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exas A I University ElRancho ' 69 0 ■ Table of Contents student Life 18 Personalities 36 Sports 62 Fine Arts 102 Organizations 120 Faculty 142 Greeks 234 Students 260 Index 310 The measurel of a university i is its students Mk In their academic work they are the very pulse of the fundamental meaning of a university. m W9 r . WS E .Hi ' fllBtan l 1 aLi fi wt ' - " H _ _ JH OH -i l In sports the student brings the enthusiasm, vitaUty and spirit that makes the pulse beat faster. ' ' . -i In activities they make the purpose and meaning of a university grow beyond the boundaries of book knowledge. .-i:mmi i In pursuing their own ' thing ' they add flavor and dimension to the university. In their everyday lives, they bring the breath of life itself . . . their own individual personalities. aii .x - ♦ . %c- A " ' fe ' " :. - Up BHn 1 ■ J ! ( p. The measure of a university is its students for it is only out of tfie presence and mingling of many different minds, personalities, and backgrounds that a university can evolve. It is the students who make the university what it is. It is their desire for knowl- edge that establishes its educational standards; their enthusiasm which gives it spirit; their interests which broadens its scope beyond the classroom; their activi- ties which give it life, and their conflicting ideas and causes that prevent stagna- tion. Without them the university is robbed of the very essence of its existence. It is merely a collection of empty buildings and dreams never to be fulfilled. Since a university exists because of and for its students, it is only through them that it can assume life — life created of many different individuals, each with his own personality, ideas and ideals, aspirations, and talents — yet all coming together to share their lives in attaining the ultimate goals of higher learning and human understanding. yf., ii Editor = . rtz Student Life - ' «»3 : % , J «i k The A(SI Farm Cottage, built in 1934, will give way to the new as a dorm is erected on the ground where it now stands. The cottage, south of Martin Hall, has housed four faculty fami- lies in its 35-year history. Now empty, the cottage awaits its eventual destruction or removal. One of the most attractive aspects of the farm cottage is the old Mexican tile on the front porch which welcomes visitors. The Texas A I University Alumni Association got its first executive director this year, Joe Bishop. Bishop awarded Johnny McNabb the President ' s Cup as winner of the alumni ' s Homecoming Golf Tournament. This year a bilingual program was established which offers undergraduate studies in agricul- ture, business administration, and engineering. The graduate recei ves a bachelor ' s degree and a bilingual certificate which guarantees he can function in both English and Spanish. Dr. Mario Benitez, program director, discusses it with student Adolfo Vasquez and Dr. Robert D. Rhode, who conceived the program. A Year of Campus Change 1968-69 With a 20 per cent enrollment increase, eight new buildings are in various stages of plan- ning for A SI. An Industrial Arts building, costing approximately $346,193, was started this year. At the groundbreaking ceremonies were Dean Robert Rhode; A. F. Gross, lA de- partment chairman; Dr. John W. Glock, Dean of Teacher Education; and President James C. Jernigan. A student voices his opinion on the spring elections at the Speaker ' s Corner. New to A I this year was the Speaker ' s Corner, co-sponsored by Press Club and the Forensics Club. Students could voice their opinions on subjects ranging from campus problems to the Viet- nam issue. The sessions, started in March, were held every Wednesday from noon to 1 p.m. Each and Every One An Integral Part In any expanding college or univer- sity there are those students and those aspects of college life which are seen every day, and others not seen by the average student. They live in the mem- ory only for a fleeting moment and then are gone. These students represent the quieter, more solitary aspects of the university. The office worker, the cowboy, the stu- dent in the library, a musician, and a worker behind the. scenes of a produc- tion—all are an integral part of the life of the university. At NAIA Play-off: Rain Dampens Everything — Except Spirit Graduate Biology Students Study Ways of Marine Life As one of Mark Twain ' s characters might say, " Let ' s play hooky and go fishing! " However, for two A I biology students, fishing is a necessary part of their graduate research. Last summer, Texas A I graduates Roger Zimmerman and James Seagle began making monthly trips to Ran- som Island, located in Redfish Bay. Gathering finned and shelled marine life, the biologists study the effect of shallow-water turtle grass on the living habits of sea creatures. The marine animals are trapped with a large trammel net which is set diagonally out into the bay. During each trip, the students make frequent checks of different net quad- rants to capture trapped specimens. These animals are then put into plas- tic barrels and later are preserved in formaldehyde. After such fishing trips, the speci- mens ' stomachs are studied in the university biology lab. The contents of their stomachs tell the feeding habits of the fish and invertebrates. Tol Dr ' AnLTch Ly ' ' " ° ' ' ° ° Zimmerman, James Seagle, and biology l 1 v PunoY Off-Caikpus Most students, even those with congenial roommates, find a private telephone is almost necessity. When roommates are gone, an apartment is a lonely place. With eight girls sharing the same house, there is a line for everything. Living Is Fun, Cooking, Dishwashing, Work I Clothes washing isn ' t so dreaded a job when Grocery shopping is an adventure when no one is quite sure of what they are doing. I you have company. Between talking, combing hair, cooking, studying, dating, going to classes — still there is time for TV. Dorm Living Experiences Offer Variety Once in a while a man runs low on money. With all the worries of studying and money, Then the telephone calls go to Dad rather a student has to take a break once in a than a cute brunette from Hist. 201. while. Studying can be a pleasure or a pain, depending on your choice of great American literature. Mrs. Eva Marie Lindsey Bough Hall Baugh Hall Dorm Council Front: Fred Hayden, secretary-treasurer; Jerome Tymrak, dorm assistant; Johnny E. Figueroa, freshman representative. Row 2: Barry Chandler, junior representative; Danny Young, dorm assistant; Donald Higgin- botham, vice president; Jimmy Parker, athletic director; James Engelking Jr., president; Timothy Ferguson, sophomore representative; Tommy King, senior representative. Mrs. Eunice Walrath Cousins Hall Cousins Hall Dorm Coimcil Front: John F. Cummings; Allen M. Collins, sergeant-at-arms; Alan L. Johnson, Alton L. Braudaway; Grover Colwell. Row 2: Erwin Fournier, vice president; Sammy Montgomery; Steve Shults; Allen K. Hovda; Richard B. Roper; Wilbur L. Kenne, secretary-treas- urer; Lawrence Kieschnick, president; James Kiening. Lewis Hall Dorm Council Mrs. Margaret E. English Lewis Hall Mrs. Gladys D. Donham Eckhardt Hall Front: Libby Laird; Becky Rodriguez; Cheryl Childress, parliamentarian; Molly Manning. Row 2: Dianna Drury, president; Martha Moody, vice president; Sandra lungman, secretary; Mary Layne Finley, treasurer; Patty Schueneman, AWS representative. Row 3: Sandra C. LeBlanc; Jane Evans, sports representative; Barbara Ann Scott, freshman representative; Betty lane Richter; Patty Jauer, reporter; Yolanda Gonzalez; Cynthia Eicher, chaplain. Eckhardt Hall Dorm Council Mrs. Jewel Cauley Martin Hall (Men ' s Wing) -rs p Front: Rosario Azios, president; Florence Youngblood, vice president, i ;■: -: ; :.. -tcnian, secre- tary; Jo Ann Moss, treasurer. Row 2: Karen Moody, chaplain; Alice Harper, parliamentarian; Patricia Hilario; Nancy Phlaum; Margie Lopez; Rosa Maria Ramirez; Adelaida Martinez, reporter. Row 3: Lucila Almaraz, AWS representative; Olga Deanna Guerra; Ruthanne Oliver, freshman representative; Nancy Enyart, dorm assistant; Linda C. Brown, dorm assistant; Nancy Edelen; Helena Jackson. Mrs. Maurine Cathcart Lynch Hall Martin Hall Men ' s Dorm Council Front: Steve Martin, president; M. L. Monroe, vice president; Robert Huff, secretary-treasurer; Randy P. Sparks, reporter and fiistorian. Row 2: Skip Simpson, manager; Don Meek, manager; Billy James, manager; Gary Barnum; Jim Winton, manager; Eddie Garcia. Row 3: Dan Williams; Bruce FuUerton; Craig Mabrito, manager; Don McNair, freshman representative; James Mutz, manager; Tyre Brown. Lynch Hall Dorm Council Front: Paula Mahoney, AWS representative; Lynn Boysen; Lucille Hendrick, dorm assistant; Zena Gillaspy, freshman representative Row 2: Pam Gutgsell, AWS representative; Nancy Brown, reporter; Delmagene Saunders, president; Charla Wagner, vice president; Annette Hawthorne, secretary; Shirley Peftigrew, treasurer; Sue Hinsman, sports representative. Row 3: Carolyn Maley, dorm assistant; Margaret Ann Henry, dorm assistant; Beth Simersky, dorm assistant; Paula Chrisman; Mary Ruth Polk; Sherry Holland; Judy Graves; Sissie Elsea; Cynthia Haverlah; Carlo Schilling; Moya Jan Wilkinson; Julia McClure; Brenda Heflin. Martin Hall Dorm Council Front: Paula Stanga, wing assistant; Pat Hoag, dorm assistant; Sharon Angelloz, AWS Freshman representative; Barbie Rosse, AWS represen- tative; Connie Stiegler, wing representative. Row 2: Nancy Lewis, sports representative; Bonnie Lee, wing representative; Bonnie Holt, vice-president, dorm assistant; Candy Jones, wing rep- resentative; Pom Acree, president, dorm assistant; Justine Lockman, reporter, head office girl; Mary D. Work, wing representative; Vicki Greenlee, parliamentarian; Pam Copelond, secretary, dorm assistant. Mrs. Edythe W. Dailey Martin Hall (Women ' s Wing) Mrs. Catherine Gray May Hall May Hall Dorm Council Front: Craig Miller, dorm manager, Frankie Cernoch; Theron Weathersby, secretary; Terry HoUan; Gene Moats. Row 2: Thomas Reed, dorm manager; Michael J. Hutzler, dorm -manager; Mike Wootton, dorm council president; John S. Dunne Jr.; Joe Ward; Randy Franek, dorm council vice-presi- dent. Row 3: Mac Morgan; Ryan Maurray; Frank Hosek. Poteet Hall Dorm Council r m J " T %i M K B H HS pi M « |T " 1 B fi jHHU ' - B li wi:£i Front: D. Mike Smith, Ron Mrazek, Stanley Blackstone, president. How 2: Frank Dodson Jr., Tommy Seiler, Ricky Eickenloff, G. Emil Riedel, secretary-treasurer; Wayne Basham. Row 3: Bill Pettijohn, Gary Haner, Clay Ross, Ricardo Gutierrez. Mrs. Maude Ragsdale Poteet Hall Mrs. Vivian Marshall Seale Hall Seale Hall Dorm Council Front: Joe F. Arnold, athletic director; Harvey Buehring, dorm manager; Forrest Covey, dorm manager. How 2: Rudolph L. Bustillo Jr.; Ernest Trevino; Frank Greco, wing representative; Jimmy Pro- chaska, dorm manager. How 3: Graham Harris, wing representative; Charles Tipton, vice president; Bill Diehnelt, ath- letic advisor; Jay Davis, president. J Personalities Lantana Court 1969 Queen Linda Ann Salinas ' • »• ' ! Ladies-in-Waiting Glenda Lopez Diana Franco Lady Katie Burns Costa Rica f Lady Sue Culpepper Brazil Lady Betty Dorsey V 2 United States Lady Cissie Pumphrey Venezuela Lady Rosemary Rodriquez Ecuador ■ ' . T- . ' S-; - ;■ ' : iM. Lady Barbie Rosse Peru A member of " The Hesitations " sings a solo. The group almost didn ' t make the coronation when their plane was delayed. Lantana Queen Linda Salinas is crowned by Homecoming Queen Juanita Alba. Senator Ronald Bridges waves to the audience as he is introduced by President Jemigen. Coronation Night Full of Activities Miss Summertime Sharon Smith First runner-up Priscilla Rodriguez Second runner-up Carlo Rogers Homecoming Queen Juanita Alba First Princess Rosemary Rodriquez Second Princess Sue Culpepper The Senior Class of 1969 chose as their officers Richard Gutierrez, president; Kathy Davis, secretary; Clay Ross, vice-president; and Kathryn Holder, ' Leading the Junior Class this year were Carol Jennings, treasurer; Viki Baron, secretary; Rick Womack, vice-president; and Barbie Rosse, president. Class Officers Sophomore Class officers are (sitting) Pat Lowrie, secretary; Judy Sharp, treasurer; (standing) Sue Culpepper, president; and Randy Lynch, vice-president. ! The Freshman Class is led by Earlene Hutchison, secretary; Bette Rosse, vice-president; Ruth Bonnell, treasurer; and fames Brodnax, president. Who ' s Who Marion Hellman Junior Home Economics Major Kingsville Carol Bitter Junior Elementary Education Major San Antonio Donna Vogt Junior Education-Art Major Kingsville James Michael Morgan Senior Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Major Houston Barrett Pierce Senior Electrical Engineering Major Lyford Judy Wilson Sophomore Elementary Education Major Kingsville Who ' s Who Hugh Morrison Junior General business Administration Major Rockport Margaret Mote Senior Applied Music-Math Kingsville Who ' s Who lulie Dailey Senior Secondary Education Major Harlingen Paula Stanga Jay Senior Secondary Education Major Hondo Quintin Holtz Junior Plant Science Major Seguin » . -_ .. ..J • A.» ; fc " i r nmgn fe fl j t m n ' 1 H gl p ; B ¥ r i -s-. af K _ JUj k i L TBj " hH ■ 1 n ; i r A I Twirlers Add Sparkle To Half-times Billie Sheek, Corpus Christi Sherril Stringfellow, Kingsville i Anna Maria Salinas, Kingsville, and Sharon Terry, Corpus Christi Honorary Cadet Colonel Lynette Ridge Escorted by 1st Lieutenant Sam Mowery, Rifle Team Company Cadet Lady Janice Seitz Cadet Lady Sue Johnson Escorted by Captain Jerry Woodward, A Company Escorted by Major Joe Sheridan, Battalion S-3 Cadet Lady Barbara Remmers Cadet Lady Bette Rosse Escorted by Cadet Captain Victor Muniz, D Company Escorted by Cadet Captain Larry Thomas, C Company Cadet Lady Diane Unterbrink I rz VMi. Imi i» fr.Mim i| gjH HKfti He ■ ■ .. k c y ■ M w ! lei Siie wiSuBK Cadet Lady Katie Burns Escorted by Major Mike Bell, Drill Team Coach Escorted by Captain Ben Wilson, Co-pany B Cadet Lady Betty Dorsey k ' r ' 68 Lone Star Conference Champions Front: Carlos Saldana, Clarence Ball, Ed Scott, Curtiss Neal, Denis Webb, John Kardow, Jerry Hajovsky, Bill Pettijohn, Karl Douglas, Alvin Mathews, Larry Pullin, Gene Walkoviak. Row 2: Duke Barry, manager; Dwayne Nix, Quintin Holtz, Ray Hickl, Butch Riley, Pat Walker, Andy Browder, Doyle Samuel, Thomas Domel, lames Friesenhahn, Guile Vela. Row 3: Jimmy Costello, manager; Mike Williamson, Phelan Allee, Dwight Harrison, James Brown, Ronald Fielding, Larry Edwards, Henry Glenn, Jack Hartung, Charles Matula. Row 4: Bryan Drake, manager; Scott Powers, Bobby Redus, Eldridge Small, Eugene Kubelka, Butch Thomas, Roy Farmer, Leroy Deanda, Bernard Bancroft. Row 5: Willie Gipson, manager; Greg Doramus, manager; Laurel Whitworth, Kerry Garner, Ronnie Welter, James Respondek, Claude McMillon, Mike Roley, Don Washington. A I Javelinas Retain Lone Star Conference Crown; Advance to NAIA ' s Semifinal, Final Play-off Games The 1968 football season has gone into the record books as one of the Javelinas ' banner years. It all began on a hot, balmy August afternoon when the Texas A I Jave- linas reported for pre-season drills in Javelina Stadium. It ended some 18 weeks later on a cold, windy December afternoon in Montgomery, Ala., with the Red Wave of Troy State in the NAIA ' s Champion Bowl finals. Between these two afternoons, the Javelinas compiled an impressive 10- won, 2-loss season record with sur- prises, thrills, and some of the greatest games in A I history. Posting a 9-1 regular season mark and a second straight consecutive Lone Star Conference championship, the Javelinas posted their fifth title in 10 seasons. The team got off to a bruising start against Trinity University. For four periods, the Javelinas and the Tigers matched defenses. The final score in the defensive battle gave A5.I a 6-0 win. A6cl went on to win the first two con- ference games, but the winning streak was suddenly pulled from the Jave- linas ' hands as East Texas State ' s powerful Lions handed the Hogs a 35- 27 loss — the first in 13 games. However, this didn ' t stop the tough Javelinas from getting back into the conference race; they defeated Sam Houston State, 54-21, three weeks later. Sam Houston, ironically, had defeated East Texas State before the A l-Sam Houston game. A I again took the conference lead. The final game with arch-rival Southwest Texas State saw the Jave- linas hand the Bobcats a 39-0 shutout. Approximately 6,000 Javelina fans traveled to San Marcos to witness the Hogs close the regular season. By this time the Javelinas were billed as the No. 1 team in the final NAIA poll, and achieved a rating among the top six in each of the small college listings. The team was No. 3 in the Harmon and Dunkel polls, No. 5 in the United Press International tabula- tion, and No. 6 in the Associated Press rating. Following their LSC championship game, the Javelinas were pitted against Northern State, S.D., in the playoff game. Nine thousand Javelina fans braved 40 degree weather, a blistering north wind, and a steady, driving rain to see A6cl pave its way to the finals with a 20-0 win over Northern State. Finally, the Javelinas met bitter de- feat at the hands of Troy State in the Champion Bowl. The Hogs started with a rough opener and ended with a rough closing game. However, the Javelinas had won their second consecutive LSC crown — some- thing not too many teams do very often. The end of the season left the Hogs with a number of slots open for next year. Greats such as three-time Little- All-America Dwayne Nix, Ail-Ameri- can Ray Hickl, Butch Riley, Carlos Saldana, Quintin Holtz, Larry Pullin, John Kardow, and Bill Pettijohn have vacated their blue uniforms. Frank Kelly, student assistant; Fred Jonas, defensive coach; Pete Murray, line coach; Ken Kelley, head track coach and end coach; Gil Stemke athletic director and head football coach; Don McDonald, head basketball coach and assistant defensive coach; Ron Hunt, trainer. A I Coaching Has Many Aspects; Produces Championship JaveUnas The diagramming of a play on the blackboard, a last minute decision in a crucial game, a pep talk at a rally — these are just a few aspects of coaching. Between a training session and a championship game, before a star can be born, there is a coach to lead the way or give advice. At A I the Javelina coaching staff has led its team to two consecutive LSC crowns, having tied or won five in the last ten years. Another proud distinction is that within those ten years, 20 of their players have been named to All-America squads. As for producing players for the pro ranks, currently there are six ex-A I stars in the professional football leagues. T Javelinas Win Rough Defensive Battle, 6 - 0, In Season Opener Against Trinity Tigers Fourth Period TD Gives A I Victory A stubborn Trinity University Tiger team tested the ' 67 LSC champion Javelinas as a tough defensive battle, opened the 1968 football campaign. A I came into the game with a 9-0 record adding their 10th consecutive victory with a 6-0 win over the Tigers. It wasn ' t until the fourth period that the Javelinas could get on the score- board in the bruising defensive battle. After eight plays and an 80-yard drive, quarterback Karl Douglas and Dwight Harrison teamed up on a 35- yard touchdown pass with 11:42 left in the game. A tough Javelina defense led by guard Carlos Saldana gave up only four first downs and held the Tigers to 28 yards rushing. Quarterback Karl Douglas unleashes a 35-yard touchdown pass to wingback Dwight Harrison. Hogs Stomp Highly Ranked Long Beach State, 35 - 7; Victory Runs Winning Streak to 11 Straight Games Texas A I surprised a highly ranked Long Beach State in their second game of the season on the Californians ' home turf, 35-7. The Javelina offense took charge early in the game and created enough fireworks to celebrate the 4 th of July in September. A I scored twice in the first quarter when Phelan Allee carried over from the two-yard line and Jim Respondek took a 57-yard pass from Karl Douglas. In the second period, Dwayne Nix made it 21-0 after taking a 49-yard pass from Douglas. A one-yard plunge by quarterback Pat Walker and a 71- yard pass from Douglas to wingback Dwight Harrison added the final points. Texas A I ran its winning streak to 11 straight victories with the win over Long Beach. Hajfback Guile Vela sets up the first score throws key block. he breaks loose for 43 yards. Dwight Harrison Javelina Offense Routes Angelo State, 44 - Head Coach Steinke Joins ' Century Club ' A I ' s talented offensive unit un- leashed another lethal barrage of touchdowns as they routed Angelo State 44-0, for their 12th straight victory and the 100th win in Coach Gil Steinke ' s career. The swift A I backfield scored al- most at will and gained yardage total- ing 438 yards. An additional 270 yards on 15 completed passes gave the Hogs 708 yards total offense, a school record. The game was highlighted with the reappearance of quarterback Gene Walkoviak, who dropped out of foot- ball early in the season because of migraine headaches. Walkoviak led the Hogs in rushing with 109 yards in 11 carries. Javelina Head Coach Gil Sfeinke wears ' Century Club ' blanket which he received after getting 100th victory during his coaching career. Stephen F. Austin Bows to Hoggies As A I Defends Conference Crown Little All-Amen ' i game ' s leading Dwayne Nix catches one of two touchdown passes which made him the Javelinas Win, 34-0 Over Lumberjacks The Javelinas opened defense of their Lone Star Conference crown with a surprising 34-0 win over Stephen F. Austin in Javelina Stadium. Quarterback Karl Douglas passed for three touchdowns while linebacker Butch Riley intercepted three passes to set up two more scores. Dwight Harrison got the Hogs on the scoreboard in the first period when he took a 34-yard pass from Douglas. Dwayne Nix scored twice in the sec- ond quarter, taking passes from Douglas of 5 and 37 yards. In the third period Walkoviak scored on a one- yard plunge and Mike Williamson scored the last touchdown on a two- yard dive. The win extended the Hogs ' two- year win streak to 13 as they protected their No. 2 rating in the NAIA and No. 3 rating in the UPI. ETS Upsets Hoggies With 35-27 Victory East Texas State put together the right combination to hand the Hogs their only loss of the season, 35-27, in a wild offensive battle. A I was ranked No. 1 by the NAIA before the game and had put together a perfect string of 13 victories, includ- ing a perfect 9-0 season in 1967, when the Lions upset the Hogs. " When you win for a long time, " commented Head Coach Gil Steinke after the game, " there comes a day when the pressure of winning gets to you and you don ' t play good enough even though you know what you ' re up against. " The Javelinas faced a tough defensive ETS lean Ray Hickl (69), and Carlos Saldana (63) move in to assist in tackUng an Indian. T Henry Glenn sweeps around right end to gain yardage against McMurry Indi Javelinas Defeat Stubborn Indians The Javelinas got back on the win- ning side by sneaking by the tough McMurry Indians 14-9 before a Home- coming crowd of 13,000. The Hogs had to come from behind to win the game as a safety put the Indians ahead 2-0. A I finally got on the board with 40 seconds left in the third frame when Karl Douglas went over from the one- yard line. Two minutes later, Larry Pullin returned a punt 90 yards and A(SI held a 14-2 lead. McMurry ' s final score came with a minute left in the contest. Javelinas Remain in League Race By Crushing Sul Ross Lobos, 43 - ■ J ' " ' 1 1 ■r-r;a K » | ■ H Ih H l o " iiji L V f P H l % i M ■H m f KR Xa • - - j-. i . " ■ H-iT.-- ' Javs 6-1 in Season; 3-1 in Conference Texas A I kept its Lone Star Confer- ence title hopes alive with a smashing 43-0 win over Sul Ross. The Hogs scored five of the first seven times they possessed the ball in the first half. Henry Glenn scored in the first quarter on a 15-yard run. In the second period John Kardow kicked a 41 -yard field gool. Gene Walkoviak scored on a one-yard run and Kardow converted; Dwight Harri- son took a 36-yard pass from Karl Douglas, and Mike Williamson went over from the five. A 65-yard run by Walkoviak and a 15-yard pass play from Douglas to Guile Vela provided the other scores. Butch Riley (61), Jerry Hajovsky (76), and Charles Matula (83) block running space against Sul Ross Lobos. Javelinas No. 1 in Lone Star Conference; Step Over Howard Payne Jackets ' , 20 - 14 The Javelinas suffered a loss in safety Larry PuUin when he was injured during the Sul Ross Victory Boosts Hogs To Conference Lead A5tl moved back into first place in the LSC with a 20-14 win over Howard Payne. The " Border Bandits " set up both A I touchdowns with their play and helped the Hogs gain field position for one of two field goals. The actual margin of victory was two field goals by linebacker John Kardow, who first got A I on the score- board with a 27-yard boot then added one from 33 yards out in the second quarter. Dwight Harrison scored both A I touchdowns. The first came on a con- troversial 27-yard pass from quarter- back Karl Douglas, and the second on a 44-yard punt return. Sam Houston Falls to Javelinas, 54 - 21 Texas A I Retains 5-1 Conference Lead The Javelinas protected their No. 1 spot in the LSC by thrashing upset- minded Sam Houston, 54-21. Sam Houston had come into the game straight from a 24-21 upset victory over East Texas which sent Texas Ail back into the league lead. The Hogs scored five of the first seven times they had the ball in the first half while rolling up a 34-0 half-time lead. Freshman Henry Glenn was the game ' s leading rusher with 177 yards in 19 carries. He scored touchdowns on an 80-yard gallop and a three-yard blast. Freshman Henry Glenn proved to be too much against Sam Houston as he rushed for 177 yards in 19 carries. Javelinas Stomp Arch-Rival Southwest Texas, 39-0, To Gain LSC Crown, NAIA Semifinal Play-off Berth Texas A I lived up to its NAIA No. 1 billing by stomping arch-rival South- west Texas, 39-0, clinching its second consecutive LSC Crown and an NAIA playoff berth. Six thousand loyal A I fans followed the Javelinas to San Marcos and saw an explosive A I offense run the Bob- cats ragged. The victory marked the fifth LSC crown A6tl has won or tied for in the last ten years, and the first time the Hogs have been invited to the NAIA play-offs since winning the National Championship in 1959. A6cl got on the scoreboard in the first period when Phelan Allee smashed over from the one-yard line, capping a 98-yard drive. Dwight Harrison haunted the Bob- cats again this year as he scored three Dwight Harrison- again haunts SWT as he pulls in one of three touchdown passes. TDs in the game. His first came in the second period when he took a IS-yard pass from Karl Douglas. In the third quarter the Hoggies scored 19 points to wrap-up the victory. Harrison first took a five-yard pass from Douglas and then a 54-yard toss from the Javelina quarterback. Mike Williamson ended the night ' s scoring with a 66-yard ramble late in the third period. Head Coach Gil Steinke gets a victory ride aiter shutting out SWT. Javelinas Capture NAIA ' s Semifinal Title By Defeating Northern State, S.D., 20 - The Texas A I Javelinas romped to a 20-0 victory over Northern State, S.D., in the NAIA ' s semifinal playoff game. The Hogs, ranked No. 1 in the NAIA poll, thrilled a chilled crowd of 9,000 with a bruising running game and a brutal defense during the long, cold, windy and rainy afternoon. It was the third win in as many tries for the Javelinas in NAIA playoff com- petition. A I won both the semifinal and championship game in 1959. With both offenses stifled, A I ' s Border Bandit defense took the upper hand in the heated defensive battle. The Wolves were held to 63 yards total offense and six first downs, while Gene Wajkoviak and Mike Williamson developed a running game for A I. Henry Glenn concluded a 50-yard drive as he swept around right end for the first six points. The next two scores came with a run by Phelan Allee and an 11 -yard touchdown pass to James Respondek. Border Bandit defense stops Northern State ' s back in NAIA ' s semifinal playoff game. Freak Safety, Troy s Aerial Fantasy, and Receivers Outdistance Hogs, 43 - 35, in NAIA ' s Champion Bowl A freak safety on the opening kick- off of the second half and the aerial fantasy of Sim Byrd and his receivers put Texas A l into a " hole " from which it never recovered as Troy State out- scored the Javelinas, 43-35, in the NAIA ' s Champion Bowl in Montgomery, Ala. The point play occurred when A I receivers Dwight Harrison and Gene Walkoviak collided fielding the ball on the one-yard line and Walkoviak fell into the end zone with the ball. That broke a 21-21 tie, forced a free kick to Troy, and the Red Wave quick- ly marched 50 yards in nine plays with Byrd passing to Doug Taylor for the final five yards. A l ' s quarterback Karl Douglas hit 14 of 30 passes for 213 yards, and two touchdowns to Dwight Harrison. A I ' s other scores came with a 24- yard pass to James Respondek, and a one yard run by Phelan Allee. Douglas scored twice from the one-yard line with John Kardow kicking the extra five points. Gene Walkoviak, Javelina quarterback, looks for a receiver as Bill Pettijohn (64) blocks for him. Dwayne Nix Named Little AU-American Third Time; One of Three in Football History to Receive Honor Dwayne Nix is now a living legend of Texas A I football. The senior split end from Kingsville was named to the Associated Press Little All-America team for the third consecutive year. Nix and Carl Garrett of New Mexico Highlands, also named for the third year, now share the honor with former Dallas Cowboy star Eddie Lebarron, the first to accomplish the feat while playing at the University of the Pacific. The Javelina star came to Texas A I with two strikes against him — he was slow and small. Injuries to players in front of Nix gave him the chance to play. It was found that Nix had an un- canny ability to fi nd open spaces and he was well on his way to rewriting A I ' s pass receiving marks. Nix finished his regular season career by extending two of his career recep- tion records. He closed his four years of competition with 121 catches and 1,613 yards. A I Head Coach Gil Steinke remem- bers Nix as a scrawny end who came out of high school with anything but glittering credentials. " I only weighed 158 pounds during my freshman year, " recalls Nix, " and as I look back on it now, it ' s hard to imagine how I broke into the starting lineup. I was anything but a bluechip prospect. " Pep was part of the game. Nix pulls one in for touchdown. Nix shows his ability to find wide open spaces. ■k ■ 1 ' V:. 3 ■ ' .- ' ' " » H m . x-fi ..- -Ai 1 ' ;. - pi ' mki 4L ' iy i ii£ f ' S!%MjJf iii£ ' 68 Lettermen Ed Scott, HB, 2 VL -. Bill Pettijohn, G, 4 VL Holing Larry PuUin, i Nixon 3, 3 VL ■ PFl B 1 2 N r ' |r9 p n 1 i n Jm L m Thomas Riley, LB, 3 VL Ingleside Quinton Holtz, DT, 4 VL Seguin W Wl M ' " " " vhk ' - ' - = Dwayne Nix, SE, 4 VL Kingsville Carlos Saldana, DG, 4 VL Laredo Jerry Hajovsky, T, 4 VL Columbus John Kardow, LB, 3 VL San Antonio Leroy Deanda, DE, 3 VL Brownwood Phelan AUee, FB, 3 VL Houston Gene V alkoviak, QB, 3 VL Houston Denis Webb, E, 3 VL West Columbia Roy Farmer, WB, 2 VL Lubbock Eugene Kubelka, T, 2 VL Sommerville Donald Washington, RB, 2 VL Palacios James Respondek, E, 2 VL Yorktown 1 Scott Powers, DE, 2 VL Harlingen Butch Thomas, LB, 2 VL Lockhart One Varsity Letter Mike Roley, Yokohama, Japan; Alvin Matthews, Austin; James Friesenhahn, San Antonio; Eldridge Small, Houston; Charles Matula, Halletts- ville; Larry Edwards, Houston; Andy Browder, Dallas; Jim Brown, Van VIeck; Thomas Domel, Needville; Curtis W. Neal, Austin; Mike Williamson, Crystal City; Bobby Redus, Natalia; Jack Hartung, Hondo; Henry Glenn, Houston; Guile Vela, Falfurrias. Javelinas Dominate All-LSC Honor Team; Place Four on Offense, Four on Defense The Lone Star Conference Champion Javelinas dominated the coaches ' all- conference football team by placing eight players on the honor team. The Javelinas placed four players both on the offensive and defensive first teams. Karl Douglas and Dwight Harrison, A I ' s dynamic pass combination, headed the list in the offensive team. Tackle Ron Fielding and guard Bill Pettijohn filled out line positions in the offensive honor team. Defensively the Hogs placed tackle Ray Hickl, linebacker Butch Riley, half- back Ed Scott, and safety Larry Pullin. Sophomore wingback Dwight Harri- son was a big record breaker for the Hogs during the regular 10 game season, setting four new records. Harrison set two single game rec- ords against Trinity in the opener, taking 10 passes for 148 yards. He also set season records in the same category, catching 42 passes for 833 yards. Harrison was named to the United Press International ' s All-Texas College Team. Quarterback Karl Douglas continued his tremendous drive into the A I rec- ord books by finishing the regular season with a total offense of 1,546 yards. He set two new records against Long Beach as he passed for 321 yards and ended the game with a total of- fense of 315 yards. Bill Pettijohn and Ron Fielding were two of the big reasons why A I ' s running game had become a substan- tial threat along with the proven pass- ing attack. Pettijohn and Fielding are two of the unseen linemen in the Javelina camp who open the holes for the A I backs to swish through and then hold back the enemy defense. Defensively Ray Hickl and Butch Riley, two of the Hogs ' top potential draft choices, led the All-LSC team. Hickl, known for his tremendous pur- suit, is one of the Javelinas ' top men on defense. He was named most valuable defensive player in the NAIA ' s semi- final game against Northern State of South Dakota. He was also named to UPI ' s All-Texas College Team. Riley, one of the best linebackers to come out of A I, is known for his vicious play which gave him 72 tackles last year. He was also named to UPI ' s All-Texas College team. Ed Scott, leader of the Javelina " Border Bandits " defense, is another member of the honor team. Last season he set an individual mark with seven interceptions. Rounding out the Javelina members in the All-LSC squad is Larry Pullin. He, also, was named to UPI ' s All- Texas College team. 79 heights are taken shoulder pads are tried. Fighting Javelinas Lose 10 Seniors; Have Rough Spring Training Session With ten seniors ending their co l- ege football careers, Head Coach Gil Steinke has to prepare his team for next season. The A I Javelinas, after winning the Lone Star Conference crown two years in a row and an NAIA playoff berth, have to get back into the shape of things — and spring training is the way. . . . and helmets are fitted. Spring training is an integral part of A5rl sports that produces great teams like those of the past decade. Once again this spring the Javelina Stadium locker rooms are filled with all the noise and life that comes from enthusiastic minds. Pre-season excite- ment fills the air. The first job on hand is equipping the new players — fitting them with helmets, shoulder pads — and weigh- ing them, getting their height, and issu- ing them uniforms. The veteran players have to make the fresh recruits feel at home, make them feel the thrill of donning a blue and gold Javelina uniform. The ten uniforms vacated by such greats as Dwayne Nix, Ray Hickl, Car- los Saldana and the rest of last year ' s greats, have to be filled. And it ' s going to be rough. With air the preliminaries taken care of, the men are then ready to go out into the practice field to be put to the test. It is here, on the practice field, that endless hours are put into workouts that can run the best physically fit to the ground. It is here that they learn to get up and stand their ground — this is their ultimate test. Spring training is no place for the unfit. Here the athlete is stressed to the point where he has to earn his uniform and wants to keep it. New plays have to be learned and old ones have to be perfected. These players get to feel what it is to get hit hard and they learn to hit harder as the popping of shoulder pads is heard throughout the vacant stadium bleach- ers. This training is hard and tough, but it is what makes a team. All this toil and sweat are part of spring training. And this training is the roots for a Javelina team which thrills thousands of their fans throughout the season. And this training makes a win- ning team. they feel what it is to get hit hard. . . they are worked to the ground and learn to stand their ground. rests are well-earned. man sweats enough to wet the ground he stands ( new plays are learned and old ones perfected. t ' 4 Texas A I 1968-69 Basketball Team Front: Tom Cunningham, San Antonio; Ron Mrazek, Corpus Christi, Dennis Leach, San Antonio; Roger Richey, Brownwood; Gary Wideman, Somerset. Row 2: Coach Don McDonald; Lynn Shuttlesworth, Lubbock; Greg Akrcinis, San Antonio; Chuck Meyer, Kimberly, Wis.; David Reed, San An- tonio; Fred Clayton, Linden, N. ]. Texas A I Javelinas End 1968-69 Season As No. 2 Defensive LSC Basketball Team The 1968-69 Texas A I basketball team finished the season with an 11-17 over-all record and a 3-1 1 mark in con- ference standings. In the final Lone Star Conference standings, A l tied for sixth place. The sconngest team in A l history, the Javelinas finished as the No. 2 de- fensive team in the LSC with 2,098 points. The squad hit 816 field goals in 1,860 attempts, both new marks. Another record set was the 102-91 victory against the Bearkats, which marks the first time an A l team has gone over the century standard in an LSC game since the Javelinas joined the league in 1954. Ending a 28 game season, the Jave- linas allowed an average of 75.5 points per game. A I ranked high in the final statistics released by the LSC. In the final rebounding averages, the Javelinas ranked fifth with an average of 44.2 points per game. Greg Akromis, 6-8 sophomore center from San Antonio Lee, finished as the 10th leading rebounder with an 8.7 per game average. Akromis came close to the single game record with 22 rebounds against Stephen F. Austin, missing it by three. A5cl has the fifth leading scorer in the conference in 6-8 senior center Chuck Meyer with a 20.2 average. Mey- er scored 546 points in 27 games, estab- lishing the fourth best point total in the league. Meyer ' s 546 points make him the sec- ond leading scorer in a single season, ranking behind Phil Shirk, who hit 561 points in 1962. Fred Clayton, transfer from Ranger Junior College, ended his first season with the Javelinas with 380 points. This ranked him as the 14th leading scorer for a single season in Javelina history. Only six individuals have ever scored 380 points or more during a campaign. 83 ' 69 Javelina Score Board Opponent A I Monterrey Tech 54 76 University of Monterrey 38 74 University of Corpus Christi 76 82 72 89 St. Edward ' s University 58 65 68 70 Houston Baptist 71 60 69 64 Rice University 83 58 Trinity University 89 75 89 84 Angelo State 75 73 Tahoe, California, College 62 79 63 81 SamHouston 89 69 91 102 Stephen F. Austin 94 73 87 74 Southwest Texas 53 56 74 65 SulRoss 86 79 89 81 Howard Payne 68 59 81 63 McMurry 93 86 79 78 East Texas State 88 85 75 98 Once in a while basketball seemed to turn into a rugged game of soccer. Si p Qi Nf — 4 j|j r 11 ■T — 3 1 €b n CI f , tWwS m ' ' 1 M K ■ M m Hn Forward Fred Clayton displays his high jump- ing ability as he soars in for two points. Greg Akrcmis lets loose a jump shot. Coach Don McDonald explains game strategy during a time out Chuck Meyer displays good form as he aims for the basket. Record breaking Chuck Meyer spots guard Dennis Leach (32) and attempts to pass the ball to Forward Gary Wideman (23) lets loose a clear him. shot. Chuck Meyer races downcourt through the ' Jacket ' defense. Meyer Ends Basketball Career; Charts Seven Individual Records Chuck Meyer, twice named to the All-Lone Star Conference second team and to the All-LSC first team this sea- son, has donned the Javelina uniform for the last time, but during his four- year career with the Texas A I Uni- versity basketball team, Meyer has set records that won ' t be scratched from the A I cage charts for years to come. In four years with the Blue and Gold Meyer has established seven individual records, and has come within a few points or percentages of five others. Of these records, two were set during the 1968-69 season. Meyer established a new game mark when he attempted 19 free throws against Trinity. He hit 176 of 251 free throws for the season also establishing a new record in free throws made. Among his single game records are most free throws made in a single game, 17 against Sam Houston in 1968 and St. Edward ' s in 1967, and best free throw average, 94.4 hit against Sam Houston in 1968. Other single season records include most free throws attempted. Meyer at- tempted 252 in 1967. He missed reset- ting it in the ' 68- ' 69 campaign by one point. Meyer came close to becoming the top scorer in history for a single season by 15 points. He also missed the one- season rebound record by 15. While a junior, Meyer established both the free throws attempted and free throws completed records, ending up with 567 completions in 850 attempts. Meyer ' s 546 points make him the sec- ond leading scorer in a single season, ranking behind Phil Shirk, who hit 561 points in 1962. Meyer ended the season as the fifth leading scorer in the conference with a 20.2 average. Coach Don McDonald chats with Chuck Meyer during a practice session. Senior Chuck Meyer played his lost home game o ' he Howard Payne Yellow lackets David Griesenbeck, Ricky Henderson, Robert Ruiz, Martin Hall, Gary Rauschuber, Dwain Fuller, Vernon Wi Gayord Lewis. m Mathews, Ronnie Miller Newcomers, Three Lettermen Compose A I Netters; Javelinas Host 1969 Conference Tennis Tournament A young and talented tennis squad was streaking its way to the Lone Star Conference tennis tournament with two victories, one loss, and one tie in early spring. The Javelinas, who finished second in last year ' s event, will host the 1969 LSC tennis tournament on the Javelina courts, May 9-10. A crop of promising newcomers and three lettermen compose this year ' s squad, and, according to Coach Ron Hunt, the Hogs will have to depend heavily on newcomers to live up to last year ' s form. The three returning lettermen are John Mathews, Edinburg junior; Vernon Williams, Kingsville sophomore; and Dwain Fuller, Flour Bluff junior. Mathews is a two-year letterman while the other two lettered for the first time last spring. Among the freshmen who are ex- pected to bolster the Javelina roster are David Griesenbeck and Gary Rau- schuber from San Antonio East Central. They helped guide their high school team to a Class AAA state champion- ship. Others on the A I roster are Martin Hall, sophomore squadsman from San Benito; Ricky Henderson, freshman from Kingsville; and Gaylord Lewis, senior from La Feria. Coach Ronald Hl Texas A I 1969 Tennis Schedule Februar y6 Texas A M Kingsville 15 St. Edwards Kingsville 22 Texas Lutheran Kingsville 25 St. Edwards Austin March 8 Pan American Edinburg 15 Angelo State San Antonio 18 Southwest Texas State Kingsville 21-22 Sam Houston Tournament Huntsville April 9 Texas A M College Station 12 Pan American Kingsville 24 Southwest Texas State San Marcos 25-26 Stephen F. Austin Houston May 3 Texas Lutheran Seguin 5 Angelo State San Antonio 9-10 Lone Star Conference Meet Kingsville Dwain Fuller practices his serve readying lor competition. John Mathews presented Javelina opponents a strong game. Fuller demonstrates his follow-through in serving. Front: Earnest Haynes, Tommy Watson, Robert Gonzalez, David Hinojosa, Homer Martinez, Don Washington. Row 2: David Weathersby, Frank Bacy, Aaron Williams, Jimmy Grissom, Joseph Garza, John Perme. Row 3: Dan Swan, Bob Daniels, Steve Stewart, Tommy Argubright, Abel Gutierrez, Joy James, Topper Davenport. Coach Ken Kelley Texas A I Tracksters Indicate Bright Future Track meets in early spring and De- cember clearly indicated that the 1969 Texas A I track squad was one of the strongest ever assembled by the Uni- versity. In their first three meets the Javelinas displayed an awesome amount of pow- er which clearly ranked them as one of the top teams in the state. The Hogs presented one of the better showings in the Astrodome-Federation National Championship meet, winning six medals and setting three national records. Sophomore Bob Daniels set a nation- al collegiate record for the 120-yard hurdles with a time of 13.9 seconds. Freshman David Weathersby set his record on the 120-yard high hurdles with a 14.2 clocking. A third record was equaled by Ernest Haynes with a 6.0 clocking in the 60-yard dash. Other Javelina standouts are distance runners Robert Gonzalez and Homer Martinez. The duo will participate in the mile and three-mile events. Dwight Harrison is expected to give the Hogs a strong push in the field events. Harrison competes in the high and broad jumps. Also in top notch shape are the sprint and mile relay teams. The 440-yard relay team is composed of Daniels, Harrison, Haynes, and Da- vid Hinojosa. The mile relay squad is made up of Daniels, Haynes, Hinojosa and Jay James. I 90 Sophomore Bob Daniels set a national colle- giate record for the 120-yard high hurdles with a time of 13.9 seconds at the Astrodome Fed- eration relays. Roberto Gonzalez, one of the top milers in Texas, cor place medal, but is nipped at the tape by Robert Sc ; in with a 4 09 2 mile for a second of Tennessee Dwight Harrison marks off a second place leap in the long jump at 24 feet 10 inches. David Hinojosa, A I dashman, dons spikes during a workout. Robert Gonzalez establishes a 4:08.9 timing in the mile run bettering Homer Martinez ' 1967 time of 4:12.4. The new school record come in the University of Houston Invitational track and field meet in Butler Stadium. Freshman Earnest Haynes (center) steps off a 9.4 in the 100-yard dash to equal the A I mark set in 1960 by Tony Garza. Bob Daniels takes baton from Dwight Harrison in a 440-yard relay run. Harrison participates in high jump events giving the Javelinas a strong push in the field events. Earnest Haynes lives up to his previous 21.4 time in the 220-yard dash as he comes in first to break the tape. f K » P H B K 1 ni | ' | HKgB 3 ' ' y S H BD a - ll r (M _T J . L 1 B HHKiNffd| g 1 J l«A V K m| Bl Htt l U B ' H 1h n K- ;J H B - ' « Bi ' jw l HI I 1 h; ' }M . - s ' JHr W mi WWIE ,« . ■1 WPI jH runo Ar.drade, Randy Hahn, Chris Hill, Bill Evans, Freddie Hoey, Tom Miller, Jim Miller, David Houst( Golf Team Hopes for Tourney High; « — " - Ranked Ninth in Border Olympics Hopes for a strong finish in this Spring ' s Lone Star Conference golf tournament May 9-10 in the Kingsville Country Club are pretty high for the 1969 Texas A I golf squad. The Hogs returned five lettermen from last year ' s third place LSC team and Coach Pete Murray feels optimistic about this year ' s results. Lettermen returning are Bill Evans, Odem senior; Jim Miller, Edna senior; Randy Hahn, San Antonio junior; Tom Miller, Edna junior; and Freddie Hoey, San Antonio junior. Newcomers to the team this season are Chris Hill, New Braunfels sopho- more; Chris Delcambre, San Antonio freshman; Russell Cain, Port Lavaca freshman; and Larry Lahtinen, San An- tonio junior. The Javelina golf team made one of its best showings ever in the Border Olympics as it finished as the top col- lege division team in the meet. The Javelinas ranked ninth among 20 teams entered in the final tabulation. Each of the teams ahead of the Jave- linas was NCCA university division in classification. A I had a 54-hole total of 1206. Bay- lor had 1204 and Wichita State 1202 to edge past the Javelinas for seventh and eighth spots. Winning the team title was the Uni- versity of Houston with 1128 while the University of Texas had 1145. Bill Evans, low man for the Javelinas with 291, ranked 10th among the 120 individuals entered in competition. He was eight strokes behind the runner- up medalist. Evans ' s best round came when he fired a three-under-par 69. He defeated Rick Massengale of Texas by three strokes in early play. Massengale was one of the low men in the tournament, and one of the favorites. Other scores for the Javelinas were Jim Miller, 304; Chris Hill, 305; Randy Hahn, 306; Fred Hoey, 307; and Tom Miller, 319. 1969 Javelina Golf Schedule Feb. 6-7 University of Houston Invitational Houston Feb. 28 Texas Lutheran College Seguin March 6-8 Border Olympics Laredo March 18 Trinity University Kingsville April 10 Southwest Texas State San Marcos April 16-18 Stephen F. Austin Invitational Nacogdoches April 21 Trinity University San Antonio April 29 Southwest, Texas Lutheran Kingsville May 8-10 Lone Star Conference Meet Kingsville t Fred Hoey, two year letterman, practices his pose and swing. V - f Returning letterman Tom Miller practices his putting. Bill Evans, another A6.I Golf letterman, dis- plays the form which has made him one of A I ' s best golfers. lijf lut .i-S!«« . ; ' - ■ • »rt■ ' ' - JT•iisiIi.: -- . Cheerleaders: Betty Dorsey, Eli Solis, Barbara Remmers, Larry Lynch, Barbie Rosse and Leo Aguilar A I Cheerleaders Are Everywhere Building Spirit they are sure to be found at a victory li: Javelina Stadium is filled to capacity, the blue and gold uniformed Javelinas are out on the field, but the air is filled with silence — then over a loud speak- er comes a voice urging " Go Hoggies, go Hoggies, " and the stadium comes alive with the roar of " Give ' em Hell Hogs, give ' em Hell Hogs, " as students let school spirit take over their emo- tions. The voice coming over the loud speaker is that of head cheerleader Larry Lynch, and yelling alongside him are Eli Solis, Betty Dorsey, Barbara Remmers, Barbie Rosse, and Leo Aguilar. These cheerleaders, usually taken for granted, practice their yells for hours a day, then come before the student body as " spirit builders. " Elected by the student body, they are responsible for getting student support for the Jcvelinas during football and basketball seasons. Wearing their colorful blue and gold uniforms these six individuals can be found leading a parade down the cam " pus avenue or leading cheers against the background of bright bonfire flames at a pep rally. Always eager to encourage school spirit at its best they are sure to be found running out of a victory line with the Javelinas right behind them. Braving driving rain, gusting winds, and cold weather, our cheerleaders cheer until their tonsils give in and their throats run dry, but still excite the student body. students Work, Sweat, Groan to Build Superman Muscles in Weight-lifting Class Summer school found A I ' s HPE de- partment offering a weight training course under Jovelina Coach Fred Jonas. Each day there was an 80-minute workout for the purpose of developing the bodies of the students. The 19 students enrolled for the class followed a different workout pattern every day of the week and on Friday they topped everything off with a weight lifting contest. The purpose of the course was to " build strength in six weeks time. This was to be done by lifting heavy weights or by overloading. One aspirant to the muscle bound crowd works on his bench presses. Another prospective Hercules perfects his curls. This Atlas seems to have already made the grade with his military presses. Texas A I Women ' s volleyball team: Clara Aguilar, Carmen Gonzalez, Oralia Hernandez, Betty Krnavek, Terri King, Shirley McDermand, Debi Arbuckle, Virginia Miller, Lulu Sparkman, Roxonne Norris, Lupe Uresie, A S I HPE Department Undertakes Plans for Women ' s Athletic Team Debi Arbuckle served as an excellent spiker for the team. Plans for a women ' s athletic team were undertaken this year by the Health and Physical Education De- partment. The team would be divided into four areas consisting of a basketball team, a volleyball team, a tennis team, and a badminton team. A5tl had not had a women ' s team for the past three years. The team will be sponsored by Betty Brewer, physical education instructor and women ' s coach. The women ' s volleyball team, the first in the project, got off to a success- ful start. At the time the Texas A6 I Javelinas were shooting for national honors, the women ' s volleyball team was going for state honors in the Texas Recreation Federation of College Women (TRFCW) playoff tournament in Houston. In their first year in federation com- petition, this was the inaugural trip to state playoffs by an A I volleyball team. The women earned the right to the playoffs by surprising members of Dis- trict VII. A6cl romped by experienced teams from Del Mar, Bee County Junior College, and Pan American to win the district crown and advance to the state meet. Although the team failed in its first attempt for state championship honors, the women were eager to get organized into a women ' s basketball team. Members of the A I Women ' s volley- ball team include: Clara Aguilar, San- dia junior; Carmen Gonzalez, Corpus Christi junior; Oralia Hernandez, Sinton junior; Betty Krnavek, Corpus Christi junior; Terri King, San Antonio fresh- man, and Shirley McDermand, Nome freshman. Other members include Debie Ar- buckle, George West freshman; Vir- ginia Miller, Jourdanton freshman; Lulu Sparkman, Roxanne Norris, Freer fresh- men; and Lupe Ureste, Brackettville sophomore. a : ■ i£l lyyM tMAWm Art of Sculpture Unique Challenge Sculpture provides the student with a unique experience. He is challenged to relate to his three dimensional en- vironment. The sculptor uses mass, voids, tex- tures, planes, and movement as his basic elements. He can then choose the best material to express his idea — plaster, clay, limestone, wood or welded metals. Each material has defi- nite characteristics that influence the shape and feeling of the final product. Sculpture is physically involving and can be quite a thrill to the person that enjoys working with his hands. A head mounted on a base is what Rosario Azios decided on as one of her class projects. Carving away at plaster paris is Dennis Benny Ornelas adds the finishing touches to his terra-cotta figure. 102 An A I coed studies the model carefully be- Two art students are busy drawing the class model. fore drawing. Drawing Includes Two Categories Drawing is to the visual artist what the piano is to the musician. It is the primary means of thinking-out or de- veloping a visual concept for final exe- cution in stone or paint. It is also a medium in itself, capable of revealing a fully developed idea. Anything from the most complex expression to the slightest or most spontaneous is all fair game for the drawing. The intimacy of chamber music or the basic ideas outlining powerful vis- ual orchestrations are perhaps what we prize most in drawing. More than anything else, it is drawings which allow us to grasp the workings of an artist ' s mind — to see just how he de- velops his ideas. 103 A two-faced woman is painted by Karen Art major Sylvia Lopez paints an abstract as her first inside class painting. White. Bill Renfrow lectures to his advanced painting class Artist Expresses Self in Painting Painting is just one method by which an artist expresses his self image to others. He transmits his feelings and thoughts through the selection and the application of colors that best go to- gether to create an expressive and, yet, usually exciting work of art. Doyle Cook concentrates on a measured stroke. L X Ci Jh 1 1 station KTAI Opens at A I Texas A I University joined the elec- tronics media this year with the estab- lishment of KTAI, the only campus radio station, when it began broadcast- ing January 31. KTAI, produced and staffed by the speech department, broadcasted over a closed circuit system Mondays through Fridays from noon until 4:30 p.m. " Easy listening " music and campus news was broadcasted into the speech classrooms, backstage of the Little The- atre, costume room, and the speech offices. Broadcasting was in connection with a speech course in radio and television production. Speech 217. " To train students and to prepare for eventual educational FM broadcast- ing, " is the primary purpose of KTAI according to speech instructor Ray Carroll. A 10-watt FM station for A I has been proposed which will broadcast in the Kingsville area. KTAI staff members included; Skip Wood, Pleasanton junior, news direc- tor; Mike Zavesky, Bishop freshman, program director; and Riley Hollings- worth, San Antonio senior, promotion director. ' Easy listening " Members of the speech department staffed KTAI. Campus news over KTAI filled the speech building The Trojan Women Talfhybios (George Rivera), Hecuba (Sandra Bel), and a Greek soldier (Michael Daffin), stand by in this poignant scene as Andromache (Kathy Klein) says farewell to her little son Astyan- ctx (Terry Sims) who is to be killed by the Greeks. The Inspector Ivan Alexandrovitch Hlestakov (Jay Franklin), who has drunk a little too much, is assisted by Artemy Fillipovitch (Norman Wright), The Mayor (Spencer Oldham), Osip (Ray Saenz), Bobchinsky (Doug Martin), Dobchinsky (Fred Villegas), and Lyopkin-Tyopkin (Ken Mc- Lemore). Ivan, the imposter, tries to make love to Marya, the Mayor ' s Daughter (Bonnie Holt). ■ H l r H H HPpi m K ' , ' •■ ' ■ ' H The Sleeping Beauty Finistere, the bad fairy (Donna Vogt), and Prince Perigof, Prince Charming (Eh Solis), confront each other in the annual children ' s play. Cardinal Woolsey (David Deacon) and Sir Thomas More (Tony Reynaga) discuss the divorce of Henry VIII which threw England into turmoil. The coming visit of Henry VIII is discussed by Sir Thomas ' s wife, Lady Alice (Laura Vela), his son-in-law and daughter, William Roper (Tom Ducote) and Lady Margaret More (Mary Lou Ramirez), a commoner (Da- vid Rhodes) and Sir Thomas (Tony Reynaga). 107 Henry Higgins (Chuck Shamel) tries to con- vince Eliza Doolittle (Maureen O ' Brien) to stay on as his pupil. My Fair Lady . Now that Eliza has finally decided that she has enough of Higgins and is leaving him, he be- gins to realize how much Eliza means to him. Laurey (Maureen O ' Brien) plays hard to get with Curly (James Jones), Oklahoma The demented farmhand, Jud Fry (Steve Ship- ley) threatens Curly if he refuses to give Laurey up. Mima (Yolanda Longoria) drops her key and in the dark she and Rodolfo (Tony Gonzalez) search for La Boheme Musetta (Melody Chorn) makes a fuss order- ing Alcindoro (Richard Roper) around and then starts singing the " Waltz Song. " SINGERS ■K Front: Janet Hartnell, Melody Chorn, Paula Chrismon, Robbie Walker, Bing Witf, Sue Lewis, Emily Tucker, Beverly Cole, Meredith Wood. Row 2: Craig Jones, Ronald Crawford, Louis Ramirez, Elio Ramirez, Rolando Molina, Riley Hollingsworth, Michael Gilbert, Richard Roper. A I Singers Perform Wide Range of Music Styles Over the years the Texas A I Sing- ers have ViTon recognition for their pro- gram versatility and interpretation of a wide range of vocal literature. They perform any style of music, but espe- rendition of the unofficial school song " Jalisco. " This past year found the Singers busy giving concerts for community organi- zations and at the Kingsville Naval Air cially popular with everyone is their Station. At Christmas they presented a The Singers performed at the dedication of the new James C, Jernjgan Library, concert with the choir and also sang for the Christmas Tree Lighting in front of the SUB. The Singers made their annual tour, this year to various places in Central and West Texas, and presented a Spring concert. Membership is open to any student enrolled in the university with selection by audition. Director of the Singers, A. E. Tellinghuisen, joined the faculty in 1966 as Associate Profes- sor of Concert Choir Boasts Large Repertoire Any student of Texas A I University- interested in choral singing is welcome to audition for membership in the Con- cert Choir. The choir performs music from all style periods — Renaissance to Con- temporary. Major works performed have included: the " Magnificat " by J. S. Bach; " Mass in G Minor " by Ralph von Williams; portions of the " Lord Nelson Mass " by Haydn; and excerpts from the " Magnificat " by Jean Berger. Periodically the choir features solo- ists. This year students performing were Ben M. and Leesa Todd, Tony Gonzalez, and Margaret Mote. Every year the choir makes a tour, spending two nights and three days visiting high schools throughout the area. This year they plan to visit Pleasanton, Austin and possibly San Antonio. While they are away they stay in the homes of members spon- soring choral groups. Every year the Concert Choir has been invited to perform with the Corpus Christi Symphony. This year they will be performing selections from Wagner ' s " Tristan and Isolde " . Officers for the Texas A I Concert Choir are Mike Gilbert, vice president; Melody Chorn, secretary-treasurer; and Tom Estes, president. Front: Janet McQuaid, Jeane Holcombe, Mary Alice Pena, Petra Puente, Sherry Kouri, Linda Edwards, Sandy Heard, Linda Weiss, Yolanda Yzaguirre, Prissy Rodriguez, Cynthia V. Ramos, Leesa Todd, Robbie Walker, Jo AUex, Janene Gay Buck, Emily Gay Tucker. How 2: Frank Roberts (director). Holly Kriepch, Margaret Ann Mote, Sharon Weed, Maxine Porter, Anita Fuentes, Sandra Flores, Margaret Koch, Deanne Leonard, Jeanette Traylor, Paula Chrisman, Gayle Allen, Jeannette Franks, Melody Chorn, Marsha Brinkmeyer, Lynne Weynand, Karen Howell, Yolanda Garza. Row 3: Francisco X. Salinas, Arnold Sanchez, John L. Schuch, Tom Estes, Johnny Cadena, Eli Solis, Jose S. Solis, Tony Gonzalez, Edwin Crump, Louis Ramirez Jr.. Charles A. Dodd, J. R. Boggess. Row 4: Larry Davis, Riley Hollingsworth, Michael B. Matteson, James V. Jones, Raymond E. Weiss, David Haunschild, Michael G. Gilbert, Tommy A. Wray, Ben M. Todd, Craig Jones, Santos Cavazos, James Edwards, Charles J. Motes, Ronald F. Crawford. f%-®-« © A JL © r.9 a Many hours of painstaking labor, practice, and rehearsal go into preparing for a band tour or a concert, Ernest Muzquiz was featured as soloist in Dr. Bellamoh ' s arrangements of " The Flight of the Bumblebee for xylophone. The big day arrives and the product of many long weeks of work is presented in concert. Symphonic Band Makes World Premier Of Award Winning Composer ' s New Work The Texas A I University Band, un- der the direction of Dr. Joseph L. Bel- lamah, had one of its busiest years dur- ing the 1968-69 term. During football season the " March- ing Hundred " performed at half-times of home gomes and helped to keep spirit up with their playing and cheers from the stands. Even the blowing tor- rents of rain which accompanied the NAIA Playoff did not dampen the spirit of the bandsmen; they held their posts to the final victory. The band also played for pep rallies, the bonfire, and their own impromptu rallies on the balcony of the music building. The band went to San Marcos for that game and proved to everyone that it ' s not where you sit that counts, but how loud you yell. When the Javelinas won the playoff bandsmen worked long hours soliciting Each fall Dr Bellamah and the members of Kappa Kappa Psi band fraternity spend hours plan- ning and hosting the Band Day activities In this event area high school bands are invited to come and participate in a parade and a mass marching drill of all the bands during the half- time of the game that evening. Dr. Bellamah, director of the band, and Lawrence Weiner, assistant professor of music, discuss some of the intricacies of Weiner ' s composition which the A6.I Symphonic Band premiered on its tour and post-tour concert. the necessary money to pay their way to Montgomery for the championship game. Also during the Fall the band pre- sented its first annual Dad ' s Day Con- cert and celebrated Halloween with a costume party. Second semester found the Sym- phonic Band busy in preparation for its annual tour. This year the three-day trip was made to Navasota, the Hous- ton area, Fredericksburg, and San An- tonio. After tour the band presented a home concert which featured two arrange- ments by Dr. Bellamah, " The Flight of the Bumble Bee " and " Vira da Beira. " It performed the world premier of a composition entitled " Variegations for Band, " dedicated to Joseph L. Bella- mah, by Lawrence Weiner, a member of the music faculty. Last year Weiner won the Ostwald Award for Outstand- ing Band Compositions as sponsored by the American Bandmasters Associa- tion. After their concert the band spent two weeks preparing two numbers for recording onto records to be sent across the country. Membership of the Symphonic Band is by tryout with members being chos- en on attitude and musicianship. After its presentation Dr. Bellamah congratu- lates the composer. Responsible for a considerable amount of the labor in planning activities and half-time shows for the band are the student assistant, Morris Atkins, and the graduate assistant, Don McDaniel. Officers elected to lead the band in its activities for the year are (seated) Linda Weiss, secre- tary-treasurer and Deanna Gillaspy, reporter; (standing) Ronnie Stokes, vice president; Rich- ard Roper, drum major; and Ernest Muzquiz, president. The average football Ian sitting in the stands often does not realize the make up a half-time show. Here, part of the band executes a difficult ndous amount of painstaking work and planning that it takes to which took long hours on the practice field. Musicians Gain Added Experience from Ensembles Students participating in the Brass Choir are front row: Mary Rodriguez, Mack Burditf, Rene Guzman, Scott Holbert, Joe Cadena, Homer Yzaguirre, and Larry Pavel. Row 2: James Plunkett, Gerald Henke, Mike Robinson, David Wilburn, Tom Estes, and Fernando Ornelas, Standing: James Siber, director, and Hector Ponce. Students in this Sax Quartet are: Lupe Gar- cia, Jesse Pena, Ernesto Guajardo and Jose Maldonado. Members of this Quartet are: James Stockwell, Alfred Cortinas, Don Higginbotham and Hum- berto Gonzalez. At the concert held November 10, Mary Lois Summers, instructor in voice and opera at A I, the featured soloist. PERSONNEL 1st Violin Emily Roberts Donna Kole Strelsa Burks Alfred Taplin Mike Pack 2nd Violin Adolf Mierzwa Shirley Gross E. D. Brinley Susan Sparger David Gilliam Alfredo Espinosa Viola L. W. Chidester Vickie Ozuna Dan Duncan Cello Joy Beth Nelson Mary Mayhew Martha Ann Kay Faye Maddox Bass Adrian Trevino Warren Wood Organ Roger Hauenstein Flute Sandra Blaschke Laura Homff Oboe Richard Roper George Aguilar Clarinet Bill Miller Ernesto Guajardo Bassoon DeWayne Kirk Karen Tate French Horn Rene Guzman Mary Rodriguez Mack Burditt Loyce Davis Trumpet Homer Yzaguirre Larry Pavel Trombone Morris Atkins Tom Estes David Smith Tuba Edwin Crump Percussion Hector Ponce Ernest Muzquiz Ricky Burgess Merton Johnson Leads A I Civic Symphony Dr. Merton B. Johnson, director of the A I Civic Symphony, is an Asso- ciate Professor in the Music Depart- ment. His doctoral work in French horn and conducting was done at the East- man School of Music; his Master ' s, em- phasizing voice and choral conducting, was earned at Illinois Wesleyan under Lloyd Pfautsch, and his Bachelor ' s de- gree work in French horn was com- pleted at the Curtis Institute of Music. As a horn player, he has performed in the Denver Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic, Wichita Symphony, Wichita University Brass Quintet, Tex- as A6cl Faculty Woodwind Quintet, and currently is solo horn in the Corpus Christi Symphony. Prior to coming to A I, Dr. Johnson had organized and conducted a col- lege-community orchestra in Wichita, Kansas. Civic Symphony Gives Children ' s Concert The A I Civic Sympliony, directed by Dr. Merton Johnson, is unique among Texas A I University ' s musical ensembles in the diversity of its mem- bership. Wind and percussion sections are primarily staffed by music majors, with string players coming from the general student body, from the commu- nity and from as far aviray as Corpus Christi and the Valley. A typical year ' s activities include three major concerts, one of which is usually a children ' s concert, plus per- formance of an opera and two summer musicals. Faculty artists regularly appear as soloists with the symphony. During the 1968-69 season, Mary Lois Summers, soprano, performed the Mozart motet " Exsultate Jubilate " in the fall concert, and in May Robert Brooks performed the solo piano part of Vaughan Wil- liams ' " Fantasia on the ' Old 104th ' Psalm Tune. " The A I Concert Choir, under the direction of Frank Roberts, performed the difficult choral sections of the " Fantasia. " Other outstanding works performed included Debussy, " Prelude to the Af- ternoon of a Faun " ; Martinu, " Inter- mezzo " ; Brahms, " Serenade in D Ma- jor " ; and Dittersdorf " String Bass Con- certo in E Major " with Edmundo Gar- cia, a former A I studen t, as guest artist. In addition to being a performance outlet in its own right, the A6 I Civic Symphony also serves as an unofficial training orchestra for the Corpus Christi Symphony. Several student members perform regularly or as extras in Cor- pus, adding still further to their experi- ence. This young man is completely absorbed in what he is hearing. Children find enjoyment in a well-presented and illustrated program of good music r .«§ , ... ■ riM t Cindy Hunt, Greek Editor Deanna Gillaspy, Editor Dora Anaya, Organizations and Personalities Editor Adan Saenz, Assistant Editor and Sports Editor El Rancho Staff members Diane Rogers, Pat Hoag, Ruthanne Oliver, and Manuel Flores. m . . TSSKk, Pat Garcia, Editor Mary Ann Baur, Enedina Lopez, Phyllis Swartz, Copy Editors South Texan Alfonso Saenz, Circulation Manager; Buster Roberts, Sports Editor; Raul Martinez, Feature Editor. Guile Gonzalez, Business Manager; Manual Flores, Managing Editor; John Moran, Sports Editor; Adan Saenz, Business Manager (Fall Semester). Elairle Myers, Feature Editor ra Vi V f! 120 Charles Alworth (sponsor), Barbara Kralka, Mark Henry, Tommy Butts, lackie Lanfair, Zaraaoza Solis, Ralph C. Russell, George W. McCulley. Row 2: Nick Fry, Anselmo M. Cantu Jr., Meliton M. Sanchez Jr., John R. Womack Jr., Charley Davis, Frank Lovvorn, Mike Day, Weldon Doherty. Row 3: Chester Swank, Floyde Burnside, Tony Torres, Hector Mario Hinojosa, Jerry Munns, Hugh M. Morrison, Robert I. Stinson, Vincent L. Visosky. Row 4: Gene Sullivan, Michael Ebner, Lawrence Kieschnick, Albert R. Isennock, Charles Johnson, W. L. Kenne, John Ebner, Manuel R. Trevino Accounting Society Cultivates Interest in Professions- Recognizes Best Students with Yearly Fall Banquet Guiding the Accounting Society are Vincent L. Visosky, parliamentarian; Floyd Burnside, vice-president; Mark Henry, president; Barbara Krafka, secretary; and Meliton M. Sanchez Jr., treasurer. The purpose of the Accounting So- ciety is to further the interest and understanding of accounting among its members and to promote a more cor- dial relationship among practicing accountants, accounting instructors and students of accounting. Any student who has completed or is at the present time taking elemen- tary or advanced courses in account- ing with the intention of majoring in the field is eligible for membership in the club. The Accounting Society sponsors a banquet honoring all outstanding ac- counting students each year. They also hold a banquet in May where mem- bers bring guests. At regular meetings speakers from public accounting firms or other fields of accounting speak to students and explain opportunities available in the accounting field. Front: Marilyn Jean House, Brenda Benjamin, Pamela D. Johns, Georgetta M. Batiste, Shirley A. Ephram, Phyllis M. Stafford, Florence Young- blood. Row 2: Phillip N. Mitchell, Arthur L. Alexander, Robert L. Boone Jr., Reginald I. Phillips, Willard C. Hall Jr., Harold Brown, Jefferson M. Bishop (sponsor). Row 3: Will Washington, Millious Slider, Ward S. Albro (sponsor), Donald G. Leavell, Jimmie Parker, Reginald Hillmon, Leopold Tousant, Daniel Davis III. Leading the newly formed Afro-American Society are (seated) Florence Youngblood, treas- urer; Brenda Benjamin secretary; Donald G. Leavell, parliamentarian; (standing) Reginald Hillman, reporter; Phil Mitchell, president; and Robert L. Boone Jr., vice president. Afro-American Society Debutes On A I Campus New on campus this year is the Afro- American Society. The group was or- ganized to increase university stu- dents ' awareness of problems faced by black students and to promote friend- ship among black students. The only requirement for member- ship in the society is that a person be a student of the university and have an interest in the organization. A series of lectures was held at meetings. Planned were a series of plays by Negro writers. Sponsors for this first year were Dr. Ward Albro and Jefferson Bishop. Front: Dr. Leo Bailey (sponsor), Bob Carr, James Hodges, Cissie Pumphrey (sweetheart), Gilbert Gonzales, Ben Dincans, Dr. I. W. Howe (spon- sor). Row 2: Larry R. Busby, Vincent A. Titzman, James L. Mutz, Tommy NeSmith, Delmar Krenek, Delbert Fuchs, Robert McKinney, Rodney Wilson, Raymond Kosub. Row 3: Douglas W. Plant, Ronnie Jarzbmbek, Harvey Buehring, Gene Brown, Franklin Hoehne, Daryl Fromme, Lynn Utz, James Kosub. Front: M. R. Fregia, Timmy Prochasko, Terry Lee, Cissie Pumphrey. (sweetheart), Bob Spacek, Tommy Haynes. Row 2: David D. Neher (sponsor). Candy Jones, Mike Yeary, Jerry Young, Mike Lee, Thomas Haner, Robert L. Wolff (sponsor). Row 3: Roy Pillock, Terry HoUon, Pat Moczygemba, Randy Lynch, Allen Chopelas, Jerome M. Tymrak, Jesus M. Salazar Jr., Keith Adams. Row 4: William A. Dobie III, Jim G. Ermis, Timothy C. Ferguson, Robert Alexander, Ernest Richter, Walter Vickers, Allen M. Collins, Thomas W. Reed, Vernon Nedbalek. ■Bir ' " B III 1 fna nM B t £!- f ' Km ' I Hj I s P ■ Bc H O jfeUMi I L L LkZr R. - ' - ' -roT 9 Aggie Club Promotes Friends, Leaders h ' riendship among agriculture stu- dents is one of the basic aims of the Aggie Club. The organization also tries to encourage club members to adopt professional improvements and to de- velop leadership abilities while in col- lege in order to make them more effec- tive when they graduate. Among the activities sponsored by the Aggies are two of the largest dances during the year — the Back-to- School and Christmas Dances. During the spring the campus community looks forward to Round-up week with its big barbeque. One of the continuing projects which the club is proudest of is Mesquite Grove, a picnic area at the edge of the campus. Aggie Club members built the picnic tables, fireplaces and stage, but all campus groups are welcome to use the Grove. Students majoring in any field of ag- riculture are eligible for Aggie Club membership. Aggie Club officers are (front) Randy Lynch, parliamentarian; Candy Jones, reporter. Pot Moczygomba, treasurer; (back) Delbert Fuchs, vice-president; Larry Busby, president; and Bob McKinney, secretary. Aggies get practical experience in landscaping the Kleberg Agricultural building. Front: Dorothy Gaston (sponsor). Donna Scott, Shirley Gingerich, Carol Bitter, Sheryl Morgan, Janie Trojcak, Barbara J. Burns, Audrey Rambikur James S. Herod. Row 2: Paula Stanga, Judy Chesser, Bertha L. Lopez, Barbara Kralka, Judy Gib: Wilson, J. Talmer Peacock (sponsor). Row 3: Holla Wiley, Marion Hellman, Beth Simersky, Shirley Pettigrew, Thomas Cunningh Billie Sheek, Marilyn Marshall. Gloria White, Cheryl F. Floyd, Carla Schilling, Donna Charles Johnson, Craig Mabrito, Guthrie Wilson, Alpha Chi leaders are Donna Scott, secretary-treasurer Stanga, vice president. James Herod, president; and Paula vy il Top Scholars Are Members Of Alpha Chi The top scholarship fraternity on campus is Alpha Chi. In order to be- come a member a student must be of junior or senior standing with a grade point average of 3.5. Members must be taking a minimum of 12 semester hours of course work and have attended Texas A I full time for at least two semesters. There were 37 members this year. The object of Alpha Chi is the pro- motion and recognition of scholarship. Even more important is the encourage- ment of those elements of character which make scholarship effective for good. Motto of the society is " Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. " Initiation ceremonies and a banquet are held in the fall semester. There are national and regional council meetings. The organization began in 1922 as Scholarship Societies of Texas. In 1927 the name was changed to The Scholar- ship Societies of the South. A new constitution was adopted and the name changed to Alpha Chi in 1934. High GPA Is Must For Alpha Lambda ' s Freshman Members Boasting a membership of 24, the Alpha Lambda Society tries " to pro- mote intelligent living and a high standard of learning and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among women in their first year of study. " Membership requirements are a cu- mulative grade point average of 3.5 for at least 15 semester hours but not more than 60 hours. The Alpha Lambda Society was first organized at Texas A I in 1967. Being a scholarly organization, there are no social or service projects. At least four scholarly programs and two initiations are held each academic year. In the forefront for Alpha Lambda is Joanna Hoover, vice president; Carolyn Stiles, president; Diane Unterbrink, historian; Barbara Koehler, treasurer; and Marilyn Boomgaarden, secretary. Front: Diane Deal, Mary Claire Ponder, Judy Diemer Scott, Marilyn Boomgaarden, Paula Stanga, Rosa Canales, Miriam May. How 2: Beth Baker (sponsor), Pat Lowrie, Lupita Cavazos, Judy Kreuz, Paula Saylor, Beverleigh Connaway, Carrie L. Bishop (sponsor). How 3: Diane Unterbrink, Carolyn Stiles, Gay Lee Fitch, Shirley Pettigrew, Betty Krnavek, Barbara Koehler, Joanna Hoover. Front: Russell Hellmann, Flip Howe, Dan Swan, Dwight Steadmon, Vincent Visosky, Dickie Light, Frank R. Estringel, Lester D. Mallory Jr. Row 2: Billy J. Stachowick, James M. Dixon, Craig E. Cosgrove, Gus E. Cannon, Vincent Deases, Michael Chumbley, Thomas R. Brown Jr., Herb Osborn. Row 3: John D. Sciantarelli, Gary D. Simpson, Roger O. Jarvis, Henry E. Hodge, Richard K. Tinnin, Maurice J. Gooch, B. Dean Fisher, John Rankin. Members of Alpha Phi Omega had a busy year serving the university. The list of their activities is impressive: they held car washes, sold brooms for the blind, conducted book sales at the beginning of each semester, and manned the voting stations during campus elections. They made an unsuccessful attempt to bring the Texas A I vs. Troy (Ala.) State College game to Corpus Christi on closed circuit television. On the fun side, the fraternity spon- sored after game parties and a Roman Orgy. The purposes of this fraternity are to develop leadership, promote friend- ship, provide service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our na- tional, educational and intellectual heritage. During the 1968-69 year there were 28 members, an increase of 18 over the previous year. For college men pledg- ing Alpha Phi Omega there is an extensive pledgeship program which requires 40 work hours and a thorough knowledge of the fraternity. Representatives of the local chapter attended the sectional convention held in Dallas and the national convention in Washington, D. C. Alpha Phi Omega was first started at Lafayette College, Boston, Pa., in 1925. Alpha Phi Omega Gives Busy Year of Service to Campus, Community Heading the Alpha Phi Omegas in their activities are Vincent Visosky, treasurer; Frank Estringel, first vice president; Gus Cannon, parliamentarian; and Craig Cosgrove, president. Sweetheart Gail Arnold Pledges Officers for the Alpha Phi Omega pledge class president; and Henry Bean, vice-presiden t. Norman R. Jones, treasurer; Bob McCreight, Front: Billy M. Elliot, Charles J. Cook, William R. Gilliam, Gail Arnold (sweetheart), Ginny Christopher (sweetheart). Flip Howe, Gerry Dreyer, James Nance. Row 2: Sherman Smith, Charles Zapp, Ben Delgado Jr., Bryant Saner Jr., Tommy Hauenstein, Royal E. Dixon, David Phillips Jr., Norman R. Jones. Row 3: Paul Giraudin, Bob McCreight, Henry Bean, C. Dell Hodge, Joseph C. Denslow, Johnny Stewart, Robert Adrean. Front: Donna Vogt, Phillip N. Mitchell, Ray Lozano, Kathy Klein, Eli Solis, Sandy Bel. Row 2: V. A. Smith (sponsor), Steve Vogt, Allan Jones, Richard K. Tinnin, Skipper Wood, Rod Grayson, (sponsor). Cavazos, Randall J. Buchanan Alpha Psi Omega Volunteers Work Hours on Dramas Alpha Psi Omega is led by George Rivera, treasurer; Donna Vogt, reporter; and Phil president. Membership in Alpha Psi Omega is based oh hard work. This honorary organization, whose doors open by in- vitation only, sets high goals; students must earn 50 points to be eligible for membership. The points are awarded for volunteer work backstage during drama produc- tions and for on-stage performances. A student must gather his points from both sides of the footlights. The advisor of Alpha Psi Omega, V. A. Smith, estimates that it takes at least 10 hours of volunteer work to earn 1 point. Stu- dents cannot count the work on play productions that is required in the speech and drama classes they are taking. Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary drama fraternity which pro- motes better theatre activity on the A I campus. The members strive for proficiency in the field of dramatic activities. This year one of their projects was sponsoring special pierformances of " A Man for All Seasons " for high school audiences. The March production was held in the Little Theatre. Alpha Tau Alpha Prepares Men For Ag Careers The Mu Chapter of Alpha Tau Alpha helps to prepare young men for lead- ership activities in the different areas of agriculture. This organization tries to create in- terest in agriculture and agriculture education by helping with Future Farmers of America and Four-H con- tests in the South Texas area and by sponsoring programs of interest for agriculture students. Alpha Tau Alpha holds two ban- quets a year, one each semester, which feature guest speakers. Each year the fraternity ' s president is sent to the national ATA conclave in Kan- sas City, Mo. Agriculture or agriculture education majors with at least 30 semester hours and a grade point average of at least 2.5 are invited to join ATA. This year the organization had a 12-member in- crease over last year. Leading ATA are Jerry Leon Young, president; Robert Huff, treasurer; Ben Dincans, vice presi- dent; James Kosub, reporter; and Thomas Haner, secretary. j Front: Omar Garza, Andrew Hill, Exiquio Saenz, Jim Sells, Jorge A. Dimas. ; Row 2: Pat Moczygemba, Randy Lynch, W. R. Gray Jr., Antolin Gonzales Jr., Larry R. Busby, Jerry Leon Young, Thomas Haner. I Row 3: F. B. Wines (sponsor), Rodney Wilson, Bob Carr, Terry Watts, Charles H. Freeman, Robert Huff, George Willemin, Dr. Arnold Solstad ! (sponsor). I Row 4: Dr. J. W. Howe (sponsor), Ben Dincans, James L. Mutz, Lynn R. Neuman, Gene Brown, James Kosub, Robert Alexander, David D. Neher (sponsor). r Lli % M k • 1 " - i 1 Front: Alan Dolezal, Edward Hogan, Chuck Pyle. Row 2: Glenn F. Krall, G. Lynn Smith, Bob Devine, James Brodnax, Agustin Alfonzo. Row 3: Clifford Macomber Jr., Robert E. Fleming Sr., Mike Riley Jr., David Konvicka, Lloyd N. Johnson (sponsor). Field Trips Are Major Partof AIME A field trip to study off-shore drill- ing in Corpus Christi Bay was held in the spring and a trip to see Humbles recovery operations for gas and oil at the King Ranch was held in November by the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. To bring the natural gas engineer in closer contact with industry and to introduce him to new developments in that industry is the purpose of AIME. Any interested engineering student may join the organization. A member- ship fee each semester is required by the National Association. Speakers from companies like Hum- ble, Mobil, and Atlantic-Richfield ad- dressed AIME meetings. The group also helped sponsor an engineers bar- beque in the spring. AIME members elected Bob Devine, vice-president; G. Lynn Smith, treasurer; and Chuck Pyle, president. Headstart Gets Help from ACE Voluntary service to children is the mark that distinguishes the Association for Childhood Education. The 25 mem- bers work with many different groups serving children, but have been par- ticularly active in Kingsville ' s Head- start classes operated by the Economic Opportunities division of the Commun- ity Action Program. At their monthly meetings members have been addressed by speakers on HPE programs for young children, the psychological and emotional growth of children, and the needs of kinder- gartens. During the year the group visits schools and child care centers. The main project of the year was making Christmas toys to be distributed to needy children through St. Martin ' s nursery and kindergarten. The Mamie E. Brown Chapter of ACE was organized in 1964. It was named after a professor of elementary education who taught at Texas A6 I for 27 years. To become a member a student must be an elementary edu- cation major or have a strong interest in working with children. The group works for the education and well-being of children by promot- ing desirable conditions, programs and practices in nursery through elemen- tary schools. Planning activities lor ACE were (on left going upward) Claudia Housley, nursery vice pres- ident; Dianna Drury, secretory; Kay Woddell, reporter; (center) Violet Herbolt, primary vice president; (on right going downward) Mary Montgomery, intermediate vice president; Ethel Howerton, treasurer; and Linda Burris, president Front: Mrs. Evelyn Herrington (sponsor), Jo Ann Collier, Betty Richter, Linda Burris, Johnnie Mae Haun (sponsor). Row 2: Janie Trojcak, Barbara Faseler, Dianna Drury, Donna Weisinger, Monna Evans, Patty Schueneman, Kay Waddell. Row 3: Margaret Ann Henry, Violet Herbort, Ethel Howerton, Walter Malcom, Jackie Burrows, Margie Pargmann, Mary Montgomery ni Front: Anais Hill, Florence YoungblopH, Vicke Greenlee, Patty Schueneinaii, l-i cuu Aii.,araz, Carrie L. Bishop (sponsor). How 2: Barbie Rosse, Diana Drury, Rosario Azios, Ruthanne Oliver, Pam Acres. Row 3: Paula Mahoney, Joy Huntington, Martha Moody, Zena Gillaspy, Barbara Ann Scott. Guiding the AWS are Joy Huntington, reporter blood, president; and Diana Drury, treasurer. Vicki Greenlee, vice president; Flo Young- AWS Plans Rules Which Govern Women ' s Dorms The Association of Women Students is a group of young women who make the rules and regulations for the girls ' residences. The association ' s primary objectives are to develop cooperation, friendliness, and leadership among coeds. Each year the AWS helps in- troduce freshman girls to the campus in Freshman Orientation. This organization is growing as shown by the increase of 6 members over last year ' s membership. The mem- bers join the Association when they are elected to represent the four wom- en ' s dormitories by dorm residents. The 19 members this year sponsored the Big Sister-Little Sister Picnic. Baptist Students Enjoy Fellowship, Service The Baptist Student Union conserves and helps train Baptist students for ef- fective Christian discipleship — remind- ing each student of his responsibility to Christ and of his obligation as a Christian citizen to the world in which he lives. There are approximately one hun- dred members of the organization. Any member of a Baptist Church in the community, a commuter who is a mem- ber of a Baptist Church in his home community, anyone who has expressed an interest in joining a unit organiza- tion of a Baptist Church or the Baptist Student Union can become a member. This year the BSU has held Vesper programs twice a week, and Christian service projects every Friday. They also attended the State Convention in Fort Worth in October and an Evange- lism clinic in January. Their mid-winter retreat was in Zapata in January and the Campus Encounter in March. Abi- lene was the scene of the Leadership Training Conference in April. In the spring, the group presented " Good News. " BSU students gave a Thanksgiving dinner for needy children in Operation Love at the Central Baptist Church. Kneeling: Forrest Moorehead (director), James B. Franklin, Donnell Hewitt (sponsor). Row 1: Delia Jo Carroll, Virginia Villorreal, Joanne Sensing, Sandy St. Clair, James Herod, Janene Gay Buck, Brenda Gibson, Barbara Burleson, Donna Scott, Nancy Messimer, Robbie Walker. Row 2: Tony Dix, Weldon Doherty, Anita Fuentes, Alberto P. Quintonilla, Ann Beauchamp, Don Mansfield, Leslie Steinke, Judy Fowler, Lucille Adcock, Raquenel Trevino, Mary Catherine Haynes, Edwina Lange. Row 3: Beverly Cole, Manuel Sosa, Billie McElwain, Bob Smith, Phillip Jacobs, Shirley McDermand, Jackie Lanfair, Carolyn Emmert, Mary Layne Finley, Karon Slough, Gary Smith, Larry Steinke. Row 4: John Crane, Glen Barbier, Mike Kaminski, Gerald Hudson, Fred Mann, Thomas Todd, Jimmie Reed, Rick Madden, Martin Soward, Lynn Bailey, Chris Delcambre, James Burgess, Carl W. Simpson, Steve St. Clair. Front: Mary Anne Clark, Clara Franke, Alice Ann Shirley, Nicky Tunnel. Row 2: Diana Held, Myrna Moorrees, Ruben A. Leal, Donald Meek Jr., Beth Simersky, Joyce Teerling, Wendell Johnson, Judy Kreuz, Kathy Tunnell. Row 3: Buddy Wood, Patrick Kelly, Jack A. Rickner, Mack H. Simons, Clint Brown, Ed Martin, Frank Goodwyn Jr., Ken Barnes, Thomas C. Shir- ley, Louis Williams, Dr. R. B. Davis (sponsor). Biology Club Boasts 50 Members Sponsors Fish Fry, Wildlife Meal To Be Best-fed on Campus Creating and furthering interest in the field of biology is the aim of the Biology Club of Texas A I. Approximately 50 members joined this year. Any student interested in any phase of the biological sciences is eligible for membership providing he maintains an over-all grade point average of at least " C " . Club members helped present the yearly wildlife show. A fish fry and a wildlife supper made the club one of the best-fed on campus. At their monthly meetings invited speakers dealt with different phases of the biological sciences. Films, slides and displays were frequently used in the presentations. The choice of pro- grams and speakers is made by vol- unteer committees of members. Biology Club officers are Louis Williams, parliamentarian; Thomas Shirley, president; Kathy L. Tunnell, treasurer; Patrick Kelly, reporter; and Jack A. Rickner, vice president. Helping to provide guidance for the Campus Christian Fellowship this year are: Ignacio Soto- longo, chairman of campus forum; Barbara Schmidt, secretary; David Berry, publicity; (stand- ing) Frank Lovvom, Sunday morning program chairman; and Margaret Butts, president. Campus Forum, Community Work Served by CCF The Campus Christian Fellowship seeks to represent the Church on the A I campus. Realizing a Christian is never a finished product, opportunity is provided for continuing the process of relating the Christian Faith to the present and possible future. The only prerequisite to membership is that one express a desire and interest to par- ticipate in its activities. The present Campus Christian Fel- lowship had its origin in the immediate pre- World War II years as a Methodist Institution and entered into a coopera- tive ministry in 1957. It is now su p- ported by the Disciples of Christ, United Methodists, and Presbyterians. The members of the CCF participate in the campus forum. Operation Up- lift, covenant groups, conferences, and retreats in addition to their regular Sunday morning worship services. The sponsoring of the D. A. Barber Lecture- ship each spring is also one of their activities. Front: Dianna Pevestorff, Janet McQuaid, Alice Ann Shirley, Margaret Butts. Row 2: limmie Lou Smith, George M. Staff, Frank Lovvom, Ignacio Sotolongo, Elias Zambrano. How 3: Norman Homburg, David Berry, Steve Williams, Karl W. Brown, (director), Janet Bledsoe, Barbara Schmidt. Chemical Engineers, Advance Members Professional Growth The Campus Society of Chemical Engineers is a professional society. Its purpose is to promote the professional development of its members by its pro- grams and its relations with other engineering organizations. It also con- tributes to the development of chemical engineering at Texas A I through activities involving the faculty and stu- dent members. This year the group had a member- ship of 20, an increase of 5 members over the 1967-68 academic year. To become a member a student must be enrolled in chemical or natural gas engineering. During the Fall Carnival the engi- neers sponsored a dance. The group also took a field trip to Southwest Oil Refinery. The Chemical Engineers are led by Robert E. Fleming, president; Terry Smith, secretary; Chester L. Ingersoll Jr., treasurer; Glenn F. Krall, vice president; and Dr. J. Browning Finley, sponsor. Front: Damas Rodriguez Jr., Glenn F. Krall, Joel Cavazos, Larry Albrecht. Row 2: Bob Devine, Robert E. Fleming, Don McNair, Dr. K. C. Oosterhout (sponsor), Carlos Camacho. How 3: Chester L. Ingersoll Jr., Blake Hamilton, Rickey Woodburn, Mike Riley, Skippy Fulkerson, David Konvicka. IdlL Front: Paula Stanga, Carol Bitter, Nancy Miele, Verna Driskill, Judy Fagano, Sheryl Morgan, Judy Chesser, Donna S Row 2: Glynda Wilkins, Carlo Schilling, Jakelynn Gray, Audrey Rambikur, Sue Porter, Margaret Ann Mote, Janie T- ■■; ■: :■ ; Kr-jikn Bertha L. Lopez. Row 3: Patricia Spiars, Katherine Kantz (sponsor), Betty Stech, Sarah Jane Hardy, Marion Hellman, Beth Simersky, Holla Wiley. Donna Wilson Billie Sheek, Barbara Lewis. High Scholarship Level Is Standard Set For Women Members of Cap and Gown Leading the members of Cap and Gown are Nancy Miele, treasurer; Mc dent; Glynda Wilkins, secretary; and Judy Carr Pagano, vice president. rgarot Mote, pre Cap and Gown members strive to promote university loyalty and high standards of scholarship among the university ' s women. The organization seeks to recognize and encourage leadership among coeds, and to ad- vance the spirit of service and fellow- ship so necessary in a college. One of the interesting highlights of campus life is the recognition of coeds invited to join Cap and Gown, Cloaked in the traditional scholar ' s garb, mem- bers invade the classrooms to give their invitation to women eligible to join the organization. Requirements for membership are 70 semester hours of work (of which 30 hours have been in residence at Texas A6tl) and at least a 3.5 grade point average. Cap and Gown members serve as hostesses at the Faculty Lecture Series. They hold an annual Top Ten Tea where the club ' s choice of top ten faculty members are honored. An initiation banquet is held each semes- ter. Front: Ian Miller, Esther Ramirez, Becky Rodriguez, Lupe Ureste, America Long, Gloria Perez. Row 2: Vickie Ozuna, Rosie Acevedo, Yolanda Gonzalez, Ann Walsh, Maria Julia Moreno, Nancy Edelen, Mary T. Doucet, Lili Alejandro, Linda Mueller. Row 3: Claudio A. Garza, Thelma Durham, Consuelo Trevino, Agnes Skrobarcek, Barbara Ann Scott, Lenord C. Burns, Barbara Koehler, Don Pellegrino, Barbara Hassler, Rosenda Gomez, Carol Skrobarczyk, Maria Teresa Moreno. Row 4: George Steinmeyer (sponsor), Asusena Serna, Gregory Edelen, Harold Doucet, Neal Bailey, Danny Young, Ricardo Gutierrez, Carlton N. Earhart Jr., Joan Yanta, Loretta Mudd, Mary E. Satterwhite, Rev. Casimir Jarzombek (chaplain). Catholic Students Take New Name Leaders for the CSA for the past year are (front row) Eddie Garcia, external vice president; Mary Doucet, corresponding secretary; Yolanda Gonzalez, recording secretary; Lupe Ureste, internal vice president, (back row) Jan Zengler, treasurer; Lenord Burns, president; and Casimir Jarzombek, chaplain. Known Previously As Newman Club Fulfilling many of the spiritual, in- tellectual, and social development needs of the Catholic Students at Texas A I is the Catholic Student Associa- tion. All undergraduate and graduate Catholic students of the university can become members of the organization. This is the first year for the Catholic Student Association to exist with this name. It was formerly known as the the Newman Qub. The CSA sponsors car washes, sing- ins, marshmallow roasts, dances, and a beach party. This year they toured the Kenedy Ranch in Sarita. During a discussion and devotional period CSA students had Bishop Thomas Drury as one of their guest speakers. The films " Run " and " The Unattached American " were also sponsored by the association. Delta Omicron Presents Coed Musicans in Concert The original purpose of Delta Omicron is to inspire close friendship among women music students, encourage high scholarship, develop character and lead- ership, and stimulate greater growth in the performance and appreciation of good music. Membership consists of twelve women having a 2.0 overall grade average, a 3.0 point in music, and showing an interest in music. Delta Omicron was founded on September 6, 1909, at the Cincinnati Conser- vatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the only professional music fraternity founded by undergraduate students. Delta Omicron became an international fraternity when the first collegiate chapter to be established abroad was char- tered in Ewha Woman ' s University, Seoul, Korea. A cotton candy booth at the annual fall carnival is sponsored by Delta Omicron. They held an Annual Founder ' s Day recital in December. Mrs. Milton H. Petzhold, the president of Delta Omicron Foundation, spoke at the reception after the Annual Founder ' s Day recital. She was also the honored guest at a Delta Omicron luncheon. Delta Omicron had Dr. Marion Morrey Richter as a guest this April. Dr. Richter is a composer, pianist and lecturer, and is presently holding the office of Chairman of American Music for the National Federation of Music Clubs. This year Delta Omicron is led by Karen Tate, 1st vice-president; Faye Maddox, secre- tary; Melody Chorn, president; Linda Weiss, treasurer; and Janet Hartnell, 2nd vice- president. Front: Vickie Ozuna, Yvonne Garza, Ana Maria Garza, Petra Puente, Janet Hartnell. Row 2: Prissy Rodriguez, Linda Weiss, Margaret Ann Mote, Vcmgie Ramirez, Maxine Marie Porter, Lydna Flenniken (sponsor). Row 3: Melody Chorn, Yolanda Garza, Karen Tote, Deanna Gillaspy, Anna Schoener, Faye Maddox, Ernest Muzquiz (beau). Delta Sigma Pi Tutors, Has Songfest Lawrence Kieschnick, senior vice president; Hugh Morrison, president; Frank Lovvorn, secretary; Ed Kellam, vice president; and Mark Henry, treasurer, lead Delta Sigma Pi activities this year. Men majoring in Business Adminis- tration make up the Zeta Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. Membership in this professional fraternity is by invitation only. Qualifications used in selecting members are that the student have a grade point average of at least 2.0 and must not be a member of any other national professional commerce or bus- iness administration fraternity. There were 36 members in the fraternity, an increase of five over 1967-68. This year the fraternity ' s members aided in tutoring at the Coastal Bend Youth City in Driscoll, held their yearly Songfest and the annual Rose Ball which honored their chapter sweet- heart, Carmen Evans. At meetings speakers from the business world ad- dressed the students. Delta Sigma Pi was created in 1907 at the School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance of New York University. The Zeta Nu chapter was founded at Texas A I May 16, 1965. The fraternity fosters the study of business in universities, promotes closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and tries to encourage a high standard of commercial ethics. Front: Manuel R. Trevino Jr., Jay D. Johnson, Ed Kellam, Craig Folkman, Don Friedeck, Ronald Houser, Lowell M. Burris, Mark Henry, Nick Fry, Robert F. New. Row 2: Bill Gray, Warren Giese, David Houston, Dan Wilson, Hank Goldstein, Melton M. Sanchez Jr., Frank Lovvorn, Perry Hester, Wayne Kuesfer, Joseph Sheridan. Row 3: Douglas Culli, John Mathews, Lawrence Kieschnick, Hugh Morrison, Charles Johnson, Dan Magruder, Jimmie Kilpatrick, Robert Wotipka, Dale Schott, Richard J.oyce, Tony Torres. Pledges Front: Randy Fletcher, Dennis R. Bishop, Mike Erskine, David M. Haunschild, David Whitney, Hector C. Gonzalez Row 2: Larry A. Lahtinen, Felipe Segura Larrasquitu, Archie Jacoby, lerry R. Conroy, Michael B. Wray, Randall A. Parker. Forty persons attended a Delta Sigma Pi beach party held at Rockport early in September. e A sm i 1- ' 4 k ' ' .. rJjL j tm -■n-w R " - Sweetheart Carmen Evans " Lum Front: Sandy Bel, Libby Laird, Terry Sims, Polly Morgan, Donna Vogt. Row 2: Norma Beth Drake, Pam Hill, Phillip N. Mitchell, Ray Lozano, Judy Wallace, Bonnie Holt. Row 3: David T. Deacon (sponsor), Eli Solis, Jennifer Littleton, Jay Franklin, Linda Walls, Louis Ramirez Jr., Michael W. Daffin, Mary Lou Ramirez, Kathy Klein, Randall J. Buchanan (sponsor). Row 4: L. F. Villegas III, Steve Vogt, Santos Cavazos, Richard K. Tinnin, Skipper Wood, Allan Jones, Spencer T. Oldham, Carol Bcrrg. Footlighters Work Hard at A I Theatres In the limelight for the Footlights Club this year are Eliseo Solis, vice president; Bonnie Holt secretary; Raymond Lozano, president; and Kathy Klein, treasurer. Thirty-two members of the Footlights Club endeavor to serve as the moving force for the betterment and v elfare of drama and the theatre in the univer- sity. They try to raise the standards of dramatics by recognizing the most worthy individual and group efforts in the creative arts of theatre. The Footlights Club is one of the oldest organizations on campus. It sponsors the one-act plays, an annual banquet, and gives awards to recog- nize quality acting and technical abil- ities of university students. To be a member a student must be regularly enrolled at Texas A I and must have a pursuing interest in thea- tre. Future Farmers Work With Area High School FFA ' s Working with high schools in the South Texas area is the main concern of the A6cl Collegiate Chapter of the Future Fanners of America. Composed of students planning to go into agricultural education, the chapter works closely with high school FFA groups by sponsoring the Area X FFA leadership contest in the fall in which 35 high schools participate. The spring judging contest has entries from approximately 75 high schools. The Area X FFA convention, held each spring on the A I campus, is attended by representatives of 80 high schools. This year the FFA had 72 members, as compared to 64 last year. The re- quirements for membership are that a person be a former member of a high school FFA chapter and that they be majoring in agricultural education. The chapter was organized on the A I campus in September, 1934. The first sponsor was R. J. Cook, retired professor of agriculture. Motto of the FFA is " Learning to do. Doing to learn. Earning to live. Living to serve. " The Texas A I Chapter of the Future Farmers of America is led by (kneeling) ] Tymrak, president; Clements R. Gutierrez, secretary; (on fence) Calvin Zamzow Timmy Prochaska, vice president, and (standing) Gene Brown, treasurer. erome M. reporter; LeRoy Young Jr., Omar Garza, William A. Dobie III, Juan Front: F. B. Wines (sponsor), Frankie R. Cernoch, Gary Parker, Hilmer O. Schwierzke Jr., Pedro Ochoa Jr Adan Ramirez. Row 2: Clemente R. Gutierrez, Calvin Zamzow, Exiquio Saenz, Timmy Prochaska, Rodney Lynch, Donald Roge A. Sanchez, Joe E. Martinez. Row 3: Brady N. Kimble, W. R. Gray Jr., Thomas W. Reed, Lynn Moore, Dennis Seidel, Mike Stapper, Vernon Nedbalek, Randy Lynch, Jerome M. Tymrak. Row 4: Delbert Fuchs, Lynn Utz, Harvey Buehring, Gene Brown, Harry Hassmann, Felix Fojtik, Douglas W. Plant, Thomas Wedemeier. Front: Donna Scott, Sandy St. Clair, Linda Eschbach, Diane Stone, Audrey Rambikur, Shirley Self, Florence Youngblood. Row 2: Pat Hoag, Carol Darden, Anais Hill, Carlo Schilling, Carol Bitter, Mary Anna Webb, Juanita Alba, Dianno Drury. Row 3: George O. Coalson (sponsor), Glynda Willcins, Marion Hellman, Karen Cloud, Anna Utz, Shirley Pettigrew, Barbie Rosse, Kathryn Holder, Donna Wilson, Gold Jackets have chosen as their oih ' cers Marion Hellman, chaplain; Shirley Self, president Sandy St. Clair, vice-president; Barbara Rosse, secretary; and Pat Hoag, Gold Jackets Serve Campus One of the most helping groups on campus is- the Gold Jackets, a service- oriented organization for women. Gold Jackets help conduct all cam- pus-wide elections; they assist with all Artist Course Committee presentations. This year they helped plan and execute the dedication of the new James C. Jernigan Library and registered visitors and ex-students at Homecoming. The group ' s service activities are concen- trated on the non-academic functions of the university. Members of the Gold Jackets have as their primary goal service to the university. They try to promote the wel- fare of the student body by being sen- sitive to the attitudes and feelings of student groups. The organization tries to stir intellectual curiosity and scho- lastic integrity and seeks to provide a sounding board for social issues. Membership requirements are a 2.5 grade point average and a sophomore, junior or senior standing. Coeds are also chosen on basis of leadership abil- ity, creativeness, sense of responsibility and dedication to Texas A I. Awakening Interest In Good Health, Fun Goal of HPE Club Membership to the HPE Club is open to all health and physical education majors, minors, and anyone else inter- ested in health, physical education and recreation. The 45 member group tries to awaken a wide and intelligent interest in health, physical education, and recreation. They sponsor one activity each month. The club endeavors to promote social and professional cooperation among its members, faculty, and alumni through informative meetings, socials, and participation in university and community affairs. Members attend professional meetings and take an ac- tive part in them. They also help with university and high school athletic meets held at A I. The HPE Club is led this year by Rick Larsen, president; Raymond T. Harris, treasurer, Allan Gregorcyk, vice-president; and Gloria P. Garza, secretary. Front: Rosemary Sheldon, Filo Longoria, Kathy Inmon, Lupe Ureste, Elena Vela. Row 2: Caye Nedbalek, Marty Hale, Leticia D. Chacon, Gloria P. Garza, Judy Sharp, Mary Frances Garcia. Row 3: Barbara Klug, Paula Mahoney, Rosemary Rodriquez, Sharon Scott, Delmagene Saunders, Sue Wood, Judy Stewart. Row 4: Homero Martinez, Karen Urban, Allan Gregorcyk, John A. Perme, Richard L. Malone, Raymond T. Harris, Rick Larsen, Cindy Johnston. f © © A % Front: Rosa M. Martinez, Yvonne Garza, Jaime Hernandez, Velma Garcia, Lili Alejandro, Maria Elena Garcia, Rosalinda Santos, Maggie Garcia, Carmen Mendez. Row 2: Norma Perez, Angle Bazon, Soila Morales, Mercedes R. Tijerina, Raquenel Trevino, Mary Garcia, Yolanda Gonzalez, Terry Requenez, Annabelle Rcrmos, Manuel Salinas Jr. (sponsor). Row 3: Linda Ann Salinas, Leticia D. Chacon, Barbara Ann Scott, Asusena Serna, Carlton N. Earhart Jr., Angel Garza, Wmitivo Perez, Alfredo H. Benavides, Adrianna B. Gonzalez. The Club Hispanoamericono leaders are Ir ene Bowie, secretary; Carlos Romero, second vice president; Alonzo Castillo, reporter; Victor Nelson, first vice president; Emilio Zamora Ir., president; and Linda Salinas, treasurer. Hispanoamericanos Learn of Cultures, Spanish Language Club Hispanoamericano is a scholas- tic organization which strives to pro- mote and encourage better relationship between the American countries. It seeks to promote and practice the Spanish language and Spanish culture. Club Hispanoamericano has a mem- bership of 100, an increase of 30 over last year ' s total. It is one of the most active and well-known organizations on campus. The club sponsors an annual turkey trot before the Thanksgiving holidays and a Christmas Posada. They present a drama production in Spanish in the spring. But the best-known activity of the club is the annual trip to Mexico which gives club members an oppor- tunity to put their Spanish to the test. Andrew Cook, president of the Alumni Association, and President Jernigen escort the newly Sweetheart Juanita Alba. crowned Homecoming Queen Juanita Alba off the field. Front: Blanco Estella Pena, Celia Nora Villarreal, Lupe Ureste, Esther Ramos, Gilberto Guevara, Mary Grace Montalvo, Vickie Ozuna, Mike Rivera, Maria Luisa Saavedra, Becky Rodriquez, Velma Belmontes. How 2: Prissy Rodriguez, Irene Bowie, Ninfa Canales, Thelma Durham, Juanita Alba, Lillian Trevino, Emilio Zamora Jr., Cynthia V. Ramos, Rosario Azios, Janie Cuellor, Mary Amador, Carlos H. Romero. How 3: Alonzo Canales, Alonzo Castillo, Rosemary Rodriguez, Consuelo Trevino, Mike Vasquez Jr., Bobby Herrera, Cornelio Adams, Maricela Gonzalez, Jose Antonio Gonzalez, Rosenda Gomez, Lydia Jauregui. Home Ec Members Help Welfare Drives One of the most active groups at Texas A6.I this year was the Home Eco- no mics Club, which had 50 members. Members helped with local welfare drives, went caroling at Christmas time to entertain resident ' s of Kingsville ' s nursing home, held a style show and Christmas party. Among the speakers from the home economics profession to address the group this year was Miss Lyn Cameron of the Dairy Council, Inc. Representatives of the club attended the state THECC workshop held at Stephen F. Austin College in Nacog- doches on Nov. 7 and 8. Any student interested in home eco- nomics may join the club. The purpose of the organization is to encourage professional development in home eco- nomics. Leading Ihe Home Economics Club are (seated) Marion Hellman, presi- dent; Carol Post, second vice presi- dent; (standing) Donna Scott, first vice president; Charla Wagner, treasurer; and Sandra Nagel, secre- tary. Front: Sheryl Ivlorgan, Mary Helen McNair, Karen Willoughby, Brenda Heflin, Donna Scott, Rosie Hinojosa. How 2: Yolanda C. Ortiz, Beverly Dean, Socorro Martinez, Larre Shields, Anita Saldana, Lydia Chapa, Julia McClure, Sandra Nagel. Row 3: Carol Post, Judy Mae Powell, Joyce Jones, Kathleen Riley, Mary Wyscarver, Barbara Ann Scott, Wreathy Aiken (sponsor), Pat Harris. Row 4: Ruth Gauldin (sponsor), Sylvia Cavazos, Cathy Longwell, Karen Cloud, Charla V agner, Marion Hellman, Mary Elizabeth Flack, Anna Utz, Sandra Power. Front: Tommy Haynes, Keith Adams, Roy Pillack, Candy Jones, Terry HoUon. Row 2: Thomas Haner, Vernon Nedbalek, Timothy Ferguson, Randy Lynch, WiUiam A. Dobie III, Leo Bailey (sponsor). Row 3: David D, Neher (sponsor), Delbert Fuchs, Tommy NeSmith, Franlclin Hoehne, Ben Dincans, Larry R. Busby, Robert McKinney. Horticulture Qub officers for the year were Randy Lynch, reporter; Larry Busby, secretary- treasurer; Delbert Fuchs, president; and Robert McKinney, vice president. Campus Beauty Major Concern Of Horticulturists Campus beautification is the major concern of the Horticulture Club. The group is responsible for many of the plants growing at Texas A I, especial- ly those in the Kleberg Agriculture Building. Thirty members of the club this year conducted a plant sale on Dad ' s Day and the Twelfth Annual Horticultural Show during the fall, which featured speakers, displays and a banquet. One of the outstanding speakers to address the club was George Madden of the United States Department of Agriculture ' s pecan research station at Brownwood. The club, which raises money through a plant sale in the fall and a citrus sale in the spring, bought a turbulator for the university ' s greenhouse. Membership in the club is open to anyone interested in horticulture. ; Front: Eddie Garcia, Richard Manna, Gordon Nelson, Jon A. Purvis, Robert McEowen (sponsor). Dr. A. F. Gross (sponsor). Row 2: Jerry Hedrick (sponsor), Jerry Gulp, Stanley Williams, Thomas Levine, Vernon Scott, Bill Plemons, David Dunn, Melvin Hickl, Row 3: Donald Mayer, Dave Singleton, Robert Noah, Bill Walker, John Powers, Joe Wegener, Gary Tate, Bobby Wagner. Row 4: O. L. Ballard, Sal Armstrong, Mike Sanders, Arthur Schulze, Richard O. Gutierrez, Richard Shurly, Bill Sturgis, M. C. Green, Homero Villarreal. Members of the lA Club are led in their activities by Richard Manna, public relations; Gordon «■ W. Nelson, secretary; Q. L. Ballard, vice president; Bill Sturgis, treasurer; and Eddie Garcia, president. Industrial Arts Club Hosts High Schools At Annual I A Fair The Industrial Arts Club of Texas A I is organized to further and foster the aims and objectives of industrial arts, thereby providing a social stimulus for students with qn interest in the field. Membership is open to all students majoring in industrial arts and any other s with a sincere interest in the promotion of the field. During the month of May the Texas A I Industrial Arts Club hosts the Coastal Bend Industrial Arts Fair, giv- ing all South Texas high school stu- dents a chance to display their projects and achievements. The LA, Club is affiliated with the Texas College of Industrial Arts Asso- ciation. A convention is held every year at Texas A5.M University during the month of February. Front: G. Emil Riedel, Alfredo Saenz Jr., Emerson Korges (sponsor), Delbert J. Pierson, Grover Colwell, Chih Yung Chi, Loretta Boffton (sweet- heart). Row 2: Barrett W. Pierce, Martin N. Hall, Michael R. Wilkins, John H. Fusselman, Doyle Peake, Martin R. Gutzmer, Gaylen Williams, John Phalen, Mike Gyllenband. How 3: Sam Peal, Erich Schneider, Alberto Valbuena, Vincent Deases, John Paul Wincelowicz Jr., John Schmuck, Jerry A. Raddatz, Mario Chapa, James D. Coulter Jr., John D. Parish. Officers for IEEE are Chih Yung Chi, reporter; Delbert Pierson, chairman; Sam Peal, secretary; and Barrett Pierce, treasurer. IEEE ' s Seniors Present Projects To Professionals One of the highlights of the year for members of the Institute of Electri- cal and Electronic Engineers is when seniors in electrical engineering pre- sent their senior projects. This is usual- ly done at a combined meeting of the local chapter and the Corpus Christi chapter, which consists of professional engineers. At their monthly meetings members hear speakers from industries which employ electrical engineers. The group makes field trips each semester to ex- amine industries of cm electrical or electronic nature. Thirty students joined IEEE this year. The organization is open to all engi- neering students who are interested in broadening their acquaintance with all aspects of electrical engineering and related arts and sciences. Front: Hector J. Mendoza, Robert C. Acosta, Sylvia I. Lopez, Santiago A. Ledesma, John A. Solis. How 2: Manuel Elio Ramirez Jr., Roland Acosta, Raul J. Garcia, Roel F. Montalvo, Ovidio Barbour, Marcelo Marroquin. Row 3: Ronald Sommer (sponsor). Jose Camacho, Carlos Camacho, James L Duron, Eliseo Torres, Arthur Borrego. Intercollegiate Knights Host Regional Meet The Intercollegiate Knights are led by Jose Camacho, duke; Carlos Camacho, scribe Montalvo, chancellor; Raul J. Garcia, page master; and Ovidi3 Barbour, recorder. Service Fraternity Is Nation ' s Oldest " Service, Sacrifice and Loyalty " is the motto members of the Javelina chapter of the Intercollegiate Knights try to live up to. The Intercollegiate Knights are the oldest honorary service fraternity in the nation. The organization was founded in 1919 by Lester Foran at Washington State University. On the Texas A l campus the group was organized in March of 1968. Members are required to be full-time students of the University with a grade point average of 2.0. A United Fund Drive was sponsored by the Intercollegiate Knights this year. They hosted the regional convention for the organization November 16, 1968. Plans were made to attend the na- tional convention at Pullman, Wash., in April. Sw Pledges Front: Rudy V. Gonzales, Rene Ramirez, Joe A Martinez. Row 2: Gilberto C. Moreno, Johnny Lira, Xavier Montalvo, Joe Hinojosa. Sylvia Lopez, Laredo sopho collegiate Knights Duchess. is presented with roses as she the title of Inter- Front: Constante Vera, Bhupendra B. Patel, Chih Yung Chi, Lili Alejandro, Otto Calderon, Keota Santiwatana, Ruben Bernal. Row 2: Chih-Ping Chi, Rashmirant Patel, Rogelio Quintanilla, Rafael Tercero, Aguslin Calderon, Fernan Guardia, Byung Soo Lim. Row 3: Jorge A. Dimas, Ignacio D. Sotolongo, Lester D. Mallory Jr., Sylvia Zavaleta, Rafael Adame Jr., Tetsuo Hosaka, Agnes Yun Chi, Thamrong Monakit. Row 4: Dr. Leo Bailey (sponsor), Romesh B. Patel, Roberto R. Castillo, Felipe Segura Larrqsquitu, Alberto Valbuena, Augusto Bustamante, Rober- to E. Meza, Carlos A. Vera, John Crane, Chen-Seng Hou. International Students Bring Foreign Flavor Officers for the International Student Forum are longo, president; Keota Santiwatana, secretary; Alberto Valbuena, treasurer; Ignacio Soto- and Chih Yung Chi, vice president. A I University can boast of attract- ing students from all over the world to study in its schools. The international students attending A I have grouped together to estab- lish a meeting ground among them- selves and with other students inter- ested in international affairs. The or- ganization is known as the Interna- tional Student Forum. The International Students meet twice monthly. At each meeting a fac- ulty member speaks to them about campus life. Members are active in campus af- fairs. Each week a different member writes a column about his own country or an aspect of foreign affairs for the South Texan. At the fall carnival the group operated a rabbit run booth. The Forum members also held an exhibition of Chinese dress one evening in the Student Union Building. The organization does not lack in athletic talent. They have a soccer team that played against Trinity University. In the fall the University honored the International Students with an Interna- tional Understanding Day. The group wore costumes of their respective coun- tries and were presented at an A I football game. Kappa Kappa Psi Plans Band Day For High Schools Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary band fraternity whose members must be outstanding musicians with leader- ship qualities and good musical back- grounds. The purpose of this fraternity is to promote the existence and welfare of college and university bands through active participation in band work. Kappa Kappa Psi handles Band Day, hosting high school bands from the South Texas area. It helps plan tours during the year, and also helps with Javelina band business. Kappa Kappa Psi ollicers are Forrester L. Halamicek, pledge trainer, Roy Semar, vice-pre dent; Morris Atkins, president; David Smith, treasurer; and Doyle Peake, secretary. Front: Forrester L. Halamicek, Douglas Martin, Gail Edmonson (sweetheart), Larry Stiles, Alex Sotelo. Row 2: Don McDaniel, Doyle Peake, Steve Jamison, David Smith, Joe Moore, Hector Ponce, Jim Plunkett. Row 3: Raymond E. Weiss, Tom Estes, Morris Atkins, Larry Pavel, Richard B. Roper, Larry E Gray, Gerald Henke Front: Sheryl Morgan, Donna Scott, Brenda Heilin, Sharla Jann Hayes. Row 2: Linda Eschbach, Kathy Tunnell, Wreathy Aiken (sponsor), Karen Cloud, Donna Wilson. Row 3: Cathy Longwell, Marion Hellman, Margaret Parsons, Charla Wagner, Anna Utz. Kappa Omicron Phi Honors Top Students In Home Economics Top scholastic home economics stu- dents are members of Kappa Omicron Phi, a national honorary fraternity. This year 25 women belonged to the fraternity, an increase of 5 over the previous year. To become a member a student must be a major or minor in home economics with an over-all " B " average in home economics courses and an above average grade in other courses. A member must prove herself a con- tributing member to the organization and a person of high social and in- tellectual ideals. In March the fraternity dedicated the organization ' s crest which was placed in front of the Home Economics Build- ing. During the year the group raised funds for the crest and for the National Scholarship Fund. They held a Found- er ' s Day Service and a banquet in December. Members of Kappa Omicron Phi were guided in their endeavors by Karen Cloud, president; Marion Hellman, vice president; Donna Wilson, secretary; asd Betty Zapletal, treasurer. Karate Club officers are Buddy Billingsley, instructor; Billy McCoy, instructor; and Jeff Smith, head instructor. Karate Club Teaches Sport, Self Defense To teach self defense and the sport of karate for the development and pro- tection of their members is the aim of the A I Karate Club (Tae Kwon Do). The Karate Club was started in 1962 by Bruce Turner and is associated on a national level with the J. Rhee Insti- tute of Tae Kwon Do. At the beginning of each semester there is a demonstration of karate for the public, and -each year the group sponsors a tournament at A6.I. At the end of each semester J. Rhee of Washington, D.C., a seventh grade black belt, comes to the university to administer a promotional test for the club members. Membership this year is 51 as com- pared to 30 last year. The only require- ment for membership is interest in karate and regular attendance at all meetings Front: Jimmie D. Pruitt, Jack DuBois, Noma Coquat, luan Antonio Rodriquez, Bonnie Nelson, Peter Perez, Gil Cortez. Row 2: Melvin Hickl, Steve Smith, Steve Hervvfig, William Poole, Lalo Ochoa, Kim Thornsburg, Allen Hovda. Row 3: Paul S. Sturm, Herbert F, Bockholt, James Ermis, Norman Fuzzell, Francisco A. Garcia, Ruben M. Gonzalez, Joe Rodriquez Jr 01 Laredo Club Aims for Better Relations, Friends hips; Provides Scholarships to Deserving Laredo Students The Laredo Club strives to foster better relations among students from Laredo who are attending Texas A L It combines cultural aspects in relation to academic life, and raises money for scholarships which are awarded to de- serving Laredo students planning to attend Texas A L Any Laredo or non-Laredo student who attends A5tl and supports the club ' s objectives are encouraged to join. The Laredo Club has been active since 1962 with membership varying throughout the year. This year ' s mem- bership stands at 50. It sponsors dances, participates in the Fall and Spring Carnivals, and has speakers at regular club meetings. Officers for the Laredo Club are Frank J. Saenz, president; Carmen Mendez, secretary; Delia Trujillo, reporter; Javier Sergio Moctezuma, treasurer; and Claudio A. Garza, vice president. Front: Elena Vela, Carmen Mendez, Maria de la Luz Hernandez, Laura Hilario, Linda Ne lda Martinez, Gloria Perez, Otila Trevino. Row 2: Ricardo Cornejo (sponsor), Rosalinda Santos, Maria Julia Moreno, Patricia Hilario, Yolanda Davila, Maria Teresa Moreno, Delia Trujillo, Maria Luisa Saavedra, Esther Ramos, America Long, Luis F. Badell (sponsor). Row 3: Maria Christina Hinojosa, Javier Sergio Moctezuma, Rogelio Quintanilla, Ruben A. Leal, Rosie Gomez, Consuelo Trevino, Sylvia L. Farias, Juan Velasquez III, Lili Alejandro, Rosa M. Ramirez, Rebecca M. Rodriguez. Row 4: Rosario Azios, Zaragoza Solis III, Asusena Serna, Frank J. Saenz, Juan Sanmiguel, August Herbeck " Mauricio Cantu, Carlos Moreno, Gerardo Sepulveda, Claudio A. Garza, Rosendo De La Garza Jr., Jose Luis Perez. M y rP § Md k pB BBlBir " ' 1 f w slI mi 1 ' I B ffli 1 t: Gloria Ccmales, Imelda Pena, Sue Porter, Maria Christina Hinojosa, Betty Raeihle. 2: Bellanira Felon, Juventino R. Olivares Jr., Mike Vasquez, Robert Skinner, Ana Maria Karon Slough. Planning the French Club activities are Sue Porter, secretary-treasurer; Anna Maria Rios, presi- dent; and Robert Skinner, vice president. Le Cercle Francais Brings French Touch With Cafe at Carnival This is the second year for Le Cercle Francois to be on the A I campus. The organization ' s purpose is to promote the French language and the knowl- edge of French culture. Anyone with an interest in French can become a member. This year the club increased by seven new members. One of the highlights of the club ' s activities was the sidewalk cafe oper- ated in front of the Student Union Build- ing during the Fall Carnival. In the spring Le Cercle Francois planned to present a French play. Among the speakers to address the club was James H. Herring, chairman of journalism. Herring spoke on his re- cent trip to France where he made a study of a group of French newspapers. Front: Clara Franke, Delbert J. Pierson, Alexia Hueske. How 2: Ben J. South (sponsor), Sandra Nogel, Betty Theiss, Violet Herbort, ludy Kreuz, Carol Post, A. L. Meyer (pastor) Row 3: Marlett Vaughan, Lawrence Kieschnick, Milton R. Seim, David C. Huber, Bobby Buchholz, Robert E. Meyer. Lutheran Students are led by (seated) Clara Franke, vice president; Violet Herboll, secretory- treasurer; and (standing) Marlett Vaughan, co-vice president; and Scott KirchofI, president. Lutherans Seek To Relate Christ To Campus Living The Lutheran Students of A I is a combined organization of the Gamma Deha and Lutheran Students Associa- tion, and is comprised of all Lutheran students. Approximately 25 members strive to relate the Christian life to an academic environment. Members participate in activities to promote fellowship and programs to relate the Christian life to an academic environment. The organization meets for a program and fellowship once a month. Special activities during the year in- clude a fall bar-b-que, Christmas carol- ing, and other opportunities for friend- ship and the exercise of one ' s personal faith. Marketing Club Fetes Dr. J. R. Manning At their annual barbeque for stu- dents, faculty and business men, the Marketing Club honored Dr. J. R. Manning. Dr. Manning, former Director of the Division of Business Administra- tion, is retiring this year. He has taught at Texas A I since 1925. For the Mar- keting Club he has been a source of friendly aid and was the guest speaker at its first barbeque five years ago. Twenty-five students belong to the club this year. The club seeks to devel- op sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and defini- tion of marketing principles in its mem- bers. Any business major is eligible to join the club. Another purpose of the organization is to strengthen the ties between execu- tives in business and business students. This year the group attended a sales seminar conducted by Carl Stevens, a sales expert from San Antonio and New York City. A representative of Channel 10 in Corpus Christi spoke to the club on television advertising. The Marketing Qub finances its activities with sales projects. One of the most successful of these is a fruit- cake sale in the fall. Marketing Club officers are Mariano Garcia III, vice-president membership; Patricia Penning- ton, secretary; Darrell Hamon, president; Carl R. Ingrum, treasurer; Reynolds Tliarp, vice- president; Gary Gainan, publicity; and Dr. Virgil Stone, advisor. Front: Hector C. Gonzalez, Rogelio Quintonilla, Mariano Garcia III, Romeo Salinas Jr., Patricia Pennington (sweetheart). Row 2: Mitchell R. Frakich, Darrell Hamon, David U. Flores, Lewis Bradshaw, James E. Sutton Jr., Pablo C. Uresti. Row 3: Kenneth L. Graham, Donald Friedeck, Mike Harrison, Jerry Conroy, Pat Childers, Felipe Segura Larrasquitu, Reynolds Tharp, Carl R. Ingrum. Opportunities Open To Trained Students Study of Math Club Trying to create a broader interest in and fuller appreciation of mathe- matics are the principal objectives of the Math Club. Members try to extend mathematical concepts at their meet- ings. The club gives students an opportu- nity to inquire into professional posi- tions which are available to people trained in the field of mathematics. Membership is open to math majors, math education majors, and interested students who have received credit for or are presently enrolled in analytic geometry. Faculty advisors are Miss Joyce Slough, Genaro Gonzalez, and Gary Middleton. : Leading the Math Club are Barbara Koehler, secretary; Shirley Pettigrew, treasurer; Mary Layne Finley, president; and James Duron, vice-president. Front: loyce Slough (advisor), Bonnie Beck, Margaret Ann Mote, Connie Torres, Imelda Pena, Shirley Gingerich. Row 2: Genaro Gonzales (advisor), Agnes Yun Chi, Karen Slough, Robert Underbrink, Tally Lanthier, Mary Layne Finley, Florence Young- blood. Row 3: Gary Middleton (advisor), Shirley Pettigrew, Mercille Wisakowsky, James L. Duron, Leonel Torres, Barbara Koehler, Antonio Torres. MENC Assists UIL Music Events A I Chapter Has Membership of 50 Texas A I ' s student chapter of Music Educators National Conference is one of the largest in the state with 50 members, an increase of four over last year. Local chapter activities this year in- clude programs featuring distinguished speakers and area-interest discussion groups. Each year members assist the music department when it hosts the University Interscholastic League mus- ical events. MENC affords its members the op- portunity for professional orientation, with music education the common ob- jective. While membership is open to any student, music education majors particularly find professional associa- tion and identity through affiliation. Leading the activities of the Music Educators are Alex Sotelo and Yolanda Garza, social chair- men; Anna Schoener, secretary-treasurer; Mike Gilbert, vice president; and John Schuch, president. Front: Robbie Walker, Petra Puente, Linda Weiss (sweetheart), Vickie Ozuna, A. E. Tellinghuisen (sponsor). Row 2: Charles A. Dodd, Janet L. McQuaid, Barbara M. Hassler, John L. Schuch, David R. Wilburn, Alex Sotelo, Melody Chorn, Yolanda Longoria. Row 3; Nancy Webb, Karen Tate, Anna Schoener, Deanna Gillaspy, Rolando Molina, Manuel Sosa, Yolanda Garza, Faye Maddox, Frederick M. Burgess, Ernest Muzquiz. Row 4: Tony Gonzalez, Robert Joslin Silva, Jim Plunkett, Michael G. Gilbert, Richard B. Roper, Craig Jones, Larry Pavel, Ronald A. Stokes, Tommy Wray, George Aguilar. Front: Dr. F. C. Lee (sponsor), Ramzy I. Halaby, D. Mike Smith, Everett N. Beckett, Kenneth M. Bishop, Ben McKinney, Fahir M. Basci (sponsor). How 2: Rene De Los Santos, Martin Howland, Tommy Allen, Randy Aldridge, Chris W. Sterry, Antonie R. Cattan, Leon I. Grones. Row 3: Alonzo Ramirez, Gary N. Haner, James C. Engelking, Norell D. Schulte, Craig W. Clark, Gilbert G. Hernandez, Bill Truxaw. Leading the Organization of General Engineers ore Tommy Allen, vice-president; Norrel Schulte, president; and Everett Nute Beckett, secretary. General Engineers Meet for Films, Lectures Monthly Any general engineering major is invited to become a member of the Organization of General Engineers. The organization tries to bring engineering students into closer relationship with professional engineering activities. There was an increase of eight mem- bers this year. The group meets monthly to hear lectures and see films. One of the out- standing films presented this year ex- plained the construction of St. Louis ' s famous arch. Members made a field trip to Reynold ' s Metals Co. The organization was started in 1962 under the sponsorship of Marcus Truitt. Sponsors this year have been Fahir Basci and Dr. Fu Chu Lee. Panhellenic Plans Rush Activities For Sororities The Texas A I University Panhel- lenic Council aids in maintaining a high level of sorority life and inter- sorority relations within the university. There ore three representatives, a senior and junior delegate and an alumna from each member group. Groups eligible to belong to the Pan- hellenic Council are those chapters which are members of the National Panhellenic Conference or local groups which have been established for two years and accepted with a three- fourths vote of the local council. Panhellenic establishes rules and di- rects the organization of formal rush. The council sponsors a breakfast for Lantana duchesses from area high schools, works with the Inter-Fraternity Council in planning Greek-Weekend, and attends the state-wide Panhellenic Conferences. Panhellenic officers are Karen White, treasurer; Sharon IvIcMurray, Greenlee, president; Janet Carlson, secretary. Front: Sharon McMurry Bonnie Holt, Karen White, Pat Lowrie, Brenda Stewart, Mrs. Peggy Deviney (sponsor). Row 2: Mrs. S. Chester Dunn (sponsor), Linda Spradley, Janet Carlson, Connie Stiegler, Vicki Greenlee, Carrie L. Bishop (sponsor). Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Doubles In Size Fraternity Furthers Music on Campus A " Men Only " organization which works to advance the cause of music is Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Twenty stu- dents joined the fraternity this year, an increase of nine over last year. The group presents the All American Concert on campus, holds campus dances, and works as a service group for the music department. This year they raised funds by having a refresh- ment booth at the Fall Carnival. Mem- bers attend the annual Province Work- shop at San Marcos. The fraternity was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston in 1898. The local chapter was installed May 7, 1967. The organization tries to foster the welfare and brother- hood of students of music, develop a fraternal spirit among its members, and encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Leading the Sinfonians this past year were (seated) Mike Gilbert, treasurer; Prissy Rodri- guez, sweetheart; (standing) Danny J. Duncan, sponsor; Ronald Stokes, vice president; and Humberto Gonzalez, president. Front: Fernando Silva, Ernest Muzquiz, Prissy Rodriguez (sweetheart), Ernesto Guajardo, Edwin T. Crump. Row 2: Manuel Elio Ramirez Jr., Humberto Gonzalez, Rolando Molina, Louis Ramirez Jr., Ben Delgado Jr., Rene Guzman, Mack A. Burditt. Row 3: James A. Stockwell, Michael G. Gilbert, Ronald A. Stokes, Vernon DeWayne Kirk Jr., James V. Jones, Danny J. Duncan (sponsor), George Aguilar. Front: SheraLyn Alexander (sponsor), Adan Saenz, Elaine Myers, Pat Garcia, Mary Ann Baur. Row 2: Guile Gonzales Jr., Thea Hamilton, Roy Nelson, Rob Harris, Alfonso Saenz. Row 3: Robbie Jay, Alice Baty, Manuel Flores Jr., Bill Holmes (sponsor), Mike Gewin, Shirley Self. Press Club Listens To Series of Speakers Discuss Specialized Communications Fields Members of the Press Club heard a series of speakers from the mass media at their meetings this year. Among those who spoke were Mrs. Frances W. Beckman, owner of Ad- Craft Advertising Agency of Corpus Christi; Robert Tice, A I speech in- structor who covered the Democratic Convention in Chicago as part of the Associated Press force; Skip Wood, director of music for KINE, and Joseph H. Coudert, public relations director for the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce. The club conducted a Presidential Preference Poll in the fall before the national elections in conjunction with another club. The journalism division of the Student Activities Day (for high school students) was conducted by club members. The Press Club holds the annual " Miss Summertime Contest " to raise funds for the Joyce Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship Fund. This year ' s winner was Sharon Smith of Kingsville. Press club officers for the 1968-69 term were Thea Hamilton, vic( secretary; Manuel Flores, president; and Shirley Self, treasurer. president; Mary Ann Baur, Rodeo Club Sponsors Annual NIRA Show One ' of the largest organizations on campus this year is the Rodeo Club. Last year the group claimed 55 mem- bers; this year it has grown to 135, the largest membership in the club ' s his- tory. Members must be full-time stu- dents, although associate and honorary memberships are recognized. Club members work to promote rodeoing on the Texas A I campus. They try to promote good conduct and sportsmanship at all club-related rodeos. Attracting prospective club members and holding the interest of students in rodeos is a major interest of club leaders. Originally part of the Aggie Club, the Rodeo Club became an independ- ent group because of its specialized interest. In the history of the organi- zation are the names of many regional and national rodeo champions and competitors. The Rodeo Club sponsors the buck- ing barrel at the Fall and Spring car- nivals, the Dad ' s Day Open Rodeo, and the annual spring National Intercol- legiate Rodeo Association Show. Members ot the 1968-69 Rodeo Team are (front) E. L. Sparks, sponsor; Debbie Waitz; Lisa Rogers; Gina Krause; and Delmar Krenek. In the back are Chico Jacintho, Jack Dudley, Dcrrell Vanderventer, and Lonnie Rakowitz. During the summer, 1968, A I Rodeo Team member Lonnie Rakowitz repre- sented the Southern Region of the NIRA and Texas A I at the NIRA finals in Sacramento, Calif. Rakowitz, a senior bronc riding. The Rodeo Club presented him a trophy for his representation at the nation-wide event. Boys and girls from the Coastal Bend Youth City are the club ' s guests at all from Pleasanton, placed sixth in saddle club-sponsored rodeos. Front: Raynese Welty, Beth Callahan, Caressa Speckman, Sheridan Mellon, Larry R. Busby, Paula Du Bose, Tommy Jackson, Regina Krause (sweetheart). How 2: Delmar Krenek, Ronnie Nance, Jimmy Martin, Jack Rouse, Theron Weathersby, Jolene Allen, Barbara Remmers, Mike Lee. Row 3: Judy Graves, Robert Brown, Kenny Vickers, Richard Smock, Leissner F. Poth Jr., Lynn Utz, Walter Vickers, Ken Harrell, Monte Jacoby, E. L. Sparks (sponsor). Front: Andy Hill, Betsy Barrett, Bob Spac ■ :■ . : . .•;:iiing, Debbie Waitz, Barbara Kay Scott, Jean Floyd, Lynn Lohmann. Row 2: Darnell Albert, Sharon Jones, Kathy Stuart, Dorothy Turnbull, Marlett Vaughan, Cheryl Calaway, Sissie Elseo, Susan Zimmerman. Row 3: Lisa Rogers, Carl Larson, Maurice McDermand, Douglas W. Plant, David B. Littlepage, Olin Gilliam, Johnny Maxwell, Frank Greco. Front: Carol Jennings, Debra Akin, Cindy Burkett, Jackie Smolik, Judy Wallace, Billie June Davis. How 2: Brad Engstrom, M. R. Fregia, Donald Rogers, Rocky Pepau, Candy Jones, Steve Bryant, Mary Vickers, Ross Fling. Row 3: Chico Jacinlho, Tommy Gilstrap, Frank Dahoney, Rusty Mossey, Denny Moore, Joe R. Wallace III, Marcia Kveton, Timothy Ferguson, Trey Ruschhaupt. Row 4: George Matula Jr., George Willemin, Walter Whitwell, Bart Cousins, George Dillard, Lonnie Rakowitz, Dick Richardson, Allen Huffman. Spanish Scholars Attain Excellence In Sigma Delta Pi The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi National Honor Society- honors those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the liter- ature and the culture of the Spanish speaking people. Their motto is: El amor por todo lo noble y bello que haya salido de la venerable Espano. Membership requirements are three years of college Spanish or equivalent with a B average. They must be in the upper 35% of their class. Sigma Delta Pi was established in 1919 at the University of California in Berkeley. Sigma Delta Pi has expanded since then to include 175 chapters. During the year the group sponsors Spanish language movies, Pan-Ameri- can day activities, and holds banquets when initiating new members. Guiding Sigma Delta Pi in its second year on campus are Oralia M. Escobar, treasurer; Juanita Alba, secretary; Anastacio Saenz, parliamentarian; and Celia Nora Villarreal, presi- dent. America Long, Oralia M. Escobar, Anastacio Saenz, Alonzo Y. Castillo, Juanita Alba, Celia Nora Villarreal. Front: Delbert J. Pierson, Barrett W. Pierce, D. Mike Smith, Sam Peal, Alfredo Solis, Dr. F. C. Lee (sponsor). Row 2: Mike Gyllenband, John D. Parish, Alonzo Ramirez, Robert E. Fleming, John H. Fusselman, Chris W. Sterry. Row 3: Dr, K. C. Oosterhout (sponsor), Gary N. Haner, Otto Ewers, Richard L. Reagan, Gary Slusher, Scott Gregorcyk. Sigma Tau officers are John Parish, secretary; Mike Gyllenbrand, Ramirez, treasurer; and Barrett Pierce, president- vice president; Ale Sigma Tau Members From Top Engineers With High 3.0 GP A Sigma Tau is an honorary engineer- ing fraternity whose purpose is the recognition of scholarship and promise of attainment in the field of engineer- ing. The local chapter, Alpha Eta, was chartered in April, 1954. To be eligible for membership one must be enrolled in the school of engineering, have seventy hours or more, and a grade point average of 3.0 or above. A total of two-hundred engineers have grad- uated with Sigma Tau honors. Various projects are undertaken each year to improve the school of engineer- ing. In addition scholarships are avail- able from the National Council of Sigma Tau. Front: Carmen Mendez, Patricia Ana Hilario, Celia Nora Villarreal, Sharon Reagan, Soila Morales, Cheryl Wright, Jan Miller, Esther Ramos. Row 2: Rosario Azios, Ruth Marie Baker, Carla Schilling, Vicki Greenlee, Pam Acree, Kay Waddell, George Rios, Monna Evans. Row 3: Linda Spradley, Margaret Ann Henry, Mary Montgomery, Donald Meek Jr., Barbara Schmidt, Antonio Limon Jr., Margie Pargmann, Shirley Self, Violet Herbert. Row 4: Dr. Powell Hines (sponsor), Tommy Ray Adams, Tony M. Martinez, Shirley Pettigrew, Joan Yonta, Ethel Howerton, Cindy Johnston, Judy Gibson, Mary E. Satterwhite, Dr. Eugene Jekel (sponsor). Student Education Association Hosts Area Conclave Leading the activities of the Student Education Association are Carlo Schilling, treasurer; Ethel Howerton, vice president; Monna Evans, recording secretary; Rosario Azios, correspond- ing secretary; and Shirley Pettigrew, president. The Student Education Association is a professional organization for all pro- spective teachers. It boasts a member- ship of 260 making it the largest professional organization on campus. This year on the A I campus. Pi Kappa Epsilon hosted the Area IX Texas Student Education Association Conference. This conference involved over 1 00 delegates from various schools in the area. The Conference Coordina- tor, who was responsible for the activi- ties of the day, was Margaret Ann Henry. Fort Worth was the site of the State Convention to which A(S1 sent delegates. S.E.A. ' s motto is " Toward Tomorrow ' s Teaching — Accent on Professionalism, Changing Perspectives " . Physics Club Conducts Fair, Open House Physics Club secretary; an j:;.- ,:.; are Keith Messer, vice-president; Joe SjQieson, treasurer. D. Dobbs, president; Judy Gibson, Stimulating an interest in physics is the goal of The Society of Physics Stu- dents. The organization tried to do that this year by sponsoring a Physics Fair during the spring. Demonstrations of interesting facts of the physical world were created by society members and Open House was held in the Lon C. Hill Physics Building during the Fair. High School physics classes were in- vited, along with the general public, to see the physical phenomenon. The society was started as a sub- sidiary of the American Institute of Physics in 1956. There was a revival of interest among A I students two years ago and the society was re- organized. This year there were 14 members. At their monthly meetings members witnessed a demonstration of the neon- helium laser and heard Dr. H. N. Clarkson, research physicist of Austin representing La Coste and Romberg Gravity Meters. The group made a field trip to Celanese. Front: Judy Gibson, Terry Rayburn, Doyle Peaks, Barbara Koehler. Row 2: Donnell Hewett (sponsor), Raymond E. Weiss, William D. Dobbs, Gary Heerssen, Keith Messer student Council Guides Campus Life The Texas A I University Student Council is a representative body of the Students Association of the University. Its members include 45 students repre- senting different phases of the student body. Members of the Council must main- tain a grade point of 2.0 or above. The people who are responsible for check- ing on grades and other requirements are the faculty sponsors. The 1968-69 advisers were Dr. Ronald Sommer, Dr. Floyd Elliot, Dr. Stanley Bittinger, Bev- erly Jones and Manuel Salinas. All participants must be members of the Students Association who are elected to represent classes, schools, and student groups. Officers of the Texas A I Student Council undertook such activities as dedicating the James C. Jernigan Li- brary, and investigating the Book Store ' s profits. In December and March members of the Council participated in the Texas Intercollegiate Students Conferences in Houston and Corpus Christi respective- ly. During the conferences the students learned new techniques in dealing with students ' problems. Leading the Student Council are Anais Hill, treasurer; Mike Campbel l, male representative; Hugh Morrison, president; lo Ann Moss, vice-president; Pat Garcia, South Texan editor; and (seated) Judy Pagano, secretary. Front: Adelaide Martinez, Brenda F. Benjamin, Roger T. Trevino, Florence Youngblood, Vickie Ozuna, Rose Ann Scallan. Row 2: Beverly Jones (sponsor), Bonnie Kleinecke, Barbie Rosse, Anais Hill, Barrett W. Pierce, Jesse A. Ochoa, Emilio Zamora Jr., Sue Culpepper, Cindy Evans, Manuel Salinas Jr. (sponsor). Row 3: Carlos L. Olivarez, Roy Nelson, Jerry Young, James L. Mutz, Ricardo Gutierrez, Hugh M. Morrison, Robert L. Boone, Diane Unterbrink, Calvin Jennings, Dr. Ron Sommer (sponsor). Entertainment Is Goal of SUGB The Student Union Governing Board is basically concerned with providing A6tl students with recreation and en- tertainment through the Student Union. Throughout the year the Governing Board puts on such events as the free Friday night movies, dateless dances, the Fall and Spring Carnivals, back-to- school dances, the Howdy Dance, Dad ' s Day Reception and the Home- coming Coffee and Registration. Each semester the SUGB publishes an activities calendar. This idea has now been adopted by many schools in the region. Yearly the Student Union Governing Board travels to the Region XII ACVI Conference to discuss the problems faced by Student Unions and to gather new ideas on how to make college life more enjoyable for students. This year the convention was held in New Or- leans. Front: Manuel Salinas Jr. (sponsor), Sharon Smith (reporter), luonita Alba (female represen- tative). Row2:Charla Wagner (secretary), James Prewitt (director), Dick Bridgers (vice president), Don Nelson (chairman). Intra-faith Council Starts on A I Campus A new baby on the A I campus this year in the Intra-faith Council. The Council is open to representatives of all religious organizations recognized by the Office of Student Affairs. Each religious organization may send three representatives to the Council sessions. The Intra-faith Council is concerned about the need for a spiritual awaken- ing by most university students. It tries to open channels of communications to promote understanding between differ- ent campus groups, and it addresses the social, moral and religious ques- tions of the day. In its organizing year the council un- dertook a planning retreat, a religious preference survey during spring regis- tration, and a religious emphasis week on campus. Front: Forrest Moorehead (sponsor BSU), SheraLyn Alexander (sponsor Chi Alpha), Sandy St. Clair (BSU), Jo Allex (CSA), Sandra Nage! (LSA), Elias Zambrano (CCF), James H. Herod (BSU), Margaret Butts (CCF). Row 2: Karl W. Brown (sponsor CCF), Carol Post (LSA), April Cunningham (Chi Alpha), David Berry (CCF), Glen Barbier (BSU), Neal Bailey (CSA), Gregory Edelen (CSA), Delbert J. Pierson (LSA), A. L. Meyer (pastor LSA). m% ' A Front: Dr. F. C. Lee (sponsor), D. Mike Smith, Mike Gyllenband, Julian Calderon, Everett N. Beckett, Barrett W. Pierce. Row 2: Goylen Williams, Martin Howald, John H. Fusselman, lohn D. Parish, Alonzo Ramirez, Bill Truxaw, Tommy Allen. Row 3: Robert E. Fleming, Gilbert G. Hernandez, Richard E. West, James D. Coulter Jr., Clifford F. Macomber Jr., Michael R. Wilkins, Dr. K. C. Oosterhout (sponsor), Joel Cavazos. Row 4: Jerry A. Raddatz, Gary N. Haner, James C. Engelking, Norrell D. Schulte, David R. Morris, John Paul Wincelowicz Ir David Konvicka Craig W. Clark. Helping to guide the TSPE through a busy year of activities are (seated) Susan Poorman, sweetheart; Mickey Wilkens, reporter; (standing) Mike Gyllenband, president; and Barrett Pierce, vice president. TSPE Contributes New Directories To Engineering The Texas Society of Professional Engineers held their annual bar-b-que and also purchased the directories for the engineering building this year. This organization, composed of 35 members, was organized on campus in 1960. The group helps in the promo- tion of professionalism among engi- neering majors. Membership is open to any engineering student. At each of their monthly meetings, members gain knowledge and practi- cal information from speakers or films. Intercollegiate Meets Attract Forensics Club The Texas A I Forensics Club was formed in 1968. It includes Pi Kappa Delta (honorary debate fraternity) members as well as students with a special interest in forensics. The club ' s motto is: " The art of per- suasion, beautiful and just. " To become a member a student must express an interest in forensic activi- ties, and later must demonstrate profi- ciency and diligence in speech events. Four of the 13 members of the club belong to the national fraternity, Pi Kappa Delta. Members of the Texas A I Forensics Club participated in intercollegiate tournaments in and out of Texas. Among the places where the group competed are the TCU Debate Tourna- ment in Fort Worth, the Bellaire For- ensic Tournament in Houston, and the Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament in Tempe, Ariz. Members of the Forensics Club were guided throughout the year by Jim Scott, vice president; James Smith, president; and Chuck Auld, secretary-treasurer. Front: James L. Kruse, Ana Maria Resales, Terry Sims, Mary Lara, Robert Tice (sponsor). Row 2: Thomas E. Ducote, James L. Smith, Spencer T. Oldham, Lester D. Mallory Jr. Front: Bonnie Nelson, Oscar Arizpe, Jo Allex, George Hohon, Noma Coquat. Row 2: Jack Feild, George Sheffield, Joel Hallan, John Kreidler, Peggy Anderson, Steve Smith. Row 3: Dale Moerbe, Craig Bittinger, Edward Ebner, Gail Govenda, Steve Hulsebus, Paul Sturm, Bill Bolen. Row 4: Thomas J. Levi, Frank Goodwyn, Norman Fuzzell, Jerry A. Green, Arthur O. Schulze, Gill Ediger, Alfonso Soliz, Steven Bittinger. Spelunkers Make Caving Trips to Mexico ered into the De Rocksprings. One of the most rapidly growing or- ganizations on campus is the Texas A I Speleological Society. This year ' s membership of 40 shows an addition of 15 over 1967-68. To be a member of the Spelunkers, a student nrust own and demonstrate the ability to safely use certain neces- sary equipment, go on field trips, and demonstrate the ability to perform cer- tain caving techniques. The Spelunkers promote the objec- tives of the Texas Speleological Asso- ciation, the National Speleological So- ciety, the Association for Mexican Cave Studies and the study of caves and karst regions. And, of course, fun is high on the society ' s list of purposes. The Texas A I Speleological Society was started in the Spring of ' 67 after several trips to Gruta del Palmito near Bustamente, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, by interested students. Many trips to Texas and Mexican caves have taken place since. One such trip has been to Devil ' s Sinkhole near Rocksprings. The Spelunkers are allowed two vot- ing delegates on the Texas Speleologi- cal Association Board of Governors and several members make trips to attend these meetings. Veterans Association In First Year 20 Ex-Servicemen Participate in Politics Twenty members of the Veterans As- sociation have combined to provide an organization for service and social ac- tivities. Ex-servicemen with over six months active duty with the U. S. Armed Forces and attending Texas A I are eligible for membership. The Veterans Association became a campus approved organization on April 1, 1968. They are active in campus politics; their activities have been mainly confined to administrative service to veterans. The association ' s sweetheart, Rose- mary Rodriguez, won First Princess in the Homecoming Queen contest after an active campaign by the veterans for their candidate. Heading this new campus organization are Kim Blue, vice president; James Ward, secretary; Ron Edmundson, president; Edwin Lahtinen, social chairman; and Joe Pompa, publicity chair- Front: Maclovio Lara, Mitchell R. Frakich, Rosemary Rodriguez (sweetheart), Kim G. Blue. Row 2: Pedro Ochoa jr., Billy Stachowiak, Rodolio Delgado, Robert L. Boone, Ron Edmundson, Dr. William Foote (sponsor). Row 3: Henry Rokohl, Edwin Lahtinen, James Ward, Milton R. Seim, Joe Pompa, Thomas W. Phipps, Front: Becky Dayton, Phyll Swartz, Sylvia Fulton, Caria Rogers, Erme Walton, Elaine Bahn, Ruth Bonnell. Row 2: Diana Rogers, Lynda Nitcholas, Joanna Hoover, Davey S. Thornton, Lewis Bradshaw, James E. Sutton Jr., Gloria White, Vicki Greenlee. How 3: Kenneth L. Graham, Linda Duenow, Terry Rayburn, Lester D. Mallory Jr., Bill Schulz Jr., Hector G. Garcia, Earlene Hutchison, Pom Acree. How 4: Debbie Farmer, Robert E. Lee Jr., Craig Wentrcek, Roger O. Jarvis, Michael R. Clark, Joseph Harold Williams, Paul E. Gage, David R. Dunn. Campaigns Keep Young Republicans Busy It was a busy year for the Texas A I Young Republicans as they encouraged students to take a civic interest in their local, state, and national governments. The group aided and encouraged the development of the Republican Party in Texas and sought to instruct voters in the advantages, benefits, and prin- ciples of the Republican Party. Meetings provided students with op- portunities to discuss the affairs and issues facing Republicans in Texas. The organization served as a liaison between the Republican Party of Texas, the Young Republican Federation, and the students of Texas A I. Any student, staff or faculty member of Texas A I can join the organization. The Young Republicans helped with the 1968 national, state and local cam- paigns, providing many hours of vol- unteer service to the Republican Party. In February interested students at- tended the state convention of the Texas Young Republicans. Among the speakers heard by Young Republicans were State Representative Chuck Scoggins and Mrs. Ann Arm- strong, National Committee Woman from Texas. Officers lor the Young Republicans are Bill Schulz, treasurer; James E. Sutton Jr., presi- dent; Sylvia Fulton, recording secretary; Lester D. Mallory Jr., vice president; and Phyllis Swartz, historian. Republican Commissioner of Agriculture candidate Millard Neptune shows the fourteen amendments to A I Young Republicans. State Representative Chuck Scoggins, Corpus Young Republicans inform students of candidates and vital issues during state and national Christi, explains legislative procedures to elections. James Sut Paul Eggers, candidate for governor, discusses current issues with Sylvia Fulton and Craig Wentrecek at a supper at the King Ranch. Front: Rose Mary Sheldon, File Longoria, Marty Hale, Kothy Inmon, Lupe Ureste, Elena Vela Row 2: Judy Stewart, ludy Witt, Paula Mahoney, Leticia D. Chacon, Gloria P. Garza, Judy Sharp _ „ „„ „al, I .ary Frances Garcia. Row 3: Dorris Binnion (sponsor), Barbara Klug, Rosemary Rodriguez, Cindy Tohnston, Sharon Scott Delmagene Saunders, Sue Wood, Karen Urban Women ' s Recreation Association Has Fun Leadership for the WRA is provided by Judy Stewart, vice president; Karen Urban, president, Cindy Johnston, treasurer; and Delmagene Saunders, sports representative. ff W ' ' V Camp-out, Banquet, Sports Are Activities Cooperation, sportsmanship, friendli- ness and goodwill among the women on campus ore the goals of members of the Women ' s Recreation Association. The organization provides intro- murals, sports and recreational activi- ties for A5cl women. WRA gives awards for high-point winners under their point system. WRA is open to any woman student, and currently there are 30 club mem- bers. The girls participate in the Fall Car- nival, Kollege Kampus Kapers and Lantana. They also coordinate the women ' s intramural and sponsor girl ' s basketball and volleyball clinics. In the spring they have a camp-out at Lake Mathis and an annual mother- daughter banquet. ROTC Cadet Lt. Colonel Danny C. Jaloway and his staff command tfie ROTC group at A I. Distinguished Military Students receive their awards from President fames C. Jernigan at special ceremony in the fall. ROTC Trains In 1951 a Reserve Officers ' Training Corps was started at Texas College of Arts and Industries. From that time graduates were assigned to the Army Signal Corps, Then in 1965 the curric- ulum was changed to General Military Science and at the present time grad- uates of the ROTC branch at Texas A I University are offered a choice of any branch of the Army. Texas A I is a civilian college that offers a senior division ROTC program that includes a two-year basic course and a two-year advanced program. The purpose of the program is to procure and train selected University students to qualify as commissioned officers in the U. S. Army. A second goal is to provide these cadets with training which will motivate them to- ward a military career and guide them as to their future responsibilities and duties as American citizens. Commissions are offered in the Regular Army as well as the Reserves. Regular Army commissions are re- served for Distinguished Military Graduates. If ippppip V ' ■p» sf:f iJ ' i V ? f Col. Leonard M. Pederson awards Cadet Major Mike Bell the wings he earned as a result of his participation in the flight training program. Cadets visit ARADMAC in Corpus Christi to learn more about the different professions available to Army personnel. For Careers Army ROTC trains and prepares cadets for leadership positions in civilian as well as military careers. This is exemplified by the visit a group of cadets made to ARADMAC operations in Corpus Christi. The company repairs helicopters disabled in Viet Nam as one phase of its service. Cadets may also take advantage of flight training offered in conjunction with the Kelberg County Airport. Cadet Mike Bell received his wings this fall in special ceremonies to honor the event. Cadets in the advanced program also spend some time in summer camps as part of their military training. Cadet Lt. Colonel Danny Jaloway was pre- sented the outstanding cadet award and named first in his company at the ROTC advanced camp at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in the summer of 1968. After completing the ROTC program here at A I, seniors are awarded their commissions in university graduation ceremonies. i f- " IBUiJtr: m JM A cadet demonstrates the manual of arms to a group of Dad ' s Day visitors Band company, noted at pre-game ceremonii one of the best in years, proudly displays their new instruments Dad ' s Day. Cadets Find Time to Shine Dad ' s Day plays an important part in the ROTC department. Cadets polish their brass, shoes, helmets, and band instruments in preparation for visiting parents. Displays of various aspects of ROTC and the regular Army are set up for open house. Cadets rotate on an all- night watch to guard the displays. Such guard is part of the extra duty activities cadets may volunteer for. In pre-game activities the ROTC corps of cadets perform. They pass in review before President Jernigon and the audience. After the formalities the cadets break ranks and form a victory line for the Javelinas. During halftime the famous King ' s Rifles perform precision drills and maneuvers. The King ' s Rifles acts as an honor guard for the corps of cadets. Cadet Robert Robles dishes out a plate of Cadets take time barbeque at the annual ROTC event. -e for the Javeli Each company passes in review before Dr. James C. Jernigan and parents during Dad ' s Day pre-game ceremonies. Members of the ROTC Rifle Team are Samuel Mowery, Randall A. Parker, Earl Kronk, Carlton N. Earhart, Frank Mendez, Greg Edelen, Arthur Garcia, Martin Pike Jr., lames M. Lewallen, Raymond K. Pekarovic, Roy Wentriek, Ricordo Cuellar Mike Hulsey, Ronald Box, and Owen S. Parker. President lernigan addresses the Corps of Cadets during a weekly drill session. Rangers get physically fit by taking part in numerous roaH hikes. W? I] r UAN(.i:u i)rrA( hmi:m r ( adi ' thattamon ' ' Li Zu,-: ' ! -J fi of the Ranger detachment gather in front of the sign designating their group and bearing the new Texas A6.I ROTC seal. Extra Activities Develop Leaders Rangers, Rifle Team Educates Volunteers ROTC cadets are entitled to join extra curricular activities sponsored by the department if they are properly qualified. One activity is the Rifle Team. Cadets train and participate in rifle and pistol contests held at colleges and univer- sities throughout the Southwest. The Ranger detachment is a second organization that qualified cadets may join. This strictly volunteer organization was started during the academic year of 1965-66. Ranger activities are completely planned by cadets. The organization gives advanced infantry training in counter-guerrilla tactics as well as striv- ing to develop leadership and physical fitness. Field activities are a major part of the training program. S Ul ' m 5 1 k. President James C. Jernigan Spends Life In Service to Education and Texas A I I On Friday afternoon, August 31, 1962, Dr. James C. Jernigan succeeded Dr. Ernest H. Poteet as President of Texas A I. " Assuming the presidency of Texas College of Arts and Indus- tries, " he said, " is a high honor, and it presents to me the greatest challenge which I have faced in my total educa- tional career. Serving as dean under President Poteet has been not only a marked privilege but an excellent training experience as well. Building upon the excellent program that has been established under Dr. Poteet ' s presidency, " said Dr. Jernigan, " we look forward to taking our place in the ranks of the leading colleges of the country through top-level instruction and research. " Dr. Jernigan joined the A I faculty in 1946 as director of men ' s activities and was named dean of student life the following September. After a two years ' leave of absence to complete work on his PhD at the University of Chicago, he returned in 1 949 to assume the role of director of student personnel President Jernigan and his wife made a happy pair at the dedication of the new library. In honor of his years of service to Texas A I the building was named the James C. Jernigan Library. and associate professor of education. In October of 1950 he became dean of the college and professor of education. As director of student personnel, he helped to develop a broader counseling program. The first six weeks of the 1950 summer session found him con- ducting a workshop in counseling and guidance at Southern Methodist Uni- versity and a similar workshop at A I in the latter part of the summer. Born at Van Alstyne, Texas, in 1914, Dr. Jernigan graduated from high school at McKinney in 1932. He earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees at North Texas State University. Following graduation he taught in a Collin County rural school from 1934-36, serv ing as the only teacher for five grades.: From 1936-39 he served as principal ' at Whitewright, Texas, where he also taught social studies and mathematics. He was superintendent of schools at Pilot Point, Texas, from 1939-41 and deputy state superintendent from 1941- 42. In 1940 he married Frances Williams of Dallas. They have two children. Jernigan entered the army as a private in the infantry in 1942 and spent 20 months in the European the- ater as a combat officer; he was dis- charged with the rank of captain in 1946. He holds the Bronze Star and campaign stars for Normandy, North- ern France, the Rhineland, and Central Europe. In the summer of 1962 President Jernigan and his family made a trip to Thailand on a state department mission to observe and study higher educational systems of that country. President Jernigan is identified with a number of professional organiza- tions. Among them are the National Education Association, Texas State Teachers Association, American Asso- ciation of University Professors, Ameri- can College Personnel Association, Phi Delta Kappa and the Texas Association of College Teachers. He has served as president of the Kingsville Community Concert As- sociation and as a member of the board of directors of the Kingsville Chamber of Commerce. In addition to these accomplishments he is an Elder of the First Christian Church and a past president of the Kiwanis Club. Dr. W. Floyd Elliott Vice President for Student Affairs William C. English Vice President of Fiscal Affairs Dr. Robert D. Rhode Vice President and Dean of the University Board of Directors E. B. Braden E. S. Joslin Mrs- Richard M. Kleberg Jr Lewis S. Maples J. O. Martin Jr. Lawrence A. McNeil Dr. Hesiquio Rodriguez Leo J. Welder William H. Atkinson Dr. John C. Rayburn Graduate Studies Dr. E. H. Dotterweich Engineering Division Deans Dr lohn W. Glock Teacher Education Dr, Stanley Anderson Agriculture Dr. S. Boyd Stewart Arts and Sciences Dr. Dennis B. Ford Jr. Business Administration I. E. Turner Dean of Men Carrie Lee Bishop Dean of Women Administration Harriette C. Owens, Assistant Registrar Dr. William I. Hall, Registrar and Director of Admissions Manuel Salinas Student Aid Oflicer and Instructor in Education Thomas H. Harris Bookstore Manager John E. Pennington Business Manager Johnny L, Johnson Director of Teacher Placement Coordinator of Extension Teachinc James Prewitt Director of Student Union Building William Renfrew Ion H. Thompson Waverly R. Lewis Dr. Richard C. Scherperceel, Chairnnan Agriculture Dr. David Neher, Dr. I. W. Howe, Dr. Russell D. Pettit Dr, Leo Bailey, Dr. Carlos E. Schoettle 1 mc Dr. Robert Leyden Dr. Richard Hensz, Director A I Citrus Center Bible Ctiairs Rev. Casimir Jarzombek Catholic Bible Chair George G. Williges Dr. J. Talmer Peacock, Chairman George B. Fink Dr. Allen H. Chaney Dr. Richard B. Davis Sr. ' Biology Dr. Edwin R. Bogusch Dr. David R. Pratt Dr. Fred M. Garland, Chairman Chemistry Dr. Jo A. Beran Dr. John S. Westmoreland Dr. George H. Argue Dr. E. V. Ruhnke Pies C. Masten Dr. J. R. Manning Ralph C. Russell k - James R. Mclntyre Dwight Hazlett, Jerry D. Starr D. Clark Baker Dr. George W. McCulley Business Administration Donald E. Fleming Dr. Virgil F. Stone Charles H. Alworth Dorothy Gaston Robert O. Kirby Dr. W. W. Wallace, Kenneth M. Gibson Business Administration R. Trev Sparks Leslie L. Melbern Robert O. McMinn Education Dr. Demas J. Stinebaugh Evelyn Herrington, Doris Meyer, Blanche Gerber Dr. Powell Mines Dr. Thomas H. Foster r Frances Gavenda Paul D. Bryant Beverly Jones Johnnie Mae Haun Education Dr. A. H. Pritchard Dr. L. Camp Gil Dr. I. Browning Finley Paul W. Treptow Dr. Marcus M. Truitt Engineering r %m Elsie I. Howard Harry B. Sanders Ic ■ ' - William F. Martin Vivian D, Tucker English Donna R. Tobias Dr. Hildegard Schmalenbeck Fredric Matejowsky LHi 3 n English I k Carolyn Hoggin Dr. E. L. Dachslager Howard S. Jitomir Helen A. Hayden Thomas J. McGinn Dr. D. Wayne Gunn May E. Campbell " S ii i. John E. Lampe Government Jefferson M. Bishop B V y Py jBjjj w 9 1 1 ' W . a Dr. Hoyt B. Ballard, Chairman Dr. Ronald M. Sommer Dr. Charles Judah Government Joseph J. Elliott Dr. Edward Su Geography and Geology Dr. Charles C. Bajza, Chairman Dr. Paul A. Thayer Louis R. Koeppe Dr. Cecil G. Lalicker Dr. Eldon D. Brinley, Ch Nan H. Roberts Dr. Stewart E. Cooper Health and Physical Education Kenneth D. Kelley Gilbert E. Steinke, Head Coach and Director of Athletics Pete Murray- Roy F. Jona s Donald D. McDonald Dr. William A. Foote Dr. George O. Coalson, Chairman - III HUP Paul C. Palmer George W. Steinmeyer Joe T. Timmons Home Economics Dr. Wreathy Aiken, Chairman Ophelia Manning Dr. Ruth Gauldin Lemmah A. Perry Dr. Attelia L. MuUer Industrial Arts A. F. Gross, Chairman Robert F. McEowen C. W. Mallard r «6« Paul K. Goode, Head Librarian Opal A. Harvey, Janie Holland, Ned C. Morris Catherine Blodgetl Library Dr. Virgil C. Kowalik, Chairman Genaro Gonzole Elizabeth Ann Oliphant, Pauline C. Nelson Gary D. Middleton Ben J. South M. M. Sahlout Dr. Joe L. Dorroh Joyce M. Slough Ann Farek Capt. Joseph M. Kirkland, Major Nathan A. Offield SSGT Craig M. Stambaugh, SFC John H. Vlahadaims, SSgt. Billy Hawkins «r . Military Science Fred Nuesch, South Texan H. Herring, Chairman and Director of Publications Journalism SheraLyn Alexander, El Rancho Advisor William W. Holmes Mae Dell Schiller Dr. Mario A. Benitez, Chairman Modern Languages James D. Tryer, Michaela Crook, Roberto Cortina Dr. F. M. Kercheville Dorothy Ginther Catherine A. Boyer Ricardo J. Cornejc Sydney P. Cr Luis F. Badell Dr. Thomas C. Pierson, Che Dr. loseph L. Bellamah Lawrence Weiner Music Mark A. Stupp Caroline B. Johnston Frank D. Roberts Mary Lois Summers James Siber Robert C. Brooks Alfred E, Tellinghuisen Gerald A. Heiermon Physics Dr. Lionel Hewett, S. Burgin Dur Dr. Paul M. Elliott Dr. Edwin E. Wheeler Psychology and Sociology Victor W. Isenberg Dr. John T. Roscoe Jerry H. Borup Elvin L. Sparks, Ann G. Edwards, Dr. Stanley Bitttnger Roy E. Becker Graduate Assistants Douglas Bryan Williams made history by being the first blind graduate assistant at Texas A I. He uses braille for his lecture notes. Betty D. Allen, Mathematics Chester L, Allen Jr., Business Administration Jimmie L. Barker, H.P.E. Jose H. Bazan, Mathematics Milton D. Boutte, Electrical Engineering Clinton E. Brown, Biology Manuel Cardenas, Mathematics Julie Ann Dailey, English Richard B. Davis Jr., Psychology- Sociology Robert C. Davis, Biology Virginia L. Davis, Biology Antonio De la Pena, Biology James M. Dixon, History William D. Dobbs, Physics Norma B. Drake, English Charlsie K. Fankhauser, English Jane E. Fillmore, Psychology-Sociology Lynda Lea Flenniken, Music Diana F. Gafford, Mathematics Barbara N. Goode, Mathematics Allan M. Grant, History Scott E. Gregorcyk, Electrical Engineering Phyllis Henson, Administrative Assistant Olin C. Linke, Business Administration Gertrude K. Loper, Art Jesus Martinez Jr., H.P.E. Holman C. Massey, Business Administration Vicente H. Molina, Modern Languages Janelle Moody, History Donald L. McDaniel, Music Van Rick McDaniel, Biology John H. McKeever, Mathematics Joy Dean Pierce, Business Administration Geraldine K. Pritchard, English John W. Roseborough, Industrial Arts Eula A. Ross, Mathematics Patrick T. Shelbourne, Business Administration Billye Carol Smith, H.P.E. James E. Sutton, Journalism Emily Joyce Teerling, Biology John Wesley Tunnell Jr., Biology Jesus Valdez, Business Administration Glenn Ray Wallace, Mathematics Richard T. Weisinger, English Douglas Bryan Williams, History Robert G. Williams, Psychology- Sociology William J. Wilson, Mathematics Roger J. Zimmerman, Biology Virginia D. Zimmerman, English p 11- Greeks I Don Nelson wears a proud shirt — he has been selected beau for 1968-69 by Alpha Chi Omega sorority. The Sigma Chis had a pajama rush party in January and even Snoopy attended. Greeks ' Social Events Leave Mark on ' 68-69 Most of the Greek organizations sponsored a coed in the race for Homecoming Queen. The Chi Omegas danced and met the parents of new pledges at their Carnation Cotillion. Alpha Chi Omegas Aid Lions Club w if f ikt Rennita Owens Warden Sharon Schaeler Paula Winsetf President Pam Aciee President Sheryl Albers Treasurer Elaine Bahn Suzanne Chastain Activities Chairman Barbara Cole Publicity Chairman Laura Crabb Corresponding Secretary Sharon Dick Deanna Gillaspy Recording Secretary Vicki Gree nlee Panhellenic President Peggy Hahn Chaplain Diana Held Luanne Livingston Diane Neubauer Sharon Reagan Historian Cheryl D. Richardson Third Vice-President Kathleen Shanafelt BiUie Sheek Social Chairman Sandra Snodgrass Second Vice-President Linda Spradley Panhellenic Representative Brenda Stewart Junior Panhellenic Representativ Bunny Targosz Warden Gloria White Scholarship Chairman Shari Whitley Lyre Editor PLEDGES Kathy Berkebile Susan Bills Janette Chastain Activity Chairman Julie Culbertson Treasurer Becky Dayton Secretary Linda Duenow Vice-President Patsy Hall Alpha Chi Omegas were hostesses for an outdoor Halloween mixer with Delta Tau Delta. Alpha Chi Omegas Host Outdoor Mixers Mixers and parties highlighted the year for Alpha Chi Omega. Members were hostesses for several outdoor mix- ers at Mesquite Grove and a Halloween mixer held in an alumn ' s yard. The A Chi O ' s also gave a luncheon for their dads on Dad ' s Day and a Founder ' s Day tea for their alumni. The big sisters honored their little sisters with a homemade dinner in the soror- ity ' s chapter room. On " Fun Day " the members took the pledges on an outing to Kleberg Park and afterwards let them hike back to the dorm. Pledges kept busy with a car wash and a tea given by them for the other sororities on campus. After initiation of the fall pledge class a banquet was given for them at the Emerald Cove in Corpus Christi. Community service was also among the activities of the sorority. The Alpha Chi Omegas helped the local Lions Club with their annual Halloween Car- nival and went Christmas caroling in December. Alpha Chi Omega aided the Lions Club this year with their carnival. 239 Alpha Delta Pi Hosts Faculty Mixer J|£jE 1 Kathy Balzer Linda Brooks Linda Butler Penny Garner Reporter-Historian Marion Hellman Paula Jay President Sonny Erueger Jayne Lamson Nancy Lewis Guard Cindy Mann Kathy McBride Social Chairman Kathy McNabb Kathleen Morris Chaplain Jo Ann Moss Registrar Shari Raymond Judy Riggs Susan Schrimsher Carol Simpson Sharon Smith Membership Chairman Agatha Snyder Vice-President Connie Stiegler Panhellenic Delegate Carole Sullivan Treasurer Sharon Weed Scholarship Chairman PLEDGES Meredith Ann Wood Daphne Ehrlich Linda Gibbs Marguerite Heard Karen Howell Secretary Adonna Jones President Mary Lee Jordan Deborah Morong Kathy Morrow University professors and instructors were honored with a mixer given by Alpha Delta Pi for them in the fall. Sponsor Scholarship Trophy Presented by Alumni Alpha Delta Pi played hostess this year to a variety of mixers. The most unique was a mixer with members of the A I faculty. The Alpha Delta Pi ' s presented a skit to their professors and instructors spoofing registration and the products of the multiversity. The Alpha Delta Pi ' s gave a Dad ' s Day tea in the fall and were hostesses for a Homecoming Open House in the sorority ' s chapter room. Attending the Alpha Delta Pi national convention was president Paula Jay. The province convention was attended by several members of the local chap- ter. Among the honors won by the A D Pi ' s was a scholarship trophy awarded to them by the San Antonio alumni association. Alpha Delta Pi Carol Bitter Simpson represented the university as Miss A I this year. This was the third year in a row that an A D Pi received the title. Chi Omega Pledges Bow at Fall Ball i. ; ' : Myke Barron Corresponding Secretary Viki Barron Sue Culpepper Carol Darden Vice-President Kathy Davis Secretary £t ftf ©4 i. ms Barbara Etheridgo Cindy Evans Activities Chairman Monna Evans Carol Goodwin Martha Halberdier Pat Hoag President Eathryn Holder Treasurer Carol Jennings Bonnie Kleinecke Pat Lowrie Marsha McDonald Cissie Pumphrey Social Chairman Barbie Rosse Pledge Trainer Beth Sedwick Judy Sharp Sally Walker Suehanna Walker Mary Anna Webb Personnel PLEDGES Lynn Adams Sharon Angelioz Cloir Applewhite Ruth Bonnell Gail Ann Carter Reenie Gainan Lydia Herring Earlene Hutchison President Marty Kellam Gwen Melton Laurie Pumphrey Chi Omegas present their fall pledge class to their parents at the annual Carnation Cotilli Secretary Cherie Lynn Tomlinson Vice-President Tinka Walts King ' s Inn Spring Dinner Fetes Seniors In order to work for higher grades, the Chi Omegas have a unique system of reward. At each mid-semester point they have a chicken and beans supper. Those making above their previous grade-point may eat chicken. Those not surpassing their previous gpa eat beans. Their grades were given notice at their national convention when the chapter received a scholarship citation. Major social events of the year in- clude the Carnation Cotillion, at which the fall pledge class is presented, and the Senior Banquet held in the spring at King ' s Inn, Zeta Tau Alpha Visits Youth City ft £.iS " jS ' W •»► ©0 4 Eathy Andrews Sandy Bureau Katie Burns Ritual Chairman Beverleigh Connaway Linda Copeland Betty Marie Dorsey Debbie Farmer Fraternity Education Mary K. Griffin Historian Lynette Hausler Songleader Bonnie Holt Junior Panhellenic Delegate Joanna Hoover Scholarship Chairman Joy Huntington Membership Chairman Sue Ann Eorman Standards Chairman Sandra Mabe Faye Maxwell Sugar McBurnett Pledge Trainer Pam McPherson Recording Secretary Bette Jo Nordmeyer RoseAnn Scallan President Zaidee Thomason Vice-President Diane Unterbrink Social Chairman Erme Walton Corresponding Secretary Karen Yvonne White Senior Panhellenic Delegate Kennette Wiesehan PLEDGES Jan Kathryn Carlisle Social Chairman Rosalie Chiuminatto Vice-President Carolyn Connaway Treasurer Debbie Cunningham Historian D ' Ann Davis Zena Gillaspy Lynnette Hudson Recording Secretary Suzanne Johnson Kathy Moody Barbara Remmers Corresponding Secretary Janice Seitr Parliamentarian TICC SB»SS S ' 3 Ml Jan Wright A member of the Zeta Tau Alpha alumni chapter in Corpus Christi presented the local collegiate chapter with a silver punch bowl and platter at fall rush. President Rose Ann Scallan accepted the gift. Zeta Tau Alphas Carol at Local Home Zeta Tau Alpha members gave their time to members of the community as part of their sorority project of the year. They visited with the children at Youth City and went caroling at a local retire- ment home. Dad ' s Day and Mother ' s Day teas as well as mixers and open houses were among the Zeta social functions of the year. Zeta beau, Ronnie Unter- brink, was presented at their Candle- light Ball held in the fall, Zetas have among their membership several fraternity sweethearts and two members of the A I cheerleading squad. Mrs. Gerald Boyer General Advisor Mrs. Al Garrett Pledge Advisor Alpha Gamma Rho Seeks Ag Ideals 41,1 - » Robert Alexander Vice-Noble Ruler Harvey Buehring Treasurer Larry R. Busby Reporter-Historian Felix Fojtik Ken Harrell Robert McKinney Secretary Lynn Moore Ronnie Nance Trey Ruschhaupt Chaplain Tommy Seller Lynn Uti Alumni Secretary George Willemin Mike Yeary Noble Ruler PLEDGES Frank Dohoney Donald R. Dunn Joe Fleck Delbert Fuchs Terry Hollan Chico Jacintho Secretary Allan Jamison Delmar Krenek Weldon McFarland lim Nance Scott Wright Dr. I. W. Howe Sponsor Dr. David R. Pratt Sponsor Robert L. Wolif Sponsor Alpha Gamma Rho officers lead other members in the business of regular meetings Barbie Rosse, sweetheart Alpha Gamma Rhos Judge at Ag Shows Alpha Gamma Rho members worked at several different projects this year. Among them were FFA and 4-H events. During the area 10 FFA contest they helped with various judging events and gave guided tours of the A l campus to visiters at the contest. They also helped to stage the District 12 4-H Judging contest. Officers of the local chapter were rep- resentatives to the National Alpha Gamma Rho Convention held by the Kappa chapter at the University of Ne- braska. Seven members attended the officer training school hosted by Alpha Lambda chapter in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Alpha Gamma Rho extended their services to the university this spring. They were responsible for landscaping the Kleberg Agriculture building. All of the previous activities are the actual putting into practice of what Alpha Gamma Rho members learn in their particular field of study. Alpha Tau Omegas Paint Houses ® M » ' U f ' % mmn © Q ( |t! f rtl }-V ' f M f Larry Albrecht Tommy Allen David L. Boerner Robert W. Cadwell Glenn Campbell Worthy Keeper ot Annals Tom Case Worthy Scribe Eddy Chelkowski AI Curry Worthy Sentinel Michael Duda Mike Fitzgerald Worthy Usher John Fuessel Paul Higginbotham Gary L. Hightower Douglas Hindelang Worthy Master Richard Enipling Social Chairman Danny Hodgkins Treasurer Marshall Lochausen Rush Captain Joe McCrary Keith Rives Alumni Secretary Arthur Settles Public Relations Gene Sullivan Worthy Chaplain Brian Vrazel Kenneth White Jerry Woodward Sports Chairman PLEDGES Douglas Benson Treasurer Daniel Keith Byron Bubba Cooke Darryl Felder Bo Harr Mike Kastner Leon Rigamonti Pledge Spok Scott Slaughter Alpha Tau O )megas and their dates exhibit dancing skills at a party held in Corpus Christi ATO Collects Clothes For Goodwill Project Alpha Tau Omegas had a busy year participating in projects to help the community. They were involved in the collection of clothes for Goodwill as well as helping to paint buses for Kle- berg County. ATO ' s also spent a day at Youth City helping paint and clean up around the center. The members were active this year with the Corpus Christi Alpha Tau Omega Alumni Chapter. They attended a luncheon given by the alumni and a banquet. Both events took place in Corpus Christi. The chapter puts out a newsletter twice a year to keep the alumni posted on what is happening in the local chapter. Representatives of the ATO chapter at A SI annually attend the National Fraternity Congress and Chapter Offi- cers Conference held on alternating summers. On campus they participate in rush and sorority mixers. Alpha Tau Ome- gas were active in the Inter-Fraternity Council Rarbeque for rushees which was held in the spring. The chapter has held the I. F. C. Scholarship trophy for four consecutive semesters. Sue Culpepper, sweetheart 249 Delta Tau Delta First to Buy Frat House kill f Mkik Vice-President Michael Dyer T homas J. Epps I. Karl Finley Gary J. Gainan Bill Giesecke Mike Gyllenband Doug Hyatt Corresponding Secretary James Killen Michael I. Kudlik Joe Maksyn Jr. Steve Manning William McBryde Danny C. Porter Historian Bill Price Pledge Trainer Richard Robertson Glen Robinson Jeff Roerig Jay S. Segrest Social Chairman G. Lynn Smith Arthur J. Uehlinger Jr. Dale Walker Sergeant-at-Arms Charles G. Zey ( 1 ff t James Brodnax Steven Brown Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Ellison Dick Hander Treasurer Craig Hill Don Hodges John Dana Lyon Tom Noles Keith Prewitt Secretary Richard R. Prewitt Parliamentarian Delts relax on the porch of their newly acquired fraternity he Fraternity Members Give for Humanity Delta Tau Delta brought a first to the A6cl fraternity system this year with the purchase of a fraternity house. The house is large enough to accommodate most of the members. Among the highlights of the year was the Delta Tau Delta national convention at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, New York. Ten members of the local chapter attended the event. On campus the Delts annually hold the Christmas tree lighting in front of the Student Union Building. Delts are also active in R. O. T. C, Engineering clubs, and class offices. Delt Larry Lynch is head cheerleader for the Javelinas. Delta Tau Delta has taken an interest in humanity this year, as their list of altruistic projects shows. The members donated forty pints of blood to the Red Cross for Viet Nam. Three of their mem- bership have recently returned from Viet Nam, bringing with them two pur- ple hearts and a bronze star. In an- other gesture of international a id the Delts support two Greek foster children. Also, they gave their aid to the V. A. Hospital for four Saturdays this year. Karen Knippe, sweetheart CliHord L. Tubbs Ken Wallingford Gamma Delta Chi Is Newest Fraternity |f» 5? . S h ' s Carlos J. Acevedo Jr. Sergeant-at-Arms Celestin F. Adams Keeper of the Annals Raul Miguel Arizpe Marshall Kim G. Blue Roberto R. Castillo Marshall Paul Gage Roger O. Jarvis Charles D. King Grand Chancellor Frank S. Lemmond Chancellor Lester D. Mallory Jr. Pledge Master Michael J. McGehearty Gary McMillan Marshall Melvin J. Moore Scribe Thomas W. Phipps Master of the Inquisition Tom Sawyer Vice-Marshall of the Realm Bill Schulz Jr. Vice-Chancellor Rosendo Solis Rafael Tercero Marshall Davey S. Thornton Inquisitor Alberto Valbuena Inquisitor PLEDGES Craig Wentrcek Carl C. Christensen Jr. Frank Estringal Aubrey Gabrysch Jr. Howard E. King Jr. Richard Madden William R. Morgan B. B. (Ted) Patel Rashmikant Patel Rohitkumar Patel William Poole Secretary Charles B. Spence Whylie Wayne Welch Daniel Wayne Williams Carl G. Wood 252 m 1 » rMpL J I Barbara Remmers, sweetheart A car-smash booth sponsored by Gamma Delta Chi at the Fall Carnival gave students a chance to release their hostilities. Gamma Delta Chi Seeks Brotherhood Gamma Delta Chi had its beginning February, 1968 when Charles D. King and Gary McMillan called for a meet- ing to lay the groundwork for a new type of fraternity on the A I campus. The local fraternity was organized to give Latin Americans and Negroes an opportunity to participate in the frater- nity system. The first pledge class was started in the summer of 1968; it was the first summer pledge class of any fraternity on campus. In the fall of 1968 Gamma Delta Chi was recognized by the Inter- Fraternity Council, gaining active par- ticipation on campus. Gamma Delta Chi is created on the principles of equality and brotherhood. Its main goal is to promote this feeling among its entire membership. The members feel that working with each other on various campus activi- ties furthers their aims. One of their first activities was their car smash booth at the Fall Carnival. Kappa Sigma Treats Boys Club to Picnic ift fi ? i f . 1 Floyd Blankenship Rick Bridgers Grand Master of Ceremonies Martin J. Chiuminatto Jr. Scribe John Coe Michael Colwell Dennie Dixon Jeff Ficklin Jim Gentry Randy Godsey Steve Hancock Ronnie Herzik leH Hines Terry Jacobs Billy James Calvin Jennings Craig Jones Craig Mabrito Bucky Narro Don Nelson James L. Pennington Dennis Remmert Joel Schrimsher Ronnie Unterbrink Vice-President Kenneth Lee Vickers Kenny Ray Vickers John Waddell Grand Master Jerald Joe Wheeler Guard Ben F. Wilson III Treasurer John Womack Keith Yarnold PLEDGES Charlie Barnes Collin Carlisle E. H. Cooper Jr. Steve Craig Vice-President Tommy Gilstrap Kappa Sigmas and members of the Boys Club enjoy a day of picnicing and sports. Kappa Sigmas Sponsor Variety Show Diane Unlerbrink, sweetheart Kappa Sigma is the oldest national fraternity as well as the oldest local fraternity on the A I campus. They sponsor many social events. Kappa Sigs look forward to the A I chapter and Southwest Texas State chapter after-game party at the end of each football season. SWTS was host for the event this year. The A l Kappa Sigs took a chartered bus to San Mar- cos for the event. The group also chartered buses for the annual Mexico trip and party held in Reynosa. Numer- ous beach parties and the Kappa Sig Corpus party rounded out their year of social events. Each spring the fraternity sponsors the Kappa Sigma Variety Show. Indi- viduals take part to display campus talent. A trophy is given to the sorority that presents the best show. Three Kappa Sigs were honored this year by being chosen beaus of Alpha Chi Omega, Zeta Tau Alpha, and the Chi Omega pledge class. The president and vice-president of the Student Union Governing Board are both Kappa Sig- mas. The members actively participate in picnic outings for the Boys Club and work at Youth City. Gene Gobble George Kennedy Dalon Lively Jabby Martin Johnny Miyakawa Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Sheedy Randall Stewart Johnny Terry President James Walker Sergeant-Gt-Arms 255 Lambda Chi Alpha Goes to Alabama p fw ' 155 iSJl f -ft O ' 3 iiiiiiiiiii $ © ' ' r | l!) |ft - f ' „ •© O P © ,.ffb o a if il e. o Mike Campbell Vice-President Frank Carter Donald Craig High Gamma Rondall Craig High Phi Bob Fergu son High Delta Wayne Gilden I. F. C. Representative Riley HoUingsworth Correspondent Freddy Hudlow Sergeant-at-Arms David A. James Athletic Director Robert C. Jennings Jr. Pat Laabs High Sigma Perry Laabs High Epsilon Gary Lockhart Rick McCloskey Em Mooney High Kappa Prentice R. Owen High Alpha William Seiferl Roy Shannon Historian Johnny Snody Dan Warde A. J. Zacek High Tau PLEDGES Raoul Cleary Jim Dougherty Junior High Alpha Paul Farr Junior High Epsilon Mark Heil Spec Livingston Parliamentarian James Morrison David Rhodes David Sanzalone Junior High Beta Zone Shullanberger Junior High Gamma Larry A. Thomas Aubrey H. Vaughan Henry WiUms Junior High Tau Randall J. Buchanan Sponsor — High Pi ' I TEXAS Aa HQGNOl MABAMA Lambda Chis decorate a van in preparation for their trip to Alabama to v.-atch A I play Troy Slate. Connie Stiegler, sweetheart Lambda Chis Have Culture Participants Lambda Chi Alpha is the newest na- tional social fraternity on the A I cam- pus, being chartered in the spring of 1968. Lambda Chi ' s actively supported the Javelinas by taking a van to Alabama to see the Hogs play Troy State in the NAIA championship bowl. Members are involved in diverse ac- tivities on campus. In cultural activities Lambda Chi takes an active interest. One member participated in A I Sing- ers, and was in the opera " La Boheme. " Two other members are announcers on the A I radio station KTAI. Lambda Chis are active in clubs pertaining to the sciences and professional organiza- tions as well as the culturally oriented. A member of the organization is Cadet Captain of the Reserve Officers Asso- ciation and Commanding Officer of the A I Ranger Detachment. Sigma Chi Hosts Province Convention is a o a. : Gary Barnum Louis Berry Craig Blevins Joe D. Brett iiiiliiiii y O f f! kiMiiil a c f ' - -f! iiiiiiiMi -■ V tf wi l l 1T Stephen Carleton Jim Carpenter Public Relations Warren Carper Topper Davenport I. F. C. Representative Guy Davis Emmett Harris Quaestor Bill Henderson Bruce Henderson Assistant Magister Mark Henderson David H. Hunt Ritual Chairman Jay James Hal Jay Jack Johnson Tommy Joyner Magisfer Larry Jurica Kustos Lyndon Mellinger M. L. Monroe Greg Oveland Jeffrey Oveland Dwayne Patterson Larry Pugh Danny Rimkus Sports Chairman Pat Risken Skip Simpson Scholarship Chair Dan Taylor BUly Thielhorn Richard H. Waddell John Wright Rush Chairman PLEDGES Sigma Chis entertain rushees and their dates at a fall rush party. ( .f? ft j© fj 1 ft © .ft A O 1 Dennis Deville Terry Fossler Bill Gregorcyk Secretary- Randy Hahn Spokesman Dana Hendrick Terry Krabill Song Leader Cameron McPherson Buddy Reynolds Doug Schueneman Treasurer Bill Shannon Perry Smallwood Steve Stewart Don Stone Bill Sturgis Chuck Weil Jerry White Katie Burns, sweetheart Sigma Chi Fraternity Hosts Social Events Members of Sigma Chi have taken an active part in campus activities. One member is on the Javelina basketball squad and a member of Alpha Chi aca- demic honor society. Several other members are active on the A I track team. At the beginning of each fall semes- ter the fraternity sponsors a street dance for the whole student body. In the spring they host their annual Play- boy Party and the annual wild game dinner is sponsored by the Corpus Christi Sigma Chi Alumni Association. Members of Zeta Pi chapter and their dates were guests of the alumni at this year ' s dinner. The spring formal is also held by the fraternity in Corpus. The members close out the year ' s social ac- tivities with a beach party. Another major event of the spring was the province convention hosted by the A I Sigma Chi chapter. Sigma Chis from the University of Texas, the University of Houston, Lamar Tech, and Sam Houston State attended the con- vention. Sigma Chi began a new honorary organization for their fraternity this year, The organization, known as Little Sigmas, is made up of girls who sup- port the fraternity. I % Elaine Abell, Natalia, 1 Mohamed Abokhader, Tripoli, Libya, 2 Ana M. Acevedo, Brownsville, 1 Carlos Jose Acevedo Jr., Brownsville, 2 Elva Acevedo, Brownsville, 4 Rosa Lydia Acevedo, Hebbronville, 2 Joe Acosta, Laredo, 2 Robert C. Acosta, San Antonio, 4 Roland Joe Acosta. Mission, 3 Cathy Acree, Houston, 2 Ida H. Acuna, Corpus Christi, 3 Raiael Adame Jr., Mexico, 4 Reynoldo L. Adame, Alice, 4 Celestin F. Adams, Eagle Pass, 4 Cornelio Adams, Encinal, 3 Judy Adams, Encinal, 1 Keith Adams, Agua Dulce, 2 Tommy R. Adams, Alice, 1 Lucille Adcock, Alice, 1 Walter Adcock, Corpus Christi, Robert Adrean, Brownsville, 4 Alma Aguilar, Alice, 1 Clara Agu ilar, Sandia, 3 George Aguilar, Natalia, 2 Nazario Aguilar, Robstown, 2 Elena Aguirre, Corpus Christi, 4 Greg Akromis, San Antonio, 3 Mary Bertha Alanis, Brownsville, 3 Jose C. Alaniz, Roma, 1 Sheryl Albers, Bishop, 3 Darnell Albert, San Antonio, 3 Larry Albrecht, Mission, 2 Olga Alcala, Brownsville, 2 Joseph Alderson, San Antonio, 4 Terry Alderson, Sinton, 3 Randy Aldridge, Kingsville, 1 Lili Alejandro, Sabinal, 4 Adriana Aleman, San Benito, 3 Agustin Alfonzo, Venezuela, 3 Barbara Ann Allen, Kingsville, Jolene Allen, Pleasanton, 4 Oralia S. Allen, Corpus Christi, Jo AUex, McAUen, 3 Linda Sue Allison, Kingsville, 4 Lucita Almaraz. Alice, 4 Ruben Almaraz, Brownsville, 3 Henry Alvarado, Bishop, 1 Hilario Alvarado Jr., San Isidro, Maria Alvarado, Kingsville, 1 Rogelio Alvarado, Crystal City, 3 Samuel Alvarez Jr., Robstown, 1 Katherine Amsbaugh, Corpus Christi, 4 Dora Ann Anaya, Corpus Christi, 3 Kenneth C. Anderson, Aransas Pass, 3 Kenne th W. Anderson, Kenedy, 4 Peggy Anderson, Seguin, 3 Kathy Andrews, Alice, 3 Clair Applewhite, Corpus Christi, 1 Graciela Araiza, Laredo, 4 Klasine Archer, Lytord, 2 Cynthia Argubright, Agua Dulce, 2 Oscar Arizpe, Kingsville, 2 Raul Miguel Arizpe, Del Rio, 3 Frank Armenta, Robstown, 3 Vernon Ray Armstead, Corpus Christi, Sal Armstrong, Uvalde, 4 Danny Arnold, Weslaco, 2 Joe F. Arnold. Orange Grove, 2 Sharon Arnold, San Antonio, 1 Amador Arredondo. Falfurrias, 1 Amalia Arredondo. Kingsville, 2 Pablo R. Arredondo Jr., Del Rio, 2 Pedro Arredondo, Alice, 3 Pedro Arroya, Sinton, 1 Floyd H. Atkinson. Victoria, 3 James Atkinson, Falfurrias, 1 Cathy Augustine, Kingsville, 1 9 M S MM ik4i»A ' Sf%2 9 9 Madelyn Autry, San Antonio, 3 David Avalos, Corpus Christi, 4 Mary Ayars, Tivoli, 3 Rosario Azios. Laredo, 3 Allen Baass, Victoria, 4 Michael R. Baca, Markham, 2 Emmett Bacy, Corpus Christi, 3 Jerry M. Baggs, Sinton, 2 C. O ' Neal Bailey, Aransas Pass, Eva Irene Bailey, Laredo, 1 Lynn Bailey, Kingsville, 4 Billy Baker, McAllen, 1 Diana Baker, Eagle Lake, 2 Irvin Baker, Gonzales, 1 Jimmy D. Baker, Karnes City, 3 Ruth M. Baker, Sinton, 3 Rosanne Baldwin, Refugio, 1 Kurt Ballard, Eagle Lake, 1 Kathy Ballentine, Los Fresnos, 3 Eddie Balsly, Aransas Pass, 2 Judy Bammert, Weesatche, 2 Julio Banda, El Campo, 3 Tony Barber, San Antonio, 1 Charles Bandiield, Corpus Christi Carol Ann Barg, Agua Dulce, 3 Henry Barker, Canal Zone, 2 Robert Barker, Aransas Pass, 1 Charlie Barnes, Houston, 2 Gary W. Barnes, Falfurrias, 3 Kenneth J. Barnes, Flour Bluff, 4 Ceasar Barrera, Robstown, 2 Gloria Barrera, Corpus Christi, 3 Hope Barrera, Alice, 1 Juanita Barrera, Corpus Christi, 3 Betsy Barrett, Yorktown, 1 Gerry Barrington, Fremont, 4 Myke Barron, Kingsville, 4 Viki Barron, Kingsville, 3 Becky Bates, Kenedy, 1 Kathy Bates, Robstown, 1 Georgetta Batiste, Galveston, 4 Alice Baty, Bay City, 3 Terry Baucom, Mathis, 3 Glenn E. Bauer, Port Lavaca, 3 Karen S. Bauer, Kingsville, 4 Kenneth Bauer, San Benito, 3 Richard Bauer, Houston, 3 Edna Baur, Pieasanton, 1 Mary Ann Baur, Corpus Christi, 2 Gilberto Bautista, Alice, 1 Joe M. Bayardo, Robstowrn, 2 Jose H. Bazan, Freer, 5 Roel Bazan, Freer, 2 Henry L. Bean, San Antonio, 4 Linda Beardsley, Kenedy, 3 Jesse David Bebout Jr., Corpus Chr; Bonnie Beck, Nev f Braunfels, 1 Karen Beck, Schertz, 2 Amy Becker, Alice, 2 Velma Belmontes, Kingsville, 1 Frank Benavides, Robstown, 1 Oscar Benavides, Realitos, 2 Raymond Benavides, San Diego, 4 Mary Joyce Bendele, Blanco, 4 Brenda F. Benjamin, San Antonio Susan Benn, Brownsville, 3 Kenneth Berger, Schulenburg, 3 Bill Bergmann, Victoria, 1 Ruben Bernal, Toxco, Mexico. 3 Leon Bernsen, Corpus Christi, 2 David Berry, Beeville, 2 Michael Berry, Corpus Christi, 4 Stephen Bessel. Kingsville, 1 Elaine Beyer, Victoria, 3 Maurice Keith Bice, San Antonio, John Bickham, Corpus Christi, 1 Kathleen Biddle, Colorado Spring? R. Freddie Biggers. Galveston, 4 Tom Bihner, Corpus Christi, 3 Cindy Billings, San Antonio, 1 Weyland Billingsley, Austin, 4 Dennis R. Bishop, Corpus Christi, 2 Kenneth M. Bishop, Corpus Christi, 4 Jim Bissett, Kingsville, 2 Carol Bitter, San Antonio, 4 Mary Black, Lubbock, 3 Mike Black, Lubbock, 1 Lloyd Blackburan, Natalia, 3 Robert Blackman, Bishop, 2 Sammy Blackman, Fremont, 4 Stanley Blackstone, Premont, 3 John Blackwell, San Antonio, 3 Carlos Blanco, La Joya, 2 Ronny Blanton, Kerrville, 2 Janet Bledsoe, Harlingen, 1 Steve Blount, Corpus Christi, 2 Juan Jose Bocanegra, Corpus Christi Herbert Bockholt, Corpus Christi, 1 Jerome Michael Bockholt, Corpus Christi, 4 Sherry Boerjan, Falfurrias, 2 Ronald Boemer, Woodsboro, 1 Joe Boggess, Dallas, 3 Dorothy Boggs, Bishop, 4 J. R. Bono, Mercedes, 1 Mary Lou Bono, Mercedes, 3 Darrell Boomgaarden, Corpus Christi, 4 Marilyn Boomgaarden, Corpus Christi, 2 Robert L. Boone Jr., Sweeny, 3 Sheila Booth, Kingsville, 1 Kathryn Sloane Boothe, LaFeria, 4 Richard H. Borchard, Robstovirn, 4 Earline Borchardt, Orange Grove, 4 Arthur Borrego, San Antonio, 4 Richard Bosquez, Robstown, 4 Barbara Bowdler, San Antonio, 2 Irene Bowie, Bishop, 3 Edward Bownds, Corpus Christi, 4 Ronnie Box, Beeville, 3 Lynn Boysen, Corpus Christi, 4 Lewis Bradshaw, Corpus Christi, 4 Randy Brand, Laredo, 2 Bob Branham Jr., Tuleta, 3 Alton Braudoway, Pettus, 4 Jimmy Breshears, Corpus Christi, 3 Arlene Bressie, Santa Rosa, 2 Bradley Bressie, Santa Rosa, 1 Drew F. Bridges, San Antonio, 4 Helen Broderick, Corpus Christi, 3 James Brodnax, Kingsville, 1 Connie Brooks, Bay City, 2 Carole L. Brown, San Antonio, 4 Douglas Brown, Luling, 3 Gary Brown, San Francisco, Calif., Harold Brown, Palestine, 4 Kevin D. Brown, Kingsville, 2 Linda C. Brown, Harlingen, 4 Nancy Brown, San Antonio, 2 Randolph V. Brown, Westport, Conn., 1 Ronald B. Brown, Victoria, 4 Steven Brown, San Antonio, 1 Kenneth Browning, San Juan, I Chuck Brundrett, Kerrville, 1 Jerry Brundrett, Rockport, 2 Dorothy Bruton, Aransas Pass, David Bryant, Edna, 2 Nancy Bryant, Corpus Christi, Roland Bryant, Corpus Christi, Steve Bryant, San Antonio, 1 John M. Brysch, Yorktown, 1 Bobby Don Buchholz, Victoria, 4 Janene Gay Buck, Kingsville, 1 Harvey Buehring, Orange Grove, 3 Betty Amsdew Bull, Corpus Christi, 3 Molly Noble Bull, Riviera, 4 t 1 9 3 Mlft ' f I The Texas A I University band, conducted by Joseph Bellamah, performs on the Mall for visiting parents on Dad ' s Day. Sandra Bureau, Harlingen, 3 Joyce Burke, Freer, 2 Janice Burkhardt, Robstovirn, 3 Glenn Burleson, Mission, 1 Barbara Burley, San Benito, 3 Bob Burnham, Alice, 2 Barbara J. Burns, Ingram, 3 Katie Burns, Dilley, 3 Lenord C. Burns, Ingram, 4 Linda Burris, Ricordo, 4 Lov«rell M. Burris, Kingsville, 4 Jackie Burrows, Harlingen, 1 Karen Busby, Kenedy, 4 Larry R. Busby, George West, 4 Augusto Buslamanle, Bogota, Colombia, 1 Rudolph L. Bustillo Jr., San Antonio, 2 Alfred Glenn Butler, Dilley, 1 Johnny L. Butler, Magnolia, 3 Roy Butler, Wichita Falls, 3 Samuel D. Butler IIL Alice, 4 Thomas Butler, Alice, 3 Eala Buttenbaum, Kendall Park, N.J., 2 Debbie Bultler, San Antonio, 1 Tommy Butts, Bishop, 3 Mary Kay Byerly, Corpus Christi, 2 Roger Byrne, Tilden, 4 Daniel Keith Byrom, San Antonio, 2 Mary Lou Cabrera, Laredo, 3 Adriana Cadena, Laredo, 3 Minerva Cadena, Laredo, 2 Teresita Cadena, Mercedes, 1 Robert W. Cadwrell, Cotulla, 2 Cheryl Calaway, Artesia Wells, 2 Manuel E. Caldera, Kingsville, 3 Emma T. Calderon, Robstown, 1 Otto Calderon, Quezaltenango, Guatemala, Charlene Caldwell, Mission, 1 Roger Calk, Lytle, 2 Beth Callahan, Bandera, 1 David Callaway, LaFeria, 1 Bill Calle, San Antonio, 2 Jodie Calnon, San Antonio, 2 Caroline Camp, Kingsville, 3 Leola Camp, Corpus Christi, 4 Sylvia V. Campos, Kingsville, 1 Eva Canales, Kingsville, 2 Eva A. Canales, Alice, 1 Gloria Canales, Kingsville, 3 Minerva Canales, Kingsville, 2 Ninfa Canales, Kingsville, 4 Edwin Cann, Calollen, 4 George Cannady, Westhofl, Gus Cannon, Raymondville, Laura Frances Cano, Corpus Pete Cano III, Victoria, 3 Clyde A. Canter, Edna, 1 Adriana Cantu, Falfurrias, 2 Anselmo S. Cantu Jr., San Benito, 3 Amoldo Cantu, San Diego, 4 Carlos C. Cantu Jr., Woodsboro, 3 Charles Cantu, San Benito, 2 Diosel Cantu, Corpus Christi, 2 Fidel Cantu Jr., Falfurrias, 3 Irma Canfu, Corpus Christi, 3 Oralia Cantu, Kingsville, 1 Yolanda Cantu, Alice, 1 Dolores Martinez Capetillo, Waco, 3 Rene Carbajal, Goliad, 2 Manuel Cardenas, San Diego, 5 Raul Edward Cardenas, Brownsville, 3 Rolhe Carle, DHanis, 2 Jan Kathryn Carlisle, Alice, I Diana Carnes, San Antonio, 4 Lee Roy Caro, Floresville, 4 Rene Caro, Floresville, 4 Robert Caro, Floresville, 1 Bob Carr, Floresville, 3 Candelario Carranza Jr., Carrizo Springs, 3 Arnold Carrillo, Benavides, 3 Maria Luisa Carrillo, Benavides, 4 Odilia E. Carrillo, Benavides, 3 Delia Jo Carroll, Bay City, 3 Hermine Carter, Alice, 3 Alma Shely Carver, Corpus Christi, 3 Jessica Casias, San Antonio, 4 Oscar M. Cassiano, Encinal, 3 Ruben Castillo, Edinburg, 2 Alonzo Y. Castillo, Sinton, 3 Eva G. Castillo, Kingsville, 3 Juan J. Castillo, Laredo, 3 Lilia G. Castillo, Laredo, 4 Maria Castillo, Laredo, 3 Roberto R. Castillo, San Salvador, El Salvador, 4 Andres Lopez Castro, Brownsville, 3 Juanita Castro, Brownsville, 3 Jimmy Causey, Corpus Christi, 4 David Cavazos, Kingsville, 1 Ezequiel Cavazos Jr., Raymondville, 2 Jose H. Cavazos, Kingsville, 1 Joseph Cavazos, Corpus Christi, 2 Roberto Carlos Cavazos, Laredo, 4 Rosy Cavazos, Mission, 1 Sylvia Cavazos, Kingsville, 1 Ginnea Cayce, Corpus Christi, 4 Joe S. Ceballos, Olmito, 4 Margie Centilli, Devine, 3 Javier E. Cerna, Eagle Pass, 1 Frankie Cemoch, Needville, 4 Mary Chambers, San Angelo, 2 Barry Chandler, Medina, 3 Carolyn Chant, Devine, 3 Atilano Efarain Chapa, Kingsville, 4 Edelmiro Chapa Jr., Benavides, Ernesto Chapa, Robstown, 2 Irma E. Chapa, Benavidos, 4 Lydia Chapa, Odem, 2 Nelda Chapa, San Diego, 4 Virginia Chapa, Benavides, 1 Yf.landa Chapa, Corpus Christ! Stanton Chapman Jr., Sabinal, 4 Janette Chastain, Aransas Pass, Esmeralda Chavera, Alice, 3 Lionel Chavez, Robstown, 2 Judy Chesser, Kingsville, 4 Agnes (Yun) Chi, China, 3 Chih-Ping Chi, China, 4 Chih Yung Chi, China, 4 Pat Childers, Corpus Christi, 4 Cheryl Childress, Sinton, 2 Martin J. Chiuminatto Jr., Kingsville, Rosalie Chiuminatto, Kingsville, 1 Melody Chorn, Abilene, 3 Cindy Chmura, San Antonio, 2 Paula Chrisman, Devine, 4 Virginia Christopher, Corpus Christi, 2 Armando A. Cisneros, Fremont, 2 Marian Clampitt, Kingsville, 4 Ann Clark, Boulder, Colorado, 2 Donna Clark, Corpus Christi, 3 Doug Clark, Boulder, Colo., 3 Mary Anne Clark, Houston, 4 Mary Clarke, Fremont, 1 Richard Juarez Clements, Kingsville, 3 Richard Dean demons, Alice, 1 Patricia Clendenin, Alice, 3 Karen Cloud, Los Fresnos, 4 Carl Cody, San Antonio, 1 Mike Cofer, Alice, 1 Barbara Cole, San Antonio, 2 Beverly Cole, Kingsville, ! Susie F. Cole, Kingsville, 1 Judy Coleman, Robstown, 4 Nancy Coleman, Kingsville, 4 Calvin C. Collier, Markham, 3 Jo Ann Collier, Bay City, 4 Martha Collins, San Antonio, Teresa Collins, San Benito, 4 Grover Colwell, Relugio, 4 John Connor, Kingsville, 3 Jerry Conroy, Dallas, 4 Sandra K. Cook, Bishop, 4 Daniel Bowman Cooke, Mexico City, James Cooke, San Antonio, 1 E. H. Cooper Jr., Somerset, 3 Michelette Cooper, Kingsville, 2 Everett Copeland, Aransas Pass, 4 Pam Copeland, Waco, 4 Noma Coquat, Three Rivers, 2 Joyce Dayton Cornelius, Kingsville, 4 Lynn Cornelius, Pleasanton, 2 Maria Isabel Cortez, San Benito, 1 Mateo Cortez IIL San Benito, 2 Craig Cosgrove, San Antonio, 3 James D. Coulter, Corpus Christi, 4 Ronald L. Cousins, Corpus Christi, 3 HoUis Coward, Robstown, 2 Laura Crabb, Rockport, 3 Steve Craig, Del Rio, 3 John Earls Crane, Harlingen, 2 Michael Don Crawford, Corpus Christi, 3 Ronald F. Crawford, Weslaco, 1 Bebe Crooks, Mercedes, 1 Carolee Crosnoe, Kingsville, 2 Harvey R. Cross, Kingsville, 3 Thomas R. Crow, Aransas Pass, Bobby Crum, Raymondville, 1 Kathy Crum, Corpus Christi, 3 Edwin T. Crump, Uvalde, 2 A. Cruz, Three Rivers, 1 Guadalupe Cruz, Los Fresnos, 3 Nasario Cruz, Bishop, 1 Vicente Cruz, San Benito, 3 Janie Cuellar, Kingsville, 1 Mauricio Cuellar, Alice, 2 Richard V. Cuellar, Falfurrias, 2 Sylvia lean Cuellar, Weslaco, 1 Julie Culbertson, San Antonio, 1 Douglas Culli, Toit, 4 Sue Culpepper, Smiley, 2 Allan Cumberland, Kingsville, 3 John F. Cummings, Rockport, 3 Debbie Cunningham, Goliad, 2 Imelda Cunningham, Falfurrias, 3 Vicki Cunningham, Goliad, 4 Bob Currey, Sinton, 4 Al Curry, Houston, 2 Suzanne Curtis, Pearsall, 3 Pamela French Cuthrell, Navasota, 4 Veronica Czar, Laredo, 4 Daniel Dabelgoft, Markham, 2 Ruth Dahlslrom, Austin, 4 Bently Dalton, Woodsboro, 1 Bill Damron, Ingleside, 2 Bob Daniels, Mt. Vernon, New Yor William Dannels, Blessing, 1 Carol Darden, Alexandria, Va., 4 Patricia Daughtrey, Jourdanton, 4 John Davenport, Luling, 4 Liz Davey, Houston, 1 Adriana Davila, Montemorelos, N.L. Mexico, Gilbert Davila, Harlingen, 1 Anita Davis, McAllen, 4 Billie June Davis, Pearsall, 1 Charles Vaughn Davis, Kingsville, 2 Daniel Davis m, Victoria, 3 Frances Davis, San Antonio, 3 Eathy Davis, Freer, 4 Peter L. Davis, Kerrvill e, 3 Sandra Davis, Bishop, 3 Mike Day, San Antonio, 4 Sheron Day, San Antonio, 4 Becky Dayton, Kingsville, 2 Diane Deal, Arkansas Pass, 2 Beverly Dean, Corpus Christi, 1 Jerry Deason, Aransas Pass, 4 Robert De La Garza, San Antonio Kris DeLa Rosa, Lyford, 1 Chris Delcambre, San Antonio, 1 Ida Barrera DeLeon, Corpus Christi, 3 Benjamin Delgado Jr., San Antonio, 2 Miguel Delgado, Crystal City, 3 Rodolfo Delgado, Robstown, 4 Victor Hugo Delgado, Crystal City, 3 Rene de los Santos, San Benito, 4 Joseph C. Denslow, San Antonio, 1 John DeSpain, Freer, 3 Katherine DeSpain, Freer, 4 Dennis Joe Deville, Uvalde, 4 Bob Devine, Belton, 4 Charles Deviney, Bishop, 4 Nancy Deyo, San Benito, 1 Robert T. Diaz, La Feria, 1 Victor Diaz De Leon, Kingsville, 2 Sharon Dick, Galveston, 5 Douglas Dickens, Freer, 3 Ronnie Dickson, Kingsville, 3 Sharon Dickson, Kingsville, 4 William Diehnelt, San Antonio, 3 George Dillard, San Antonio, 3 Nixon Dillard, Pearsall, 2 Jorge Alberto Dimas, El Salvador, 4 Servando Dimas, Bishop, 1 Matthew Dionne, Houston, 2 Nancy Dishongh, Point, 2 Margarita H. Dives, Corpus Christi, James M. Dixon, Kingsville, 5 n w i. - f €J -:( ' ■ ' aAA.li GS leanene Dixon, Kingsville, 4 James Dlugosch, Yorktown, 3 Diantha Doan, San Benito, 1 Jeanette Dobbins, Victoria, 4 Kris Dobie, Kingsville, 4 William Dobie III, Freer, 3 Williaw Dobrowolski III, San Antonio, 2 Charles A. Dodd, Raymondville, Douglas Dodds, Corpus Christi, ■ lani Dodds, Corpus Christi, 1 Frank Dodson Jr., Harlingen, 3 Frank Dahoney, Alice, 2 Alan Dolezal, Waco, 3 Thomas Dolezal, Port Lavaca, 3 Christina Dominguez, Kingsvi! Greg Doramus, Corpus Christ: Betty Dorsey, Beeville, 3 Harold Doucex, Port Arthur, 1 Mary Doucet, Port Arthur, 3 Bruce Douglas, Fallurrias, 1 Karl Douglas, Houston, 2 Sherrie Douglas, Falfurrias, 2 Douglas Dowell, Banquete, 1 Bryan Drake, Weslaco, 1 Dwane Drake, Alice, 1 Norma Drake, Kingsville, 5 Marjorie Drees, Berclair, 4 Richard Dreking, Portland, 3 Gerry Dreyer, Raymondville, 1 Thomas E. Dreyer, Corpus Christi Verna Driskill, Kingsville, 3 Brenda Dromgoole, Falfurrias, 2 Linda Drozd, Three Rivers, 3 Dianna Drury, Point Comfort, 4 Jack DuBois, Harlingen, 1 Thomas Ducote, Corpus Christi, 4 Linda Duenow, Lolita, 3 Robert Dumlao, Killeen, 3 Juan Duncan, Laredo, 4 Sara Duncan, Alice, 3 William M. Duim Jr., Corpus Christi, Zola Hunter Dunn, Brownsville, 4 lohn S. Dunne Jr., San Diego, 4 Cathy Dunten, Corpus Christi, 4 Thelma Durham, San Perlita, 1 James L. Duron, La Coste, 4 Pat Dworaczyk, Three Rivers, 2 Dee Ann Dybowski, Kenedy, 2 Carlton Earhart Jr., Harlingen, 1 Cynthia Earles, Laredo, 3 Edward Ebner, Hallettsville, 1 John Ebner, Alice, 4 Michael Ebner, Alice, 3 Ronald Echols, Kingsville, 4 Gregory M. Edelen, San Antonio, 4 Nancy Edelen, San Antonio, 2 Glennis Edge, Mathis, 1 Gill Ediger, Sinton, 4 Gail Edmonson, Harlingen, 2 James C. Edwards, Goliad, 1 LaWanna Edwards, Kingsville, Linda Edwards, Temple, 2 Eugenia Efantis, Uvalde, 4 Cynthia Eicher, Alice, 2 Alma J. Elizondo, Corpus Christi Elia Elizondo, Robstown, 3 Ezequiel Elizondo, Kenedy, 1 Billy Moon Elliott, Raymondville Mary K. Elliott, San Antonio, 4 Jesse Ellis, Palacios, 3 Truman G. Ellison Jr.. Hebbronville, 4 Sissie Elsea, Ccrpus Christi, 3 Carolyn Emmert, Premont, 1 Carl Emshoii, Banquete, 4 James Engelking Jr., Beeville, 3 Karen Engle, Kingsville, 1 Peggy Engstrom, Garwood, 1 Stadium lights were swung into place during the summer as workmen replaced those destroyed by Hurricane Beulah in September, 1967. M§M iM, i 9 9 Q 44 ll 9 Nancy Enyart, Alice, 4 Shirley Ephram, San Antonio, 1 Thomas J. Epps, Corpus Christi, 3 Gerion James Ermis Ir., El Campo, 3 Mike Ermis, Agua Dulce, 1 Anna Marie Ernsf, Victoria, 4 Michael Ray Erskine, Ingleside, 4 Diana Escamilla, Corpus Christi, 2 Linda Eschbach, San Antonio, 4 Gloria Escobar, Alice, 1 luan Manuel Escobar, Roma, 1 Nora Escobar, Ben Bolt, 2 Oralia Escobar, Alice, 4 Romeo Luis Escobar. Alice, 2 Robert Esparza, Driscoll, 1 Diana Espino, Corpus Christi, 2 Ernest D. Espinosa, Woodsboro, 1 Lydia Veronica Espinosa, Edna, 2 Maria E. Espinoza, Kingsville, 2 Tom Estes, Bishop, 2 Eletha Eubank , Raymondville, 1 Monna Evans, Mathis, 3 Jesusa T. Everett, San Diego, 2 Judy Fankhauser, Harlingen, 2 Jose Adan Farios, San Isidro, 2 luan M. Farias, Eagle Pass, 4 Marisela Farias, Brownsville, 3 Sylvia Farias, Laredo, 3 Debbie Farmer, Houston, 2 Paul W. Farr, Texarkana, 1 Kenneth Farrier, Ben Bolt, 2 Barbara Faseler, Bruni, 4 John Ray Faseler, Bay City, 4 Rosa Felon, Robstown, 2 Timothy Ferguson, Victoria, 2 Johnny R. Fernandez, Beeville, 3 Linda Finch, Corpus Christi, 3 Forrest Finley, Kingsville, 1 Mary Layne Finley, Mcrthis, 4 Carolyn Fischer, Robstown, 2 Louise Fish, Corpus Christi, 4 Gay Lee Filch, Kingsville, 2 Mary Elizabeth Flack, Falfurrias, A. Robert Flanders, Houston, 2 Larry Fleming, Premont, 1 Lynda Flenniken, Kerrville, 5 David Uvaldo Flores, Freer, 3 Evaristo Flores Jr., Roma, 1 Tacobo Flores. Laredo, 3 Jose Manuel Flores. Benavides, 4 Lourdes J. Flores. Raymondville, 1 Merida Flores. Falfurrias, 1 Raul Guerrero Flores, Sinton, 3 Rebecca Flores, La Joya, 1 Addison Flowers Jr., Katy, 3 Jean Floyd, Houston, 3 Johnnie Flynn. Houston, 4 John H. Fohn, D ' Hanis, 3 Felix Fojtik. Skidmore, 4 Craig Folkman. Houston, 4 Ina Frances Foote. Harlingen, 2 Dallas Ford. Alice, 4 Deborah Lee Ford. Bruni, 1 Bill Fordtran. Bishop, 4 Sue Lofland Fordtran. Kingsville, 4 Sherry Foree. Bishop, 2 Terry Fossler. Mercedes, 2 Loren Fothergill. San Antonio, 2 Judy Fowler. Bloomington, 1 Marianne Fowler. Corpus Christi, 3 Dorothy Fox. Corpus Christi, 4 Diana Franco. Alice, 2 Clara B. Franke. Uvalde, 1 Bobbie Franklin. Inez, 4 Jay M. Franklin. Corpus Christi, 4 John Franklin. Poteet, 2 Joan Fraser. San Antonio, 4 Jesus Frausto, Del Rio, 2 Kay Frederick, Corpus Christi, 2 Alton Freeman, Freer, 2 JoAnne Freeman, Corpus Christi, Eleanor Fregia, Houston, 4 Maury R. Fregia, Daiselta, 4 Mike Friberg, Gonzales, 1 Donald Friedeck, New Braunfels, 4 lames Friesenhahn, San Antonio, 3 Peter C. Frost, Briorcliff, N.Y., 2 Nick Fry, Corpus Christi, 5 Nancy Frye, San Antonio, 4 Brooksie Fuchs, Weimar, 4 Delbert Fuchs, Weimar, 4 Anita Fuentes, Corpus Christi, 1 Enrique Fuentes, Matamoros, Mex., Skippy Fulkerson, Kenedy, 1 Wilma Fulkerson. Fremont, N.C., 4 Dwain Fuller. Flour Bluff, 2 Sylvia Fulton, San Antonio, 2 John H. Fusselman, San Antonio, 4 Norman Fuzzell, Placedo, 3 Aubrey Gabrysch, Taft, 4 Paul E. Gage, Somerville, Mass., 2 Albert Galven, Brownsville, 4 Joe Galvan, Brownsville, 3 Jose A. Galvan, Kingsville, 3 Yolanda Galvan, Corpus Christi, 2 Agustin Gamez, Laredo, 4 Michael Gammel, Austin, 1 Alejandro A. Garcia, Taft, 3 Angelita Garcia, Benavides, 1 Arturo Garcia, San Diego, 3 Becky Garcia, Corpus Christi, 2 Benito Garcia, Falfurrias, 4 Carlos L. Garcia, Brownsville, David M. Garcia, Kingsville, 1 Dolores Garcia, Robstown, 3 Eddie Garcia, San Antonio, 3 Edna Garcia, Roma, 1 Elena Garcia, Kingsville, 2 Elida E. Garcia, Benavides, 2 Elsa Maricela Garcia, Brownsville, 4 Ernestina E. Garcia, Benavides, 2 Francisco A. Garcia, Eagle Pass, 3 Gloria D. Garcia, Alice, 4 Grace Garcia, McAUen, 1 Hector Garcia, Rio Hondo, 2 Hector Ramos Garcia, Kingsville, 4 Jorge Andres Garcia, Matamoros, Mex , 2 Jose A. Garcia, Matamoros, Mex., 1 Juan R. Garcia, Kingsville, 4 Julia B. Garcia, Corpus Christi, 4 Lorenzo Garcia, San Benito, 1 Lubin Garcia, Falfurrias, 2 Luis Alonzo Garcia, Kingsville, 4 Maggie Garcia, Kingsville, 1 Mary Garcia, Palestine, 3 Mary Frances Garcia, Kingsville, 3 Mary Lou Garcia, Robstown, 1 Maria Minerva Garcia, Brownsville, Nelda Garcia, Taft, 2 Nelda Garcia. San Diego, 1 Norma N. Garcia, Kingsville, 1 Omar Garcia, Raymondville, 1 Raul Garcia Jr., Raymondville, 2 Raul J. Garcia, Kingsville, 2 Robert J. Garcia, Premont, 1 Rodolio A. Garcia, Beeville, 2 Tony Garcia, Beeville, 3 Velma Garcia, Kingsville, 2 Janis Beard Gardiner, Mathis, 4 Sheila Gardiner, Kingsville, 3 Sheila Garrisons, Yoakum, 4 Adolph C. Garza, Corpus Christi, Ana Maria Garza. La Joya, 1 Andres Garza Jr., Falfurrias, 1 tki Sk t ' tn] a225MS f irl S ? t k S Angel Garza, San Ygancio, 2 Anna Garza, Del Rio, 1 Anna G. Garza, Falfurrias, 1 Carlos Garza, Brownsville, 3 Carmen Lomas Garza, Kingsville, Cristobal Garza Jr., Del Rio, 2 Claudio A. Garza, Laredo, 3 Diana M. Garza, Falfurrias. 2 Federico Garza, McAUen, I Fernando Garza, McAUen, 2 Fernando Garza, Corpus Christ Glaiidia Garza, Kingsville, 1 Gloria P. Garza, Kingsville, 4 Inelda Garza, San Antonio, 1 Jesus Garza, Benavides, 4 Jose S. Garza, Kingsville, 4 Joseph Garza, Gregory, 1 Leocadio Garza, Kingsville, 4 Lydia Garza, Robstown, 4 Maria Imelda Garza, Santa Elena, 3 Maria Yolanda Garza, Rio Grande City, 2 Mary Ella Garza, Kingsville, 3 Mary E. Saenz Garza, Hebbronville, 4 Mike Garza Jr., Kingsville, 4 Mucio Garza, Kingsville, 2 Olivia Garza, Corpus Christi, 3 Omar Garza, San Isidro, 3 Pedro R. Garza, Corpus Christi, 4 Raymond T. Garza, Kingsville, 2 Richard Garza, Alice, 4 Richard J. Garza, Corpus Christi, 2 Robert Garza, Kingsville, 4 Rosaelia Garza, Kingsville, 4 Sandra Garza, Kingsville, 1 Victor Garza, Victoria, 2 The Sophomore Class hayride prepares to take a trip through Mesquite Grove after filling the hay with students who were attending the Fall Carnival. § m A new greenhouse, built by agriculture stu- dents, went up during the summer. The green- house was used primarily for a special proj- ect with eucalyptus trees. Yvonne Garza, Kingsville, 3 Laura Gass, Comfort, 3 Michael Gatlin, Falfurrias, 2 Frances Gail Gavenda, Kingsville, 2 Lupe Gaytan, Corpus Christi, 3 Larry Geffert. Yorktown, 1 Shirley Geffert, Yorktown, 2 Bob Gerber, Houston, 3 ludy Gerbig, Corpus ' Christi, 3 John Gerecke, Alice, 1 Bill Gesick, San Antonio, 2 Mike Gewin, Beeville, 4 Nancy Gibbs, Kingsville, 1 Brenda Gibson, Kingsville, 1 Cheryl Gibson, Bishop, 1 Judy Gibson, Alice, 3 Maurice Giese, Campbellton, 2 Warren Giese, Campbellton, 3 Bill Giesecke, Angleton, 2 Palsy Gilbert, Cotulla, 1 D. Gillaspy, Falfurrias, 4 Zena Gillaspy, Kingsville, 1 Mary Linda Gillespie, Odem, Karen Gilliam, Pearsall, 1 Olin Gilliam, Hondo, 3 John Gillis, Corpus Christi, 4 Shirley Gingerich, Pettus, 3 Mary Girard, Port O ' Connor, Paul Giraudin, Corpus Christi, 4 Linda Glass, Odem, 1 Susie Glover, Chicago, 111, 4 Gerald Goad, San Benito, 3 Armando Hinojosa Godinez, Mathi; Sue Goerges, San Antonio, 1 Zane Goerges, San Antonio, 2 m %m S 1- M:k 9 m: a?. £afi Calvin Goldman, Fallurrias, 1 Carlos Gomez, Venezuela, 5 Carlos Gomez, Raymondville, 3 Generoso Gomez, San Diego. 1 Louis Gomez, Raymondville, 3 Rosenda Gomez, Laredo, 3 Janie Gongora, Robstown, 1 Alonzo Orla Gonzales, Sinton, 3 Eduardo Gonzales Jr.. CotuUa, 2 Gilbert Gonzales, Charlotte, 3 Homer Gonzales, Edcouch, 3 losie Gonzales, Beeville, 3 Norma Gonzales, Edcouch, 4 Pablo Gonzales, CotuUa, 2 Adrianna Gonzalez, Alice, 1 Alfredo Gonzalez Jr., Eagle Pass, 2 Angel Gonzalez Jr., Kingsville, 4 Armando Gonzalez, Tampico, Mex., 2 Carmen Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, 3 Connie Gonzalez, Alice, 4 David Gonzalez, Rio Grande City, 1 Diana T. Gonzalez, Robstown, 3 Dolores G. Gonzalez, Alice, 1 Eddie Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, Edna D. Gonzalez, Roma, 3 Elda L. Gonzalez, Zapata, 4 Guile Gonzalez, Falfurrias, 3 Gus Gonzalez, San Antonio, 3 Hector C. Gonzalez, Kingsville, 4 Jose E. Gonzalez, Benavides, 4 luan P. Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, 1 Lorenzo Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, 3 Maria Del Rosario Gonzalez, Rio Grande City, 3 Maricela Gonzalez, Del Rio, 3 Mario Alberto Gonzalez, Alice, 2 Mary Alice Gonzalez, Benavides, 4 Nuni Gonzalez, Brownsville, 3 Oscar B. Gonzalez, San Diego, 1 Ruben M. Gonzalez, Robstown, 3 Yolanda M. Gonzalez, Harlingen, 4 Howard Goode, Kingsville, 2 Susan Goode, Kingsville, 1 Charles Gordon, Harlingen, 1 Sarah Gore, Kingsville, 3 Thomas Goss, San Antonio, 4 Chano Gracia, Harlingen, 1 Mauro A. Gracia, Freer, 2 Kenneth L. Graham, Corpus Christi, 4 Gary Grant, Corpus Christi, 3 Judith Ann Graves, Leakey, 4 Jakelynn Gray, Camp Wood, 4 Mary Ann Gray, Corpus Christi, 2 Richard Z. Gray, Harlingen, 3 William Gray, San Antonio, 3 William R. Gray Jr., Marion, 3 Rickey D. Grayson, Agua Dulce, 4 Frank Greco, Houston, 2 H. T. Green Jr., Del Rio, 1 Jerry A. Green, Bandera, 2 Barbara Greenawalt, Harlingen, 4 Charles Greenawalt, Port Lavaca, 4 Vicki Greenlee, Harlingen, 4 Leslie H. Greer, Corpus Christi, 2 Allan Gregorcyk, Mathis, 4 Bill Gregorcyk, Victoria, 2 Jack Gregory, Kingsville, 1 Lee Griffin, Boerne, 1 Mary Kathryn Griffin, Mission, 4 Donna Griffith, Kenedy, 1 Raymond Grim, Gonzales, 1 Jimmy Grissom, Portland, 1 Leon Grones, Hallettsville, 3 Sherry Grumbles, Aransas Pass, 3 Elda Guajardo, Freer, 1 Anna Maria Guerra, Falfurrias, 1 Carlos J. Guerra, Corpus Christi, 4 Catherine R. Guerra, Hebbronville, Daniel Guerra, HebbronviUe, 2 Dario Guerra Jr., Mission, 2 Ignacio Guerra III, Benavides, 4 Imelda Guerra, Roma, 1 lorge E. Guerra, Fallurrias, 3 Luis G. Guerra Jr., Zapata, 1 Manuel H. Guerra, Garciasville, 4 Noel A. Guerra, Grulla, 3 Olga Deanna Guerra, HebbronviUe, 4 Aurora Guerrero, Corpus Christi, 4 Mary Guerrero, Mission, 2 Ofelia G. Guerrero, Alice, 3 Phillip Guerrero, Harlingen, 1 Robert Guerrero, Corpus Cliristi, 2 Robert Guerrero, HebbronviUe, 4 Janie Guevara, Alice, 3 Juan Gilberto Guevara, Benavides, 1 Pam Gutgsell, Pleasanton, 2 Armando Gutierrez, Corpus Christi, 4 Frank Gutierrez, Kingsville, 3 Joe A. Gutierrez, Corpus Christi, 4 Mary Gutierrez, Brownsville, 4 Ricardo Gutierrez, Rio Grande City, 4 Roldan A. Gutierrez, Kingsville, 3 Martin R. Gutzmer, Alpine, 1 Arnoldo, Guzman-Tamez, Cd Mante, Tampico, 3 Mary Helen Guzman, Brownsville, 3 Rene Guzman, Laredo, 2 Mike Gyllenband, Tivoli, 4 David W. Hadley, Harlingen, 1 Bob Haegelin, Corpus Christi, 2 Linda Rozanne HaHner, Harlingen, 2 Helen Hagar, Kingsville, 2 George E. Hagen, Devine, 1 Charles Hahn, Westhoff, 4 1 ik ' . 9 ,% Dr. Floyd Elliott, Vice President for Student Affairs, and William C. English, Vice Presi- dent for Fiscal Affairs, examine the camera purchased by the university to make student and faculty pictures. ID cards, required for every campus activity, featured photos for the first time. , %r .M= one got in the act of painting the end zones at the stadium for the Homecoming clash with McMurry. Q jQ Edith Hahn, Port Lavaca, 2 Johnny Hahn, Bay City, 2 Peggy Hahn, Westhoff, 3 Randy Hahn, San Antonio, 3 Virginia Lee Hake, Ingleside, 4 Forrester Halamicek, Fredericksburg, 3 Martha Halberdier, Kingsville, 2 Barbara Halbgewachs, Driscoll, Marty Hale, Bay City, 3 Terry Hale, Premont, 4 Christine Hall, San Benito, 4 Gwen Hall, Victoria, 3 John Preston Hall, Kingsville, 1 Martin Hall, San Benito, 2 Patsy Ruth Hall, San Antonio, ' . WiUard Hall, Port Lavaca, 3 Charles Ham, Uvalde, 4 Blake Hamilton, Kingsville, 4 Thea Hamilton, San Benito, 3 Darrell Hamon, Corpus Christi, Steve Hancock, Alice, 3 Ronald G. Hanna, Aransas Pass, 1 Karen Hardy, Laredo, 1 Alice Harper, Goliad, 3 Buzz Harris, San Antonio, 4 Patricia Harris, Devine, 1 Raymond T. Harris, San Antonio, 3 Robert C. Harris, Beeville, 3 Robert William Harris, Premont, 2 Michael Harrison, Corpus Christi, 4 Dickie Hart, Freer, 1 Eugene Hartmann Jr., Fredericksburg, James Bartlett Hartman, San Antonio, Bruce Hartnell, Mercedes, 3 Janet Hartnell, Mercedes, 4 Wayne Harwell, San Antonio, 2 Diana Rene Haskett, Kingsville, 1 Barbara Hassler, San Antonio, 1 Suda Hatch, Corpus Christi, 4 Steve Hatfield, Seattle, Wash., 3 Thomas Hauenstein, Kingsville, 2 WUlie Haug Jr., Banquete, 3 Charles Haulik, Yoakum, 3 Will F. Haun, Yorktown, 1 David Haunschild. Kingsville, 2 Alan Hausler, Kingsville, 4 Lynette Hausler. Kingsville, 2 Ronnie Hausler, Kingsville, 3 Fred Hayden, San Antonio, 2 Jana Hayes, Kingsville, 1 lohn Keith Hayes, Poteet, 2 Patty Hayes, Bishop, 1 Sharla Jann Hayes, Kingsville, 4 Susan Hayes, Kingsville, 2 Mary Catherine Haynes, Pleasanton, Tommy Haynes, Agua Dulce, 2 David Hawkins, Corpus Christi, 1 Annette Hawthorne, Brov nwood, 3 Regina Carol Head, Riviera, 1 Marguerite Heard, Guatemala City, Sandra Heard, Alice, 3 lerry Lee Hearn, Kingsville, 3 Joe Lee Hearn, Pleasanton, 2 Gary Heerssen, Yoakum, 4 Brenda Heflin, Refugio, 3 Nancy Heitkamp, New Braunfels, 2 Marion Hellman, San Perlita, 4 Marvin Hellman, San Perlita, 1 Russell Hellmann, Robstown, 2 Dorothy Heliums, Victoria, 3 Mark Henderson, El Campo, 2 Molly Henderson, Houston, 1 Lucille Hendrick, Bruni, 4 Willie Henicke, George West, 4 Gerald Henke, Fredericksburg, 2 Wayne Henkhaus, San Antonio, 1 Margaret Ann Henry, Kenedy, 4 Mark Henry, Corpus Christi, 4 Fred Herauf, La Marque, 1 Carl Herber, Devine, 2 Violet Herborf, Fredericksburg, 4 Cruz Jaime Hernandez, Driscoll, 1 Gilbert Hernandez, Harlingen, 4 Grace Hernandez, Kingsville, 1 Isabel Hernandez, Los Fresnos, 2 Lupe A. Hernandez, Raymondville, 1 Manuel Hernandez, Corpus Christi, 4 Manuel Hernandez, Los Fresnos, 1 Maria de la luz Hernandez, Laredo, 4 Mario Hernandez, Alice, 1 Minerva Hernandez, Los Fresnos, 3 Oralia G. Hernandez, Sinton, 3 Orfelinda Hernandez, Corpus Christi, 3 Ramon Hernandez, Harlingen, 1 Yolanda Hernandez, Victoria, 3 Louis Hemdon, Bay City, 3 Donna Herod, Donna, 1 James H. Herod, Kingsville, 4 Lydia Herring, Austin, 1 Humberto M. Herrera, Laredo, 2 Jose Herrera, Rio Grande City, 2 Stephen Herwig, Robstown, 2 Edgar Perry Hester Jr., Ingleside, 4 Fredia Hester, Ingleside, 4 Robert Hester, Rockport, 3 Gloria Hicks, Corpus Christi, 3 David C. Higginbotham. Bishop, 4 Donald Higginbotham. San Antonio, 2 Jan Higginbotham. Bishop, 1 Ronald Higginbotham, Bishop, 2 Shirley Higgins, Seadrift, 3 Gary L. Hightower, Taft, 4 278 % Laura Hilario, Laredo, 3 Patricia A. Hilario, Laredo, 4 Chris Hill, New Braunfels, 2 Leopoldo Hill Jr., Son Antonio, 3 Reginald Hillmon, Corpus Christi, 2 Sue Hindman, Gonzales, 2 Ana Maria Hinojosa, Brownsville, 3 Delia Hinojosa, McAllen, 3 Erna Hinojosa, Corpus Christi, 3 Hector S. Hinojosa, Kingsville, 4 Hector Mario Hinojosa, Hebbronville, 4 lanie Rivas Hinojosa, Sinton, 1 Joe Hinojosa, Kingsville, 1 Maria Christina Hinojosa, Laredo, 3 Rosie V. Hinojosa, Mission, 1 Charlene Hinze, Robstown, 3 Gary Hitzfelder, Natalia, 2 Carole Hlavinka, Corpus Chris Pat Hoag, San Benito, 4 Henry Hodge, Kingsville, 4 Franklin Hoehne, Yorktown, 2 Charlene Hogan, Corpus Christi, 3 Edward L. Hogan, San Antonio, 4 Kathryn Holder, Pleasanton, 4 Mary L. HoUan, Carrizo Springs, 1 Terry Hollan, Fowlerton, 4 Lucy B. HolUngsworth, Kingsville, 4 Riley HolUngsworth, San Antonio, 4 Marilyn HoUman, Falfurrias, 2 Ted Hollon, Mercedes, 1 Sammy Holmes, Pearsall, 4 Bonnie Holt, Somerset, 3 Norman Homburg, Karnes City, 4 Maria T. Hernandez Hood, San Benito, 5 Joanna Hoover, San Antonio, 2 lor the musical " Oklahoma! " proved to be a swinging aifai David Hopkins, Cleburne, 1 G. Allen Hopper, Corpus Christi, 2 Tetsuo Hosala, Tokyo, Japan, 2 Frank Hosek, Poth, 2 Cheng-Seng Hou, China, 5 James Hough, Harlingen, 1 Lester D. House, Kingsville, 1 Marilyn House, Kingsville, 2 Claudia Housley, Weslaco, 4 Richard G. Housley, Waco, 2 Allen Hovda, Progreso, 2 Janice Hoverson, Mercedes, 1 Jerry Howard, Uvalde, 3 Julianna Howard, Pearsall, 4 Jack R. Howe, Corpus Christi, 4 Ethel Howerton, Kenedy, 3 Martin Howland, Rio Hondo, 4 David Huber, Victoria, 4 Betty Hudson, Bruni, 4 Ana Huerta, Alice, 1 Dolores Huerta, Falfurrias, 2 Margarita V. Huerta, Kingsville, 4 Juan F. T. Huerta, Alice, 2 Rolando Huerta, Hebbronville, 4 Rosario Huerta, Falfurrias, 2 Alexia Hueske, Corpus Christi, 3 Brenda Hudman, Orange Grove, 1 Gerald Hudson, Three Rivers, 2 Terrance Lee Hudson, Three Rivers, 2 Robert HuH, Alice, 3 Avery Hughes Jr., Brovirnsville, 2 Glenda Hughes, Bishop, 4 Julio O. Hughes Jr., San Diego, 1 Steven Hulsebus, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, 3 Mike Hulsey, Victoria, 1 Cindy Hunt, Kerrville, 3 David H. Hunt, Kerrville, 4 Gary Hurd, Riverside, 111., 3 Earlene Hutchison, Alice, 1 Gerald Hutchison, Corpus Chr Michael J. Hutzler, LaCoste, 4 Glen Hyde, Mission, 1 Chester L. Ingersall Jr., Corpus Christi, 4 Ann Ingram, Taft, 4 Carl R. Ingrum, Angleton, 3 Kathy Inmon, Vernon, 1 Ronald Inmon, Vernon, 2 Margaret Irwin, San Antonio, 2 Raulie Irwin, Rockport, 2 Steve T. Irwin, Devine, I Toni Isaac, Robstown, 2 Elizabeth Isaacks, Pleasanton, 2 Mary Helen Isassi, Kingsville, 1 Albert R. Isennock, San Antonio, 3 Gerald Ivy, Corpus Christi, I Francisco J. Jacintho, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4 Helena Jackson, Wharton, 4 Jerry Jackson, Corpus Christi, 3 Sharon Jackson, Kingsville, 2 Tommy Jackson, Medina, 3 Richard Jaegar, Corpus Christi, 4 Danny C. Jaloway, Corpus Christi, 4 Billy James, Somerset, 3 Jay James, Dallas, 4 Joy James, Corpus Christi, 3 Allan Jamison, Corpus Christi, 1 Shirley Janko, Corpus Christi, 4 Sherry Jarmon, Corpus Christi, 3 Roger O. Jarvis, Universal City, 2 Ronnie Jarzombek, Karnes City, 1 Mary Lou Jasso, Alice, 1 Patty Jauer, Hobson, 3 Virginia Jauer, Hobson, 1 Lydia Jaurequi, Freeport, 3 Robbie Jay, Premont, 2 Jill Ann Jeffers, Fulton, 4 Linda Jenkins, Corpus Christi, 1 nasi I a I § fis ? ' .lit Q rl f Mary Ann Jenkins, Palacios, 3 Carol Jennings, Bishop, 3 David Jensen, Kingsville, 1 Lodema Jensen, Kingsville, 5 Thomas E. Jessup, Corpus Christi, 5 Bennie Jimenei, Kingsville, 1 Esther Jimenez, Bishop, 1 Juan Jimenez, CotuUa, 2 Pamela Johns, Hampton, Va , 1 Alan Johnson, Corpus Christi, 4 Alan L. Johnson, Santa Rosa, 2 Charles Johnson, Harlingen, 3 Courtney Johnson, Rockport, 3 Ina Johnson, Rio Hondo, 4 Jack Johnson, San Antonio, 4 Jay Johnson, San Benito, 3 Johnny Johnson Jr., Kingsville, 1 Suzanne Johnson, Corpus Christi, 1 Terry A. Johnson, Rio Grande City, 4 Wayne Johnson, Galveston, 1 Cindy Johnston, Corpus Christi, 4 Kathy Johnston, Refugio, 4 Sandra Johnston, Brownsville, ■ Adonna Jones, San Antonio, 2 Brenda Jones, Portland, 2 Craig Jones, Kingsville, 4 Debby Jones, Aransas Pass, 2 James Jones, San Antonio, 2 John B. Jones, San Antonio, 1 Joyce Jones, Center Point, 1 Marti Jones, Houston, 2 Norman R. Jones, San Antonio, Roderick Jones, Houston, 3 Sharon Jones, Mercedes, 1 Terry A. Jones, Uvalde, 3 Vonda Jones, Kingsville, 2 Evelyn J. Joyce, George West, 4 Tommy Joyner, San Juan, 4 Criselda Juarez, Delmita, 1 Sandra Jungmann. Bishop, 3 Robert Juranek, Sinton, 2 Mary Diane Jurecka, Robstown, Charlotte Jurica, Corpus Christi, 1 Danny James Jurica, Corpus Christi, 2 Ann Kainen, Corpus Christi, 3 Robert Kaiser, Victoria, 3 Sandra Kaiser, Bishop, 1 Elias Kalifa, McAUen, 1 Gary Kanipe, Corpus Christi, 2 Jimmy Keener, Falfurrias, 1 Sandy Keifer, Mission, 2 Kimberly Keith, Corpus Christi, Ed Kellam, Robstown, 4 Crockett A. Keller, Austin, 4 Denny Kellogg, Storm Lake, la , Patrick Kelly, Corpus Christi, 1 Diane Kelsey, Ingleside, 2 Wilbur Kenner, Kenedy, 4 Mike Kennedy, San Benito, 3 Randy Kennedy, Corpus Christi, 3 Sam Kennedy, Son Benito, 2 Linda Kerr, Harlingen, 3 Erin H. Keys, Alice, 4 John R. Keys. Alice, 4 Pete Kiel, Austin, 1 James Kiening, Runge, 4 Lawrence Kieschnick, Sinton, 4 Donald Kilgore, San Benito, 2 Mary Anne Killgore, Aransas Pass, 3 James LeRoy Killingsworth. Corpus Christi, 4 Dale Kimble, Robstown, 2 Kathy Kinard, Corpus Christ Jane King, Victoria, 4 Jerry King, Raymondville, 1 Leon King, Houston, 1 Terri King, San Antonio, 1 Tommy King, Raymondville, Candidates had to resort to a new means of publicizing the campaign materials on buildings went into effect. campaigns this year when a college policy forbidding the posting Sterling Kinkier, Kingsville, 3 Scott Kirchoff, Poth, 2 Susan Kirk, Corpus Christi, 4 Veronica Kleifner, Corpus Christi, Susan Klein, Brownsville, 4 Douglas Klenke, San Antonio, 4 Weldon Klenke, Falfurrias, 3 Barbara Klug, Corpus Christi, 1 Linda Knieriem, San Antonio, 3 Karen Knipp, Raymondville, 4 Ronald Knocke, Kingsville, 2 Doyle W. Koch, Edna, 3 Margaret A. Koch, D ' Hanis, 4 Barbara L. Koehler, Beeville, 3 Shirley Koehler, Beeville, 1 Dennis Koenig, Victoria, 3 Alvin Kopecki, Falls City, 4 Margie Kosarek, Corpus Christi, 3 Sherry Kouri, Portland, 1 Barbara Krafka, Harlingen, 4 Regina Krause, Pleasanton, 2 Sonny Krause, New Braunfels, 2 Charles Knelhnger, Fremont, 2 Al Krenek, Shiner, 3 Cecilia Kreuz, Victoria, 1 Judy Kreuz, Victoria, 2 Betty Krnavek, Corpus Christi, 2 John Kreidler, McAllen, 3 Holly Krielsch, George West, 1 Earl Kronk, Corpus Christi, 2 Linda Krueger, Corpus Christi, 1 James L. Kruse, Kingsville, 1 David Kucera, Ingleside, 3 Willie Kucera, Ingleside, 4 Michael J. Kudlik, Brooklyn, N Y , t ,W± MM2 .•L ' yis i, f% Q f ft Kenneth R. Kuehler. Corpus Christi, 3 Donald Kuehn, Morton Grove, 111 , 4 Vickie Kuhnert, Lyford, 4 Don Kuykendall, Corpus Christi, 2 John David Kuykendall, Corpus Christi Kathy Klein, Kingsville, 2 Patrick Laabs, San Antonio, 2 Jim Lackey, Center Point, 1 Tommy Ladewig, Corpus Christi, Edwin Lahtinen, San Antonio, 4 Libby Laird, Son Antonio, 2 Jayne Lamson, Corpus Christi, 2 Steve Land, Corpus Christi, 2 Robert Landeros, Robstown, 1 Vickie Landrum, CotuUo, 3 Jackie L Lanlair, Rockport, 2 Edwina Lange, Corpus Christi, 4 Tally Lanlhier, Belton, 1 Aurelio Leo Lara, Raymondville, E. Lara, Kingsville, 3 Maclovio Lara, Del Rio, 4 Mary Lara, Kerrville, 1 Rick Larsen, King Ferry, N. Y., 4 Robert C. Larsen, San Antonio, 2 James Laughlin, Bishop, 4 Betty Lauraine, Gonzales, 1 Pedro E. Laurel, Laredo, 3 Rene Ricardo Laurel, Laredo, 3 David Lawrence, Bishop, 3 Dianne Lawrence, Corpus Christi, Roger Lawrence, Corpus Christi, Bill Lawson, Robstown, 1 Nancy Lay, Corpus Christi, 1 Iris Yolanda Leal, Raymondville, Maria Christina Leal, Laredo, 4 Every year freshman football players find that they must subject their heads to the traditional and distinctive haircuts given by the upperclassmen. Haircuts finished — freshr of their superiors. lodel the results of the tonsorial skill Maria Hilda Leal. Eenavides, 2 Donald G. Leavell, Palestine, 4 Sandra C. LeBIanc. Corpus Christi, 3 Santiago A. Ledesma, San Antonio, 4 Greg Ledet, Fremont, 1 Bonnie Lee. Crystal City, 4 Michael Lee. Corpus Christi, 4 Terry Lee. Three Rivers, 1 Brian Lee Leggett. Kingsville, 4 Steven Leggett. Kingsville, 2 John Douglas LeLeux Jr.. Alice, 3 Kenneth Lemke. Victoria, 4 Patsy Lemke. Victoria, 3 Camille Lemmond. Kingsville, 3 James Lenard. Kingsville, 2 Marvin Lenz, Mathis, 4 Irma C. Lerma, Kingsville, 1 Sandi LeSage. Corpus Christi, 1 Thomas Levine. Odessa, 3 Jim Lewallen. Portland, 2 Barbara Levris, Corpus Christi, 3 Carolyn Lewis. Kingsville, 4 Marie Lewis. Derby, Ohio, 1 Sue Lewis, Kingsville, 4 Steven Leyden, Weslaco, 2 Jan Ligarde. Laredo, 3 Dickie Light, Kingsville, 2 Marcia Lightcap. San Antonio, 2 Byung S. Lim, Korea, 4 Antonio G. Limon. Rio Hondo, 1 Diane Lincecum. Corpus Christi, 1 Diane 1. Lindner. Comfort, 1 Dennis Linhart. Runge, 1 Olin Linke. Bloomington, 5 Johnny Lira. Sinton, 4 Michael Liska. Falls City, 1 Harold Lister. Kingsville, 2 David Littlepage. San Antoni Jennifer Littleton. Luling, 4 Dalon Lively. Hondo, 2 Luanne Livingston, Austin, 2 Marsha Locke, Kingsville, 2 Diane Lockhart, San Antonio, 1 Gary Lockhart, San Antonio, 3 Justine Lockman, Orange Grove, 4 Patricia Lockman, Orange Grove, 2 Charles Loftin, Freer, 2 JoAnn Lohl, Bloomington, 2 America Long, Laredo, 4 William T. Long, Brownsville, 3 Edna Longoria, Roma, 1 Frances Longoria, Robstown, 2 Jose Arturo Longoria. Falfurrias, 1 Macario Longoria, Raymondville, 4 Margarita Longoria, Sarita, 1 Rachel Longoria, McAUen, 3 Toni Longoria, Corpus Christi, 2 Yolanda Longoria, Corpus Christi, ■ Paulette Longshore. Harlingen, 2 Cathy Longwell, Harlingen, 4 Adriana C. Lopez, Kingsville, 3 Alda Cantu Lopez, Falfurrias, 4 Armandina Lopez, Hebbronville, 1 Bertha Lopez, Corpus Christi, 4 Carmen Lopez, Kingsville, I David J. Lopez, Rio Grande City, 2 Diana Lopez, Bishop, 3 Edward Anthony Lopez, Corpus Christi, Enedina Lopez, Falfurrias, 3 Ernesto B. Lopez, Brownsville, 4 Esmeralda Lopez. Robstown, 3 Fidencio Lopez Jr., Agua Dulce, Glenda Lopez, Alice, 2 Javier Lopez, San Isidro, 1 J. Israel Lopez, Kingsville, 1 Jose A. Lopez, Laredo, 2 Juan Lopez. Alice, 1 t5ASf ?g ' fJtS.t ' ROTC Cadets serve their annual barbeque dinner in celebration of A l Homecoming. Margie Lopez, Brownsville, 2 Maria Lopez, Bishop, 3 Martha Lopez, Robstown, 2 Noemi Lopez, Robstown, 2 Pablo S. Lopez, Horlingen, 1 Ricardo Lopez, San Antonio, 1 Salome R. Lopez Jr., Uvalde, 3 Santos Lopez, Three Rivers, 3 Sylvia Irene Lopez, Laredo, 2 Arthur Loranc, Corpus Christi, Bobbie Lovett, McAllen, 2 Frank Lovvorn, San Benito, 4 Larry Lowe, Aransas Pass, 2 Pat Lovrrie, Kingsville, 3 Javier A. Lozano Ir., Laredo, 4 Weston J. Luckenbach Jr., Fredericksburg, 1 Omero Luna, Uvalde, 4 Senovio Luna Jr., Corpus Christi, 4 Catherine Lutz, San Benito, 5 Randy Lynch, Calallen, 2 Dave Lyons, San Antonio, 3 Larry Lytle, Fremont, 4 Barbara Mabe, Corpus Christi, 4 Sandra Mabe, Kingsville, 2 Craig Mabrito, San Antonio, 3 Douglas Macdonald, Laredo, 4 Johnny Macias, Robstown, 1 Richard Madden, Sheffield Lake, Ohio, 2 Faye L. Maddox, Kingsville, 2 Julio Fernando Madrigal, Laredo, 4 Charlie Mahone, San Antonio, 1 Paula Mahoney, George West, 3 Margaret Major, Corpus Christi, 5 Diana Maldonado, Falfurrias, 1 Graciela Maldonado, Kingsville, 2 285 All elementary education majors are required to take Art 315 in which they learn to work with children from the university nursery. Margery Malin, Riviera, 3 Lester D. Mallory Jr., Washington, D.C., 2 Richard Malone, Devine, 3 Thamrong Manakit, Bangkok, Thailand, 5 Juan Mancias Jr., Odem, 2 Maggie Mancias, Odem, 4 Hector Mancillas, San Benito, 1 Cindy Mann, San Antonio, 3 Fred Mann, Los Fresnos, 2 Richard Manna, Bay City, 4 James Manning, Lyford, 4 Molly Manning, Bellaire, 3 Stephen Manning, San Antonio, 2 Joan Mansheim, Corpus Christi, 4 Patti Marke, San Antonio, 4 Liza Ann Marroquin, Kingsville, 1 Marcelo Marroquin, Kingsville, 2 Carl Marrullier, Houston, 2 Marilyn Marshall, Bishop, 4 Mike Marshall, Houston, 2 Rusty Marshall, Schertz, 1 Billy Martin, Corte Madera, Call: David Martin, Corpus Christi, 1 Jab Martin, Alice, 3 Judy Martin, Victoria, 3 Lester Martin, McAUen, 1 Tim Martin, Bishop, 2 Alfredo N. Martinez, Laredo, 3 Conception Martinez, Cuero, 3 David Joseph Martinez, Port Arthur, 3 Eddie Martinez Jr., Brownsville, 1 Erasmo Martinez, Mathis, 2 Esther Mortinez, Alice, 3 Hilda Martinez, Laredo, 3 Ignacio Martinez, Taft, 4 f% 9 anie Martinez, Cuero, 1 oe Martinez, Corpus Christi, 3 oe E. Martinez, Port Lavaca, 3 F. Martinez, Orange Grove, 1 ose Martinez Jr., Laredo, 3 Leodoro Martinez, CotuUa, 2 Linda Nelda Martinez, Rio Grande City, 3 Lydia Martinez, Fremont, 4 Margot G. Martinez, Kingsville, 1 Maria Socorro Martinez, Sinton, ' Raquel R. Martinez, Kingsville, 4 Raul O. Martinez, Cotulla, 2 Rosa M. Martinez, Kingsville, 4 Sylvia Martinez, Laredo, 4 James R. Massey, Freer, 1 Jerry L. Mathews, Cotulla, 3 John Mathews, Edinburg, 3 Stanley Matson, Port Lavaca, 2 Ralph D. Malta, Corpus Christi, 3 Michael B. Matteson, Kingsville, 3 Marilyn Matthews, Utopia, 3 Charles Matula, Hallettsville, 2 Dennis Matula, Hallettsville, 4 George Matula, Tait, 1 Loretta J. Mauer, Sinton, 3 C. E. May Jr., Kingsville, 1 Miriam May, Corpus Christi, 2 Shdron May, Kenedy, 1 Donald Mayer, Bay City, 3 Charles W. Mayfield, Corpus Christi, Maurice J. Mayfield, Medina, 3 Susan Mayo, Odem, 2 Kenneth R. Mazurek, Bandera, 2 Ruth McAda, Campbellton, 2 Kathy McBride, Corpus Christi, 2 Virginia Davis, graduate student in biology, finds her thesis work is for the birds as she feeds one of her experimental sparrows. Sugar McBurnett, Corpus Christi, 3 Vic McCain. San Antonio, 3 Bill McCarley, Kingsville, 3 Laura McClaugherty, Robstown, 2 Julia McClure, Jourdanton, 2 Robert T. McCreight, Kingsville, 3 Patricia McCuUough, Refugio, 2 Maurice McDermand, Nome, 2 Shirley McDermand, Nome, 1 Cheslean McDonald, Kingsville, 4 Patrick W. McDonald, Port O ' Connor, 4 Bobby McElroy, Bishop, 2 Kirk McElroy, Austin, 1 Billie McElwain, Harlingen, 1 Johnny R. McFarland, George West, 4 Weldon McFarland, Sutherland Springs, 3 Michael S. McGee, Portland, 1 Michael J. McGehearty, Corpus Christi, 1 William McGinnis, Harlingen, 4 Anna Beth Mclnvale, Alice, 3 Patricia McKelvy, Bay City, 4 Ben McKinney, Laredo, 4 Robert McKinney, George West, 4 Mazie McLellan, Donna, 1 Kenneth McLemore, Refugio, 1 Ora Bell McMahon, Kingsville, 4 Sondra McMannis, Corpus Christi, 3 Gary McMillian, Eagle Pass, 3 Merrilu McMillan, Corpus Christi, 2 Michael McMillan, Eagle Pass, 1 Judi McNabb, Harlingen, 3 Don McNair, Sabinal, 1 Mary Helen McNair, Freer, 2 Clinton E. McNiel, Agua Dulce, 1 Cameron McPherson, Kingsville, 1 Janet Lee McQuald, San Antonio, 1 Susan McQueen, Donna, 3 Linda Medrano, Corpus Christi, 4 Manuel Medrano Jr., Brownsville, 4 Donald C. Meek Jr.. Rockport, 4 Judy Mehis. Corpus Christi, 4 Javad Mehraban. Iran, 3 Gwen Melton, Kingsville, 1 Rose Mary Mena, Corpus Christi, 3 Carmen Mendez, Laredo, 4 Elvira Mendoza, Corpus Christi, 4 Niceforo S. Mendoza, Kingsville, 2 Harvey Ray Menn, Runge, 4 Samuel Merrill, Brownsville, 4 Keith Messer, Taft, 4 Nancy Messimer, Kingsville, 2 Bill Meyer, Houston, 1 Robert Meyer, Kingsville, 1 Jeanne Michalk, Bishop, 1 Nancy Miele, Louise, 4 Marvin James Migura, Yorktown, 1 Judy Miles, Falfurrias, 2 James R. Miller U, Edna, 4 Jan Miller. Bay City, 4 Johnny Miller, Jourdanton, 3 Linda M. Miller. Rio Grande City, Mary Jo Miller. Corpus Christi, 1 Virginia Miller, Jourdanton, 1 Linda Mills, Kenedy, 3 Fred Mires, Taft, 1 Phillip N. Mitchell, Houston, 3 Gene Moats, Aransas Pass, 3 Dale Moerbe, Bishop, 3 Javier Moctezuma, Laredo, 2 Candida Molina, Sondia, 1 Norma Molina, Brownsville, 4 Rolando Molina, Kingsville, 3 Sharon Moltz, Corpus Christi, 4 Nelda Mondragon, Mercedes, 2 Sylvia Ann Mondragon, Mercedes, 1 Jacqueline Wright Moncus, San Benito, 4 Salvador Monroy Jr., Kerrville, 3 f5 .1 II a e. t ' % Hf MMi l mm SM .lilt 9 1,3 a Jan Monrreal, Corpus Christi, 4 Billie Montalbo, Palito Blanco, 2 Mary Grace Montalvo, Kingsville, 2 Harriet Montgomery, Odem, 2 Mary Montgomery, George West, 4 Samuel Montgomery, Mercedes, 1 Norma Montoya, Laredo, 1 Robert Montoya, Corpus Christi, 3 Jill Moody, Corpus Cliristi, 1 Karen Moody, Calallen, 3 Kathy Moody, Bishop, 1 Marilyn Moody, Bishop, 1 Martha Moody, Robstown, 3 James Moore, Medina, 3 Ralph William Moore, Corpus Christi, 4 Myrna Moorrees, Corpus Christi, 4 Dolores Mora, Falfurrias, 2 Felix Mora Jr., Falfurrias, 4 Moraima Morales, Hondo, 4 John Moran, San Antonio, 1 Velma D. Moran, Laredo, 3 Michael Moravits, Uvalde, 3 Shirley Moravits, Uvalde, 3 Audelia Moreno, Sinton, 1 Carlos Moreno III, Laredo, 2 Gilberto Moreno, Three Rivers, 2 Gracie Moreno, Mercedes, 2 Maria Julia Moreno, Laredo, 4 Maria Teresa Moreno, Laredo, 3 Cathy Morgan, Corpus Christi, 2 Elaine Morgan, San Antonio, 4 Kathy Morgan, San Antonio, 1 Mac Morgan, Houston, 4 Sheryl Morgan, Fremont, 3 Debi Morong, Corpus Christi, 1 David R. Morris, Hariingen, 1 Thomas Morris, Fremont, 3 Hugh M. Morrison, Rockport, 4 James Morrison, San Antonio, 1 Kathy Morrow, Raymondville, 1 Mary Jane Morrow, Corpus Christi, 3 Gary Mosier, Geneva, 2 Margaret Ann Mote, Kingsville, 4 Charles Motes, Kingsville, 2 Jane Mountz, Merritt Island, Fla., 2 Leila Mousa, Corpus Christi, 4 Irma Moya, Falfurrias, 1 Loretta Ann Mudd, Donna, 2 David Mueller, Houston, 1 Linda Mueller, Nordhcim, 1 Mike Mulligan, Dubuque, Iowa, 4 Teddy Mumme, Fredericksburg, 4 Pete Mungia, Raymondville, 1 Joseph E. Munguia, Hariingen, 1 Victor Muniz, Falfurrias, 4 Gracie Munoz, Brownsville, 3 Hilda A. Munoz, Ague Dulce, 1 Mike Murphree, Corpus Christi, 4 Ryan Murray, San Antonio, 4 Dwight Mutschler, Smiley, 3 James L. Mutz, Floresville, 2 Robert Mutz, Floresville, 1 Ernest Muzquiz, Moore, 4 Wilson Myers, Llano, 4 Ralph D. Nafziger, Fremont, 3 Sandra Nagel, Cuero, 2 James F. Nance, Agana, Guam, 1 Ronnie Nance, Corpus Christi, 4 George Naranjo, Falfurrias, 1 Carol Nash, San Antonio, 1 Joe Nation, Del Rio, 2 John Nation, Del Rio, 1 Ismael Nava, Alice, 1 Baudelia Navejar, Alice, 4 Robert S. Naylor Jr., Sarasota, Fla., 3 Don Neal, Alice, 2 Larry R. NeiU, San Antonio, 3 Don Nelson, Corpus Christi, 4 Gordon W. Nelson. Corpus Christi, 3 Joy Beth Nelson, Kingsville, 4 Roy Nelson, Kerrville, 3 Victor B. Nelson, Brownsville, 4 David Nemec, Robstown, I Helen Nemec, Robstown, 2 Thomas H. NeSmith Jr., Harlingen, 4 Diane Neubauer, Kingsville, 4 Lynn Neuman, Hondo, 3 Alfredo Nevarez, Crystal City, 3 Robert L. Newell, Brownsville, 2 Joe Newman, Cuero, 1 Cindy Newsom, Kingsville, 4 Tommye Ann Newton, Harlingen, 3 Joe Nichols, Corpus Christi, 3 Thomas Nichols, Corpus Christi, 4 Richard Nino, Corpus Christi, 2 Lynda Nitcholas, Dallas, 1 Dwayne Nix, Kingsville, 4 Sandy Nix, Kingsville, 4 Bill Nixon, San Antonio, 1 Brian Nolen, Danbury, 1 Tom Noles, Corpus Christi, 2 Susan Nonmacher, Houston, 1 Patty Norman, Corpus Christi, Barbara Norred, Aransas Pass Roxanne Norris, Freer, 1 Gary Nunnallee, San Antonio, 3 Graciela Ochoa, Kingsville, 4 Pedro Ochoa Jr., Mission, 4 Peter P. Ochoa, Laredo, 3 Bernice Ogden. Portland, 4 Peggy Ogden, Alamo, 2 David Ojeda Jr., Carrizo Springs, 3 tMSlllt Lilesaving techniques are part of the H.P.E. department ' s swimming program. M M2M.M SLr ;4 M ' l? -§3 iLlf ni Francis Michael OXaughlin lU, Corpus Chrisli, 4 Spencer Oldham, Laredo, 3 Juventino H. Olivares Jr., Brownsville, Carlos L. Olivarex, Rio Grande, 2 luan J. Olivarez, Rio Grande City, 1 David Olivas, El Paso, 1 Amparo Oliveira, Brownsville, 3 Keith Oliver, Refugio, 1 Ruben Olvera, San Diego, 4 William Henry O ' Neal, Dallas, 4 Fernando Ornelas, Corpus Christi, 2 Pamela Orr, Kingsville, 2 Maria Luisa Orta, Kingsville, 1 Arturo Ortii, Harlingen, 1 Rolando Ortiz, Mission, 1 Yolanda C. Ortiz, Mercedes, 1 Carl Ortmann, Alice, 1 Carolyn Osborne, Pampa, 3 Prentice Ray Owen, Rockport, Vickie Ozuna, Edinburg, 4 Griselda Padilla, Mercedes, 4 Frank Pagano, Harrisburg, Penn., 4 Judy Karr Pagano, Corpus Christi, 4 Jose D. Palacios, Premont, 2 Rodolfo Palacios, Falfurrias, 3 Peter Palizo, Laredo, 3 Jim Palmer, Sinton, 2 Paul Pambianco, Seattle, Wash , 3 Barbara J. Pampell, Dallas, 4 Albert Paredes, Brownsville, 3 Yolanda Y. Paredes, Kingsville, 1 Sarah Jane MacNeil Pariimowicz, LaPorte, 4 Margie Pargmann, Runge, 2 John D. Parish, Corpus Christi, 4 Sandi Paris, Brownsville, 2 Jack Parker, Odem, 1 Jimmie Parker, Bay City, 4 John M. Parker, Corpus Christi, 3 Lewis Parker, Sabinal, 1 Linda Parker, Victoria, 2 Margaret Parker, Port Lavaca, 1 O. Stanley Parker, Ingleside, 1 Randall A. Parker, Ingleside, 2 Robert E. Parker, Odem, 2 Tommy W. Parker, Big Spring, 3 Margaret Parsons, Pleasanton, 3 Pam Parsons, San Antonio, 2 Robert Parsons, Crystal City, 1 Robert R. Pate, Premont, 4 Bhupendra Patel, Kenya, 3 Rajnikant Patel, India, 2 Ramesh Patel, Kenya, 3 Rashmikant C. Patel, India, 3 Rohitkumar Patel, Kenya, 3 Pal Peterson, Del Rio, 1 Noel Patten, Port Lavaca, 3 Dwayne Patterson, Riviera, 3 Jimmy Patterson, Aransas Pass, Joyce Pavelka, Robstown, 2 Karen Pavelka, Banquele, 3 James A. Payne, Nordheim, 4 Steve Payne, San Antonio, 3 Tommie Payne, Beeville, 2 Doyle Peake, Houston, 3 Ann Pearson, San Antonio, 3 Raymond Kevin Pekarovic, Aransas Pass, 1 Don Pellegrino, Victoria, 3 John Pemelton, Mercedes, 1 Bill Pena, Corpus Christi, 3 Blanca Estella Pena, Kingsville, 1 Felix Pena, Kingsville, 2 Imelda Pena, Kingsville, 4 Mary Alice Pena, Laredo, 3 Harry Penelton, Galveston, 1 Pat Pepper, Sabinal, 3 Antonio Perez, Weslaco, 3 Blanco E. Perez, Kingsville, 1 Tia Vm J 1 mm ' ' [ 1 ■ Wimmm H M R| V v,A«|B jjb K ■ ft bIb t K |l r, 1 1 BHB tf Q Q £i Carmen Perez, Brownsville, 3 Corina M. Perez, Kingsville, 1 Dalia Garza Perez, Kingsville, 1 Elizabeth A. Perez, El Campo, 3 Estela Perez, Kingsville, 3 Gloria Perez, Corpus Christi, 2 Gloria Perez, Laredo, 4 Gloria R. Perez, San Diego, 1 lose D. Perez, Guatemala, 4 Jose F. Perez, Carrizo Springs, 3 Manuel Perez Jr., Raymondville, 3 Marcelina Perez, Robstown, 1 Margarita Perez, Laredo, 3 Mary Christine Perez, Alice, 3 Maria Teresita Perez, Kingsville, 2 Mary Jane Perez, Kingsville, 1 Norma Perez, Kingsville, 2 Norma R. Perez, Alice, 2 Pedro D. Perez, Del Rio, 1 Primitivo Perez, Kingsville, 2 Robert Perez, Falfurrias, 2 Yolanda Perez, Alice, 4 John A. Perme, Floresville, 2 Garnett E. Peters, Crystal City, 2 Lee Roy Peters Jr., Cotulla, 4 Susan Petri, Devine, 4 Shirley Pettigrew, Somerset, 3 Dianna PevestorH, Nordheim, 3 John Phalen, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 4 Brenda Phillips, Taft, 2 David W. Phillips Jr., Academy, 1 Newton J. Phillips, Driscoll, 3 Reginald Phillips, Houston, 1 Richard Phillips, Victoria, 3 Thomas W. Phipps, Harlingen, 3 Nancy Phlaum, Chicago, 111., 3 Delbert J. Pierson, Westbrook, Minn., 4 Roy Pillack, Agua Dulce, 2 Edward T. Pimentel, Brownsville, 3 Rosario Pina, Laredo, 1 Virginia Ann Pippin, Canon City, Colo., 4 Carol Van Pittman, Aransas Pass, 1 Douglas W. Plant, Freer, 3 Bernadine Ploeger, Gonzales, 2 Robert Polasek, LaSalle, 1 Kathye Polk, Corpus Christi, 2 Mary Ruth Polk, Corpus Christi, 4 Allen Pollard, Robstown, 1 Joe Pompa, Goliad, 2 Mary Claire Ponder, Duncan, Okla , Mary Jane Love Pool, Sinton, 4 Ronald Poole, Corpus Christi, 1 William Poole, Brownsville, 1 Chip Porter, McAllen, 1 Danny C. Porter, Kingsville, 4 Sue Porter, Houston, 4 Carol Post, Cuero, 3 Leissner F. Poth Jr., Poth, 5 Jimmy Powell, Corpus Christi, 1 Judy Mae R. Powell, Los Fresnos, 4 Ken Powell Corpus Christi, 4 Eilene Power, Goliad, 4 Sandra Power, Corpus Christi, 1 John Powers, Mercedes, 2 Raul Prado, Son Antonio, 2 Darrell Lynn Pray, Kingsville, 1 Lowry Pressley, Talt, 4 Keith Prewitt, Houston, 1 Donna Price, Uvalde, 3 Randall Wayne Price, Brownsville, 3 William Price, Kingsville, 3 John Priestley, Nutley, N. J., 3 Timmy Prochaska, LaSalle, 4 Mary Lu Giles Pruett, Corpus Christi, 4 Noe Pruneda, Bishop, 1 Martin Puente Jr., Kenedy, 4 Petra Puente, Laredo, 4 Ramon Pulido Jr., Freer, 1 Rebecca Pulido, Fremont, 1 Carl Pults, Corpus Christi, 4 Jon A. Purvis, Harlingen, 2 Virginia Putegnat, Brownsville, Charles L. Pyle, Banquete, 4 Pat Pyle, Banquete, 2 Richard Quinn, Houston, 2 Roberto Quintanilla Jr., Nuevo Laredo, Mex , 3 Rogelio H. Quintanilla, Kingsville, 4 Rogelio R. Quintanilla, Nuevo Laredo, Mex , 4 Arthur Quintero, El Compo, 4 Lillian R. Quiroz. Corpus Christi, 3 Ronald G. Quisenberry, Corpus Christi, 4 lerry A. Raddatz, Corpus Christi, 4 Betty Raeihle, Corpus Christi, 3 Chris Rainey, Refugio, 2 Sophia Rains, Raymondville, 1 Lester Ralph, Polacios, 3 Audrey Adcock Rambikur, Point Comfort, 4 Alice Ramirez, Bishop, 2 Calixto A. Ramirez, Brownsville, 3 Celia Ramirez, Rio Grande City, 1 Elvira Ramirez, Kingsville, 1 Ernesto Ramirez, Encino, 1 Esther Ramirez, Brownsville, 3 Evangeline Ramirez, Kingsville, 1 Hector Ramirez, Kenedy, 1 Lilia Ramriez, Robstown, 2 Lino F. Ramirez, Fremont, 3 Manuel Elio Ramirez Jr., Kingsville, 3 Mary Alice Ramirez, Hargill, 1 Mary Lou Ramirez, Corpus Christi, 3 Raquel Ramirez, Benavides, 1 Raul Ramirez, Kingsville, 4 Rosa Idalia Ramirez, Kingsville, 1 Rosa Maria Ramirez, Laredo, 3 Ruben A. Ramirez, Del Rio, 2 Ruth J. Ramirez, Port Lavaca, 3 Annabelle Ramos, Kingsville, 2 Cynthia V. Ramos, Kingsville, 1 Edmundo Ramos Jr., San Diego, 3 Esther Ramos, Laredo, 3 Imelda Ramos, Taft, 2 Imelda I. Ramos, San Diego, 1 Leonardo Ramos Jr., Raymondville, 4 Luis David Ramos, Hebbronville, 1 Maricela Ramos, Kingsville, 1 Susan Randall, Refugio, 1 John Rankin, Corpus Christi, 4 Marcia Wilson Rauch, Taft, 4 Gary Rauschuber, San Antonio, 1 Linda Salyer Ray, Alice, 4 Victoria Hendley Ray, Refugio, 4 Cheryl Rayburn, Kenedy, 1 Terry Rayburn, Taipei, Formosa, 2 Richard L. Reagan, Banquete, 3 Sharon Reagan, Corpus Christi, 4 Marvin R. Redden, Robstown, 3 Barbara Reed, Beeville, 3 Jimmie Reed, Burleson, 2 Linda Reed, Corpus Christi, 3 Thomas Reed, Floresville, 3 Carolyn Rees, Garwood, 1 Dixie Reid, George West, 1 Sam C. Reid, Corpus Christi, 4 Edward Reindl Jr., Corpus Christi, 4 Dennis Remmert, Bishop, 3 Raymundo Rendon Jr., Laredo, 1 Jerry Repka, Orange Grove, 1 Edna Requenez, Delmita, 4 Terry Requenez, Delmita, 2 Joe Casas Resendez, Victoria, 3 Jerry Retzloii, Three Rivers, 4 Ruth Reyes, Corpus Christi, 4 Phyllis Rhyne, Odem, 3 Dennis Richardson, Aransas Pass, 3 The opening of the James C. Jernigan Library in September gave these students an opportunity to lend a hand in moving the 205,722 volumes. Betty I. Richter, Poth, 2 Larry Richter, Temple, 4 Sharon Richter, Bishop, 1 Lynnette Ridge, Fremont, 2 G. Emil Riedel, Gonzales, 4 Pat Riek, Corpus Christi, 5 Karen Riese, Bishop, 2 Judy Riggs, Bloomington, 2 Jerry Michael Riley, George West, Kathleen Riley, Raymondville, 1 Danny Rimkus, Uvalde, 4 Cherri Ringen, San Antonio, 3 Ana-Maria Rios, Kingsville, 4 George Rios, Corpus Christi, 2 Jose R. Rios, Carrizo Springs, 3 Rosario T. Rios, Alice, 2 Sandy Rios, Alice, 4 Amelia Ripple, Bishop, 4 Pat Risken, Riviera, 2 Walter E. Ritchie, Eagle Pass, 4 Sandra Rittenhouse, Aransas Pass, Belia Rivera, Falfurrias, 1 George Rivera, Alice, 3 Mike M. Rivera, Victoria,. 3 Oscar Rivera, Ft. Stockton, 3 Ruth T. Rivera, Kingsville, 1 Ann Roberts, Corpus Christi, David Roberts, Portland, 1 Marji Roberts, Beeville, 1 Jo Nell Robertson, Benavides, 3 Leigh Robertson, San Antonio, 3 Steve Robertson, Alice, 1 Tom Robertson, Kingsville, 3 Barbara D. Robins, George West, Letitia T. Robinson, Goliad, 4 Yolanda Robles, Kingsville, 2 Jane Rocha, Laredo, 4 Barbara Rodgers, Brownsville, 3 Betty Rodriguez, Bay City, 1 Consuelo Rodriguez, Alice, 2 Damas Rodriguez Jr., San Diego, 4 Felix Rodriguez III, Laredo, 3 Hector Rodriguez, Eagle Pass, 3 Janie Solis Rodriguez, Kingsville, 4 Joe Rodriguez, Eagle Pass, 1 John H. Rodriguez, Harlingen, 1 Jose F. Rodriguez. Bishop, 4 Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Mission, 1 Juan Luis Rodriguez, CotuUa, 1 Leonel Rodriguez, Falfurrias, 1 Manuel Rodriguez Jr., Kingsville, 3 Mary Rodriguez, Falls City, 2 Priscilla Ann Rodriguez, Kingsville, 2 Raquel Rodriguez, Brownsville, 3 Rebecca Rodriguez, Raymondville, 3 Reynaldo V. Rodriguez, Raymondville, 3 Richard Rodriguez, Gonzales, 1 Roman Rodriguez, Alice, 2 Rosemary Rodriguez, Bay City, 2 Salvador Rodriguez Jr., Kingsville, 1 Santiago Rodriguez, Robstown, 1 Terry Rodriguez, Robstown, 3 Donald Rogers, Son Antonio, 4 Ginny Rogers, Kingsville, 1 Lisa Rogers, Sabinal, 1 Michael Romelianger, Woodside, Calif., Joaquin Romero Jr., Laredo, 4 Simon Romero, Bishop, 2 David Roosevelt, Corpus Christi, 3 Keith Roper, Corpus Christi, 3 Annabell Rosa, Rio Grande City, 4 Ana Resales, Alice, 1 Jolene Rose, Banquete, 2 Fred Rosin, Corpus Christi, 1 Clay Ross, Fremont, 4 Milton Ross, New Braunfels, 1 Debbie Rossington, Crystal City, 3 Clyde W. Rothman, Springfield, 111., 3 Jean Rountree, Harlingen, 1 Jody L. Rouquefte, Fulton, 2 Jack D. Rouse, Falfurrias, 2 Karen Rowe, Kingsville, 1 Sonia Ruano, Sarita, 1 Eusebio A. Rubio, Port Lavaca, 3 Leticia Rubio, San Antonio, 1 Cecilia Ruhnke, Kingsville, 4 Francisco Ruiz, Los Fresnos, 4 Manuel Ruiz Jr., Alice, 2 Trey Ruschaupt, Victoria, 3 Terry Russell, Devine, 3 Joe Ryan, Karnes City, 3 Alma A. Saavedra, Corpus Christi, 4 Maria Luisa Saavedra, Laredo, 2 Adan Saenz, Hebbronville, 3 Alejandro Saenz, Alice, 2 Anastacio Saenz, Fremont, 4 Angelita H . Saenz, Corpus Christi, 4 Carmen Saenz, Corpus Christi, 3 Exiquio Saenz, San Isidro, 3 Frank Javier Saenz, Laredo, 4 Frank N. Saenz, Falfurrias, 2 Juanita Saenz, Rios, 2 Ludivina Saenz, Robstown, 1 Lydia Margarita Saenz, Alice, 3 Nelson Saenz, McAUen, 1 Ray Saenz, Taft, 4 Sigifredo Saenz, Reynosa, Mex., 5 Evelyn Saha, El Maton, 3 Jesus M. Salazar, Jourdanton, 4 Anita Saldana, Kingsville, 1 Genaro A. Saldana, Kingsville, 3 Joe Saldana, Harlingen, 1 Mi? BM n % 11 , f A afti» Mil a? Q O II a. 9 ff AJI .%!% a r !?, %% n% %a -fi A fi m M 9 Tommie Saldana, Kingsville, 2 Samuel Saldivar, Alice, 3 Santa Saldivar, Houston, I Randall Salge, Robstown, 1 Adelaida Salinas, Sullivan City, 1 Anna Marie Salinas, Kingsville, 1 Francisco X. Salinas, Hebbronville, 3 Irma Salinas, Alice, 4 M. Gloria Salinas, Robstown, 3 Manuel Salinas Jr., Los Fresnos, 3 Romeo Salinas Jr., San Diego, 4 Andrea Salm, Victoria, 2 Doyle Samuel, Houston, 3 Arnulfo Sanchez, Los Fresnos, 1 Berfha Sanchei, Fremont, 2 Diana Sanchez, Robstown, 1 Juan A. Sanchez, Carrizo Springs, 4 Lupe Sanchez, Fremont, 1 Meliton M. Sanchez Jr., Benavides, 4 Phillip J. Sanchez, Woodsboro, 3 Richard B. Sanchez, Del Rio, 1 Tomas Sanchez, Victoria, 4 Michael Sander, Edcouch-Elsa, 1 Judy Sanderlin, Knippa, 3 Ronnie Roe Sanders, Sinton, 3 Gloria M. Sandoval, Corpus Christi, 3 Bryant Saner Jr., Kerrville, 2 luan Sanmiguel, Laredo, 3 Joanne Sansing, Weslaco, 3 Keota Santiwatana, Thailand, 2 Juanita Santos, Laredo, 2 Rosalinda Santos, Laredo, 3 Sharon Lynne Sato, Los Fresnos, 4 Mary E. Satterwhite, Brownsville, 2 Delmagene Saunders, George West, 3 Peggy Saunders, Kingsville, 3 Becky Sawyer, Kingsville, 2 Angle Scales, Kingsville, 3 Rose Ann Scallen, Houston, 3 Sharon Schaeier, Temple, 1 Carla Schilling, Beeville, 3 Barbara Ann Schmidt, George West, 2 John Schmuck, San Benito, 3 Erich Schneider, Mathis, 3 Laura M. Schneider, Mathis, 1 Marilyn Schoenberger, Harlingen, 2 Anna Marie Schooner, Taylor, 2 Kathy A. Schorr, San Antonio, 2 Blaine L. Schorp, Devine, 1 Joel Schrimsher, Ganado, 4 Freddie Schroeder, Banquete, 1 Norma Schroeder, Mission, 1 John L. Schuch, Fredericksburg, 3 Doug Schueneman, Freer, 2 Patty Schueneman, Freer, 4 Norrell D. Schulte, Hallettsville, 4 Bill Schulz Jr., Schertz, 2 Arthur O. Schulze, San Antonio, 2 Rosalyn Schustereit, Victoria, 2 Barbara Ann Scott, Weslaco, 1 Barbara Kay Scott, Jourdanton, 4 Dana Scott, Kingsville, 4 Darrell Scott, Karnes City, 2 Donna Gayle Scott, Harlingen, 4 Vernon Scott, San Antonio, 4 Beth Sedwick, Kingsville, 3 Jay Segrest, Corpus Christi, 4 Marty Segrest, Pleasanton, 3 Felipe Segura-Larrasquitu, Matamoros, Max., 4 Dennis Seidel, Westhoff, 3 William Seifert, Mexico City, Mex., 3 Thomas J. Seigler, McAUen, 2 Harold Seller, Sinton, 3 Tommy S eller, Mathis, 2 Milton R. Seim, Banquete, 3 Shirley Self, Fremont, 4 Jim H. Sells, Koscivsko, 4 Si. . ' M ' tS. ' iM m 0,1 ' I ?:0a Laura Barker Semar, Pettus, 4 Gloria Sembrano, Odem, 2 Asusena Sema, Laredo, 3 Felma Sema. Alice, 1 Robert Serna, Robstown, 2 Mary T. SetliH, Woodsboro, 2 Thomas R. SetliH, Bishop, 4 Merle Jean Settles, Brownsville, 2 Susan Seward, LaFeria, 3 Kathleen Shanafelt, Seguin, 4 Sue Shaneene, Corpus Christi, 1 William J. Shannon, Corpus Christi Tom Shaper, Corpus Chrisli, 3 Judy Sharp, Kingsville, 2 Marsha Shaw, Corpus Christi, 3 Larry Sheets, Corpus Christi, 2 Joseph Sheridan, El Paso, 4 Carl Shephard, Corpus Christi, 4 Donald Sheppard, Houston, 1 Kay Sherman, Portland, 2 Billie Sheek, Corpus Christi, 3 Linda Shimek, Corpus Christi, 1 Pat Shirley, Falfurrias, 1 Thomas Shirley, Falfur rias, 4 Stan Short, Katy, 2 Larry Shuler, San Antonio, 3 Ray Shuler, Marshall, 3 Shirley Shuler, Eagle Pass, 4 Zane ShuUanberger, San Antonio, 2 Stephen C. Shults, Harlingen, 3 Lyim Shuttlesworth, Lubbock, 2 Marcelo Silva, Garciasville, 3 Robert Joslin Silva, Alice, 1 Sally Silva, Corpus Christi, 1 Dorothy Silvas, Point Comfort, 4 Members of the Karate Club discipline them- selves in the techniques of self-defense. The price one pays for being a freshman football player. ludy Simcik, Corpus Christi, 3 Beth Simersky, Gonzales, 4 Mack H. Simons, Bay City, 4 Carl W. Simpson, Bastrop, 2 Gary Simpson, Kingsville, 4 Skip Simpson, San Antonio, 4 Allen Sims, Kingsville, 2 Terry Sims, Corpus Christi, 1 David Singleton, Edna, 4 Robert Skinner, San Antonio, 3 Benny Skopal, Victoria, 3 Agnes Skrobarcek, Refugio, 1 Carol M. Skrobarczyk, Kingsville, 2 Richard Skrobarczyk, Kingsville, 3 Mildred Slack, Brownsville, 4 Jerry Slaughter, Corpus Christi, 3 Scott Slaughter, Del Rio, 1 Millious Slider, Bastrop, 4 Ann Slonek, Lake Jackson, 4 Kathi Slosson, Corpus Christi, 3 Karon Slough, Dimmitt, 1 Gary Slusher, Corpus Christi, 4 Eldridge Small, Houston, 1 Braxton Perry Smallwood, Uvalde, 4 Anne Smith, Rockport, 1 Bob Smith, Kingsville, 1 Bruce Kent Smith, Flour Bluff, 2 Carol Smith, San Antonio, 2 D. Mike Smith, Devine, 4 Earlene Smith, Corpus Christi Eldon Smith, Bishop, 4 Gary Smith, Kingsville, 2 Jeff Smith, Kingsville, 2 Jimmie Smith, Kingsville, 4 Kent Smith, Alice, 1 1 M l ' . AG 2;L%5 Sherman T. Smith, Kerrville, 1 Terry Smith, Odem, 3 Richard S. Smock, San Antonio, lackie Smolik, Karnes City, 1 Eliseo Solis, Kingsville, 3 John A. Solis, San Antonio, 4 Jose Santos Solis, Bishop, 2 Lucy Solis, Armstrong, 3 Maria C. L. Solis, Kingsville, 4 Robert Solis, Alice, 2 Rosendo Solis, Brownsville, 2 Ruben Solis Jr., Grulla, 2 Theresa A. Solis, San Antonio, 3 Zaragoza Solis III, Laredo, 4 Alfonso Soliz, Kingsville, 1 Alfredo Soliz, Hebbronville, 1 Maria Elena Soliz, Robstown, 1 Rafael G. Soliz, Kingsville, 2 Pricha Somsawadi, Thailand, 1 Francisco Sosa, Laredo, 4 Manuel Sosa, Corpus Christi, 2 Ignacio Sotolongo, Matanzas, Cuba, ■ Toni Southern, Port Aransas, 1 Martin Soward, Pleasanton, 3 Bob Spacek, Jourdanton, 3 Susan Sparger, San Antonio, 1 Lualice Sparkman, Freer, 1 lames Spears, Corpus Christi, 4 Margarette Spears, Corpus Christi, 4 Caressa Speckman, Bay City, 1 Charles Spence, Corpus Christi, 1 Linda Spradley, Agua Dulce, 3 Jim Sprowl, Sutherland Springs, 1 Wayne Sprowl, Sutherland Springs, 4 Linda Rae Srubar, San Antonio, 2 Billy Stachowiak, Brownsville, 4 George Staff, San Antonio, 1 Phyllis Stafford, Bay City, 1 Terry Sfanfield, Alice, 3 Linda Stapp, Mathis, 2 Frank St. Clair, Houston, 1 Sandy St. Clair, Kingsville, 4 Steve St. Clair, Kingsville, 1 Carl Dwighl Steadman, Kingsville, 3 Bebe Stebbins, San Antonio, 3 Betty Shaw Stech, Orange Grove, 4 Mary A. Stehle. Orange Grove, 3 Beverly Lynn Stein, Philadelphia, Pa., 3 Kathy Stein, Odem, 2 Carole Steindorf, Woodsboro, 4 Larry Steinke, Kingsville, 4 Ronnie Steinmeyer, Mathis, 2 Ivan Stephens, Corpus Christi, 3 Rickey Stephens, San Antonio, 1 Mary Stevens, Victoria, 3 Clyde Steves, Runge, 2 Jerry Steves, Runge, 1 Brenda Stewart, Palacios, 2 Elaine Stewart, Corpus Christi, 4 George H. Stewart, Corpus Christi, 4 Johnny Stewart, Ingelside, 2 Connie Stiegler, Hondo, 2 Ronnie Stiegler, Port Lavaca, 4 David Stiles, Kingsville, 2 Robert Stinson, DriscoU, 4 Ronald Stokes, Waco, 3 Theresa Stolfe, Freer, 4 Diane Stone, Corpus Christi, Jack Story, Sabinal, 3 Eugene Streng, Shiner, 2 Carol Strickland, Sinton, 3 Sherril Stringfellow, Kingsville, 1 Kathy Stuart, Louise, 3 Linda Stuart, Inez, 3 William G. Sturgis, Corpus Christi, 4 Paul Sturm, Crystal City, 3 Diane Sugarek, Beeville, 2 Gene Sullivan, Robstown, 4 Tom Sullivan, Pt. Isabel, 1 lolie Storm, Port Lavaca. 2 Tommy Sullinger, Aransas Pass, 2 Freddi Suzann Summers. Mission, ' . David Sutherland, Uvalde, 3 Dubby Suttle, Leakey, 3 James E. Sutton, Kingsville, 5 Mary Sutton, Brownsville, 4 Arthur Dan Swan, Kingsville, 3 Seana Louise Swan, Kingsville, Chester Swank, Kingsville, 4 Virginia Swanner, Riviera, 2 Rita L. Swanson, Brovifnsville, 3 Phyll Swartz, San Antonio, 1 Emily Swetlick, Robstov n, 4 Nellie Swynnerton, Corpus Christi Estela M. Talamantez, Del Rio, 3 Esmeralda Tamez, Alice, 4 Roselle Tannery, McAUen, 2 Bunny Targosz, Corpus Christi, 2 Johnny Tarius, Harlingen, 2 Karen Cartwright Tate, San Antonio, 2 Kenneth A. Teer, Kingsville, 2 William Telford, Freer, 2 Raiael Tercero, Comayaguela, 2 Johnny Terry, Corpus Christi, 4 Sharon Terry, Corpus Christi, 3 Betty Theiss, Harlingen, 1 Brock Thomas, Corpus Christi, 3 Hilda M. Thomas, Kingsville, 4 Patricia Thomas, Harlingen, 4 Betty Thompson, Corpus Christi, 4 Oma P. Thompson, Marvell, Ark , 5 Kim Thornsburg, Maria, 1 Krista Thornsburg, Marfa, 2 George Thornton, Rockport, 2 PoUyann Thornsburg, Marfa, 2 Lupe C. Tijerina, Robstown, 4 Mercedes R. Tijerina, Gregory, 2 Cindi Titzman, Poth, 2 Connie Torres, Kingsville, 2 Eliseo Torres, Taft, 4 Gilbert Torres, Robstown, 1 Leonel Torres, San Diego, 3 Maria Elena Torres, Corpus Christi, 4 Noemi Torres, Kingsville, 1 Rosa M. Torres, Kingsville, 3 Margaret Toth, Corpus Christi, 4 Leopold Tousant, Galveston, 1 Martha L. Townsend, Premont, 1 Jim Towers, Corpus Christi, 4 Billy Traylor, LaFeria, 1 Jeanette R. Traylor, Corpus Christi, 4 Sandra Trbula, George West, 1 Consuelo Trevino, Laredo, 3 Elda Adeline Trevino, Elsa, 3 Ernest Trevino, Brownsville, 4 Henry Trevino, Pearsall, 4 Joe S. Trevino, Crystal City, 3 Jose N. Lozano Trevino, Matarr Lillian Trevino, Kingsville, 3 Mary Lou Trevino, Kingsville, Norma Jean Trevino, Robstown, 3 Otila Trevino, Laredo, 4 Raquenel Trevino, Crystal City, 3 Roger T. Trevino, Pearsall, 4 Stella Trevino, Pearsall, 1 Tony Trevino, Kingsville, 3 Victor Daniel Trevino, Laredo, 2 Gildardo Triana, Cuero, 3 Kathy Troilo, San Antonio, 2 Janie Marie Trojcak, Victoria, 4 Johnny E. Figueroa Trossi, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1 John Trott, Corpus Christi, 1 Delia M. Trujillo, Laredo, 3 DriskoU Tubbs, Yancey, 3 Faculty members wait backstage in Jones Auditorium for summer commencement exer- cises to begin. Emily Tucker, Portland, 1 Oscar Tullos Jr., Brownsville, 3 Patrick Tumlinson, Horlingen, 1 Kathryn Tunnell, Taft, 4 Wes Tunnell, Taft, 5 Dorothy TurnbuU, Port Aransas, Diana Turner, Corpus Christi, 1 Jerome M. Tymrak, Jourdanton, 4 Robert L Underbrink, Goliad, 4 Diane Unterbrink, Riviera, 2 Eric Oliver Updike, Kingsville, 1 Guadalupe Ureste, Brackettville, 3 Arturo Uresti, San Antonio, 1 Pablo Uresti, Raymondville, 3 Beverly Jean Urian, Falfurrias, 1 Dennis H. Uribe, Agua Dulce, 1 Eloy J. Uribe, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 4 Anna Utr, Pleasanton, 4 Lynn Utz, Edna, 3 WUliam F. Vaello Jr., Kingsville, 1 Edna Valadez, Ben Bolt, 2 Olympia Valadez, Alice, 1 Alberto Valbuena, Bogota, Colombia, 4 Herminia Valdez, Corpus Christi, 4 E. Starr Valentine, Branford, Conn., 4 Yolanda Valle, Taft, 4 Mary Van Fleet, Kingsville, 2 Larry Vano, Brownsville, 4 loe Van Pelt, ConCan, 3 Pamela Van Winkle, Corpus Christi, 4 lohnny Vasbinder, San Antonio, 3 Adolio Vasquez, El Paso, 1 Elisa Vasquez, El Paso, 1 Hector I. Vasquez, Falfurrias, 3 Humberto Vasquez, Roma, 1 ' tl I Alfred E. Tellinghuisen instructs his Music Education 315 students of children from St. Gertrude ' s Elementary School. proper elementary teaching methods by demonstrating them with the help Mike Vasquez Jr., Robstown, 4 Oneida Vasquez, Fallurrias, 1 Gordon Clark Vaughan, Alice, 3 Marleff Vaughan, Austin, 3 Sally Vaughn, Kingsville, 1 Jose H. Vazquez Jr., Laredo, 1 Cynthia Vela, Alice, 2 Elena Vela, Laredo, 3 luHo Vela Ir., Port Lavaca, 3 Oscar S. Vela, Kingsville, 3 Juan Velasquez III, Laredo, 4 George Velten, San Antonio, 2 Carlos A. Vera, Lima, Peru, 1 Constante Vera, Lima, Peru, 1 Elide Vera, Roma, 2 Humberto Vera, Premont, 1 lames M. Vera, Mission, 2 Michael Vera, Kingsville, 2 Maria Nelda Vergara, Dilley, 3 Norman Veselka, Tivoli, 1 Ronnie Veselka, Tivoli, 4 Patty Victor, Uvalde, 1 Mary Helen Villagran, Corpus Chr Anna Villarreal, Robstown, 1 Armando Villarreal, Del Rio, 3 Concepcion Villarreal, Zapata, 2 Juan F. Villarreal, Robstown, 2 Nicandro Villarreal lU, Laredo, 2 Noemi S. Villarreal, Roma, 4 Roxie Villarreal, LaMarque, 1 Ruben Villarreal, Reynosa, Mexico 4 Virginia Villarreal, McAllen, 1 Ynes Villarreal, Corpus Christi, 2 Zoyla Villarreal, Brownsville, 3 Leopold F. Villegas III, Laredo, 3 f Q S I ' Xab ' ' VERSi -««ssomcE tu » ! ' . i«w «i Delia Virion, Laredo, 4 Vincent Visosky, Corpus Christ: Donna Vogt, Bishop, 4 Joann Voigt, Bishop, 4 Cheryl Voss, Corpus Christi, 3 Charles Voss, Pearsall, 4 Davis Waddell. Eagle Lake, 1 John W. Waddell, Eagle Lake, 4 Kay Waddell, San Benito, 4 Richard Waddell. Eagle Lake, 3 Jeanne Wagener, Yoakum, 2 Bobby Wagner, Crystal City, 3 James Wagner, Nordheim, 4 John Wagner, Columbus, 1 Debbie Waitz, San Antonio, 1 James Walker, Kingsville, 2 Pat Walker, Dallas, 3 Robbie Walker, Kingsville, 1 Robert Walker, Kingsville, 2 William Walker, Waxahachie, 3 John Wallace. Alice, 4 Judy Wallace, Odem, 1 Karan Wallace, Bishop, 1 Patrick Wallace, Bishop, 3 Roberta Wallace, Refugio, 1 Ken Wallingford, Houston, 3 Linda Carol Walls, Sinton, 1 Ann Walsh. Kingsville, 2 Gracie Walt, Alice, 4 Erme Walton. Corpus Christi, 2 Franklin Wanjura Jr.. Lytle, 1 Nancy Ward. Bishop, 3 Nelwyn Ward, Hondo, 4 Patricia Ward, King Ferry, N, Y., 4 Marion Warren, Hickman, Ky., 1 Meade Clark Warthen, Corpus Christi, 4 Kathryn Washington. Alice, 3 Will Washington. Corpus Christi, 2 Calvin E. Watson. San Antonio, 4 Larry Watts. Kingsville, 1 Terry Watts, Luling, 2 Tinka Watts, Son Antonio, 1 Molly Weathers, KingsvUe, 3 Theron Weathersby, Hebbronville, Margie Weber, New Braunfels, 1 Joseph F. Wegener. Denison, 3 John Wehring. Corpus Christi, 3 Donna Weichlein. San Antonio, 4 Donna Weisinger. Devine, 1 Linda Weiss, Corpus Christi, 4 Raymond Weiss, San Antonio, 4 Whylie Welch, San Antonio 2 Jim Wells, Alice, 4 Warren Wendel, Goliad, 3 Craig Wentrcek, Harlingen, 2 Ernest D. Wernecke, Kingsville, 2 Alan West, Falfurrias, 1 Richard West. Chapman Ranch, 2 D. Lynne Weyland. San Antonio, 1 Sue Whalen. Corpus Christi, 3 Jerald Wheeler, Sugar Land, 3 Wilma Wheeler. Driscoll, 4 Arthur L. White. Houston, 1 Karen Yvonne White, Odem, 3 Vicki White, Rockport 3 Bill Whitley, Hallettsville, 2 Linda Whitley, Kingsville, 4 Troy Joe Whitney, Lytle, 1 Laurel Whitworth, Boerne, 1 Drake Wilburn, Corpus Christi, Moya Jan Wilkinson, Fremont, 4 Phil Wilkinson, Houston, 1 Tommy Wilkinson, Refugio, 4 George Willemin, San Antonio, 4 Aaron Williams, Houston, 1 Douglas Williams, Yoakum, 5 Eugene Williams, Alice, 1 9 9 ( ., , y " Gaylen Williams, Corpus Christi, 4 Jackie Williams, Corpus Christi, 3 Judy Williams, Middletown, Ohio, 3 Karen Williams, Corpus Christi, 1 Linda Williams, Point Comfort, 2 Louis Williams, Luling, 5 Nancy Williams, San Antonio, 2 Peggy Williams, Virginia Beach, Va., 2 Richard Williams, Houston, 1 Robert Gerald Williams, Alice, 5 Suzanne Conner Williams, Kingsville, 2 Mike Williamson, Crystal City, 3 C. L. Willifurd Jr., Corpus Christi, 4 Henry Willms, Los Fresnos, 4 Myra Willms, Los Fresnos, 2 Karen Willoughby, Robstown, 1 Gray M. Wilmeth, DUley, 2 Ben F. Wilson IIL Kingsville, 4 Charles Wilson, Corpus Christi, 3 Dan Wilson, Berclair, 4 David Allen Wilson, Refugio, 1 David R. Wilson, Corpus Christi, 2 Donna Wilson, Kingsville, 4 Guthrie David Wilson, Freer, 3 Janis Wilson, Kingsville, 1 Kay Wilson, Bishop, 1 Peggy Wilson, Corpus Christi, 3 Peggy Wilson, Kingsville, 2 Rodney Wilson, George West, 4 John P. Wincelonicz Jr., Corpus Christi Linda Wingo, Gregory, 3 Province Winkler, Premont, 4 Norman Wirth, Harlingen, 2 Bing Witt, Bishop, 3 Judy Witt, Bishop, 4 Henrietta, new A I mascot, was donated to AiSI by her owner Robert Harris. She makes her appearance at every home game in her blue and gold cage and remains on the side- lines to watch the action Dr. Fred Garland and James Ryland prepare 8mm colored movies of freshman chemistry lab experiments which are to be shown to lab sec- tions. This will lighten the load on lab instructors who usually do the explaining. David Withers, Fort Mill, S.C, 3 Cheryl Ann Wolf, Mission, 3 Virginia Wolf, Mission, 1 Ronnie Welter, Westhoff, 2 Buddy Wood, Harlingen, 4 Carl G. Wood, Corpus Christi, 2 lanis Wood, Corpus Christi, 2 Meredith Wood, Weslaco, 2 Mary F. Woodard, Corpus Christi, Mike Wootton, Bandera, 3 Mary D. Work, Harlingen, 2 Robert Wotipka, Woodsboro, 4 Michael Wray, Robstown, 3 Tommy Alan Wray, Taft, 3 Frances Wright, Kingsville, 3 Sandra Wright, San Benito, 4 Scott Wright, Tivoli, 2 Sessia Wyche III, Bay City, 4 Mary Wyscarver, Robstown, 1 Lee Yaklin, Tivoli, 2 loan Yanta, Runge, 3 Gerald Keith Yarnold, Canadian, 3 F. Bradford Young, Kingsville, 1 Daniel Young, San Antonio, 2 Iva Young, Bloomington, 1 Jerry Leon Young, Devine, 4 John Young, Edinburg, 1 LeRoy Young, Bloomington, 3 Thomas Glenn Young, Elsa, 3 Florence Youngblood, Goliad, ■ Humberto Yiaguirre, Falcon, 1 Albert J. Zacek, La Salle, 3 Gerald Zacharias, Bishop, 1 Monte Zajicek, Richardson, 1 Elias Zambrano, Kenedy, 1 i 1 5? §,jl 5 .tfiai Emilio Zamora Jr., La Feria, 4 Santiago Zamora, Kenedy, 4 ludy Zantow, Freer, 2 Alfredo H. Zapata, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Mary Grace Zapata, Sinton, 4 Tom Zapata, Uvalde, 4 Betty Zapletal, Agua Dulce, 4 Charles Zapp, Raymondville, 2 Emil Zarria, Corpus Christi, 3 Alicia Zavala, Robstown, 2 Olivia Zavala, Robstown, 4 Sylvia Zavaleta, Brownsville, 3 Jan R. Zenglor, New Brounfels, 2 Susan Zimmerman, Kingsville, 2 Carmin Teeple Zirkelbach, Kingsville, 4 Manuel Zuniga, Laredo, 2 ir Poriirio Zuniga, San Benito, Class officer elections were preceded by an evening of campaigning and speeches in front of the SUB by hopeful candidates. Index Abell, Elaine R. 262 Abokhader, Mohammed M. 262 Acevedo, Carlos J. 252, 262 Acevedo, Eiva 262 Acevedo, Rosa L. 252 Acevedo, Rosie 140 Acosta, lose F. 262 Acosta, Robert C. 154, 262 Acosta, Roland J. 154, 262 Acree, Cathleen J. 262 Acree, Pamela I. 34, 134, 174. 18 Acuna, Ida H. 262 Adame, Rafael 156 Adame, Reynaldo L. 262 Adams, Celestin F. 252, 262 Adams, Cornelio 149, 252 Adams, Judith F. 252 Adams, Keith G. 124, 151, 262 Adams, Lynn 242 Adams, Tommy R. 174, 262 Adcock, Lucille E. 135, 262 Adcock, Walter S. 262 Adiean, Robert A. 129, 262 Aguilar, Alma 262 Aguilar, Clara L. 99, 262 Aguilar, George 116, 155 Aguilar, Leonardo R Agu " E. 32, 102, 134, 149, 150, 174, 252 Elena 262 Debra L. 171 Akromis, Gregory P, 83, 85, 262 Alanis, Mary B. 252 Alaniz, Jose C. 262 Alba, luanita 50, 146, 149, 172, 177 Albers, Sheryl M. 238, 262 Albert, Darnell A. 171, 262 Albrecht, Larry M. 138, 248, 262 Alcala, Olga 262 Alderson, Terry G. 262 Aldridge, H. Randolph Jr. 165, 252 Alejandro, Lili 140, 148, 156, 150, 26: Aleman, Adriana 262 Alexander, Arthur 123 Alexander, Robert P. 124, 131, 163 Allonzo, Agustin J. 252 Baggs, Jerry M. 253 Bahn, Evelyn E. 182, 238 Bailey, Charles O. 253 Bailey, Eva 1. 253 Bailey, Lynn 135, 263 Baily, Neal 140, 177 Baker, Diana S. 263 Baker, Irvin R. 263 Baker, Jimmy D. 263 Baker, Ruth M. 174, 263 Baldwin, Rosanne 263 Ball, Clarence M. 55 Ballard, Kurt S. 253 Ballard, OrviUe L. 152 Ballentine, Katherine L. 263 Balsly, Harry E. 253 Baker, Mary K. 240 Bammert, Judith L. 263 Bancroft, Bernard A. 65 Banda, Julio 263 Bandfield, Charles E. 263 Barbier, Glen E. 135, 177 Barbour, Ovidio 154 Barg, Carol A. 144, 263 Barker, Henry R. 263 Barker, Robert L. 263 Barnes, Charles D. 254, 263 Barnes, Gary W. 263 Barnes, Kenneth J. 136, 263 Barnett. Joe B. 255 Gary E. 33, 258 Glo 263 Barr( Alle-e, Phe 65, 77 Hope 263 , Juanita V. 263 , Saul C. 253 Barrett, Betsy 171 Barnngton, Gerry F. 263 Barrios, William C. 258 Barron, Michael A. 242, 253 Barron, Susan V. 52, 242, 26: Barry, Duke B. 65 Bortlett, Michael K. 258 Barton, Loretta G. 153 Basham, Carroll W. 35 Allen, Barbara S. 252 Allen, Gayle 111 Allen, Jolene 170, 262 Allen, Oralia S. 262 Allen, Thomas R. 155, 178, 248 AUex, Jo 177, 180 Allex, Mary J. 111. 262 Allison, Linda S. 262 Almaraz, Lucila 32, 134, 262 Almaraz, Ruben 262 Alvarado, Henry 262 Alvarado, Hilario Jr. 262 Alvarado, Maria A 252 Alvarado, Rogelio, 262 Alvarez, Samuel Jr. 252 Amador, Mary G. 149 Anoya, Dora 118, 262 Amsbaugh, Katherine L. 262 Anderson, Kenneth C. 252 Anderson, Kenneth W. 252 Anderson, Peggy J. 180, 262 Andrade, Bruno Jr. 94 Andrews. Kathy J 244. 262 Angelloz, Sharon E. 34. 242 Anplewhite, Clair 242, 262 Aiaiza, Graciela 262 Arbuckle. Debi J. 99 Archer. Mary K. 262 Argubright, Cynthia A 252 Argubright. Thomas J. 90 Arizpe, Oscar 180, 262 Arizpe, Raul M. 252, 262 Armenia. Francisco G. Jr. 252 Bates, Becky L. Bates, Kathryn 263 Batiste, Georgetta M. 123. 263 Baty, Alice F. 169, 253 Baucom, Terry L. 263 Bauer, Glenn E. 263 Bauer, Karen S. 263 Bauer, Kenneth J. 253 Bauer, Richard J. 263 Bauer, Edna M. 263 Baur, Mary Ann 119, 169 Bautista, Gilberto 263 Bayardo, Jose M. 253 Bazan, Angelica 148 Bazan, Roel 263 Bean, Henry L. 129, 263 Beardsley, Linda K. 253 Beauchamp. Virginia 135 Bebout, Jesse D. 253 Beck, Bonnie K. 154, 253 Beck, Karen E. 263 Becker, Amy 263 Beckett, Everett N. 155. 178 Bel. Sandra J. 130, 144 Bell, David M. 61, 187 Belmontes. Velma 149, 263 Benavides, Alfredo H. 148 Benavides, Frank R. 253 ' ides, Os 263 Armste ad. Ver non R. 262 Armstr Arnold ng, Ge Daniel orge S 152. 262 E 252 Arnold Gail L 129, 240 Arnold Joe F. 35, 262 Arnold Sharon E, 262 Arredo ndo. Am ador 252 Arredondo. Amalia 262 Arredo ido. Pablo Jr. 252 Arroyo Pedro 262 Atkins, Morris 114. 116. 157 Atkinsc n, Floyd H. 262 Atkinsc s E. 262 Augus ne, Ca herine M, 262 AulVy. Madely David n 262 Avalos 262 Avars. Mary 262 Benavides. Ramon Jr. 263 Bendele, Mary Joyce 253 Benjamin, Brenda F. 123, 176. 263 Benn, Susan E. 253 Benson, Douglas G. 248 Berger. Kenneth A. 263 IJerkebile, Kathy 238 Bernal, Ruben 156, 263 Berry, David J. 137. 177, 253 Ben Louii 258 Berry, Michael L. 253 Bessel. Stephen R. 263 Beyer. Elaine N. 263 Bice. Maurice K. 263 Bickham. John R, 263 Biddle. 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Joe E. 264 Boggs, Dorothy C. 264 Bolen, William L. 180 Bonnell, Ruth A. 132, 252 Bono, Jose R. 264 Bono, Maria L. 264 Boomgaarden, Darrell 264 Boomgaarden, Marilyn S. 127, 254 Boone, Robert L. 123, 175, 181, 264 Booth, Sheila M. 264 Boothe, Kathryn S. 264 Borchardt, Earline A. 254 Eorrego, Arthur M. 154, 264 Bosquez, Richard 254 Bounds, Edward W. 264 Bowdler. Barbara A. 264 Bowie, Irene 148, 149, 254 Box, James R. 190, 264 Boysen. Cheryl L. 33, 264 Bradshaw, Lewis A. 153, 182, 264 Brand, Randy J. 254 Braudaway, Alton L. 31, 264 Breshears, Jimmy W. 264 Bressie, Bradley A. 264 Bressie, Margaret A. 264 Brett, Joe D. 258 Bridges, Drew 264 Bridgers, Richard E. 177, 254 Brinkmeyer, Marsha K. Ill Brinley, E. D. 116 Broderick, Helen K. 254 Brodnax. James D. 53, 250, 254 Brooks. Connie S. 264 Brooks, Cinda S. 240 Browder, James A. 65, 79 Brown. Carole L. 264 Brown. Clinton E. 135 Brown, Douglas K. 264 Brown, Gary L. 254 Brown. Gene 124, 131, 145 Brown, Harold L. 123, 264 Brown, James C. 65, 79 Brown, Kevin D. 264 Brown. Linda C. 32, 254 Brown Nancy J. 33. 254 Brown. Randolph V. 264 Brown, Robert C. Jr. 170 Brown. Ronald B. 264 Brown, Steven D. 250, 254 Brown, Thomas R. Jr. 128 Brown. Tyre 33 Browning. Kenneth E. Jr. 264 Brundrett. Charles R. 264 Brundrolt. Jerald L. Jr. 264 Bruton, Dorothy A. 264 Bryant, Forrest D. 254 Bryant. Nancy M. 264 Bryant. Roland T. 264 Bryant. Steven W. 171, 254 Brysch, John M. 264 Buchanan, Randall 255 Buchholz, Bobby D. 162. 264 Buck. Janene G. Ill, 135, 264 Buehring, Har ey L. 35, 124, 145, 245, 264 Bull, Betty J. 254 Bull. Molly N. 254 Bu ' ditt, Mack A. 115, 116, 158 310 Bureau, Sandra A. 244, 265 Burgess, Frederick M. 165 Burgess, James W. 135 Burgess, Ricky 116 Burke, loyce M. 265 Burkelt, Cynthia S. 171 Burkhardt, Janice J. 265 Burks, StrelsG, 116 Burleson, Barbara A. 135 Burleson, Thomas G. 265 Burley, Barbara J. 126, 265 Burnham, Robert M. 265 Burns, Barbara J. 265 Burns, Katherine A. 42, 61, 244, 259, 265 Burns, Lenord C. 140 Burnside, Floyde W. Jr. 122 Burris, Lowell M. 142, 265 Burris, Linda 133, 265 Burrows, Jackie L. 133, 265 Busby, Diana Karen 265 Busby, Larry R. 124, 125, 131, 151, 170, 246, BustUlo° Rudolph L. Jr. 35, 265 Butler, Alfred G. 265 Butler, Johnny L. 265 Butler, Linda G. 240 Butter, Roy L. 265 Butler, Samuel D. 265 Butler, Thomas M. 265 Bui enbaum, Kala N. 265 Bulller, Deborah K. 265 Butts, Margaret 137, 177 Butts, Tommy D. 122, 265 Byerly, Mary K. 265 Byrne, Don R. 265 Byrom, Daniel K. 248, 265 Cabrera, Mary L. 265 Cadena, Adriana 265 Cadena, Joe 115 Cadena, Johnny J. Ill Cadena, Minerva L. 265 Cadena. Teresila 265 Cadwell, Robeil W. 265 r:alaway. Cheryl R. 171, 2b5 Caldeia, Manuel E. 26S :alderon. Auguslin 156 Calderon, Emma T. 265 Caldeion, Julian 178 Calderon, Otto A. 156, 266 Caldwell, Charlene V. 266 Caldwell, Robert W. 247 Calk, Roger D. 266 Callahan, Elizabeth A. 170, 266 Callaway, David 266 Calle, Maurice W. 266 CarriUo, Arnoldo 266 Carrillo, Maria L. 266 Carrillo, Odilia E. 266 Carroll, Delia I. 135, 266 Carter, Frank J. 256 Carter, Gail A. 242 Carter, Hermine K. 265 Carver, Alma L. 266 Case, Thomas C. 248 Casias, Jessica S. 266 Cassiono, Oscar 266 Cashlla, Ruben 266 Castillo, Alonzo Y. 148, 149, 172, 2 Castillo, Eva 266 Castillo, Juan J. 266 Castillo, Lilia G, 256 Castillo, Maria D. 266 Castillo, Roberto R. 156, 252, 266 Castro, Andres L. 265 Castro, Juanita 266 Cattan, Anioine R. 166 Causey, Jimmy C. 266 Cavazos, David H. 266 Cavazos, Ezequiel Jr. 266 Cavazos, Joel 138, 178 Cavazos, Jose H. 266 Cavazos, Joseph Cav 127 Cavazos, Roberto C. 266 Cavazos, Rosy 266 Cavazos, Santos 111, 130 Cavazos, Sylvia 150, 266 Cayce, Ginnea 266 ____ , Mo , . Javier E. 266 Cernoch, Frankie R. 34, 145 Chacon, Delia L. 147, 148, 1 Chambers, Mary E. 266 Chandler, Barry E. 31, 266 Chant, Carolyn N. 266 Chapa, Atilano 266 Chapa, Edelmiro Jr. 267 Chapa, Ernesto B. 267 Chapa, Irma F. 267 Chapa, Lydia 150, 267 Chapa, Mario 153 Chapa, Nelda R, 267 Chapa, Virginia G. 267 Chapa, Yolanda 267 Chapman. Stanton W , Chastain, Janette 238, 267 Chastain, Suzanne 238 Chavera, Esmeralda 267 Chovez, Lionel G, 267 Chelkowski, Eddy J, 248 267 Calnon, Susan J. 255 Camacho, Carlos E. 138, 154 Camacho, Jose E. 154 Camp, JuUa 256 Camp, Leola 266 Campbell, Glenn A. 248 Campbell, Mike 256 Canales, Eva 255 Canales, Eva A. 266 Canales, Gloria 161, 265 Canales, Minerva 266 Canales, Ninia 149, 265 Canales, Rosa L. 127 Cann, Edwin P. 265 Cannady, George W. 255 Cannon, Gustav 128, 256 Cano, Laura F. 256 Cano, Pete 266 Canter, Clyde A. 266 Can 122 Cantu, Arnoldo 266 Cantu, Carlos C. Jr. 266 Cantu, Charles R. 266 Cantu, Diose! 266 Cantu, Fidel Jr. 255 Cantu, Irma 265 Cantu, Mauricio 160 Cantu, Oralia 266 Cantu, Yolanda 256 Capetillo, Dolores 266 Carbajal, Rene 256 Cardenas, Manuel 265 Cardenas, Raul E. 266 Carle, Rothe J. 265 Carleton, Stephen M. 258 Carlisle, Jan K. 244, 266 Carlisle, Michael C. 254 Carlson, Janet K. 157, 240 Carnes, Diana D. 256 Caro, Lee R. 256 Caro, Rene A. 266 Caro, Robert 266 Carpenter, James D. 258 Carper, Warren B. 258 Carr, Bobby B. 124, 131, 26 Carranza, Candelario P. Ji Chesser, Judith 126, 139, 267 Chi, Agnes Yun 156, 154, 267 Chi, Chi-Ping 156, 267 Chi, Chih Yung 153, 156, 257 Chidester, L. W. 115 Childers, John P. 153 Childers, Pat 257 Childress, Cheryl 32, 267 Chiuminatto, Martin J. Jr. 254, 267 Chiuminatto, Rosalie 244, 257 Chmura, Cynthia A. 267 Chopelas, Allen 124 Chorn, Melody L. 109, 110, 111, 141 Chrisman, Paula S. 33, 110, 111, 26 Christensen, Carl C. Jr. 252 Chrisotpher, Virginia A. 129, 267 Chumbley, Lester M. 128 Cisneros, Armando A. 267 Clampitt, Marion A, 267 Clark, Ann 267 Clark, Craig W. 166, 178 Clark, Donna M. 257 Clark, Douglas N. 257 Clark, Mary A. 135, 267 Clark, Michael R. 182 Clarke, Mary E. 267 Clayton, Fred D. Jr. 83, 84, 85 Cleary, Raoul G. 256 Clements, Richard J. 267 Clcmons, Richard D. 267 Clendenin, Patricia R. 267 Cloud, Karen R. 146, 150, 158, 267 Cody, Carl M. 267 Coe, John D. 254 Coler. Michael D. 267 Cole, Barbara R. 238, 267 Cole, Beverly K. 110, 135, 257 Cole, Susie F. 257 Coleman, Judy G. 257 Coleman, Nancy M. 267 Collier, Calvin C. 267 Collier, Jo A 133, 267 Collins, 31, 124 Collins, Martha A. 267 Collins, Teresa 267 Colweli, Grover G. 31, 153, 267 Connaway, Beverleigh 127, 244 Connaway, Carolyn 244 Connor, John R. 267 Conroy, Jerry R. 143. 163, 267 184, 257 Cook, Andrew 149 Cook, Charles J. 129 Cook, Doyle 104 Cook, Sandra K. 267 Cooke, Daniel B. 257 Cooke, James H. 267 Cooke, Milton M. Jr. 248 Cooper, Edward H. Jr. 254, 267 Cooper, Michelette F. 267 Copeland, Everett A. Jr. 267 Copeland, Linda S. 244 Copeland, Pamela S. 34, 267 Coquat, Noma J. 159, IE " " ' Cornelius, Joyce Y. 267 Cornelius, Lynn T, 267 Cortez, Gil 159 Corlez, Maria 1. 257 Cortez, Mateo C. 267 Cosgrove, Craig E. 128, 267 Costello, James A. 65 Coulter, James D. Jr. 153, 178, 267 Cousins. Barton W. 171 Cousins, Ronald L. 257 Coward, Mollis E 267 Crabb, Laura J. 238, 267 Craig, Donald R. 256 Craig. Rondall R. 256 Craig, Steven W. 254, 267 Grand, lohn E 135 156, 267 Crawford, Michael D. 267 Crawford. Ronald F. 110, Crooks, Bebe K. 267 Crosnoe. Carclee 267 Cross, Harvey R. 267 Crow. Thomas R. 267 Crum, Bobby L. 267 Crum, Kathy D. 267 Crump. Edwin T. Ill 116 Cruz, Abraham U. 267 Cruz, Guadalupe C. 268 Cruz. Nasario Tr. 258 Cruz Vicente 268 257 267 Cuellar Cuellar Janie Maur 149 do 268 . 268 Cuellar Ricar do V . 190, 268 Cuellar Sylvi a J. 268 Culbert on M arv . 238. 268 Culli, Douglas 142, 268 Culp, Je rrv A 152 Culpepper. Su ?„ . 43, 5 . 53, 176 242 255 Cumberland. Allan D. 268 Cunningham, Aprii F. ' 177 Cunningham, Debora A. 24- Cunningham, Imelda D. 26( Cunningham. Thomas 83, i; Cunningham, Vicki 268 Currey, Bob 258 Curry. Al J. 248. 268 Curtis, Suzanne 268 Cuthrell, Pamela 268 Czar, Veronica F. 268 Dabelgott, Daniel A. 268 Daffin, Michael W. 106, 144 Dahlstrom, Ruth J. 268 Dahonev, Frank 171, 269 Dailey, Julie A. 56 Dalton, Bently J. 268 Damron, Billy C. 268 Daniels, Robert 90 91 93, 2( Dannels, Williara R. 268 Darden. Carol L. 146, 242 21 Daughtrey, Patricia T. 258 Davenport, John A. Jr. 268 Davenport, Topper 90. 258 Davoy, Lizabeth I. 268 Davila, Adriana 268 Davila, Gilbert 268 Davila, Yolanda C. 150 Davis, Anita J. 258 Davis, Billie J. 171, 258 Davis, Charles V. 268 Davis, Charley C. 122 Davis, D ' Ann 244 123 Davis. Edward G. 258 Davis, Frances K. 268 Davis, Katherine E. 52, 242, 268 Davis, Kenneth J. 35 Davis, Lawrence Dill Davis Loyce 116 Davis. Peter L 268 - - Davis, Sandra J. 268 Day, Michael C. 122, 26B Day, Sheron J. 268 Dayton, Rebecca R. 182, 238, 268 De La Garza, Robert A. 268 De La Garza, Rosendo Jr. 160 De La Rosa, Kris 268 Delambre, Chris 135 De Leon, Ida B. 268 De Los Santos, Rene 166, 268 De Spain, John T. 268 De Spain, Katherine M. 268 Deacon, David 107 Deal, Diana I. 127, 268 Deon, Beverly J. 150, 268 Deanda, Leroy J. 55, 77 Deases. Vincent E. 128, 153 Deason, Jerry W. 268 Delcambre, Chris G. 268 Delgado, Benjamin 129, 168, 268 Delgado, Miguel A. 268 Delgado, Rodolfo 181, 268 Delgado, Victor H. 268 Denslow, Joseph C. 129, 268 Deville, Dennis J. 102, 259, 268 Devme, Bob 138 Devine, Charles R. 250, 268 Deviney, George C. 268 Deyo, Nancy E. 268 Diaz De Leon, Victor O. 268 Diaz, Robert T. 268 Dick, Sharon J. 238, 268 Dickens, Douglas 268 Dickson, Ronald 268 Dickson, Sharon S. 268 Diehnelt, William J, 35, 268 Dillard, Carl N. 268 Dillard, George O. 171, 268 Dimas, Jorge A. 131, 155, 268 Duncan, Juan M. 269 Duncan, Sam L. 269 Dunn, David R. 152, 182 Dunn, Donald R. 245 Dunn, William M. Jr. 269 Dunn, Zola H. 259 Dunne, John S. Jr. 34, 269 Dunten, Cathy G, 269 Durham, Thelma J. 140, 149, 2f Duron, James L. 154, 154, 269 Dworaczyk, Patricia J. 259 Dybov ski, Dee A. 259 Dyer, Michael H. 250 Earhart, Carlton N. Jr. 140, 14i Earles, Cynthia L. 269 Ebner, Edward L. 180, 269 Ebner, John C. 122, 269 Ebner, Michael L. 122, 259 Echols, Ronald E. 269 Edge, Glennis K. 269 Ediger, Bradley G. 259 Edmonson, Gail E. 157, 269 Edmundson, Ronald R, 181 Edwards, James C, 111, 269 Edwards, La Wanna H. 269 Edwards, Larry 65, 79 Edwards, Linda L. Ill, 269 Efantis, Eugenia P. 269 Ehrlich, Daphne R. 240 Eicher, Cynthia A. 32, 269 Eickenloff, Ricky K. 35 Elizondo, Alma J. 269 Elizondo, Elia E. 269 Elizondo, Ezequiel 259 Elliott, Billy M. 129, 259 Elliott, Mary " " " Ellis Ellison, James Ellison, Trumar 259 P. 250 269 Elsea, Elsea. Sissie 33, 171 Emmert, Carolyn L. 135, 269 EmshofI, Walter C, Jr. 259 Engle, Karen L. 259 Engelking, Frank B. 259 Enaelking, James C. 31, 166, 178 Engstrom, Bradley E. 171 Engstrom, Peggy S. 269 Enyart, Nancy J. 32, 211 Ephram, Shirley A. 123, 271 Epps, Thomas J. 250, 271 Finley, Mary L. 32, 135, 154, 271 Fischer, Carolyn R. 271 Fish, Louise 271 Fisher, Bennett D. 128 Fitch, Gay L. 127, 271 Fitzgerald, Gerald M. 248 Flack, Mary E. 150, 271 Flanders, Arthur R., Jr. 271 Fleck, Johnny J. 246 Fleming, Larry D. 271 Fleming, Robert E. 138, 173, 178 Flenniken, Lynda L. 141, 271 Fletcher, Randolph C. 143 Flores, David W. 163, 271 Flores, Evaristo, Jr. 271 Flores, Jacobo 271 Flores, Jose M. 271 Flores, Lourdes J. 271 Flores, Manuel, Jr. 159 Flores, Manuel C. 118, 119 Flores, Merida 271 Flores, Raul G. 271 Flores, Rebecca E. 271 Florez, Sandra D. Ill Flowers, Addison Jr. 271 Floyd, Cheryl F. 126 Floyd, Jean 171 Floyd, Lucy I. 271 Flynn, Johnnie C. 271 Fohn, John H. 271 Fojtik, Felix D. 145, 245 Folkman, Craig W, 142, 271 Foote, Ina F. 271 Ford, Dallas 271 Ford, Deborah L. 271 Fordtran, Michael 271 Fordtran, Sue A. 271 Foree, Sherry B. 271 Fossler, Terry W. 259, 271 Fothergill, Loren W. 271 Fournier, Erwin E. 31 Fowler, Judy C. 135, 271 Fowler, Marianne 271 Fox, Dorothy K. 271 Frakich, Mitchell R. 163, 181 Franco, Diana 41, 271 Franek, Randall J. 34 Franke, Clara B. 135, 162, 271 Franklin, Bobbie J. 271 Franklin, James M. 271 Franklin. John M. 271 Franks, Jeannette L. Ill Eraser, Joan A. 271 Frausto, Jesus 272 Frederick, Kay H. 272 Freeman, Alton Z., Jr. 272 Dio ;m A. 124, 145, 151, 269 William J. 269 155, 259 Dishonogh, Nancy J. ' . Dives, Margarita H. : Dix, Tony 135 Dixon, Dennie 250 Dixon, James M. 128, Dixon, Jeanene A. 26 Dixon, Royal E. 129 Dlugosch, James E. 2 Doan, Sarah D. 259 Dobbins, Jeanettc F. Dobbs, William D. 17 Dobie, Kris Dobie, Willie Dobrowolski Dodd, Charle Dodds, Dorothy Dodds. Douglas E. 259 Dodson, Frank A Jr. 35, 259 Dohoney, Frank 245 Doherty, Weldon E. 122, 135 Dolezal, Alan L. 250, 259 Dolezal, Thomas M. 259 Domel, Thomas G. 55, 79 Dominguez, Christina Z. 269 Doramus, Herbert G. 55, 269 Dorsey, Betty M. 44, 51, 95, 244, 269 Doucet, Harold L. 140, 269 Doucet, Mary T. 140, 269 Dougherty. James B. 256 Douglas, Bruce W. 269 Douglas, Karl M. 65, 67, 75, 269 Douglas, Sharon A. 259 Dowell, Douglas L. 259 Drake, Bryan 55 Drake, Duano C. 259 Drake, Norma Beth 144, 269 Drake, Glen B. 269 Drees, Marjorie A. 269 Dreking, Richard 269 Dreyer, Gerry S. 129, 259 Dreyer, Thomas E. 259 DriskiU, Verna L. 139, 269 Dromgoole, Brenda S. 269 Drozd, Linda M. 259 Drury, Dianna S. 32, 133, 134, 146, 26 Du Bois, Jack L. 159, 259 Du Bose, Paula 170 Ducote, Thomas E. 107, 179, 259 Duda, Michael I, 248 Dudley, Jack W. 170 Ducnow, Linda E. 182, 238, 269 Dumlao, Robert 269 Ermis, Jim G. 124 Ernst, Anna M. 271 Erskine, Michael R. 143, 271 EscamiUa, Diana 271 Eschbach, Linda K. 146, 158, 271 Escobar, Gloria S. 271 Escobar, Juan M. 271 Escobar, Mario A. 271 Escobar, Oralia M. 172, 271 Escobar, Romeo L. 271 Esparza, Roberto 271 Espino, Diana 271 Espinosa, Alfredo, 116 Espinosa, Ernest D. 271 Espinosa, Lydia V. 271 Espinosa, Maria F. 271 Estes. Thomas D. Ill, 115, 115, 157, 271 Estringel, Frank 128, 252 Etheridge, Barbara R. 242 Eubank, Eletha J. 271 Evans, Carmen E. 143 Evans, Cynthia L. 175, 242 Evans, Jane S. 32 Evans, Monna J. 133, 174, 242, 271 Evans, William C. 94, 95 Fankhauser, Judy M. 271 Farias, Jose 271 Farias, Juan M. 271 Farias, Marisela 271 Farias, Sylvia L. 150, 271 Farmer, Debra A. 182, 244, 271 Farmer, Roy L. 55. 78 Farr, Paul W. 256. 271 Farrier, Kenneth N. 271 Faseler, Barbara L. 133. 271 Faseler, John R. 271 Feild, Jack 180 Felon, Bellanira 161 Felon, Rosa 271 Felder, Dorryl L. 248 Ferguson, Robert R. 256 Ferguson. Timothy C. 31. 124, 151, 171, 271 Fernandez, Johnny R. 271 Ficklin, Jeffrey M. 254 Fielding, Ronald V. 65, 75 Figueroa, Johnny E. 31 Finch, Linda S. 271 Finley. Forrest G. 271 Finley. John K. 250 Freeman, Charles H. 131 Freeman, Jo A. 272 Fregia, Eleanor F. 272 Fregia, Maury R. 124, 171, 272 Friberg, Michael J. 272 Friedeck, Donald R. 55. 142, 153, 272 Friesenhahn, James J. 79, 272 Fromme, Daryl R. 124 Pete 272 Fry, Nick E. 122, 142, 272 Frye, Nancy J. 272 Fuenles, Anita W. Ill, 135, 272 Fuentes, Enrique 272 Fuessel, John W. 248 Fulkerson, Merie L. 272 Fulkerson, Skippy 138 Fulkerson, Wilma R. 272 Fuller. Dwain L. 88, 89, 272 Fullerton, Bruce C. 33 Fulton, Sylvia K. 182. 183. 272 Fusselman. John H. 153, 173, 272 Fuzzell, Norman A. 159. 180, 272 Gage, Paul E. . . Gainan. Gary J. 163. 250 Gainan, Noreen E. 242 Galvan, Albert 272 Galvan, Jose F., Jr. 272 Galvan. Yolanda M. 272 Gamez. Agustin 272 Gammel, Michael H. 272 Garcia, Alejandro A. 272 Garcia, Angelita V. 272 Garcia, Arthur 190 Garcia, Arturo 272 Garcia, Becky 272 Garcia, Benito 272 Garcia, Carlos L. 272 Garcia, David M. 272 Garcia. Dolores 272 Garcia. Edna C. 272 Garcia. Edward A. 33, 140, 152, 272 Garcia, Elida D. 272 Garcia, Elsa M. 272 Garcia. Ernestina E. 272 Garcia, Francisco A. 159, 272 Garcia, Gloria D. 272 Garcia, Graciela 272 Garcia, Hector G. 182. 272 Garcia, Hector R. 272 Garcia, Jorge A. 272 Garcia, Jose A. 272 Garcia, luan R. 272 Gorcia, Julia B. 272 Garcia, Lorenzo 272 Garcia, Lubin R. 272 Garcia, Lupe 115 Garcia, Luis A. 272 Garcia, Margarita 148. 27 Garcia, Maria E. 148 Garcia, Maria F. 272 Garcia, Maria M. 272 Garcia, Mariano III 163 Garcia, Mary F. 147, 184, ; Garcia, Mary L 148, 272 Garcia, Nelda J, 272 Garcia. Norma N. 272 Garcia. Omar 272 Garcia, Patricia A. 119, 16 Garcia, Raul J. 154, 272 Garcia. Raul Jr. 272 Garcia, Robert J. 272 Garcia, Rodollo A. 272 Garcia, Tony V. 272 Gar. Vein 272 Gardil Gardiner, Sheila L. 272 Gar ner, Howard K. 65 Garner, Penelope R. 240 Garrison. Sheila D. 272 Garza. Adolph C. 272 Garza. Ana M. 141, 272 Garza. Andres J., Jr. 272 Garza, Anna B. 272 Garza, Anna G. 273 Garza, Anqel 148. 273 Garza. Antonio C. 95 Garza. Carlos 273 Garza. Carmen L. 273 Garza. Claudio A. 140, IbU Gaiza, Cristobal 273 Garza, Diana M. 273 Garza, Federico 273 Garza, Fernando D. 273 Garza, Fernando R. 273 Garza, Glalidia P. 273 Garza, Gloria E 273 Garza, Gloria P. 147, 184 Garza, Jesus F. 273 Garza. Jose S. 273 Garza, Joseph H. 90. 273 Garza. Leocadio. Jr. 273 Garza. Lydia 273 Garza. Maria I. 273 Gaiza. Maria Y. 165. 273 Garza. Mary E. 273 Garza. Mary E. 273 Garza, Mike F.. Jr. 273 Garza. Mucio B. 273 Gar; 01i Omar 131. 145, 273 Garza, Pedro R. 273 Garza. Raymond T. 273 Garza. Richard J. 273 Garza. Richard R, 273 Garza. Roberto C. 273 Garza. Rosaelia 273 Garza. Sandra 273 Gar: R. 273 Garza. Yolanda _ , Garza. Yvonne S, 141. 143. 274 Gass. Laura L. 274 Gatlin. Michael P. 274 Gavenda. Frances G. 180. 274 Gaylord. Nathan A. 274 Gelfert. Larry W. 274 Gelfert. Shirley A. 274 Gentry. James R. 250 Gerber, Robert E. 274 Gerbia. Judy B. 274 Gerecke. John P. 274 Gesick. William H. 274 Gewin. Michael L. 169. 274 Gibbs, Linda L 240 Gibbs, Nancy E. 274 Gibson. Brenda D. 135. 274 Gibson. Cheryl L. 274 Gibson. Judith M. 126. 174. Giese, Maurice W. 274 Giese. Warren G. 142. 274 Giesecke. William B. 250. 274 Gilbert. Michael G. 110. Ill, 165. 168 Gilbert. Patricia 1. 274 Gilden. Wayne G. 256 175. 274 GiUaspy, Deanna D. 114, 141, 165. 238. 274 Gillaspy, Zena J. 33. 134, 244, 274 Gillespie, Maiy L. 274 Gilliam, Ashbel O.. Jr. 171. 274 Gilliam, David. 116 Gilliam. Karen L, 274 GiUiam William R. 129 Gillis, John C. 274 Gilstrap, Tommy O. 171, 254 Gingerich, Shirley I. 126. 164. 274 Girard, Mary B. 274 Giraudin, Paul III 129, 274 Glass, Linda L. 274 Glenn. Henry L. 65, 69. 79. 141 Glover. Susan C. 274 Goad. Gerald W. 274 Gobble. Ira G. 255 Godinez. Armando H. 274 Godsey. Wilbur R. 254 Goerges, Sue E, 274 Goerges. Zone A. 274 Goldman. Calvin O. 275 Goldstein. Hank 142 Gomez. Carlos E. 275 Gomez. Carlos 275 Gomez, Generoso Jr. 275 Gomez. Louis S. 275 Gomez. Rosenda M. 140. 149. 160. 275 Gongori Griffith. Donna K. 275 Grim, Raymond B, 275 Grissom. Jimmy D. 90. 275 Grones. Leon J. 166, 275 Gross, Shirley, 116 Grumbles, Sherry B. 275 Guajardo, Elda 275 Guajardo, Ernesto 115, 116. 168 Guardia, Fernan 156 Guerra, Anna M. 275 Guerra. Catherine R. 275 GU6 Carlos 275 „ Daniel 276 Guerra. Dario Jr. 276 Guerra. Ignacio III 276 Guerra. Imelda 276 Gutrra, Jorge E, 276 Guerra, Luis G,, Jr. 276 Guerra Manuel H. 276 Guerra, Noel A. 276 Guerra, Olga D. 32, 275 Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzales Gonzalei Alo O. 275 Un Jr. 131 Eduardo Jr. 275 Gilbert 124, 275 Guile Jr. 169 Homer 275 G. 275 .. . . 276 Maria I. 276 .„ Ofelia G. 276 ro. Phillip III 276 ro, Robert A. 276 ro. Roberto M. 275 ra. Juan G. 149. 276 ra. luanita D. 275 ■11. Pamela A 33, 275 ■ez, Abel 90 rez, Armando G. 276 ■ez Clemente R. 145 rez. Frank 276 Norma 275 Gonzales. Pablo 275 Gonzales. Rudy V. 155 Gonzalez. Adrianna G. 148. 275 Gonzalez, Alfredo Jr. 275 Gonzalez, Angel R. Jr. 275 Gonzalez. Antonio V. Jr. Ill Gonzalez. Armando 275 Gonzalez. Carmen 99. 275 Gonzalez Consuelo R. 275 Gonzalez, David 275 Gonzalez, Diana T. 275 Gonzalez. Dolores G. 275 Gonzalez, Edna D. 275 Gonzalez. Eduardo N. 275 Gonzalez. Elda L. 275 Gonzalez Guilibaldo Jr. 119, 275 Gonzalez. Gus E. 275 Gonzalez. Hector C. 143. 163, 275 Gonzalez. Humberto 115. 168 Gut Gut Gutioi.c , i o ,.. .- Gutierrez Maria D. 276 Gutierrez, Reynaldo G. 276 Gutierrez Ricardo G. 35. 52. 140. 152. 176. 275 Gutierrez! Roldan A. 276 Gulzmer. Martin R 153. 275 Guzman. Mary H. 276 Guzman Rene A. 116. 168. 276 Gyllenband. Michael S 153. 173. 178. 250, 276 Haftner, Linda R. 276 Hager, Helen L. 275 Hagen. George E. 276 Hahn. Charles T. 275 Hahn. Edith F. 277 Hahn. Johnnio L. 277 Hahn. Peggy S. 238. 277 Hahn. Randall M. 94. 258. 27 Hajoviky, Jerry L. 50, 65. 76 Gonzalez. Jose A. 149 Gonzalez, Jose E. 275 Gonzalez. Juan P. 275 Gonzalez. Lorenzo 275 Gonzalez, Maria D. 275 Gonzalez, Maricela 149. 275 Gonzalez. Mario A. 275 Gonzalez. Mary A. 275 Gonzalez. Noni. 275 Gonzalez, Oscar A. 275 Gonzalez, Robert 90. 91, 92 Gonzalez, Ruben M. 159. J75 Gonzalez, Tony 109. 165 Gonzalez, Yolanda 148, 215 Gonzalez. Yolanda M, 32, 140 Gooch, Maurice J. 128 Goode, Howard B.. Jr. 275 Goode, Susan E. 275 Goodwin. Carol A. 242 Goodwyn. Frank Jr. 136. 180 Gordon. Charles D. 275 Gore. Sarah S, 275 Goss, Thomas G. 275 Gracia. Mauro A. 275 Gracia, Preciliano C. 275 Graham, Kenneth L. 163, 182, 275 Grant, Gary E. 275 Graves, Judith A. 33. 170. 275 Gray, Jakelynn R. 139, 275 Gray. Larry E. 157 Gray. Mary A. 275 Gray. Richard Z. 275 Gray. William M. 275 Gray. William R.. Jr. 131. 142. 145, 275 Grayson, Rickey D, 130, 275 Greco, Frank A. 35, 171. 275 Green. Henry T.. Jr. 275 Green. Jerry A, 180. 275 Green, Melvin C. 152 Greenwalt. Barbara C, 275 Greenwalt. Charles W. 275 Greenlee. Vicki W. 34. 134. 167, 174, 182, 238, 275 Greer. Leslie H., Jr. 275 Gregorcyk, Scott E. 173. 275 Gregorcyk. William A. 259. 275 Gregorcyk. William A. 147 Gregory, Robert J.. Jr. 275 Griesenbeck. Ronald D. 88 Griffin, Lee W. 275 Griffin. Mary K, 244. 275 Hake. Virginia 277 Halaby, Ramsy J, 166 Halamicek, Forrester L, 157. 277 Halberdier. Martha E 242. 277 Halbgewachs. Ba-bara H. 277 Hale, Martha S. 147. 184. 277 Hall, Christine E. 277 Hall, Gwendolyn A. 277 Hall, John P. 277 Hall. Martin N. 88. 153. 277 Hall, Patsy R. 238, 277 Hall Terry W. 277 Hall, Willard C, Jr 123, 277 Hallan. Joel K. 180 Ham. Charles L. 277 Hamff. Laura. 115 Hamilton. Blake E. 138, 277 Hamilton, Thea K. 169, 277 Hamon. Harry D. 153. 277 Hancock. James S. 254. 277 Hander, Dick 250 - 155, 173, ■- Han Tho 124, 131. 151 Ronald G. 277 Henry. Margaret Ann 13 Hardy, Karen J. 277 Hardy, Sarah J. 139 Harper. Alice F. 32. 277 Harr. George C. " ' " Emn M. Harris. Grah Harris. Patricia S. 150. 277 Harris. R. Tad 147. 277 Hams. Rober C. 277 Hams. Robert V . 277 Harrison Dwight 65. 57. 75, 91. 95 Harrison! Michael H 163. 277 Gart, Dickie L. 277 Hartman, Jamss B. 277 Hartmann, Eugene M , Jr, 277 Hartnell, Bruce A, 277 Hartnell, Janet M. HO. 141. 277 Hartuna. H. Jack Jr. 55. 79 Harwell. N. Wayne 278 Haskett. Diana R, 278 Hassler. Barabra M. 1 ' Hassmann. Harry E. 1 Hatch. David E 278 Hatheld. Steve D. 278 Hauenstein, Roger 116 155. 278 313 Hauenstein, Thomas D. 129, 278 Haug, Willie A., Jr, 278 Haun, Will F. 278 Haunschild, David M. Ill, 143, 278 Hausler, Alan H. 278 Hausler, Lynette A. 244, 278 Hausler, Ronald D. 278 Haverlah, Cynthia A. 33 Havlik, Charles 278 Hawkins, David D. 278 Hawthorne, Annette 33, 278 Hayden, Fred C, Jr. 31, 278 Hayes, fana S. 158, 278 Hayes, John K. 278 Hayes, Patricia R. 278 Hayes, Sharla B. 278 Hayes, Susan L. i78 Haynes, Earnest 90, 92, 95 Haynes, Edwin T. 151, 278 Haynes, Mary C. 135, 278 Haynes, Tommy 124, 278 Head, Regina C. 278 Heard, Marguerite G. 240, 278 Heard, Sandra L, 111 278 Hearn, Jerry L. 278 Hearn, loe L, 278 Heerssen, Gary O. 175, 278 Heflin, Brenda K, 33, 150, 158 278 Heil, Mark E. 256 He.tkamp, Nancy J. 278 Held, Diana M. 136, 238 Bellman, Marion 54, 139, 146 150 15! Hellman, Marvin C. 278 Hellmann, Rusfell E. 126, 128 278 Heliums, Dorothy A. 278 Hemmen, Mark 278 Henderson, James B. 258 Henderson, Mark P. 258 Henderson, Molly A. 278 Henderson, William 258 Hendrick, Dana J. 258 Hendrick, Lucille W. 33, 278 Henicke, Willie 278 Henke, Gerald W, 115, 157 278 Henkhaus, Weldon W. 278 Henry, Margaret A. 33, 174, 278 Henry, Rueben M. 142, 278 Herauf, Fred L., Jr. 278 Herbeck, August W., Jr. 160 Herber, Carl R. 278 Herbert, Violet K, 133, 162, 174 278 Hernandez, Cruz J. 148, 278 Hernandez, Gilbert G. 166, 178 278 Hernandez, Graciela 278 Hernandez, Guadalupe A. 278 Hernandez, Isabel 278 Hernandez, Manuel R. 278 Hernandez, Manuel R. 278 Hernandez, Mario 278 Hernandez, Maria de la Luz 160 278 Hernandez, Minerva 278 Hernandez, Oralia G 99 278 Hernandez, Orlelinda 278 Hernandez, Ramond G. 278 Hernandez, Yolanda 278 Herndon, Louis A. 278 Herod, Donna L. 278 Herod, James R. 55, 126, 135, 177, 278 Herrera, Humberto M. 278 Herrera, Jose 278 Herrera, Roberto 149 Herring, Lydia A. 242, 278 Herwig, Stephen D 159, 278 Herzik, Ronald L. 254 Hester, E. Perry Jr. 142, 278 Hester, Fredia L. 278 Hester, Robert W. 278 Hickl, Melvin J. 152, 159 Hickl, Raymond W. 65 69 75 Hicks, Gloria M. 278 Higginbotham, David C. 278 Higginbotham, Donald H. 31 115 278 Higginbotham, Janet K, 278 Higginbotham, Paul R. 248 Higginbotham, Ronald L 278 Higgins, Shirley A. 278 Hightower, Gary L. 248, 278 Hilario, Laura 160, 279 Hilario, Patricia A. 29, 32, 33, 160, 174 Hi , Andrew L., Jr. 131, 171 Hill, Christopher L. 94 279 Hill, Craig A. 250 Hill, Leopoldo Jr. 279 Hill, Pamela V 144 Hillmon, Reginald 123, 279 Hindelang, Douglas B 248 Hindman, Linda S. 279 Hines, Charles J. 254 Hinojosa, Ana M. 279 Hinojosa. David H. 90, 92 Hinojosa, Erna 279 Hinojosa, H. Delia 279 " 122, 279 r S 279 . 155, 279 a R. 2: ' 9 C. 279 Hinze, Charlene B. 279 Hitzlelder, Gary Max 279 Hlavinka, Carole J. 279 Hoag, Patricia A. 34, 118, 146, 242, 2 Hogan, Charlene 279 Hogan, Edward 279 Hodge, C. Dell Jr. 129 Hodge, Henry E. 128, 279 Hodges, Don E. 250 Hodges, James R. 124 Hodgkins, Daniel R. 248 Hoehne, Franklin 124, 151, 279 Hoey, Fred A. 94, 95 Hohon, George M. 180 Holbert, Edwin S. 115 Holcombe, Laura J. HI Holder, Kathryn A. 52, 146, 242, 279 Hollan, Mary L. 279 Hollan, Terry W. 34, 124, 151, 246, 27 Holland, Sherry L. 33 Hollingsworth, Lucy B 279 Hollingsworth, Riley S. 110, 111, 256 Hollman, Marilyn 279 Hollon, Ted C. 279 Holn Sair L. 279 Holt, Bonnie L. 34, Holtz, Quintin C. 56, 65 Homburg, Norman D. 137, 279 Hood, Maria T. 279 Hoover, Joanna 127, 182, 244, 279 Hopkins, David M. 280 Hooper, G. Allen 280 Hosaka, Tetsuo 156, 280 Hosek, Frank E. 34, 280 Hou, Cheng S. 156, 280 Hough, James G., Jr. 280 House, Lester D. 280 House, Marilyn J. 123, 280 Houser, Ronald G. 142 Housley, Claudia J. 133, 280 Housley, Richard G. 280 Houston, David H. 94, 142 Hovda, Allen K. 31, 159, 280 Hoverson, Janice C. 280 Howard, Jerry W. 280 Howard, Julianna B. 280 Howard, Martin 178 Howe, Flip 128, 129 Howe, Jack R. 280 Howell, Karen D. Ill, 240 Howerton, Ethel A. 133, 174, 280 Howland, Martin R. 166, 280 Huber, David C. 162, 280 Hudlow, Freddy D. 255 Hudman, Brenda J. 280 Hudson, Betty J. 280 Jacoby, Monte I. 170 Jaeger, Richard E. 280 Jaloway, Danny C. 280 James, William M., Jr. 33, 254, 280 Jamison, Allan K. 246, 280 Jamison, Steven P. 157 lanko, Shirley L. 280 Jarmon, Sherry A. 280 Jarvis, Roger O. 128, 182, 252, 280 Jarzombek, Ronnie 124 Jarzomaek, Ronald G. 280 Jasso, Mary L. 280 Jauer, Carolina S. 280 Jauer, Patty 32 Jauregui, Lydia 149, 280 Jay, Harold 258 Jay, Robbie D. 169, 280 Jenkins, Linda J. 280 Jenkins, Mary A. 281 Jennings, Clavin 176, 254 Jennings, Carol A. 52, 171, 242, 281 Jennings, Robert C. 236 Jensen, David A. 281 Jensen, Lodema H. 281 Jessup, Thomas E. 281 Jimenez, Bennie J. 281 Jimenez, Esther 281 Jimenez, Juan 281 Johns, Pamela D. 123, 281 Johnson, Alan K. 281 Johnson, Alan L. 31, 281 Johnson, Charles C. 281 Charles P. 122, 126, 142 Johns Johns Johns. Ina R. 281 Jack 258 , Jay D. 142, 28 Johnny L. 281 Johnson, Suzanne E. 59, 244, 281 Johnson, Terry A. 281 Johnson, Wendell R. 136 Johnston, Cynthia J. 147, 174, 184, ; Johnston, Janice K. 281 Johnston, Sandra L. 281 Jonas, Donna 281 Jones, Adonna M. 240 Jones, Allan R. 130, 144 Jones, Brenda L. 281 Jones, Candy 34, 124, 125, 151, 171 Jones, Craig 110, 111, 165, 254, 281 Jones, Deborah N. 281 Jones, James V. 108. Ill, 168, 281 Jones, John B. 281 Hudson, Gerald R. 135, 280 Hudson, S. Lynnette 244 Hudson, Terrance L. 280 Huerta, Ana M. 280 Huerta, Dolores G. 280 Huerta, Juan F. 280 Huerta, Margarita V. 280 Huerta, Rolando 280 Huerta, Rosario M. 230 Hueske, Alexia E. 162, 280 Huff, Robert B. 33, 131. 280 Huffman. Allen 171 Hughes, Avery A.. Jr. 280 Hughes. Glenda A. 280 Hulsey. Michael K. 190. 280 Hunt, Cynthia B. 118, 280 Hunt. David H. 258. 280 Huntington, Joy 134. 244 Hurd. Gary 280 Hutchison. Earlene L. 153 182, 242 282 Hutchison Gerald H. 280 Hutzler, Michael J. 34, 280 Hyatt, Douglas K. 250 Hyde. Charles G. 280 280 1, Chester L. Ann M. 280 Ingrum. Carl R. 163 Ingrum, Zeno C , Jr 2 Inmor. Kathleen E. 14 Inmon. Ronald G_ 280 Irwin! Rau ' he Irwin, Stephen T. 280 Isaac. Maria A, 280 Isaacks Elizabeth 280 Isassi, Mary H. 280 Isennock. Albert R. 122 Ivy, Gerald P. 280 Jocintho, Francisco J 170, 1 ' Jackson. Helena 32 280 lackson. Jerry 280 Tackson. Sharon E. 280 Jackson. Tommy E. 170 280 Jacob. Terry N. 254 Jacobs Phillip 135 Jacoby Archie L. 143 Jones, Joyce E- 150, 281 Jones Martha R. 281 ones. Norma K . 281 Norman R. 129 ones Roderick W. 281 ones. Sharon 171 Sharon D. 281 Terry A. 281 ones. Vonda L 281 ordan . Mary L 240 oyce Evelyn J 281 oyce. Richard B. 142 oyner Thomas R. 258. 281 Criselda 281 ungmann, Sandra K. 32, 281 uranek, Rober urecka, Marv D 281 urica Charlott 9 R. 281 ' urica Danny . 281 Jurica Larry J. 258 Cainer , Ann S 281 Robert A. 281 CaiSer Sandra J. 281 Kalifa Elias 28 Kamin »ki, Mike 135 Kay, Martha Ann 116 Kanipe , Garv N . 281 Kardow John P . 65. 77 Kastner, Michae 1 R. 258 Ceene ames E 281 heifer Mary S 281 Cellam Edwin E 142 281 Ma-.i-a M 242 314 Keller, Crockett A. 281 Kellogg, Denny M. 281 Kelly, Frank 66 Kelly, Patrick G. 136, 281 Kelsey, Diane M. 281 Kenne, Wilbur L. 31, 122, 281 K ;nnedy, George A. 255 Kennedy, Michael K. 281 Kennedy, Randall H, 281 Kennedy, Sammy L. 281 Kerr, Linda C. 281 Keys, Erin H. 281 Keys, John R. 281 Kiel, Peter J. 281 Keith, Kimberly 281 281 Kieschnick, Law Kilgore, Donald W. 281 Killen, James R. 250 Killgore, Mary A. 281 Killingsworth, James L. 281 Kilpatrick, Jimmie D. 142 Kimble, Brady 145 Kimble. Dale P. 281 Kinard, Kathy 281 King. Charles D. 252 King, Howard E. Jr. 252 King. Jane D, 281 King, Jerry L. 281 King, Leon R. 281 King, Terri L. 99, 281 King, Tommy W. 31, 281 Kinkier, Ernest S. Jr. 282 Kircholf, Scotl H. 162, 282 Kirk, Susan L. 282 Kirk, Vernon D. 116. 168 Kleflner, Veronica C. 282 Klein, Katherine A 106. 130. Klein, Susan 1. 282 Kleincke. Bonnie R. 176. 242 Klenke. Douglas M. 282 Klenke. Weldon R. 282 Klug. Barbara R. 147, 184, 282 Knellinger. Charles A. 282 Knieriem. Linda 1. 282 Knipling, Richard F. 248 Knipp, Karen S. 251, 282 Knocke, Ronald R. 282 Koch, Doyle W. 282 Koch, Margaret A. Ill, 282 Koehler. Barbara L. 127. 140. Koehler. Shirley A. 282 Koenig, Dennis R. 282 Kole, Donna 116 Konvicka, David J. 138, 178 Kopecki. Alvin A. 282 122, 142, 162, 281 284 Lara, Maclovio H. 181, 283 Lara, Maria C. 283 Lara, Mary 179 Larsen. Erik K. 147, 283 Larsen, Robert C. 283 Larson, Carl 171 Laughlin, James M. 283 Lauraine. Betty J. 283 Laurel, Pedro E. 283 Laurel, Rene R. 283 Lawrence, David M. 283 Lawrence, Dianne M. 283 Lawrence, Roger D. 283 Lawson, William H. 283 Lay, Nancy J. 283 Le Blanc, Sandra C. 32, 284 Le Leux, John D. 284 Leach, Dennis E. 83 Leal, Iris Y. 283 Leal. Maria C. 283 Leal, Maria H. 284 Leal, Ruben A. 136, 160 Leavell, Donald G. 123, 284 Ledesma, Santiago A. 154, Ledet. Gregory M. 284 Lee, Bonnie D. 34, 284 Lee, Michael G. 124, 170, 284 Lee, Terry R. 124, 284 Leggett, Brian L. 284 Leggett, James S. 284 Lemke, Kenneth A. 284 Lemke, Patricia L. 284 Lemmond, Camille M. 284 Lemmond, Frank S. 252 Lenard, James D. 284 Lenz, Marvin E. 284 Leonard, Deanne D. Ill Lerma, Irma C. 284 Lesage, Sandi 284 Levi, Thomas J. 180 Levine. Thomas Jr. 152. 284 Lewallen. Jim 284 Lewallen, James M. 190 Lewis, Anna M. 284 Lewis, Barbara A. 139, 284 Lewis, Carolyn M. 284 Lewis, Gaylord R. 88 Lewis, Nancy S. 34, 240 Lewis, Sue A. 110, 284 Leyden, Steven C. 284 Ligarde. Janelle A. 284 Light. Richard D. 128, 284 Lightcap, Marcia E. 284 Lim, Byung Soo 156, _284 Korman. Sue A. 244 Kosarek. Margie A. 282 Kosub, James T. 124, 131 Kosub. Raymond A. 124 Kouri, Sherry L. Ill, 282 KrabiU, Milburn T. 259 Kraika, Barbara L. 122, 126, 139, 282 Krall, Glenn L. 138 Krause, Norwood E. 282 Krause, Regina D. 170, 282 Kreidler, John M. 180. 282 Krenek, Albert L. 282 Krenek, Delmar J. 124, 170, 246 Kreuz, Cecilia J. 282 Kreuz, Judith L. 127. 136, 162, 282 Krietsch, Holly S. Ill Krnavek, Betty J. 99. 127, 282 Kronk. Earl E. 190 Krueger, Sonny 240 Kruse, James L. 179, 282 Kubelka, Eugene G. 78 Kubena, Eugene A. 65 Kucera, David 282 Kucera, Willie N. 282 Kudlik, Michael J, 250, 282 Kuehler, Kenneth R, 283 Kuehn, Donald H. 283 Kuester, Wayne D. 142 Kuhnert, Vickie J. 283 Kuykendall, Don R. 283 Kuykendall. John D. 283 Kveton, Marcia 171 Laabs, Henry 256 Laabs. Patrick M. 256. 283 Lackey, Jimmy L, 283 Ladewig, Tommy L. 283 Lahtinen. Edwin E. 181. 283 Lahtinen, Larry A. 143 Laird, Libby 32, 144 Laird. Sarah O. 283 Lamson, Jayne 240. 283 Land. Steven L. 283 Landeros. Robert L. 283 Landrum. Vicki A. 283 Lantair, Jackie 1. 122, 135, 283 Lange, Edwina L. 135. 283 Lanthter. Tally K. 164, 283 Lara, Aurelip 283 Lara, Eliseo 283 Lindner, Diane M. 284 Linhart, Dennis C. 284 Linke, Clin C. 284 Lira, Johnny R. 155, 284 Liska, Michael A. 284 Lister, Harold P. 284 Littlepage, David B. 171, 284 Littleton. Jennifer 144, 284 Lively, Dalon F. 255, 284 Livingston, Luanne 238, 284 Livingston, Spec 256 Lockhausen, Marshall E. 248 Locke, Marsha L. 284 Lockhart, Brenda D. 284 Lockhart, Gary L. 256, 284 Lockman, Justine M. 34, 284 Lockman, Patricia L. 32, 284 Loftin, Charles R. 284 Lohl, Jo A. 284 Lohmann, Cheryl L. 171 Long, America 140. 160, 172, 284 Long, William T. 284 Longoria, Edna C. 284 Longoria, Filomena. 147, 184 Longoria, Francisco 284 Longoria, Guadalupe R. 284 Longoria, Jose A. 284 Longoria, Mocano. 284 Longoria, Margie 284 Longoria, Toni 284 Longoria, Yolanda O. 109. 165. 284 Longshore, Paulette G. 284 Longwell, Catherine C. 150, 158. 284 Lopez. Adriana C. 284 Lopez. Alda C. 284 Lopez, Armandina 284 Lopez, Bertha L. 126, 139. 284 Lopez, Carmen 284 Lopez, David J. 284 Lopez, Diana 284 Lopez, Edward A. 284 Lopez, Enedina M. 119. 284 Lopez. Ernesto B. 284 Lopez. Esmeralda 284 Lopez. Fidencio 284 Lopez, Glenda 41, 284 Lopez, I. Israel 284 Lopez, Javier 284 Lopez, Jose A. 284 Lopez. Juan 284 Lopez, Margie 32 Lopez, Maria 285 Lopez, Maria M. 285 Lopez, Martha E. 285 Lopez, Noemi 285 Lopez, Pablo S. 285 Lopez, Ricardo 285 Lopez, Salome R. 285 Lopez, Santos 285 Lopez, Sylvia I. 154, 155, 285 Loranc, Arthur R. 285 Lovett, Bobbie L. 285 Lovvorn, Garland F. 122. 285 Lowe. Larry C. 285 Lowrie, Patricia G. 53, 127, 167. 242, 285 Lozano, Javier A. 285 Lozano. Raymond R. 130. 144 Lukenbach. Weston J. Jr. 285 Luna, Omero P. 285 Luna, Senovio Jr. 285 Lutz, Catherine A. 285 Lynch, Larry C. 96 Lynch, Randy 53, 124, 125 131, 145. 151, 21 Lynch, Rodney G. 145 Lyon, John D. 250 Lyons, David R 285 Lytle, Larry F, 285 Mabe. Barbara G. 285 Mabe, Sandra K. 244, 285 Mabnto, Craig A. 33, 126, 254, 285 MacDonald, Douglas G. 285 Macias, Johnny 285 Macomber. Clifford F. 178 Madden, Richard E. 252, 285 Madden, Rick 135 Maddox. Faye L. 116. 141, 165, 285 Madrigal, Julio F. 285 Mahone, Charles E. 285 Mahoney, Paula A. 33, 134. 147. 184. 285 Major. Margaret A. 285 Maksyn. Joseoh J, Jr. 250 Malcom, Walter R. 133 Maldonado, Diana 285 Maldonado, Graciela 285 Maldonado. Jose I. 115 Maley. Carolyn L. 33 Malin, Margery E 286 Mallory. Lester D. 128. Malone, Richard L. 14 ' , , ab Manakit, Thamrong 156, 286 Mancias, Juan Jr. 286 Mancias, Magdalena 286 Mancillas, Hector 286 Mann, Cynthia J. 240, 286 Mann, Frederick D. 135, 286 Manna, Richard S. 152. 286 Manning. James H. 286 Manning. Molly 32. 286 Manning. Stephen D. 250, 286 Mansfield, Don 135 Mansheim, Joan E. 286 Maqruder, Dan 142 Marke, Patricia L. 286 Marroquin. Liza A. 286 Marroquin, Marcelo 154. 286 MarruUier, Carl A. 286 Marshall. Benjamin E. 286 Marshall. Marilyn J. 126. 286 Marshall, Michael C. 286 Martin, Billy N. 286 Martin David W. 286 Douglas H. 106, 157 Ed 136 lobby. 255 Jacob A. 286 Jimmy 170 Judith A. 286 Martin. Lester E, Jr. 286 Martin. Stephen L. 33 Martin. Timothy D. 285 Martinez. Adelaida 32, 176 Alfredo 286 G. 286 56, 179. 182. 252. Martii Marti) David Eduardo Jr. 286 Marti; Marti: Marti Marti: Martinez. Esther 236 Martinez. Hilda L. 285 Martinez. Homero 90, 92 Martinez. Ignacio S, 296 Martinez, Janie 287 Martinez, Joe E. 145, 287 315 Leodoro Ir. 287 Nelda L, 160, 287 MSriinS z, Margol F, 287 Marline 2, Mana L. 287 Marline 2, Raquel R. 287 Marline 2, Raul G. 119 Marline 2, Raul O. 287 Mcrline 2, Rosa M. 148, 287 Marline 2, Sylvia 287 Marline z. Socorro 150 Marline 2, Socorro M. 287 Marlme 2, Tony M 174 Massey lames R, 287 Massey Rusly 171 Mathew s, Jerry L, 287 Malhew s, John A. 88, 89, 142, 287 Malson, Stanley M, 287 Malta, RalDh D. 287 Mallpso n, Michael Bill 287 Mallhew s. Alvin L. 65 79 Mallhevs s, Marilyn L. 287 Maiual, Georgp 171 Charles F. 65, 70 Malula, 79, 287 Malula, Dennis E, 287 Matula, George E 287 Mauer, une L. 287 Maxwel , Faye L. 244 Maxwel , Johnny P, 171 Meyer, Charles L, 83, 85, f Meyer, Robert E. 162, 288 Meyer, William J, 288 Meza, Roberto E. 156 Michalk, Jeanne J. 288 Miele, Nancy L. 139, 288 Mierzua, Adolf 116 Mile " ' %dy e ' 288 Miller, Bill 116 " lig A 34 [iller, 288 May, Miriam 1 127, 287 May, Sharon A 287 Mayei, Donald W. 152, 287 Mayfield, Charles W. 287 Maylield, Maurice J. 287 Mayhew, Mary 116 Mayo, Susan E. 287 Ma2urek, Kenneth R. 287 McAda, Ruth E. 287 McBride, Katherine M. 240, 287 McBryde, William E. 250 McBurnett, Mary F. 244, 288 McCain. Victor C. 288 McCarley, Billy J. 288 McClaugherty, Laura S. 288 McCloskey, Richard D, 256 McClure, Julia B. 33, 150, 288 McCoy. Bill 159 McCrary, Joseph M. 248 McCreight. Robert T. 129, 288 McCulley, George 122 McCuUough, Patricia A. 288 McDaniel, Donald L, 114, 157 McDermand, Maurice B. 171, 28 McDermand Shirley A. 99, 135, McDonald, Cheslean M. 288 Miller, Jan 140 174 Miller. John E. 288 Miller. Linda M. 288 Miller, Mary J. 288 Miller, Patricia J. 288 Miller, Ronald H. 88 Miller, Thomas A. 94, 95 Miller, Virginia K. 99, 288 Mills, Linda K. 288 Mires. Fred M. 288 Mitchell. Phillip N, 123. 130, MiyakawG, Johnny T. 255 Moats, Roy G. 34, 288 Moclezuma, Javier S. 160, 28 Moc2ygemb a, Patrick J. 124, Moerbe, Dale L, 180, 288 Molina. Candida, 288 Molina, Norma 288 MoHna, Rolando 110, 165, 16i Molt2, Sharon L. 288 Moncus, Jacqueline W. 288 Mondragon, Nelda H. 288 Mondragon, Sylvia A. 288 Monroe, Myrick L. 33, 258 Monroy, Salvador L, Jr. 288 Monrreal, Jan 289 Monlalbo, BiUie 289 Montalvo, Mary G. 149, 289 Montcrivo, Roel F. 154 Montalvo, Xavier, 155 Montgomery, Harriet L. 289 itgc Montgomery, Samuel R 289 Montgomery, Sammy 31 Montoya, Norma L. 289 Montoya, Robert 289 Moody, Jill 240 Moody, Karen G, 32, 289 Moody. Kathryn J. 244. 289 Moody, Marilyn K. 289 Moody. Martha S. 32, 134, 289 Moody, Phyllis J. 289 Mooney, Ern C, Jr. 256 Moore, Denny L. 171 McDonald, Marsha P. 242 McDonald, Patrick W. 288 McElroy, Bobby W. 288 McElroy, Kirk L. 288 McElwain, Billie 135. 288 McFarland. Johnny R. 288 McFarlan d, Weldon H. 246, 288 McGee, Michael S. 252, 288 McGehearty, Michael J, 252, 288 McGinnis, William. D. 288 Mclnvale, Ann B. 288 McKelvy, Patricia A. 288 McKinney, Ben A. 166, 288 McKmney, Robert W. 124, 125, 151 McLellan, Ma2ie E. 288 McLemore, Kenneth D. 106, 288 McMahon, Ora D. 288 McMannis. Sondra S. 288 McMillan. Gary H, 252, 288 McMillan, Merrilu 288 McMillan, Michael D 288 McMillon, Claude O. 65 McMurry, Sharon L. 1B7 McNabb, Judi K. 288 McNabb, Kathy J. 240 McNair, Donald C. 33, 138, 288 McNair, Mary H, 150, 288 McNiel, Clinton E, 288 McPherson, Clyde C, 259, 288 McPherson, Pamela S. 244 McQuaid, Jane McQueen, Mai Medrano, Lind Medrano Man Mehis ady 288 137. 165, 288 288 Mehraban, Javad 288 Mellinger, Lydon 258 Mellon, Sheridan L. 170 Melton Gwendolyn D. 242, 283 Mena. Rose M, 288 Uendez, Frank R. 130 Ilendez, Carmen M 148, 160 174, 288 Mendoza, Elvira 288 Mendoza, Hector J. 58, 154 Mendozci, Niceforo S. 288 Menn Harvey R. 288 Merrill, Samuel 288 MsssemeV , " Hancy K ' 135, 288 Moore James A. 289 Moore Joseph A. Jr. 157 Moore Lynn 145, 245 Moore Melvin J. 252 Moore Raloh W. 289 Moorehead " , Forest 135 Moorrees, Myrna I. 136, 289 Mora, Dolores A. 269 Mora, Felix Jr. 289 Morale s. Mary M. 174. 289 Morale s, Soila 148 Moron John M. Jr. 119, 289 Velma D. 289 Moron Morav is, Michael E. 289 Morav is, Shirley 289 Moren D, Audelia F. 289 Moren 0, Carlos in 160, 289 Moren 0, Gilberto C. 155, 289 Moren 0, Graciela E. 289 Moren 0, Julia M. 140, 160, 289 Moren D, Maria T. 140. 160, 289 Morga n, Carol E. 289 Morga n, Cathy J. 289 Morga n, James M. 34, 54, 289 Morga n, Kathy L. 289 Morga n, Paulila C, 144 Morga n, Sheryl E 126, 139, 150, 158, 289 Morga n, William R, 252 Moron ,, Deborah D. 240, 289 Morris David R. 178, 289 Morris Kathleen 240 Morris Thomas E. 289 Morris 3n, Hugh M. 55, 122 142, 176, 289 Morris OT. James A 256. 289 Morrow, Kathryn 1 240, 289 Morrow, Mary J. 289 Mosier Gary L. 289 Moss, o Ann 32 Mote, Margaret A 55, 111, 139, 141, 164, 289 Motes, Charles J. HI, 240, 289 Mounlz , Jane K, 289 Mousa Leila M. 289 Mower y, Samuel H. 58, 190 Irma M. 289 Moya, Mrazek , Ronald W. 35, 83 Mudd, Lorelta A 140, 289 Muelle r, David H. 289 Muelle , Linda K. 140, 289 MuUig 3n, Michael J 289 Unmm = , Teddy H. 289 Munguia, Joseph E. 289 Muniz, Victor 60, 289 Munns, Jerry B. 122 Munoz, Gracie 289 Munoz, Hilda A. 289 Murphree, Michael W. 289 Murray, Ryan G. 34, 289 Mulschler, Dwighl L. 289 Mutz, James L, 33, 124, 131, 176, 289 Mutz, Robert R. 289 Muzquiz. Ernest R. 114, 116 141. 165 168 289 Myers, Elaine J 119. 169 Myers, Wilson R 289 Nalziger, Ralph D 289 Naqel, Sandra J. 150, 162. 177, 289 Nance. James F. 124. 289 Nance, James R. 246 Nance, Ronnie L. 170, 246, 289 Naranjo, George 289 Narro, Frank R, 254 Nash, Carol A, 289 Nation, Joe H 289 Nation, John W. Jr 289 Nava, Ismael 289 Navejar, Baudelia P. 289 Naylor. Robert K 255 Naylor. Robert S. Jr 289 Neal, Curtiss W 65 79 Neal, Donald W. 289 Nedbaiek, Cathryn E. 147 Nedbalek, Vernon L 124, 145, 151 Neill, Larry R. 289 Nelson, Bonnie 159, 180 Nelson, Don C, 177. 236. 254, 290 Nelson, Gordon W. 152, 290 Nelson, Joy B. 116, 290 Nelson, Roy L. Jr. 169, 176, 290 Nelson, Victor B 148, 290 Nemec, David M 290 Nemec, Helen E. 290 Nesmith, Thomas H. Jr 124, 151, 290 Neubauer, Diane E. 230. 290 Neuman, Lynn R. 131, 290 Nevarez, Alfredo 290 New, Robert F. 142 Newell, Roberl T. 290 Newsom, Cynthii Newton, Tommye A, 290 Nichols, Joe E. 290 Nichols, Thomas A. 290 Nino, Richard L. 290 Nitcholas, Lynda J. 182, 290 Nix, Dwayne G. 65, 68, 76, 290 Nix, Sandra J. 290 Nixon, William T. 290 Noah, Robert N. 152 Nolen, Brian L. 290 Noles, John T, 250, 290 Nonmocher, Susan E. 290 Nordmeyer, Bette J. 244 Norman, Pallly Ann 290 Norred, Barbara R. 290 Norris. Roxanne 99. 290 Nunnallee, Gory L. 290 O ' Brien, Maureen 108 Ochoa, Eloy T. 159 Ochoa, Jesse J. 176 Ochoa, Maria G. 290 Ochoa, Pedro Jr. 145, 181. 290 Ochoa, Peter P 290 Ogden, Bernice A. 290 Ogden, Peggy A. 290 Ojeda, David Jr. 290 O ' Laughlin, Michael 111 291 Oldham, Spencer T. 106, 144, 179, 291 Olivares, Juventino R. Jr. 161, 291 Olivarez, Carlos L. 176, 291 Olivarez, Juan J, 291 Olivas, David C. 291 Oliveira. Amparo O. 291 Oliver, Keith D. 291 Oliver, Rulhanne 32, 118, 134 Olvera, Ruben 291 O ' Neal, William Henry 291 Ornelas, Benito L. 102 Ornelas, Fernando 115, 291 Orr, Pamela A. 291 Orta, Maria L. 291 Ortiz, Arturo J. 291 Ortiz, Rolando 291 Ortis, Yolanda C 150. 291 Orlmann. Carl W. 291 316 Robert 293 Yolanda G. 293 - ■ - M7, 293 Gan E, 293 Osborn, Herbert A, 128 Osborne, Carolyn P. 291 Oveland, Grego:y A. 258 Oveland, leffrey C. 258 Owen, Prentice R, 256, 291 Owens, Rennita L. 238 Ozuna, Maria V. 116, UO, 149, 165, 176, 291 Pack, Mika 115 Padilla, Griselda 291 Pagano, Frank G. 291 Pagano, Judy K, 139, 291 Palacios, lose D. 291 Palacios, RodoUo 291 Palizo, Pedro 291 Palmer, Jim 291 Pambianco, Paul R. 291 Pampell, Barbara I. 291 Paredes. Albert 291 Parlimowicz, Sarah J. 291 Pargmann, Margie A. 133, 174, 291 Paris, Sandra M. 291 Parish, John D. 153, 173, 178, 291 Parker, Gary M. 145 Parker, lackson H, 291 Parker, Jimmie L. Jr. 123, 291 Parker, Jimmy 31 Parker, lohn M. 291 Parker, Lewis F. 291 Parker, Linda D. 291 Parker, Margaret A. 291 Parker, Owen S. 190, 291 Parker, Randall A. 143, 190, 291 Parker, Robert E. 291 Parker, Tommy W. 291 Parsons, Margaret L. 158, 291 Parsons, Pam 291 Parsons, Robert W. 291 Pate, Robert R. 291 Patel.Bhupendrakumar B. 156, 252, 291 Patel, Rajmkant J, 291 Patel, Rameshchandra 156, 291 Patel, Rashmikant C. 156, 252, 291 Patel, Rohitkumar C. 252, 291 Peterson, Thomas A. 291 Patten, Donald N. 291 Patterson, Eldon D. 258, 291 Patterson, James M. 291 Pavel Larry A. 115, 116, 157, 155 Pavelka, Joyce A. 291 Pavelka, Karen H. 291 Payne, James A. 291 Payne, Stephen L. 291 Payne, Tommie R. 291 Peake, Doyle C. 153, 157, 175, 291 Peal, Sam R. 153, 173 Pearson, Elizabeth A. 291 Pekarovic, Raymond J. 190, 291 Pellegrino, Don P. 140, 291 Pemelton, John F. 291 Pena, Bill 291 Pena, Blanco E, 149, 291 Pena, Felix D. 291 Pena, Jesse Jr. 115 Pena, Imelda 161, 164 Pena, Maria I. 291 Pena, Mary A. Ill, 291 Penellon, Harry A. 291 Pennington, James L. 254 Pennington, Patricia L. 163 Pepau, Rocky 171 Pepper, Patricia A. 291 Perez, Antonio T, 291 Perez, Blanco E. 291 Perez, Carmen 293 Perez, Corina M, 293 Perez, Dalia G. 293 Perez, Elizabeth A, 293 Perez, Estela 293 Perez, Gloria 293 Perez, Gloria P. 293 Perez, Gloria P, 140, 160, 293 Perez, Jose D. 293 Perez, Jose F. 293 Perez, tose L. 160 Perez, Manuel Jr. 293 Perez, Marcelina C. 293 Perez, Margarita 293 Perez, Maria T 293 Perez. Mary C. 293 Perez, Mary J. 293 Perez, Norma L. 148, 293 Perez, Norma R, 293 Perez, Pedro D. 159, 293 Perez, Primitivo 148, 293 R. 293 Shirley I. 33, 126, 127, 146, 164, Petnjohn. ' WiUiom R. 35, 65, 72, 74 Pevestorif, Dianna L. 137, 293 Phalen, John E. 153, 293 Phillips, Brenda J, 293 PhiUips, David W Jr. 129, 293 Phi. Nev 293 123, 293 Reginald J. Phillips, Richard L. 293 Phipps, Thomas W. 181, 252, 293 Phlaum, Nancy J. 32, 293 Pierce, Barrett W. 55, 153, 173, 176, 178 Pierson, Delbert J. 153, 162, 173, 177, 293 PiUack, Roy E. 124, 151, , Edward T. 293 Pina, Maria D. 293 Pippin, Virginia A. 293 Pittman, Carol V. 293 Plant, Dougl 293 293 W. 124, Plemons, William R. Jr Ploeger, Bernadine T. Plunkett, James H. 115, Polasek, Robert E. 293 Polk, Kathryn L. 293 Polk, Mary R. 33, 293 Pollard, Herman A 293 Ponce, Hector D. 115, 116, 157 Ponder, Mary C. 127, 293 Pool, Mary J. 293 Poole, Ronald D. 293 Poole, WiUiam P. 159, 252, 293 Poorman, Susan E. 178 Porter, Anna S. 293 Porter, Chip 293 Porter, Danny C. 250, 293 Porter, Maxine M. Ill, 141 Porter, Sue, 139, 161 Post, Carol L. 150, 162, 177, 293 Post, Mary C. 150 Poth, Leissner F. Jr. 170, 293 Powell, Jimmy G 293 Powell, Judy M 150, 293 Powell, Kenneth E, 293 Power, Eilene 293 Power, Sandra L. 150, 241, 293 Powers, John K. 152 Powers, John L. 293 Powers, Scott L. 65, 78 Prado, Raul C. 293 Ramirez, Esther 140, 294 Ramirez, Evangelina C 141, 294 Ramirez, Hector C. 294 Ramirez, Lilia A. 294 Ramirez, Lino F. 294 Rarirez, M. Elio Jr. UO, 154, 168, 294 Ramirez, Louis Jr. 110, 111, 144, 168 Ramirez, Mary A. 294 Ramirez, Mary L. 107, 144 Ramirez, Mary L. 294 Ramirez, Raquel 294 Ramirez, Paul 294 Ramirez, Rene 155 Ramirez, Rosa 294 Ramirez, Rosa Maria 32, 160, 294 Ramirez, Ruben A. 294 Ramirez, Ruth J. 294 Ramos, Annabelle 148, 294 Ramos Cynthia V. HI, 149, 294 Ramos, Edmundo Jr. 294 Ramos Esther 149, 160, 174, 294 Ramos, Imelda 1, 294 Ramos, Imelda 1. 294 Ramos, Leonardo 294 Ramos, L. David 294 Ramos, Maricela 294 Randall, Susan M. 294 Rankin, John L. 128, 294 Rauch, Marcia Wilson 294 Rauschuber, Gary J. 88, 294 Ray, Linda Slayer 294 Ray, Victoria H. 294 Rayburn, Cheryl A. 294 Rayburn, Terry G. 175, 182, 294 Raymond, Shari L. 240 Reagan, Richard L. 173, 294 Reagan, Sharon A, 174, 238, 294 Redden, Marvin R. 294 Redus, Robert D. 65, 79 Reed, Barbara A 294 Reed, David W. 83 Reed, James L. 294 Reed, Jimmie 135 Reed, Linda A. 294 Reed Thomas W. 34, 124, 145, 294 Rees, Carolyn A. 137, 294 Reid, Dixie E. 294 Reid, Samuel C 294 Reindl, Edward A. Jr. 294 Remmers, Barbara L. 59, 96, 170, 244, 251 Remmert, Dennis J. 254, 294 Rendon, Raymundo Jr 294 Pray, Darrell L. 293 Pressley, Lowry L. 293 Prewitt, Keith 250 Prewitt, Richard R. 250, 293 Price, Donna C. 293 Price, Randall W. 293 Price, William K. 250, 293 Priestley, John F. 293 Prochoska, Timmy J. 35, 124, 145, 293 Pruett, Mary L. 293 Pruitl, Jimmie D. 159 Pruenda, Noe G. 293 Puente, Martin Jr. 293 Puente, Petra HI, 141, 165, 293 Pugh, Larry E. 258 Pulido, Ramon 293 Pulido, Rebecca 294 Pullin, Larry C. 65, 70, 74 Pults, Carl E. 294 Pumphrey, Cissie 45, 124, 242 Pumphrey, Ella L. 242 Purvis, Ion A. 152, 294 Putegnat, Virginia 294 Pyle, Charles L 294 Pyle, Patrick C, 294 Quinn, Richard L. 294 Quintanilla, Alberto P. Jr. 135 QuintaniUa, Roberto Jr. 294 Quintanilla, Rogelio 294 Quintanilla, Rogelio 160, 163, 165, 294 Quintero, Arthur A. 294 Quiroz, Lillian R. 294 Quisenberry, Ronald G. 294 Raddatz, Jerry A. 153, 1 8, 294 Raeihle, Betty 161, 294 Ramey, Christopher W. 248, 294 Rains, Sophia C, 294 Rakowitz, Lonnie E 170, 171 Ralph, Lester B. 294 Ramaikur, Audrey G. 126 Rambikur, Audrey Adcock 139, 146, 294 Ramirez, Adan S. 145 Ramirez, Alice 294 Ramirez, Alonzo 166, 173, 178 Ramirez, Calixto 294 Celia 294 Elv Ernes 294 294 Respondek, James 55, 78 Retzloff, Jerry E. 294 Reyes, Ruth 294 Reynaga, Tony 107 Reynolds, Buddy 259 Rhodes, David E. 107, 255 Rhyne, Phyllis L. 294 Richardson, Cheryl D. 238 Richardson, Dennis R. 294 Richardson, Dicky R. 171 Richey, Roger S. 83 Richter, Betty J, 32, 133, 295 Richter, Don L. 295 Richter, Ernest J, 124 Richter, Sharon K. 295 Rickner, Jack A. 136 Ridge, Judy L. 58, 295 Riedel, George E. Jr 35, 153, 295 Riek, Patricia A 295 Riere, Karen R. 295 Rigamonti, Leon J. 248 Riggs, Judy 240, 295 Riley, Jerry M. 295 Riley, Kathleen D. 150, 291 Riley, Mike 138 Riley, Thomas M. 55, 70, 74 Rimkuo, Daniel M. 258, 295 Rinqen, Cherri 295 Rios, Anna 151, 295 R.os, Georae I. 174, 295 R.os, Jose R. Jr. 295 Rios Rosario T. 295 Rios, Sandra A. 295 Ripple, Amelia L. 295 Risken, Patrick A, 258, 295 Ritchie, Walter E. 295 Riltenhouso, Sandra S. 295 Rivera, Bella 295 Rivera, Georqe 106, 295 Rivera, Mike M. 149, 295 Rivera, Oscar 295 Rivera, Ruth T. 295 Rives, M. Keith 248 Roberts, Alexander 119 Roberts, Ann W. 295 Roberts, David R. 295 Roberts, Emily 115 Roberts, Marji M. 242. 295 Robertson, JoNell 295 Robertson, Leigh 295 317 149 Roberlson, Richard T. 250 Roberison, Stephen K. 29; Robertson, Thomas E. 29! Robins, Barbara D, 295 Robinson, Glendon M. 25( Robinson, Letitia T. 295 Robinson, Robert M. 115 Robles, Robert 189 Robles Yolanda 296 Rocha, lane 296 Rodgers, Barbara J. 296 Rodriguez, Becky 32, 140, Rodriguez, Betty L. 296 Rodriquez, Consuelo 296 Rodriguez, Damas Jr. 138, 296 Rodriguez, Felix III 296 Rodriquez, Hector M. 296 Rodriguez, Janie S. 296 Rodriguez, Joe Jr. 159, 296 Rodriguez, John H. 296 Rodriguez, lose F. 296 Rodriguez, Juan A. 159, 296 Rodriguez, Juan L, 296 Rodriguez, Leonel 296 Rodriguez, Manuel Jr. 296 Rodrigu Pris A 49, 296 296 Rebecca M, 160 Rodriguez, Renaldo V. 296 Rodriguez, Richard 296 Rodriguez, Roman Jr. 296 Rodriguez, Rosemary 46, 51, I Rodriguez, Salvador Jr. 296 Rodriquez, Santiago 296 Rodriguez, Terry 296 Roerig, leffrcy D. 250 Rogers, Carla L. 49, 182 Rogers, Diana L, 118, 182 Rogers, Donald F. 171, 296 Rogers, Ginny 296 Rogers, Lisa G, 170, 171, 296 Rogers, Ronald 145 Rokohl, Henry O, 181 Roley, Norman M. 65, 79 Romelfanger, Michael V. 296 Romero, Carlos H, 148, 149 Romero, Joaquin Jr. 296 Romero, Simon 296 Roosevelt, David R. 296 Roper, Joel K. 295 Roper, Richard B. 31, 109 110 Rosa, M. Annabell 296 Resales, Ana M. 179, 296 Rose, Reba J, 296 Rosin, Fred T, 296 Ross, Clarence M, 296 Ross, Clay W, 35, 52, 296 Rosse, A. Barbara 34, 47, 176, 242 Rosse, Bette B. 53, 60, 243 Rossington, Deborah K, 296 Rothman, Clyde W 296 Rountree, Jean D. 296 Rouquetle, Jody L 296 Rouse, Jack D. 170, 296 Rowe, Karen F. 296 Ruano, Sonia D 296 Rubio, Eusebio A, 296 41, 149, 168, 296 149, 181, 184, 296 14, 116, 157, 165 52, 96, 107, 134, 146, M 296 Ruhnke, Cec Ruiz, Francisco 296 Ruiz, Manuel Jr. 296 Ruiz, Roberto 88 Ruschaupt, Trey 171, 2 Russell, Ralph C. 122 Russell, Susan T. 296 Fiyan, Joe M 296 Kaavedra, Alma A 296 vedr Mo Saen Ado L 149 160 296 118, 119 169, 295 andro 296 Alfonso 119, 169 Alfredo Jr. 153 Anastacio 172, 296 Angelita H. 296 Saenz, Carmen D. 295 Saenz, Exiquio 131, 145, 296 Saenz, Francisco N 296 Saenz, Frank J. 160, 296 Saenz, Juanita 296 Saenz, Nelson 296 Saenz, Ray Jr. 106, 296 Saenz, Sigilredo 296 Saha, Evelyn A 296 Salazar, Jesus M. Jr, 124, 296 Saldana, Anita E, ISO, 296 Saldana, Carlos 65, 69, 76 Saldana, G. Alonzo 296 Saldana, Joseph 296 Saldana, Tommie 298 Saldivor, Samuel 298 Saldivar, Santa 298 Salge, Randall M. 298 Salinas, ' Anna M, 57, 298 Salinas, Francisco X. Ill, 298 Salinas, Irma 298 Salinas, Linda A. 40, 148 Salinas, M. Gloria 298 Salinas, Manuel Jr, 298 Salinas, Romeo Jr. 163, 298 Salm, Andrea L. 298 Samuel, Doyle 65, 298 San Miguel, Juan 160 Sanchez, Arnold P. Ill Sanchez, Arnulfo 298 Sanchez, Bertha 298 Sanchez, Diana E, 298 Sanchez, Guadalupe 298 Sanchez, Juan A 145, 298 Sanchez, Meliton M, Jr. 122, 142, 298 Sanchez, Phillip J. 298 Sanchez, Richard B. 298 Sanchez, Tomas 298 Sander, Bryant Jr. 298 Sander. Michael H. 152, 298 Sanderlin, Judy 298 Sanders, Ronnie R. 298 Sandoval, Gloria M. 298 Saner, William B, 129 Sanmiguel, Juan 298 Sansing, Joanne 135 Sansing, Nancy J, 298 Santiwatana, Keota 156, 298 Santos Juanita T. 298 Santos, Rosahnda 148, 160, 298 Sanzalone, David 255 Sato, Sharon L. 298 Satterwhite, Mary E. 140, 174, 298 Saunders, Delmagene V. 33, 147, 184, 298 Saunders, Peggy M. 298 Sawyer, Rebecca J. 298 Sawyer, Tommie L. 252 Saylor, Paula O, 127 Scales, Angle L. 298 Scallan, Rose A. 176, 244, 298 Semar, Roy F. 157 Sembrano, Gloria 2S Sepulveda, Gerardo Sen Feb 299 Serna, Roberl Sethfl, Mary T, 299 Setliff, Thomas H. 299 Settles, Arthur E. 248 Settles, Merle J. 299 Seward, Susan L. 299 Shamel, Charles R. 108 Shanafelt, Kathleen A. 238, 299 Shaneene, Sue 299 Shannon, Roy M, 256 Shannon. William J. 299 Shannon, William R. 259 Shaper, Tom 299 Sharp, Judy L. 53, 147, 184, 242, 299 She Marsha F. 299 Shav Sheedy, Patrick C. 255 Sheek, BiUie A. 57, 126, 139, 238, 299 Sheets, Larry G. 299 Sheffield, George R. 180 Sheldon, Rosemary 147, 184 Shepherd, Carl R. 299 Sheppard, Donald 299 Sheridan, Joseph C. 59, 142, 299 Sherman, Kay L, 299 Shields, Larre L. 150, 241 Shimek, Linda L. 299 Shipley, Stephen G. 108 Shirley, Alice Ann 136, 137 Shirley, Patricia A. 299 Shirley, Thomas C. 136, 299 Short, Patricia A. 243 Short, Stanley G. 299 Shuler, Larry W. 299 Shuler, Ray N. 299 Shuler, Shirley S. 299 ShuUanberger, Zane W. 299 Shults, Stephen C. 299 Shurley, Richard E, 152 Shuttlesworth, Lynn 299 Silva, Fernando A. 168 Silva, Marcelo 299 Silva, Robert J. 165, 299 Silva. Sally 299 Silvas. Dorothy A. 299 Simcik, Judy A. 300 Simersky, Beth L. 33, 126, 136. 139, 300 Simmons, Mack H. 136, 300 Simpson, Carl W. 135, 300 Schaeier, Sharon L. 238, 298 Schilling, Carla M. 33, 126, 139, 146, 171, 174, 298 Schmidt, Barbara A. 137, 174, 298 Schmuck, John H. 153, 298 Schneider, Er:ch P, 153, 298 Schneider, Laura M. 298 nberger, Marilyn G. 298 Scho Ann L. 298 165, 298 Schorr Katherine A. 298 Schott, Dale C, 142 Schrim scher, Joel Cher, Suso 254, 298 Schrim n 240 Schroe der, Freddi e R, 298 Schroe Jer, Norma J. 298 Schuch , John L 1 1, 165, 298 Schuen eman. Jam «= R- 25?, 298 Schneneman, Patricia L 32, 133, 134, 298 Schullanberger, Zane 256 Schulte. Norrell D. 166, 178, 298 Schulz, William W. Jr. 182, 252, 298 Schulze, Arthur O. 152, 180, 298 Schuttlesworth, Lynn 83 Schustereit, Rosalyn K, 298 Schwierzke, Hilmer O. Jr. 145 " John D. 128 A 32, 134, 140, 148, 150, 298 Scott, Ba Scott, Da rbar. 171, Scott, Edward L. 65, 74 Scott, James P. 179 Judy Diemer 127 Sharon L 147, 18 ' Seagle, James H. 26 Sedwick, Beth 298 Sedwick. Jessica E. 242 Segrest, Jay 250, 298 Segrest, Martha 298 G 135, 139, 146, 150, 298 143, 156, 153, 298 IS A. 145, 298 am F 255, 298 146 147, 169, 174, 298 Simpson, Carol 240 Simpson, Gary D. 128, 300 Simpson, Skip 33, 258, 300 Sims. Allen D. 300 Sims, Terry C. 106, 144, 179, 300 Singleton, David G. 152, 300 Skinner, Robert E. 161, 300 Skopal, Benny J. 300 Skrobarcek, Agnes M, 140. 300 Skrobarczyk, Carol M. 140, 300 Skrobarczyk, Richard L. 300 Slack, Mildred L 300 Slaughter, James S. 248, 300 Slaughter, Jerry D. 300 Slider, Millious 123. 300 Slomek, Ann 300 Slosson, Kathryn G. 300 Slough, Karon R. 135, 161, 164, 300 Slasher, Gary L. 173. 300 Small. Eldridge 65, 79, 300 Smallwood, Braxton P. 259, 300 Smith, Bob 135, 300 Smith, Bruce K, 300 Smith, Carol A. 241, 300 Smith, David G. 116, 157 Smith, Dewey M. 35, 166, 173, 178, 300 Smith, Earlene 300 Smith, Eldon W. 300 Smith, Gary W. 135, 300 Smith, Gilbert L. 250 Smith, Jeffrey W. 159, 251, 300 Smith, Jimmie L. 102, 137, 179, 300 Smith. Olivia A. 300 Smith, Sharon 49, 177, 240 Smith, Sherman T. 129, 301 Smith, Steven D, 159, 180 Smith. Terry R. 138. 30! Smith, Timothy W. 246 Smith, William K. 300 Smock. Richaid S. 170. 301 Smolik, Jackie M. 171, 301 Snodgrass. Saidra L. 238 Snody, John E. 256 Snyder, Agatha M, 240 Soh: Alfr, 173 Eliseo 36, 107, 11 Solis. John A. 154, 301 Solis, lose S. Ill, 301 Solis, Lucy A 301 Solis, Maria C 301 Soils, Robert R. 301 Soils, Rosendo 252, 301 Soils, Ruben Ir. 301 Solis, Theresa A. 301 Soils, Zaraqosa, 111, 122, 301 Soliz, Allonso 180, 301 SoUz, AUredo 301 Soliz, Maria E. 301 Soliz, Ralael G. 301 SamsGwadi, Pricha 301 Sosa, Francisco 301 Sosa, Manuel 135, 165, 301 Sotelo, Alejandro 157, 165 Sotolongo, Ignacio D. 137, 156, 301 Southern, Tonia L. 301 Soward, H, Martin 111 135, 301 Spacek, Bob 124, 171, 301 Sparger, Susan E. 116, 301 Sparkman, Cheryl L. 99, 301 Sparks, Randy P. 33 Spears, James E, 301 Spears, Margarette B. 301 Speckman, Caressa 170, 301 Spence, Charles B. 252, 301 Spiars, Patricia K. 139 Spradley, Linda G. 167, 174, 238, 301 Sprowl Jim C. 301 Sprowl, Harold W. 301 Srubar, Linda R. 301 St. Clair, Frank D. 301 St, Clair, Sandra S. 135, 146, 177, 301 St. Clair, Steven E. 135, 301 Stachowiak, Billy I. 128, 181, 301 Staff George M. 137, 301 Stafford, Phyllis M. 123, 301 Stanfield, Terry S. 301 Stanga, Paula G. 34, 56, 126, 127, 139 Stapp, Linda J. 301 Stapper, Michael W. 145 Stateson, Joe Y. 175 Steadman. C Dwight 128, 301 Stebbins, Bebe 301 Stech, Betty ]. 139 Stech, Betty Shaw 301 Stehle, Mary A. 301 Stein, Beverly L. 301 Stein, Katherine A. 301 Steindorf, Carole D. 301 Steinke, Larry D. 135, 301 Steinke, Leslie, 135 Steinmeyer, Ronnie C. 301 Stephens, Ivan L. 301 Stephens, Rickey V. 301 Sterry, Christopher W. 166, 173 Stevens, Mary E. 301 Steves, Clyde D. 301 Steves, Jerry D. 301 Stewart, Brenda L. 167. 238, 301 Stewart, Elain M. 301 Stewart, George H. 301 Stewart, John L. 129, 301 Stewart, Judith E. 147, 184 Stev art, Randall J. 255 Stewart, Steve L. 90, 259 Stiegler, Connie J. 34, 167, 240, 257, 301 Stiegler, Ronnie C. 301 Robert I. 122, 301 Stites, Lawrence N. 157 Stockwell, James A. 115, 168 Stokes, Ronald A. 114, 165, 168, 301 Slolte, Alice T. 301 Stone, Diane H. 146, 301 Stone, Don 259 Storm, Jolie 302 Story, Jack D. 301 Str ' ng, Eugene F. 301 Strickland, Carol J. 301 Stringfellow, Sherril I. 57, 301 Stuart, Kathy 171 Stuart, Linda L. 301 Stuart. Ruby K. 301 Sturgis, William G. 152, 259, 301 Sturm, Paul S. 159, 180, 301 Sugarek. Diane M. 301 SuUinger, Carl T. 302 Sullivan, Carole R. 240 Sullivan, Harold G. 122, 248, 302 Sulhvan, Thomas A. 302 Summers, Freddi S. 302 Sutherland, David E. 302 Suttle, Dubby 302 Sutton, Mary Y. 302 Sutton, James E. 163, 182, 183, 302 Swan. Arthur D. 90, 128. 302 Swan, Seana L. 302 Swank, Chester A, 122, 302 Virginia C. 302 Swanson. Rita L. 302 Swartz, Phyllis 119,- 182, 302 Swethck, Emily L. 3C2 Tannery, Roselee 302 Taplin, Alfred 116 Targosz, Bunny 238, 302 Tonus, Johnny A. 302 Tale, Gary L. 152 Tate. Karen Carlwriqhl IIB. 165, 302 Taylor, Daniel N. 258 Teer. Kenneth A. 302 Teerling, Emily J. 136 Telford, William H. 302 Tercero, Rafael 156, 252, 302 Terry. Johnny D. 255. 302 Terry, Saron A. 57, 302 Tharp, Reynolds N. 163 Theiss, Betty J. 162, 302 Thielhorn, William E. 258 Thomas. Carrol A. Jr. 65. 78 Thomas. Gary B. 302 Thomas. Hilda M. 302 Thomas Larry A, 60, 256 Thomas, Patricia K. 302 Thomason, Zcidee 1, 244 Thompson, Betty D. 302 Thompson, Oma P. 302 Thompson, Stanley 85 Thornsburg, Kristi L, 302 Thornsburg, Polly A. 102, 302 Thornsburg, William K. 159, 302 Thornton, Davey S. 182, 252 Thornton, Miles G. 302 Tijerina, Lupe C. 302 Tijerina, Mercedes R. 148, 302 Tinnin, Richard K. 128, 130, 144 Tipton, Charles J. 35 Titzman, Cindy 302 Titzman, Vincent A .124 Todd, Ben Mill Todd, Leesa J. Ill Todd, Thomas R. 135 Tomlinson, Cherie L. 243 Torres, Antonio 164 Torres, Connie 164, 302 Torres. Eliseo S. 154. 302 Torres. Gilbert 302 Torres. Leonel G. 164. 302 Torres. Maria E. 302 Torres, Noemi 302 Torres, Rosa M. 302 Torres, Tony 122. 142 Toth, Margaret A. 302 Tousant, Leopold P. 123, 302 Towers, Jim C. 302 Townsend, Martha L. 302 Traylor, Jeanette R. Ill, 302 Traylor. William E. Ill 302 Trbula, Sandra K. 302 Adn 116 Trevino, Consuelo B. 140. 149, 160. 302 Trevino. Elda A. 302 Trevino. Ernesto D. 35. 302 Trevino, Henry 302 Trevino. Joe S. 302 Trevino. Jose N. Lozano 302 Trevino. Lillian 149, 302 Trevino, Manuel R. 122, 142 Trevino, Mary L. 302 Trevino, Norma I. 302 Trevino, Otila 160, 302 Trevino, Raquenel 135. 148. 302 Trevino, Roger M 176, 302 Trevino, Stella 302 Trevino, Tony 302 Trevino, Victor D. 302 Triana. Gildardo 302 Troilo. Kathleen L. 241. 302 Trojcak, Janie M, 126, 133, 139, 302 Trossi, Johnny E. Figueroa 302 Trott, John C. 302 Trujillo, Delia M, 160, 302 Truxaw, William M. 166, 178 Tubbs, Clifford L. 251 Tubbs. DriskoU W. 302 Tucker, Emily G. 110, HI, 303 Tullos, Oscar Jr. 303 Tumberlinson. Robert L. 303 Tunnel. Micky 136 Tunnell. Kathryn L. 136. 158. 303 Tunnell. Wes 303 Turnbull, Dorothy M. 171, 303 Turner, Diana G. 303 Tymrak. Jerome M. 31, 124, 145. 303 Uehlinger, Arthur J. Jr. 250 Underbrink. Robert L. 164. 303 Unterbrink, Diane E. 60. 127. 176, 244. 255. 303 Unterbrink. Ronald J. 254 Updike, Eric O. 303 Urban Brenda G. 147 184 Uresle, Guadaluo Uresti. Arluro H. ' 303 Uresti, Pablo C 163, 303 Urian, Beverly J. 303 Uribe, Dennis H. 303 Uribe, Eloy J. 303 Ulz, Anna C 146, 150, 158, 303 Vaello. William F. Jr. 303 Valadez, Edna 303 Valadez, Olympia 303 Valbuena. laime A. 153, 156, 252, 303 Valdez. Herminia 303 Valentine, Elizabeth S. 303 Valle, Yolanda C. 303 Van Deventer, Daryl T. 170 Van Fleet, Mary C. 303 Van Pelt, Joe R. 303 Van Winkle, Pamela F. 303 Vane, Larry S. 303 Vela. Laura R. 107 Vasbmder, John H. 303 Vasqu3z. Adolfo E. 303 Vasquez. Adolfo H. 20 Vasquez. Hector J. 303 Vasquez. Humberto 303 Vasquez, Maria E. 303 Vasquez, Mike Jr. 149 Vasquez, Mike D. 161, 304 Vasquez, Oneida C. 304 Vasquez. Jose H, Jr. 304 Vaughan, Aubrey H. 256 Vaughan Goidon C. 304 Vaughan. Marl-tt J. 162, 171, 304 Vaughn. Sally J. 304 Vela. Cynthia L. 304 Vela, Elena 147. 160. 184, 304 Vela, Guile R. 65, 67, 79 304 . K Vela, Oscar 304 Velasquez, Juan III 160, 304 Velten. George P. Ill 304 Vera Carlos A. 156 Vara, Constante 156, 304 Vera, Elida 304 Vera Humberto 304 Vera, James M. 304 Vera. Michael 304 Vera, Rivas Carlos 304 Vergara. Maria N. 304 Veselka, Norman J. 304 Veselka. Ronnie E. 304 Vickers, Kenny 170 Vickers, Kenneth L, 254 Vickers, Kenneth R. 254 Vickers, Mary D. 171 Vickers, Walter D. 124, 170 Victor. Patricia S. 304 ViUagran. Mary H. 304 Villarreal. Anna 304 Villarreal, Armando 304 Villarreal, Arthur M. 304 Villarreal. Celia N. 149, 172 Villarreal, Concepcion 304 Villarreal. Homer C. 152 Villarreal. Juan F. 304 Villarreal Nicandro III 304 Villarreal, Noemi S. 304 Villarreal, Ruben 304 Villarreal, Virginia V. 135, 304 Villarreal, Ynes Jr. 304 Villarreal, Zoyla 304 ViUegas. Leopold F. Ill 106, 144, 304 Virjan Delia E. 306 Visosky, Vincent L. 122, 128, 306 Vogt Donna C. 54. 107. 130. 144. 306 Vogt. Steve 130. 144 Voigt, Edith 306 Voss, Charles A. 306 Voss, Cheryl L. 306 Vrazel. Brian S. 248 Waddell, David R. 306 Waddell, John W, 254, 306 Waddell. Karen S. 306 Waddell. Kay 133, 174 Waddell, Richard 258, 306 Wade. Daniel F. 246 Wagener. Jeanne D. 306 Wagner Bobby 152. 306 Wagner. Charla L. 33, 150, 158, 177 Wagner, James M. 306 Waaner, John W. 306 Waitz. Deborah A. 170, 171, 306 Wakefield. Lucy L. 102 Walker. Bill 152 Walker, Dale R. Jr. 250 Walker James R- 255, 306 Wa Pat 306 Walkor, Robbi. i lid, 111, 135, 165, 305 Walker, Robert L. 306 Walker, Sally A. 242 Walker, Suehanna 242 Walker, William C, 306 Walkoviak, Eugene D. 65, 72, 77 Walla Walla Walla Walla Walla H. 306 Joseph R. 171 Judy I. 144, 171, 306 Karan A. 306 Patrick W. 306 Wallace, Roberta L. 306 Wallingford, Ken 251. 306 Walls, Linda C. 144, 306 Walsh, Ann 140 Walsh, Cecilia A. 306 Walt, Grace E, 306 Walton, Ermengarde 1. 182, 244, Wanjura, Franklin S. Jr. 306 Ward, James P. 181 Ward, Joe A. 34 Ward, Nancy C. 306 Word, Nelwyn E. 306 Ward, Patricia D. 306 Warde, Robert D Jr. 256 Warren, Marion L. 306 Warthen, Meade C. 306 Washington. Donald R, 65, 78, I Washington, Kathryn J. 306 Washington, Willie E. 123. 306 Wati Calv E. 306 Watts. Larry L. 306 Watts, Terry G. 131, 306 Watts, Tinka 243, 306 Weathers, Molly C. 306 Weathersby, David L. 90 Wealhersby, Theron L. 34, 170, 306 Webb, Denis E, 65, 77 Webb, Mary A. 146, 242 Webb, Nancy C. 165 Weber, Margie R 306 Wedemeier, Thomas M, 145 Weed, Sharon D, 111, 240 Wegener, Joseph F, 152, 305 Wehring, John W. 306 Weichlein, Donna 306 Weil, Harver C. 259 Weisinger, Donna F. 133, 306 Weiss, Linda B. Ill, 114. 141, 165, 306 Weiss. Raymond E. Ill, 157, 175 306 Welch, Wells, Welter, Ronnie 65 Welty, Raynese L. 170 Wendel, Warren L. 306 Wentrcek, Roy C. 182, 183, 190, 252, 306 Wernecke, Ernest D. Jr. 306 West, Alan 306 West, Richard E. 178, 305 Weynand, Dottie L. Ill, 306 Who ' - ■ Whe Whe White, Arthur White, Gloria D. White, Jerry 259 White, Karen Y 104, 167, 244. 306 White, Kenneth D, 248 White, Vicki L. 306 Whitley, Linda K. 305 Whitley, Shari 238 Whitley, William H. 306 Whitney, David M, 143 Whitney, Troy J. 306 Whitwel!, Walter L, 171 Whitworth, Larel W. 65, 306 Wideman. Gary W, 83, 86 Wiesehan, L. Kennetle 244 Wilburn, David R. 115, 165 Wilburn, Drake E, 306 Wiley, Holla J, 126, 139 , Mickey 178 Glynda E 139, 146 Sue A. erald J. 254, 306 Wiln F. 306 305 182, 238 Wilken Wilkins, Wilkins, Wilkinsc Wilkinsc Wilkinsc WiUemil WiUiamr William: William: William: William: William: William: William: WiUiam: William: William: WiUiam: WilUam: William: William: William: William: William: William: William: William: WiUiforc Michc n, C. Phil 306 n, M, Jan 33, 306 n, Thomas J. Jr. 306 , George H. 131, 171, , Aaron C. 90, 306 , A. Gaylen 153. 307 , Dan 33, 252 , Douglas 306 , Eugene J. 306 , Gaylen 178 , Jackie K. 307 , Joseph H, 182 , Judy 307 , Karen L. 307 , Linda J. 307 , Louis 136, 307 , Nancy J. 307 , Peggy L 307 , Richard E. 307 , R. Gerald 307 , Stanley D. 152 Stephe " ' " " " Suz C. 307 n, Dennis M, 65, 79, Ca.swell L. Jr. 307 320 Willms, Henry A. 256, 307 WiUms, Myra J. 307 WiUoughby, Karen S. 150, 307 Wilmeth, Gray M. 307 Wilson, Ben F. Ill 61, 254, 307 Wilson, Charles M. 307 Wilson, Dan M. 307 Wilson. David A. 307 Wilson, David R. 307 Wilson, Donna 126, 139, 146, 158 Wilson, Guthiie D. 126, 307 Wilson, Janis L 307 Wilson, Judy 55 Wilson, Kay E. 307 Wilson, Peggy 307 Wilson, Peggy J. 307 Wilson, Phyllis D. 307 Wilson, Rodney T, 124, 131, 307 John P. Jr. 153, 178. 307 Linda 307 ice M. 307 Winsett. Paula F. 238 V inton, James E. 33, 258 Wirth, Norman S. Jr. 307 Wisakowsky, Me Wingo. 1 Winklei. Withe D. 308 Witt. Bing 110. 307 Witt, Judy L. 184, 307 Wolf, Cheryl A. 308 Wolf. Virginia E. 308 Wolter. Ronnie D. 308 Womack, John R. Jr. 52. 122. 254 Wood, Buddy 135, 308 Wood. Carl G, 252, 308 Wood, Janis C, 308 Wood, Meredith A. 110, 240, 308 Wood, Skipper 130, 144 Wood, Sue E. 147, 184 Wood, Warren B. 116 ky R. 138 Woodward, Jerry W. 59, 248 Wootton, Michael E. 34, 308 Work, Mary D. 34, 308 Wotipka, Robert C, 142, 308 Wray, Michael B. 143, 308 Wray, Tommy, A. Ill, 165, 308 Wright, Cheryl 174 Wright, Frances L. 308 Wright, John M, 258 Wright, Sandra A, 308 Wright, Scott P. 246, 308 Wright. Jan 107 Wyche, Sessia III 308 Wyscarver, Mary L. 150, 308 Yakhn, Lee E, 308 Yanta, Joan 140, 174, 308 Yarnold, Gerald K, 254, 308 Yeary, Michael D, 124, 246 Young, Daniel E. 308 Young. Danny 31, 140 Young, F. Bradford 308 Young, Iva L. 308 Young Jerry L, 124, 131, 175, 308 Young, John L. 308 Young, LeRoy Jr. 145, 308 Young, Thomas G. 308 Youngblood, Florance L. 32, 123, 134, 146, 164, 176, 308 Yzaguirre, Homer 115, 116 Yzaguirre, Humberto 308 Yzaguirre, Yolanda 111 Zacek, Albert J. 256, 308 Zacharias, Gerald 308 Zajicek, Monte C. 308 Zambrano, Elias 137, 177, 308 Zamora, Emilio Jr. 148, 149, 176, 309 Zamora, Santiago P. 309 Zamzow, Calvin L 145 Z antow, Judy K, 309 Zapata, Alfredo H, 309 Zapata, Mary G, 309 Zapata, Thomas R. 309 Zapletal, Betty J. 158 309 Zapp, Charlss Lee Jr. 129, 309 Zarria, Emil J. 309 Zavala, Alicia 309 Zavala, Olivia 309 Zavaleta, Sylvia B, 156, 309 Zengler, Jan R, 140, 309 Zey, Charles G. 250 Zimmerman, Roger J. 26 Zimmerman, Susan M, 171, 309 Zirkelbach, Carmin Teeple 309 Zuniga, Manuel R, Jr. 309 Zuniga, Porlirio A, 309

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