, 485 Rocsler, Helmuth W, 164, 472 Rogers, Cletis W. 485 Rogers, Floyd V. 342, 472 Rogers, Gerald G, 146, 238, 442 Rogers, Jud F. 257 Rogers, Maynard 255 Rogers, Robert L. 442 Rogers, Robert M. Jr. 442 Rogers, William P. 396 Rogulsky, Peter P, 292, 296 Rohdc, Norris D. 363, 464 Rohe, Jamie M. 108, 357, 485 Rojas, Luis E. 234, 472 Roland, Aubrey L. 100, 304, 353, 485 Romine, Lawrence D. Jr, 485 Roming, Leland D. 205, 363, 464 Roneskevirz, Richard C. 442 Rose, Charles H, 485 Rose, Douglas N, 464 Rose, James L. 174 Rose, John T, 87, 104, 464 Rosenboch, Lawrence M. 169, 273, 472 Rosenboum, Gene W, 363, 472 Rosensfein, Thomas W, 89, 361, 485 Rosprim, James F. Jr. 442 Ross, Billy J. 198 Ross, Donald L. 206, 442 Ross, Hans W. 186 Ross, Ted T. 206 Ross, Thomas H. 164, 472 Roth, Clayton L, 333, 472 Roudon, Roland M. 485 Rouis, El Mongi 472 Roun'ree, John R, 485 Rountree, Max F. 472 Roush, Rober! T. 81, 169, 485 Rowe, John H. 129, 149, 280, 442 Rowe, Larry M. 146 Rowe, Richard H, 485 Rowland, Robert A. 126, 270, 464 Rozacky, Eugene E, 276 Rozenburg, Edward R, 164, 485 Ruboc, Richard E, 291, 323, 442 Rubcch, Alton M. 485 Rubinstein, Kor1 L. 184, 287 Rudd, Donnie 291, 356, 442 Rudder, Gary D, 442 Ruedrich, Randolph A. 180, 472 Ruffino, Preston J, 143, 485 Rugh, Ronald E. 442 Ruiz, Demenio R, 336 Runge, James F, 146, 472 Rupley, James A. 278, 279, 334 Ruppersberger, John S. 174, 279, 472 Russ, Thomas A. Jr. 176, 485 Russell, Howard T. 201 Russell, Kerry E, 154, 485 Russell, William R. 89, 485 Russo, Michael P. 96, 485 Rust, Malcolm M. 442 Ruth, Andrew M, 164, 485 Rutherford, John S, 485 Rutledge, Billy W. 292, 442 Rutledge, Lawvence D. 186 Rutledge, Robert M. 102, 472 Rutledge, Roy R. 176, 485 Ru1yno, Aldis P. 464 Ryan, Gary K. 98 Rymkus, Michael 146, 485 Rymkus, Patrick 146, 485 Sabatier, Michael J. 180, 358, 485 Sabayrac, Louis Jr. 98 Sodler, Edward P. 184, 485 Saenz, Ange1 Jr. 472 Saenz, Joe L. 138 Scenz, Joel A. Saenz, Rene 141, 485 Suenz, Sigfredo Jr. 351, 485 Sofford, Charles R. 154, 485 chebiel, Joe A. 301, 442 Sakkal, George J. 320 Sales, Daniel W. 442 Sclge, Andrew C. 28, 123, 472 Salinas, Carlos R. 114, 274, 334, 442 Salinas, Jose L. 472 Salinas, Jose M. Jr. 102, 442 Salitros, James J. 174, 464 Salmon, Clarence R. Jr. 100, 350, 485 Salome, Orozco D. A. 305, 464 Somfcrd, Royce A. 277, 442 Samson, Ruth A. 301 Sanchez, David S. 201, 464 Sanchez, Diego 351, 472 Sandefer, David 8. 183 Sandell, Jerry D. 108, 485 Sanderlin, Larry R. 98, 279, 280, 302, 442 Sanders, James L. II 144, 442 Sanders, Luther L. 102, 103, 442 Sanders, Robert A. 164 Sanders, Ronald M. 485 Sondford, Ronald D. 201, 240, 464 Sanford, Michael 8. 315, 464 Sungerhausen, Charles R. 293, Sonsom, Homer J. 202, 464 Santos, Jose C. 169, 293, 464 Sargent, William 5. Jr. 312, 442 Sartoin, Allen R, 485 Sorlwelle, William C. 292, 442 Sosse, Fredric W. 90, 342 Sottler, Steve D. 277 Sounders, Michael C. 166, 472 Savage, Francis E, 89, 485 Savage, Jimmie C. 166, 485 Sayers, Marvin J, 298, 442 Scarborough, Ceci1 H. 184, 279, 472 Scarborough, Steven W. 169 Schode, Harold C, 96, 485 Schaefer, Carl J. Jr, 138, 360, 442 Schaefer, Chester C, 2, 112, 114, 442 Schaefer, Jimmie F. 89, 485 Schaezler, Chris H. 98, 314, 442 Schoppough, Ronald D. 166, 472 Schorck, Ronald A, 184, 442 Schowe, Rudolph B, 464 Scheer, Eddie F, 100, 472 Schehin, Martin L. 399 Schell, John A, 305 Schember, Kurt A, 186, 278, 279, 485 Scherbel, Charles E. 141, 485 Scherer, Richard M. 118, 287, 472 Schessler, John D. 123 Schiffman, Carl J, 132 Schiller, Maurice L, 323, 442 $chiwelz, Theodore F. 361, 472 Schlceger, Hermon T, 464 Schlalher, Kenneth J, 118, 464 Schlegel, Michael H, 485 Schlener, William F. 485 Schlinke, James C, 277 Schmersuhl, Dennis L, 293 Schmid, Harold W. 32, 82, 83, 138 Schmidt, Gary R. 485 Schmidt, Glenn W, 120, 355, 464 Schmidt, Joseph H. 80 Schmidt, Victor H. 485 Schnabel, James E. 79, 82, 83, 164, 301,392,447 Schneider, Robert W, 442 Schneider, Roger D, 402 Schoencmann, William A. 464 Schomburg, Anhur 8. 335, 464 Schoolcroh, Thomas A. 162 tho", Ronald J. 99, 345, 464 Schon, William 13.485 Schre-ber, Henry C. 485 Schrider, Michael S. 485 Schroeder, David L. 485 Schroeder, James M. 125 Schroeder, Kennelh R. 154, 472 Schroeder, Terrence K, 169, 485 Schroever, Donald R, 402 Schubert, Gary W, 144, 360, 485 SchubeH, Raymond H. 138, 360, 472 Schuchardv, Jimmy C. 102, 355, 472 Schuck, Raymond B, Jr. 273, 344, 485 Schuelke, Larry L. 201, 356, 472 Schuh, Leonard G. 264 Schulle, Howard H. 303 Schultheis, Richard C. 80 Schultz, Lewis R. 100. 472 Schultz, Mowin L. 255, 443 Schulz, Robe" G. Jr, 443 Schulz, Robert H. 255 Schulze, Edward M. 161, 485 Schumann, Albert 0. III 116, 328 Schur, Donald G. 464 Schur, James L. 184, 472 Schurze, George C. Jr. 146 Schwonk, Ronald H. 89, 485 Schwarzenboch, John R. 146 Schwarzwolder, Alan C. 485 Schwertner, Larry J. 102, 472 Schwiening, Fred III 240, 485 Schwille, Edward M. 443 Scoggin, Phillip C. 82, 141, I49, 240, 280 Scott, BeHy M. 489 Scott, James T. 134, 443 Scott, Kenneth Z. 147, 197, 238, 443 Scott, Preston A. 186, 464 Scott, Richard A. 146, 472 Ste", Richard C. 166, 357, 485 Scott, Robert E. 464 Scott, Royce S. 485 Scott, Samuel M. 202, 350, 485 Scott, Sidney l. 107, 485 Screws, David L. 156, 344, 485 Seago, John M. 144, 347, 472 Scale, Michael R. 89, 339, 485 Seoquisv, Michael E. 396 Seargeonr, Albert J. 111 166, 485 Seoy, David E. 169, 172, 331, 443 Seay, Michael G, 176, 484 Sebastian, James W. 146, 238 Secor, William T. Jr. 201, 443 Sedberry, James M. III 266, 464 See, Edward C. 141, 472 Seeger, Klaus 242 Seeker, Edwin A. Jr, 206, 363 Seely, Thomas R. Jr, 82, 90, 92, 390, 464 Seerdcn, Hershol R, 336 Seerden, William F. 125, 361 Segresl, James C, 90, 485 Segura, Richard P, 108, 464 Sein, Richard D, 144, 321, 464 Sommelroggc, John P, 485 Senufu, Jon P. 125, 485 Serimshire, Floyd H. 464 Serrill, Richavd R. 198, 443 Setchell, James F, Jr. 87, 166, 285, 293, 443 Sexton, Charles S. 338, 444 Seymour, Richard W. 127, 240, 485 Shade1,William N. II 179, 464 Sho1cn Monzell L. 102, 484 Shafer, Robert J. 258, 351 Shollcross, Richovd S. 205, 348, 360, 472 Shane, John W, 464 Shannon, Carl J. Jr. 176, 335, 444 Shapiro, Theodore A. 287, 444 Sharp, Douglas A, 123, 283, 485 Sharp, Marcus V. 144, 472 Sharp, Marvin L. 264, 396 Sharp, Roger W. 107, 472 Shounok, Krishan, 306 Show, Brian L, 365, 485 Show, Charles C. 444 Show, Earl R, 320, 444 Show, Lauren L, III 485 Show, Michael L, 111, 444 Show, William A. 397 Show, William 8, 312, 444 Show, William G. 340, 444 Sheaffer, Donald E. 138 Sheehan, Michael B, 350 Sheen, Tenell C. 485 Sheets, Perry G, 258, 264 Sheetz, Roy D. 156, 444 Sheiness, Herschel L. 89, 287, 444 Shelvon, Raymond S. 485 Shepherd, Clarence H. 315 Sheppard, Jotk D. 186, 485 Sherman, Stephen A. 144, 472 Sherman, Wi1liom T, 152,154, 464 Sherrull, Charles E, 179, 339 Sherlill, Guy J. 323 Shields, Thomas D. 331, 485 ShiHIen, A'VII E, 206 Shilling, Cecnl R. 146 Shipman, James K. 261 Shipmon, Roger D. 485 Shmoldcx, Chesler J. 485 Shockley, Joe D. 485 Shone, Louis A, III 90 Shook, Charles G. 197, 261 Shaves, Steve A. N, 258, 264, 399 Short, Randolph J. 169 Shumcle, Donald E. 485 Sidelmon, Zvi 198, 287 Siege1in, Gerald W, 78, 171, 305,311, 333, 393, 444 Silcock, Frank A, 297 Silliman, Carlos M. 118, 485 Silver, Richard C. 174, 485 Simmons, Randy D. 141 Simmons, Albert M. 82, 83, 87, 351, 444 Simmons, Don H. 120, 240, 472 Simmons, Eugene C. 156, 334, 485 Simmons, Jerry L. 444 Simmons, Jerry M. 126, 330, 472 Simmons, Joe D. 444 Simmons, Keith J. 320, 394 Simmons, Kenneth O. 201, 334, 464 Simmons, Melvin D. 213, 239 Simmons, Tihon Jr, 166, 241, 330 Simoneaux, Emmerte M. 100 Simons, Milam 1'. 176, 464 Simpson, Donal R. 320 Simpson, Edward J. 261 Simpson, Jimmie D, 464 Simpson, Marvin 8. III 485 Simpson, Russell 8. 464 Simpton, Jerry E. 240, 280, 285, 294, 444 Sims, Robert M, 123, 146, 485 Singer, James R. 198, 444 Singleton, James M. 472 Sinho, Brciendru K. 198, 402 Sinks, Thomas S. 108, 485 Sizemore, James L. 444 Sizenbach, Gary L. 397 Skaggs, Ronald L. 464 Skellon, Jack L, 486 Skiles, Clifford A. Jr. 472 Skupin, Henry C. 444 Skuso, David H. 81, 158, 486 Sladek, Herbert H. Jr. 444 Slaughter, David C. 90, 464 Slavik, George J. 205, 473 Sledge, George D. 186, 486 Sleeper, William W. 138, 330, 473 Slider, James T. 174, 485 Slimp, Jack 8. Jr. 138, 284, 302, 464 Sloan, John E. 107, 335, 473 Sloan, Michael A. 464 Slone, Richard L. 356 Sluis, James K. 154, 341, 473 Small, Daniel R. 98, 486 Small, Travis H. Jr. 399 Smollwood, Roberv D, 345, 444 Smedberg, Barry A. 90 Smellcy, Eddie M, 143 Smelley, WaHer J, 100, 347, 486 Smith, Adrian D. 320 Smith, Andrew D. 486 Smith, Avery W. 113, 444 SmHh, Benny R. 256, 785 5mi111, Benjamin R, 285, 464 Smith, Bruce A. 90, 486 Smith, Charles E. 464 Smivh, Cheslcr A. Jr. 445 Smith, Darrell F, 279, 464 Smith, David B. 184, 473 Smith, David W. 201 Smilh, Donald E. 486 Smith, Douglas W. 445 Smith, E. C. 152, 357,464 Smi1h, Ellis V, 171, 184,445 Smith, Eugene B. 402 Smith, Garrison P, 116 Smith, Gerald M. 486 Smith, Gordon M. 164 Smivh, Harold D. 464 Smith, Horo1d W, 445 Smith, Harry F, 154 Smivh, Homer C. 186 Smith, Jack H. 80, 108 Smith, Jackson K, Jr. 279, 464 Smivh, James A, 156, 473 Smith, James H. 473 Smilh, Jon L. 445 SmHh, Jay D. 464 Smith, John D. 464 Smith, John R. 186 Smth, John R, 445 Smith, Jon M. 146,436 Smivh,Ju1Ion S. 125 Smith, Larry C. 486 Smith, Manning, D. 87, 186, 445 Smith, Michael D. 486 Smi'h, PaIA. 331,473 Smith, Percy A, 94, 445 Smith, Randall P. Jr. 108 Smith, Richard 201 Smith, Richard C. 100 Smith, Richard H. 120 $mi1h, Richard W. 242, 465 Smirh, Robert D. 445 Srmlh, Robert L, 330, 473 Smivh, Rodney C. 486 Smnh, Roger D. 107, 486 Smith, Roger V, 445 Smhh, Roland D. 100, 283, 473 Smufh, Ronald N, 486 Smith, S'sphen F. 100, 465 Smith, Ted H. 116, 473 Smith, Terry L. 125, 327, 486 Smllh, Thomas A. 473 Smith, Thomas H. 486 Smith, Warren 8. 486 Smilh,W111iam H. 104, 473 Smith, William O. 465 Smith, William T. 445 Smithson, George R, 120, 486 Smoihermon, Ronnie D. 316, 465 Smrkovsky, Roy A. 100, 486 Smyth, Joseph C. IV 445 Snider, Robert H. 120, 465 Snider, Vicvo! V, 164, 473 Snipes, Roy L. 486 Snowden, James D, 486 Soope, Jerry W. 291, 445 Sober, Thomas M, 108 Soefie, Harold J. 161, 304, 349, 486 Solond, Fred H, Jr, 465, 486 Soland, John P, 166 Solis, Jose L, 174, 293, 301 Soliz, Pedro T. 138 Sontag, William H, 102, 330, 486 Soper, Leigh J. 315, 445 Sorelo, Oscar 34, 465 South, George L. 277, 486 South, John H. 465 South, Thomas R. 98, 486 Souvherland, Jesse M. 144, 262, 465 Spacek, James F. 273, 355, 446 Spodofora, Emil V, 90 446 Spadoru, Joseph Jr. 146 Spceth, Clifford W. 465 Spafford, Joe F. 111 486 Spain, Henry S. 465 Spalsbury, William C. 307, 446 Spengler, David W, 465 Spengler, George 0. 329, 486 Spann, Charles E. 486 Sparks, James H. 351 Sparks, Richard M, 108 Sparling, John H, 215 Sparling, Teddy R. 146 Spow, William J. Jr. 120, 331 Spears, Joseph A. 100, 352, 486 Specia, Richard A. 120, 486 Speckels, William D. 473 Speed, Javier V. 336, 446 Speedie, John C. Jr. 241 Speir, John D. 295, 446 Spellmcnn, Robert L. 465 Spence, Gary W. 164, 273, 342, 446 Spencer, Erik L. 465 Spencer, George LAIH 473 Spencer, James R. 473 Spencer, John C. 143, 446 Spencer, Troy D. 446 Spengler, William M. 120 Sperberg, Ronald L. 446 Sperry, Edward N. 301 Spiller, Donville D. 202, 473 Spillmann, Charles D, 446 Splvcy, Foucll H 377 Sprodling, Donald H. 473 Springer, Bobby L, 293, 446 Springer, John 5. 201, 465 Springer, Stanley L 261, 465 Sprung, Warren C. 144, 287 Spurger, Jame; R. 186, 446 $1. C10lf, Carl L 158 Stobler, James M. 217, 473 Staccll, Herberr O. 486 S1ocho, Roimund 100,473 SVof1ord, Harold R 360, 465 SDoHord, Harry A III 198, 336 Stafford, Roger H. 486 Slollworth, Thomas W. 402 Slonolond, Sc01189, 486 Stoncrl, WIIIIOm R. 107 Siondlsh, John R. 154, 486 Stanfield, Gerald G. 102, 473 SVanilzky, Carl A. 141, 486 Sionley, Melvin C, 176, 473 Stanley, Richard G. 144, 473 S1cnfon, John 5, 166, 486 Stamon, William K, 78, 111, 123, 263, 390, 446 510n1on, William L. 129, 446 Staples, George W, 146, 234 Starek, John M, 166, 465 Stark, Frank W. Jr. 45, 228, 285, 292, 296, 384, 446 Slornes, Robert M. 126, 286, 298, 486 Starr, Howard G. 323, 446 Svusney, Paige A. 329, 446 Slolum, Cyril M. 184, 486 Stearns, Cloud R. 90, 473 Steele, Roy W. 465 Steen, Judith A. 489 bfeen, MOFFIS A. 446 Steenbergen, James E, 174, 486 SVeHek, John C, 146, 286 Steffens, Craig A, 357, 486 Sreffens, Leonard G, Jr. 94, l02, 465 Stein, FronHin J. 345, 446 Stein, Russell W. 98, 473 Steindorf, Gerald N. 116, 146, 406 SteH, William V, 486 Stengel, George J. 123, 446 Siengelc, Horvy E 176, 486 Stephen, Paul L. 486 SVephcns, Alton L. Jr. 166 Stephens, James C. 141, 486 Stephens, Larry A. 174 Siephenson, Charles E. 486 Stephenson, SVonIey E, 179 Srepp, James L. 100, 465 Stern, Ronald H. 98, 351, 486 Slevener, Bobby L, 446 Mavens, Homer 1. 277 Stevens, Jerry D. 486 Stevens, Michael P. 465 Stevens, Richard M. 465 Stewart, Billy R. 274 Stewart, Chester D. 45, 465 Stewart, Danny B. 446 Slewort, Frank E, 402 Stewart, Jerry R, 486 Stewart, Joe R. 164, 473 Stewart, Kirkland W. 154, 486 Stewart, Lindon M. 158, 357, 473 Stewart, Robert E. 186 Stewart, William H, 465 Stiles, David E. 37, 313, 465 Stillwell, Vlrgle C. Jr. 311, 465 Stinson, John R. Jr. 486 Stock, Harold S. 296 510cksrill, Gerald R. 138, 473 $1offregen, Glen E. 90, 465 Sfogsdill, Russell L. 320, 447 Stokes, Richard H. 176, 465 Stokes, William P, Jr. 197, 198, 447 Stone, Thomas C. 486 Stoops, Steven G. 473 Storey, Jimmy N, 271 Storrie, Joseph P. 174, 486 Story, Ernest R. Jr. 116, 342 Storler, Donald L. 125, 486 Stovoll, Darrell G. 146, 486 Stovall, John M, 179, 465 Stover, Michael E. 120, 486 Slover, Raymond J. H. Jr. 173, 184, 186, 447 Strondtman, Gerald A. 447 Strange, James R. Jr. 486 Strange, Robert 8. 164 Strange, William 8. 447 Stroub, Charles J. 486 Strauss, David D, 144, 486 Street, Robert L. 292, 296 Srrege, Don L. 127, 486 Stricklin, Billy C. 162,465 Striegler, Harvey R. Jr. 108, 322, 447 Striegler, Thomas L, 107, 465 Stringer, James L. 201, 447 Stringfellow, Richard 37, 146, 222, 223, 227 Stripling, Roiford R. 206 Sfripling, William 8.447 Strohocker, Louis W. 486 Srrole, Malcolm 8, 397 Stropp, John R. 156, 337 Strub, Rodney J. 201, 342, 447 Stryker, Allen J, 473 Srubbs, Robert C. 277 Sfuckey, Joe W. 82, 151, 256, 297, 447 Sfudley, Paul R. 123, 267, 342, 473 510115, Richard P. 156 Stupko, Kenneth C. 116, 486 Sturgeon, William C. III 278, 279, 447 G. S. PARKER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. BRYAN. TEXAS Wimerican STATE BANK 1200 BLOC K AUSTIN HIGHWAY W inner of 1 st Prize in Bootmakers C ontest "Bil+ri+e" Boofs and Shoes Made By Economy Shoe Repair and 3001' C0. Large Stock of Handmade Boots CONVENIENT BUDGET AND LAY-AWAY PLAN $55VSR. BOOTS MAIN OFFICE: CA 3-0047 503 W. Commerce PARK CLEANERS Coach Mefcalf receives the congrafulafions zJ Chancellor Harringfon aHer winning Hue Sou'rhwemL Conference Champion- ship. CLEANING PRESSING ALTERATIONS SHIRT SERVICE Soufhside Shopping Cenfer STUART HARDWARE CO. COLLEGE STATION. TEXAS "Serving Texas Aggies" 5II Suarez, Armando L. 465 Sudderrh, Carl V. 120, 447 Sugarek, Frank L. 360, 465 S'uhlevr, David R,82, 112,118, 465 Suib, Michael R, 174, 287, 465 Sullins, Richard D. 183 Sullivan, James A. 472 Sullivan, John P. 102, 486 Sullivan, Richard G. 156, 447 Summers, Franklin D. 82, 113, 447 Sumpter, Daniel 0. 297 Sumpfer, Gary W. 144 Supak, James R. 295, 465 Supercinski, Franklyn L. 447 Surber, Martin F. 353, 447 Surles, Lloyd E. 164 Surovik, Joe T. 307, 447 Surli, Vosanf H. 402 Sutphen, David L. 158, 486 Sveter, Owen D. 104, 331 Swan, Michael K. 238, 240, 447 Swanson, Nick C, 342 Swanson, William T, 120, 473 SweoH, Guy A. 486 Sweeney, William L. 108, 486 Sweet, Harry J. 301 Sweitzler, William A. 473 Swenke, James E. 240 Swift, Jerry D. 447 Swindell, Glenn R. Jr. 179, 316 Swindle, William C. 276 Switzer, Steven A. 107 Swope, James R. 184, 473 Swope, Kar1 H. 486 Syler, Gerald W. 78, 93, 108, 281, 447 Sy1er, Ira A. Jr. 281, 397 Sylvester, John B. 100, 341, 486 Sypmk, John B. 285, 308 TackiH, Robert C. 447 Tuggorr, Jonre M. 338 Talarek, William R. 169, 448 Talbert, Robert E. 486 Tally, Richard D. 120, 486 Tanner, WaHer E. 154, 486 Torr, Jimmie E. 146 Tate, Nahum B. 126, 330, 486 Tate, Paul V. 473 Tatum, Michael E. 399 Taylor, Charles A. Jr. 100, 486 Taylor, David 8. 126, 486 Taylor, George L. Jr. 108, 473 Taylor, Harold A. 448 Taylor, James H. 448 Taylor, Jerry K. 277, 402 Taylor, John W. Jr. 2, 124, 448 Taylor, Jon C. 206, 473 Taylor, Kenneth F. 448 Taylor, Paul E. 326 Taylor, Thomas H. 279, 473 Taylor, Wesley M, 312, 323 Taylor, William E. 465 Taylor, William O. 473 Taylor, William R. 337, 486 Taylor, Wright 8. 146, 332, 486 Teal, Barry 8. 201 Teasley, John H. 448 Teddlie, Don E. 162, 486 Tedford, George E. 343 Teel, Gerald A. 286, 329, 486 Teems, Terry L. 166, 465 Tees, David G. 473 Teipel, John R. 144, 473 Templer, Thomas W. 82, 94, 345, 465 Tenison, Larry T. 179 Tenzer, Neil B. 287, 448 Terkanian, Donald M. 164, 486 Terrell, Curtis W. 104, 256, 321 Terrell, David O. 339, 486 Terry, Augustus T. 80, 149, 486 Terry, David D. II! 201 Terry, Homer T. 292 Terry, William L. 89, 448 Terry, William R. 126, 486 Tessada, Enrique A. 166, 241, 473 Thoyer, David H. 486 Thayer, Francis N. 90, 486 Thedford, Billy R. 311, 363, 465 Thedford, Marvin 294, 363, 448 Theis, Thomas M. 100, 333, 65 Thomas, Charles E. 337, 448 Thomas, David L. 473 Thomas, George E. 486 Thomas. Norman C. 465 Thomas, Roy F. Jr. 141 Thomas, Robert W. 173, 186, 448 Thompson, Allen R. 486 Thompson, Alton C. Jr. 104, 321, 342, 465 Thompson, Bert D. 402 Thompson, David R. 448 Thompson, David T. Jr. 243, 334 Thompson, Dennis l. 191 Thompson, Dilworfh P. 473 Thompson, Jon R. 176. 486 Thompson, Keith J. 399 Thompson, Marion S. Jr. 334, 473 Thompson, Michael D. 343, 448 Thompson, Neal T. 45, 146, 228 Thompson, Robert C. 186 Thompson, Stephen M, 141 Thompson, Victor H, III 172, 174, 448 Thompson, Wayne A. 339 Thompson, Yvonne A. 489 Thornberry, Jonathan M, 277, 448 Thornborrow, Robert E 448 Thornhill, John D. 473 Thornhill, Otto M1 JL 107, 344, 473 Thornton, Alton W, Jr. 123, 473 Thornton, Robert E. 186, 320 Thrush, John J, 486 Thrasher, Charles M. 201 Thurman, Charles C. 486 Thurman, Jack E Jr. 90 Thurman, Stephen S. 125 Thying, Lee W. 118, 486 Tidmore, Randall L, 123, 486 Tidwell, Danny R. 301 Tierce, Millard L. 465 Tietze, John C. 486 TigerH, William D. Jr. 486 Tiierino, Albert A. 89, 359, 465 Tiierino, Andrew A. 89, 359, 486 Tillery, Tommy A. 240, 486 Tillman, Richard L. 292,296 Timmermon, Timothy L, 37, 222 Timmins, Paul R. 37, 222, 223, 227 Tindull, Marion H, 473 Tisdol, Victor C. Jr, 137, 316, 317, 448 Tisdale, Garry L. 40, 87, 454 Todd, Edward A. 277, 299, 397 Tolleson, William D. 473 Tomon, Raymond P. Jr. 312, 315, 355, 448 Tomas, Ronald N. 487 Tomberlain, Marvin P. 98, 276, 487 Tomlin, Johnny R. 174 Tomlin, Joseph B. 487 Tomlinson, Warren N. Jr. 183, 473 Tompkins, Alfred T. 186, 473 Tompkins, Bill G. 179, 465 Tompkins, John W. 448 Tools, Irvin Jr1 87, 108, 448 Topperman, Andrew 125, 287, 487 Tortorice, Sum J. 164, 330, 487 Touchon, Anthony H. 473 Tovor, Rodriguez, J1 268 Tovey, Frank M. 111, 141 Tower, Michael M. 166, 487 Towers, Dennis 361, 487 Towery, William H. Jr. 154 Towler, Harry B. 100, 356 Townsend, Joe D. 164, 307, 487 Tracy, Dick A. 473 Trohan, Terry C. 125, 359, 448 Trainer, Lloyd D. 82, 116, 465 Tramel, James T. 151 Trantham, Cecil R. 108, 487 Trcpolino, Louis S. 316 Trcylor, Bobby J. 465 Traylor, Richard C. 277, 465 Tredway, Willard L. Jr. 130, 138, 465 Treece, Barton G. Jr. 169, 487 Treio, David C. 315 Trevino, Manuel R. 465 Triesch, Eugene 0. Jr. 82, 123, 454, 465 Trifon, David A. 234, 287 Trimble, Richard L. 11 108 Trlica, Frank E. 473 TroH, John E. Jr. 355, 473 Trotter, John T. Jr. 169, 487 True", Joe C. 307, 449 Truiillo, Joe A. 312, 315, 449 Trulock, Wallace W. 120, 487 Tubre, Stephen R. 144, 473 Tucker, Travis J. 156, 487 Tudelu, John A. 143, 449 Tufano, Charles C. 186 Tumlinson, Grady N, 449 Turley, James R. 174, 487 Turney, William H. 316, 465 Turney, William W. 146 Turzak, Thomas M. 172, 449 Tuseth, Robert D. 360 Twomey, Raymond D. 449 Tyer, Bobby R. 174 Tyler, Jesse D. 138, 449 Tyree, Thomas N. 278, 473 Tyson, John P. 180, 487 Tyson, William E. 156, 327, 487 Ulich, William L. 180, 478 Unikel, Luis A. 275, 487 Unroe, Dennis M. 108 Upchurch, John P. 89, 92, 362, 449 Umeore, David J, 449 Urban, William F. 473 Urbanic, Charles E. 251, 303, 465 Urbino, Luis R. Jr. 465 Urdonefa, Rafael A. 449 Urdanefa Rafael E. 465 Uribe, Adelaide Jr. 465 Uribe, Manuel 123, 487 Urso, Joe John 264 Urso, Joe J. 264 Ussery, Sanford R. 487 Uzzell, William J. 211, 212 Vucek, Mark J. 125, 465 Vackar, Robert C. 183, 473 Valarezo, Carlos G. 242, 314, 449 Valdez, Abelordo L. 93, 449 Valdez, Javier 108, 336, 449 Valenfo, Fred J, 285, 292, 296, 323, 449 Valentine, James R. 487 Valerius, Jackie A. 397 Valienfe, Eduardo A. 465 Volien1e, Guillermo E. 242, 487 Van Buskirk, Roberv L, 81, 156, 487 Van Cleve, Delbert W, 449 Van Dyke, Don 397 Van Hardeveld, Jacob, Jr. 80, 108 Van Hellen, Russell W, 342, 487 Van Hoosier, William L, 316, 473 Van Horn, Jack C. 116, 487 Van Wagner, Bruce W, 176, 487 Van Wagner, Roger G. 174, 465 Vonder, Cruyssen H1 141, 278, 279 Vanderhider, Carl R. 356- Vandervoort, Paul E, III 100, 338, 487 Vandiver, Robert L. 298, 312, 449 Vcndohlen, Donald R., Jr, 473 Vonek, Kenneth N. 349, 487 Venn, Richard D. 287, 473 Vargas, Edward Jr. 487 Vargas, Rafael E. 202, 487 Vorisco, Brazos 399 Vasek, Leon J. 465 Vasser, William C., Jr. 293 Vauhgan, Clyde C. 487 Vaughan, J. 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5. 126, 487 WoHace, John W. 320, 473 Waller, Floyd R., Jr. 335, 450 Waller, Lynn A. 301, 473 Walls, CharIes N. 451 Walls, Ronnie L. 466 Wolo, Dennis E, 162, 487 Walther, Jay R. 397 Walton, Ned E. 297 chstrafh, John J. 466 Wanleoeben, Kenne1h L. 138, 342, 473 Ward, BiIIy C, 399 Ward, John K., Jr1 143, 268, 279, 466 Ward, Keith Bolen, Jr. 144, 263, 364, 466 Ward, Michael L. 264, 358 Ward, Neal C. 164, 339, 487 Ward, Waylon O. 213, 215, 219 Ward, William R. 146, 240 Ware, Orville H. 123, 240 Wornick, Philip W. 174, 278, 279, 466 Warren, Don E. 125, 201, 284, 345 Warren, Donald R. 279, 283, 466 Warren, George R. 487 Warren, Jeffrey 487 Warren, John R. 108, 466 Warren, John S. 107, 332, 487 Warren, Johnny L. 176 Warren, Kirby J, 317, 473 Warren, Laurence A. 345, 451 Warrick, C1ifron E. 309, 451 Warrington, David R. 473 Washburn, Charles E. 322 Woskom, Tommy L. 201, 337 Waters, Claude C. 399 Waters, Eugene P. 108, 487 Watkins, Charles E. 451 Watkins, Glenn W. 340 Watson, Boyd K., III 186 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487 Weldon, William C. 166 Wellborn, Joseph H. 146 Wells, James C. 277, 451 Welsh, Robert P. 487 Wendel, Larry A. 301 Wendenburg, Carl A. 149, 180, 331, 487 Wessels, James A. 473 Wendf, Joseph P. 466 Weppler, Larry A. 108, 487 Wert, Harold E. 108, 329, 451 West, Donald E. 146 West, Joe M. 186, 487 Wesf, Kenneth W. 197, 451 West, Sterling R. 481 Westerfield, Ira D. 146, 286, 487 Westmoreland, Gary K. 473 Westmoreland, John S. 164, 279, 320, 473 Wetherbee, Charles F. 243, 327, 473 Whutley, Richard E. 217 Wheat, Larry D. 158, 353 Wheisel, Joseph E. 466 Whitaker, Joseph D. 186 Whifcomb, Michael B. 451 White, Corey L. 466 White, Charles W. 466 White, George K. 451 White, Hugh T. 179, 466 Whife, James H. 176, 487 White, James H. 320, 487 White, James W. 100, 487 White, James W., Jr. 487 White, Jerry L. 330 White, Michael E. 487 White, Morris D. 108, 487 White, Robert L, 100 White, Robert M, 125, 487 White, Thomas E. 320, 400 White, William A. 487 Whitehead, Harold J. 400 Whitaker, Jerry N, 113, 126, 466 Whitford, Howard W, 400 Whitlock, Larry L. 278, 279, 353, 451 Whirson, William R, 158, 487 Whitson, John T, 100, 473 Whifson, Robert H. 108, 473 Whiningfon, John R., Jr. 186 Whitfon, David L. 98, 487 Wiedenfeld, Kenneth W. 100, 451 Wier, Michael 1. 89, 271, 283 Wiggins, H01 466 Wigingfon, Sam 277 Wilbeck, August C, 451 Wilbeck Gary L. 466 Wilcox, Don H. 143, 343 Wiley, Malcolm K, 116 Wilk, Darrell J. 487 Wilkinson, James C. 166, 487 Wilks, Phillip G. 180,473 Willcox, Gerald P. 452 Willcox, Mitchell 0. 473 WiHe, Kenneth B. 158,362, 473 Willenborg, James C. 30, 211, 221 Williams, Albert P. 262 Williams, Cory D. 80 Wi1liams, Daniel C. 156, 487 Williams, David H. 89, 473 Williams, Donese W. 466 Williams, Frederick F. 144 Williams, James D. 149, 487 Williams, James M. 279 Williams, James M. 452 Williams, John L. 452 Williams, Kenneth D. 108 Williams, Raymond M. 144, 487 Williams, Rober! 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Ketchel 327, 452 Willis, Gary E. 146, 487 Willmann, Robert L. 174, 342, 452 Willoughby, Jack M. 156, 356, 487 Wills, Norman A. 364 Wilson, Carey 8. 487 Wilson, Clyde A. 473 Wilson, Darr F. 400 Wilson, Don E. 222 Wilson, Freddie J. 487 Wilson, George I. 488 Wilson, James C. 400 Wilson, Marshall F., Jr. 452 Wilson, Penrhyn 98, 488 Wilson, Robert B. 149, 488 Wilson, Robert W. 201 Wilson, Roy D. 452 Wilson, Terry G. 488 Wilson, William B. 452 Wilson, Winston L. 102, 251, 473 Wimbish, Robert W. 452, 466 Winch, James R. 277 Windham, Terrell D. 298, 312, 452 Windsor, Cecil 0., Jr. 89, 473 Winfrey, James E. 201, 466 Wing, William R. 184, 488 Wingate, Ruben D. 184, 330 Wingfield, Keith A. 452 Winkel, Fred M. 108, 287, 365 Winkelmann, Norman W. 363 Winkler, Donald H. 154, 488 Winn, Robert M. 488 Winn, Ronald D. 89, 473 Winnetfe, Walter M. 198, 328 Winningham, John D. 309 Winship, Thomas E. 186, 452 Winslow, Michael 174 Winters, David W. 292 Wisdom, Raymond C., Jr. 303, 466 Wise, Lewis R. 149, 488 Wise, Robert E. 80, 277 Wisenbaker, Kenneth A. 156, 360, 488 Wisenbaker, William C. 488 Wiswell, Eric Ozro 488 Wofford, Larry L. 120, 488 Wolcott, Gary M. 186 Wolf, Michael T. 126, 341, 488 Wolf, Robert H. 452 Wolf, William M1, Jr. 186 Wolfe, Beniamin E. 113, 126, 262, 349, 466 Wolff, Marshall W. 107 Wolkowicz, Jacobo 287 WoHers, Richard A. 473 Womack, Glenn L. 452 Womble, Glendon D, 466 Wood, Carl E. 146 Wood, Gerald Lee 201, 466 Wood, James D. 488 Wood, James H. 364, 488 Wood, James M. 334 Wood, John A. 264 Wood, Larry D. 452 Wood, Ralph E. 488 Wood, William C. 201 Woodall, Russell P, 343, 452 Woodard, Joe D. 488 Woods, David L. 397 Woods, David R. 102, 473 Woods, Donald E. 154, 488 Woods, Warren R. 452 Woodson, Jerry P. 158, 241, 473 Woodward, Daniel Y. 108 Wooldridge, James T. 138 Wooten, Charley V. 292 Works, Madden T. 274 Worley, Robert M. 98, 488 Worrel, Edward J. 174, 488 Worsham, Lushene M5 90, 347, 473 Worst, John M. 146, 488 Worthom, Murray L. 82, 466 Woyewodzic, Edwin J. 81, 162, 488 Wroy, William D. 318 Wright, Ernest C. 488 Wright, Fred J. 108, 488 Wright, Granville C. 466 Wrighf, HaskeH E. 488 Wright, James L. 466 Wrighl, James L. 466 Wrigh1,John R. 197, 313 Wright, Joseph M. 488 Wright, Larry M. 488 Wright, Michael 102 Wright, Richard W. 169, 297 Wrighf, Robert A. HI 138. 473 Wright, Ronald W. 488 Wright, Thomas W. 90, 466 Wright, William D. 349, 473 Wright, William V. 473 Wuensche, Rudy M. 251, 280, 301, 304, 466 Wursfer, Albert C. 397 Wurzbuch, Clark R. 295, 345, 452 Wyatt, James E. 98, 488 Wyatt, Lawrence E. 488 Wyatt, William K. 102, 488 Wylie, Stanley R. 169, 339, 403, 453 Wyninegar, Noble C., Jr. 156, 240, 488 Wynn, George C. 466 Wynn, Moxey R. 453 Wynn, Sally R. 322 Wynne, Jack W. 297, 359, 453 Wythe, London B., Jr. 301 Yahia, Abdelmoiid 473 Ycklin, John G. 107 Yao, Tso4Wei 402 Yarbrough, David L. 488 Yarbrough, Melvin N. 176 Yoskovic, Robert A. 296, 466 Yauger, James H. 104, 343, 488 Young, Charles R. 143 Young, Clifford R. 488 Young, Craig B. 473 Young, Don P. 279, 466 Young, George A., Jr5 174, 488 Young, James B., II 141, 365, 488 Young, James K. 488 Young, John W. 488 Young, Louis L. 134, 453 Young, Michael S. 453 Young, Ralph R. 143, 488 Youngblood, Samuel R. 303, 466 Yows, James T. 120, 488 Zaeske, Louis W. 183, 281, 453 Zahn, Charles W. 146, 488 Zak, Michael .1. 143, 483 Zcmzow, Kenneth A. 201, 280, 306, 466 Zapam, Thomas Jr. 81, 123, 488 Zotopek, Edward J. 78, 166, 273, 453 Zeis, Paul M. 316 Zemunek, Victor J. 180, 356, 466 Zimmerman, William F. 156, 488 Zimmerman, Winfon 8. 176, 453 Zinn, Alan M. 287, 488 2012, Joseph E. 273, 296 Zuehlke, Lawrence D. 102, 488 Zuehlke, Raymond C. 100, 466 Zumwall, John H. 322 Zwahr, Harley A. 102, 488 Zwarfies, William J. 273, 488 3, ; a 5

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