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5lw1Q42gwWm TEXHS HGIIICIJLTUIHIL am! IIIIECHIIIIICHL CULLEGE IIIIIHJHIIH IIE Hflll Shrine uf Amcrium frccdorn -- Imlcpcmlcncc I-I.1ll SlLlIl-li as a ruggcd sylnbul uf tlmirh m .ln ldeai - - hcrc tlwsc whu lwcli-:vcd Amari' c.1 Qmuld CIJINTD-IHLI .1 QI'L'.llL'I' des' tiny dcdxmtcd thcxnscl-.'.'Q to the great SPIFIL mf frccklmn EDITUITS VVQRD The guardian for all Americans against tyranny and oppression is the Bill of Rightsg indeed it is the hub of democracy and only in a democracy could such an institution as A. E3 M. exist. "If the press is not free: if speech is not independent and untrammeledg if the mind is shackled or made impotent through fear, it makes no difference under what form of government you live you are a subject and not a citizen." Now as never before the forces of tyranny and oppression are threatening our American rights. Texas Aggies throughout the world are fighting and will continue to fight to make the people of the United States citizens and not subjects. Because of the need for a refdedication of our loyalties to the "American way of life" as exem' plified in the Bill of Rights, we have chosen as our theme this manuscript- In behalf of the Longhorn Staff I wish to express appreciation to the cadet corps and many others for their splendid cooperation and tolerance in supplying pictures and information for the Longhorn. We are indeed in-' debted to Mr. Ioe Skiles and his staff g it has been a pleasure to work with them. Serving the Senior Class in the official capacity of editor has been a. privilege and my greatest honorg I am indeed grateful. To my staff, thanks. 4 , ORDER UF BOGKS LHDIUIHISTRHTIOH QCLHSSES HHGGIELHHD 4.HCTIVITY FLFHVORITES UCURPS 7.SPORTS SORGHHIZHTIOUS " . . . In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms. The first is FREEDQM of speech and expression - everywhere in the world. The second is FREEDOM of every person to worship God in his own way - everywhere in the world. The third is FREEDCM from want- which, translated into world terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants - everywhere in the world. The fourth is FREEDOM from fear - which, translated into world terms, means a worldfwide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor - anywhere in the world." -F. D. ROOSEVELT. Some one hundred and seventy years ago thirteen colonies were in search of similar freedoms. They were searching for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" - some' thing they were not accustomed to. Led by such men as Washington, Jefferson and Madif son their freedom was soon to come. With their Declaration of Independence the freedom that we have learned to enjoy was born. Now some one hundred and seventy years later this freedom is threatened by the forces of tyranny and oppression. Yes, this freedom will survive because just as the "spirit of freedom" led our forefathers it will again lead us and we, too, will have our Washingtons and Ieffersons. To this intangible asset- the "Spirit of Freedom" we dedicate this the 1942 Longhorn. 6 llllllllllf f ff f f ' '... And for your country, boy, and for that flag, never dream a dream but of serving her as she bids you, though the service carry you through a thousand hells. No matter what happens to you, no matter who flatters you or who abuses you, never look at an' other flag, never let a day pass by but you pray God to bless that flag. Remember, boy, that behind all these men you have to do with, behind ofheers, and government, and people even, there is the Country Herself, your country, and that you belong to her as to your own Mother. Stand by Her, boy, as you would stand by your mOth6f.1,-HALE. ir ir ir ir ir ir :yew ' .,i iffirk is ig??i?2p??q J? ',. rr . 3 Ililll A bus artcrv o' Avfie 5' . QE life seen from the top of the Academic Building- USul1y," wlicrc many im Aggie rcccivas his first taste ofAggic'1'raditions. 'inilx -V ,mf U .,.., 'Q I if' ' ' '- -A :af r . '-'Z K.. , QL. -- "f P. fi 2' G ' 'Q 1 v,- 1 3.4.4-,r,, 3, Q, W. L. 'fill ii' .Af " ' ' x ' v" ' F eafyge ff-1 ... ff . we A FQ' v n . V - " 1 Y .J iz' +452 1,' A' - ' r-1 1' 3 ' , - 3 . ' I, 'zf ' . s., A , - 5- , .wi- ,fm A r-I fb ' ' 'QQ I -f'-Lslntrg , 5 -.x . . -f.51y 5 . Xziisfa-:L T ' 1"--'. 'r- - N ,. '-'gf', . f " u A - I J' "LS, " 'J' ' TE' '. 'z if ff"f'5'k'V W -C ' ....' -.12'.,'2,z ' ' I f I ' . 'z 29" +5aw- F,-.1a l'L." I A ,..f ,Y . M -145 T7 I ,-far ' 'fff x T. ' .,..n-".x'11, A' ' 4 V - -1-W' 'M ,. ..,. QD if if v A wb I Q x vat? 3- 11 12' 4 hx Q nw. 5 1 dai 'Q'f,,,,.f f 4+ 'Mrk FWQQMQ, H U A 14, Qfc I If 'B N? an il? '44 S 51' fm? B '40 5,11 :g,M!. xy 4 ..,. . A 'mf' ' 1 ' CL, rl.: V- wzvfgfn 'V f +i.it':f'A A, 1' -ff! 3. Av. Q .Mg 'Xin 'K r 34 A P'1m'31" ',"1v'z. 'ft' ' iii 54:'ff?1M : I X 5' xg 1 ' X --' ' 51413 3 . , . ,3" " rr ,, E 'Qi' 1 . v, M ,N KJ .95 kg, x' 'Z v - Y N auf? 4 f ,, .swf A D - Sew-7 ' FN 1 - ' 1 P f 5 1, ' ,: ' '- ' v " 2 X , x 1 , ..- 7 J , ' 4 1 , 2' ff'-4: X ' , zz- . v , I ' V W , N1 J W . ' ' . " " " ' ' '?,W5 V V1XY,' 'Zh 115-3 ' ' , ,-: '11 hi, 22" Q X 1 . . 4 f' ' 'r '24 f-1.72-ui. .52 .! . I ' vfzljjf- ' lwliflggf 'Q . . - ' -, , ,f . - . pg -' .f , , N ,- , 1.211 - AFVVYI E '3 . -fi 773 ' ',fQxg,1x1Vg g'a'Wi3'- . 'K ' yi, I w ,A my Y . url-xt-gg? 4 R: WA, .L f .. ,' l H, ' ' '5??2S3m1. "WK, . ' . . , fs , av I - ' - .qw . , X , 4 . 1 A V, I, WN , ' X ,- ' 'Q ' hu- Q!:g,.r:?3 , r, , 5 I . A-J. f 1 ' K 1,1 V I . , 4 i f f f -,gpg Q I 11' -, Q NP I pl, . , 29- .' .533 'W' , . L - 1 ' L-.fl ,wg X .V , L , I .w, 'fab 1 A . f'f fi .--. My .T Wg .. I-7 Q 4... -5 2.11. ff f . f H- f "iw . , ,. , , A 1 ' ff " ' 1 " f fl A . 14 W "7.i'f1ff ' f W r - . f V ,, ,,,,,,, . u. . , n - Q' 1- :. 15, ' 55.4 IQ" ' - f ' ' 1: we JP' mv.-vw ff , , ' ' I Rey :Q-'.'JwQeQ..ff f ' f 1 -n" d5.,a.f-ax'--,.,,.4' g P 5, ,i 7- 4, gg411,f5.I3,bM.,1,f, f B f -'I Q' 14 "" inf- Q1f.fU1 5'x?V" wylw, 'www VH' 2 fihibll . .f 're-TY. 4'4u-.Q nf.-9 1 - h -N' ., ,l g mt- N r '111:ja'5,"f'3!'?5"'?"5"M ,q.-f-..-i-.x:,z':aJ:.."u' , v I ,,.,, v.f-. ,.1-.- .aaa-1.. f S' B . , ,Q . ' H -Q 5 -l 'G 5- - is , a . rf - . r" fx' :Aff f K ff --4. -'H 1 T .-xg'-' 11 .45 .T-.. ..I 5 4 . ,,a:v"'95".E. ,tiff-: "ay, . , 'Trip efgfg- A ':!,.:AY:, 'a.4 - 4' V. .1 . 1 It 7 xl -1 iq- 'll .Y 7' -, - :. .-.. ' 1 r wi' ,- , , , . fm f , 1 A' u"f 52' -MVN I 'J ,, NJ.. . I 'I . . , l f K ' 'J i 'QW cr fo' ,o W" ' ' 1 . "M .J-f" J , '1 ,,,...f- , , M . V 1-.,L.:...al" ,fffjw . -tl ' ' --f"' :R-: 'A ' 4 , . If Wy' f J' , P , ' :J ' V1 , , I' . rl V '. ' 1 1 'F I 'fl I . K4 .f ' 1 .S , '. M. , '. . I 4, ,Q - --1 -I Q ' g, I , ig? ,ff-'fi 'EEN' 1 ' . ,A KM-,',W wg, 'px' -. , . lv ,..-' J' 5. ff J. , . ,,-'dmv 'AQ-an lr: HY lx, 3.1 x Hx ...Ie ' ,FN 'A' - si- . 0 'L ' 1 , L . V My I V 9 if , .w - ,: L Y , ' w 4-, E tv , ,Mg A ' 'r, " ,f . QIWA3: W I , ' ,V ,IV : .WWW -ai. 1 , kj '4s,y, -f A W H.. 12 ,ExH-,-,mmgf-.ullnxnu-ff, , V, I N a W.: A " "U Q-A ' ' an I ' -gg gm ',L ,-4. W 1- Y:.4-eq, I 1 f A ,.. . ,WM --r.-3 qybhu -1 .Ja 'A ,- Mg-xi ,.' 1 17" V z .grfv A F ,.-- I , 1 1' :-. I '-H "'- -'N' N . -- IlI'H A?" Y HW? 'WT V 'imn 'M' ' W gd I I 1 2 W VW" ' I ' ' I, l ll' 1' "nf T 3- 1 '13 p I 1 ff? jQ?'tQl ,. g ,,- ' . 'J-, . , . ' . . J. I -Q 1 N N Q A 4 I 4 "' - . ,gg V1-Mn, 5 A I v -av . JQWST- ,. .f -4iQ - ' ?'ffsHi'-1-V: . , ' F - ,. 5. 1:,4 . . up YA n- 5' ' M , 'U ,rziiaiwl-' 2 ' H A ' Tfiiggs lf 12" X Q , ' ., - ,Q:'frff':G -- -1, jigfnl , N . ' 3' .Q V, , 7.49-"'A 2 H ...IQ " " V M A ' , 'J ,. , N3 3- , , , rn . .,,,,. . , , ' c , -3, -e- V' K, 5 341- . fi V V-42 A I 11 V 3' . 2: . ,-gr 1 ff - - ' . 1 ,fag-lfe ? ff fi: jjlf,Q1Q..:, . . f ' W. 2 may " " ,.,- , . , Z F5 . E ' , ., 1- 5. gg, . , - ., . V :A W . .,,, . , .,, . 1 .--' - . ,.:.+.,'f1,, 1 x 'N , ,. , .. . I' P . 1: ,wp - win. ,... , A V ,a . I u,g'y,,b , .. Aa.: V ,',.,,-1. H- 4 Q Pr zgmrar nixfsrgwf' . 4 .YLMW 2 ,,1.,af' u 1 4 -. uw. ' u vm, swf 4 14.3 QA ..7. -+..4 'ii -'li' tr-: FM' ting, 7 Q , W ,, jf . " J fi' I 4 , 'L F , , '11 -:zf,1,'.- 5 -IL' I 'I " '14 IQ' , I , , 4. v 431 .J- '4. . -.f"'?- ' - ,1'fv'.. Xl HY:,1x,:g.,u-' E? Li. IL: L w xlk, --U .. v. .N 4 . ,yf',xY1,':' .41 , - . xg .. , mf- . -Q V Hfkfxow ' 7.15.--.,-, - A' ' iff W' -1-. 'L -su -A -1 -by -1 -1- 3 Pa! 12 Nu s If I.. I H F, ..-v1v'v1'wIn"f!Y- I ' ,..--n-ww-f-""' .-. .-........-...-..... i-'H' w. L T La T Y 0 ,ma N . Q REM. Q-1 ff' 'Z P, . mmm .YJ OJQ' an vw . MA- 'R rl' . K! X, x 48 ' X ri 'O N ' f 4 ' Q .Q l .'- . i , gg .fa . 1 5 I . mu?-5 is gi . ,, A4 A H f . .. .Q -My Y ' at ,- ms.- h ' 2 5 , .- ,,.. 15, .11 F? 4235 ,1'ff?'v' f c v if Q Mvxff-., . . A D 1.1-Mfr' 5 x - ' ,fa-"., -""": .ig '. a 's . 2 . Q- tis' i ,TN J. . , , - 1 4 1 'Q . .2 H - 'T ' 3: , Q, A ,, rv W. ,, .if 'nm i , 22'-Ag A .. . ,, -- ,gfil , - an X I wg, ' 4 x ' "'3""wa9-v7,4..,. , --44 ' :ff K V ' " 1' tj . - I 4 V Q . 'Q -J. A 'Q' A L Q Kkx. A, :IK . ' 13.1 If as ffl. r- " in .., fle x 'Vi aa. 5- H1lH1l1M 111 1111111111111 Believing with you tbat religion 15 a rnat ter wb1cbl1e5 solely between r11an and bis God that be owes account to none other for b15 faitb or bis Worsbip that the leqis latrve powers of government reacb actions only and not opinions 1 contemplate with sovereion reverence that act of tbe wbole American people wbrcb declared tbat their legislature sbould roalfie no law respecting an establisbroent ot religion, or prohibit ing the free exercise thereof," tbus building a Wall ol separation between Eburcb and State 340171115 JPMPFJOII Jn Ji, nm, , .yn C 7 1 - l 7 I ll u RHIGIU N TIMES of peace and ease we Americans have permitted depredations against those Rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. We have been lax in guarding those inherent privileges that the founders of this nation risked their lives and forf tunes to secure. ln these troubled times, however, every American should take stock and give thanks that those founders had the wisdom and forethought to make prof visions in the first amendments for the safeguarding of our freedoms even from our own blind and complacent attitudes. We are fortunate that we cherish in our na' tion the ideal of man's liberty to worship his God as he pleases. We need only to look to the example of ref ligious suppression and intolerance in many nations of the world to realize that our heritage of religious freef dom is a precious one. In many countries there is stress and violence in the name of religion, making a mockery of beliefs that we hold fundamental in our way of life. In our own nation there have been cries against religious and racial minorities, patterned after the totalitarian plan. These are a direct contradiction of the guarantees of our constitution and at no time is the need greater for the preservation of religious freedom than at the present. v 1 I I 4 11 r-6' ZH 1 VL f. BDIIIID 0F DIIIECTDIIS T ,DR BUCHANAN '17, BREES, DEMKE, BURNS 'O-1. lxOKERNOT, XVALTON, LAVV '95, VVHITE 'O' PRIVVS '17 The present Board of Directors is composed of bankers, ranchers, poultrymen, lawyers and contractors. F. M. Law, '95, who has served on the Board for the past twentyfeight years, is chairman and G. R. White, '95, is vice president. The other members are: R. W. Briggs, '17, H. L. Kokernot, A. H. Demke, Neth L. Leachman, J. C. Burns, '04, H. J. Brees, D. S. Buchman, '17. The members are appointed by the governor of the state for six year terms and act as the governing body of the college determining the policies for the college. The Board meets on the second Saturday of the months of January, March, May and October and the day preceding Thanksgiving and Commencement. I M, LAW, P1-B 21 vi' 1951 was " F - .55 'eff Q if I! ,x fl 9 S .4 .le 9 .. 'X ffgwfwf Prevaihng vvorid conditions make the immediate iuture oi the men oi the Ciass oi X942 uncertain in some respects, yet many oi this Ciass are graduating at a time when they shah have a iarger opportunity than previous ciasses have had to serve their country and humanity extensiveiy. Each member oi the Ciass has had an opportunity to acquire trainf ing, at ieast partiaiiy at State expense, that shouid and we heiieve does quahiy him to per' iorm the duties and responsihiiities oi a citizen either in time oi war or peace. immediateiy the tasks with which you vviii he conironted are vvarftime tasksg hut out in the iuture sometime the war vviii be over and you vviii return to peaceiui pursuits. The tasks oi reconstruction are ahvays more arduous than the tasks oi war. They require the highest type oi skiii in pianning and in the execution oi pians, thereiore there vviii he inf trusted to you and those oi your generation the iarge responsihiiities that rest upon the ieaders in any nation 'ior the rehuiiding oi whatever may he destroyed hy the processes oi war. it is our conviction that you xviii meet the duties and responsibihties that wih he yours eriectiveiy and efhcientiy. Your iacuity has confidence in your integrity and ahiif ity, and vvish you every good iortune as you pursue the tasks you are about to under' take. We know that wherever you serve you wiii serve ethcientiy. We know that you vviii iustiiy the iaith shown in you by the peopie oi the State who have made it possibie ior secure your training here. Weknow that you Wiii reiiect credit upon yourseives you to and your institution. 23 0770. E. L. H U G E LL Hssistant to the President F. C. BOLTGH Dean of the College HY D School f Hg It GIBB GILCHRIST Dean, School of Engineering R. P. ITIHRSTELLER Dean, Veterinary medicine T. D. B R O O I4 S Dean, School of Hrts and Scienoesg Graduate School CULOHEL IUHURICE D. UJELTY Commandant and Professor of military Science and T t E. U. HOLIUGREEU Business manager Sf I Irt 1 fl! FRANKLYN T. FIELDS, MARIE.-XRET Il. ELBIS. ELIZABETH CLINE, lil U 0 V11 1 ' MRS. HELL IIAVER, MARY l'. MUN,-Xl'GH'l'HN, S.-NRA LEE IJURH.-XXI. ...-..,,.., S 1 i Iu7ttul'1.fl1I.' RAN t.. IERRX MAN, H, L. Hk..x'luN, lxA'I E I.'XIxlxl'.Ix. H. L. HEATON Acting Registrar The Registrars Office Besides its primary responsibility of keeping records on all past and present students of the college, the registrar's ollice compiles and dis' seminates daily information to students, prospective employers, and outside agencies. Particularly heavy immediately preceding and since the outbreak of war have been requests from the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps for information concerning students and former stu' dents. It is the duty of this office, moreover, to print and issue the official bulletins, catalogues, and directories of the college. Directing this work is H. L. Heaton, appointed Acting Regis' trar in the absence of Major E. 1. Howell, who was called to active military service in 1941. Supplementing his staff of regular em' ployees is a corps of student assistants. 32 FISCAL OFFICE STAFF The Fiscal Office Under the capable guidance of Mr. W. H. Holzmann and his assist' ants the various Hnancial activities of the college are conducted. The fiscal department provides a depository for students' funds and handles the purchases for the various departments of the college. Besides handling all the hnancial matters of the college and its extra' mural activities the department has established and supervises the Hscal departments of the three branch colleges. 33 W. H. HOLZMANN Comptroller Sf nilzuif l'lz5lLlx, ,I l.: Blilpjl ll.l.l'.N, l-. lag IAM lxl-., l.. ll.: IHHNTAS, XY, ffij l1IUI1.IHlX,I3.XINX' Nlllllll-RU Xl'RN X' H XRIPX ll-Xl lll X E. E. rvitouittax fXxi'i1I"ifrn1q'r Students The Hssociation of Former Students The Association of Former Students is the organized effort of graduates and exfstudents of the College to be of assistance to their institution and to keep alive in the hearts of A. E3 M. men the Aggie spirit of loyalty, friendliness, and cooperation. Such an organization has been in effect for over '70 years and has grown strongly both with the passage of years and with the growth in numbers and influence of the exfstudent body. fThe Association is rated in the top 10 exfstudent organizations of the United States. Its chief points of contact with students are through its Student Loan Funds and its Placement Oilicej. Present oilicers include Tyree L. Bell, '13, Dallas, president, Wni. 1. Lawson, '22, Austin, vicefpresidentg E. E. McQuillen, '20, College Station, executive secretary, L. B. Locke, '22, assistant secretary, and Lieutenant Lucian M. Morgan, '35, placement officer, on leave for active duty for the duration of the war. 34 Other Officers H. H. WILLIAMSON T. R. SPENCE A. B. CONNER THE EXTENSION SERVICE THE ENGINEERING THE Al'iRlCL'LTL'R.-XI. EXPERIMENT ST.-XTI4 DN EXPERIMENT STATI4 rN if f 1' DR. T. F. MAYO E. O. SIECKE DR. 1. E. MARSH THE COLLEGE LIBRARY THE TEXAS FOREST '5EiXl fl ILLEHE HUSI'l'l',Xl. I Il III t IH 0 It I H HI Carl Lorrie Pittman i' Robert Antonio Saeta i' Jerome Forest Groves, Jr. i' lllarren Htkins Frederickson if lllilliam George Hampton,Jr 36 HlttIl0NI Ill SPEECH QL -,L, ,W-, XJ-. - -'-f 75' jul 'Lf j,Q L . Ut all tbe rniserable, unprnlitable, ingln- rinus Wars, tbe Wnrst is tbe War against Wnrrls. Let nien say just what they lilse. We have nntbing tn dn Witb a n1an's Wnrrls nr a rnans tbnugbts except tn put against tbern better Wards and better tbuugbts and sn tn Win in tbe great mural anrl intellee tual rluel tbat is always gning nn and nn Wbieb all prngress depends JJ A f Y n 7 l . . . 1 .xdugeron er er 7? -fs 3 : . A 5 Jw :Sv 5 may gi.-'fb SJ 3 - we WF MV ,kk E f? x,, , 1 W , 153-v 1:9 gf - V113-r., 16, 1 ' vmfw , lg gig' ,Y -ngz. f . iw!-,gm r V ff 15" an Q ,gi '91 N , X.,-we :H km 4,- nwfa -P V, ' f b2J', fsqf V W Tu m Q 'Y5iF55f'fEQ -1 QF '-22 35 LL .552 "A- it 4 . '-: If "Sis Q" : I .f n 35. 4-M W , ff, is 1' SPEECH N 1776 our forefathers took up arms to defend the ideals which they knew were just. Last year we became a warring nation to prof tect the principles for which they fought. Qf these prinf ciples, the principle of freedom of speech is perhaps most dear to us. Freedom of speech is more than a phrase - it is an ideal for which thousands of men have given their lives. Washington believed in peace, but he knew that peace through force and without freedom of utterance def stroyed all that was dear to the hearts of free men. Lin' coln believed in peace, but sadly he plunged this nation into a civil war knowing that a shackled mind and body would not build a free nation. Wilsoii believed in peace, but he realized that tyrannous suppression of the right to think as you will and to speak as you think enclanf gered the liberty of the entire world. Freedom of speech is more than a phrase -it is the key to learning and culture. Radio and motion pic' tures would become farces if this right were not guarf anteed. Schools and universities would be the mock attempt of an unwise state to educate its youth. Folly would replace wisdom - routine would replace educaf tion. Freedom of speech is more than a phrase -it is the fervent plea of a war torn world. We are blessed with this inalienable right which the ravaged nations of Europe have lost. It is our glorious heritage to be able to say what we please. ix 9-5 I f Q y. ' S veu 2 mafw.: 4 -.as Ex Q' 2 5 CQ : G ae gq Y 5 +. .N X WQ DICK HERVEY President SEHIORS CATHIEY XVOLFE IQINVEGOLD HERVEY BROWN BUEHRIG SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DICK HERVEY .... ,.... P resident WARREN RINGCOLD .... .... V z'cefPresident ELMO BUEHRIG ..... .... S ecvetary R. D. BROWN .... .... T reaszwer ALDEN CATHEY .... ..... S ocial Secretary JACK WOLFE .... ...Class Historian ,. ,F .- o f I' 4 I "JI 'Y a l J 1 A' ,f , A s q. n' i ala? . fu , , tv 1- ' U I v ' ' 'ut , YJ .v 4- - Age Zig Capt L. Inf.g Student Welfare Rep.g Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Ft. Worth Clubg Nat. Block and Bridle Club. ALEXANDER, HERBERT R. HHerbN Pet E New Orleans, La. Age 20. i ALEXANDER, J. o., JR. "ogg" I AH College Station Age 19g C Cav., Major Regt. Staffg Senior Yell Leader: Junior Ass't Longhorn '4Of'-1-lg Social Sec. Saddle and Sirloin Club '4Of'41g Block and Bridle Clubg Press Club. ALEXANDER, WAYNE D. ME Henderson Age Zlg E C.A.C.g A.S.M.E. ALLDREDGE, B. E. "Bud" VM Sweetwater Age 215 G Inf., Major 2nd Btn. Staff. ALLEN, JOHN H. ME Dallas Age 21g G F.A., lst Lt. 3rd Btn. Staifg A.S.M.E.g Dallas Clubg Knights of Columbusg Student Asst. Eng. Drawing Dept. AMYX, I. W. "Bill" PME Burkburnett Age 20. ANDERSON, A. E. "Swede" CE Galveston Age 25g lst Lt. F Eng.g Student Welfare Rep.g A.S.C.E.g A.S.M.E.g Newman Clubg Pres. and Treas. Galveston Clubg Recreation Oficerg Chairman Engineer's Ball Com' mittee '4O. ANDERSON, BARNEY R. "AHClY" CE Houston Age 21g lst Lt., 2nd in Command, F Inf.g Recreation Oiiicerg A.S.C.E.g Houston Club. eniaff, 4' f . -, 'f S Q J,f kg? L' z S a Ji -"' V is If ,ig n' ' Ji. ' . Ar, -f ' '21 I ' x if L' 'A 'A 1 us 1 ABBOTT, R. H., JR. -'Abby' ,Q PME San Antonio - M Age 20g C C.A.C., lst Lt. Btn. Stati: A.S.M.E.g il A.I.M.M.E.g Petroleum Club, ,l l ADAMS, G. A. "Pete" Q Bryan .i Age Zlg I Inf.g VicefPres. Singing Cadets '-40"-41, Pres. '41'i42. I ADKISSON, JOHN W. "Jay" l Land Greenville ' Age 21g Aggie Bandg Pres. Greenville Club '-ll"-llg l "Machine"g Landscape Art Club. ADMIRE, CI-IAS. B. "Tiny" Keller ms '42 ANDERSON, JACK XY. "Andy" Ayr Valley View Age 23, I Inf.: Cooke County Club. ANDERSON, XYILLIAM R., VIR. "Bill" LA Age Ill: A Inf.. lst Lt. Btn. Stall: Economics Club: Accounting Society: Gulf Coast Clubg 18123 Club. ANDERXYALD, FRANK R. "Andy" AH Age 21: tional Block and Bridle Club: +I-I Clubg Winner of Chicago Livestock Marketing Scholarship '4l. ANDO, TOMOMI "Andy" Clz E Alnieda Age 20: Ind Lt. B C.Vs'.S.: A,I.Ch.E.g Scholarship Honor Society. AONO. "Dusty" M E Age 20: lst CHQ: A.S.M.E.: Distinguished Student. ARD. JAM ME Age 24: 2nd Lt. K Inf.: A.S,M.E.: Piney Vfoods Club. Aqua Dulce Bandera Newman Club1 Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Na' San Antonio ES C. "Peter" Mt. Pleasant ARISCO, MIKE J. AA Port Arthur Age 21: F Inf.: A.I.Ch.E. 'SS7-40: Accounting Society: Port Arthur Club, Pres. 311942, VicefPres. '-10941: Newman Club. ATOR, DEXTER L. Ag Lipan Age 205 lst Lt. K Inf.: Parliamentarian, Kream and Kow Klub. AUTRY. JOE W. L'Gene" Ag Eng Stephenville Age 21: N.M.g Reporter A.S.A.E.g A.S.M.E.g Scholarship Honor Society. AZAR, SHIBLEY "Shilo" AA El Paso Age 21: C Cav., Capt. Regt. Staff: Inspections Ofiicerg Scholarship Honor Society: Accounting Society: El Paso Club: Horse Show. BADGER, EDVJARD C. "Ed" Aero Port Arthur Age 21: 2nd Lt. E C.A.C.g I.Ae.S.g Port Arthur Club: Methodist Student Council. BAKER, CHAS. K. "Charlie" Ag Ed Corsicana Age 21: lst Lt. Hq. Cav.: Troop Inspections Officerg F.F.A.q Navarro County Clubg Sbisa Volunteersg Boxing Club: InterfChurch Council: Intramural Football Champs '41 44 1 BAKER, CHARLES L. "Butch" ACTO Houston Age 21: B Eng.: A.S.C.E.: l.Ae.S.: Houston Club. BAKER, F. SLOAN "Bake" AH Bluff Dale Age 21: Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: National Block and Bridle Club. BALAGIA, JACK M. "Meatball" AA Austin Age 20: lst Lt., Znd in Command, Inf. Band: Drum Major Inf. Band: Accounting Society: Austin Club. BALLARD, HAROLD C. i'Pinky" Ch E San Antonio Age 21: C.XV,S.. Capt. Composite Regt, Stall: 3.l.Crh.E.g 1843 Club: San Antonio Club: Town Hall: .P. . BALLARD, JACK L. ulacku AA Von Ormy Age 23: 1 CHQ: Marketing and Finance Club: San Antonio Club: Economics Club: 180.3 Club. BALLOXV, CECIL Ag Ed Stephenville Age 21: M Inf., Varsity Baseball. BANCROFT, WILLIANI H. "Harrison" AA Shreveport, La. Age 21: lst Lt,, 2nd in Command, A F.A.: Economics Club: Accounting Society: Pres. Shreveport Club: Intraf mural XVater Polo and Football Champions '3S: Market' ing and Finance Club. BANISTER, JOHN R., III "Johnny" LA Rock Springs Age 21: Capt. F Inf.: Economics Club: Biology Club: C.A.A.g Austin Club. BANNISTER, VJ. L. "Willie" EE Temple Age 21: G F.A.: A.I.E.E.g Bell County Club. BARBER, BERT DILLON "B.D." CE Fort Worth Age 22: F Eng.: A.S.C.E. BARKER, IABUS "-labeu EE Sherman Age 21: Hq. S.C., Major Corps Staff, VicefPres. Radio Club: Scholarship Honor Society: A.I.E.E.g Grayson County Club: Distinguished Student. BARNES, H. E. "Barney" Land McAllen Age 22: F.A. Band: Landscape Art Club: Rio Grande Valley Club: Distinguished Student. nm '42 BARNES, VERNON E. "Barney" ME Dallas Age 213 E lnf.g A.S.fM.E.g Dallas Club. BARR, B. "Madam" AA Bonham Age 205 Advertising Staff Battalion '4Og Treas. Bonham Club. BARRANTES, JOSE R. "joe" DH Alajuela, Costa Rica Age 10g H Inf.: Kream and Kow Klubg Cosmopolitan Club. BARRONV, G. R. "Rod" LA Sour Lake Age 215 A Caxxg Sbisa Volunteerz Episcopal Club. BARTLETT, 1. O. EE Port Arthur Age 221 lsr Lt. Hq. S.C.g A.l.E.E.g Port Arthur Clubg Intramural Mgr. '4Og Business Mgr. Singing Cadets. BARTSCHMID, A. H. "Buddy" EA Shreveport, La. Age 191 lst Lt. l EA.: R.V.: Pres. Shreveport Club. BASHAM, CHARLES G. AA Wichita Falls Age 204 E E.A.g Accounting Society: Vvlichita Falls Clubg Rifle Club. BATTE, EDWARD GUY "Ed" Sci Waxahachie Age 215 D Inf.: Social Sec. Entomology Clubg Biology Clubg Ex 4'H Clubg E.E.A.g Ellis County Club. BAUCCM, IVAN C., JR. "jitter" EE Mineral Wells" Age 23g Hq. S.C.g A.I.E.E. BEARDEN, R. C. "Bob" AA Paris Age 20g A C.W.S.: Accounting Society. BECKHAM, CHARLES W. Arch E Paris Age 215 C C.A.C.g Lamar County Club. BECKMAN, VJ. L., JR. "Bill" PME Baytown Age 203 lst Lt. 2nd Hq. F.A.g A.S.M.E.g A.I,M.E.q R.V.g Recreation Oflicer. 46 l - QQ BEHNKEN, R. W. Hguston BELL, J. E., IR. "jeff" ME Corpus Christi Age 20: H C.A.C.: Soph. Student Vfclfarc Representaf tive, Gulf Coast Club. BENISH, JOE EE El Paso Age 20, A.I.E.E., El Paso Club. BENNETT, R. W. VM XX'cbb City, Mo. Age 233 H EA. BERRY, WM. T., JR. "Dud" AH Fort Worth Age 21, 2nd Lt. E Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Ex 4fH Club, Fort Worth Club: Ir. and Sr. Livestock Judging Squad. BERTETTA, G. P. "GP," VM Colma Age 255 Inf., A.V M.A.g VicefPrcs. and Social Chairman California Club. BIGGS, WILLIAM PAT "Pat" Aero E San Antonio Age 213 Capt. E F.A.g I.Ae.S.g San Antonio Club. BING, ROLAND L'Bingo" Ag Ed Oakwood Age 20: 2nd Lt. B Inf.g Editor Agriculturistg Dis' tinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Y Cab' inet, F.F.A., Pres '39, Freshman Danforth Scholarship '38, Press Clubg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universitiesg Recreational Officer. BIRD, F. S. EE Age 21, A S.C.g A.I.E.E. BLACK, DALE H. "9fG" Aero E Weimar Age 215 Lt. I Inf., Colorado Co. Club. BLACK, D. H. "Don" Ch E El Paso Age 213 B C.W.S.g A.I.Ch.E., E1 Paso Club. BLANKFIELD, JACK Sci Pasadena Age 215 C Cav., PrefMed Club, Houston Club. i 47 i 1 '42 BL KSSINGAME. FRANK "Trackie" Ag Eng Colorado City Age 253 lst Lt. F C,A.C: A.S.A.E. BODE, CHARLES XY. AH San Angelo Age ll: Capt. B lnlfg Saddle and Sirloin Clubg San Angelo Club: Vice-Pres. 1823 Club. BOEMER, ARNOLD R. AA College Station ' Age 271 lst Lt. 3 Hq. FA.: Marketing and Finance Cluh: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student. BOLTON, BILLY F. "Bo" Fish and Game Sulphur Springs Age Il: lst Lt., Ind in Command, O lnf.1 Senior Asst. Town Hall: Fish and Game Cluhg Biology Clubg Sbisa and Duncan Volunteers. BOYNER. OLIVER A., DIR. "Ollie" LA Fairfield Age IO: A S.C.: Economics Club, BORGFELD. H. O. uBorgy" Full and Game Convergg Age 20: C Inf.: Fish and Game Clubg Social Sec. Biology Club, United Science Clubz Vfildlilic Societyg San An- tonio Club: American Society of Marnnialogistsg Battalion Newspaper: Agriculturalist Mzigziziiie. AQ Ed Arch AA ME 48 Age 211 A Inf.: A.S.M.E.: Houston Club. BOYD, ARCHIE E., IR. Age 213 O lnf.: l:.l:.A.: Singing Cadets. BRADY. B. C., JR. Age 21: D lnf.: Architectural Socictyg Sec. Club1 Distinguished Student. BRAKEBILL. CLOVIS H. Age 7.11 lst CHQ: Singing Cadetsg Bonham Clubg Duncan Volunteer: Accounting Society. Age Il: lst Lt., 'Ind in Command, B Inf.: A.S.M.E.g Pres. 'l'ransfPecos Club. Age 21: lst Lt. D F.A.: 'Ind Btn. Stallg Accounting Society: Pres. Texarkana Club. BOUDREAUX. JAMES C. "Count" ME Houston Sidney ..Tige,. Port Arthur Port Arthur "Brake" Bonham BRANAM. RAYMOND O. "Rough'House" Crane BRANNAN, CHARLES F. "Chip" LA Texarkana, Ark. BROWN, ROBERT D. VM Putman Age 24g A Inf.: Treas. Senior Classg Jr. A.V.M.A.g R.V. BROWN, SAM ED i'Sam" AA Dalhart Age 20: D Inf.: Lt. Col. Inf. Regt.g Pres, TrifState Club. BRUCE. R. M. "Bob" ME Longview Age 21g Lt. E C.A.C.g Fish Math and Slide'Rule Contestq R.V.g A.S.M.E.: Treas. East Texas Clubg Distinguished Student. BRUMBELOW, I. VJILSON Agr Age 22g 4 CHQ. BRENNER, MILTON L. Agv' Houston Age 205 lst Lt., 2nd in Command. M Inf.: Agronomy Societyg Houston Club: Singing Cadets. BRIANS, HOWARD H. Agf E1 Paso Age 23g Lt. Col. Cav. Regt: Agronomy Societyg El Paso Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi' tiesg R.V.'sg Chairman Cav. Ball Committeeg Asst. Social Sec. Cotton Ball '-ll. BRIN, HARRIS LA Dallas Age 19: lst Lt. C C.A.C,g Economics Clubg Dallas Clubg Distinguished Student. BROOKS, R. H. "Dick" A7'Cl1 Vvlaqg Age 214 Capt. B Engg Architectural Society: McLennan County Club. BROXVN, LEROY, IR. NIE San Antonio Age 22: B C.A.C.g Distinguished Student: A.S.M.E.: Treas. B.S.U.g First Place, SPEE National Drawing Contestg lr1ter'Church Council. BROWN, MITCHELL H., JR. 'LFarmer" AA Rockwall Age 213 G Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Rockwall, Kaufman and Van Zandt Counties Clubg Duncan Vol' unteerg Distinguished Student. Moody BRYANT, J. H. EE Age 22g lnf.g A.l.E.E.g Radio Club. BUCEK, ROY Ag Ed Age 21g Capt. Inf. Regt, Staffg Pres. Fayette County Clubg Capt. Track Team. Baird Schulenburg ms '42 BUCK. THOMAS E. "Slick" Cli E Brazoria Age 21: l Inf.: Brazoria County Club. BUCKALEVU, S. j. "Frog" LA Dallas Age 20: C Inf. BUEHRIC, rl. E. "O1dMan" CE Cuero Age 26: 1st Lt., 'lnd in Command, D lnf.g Sec. of Senior Class: Pres. Cuero Clubg A.S.C.E.g "Gum Shoe" Duncan Diners. BUMPERS, L. P, "Lefty" AH Albany Age 23g L Inf.: Baseball '40-'41g Distinguished Student. BUNCER, XV. H. "Dutch" AA Ozona Age 21g F Inf.: Marketing and Finance Clubg San Angelo Club. BURCH, VVILLIAM -I., JR. i'Billy" Cli E Port Arthur Age 21: 1st Lt., 2nd in Command, A C.W.S.g Port Arthur Clubg A.l.Ch.E.g Newman Club. BURCHAM, VJ. I. "Bill" Aero E Alpine Age 23g G C.A.C.g l.Ac.S.g TransfPec0s Club. BURKS, MELVIN S. "Frenchy" AH Ralls Age 23: H F.A.: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg South Plains Clubg Block and Bridle Club. BURNDRETT, XV. E., JR. i'Eddie" ME Houston Age 21g 2nd Lt. B F.A.g A.S.M.E.g Houston Club. BURNEY, R. L. "Buck" AA San Antonio Age 21: E F.A.g Accounting Society: San Antonio Clubg Marketing and Finance Clubg Sbisa Volunteerg Swimming Team '39. BURNS, MORRIS M. "Curly" AA Big Spring Age 215 Big Spring Clubg Marketing and Finance Clubg Economics Club. BURRUS, D. R. "Buck" EA Fort Worth Age 213 1st Lt. D Eng.g Sec.'Treas. InterfChurch Coun' cilg S,A.M.E.g Senior YMCA Cabinet: Fort Worth Clubg Governing Board Christian Science Society. SO M - BURTON, C. C. "Bertie" ME San Antonio Age 21, 4 CHQ, A.S.M.E., San Antonio Club. BUSH, EDWARD H. "Ed" Ag Eng Bryan Age 22, A F.A., A.S.A.E., Singing Cadets. CALLAHAN, S. O. "Bittie" AH Amarillo Age 21, D. Cav., 1st Lt. 2nd Sqd. Stall, Amarillo Club, Baseball Squad '39, Fish Numeral Baseball, Horse Show, Intramural Mgr. CALLAWAY, L. C. "Cab" AH Magnolia Springs Age 21, C Cav., Scholarship Honor Society. CALLIER, T. P. "Stud" AA Crockett Age 22, C Inf., Marburger Moppers, Sophomore Repref sentative, Rural Sociology Club: Marketing and Finance Club, Accounting Society, Baseball '41, Houston Club. CALVERT, C. E. "Slick" Aero Dallas Age 20, lst Lt. B Eng., I.Ae.S., S.A,M.E. CAMERON, W. SIMS, IR. "Bill" AA McKinney Age 21, N.M., A.I.Ch.E., Accounting Society, Collin County Club. CAMP, L. T., JR. AA Daingerfield Age 21, lst Lt., 2nd in Command, K Inf., Marketing and Finance Club, Piney Woods Club. CAMPBELL, C. A. "Colie" Arch Jasper Age 21, 1st Lt. D Eng. CAMPBELL, D. ulackn EE Dallas Age 20, S.C., Jr.fSr. Council, Newman Club, Dallas Club. CAPT, EMMETT E., IR. "Pete" CE Uvalde Age 22, B C.A.C., A.S.C.E., Southwest Texas Club. CARPENTER, M. HM:-lx" Ag Ed Throckmorton Age 23, Capt. I EA., Pres. F.F.A.g Scholarship Honor Society, Pres. Throckmorton Club. CARROLL P-XUL M JR 'LPab1o" Houston ge D F 'X Aeeountlng Soelety Houston Club. Fat: Boy" Mosheim R.C. Haskell Bangs "-Iinf' Waller e l l t Lt 7nd 1n Command H FA A.l.M.E.g Fort Worth Age 7' C Inf Capt 7nd Btn Smfl Sophomore Class H1 tornn Pre umor Cla So nl Set Senxor Classg XX ho Vw ho rn Ameutan Colle cQ and UI11X6lilf16S. CAVENDER, W D 1 CE Age 24g A S C A S C E Dallw Club CHACON, PEDRO I Chxto AH Age 23: D Cax Suldle and S1rlo1n Club Bloelx and Bridle Club Newman Club Conmopolltan Club CHAMBERS, GEORGE G Bu AA Age 213 C FA Marketmg and Fxnante Club San Antonio Club FHANG, HOWARD T CE Age 213 C. Inf 1Qt Lt 7nd Btn Stull A SCE Selmol 11'-hip Honor Sotncty Cmmopolltan Club CLARK, D. C., JR Dave Ch E Abxlene Age 214 C CWS AlCl1E ACS Ab1lene Club CLARK, E. R. c Age 23, C Eng Capt lot Btn Stiff Pres ASME Engineering Counul RIO Grande Valley Club S A M E CLONINGER, KRISS, JR. . .QQY F 'A 4? 53 'D 1 J if iff' I ibnlf ASLI-Q gfgifrf' enw i s , i if P' P12 v I . it ffm, w' -,.- -. . 1.45 ml- . il' 'I ., :ff-i.Q,: -ifzljvfisigf-A r -.-A . 3,1 pf' g,--gl' .fav f-,. dgfifi 'N-:y' H.: ' f"f!l?f'L.fi-' ' .'-2 .+'f,'.'N-1 Ngjqn '-,.fn,:.:frgs" A x a 1. --31. , IQ, H, ss:,"-Q55 f.: 1 .iv H ' . 1'.g,.f.-- mc' U fair- "it I .. ,, . f.. gi ,-1--f 5 ' if 9 I' 'I -'.'1g..'Z9 Vi' . 5 . - " , it n.,,,,,,.': if.: Q...-if 4- I-WSJ. A F ,. '..'fi2'v 1 ig if mlfiti .C fu' elif 'iffinv lv,13QQ . . ..f"'.AW-N225..i.'-wt.i-J"zf.5f:l,ieif''Qi :N . gy 3 vw., 4- 55185-Nik'-rf.-V-Sgr:-,vial -V CLARK, WILLIAM K. "Bill" Enzo Mobile. Ala. Age 20g E F.A.. Entomology Club1 Sclwliu'sh1p Honor Society. CLARK. YV. R. "Peck" Agw' Liberty Age 21: lst Lt. C Inf.g Sec.-Treas. Agronomy Society I-P07413 Pres, Liberty County Clubg Rural Sociology Club. CLAYTON, I. W. Ch E Port Arthur Age 21g N.M.g A.I.Ch.E. CLEPPER, P. W. EE Briscoe Age 20. CLEVELAND, IACK AH Plains Age 21: Capt. M Inf.g Saddle and Sirloin Club: junior Livestock judging Team '-llg South Plains Club: Senior Livestock Judging Team '42, CLINE, EDBERT C. "Shiny" AH Van Horn Age 22g Ist Lt. B Cav.1 Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Clubg CE Devers Age 203 C Eng.g A.S.C.E.g Liberty County Club. CLOUD, JOE B. "Swede" AA Rule Age 224 lst Lt. C Inf.g Ma1'keting and Finance Club. CLOUDT, JIM B. "Iimrnie" AA Rock Springs Age 205 F Inf.g Marketing and Finance Clubg Economics Clubg Biology Club. COFFEY, G. E. i'Uncle Bud" Chgm Dallas Age 20g A.C.S.g Fencing Teaing Dallas Club. COKER, WILLIAM P. "Bill" AA Marshall Age 203 A F.A.g Distinguished Studentg Marketing and Finance Clubg Economics Club. COLEY, FRED "Freddie" Agr Omaha Age 21g Capt. E P.H.g Agronomy Societyg Pres. Piney Woods Club. 53 1S'23 Clubg Tr:insfPecos Club. rw. .. if ,Lt Mei 'Q 1' I hc' 5,f'N',1C 1--'A v-fig. M. fw-ff. gi -fS- .-'J' 5, 1Jt,J'.i . ,qi 1- 'J.Q.f 'F---li, L. i4l,:'1":2'4f: fff' ifgf..-W A i-495.5 -' gif: 11'-.45-wg. M Ii' n....: ...a.b.m2lQ,,' 41.4 . li I li J . - . is Q. lit lil ig all ra '42 COLGAN, LEE ROY 'Ljug" AA Megargel Age 209 4th CHQ: Marketing and Finance Club. COLGIN. JOHN R. "Buzz" LA Gatesville Age 21: E C..-XC.: Economics Clubg Singing Cadets. COLLAND. F. G. "Cabbage" Agr Oglesby Age 233 Vice-Pres. Agronomy Societyg Junior Crops Teamg Fellowship Foreign Cotton Study Tour. COLLINS, THOMAS H. 'tTommy" LA Mineral Wells Age 21: H Inf.: Vice-Pres. Singing Cadetsg Sec. Bell County Clubg Pre'Med Clubg Palo Pinto Club. CONNEVEY, L. H. "Ham" EE Hillsboro Age Zlg lst Lt. Hq. S,C.g A.I.E.E.g Hill County Club. CONXVAY. ERNEST, IR. "Ernie" Agv' Galveston Age 21: E F.A.: Capt. Swimming and Water Polo Team' Galveston Club: Fish Y Cahinetg Fish Swimming Teamg Intramural Champions. COOK, T. F. 'LCOOki6" AH Cucro Age 213 Hq. Cav.g Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Clubg Cuero Club. COOK, WILLIAM L. "Bill" Ag Ed Grovcton Age 21g I Inl.g VicefPres. F.F.A. COOPER, G. T. Agr Tahoka Age 213 Capt. F F.A.g VicefPres. South Plains Clubg Agronomy Society: Best Drilled '-10. COPELAND, GENE ME Fort Worth Age 113 Inf. Bandg A.S.M.E,g Scholarship Honor Society. CORDERO, VIRGIL N., IR. "Colonel" LA San Antonio Age 203 lst Lt. M Inf.: Puerto Rico Club. COUCH, R. W. "Scratchy" ME Texarkana Age 21g Capt. D F.A.g A.S.M.E.g VicefPres. Texarkana Club. 54 - Clubg Duncan Volunteers 1 CRAIG, NEWTON V. Age 21, B BA. CRANE, ROBERT M. 'LBobM ME Midland Age 213 A.S.M.E.g Press Club, Big Spring Club. CRAWFORD, ROBERT S., JR. "Bob" LA Crystal City Age 22g 1st Lt., Znd in Command, F C.A.C.g Scholar' ship Honor Society, Distinguished Studentg Biology Club, Pres. '42, Vice-Pres. '4Og United Science Club, Pres., PrefLaw Clubg Debate Clubg Round Table Clubg Vice'Pres. Southwest Club. CREEL, H. GRADY, JR. CE Dallas Age 21g B Eng., Capt. Regt. Staff, A.S.C.E.g S.A.M.F..g Recreational Ofhcer. CREWS, ARCHIE R., IR. "Two Gun" AA San Angelo Age 22g A lnf.g lst Lt. 1st Btn. Staifg Marketing and Finance Club, San Angelo Club. CRIMMINS, ADRIAN B. "Chubby" LA Fort Worth Age 19, I Inf., Fort Worth Club. CRISWELL, RALPH M. "Cris" AA Calvert Age 215 1st Lt. Inf. Band, Advertising Manager Bat' taliong Accounting Societyg Marketing and Finance Clubg Pres. Press Club, Economics Club. Pres., Southwest Business Mgrs. Assn.g Duncan Volunteers. 'i..1f--.'..'-ffsfgf 1 f ' N52 'S V os, is 1 r M, ln, givin Q., -.1 Z.. ml ans ., . , ,t .. ,.. . ,. .fc , ,-...,:,.,.' f 1 .-'sf ' .1 J f-.A gli? 41,3-.3 'ur Jen. jr- . . EW? foflfjf if . ,E-If ' !iQ4,:9:i?i Wir, V in--s ig-f X r N1 1 QHLOEQ-friiiif in., .i . A t. , . J:-1, .. PQ . vig :. 'vw H U I . 1 . -'V L 'X-. xi ' .f' g..,aJ.i-4. ...J-...1 ..,-, ff COUGHLIN, VJILLIAM -1. 'kWill" Chicago, Ill. Age 245 S.C.g Newman Clubg A.I.E.E. Y ' u COURSEY, JAMES W. "Genm1BuCkef" 3 if Lubbock A Age 213 C F.A.g Cotton Societyg South Plains Club. COWAN, BRYAN 'iFrog" Brenham Age 215 Hq. S.C., lst Lt. Btn. Staffg A.LE.E. COWARD, RUSSELL A., JR. 'LRusty" Bellville Age 22g A Cav., 1st Lt. Sqd. Staff. COWGILL, ROBERT M. "Bob" San Benito Age 22g lst Lt. Hq. S.C.g A.1.E.E.g Rio Grande Valley Singing Cadets. ..Red.. Miami '42 9l"5 ' CRISXVELL, THOMAS R. "Crusty" 5 AA Forney Age 21: lst Lt. C Cav.g Marketing and Finance Club: Kaufman County Club. CROUCH, JAMES XY. AA Fort XVorth Age 21: lst Lt. A F.A.g Fort vv7O1'fl'1 Clubg Marketing and Finance Club. "Dia1nondJim" CROUSE, FOREST D. "Bud" RS Mart Age 22: 4 CHQQ Rural Sociology Club. Vfaco and McLennan County Club. CRUMP, XVALTER H. Ag Evlg Daingerlield Age 2111 M lnf.g Piney Wocvds Clubg Pres. A.S.M.E.g Recreational Qrheerg Agrieulturalist Staff. CRUTCHER, R. L., JR. "Crutch" PHE E Beaumont Age 21: Capt. A FA.: Beaumont Club, Pres. '42, Sec. '-H1 R.V.1 Petroleum Clubg Geology Club. CUMMINGS, XVALTER W. i'Navi" AH Houston Age 21: B lnf.g Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Houston Club. Ch E EE CUPPLES, JAMES J. CUNNINGHAM, CLARENCE M. Age 21. End Lt. C ows.. A.I.Ch.E. Panhandle njimmy.. Dallas Age 20: Capt. Hq. S.C,g Pres. A,l.E.E.: Senior Y Cabinetg Dallas Clubg Singing Cadets. CURTAIN, EUGENE R. "Gene" LA El Paso Age 23g lst Lt. C Cav.g Newman Clubg Accounting Societyg El Paso Club. DALBY, FREDERICK B. "Cowboy" AH Aspermont Age 24g Inf.g Saddle and Sirloin Club. DAVIS, E. L. "Pappy" Ag Ed Canton Age 20g Capt. H P,H. Regimentg F F.A.g Distinguished Student. DAVIS, JAMES ROBERT "Bob" EE Stephenville Age 21g Capt. 2 CHQg Pres. Methodist Associationg A,l,E.E. MLW". Q. DAVIS, LOUIS C. EE Jetlerson Age 201 A S,C.g Marion and Cass County Club. DAVIS, WILLIAM C.. JR. "Bill" CE Hillsboro Age 20: H Inf., Editor Engineer, Student Eng'r Councilg A.S.C.E.: Annual Dance Committeeg Pres. Hill County Club, Student Activities Committee, Press Club, Whos XVho in American Colleges and Universities. DEAN, HAROLD J. "Gnnga" LA Victoria Age 203 D Cav.g Capt. Regt. Staff: R.V,g Pres. Victoria Club. DEARMGND, GEORGE W., JR. "BillBullring" ME Newton Centre, Mxiss. Age 223 lst Lt. E Eng.g A.S.M.E.g S.A.M.E.g Dis- tinguished Student. DEPASQUAL, VINCENT F., JR. Pet E Galveston Age 213 F EA.: Petroleum Club: VicefPres. Galveston Club, Intramural Manager. DESEL, JACK A. Land Dickinson Age 213 H EA.: Landscape Art Club, Galveston Clubg Sbisa Volunteerg Duncan Volunteer. Wy. .. DEW, JOE KNOBLAUCH Aero Ysleta Age 21g 3 CHQ, I.Ae.Sg A.S.M.E. DOAK, ROBERT A. ME San Antonio Age 215 C Inf.g A.S.M.E.g Scholarship Honor Society. DODGE, J. A. "Joe" LA San Antonio Age 215 D F.A.g San Antonio Clubg Economics Clubg Singing Cadets. DOMASCHK, NVM. G. "Bill" Ch E Port Arthur Age 225 1st Lt. A C.W.S.: Pres. Lutheran Walther Leagueg Pres. A.I.Ch.E.: Student Eng. Councilg Port Arthur Clubg Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society. DONELSON, SETI-I B. "Don" VM Stanton Age 243 A Inf. DONNELL, W. C. "Bill" AA San Antonio Age 215 1st Lt., 2nd in Command, E EA.: Marketing and Finance Club, VicefPres. San Antonio Club: Wres' tling Champ '59, '42 Longhorn Advertising Managerg Press Club '41f'42. 57 , EE Leander Age 20: Hq. SC.: A.I.E.E.g Secffreas. Williamson County Cluhg Distinguished Student. DORSEY, XY. E. "Woody" AH Clarksville Age 253 Znd Lt. K Inf.: Best Drilled Sophg Red River County Club. DOTSON, HERBERT E., IR. "Herbie" NIE San Antonio ra '42 DORROH. GEORGE Age Il: Majinr Ind Btn. EA.: A.S.M.E.g San Antonio Clubg Duncan Volunteer. DOIQGHTY, ERVCIN G. EE lvlarysville Age 22: N.M.: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Societyg A.l.E.E.g Cooke County Clubg 3rd Place Fresh. Math Contest. 2nd Place Soph Math Contest. DOUGLASS. G. E. "Ed" AA Gainesville Age 211 1st Lt.. Znd in Command. H Inf.: Business Mgr, Agriculturist and Engineer Magazinesg Marketing and Einanee Cluhg Pres. Cooke County Clubg Press Club. DOXYE, THOMAS XV. "Tom" AH Hebbronville Age ll: lst Lt. A Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club. DRAPER, L, C. AA Edinburg Age Zl: lst Lt. lst Btn. Inf.: R.V.: VicefPres, Rio Grande Valley Club: Recreation Qfheer, DREISS, PAUL lvl., IR. uPablo" AH San Antonio Age 23g lst Lt. M G Cav. DUDLEY, BEV. S., OIR. "Baldy" Ag Ed Ranger Age 213 D R.C.g F.E.A. DUBOSE, LAWRENCE A. "Pinkie" CE Alice Age 213 Capt. H C.A.C.g Student Welfare Representa' tiveg A,S.C.E.g Charity Football Game '41g Best Drilled '4Og Distinguished Student. DUNCAN, DEWEY L. uDunc" Ch E Copperas Cove Age 211 lst Lt. C C.W.S.g A.I.Ch.E.: Land of Lake Clubg R.V.g Bell County Club. DUNKERLEY, ROLAND P. "Dunk" Pet E Corpus Christi Age 265 B C.A.C.3 A.I.M.E. Vice'Pres. '41, Treas. '4Og Gulf Coast Club, Pres. '41, Sec.fTreas. '-103 1st and 2nd Place National Drawing Contest '37. 58 M - M 4 W-fr M vm V 'N A-"-'?1..:--4.fQf-2' ',-:Mrk t m 512- 'I' 'fn -F' 1' ay. I 11" . . f. .2":- Q-"i:f"4 'f1 P' ".hz.'-i5?f.f5A'eQ:' '-232+ g f feed? . ef 'M 4' 3'g.5f3.,-.:"H'5likg-ig Tffij s-5 lnyue, in 'T 'rw F sz ' I, 'lfff'.!:Qi la ff.. M" 'vi f a ,,.'- -II' y.: 4-kglsi' .i4v:.f1 e P. JM1, i...,.,. ., mms' av. we 1' I 'stiff' "i9""Wif5'si' if -. N' -' ' " 4 ' " 'I fc ' Vi . ,,.. f,-t . ?:- ,.i!35i:l?s"b, 'rg V 'V A! -.Y-2-f m, T' in C. , ,F 4. ' E: dvi? r l , 2-.gg 'H . . . I ..1fiff. I fx.-.-sl ...gg fu.-.lgslz Q. 3 N.,-gui, . Eu-fx if-'7 I 'ii -64.1. " -' ,J H. 1. z ..:'.:y..,, 9110- :,',i 1 "WT l5i'1""i- flf"..f'.J llfifiv 5 J 1. qt. en ,ti 1 F , A ,lf V '. if A N. . DUTY, CLIFTON OTIS "C.O." mo U Ch E Houston f. '.L5.i1,M.t.- swf." 1' Age 215 Capt. C.W.S.g Mgr. American Legion Hall. i J F' I DUVALL, CLAYTON N. k'Cyanide" ' Ch E Olney Age' 20g B F.A.g A.I.Ch.E.g Young County Club. 1 l EARLEY, DONALD M. "Don" l Aevo Brownsville Age 21g B Eng.: Sec. I.Ae.S. '41gA,S.M.E.g Rio Grande Valley Club: Sbisa Volunteer, Fish Y.M.C.A.g Eng. Ball Committee '39. ECHOLS, DANNY D. uDusty" CITE Dallas Age 20, IF.A.j Capt. Regt. Staff: A.I.Ch.E.: 18f23 Club: Dallas Clubg Fish Y Cabinetg Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student. ECHOLS, MARVIN IR. "Ecko Ch E Jefferson Age 4215 2nd Lt. AC.W.S.g A.I.Ch.E. EDWARDS, F. M. "Ed" IE San Antonio Age 21g Ist Lt., 2nd in Command, IF.A.g Pres. Indus' trial Education Clubg Fish and Soph Swimming Team: Intramural Mgr.: San Antonio Club. "French" EDWARDS, RAY I. Ch E Dallas Age 20: lst Lt. A C.W.S.g A.I.Ch.E.g Dallas Clubg Distinguished Student. EICHBLATT, E. E. "Ike" AA Houston Age 231 Marketing and Finance Clubg Economics Clubg Accounting Societyg Cotton Society, Houston Clubg Cryptography Club. ELLIOTT, JACK Che-rn Dallas Age 203 2nd Lt. B C.W.S.g Student Asst. Chem. Dept.g A.I.Ch.E.g Jr. A.C.S.g Dallas Clubg Intramural Tennis Champs '4l. ELLIS, LEE BURKLEY "Buck" EE Fort Worth Age 245 I Inf.g A.I.E.E.g Fort Worth Club. ELLIS, LELAND C. ME Dallas Age 21g Capt. A C.A.C.g Recreational Ofhcerg Program Chairman, A.S.M.E.g Dallas Club. ELMORE, ED Arch Dallas Age 23, C F.A.g Architectural Societyg Dallas Clubg Cross Country, Track. .1 59 R ,. 9 7l"6 4 Q ENOCHS, JEFF PATTON "Pat" AH Eldorado Age 223 lst Lt. E Inf.1 Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Clubg 18f23 Clubg San Angelo Clubg Recre' ational Ohdcer. ERXLEBEN, JEAN C "Erky" IE Ingleside Age 20: D Cav.: I,E. Clubg Gulf Coast Club. ESPEY, JULIUS T. Pet E San Antonio Age 32g N.M.g A.I.M.E.g Newman Clubg San Antonio Club. EVANS, ADRIAN D. "Flip" Aero Port Arthur Age 22: C Eng.g I.Ae.E.g A.S.M.E.g Port Arthur Clubg R.V. EVANS, JOSEPH C. "Joe" ME Port Arthur Age 22: F Inf.. Architectural Societyg A.S.M.E.g Port Arthur Club: Newman Club. EVANS, L. GLENN i'DeaconI' ME Dallas Age 22: lst Lt. C C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Fish Sliderule Conf test: Dallas Club. FERousoN, JOHN 1. Ag Ed Del Valle Age 225 Inf. FIELD, FRED. JR. "Pete" AA Prosper Age 203 N.M.g Accounting Societyg Collin County Club, FIELDS, WENDELL, JR. AA Houston Age 22: lst Lt. H C.A.C.g Houston Club. FILCO, BILL M. "Swish" IE Lancaster Age 26: Capt. Inf. 3-rd Btn. Staliz Capt. D Rep. Cen.: Industrial Education Club: Dallas County Club: Pistol Tcamg Capt. Rifle Team. FILSINCER, HENRY J. "Flash" Mexico, D. F. Age 229 I Inf. FISCHER, ALFRED G. "Al" PME New Braunfels Age 22g F.A. Bandg A.S.M.E.g A.I.ivI.E.g Triangle Club. - - FLOWERS, ARCHIE I. "Tiger" AH Waelder Age 205 B F.A. FORAN, WILLIAM "Bill" CE Amarillo Age 215 F.A. Bandg Recreational Ofhcerg Intramural Mgr.5 A.S.C.E.5 Amarillo Cluhg Concert Band. FORD, THOMAS A. "Tom" PME Homer, La. Age 215 lst Lt., 2nd in Command, D Eng.5 A.I.M.E.' S.A.M.E. FORMAN, ARCH A. IE Age 235 4 CHQ5 County Club. FoRMAN, JACK Jov EA Galveston Age 225 Hillel Clubg Galveston Club: A.I.E.E.g A.S.C.E.5 Cryptography Clubg Economics Clubg YMCA Council. FRANK, SELIG "Sol" Aga' San Antonio Age 215 3 CHQ5 V.fPres. Hillel Clubg Biology Clubg San Antonio Clubg Sec.fTreas. Entomology Clubg United Science Club. 1- "Deacon" Dallas - Age 205 A C.W.S.5 A.S.C.E.5 Dallas Club, Distinguished B. Student. FISCHER, FLOYD S. IR. FISCHER, G. W. "Bud" San Antonio Age 215 6 CHQ5 Ir. A.V.M.A.g San Antonio Club. FISCHER, L. W. "Joe" AA Cedar Bayou Age 225 F F.A.5 Accounting Societyg Distinguished Stu' dent. FISCHER, S. M. "Steve" Port Arthur Age 225 lst Lt. D C.A.C.5 A.S.M.E. FITCH, DAVID R. Dallas Age 205 Major F.A. Regt. Stalig Sgt. R.V. '40-'41g Dallas Clubg Economics Clubg Freshman Y Cabinet. FITZHUGH, G. W. "Fitz" AH Tolar Age 225 lst Lt., 2nd in Command, C Inf.5 Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Club: Agronomy Societyg Gumfshoe, Duncan Diner. "Dick" Plano Industrial Education Clubg Collin wa '42 FREEBORN, RAY L. "Bones" Pet E Houston Age llg find Hq, F.A,: A.l.M.E.g Houston Club. FREELAND, ROBERT L. k'Bob" LA Houston Age 20: F F.A.: Pres. Spanish Club: Director, Economics Club: Distinguished Student: Cosmopolitan Club. FROST, RICHARD M. "Dick" Arch E Dallas Age fll: C C.A.C.: Dallas Club: Architectural Society. FROST. VV. E. "Pete" ME Bonham Age ZZ: Capt. C Eng.g Student Welfare Committee: A.S.M.E.g S.A.M.E.g Pres. Bonham Club. FULLER, R. uShOrty" AH Colorado City Age 201 Sweetwater Clubg Pres. Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Clubg Rodeo Director '-105 King of '41 Rodeo. GABRIEL, GEORGE DON 'LProfessor" LA Fort Worth Age 'llg lwlajor lst Btn. C.A.C.g Editor Battaliong Eco' nomics Clubg Accounting Societyg PrefLaw Clubg Fort Vwlorth Clubg Capt. Debate Team '4Og Press Clubg -lr. Editor Battalion '4lg Winner P.L. Downs Debate Award '39g Student Activities Committee: Sec. Student Welfare Committee: Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni' versities: Newman Club. GAMBRELL, R. D., IR. CE Age Zlg lst Lt. D F.A.g GAMMON, WILLIAM F. EE GANZ, GEORGE DUDLEY EE Age 223 A.I.E.E.g Dallas GARLITZ, HOMER E. Ag Ed Age 233 N.M.g F.F.A. GARRETT, CURRAN LEE AA and Finance Club, GARRETT, JOHN ED Ch E Age 203 F Inf. 62 Age 22g C Cav.g V-Pres. "Rod" Dallas V,fPres. Dallas Club: A.S,C.E. UDOC.. College Station Age 213 lst Lt., Hq. S.C.g A.l.E.E.g Chess Clubg Camera Clubg Cryptography Club. Dallas Clubg Sbisa Volunteer. Moraii "Colonel" Corpus Christi Gulf Coast Club: Marketing Sweetwater GEER. GENE MARION CE Vfestminster Age 22: A.S.C.E.: Collin Co. Club. GIBBS, JOE VJ. "joe" ME Seguin Age 21: Lt. Col. Eng. Regt.: Pres. S.A.M.E.: A.S.M.E.: Distinguished Student: Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. GIESENSCHLAG, A, L. "Ciese" Ag Ed Shook Age 22: D C.A.C.: F.F.A.: Burleson County Club. GILCREASE, H. M. "Prof" EA Shreveport, La. Age 20: B S.C.: A.S.C.E.: Shreveport Club: Rural Socif ology Club: Cryptography Club: Economics Club. GILL, H. W. EE Houston Age 23: Capt. S.C.: Pres. Cryptography Club: A.I.E.E.: Houston Club. GILLESPIE, I. W., IR. "jim" EE Dallas Age 23: 1 CHQ: A.I.E.E.: Dallas Club. GILLIS, TOM S. 'LTom" LA Fort Worth Age 20: Cadet Colonel: Elected Battalion Editor, Ref signed: V.'Pres. Ir. and Soph. Classes: Student Publicaf tions Board: Chairman Student Aid Fund: Sergeant' Major of Corps: Coast Artillery Award: Sophomore Award: D.A.R. Award Honor Man of Class: Best' Drilled Medal, B C.A.C.: Chairman Student Election Committee: Chairman Student Welfare Committee: Town Hall Asst.: Scholarship Honor Society: V.'Pres. Press Club: Jr. Editor Battalion: Agriculturist: Comic Maga- zine: Accounting Society: Director Economics Club: R.V.: Y Cabinet: Sec. Fort Worth Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '41 and '42. GLAZENER, EVERETT R. "Glaz" IE Age 20: F Eng.: Industrial Education Club: Distinf guished Student. GOBLE, JOHN ED "Johnny" ME Waco Age 21: 1st Lt. G C.A.C.: McLennan Co. Club: A.S.M.E. GOTBOLD, ROY H. 'LHappy" PetE Leakey Age 22: GOFORTH, WILLIAM A. "Rosy" Aga' Tolar Age 23: lst Lt. C Inf.: Asst. Advertising Mgr. Battalion: Agronomy Society: Recreational Officer: Press Club: Rural Sociology Club: Duncan Diner. Fairiield GOHMERT, WERNER A. 'LBill" LA Alice Age 20: Gulf Coast Club: Singing Cadets. 63 .M '42 COINS. VU. C., JR. Cli E L'Dub" Gladewater Age 201 lst Lt. A C.Vs'.S.g A.l.Cb.E.g Freshman Debate Team: Recreational Gllicerg Distinguished Student. GOLDEN. JACK E. AA "Red" Seymour Age 191 G EA.: lst Lt. 3rd Btn. Statlg Recreational Off ricerg Accounting Society: Economics Clubg Scholarship Honor Society. Distinguished Student. GOLDSTON, 1. M. CE "Jimmie" Corpus Christi Age 21: E C.A.C.1 Capt, Znd Btn, Stall: A.S.C.E.: Gulf Coast Clubg Fish Intramural Mgr.g Sbisa Volunteerg Sing' ing Cadets: R.V.g V.'Prcs. Victoria Club. GOLSTON, ROY D., JR. AA Age Zlg 1 CHQ: Cotton GOODE. MARK G. CE Age 20: B Eng.: V.fPres. dent Engineering Council GOODMAN. XVlLLlAlVl G. PlWE Age 21: E lnf.g Houston Q ..ROy,, Fort Vwforth Societyg Fort Vv'orth Club. Dallas Dallas Clubg Stu' "Bill" Houston Club: A.l.M.E. GORZYCKI. GEORGE C Gtoiee AA Age 191 lst Hq FA Attounting Sotictg. GOSSETT, E. M lR DH Age Zlp Krcim and Row lxlub Ea tern Panhandle Club GOSSETT, RQBERT B Bo AA Age l9g Zncl Lt Inl Band Retrtational Oflieer Mar keting and Finante Club Fcntingu Club Hou ton Club GRAHAM, I. A Pet E Alxarado Age 20. GRANTHAM, IACR C atk LA Age 20g A FA Advertising Mgr 47 Longhorn Press Clubg Economiw Club Pre Law Club Attounting, So cietyg Houston Club Freehman Y Cabinet GREEN, E. V. Gm AA Age 19g K Inf Aetounting Society Oil Belt Club Marketing and Finame Club 64 L. GREEN, J. C, Agr Covington, Tenn. Age 20: D Eng. GREEN, T. A. "Tom" Ag Ed Buda Age 23: G Inf.: Agronomy Society: EEA.: Austin Club. GRIMES, GEORGE M. k'SpucI" VM Memphis, Tenn. Age 21: B Cav.: Social Chairman Miss. Valley Club: A,V.M.A. GRISHAM, BILL T. "Stud" Houston Age 23: 1st LL., 2nd in Command, 2nd Hq. F.A,: Dis' tinguished Student. VfPres. Houston Club. l F GRISHAM, W. W. "Bill" Ag Ed Dublin Age 19: Lt. F1nf., EEA. GROTE, A. RICHARD "Dick" W Ag Ed Johnson City Age 21: 1st Lt. B Cav.: Sec. Agricultural Advisory Council: EEA.: Heart O' Texas Club. GROTE, G. H. AH Mason Age 20: 1st Lt. H Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin, Sec. '40, Reporter '41: Ex 4'H Club: Heart O' Texas Club: Block and Bridle Club, Sec. '40, Reporter '-11: Ir. Livestock Judging Team '-11: Sr. Livestock judging Team '-41. GUERRA, V. H. "Virgil" AH Roma Age 21: MG Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Agronomy Society. GUILLOUD, LYNN H. ME Pottsboro Age 21: 2nd Lt. Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Grayson County Club. GUINN, RUEL N. AA Graham Age 21: 1st Lt. B Inf.: Accounting Society: Young County Club: 18-23 Club: Distinguished Student. GWINN, HARVIN ME Baytown Age 27: E Eng.: Major 2nd Btn. Stalfg A.S.M.E.: S.A.M.E.: Varsity Tennis. HADSELL, PAT H. DH Denton Age 21: Kream and Kow Klub: Denton County Club. ,Ind ,4 2 ' - A .wt get if 'S HAGAN. VINCENT I'E PAUL "Vince" CE Dallas Age ZOQ lst Lt. D F.A.g Pres. of Dallas County Clubg f A.S.C.E.: Senior Y Cabinet. HAGGARD. CHARLES R. "Hag" AA Dallas Age 201 Ist Lt. H FA.: R.V.: Longhorn Advertising Starl '-lil: Y Cabinet: Marketing and Finance Clubg Economics Club: Social Secretary Dallas Club. HAHN. ALVIN A. "Al" Ag Nordheim Age 211 M Inf.: Rural Sociology Clubg Cuero Turkey Trot Club. HAIGHT. R. H. "Bob" VM Balboa Island Age 241 lst Lt. MG Cav.: lr. A.V.M.A.g California Club, Pres. '41, Secffreas. '-10. HALES. H. B. DH Amarillo Age ll: H FA.: Amarillo Club: VicefPres. Kream and Row Klub. HALL. A. j. Pct E Paint Rock Age 21: A.I,M,E. HALL, JACK L. Tioga Age 215 C Eng.: A.S.C.E.g S.A.M.E.g Grayson County Club. HALL, MARVIN E. "Bert" AA La Feria Age 215 A Inf.: Recreational 0Hicer: Distinguished Studentg Economies Club: Biology Club: Marketing and Finance Clubg Marburger Moppersg Pres. Rio Grande Valley Club. HALL, WILLIAM K., JR. "Bill" ME Dallas Age 'Zlg lst Lt. A Eng.: A.S.M.E.g Dallas Club. HALTOM, G. VU. "Gee" Fort Worth Age 215 Capt. A S.C.g A.I.E.E.g Platoon Leader R.V.g Treas. Radio Clubg Social See. Sailing Club: Best Drill Medal '4Og Pres. Fort Worth Club. HAMERSLY, J. W. "Bull" ME Port Arthur Age 213 F C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Fencing Clubg Pres. Boxing Clubg Port Arthur Club. HAMMONS, DOIL Arch Knox City Age 22g 2nd Lt. F Inf.g Architecture Society. 66 .1 ' AH of Texas and Mountaineer Club. Feature Editor '42: Senior Y Council. HANSEN, HENRY A. Age 20, F.A.g San Antonio Club. ...Buckw- HARDIN, J. J., JR. AH Age 21: lst Lt. D Cav.: Treas. Saddle and Sirloin Club: Advertising Manager Aggie Rodeo '40: R.V.g Mississippi Valley Club. Marion, Ark. HARRIS, ROBERT DUNN "Bob" Arcli E Dayton Age 20: l CHQ: Architectural Society: Newman Club: Liberty County Club. HARRIS, JOHN E. ME Dallas Age 20: B F.A,g Major lst Btn.: A.S.M,E.g Dallas Club. HART, WALTER M. AH Gruver Age 20: MG Cav., Block and Bridle Club: Polo. HARTT, QDBER, JR. ME Wichita Falls Age 21: 2nd Lt. C Eng.: A.S.M.E.g Wichita Falls Club. HARVEY, W. K., IR. "Dub" Ag? Spur Age 22: I Inf., Agronomy Society: Rural Sociology Club. 11 67 - enio . ai me HAMPTON, W. G., JR. "XX'ild Bill" Brady Age 21: lst Lt. D Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Heart HANCOCK, B. 'kBennic" LA Corpus Christi Age 20: Capt. C F.A.: Sec.fTreas. Economics Club: Board of Directors Economics Club: Longhorn Stall '40, '-11: ..Hank.. ME Port Arthur Age 21: 2nd Lt. C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.: R.V.: Sailing Club: Lutheran Students Association: Port Arthur Club. HARDEMAN, T. N. "Toni" CE Junction Age 21: B Inf. HARDIE, BRADFORD "Brad" EE Dallas Age 20: Capt. D Eng.: A.I.E.E.: Y Cabinet: Vdinner of Fish Math Contest: Dallas Club. HARDING, D. PCI E San Antonio . is 'li Y " . iii A 5.11. 1 lg i , wx-f ,ry 'if ' ..'-,'Q'- - f ri ,ET - fp. lflblitfl hs- -ti. l' Qt .' " gf, . .,,, . , 'fi--Q, I.,-14 . Wx !'f'w."fW.. 1waf.'-i1':i., ltivi,-yea f 'fl J if Iliff VM. QVXT4... if r.if.fqp Jg, -f. ,, .i U.. ,.,.. 81 -1, Jai. , .2 -- . . -5 .N . , ,1 . 1 5. '-. 71,1 1 aw 'Y V.. 1,5 frm. -lulf., ,',j,,,.' - ws.,.L...,a21- -4-.ez-ye-' . . W ' r I . l 4 4 HNSSE HENRH JR "Bubbie" apt nd Sq Stall 'v1C Cav.: Social Sec. lxrcim and lx in Rlub Xi c Pre Colorado County Club. Lani San Antonio c -X Land 1 c -Xrt Club: Press Club: HKUSER XX E "Pinkey" X X San Antonio -Kee 11 F F 'X ,lr -X X7 'VI 'X San 'Xntonio Club. HKX Lllx N1-XLRICE D "BcCpOl' 'X c 1 41 Slvl E Nexxinin Club C ech Club: Lavaca H-X1 ROBERT H "Bob" c l t Lt 'nd in Ccniinind L lnl 1MH1'kCt1I1g and Finin Club E onomi Club Falls County Club. HKXNES lOHN B "Dude" c U X1 Inf Markctin and Finance Club. Oakland Moulton Marlin Lindale HEARN, W. E., IR, "Hog" AH San Angelo Age 21: A Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: San Angelo Club: Distinguished Student. HEFLEY, JOHN M., JR. "Old Man" AA Port Arthur Age 27: lst Lt. G F.A.: Scholarship Honor Societyx Distinguished Student: Economics Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Port Arthur Club. HEITKAMP, RUSSELL L. "Rusty" AA New Braunfels Age 22: A F.A.: Capt. Regt. Stall: Freshman Class His' toriang junior Editor Longhorn: Editor Longhorn: Who's Vsfho in Colleges and Universities: Student Activities Committee: Accounting Society: Triangle Club. HELMER, C. ME San Antonio Age 211 1st Lt. H F.A. HENDRICKS, DAN N., JR. Me Aero Houston Age 21: B C.A.C.g lst Lt. 2nd Btn. Stall: A.S.M.E.: l.Ac.S.: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor So' ciety: Houston Club. HENRY, NORMAN C. "Butch" ME Terrell Age 22: 2nd Lt. G Inf.: A.S.M.E.g Kaufman County Club. 68 - Club. HERING, K. Age 22. HERRINGTON, MILLER E. Ag Ed La Rue Age 21g B C.A.C.: F.F.A.g Biology Clubg Sbisa Volun- teerg Distinguished Student. HERVEY, 1. B. "Dick" AA Greenville Age 215 Capt. K Inf.g Pres. Senior Classg Historian Junior Classg Marketing and Finance Clubg Distinguished Stu' dentg Accounting Societyg Greenville Clubg Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. HERZIK, SIDNEY W. "Sid" LA LaGrange Age 21g F C.A.C.g Recreational Oiicerg Biology Clubg Lutheran Club, Sec.fTreas. '41, Pres. '-125 Fayette County Club. HESLEY, ROBERT D. "Bob" LA New York, N.Y. Age 21g H C.A.C.g Economics Clubg Freshman "Y" Cabinetg Galveston Club. HESS, I. FARRIS flake" AH McLean Age 21g Capt. MG Cav. HICKEY, HAROLD C. "Herr" AA Gladewater Age 215 C C.W.S. 69 HENRY, PETER C. HERGET, ALFRED GEORGE, JR. HERRERA, LUCIANO B. HERRINGTON, HARRY C. Councilg Palestine Club. "Pete" Lake Charles, La, Age Zilg E C.A.C.g Capt. Regt. Staff: A.S.M.E.g Dis' tinguished Student: Varsity Football and Trackg Pres. MT" Clubg Pres. Southwest Louisiana Club. HAI.. Paragould, Ark. Age 215 H F.A,g Marketing and Finance Clubg Economics "jack" McGregor Age 21g 'lnd Lt. A F.A.g O.B.B.g McLennan County Club. HERNAN, EDWIN "Ed" Dallas Age 21g find CI-IQg Newman Clubg Freshman Footballg Best Drilled '4Og Recreational Ofiicerg Dallas Club. Vsfhiteland Palestine Age 203 Lt.fCol. Composite Regt.: A.I,E.E.g R.V,g jr.fSr. pm '42 HIGGINS, BYRON 'AHig" AH Adamsville Age ZZ: Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Club: Land of the Lake Club. HIGGINS, VIRON "Hig" AH Adamsville Age 22: Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club, Block and Bridle Club: Pres. Land of the Lake Club. HILL. DON KELLEY AA Austin Age 25g lst Lt. K Inf.: Austin Club. HILL. HARRY B. PME Dallas Age ll: lst Lt. H EA.: R.V.g A.S.M.E,g A.I.IVI.E.g Economics Clubg Dallas Club. HILL. IVICRAE "Mack" AH San Antonio Age 23: D Inf.: San Antonio Club. HILL, RALPH, JR. "Jimmy" LA Atlanta, Ga. Age 21: Hq. Cav.: Polo '38-'391 Recreational Oflicerg Home Show '-ll. HINDS, A. M. HBO" LA Tye Age 19, Drum Major of Band: Abilene Club, Sec.f'I'reas. '-40. HINSON, BILLYE 1. "Hoss," Pet E Erankston Age 22g Lt. G Inf.g Petroleum Clubg East Texas Club. HOBERT, DONALD "Duck" AA Munday Age 21, Inf.g Accounting Society. HOBERT, EUGENE S. "Gene" VM Garvin, Minn. Age 25, A.V,M.A. HODGES, CHARLES W. "Grubby" ME Sweetwater Age zo. A,S.M.E. HOLDER, LOUIS E., JR. Pet E Fort Worth Age 215 lst Lt. E Eng.g A.I.M.E.g S.A.M.E.g Fort Worth Club. 70 - - Q get HOLLOVJAY, THOS. L. .V gl." lg - rf' ig -.,-' 3 572 if 1' ' ' L 4' eruoi J M xA i:.'f'ifE' HOLEKAMP, JAMES C. l'Square" Hort Comfort Age Zlg A FA.: Horticulture Societyg Heart 'o Texas and Mountaineers Club. HOLLAND, I. C. uChase" AH San Angelo Age 223 lst Lt. E EA.: San Angelo Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. HOLLE, JACK P. PME Breckenridge Age 195 D C.A.C.: lst Lt. lst Btn. Statlg A.l,M.E,g Distinguished Student: Recreational Oilicer. HOLLIDAY, JACK M. ME XVaco Age 22g lst Lt. lst Btn. Stall Eng.: A.S.M.E.g Scholar' ship Honor Societyg Distinguished Student. HOLLIER, RAY G. ME Port Arthur Age 20g D C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Port'Arthur Club. HOLLIMON, JACK C. "Holly" Ag Houston Age 22g Hq. Cav.g Lt. Regt. Staffg Junior Asst. Town Hall '4l: Houston AGM Clubg Publicity Chairman Horse Show '4lg Junior Sports Editor Battaliong Press Club: Episcopal Clubg Pres. Rural Sociology Clubg Sports Editor Battalion Magazine: Town Hall Asst. 5152- 1, ...JH ..i. ...un-ex: L' . 'J ' l Ed Alvin Age 21: 6 CHQ: Brazoria County Club. HOLZHEAUSER, W. D. "Hozy" IE Luling Age 2-lg Recreational Officer: Industrial Education Club. HOMAN, CARLTGN C., JR. " LC' Square" EE El Paso Age Zlg Capt. Eng. Regt. Statlg S.A.M.E.g A.I.E.E.: E1 Paso Clubg YMCA Cabinet. HOMEYER, FRED C., JR. AH Austin Age 22g A Cav.g Capt. Regt. Staflg Pres. Austin Clubg Sbisa Volunteerg Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Polog Block and Bridle Club. HOGSER, ELTON EUGENE "Gene" Hort Milford Age 215 N.M.g VicefPres, Horticulture Societyg Dis' tinguished Studentg Scholarship Honorary Society. HOOTON, GERALD T. "Jerry" Ag Ed Daingerfield Qgeilg lst Lt. D lnf.g 18-23 Clubg Piney Woods Clubg 'lr Y nm '42 HOPE. O. C. "VVebby" AH Marshall Age IOL C Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg East Texas Club: Block and Bridle Club. HORAN, JOHN P., JR. Ed Camp John Hay, P.l. Age 22: 4 C.H.Q.g Singing Cadets: Cosmopolitan Club. HORTON, E. L., JR. L'Stinky" CE Abilene Age Il: lst Lt. E Eng., A.S.C.E.1 R.V.g Abilene Club. HOSKINS. GEORGE E. uChief" EAfCE Deming, N.M. Age 131 lst Lt. B S.C.g Vice-Pres. Cryptography Club: A.l.E.E.g A.S.C.E.: Economics Club: El Paso Club, Best Drilled Medal '401 Intramural Mgr. HONYELL. CHESTER A. "Check" LA Anna Age 21: 1 C.H.Q.: Board of Directors Economics Club: Collin County Club. Architectural Society, Distinguished Student. HOXYELL. SHELBY EA Lamesa Age 21. lst Lt. D C.A.C.1 Sbisa Voluntecrg B.S.U. Council. HUDDLESTON, JOE B. Ag Ed Age ll: Inf. HUDSPETH, E. B.. JR. Ag Eng HUEBNER, GEORGE, JR. EE HUGHES, GEO O., JR. EE HUNTER, MAX Valley Club. 72 Age zo, N.M.g A.s.A.E. Club: Cryptography Clu Age 203 1 C.H.Q.g Sec. Math Club: Club: A.I.E.E.g Wiiiiier Freshman Di' Methodist Student Council. De Leon k'Elmer" Caddo 'JHeeb" Wharton Age 23: B S.C.g Pres. Radio Club '-HP: Vslharton County "Cracker" Sanger Denton County awing Contestg "Slapsie Maxien DH Fairheld Age 223 5 C.H.Q.g Kream and Kow Klubg Distinguished Student. HUSER, GEO. A. Aero Donna Age 213 2nd Lt. I Inf.g I.Ac.S.g A.S.M.E.g Rio Grande .l HUTCHINGS, G. S. HYATT, EDXVARD Ag Ed Age 21g G Inf.: EFA. HYNDS, CHARLES L, Aero VVac0 Club. INEE, DAN, JR. INGLEFIELD, RALPH H. Age 21: l EA. INGLEHART, J. E. ME Age 21g Capt. FA. Band: A.S.M,E. JACKSON, H. DOUGLAS "Doc" AH San Angelo Age 223 lst Lt. E, Inf.: Livestock Judging Team: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg San Angelo Club. JACKSON, T. H. "Tommy" AA Vsfaco Age 203 Inf. Bandg Waco Club: Machine. JACOBS, GUY W., JR. "Jake" EE San Antonio Age 223 lst Lt., 2nd in Command, A S.C.g A.I.E.E.: San Antonio Club. JAHNEL, CARL R. AA Canadian Age 205 A Inf. JARRATT, RAYMOND L. "Ray" Agr Stephenville Age 21g G Inf. JEFFRIES, A. B. "Jeff" DH Hot Springs, Ark, Age 21g K lnf.g VicefPres. Arkansas Clubg Kream and Kow Klubg Dairy Products Judging Team. "Hutch" Barker Age 21: B Cav.: Reporter Kream and Row Klub: D.H. Judging Team: Ex 4fH Club: Agmnoiny Snciety. "Eddie" Johnson City "Charlie" Vvlaco Age 20: lst Lt. lnf.Band1A.S.lVl.E.gl.Ae.S.: Rifle Team: Spur Age 21g G C,A.C.: A.S.M.E.1 South Plaini Club. "FZ1t'BLiy" Bzirtlcsville, Okla. "Bud" Fort Vwlorth ra '42 JENKINS. AL N. "Al" AWJ1 E Amarillo Age IO: D Eng.. lst Lt.. Ind Bn. Staff. JENN. xv. C. "Bi1ly" AH Houston :Xge Il: Capt. E Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Houston Club: Block and Bridle Clubg Best Drilled Medal E Inf. '-W. Distinguished Student. JENNINGS, JOHN VC. HIUCIYN Ag Ed Fredonia Age lug Capt. H Inf.: Heart ol Texas and Mountaineer Clubg F.F.rX. Reporter '-407423 Marburger Mopper, JOHNSON, CLYDE B.. JR. .Aero I:Ort Xvortli Age Illg I.:Xe.S. JOHNSON, IX.. JR. "Red Bird" Lrmd RHIWCF :Xue 231 N.lvl.g Landacape Club: Eaatland County Club: XY.iter Polo. all L.. JOHNSON. JOSEPH C 1' AA Houston Age ll. Ind Lt. M Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club. Newman Club: Houston Clubg Sbwa Volunteer: Duncan Volunteer. JOHNSON, R. Gui' LA Amarillo Age ZZ: Capt. I-X. Cav.1 RV.: Sec.fTreaQ. Amarillo Club. JONES. JACK L., 'Seoopu Taft Age ll: ht Lt. F Inf.: Stall Pliotographer Battalion' Longliorng Gulf Coast Club: Cotton Society: Marketing and Finance Club, . JONES. JIM RILEY "Jimmy" ME Wacci Age 20: lst Lt. I FIX.: MeLeannan County Clubg 180.3 Club: A.S.M.E, JONES, JOHN MCKINLAY "Johnny" Bryan Age 201 C Caxxg Recreational Officer: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Brazos County Clubg Intramural Managerg Block and Bridle Club. JONES. VJILLIAM D. C, "Bill" Pre-Med Temple Age 215 B F,A.g Pistol Club, Sec. 1393-JIZ Pre'Med Society, Pres. '42, Sec. '4lg Summer Press Clubg Bat' talion Newspaper Reporter: Bell County Club: Capt. Pistol Team--Minor T Letterman: Pres. United Science Club. JONES, W. T. "Bill" Dalhart AI-Z9 7-1: Ind Lt. D Cav.: Sec.fTreas. Tri-State Clubg Marketing and Finance Club. . . X a fl? H - gggxcggii 85,7 1 'aAgt:4Q,vftA Yigfg 1 I--za mr'g.,.'.gf1r3Q,- . 4. are .' ilu A: by I -511A ff, I Jw 4 H J, X If A, -n 4 . A VF V i H F::,g., JJ up :- 0 I fl 'THQ Sflfigi' :liz en 'Slit f fa-i'f QQ? V I DYA, 35:39 '.V9f.fn"Q. JQRDAN, J. D. AH Art 1 L' f A Age 20: Singing Cadets: Heart of Texas Club: Vice' I Pres. -PH Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Distinguished I Student, JORDAN, MAX C. I EE Dallas Age 21: Capt. D Inf.: A.I.E,E,g Dallas Club: R.V. JORDAN, RAY I.. "BullNeck'l ANG Tulia Age 21: A Inf.: I.Ae.S. -IUNCE, EDVJIN B. "Eddie Bfl AA Dallas Age 335 Ut Lf- F FA.: Biology Club: Accounting Socif etyg Economics Club: Sec.f'I'reas. Dallas Club: Intramural Manager. KALLINA, FRED P. "Fritz" PTf'Mfd Garwood Age 20: lst Lt. B C.A.C.: Pres. Colorado County Club: Social Sec. Czech Club: Preflvled Soc.: R.V.: Newman Club: United Science Club: Distinguished Student. KAUFMAN, R. "Buddy" CE San Antonio Age 21: Parliamentarian Hillel Club: A.S,C.E,: A.S.lVI.E.3 San Antonio Club: Eng, Rifle Team: Corps Rifle Team: Interflraith Council. KENNY, RANSOM D. "Squeaky" PME Houston Age 21: Lt.'Col. C.A.C. Regt.: VicefPres. Scholarship Honor Society: junior Student Vvlelfare Representative: A.I.M.E.: Engineering Council: Houston Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Y Cabinet: Distinguished Student: Sbisa Volunteer. KERCHEVILLE, LEWIS Pet E San Antonio Age 21: Lt.fCol. EA. Regt.: Vw'ho's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Capt. R.V.: Pres. San Antonio Club: Vwfinner Field Art Ass'n Award '-ll. KERNODLE, JOHN DAVID "Kernoleum" Sci Bryan Age 20: B C.W.S.g Fish Y Cabinet. KESNER, SAM 'kCurley" Ch E Dallas Lt. C C.W.S.: Chairman Religious Services: Hillel Club: A.I.Ch.E.: Dallas Club: Boxing Club: Intraf Age 211 1st mural Manager. KEY, DWIGHT C. AA g Age 203 lst Lt., Znd in Command. B Cav.: Marketing and Finance Club: Ex 4fH Club. KEY, SIDNEY Ag Ed Age 22: Inf.: F.E.A.: Victoria County Club. Me argel ..-liggs.. Bloomington 75 lxl G C R IR "Bear" PHE Abilene e 1 apt B C A C Prt -X I ME.: Pres. Abilene Club RX Vsmncr tf Slick Rule Contest '3Sg Dis' tintui htd 'Student En inttrm Council. RING FR -XNR I k'George" lxlELlvl 'KN L E "Lee" Q gt ' H F ABCE io Grande Valley Club. Dallas D C.A.C.: Sec: Club. Pecos Soc.: 'TransfPccos "King Kong" Vfharton Vw'harton County "XVink" Bronte Club: Gum Shoe, Harlin en KING. JAMES R., JR. EA uhm., Dallas Age: 20: lst Lt. A S.C.q A,l.E.E.g Dallas Club: Y Cabinctg -Ir.fSr. Council. KING. T. S. ME Baytown Age 205 Capt. A Eng.: A.S,M.E.: S.A.M.E. KINGSBERRY, HENRY W. Ch E Age zo. C c.w.s.. A.I.Ch.E. KNAPP, P. W. Fish and Game Age 22g lst Lt. C F.A.g Fish Club, KOELLING. ROBT. K. Aero Age 211 A SC.: l.Ae.S. KRAMPITZ, FRANK j., JR. AH Age 215 G FA. 76 ..Hn Bryan ucote.. Houston Club: Houston "Bob" Fulton, Ky. ..-Ice.. Sealy "L,tf,-55' :lI5g",s '5,: V . wif.: .f?Ef:.E,,14e'f',- ' l?rm'L5fl:1ff7:1'f.3s"'3a'K "fi l if ' - A? 3?'f'k,Mii T E ' 'fl Hi-iY .?i,"'H-.-fp1.f J ' ' -,I "LW 5 at flsilfi-in , 1 . vb U . 1- 5-Y ' . i '.,-:'ff"a A ' ' 1.4 r " V.,.3lli'r' KRIBBS, E. E. 'kCene" A Ranger . in ,Lg-:X Agronomy and Rural Sociology Club. Sunday School ' i Q J Class Pres., Vice-Pres.. and Sec. ' 2 1 JJ KULHANEK, BERNARD JOE "B.J." W. Vw'aller , J Age 21: lst Lt. H F.A.g Recreational Cflicerg Economics Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Czech Club. KUYKENDALL, IVY D. "Kirk" Ag Ed Fruitvale Age Zlg D Inf.: R.C.g F.F.A, KYLE, K. C., JR. k'Casey" AA Tenaha Age 21: Marketing and Finance Club: East Texas Club. LACY, JAMES "Jim" CE Terrell Age 20: Inf. Band: .xMHCl1iHE'.1 Kaufman County Club. LAMB, JOHN W. Plaska Age 23, lst Lt. B F.A.: Accounting Society. LAMBERT, T. C. 'tTu22y" Hof! Raymondville Age 23: lst Lt. lst Hq. F.A.: Rio Grande Valley Club: Pres. Horticulture Society. LAMBERSON, J. L., JR. nl?-Clin Peg E Nome Age 221 K Inf.: Major 3rd Btn. Staff: Associate Ediwr Engineer, Asst. Adv. Mgr. Battaliong Reporter A.l.M.E.: Beaumont Club, Press Clubg Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society. LANDON, CEDRIC R. uliggsu Aero San Antonio Age 205 E F.A.: I.Ae.S.: San Antonio Club. LANDRUM, H. B. "Pop" AA San Antonio Age 22: 'lnd Lt. C F.A.g San Antonio Club: Marketing and Finance Club. LANDUA, A. J. "Slipstick" Chem Brenham Age 205 F Inf.: Capt. Regt. Stall: Pres. A.C.S.g Sec: Treas. Scholarship Honor Societyg Student Welfare Comf mittee, Duncan Volunteers. LANGFORD, J. R. "Johnny" AA Bandera Age 20g Hq. Cav.g Marketing and Finance Club. 'z -9 in Q , .W 4 ,112 LARREYi L. A. 'LBUIDSH L15 Houston Age 21: Capt. B FA.: A.S.M.E.: Houston Club: Duncan Yolunteecr: Newman Club: RV. LASLEY. XYALTER. IR. 'ivilaltii AH Stratford Age 21: I F.A.q Secrlreas, Tri'State Clubg Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Clubg Distinguished Student. LATHAM. ROBERT E. 2'Bob" CE Bowie A Age 221 lst Lt. F C.A.C.1 A,S.C.E.: North Texas Club: Distinguished Student. LAXYS. CECIL Pet E Houston Age 203 lst Lt, A C.A.C.: Houston Club: Petroleum Club: Sec,-Treas. Tumbling Team: Distinguished Student. LEA. ALFRED L. 'kGustly" NIE San Antonio Age 21. lst Lt. C C.A.C.: A.S.M.E,1 San Antonio Club. LEATHERS. BARNETT "Barny" VIVI Blum Age 243 M Inf.: A.V.lVI.A.1 IS-23 Club. LEBUS, JAKE H. "Leeb" Cwladewater Age 23g N.M.1 A.S.M.E.: East Texas Club. LEHMAN, E. O. "Otto" Corpus Christi Age 20: 5 LEMLY, F. LEE "FleQ" Dallas Age 20g F.A. Bandg Accounting Society: Dallas Club: Baseball 'Y-99421 Singing Cadets: Duncan Volunteer. LEONARD, TURNEY VV. AA Dallas Age 211 Capt. I Inf.: Marketing and Finance Clubg Dallas Clubg Best Drilled Medal I Inf. '-10: Distinguished Studentg Scholarship Honor Society, LEVY, JOSEPH M. 'K-loc" Ch E Waco Age 20: A C.W.S.1A.I.Ch.E.: Cryptography Club. LEWIS, EARL M. Ag Eng Amarillo Age 241 lst Lt. 3rd Hq. F.A.g Sec.fTreas. A.S.A.E.g Amarillo Club. LOEFFLER, VICTOR I. "Vic" AH Age 21g F Inf.: Capt. Regt. Staif: San Angelo Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Ir. Livestock Judging Teamg Agriculturist Staffg Distinguished Student. LONG, ROBERT K. "Bob" AA Age 214 F lnf.g Port Arthur Club, Treas. '41g Pres. '42, Accounting Societyg A.l.Ch.E. LONGYEAR, C. B. "Burt" AA Carrizo Springs Age 273 3 C.H.Q.g Accounting Societyg Southwest Texas Clubg LOOMIS, RAYMOND CLEMONS "RoughfHouse" CE Houston Age 215 lst Hq. F.A.g A.S.C.E.g A.S.M.E.: Houston Clubg LORINO, AA Age LOVELE Age SS, W. WILSON "Webb" LEVJIS, EDVv'lN R. "Ted" PME San Antonio Age 215 lst Lt. G EA.: A.S.M.E.g A.l.lVI.E.1 San Antonio Clubg Petroleum Club. LICHNOVSKY. I. E. "joel VM Nada Age ZZ: 2nd Lt. F EA.: Sec. Colorado County Clubg Czech Club: A.V.M.A. LINDSAY, E. E. "Sonny" ME Houston Age 21: 2nd Lt. E Eng.: A.S.M.E.: S.A.M.E.g Houston Club. LIPPERT, XVAYNE M. "Lip" ME San Antonio Age 20g lst Lt. D C.A.C.g San Antonio Club. LITTLEFIELD, REASE EE-ME XVaco Age 22: S.C,g lst Lt. Bn, Staff: A.LE.E.: A.S.M.E. LOCKE, ROBERT F. "Bobby" VM Vwlashington, D.C. Age 23g 6 C.H.Q.g Radio Clubg Ir. A.V,M.A.g Newman Club. Junction Port Arthur Houston Jonesboro m '42 LOVVNDES, H. B. ME Age 22: Ind Lt. B EA.: A.S.M.E.g San A LUCAS. Jessie L. ..-Ioker.. San Antonio ntonio Club. "Luke" EE Kilgore Age Zlg B SC LUTH. PERRY A. ME Houston Age 201 B C.A.C.1 A.S.M.E.g Houston Club. LYLE. MARION D. "Bubbles" Arcli Denison Age 201 Ind Lt. F Engg Architectural Societyg Grayson County Club: Singing Cadets, Hon. V.fPi'es., Accomf pamst: Commencement Organist, LYNCH, HOMER H. Ag Ed Gainesville Age 24: N.M.1 Ag. Ed. Society: Cooke County Club. LYNN. HARVEY P., JR. Cli E San Angelo Age ll: lst Lt., Ind in Command, B C.W.S.1 Associate Editor 1942 LUNHIIORNQ A.I.Ch.E.g San Angelo Clubg Press Club. McBRIDE, W. JAMES i Pet E Ft Worth Age 21g 2nd Lt C Inf Sue Fe Club MCBRIDE, XVILLIAM I i AH Age 231 Znd Lt B Int Saddle and Sirloin Club Rio Grande Valley Club Newman Club McCARTHY, LESLIE j ,IR Mae ME Age 21g Reereational OH1cer G CAC ASME Ft Wortli Club Town Hill Stall' McCARTY, CHAS T Chink AH Age ZOQ 2nd Lt L Inf Saddle and Sirloin Club Ft Worth Club National Bloelt and Bridle Club MCCASLIN, JAMES W Mae Ag Ed Chillicothe Age Zlg Inf F A MLCOLLUM, BEN B JR Little Ben VM Age 22g Infantry ' V A , ,.5.+..,:l.: .14 Lzlj. 14,ie.w" ' 'uF..5r'f-f. ' . '4.1'. c,.,, ,Q . 19. 1.--.....f.r., "N is ...v- ' Q? also , MCCONNELL, BENIAMIN R., JR. "Hosie' ME Waco Age 22: D F.A.: Capt. F.A. Regt. Staff: A.S.M.E.g Vsfaco Club: Student Instructor M.E. MCCORQUODALE, ALAN B. "Duce" Pet E Orange ' Age 21: lst Lt. B C.A.C.: A.l.M.E.: Singing Cadets. McCREARY, W. P. "Buck" EE Houston Age 22: 2nd Lt. A S.C. MCCULLOUGH, I. F. 'kBiz" EE Mesquite Age 21: 2nd Lt. K Inf.: A.I.E.E.: Dallas County Club. McCUTCHAN, GORDON C. i'Mac" Artli Ft. Vtforth Age 20: Capt. F Eng.: Pres. Architecture Society: Ft. Worth Club: Engineers Council, Best Drilled Medal '39. MCDUFFIE, I. C., IR. "Mac" Pet E San Antonio Age 21: lst Lt. B C.A.C.: Student Engineering Council: A.I.M.E.g San Antonio Club: Singing Cadets: Petroleum Club. -LMHCQ. MCGARR, 1. P. AH Age 19: 2nd Hq, F.A.g Capt, Regt. Staff: Battalion Staff: Exf4H Club. Plainview McG1NTY, HUGH "Mac" ME Barstow Age 21: F C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g 180.3 Club: TransfPecos Club. McGOU1RK, GLENN C. Agr Bonham Age 22. McKA1N, THOMAS "Frog" Ch E Greenville Age 21: 2nd Lt. A C.W.S.g A.S.M.E.g A.I.Ch,E.: Green- ville Club: Methodist Student Council. McKEMIE, E. B. LA Dallas Age 21: lst Lt. CA.C.: Dallas Club: Economics Club: Accounting Society. MCLARN, ROBT. H. "Mac" EE Ft. Worth Age 21: F Eng.: lst Lt. 2nd Bn. Staff: V.fPres. Ft. Worth Club: Distinguished Student: Tennis Team: A.I.E.E. .,, gr lnl Rural Sttulc x Club Kaufman County NEIL R-KX 'VIQND L "Mac" N E Ennis Q 1 r Lt H AX -X S 'vi E E onolnics Club. REX NOLDS XX ELDON N1 "Mac" N E Houston 1 Capt lnl Bind Ax S Ni E Houston Club, REX NOLDS "Mac" Capt Pile tint Club: A.l.E,E.: Press Clubg Eco' nd in Ci Illlllhlfld E lnl.1 A1n21r1lloClL1lD: Kemp Palestine "Dick" Amarillo Miami MAGRANE, H, rl. "Mac" VM Mislmawalia, Ind. Age 221 M.G. Cav.: lr. A.V.M.A. MAIER. ME., JR. "Dutch" Vlvf Grange Age ll: lr. A.V,M.A.: Orange County Club, MAIN, GUY FRANK "Guy" CE lrcdell Agc 19: A Eng.g A.S.C.E. MALLARD, GEORGE K. Agr Lamcsa Age 21: E C.A.C.: Agronomy Society: Singing Cadets. MALGNEY, C. XV. "Carl" AH Goliad Age 213 Hq, Cav.: Block and Bridle Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Polo Captain, MANCHESTER, LUTHER L. JR. "Luke" ME Fort W Agc 21: 2nd Lt. F Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Fort Viforth Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society. 82 i MANN, VJ. N. San Antonio Club. MARSH, C. B., JR. Club: R.V.g Best Drilled R.V. '41, MARTIN, M. H. Age Zlg A Cav.1 Southwest Texas Club. MASSEY, VJM. A.. JR. Ch E Age 215 C C.Vx'.S.: A.I.Ch,E. MASSIE, I. XV. MAYO, H. BRUCE MEADOR, ,TACK M. ME Whitexx'right Age 21: Znd Lt. L Inf.: A.S.M.E.g Grayson County Club. MEADOWS, OLIVER E. Ag Ed Ennis Age 20: Ag. Ed, Societyg Ellis County Club. MELANCON, ll. E. Aero "Melly" San Antonio Age ZOQ Zncl Lt, C C.A.C.: I.Ae.S.: San Antonio Club. MEREDITH, ROSS Sci Dallas Age 20: Znd Lt. C Inf.: Dallas Club. MERRILL, WILLIAM C. "Billy" AA Greenville Age 20g Inf. Band: "Machine": Greenville Club. MICHIE, DOUGLAS "Mick" Agr Josephine Age 193 K Inf.g Agronomy Society: Collin County Club. E C.A.C,: Battalion Senior Sports Assistant: -Q -fiffftffz, 1, jgm- ' ,jg-'iwf.iff"gai1' . V' A A 353-fi, ' .' ,E-,A .-.-. V xr.1.25,L. -V G ' V,Q,l- 'v, i," V- ,N . I 5 i.-:- O V' 'H-'Q ff, f-9 3- .' I it.. ' f. "5 if , lf ffff wr.: . - . ll-"ff i N i i 1'-"1" M V "Mil-ce" Yon Ormy Press Club: "Cheese" Amarillo Age 211 C C,A,C,: Capt. Regt. Stall: Pres. Amarillo "Matt" Charlotte HBIH.. Overton ..BiH.. Dallas Age Zig F Inf.g Accounting Soeietyg Dallas Club. Tyler Age 20g Aggie Band: Sec.fTreas. Tyler Club: A.S.M.E. rf 1- ' i 9I"1f Zl' 2 MILLER. EMORY S. AA Bryan Age Ililg B Inf.: Accounting Society. MILLER. HERBERT F.. ,lR. 'LHerb" Ag Eng Florence Age 221 Ist Lt. E C.A.C.: A.S.A.E.g Land of the Lake Club. MILLER. MONROE A. EE Beeville Age 201 Capt. B SC.. A.I.E.E.g Pres, Radio Clulwg Dis' tinguislied Student Scholarnhip Honor Society. MITCHELL, BILLIE N. "Mitch" A! Kossc Age 20. A F,A.g Rural Sociology Cluhg Marketing and Finance Cluln. MITCHELL, ZACK F. "Flick" Pet E Longview Age 20: A Inf.: A.I,M.E. MONCRIEF, CEC, P. "Strawberry" Pet E San Angelo Age 231 B Inf.: Ivlajor lst Bn.: A,I.lVI.E.: San Angelo Club, MOORE, LUKE "Prexy" ME Waco Age Zlg Capt. D C.A.C.g R.V.: Pres. Waco and Mc- Lennan County Cluhg A.S.M.E.g Sbisa Volunteer: Best Drilled Medal D C.A.C. '4Og Associate Editor Engineer Magazine. MOORE, W. A. L'Colonel" EA McKinney Age 20: lst Lt., Znd in Command, B SC.: Sec. Summer Press Cluhg Dept. Intramural Mgr.: A.S,C.E.: R,V.: Greenville Cluhg Collin County Clubg Economics Club. Cryptography Cluhg Press Clubg Battalion Staff. MORELAND. BRUCE M. Ag Ed McKinney Age 25: N.M. MQRITZ. CLARENCE WM. "Mice" Cli E Port Arthur Age ZZ: lst Lt, A C.W.S.g A.I.Ch.E.g Port Arthur Clubg Lutheran XValther Leagueg Distinguished Student. MORRISON, WILLIAM E. "Bill" Chem Tulsa, Olcla. Age 213 Znd Lt, B C.W.S. MOSER, DERACE "Muse" AA Stephenville Age 225 lst Lt. lst Bn. F.A.g T Club: Varsity Football and Trackg Vv'ho's Who in American Colleges and Uni' versitiex NABERS, HENRY B. CE Childress Age Zig A.S.C.E. NEELY, HENRY S. "Butch" Ago- . Throckmorton Age 215 2nd Lt. H F.A.g Agronomy Societyg Throcl-if morton Clubg R.V. NEELY, H. C. Ag Ed Tolar Age 265 M Inf. NELSON, ENER H. Ch E Waco Age 21: lst Lt. C C.W.S.g A.I.Ch.E.g Duncan Volunf teerg Waco Clubg Lutheran Club: Distinguished Studentg Scholarship Honor Society. NEU, JOHN TERNAY Chem Age 215 2nd Lt. C C.W.S.: Ir. A.C.S. NEWBY, HENRY L. Age 21g lst Lt. B Cav.g A.S.M.E. Q- MOSTYN, T. E. "Earl" AH Conroe Age Zlg Capt. D Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club. MUELLER, GEORGE L., JR. "Short Stull" VM Dallas Age 24g D Cav.: lr. A.V.M.A.5 Sbisa Volunteer: lr. Class Executive Committee. MURPHY, ALLEN ROSS Pet E E1 D "Hunky" orado, Ark. Age 23g lst Lt. H Inf.: A.l.M.E.g Petroleum Clubg Sbisa Volunteer. MURRAY, FRANCIS B. Ch E i'Eernie Dallas Age 21: C C.W.S.g Capt. Composite Regt. Stallg A.l.Ch.E.g Dallas Clubg Newman Club. MUSE, EDWARD CLAYTON, JR. CE Age 21g lst Lt., Znd in Command, C Eng.g Fort Worth Club. MYERS, WOODROW H. Pet E Age 22g lst Lt. K Inf.: A.I.M.E.g Petroleum Team. 'iMoose" Fort Worth A.S.C.E.g 'kWoodie" Munday Cluhg Rifle "Ternay" Commerce Brownwood Wa '42 NEVVMAN. LESLIE A., JR. "Les" LA San Antonio Age IO: lst Lt. B F.A.g Economics Club: Accounting So' cietyg 1313 Club. San Antonio Clubg Press Clubg Bat' talion Staff. NEXYTON. BRYANT 'kPiggy" Pet E San Antonio Age ll. E F.A.g A.I.M.E.: San Antonio Clubg Wrestling '397411 Boxing and Tumbling Team, NICHOLS, R. D. "Bob" AA Dallas Age 22: Dallas Club. NICOL. B. A57Ak7 Jacksonville Age IO: Inf. Band1 I.Ae.S. NORRIS, lvl. I.. IR. x'Spider" Agf Burleson Age Il: Capt. P.H. No. 2. NORTON. ,IULIAN M, "Bud" Ag Em: Grandview Age ZZ: lst Hu. EA.. A.S.A.E.: Hill County Club. Clubq R.V. NoRwooD, ARTHUR 1 IR Age 211 H F A E onomi s Club Aetounting Sotiety Houston Club NOVOSAD, NORMAN N Noxy Age 203 C Cax Attounting Sotiety V Pres Wharton County Club NYE, ALLAN R Bo Age Zlg lst Lt G Inf Industrial Edutation Club Tratlx Teamg Distingui hed Student ODELL, JACK M Age 213 lst Lt. B CAC A SME Abilene Club OGDEE, GEORGE I Soup Age 221 A FA Rio Grande Valley Club IE Club Recreational Olliuzr Fish YCHDIDCU OGDEN, WM. C i Fish and Game Brady Age 203 lst Lt D Cav Heart O Texas Mountaineers A fo-lg .xl i-'c k' 'xr enlo '155L2f"1 L31 fi., I - . 1 Q iiwl . 1 fi 1 - P 1. 341 . Y ' at 1 GE ljgxrgf ' fir?" . g:- 'k 'Ej. 'ei'J.r4i SHG Mft!-lit' . Lx, l. flT,l'4 .few "ft " as ' 3.12 ,' ' . 3491" v f.95"Qs.'f?.,-L. . -wc2,L4 r' 1. .I '1 . " -l ,'L"' o'KEEPE, F. F. 'N .ggpjl-rg'-1 . . ez " i nu.. ' " Ag Ed Richland Springs I I E. E Age zz.H1nf.. FEA. l El I Q . I1 ll it I, 1- Q K O'KELLEY, Vsflvl. C, "Major' 1 ME Houston G l Age 21g lst Hq. EA.: A.S.M.E.g Houston Club. gy 4 ,, OLIVER, LAURIE l AA San Saba Age 213 M Inf.. Pres. Cotton Soc.: V.'Pres. Heart O' Texas Mountaineers Club: Land of Lakes Clubg Market' ing and Finance Club. ORADAT, FRANK ROBERT, JR. Aero Electra Age 21g lst Lt. D F.A.g 1.Ac.S.: A.S.M,E. OVERBECK, E. M. L'Eddie" C11 E A Dallas Age 20g A C.VJ.S.g Capt. Bn. Stall. A.I.Ch.E,g Dallas Club. OWEN, HENRY C., IR. Ch E Dallas Age 21g A.l.Cli.E. OWENS, JACK B. "Sundown" LA Breckenridge Age 21g lst Lt, G F.A.g Accounting Socifrtyg Pres Eco' nomics Club: Biology Clubg Cross Countryg Distin' guished Student. OXFORD, W. F., JR. k'Dubl' Cliem Beaumont Age 203 C C.W.S.g Battalion Statlg Asst. Sports Editorg Sec. and Treas. A.C.S.g A.1.Cli.E.g V.fPres. Beaumont Clubg Jr.-Sr. Councilg Y'Cabinet1 Singing Cacletsg Y- Handbook Stall: Press Club. OZIER, BILLY B. Pre'Med ' Temple Age 20. 3 CHQ: Bell County Club. PACKARD, LAWRENCE H. "Larry" Ch E San Antonio Age 213 Capt. B C.W.S.: A.1,Ch.E.: San Antonio Club. PAPPAS, T. R. "Puny" AH Temple Age 21g lst Lt., 2nd in Command, D EA.: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Club. Bell County Clubg Fish YfCabinet. ARKER, GERALD W. L'Twoby" Corsicana Age 213 D Cav.g Ir. A.V.M.A.g Navarro County Club. om '42 PARKERSON. CHARLES R, "Charlie" Ch E Dallas Age 21: A.I.Ch.E. PARSONS, P. L, Ag Ed Sidney Age ll: EEA. PASSONS. JAMES P. i',linimy" AA XVheeler Age 20: Ex. 4-H Club. PEARCE. R. B. .'Toppy" ME Dallas Age 20: EA. Band. Lt. Col., Executive of Corps: Leader Aggieland Orehestrag A.S.M.E.: C.P.T.g Dallas Club. PEARSON, LEE M. Ch E College Station Age 23: C C.Vv'.S. PEARSON, M. M. "Enoch" LA Tyler Age 231 lst Lt., Znd in Command. C C.A.C.: Tyler Club, Pres. '40 and '42, Sec.fTreas. '-ll: See.fTreas. East Texas Club: Biology Club, Pres. '38, V.fPres. '41 and '-12g Economies Club: Texas Academy of Science: Dis' tinguished Student. PEGUES. S. S. AH Crystal City Age 211 B Caxxg Recreational Oiiiecrg Southwest Texas Club. PENA, W. M. "Willie" Arch Laredo Age 22: E Inf.: Capt. Regt. Staff: Newman Club: Arehif teetural Society: Pres. Laredo Club: Distinguished Stu' dent. PENDLETON, WARREN F. l'Dusty" Arch Mansfield, La. Age 203 A Eng.g Major Corps Staifg Architectural So' ciety. PENDLETON, WILLIAM L. "Bill" AH Stratford Age 203 K Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Block and Bridle Club: TrifState Club: junior and Senior Livestock judging Squadsg lst in Sophomore Livestock judging Contest. PENNEBAKER, JAMES M. "Penny" ME Fort Worth Age M 6th CHQ A S M E Fort Worth Club PENUEL, VICTOR B. "Vic" Cresson Age 193 2nd Lt. A Inf. PETTIT, B. E. "Beep" Ag Eng Comanche Age 22: lst Lt. F Eng.: V,'Pres. A.S.A.E.: S.A.M.E. PETTIT, E. AA Throcltmorton Age 22: N.M.: Marketing and Finance Club: Tlurockf morton Club. PETTIT, EDWARD Y. "Pappy" PME Electra Age 23: lst Lt., 2nd in Command. A Eng.: A.I.M.E.: A.S.M.E.: V.fPres. S.A.M.E.: Town Hall Staff. PHILLIPS, HUGH M. "Phil" VM Age 21: C Cav.: jr. A.V.M.A.: V.fPres. Piney Vifoods Club: Distinguished Student. PHILLIPS, MELVILLE M. AA Age 22: I Inf.: Recreational Gflicer. PICKARD, A. M. VM Age 20g D Cav.: lst Lt. 2nd Sqd. Stall: Ex 4-H Club: Junior A.V.M.A.: Wiimner of Danforth Fellowship, '-40. enidii ' Al- PERKINS. GEO. M. "Pork" PME McKinney Age 21: Znd Lt., F Eng. PERRY. EUGENE H. i'Gene" AA Fort Vvlortlx Age 21: Capt. C lnf.: Fort Vvlorth Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Rural Sociology Club. PERSOHN, W. ",lul1nny'l EE Dallas Age 21: A S.C.: Capt. Comp. Regt. Stall: Student Wclf fare Committee: A.l.E.E.: Dallas Club, PETERS. OTTG F., JR. "Pete" AA Galveston Age ll: M Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Account' ing Society: Economics Club: Galveston Club. PETRASH. E. B. "Pinky" EE Moulton Age 21: Ist Lt, B SC.: Lavaca County Club. PETTIGREW, JIM MOORE "Petty" CE Dallas Age 20: M Inf.: lst Lt. 3rd Bn. Stall: A,S.C.E.: Dallas Club: Distinguished Student. Gilmer Greenville Pecan Gap 89 W5 ,Ll-Q PINKERTON, 1. T. VM Age Zlg Iunior AX PLUMMER, ALLEN G. Ag Age 27: I FA.: Agronomy Societyg Rural Sociology Club: 18-Z3 Club: Hereford Herd. POLAND, ROBERT L. "Bob" ME Age 223 Major. P.H. Regiment: A.S.lv1,E.g S.A.lVl.E.g East Texas Clubg Student Vsfelfare Committee. POSEY. ABNER HARDIN "Dean" AH Age Zlfl: Ind Hq. F.A.g San Antonio Club. PQVVELL, L. L., JR. 'WVSHJCH EE Age ll:N.M.1A,l. POXYELL, R. G. "Sailor Boy" Cl! E Lufkin Age 161 Capt. C C.W,S.g Fish Numeral in Basketball: Reporter A.l.Ch.E.g Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Lufkin Clubg -lr.fSr. Council. Battalion Statlg Best Drilled, '40, PREJEAN, W, 1. '-colonel" Port Neches Age Zlg A Eng.g A.S.C.E.g S.A.M,E.g Port Arthur Club. L'Bi11y" San Antonio Architectural Winters NAI.. Stratford Age 21: H PA.: V.'Pres. TrifState Club: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg National Block and Bridle Club. San Angelo Age 20g lst Lt. B lnf.g Pres. San Angelo Club. Seymour REA. FRED Agr Age 21 REA, TED VM Age 20. READ, CARL, IR. AA Age 21. REAGAN, WOCDROW CE Age 24: 2nd Lt. D Eng.: A.S.C.E. REAVIS, CECIL LEON, IR. AA Age 21: I F.A.g Junior Editor of Battalion: Pres. Eastern Panhandle Club: Glee Club, 38739: Marketing and Finance Club: Battalion Stall: Press Club. REBER, WILLIAM H., IR. "Bill" PME Age 21: C C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: A.I.M.E.g Houston Club: Intramural Mgr.: Sailing Club. 1 N.M. 1 enio RAMAGE, I. C. "Ram" Agv' Iredell Age 215 K Inf.: Recreational Ollricerg Agronomy Society: Boxing Club: Lightflieavyweight Boxing Champion. l-lo"-ll. RAMSEL, CURTIS D. "C.D." AH Plains Age 24: I Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Distinguished Student: junior Meats Team. RAMSEL, G. W. "Buddy" AH Vwlinters Age 21: lst Lt, D F.A.: San Angelo Club: Pres. Permian Basin Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: R.V.g Town Hall Assistant: Duncan Volunteer. RASCOE, WILLIAM M. "Bill" CE Corpus Christi Age 21: 1st Lt. Inf. Band: A.S.C.E.: Culf Coast Club. RAVEY, ROBERT LEE "Speed'l AA Amarillo Age 22: lst Lt., Znd in Command. 3rd Hu. F.A.: Ama' rillo Club: Distinguished Student: 1Sf23 Club. RAY, VJALTER D. "Yankee" AA Houston Age 24: G C.A.C.: Accounting Society: Houston Club. "Fishman" Vs7eatherford Weatherford Bridgeport "Woody" Coliad "Rabbit" Shamrock Baytown 91 ,J-Hs 139 'ig gym Vfr. s t' g CJWQI' t-4' is REEVES. C. D. "Columbo" Fort Vv'ortb ' ' 1 '. .",,- lr .5 -- V.v,-- gag: 4. ..:. ,-'Fug i .LSv.'. i. for ibyni v 4 4' Q .. : 24.1, Aff xi' ' "iq 'A -,L-..:f.:e1 if 3' J' 'F5f,,.g.'-fin Q' Caj a' L- f'-A "1',:..-.M arg . -- Q M5 5 . f - - a. fi f-1.4 ff I U .I Ind "w3"' m"" I .i i ffvilf -' . " f lfiaiilg ' mf ' " I- -v -' Yi we ' ' It M W --a,.?,.,, ,Ll i Xt- W-,, - 5- YV I - . I ,J T v i i ' A 3 l I I Age 241 L Inf.: Economics Club: Marketing and Finance 1 Club: Fort XVortli Club. A REEVES, L. XY. uNubbin" Ag Ed Edgewood Age ZZ. D R.C.1 F.F.A.: Agricultural Education Club. Ii REINHARD. XYILLIAIVI PAUL "BlllN Pet E San Antonio Age 13: lst Lt.. Ind in Command, E C.A.C.: A.I.M.E.g San Antonio Club. Petroleum Club. REMINCTON. ERNEST E. "Sl'1otgun" AA Crabam Age 2l1 L Inf.: Economics Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Young County Club. RENAUD. A. FRED. JR. 'Rape' AA Houston Age 231 lgt Lt. IVI Inf.: Houston Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Fish Swimming Team Captain: Swim' ming Team: Vfater Polo. RHEMAN. CEO. A.. JR. AA Age 201 D Cav.: Econuinits Club: Freshman YfCabinet. Brookshire RICE. LEE Agv' Club: Preis Club. RICHARDSON, CHARLES R. RICHARDSON. TRAVIS S. Economics Club: Azteca Club: Y.M.C.A. 92 A Age ll: C F.A.: Major 3rd Bn. F.A.: V.fPres. Senior Claw: President Central Louisiana Club: A.S.M.E. San Antonio Age 211 A Cav.: Major Corps Staff: San Antonio Club Pulau Team: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle IE Trenton Age 233 Industrial Education Club: Singing Cadets. AH Hebbronville Age IU: lit Lt.. Ind in Command. A Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club. RIDER, A. M. A'Art LA Mexico City Age ZZ: D Cav.: Treas. Student Preabyterian League RINEHART. J. O. "Jim VM Springneld, Ill Age 25: FA. Band: junior A.V.M.A. RINCCOLD, XV. M. "Warren ME Alexandria, La I , 54. ,. IU. -gggfffgg .i V, , yi-.1 ' -rj-.f.--1 ,. .w..,,f-R-gf-q fgrr 311,37 P2 '5.q.5- yx fi 1 61. if ki I. . Qin-A.. ..'.f'I.5f7 ukgg' JF" I fg"W21' jsg 1a,1,2.v' nip! gr. 1 1 T .ff fF,,:.. .o,2g"ff-'2g.:'L. fast. ' 165. ' ,-.Kighe,2' .A if...-4 .y.,,. -A H ,..,,!.-,5, V W v L. . 4 X i I-:og . ag.. , u,f.'!2 .- ..,13:,2z4 gtg:-li rg, Plans RIORDAN, FRANK, IR. "Sarg" 1-1' '- '-Z - " " "fin-',tv.gr3. .. 1 1' 54' -H ,-fyw'-Qlyg. '- ii eruo 1 4 4, lf'g1:,',.w , ,q5.s1'3l1fms?,EI4iEfiZL1r.2 U iL'ifi,',:l'rL1 if r Y '15 I fn' v :rw-,412 . ' , 1 f v ,Q ,A ' E' ffl -rf Mfr .Q-1' " wg ' 2ff?i?f"SF'ffw zf ...Q - i?Fi'FG"1' f7?s'C2f' ' fi ll' it-if '-lfhrl 1 -I iQ2L3i'?4W.. Wifi 1' . 1, - ff, 5:,' ISIEE EQ.-g:1L it 4, M AA El Paso Age 21g lst Lt., 2nd in Command, C Cav.g Marketing and Finance Club, Boxing Clubg El Paso Clubg Houston Club. RISINGER, RAY B. L'Sweet Pea" AA Waco Age 21. ROBINSON, JOE F. 'kIron Jaw" AH Canyon Age 21: Capt. B Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Clubg Ex -PH Club: Block and Bridle Club. ROBINSON, R. A. L'Monte" ME Houston Age 22 ROBINSON, W. T. "Moose" PrefMed Big Spring Age 20, E F.A.. Capt. 2nd Bn. Staff, V.fPress United Science Clubg V.fPres. PrefMed Club: Pres. Big Spring Clubg Biology Clubg Economics Club, FA. Ball Com' mittee '41, RODDY, DAVID F. L'Rod" EE Denison Age 21, lst Lt., 2nd in Command, Hq. S.C.g A.I.E.E.g Grayson County Club: Duncan Volunteerg Radio Club. RODGERS, BILLY "Cotton" CE San Antonio Age 21: Recreational Oificerg A.S.C.E.' San Antonio Club. ROEDER, C. C., JR. "Heinie" AA Boerne Age 20: lst Lt. K Inf.g Sophomore Representative, Ac' counting Societyg Heart of Texas and Mountaineers Club, Marketing and Finance Club. ROEMER, C. R. "Red Bird" Ag Houston Age 20g I Inf., Rural Sociology Club, Spanish Club. ROGERS, LEE W. AA Bishop Age 203 lst Hq. F.A.g Student Representativeg Market' ing and Finance Club: Press Clubg Gulf Coast Club, Managing Editor Battalion, Sgt. at Arms, OBB's. ROHRER, WAYNE "Doc" Agr Galveston Age 21g 2nd Lt. G Inf.g Recreational OfHcerg Rural Sociology Clubg Galveston Club. ROLLINS, H. M. "Moak" ME Gulfport, Miss. Age 20g B C.A.C.g Major Reg. Staifg A.S.M.E., V.-Pres. '42, Treas. '41, Distinguished Student. 1 5f'!1Q 'Zf..fg.:.. r F: 5 E, t i 'l l igilii ll ll ll ?l1 if fl 5' ,xt ', A i' dl, i rbr in ,I y1"f:5 Pi . , i.. 1 ., , ..,. .1-if r 'M' S 'qfifl 4. vu .. ROMING. JATNTES A. "jimmy" . DH Eddy Age Il: Ind Lt. K Inf.: Krealn and Row Klub. ROMINCER. ROBIN L. l'Rob" LA Breckenridge Age Ill: lst Lt.. Ind in Command. G F.A.g Accounting Society. Pres. '41, Sec.fTreas. '-40: V.-Pres. Eeonomics Club. Gil Belt Club1 R.O.A.: Golf: Student Vfellarre Rep. ROSENTHAL, E. M. "Manny" AH Fort Vilorth m '42 Age 19: lst Lt, F EA.: Battalion Staff, lr. Editor. '-ll. Associate Editor, '421 Hillel Councilman: Scholarship Honor Society: Fort Vforth Club: Meats judging Team. '397-HI: Distinguished Student. ROSE. GUY M. NIE Dallas Age 21: E C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.1 Dallas Club. ROSS. CLARK. IR. "Route Step" EE Marshall Age ZH: B S.C,: East Texas Club: Radio Club: Cryptog' raphy Club: A.I,E.E. ROUTH. JOE INT. Ag Ed Abilene , 'X 'e 'T' 1't Lt 1 t H F 'K' -Kbilene Club' A Ed So .L ..-. e .S q. .i.,. . Q. .ef cieryg Vsfatchdog and Song Leader, EFA.: Duncan Volunteers. RUBLE, HENRY M. Bertram Age IU: lst Lt.. Znd in Command. I lnf.: Land of Lakes Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. RUSSELL, D. L. "Deekie" AA Temple Age 15: M.C. Cav.: Major. 2nd Sqd. Staff: Cotton So' ciety: V.fPres. Bell County Club, '4l1 Marketing and Finance Club, RUSSELL. ROBERT R. "Bob" Mineral Wells Age 20. Major of Band: A.S.M.E.: NX'ho's Vi'ho in American Colleges and Universities. SAUNDERS, D. "jay" Goose Creek Age 21: 3 CHQ.: Houston Club: "YN Club: Economics Club. A SCHAWE, EDGAR J. "Happy" Knippa Age 22: Inf.: Southwest Texas Club: Newman Club: Marketing and Finance Club. SCHERZ. O. E. Land San Angelo Age 20: C F.A.: lst Lt. Bn. Staff: Student Welfare Rep' resentative: Landscape Art Club, Pres. '41, Sec. '4Og San Angelo Club. SCHWINN, DAVID C. Fish and Game Age 21g 2nd Lt. A C,A.C.g Houston Clubg Fish and Game Club. SCRUCGS, WALLACE LA Age 21g 1 CHQ.g Economies Clubg Biology Club. scooom, JOHN D. AA Age 223 lst Lt. I Inf.g Capt. Baseball Teamg Marketing - and Finance Clubg Grayson County Club. SCOTT, F. E. "Sarge" Hott San Saba Age 20g I lnf.g See.fTreas. Horticulture Society: San Saba Clubg Heart 0' Texas and Mountaineers Club. SEARS, L. A. "Lonnie" CE McKinney Age 20g A C.W.S.g Pres. Collin County Clubg A.S.C.E.g Fish "Y" Cabinetg Distinguished Student. SEEWALD, HUGHES "Buddy" Sci Amarillo Age 223 A Cav.g Major lst Sqd. Cav.g Amarillo Club. SCHEUMACK, JAMES F. "Chuck" CE Victoria Age 233 Ind Lt. E Eng.: A,S,C.E.g S.A.lVl.E.: Victoria County Club. SCHMALZ, 1. P. PCE E Dallas Age 245 lst Lt. F C.A,C.: Dallas Club. SCHMIDT, K, E. 'ismittyl' Land San Antonio Age 20: lst Lt. A FA.: Publicity Director of Landscape Clubg R.V.g San Antonio Club: Cabinet. SCHNEIDER, JACK H. "Mule" ME Houston Age 22g H C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Houston Clubg Fish "Yu Cabinet. SCHROETER, OTTO E. AWD Marble Falls Age 235 Land of Lakes Club. SCHULZE, VJARREN C. "Dusty" AA Mason Age 203 lst Lt. H lnf.g Accounting Society: Heart of Texas and Mountaineers Clubg Distinguished Student. "Onion" Houston "Wally" Ballinger uscogn Collinsville m ,42 SHARP. ROBERT H. "Bob" ME Port Arthur Age ISL Ind Lt. A Engg A.S.Nl.E.: S.A.M.E.: Port Arthur Club. SHAVE. LERQY VV. ME Star Age 221 B Inf.: A.S.lVl.E. SHELTON. DAVID k'Dave" AH Houston Age 211 Capt. C Caxzz Student VVell'are: Saddle E! Sir' loin Clubg Block and Bridle Club: Brazos County Club: Polo '39, SHELTON. gl. A. "jim" Pez E Brownfield Age Zlg A EA.: A.I.M.E,: South Plains Club: Beat Drilled lvledal A EA. '-10. SHEPHERD. NEAL H. "Shep" EE ME Bryan Age ll: Hu. S.C.: A.l,E,E.: Distinguished Studentg Scholarship Honor Society. SHINN. ELVVYN M, ME Grand Saline Age 121 L Inf.: A.S,lVl.E. 3 SHIPLEY. JOHN L. Ag Ed SHURLEY. J. K. SIMPSON. XVOODROVJ W. SINEX, JAMES Pet E Age 20. lst Lt. l Inf.: Kaufman County Club. EEA.: 18113 Club. Distinguished Student. Age ll: lst Lt. D Eng.. A.S.C.E.: S.A.NI.E. Age Zl: lst Lt. D C.A.C.: A.S.M.E. Age 20g D Inf.: Furt Wortli Club. aship.. Kaufman ajack.. Sonora ..WOOdy.. Dallas ajimmy.. Fort Worth SISSOM, A. VJ. Honor Society. SRAGGS, R. E. ME Age 24, C Eng., Major lst Bn. Staff, A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E "Altice" Alvarado Age 20: A SC.: lst Lt. Bn. Stall. A.I.E.E.g Scholarship Bob Dallas I 5511 xg?-F s"'.: . . - Zfswiti fn., I , x ywf - 2 1.:- ,511-f 13 5.-1 "A'g.+i- . -, . s,f4"?e1f'F'-I K . ff7??,1:Eli ' Y 's ffgsiii? 1: . 3 'A-11-V, x.: - Lg .5 -X - 1,5 A o ff 5 A.: ' . - A .ah ,Q 'fQ!.f14:1q.g'l.,QAil 4, 2:2531 1, eruo I 'f!bal::7if':,. f , . 1 G:"':,f gi" 'K 7? SQ-.?M9.k,j: fy Eil'1.tf::-.'a1fgf' . '9llT'.':'f 5511: ff 2 ' 71" af, q 'hx 5, H -V.1taf-- l 2s21f"pw2fssf ' " 1 if .zu ' 5,'4:.41-Jgiifg, .fz.. A:ig'3:.s 1, A ...,,.f,,. ,-,.-.. .., j'.q'::Zg:, -3 -gg. , ,v v, . ,Q L,-.Q gf.f2L- 'xi A ' :-X 4 1' Q+gw. 1, '- 'X SKIDMORE, RIJAH G, 55 a Aero Grapeland A Age 215 Capt. E C.A.C.g V.'Chairman I.Ae.S.: RV. 4 5 E E 5 l 4 , 'Z I 1 . 2 SKRABANEK, ROBERT I.. "Screw" Snool: ' Age 23, E C.A.C.g Pres. Burleson County Clubg V.fPres. Rural Sociology Club, Czech Club, Sec.fTreas. '42, Ref porter '41, Leon County Club: Fish and Game Club. 3 lp . l Y .' e 4 SLACK, THOMAS E. I ME Amarillo I Age 24: Inf. Band, A.S.M.E.g Amarillo Club: Librarian and Student Conductor Aggie Band. SLADORNIK, REN PME Bartlett Age 22, Petroleum Club. gn. SLEEPER, JOHN AH Elm Mott Age 22g C Inf., Block and Bridle Club: Saddle and Sir' loin Club, Asst. Adv. Mgr. Battalion, Press Club, Mc' Lennan County Club. SLEEPER, W. C. 5 ME New Orleans, La. Age 25g Capt. H F.A.. Varsity Tennis. Fish Football: Best Drilled Medal H F.A. '39, A.S.M.E. I F l SMITH, ARTHUR LEE, IR. l'SnulTy" Fish and Game Bryan Age 21, lst Lt. A F.A.g Fish and Game Club, Fortnightly Clubg Distinguished Studentg R.V. SMITH, CHARLES L. "Smitty" ME Houston Age 21, 3 Hq. F.A.g A.S.M.E.g Houston Club. SMITH, GORDON L. CE Lorneta Age 223 M Inf. SMITH, H. FORREST "Mopey" ME Houston Age 22, H C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Houston Club, Fish "Y" Cabinet. SMITH, HAROLD S. "Snulfy" AA Prosper Age 22, Accounting Societyg Collin County Club. SMITH, JAMES W. "Bulb" Arch Dallas Age 215 Capt. 1st Hq. F.A., Architecture Societyg Dallas Club, R.V. M ms l-42 SMITH. LARRY R. IIE Fort Vfortli Age 19g Ist Lt, G Inf.: A.S.lVl.E.1 Fort Vfortlx Club, SMITH, XYINSTON GLENN "Smitty" Per E Amarlllo Age Il: B FAQ RCC1'CtllIUD21l Olllcerg .'X.I.M.E,: Petro' leum Club: BUXIIIQ Club 'ZS7-ll: Suph Boxing Champ: Head XXIQIIKCY, Duncan Vulunteerb. SMITHAM. FRED Cll E Dallas Age IU: C C.Vs'.S.g lwlajor Regt. Stallg Town Hall lwlgrp Scholarship Honor Sucletyg A.I.Cl1.E.1 Pres. Student Y.lVl.C.A.g Eng. Ct-uncllg Vfhuls Vfho in American Colleges and Umverbmties. SMITHER. IRVINE F. AA Curpus Chnsti Age 22: B C,A.C.1 Marketing and Finance Clubg Gull' Coart Club. SMITHER. JACK M. "jack" ME Dallas Age Ill: Capt. C C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: R.V.1 Dallas Clubg Dl5lIDgLlI5l1Cd Studentg Best Drllled Medial C C.A.C. '-40. SOMERVILLE, CEO. R.. IR. "Slim" C11 E San Antunio Age QU: B C.Vs'.S.1 Major Corps Stall: A.I.Cl1.E.: San Antnnnu Clulwg Distlnguxshed Student. Pet E 98 SONBERG, STANJLEX I' Stan Pct E Beexxlle Age QU: lat nd nn Cumnnn KI Petroleum Clulw SPARKMAN, CLARENCE Rpqrlty 1 t Lt -X C, Age 211 s xx lr AVIVIK SPARKS, GEORGE H Sarge Ag Ed Blamo Age 'lflg 'lnd Lt fx Inf Af., E ICIN I: SPARKS, TOM C PvefMed Amarxllo Age 21: 1.t Lr nd ID Commmd F F K Pre e Clulvg V.fPre Mnanllo Club Duntm Volunteer s SPIVEY. MARSHALL Age 20g Capt CAC Regt Stall Student Rep Ath Ictic Council T Cluln Football T 1 lt SPRINGFIELD, HARRY B prmgy Age 21g C Eng, STEED, NETUM A. P515 E Dallas 1 Age 21: lst Lt. E EA.: A.I.M.E.: Dallas Club: Vkfichita Falls Club: R.V.: Distinguished Student. STENGEL, LEE ROY "Stud" AA Mason Age 21: 2nd Lt. H tional Officer: Heart of Texas Club. STEPHENSON, JAMES EA F. Houston Club: Sbisa STEPHENS, R. A. "Steve" Ag Ed Gordon Age 20: E Inf.: Ag. Ed. Club: F.F.A. STERLING, EDWARD A., III "Butchl' ME Laredo Age 21: 1st Lt. F F.A.: A.S.M.E.g Laredo Club. STERLING, J. R. "jim" Agv Panhandle Age 20: lst Lt. lst Hq. F.A.: V.'Pres. "T" Club: Eoot' ball. Inf.: Accounting Society: Recreaf Age 23: A Eng.: See.-Treas. S.A.M.E.: Town Hall Asst.: Volunteer: Longhorn Stall. SPRINKLE, C. C., IR. Ch E "Cicero" Gadsden. Ala. Age 20: lst Lt. C C.Vs'.S.: Duncan Yolunteen Scholar' ship Honor Society. STALEY, S. S. Aero "Skeen" Dallas Age 20: Capt. E Eng.: Yell Leader '-40: Head Yell Leader '-ll: Senior Rep. Student Eng. Council: l.Ae.S.: A.S.M.E.: Dallas Club: Fish Cabinet: Best Drilled Medal E Eng. '-10: Student Aid Fund Committee: Cabinet: Vifhols Vv'ho in American Colleges and Uni' Versities. STANDISH, GUS Pct E "Rock" Houston Age 22: 'Znd Lt, C C.A,C.: A.l.M.E.: Houston Club: Petroleum Club: Geology Club. STANFORD, GEORGE LEE Ag Eng Age Zlg I Inf.1 A.S.A,E. STAUDT, VJM. C. AA Linden ..BiH.. San Antonio Age 22: 2nd Lt. G EA.: Accounting Society: San An' tonio Club, Economics Club. STEARMAN, VJ. C., JR. CE Age 21: E Eng: Capt. Ind Bn. Statlz hcer: A.S.C.E.: 2nd V.fPres. S.A.M.E. "Dr. Cyclops" ru. "Steve" Houston 99 "Bill" Dallas Recreational Off ' . :JN n ZA JF,1','- 'P L41 ' F N1 PSEQQD- g'i..1.:. ' fi Q -: . . ' gl v' 1- .- .m' - ,4.',.' '-- ,ii 4. ' " . , 'Fi 5512... R 2 gg ,ff 1 55,3123 fight - i mill: , i . F . ':,T1f' fbi., 5 ,Ad H77 E:f.1Qif1.2'f 1 7 5 - ' mag STERLING. MAC E. "Mae" 'XA' ' - AA Dallas J J Age IVF: E EA.: Prev Club: Dallas Club: Battalion Art I ' l J Staff. Baseball Squad. J , STEVENS. JOE T. J J Full ff Game Bandera J J Age ll: Capt. Hq. Cay.1 V.fPres. Fish and Game Club. i M i I STEVENS. MORRIS H. "stew" ME Jacksonville Age ll: EA. Band1 A.S.M.E.g Jacksonville Club1Scholarf Qhip Honor Society. STEYENSON, ROBERT L. "Steve" AA Lovelady Age IU: lst Lt. L Inf.: Accounting Society: Houston Club: Scholarship Honor Society. STEXVART. CLAUDE C. "Cornwater" Ag Ed Bosqueville Age ll: Capt. Corps Band. Drum Major EA. Bandg EEA. STEXYARD, T. B. "Stay" IE Rosser Age ll: l EA.: Kaulman County Club: Industrial Edu' cation Club. STOCKARD, RAY "Reverend" Hurt Lewisville Age ZZ: N.M.g Horticultural Society: Denton County Club. STOKES, JOE JR. "Joe Daniel" Ag Port Arthur Age 22g B F.A.g lst Lt. lst Bn. Statfg Rural Sociology Club: Port Arthur Club: Fish Intramural lvlgltg Long' horn Staff, Distinguished Student. STONE, CARRETT, M. "Jim" LA Amarillo Age Il: E F.A.g Pistol Team: Economics Clubg Bandg Panhandle Club. STONE, JAMES H., JR. "Jack" AA Dallas Age 20g Dallas Clubg R.V. STOPPLE, WM. J. "Chick" ri EE Dallas Age 213 A S.C.g Dallas Club. li STRACENER. J. R. "Ray" Aero Longview Age Zlg 5 CH.Q.g l.Ae.S.g East Texas Clubg Glee Club. Society. SWIGERT, WM. F. 'LBil1" CE XVaco Age Zi: A.S.C.E.: Vv'aco Club: Fencing Team. TABLEMAN, HOVJARD "Dusty" AA Cisco Age 20: lst Lt., Znd in Command. C F.A.: Marketing and Finance Club: Oil Belt Club: Distinguished Student. TATE, J. B. "Bugs" Aga' Waxahachie Age 21: D Inf. TAYLOR, CHARLES M. "Chas" AA San Antonio Age 21: lst Lt. E F.A.: Marketing and Finance Club: Economics Club: San Antonio Club: Recreational Ofhcerz Boxing Champ: R.V.: Best Drilled Medal '-10: Distinf guished Student. TAYLOR, GLENN, IR. 'kRock" AH Albany Age 20: A Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club. TAYLOR, JACK B. AH Aspermont Age 24: Capt. 3 Hq. F.A.: V.fPres. Saddle and Sirloin Club: V.fPres. Block and Bridle Club: TransfPeeos Club: Winner Danforth Fellowship: Agronomy Society: Best Drilled Medal '39: Distinguished Student: Pres. Scholar' ship Honor Society. ,-,i1:V,g:4':1q'.' 1: , for .flag V M if f-333,13 encogzi .ist STRAUCH, C. B. Pet E Normanna Age 22: C F.A. STREATER, L. C. "Gootch" EE Port Arthur Age 21: Hq. SC.: Major Bn. Statig V.fPres, -lr.'Sr. Council: Program Chairman A.l.E.E.: Port Arthur Club: NVinner National Drawing Contest: Distinguished Stu' dent. STUART. TOMMIE E. "Tom" Roby Age 21: F.A.: Block and Bridle Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. STUBBS, SCOTT C. "Scotty" Cli E San Antonio Age ZZ: A C.Vv'.S.: Recreational Olhcer: A.I.Ch.E. SUMNER, CEO. C. Fort Vforth Age 10: lst Lt. A C.A.C.: A.l.E,E. Engineer Rep: Fort Vx'orth Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Radio Club. SVUAIN: VVILLIAM C. "Bill" Ch E Dallas Age 21: A C.Vv'.S.: Major Staff: Sec.fTreas. A.l.Ch.E.: Dallas Club: Newman Club: Fish "YH Cabinet: lntraf mural Mgr.: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor V-T.. . lOl 9 f W5 ZIQ TAYLOR, IIMMIE "Fong" Aero Sonora Age IO: lst Lt. A Inf.: San Angelo Club: 18-Z3 Club. TAYLOR, LOUIS i'Pappy" Ag Eng Colorado City Age Zi: Ist Lt. A C.A.C.: A.S.A.E. TAYLOR. NEAL A. Per E Xvater Valley Age 23: Ist Lt. A Inf.: San Angelo Club: Petroleum Club. TEAGUE, JESSE A. CE Bellevue . Age Il: lst Lt. A Eng.: Pres, A.S.C.E.: S.A.M.E.: En' eineers Council. TERRELL. KENNETH V. "K.V." Cli E El Paso Age 21: Capt. A C.Vv'.S.: El Paso Club: A.I.Ch.E.: Dis' tinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society: Best Drilled. '-IU. THOMAS, EDXYIN E. 'kjugn IE Jefferson Age 20: Aggie Band: Industrial Education Club: V.- Pres. Ivlarion and Cass County Club: Rifle Team: "Mtv ehineu: Cryptography Club. 3575 THOMASON. R. B. "Back" AH Huntsville Age 19: D EA.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club. THOMPSON, C. E. "Charlie" VM Peatsall Age ll: B Cav.: lst Lt. lst Sud. Staff: A.V.M.A.: South' west Texas Club: Shisa Volunteer. THOMPSON, HARRY I., JR. 'xHogjaw" PetE Marshall Age 21: C- C.A.C.: lst Lt. 2nd Bn. Staff: Sec. East Texas Club: Treas. '39: A.I.M.E.: 1803 Club: Petro' leum Club. THOMPSON, J. W. "lub" Ch E Miami Age 21: lst Lt., 'lnd in Command, C C.W.S.: A.I.Ch,E.: Eastern Panhandle Club: Finals Math Contest: Distinf guished Student. THOMPSON, M. M. LA Dallas Age 22: B Inf.: Dallas Club: Economics Club. THRIFT, WILLIAM TERRY, JR. Arch San Antonio Age 20: lst Lt., E EA.: Pres. Freshman Class: Treas. Architectural Club: V.'Pres. Y.M.C.A.: Inter-Church Council: Cosmopolitan Club: Personnel Oilicer. ,- TODD, WILLIAM W. AA Age 21g R.V,g San Antonio Club: Di TOLAND, C. 1. ME Age 213 Capt. F.A. Bandg A,S.M.E Aggie Band. TOMASO, LOUIE Pet E .g Gulf Coast Clubg THU RMAN, D. C. L .iBug.. Euro Menard Age 21: Managing Editor, Battalion: Pres. Entomology Club: Sec. Biology Club: Sec. United Science Cluhg Asst. Editor, Agriculturist: Scholarship Honor Society. THVVING, R. C. PME ulimmie' Aransas Pass Age 205 lst Lt, D C.A.C.: Gulf Coast Club: A.I.M.E. TIERCE, M. L. VM Age 215 K Inf. TILTQN, R. JACK PerE "Lou" Millsap "Tak" Benavides Age 22: 2nd Hq. F.A.g lst Lt. lst Bn. Staff: Petroleum Clubg A.1.M.E.g Student Vifelfare Repg Distinguished Student. TIMMONS, ED A. CE 'iPorky" Amarillo Age 223 G 1nf.g lst Lt. 2nd Bn. Stalfg A.S.C.E.g Panf handle Club, TITLEY. RICHARD I. Geal Age 21g A C.A.C.g R.V.: Dallas Club. "Bill" San Antonio stinguished Student. ...Jim-. Taft "Tomato" Dallas Age 215 Major 2nd Bn. C.A.C. Staffg V.-Pres. Petro' leum Clubg Dallas Clubg Newman Clubg A.1.M.E.g slr. Petroleum Awardg Fish Sliderule Contest, 2nd Placeg Fish Math Contestg Soph Math Co Studentg Scholarship Honor Society. TRANTHAM, WALTER EARL, JR. LA Age 225 F C.A.C.g Economics Club: Biology Clubg Rio Grande Valley Club: L'Engineer" Stallg History Student Asst.g Press Clubg Distinguished Student. TREGRE, LOUIS S., IR. Arch ntestg Distinguished McAllen "Louie" Baton Rouge, La. Age 215 Eng.g lst Lt, lst Bn. Staffg Architectural Society. TRIESCH, GILBERT ROBERT Fish and Game Age 224 1st Hq. F.A.g Reporter Fish and Game Clubg San Antonio Cluhg Entomology Clubg A.S.M.g United Science Clubg Biology Cluhg txAg1'1CL1 - 1 ..Bud.. San Antonio lturist" Staff. 103 "Dick" Dallas Geology Club, Pres. '41, Sec. '-105 l l l 4 uspud.. A Eng im Angelo L q B qta 'x.S.A.E.: X 'KN CLE 'XX E GEORGE C uVan" X E Port Arthur Lt Q C Ax S M E lntrtmurtl X11 r Port Ar' Barstow ub. "Pete" Bryan XX olle City M4 1 6 CH 'Xttuuntmg qoucty Marlxcting and X ESTAL M E "Toby" Al, Ed Mart VILL LXMIL, JORGE A George ALT Mmatx Puerto Rlco Age 21: C Cu Agronomy Qouetv V Pxe Puerto Rico Club: Cosmopolltan Club Senior Toxxn H411 A t XX LKDDELL, J, 'VI Wwcldle Pet E Houston 'Xgc 213 B Inf 1 t Lt 1Qt Bn qtnll' T1ea Petro cum Club: A.1.ME Hou ton Club Btt Drlllccl Mcdul B Inf '-105 D1 t1ng,u1Qhtd qtudtnt XVADE D. F., JR Flash Xgc 205 C Inf Attountmp, Sotxtty Football '48 41 XX KGCJONER. CURTIS P Wag AA 'Xgc 21g M Inf ELOHOHIILQ Club Dtnton County Club Pres. '42, Tren 40 Mwrltetxng 'md Flnince Club WAKEFIELD, LEON A My 20g C lnf Etonomlt Club Mxdx on County Club WAlxELAND, E W Cury Args 20g Singxng Cadets Ellmc County Club :5 gb! .53-In, 'if ' . ' Wi-XLLACE, JAMES C. 'zliminit Agr Churcu Age 22: N.M.: Agronomy Society: Distinguished Stu' dent: Scholarship Honor Society. NVALLACE. W. W, "Bill" Pet E Cisco Age ll: B FA.: A,l.M.E. VJALTCN, DONALD H. "Don" AA El Paso Age 21: lst Lt. C Cav.: Y,M,C,A. Cabinet: Accounting Society: El Paso Club: Agriculturist Magazine: Battalion Adv. Staff. VJALVOORD, .lAlV1ES G. 'zliiif' ME Dallas Age 20: Capt. F C.A.C.: A,S.M.E.1 R.V.: Dallas Club. t WARD. W. T. "Tectlc" Ag Ed Childress Age 22: H F.A.: F.F.A. VUARNER, HOWARD C. HSpooli'l Agv' Bryan Age 21: F F.A.: Fish Crops Contest: Sec.fTrcas. Agronf oiny Society: V.-Pres. Natl lr. Society of Agronomy: Pistol Team: Sbisa Volunteer: Cotton Society: Agri' culturist Stall. WARREN, R. 'LBu:2" AA Marlin Age 20: V.fPres. Falls County Club. WARREN, ROBT. M. "Bob" AA Frisco Age 21: lst Hq. F.A.: Collin County Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinf guished Student. WATKINS, M. L. 'kCobbler" AH Eden Age 21: 1st Lt. H Inf.: Pres. Heart of Texas Club: Sad- dle EJ Sirloin Club: Block 6? Bridle Club: Duncan Volunteer. WATSON, JOSEPH P. 'iiloen EE New London Age 21: A S.C.g A.I.E.E.g Recreational Officer: Pres. East Texas Club. WATZKE, D. W. "Don" ME El Paso Age 21: F C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: El Paso Club. WEAVER, O. M., JR. "Dough" ME Bonham Age 21: 1st Lt. A F.A.: A.S.M.E.: Bonham Club: Fish "Y" Cabinet: Soph Math Contest. i 1. e A M '42 XYEBB. GEORGE A. Aga Z". -ltb C H.Q.g Dnllai Club: AA Fxnanrc Club. XYEBB. F. LA Age 221 FA Bundg Sun Angelo Club. "Duck" Dallas fxhrlisting and "Chick" San Angelo XYELCTH. RAYMOND K'Srnokcy" AA Sterlmg Clty Ago 291 L lnf: Sun Angelo Club. XYELSH. TOfXl C.. -IR. "Tommy" KIE Houston Age Ili D FA.: A.S.M.E.1 Houxton Club. NYESTBROOK. CLYDE H.. JR. "Dusty" Ch E Melvin Ago Il: 14 Lt. B C.XX'.S.g A.l.Cb.E.: San Angelo Club: -lI'.'sI'. Cuuncxl. NYESTBROOK. LUTHER, LA Age Il: H HA.: Capt Navarro County Club: K . 3rd Bn. Stall: Economics Club: Dntmguislxcd Student. XYHEAT. JOHN D Bu tel AH Age 201 Hq ffm Saddlt and Snrloln Club Roph Luc Stock judgin Conn VUHITE, A. E, Buddy Ag Ed Puwall Age 'llz Cipt Cv I f Sec FFA Soutlxwut Texan Club, Pres. Set Trcai 41 F1 b Lxxeqotlx udgmng Tcu m. XYHITE. S. M. 0 Ag Eng Houston Age 22: lt Lt 'nd ln Command F Eng Hougton ClulD1A.S.AE SAME NVHITFILL, R. lx Ag Ed Demson Age 205 Inf Set Treas Poultry Suemt Club FFA Grayson County Club Poultry udgxng, Team DlNtlD guisbcd Student VJHITMORE, HARRY E Hdtty ME Age 213 lst Lt 7nd 1n Command B CA C ASME R,V.g Cru ion Count Club 5 Y VCHITNIEY C C IR Age 223 :nd Lt Dlang ASME ASCE CFCDQ Age 70 Ist Lt Hq Cav Pres Pie byterian Student Assn lxream and lxow Ixlub Rio Grande Valley Club. WILLIAMS T A 'LRumdum" Age 70 B Cai Capt lst Sqd Stall Polo Teamg Saddle and Sirloin Club Block and Bridle Club: San Antonio WILLINGHAM JAMES ERNEST III "Jew" PME Sabinal A e 70 Ist Lt 7nd Hq FA A I M.E.g A.S.M.E.g WILMETH E D "Gene" , Agr Ebony Age 70 D Inf Pres Agronomy Societyg Circulation Mgr Battalion Press Club Capt Cros Countryg Gum- shoe Duncan Dmer Scholarship Honor Society. WILSON JAMES L "jimmy" Age 21 'nd Lt F Inf ASME Scholarship Honor eniom VVIEKLUND, HAROLD P. "Swede" ME Houston Age 234 2 C A.S.M.E.: Houston Club. VJILBORN. EDGAR D. "Shorty" Ag Eng Alvord Age 21g N,M.: A.S.A.E. XYILLIAMS, DONALD L. ME Dallas Age Zlg G C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Dallas Club. VJILLIAMS, GEORGE, IR. k'Pinkie" Ag Ed Eldorado Age 11: lst Lt.. Ind in Command. lst Hu. EA.: Recrea' tional Officer: San Angelo Club: F.F.A. VJILLIAMS, GORDON VUAYNE i'G.Vv'." ME Marlin Age Zlg Ist Lt. G C.A.C.g A.S.M.E.g Sec. Falls County Club. VJILLIAMS, JAMES H. "Curley" CE Sherman Age 'l1gA Eng.g A.S.C.E.q Grayson County Clubg C.A,A. l "Steve" , Los Fresnos San Antonio Ross Everman O 'S C11 E Pasadena XX ILNON 'xi if lx R 'KH NIOND "Mack" Gicldings XX ILNON TONI F "Tommy" Aki Pilot Point L 1 I L, I I Xi t P L Dtntnn Countx Club. MICH.. Beaumont C XX S r br Cuumil Bpaurnunt Club: XXILSON XX X1 D uB1ll" Pruspcr LL iuntin qouttx Marketing and im Club Ct in Ciuntx Club E1 h Bascballg Dis' XX INC HESTER JAMES "Sunshine" Shamrock L ' Lt CXX 9 'X I Ch E Eastern Pan' XXIQCHKAEMPER T F PAUL Vvih AA Age ll: I Inl Mu cting, in IIHLIILL Club Spam 1 Clubg Eastern Pmnblndlt Club Di tingui had qtudcnt XX ISE. COLLINS Boo-,hic Ag Ed Roclxvmod Age IU: G In F XX IQE. FRANKLIN A Fc ulw: Frank Pet E lxcrcns AgCZ3gBEng SAME AIIVIE XXITTENBACH, A j IR Witt Aew Harlingen Age 21g L Inl Riu Grande Vtllty Club WOFFORD, VJILLIAM T i EE Age 21: Znd XVorth Club. LFE, J. P. DH Age IU: Capt Sqniur Classg lxrcam and lxow Klub Set Trcas Heart ul Texas and Mountaineers Club eniom , Q WOLFE, PAUL I. "Poojie" Ch E Amarillo Age 21, C C.W.S., A.I.Ch.E,, Amarillo Club, Scholar' ship Honor Society. WOOD, V. D., IR. "Woody" ME Texarkana Age 21, lst Lt. D Eng., Recreational Officer, S.A.M.E., f , A.S.M.E., Texarkana Club. P WOODHAM, ROBERT E., IR. "Bob" C11 E Beaumont Age 211 A F.Aig A.I,Ch.E.g Beaumont Club, Dis' tinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society. WOOLFORD, JOHN L. "Johnny" LA Galveston Age 21, Galveston Club, Economics Club. WORD, WM. A. "Bill" AA Alice Age 22, Marketing and Finance Club. WRIGHT, JAMES D. RS Yantis Age 24, I Inf., Rural Sociology Club. WRIGHT, ORMOND W. P515 E Amarillo Age ZO, 1st Lt. D Eng., S.A.M.E., A.I.M.E., Petroleum Club, Amarillo Club. YAGER, B. T., IR. AH Wellborn Age 20, Capt. Cav. Regt. Staff, Agronomy Society, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Block and Bridle Club, Dis' tinguishecl Student. YANKEE, R. D. "Rusty" Ch E Fort Worth Age 20, B C.W.S., Recreational Ofhcerg A.1.Ch.E., Fort Worth Club. YANTIS, RAY I. CE Dublin Age 21, 2nd Lt. D Inf., A.S.C.E. YETTER, S. N. k'Sug" Aero Dallas Age 20, 1st Lt. D C.A.C., LAe.S., Dallas Club. YOUNG, S, H. ME Dallas Age 25, A Eng., Capt. Regt. Staff, A.S.M.E., Dallas Club. , I M '42 W BONEY. XY. A.. IR. "Bill" VM Iola Age 25: NSI.: Ir. A.V.IVl.A. CAI.DVs'EI.I.. FRANK VXI Peoria, Ill. Age 301 Nhl.: Ir. A.V.IVl.A. CASHION. ROSS B. LA Coldspring Age Il: N.M.g Math Club. Distinguished Student. ECHEGARAY, .IULIO "Guto'I VIH Lares, Puerto Rico Age 27. A Cav.: Sec."I-reas. Puerto Rico Clubg -Ir. A.V.fVl.A.1 Cosmopolitan Club. EVANS. MURRAY AA fwlcliinney Age 26: N.M.1 Battalion Staff: Assistant in Cotton Mar' keting Dept.: Cotton Society: Collin County Clubg Aggieland Orchestraz Scholarship Honor Society. FAGAN. JOE CAIL Aero Stephenville Age 263 l,Ae.S.1 A.S.M.E. FOSHEE. RAY DI. Vfest Columbia ' Age 23: N.M.: Pres. Brazoria County Club1 Biology Clubg Ir. A.V.M.A.g Intramural Manager. GIBSON, JOHN XV. Ag Ed Melissa Age 293 N.M.: Collin County Club: I:.I:.A.: Distinguished Studentg Scholarship Honor Society. ISAAC, CHARLES "Kinky" VM Port Arthur Age 28: -Ir. A.V.M.A., Pres. '-ll. Sec.f'I'reas. '4O: Port Arthur Clubg Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society, JONES, RANKIN Denton Age 285 N.M.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club. KESSLER, SYDNEY "Kelser" VM Cemcnton, N. Y. Age 213 A.V.M.A.g Hillel Club. KREUL., SAM Brund LaGrange Age 235 N.M.g A.V.M.A.g Pres. Payette County Club. ROAN, J. J., JR. Ag Ed Age 253 N.M.g Agricultural Education Club. ROBERTS, M. P. VM Age 233 Hq. Cav., Pres. Jr. A.V.M.A. SING LETARY, GILES Land Age 24g N.M.g Vice' THOMAS, I. W. Ag Ed Age sz, PBA. WOLFE, 1. WILEY VM Age 32g N.M.g VicefPres. Ir. A.V.M.A.g Distinguished Student. Pres. Landscape Arts Club. enioi LOPEZ, OLACUIBEET A. 'kOla" VM A Hato'Rey, Puerto Rico Age 263 B Cav,g VicefPres. Puerto Rico Clubq Battalion Staff, Jr. A.V,M.A.g Cosmopolitan Clubg Spanish Club. LUTZ, H. HAMMEN "Esquire" VM-AH Baltimore, Md. Age 24g Pres. Tall Story Club: jr. A.V.M.A. LYNN. ROBERT "Tex" VM Rockville Centre, N.Y. Age 285 N.M.g Sec. Biology Clubg Jr. A.V.M.A.1 Chess Clubg Spanish Club, Fish Swimming Teamg Varsity Swimmingg Rifle Teamg Aggietone News Narrator. MOUGHON, BILLY VM Lufkin Age 255 -lr. A.V.M.A. OELKERS, I. C. "Buddy" AA Carrizo Springs Age 21: N.M.g Marketing and Finance Clubg Southwest Texas Club. PALEY, K. J, "Ken" VM Lake Forest, lll. Age 25, F.A.g Jr. A.V.M.A. Commerce Society, Kernel 'kMel" Arcata, Calif. Center ..Lefty.. Roscoe Bryan 111 -WW-4,a. 'I FAQ ,ff in T' li - 3, M.. 1, 1 W? i JACK MILLER P7'6SILiE'I1f LT JEL' 1 -3' -Q , H :r f fpgl "I:?.l'W l -'lf-av -- -X gspzf 'Ja lfifgflg-ffJ:fQ9'1l. l f?7??5fvifl4! 'fb' 4 We-flffff I I-jf, ' ' gf 5,5555 L-55, ' 'f FZ:- "' fl-iff . ' I 'fr A- - 125' wh 'E l il 4'j'f,45i 3, R1 K, :Mag -41' I' ' I-ailviffgig ' ', 'e.,-BE, 1' -1 'wlfmdff ,Q :J-.4.,,:. , ' , l , , . 14 ,, 1 lr ' ' 1' ' at :I Ll L y- n l 1 n 2 i, C 5: -1 F 5 l I LL DOVVNEY CARDXVELL NANCE MILLER KISER GORDON JONES IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK MILLER .......... ..... P resident AUSTIN NANCE ..... ..... V icefPresiclent WADE KISER .... . . .Secretary EDDIE JONES .... .... T rea s1Lr er WALTER CARDWELL ..... ..... . .... H istorian MOFFAT ADAMS .............. Student Welfare Representative EDWARD GORDON .... .... S tuclent Welfare Representative DICK DOWNEY ..... ...,. S tudent Welfare Representative ...5 E1 3' " 1 A gr :A if F f .-," , ,- LG r X. ff ' 'kfri-I' 'UP iff' I , si? is' J 1 A' I'Tf1il.lI' L ff? ":7fI5 0 - , , :la ' vp. A I ffwlxuor 2' ,ff-11.-1 I "ju f 1 ' ', f ',- . ' Y lj' Y 1 ALmx1S. 1. H, .5 . V , ,. . , - , W. aa .V 1 , .. ..yf,!.1. 5 , I 1 I 4 M A 1 I I I 5 1 ' I I 1' I ADAMS. MOEFATT ACEE, C. D. NIE' Dulfdx ALEXANDER. M, M, AA-1 IIIIMHIQ ADAMS. J. R.. JR. AA La Favm ADAMS, NY. Aeru' Ixfsrtion ATQII---SLAM Antmmm ADAIN45. VCYNNE Per E --Sun Anronm ADKIS-SON, XY. IXI. EEfEmd, Ollhl. ALBRITTON, F. D.. IR. LA Huustrm ALDRICH. K. J. LA-SI. Pcter.sImrg. FIJ.. IN'IEfFt. Vw'm'tI1 ALFORD. J. P. Aw' -Vfaelnfer' ALFORD. R. A. AA - Bryan ALFORD. PHILIP Ag Ed--Hemwze AIVIMONS. H. L. F1.sI1l? Game ---- StepI1em41IIs ANDREVCS. H. A. ASTIN. VI. XY. AA--Stanlford ASHFORD. FRED. IR. NIE-f'Lm1g1.'1czv ARMSTRONG, A. E AA-Hmc.xtm1 BABCOCK, C. L. LA--Beaum out BAEN, S, R. IME----San Anfmm, BAEUCHLE. A. A. AA--IN1mIm BAILEY. C. E. Em-Dallas BAIRD, A. EE--Ovnaha BAKER. E. E.. JR. C11 E-Beaumont Ac'7'L7"AEILI4I?'41dfI, AIIX BALL, E. B. HIE-Liberty BALLARD, D. C. VNIiHaSIgeH BEARD, I. H. NIE-Bryan BELL, P. L. AgTfGYee11'U1IIe BENBOW, R. H. PrefMed+Brya11 BENDER, W. H. A67'OfDdIId.S BERRY, E. W., NIR. NIE-Abilene BEVER, WILLIAM Ch E-Fort Wortll BILLINGSLEY, C. Arch E-Pasadena BLACK, W. R. AHgBreclqenridge BLANKENSHIP, R. E. DH-Amarillo BOLLING, T. NIE-Edna BORG STROM, C. E. Aero -Houston BOWDEN, R. H. C11 E--EI Paso BOWIE WILLIAM PetE Dallas BALL. H. F. CE--'X 'xcuma BALL. R. A. AH-Uwlde BARNARD, R. R. CII E7"A11!d7'1II47 BARRETT. H. CII E-Bcaunmnt BARTH. CLIFFORD A1111 E-Kencdy BASKIN, BEN AHfKCY7'1'lIl6 BAUML. A, CEfSa11 Antomn BEARD, M. A. -AA'B7'L7ddd145 BEAUMCNT, D. A, YNf1EfPm't Artlmr -1 1 . :HI I I . . .QI ulfawkd 5 it 2 .s - + , JW. .- . . o lzUflLOI"6 BOYD. EARL Y AAfTerrsH BRACHER. R. BRANDON. BI C11 E f 54171 AfE-fHA7l4S LL Benito BRIDGES, L. A. H 1 ix! hd bfurll L, BRANDON. CLAUDE CRI-Rsflmglu BRIENT. R. R. HIE Pwr! Arlfmr BRITT.-XX. Al. E. AA - Lujrfgx :I BROXYN. :XLANF-ON Ayr HlVl1,Nlnl7l 3-1-wwf:--v - . A. BRADSHAXY, F. INT. ?XIE'I.O7'Ig'l'lC'lL' BREAUX. R, A. EE-Houston iff BRISCOE, :XNDREXY AHfR1g1z1um1d BROXYN. H. D. AH--Roclgsprings BRUSH. CARLTON EE-W DJIILR BRYANT. BOB Ch E - Stmrxj'urd BUCY, XV. F.. -IR. C36Ol1BTlPLl'Nll'UUCl BURKS. S. Y., JR. C'1EffK171g.i1'lIlS BURLESON, T. LA--Huuxtun BURNAM, T. j. MEvEl Paw BUTLER. BOB CEfBryan BUTTRILL, VU. V. AA-Hk?llSfL77l BYERS, H. B. NIE-Fort Xxjllflh CABELL, H. B. LA-f Austm CAMPBELL, D. E. ME-Garland CANON. HICKS AHfSdTld8TS1Y1l I :,.,.. lvlf 7, 4:14 CAUDLE, F. A. Ag Ed-Bronte CERNOSEK. B. D. Ld1ld'WESf CANTU. PETER Arch-San Autumn CAPERTON. G. B. CARLISLE. CECIL AA-Ahce PIWE-Slwnl rock CARDXYELL. XY. XY. AH--L14 CARLSON. D. VU. AH'G6l'7'gCliPLl'71 Img uniom CARO COST-AS. R. R. Ag EngfI'Iuto Rey. RR. CAROTHERS, G. C., JR. INIE7StLm1fm'd CARPENTER, CLYDE CARTER, E. AA-Luling LA'MCL6d71 CARROLL. xv. B.. JR. AA-Pear x'..11g,I CARTER, LEE CHACHERE, C. XV. EE-Houston CHALMERS, W. H. AA-Houston CHAPMAN, K. T. IEfWaco CHEATAM, P. P. AAgLzttIe Rock, ATR. CHILDS, B. O., JR. CE-Fort Worth CLARK, GENE VJ. AETO'FOTI Wortlu CLARK. HOVJARD ME-Houston CLAYTON, P. A. VMfBailey, Tenn. CLEMONS, H. C. Ag Ed-Bartlett COFER, D. B., JR. LA-College Station IVIE-Houston CASSO. R. ME-'Lu R. redo I lfU'LL0l"5 COKE, 1, xv, C11 E DAHL1 CIOLDNYELL. COLBFRT AA EIP1 L COOK. R T, CE Pima cox, 1, TA NIE Hum DENNIS. G. E. A,-K-XX"11uu DIXON. BILL DORAN, XV. H. DRAKE, KYLE AH-Laredo DREISS, W. E. NIE-San Antonio DRIER, CHARLES, IR. Ch E-Dallas DRISKILI., JAMES PIVIE-Pulcstmc DUBQSE, BILL ME-Fort WortI1 DUFFIE, BEN ME-Houston DYESS, WELDON ME-Bryan EADS, R., IR. ME-Robstown EARNHEART, B. G. ME-Wllitelnfrigllt EBENSBERGER, A. C. EE-Boerne EBERHARDT, CHARLES Arch E-Cuero ' EBERSPACHER, I.. H. EE-A71gI6IO7l 119 1 1 DEDIVIAN, S. NY. PNIE-B1'0LL'mwmd DELFRAISSE, HAROLD LA' Lm'ccIu DENNEY. CI. CE Cw'fw1a.xCI1r1xl1 DENNY, L. G. AHH fPm1Imnd1u DICKERSON. H. XY. CE Sm1A11z-Huw AA-MXVicI111a Falls DIXUN. SAM Arch EfHIflll.SlKl7l DCDD, NY. C. NIE--Pulvxtlvms Pet E-San Antmuu DQVVLING, W. I. CIlE171'7Ht7ll.SIll7l DOWNING, RICHARD CII EfDaHax unions 'Z U? ,QI I . O l2UflJL0l":5 EDXYARDS, CI-IRIS XXVLLLH EDXYARIJS, ff. V. CME Dullum EIJXYARDS, MICKEY Q QM L m,w1IIn1IL EDXYARDS. K. LA CuIIu4LgL'SlLll1m1 EDXYARDS. ROVCLAND AIU' DIIIIQA ELNIURE, -I. V. AA lhallm ELLSBERRY, SAM INIE DIIIIM ERLUNI3. O. FIJI if K hum' Crmlvy ESSER, EIU, .IR ME Hmulml IfAI.LXX'EI-L, If, CE DIIIIIIN ESMOND, Ii. E CE Lmllcm MNNIN, cz. L. AAT Nfurlln FERGUSON, BILL 'I CE SII1'U1'L'pm'l, LII. FILES. XY. If. A4QE7II1 llurmmx HSHER, J. E. ME- xml FLOCKE, A. E. AA SIlzuIcv1I11u'.q FLOVV' ERS, B. IIRY. EDNYARD CE HTUlI'7IS'l'lIIL' AAf Eden FERGUSON, GEO, PME -Crnxby FERGUSON, S. H. Am' Howe l1'IL1 FITZGERALD. E. A. LA --Dullus T, ME - 'PK17'fAI'fIIII7' FRANKLIN, C. C. CE --RUCIQLILIIG GAINER, H. O. GALLOVVAY. VJILLIAM ME -TI1r0clqrnv1tu11 VM' - Nfarf GOLDMAN, OLIN ME-Tempe, Ariz. GOODMAN, CHARLES AA7Llano GOODMAN, W. F., UIR. LA-Dallas GOODRICH, M. H., JR. ME-Dallas GOODSON, W. C. Ch E-Longview GOPPERT. J. G. Aero-Edna GORDON, E. A. ME-Gilmer GORDON, JOE Arch E-Homer, La. GORHAM, G. M. AH-Warm: GRAY, JACK VM-Mission GRENADER, JOSEPH GRIEDER, C. D. AHfSan Antonio - 121 5 A 4- -.Q:Ql22' 2.? ' ii?" -1 1 f JA vi, ., Jfseefv' 'LM ' f3'x21'l5T!fw55f'L7: . s., ,, 1-X . wif.vbafy-f,v1q1:saf,. :- QM M ' -' - 1 'Q'-X",-,w 5.1. "ww: 1' -we VT!1j'lg3! 1-,BMAJ-if '1 '.f..' QI'-A " M , ' -N f - is j ff "1 -' ' 1 ' , nf '- ' -I 51.9-4,ff'n '4 Q- .UH afn A ,It . -1, GANDY, W. 5. jg, Lf Q j AH-- Rulnstmun " . 3, , '- in 351'--' , ,.x.:w.v I -.HA .L1fL.3Lc...L:'kEQ.:!,.,J ,... '.-131,,d!I,l.. 1 CEDNEY. W. R. 'N W . I v :L Arch E' HKYILNLIPTI A , GERMON D, BOB Dulms GIBSON. NN". F. AH' San Anzfmiu GILL. NV. C. Put E I'Iu1fxtm1 GILLEN, DYKE AA Lun1pf,1.mx Cl LRUTH, JIMMY LL CLEASON. KI. F. C11 E -fL1afmg GLENDENNING, F. B. EE MCAHUN GLOVER, CHARLES LA- Fm-zSm1r11, Arlq, GODDARD, W. R. AA--Ardmore, Olqfu. GOEN, O, F. AH--f-Bryan 3 iord GRIFFIN, IF, L CII E fx I1III.1mI GRIFFIN. R. R, LiI1E Crowell GRIEFITH, JAMES CEkGmnd Cane. Lu. URIMES. NI i'xc'r'u .AITII I UVNN, CLAUDE Ag ELI- Home HAGEN. H, EIL 511111 cpmr, Lu. HALL. E. E PHE I'Ic.zzmx.v,1t GUYMON, V. E, EE-Houstun HALE. E. M. EE -DJIILAS HA LL. C. A. AAiLeom1 HALL, XY. TIP Ag Eng- -Denton HAMMETT, HENRY EE!fGreem'iIIc,11155. HAMPTON, JACK NIE--NIICLzn1cx' HANNON. L. K. P6tfGefvI--S1111Autumn HARDIN, VV. HARRELL, NV. T. AAfXVoIfc City HART, CHARLES Sci-Bryan HANBY. R. L. Agr IVfcsquitc HANCQCK. CHARLES LA- ITIUIISIUYI R. AL'7't'P"Lll17l1lQIU71. N. Nfsx. HARLAN, -I. L. AA-f Reagan HARRIS, F. S. PHE HlPII.YIII71 HARRISON. w, B. AA- - HARTIVIAN, E. C. EE--Hmlxtml HARTXNELI.. C. M. Pct E-Sun Antonio HODGES. L. H. Ag Eng-Tulm HQEPFNER, FRITZ AH-Corpus Christi HOLDEMAN, HAROLD AH-Del Rio HOLDERNESS. B. C. Arch E-Abilene HOLT, N. C. HOLEKAMP, E. R. Ag Eng-Comfort HOLT, JOHN AH-Big Lake AH-Spearmuu HOME. L. G. Agr-Pe'r'ryto-11 HOOD, J. M. AA-Plano HOOKER, T. C. LA-Dallas HOU SEWRIGHT, L. D. ME-Fort Worrh HUCKINS, G. I. EE Pov'tArthu1' Dallas .I - xi .' .f 'Lu-iv ' ,,5!?.f.Q'1'? . 5. 3v4.,.J,.mM -JG ,. I f .".5.":7.fC.,f-3 ,Jw wh, .- 5 au-141513 Qimc. MRMQ-S '1 -.L,.: ' - '.-wail? vs-'fn 4- L1 4 . 121314152 2-I Q' 89" P' 1, .dvr f ',f'..x-fryylf A yu. . 'if 14234-.i4'fL9' . 91: 'S nw, -kr, :SEAM .w,I.,.,.,. A , g " 'l'EJJ'QA -2 fv fi-fy-ff C5534 Qi., iv, --iw . 0H4fw , ,rd . Pk' .X V . EM , V MG. '- xwbf ' Elf' ' - ,. f -' 1 .,"?.,f,. . ffm n A A 4 1-'Q -' ' NA X' N, Y woJ'31z-5' g . bt 4' iw Af 67 T' HASSINGER A K A gffi ' " ' - , . . 1, J- ix -'lfbrw 5 EE begum - 4"'AJ,,g HAUSMAN, VJ. M. ME V-Sun Antonin HEARD. E. B. AA- -Sl1w'c1'cpm'l HEBISEN, E. E. IE-- -lraan HELMCAMP, F. ME'fXViCl11Id Fuflx HEMPHILL. VV. A AHfSL1nAugcI, HENDRIX, E. C. LA---Sd71 Anlonm HENCST, L. C. ME- -XVondlawn HESTER, C. H. Acro - Calwfz HIDELL, R. R. 12 HILLIARD, H. E. CE7Stepl'Lev1v1I1e HINSON. F. V. AA-Gmfwm ee . A 5 e' R5 P' 2 if i 1 L .LLL 4 fu , , A lil EIL Z a 'I ,..L 'QW x . .1 g ur, ff ford HLJDDLESTON. R. H. EE--Temph' HUDSON. GLENN LAfSL111Antm11o HUFFHINES, XY. E. ME-Dallas HLJEEMEYER. H. B. Ch EfS.1nAntm11o HUNTER, C, B. AA-Spuw' HURST, H. L. X 'M-Lancaster HUSER, 1. E. RS--L:1'Llll,QL'V' JRXYIN. VSV. G. DHvRom1u1qc IVEY. BEN Agv'w'YsJetL1 JAMES. D, xv. Ag7'+-SIAJFJIIQI' Sprmgs JAMES, K. NIEfO7aJ1am JOHNSON, GUY MEfDaJJas JONS-SON, ER AHvCryst 124 JOHNSON, S. N. VM--Dallas JONES, E, E. AAfC07?ld71Cl1C JONES, R. C. AAfSd7l Antonio ROL al C1ty KAFEER, STEVE Aero-EJ Paso KAMPERMAN, XV. R. AA-Dallas KELBER, VV. VM-Ontario, Cahf. KELLER, F. ACTO'FOTIWOYlJ1 KIDD, B. F. AH'M671dTd KIEL, JAMES Ag Ed4WicJ1ita Falls KIMBRO, K. Ag Eng-Fort Vv'o1tJ1 KING, H. C. AA Texarkana KINGERY, C. E. LA-Lake Charles, La. KIRK, S. K, Ag-Harm KRAEMER, M. S. P1VIEfSan Antonio LACY, XV. H. Pet EfSan Antomo LANFORD. H. R. AA-BIa711qet LANTAU, MARTIN ME-Savanna, IH. LAPHAM, R. F. VM-San Bernardino, Calif. LAWRENCE, IOHN LA-Bryan LEARY, MORRIS Pet E-Estelline LEDBETTER, GENE Ch EkDaUas LEHMBERG, BILL Ago'-Brownwood LEHMBERG, D. G. AH-MGSO71 LEMKE, C. A. CE-Waco LEMLEY, JOE AH-San Angelo LENERT, A. A. Aero-College Station LETSOS, JIMMY ME-Galveston LITTERST, F. C. AH-Houston ,, 125 1 la r- --fl .ft 'v union! 'L ld KISER. J. xxx EE-Kaufman KUNKEL, H. 0. AH-Olney KUTSCHBACH, ROBERT VNffH0ust0n LAMAR, H, C. AA-Rosebud LANFORD. F. S. AH-Blzmlqet LANGDALE, P. B. ME-Houston LANSDON. D. S. EE-San Antonio iam LITTLE. DON PKIE' HL7Y1Z67'.I.d. LOCKETT. A. CEfTy1e'r LOOFBOURRONY, R. J. EEAAbi1en6 LOVE. C. O. EE-Corsmana LOVVRIE, N. E. NIE7TerreH +5 V. LONGLEY. B. AA-Giddings LOVETT, C. E. Agv-Dumas LOZANO, R. F. AA-El Paso LYON. G. C. Ch E -Lm1.u1'i6w MCALLISTER. AA-fEde11 LYNCH, A. H. C11 EfBTOU"l1S1'fHC J. H. MCBRIDE, H. S. AH-May MCCASKILL, M. XV. Pet E-Ennis Aero-Havlmgen MCGHEE, J. W. MEQBTOLl'71MVO0d MCLARTY, E. C. MCCLENDON, E. W. MCCHESNEY, EARL LA-Del Rio IVICCLELLAND, G. D ME+HsvzdewAsov1 MCCQLLUM. C. M. AA-Houston MCCRARY, -I. C. IEfXX'aco MCGOWEN, N. C. AH-Shreveport, La. MCKEY, I. D. EE-Dallas IE-Waco 126 MCMAHAN, J. E. Pet E-Whitney MCMILLAN, L. H. AH Mason MCMILLIN, I. M. EE-Dallas CE-Teague MACY, RICHARD VNI-El hlome, Calzf. LA7Ga11'8Ston MALLORY, P. R. ME-Little Rock, Ark, MAPLES, ICE Agv-Haskell IVIARCHBANKS, VU. VV. Agr-Childress MAREK, ALLAN PME-Placedo MARSTON, A. A. Sci-Kingsville MARTYN, H. J., JR. MEfDallas MASON, G. L., JR. AA-Liberty MASON, L. M. C71 E-Libefty MASSEY, J. A. Ch E-Dallas MATTHEWS, D. W. Pet E-Petersblwg MATZNER, O. R. Ch E-Fort Worth MAXWELL, LYNN PME-Helena, Ark. MAYNARD, M. F. CE-Palacios MAYER, A. F. Pet E-Henderson, Ky. MAYER, E. B. AHAFayetteville MEGGS, H. A. LA-San Antonio - MCSPADDEN. E. F. IVLAXCEIRAS, R. P. CE ---PurtArt71uf' MAGUIRE. CHARLES MALEY. D. P. Pe! En Dallas MAPLES. LORAN IEfBonlmm MARNOCH. G. XV. EE7San Antonio -. 11...-A ....A,sn-xaf. A. cu' Braunfels MILEY, XY, C. Pet E--BL15' C1 M. AA FmnerS1'1Hc MILLER, R, H, vmqslg sm MILLIGNN NX. E. I E .Seguin MILLS, J. F. Ayr -XV11111,xI11 'VIOPFETT H. C. A4 Lmluxtsr MOLLOY, JOHN LAfSan Saba MONTEITH E E PNIE Dulfm MORRISON DURXX KRD MULLINS J R LA Cdll mum MYERS TOM AA B Oll.7'lf'lL'Id PARKER, K. N. AA-jacksonville PARKER, W. D. AH-Monahans PATTERSON, E. B., JR. EE-Dallas PARKER, W. O. Arcll-Freeport PEALOR, 1. P, JR. AA-La V PEPPER, I. W. AA-S weetwater PERRY, E. B. illa PENNINGTON, W. M. AA-Wood1filIe Arch E-Palestine PETERSON, L. T. CE-Dallas PETTY, D. M. AA-Santo PESEK, T., IR. Ag Edfjourdanton PHELPS, RAYMOND ATCl1+Sd11 Antonio Tw. , . LVL wffs' Q, uniom NETHERY, M. Sci+fzmctiow1 NEWTON, L. E. Ch EiRotan NIXON, S. H. NIE-Fort VJOTII1 NORTON, F. R. AA'T8Xd7'kd71d O'CONNER, IAS., JR. CE-Dallas OLIVER, SANI Ag Ed+BuclQl101tS OLSON, E. A. Pet E-Los Fresnws OSBORN, M, B, Ag7'+Cld1ldC OSTERHOLM, HARROLD Aero-Texas City OUTTERSIDE, C. E. LA-Texas City PANKEY, W. R. Ch E-Forney PARCHMAN, L. E. IE-Houston iam PHILIPS. F. T. NIE f54l7I Anrumo PHILLIPS. XY.-XRREN X VIN1'XX"Vl7ICI'lE'lldO7'l, IWQSS. PICKOFF, L. I. Sci-Taylor PIERCE. T. K. AA DIIIILLS PITTMAN. C. L. AHfDEL6011 POST. C. XY. AHfIVI1dIand POLV. C, C. ANUE CIC'L7lH'7lC POXVELL. A. AH'ME71dYd PONYER, C. H. Fish CV Gamef S1111 Antonio PRANCLIN, H. N. PME -Pearsall PRATT. J. VV. Aero E-Galveston PUMPHREY, J. B. AH-Old Glory PYEATT. B. B. Ch Ez-Dallas AH-Grover RANGE. C, E. AA4In'mg REHMET, C. G. AH-Alzce QUINN. P. B. ME-Beelville QUISENBERRY. ROY AA-Seymour RAFFERTY, EDVJARD RAINEY, I. R., JR. Sci-Dallas RAND, F. C. Ch E-Dallas READ, D. L. ME-Fort Wortlz REEVES, R. H. ME-Denison REINHART, O. J. Ag Ed-D'Hanis RENNERT, A. E., IR. AA-San Antonio ROGERS, W. E. Ag-Haskell RQMING, JOHN DH7Eddy RGTHQLZ, M. B. Pet E+Sw.-:eny RUCKER, J. R. ROSENSTEIN, SAMMIE Agr-San Antonio AA-Santo RUISINGER, R. W. LA-Dallas RYAN, C. Q. Fish 53: Gdm6fWiC,1ild Falls SAMAREL, S. P. ME-Mexico, D. F. SANBORN, F. D. AAiMexico, D. F. SAMPLE, R. A. AA-Bryan SANDLAND, H. G. C11 E-Houston SAUNDERS, J. M. AA-Frankston REYNOLDS, B. VJ. Pet E-Fort XWOVLH REYNOLDS, L. Vw". Pen E-F071 XVl'77'II1 RIDENOUR. CHARLES Ch E-fCm'pu.5 Chrlxti RIKER, F. P. IWE-Dallas RILEY. LONNIE CEfDaHas RIX. R. L, CE'iHll1ll.i1'1Il6 ROBB, T. H. EE-Houston ROBERT, P. F. Ch EfGadsden, Ala. ROBERTS. B. LA-Corpus Christi ROBERTSON, L. Fish U Game-Bryan RGCERS, CORLEY AH-Colorado Clty .4 5,5 2 kwa fwnwi?v4gQ5?ywf51 '. ' '.n"?r'IL..4' -", - I MHA -QE'JiapF? . I ' . . f ?.faw1 I 'q ,Hagan aiwflorzi ' I I ww.. V ' ' fl . rl ' LQQI SCI'IAEI'ER. CHRIS ' EE-1SI'l11'l67' " A 3 Q SCHIFF. H. G. p.f" MEfDMm ' I . SCHLEETER, GEORGE I AA-Houston I . . SCHR.-XM. A. J. I ' ' EEJBTXJ71 SCOTT. 1. A. SCHUCHART, O. XV. NIE---Sun ATIILYTIIQJ SCOGGINS, P, XY. Ag ECI-T1og.1 :XA-H Sm1tI11'1IIe SCOTT. R. P. AE7'L7"DKQll8S1l, Ark. SCQTT, XXX-XLLIE Arull-Port I'IU'II1lIf' SEAY. R. I... IR. CE-DJIILM SHERAINI. C. A. LA'G7'86711'lIIC SHILLINGBURG, E. C. Ag ECIfDuIJIm EE-Odessa I I I l SLOUGH, J. F. SMITH, K. D. AA-Mart 132 SHUFFLER. R, M. I SIMMONS, J. K. AA-Haskdl SISLER, C, E. IAETOA--Ill71CfIO71 ME f-Fmt XXIOTIII SMITH, A. G. C11 EfSa11 Benito SMITH, B. I.. AH-Paducah SMITH. H. D.. IR. CI1 Egpurt Arthuv' SMITH, H. H. AA-Lytcon Springs SMITH, I. W. AAfBO71I1d17l SMITH, L. T. MEfFo1t Worth SMITH, O. M. DH-'MCgdTg6I STA STA STEXNART, JOE PME-Kansas City, Mo. STUTEVILLE, C. D. AH-Albany SULLTNS, R. T. CE-Tcffell SUMAN, R. H. PMEfI-Iouston SUMNER, F. W. AA-San Antonio SUTHERLAND, CE-YVinnsbo1o SWILLEY, G. R. EE-New Willard SWINEHART, B. I. NIE--Houston TANNAHILL, C. F. VM-Fort Vkforth TAYLOR, I. L. Agrswaelder TAYLOR, W. F. AA Rotan TEMPLETON, B. H Ch E-Ennis 1 1 ..':' -Y .1-.vxrwg 1 F'if.lZ5'i' .,-,wg-.,.5'f,59g j. J fy'2l-f::':- J: n Y J,':.x3v1?:x .-a 'V '- 1 w- 'Jw .xr .-wg. - .1 -V ' ,.v 1, ff. ...O.,- 1 'mf V' -- 4 W. SPECIA. A. 1. CE-San Antonio SMITH, S. A. ME-Port Lavaca SOLETHER. N. LA-XVe5h1co SPECIA, B. AA-San Antonio SPIVEY, j. F. EEfDa1h1s FFORD, CHARLES AH-Rockwood STANBERY, R. SPRAGGINS, N. F. NIE-jacZqsov11'11Ie B. LA-Dallas UTZENBERGER, LEE Sci-Sum Antomo STANDEPER. 1. L., JR. LAfCf1fton STENZEL. R. VV. VM'HO1LSfO71 STEPHENS. BOBBY AE?'L7-GIIYTI ev' 1-' 1" are D. R. ford TERRELL. R. D. fxfxx PAM' THEXN. C. R., JR, CE'-Dallas THQMAS, E. NV., JR. 1E'Pz'7'7'f'fL771 THOXIPSON. B. B. CE --4f.1fZQ.iuw11'1Hc THOMPSON. M. R. Arch - -Dallas TIPTON. T. H. AA-Temple TOfX1PRINfi. A. C. Aero- -Lzaflqm TOXYNSEND, R. T. KIEV- Houxtun TRODLIER. HARRY PH-San Antonio TSCHOEPE. E. SX. BYE- Sum Antumu TYYINER, W. C. AH-- DdLl'.9lY1l UPHAIVI, H. VJ. AA- -XVe5t Columbia URSELL, C. R. AerofCorpus Chrisu VACLICA, N, F. Ch E-Beaumont VANDERXYEIDE. J. H. PNIE---San Autmmf VANNUY, T. R. Ch E-MCA11sw1 V.-XUCHN, Vx". V, Arch--Houston VICEVICH, A. I. C11 E-Galveston VICKERY, A. E. EE-Danbury VOITH, C. K. CEfSan Antmuo VON RGEDER, ROLAND Agv-'Knapp VOSKAMP, EARL MEfCo1umbus WADE, J. H. AH-Eduouuh Vw AGNER. ABE, JR. PIVIE-Pafestme 2 VJAREING, E. WEBB, R. L, JR. Ag Ed-S11 erman XVEEMS, .IARDCN LAQEI Paso WELLS, R. R., IR. AH-COIumIJu5 WERLLA, B. C, MEgDenison XVESTBROOK, T. C. AA-Waco WHEELER, S. H. Fish 5? Game-Houston WHILDEN, I. F. CE-Dallas VCHITE. W. L. ME-Fort WortI1 WHITE, VJ. K. LA-San Antonio WHORTON, R. H. AH-Roscoe YVILHELIVI, K. DH-Comanche WILKINSON I IVI EE Sour Lake 133 :QL 5 'fy' fi' 1. X .J may " I ff ..x"g'II6 L' I .,1 "6 I ' . 1 '11 +1 '- vnx. -,kklqim A I -M r .5 IMF "Ax 'rf C6552 j v 4- K lv 3, . 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BOB PHILLIPS Prcmdcut I A I I I 'I I, II I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I .4 BOB PHILLIPS SOPHOIUORES l.liIl'IlIllN lXRlClX1.l'HX l'llIIlll'S l1nvllIHLlC IYIVN Xlx1iI'I' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS U... , ..... IILAHILHI YANVIC CT.-XRRINK ITUN. ., .... Yruc IM-M.I,.-r1r RfXYMUNl7 KIUHNSUN ,... .... S ufrcrmy D M GRIFFITHS ,... .... T rmsm 1 HAROLD lX'lfY .,.. ..,. L Thus Hur .1v' hm ,IOL LTUULIDK LL .... , . ,Student XX'cIf.m- ll.-pu-.wrxr.11:vc HUB Nclllflf .,,. . . .Stmhvzr XX'clf.nru R'.'pv'uscnt.1t11'c w n AVERY, H. C. BACHMAN. K. VJ. BAKER. HAROLD 1. BARBER, V. A. BARLCW, HENRY A. BARNES, ARCH D. BASKIN, WILLIAM H. BAUS, RENE, JR. BEALE, ALBERT, IR. BELL, CARLOS G., JR. BEMUS, EARL BICKLEY, CHARLES E. BILLINGSLEY s R BIRD, CLIFFORD J. ADAMS, EDWIN C. ADAMS, HARVEY ADCOCK, C. L. 1 ADKISSON, C. E. AIKMAN, AL E. ALBRITTON. GEORGE VJ. N ALEXANDER, W. C. ALLBRIGHT. MARION C ALLEN, EDXVARD C. ALVES, ROBERT ANDERSON, CHAS. XVM. ANDERSON, LELAND R. ANDREWS, TOM A. ARMSTRONG, F. E. Olflfl 0I"e5 BIRDXYELL. P. R.. JR. BLACK. XVILLIAM. JR. BOESCH. CLJSTAVE BOOKER, THOMAS F. BOONE. JAMES, JR. BORCHERDING, LLOYD BORLAND, A. M. BOWERS, E. J., JR. BOXYMAN. Y. R. BOYLES. RAY BRENDLE. KERMIT BRISCOE, MASON BROOKS, JEAN S. BROOKS. VUILLIAM BROUSSARD. DOUGLAS BROWN, ORVILLE BROWN, I. PERRY BROVUNE, MARK BRUCE. A. D., JR. BLJRCHARD, WILLIAM. JR. BURNETT, JEFF BURNS. L. L. BUTLER, W. L. CALLINS, JACK CAMERON, JACK CAMPBELL. B. L. CANTLON, ROY CARR, ED COLE, HARRELL COLEMAN. CHARLES COLLIER, JOHN COLLIER. VJILLIAM COLLINS, JACK COLVIN, O. V. COLWICK, REX COMBS, WATSON CONNOR, J, H. COSTON, MARK COUEY, ROSS COUNCIL, L. B. CREW S. STEVE CROSSLEY, M. E. CARRINCTON, VANCE CARSON. HARCIS CAYLOR. BOB CHADVVICK. HARYEX CHAMPION. C L. CHATHAM. E, B., IR, CHESSER. WILLIAM CHITWOOD. REX CHURCH. JAMES CHURCHILL. RICHARD CLARK. CHARLES CLARK. ELBERT CLARK. ROY CLEMONS. ESTEL 0l'l'l OIAQ5 CROSS-LAND. HOWARD DAILEY. RALPH DANIELS. H. P.. IR. DARWIN. L. R. DAVENPORT. DARYL R. DAVIER. I. Is. DAVIS. FRED. IR. DAVIS. PHIL DAx'Is. ROBERT DEAN. ROBERT DCARMENT. RICHARD DQEDRREST. IACR DENNIS. JAMES DQSPAIN. WALLIS DRUM. MARVIN DUBE. C. O. DIIMARS. D. B. EBERLE. ALFRED EDMINSTER, T. C. EDMONDSON. ALAN EDWARDS. VU. S. EDVJARDSON. JOHN EISENHAUER. R. F. 142 ELLIS, SPENCER EPPERSON. D. M. EPSTEIN. ROBERT ESTE9 CLIFFORD EVANS I H .Lrudq vunnuuaansa. l Il FRANKLIN. RUHMAN FRANZ, LEE H. FREDERICK, BILLY FREIBERCER, HENRY FULBRICHT, JOHN FUSSELMAN, V. C, CALEWSKY, LOUIS GAMMON, SAM RHEA GARNER. CHAS. C. CEE, LOUIS CEREN, A, B. GIESE, KERVIN CIESE, L. R. CILLORY, DAVID, JR. EXAM. JOHN H. FELTON. Tom. JR. PERGUS. MAX FIELD, EUGENE FINCK. NORMAN FINKELSTEIN. M. QI. FISCHER. CHARLES FISHER. R, L. FLYNT, THOMACY FORMAN. SOL FORT. M. C. FORTENBERRY. FQWLER. J. B.. JR. Fox. 1. B.. JR. ' 0l'l'L0l"e5 GILMORE. CLARENCE GLASS. HAROLD GLAZER. TRYING GODXYIN. DAMON GOELATE. CARL cows. PAUL GOLDFEIN. XYILLIAM GOLMANL JOE. H, GQOD. G. D. GORE. JACK GRAHAM. CHARLES GRANATA. SAM GRAYES, XY. F. GREENL A C, CQREER. B, E. CRIFFITHS. D. M, CRIPP. EDWARD GUGENHEIM. MILTON. JR LQLLDO, Cosmo HACKNEY, DON HAHN, WILBURN HALL. L C. HALTOM, ROBERT HAMILTON. WILLILAM HARDEMAN. HUNTER HARDIN. VJILLIAM HARDXV1CKE,jOHN.jR. HARMON, GEORGE HENSON. S. R. HERRINGTON. JACK HICKS. HOWARD HILTPOLD. L. E. HIGHTOWER. ERSKINE HINDS. ROBERT HINTON, ANDY HOGAN, E. I. HOFF, G. W. HOGGE. ARTHUR L. HOLFIN, GEORGE HU DECK, FRANK. JR. HUDSON LOUIS HUMPHRIES. G. VJ. 5210 HRRALDSON. E. S. HARRIS, I D. HART. CLARENCE HART, WILLI.-Kiwi HARTMAN. HENRY HATFIELD, RAYMOND HAWKINS. DURALL HAVJTHORNE. RAYMOND HAYNES. L. L. HEATH, G. R., JR, HEITMAN, TALMAGE HENDRICK. EDGAR HENDRICK. LeROY HENSHAVU. WIALTER L I I .5 JI Ixngw kai? M5543 A HR it ks-YASM 3 I , 4 'M fl! I I l 1 I I I l 1 W 145 H+ L - S. 1J"i..'? "",'v '11--mafifi' 'A ' H. Q, . ., f.,. - ' : '1l,2. f iff: 3,42 ., .,.1.: .,, ,,,:-'-:.f:R,' .J .- rn .. 4- '-,-14-III. ,.-. if , if-Z, P-6 , ,".'2'I ,ri .gfsit 155 '-1I'-2f,qg"fe,,' 1- ' A y,4'. 4. 14522 rl.-v ,1,.fg1" - .V"'.3'. I3 iff af: Lg: JI,-vw I 4: Q. , ,BL',:y..-14:4 --,gf 4 . 11.-fn ip 41.5" ri 79- ' 'f-I' " fx? Sn"15?Mf':f,, rf1ff 'f'7"-',L,Q3fr., I 213.3324 .','1'?Igw'bf- 1. I 2 sl .' P- Lfnra AX l'N'.- Y' IIIJQ' :ga -I.,:,,'n' .',t4, -ffx 10.0. Bw '. , .' - ' ,I .' I 4 ,-,,'.., -. 1 3'.:E"Qu, wf..gg5:ff' , ,:, .9 - "v y,f,j':3..I., , .7 .4. 3432--' 'LF I .597 H- 'ELS-"w.'.., g . . I - "- if-,-.LWH I r- w fn-.. -,W .- WTAE, ---L1-5:41. ..ygs4E.-z-51,44 5 -I It I I ., i I I I , I I ? I 5' 1 I I ,I W 3 T i ,I 15 I 1 0l'l'L0l"e5 HUNT. XV. A. HURD. GORDON HUTCHINS. JOHN INGLIS. T. N. INOLJBH. D. J. IYEY, ROBERT J.-XCOBSON. HERBERT JACKSON. HENRY JENAK. FRANK JENKINS, THOMAS JENNINGS. W R. JOHNSON. HAROLD JOHNSON. J, E. JOHNSON. ROBERT J JONES. ORAN D. JONES. RUSSELL. JR. JONES, S. FRANK JONES, STEPHEN JONES, THOS. JORDAN, 1Rv1NE KAHN, HARRY, JR. RAHLICH, T. E. RANE, JOHN KEITH, JACK RELSEY, JOE KENNEDY, JAMES RENT, GLEN KENT GORDON LATIMER, J. R. LAW, EDWIN LEGLER, L. O. LEHMAN, CHARLES LEONARD, CARL, IR. LESKE, A. C. LEWIS, ROY LIPSTATE, JOHN LIVINGSTON, P. S. Looms, ROSS R. LOWMAN, QUINCY, JR. LOYD, P. B. LOZANO, JosE, JR. LUDDEN, FRANK il i 1' OIUAOMQOPQQ I KEUER, J. W. KINCY, W. P., JR. KING, N. C. KLOTZMAN, ALLEN .I J. 'I KNOLLE, WILLIAM KOKERNOT. ROBERT KOONS, W. D. KUNKEL, JOE DON 5 5 . LACY, ALBERT ' LACY, ARTHUR ' LADENSOHN, KENNETH LANCASTER. ROBERT 1 LANIER, THOMAS LARD, R. 5. Q 1 Y ll 'XI LL NI. XX. B. F85 LL'TTRELL. JOSE. JR. XIQCARROLL. A L. NRCLESKY. I C. I QDERMOTT. L. A. M-:DOXXE H. N. MQFERRIN. Ii. A. MQGREGOR. ,IACK MQKEE. CRADY MQKENZIE. BILLY MQKINNEY. J. E. MQRLVETT. CHARLES MQMILLAN. MARVIN, IR. MLMIXN. REGAN MQXYHORTER, R. L. MACHEMEHL. ALBERT. IR. MADDOX. E. P. MADELEY, NEIL MARONEY. J. O. M.-xRsH, JOHN. JR. MARSHALL. THOMAS MARTIN. BERNAY MARTIN, E. C. MARTIN. HARRISON MARTIN. ROBERT MARTIN. VICTOR MASON. JOHN MAYER. HAROLD 355' -Ski ,-, A 4 lun' ax L52 n wh , :pix A 4 . L - , ' I-.x . lm! 6:11, An, I. A Q- A ', Q .., I ,-.-,-. -, , .-. , ' ," - ,-uf, 4- ,- L f -1 ' -. ,e.. 'CF N. hm .'f'-,fLff:J5,E'm'Wf.. ' A 1 - gala 0 I It KIAYS. CHARLES MEASLEY. G. H. f I I ' ' MEGEE. ROBERT. JR. MENEFEE. L. LJ. MENCER. GARNET MEREDITH. R. K. MIKELL. F, H. MITCHELL. CHARLES MU RLAN D, IRVING MOFHTT, TED MOORE. JACK. JR. MOORHEAD. ALBERT MORGAN. JACR MORRIS. CARROLL MUCKLEROY. RICHARD NORR NELSON, R. N. NETHERY. G. W. NEVUBERRY, 1. E. 15. H. W. OSBORNE, 1. H. QTTO, M. W. PARKER. R. L. PEARSON. C. B. PHILLIPS, R. L., IR, PHILLIPS, W. K. PHILP. VJ. H. PLANTO, MORRIS PLEDGER, FLAVE POINDEXTER, A. D. POLLAN, M. 1 149 P85 POTTER, NVILLIAM A. POXYELL, CHARLES M. POXYELL. ROBERT L. POXYER. BILLY XY. PRICE. P. M. PLTCKETT. L. XY. QUIN. J. E. RAMIREZ. A, R. RANDALL, EARNEST E. RAST, EARLE H. RATLIFF. GEORGE RAXVLEY, RICHARD RAXVLS. THOMAS .ALEXANDER REEDER, BOYD E. REID, J. xv.. JR. REYNOLDS, E. B. RIDGVVAY, ROBERT J. RITTENHOUSE, G. L. RIVERA, MIKE A. ROBBINS, JACK DOUGLAS ROBERTSON, JOSEPH WILLIAM ROBINSON, HOWELL C. RODDY, LLOYD W. ROTHMAN, RALPH E. RUDLOFF, C, S. SAHOL, JARL RILEY SANDERS, FOREST JR. SANDERS, NEAL W., JR. SAPP, NELSON J. J SAUNDERS, HARRY W. SAUNDERS, RICHARD LEE scALE1, R. A., JR. .. Q -- .1-,-fm: : Fw. 1 ' 'f :fwfm .lr-If 'lf . 7? .1 f Eff: 1-if f'f:'4 ..:,xY.l.q-p v - 3,1-sas! ., STACY, LAURIE -1-Aim' LHS' I? ff! g -M' f 4 S F' T4 -nm. :f2'n?iI 'If 4" ,MJ 'L 1.11,-1 f I-Q, ,,wxf'Eow 3 ,I gag ' H1 J IL. Q " ', 'M' :I I 'f'L""J ' -ya 3 M ,fp 11.11A 'fn . A Y. - . ,.- ' -I ,. ...L litx '-L 'H . - .igtgv '- 'Qi' 0 OWIQWH . .4 A . V . :.1'v.r,f.v. ' .,. TLA g 47 .. IDI' 'hfx-':, . V' X' -S-1 -'ws gp.g4A3,-. .1-:W-', , ' 1, .,.f'5?,.. U . .- MM x . SCH.-XPER. LOUIS O. SCHAS. R. H. SCHEID. T. G. SCHLENKER, EDXYIN H. SGHODDE. HENRY D. SCHVJING. IVAN. JR. SCOFIELD. VERNON M. s-5 ' 'D I I SESSUMS. THOMAS R. I SHADLE, EUGENE M. SHEARER. GRADY T. SHORT, JAMES A. SLAUGHTER. XVILLI.-XM SMITH. SID V. SOMMER, HELMUT SPACEK, E. 1. SPRUOE. J. K. STANFORD. PAT STEEL, W. H. STEPHENSON, HORACE G. STERL STILLINGER, D. L. STRACKE, SAM L. STRELOU, FRED R. ING, CECIL LLOYD STROMBERG, R. A. STROTHER, JUD D. SULLIVAN, A. G. SULLIVAN, WHITNEY SWOPE, JOHN GORDON TEAL, W. H. TEDDLIE, 1. E. TENERY, E. E. D V85 TERRX. DL DLEX TESSMAN. M. O. THOMSON. JACK TREYINO. MANL' EL P. TLCKER. PAYSON E. TURNER, OSCAR G. UEEMAN. ROBERT A. UNDERVCOOD. G EORGE M. YARYEL. KENNETH G. YENER. ALVIN S. YOELKEL. DELLIE R. VON SPRECKEN. AIOHN R. XY.-XGGENER. VC. G. XYADDELL, R. XYAHRMUND. H. O.. JR. XYALKER. HOVVARD C. XYALKER, LEIGHTON XYALKER. R E.. JR. WALTERS. EREDD1E VVARD. 1. C. WARD. THOMAS D. VVARE. DARDYN s. WARNER. IRA J. VVATKINS. EDMUND 5. XVATSON, ARTHER CHARLES XVATSON, W. G. VVATTS, PRENTICE R., QIR, WEAVER. E. FRANK XYEBSTER, N. L. XVEINBERGER. ROBERT VJEINER, LEOIN WELLS. ROBERT IRWIN xx ENDEL, A. J. NVESTERVELT. G. CI WIGGINS. CECIL P. NVILDS. ROBERT H, WILLIAMS. GEORGE H. WILLIAMS, C. M. WILLIAMS, JACK H. WILLIS. IUHN TODD WITHERS. W. J., JR. WQEEORD. s. R. WOLEE, LEO WGOD, ED MURRIE VVOGD. HARMDN B. VJORTHAM, WILLIAM F, YARDLEY, JACK E. ZAHN, CURTIS L. .g B ,. ,x.J' ,,,.-.1 ivsu- 1- s,. .. .wig 'hm-4' Ins. 1- .x i' LEWIS BRACY Preszdent FRESHHIEH 1wE1mER WARD M.xN4+L'sn5 BRACY Sllilixuxx xnrlmlmg FRESHMEN CLASS UFFICERS LEWIS E. BRACY .... ..... P resident EDXVARD W. ROEDER .... .... V ice President PAUL F. MCBRIDE ..... ..... S ecretary LOUIS G. NIANOLSOS ..... .... T reasuru WILLIAM VJ. WARD .... .... H rstomm IVAN F. SIEKMANN ..... ..... X Velfare Rcprcsentatzvc 155 I Ll'l'lQlfl i ADAMS. BILLY EARL "5 1 ADAMS. CHARLES NEAL 'I ADAMS. LLOYD H ADAMS. LYNN Q ADAMS. RANZA I. H AREROYD. EDXYARD TAYLOR I ALBRIGHT. FRANKLIN DELMORE -' ALFORD. DELMA RAY 1 QI ALLEN. JACK YY. 5 ALLEN. XYENDELL PAIGE ALLMAN. HERBERT. IR. ANDERSON. BILLY MACK ANDERSON. KEITH ANDERSON. ROBERT XV. ANDERSON. V. HAROLD ANDREVV. EDNVARD HARRIS. IR. ANDREXY. YY. H. ANTHONY. H. EIR. 1 I i 5 136 APPLEGATE. HAROLD ARIAIL. BLACKMAN ARMSTRONG, B. I. ARMSTRONG. R. XYRIGHT, JR ARNOLD. I. BARTO. JR. ATCHISON. E. DEAN ATTERBURY. JOHN H. ATXNELL, SAM XY. AUGSBURGER, C. H. AYERS, ,IACK F. BABER, GUY A, BACHMAN, ADDISON BAKER, BILLY BOB BAKER, G. M. BAKER, J. H. BAKER, ROBERT GRAHAM BALL. CHAS. E. BALL. ,IAMES THOMAS g-'I' 'gg . ..-- .- ,114 1 an , . , Inn. .. hh. f. LH-111 fy In-aI':gI, .U 45 . ,. . .w.- .- I . 1 3' 'i'4'3:?'f11' 1' BIRY, JOE H. BISSELL, HARRY J. BLACK, I. C. BLAKELOCK, JOHN H. BLANCHARD. CARROLL S. BARNES, ROBERT V. BARNETT. JOHN XVALTER BARRET, KYLE BARTMESS, LEXYIS C. BAY, VVALLACE BEARD, R. S. BEAVERS, J. E. fed I 0 . J C -I ,L I ' - .H 'I"7 V A ef.-'3 J., , .-Im -, P, I ,E .L s f' , I 'I' I A I., gg," E551 fx' S1I,'3'?-fy ' F ,. I' ' I rw ,' ,yi 7 F I an U W. s:..f.7 . -fviyfxi -T 'Y Inf .,,..g...,...--.....- ..I . F V ,,I, J I., U Je JV 35 V BEAZLEY. TOM TURNER BECK, VVALLACE BEEMAN. CLAUDE, JR. BEHLING, JACK BELKNAP, RALPH A.. JR. BELL, I. CARROLL BELZONS. GUY BERCK, HENRY A. BIERINC, GUS EDXYARD BINDER. DAVID IRVINC BIRDXYELL. A, L. BLANKINSHIP, TOM BLEDSOE, FRED M. BLOCKER, JOHN R. BLOCKER, WM. B., JR. BLUM, ERVIN L. BLUNT, LEXVIS H. BOLLAND, ERNEST A. BOLTON, ELMORE E. BORCHERS, CHARLES L. BOSTOCK, JAMES BOWLING, GEORGE WILLIAM BOYD. CEO. A. BRACY. L. E.. JR, 'E JHJ H1011 BRAILAS. LOUIS BRAMMER. H. L. BRANDES. PAUL BRANNEN. C, A. BRENNAN. RICHARD BRITTON. ARCH DALE BROXVN. BILLY NEILL BROXYN. CHARLES THOMAS BROXYN. DOYLE LEE BROUN. E. C. BROOKNER. RALPH BRLINKHORST. ROBERT BLCRNER. ELMER D. BLIFORD, JOE LEE BURDEN. R. XY. BURNETT. ALBERT FRANKLIN BLTRNETT. FELIX XV. BURNETT. XYILLIAM ELLIOTT, JR. 138 BLITLER. 1. O. BYROM. DAN R CAIN. D. xv. CALDWELL, JOHN J CALLAVUAY. DAVID PAT CAMPBELL, JOHN T. CARPER, XVILLIAM L. CARTER. Rox' A.. ,IR CASAS. RICHARD 1. CASTLEBERRY, L. M. CHAMBERS. JOE B. CHERRY, D. D. CHESSER, WELDON CHRISTIAN, JOHN DONALD CLARK, SIDNEY THOMAS CLARKE, LOUIE P. CLEMONS, WM. E. COHN, R. -elf-If-f' I Q 'O I f . . 'R ' 'E+ J -J'Af,, F ilk, VE. + .. . Af. C, 1-,FY . N4 A Qvofug- wwf: .T-QQ.. , ,QL 1 A 'Jig .nw-' fm S ' 'W' 4:44. ' 'ix I 4 K S 6 w-4 1 73 .I I 5 Q 'EL -.'-, f.f1.:?Hf1. 1. - V . QQSQ 'Ph - . A 151' A ' COKER, FRANK C. .A .. , . , va- U . :J ig Sfwvgf If 9 I , J COLEMAN, EDDIE TAYLOR, R. .,. .4 ..4 ,. COLLINS. HAMILTON DARSEY, GEORGE E. DAVENPORT, CHARLES R. DAVENPORT, VERNON M. DAVIES, ROBERT VJYNTER DAVIS, DOUOLASS R. DAVIS. WILLIAM T. DEE, JOHN J., JR, DEERING, R. O. DELANEY, RICHARD P. DENTON, JAMES H. DIOKSON, ANOUS DILLON, LESTER REED DIBRELL, CARTER M., JR. DORRELL, HENRY MANTON DOUGLASS, JOHN E. DOUGHTY, WILLIAM LEO DOWNS, A. W. DREYEUS, LEON R. COLLINS, RICH.-XRD COLQUITT, W. M. COMPTON, EOE OONOER, EOE FOSTER OOOLEY, E. E. COOPER, REX L. COSCIA, I. A. COSTA, PAT COX, ARTHUR L. CREWS, CALLOVVAY CROW, MARVIN E. CRUTCHFIELD, CLYDE CUMMINS, DALE CUMMINS, I. C. CURRY. IAMES RICHARD J 1. Iv --4. ,-... f Ped -' ' I f' .ff 1. "ww 1 . ' '?"f' ..., '4,,,,,,.,z .I . .. '. v 75iJTQ QFLII If-U I-"4-' M14 ' -f , ..I.-.- I J. Y, . : . jeg, 1 I I I . J ,- t 9 . ll W I A I XY. I 2 A Lu 5 I F , ' I I I 5 , . I l'l'l8I'l DLI BOSE, JAMES 5. DUKE. CLAYTON B. DUNN. MARSHALL C. DUNN. W. R. DLI PRIEST. WILLIAM THOMAS DYE. I. O. EADS, E. L. ECKEL. ALFRED W EDDIE. KAMIL D., JR. EHLINGER, LEO EISENHAUER, LEROY P. ELLIS. THOMAS ELLISTON. JACK O.. JR. ENOLEIQINO. DONALD J. EPPRIOHT. J. D. ESCOBEDO, M. ESTES, TOM A. EVERETT. M. VC. P85 FRYE, DON FRYMIRE, THOMAS ROBERT GRAY, GRAHAM FUNICELLA, CECIL R. GARRISON, J. L., JR. GATTON. MARSHALL, IR. GEARY, J. E. GEISELMAN, JOE PIERCE GIESENSCHLAG, MELVIN A GLAZENER, EDWIN LOYD GOLMAN, GEORGE GONZALEZ, GEORGE GORDON, VVILL H., JR. GORMAN. FRANK W., JR. GGTTLIEB, RICHARD GRADY, R. E. GRAPE, WM. 1. GRANT, CHARLES S. GRANTHAM, ELWOOD GREENBLUM, LEON GRIFFIN, J. W. GRIMM, B. A. GROGAN. D. R. GROSSENBACHER, CURTIS GROSJEAN, LEON G. HABY, G. H. HAGEMEISTER, LYNN R. HAGEMAN, LAWRENCE HACKEBEIL, CHARLES ERNEST HAINES, FRANK S. HALAMICEK, W. A., IR. HALL, THOMAS L. HALLEY, AMORY B. HALTER, GUY SIMPSON HAMMACK, RUSSELL HANCOCK, DAVID L. I'l'lQI'l HANLEY. CLAUDE xv. HARDIN, JACK A. HARDY. EARL C. HARNDEN. ARTHUR HARRELL. XYALTER HUGH HARRINGTON. GEORGE XY. HARRISON. GEORGE I.. HASKIN, PHIL H, HASLER. ROBERT E. H.-XSTEDT. J. xv. HAYLIK. JOHN ,IOE HAYES. MILES BOBBY HAYS. LINDA REX HEARTFIELD. EUGENE REAGAN HENDERSON. F. LAXX' HENDRICK. XVILLIAM H. HENNESSY. JOHN A. HERLOCKER, JAMES H.. JR. HEROD. A. B. HERRING. FRED A. HERTZ. MARK VV. HEWELL. RAYMOND L. HICKMAN. O. B.. JR. HILLS J. R. HINYARD. W. E. HODGES, CHARLES ELMO HOFF. JAMES EDMOND HOFFMAN, JORD LAVERN HOFFMAN, RICHARD M. HOGAN. DAVID VJALKER HOGAN. THOMAS C. 162 HOLEKAMP, RAYMOND HENRY HOOD, S. E. HORNSBY, C, XV. HOVJE. H. M. HUFF, GEO. A. JORDAN, C. S. JORDEN. J. H. IULIAN. HENRI KANE, GERALD ELLIS KANE, W'ILLI.-XM LOUIS KASTEN. VJILBUR ALBERT KELTY, JAMES F. KIMSEY, L. R. KINDLER, LANGDON P, KING, JESSE JAMES KING, LYMAN E., JR. KING, R. B. KINGSBURY, EDVJARD KIRKPATRICK. ORAN GOULD KNOPP. VINCENT A. KOEN, CHARLES EDGAR KOOS, ROY INEIL RURTZ, HAROLD E. bf-Q ug ,f gl"ef5Al'l'lel'l HIQFF. ROBERT B. HUFFMAN. XY. L. HUGGINS, JOHN B. HYDE, ROBERT M. HYNDS. JOHN K. IRVUIN. FRANK A. ISEELL. BEN E. ISDALE. JOE xv. JACKSON. GEORGE HENRY JACKSON, RICHARD E. JACKSON. ROBERT JACKSON. xx'ILTOt-: JAMES, vc. R. JOHNSON. KENNETH JONES. EARL C. JONES. G.-XIL DORIS JONES. JAMES MARSDEN JONES. WM. E. J E: 5 Iflflelfl KIQYKENDALL. SCHUYLER. IR. LAMAR. JIMMY LANE, LANE. ,IAMES E. BRUCE xx: LANE. CONNIE, IR. LANG, XY, MARSDEN LANIER. ROSS E. LAW. H. C. LEE. I. N. LAUTERSTEIN, MALCOLM LEE. XV. B. LITTLE. A. E. LLNOIR. FRANK LITTLE. RAYMON SAMUEL LIVELY, BENNIE S. LOFTIN. JIM LOCK. I. D. LOHN. CECIL E. LOVE, I, C. LOXVRY, ROBERT M. LUDDEKE. DAVID E. LUTTEMAN, O. E. MQADAMS, G. D. McATEE, JAMES LEE, IR. McCALDIN. ROY O. MQCARTY. ROBERT O., -IR. McCASKILL, CYRUS M. MQCOMAS, BEN C., IR. McCREARY, JAKE, JR McCROCKLlN, W. F. MQDONALD, ALVA G. McFALL, ROBERT E. MCINTYRE, D. P. McMAHAN WALTER VU. MCMORDIE, IOE MILLER, MARVIN F. MILLSAP, FRED MITCHELL, JAMES R. MITCHELL, HARRY LEE MORGAN, JACK B. MORGAN, JACK C. MCCRE, JACK C. MCCRE, JENE W. MORRIS, CARL B. MORRIS, CCY N. MORRIS, ROBERT P. MOTZ, THOMAS BOYD, JR. MCUNIC, LESTER L. MUCKLEROY, R. C., JR. MURR, LEE s. MURRAY, ROSCCE H., JR. MUSGRAVE, RICHARD MYATT, BARNEY A. ,-. .4951 W' .- ' 5, .2 Rv" ff?" E75 -'V-:ii-J351W51:sfi5f5!F': I 3-' wi.-J . 'rJm-Jw , Cr. I ,Q E -1.12-mg 31 Ped MACHA, LEROY MACKLES, LOUIS MACEE, JOE MARK MAGEE, VU. T., JR. MALLORY, REX D. MALOOLY. ALBERT A. MANDEZ, EMILIO PEREZ MANNING, PAUL, JR. MARTINEZ, EDMUNDO MATHIS. MARTIN C. MATTOX, C. VU. MATTOV, JESSE K., JR. MAYFIELD, ROBERT B. MERTZ, JOE MAYER MERTZ, MORTIMER L. MEYER. LEE E. MILLAR. A. A. MILLER, DON C. 3, 51",-I ts, . .J-Y - - ,- -. . af, " " E! I :ws- , . 'Aw .. ,. I . I 2,4 - I I 1 - . 1 men NAHMI. LOUIS cz. NAGLE. F. EDGAR T. NANCE, JAMES W. NAUMANN. QUENTIN F. NEELY. BOB NESMITH, FRED JR. NEUNHOFFER, OSCAR R. NEVCMAN. VIRGIL NEXYTON. FIELDER N. NEXVTON. R. T. NOLAND. B. GENE NORMAN. C. D. NORRIS. L. R. NORYELL. O. T.. JR. OIIPHANT, MAX DEAN OLIVER. JOHN K. OLSCTHNER. PAUL Q. OSIL'S. ROBERT LOUIS PADILLA, ARTHUR PAGE, ELTON T. PAINCHAUD, KELTON CAMPBELL PALMER. LESLIE L. PATERSON. GERALD E. PATTON. RAYMOND EVERETTE PAYNE, LAXXIRENCE PAYTON, CHESTER FRED PEPPER, ROBERT A. PEREZ. ANTONIO A. PERRY, IVAN XV. PERSONS, GEORGE G. PERTHUIS. ALFRED E. PETERSON, E. LORAN PHILIPSON, HERMAN L., JR. PHILLIPS, JAMES C. PHILLIPS, HAROLD Q. W X RABEL. HENRY EDWARD RAGAR, STEVE RAGSDILL, HOXVARD E. RAMAGE, JIMMIE L. RAMBO, JESSE GLENN ROUGAGNAC, HENRY ANDREW RANZAU, H. S. RAPLEE. G. ROBERT RATCLIFF, JOHN NOBLE, JR. RAY, HENRY REBER, JACK M. REED, GEORGE A. REED, PETER REESE, CHARLES M. REILLY, FRANK K., JR. RICHARDS, H. V. RICHARDSON, BILLY M. RICHARDSON, O. L., JR. 5?-If, 'A'1 I 5A A"' Z7 r ' .5 fa PHILLIPS. JAMES C., JR. PHILLIPS, XWHIT, JR. PIERSON, RANDOLPH. JR. PIPKIN, FRED P. PODD. C. VJ. POLK, A. WOOD POMERENK, EARL R. POPEJOY, JOHN R.. JR. POXYELL. JAMES MILTON POXYELL, XV. F. POWERS, GARLAND A. PRATER. THOMAS EARL PRESTRIDGE. ROBERT P. PRIDEMORE, RUPERT ALLEN PRITCHETT. RAY NORMAN PRUDHOMME. EGR C. QLALTROUGH, RICHARD C. RABEAU, 1. E., JR. RICHEX. BERTIS L. RIDDLINC. XX ILLIAM P. RING. RENNETH ALVIN, JR. ROBERTSON, JOHN MARSHALL RODMAN. EARL G. RODRIGUEZ. ISAIAS RODRIGUEZ, V. M. ROEDER. EDXVARD ROOERS. JOHN R. ROSE. .IEE ROSE. JOHN ROSE, w, A. ROXYLAND. JAMES C. RUNKLES. JACK R. RUDELOFF. RICHARD E. RUNNION. N. R. RUSH. RICHARD H. SABANOVICH. NICHOLAS JOHN ' 4 f' SAGER. GEO. H. A SALDANA. I. A. ff SAMMONS. CHARLES D. SANDERS, JACK MONROE SANDLER, HENRY R. SARGENT. EDDIE LEE. JR. SARRAN. JULES GEORGE. JR. SAUNDERS, CHARLES SIDNEY SCHEXVE. LAWER ENCE J. SCHIRM, M. H. SCHMIDT, EDWIN SCHOEPER, VJILLIAM E. SCOTT, JOHN R.. JR. SCOTT, THOMAS FREDRICK SEALS, FRED C. SEALS, WILLIAM S. SESSUMS, ERNEST A., JR. SHARP, DABNEY VI .1 -, Ei-1 ' H"-'f,,.:w r 754 tn S' KA a-:m r I ,g. ' ' ,. ,.,1Y'fW'1 Trl' :gif J ,la -,, T415 S .fi N A I fy -.F ' fed 7 , SHARRAI, LEE C. ' 51" I SINGLETARY, JOE M. SMITH, ARTHUR CLAIR. IR. SMITH, D. B. SMITH. RICHARD XY. SMITH, S. M, SPARKS, ALBERT KIRK SPENCER, F. I, SPIEGEL. WESLEY FRANK SPRINGER, WILLIAM A.. IR. V STACEY, IAMES E. STANLEY, D. B. STANLEY, EDXVIN JAMES STARK, HOMER fi ST. CYR, BENJ. FRANK - H STEBEINS, EVAN W. STEIN, IRWIN I STEIN, LEWIS A. "' STENGEL, H. J, STEPHENS, BGB STERNE, T, L. STERQUELL, U. CALVERT STODDARD, H, L. STONE, MARVIN STQOKY, STEVE W. STRIEBECK, W. H., III SULLIVAN, L. J. SULLIVAN, 0. GORDON SWATZELL, PHIL D. SWENSON, A. I. TAFF, T. J, TALLEY MARTIN L SHERRILL, H, M. rgyy SHILLER. EDXYARD xi If 5 If I SILLIMAN, R, E. I , I ' .LQ 'Q ntl' 'I ' :s- J, -, 1 4 I ..:. V I., , . ,-r.. .I J., . E, -ff 4 .""a, -J . rw,,-.v',..' , lv J, jj. ,-V.. ' ,J , , D J i'g"l'J"" " " TAYLOR. WILLIAM DOYLE I f 5 THOMAS. CHARLES RANDALL THORNTON. LEE ROY f J . A 4 I. 5' 'gui .f"7Ff1' '?'f",:1U -72" 4 ff?-' 5 H ' 'L 'Z-P l.5' f Y? 1 L.-J jQ,,v. mg? A :pa fs 3 wfxgl, .-ffl .4 1' I" 'v .. 'J7,, 'a . I ' j '. TASHNEK. ARTHUR B. 7 . I I . THORPE. JOHN TIPS. DAVID TIPTON. L. C., XYAYLAND TORIE. CHARLES TRAVIS. J. C. TREES. J. R. TRIGG. K. M. TRUE. JACK TLXQKER. JNO. P.. JR. TLTMLINSON. JACK W. TURNER. JACK TURNER. JACK L, TURNER. GILBERT M. YACEK. EUGENE j. YERSCHOYLE. HUBERT H. YOGELPOHL. KENNETH YOIGHT. J. GORDON XVALKER. B, J. WALKER. R. v. XYALKER. XYOODXVARD A.. JR. XYALLINGFORD. GEORGE XVALLIS, R. E. VCA LTERMAN. XV I LLIAM N XYALTHALL. TOM XYANNER, CHARLES R. VJARD. R. COURT XNATLER, DORCY L. XYATSON, RICHARD XYATSON. W. C. XVEAVER, FRANK F. WEEREN, HERMAN XYEIDIC. GUS XV. NVEISINGER, JAMES CLEVELAND XVELCH, ROBERT XVELLBORN, H. E. 170 - - E WILLIAMSON, WALKER KENDRICK WILLIS, JAMES M. VJILSER, J. B. XVILSON, JAMES RICE WILSON, JOHN E. WISDOM, C. I. WOODEIN, KENNETH LEE WORD, WILLIAM WARREN WORSHAM. J. L. WRIGHT, H. H. WUNDERLE, LAWRENCE W., JR. WYRICK, G. B. YARBROUGH, BILL G. YARNELL, JAMES W. YOACHUM, CHARLES ZAPP, H. DON ZEIGLER. RCLAND S. ZUMMO, JOHN F. . 3 .,:,IiL-L: '- VI. rea .,,- l.f,. ., I .V X' Ive 31 ,ffl fQJt.s,F5,5 ,JQIQ 1,'.'. . , . , PJ 193- fI+Ii2iIfAixf 'IAMJI 1 H I: -W . 03.11 by-far -Q1 ,J vi 4 L Q, 'I F 34 1 J! fv 4 I: SN: TTIKXI. Y M? If ' " If ' H f vxfyglf , .I a I R 1 Q ,Jo if -I XVESP. JOE E. VJEST, PAUL MILTON ' 3 ' XVESTBROOK. J. E. I WHEATON, L. A. I Y P WHEELER, CLAUDE W. I Q I VJHIGHAM. CARL L., JR. K 1 WHITAKER, ANDREW' W. WHITIAKER, NORMAN R. VJHITIS, E. H., JR. ' VJILHELM, PAUL L. VVILKINSON, OSCAR MARVIN WILLIAMS, ROBERT D. WILLIAMS, CHAS. B., JR. WILLIAMS, R. E., JR. VJILLIAMS, SAM S. VJILLIAMS. VICTOR M.. JIR. XYILLIAMS, VVYVEL T.. JR. WILLIAMSON, ALTON A. WILLIAMSON. ROBERT BURNS 1IA'1 fIIII I'f V I . -'.. V ,.... J ,i.. 1. J 1, .- It '5 4 X , .J enior REVEILLE "Rev" Mascoting Peach Creek Age 101 Queeng BestfDrilled and Dressed Co-Ed 1932423 No. 1 SurberfChaserg Most Traveled Aggieg Pres. Kf9 Clubg Most Popular Aggie. I72 HIHIIIIIVI llf THE PRESS Y-jig' f.wY il-iv ii Ai- i V- VA, f, 'Q V- N . ' The freedom of the press is vital to human progress .. Puhhc opinion and the sources of its 1nformat1on may he controlled hy despotisms for a certain length of t1me lt is unthinlsahle however that such control can continue indefinitely There must come a time when the instinct for individ- ual expression will reassert itself and will heqin anew that familiar course of d1s- Will lead hack to democracy. - 1 1 cussion and dehate which in the long run mlm, m,,,.,, dc, U gr, 3 2-iw r W 1 ff? " ' J " V V i Q, 'f . - 3.1,g.m-L, 'makgf' K x f. 572' vfflf I, ' ' ' ' w i" rx 1, " . U' ,,f.:: .- -. . --1 . .1 X, N ,pm 3 .gp 6 ' V X ' I K il , I v ,., , ',,. . Jzpv. 'sf'1: ,LM 4' ,H-wmv ff ,wfwjf - '. ' j4i9?"' ff ' 1 .4. ,1!v.' f-' Y. V K ' ,w?f"" I ., ,, ' ' ' 1-fl' Y ,-'J' , "" . f l 2' :' ,,1' . -if, N ' ix fi, . '!:, ' 'X ... M , L - ml: , I 1 4:3 ' , ' f" . . ,'31'... 5531 l PRESS CLOSE corollary of the freedom of speech is the right of a free press to bring the light of truth to bear on matters public and private. The institution of journalism is a cornerstone in the foundation of a democratic system of government. No other people in all history have been as Wellfinformed as the American people. Freedom of the press is more than just a phraseg through the medium of this belief and practice has developed a system of gathering and distributing information that could only have grown in the soil of a free press. We are blessed with a system that has prided itself on accuracy and justice. The small are made mighty and the great are made humble by its power. No privilege or right has contributed more to the furtherance of our democratic ideals and championed the cause of freedom than has our press. We believe that our nation can stand the truth whether it be bad or good. lt is in keeping with American ideals that our people should be informed at all times on important issues and events. So long as our press is free then we shall have no fear for our American way of life. CENSORED The suckers sign their mime Checking the ticker The high moguls of the class of '42 Not this year but last year The fist formation Toppys find at rehearsal Sam Houston pep leaders and their bzrdfdogs Is this the right line? Red Rover, Red Rover-Let Moser come over Squirrels-open season just sweatin' if' Y bn x f.-nv 4 t l 1 1 3 4 5 6 7 R 9 10 1 1 I I I Clmcl' and uc erclled on tlle Gunter 'x , A bevy of beauttes frmn T. S. C. YW. 1 Fm-.st yell pmctzce at Cvwodwm Lemley and Slack strmging their lme in the Nllssion Czty ' Szglttseemg Tour No. 3 clmws the mg VVe send the team to New York lack, a wullmg guestfbut who wouldnt be with that ty of Vv'elcume7 Russell entertttms Anna Ruth and Red xn tlte lgitclten Rxgor Nfurtzs set in on Olwer A Nicltolfs Seremlcle by his 51x font tltruslt Hervey pauses for tlte Iptma Smile of Beauty- 51. nj, N Tlrey offered us the key to the city-we set' fled for the flag. Spelling it out for Uncle Sam. Curten, Morttgomery, Garnbrell, and Wright -four weary travelers return from New York. Down in front! 179 'K Y m 's bf 2 5 X .. iw v- P,- M vs.. , 1 3 4 'W , 1 g., 'ffiilfm - gf pi 2.3 Q 1 3' L-' ' ., - - 1, ,, 9 Q - 5.47 J I ' ,t I Q 1 J 9? ' " 0' ' 1 Mgr M' 5 . I I7 lg X- " M4411 Riff Q4 -1 44 'W yer K3 aff' s ""'. H Q-, ' sa O 3' The big shots in the Aggie Band. funiors glide in the T.S.C.W. Gym. Bob and Anna Ruth at the presentation. The Corps Staff in review. 181 - Q 4-,Moa 552 .M 1, 1 172 WWF' . nz ufaim' vu-,,,. Heres that band ugam- Dgmzels steppmg along at 'TCU At least he broke lzzs leg ITlX'lA71g Preszdent of the Three D. Bfs cmd the Aggie Sweetheart Eyes Rzght A cont r'1w ve r'.iz L11 issue Between the halves at TCU Bl7'd'dOg No. Iflnk Spot an Wlzy dont we do this more often? The sun burned down but it was no hotter than the Aggies. Really nice of you to carry those heavy spurs, jack. 183 'har W. ,Q X- w :- E Q FHM. X?" 'Q I, 9 . . r c L83 R , I ' g 'N I xx -.f .-.Ag.' 'A 5? sa 'Z I F N if 3, A WI! . v V i JN. gp 'yds . L an V ' YE!! aw-v',-g, r XY' x. Daniels headed for paydivt. Alphabet Soup. If only he had said something. Geography lesson by the Redcoats. 185 ' n IBLSM-ns!!! '-af' T . 391 lv 1. u fi: 15, E. L gi, , 5 .fY' '. . f ' Xa-Q A Z1 as 4 Guests on Tlianlqsgiiving NBC, Bill Sterris, and all tlie trimmings Wildcat Sterling stirs the Aggies 187 5 i i V P i Z- 1 H Min ,ity 5 V 'A 'Y I I 4150 nl A 'WWI 1 S u A Q l . W 1- . , 2 H M: ,,., , V l. I, , .2 i N Ifrbhaqn V, , 2 I .. -f ' -- -',:f.,- a -51 1' ' ' S' , 1 , ?,:',f X 4- F A nth Kuhn if if as-'iv' , I , ' A H M y ..-3. ' ' '73 "'-n " :., A- . A - . new V liz, l ' 'gl f" '- ' fm - ., ' ' 'JW 51- Albert Spalding - a good fiddler And tlre kids came out to play lim and Mose relax in the lounge Car Clrristrnas Carols 189 L- 1. Southern Hosputalxty W -. Cotton Bowl halftime 3. Curly gets a pmcll of sugar -1-. Patrrorrsm and football spmt mmgle 5. Tzunblebugs 6, Psuedo Errol Flywms 7, Toland and Copeland smveynzg the tzre shortage, or woman shortage -' li .e,.o , A Q - r I ' -"""l-Nl-" ' xlinpfnnj V ' Wvmrlq J MZ U l L'7g"l 'fv1'Q'H' 5 df" ' . "' ' ' ' we -V Fha 'iv '1 'E' " -fl " -' ' ?5"f'1:g" ,if 1 " 1 - 1' 1 ig..-lv , .. , .ff-g wg ? - Q .wa-. fS1qfF'f'FiJIQQW' 4 'TP W 1 My Q., ' " hQf:..fii Tfff'fTQT1l' atfmiw ',,qgS.hq:ef2 , - e 165'-l"' 14 , 1.4, 124 ,Aff 3 'A-,-'-.Li 'H 1: , lf. 'f' '- ,gifggggv-gif' f ff A xg "'7,f'-e:Uff.3'im1i,1ggg, 2 f ma' "M , ,. . A . -- .. , A X -Yr, ,, . '. ' V-.y u V -.v:g -,'-,.,- . 'f wi -f,:.'q wif ef- I3 fi:-, ,fs 'A i.?a::s?'f - A- -ilifhhii, . 51 3, ' " I .LH ' Il- . X5 4 l ' 'W ,Q 5 . - . , , . ' . . . , A -. , M a .ln ,, ixigixsxais ag, f -'S . -:E 1 ' . It . 'fn2W'vNg, ' '32, 'NN .4433 hh' 'iqicw ' I X FIRST 'NELL V SPQLL THE CRQHSON ' Af-3 l w pf" How to clean a statue in three easy lessons Fish drill - B Co. style Campus Theater mascot 191 'ii' EB F!! 1,5 'QC --pq 'aiu' just wlmt the thzmder does Roddy thmk he'5 domg? Home IOLUH boy makes good Brmnley gets knocked out of bounds Owls! As hell broke 10056 belww Ugly' And the lmadxpeukev' d7'l7'lO'lt71C6d T.C.U. 14, Texas 7 if ' Mfg inf A ki: 'Ji ef Qs!! 3 3 Q Simian xl I f'fA .FNFEXJ . NJ ' X135 'ww J J K 1 L ff' --A -f Lan. Looking for a limb, Rev? Propaganda Bobby Stephens, late as usual 193 Notlce the terse facial expressions Moser' tallzes against S.M'.U. How do they keep from gettzng k1lled7 The Star Spangled Banner! Helen fepson receives a bouquet The band in another perfect formatzon TofToing f -:lx 'B Yep, more turkey Annual elephant walk Downs Natatorium - the Conference Meet President Rainey of Texas U. dedicates the game to ExfStuclents 195 4 P Avg, x, W if pl K i-I, - 9 k :,, :N .!. X S NV- 'N N "y 4 L ll .- 'O INQ3 V 2 Q 4 . ' '4 ' - 4 ' n: , I . ' - . i . ,- 'I' 1 ' V 1. .V 3 . . , Ja. il , 'sis' . r D I N f V' ' 3' : ' 068 Q X . t 'g fgqbsi S ,xzgg ,- 4 - t i ' I LQ Q ' ,Q J N' + ,v !. , ' . E ' EQ' H' V- MA1 u. ju 5? 'le5PHWK, n V 1, . 4 V L i mas , H21 ,sn I hsgl Q S 0 , x N' ' V SE' Q SP ' V2 W 5' . A, 5 X51 . ,..,. gi., fp ,' s ,XV V. ii I if ,xx Q V -.-'ga . - - 3 , c Ml I . af f ff iv? , , ' .P ' Q55 1 . ' ,, , ly. . : . V '-2 gr' l fjig. 7 if . . ' W' '. ?f'f?:f -5' ' 7:-5,13 ffl?-5 . xx ':. , "Tr s V- asf? 4 V V is .Wm -.4 . K - .M . ' ??M,'!' .V f JA " ,,'i?'f ..V' 5,1 . f ' K, 3 H Vs uv. BTN 1 - V E 1 ' ,Q a. gb ' x s, Norris Miertchivi swings out with the best o them Notice all the men in civies One of the goings in of the class of '44 Every sophomore and his day and date 197 . CL'1L1 Puppy' S1zu1gcr pwurx 11111'm1e at the Ouxx Um 111111 Guy' tewzvzg f1'1677lNE1'l6S .mm :mn the gum duy Lr.SrrUr1zer-f 11505 N111 x11 some odx e Ne Ll71C1SU771C kl71C1 nj 17181711771 T116 best uvstxurzed Liss ut tw mnmlu F 4 zu Kfure B11rr1yL1n1 Fru11c. Aggw lmv-diem gn t1mmg1 tm mm Topperwcnlftwps. USHLI1 .dwrtage of gz r1s. x",,g.S31 x S. 'f',L.L. Prexy and wife at tlie liorse sliow Air raid!!.'! Oompli, glamour, and more of the same kind - part of the Cavalry Belles Wliere's the keg of cider? 199 'K 4 We fu Hats vff as USPITII of Aggwlmldh IX played Rmruel szwngs on Hengxr11rC11rp1m1lL1cks. Claxs of 39. Cafe .wc1etyf u'l11te collar g1rl, 117717 Ugly boy CLITICIIJJICS. The Hon boys 111spectFlur1d11 frzut, B111m1 LICQILITES 11 p11ssengs1'. The Fzsh score agmvzxt the 'l'c11rI1ngs. An' R11111 U.'L1T71l71g pvxt. 5,11 ,K Cathey -another one of Pearcas hnds Intermission at the North Gate Smither registers Barr, soon of the U. S Army Those girls could really - shoot 201 . I 1 r ,N .,q Q M. .Qs fix 'HIM-Qwj K- 2 '- X - .Wg .,,. ' 5' s fx - ,133-wiaesfr' x4 Ne . , .,,, , Q I' 1... L 1 f . 4,' A L4 ' Q 4 . '- 2, . I VW ' A' . V Q - , f' W f t ' jyf 5 . g .. 1 Wg ' 4 - 0 ' . 4 f .ff ' Kew- ' ' ' ' ' 'Q -"- N F - 3 45 f.fM . tr .' .lf K sl lr X I A Q? ff' gp hr X Q xg n lux " f 5 A W 2, 7' -wsilf' K 1, Q q . F3 5 ' J 1 W. f- s A 1' . XJ - XX!!! x - i . -1 ...3,Q1w' -.M my ,al W 5 i I Q, I ,TS'KQ V .Lf .3 1 W J -4. ' V .I W ,- V in -I 5 'Z gtk xxx: ' '34 Eff .' :A 19' ,,r,,f- f X 4 . 'Tf'--- u A ' N' . -4 If -.'Z'9, f I . 3 ' - .:j-1,-1. . 6 .xp ' , V u . 'Z' Nu. V Avrugl x ' nf -F . . fx. -I '4 ff:-1"z' 1 'ff NX Ty- " K - ' .A Z WA: 1- A . ,J ' Z ' L -1- fc' V 1' Q 2-fu-if ., f I fps f 'V' ' X i , . 1- . -ia -I I., 4 -, 5- ,ii 4 "' ,fr ,ig , nip . m L' ' -" "' ' Y- - 4' all ' S A song for the mothers. 'These trenches don't look so bad. Inst after the annual Saturday night bath I Infantry parades for the Navy. Aggies performing on Sports Day. 203 I I :f 2' ' ' 44' .f--Y ",. ,S .A , if-x., 1. . - ,f 1 iyf ww XJ-f xi 4' . . gi , w L I f fl nj 51 W Av! Gzrls urrzre frown T. S. C, VV. for F1511 Ball. NIlSbCl'ldl'l71g Aggles Lllllllf Serum' Court. Inu Ray Hutton. B Co. Upper'c1us.Svr1e11-and Buelmg judgmg competi- tzon drzll. ArIlLd'CLlI' Sll'l7'lgSfETS, Aggue verszon of LTV. D, A. Frog Holrclq of the Mess Hall force. fenlqms and fmnzly put on L1 show. B Cmnpany holds cmnpetztron drxll. Two uwators not comparmg c1gL1rette.s. Allfgzrl 0TCl16SI7'Ll - allfboy dunce, A,I 1 ,L 5: i , 3.3 'gif The Gohs gather by the nearest water- looking for the fleet? Hmmm! Smoke screen - we think Track, elevator, train, disgusted little girl- maybe in the E. E. department-who cares? The guard of honor, the honored flags, and the potent boys. 205 , CLlfWI1lI?l Bernlmrdt, Preszdenf XXFJIIHTI, and Colonel Wfelty recczve the re1'1su'. . Cribs and Sully uutclz P41rRor1ch lay the wreath. . B Coast and the j'YozL'erfp1m11ng cerernony. . Bacfqsmgc with the d7'Cl'lIfc'CIS. . "Eleanor has L1 very good record size lm.: attended 7 of the S weddzngs of our 7 clnldrenf' . 'Your three mmutex are up. . Ir has the 77ldk1'7lgS of L1 congo Ima. . Fermmdez - our No. 1 termzs star? . Col. Boles addresses the R,V.'s. V,-Q-1 . 14, iN ' Q I' , "5 dk 'j 4 .ii Worzdcr what it was? C CAC. or most of it, any way. Hurry, man, hurry! Mrs. Waltort, Corps Staff, and flowers. 'Cheesyw Marslt, receiving U.D.C. award. Davis deciding on a very, very serious matter. O.D.s meet the Navy HOD." 207 -Lira 1 1 'QV in-9 sg Q ' . by ,' 5, if 1 lk' bv 6 5.15 f. A 'Wh ' 'f- 'Fff if if-ann, K- 'FIFIII IVE. EM, Q. lf 4 'R ' .fu ". ' Fw, Y . , AY. ,N 5, f-af I 'Q " Q J ' X 1 . X V ig. 1 p 9- rg Q' in TN Q, We f' L4 I 1 Q I , I X D . - I ' 5 K X .l T? MP5 fb 4' 4 . J ' I 1 gf I X fu. -I S .K 'fer gf 5 n, 1 5 f RIGHT Ill THE Plllllll Plllllllllll lll ASSEIVIIHE lsay drscuss all and expose all l arn tor every toprc openly l say there can he no salyatron for These States wrthout rnnovators wlthout tree tongues and ears w1ll1ng to hear the tongues And l announce as a glory ot These States that they respectfully lrsten to proposr tions, retorlns, fresh views and doctrrnes, from successions ot men and Wolnen, each age with its own growth -A wgltmnn Tlx? A.-V inf' JW -X 1 tal LQ , A X , . . 1 . . . - . 9 J 1 . . 013 -L:':fFg4'g?1f - .. 1!ffllIvf'3iigk J, 344.1 3 -. if L' ' u . , :'3g:gA1.5,,,., Q ' ' -V , QV,. . 2 A EP in fi F Vw! Ill ASSHVIIHE 0 RIGHT or privilege has longer been sought by free men or has deeper roots in the fight for the liberation of the common people than the right peaceably to assemble and seek redress for grievances. Throughout the history of the struggle for freedom one great essential has been the right of men to meet openly in discussion of common problems. From the days of King John and the Magna Charta, through the French Revolution, culminating at last with the guarantees in our ovvn constitution man has fought to have the people's voice heard. We profit from the examples of those countries where no man can dare voice protest against inhumanity and intoleranceg this shall not happen to America and to prevent its happening all men who love freedom lend their efforts. Americans believe that the government exists as the servant of the people and because of that it is the American way of life that no man should be denied the right to be heard in protest. 1, ANGELL XVILCOX XVILLIAHS Hl'l'l lxXNIl BXBCOL Ix DAVIS GILLI5 CATHEY X1 lx IINC K 477 'EMBL-is .,'Fk4fiJ,3ffi- ff-I-..1z??-'?5'.:f":xiii "1 ":' H- ' ' cf' ' 1 .4., . ' "'- arf'-:1'ew.,--J. ' .gmt -..a :A M. . 9, This committee is a combination of the Publiciifiiiiis Bqqagdrgand Activi- ties Committee and has supervision and coiipijblggjqfr publicaticiflifsocigil . 1-i9,if,ff'ffi1 pf -A f 511' oi j events, Town Hall, and all activities of the,537a153,QuS Student organizations. One' '-7' ' i . l important task of the committee is the ,'OfQfd51t6S forthe various Wolf' . .N . T' social functions. Equally important is theg- ,1f3' , 'sf,,,f,,,Qcating stuclent,,,aLctiv1t5p . . ' Ui 1 I wg ! ' . 'I'--iiiiizl-fry. funds to the various clubs making requests. 'ff "a:4f?r-fem " 7 V 5 'Of E. L. Angell, D. W. Williams and G. B. Wilcox as faculty iff' bers. the editor of the various publications, the social secretary, the Town Hall manager, and a representative from the Junior and Senior classes. Dean F. C. Bolton is chair- man of the committee, G. B. Wilcox is secretary, and joe Skiles, who is not a member of the committee, is the actual manager of student activities. TIE.-XX F. C. HQLTON, Clmlrrllfril 213 TWBIICTIVITIES CUIIIIIIITTEE STIJDIEIIT ll-CTIVJI RINN XIRS. FRAN1fKI.UXV, I.lbNll1.liY. ELRIS, SKILES, STUN1-I, The oflice of Student Activities exists as a service unit for the corps. The supervision Off.-BiullSfL1C.lC11f pglglications is an important duty of the office and " i . "" 7"-, ' '.'ff.'fi'.1-- - - - - - - - - V gciualely 35 Important 15,'thE,fum2!1.sh11ig of administrative facilities for the use . ,i of smdglit encourages and fosters all worthwhile student jffiiiilies. Tbiligi Hah-'is one of the features of the office, and The Cadets, directed W. jenkins, is another important phase of the' Work. A new feature was Kadet Kapers, free stunts on Satur- day nights. lfghlicatiqns Battalion paper and magazine, the Longf hom, The the handbook, student directory, bulletins. Personnel of the ofhce include joe Skiles, manager: W. C. Stone and Grady Elms, assistant managers, Rich- ard W, jenkins, director of the Singing Cadets and Kadet Kapersg Mrs. Marie Francklow, secretary, and Dan Longley, student bookkeeper. The following students were employed during the 194142 year: Eli Baggett, Pat Hadsell, Rohert Taylor, Jarvis Butler, Milton Kegley, and Jerry Sueltenfuss. If 315 SKILES, .1Ifuifmm 214 R. L. Heitkamp. Harvey Lynn, Jr.. . . . W. C. Donnell.. J. C. Grantham. Jack Jones, . . J. B. Hancock. . . john Longley. . jack Miller. . . Earl McChesney. . . . . . H. O. Kunkel. .. R, B. jones. . . A. L. Ramirez .... Marvin McMillan. . . l0llGHO Top Row, Left to Riglzt: LYNN, DUNNELI., GR.-XXTH.-XM, I'IANl,Uklx IxLNlxEL NIILLER Bottom Raw: BICCHESNEY, LUNGLEY, JONES, RABIIREZ, MQMILI XX . . y.:. jyffya . . . ' fist ....... Editor N - ifriiiffii "T-L 1' galiaiiils .1-',3,.,-. .. -M M . "fQ3g,f :: . .aff .Advertising Mail, "fr fi: - J . -v i V . ., ,, A -14?-F . , K r . . Marghgklgr w th .. -.f,.ae.',g5V,t'Sf.. fq.g:V,:', 2 'gig Qtr 1 525, ..... .photogpqqpligr .ig K tifsig:-iq 'ti,ai-1f,1t5g.'j-,f11' Egg.: V f .... Features 'f 7,4 . - ' ,'?-1,51 -.--- JH-mor 1 wget? . . -r fi' 95,5139 "ii - if 'El wffi I 4"' :f -" - P ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . "5!fi' Assistant Junior Assistant . .Sophomore Assistant . .Soph . .Soph omore Assistant omore Assistant R. L. HEITKAXIP, Eflmfr 215 ROGERS THURNIAN TFMLINSON CRISXYELL XYII.RIliTH HAIKIN The Battalion which is the official paper of the city of College and The Battalion magazine are the editing, managing, and censor' tt entirely to the in charge. published three times weekly from Septemf monthly during this time. During the rd voted to continue the regular publif f months while the College was on its of the magazine and newspaper for the first semester E. M. Rosenthal held the same position for the second semester. D. C. Thurman and Lee Rogers were the newspaper managing editors and Pete Tumlinson the magazine managing editor. Sports were under the editorship of Mike Haikin while Ralph Criswell was advertising manager and Gene Wilnieth circulation manager. lit IN KIA IIRIEI., lfilimr 216 E BIl"I'.'I'IlI.IOII STIIFF f- Don Gabriel ...... ............ E ditorfinfChief, First E. M. Rosenthal ............ EditorfinfChief, Second Advertising Staff Ralph Criswell ........................ Advertising W. A. Goforth .... .... A ssistant Advertising -lack Lamberson.. ......... Assistant Advertising John Sleeper. . . ........... Assistant Advertising Circulation Staff Gene Wilmeth ........................ Circulation Bill Hauger. . . F. D. Asbury ........... .............. I umor .................Senior Circulation Photograplry Staff Jack Jones ...... Ralph Stenzel .... Phil Crown .... Bob Crane . . . Newspaper Staff Semester Semester Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Assistant Assistant Bill Huber, joe Stalcup ................ Circulation Assistants ....................Staif Photographer . . . . .... Assistant Photographer .Al W THE 1941-42 STAFF rf ,rf Reporters ,. fix. 'ffm Calvin Brumley, Arthur L. Cox. Russell Chatham. Bill Fox, ,lack Keith. Tom rlourneay. W. Hamilton, Nelson Karback. Tom Leland. Doug Lancaster, Charles P, lvlclinight. Keith Kirk. VJeinert Richardson. C. C. Scruggs. Henry H. Vollentine. Ed Kingery, Edmund Bard. Henry Tillet. Harold Jordon, Fred Paul-Ley, Lonnie Riley. Pete 'Tumlinson . Sid Lord ..... Phil Bible ...... . Mac Sterling .. john Holman. . R0 er Killin sworth. E S Sam Semo, Jr. . L. B. Tennison .... Tanner H. Freeman. Assistant Photographer D. C. Thurman .... ............ ......... . .... M a naging Lee Rogers ......... ............... . . . Robert L. Freeland .... Tom Vannoy ..... Ken Bresnen ........ Clyde C, Franklin .... Charlie Babcock . . . .... . . . . lack Decker .... Sports Mike Haikin. . . W. F. Oxford .... Mike Mann .... Chick Hurst ..... Brooks Cofer . . .. .... . . .Managing . . .Assistant Editorial ............-lunior . . . .Junior ., . .Junior .. . .junior .. . .Junior .........Sports .Assistant Sports . .Senior Sports A .. .Junior Sports . . .Junior Sports Assistant Photographer Editor Editor NVriter Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor ssistant Editor Editor E. M. ROSENTHAI., Eiiitiir 217 lwlagazme Sta ff . . .............. Art . . . .Assistant Art . . ...... Assistant Art .... ............ Humor Assistant Humor Assistant Humor . .. ........... junior jr.. . ..... .... L ove LN.. Editor EdiIOI' Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor .1L',1:YL The Agriculturist has just completed its second ycnr of puhlication. Since its hcginning it has grown from ll hifmonthly to 11 monthly magazine .ind is the olhcial puhlication for .ill students othcr than cnginccrs. rcprcscnting the largcst Schools of Agriculture and Vctcrinzrry Medicine in thc world. as wcll as thc School of Arts and Sciences. The puhlication providcs a mczlns of expression for thosc students who wish to do technical writing in their various fields, and it constantly strives to present the latest advancements in thc field of scicntiiic rcscnrch. Roland Bing, '42 ..... D. C. Thurman. '-12. . W. T. Berry. '4Z. .. Vic Loeifler, '42 ......, Loc Rice, '42 ............ V. Howard Vv':lrnCr, '42:"f'. .. VC, H, ffrurnp. '42 ..... Stuff .Editor . . . .Assistant . . . .Assistant . . . . .....-Xuistzint . .nw .... .... i Aissistant ..... ....Assist:xnt . . .... Senior A Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor ssistunt ssistant ssistant VC. K. Clark. '42, .. ...Senior A MI.ick jones. '42 ...,... ...,. ,..... ........ P l 1 otographcr Boh Crzine, '43 ................ ........ ...,....... . LX Vs'.iltcr Czirtlwcll. '43 Lainuu' Haines. '44 luck Miller. '43 D.nx'c P1nson.'43 C. G. Scruggs. '45 Business Staff Ed Dullglasi. '41 ........ ............,. ,lumes McAllister. '43 .... R4 rl.,XXlb HIN12, lffliior' 218 ...Manager ...A ssistant IIE THE 1941-42 STAFF The Engineer is published by the students in the School of Engineering and appears monthly. The publication is devoted to scientific articles and reviews and carries the activities and accomplishments ofthevengineermg..clubsqron the campus. Formerly published four times. dui-ingffthe-year,...the. magazine this year reached a circulation of more than i1,'lQQ,,,nionthly.WBilly Davis served capably as editor during 194142. His 'sfiffs-Qindudlqd. , X Jack Lamberson .... ' . , . 1. . .Assoclate Edltor Luke Moore .... Ed Doughlass .... E. A. Gordon .... C. H. Wallace. . . John Mullins. . . J. R. Latimer. .. P. E. Megee .... Paul Loyd ....... Claude Henderson. . . Jack Jones ....... Kjj,.J-,'.f'gBf2 .-4. . . ... . . . .Associate Editor .Busiiess Managezjf .lt Y'ZTfgj':f:'Lji1riiOrN . do Editor . . . .Junior Editor . . . .Feature Editor . . .Alumni Editor . . . .Feature Editor Assistant Manager Staff Photographer BILLY DAX' 1 S, IQ-litffz' 219 A ... s., -.., ,,.... .I...'L,,,-. A sf- Y. , -,V - E .. ,,, ,, ,Y .. L V 'ull Y .' Y ,, 'pw . I V N i ' - -- " ' , L la f7fg',,'1'l ' 'WZ' ,raft -'df L f 1653 ' 'NTI This organization exists for the purpose of promoting greater interest in stu' dent puhlicatio embership comes from the staffs of the various publicaf .ml ngineer, Longhorn, and Agriculturist. In the organization seeks to encourage the highest creative and scientific writings. .Highlight of fhefgilubg l gties is the annual banquet at which awards are made for service tm Slfli ll lications. Another highlight is attendance at the Sputhvxlestern I0iWI3i ' ongress where A. E? M. writers compete with , Officers Ralph Criswell. . . ....... President R. L. Heitkamp. . . . . .VicefPresident E. A. Gordon. . . . . .Secretary iz.xr,m1 ijiuswmr., 11,-L-.miifnf 220 25, 35-L. s-3 '3 Ffh MILITARY WALK m the OLD AREA"- a well worn path XYILCUX CAS-HI! DN LANGF4 IRD RUSSELL IRUUKS -VM ELI TRI TTER The purpose of the Y. M. C. A. 4 and physical development of the high' est type by a program of lectures, an speakers are invited to ap' pear before student discussion of subjects - vocational, educational, social, political and economical better conception of the problems he must face both as a student and as The recreation program utilizes ping pong tables, billiards, bowling and other facilities. Entertainment at a reasonable cost supplied through moving pictures in Guion Hall. The Sunday free shows have proved to be a popular feature of Aggie life. The facilities of the Y. M. C. A. are available for meeting places, and many services are rendered to the corps by the office force. Members of the Y. M. C. A. Council include Dr. T. D. Brooks, chairman, C. B. Wilcox, Dan R. Russell, E. L. Angell, Ide P. Trotter, Ernest Langford and M. L. Cashion, secretary of the Y. M. C. A. 'V77 Adkisson, Bill Barnes, Jack Brandon, Billy Brians, Howard Brown, Sam Buttrill, Walter Cardwell, Walter Carpenter, Max Cockrell, Bob Collins, Clayton Crawford, Robert Cunningham, Clarence Driess, Billy Duncan, Dewey Forman, jack ,fb H" ' ,-- .1 , 3:14. S. af!-3-A., Garitty, John I, X Gay, l. Lawrence, John 2 G'll' T ,"f'Ti'7ii 1 15, Om , r Gleason, Jerry ' norman, ., . Gonzales, Geotfgej , 5 A ,T 5552-5-if,fii: ' ah lifiFI'L. GOPPQft,J2H1ia1a+52,"f y c FL . Grimm, Bernavf " Q Roblnsondyrgnty ff- 1 'Qiff Hagemeister, Lymilxl Hancock, John Harrison, George Herrington, Harry Housewright, Lee Inglefield, Ralph Sdfggfer, Ned Staley, Skeen Streate, Lewis Thrift, Terry Wallingford, George Wanner, Charles FRED SMITH.-XM, Pwr 223 f ,. Tv .':.-vsfiffwf: w r- K l'W+Hr"-3" F " 'A .. f1:"'i -,'2s.:.Z.::::.'. L:fx -F. -.?i:f1?'i'AT"'ff ' . as -. . V QQ,--M-r - ' . I . few' -ag: " ' IQ -+"' 'UU ' " - , 1 .. 1- " ef 0 , Lt 'F -" " -rg, Y, 71: Q . .- The Student Welfare Committee is composed of seventeen faculty members appointed by the president. seventeen seniors elected by their respective bat' talioris. and three exforlicio members, tofwit, Cadet Colonel, Editor of the Battalion, and President of the Senior class. The junior class elects three mem' bers, the SOPl10Il.10f'6,,Cl21SS twfo members, and the Freshman class, one member. The project houses are represented by one member. The purpose of the Committee is to hold discussions leading to the solu' tion of student problems. 4 Faculty Members F. C. Bolton, Chairman F. W. Hensel M. L. Cashion E. B. McQuillen C. W. Crawford. Daniel Russell su. D. W. Williams C. C. Doak " W. L. Penberthy C. B. Campbell C. N. Shepardson A. J. Bennett J. T. L. McNew gl. H. Millitl' E. L. Angell J. C. Hotard joe Skiles C. ISULTHN, flmirmi Il 224 Tom S. Gillis Cadet Colonel E. M. Rosenthal Editor The Battalion James B. Hervey President Senior Class J0nes F. Webb The Band Robert L. Poland Project Houses Seniors W. W. Clark A. j. Landua C. B. Admire Otto E. Scherz R. jack Tilton Robin L. Rominger Gerald R. King L. A. Dubose M. H. Martin I. G. Delameter W. E. Frost A. E. Anderson J. W. Persohn E. N. Overbeck juniors Edwin A. Gordon Moffat D. Adams Richard Downing Sopliomores j. B. Coolidge R. E. McGee Freshman I. F. Siekmann VVILCOX ST.-XLEY GILLIS SKILES RUSSELL KAFFER The Student Aid Fund continued this year to be the true reflection of the Aggie Spirit. It is in itself unique, having up until last year been unprecef dented and has been looked upon with the greatest favor. Organized last year by the students for aid and assistance, it follows a truly -"" p fograifiip Faculty menibegs as well as students make up the membershipqfjifiiihis''coinrnitteef fhehrneinbership composed of three faculty members and fou'iflf?bidets,Y, ,Ma I Students who were unable to secure the furids for theiifphysieal care are granted this aid so that they mightreceive the best of medical aid. Over a hundred cases per year have been handled during the fund's existence. Money for the Student Aid Fund 'obtained during the past year by a drive in the corps in the fall, from donafggpgis obtained- from -ai-iivefcent fee obtained from free passes to the Campuisliejlieater and from miscellaneous student activities. Contributions received frofnf--fhBgC0 g voluntary nature. Representing the senior class on the committee is Tomi Gillis, chairman of the committee, and Skeen Staley. juniors on the personnel list include Steve Kaffer, secretary, and Cullen Rogers. Mr. G. B. Wilcox, Dr, D. A. Russell, and Mr. Joe Skiles made up the group of faculty advisers. TORI GILLIS, flluirrlnlrr 225' 'iS'l'IJIl'EllT HID FU xl! if Nh Tof' Roiuf CROHE, R, IZ.: MQDL' IIANIMUNS, HAIL FFIE, I. C., IRQ KING. G. R., IR.g ST.-XLEY, S. SKEEN: CLARK, GENE W.: MCCUTCHAN, GORDON C.: G.: SMITHAM, FRED: CROYVN, PHIL: BARRETT, I, H.: TEAGUE, JESSE A.: DAVIS, VVM. C., CUPPLES, 1.1. Button: Row: MILLER. RI. A.: LANSDON, IJ. S., JR., CLARKE, E. R.: PEARCE, R. B.g SUTHERLAND, D. R., KENNY, R, D., HOLDING, T. j. 5rimiiI1?uui.' IH WY.-XSCIIK, KVM. Gerald R. King. . . Dan Sutherland. . . 94142 Smitham H. Barrett Architecture: Cordon McCutchan Dail S. Hammons P. T. Crown, jr. GIIH5 HILCHRIST, I-'urultv 'lllwv 226 Civil Engineering: jesse A. Teague W. C. Davis Dan Ray Sutherland Petroleum Engineering: Gerald R. King J. C. McDufBe Ransom Kenny 01' ROSTER . .Magazine Editor . . .Faculty Advisor Electrical Engineering: G. Dornaschk james J. Cupples Monroe A. Miller Dan S. Lansdon, jr. Nleclianical Engineering: Ed Clarke R. B. Pearce Thomas J. Bolding , - . - ,, W - T0 ul n u n Front Row: VILLAMIL, STEVENSON, SMITHAM, RAMSEL. Second Row: PYEATT, PRATT, TREADVVELL, KAFFER, PARKEI' L-XRDNVELL STANIJEFPI Third Row: STEVENS, ADKISSON, GALLOVVAY, DREIS5, MILLER L-XVNRENLE CLELXSON A. E99 M. Town Hall is an organization supVariif1saa.byisfudehfs forltliefpurf pose of bringing to the College the bestfentertainment l,,, H yail3.lDle..,Fi:ed Smitham is the manager of Town Hall foif"the year 1941fl942. The lscfjes offered this year is one of the inest that this has presented. The first program was the music of Red Nichols' orchestra, cateringjlto the devotees of modern swing. The second performance brought to A. 55? M. the noted opera star, Miss Helen Jepson. Next Came' Albert Spalding and his violin. A piano duo, Fray and Braggiotti, proycd a treat-both in modern and light classical numbers. The climax of the tt-- own'H32ll"'effortslfor S?V6I'Hl years has been the appearance of the Houston-Symphony and this year was no exception. The T. S. C. W. Modern Choir followed the Houston Symphony. Quentin Reynolds, war correspondent for Coll1'er'5, brought iirstfhand accounts of the present world conflict. The Agnes De Mille Dancers, the Singing Cadets and an outstanding swing band concluded the season. FRED SMITH.-XM, Alaifwi-1 227 SIIIGIIIG CIIDETS 0F HGGIEI. ' f 4 "ff 1 I V , '- -lf' 1' V We sv -..,.y .. .. Q'f:O5.'i.-f .. . G. A. Adams. .. AI. O. Bartlett ..., Thuinaf H. Cnllin Fira! Tcnnrs Bnyd. Archie E. Cmvart. T. R. Crlxvvell. B. S. Green. H. VJ. Hudler. M A. jackwn. R. H. Kingery. C. E. Martin, M. Bernziy McDunald. A. C. Rlilaerl-4in.Al4fl1l1M Sairan, -lulex C. Nyallicr. A. S Vxlllle. Tuny fl if 0'lfl'lL'C7'.i . . . . . . . . ........ President . . . . . . . . .Business Manager . . . ........... Vice President Second Tennrs Berryman. R. B. Builw. E. H. X Cardwell. Neill -' Clark, E. S. , CTUTC. H C1ill1ns.T. H. Cwlwick. R. F. A Cnriiptrin. Richard Marion D. Lyle ...... ....... H nnnrary Vice President Sloan. ll f 5tork,,gf'.,l!. Stringer, IIA. Tumlinson, Utesch, Luther . Vaglica. " Walceland. E. W. Wlllia rn sm sn., Frazier. B. 1. Baritonex T FllllWl'llll1I. VN'7. Cripp. E. A. Gruwenlwaclier. Curtis Halamicek. VJ. A. Harrell. NV. H. Heatl1.C.R...l1'. vlannex. E. M. Keeney. R. Cf. Kennedy. C B. Lell. Dax-id Le Ruuax. R. K. Lyle. M D. McAll1Nter. hl. Ngiumann. Quentin ljillllx E. C. Pemllls. A, F. Puclutt. L, Vx". Ricl1.u'dwn,C. R. Rnlwlw. Tum H. Rnlicllinll, W. Runnuin. M. R. . . . . ARIN l dcnl Armstron 31, R. W. Baldwin. F. N. Barnes. A. D. Bartlett. J. O. . Bell.lj. C. .. Burmugh, R. E. Czu1Lu,PctcA CQ. n later, . -U Cl'1ll'i'ehi1l',.lf"T. Dunnhlif. H. T. Dodge. A. Eddie. K. D. Elliutr. L. E.. lr. Elmore. W. H. Farris. E. S. Graves, VJ. F. Hardwicke. j. B. Hatcliel, W. Hickman. O. B. Hill, Al. Kent. lack 228 E. W. Wakcland. . . ................ Publicity M. Bernay Martin. . . . . . . . ..... .Librarian Richard W. jenkins. .... ...........,. D irector Kercho. M. R. Mallard, G. K. Masun, J. S. McCracken. F. E. McLeod. W. S.. jr. McMahan. A. H. McNair. H. E. Moneada. Cv.. jr. Nr,1yeS,E.G. -h Patterson. E. C-. . Pry. R. H. Recd. W. C. Rudlolf, Charlie Schleeter. G. C. Schuhmann, R. ilSl1iUN. V. R. ,f Shurller. R.M. Sigut. C. Starnes, A. M. Smermer. U. Taylnr. W. D. Vvlarren. C. W. Westervelt. G. C. Word. Bill Yarnell, W. Basses Adams. G. A. Andrew. W. H. Bradley. E. C. Burks. B. V. Darnell. W. L. Dentnn, V. G. Day, G. E. Dillingham. H. D1llon.O.W.,j Ellis. S. P. Erlund. O. C r. Cvuhmert. W. A. Holluwell. H. W. -lohnsun. H. M. julian. H. H. Kane. E. S. Leon. Leonard Ludden, F. C. Machia, T. Merzbacher, D. McDufl'ie, C. Miskimins. Wm Moore. ,lack Moore. Ilene Mm:nk.M1irx'in Myatt, B, A. Peterson. E. L. Sanders. N. W. Seibel. A. S. Sells. H. Sliger. F. A. Trimble. B. T. Vaughn, W. V. Weed. ll. M. Zahn, C. L. L The Aggieland Crchestra, under the direction of Toppy Pearce, hit a new high in the esteem of its fel' low students this year. A new, more powerful, brass section gave the band an added kick that has kept it on top all year. Realizing that Aggies' ,favorite is sweet music as interpreted by a swing band, the orchestra increased its size and the big name bands that visited A. aa M. A t""'s It can truly be said that the group of musicians in its history. ln the brass section were Dick Alston, Scott, ,lack McGregor, and Chu Berry. Tom Inglis replaced Berry at XlCharles Bickley, Don Hackney, Bill Murphy, Toppy Pearce, and Weirus and Roland Mallet ref placed Max Henry and Murray Fred Nelson and Curley Brient. Though not members of the orchestra, Mis ' r n jahn, Sweetheart of the Eighth Corps Area, and Alden Cathey, Social Secretary of the Senior Class, assisted with the vocals. Bob Russell aug' mented the brass section on occasions, and Bob Nisbet handled the publicity. The Aggieland Crchestra played for all the social functions of the year except the Regimental Balls, for which outside bands played. The usual Thanksgiving and Christmas trips were very successful as well as Corps Trips. 229 -T " 1 5 'it Tuff row: BRUSH, E. BUCEK, R. BUCEK, COVVLEY, BUCHANAN, DANIELS .Iliddlc mu-.' ELAIORE, GLASS. HENDERSON, HENRY, KNIGHT, LANEY Hamm: ron-: MAPLES, MAYER, MERCER, MOSER, MOTLEY A . Pete Henry .... ....... P resident james Sterling . . .VicefPresident C. J. Rogers. . . :retaryfTreasurer Euel Wesson. . SergeantfatfArms l I Andricks. E. B. Ballow, C. C. Bumpers, L. P. Bayer' R. B. Dickey, L. M. Cokinos, M. P. Brush, Carlton C W E Elmore, E' W' onatser . . ' G1 I. V. Bucek. Felix ass, Bucek. Roy Cowley, H. E. Daniels, L. H. Dawson, W. H. 230 Henderson, J. R. Henderson, R. W. Henry, P. C. Holder, L. D. R Q I! 9 I Huffman, L. E Jarratt, R. L. Knight, J. S. Laney, V. W. Lang, J. T. Lindsey, J. V. Lindsey, R. E. Maples, W. L. Mayer, E. B. McLean, J. A. Mercer, A. J. Moser, Derace Top row: MULHOLLAN, PARKER, PEDEN, PICKETT, RICKS, ROGERS Middle 7U'll'.' SCOGGINS, SIBLEY. SIMMONS, SPIVEY, STERLING, STEVENSON Bottom row: TULIS, WATKINS, VVEBSTER, WILLIAMS, ZAPALAC A Y Richardson, L. R. Ricks, A. C. Rogers, C. J. Ruby, M. S. Sibley, W. R. Simmons, E. A. 231 Smith, E. L. Spivey, Marshall Sterling, J. R. Stevenson, C. H. Stewart, J. H. Tulis, R. F. Unclervvoocl. W. Watkins, Pete Webster, J. T. Wesson, Euel Williams, J. M. Williams, R. H. Zzlpalac, W. F. i - l l V , Fila ' Ei .lr ' Z' l uv .45 7' L' X" i 1' 'X W 5' l L., ai E it l l W . P ' N Nqr K X i . 5 lt -ji l, 2 l A X Toi' r02L'.' ADARIS, ADKISSON, BARTSCHBIID, BLACK, BREIYUX. BRIGHT, BRUCE, BYRD. .lfidrllv row: CAPERTON. CARDVYELL, CHILDS, CLARK, COLDVVELL, CONGER, COX, CREWS. BOND!!! V0u'J CIQNNIXGH.-XBI, DECKER, DELAXIATER, DOTSQN, DRAPER, EDVVARDS, ESSER, FITCH. Barker. Jabus Bartschmid, A. H. Beckman, W. L. Brians, H. H. Brown, R. D. Bruce, R. M. Byrd, B. L. Crutcher, R. L. Cupples, J. J. Lewis Kerchevi M. C. Jordan. . C. B. Marsh G. W. Haltom F. J. King ..... 1 A ' V Delamater, J. G. Dickerson, W. F. Dotson, H. F. Dougherty, R. C. Draper, L. C. Evans, A. D. Fitch, D. R. Gillis, T. S. 232 ...Captain ind in Command .Platoon Leaders :retary-Treasurer Goldston, J. M. Haggard, C. R. Haltom, G. W. Hansen, Henry Hardin, J. J. Harris, J. E. Herrington, H. C Hill, H. B. Johnson, R. G. 'x . .. 1 'Wm Top row: GILLIS, GUYMON, HAGGARD, HALTOM, HANSEN, JENNINGS, JONSSON, JORDAN. Middle row: KAFFER, KALLINA, KERCHEVILLE, KING, F., KING, G. R., KING, H. C., LARREY, LAWERENCE. Bottom rozv: LENERT, LITTERST, MARSH, MILENTZ, MILLER, J. B., MILLER, R. H., MOORE, L., MOORE, R. J. Jordan, M. C. Kallina, F. P. Kercheville, Lewis King, F. J. King, G. R. Langford, J. R. Larrey, L. A. Marsh, C. B. Martin, C. S. Moore, Luke Adams, M. D. Adkinson, W. M. Baen, S. R. A Y Smith, A. L. Smith, J. W. JUNIOR MEMBERS Black, W. M. Breaux, R. V. Bright, H. R. 253 Smither, M. Sparkman, C. M. Spencer, Rex Stone, J. H. Titely, R. J. Todd, W. W. Ulmer, C. M. Walvoord, J. M. Whitmore, H. E. Caperton, G. B. Cardwell, W. W Childs, B. O. l fs 1. Q g 77.1 v SQ l I l 4 lk l Tap row: MOORE, NANCE, PAPPAS, POU, RAFFERTY, RAMSEL, ROGERS, SMITH, I. W. Jliddlf row: SMITH, L., SMITH, R. S., SMITHER, SPARKMAN, SPECIA, THENN, TITLEY, TODD, Bottom row: VUSKAMP, WALVOORD, VVELLS, VVESTBROOK, VVHITE, WHITMORE, WILKINSON, VVOLMAN. Clark, A. J, Coldwell, Colbert Conger, Jack Cox, J. T. Crowder, C. L. Crew, Henry Cunningham, M. Decker, J. L. Eads, Ralph Edwards, K. J. Esser, E. J. Guymon, V. F. Herron, H. M. Jenkins, M. M. A 7 Milentz, A. R. Miller, J. B. Miller, R. H. Moore, R. J. Nance, O. A. Pou, C. G. Rafferty, E. T. 234 Rogers, Ed Smith, J. W. Smith,-R. S. Schaeffer, C. J. Sparks, Tom Specia, A. J. Thenn, G. R., jr. Voskamp, E. L. Walmsley, G. Wells, R. R. Westbrook, T. C. White, W. K. Wilkerson, J. M. Wolman, G. A. m. PRESS i MCMINN HOYLE HALL Service, cooperation, economy and giving asmany students employment as conditions will permit are the fundamental functions of the A. E3 M. Press. i ' The College Catalogue and other publications, the Eirtensioner and Extension Service bulletins, the Forest News and Forestry bulletins, the Trifweekly Battalion, the Battalion magazine, the Engineer, the Agriculturist, and the Texas Aggie are among the publications produced in this department. In addif tion, the department furnishes printing suppliesfor the college and its enterprises, prints football prof grams, Town Hall material and many kinds of printed matter. After 26 years of service, Mr, S. C. Hoyle of this office has become EditorfEmeritus of College Publif cations. Mr. I. W. Hall is Manager of the A. E3 M. Press, and David Mclvlinn is production director. 235' ., .Y. ., . W. , ,. ,, . . ,W Y - . .. .,V, ... , c, ,, .,,.. .,...,.....-....-,.......,:...,...-..-,V .... UFFICIE 0F STIIDIEIIT EllII'l0Y The Student Employment Uflice functions as a clearing house through which those students who must earn part of their expenses may find partftime employment. It follows, too, that potential employers who need men for partftime work in a particular field may more readily find those withxfhe necessary qualifications by referring to this ofhce. This ofiice supervises "student conccssionsfl through which students. articles or services of particular value or appeal to the student body. P. ' The problem of' finding partftime work is coniplicatreduhere thieifact that the adjoining business and residential Community is not large enough to afford many -iobs,,QQ11sequently, abqht twofthirds of the available jobs are financed by departmental maintenance funds allotted to the College. Nearly all df the remaining jobs are made possible by allof cation wif funds from the Federal government through the NYA. I 1. ' Since approximately one stlident in every three who enters the College applies for partftime Work, it is necessary to restrict job assignments to those students whffhre actually most in need, and whose past record indicates their ability to handle both in academic! program and outside work. For these rea- sonsg eligibility for yvorkumeaiis that the student must maintain a passing f grade in at leastlthriexeffourtlis of his scheduled course, and must also do a cred' itable job of work in the place assigned to him. New students selected for GN work must have rated in the top scholastic quarter of their last year of high ' School. A large number of graduates of this College who are now serving competently as officers in our armed forces would have been unable to comf plete their College work without the help afforded by partftime employment , while in College. tw W in 'X f xii Il. in PRSLI-lY, Cl ifii A 'mari L , A 236 XVINSTE.-XD MQELRUY MRS. MQELRHX Responsible for telling the world about The Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texaswits contribution to HighermEducation, 1:' its National Def fense cooperation, its service to the people oji:t1ieiStatec"and Nation,.'ifS"Elisf coveries through research, its education of the youth of the land forleadelfr ship in civil or military pursuits and its athletic prowess-is the Depart' ment of Information and College Publicatidfisy. -- X: I Information about Texas A. E? M. Collegefand its student body and personnel each week goes out to more than five hundred newspapers and magazines, a score of radio stations, the World-Wide press associations and feature syndicates. Q , The A. E93 M. story is written, pictured and spoken 'byz G. Byron Winstead, Director of Infor11iatiOIIgfH....B. McElroy, Sports Assistant: Howard Berry, Photography: Mrs. Fff"'B?t'MoElgr0y, YSeGi'etary:"a1id Roy P. Gates, Student Assistant. 'iii Extension Service News: Louis J. Franke, Editor: Laura Lane, Assistant Editor: C. A. Price, Editorial Assistant. Experiment Station: A. D. Jackson, Chief of Publications. Forest Service News: S. L. Frost and R. V. johnson. Radio Station WTAW: H. C. Dillingham, Technical Supervisor: John O. Rosser, Program Director: Deane Orms, Secretary. G. IIYRON XVINSTEAD, Dzicrtfiz' 237 XYARR EN S'l'I'.XR'l' 1'I.IiYI-IIHXNIP HR! PTH L1 PIil"l"I.liR BERRY Il ICSS I-Il PXVARIIS Thirteen seniors competed for places on the 1941 Livestock judging Team. A carefully planned program of practice workfouts under the direction of Coaches I. F. Edwards and W. M. Warren enabled the contestants to develop their ability to judge beef cattle,,sheep, swine, and draft horses. Classes of live' stock judged included some outstanding animals from leadjing herds and flocks in the country. The team, composed of five contestants and one alternate, included the following seniors: W. T. Berry, I. B. Cleveland, C. H. Grote, F. Hess, V. J. Loeffler, and T. E. Stuart. In the Intercollegiate Contest held October 18 at the American Royal Livestock Show, Kansas City, Missouri, the team ranked fourth in a field of twenty entries. T. E. Stuart was eleventh high individual in judging of all classes of livestock. The team ranked fourth in judging sheepigseventh in horses, ninth in swine and thirf teenth in beef cattle. On November 29 the team tied for sixteenth place with Cornell fNew Yorkj among twentyfeight teams competing in the International Intercollegiate Livestock judging Contest, held anf nually at the International Livestock Show, Chicago, Illinois. T. E. Stuart tied for sixth high ranking individual in judging all classes. The team was first in judging Percheron horses, tied for sixth in beef cattle, and tied for ninth in judging sheep. 238 L JUIIGIIIG TEIIIII YVARREN VVHIFI l ILL llALl-lNl.-KN Sk HK SLI-I I XI Nl I l The A. EG? M. Collegiate Poultry judging Team composed of Edward Schuyler, Wesley Ballman and Kenneth Whithll, and coached by E1 D. Parnell, Associate Professor, and Alex Warren, Graduate As' sistant, placed third in allfround score in the Midwest Intercollegiate contest held at Chicago Novemf ber 28 and 29. Ballman was high point individual of the entire contest, and the team scored first in exhif bition judging, both nrsts for any Texas team in the Midwest contest. Fifteen teams competed. The team members judged numerous poultry shows throughout Texas in October and November in training for the contest. They also did practice at the College poultry farm and on nearby flocks. Visits were made to numerous agricultural colleges on the trip to and from Chicago. Medals were award' ed to team members for high team honors in exhibition, and Ballman received a second medal for high individual score. Cash awards were also won by Ballman, as well as by Whitiill for scoring third high individual market judging. The contest was in three parts, viz., market judging of poultry and eggsg ex' hibition judgingg and the judging of production classes of hens. 239 rafaf-gE2""'7f'f',1W3-1.1-. gm- ' wi 1 ff"1'r'-- "-rw - ,W .-T.-if-w 4 .5 -qafmf-2:33-gwrjgi--:g1w:v.f-mny.1f.-:mpmwyvg r., ' - - . . - A - ., 1 - n . , 'gag . . W. A. . 4 4 1 ' ni, - - '. R -V 1 ' W- ' ff-'fjijx I . 1 X 'sf' -"L ',g',.u ...M . V -1 'A' I .,--.-.. .- .'11 ....- '4 M' A"s..1-if...-. g,,.L.,.1'-:.4.1.uiL K- an...a..i..-".....w......1.-+ -ML .1. 4.1.-. ,141 f, , f - f .M -,f V. . - i - '...wx.a vo... v 001' Q-rv if 'QP Ann-up KING KINHRE ILXRRUX IEl"lfERIES SOIrERQL'IS'I' T e Dairy Products Team competed fp 1 5. Intercollegiate Dairy Products judgf gf-ffffi-: 3 'l'.'T,l'.:ti.,Q fffff' ' ,v f'Y'f,rQaQ1iw:g '6 :5l.,:yS:: .v.....u..A...........,.,,s.. .,... . . . A.. .QF . , my ffg . X94 . . . . ing Contest at Toronto, Ontario, Qctakbgf, 1941. This was t econd international contest in which an A. 6? M. team has participated. , resented Preparing for the meet, these boys had the experience oi competing asa rhejouth q ntest at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show. Some time was spent in scoringjpxqgl at plants. First place team trophies 'Srl-JET S Ft- ,F L V were won in judging ice cream and cheese at 'o' 7253?P"h ' 1 at Toronto, however, the Aggies agreed it had been a good experience. Members of the team were Kenneth King, W. B. Barron, A. B. Jefferies and M. K. Soderquist. A. V. Moore, of the Dairy Husbandry Department, served capably as coach. 240 A:-,F?,,.,,,.,., , -Av , .5 N, , bl I .,-7...-..--t.-. ---v v ----- --,- ,--- -Y -f-- -----U -,-- if --.- ---.-W - ...---.W -v-.----- -- --- v---v K ..-.. . -.,- - .. ...,. ., . -., ..-- ,..., .,...,.. , -.... .. .JL 'jf' -1120? '- V 1 ' "'7I'Ellllll'I'I'0llHl CIHIPS TEIIIII, 1941 -3491.5 POTTS, COACH: COLLARD, RICGOUIRK, XY.-XRXER, BUTLER The 1941 crops team was composed of E. Butler Graham, Texas, F. G. Collard of Cglesby, Texas, G. C. McCouirk of Bonham, Texas,'H. Wamer of Bryan, Texas, and was coached by R. C. Potts, assistant Professor of Agronomy. 151 . . ., 1 The crops team entered two contests, one at Kansas City, Missouri, where the team placed fourth. The other was at Chicago, Illinois, Jin conjunction with the International Hay and Grain Show. F. G. Collard was high individual of the entire contest,making the highest total score ever made by any conf testant in the crops contest at Chicagol--icgqi -AAV V lblk is ' " Q Earl Butler was eighth. The team placed received third place medals and a one hundred dollar cash award. Collard was awarded a diamond studded gold medal for his achievement. These contests include the grading of grain, hay and cotton according: to federal standards: the identification of some 185 farm crop plants, seed, diseases of these plants, and weeds found growing in the field and pasture and the selection of farm crops seeds for planting purposes. 241 7 2' of77 n7'f""T"'T""' 'TfW""'f7"fWT"'i'7""TQ7T'-'73 . -LW-si 19714 1 ffm, ' . "'-:-- s- ' ' .1 V. wa ''"'V??r1f.V-swerve"-2L' ' V fieuflflfrw-'w. - - , Y , - h Y 5 elif, ,.,',s':g . , -4 " T ' ' 1 - . ,,V ' ' ' , J -if' i i",.'5'i- 5"f. " . 'Vg' ' w - . ' . :"'f'.- ' 3,559 "f'2. ' L . 1 ' V -, - 'V . . , -:NI ...2'f1,1.,: LJ.-1 1,2 3ww.v ,jg.3.":., 'iffy jfgiuxif " - V. V -' -- V w ' - 1- "..- - ""WN4rfv.1,t,- na' law,-'i't"D::-ffl' ' "ii: 1 -.w.i.1,...,a,:-r. 1.-1:.a1.s.f.t.-..f. -, V.,,sg:te.e.-sate.--.fi.. ga E ff! -llblilillx l'l'XIl'HRliY RIl'Rl'IIY PARKER HARDIN . . . . f'S1l.,V Under the direction of Professor C. of sbandry Department, the Meats judgf .wx Q '4'rr,r ,Q..J ,V Vr.'V 'V14 4 .ANERAI . . .. ., ,. .,.,. .... 0... .A ,.... , 5 4 I U I , ing team compiled an enviable record rl-Qilf42.,,Qtwthe In A ernational judging Contest in Chicago, E175 1 Qggifsiffffii .1 ,. a . .i ,.., , . ,461 the team placed third, losing by a narfditf E? M. and Nebraska University. This lf- w V Viv! I I 1 . L: avi,-,gi - - -1 . ,, .f,.,ag1Kf.f is the highest an A. E? M. team has PlHCCd,i11.lhl1ISfI121tiOI13.1 . 7 - , -P jffn, , 3 .i.. . The team was composed of Worth Parker. Johnny Hardin was sw-ufkf V.'i 1 .3'g,1' jf-5 '35 ,'-V. 3,3i:s1wz,944-'V ' wi? ull 1' alternate. Jordon was fifth high man of the Internatgitunal Contest and Pumphrey was tenth high man, winning second in judging pork Cuts and carcasses. The laurels won by the team are proof of the fine efforts of Coach Murphy and speaks well of the cooperation and interest of the entire group. 242 f r's'X . ' x V I 71" ff-A LJ if iff The Texas A. and M. junior Livestock judging Team won first honors in swine judging while competing with Hfteen other teams in judging contest held March 14 at the Southwestern Fat Stock Show, Fort fourth in judging beef cattle, fourth in sheep, and fourteenth in horses Although tenth place in judging all classes of livestock, the team was only State College, the third ranking team of the contest. First place was won Members of the Texas A. and joe Lemley, Marvin McMillan, John Powell, Jay Pumphrey, and was third high individual in judging all classes of livestock among eighty ranked sixth in judging beef cattle, fifth in swine and seventh in horses and mules. Heston McBride tied for first place in judging beef cattle and second place in swine judging. john Powell tied for second place in judging beef cattle. The team was coached by Irvin F. Edwards and William M. Warren of the Animal Husbandry Department. Some of the outstanding herds and flocks in the state were visited during practice judging workouts in preparation for the contest. 243 IIIIIIIY ClI'I"I'lE .IIJIIGIIIGA KAY H.-XLES HUTCHINHS A'1'f'rR A. L, IJ.-XRNliI.l., CUACI1 Texas A. E? M. was represented at the Collegiate' National Contest in judging Dairy Cattle held on Cctober 11, 1941, during the National Dairy Showlziixhlemphis, Tennessee. .' XX Twentyfone college teams from twenty states competedfwith Texas A. E3 M. finishing fifteen points behind Iowa State College fordecond place honprsq fuk e team never Hnished below the high five in any of the five breeds and individual members were always in the high ten men. Hales placed fourth in Ayrshires, seventh in Guernseys, sixth in Brown Swiss, and tenth in jerseys making him fourth high individual in the entirefcontest. Ator was ninth .in .Guernseys and second in Holsteins. .fi , Kay was sixth high individual in judging-Ayrshiresg Q iw.. A , Members of this years team, with the exception of Urdaneta replacing Ator, competed at the Fort Worth Fat Stock Show in March, 1941, and won fifth place. At that time T. Cate, D. L. Ator, J. C. Kay, Ralph Urdaneta, H. B. Hales, W. S. Fennel, Ebert Pierce, Buster Wheat, and G. S. Hutchings were working out for the team. Before going to the National Dairy Show last Cctober, the team worked out at San Antonio, Waco, Austin and the Texas State Fair in Dallas. 244 KHP AND BEAR ARMS The poorest man may tn hrs cottage hrrl dehanre to all the forces of the Crown lt may he lrall 1ts roof may shake the wmrl may hlow through 1t the storm may enter the rarn may enter hut the limo ot England may not enter all hrs forces rlare not rross the threshold of the rumetl tenement Yflifzlan. Ru 1766 THE RIGHT lll vw 1 2 il ' A' , .V ..,.1-.V Hi.. , :.Y3,IVg, fV ,, ,l.j, ' : .HSf?"1'?C-3.-.3:f'l'15:fg3 " ' , V 5 , . -,.,,,i+'-'':yq,f,,5Vi'-15,-,Vx-5V5 H -' :NYZ'7".11r5'7JH'T""'' 'xi'-'13, 9 ' -"' V 1' 4Vc.gV-:V f -' ,--uV:z4w vw,--4 A L, 2 V, V . V:s:, . ,.L .-3 -1-Vg:-,iV..g -1 -1Hf5'f1.,1?,AfV-,-1: g1:,: f.V1g,,V' ,, ' , -I -V -3 ,,7,.,,,,.., . f V4-,.F,Qj4,,V,4,QI., Z -I , ' 1. , V -g l:-aiu: :l:.1?:QYf- ' 1' " 15fw"-11 1 : f . ..,, V , A ,. .gg 1 . - ,V-':fI 'e1 L: f47"?'q Jf'-,711+f'ff11f-I' f--3 ,- ,V ,Mlm W . 1-Mig. .,,v,..4v..,5:ru.gffm Q 4 X Y '-,Vi . Mug., .VS 3. ,..,.J5.n,1f If V f qiifiwy- ,.', :VRV-:r,ffiA".ugv.'2:wf2+f?5 - ..,,f, g,: . ' 1 V , A Q .,.--,Vvgmzk - ---'V . -VV'-i-,::.v,'-ZV,nfffW'g, w:'?:pt'ffgfi.',V1 1 I .1 1 -g 1 :pil jr -, - V 31113-A'V1'fat??g75ff1yx7yi2'V si,ifig','f if ,Q '- sexi: ' "Ml,-.9,fQ?4i ".Vf'3?.g -:Q-Q .' ' J. ' 1 , 1. ' ,. me 'B+-4 , V i V V " ,' A ' ' V. ffl: Nfl" Q," I. , H . A , ...gym . puggff. g:'LQV-- Vp h E- -,395 V y Jw- f - x I vi ' 5- -'Z,54 . Q -QV' 1 , , ' A ,wi , . 5 1:5 'X??s.5,. A , .Q 5 A , JJ., V, ' V 1 553213, 'Sm 1 .-'.V,,iL,,.,:ik'f?5L ' Q- -' 2' ' ,4 Vw.. ,,,.Vg.-. ' ' ,ig7f:U-l3,,g, 'w, V , -, 4 " V ' Q-1 2 fa , ' 53,47 f1,QXvr,".ixvj E, I . v '- .N awe ' 1' 'P iff M' ' ' -1' ' 'A V ' :WY V ' 'V ' 2? . V 1V , V V - , ' U Iv YJ., ' 'vi 'v .,,3U?Qk-I-Vr N 'I "Sf BEAR AIIIVIS HIS RIGHT sprang from the code of our frontier forefathers, They demanded the right to keep and bear arms in the defense of their homes and families. The amendment reads "A well reguf lated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State . . in those days every ablefbodied man was subf ject to service in the Militia: therefore, every man had need of weapons. It is the sign of an oppressed people that they are prohibited the use and keeping of arms. We are an individualist nation and our ideal of government is that the government is merely the tool of the people and not their rnaster. We have eloquent evif dence of an opposite ideal in the totalitarian nations where the individual exists only to serve the State. In those nations the desire for such a right is cause for suspicion. Injustice and tyranny never tolerate the luxf ury of human rights. Unly in a democratic state where the mistakes of the government are the mistakes of the people themselves is it possible to grant such rights as keeping and bearing arms. l Pg 4? QW MYIW Q I 'LJ uno BUILDING New Yonx CITY February 17' 1943 Mr. R. L. Heitkamp Editor The 1942 LONGHORH A Je M College of Texas College Station, Texas Dear Hr. Heitkamp: Your Texas beauties were all too beautiful for one man to possibly Judge alone so I called in the en- tire 'band to help, with the following results: Betty McIntosh Marilyn Elaine Crabtree Yvonne Kennedy Linda Lee Geren Lena Marie Adams Elizabeth Alexander Mary Katherine Dodson Mary Frances Seago The 'boys all agreed that you gave me a difficult assignment, and we hope that our selections will satisfy the A 3: I-X student body. We're nl sorry that every one of the gals cou1dn't n. Good luck to this ye:u"s LONGHORIU ely, EY 1 'U 5 4 U i V5 3 1 Qu 5 1 .Y 3 1 A . . ,ax W E 3 XM A ' , . A ,awfiw-1.1 T4 ,.,. ' -an . X X , xv 'fp f' ' an . ,,X .gf ' Rovnf, ' PL Ei . if -x , .,f fl , g . .pw 'N 3 I '11 vnu . urlr- A 1 IIIHY 4 A ' 7 X H V, ,A 1? V ,. iisfig 'va-'ww ' Sr .HS ,W ag il i:', , -' A-Iv - .5 Q 1- Ay mmf: ,I 5 A 'iz f,1" f29'n If fi fi "' 54 S . .1 ',i ' 1" fi Ns' ul 0 , 8 - 1, : U ' Y. ' 1 Wig? - W . V ,W a , la Sv. . X , f :Mfg-.3 'args' : pf 11 i " .- P A . Q ffsffv-' q .. 4. X ,fs if f--f:,+w.1-,Q-V 5-:,. w lvl- 1.2,-bg-w'f',"f N - - ,- ' 3' A .J 'J' 5 2' J , K :K iiiff - ' bn ' . Q f 25314 f Q? 1, 1145 . f 1 ,F ,,,n.5f 'fig I. . 'Q ,. M' L' -f Q 'fi'-f " fl 7'. ",x'i,- Ax. 22: ' T' , .5955 'gE'3iQbi w-: .eg .- Q-.f,,55 ,' f ., "2" 7121 1 'X zu ,Eff 1-:V ,ka A,, X .V .Mfr y' W fy .vu -O mf 92:1 xx ,. N, ix ,Q 315 mix 'fx .' ,ffl ff., ff - '25 " ,, :rf-K. Qs' 1 Q4 2, -, ,, .1 S ft li E 5,31 1 A-2 .1 'x , 1 ' ff 1 ' if MQ. 'nr ' I 'Q ff . f N, IJXX .for Lillie Sue Royce Marie Mayfield Anne Weinstein enior cworiferi Mary Rue Hopkins Lloyclene Williams Dorothy Reed Virginia Dale Wilmeth '42 Marion Becker Fay Carroll Dorris Kennedy Beth Douglas 2,5 , If 1 Dorothy Hill Loneta Jarvis Audry Hitt Mary Lou 'Turner Ramalr Eager Betty K. Russell nf., I '. .QL Hazel Thomas tnnie Laurie McLean Hulene Hynds ffrs. R. A. Doak, jr. Cora Lee Payne Betty Knox joyce LaBarr Louis Taylor Mary Ann Martin Marie Davey Ella Wartng B1llie Mae Gibbs jean Longino lane Moore Eleanor Riggzns Mary Alice Reese X , Mrs. R. R. Bennett Betsy Bennett Zula Shelton Bessie Holder :ix f T 15 ia 57? " 1 Evelyn Say Sadie Gray Staford Dorothy Mae Kraus Rosemary Weathered Betty Falk Mrs. joe Gail Fagan Fernell Hopkins Virginia Herod Hazel Smith 'Indy Clark Zelia Belle Lloyd Lorene Burton 'Thelma Gilcrease Ann Lehde Mrs. Bill Grisham Isabelle Pettigrew Wanda Hinds Marian I. 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GIBBS LIEUTENANT-COLONEL ENGINEER REGIMENT R. L. HEITKAMP EDITOR OF THE LONGHORN DICK HERVEY PRESIDENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS HARRY HERRINGTON LIEUTENANT-COLONEL COMPOSITE REGIMENT RANSOM KENNY LIEUTENANT-COLONEL COAST ARTILLERY CORPS REGIMENT lem-., S+ I 1 ,QL B, I L Ewls KERCHEVILLE LI EUTENANT-COLONEL FIELD ARTILLERY JACK MILLER PRESIDENT OF THE JUNIOR CLASS YS DBRACE Mosna THREE YEAR LETTERMAN IN VARSITY l"UU'I'IIALI. ANU TRACK BOB RUSSELL CADET MAJOR OF AGGIE HAND RUFUS PEARCE LIEUT ENANT-COLONEL 'W I , 'J' -, 'F I FRED SMITI-IAM TOWN HALL MANAGER z ,N A ,X W X N sr , .0 MARSHALL SPIVEY THREE YEAR LETTERMAN IN VARSITY FOOTBALL AND TRACK ,f""'M SKEEN STALEY HEAD YELL LEADER JACK TAYLOR PRESIDENT OF THE SCHOLARSHIP HONOR SOCIETY IHE RISHI IIE IHE PEIIPIE III RE SESHRE IIII IHEIR PERSIINS HIIHSES PAPERS AHII EEEEIIIS HHHIIIISI HN RE1ISIlIII1IRlE SEARCHES IINII SEIZHRES N221 111 111111111121112 111 211211111111111 1111111 EIIIY 21111112111 1111111111 111 1112 112151111 15 11121 1112x1111 111 1112 1111111111111 12W W111111 SEEUIES 111 1112 11112211 1111111111111y 111 1115 11111112 211211151 1112 111y11111 EYES 111 1112 1111v21111112111 21111 1112121111111 111 112151111 111111121111 21111 11211215 211211151 211211 1112 111111255 UE11lE1E1W 21112111 111 2 EEW 51121111211 12525 T112 1112x1111 11121 EVEIY 1112115 11111152 15 1115 12511 18 1112112 2 11211 111 11111 EUE1S11E1111UI1E11 12W 111 1112 11211525 11111111I11111111 u111225111121112 522111125 21111 SE1ZUITES,E1IlE111E1S 21W2y5 112211 1111111211 11111111 25 111 1111111 1121112 111 1112 11112211 51.,,,,,1, 777 6001, . Q if A ,A1 Nw 1-v 'S 7' " N 'T ? '74 A A Z4 A . . . . . . Y l . H KK 7 I l ,Y n U U1 v X 1 2. " . QQ, :Eli 4,5-'f 'fifliii eflffig .4 .Il fa if " K, , Q .,. .ffrff .- fzff-2 'jf 'Ei 'N Qerfiif lfiig Y ft. 1 , .,-'4' . 954' .1 R My 33,0 Q--V fx Y 'rv VHEIII PHISIINS, HIIIISES, SEARCHES ANII SHZUIIES 0 QTHER RIGHT granted to the American people has so purely a personal aspect as the right against unwarranted invasion of their privacy and personal affairs. Qur individualism is of such nature that this privilege of protection against un' warranted and unreasonable searches and seizures is a right that is taken with an almost too matterfoiffact attitude. We would feel any aggression on this right immediately and would resist it more fiercely because it is such an integral part of the pattern of our American way of life. We must realize that it is unsafe to take these lib' erties for granted. That is a lesson which We can learn from the experiences of other peoples who thought their rights were selffperpetuating. Civil liberties must be watched constantly lest they be turned against themf selves. They are flexible-as they should be-and their flexibility needs guidance and care to take the proper course. IIIILITIIRY IIEPH iririr X ..,,,,,..- ...L ...wt . -.-....,- -0 ---'-- X f I X N I -L i x ,N-1... Front row: CAPT. HUNTER, MAI. ELLVVOOD, MAI. HARTON, LT. COL. BOLES, COL. WVELTY, LT. COL. CAPHTON, MAJ. MAI. BENNETT, CAPT. JOHNSON. Second row: LT. SALE, LT. STROTHER, CAPT. LERNER, CAPT. DAVIS, LT. WVILLIAMS, LT. UTTERII.-XCR, CAPT. SORY. it MARSI-IA LL, Third row: LT. LEFKOFSKY, LT. ALEXANDER, LT. VVHITE, LT. NORTH, LT. ECHTERHOFF, LT, YALLIANT, LT. SPEER. Colonel M. D. Welty ...... .............................. I nfantry Professor of Military Science and Tactics Lieut. Colonel J. K. Boles ................................ Field Artillery Lieut. Colonel C. L. Caphton ....... ................ I nfantry Lieut. Colonel L. E. Swearingen .... ..., C heniical Warfare Service Major L. W. Marshall ......... ................... I nfantry Major Burton Harton ..... .... C oast Artillery Corps Major E. A. Elwood .... .......... F ield Artillery Major A. J. Bennett ..... .... C oast Artillery Corps Major R. L. Roberts ..... .......,....... I nfantry Captain E. L. Hunter .... ............. I nfantry Captain C. G. Sory ...... ........... F ield Artillery Captain C. E. johnson .... .... C hemieal Warfare Service Captain G. P. Lerner ..... ............... S ignal Corps Captain J. E. Davis ........... ............. I nfantry First Lieut. C. A. Williams .... ..... C orps of Engineers First Lieut. T. B. Strother ...... .... C oast Artillery Corps First Lieut. A. P. Utterback .... ................ C avalry First Lieut. E. B. Sale ....... . . .Field Artillery First Lieut. G. P. Valliant. . . ......... Cavalry First Lieut. M. E. Speer ....... .......... C avalry First Lieut. J. H, Echtcrhoff .... .... C orps of Engineers Second Lieut. W. G. North ....... ............. C avalry Second Lieut. L. J. Lefkofsky ...... .... C oast Artillery Corps Second Lieut. U. M. Alexander .... ......... F ield Artillery Second Lieut. E. M. White ..... .... F ield Artillery 285 'kimkir COLQNEL T. S. GILLIS Corps Commander 4 1 A CORPS STAFF LT. COLONEL R. B. PEARCE Executive MAJOR LEE RICE Personnel Officer MAJOR W. E. PENDLETON Intelligence Ojflcer MAJOR J. B. BARKER Plans 59' 'I'm1'n1'ng Ojjlicer MAJOR G. R. SOMERVILLE Supply Officer NOT PICTURED: MAJOR WILLARD CLARK Adjutant Seated: INTELLIGENCE SERGEANT R. L. RIX SERGEANT MAJOR S. C. KAEEER PERSONNEL SERGEANT W. W. CARDWELL Standing: OPERATIONS SERGEANT W. J. GALLOWAY SUPPLY SERGEANT E. W. MULHOLLAN CHEMICAL SERGEANT D. G. GRIFFIN SIGNAL SERGEANT D. S. LANSDON 287 tirii' 'ktirt MAJOR R. R. RUSSELL Cmmnanding Officer A. M. HINDS Drum Nfajor CAPTAIN I E. INGLEHART Supply Officer CAPTAIN C. C. STEWART SecondfmfCummand FIRST LT. W. M. RASCOE Adjutant SUPPLY SERGEANT R. L. STEPHENS SERGEANT MAJOR W. F. BUCY SUPPLY SERGEANT B. C. ROBERSON J. M. BALAGIA Second m Command O. L. CULBERSON First Sergeant MW, A A,- IIIFIIIITRY Bllllll Staff Nlemluers lst. Lt. VJ. M. R Master Sergeant W. F. Bucy Tech. Sgt. HSCUL R. L. Stephen? lst Lieutemmts Harrison. Cv. F. Hynds. C. L. Slack. T. E. 2nd Lieutemmts Gossett, R. B. Nicol. B. Sergean ts Amis. B. -I. Chapman. K. T. Clarke, -I. E. Jackson, T. H. Maples. G. Miller. M. M. Moffett. H. C. Corporals Alston. R. E. Anderson. C. W Bell. I. L. Field. E. Fort. M. C. Halh1g.Vs'. B. Inglis. T. Levine. H. Reid. .l- W. Schultz. R. L. Stalcup. J. K. Varvel. K. C. Privates Ansley. W. P. Ball. R. E. Beard. R. S. Belew. G. N. Blankenship. B. T. Brandon. C. E. Bridgefarincr. 1. C. Burchard. W. B. Cain. D. VV. Chatham. E. B. Clements. B. H. Cochran. L. Collum. C. L. Copeland. E. H. Couey. R. H. Criswell. R. M. Dean. R. O. Durfer. D. D. Dunn. M. C. Ellerbrock. F. Ellerbrock. W. W. Estes. C. H. Ferguson. G. W. ,.',6q4-i. Garrett, R. Cwihwn. T. E. Clendcnning. F. B. Craven. VK E. Harringtnn. T. Hill. E. V. Vv' . Hnldcrness. B. C. Hornsby. C. Vs". Isbell. H. L. janak. F. A. leffcry. T. D. Knapp, F. E. Kuhin. R. L. Lacy. james LaRoche. P. F. Legler. L. O. Lnftin. H. McCargo. F. W. McGregor, A. McCregr,n'. B, McKelx'ev, E. A, Merrill. Vx". C. M1llCl'. D. C. Munn. Burtun Nagle. W. Neeley. R. E. Page. E. T. Perry. E. B. PUHICIHDIZ. M. N. Post. C. VJ. Prater, F. D. Rankin. M. Sahol. bl. H. I la? I il Mi Schacdcl. C. T. Schultz. E. F. Scara. E. T. Sh1llcr.E.V. Smith. C. G. Stoddard. H. L SUllIYIll1.xXv. B. Talk. E M Tziylnr. VC. U. Vannny. T. R, Vxfalkcr. B. Vsieelnf. bl. N. Xxlcgjliursl. Vs". P Vfhsirtun. R. H Vfilliruiis-m. B, B XV. M. MCREH NOLD9 Captain 289 .11 FIELD FIRTILLIEIIY Bllllll Nt ljf fvfenxlvcrx Sev'gem1t.s Lr Cf-I. R, B Punta nlur R. R Ruvcli lPl.llH'l E lnglclmut przmj C1 C Stcxmrt TLQI1 Sgt B fl R..bcrx- 11 Ist Lzeutemmtx - 15.-1, rl fl cl1c1'.:X U XX JH f T. TOLAND buttery CA'17l77ld7lCTCf 290 Barnes. H E f'l.lrk. G XXV. Uuppcrt. I. G, T1-hmmm. C9 Lcmlcy. ul R. Lxttlc. D, D, Ma1pleN,L E. TVT-lI'XX'IT. 5. SQl1lQ1dcr'.B. H. XX'.u'd. :X L, XX'.f1'th. R, F CUTTWO 711 Is P Buns. R. D H1llI1CN. R. L. Ldymgm. R E. Mdtfm. T S N1JlTIlll.H S C, M:Ang1Ily.D. -, P ultu L -X Rcc-c. n Sm1th.S,X'. XX'r1ght. H, E, T1'L'L1ICS :Xdk1pwn. XX', Alcxzmdcr. R B. Allman. B. L. .-Xllmzm. S, H .AI1dCl"i'I1. B. INT. ' 4:7 2 , Andrew. E, H. A1'n1st1'ung.A, E. Bull. H, F, B1cklcy.C. E. Blcdeue, F. M, Blmward. E, X'. Brlicuc. A. C Brmscmc. M. BYUNICH1. 5, H Bynri XXL A. Czxrwn. C. AI. Clucrry. D, D, Dum. R, C Dcnms. VI, R. D1lggctt.XY.C. Dans. R, P Elwcwpznclu-l'. L, Eckert. -I. E. F.111lk.H.C9 F-xrrcxt, H. L. G.1rnc1'.C C. Gmvdrlch. H. P Uw1'dux1. F. Grady. R, E, Graf. E. H. Hackney. D XL Haxrdm. XX' R. Hcblicn. E. E, Henry. -I. XXL Hcrmzm. XX' A. Hmdi. A. M, Huggm. T. C. klwnci. B. XX, Layton. R. E, Llttlc. A. E. Madclcy. N. S, MLll1f,lY.XXv. R. Mattllews. M. Mmm. H. B. McClcndwn. E, XX'. McNz1ir. H. Ml!l15. XX'. fV1uNc1'.F.A. Murpl1y.XX'. T. Olschncr. P. Park. F. Phrll1ps.C E, Ru1ncy.kl R Rmlmrdsmi. O. L. R1cdcl.XX'. T, Rlnclmrt. O. Sums. T, G. Slmrp. B. Sliler. C. E. Slcvcna M, H. Strz1cke.S. L. slI'AI'ldIlTlLlI1. L. X' Thmnzmf. E F Thurman. N, D. XVUTIS. XX'ulkcr. H. C. Xvclch. R. L. XX1lliz1mQ.R.K. XX'ill1un1s4,m. R. B B. 1. BARR Second m CU1Vl77lL17'ld A. H. MUNSON F1 rst Sergeant REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COLONEL SAM BRCVJ N Regimental Comniandei' CAPTAIN A. LANDUA Adjutant CAPTAIN ROY E. BUCEK, JR. Intelligence Oficev' CAPTAIN V. J. LOEFFLER Plans 67 Training Officer CAPTAIN W. M. PENA Supply Officer NOT PICTURED: MAJOR WM. DAWSON Executive Seated: COLOR SERGEANT T. E. ELLIOT COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT G. C. CAROTHERS Standing: SUPPLY SERGEANT R. L. HANBY SERGEANT MAJOR J. H. MCALLISTER COLOR SERGEANT W. D. PARKER TRANSPORTATION SERGEANT E. A. GORDON L. 2 X' 'iw Y :I 'N Cn n i"k'kt 1. --V" 15. FIRST BATTALION STAFF MAIQR G. P. MONCRIEF Battalion Commander CAPTAIN J. W. ANDERSQN Executrue FIRST LT. L. C. DRAPER InteII1ge'ncv Officer FIRST LT. J. M. NVADDELL Plans T1'a1'm'11g Ojfcer FIRST LT. W. R. ANDERSON. JR. Supply Officer NHT P1c:TLfRED: FIRST LT A. R. CREWS, JR. Adjutant TECHNICAL SERGEANT W, W. MILLER TECHNICAL SERGEANT J, E. TRIGO 292 Company "Fl" A I ll F ll ll 'I' N. A. TAYLOR Second 171. Command C G. HENDERSON First Sergeant Staff Memljers lst Lt. W. Anderson lst Lt. W. R. Anderson. Mas. Sgt. R. L. Hanby Tecli. Sgt. W. VJ. Miller lst Lieutemznts DeSalvo, V. Spencer. W. R. Taylor. -l. 2nd Lieutemmts Brown. R. D. Crews, A. R. GlA3llZ1l'I1. fX. Hall. M. E. Dlahnel. C. R. jordan. R. L. Mitchell, Z. F. Penuel. V. B. Sparks, C. H. Sergeants Bucek. F. A. Cabell. H. B. Cunningham, 1. M. Dennington. gl. F. Donaldson, D. M. james. I. K. Lowe. P., lr. Maguire, C. H. Csterliolin. H. A. Rogers. M. M. Corpomls Brendle. K. A. Couch. R. E. Dawson, T. Leavitt. C. W.. lr Smith, R. R. P-rivates Bible. P. F. Borclierding, L. I Canfield. A. B. Castiglioni. B. P. Corley. C. P. Cranfill, rl. A. Cribbs. H. L. Crow. R. H. Demack, C. M. Denton. A. E. Donelson. S. B. Dreyfus, D. L. Eldridge, D. Epperson. D. M. Evans, D. Feazle, C. Fillingim, T. A. Fink, H. Foldberg. H. C. Gilbert. C. W. Grafton. W. C. Griffin. W. Haby. C. H. Harrod, B. P. Harwood. R. B. Hearn. W. E. He1E. C. Hodges. W. R. Hogan. I. E. Holbrook. A. C. Holman. H. H. Holman. J. M. Ivie. R. A. Johnson, H. C. McConnell, W. McFall. I. A. Mcllroy, R. Magers. M. P. Magers, R. A. Martin. R. Matrox. C. W. Mclclier, T. E. Miller, I. W. Morehouse. W. Morrow, C. W. Newton. J. T. Ondrej, C. E. Outlaw, B. E. Partin, L. W. Post, H. W. Robinson, D. W Rogers, E. A. Ruisinger, R. W Rumsey, W. L. Schlittler, H. W' 'Ya . Scrogg1n.F.E. Seay. B. E. Sealy. R. E. Simmons, E. A. Simpson, D. Singleton, R. Sloan, W. Spradling. P. H. Sp1'aggin5,Vv'. L. Stark. H. H. Sweatmon. R. F. Tashnek. A. B. Taylor. C. Taylor. R. H. Tluonias. W. B. Turner. VV. C. Utay, M. L. Van Fleet. C. L. Williamson. A. A Vwfrigllt. H. H. S. L. EVANS Cupmin 293 ll F ll Il 'I' ll Y COIUDHUYMB Stuff Nfenlhers fN121ju1'G P. Mrmcrlcf lrt Lt. -I, M. Vkfrddcll lst Lrcutemlnts QQIIIINI. R. N, Hzrrdcmdn. T, N. Ql11Ck.Xxv.LV1. Ind Lwutemnlrs Bmg. R. E. McBr1dc. XY, Schrw-L' S57'gc'dTlIS Drier. C. H.. jr F41stc1'.XX'. H. Kmg. J. S. IN1IlfClI1.C. B. Curpom LS Adk1swn.G. B Bm'c11.F.XX'. Bfryd. F. E Ciarmm. H. R. Crow. M. A.. jr Greer. B. F. Crr1x'cs.G. G. Hmvxlcy. D L -lm'd1m.LC. Marrtm. E. C . 'Ir Mr.-1'gg111. F. Phllhps. R. Vf. Shults. R. L. Vfzrll. A. I. XXVIHIZHH'-HIT. E Prrlutes A1'l11str'1lnQ.R.Vx' Barton. T. Blanchard. C. S. Leathers. I. P. Brandes. P. P. Branncn. C. A Brennan. R. N Maas. H. A. M2a1'tin, E. Mathis. V. Carpenter. VC. A. McCa1'1'asll. A. L. Chapman. G. R. MCG1'VLllYk. C. C. CfrrXX'. Cww. M. L. Cruzlcr. XY. C Cummins. -I. C. DZlX'1dSI!I1.,'h L Dnrsctt. R H. Drake. P. O. Drum. M R. Erwm. B. Fl. Evcrctt. M XX Plym. T. Y. Furreit. L. E. Fl'lCI'b4vI1, B. XX Garrett. A. E. Gray. A. AI. H1rlscll.G. A. Hgmfrrck. D. L Hcmph1lLVx'. Hulckzrnup. C. Khrre. VC. B. Kunkcl. D. Kunzc. G. XY. Lirhus. E. V. Lawhun. XY. C. Nlclntyre. D. P. McMxnn. R. H. PZHAISD. E. R1dCllmg.Vx' P. RuL11I'1S1vI1.E.D. Runklcs. R. Scale. L. R. Scssums. E. A.. 11. Shavcs. L. XY. SlH1H1KlIlS. K. Sfllllli. R. N. Smrth. VV. A. Stcymzmn. VU. R. Stork. 0.13. Thmrnpsrm. B. I. TUWHICY. P. Vfzmtson. D. Cv. A. Vhrtsun. YY. C. IN4. Vfchster. Al. B. Vs'cndcl. A. 1. Vs7hcat. T. L.. XVh1scnhL1nt. M. H. R. O. BRANAM Vqlllmmsl R. H, Sfuund 111 Command Vxyuud. laik J, F1 rst Sergeant C. XY. BODE Captam 294 Q-H --up N ... w ' :ff 2,5115- -..I.":3s. 1-'..,,-,fl-..-1-.'i.5 ,. 4.-. .. Y .. " 'DA 3. '- . - . ' i "aff':. :QSM :H in--"1 - vt-'i v " . " :'X' 1 - 1, ...Mtv .x fr. -:4...,,- ? '-N i-L - - ' wa . - ii' ' 1 1, f,-1 -,,..i.,..,.- .. . ..... F. ", F' T G W. FITZHUGH Second in Command I. L. TAYLOR First Sergeant Staff Nfembers Major W, W. Clark Tefh. Sgt. G. C. Carothere lst Lieutenants Clark. VJ. R. Cloud. I. B. Goforth. VV. A. 2nd Lieutenants Altman. G. H. Amyx. M.. lr. Doak. R. A. McBride. W. I. Meredith. VJ. R. Norris. M. Norton. R. P. Sergeants Bailey. C. E. Bridges. L. A. Callier. T, P. Crozier, W. V. Cumbie. E. M, Darden. M. Hale. E. Majers. C. A. O'Leary. E. Rogers, C. -l. Sample. R, H. Smith. E. L. Vv'illiams. I. M. Corporals Banks. VJ, F. Glover. C. E. Hartman. H. F. Hendrick. L. R. Muntzell. H. Slover. C. L. Wheeler. L. B. Vsfodord. S. R. Privates Adams. B. E, Alford. D, R. Andrews. VJ. S Blackburn. T. Bowles VU. B. Britton. A. D. Brown. T. C-, Butz. B. B. Caudle. F, A. Clark. D. E. Clifton. H. M. Clublin. O. L. Colquitt. K. Condron. T. K Cope. R. R. Cosc1a.,l. A. Curl. H. P. Davis. I. P. Elliot. A. E. Glenn. E. F. Cvolman. G. H. Graves. M. VJ. Smith. A. C. Thomas. Cr. P Xklatson. R. XVeir. B. G.. lr Hermandez. E. Herrington. D. , A ' ' ' Hokanson. VU. L. XX Yllc- T' Holley. G. A. Hope. G, M. lahns. K. R. larrel. R. S. johnson. Y. B. Kendricks. N. B, Locke. I. D. London. B, VU. Loomis. R. R. Maclin. R. E. Maples. VV. Marchbands. E. McWhorter. R. Meriwether. B. T. Moore, T. D. Morris. C. A. Mosesman. M. Newberry. E. Page. F. D. Prudhomme. E, Pumphery, J. B. Ramage. -l. L. Reese. C. M. Rockman. bl. VC. Sleeper. bl. '-2 th, E. H. PERRY Captain 295 ---Y.- ... - F?'1S-- '2'2"5fv1"5"cff2-1M -1-w-- -1 ll F ll ll 'I' R Y Company "D" Stuff Nfcnzbcrx Lt Cul. E lxr L1 L, C. Toth Sgthl E, Bn ,Wu DI'tlPCl' Ixt Lzcutcmlnts H4rmx!4rI1, G T Lurlnn. N. E TI'l+'4t Rulwlxxwn. R :X . I1' Ind LIEILIETILIVIIF Butte. E. G. 1'.,fd.o nl. M. C, KADRDAN Caplum 296 H1ll. M XY. TMC. Pm, Vw'1ln1uKl1.E D. Y.mt1N.R xl. SETQELIWIIX Bcnnctl. P. M. B1-adv. B C Bllmctt. R, E. El1l1gmk.C. K. Hzllud. H E. Hurt. D. B. MCEVQ11 hl. VC. MuSpznddcn. E. F.,l1' Mcdfmml. VC. L. Pxlth nn. T. A. Rmcr1l1c1'g.H.Vs' E i : 3 . ' 9 WZZTCTT 2 G ff 2 2 3 E-2575.2 4 m 3. , I, Wfkifcll- 7:':7::' . JIE ' 73 Cmtpomls Burnca Bzwtun. -I. El'wc1'hgu'l. :X Q-iv Stmmdcicr. L., 'Ir PTl1'tlfCX Avcrutt. C. R Bqlldwm. R. B. Buch, B .-X. BCI'QITl.lI1.0. L. Bwvd. T. F. BI'1ulY'HL'. fx. c1.lHUXX'ilY, D. P, C.u-tlcbcrry. L. BI CUHICC. AI. C-wk. XV. A. D.lX'1Q. F. B. Du1u1ny.Vs'.Vw'. Durzmtc- M. A. Dyer. R C. Edge, D. Flcnnc1'.Vx'. R. Halle. B. Hcartiicld, R. R. Hcrmxmsc. V. Hwdgcs. -I. D. Huffn1am. L. Hmapcr. C. Ni, Kelty. F. Kemp. F E. Kern. L B. Kl1'k. S. K, Knether. E. L. Lavender. A. F. Luc. VU. M. LCl1I'Ill'WlII'jl. VU. H Lcwns. VI. S Lcwni. R. T. Lluyd. R. R. Macha. L. VC. Magers. R. G. McClain. VU. N. McCulluugh. R C Millar, M. XV. M114DI'C. Mmtyn. C. R. Orr, Cv. Oebwrnc. M. B. Pull-iD. P1'1dcnmrc.R.A. RUl11r1sm1. H. NV. Szlllsy. C. D. Sz1undC1's.R.E. Shzlw. VV. N, Slmllllngbtlltg. E. C SIWUYI. Smith, H. VC. Stewart, R. A. Swatlcll. P. D. Tzlylor. H. D. Waller, M. Watler. D. L. Watsnxxw. VJ. G. White. S. W. Wlnstorl, W. C. Woods, P. D. Zupalac, L. P, 1. E. BUEHRIG Sefnnd ln Com mund J. P, ALFORD Fwxt Sergeant tfqauasumlv Hmimmx SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJCR B. E. ALLDREDGE Battalion C0-mmanclev' CAPTAIN A. L. CATHEY Executive ttit FIRST LT. H. T. CI-IANG Intelligence Officer FIRST LT. E. A. TIMMONS Plans E91 Training Officer FIRST LT. M. H. BROWN, JR. Supply Officer NOT PICTURED: FIRST LT. W. W, GRISI-IAM Adjutant SUPPLY SERGEANT A. J. MACNAB SERGEANT MAJOR J. A. POWELL 'F F." "TF V. Stull Nfenzlwv' ff41pt.nn XY. KI Ist l,1sutcmmt.s Lm mlb. P. ,l.lCl-isuyll. H. D. Kung. B. Ri. Ind LICllI:f71L17IIX Bcr1'y.XX'.T. Dc Vwlm. T. E. H.l11..a.J. Scrgcuntx B.11lCy. L. L. C.u'pcntcr. R K Ch.1th.1m. R G-md1n.nn.XX Hc11,j. M. Matycu. C. RHQAIWRY. Stllrtevamt. R. A. Cm'pm11lx B.1wctr.R.l Burlund, A. Lacy. A. O. L.1cy.A.T. L.mdcrQ, C . Q. Ruhbmx. J. D IVIuClc1ky. l Tll.lXflll1.cl. BlffCl'IIlIlI1.XxNv. N. Black. C. Blamlmrd. 3. B. Buytcr. R. A. Br1tt1gm.F1'zmk Butler. O. Chzm1l'vcrN,.l. B. Cl1cvcr.XX'.T. C141-k,S.T. ffwkc1'.F,C. Cmlk, rl. C. Crum. B. G. ffrc11xl1.1xx'. VC. E. f.l.lI1IllLIh.ll'l1,f.. E. L3d1l.lllCT, T. H. Dllvy, C. D174lCI',U. B. Galcwsky, L. Nl. UY.lI1Il1.lIll, R. E. L.ll'11w5, Ql. M.llI1, L. N. M.1rrm. Vmcmr McCumi1S. B. C. Mci1slcyf.G. H. Pglulk. VU. M. Ponce. E. VV. Ray, D. C. Rcmhalrdt. Q. Rlchards. R. D. R1chtc1'.C V. Rmgcr, S. L. Rndr'mllCZ. E. F. Rush, ul. A. Smlth. H. H. Stcpl1c11:1111. W SlI'vlCCIIllll1, E. G. Thompson. C. A. Tl1un1psm1. D. E. Tlmrnpmn. M. R. FI-l1UIllPSOI1, W W. rg. JENN Caplmu 293 Turner, O. G. Przwtes Allen, XY. R. Bdtcf, R. fl. Bclmrnunt, D Bell-irmp. R. Blrmcr, K. F Blry, ll. H. H11l!.C. A. Hall, R. H. Harvey. VC. XY. Hcncll. R. L. Hc1'r1ngtmm,l. R. Hogan, L G. -l.1r1w:cwsk1, L. L 'lnrd.m, C. H. Le Nun, F. Lmk. G. M. Tlnajcru. A. A. 'T1Pp1If.F.vVl. Uffmam, R. A. Undcrwuud, H. L Lll1dCI'W4v0d. Vv'a1tk1ns, E. VVcaLl1rcd. l. B. Vx'Cbl'W. bl. H. Vflld, E. B. VXVIISUI1. VU. B. f tsmpany n r n n I T ' " Y Stajjr Members Capt. V. Leolller Capt. A. J. Landua lst Lt. W. W. Grisham Sgt. Major R. W. Mulliollan Color Sgt. W. D. Parker Color Sgt. T. E. Elliot lst Lieutemmts -Tones, I. L. Long, R. K. Naborney, E. fnd Lz'eutenam.s Barnes. V. E. Hammons, D. O. King, A. K. Massey, J. W. Roddy. L. C. Read, D. L. Rosenthal, E. Studeville, C. D. Corpomls Clark, R. C. Cook, G. 1. Linam, D. D. Poindexter, A. D Reynolds, E. B. Rollins, R. H. Waggoner, W. C. Privates Adams, R. Ariail, B. Ball, C. E. Bay, W. W. Blocker, R. Blocker, W, B. Borchers. W. H. Hartzog, L. R. Harvey, R. N. Hotf, E. Hudgins, XV. R. Jernigan, N. Cv. Kleinschmidt, E. Lee, N. Martin, Q. E. lVlcGoWn, W. McLarry, W. R. Mogford. H. N. Moran, VV. M. Morris, R. P. Muller, C. W. Newton, R. T. Norris, L. R. Ctey, G. W. Parsons. O. D. Pealor. I. P. Perrin. T. O. Roark, H. R. B. R. ANDERSON Second in Command K. N. PARKER First Sergeant Wilson, I. L. Sergermts Ammons, A. T. Arisco, M. J. Bailey, E. L. Cloubt, B. Erland, 0. Hornak, V. Levy, M. L. Caldwell, J. Chapman, H. L. Cummings, A. L. Dibrell, C. M. Drennan, W. F. Evans, K. G. Garrett, R. M. Gibhins, W. C. Hardin, A. Hardy, A. Harrell, E. E. 2 Saunders, C. S. Shearer, G. T. Simpson, L. O. Smith, L. E. Sutherland, C. R. Tillman, E. F. Welch, B. Williams, R. A. Willis, I. T. Winter, R. S. Wright, F. C. Xgf J. R. BANNISTER Captain 299 -1,1 '-' -1 7.5.5 ' f -- '-r- 1-na L . nl IIIFIIIIT Stuff lvlenilvers Major B. E. Allredge Captain A. L. Cathay lit Lt. M. H. Brown lit Lt. H. T. Chang lat Lt. E. A. Timmons Maater Sgt. E. fx. Glrlrdlln lsr Lieutemmts larratt. R. L. Nye, A. R. Smith, L. R. A. E. XVHITE Captain 300 RY Ind Lieutenant.: Cass. B. 1. Henry. N. C. Hinson. B. Luinmui, L. H. Rohrer. VC. C. Scrgeaiits Brown, R. V. Bryant, VC. Butler, C. E. Fuqua. P. F. Hcmpli1ll.Z. Kimhro, Moore, T. N. Pepper, W. VanderVv'eide, I. H. Vv'et:el, VV. R. Vwlilson, T. F. Corporals B11rnes,W'.B. Cantlon, R. Carpenter, H. D. Carroll. VJ. B. Cargo, J. V. Daniel. T. R. Goldman, T. B. Hicks. S. G. t Hudson, C. E. L1nClley.,l. H. Meredith. R. K. Saunders. VC. Privates Bailey. A. M. Barto n, VU. A. Bell. C. B. Berry. T. VJ. Borehers, C. L. Bowers, F. N. Brim, li. Butchofsliy. Vs. ff Carmichael, A. P. Cook. S. H. Criswell, B. S Denton, W. G. Doyal. VW. T. Eakin, Vvl. A. Egan, E. Feari, VJ. S. Field1ng, R Foote, T. V. Fox, F. M. Fry. E. Hardcastlc, V. L. Harrington, C. Vs". - . . Hill. P. l Hughes, L. H. Jackson, H. C. johnson, T. H. Knox, Vvl. B. Lane, C. E. Law, H. Cv. Magee, XV. T. Manning, P. ul. Moore. B. C. Moore, C. A. Murphrec. 5. E. Post. E. l- ' Randall, R. R. Robles, F. P. Rock, C. H. Rogers, B. Rogers, C. G. Schnell, T. M. Scout, W. E. Spangler, C. P. Thompson, VJ. Truxaw, W. M. Vacek, 5.1. Warhen, W. L. B F BOLTON Second- in Command Williams, R. E. I. B. LONGLEY Wi11ie, T- C4 First Sergeant Young, D. . J' "E-X.-fL1jT .L ',7A'i-- , .kr if 21 N - ' lx I 5 pf . . .. . , ,,,, , G. E. DOUGLASS Second m Command H. D. BROWN First Sergeant Stajjf Members Master Sgt. rl. H. McAllister Tech. Sgt. 1. A. Powell lst Lieutemmts Grote. G. H. Vvlatkins, M. L. Schulze, VU. C. 2nd Lreutemmts Coley. F. A. Qllieefe. F. T. Meadows. O. E. Sain, D. K. Schafer, C. A. Stengel, L. R. Sergeants Aldrich. K. I. Bennett, F. D. Carter, E. Collins, T. H. Elmore. V. Hinson, F. V. Iohnston, I. I. Jordan, D. Kidd. B. F. MeM1llan. L. H. Mudd. E. Rolwertson. VJ. M. Straub. C. C. Vfyatt. C. E. Curpomls Arnaeker. C. B. Brymer. B. Clark. nl. R. Gilmore. R. L. Hahn. H. C. Hahn. NV. L. Hzttehel. -I, W. Hlelcs, H. M, Kereho. M. R. McMillan, M. Mnsty, VU. E. Pace. H. E. Phenieie. F. E. Puekitt. L. VC. Rawley. C. R. Sehlenker. E. H. Shary. H. Sims. R. C. Sullins, R. T. Wzallzree, C. H. Vv'eigel, R. E. Ziegler. M. Prlrmltex Ayers. 1. F. Belville. V, R. Bulurd. ,l. L. Cnnger. B. F. Dl1X'lS.H.C:. Dullenx K. B. Eillull. Fc1mrCl..l.O. l:!'lCLll'UCI'!. VU. M Candy, VI. Harris. D. M. HEI1Lll'lClC.xX7. H. Hcxw1L1'd. Kesner. T. M. Kutlnnzmn, D. E. Lehrnlwerg. V. 1. Link. D. B. Longley. ml. D. MeN:1hh. E. R. MLlI1CI'lCf. B. Pcrrker. hl. M. Pepper. R. A. Rachel. R. A. Reeves. -I. J. Reich. H. A. Snndxdge. R. H. Szrndlin. Lee Schumann. R. P. Smith. E. O. Spzrrl-cs. A. li. Sparks. -I. C. Stanley. E. AI. Stengel, H. Turner. C. M. XYz1ll4up. H. C. XX'lntel1L1rSt.-l. P. NX'nm.ls. ,l. E. XYcn'tl1.1rn. XY. E. , .K 'Ain' .gl f. . -.' H if' 'Q 1. w. ,IENNINGQ CdPldl7I 301 'kiri' Q I THIRD BATTALION STAFF MAJOR J. L. LAMBERSON, JR. Battalion Commander CAPTAIN B, M. FILGO Executive FIRST LT. -I. M. PETTIGREW Adjutmlt FIRST LT. J. D. SCOGGINS Intelhgence Ojfcer FIRST LT. V. N. CORDFRO Plum Trrlimng Officer FIRST LT. D. K. HILL Supply Officer SUPPLY SERGEANT T. F. WISCHKAEMPER 302 H. M, RUBLE Second in Command T CHAPMAN I. . First Sergeant GKIVV Staff Members Capt. R. E. Bucek lst Lt, I, D. Scoggin Tech. Sgt. T. F. P. Vwfiselikuenipcr lst Lieutemmts Cook, VJ. L. Nichols. D. R. Phillips. M. M. Shipley, J. L, Ind Lzeutentmts Black, D. H, Crimmins, A. B. Ellis, L, B. lVIeVv'horter, H. C. Montgoniery, VC. Motley, Z. C. Ramsel, C. D. Sergetmts Burchficld, VV, D. Carter. Lee Crozier. M, L. Davis, P. B. Cainer, H. O. Hester, C. H. Matthews, D. VV. McDowell. C. T. Mogford, L. M. Roberts, G, E. Sheram. C. .-X. YVatl4ins. P. K, York, B. Corporuls Cain, L. P. Glazcr. I. D. Keath, .l. H, Martin, M. B. Robertson, B. Terry. D. K. VVallace, 1, Vvleedon, H. D. Vfillis. B. P. Przvtztes Ada1ns.C.rX. Aikninn. A. E. Bennett, V. P. Bonnean, C. Braey, L. E. Branyon, T. M. Caniphell, R. -l. Canipe, C, A. Capper, H. E. Collier, W. E, Curnutt, N. C. Dismukes, T. K. Eskriclge. C. Q. Filsingcr. H. J. Gardner, W. WV. Garza. V. O. Colman, H. IIIFIIIIT Hamilton, XV. Hary, E. M. Honnell. B. Hooton, V. Horne, L. C, Huser, C. A. Huser, E. ln:er, L. Ivey, A. H. 1ohnwn,A. E. Johnson, B. H. jones, B. Kelly, N. C. Kotzehue, A. L. Lockwood. P. S, Mahry. D. S. Magee. -l, B. Mason, C. M. Mason. T. MeCrzu'y. I, C. Nlcvxlliorter, P. C. Mcr:huclier, D. L Miller, pl. E. Miller. T. H. Nelson, A. L. Owen. T, H. Parrott. T, Partin, L. Vw". Petty, P. M. Pratt, K. E. Reese, T B. Rohison, H. C. Roclriqi1e:,l. Roenier. C. R. Rucker. R. Scliodde, H. D. Scott, F. E. Srl-ces, H. Sulonion, B. M. Stilnfortl, G, L. Stutuin, G. VC. Stiles. L, YV. Tarver, H. D. Tarver, rl. D. Tenery. E. E. Tullis. H. A. Vxhgner, S. H. Vwleeren, H. Vvlesthrook, E. Vfriglit, D. Yentes. V. Yuaehuni. C. C. Six f . e ,figv eff Xi - R. kfnx 4 A ,i T. W. LEON KRD Captain 5. 'P qi- T . 'J'-,.4..x t 303 , . I 'X , IIFIIIITRY Companyl4 Stuff fllenlbcrs Sergcrrntx Mgr1Url.L.L:11nl1 cnprB.xrrnw. lxt Lt. D. K. Hrll lst Lreutemmts Rzrrngrge. C. R-1edcr.L,,f.. Trerce. NI. L. Ind Lzeutcmmrx .mdq.e ,Alflrlf D. DrrlsCy. XX . Henley. R. XY. ljllfitmrr. RldQCXVIll', C. L. Ru1nmg. A. Calveen. ,l. L. GIlYN'lIl, K. D. GLvYd1gvH, Green. E. V. Hejl. M. Hereford. L. R. Herrnn. H. M xlnerls. L. ,lUlHI4Ulll. Al. Lrrr,-lc. H. D. Lrwerr. C. E. R.rnlun. S. H. RnblH1IlQ. .'x. Cm'pnnllx Glll1l'l.F. L. Hayx. F. L. M1lL1ldlI1.G. L. MCl'1'1fl.R. L. Mnncz1d:1.G. ML1ll111N,Al.lX4. Reed. L. G. RlCl'lilI'LlhLJI1. L. 5. Rrdcuut. A. F. Rolwinson. G. DlNbCl'bLlI17 H Slmlz, B. SIT1lfl'lCl', Trev1mf. M. P. XX'clwe r. L. T, Tzulies Adams. L. XY Adams. M. Burganner. H. Beernan. C. Blanlxlleld. H. Bonneuu. nl. C. Bmwn. D. L. Bruwn. M. M Burt. G. A. Butler. XY. L. Cadenal, E. R. Crunplwell. R. Czludle. S. L. Cliurclnll. R. Clnrlze, L. P. Cudy. vl. H. Cm.rper. H. XX Crux, E. DrlX1b, L. H. Eddleman, A. H. Searcy. T. Er1gl1sln,Vv'. R. Frm, XV. XY. Gil? 'eutl1. GFL,41,rl'y'. AAS. Hale. nl. D. H Harnden. A. Hielirnan. O. Huezn, R. T. lmgrru11,G.A Ivey. M. N. Alellries. A. B. Kune. G. E. K1l4er.N. R. Kyle, K. C. LaGasse, A. B. G. Luka. L. Mgrtuchzl. A. G MeCLw1'r111cl4. G E McCrenry. bl. lN'1Lll'lZ1HCl,I. Orr. C. Palmer. L. Perry. 1. E. Pnllnrd. A. L, Pnwell. vl. M. Prater. T. E. T. R:1ged1ll.H. E. Rnclmey. B. L. Richardson, C. R Sanchez. A. L. Sanders. j. M. Sclmlalwaih. E. xl Slmalmdy. M. l. SlI1'lPNlVl1.4'x.M Srnr.l1k, VC. B. Snell. VC. A. Stanger. R. S. Strxnger. C. M. L T CAMP B. SLllllX'llI1. Xx'. N4.r1Nd111Cm71n1m1d The1rnps1.vn,F.T E E IONES 7 . Xfmon' E' D' Fnxt Ne1y,em1t Xfnn Re1cLler.R Vxlzlllicr. L, N. lB.HERVEY Cdpldlil 304 .-Q vw 4 N, -r'- .f -' .a. 5.-v ..f- .Ava .- 4. t . A. -it 'K few.: 1-.-1-f-4-.wr-ee,..:.sgw,1-rw...-..gfwf,..,5 2.554 mu-mr, -4-ta .-.. - . .gf , f 5.., . et. r .- Q... , ...L .,. .. . .. 'Nw 2.'f'e+'-'?TKevw- ' .f1,..-:- .mfs-frame... a s X.. Wea... - s..,,... '- Company "L" T I ll F ll ll 'I' Stajf Me1r1lJe1's Major Vv'. H. Dawson Capt. B. M. Filgo Tech. Sgt. R. L. Manly lst Lieutenant Stevenson, R. L. Incl Lieutemmts Herrera, L. B. Kerbv, D. R. McCarty. C. T. Mcador. l. M. Sergeants Collins. C. C. Hickman. H. F. Little, D. W. Lowe, ,l. P, Morrison, D. D. Murray. R. O. Roberts. R. S, Shinn. E. M. Vw'elcl1. R. -l. Corpomls R. H. HAY Brown, W. B, Second 111 Command Cole, H. L. , Eberle. A. M. .l- T- PESEIX Haynes, L. L. First Sergeant Huesl-ie, E, E, Jennings. VV. R. Lanier, T. F. Saunders. lvl. Stlmas. R. H. P7'l1'nlfES Adkins, VC. C. Allen. S. Vw". Barnett. Vx". Barrett. D. K. Beard, M. A. Bonds. VU. F. Bonner. VU. D. Bowden. Vv'. K, Boyd. H. Clemons. Vv'. E. Coers, T, A. Conklin, V. Coolcser, A. Vw . COLlgl'1llI'l.F. Crews. C. S. Curry. B, L. Dowdy. C. VU. Eidson. 'l. VJ. Ervpes. H. E. Farris. O. ll. Gee. L. S. Gibson. B. C. Gicldens, P. Grosjcan, L. C, Hart1nan. S. Hines. j. D. Humphries. G. Vf. jackson. A. Q. Jenkins. Dl. S. lol'1n5ton.G. R. lones. E. C. jones, l. M. .IUHES erley. B. Luethy. D. R. Mal1er.l. L. Mason. j. S. Matzldin. D. XY. May. L. E. May. XY, C. K fvlcDan1er. C. Vf. McGee. C. D. Miller. C. Mills. l. F. Mullarky. B. il. Murray. E. L, Nash. C-. I. Payne. D. H, Pilkinton. H. L. Prause. C. H. Prestridge. R. P. Quin. Dl. E. Rabel, H. E. Ranzau. H. S. Reeves, C. D. Remington. E, E. R1ley.l. L, Ringel. l. M. Roberts. D. XV. Rogers. R. Sager, A. R. 'KX X A 'ua- SAHLI, C. H. Staffel. F. Sturclien, E. B. Tanner. M. Terry, R. L. Trotter. V. N. TIIFITCF, T. L. RlIJllCIlIlIlC. H. H Vfallacc. T. E. Xx'llf5llll. XX'c1d1g.C. XY, XYcsP. hl. E.. Vflicclcr. C. NY. xxvllllilllli. C. B. Xxvlllldllli. C. B. XXVFIQTIY, Yates, F. L. Young, D. A. C, B, ADMIRE Captain 305 ll F ll ll 'I' R Y C0mD8f1Yum" Staff Members lst Lt. XY. C1.IrdC1'0 lst Lt. l. M. Pcttlgrew Supply Sergeant G. E DCHIIIR lst Lreutcmmts Ballr-xv. C. C. Myers. VC. H. Renaud. A. F. Ind Llsutcmmtx Cnllard. F. jul1nwn. C. Leatlwerw. Barney Necley. H. C. Read. Carl Sl'DlIl'1. C. L. Sergeants Ballard. D. C. Cure. VV. O. XYarrcn. D. L. XX'1lfm.w11g. M. F. Prruxtes Alaeruyd. E. Arrnsrrong. B. Atchison. E. D. Graham. C. VV. Blalock. P. Har1'ell.Vx'.T. Bradford. H. C. Hartman. VC. F. Brundrctt. E. H. Head. T. A. Cassady. A. D. K1ser. Vx'. Klutl. R. H. Mayer. E. B. Stcvensun. C. Swxnelwart. B. Y1vxx'N. 'l-. Curpu mls Cervantes. R. Cumptun. XY. l. Cux. T. H. Crews. S. E. Davenport. V. lvl. Davls. l. A. Dull. G. ELlLl1C.K. D. Fxckcs. li. R. Andrmkev D, B, C21rl'Ctt. C. Baker. H. Ba5li1n.XX'.H. Bcmus. E. DeLaney, VX . Dxclaey. L. M. Carc1a,Cv. H md L ull: . . lvlartln. l. VC. Gilliam. T. Cray. C. Vx". Grugan, D. R. Hale. R. H. Hand. F. Harland. H. Harrod. B. P. Hay. L. O. Martyn. L. D. Haynes 1. B. Ratl1Tl.C. E. Hnwell. T. B. Rnlivlvins. R. C. Kn1gl1t.'I.A. Knippcl. F. C. ' 5 D Lama ter. R. Lawl1un. Vw'. MaCee. E. F. Maples. C. XY. McDunald. XX Morgan. L. R. lHiiLlIIlfil'lI'1. F. N1ckell.l. T. Oliver. R. L. Puwell. lack Rldgcll. H. C. Rulwcau. l. E. Rogers, G. IX4. Rugers. VV. E. Ryl1erd.Vs'. H. Salcellarluu. A. SCl11l'I'Il.lVl. H. D. Schroeder. E. F. SCUH. B. B. Sells. H. S1mpsun,E. O. Smith. L. VC. Speer. M. H. Stanley. D. B. Smut. B. R. Taylor, C. H. Tickle. A. TL1bl1.C. D. Vhlgguner. C. P. Vvlalker. VV. D. XVard. C. Vw'r1gl1t. C. M. M. L. BRENNER Second ln Command J. R. FRITSCH First Sergeant IACK CLEVELAND Captam 306 '53 FIELIIS V IIIILTILLAIESHY r L. REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COLONEL L. KERCHEVILLE Regimental Commander MAJOR D. R. FITCH Executive CAPTAIN J. P. MCGARR Adjutant CAPTAIN R. L. HEITKAMP Intelligence Officer CAPTAIN B. R. MCCONNELL Plans and Training Officer CAPTAIN D. D. ECHOLS Supply Officer Seated: INTELLIGENCE SERCEANT E. E. MCCHESNEY COLOR SERGEANT E. B. PATTERSON OPERATIONS SERGEANT P. ALFORD, JR. , . . Standing: COLOR SERGEANT J. B. ROBERTS SERCEANT MAJOR S. E. ELLSBERRY SUPPLY SERCEANT A. R. HUSE 307 'k'k'k'k ERY FIRST BATTAL MAJOR E. HARRIS Battalion Commander CAPTAIN C. R. Executive FIRST LT. O. E. Adjutant FIRST LT. R, D. Intell1gcm'e OHM FIRST LT. I. D. ULMER SCI-IERZ MOSER er STOKES Plans G Tnmlmg Officer FIRST LT, R. bl. Supply' OWCCT TILTON ION STAFF SUPPLY SERGEANT J. W. I-IANCE SERGEANT MAjOR H. L, DELFRAISSE irst Headquarters F I If I. IJ Il Il 'I' I l l Ii II Y GEORGE WILLIAMS Second in Command R. H. MILLER R. , I First Sergeant Staff Members Capt. C. M. Ulmer Ist Lt. R. D. Moser lst Lt. R. Tilton lst Lieuteiiants Lambert, T. C. Routh. M. Sterling. -I. R. Zwcl Lieutemmts Gorzycki. Cv. C. Hord. A, A. Rogers, L. VV. Sergeants Dixon. H, E, Supply Sergeant Atkins, R. C. Bralcebill. C. H. Butler. R. W. Clemons. H. C. Gil1'eE1th. P. Jackson, E. W. Lawrence. I. M. Lewis, S. B. Newton. T. R. Robertson, -I. L. Tompkins, A. C. Ullom. Il. A. Corporals Allbright. M. C. Chapman. XV. E. Dube. C. 0. McCoy. T. Mudd. E. 1. Norris, H. W. Norton. F. R. Voelkel. DR. Webster. N. L. Welch. T. I. PTl"UL1fCS Allen. T, W. Banta. E. S. Bates. E. L. Borman. L. E. Boyd. T. M. Brough. W. VU. Brown. O. M. Brown, S. P. Brown. W. V, Brustein, S. H. Camp. G. M. Chew, W. Y. Clemons. E. R. Condron. E. D. Connally, UI. C. Conrad. R. I. Cooper. D. H. Davis. T. Dunn. C. T. Edwards. W. R. Gieselman. hl. P. Gonzales. G. Gunter. N. P. Hall. hl. A. Hastedt. I. VJ. Hatiield. R. C. Hayes. L. R. Hightower. E. Vw' Hooker, B. Hopper. O. I.. Jones. B. E. jones. I. N. Kelsey. I. Knapp. W. C. Martin. C. G. McB1'ayei'. W. R. Molson. E. Milburn. C. F. Mitcham, D. L. Modlin. R. E. Moore. H. H. Moseley. R. C. Myers, G. M. Norton. -I. M. Noyes. E. G. Nye. F. R. Oldham. C. C, OTNEII, A. Orrick. R. Pace. Cv. B. Parrish. W. Regal. E. I.. Robertson. M. Rosenstein. Sandler. H. R. Schwarli. G. M. Sfrupps, C. G. Seals. W. S. Smith. F, W. Solomon, D. M. Stoerrner. U. Streetnian. N. Y. Tipton. T. H. Vajos. J. M. Vavra. H. ul. Wtillace. A. C. Vv'ill. L. T. Vvlilson. E. L. Word. B. XV. Wright. Cv. C. r ,431 J. w. SMITH Captain 309 . , , ..,. .ww-.N .-..5,'-Q..:- -1' -..,A:, O. A .or -I -- A sv -. . Q ,Mem R-. ' 1 ui"g:4 'T 1 "" .17 :At " w ""'3.,f. . 1f ' 41-f'VfQ5eTw:frMv-h -5'-'x-'Tf-':tn4.xh..eaf,,."f...:1f1 FIELD HRTll.lERY BBHGTYHHH Smff Nfsnzlvcrs Sergelmts f'.1pt.lm R L.Hc1rk:1n1p M.xftcr5crgc11nt XXV. Ll.alluwuy T-Cillfllflll Scrsmnt E, E,Tx1qChwncy lxr Lzczctcmmtx r:1A...,.-1,1 xxi w lx E -lillllllllf. ' SIH1Il1.fX L. full L1CllIC?h1'l1IS B.1bcmk.C. L. Brwnt. R. R, C.mtu. Peter El.lXX'.ll'x.l'. R. Hawley, XXX E HlPldCI1l1lI1.H.XXv. ,Im-nu. B O. Lcurmul. E. A, lNI1tchull.B.N. Ogdcc. U, VI, CUTpU11llS :Xnd1-gxw. T A Cu-Inu. lN'lgu'lq Elly? 'HK LTlll'XX'lIl. L. R, NIVLXIISI 'I A' lvcy. R XXX Tlkllllllm-.f11.AP-. H. 5,ii:Yl?'1llfIlE xv' A' t L . , A 4 lvlgmllct. R C. R.mm'c:. A. R, TcLlLll1c.Al.E. XXvClIll'WL'lAQCl'. R. " TILLIIUX c Andcl-1-n.lx. E. l5.ummcr. -I, H. Bilrtl. H. L. Bcrck. H. A. B1rd.M D. Bruxxn. N, B. flEAI'.lXX .151 XXL B. Cl1.1pm.m.B.E. Crux. A. L. f,TLlllll1flI'l. -I. TX1. Ddnlclx Lon D.1vcnpu1't. T. Daly. U. E. Dur11cl.E.Nl. IJCIIIPXCXI Al. Dlllwn. L. R. A. ELlXX'llI'Ll4. H. R. lwruuwn. L. P Flynn. XXX C.l1x'cr1N.B.lNl. Gnmtlwzuu. ,I f C1r11ncN.L1.E. Helm. T I Hmy.u'd. E. Hull, CJ. R. HwlQk.1111p.Al I H.,11..nd. Q xxf' Hmmm. B Huglw-. A. M, xl-ll1lL'5.E, M. 'l.1pl1ct.Al. H. -li1lmwn.R P. Rccvc1'.C,B. lxmg, f. L, Knct-.1r. Cl A, linux. tl, T Lcdlwctter. XX' Llclwlmllky. E R. E. L1INlllC1'. XX' fl. Lwckc. L. E, Luzgum. C. M. Mucl1cmul1l.A. M.1gi'c. nl, M. C. lN4.n'1C. E. 5. McAd.1ms.G. D. McCunncll. T, xl. M1101-C. Mucklcmy. R. G. Nuvuaad. A. A. Owcns. J. D. Rlrkcr. Al. H. lJ.1sclmll.XX'. E. P1-1rchecr.R,N. R4md.nll. E. E. Rccd. P. N. Rlclmulwn. F. RlCl1ilIALlNUI1.XXv.XX R1vlM1tr.l'7.fN. SCl1XX'lI1M.l H. Sklar. ll, ff. SH1lll1.Ll, D. Spcnccr. C ff 5111-cds. 5 L. Stcpl1enN.Bl-lw Strwlwcl. L. A. Taylur. XX' D. T4rllCQull. Trlgg. K. M. X'mfp1l. XXX L. Xl-mln. -I G. XXvQll'l'lHlIIIlLl. H. 0 Xlfclwb. R. l. XXvCl1Il1CX'C!'. XXX H XX'l11tc. U XX. Xxlllllilllls, -I, E. XX'1tmc1'.X7s'.X7x'. XXvUUCll1lllD. R. E. :.llm. C, L. XX'. H. BANCROFT Se.-md m Cum wmmd J. XX". SMITH Fxmt Sergeant R. L, CRLTTCHER, IR. Cfupfam 310 Cl1.lll1.lIIl.R M 1 .,1Ilxu. XX. P. 5,...e..,if.E..2i1? I .51fgw1f2953-a2-s:f55g:Lf- ' --Ei:g,'351-!i'r:T5:-.!!!:l5-1-!!f ..f5f-r f ' : :M-ff f:---ive - :rf-"'-'N '--- ' 'A--1 ""' '-f"'f1"4KHS' -1-5-""!i"" lBattery"B" FIIE-lll IIIITILLERY Stajf Nlemluers Major I. E. Harris Master Sergeant A. R. Technical Sergeant H. L. Delfraisse lst Lieutencmts Lamb. J. W. Newman. L. A. Wallace, W. VJ. 2nd Lieutem111ts Burndrett. VJ. E. Harding. I. D. Smith. VJ. G. Sergetmts Bogel. G. N. Brown. A. Gordon. W. S. Hancock. C. R. Huse Le Blanc. A. bl. Libson. N. McDow. G. M. Mclntyre. D. VJ. Sharpe. F. D. Tynes. I. VV. VJalton. VJ. VJ. Vslilliams. H. riivates Albert. D. P. Anderson. P. Angel. L. Amway. H. L. Binder. D. l. Brown. H. Couch. D. Cowart. T. R. Craig. N. V. Davis. D. R. DeBona, H. R. Dilworth. W. L. Hill. R. D. Howe. H. M. Hudson. I. H. Hueher. G. E. Iackson. I. B. Jones. T. VJ. Kamas. T. Kent. I. C. Knolle, VV. C. Lawless. E. A. Lokey. I. D. Lowndes. H. B. Lyons. R. D. Machemehl. C. VJ. Magee. VJ. C. Mar. P. K. Marsh. G. C. Martin. G. McLean. H. E. Mercer. A. Morgan. G. Murr. L. S. Seals. F. C. Seay. E. M. Seay. R. L. Seidenstickcr. E. R. Shelton. P. lvl. Shepard. G. L. Smith. A. Smith. S. M. Stackpole. 1. VJ. Stringer. A. Vhiidlioiei-. B. VJellhf,-rn. H. E. XYinn. T. H. S. F. SONBERG Second in Command F. T. PHILIPS First Sergeant Jones. W, D. C. Lamar. H. C. Maher. H. Shelby. F. G. Watson. H. E. Zapalac, W. F. Cofporals Carlile, T. A. Culbertson. I. Doerge, R. S. Duren. G. VJ. Dusek, E. D. Eads. S. Erwin. T. L. Fouraker, L. E. Friedrich. L. VJ Gandy, VJ. S. Glaze. H. C. Harris. -l. D. Noland. B. G. Perthuis. A. E. Phillips. R. H. Retz. G. Richards. H. V. Rlgney. F. E. Rowe. 0. T. Sandland. H. G. Schwarz, A. D. Scott. R. P. L. A. LARREH Captain 311 F I E l D Stuff NTETIILPE7' Te:l1.5ut..l.XX' Ist Lzcuremmts Ellnnrc. E. XXX Knapp. P. XXX L.4ndrun1. H. B. Rm. Ted Scherz. O. E. IIIITILLEIIY Battery"C Ind LlCllfC'7'lL171fS . Hnnce Cnstlnw. R. I. DcFec. R. :XX Strznleh. C. B. SC'7'g6Ll71fX Bgnlchlc. .X A. Cour-ey. XX'. Greene. XX'. XXX jones R. C, IVIarQt1.wD. IX. SX. P1er.c. T. K. Sumner. F. XX'. Tcnnlwn. L. B. Cu rpg' rd Is .'X1'mn1. 0. E. Bnuehle. R. S. Brr1xx'r1e.M. L. EdXX'Ell'di. XXX S. Gwatlcy. H. Green. A. C. Berrhelnr. B. XX'. Bnstwck. H. Boyd. T. M. Brechan. XXX E. Brennan. F. M. Brenn1.rn.F.IvL Broun. Brussard, D. L. Bryan. XX". H. Burgess. SX. XXX Buttr1lI.XX'. X'. Carden, bl. B. Clnadxwck, H. B. Cha-rulbcrs. G. G. Cuifer. P. Cohn. R. L. Dams. R. J. D4.vnuvan. R. Eagleitun, L H. FElDD1l1g.C. L. Flsher, E. K. Harr1son.E. Harwuod. XY. H. Hearon, G, H. KL1cera.A.j. Kunxe. G. XXX Lnlc. L. .-X. Lmlc. A. E. Little. .-X. S. Marshall. B. Ivfartin. B. G. Nfatthews, M. L. McCarty. G. XXX MQMLIIIQI1, E, XX' Meyer, L. E. M111sap,F, N. Nlurphy, R. L. Partluw, XX'. XXX Pczn'Qon. XXX T. Pennington. :X Pennington. P. B. Porter, R. S, Reed. XX". G. Rxcks. A. C. Rudd. M, P. Shaw. R. XXV. Shearer, G. R. Smltlx. C. B. Hnrnur. L. H. Sunley. I. E. Tesirnan, M. O. XX'Un1.1ck. E. P. Pmmtes Barclay. C. H. 'M' Herod. A. B. Huber. E, L. Isaac, K. XX". jarnag1n.E.X'. Kane. E. S. King, R. B. Kfnulcr. L. P. Tassus. D. G. Travis, C. Xfakey, G. H. XX'zu'c. W. XVarrs, C. H. W'eldcr, L. P. XXf'hitehL1rQt H XV I. H. TABLEMAN Second H1C0?Yl7HLl71d XV. B. HARRISON XX'orsharnjj,. Li I First Sergeant bl. P. XVQLFE Capmm 312 fix. ...Lt SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR H. F. DOTSON Battalion Comntander CAPTAIN W. T. ROBINSON Executive FIRST LT. N. A. STEED Adjutant FIRST LT. C. F. BRANNAN Intelligence Offleer FIRST LT. R. D. GAMBRELL Plans G Tnunzng OWCE7' NOT PICTURED: FIRST LT. I. N. HICKMAN Supply Officer SERGEANT MAJOR W. F. GOODMAN SUPPLY SERGEANT R. TERRELL 'ktiri' -- N". le.-4. A -Q l X -' 4 f ' ug f wfr X F I E l D ll ll T I l l E ll Y Second Headquarters Batteryl SMU' .Xlcnzlwrx Ind Lxcutcmzntx flllpl ,I P. MuC.1.t11 D4n.1gl1cx'tv. R1 let Ll l N.H1t-km.1:1 lNl11rx'41y. H. lxt Llfllfflldllfx Sergetlnts Bt-qkmln. xv. L Mllmf .lv H LQ.-lmnclt. XX' :X flllurll- R' -Ml XX'lllIIlQll1llII. .l E, lXl'31fl4E l Lynch. E ,I Pt1xx'm'.ff H. Pumch. P. D. Rt11ncy.vl.R. XXllllClr1l'Ll. flwr orlw TLIIX Ddvix. Plul l:.n'rcll. bl. M. Cl.1:c. R. L lvmkcr. Al E lXl.1yCr. H R PCXTUII. K P Btmrlm. Brown. C. H. Callms. P. U. Cmfkett. R, M. CL1pplcs.Z.fl Dztlullwcrg. H. B. Duma. F. XX'. Duty. XX' E. Dwyer. E. fX. Eilicl. SX. XX' Ellmtt. P H Fltlurnuv. lvl if Fnlcv. f, 5. lrllalnlx. XXX B G.mdl-:1'..l.E. Garrett. R. D. Gllllik. R .-X. Hrtrzmg. F. P. Harper. nl. U. l-I.1Lch.G. M. H1lmcr.,l.,l. Hullzuwzty. Al. XX . Hnlluxum. -I K. Hul:m.mn. XX H1ll'll. XV. lvlztvbcc. R. lvl, Mllls. B, F. ML1I'CI11m, IX. MliI'FlS. G. XXX MQll'I'lS, M. L. lVl0l'XX'IbUt,l, Rugcl Mt1rd4lcli.,l. H. Murray. B. xl. Ncvlzmd. M. XXX Nwrtun. R. R, O'B2lI'l'. T P. PUQCY. SX. Puwc1'.C L. Rccd, bl. E. R4vlWcrtsul1. IX. P. Rudcnlwcrg. E. CI Rud1'1guc:.X'.M Rum. XX. Sclmwt. L. P. Sqlullcr. B. C. Sllnpwn. R. P, SlIil1QlllCI'. O. H. Sm1tl1.0.M. Stuckpulc. nl. XXX SL1tl1cr.:X. L. S-l1lClCl'4. N. XXX X'?llIlLlCl'. R E. XX cll1.l'.XX XX'1ldN.R H Przrtltcs :Xd.1mN.XX'. U. Bmwfxt. D. L. Hutlm.m. XXX H 1lYIlCi.G.Lj, Kev. :X B K1-llc. F. XX' K1rX'ill', Kul1lmgm,fX. H. L.lUl7IllilIlIl. D. D Lulmmnn. C. L Maruulmtu. A. -I Swzmli. xl L. Tz1vl1u'.T. S, Vtmigt, K. L. Wgutts. C. H. XX'lutlcy. B. E. XX'1cdCnl'cld. H. R. WVllllQlHlS, H. B. Yunta. E. XV. XN. T. GRISHAM Second m Cummtmd H. W. DICKERSON F1v.stSer.tgetmt 'X. C. SURELLE Cuplum 314 A ' Stajf Mevvihers Capt. B. R. MCC-onnell lst Lt. C. F. Brannan lst Lt. R. D. Camhrell Master Sergeant S. A. Ellsherry lst Lieutenams Dodge. I. A. Hagan, V. D. Cradat. F. R. Rarnsel. G. VJ. Ziid Lieutenant W'elsl1. T. C. Sergeavits Buchanan, W. M. Cordua, H. A. Decker. L. Hengst. L. C. blames, D. W. T- R- PAPPA5 Kunkel H. o. Second in Command Sibley, R4 In G, WALMSLEH' Walker. G. R. First Sergeant Wells. R. R.. Jr. Filllillf .IIRTAILLE Corporals Hargis. . . Johnson, R. L. Lane. G. Scofield. V. M. Smith. C. D. Spacek. F. Warts. P. R. Williams. R. H. CHll1I15. G. C P Privates Adainek. E. 1. Bertch. R. NV. Black. T. A. Blunt. L. H. Brockles. B. A. Burnett. F. A. Byers. M. Carnpbell. C. R. Canterbury, R. H.. Carrington. T. Coleman. C. S. Cockrell. R. B. Cree. H. M. Daniel. Il. A. Davenport. C. R. Denton. V. C. Drake. K. N. Engelking, D. Garner. C. B. Cillen, B. Glasgow, K. W Grisham. VJ. V. Hall. W. C. Harper. I. W. Hess. F. D. Hill. Hinds. R. O. Hovel. R. E. jones, L. A. Keirsey, R. L. Kelsey. C. Lacklancl. R. Laramey. T. A. Lloyd. W. R. Lookabaugh. L. Lowinan. Lncldeke. D. E. Magee, W. F. Maxwell. W. D. McLeod. W. S. Moore. R. W. Patterson. N. C. Payne. ,l. B. Payne. L. Pogell, M. S. Porter, hl. B. Rapp. W. T. Rodgers. R. H. Russell. lack Sammons, C. D Sample, T. Slagle. C. V. Sparkman. W. I. Stahlman. B. -l. SI6Dlj1l1S.E.VV7. Tassos. C. G. Terry. D. Thomason. R. B. Thompson, A. V. Thurnioncl. R. V. Trew. T. B. Tuhb. A. M. Turner. C. L. Walker, F. A. Vw7hitacre. A. tiles. fel 'sf R. W. CCUCH Captain 315 . T . . ' 5 Q - -mr ..4g-'-fa.,-W-L -' ' ,-M:mLi'v'-1' ' FIELD llll'l'lll Stuff Nlemlvcrx Sergelmts Czllphllll XY.T.R41lw1nwn C31'f-H'N- lNIl..1CllICI1Al'lITY.."X.SlCCLl Tcclmmczll 5u1'gc.1m P. :Xll01'c.l Tcclmxml Sergeant R. Terrell lxt Lzezczemmts Esec1'.E.1:. Fergusun. B. M. G1l1sm1.NY. F. Hl1fl2ill..l. L. Hyndllx E X .G. XYl11rc. XY. K. H-lll.md. l tl. C. Cl Tglylur. CQ Nl. Tlxrllt. XY. T. rTlWUTLllS B1'uw11.R. L. B11mQtc.1d. XY. Hcmlcm-n. E. lx.1Qp111'..l. L. Lcl1m.m. C. E. Lxcxc. R. F. Mzxddux. E. P. Mzmmcy. nl. C. N1clwls.l.XX. Prlvatex Allen. E. H. .'5mdc1'w11. O Am LI rn X nl ilt MX uwt Vs E Cl Ax BLLTXLT B st L E C1 C ill A. .-X. ERY Bracllcy. ul. T. Brm. Cv. E. Buntyn. E. C. BL1ruett.AI.T. Butsclucli. H. IX. C3Zi1'l1SlC. Cv. T. Clcsl. Vlcl-Q Cuttull. VU. C1'uwdC1'. C. L. Dulllc. B. C. Fmney. C. VC. Flynn. H. T. C1'1H'1tl1. A. C. Hfllxmg. C. H. Hill'I'lSl1Il, H. A. HlillLfC1'.XXv. C. Hc1'l1l1y.D.E. Hn1dgC.E.C. Hudgsnn. L. A. H11pC. Hutcl1csUn. L HL1tclnmcm.Vx'. D. julu1sQn.,l li Kzxlwl1cl1.T. F. K Qmer L P IX 1llL B lg lxmlxy N Lm n C R Llmu X MJL111 T lvlulwmy C lvlulx H H lVlcGlutl1lm. M. MIFICR. M. R. lvluscs. E. E. lvlycrs. R. A. NQ':2Il1lIl1.F.S. Ncwman. C. Newttm. B. C. Potty. B. A. Pl11ll1ps.C. H. P1ttard.C. VU. Rust. E. H. Rcdus. VC. VU. RlCl1ill'C.lSHI1. T. T. Rudgc1's.B. 51x11t'Q1'd.,l. B. Sclmclcr. VC. C. Sulmpcr. L. O. S1n1nmnS.E.Vf. SI1llIl1.E.G. Stcvene. l. R. 5-tune, G. M. Su11'1nS.Vs'.Vv'. Struud. F. T. Tlwlmis. R. E. T 'fm T Vs wltcrmfm Vw XX nr NN VN Lum E F Vx endcll R E VVI1 lynn: T R Vx luelu S H A I W. P. BIGGS Capzam 316 H 97 Battery E Vx". C. DONNELL Second 111 Command G. W. HUDSON Fwst Sergeant ma e.o....-f-.-fS'waaaef'Y?"T.5g?e: W4s:'f.ENR-ies. 'T W wfsmw.. -. . .A xl--aw K. . - ,rZe?........ ,. . I . . . . . - I pg?-iw-1:-. Y,5y1qSf'f ,N H .A N, . Ng' ,. ,5,x ,kx.. 5-r ow-g y xv. -.. 1- :M . -A-...f - RSS.. ' , .,,,,,, -.4 . - - 3' -.- . ,,,.,, - - g. y ew. .,- .I V F. em, ,. -., . - - ,Hp 133.-',el2Qee3Xag-. ee.1::-If-.wtf-.vresfff-ar e - W- - M V --f- f--f A -4- A - 1' ----H'-v ---"ff-if - - Y' -"Hi -f-' . ,.i'.,1...-af' . 1 ' , , - ' -' V 35ii6'r"y" "CFU T' A A F I E l ll II R 'I' I l I. E ll Y Stajjf Mev11 hers Major H. F. Dotson Technical Sergeant XV. F. Goodman lst Lieutemmts lunge, E. B. Sterling, E. A. Qnd Lieutemmts Lichnovsky, F. Wa1'ne1', H. C. Sergeants Conger, lack Bender, W. H. Chetliam. P. P. Davis. E. C. Freeland, R. L. Helmcamp, I. F. Johnson. S. N. T. C. SPARKS - ' Second in Command Ifgilrggoi' T E. O. JONSSCN Rotholz. M. B. First Sergeant Stalling. H. R. Corpomls Harrington, C. E. Hutchins. R. IC-nes, T. S. McKenzie. VU. A Parker. T. S. Pearson, C. B. Sellars. B. F. Smith, C. Privates Adams. H. B. Adcock. W. L. Basham, C. G. Brayshay, W. Church. I. VJ. Costa. P. I. DeArment. Dick DeForrest, I. T. Dillon, D. W. Dixon, W. B. Dugger, R. VJ. Dupree, L, L. Duty, A. M. Ely. L. H. Erp, H. D. Flynt, M. Fowler, I. B. Fox. D. C. Gulley, C. C. Harman. H. V. Hendrix. J. VU. Holekamp, R. H. Kaden, V. C. Kever, J. VJ. Kuhn. C. Lambert, T. M. Linney, B. Mohle, C. C. Noland. I. B. Parker, F. E. Pigg. F. D. Powell, E. H. Schiurring. C. S. Shoulin, L. O. Springer, VJ, A. Stark. W. E. Stayton, D. M. Stein, I. L. Strickhausen. C. Taylor, R. B. Tenison, H. Treaccar, I. C. Weldon, R. O. Westbrook, T. H. White, VV. A. Vxfomack, K. D. G. T. COOPER Captain 3 1 7 itti THIRD BATTALION STAFF MAJOR R. M. RINGGOLD Battalion Commander CAPTAIN L. VI. NVESTBROOK Executwe FIRST LT. J. L. ALLEN Adjuumt FIRST LT. VI. E. GOLDEN Intclhgcnce Officer FIRST LT. R. W. BENNETT Phms G 'I'mming Officer FIRST LT. W. LASLEY. JR. SuppIy Officer SERGEANT MAJOR DEAN DAVIS SUPPLY SERGEANT R. T. COOK ihird Headquarters Battery R. L. RAVEY Second in Command R. A. BALL First Sergeant Stajjf Members Major D. R. Fitch Tech. Sgt. R. T. Cook lst Lieutenants Boemer, A, R. Lewis, E. M. Ravey. R. L. 2nd Lieutenants Reich, H. D. Steenson, M. T. Sergeants Henderson, R. VV. Lantau, M. Smith, C. L. Vsfeirus, R, Vvlesson, T. E. Corporals Dollar, F. W. Ferguson, C. Gunnels, E. W. Nash, E. Olson, D. M. Pace, P. FIELD lIIl'I'lllIE Parker, R. L. Planto, M. Vfeiner, L. ritiates Adams. H. L. Alves, R. G. A nderson, R. Baird. R. XV. Vw' . Barlow, H. A. Barrier. W. P. Bates, G. H. Boggs, R. C, Brittain, R. C, Cameron, C. Cox, W. H. Crenshaw, R, F. Davis, A. W. Dickson, A, Evans, L H. Fariium, C. E. Farris, E. S. Ferrel, D. Frederick, B. B. Glazener, E. L. Goodman, H. A. Haas, R. E. Hall, C. Helms, D. Hudler, M. A. johnson, B. E. johnson. S. N. Kennemer. F. D. Levy, L Marshall, T. VC. Martin, V. Martinez, E. McAdams. Y. E. McGary. D. C. Miller. A. A. Moore. J. D. Nash, C. D. Neuerhurg, E. E. Payne, Vv'. G. Peter, -l. A. Peterson, F. VC. Podd, G. VJ. Power, B. VJ. Pressly, I. D. Radley. VC. S. Randall, J. B. Roberts, H. C. Roman, L. E. Shaw, V. R. Slaughter, M. O. Swenson. S. G. Trant, E. Tucker, P. E. Turner, M. Q" i -SAL 'if if -. . .vf Uteseh. L. P. Utley. R. K. VUaflord. NV. L, Vfalker, R. E. Vxlalthers, Vx". B. Vslard, R. A. VCarren. VV. Y. VVelch, M. Vvlilloughhy. Vvlilson. XV. H. Zscheck, A, L. j. B. TAYLOR Captain 319 RY Fl Sttljjt Nlembers 3VIf1jUl'Xxv H. Ringgold lxt Lt. H. Allen lst Lt. ,I. E. Golden lstLicutem1nts Alexander, H. R. Halley, XV. C. Oxveni. B. DELI! nnrlllfnv Batteryugf wud Lieutemmts Bannister. XY. Kelly. P. L. Stzrudt. VC. C. XYa1'ren, R. Sergetmts Chalmers. VC. H. Erwin. vl. Hill. C. VJ. Smith. B. L. Vfezwer, -I. C. Covporals Beyehok, M. R. Crcsap. W. L. Davis, F. P. Gilmore, C. F. Gipe, 1. R. Looney. B. L. Shadle. E. M. Stacy, C. T. Stout, M. Vfaddell, R. Privates Anderson, V, H. Brill, David Bz1rd.E. F. BzrrneS. G. G. Beck. XV. NY. Bering, Conrad Blum, E. E. Bolland, ADS. Brown, N. A. Buckland, F. I. Buenger. J. C. Buntin, R. F. Callaghan, 1. B. Cangelosi. A. Carnes. VC. M. Carr. J. Clarke, F. E. Drake. P. Duke. M. M. Durham, R. H. Fowler. H. Frye, I. W. Fulton, R. E. Garrison. I. L. Grimm, B. A. Hensley, R. T. Herlocker. H. House, H. W. Hudson, L. C. Iaekson, XV. D. Kelsey, C. Knapp, V. A. Krampitz, C. D Laine. C. B. Lindsey, I. H. Martin. R. M. McHolnue, D. C. MeLeuish. T. I. Miller. C. C. Mitchell, J. R. lVlm.rrrlS, B. Morris, C. N. Ogdce. Ed Oliphant, M. D Qliver, K. Olsen, R. F. Peterson. C. L. Rutan. D. Safran, J. G. Scott, R. E. Scott, T. F. Sigur, G. I. Smith, L. G. Tabor, S. E. Tenison, VJ. H. Tiner, D. Vsfaggener, R. R. Vv'agner. A. W. Ward. R. C. Xflifef' 5545 R. L. ROMINGER Wilsigsi. ' Second in Command Withers, C. E. F. D. ALBRITTON Ya,-M111 JA Vg! First Sergeant I. B. HANCOCK Captain 320 .X ,rf i-as - fa. ' A' L, :. uf. . .. A....,..,.,,.- V -4- ...-..... i ea.a.4,.1aT',..-av.....4 . , - . ,...f..-M..-..V. ,wa .-.uae -r"'epa-,.., umm- .. , ' -,avril-bf ' - fitreiry F I E L n n n I I L L E, I. W. CATER Second in Command F. R. YOUNG First Sergeant Stajjf Members Capt. L. I. Westbrook lst Lt. R. W. Bennett Tech. Sgt. D. M. Davis lst Lieutemmts Helmer, C. Hodges, C. W. Kulhanek, B. 2nd Lieutenants Haggard, C. R. Hill, H. B. Neely, H. S. Stuart, T. E. Walker, C. H. Sevgeants Cokinos. M. P. Gates. R. P, Hodges, L. H, Pou. C. G. Schleier, G. T. Shelton, W. E. Ware, A. S. Wolman, G. A. Corporals Ash, H. Barnes, G. W. Hoecker, W. L. Hunter, T. G. Koy. R. A. Leslie, A. C. Megee, R. E. Ramsey, G. T. Steed, P. P. Tyler, A. T. Privates Albritton, F. G. Andress, E. D, Armstrong, R. E. Ashworth, O. Austin, D. Ayers, M. L. Barnhart, I. H. Bartschmid, A. H. Baumhardt, R. G. Beckcom, H. W. Bell. J. C. Bryson, T. F. Campbell, P. Cardwell. M. Chaddick, T. H. Clarkson, -I. S. Cokinos, A. P. Davis, P. H. Dodson, C. C. Eisenhauer, L. P. Forrest. W. Froberg, P. Gore, Gorski. N. Cracey, C. Hanson, R. B. Hayden, I. R. Henderson, F. L. Hollender, A. A. Huddleston, R. H. Hutto, M. E. Hynds, K. Jennings, B. K. Johnson. D. I. Kong, N. M. Loomis, R. C. Manichia, C. Mathis, M. C. McCaldin, R, O. McDonald, D. A. McKee, O. G. MeMordie, C. J. McNeil, E. H. McPherson, T. M Moore, C. A. Moore, M. Norwood, A. Oliver, S. Papa, B. I. Patrick, H. T. Paulsen, W. M. Pavlas, E. S. Phillips, C. Pruessner, A. Rougagnac. H. A. Runnion, M. R. Simpson, T. E. CF Smallwood, J. P. Smith, l. D. Sones, C. G. Stallings, K. H. Stinnett, W. A. Sutherland, F. VC. Teel, V. E. Trost, C. M. Waelder, C. J. Wagenhauser, F. Walker, R. V. Watkins. L. M. Weaver, F. F. Woodhn, K. L. Woods, C. A. Zachry, B. Zeke, H. W. C. SLEEPER Captain 321 A -- ea-fsae--sas. F I . - ..,g..,.' .Atiwm Q. Staff lvfemlvers Lt. Cul. Lewls lierelueyxlle Cgrptiun E. L. DdX'lN clilpfdlll D. D. Eelwli lxt Lt. XXX L.rfley Supply Sgt .l. B Rwlxerv lxt Lzeutemmtx Elo nnrllllanv Bqtteryql Hall. XV. T. lngleticld. R. H. Nrrrtun. H. E. Suns. A. M. Sllllth. K. D. Steward. T. B. X .ruglurn C. H. MPH. K. R. Bill'IrCl1Hl1L.l,AA. H. Crrrponllx Dlrfnex. -I R. Nreli-wlx. R. D. fmlL1e14tem1nIs R1NlUQCT.R D. Tvdd. XX'. XXX Sergeant.: Atlimx. C. B. Beckley. P. XXX Brrmwn. 5. P. T'TilI'ClL'Il1-LII, H. D. Heltzel. C. B. TXTCAQL1, A. C. M-ru-er. A. Ottrm, M. XXV. XX'1rlICI'4. lfrrmer. D lvl. PTI1'df6.S Aerey. XX". B. AQlmry. F. D. Baker. R. XX'. Brrll. T. Barlwer. A. X'. Beatle. M. A. Bell. B. H. Berry. L. B. Black. XX. L. Brrml-ig XXV. l5r'mx'n. L. E. Brumley. C. E. Buck. T. E. Carr. D. R. Clark. R. Cluud. C. C. Coke, O. S. Crrllms. nl. R. Crmnur. J. H. Crossley. C. F. c.lLlHlIll1l1S,H. D. Dux-is. XXL Drekens. C. L. Edwards. M. T. Fluwevi. XXX A. Fowler. A. H. Freeze. N. B. C41llel1er.L. P. Garner. P. S. German B. K. Haltrrm E Hample. . Harvey. C. Helms, R. E. Henry. J. XN. H1ekS.XX'. F. Hull. L. H. Hulden. A. N. Hoover. R. Howells. XXL V. Kulineli. A. bl. y. .F. . VV. G Leventlml. D. S. Lowe. P. N. MeDamel. B. l. McNair. M. D. Meggs. H. A. Muller, P. Manure. XXX L. Morris. C. H. Newma11,A. PI1d1lli1.AA. C. Pedrgu. .l. Pcelcr. T. E. Pena, D. S. PeterS. R. M. Pfardreselmer. R. P. Pumerenk. E. G Radley. C. F. Ray. S. E. Reavis. C. L. Si1PCl'.E.G. Srurlrmk, C. R. Sullivan. S. Templetun. Trrle. G. L. Tllffl. RX, Trudlier, B. XX'VilllilCC. B. XX'allaee. M. F. XX'arCl. T. D. XXYCISCIIQQCT. B. XX". Welch, F. XXf'ilscm, R. M. XX'rtting. C. A. XX'rrlf, L. XXf'olf. L. M. Wcmcudz11'd. B. Yrrunglwluud, R. F. F. M. EDXVARDS SCCLI?1dI11Cl717l7Hd71d XN. T. SCOTT F1rStSrTg6a11t Al. M. CARPENTER Captain 'W TY Sfflifr. 'Q 224.7 Y"C',:Q' C0llIP REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. CCLCNEL H. I-IERRINGTCN Regimental Coniinanclei' MAJOR F. A. SMITHAM Executive CAPTAIN Z. A. MCREYNOLDS Adjutant CAPTAIN H. C. BALLARD Intelligence Ojjicei' CAPTAIN F. B. MURRAY Plans and Training Officer CAPTAIN J. W. PERSCHN Supply Officer Seated: SERGEANT MAAICR WILLIAM BEVER Intelligence SERGEANT A. E. COLLIER Standing: SUPPLY SERGEANT W. M. ADKISSON OPERATIONS SERGEANT A. J. VICEVICH 'ki' 23 SIGIIIIL CUIIPS 324 BATTALION STAFF MAJOR L. C. STREATER Battalion CQOTHHILITICICT CAPTAIN H, W. GILL Executwe FIRST LT. A. W. SISSOIV1 Adjuttmt FIRST LT. R. LITTLEFIELD Teleplume Officer Nm PIQTUREU: FIRST LT, B. CQUWAN Rudm Officer Standing: COLOR SERGEANT R. A, BREAUX COLOR SERGEANT A. nl. SCHRAM Seated: SERGEANT MA-IOR J. A. BAIRD SUPPLY SERGEANT R. -I. LOOFBOURROVV 151 . -fm --it My . ..-. Yi-M... 1z-.,..f:-:re.:..1:..-..-w....--W ---f. -.1--W-f N-f V-lf--f-W--4--Y -Y -Y - -f -- Eeadquarters Company Sl l C P 5 D. F. RCDDY Secm1dfinfCommand E C. HARTMAN First Sergeant Stnjf Ivfembers Lt. Col. H. C. Herrington Maj. L. C. Strcuter Maj. 1. Barker 1stLt. R. Littlefield Staff Sgt. A. Schraln Staff Sgt. R. A, Bre.aux t Lieutemmts Bartlett. 1. O. Connevey, L. H. Cowan, B, Cowgill, R. Ni. Sergeantx Curry, H. B. Dyer, R. C. Huckins, G. Keelan. L. F. Robb. T. H. Robinson, C. C. Schaefer. C. H. Stroebele, H. A. orpomfs Cain. N. P. Council. L. B. Evans. I. H. Creaney, C. j. Cvresham, VV. E. Hubert. C. D. McGee. R. E. Mikell. F. H. Nelson. R, K, Sbui'Her. R, NI. Smylic. VV. Truax, VJ. B. Hourly. P. XX. PTIIRJICS Anderson. E. H. Berry. I. Brown. H. H. Campbell. A. R Campbe1I.I. D. Cargile. L. L. Coughlin, VC. Cox, S. C. Dorroh. C. B. Se. Ebensbergcr. A. C Ezelle. C. VC. Farmer. H. D. Ferris. H. D. Godfrey. R. M. Gordon. C. Greer. L. Hayden. L. E. Heiman, H. D. Kageler, A. NI. Kennedy, C. B. Kessler. VU. 1. Langston, -I. XX' Martin. R. V. Montfort. KI. D. Morgan, VV. H. O'Rei11y. H. V. Porter, S. Schewe. L. -I. Smith. R. VV. Tanner, C. E. Vv'addle, C. B. Vv'alker. H. O. Vv'a1'd. VY. VC. W'ood, D. Wooten. A. B. XVesterx'elt, C. .J nf, A If If -ff 4 . . 19 flat ul. -1. cioPPLEs Captaiwi aww Sl U. VV. HALTOM Cldf'lldl7l 326 ..,. M. .fy.,,. M Glllll CIIIIPS Company Smjjl' lvlemlverx Capt. XY. Perwlin lst Lt. A. VC, Sissnm Tefh. Sgt. A. E. Ct lst Lieutemmt SUNNY. JMC Sergctnitx Elwcrgpaclicr. L. H. Llwc. C. O. Hassingcr. A. K. Vxlillainsuii. M. XX'illiams. O. L. Yarti, il. VC. Clwpmuls Andcrsnn. C. Vx. Bruce. A. D. HCDsiHIl. Racke. L, A, Rudasill. R, H. P7'1'l'L1IES Allen. H. C. Arnnld. Al, B, Baker. C. M, Baker. XY. lvl, Baldwin. Vsv, lvl. Benisli. loc Bielilcr. P. NY. Bird. F. S. Boggus. L, Bnnncr. O. A. Bnwman. V. R, Brunlclmrst. R, B. Courtney. R. C. Crice. H. E. Darnell. VU. L. Davcnpurt. D. R, Davis. L. C. Dawsun, L, B. Doughty. VV. L. Druce. A. Duke. C. B. FOX. Freilvergcr. H. A. Grimcs. C. D, Grinnan. R. E. Gunter. VY. T. Hageman. L, XY, Haltcr. G. 5. Hammett. H. K. Hargis. l. l, Harrison. L, Hcartliclcl. E. R. Hurnplirics. E. M. Huss. Cv. l. lppolito. Leon jenkins. L. T. lurden. H. King. R. Kirkpatrick. O. LI Koclling. R. K. Latham. E, L. Lauterstein. M. bl. Leonard. Carl Lewis. R. VU. Longley. L. Marnocl1.G.Vv'. McCreary. VC. P. McMahon. VC. NX Mitchell, F, S. Orr. VV. R. Patton. R. E. Paulckas, P. Pearson. C. VV. Recto1'.,l. D. Reynolds. G. A. Sabanoviclm. N. nl. Schmitz, R. K, Scott. W. E. Spiegel. VV, F. Stopplc. VJ. l. G VN . . JACOB? Rtrmgfellow' VV' IX Sunnd 111 Command Vv'at5on, P. Wcaxfer, R. VJ, V F GU3 MQN Vwlillhclrn, L. T. Fuxt Sergeant .f ll ix r.-.J , QV, . .. . .. , ..L..,,..,,,,... ,,.L,e..--...., .,,q..y ' RA xy W ..4:2mxxH "Imam, -4.f..w.t-auf . we. 1. n..:,i'li.-nr. ompany"B" S I G ll ll l C 0 ll W. A. MQORE beccmd 171 Command C W. CHACHERE First Sergeant Wk: Stuff Members Capt. Z. A. McRcynnlds Capt. H. VC. Gill Master Sgt. D. S. Lansdnn Master Sgt. VV. M. Adkisson Tech. Sgt. A. Baird lxt Lreutemmt Pctruslw. E. B. Sergetmts Brush. C. D er R C y . . . Hagen. H. B. Knowles. R. XY. Muller, A. C. Sprvey, F. Vtfatsun, nl. P. Vwlorlcy, VU. P. Curporalx Burns. L. L. Colvin. O. V. Fusselman, V. C. Hartman. E. L. Hmp..1d.L.E. Huclgrns. VC. T. Johnson. R. C. Keith. ul. Purtcll. C. H. Sommer. H. T. Taggart. C. L. XX'elwlv. E. F. Prrwtes Adanrs. C. N. Baker. ,l. H. Baus, R. Beasley. XY. L. Brown, D, C. Cart. C. D. Caylur. B. Connally. P. R. Culver. VC. H. Dalton. hl. B. Darsey. C. E. Elliot, L. E. Elmore. VW. H. Forman. vl. Fowler. D. M. Freeman. L. Crlcrcase. H. M. Coodloe. J. L. Cvnrman, F. XY. Cranfurs. VU. H. Hays. bl. E. H...1.m.,c:. E. -laifey, M. D. lolmsnn, C. C. journeay. T. B. Kirchem. T. J. Lamb. C. A. Lucas L. Malofgly, A. A. McDonald. A. C. Mcliey. l. D. Mcliinnev. U. E. Mrtthcll. N. I. Myre. E. H. N1clwlQ. B. N1gl1:r::n. C. A. Ny6. F. R. Pavlrc, C. Payton. C. F. Pearson. H. T. Phrlley. VV. M. Presswond. C. L, Pry. R. H. Ratclitf. bl. N. Rawley. Vs". IW. Rrttenlwuuse, C. L. Russ. C. Rubrn. H. A. St. Cyr. B. F. Scott. H. T. Seacat. R. H. Smith. VV. H. Spann. M. M. Strnclwclc. H. A. l Aj. f li Swnlley. C. R. Tate. N. XX. Van Clezrvc, C.l Vfagner. C. XX'1llett.N.XX' XX'1ll1an1w11.XX' Zunrgzr. R. M. A. MILLER Ctrpmrn 327 .f ..,...., PS tiff ' F 3 14 1 'in .. :"1sw.-x" - 'f S7ffQ?zei1a,45 " Q J . 4. 3 541553 A HBE SERVICE SECOND BATTALIQN STAFF MAJOR W. C. SWAIN Battalion Cmnmander CAPTAIN E. M. OVERBECK Executive FIRST LT. W. C. DOMASCAK Adjutmzt FIRST LT. SAM KESNER Supply Officer NUT PICTURED: FIRST LT. C. C. SPRINKLE. IR. Plans 59 Trammg Officer sr' 328 Seated: SERCEANT MAJOR B. B. PYEATT SUPPLY SERCEANT EI. H. BARRETT Standing: COLOR SERCEANT H. D. SMITH COLOR SERCEANT S. V. BURKS W ...,. W 'ompany "H" C ll E -1-QE.. s-.Q-E?aseTiEF.f.-.. 1'fNf:L:.1 :i's'f:3".l -ff:-S.--'si-fv:,i.1.-l1.,..'1.1-SA,-:':..rswb3-S2-:---I-' .. - ,, ., a:.,:.,. - k, f' . -' ,,.. , A :i .4 , ,N s, IIIICIII. llllllllfllllli SERVICE .... ... .l.. W. I. BURCH, IR. Second in Command E. E. BAKER, JR. First Sergeant Stujjr Members Major W. C. Swain Capt. E. M. Cverbeck lst Lt. W. C. Domaschk Master Sgt. D. G. Griiiin Tech. Sgt. H. Barrett Tech. Sgt. B. B. Pyeatt Staff Sgt. S. V. Burks lst Lieutemmts Edwards, R. I. Coins, W. C., Jr. Moritz, C. W. Zrld Lieutemmts Echols, M. McKain, T. J. Stubbs, S. C. Wilson, L. M. Winchester, nl. M. Sergeants Clutter, I. E. Ellis, W. F. Franklin, W. C. Mazzera, V. B. Newton, L. E. Noell, M. D. Rand, F. G. U rpo ru lx Dearing. R. K. Har-alson. C. Jacobson, H. S. jenkins, T. E. Keeney. F. C. Lafield. W. C., Manning, K. S. lVI:Allister, I. I. Medberry, C. A..l Miertschin, N. H. Morrison. N. H. Morrison, A. S. Roddy, L. W. Stillinger. D. L. Swope, 1. G.. Ir. Wunderlick, G. M. Privates Alliston, W. Ballard, C. J. Bender, E. T. Brown, C. T. Burnett, WL E. Cann, I. C. Cook. T. H. Copeland, A. G. Cox, L. C. Davison, V. R. Dickson, C. H. Downs, A. W. Dunning, XV. H. l'1Sl1Cl'.l:. S. Franz, H. A. Frazier, Bruce Gallagher. M. C. Coodson, VJ. C. Creenblum, Leon Cripp, E. A. Hart, F, G. Hendrick, E. R. Hyde, Bob M. Lyons, G. C. McAtee. J. L. Painchard. Keltoi Peak, S. H.. jr. Picone, A. VV. Picone. C. Powell, R. L., ji Rambo. I. G. Robert, P. F. Royder. I. P. Sargent. E. L. Scheid, T. C. Sears, L. A. Siekman, I. F. Shanks, Rex Sharrai, L. C. Shepherd, F. J. Sliger, F. A. Stafford, H. Vi". Talley, M. L. Taylor, P. A. Veale, VV. L. Vener, A. S. .XX .Af . Vveisinger. j. CI Whitaker, N. R White, R. VU. Womack, VU. S Wright, B. 1. Zierlein, R. R. K. V. TERRELL Captain 329 . .xx -- 1. g,q3S,34L-g., 'Pu' - . . x T' .. .1' V -f" ag ' ' " -- 'A ww .--X -ff..-n' 1..-.f.: V . -. rf Q... ef,..,1-5.4. V, .., . V- -.. f fe' A - -..,. 5" 22.1.5 ST-gSi'n. -?a2f '. 'fr-Q' .. -,iimiag--.... :2..' ' ' . 5-'1:n:51.we. ,".1:+Q-eg CIIEIIIICIIL lllllllfllllli SEllVlCE Company BI Stllfl NlC'HllfVc'T.i M"m5"ll' XX' E' Prlultes C.lpt CRO Dutx fX1.sstLr Sgt. XRlllll.lIl1 Bcxcr lxt Lxeutemmtx XX wtlwr-4..lk. C H Xfumkcc. R. D. Ind l-1eutcmu1Lx fXnn.lu,TuI!11,w1111 Cu1mcll.E.lX'l. Ell1lrrr.,l. lf. l H. PACKARD Cldflhllvl Sill! Xl.1l.U. R. SUIllCl'XIllP 5nml1. H. Sergemns civkf. 1. xxi Cwrrcu. ul. D Edwards. C. X GlCLlS1.II1. lg. Lynch. .'X. H. lX1gnQcy. :X. Mcnczer. S XX'. Nlcrccr. . .-X. XX Ulwrr. 5. Corpumlx Bllrkcr. P. M. Clark. C. H. Dz1llCX'. R. R. Gucrtc. C. XX'. Hagan. Hurt, XXL H. Hawtlmrnc. R. R. Hoff. G. XXV. -IQICRYOIX. H. X Klrlwy. D. XX. LLL C E v TY J. . lvluajlilsmy. R. XXV. Sheets. R. XX'. Sl'1XX'll'l,S.B. :Xndcrfr-n. XX'. H. :Xrmx D. H. Bachlc. XY. H. Barnard. R. K. Bdrrctt. M. H. Bcxucqlm. L. vl. Bruckett. .-X. XX' Cnrrull. R. Carter. DT. Castillu, F. L. Clcx'cl.md. N. :X Culcm.m, E. T. Cru-Jlier. R. H Cullum, XXL P. Dees. l. G. DUn.1lu1e. E. Downurcl, H. T. Farruer. C. R. Godwin. R. H. Cvriflln, L. H. Harbin, A. V. Hzxrdaway. R. I Hcz11'nc,R. :X Hogan. C. Holmes, L. S. Honeycutt, j. B. lrvmc. IX. R. K.1rasck,E.:X. RIDE. M. King. T, H. limos. R. N. La Barre, O. P. Lamb, F. E. Lee. XY. B. Lcissncr. E. L. Lobreclxt. A. P. Love. F. S. Mercer. A. .'X. Mllls. C. L. Moseley, R. Nlurphy. :X. nl. Murray. R. H. Myer. XX. H. Plclcufl. L. nl. Pierce, L. B. Rcpschlcgcr. XX. E Sampson. Bernard Schwuntes. XX' Smith. I. N. Smith. T. L. Sm1tl1.V. .'X. Stcrflcr. R. XX. Thlllllllg. C. R. Thonmpsnm, XXLC Trimble, B. T. X7Vatki11s D. R. XX'l'1alcy.,l.XX' H P LYNN xyllllmm' V- bt'LU'l1Cll'l'l Command XXf'1lsun. T. R. A L XX'usl1st.l. E. ST -XUTTENBERGER .-gia?L,.sgrg-ggyw-'W --.l,,,,5,,,.i -575-f U -5- fm- ' , ,-. , .V-an ..' 5 ' , , . --.v..e:,.r., j .. ' - --X--Mvnmxgvw.. Wm. I. K ii 4' 65 if .0mrPaUY. C C " E 'F' "E F FUFF. -55 FY F C E I. W. THOMPSON Second in Command R. L. BRYANT First Sergeant Staff Nfenzbers Major P. A. Smitliam Capt. H. C. Ballard Capt. F. B. Murray lst Lt, S. Kesner lst Lt. C. C. Sprinkle Tech. Sgt, A. 1. Vicevich Staff Sgt. H. D. Smitli Staff Sgt. A. C. Smith lst Lieutentmts Duncan, D. L. Nelson, E. H. Ind Lieutemlnts Cunningham. C. M. Neu, T. Sergeants Brandon. P. VJ. Huifmeyer, H. B. Matzner, O. R. Pankey, W. R. Pimlott. H. A. Posey. B. Corpomls Albritton, G .VL Arthur. R, C. Bowden, R. H. Brooks. R. I. Dumars. D. B. Evans, L. Heitman, T. M. Jackson. D. E. King, B, 1. Leland, T. L. lvlatthews, Vx' May, L. McDoxx'. H. Stanford. P, N. H. xmglit, 1. F. P7'l'1.'nlf?S Absliire. R. Banl-cler, M. Beale, A. 1. Beavers. 1. E. Birdwell. A. Bissell, H. J. Black. D. H. Bleger. I. D. j. Brammer, H. L. Burkhart. M. E. Byrd, A. Cameron. P. M. .L. Carpcr. NV. L. Christian. j. D. Colen. B. 1. Collier. E. Crownovcr, B Davis. W. T. Druce. R. VV. Dunn, W. R. Gambini. D. Haeclcer, G. I. Hardin. E. P. Hardwicke, B Hartzog. B. H. Holland. J. T. Iones. F. I. jones, I. P. justiss, T. R. Koons. W. D. Kuykendall, WY. Landcnsohn, K. Mackles, L. Mason, L. M. Massey. W. A. McBride, V. H. Qwings. B. Perez, A. A. Pickett, 1. M, Poole. G. Popejoy, J. R. Richards, E. P. Ridenour, C. A. Robertson. M. rf-7-Yfyfff Q N I i , ii ,' i .f .J . I ..-f3""A S. R. RolW1nson.A,XY. Seariglit. VU. F. Sidwcll. R. VC. Spiller, C. Swift. F. B. Traclitenliurg. Tscliirhart, VC. E. Tucker. I. P, Ueckert. V. VVatson, H. A. VK'ilhclm, P. L. Vwlilliams. C. D. YX'illiams, V. U. Vfolfc. P. XYolfcrt, L. L. R. G. POVVELL Captain 331 IIVIILII ...,..........i.....Y.4 REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COLONEL H. H. BRIANS Rcgimcnral Commandev' MAJOR J. 0. ALEXANDER. JR. Executive CAPTAIN H. I. DEAN Adjuumr CAPTAIN F. C. I-IOMEYER Intelfxgence Officer CAPTAIN S. AZAR I Plum and Tmmmg Officer CAPTAIN B. T. YAGER Supply Officer Seated: SERGEANT MAJOR N. C. MUGOWAN SUPPLY SERGEANT JACK MILLER SId71d171gf TRANSPORTATION SERGEANT A. C. RALEX 33- 7 COLOR SERGEANT D. A. CRIPPEN COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT G. W. DRISKILL COLOR SERGEANT W. W. PENNINGTON r ...,..,. .. . . H ' - .,- - .- F K- g-M, . ,.,,, X... "' . ' Q , .. .- ., . -Q ,L ' 34.2 Q. zrwx-Xfzi-Lz...."'-4-2 ' .N 2 M ,F :QA-KVI... 5 , "gs ' A- - 'a .rv . 3-V, ' , ', A W- '1 ,, J--ew . :.4....,,.f.......n.-.--e......,.. ...,,,1':gm.,-g,,:, , -. .....Le-..-.g...::. .:...24e9,-Qg..:.5.L: f'Lgf:.1f--A vivliall-A ff gg., g, 'G' '5 aff' f ' af9l'iTffifflf?2E...---- g , C 9 V 9 l R V A. R. BCTT Second in Command N. C. HOLT Fivxt Sergeant Stuff Nfenzhers Tech. Sgt. D. A. Crippcn Tech. Sgt. XX'.M.Pcl111ir1 Tech. Sgr. C. Vw", Russell Ist Lreutevmms Barker. C. K. XXvllll3lTIS, S. B, Incl Lreutemmls Hlll. R. E. Langford. ul. R. lvlalnney. C. VV. Ma1'ti11,S. D. Hulliman. C. Sergewnts Buchel. F. T. Dunphy. G. R. Lapham. R. F. Mabe. VJ. R. gtmr Plylcr. I. M. Snudcly. XX. Corporrllx Brooks. VJ. G. Cham pirm . C. L. Cowan. nl. D. Ha1'd:ng, R, Hurd. G. Vx". Nliller. B. E. Oghvy. H. VU. Prrwtes Albers. M. E. Allen, C. Anderson. R. F. Angelo. L. VU. Baker. Vx". F. Becker. A. W. Blalcelock. I. H. Crain. A. Dye. I. C. Ehlers. A. R. Eilenherg. M, Evans. Herbert S. Evans. P, M, Farmer. -I. E. Fisher. B. Gammun. S. R. Goldman. QI. Grmrdrmn. Vxv. H. Grumlvlce, L. C Hennessy. bl. A Jackson. R. H. .llll1I15UlT. D. F, lumen. A. f.. Leftwltch. B. Leon. L. Luries, VY. Nelsrmn. C, F.. Pedugo, E. Ralstnn. N. C. Rolllnzrn. E. Sanchez. A. D. Schuchzrrt. V. R. Sxegcl. 1. H. Sulether. N. VU. Swlngly. R. P. Tuhh. C. D. Tlll'I1C1'. A. Vai1.W, H. Vmcs. T. q, gan- .l. T. STEVENS Czlpldlwl Y 5 ,,.,... K . -...N-an ,AQ 4 A, -.' . ' .M ,. A'.f'1' - ' -'snr 'P ' ff -QEWK C ll V ll I. Il Y machine Gun Troo Stuff fwlenzlvcrx M.11.D.L.RnN wll ff.1pt.T.B.Ya1gcr cum. H xv. Hd... Tcclx. Sgt. A. Clark Tcflm. Sgt. :X C' R lst Lreutcmmtx 1 Drclw. l . M. Hmglxt. R. H. fml Lxeutcnuntx LJCl.xI1lClL'I'. C Hut. VJ. M. M.1gr.1nc. H. VI. J. miss Clapmm 3 3 4 .nlcy S67'f1Ed'l1I8 Bnrwn. C. N Beckley. D. E. Clllif. DT. Dyc.lv1.N. Huldc1'.L. D lVlRlIflIl. U, A :VlllCI1I.'L..',X.R Rmruw. H. D. XX'1lwn.U.C.? X1-un:.,I. B. Corpmulx M.lI'llIW. K. T Rcw. VC. NV. R1clwy.ff.XY. Carr. R. E. Carmll. D. Casey. VV. M. Clh1I'lClWulS, G. bl. Cl14l5tll1ll. N. C4.JI'I1Cllll4. VU. D. Crutclwr, M. L. Denny. L. G. Dcnmn. H. DCl'1'lCli, H. C. DklI1t!X'llI1. R. H. DL1ncun.M. G. Du P1'1cst.Vx'. T. Edgcrtlm, R. ll. Edwurdi. C. C. Estes. T. A. Flrzgcmld. E. A. F1.,,'.1. 1. P. SCl11llldl.D..'X. l:UllCI1 B- Sully. R. 0, Guurm. V. H. VN'1llr1cl1.O. T H4'Hf"fk- R' M- PTI ul tes B.1:.nn. R. B1ndcr1m.G. B1-.ldley.j. R Bl'-rwn, E. E, Hcndcm.1n.N. H1bdQlll1,W. K. Hun1g. S. Ivy. Vwv. Kcllwr. VU. F' Kennedy. VU. G. Kl.II4Kllbi1Cl1.R.L Llwc. VV. N. Lnwc. B. Lnttc1n.1n.O. E. Marques. A. VC. McCarthy, L. E. MCl1LlS. T. XY. Mctcull. QI. NY. Muore. F. VU. M1l1'Hl1.G. F. Mumzn. R. F. Murray, W. K. Pnttcrsun, R, C. Rcntlcr. M. E. Ruedcr, E. VY. Rugcrs. j. T. Rosenlwcrg. N. Russell, B. L. Seaman. L. P. Sxlwley. H. SIlllIl1.-I. E. Sondnck. M. A. Valle. J. O. Vichcry, A. E. Walkcr, C. F. Weir, W. M. Wclde1', 1. F. Wcstl1ruuk.T. Whirxx'1l1-rlm.V.U. W1lk1ns,C. A. Wrigl1r,j. A. W. D. OMMERT Suumd 111 Cl-nnmmld R. D. MACY F1rstSer.vgem1t Qi , i Eff' f-- .1-'ffkxx XC ' Y Q1 FIRST SQUADRON STAFF MAJOR HUGHES SEEWALD Squadron Commander CAPTAIN T. A. WILLIAMS Executive FIRST LT. C. F. THOMPSON Adjutant FIRST LT. R. A. COWARD Supply Ojqcenr NOT PICTURED: FIRST LT. E. C. CLINE Plans and Training Ojicer SUPPLY SERGEANT M. D. ADAMS SERGEANT MAJOR JACK GRAY, JR. tir'k'k J J CH X' :Ann -........x. - . Q.l....g..-gL buff Mcmbcrx Nhljlll' L. Rwcc X141 Ur H. Srcwgxld N C ...1 pt. F. C H4VI11CX'C1' lxt Lt R. A. Cmxzu'd St11H'5:t.1'X4. D.Ad.1mf MAH Sgr. C, XX' Drhklll NMI Sgt.,I.C1uy lit Lzeutcmmts D4 9 lxvc. T. XXX - p:u'km.m. C NI. Sergmnts Bm-11011. R C. Huif. C H. fVIcC.xu41:md. P. XX R-3nnc1't..X. E. R+1x1nt1cc.B.j. Sllllfh. R. S. XXvilI'd. R. D. Ccv7'pL17'Llf.Q Edlmvndsun. TX. H Cxcsc. K. L. -Im1cN.S.F. M1ckQ.XX'. R. Sfl1wa1':.E.C. Sulik. L. E. Sxxmtfn1'r.l. H. rlwltex .-n,4....,4.-....1...J..-,..-.,L .-. ..,.....w- .... . ..... -1- Culwxck. R, F LUICRCIFUH. XXX Duchnc. L. C. DLlPl'lCSf. D. B. Ellwmmd, C, L, Exxmx. XX'. S. Fcrguwn. S. H. Fuwlcr. XXX P. CQICMJ. L. R. Cl:xun1ngc1'.O. D Cun-.1lxS. F. Hundlc. R. gl. Irmxmwli. L. -Iulmwn. XX . T. Kent. C. R. Kent. L. C. Kmgcry. C. H. Kmwthlnaum. R. R. Luskfy. H H. Laurent. M. P. L1ghtscy.XX'. C. Lung. T. B. . fy'-M-t '..L..L .Nu-'-.f .rw- :,.m.x1 " V H l R Y -Tr99B.f' McK111113'.I. XX' Mclt1,n11. B. Mcrtz, M. Mc1't:. M. L. Nlcyer. R. H. M1YvrYWI'C. MX,YIX1'Q' W. ML1llzn11c.XX',,-X M3fc1's. T. O-C1lX1l1CI'. D P2iI'RC'l'.X1Xv. H. Pc:1cuck.B. H. Pcrlllnux. j. P. Rosermw. bl. H. Ruschc. R. R. Sirrtf. R. Scbast1an.I.:X. Sclman. XXX XXX Sm1th.C. Sflillh. L. D. Stem. M. Stlnsun. C. R rg. ,IOH NSON Cupmgz :Xndcrwn. E. Ba1'1'mx'. G. R. BI'ldjlC'5. C. H, Carl-un. D. XX. Chz1tficld.C.Px. Chew. G. T. F. CnlqL11t.XX'. M. Mzmiflcld. N. H. Martin. C. S. Martin. M. H. MA'lI'IlI1C1. 0. N. MCCfl1TX'. D. C. McCu1lcy. B. 1. McCutcl1cun. -I. Tlmmas. R. B, True. A. Vmes. T. XVatson. J. K. XW1ll15. C. Xwcqud. T. XX'4,mdley. J. H. 1 T. S. RICHARDSON SEQIYTIJ 111 Command R. DI. MGORE Fzrsz Sergeant 1 A 1 336 ' -w- txs wi 'Nw we 'rgsgfwth Ni A 'K ya ' ew 2w"S6viC- ggi N . . -A 25' ' - f-.img Liz., mi.. D. C. KEY Second in Command W. A. PHILLIPS First Sergeant Stajf Members Capt. T. A. Vxfillianis lst Lt. C. F. Thompson Master Sergeant N. C. McGowen lst Lieutemlnts Cline, E. C. Fitzstephens. J. Grote, A. R. Newby, H. L. Pegues. S. S. Sergetmts Crozier, B. B. Fowler. T. VV. Gunn. C. MeGuiness, O. L. Schuchart. O. VJ. Taylor, R. H. Vivian, M. Vsfoods, L. Corporals Burditt. T. C. Campbell, W. D. Darr. R. H. Felton, T, N. Huddleston, C. H. McNeese. F. Sterling. C. L. Przvates Anderson, H. N. Atkins, E. Bergfeld, W. A. Curry, R. L. Davis, L, T. Flippen, B. H. Forman. Sol Goodrich. D. E. Hale. O. T. Harris. R. A. Hathorn. B. B. Hilton, H. VJ. Hoban. E. Hudeck. F. il. King. l. Kupper. R. VV. Lane, 1. F. Lang, VJ. M. Levin, L. Locke, VJ. L. Mangold. C. A. Martindale, A. McCoy. R. P. Mclntyre. J. l. McKay. VV. G. Morris. J. I. Mullens. R. C. Palms. A. H. Powers. G. A, Ravel. A. M. Roberson. A. Roberts, P. E. Rose, W. A. Sirneeek, A. Smith. M. G. Stacey, I. E. Stainton, W. G. Stewart, T. G. Teel, I. F. Vick. N. A. Vv'addell. E. D. NVirt:, C. L. X57 Af.. ff .. -F-gif. ,fx .diff fr f 1. F. ROBINSON Captain 337 tiriri SECOND SQUADRON STAFF MAJQR D. L. RUSSELL Squadron Commander CAPTAIN H. W. HASSE. JR. Exeuutwe FIRST LT. A. M. PICKARD Supply Officer FIRST LT. S. O. CALLIHAN Plans Truz'm"ng Officer NUT PIQTURED: FIRST LT. W. G. HAMPTON Adjutant SUPPLY SERGEANT J. H. IRVING, JR SERGEANT MAJOR A. J. CLARK wma-aiu: f i 'T f".... ,Hp ...I ,HOOD C F. I. RIORDAN Second in Command OLBERT CCLDWELL First Sergeant D. H. XVALTON Adjutant Sttijjr Me111lve1'.S Lt. Col. H. H. Brians Major O. Alexander Capt. Shibley Azar Master Sgt. B. Miller lst Ll,E'l.LfC71Ll7'lfS Callaway, L. C. Criswell. T. R. Ind Lieutencmts Curtan. E. R. Garrett, C. L. Hope, O. C. jones, M. Walton, D. H. Sergetmts Anderson, A. A. Clayton, P. A. Fulton, B. M. Gillin, V. D. Gorham, C. M. McKinzie, 1. A. Pinson, D. H. Suman, R. H. VVestbrook, T. C. Corpomls Carrington, Vance Cruy, V. K. Kokernot, R. H. Lard, R. S. Philp. W. H. Slaughter, W. H. Walker, F. N. P7'1"Ut11I6S Aaron, E. E. Baskin, B. F. Beerwinkle, M. A. Benninson, joe Blanklield, H. A. Blankiield. J. Frazer, R. L. Gross, Joe Hearn, C. E. Hensliaw, W. A. Hogge, A. L. Irwin, W. L. McDermot, L. A. McFerrin, K. A. w W C HVIILRY Marshall. V. C. Nicklelwur, M. Novasad, N. N. Phillips. H. M. Rawls, T. A. Spencer. C. H. Vachule, I. F. Vezey. Stanley Villaniil, A. Wathen, E. H. Will-rinson. W. Vv7inlJorn, B. F. Privates-I st Tear 3 f s i Q9 9 Allen, W. Allen, W. P. Anthony, Dan Arrington, R. Backster, C. C. Baker. R. G. Beard, K. R. Bryan, M. Bryson, M. L. Cass, H. Coble, W. D. Eads, E. L. Eppright, J. D. Frnka, Ernest Hale, 1. VJ. vfy. .N fs' +- 1 .r A tl gr, x - v 05 . Sv Axj ..,4 x+ Hopson, B. Vs". Hoskins, Vx". A. Irwin. G. R. Kenley. T. E. MeCasland. F. V. McGill, .Inc Pela, A. S. Pochyla. F. L. Raplee, R. C. Scott, R. M. Sinionds, VI. M. Sterne, T. L. Trees. J. R. D. S. SHELTON Captain 339 .A- . , ,.a,f.,--f...,- ",'3v...f-f.w53..1'1 b91..:u:...W ' -" p 1'3aw',-r2'waw..fw '- ':""-"- an .. C 9 Y 9. FF - Sttzjf Nlenzbers Capt. H. il. Dcun lst. Lt. S.O.Callal1an lst Lt. W. G. Hampton lst Lt. A. M. Pickard Mzlstcr Sgt. VV. VJ. Cardwell Tech. Sgt. ul. H. lrviny lst Lieutenant Hardin, fnd Lieutentmlx jones, T. Rider. A. M. SCTg6Ll71IS T. Q y .'t..1fx-mi,-,r'A,m. X . g a . . fi 1' u ' Corpmuls Barrier. N. M. Bellis, L. C. Chitwood, R. E. Coolidge, -I. B. Cox, R. C. Nutto, VU. Vfcrst, O. F. Privates Alinoncl. R. Baker, W. L. Barnes, C. M. Bibb, C. S. Biering, G. E. Boyd. Vw". VC. Buckley. H. .-X. Bullcr. VJ. S. Byrd. E. L. Carroll, B. .. . . . -.IE?f?P D. Fruclit, P. M. Puller, L. Gresham, R. E. Gricder. C. D. Hall, W. B. Harding, R. S. Houk, D. C. Hughes, D. R. Irving. C. O. Killian. S. H. Kingsbury, H. T. Kuykendnll. D. H. Lass. VC. S. Lawrence, R. M. Ledcly. R. Miller, P. Morley. B. Moseley, W. T. Musgrave, R. li. Myatt, B. A. Parker, D. E. Powell, W. F. T, E. MOSTYN Captain ,HU Braid, WY D. Cherry. H. H. Cox, E. VJ. Crew, H. E. Fuller, R. Rafferty, T. E. Rogers, D. C. Smothcrs. D. D. XVinn1c, H. Vwlclls, K. Cass. R. Chacori, P. J. Clwristy, S. B. Collins, H. Cooley, M. D. Darden, D. M. Dietrich. W. R. Farda, G. A. Ramscl, W. B. Roupricll, S. Sain, R. L. Schaepcr, W. E. Stcidel, L. R. Wnxrtligini, W. Vv'underlc, L. W. Zummo, sl. F. W. C. UGDEN Second in Command W. R. BLACK First Sergeant I ik REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COLONEL W. GIBBS Regimental Commander CAPTAIN H. G. CREEL Adjutant CAPTAIN B. G. PRESTRIDGE Intelligence Ojjicet CAPTAIN S. H. YOUNG Plans and Training Ojflcer CAPTAIN C. C. HOMAN Supply Offfcer NOT PICTURED: MAJOR JAMES STEPHENSON Executive Seated: SERGEANT MAJOR G. B. CAPERTON INTELLIGENCE SERGEANT R. W. HUDSON COLOR SERGEANT R, B. WOLFE Standing: SUPPLY SERGEANT J. C. DENNY OPERATIONS SERGEANT J. P. HAMPTON COLOR SERGEANT C. K. VOITH ask . 152 21 : " ' w Q..-A. Q-.Qt 2:-All , ' ttit E' 2 FIRST BATTALION STAFF IVIADIOR R. E. SKAGGS Battalion Commander CAPTAIN E. R. CLARK Executzrc FIRST LT. L. S. TREGRE Adyyutmlt FIRST LT. -I. A. TEAGUE Plum and CI-Tnlllllflg Ojflfev' FIRST LT, J. M. HOLLIDAY Supply Officer SERGEANT MAJOR T. J. BOLLING SUPPLY SERGEANT C. D. AGEE 'ompany"H" A E ll G I ll E E ll S E. Y. PETTIT Second in Com mzmd G. R. THENN. IR. First Sergeant Sttljjr Members Major james Stcplmnam Major VC. F. Pcndlctun Captain C. C. Human Captain S, H. Yuung lst Lt. A, Tcagguc Master Sgt. G. B. Capcrtim Tech.Sgt.T,AI.B1.wlling Stall Sgt.C. K.Vn1th Staff Sgt. R. B. Vfulli lst Lieutcmmts Dullnig, A. bl. Hall. W. K. Sergeants Holelcamp. E. R, fStatf Sgtj Adams. XV. Fry, E. Gcdncy, VJ, R. GriHitl1,j. B. McMillan. M. Moore. O. A. Mullinix, R. M. Urscll, C. R. Cm-pm-aI.s Birdwcll. P. R.. BITiOl-QS, -I. Burgcr, F. VJ. lnl1nsun,Al. B. Putter, VV. A. Rice. A. M. Ridgwny. R, WI. Saundcrs. R. L. NYQUT. D. S, Vflilttun. E. N. TI'l7tlftfS Applcpatc, H. G. Bardgcttc. xl. QI. Byars. G. P. Crist. G. E. Dc Bell, j. A. Duclmw, F. A. Erwin, G. F1'ccniycr,Al. B. Garza. R. G. Gr11hs1111,C.W. Graliain. R. W. Hanley, C. VU. Harrelson, E. Hood. S. E. Hughes, G. R. M.igi'ndci'. E. Ll. M.u'tin. M. B.. -lr lVlCC1'uCliliH. XXV. Mcndictal. H. H. Mmmcy. L. E. lvlimrgan, S. Nurxrll. O. T.,j NllgCI1f.iA. R. Phillips. H. XV. Prcjran. VC. Price, P. IW. Riley. L. Sage. Y, R. Siildzma. Al. A. Sawlwrgcr, R. .I. Sharp. R. H. Spcnccr. F. -I. Starr. VV. A. Stcmliagcn. C. A Stephenson. F. Sullivan. R. Talliflwct. E. L. Thraslm. C. G.. .lr Tillotson. D. E. NV:tlkc1'. A. XV. Vx'altc1'S.C.R., ul Vfclcli, R. L. XX'csti1m1'cla1id. XV. xxvlilgllillll, C. L.. T. S. KINC Captain 343 Ell GIIIEEIIS X -1-u-1. Staff Ujfl'iL'er.s Pritutex Lrccl. H. LJ.. -li.. Ft tain .t p Denny, C.. Mmtci' Sgt. lst Lzeutemml Cxtlvurl. ff Scrgcunts Batnnl, gl. A. Gt.1ud1'1cl1. M H Grimes, M. L. Hall. E. E. Hdtisinttn, VV. M. McClelland. C. D. T.ilk. XV. S. Ct7?'PtJ7'di.Y HlllWCl', Ci. P. Ball, R.. lr. Ballard, D. E. Bilwlws, F. C. Brice. VC. Brt1cc,l. S. Bi'i.1nc1'. L. L. Burnrtm, T. hl. Cznnplwcll, A. Vi . Carter. R. A., It. Cuoley. B. B. Crossland. H. Curry, R. DdLlgl1IilTy'.D. H Dcvency, H. F. Dietz. V. Doggett. B. C. Duewgill, K. E. Edrlcy. D. M. Fustc1'. D. Gztsstaway, R. E. Conde. M. G. Hardy. E. C. Hartsfield, Vx". U Kleinin.1n.Vw'. R. Koiwickti. H. H. LaGrone, 1. P. La1wrencc,C. E. Link, R. E. McAfee. j. T. Mclxaish. R. B. Middleton, A. A. Moseley, VU. M. Neel, M. E. Nerrlcs. C. M. Newman. V. P. Nolan, H. L. Qbenuur. VV. R. Parker. L. B. Rabi-rn, VC. E. Rankin. E. E. Reed. L. D.. -lr. Reilly, F. K. Rogers, B. Sanders, E. L. Schmidt. K. VJ. Simpson, W. C. Strtaeck, A. C. Teipel. J. A. Company " B' Ivlxrllettc. B. H. Parker, B. F. Pratt. E. Riggs. C. A., jr. Singleton, G. R. Siuimrn. B. D. Siwwcll. B. Z. Harish, G. R.. -lr. Hendrix, VV. C. lnglc. L. A. Kztufinan. R. King, 1. 1. King. N. C. King, T. B. Vvhde. B. L. Vv'allis. R. E. Watstwi1,M. 5. Vsfeil, C. Vv'ise, F. A. Vfortlwingttrn, F. L. XYi'1gl1t, R. T. R. B. GROBE Second in Command S. A. SMITH First Sergemlt R H. BROOKS L nifumj,'Cm111vmv1t 344 P E. C. MUSE Second in Command W. E. HOLLAND First Sergeant --.1 Company Staff Member.: Major R. E. Skaggs Major R. L. Poland Captain E. R. Clark lst Lt. M. Holliday lst Lt. L. S. Tregre Master Sgt. S. C. Karler Tech. Sgt. C. D. Agec lst Lzeutemmt Pierce. -l. B. Ind L1CZlTC7'ld7lfS Cuilloud. L. H. Hartt, C. P. Sergeants Maceiras. R. P. Olson. E. A. Peterson. L. T. Pratt, J. W. Thompson, B. B. Corporals Avery. H. C. Berry. H. C. 16- I Burke. R. P. Clark, E. S. Davies. J. B. Dennis. R. P. Kelly. V. P. Scalia, R. A. Priultes Beck. D. H. Benet. H. nl. l Carpenter. .L. Casas. R. xl. Cloninger foniha Vx C. Cook P. lx Daxii C L Dodd Vw C Exam Ax D Freedman. . Gottlieb, R. H L. Harlan, VU. T. Harrell, VJ. H. Harrison. G. Clark. S. C. . K.. C ?.f . E all H Haskin. P. . Hertz. M. VU. Hogan, E. 1. .l 1' G. L. Horton, C. E. johnson. VU. P. jones. O. D. Ell Kennedy. il. B. King. L. E. McAlcxander. bl.. -I r. McK1nney.E. L. Mounic. L. L. Mullins, L. D. NorriS. E. Petrofsky. ul. Pierson. R.. -lr. Pittman. H. Plangmnn. -I. F. Rich. C. nl. Riggs, M. S. Rolwinson. E. Ruthcrllord. C. Ryder. R. B. Sharpe. D. VV. E. Thornton. L. R. Thorpe. l. D. Shuford. XY. Sillirnan. R. B. Simpson. R. H. Smoot. H. Spears. J. M.. lr. Springfield. H. Stroud. G. R. Wlareing. XY. W'cndt. H. F. Vvlilliams, F. E. Vvanckel, R. F. Vslyrick, G. B. Young. Z. H. . q.. ,, . g-...WtiTg Yu. :.ne+,.- i no mi 55 ,.f.i,.f..li y. all lfihli ,l ll l 1 1. rw. . . fl. .-,1.J.. .2 B. IIIEIE W. E. FROST Cuptum .Mi tiff SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR G. I'I. GNVIN Barmlimz Ccmmmndcr CAPTAIN NV. CI STEARIVIAN Exeuutwe FIRST LT. V, D. VVOUD Adjutmu FIRST LT. A. N, JENKINS Plans and Tmmnzg Officer FIRST LT. R. H. MNLARN Supply Offifew' SERGEANT MAJOR bl, MNGI-IEE SUPPLY SERGEANT C. W. YARBROUGH Q --"k ffvwfw' '- " . . "D" EIIGIIIIEIERS .Com pa ny T. A. FORD Secm1dmCmn1m1nd YV. H. TAYLOR F1rstSergeLmt Stuff Nlembcrs Lt. Col. NY. C1l'wb4 Capt. B. C. Prestridgc lSt Lt. V. D. Vxvuud lst Lt. A. N. Alcnkine Tech. Sgt. j. VV. McGl1cQ Stall Sgt. C. R. Skulnik P Ist Lleutemznts Czunpl1cll.C. KX. Sl1urley.Al. K. Ind Lxeutemmrx Reagan, gl. VC. Vxlllitney. C. C. Vv'riy.4l1t,O. XY. Sergeunts Ashford, F, Brown, -I. VJ. Brunsun. F. VC. Ma1'shz1ll. L. L. lvlaynard. M. F. Pela. E. C. NVilsl.mn. M. C. Corporuls Ellwoocl. E. T. Farley, C. D. 101164. T. R. LeGr.1nn.l. H. T. lVl1tcl1cll,C. C. Nulwlnt. -I. R. 0g:1n.NX'. H. Owcna. P. N. TZFLIICX .-Xllul. E. M. .'Xll'vrigl1t, F, D. Andcrsun, L. R. Anderson. XY. H. Bauer. Al. NY. Bonney. XY. F. Bruce. XY. E. Burks, R. E. Burrus. D. R. Bycrly, R. T. Byftllll. D. F. Campus. L. P. Carroll. R. H. Cnrsrm, I. M. Carter. XV. C. Collier, tl. L. Dcvcny. R. Y. Dlctcrt. R. L. Dumllnwc. H. T. Eddins, VV. N. Edwards. C. C. Feik. NV. DI. Flock, VC. L. Flynn, E. Furcnnm. XV. L. Garnett. R. S. Cnrrctt. H. lvl. Cnrzal. R. Ccycr. C. P. Gudfrcy. -I. lf Cmf. A. F. Crccn, H. XY. SIGN Crccn. C. GI'1Hll1, D. E. Rlclmgnmlmn. R. C Scllcrr. XY. JK. Scln1l1xngum.R. E. Sln1tl'1.H..Ax. Stcpl1cnN.L7. Lnll U C' Smeg. E. L. HIUl'I1,XX'. E. G1-UH11. R, N, 5Ir.nfcnc1'.f.. T. Grnlumnml. XY. E. Tam. P. 5. Half. T. H4 Tlmnn.14. D. Y. Hlglqdeq T1!I'lC. Hurpcr. A. A. Hull. bl. H. - . Hunt. L. H w w Vltlirwltw. A. VN rll C f 1. J. Vx'4lI'11c1'.l.j. j.,1,,,.,,,,A H. XX'.lr,..n. E. I. j,,n,:,- A-XA Q NX'Q1I1N. B. H. Kcllzun, E. L. XXSVIHIWF- G- D' Kcnnv. P. H. NN1'1:l1IAR-M. K1I'l.'I.l'MlCl1. XY. C. Lctfns, AI. N. MilI'l1l1Cl.fl.fT. Ivldyn, T. McBride. R. E. McCuncc. D. L lvl-:Cuv, D. MCNQ1lI'. XY. Mvcs, N. -I. Nlutl. T. B. Pukcr. E. E. Person. D. .-X. 1,l'lCC.M. L. Qllllllllr, H. ul. Ray, -I. B. Rlclx. R. E. ,r'..,'ff l -nb l,l 1.-5 ,, Y B. HARDIE Cupllnn 347 EN - . t. . ....-N -- .. . . -ah.:-Au---f "---I--W --' ---ueA- H- V- - 1-an 'hinn .A....x..n.x. .... ...-.4u...-. 9 E '5 RS 51.1 A'IE?7Zl7CT.N ,1Nf.Lr.R.H.M.L... Tosh. Sgt. ff M. H.1rtxx'tH Tulx Sgt. f.. XX . X .1r'l'wrm1gl1 lx! l-vu14temn1t.x Andcr-mx. A. E. Pcrm. B. E Ind LlL'lllU'ihl7lIN Lvlc. TNT. 15 Mzmflwitcr. L. L. Pcrl-nnx. G. M Sergcm1r.x u1'f'Ur11LQ Brmmlc. E Ll Ur1HTthi.D.fXL HQil1C. H. M1Lclwll,G. XY P11qkctt..I. A. Rwcra. M A, Sgnmdcrr. H. XY. X mdlcy. QI. E. VIIIIICX B.1rl'1c1'.B.l5. Bxurlh. Br1ggs.'H.M. f..llI1,vl. TN Cf-lcru11r1.R.L. C1uupCl'. L. IR.lXX'i!7I'l. H H. I31crcrl.R.O. Elhf. S. P. H1-ln1gxccu.vI.fX. juncs. VJ. E. Luwr1c.N. E. fN1cBr1dc. P. F. MCGl2lSi1lI1.f:.E. N11Hlg2l11,XA. E. fN1urgz1n.-I. B. Nwrthfutt. A. E . WI! I'c1'Q1.-115. G. G. Pcttlt. H. 5. Pulk. A. XY. Rcynwldx. L. XX' Rmv. H. S. RllI15'1lI1. M. T. R11tlx1nd.MfB. Sharp. H. NY. S1Nlfh,LR.B. Slcwart. N. M. Tcw. L. T. TlPfk1ll.L.c1. 'Turbcrn O. B. Trcadwcll, R. H. X7ilI1dCI'hHl'g,xI, S. Company " fi. f1.Mf'ffLTTffH.AN Captam .343 Bclhmy. XX' A. Eimund. K. E Fallwcll. F. X. Hzldcn. R. O. Huuscwrlglmt. L. D. Kcllcr. VI. F. Luvclzidy. A. P. Lynch. T. Rcynoldx B. XY. Emery. R. A. F4n'ruxK'. E. G. l1.utcs.XX . G1-tf.Vs'. S. brunt. C. S. fTl'CI1lidCT..l. HzufkCbC1l,C. E. Huqrxtcr. C ff. Xzrgt, A. Yultin. M. Vvlatkilus. E. S. XV1lkinwn.O.M. Vv'1lliams. R. O. Vvlxodrklif. R. E. Vfuolf. R. Zc1glcr.R. 5. MFI-' J S. M. VVHITE Second m Com nwnd E. A. TSCHCEPE F11',s!Sergem1t 4 51 wwwaaqj ..-E L ompany"E" ' If ll G I ll f If ll S Staff Nfembers Major G. H. Gwin Captain W. C. Stearman, jr. Technical Sgt. I. P Hampton lst Lieutenants DeArmond, G. VU., -lr. Horton. E. L., jr. 2nd Lieutenants Lindsey, E. E. Schuemack. F. Sergecmts Alexander, M. M. Andrews, H. M. Dixon, S. B. Fields, T. L. Grifhth. D. O. Reagan, C. VU. Thompson, L. S. Woofter, B. H. Young, S. E. Privates Allen. W. Allen, K. W. Alshury, F. A. Beclerman. 1. Billington. W. A..-l Bland, W. VJ. Bolton. E. E. Buckner, E. D. Burden. R. W. Carns, G. D. Christopher, VJ. XV. Crutchfield, L. C. Curtis, H. L. Davies, R. W. Dee. I. Hendrikson. L. VN Huif, R. B. Hutchins, G. H.. Ir jackson. G. H. jay, L. L. Kincy. VV. P., jr. Koen. C. E. Ludeman, R. M. Luttrell. Manousos. L. G. Mitchell, H. L. McCamant, W. G. Myers. B. R. Needham. M. E. Nichols, I. P. Olexa. H. F. Osius. R. L. Pence. W. H. Preston, D. VJ. Qualtrough, R. C. Reecle, G. A. Reynolds, E. E. Schumann, M. A. Simpson. G. VJ, L E. HOLDER, IR. Second in Command D R. SUTHERLAND First Sergeant Flowers, B. T. Lewis, W. B. Miracle. H. L. Rogers, E. T. W1-iilden,I. F. White, W. L. Corporals Bolton. M. E. Dedman, S. W. Duncan, B. B. Fiock, L. R. Fortuno, R. F. Foster. T. B. Franklin. W. Freasier, L. R. Freeman, T. W. Gann, N. N. Gilmore, W. E. Hargis. R. Smith. H. R. Smith, H. Swanner. R. D. Tips, C. D. West. F. I. Wilson, M. Wheaton, L. A. Vx7hitaker, A. VJ. Zimmerman. F. A get vfllli f al :is rl 4-iii AM' hh-'91 5.13 S. S. STALEY Captain 349 HST llllflll ERY REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COLONEL R. D. KENNY Regimental Connnandcr MAJOR H. M. ROLLINS Executwe CAPTAIN C. B. MARSH Adjutant CAPTAIN MARSHALL SPIVEY Intellxgence Officer CAPTAIN P. C. HENRY Plans and Tramrng Officer CAPTAIN L. C. ELLIS Supply Ojjficer Standmg: SERGEANT MAJOR O. A. NANCE COLOR SERGEANT A. A. LENERT TRANSPORTATION SERGEANT D. Seated: COMMUNICATIONS SERGEANT 1. SUPPLY SERGEANT O. A. SPECIA B. COFER T. COX COLOR SERGEANT B. H. TEMPLETON 350 C095 FIRST BATTALION STAFF AAJQR G. D. GABRIEL Battalion Commander IAPTAIN G. WALVOORD Executive 'IRST LT. L. F. RAHN 'IRST LT. S. M. FISHER TIRST LT. J. P. HOLLE TIRST LT. R. N. ABBGTT SERGEANT MAJOR R. R. HIDELL SUPPLY SERGEANT W. F. DREISS tiririr HST lllIffIllyElH Y yy Battery Stuff Nfemlvers Capt. L. lsr Lr. C w C Elllf E. Laws Capt. M. Splvcy 1stLt.G C. Sumner Mst. Sgt. A. Specla Mat. B ft. R. L. Rix Y .' Lg, brat? Sgr lst Lzeute Schwmn. 1 .VK F. Taylur ld'l'l ts D. S. Trtlcy. R. j. Ind Lreurenunts Fmvlcr. N. B. Muylwerry. R. T. Sergeants Chunn. L. P. Harring, M. Pranglln. H. N. Yuung. C. Corpomls Adams, E. C. Bncsch. C. C. Brrylew. R. L. Fwlucr. R. L. Cranatzl. S. CTllgCI1hClDl.M.G. Cuidu. C. F. Hlclia. R. C. Hmtun. C. A. Krncsche. M. A. Ludden. F. C. Mottlcy, R. Pvwates Allen. E. C. Antlmny. H. S.. hlr. Baber. C. A. Batr1n.l. F. Beasley. T. T. Beam. VJ. VV. Bensun. H. R.. lr. Beran. VC. AI. Booker. T. F. Burdclun. H. A. Brummert. VV. H. Buclmlcw. VC. H. Campbell. B. L. Carper. T. Carr. Ed. jr. Cl'1apnpaS.C. Clxatmas, C. Clark. B. T. Clark. L. H. Cllne. VU. H.. jr. Compton. B. Curm. M. VV. David. L. Dams, M. C. Duck, -I. D. Ehlmger. L.. Jr. Elluns. C. L. Elllstun. nl. O.. Ir. Fairbanks. C. E. Faust. VU. F. Forman. R. H. Fort. W. C. Foster. L. C. Calller. VJ. M. Cvattun. M. D.. jr. Geary. F. Germund. B. VJ. Gewcrtz. I. D. Cvoodson, B. Coulslvy. E. B. Crussenlwacker, C. Haines. F. B. Hardm. VV. O. Harmon. C. Henry. C. P. Hrll. ll. Hulllngswurtlx. Holloway. D. S. Hulluwell. H. XV. Huss. M. Kane. Kraemer. M. S. Lane, B. VJ. Lapham. A. L. Larson, F. A. Lohn. C. E. McCask1ll. C. M. McCannon, T. V Mcliim, C. M.. jr. Munfort. T. T. Moorhead. A. B. Naham, L. C. Nichols, D. Norman. Paddoch, A. C. Peters. L. Reed, T. H. Ryan. B. Selvrdge, T. M. Siegel. C. I. Smith, B. E. Snyder, B. Specia, B., jr. Stacey, R. M. Stein, L. A. Taff. T. J. Taylor. B. C. Townsend, H. W Waddell. R. D. Watson. R. A. Wylie. A. C., jr. Zapp, H. D. W. H. BYRD Second ln Command F. C. LITTERST Fzrst Sergeant 'l l l ttery " B" H. E. WHITMORE Second in Command H. C. KING First Sergeant Staff Nfembers Col. T. S. Gillis Major H. M. Rollins Major L. Tomaso lst Lt. J. C. McDuflie lst Lt. D. N. Hendric Tech. Sgt. W. F. Dreiss Tech. Sgt. I. T. Cox Supply Sgt. E. L. Voslramp lst Lieutemmts Kallina, F. P. McCorquodale, A. B. oae1i,J.M. fncl Lieutemmts Brown, L. Dunlcerley. R. P. Shipman, S. L. Sevgeants Berry, E. W. Campbell, D. E. Casso, R. R. Gillette, R. B. McIntosh, S. Stone, H. Corpomls Baldwin. F. N. Bowers, S. E. Cartwright, S. E. CUIIPST llR'l'llllE Marx, B. Naham, E. Roth, B. A. Rucllolf, C. S. Sainarel, S. P. kg Sullivan, A. G. Privates Bailey. B. B. Barton, R. F. Behling, Il. D. Belzons, G. A. Boeker, VV. H. Bolucli. Boyd, G. A. Brawncr, C. A. Brewster, C. Brown, VV. P. Browning, A. Buzhee. W. G. Canovespe, H. I. Chitwood, D. E Compton, R. Cooner, C. F. Crossley. M. E. Cuellar, T. S. Cupp, I. B. Dunn, C. W. Durst, L. A. Earles. C. T. Erwin, C. Frymire, T. R. Funicella. C. R. Giesenschlag. C. Glenn. H. H. Godwin, D. D. Gorzucki, R. C. Granville, E. B. Hall, T. L. Hamilton, R. Hardin, R. E. Hart, Havlili, Herrington, M. E. Hogan, j. J. Irwin, F. A. James, L. S. Kingshery, Kingshury, C. E. Kirkpatrick, T. M. Lair. 1. C. Lanier, R. E. Laphain, A. L. Levy, D. S. Loughborough, E. T. McCullum, C. M. McFall, R. E. McLaren. R. D. McMahan. A. H. Miles, W. C. Miskimins, Win. Nance. -I. VV, Nethery. M. Parks. H. B. Philli ' H ps. . Pool, T. G. Potter, VC. Prager, 1. Puckett, H. V. Reynolds, G. H. Riggins. R. VC. Rosenfclder. A. A. Schuppc. VV. Scott, T. A. Seibel. A. S. Sherrill, H. M. Sims, H. B. Stuhhs, B. VU. Vardcinan, H. T. Vvfigncr, C. N. Vilalthall, T. West, I. Vxlhitalicr. L. B. Vvfliite. R. R. Vvlillis, H. Worthington, L. Vsfright, H. H. ,1 Q. ,i ' Rfk ff f" XXQT-. ,-vii: f I 3.7! '53 Fila G. R. KING Captain 353 .. ,...W.,V. ,,. , v - , X, 5,-Q f . -rf -R ' .. '. 5. ......... V H- .A .V Q ...uf ' 'R "'f .,z.ei- . . . . f.. xu:,:...J C005 Stuff llffevnbers Major G. D. Calwricl Capt. C. B. Mzirsli lst Lt. R. H. Abbott lvlaster Sgt. O. A. Nance Tccla. Sgt. R. R. Hidell Supply Sgt.,l.E.l:1Ql1cr lst Lieutcmmts BYlI1,HdFflS Evana. L. C. Lea. A. L. Melanfon. E. Ind Lieutenant.: Bccklaam, C. VC. B1sl'1op,G. F. Rclncr, Vvl. H. Stand1sh,Cue T IIRTI Sergetmts Cosby. ,l. VV.. lf- Earnlacart. B. C. Frymirc. G. L. Hurst. C. A. Meyer, D. Vx". Stcwart. B. TlminaS, E. VC. Vw midi Corporals Barlwer. C. l. BarnCS. A. D. Bootlati. Vwl. A. Franklin, R. C. Hawkins. D. VV. Hill. 'l.R. Holbrook, VV. Cv. Kent. C. C. King. D. LeBus. F. L. Nancarrow, Vvl. G. Ratclifl. R. Richardson, C. Privates Barnes. A. D. Barnett. F. VU. Bartrness, L. C. Binder. D. l. BivinS. K. l l E ll Y Battgry Booe. E. L.. lr. Brimlaerry. R. Burks, M. M. Campbell, T. Cook. VJ. B. Crcts1ngcr.,l. H. Daniels H. P. Dorrell, H. M. Drapcr. C. A. Dreyfus, L. R. DuBosC. Vx". S. Duke, T. A., jr. Eclministcr, T. C. Ferguson. G. H. Flocck. C. T.. lr. Ford, Vxl. R. Garrett. 1. O. Cary, Vw". A. Goebel, 1. H. Goldman. O. E. Gower, D. VU. Gricsscr, R. A. Gritlen. VV. R. Hartman, Rodger Hawley. A. D., Jr. Hogan, D. VU. Hollingslaead, F. A., lr. Howard, T. C. Hurst. C. A. Isdale, VU. Kasten, VV, A. Keclan, R. F. Kcgley. M. K. King. E. W. King, D. Law. E. B. Lowes. G. A. McDowell. I. M. MfLarty. E. C. McMurtry, R. C Munn, R. Murphy, L. D. Nagel, E. T. Norman, E. Odom, R. C-. Paterson, G. E. Plailipson. H. L. Pickens. E. El. Reber, I. M. Reliders, H. R. Reilf. G. A. Shoop, G. M. Stark, R. P. Sullivan, O. G. Swearington, P. P. Swenson, A. l. Thornton. H. B. Vxfilliams, D. Vv'ilson, R. Vv'isdom, C. I. Yarbrough, B. G. Young. R. W. M. M. PEARSON Second in Command S. R. BAEN First Sergeant J.M.sM1THER Captain 354 atteey."D" COIIS'l' IIRTILLIE F. J. KING Second in Command H. R. BRIGHT First Sergeant Staff Nlembers Lt. Col. R. D. Kenny First Lt. S. M. Fisher First Lt. P. Holle lst Lieutenants Lippert. W. M. Thwing, R. C. Yetter, N. 2nd Lz'eutena'nts Hollier. R. G. Howell, S. 1. Simpson, W. W. Sergeants Gill, W. G. Supply Sergeant Childs. B. O. Doran, W. H. Hallam, R. S. Hannon. L. K. Hoefle. R. L. Martyn, H. Q'Conner, 1. Schiif, H. G. Townsend, R. T. Weyel, E. G. Corporals Etheridge, B. R. Golohy. G. VJ. Grafa, O. W. Johnson. H. M. Judd. I. H. Loyd. P. B. Marsh, E. Pleclger, F. A. Ritter. A. Stone, R. E. Thanheiser, C. A. Thompson. R. O. Privates Allison. B. A. Andrews, W. H. Blaha, C. R. Bowling, G. W. Brookner. R. l. Bruckmiller, P. P. Buster, J. A. Clinton, R. L. Coleman. F. H. Cox. D. D. Davis. H. L. Decker. H. E. Douglass. E. DuBose, I. S. Edminister. T. Enloe. C. F. Fittz. S. C. Fluker, W. H. Forney. R. H. Garrett. E. I. Gist, H. VJ. Hoffman, R. M. Holhert. H. L. Hoseli. Kinard. R. L. Kurt, H. E. Levy, L. C. Linney, B. Lovett. VJ. F. Maley. D. P. Mayfield. R. B. McCaleb, D. C McSwain. A. S Mearns. B. O. Morgan, H. L. Nesbit. S. F. Osborne, 1. H. Usborne. S. S. Paddock, B. I. Ragland, M. Rehmet. C. G. Rodman. E. G. Rose, J. L. Sapp, N. J. Sims. C. N. .X Z. me 4. w'9T'f-'Qli' S' C ' X .57 if-A ge. C. Sorrells. VV. Stephenson. H. G. Stone. M. L. Sundherg. H. Vx". Svoboda. E. V. Tanner. T. R. Treadway, F. A. Vslhigham. C. L. Vvlilliains. R. B. Vvlilliamson. Vx". K Vw'right. C. V. Vwlyatt. O. S. Yee. VV. Zedler. O. F. LUKE MOORE Captain 355 titt L vm. 56 LERY SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR LGUIS TQMASQ Battalion Commander CAPTAIN .Iv M. GOLDSTON Excuutzw FIRST LT. H. I. THOMPSON FIRST LT. LI. C. MQDUFFIE. IR. FIRST LT. C. E. LAWS FIRST LT. D. N. HENDRICKS TECHNICAL SERGEANT D. A. TREADWELL TECHNICAL SERGEANT W. E. HUFFHINES . 274 . L -' ll3,1v,,,Q.y' ' fa. M-M. 5. . , .. A Bam-.fy"t" const nnrlllz W. P. REINHARD Second in Command M. M. JENKINS First Sergeant Stajf MC771bE7'S Capt. P. C. Henry Capt. I. M. Coldston Staff Sergeant A. A. Lenert lst Lieutenants Miller, H. F., -lr. Trort, J. I. Vfalker. C. L. End Lieutenants Bruce, R. M. Hansen, H. A. Wofford, W. T. Sergeants Billingsley, C. Boyd, E. E. Carlisle, C. C. Clore, W. L. Havelka, D. E. Maxwell, -I. L. McMahan, E. Richardson, D. I. Verlander, E. V. York, L. E. Corporals Broussard, D. E. Dougherty. K. VV. Graves, W. F. Hays, W. M. Johnson. G. H. Lozano, I. M., Ir. McMullen, W. W. Menger, G. C. Samarel, I. Sharp. L. H. Washburn, E. Zylks, M. Przmtes Backhaus. C. Badger. E. C. Banister, B. N. Barnes, R. V. Berry, O. H. Billingsley, S. R. Boyd, W. B. Buck. L. E. Calloway. M. L. Chenoweth, S. Clark. Ben H. Connevey, E. E. DeLong, R., Ir. Dew. K, Dowling, W. I. Ellis, T. D. Follet, R. M. Finck. N. E. Glass, H. D. Glenn, W. L., Jr. Goldfein, W. Cordy, L. T. Cvraif, W. Guillet, C. Hagemeister, L. R. Harding, H. W. Holmes. C. T. Holzheauser, W. D. Isaacks, R. A. Kane, W. L. Kinsey, L. R. Konechy, C. T. Lansing, D. M. Lloyd, M. Mattox. K.. Jr. Menefee. L. G. Miller. M. F. Cwens. E. C. Palmer, L. L. Perkins, C. E. Pritchett. I. E. Prude. C. D. Pullcn, E. L. Pundt, VV. Ragar, S. R. Ray. H. T. Reirf, G. A. Richardson, VJ. Rose, G. M. Samarel, I. Sessums, T. R. Sharke. R. C. E. Spruce, J. K. Stasny, C. H. Stein, A. T. Terry, A. Van Hook. W. H. Vogel, W. Wagner, C. N. Walker, M. T. Vxfallingford, C. S. Wanner, C. R. Watts, R. L. White, H. G. Wiegand, O. F. Wilkinson, B. M. Williams, R. W. Williams, W. T., -lr Willis, G. R. Yarbrough, J. VV. R. G. SKIDMORE Captain 35 C0 Staff Nfcnmers Capt. bl. G. Vx'nlx'uu1'd TcQl1n1c.xlSgt. D B. Cfufcr Ist Lzculcmmtx Bl.lAXlH1.lI1lC. In P. I..rth.uu. R. E. Schnmlz. VI. P. Tdylur. L. Ind LlClLlC71rlHf M.G1nty. H HST IIRTILLIERY Batteryl: Sergerlvlts Heard. E. B. Kl'2l1'llX N. Ldllfurd. H. R. Mzrrck. A. L. Ncgrl. tl.. ,Ili Sunburn. F. D. XX'1lcux. R. B Cnrpumls Bulcn. G. O. DCSPLllI1, Vxv. Furtcnbcrry. McDungnld. R. Snuth. M. H. Spruce. -I. Teal. XY. H. Vx'adI1ng1tun, XY11tNun.A.f PTll'LlfC'.S Adcrhulc. B. Bullard. VK P. Bruunlurl-Q. Bcnnett, 3. H. Berryman, R. Bu-. C. G. Brmlln. R. I.. Bryan, R. I.. Culllcr, F. Crane. R. M. Cununlclx. VI. XY. Currcy. M. Dzu1klciF,,I.T. Dcrrlc. D. D. Full. VC. XY. Fcrguwn, B. R. Flctfl1cr..l. XY. Fuwlc, H. Gurltty, hl. P. Gurrctl. R. K. Gcrcn. P. M. Getz. A. -I. Gunn, F. Halaunlcck. XX. A. Hzuncrsly, J. VV. Harris. G. G. Howard. E. F. Hubble, B. H. Huffman. B. M. Hughcf. C. VC. Hunt. VC. A. Iycy, VI. P. jackmn. C. jackwn, R. E.. jr. -I21rv14,I.B. Kelly. F. F. ' "' ""WFY7T R. H. GODBCILD Cuplanx 358 fr: KICI. P. Leggc. M. C.. jr. Lux'1l, VC. C. McGQ1bC. E. XY. M1tchcll,V. E. Muhrlc. M. VC. Nurrngln. G. D. GQBVYZIII. V. H. O'G0nnur. R. PCICIYUFI, E. L. Rcdnlzln. G. Rccvcs. R. H. Ruhlnsun. G. -I. Sayre. xl. D. Sherman, C. VC. Stacy. D. Stupl, A. A. Terry. G. Thumz1s,O. D.. ,lr Thu1npsun.Vx'. B Turner. L. XX'a1t:kc.D.VX'. VVhite. P. H. Vvullcfnrd. R. NV. XVIIIIS. -I. M. Vv'1ll1s, R. M. Vxfllsun. H. Vvyoud. H. B. Z1H1iCk1, M. P. I Battery "G" Stajf Members Capt. H. T. Thompson Tech. Sgt. XX". E. Huifhines Supply Sgt. E. B. Ball lst Lieutemmt. Vvfilliams. Cv. VV. Sergermts Borgstrom, C. E. Downing. R. Jennings. H. H. Leon. L. Williams. D. L. COrpo1'als Bowers, F. J. Buniva. R. Cox. R. G. Epstein, R. A. Hagood, W. N. Harper. H. E. Kipp. E. H. Mays, C. E. McKivett, C. C. C0 Prirultes Alexander. XV. C. Aldridge. H. Anderson. M. R. Anthony. H. B. Atwell. S. XV. Barbee. C. VJ. Barlow, T. Bell. C. G. Benner. R. Bradley. E. C. Budd. H. Bulltley. NV. B. Byers. H. B. Carpenter, D. C. Cheatham. A. Childs. M. Clark, L. Collins, R. VV. Emerson, F. C. Esposite. A. A. Farrow, R. A. Fergus. M. V. Fleming. E. T. Forrest. R. P. Forsgard. S. M. Fulbright, VU. J- E. GOBLE Phillips, W. K. Gerry. E. H. - Skidmore, H. B. Gillory. D. O. Second m Command Steel, W. H. Goodwin, G. M. P, R, MALLORY Thomson. T. Harper. W. First Sergeant Wood, E. M. Heise. C. S. IIB 1'-' am i ' t w" - guy 1,,.,.e.,-,.,, ,nm ., .... , . . . , ., . .. I, , .. . i ,. N. ,.,,. . , .,. . . . . . ,,,, .. . . x . , V - 3 .. -yy.--,fs.. xvzwirz.- . A. Q. .:...Qr...,.., -'.,A,.',., .,. H, V .f . ., . , .X-iw -., . 'fri . - A 3 .- :sw-J 'M f, 'fsmgh 5:21. 1' 'r - 'f1'f"..f. . - P P -A .Z i -.f a 'ff' 4 'gf ' 'T M '.-xr.-.--rr.-K an-.army-f. .. . V. . V ' -. ...ga.i.i.a'?S'a?w1z:A':r...fw.......:a-wxz..:4.m:szma.55...Swv'ae, ','sara-rzaA...La-f-pe.r"f2:f.:fe14sa'.....1r,.- .. . .v. vw- . f ' IIST IIIITILLIEIIY Holzhcauscr. D. Horton, L. Johnson. C. R. Kemnirz. Cv. K1l4er.,l. C. Klernent. A. VC. Kruger. G. R. Langford. B. Cv. Leary. M. E. Lee. C. S. LeRouax. R. K. L1el'v1uann.P.C. Lietz. R. T. Lighthall. R. J. Link. G. VU. Littlepagc. T. H. Lockett. A. V. Lum. NV. B. Maroski. NW. P. Maxcy. C. C. McCaine, 1. M. McCaskill, M. VU. Meisenheimer. D. B. Metcalfe. R. P. Mintz. S. Montgomery. B. E T Morris. . . Nunn. R. H. Nunnally. H. Oliver. E. H. Perkins. R. P. Phelps. Vx". D. Puls. C, Quinn. P. B. Ray. VU. D. Ring, K. A. Rulnicl4.C1. Rudelutl, R. E. Rush. R. H. Sallee. VV. L. Schumacher. VV. -I. Singletary. M. Stanhcry. R. B. Striehcck. NY. H. Thompson, R. VY. Tillcry. T. M. XVarrCn. C. VV. Thornhill, R. T. Vfilson. C. R. Zethraus. R. C. R. XY. BEHIXKENI Ctipttun 3i9 . L.. .-'-:rfiij "1 .' -.S Z..-7 .M.fg?s. -L, Q -A..n. .9 CIIHST IIRTILLERY BatteryH Stuff Nfenrlvcrs Tcchnmcal Sergeant D A. Trcddwell Surf Sergeant B. H. Tcrnplct--n lst Lreutcmrnls r:....y.xx'. s 1. McNc1l. R. L XK1-y-dell. A. T. fml Lzczatcmlnt Sfl1VIClLlCl'. H. Scrgcrlnrx Bc.11'd. H. Buxvlc. XV. H. Br.u.lxl1:1xx'. lj. Nl. L. A. DUBOSE Cuptam 360 C v Brnwn. R. P. Cruwn. P. T. DrlI1lCl. XI. L.1ntnrx.l, F. 5 vrpmuls Adgnglc. C. L. B1rC4Cl'1, f'I.1nilcld. E. H. Hdlrnrrm, R. C. Hnzlldsrm. E. C. Hurt, C. E. HLlI1C.l. XXv. vlumqe R B Rluvtlrnan. SX. Nl. Lzmgdalc. P. B. L.1r1mcr. .l. R. P.1rlccr. VC. O. Pl-well. C. Nl. R.,l11nmn.H.C. Yun Sprcclivn. R. XX'gr,Qncr. R. H. XXYIHR. R. E. XxvlNCl1l'iliCI1lPCF. XX XX'l111Ncl1c.E. E. Tl'l'dft3.5 .'Xrr1l4t1'wI1g,F.E. Attcrlulry. H. Buulunan. K. VV. B-vncxxmtz. R. F. Bmvers, C. C. Buzzcll. D. Brrulns. L. BTudlC. Cardwell, R. N. C11ic.H.O. Crmk, Cnwllng, R. E. Davis, C. L. DC.lI1C,xxN'. L. L5lllII1gl12lIIl.H. C. Dunn. C. Durr. 5. ELlw.1rdsun, R. E1NCY1l1l1ll4Cl'.R.F. I:lIlliCl4fC1U, M. Fliclmcr. C. A. Fletcher. V. F. Flynn. B. H. Cqnlwlci. C. C. C1c4cnScl1l41g.M.fX. Crsflin. P. H. Hurnrnack. R. C. Hmlcr. R. F. Hl.lgy11Il5. B. Hutwn. H. E. Ingllslu. D. l41ckwn.C. H. -Lxclason, R. E. Kauffman. D. S. Lewxs. B. Lmvry. R. M. M.1llerr.j. Mallory. R. D. McAlp1nc. R. E. McCammun, B. McCarthy. R. O. Mcliec. D. G. MCNJlI', H. E. Metcalf, Mruorhtzld. XX. B. Newton. F. N. Oakley. B. B. Pappas. C. PC11rson.B.T. Perry, I. VC. Phllllpi. R. L. Plplilll. F. P. Ramsey, C. Vw". Ricl1tcr.Vw7. E. Rucclwrrlgh. C. T. Rmcnblatlu. T. Rothman, R. E. Ruwland. C. Sager, F. M. Smlth, D. C. Snnth. H. Srn1tl1,Vw'. C. Smokey. S. XV. T.1nQ1l, C. L. NX FIELDS Tlwmas, B. bsmnd ln Command U nderwond, C. M Vfuudy, R. E B MONTE TH Yutea H. L. Flmt Sergeawlt Q-. -'xx f' If Y X.. xv 'H 'Q 'S' A fra . Q Q si , -X i 1 I .L ' 4, l R055 V0llJllTlEiEIl CDIIIPIIIIY f l . M. C. JORDAN Second in Command AUSTIN NANCE First Sergeant Ind Lieutenants C. B. Marsh C. W. Haltom Platoon Leaders Line Sergeants F. I. King J. M. Cunningham Senior Members Barker, Jabus Bartschmid. A. H. Beckman. W. L. Brians, H. H. Brown, R. D. Bruce, R. M. Byrd. B. L. Crutcher. R. L. Cupples, 1. Dean, H. I. Delameter, G. Dickerson, W. F. Dotson, H. F. Dougherty, R. C. Draper, L. C. Evans, A. D. Fitch, D. R. Gillis, T. S. Goldston, I. M. Haggard, C. R. Haltom, G. W. Hansen. Henry Hardin. j. Harris, F.. Herrington, H. C. Hill, H. B. johnson, R. G. jordan, M. C. Kallina, F. P. Kercheville, Lewis King, F. J. King, G. R. Langford, R. Larrey, L. A. Marsh, C. B. Martin. C, S. Moore, Luke Moore, W. A. Neely, H. S. Ogden, W. C. Pappas, T. R. Ramsel. G. W. Robinson. W. T. Schmidt, K. E. Skidmore, R. G. Smith, A. L. Smith, W. Smither. M. Sparkman, C. M. Spencer, Rex Stone, I. H. Titely, R. 1. Todd, W. W. Ulmer, C. M. Walvoord. M. Vvlhitmorc, H. E. junior M6W1b67'S Adams, M. D. Adkinson, VU. M. Baen, S. R. Black, XV. M. Breaux. R. V. Bright. H. R, Caperton. G. B. Cardwell, VJ. VU. Childs, B. O. Clark, A. Coldwell. Colbert Conger, Jack Cox, T. Crowder, C. L. Crew. Henry Cunningham, M. Decker, L. Eads, Ralph Edwards, K. Esser, E. nl. Guymon. V. F. Herron, H. M. Jenkins, M. M. Jennings, H. H. Jonsson, E. O. Kafler. S. C. King. H. C. Lawerence. J. M. Lenert. A. A. Lictersr. F. C. Milentz, A. R, Miller, J. B. Miller, R. H. Moore, R. Nance. O. A. Pou, O. G. Railerty. E. T. Rogers, Ed Smith, VJ. Smith. R. S. Schaeffer, C. Sparks, Tom Spccia, A. J. Thenn, C. R.. lr. Voskamp. E. L. Vvlalmsley. J. G. Wells, R. R. Vkfesthrook, T. C. White, W. K. VJilkerson, M. Vilolman, Cv. A. LEVVIS KERCHEVILLE Captain 361 IIEPLIICIEIIIEIIT CEIITER RIEGIIIIEIIT Ifll.11lx XIMQVIRR 'D' NURRIS IHJX l'HI.I..XRIl Rl,XI'JIDUX 1'Hl,ANIl CULEY DAVIS C:1pt.iin Captain Cuptaun Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain M.,X,l1 JR R. john Box .,.. Company A M. T. Norris.. .... Company B L. A. Mzlddcix .... .... C ompany C Bill Filgo .... Company D F. A. Colcy.. Company E G. McGuirk .... .... C ompany F F. G. Collard Company G E. L. Davis.. Company H C. O. Duty .... . . .Company I Pl ll-.-KN Il, Ix'1'ffilvrt'vltuI! Hi ml r 362 A weary group returns to mess Woodlawn Lake scenery was very good Claude, Mac, and a Good likeness of Dick Hervey And they say hazing ain't allowed here! IIIFIIIITIIY 6 Old Man - loafing as usual 7 8 9 And the 9th Infantry moved in 6. The enemy crouches 7. We've got to go 8. Time j- 4:O0g Temperature - 115' Centigrade .HLEH5EQ'i5P'fRf? e.e, W, r ., o 1 we i ,f or Sack lunch on maneuvers Going somewhere, Bode Nice looking and they ji! well, too 2 -S f . 1 Au 45' Y' I 50... Cleveland and Camp resting on the jiring line CIIIIIP K. P. Must be an air raid Cook and Collard washed their pants more pants in water softener - no -n if wgq 8' X -W Ol ll ' 'lilifkm W' we rr Yu Xia in Amin? Lf. Ti :pf li., 6 .A 5 -1 1. vi" pf' ,o- ix 'vu P fv- Au '51 7. 1 9 f- I 0 , 5 .Az I div 2,-S F 4 3 I- , 93- F O 'P 9, 1 x . .. XX.. 7? -P . ii ' ' . ' - "Xxx -X T W' . -' -, , ,W Q. v X Xi. . XM? -,. au, Av' 53 . -1-17 ,I I. il .- fz..W.ggA1 Y' K tf'5X"fwf il-A in 4- .F , 5 -W... S .17 H , .9 - , ,.. V-f, N -Q H - - I H El' . ik Vx if 1 , 4 , , if -nv N Q 4. . .P-xy aa . . . . , ' 2: I -44.4, . ' Q N f - - gl f . ': ' - . , ' 1' - , rx - , .Ji -1' Eh-' . -. O' -'lx W -. - if 2 v , . . 1 f .- wif" Y M:-Y ' ' -. Q . , W 1 . .. 'W .Q 7' '-W - Z' wb' 'L .fr ' 1 " " .' . . if " . f Rigas... E M3 ' . 2 - . . Q-s425S'f . f: r"" l li . L .-. V . ix A 4 ., X I, w ,, N A ' ' NI Q 5 V, -., Q 'S N is? V ,,A ' Q Q " .,.1' .. gli . - 'L-5.3 Y -f x,, fl, .ltizi 4 T1 X-was ,-45. X - 'N xy , ,. .'3g.f"N .4 .. Lx... .L ...M .K K ' :S7"..A.L 1 23 . 3 F f E .nev- 3 'Z Vw. s" ., , . ' ' 'g 1 f,v f' I-1'Twa.., .al ' . . X 1 ' ' . ' "'h ff! 'L X 'emu 'Q , ' .Q " 5.223 .,, Q 7" he X' . I N et ' f ""'w. . ' + ,T 1:-:W WJ V i Q 3 'W ' H Sh' 1 .1 W ff I IIIFIIIITRY CIIIIIP 2 . ,3 ,Q ,r 1. Tent 20-three white men, two Okies 4. Pay Day! 7. Sain, Whites, and Elwtlg . iWh0.S.01l the other end, Ralph? 5. Lots of authority the'fe???????? S. An engineering triumph .L .lffighf flfl0,011' critique on 2nd Div. hill 6. Before the 9th Infantry arrived, 'no doubt? 9. Siesta-Bullis style Q . h FIELD IIIITILLEIIIY cnml' UK -. 1, 'Chdwl . 3. Exhale, Willie 7. 'Thais a good ponini 'gui .1 . . A ' i,Fife!f L. ' I ' A 4. Waiting for the wire Muck 6. Misjire tio.-V-.-intl f A V 1 u...+1.,4.4,......-.-...,.........4....... ....:...-..1......,..-...... .. ,. -.,... ..., ... .f- -W, Y. . . . v . .. .. . 'P R51 E Ighftgm Q . 1 ggi.. I-5 'YW nnra. l. 'o.ii.... . 3 f'TlV -3 M e f ...,-V -wf-wfif Y-,. ,...,,v.-.-.-,. ..-,-.,....-3-v--u-1,,,....,-....-g .-- ,1 1 , 'A 1 NYM:-f-. ix T.zz,eLv?' 4. Four of a kind-submitted by Bravmafh ' f ' I Eiimvf-5 . .-'No, no, Brannon 7. Next! , ' , .v 2 We did get paid - 410 bound 6. Fits: Aid- lose man power FIELD llll'I'll.lEllY CIIIIIP 1 F Himevy falls in, fall out, fall in, tent flaps up, rent flaps down. Ie 111 flaps up - make ul? yowr- mind I E Hazrwv falls in-'T e proper command is, "By the num' In-f. ,wghrhand salute." Gen. 'Yates 3 D'c.m11ng up -the Aggitidnd Davis, Allen and Kercheviile sweat it ou Which a way did they go, Robin? More blank for blank Creek- the Mascot , Sense iz, sense it, Next Command, Next Command. Douhtful 1 What is the matter? Canteen closed, 'Tahookie my-.fr 44 THIS WAY 1-1s-1 X...- l.' A Jvz fr if I 05.a:'9""'. f 3.5 K 'rr 'WA , FV? " ' 'SY 1' -1.7 ' 9 1Eflf' 11 f.f A" .w ' , I " 'T-' i ' ,mx '4 bi V-xxfgrgvlf Q X . - -gfA.MqgQi, 'x t if. 1 E- y, rw A I . 3-f..v"Q --. ,- 'H QP'-, .. -1 ' ,X 3 A 4 ., . 4, ,, ,- Q kms A' , .S A .. ,, Q A .F .- 'P A A x ff gg 1 .C-41.1 . . .,. ,A 'V " 0 ,gd eq 1 I CMS 3 in LJ ua YA N ui- fb 'L !,,4 h f'...,,,. . . '11 H? ff:lf:Vf7,2 ."f.' .Y I 'f ..-g-..4,?'4 Jvzmzvenlkamiul' ' -, D, 5' 9 . fm.-.. 1 '42 U 'tt f 1" Jr f?"'?,,,-5 9 1 P' ,mv if? Rani vvwg, Ji 'Slahping the hogs JOSEPH 'S aftemoon nap Persohn was made for this Harrington invades the Artillery Range Sl 1: n n 1. c 0 n P s The Sarge tears down our happy home Deep in the Heart of 'Texas Hoftenxe in action J. ' awe-QW V '- vi' Q .gg "' we 5. Sgt. Snider showsaus how 6. Fife-ball and the Chief 7. Fall out for I0-minute fest 8. Dr. Livingston, 1 presume Cllllll' 4. What a line the "Goozch' 5. Home .sweet home 6. Barker looks an--as usual ' 'iran 5-,,.,,iql4i"1??' ' X Q ,. 7.44 N e . ' 'I 'wr +1 E-.1.:,...----.....w-,-..2.-Y -,L-fri... -..-- - ,1 Anybody got a Hey? Now for Mail Call Latrine duty? A ten-minute rest What is so interesting? AWPA gets 404: an hour- 'SERS'-' I ,,,'. 5615 .uv 7 :qu QA fix A If , I in -asrifl , 'Q--. , A:-4 ,io pr 'A'-qc: XZ r W , if 5 F v ,L By,D1z.-kegrsan 5' Wamng our of a s aka abxlfmrwgfi. , I.. .f - 'side' of ramp.: 6. Prepared for Inspection gli' 1,-js.gifYf71?ffsi7IS":Q2,f-litltif'fei?QfifiiSYi11iE6ft54?Ienionade. of course. 7. Dean and Dickerson are getting hu.ng'iy,N ,H Ma 411:51 all-Qlgg 2 , , 1 A . . -:X - Q , , , effigy Q A f . f f ' T' 'V 'I 4: ' gl aka? 1'Q,fi'? ll-"".. Vie . ef A 'Zig n '.', 1 . 1 . 4U,f,??:55.553i.2ii ?f55fgQ4947!If1+Pi41ot-pi:..-H.,.,1C- Lt-here and pxle at there., '1 - -' , - - . , . - .. , Eli ,M- is , 1 1 y - 4- , . . 1 L 1 , L 2 A 5. P 1" ht I' C51 K ' P 4- X 2' J ' 27, -X ' A. 'l?b'fld.'A'l'ld Swnbdfliers. 7. Gunga Dean ' 7 A. Firing Squad. V 8. Martin reunion. N, ' ' Sarge Riofdan and his mount or why "men" join the QMC. 9. Little Maj. :QI V, nu . 4. gH4rt and HeSsV1ef'resh. 10. Shade at Dona Ana? QQ" 5,-QB! Oh! Three of 4 kind. ll. 7 come ll. .nn.e e e gif!-f"" ., A . x 35925 41"n,! EK.. , A- A ,, .v " 1' .. Qfffl' A Q e .' 1 , fl,-H ,. V 'A A , ,, - f' . "E,"-'1"f fffff' -- fn ' 1' 'au- M, . 3, A, 5445 K .. .1 I 9442, ltwfu Al'-4 -' Al.. .. -ii.. .. g.,,, A ff 1139? 1 45: A ' N .0 Af-K f .H ,Q wk 1 1 iii. 1 . 'QL--Z' E: Si v" M, li. e e WF -of A P if? 2' ' ' 'f 5124 "' A , f,"' . We-. P., ,, J I 'L.v"!, ' ' Q-i is l xlrplil " ' l M rl ' 4 Q-all lm .l.' - Kvlaisting water-the cleanup. , 5. Lost? K V E Oh! Happy days! 6. Rumors-direct from seat threel lhtgvlaat wrong' Rice? Someone :teal yowr blanket. 7. Over the hill came 50,000 Indians. " e ootie oats." C Il V ll l.llY C Rm IP he he gp aniOve'r. L 5. 2500 feet and more to ge: ona na'nar' st . 6L inis Fighting Qh4C am Mm 7. Grin-ning for the camera Shade! Any old pon in the sun. 8. Nowxto water the fhofsesl. I f . 4 'strut I i. ,a Q. ,. 2- .TP M A i' nie ak s A 1 " sf Q c v -.W . , . W .Y . Y . Y . ., ,M . .,............,...,....,.-. ,........-,...,............-......,--......-.-.-. A, A -N, 1,, ,I . . 2' f . 4 Q xii- A' iiiiw f U ..:f- 'f 7 ' If' 's'x-.-4- Y - H - T .. ggfa 5?--f'Yl. M ' f .ge iv x a shi: 'ig I is :Y W f A .. I :wr ,win , 1 H ,I 1 f-- V - ,' af V .Mu 1 'J '1. 945 :J,i9LQ- ml" I'-S'gi'l," . v 1 1 , F 1 f--.A,v ,, ' VI-, " 4? 'ytwzbu V4 gc. Q P , .,, . '. flux, 4 i, I Ely ' QS,,w, M . .41 ' 4' - -f ' ' L " 'xv-. A . ..L',l'l1ghff.'fTX' ll 'V 1 .V ,g. i ' f'w'2liz ' 1:-'fl' x, n H 2 Mazfesf cavemlm what no women? 5' No' No' Lzeutenant The target IS the other wax Y 21 :Hg ,. . f .-l ? Q. if , 5 'X -nf 1 '. if 'Q .X s 16. -i .56 ii ' X. xg WSW: 3- ' . 7 4: 'VK A b K ...A iff' 'i I. 8 s ik ' 4 .A -v- 49' -3 WF! ' I .. J j fr.-Ah' f 8 71- -1 I ., .pflif , M-, A 1 5 1 TRIM BY JURY T j- if f f i, 4 ,XX X. Tyrannreal governments have rmmemo- rially uttltzed dretatorral ermnnal oroee- dure and oumshment to malse soapegoats ofthe Weak or ol helpless oolrtreal relrgrous or raotal mmorrtres and those Who drtfered who would not conform and who resrst Wrthout tragre proot that the exalted powers ot some governments to ounrsh manufactured errme drotatorrally 15 the handmard of tyranny JJ , J gf 1 tyranny. Today, as in ages past, We are not t . RIAL BY JURY is one of the iirmest of the foundations on which the American republic is built. This right - as with many of our libf erties-did not originate with the independence of our nation but was borrowed from the English bill of rights. That a man may have a hearing before a fair and impartial jury of his fellow citizens is a keystone of democracy. lt is a direct antithesis of dictatorship. Qui' jury system means that every man, whether rich or poor, has the same right in regard to trial for crime. The acceptance of this ideal came after centuries of struggle and opposition. Never before has so serious a threat against our rights appeared: new ideas purported to replace supposedly outfmoded democratic principles. Never before has it been so vital that we defend our right to trial by jury. There are many who say that this privilege is being used by enemies of our nation as a shield behind which to undermine our government. However, though it shield one enemy, it protects a thou' sand Americans. IITIILETIC C0llllCIl MOHLE, LENERT, NORTON, VVILLIAMS, VVARDEN, .i-uufrfl. SPIVEY, CRAVVFURD, HOOKER, stumling. The Athletic Council of A. E3 M. has supervision of all intercollegiate athletics and extramural sports and the coordination of them with Intramural Sports, Physical Training and Physical Education. The Council has charge of all arrangements for athletic contests, eligibility, and determines the policies for athletics at A. E3 M. Dean E. I. Kyle is chairman of the council. During his absence in South America, D. W. Williams presided. The other members are Dr. A. A. Lenert, C. W. Crawford, E. W. Hooker: T. W. Mohle and T. B. Warden of the Association of Former Studentsg Homer Norton is Athletic Directorg Marshall Spivey is the student representative. The guidance of these men has enabled A. E3 M. to attain a high level of athletic eminence. Their only reward has been the satisfaction of seeing A. Ee? M. athletic teams first in the nation. 381 r f' r K X ,. M . 'S X NX ' F '-x' s :QS ' A rv- sg -as-A-A , s ,W J , .M g .. g -- -, .. - W - ,fg . .c-, " ..-' ' -i X . WT. 2'-'ua 1 -1-. ' f - - QF. Cf st.-".f-t:J"'.: --at' -... - .-. i . ... -,Q - .5 2.-5'9" . g- -' 1? A 1' W.. NAGLE STALEY ALEXANDER CHALMERS As long as the Aggie contesters are on the held of action our yell staff will be there filling those Aggie lungs with that "Aggie Spirit" at all times. The job of making the twelfth man the loudest uoutfyellingest bunch in the world" fell to four able and spirited men. Skeen Staley, chief yell leader, gl. Q. Alexander, senior yell leader and two junior yell leaders, oo and "Chuck" Chalmers have molded the student body into greatest yell Skeen Staley has ably proved ea be listed in A. Es? M. history as one of Aggieland's best yellfleaders. Seco , deserves a hardfearned credit for his willing, ellicient, and untiring spirit never once wavered. Greatly assisting Skeen and I. O. were two is Jack Nagle who with his constant flow of good stories and spirit and was always there and ready. -lack, however, left us after the Thanksgiving game to answer the country's call to arms and was replaced by Ted Cleary. The time, effort, and leadership that these live men have given the corps reflects well upon .itheir ability and to them go the praise and thanks of every man of A. EG? M. for having done their job. 382 9-.f 5- we-2, K x MARTIN RUBY Cofcaptam MARSHALL SPIVEY CofCaptam HoMER Nomorc -:.' 13? Head Coach r A" jfxfff - r V -fl- g??5lf:!lh-JC FO0TBHll Homer Hill Norton, head football coach and director of intercollegiate athletics at Texas A. E? M. College, came to the Aggies in 1934 from Centenary College. After going through the "building" years his 1939 and 1940 teams established a new record for the Southwest Conference - 19 consecutive victories. The Aggies rated first in the nation in 1939, cofchampions of the Conference and winner over Fordham in the Cotton Bowl in 1940, conference champions again in 1941 though losing their first bowl game to Alabama at Dallas. . Norton was born at Carrolton, Alabama, December 30, 1897. He attended Birmingf ham high school and BirminghamfSouthern College, graduating from the latter in 1916. In 1920 he gave up a promising professional baseball career with the Columbus fAmerif can Associationj team to become head coach at Centenary. He headed the Gentlemen staff for two years and then served as line coach under "Bo" McMillan for three seasons. When "Bo" left, Norton was offered and declined the position as head coach, but accepted the post in 1926, after another year as line coach, and held it until he came to Texas A. Es? M. in 1934. Norton tutored three undefeated teams in seven years while head man at Centenary. During the 1932 and 1933 seasons, his teams were undefeated in 20 straight games and unscored on in 14. In his seven years at Texas A. E63 M. his teams have won 51 games, lost 22 and tied 6. 384 it THE AGGIE F Front rave, left to right: Sibley, Abilene: Sterling, 1'anhandle: Spivey, Lu Hoiistong Richardson, Houston: Tulis. Fort XYortli. Second raw: Daniels, Bryan: Smith, Frisco City, Alahania: Porter, flehnri Dickey. Alto: Swank, Dallas. Third rote: Mercer, Temple: Maurice XVilliarns, Nlarlin: Rankin, Brenham: Sweetwater: Zapalac. Bellville. F01lff1lTVUTi'.' Miller, Belton: Pickett, Temple: Rogers, Blartg Roman, Hons Freer. Fifth row: Dawson, Crockett: Ruliy, XVacoQ Motley, Aliilene: Knight, Laliran Sirtlz row: Stout, Handley: Levy, Corsicana: Mulhollan, Belton: VVesson, T Back row: Head Coach Horner Nortong Backfield Coach Marty Karowg Lii The 1941 football prefseason dope predicated unanimously that the Bible Plan would finish first and the best the Aggies could do would be fourth. Nonfconference games ran true to form: however, the Aggies surprised many with their high scoring victories. While Texas was taking Arkansas. Rice and SMU in fashion the Aggies in less spectacular fashion were downing TCU. Baylor and Arkansas, As A. E! M. went into the SMU game fans had visions of an undefeated season for the Aggies and Steers, with the Turkey Day clash determinf ing the superior. TU dreams received a terrific jolting when Crain and Co. of TU were held to a 7f7 deadlock by the same Baylor team that the Aggies had defeated 48 to 0. The following weekfend proved more startling and revealing as A. E? M. took Rice in stride and TCU handed Texas its first defeat to assure A. Ei M. the conference flag. Not content with just the conference flag the Aggies were a determined group when they took the field against TU on Coaehegg NORTON ROLLINS Head End E5 GGlE 4 Ar .mtv GIE5 NQGIE5 P1 AD OOTBALL S fkm: Moser, S QU tcplicnvilln-1 Luetliy, Blunalians: hluiitgmiicry, Horan: Hemlvr-oii ieg llob XVilliains, lililoravlo: Felix llucek, Scliulenlinrgg llul-ler, San .Xiitoniug Skarke, Schulenhnre: Cox, Donna: XYolters, llallas: .Xn4lrieks, H-iiistmig X11-lister, ton: Slaughter, Houston: Simmons, Somerville: XYaile, Lexington: :mil Cowley. Schulenhurg: Andrews..Amarillo: and Moore, Fort Riley, Kansas l'ort XVortll: Lure. llillilanil, and 1Yaener, Yoakum. ames anil End Loach "Hough" Rollins. k. ge: Roy Buce empleg Maples, ie Coach, Hill J Thanksgiving Day, remembering well 19-1-U. For thirty minf utes they battled a determined group and then in the second half fell before the greatest Nrunnerfuph this conference has seen. taking with them the Thanksgiving Day jinx and many i'Bowl" dreams: however, invitations to play in Bowl Games did come as the Aggies defeated Washiiigton State in their final game. The Aggies were invited to play in the Cotton Bowl for the second year in succession, their opponent being Alabama. They accepted and were defeated, only after com- pletely outplaying the Crimson Tide, 29-21. Spivey and Ruby were elected captains. Moser was elected most valuable player and made the All-American teams of some sportswriters. Zapalac received the best block' ing back award and Sibley the best defense man award. Moser and Ruby received the Houston Post most valuable backfield and linemen awards. Sterling, Sibley, Ruby and Moser were unanimously chosen allfconfcrcncc. KAROXX' JAMES Ba.-ipaii Line .fi GWB GIE A N -5 3 9 W, .,......-in-0 .Y A i I, I ' :v,,.k - 1 qi 4 Il ANI! . "' ,f g b V as it .JA -... 49" g. ,,k' aw' 'ts is 'El is W Q? w' S F 'QR 'WJ' Texas Capital News Service, C yy gh! The Aggie "Bench" during the TU game Hggies Stage The Aggies were hosts to Sam Houston Teachers for the opener of the 1941 football season. The game proved conclusively that the team as a whole was in need of experience. It was not until late in the hrst quarter when the Daniels, Rogers, Andricks, Zapalac combination was obtained that the first touchdown was tallied. Spectacular runfbacks, end sweeps, and center plunges, netted 166 yards. Via air the Aggies added 182 more yards from the accurate arms of Moser and Daniels. Henderson, Rogers and Simmons gathered in their passes to account for two of the eight touchdowns, the first and last for the afternoon. Moser raced 69 yards through the Sam Houston secondary for the second RIEVVS IJICKEY 66 97 Eye-Opener score. Pickett and Daniels were credited with the third and fourth with center plunges and an end sweep. It was Moser again, passing to the Bfyard line and bucking the line to make it 34 to 0. The Aggies failed to count in the third quarter but Rogers took a punt early in the fourth, picked up his interference in midffleld, and raced 68 yards for a touchdown. Williams kicked the extra point to make it 41 to O. Then Williams, after his punt return, sprinted down the sidelines to score standing up. The final tally came after seven completed passes by Moser to Henderson and Spivey. Webster kicked his fourth extra point of the game making it Aggies 54, Sam Houston 0. LUETHY MOTLEY f1a1.......nlrlnInmnva 'T I-'rmif Voir: Taylor: Steinkcl Hall: Arnold: Clarkson: Jensen: Innes: Maris. Svroiiii ruzv: Sturlent Mgr. XYallerg llowgiellog Hillmrnq llolzmg Frzmksg Uxren: Rom-r-1 Hear: Fink. Tliirn' ruin: Trainer, Dill Terry: Hawk:-sg ljcrmlesg Fowlur: Sayln-rs: Ruckurg Hillcsyi:-1 Yarpo: Lim- fuacli Cal Iewctt: Head Coach A. Y. McCal7'.ini. 1'iunr!Iz row: Moore. lJ.g Hayes: Hallg Moore: l'riceg Kluster Snowden. Aggies Win in San Antonio Cn the night of Qctober 4, playing their first night' game in Texas, the Texas Aggies defeated the Texas A. E? I. lavelinas 41 to O in San Antonio. Coach Norton used every player available, and gave a fair prevue of what to expect from the Aggies in '41. The hustling Hogs put up a valiant light for most of the first half, and gave up only seven points to an Aggie team strong in reserves. According to the statistics the Aggies had a pushover, but not until HOLDER WEBSTER late in the second period, when Moser heaved a pass to Spivey, could they cross the A. E3 I. goal. After the intermission the Aggies came back and ran over the Hogs at will. Rogers and Williams each scored twice and Pickett once in the last half, and Webster added two extra points. The javelinas did very little offensive work, but displayed some defensive power. Stuart Clarkson, little AllfAmerican center, Al Dow' giello, and Russel Jensen paced the A. EG? I. team to their overwhelming defeat. M. XYILLIAMS SIBLEX NEW YORK UNIVERSITY SQUAD 1941 I-'rmzf wiv, iff! to rifflrr: Ilanviel Ilerlin, Jack Ilarniak, Harney fohen, John Ryan., Leonard Klauer, Nicholas Fortiage joseph Consagra, James Tighe, Louis Tisch, Vincent Reitzino, Joseph Frank. Vincent Finn. fuuuui wir, c u ri 1 5 Nzreice 'ennerly '. s' ' R gr.J, Pau Ilor Ff, Richard Cohen, Ross Cherico, Herbert S 1' ljtt illt Lli 1 lx Rarity I I 0 fhziiten, Morris iielman, Carlo Ilelfino, Samuel johnson, Rico Casucci. Leonard Bates, Albert Franz, Charles Heiser, Alverne fhalek, John Harland, Nathan XYachteI llireshnian lXIgr.J, roi I howit7 llavii Nlillman Frei Ceinashko Hichafl Yaremko John flxird rms, Ivy! fu riylitf Henry Majlinger. Mo t 1 -e ., . 1 . . 3 1 s . i -c I , Kammerer, Stanley Ralneznk, Joseph Karant. john ljraziano, Robert Haklisch, XYyatt Teubert, Irvin Kintisch, Lester llerkowitch, William Stoll. NYU Falls Under Aggie Power On Qctober 11, A. E3 M. played New York Univerf sity in massive Yankee Stadium. NYU held the Aggies to a 7f7 tie in the hrst half of the fray to amaze the 18,000 fans, but the Cadet passing game started clicking and A. Es? M. won easily 49f7. For one half, this was a brisk and interesting battle which saw A. Ei M. forge into the lead with a pass interf ception by Sibley and a 32'yard center plunge by Tom Pickett. The Violets quickly tied the count when Teubert picked up a vagrant Aggie pass and raced 64 yards down the sideline to score. Again NYU intercepted a pass and returned it to the Bfyard line. The maroon line held here to end the NYU threats for the day. lf, l1L'l.liK S'l'l-QRLIXH Derace Moser broke the deadlock in the third quarter by intercepting a pass and galloping 90 yards for the touchdown. Less than three minutes later, Spivey took an end zone pass from Daniels to termif nate a 44fyard drive. Bates of NYU returned the kickoff to the Aggie 24, but Spivey intercepted a pass and A. E3 M. was on another touchdown march which ended when Webster plunged over from the two. Pickett, Andricks, and Moser tallied in the fourth quarter as NYU wilted under the onslaught of the fresh Aggie backs. With only a second left to play, Moser was called from the bench to toss a '50fyard pass to Pickett on the Violet one. There's where the game ended. Webster converted after all touchdowns. ' RICHARDSON SPIVEY . aw -a.17 l il ? 1941 T. C. U. SQUAD Foiirtli row: Coach Dutch Meyer, Freshman Coach VValter Roach, ll. lflarges, J. E. Clark, A. D. Hogue, Clyde Flowers Woodrow Adams, llerrell Palmer, Sam Malloy, Jim Hampton, Line Coach Mike llrumbelow, Assistant Coach Hula BlcQuill:in. Third rouu' Athletic Director Howard Grubbs, Frank Medanich, Charles Conway, lion Eztll, Bill Ramsey, Fred Taylor, Iohn Bond, Frank Kring, Bob McCollum, Gus Bierman, Nolan Sparks, Van Hall, Trainer Albert Smith. Satanic! row: Leonard Pugh, Allen Pike, lfike H-arter, James kVOOl'lf:lll. A. C. Odell, Eugene Xlfilliford, Billy Blackston, Dee Ezell, Joe Rogers, Bob Moss, Capt. Bill Crawford. Front row: Sub-Capt. Phil Roach, Jim Pritchett, Drummond Slover, I. T. VVeblx, Emery Nix, Kyle Gillespie, Dean Bagley. Beecher Montgomery, Trotter Adams, Bruce Alford, Bob Looney. Aggies Win First Conference Game The fans of the Southwest Conference got their first view of the Aggies in Fort Worth on October 18. The Cadets clearly proved that another great A. Es? M. team was on hand by beating TCU 14fO. The first tally of the game came as the result of a 74fyard punt by Moser which set the Frogs back to their own 20. Ruby broke through and blocked Cillespie's punt and it rolled out of bounds on the TCU six. After two plays, Moser pitched a pass to Spivey who was alone on the Frog 5. Webster converted. This occurred in the first 4V2 minutes of play. From then on, it was the Aggies' game. Without the services of Kyle Gillespie, who was hurt early in ROGERS SIMMONS the game, the Frogs failed to hold the Aggies. Time and time again, A. E3 M. drove deep into TCU terrif tory. The Maroon line led by Ruby, Sibley, and Sterling held the Frogs to 71 yards net rushing. The second Aggie touchdown came in the middle of the last quarter, a short punt giving the Cadets the ball on the TCU 30. Leo Daniels passed to Sterling twice to carry to the Frog 14 and then tossed one to Harold Cowley for the counter. Web' ster added his sixteenth consecutive point after touchf down. A. Ee? M. used three good teams to down the Frogs, but Moser was the sparkplug of the A. Es? M. offense. His deep punts and thrilling punt returns were a thorn in the TCU side all afternoon. MULHOLLAN XVESSON . 00?-Gs..gy'f V 3 w f .139 .a'343Qs. t ff97QQ3Q' iron r07t'.' .liC3s, 'llson, Russell, lark BAYLOR U. s, Hickman. Griffin, Kittrcll, Scarborough, Nelson. Casey. I- t I XX bcruuil 1'01t'.' Liorlliohl, took, Lolcman, Jeffrey, XY. llamly, Bailey, Stephens, Bean, Barnett, Self, Gatewood, R. 1 l lam y. Tliiril rm." Robinson Runrzils, lllunfl, Eclmunson, Lindley, Mgr. King, Kimbrough. Crow, Patterson, Koch, Hen- rlcrson, Coleman, Robertson, Lnnilikili, Blerski, tram. lhgony, llewlon. Aggies Swamp Baylor The Texas Aggies, who bore in modest silence the doubt that they could ever recover from the loss of john Kimbrough and company, on Cctober 25 welded their claim to greatness by crushing a hapless Baylor team on Kyle Field. This was the Aggies' Hfth straight win of the season and was perhaps their greatest. Four and onefquarter minutes after the Aggies kicked oil, the score stood A. E3 M. 6, Baylor O. Moser picked up Wilson's 43fyard punt on the Aggie 45 and dashed to the Baylor 15 before he was thrown out of bounds. Moser made a first down and in two tries, Zapalac bucked over for the score. Websterls successful try for the point was not al' lowed because of an Aggie penalty and Zapalac missed the second try. In the next three minutes another seven points '1 ff-LIS R. BUCEK were added to the A. Es? M. score. This tally was started on its way by Sibley's interception of a Baylor pass, and Moser, by flipping passes to Sterf ling and Spivey, helped the ball to find its way to the other side of the goal. With the excellent playing of Moser, Daniels, Henderson, Roy Bucek and Rogers and four straight extra points being chalked up by Webster, the half found the score, A. Er? M. 37, Baylor O. The Cadet eleven started things going again in the third period by Holder's interception of Wilf son's pass. Andricks and Williams collaborated on the ground work to hit paydirt. Webster added the point thereafter. Then after a poor sixteenfyard punt a few plays later, the seventh touchdown and Webster's twentyfsecond straight consecutive point topped the day off with the final score, A. E5 M. 48, Baylor 0. ' MERCER ANDRICKS Qs Front row: Arlarns, Green, Bynum, Daniels, Scarborough, Paladino, Coats, Cato. M. Jones, Ilelmoner,o, Ramsay. Haynes, Neal, VVolf. Stroud row: Trainer Johnson, VVynne, Pitts, Cope, Sutton, Cialone, lllizzarrl, D. Innes, Hayden, Sweeten, Barker, Forte, MCN:-ir, Clark, Student Manager Lewis. Third rozv: Sports Publicity Director Porter, Assistant Coach Cole, Line Coach Rose, Sallings, Richards, Freeland, Golden, Tihbits, Johnson, Ross. Lawhon, Carter, Sissou. Fresh Coach Yan- Sickle, Fresh Coach Lambert, Head Coach Thomsen. X Hggies Eke Gut 7-0 Victory Over Flrkansas November 1, the Aggies traveled to Little Rock for their Conference game with the Arkansas Razor' backs. The Cadets found the Porkers keyed up for their homecoming and playing better football than they had shown all season. The game was a seesaw affair for three long quarters and neither team could gain an advantage. Each tried held goals but both attempts were unsuccessful. Once in the Hrst half A. E3 M. had an opportunity to score but Henderson fumbled past the 14 and the Aggies went back into the defensive game they had been forced to play for two periods. Finally, at the beginning of the fourth period, a pass by David Paul jones, Arkansas' deadly throw' WOLTERS WAGNER er, was intercepted by speedy Felix Bucek, guard for the Aggies. With beautiful interference, Bucek streaked 5 8 yards for the lone score of the tilt. Webster continued his consecutive conversion record and placed the ball through the uprights for the extra point. The statistics showed the Aggies trailing in almost every department. The Porkers completed 11 passes to the Aggies 6, and on the ground they held the Cadets to a net of 65 yards. Cn downs the Razor' backs also led with 12 of their own to 7 of the Aggies. The Cadets retained their hold on the Southwest Conference lead undefeated and untied but not until the hardffighting Razorbacks gave them a 7f0 scare. DANIELS HENDERSON r fliu SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD 1941 I'rl'.vI furry lvf! In rliflifj llill llioma' I ' lhstllizi, Roy Uwiiliy, Ttwl Rzlnisey, liol: Blailtlox, flnrcnee llootll, :mil I'Q4lu':ii'fl Klc-atlor. l 5u.fifiif rm.-: Ihck Smith. .Xlfreil Te-mil llorace Younu. llurnic Smith, Preston Johnston, Lynn llostick, Jack Klon- cricf. Iluril rum- lxr-lly Sinipson, tirziily Nt Lliir, Clarence Xlcklinii, lliclt Harris, Black Swaffor-l, Ray Rasor, Joe Bailey Scott, tins 'l'imm-ll. lfiiiirflz rmiu' Xlxiurice Tinsley, Stanley lbuvzill, XYaym- fsiiiililiell, Hrville Johnson, Jim Fitzpatrick, Xlfayne Palmer, RI urrny Klxmuriim. lfltffl PM-'S ll4'NUlf4l Xlfllvy, llurily Kllllvr. lfrito tloiualss, Roy lluccus, I.cnflon llavis, Jake Ifiiwcett, Cliff llagcrinan. - e - . u with rff:.': l, l. Moore. I-ill lxe:-cc, Joi- lhilv Xlarkette, Harry tiarflncr. Ilick Miller, Roland Goss :mtl Jim XVright. Aggies Rally Against S. M. U. Overtaking an SMU IO to 7 lead at half time, the Aggies rallied in the second half to chalk up their fourth Conference victory and their seventh for the season. The Aggies drove to the goal line in the first five minutes of play on passes from Derace Moser to Jim Sterling and Bill Henderson. Moser carried it over after faking a pass to Henderson and then slicing off tackle when the SMU defense fell back. Webster kicked his 24th consecutive extra point making the score 7 to U. In the second period the Mustangs used the tricky "quick line up" play and Johnston galloped 38 yards behind the interference of the entire SMU team. Johnston kicked the extra point which tied the score 7f7. Before the half was over, Bo Campbell place N'I7l,!lXll'QltY l'Il'Iili'I"I' kicked 25 yards giving the Ponies their IO to 7 lead. If the Mustangs dominated the game the first half, it would be putting it mildly to say the Aggies had possession of it throughout the latter half. Moser's coffin corner kick gave the Aggies a safety when Johnston stepped out of the end zone while attempting to kick out. Score: IO to 9. The last quarter resulted in 12 points through the MoserfSpivey combination. Twice they were sucf cessful in completing long passes which were in the end zone. Both attempts for extra points were wide and Webster's consecutive conversions ended at 24. The Aggies kept the Mustangs within their own Bifyard line during the last half and crossed the goal line twice themselves to make the final score Aggies 21, SMU IO. IXIUSER fXI.XI'l.IES ' f .9- 5I!35" rx -f '1 Qgazrvlg A . Q, J, 1 'V ' I wwf, cgi, if . 7 , x . . we ir. fe.sxmHfi if .f it lf' is D l 5 5' 1 K1 T 7 J . ,. J, . i .. 'Rx l.., lrice, 1-i, 1:15, lb. Dtal. IJ. btmltbriilg Il eg 3 . Mcllouzllci 23. Evuretti .Z-L Rall: 30, lirumlry: 31, Sim-llmyg 35, Stephens: 39, Zzmrlerg -ll, Ellis: 45. lluffg 43, Smithg -if-. Dickson: -W, llxzellc: SU, Sloan: 31. lllzickliurn: 54. Halcg OU, Humble: ml, Gofortllg ol, Arinstrongg 1.3, Bagwell: 04. llearmore: fm, Moore: 117, l.ooi1m-yi I+. Quillizmz NI, Nowlinl 7lJ, Halmlvergg 71, Noble. 73, llowen: 74, Hcarmlg 73. llrzmnnng 7n, Smllcr: 79. Klcfoy: Nl, Zimmerman: NK. Trvslig S-1, McLaughlin: 85, Scruggs: Sri, XYcllsg NR, Prichard, SU, l'hmrlil:, Aggies Clinch Title Cn the bright Saturday afternoon of November 15, the untied and undefeated Aggies beat the hard' fighting Rice 19 to 6. Moser, who favored an inf jured ankle, started the game and turned in two fine runs. In the first quarter he threw passes and ran to set up the first touchdown, which Andricks made from the sixfinch line. Daniels replaced Moser, and in the second quarter after returning Dwelle's punt '55 yards to the Rice 24, he threw a pass which Rogers took on the 10 and carried over to make the score A. fs? M. 13, Rice O. The Aggies scored their last touchdown late in the second quarter. Webster threw a long pass to Sterling who was downed on the Rice 6. Then Daniels threw a pass to Rogers deep in the end zone for the score. The extra point was missed and the first half ended. Score: A. E? M. 19, Rice 0. Rice came back strong for the second half, and in the first minutes of the fourth quarter, sparked by Brumley, they made their only marker of the day with Brumley taking the ball over from the four. The rest of the game was defensive with no scoring threats. Some of the standouts of the game were Sibley, Sterling, Ruby, and Dickey for the Aggies. For the Qwls Blackburn and Sloan were outstanding. The game ended with the score, A. E! M. 19, Rice 6. As the game ended the Aggies went crazy when they heard that the mighty TCU Frogs had defeated the highly favored Texas Longhorns, thus, assuring the Aggies at least a tie for the Conference Title again this year. COX ZAPALAC RUBY UOWLEY Bffltum rmu, Inf! tn Vlvgllllf Spot Collins, Max Minor, fizickie Fin-lil, Larry Lirant, jack Sachse, Haroltl Fischer, joe Parker, I Nl 18 ll rri Ili l l ni. Q eu rj xi is, :rrr Qi t. Scrum! ron-: ll, X. llililc tconclil, Preston lfliniriean. Noble IM-s, Spec Sanilers, I'ete Layvlen tel, jack Crain, Vernon Martin, l'lial Daniel. Mike Sweeney, Malcolm Kntner. R. L, llarkins, llully Hilstrap tcoachl. 1 limi! wir. Xlillun Kelly ttrninerl, An-lrey Hill, llerwootl Peveto, lin L'ul1enonr. Julian Garrett, Stanley Mauldin, Jack XYL-st. XVally Scott. XYziltt-r llezip. lluvltly jiiiigiiiichel. Fniirllx rim: lbernp Harris. l'ete Nlitiieton, Lewis Mayne, George XYulkins, Hulnn liutfnian, Leslie Proctor, Vic jordan, . . .. , , , . . ,ine Scliwzirting, I'rit.c Lolnlvrtes, lxalpli lark, lilair Lherry tcmiclil. I Taj' rtfzuf XY:iltun Roberts, Y. IJ. llaisey, Roy Ilzile Mcliay, Henry Harkins, Ken Matthews, Zeulil k'onoly,Gra1ly jordan, NYontly johnson. Earl Shelton lnigr.l. Aggies Winning Streak Halted Rembering the defeat handed them by a Texas Longf horn team on a Thursday afternoon one year prevf ious, the Aggies on another Thursday afternoon at' tempted to even up the score. Playing a truly inspired and great game the Texas Longhorns handed the Aggies a spectacular defeat. For the first time in the experience of the varsity players, they met defeat on Kyle Field. The Kyle Field "Jinx" had been broken. During the first two quarters, the battle was on even terms. The first score of the game came fiftyffive seconds before the half. Sanders broke around left gud and ran fifty yards to put the ball on the Aggie 23. After two plays, putting the ball on the 9fyard line, with Doss holding, Crain kicked a field goal. The third period began with an eightyftwo yard kickfoff return by Doss. Sterling and Roy Bucek of SMITH l'HR'l'liR the Aggies caught Doss on the 20. Four plays later, Layden handed the ball to Crain who went for a touchdown. After the third tally the Aggies rallied. Daniels began passing with an unequaled accuracy and the Cadets again went on the offensive. However, the Aggie attack bogged down and the Longhorns, in possession of the ball, headed for another touchdown making it by sheer power and agility combined. During the fourth quarter the Aggies threatened but the game was too far gone, and the game ended with the score, A. Ei M. O, Texas 23. For the second time, a year after the first defeat in two years, A. Es? Mfs winning streak was again broken by the same team. With heavy hearts the Cadet Corps and the many ExfAggies listened to Taps for the second time in two years. KNIGHT HOB XVIl-LIAMb WASHINGTON STATE COLLEGE 1941 FCOTBALL TEAM Rciniiixfl from iff! to figflzf, fran! to back, First rvm'.' llzive Currie, Eugene Evans, Ellflic J. Pillings. Toe Hemel. Earl Brenneis, Bob Kennedy. Gi-nv C. Arucr, Ray Palmer. 5000114 roztu' Bill Holmes. lion Hoyle, Herb Coclfrey, llill Sewell, joe lleckman, llale Gentry, Bill XYard, Iw-lix Fletcher, lhick Bailey. Tlzirii' rn:i'.' Doc llnlim, Jay Stoves, Nick Susoeff, Mel Hollien, XYno1ly Russ, Max lmilgv. Sli , , . g Zemny, Buster Holllnuluery, lialie Hollingbery. Buck raw: l' cl Spiegellieru, Bill Remington, Earl llrenneis, Frml Small, lim XYright, tie 1, XY. Dyson, 1111 tlustrtfsou, james XYoo:l1ly, Frank Loiulns, Washington State Defeated 7-0 The Aggies were again victors in the battle lines of the Nation's football greats. Traveling 5,000 miles to Tacoma, the Southwest Conference Champions with thoughts of the Rose Bowl still playing on their minds won the "Evergreen Bowl Classic" with a score of 7 to O. The redfshirted W. S. C. eleven put up a brilliant battle. In fact, it was the first to cross the goal line at Stadium High School Field. Billy Sewell, the Cougar backfield ace, shot a perfect pass to Bob Kennedy who never stopped running until he crossed the goal line. However, the two Cougar guards left the line too fast and the play was ruled illegal. The play that cooled the Cougars off was a spec' ROMAN CURE tacular pass from Leo Daniels to Cullen Rogers. Daniels pitched one to Marshall Spivey to cover 11 yards and place the ball on the Cougars' 38fyard line. Then he hit Rogers, who had gotten past halfback Felix Fletcherg Rogers faked Stoves off balance, tore away and galloped on for six points. lake Webster kicked the extra point. The Cougars threatened late in the game. By passes and running plays, they marched to the 12' yard line where Bill Sibley intercepted Sewell's pass. This was Sibley's tenth interception in the season and his third in the game. The Aggies headed for home and after a few days rest resumed practice for the 1941 Cotton Bowl Classic. SKY.-XNK SI,.XL'GlITER ll 1 .f X 1 J A yt? oiaff "-925 ,. Y-5,31 .n,, is E , . - , . ,, ' K Ita, ' a .' ,n . .' 'F N ' -M ,R .2 .wvxilf bk ' X , Nw, -1 , be: ii . ' f' v if " Q "6"F:Xfs:1- t . x4 K . ff Tv , ,N ..- , gd b - - 1 ' 3, .',,:.fi'x 5 x ' ., : fg. . ? 'X ' ' -' , 4 A ' , A 13: m ' .- 1 - ,A 's., - . A, P VIN , .V ,Un ., ' .-----. '. .,1, 4, 'Q 1, Auf, '- A 4 - 'fl' I "- f5g52Ti1ffk.4,,,g,,i"w'. ' s. 0 'wi ,. , W A SNP." 1: . 'flv ,'v . . . Y ' ' 1 ,. 1- , . ffm 6 if , -9 . ,. x f A .1 'fb 4 '- 1- - '75 " It , vw A ' dd ' u .i . H fl 4 ! Q v if n up fs we 1 , ..1 , L., in ' L' 1 L' V25 ' uf Er ii' Q L 1 +2 r , 5 K Qi-'N . -... -'S 5 s .lr 1 .: " . O . ' M . ' - ' '- ' N! g., , Q . . !,'I N A-5 I' ' xg A ,l A, E, ' Hi U - 1' V A- ,. Q - w. , ,we A A , "wr is .4:N, av- 151, . 1 ,QS- A Ivr,!NVf V X V V f r r x 4 - , r ' V kr, X, 5 A U. 4 H-'fry-3 C V A Q. .. 2 0 . fx G1 Ft' g,.f4,gf ,Q I lx, If '- -, fp- 1 f P-wx! x 1:15 9 :42-2-sup . yf 44 M 4 " 'as L.. N . J' N 'L qw-1. ,if-, X ' - ,XA-Y rmi Qt rl , ny +4.wfv .' -- PM xxx wx A 1' iff. rg- 955' .ff ' u A ' 1,1 ,337 :tin -'W ,,,?,' ' ' '-'. -- f -., gk 0 ,,Qgxx,,.,,-.ga 5 , N-.lx ff' , K 'T--'i?,f:fZ -',:J,,"l',v 3,1 ' K. up "' 5' 4 ' ,,v'f a . , J7fjsk'1'S. V .Q fix f" fy gg! my K x , 5 ,,.1 f 165 L- fx , Y .ff . .-haf-Y' 'A g, v 1 Y' 5 ' J' 5, 'Y -. .f.-.I 'hx 3. ft.- : S 1 if Ltd 'IJRKQY rf' . 4' W -s 9 .-.2 'vs . V - . 1 V 5 f. , .-ui,-. rgfgi K- A .4 xQff j, 5, YQ' 1 .F 1' V x ,M H 4 ,'t,"44 xx ff 'e '- , -P--N: -if "'-.'f' ' 'L f' N' Q' , 5 V5.2 ' I- ft' .a-1. , 9 13- - AJZB1 f,.f- . f W Vi VW' ' A'.!5,.e.w -5, ff, L 'ff' mu, '3 11- kr',-,. f- f., 4341, -,,,, ' F'-fffxo rv' 3'-gk ' - -. 'Zh . , W' ' A I . X nf' 1. - .3'?'Q-ig' V11 1, , -Ar. K , ' ' -Q -- , .gf fi' 4.-A: ,474 X- -5 .s ',A'y 'V' -- - 1 Ea., '-.ig .f ,Tag '-',.,I,.-33,1-gg. " 5-f, 3, , ,. 1 s" , . A - 1 5 A , ,Z , vb . 'lx if Lk ' 49.4 I . -'AVG -.v-sqxehsvi ., if gi-3+ - " -an .-.,,,.., 4 W' 2' ff: ,v..f,LL Aggies stop Brimiley. Spivey talqes one on tlie run against SH. Brzinilcy again stopped. Vx'illiains against SHSTC. Rogers and a NTU Indian waltz One. XX'elister lrliiffing tliat Nigger again. XVilliani.s evading tlie Baylor boys. . N-' ' -.f.41,g,v, A,- l.2v,...h.g.v..a. 1 2 3 4 S 'mf The Aggie forward wall beating TCU to tlie piincli. Biicclq boys Hcloseftallgiiigf' "Bama" on the loose against A. 59 I. Six of tlie tiventyftliree. Spivey liitting tlie terra frma under tlie opserf iiation of Iitterpiig. New Year s Day found the Aggies making a return engagement for tne annual Cotton Bowl game in Dallas. Vwfith them came football fans from all over the country South East West and North Dallas was jammed to the brim. An out' standing classic was to be play ed in the Cotton Bowl with the Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Aggies of Texas A. M matched in what was prophesied to be an unpredictable battle Aggies old and new along with the great 210 piece Aggie Band and thousands of loyal new and old football fans followed the Aggie pack Hospitality on the part of the Cotton Bovxl Association and the citizens of Dallas gave them all a grand reception No one could leave Dallas without the satisfaction of having been well treated. The kickoff found ww OOO fans huddling in the cold anxiously awaiting the moment. A. E? M, won the toss and soon found out that they were faced with a hard Bghting Crimson Tide who took advantage of all of the breaks that fell their way and refused to be stopped just before the end of the first period Daniels returned a punt 4w yards to the Alabama 19fyard line with Cowley blocking out three men at once On the second play of the second quarter Daniels passed to Cowley, who went over untouched for the first tally of the game Within five minutes the Crimson Tide answered back. A fumble on the part of the Aggies on their own 75 was covered by Whitmore In four plays Craft went over, making the score 7 to 7. It was in the early part of the second half that Nelson of the Tide broke the 7 to 7 tie with a 72fyard touchdown run Trailing 1 to 7 the Aggies again lost out on a fumble This continued until the early minutes of the last quarter. when Alabama added a field goal and a touchdown to pile up a lead of 29 to 7. The Aggies fought back marching 53 yards for their second touchdown with Daniels flipping passes to Sterling and Spivey and Webster plunging over. Again in the closing minutes they struck this time making the counter with a queer break. Mosers 35fyard pass bounced out of the hands of Nelson who was all set for another interception, into the fingers of Sterling who crossed the goal line. The Aggies magnificently outplayed the Alabama Crimson Tide but Lady Luck was against them. Taking advanf tage of everything that smiled at her the Tide with perfect heads up play proved to be one of the teams that the Aggies did not defeat, and handed the Aggies their first Bowl failure. When the timekeeper's gun blasted away. he not only marked the end of the game but also the college football career for fourteen Aggie seniors. And so this last bit we dedicate to Spivey, E. Smith, Porter, Moser, Wade, Richardson. R. Bucek, Motley, Ruby, Wesson, M. Williams, Sterling, and Cowley, who had seen the great Aggie team win two unchallenged conference championships and one cofchampionship. Hlabama 29, Texas H84 m. 21 my . . 'll ,v S'- F Q ff . . 'D - ,rg-E" Viv xi -uv .ga . 'bp- ms 5559, N 6. A x .Q 'x www geo Qt.:- 1 Q N ' 1 1 1 'L I1 -Mai .1 v- JD 4 .-v "1 . - A nh"-' ,,. ' H.. , w"', I K-1 41- ,93 - :ff 415. I a 6 . I HID? 4-X , Y.. 1 Uncle Sam Calls Million Dollar Band Buck arrives for the game Two Million Dollar Band E? 6. "The Team" arrives - rougli OPPOSITE PAGE Added attractions Daniels away Spivey picks up ten yards Three points for tlie 'fide Aggies converge A. CT M. lqiclqsfoff to Alabama Cowley scores Aggies take over Well, anyway "well skin the laps 1 F' .gg fl ' ,, -ia! x h C54 xx FI H FO0TBl?lll Cofcoaches Manning Smith and Charlie De Ware started out this season with a Fish Football Squad 120 strong. Gf these about one hundred remained on hand all of the time and quite a few of these turned out for spring practice on the football field to appear as varsity men next year, insuring the Aggies of an outstanding team during the 1942 season. The Fish started out their season by defeating the Allen Academy Ramblers 4OfO. In this game Otto Payne and George Wilde were the standouts in the backfield and Tom Coers, johnny Davis and Damon Knight in the line. After defeating the Rice Slimes by an extra point, the Aggie Fish made ready for the meeting with the Texas Longhorns. However, November 15 grades came out and took a great number of the Fish stars and thus weakened the team, and although playing a good game the Aggies went down before the Texas freshman who gathered in six interceptions, by a score of 18f7. Cther seasonal standouts in the Fish team included Ed Dusek, Bill Thomas, Barney Welch, Nute Trotter, jim Cody, Norm Brown, John Knight and many others. The 1942 Aggie varsity team will bear watching. 404 BILL HENDERSON Captain MARTY KAROW Basketball Coach G I G 'fs ls is I BHSKETBHLL The 1942 Basketball season found the Aggies under the direction of a new coach. Marty Karow was relieved of coaching baseball and assigned to basketball when Hub McQuil1an joined the TCU coaching staff. To say that the team finished sixth, won four and lost eight in the conference race does not indicate the successfulness of the cagers. They were sucf cessful in defeating Rice and lead such teams as Arkansas, who Hnished in a tie for first, and Baylor through the last minutes of play. It took 'a stubborn Rice ive to down the Aggies in the last minutes of their second encounter. The Aggies were a constant threat to their opponents and Coach Karow may be credited with a successful first season. 406 The warm up games were 1'iOt as successful as they might have been, the basketball team lacked practice and the Cotton Bowl Football game was given the greatest amount of em' phasis. The Aggies met Sam Houston Bearf kats and were handed a stirring defeat, 33 to 50, in the season's opener. The Bearkats took the lead early and were out in front all of the way. As for other prefconference games. the Aggies won three and lost eight, playing L. S. U., Kentucky University, Purdue, Brad- ley Polytechnic, Qregon State College, and Washington University. Saturday, January IO. in a conference open' er in Austin, the Aggies were downed 46 to 32 by Texas University. The Aggies started the scoring but soon lost out, for after sinking a few fast ones, the Longhorns were soon put in a safe position. Three days later the Aggies defeated the Rice Qwls 36 to 34 in perhaps the biggest upset win during the season, Rice had been the prefseason basketball favorites. Rice, on the other hand retaliated by handing A. 89 M. a similar twofpoint marginal defeat in De Ware Field House. A rejuvenated Baylor team defeated the Aggies in their Hrst home game by a score of Baylor takes one of the backboard ,V 5.-fa. 5- le '33 l XV,-XTKINS FEDEX UNDERVVOOD DAXYSl JN Two p0i11tS l 1 l l " if t 9 aff 2,1 ."x , , Q9 235 ,, . 47, gi? P x hx- is . ff ' ' 1 I X 1 i .x Y, . .1-.. ,-. ,.,,x .x. Q.. . --ff -, mfi,,,, , 1 L..,Vk.. . ., N11 .vs I wM,,,,,,,X., ..,. , N159 .52'm, ,. I G?" if 1' e, X Z5 75 qw . ii 0 , 1 I hi I f V- I V if 1 5---- 'ffgw1-f Q! , we -. Y 1 X131 1 N' In gg. 5, ' ji fm! B.. 123553 I .f .j?,.f y Il, L, J f'iQg-' 'QkfLg'LL" ls lk FI H Blll I-SETBHLL This year's Fish squad had the best season of Aggie Fish squads in many years. They entered competition with seven squads and were victorious over five squads. They won from the Rice Slimes, Texas Yearlings, Tyler junior College, jacksonville Iunior Collegeiand Allen Academy and lost to the Slimes and Yearlings. Breaking even in competition with other fish conference squads foreshadows the achievements of past teams. The Fish, teamed with the ineligibles, furnished the Varsity with stiff competition in their workouts and in one overftime period the Fish and Ineligibles were victorious. Standouts on the Fish Squad were Buddy Moore and Harry Hope. Eight men lettered and should all these men enter varsity competition it would strengthen the varsity squad. This year's Fish were coached by Manning Smith who was ably assisted hy Wm. DaWson,.last year's varsity captain. 410 JAMES THOMASON Captain i DOUGH ROLLINS Head Coach john W. Rollins is a stranger to the Aggies, but all of them know "Dough," He is busif ness manager of athletics, end coach and head track coach. In addition to all of these, "Dough" is probably the most fluent of the Aggie coaches at afterfbanquet speaking. He has had a hard pull to get the Aggies back on an equal basis in track. Prospects and inter' est was at a low ebb when he started his work in 1935 . His teams have shown a steady im' provement since, and this year the Aggies rate as a distinct threat to the supremacy of Texas and Rice. "Dough" is an allftime Aggie great, starring in football in 1914f15f16, captaining the team in 1916. He played on the 36th Division team in the A. E. F. in which he was a Captain of Infantry during the World War. After the war he entered the coachf ing profession as head coach at Wesley College, Greenville. He served East Texas Teach' ers College from 1930 to 1934 where he had an outstanding record as head coach. 412 THE 1941 SQUAD The Season The first 1941 meet in which the Aggies particif pated was the Border Olympics held in Laredo on March 7. The Longhorns took top honors, but the spotlight was on the 12Ofyard high hurdles race. Bucek topped the timbers in 14.7 seconds, just three tenths of a second over Fred' die Wolcott's record. The first big meet was the 19th Annual Southwestern Exposition on March 15 th. Texas totaled 5 9 points to win the contest, A. E3 M. scored 42V2, and the Uniyerf sity of Oklahoma placed third with 18 points. However, the Aggies cleaned up in the Pre' paratory and Freshmen Division. The football relay team composed of Moser, Knight, Bucek, and Smith, came in ahead of the others. A. Ee? M., Texas, and Abilene Christian College par' ticipated in a triangular meet on March 28. Texas took 13 out of 16 firsts to win. Watkins LRI H F BLCEI-x R BLCILK unit RE 413 IRAIZK -i- Start of the mile at the Conference Meet took the pole vault. Bill Henderson clinched his third letter by tying for first in the high jump and taking second place in the javelin throw. jim Thomason celebrated his 21st birthday by taking first in the shot put. Early in April, the Aggie thinly clads eased out a close victory in a dual meet with Rice. The victory was marred by an injury sustained by Derace Moser. Bucek ran the hurdles in 14.8, boosting his total points to eight with Watkins matching him for the same num' ber. In the Texas Relays in Austin Bucek lost a close race to Woens of Howard Payne who ran the high hurdles in 14 flat. Bama Smith led the Aggie squad to another victory in a quadrangular meet at Waco. Smith won the 100 in 9.8 while Pete Watkins made a tremendous 6 foot 7 leap to win the high jump. The Aggies collected a total of 74 points. SMU placed second with 48 while Baylor and TCU held the cellar with 23 and 19 points, respectively. Roy Bucek kept up his excellent record by winning his heat in the Drake Relays with the fast time of 14.7. MAYICR RICKS SMITH SPIYEY VVATKINS Ftnzia s - .- 7 5 Kg., -yvvfxv: " Fvj 'HL ,A.'l?" 'i . . M xt the "Little Conference" meet held at College Station May 2, Texas, Rice, and the Aggies ran their nnual race which usually determines the conference champion. Texas U took 8 firsts and rolled up 75 oints to win the meet. Rice followed with 5 IVZ points and 5 firsts while the Aggies trailed with 43V2. 7he Bucek brothers and Pete Watkins gathered the only three hrsts for A. E5 M. Roy Bucek also tied lolfernach of Texas for high man with 10 points to his credit. The big three of Southwest Conference rack - Texas, Rice, and A. E5 M. - finished in that order in the Conference Track Meet held May 10 i Austin. The brightest spot in the picture from the Aggies standpoint was the showing made by Roy Sucek, hurdler, who won a gold watch for being the individual high point man of the meet with HV2 oints. Captain Thomason was fourth in the shot put while Henderson placed second in the 88Ofyard un. The Aggies finished second in both the 440 and 880 relays. The final standings of the six confer' nce teams were: Texas 64, Rice 4OV2, A. EG? M. 31, SMU 17, Arkansas ll, Baylor 7, and TCU 5 I -r T' Bucek taking the Q hurdles k IENDERSON R. HENDERSON HENRY KNIGHT LANEY FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD The Texas Aggie track stock appeared very much better in 1941 because of the improved freshman track squad. Under Coach Dough Rollins they showed up fairly well under stiff competition. In their first meet, the Freshman and Prep school division of the Fort Worth Track and Exposition Meet, they placed first with a heavy margin, piling up 56V2 points to BZVZ for the second place Texas Yearlings. The outstanding runner at this meet was Emerich Labus. On April 5, in the Texas Relays, the Fish did not fare so well, placing third: however, in the meet with the john Tarleton Plowboys the squad redeemed itself. Texas A. E? M. Fish ran away with the contest, winning by a 38 point margin, taking 11 out of 15 hrsts. Truman Cox was the top hurdler and as shot putters james Montgomery and Leonard Dickey held their own. In the pole vault division, jim Goatley, who had never before vaulted, successfully took it up under an upperclassman's coaching. Cox and Dickey were stars in discus throwing. ' 416 1 MARION PUGH Captain if-is Ok-:luis MARTY KAROVV Head Coach BH EBI-Ill Marty Karow, the genial njackfoffallftradesl' for the Aggie coaching staff, is good at all, contrary to the nursery rhyme. He has had a hand in three major sports at A. E3 M., football, baseball and basketball. Marty has had a colorful and varied sports career. He graduated from Qhio State University where he was a star in football, basketball and baseball. He jumped from the campus to the major leagues, playing with the Boston Red Sox for a while. He was sent to the minors for seasoning and began coaching as backheld coach, freshman baseball coach, and head basketball coach at the University of Texas. In 1936, having quit baseball, Karow coached at the U. S. Naval Academy for two years, leaving there to come to A. E5 M. Marty has developed a number of outstanding baseball and football stars. He kept his hand in by playing semifprofessional ball, but at last accounts he had fallen to the level of softball. 418 X1 Front raw, left to right: HENRY LINDSEY, IOHN RIZER, KEITH ALDRICH, IRA GLASS, ,TACK VVILLI.-XBIS, CECIL BALLOVV, BILL BLACK. Second row: CHARLIE STEVENS-ON, IACK LINDSEY, HUBERT MOON, MARION PUGH, MARLAND JEFFREY, ROY PEDEN, LESLIE PEDEN Third row: BILL HENDERSON, REX FRANCIS, LEMUEL BUMPERS, JOHN SCOGGINS, COACH MARTY KAROXV, XVELDON CARDEN, BILL BL LH-XIX AN CULLEN ROGERS, FRANK MITCHELL. SOUTHWEST CO FERE CE Final Baseball Standings 1941 W University of Texas ................... 12 Texas ABM. ....................... 11 Baylor ............................. 8 S.M.U. ............................ 6 Rice .............................. 5 T.C.U. ............................ 1 419 5, Percentage .800 .733 .5 71 .429 .385 .067 BASEBAH effres Scores K Against T.L'. The 1941 Season Picked by the sportswriters to finish lwehind Texas U. in the 1941 conference race. the Aggies lived up to all expectaf tions. hut not until they had staged a whirlwind finish which scared the living daylights out of the "keepers" of the Forty Acres hy trouncing the Longhorns in two out of three contests. The Aggie nine lost their share of the confer' ence flag in the last game of the season when Lefty Golden. of the Baylor Bears. pitched It-IVE innings of hitless ball to down the favored Cadets. Lefty Bumpers was voted MostfValuahle player at the end of the season, and 1. D. Scoggins was elected next year's captain, Lefty Bumpers and J. D. Scoggins were named as AllfConference players. Conference Baylor On March 28. the Aggies opened their conference season with a 1OfO victory over the Baylor Bears. The first Aggie run came in the third inning when Bumpers walked, Rothe sacrificed him to second, and Rex Francis singled to send Bumpers across the plate. In the fourth frame A. if M. scored four more runs and in the sixth they knocked Miller of Baylor from the mound to send four more men around the diamond. But Baylor gave the Cadets' pennant hopes a severe jolt the next afternoon, when they took a thrilling ll inning contest 7'5. The Bears jumped on Stevenson for Hr 1 INN L. l'I-QDEN MOON PUGH i Z l 4 2 Y' L,,il. iss 'Q -1 xxx TU L 1 1 X three runs in the first inning. Bill Henderson relieved him and was replaced by Bumpers in the fourth when he allowed two men to cross the plate. The next five innings was a pitchers' duel between Lefty Bumpers and Lefty Golden of Baylor-the best southpaws in the league. Bumpers, who had seen service the preceding day. retired in the ninth and Roy Peden finished the struggle for the Cadets. Rice The next pair of games, though they were 14 days apart, were against the Qwls. The first, which was played on April 4, was a superb pitching preformance by Lem Bumpers who allowed 2 hits, walked two, and fanned eight. Only thirty men came to the plate and only one of these reached third. Double plays helped Bumpers out in the 7th and 9th innings when more than three men faced him, Marland jeffrey led the Aggie hitting with three hits in four tries. Final score: Aggies 103 Rice O. On April 18, the Owls fell 9f5 before the Cadets. The heavy hitting of the Aggies led by Buchanan, Lindsey. Scoggins and Glass was too much of an offense to overcome. On the following day, Rice hitting dominated and they gained a victory scoring six runs in a hectic third inning to win the melee 6f3. S.M.U. C95 TCU. The irst two weeks in May saw A. Ei M. wrap up six straight victories. Un May 1. 15 hits and numerous Frog errors aided the Aggies in downing T.C.U. On May 2 Lefty Bumpers struck out 10 S.M.U. batters while his teamfmates HENDERSON ROGERS lZL'CH,-KN,-XX f' l .1 X Il SlBAll After btoggm M 'ge Homered Q J Against 'se ba BASlBAll I' Laxden s Tenth IHHIFIQ Homer were rapping Brooks Atchison. Mustang pitcher, for 4 douhles. l triple, and two homers to take the Ponies SG. The next days game was much closer. Bill Buchanaifs home run broke up a pitching duel in the Sth between Roy Peden and Atwell Tessman when he slammed one of Tessmans fast halls over thc fence to score Cecil Ballow ahead of him. Jeffreys foul line circus catch staved a Mustang threat in the ninth, and the game ended 2f1 in favor of A. 3 M. On their northern tour the Aggies had little difhculty in taking a hrace of games from T.C.U., Sf6 and 13f1, and a final game from S.M.U. lflfl. Texas Texas invaded Kyle Field on May 16. The cadet corps will long rememher the two hattles fought here. Six thousand frenzied fans saw Lefty Bumpers outlast three Texas pitchers to down the Steers 3-2 in the opening game. In the third inning, the head of the Texas lwatting order loaded the hases. jack Stone, cleanfup man. came to bat and with a 30. count hit into a douhle play to end the threat. In the eighth frame, A. E? M. scored on the squeeze play, the oldest and most difficult play in hasehall. Pugh walked, went to second on a wild pitch, went to third on a pass ball, and scored when Red Carden layed down a perfect hunt. This proved to he the winning run and gave the Aggies a tie for the championship. Saturday May 17, hefore a large crowd, A. EE M. forged into a onefgame lead with a headsfup 7f5 victory over the Steers. Texas took an early lead when Pete Layden homered in the first, but the Aggies were quick to erase the T.U. SILX EXNHX I. LINIDSEY HALLUVV BUMPERS lead when Scoggins hit for the circuit. The Longhorns' hitting power dominated in the next five innings and they gained a 5f3 lead. Loading the bases in the eighth with no outs, A. E! M. pounded out four hits and as many runs to take the conference lead. During the entire Sth frame the Aggie band played "Wildczat." Bumpers came into the game to retire the side with no runs. Juniors and Seniors were granted excused absences on Monday May 19 to follow the Aggie nine to Austin in order to witness the final and deciding game of the series. Rains threatened to postpone the game but Clark Field was rapidly put into playing condition. A. Ei M. started the scoring in the second inning when Rex Francis went home on Scoggins' single to right field. Texas counted twice in the fifth, but Scoggins again came through with a homer to even the count as he had done the game before. The next three innings developed into a pitching duel between two of the best pitchers in the conference-Lefty Bumpers of A.E95M. and Melvin Deutsh of Texas. The game went into extra innings. In the tenth inning Pete Layden homered over the center field fence to give the Longhorns a SQ win and a tie for the championship. Cadets well remember the reception and hospitality extended them by the T.U. student body. A deadlock for the championship loomed as each team had a postponed game remaining against a comparatively weaker opponent. Texas ran true to form and defeated T.C.U. 120. The Aggies didn't fare as well and their championship hopes were shattered when Lefty Golden of Baylor silenced the Cadet guns with live scoreless innings and Baylor won 3f1. Bumpers allowed Baylor but four hits. GLOSSY R.PEDEN JEFFREY Q. BASIB ll Francis Beats One Out Against Texas 5 ,m yd f aff . ew, ' fig.: f CARDEX The Freshman Baseball Squad of 1941 showed very little promise in their games this sea' son. There was a shortage of material, and a greater lack of experience, Some of the Fish showed potential power and promise of developing with time and added play. The Fish started off their season with a loss to the Allen Academy Ramblers O to 1. Wendell Acrey displayed good pitching by striking out 13 men in this game. The Fish lost the next two games to the Texas Yearlings 0 to 4 and 1 to 19. Errors and lack of batting power were the main causes of these losses. On May 10, the Fish defeated the classy john Reagan Bulldogs of Houston 7 to 2 for the only win of the season. The Fish closed out the season with losses to the Baylor Cubs and another loss to the Allen Ramblers. The team was coached by the very capable Harry Faulkner. 424 T. S. C. W. RIFLE TEAM : ' . .KN IAXIJIR. LHNXXAX, Lf:f't.,' Xlclxfj. R116 lull, l..Xl'll,XBl. l'r'.fu! ruin, lrrt iw rm!!! XX lX'l l'l 5 - I A' ' f, 7 PXVLIXIQ, .XRT AILXNISHN, Lifurllg ILUUIDNIAN, LUHN lmik ww. I.-rr ri- 11,1111 II HNXUX it Lnor Porfd The 1942 varsity water polo team won the Texas State WaterfPolo league, ul E R enjoying an undefeated season. High scorers for the Aggies were Renaud and McKey with 16 points each and Taylor with 11 points. A. 59' M. downing 'T.U Scores of the games played were: A.G'M oPPoNENTs 12 Galveston 2 16 Galveston 3 18 Texas U. 1 13 Texas U. 7 S Campus Club 7 8 Campus Club 7 426 5 5.11.5 E ',,,.....ma"' Front row, left to right: LOONEY, CUWLING, MEYER, LAPH.-XM. Middle row, left ta right: STEVENS, VVINTERS, TAYLOR. CONXVAY, C'apt.,' NVEIRUS, LOOMIS, BAIRD. Back raw, loft to riiflxt: ICHNSON, MCKEY, ART ADAMSON, C'0urlz,' GOODMAN. This year the swimming team won four meets, tied one meet, and lost one meet on its annual tour. This year's tour was through the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Arkansas. The team won over Auburn, Emery University, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Castle Height Military Academy, inop tied Dallas A. C. and lost to Georgia Tech. Cn the tour the performances of the medley relay team were outstanding, composed of Captain Ernie Conf S ul I m way, Bob Cowling and Fred Renaud it set pool records at Dallas and Emery University. Taylor set a record in the 220 event at Emery and was highf point man against Tennessee University. In other contests the Aggies defeated Dallas A. C. in the Downs Natatorium. Cowling of A. E3 M. set a record in the breast stroke. Green of Dallas set a record in the 220, and the medley relay team again proved itself by setting a new record. The Aggies upset the dope bucket by defeating T. U. for the first time since the conference started. In the Southwestern A. A. U. meet the team finished second. The Aggies won five firsts in the conference meet to take only second place, los' ing 83 to 70, Texas taking first. S. M. U. won third with 17 points and Baylor fourth with 10 points. The medley relay team was undefeated all year as well as was Cowling in the breast' stroke. Taylor and Cowling missed the national meet held at Harvard because of trans' portation problems. Finish of the SWC meet backstrolge 1 - -- -A - ik- rt' x 'ISLE . ,,.-,,.df.l"' ...I- g ,. , .. . , , , . ,, If: "T V :sf-'av - fa.-:ix .Searls In I ll 6 TH, Lnoucll FERNANDEZ PEARCE r SCH.-XS MARSHALL CVVENS Schedule April 7 Texas Tech at College Station S April :nor laorfd April April T E n n I s April 10 S.M.U. at Dallas ll East Texas at Commerce 21 Rice at College Station 25 Texas at Austin May 1 Baylor at College Station May 7f8f9 Conference Meet at Dallas THOMSON DURST The prospects for this ycr's Tennis Team are none too bright with but two lettermen, Kresdorn and Fernandez, returning from last year's thirdfplace team and according to Coach Manning Smith the best to be expected in the conference is thirdg however, the squad has two bright prospects that should give a good account of themselves before finishing their three years of eligibility, namely, Thomson and Marshall. 428 Captain Al Kresdom Bark l'DTA'.' HELL, EVANS, HILL.-XX, RIDER, MUIRHEA-XII. l I-Vout mtv: XVll.LIABlb, RIL E, HARL I!RAlll, BlALUNl'.X, NIQMIIXX BN. lil lla, RALEX. NIAJHR SIEX ENS, KUAL H. The A. EG? M. Polo Team opened their fall season with a victory over the Shreveport Riding and Polo Club 9 to 5. Next on the schedule was a two' game series with N. M. M. l. The first game was cancelled because of rain and , in the second the Roswell boys took a very close match 7 to 6. The following tnor weekfend the Aggies played host to the University of Cklahoma and defeated them in two games, 13 to 5 and 8 to 7. The series with Cklahoma Military Academy had to be called off because of inclement weather. ln the only trip of the fall season the team lost to San Antonio 10 to 4, on Pershing Field, after waiving a 7 goal handicap. Because of world conditions the Christmas trip to Mexico City was cancelled as well as was the spring trip. Major I, F. Stevens was the coach until the middle of the fall when illness forced him to the sidelines and Lt. W. C. North took over. Carl Maloney was captain and Clyde Raley business Aggies taking the ban aownyafid agamsf ou. manager' Walt Hart was the mainstay on the offense throughout the season. Other lettermen were Bill Braid, Norris McCowen, and Jack Buie. 'l"tLu-,-.5 429 4?".'..2!" t. .i. .Saorfa l 0 I il f i 5 l V IJ i i ai gg, Zl lf' il.lfR l'1l,Xll FK li KLXYICR lil ll IIS 1l.XRRE'l"l' ILXXA .l .i if l I The 1942 Cross Country team was sponsored by Colonel Andy Anderson and was coached by Mr. Ray Putnam. The team members included johnny inor Farid Elton Mayer, Ed Elmore, Gus Laney, Robert Garrett, and Frank 1 s. The team made one trip to Denton to run against the North Texas State Teachers squad. Making the trip with Colonel Anderson in the "Blue Goose," I the team came back with first honors with Johnny Ziegler starring and taking first place. Climaxing the season was the Conference meet here at A. E? M. with Texas, Arkansas, S. M. U., T. C. U., and A. 53 M. participating. This meet was won by Texas with the Aggies running a close second. johnny Ziegler again was the man of the hour by taking first place. Ziegler ran the two and a , half mile course in the time of 12:l0.0, beating Mack Umstattd of Texas U. by li yards to set a new conference record. I! AITIODQ the l'll'St ten iD Ziegler Netllflg a neu record Q the Conference meet here were -Iohnny Ziegler, Gus Laney, I 1 Elton Mayer, and Ed Elmore. . 1 '1 ii i ' -430 ii I. 'W :ma :Q ' ' .Q Q 2 A 2 Yak? Frmzf raw, Ivft Io riifllf: SYRIAN, SIEHICL, BAKER, ANllliRSUN, Rlflfll NIVRRITT l biurfml ruzu: HUXV.-XRD, ILXSRIN, N.-XGLE, STEVIIENS, NEXYNIAN, HHRHAXI, MUSELIZY. The Tumbling Team makes its appearance between halves of varsity basketf ball games, providing excellent entertainment. The boys work hard, practicing regularly to improve their routine. The most outstanding feature of the team is that it is without a coach. This year the exhibitions consisted of apparatus work, straight tumbling, pyramid building, trick acts, and clown acts which furnished the crowds with inor laorffi Tlllllllll IIG many laughs. At every appearance this year the team has given an outstanding performance. Although tumbling is not recognized as a minor sport because there is no competition with other schools of the Southwest Conference, it is becoming more popular with the cadets each year. Awards are presented by the school to each member of the team for his hard work and line spirit. Between halves at the Rice game 31 rx - 1 Y ' rp ,i Q swf .gg I rg HUXYELL Yi lfxil NY.Xl'lRKll'ND F1 IUILXKER Rl PMINGER ANDERSON, Coafli El It i In spite of the fact that the golf squad had no lettermen from last year inor S orb, returning, prospects for this year's team look good. Coached by Col. Frank I9 Anderson such members as Howell, Young, Rohrer, Fouraker, Wahrmund G 0 I- I3 and Rominger are showing great promise. The team should better its mark of third in the conference last year. So far this year they have played four matches and one tournament. They have won matches from Rice and Baylor, lost twice to a strong T.W.C. team, and finished third in the Fort Worth Stock Show tournament. The remaining schedule consists of contests against S, M. U., Texas and the Southwest Conference meet to be held in Dallas. No. 1 and 2 I YOUNG HOWELL il li i l l 1 . 'X QXYf."' 'K " V Y fi , I ' Front rozif: ABCOCK, Ill.,-XKELOCK, SHAVV, STILLINGER, FRYE, MIILYNEATQX, Sfionzxi-1r'. Burk ruin: XVILMAN, ELLIFRIT, STOOKEY, XYILLIABIS, GORDON. The Fencing Team was hardfhit by graduation last year, and, consef quently, at the beginning of the year the bulk of the team was inexperienced. U'l0l' ,90I't5 However, the team practiced four nights each week throughout the year, If E n C I n 6 and improved rapidly. The team is a member of the Southwest Fencers League, composed of Galveston, Texas U., Baylor, S.M.U., Dallas Y, Fort Worth Y, Texas Tech, and N.T.A.C. The team has a regular tournament season climaxed by the League meet, which was held at Dallas this year. E. R. Stillinger gained the semifinals. Prospects are good for next Welles and Stillmger with French Fails year. The oihcers of the 194142 Fencing Team were Robert Shaw, President, and E. R. Stillinger, SecretaryfTreasurer. The team was ably coached by Mr. Lambert Molyneaux. 4 3 3 ll 'l 1-'wut :fm-: -IUNHS, I'lliRl'E. FUNK, KAl'lfH.XN, XYARNER, THAIN, IYILHH, l,lTTI.l-Il'AliE. ll Jlnlillu min. LT. S'l'RU'l'IIER. SMITH, t'HL'RL'llll.I.. CHX, IXIANSFIELD, TURNER, SANDERS. 1 flmlg wg.-5 SHT. CUYXIZ, FRAZII-IR, THHMAS. l:liRtQL'SUN, ISSAC, PYT. CUIJY. li The Aggie pistol team has iired matches against outstanding teams all over ' he nation. These matches are fired on the home range of the teams under Lnor 3 orfzi t . I0 the supervision of some school oihcial. The scores are then exchanged and P I S 'I' 0 I- the winner announced. Also the team competes in several shoulderftof shoulder matches with teams such as the Texas Highway Patrol Pistol Team, the Houston Bayou Pistol Team, and the Galveston Civilian Team. Num' bered among the victims of the Aggie pistolmen so far this year are the teams representing Chio State, Harvard, Iowa State, Cornell, Yale, and V.M.l. Coach of the team at the beginning of the season was Lieutenant T. B. Strother. As he was ordered away in March, Lieutenant L. J. Lefkovsky coached the team the remainder of the year. Members of the varsity team are as follows: W. D. C. I jones, Captain: T. K. Pierce, SecretaryfTreasurer: Bill Filgo, Russell Cook, R. C. Cox, N. Mansfield, I C. Mays, Philip Beckley. T, The Team firing li H l ll yi I 434 I1 Hut row: KAUFMAN. COOK, MACEIRAS, CAPERTON. CAPT. FILGO, DIXON. MARSHALL, THENN,YL'RQSSLANll, C'T.'NNlNi'Ll'lAM. rand ronf: BRAVVNER, BLAKELOCK, RICHARDSON, MEES, TE.-XL, GETZ, IZROVVN, ASST. COACH SHT. COYNE, TEAM CHACI1 LT. XVll.l.l.XM5, ird row: JONES, MURPHY, XVESP, FORNEY, HANDCUCK, BILLINHSLEY, OIZENUUR, ASST COACH HE.-XTTY. The Corps Rifle Team and the "Fish" Rifle Team had a good season this year. After an elimination in which out of 300 candidates the best 30 men were picked, the teams started their annual pistol matches with teams throughout the nation. The Fish team shot nine matches and lost only one. inor .gpaorfzi The Corps Rifle Team shot in 52 matches and won 38 giving the team an R I F I, E average of 73 'Zn Two shoulderftofshoulder matches were shot against N.T.A.C. and T.S.C.W., the A. E3 M. team Winning one by 8 points and the other by 3. The team also took part in the State Open Championships. Lettermeri of the team were Team Capt. Bill Filgo, Sec.fTreas. Russell Cook, Sam Dixon, G. B. Caperton, H. Crossland, L. L. Marshall, and Nick Mees, Jr. The four men voted most valuable to the team were Bill Filgo with a 374 averageg Sam Dixon-371g Russell Cook-371, and I. H. Cross' Cook and a couple of the T.S.C,W. Riflers land-371. Much of the credit for the success of the team is due Lt. C. A. Williams, coach, and assistant coaches Beatty and Coyne. 435 66 9 9 inor T .xdwarcl Awarded to Letterrnen in: CROSS COUNTRY FENCING GOLF PISTOL POLO RIFLE SWIMMING TENNIS 66 97 afar I .fdwarcl Awarded to Lettermen in: FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK MI,vo L Mr. Penberthy awarding E FA Class A and Class B Intramural Flag for 1941. Wk' -Q' AIPARISHN .XNIDERSHN l'ENIll-IRTHY HUKE VVIIITE It is the aim of Intramural Athletics at A. if M. to provide an opportunity for every student to take part in a large variety uf sports and to encourage and promote competition among large groups of those students who are either not interested or suiheiently proficient for Varsity Competition. W. L. Penlwerthy, Director of Intramural Athletics. is one of the best known and most popular men of the A. EG? M. Campus and is to he commended for his work. Realizing that no director is hetter than his staff Mr. Penny is ably assisted hy Spike White, Art Adamson, Dewey Hol-ae, Colonel Anderson, Luke Harrison and Nicky Ponthieux. The entire Corps owes Mr. Penny and his staff a deht of gratitude for their fine organized competitive play program, averaging over l5flfl games a year, in which upperclass games are conducted separately from freshman. The Intramural Department enjoyed its lvest year this year. Much credit for its splendid success is due Recreational Officers, Departmental Managers and students for their interest and cooperation. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS I' lwnt mira' ILXRRISHN, CIUIXYNUYICR, KlRl'.X'I'RIl'li, RIIJICULTT, SCIUYING, ALLIZRIHI-I'l', ANDERSON, HAIIN, IVEY, HOKE. nl: nite: l'UN'l'llllil.'X, III..-XNKl"llil.Il, MlERTSL'IllN, XVILSUN, IZLYRILXIXI, KLEIN, VAN CLEAVE, ISIRDXVIELI., HICKS, GULMAN, NVHITE CLASS A BasketbaH A FA. Ogdee, Ramirez, Weinlwc1'gcr, Moore, Schmidt, Schwing CLASS A Tennk D ENG. Wood, Kingback, Brown McCanoe, Ogan, Le Grand CLASS A HandbaH E F.A. Front row: Rogers, Simmons Lehman, Crowder Back row: Donnell, Taylor Schaper 439 lllll!!!l fig?F' s - CLASS A FootbaH I FA. Front: Roberts, Radley Beckley, Acrey, Hall Hicks Rear: Ray, Miller, Barber Sims CLASS A VVater Pcdo Sth CHQ. Front row: Schmidt, Sosen berg. Coekrell, Waelder Levy Back row: Bassinger. Stubbs Dees CLASS A SpeedbaH E FA. Front row: Simmons, Ferguf son, Newton, Crowder, Maroney, Donnell Rear: Terrell, Smith, Hudf son, Alford 440 CLASS A Swimming '41 E F.A. Front vow: Biggs, Griilith, Worthington, Patterson, Burney Back vow: Terrell, Wheeler CLASS A Track '41 F F.A. Junge, Johnson, Baird, jon' son, Mayfield CLASS A Volleyball '41 F ENG. Front row: Anderson, Crawf ford, Johnston, Allen Back row: Grenader, Gibson 441 IIITRHIIIURHLS CLASS A Softball '41 A ENG. Front row: Phillips, Wata' nabc, Dullnig, Koetter, Valcntino Back row: Hall, Stephanson, Sullivan, Beyrle, Nalley, Carner, Larson CLASS B Wrestling Champions Front row: Catt, 119g Rob' ertson, 129, Garrett, 139, Reich, 149 Back row: Patton, Heavy' weightg Scott, 1795 Odom, 1691 Franka, 159 CLASS A Horseshoes '41 HQ. CAV. First row: Holt, Kincannon, Solether, Hill, Bunch Back row: Malmcy, Callihan, Plylcr 442 CLASS A Cross Country A C.W.S. McAllister, Haralson, Griffin Keeney, Swope CLASS B Volleyball F F.A. Pigg, Mohle, Weldon, Holef kamp, Adams, Tenison CLASS B Ping Pong F FA. Harrison, Pigg, Mohle, Wel- don, Tenison 443 CLASS B Tennis '41 E F.A. Front row: Maroney, San' ford, Carlisle Buck Tow: Maddox, Hodg son, Liese, Phillips CLASS B Softball '41 B INF. Front row: Phillips, McCar roll, Greer, jordan Lahus, Boyd, Martin Back row: Seale, Adkisson Carson, Maas, Flynt McMinn CLASS B Track '41 E F.A. First row: Schaper, Simmons Whayne, Bumstead Second row: Brown, john son, Welch, Sanford Lehman, Bannister Third row: Hesse, Maddox Smith, Nichols, Ash craft 444 CLASS B BasketbaH B INF. Brandies, Garrett, Everett, Forrest, Halsell, Chap' man CLASS B FootbaH 3rd HQ. BA. Front row: Davidson, John' son, Utesch, Barrier, Shaw, Pressly Back Tow: Peters, Nash, Warren, Swenson, Rad' ley CLASS B Swhmnmg H C.A.C. Deane, Hutchins, Mollette, Ramsey, Huggins, Griffin CLASS B HandbaH'41 B F.A. Schwarz, Marsh, McIntyre, Walton 445 ll fm: .BL :sew '-9o.' -im H ann, 1 ' -v' Q , '..' Y X' -r M., K 2 , ' , fu .X 'il ir, Q ,?l i!T Til? Aik i ,V x x AK !Q!'. 4' f,,,,7,,. " i ii ,. . CLASS A Ping Pong '41 3rd ooRPs HQ. Branchi, Harrison, Stephens Tyson, Ray CLASS B Cross Country B SC. Santa, Lamb, Elmore. Kirtchem CLASS A Wrestling Champions Back 'ro w: DcArment, Heavyweight: Donnell, 1691 Colvin. 159g Whit' ton,149 Front vow: Barrier, 119g Ivey, 1291 Vick, 139 446 .spun-v gym S4 -I sw' EA , w 13' -..vo-"""""" .MN-"'ffE'f1' ' ...fa i ,,,n-r1f- i,,,.f- Q . S. am.. Mar" F35 A ' A-P" Li, ., A wg., 1. ' i ,,,, 2 Q ' H 7 1 2, U 3 'N' 'f " .1 gf' ' msikxx fx ik ' ' t F My 1 ., , . 6, 23 .' 5 M J wx iff' " W' 1 'Sim ., f , we ' X it ,A - v.. , ,.. 'T W A. f' X. L "Hr Cv! 5- nf' I J I , 3 Ln Y' '5- 1 up 355 " 1" -Qi , . I xo, 4 I4 ,,,:,,!'E,A-. lava. 4 If-L . 4 . , , 1 7 'nf' . '- fr'-f-f, ..- '.-4' ,. x . Q x F . -f gms, -gf--'3 J. N-v-,W 2 A f Y ,-db Al .mf ,gy-..-5-agiq. 4 Qin '1 MY wvfwvff QL, .Q 4'-' X . I V A -5. ,gn 1 5 "'. To vrolate the freedom and sanetrty of the suffrage 15 more than an EV1f 1t 15 a orrme Whroh 1f oersrsted 1n wrfl destroy the government rtseff ft should be sa1d Wrth the utmost emphasrs that th1s questron of the suffrage vvrfl never orve repose or safety to the states of the Natron untd eaoh W1tl11n 1ts own 1ur1sd1ot1on makes and keeps the ballot free and pure by the strono sanotions of the law We have no standard hy wluoh to measure the disaster that may he hrouoht upon us by ignoranoe and VICE in the citizens, when joined to oorruptron and fraud 1n the suffrage ,4 g',.,p,f,f RIGHT Tll Vllff ,xg -. N 1 , 1 0 RIGHT or privilege has been so neglected as has the right to vote. Government by duly elected representatives of the people is the theme of our ideal of life. Yet it is typical of our elecf tions that a large per cent of voters fail in this prime duty to their country. This condition must not be al' lowed to flourishg pressure groups or minorities have found it possible to control elections and governmental policies. The present crisis in the world and our own affairs should awaken in the American people a sense of ref sponsibility toward the rights and freedom with which we are blessed. Public opinion has demonstrated conclusively that it is one of the most potent forces in the life of our country. The expression of public opinion rightfully should be through voting. The ballot box is a shining symbol of democracy. Ofwwfm N-: W HIIIERICHII SUCIETY OF CIVIL EIIGIIIEERS Jesse A. Teague ...... . Mark G. Goode. Anderson, A. E. Anderson, B. R. Ball, R. Barber, B. D. Bardgette, Bauml, I. A. Best, G. E. Birdwell, R. P. Brice, W. Buehrig, E. Cambell, A. W. Capt, E. E. Carson, Cavender, W. D. Chang, H. T. Chapman, T. Childs, B. O. Chitwood, R. E. Cloninger, K. Combs, W. G. Cox, D. I. Creel, H. G. Crist, G. E. Cullum, T. A. Cypert, R. P. Davies, E. Davis, W. C. Denney, I. C. Du Bose, L. A. ...........President . . . VicefPresident Fisher, H. S. Forman, Fry, E. Gambrell. R. D. Garrett, R. K. Geer, G. M. Gilchrist, G. Glass, H. D. Goldston, I. M. Goode, M. G. Griffiths, D. M. Guido, C. F. Hall, J. L. Haraldson, E. S. Hardeman, T. N. Hardy, E. C. Heath, C. R. Hilliard, H. E. Holland, W. Horton, E. L. Hoskins, G. E. Hughes, M. C. Hunt, O. T. Kielman, L. E. King, T. B. Lemke, C. A. Lockett, V. Look, H. D. Lovil, W. C. J. G. Denney ..... George R. Thenn. . McAfee, I. T. McKinney, E. L. McSpadden, E. F. Maceiras, R. P. Maynard, M. F. Mees, N. Moore, W. A. Muller, C. W. Murphy, C. M. Muse, E. C. Nabers, H. P. Neel, M. E. Ogan, W. H. Peterson, L. T. Peterson, William Pettigrew, L. G. Pettigrew, M. Powell, C. N. Prejean, W. I. Reagan, C. W. Reagan, W. Rideout, A. F. Riggs, C. A. Riggs, M. Robinson, E. Scalfi, R. A. Schaefer, C. A. Scheumack, J. F. Schmidt, E. W. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer ..........Reporter Schumann, lvl. A. Sears, L. A. Shaw, I. E. Smith, G. L. Specia, A. Spearman, W. C. Sullins, R. T. Sutherland, D. R. Sutherland, T. H. Swigert, W. F. Teague, A. Thanheiser, C. A. Thenn. G. R. Thompson. B. B. Timmons, E. A. Torie. C. B. Towery, P. Treadwell. B. R. Voith, C. K. Waggener, W. G. Walker, C. L. Walters. C. R. Weil, C. Wendel, A. Whilden. J. E. Williams, H. Wilson. D. C. Wipff. K. R. Wortham, W. F. Yantis, J. I. G. 'N . . gb ... Q ,HQ .3 X ix 5. L, . . ,V . ff, ,A f A T, ff, P l 1 Q A " X' "' - 'fl' - ff M . A A . . .. ' . ., , vs t ' 15.-' , b x 1-an ' A M N I TG' L nm f 74 P4 all - Tuf' I'0Z1': AIJKISSUN, YY. 31.5 AKTRY, YV.g BAEBIER, BAIRD, BELL, BERRY, BEVER, BRESNER .Ycrulid ruin: BRUXYN, CARllXYlfl.L, CHANII, CLEMUNS, COFER, CRANVFURD, CRIRIMINS, DENNEY Ilmnl v'un': IN P X iv K, IJHNLXSCHK, 1JUl'GH'l'Y, FISHER. GABRIEL, GALLUNVAY, IZIUSUX KIIII lmurtli wiv: f.Hl.lJluX, 1.Ul'l'liR'l', IIAMMUNS, H.-XRIJIIC, Hi-XR'l'M.X,Y, HEFLEY, HUI.l,lI?AY. HOUSER, ISAAC SCHULHRSHIP H0003 SUCIETY Adkisson, W. M. Ando, T. Autry, W. Baird, 1. A. Barker, Bell, P. L. Bever, W. Bing, R. Boemer, A. R. ,lack Taylor .... ....... P resident Ransom Kenny .,.. .... V icefPresident A. J. Landua .... .... S eCret:1ryfTreasurer Bornstein, S. Bresnen, K. C. Cofer' D' B" -lr' Brown, A. Caraway, W. B. Cardwell, W. W. Carpenter, J. M Casey, W. M. Chatham, R. L. Clemens, H. Colfey, T. H. Copeland, E. H. Crawford, R. S. Crimmins, A. B. Denny, C. DeVolin, T. E. Doak, R. A. Domaschk, W. G. Doughty, E. G Durell, J. S. Fisher, L. W. Galloway, W Gibson, J. W. Golden, J. E. Gopoert, J. G Green, R. T. Grossman, A. T. . , " - '3 -'Y , """ , .Q ,j-.F - Q L . ' , - . N... .:55'-3' li ",. ,A ff V A -2 b J h . . J- . ,JCI - 7, X .V A N I, . I 4 W .n . I .... -' ' i . r ,, .. . .,.. - -- -.. , N 'Y ., ,, . ,' ,Q f P--A A "' .,.,. ..,. - I P- fl - V . ...- J' M 5' -' 1' I 5 .azsifsi -3 ,-,' , ig. L - .L Q :3,. if . J ' IP' ' - A . . . . . . J . s . Q .. ."Q. . ..... Q, ...k: Z ,..,.., ..,. ........ . ,......... .... . E . - ,... . ..-.2,.v- ' ' r . .,,. "" A Q fri? ..., .1 .SLM V Nx', f ,H , -V .WZQ t .,,,. .2 "" Y ' Q ., -A - ff.. Q 'V . . . . f ' :-.. .--,, ,.... "-. .. . A . , . '- I ..'--Q- , ..... I . . W ' '.'.. .121 A i i 12- f. . I ' J J . s 1 V ., Q wa s X V',: : a. J J dl - -,S ,i .116 ' I X A-Q gl! A 1 ,1,, any . - .. Xa S' M kvv' ,Q V- V' in ' U A I -, -I .. Ydyv ir l M MM . .. . 1 . '-:- ."" Q--. . ' .. '1" f ' A . sf I - . 1 " ". . '." 1 ' ' - Top row: KAFFER, KING, KUNKEL, LAMBERSON, LANDUA, LAPHAM, LEONARD, MACY. Second row: MANCHESTER, MCALLISTER, MILLER, J. B.: MILLER, M. A., NANCE, NELSON, OMMERT, OVVEN. Third row: PARKER, POWELL, SHEPHERD, SISSOM, SORELLE, SPECIA, STEVENS, SUMNER, SXVAIN. Fourth raw: TAYLOR, TERRELL, THENN, TOMASO, VVALLACE, XVILBIETH, VVILSON, XVOODHAM, XVYATT. SCHULHRSHIP HUIIUR SOCIETY Gully, R. Hammons, D. S. Kunkel, H' O' N G Lamberson J L assauer, " Jr' Hardie, B. ' ' ' Taylor. J - Harrison, B., III Hartman, E. C. Heiley, J. M. Holliday, J. M. Holt, O. M. Hooser, E. E. Johnson, G. Jolley, R. L. Kaifer, S. C. King, G. R. Landua, A. J. Lapham, R. F. Leonard, T. W. Lynch, A. H. Macy, R. D. Manchester, L. L. McAllister, J. H. McChesney, E. E. Miller, J. B. Miller, M. A. Nance, O. A. Nelson, E. H. Cmmert, W. D. Owen, H. C. Parker, W. D. Pesek, J. T. Powell, R. G. Shepherd, N. H. Specia, A. J. Sprinkle, C. C. Stevens, M. H. Sumner, G. C. Swain, W. C. Thenn, G. R., Jr Thurman, D. C. Tomaso, L. Tubbs, C. R. Wallace, J. C. Warren, R. M. Wilmeth, G. Wilson, J. L. Wooclham, R. E. Wyatt, C. E. Yezak, A. C. Yezak, M. P. Young, J. B. Ji l J led' Ill Ill 9 '31 'H l m 3 .I L 31 - 4 I l . xfw 'll ll -Q .f lil il. .1 E me .ll .Pl,l al il .l. r'3 2 3 l 9 JU!! 1H2lZlIlIl'TERll.V.lIl.H. Seniors Bennett, Ralph Bertetta, G. P. Callwell, F, H. Caraway, R. B. Echegaray. A. Foshce. R. J. Herrera, Lucian Holvcrt, E. S. Isaac. V. C. Kessler, S. M. Kreuz, S. S. Leathers, B, Lopez. Q. A. Lynn, R. N. McBride, M. McCoy, J. W. McKinney, H. R. Merritt, W. W. Michaels, V. W. Miller, A. A. Mohr, C. A. Moughon, B. C. Vernon C. Isaac. .. Melvin P. Roberts .... James W. Wolfe ...... Willzrrd D. Gmmert .... Mueller, G. L. Norton. R. R. Gta, M. Ragland, C. B. Roberts, M. P. Shanzer, Harold WilCc9XoD, D. Wolfe, J. W. Juniors Aaron, E. Aldredge, B. E. Aldridge, W. G. Belcher, W. A. Bornstcin, S. Brown, R. D. Cartrite, H. T. Chastain, C. B. Coifey, T. H. Culpepper, A. R. Crippin, D. L. Dickman, H. W. Donelson, S. B. Dwelle, E. D. OFFICERS President . . . . .Presidentflflect . . . . . . . . .VicefPresident SecretaryfTreasurer Ewald, P. Glenn, Dudley Grossman, Al Haight, R. H. Hancock, R. M. Hauser, W. E. Hays, J. C. Hoifer, S. H. Holms, N. Hull, J. James, H. P. Jameson, H. E. Jones, C. K. Lacy, L. T. Lang, J. T. Lapham, R, F. Lichnovsky, Joe Liggin, S. J. Macy, R. D. Maier, E. Marcello, C. J. Morgan, C. G. Mathaney, R. G. Muller, G. H. Mynatt, V. S. Nayovitz, B. W. Parker, C. W. Parker, G. W. Pickard, A. M. Pinkerton, J, T. Pugatch, N. Cmmert, W. D. Rinehart, J. G. Saunders, D. H. Schwartz, C. L. Sparkman, C. M Stevens, E. H. Stocking, R. A. Schwarzenback, H Thompson, C. F. Tierce, M. L. Tubbs, Cf Vogelman, L. Walker, H. H. Walker, W. W. Zellers, E. G. ffl 5 .9 .. X Sophomores Duckenfield, H. Sealy, R. O. Elia, C. Smith, H. R. Anderson, A- A' Fahr, R. E. sraiimgs, E. P. Anderson, Arthur A- Fisher, G. Tannihill, F, Afldefsonv G- R- Gray, J., Jr. Toro, E. E. BE11l6Y, E- G- Gordon, T. M. Tower, J. Bailey, J. W. Baker, F. W. Baronti, A. C. Barron, C. N. Black, W. L. Benison, J. Bott, A. R. Case, J. N. Casey, W. M. Charleboise, G. J. Clayton, P. A. Cline, D. T. Cory, B. Crutcher, M. L. Davie, B. F. Detejen, E. Y. Douglass, F. J. Hafner, G. Hayden, J. G. Kelber, W. J. Kutchback, R. L. Jenkins, Wm. D Johnson, S. M. Luries, W. J. McCoy, K. Magrane, H. J, Miller, R. H. Morin, R. L. Patterson, R. C. Phillips, H. Phillips, W. A. Roberson, B. C. Romane, W. Schoiield, G. C. Ward, R. O. Winne, J. A. Wilcox, R. B. Wright, J. A. ' Freshmen Barnes. E. M. Barrier, N. M. Ill Brennan, F. M. Brown, J. H. Chastain, J. N. Davis, L. T. Dugan, G. Edmondson, A. H. Flategual, H. J. Garrett, R. M. Henderickson, T. B. L-lg, G Hodgen, Dick Hodges, R. Huddleston, C. H Iwig, L. Kokernot. R. H. Laskey, H. H. Marie, E. S. Neal, F. C. Palms, A. H. Rawls, T. A. Riley, W. E. Rodiques, C. F. Sample, J. Sibley, H. Smith, A. M. Simpson, A. M. Stenzel, R. W. Thompson, C. A. Vezey, S. A. Werst, O. F. Williams, D. L. Williams, J. T. Whitson, C. E. Allwert, D. P. Bagley. J. B. Bell, L. Brandon, C. E. Carlsen, C. A. Checa, J. Coursey, W. Davis, P. Edwards, Edwards. M. T. QQDTTQHE EQBQIEETY R. L. Oliver. .,....... President C. B. Hunter. . . ...... VicefPresident H. F. Hickman. . . .... Secretary-Treasurer R. W. Ivey .......... . ...... Reporter J. B. Bagley, J. G. Power Erwin, J. Evans, M. Flint, T. Y. Cvolston, R. D. Hale. J. N. Hale, O. T. Hickman, H. F. Hoover, J. R. Hooper, O. L. Hunter. C. B. 58 Isbell, B. B. Ivey, R. W. Jones, J. Kennedy, W. G. King, J. I. Lozano, R. F. Marsh, G. C. McCarroll. A. L. MeMinn, R. H. Oliver, R. L. . . . .Sponsors Pacheco, C. Palermo, F. Pealor, J. Powers. J. G Richardson, W Russell, D. L Scars. E. T. Torti, P. A. Wolman, G. Woltz, L. Young, C. B. .if-4 . . ga.. . . s... -.na . , .Jr 1-. .. ..Nf,.s.'..,M 'way i . . . 3, Mix. , ..-1, 4 7 . ,gf ,N -.. .-.. 1. -, ,,-Q , .,. -. THE IIISTITUTE 0E HERUIIHUTICHI. SCIENCES Regular Members Adams, W. Armstrong, F. E. Baker, C. Badger, E. C. Biggs, P. Burcham, W. ll Byrd, W. H. Calvert, C. E. Clark, G. Decker, L. Dew, K. Earley, D. Edwards, E. T. Evans, A. D. Fagan, I. G. Goppert, Jean Grimes, M. L. Grobe, R. B. Hallam, R. S. Hardin, W. R. Hendricks, D. Hosek, J. I. Huser, G. A. Roy Grobe .... ..... C hairman Rijah Skidmore. . . . . .VicefChairman Steve Kaffer. . . ..... Secretary John Pratt. . . . . .Treasurer Johnson, C. B. Jordan, R. F. Kafler, S. C. Kelly, P. L. Koelling, R. K. Lochte, F.. R. Melancon, I. E. Nicol, B. J. Norton, R. P. Oradat, F. Pou, C. I. Priest, R. R. Pratt, J. W. Reesing, H. A. Rosenberg, W. Schroeter, O. E Scott, R. P. Skidmore, R. G. Siegel, G. Sisler, C. F.. Staley, S. S. Stephens, R. G. Stracener, R. Tomkins, A. G. Winn, W. Wittenback, A. I Woods, F. Associate Members Adcock, C. L. Bowers, F. I. Brooks, S. Buzbee, W. G. Clarke, J. R. Collier, F. Crossland, H. Furguson, C. Fiock, L. R. Gillory, D. O. Grass, E. H. Hess, F. D. Kipp, E. H. McCamont, W. McDonald, R. McGary, D. C. Mclntyre, D. VJ. McLeaish Micks, W. R. Mintz, S. Mosely, W. M. Nobbitt, J. R. Ratclifl, Il. R. Saunders, R. L. Shuford, sl. W. Thomson, J. Williams, G. L. junior Members Anderson, B. M. Beck, D. H. Bolton, E. E. Brawner, C. A. Bridgetarmer, C. Burden, R. W. Cherry, D. D. Cockren, L. Cooley, B. B. Cope, R. R. Dee, Duncan, B. B. Eaton, J. H. 459 Erwin. G. Ferguson, H. R. Freeman, T. W. Hartheld, R. R. Hertz, M. W. Hogan, T. C. Holloway, VJ Horton, C. E. Huff, G. E. james, W. R. johnson, K. R. Kollman, R. L. Landen, T. L. Langford, B. G. Layton, R. E. Lindberg, I. A. Link, R. E. Mahaffey, G. A Manousas, L. G McCain. I. M. McDaniel. F. C. Morgan, F. Morgan, B. Obenour, W. R. Pence, W. H. Pierson, R. Qualtrough, R. C. Reilly, F. K. Rutherford, C. E. Sager, A. R. Sharpe, D. W. Singletary, M. Smoot, I. H. Soslavsl-ry, H. R. Stroud, G. R. Thomas, D. Thornton, L. R. Thrash, C. G. Trammel, F. W. Tumlinson. W. Vogelpohl, K. E. Wade, G. H. Wasserman, I. M. Welch, R. L. Whitson, E. P. Williams, W. A. Williams, W. T. Zentner, L. S. 711117. Altm.iri. C. H Autry. joe W Blasingsime. E. . Bush. E. H. Colley. A. Crowell. W. Crump. W. H. filulwf. H..ii. J. A. Hudspetli. E. B. Lewis. E. M. Martin. S. D. Miller. H. F. Muj1ca.Mil-cc N1Jrt1JD. M. Olson. C. U. Perm. B. E. ,. t 5 1- ,-,. 4-'. . wx 1 .V :U 'IT F f V1 Ci'E1,J.-.Ny ffs gn -2, re " .-... L,.r,s,L. ..-:.-C s W. H. Crump ..... B. E. Perm.. E. M. Lewis. .. W. T. Hall. . joe Autry. . . Sample, L. E. Stzmfoml, C. L. Taylor, L. C. Ulmer, C. M. Vasquez, H. V. Wliitc, S. M. Willworii. E. D. Underrlussmen Barron. C. B. Bocscli, Gus Booc, E. L. Callaway, I'.it Colwicla. Rex Files, W. Franklin. R. C. Cvnrrctt, 0. - X-.. :'l'..: '- - ez -Q x - f' 5- ...truss ' ' ' ' gi -.. .- .-.4 YL- .io s.. L H - 1' 1' Ki- fs 3' V- iz l -YF Y lil 460 EEEEGHWEEHS ...President Vice-President . . . .SecretaryfTrcasurer . . ...... . . .Scrilwe . . . . .Reporter Gibson, B. C. Graham. C. W. Hall. W. T. Haivelka, D. E. Hodges, L. H. Holekzimp. E. R. Ilvey. A. H. jaska, R. C. Keeter, E. H. Kimlwro, K. Lanier, R. E. Lairamey, T. A. Lolireclit, T. D. Lowe, P. N. McAdams, Y. E Mz1thews,j. H. Merrill, B. Miracle, H. L. Moseley, W. T Moore, B. C. Clson, D. M. Otto, J. W. Parrish, W. Pollan, M. J. Quinius, H. j. Rogers, M. M. Salles, L. R. Seals, F. C. Stroud, F. T. Thompson, A. V Turner, O. G. Vogt, C. A. Ulich, W. L. Ullom, A. Walkup, H. C. Wilscin, bl. R. JKQETEV --rkv 1 Le.-J YQ 5 1 HGRQEEQSEEE' Eugene D. Wilrneth .... ...... P resident Felix G. Collard. . Sam H. Ferguson. J. Bugs Tate ..... Howard H. Brians .... Alford, J. P. Barton, Jack Bell, P. L. Bennett, P. M. Brenner, M. L. Brown, Alanson Brumbelow, J. W. Butler, C. E. Casta, D. A. Clark, W. A. Coley, F. A. Conway, R. W. Cooper, O. T. Crosier, Balis B. Davis, Dean Edwards, W. H. Foster, L. C. Goforth, W. A. Gregg. O. D. Hanby, R. L. Hornback, J. F. Horne, L. G. James, D. W. Jarrett, R. L. Kever, Killian, S. H. Killingsworth, R. Lane, G. J. A. Lehmberg, W. H. Lovett, Claude E Marchbanks, Si MCCouirk, Glen MeKensie, J. A. Measles, R. E. Michie, D. W. Miller, C. 461 C. . . . . . . .VicefPresident . . . .Secretaryffreasurer . . . . .SergeantfatfArms Parliamentarian Mills, J. A. Morrison, D. D. Neely, R. S. Norris. M. J., Jr Osborn, M. B. Partlow, W. W Rarnage, J. C. Roof, E. T, Smith, C. D. Taylor, J. B. Trigo, J. E. Villemil, J. A. Waddle, A. B. Wallace, J. C. XVarner, H. C. Watson, James R Wheeler, L. B. Wilds. Robert ,l- L: ,I HRCHITECTURHl SUCIETY C. IvIcCutchan .... ...... B. Pierce ..... Adama M. D. Anthony, B. F. Avery, H. C. Bachman, A. Ball. R. E. Beadlc. F. F. Bccl-Cham, C. XV. Berry. H. A Becman, C. Bible, P. H. Binder, D. I. Bolton, P. M. Broolci, L. V. Brooks, R. H. Bourn, J. F. Bowers, F. H. Brown, D. L. Brown, S. P. Cantu. P. Cavity, R. D. Clark, E, S. ll.. I .President M. D. Adams .... ..... . SecretaryfTreasurer . . . . . . . . . . .VicefPrcsident W. E. Mosty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Corresponding Secretary R. H. Simpson .......... ........ S ergeant-atfArms Collier, S. E. Crown, P. T. D'Avy, C. J. Demel, E. M. Eberharclt. C. A. Ellis, S. P. Fink, H. Furley, E. Gedney, NV. R. Getz, A. J. Cweren, P. M. Cordon, yl. Gewertz, I. D. Grogan, D. R. Hammons, D. S. Harris. R, O. Harrell, P. Herrington, D. Hodges, C. E. Hodges, VU. R. Holdcrneis, B. C. Irvin, F. A. jordan. C. H. Kautsch, M. H. King. B. M. Laney, T. VC. Lansing, D. M. Lassallc, H. Lewis. S. B. Lord. S. C. Lyle, M. D. Miller, B. L. Maflitt. T. S. MacNal'-, A. -I. McCarty, R. O. McCask1ll, Cy McBride, C. McMurtry, R. C. Nash, C. D. Ncuhardt, C. H. Pace. H. E. Parker, W. O. Pendleton. VU. F. Perry, E. P. 462 Pappas, C. Pena, VJ. M. Phelps, R. P. Phillips, H. W. Ramsey, W. B. Randall, R. R. Randall, E. E. Ritter, A. Sakellariou, A. Sebastian, I. Scott, W. E. Schwark, A. M Spence, R. W. Smith, j. VJ. Smith, V. S. Stanley, B. B. Straub, C. C. Stroeck, A. C. Thompson, M. Thurman. M. D. Valcili. S. Vaughn, W. V. Watler. D. L. Vw'eavcr, VC. A. Vv'cstl'wrool-c, T. H. Wilson, F.. L. Vv'ilson, M. Vvlilliams, C. B. Vwhlliams, B. A. Wlolstien, B. W'ortham, W. F. W'ynn, D. Zcmanck, Il. E. Zimmerman, F. A. Faculty Members: Ernest Langford C. Finney T. B. Thompson bl. M. Rowlctt W. W. Cauclill XV. B. johnson J O. E. Scherz. . . G. Singletary ..... L. Eberspacher. . . W. L. Vitopel ..... Adkisson, J. W. Barber, C. J. Barnes, H. E. Barnes, M. H. Bayer, R. B. Campbell, P. Cernosek, B. D. Desel, J. A. Dilworth, W. L. Eberspacher, L. Fikes. S. Hauger, W. G. Hogue, A. J. Japhet, J. Johnson, J. A. McFerrin, K. A. Ross, L. S. Scherz, O. E. Schmidt, K. E. Singletary, G. 463 ,Fl lil? ... -.Lf .mas . . . .President ViccfPresidcnt . . . .Treasurer . . .Secretary Snell. W. A. Thornhill, R. T Vitopel, W. L. Watham, E. H. Watson, J. Wizig, M. 1. Yarnell. 1. Yczak. A. C, Yc:ak, M. R. 4 ! if LY1- ' -df' FISH Hllll lillllllf Alexander. Harold Buck, Homer Bucchncr. H411 Crcw. Henry Curl. Pcarston D.lvis.. W. B. DcArment. R. D. Dcl 1z111 cy. W. Dillon,Olz1n W.. jr. Homcr Buck ..... O. J. Erlund ...... M. H. Whisenhunt. . . Donaldson. Dzlvc Dorcll, Jim Douglass, R. H. Erlund. O. J. Follunsbcc, L. Fryc, O. E. Little. Raymond M 1.m1.v rc, T. D. McRolwcrts, N. H. . . ...... Vicc-President . . . .Secretary and Treasurer Phcnicic, F. E. Powcll, E. H. Robertson. L. Schwinn, D. S. Scruggs. G. P. Shary, -I. H. Singlcton, Robert Smith, A. L. Soulcn, G. H. l'lUl! Sparks. G. R. Stevens. joe T. Taylor, Benton Taylor. W. P. Thorne. E. Paul Vajdos. DI. M. Wheeler, S. H. Whiscnhunt, M H Willis, J. T. Emanuel Smith .... Selig J. Frank ...... Sam Rosenstein . . Edward Aaron M. H. Alisky Henry Ash Morris Bankler Joseph Beninson H. R. Benson, Jr. M. R. Beyehok D. I. Binder H. A. Blankfield Jack Blankfield I. P. Blum Simon Bornstein Harris Brin R. I. Brookner S. H. Brustein R. L. Cohn B. Colen J. B. Daiches F. P. Daugherty, J D. L. Dreyfus A. S. Eder Marvin Eilenberg L, H. Ely R. A. Epstein J. P. Felix Harold Fink M, Finkelstein A. D. Fishman J. J. Forman Sol Forman -"" -T' 'jf' 1? A -Z--,fi , '.V! , . ,li "- Jli 3 -Li .. ,.... ..- ..- L- L . .. . . . . . .President Leon Weiner. . . . . . .. . . . .ViccfPresident Richard Kaufman. . . . . . . . , .... Treasurer Mrs. J. J. Taubenhaus. . . . S. Frank H. G. Freedman W. M. Friedberg P. M. Frucht Dan Furman L. M. Galewsky J. E. Gandler A. J. Getz I. D. Gewertz I. D. Glazer William Goldfein G. H. Colman J. H. Colman Jack Colman W. S. Gordon R. E. Gottlieb Leon Greenblum Joseph Grenader Joe Gross M. G. Gugenheim, Jr. Michael Haiken A. A. Hollender C. A. Hurst H. S. Jacobson H. E. Jameson J. E. Kopit Joel Karin R. Kaufman Sam Kesner T. M. Kesner S. M. Kessler E. Klein A. M. Klotzman J. E. Krakori Seymour Kubby K. R. Ladensohn M. Lauterstein D. M. Leff Leonard Leon Louis Leon E. L. Lepon D. S. Leventhal Leonard Levin J. H. Levine D. S. Levy Irwin Levy L. C. Levy M. L. Levy Morris Lichenstein J. F. Lipstate W. J. Luries L. Mackles J. B. Marx A. F. Mayer P. H. Meyer V. W. Michaels W. E. Morrison Marvin Mosesman Irving Murland N. L. Myers Erwin Naborney George Nassauer, J W. P. Noa H. L. Philipson, Jr. 465' L. Pickoii Morris Planto M. N. Pomerantz A. Prager Joel Prager David Pramcr S. E. Ray A. M. Ravel Milton Regenbogen A. S. Reich H. A. Reich G. Rolnick Norman Rosenberg Raymond Rosenberg Sam Rosenstein E. M. Rosenthal J. L. Rosenthal B. A. Roth Harold Rubenstein H. A. Rubin J. A. Ruttenberg Irving Sall Isaac Samarel S. P. Samarel H. R. Sandler E. G. Saper H. R. Saslavsky Harold Shanzer J. Sheinberg R. S. Schnitzer, Jr. A. D. Schwarz E. G. Schwarz . . .HQAE i IT' 1,11 . . . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Parliamentarian ........Dircctor A. S. Seibel S. B. Shwiff G. I. Siegel J. H. Siegel Joseph Simon Emanuel J. Smith B. M. Solomon Louis Solomon M. A. Son dock I. L. Stein J. M. Stein L, A. Stein J. H. Stone A. B. Tashnek Herbert Tiras J. J. Trachtenhcrg Bill Trodlier Harry Trodlier M. L. Utay A. S. Vener Leo Vogelman I. M. Wasserman Cecil Weil Leon Weiner M. J. Wizig C. H. Wolf Leo Wolf Raymond Wolf L. L. Wolfert Bernard Wolstein J. M. Woolfstead U.LU..LLlllll l 1: 1 I I Z lm .Ui ,Lui .33 , 5 ? .ll ii ---:i -fy, , fs -:::':A ft- - 7- 7 iw? ease 0 434 e. 46 Q Q 0. 64 ol im 2' vi 3 .,, ,. O 6 'i :A Q4 I I , . - Q Q -, .V ,.,.... L. . 0 if 1' l', 2' , l 1' . - Mil . , is dl, .r 4, . 0' gwwis- ar 4 if if Y 9 ff 5 4 G 6 Y 'Eff 25' .5 N , I . .4 . fl' ,nu Xi' . 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Reber, W. H. Reinhard, W. P. Rice, H. G. Richardson, B. C. Sehmalz, P. Shelton, J. A. Sims, W. P. Sladonik, B. A. Slicker, J. A. LSmith, W. G. ySonherg, S. F. Standish, Gus Stanley, E. G. Srarrz, W. E. Sullivan, R. J. Suman, R. H. Taylor, Neal A. Thompson, H. I. 1Thwing, R. C. lVoight, M. G. Waddell, J. M. lWallaee, W. W. ,Watts, R. L. :Williams, O. R. iWillingharn, J. E. Wise, F. A. Woodward, W. K. Wright, O. W. Wright, P. C. IIIDUSTRIHL EDUCHTIIHI C F. M. Edwards C. E. White... W. T. Grisham. . . . . . Alexander, B. E. Ashcraft, B. N. Brummett, W. H. Burt, C. C. Condee, J. D. Crawford, G. W. Forman, A. A. Glazner, E. R. Grisham, W. T. Heise, C. S. Holzheauser, W. Kuykendall, D. H. Lair, John Loggins, L. D. Longley, J. D. . . ..... President . ...... ViCefPresident . SecretaryfTreasurer Measley, G. H. McLarty, E. C Nye, A. R. Ogdee, G. J. Reid, J. M. Rhea, Dwayne LUB Richardson, C. R. Rust, H. G. Simmons, Donald Smith, S. M. Spencer, J. D. Thomas, E. F. Varva, H. J. White, C. E. 5...- ,,,.,, . I . .l..., Anderson, W. Ballard, D. C. Ballard, L. Bailey, jug Banks, W. F. Bennett. P. M. Bird, M. D. Bradley, R. Bridges, C. H. Bridges, Porky Brown, W. B. Cass, H. Cleere, H. N. Cook, W. L. Copeland, H. F Crozier, B. B. Crozier, W. G. Dodd, W. C. NSW? Wigs-239"Cl.llB If C. K. Jones .... C. W. Bode .... M. E. Hall .... W. Breihan .... E. N. Holmgreen. . . W. R. Horsley. . Driskill, G. W. Drumm, M. R. Dye, M. N. Echols. E. D. Bnochs, P. Fickes, K. R. Flynt, T. Y. Flowers, A. L. Fritsch, jake Fulton, B. M. Calloway, A. Candler, jake Cohen, L. M. Granville, C. B. Goodman, C. B. Graves, W. F. Crolemund Hartman, W. F. Hinson, Billy Hodges, jake Hogge, A. L. Holland, Bill Hooton, Gerald Jackson, Si jones Karen, joel Kielman, L. E. Landrum, Hal Latimore Leathers, Barney Lenley, Joe Lofland, H. B. McDonald, R. N. McLarry, N. R. Magers, C. A. Mayer, E. B. 468 . . . . . . .President . . . .VicefPresident SecretaryfTreasurer .........Reporter . . . .Sponsor . . . .Sponsor Matthews, Pete Measles, R. K. Miles, W. C. Mitchell, B. N. Murray, R. O. McGee, R. E. Ogdee, Ed Oradat, F. R. Cwens, E. C. Parker, K. N. Plummer, A. G. Pochmann, R. W. Powell, C. M. Ramsel, Curt Ravey, Lee Rice, G. W. Rogers, C. G. Rosanky, Gordon Riddling, W. P, Ringer, S. L. Sears, F. D. Shipley, L. Singleton, R. Smith, A. C. Smith, I. D. Sumner, F. W. Sutherland, D. R. Sparks, G. H. Talk, W. S. Taylor, Jimmie Thompson, H. I. Thompson, J. W. Trew, Red Vordenbaun, B. R Wilson, E. S. Wright, Doc 1 l ILS: Max Carpenter .... Bill Cook ....... A. E. White... Roland Bing. . . Alford, P. Baker, C. K. Ballow, C. C. Barton, P. Beshop, L. M. Blume, W. L. Boyd, A. E. Bridges. L. A. Bing, R. Bucek, R. Carpenter, M. Cass, B. C. Cook, W. L. Caudle, F. A. Clemons, H. C. Davis, E. L. Davenport, C. R. Dudley, B. S. Farrar, M. L. Furguson, J. S. Galloway, R. R. Ill. CHPLLEGIHTE CE HPTEER HRH. . . . . . .President Jack Jennings. . . . . . .Reporter . . .VicefPresident Dick Grote ...... ....... H istorian . . . .Secretary George Williams. . . . . . .Parliamentarian ..........Treasurer RoyBucek............... ...Watcl'iDog R. R. Galloway. . . Garlitz, H. E. Grote, A. R. Green, T. A. Gresenschlog, A. Grounds, I. E. Holt, O. M. Hooten. G. T. Huddleston, B Hyatt. E. I. Ivey, M. Key, S. C. Kiker, N. R. Kimbrough, T. P Kuykendall, I. L. Jennings, W. Lawler, W. T. Lindley, J. H. Lon gbothum . W. Lynch, H. H. Main, L. M. McCaslin, J. 469 ....Adviser McDowell, C. T. Mcllroy, P. McMillan, C. Meadows, O. E. Minick, M. R, Moreland, B. M. Morrison. H. E. Neeley, H. C. O'Keefe, F. T. Parsons, P. L. Patton. T. A. Pesek, T. Ploch. H. Reed, W. Reeves, L. M. Reinliart, O. L. Roan, Robertson, W. M. Robinson, B. P. Roddy, L. O. Routh, M. Sanderson. W Schrank. R. L. Scruggs. C. G. Shipley. I. L. Stewart. C. C. Tate. R. L. Thomas. D, N. Thomas. R. B. Thompson. L. Turner. T. N. Vestal. M. E. Walkup. H. C Ward, W. T. . G R Western. C. C. White. A. E. Vvfhitfill. R. R. Williams. Cv. Wise. C. W. Yater. L. M. Zapalac. P. ' ,s , 2 .ps go , N' 'r""""' "" M """"fH 'sy . .a "1 " 'N 2 is sas f - iff- ii 1 -. W.- - -- -- -M 4 14 2 4 all I 5,3 if -Q F W i Ill I I Ill l msn - .'-'Fan ,....., I to lli' ' 1 s s i Ili I ' e-lifes' fs . '- ' H ' H" at , . 3-fm---A -i-il' it ...-.-,1- ---.lr lr. "TF", ia V- M YVY, , . . v - - - - - " ' - nu , f p- P ,. . . xi .. -gwmu r-wg Adams, Geo. A Allen, Orville ti, Ashworth, lack 1 wth.. Atkins, John D. Ballard, Jack L. Bancroft, XVilliam H. Barr, Billy Ioe Boemer, Arnold Robert Brown, M. H., lr. Brown, Sam E, Bunger, XV. H., lr. Burns, Morris Burney, Robert Lee Callier, Thomas P. Camp. I... T. Campbell, T. R. Cathey, Alden L. Alford, Robert Atticus Asbury, Fletcher llewrs Austin, Joe VVilliam Bearrl. Milton A. Bell, Spaulding Berry, Aubrey XY. Berry, Melvin Troy Bradley, l.Villi:im l5urt.,.n Burchseid, ii. w. Breihan, Vlfilliam lfrigflritk Brown, Reagan V. Buttrill, Walter Virgil Carlisle, Cecil C. Carpenter, Rufus L, Allbright, M. C. Andricks, D. B. Barns. G. fi. Borcherdine, Lloyd Bowles, VValter B. Bradley, I. R. Brown, Orbille Meredith Brunner, A. A, Buckland, F. J. gutler, NV. L. uster . A. Cain, LIP. Carpenter, H. D. Carlisle, Gerald I. Carson, H. G. Cervantes, C. R.-Y l n nun IIIHRKETIIIG llllll FIIIIEIIICE Cl B Turney Leonard. . . , ........ President Harrison Bancroft. .. ...... VicefPresident David H. Pinson. . . . . .Secretary'Treasurer Seniors in Marketing and Finance 194142 Hirotliers., li. C. hambers, G. G. Clark, XV. XV. Viou-l. Ioe B. filoudt, lim B. Coker, Xvilliam l'. Volgan, Lee Roy Vosner, G. VV. Crews, Archie R. 1. L. 1 riswell, Ralph Munger lvriswell, Thomas R. ls1'Ol1Cl1,'lBlllES XV. Cox, XVillie F. Defee, Robert A. Donnell, XVm. Conly Douglass, Geo. E. Draper. L. C. 4 arroll, XV. ll, lihalvners, XYarren ll. Vheatliam, Paul P. Coldwell, Colbert l'osby,loht1 XV., Ir. l'urry, R. L. liri-will Ralei h R A , . g . Lunninuhzun, james M. I , V . , Ln is. Ld C.. Dennis, Harland lt, Dixon, XVilliam ll. Elliott, R. C. lfannin, Cain I.. lflriyrl. -late l'. lnlie--er, XV. T. Clemons, E. R, 1 oker. las. Xlfin.. lr. 1. onrad, R. l, P Cook. 5, ll. Cox. T. D. Culberson, ,l. ,l. Daniels. L. fi. Davis, Fred l', Davis, Robert -l. Dickey, Leonard M, Dollar, Fred XY, Dupree, Leon l.. East, U. ll. Erlge, Drummond Edge, lVallare F. Iiichblatt, Evan E. Evans, Murray F. Fallwell, VVm. I. Ferguson. XV. Eugene Garrett, Curran Lee Golston, R. D. Gossett, Robert B. Haggard, Charles Ray Hall, Thomas K. Hall, Marvin Edwin Hardage, L. R. Harris, l,ie0. A. Hay, Robert H. Haynes, I. B. Hetley, J. M. Hergot, Alfred George Herring. H. P. lflocke, A. E. Hamer. Homer Odell fiillen, Yan Dyke Ililreath, John l'. Glass, Ira Yan Glover, I. illen, Earl Frank Goddard, XV. R. iirahain, Milton Reid Green. Earl V. llarrison, lvni. II. Hn:htower,lI.1l. Hinson, lfloy Virgil l'loliei'l. ll. K. Hervey, James B. Hill, Don K. Hudson, flock NY. Jackson, Fred C. lahnel, Carl R. Johnson, Joseph C. Jones, lack L. jones, XVilliam T. Key, Dwight C. Knight, VVillian1 G Kulhanek, Bernard Joe Kyle, Kit C., Jr. Landrum, Hal B. Langford, Iolin Roger Larino, Nash Earl, Ir. Lehman, Edwon U. 1941 42 H0 and I lx lack on -Xubrey I Iones Robert Llvtle amar Heurv C ambcrt Ldgar Lee I intord Herbert Rex .1ttle. Doy W. .yons, M. I. K artin L. J. X ason. Geo. I. May, Louis English Merrill, XVilliam Charles Rleyef, D. VV. Leonard, Turney YV. Manslield, Robert XV. Mendl, James VV. Mitchell, B. N. Moser, Robert D. Morris, Oscar H. Motley, Zolus C, Murry, Albert L. MclVhorter, Herbert C. Nichols, Robert D. Uelkers, Julius C. U'Leary, Joseph E. Oliver, Robert L. Palermo, Frank Passons, James P. Perry, Eugene H. X er I. D. Miller Marcellus M. Mitchell, Bill Starrett Moffett. H. C. Moore Robert Joseph Md ulness, Owen L. Norton, Harris E. Ugdee E. U l rien, C. Parish Jerry E. fepper, John YN. 'ctr-rs, Otto F. Petty, Denzil Morris juniors in Marketing and Finance ll' ., .. '. .nu ,, jol1nson,,AlJu1.lley Mills, k7Villis Grlgsby I. ai, " , 'f LL.,,rY. ,-Nj ,fr ' Y A, ' I . I , 1 ' x il , P l TH Sopho Elnnan, Carl llill Elliy, l.. H. Felton, Tom N., jr. lfnster, R. H. tialew-ky, Louis M. liarrett. Ralph James liriftfnwell. YV. l'. llall. Cecil A. Hawley, Alfred Dewitl llayne-., Lemuel L. Haynes, R. L. Herman. VVm. A. Hicks, Richard C. Hill, I. P. Huffman. Herbert A. llniliek, 1-11. ores in Marketing and 1941'4'Z jackson, Arvin U. ,l ohuson, Dudley I. liahlick, H. Kercho, M. R. Kim., Carl L. Lacy, Arthur T. Liese, Ralph F. Marshall,l1. Marshall, xvlllllllll Reed Martin, Lillard D. May, L. F. Mercer, Art.josepl1 Miller, I. VV. Mitchell. T. XV. Morton. Naylor Mcllain, NV. N, 470 Finance McCorkle, B. T. McLarry, W'm. R. McNeill, E. L. Nethery, G. VV. Owens, I. D. Paulas, E. S. Phillips, Wallace K. Poinzlexter, A. l'oor. VV. VV. Ratliff, Geo. E. Radley, Guy I". Rennels, John C. Reynolds, E. B. Robinson, E. D. Roman, L. F. Sanders, J. M, Pettit, Earnest WV. Phillips, Melville BI. Prowell, Edward R. Quick, XVilliam M. Ravey,VRobert Read, Carl, Ir. R emmington, Earliest E. Renaud, A. F. Riordan, Frank I, Risinger, Ray B. Ross, Richard C. Roeder, Chester C., Jr. Roger, Lew W. Russell, D. L. Scoggin, Iohn D. Schawe, Edgar fl. Pinson, David H, Roeman, G. A. Read, Raymond Goger Reavis, C. L. Rhea Bo cl B . Y - Richardson, Frank Jurrell Rosprim, L. I. Rucker, J. Reeves, C. D Rennert, A. E. Scott, Iames A., Ir. Sims, Auhigne Milton Smith, Henry Howard Sn1itl1,R.S. Sanunan, A, L. Schlenker, E. H. Schwing, lvan H. Seay, Earl, M. Shea, NV. S. Simpson, Thelbert E. Sisserson, Chas. H. Smith, L. G. Statum, Glen VV. Steel, Walker I-l. Sulik, Leroy E. Teel, Van E. Terry, Dudley K. Terry, il. D. Tucker, Payson Eliot S ivey, Marshall Sijerling, Mac E. Tableman, joe H. Taylor, Charles M. Todd, William W. Venner, Joe P. , Waggener, Curtis P. Wakeland, Edward W. Walker, Gordon H. Warren, R. M. Webb. Gev- A-. If. Wheat, Edward Williamson, Jamie E. - Wilson, William D. y Wischkaemper, T. l'. P. Work, William A. Smitlier, Irvine F. Sparger, Iohn Speer, John M, Steed, B. G. Tampke, Howard Upham, Howard Wallace, William Brown NVallace, I. N. l Webster, jackson David NVebster, Jimmie Burton NVestbrook, Titus Carr Wilson, Emmett Stone XVilson, J. D. XVoli-nan, Gus A. Vinson, Ebb XVagner, S, H. Vllahrmund, Henry O. VVallace, Alec G. Wallace, M. F. NValker, W. D. Vlleathered, lim Ben Weaver, E. F. Weigel, R. E. Vllhite, Sam Wm. Williams, H. R. Williams, G. H. lVilliams, H. B. Willrich, Otto T. Windon, Raymond P. A y.-1,---. 'if Q : lil . .- 5 '::Q1:ii'1.5s. .135 I . 'Fil sits:-is-571 :-. . K K" 2 :Si-' .'1:viE"'gsT A ' SEA 5 A -'Z-' sf N, ' --f mi -ufzri. i . 1 ' :h A. K. King .... H. B. Hales ..... K. D. Garvin ..... Seniors Ator, D. L. Barrantes, J. Barron, W. B. Cate, T. Gossett, E. M. Hales. H. B. Hadsell, P. H. Hasse, H. W. Hunter, W. M. Hutchings, G. S. Jeffries, A. B. King. A. K. Roming, james Soderquist, M. K. Walker, C. C. Walker, N. H. Williams, S. B. Wilson, M. R. Wolfe, J. P. Yentzen, V. A. KREHIH HIID Kill!! IQLUB . . . . . . . . . .President . ...... VicefPresident . . .SecretaryfTreasurer juniors Blankenship, R. E. Bounds, D. C. Carpenter, M. B. Garvin, K. D. Hale, R. E. Hollingsworth, C. R. Irwin, W. G. Moore, Doyle Pool, T. C. Prather, E. M. Roberts, G. E. Roming, John Whitfield, Woodrow Wilhelm, J. K. H. W. Hasse. .. G. S. Hutchings. D. L. Ator.. Sophomores Adams, W. C. Baumhardt, R. Berry, T. W. Chapman, W. E. Cross, M. A. Flint, J. Gilmore, R. L. Kelsey, J. Klare, W. M. Mangold. C. A. Martin, B. G. Moore, F. W. Pedigo, J. Shodde, H. D. Shuford, J. Tabor, P. S. Trevino, M. P. Turner, T. Vick, N. A. Wall, A. Wilson, R. M. Freshmen Social Secretary . . . . . .Reporter Parliamentarian Alford, L. D. Baird, L., Jr. Bonner, W. D. Bay, W. W. Clack. U. Davis, P. Duke, M Eakin, W. A. Flack, C. Garret, J. C. Giddens, J. P. Magers, R. A. Muckleroy. J. Prude, G. D. Salley, C. D. Suman, L. O. Smith. 0. M. Voit, K. Q V .mv Adeuek. C, L. Berry, E. VJ. Billingsley. R. Blgllm, fflxalrles Buckley. W. E. Burns. M. M. Clarke. L. ll. flwlenmn. F. Cr 141llLl!C. ClupQl1lI1Ql, Gene C: +v111gtr+n. R. C rutelwfield. L. C. TEXIIS ILSIII. SIIILIHG Clllll S. A. Smith. .. W. G. Gill .... B. F. Parker. . . G. W. Hnltum. . Al. R. Cuvlngtun. . . FergL1srm. G. H. Frazier. Bruce l2CVCI1.l,.M.,tll'. Hill. W. G. fiumlwixw. Tummy Hall. E. E. H.1ltum. fl. W. H.1lt4wm. R. C. Hansen. Henry Hwwzard. ,l. N. .Il mes. R. B. Many, D. P. 472 Martyn. l'l.J Motz. T. B. Nicholson, K Parker. B. F. Pezlrsr ln. Bruce Rnseue, Wm. Relwer, bl. M. Relwer, W. H. Selmeid, F. G. Sulmmm, F. Smith, D. B. Smith. S. A. . . . .Commodore VicefCommod0re . . . . . . .Secretary .Social Secretary .......Repurter Stookey. S. W. Swank. Jack Swope, J. G. Tanner. Tom Towery, Pat Townsend, R. T. Turlweville. J. T. Wzlde, B. L. Walker, L. 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B. B. Cuymon, V. F. Hagen, H. D. Hziltom. G. W. Hardie, Bradford, Ill Herring. F. A. 480 . . . .President ............Secretary . . .Senior Representative .. . . . . . . . . .Councilman Holman, C. C. Jacobs, G. W. Knowles, R. W. Lansdon, D. S. Littlefield, Reese Loofhourrow, R. J. Mathis, H. F. MeCrez1ry, W. P. MeLarn. R. H. McMillan. M. Mikell, F. H. Muller, A. C. O'Reilly, H. V. Patterson, E. B. Persohn, J. W. Petrush. E. B. Roddy, D. F. Shepherd, N. H. Shufller, R. M. Sissom, A. VJ. Smith, R. W. Streater, L. C. Sumner, G. C. Tanner, G. E. Wagner, Oliver Walker, H. O. Ward, W. W. Watson, J. P. Wilkinson, J. M. Wofford, W. T. Worley, W. P. 4.4 .-.H ,Z ,V ... Nw ..- ..l , ,- .. X-,I , , 3- 1 , ,- 5 .' ' . ' ,I 'y J.. J. ' .J ' .. . ... , . J. B. Tate ..... ....... P rcsidcnt L. E, Clylmrn .... ...SCCFCYAI'3"TI'C.iSLll'ClA J. D. Jordon .... .... V iccfPrcsidcnt B. F Kidd ..... ........... I lcportcr President ,.,. ........... H . V. VllSLlllCl Viccfljrcsidcllt ............ .... X . H. 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Karin, -I. Keeney, F, C. King, T. H. King, B. Kingsberry, H. Koons. W. D. vs. Kuykendall, VJ. S. La Bare. O. P. Lane, H. WL Lobrecht, A. P Love, F. S. Macatee, -l. L. Manning, K. S Massey, A. Matzner, O. R. May, L. McAllister, -I McKain, T. Mercer, I. A. 482 . VicefPresident Secretary and Treasurer . . . . . .Recorder Mills, C. L. Moritz, C. W. Murray, F. B. Murray, R. H. Mosely, R. Nelson, E. H. Newton, L. E. Noel, M. D. Owens, H. C. Packard, L. H. Painchaud, K. C. Parkerson, Peak, S. H. Pearson, L. M. Pierce. K. V. Powell, R. G. Pyeatt, B. B. Rambo, I. G. Repschleger, W. E. Ridenor, C. A. Robertson, M. Roddy, L. W. Royder, P. Scheid, T. Cv. Schwiff, S. B. Seawright, VV. E. Sheets, R. W. Shirrai, L. C. Sliger, A. F. Smith, H. D. Smith, H. Smitham, F. A. Speed, C. O. Sprinkle, C. C. Stanford, P. Stillinger, D. L. Swope, G. Talley, M. L. Thomas, C. R. Thompson, W. Thomas, W. G. Vicevitch, A. I. Watson, R. S. Weisinger, C. Westbrook, C. H Whitaker, N. R. Williams, L. M. Willman, G. C. 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Rcpschlcgcr Mrs. VJ. M. Rnnsc Mrs. L. D. Recd Mrs. 1. Stnkcs Mrs. R. H. Sealant Mrs. S. Scott Mrs. H. VU. Sharp Mrs. VU. Spxcgcl Mrs. E L. Sanders Mrs. K. Schwrng Mrs. R. C. Streatcr Mrs. M. A. Smith Mrs. -I. H. Thomas Mrs. E. P.'1'ucker Mrs. A. O. Turner Mrs. N. Van Cleavc Mrs. A. B. Vv'haIcy Mrs, S. D. Vw'aH Mrs. j. O. XX'arts Mrs. C, B. VCQII- Mrs. A. F. Vw'hitakcr Mrs. L. VJ. Vfnndcrlc Mrs. D. L. Vwhtler Mrs. R. E. XXYQIH-CCI' Mrs. R. Vfrgglns Mrs. E. Yardley Mrs. VU. Yart: Huber. G. P. Arisco, M. Arisco, S. Badger, E. C. Bartlett, D. R. Bartlett, I. O. Baskin, W. H. Beaumont, D. A. Bernhardt, K. W. Blanchard, S. B. Brady, B. C. Brient, R. R., Jr. Burch, W. I., Ir. Carter, D. T. Clayton, I. W. Colvin, O. V. Crain, A., Ir. Cresap, W. L. Crow, R. H. Dailey, R. R. Dawson, L. B., Ir. Domaschk, W. C. Domingue, D. I. M. J. Arisco ..... R. R. Brient, Jr. B. Rizer ....... D. A. Beaumont. . . Dowdy, I. C. Evans, G. Evans, K. G. Evans, A. D. Farris, E. S. Fisher, R. L. Fisher, S. M. Flowers, B. T. Flowers, W. A. Funicella, C. R. Godwin, D. D. Gordy, L. T. Gripp, E. A., jr. Halcin, G. S. Hamersly, J. W. Hansen, H. A. Hardcastle, V. L. Hardin, R. E. Hardin, W. O. Hefley, M., Ir. Hollier, R. G. Honnell, I. B. Huckins, G. Isaac, C. V. Johnson, L. R. Jones, E. R. Iones, R. L. Kirby, D. W. LaGrone, P. Lang, W. N. Long, R. K. Lutteman, 0. E. McAfee, I. McCoy, P. Maceiras, R. P. Mallet. R. C. Maxey, G. C. Miertschin, N. H. Miller, D. C. Moon, A. J. Moritz, C. W. Moseley, R. Mudd, E. I. 485' . . . . . .President VicefPresident . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer Murphy, L. D. Murr, L. S. Neel, M. E. Owins, B. Plyler, I. M. Poore, W. W. Prejean, W. Rambo. I. G. Rayon, L. C. Reed, L. D. Repschleger, W. E. Robertson. J. M. Rouse, P. M. Sanders, E. L. Schwing, I. H. Scott. W. E. Seacat, R. H., Ir. Sharp, R. H. Smith, C. G. Smith, H. D. Spiegel. W. F. Stokes, I. D. Streater, L. C. Thomas, J. H. Tucker, P. E. Turner, H. D. Turner, A. Van Cleave, G. C Walker, R. E. Warler, D. L. Vvfarrs. P. R. Wells, F. VV. VVhaley, J. VV. Whitaker, N. R. Vhggins. C. P. Wiggins. T. Vvlunderle, L. W. Yardley, C. Yartz, I. VU. Borlad. A. Rizer, B. Xvilliams, C. Vwfilliamson, B. Ingram, G. Alford. L. D. Allen, B. Anderson, C. WL Anderson, C. E. Barron, G. B. Bennett. L. E. Billington, W. A., Bledsoe. F. M. Broadway, J. L. Brooks, R. H. Brown, H. H. Brumhelow. j. VJ. Bush, E. M. Cain, D. W. Callan, R. B. Carpenter, R. L. jr. Carpenter, W. A. Carter, D. W. Case, J. R. Carnosek, B. D. Chandler, H. R. Chapman, K. T. Chatham, E. B. Clifton, H. M. Cloud, C. C. Colley, A. S. Compton, Richard Luke Moore. . . E. H. Nelson... Reggie Smith . . . Cox. D. D. Crouse, F, D. Cunnick, I. W. Cunningham, E. C. Dennis, G. E. Devaney, H. F. Deveny, R. Y. Dickens, C. L. Dickerson, W. F. Dollens. K. B. DuPriest, B. W. T. Edkin, W. A. Edwards, C. C. Fall. W. N. Forsgard. S. N. Jr, Fort, M. G. Fulbright, W. Gandler, E. Garrett. H. M. Glass. B. P. Goble. Gorham, G. M. Harman, H. V. Harrell, W. H. Hering, K. Hoban, E. Holbert, H. L. Holden, A. N. Holliday, I. M. Hulme, F. C. Humphries, E. M. Hynds. C. L. jackson, R. H. jaske. R. C. jones. F. l. jones, J. R. Kagan, Martin Kageler, A. M. Kageler, V. A. Kerley. J. B. Keirsey, R. L. Kindler, L. P. Koos. R. N. Layton, R. E. Ledbetter. J. P. Lemke, Calvin A. Levy, M. Littlefield. Rease Lowe, P. N. McAtee. I. L. jr. McBrayer, W. R McConnell, B. R. Ir. McCrary, C. McLean, R. N. McMahan, A. H. Maroski, W. P. 486 .........PresiClent . . . . . . . .VicefPresident Secretaryffreasurer Martin, C. S. jr. Martin, W. Mirick, M. R. Moore. Luke Morrow, C. W. Nelson. E. H. Nelson, T. M. Palmer, C. M. Patterson, N. C. Payne, W. O. Pedigo, joe Philley, W. M. Poehyla, F. L. Quinius, H. Raborn, W. E. Rast, E. H. Ray, D. G. Rice, A. M. Richardson, W. M. Ringer, S. L. Risinger, R. B. Rogers, C. Rogers, R. II Roming, A. Ross, Lawerance S. Ruby. M. S. Schaeper, W. E. Schreiber, C. A. ' rn H v g- . la F. . -..J Scruggs, C. G. Sharp, H. W. Shelby, F. C. Shiller, E. V. Sleeper, john Sliger, F. A. Smith, K. D. Smith, R. S. Sprinkle, C. C. Ir Sterquell, V. C. Stewart. C. C. Stieg, E. L. Strecke, S. L. Swigert, Wm. F. Taylor, W. U. jr. Vostal, M. E. Walker, G. R. Wallace, C. W. Walters, C. R. Jr. Weaver, E. F. Westbrook, T. C. Willis, D. W. Willis, G. R. Willis, J. T. Wizig, M. J. Woody, R. I. Wortham, W. E. York, L. E. ,ER E, fgwtx L.,-L .. lj sf.. :ss L4 t- -J .ig by K President ..... . ...... Vice-President-at-large First Vice-President . . Second Vice-President. . . . . Third Vice-President. Fourth Vice-President Acrey, Mrs. Thelma Agee, Mrs. C. D. Allen, Mrs. J. D. Anderson, Mrs. VV. H. Ash, Mrs. D. H. Backus, Mrs. P. M. Baird, Mrs. R. W. Baker, Mrs. L. W. Bale, Mrs. E. L. Ballard, Mrs. VV. P. Barnes, Mrs. V. P. Beale, Mrs. Albert Bender, Mrs. W. H. Boluch, Mrs. John Boyd, Mrs. W. D. Brammer, Mrs. H. D. Brawner, Mrs. C. A. Brayshay, Mrs. I. E. Brice, Mrs. J. W. Briggs, Mrs. R. M. Bright, Mrs. C. R. Brin, Mrs. M. R. Brin, Mrs. Walter Brockles, Mrs. B. A. Brown, Mrs. D. C. Brown, Mrs. G. W. Brown, Margarite Brundrett, Mrs. G. T. Budd, Mrs. H. Burns, Mrs. E. H. Burns, Mrs. L. L. Brush, Mrs. C. Butler, Mrs. E. Caldwell, Mrs. C. P. Caldwell, Mrs. J. I. Carter, Mrs. L. P. Cathey, Mrs. W. H. Chatheld, Mrs. G. A. Cockrell, Mrs. C. M. Coke, Mrs. O. T. Cone, Mrs. R. R. Cox, Mrs. V. G. Cox, Mrs. W. C. Craven. Mrs. A. P. Cree, Mrs. H. M. Crown, Mrs. Phil , L..- .... Ai . .. . . Mrs. C. E. Overbeck .....Mrs. R. M. Davis . . . .Mrs. E. H. Ivey ..Mrs. T A. Cullum . . .Mrs. Sidney Schiff . . . .lNIrs. VV. E. Elliot Cullum, Mrs. T. A. Cunningham, Mrs. J. R. Cupps, Mrs. I. B. Davis, Mrs. C. L. Davis, Mrs. R. Davis, Mrs. R. DI. Dungan, Mrs. I. R. Dwyer, Mrs. W. H. Echols, Mrs. R. H. Elliott, Mrs. L. Elliott, Mrs. VV. E. Ellis, Mrs. K. M. Ellsberry, Mrs. S. A. Elmore, Mrs. VV. H. Erwin, Mrs. F. Evans, Mrs. L. G. Falwell, Mrs. I. Farrow, Mrs. J. Fisher, Mrs. F. S. Flynn. Mrs. H. T. Foley, Mrs. R. A. Forney, Mrs. R. H. Foster, Mrs. G. B. Fox, Mrs. D. G. Francis, Mrs. B. Frost, Mrs. H. H. Frye, Mrs. F. H. Frymire, Mrs. G. Garrison, Mrs. J. L. Gillespie, Mrs. I. W. Gilmore, Mrs. L. M. Gissler, Mrs. F. G. Golman, Mrs. I. Golman Mrs. ulius . I Goodrich, Mrs. M. H. Gracey, Mrs. M. Grant, Mrs. C. E. Gray, Mrs. R. L. Hagan, Mrs. M. E. Hale, Mrs. I. C. Hamperman, Mrs. W. R. Hardie, Mrs. Bradford, Ir. Harris, Mrs. J. G. Harmon, Mrs. G. H. Hawk, Mrs. I. Herron, Mrs. A. Hill Mrs.H B Hill, Mrs J. R Hogan Mrs Hoss, Mrs. I. M Howard Mrs. T Fifth Vice-President .... Treasurer ....... . .... Recording Secretary .... Corresponding Secretary. Historian.-. .... Parliamentarian. . . Hawthorne, Mrs. Helm, Mrs. T. A. R. I. H C. Hulfhines Mrs W. Ivey, Mrs. E H Johnson, Mrs. N Johnson, Mrs. S Jordan, Mrs. C C Jordan, Mrs. I. C junge, Mrs. J. A C. N. E. Kamperman, Mrs. VV. H. King, Mrs. C. G King, Mrs. L. E Kleuser Mrs. L Kleuser, Mrs. M Knight, Mrs. R Lake Mrs. S. P. Lamberth Mrs. T. Lemly, Mrs. F. L. Leonard Mrs. L. Levy, Mrs. I. Little, Mrs. R. B. Little, Mrs. R. S. Lloyd, Mrs. W. R. Maley, Mrs. D. P. Malloy, Mrs. L. Martyn, Mrs. H. Ma hew Mrs H Miihell: Mrs: FI .T Massey, Mrs. J. A. McAdam, Mrs. F. McBride, Mrs. C. VV S. VV. L. McCormick, Mrs. G. W. McDonald, Mrs. S. Hidell, Mrs. W. . , li . Eid. Hooker, Mrs. T. C. W W McElroy, Mrs. Mohrle, Mrs. C. 487 McKinley, Mrs. R. McNair, Mrs. W. A. A. B C. Monteith, Mrs. E. E. Moody, Mrs. J. C. Moore, Mrs. C. A. Moore, Mrs. I. Mullarkey, Mrs. P. I. Nance, Mrs. O. A. Newman, Mrs. I. M. Nix, Mrs. R. H. Noa, Mrs. W. P. Noblitt, Mrs. R. M, Odom, Mrs. M. Oswalt, Mrs. VV. H. Ott, Mrs. P. Overbeck, Mrs. C. E. Page, Mrs. A. T. Parkerson, Mrs. H. K. Parris. Mrs. H. B. Paschall, Mrs. A. B. Pearce, Mrs. R. B. Peoples, Mrs. H. L. Pepple, Mrs. R. K. Persohn, Mrs. Ted Pettigrew, Mrs. VV. C. Philipsson, Mrs. H. Phillips, Mrs. A. J. Pitzinger, Mrs. I. A. Power, Mrs. XV. Pyeatt. Mrs. B. B. Rand, Mrs. F. G. Range, Mrs. C. E. Ratcliffe, Mrs. M. Ridgell, Mrs. H. C. Rigney, Mrs. F. L. Ring, Mrs. K. A. Rolnick, Mrs. H. Rose, Mrs. G. D. Rubenstein, Mrs. I. Ruisinger, Mrs. A. I. Schiff, Mrs. S. Scott, Mrs. R. V. Seay, Mrs. R. L. Siegel, Mrs. L. Sim, Mrs. T. L. Simmons. Mrs. R. E. Smith, Mrs. A. I. ....Mrs. F. G. Rand ....Mrs. F. G. Giss er ....Mrs. T. C. Hooker ......Mrs. J, M. Hoss .. . .Mrs. Tom Lamberth . . . .Mrs. F. L. Rigney Smith, Mrs. C. R. Spann, Mrs. C. Stanbery, Mrs. R. B. Steed, Mrs. P. Stephenson, Mrs. H. R. Stout, Mrs. B. R. Sullivan, Mrs. I. Swank, Mrs. J. L. Tabor, Mrs. S. E. Taylor, Mrs. H. E. Teiple, Mrs. A. Tessman, Mrs. M. 0. Thompson, Mrs. H. Thorne, Mrs. H. Torti, Mrs. P. Turrell, Mrs. A. M. NVade, Mrs. G. H. XVadlington, Mrs. VV. H Nllagenhauser, Miss A. XVallace, Mrs. M. M. WValvoord, Mrs. J. C. NVard, Mrs. A. L. VVeaver, Mrs. F. F. VVebb, Mrs. J. H. XVeinberger, Mrs. H. XVendell, Mrs. E. G. XYerst, Mrs. I. L. Vl'est, Mrs. I. R. VVhite, Mrs. 0. XV. YVill, Mrs. L. T. lVilliams, Mrs. W. T. VVillis, Mrs. J. M. YVilson, Mrs. E. XYilson, Mrs. J. VV. XVilson, Mrs. VV. C. lVinder, Mrs. I. B. NVisdom, Mrs. l.. E. lYolf, Mrs. L. lVolfert, Mrs. H. Wooclfm. Mrs. W. L. VVorley, Mrs. W. P. Wunderlick, Mrs. G. Yates, Mrs. F. L. Yetter, Mrs. E. H. Zahn, Mrs. H. G. Zimmerman, Mrs. F. A. L .. l l , - . E Liza- 1 Acrcy. VV. B. Adams, H. B. Aderhold. B. Agee, C. D. Allen. C. Allen. H. Allen, VJ. Allen, K. VJ. Ameker, G. B. Anderson, VV. L Angelo, L. Vw". Arthur, R. C. Ashury, Fletcher AQh, Henry Atwell, Vw". Bailey. C. E. Baird. R. VU. Baker, A. C.. -lr. Ball. R. Ballard, VJ. P. Barneg, R. V. Barnex, V. E. Beale, A. lr. Becker. A. W. Beasley, R. S. Belknap, R. A., lr. Bender. W. H. Bennett. 5. Berry. H. A. Bevaqua, L. Blaha. C. R. Boluch. Bostock. ,l. H. Bourn, F, Bowie, W. H. Boyd, VJ. W. Brammer, H. L. Brawner, C. A. Brayahay, W. x , Bresnen. K. C. Brice. Ql. VC. Briggs, H. M. Bright. H. R. Brin, G. E. Brin, Harrie BroekleS, B. A. Browder, C. D.. Brown, C. H. Brown. D. G. Brown, E. E. Brown, R. P. Brown, S. E. Brufh, Carlton Bud, Harrell Bulger. R. Burger, VV. E. Burgess A. NV. Burns, G. C. Burns. L. L. Butler, E. B. Caheen. J. L. Caldwell, l. Calhert. C. E. Camphell, -l. B. Carroll, R. Carter, L. P. Cartwright, S. E. Cates. H. A. Cavender. W. D, Chapman. T. Chatfield. G. A. Cherry, H. H. Clark. E. S. Clarke, F. E. Clarke, R. ClcQi, Vick Cliver. H. L. Coelcrell, R. B lr. ,.. ,V ,.-.ffl 4 .. ,.'. . .-..R. .- 'FQ 'T . ri! 'Ji' Corley. G. E Coke. -l. W Coke O Coleman R L. Collier, .R., . Collins, L. D. Cone, R. R.. lr. Cooper, H. . Cox, R. G. Cox, W. H. Craven, W. Cree, H. M. Creel, H. G.. vlr. Crocker, R. H. Crossland, H. Crow, Bill Crown. P. T. Cullum. T. A., Ilr. Cullum, Vx". P. c..dy,1.H. , .sf J' ' if W Cunningham, C. R. 1 Cupp, I. B. Cupplex J. J. Danalier, T. T. Darwin, L. K. Davis, C. L., lr. Davis, R. P., lr. Davis, H. C. Davis, Phil Day. G. E.. lr. Dcaton. N. E. Dcew, l. G. Denton, A. E., jr. Denton, H. Dougherty, R. C. Downing, R. Drake, E. M. Crier, C. H.. lr. Drum, M. R. 1 1 na' -QM -ft liar. 2 Dungan, R., lr. Dwyer, E. A, Echols, D. D. Echols, M. M. Echols, R. H., lr. Edwards, C. V., III Edwards. R. Edwards, W. R. Elliott. L. E., lr. Elliott, F. Ellis, L. C. Ellis, S. E. Ellsberry. S. A. Elmore. E. W. Elmore. V. Elmore, XV. H. Ely. L. H. Emmert, A. Erwin, G. Erwin. Evans, H. T. Evans, L. G. Fallwell, W. Farnum, C. E. Farrow, E. G. Ferguson, C. Ferguson. L. F. Filgo, B. M. Fiehcr, F. S., lr. Fitch, D. R. Fitzgerald. E. A. Fleming. E. T. Flippen, B. H. Flynn. Harlan T. Foldherg, H. C. Foley, C. S. Forney, R. H. Forrest, L. E., blr. Foster, R. H. 488 LHB Fox, D. G., Jr. Francis. W. B. Franklin, VJ. C. Freedman, H. G. Frost, R. M. Frye, VV. Fryrnirc, G. L. Frymire. T. R. Fuess. B. S. Fulton, R. E. Gallier, W. M. Gamhrell, R. D. Ganz, G. D. Garrison, L.. Ulr. Germoncl, B. W. Gewertz, I. D. Giddcns, J. B. Gillespie, ,l. W. Gilmore, C. F. Gipe. ,l. R. Glazer, I. D. Godwin, R. H. Goldmann, T. B. Golman. G. H. Golman, ll. H. Goode, M. G. Goodman, W. F. Goodrich. M. H. Gottlieb, R. E. Gracey, C. Grant, A. D. Grifhth. A. C. Grinnan. R. C. Guliclc, R. A. Gross, B. E., -lr. Gunnels, E. W. Hackler, T. F. Hadcn, R. O. Hagan, ,l. -iv, 3.. .t-, - J. X ., :1.,, -. -......-.. - - Hagan, V. D. Haggard, C. R. Hale, E. M. Hall. W. K., lr. Hanson, R. B. Hardie. Bradford, III Hardy, B. Harmon, G. H. Harrell, C. E. Harrell, Pierrepont Harris, E. Harris, G. Harwood, R. B. Hart, F. G., lr. Hawk, E, A. Haynie. L. Helm, T. Helms, R. E., lr. Henrikson. L. W. Hernan, E. Hicks, R. C. Hidell, R. R. Hill, H. B. Hill, 1. 1. Hill, 1. R. Hoefle, R. L. Hogan, L. G. Holland, W. E. Hooker. T. C. Hopkins. D. H. Hopper, N. S. Hose, M. Howard, T. G., lr. Huber, E. L. Huber, W. C. Hubert, C. D. Hullhines, W. E. Hurst, C. A. Inglish, D. J. HAGAN Vincent De Paul Hagan .... Roderick Gambrell ..... 1, R. W. tins, ason, B. E. ason, S. N. ason, T. H. aston, A. C. zs, W. L., Jr. lan, C. H. lan, I. G. lan, M. C. ge, E. B. xperman, W. R. rney, W. C. :en, W. A. 7, A. mer, Sam mer, T. M. 3, F- J- g, R., -lr. g, L. E., Jr. iser, L. P. ght, J. A. x, I. T. les, Nick, Jr. toff, J. E. eger, H. E. berth, T. M. e, C. E. oche, P. F. setter, G. C. wich, B. J. rand, H. T., Jr. ly, F. L. aard, T. W. ing, Leonard V, M. L. is, S. B. ienstein, Morris lepage, T. H. Lloyd, W. R. Logan, M. Lookabaugh, L. L., jr. Looney, B. F. Loughborough, E. T McAllister, I. -l. McBride, R. E. McCall, E. McCammon, Bruce McCormick, C. E. McCoy, W. McCoy, Turney McDonald, A. C. McDonald, Wilburn McElroy, P. D. McKemie, E. B. McKey, I. D. McLeod, W. S., Jr. McMillin, sl. M. McNeir, William, Ir. McRoberts, N. H. Maher, E. N. Maher, H. Maley, D. P. Maroney, -l. D. Marshall, W. R. Martin, K. T. Martyn, H. J., lr. Massey, J. A., -lr. Massie, J. W. Maxwell, W. D. Mercer, A. A. Meredith, W. R. Moffett, H. C. Mohrls, M. W. Monteith, E. E. Moody, I. C. Moore, C. A. Moore, K. E. PIERCE NANCE RULNICK - ' -- - V4 , ' T" iff ,fn Ti za j ll H L L E-E B Q 125, if Er. t ta lil Eli? President Tommy Pierce .... .... S ecretary VicefPresident Austin Nance .......... .... T reasurer jerry Rolnick. Moore, I. M. Moore, T. N. Morehouse, W. B. Morgan, F. H. Morgan, J. S. Mosesman, Marvin Mueller, G. L. Mullalkey, R. Muntzel, Hervey Murray, F. B. Nance, O. A., ulr. Nelson, R. N. Newman. C. Nichols, ,l. W. Nichols, R. D. Noa, W. P. Noblitt, 1. R. Norman, W. H. O'Conner, -lameshl O'Conner, R. Odom, R. C. O'Reilly, H. V. Otey, G. W. Overbeck, E. M. Owen, C. Page, A. E. Palms, A. H. Parkerson, Cv. R. Paschall, W. E. Patrick, Hal T. Patterson, E. B. Pearce, R. B. Perkins, G. M. Persohn, I. W. Peterson, L. T. Peterson, W. H. Pettigrew, J. M. Pettit, I. B., Jr. Philipson, H. L., jr. Phillips, R. H., -lr. Phillips, W K. Pierce, T. K. Pimlott, H. A. Pitzinger, A. Powell, C. M., Jr. Power, B. W. Powers. O. P. Purtell, C. H. Pyeatt, B. B. Radley, Cv. F., Jr. Rainey, J. R., jr. Rand, F. Cv., -lr. Randall, E. E. Ratclitle, M. K., -lr. Rowley, W. M. Ray, S. E. Reagan, C. W. Record, W. E. Ridgall, H. C. Rigney, F. E. Riker, F. P. Riley, Lonnie Ring. K. A. Rolnick, Gerald Rose, C. M. Rubenstien, H. Ruisinger, H. W. Ruttenberg, J. A. Sage, Y. R. Sakellarious, A. C. Sample, J. T. Scarborough, C. L. Sehitl, H. C. Schmalz, P. Schwark, G. M. Scott, H. T. Scott. R. E. 489 Social Secretary Seay, R. L. Shelton, P. M. Siegel, G. I. Siegel, -l. W. Simmons, C. W. Simpson, C. B. Simpson, W. W. Skaggs. R. E. Smith, Carl il., nlr. Smith, E. C. Smith, E. Smith, H. Smith, W. Smith, V. S. Smith, W. C. Smitham, F. A. Smither, M. Snyder, Bryan Spann, M. M. Sparger, 1. Spivey, F. Staiiord, J. VV., jr. Stallings. K. H. Stanbery, B. B. Stearman. W. C., I Stebbins, E. W. Steed, N. A. Stephenson, H. C. Sterling, M. E. Stone, H. Stone, J. H. Stnpple. W. H. Stour, B. R. Sullivan, S. Swain, W. C. Swank, ul. L. Swenson, S. C. Swift, F. B. Tabor, S. E. Tacker, H. E. Taggart, C. L. Tarver, H. S. Taylor. R. H. Teipel, john Tennison. L. B.. -lr. Tessman, M. C. Thenn, C. R., -lr. Thomas, O. D., jr. Thompson, M. M. Thompson, M. R. Thorne. E. P. Thornhill, R. T. Thornton, L. R. Tillary. R. M. Tippitt, F. XV. Titley, R. Tomaso. Louie Torti, P. A. Trammell, F. W. Travis. C., -lr. Tubb, A. M. Turrill, C. VV. Utay. M. L. Vaughn, C. R. Verschoyle, H. H. Wade, G. H., jr. Wadlington, W. H. Wageiihauser, F. Walker, W. R. Walvoord, C. NVanner, C. R., -Ir. Ward, A. L. Vi7ard, D. L. Ward. R. C. Vvlard, W. W. VVasserman, l. M Vfatkins, E. Watson, H. A. Watts, C. H. Weatherred, I. B. Weaver, F. F. Webb, C. A. Webb, H. Weil, Cecil Weinberger, Robert Wendell, R. E. Werst, O. F. Whilden, l. F. White, W. A. Vrfill, L. T., -lr. Williams, C. L XxI1lllill'11S,G.E. Vv'illiams, H. B. Vrfilliams, O. L. Williams, W. T., Jr. Willis. J. W., Ir. Wilson, C. R. Wilson, E. L. Vv'ilson, W., Ir. Wilsiiii, Riley Vrfinston, W. O. Vsfisdom, C. I. Vs'oll', C. H. Wtilf, L. M. XVolfert, L. L. Woodli n, K. L. Vw'orley, XV. P. Wright, C. D. Wunderkick, G. M. Yarbrought, W., jr Yatee, F. L. Yettcr, -I. N. Young, D. A. Young, S. H. Zahn, C. L. Zcthraus, R. C. Zimmerman, F. A. Mrs F. S. Kiclman . . ............... Prcsidcnt .....First .ViccfPrcsidcnt at Large Vice-Prcsidcnt Second Vicc'Prcsidcnt . . .Third . . ..,. Fourth Mrs. H. S. Hcnslcy. .. ... Mrs Wllllllfd .... Mrs bl. L. Collicr.. Mrs. R. F. Graham. .. Mrs. W. P. Kincy. Mrs. W. K. Clorc. Adams. Mrs. R. Anglin, Mrs, E, O. Anderson, Mrs. E. .. .. ...Fifth Mrs. W. B. Flynl. Mrs. Viccfllrcsidcnt ViccfPrcsidcnt ViccfPrcsidcnt Ramsey ..... T. Y. Gannaway. Mrs. L. A, Gerry, Mrs, A. H. Barnes. Mrs. L. M. Blhhs. Mrs. C. Brandon. Mrs. L. P. Llorc. Mrs, W, K. Closncr. Mrs, Collier. Mrs. L. Corns. Mrs, l. B. f1owg1ll.lVlrs,S. P, Darden. Mrs, G. W. Draper, Mrs. G. C. l3udlCy. Mrs. Ezirlcy, Mrs, S. Frcaziur. Mrs, L. Glcndcnning. Mrs, H. Graham. Mrs. R. F. Hall. M. E. Hensley, Mrs, H. S, Hertz. Mrs. W. S. Hirschman. Mrs. E. N. W Hollowcll. Mrs. H. Houscr, Mrs, W. W. johnson, Mrs. C. R. Kccncy. Mrs. W. F. Kendrick. Mrs. N. B. Kiclman, Mrs. F, S. Kincy. Mrs. W. P. Knapp. Mrs. F. E. B. 49 Mrs. E, C. Wallacc. . . . .... Recording Sccrttary Mrs. G. C. Drapcr .... .... C orrcsponding Secretary Mrs. L. P. Brandon . . . .............. Treasurer Mrs. L. F. Martin . . , . .Parliamcntarun Mrs. G. S. Wofford . . . ..... Histornn Mrs. J, R. Wadc ....... ...... P uhhtity Mrs. j. A. Pennington ...... . . .Student Aid . ...... Graduate Mothers Kocn. Mrs. C. E, Pcalur. Mrs. P. Loomis, Mrs, H. R, Potts. Mrs. A. -I. McAskill, Mrs. E. M. Ramsey, Mrs. W. B MCClcndon, Mrs, A. E. Rutherford, Mrs. C McLcash. Mrs. R. B. Sharp, Mrs, E, B. McLcmore. Mrs. W. R. Shary, Mrs. R. B. McMinn, Mrs. R. H. Solether, Mrs. C. Madcley. Mrs. N. S. Stewart. Mrs. N. V. Magee, Mrs, W. C. Truax, Mrs. T. B. Marchhanlcs. Mrs. T. E. Wade. Mrs. R. Martin, Mrs. E. G. Martin, Mrs. L. F, Meycrs Murph , Mrs. H. B. y, Mr Ogdcc. Mrs. Olson, Pcnnin Mrs. gtun, s. L. R. il, E. A. Mrs. A. Walker, Mrs, A. W Wallice. Mrs. E. C. Williams, Mrs. F, C Wittenbach, Mrs. A Wolf, Mrs. A. Wofford, Mrs. G. S tri 3173? I .. - Adams, R., Ir. Anderson, L. R. Barnes, H. E. Beach, B. A. Biggs, F. C. Bogel, G. N. Boggus, 1. L. Bonner, S. Boone, D. R. Brandon. P. W. Brown, W. V. Buckland, F. J. Burden, R. W. Burkhart, M. E. Chapapas, Cv. Cheek, C. S. Clark, D. E. Clark, E. R. Clore, W. L. Closner, G. W. Cole, W. J. Collier, L. Corso, J. V. Cowgill, R. M. Cox, T. Dorden, M. Dean, H. A. Dean, R. O. Delaney, R. P. Draper, L. C. Dunning, O. L. Dunning, W. H. M. H. Hall. . . L. C. Draper ..... N. W. Solether. .. Earley. D. M. Eddy, I. S. Elliott, A. E. Fletcher, B. M. Flynt, T. Y. Freasier, L. R. Fry, E. Gallaway. B. M. Gannaway. L. A. Gerry, F.. H. Gilliland. C. M. Glendenning. F. B. Graham, C. W. Gray, I. Hall. M. E. Hallaway, D. S. Hargis, I. Harrison, C. L. Henslev. R. T. Hertz, M. W. Hollowell. H. W. Hughes. E. W. Hurser, G. A. Kautch, M. H. Kenney. F. C. Kendrick. N. B. Kielman. L. E. Kincy, W. P.. Ir. King, T. H. Knapp. Koen, C. E. Lambert, T. C. . . . . . .President VicefPresident . , . .SecretaryfTreasurer Lepage. H. S. Loomis. R. R. Lynch, A. H. McClendon. E. W. McGee, W. N. McHenry, A. C. McKenzie. I. T. McLeaish, R. McMinn. R. H. McNair, H. E. Madely, N. S. Magee, W. C. Marchbanks. T. E. Marques, A. W. Mason, S. Menczer, S. Miller, B. L. Moreluis. E. B. Morgan, L. R. Mostyn, C. R., Ir. Mullinix, R. M. Murphy. L. R.. Ir. Nounty. W. I. Nugent. A. R. Ogdee. E. Ogdee. G. 1. Olson. E. A. Pealar, P. Pearson, H. T. Pomerenk. E. R. Powell, W. F. Price, P. M. Pride. W. F. Rankin. W. Reese, E. C. Ridgeway, C. L. Robinson, D. W. Robinson. D. E. Rutherford. C. E. Ryherd. W. H. Sharpe, D. W. Shary, H. Smith. A. G. Smith, R. M. Solether, N. W. Spears, J. M.. Ir. Stein, L. A. Stewart, N. M. Tanna.1. M. Trantham. W. E. Traux. W. B. Vannoy, T. R. Voly. M. D. Wade. H. Walker. A. W. Walker. M. Wallace. E. C. West, P. M. Wendt. H. F. Wofford. S. R. Wortbam. W. T Williams. S. B. Whittenback, A. lr. Worth. R. F. Wolf. R. B. . v - - r i President. . .... . . . . First VieefPresident. . Second Vice-President. . . Third Viee'President. Fourth Viee1President Fifth VieefPresident. . Mrs. Ll. M. Alexander Mrs. Vfayne .-Xllisron Mrs. VC. VU. Barnes Mrs. gl. R. Becker, jr. Mrs. S. H. Beyer Mrs, G. D. Boeseh lvlrs. O.lV1. Bondurant Mrs VV. Brown MIS. Brllxxln Mrs. XV. XX. Bryan Mrs. T. Burke lVlrs,C.R.B1.1'rus Mrs. H. But: Mrs H. VC. Byers Mrs E. V. Cathey MTS. Cfrlifl Mrs. E. D Capps Mrs. P. M. Cordell Mrs, A. Cordell lvlrxvvl. C.Corr1n Mrs. Charles Crouch Mfi Mrs. L. E, Cowling B. F. Davie Mrs. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr hlrs. Mrs. Mr Mrs. Mr Mr Mr lvirs. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mrs. Mrs ....Mrs. C. D. Yankee ........Mrs. R. E. McCarty . .Mrs George M. Wlbodmaii . . . . .Mr's. C. S. Youngblood . . . .Mrs Grant johnson .......Mrs. W. W. Bryan Parliamentarian ......... . . XR ..r see. Sixth VicefPresident. . . Recording Secretary ..... Corresponding Secretary. . Treasurer ............ Puhlicity. . . Federation Chairman .... . .......Mrs T. A. Dillingha j. Douglass Il. C. Ellistun Harry T. Feik . H. Ferrel ,l R . L. Frye IN Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Grant johnson E. E. jones Harry Kahn john F. Keller C. F. Kelsey Mrs. Clint Kimhro C. Cahriel Mrs. Irving Klotlman S. R. Calewsky Mrs Ed Kruger K. Garrett Mrs H. E. Kurt: P. M. Ceren T Mrs. .S Gillis Mrs C. XY. Goerte Mrs F. H. Lacy j. R. Latimer Dudley Lewis S. M. Colston Mrs R. E. Lee j. C. Granville Mrs C. lx. Link Phil Crillin. -lr. Mrs. Ed Maddox Benton C. Hall Mrs. R. E. McCarty F. L. Hargis Mrs. D. MeCuteh Ed C. Hands Mrs. R. H. McLarn C. VV. Hanley Mrs Miles C. R. Heath Mrs. Lee VU. Heaton Mrs. E. T. Herhert Mrs. C. B. johnson Mllntfnirl Louis Morris Edgar Nagle 492 il Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs MTS. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs . R. C. Clark E. Nahani M. C. Nichols A. E. Pankey A. C. Paddock A, M. Pate T. H. Payne N. Vv'm. Petersen L A. .Pendery -l. Porter George Puls E. A. Ret: Roy Reynolds P. VV. Riggins -I. A. Robertson Frank L. Rone F. L. Rose I. Sandler Edwin C. Schwarz L. E. Scott Landgrave T. Smith il. F. Slough D. B. Snow , Herman Spoecle -' T . 5- Fi ig rv.. ., D. . .Mrs. rl. A. Robertson .....Mrs. H. W. Byers . .Mrs. Charles Burrus . . .Mrs. Harry B. Kahn ....Mrs. R. B. Snow . . .Mrs. Roy Reynolds Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Uel Stephens W. Sullivan C. L. Sumner T. D. Taylor Mrs Don Vestal Mrs H. M. Wall Mrs R. G. Waggener Mrs. Mrs Mrs j. A. Wallace H. L. Warren George Weinstein Mrs C. R. Wehh Mrs. Mertz K. Williamson Mrs. M. E. Willilord Mrs. E. P. Vv'hitson Mrs Mrs G. M. Vw.-'oodman Leonard P. White Mrs. C. D. Yankee Mrs. C. S. Youngblood Mrs. R. L. Harris Mrs. R. G. Clark Mrs. I. J. Richardson Mrs. B. B. Lewis Mrs. Ben L. McGee ig , . .4 ' fl' , in g. .,. i G. W. Haltom. . . ................... President R. H. McLaren .... ................ V icefPresident Aikman. A. E. Alexander, M. M., Alliston. W. Barber, B. D. Barnes, A. D. Barnes, M. Baugh, I. T. Becker, R. Beeman, Claude, Ir. Berry, W. T., Jr. Bever, William Billingsley. S. R. Bird, V. W. Boesch, G. D. Bryan, R. L. Burke, R. P. Burres, Don R. Butz, B. B. Byers, H. B. Casey, W. St. John Cathey, A. L. Childs, B. O., jr. Chunn, L. P. Clark, A. Cohn, R. L. Cordell, Phil Cowling, R. E. Crimmins, A. B. Crouch, W. Curl, H. P. Davie, B. F. Davies, B. Davies, R. W. Jr. R. J. Lackland .............. Diaches. B. Dines, E. Douglass, E. DuBose, S. DuBose, W. S. Dupree, B. L. Dyer, R. C. Eldridge. I. B. Elliott, T. E. Ellis, L. B. Elliston, I. O. Eng. Phil Farrell, -I. M, Feik, W. C. Ferrel, I. D. Ford, O. lr. Foster, W. H. Fox, I. B. Frye, D. N. Gabriel, G. D. Galbreaith, D Galewsky, L. M. Garrett, R. I. Gathings, E. Geren, P. M., Ir. Gillis, T. S. Goerte, C. W. Goldsron, R. D., Jr. Goodrich, D. F.. Granville, E. B. Griffin, P. H. Haltom, R. C. Hands, R. H. Hanley, C. W. Hargis. C. P. Hartsfield, W. G. Hearne, R. A. Heath, G. R., Ir. Heaton, L. W., jr. Helms, D. Henderson, G. B. Hennessy, 1. A. Hennessy, M. Herring, F. A., Ir. Holder, F. E., Jr. Hott, D. B. Housewright, L. D., Jr. Houston, B. E. Hucheson, L. Hutchings, G. H., Jr. Hurto. M. E. Huzarevich, E. lnglehart, E. Irwin, W. G. Iahns, K. R. Jewell, V. Johnson, C. B., Ir. johnson, G. H., Ir. Johnson, R. L. jones, B. E., Jr. jones, W. E. Kahn, H. B., Ir. Kauffman, D. S. Keller, I. F., Jr. Kent, C. Killien, M. O. L. W. Reynolds ............. C. C. Mitchell ................ . . .............. SergeantfatfArms Kimbro, K. Klotzman, A. M. Kruger, G. R. Kurtz, H. E. Lacey, F. H. Lackland, R. I. Lard, R. S. Latimer, R. Laverder, Andrew Lawler, W. T. Lewis, W. B. Link, G. W., Ir. McCaleb. D. C. McCarthy, L. Jr. McConnell, W. M., Jr. McCorty. C. T. McCutchan, G. C. McGee. R. E. McLarty. E. C. Maddox, E. P. Manchester, L. L. Maples, W. L. Mar, P. K. Marks, H. H., Ir. Marshall, L. L. Martin, O. E. Matzner, O. R. Menefee, W. D. Morris, E. T. Muse, E. C. Nagle, E. T., jr. Naham, I. E., -Ir. Naham, L. C. 493 Neal, F. C. Nichols, R. Nixon, S. H. Oliver, E. H. Orc, W. M. Paddock, A. C. Paddock, B. I. Payne, L. J. Peden, L. E. Pennebaker, M Perry, E. H. Pierce, L. B. Porter, I. S. Pratt, K. E. Price, J. A. Puls, G., Jr. Read, D. L. Retz, Gilbert Reynolds, B. W. Reynolds, G. A. Richardson, R. C. Riggins, R. W. Robertson, W. Robinson. B. P. Rose. I. W. Rosenthal, E. M. Rosenthal, J. L. Ryder, R. B. Schwarz, E. G. Scott, R. M. Scott, W. T. Sheets. R. VJ. Sinex, M. Slough, I. F., jr. SecretaryfTreasurer . . . .Social Secretary Smith, L. R. Smith, L. T. Smith. R. F. Snoddy, H. W. Snow, D. B. Spoede, S. L. Stephens, Uel, Ir. Stevens. P. L. Stookey, S. W. Stout. M. Sumner, G. C. Tannahill, C. F. Taylor, T. D., Jr. Thompson, B. Treadwell, D. A. Tulis, R. F. Turner, -I. L. Vinsant. D. Waddell, R. D. Wall, H. Wallace, B. Warren, H. L., lr. Weinstein, A. D. White, W. L. Whitley, T. A. Whitson, E. P. Willeford, R. VJ. Williamson, W. K. Vv'ilson, L. Wolford, VJ. T. Wood, E. M. Woodman, G. M., Jr. Yankee, R. D. Yee, Wing Youngblood, R. F. SO RELLE Abshirc. Robert Adams, llilly Earl Adtock, Clifton Leon Adeotk. XYillie Leroy Albritton, Ford D. Albritton, Frank G. Allvritton, George XV. Aldrich, Frank L. Allen, Edward C. Alsliury. Fred A. Anderson, Harney R., Jr Anderson, James E., jr. Andricks, Dennis Ii. Antone. Ray C. Anno. Souichi Armstrong. Abbott E. Armstrong. ltill ,loe imiiey, liill ia. llaird, john XI. llaker, Charles L. Ilaldwin, Frank N, Hall, David Harnes, Maurice H. Barr, llenjamin I. Bartlett, Richard D. Rartmes-, Lewis C. Ilarton, Robert F. Haumbach. Joe C. llaweom, James S. Hayer, Ralston ll. Heazlle. Frank F. Iiean, VVinfrerl N. liederman, john J. Behnki-n, Robert XV. Ilemus, Earl A. llering, Conrad, Ir. Bible, Philip L. CHALMERS .tn ri' ,- 5. s mf' .tl if E U 33 A, C. So Relle .... W. T. Grisham. .. -lack Nagle ......, Wztrren Chalmers. . . -I. T. Cox ....... Iiiekley. Charles E. llillingsley, J. C. llilllngsley, XVni. H. llio'-sat, Dan L. llland, XYilliam XY. Ilonewitz, Roland F llonneau, Jesse C. lluoth. Jessie ll. r l1ordeaux,James C. llorgstrom, Charles lloriski, James E. Ilownds, Derek D. i E. liownds, Vlfm. A., jr. ltracher, Roy A. llraflley, Earl C. Ilradley, john H. lirailas, Loui- llrandt, t ltto l'. llreaux, Robert A. lirenner, Milton L. lirooks, Roy I. llroun, Edwin C. llrown, Alanson Ilryan, john J. llrynier, james ll. Huck, Davis ll. llulkley, VVm. E. Ilurleson. John T. liurnclrett, VVm. E. liurnett, jeff T. Hurrough. Robert E. llutlrill, Vvalter V. Cadena, Edward R. Campbell, Albert R. Cantlon, Roy 1, Carns, George D. Carroll, Paul M., Jr. Carter. Lee Cassity, Roy D. Chache re, Clarenfe NV. Chalmers, Chuck Childs. ,laines M. Church, VValter L., jr. Clark, Gene XV. Clark, Lionel H. Clark, Sidney G. Clarkson, Jack S. Clay, Gene J. Cline, VVm. H. Collum, Iiern R. Colvin. John E. Connolly. Iohn H. Cook, Roliert L. Cook, Xvm. li. Coolidge, Joel Il. Cooper, Donald H. Cowan, j. D. Cox, john T. Crockett, James U. Cummings, VValter VV Daniel, james N. Daniels, llolt l'., Ir. Davis, llilly Davis, Ed. C. Davis, Merlin C. Dawson, Harry ll. Deane, VVaIter L, Dee, john J. lte Salvo, Vincent Dimond, Oscar M. Dixon, Sam ll. Dom-y, Loudcn C. Donnlioe, Henry T. Doss, Richard P. GRISHA M NAGLE Cox 53.152 ETS.. E LU . . . . . .President . . . .VicefPresident ..jr. VicefPrcsident . . ..... Secretary . . .Treasurer Dougherty. Kenneth VV. Dowling, VVillard I. lloyal, YVm. T. Drennan, VVrn. F. lll1fFlP, lien C. Dupree, Leon L. Duren, Guy XV. Duty, Artis M. Ditty, Vileldnn E. Eads. Elnory L. Earnest, Lawerence H. Eherspacher, Lewis Eckhart, Carl K. Eildlemen, Alfrerl H. Edminster, Truman C. Ehman, Carl ll. Eichblatt, Evan E. Elkins, Curtis L. Ellifrit, james H. Elliott, Paul H. Ellis, Thomas F. Epstein, Robert A. Esser, Edward F. Etheridge, Benny R. Ewald. Philip J. Farber, Earl M. Farrla, George A. Farmer, Drew M. Felix, joseph lj. Felton, Tom N. Fickles, Kenton R. Fields, Wendell, Jr. Fink, Harold Fisher, Ralph A. Flynt, josh M. Ford, Robert A. Foreman, VN'illie L. 494 Foster, Thomas B. Fowler, John H. Freeborn, Ray L. Frucht, Paul M. Fuermann, M. George Furley, Edmund Gassoway, Robert E. Gatton, Marshall D. Gedney, VVilliam R. Geiselman, joe P. Getz, Alan J. Ghiselin, Ross R. Gibson, Tommy E. Gill, Harry W. Gill, XVm. G. Gonzales, George Goodman, Hal A., Jr. Goodman. Vl'm. G. Gorski, Norbert J. Grantham, Jack C. Grass, Joe Grenader, Joseph Grimes, George D. Grisham, Wm. T. Grisham, Wm. V. Gunlock, Bill L. Guymor, Vernon F. Haiken, Mike Harding, Henry W. Haring, John M. Harris, Ferris S, Harris, George G. Harshey, Wm. H. Hart, james M. Hartman, Earl C. Harvey, Roy Norman Hazel, Cecil Ray Hearou, Guy H., Jr. Henderson, Robert W. Hendricks, Daniel N. Hensley, VVm. E. Herod, Albert B. Herrington, James R. Hieheler, Otis J, Hightower, Erskine W. Hightower, Howard G, Hill, Louis H. Hodge, Wm. 5. Hodgson, Lawerence A Hogan, Jerry J. Holhrook, VVm. G. Holland, Bob Q. W. Hollimon, jack C. Holloway, VVayne L. Holmes, Charles T. Honea, John W. Hope, I-larry E. Hudeck, Frank I. Huffman, Ben M. Huffman, Wm. L, Huse, Arthur R. Hutson, Harry E. Irwin, Gordon G. lsaaeks, Richard A. Jackson, Clark L. Jackson, Fred C. Jamail. George J. Japhet. James I. Japhet, Wm. E. Jeanes, Allen G. Jenkins, Wm. D. Jenn, Wm. C. Jennings, Horace H. Jennings, Wm. R. Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Kenneth R. Jones, James D. Kachtick, Robert F., Jr. Karback, Nelson Wm. Kay, Herbert M. Keith, Jack J. Kemnitz, George E. Kenny, Ransom Dudley Kent, Glen R. King, Bennie J. King, Jesse J. Kingsbury, Charles E. Klein, Edward J. Klutz, Raymond H. Knapp, Paul W. Knetsar, George A. Knolle, Bryan F., Jr. Kolle. Fred W. Kraemer, Marion S. Kroesche, Martin A. Kutschbach, Robert L. Lampin, Percy Lander, T. L. Larrey, Louis A. Laurent, Milton P. Lawerence, Wm. J. Lawa, Cecil E. Leavitt, Charles W. Le Blanc, Arthur J. Lee, Calvin E. Lee, John N. Lee, T. J., Jr. Leff, David M. Lerouax, Robert K. Levine, Jack H. Levy, Irwin Lindsay, Edward E. Lindsey. John H. Ling, Robert R. Litterst, Frank C., Jr. Loomis, Raymond C. Lorino, Nash E., Jr. Lowe, John B. Luth, Perry A. Maher, John A. Manichia, Charlie. Manly, Robert L., Jr, Marie, Earl S. Maroney, Joseph C. Marshall, Thomas W. Martin, Victor, Jr. Marx, Martin B. Mathis, Martin C. Matteson, Albert L. Merritt, John G. Meyer, H. VVm. H. Mhoon, Robert J. llliller, Beverly E. Miller, VVm. Mills, Chester L. Mintz, Sol Mohr, Charles A. Moore, Frank W. Moore, Royston W. Moran. Wm. M. Morgan. Henry L. Morris, Geo. H. Morwood, Roger Mottley, James R. Mouser, John A. Mulvey, John R., Jr. Murland. Irving Murphree, Samuel E. Murphy, George R. Murphy, Randall L., Jr. Myatt, Barney A. McAshan, Burt McCabe, Eric W. McCaine. Jack M. McCarty, Robert O, McCollum, Clodius M., Jr. McCracken, Floyd E. McCreary, W. P. McDaniel, Fred C. McGuiness, Owen L. McHolms, Duncan C. McIntyre, James I. McKenzie, Wm. A. McKin, Charles M., Jr. McKinney, Umphrey E. McKivett, Charles C. McLaren, Robert D. McReynolds, Weldon M. Nagel, Jack C. Nagle, Jack Ware Naumann, Quentin F. Needham, Martin E. Nice, Frank A. Noland, James B. Nolan, Harold L. Norwood, Arthur Joseph Noyes, Edwin G., Jr. Nunn, Roy H. Obenour, Wm. R. O'Brien, Charles, Jr. O'Kelley, Wm. C. O'Leary, Joseph E. Olera, Harry F. Oliveros, James N. Olsen, Robert F. Osborne, Sidney S. Parchman, Lawson E. Parker, L. M. Peak, Sam H., Jr. Pearson, NVm. T. Peil, John W. Pennington, John A. Pennington, Paul B., Jr. Peterson, Frank W. Podd, George W. Potter, VVm. S. Pressly, James D. Presswood, Gordon L. Pritchett, Ira E, Prude, George D. Pugh, David R. Puntch, Paul D. Qualtrough, Richard C. Quill, Charles L. Radley, Walter S., Jr. Ragan, Wallace C. Ramsel, Wm. B. Ratliff, Leslie A., Jr. Ray, Walter D. Read. Raymond R. Reed, Laney G. Renaud, A. Fred., Jr. Richardson, Frank J. Richardson, George R. Richardson, Lester S. Ricks, Albert C. Rittenhouse, Gerald L. Robb, Tom H., Jr. Robertson, John M. Robinson, John G. Robinson, Robert A. Roman, Lincoln F. Rosenfelder, Arthur A. Rotholz, Max B. Rougagnac, Henry A. Rudloff, Charles S. Rush, Richard H, Sabins, Robert L. Sampson, Bernard Sanford, Burleigh R. Sandland, Harry G. Sandler, Henry R. Sandoz, Hilton H. Saper, Edgar G. Sceid, Teddy G. Schewe, Lawrence J., Jr. Schleeter, George C. 495 Schleier, George T. Schneider, Harold J. Schneider, John H. Schnitzer, Ralph S.. Jr. Schuhman, Robert E. Schultz, Elton F, Scgwarzm, Arthur D. Schwing, David S. Sells, Jimmie H. Semo, Sam F., Jr. Shearer. Robert G. Shelton, David S. Simpson, Robert R. Sims. Hal B. Slaughter, Marion P. Smallwood, John P. Smith. Alan M. Smith, Charles L. Smith, Edgar L. Smith, Hueland F. Smith, Jolm N. Smith, Joseph H. Smith. Lynn E. Smothers, David D. So'lomon. Bernard III. Sondock, Melvin A. Sones, Charles G. SoRelle, Andrew C. Sparkman, Wm. J. Stahlman, Bobby J. Stallings, Earl P. Standish, Gus Stanley, Paul W. St. Cyr, Benjamin F. Steele, Franklin B. Stein, Allen T. Stein, Irwin L. Stenzel. Ralph VV. Stephens, Robert Stephenson, James F. Stek, Robert T. Stork, Oliver F. Strader, Leslie M. Stupl, Arthur A. Sullivan, Otha G. Sullivan, Robert R. Suman, Richard H. Sutherland,Clifford R. Swinhart, Billy J. Tallichet, Edward L. Tanner, Thomas R. Tashnek, Arthur B. Tennison, John H. Tennison, Wm. H. Terry. James A. Thanheiser, Charles A Tharp, Philip, Jr. Thomas. Douglas V, Tighe, Thomas J. Townsend. Robert T. Treadway, Freddie A. Trost, Charles M. Turbeville, T. Uffman, Robert A. Underwood, Wm. J. Yalcik, Stanley Vaughan, VVm. V. Yerlander, Edward V Vogelpohl, K. E. VVaddell, John M. VVarldell, Rutherford XYade, Burton L. VVagner, Clark N. VValker, Fred A. W'alker, Leighton N. 3 VVallace, Menta F., Jr. VVard, Ralph D. VVare, NVm. VYarner, Ira J. XVarriner, John E. VVatkins, Edmund S. VVatson, Arthur XVatson, Edward I. VVeaver, John C. Viieber, Lievin T. VVeigel. Robert E. VVQ-iner, Leon lvells, Robert I. XVelch, Tom C. VVheeler. Sam H. YVhite, Frank M. VVhite, Sol M. VVicklund, Harold P. VVilcox, Robert B. VVilkinson, Billy Mc. VVillhelm, Leslie T. XVilliams, Stanley B. VVinhorn, Bascomb F. VVinne, James A.. Jr. lVord, XVilliam W. Worthington, Jack VVright, George D. Yates, Hollis L. Yerkes, Robt. VV. Young, Frank R. Zapp, Herbert D. Zedler, Donald L. Zedler, Oliver F. iii' r an M Bri iwn. S. P. Chathuni. R. M. CliklI1IlS. A. P. Cnkiiins. M. P, Cummins. -I. C, Edwards. W. Farmer. E. F-irtcniwcry. T. Fullcr. L. J. bnrc. jack H.nnc5, C. B. President ...... .... R . L. Crutcher, jr. V1ccfPrcsidcnt .... .... W . F. Gxfurd, jr. SccreturyfTrc.tsur1.r ..... C. L. Babcock, jr, Hogan. C. J. Hngam. E. J. Hughes. A. M. Ingram. C. A. Ippi mliti 1, Leon. Jr. King. C. L. Lunilwcrsun. VI. L.. jr. Lanc. B. VJ. Lcdlicttcr, W. R. Lighthall. R. Martin. Curdun 496 Osborne. jack Osius. R. L. Pupcjuy, R. Rccvcs. J. B. Riggs. C. A. Riggs. M. S. Rcilcy, F. R. Ruusc. H. D. Sclmnn. W. W. Smith, L. P. Sfdllhllgklll, C. A. Strcctman, E. Tanner, G. E Tansil, C. L. Thorpc, D. Thrash. C. G. Vnglica, N. J. G Wilkiilson, M Wilstin, T. R WOOdhZ1U1, R. Wynn, Dow Zummo, J. F. E if If H 5 71' E R Z3 ZF E53 if J , H. J. Walker. . ....... President A. O'Nei1 ..... ..... V icefPresident G. B. Caperton. . . ...... Secretary T, B. Trew ..... .... T reasurer Callaway, M. L. Craig, N. V. Fort, W. G. Cossett, E. M. Jahnel, C. R. Locke, W. L. Morgan, J. G. Murry, A. L. Passons, J. P. Reed, T. H. Smith, H. W. Tubb, C. D. Winchester, J. M. 497 1g'r:.wv ' -'Q "Ls-.e Anderson, A. F. Avery, H. C. Baker, C. M. Baker, E. E., -lr. Barker, C. J. Bardgette, 1.1. Baroncini, R. L. Boyd, H. Bradley, R. Bradley, W. B. Brunner, A. A.,,l Bryan, W. H. Campbell, C. R. Castiglioni, B. P. Chapman, H. L. Clark, B. H., Ir. Coleman, F. H. Conway, E. W., Cordua, H. A. Crossley, C. F. Davison, E. H. Davison, V. R. Demack, C. M. Ir. DePasuual, V. F. Desel, A. Dick. I. D. Douvry, L. Dreyfus, L. R. A. E. Anderson. . . V. F. DePasqual .... Geo. Strickhausen III .... P. B. Langdale ..... Eberle, A. M. Edwardson, J. R. Farmer, L. G., lr Fletcher, W. L. Forman, Forman, Sol Gambini, D. Garner, C. B. Gates, W. J., jr. Gillette, R. B. Glenn. w, L., if. Grantham, E. C. Greaney, G. Hawkins, D. W. Henderson, E. A Herliby, D. E. Hoecker, W. L. Hokanson, W. L Horton, C. E. Hull, C. H. lnnocenti, A. A. lackson, H. V. lohnson, R. C. Kane, G. E. Kane, Kane, W. L. Kircham, T. Langdale, P. B. Lehman, C. E. ' it V' T TJ LM ll? . . . . . .President . . .ViCefPresident Letsos, J. N. Lyons, R. D. Mackles, L. Maguire, C. H. Manousos, L. G. Mauldin, D. W. Mauldin, G. L. Mazzara, V. B. Metcalf, -I. Mullins, J. R. Niccolai, A. L. Osterholm, H. A. Outerside, C. E. Owen. M. B. Owens, P. N. Pappas, C. Pauls, E. C. Pearce, J. M., jr. Perthuis, A. E. Peters, O. F., jr. Petitfuls, A. F. Pierson, R., Jr. Pratt, J. W., Ir. Quin, hl. E. Rahn, L. F. Ramsden, H. D. Robinson, G. -I. Robson, R. F. Rohrer, W. C. . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer Sabanovich, N. Sager, G. H. Sager, A. R. Sayre, I. D. Schaper, L. O. Seibel, A, S. Shepherd, F. J. Shwiif, S. B. Skalnik, C. R. Sommer, H. Stewart, R. A. Strickhausen, Geo. III Tew, L. T. Trachtenberg, J Traynor, S. F. Treaccer, C. Tuccori, F. E. Vicevich, A. Vogel, I. W. Waidhofer, B. Waidhofer, L. Waller, M. West, S. I. White, H. G. Wilson, M. C. Winter, R. S. Woolford, L. York, L. R. ' l ,Wm Attaway, H. L. Bandy, D. M. Bannister, W. L. Barton, R. L. Bay, W. W. Beerwinkle, M. A. Byers, J. M. Byrd, W. H. Buntyn, E. C. Carlile, T. A. Carden, J. B. Chapman, B. F. Collier, A. E. Cross, J. L. Crow, M. E. Decker, J. L. 2'8- QR Hlfll CGUEEE-Y CLUB William Bannister .... W. D. C. Jones ..... Jack Decker. . . Tom Carlile. . . J. W. Miller. . . Duncan, D. L. Dusek, E. D. Enloe, C. F. Friedrick, H. M. Henson, R. S. Huddleston, R. T. Hudson, L. C. James, L. S. James, W. R. Jones, W. D. C. Kegley, M. K. Kemsey, L. R. Kovar, O. E. Lambert, E. L. Laramey, T. A. McAlexander, J. T. . . . . . .VicefPresident . . .SecretaryfTreasurer . . .Sergeant-atfArms McGl0than, J Marshal, V. C. Mercer, A. J. Miller, C. M. Miller, J. W. Moon, H. H. Moran, G. G. Morgan, B. Mulhollan, R. W. Ogden, W. C. Ozier, B. B. Pappas, T. R. Pickett, T. B. Reese, T. B. Russell, D. L. Seals, W. S. Sherrill, H. M. Sladovnik, C. Stephens, T. S. Swain, J. C. Thompson, D. E Thompson, F. T. Utley, R. K. Walker, F. N. Wellborn, H. E. Wesson, T. E. Wright, H. H. Wilhite, W. C. Williams, J. L. Wilkon, E. S. Young, J. B. Zabcek, W. L. F 'fra f .., gi yas ' 1. I . by , , f x- :A 'w .k 5.5. V . 3. 1 ,A iii .- 'Q 1 L IP ,Y Qu- l'l4 Y M -c 1' in Y of 'I 0f lllli ,bs A. fi st ,x! es: V nf ,lit A, 13- 1 . A, X-,J 5 I 5 ? 1 'E Q 5 1 , 5, ::,. . 'i 'Ill ,Zig '3 1. Ill., F3 L17 36 J-r M I. XX ltkm ..... Prcsidcnt Laurie Ulivcr ........... HCT. chu in .. ...... .S ... , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SCC1'Ctlll'y'TYCLlSLlI'C1' M. E. Havhk .......... 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Grossenbacher, Reinhart, O. J. Richter, C. V. Roberts, G. E. Hoff, G. R. I Russell, G. W. Smylie, J. W. Spangler, C. P. Stone, M. L. Weydell, A. T. Willingham, E Pesek, J. T. Keath Jackson, E. W. Lacy, A. T. Lacy, A. O. Marsh, G. C. Mullins, M. Orr, W. G. Pranglin, H. N. Jonsson, E. G. Curtis Waggoncr. . . Tommy Wilscmn. . . jo Pierce ....... Phil Miller .... Atkins, C. B. Bri M mli5 hlwlill Cr1wuch,jim Curruth, Curdim Durham. Ralph Emersi un. Frank . . . . . . .President . . . .VieefPresider1t . . . . . . .Secretary . . .Reporter Eppright. blames Hall, Tip Hi wwe, Henry 5 Hughes Gci irgc Irwin, Wziyiic -laicksnn, Bohlwy Lzmey, Tommy Orr, Charles Walters, Freddie Warren, Dayton O8 . ,i 1. l l ', John Hardin .... . . . ......... President P. L. Bell ........ .... S ecretary and Treasurer Percy Clayton .... .............. V icefPresident J. L. Maxwell ............. . . .......... Reporter George M. Guines ..,................ Social Secretary Chip Brannan. R. W. Couch Fred Norton. . . . . . . . . .President George Hunter. . . . . . . . . . .Reporter ......VicefPresident V. D. Wood. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Social Secretary .. .SecretaryfTreasurer Whit Phillips. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sergeantfatffxrms e Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs J. W. Donnell .... .............. P resident Mrs. A. D. Mayield .... .... V icefPresidentfatfLarge W. G. Meyer .... Mark Browne. . . E. V. White .... E. R. Lewis .... Adams. Mrs. Carleton Aldridge, Mrs. Edwin Arnold, Mrs. Barto Baen. Mrs. Spencer Ballard, Mrs. A. Bankler, Mrs. l. Bauml, Mrs. Louis Beckcom. Mrs. R. B. Biekler. Mrs. P. VC. Blocker. Mrs. W. B. Brown. Mrs. Le Roy Browne. Mrs, Mark L. Bronkhorst. Mrs. M. Burnett, Mrs. George P. Burtch, Mrs. Tnomas M. Callaghan, Mrs. Bryan Canto. Mrs. A. Chambers. M Clutter. Mrs. A. Cox, Mrs. 5. Dahlherg. Mrs. L. B. Darley, Mrs. M. L. D1etert,Mrs, R. O. rs. Amalia E. .......1stV1cef ...Znd Vice' ..3rd Vicef . . . .4th Vice' Donnell, Mrs. W. Drame, Mrs. H. VJ. Drew, Mrs. W. H. Druce. Mrs. H. M. Drunkhorst, Mrs. O. Engleking, Mrs. L. Fairbanks, Mrs. R. H. Fischer, Mrs. E. A. Freeborn, Mrs. A. Geinty. Mrs. john E. Gihson, Mrs. john C. Godfrey, Mrs. R. K. Goldfem, Mrs. W. Gonzalez, Mrs. G. B. Cranato, Mrs. Sam Griffin, Mrs. Roy N. M F. Guido, Mrs. L. L. Halhig, Mrs. W. B. Grimm, Mrs Hallam, Mrs. M. S. Halter, Mrs. R. G. Hannon. Mrs. M. B. Hanger, Mrs. W. President Mrs. J. A. Clutter. . . Louis S. Peter. . . Mrs. C. R. Landon ..... . . fo . . ,1 . . .Sth VicefPresident . . . . . .Recording Secretary . .Corresponding Secretary President Mrs. F. V. Hulfmeyer .... ............... T reasurer President Mrs. R. E. Megee .... .... P arliamentarian President Mrs. A. E. Rennert. .. ....... Historian Hausman, Mrs. L. J. Hill, Mrs. james W. Holder, Mrs. W. A. Hornsby, Mrs. C. WY Hutlmeyer, Mrs. F. V. Ingle. Mrs. L. A. Isaac. Mrs. M. J. -lacohson, Mrs. Philip Jaffe, Mrs. Morris jenkins. Mrs. B. C. Klser, Mrs. Howard A. Kothmann, lwlrs. R. M. Lacy. Mrs. Hoyt Landon, Mrs. C. R. Landrum, Mrs. J. A. Lewis, Mrs. E. R. Leslie. Mrs. A. C. Matthews, Mrs. M. L. Mayfield, Mrs. A. D. McCoy, Mrs. Edwin D. Mclzall, Mrs. Earl W. McMordie, Mrs. Charles E. Megee. Mrs. R. E. 510 Melanoon, Mrs. C. C. Meyer, Mrs. W. G. Munson, Mrs. Marie C. Packard, Mrs. L. H. Peter, Mrs. Lewis S. Pittard, Mrs. C. W. Planto, Mrs. E. Posey, Mrs. G. C. Powell, Mrs. E. H. Power, Mrs. C. Pruessner, Mrs. A. Ray, Mrs. C. G. Reed. Mrs. Peter D. Reede, Mrs. Pearl Rennert, Mrs. A. E., Sr. Roark, Mrs. M. L., Sr. Rosenstein, Mrs. H. Ruscho. Mrs. O. W. Sarran, Mrs. G. Saunders, Mrs. Chas. VJ. Shaw, Mrs. V. R. Shovlin, Mrs. H. A. Specia, Mrs. Adolph B. Stolller, Mrs. R. P. Sueltinfuss, Mrs. Elizabeth Tiner, Mrs. M. E. Titzworth, Mrs. R. C. Todd, Mrs. W. W. Tschirhart, Mrs. A. N. Tschoepe, Mrs. Edward Van der Weide, Mrs. Sam Wahrmund, Mrs. H. O. Watts, Mrs. john W. Weires. Mrs. Ioan Wesp, Mrs. H. Whayne, Mrs. Kathryn White. W. K. White, Mrs. F. V. Whitis, Mrs. Herbert Whitton, Mrs. Edward O. Williams. Mrs. George A. Williams, Mrs. T. A. Williams, Mrs. V. M. Wyrick, Mrs. Guy Yonan, Mrs. M. K. ii 'T' ue! LJLJ .1 kj ..4.i Lewis Kercheville. . . ...... President William Donnell. . . . .Vice-President Jbott, Robert Henry, Jr. damek, Elmer James ilams, Moffatt D. dams, Wynne McDaniel ldridge, Herbert James lisky, Marvin Howard llen, Ted Weiderich lves, Robert George mderson, Percy Jennings, rno, David Henry mold, James Barto, Jr. len, Spencer Roe rllard, Claude James Allard, Harold C. xnkler, Morris Arnhart, James H. mml, Joseph A. zckom, Hugh W. ackley, Dann E. zckley, Phillip W. zlzons, Guy A. ertch, Russell W. lehler, Paul W. .ering, Gus E. ggs, William P. ianchard, Caroll S. locker, Wm. Bartlett Jstock, James H. raid, William D. rough, William Wallace rown, Leroy rowne, Mark L. runkhorst, Robert B. urnett, Albert F. urney, Robert L. urton, C. C. yerly, Richard T. yron, Dan F. xllaghan, James B. lllins, Jack G. intu, Peter 1rneS, Webb M. hadwick, Harvey B. hambers, George G. leveland, N. A. utter, James English nker, James W. nughlin, William ox, Arthur L, rowder, Charles L. rutchfield, Lucian C. ulpepper, Richard A. ullinan, Joe M. Dahlberg, Hugh B. DeForrest, Jack T. Devine, Lamar F. Dickerson, Harold W. Dietert, Ralph O. Dillon, Lester R. Dillon, Olon W. Doak, Robert A. Dodge, Joseph A. Doehne, Louis C. Doran, VVilliam H. Dotson, Herbert F. Drane, Frank M. Dreiss, William F. Druce, Albert J. Robert VV. Druce, DuBose, Waymon Duke, Clayton B. Duling, Arnold J. Dunn, James L. Dunphy, Robert G. Eaton, James H. Eddins, Bill N. Edwards, Francis M. Elmendorf, Hugo F. Engelking, Donald J. Espey, Julius T. Fay, Jay E. Fischer, George VV. Flatequal, Harry J. Frank. Selig J. Franklin, William J. Freeman, Tanner H. Gaines, Carroll M. Garnett, Ransford S. Gibson, William F. Goatley, James H. Godfrey, Ralph M. Goebel, John H.' Goldfein, William Goncales, Melchor Gordon, William S. Granata, Sam Gran fors, William H. Graves, Marshall W. Grieder, Charles D. Grieve, Russell P. Griffin, Furniss D. Griflin, Roy N., Jr. Griliiths, Daland M. Grimm, Bernard A. Grobe, Roy B. Guentert, Harold L. Gughenheim, Milton G. Guido, Cosmo F. Hackebeil, Charles E. Haecker, Gerald J. Halbig, VV'illiam B. Hall, Jullian C. Hallam, Robert S. Halloran, John K. Halter, Guy S. Hancock, C. R. Harding, Jerome'D. Harding, Richard S. Hartwell, Charles M. Harvey, VVilliam Walker Hattield, Raymond C. Hauser, VVilliam E. Hausman, William M. Holbrook, Leo C. Holder, Leonard D. Hollaway, Joseph W. Hornor, Louis H. Hornsby, Clester W. Hovel, Bob E. Hudson, Glenn W. Hudson, Jack VV. Hulimeyer, Huber B. Hutchins, John R. Ingle, Lee Anthony Irwin, Frank A. Isaac, Kenneth VV. Iwig, La Verne J. Jacobs, Guy W. Jacobson, Herbert S. Jaffe, Morris D. Jakey, George Herman Jenkins, Thomas E. Jett, Shelby Jones, Robert C. Jones, Stephen Karin, Joel Kaufman, Richard Kirkpatrick, Oran Gould Kiser, Howard Arthur Kong, NG Moon Kothmann, Riley Roy Kotzebue, Albert L. Lacy, Waltus Hoyt Landensohn, Kenneth Roland Landon, Cedric Richard Landrum, Hall Baldwin Lang, Theodore Harder Landson, Dan S., Jr. Lauterstein, Malcolm Joseph T1 7 7 C . 1 , . . f, L1 ---,-...-. John Gerrity. . George Tassos. . . Lea, Alfred L. Leissner, Edgar Lawrence Leske, Alvin Charles Lewis, Edwin Robert Liebmann, David D. Liebmann, Paul Godfrey Lloyd, Ralph Roland Loftin, Jim Knox Long, Thomas Brevard Lowndes, Holland B, Loyd, Paul B. Mangold, Clayton Alfred Marnoch, Gabriel VVilson Marucheau, Albert James Maux, Joe Bernard Mayer, Harold Randolph Megee, Robt. Ernest, Jr. Meggs, Harold A. Melancon, J. E. Meyer, David Wilson Mitchell, George William Moisseoff, Albert Michael Moore, John Douglas Morgan, Jack Francis Morton, Naylor Munson, Alexander Hayden McCaldin, Roy Oeland McComas, Ben Curtis, Jr. McCoy,Edwin Douglass, Jr. McCoy, NVm. Gordon McDufiie, John Calhoun, Jr. McFall, Robert Earl McMahan, Walter W. McMordie, Chas. Joe Nassauer, Geo., Jr. Newman, Arthur Newman, Leslie A. Newman, Virgil Palmer Newton, Bryant Green Naylor, Joe O., Jr. Norris, Howard Lee Nye, Allen Robert Packard, Lawrence Henry, Jr. Page, Elton T., Jr. Parker, Travis Smith Payne, John B. Peter, Jack Alan Petrutsas, John A. Peyton, Kenneth P. Phelps, Raymond. Jr. Philips, Frederick Thomas Planto, Morris Pochruann, Ralph 511 . . .SecretaryfTreasurer Historian Posey, Abner H. Powell, Ernest H., Jr. Power, Carlton H. Power, Clifton Leon Prestridge, Billups G. Prestridge, Robt. P. Pruessner, John Arthur Raeke, Louis Alfred, Jr. Ray, Charles G. Reed, Peter Nathan Reede, George Alexander Reich, Aaron S. Reich, Harold A. Reinhard, VVm. Paul Rennert, Adolph Ernest, Jr. Rice, Lee, Jr. Rich, Robt. E. Roark, Henry K. Rodenburg. Earl C. Rodgers, Billy Roemer, Carl R. Rogers, James Trilby Rosenstein, Samuel Roth, Bob A. Rusche, Ralph Ray Russell, Lee VV. Safran, Jules G. Saslavsky. Harold R. Saunders, Chas. Sidney Saunders, Dan Henry Saunders, Douglas L. Saunders, Harry W. Schiller, Bryan C. Schmidt, Kenneth E. Schodde, Henry David Schuchart, Oscar VV. Schuchart, Vernon R. Scott, Thomas F. Sealy, Roscoe O. Sharp, Lawrence H. Shaw, Vernon Ray Shivel, Lee Ellis Shovlin, Patrick Hugh Shuford, Julius VV., Jr, Shupp, Howard McCracken Simmang, Ralph H. Smith, Frederick F. Somerville, George Specia, Adolph J. Specia, Ben Spencer, Frank J. Stackpole, Jack VV. Staudt, Vl'illiam Christophe 1' Stautzenberger. Adin Lee Steffler , Rudolph VV. Stevens, John R, Storms, VVilliam VV. Stortz, Xvinfred E. Stroeck, Arthur C. Stubbs, Scott G. Sturtevant, Robert Arlington Swope, John G. Tampke, Howard R. Tassos, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Thrift, Damon G. Charles M. Tom S. VVm. D. lVilliam T. Tiner, Jack D. Tips, Charles D. Titsworcvh, Robert L. Todd illlam VV . N Triesch, Gilbert R. Tredlie Trodlie r, Bill r, Harry Tschirhart, VVilbert E. Tschoepe, Edward A. r X ande weide, Jack H. Van Tuyl, Dixon Yelind r, Raymond E. e Voight, John Gordon Voigt. Marvin Gaines Voith, Charles Kenneth Vorden baum. Billy Roy VVahrmund. Henry Oscar, Jr. XVallaCe, Claude Hamilton XVallis, Robert Evans VValthall, Thomas J. VVatts, Wilford D. Vl'eirus, Richard Vilesp, Joseph E. lveyel, Elmo lVhayn e, Trevor R. VVhite, VVhite. XVhitis, Louis P. XYilliam K. Ernest H. XVhltton, Edward N. XViegan d, Oscar F. VVilliams, George M. VVilliams, Theo. A. VVilliams, Victor M. VVipff, Kenneth R. VVitting, Gus A. VVom ac k, Edwin P., Jr. VVright, Robert M. Vl'yrick, Guy B. if y---.-Y--1 B. M. Quick .... T. N. Hardeman. Mr Mr Mr Mrs. Mrs. 2 Aiims XVurnble. Tummy Quick. Rex Bonne. .. C. VJ. Mimrers E. NY. Bride. .. ' 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .President E. VJ. Fuller. . . ....... ...Secretaryfffreasurer ...............VicefPresident P.Grahm.... .....Social Secretary B. Phillips .................. ,,.......... .... R e porter . . . . . . . . . . . .President Mrs. Charlie Puiilter. .. . ...Corresponding Secretary . . . .First VicefPresident Mrs. H. E. Fuller. . .. ...... . . . . . . . . .Treasurer . .Sewnd VicefPres1dent Mrs. Wylie Hearn. .. . . . .... Parliamentarian . . .Third VicefPresident Mrs. W. E. Albert .... ....... H istorian . . . .Recording Secretary Mrs. George Bmckman .. . . . . .Auditor .- 1 , .4 rl - 512 'A' fnvavrnsums J. C. GRANTHAM W. C. DONNELL Advertising M g A. M. Waldrop 84 Co. "Serving Aggies Since 1896" For the past fortylsix years Vxfaldrop E? Co. has furnished Aggies with line clothing. military uni' forms and Army equipment: lwoots, shoes, jewelry, A. E? M. lwelts, pennunts. pillows. stickers and Aggie novelties. We specialize in MadeftofMeasure uniforms and slacks .... Every garment is guarf anteed to fit. 75 f N 244529-75mm fam, X 1 . f PACEMAKERS FOR SMART AMERICA Mziil orders will receive our prompt attention . . . Write us for uniforms . . . equipment . . . Aggie Jewelry and Novelties. "Two Convenient Stores" COLLEGE STATION BRYAN, TEXAS HE HLUJFIUS RETTTEITTBEFTS TO SEND vf I . ,, f . ' ' T fl' o ' Chocolates -- X r 0 Fl 5 HTTTERICHIT QUEENS my-", ,Q . V 1' f ,f . I f QW! ,. ,Q WMS M K maria - -' HIHGSQSSORTTTTEITT fi M' '- f ' mwtvisvinnnvrm ft , L 'A ,Q E up K , ,. Tit. L iwvl'i.x V , X, X f i? QL-.""4"' it 1 Slit? i it E , '-Q L f SOLD BY BETTER STORES 7 6lI"l'lel" J ellie Pg EXCELLENT WATCH REPAIRS Convenient Stores BRYAN and COLLEGE l CE C R EA M Ameriezfs Finest Food Texas Construction Material Co. "SAND AND GRAVEL PRODUCERS" Capital Stock S1,000,000.00 HOUSTON, TEXAS Ojfcersg E, .X. lfT.ETCI'IER E, P, GENHER L'l1r11'rn1i1l1 fff Bomul T'i4'U-l'I'l'.rii1Ul1I NV, E. S.-XNPSUN. 'ITS T. M. CARLTZY F1'i',r1'r1'm1t SL'L'I'1'fLIY'-T'-I-l'L'U,Y1Il 1 Directors: ,l. M. C'.XRl.liY NRS. C. L, CRIFFITH 12. A, IfLliTCl'lIiR TV. E. S.-XMI'SUN E. l'. GESIMER S. G. SMALLEY VV. H, CEMMISR R. C, REED T, S. REED THE EXCHANGE STORE ol the A 84 'Vl College is the store of the Cadets. the Student's headquarters . . . -Ll1 All the books, stationery, and drawing materials that will be needed during the year will be found here. Your regulation uniforms, Stetson hats, Sam Browne belts, shoes, shirts, and in fact everything that is good in the military line, will be found in this store. We also keep in stock the very best lines of underwear, hosiery and toilet articles. This store is not run with the idea of moneyfmaking but merely for the conf venience of the student body, and goods bought by us are sold as cheaply as possible - just enough being added to pay running expenses. - - The A. 84 M. College Exchange Store R. K. CHATHAM. Ma11age1' COLLEGE STATIQN TEXAS D15 VV. S. D. Clothiers L'BRYAN'S M O D E R N MENS STORE" Where Aggies Like to Shop FEATURING SMART MENS WEAR AND CCMPLETE RECULATICN UNIFCRMS AND EQUIPMENT WlMBERLEY'STONE DANSBV E U A 4 FARRAR UunberCRMnpany The largest and most complete stock of lumber and building material to be found anywhere in South Texas. HCUSTCN, TEXAS WTTSBURGH Glass ' Mirrors ' Paints Aggies with our Houston ofhce: BRYAN. TEXAS S. B. MYERS, '29 LT- O- H- SMITH, '33 . J 'esml V ll LT, CLINT HERRING mlfi limi Kilim, ODAY, your Puhlie Service Company has ai heavy responsihility heeause its services are vital in modern methods of industry. in speeding up production :ind in saving time and effort in the ome or more im wor an war ime 'u ies. h f i r t r d t Employees and management pledge fulfillment of this task to the limit of their resources, i' samwonfo P u B Llcfgisfnvlne company MACHINERY AND SUPPLIES L 1 SAN ANTONIO MACHINE E9 SUPPLY CC. BRANCHES AT Corpus Christi f Harlingen ' Austin f Waco ZW ICTORY Toda 6ll'lJ f0l'l'l0l"l"0lll. jssg 7 Keep the Army of Dollars marching NOW f Avi X N Maw ,hu against the enemy by buying War Savings lv B d d s h 11 mi on s an tamps-t e surest way t at 2 -Y. ', VII'- 5 1 J lil everyone can help to win the war! Fixx- ' 'lf , if - X Nfgg . You neednt be rich to do your part. 'f , I". Q9 54' , ' ,mv War Bonds cost as little as 318.71 and xy li z it ly N x X L , '40 gl War Stamps as little as 10 cents. And your is S' ,.l rifi g ' Q E money does double duty . . . it helps win the x Z, f war today and buys personal security for you N alla. - Jill K 3 fllfi ,,E lllllllll IIIII -.-'- iqsyjqlllllllllllll l X in the years that lie ahead. .x' QX y jf E eep ITL yang Keep on BUYI G u. s. WAR Bowns and STAMPS 517 GIFFORDfHILL E5 CO., INC. "PERCH" HILL. '13 7 President Washed and Graded SAND AND GRAVEL ASPHALTIC CONCRETE Crushed ROCK READYfMIX CONCRETE Phones: 7fSl94 f L. D. 631 412 Texas Bank Bldg. DALLAS. TEXAS LOUISIANA PLANTS: Forest Hill Turkey Creek Trout Sicily Island Uniform Tailor Shop REGULATION UNIFORM Low Prices Guaranteed Fit 1 Minden TEXAS PLANTS: Dallas Allamore MENDL HORNAK Texarkana Roanoke Hearne aa- K Compliments of .N Lucchese Boot Com pa n , I no. ESTABLISHED 1883 MAKERS OF THE PERFECT ANKLE BREAK BOOT THE BOOT THAT GIVES SATISFACTION WE HAVE SUPPLIED AGGIES FOR MANY YEARS WITH SATISFACTORY BOOTS 4 Q 5 101 W. Travis Street ,- -5 . ' if f A 1 'fir ggi. ! 'I wr 5 .-2 QQ A. I .. . 1 ! 1- ' I A ,e f . V' ' si . ZA- vl :jk 5 'a , . ' I tl - IP' I 1 .i r: 1 2:,gLSf.1i'fi Q I . x 70. - 'II J ,V -V Q ' -511 . S5173 . LL I- . -.If f . fs u-rcoaur. 'TA A' SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 518 JOE SUSOLIK The Oihcial Longhorn Photographer offers his congratulations to the graduating class and reminds them that the portraits in this annual can he secured at any time. SPECIAL ATTENTION IS GIVEN TO ALL MAIL ORDERS ik It has been a pleasure to serve the Long' horn staff this year-as it has been to serve the Aggies. ik THE AGGIELAND STUDIO North Gate COLLEGE STATION TEXAS 519 plete line of Military Clothing and Accessories in the Southwest 0 ww' Wfialg MILITARY E5 SPQRTSWEAR ISHS Elin The rnost corn' 1 ,M-flak Jggie. 1 'You Look mighty swanky in that new pair of -IUSTINS You'Il get lots of com' V , X pliments when you ,fre wear style leading jus- ,j fl-K IOII- tin Cowboy Boots, he' ,Jv A .X cause -Iustin's are al' .H EI A ways first with the I 2 latest. Be sure your Q H-K boots are branded IF T EK justin, made only in V ZA -Y Fort Vs7orth by The W Justin Boys. 3 The justin Iloys also ' '- ir hoes for 'um y X- f thuzitl have 'D' 1 I -' z 1 ' Ihejih- W j Imy Imots. - MILITARY BO0TS MADE TO ORDER The justin lloys also make fine LIIISUIIII Grade officers' tielrl :mil ilrcss boots. These Iwoots :arc tailored perfectly to your iuilivitlunl require- ments, justin Military Hunts :irc the choice of many discriminating Army mul fmlut Ufticers, u-1...-,,,,, r-up-n--' H. J. JUSTIN 84 SONS FORT WORTH XV 7'0 roy 4 -I- so 04 IKOWN Ou. TooLs, INC., is a manufacturer, sales and service organization devoted to Texas' No. 1 industry . , QIL Southwest Stone Co. 1311 Santa Fe Bldg., Dallas, Texas Phone L. D. 510 RIPfRAP ASPHALTIC CGNCRETE CRUSHED STONE AGRICULTURAL LIME Plants Located Knippa and Chico, Texasg Stringtown, Okla. FIGHT 'EM Accies www , ,gy '95, Q' -QONN' ll HAn.aY MALT Il X I I I . HOUSTGN PAPER COMPANY Everythmg m Paper If .. -. 2-' '.','JQ:3.3 11Er2.5.5E,15i O .. -:Nt : A ' I2f:5:I:Ef ' .I,.-, f ' 1 - frrsz WI 1. f 1:s.ff.,., :.:a:f:i tl. :str -5.1. I-1:..1:f..-ii:-:Q v. Lg? 'Z - "1-if: .:7fQ:Q.,, V' :f1f:3f.' '.3.f.f 5533 '. 71f.fff'ffQff:3f?fQ31335, L. .- fig.-1.Z..Q:' ' 1.1: vo, . :, gg." ' '-11217 412:-1 jzfi 'I125,-g.:g:3:A:.:f:E:32:2g .:-'- .-ig:-, , 1' .P - ' -I-. Q.. - X .5 -'-Lg. ' - 'jj'-3:-14-fzfz?g:2::S:1::5' - '5i'E 'X:5f:I::,..'-:- ,j'2'f "1:' 23" .?:f -41'ii-2 1 ':' '"',"vA',':rg.g:,..:1-:.:f:I:1 ' .5- 'S :A-395' :- :,.., .3. 5, ,-1-,YJ 2:9691 :I ' 1 : -1. - . -. .-,.f6v.g.,r-- 1. .1 :.g.g.4.g. Z, 7V 2-"cr" '- 1 . - . ., "::g,.g ' H , Q- " - -, -we 1-sg:-: 4,,',.f1.-.qx'5':-:-""'. 33-'P' , :.:'2 .g":g' 5::1':3'ff554:f 1' 41.41--23213.41-' .::, 'g.g'1g'g:, --4:1 ' f ,.g:?y. 'g1g2:rz?:- '- : - "p.. -1-:-.-:-11:9 .g.g7?3d.,7 54.5, 4.1 Q-:f , ,ggwz- :,.:.:,1.g I' , V.-.N l 44, - tg:-:3 352' if-1-:-w4,"g:a:f-'R .g:g:grg:':'- f 5 -:- .-.-:-z-:-:-:-:-.' -N'---r:-:c-iz.:-fx-Sz. ' ::-::-.-ff: -If-I-. If-": -.-.1-+P:-pf . .':-4.-:-5rPzf'-'-'-:4:-:c-- ,v -4 me1-1rx-:-re-:-:-:-5:-:JL-' :"-:-f1- '1:I:1+i:i.P-. "'gg.-..,f:.' :.:- t -1- . gg:-.3.-7:1:.-.:f-:-::':1:1:2:f:':i:' iN --4 --:-.,.,:':f,'fg:f3+:,:-:-:. , .g-5--:-1-: K fw.5.1.:.5,. .. ,. ' .: 3,1 .m5,1'z,ct.-:-:-.-:-'4:+:-:-:-'--- .6 5'-' 2:2 -' 1:2:jg:gjE5.,,.j?,12g.Eg5E5:315SE5i5E1 1" '-'-1'-"A--I -"- " '- -' '- -Iffggg V: ::rE11E, M - - -. '- ' -- ,. . . I I "'W12.rsfe:fefi:1i 1 .4.. 11 ' vnzs-ozwv V .Ls 5 X -W A ' ,AP-I. - , .5 , y I 7 . I I 5 2 The Nation's need for speed demands trained men to build better equipment taster . . . trained men to use that equip- ment. Our country looks to men such as you to help bring Democracy through a try- ing period and prepare the way lor peace and happiness in the yea rs to come. HOLICICS Boot Malqiiig Slioe Repairing Elf North Gate Compliments of BRYAN ffl g BoTTL1No oo., .1 - 4 5 INC. ' i oEo. STEPHAN President The Citizens National Bank of Waco WACO, TEXAS U. s. nE11os1ToRY llllflllll lHllllllliH THE YEARS . . . WHEN john Deere built his first steel plow over one hundred years ago. he chose the hest materials available, and put all of his skill into shaping a plow lwottom from a mill'saw hlade. Wheri compli- mented on the completed joh, he said: "I'll never turn out a joh that hasn't in it the hest that is in INC . Adhering to that principle down through the years. the John Deere organization has grown from .in humhle blacksmith shop to twelve great fac- tories and a sales and service organization reaching into every farming section of the world. Today, john Deere Farm Equipment has outstandf ing prestige due to continued growth of this long' estahlished helief among farmers Lots of Luck, Seniors FROM .lf A ' Cl 0l'l'lCf THE HOUSE OE DIAMONDS Eort Worth JEWELRY SILVERSMITHING MEDALS and TROPHIES Dependable Banking Service 1 that the John Deere way of -fi ' liuilding equipment insures - 3? 2 is . ff' 5? much more than a dollar's E3 ,fu worth of performance for every BRYAN TEXAS . X A dollar of the purchase price, :I , sf- .ee ff E 1 .lllll Illllll lllllw llll "'G'l1'si'2r1'5t'S'f.'L" l ' xi'-1-J Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatioi l I 3.55: 9 fx" S G EARE D U P FOR MODERN PRODUCTION Skilled craftsmen plus precision tools are making it safer and easier for a 15-billion- dollar industry . . . oil . . . to carry on. H115 ff' 5, L N g"'2"9fT" it V, if swf 'offs Q, Y X- I gf?-1?'1 X Q' 'KP' w syn.. To the Graduating Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fortyftwo I wish to extend my sincere congratulations on your achievements Never in modern history has the world stood in greater need of real men with training and capabilities for vigorous, intelligent leadership. It gives me a sense of deep satisfaction to know that another group of Aggies is joining the vast alumni organization with its ever' present goal of helpfulness and service The state and your parents have made a well rounded education possible for you, and you in turn may enrich them by accepting responsibility with wisdom and strength which is traditional with Texas Aggies . A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE YORK ICE MACHINERY CORPORATION Soutliwestem Headquarters Ojice HOUSTON, TEXAS Sub Branches at DALLAS - SAN ANTONIO and FORT Distributors in All Principal Cities Refrigeration Air Conditioning Factories at YORK, PENNSYLVANIA WORTH H0uston's Leading Fm'nitm'e Store SQAQWEQS I , 42 Y esfs D cpenasb le sewn Fannin St. at Walker CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To those of you now embarking upon your lifeis work, we offer best Wishes for success and congratulations upon the completion of your college course in your chosen professions. Texas Gulf Sulphur Company, Inc. Producers of Crude Sulphur 524 Fra nk Bros. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS lVIanufactm'e1's Importers fohhers of MILITARY EQUIPMENT APPAREL AND INSIGNIA CA ERO DRILLING CONTROL AND COMPLETION EQUIPMENT FOR HIGH PRESSURE OIL AND GAS WELLS i' We T'16SO1't'fSLfjjjiaT GMM IIAMHHIN IIHIN WIIIIKS, INII. ly 711 MILBY HOUSTON. TEXAS i i f--gp- 25 1375 fri ' L - I V usf wv one LB 'Ill ll lm' -v ,N I -X kill I zulffffgvli952212ifi,TfBT,"l1:SLz2'i5S'ff 2252? HOUSTON PACKING CO. U. S. Government Inspected- Est. 271 For Mastery Quality Insist on MASURY PAINTS A finish for every purpose, interior or exterior, on wood, metal, or concrete. JAMES BUTE COMPANY HOUSTON Texas Distributors Save S300 and ore J C J - We make these hats in our own plant from the iinest material and guarantee them to retain their original shape and color. Forty years experience are your assurance of high quality and complete satisfaction. Standard Hat Works Waco. Texas College Station 525 Coiigmtiilat1'ons.' af' E 5 ' 9 Compliments I'IOUSTON'S SMART STORE FOR MEN f VJOIVIEN f AND BOYS! of JESSE H. JONES' VV. H. CURTIN 84 COMPANY INTERESTS LABORATORY APPARATUS, SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS AND CHEMICALS HOUSTON, TEXAS Cornpliinents of Kerrville Bus Company, Inc. SAFE, RELIABLE E3 ECONOMICAL BUS TRANSPORTATION Frequent Daily Service FROM COLLEGE STATION TO AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO E? ALL WEST TEXAS Low Rates New Buses Kerrville Bus Company, Inc. 'lFriendly Service" KERRVILLE TEXAS J 6 --- S 1 ' E: .-.. ' Q 1 yi lk X in ' ' -E - E 491- Qbfx ss. X 'ii d -I - XX ,SQ N - X 'Q x , "MORE POWER ff? 5 l k TO You PARTNERS!" l!'f. dl I Our elec+ric power on flue ground helps fo puf your fighfing SEGQZ 'y power info 'Hue air. H"s your job +o keep 'em flying up +here, Equus? and i+'s our fob fo keep fhings humming down here. More power fo you, pariners, we're in fhis baffle 'l'oge'H'1er for 6 E fhe durafionl TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY KEEP THEM FLYING, AGGIES! HOWELL LUMBER CO. Dealefs in ' Best Wisl'1es Lumber and Builders' Supplies to the BRYAN, TEXAS Finest School in America from D R U G S THE FOREMOST MILITARY TAILORS Toilet Goods, Drug Sundries Kodaks and Supplies S Stationery n k Mllltar Su I Co. E.R.EMMEL V PPV DRUGGIST SAN ANTONIO Bryan Texas 527 TO ALL GRADUATES Our hearty congratulations upon your CONGRATULATIONS 1 l U A passmg the most Important m1lestone of ayld your life. Whatever your career may be, lay stress upon the proper handling BEST WISHES of money - be it large or small. And remember that a sound banking conf nection will be an invaluable asset IWW through the years to come. pfxfrfllili :IITTRR SCHLUMBERGER YANAUI NAL W H S ' C BANK OF Q IMIMIERCE O ULVOYIITQ Orp. iiulflluildinq --'-,m'dgm'j- Houston "The Bank of Courtesy" fir XIILXIIER I'I'I PRAI. IPEPOSIT IX Llx-XNLI' K HRPURATI VN W. L. Macatee 84 Sons, Inc ily BUILDING MATERIALS Houston, Texas J C PEN N EY CO., Inc. Founded 1860 WE SPECIALIZE IN FIRE BRICK BRYAN. TEXAS AND ROCK WOOL INSULATION if? GREETINGS . . . uAgg-ig Econgyny fjgy-Ltgyn EP? M Wluen in Houston, drop in and see us: MECHANICAL DRAWING INSTRUf UNIFORMS AND SUPPLIES MENTS. FOUNTAIN PENS and DESK SETS, Leather ZIPPERS and RING BOOKS, Social STATIONERY-CALL' ING CARDS 'Ik Preston 8221 STATIONERY WI and PRINTING PRAIRIE AT FANNIN ..... HOUSTON E E: 7-'QE' -RH" ...RR -n nn ...Q-n.. .fn --,. Q Q 'A' 'lr i' if 'lr if TO MEET THE WARTIME DEMANDS EOR COLLEGETRAINED MEN, THE SCHOOL YEAR AT THE AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE OF TEXAS IS ORGANIZED ON A 12fMONTHS BASIS, DIVIDED INTO THREE 16fWEEKS SEMESTERS, WITH ONE WEEK BETWEEN SEMESTERS. A new student now can complete the regular fourfyear course in two years and eight months, by continuous yearfround attendance. Regular fivefyear courses may be com' pleted under the speedfup program in three years and four months. Never in the history of our country has the need for trained men been so great - men trained in the Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine - and the Art of War. A TRAINED MAN CAN BE OE MORE SERVICE IN EITHER PEACE OR WAR. The cost of attending the A. 3 M. College of Texas remains at the lowest possible figure - for new students residing in Texas it will cost approximately S250 for the first semesf ter and S185 thereafter - making a total of approximately S620 for the first year of resif dence, during which time the equivalent of one and onefhalf years of college credit may be obtained. For detailed information write to the Registr ar, College Station, Texas. 529 Compliments, and how! ggted from Keep Your Face to the Sunshine and the Shadows Will Fall Behind The Largest Store in the Largest City COMPLIMENTS in the Largest State 0 W' !QzrLer-J45 fan HOUSTON HARDWARE CU. TEXAS OWNED if TEXAS MINDED BRYAN, TEXAS TO THE CLASS OF '42 This is not the end of education but the beginning. And if the road ahead looks dilhcult, travel it with the courage and confif dence that is your American heritage. Qur best wishes go with you. Humble Oil 84 Refining Company 530 SPEAKING OF BRANDS . . . In song and story . . . in legend and lore, well known brands have been interwoven in the tradition of the South- west. And in foods and re- lated products there are brands that are symbolic in the tradition of good living in the Southwest. When it comes to coffee the brand that smacks of the tang of the outdoors with a richer, mellow aroma and robust flavor is Admiration! Switch to Admiration and climb an- other notch in good living. .Bains ia Friday, at 7 g .... .mg MISSING PERSONS Monday throu h Graduates of l94Q . . . Congratulations! ,loslte's and the Youth of Southwest Texas have long been "good companions." For ,loske's is more than just a store, it's a personality . A . always hospitable, always ready to serve you through large stocks, newest fashions and values that let you l-:eep to your budget, Young folks like the warm friendliness of this store and you see them here often, buying with the confidence they place in a real friend. Because of this deep friendship between Youth and a Store, joske's has grown steadily greater. 1t's now conf sidered one of the most beautiful stores in America . . . like a whole city of shops under one roof - always wait- ing to please you, your family, your friends. Joslua anon-lens C 0 A N Y SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS , E Q ., wxgil' .. 59- - 'V .V 'X , . "' ' t ,f X ,. ff' .Q ' gg, ,f A ,MT ffftfrw. U 'fm l ,rr 4f' ' jr' Q X ' s . '55,-f-ff .M-til ted 523 gif, Q 1 A l"g8'.N,y: ' 73,64-'Y ffxz i l ,. -1 f , 1 ' 1 is " if f ,. of 1 is 3 as Q, N g ' V ,J IW 4 2. 5 , R35 . ,S ..-3 Q 2 -. e' , rs, 5 4 X i y. Nr 'W ff 4 4- 4 6-gw S, if if 1 Q . KL 41?-'ix 5 . i-rl .P 'ed a P -V gr' . , -- 1. - 'L i-1-ss-' S 2 ' P -2' P' . f' - " Y , ,., P . "M ' '. . Ziain.-. ..,.x- , ' ' , - ' 'L "' " Q ws- iwfv -. .- s-. ' ff as - -Fw 4 '. -E, 1.-5 ,I .fs A - fs -gxjiay argl, ,.,1,g5g,-39:-.se-v.f" . . '5-.- -.ff- 1.:ff4'.:-,gg-,,g s.1- : V- ' gg A ' - . 351, -1:13-Z3 , .Y f -we rr 2 if: . poem. E E La Salle Hotel Bryan'S Only Modern and Fireproof Hotel ik BOOKS ik UN1EoRMS i ik EQUIPMENTS ik AGGIE SUPPLIES STUDE T CO-OP h 2 Jualala? TO CONTRIBUTE A PART TO A. 84 M. TRAINING PROGRAM ik I!!! S ZZKZM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY THE TEXAS AGGIES SOUTHWEST CCJNFERENCE CHAMPIONS 1939, 1940 and 1941 The Aggies have always been Champs with us A THE CASEY'S CONEECTIONERY ..Y,, THE AGGIELAND PHARMACY I. F. CASEY W. M. SPARKS "Serving Aggies 23 Tears" AGGIES FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS ,Sa..Lwitz B125- .i,. 1 2f::z.:t,5v's,:iz':Lm.'?:g'!. A Qi' V TE? G. S. Parker Lu m ber 4 T , 51 g mifg,lia Company . ccu yn x oorso 35- t 'I Bryan, Texas ggie ewe em Fine Wzitchcs. Dizimomls and jewelry of all kinds Senior Class Rings fur any Year Aggie jewelry, Belt Buckles and Fobs CALDWELL'S JEWELRY A K v I E rsh FIT as A Hi' Ml g" T an il I 3 lillfliiiff Nl Pl l' 'ui Ella if. A ll . :li :g:E2?:i il'f'ilEl:'l' :Hill I' if ,1 ii mH1l'll'AEE li-1 lllllhi ii an Eli 'EE PET ll Eg 'G il Sri 231 ' T Qi 5 11, 1 .ui iii. . , I -' L ., 5545 h all STCRE A Bryan, Texas 534 535 AGGIE CLEANERS RECOGNIZED FoR QUALITY R. C. RAPP DIAL 4,4554 il? Sf? The 1942 Longhorn staff has thoughtfully specified . . . K ouerd Ly Wofog v for information and prices Write to The David Molloy Plant. 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO ILLINOIS 'ik il? if? Compliments of Mission Provision Co., Inc. Makers of PILGRIM HAM AND BAooN THE U. S. INSPECTED PACKING PLANT 1 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS THE Y.M.C.A. BARBER sHoP AND VARSITY BARBER sHoP I R. H. BALLERSTEDT, Prop. COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS Good Service has Made Our Business Wliat Ir Is. Franks Insurance Agency R. C. FRANKS Fire, Life, Automobile Insurance 207 S. Main St. Ph. 24265 BRYAN, TEXAS CAMPUS THEATRE BEN FERGUSON CHARLES TIGNER 537 Avpvf 9170 ig ill ta, qsf A Symbol of Drilling Efficiency IN OIL FIELDS EVERYWHERE Hllnt T xxx 'fa H NC ,M O01 ' , s Hon fb the Compan I , F, Usfon Induk ,V no ' ,Q - -eff I - VV 'Pu , Ba' .5 f Shri-ill Chflisgl Clfy ,rom N e - a FU Uma port. JTQXEIS . nd llumland 3 H d En H in U- . CITY NATIO AL BA K BRYAN, TEXAS 9XpO d . Hal. v 'NS- ' uf, ,i ft , - . leaf, yi Q4 liggjnijea nlliziugie jf e-Hkmeywaesxf ' xr Y Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation if omething lllll 6 ' -1 , gi' , has been subtracted! I I I I I weve afcuaqfi Pnefennsu G Il EVH 0 ll ll ll ANYWAY It was really a painless operation we performed on old "jalop" when we sent her tires off to war, because we can still travel better and less expensively, and save war material, too. How? By Grey- hound Super-Coach, of course! Grey- ' hound carries many more passengers per gallon of gas, per pound of rubber or metal than a private car. GREYHUUNIJ LINES 538 Ps. 'W mb K., - ,qi 749 5 , "vom is ws. F Am.: JIM? el'l0!.!4.g' . It has been our privilege during the twenty years we have been in this busif ness, to meet many representatives of "A, Ee? . . . It has been a pleasure to talk to the boys, who called at the office with their story of your various publications . . . to see outstanding teams com' peting for your great Institution in the field of Sports . . . to know many "Exes" in business and industry . . . to get acquainted with faculty members. No man can know "A, E3 M." and not understand something of its spirit and appreciate its contributions to character and leadership. Yours is a heritage worthy of finest effort. Never doubt the final out' come so long as you continue to live up to these traditions. ogerfi ' a,l'l0 ADVERTISING AGENCY, INC. HCJUSTON, TEXAS ' A complete advertising and merclmndising service 5 39 THE DRISKILL AUSTIN HEADQUARTERS FOR A. Es? M. FACULTY, ALUMNI AND STUDENTS CAFE COFFEE SHOP W. L. STARK, Maiiager JUNIOR UNIFORIVIS Tailored by I t HART, SCHAFFNER A E5 MARX I, A-:l l Q I ,luu H We are prepared to ,:'f,5f::. ' "', : 5 5 551 5: serve the A. E8 M. Ca, dets with handftailored j f fz rf frgf uniforms from the Sn' r-- est maker of men's clothes in America. if- " ' s ri 511 . 31 2255- Z: ' Complete 'af f Q- . . i f -- Military .: I I. 1 ..,. 9 Q, J Dept. U d ' ment of ,V X7 .?,74,7pn-.- Vw? n er manage , A A A ma lim Palmer, who has served the Cadet and Army Officer for the past 15 years. Associated with Mr. Palmer is Rafael josetfy, A. E? M. graduate, Class of 1937. Fomhy's 509 E. HOUSTON ST. SAN ANTONIO Myers-Spalti Mfg. Co. Manufacturers and VVholesale Distributors of FURNITURE, MATTRESSES, UPHOLSTERING SPRINGS, GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHINGS AND BOATS Houston, Texas THANK YOU A. 3. M. . . . for the liberal patronage with which you have favored us. vRku'WmsXixxx9Koxx Guxxkes cn 'C D4 U-1 l-' if DS R UA G L GA EN ORANGE 'A' B Admiration Coffee ............,... The A. E? M. College Exchange Store. Aggie Cleaners ................... The Aggieland Pharmacy .......... The Aggieland Studio ..... Battelsteins .......,............. 5 ' ' Q W. S. Bellows Constructiwn Company .... .... Bengal Guards .................... Brown Oil Tools. Inc.. . . James Bute Company. . . Caldwell's Jewelry Store. . . Cameron Iron Works. Inc.. . Campus Theatre ......... . Casey's Confectionery ............. The Citizens National Bank of Wzictm. City National Bank, Bryan, Texas .... CocafCola Bottling Co., Inc. ..... . . W. H. Curtin E? Co., Inc.. .. john Deere Plow Company. . . . . The Driskill ................ E. R, Emmel, Druggist .... Farrar Lumber Company .......... First State Bank E? Trust Company. . . Foley Brothers ................... Fomby's ........ . . . Frank Brothers .................... Sol Frank Military Supply Company. Franks Insurance Agency ........... CviffordfHill E5 Co., Inc.. . . . Greyhound Bus Company .... Gulf Publishing Company. . . - Haltom s ............. Holick's ................... Houston Packing Company ..... Houston Paper Company ..... Howell Lumber Company. . . Hughes Tool Company ............ Humble Oil E3 Reining Company ..... . . . Hunt Tool Company .............. jesse H. Jones' Interests .... joske Brothers Company. .. H. j. justin Es? Sons ....... 531 515 536 534 519 526 533 541 520 525 534 525 537 534 522 538 522 526 522 540 527 516 522 530 540 525 527 537 518 538 544 522 522 525 520 527 521 530 538 526 532 520 IIWDEXXQ-fffrrrf 542 Kerrville Bus Company .... King Candy Company ..... La Salle Hotel ............. Lilly Ice Cream Company ...... Lucchese Boot Company, Inc.. . . . W. L. Macatee E? Sons, Inc.. . . . Martha Washington Candies ...... Mission Provision Company, Inc... The David J. Molloy Plant ....... MyersfSpalti Mfg. Company ..... The National Bank of Commerce .... Oil Center Tool Company ....... Parker-Astin Hardware Company .... G. S. Parker Lumber Company .... J. C. Penney Company, Inc, ..... . Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. . . The Registrar, A. Ei M. College. . . Ring Ee? Brewer ..................... RogersfGano Advertising Agency, Inc.. . . Sakowitz Brothers .................... San Antonio Machinery EG? Supply Co.. . . San Antonio Public Service Co. ...... . Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp.. . . . Southwest Stone Co. ............... . Standard Hat Works .... Stowers Furniture Store .... Student Co-Op. .............. .... . Texas Construction Material Company .... Texas Electric Service Company ........ Texas Gulf Sulphur Company, Inc.. . .. Uniform Tailor Shop ..... Varner's Jewelry ...... Varsity Barber Shop ..... W. S. D. Clothiers ........... A. M. Waldrop E? Company ...... Wilson Stationery EC? Printing Co.. . . . Wyatt Metal Ee? Boiler Works .... The Y. M. C. A. Barber Shop .... York Ice Machinery Corp. ...... . szeszxfafisflli D 526 514 532 514 .....518 528 540 .....536 .....536 .- 540 528 535 530 534 528 516 529 520 539 534 516 516 528 520 525 524 532 514 527 524 518 514 536 516 514 528 523 536 524 EX ik ik 'ik 'ik ik N LooK1No through this yearbook, one seldom realizes the countless hours, even days, of work and planning done by the editors to produce an outstanding annual. The editors' supervision includes everything from the first idea of a theme to the countless details of art work, layouts, photographs, copy, engravings and printing. Thus our greatest interest has been to work in the spirit of cooperation and relieve the editors wherever possible of some of their work and worry. Our organization of experienced craftsmen, using the most modern equipment, has coordinated its efforts with those of the editors to give you a yearbook which we hope will be both attractive and entertaining. ik ik ik ik ik THE GULF PL BLISHIIWG CUIUPHHY no if ' an ., ,,4 -431-7 . . 119555 "" " Sf 'Kii 'A' Q'P'VjK5,f ggigggggfiqigtr ,. Ari- t 2-K- 'l l r-1Q,,Q er i f ,e..fff1-q'fi -p- 1 f Ein - i s " ,R , v.,1-f-.,5:l7:1,a-3' ZA. ,b,v3.gg3-E-5 :jf x ,gn lfrgiv-qu r if 1 -- ' JEE i 1- .aff ,MF , 31 fxh gg M 2 's 1 3301 Buffalo Drive Sze 'g I Q, . , , HoUsToN, TEXAS 544 :I if . 9 ,ui U W , r M, 15 1 " "W: I 31 1 .rw ,. 1 I ' xi '14 m .J . 6 Ya , 1 I ,R ,, , . ' 4 - , I I.. -MT' 'Hx . 'Af' 4- Q ., s . i . . , . , ' , .-in E, ' W . - 7: . 4. , , ,X ..,' xixvl X 1. W if ,ft :4"w' ' 95.45 I '65'GW-- :, ,4.'. A -' 'N 5 , , , ' - 1 '4?" ' "sf V "i LIT". 1' ' ' f"-1-,-1,131 , '--I . ffvlihy, ' -. .- ' 'av 1' ' " i' , 1 5' -. ,TJ gf. .' - - . D ,71kig','7'1, ' z. ' 1 V., -' u 'L' 4, X '.n L- K -a Q. fin .V .S if -H , . ' a 1- f- . - V ,, 1 Q 1 . V w .- fr A A 1 . 1 f'..k,,, . ru.--4 ' " b , , - 47. I--fl" H. ,rl I 1 L14 TQ. Q A-' .U I ,, . .5 , , , :ju I .fu 1 'I , W- ,w in 1 V 5 --4.1 us 5, tl' ' F' v. Vr ,.l. . 4 .. 3, ,, -n'rvf, I K2 M., -. . uni! X . .A

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