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. . . , . .. , . . p m r u m - . . -.- u..." -mgqv -AI-v-1g'1n-c-v-u- .9- -- 1-.- nrw-rv-v-nu-n-vv-m m... - 'n. . . . ,. . - . v g . .a - . . a . w m r . . m - n u A , u 4. . u m . , ., . . . I11...!1Q :v V . . . . s A b- i'vim Earu:;::..:.x Qul ,, ; t, g. ".nu .13., ' ' .; 1V, m114Lwa:..L,.K-m. -. . 9 .IA ,mw SJ ix," u ji'lw.'-.. ' v! , 1x-A...ga '3. .. t b; s 3V5 7:! L9! 0 I I l :3. . I'm '6 '3 1.3.17; l" 435$ '3' lwfmsp . x- W.-x ii . I .- an-Mu-uu. 154.. .-r v ;. h '" O. . 'Valvv :5u'hwh Lkb-anI a o v... gr- I new? gollcgc SWIM, Zams .W m w m u a W G 5 A Z .urti, 5.34 :3.::.. F. 696 4 41319114-; 1835; :54 inlllllllilllll Ill Hllllnllll" 4'1 gathright haIllcarpenmp4" ' V k..- WW "Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That there be hereby established within this State an institution of learning, under the name and style of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of 9? Texas . . . ACT ESTABLISHING THE AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE OF TEXAS, 1871 Texas A 8: M University - e t , g. we as the bcgr icggo F: U WEE Hi 0 CGU EU mow Hrod H U O dgh C631 LTD Vstgeetmg?h amassw Aw M ;;Q .N i :14 V. . M. . m w . . , ,. . .7 1..aJ ?:II e r 9 d o h c s e ..n t g . .L . . ., W? R ,. .1 1 7 r O f e V .m d n a t m p s e In ..I w1u-4m ..-... m 05 BD- .mh gr ge Alv m Texas A8gM University . x . v. .x .' -$$,'. L - :n'aev fF'Ta - . i g M? w! a W40 g 2 MWs gmm m amid ihe ?Emwmg w?ae a have been .W e h t f O s e .B a r P e h t t n a h c aw. Alma Mater Ill. giggiigiggggz 5?: , yin the nineteen hundred and sixty five AGGHELAND OF THE TEXAS A81M UNIVERSITY PAYS TRIBUTE TO THE MEN OF TEXAS ASZM c . In a. Y "- .' I l 1 2?? l7 E. WERT Auistant Editor ' " 'u 44 ....-.. 4.. A. l 1 4rd. u-;.g'...'..uw.-a.. Awi , q. - - V 1?. - .1 . -... -- -....-...L-A.-- Va, 1' i '. i i 3. ....--.-..4..; .....K ..- L gwm..xx xx . v' r1 l' V ' v : f $67 CA J' ' a J A! . aw i, -M$r . . ' ' 54m :9 Ma: . . . The men who founded Texas A8TM dreamed of a universiTy where sTudenTs, regardless of Their posiTion and birth, could obtain superior insTrucTion. YeT we wonder someTimes as To wheTher They envisioned The comradeship and The spiriT for which This school would become so well known. Undoubtedly, The boys who have come here Through The decades and have left as men can aTTesT To That added benefiT which They goT here-The spiriT which unites all Aggies wiTh one anoTher and Their school long afTer Their yearbooks have faded and Their rings have worn smooTh. This Then is The purpose of This book: To give a brieTc picTorial of whaT you did This year as an Aggie, of learning, living, becoming beTTer men and a parT of The Texas A8xM TradiTion. Wallace W. Migura Editor, 1965 Aggieland I M ,x , I7; ,7.,,,-,WJ-'-v paw M X x kx s xX $x QR 8314mm ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES .............................................. 38 VANITY FAIR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7O SPORTS ...................................................... 86 M7? THE CORPS ............................................. l30 W6; , ClVlLlANS ------------------------------------------------ 250 ORGANIZATIONS ..................................... 266 CLASSES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 388 ADVERTISING AND INDEX ...................... 496 7 i T 6' , MWXK XX ?:XN XXX 6 a WM7 ?wa , i 6764;;le Wwvz-VXWW T XXX Xxx xxx X XXRXKN v. Elmer H. BeUTnagel RoberTo Payan Md. T. Islam This memorial service is a mosT inspiraTional momenT To The men of Aggieland. STudenTs sTream from The dormiTories wiTh noT a word spoken. The campus is darkened. AbsolUTe quieT reigns over The lawn of The Academic Building as The sTudenTs congregaTe To pay lasT respecTs To a comrade. Marching TeeT breach The silence. The Ross VolunTeer Firing Squad moves inTo posiTion facing The sTaTue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross. When The hands of The clock move To a hahc hour pasT Ten, The silence is again broken as The firsT volley of The TwenTy-one gun saluTe is fired. The sounds of clicking heels fill The air as all come To a rigid aTTenTion. Then from The Academic Building comes The beaUTiTUI and reverenT noTes of The Silver Taps bugles. As suddenly as H began, The service is over. The sTudenTs reTurn To Their rooms wiTh The sounds of The bugles sTill ringing in Their ears, a remembrance of The one who has passed on. ,,, smwv m-o-v-N The 1965 AGGIELAND and the Texas A8tM student body sadly note the loss of a great Aggie and a gdod friend, Robert 0. Murray Jr. Mr. Murray worked his way through A8xM as a student janitor. When he returned to the campus as a staff member, he never forgot how big student problems can seem or how lonely a student in trouble can feel. After graduation in 1943, Mr. Murray was commissioned in the Infantry and decorated seven times for gallantry. A burst of machine gun fire cut short his military career and dashed his Plans to become a rancher. Mr. Murray returned to College Station in 1946 and spent the rest of his life in service to Aggies. For two decades, Mr. Murray worked selflessly as a student counselor. He was a patient, under- standing listener,- a sage advisor; a stern but fair disciplinarian; and an example of abundant faith and energy. ' . . Father of the Student Senate and the Civilian Student Council, he earned every award given for service to A8tM students, including the Former Students' Award for Distinguished Student Relations. Perhaps the citation accompanying this award best sums up his Years of service: ". . . no man has contributed more to Texas A8tM or its students . .'." ' 2I Board of Dimctam university Systcm SEATED, left To right: H. C. Heldenfels, Corpus ChrisTi; John W. Newton, Beaumont,- Dr. A. P. Beufel, Lake Jackson;CIyde Thompson, Diboll. STANDING, left To right: Clyde H. Wells, Granbury; S. B. WhiTTenburg, Amarillo; Sterling C. Evans, Houston; Gardiner Symonds, Houston; L. F. Peterson, FT. Worth. AppoinTed by The Governor of Texas, The Board of DirecTors is responsible for managemenT of The Texas A8TM UniversiTy SysTem. The ciTizenry of Texas is represenTed by board members coming from all parTs of The sTaTe and all walks of life. All major policies of The sysTem, such as The recenT name change, The building program, The admis- sion of sTudenTs' wives To classes, The obTainmenT of The new CycloTron lnsTiTuTe, and The new opTional Corps of CadeTs' program, are iniTiaTed by The Board, aT regular meeTings. The successes of The A8TM SysTem in The pasT, presenT, and fuTure can be Traced To The efforTs of The A8TM UniversiTy Board of DirecTors. System gratutim The Office of Chancellor of The A8TM SysTem was creaTed in 1948 by The Board of DirecTors. The Chancellor is The directing head of all acTiviTies of The A8TM UniversiTy SysTem, and adminisTers The various col- leges, agencies, and services of The SysTem Through an exeCUTive officer in charge of each. Dr. M. T. HarringTon rose To The posi- Tion of chancellor from The A8TM College presidency, which he firsT held in 1950. He has been a parT of A8TM for TorTy-seven years, earning his 8.8. and M.S. degrees here, and Teaching in The ChemisTry DeparT- menT unTil 1941, when he wenT To Iowa STaTe for his Ph.D. Since Then, he has served A8TM and oTher uniTs of The SysTem. This year The Board of DirecTors ap- proved Chancellor HarringTon's requesT To be assigned To The posiTion of CoordinaTor of Programs in The Texas A8TM UniversiTy SysTem Office of InTemaTionai Programs, ef- fecTive SepT. i, 1965. DR. M. T. HARRINGTON Chancellor of The ASTM University System MR.x ROBERT G. CHERRY MR. CLYDE FREEMAN DR. JOHN C. CALHOUN As'sisTanT To The Chancellor Vice ChanceIlor for Fiscal Affairs Vice Chancellor for Programs Presidmt far! Rudder In July, 1959, a former student was elevated to the president of Texas A8ch University. He had served as vice president. Earl Rudder pledged at his inauguration as presi- dent to come to-grips with problems facing the University. He has kept this promise with reward- ing results for his alma mater, the state and the nation. Enrollment is on the increase with the Spring semester attracting a 17-year high in students. All campus facilities continue to be improved as expansion brings new buildings. Buildings and equipment at A8iM are valued in excess of $70 mil- lion. Within the next three years, $25 million will be spent for additional facilities to meet the rising demands. PRESIDENT EARL RUDDER A member of the Class of 1932, President Rudder is familiar with Aggie history, spirit and tradition. He achieved acclaim as a soldier and statesman before returning to the campus as vice president in 1958. The future of Texas A8JVl University rests largely with the leadership of President Rudder who be- comes President of the A8tM System also this year. The surge toward academic excellence finds President Rudder in the forefront. U16 fkccutiw Kemmittcc CAPT. BENNETT M. DODSON Director, Texas Maritime Academy 7, by DR. WILLIAM J. GRAFF DR. WAYNE C. HALL DR. A. A. PRICE Dean of Instruction Dean of Graduate Studies Dean of Veterinary Medicine The obiecTives of The UniversiTy are mainTained by The ExecuTive CommiTTee as seT forTh by The by-laws. Under The direction of PresidenT Rudder in weekly meetings, The commiTTee decides how besT To sTrive for . . . DR. FRANK HUBERT "academic excellence," and keep The UniverSITy headed Dean ofAnsand s . Toward iTs primary obiecTive, as sTaTed by STaTuTe: memes "The leading obiecTive of This college shall be, wiThouT excluding oTher scienTific and classroom sTudies, and in- , H- L HEATQN. cluding miIiTary TacTics, To Teach such branches of learning Director of AdmIsSIons and Regimr as are relaTed To agriculTure and mechanical arTs, in such a manner as The legislaTure may prescribe, in order To promoTe The liberal and practical educaTion of The industrial classes in The several pursuiTs and professions of life." H. D. BEARDEN Director, Texas Engineering Extension Service JAMES P. HANNIGAN Dean of Students FRED BENSON DR. R. E. PATTERSON DR. G. M. WATKINS Dean of Engineering Dean of Agriculture Dean of Agricultural Instruction The Animal Industries Piipllllt COIVHIIS mm Technician checks over new lab equipment. u; Students take data on Pneumatic Con- Agricultur 'tu . e s - ve m S stem. y g y dents work out refrigeration prob- lem. 6011ch of Agriculture The Texas A8TM UniversiTy is The Iand-granT insTiTuTion of Texas and as such is charged wiTh responsibiliTy of research and educaTion in all areas of agriculTure. ResponsibiliTies of The College of AgriculTure Thus are broad and exTensive in scope. AgriculTure exTends from The farm To The source of farm supplies, To The rural com- muniTy, Through indusTrial cenTers where raw maTerials are processed inTo finished producTs and on To The con- sumer. New developmenTs in The whole field of agriculTure reflecT The rapid progress being made Through re- search and educaTion. The faculTy of The College of AgriculTure represenTs a high degree of excellence and breadTh of Training. NoT only do These men possess fine minds Thoroughly educaTed in The agriculTural sciences bUT They have dis- Tinguished Themselves in educaTion as well as scienTific research. More Than 140 of The TaculTy in The College of AgriculTure working TogeTher wiTh sTudenTs have given Texas, The naTion and The world many new ideas which have had far-reaching effecTs on The agriculTure indusTry, and Thus have made a viTaI conTribuTion To mankind. More Than 1,400 young men and women are enrolled in The College of AgriculTure preparing Themselves for careers in The basic indusTry of agriculture. This greaT indusTry offers a brighT fuTure and healthy challenge for Those who receive Their Training aT Texas A8TM. Students seem interested in Wildlife fish exhibiT. www' ,Nxxy ii 2w s; The Department of Agriculture is very diversified. a V The old Music Hall is torn down to make way for progress and excellence. A familiar sight- 10 all Aggies. Two of our noted Physicists at work. gollgyg of Arts a6 Scimws l' pig'hw w. 2' FJ' 7; :T . 4.x. A model of The new, proposed Library at Texas A8TM. WiThin The College of ArTs and Sciences aT Texas A8TM, degrees can be had in TwenTy-four differenT curricula. These curricula can be grouped inTo broad caTegories of Liberal ArTs, Business AdminisTraTion, EducaTion and Psy- chology, and The Sciences. Each one of These offers The sTudenT a liberal educaTion as well as specializaTion in his chosen field. The number of sTudenTs pursuing higher educaTion in This school is increasing every year. As a resulT The various deparTmenTs are growing sTronger year by year. The College of ArTs and Sciences has a Two-fold purpose: if serves as a parTner of The oTher degree-granTing colleges by direcTing The liberal and scienTific educaTion of Technical sTudenTs. IT also offers compleTe courses of sTudy for sTudenTs specializing in an area of arTs or science. mxxxmxwlw ZMMVMVMlV MWM nr , , A model of the proposed Engineering Center that will house all branches of engineering. Engineering Graphics students hard at work. A Pre-Mafh and Education Major! Pre-flight briefing! Kollcya of fayimgring Both broad and specialized programs in the engineering sciences are offered through several curricula of the College of Engineering. These programs are designed to develop the student's abilities to enable him to enter into and advance with the profession of engineering, and to lead a useful and happy life in his community. These curriculum plans include as their main core the fundamentals of engineering science and the basic mater- ials related thereto, but in addition, they include subiects from the social and humanistic sciences. Thus, not only will A8iM engineering graduates be technically trained, butalso humanly and socially educated. In order to qualify for a Bachelor of Science degree in the student's chosen field, must complete satisfactorily a minimum of four years of comprehensive study in mathematics and sciences. In addition to theory, practice work and problem courses are provided in order to better acquaint the student with application of his work. Texas A8iM does not turn out men trained solely in mechanical manipulative skills. With the exception of indus- trial education, all curricula are planned to provide preparation for research, design, operation, management, test- ing, or maintenance of engineering proiects. Various four-year curricula are available and each leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. They include the fields of aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, geological, mechanical, nuclear, and petroleum engineering. Also in- cluded are geology, geophysics, industrial education and industrial engineering. Those which involve five-year cur- ricula are architecture and petroleum engineering, also various combined degrees. Within all its areas, the Texas AW College of Engineering will continue to lead in the new era of technology that is our nation's destiny. The School of Architecture. yr Inn J. . Cgl Instructor shows student new physiograph in operation. .m H D. S o ..n Y r a n .n e 1 e V e h t t 3 .rl.. .m d 40 .m n a .m m S e .n t .m 185. Veterinary students , 'mmwsxnx muv..ngw:n men wN .iizizvzfggg i 22:2 conxyisiiagen 3 Is? 22 ??Mg K: K .k ngxxx x Carl Vanderzam in one of the Veterinary laborator Dr. gollcyc 0f Velarimry M 6di6i146 Providing compleTe Training in all phases of animal paThology, care, and surgery is The College of VeTerin- ary Medicine aT Texas A8TM UniversiTy. From a successful four-year curriculum, a bachelor's degree can be obTained in Animal Science. A more deTailed five-year program leads To The degree of DocTor of VeTerinary Medicine. Problems in Theory are exTensively supplemenTed wiTh pracTical applicaTions. Consequenle, The A8TM VeT- erinary graduaTe is well qualified To deal wiTh The problems of disease and disease prevenTion in domesTic farm animals, poulTry, peT animals, 200 animals, and wildlife of all classificaTions. GraduaTes are also qual- ified To prevenT The Transmission of diseases beTween men and lower animals. InsTrucTion and Training are also given in meaT and milk hygiene. Texas AW'S VeTerinary Medicine College is fully accrediTed and draws sTUdenTs from many of The nearby sTaTes which have no veTerinary faciliTies. xxx Instructor displays livestock at Veterin- ary barn. F1" - V611, IlDIVkii F 'U ' nVun w , uv The Texas A8 M Maritime Academy at Galveston, Texas. A Koutim Jnspwtim Amara! 5M7! A ship board inspection! Capt. Dodson gives cadet a second glance. Cadets in the wheelhouse. Cadets await liberty inspection. arm Maritime Academy The Texas MariTime Academy offers an opporTuniTy for The high school graduaTe and college freshman To qualify as an officer in The UniTed STaTes MerchanT Marine, To earn a commission as Ensign in The UniTed STaTes Naval Reserve, and To earn a Bachelor of Science degree in marine engineering or marine TransporTaTibn. The Texas MariTime Academy program begins wiTh The freshman year on The A8tM campus aT College STaTion. The remaining Three of The four-year course are spenT on The newly developed Texas MariTime Academy campus in GalvesTon. To supplemenT classroom insTrucTion The Texas MariTime Academy sTudenT spends Three summers aboard The academy Training ship, Texas Clipper, in Training cruises To porTs of call in various parTs of The world. The Texas MariTime Academy is The only one of six mariTime colleges in The UniTed STaTes dedicaTed To serving The mariTime indusTry on The Gulf CoasT. This indusTry, as a cenTer of our foreign Trade and Travel, is a viTal and dynamic parT of Texas and The naTion's economy, as well as an essenTial elemenT of The UniTed STaTes defense program. In The Two fields of insTrucTion available, The Marine TransporTaTion course is designed To familiarize cadeTs wiTh ship operaTion and managemenT and places parTicular emphasis on The economic and business aspecTs of The mari- Time indusTry and foregn Trade. The Marine Engineering course, which is closely relaTed To mechanical engineering, emphasized The design, operaTion, and mainTenance of convenTional and nuclear fueled marine power planTs. The sTudenT also receives insTrucTion in The ArTs and Sciences To qualify for his Bachelor's degree. The pride of The Texas A8.M MariTime Academy--TEXAS CLIPPER Graduafe students at desk of 7094 computer. Dr. Holland checks out new data gatherer. Mm' w .,, 0.......0 ctouooooo 000...... 000000000 000000000 00000.00 uuoouoo 000 coo 000 .00 ea. coo 000 000 coo 000 000 coo 00. .0. coo .cO IO coo .00 000 .0 .. O. .0 O. 00 00 00 00 00 O. .6 O. 9. 6. O. .0 9. 00 00 00 0. O. O. 0. 9. 09 9. O. 0. .0 0. 09 0. .. .0 0.0000... . Graduates of any of The principal fields of engineering or of The basic sciences find if very helpful To use the analogue computer To solve problems which arise in their field of sTudy. xx x xxxewgmmv. gallcyc of graduate Studies Upon compleTion of The normal curricula or afTer some business experience, many sTUdenTs decide To con- Tinue Their educaTion in Their chosen field. These sTudenTs are placed in The graduaTe school under The Dean of GraduaTe STUdies where The professors have had adequaTe Training and experience and are well qualified To adminisTer furTher Theory. A graduaTe may receive an advanced degree in mosT curricula upon compleTion of The advanced courses and oTher requiremenTs. Texas A8TM UniversiTy has a growing graduaTe college wiTh excellenT professors in every field of sTudy. Due To This growTh in graduaTe sTUdies, The UniversiTy has received many granTs and fellowships from indusTry To aid in sTudenT and faculTy research. CosT of research proiecTs aT Texas A8TM UniversiTy runs in excess of $10 million, much of which is spenT on proiecTs in which graduaTe sTudenTs parTicipaTe. FaciliTies for research aT A8tM are ouTsTanding. There are 150 iaboraTories aT The main planT in College STaTion and in field siTes across The sTaTe. Some of The research faciliTies cannoT be duplicaTed in any universiTy in The SouThwesT. 452 um nu f" -- 4a. mlnnrw .x T; TXJ'X X? The Nuclear Reactor at College Station. Graduate sTudenTs in English study many phases of literature. Aggie Bonfire-Symbol of that burning desire to beat TU, and of the undying flame of love that every Aggie carries in his heart for his school. A ctivitics An account of The school year 1964-1965, wiTh all its fun, trials, quiz- zes, social events, and events not so social. Practical work with aircraft was part of our training. Summer 6111147 For many of us, our Senior year at Texas A8iM began with that delightful ex- perience of Summer Camp, where we spent wonderful Mi weeks at either Fort Sill, Okla- homa, or at Webb A.F. Base, Texas. Needless to say, we were greatly en- thusiastic about a soldier's life. It was another part of our training to become an officer. During the six weeks stay, we participated in such activities as field maneuvers, range firing, technical classes, and KP. Here, James Barron draws a bead on an Aggressor. Guarding our area was one of the less-likable iobs which had to be done. Cadets Nalley, Steffens, and Owen are stopped after one of their nightly excursions in nearby Lawton, Oklahoma. w! ,A Our Aggie Bonfire training paid off in various ways. And our hardworking cadet returns after a night of recon and patrol. Flyboys, take notice: His boots are still spit-shined. Will yd! Practices . . . Midnight yell practice-a time to don our zaniest ol' army regalia and whip up that fightin' Texas Aggie spirit. This is Mike Wier and his "sack of sugar." The impromptu yell-practices held in front of Henderson cording to some people. An extracurricular activity that played a large part of our student life was twice-weekly yell prac- tice. On Friday night before a home football game, the Student Body has a midnight yell practice in Kyle Field. Everyone falls in behind the band as they march to Kyle Field. We remember yell practice as a way to re- lieve the pressures and tensions of a demanding physical and mental routine. Our five yell-leaders: Ted Hopgood; Jim Benson; Frank Cox, Head yeII-leader; Joe Bush; Rodney Dockery. "Well, I don't know, but I don't think iust the three of us can hold them back much longer." Hall were even better, ac- And that Fightin' Texas Aggie Band leads the crowd past Milner Hall. 4l PLUHBW 6- an STRocTtou Everyone went To get logs . . . shme Fitzsf A605 TO 55 HIT BY A :rzec-wu. mvz- 10 open rm: GATES . END OF FM VEMEU T TFAsTw $eA-r 55-09 RCD H0055 T 3-K RAucu I 2.2 MI . 0F GRAVEL : yiy$k BMWH 521cm uousE MI. KIDWGLL'S 5: ALL srupw rs $11339 55 CAze'molr I054: TlFIdA 770M AND 7745le Alexr of 1M! ADpeess :5 . Even The Co-Eds . . . And the One of The besT-Ioved TradiTions of Tex- as A8le is iTs bonfire, The symbol of a burn- ing desire To beaT TU, and of The undying flame of love ThaT every Aggie carries in his hearT for his school. The week before The Thanksgiving Day game, all classes go To The cuTTing area To build The world's largesT bonfire. The bonfire This year was one of The largesT ever, exceeded only by The bonfire of The Class of '65. But The BATTALION staff brought in The first log. IN i And The logs sTarT coming . . . i Ayyic Banfirg . . . . . . a bonfire is characterized By huge logs stacked on end, double stacked, i To a height of seventy-odd feet . . . 53 Not refuse from every alley. t It is towering above those small humans who built it And those who gape in wonder at its massive structure. 3i And it is flames leaping two hundred feet into the air . When it is touched off. .1' And the spirit which burns in the heart of every man who i Helped to build it. .. ALBERT NAUCK I i i i i 1 At the Bonfire-Pinkie Downs lets us know, that after 58 years, he's still got that Fightin' Texas Aggie Spirit! A view of the Bonfire up . . . With time out for chow . . . And some adiusting . . . mm Wall Elephant walk-the symbol of the Aggie Senior spending his last year at Texas A8tM; he will therefore not be of any more use for athletic teams as the "Twelfth Yell Leaders and students bring Aggies back on field after Man." half-time. John Brotherton grabs a pass and eludes a would-be tackler as Texas A8tM stuns a Cotton Bowl crowd of 32,000 by drubbing SMU, 23-0. Eddie McKaughan passes against Texas defense; Tied 7-7 at the half, the Aggies played strong defensivt football until outscored in the annual Turkey Day Classic, 26-7. The TinalisTs Tor Aggie SweeThearT arrived on cam- pus Friday before The Baylor game. ATTer The fooTball game SaTurday, The finalisTs were guesTs aT a formal dinner-dance. Sunday included church in The All FaiThs Chapel, breakfasT, a caucus of The SelecTion CommiTTee, and The selecTion of Miss Jo- hanna LeisTer as Aggie SweeThearT for 1964-65. She was presenTed To Texas A8TM sTUdenT body as Their sweeThearT aT The SMU fooTball game. "This is unreal . . . l can'f believe it!" said Johanna LeisTer upon The announcemenT of her selection as Aggie Sweetheart. Garry Tisdale presenTed Johanna with her Sweetheart Roses and an orchid from Hawaii. arry Tisdale presents Johanna with an Aggie Pin: she is Then pinned To 8000 The Selection Committee says good-bye To the finalists; hmm, I won- rggies. der how you geT to'be on The Selection Committee? O O 0 $7275 WW nggggd ?Mmf 5MW The Aggie TalenT Show is sponsored annually by The Memorial STudenT CenTer TalenT CommiTTee. memes The firsT place winner usually represenTs Tex- as A8TM in The InTercollegiaTe TalenT Show held here in The spring. The Coachmen, a folk song quartet composed of Glyn Barrows, Pat McKinnis, Steve Schiamo and Fred Barr, Took first place honors and $25 aT The Aggie Talent Show. And the Aggie Playerg o . 9 Aggies inTeresTed in drama haVe a chance To display Their TalenTs by being members of The Aggie Players. They usually sTage well known plays by famous playwrighTs. BernesT Evans singing "Summertime" and "Come All You Fair and Tender Maidens" placed second and won $15. of The modern style during Don Juan's soiourn on earth after Three hundred years in Hell. Her husband iKipp BIairT and The duction of The year, The DeaTh of Satan, by Ronald Duncan. Evelyn Uudith Stewardy shows Don Juan iBud FranksT and his faithful servant Catalion Uim Whitey some reverse cleavage English novelist Anthony Lissenden iDavid WoodcockT witness The spectacle in This Scene from The Aggie Players firsT prQ The Fallout Theater was an innovation This' year; iT- was builT and designed To enable sTui denTs To wriTe and direct Their own plays. Willi Moving . . . . . to the new air-conditioned dorms which were just completed. "But I've got three quizzes tomorr'ow!" 'WMW , t WW 2sz wa w 27 Work still went on after moving in to complete the furnishing of the dorms and their lounges. ' x Ranger was excited over the prospect of be- ing able to sleep in a new, air-conditioned dorm. And the K055 VIIIZIWKKI'S' The Ross Volunteers are the oldest student organiza- tion in Texas. Many afternoons of practice are spent on pre- cision drill movement. Besides being the Honor Guard of King Rex in the Mardi Gras parade, they go to other out-of-town functions as the Fiesta Flambeau in San Antonio and the Gov- ernor's Inauguration. Ross Volunteer Initiation Banquet W i i m i; gvernor's Inauguration: . and Mrs. John Connally, with their guard, the Ross j, ttlunteers. Mardi Gras-with Canal Street, Pat O'Brien's, the Gunga Den, and Toney's. , MM , WMWMMWM5' 55 x w aw. v 3 2 SCONA X Chairman Garry Tisdale and Vice-chairman Craig Buck welcome delegates to Scona, at Easterwood Airport. SCONA delegates listen to speaker at Plenary Session. 5!; . 5' 5 3.5 5,; rr- .. .H; .6955!!- A Enrique Tessada, Chairman of Welcoming Committee, min- gles with internacional stu- dents. wxmwkxx. 5 x 5 x m-xxxxxa Two delegates discuss problems in Latin America today; informal seSSions like this one were quite common. Dr. Howard Cutler, Round-Table Co-Chairman, and Mrs. Earl Rudder, dent of Texas A85M University, discuss SCONA X with two delegates. Delegates from 75 universities helped to make SCONA X a complete success. Topic for SCONA X: "Challenges to The Americas; Pan Amer- ican Trends: Promise or Threat?" The Tenth Student Conference On National Affairs began December 9 as approximately 200 students from 75 United States and foreign universities arrived on campus. The subject was presented in four keynote speeches, a panel discussion, and in six round-Table discussions. Economic devel- opment, Latin America today, Pan American cooperation, and The socio-poli'rical revolution was emphasized. The week's events included a review of the Corps of Cadets, a Texas-style barbecue, a Singing Cadets concert, and a buffet suppen "Oh, I say, you Texans do like your food hot, don't you?" R. Richard Rubonom, Jr., Vice President for University Life, SMU; Dr. Richard Wainerdi; Bernesf Evans,- and Garry Tisdale, Chairman SCONA X, greet delegates. A ; mmvm m 5W ,- .g Table TE' discusses and evaluates our policy toward Latin America. Spam 3km: Sponsored by the Great Issues Committee, together with NASA in Houston, the Space Fiesta brings guest speakers and scientific achievements to Texas A8tM. Astronaut Clifton Williams, Jr. discussed "An As- tronaut's Report on Manned Space Flight." Other speak- ers on the aerospace team were Lt. Col. Robert Olney, Maior Jean Pitner, and Captain Dan Hoskins. w Tom Tyree, chairman of the program committee of Space Fiesta '65, shows Michelle Arnold, left, and Judy Franklin the finer points of an Apollo Spacecraft model in the Memorial Student Center. The YLR-99 rocket engine, power plant for the X-15 aerospacecraft, is shown on display. Pinkie has his own thoughts about the Space Fiesta. "Well, now, back in ol' army..." Ken Brock looks over Gemini display. This was the same capsule in which Astronauts Whit and McDivitt orbited the earth 66 times in 4 days early in June. " The Great lssues-Speakers and World Around Us series presented a wide variety of subiects for students. Great Issues is a Memorial Student Center sponsored activity. Robert St. John, famous correspond- ent and author, spoke on "What Next in the Middle East?" His lecture showed that current history is people. Robert Cohen, internationally known photographer-lecturer, nar- rated a color documentary film, "Inside Castro's Cuba." Newsweek's Soviet Affairs expert and a former Red Army Colonel who detected to the West lectured on "The Great Schism Between Russia and China." he building of the President's home progressed steadily through the year. The home till replace the old President's home which was destroyed by fire in the Spring of 1963. Students report to the University Hospital for penicillin iniections and sulfa drugs because of meningitis scare. "Say, I wonder where that co-ed is that was in the line?" 5! PETER NERO THE CLEBANOFF STRINGS ?eaturiny ?WM $MM Town Hall Staff's main obiective is To provide to Texas A8xM University and the Bryan-College Station Area, en- 'rer'rainment which is not only popular, but also educational. A wide variety of shows is selected each year by stu- dents on Town Hall Staff. THE FOUR PREPS BALLET FOLKLORICO OF MEXICO FRED AND FRANK ASSUNTO THE DUKES OF DIXIELAND AL HIRT Glenn Dromgoole and Ranger check 0 u t press releases. EX N 4 Ann- m At Rice they let their founder sit down. Poor old Sully's been standing for 50 years. Preparation for South Viet Nam. Wait 'til the Viet Cong get a look at these young fighters. Architect's Ball-you don't need any other explana- tion. 995$;CQNU8: Spurs! Pretty soon they'll make us ride stick horses. Ed. Weiss believes in wide-spread advertising. Jntarwllcyiata Each year, Texas A8iM sponsors The InTercoI- legiaTe TalenT Show, which is held during The Spring MiliTary weekend, in coniuncTion wiTh The CombaT Ball and MiIiTary Balll Twelve ads were scheduled for ITS. Theyf represenTed colleges and universiTies ThroughouTi The souThwesT. i The Four Coachmen represenTed Texas Am: The show was opened and closed by The Kil-1 gore RangereTTes from Kilgore Junior College. Xxxxxixxgx 5 W ' 4 retTes open The show with a sharp "HOWDY, AGGIES!" i Annette Bogue of Stephen "k8 this, a real F. Austin State College .1 . l ' swinger. presented a skit of a little . Linda Lepard, of Eastern New Mexico State girl. University, started as an "old-fashioned girl" and ended up . . . . and more of Those RangereTTes. 54 ;;ng , T , . Mama I . TT ' ' I'm; l r91 The Loyola . . h 37 Manuel Melendez, a vocalist, from University. V - T . ' 3 3 Eastern New Mexico State University. Jeanette Theriot, also from Loyola, a light classical singer. The Folk Four, a novelty singing group, from Eastern New Mexico State University. H E4 Wanda Norgress, a tigress from LSU, at the piaho. Millie Carr, a pop singer from East New Mexico State. The Just III, a folk-singing trio from Louisiana State University. The Riverside Singers from Ar- kansas State Teachers College. . . . And Good-bye! hwxza.7;ya , t L'kax ,.. A Hf-V'V ','v'ry1, ,r The Corps passing in review, with the Aggie Band in the center of the review field, providing the marching music. "The one on the left there-combing her hair. See her?" Company E-2, with Butch Triesch in command, comes to 'Eyes, Right' the reviewing stand. 3rd Battalion Staff, with Bobby Warren commanding, steps off on Congress Avenue in Austin on Turkey Day. "But I won't have to do this when I go Regular Army!" 60mm Ball . . . T ,- v- TJI 4 Spring Military Weekend brings with it two of the social , highlights of the year, the Combat and Military Balls. ' T The Combat Ball, the most informal and enioyable dance I .' ' of the year is sponsored by the Combat Arms of the Corps . I of Cadets. Sbisa Hall was decorated to carry out the South Pacific theme. The Cadets wore their fatigues; the girls wore . . . well, it was interesting. Miss Sharon Huff, pretty Sam Houston co-ed, was named Combat Cutie at the Combat Ball. Am! the Military Ball The Military Ball brings the event-filled week-end to a close. Buddy Brock's Orchestra provided the music for the evening. Randy Smith takes that 'pause that refreshes'. Wonder what happened to Pat? :59Jaw es.- in; '11. 4W?e-e;ghgu 1, . .1252, Mrs. Trudy Bullock, brown-eyed, brunette beauty from Houston, chosen Civilian Sweetheart from 10 finalists. t . Buddy Brock and his l6-piece orchestra provided music for the Civilian Ball at Sbisz ' Hall. Theme of this year's ball was "Moonlight and Roses." Highlighting the activitie; of the ball was the selection and announcement of the Civilian Sweetheart. : The Four Coachmen, who won the Aggie Talent Show and played in the Intercollegiate Talent Show, per. formed during the barbecue. tWhoops! Something happened to the fourth CoachmanJ Stallings holds first press conference . . . sports writers from all over the state attended. Dr. Chris Groneman, Athletic Council chair- man, Gene Stallings, and the late Homer GENE STALLINGS, new head coach. Norton, Coach Of the 1939 National Cham- pions, discuss present-day football. Over 16,000 fans got a taste of things to come in Aggie football at the Spring Football game, May 1. The first string offensive and defen- sive Maroons defeated the second-team Whites 40-0. In spite of the lop- sided score, the emphasis seemed to be on defense. The Maroons held the hapless Whites to minus 48 yards rushing and a plus 97 yards in the air. The story of the game was the drive, dedication, and fight exhibited by Stalling's football team that intends to "Make Something Happen" next fall. Phil Scoggin, Aggie punting specialist, can become one of the Sophomore quarterback Harry Ledbetter UM starts V ,. 4 nation's top punters next fall. Last to pass to Jim Stabler t45t as Ronnie Lindsey t35t 7" . , u e ' f .' , t z t . .. season he averaged 39.8 yards per takes out wouId-be tackler. ' , V V ' ' .V 0 , " , rt - 0 kick and had a school high average 0 ' ' " of 47.8 in the SMU game. Jim Stabler, looking for a hole, comes around end. Sign displays anti-AStM feeling at Arlington . . . System." Kontmvgrsy Students express disapproval during pre-Christ- mas arbitration. AStM name removed from "Texas A8.M University Arlington State 6011ch Becomes Part of C ll. The controversy over Arlington State College, larg- est school in the system with 11,500 students, erupted when the system board met on the Arlington campus and announced that a graduate school, with degrees to be granted under the title "Texas A8tM University" had been approved. Overwhelming opposition sprang from students, faculty and ex-students. State Rep. George Richardson announced he would sponsor a bill in the Legislature divorcing Arlington State from the A8tM system. On Monday, February 22, Senator Don Kennard of Tarrant County pushed through an amendment removing ASC from Sen. Bill Meore's AW System reorganization Committee discusses reorganization bill . . . bill, which would have given Texas A8tM stronger control over its branches. Governor John Connally's plan for higher education calls for ASC to fall under the iurisdiction of the Univer- sity of Texas, and Kennard and ASC backers aligned themselves with the Governor's proposal. On April 5, Sen. Kennard obtained Senate approval of House amendments to his bill divorcing ASC from the Texas A8tM University system. The Senate voted 24-4 to concur with House re- visions and transfer Arlington State to the University of Texas system, despite a strong protest by Senator Moore. Moore, left, Kennard, right, argue merits. Board President Sterling Evans, President Earl Rudder, and Ed Cooper watch Senate committee approve all-male substitute bill of Sen. Andy Rodgers. ISenator Andy Rodgers speaks out regarding his bill restricting co-education. Test. Jim Seabolt reads a sTaTe- 60-fdumtizm The reTurn To an all-male A8TM is The goal of SenaTor Andy Rodgers, of Childress. Under his bill The UniversiTy would amend exisTing civil sTaTUTes and allow only males To aTTend during The regular school year. Hisbill To prohibiT compleTe co-educaTion passed iTs firsT hurdle March 17 as The SenaTe CommiTTee on MiliTary and VeTeran Affairs approved The measure on a voice voTe, despiTe sTrong opposiTion. SenaTor Rodgers carried his fighT for resTricTion of furTher co-educaTion To The House of RepresenTaTives afTer Tabling The IimiTed coed bill in The SenaTe. Rodgers explained ThaT he wiThdrew his bill because There was more imporTanT legislaTion yeT To be considered by The LegislaTure. Rodgers said ThaT he would bring The coed issue Up again in The fuTure. Rep. David Haynes claiming ThaT passage of Sen. Rodgers bill would hamper efforts To secure better faculty members. Student Palitics A newly-formed non-parTisan CommiTTee for PoliTical L RighTs on Campus began acTiviTy wiTh a proTesT in fronT of The nent at Committee's pro- . I, l Academic BUlldlng. Temporary chairman for The group,-Jim SeabolT, said The proTesT was definiTely noT sponsored by poliTical organizaTions. He said ThaT all The group wanTed was Their consTiTuTional righTs. Queen Cotton was selected from approximately 140 beauties from Texas colleges and Texas A8sM organizations. The Agronomy Socie'ry held its 31 st King Cotton page- ant and Cotton Ball. Miss Lani Ann Blacker of Wichita Falls was crowned Cotton Queen. Miss Blacker was The Texas Women's Universi'ry Women's Recreation Association entry. 60min 11mm! King Cotton James Fuchs, of Rowena, Plant Science maior who was crowned by Dr. Luther Jones, and Queen Cotton Lani Ann Blacker. crowning of Queen Cotton. King and Queen Cotton and their court. Parent? Day Every year on The second Sunday in May, Aggies honor Their parenTs wiTh a MoTher's Day Review and open house of Their dormiTories. Before The review, each oquiT has a flower pinning ceremony where The uniT C.O.'s moTher pins a flower on each cadeT. The Aggie MoTher of The year is recognized and awards are presenTed aT The review. This year's Aggie MoTher of The Year is Mrs. William T. Ward, of AusTin. MN, I Jim Allen presenTs Mrs. William T. Ward, 1964-65 Aggie Mother of The Year, with a bouquet of red roses. Mrs. Ward's Three sons-Tommy, Bill, and Sanny-look on. : Co. A-2-Rudy Herman's moTher pins flowers on The company. Maior Charles Zipp presents Bobby Warren with an award. 167W Dame 3E Corps Juniors don Their booTs for The firsT Time . . . "That's right! She said she'll pull 'em off when it's over." "Well, uh, no, his spurs aren'T supposed To get Tangled!" Busting the 7 0- 3t. Barricr By 1963, when Randy MaTson enrolled aT Texas A8iM UniversiTy, he had reached The heighT 0T 6 TeeT 6V2 inches, weighed 212 pounds and could puT The shoT 58 TeeT. BuT Aggie Trainer Emil Mamaliga Told him, "You can'T fire a 16-inch shell from a PT-boaT-you need a baTTleship." So MaTson Tried To gain weighT ihe Takes an exTra 1,300 calories a day in boosTer pillsi and en- Tered inTo a demanding weigthiTTing rouTine. As Randy's weighT wenT Up, so did The IengTh of his heaves. In 20 monThs he gained 46 pounds, added Three inches To his unexpanded chesT ifrom 45 To 48V4i and Three inches To his Thighs inow 26 inchesi. LasT year, Trying To build up for The Olympics, MaT- son gained weighT Too fasT and his Trainer blames This for his second-place finish in Tokyo. BuT his muscles have now maTured To accomodaTe his weighT. He is so sTrong he can flip The shoT wiTh his fingers insTead of pushing iT wiTh his palm wiTh a buII-Iike lunge, as mosT shoT- puTTers do. Randy can carry anoTher 10 or 20 pounds, and if This asTonishing sTaTisTical progress conTinues, he should add anoTher fooT To his record wiTh each 10 pounds. His presenT record is 70 feeT 7 inches. Aggie Muster A SACRED TRADITION Each year on April 21, Aggies all over the world gather for the Aggie Muster. It is one of the most honored and sacred traditions at Texas A8tM. At the Muster, Aggies who have passed away during the year are honored. The Muster began in 1903 when the 300-man Cadet Corps mus- tered April 21 to pay tribute to fallen classmates and to the gallant Texans who won independence for the state at San Jacinto in 1836. Since then, Aggies have religiously mustered on San Jacinto Day in every corner of the world and under every circumstance-even in the middle of battle. C. Darrow Hooper, '53, delivered Muster address. Elmer H. Beutnagel '65 Md. T. Islam Graduate Student Roberto Payan '67 Capt. Heriberto A. Garcia '54 Lt. Ronald D. Stewart '59 Capt. Byron C. Stone '60 Ross Volunteer Firing Squad firing volleys for their departed comrades. A crowd of 5,000 attended Muster in front of the Sys- tems Administration Building. Senior Kama The Senior BanqueT was held in Duncan Hall. Dr. M. T. HarringTon delivered The afTer- dinner speech, and Ed Kainer read The Senior Class hisTory, afTer which The dinner parTy wenT To Sbisa Hall for The Senior Ring Dance. "It's like This! You pm The spoon info The cup, and if it dissolves, you know it's Duncan Hall coffee." Mike Barton serves Tea and secretly knows That There are bener ways To spend a Saf- urday nighT Than waiting on Tables in Dun- can Mess Hall. I m! Illa 5mm King Dam ? i The big evenT for Seniors besides graduaTion is The Senior Ring Dance. During The dance everyone goes Through The Ring Cere- mony. The Senior and his daTe sTep beneaTh The large mockup of The Aggie Ring and The girl Turns The Aggie's ring around. Also during The dance The VaniTy Fair FinalisTs are presenTed. The six VaniTy Fair winners are announced rom The Twelve finalisTs and presenTed wiTh a bouqueT of red roses. In The TradiTional ceremony aT The Senior Ring Dance, Suzanne Turns The ring around so That The crest faces away from Leonard. This symbolizes ThaT he is ready To step ouT of college and face The world. VaniTy Fair for 1964-1965. Ed Sullivan, The band leader, swings out aT The Ring Dance. This was The female vocalisT ThaT Ed Sullivan brought for The dance from HousTon. Yeah! I don'T know; I Think iT's mushrooms. Graduating Seniors line up outside G. Rolle White Coliseum. We came in with the rain of Hurricane Carla; we were leaving in the rain on Graduation Day. And Illa War; The 819 members of the graduating class of 1965 and the .crowd that came to witness it.l iii h.-. .u. ARA wanna W. W. Lynch, '22, addresses the graduating class. He urged them to "know this nation's strength and history. If we are to attain the goals of success we simply must know the source of our strength." President Rudder, Dean Hannigan, and Mr. Perryman present diplomas to the graduates. 60mmissiming . . . Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Florence pin the gold bars of a Second Lieutenant on their son Ronald. Army cadets salute Gen. Stillman and receive their commissions. Air Force Mai. Gen. Robert M. Stillman of Wichita Falls spoke to the newly commissioned officers, members of the Cadet Corps, and guests attending the commiesioning. 33$ ack Holt, Mike Rasbury, and Co. A-2 prepare for the second ime around after singing "Auld Lang Syne" to the departing eniors. David Wayne Mobley '85 Officers and colors present arms before first pass-by at Final Review. . . . and Bill Ward takes "Saber C" around the second time as the Senior Class of '65 takes their salute from the Class of '66. Mike Higgins, Damon Hol- ditch, Bill Gibbons, Paul Riley, and men of Co. E-I exchange last farewells. . . .And 4 1700A: at things to Scott Ma rable '78 wzwsmww-w mm .a mm: m gmm-am . "v , . , .7; .re .mmuhr .rvnmwswm Hun m PNHV , Wyax-s: x , w -'. 1'5. w war A ,: "Le W. cm . The Vanity Fair finalists and semi-finalis'rs pose in the S stem A ministration Building. Vam'ty ?air The six Vanity Fair finalists, with the six runners-up; The Sweethearts and Queens of The 1964-65 year; and our own Aggie Sweetheart. . . . ALWAYS FAR AWAY, YET NEAR AT HEART. Perhaps The greaTesT honor ThaT can be besTowed upon a sTudenT of Texas Womans UniversiTy, our sisTer school, is To be named Aggie SweeThearT. This year The honor wenT To Johanna LeisTer a sophomore speech and drama maior. Johanna is a 5' 2", blue eyed, honey blond. Johanna was chosen from Twelve finalisTs who visiTed The campus early in OcTober. These TinalisTs were selecTed from eligible girls aTTending Texas Women's UniversiTy by a commiTTee consisTing of The presidenTs of The Sopho- more, Junior, and Senior classes. The Twelve TinalisTs were presenTed To The sTUdenT body on The weekend of our TirsT home fooTbaiI game. A selecTion commiTTee observed, voTed, and finally selecTed Johanna. We Think ThaT They made The righT choice. Johanna was presenTed wiTh an Aggie Senior Pin when she was selecTed SweeThearT. She is Thus pinned To over five Thousand boys. She was presenTed To her pinmaTes aT halTTime during The S.M.U. TooTbaII game in Dallas. Neil KeITner, Commander of The Corps, handed her The roses, and Frank Muller, STUdenT Body PresidenT, kissed her. Johanna aTTended many social funcTions on our campus and was our represenTaTive To The acTiviTies on oTher SouThwesT Conference school campuses. On campus, she is a lovely and charming hosTess To The many sweeThearT conTesTanTs and is ever present aT sporTs evenTs, reviews, plays, dinners and oTher special occasions. F. M 4: .wllyx; v.1 ,....1,L.l.$ u .6111?K.. . i 1.5: ILVSJIY: Makfw.... .. A . . 116.. .72 .,..:.. . ... . , , . . X. a 1.: 11:5: .1141!!- .rl:1ln t.I I til Sweetheart .W 9 Aw a 9 I wiwwwwwmhwwwhkw A MU xaRawK- waxxix Vanity gain I 965 the Senier Ring Dance, seniors rush to the Office to enter their girls in the Vanity Fair I close, the twelve most beeutiful girls are an tuinbiased committee of staff members arid zaphers. These Melve girls, the fairest of the FairFinaltsts. , . the Ring Dance, the Vanity Fair Finalists Press Club Bahquet. All persons attend- ' beautiful who ,gy'irts The nceL It is tra- Carole graduated from Lamar High School in 1963, and she is presently em- ployed as a secretary at a bakery in Houston. Carole is a soloist for The Lamar Choroleffes and a member of the Houston Grand Opera Ass'n. Carole has been the 1964-65 Air Force Sweetheart and a Princess in the Cotton Pageant at Texas A8iM this year. This black haired, brow eyed beauty is definitely a worthy selection for VaniTy Fair 1965. 61!.16 .1101 Fr 6 '" 7'3 f : Martha is from Texarkana, Texas and is a student at Arkansas University. In her spare time, she likes 10 read and explore caves. Prior To her junior and senior years, Martha attended Texarkana College, where she was a cheerleader, freshman and sophomore favorite and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. AT the University she was a Razorback cheerleader, Pershing Rifle Seventh Regiment Sweetheart, and a National Honorary Sponsor for Pershing Rifles 1964-65. Martha's charm and per- sonality were factors in gaining her a spot in Vanity Fair 1965. Becky makes her home in Highlands, Texas. She is a Senior at Sam Houston State, maioring in English. In addition to being selected for Vanity Fa'r Becky was also chosen as a Combat Cutie Finalist. She likes reading, writing, tennis, and water skiing. Becky's even Temperament and cooperativeness made working with her a pleasure. Her good looks and charming smile won The judges and a place in Vanity Fair 1965. - ,,..- ., .g-- ---....-. rawss-n -, a ' Maumm WaMWZ! Maureen is originally from London, England, and she cam To the United , , Stafes when she was nine years old. She attended Ursaline Academy on a scholar: E. ship and now works as a receptionist at savings and loan in Dallas. Her hobbies are sewing, swimming, Tennis, and water skiing. Maureen was also a Duchess in The 1965 Cotton Pageant. Her personality and good looks make her a welcome addition to the VaniTy Fair 1965. v 5 xns Judy is a senior in Ballinger High School, Ballinger, Texas. She was editor of the Ballinger yearbook and chosen Senior Class Favorite. She teaches swimming during the summer as a hobby, and enioys reading during her spare time. Judy was one of our Combat Cutie Finalists this year, and she was also chosen as a finalist in the Miss Merry Xmas contest sponsored by the Ballinger Chamber of Commerce. Judy's poise and good looks made a hit with the iudges, and she gained her spot with room to spare. Shirlca 17a V014 yolmstm Shirlee is a part-time student maioring in pre-Iaw at Texas AhM and is also employed as a secretary by The Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Shirlee attended Tyler Junior College and was a member of The "Apache Belles" and To-Kalon Soro fy. In 1963 she was the Hale County Farm Bureau Queen, and in 1964 she was the Brazos County Beauty Salon Queen. Shirlee enjoys being a Twirling instructor, water skiing, and reading. She is a definite asset to the Vanity Fair 1965. Vanity gait Diane Komig Diane is an honor student at Lamar High School in Houston. In her spare Time she enioys playing tennis, swimming, typing, and attempting to surf. Diane's brother is an Aggie, and she says her hobby is getting .to know Aggies and spending as much time at A8iM as possible, although she does not plan to attend. ' nW-MM janicc Keymlds Janice is an Elementary Education maior at Sam Houston State. She is a native of Houston and enioys swimming, riding horses, and playing pool. In addition 10 being selected for Vanity Fair, Janice was in the Miss Miramaid Contest in Houston. yam Aim 6arletw4 Jane is originally from Yankeeland, but moved to Texas threi; years ago. She attended Paris Junior College where she was sea retary for the Choral Group and Freshman Class. Jane is presentlij working in Dallas and she spends her spare time planning a lah summer wedding with an Aggie. i Runners Zip Karolyn Kent Carolyn is 19 years old and is a native of College Station. She enjoys golf, bowling, swimming, sewing, and playing The piano. Carolyn is presently employed by a College Station firm, and her future plans are to attend Nursing School. ,I l i i AIM friend Ann is a Senior at Baylor University maioring in Marketing. She is President of Alpha Lambda Sorority, and her hobbies in- clude playing The piano and singing. Ann appeared this last summer at Six Flags Over Texas where she sang in The "Crazy Horse Saloon." In addition to Vanity Fair, Ann was a runner-up To Miss Waco in 1964. feralymt Wilm Jeralynn is from El Paso, Texas, and attends Texas Western College where she is a Senior. In college she is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, and the college fashion board. She was also a Maid of Cotton Representative. Jeralynn's hobbies are swimming, reading, and tennis. Katina Queer: Lani, a native of Wichita Falls, was crowned the 315? Cotton Pageant Queen. She won The title over 145 other enTries and reigned with King Cotton James Fuchs. Lani was The Texas Woman's University Wom- en's Recreation Association entry. Wanda, Mrs. Texas A8eM 1965, is the wife of Arthur J. Johnson, a Senior majoring in Finance from Orlando, Florida. She was chosen from a field of 22 finalists at The Mrs. A8:M Dance at the Memorial Student Center. - N wa TRUDY BULLOCK-CSWLIAN SWEETHEART ,M.--....... ,, N RANDY MATSON World Record Shot PUTw70 ft. 7 in. Collegiate Record Discus 201 ft. 5 in. Aggia Sports We have won some,- we've been outscored some,- but we've never given Up. Our spirit is one That is yeT To be equaled. Whether it be in football or in golf, we have put forth our utmost effort, and we have won our share of Trophies. Section Edited by TOM HARRELL L to R: Ted Hopgood, Jim Benson, Frank Cox, Miss Reveille, Joe Bush, Rodney Dockery. Zita Aggie 1151! 351mm It has been said that one of the most important parts of any A8tM athletic event is the Fightin' Texas Aggie Spirit. The five Yell Leaders have the important iob of instilling that Spirit into each new student, a task that is not often easy. They have to be able to guide the 12th Man in helping the Aggie team to victory. The Yell Leaders for 1964-65 were: Head Yell Leader Frank Cox, New Boston,- Ted Hop- good, Billings, Montana; Jim Benson, Nacog- doches; Joe Bush, Temple; and Rodney Dock- ery, Kirbyville. Through the years, we may forget the names of these five Aggies but we can never forget their faces and the spirit that they shared with us. Leading a Yell Practice in from of Henderso n Hall. 3716 ?iglttin Cams Ayyias Emailing Staff W? , STANDING, L to R: Leonard Brown, Neil Schmidt, Jack O'Brien, Elmer Smith, Joe Walborg, Craig Randall, Dick Johnson. KNEELING: Head Coach Hank Foldberg. STANDING, L To R: Jack Pardee, Dee Powell, Don Watson, Bud Moore, Lloyd Taylor, Jack Hurlbut, Ralph Smith. KNEELING, L To R: Elmer Smith, Head Coach Gene Stallings. Gene STallings, an All SouThwesT Conference end aT Texas A8TM under Paul TBearT BryanT, has been given The Task of guiding Aggie fooTbaIl Teams back inTo The naTional spoTlighT. STaIlings, assisTanT head coach aT Alabama for BryanT, joined A8TM as head fooTbalI coach during The ChrisTmas holidays of 1964 and began map- ping plans for The fuTure. His work paid off as The Aggies signed more "Blue Chips" high school sTars Than any SouThwesT Conference school. Spring fooTbaIl pracTice recalled days of old for sTaunch buT win-hungry Aggie fans. Drills were held behind locked gaTes as STaIlings and his staff soughT a winning combinaTion for 1965. ResulTs Thrilled fans who saw The Maroons smash The WhiTes 40-0 in The final scrimmage. OTher former Aggie greaTs are among The members of STallings' sTan, wiTh Elmer SmiTh being The lone holdover from Hank Foldberg's sTaff. STallings named SmiTh assisTanT head coach. Foldberg assumed Tull Time dUTies as aThleTic direcTor in The new alignmenT. Dr. Chris Groneman 0er, Chairman of the Athletic Council, and Hank Foldberg Uighn welcome Gene Stallings as head football coach. BOBBY EVANS Tackle Big Joe Weiss finds the going tough. .W e4, If it hadn't been for that blocked punt . . . JERRY KACHTI K Fullback GARY KOVAR Center For the second year in a row, a sellout crowd of 68,000 fans saw the Aggies and the LSU Tigers renew old rivalries. LSU's only touchdown came with 23 seconds remaining in the first period. Tiger tackle Tom Fussell deflected a punt off Phil Scoggin's foot and pounced on the loose ball in the end zone for a quick 6 points. The Tigers notched their other 3 points with a 34 yard field goal with 1:41 left in the half. The second half was a different game with OI' Army putting on one of the greatest comeback exhibitions seen in recent years. After fighting off several Tiger threats, the Aggies started clicking with a drive of their own in the final period. It ended with Big Jim Stabler going over from 2 yards out. Time was then the culprit, running off and leaving the cadets behind. SHERMAN DeBUSK MIIKE DEVINE Guard Halfback JIM WILLENBORG Quarterback llofff- 70,,465-0 Lloyd Currington picks up seven against the Cougars RAY GENE HINZE Tackle BUBBER COLLINS Fullback A hungry pack of Houston Cougars drew an early touchdown and with a strong defense held a stunned Aggie team in the second half for a 10-0 win in Houston at Jeppeson Stadium. While suffering its second defeat in as many games, the Aggies, contained by a rugged Houston defense, unveiled a type of football called "three downs and punt." They reached midfield only once during the first half while Houston drove deep into Maroonland three times, scoring once and missing a field goal on another attempt. Houston's first score came as a result of an intercepted Dan Mcllhany pass. Six plays later Cougar quarterback Jack Skog hit end Horst Paul for six. In the second half, A8iM did the same as they did in the first, three downs and punt. Then Houston took over and moved close enough for Jim Dyar to make an 18- yard field goal. The Maroons never mustered enough steam to sustain a long drive during the game. BREDING MIKE PITMAN End Halfback A spUTTering Aggie offense sTruggled Tor Three-TourThs of a TooTball game in The depThs OT Kyle Field before it finally came To life, The Texas Tech Red Raiders claimed A8TM 16-12. The Raider's TirsT Tally came easily on a blocked punT off Phil Scoggin's TooT. The loose ball rolled OUT of The end zone for a Tech saTeTy wiTh only 1:30 gone in The game. Following The pUhT afTer The saTeTy, Mike PiTman nabbed a Tech pass and raced To The Raider Three. Three plays IaTer, Mcllhaney scored from The one. BuT shorle aTTerwards, T. T. came back wiTh anoTher TD. and exTra poinT To lead The Aggies, 9-6 aT halTTime. In The Third period, The second Time Tech goT The ball They scored. IT came as a resulT of a Maroon Tumble on Their T8 yard line. NOT To be oquone, The CadeTs came back wiTh an of- BILLY UZZELL WAYLON WARD End Tackle CurringTon blasts for shorT yardage Tensive show of Their own. The score came wiTh a play from Mcllhany To CurringTon To Mc- llhaney and finally To sophomore Lawson How- ard alone in The end zone. BUT despiTe how hard They Tried, Time ran ouT for The Aggies, and hisTory could noT repeaT iTselT. JERRY PIZZITOLA ANDY OVERTON TOMMY MEEKS Guard Center Halfback Ed Breding goes in high in an attempt to block a pass. The SouThern California Troians allowed The Aggie Wooden horse a seven poinT peak, slammed The gates shuT and handed The CadeTs Their fourTh sTraighT loss, 31-7. The Aggies sTunned The crowd of 42,295 people by scoring on The game's sixTh play. CadeT secondary ace Mike PiTman picked off a SC pass before The Memorial Coliseum crowd goT seTTled in Their seaTs and sTreaked 33 yards To The Troian seven. Four downs laTer, Tailback Jim STabler crashed over from The one To puT The Aggies on The scoreboard. Glynn Lindsey's conversion made iT 7-0. From Then on, however, The game belonged To SouThern California. In The second quarTer, The Trojans collecTed a TD and a field goal To end The half, 10-7. Then The second half added insulT To injury as The Trojans compleTely dominaTed play. They added one more TD in The Third quarTer and Two more in The fourTh To compleTe The scoring. A fumble recovery by Tackle Harvey Ermis gave A8TM iTs only possession of The fooTbaIl in Troian TerriTory The enTire second half. Brotherton picks off Troian pass. JACK PYBURN LLOYD CURRINGTON MIKE PHILLIPS JOHN POSS PHIL SCOGGIN Halfback Halfback End Kicking Specialist Tackle 3 xx x T ??gQ vivtea ike TA: XTLijCA :ng Six; xxsfs s e T 563m x 5 , ?Td$LJT A laTe Aggie comeback was unable To overcome Two disasTrous TirsT half miscues as TCU's Horned Frogs Took a 14-9 decision from The Ags. The game's opening kickoff seT The mood for The resT of The conTesT. Maroon full- back Bubber Collins received The ball on his own 20 and raced To The Frogs' 45 bUT an off- sides penalTy rubbed iT ouT. Two minUTes laTer, Lloyd Currington UH picks Up seven yards against The Frogs. TCU's KenT Nix passed To lonesome Sanders for The TilT's opening TD. In The second quarTer, Nix engineered a march To The CadeT 24, only To be sTopped by Jerry KachTik's inTercepTion of a Nix aerial. Three plays IaTer, when Phil Scoggin aTTempTed To punT, The ball was knocked loose and TCU pounced on iT for a quick six. The half ended 14-0. The second half was a differenT ball game. A wild TCU piTchouT enabled The Ags To Trap Frog ace Jim Fauver be- hind The goal for a saTeTy. Then wiTh 5:30 leTT in The Third period, The CadeTs sTruck again. Eddie McKaughan swung around righT end, evaded a defender, and crashed in for The only Ag TD of The aTTernoon. The fourTh period was scoreless and The game ended wiTh The Ags again on The shorT end of The score. A host of A95 puT The clamps on a Frog ball carrier. RICKEY WHATLEY DAN WESTERFIELD DON WEST JOE WELLBORN JOE WEISS End Halfback Tackle Center Fullback End John BroTherTon is hiT hard and The ball sails loose Bears - 20, 6mm - I 6 A Baylor Homecoming crowd of 33,000 saw The underdog CadeTs dominaTe play for Three quarTers. However, The impoTenT Bruin air aTTack came To life in The fourTh period To spark The Two deciding siX-poinTers. The Ags scored firsT on a TD seT-Up by Mike Kohlman when he inTercepTed Terry SouTh- all's aerial. Five plays IaTer, Jim STabler raced around IefT end for The Tally. The TirsT Bruin score came in The closing minUTes of The firsT period when Donnie Laurence inTercepTed a Charles La Grange pass and raced 20 yards un- Touched for The six poinTs. The Ags scored once more in The second quarTer To make iT 13-6 aT halfTime. The Maroon sTarTed The Third quarTer off wiTh Three more big'poinTs on a 3 yard field goal by Glynn Lindsey. Then in The TourTh quarTer, The Bears Took over. Sophomore quarTerback Mike Marshall came in and ran seven plays for six poinTs. A Two-poinT conversion closed The gap To wiThin Two poinTs. MinUTes IaTer SouThaH led a drive 80 yards for Their IasT six poinTs. WiTh Time rune ning ouT, McKaUghn broughT The Aggies back To The Bear 4. Then his piTchouT To Dan WesTer- Tield wenT wide and for all pracTical purposes The game was over. DAN MCILHANY BUDGIE FORD JAMES DRENNAN YANCY BOUNDS JIM WICKERHAM QuarTerback Fullback End Guard Tackle MIKE KOHLMAN Eddie McKaughan drops back To pass against Arkansas. The Red Horde arrived in College STae Tion on Halloween and when H had gone, iT had lefT in iTs wake a conservaTive, defensive TooTball game which resulTed in a 17-0 de- cision. The conTesT was played in Two halves, which were really games in Themselves. The TirsT half saw The Hogs rack Up all Their poinTs, garner nine firsT downs, and gain 149 yards from scrimmage. In The second half, Arkansas was held To Two TirsT downs and 62 yards in ToTal offense. The CadeTs musTered Two good drives, HARVEY ERMIS Fullback Tackle TOMMY KlRCHMER Guard one sTopped by The clock and The oTher by an incompleTe pass. The Ags drove 50 yards in nine plays in The second quarTer. WiTh The ball on The Razorback 5, Eddie Mc- Kaughan's fourTh down pass overshoT The sTraining hands of end Billy Uzzell, all alone in The end zone. The oTher CadeT march came in The waning momenTs of The game. From The Pig 49, McKaughan piTched The A95 down To The Razorback one in 5:4 seconds. The final gun sounded before The Maroons could geT off anoTher play. LINDY ENDSLEY Tackle MARVIN DAWKINS End smu-o The Aggies had a good reason To rejoice! For The firsT Time This year The Aggies noT only won The game buT They ouTscored Their opponenTs. IT was The worsT conference defeaT in- flicTed upon SMU in Three years. The sTaTisTics were as one sided as The final score. The A95 led in firsT downs, 15-6 and ouTgained The Mus- Lloyd Currington Tripped up after short gain. TED SPARLING JIM STABLER End Halfback The "Mighty Mite," Mike PiTman iars The football loose from The Ponies. JOHN BROTHERTON End Tangs 248 To 38. SMU wound Up wiTh 10 yards rushing. The key man for The farmers in The sun- filled conTesT was Eddie McKaughan. The poised sophomore compleTed 8 of 16 passes for 83 yards and had 4 oThers dropped. His performance earned him SWC Player-of-The- Week. McKaughan was one of a whole hosT of Aggies who played superb fooTball againsT The fired up MusTangs. Senior end John BroTherTon made several amazing caTch- es To keep Aggie drives alive. Sophomore Ed Breding logged as much Time in The SMU backfield as some of The Pony ball carriers. All in all H was a "Bad Day aT Black Rock" for The Ponies and a beauTiTul day for The Aggies whose sagging morale was boosT- ed by The well earned vicTory. RONNEY MOORE MELVIN SIMMONS Guard Tackle The Owls Took flighT for a 19-8 de- cision over The Aggies in Rice STadium. A8JWs lone consolaTion came from being The TirsT Team To pUT six poinTs on The scoreboard aT one Time in Rice sTadium This year. The Aggie Touchdown was someThing ThaT neiTher Texas Tech, WesT Virginia, LSU or Texas had been able To do. Mike Pitman and Ed Breding stop an unidentified Owl. The Ag Touchdown concluded one of The TinesT examples of ball conTrol TooTball seen on any field This year. The drive covered 80 yards, required 19 plays and consumed some eighT minuTes of The Third quarTer. Two key plays from The arm of senior Dan Mclllany, one To John BroTherTon, The oTher To Lloyd Cur- ringTon. The TD was an end sweep by Jim STabler; he headed lefT from The Two yard line To The ouTside and ouTraced The Owl secondary To The end zone. The conversion was a Two-poinT pass from Glynn Lindsay To Dan WesTerTield. MM WWW T 1 Mike PiTman in Trouble at Rice stadium EDDIE McKAUGHAN KEN LAMKIN CHARLES LaGRANGE DON KOEHN LARRY BATES QuarTerback Center Quarterback Guard End 81175 e 26 6mm - 7 For a half The Aggies played Texas even; for Three-quarTers, H was anybody's ball game. BUT when The final gun had sounded, The STeers had prevailed for The eighTh sTraighT year, 26-7. More Than 65,000 sun drenched Tans viewed The Thanksgiving Day clash aT Memorial $Ta- dium in AusTin. They saw a fierce, hard- hiTTing game Typical of This ancienT rival- ry. IT was a closer conTesT Than The score- board margin would seem To indicaTe. The underdog CadeTs Thoroughly domi- naTed The TirsT hahc play. The score aT haTT Time was 7-7, buT The sTaTisTics favored The Aggies in virtually every deparTmenT. A8TMIS lone TD came midway in The second period aTTer an 89-yard susTained drive which aTe up eighT minuTes and 35 seconds. Sophomore field general Ed- die McKaughan engineered an 18-yard march. Big Joe Weiss churned Two yards for The Touchdown. The IasT Two quarTers belonged To TU. LaTe in The Third quarTer, The sTeers accepTed a Two-poinT gifT from The A95 aTTer Tom Murrah cenTered The ball over Phil Scoggins' head. The verdicT lefT The 1964 Aggies wiTh a final season record of 1-9. MARTY LEONARD GLYNN LINDSEY Guard Quarterback JERRY NICHOLS Halfback Ma, Dan Westerfield on The quick opener. Eddie McKaughan looks down field for a receiver. TOM MURRAH Guard RONNIE LINDSEY Halfback STANDING, L-R: Paul Timmins, Dick Rector, Bill Gasway, Sonny Fethkenher, Tim Timmerman, John Beasley, Reggie Gilbreath, Ken Norman, Dick Stringfellow, Billy Atkinson, Eddie Dominquez. . KNEELING, L-R: Assis1ant Coach Jim Culpepper, Head Coach Shelby Metcalf, Student Assistant David Stiles, Manager Gary Schmidt. k BIG JOHN BEASLEY HEAD COACH SHELBY METCALF AILSWC Confe rence Scoring Champion Aggies Pelt Porkcrs 3 FEBRUARY, FAYETTEVILLE The Aggies invaded the Ozarks to edge past Ar- kansas in an overtime cliffhanger, 82-79. The Razor- backs held a five-point lead with 2:12 to go and a three-point edge with 40 seconds left. A frantic short iumper by Tim Timmerman with 15 seconds left dead- locked the score at 71-71 and sent the thriller into a five-minute overtime period. A8M raced to a 78-71 lead in the post-mortem and hung on for the crucial victory. A resounding 51-29 rebound advantage en- abled the Aggies to subdue the tenacious Porkers. Paul Timmins and Bill Gasway apply a little pressure. Ays Chanda Past flags 20 FEBRUARY, COLLEGE STATION The surging Aggie basketballers rode the hot shooting of big men John Beasley and Ken Norman tor a decisive trouncing of Arkansas. A8JV1 seized the lead less than four minutes into the game and remained in command all the way in registering a 91-77 victory. Arkansas tried to slow down the high octane Cadets with their careful pattern offense but were unsuccessful. Only two teams have scored more points against the Hogs all year. For the game, the Aggies out-rebounded the Hogs, 63-58. a Beasley, with 16, and Gasway, with 13, led in that de- l partment. A8M also led in shooting percentages, 42.4 11 to 33.3. A IiTTle rebound action involving Timmins and Norman. Ag; Smash Record 16 FEBRUARY, COLLEGE STATION A spurT in The fading minuTes swepT The Aggies To a new school scoring record and a 104-93 vicTory over Rice in College STaTion. The CadeTs broke ouT of The doldrums aTTer The score was deadlocked, 76-76, wiTh 9:42 lefT. Bill Gasway and Dick RecTor sparked The rally which finally buried The subborn Owls. WiTh 3:1 1 To go, RecTor sunk an arching bomb from leTT corner To push The A95 over The cenTury mark for The TirsT Time in A8TM hisTory. Maroons Shock Owls 16 JANUARY, HOUSTON IT iusT didn'T seem fair, whaT Those Aggie cagers did To Rice down in HousTon, and Coach Shelby MeTcahc musT have sensed H as he empTied his bench onTo AuTry CourT in The Rice Fieldhouse. BUT he sTarTed Too laTe. A bunch of scrappy subs kepT The iniury-ridden Owls aT bay unTil The final horn sounded. The momen- Tum gained by sTarTers Sonny FeThkenher, Ken Norman, John Beasley, Paul Timmins, and Dickie STringTellow was noT To be Thrown To The winds and The A93 wenT on To win 93-55. The Aggie Starting Five. Dickie StringfeHow driving in. Am Blasts ?mgs 23 FEBRUARY, FORT WORTH An explosive 39-point performance by John Beas- ley carried the streaking Aggie past TCU, 102-95, on a wintry night in Fort Worth. The Cadets were down by as much as nine points in the first haltc but roared back in the second round to notch the victory. TCU managed to cut the lead to 96-92 in the last minute of play. The desperate Purples tried fouling but deadly charity shooting by the Aggies put the game on ice. Affo's Test 14 points came on free throws. This was the first time A8tM has cracked the century mark away from home. Aggies 6aptur5 Squeakcr 12 JANUARY, COLLEGE STATION The Aggie cagers turned the screw of suspense to the last notch before wrapping Up a tingling 72-71 victory over surprising TCU. Dickie Stringfellow used a pair of tension-riddled free throws to give A8tM what proved to be the winning margin. Showing complete contempt for the prognosticators, the youthful Frogs carried the fight to the Aggies and were in the contest right down to the final frantic second. Play ended on a frenzied note with TCU in possession of the ball with four seconds left. Gary Turner arched a long, desperate pass into front court but time had run out for the struggiing Christians. 2.1.. ' ., 4m. i'-'-..i,,. 5;. Jayaiwcpulmw .... e-grv- Mustangs 61127 Aggies 9 JANUARY, DALLAS A8M dropped an 89-77 verdicT To The SMU MusTangs before a capaciTy crowd of 9000 in Dallas. The clash was a hard-ToughT baTTle, much closer Than The final score indicaTes. AT 8:23 The score was sTill Tied 68-68. WiTh 4:42 leTT, The Aggies only Trailed by Three, 75-72. BUT as is The case so oTTen in baskeTball, A8M was forced To come ouT aTTer The sTalling MusTangs, give up Tree shoTs, and Thus Tall farTher behind when The gamble failed To work. The CadeTs had baTTled back bUT in so doing had become saddled wiTh fouls. STringTeIlow and Tim- mins fouled ouT, and Beasley, Timmer- man, and Dominguez finished wiTh Tour fouls apiece. What price glory! 0f Army Stuns Ponies 2 MARCH, COLLEGE STATION A8M used a blisTering firsT hahc aTTack To deal The Ieague-leading SMU MusTangs a sTunning 94-81 UpseT. The Aggies ThreaTened To blasT The Ponies ouT of G. Rollie WhiTe Coliseum as They sTeamed To a 54-33 haIT-Time lead. SMU rallied aTTer inTermission buT The A95 refused To be caughT. John Beasley seT The pace for The Aggies by pouring in 38 poinTs and shaTTering scor- ing records like They were going ouT of sTyle. The 6-9 cenTer seT Three new school marks and a SWC season record of 368 poinTs as he conTinued his Torrid IaTe- season scoring pace. xap, xx, 55 '23 Paul Timmins hooks one past a Mustang. VXNKXNN KVKW -y 51175 51117 By gadcts 6 FEBRUARY,COLLEGE STATION A3M baTTled The STeers To The wire, succumbing aT home for only The second Time in Ten years To The AusTiniTes. In The lasT H minuTes The lead changed hands eighT Times. The Aggies had Their chances buT couldn'T buy a buckeT in The fading sTages. Texas shifT- ed inTo Their sTalI game wiTh 3:33 IeTT and nursing a 62-61 lead. No more scoring occurred unTil The lasT minUTe of play when five TranTic poinTs were regisTered by The Two desperaTe clubs. Aggie senior Paul Tim- mins was high scorer for The game wiTh 21 poinTs. OTher A95 in The double column were John Beasley wiTh 13 and Ken Norman wiTh 10. Big John capTures another rebound. Steers Scuttle Ags Tim Timmerman seems To be surrounded by Sips. 27 FEBRUARY, AUSTIN A Torrid firsT half by The STeers plunged The Maroon mm a hole They were never able To dig ouT of, aIThough a Tremendous performance by John Beas- ley shaved The Texas lead from 23 poinTs To nine poinTs in less Than 10 minuTes. Seven Thousand eighT hundred zealous fans packed Gregory Gym in AusTin for The 121$T renewal of The ancienT series. They saw Texas grab The lead aT 17:20 of The TirsT half and never lose H in rac- ing To Their eighTh conference win. Beas- ley padded his already comforTable scoru ing lead in boTh conference and season play by meshing 4O poinTs. Baseball FRONT ROW: Arrington, Fisher, Dickerson, Caroll, Mascot-Tom D. Chandler, Valentine, Beckner, Johnson, Gardner. SECOND ROW: Hall, Carlton, Crane, Koonce, Cobb, Thompson, McClure, Hillhouse, Stovall, Mohr. TOP ROW: Meeks, Barker, Warren, Chiles, Cook, Malitz, Brandt, Deviney, Williams, Sparkman, Yarfer, Coach Tom Chandler. 8 W6 5mm A 8AA Opponent 1 2 O COACH TOM CHANDLER aAwaOanwooVoowooo O SEASON RECORD: Won 16, Lost 7 Second Place in SWC MIKE McCLURE SWC Batting Champion Baning Average: .443 Kim Swiss: 2-4, 8-2, 6-3 It probably went a mile or Two! HOUSTONzTheAEQMdiamondmen sTrafed Rice, 8-2, in The second game af- Ter dropping a 4-2 decision in The firsT of a Two game series in HousTon. Rice pushed across Two runs in The eighTh inning and racked STeve Hillhouse for 10 hiTs in The TirsT clash. In The second game, sophomore Tommy Chiles, fired a four-hiTTer and OUT- fielder Alan Koonce slammed in Three runs for The Aggie vicTory. The Maroons made six errors and The Owls commiTTed five miscues in The loosely played con- TesT. Two errors, a walk, and a pair of sTolen bases brdughT The Aggies Their firsT Two runs in The Third inning. COLLEGE STATION: Behind The slugging barrage ThaT included a home run, a Triple, and Three doubles, The Aggies clobbered The Rice Owls, 6-3, in Travis Park. Billy Crain, Chuck MaIiTz, and Mike McClure led The CadeT hiTTing. STeve Hill- house held down The piTching chores for The Maroon. He allowed Three runs on six hiTs, going The full disTance, sTriking OUT six men, walking Tour. The win placed The A95 in a Tie for firsT place for a brief sTay. The Ag baseballers ponder The situation. 3'61! Series; 8-4, 7 -0, 8-4 COLLEGE STATION: The A93 produced 8 runs againsT TCU wiTh H hiTs, in- cluding Three sTraighT doubles in The sevenTh inning, and eighT walks To Trounce The Frogs, 8-4. Defensively, The CadeTs were aided by piTcher STeve Hill- house who sTruck quT seven men in his seven and one-Third innings on The mound. FORT WORTH: The Aggie Diamondmen swepT a Two game series from The TCU Frogs in ForT WorTh. STeve Hillhouse hurled a shuT-OUT in The TirsT game and The CadeTs sup- porTed him wiTh seven runs for a 7-0 decision. Hillhouse fired a six-hiTTer aT The winless Frogs. The A95 scored Two runs iq The TourTh inning and IaTer Tacked on five more Tallies. The CadeTs played errorless ball and reeled off Two double plays. po hiTTers for The Maroons were Lance Cobb, Mike McClure, and Ralph Beckner. In The second version of The same sTory, sophomore shorTsTop Mike Arring- Ton punched ouT for a single in six appearances To spark A8TM's T3-hiT, 8-4 win. The Maroons scored five runs be-' fore TCU regisTered Their firsT Tally in The TiTTh inning. Senior F red CarlTon blasTed a Two run homer To spice The Ag hiTTing barrage. Tommy Chiles wenT The disTance Tor A8TM To pick up The win. He sTruck ouT seven and walked Two during The aTTernoon. l09 www.wem 5' SMZI Same: 6-7, 5- 7, 6-3 DALLAS: WiTh The TemperaTure in The 40's, The Aggies dropped a SWC base- ball game To SMU, 7-6, in Dallas. The MusTangs bombed The A95 for H hiTs, and The CadeTs conTribuTed To Their own downfall wiTh The Three cosle errors. The game was Tied 6-6 going inTo The boTTom of The ninTh, when The lasT of The Aggie errors and a crucial call by The umpire combined To give The Mus- Tangs The vicTory. COLLEGE STATION: The Ags swepT a Two game series from once powerful SMU in Travis Park. In The TirsT game, The CadeTs smoTh- ered SMU 5-1 on nine hiTs and some fine base sTealing. A8TM baserunners gained seven bags by devious running. This, He's a finding lash of high, er, well . . . combined wiTh The Timeliness of Their hiTs, proved To be The margin of vicTory. Billy Crain led The Army hiTTing aTTack wiTh Two for Tour, including a double. Neal Thompson was also Two for four and Mike McClure was The high per- cenTage hiTTer wiTh a Two for Three game record. STeve Hillhouse wenT The dis- Tance for The Aggie on The mound. In The second game, The picTure was noT so clear. The A93 wenT ahead 2-0 in The second, only To have The MusTangs bounce back wiTh a run in The Top of The TiTTh. A8TM pushed anoTher man across in The sixTh, buT SMU Tied iT Up in The Top of The eighTh. In The second hahc 0T ThaT inning, The CadeTs goT Three singles and a Triple by Chuck MaIiTz To win H. a binding snatch of might, uh . . . Boy, he's fast! Baylor Series: 0-2, 3-2, 4-6 But coach, he can't pitch either. COLLEGE STATION: The Aggies went down to Baylor, 2-0, in a tight pitching duel in Bryan's Travis Park. Billy Crain allowed the Bears only 5 hits. The Ca- dets' hits came on doubles by Fred Carl- ton in the fourth, and Chuck Malitz in the fifth, and singles by Lance Cobb in the second and Mike McClure in the sixth. WACO: The Cadets split their important series with Baylor in Waco, eliminating the Bears from the race. In the first game, there was no scoring until the third inning. Billy Crain hit a single into left center field, driv- ing in two big runs. Then in the fourth, Baylor tied it up with two runs of their own. In the fifth, Crain doubled, driving in Chiles for the winning Aggie run. The Aggies scored their three runs on six hits, including two doubles. The winning pitcher was Tommy Chiles. In the second game, the Aggies won eight of the nine innings but lost 6-4 in the final analysis. Steve Hillhouse pitched 5 2TB innings and in the first 5, the Cubs were retired in order. The Bears went on to pick Up six runs on six hits in the sixth inning. A8xM got two runs in the fourth and two in the seventh, but the late rally failed to develop. MWWIMWWWKWWM WW Another close play! Cl! Sam: 72-4, 7-5, 6-5 AUSTIN: The A95 started SWC play off with a bang by defeating the Sips 12-4 inAustin. The Aggie baseballers blasted Steer pitching for 17 hits. Hurler Steve Hillhouse continued to cast his spell over Texas hitters. The iunior Iefter notched his third victory over the Steers in his varsity career against no defeats. Lead- ing the Cadet batting barrage were Billy Crain with 4 hits, and Mike McClure with 3, and they each drove in 3 runs. COLLEGE STATION: The Aggies Split their last two games of the season with Texas U. to take second place in the SWC. With the aid of a four-run ninth in- ning, Texas took the first game 5-1 in Travis Park. A8iM scored in the first inning. Neal Thompson singled to ignite the Aggie score in the opening stanza. Alan Koonce's fly to centerfield pushed the Cadet right-fielder to second. Thomp- son stole third base and came home on a single by first baseman Billy Crain. Texas tied the game with a home run in the fifth, the last score until the ninth inning Longhorn outburst. A8iM hit like a different ball team in the second game and came out on top with a total of six runs to the Texas five. A total of seven hits and even some well-placed base on balls left the Long- horns on the losing end in the second game. Tommy Chiles was the Aggie pitcher of the day. COLLEGE STATION; MAY 8, 1965 Matson's shofpuf series was fantastic. In order They were 68-834, 70-7, 67-9, 69-3374, 68-4374 and scratch. Lasf weekend Randy beffered world record of 69-374. Dallas Long's "official" world mark is 67-10172, but four of Randy's pUTS Saturday better- ed Long's standard. Mafson's 70-7 mark eclipsed The conference record by better Than 12 feet. Randy's discus Throw of 19977172 broke Danny Robert's record of 177- 10. RANDY MATSON WM rw-vw'm ,muawm. MWAW a Wwwmu a...vwww ' ' W V .1 I ,Wuau-cMr' BOTTOM ROW, L. to R.: Dan M SECOND ROW: Billy Schmidt, THIRD ROW: Ed Mayberly, eadows, Dave Glover, Randy Matson, Ted Nelson, Larry McGoth, Don Kooser, Mike Schriber, Mgr., Donnie Ayers, Bob Brown, John Cosper, Gilbert Smith, Coach Charlie Thomas. Arie Britt, Gene Westmoreland, Earl Edwards. Noel Adams, Bob Smith. Crack The A95 placed first and third in this event. COACH CHARLIE THOMAS Ag leads the way home. - -,,,,.,...',-,.....,.,- 1x VTXJKMKW'T' The high iump made easy! Two Aggies demonstrate the 120yd hurdles. $2 1 a1 440-yd. Relay: JAMES WHITE, ROBERT MARTIN, GILBERT SMITH, TED NELSON. MIKE SCHRIDER RANDY MATSON DAN MEADOWS High Jump Shot Put Javelin Discus O 244;; w??? fa; kg M myy Vy 4w? ' Mmmmyw Swimming FRONT ROW: Berngen, Trifon, Sidman, Staples, Zahn MIDDLE ROW: Harriman, Hooten, Offner, Palmer, Climie. BACK ROW: Diving Coach Emil Mamaliga, Bethe, Griffey, Byrne, Sindo, Keating, Swimming Coach Art Adamson. SEATED: Griffey, Harrimon, Offner, Sidman, Desilels. STANDING: Staples, Keating, Holder, Abbott, Hooten, Coach Art Adamson. QNQE xmw $ 3mm 0 , 5 v. '0' $Xfi3 9 vi, DOUG SASSMAN A ALBERT ALDRICH RAY SALAZAR M. Phillips M. PiTman R. Moore D. Koehn S. Hillhouse J. Jenkins M. McClure R. By'rd L. Roias M. Dawkins T. Meeks J. STabler The T-AssociaTion w founded on November 14, 1907, aT The suggesTion of Mr on, Then coach of The fooTbaIl and Track Teams. lTs purpose is To pf. V Those who have received a. member, a person 1 a maior or minor 5 o rganizaTion for fellowship among nors while aT A8TM. To be a in The individual ever? AssociaTion acT T he Tall banqueT, spring picnic, and The annual All 86 V aT which all visiTing high school sTudenTs for The coinciding. .h School Day are guesTs. D. West R. $Tringfellow A. Koonce G. Lindsey R. Beckner J. Mcllhaney H. Lawson E. McKaughan C. LaGrange R. Lindsey T. Kirchmer R. Martin W. Atkinson D. Meadows L. Endsley T. Chiles M. Lass-iter J. Nichols J. Pyburn J. WeIlborn E. Breding R. Mohr G. Brown T. Timmerman C. Malitz G. Kovar W. Crane A. Overtbn B. Collins J. Sebastian T. Nelson T. Murrah H. Ermis F. Carlton W. Calcott ; V X; W. Ward C. Wood P. Scoggin K Lamkin L. Curington Jim Willenborg President D. Westerfield J. Wickerham P. Timmins J. Nilson VVWW ' Z ,Z VM Cobb Weiss Brothenon D. Glover R. G. Hinze .; ' AA 1 ,H x 'Z w; RON TOMAS "- LEE MCDOWELL COACH HENRY RANSOM JEFF ANDRICK DOUG DYER , ,. A me 12y , X472W'I ?aQX 1 1 $ MR x XMMW MKW mxm xxx x m s xQXRXNRW iy ,w m 19? STANDING, L 10 R: Gene Darby, Kenny Franklin, Johnnie Bickham, Gayle Cosby, Ray Gene Hinze, Rod Leifes're, Frank McCoy, Jim Hightower, Albert Abel, Ken Lampkin. SITTING, L to R: Robert Richards, Ronnie Sanford, Cynthia Smith, John Brotherton-Presidenf, Richard Serrill, Jr. STANDING, L to R: C. E. Evans-Sponsor, Lou Stout, Robert Paulson. KNEELING, L to R: Hector Dias, Joe De Pasqual, Tommy Fine, Bill Altman. Nxawa x STANDING, L to R: Agustin Arellano, Troy Myers, John Harrelson, Carlos Arellano, Bob Roundtree, John Daly, Maior Drake-Advisor, Bob Mayfield, John Sleeper, Eddie; Earwood, Jim Daniel, D. D. Beyer, Larry SiephensAlnstructor. KNEELING, L 10 R: Jack Hoover, Eddie Shumate, Richard Crosby, Richard Montesdoca, Rick Brasher, Eddie Wayewodzic, David Cruz, Jim Budde, Ed Williams, Bill Picavance. SITTING, L to R: Tom Post, Kelvin Deginder, Steve ChupikA-President, George Orena, Greg Mann. AW judo cm A side throw: A high shoulder throw. A leg throw. A shoulder throw. A side throw. STANDING, L To R: Neely, James; HousTon, John; Apostle, Lynn; Mitchell, Jim; Figun, Steve; FinkelsTein, Moshe; Weider, R. K.eCoach. KNEELING, L To R: CurTis, Frank; Savage, Frank; Sabayracu, Louis; Bohn, Phillippe; Gordon, Jim; Lewis, Lucky. WresTling populariTy has been on The increase in recenT years and has reached iTs heighT in The NorTheasTern and WesTern sTaTes, where in many places H is almosT as popular as fooTball. For many years, Texas A8TM has been leading The fighT Tor recogniTion of coilegiaTe wresTling in Texas. The WresTling Club aT Texas A8TM is made Up of various inTeresTed individuals who have a liking for The SpOT'TTOf wresTling. Moshe FinkelsTein, The club presidenT and Team capTain, ads as The coach and Teaches The members The various Techniques used in wresTling. Mr. R. K. Weider is The sponsor of The Club and gives H The supporT wiThouT which iT would noT be able To operaTe. This pasT year, The Club had several meeTs planned wiTh dif- ferenT Teams around The sTaTe, buT due To unforTunaTe Circum- sTances iT was able To aTTend only one of The meeTs. TheCIUb plans To have everyThing worked OUT nexT year and hopes for one of The besT seasons yeT. Pistol 27mm szrwm mew-mqmww WAKVIQWIWV ,wamemW ' HmwM WW MWM m '" L AWWWWWmmm melv'zm'r' L 'W .4 ;' , 1 law W M , 7 Zymg WWMMWWMMMW szNV VWW V wwmw M w: w i? X L ??x Wer $x mmmmw . ohn Barry, Bill Bayer, Al Thornton,$teve Cherry. BACK ROW, L to R: Paul Lester, Terry Wilson, J dras Csagoly, Robert Juda, Harold Whiteman, Mike Goldberg. FRONT ROW, L to R: Major Bolte, Kern Kelly, An K1715 27mm L w WWhoy-v Mwwx Wzmwm . mmmmm . ,, WWW . . WNW M -,.. Wm. . ' " . MVAWWMmmM-WWM " ' A "i L L w WWW ' wAvnwwb'amWW . ' W ' L , ' , ' A WWW W WWJQ ' ' ' W ' A w , WW ' ' a MWMW . . ,m A , M Nwmmmwm mm, , V . , , ,MW. m WMNWMW, We, Nk'fmmwmjAy . L . wmmm ABM Tom Park, Anthony Benedetto. SECOND ROW, L 10 R: Frank Robbins, Carlos or, Terrell Mullins, Charles Wefherbee, John Parker, James Phillips, Mike Read, Frank Guyer, Benny Riddle. THIRD ROW, L to R: Ken Tayl Robert Cole, Tommy Thompson. FlRST ROW L to R: Carl Long, James Vine, Contreras, Eric Abbot, Bill Birdsong, l24 intramural Atkletits lnTramural aThleTics feaTure conTesTs beTween miliTary uniTs and beTween civilian organizaTions. The inTramu- ral program, which is one of The mosT ouTsTanding in The counTry, includes baskeTball, bowling, cross counTry, fencing, flag fooTbalI, golf, gymnasTics, handball, horseshoes, rifle shooTing, sofTball, swimming and diving, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track, volleyball, and wresTling. Ample physical faciliTies are available To accommodaTe These compre- hensive inTramural acTiviTies. Here are The winners of The various inTramural evenTs ThaT are conducTed ThroughouT The year. More sTudenTs parTicipaTe in The inTramural program Than in any oTher exTracurricular acTiviTy on The campus. week 400 Medley, M-Band; L-R: Morris, Watson, Clader, Reker. CLASS B SWIMMING, FRONT TO BACK: N. HenThorne, J. KasTer, B. Cain, ahd R. Ransdell. ButterfIy-HenThorne, E-2 Back STroke-KasTer, Sqd. 4 Free Ster-Cain, Sqd. 5 Breast STroke-Ransdell, Sqd. 15 Watson, Jones, Moore, Peters. STANDING, L to R: Roden, Rasch, Dow, Grossman, Crank, Hlavify, Muhl, Wood. Class A Bowling, Sq. 7; L 10 R: Walker, Piper, Cardwell, Tower. Class A Handball, ' Mal; , ' ia M.Sm -leiiy ' ,, ,M'i?y xxy Q "WWW , u x, 4, way M 3 W776 i 1lass A8 C Wrestling: STANDING, L to R; Lewis, Booker, Neely, Dodd, Miichell, NEELING, Lto R; Martin, Sartain, Martin, Savage. 5 C Basketball, College View: STANDING, L to R; Phillips, Parnell, Moore, Class A Basketball, Dow, Jones, Moore, Joynes, Peters, Roden, Crank, dner, Bugar. KNEELING: Franklin. Rasch. E5 9 5 m L "Hum ml, Class B Football: BOTTOM, L to R; Moores, Gaulding, Davenport, Ragiand, Newcomb, Williams. SECOND ROW, L to R; Greenwade, Zorn, Zinsmeyer, White, atho, 'Weaver, Key, Bevers, Radke, Sommers. Weber, McElvaney, Ohlendorf. THIRD ROW, L 10 R; WainscoH, N wxxxxwmw MQAWM WV Mme "A m K wawa. mmw . w Class C. Horseshoes, Legge": L to R; Canup, Lewis, Saffold, Barrett, Parks, Class C Handball, Hart Hall: L to R,- Diimar, Paulson, Wellborn, Diaz, Ford. Williams, Sanchez. Class B L to R; Robert Engelbert, Ed Esparza, Richard Class C Ping Pong, Puryear: Engelbert. l28 .44 .--u n, .7 . . L . ML ':"'; muWMg'LLI-LIF . fa... , L ' - a . .. u 1" arude w. L V $ jfa- m: JV VS smx .l 'izr x ' . xxX wfmwiwy ifm 3511;112:539 Class B Volleyball,- Sq. 10, BOTTOM ROW, L to R: Kean, Reagan. STANDING, Lfo R: Hartye, Seeliger, Baeman, Williams, Walling, Killen. Class A Horseshoes; F-2; Gearing, Hollister, Smith, Anderson, Wallace. Class C Football, Allen Counselors,- BOTTOM ROW, L to R: Adams, Pigott, Gruner, Stuckey, Keeling. TOP, L to R: Schroeder, Airhart, Hood, Everett, Johnson, Cook, Rice, Anderson, King. Class A rifle, Sq. 1; BOTTOM, L To R: Kelly, GosseH. TOP, L to R: Quebe, Gillis. Class B Wrestling, BACK, L to R: Gordon, Wittrock, Candler. Apostle, FRONT, L10 R: Jacobs, Orton, Horton, Smith. Killingsworth, l29 r-n-w ,. m. HWY! . u The Corps of Cadets passes in revie on Spring Military Day. the 60475 The Corps! Bareheaded salute it, With eyes up, thanking our God That we of the Corps are treading Where they of the Corps have trod- They are here in ghostly assemblage, The men of the Corps long dead, And our hearts are standing attention While we wait for their passing tread. We, sons of today, we salute you- You, sons of an earlier day; We follow, close order, behind you, Where you have pointed the way; The long grey line of us stretches Through the years of a century told, And the last man feels to his marrow The grip of your far-off hold. Grip hands with us now, though we see not, Grip hands with us, strengthen our hearts As the long line stiffens and straightens With the thrill that your presence imparts. Grip hands-though it be from the shadows- While we swear, as you did of yore, Or living, or dying, to honor The Corps, and the Corps, and the Corps! HOWITZER T952 Section Edited by MICKEY HONEYCUTT COMMANDANT Col. D. L. Baker NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Butler, D. Coleman, M. Dunn, T. Farnsworth, R. Fink, C. Grant, I. Grant, W. Ingram, J. Love, L. McNair, B. Russell, D. Stafford, A. Stephen, C. Tarin, S. Truift, K. OFFICERS Anderson, D. T. Bell, W. W. Bolte, D. E. Caleb, N. K. Carmichael, H. N. Carr, R. Denny, D. M. Drake, F. F. Dudley, B. G. Gargus, J. Gordon, A. W. Hertzog, F. S. Hines, A. C. Hopkins, D. B. HoTchkiss, T. R. Lee, R. A. Lorms, J. L. Moore, L. G. Smith, B. F. Williamson, D. .W. Zipp, C. W. 'litary OFFICERS X THIRD ROW: Capt. Denny, Mai. Carmichael, Capt. L rms, Mai. Dudley, Capt. Anderson, Capt. Caleb, Capt. Gargus, Capt. Williamson. SECOND ROW: Maj. Zipp, Mai. Bell; Mai. Bolte, Mai. Walker, Mai. Moore, Maj. Hines, Mai. Carr. FRONT ROW: Mai. Gordon, Lt. Col. Hertzog, Lt. Col. Hotckiss, Col. Lee, Lt. Col. Smith, Lt. Col. Hopkins, Mai. Drake. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Thomas Dunn, Archie Stafford, Kenneth Truitt, Clair Fink, Loren Love, Jerry Ingram, Robert Farnsworth, Simon Tarin. SECOND ROW: Devearl Butler, Madison Colem Ivan Gran , David Russell, William Grant, Billy McNair, Charles Stephen. Butch Smith. , Butch Smith John Palmer, Tif Simmons. In I Thomas Cardwell IS, Warren Harrison, David Frankl 777, 7777, 7, 2772777 777 Z, gzgilz 7774????WW7 , 77, 7,7477, 77.,7. 7,77 ,, ,7 7.7, 7777 74,777,772? cm n o m .m S 1h T e7 C .Pa w s e .n a h C 7 s e n o J m .n r a H 7 n e r r m n In 0 J 127521 Andras Csagoly, ????x, 7, ique Tessada, Bill Sherman, Murry Wortham Jack Fickessen, Ray George, Enr Rick Jones, Mario Macaluso, James Bourgeo SEATED: STANDING SEATED STANDING William Buckellew, Frank Cox, Neil KelTner, Carey White, James Bourgeois, Fred McGinn, Clifton Emerson. IT is The responsibiiiTy of The CadeT Honor Council To see ThaT a spiriT of honor is upheld in The Corps of CadeTs. The Honor Council handles violaTions concerning The Code of ConducT which sTaTes ThaT "A cadeT does noT lie, cheaT, or sTeal, nor ToleraTe Those who do." FIRST ROW: Radican-Executive Officer, Miller-Commanding Officer, SchultheiSw-Adiutant. SECOND ROW: Schmidt, Conrad, Ellis, Richards-Plafoon Leaders. THIRD ROW: Wagstaff-Guidon Bearer, Seate-Chief Petty Officer. FOURTH ROW: Fricke, Brady, Lock, Donkervalt, McAuliffe, Haglund, Van Hardevell, Davis, Frederickson, Hauser, Wendenburg, Marcentell, Haney, Hall. FIFTH ROW: Kuhns, Fanning, Walcun, Lovell, Williams, Higgins, Hermann, Ragle, Resner, Jensen, Coonrod, Wise, Elliott, Terry. NOT PICTURED: Connor. The TEXAS CLIPPER, ship used by TMA for training cruises. W y wMQ MX MQM 46nyf QMMQ? Xx Kmxo? xxx Commanding Officer DANNY S. MILLER Executive Officer WILLIAN W. RADICAN X??? x Chief Petty Officer JOHN H. SEATE W974 - erlem: .. FRONT ROW: Bridges-Executive Officer and Right Guide, Savage-Commander, Vogas-Guidon Bearer. SECOND ROW: Cyr, Sikes, Ogdee, Burns, Cloyd, A derson, Lawrence, Fregia, Armour, Bourgeois, Hensel, Levan. THIRD ROW: Nelson, Woodard, Geode, Weber, Ball, Ward, Miller, Harlan, Downing, Bolt, Gastinger, J yner. but hopes look dim of winning their own drill meet . . . Captain Reese, Sponsor, and wife enjoy the fun 65... Commanding Officer DONNIE M. SAVAGE AWA R DS Bryan Parade Houston Since 1947 the Freshman LSU: . Squad BaSIC Class has been represented Team Basic by its own expert drill team, 'hiiVidua' led by its own elected offi- Tearannclzlancy .cers. Members are picked on Overall the basis of a competitive Texas.A8fM InVItatIonaI d r i I I and satisfactory aca- Inspection demic progress. Ribbons are Team Bas'c Team Fancy awarded the members of the Overall team at the end of the year. Corpus Christi Dick Grossenbacher, assisted . . . takes a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. I40 Imwmm FIFTH ROW: Branon, Alford, Ramsey, Reeves, Whifson, Wright, Davis, Ward, Urban, Andrews, Nelson, Doran, Young, Salge, Lunsford, Sloan, Oates, Holder, Si mons, Fisher, Barlow, Harris, Miller, Kennemer, Cano, Darwin. FOURTH ROW: Rash, Smith, 8., Windsor, May, Lummus, Brotze, Miller, Newton, Watson, Rasbury, Filburn, Felps, Gray, Fulgham, Gay, Doyle, Taylor, Mella, Peters: Lopez, Simmons, Mathews, Gordon, Wille, Smith, R. THIRD ROW: Blair, Aglieni, Nabors, Rodgers, Allen, Kelly, McKinney, Gardner, Pavelka, Weber, Tessada, Henry, Smith, D., Watts, Jacoby, Wantsloeben, Holden, Li K054 SENIORS Barlow Mella Alverson Brotze Nabors Beckom Burnett Newton Bourgeois Blain Nelson Burge Cano Oates Buttrill Cocker Peterson Caldwell Davis Pavelka Clay Doran Ramsey Cook Darwin Reeves Fine Doyle Rasbury Fiegel Fisher Rash Ferber Fulgham Rodgers Frank Filburn Singleton Fischer Felps Sullivan Forgham Fletcher Smith, J. Gibson Gordon Smith, D. Ha'rrison Gay Smith, B. Hift Gray Simmons Hopgood Gardner Smith, R. Joynes Holder Simmons Owen Harris Sloan Palm H01? Salge Pounds Holden Tessada Schmidt Henry Taylor Smith Jacoby Urban Triesch Kennemen Wantsloebt Vernon Kelly Wans Warren Lee Weber Wortham Lummus Windsor Lopez Watson JUNIORS Lunsford Wille Alford Miller Ward Allen Mathews Wright Aglietti Miller Whitson Andreus May Young Executive Officer Administration Officer Operations Officer First Sergjeant Bratton McKinney HARRISON P. JONES BARNEY L. HITT EDWIN A. BECKOM G. W. SCHMIDT TMNMWWR I x x x T T Commanding Officer JAMES BOURGEOIS Smith, J., Sullivan, Holt, Cocker, BurneTT, Singleton, Fletcher. :OND ROW: Gibson, Caldwell, Warren, Smith, Harrison, Fine, Frank, Fischer, Alverson, Palm, Vernon, Triesch, Owen, WorTham, Fiegel, Ferber, Joynes, Pounds, Forgham, Slay ST ROW: Schmidt, Burge, HiTT, Cook, Bourgeois, Beckom, BuTTriIl, Hopgood. folmtcgrs The Ross VolunTeers is The old- esT sTudenT organizaTion in The STaTe e of Texas. IT is composed of The ouT- sTanding iuniors in The Corps of Ca- deTs, wiTh senior officers and non- e commissioned officers. Organized in J 1887, iT originally was a crack drill '1 Team known as The ScoTT VolunTeers, T named afTer iTs founder, Col. T. M. SCOTT. The R.V.'s Today are an Honor Company, whose duTies include serv- ing as The official Honor ,Guard for The Governor of Texas, The Honor Guard for King Rex of The Mardi E Gras, and providing guard deTails for disTingUished visiTors To The A8TM campus. In addiTion, They appear, by inviTaTion, in various parades and 3 celebraTions across The SouThwesT. The name Ross VolunTeers has hon- ored former presidenT Lawrence Sul- livan ROSS, considered the father Of FirsT Platoon Leader Second Platoon Leader Third Platoon Leader ASTM, since 1902. GERALD H. BUTTRILL M. T. HOPGOOD CHARLES E. BURGE l4l CONGOL BAND I BR IGADE BRIGAD 1-.-1I--1 m g-gru - F-B Lay JTU 1 6 J'JI'H 1? MEU- VET ORGAN IgATIQN or fthe Texas A8TM is The naTion's largesT miliTary school and largesT single source of Trained officers for The armed forces. The world renowned CadeT Corps provides Training in basic leadership, honesTy, inTelligence, and common sense. lTs graduaTes are characTerized by a deeply ingrained sense of responsibiliTy, high sTandards of performance and a sTrong feel- ing of loyalTy. The Corps' fra'rernal as well as miliTary naTure provides iTs mem- bers The opporTuniTy To fosTer sTrong and IasTing personal friendships. This picTure presenTs The Corps of CadeTs aT aTTenTion, prior To iTs marching in review before The reviewing sTand. Corps Commander NEIL L. KELTNER Head Yell Leader Scholastic Officer FRANK W. COX TERRENCE A. ODDSON Liaison Officer Supply Officer LARRY A. MADDOX JAMES D. FOX Intelligence Sergeant Operations Sergeant TIFTON SIMMONS, JR. Sergeant Maior ROLAND D. SMITH JOHN GAY Vx Xx . x xxx w A 5x Wx x W Nx wx xwquQNx xxxexNQiNx xxszijx xxx: L N N XNQQ xxx Deputy Corps Commander HIRAM HALE BURR, JR. ,M QM MWQMW , WW 2M yWW . WW w , , MW X Mx , W y4WM g; :M mww; Supply Sergeant JAY ALAN GRAY Scholastic Sergeant JOHN H. RODGERS Intelligence 8 Safety Officer E. C. BUTCH SMITH Adiutanf JOHN T. ROSE Personnel Sergeant RA'LPH B. FILBURN HI 2x I . WW , 1 W ' W W . MW M 4 "W ?WW 6672?, M zm?CM V " MM , v ' 1w ,,W,1 m M, 179$ow . , , ?mgggg ? ; ? 2 W Mm M Operations Officer ERIC P. JONES 'w I . x m; . mmm My WMMM WWW ym MZWwW am? am Corps Chaplain CAREY LEE WHITE TOP ROW: Nicks, Morris, Brown, Luckenbach, Chitty, Burleson, Shaffer, Dareen, Watson, Bloom, Wood, Adkisson, Aumann, Jordan, Davidson, Jarrell, Hafhorne, Bishop, Schaefer, Clader, Beall, Peters, Supak, Dunlap, Smith, Russell, Huggins, Reeves, Gross, Martin. FIFTH ROW: Grice, Gardner, Myers, Bowars, O'Rourke, Galli- more, Hicks, Holmes, Freeman, Mergen, Schiavo, lhms, Garza, LIEUTENANTS Blackwell, T. M. Hyde, M. W. Johnson, R. D. Killingsworth, A. E. Killough, D. T. Lange, A. K. Nicholas, R. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Becka, J. C. Buckellew, W. R. Fernald, W. F. Tiierina, A. A. Wier, M. I. TECHN ICAL SERGEANTS Beck, F. E., Jr. Beyer, M. L. Box, R. R. Brown, T. I. Burnett, J. T. Cervenka, B. G. Granam, D. E. Moore, M. G. Palmer, D. W. Williams, D. H. Nicholas, Pearson, McGarr, Weinstein, Crocker, Watson, Dy- son, Aldrich, Seale, Reitzer, Wilkins, Bloomer, Reber, Barnes, McDaniel. FOURTH ROW: Becerril, Meiller, Savage, Schwank, Hill, Rosen- stein, Loomis, Manning, Lane, Aschenback, Sheiness, Gregory, Emmons, Preston, Koliba, Banks, Sikes, Bollinger, Miller, Anderson, Black, Stanaland, White, Johnson, Birdwell, Hearne, MAROON BAND ROSTER JUNIORS ON STAFF Gill, E. C. Windsor, C. O. Winn, R. D. CORPORALS Adkission, G. B. Burleson, D. C. Holmes, D. L. Jarrell, F. J. McDaniel, J. A. Mergen, R. J. Myers, J. E. Savage, F. E. Schwank, R. A. Seale, M. R. Sfanaland, S. l. Tiierina, A. A. SOPHOMORES Anderson, D. P. Barnes, J. N. Becerril, R. H. Chiny, H. C. Davidson, J. R. Gardner, T. H. Johnson, C. Maroon Band Koliba, E. L. Luckenbach, C. A. Manning, R. T. Rosenstein, T. W. RUSsell, W. R. Schaefer, J. F. FRESHMEN Aldrich, W. M. Aschenbeck, W. B. Aumann, J. T. Banks, G. P. Beall, W. 5., Jr. Birdwell, J. E. Bishop, C. W. Black, J. F. Bloom, E. E. Bloomer, J. M. Bollinger, W. T. Bowers, A. D. Brown, C. E. Clader, M. D. Crocker, J. R. Darden, J. M. Dunlap, R. E. Dyson, L. R. Emmons, M. E. Freeman, A. Gallimore, L. D. Garza, N. G. Gregory, M. L. Grice, R. T. Gross, W. S. Hathom, J. B. W??? W j ,Xy V M M Commanding Officer Drum Maior KRETZSCHMAR, GILBERT BARR, DENNIS BRANNON THIRD ROW: Tiierina, May, Williams, Windsor, Palmer, Moore, Graham, Beck, Brawn, Beyer, Winn, Burnett, Cervenka, Gill, Box. SECOND ROW: Tiierina, Lang, Killingsworth, Blackwell, Nicholas, Becka, Hyde, Buckellew, Fernald, Weir, Killough. FIRST ROW: Barr, Kre'rzschmar, Hilburn. Executive Officer First Sergeant HILBURN, BENNY M. MAY, ROY LOUIS Hearn, L. C. Hicks, B. W. Hill", J. M. Huggins, J. E. lhms, R. G. Lane, 8. E. Loomis, S. M. Martin, R. A. McGarr, J. P. Miller, T. M. Morris, P. P. Nicholas, T. W. Nicks, P. B. O'Rourke, J. L. Pearson, J. C. Peters, M. J. Preston, C. W. Reber, W. C. Reeves, J. E. Reifzer, J. V. E. J. E. Reyna, A. Schaeffer, Schiavo, J. S. Sheiness, M. A. Sikes, S. L. Smith, S. P. Supak, E. L. Wafson, E. L. Watson, T. W. Weinstein, S. B. White, D. J. Wilkin, M. J. Wood, 5. G. SIXTH ROW: Goen, Schelburn, Morris, Leach, Maple, Backof, Hicks, Potter, Balhorn, Street, Hockey, Gustafson, Sprouls, Beevers, Bradford, Koenig, Parrish, Hembree, Walker, Schlue- fer, Taylor, Thomas, Blair, Fest, Segrest, Neumann, Seiwell, Bennet. FIFTH ROW: Vaughan, Kruse, Tice, Crown, Hecox, Hardin, Watson, Westbrook, Stewart, Davis, Hanning, Noonan, Mack, PRIVATES FRESHMEN Backof, Alan W Basinger, James A. Bennet, Richard G. Blair, Kelvin R. Bradford, Walter H. Cisneros, Henry G. Criswell, James W. Crown, Jeffrey N. Eccard, Larry D. Flocke, Robert A. Goen, Clyde M. Hanning, Charles M. Hardin, Phillip R. Hecox, Glen D. Hicks, Kenneth D. Korenek, Stephen D. Leach, Richard S. Lighisey, John R. Lockey, Paul E. Maple, Lenwood G. Cisneros, Kelly, Criswell, Korenek, Stroman, Youngblood, Williams, Hensley, Eccard, Jaffe, Blanton, Upchurch, Lockey, Lightsey. FOURTH ROW: Watson, Smith, Basinger, Bridges, Lobrecht, Phillips, Russel, Klein. THIRD ROW: Kocian, Hensley, McGinnis, Thurman, Grafton, Blaylock, Musser, Hanna, Morris, Ashworfh, Barrows, Kenne- Morris, Don S. Neumann, Larry D. Noonan, Michael D. Parrish, Dennis R. Schlueter, David A. Sprouls, James C. Stewart, Donald R. Street, Jerry N. Stroman, William J. Thomas, John C. Vaughn, Richard W. Watson, Raymond A. Westbrook, Richard C. May, Dwane E. SOPHOMORES Baker, Barry R. Davis, James B. Fest, Stephen E. Gustafson, Robert H. Koenig, William T. CORPORAL Balhorn, Charles E. Wkifc 13am! Blanton, Dennis R. Hensley, William M. Jaffe, Stephen H. Kocian, David A. Kruse, Robert F. Segrest, James C. STAFF SENIORS ON STAFF Seely, Thomas R. Cook, Harold E. De Villeneuve, Alan R. Sasse, Frederick W. Smith, John D. JUNIORS ON STAFF Hanna, Wayne W. Kennemer, Larry C. JUNIORS Barrows, Glyn A. Smedburg, Barra A. Thompson, James R. mer, Jacks, Neeley, Rasmussen, Miller, Noxon, New, Brotze, Ellis, Widmer, Lamm, Windsor, Belinsky, MacNun, Thompson. SECOND ROW: Graham, Sasse, Smith, Reicherzer, Slaughter, Jagler, Kueneman, Wright, German, Miears, Marion, Stef- fregen, Adams, De Villeneuve, Cook, Seely, Blankenship. FIRST ROW: Alexander, Phillips, Douglass. Hensley, John L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Belinsky, Peter B. Blaylock, James E. Brotze, Gary H. Ellis, Robert C. Grafton, Michael B. Lamm, Michael E. McGinnis, Charles T. Macnutt, John G. Miller, Wesley L. Morris, Douglas R. Musser, Tommy W. Neeley, Jim G. New, Benny L. Noxon, Jon E. Rasmussen, Richard A. Thurman, Jack E. Widmer, Denniw A. LIEUTENANTS Adams, David E. Alesander, Richard M. Blankenship, James W. Douglass, Milton E. German, Don L. Jageler, Charles D. Kueneman, Charles L. Marion, David P. ' McMurray, David W. McMurray, Robert D. Miears, Leslie T. Reicherzer, Gary W. Stoffregen, Glen E. Wright, Thomas W. COMMANDING OFFICER OF WHITE BAND Phillips, Larry A. WHITE BAND FIRST SERGEANT Graham, Rick J. W. . WWMWI;phuwmwupWernuu Commanding Officer LARRY A. PHILLIPS Executive Officer MILTON E. DOUGLAS Drum Maior RICHARD M. ALEXANDER First Sergeant RICK J. W. GRAHAM Mm O Wm H ZZZW w mew xmwwg ' Wmm xxxxmxm y M WMW VWxM; MWX ??;WW , M M VW v WyMIzK Executive Officer HAROLD EDWIN COOK Commanding Officer Head Drum Major THOMAS R. SEELY ALBERT TIJERINA, JR. Supply Officer JOHN C. BECKA, JR. Eomwml Band Staff Adiufanf Day Student Officer Intelligence 8 Safety Chaplain Scholastic Officer DOUGLAS SMITH ALLAN deVILLENEUNE Officer WILLIAM R. BUCKELLEW MICHAEL WIER FREDERIC SASSE Sergeant Maior Operations Sergeant Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant Drum 8 Bugle Corps CECIL WINDSOR, JR. RONALD WlNN ELLIS C. GILL WAYNE HANNA Sergeant LARRY KENNEMER Commanding Officer JEROME H. REKTORIK Executive Officer Adjutant RONALD S. OWEN Scholastic Officer Operations Officer Supply Officer BlLL-Y RAY JOHNSON JOHN A. SCHELL JOHN A. PALMER RONALD C. FLORENCE W 4; N m xxx NNNVWNM xx wxxx x ,, . W QXKOV ' MW ' ' IMMIM m Intelligence 8 Safety Officer FOSTER L. WATTS Sergeant Major Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant Supply Sergeant JACK FICKESSEN JAMES D. JONES CHARLES A. MELLA RICHARD DARMAN Executive Officer W. E. ARMSTRONG Adjutant JAMES LESLEY STEPP Scholastic Officer PAUL L. DAVIS TED M. DICKIE Supply Officer Operations Officer JOE HENRY FISHER Sergeant Major Scholastic Sergeant PETE W. JACOBY JR. LARRY DEE CROCKER , Commander Officer DAMON W. HOLDITCH Executive Officer Adjutant Operations Officer Supply Officer Intelligence Officer FRANK S. OWEN GERALD R. CONN GRAYUM L. DAVIS LAURIE LEDOUX STEPHEN BAUER Sergeant Major Operations Sergeant Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant TERRY L. FISHER WILLIAM H. SMITH CURTIS W. TERRELL JERRY A. KNOUSE Hey, Woodward, you and Magoo fall out! COMPANY A-1 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Garner, S. M. Dickens, B. C. Clapper, R. W. Babin, L. B. Hefley, M. W. Garza, P. Daly, J. H. Johnston, R. W. Murray, J. C. Harris, A. F. Davila, A. G. Kneisler, J. R. Keisling, K. Flores, M. R. Lanasa, P. J. JUNIORS ON STAFF Lackland, R. H. Goldberg, S. M. Olivarez, B. D. Jones, J. D. Maule, W. F. Gonzales, R. F. Prentiss, T. W. Schade, H. C. Green, M. R. JUNIORS Shmoldas, C. J. Hodgkins, S. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Chapman, J. W. Wiswell, E. O. Hammes, L. N. Watts, F. L. Lamb, J. L. Houston, J. A. SOPHOMORES Kearney, J. C. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS CORPORALS Cahill, M. R. McCulloch, D. Bush, J. K. Cox, G. M. Lane, J. R. Moran, M. D. Ely, J. T. DeFrank, T. M. McLeroy, R. L. Morgan, J. W. Rhorer, R. G. FRESHMEN Roberts, 5. H. Barbee, L. L. Tilley, F. W. Berger, H. J. Venator, L. G. Chapman, H. A. Walne, G. N. xmlww FOURTH ROW-Harris, Clapper, Lackland, Hodgkins, Morgan, Schumate, Cox. Tilley, Daly, Chapman, Hammes, Roberts, Keisling, Kearny, THIRD ROW-Davila, Gonzalas, Senmoldus, Cahill, Goldberg, Schade, Houston, Moran, Garza, Rhorer, Berger, McLeroy, Dickens, Jones, Faulkner, Defrank, Flores. Walne, Lane, Barber, Venafor, Green, McCulloch, Wiswell, SECOND ROW-Maule, Lummus, Ely, Bush, Jones, Garner, Lamb, Executive Officer BILLY B. JARVIS , W r W . wa 7W jym W??? W MM Commanding Officer THOMAS W. TEMPLER First Sergeant JERRY L. LUMMUS Rogue's Gallery Murray, Hefley, Chapman. FIRST ROW-Johnston, Kneisler, Babin, Jarvis, Templer, Lanasa, Prentiss, Olivarez. Executive Officer J. FRED GRAHAM First Sergeant W. P. DICKENS Commanding Officer RONALD J. SCHOTT FIRST ROW: Florence, Davis, Graham, Schon, Hoysa, Horn, Vine,$abayrac. Reeves. THIRD ROW: McConnell, Cox, Reichek, Renaud, Cilio, Tom- SECOND ROW: Diaz, Dickens, Griffith, Evans, Culver, Dockery, berlain, Cary, Rodgers, Laughlin, Seils, Pegues. Goodwin, Williams, Davis, Darmond, Pappas, Clark, Stein. FOURTH ROW: Stavinoha, Crabtree, Stern, Dawson, Kimsey, . I J 1N 777777766ng V6666 667; ijMV 777 777777; 6677wa 777M 7 777? 1 676777767666 777WW7W6 777M6W 77X 777 7777777 7, 77 6 M6677777W6667777 MWWM 777W 77776Wf6 7W 7777 M 57741677677 667 66 97777 W 67667777796777 W 77777W 67777Wf6677y 767777 7 7 74V 77 67777 7777777 77777777 7 766666777 0 77; 6577667677777777767 7767 7 777 7 767777 77777M 277766 7777 77777666 6671795666 77W 777M 7776 777 7777 776??? 77 7 662277777677777777 7'77 777 777777WJ777 6676 77 ?i 667267 76766656 7775756 W67 777777777W677777W6 6777777777 W676 666 777W ,77 W267; W6677W4676WW6V7 7777777 Now, when I was a fish- COMPANY B-l COMMANDING OFFICER Stein, R. W. Whinon, D. L. Williams, P. K. Ronald J. Schott FRESHMEN EXECUTIVE OFFICER JUNIORS ON STAFF Anthony, w. H. James F. Graham Darmon, R. B. Bodenhamer, J. E. n Fickessen, J. R. Cockrell, R FIRST SERGEANT Gay, J. D. Cox, J, T, wnnam D. Dickens Goodwin, H. W. Crabtree, F. J. Dawson, C. W. LIEUTENANTS CORPORALS French, J. E. Bumill, C. H, Ansel, S. A. Jr. Heckler, T. R. Guzman, M. A. Carey, R. R. Hooker, J. F. Home, J. W. Bonvillain, F. B., Jr Horton, L. W. Hovsa, M. J. Cilio, A T. Howard, J. E. Reeves, M, C. Compton, M. E. Keller, G. R. Diaz, P. H. Kimsey, L. M. SENIORS ON STAFF Johnson, J. E. . Laughlin, J. W. Davis, P. L. McConnell, R. W. McWiIliams, H. R. Florence, R. C. Stern, R. H. Munson, J. S. Tomberlain, M. D. Oates, J. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Wya", J. E. perry, J. T. Culver, L. S. Peyrefitte, G. A. Davis, T. s. SOPHOMORES Reichek, R. T. Pappas, H. J. Andrews, J. C. Rodgers, J. A, Sabayrac, L., Jr. Curlee, J. W. Seils, R. G. Vine, J. B. Irwin, R. A. Stavinoha, E. L. McCIung. B. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Clark, J. J. Dockery, R. L. Evans, M. L. Griffith, J. S. Oates, McClung, McWiIliams, French, Cockrell, Perry, Howard, Johnson, Hackler, Andrews, Hooker, Wyatt, Whitton, Irvin, Anthony, Neely, Curlee, Keller, Bodenhamer, Horton, Ansel, Peyrefine, Munson. Neely, R. W. Pegues, D. S. Renaud, A. F., lll ammw . Azwzxm I , X WWWWXRW ZWM gym , Am M my WW COMPANY C-1 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Chilton, Harold W. Vitek, Phillip C. Smith, Stephin F. Wolff, Marshall W. SENIORS ON STAFF Stepp, James L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Barton, Mike Denison, David R. Dodson, David H. Frazier, Stephen W. Towler, Harry B. STAFF SERGEANTS Mauney, Weldon Scheer, Eddie F. JUNIORS ON STAFF Smith, Roland D. CORPORALS Dethlefsen, Mac H. Dreesen, Alan D. Karle, Frederick G. Pall, Michael 5. Salmon, Clarence R. Smrkovsky, Roy A. Taylor, Charles A. Jr. Watts, Byron R. Willingham, John L. SOPHOMORES Alston, Freddy G. Batte, Robert D. Benson, Robert C. Bradley, John L. Cooper, Larry R. Clark, Ronnie J. Denman, Jerry L. Engelbrechf, Ronald S. Fitzgerald, Frank H. Heberf, Peter F. Lagow, Charles M. Menzies, Mike McQueen, Samuel G. Raska, Robert W. Roland, Aubrey L. Smelley, Walter J. Smith, Rodney C. Spears, Joseph A. Sylvester, John B. Taylor, Mervin Vandervoort, Paul E. White, Robert L. FRESHMEN Beavers, Robert H. Devenporf, David M. Gaulding, John F. Greenwade, Robert T. Haeglin, Thomas J. Holmes, Lewis E. Key, Pierce C. McElvaney, Garry Moores, John H. Natho, Thomas E. Newcomb, Richard I. Ohlendorf, Edgar L. Radke, AI Wayne Ragland, Norman Sommers, Lawrence Wainscott, Monte C. Weaver, Walter L. Weber, James P. White, Frank E. Williams, Eddie J. Zinsmeyer, Patrick C. Zorn, Phillip L. FOURTH ROW: Truax, Zinsmeyer, Ohlendorf, Raska, Roland, Greenwade, Davis, Key, Engelbrechf, Natho, Menzies, Beavers, Dethlefson, Wainscott, Karle, Sylvester, Benson, Fitzgerald, Sommers, Alston, Radke, White, Dreesen, Weaver, Weber, Smhh, Willingham, Spears. THIRD ROW: Clark, Davenport, McQueen, Salmon, Vander- voort, Ragland, Williams, Newcomb, McElvaney, Taylor, Cooper, Pall, Zorn, White, Smelley, Bradley, Taylor, Denman, Lagow, Gaulding, Haeglin, Watts, Smrkovsky, Moores, Holmes, A 3M IchrooFT Jocks, fermed in 1957 from old 0me onava ry, remains the only all cavalry OUTH campus. Traditionally, the Cavalry . .l s lJocksl, have been The mos'r hell ransnrlg outfits on campus, and remain T C To This heritage even Today. Being one f $8 larger outfits on campus, we combine c:quane Tity WlTh qualiT - . Y- One question: W hell IS akadimik X-lanse? hat The W . M V , . - ' M7 MMMM ' M M . 462M M x MMMMMMKMMM MOM M - MxxM , MMMM M , i W71 4 W M . MM ; , "V , , M M. - 4 - MMWMMM MV MMMMMM WM MMMW MM MM MMW, MMMMMMMM MMMMMM WMM: , MW M r M O W WW MW II M M M I 7 MOWZMM aj'iwz 7 QM MMMI MMMMM M7 M W WWX W M W1 l WM MMMMXW MMMMM WMMMM W WM MM M M x I M MMMMX . MM -MW- M W M MMMMMQMMMMM MMM , l V - -. M WMWW M M Z7W MMMVOMWM , ' e . rWMMCQlCM M Hebert. SECOND ROW- Ban . - e, Brown, D ' Framer, Towler, Dodson, smnhemson' Barlon' Mauney, 5Cheer, FIRST - ' ' ROW. Chilton, Smith, Hellums, Sfeffens, Vitek Sfepp Wolff M , V e M M M M ,, M M w Mi MM , I ,M M M 'szWMWv M'MM M m, M MMMMMM M MMMMMMMMMOMMMM MMMYM MM MM MW MM MMMMMMWM fMMMWMWIMxxWWMMM mad; M Mxxxm $MMMMWMMMMMMMMM ,MMM MMIMW M M ,M 'IIAVMMM' M; NWMMW, ' M MMWM MMK 4WM?W423ZZZM M M; M 4sz 1242; M MM M MM 1 M w M M MMMMMM M,M , ?MMMMMW M 224;sz M? MMMMMMMQQ 177' MMMMM 7Z7MMMZ7XWMMMM ?MMMMMMZMW KM 19 WM MM 1 "WWW 1M W 9 MMVWMWWfM WW0 x M MMMMMMM M MMWMMMMMO M M , ' MMMMZXWWM MXX l M MM M M , ng M M M WMVW M ,1, ,MMMMH MM Mvax 'WMMMzMxr WWMXW w Wym MMMijx W0? WMWM 'IWWMWWM , MM M WWWMMWW MMMMMMMMMMW l MM M M WWWWWZWW ' MMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMM M a WWW MMMMMMMMMM MMMMM WM Executive Officer LEE N. HELLUMS . xx L M y, MMM; Commandin ' W M w MW MMWMMMM , M MMMV; M MMMMMV M W ,MMMMMMMM - MM 9 Officer VMMMMMM MW 7 M WWW M- W MMMW M M M ,, WMM M . MM LEONARD G. STEFFENS, JR. 0 MM; First Sergeant A. E. BROWN OF THE CAVAL R4 MM LIEUTENANTS Chupik, Stephen E. Fuchs, James A. Heineman, Eugene J. Howard, Henry K. Martenez, Homer T. Watts, William R. SENIORS ON STAFF Armstrong, William E. Dickie, Ted M. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Callaway, Morris D. Dismukes, John T. Jackson, Thomas McCall, Homer G. Robinson, James E. COMPANY D-I ROSTER Schweriner, Larry J. STAFF SERGEANTS Bohn, Phillippe G. Davis, Aubrey R. Griffin, Charles V. Griffith, Stanley E. Herbert, Jerry C. Hargrove, Thomas R. Tate, Paul V. JUNIORS ON STAFF Crocker, Larry D. Jacoby, Peter W. JUNIORS Fischer, David H. Harvey, Edgar J. Hill, Druel F. Keilers, Dennis R. Law, James R. Morgan, Ronald W. Webb, Bryan L. CORPORALS Bipperf, Rodger Bonvillain, Frank B. Clayton, Kenneth A'. Cobas, Charles R. Kinard, David H. Onfiveros, Gilbert C. Richter, Eugene R. Shafer, Manzeil L. Sullivan, John P. Wadsworth, Grady L. FOURTH ROW: Merriman, Richter, Moore, Jarvis, Robinson, THIRD ROW: Wise, Armstrong, Rippy, Ontiveras, Allen, Glueck, Bipperf, Henneke, Bonvillian, Sample. SECOND ROW: Wadsworth, Rutledge, Jackson, Tate, Harvey, Jocoby, Bohn, McCall, Griffin, Morgan, Hill, Hargrove, Griffith, Cobos, Earwood, Zuehlke, Trench, Richter, Hoegemeyer, Vaughan, Adams, Lanning, Sontag, Claussen, Thomas, Birk, Johnstone, Boethel, Shafer, Sullivan, Kinard, Sanders, lsbell, 5x Clayton, Zwahr, Budde, Schmidt. 75, Surge B--Talk Over Christmas Holidays Zuehlke, Lawrence D. Zwahr, Harley A. SOPHOMORES Rippy, Roger L. Sontag, William H. FRESHMEN Adams, Phil L. Allen, Albert N. Armstrong, Billy C. Birk, Elmer A. Jr. Boethel, David J. Budde, James H. Claussen, John F. Earwood, Eddie L. Glueck, James A. Henneke, Charles J. Hickl, Louis J. Hoegemeyer, Howard Isbell, Arfher J. Jarvis, Jon M. Johnstone, Keith P. Lanning, Michael L. Merriman, Donald E. Moore, Gregory A. Richter, Charles E. Robinson, Kenneth M. Sample, Robert G. Sanders, James O. Schmidt, James D. Thomas, Hedrick R. Trench, Winston F. Vaughan, Richard A. Wise, Thomas H. First Sergeant ROBERT M. RUTLEDGE Webb, Fisher, Schweriner, Dismukes, Robinson, Law, Harben, Keilers, Crocker, Davis, Callaway. FIRST ROW: Howard, Dickie, Fuchs, Heineman, Watts, Johnson, Armstrong, Chupik, Bitar, Marfenez. M??WX2 i Executive Officer WILLIAM RAY WATTS Commanding Officer TOM M. JOHNSON Xliyfyn Executive Officer WM. E. GIBBONS First Sergeant EUGENE C. OATES COMPANY E-1 ROSTER Commanding Officer MICHAEL E. HIGGINS LIEUTENANTS Marr, c. E. Kieschnick, H. W. Minor, R. R. Lewis, L. D. Polito, J. G. Riley, B. L. Sveter, O. D. Riley, P. E. Thompsoy-I, A. C. STAFF SERGEANTS Veselka, V. K. SENIORS ON STAFF Matthew, S. C. Davis, G. L. Holditch, D. w- JUNIORS ON STAFF Johnson, 8. R. Owen, F. S. Rektorik, J. H. JUNIORS Rose, J- T. Noonan, C. C. TEC.HNICAL SERGEANTS CORPORALS Atkinson, R. M. Bassham, J, M, Bentzen, G. W. Knouse, J. A. Terrell, C. W. FIFTH ROW: Bassham, Lyerly, Farias, Maxwell, Bentzen, Lucas. Partridge, Dash, Hopper, Lincecum. Dixon, Allison, Weathersbee, Fitzcharles, Biediger, Gruy, FOURTH ROW: Shaddock, S$midl, Williams, Phillpons, Grayson, Coddou, Lungsfrum, Masoomian, Rigsby, Griffith, Park. Travis,McDonald,Marshall. Matachinska, Preas, Cassity, Barrier, Pigott, Benedetto, THIRD ROW: Wallace, Oates, Veselka, Polito, Knouse, Marr, Griffith, C. A. Benedetto, A. R. Lyerly, G. E. Dixon, D. E. Marshall, D. V. Fitzcharles, T. M. Partridge, R. B. Holt, J. H. Wallace, C. H. Hopper, J. T. Weathersbee,'W. C. Lucas, J. R. Lungsirum, S. J. SOPHOMORES Matachinskas, J. P. Cassity, R. D. Maxwell, J. R. Coddou, C. A. McDonald, K. W. Dash, G. C. Park, T. R. Farias, P. F. PhillpoHs, W. R. Grayson, S. M. Pigon, G. C. Gruy, M. A. Preas, B. T. Masoomian, 5. Z. Rigsby, J. E. Schmidt, R. A. FRESHMEN Shaddock, M' J' Life sure is easy here Allison, G. E. Travis, P. D. . Beidiger, R. J. Atkinson, Sveter, Minor, Noonan, Smith, Matthew, Terrell. SECOND ROW: Bass, Owen, Davis, Rose, Kieschnick, Johnson, Thompson, Riley, Riley, Holdifch, Lewis. FIRST ROW: Gibbons, Higgins. mm m ,, COMPANY F-1 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Schell, J. A. JUNIORS ON STAFF B'own' 5' P' TECHNICAL SERGEANTS P'ak' L 0' Conner, H. S. Jeffus, M. R. Duvall, D. E. JUNIORS Kuchnicki, R. P. Milstead, J' P. Bounds, W' A Ledbener, W. R. Oliver, 1" 8' Cole, R. H. Miles, R. D. 5'03": J. 5- Erwin, E. A. Vaughn, F- A McMains, J. R. SENIORS ON STAFF N' STAFF SERGEANTS ICkS' W. L' Bauer, 5. M. Conn, G. R. Bresler, D. A. CORPORALS Cook, J. H. Fritsche, C. M- Amox, R. L. Jones, D. P. Hill, C. E. Gibson, E. G. Keltner, N. L. Kronenberger, L' Graves, J. H. Owen, R. 5. Sharp, R- W- Groce, W. E. Palmer, J. A. Switzer, S. A- McKeen, R. G. FOURTH ROW: Keesecker, Warren, McKeen, Phillips, Burke, Riggs, Bailey, Ridgeway, Skaggs, Severance, Menzies, Cooper, Groce, Scott, Amox, GraVes, Switzer, Nun, Fritz, Burton, Fuller, Hullum, Faulkner, Montgomery, Gibson, Hofer, Neal. Executive Officer SIDNEY P. BROWN First Sergeant DAVID E. WATTS Commanding Officer Commanding Officer JOHN A. PALMER HARRISON P. JONES Recht, D. L. Calloway, J. M. .Scott, S. I. Click, B. W. Connell, W. L. SOPHOMORES Cooper, R .L Burke, J. M. Faulkner, W. R. Fritz, J. L. Finn, R. Fuller, R. H. Hullum, G. R. Hofer, C. T. Johnson, M. C. Menzies, G. Keesecker, R. A. Nauck, A. R. Montgomery, J. A. Phillips, J. N. Neal, H. D. Skaggs, R. NUH, J. W. Warren, J. S. Ridgeway, R. J. Riggs, C. O. FRESHMEN Severance, R. Burton, K, Switzer, R. c, If his is Viet Nam, I'm ready to 90! THIRD ROW: Nauck, Click, Johnson, Connell, Callloway, Finn, Bounds, Krowberger, Hill, McMains. Recht. FIRST ROW: Kelfner, Jeffus, Conner, Bauer, Conn, Brown, Miles, SECOND ROW: Watts, Erwin, Frifsche, Ptak, Milstead, Duvall, Jones, Cook, Sfriegler, Brown, Jones, Ledbener, Eddleman, Switzer, Bresler, Sloan, Vaughn, Nicks, Oliver, Sharp, Cole, SchelI, Anderson, Owen, Kuchricki, Palmer, Riley, Wolfe. Wwwm 1 WMWxA' , g 3 wiime WWWw U to m BACK ROW: Joyner, C. A. Lyons, G. R. Ablon, J. H. Jackson, J. D., Frank, G. E., Rusfeburg, F. W., Lewis, F. J., Butler, D. 8., Mayfield, R. 6., Thompson, M. 8., Thompson, W. A., Parker, J. W., Rohe, J. M., Glover, J., Stem, G. L, Harding, T. H., Kirkpatrick, J. R., L'andrefh, G. E., Crowder, J., Tipping, E. G., Addison, W., Kenipp, A., Morgan, M. R., Executive Officer E. C. HEIKKILA First Sergeant WILLIAM N. FULGHAM Rapp, D. G., Klamke, S. E., ReckeH, T. L., Renbarger, B, Adams, R. J. THIRD ROW: Gasson, H. M., Curtis, F. P., Hensel, H. M., O'Brien, J. W., Moore, J. L., Holster, J. E. SECOND ROW: Waters, E. P., Fulgham, W. N., Radcliff, R. R., Winkel, F. M., Johnson, A. B., Mella, C., Fisher, A., Whitson, COMPANY G-l ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Brewster, C. H. O'Neal, J. L. Segura, R. P. Skaggs, R. L. Striegler, T. L. SENIORS ON STAFF LeDoux, L. E. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Boydston, M. B. Koch, K. J. Nagy, W. F. Whitson, R. H. Winkel, F. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Furrh, S. R: Johnson, A. B. Linton, R. E. Radcliff, R. J. Taylor, G. L. Urban, W. F. JUNIORS ON STAFF Fisher, T. L. Mella, C. A. CORPORALS Curtis, F. P. Frank, G. E. Harding, T. H. O'Brien, J. E. Rapp, D. G. Rohe, J. M. Thompson, M. S. COMMANDING OFFICER Durbin, J. P. R. H., Urban, W. F., Linton, R. E., Taylor, 3., Furrh, S. R., Nagy, W. F., Boydston, M. B., Koch, K. J. FIRST ROW: Brewster, C H., Striegler, T. L., Skaggs, R. L., Ledoux, L., Segura, R. P. FRONT ROW: Durbin, J. P., Heikkila, E. EXECUTIVE OFFICER Heikkila, E. C. FlRST SERGEANT Fulgham, W. N. SOPHOMORES Bramlet, J. C. Crowder, J. L. Kirkpatrick, J. R. Klamke, S. E. Landreth, G. E. Morgan, M. R. Waters, E. P. FRESHMEN Adams, R. J. Addison. W. W. Butler, D. S. Gasson, H. M. Glover, J. A. Hansel, H. M. Holster, J. E. Jackson, J. D. Joyner, C. A. Keneipp, T. W. Lewis, F. J. Lyons, G. R. Moore, J. L Mayfield, R, G. Parker, J. W. Renbarger, E. Rockett, T. L. Rusteburg, F. W. Stem, G. L. Thompson, W. A. Tipping, E. .vmw . SHARP KAYDETS 3123! 1311411 0f Agyidmd E X A S i g V .1 : m 7 m5 1 nnxwx .6 1 ' ; mu m. m. v, i e A?TW' fewer? meager U Wma WW, vi. 9 .0, v1 Cm WM ?:m. Reveille II, The firsT lady of A8TM, has been The Aggie mascoT Tor Twelve years. Reveille II came To Take The place of A8TM's firsT mascoT, Reveille I who died in 1944 and was buried wiTh full miliTary honors aT The enTrance To Kyle Field where she can always see The scoreboard. Reveille II is a purebred SheTland Shepherd and was given To A8TM in 1952 by ArThur WeinerT of Seguin, a member of The class of 1900. The only female in The Corps of CadeTs, Reveille lives wiTh Company E-2. Her keeper is The mascoT corporal, bUT her guard consisTs of every man In The oquiT. Commanding Officer ROBERT M. NALLEY 2:, Execuiive Officer Scholastic Officer Adjutant FRANK M. MULLER ALBERT W. CLAY ROBERT N. PALM JIMMY D. GEORGE ROBERT ATKINS Operations Officer Supply Officer Char'acier Guidance Officer Sergeant Maior Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant Supply Sergeant MARK J. VACEK LEONARD D. HOLDER RICHARD M. DOOLEY DONALD E. ALLEN PAUL GARDNER Commanding Officer-Fall JOHN R. WARREN Executive Officer WALLACE W. MIGURA Commanding Officer-Spring JIMMY D. GEORGE Scholastic Officer Adjutant Operations Officer FREDERICK J. BARR, JR. WILLIAM M. NORTON DAVID R. SUHLER Supply Officer Sergeant Maior Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant Supply SergeamL GEORGE D. PETTY JACK B. HOLT DON H. SIMMONS CARL E. LONG KENNETH D. BROCK a w ,yi w ' ,,,,y,,.,u, W w? Commanding Officer GRANT G. VERNON 9011th Battalion Staff Executive Officer Scholastic Officer Adjutant JERRY N. WHITEKER MARVIN T. HOPGOOD WILLIAM R. HANCOCK Operations Officer Sergeant Major Schblastic Sergeant WILLIAM L. MALAISE ROBERT HEGER SIMEON LAKE FOURTH ROW, L to R: HoneycuH, M., Burton, 0, Crawford, W., Kenson, W., Weppler, L, Carpenter, F., Nash, R., Boyd, J., Hammond, J., Long, 6., Baxter, J., McKinney, F., Holladay, J., Lawrence, J., Loeffler, J., Ball, C., Jordan, H., McHorse, M., Fowler, J., Harmon, D., Prugh, R., Beebee, 5., Hester, Who needs Coeds? 0., Hunt, R., Perdue, G., Eckerf, J., Kovacs, R., Baldree, M. THIRD ROW: Cook, A., Marek, J., Spacek, F., Bettge, P., Edgar, T., Korb, K., Rehmet, D., Matocha, D., Bellomy, W., Kuyken- dall, B., Holder, C., Sagnz, R. SECOND ROW: Schwiening, F., Rasbury, M., Baker, D., Sobey, T., A-2 OUTFIT ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Dorn, Richard C. Haluska, Jerry L. Hennesey, Richard A. Lee, Alfred C. Neel, Jerry D. Smith, Randall P. Woodward, Daniel Y. SENIORS ON STAFF George, Jimmy D. Migura, Wallace E. Norton, William M. Warren, John R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Baker, Robert D. Musfon, Kurt A. Reeves, Gary N. Sobey, Thomas M. STAFF SERGEANTS Johnson, George C. JUNIORS ON STAFF Holt, Jack B. CORPORALS Beng, Paul D. Cook, Archie D. Crawford, William H. Edgar, Thomas D. Holladay, John N. Korb, Kenneth W. Matocha, Donald M. Marek, James E. Rehmet, Joseph D. Schwiening, Fred Ill SOPHOMORES Carpenter, Forrest L. Hammond, John C. Honeycun, David M. Hunt, Richard C. Long, George W. Sagnz, Rt$ne Weppler, Larry A. Prugh, Richard A. Executive Officer MNBALL P. SMITH Commanding Officer J. RUDY HERMAN First Sergeant Johnson, C., Reeves, G., Muston, K., Holt, J. MICHAEL RASBURY FIRST ROW: Hennesey, D., George, J., Neel, J., Haluska, J., Smith, R., Herman, R., Dom, R., Woodward, D., Warren, 8., Norton, 8., Migura, S. FRESHMEN Baldree, Robert M. Ball, Carl S. Baxter, James R. Beebee, Warren H. Bellomy, William P. Boyd, Tom Burton, Roy C. Eckert, John C. Fowler, Joe R. Harmon, Howard D. Hester, Claude D. Holder, Curtis L. Jordan, David R. Keneson, Wendell M. Kovacs, John Laurence, James R. Loeffler, John R. McHorse, Michael D. McKinney, Elton D. Nash, Ronald A. Perdue, George W. Spacek, Joe F. Ill 1'00 cm 5! ME R0 tin REF! m YWE 00'! 0! THE FIEL5YW WAS $4311 ACLATTEQ me F RAT 401$ LOtKil? To sum "WIT?! WT 6f Tut SYARD$ VWEA S'AREUMZ M' BIAQS POEM 50 6 AGMES 70 KM! tan ASS gan, Yochem, Sommers, McLeroy. THIRD ROW: Buck, McLeroy. SECOND ROW: Criswell, Weber, Chapman, George, Harriman, Weddell, Harris, Mike, Moore, Felkner, Neely, Smith, Brock, FOURTH ROW: Black, Bird, Crocker, Orton, Machala, Spitzer. Nelson, Kuklinskj, Wenzel, Rackar, McBride, Stover, Van Horn, Johnston, Krebs, Gilbreaih, Poston, Hicks, Miller, Daugherty, Cornelios, Bond, Menczer, Parker, Vinetoe, Rea- COMPANY B-2 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Mika, Donald F. Coriel, Vincent D. Cramer, Daniel J. Dailey, John H. Carr, Kennard G. McKinney, Gary A. O'Reilly, Micheal P. Stengel, James l. SENIORS ON STAFF Barr, Frederick J. Brown, Ronald F. Harris, Franklin A. Hornbackaames R. Lane, Robert W. Neely, James E. STAFF SERGEANTS Felkner, Roy D. Geqrge, Edward H. Harriman, William B. BUZZARD "c0, Smiih, Ted H. K Weddell, Ronald P. JUNIORS ON STAFF Brock, Kenneth D. JUNIORS Chapman, John W. Duncan, William S. Ferris, Darrel L. Hatcher, Lester B. Moore, Ronald K. CORPORALS Black, George L. Criswell, John S. Lane, Hatcher, Ferris, Brown, Hornback, Duncan. FIRST ROW: Karr, Barr, Stengel, McKinney, O'Reilly, Trainer, Cramer, Story, Dailey, Coreil. Gilbeafh, Walter S. .Krebs, John E. Nelson, Arved E. Rackar, Richard M. Vittefoe, James E. SOPHOMORES Parker, Jerry P. Van Horn, Jack E. FRESHMEN Bird, James E. Bond, George D. Buck, Steven G. Cornelies, Bobby R. Crocker, Oran M. Daugherty, Clarence T. Buzzard Bait. Hicks, Thomas M. Johnston, Harvey T. Kuklinskie, Richard F. Machala, Thomas R. McBride, Gary H. McLeory, John D. McLeory, William R. Menczer, Stephen E. Miller, Elvon J. Poston, Ronald H. Reagon, Jimmy R. Sommers, Gordon D. Spitzer, Richard G. Stover, Harry M. Wenzel, Derril W. Yochem, Phillip A. xxExecutive Officer MWEHAEL P. O'REILLY Commanding Officer LLOYD D. TRAINER First Sergeant JOHN D. WEBER , Ci , , . And 200 Buzzards cover down on a 12 lb. Ferguson, Brooks. THIRD ROW, L-R: Nevills, Adams, Humphreys, Silliman, Fleisher. SECOND ROW, L-R: Mann, Smith, Lewellyn, Allen, Denny, Spen- cer, Hilton, Hammel, Wilkox, Jaris, Ramsey, Kahanek, Juarez, BACK ROW, L-R: Bridges, Kornfueher, Warren, Feducia, Fergus, Carlson, Wilson, Ray, Barry, Dusek, Killingsworth, Cloyd, McGinty, Corcoran, Rowe, Cherry, Jones, Earhart, Wolf, Reh- met, Abschneider, Winifred, Snowden, O'Connell, Alvarez, COMPANY C-2 ROSTER COMMANDING OFFICER David R. Suhler EXECUTIVE OFFICER Wiley D. May FIRST SERGEANT Benny R. Smith LIEUTENANTS Burns, J. M. O'Neal, M. N. Schlafher, K. J. VoIz, G. A. Walker, S. L. Whittington, R. F. SENIORS ON STAFF Tisdale, G. L. Holloway, E. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Hammel, R. W. Hilton, W. J. Holster, J. L. Spencer, J. R. Willcox, M. G. STAFF SERGEANTS Denney, M. E. Jaris, E. J. Juarez, R. Z. Kahanek, H. STAFF SERGEANTS Lewellen, T. E. Ramsey, J. B. JUNIORS ON STAFF Allen, D. E. CORPORALS Brooks, C. R. Cherry, F. B. Dusek, B. J. Ferguson, G. H. Jones, C. T. Kornfuehrer, P. R. Rowe, R. H. Silliman, C. M. SOPHOMORES Barry, J . L. Miller, A. R. Snowden, J. D. Wilson, T. G. FRESHMEN Abschneider, J. G. Adams, G. M. Alverez, R. V. Bridges, J. E. Carlson, C. H. Cloyd, W. L. O Corcoran, J. T. Earhart, R. Feducia, C. V. Fergus, J. S. Fleisher, H. O. Humphreys, D. C. Killingsworih, R. A. McGinty, C. R. Nevils, M. R. O'Connell, L. M. Ray, D. R. Rehmet, P. G. Warren, R. D. Wolf, T. L. Commanding Officer ERNEST R. HOLLOWAY Holster. FIRST ROW, L-R: Whittingfon, Burns, May, O'Neal, Holloway, Suhler, Schlafer, Volz. First Sergeant BENNY R. SMITH wwwxmmw, WWW zwm m, , , WWWwWnyWW COM PANY D-2 ROSTER COMMANDING OFFICER , Simmons, Kenneth Glenn Schmidt Spengler, William EXECUTIVE OFFICER SENIORS ON STAFF Atkins, Robert Petty, David FIRST SERGEANT Nalley, Robert Michael Huston Roscoe Befz TECHNICAL SERGEANTS LIEUTENANTS Allen, John Gomez, Rudolph Betz, Roscoe Haruison, Gary Farrier, Robert Mosty, Rib?" Feighney, Michael s433W: W'"'am Ferguson' RObe" JUNIORS ON STAFF Long, John Barlow, John Long, Carl Simmons, Don FIRST ROW: Burke, John; Ferguson, Robert; Nalley, Robert; Spaw, William; Roberts, Thomas; Waters, David; Mosfy, Finey, Mike; Long, John,- Betz, Roscoe; Schmidt, Glenn; Sim- Robert; Simmons, Don; Haruison, Gary; Long, Carl. mons, Kennut; Atkins, Robert; Farrier, Robert; Petty, David; THIRD ROW: Kitchen, Thomas; Lindsey, Claude; Ramirez, Nar- Barlow, John. cisso; Michael, Hersher; Yaies, James; McCall, Charles; Durard, SECOND ROW: Yows, Thomas; Huston, Michael; Gomez, Rudolph; Burtram; Abbott, Ira; McCormick, Joseph; James, Gary; Wm, Mme, MWM impw CORPORALS Curry, Virgil Dunlap, Melvin Lindsey, Claude McCormick, Joseph Ramirez, Narcisso Waters, David Yows, Thomas SOPHOMORES Dugan, Timothy Yates, James FRESHMEN Abbott, Ira Brooks, James Deason, Emory Dubose, Theodore Elkins, Thomas Gordon, James Grimes, Michael Gryseels, Charles James, Gary Johnson, David Jungman, Thomas Kitchen, Thomas McCall, Charles Michael, Hershel Moss, King Svetlick, Patrick Woolridge, Thomas Young, Jess Redfearn, John,- Curry, Virgil; Elkins, Thomas; Woolridge, Thomas; Deason, Emory; Dunlap, Melvin; Dubose, Thedore; Young, Jess; Brooks, James; Moss, Kinl; Johnson, David; Jungman, Thomas; Gordon, James; Grimes, Michael; Gryseels, Charles; Svetlick, Patrick. Commanding Officer GLEN SCHMIDT Executive Officer ROSCOE BETZ First Sergeant MICHAEL HUSTON FIRST ROW: Aldrich, Dulin, Bayer, Northcutt, Bu'mill, Triesch, Palm, Janecek, Gunner, Finkbiner, Oberhoff, Sharp. SECOND ROW: Walker, Salge, Dooley, Rodgers, Lake, Henry, Siudley, McMath, Holder, Jackson, Melcer, Thornton. THIRD ROW: Parsons, Baucom, Orbin, Engelman, Laramey, Robrin, Zapata, Richardson, Offerhauser, Bazan, Hedeman, Abbott, Helt, Henthorn, Fannin, Little. FOURTH ROW: Pearson, Blythe, Fitzgerald, Vogel, Cochran, COMPANY E-2 ROSTER EwEwng'iuw5 133 , GERXNUD IBUWIHHL LIEUTENANTS Aldrich, L. W. Bayer, W. C. Dulin, E. R. Finkbiner, T. C. Gunter, J. H. Janacek, J. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Muller, F. M. Palm, R. N. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Jackson, D. L. McMath, J. S. Melcer, M. R. Thornton, A. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Dooley, R. M. Henry, S. S. Holder, L. D. Lake, 5. T. Rodgers, J. H. JUNIORS Studley, P. R. CORPORALS Cochran, D. B. Davis, J. F. Heaton, C. R. Henderson, J. 8., Jr. Pearson, A. P. Sharp, D. A. Sims, R. N. Smith, A. D;, Ill Vogel, D. E. Walker, M. R. Zapata, T., Jr. SOPHOMORES Fannin, C. L., Jr. Laramey, T. A. Penuel, V. 3., III FRESHMEN Abbott, E. D. Archer, T. P. Baucom, R. B. Bazan, J. D. Blythe, R. E. Catanzaro, L. P. Engelmann, R. M. Englemann, C. H. Fitzgerald, G. B. Glezen, R. N. First Sergeant Commakgibuw. 93;'7$ , 539 ANDREW SALGE EUGENE V-,l?!lHESCH Smith, Strickland, Scott, Niemi, Engleman, Henderson, Rinard, Davis, Glezen, Godbey, Penuel, James, Tayler, Pharris, Laucher, Heaton, Sims, Pickavance, Archer, Walker, Catan- zaro, Harrigan, Robbins. Godbey, D. E. Harrigan, D. L. Hedemann, R. F. Helt, J. C. Hentho'rne, N. G. James, S. N. Launchner, R. H. Little, L. N. Niemi, R. M. Offenhauser, S.'A. Orbin, E. M. Parsons, L. J. Pharis, S. R. Pickavance, W. W., Jr. Richardson, J. R. Rinard, K. A. Robbins, F. H. Scott, R. H. Strickland, T. A. Taylor, K. E. Walker, G. A. THIRD ROW: Topperman, McNally, Carrigo, Insani, White, Frey, Carlisle, Davis, Hopkins, Stevens. FIRST ROW: Malaise, Davis, Warren, Plunken, Frank, Devine, Hopgood, Clay, Vacek, SECOND ROW: Wallace, Seerdon, Moore, Smith, Heger, Post, FOURTH ROW: Flood, Stewart, Aredt, Whitachre, Johnson, Gardner. Durst, Cooper, Hollister, Scott, Blum, Williams, Anderson, F-2 OUTFIT ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Davis, Grayson L. DeVine, Robert P. Garcia, Anastacio Hable, Robert H. Sebastien, James A. Warren, Don E. SENIORS ON STAFF Clay, Albert W. Hopgood, Marvin T. Malaise, William L. Vacek, Mark W. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Anderson, Clifton Moore, William S. Post, Donald E. JUNIORS ON STAFF Gardner, Paul F. Heger, Robert CORPORALS Griffin, Robert R. Hollister, Jerry G. Senuta, Jan P. Smith, Crowe, Hills, Griffin, Gibbons, McDonald, Thurman, Senuta, Baldwin, Gearing. Smith, Terry L. Thurman, Steven S. Wallace, Forbs L. SOPHOMORES Carrigo, Edward A. Gearing, Phil R. Hillis, ConracLM. Hopkins, Michael H. McDonald, Robert J. McNalIy, William P. Jr. Newman, Clyde T. Topperman, Andrew X. White, Robert M. FRESHMEN Ardent, Richard S. Baldwin, Alan C. Blum, Michael J. Laughter, Collins, Schrieber, Kerran, Newman, Eubanks, Carlisle, James A. Collins, James E. Cooper, Thomas R. Crowe, John P. Davis, Mark W. Durst, Mark Flood, Collin L. Gibbons, Robert H. lnsani, Peter J. Johnson, Richard K. Kernan, William E. Laughter, Leslie D. Schrieber, Ronald J. Scott, Thomas M. Stevens, Thomas D. Stewarv, Charles P. Thornton, Al T. Whitachre, Charles F. Williams, Douglas W. Commanding Officer JOHN FRANKS First Sergeant WILLIAM SEERDEN COMPANY G-2 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Clifton, D. 5. Howard, B. B. Nonhcuft, J. R. Oberhoff, K. E. SENIORS ON STAFF Hancock, W. R. Vernon, A. E. Whitaker, J. N. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Chovanec, E. E. Young, R. L. CORPORALS Brown, C. D. Executive Officer GARY VERNON Commanding Officer CHARLES WALLACE F' tS geam FIRST ROW: Northcutt, Vernon, 6., Vernon, A., Wallace, C., lrS er - . - . X Hancock, Howard, Clifton, Oberhoff. REGINALD NEWTON SECOND ROW: Hindman, Newton, Young, Chouanec. 0132 CRLLRNT ANS BOLD Hindman, W. R. Beyer, D. P. G-2 Sweethi-If Mann, A. O. Chilek, G. D. MISS GAiL BARN Moss, C. Davis, J. H. Porter, R. C. Ferguson, W. F. Starnes, R. M. Glynn, J. E. Taylor, D. B, Hamilton, K. L. Wallace, H. S. Harris, L. L' Wolf, M. T. McKay, R. Metrock, J. M. SOPHOMORES Miller, E. M. Atkins, W. R. Meta, A. P. Crowder, D. A. Nelson, W. A. Cuellar, R. T. Powell, D.. W. Dodd, C. Richardson, J. D. Taylor, W. B. Stong, C. T. Terry, W. R. Vinson, R. K. Wise, J. R. Vogas, J. W. Wawak, B. A. FRESHMEN Westbrook, C. R. Armour, W. T. Whifeside, J. M. 01M THIRD ROW: Westbrook, Wise, Taylor, Cuellar, Strong, Wawak. Wolf, Dodd, Hamilton, Metrock, McKay, Porter, Brown, Meta, FOURTH ROW: Nelson, Harris, Powell, Crowder, Davis, Wallace, Glynn, Starnes, Atkins, Whifside, Rifhardson, Vinson, ArmOUf- H., Vogas, Moss, Miller, Chilek, Ferguson, Beyer, Terry, Menn, 3716 Aggie Prayer God of all men everywhere, we are Thankful for your love which pene- TraTes all barriers. Help us To be The men we oughT To be. Make us deeply aware of The shorTness and uncertainTy of hu- man life. Forgive us when we seek any- Thing buT doing Your will. As we realize . ' I .1, our posiTions of leadership, may our de- a, ' . , l. few A91 voTion To You be beyond The call of duTy. ' " , Teach us To be unashamed of Your pres- l l l i a ence in us as we sTand before our fel- lowmen, our leaders, and our loved ones. lnsTilI in mankind a sense of broTherhood and a desire for peace. AMEN. 1e exa- J-' U .1119 b 7'." .. 79.1 II . a "an i 'Isb Cmmanding Officer JAMES E. BOURGEOIS msvku MI 0 Executive Officer GEORGE R. MARSHALL Intelligence Officer JOHNNY S. RAMSEY Adjutant WI LLARD L. TREDWAY Supply Officer J. A. DePASQUAL, J Sergeant Major T. M. UNSFORD Operations Officer THOMAS M. FINE Scholastic Sergeant J. ANDY SULLIVAN Guidance Officer C. A. EMERSON Supply Sergeant FRANK LOPEZ, JR. Liaison Officer D. A. UGHTSEY Operations Sergeant K. R. ANDREWS l87 ing Officer MACALUSO Command MARIO A. W '1 mm mm 0U 50 n .mD Operat JOHN C lCel' Scholastic Off HERMAN B Executive Officer W. SAM GLENNEY DARLING Adiutant JERALD G. LINDSEY Supply Sergeant WARREN MATTHEWS ior . WANTZLOEBEN Sergeant Ma KENNETH L I88 I89 , , , 7? , i Z, , ? ?4?6?9 ? 2? Z 222 Z z w; O? x , , M , , Z ?y ; ?w ? I Operations Sergeant WILLIAM R. WARD ICBF ,Z? 11 X0? 5.71111!!! ISOM ions Off CONRAD B Commanding Officer ANDRAS JENO CSAGOLY Operat Z ic Officer WARD, JR. Scholastic Sergeant ROBERT K. LONG Scholast KEITH B Sergeant Maior N A m mm 5 A. Sm Laison Officer PHILLIP C. SCOGGIN Supply Officer B. HOPKINS, JR. lcer ROCHE F ive Off Execut HUBERT C A-3 VETERINARY COMPANY 1$T LIEUTENANTS Gray, John W. Southerland, Jesse M. Wait, John Lee Williams, Frederick TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bamberg, William H. Gosney, Gary L. Gudgel, Keith E. Lacky, Stacy H. Touchon, Anthony H. STAFF SERGEANTS Dodgen, J. P. Dunn, Stephen L. Frederiksen, Larry Keeling, Donald W. Shaunty, Timothy JUNIORS ON STAFF Sullivan, J. A. Warren, K. J. CORPORALS Bryan, Mike G. Davos, Bryan Johnson, Randolph Matthews, Douglas Miner, Judson Morgan, Thomas J. Payne, James M. Perry, Richard W. Tomas, Ronald N. Wedemeyer, Henry Michael FOURTH ROW: Grahm, Chaney, Miner, Phillips, Provine, Garner, Johnson, Stanley, Love, Wirtz, Milstead, Coover, Douglas, Bowling, Thompson, Morgan, Norris, Matthews, Masseym, Massey, Mezger, Bryan, Qualls, Carr, Gray, Clark, Payng, Tomas, Dikeman. SOPHOMORES House, Randolph Provine, William Snipes, Roy Lee Webb, Joseph T. FRESHMEN Cantrell, Kenneth D. Carr, Terry L. Clark, James P. Coover, David M. Dikeman, Matthew Douglas, James Graham, Gary Gray, Bruce 8. McKenna, Francis Payne, Roger Phillips, Bruce Qualls, Smith Sewell, Charles Talk, Edmond C. Tomlin, Tommy D. 17.; THIRD ROW: Chase, House, Webb, Spellman, Tomlin, Payne, Davis, Belk, Cantrell, Miller, Sewell, Koening, McKenna, Wyatt, Reagan, Rayes, Snipes, Kercheval, lsbell, Paclik, Biediger, Carpenter, Randolph, Snell, Wedemeyer, Osterling, Talk. First Sergeant MIKE E. OVERTON Executive Officer JOHN W. GRAY, JR. Commanding Officer JOHN S. BALLARD ll James Bond of the second stope. SECOND ROW: Perry, Overton, Keeling, Frederiksen, Lackey, Gosney, Broussard, Warren, Gudgel, Dunn, Dodgen, Clark, Bamberg, Touchon. FIRST ROW: Honea, Williams, Southerland, Wait. FRONT: Gray, Ballard. FOURTH ROW: Brown, Zipp, Anderson, Sims, Ray, Behnken, Randolph, Clark, Reeves, Morris, Sample, lsbell, Wyatt, Zotz, Nickelson, Schmidt, Curtis, Wheeler, Derstin, Hammit, Heinen, Fimbel, Redden, Lewis, Porter, Taylor, Jenkins. Hazzard, Winfrey, SECOND ROW: Terrell, Dungan, THIRD ROW: Wainwright, Crespo, Richardson, Hughes, Parkin, LIEUTENANTS Bray, J. H. Burkhalter, K. Fielder, L. N. Hanaway, W. E. Richter, C. X. SENIORS ON STAFF Devtsch, R. Daugherty, J. C. Emerson, C. A. Marshall, G. C. Oddson, T. Ramsey, J. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Brewster, O. F. Brummett, B. C. COMPANY B-3 Escobar, K. R. Majors, D. W. Shields, J. R. Young, W. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Carpenter, E. H. Huffman, J. Klossner, K. I. Robinson; B. Van Zandt, J. W. CORPORALS Clarke, W. H. Dersiine, H. W. Lewis, J. C. Nicholson, R. Schmidt, V. H. Executive Officer Wyatt, L. E. SOPHOMORES Behnken, T. W. Hammit, E. D. Heinen, R. E. Morriss, C. A. Ray, W. D. Redden, M. F. Reeves, 5. W. Richardson, C. A. Terrell, D. O. FRESHMEN Anderson, A. L. Brooks, F. R. Brown, D. L. Brown, J. L. Shields, Brooks, Snelius, La Graize, Calvin, Kyzar, Morrill, Woodley, Gieb, Ward, Shaw, Turrow, Harborth, Glasson, Guyer, ROckhold, Dooley, Brown. Klossner, Young, Prater, McClellan, Calvin, P. W. Crespo, J. 0. Curtis, D. C. Dooley, K. A. Fimbil, J. M. Geib, J. E. Glasson, J. P. Guyer, F. M. Harborth, K. G. Hazzard, G. L. Hughes, C. D. Isbell, C. H. Jenkins, M.L. Kyzar, J. R. La Graize, A. G. McClellan, J. R. Morill, J. C. Parkin, D. P. DONELSON C. GILLIS First Sergeant CLIFFORD T. DUNGAN Commanding Officer WILLIAM P. MATTHEWS I92 Marines have a wild birthday party! Brewster, Maiors, Robinson, Van Zandt, Escobar. FIRST ROW: Richter, Hanaway, Fiedler, Deutsch, Honea, Daugherty, Gillis, Mathews, Oddson, Bray, Emerson, Marshall, Ramsey, Burkhalter. Porter, D. W. Prater, C. N. Randolph, R. B. Rockhold, N. W. Sample, R. M. Shaw, M. A. Simms, T. W. Snelus, P. R. Taylor, J. C. Turrow, R. M. Wainwright, J. Ward, D. M. Wheeler, L. A. Williams, J. R. Winfre'y, R. D. Woodley, J. B. ZipP, R. D. Zotz, C. L. Commanding Officer WILLIAM M. DAVIS 111111.11 1 1131111111 $111111 Executive Officer CECIL M. BOURNE LIEUTENANTS Forgeng, T. J. Heartwell, S. F. Rowland, R. A. Wilson, J. A. SENIORS ON STAFF Glenney, S. W. James, L. R. Lindsey, G. Macaluso, M. A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Eastman, G. L. Holden, E. J. Singleton, W. J. Weatherbee, C. F. Zeis, P. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Byrne, R. P. First Sergeant MIRO A. PAVELKA COMPANY C-3 ROSTER Dimock, J. A. Gaden, J. D. Goldfarb, J. H. Kluge, C. A. Pena, O. E. Saenz, A. J. Franklin, R. H. Garcia, E. Harvey, V. O. Holcomb, R. A. Jett, W. J. Vanek, K. N. Young, J. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Douglas, J. W. Lunsford, T. M. Trapolino, L. S. SOPHOMORES Bennet, R. 0. Brown, R. P. Filtsch, S. G. Halpin, J. M. Labarbera, P. T. Marshall, W. P. Martin, C. M. Riggs, M. S. FRESHMEN Abbott, R. L. Bailey, D. L. Bires, D. C. JUNIORS Donnelan, R. Q. Mendoza, F. $chiwe'fz, T. F. CORPORALS Aldape, J. Cockrell, M. W. Cole, T. T. Fischer, D. H. TOP ROW: Moore, Young, Cockrell, McFadden, Lyons, Summers, Harvey, Filstch, Aldape, Cunningham, Grivich, Bennett, Price, Labarbera, Ward, Jennings, Vanek, Glenney, Noel, Mathew, Walker, Smith, Franklin, Jetf, Marshall, Schrank, Cole, Nooner. SECOND ROW: Hull, Hilton, Bourgeois, Pierce, Christian, Lewis, $ A. x. NX xx x; m m Blakeley, R. McFadden, P. M. Bourgeois, F. J. Miller, L. E. Buitron, P. R. Moore, H. B. Christian, P. 0. Noel, L. E. Cunningham, S. B. Nooner, T. J. Feehan, Michael C. Orton, T. J. Glenney, George R. Parker, J. E. Grivich, P. W. Pierce, M. E. Hatch, C. H. PriceLG. R. Heggem, J. P. Regini, E. C. Hilton, P. L. Schrank, S. R. Hull, L. H. Smith, S. L. Jennings, A. W. Sfribling, R. M. Kacal, G. J. Summers, L. L. Key, M. C. Walker, J. R. Lewis, T. E. Ward, S. T. Lyons, K. M. Webb, T. J. Mathew, J. R. Winkler, R. J. Winkler, Abbott, Webb, Feehan, Fisher, Hatch, Regini, Kacal, Eastman, Byrne, Gaden, Kluge, Lunsford, Wetherbee, Dimock, Halpin, Stribling, Heggem, $chiwele Riggs, Bailey, Bires, Holden, Pena, Donnellan, Saenz, Mendoza, Martin. Miller, Odon, Holcomb, Parker, Blakely, Buitron. BOTTOM ROW: Forgeng, Heartwell, Wilson, James, Bourne, THIRD ROW: Garcia, Key, Pavelka, Singleton, Trapolino Zeis, Davis, Glenney, Lindsey, Rowland, Macaluso. FIFTH ROW: Herzik, McCracken, Deaton, Kennerly, DePauw, Mayes, Lewis, Smith E., McCrory, Meyers, Hightower, Lam, Ward, Cusick, Houston, Floyd, Ficher, Markham, Shouliz, Connevey, Helmcamp, Van Winkle, Markle, Webber, Bland- ford, Youngblood, Williams, Parmer. Willis D. W., Miller, Eklund, Hudgens, Sfovall, McEntire, Ap- plegate, Goode, Dennison, Barlow, Grevert, Gooding, Kinder, Oswald, Critz, Shrophhire, Judd. THIRD ROW: Harrell, Cyr, Gibson, Michie, Waltman, Barton, Rut- ledge, Taff, Stewart, McElroy, Campbell, Taylor, Durda, Nerd I96 FOURTH ROW: Gray, Smith W., Mattoon, Sheaffer, Schuetze, Leese, Gummer, Hastings, Willis D. 8., Sherman, LeBourveau, Commanding Officer WILLIAM E. TAYLOR LIEUTENANTS Barron, J. T. Howard, C. W. Laughlin, M. D. Marabella, P. J. Powell, W. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Bourgeois, J. E. Darling, H. B. De Pasqual, J. A. Slimp, J. B. Tredway, W. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Fuller, D. W. Gordon, P. T. Humphries, P. M. Lopez, F. McAdams, C. 0. Wright, W. D. Aglietfi, G. C. STAFF SERGEANTS Bishop, E. H. First Sergeant STANLEY J. WEATHERS haus COMPANY D-3 ROSTER Donovan, R. L. Dowden, W. T. Peirasek, A. C. Tubre, S. R." Wright, R. A. JUNIORS ON STAFF Andrews, K. R. Lopez, F. Jr. Matthews, W. T. Wantzloeben, K. JUNIORS Chastang, D. E. Moore, W. D. CORPORALS Connevey, L. H. Hudgens, E. M. Markham, W. E. McElroy, K. K. Miller, R. M. Farmer, D. L. Stovall, D. G. Wisenbaker, W. SOPHOMORES Deafon, T. H. Houston, D. A. Michie, C. D. Smith, W. B. Scheaffer, D. E. FRESHMEN Adams, N. W. Applegafe, R. W. Blandford, D. E. Barlow, T. L. Barton, J. B. Campbell, 8. C. Critz, J. R. Cusick, R. G. Cyr, P. D. Dennison, R. L. De Pauw, B. D. Durda, D. R. Eklund, S. A. Fisher, P. B. Floyd, J. E. Gibson, J. C. Gooding, W. D. Geode, W. L. Grevert, D. C. Gummer, R. L. Hastings, R. J. Harrell, L. O. Helmcamp, D. E. Herzik, T. L. Hightower, S. C. Juda, R. A. Kennerly, K. D. Kinder, W. P. Lam, M. H. Le Bourveau, G. P. Leese, D. P. Lewis, C. L. McCracken, D. W. McEntire, W. W. McCrory, D. B. Markle, W. G. Mattoon, K. A. SECOND ROW: Wisenbaker, Weathers, Fuller, McAdams, Agliette, Petrasek, Donovan, Lopei F. R., Bishop, Wright W., Andrews, Humphries, Matthews, Lopez F., Wantzloeben, Dowden, Wright R., Gordon. FIRST ROW: Slimp, Howard, Barron, Darling, Powell, Taylor, Tred- way, Bourgeois, DePasqual, Marabella, Laughlin. Mayes, R. P. Myers, R. R. Nordhaus, R. K. Oswald, H. A. Schuetze, H. E. Sherman, T. G. Shoultz, J. C. Shropshire, 5. M. Smith, E. L. Stewart, 8. S. Taff, G. T. Taylor, J. T. Van Winkle, J. S. Waltman, W. D. Ward, F. T. Webber, J. P. Williams, J. T. Willis, D. W. Willis, D. B. Youngblood, J. Execufive Officer BOB BELL First Sergeant JACK ASHCRAFT COMPANY E-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Giesenschlag, W. H. Bateman, B. L. Jones, J. L. Dingly, D. D. Prugel, J. A. McGaughey, R. L. See, E. C. mifgfifglpd P. STAFF SERGEANTS Tovey, F, M, Brooks, J. A. Vick, J. D. Gregg, D. L. Kirk, L. B. Commanding Officer NOBLE JAMES ATKINS, JR. SENIORS ON STAFF CORPORALS lsom, C. B. Roche, H. C. Arnold, M. R. Coufal, S. R. SENIORS Gailey, D. McCown, J. R. Holcomb, J. R. Reinke, S. T. Hughes, T. W. McAfee, J. A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Meiller, J. W. Chester, L. L. THIRD ROW: Sfover, Medina, Vander Cruyssen, Arnold, Jones, Shaunfield, Simmans, Manning, Rilet, Branding, Garrison, Scherbel, Gailey, Ohlendorf, Box, Bailey, Coufal, Fick, Gil- WWW . SOPHOMORES Fick, D. L. Manning, W. S. Scherbel, C. E. Shaunfield, P. T. Simmans, R. D. Stover, M. E. Vander Cruyssen, H. Ohlendorf, C. G. FRESHMEN Bailey, E. L. Box, J. L. Branding, W. C. Garrison, James L. Gilbert, E. J. Hanna, Charles R. Leinhart, M. Medina, R. H. Mohehlman, J. H. Jones, J. R. Riley, J. G. ,wng. , ben, Hanna, Mohehlman, Leinhan, Holcomb, Hughes, McAfee. FIRST ROW: Dingley, Vick, Bell, Atkins, McGaughey, Reinke, SECOND ROW: Meiller, Ashcraft, Brooks, See, Gregg, Chester, Ba-feman. Prugel, Giesenschlag, Kirk, Jones. THIRD ROW: Quest, Stevens, Zak, Bauer, Piper, Cooner, Mul. Iins, Wall, Watsoh, Welsh, Mousner, Canglose, Franze, Hol- land, Englebrecht, Jordan, Kotrla, Skirvanek, Dodier. Commanding Officer TERRENCE ROY GENT 200 LIEUTENANTS Burny, James P. Conolly, Richard N. Davis, Roland O. Eddlemen, Earl G. Lewig, Harry S. Moritgomery, James M. McConnell, Thomas T. McGinnis, Ronald M. Vrzalik, John N. .Ward, John R. Perry, Robert Hart, Melba Joe SENIORS ON STAFF Lightsey, Don A.-3rd Brgd. Executive Officer CLIFFORD L. BROWN COMPANY F-3 Riggs, James Cr-6th Btln. SENIORS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Aldrich, Samuel P. Day, Thomas M. Lewis, Harry W. Mobley, Forrest D. Williams, Roben H. Young, Charles R. STAFF SERGEANTS Baker, Derrel A. English, Ronald W. Simmons, Jerry M. First Sergeant JOHN VAN ALSTYNE SECOND ROW: Young, Alstyne, Mobley, Williams, Aldrich, Day, Montgomery, Baker, Lewis, English, Retchey, Young. JUNIORS ON STAFF JUNIORS CORPORALS Engelbrecht, Clyde C. Franze, Everretf K. Mousner, Robert E. Wall, Arnold J. Young, Ralph R. SOPHOMORES Canglose, Patrick P. Cooner, Harold D. Jordan. George E. "Back when l was a fish, things were ole Army." FIRST ROW: McGinnis, McConnell, Ward, Hart, Brown, Gent, Eddleman, Hopkins, Davis, Perry. Mullins, Bert D. Ritchy, William M. Skrivanek, Joseph J. Stephens, James C. Watson, James D. Welch, Robert P. Zak, Michael R. FRESHMEN Dodier, Jose A. Holland, E. A. Kotrla, Claren J. Wellman, Jay S. Wuesf, Kenneth W. Commanding Officer KEITH W. LAIN Executive Officer ROBERT W INNISS LIEUTENANTS Barnes, L. A. Downey, C. R. Galey, J. H. Mayers, P. Reifsnyder, R. E. SENIORS ON STAFF Csagoly, A. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Blake, J. P. Donaho, G. R. King, C. L. Kunz, R. A. Merritt, W. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Burd, H. H. Callaway, M. R. Kearney, J. A. First Sergeant DANNY M. GORDON COMPANY G-3 ROSTER Medford, S. F. Seago, J. M. Sharp, M. V. JUNIORS ON STAFF Miller, D. H. Sherman, S. JUNIORS Harvey, G. B. Hays, D. M. Sumpfer, G. W. CORPORALS Agliet'ri, Terry C. Bailey, Weldon D. Burleson, Richard E. Cupp, Lloyd G. Gummer, Steven V. Hase, Robert R. Heitrnan, Lawrence P. Manley, Strode D. Baird, W. J. Mitchell, Jim B. Boldt, R. Mullins, Terrel S. Brower, S. A. Roberts, WiHiam D. Brown, R. W. Burke, P. G. Clements, W. L. Contreras, C. X. Cooper, J. J. Cooper, M. J. Craig, T. A. Davis, L. A. Freeze, T. A. Frentzel, W. Glover, W. R. Goldberg, M. Green, G. R. Guerra, A. M. Guerra, R. E. SOPHOMORES Birdsong, W. A. Berry, C. M. Coker, D. J. Grimes, R. P. May, R. E. Schubert, G. W. Simpson, M. B. Strauss, D. D. Williams, R. M. Wright, F. J. FRESHMEN Alber, J. R. Allerding, M. R. Anderson, C. W. FIFTH ROW: Davis, Berry, Brower, Teague, Tillery, Allerding, Kindel, Burleson, Manley, Anderson, Tomlinson, Lehmann, Ward, Ziriacks, Burke, Alber, Salyers, Mullins, Coker, Swahm, Piehl, Rome, Bancroft, Clements, House, Songbird, Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Cupp, Cooper, Schuepback, Pena, Simpson, Stout, Roddy, Hancock, Gummer, Golberg, Frentzel, Heifman, Hamilton, J. B. Slovak, R. H. House, D. J.. Sohl, W. H. Huebner, K. R. Stout, H. V. Johnson, J. C. Swahn, J. F. Johnson, R. S. ' Teague, T..A. Kindel, C. E. Tillery, M. M. Lehmann, J. H. Tillery, G. A. Main, M. V. Ward, S. D. Merritt, R. R. Welsh, T. C. Pena, E. J. West, J. L. Piehl, E. M. Widener, M. L. Roddy, B. E. Williams, B. 0. Rome, M. A. Williams, K. C. Roquemore, D. E. Ybarra, F. A. Hancock, D. R. ZirJacks, W. L. Salyers, G. A. Shuepback, J. W. Sikes, A. L. Huebner, Craig, Contreras, Williams, Roberts, Young, House, West, Freeze, Wright, Strauss, Johnson, Williams, Hase, Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Guerra, Guerra, Merritt, Williams, Green, Kovaks, Baird, Grimes, Sohl, Widener, Brown, Hamilton, Slovak, Rol- lins, Sikes, Ybarra, Rognemore, Cooper, Boldf, Tillery, Main, Johnson, Schubert, Welch. SECOND ROW: Donaho, Cresswell, Harvey, Callaway, Kerney, McCoy, Sharp, Seago, Sumpter, Sherman, Medford, Merritt, Reichle, Hayes, Kunz, King, Burd, Tuber. FIRST ROW: Agliette, Gordon, Barnes, Fine, Roche, Innis, Lain, Downey, Galey, Ward, Mayers, Reifsnyder. 204 FIFTH ROW: Lindsey, Rymkus P., Rymkus M., Barker, Burgess, Billman, Knowles, Bell, Cosby, Juge, Rhodes, Resley, Muehr, Griffin, Weiss, Ermis, Shannon, Allen, Jenkins, Newman, Smith Mac, Weaver, Edwards, Moss, Mitchell, Henry, Harvey, Lenox. FOURTH ROW: Tillerson, Phillips, Westerfield, Cortez, Worst, LIEUTENANTS Aldrich, A. A. Meeks, T. E. Palmer, M. A. SENIORS ON STAFF Scoggin, P. C. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Climie, R. Offner, M. Staples, G. W. STAFF SERGEANTS McMillan, T. A. McCarty, R. M. Wood, C. R. Lindsey, G. JUNIORS ON STAFF Ward, W. R. First Sergeant THOMAS F. MURRAH Commanding Officer JOSEPH 5. B. JENKINS Oehrlein, Zahn, Curlee, Herd, Cosper, Willis, Bresk, Lammert, Tomas, Hanna, Freeman, Kemph, Earl, Arrington. THIRD ROW: Hemphill, Moon, Harvell, Camilli, Moreno, Nichol, GaHis, Ferguson, Colhoun, Benesh, Linerest, Staples, Perry, COMPANY H-3 CORPORALS Arrington, T. M. Brandt, R. E. Earl, G. N. Edwards, E. H. Ellis, J. P. Ermis, H. Harvell, D. Kovar, G. W. Lamkin, K. A. Lindsey, R. L. Phillips, M. Weiss, J. H. Westerfield, D. Zahn, C. W. SOPHOMORES Bell, D. Childress, D. Executive Officer CALVIN D. CUSTER Nauss, Smith D., Adams, Manning, Smith M., Ellis, Clifton, D. M. Cosper, J. Curington, L. D. Desileis, G. E. Gardner, B. Gipson, J. Henry, L. D. Henry, M. Hightower, J. Juge, R. Kidd, R. Kirchmer, T. Oehrlein, F. R. Poss, J. Plummer, R. Ray, 8. Rymkus, M. Rymkus, P. Schutze, G. C. W; Prior 10 the U.S.C. game Delery, Bancroft, Cherry, Gardner, Adams, Stovall, Andrews, Clifton, Harris, Willis, Desilefs. SECOND ROW: Brandt, Murrah, Staples, McCarty, Wood, Climie, Offner, McMillen. FRONT ROW: Palmer, Custer, Jenkins, Aldrich. Smith, D. E. Delery, H. B. Mitchell, J. L. Smith, M. Ferguson, C. E. Moon, G. L. TaYlor, W. B. Freeman, T. C. Moreno, J' N' Worst, J. M. Gems, J. H. Moss, R. Griffin, c. B. MUEh'I R- W- FRESHMEN Harris, C. G. Myatt, F' R Adams, N. W. Harvey, C. E. NaUSS, J- D- A"enl G. L- Hemphill, A. D. NichO'l 9- W- Andrews, 0. K. Herd, G. L. Perry, H. S. Andrews, W. K. Johnson, W. P. RhOdes' J' 6' Barker, W. O. Kemph, G. S. Resley, G. B. Benesh, J. C. Knowles, P. W. Shannon, W. P. Billman, C. M. KUbiak, L. B. Smith, B. M. Bresk, S. J. Lammen, R. F. Staples, E. A. Burgess, J. H. Lenox, J. D. Tillerson, J. R. Camilli, L. S. Litterst, F. C. Weaver, M W' Calhoun, C. A. Manning, G. L. Willis, 0- R- Cortez, R. Menn, R. T. Willis, R. D. Cosby, J. L. 1215f 601775 It was iudgment day in Aggieland And tenseness filled the air; All knew there was a trip at hand, But not a soul knew where. Assembled on the drill field Was the world-renowned Twelfth Man. The entire fightin' Aggie team And the famous Aggie Band. And out in front with Royal Guard The reviewing party stood; St. Peter and his angel staff Were choosing bad from good. First he surveyed the Aggie team And in terms of an angel swore, "By Jove, I do believe I've seen This gallant group before. "I've seen them play since way back when And they've always had the grit; i've seen 'em lose and I've seen 'em win, But I've never seen 'em quit. "No need for us to tarry here Deciding on their fates; 'Tis plain as the halo on my head That they've opened heaven's gates." And when the Twelfth Man heard this, They let out a mighty yell That echoed clear to Heaven And shook the gates of Hell. 0127 "And what group is this Upon this side," St. Peter asked his aide, "That swelled as if to burst with pride When we our judgment made?" "Why sir, that's the Cadet Corps That's known both far and wide For backing up their fighting team Whether they won or lost or tied." "Well then," said St. Peter, "It's very plain to me That within the realms of Heaven They should spend eternity." "And have the Texas Aggie Band At once commence to play, For their fates too we must decide Upon this crucial day." And the drum maior so hearing Slowly raised his hand And said, "Boys let's play the Spirit, For the last time in Aggieland." And the band poured forth the anthem In notes both bright and clear, And ten thousand Aggie voices Sang the song they hold so dear. And when the band had finished, St. Peter wiped his eyes And said, "it's not hard to see They're meant for Paradise." And the Colonel of the Cadet Corps said, As he stiffly took his stand, "It's just another Corps Trip, Boys, We'll march in behind the band." Commanding Officer DAVID ALLEN FRANKLIN Executive Officer JAMES D. BOLES Scholastic Officer RONALD E. HOWELL Supply Officer 8! Chaplain RAYMOND O. GEORGE Adiufanf DONALD C. ATWELL Sergeant Maior FRANK D. WATSON Operations Sergeant B. FRANK ALFORD Supply Sergeant ENRIQUE A. TESSADA Scholastic Ser. ALTON D. FELPS Commanding Officer GARY R. DUPLISSEY Executive Officer DON H. BADGWELL Operations Officer Supply Officer Scholastic Officer Adiutant ALDIS PAUL RUTYNA CHARLES D. LINDSAY WILLIAM T. SHERMAN DAVID M. HALBERT Sergeant Major Supply Sergeant Scholastic Sergeant Operations Sergeant KENNETH B. WILLE DANIEL B. PETTY RICHARD L. DAERR, JR. RICHARD B. CARDIEL Executive Officer CURTIS S. HAMME Sergeant Maior MICHAEL G. HEREFORD . - ,, 2 XXX MW 2729 y? w; i? 5;? WV xW gm Operations Officer FRANK X. GRUEN, JR. Operations Sergeanr RALPH W. MISTROT M V VWAW M??? 07 x yr 77? Commanding Officer DENNIS R. GLENEWINKEL Scholastic Sergeant RONALD W. FLETCHER Adjutant and Supply Officer JAN ALAN LINDSEY x M W Hunter, Whatley, Gossefr, Brownh Standish, Chalmers, Na- tion, Presswood, Beggs, Figun, Kleibrink, .Pefers, Gird, Mark, Trevillion, Read, Pilot, Kelly, Wimberly, Woods, Rios. THIRD ROW: Hamilton, Moore, Ogle, Yoder, Logan, Robin, FIFTH ROW: Fraser, Demel, , Catherall, Muhl, Mumford, Sweat, an, Stevens, Faust, Grossman, Dow, , Gillis, Sliv- inski, Muska, Trenchard, Loftin. FOURTH ROW: Fetner, M fewarf, Crook, SQUADRON ONE ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Jones, J. E. Wood, P. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Duplissey, G. R. Halberf, D. M. Lindsay, C. D. Sherman, W. T. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Quebe, J. C. Raineri, E. A. Tindall, M. H. CORPORALS Crook, J. M. Dow, D. H. Figun, S. L. Fries, E. R. Green, K. E. Hunter, C. D. Peters, E. A. Standish, J. R. Stewart, K. W. Woods, D. E. Zinn, A. M. SOPHOMORES Brown, J. M. Fraser, B. S. Gillis, M. A. Gossett, R. P. Grossman,' J. H. Hlavaty, A. J. Hohman, D. N. Kelly, K. D. Moore, B. B. Muhl, J. I. Noyes, T. E. Ogle, W. E. Pilot, A. B. Read, R. M. Roden, J. R. Safford, C. R. Schuck, R. B. Trevillian, W. L. Watson, M. W. FRESHMEN Beggs, M. R. Catheral, D. R. Executive Officer ANTONY A. RASCH First Sergeant JAMES K. $LU!S Tiierina, Sorrells. SECOND ROW: Raineri, Quebe, Tindall. FIRST ROW: Zinn, Sluis, Duplissey, Sherman, Halben, Rasch, Jaynes, Wood, Lindsay, Jones. Cron, A. B. Demel, D. A. Evans, D. C. Faust, J. C. Fetner, M. H. Gird, R. S. Hamilton, J. R. Kleibrink, M. C. Loftin, M. A. Logan, W. B Mackie, S. B Mark, G. G. Manox, P. Mumford, R. Muska, P. T. Nation, D. F. Powell, J. R. Presswood, D. T. Rios, D. N. Robin, S. T. Sears, T. K. Shipp: B. J. Slivinski, A. J; Sorrels, W. W. Stevens, D. L. Sweat, L. L. Tiierina, J. O. Trenchard, M. H. Whafley, W. S. Wimberly, D. P. Yoder, J. F. er; Wawmww M1, TOP ROW, L to R: Johns, C. W., Bess, R. C., Chesney, J. D., Smith, R. M., Van Buskirk, R. L, Dillon, B. E., Duke, G. A., Esquivel, A., Biles, D. 8., Spencer, P. D., Willoughby, J. M., Eyring, M. W., Jones, B. J., Dougherty, K. W., Payne, R. H., Screws, D. L., Myers, R. J., Taylor, J. R., Miller, J. 0., Manhys, W. C., Wisenbaker, K. A., Gerke, W. C., White- hurst, W. J., Offholter, C. F., Chewning, D. G., Fudge, W. B., Read, R. R. LIEUTENANTS Bradburn, T. L. Rannals, L. D. Reeves, L. E. S. Chappelle, R. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Atwell, D. C. Cox, F. W. Franklin, D. A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Crumbliss, J. J. Daly, M. E. Hooton, J. G. Smith, P. A. Stropp, J. R. Tramel, J. T. STAFF SERGEANTS Gosschalk, J. 'A. Executive Officer DONALD E. PUSCH Commanding Officer 2'2 WILLIAM C. BENDER First Sergeant JAMES A. SMITH cElroy, D. R., Morgan, D. H., Duerer, A. W., dl, T. ., Von Minden, R. C., Tucker, T. J., Parigi, J. 8., 1:11., 36, er, G. J., Neal, J. K., Collins, R. L., Candler, lagie: L. E., Nierdieck, T. c., Joyer, F. H., Guillot, M. 5., ms, '13.. ' ., Hunt, C. L., McAvoy, M. H., Cook, H. N., P Eyring, M. W. Gerke, W. C. Joyer, F. H. Ludwig, A. J. Morgan, D. H. Myers, R. J. Nagle, J. C. Parigi, J. S. Screws, D. L. Tucker, T. J. Wisenbaker, K. A. Smith, R. M. Van Buskirk, R. L. FRESHMEN Becker, G. J. Candler, T. L. Collins, R. L. Duke, G. A. DUChamp, C. W. Guillot, M. E. SECOND ROW: Baker, H. D., Smith, J. A., Daly, J. R., Gosschalk, J. A., Crumbliss, J. J., Hoote P. A., Tramel, J. T. FIRST ROW: Cox, F. W., Reeves, D. E., Bradburn, T. L., Atwell, D. L. D. CENTER FRONT: Bender, W. C. Henry, T. L. Jiura, R. A. Johns, C. W. Jones, B. J. Madrigal, H. Maths, W. C. McAvoy, M. H. Miller, J. O. Nierdieck, T. C. Ogdee, J. E. Payne, R. H. Read, R. R. Rick, G. G. Slagle, L. E. Spencer, P. D. Taylor, J. R. Von Minden, R. C. Whitehurst, W. J. On rainy days, the boys must be content to play in the house. VWIWJ Kym, FOURTH ROW: Moore, Clark, Brown, Shaw, Jeanes, Ansley, Skusa, Fenlon, Lindsay, Williamson, Welsch, Ozan, Canion, Woodard, Whitehouse, Teeter, Walton, Taylor, Clarke, Cruz, Kostelnik, Garret, Blackburn, Hogg, Madden. FIFTH ROW: Huff, Rossow, Glas'scock, Johnson, Browne, Walters, nes, Bornefeld, Barry, Reifz. THIRD ROW: Morgan, D- . ,' I necki, Harcrow, Cardiel, Petty, Wille. . SQUADRON 3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Jeanes, F. W. Barry, J. D. Massey, R. E. Bornefeld, B. K. Morgan, H. C. Cotterell, J. M. Richardson, W. P Jones, C. B. Skusa, D- A. Reitz, J. J. Robertson, S. B, sOPHOMORES Beck, J. R. "Teach Me Tiger" SENIORS ON STAFF Browne, R. D. Badgewell, D. H. Clarke, 3. K. White, C. L. Graham, G. C. McKnight, T. J. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Myrick, A. w. Cure, L. M. Watson, R. R. Harcrow, R. J. Nowlin, J. R. FRESHMEN Poznecki, A. W. Adameke, R. W. Bath, W. R. JUNIORS ON STAFF Booker, M. P. Cardiel, R. B. Brown, P. E. Petty, D. B. Clark, L. c. Wille, K. B. Cruz, M. l. Fenlon, J. T. CORPORALS Frank, D. E. Ansley, C. H. Garrett, W. T. Blackburn, J. R. Glasscock, W. Canion, K. L. Goldsberry, F. Ellerman, R. D. Hogg, G. L. First Sergeant H THOMAS ARTHUR DOYLE Ho'izl 5' 7- uff, R. C. Executive Officer OHN MOORE COTTERELL 2 '4 Commanding WILLIAM E. erA xxwwm wx m; Massey, McKnight, Booker, Adamek, Holtz, Graham, Spur- kowski,,ElIerman, Pingenof, Frank,. Prater, Bath, Beck, Irwin, Polland, Myrick, Kiser, Watson, Richardson, Young, McKernen, Goldsberry. ' "Duhhhhhhhhh!" Irwin, J. A. Johnson, F. E. Kiser, J. K. Kostelnik, M. C. Lindsay, M. E. Madden, D. R. McKernen, J. P. Moore', D. R. Ozan, G. A. Pingenot, D. J. Poland, R. L. Prater, R. A. Rossow, R. A. Shaw, M. J. Spurkosky, T. M. Taylor, D. H. Teeter, W. G. Walters, D. 'F. Walton, T. P. Welch, S. H. Woodard, M. A. Whitehouse, F. G. Williamson, J. A. Young, J. R. W374 7,7" , w , ma , ;., MULwaL, FOURTH ROW, L to R: Keiser, Hoch, Mumford, May, Macha, Jones, Kroberger, Gains, Goodwin, Coco, Briscoe, Seaberg, Thompson, Eldridge, Schneider, Cohen, O'Brien, Alexander, Apostle, Riser, Anderson, Butler, Hlavinka, Berry, Bradley, Coleman, Hopfer. THIRD ROW, L to R: Hearrell, Herrera, Lucero, Warnick, Kaster, Kleppe, Hawley, Fisher, Hoffman, Buescher, Grossenbacher, "Fish Revenge" SQUADRON 4 ROSTER Commanding 2'6 THOMAS E. L cuiive Officer LTER C. POOL First Sergeant JOHN T. YOUNG LIEUTENAN'TS Bergoon, R. D. Plummer, M. C. Pool, W. C. Saloma, D. A. SENIORS ON STAFF Cox, C. L. Ru1yna, A. P. Smith, E. C. TECHN ICAL SERGEANTS Denison, E. B. Morgan, C. D. Ronco, J. A. Sanchez, D. JUNIORS ON STAFF' Daerr, R. L. Gray, J. A. CORPORALS Anderson, L. O. Buescher, F. J. Calloway, M. A. Coco, J. S. Grossenbacher, R. W. Hoffman, C. W. Miller, B. E. O'Brien, R. W. Okiyama, J. L. Perry, A. L. SOPHOMORES Alexander, R. C. Anderson, R. R. Beard, J. H. Berry, M. 0. Bradley, G. M. Brannon, E. W. Brown, M. A. Cohen, D. A. Eldridge, R. A. Fenter, L. C. Fisher, J. H. Goodwin, L. H. Lucero, E. Riser, E. L. FRESHMEN Apostle, E. L. Anhington, M. Berk, J. l. Bourne, C. A. Anhingfon, Miller, Trlica, Hewlett, Hutchison, Tigeleiro, Slagle, Anderson, Brown, Fenter, Gutierrez, White, Holder, Berk, Calloway, Beard, Bourne. SECOND ROW, L to R: Perry, Van Nosirand, Young, Daerr, Denison, Ronco, Brannon, Okiyama. FIRST ROW, L to R: Salome, Bergoon, Smith, Pool, Liles, Rutyna, Coreil, Fidler, Huntington. Briscoe, A. L. Butler, J. Q. Coleman, J. R. Goins, K. E. Gutierrez, H. L. Hawley, R. D. Herrera, M. Hewlett, M. L Hlavinka, D. J. Hoch, R. W. Holder, F. O. Hopfer, W. J. Hutchison, W. Jones, M. K. Keiser, R. E. Kloppe, R. W. Kroberger, K. E. Macha, L. R. May, R. W. Schneider, R. W. Slagle, D. L. Thompson, J. R. Tigeleiro, A. M. Trlica, C. A. Van Nostrand, K. A. Warnick, S. W. White, C. H. TOP ROW, L to R: Brown, Chau cGehee, Buentello, Lawson, Kriechba f, latin, Grothues, Davenport, Anthony, White, Denmark, Camp- bell, Swanson, Schumann, Sprenger, Bennett, Woyewodzic, Cowan, Stevens, Stevens, G Sky-Eagle, geeier, P561112, Crutcher, Yuek, Moran, Rodriguez, Rensmeyer, Lucas, Wilkinson, Willhite, f, Jaeckle, U" am, 30, Ravey,.GrImm, Patterson. Meyer. THIRD ROW, L to R: Cam, Del Rio, Brill, Barton, Zatopek. SECOND ROW, L to R: Te Paydo, Gal- SQUADRON FIVE ROSTER Commanding 2'8 WILLIAM K. R Flm Sergeant DICKIE A. HARRIS LIEUTENANTS Bush, J. G. Byrd, J. S. Henry, G. M. Radar, W. K. Stevens, R. M. SENIORS ON STAFF Hamme, C. 3. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Clements, J. R. Dibrell, C. F. Hart, A. P. Howard, J. W. Peoples, W. M. STAFF SERGEANT Penrod, R. W. Schoolcraft, T. A. Smith, R. L. JUNIORS Coci, M. G. Oliver, M. A. Tyree, T. N. JUNIORS ON STAFF Alford, B. F. Watson, F. D. Mistrot, R. W. CORPORALS Anthony, B. M. Chauviere, E. D, Paydo, J. S. Stevens, J. D. Teddlie, D. E. Vitek, R. D. SOPHOMORES Barton, D. M. Brown, T. J. Brill, R. R. Buentello, R. G. Campbell, C. D. Echols, D. K. Gordy, J. N. Griffin, C. D. Hayes, J. W. Jaeckle, A. C. Kirchner, K. W. Meyer, W. C. McGehee, T. L. Phillips, T. Jr. Rodriquez, V. X. Stevens, M. P. Walo, D. E. White, W. A. Woyewodzic, E. FRESHMEN Basco, C. E. Bennet, R. W. Cain, W. S. Cowan, D. W. Crucher, M. A. Davenport, J. D. Delrio, R. Denmark, M. A. Dunham, F. C. Everett, D. H. Gallatin, L. T. Grimm, J. F. Grothes, W. C. Kriechbaum, J. R. x? ,h Z4? FOURTH ROW, L to R: Hart, Howard, Dibrell, Coe, Tyree, Oliver, Penrod, Schoolcraff, Smith, Alford, Watson, Peoples, Hill, Clements, Mistrot. FRONT ROW, L to R: Phillips, Harris, Stevens, Henry, Rader. Bush, Hamme, Byrd. Lawson, J. T. Lucas, J. E. McKay, J. E. McConnel, F. M. Moran, M. C. Patterson, A. F. Peace, J. W. Quinlan, J. F. Ravey, B. R. Reeder, J. L. Rensmeyer, M. E. Schumann, M. V. Sears, D. B. Sky-Eagle, W. H. Sprenger, C. W. Swanson, J. E. Weaver, D. P. Wilkinson, T. P. Willhite, L. A. Williams, L. S. Zatopek, L. J. - ., : THIRD ROW, L-R: Winger, Boleman, Cruz, Davis, Rozenburg, Gar- Voison, Sells, Faubion, s : ' ' ren, Maxwell, Haag, Hood, Johnson, Beach, Nolan, Hensley', Raun, Sullivan, Townsend, ' w Moore, Hay, Rebel, Webb, Hamilton, Watts, Martin, Lopez, Pollard, Bowers, Reat, W ; 7 M ith, Comp- Jackson. ton, Miller. 'v SQUADRON SIX ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Bollinger, L. S. Mabie, G. J. Otten, D. B. Sanders, R. A. SENIORS ON STAFF Fox, J. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Chifwood, R. D. Kunz, A. E. Poindexter, W. R. Snider, V. V. JUNIORS ON STAFF Felps, A. D. Hereford, M. G. JUNIORS Gayle, C. M. CORPORALS Cruz, D. J. Haag, D. A. Kovich, A. S. Schulze, E. M. Smith, G. M. Townsend, J. D. Ward, N. C. "Bonfire Spin?" SOPHOMORES Arellano, C. R. Benfly, G. H. First Sergeant THOMAS H. ROSS SAV SIX SECOND ROW, L-R: Kovich, Ross, Gayle, Chifwood, Felps, Kunz, Hereford, Poindexter, Snider. FIRST ROW, L-R: Fox, Bollinger, Sanders, Norman, Mabie, Otfen, Allen. Combs, J. A. Compton, C. G. Engelbrecht, F. E. Hay, C. C. Hoffman, R. F. Hood, B. M. Goodson, C. F. King, A. K. Miller, S. G. PiKa, M. Raun, T. Rozenburg, E. R. Sullivan, G. A. Watts, K. D. FRESHMEN Beach, J. H. Boleman, L. L. Bowers, A. M. Callahan, A. Davis, J. W. Faubion, J. F. Garrett, T. V. Hamilton, A. L. Hensley, R. W. Jackson, J. W. Johnson, J. L. Lopez, J. D. Martin, M. L. Maison, R. A. Maxwell, T. C. Moore, l. W. Nieland, J. C. Nolan, R. T. Polla'rd, K. W. Reat, R. A. W, NM: Sandberg, S. N. '- Sells, R. M. Steele, J. A. Vogelsang, E. F. Voison, B. L. Webb, J. L. THOMAS A. CARDWELL Commanding Officer BARRY M. CAMPBELL Executive Officer 3 AEL C. SAUNDERS First Sergeant SQUADRON SEVEN ROSTER Ll EUTENANTS Piper, Lloyd L. Starek, John M. Teems, Terry L. SENIORS ON STAFF Boles, James D. Burr, Hiram H. George, Raymond C. Lindsey, Jan A. MASTER SERGEANTS Place, Bradley E. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Brahon, Jack W. Jacobs, Jerry A. Reeh, Charles D. Schappaug'h, Ronald D. Stephens, Alton L. STAFF SERGEANTS Beggerly, James D. Campbell, Clyde W. Dorn, Wilfred C. JUNIORS ON STAFF Drubert, Hilmar C. Fletcher, Ronald W. Simmons, Tifton Tessada, Enrique A. JUNIORS Willingham, George A. CORPOR'ALS Collins, Craig Czaikowski, Thomas L. Hill, John M. Mafkin, William R. Newberry, Robert J. O'Hara, Michael S. Richards, Hugh M. Savage, Jimmie C. Scott, Richard C. Tower, Michael M. SOPHOMORES Bricker, Joe D. Britt, Harry W. Cardwell, Richard G. Dance, David E. CAROL Squadron ' FIFTH ROW: Tower, Magee, Muniz, Bradley, McKaskle, Johnson, Upton, Matrin, Caldwell, Oliver, Kasperzyk, Winkler, Boortz, Robinson, Walker, Hopkin, Fox, Hill, Mikel, Lindsey,vHicks, Wechsler, Gerasimowicz, Kent, Martin, Smithson, Savage. FOURTH ROW: Hopkins, Halleran, Penn, Gillum, Collins, Dance, Scon, Delgado, Graves, Minze, Donimgue, Posey, Bricker, Koop, Berry, Stevens, Broussard, Czaikowski, Esquivel, Newberry, Hansford, Britt, Richards, O'Neil, Bailey, Loveall, Jeffrey, Busa. Graves, Allan P. Hansford, Charles L. Kasprzyk, Edward J. Magee, John G. Muniz, Edelmiro Walker, John M. FRESHMEN Bailey, Dennis 5. Barton, Joel R. Ill Berry, Bob B. Blankenburg, Larry L. Bradley, George A. Broussard, Neal J. yin; 23:: six: .: Busa, Leonard J. Cavenaugh, Glen C. Cole, Robert R. Delgado, Ruben E. Dockery, Charles L. Domingue, Mark L. Esquivel, Jesus Fox, Michael J. Gerasimowicz, Gary A. Gillum, James M. Hopkin, Mac N. Hopkins, Roy C. II Johnson, Patrick N. Kent, Van A. Koop, Harold W. Jr. McKaskle, Danny R. Mikel, Tilden N. Minze, Lonnie C. Oberg, Erik P. Robinson, Robert W. S. Sloan, Gary W. Stevens, Jack R. Truitf, Donald A. Turner, Walter D. Upton, Robert L. Winkler, Hayden E. WWW W. 7pm.. THIRD ROW: Cole, Barton, Wilkenson, Cavenaugh, Twin, Blankenburg, Dockery, Brann, Oberg, Cardwell, Sloan, Turner. SECOND ROW: O'Hara, Saunders, Tessada, Campbell, Jacobs, Simmons, Dreubert, Thornhill, Schappaugh, Willingham, Dorn, Stevens, Beggerly, Bratton, Reeh, Place, Fletcher. FIRST ROW: Teems, Piper, Sterek, Campbell, Cardwell, George, Burn, Lindsey, Boles. WMWWM xv xwwmwmwm xx mxmwx 4 1 '02??? WWWWW 4 ' , W! szWWszMM SQUADRON EIGHT ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Forrest, F. G. Green, R. M. Gray, H. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Crank, P. W. Howell, R. E. Glenwinkle, D. R. Gregory, R. W. Fisher, J. H. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Short, R. J. Morris, L. D. Reynolds, D. C. Hearron, G. S. Bryant, L. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Powell, L. L. Cano, N. 0. Gibson, G. C. Morgan, C. E. JUNIORS Gee, J. F. Hunter, J. M. Brewton, A. R. CORPORALS Kardys, R. Hosley, R. A. Martin, J. A. THIRD ROW: Harkreader, Leonard, Werdung, Trotten, Ternus, FOURTH ROW: McMann, Coleber, Minendorf, Carr, Johnson, Taylor, Dennison, McDonal, Fregia, Holsley, Broyles, Mankin, Rausch, Hollahan, Presley, Landtroop, Carter, Herring, Otten, Harvey, Debord, Wi'nrock, Kyle, Beale, Fletcher, Ernst, Phillips, Osborne. Schroeder, Treece, Cardees, Jackson, Stoghill, Martin, Fiddler, King, Quebe, Neumann, Crowder, Roberts, Eckles, Lambkin, McGodrick, Johnston, Sanchez, Hill, Averen, Turbeyville, Blazek, Wilkinson, Kramer, McIntyre. Executive Officer JOSE C. SANTOS Johnson, R. C. Treece, B. G. McMahan, J. D. Trotter, J. T. Presley, J. M. FRESHMEN Kyle, W. P. Commanding Officer Roberts, G. R. Roush, R. T. Averett, J. H. Leonard, J- W. run A. GIBSON Harvey, G. G. Broyles, E. L. Mankin, M. W. Blazek, J. B. Carr, C. R. Martin, P- 3- Colbum, J. E. McGoldrick, G. M, SOPHOMORES Cramer, K. C. McIntyre, M. E. Carter, G. S. DeBord, T. O. Mittendorf, E. Crowder, D. K. Denison, R. L. Osborn, T- E- Echols, M. Earnest, D. B. Phillips, 5. D. Fidler, W. M. Fletcher, J. E. Sanchez, A. Hill, D. J. Fregia, J. T. Stodghill, R. H. King, T. M. Frysinger, V. F. Taylor, M. J- Lamkin, S. L. Harkreader, W. L. Ternus, D. J. Landtroop, L. Harris, W. P. Turbeville, J. B. McDonald, R. Herring, J. L. Werdung, W. H. Otten, E. L. Hollahan, E. L. Wilkinson, R. W- Quebe, F. Jackson, R. L. Wittrock, C. H. Rodriguez, R. Johnston, S. B. Newman, C. H. SECOND ROW: Martin, Rash, Bruten, Morgan, Hunter, PowelI, Bryant, Cano, Morris, Hearron, Reynolds, Gibson, Gee, Fry singer, Sharp, Harris. FIRST ROW: Grey, Gregory, Green, Crank, Santos, Gibson, Howell, Laird, Forrest, Glenwinkle, Fisher. Aggie Muster s annuaL ly on Apr! 21, A9919 usier Is The gathering together of Aggies all over the world To commemorate those who have departed from the ranks during The past year. Begun in 1921 over The concern of studen'rs over the lack of Tribute paid To fhe Battle of San Jacinto, Aggie MusTer has grown to be one of our most cherished Traditions. Muster has been observed all over the world in various ways. The perils of World War II did not stop Aggies from paying honor 'ro Those fellow Aggies who had given Their life fighting for what they believed in. The Splrll exemplified by Aggie Muster is The spirit which has made our nation The strong and powerful nation it is. Our only wish is That this is one fradition which will sfand until The end of Time. The RVls fire a twentyeone gun salute for departed Aggies on Aggie Muster. Commanding Officer WARREN T. HARRISON Executive Officer Supply Officer Scholastic Officer Liaison Officer JOHN L. FIEGEL DONALD T. MARBURGER ROBERT LEE HERRING JOE A. BOWLES III Sergeant Maior Scholastic Sergeant Supply Sergeant Operations Sergeant JOHN C. MCKINNEY R. A. RUEDRICH JAMES R. SWOPE JAMES H. DOOLITTLE ll IMMWRW v M WWW - WW WW Ww ,W Commanding Officer ROBERT E. SCOTT ' ' ' Scholastic Officer ' f' Ad utant Operations Officer EDaizcuglngELg; HI JOHNBIIIE KEMP EDWARD L. KAINER PHILIP J. DEVOLITES ' ' Supply Sergeant t M or Scholastic Sergeant ROBSEeggeCaingDglN LEE VICTOR A. WEIR H CHARLES PATRICK KELLEY ' 6 Commanding Officer JAMES M. ROBERTS Executive Officer Scholastic Officer Day Liaison Officer Intelligence Ofc. RAYMOND W. GREGORY ROBERT W. LYNCH, JR. WM. M. WOLF, JR. THOMAS D. LAIRD Sergeant Maior Supply Sergeant Scholastic Sergeant ROBERT H. DILLARD WILLIAM R. POTTS R. L. BURNETTE 229 Executive Officer R. G. VanWAGNER First Sergeant First Sergeant BILLY D. BRUMLEY MIKE D. GILBERT SQUADRON NINE ROSTER LIEUTENANTS CORPORALS Commanding Officer fried, :2: ?bdbotj, jm P. K. W. ALVER ON ane, . . e s, . . 5 McCue, R. L. Haseloff, W. C., Jr. Overfon, J. Heinrich, D. J. Vasser, W. C. Silver, R- C. Warnick, P. W. Slider, J- T- Sfeenbergen, J. E. SENIORS ON STAFF Teel, G. A. Gruen, F. R., Jr. WOFFEI, E. J. Scott, R. E. . SOPHOMORES TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Book, W. C. Barlow, J. R. Griffin, J. K. Davis, R. A. Grimes, G, R. Ruppersberger, J. S. Limpus, L L Macias, J. J. JUNIORS Mayer, G. J. Brumley, B. D. Renneberg, G. E. a. wuwMWW Av FIFTH ROW: Bartelli, Johnston, Teal, Pazderski, Jackson, Lim- pus, Thompson, Renfaberg, Veeze, Steinbergen, Redshaw, Knight, Allensworth, Heindrick, Abbott, Mayer, Clardee, Thatcher, Clark, Briggs, Book, Tillman, Jen, Harlan, Grimes, Barnett, Hearhcoat, Macis, Smith. ,0 w iw 0W MMWW W WW4 Mwwu Stephens, L. A. Schroeder, T. K. FRESHMEN Allensworth, G. D. Fortney, G. W. PaZdQFSki, R- A- Ashmore, P. D. Harlan, R. E. Redshaw, N. A. Banem, T. T. Hethcoar, c. L. Robicheaux, L. J. Bennett, B. B. Hoffman, M. P. Rodriguez, R. G. Benwell, T, C. Jackson, G. E, III Sager, F. W., Jr. Briggs, 'J. B. Jen, J. E. Scopel, A. J. Burnett, R. W. Johnson, L. V. Semingson, R, M, Clardy, C. W. Jurcak, T. L. Smith, J. H. Clark, 5. P, Kessler, A. W. Thacher, F. B. Claussen, R. M, Knight, J. A. Thompson, G. M. Coakley, D. E. Liles, J. W. Thompson, J. S. Conner, M. A. McHenry, N. B. Tillman, S. G. Craft, C. L. Meaux, S. Vezey, E. L. Davis, R. M. Miller, D. L. Villafranca, R. R. Dugas, J. E., Jr. Neff, J. L. Whifeman, H. J. Vietnam, here we come. FOURTH ROW: Wommcr, Coakley, Claussen, Whireman, Bresino, THIRD ROW: Ecds, Miller, Meaux, Hoffman, Rodriguez, McHenry. Davis, Neff, Simingson, Griffin, Silver, Worrel, Haseloff, SECOND ROW; Slider, Brumlcy, Ruppcrsburgor, Gilbert, Bar S1evcns, Kraft, Ashmore, Sager, Bennett, Connor, Lyles, low, Davis, Sanchez. Scopcl, Dugas, Robichcaux, Thompson, 6., Kesslor, Jurcek, FIRST ROW: McCuc, Fried, Lane, Grucn, VanWagncr, Alvorson, Forfcny, Benwell, Villafranca. Scott, Warnick, Overton, Vasscr, Suib. SQUADRON 10 ROSTER COMMANDING OFFICER FIRST SERGEANT Wortham, Murray L. Burch, Joe T. EXECUTIVE OFFICER TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Mann, Greg A. Jerden, Larry R. Stanley, Melvin C. LIEUTENANTS Hurley, James M. CORPORALS Lindstrom, Everett M. Chambliss, Edmond B. Murphey, Ronnie G. Copeland, James C. Pendergrass, Carl Heath, James B. Houston, Victor L. SENIORS ON STAFF Newton, Philip Hiff, Barney L. Corps Staff Richardson, Jacob Harrison, Warren T. Second Wing Seay, Michael G. Munschke, Richard A. Second Wing Vega, Juan E- Stokes, Richard H. Second Wing Kemp, Johnnie Third Group FIFTH ROW: Lyle, Friddle, Reagan, Struss, Stengle, Kidd, Norris, Pigford, Hammond; Stephenson, Rodenburg, Stayton, Pugh, Allen, Kuartko, Seeliger, Sparkman, Clayton, Bauman, Williams, Mathis, Bloomer, Hughen, Warren, Meister, Word, Chambliss, Vega, Czaplicki, Walling, Heath, May, Coronet, Mosman, Ginn, Jones, Feray, Rutledge, Shannon, Mitchell, Campbell, Schufeldt, Bennet, Sleeper, McCannon, Davis, Cummings, Ma- Pape, Decker, Houston. honey,Hartye. THIRD ROW: Copeland, Cimo, Kean, Smith, Meade, Visser, FOURTH ROW: Freiberger, Emmil, Jacobs, Eldridge, Witenberg, Will the real abominable snowman please step forward! SOPHOMORES Bennett, Kenneth W. Feray, David L. Friddle, George C. Fowler, Bob A. McCannon, David L. Meade, Ricardo Mosman, Thomas M. Pigford, Joe M. Rutledge, Roy R. Sparkman, James D. Sfengle, Harry E. Warren, Johnny L. FRESHMEN Allen, Robert L. Baldridge, John R. Bauman, Roland J. Bloomer, Daniel L. Campbell, Gerald W. Cimo, Marion L. Clayton, Brady Cornetf, Charles M. Cross, Donald W. Cummins, Richard M. Czaplicki, David J. Davis, Robert J. Decker, Randolph T. Eldridge, Gary E. Freiberger, William E. Ginn, Charles E. Hammond, William R. Hartye, Robert A. Hayward, William R. Holt, Virgil F. First Sergeant J. T. BURCH Hughen, James F. Jacobs, Jon A. Jones, Raymond L. Kean, Terence P. Kidd, William E. Killen, James L. Kurafko, Louis G. Lyle, Charles S. Mahoney, Joe P. Mays, Benny G. Meisfer, Robert A. Mitchell, Tommy W. Neveux, Lawrence J. Norris, William M. Pape, David R. Perez, Richard Pugh, Alfred P. Executive Officer GREG A. MANN Reagan, Dennis F. Rodenberg, Earl C. Savage, Donald M. Seeliger, William R. Shannon, Murray K. Sharp, Wayne C. Shufeldf, James D. Sleeper, John Ill Smith, Larry C. Sfayfon, Melvin A. Stephenson, Keith A. Struss, Darrell A. Visser, Paul W. Walling, James R. Williams, John L. Witenburg, Bill Word, Randall L. Commanding Officer MURRAY L. WORTHAM WWW Bladridge, Perez, Richardson, Sharp, Fowler, Newton, Cross, Neviux, Savage, Savage, Holt, Hayward. SECOND ROW: Seay, Burch, Stanley, Jerden. FIRST ROW: Hiff, Hurley, Harrison, Lindstrom, Mann, Wortham, Kemp, Pendergrass, Stokes. THIRD ROW: Burns, Sutton, Har1wen, Bredow, French, Mayo, SECOND ROW: Purcell, Howard, Parr, Halpern, Vandaveer, Grey, Smith, Arledge, McCorkle, Arellano, Lee, Barr, McDonald, Castleberry, Massey, Worley, Norman, BaggeH, Gary, Reeves, Wooley, Brant, Kelley, Harris, Conway, Prven, Kirk, May, Upton, Downing, Woodard, Stevens, Cull, Batsell, Bishop, Hamiltonn Fiori1i, Haynes, Ferguson, Stephenson, Atchley, Johnson, Stutler, Springfield, Midyen, White, Maurer, Watts. Cumbie, Horn. SQUADRON ELEVEN ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Evans, R. E. Laxson, M. W. Shadel, W. N. Stovall, J.. M. White, H. T. Young, D. W. SEN IORS ON STAFF Devolites, P. J. Marburger, D. T. Williams, S. J. TECHN ICAL SERGEANTS Arrington, B. L Cannon, M. D. Naron, D. V. STAFF SERGEANTS Brooks, M. A. Strickland, J. W. Young, A. H. JUNIORS Berg, N. D. 7 , ., . V 3 v - - Polonza, T. G. W , , V ' r ' ; , ' , ' ' , - . . ' Reid, W. L , . - Wright, G. P. WW W? , , , , 4 , . - ' . . CORPORALS , v, , ' . Arledgc, R. G. Bialas, G A. Grey, R. O. , wwwmmr K II , L. D mewm sC yh C E y . . ' top enson, . . , WWWMWW W , W A ,t M WW memwmummmw 234 FIRST ROW: Bialas, Peterson, Devolites, Potenza, Young, Young, Stovall, Harington, Shadel, Reid, Evans, McBrearty, Wright, Laxon, Strickland, Tompkins, Brooks, White, Naron, Marburger, Berg, Cannon. SOPHOMORES Howard, R p. Batsell, M. L. Johnson, W. B. Brant, C. A. Kirk, R. L. Harfnett, T. R. Lee, B. W. Woodard, J. D. Massey, R. W. Maurer, J. J. FRESHMEN May, J. J. Arellano, A. R. Mayo, A. O. Atchley, C. O. Midyeft, W. R. Bagge'rt, W. M. McCorkIe, M. L. Barr, R. O, McDonald, J. D. Bishop, D. R, Norman, J. R. BredOW, B. R. Purcell, C. W. Burns, J. J. Parr, J. D. Castleberry, J. P. Pruen, H. C. Conway, K. C Reeves, W. E. CU", F. P. Smith, D. E. Cumbie, D. R. Springfield, J. H. Downing, J, W. Stevens, R. S. Ferguson, W. W. Stutler, J. G. Fiorifi, M. P. Sutton, R. C. French, R. L. Vandaveer, J. A. Gary, J. L. Watts, C. B. Halpern, M. W. White, M. 8. Hamilton, C. L. Woolley, J. N, Harris, J. J. Worley, J. O. .Hayn.es, J. M. Horn, P. A. First Sergeant DONALD L. PETERSON Executive Officer BILL G. TOMPKINS Commanding Officer CHARLES F. McBREARTY 235 man, Bishop, Coston, Engel, Wood, Lively, Vaughn, Robertson, FIFTH ROW: Dodd, Ulych, Taylor, Hamilton, Marcos, Cornell, Butler, Jones, Brown, McGregor, Mahotcka, Bailey, Patterson. Byrd, Scheske, Haley, Rogers, Moore, Moraski, Roller, Gamble, Tyson, Booker, Frost, Willman, Bell, Donan, McCann, Stack, THIRD ROW: 'Young, Chausse, Huddleston, Perkins, Cloudf, Hocking, Naumann, Lenzo, Borsche, Barclay, Sommen, Wil- liams, Hornburg, Howell, Lucas, Ceyannes, Spellman, Williams, Henry, Walles, Albert, Howie, Webb. FOURTH ROW: Miller, Hopper, Richardson, Looney, Saba'rier, Jackson, Motl, Patton, McNabb, McKibben, Tafem, Doyle, Heck- SQUADRON 12 ROSTER Commanding Officer 236 RONALD WAYNE FURBER First Sergeant PHILLIP G. WILKS Executive Officer WILLIAM L. KLUTZ, JR. LIEUTENANTS Haraway, W. J. McHaney, S. K. SENIORS ON STAFF Herring, R. L. Kainer, E. L. Kyle, J. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Byrne, J. P. Doran, R. L. Lawrence, L. R. Markey, F. H. Owen, R. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Crockett, D. S. Kleemier, H. G. Lewis, W. C., Jr. Muehlenbeck, R. H. Sandacz, V. L. Siebern, V. E. CORPORALS Lenzo, D. R. Patton, G. N. Robertson, C. N. Sabatier, M. J. JUN IORS ON STAFF Doolittle, J. H., Ill Ruedrich, R. A. Weir, V. A. SOPHOMORES Booker, J. C., Jr. Dodd, M. M. Gamble, P. K. Haley, J. R. Happ, J. H. Hocking, A. E., III McKibben, P. E. McNabb, J. O. Moraski, D. P. Naumann, L. M. Pool, W. M. . Tyson, J. P. Ulich, W. L. Vaughn, J. C., Jr. FRESHMEN Albert, W. G. Bailey, W. F. Barclay, R. W. Bell, C. T. Bishop, J. P. Borsche, C. R. Brown, B. P., Jr. Butler, J. M. Byrd, G. G. Ceyanes, S. Chausse, A. M. Cloudt, C. R. Coston, C. L. Doyle, C. R. Engel, R. L. Frost, N. E. Hamilton, P. L, Jr. "Well Uuid , Howdy!" Pool, May, Hill, Swann, Wagers, Leuan, Smith. SECOND ROW: Harp, Wilks, Sandacz, Mulenbech, Doolittle, Lawrence, Weur, Owen, Doran, Crockett, Markey, Rvedrich, Siebern, Byrne. FIRST ROW: McHaney, Khurtz, Furber, Herring, Haraway. Heckman, B. E. Henry, C. L. Hill, J. J. Hornburg, H. M. Howie, J. R. Huddleston, T. J. Jones, K. C., Jr. LeVan, T. B. Looney, C. R. Lucas, C. E. Machofka, S. V. Marcus, D. A. May, F. L, Ill McCann, R. G. McGregor, A. M. Miller, D. G. Moore, G. L. Motl, M. B. Patterson, A. A., Jr. Perkins, J. W. Rodgers, B. S. Roller, J. M. Scheske, R. B. Sikes, R. A. Sonnen, R. A. Spellman, M. T. Stack, W. B. Strother, J. W. Swann, H. L. Tatem, H. E. Taylor, R. D. 7777777777 Walles, W. E. W ' Webb, G. W. Williams, P. D. Williams, T. M. Willmann, C. J., Jr. Woods, D. L. Young, B. H. FOURTH ROW: Oppemheim, Daniels, Moley, Bean, Moore, Druey, Allen, Kemper, Harris, Stimson, Williams, A., Deusing, Harrolson, Couch, Parr, Arm- Crews, Plons, Mock, Bonner, strong, Wilson, 6., Ripley, Henglein., .Wg Executive Officer 5. P. MENZIES M2, Commanding Officer 238 RONALD T. MCBRIDE Lippey, Slocum, Ole Army is back! JOHN E NELSON Travis, Lewis, First Sergeant THIRD ROW: White, Guiot, Micheaux, McLendon, Christiansen, Andes, Rose, Sizemore, Novasad, Moberly, Williams, S. B., Becht, Babb, Ferrana, King, Paul, Strange, Bell, Gant, London, Gay, Thomas, Wilson, C. B., Roberts, Andes, Ferguson, Gas- tinger, Co!emere, Kaffenburger. SQUADRON 13 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Stafford, H. R. SENIORS ON STAFF Lynch, R. W. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Baggett, J. E. Darden, J. G. Jackson, 0. Roesler, H. W. Rogers, F. V. Tomlinson, W. N. STAFF SERGEANTS Bearden, D. H. Decker, D. C. Henslee, R. W. Wright, W. V. JUNIORS ON STAFF Burnette, R. L. Dillard, R. H. Filburn, R. B. Kelley, P. C. Lee, R. CORPORALS Beene, R. A. Bonner, J. H. Gay, R. E. Moberly, R. D Novosad, S. W. Stone, T. C. SOPHOMORES Andes, F. S. Andes, R. T. Ferrata, C. D. Kemper, G. H. Lippe, L. G. London, R. K. Mock, T. D. Nelson, J. E. Ripley, R. R. Sizemore, J. M. Thomas, G. E. White, J. H. Wilson, G. B. Wilson, G. l. FRESHMEN Allen, D. L. Armstrong, G. M. Babb, G. R. Becht, F. J. Bell, J. M'. Christiansen, D. L. Colemere, J. H. Couch, R. S. Cruz, D. Daniel, J. L. Drury, J. B. Duesing, G. W. Fergeson, J. A. Gaspard, M. J. Gasiinger, D. C. Gann, G. R. Glass, B. E. "Those fly-boys will do anything to get out of a quiz!" SECOND ROW: Nelson, J., Lewis, Smith, Gaspard, Killin, Stone, Nelson, Burnett, Thomlinson, Baggot, Lee, Kelley, Darden, Bearden, Wright, Roesler, Rogers, Decker, Filburn, Hensley, Jackson, Dillard. FIRST ROW: Stafford, Menzies, McBride, Lynch. Groves, A. W. Guiot, L. R. Harrelson, R. A Harris, L. G. Henglein, W. G. Kaffenberger, H. W. Killian, Q. N. King, W. E. Lewis, J. C. Lewis, J. H. McLennan, J. M. Micheaux, J. L. Miller, C. A. Moley, R. C. Moore, R. A. Oppenheim, J. S. Parr, O. M. Paul, J. L. Plotts, D. W. Roberts, G. L. Slocum, E. R. Smith, J. E. Stimpson, R. P. Strange, J. T. Travis, L. E. Williams, A. M. Williams, S. B. WW I 4? aw, wym, SIXTH ROW: Wheeler, Richtmyer, Ellis, McKee, Bendele, Mont- Prendergasf, Hubert, Millar, Pearson, Hammond, Johnson, fOH'r Golden, Spiekerman, Robbins, McGirr, Masterson, Mc- Doeppenschmidf, Wood, Cantu, Reagan, Garcia. Glamery, Brown, Lonon, Phillips, Anderton, Wells, Matthews, FOURTH ROW: Bennett, Smith, Pasho, Black, Lowe, DeAnda, Goff, Swindle, Wright, Wing, Wooten; Walker, Wetzig, Horsak, Brown, Brinkman, Moreno, Harvey, Richker, Benwell, Hawes, White. Grisham, Weathers, Hicks, Lawhon, McFarland, Herbold, FIFTH ROW: Bonner, Chalmers, Baker, Dye, Skelton, Kirkpatrick, Busutfil, Davis, Lyle, Strickland, Pierce, Fry, Reele, Neeley. SQUADRON 14 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS MacAdoo, S. F. SENIORS ON STAFF Robens, J. M. Rubensfein, K. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Beck, M. O. Duchamp, E. A. Houston, J. B. PrewiH, J. T. Prewm, R. A. Smith, D. B. STAFF SERGEANTS Lindsay, L. C. JUN IORS ON STAFF McKinney, J. C. Potts, W. R, Swope, J. R. JUNIORS Denny, J. A. Hudler, T. J. CORPORALS Brown, R. A. Casteel, T. L. Fry, C. L. Grisham, T. L. Lonon, J. R. Lyle, J. L. Pearson, S. W. Railsfon, D. B. Sfatum, C. M. Weathers, R. J. SOPHOMORES Benwell, J. C. Douglas, P. P. Langston, J. B. Menger, J. M. THIRD ROW:'Moses, Langston. SECOND ROW: Railsfon, Nabors, Hudler, Swope, McKinney, Potts, Prewin, Beck, Smith, Denny, Duchamp, Prewi'n. FIRST ROW: Forgeng, Roberts, McGinn, Allen, Rubensfein, Mac- Adoo. Millar, J, M, Kirkpatrick, E. A. Moreno, E., Jr. Laird, A- D- .Pasho, R. E. Lawhon, J. B. Richker, M. S. Lowe, M. B. Wing, W. R. Masterson, R. M. Matthews, R. L. FRESHMEN McFarland, C. A. Anderton, W. B. McGirr, S. Axberg, D. R. McGlamery, M. H. Baker, W. B. McKee, B. M. Bendele, R. A. Montfort, H. W. Black, J. D. Morris, l. W. Bonner, W. B. Mosses, G. C. Bennett, L. ,E. Neeley, M. J. Brinkman, J. R. Phillips, M. T. Brown, J. 0. Pierce, L. D. Busuttil, J. J. Prendergasf, J. C. Cantu, W. V. Reagan, C. T. Chalmers, R. N. Reele, s. A. "Will the real cadet Slouch please step forward." Davis, J. D. Richtmyer, T. J. DeAnda, C. F. Robbins, R. J. Dewitt, T. K. Schlener, W. F. Doepponschmidf, C. A. Skelton, W. A. Dye, B. L. Slayter, M. V. Ellis, J. D. Smith, G. W. Fullwood, M. H. Smith, H. F. Garcia, R. N. Solovey, R. J. Goff, M. T. Spiekerman, M. D. Golden, J. G. Strickland, B. D. Hammond, J. R. Swindle, M. M. Harvey, R. B. Walker, G. L. Hawes, E. K. Wells, R. J. Herbold, J. R. Wetzig, D. A. Hicks, A. D. Wheeler, D. R. Horsak, J. R. White, D. W. Hubert, J. M, Wood, J. C. Hunt, R. C. Wooten, W. L. Johnson, 8. R. Wright, J. C. King, F. B. First Sergeant MICHAEL' NABORS Executive Officer Commanding Officer FRED L. McGlNN ROY M. ALLEN 24' " 9sz WW: ? SQUADRON FIFTEEN ROSTER Riske, R. M.-C.O. LIEUTENANTS Badgwell, D. H. Henton, L. D.-Exec. Moon, W. H. Sherman, W. T. SENIORS ON STAFF Maddox, L. A. Duplissey, G. R. Allen, J. E. Wolf, W. M. Bowles, J. A. JUNIORS Powell, J. W.-1$V$gt. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Hill, W. C. Horn, L. G. Left to right, FOURTH ROW: Risinger, Baker, Robertson, Cooley, Cepcar, Allen, Williams, 8., Ransdell, Brown, Hardeman, Piwonka, Stevener, Powell, A., Lozowski, Goodson, Schember, Banks, Capps, Mitchell, K., Stelly, Havel, Corley, Rice, Houze, Oh no Frog Mims! Not you again! Mims, F. M. Reed, J. A. Watson, R. C. STAFF SERGEANTS Hubacek, J. C. Johnson, J. B. Jones, 5. A. Smith, B. R. SOPHOMORES CORPORALS Baker, M. M. Burroughs, M. A. Cooley, G. L. Foster, G. W. Havel, J. R. Houze, R. A. Lozowski, W. Moreau, E. L. Powell, A. E. Sledge, G. D. Wyninegar. N. J. Tabor, Hyvl, Holdredge. SOPHOMORES PRIVATES Brown, E. W., IV Capps, C. C. Clark, C. B. Cronk, A. E., Jr. Goodson, J. F., Jr. Hyvl, D. J. Johnson, D. W. Kemler, A. V. Little, N. E. Maldonado, M. 0. Miller, S. G. Piwonka, D. J. Reeves, J. L. Schember, K. A. $urles, L. E. White, J. W. Williams, S. T. FRESHMEN Banks, C. E. First Sergeant LAWRENCE D. RUTL Brunson, R. A. Buchanan, G. S. Cepcar, J. J. Corley, R. E. Currie, D. J. Faulk, J. R. Gentry, J. A. Hallaran, D. F. Hardeman, B. L. Lewis, T. V. Mims, K. A. Mitchell, W. Morgan, B. E. Ransdell, R. H. Rice, J. D. Stelly, L. A. Stevener, R. A. .Tabor, J. A. Watson, R. L. White, F. 8., Jr. WiHiams, T. F. Executive Officer ARRY D. HENTON Cronk, White, F., Johnson. Commanding Officer ROBERT M. RISKE SECOND ROW: Foster, Rutledge, Reed, Mi THIRD ROW: Faulk, Ogle, Maldonado, Watson, R., Lewis, Sledge, Buchanan, Clark, Little, Chalme'rs, Kemler, Morgan, Williams, Watson. T., Cafalena, Turner, Burroughs, Gentry, Mitchell, W., Currie, Schrider, Jordan, Dickerson, Fisher, Cox, Rowe, Heartwell, Ayres, McDowell, Nesbitt, Casey, Schmidt, Mason, Jordan, Hollier, Abernathy, Wheeler, Wrigge, Sidman. FOURTH ROW: Howard, Mosely, Rodriguez, Keadry, Britt, Led- be1ter, Reidhimer, Penit, O'Neal, Byrne, Plesk, Chiles, Yanes, Schwartz, Beckner, Valentine, Stewart, Wiekerman, Blessing, quitt, Bamle, Kooser, SECOND ROW: Ferguson Melzer, Ham- mond, Anderson, Jam' Troff, Rimato, Price, Stevenson, Bran , THIRD ROW: Moberly, ' Berry, Wiggins, SQUADRON 16 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Ferguson, Jay R. Ford, Lloyd Sassman, Clifford D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bethe, Kenneth E. CalcoH, William H. Kooser, Donald E. CORPORALS Becham, John B. Buffin, John K. Byrne, Roger 5. Cook, John M. Dinwiddie, William " Ginsbach, Robert G. Jordan, Michael G. Maberly, Edwin D. Malitz, Charles C. Mason, Clarence E. Miller, Henry C. Morris, Robbie S. Moseley, Joe C. Nesbif, Richard S. Schmidt, Gary R. Wiggins, David T. Winter, Lance S. SOPHOMORES Ayres, Don W. Barnett, Robert W. Beckner, Ralph E. Berry, Robert A. Britt, Arie C. Caldwell, Charles W. Casey, Thomas W. Chiles, Thomas H. Cox, Gerald D. Deviney, Herman B. Dickerson, Raymond Fisher, John M. Hollier, Robert E. Howard, Lawson A. Keating, Joseph J. Ledbeffer, Harry L. McDowell, Bryan L. McGough, Larry J. Plesk, Robert W. Price, Don D. Schrider, Michael S. Schwarz, Richard N. Sidman, John R. Simmons, Eugene C. Smith, Robert A. Stewart, Jerry R. Valentine, James R. Warren, Jeffery Wickerman, James B. Wright, Haskell E. Yarfer, Jacob FRESHMEN Abernathy, Garland D. Anderson, Kenneth C. Benson, John I. Blessing, William S. Brandt, Robert A. Brasuel, Jerry D. Burgower, Phillip L. Casbeer, Gordon D. Faust, Robert J. Ferguson, Don P. Flow, Bryan L. Forman, Kenneth R. Freer, Gary L. Gunnels, Roy B. Hammond,'Kim D. Heartwell, James W. Hickman, David E. Holder, Thomas M. Rowe, Benson, Brasuel, Ginsbach, Burgower, Perrin, Casbee, McGough. FIFTH ROW: Faust, Flow, Vaughn, Caldwell, Dinwiddie, Warren, Wilson, Forman, Buffin, Kasmierski, Paris, Freer, Holder, Tread- way, Beckham, Gunnels, Hickman, Simmons, Langseth, Holtz, Hooper, Cook, Deviney, KnoH, Lawhon, Liptak, Smith. Holtz, Raymond J, Hooper, Frank R. Huffsmith, William F. Jamison, Philip C. Jordan, Larry M. Kasmierski, James D. Kaster, James A. Knott, Ronald G. Langseth, David C. Lipfak, John F. Maguire, William R. Melzer, Laurence 8. Mills, Jim F. O'Neal, Stephen J. Paris, Richard E. Perrin, Kenneth D. Penif, Michael D. Power, Robert A. Ransdell, Thomas R. Readhimer, Don E. Rima'ro, Richard N. Rodriquez, Guillermo Rowe, Donald K. Rowe, Paul R. Sallee, Bill Deene Schaefer, Robert E. Schneider, Daniel W. Schwarts, Richard L. Stevenson, Harold B. Stultz, John Tewell, Dennis P. Thompson, Samuel W. Treadway, Michael E. Trott, Robert C. Upton, Thomas E. Van Loon, Howard Vaughn, Robert H. Watson, Barry H. Wilson, Joe B. Wocid, John C. Wood, Michael L. Wrigge, William P. First Sergeant DAVID A. TRIFON Executive Officer CLIFFORD D. SASSMAN Executive Officer JAY R. FERGUSON ing Officer V. BANTLE Who said that the door on the girls dorm is impregnable? Executive Office HARVEY HAWKI First Sergeant AR C. DRUEBERT SQUADRON 17 ROSTER Commanding Officer LlEgTENANTS Green, C. S. HERBERT E. POUNDS JR. Barker L B. 'Gunnels, R. D. Draemer, J. B. H'avard,.J. T. Hawkins, H. K. Kirkpatrick, J. S. Laird, P, O. Matelski, D. E. McCall, R. N. deyke, L. K. Van Hellen, R. W. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Wright, J. M. Blackmon, J. A. Young, J. K. Blair, K. L SOPHOMORES Daniel, C. L. Hasselmier, R. J, R, Chancellor, H. T. Matyear, A. L. Cum-mings, D. B. Petrash, E. F. DeGmder, K. Gardner, D. F. Grossie, V. B. CORPORALS Harrelson, J. Burney, D. P. Jank, W. F. Christie, R. L. Jochisen, S. Escobar, R. B. McPherson, R. L Gordon, W. W. Thompson, D. P. : lot of "deadwood." Left to Right: FOURTH ROW: Wright, Grossie, Myers, May Gray, McCann, Harrelson, Roundtree, Melcher, Young, Jarosz, Boxd Zwarties, Burney, Cummings, Koetter, Schroeder, Van Hellen, Wright, J., Haverd, Harlan, Chancellor, Randolph, Sweeney, Bardin, Wilson, Gordon. Myers, T. H. Fleener, W. M. Rouden, R. M. Gray, K. N. Roun'rree, J. R. Harlan, J. P. Sartain, A. R. Hoover, J. W. Schroeder, D. L. Jarosz, 3- M. Sweeney, G. . KoeHer, J. T. Winn, R. N. May, W. M. Wood, J. D. Mayse, T. L. Zwarties, W. McCann, J. P. Melcher, E. D. FRESHMEN Millikin, J. L. Barvin, A. L. Nagy, D. P. Berry, J. T. Payton, H. K. Brasher, R. L. Randolf, J. P. Caplan, P. S. Sfilson, C. H. Chancellor, J. W. Thompson, J. R. Clark, 8. T. Wilson, J. L. Dobyns, R. F. Wrighf, J. R. m '- vaw THRD ROW: Escobar, Berry, Hoover, Caplan, Doblyns, Thomp- son, J., Fleener, Mayse, Sartain, Millikin, Green, DeGinder, Jank, Wood, Stilson, Chancellor, J., Barvin, Winn, Brasher, Payton, Obdyke, Jochimsen, McPherson, Kirkpatrick, Clark, Christie, Roiden. Wm, WA MWZ'WO", SECOND ROW: Matelski, Elsey, Mafyer, - Petrash, Thompson, 0., Blair. FIRST ROW: Barker, Fiegel, Hawkins, Poun Draemer. . Chiny . Davidson . Gardner . Hensley . Koenig . Myers Mergen SOPHOMORES iam M Barry R. Baker FRESHMEN Alan W. Backof William T Jack E Walter H. Bradford Carroll E. Brown Lawrence D. Eccard Stephen M. Loomis Lenwood G. Maple John G. McGarr Don S. Morris David A. Schleuter Kenneth D. Hicks Meloan D. Jordan Charles W. Preston Jimmy E. Reeves Amador E. Reyna James R. Shelburn David J. White Francis E. Savage William S. Beale, Jr. Joe E. Birdwell Henry G. Cisneros Jeffrey N. Crown Mark E. Emmons Noe G. Garza Larry C. Heam Glen D. Hecox Bruce M. Hicks John M. Hill DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS im R Harvey C J Thomas H Richard J. Thomas W. Rosenstein W I l GAY WARD DOBYNS I GAY KEVIN R. ANDREWS Second Brigade LEONARD D. HOLDER KELTNER HORACE J. REKTORIK CSAGOLY WALLACE , l ALFORD JAY A. GRAY CECIL O. WINDSOR, JR. Senior Freshman FILBURN .w Sophomore FILBURN JOHN D. SQUADRON 6 COMPANY A-l COMPANY E-3 SQUADRON 17 2nd WING COLOR GUARD SQUADRON 6 COMBINED BAND SQUADRON 7 JOHN D NEAL C SQUADRON 17 ROBERT F SIXTH BATTALION NEIL L BENJAMIN F. LE SS Am RR DA NH Ac RALPH B RALPH B. 4 , 47 44 44 44474444 WWW 44444, L 4,44M44 INDIVIDUAL AWARDS 4 4 44, 4,4 444444444 UNIT AWARDS CHICAGO TRIBUNE AWARDS BEST DRILLED AWARDS DEPARTMENT OF ARMY AWARDS HOUSTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS Raeburn Award HOLCOMB HENRY M. ROLLINS ing Freshman WATSON McKI NNEY -W Meyer- 's Club Awa rd KELTNER S itz Award HIRAM H. BURR, JR. WARREN T. HARRISON R. D. Hinton Award FRANK D. JOHN C. Fourth Place Gen. George F. Moore Award .. Corps Academic Achievement Award . Gen. 5. J. Buchannan Award George P. F. Jouine Award ., LLOYD L. CHESTER Second Wing President's Award First Place Second Place Third Place Corps Troops First Wing Texas ROA Award Caldwell Trophy D. A. R. Trophy Mother Corps First Brigade ROBERT A. UDC Trophy , 444 44 4 4W4 44, 4X 4 47 ,4444M 44 N Fr Outstand NEIL L. 4 4 4 4 4 4 444444WX4 4, V 4 444 4 4 4 4, 4 , 444M444444444 447 4M4 44444 44444 4 44 44 4 44W4 444 4474444 4 44W 44 H44 444 7 444 X 44 44 44 x 4 4 , 444474444 4444M 4 4 44444444444 44 4444 444447444 ,44 4444 4444 4 44 44 44.4wa4,444 4444444,, W14 Best Drilled During the Mother's Day Ceremonies, the following Cadets were named best drilled in their respective units. SOPHOMORES WILLIAM F. MAULE ..................................... Company A-1 JAMES E. WYATT .- Company 8-1 JOHN L. WILLINGHAM .............................. Company C-l GILBERT C. ONTIVEROS ................................ Company D-1 GEORGE E. LYERLY .................................... Company E-t ALBERT R. NAUCH ...................................... Company F-l DONALD G. RAPP .................................... Company G-1 KENNETH W. KORB ..................................... Company A-2 JOHN S. CRISWELL ....................................... Company 8-2 RICHARD H. ROWE ..................................... Company C-2 JAMES T. YOWS Company D-2 ROBERT T. SIMS . Company E-2 FORBES WALLACE ......................................... Company F-2 DAVID B. TAYLOR ...................................... Company G-2 JUDSON C. MINER .................................... Company A-3 VICTOR H. SCHMIDT ................................. Company 3-3 MELVIN W. COCKRELL ................................ Company C-3 WILLIAM F. BAILEY ....................................... Company D-3 MILTON R. ARNOLD .................................... Company E-3 ROBERT P. WELSH ..................................... Company F-3 TERRY C. AGLIETTS .................................... Company 6-3 RONALD L. LINDSEY .................................. Company H-3 EARL R. FRIES Squadron 1 DENNIS R. McLEROY ................................... Squadron HARRY C. MORGAN Squadron RICHARD W. GROSSENBACHER .................... Squadron WILLIAM A. WHITE .............................. e ....... Squadron ANDREW A. KOVICH .................................. Squadron HUGH M. RICHARD - Squadron JOHN A. MARTIN ............................................ Squadron LAWRENCE L. LIMPUS ................................ Squadron 9 PHILLIP NEWTON .................... . ................... Squadron 10 MICHAEL L. BATSELL .................................... Squadron 11 JOHN H. HAPP ..... Squadron 12 THOMAS C. STONE .................................... Squadron 13 DALE B. HAILSTON ..................................... Squadron 14 GARY W. FOSTER ....................................... Squadron 15 CHARLES c. MALITZ ................................. Squadron 16 LOUIS R. OBDYKE .................................... Squadron 17 ANDREW A. TIJERINA ................................ Maroon Band DAVID .A. KOCIAN .................................... White Band JOHN W. MORGAN ................................ Company A-l JOHN W. LAUGHLIN ................................ Company B-1 LAWRENCE E. SOMMERS ............................ Company C-l KENNETH M. PHILLIPOTTS ...... , ................. Company D-l WILLIAM R. PABISON ................................ Company E-1 RALPH L. COOPER .................................... Company F-l TERRENCE L. ROCKETT ................................ Company 6-1 JAMES R. LAWRENCE ................................ Company A-2 HARVEY T. JOHNSON ................................ Company 8-2 WALTER L. CLOYD, III ................................ Company 02 CHARLES A. GRYSEELS ................................ Company D-2 GARY L. WALKER ........................................ Company E-2 MARK W. DAVIS ........................................ Company F-2 KENNETH L. HAMILTON ............................ Company 0-2 TERRY L. CARR Company A-3 JOHNNY O. CRESPO ................................ Company 3-3 PAUL R. BUITRON ........................................ Company C-3 WILLIAM L. GOODE .................................... Company D-3 EDWARD L. BAILEY .................................... Company E-3 RICHARD A. BAUR .................................... Company F-3 MACY A. ROWE ........................................ Company 6-3 BILLY M. SMITH ........................................ Company H-3 JOHN F. YODER Squadron RODGER L. COLLINS ........................................ Squadron MICHAEL P. BOOKER .................................... Squadron JACK R. COLEMAN ........................................ Squadron LAWRENCE J. ZATOPEK ................................. Squadron JEFFREY C. NIELAND .................................... Squadron RUBEN E. DELGADO ..................................... Squadron EHRHARD MITTENDORF .................................. Squadron DONALD M. SAVAGE ................................ Squadron WILLIAM M. MIDYETT ................................ Squadron CHARLES R. DOYLE .................................... Squadron BURL E. GLASS ............................................ Squadron WILLIAM B. BAKER .................................... Squadron DON J. CURRIE Squadron WILLIAM S. BLESSING ................................ Squadron DAVID B. NAGY ........................................ Squadron GEORGE F. JACKSON ................................ Squadron 9 STEPHEN M. LOOMIS .................................... Maroon Band HENRY G. CISNEROS ..................................... White Band Civilian Student BaII-the climax to The Civilian Weekend activities, with The announcement of 1he Civilian sweetheart. g ' 7' A listing of The Civilian section of the student body by dormitories. Section Edited by JOHN HOLLADAY 25l President PAUL OLIVER IST ROW: Norman, Oliver, J., Oliver, P., Ferguson, CarTer, HardesTy. 2ND ROW: Simpson, Lester, Jozwiak, Groff, Jendrusch, Von Dohlen, Fisher, Corresponding Secretary TRAVIS VOELKEL The Civilian STudenT Council was organized for The purpose of promoTing uniTy of The civilian sTu- denTs, encouraging greaTer parTicipaTion by civilians in universiTy programs, and To encourage closer co- operaTion beTween The corps and The non-regs. Jim Benson John F. Ferguson Ted Bernard Thomas E. Fisher Donald D. Carter Wallace W. Groff John 5. Carter James R. Hanon H. Rex Combs Robert E. Elwell Gerald Faulkner Gerald Jendrusch Paul L. Jozwiak Thomas L. Lester 31? 2 Spears, Presswood, Warren, Smith. Its members are chosen from the various civilian dorms, from College View and Hensel, one member from each class, the Civilian Yell Leader, one repre- sentative from Corps Staff, plus representatives from otherareas. Clovis McCallister Darrell F. Smith Earl Myers John Taylor Terry R. Norman Travis Voelkel James T. Oliver Donald R. VonDohlen Paul R. Oliver John Wallace Lani Presswood Donald R. Warren Jimmie D. Simpson Carey Lee White Treasure: JOHN CARTER Vice President J IM BENSON Artist view of proposed Space Center for A81M. Kamlmlz Taking part in the world wide race to get man farther out into space through re- search is big business at Texas A8tM University where a number of research programs dealing directly and indirectly with the nation's space program are being carried out. Problems being tackled by the A8tM researchers include impact attenuation, radia- tion dangers, stresses placed on irregular-shaped bodies, space structures research, and the "moon-bug", developed by Dr. R. Wainerdi to analyze the make-Up of the moon's surface. To facilitate these and other programs of space-orientation at A8tM, eight new re- search programs supervised by the faculty have been added in the past year. Graduate students are assigned research projects for compiling information for thesis and disser- tations. To carry out research in the aerospace field and other fields takes equipment and A8tM is keeping pace with the changing demands. In recent months, plans have been announced for a new $6 million cyclotron, an addition to the Data Processing Center, an electron microscopy laboratory and a new $1 million space research center. 5 b Q E$ FIRST ROW, L to R: J. Taylor, W. Raymond, W. Duncan, C. Partridge, W. Hunter, D. Rippetoe, L. Willmann, J. Dillard, R. Alexander, J. Garcia, B. Sanders, L. Deen, R. Gutierrez. SECOND ROW: R. Montesdeoca, W. Hanselka, R. Mersmann, J. Flores, C. Garcia, R. Devalos, B. Marrow, K. Guest, P. Garza, M. Schneider, A. Lee, C. Engle, A. Miller. THIRD ROW: G. Bartolo, K. Wegenhoft, J. McCollum, B. Webb, J. Fraser, A. Migl, W. Bacica, H. Hicks, DORIS WARNER J. Johnson, J. Havel, M. Cole, D. Chapman, G. Evans, R. Henry, E. Conrad, R. Frye, C. Mbench, G. Sweetheart Shank, C. Vickery. FIRST ROW, L to R: C. Massey, J. Bailey, 8. Camp. SECOND ROW: L. Rosenbach, D. Akin, A. Eder, H. Lara. THIRD ROW: 8. Waddill, D. Dietz, J. Rutherford, J. Kerby, H. Rodfiguez, A. Badui. OFFICERS President, BILL CAMP Vice President, CALVIN MASSEY Secretary-Treasurer, ROBERT SHAFER Reporter, LARRY BERNHARD FIRST ROW: Earl Shaw, Ronald W. Liston, Michael W. Knox, Robert M. Hawkins, Charles R. Oehler, Culver l.. Duderstadf, Larry M. Ivy, Allen Henigan, Bill E. Bammel, Jr. SECOND ROW: Danny Bogart, Roger A. Robbins, Alan H. Luymes, John T. Coppinger, Nigholas V. Maselli, Winfred C. Coburn, R. J. Caseres, James R. Spea'rs, Allen R. Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Charles D. Cook, Gerald R. Heep, Ronnie J. Zappe, Richard W. Armstrong, Jim Chastain, Michael Wuensche, Robert C. Allen, Jesse R. Germany, James L. Hancock, G. W. Cravens. FOURTH ROW: R. K. Kimmins, C. Richard Hendrix, John H. Munson Jr., William Holcomb, Charles W. White, Henry Dodson, Billy M. Riley, Alfred A. Martin, Harvey Persyn, M. L. Chalberg. DORM 19 COUNCIL GERALD R. HEEP PresidentL ROBERT M. HAWKINS ................................ Vice President CHARLES R. OEHLER ............................ Secretary Treasurer FIRST ROW: Charles R. Oehler, Culver L. Dudersiadt, Gerald R. Heep, Robert M. Hawkins, Allen Henigan. SECOND ROW: Michael W. Knox, Larry M. Ivy, Allen R. Vaughn, James R. Spears. THIRD ROW: Ronnie J. Zappe, Michael Wuensche, Jesse R. Germany, James L. Hancock. Alber, J. R. Allen, W. K. Aharr, D. J. Albin, G. D. Allison, J. C. Anderson, A. S. Andrick, J. P. Archer, R. A. Arnold, J. M. Avant, T. M. Ayers, K. M. Bacon, W. S. Barker. D. G. Bates, L. E. Bough, L. T. Beggs, M. R Bennett, R. G. Benson, J. Billington, R. J. Benesh, J. C. Blum, M. J. Bonds, l. S. Boothe, J. E. Bounds, J. Y. Bradford, R. H. Broussard, E. A., Jr. Broussard, G. G. Brown, D. L. Burns, R. Burton, 0. D. BusuHil, J. J. Campbell, R 5, Cone, J. U. Carothers, M. A. Corpemer, E. H. Cass, S, L. Chump, M. A. Chamrad, R. C. Chancellor, J. W. Chose, W. R. Coakley, G. R. Cole, T. T. Colura, R4 L. Conway, W. R. Coon, C. N. Cooper, J. C. Corns, J. B. Cox, G. D. Crabtree, F. J. Cross, D. W. Donor, A. W. Davis, D. W. Davis, D. L. Decker, J. A. Dick, C. B. Dinmore, P K. FIRST ROW: Ofcarcik, Klein, Phillips, Smith, Lasell, Eggleston, Hawkes, Champ, Handley. SECOND ROW: Chancellor, Kelly, Murphey, Holley, Pennington, Bacon, Sharp, Schoff. THIRD ROW: Walcutf, Moore, Richter, Vann, Allen, Hazard, Rothwell. Doyal, S. R. Dunbar, C. 8. Duncan, J. H. Durham, L. J. DuvaH, D. E, Dworshus, A. G Earl, J. M. Eccles, R. J. Edwards, J. A. Eggleston, E. M. Elsbury, B. R. Estes, l. G. Estes, J. A. Form, R. L. Faulkner, R. B. Fisk, S. K. Flores, C. C. Flores, P. P. Flournoy, S. J. Foster, K. J. Frieberger, W. E. Gallion, D. W. Garcia, R. Gardner, D. F. Gardner, W. C. Garner, R. C. Gibson, D. V. Gieb, J. E. DORM 20 COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Lasell, Ofcarcik, Smith, Warren, Pursley. SECOND ROW: Schott, Champ, McDaniel, Hawkes, Dunks, Lewis. Glaze, W. C. Goetz, P. A. Goidl, M. A. Groves, J. Gregory, D. L. Griffith, M. W. Guerra, C. E. Guerra, J. O. Gutierrez, E. A, Hall, B. T Hall, D. R. Harrell, L. O. Harrell, T. E. Harris, H. L. Harris, J. M. Hawkes, R. W. Hazard, W. M. Hearn, W. E. Heck, B. W. Hedeman, W. R. Hernandez, G. J. Hewitt, E R. Hodges, M. B. Hoke, D. L. Hoke, D. H. Holder, G. R. Holley, T. D. Hook, C. O. ROSTER Hoover, J. E. Horsak, R. J. House, D. J. Houston, D. P. Hubert, J. M. Huntington, J. V. Jablonski, T. M. Jacobs, C. A. James, J. B. Jank, W. E. Jcrmon, L. 1.. Jenkins, R. E. Jeff, W. J. Johnson, 5. R. Joy, D. L. Kellar, K. L. Kirchmer, T. Kleiber, L. P. Klein, W. H. Knowles, R. G. Kyzar, J. R. Leftwich, M'. w. Lewis, R. D. Lipiec, C. M. Love, K. C. Lovil, W. C. Mochotka, S. V. Morfell, R. D. Massey, R. A. May, D. P. Mayfield, W. C. McClellan, J. R. McCracken, A. R. McDaniel, E. R. McDermand, W. F. Miller, D. C. Milne, R. J. Mixon, W. T. Monney, W. E. Morgan, T. L. Muir, W. D. Munsch, J. Murphy, W. J. Neal, R. E. Nelson, G. R. Newman, H. R. Nissan, E. Noles, J. R. Norris, J. D. O'Brien,' T. P. Ofcorcik, R. P. Parker, E. R. Parker, J. E. Parry, W. H. Pare, R. E. PearCE, E., Jr. Pelters, B. C. Pennington, W E. Phillips, M. W. Piesieski, S. W. Powell, D. C. Pratt, M. W Pursley, J. W. Randolph, J. D. Ray, L. F. Roybourne, M. L, Rea, R. H. Reagan, J. O. Rector, L. J. Redding, W. D. Reesby, W. D. Rehm, A. W. Reynolds, J. W. Richards, T. P. Richter, G. W. Risinger, J. D. Robinson, J. W. Robinson, J. E. Roller, J. Rothwell, Rutledge, Ryan, G. Scott, L. Scott, R. Show, C. Show, M4 . Sheaffer, D. E. Shilling, C. R. Shone, L. A. Shows, L. D. Simons, J. K. Smith, D. F. Smith, . Smith, Smith, . . Sparks, .C. Speckels, W. D. Stanley, T. D. Stavinoha, E L. Stewart, J. R. Stokes, R. H. Sloneham, J. H. Srrohacker, L. W. Sruermer, C. W. Terczyck, C. W. 53 r rn n UFr A Sweetheart Thomerson, J. D. Thompson, J. S. Thornhill, O. M. Toole, L, Jr. Tucker, R. F. Tuley, W. B. Tyer, B; R. Urdanefa, R. A. Vann, R. D. Walcun, J. M. Walker, G. Warren, D. R. Webb, C. R. West, D. E. Wilke, G. E. Willis, D. R. Wills, N. Winfrey, R. D. Winnene, W. D. Winniford, H. D. Wolfers, R. A. Woodall, R. P. Wright, J. L. Young, C. E. Young, D. W. Young, M. C. Young, R. A. DOROTHY LEMONS DORM 21 COUNCIL Left to righ1: J. R. Kickliter, M. F. Surber, J. R. Saunders, J. E. Jen, D. R. VonDohIen, JOY PENDERY J. R. Choa're, M. P. Monroe. Nof in picturm T. Mayfield, 8. Langley. Sweetheart kw ROW 1, left to right: A. K. Mirra, J. E. Cutler, M. F. Surber, G. M. Amthor, R. Saunders, M. P. Monroe, J. E. Jen, D. R. VonDohlen, J. R. Choate, R. L. Rivas, L. C. Dominguez, L. W. Remmerf. ROW 2: L. R. Moehlman, S, M. Boase, C. D. Hansen, B. Arrington, R. H. Snider, P. A. Franks, P. H. Sanders, W. M. Terry, L. N. Kickliter, R. W. Russo, T. F. Beeler. ROW 3: S. F. Mathis, K. N. Gray, D. O. Terrell, R. O. Overstreet, R. K. Carter, 8. L. Horton, M. A. Sevier, D. L. Boriskie, B. Irving, B. Honey, P. Nelson. x - OFFICERS $ X J. R. SAUNDERS President . - l D. R. VonDOHLEN ........................................ Vice President J. E. JETT ........................................ Secretary Treasurer BAC ROW: Henry Deharde, Sam Welch, Les Bugia, Bob Holmes, Kenneth Oates, Buddy Bullock. MIDDLE ROW: Dr. Hardesty, Paul Lester, Kenny Franklin, Ron Hallenberger, Lynn Rogers, Dean Elliot, Frank Hall. FRONT ROW: Wally Groff, Tommy Fields, Jimmy Simpson, Don Caner, Joc Denes, Joe Wendf, Kenny Shipman, 23mm Presidtmt 6mm? SEATED: John Taylor, Bill Camp, Clem Rean Howard Rerry. STANDING: Don Carter, Larry Claypool, Richard Sanders, Gerald Heep, Darrell Smith, Paul Jozwalk, Art McFerrin, Skip Langley, Paul Whitman. MARTHA LOU MILLER Sweetheart HART HALL COUNCIL , C. 5. Buck, David Barker, Bill Galloway. Ier Do they or don't they?? Only the goatropers know k. e Z In H mm a n O D k, .w w Y 0 F .M a P r: .nI. b 0 C d r a .h .m R 5, Le M s um r a In C a k c 6 ID U K .m k k D IV, r e g g e B 5 e m a J S, r e V: M Y n O T Bill Van Hoos FIRST ROW SECOND ROW TOP ROW gyfgzggf y W; 4 x; vgaskgi? 257 h; FIRST ROW: J. Nesfer, R. Barrett, J. Harrison, J. C. Vaughan, J. L. Korenek, G. J. Jend- rusch, D. G. Te'es, J. L. Solis, H. T. Burns, K. Y. Joseph. SECOND ROW: 5. A. Montoya, F. M. Baldarrmaa, D. L. Hooks, C. H. Rabel, R. E. Wood, C. E. Smith, T. A. Kiolbassa, T. R. Bartlett, E. B. Knox, C. S. Custer, D. W. Steinback, F. A. Muegge, R. D. Parker, D. S. Sanchez, W. B. Strange, D. F. Hopkins, B. Browder, T. J. Fillinger. THIRD ROW: R. T. Key, A. Bowling, W. Northcutt, H. D. Byrd, W. D. Garey, D. A. Tracy, G. L. Shupak, J. Krafka, J. Stringer, L. L. Medford, R. Flores, R. H. Ficker, B. Thedford, D. H. Canup, B. Lee, J. F. Molina, J. W. Shane, R. W. Klepper, F. H. Mebane, R. Chenc- weth. G. J. JENDRUSCH J. HARRISON H. T. BURNS President Secreta ry Treasurer If you must walk on the walls, wash your feet!! President GERALD JENDRUSCH LEGETT HALL COUNCIL Left to Right: H. T. Burns, R. Barrett, J. L. Solis, J. L. Korenek, G. J. Jendrusch, J. C. Vaughan, J. Harrison, D. G. Tees, J. Nester. with the "Jody stick" we got a FIRST ROW, Left to Right: T. E. Riddle, L. Castro, A. Rodriguez, G. Chavez, D. C. Cooper, Richard Percival, A. Gilliat, G. de La Garza, R. M. Rickard, E. Bradin, M McAfee, A. W. Manhys, J. N. Downing, B. B. Kollenborn, Gordon A. Jaegers, M. Frei, J. W. Smith, J. Garcia, Kerry Lockstedf, R. El Mongi, W. Gilleland. SECOND ROW: G. Reue, P. R. Tigueredo, E. C. Pollard, W. D. Neely, M. M. Castellanos, B. Rodriguez, E. Esparza, D. Bullard, C. R. Walters, F, R. Christy, W. E. Denney, R. D. Miller, R. C. Murray, J. P. Jarez, L. A. Rodriguez, J. A. Amaya, R. W. McDonald, K. Dhif, W. R. Kronenberger. THIRD ROW: J. A. Ratcliffe, L. E. Edgingfon, C. E. Simpon, R. J. Fisher, L. Presswood, B. Swanson, A. Briggs, J. Gibson, R. Stried, T. Williams, C. Maher, 5. McDougan, R. Chamrad, A. Jones, W. Stone, A. Thompson, R. Jones, E. M. ToheH, T. Caldwell. Sweetheart CHARLYN BILBRAY L. FOURTH ROW: A. Mouelhi, L. Vasek, S. Sharpless, B. Mefenlf, T. Bhanchette, W. Bausch, M. Smith, W. Friedrich, M. Garcia, J. Beggerly, D. Spradling, R. Engelbert, J. Wanstrah, R. Engelbert, L. Austin, J. Lincecum, M. Fusger, W. Fritz, D. Gardner, M. Bishara. PURYEAR HALL COUNCIL FIRST ROW: T. Riddle, E. eren, M. McAfee, A. Matfhys, J. Down- ing, B. Kollenborn, G. Jaegers. SECOND ROW: G. Reue, C. Wahlers, F. Christy, D. Spradling, J. Wans- frafh, S. McDougaH, R. Murry. IST ROW: Paul Oliver, James Jackson, Richard Crosby, Scott Cooper, Fernando Martinez, Corroll Welson, Dinesh Gandhi, Charles Garcia, Yobi Abdelnabid. MIDDLE ROW: Roger Crenwelge, Richard Wolf, Artie McFerrin, Thomas Polk, Stan Pieski, Les Schimdt, John Roberts, John Burgess, K. S. Rab. BACK ROW: Thomas Antosh, Charles Lamascus, Clyde Lemke, Lyndon Kutz, George Bathey, Carroll Worschak, Jack Tomes. President Artie McFerrin Vice President, Scott Cooper Also pictured, Jane Sanders, Dorthy Jersild. Abddkefi, M. Al-Naii, H. Alston, J. T. Antosh, T. Ayacji, S. Boghel, M. Barrera, B. Bartn, R. Butcheler, E Sathey, G. Belcher, E. :enAbfclloh, N. $enArab, M. Bencheikh, S. benFredi, M. Berger, E. Barry, D. Bezner, R. Bielfldt, J. Block, N. Boring, E. Bolt, R. Bouchoucha, M. Bradley, R. Brehem, E. Braley, R. Brice, R. Brown, J. Brown, J. E. BurdiH, W. Z. Burgess, J. Burgoon, Collin B. Callaway, Ben E Campbell, Gary D. Cantrell, W. C. Carpenter, J. M. Caswell, J. E. Cawyer, R. D. Chalberg, M. L. Chaney, R. D. Chen, L. T. Cheng, A. P. Chihi, A. Chouchane, 8. Coco, M. F. President ARTlE McFERRIN Coker, M. E. Cooper, J. H. Cooper, S. E. Cranshaw, P. H. Crenwelge, R. H. Curran, D. J. Dovclos, R. Dexter, M. A. Diaz, L. F. Diebri-Abdelkrim, F. Dodd, Tom D. Dominy, J. F. Douglas, D. Duke, 8. Dunham, J. Edling, T. El Feki, M. Eilers, M. Eknoyan, O. Ekvall, D. Ellebracht, D. El Maidoub, A. El Mehiri, H. Evers, G. Fitzpatrick, C. Flemming, C Flores, 0. Ford, R. Franks, J. Freshour, R. Frey, W. Fresch, E. Gandhi, D. Gandhi, P. Garcia, C. Garcia, J. Gerngross, G. Ghaffuri, M. thnem, B. Ghormley, A. Gilmore, D. Gilmore, S. Glueck, E. Gloves, H. Greothouse, F. Green, J. Gunter, J. Gutierrez, A. Guymon, R. Hamilton, P. Hormel, D. Harris, W. Harrison, M. Hayden, L. Hays, J. Hinoiesa, G. Hodde, J. Hodde, W. Hohmann, W. Huchton, R. Islam, M. James, K. Janicek, H. Javoherian, S. Jernigon, W. Johnson, J. Jung, C Jurries, R. Kaderli, G. Kano, J. Koctz, E. King, J Kirchner, V. Kleinerf, G. Klussmann, R. Krieg, D. Kurtz, L. Lakhul, M. Lcmuscus, C. Lommers, L. Landuc, D. Lange, W. Laursen, L. Lee, P. Lemke, C. Lipp, D. Lovelace, D. Mach, E. Mack, 0. Mann, H. Martinez, A. Martinez, F. Murxuach, R. Massey, B. G. Mathews, L. Matthews, T. McDowell, H. McFerrin, A. McMillan, J. McMillen, J. Meneauer, J. Meyer, J. Miller, L. Millington, J Molina, H. Mora, F. Morillo, G. Morris, D. Muers, C. Naicr, A. Nokshbendi, G. Noshif, Z. NeweH, J. Nicely, C. Noake, .l. Odum, G. Ohunian, H. Ontiveros, H. Oliver, J. Oliver, P. Ortega, A. que, G. Palm, C. Palm, G. Patton, J. Feebles, E. Pehl, W. Penick, R. Fenland, A. Perkins, H. Perry, R. Pinkney, T: Plum, R. Polk, H. Quisenberry, J. Rab, K. Rod, F. Reich, R. Reyna, C. Richmond, R. Robertson, 8. Robinson, M. Rodgers, G. Rogers, D. Rutledge, W. Salinas, J. Sanders, J. Songerhausen, C. Sonsom, H Sauer, A. Suuer, G. Scherer, R. Schmidt, L. Schroeder, K. Seubolt, J. Seitz, R. Shackelford, A. Simpson, R. Slaughter, D. Slavik, G. Slimane, H. Slone, R. Smith, 8. Smith, J. Snell, .1. Snow, R. Soefii, H. Spillmann, R. Sto'cho, R. Steindorf, G. Stall, W. Stephens, B, Stevens, J Stillwell, V. Striedk, R. Sugarek, F. Suleiman, Y. Swanner, B. Swarts, A. Talasek, J. Tatum, J. Terkanian, D. Thabef, A. Thigpen, D. Thomas, W. Thompson, T. Thompson, W. Trevino, MA Trulock, W. Urbino, L. Valadez, J. VanPeIt, R. Vick, W. Voss, R. Wang, Chia-Yu Warschak, C. Wurrington, D. Watkins, R. Way, C. Werf, H. Wert, J. Wessels, J. Wheeler, M. Whetsel, J. Whitaker, D, White, J. Williamson, M. Willis, C. Willmunn, J. Wilson, C. Wolf, R. Woodard, G, Woodward, D. Yahia, A. Yates, J. 2009, M. Zapata, M. Ziegenbein, M. Zofz, J. Zuehlke, R. Sweetheart JEAN ANN SANDERS HEY JACK, WHERE YOU GOING ALL ALRIGHT FROGGY BACK TO THE POND DRESSED UP?? Put that iody stick down boys, we've got a tree to carry. that's all Folks Don't cry Wendle you can smoke after we'get off the boat. 5w ,Wyt: I z m 3:: $3593 km" W s: v, , t , I 4M LL. m V, The YMCA Building is noted for its meeting rooms, Student Pubhcations offices, HOUSing office, Campus Securiiy office, Re- Iigicua classes, Television and study conditions. Orgmizatims A listing of the different clubs, stu- dent associations and campus groups at Texas A8JM, in This order: Student Publications ............ page Campus Organizations ........ page Professional Clubs ................ page Hometown Clubs ................ page Mother's Clubs ...................... page Student PuMaztims Student Publications include THE BATTALION, the AGGIELAND, THE AGRICUL- TURIST, THE ENGINEER, THE REVIEW, and THE SOUTHWESTERN VETERINARIAN. This . entire program is designed to give students the opportunity to produce their own publi- 3 cations. In addition, the student publication program provides an outlet for student opinion and serves as a medium for fostering congenial faculty-student relations. Student Publications Hoard Student Publicatims Sacrdzzrics L... N. w 2h... . Q e, '.u,., ..;9 'K L-R.: Robert Knight, THE REVIEW; Dr. Robert S. Titus, SOUTHWESTERN VETERINARIAN; Jim Lindsey, director of publications and board chairman; J. G. McGuire, THE E NGINEER; and Dr. Page Morgan, THE AGRICULTURIST. The board establishes policy and otherwise directs the student publications which are the four magazines, THE BATTALION, and the AGGIELAND. SEATED: Mrs. Cecilia Prihoda. h STANDING, L.-R.: Mrs. Dana Marable, Mrs. Polly Patranella. Editor . . . HAM MCQUEEN Managing Editor . . . LEROY SHAFER Business Manager . . . MIKE WUENSCHE Editorial Ass'f. . . . EDDIE DAVIS Circulation . . . WAYNE HANNA Faculty Advisors . . . MR. JOHN HOLCOMB DR. PAGE MORGAN DR. M. A. BROWN FRONT ROW, L-R.: McQueen, Shafer, Hargrove, Hanna, Dr. Murray Brown, Adviser. BACK ROW, L.-R.: Ohlendorf, Renbarger, Bollinger, Benson, Pina, Kinard, Englebrecf, Davis,Jackson, Davenport. Cams Am gaginccr Edifor . . . BOB HOLLOWAY Ass'T. Editor . . . MIKE HIGGINS Layout Editor . . . BILL GIBBONS Features . . . LYMAN HARDEMAN DAVID SUHLER LONNY LEWIS LOUIS ANDERSON Art Editor . .. DOUGLAS OGILVIE Circulation . . . WAYNE TERRELL Faculty Advisors . . . R. H. FLETCHER J. C. MCGUIRE FRED WHITE J. P. COVAN SEATED, L.-R.: Mike Higgins, Ernest R. Holloway. STANDING, L.-R.: Benny Smith, Douglas Ogilvie, Wayne Terrell, Lyman Hardeman, Louis Anderson, Bill Gibbons. Ayyiclmd Editor ............................................ WALLACE MIGURA AssisTanT EdiTor .................................... HAROLD WERT Business Manager ............................ RANDALL SMITH SporTs ................................................ TOM HARRELL The Corps ............... MICKEY HONEYCUTT Civilians and MoThers Clubs ................................ JOHN HOLLADAY Campus and Professional OrganizaTions ................ MIKE RASBURY HomeTown Clubs ................................ DAVID BAKER Classes -., . ..... BOB HEGER index -- KEN BROCK EDITORIAL STAFF. Senor Wallace Magruder, head man; Chianti Smith, fiscal affairs. The AGGIELAND yearbook of Texas A8TM UniversiTy, is compiled annually by an ediTorial sTaff of 9 men and a work force of over 60 men which are divided among The various iobs required for publicaTion. The sTaff is noT composed of journalism sTudenTs, buT of sTudenTs of differenT maiors who are members of The sTaff merely as an exTracurricular acTiviTy. Published in The summer by Taylor Publishing Company in Dallas, The book is ready for sTudenTs upon Their reTurn for The Fall SemesTer. CiVlLlANS and MOTHERS' CLUBS: L-R., Non-Reg Posey; charge; and Riverside Keneson. CAMPUS AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: SEATED, Lef-my-secfion-do-it Rasbury; STANDING, L.-R.: Karate Parsons; Maritime Ecken; T.P.C. Hammond; Able Abbott; Paula BeTTge; L. S. Nash. SPORTS: On desk, Cassius Harrell, Team Manager. STANDING, L.-R.: 15!, 2nd, and 3rd base-ePerdue, Cook, and Baldree. "Only 6,973 more names yet!" INDEX SECTION: FRONT ROW, L-R.: Big Bill Crawford; Old Army Sommers; The Masked Defender of Juniors' Rights ewho in real life is mild- mannered Ken BrocH, chief name-coumer; Commando Poston. BACK ROW, L.-R.: Special Forces Johnston,- 008 Reagan; "M" Sfover. CLASSES: L-R.: Hairy Heger, chief of operations,- Bull Hollister; Ben-Hur Wallace; "You smile when you say Corps, son!" MILITARY SECTION, SEATED: Section Commander Military Gearing; Barbary Gibbons; New Army Davis. Honeycun. BACK ROW, l..-R.: I'M TOUGH MCHORSE; Napoleon Ball; Doggie Rehmet; and PaHon Fowler. HOMETOWN SUBDIVISION: L.-R.: Homely Baxter,- Texas Harmon; Scratch Baker, Mayor; Lawrence of New Jersey Beebe; Bill Bailey Bellomy; Fireman Fred Schweining; Emotionless Marek; Gungho Loeffler. Che Batta Editor RONALD L. FANN Managing Editor ................... GLENN DROMGOOLE Sports Editor .............................. LANI PRESSWOOD Day News Editor ............................ MIKE REYNOLDS Night News Editor ................. CLOVIS McCALLISTER Asst. News Editor .......................... GERALD GARCIA Staff Writer .................................. TOMMY DeFRANK Wire Editor HAM MCQUEEN Sports Writer ....................................... LARRY JERDEN Photographer ...................... HERKY KILLINGSWORTH 1.18 "inumnm' 0 THE BATTALION, with its aII-student news and advertising staff, is Texas A84Ws and College Station's own newspaper. Published Tuesday through Friday during the regular school term, the paper keeps Up with all campus activities, and presents them fairly and accurately to the students, staff and faculty. The BATTALION also stimulates discussion through its edi- torials and 'Letters to the Editors' column. Managing editor Glenn Dromgoole crams for an 8 o'clock Journalism quiz. Glenn's mottoe-"l have not yet begun to study." Ronnie Fann, edifor-in-chief emeritus, contemplating how he'll be able to top a livid green March 17 issue of the BATT. His expectations were unfolded with the April Fool's Day issue of the Non-Reg. Texas A hM University H e r k y Killingsworth, BATI'ALION staff pho- tographer and REVIEW go-between ponders photo lay-out for forth- coming story. Asst. News Editor Gg4ald Garcia searches through publication for possible new: story, while the three wise staff writers, See-no-evil Reynolds, Hear-no-evil. DeFrank, and Speak- no-evil McCallisfer offer respective views on a touchy subiect. Cams Am Kwicw Editor . . .. DAVID STILES Managing Edifor . . . TOM HARGROVE Associate Editor . . . BILL MALAISE Staff Writers . . . TIM LANE PAUL STUDLEY Picture Director . . . HERKY KILLINGSWORTH Art Director . . . JIM HUNT Advertising Manager . . . TED JABLONSKI Faculty Advisor . . . ROBERT P. KNIGHT SEATED, L.R.: Ted Jablonski. David Stiles, Jim Hunt. STANDING, L.-R.: Tom Hargrove, Herky Killingsworth, Paul Studley, Tim Lane. 3715 Southwestern Vdcrimriw Editor . . . TRAVIS MCGUIRE Executive Editor . . . KEITH BANKS Feature Editor . . . JERRY SIMMONS Production Editor . . . JIM CARTER Associate Editor . . . TIM CRAWFORD Cartoonist. . . STEVE FISK Photographer . . . PERRY SHEETS Business Editor . . . JAMES BROUSSARD Faculty Advisors . . . DR. R. S. TITUS DR. K. R. PIERCE DR. G. R. GREELEY m WNW wwwxwxwwvx SEATED, L.-R.: Simmons, McGuire, Banks. STANDING, L.-R.: Crawford, Ligon, Schroeder, Carter, Garcia, Clark,Goldman,Sheets. ions T imum lZa Ive organ' ies. They supply ex- ivi ion Those at any other T There are over one hundred and fifty act lClpa fional act tings ited by MIKE RASBURY iza ion Ed Type of organizational activi Sect ife. its, In some Oryart 1e ies for The growth of organ lar student I ipa ili itary un ic ib urrlcu large percentage of The student body. They contribute To max ive of m T to poss -c 1m Terests To a ix students part ic and extra Exclus d e e C X 8 IV, b 8 ID 0 r p 0a A S a X e T LI 3 S .w. Kampus IV in tly no recreation and ive out of s benefits in a full academ ional ac? F Is apparen T iza Organ school of comparable size. on the campus There perlence, Student President Vice President FRANK M. MULLER RONALD E. PATE Parliamentarian Student Issues Student Life DAVID E. MOREMAN JAY JAYNES JAMES E. ALLEN Recording Secretary -- ....................... David H. Fischer Public Relations .................................... Terry R. Norman Student Welfare WILLIAM K. ALTMAN OBJ ECTIVES To act as the official voice of the student body. To democractically represent the various interests in the student body. To provide opportunity to train students in the responsibility and mechanics of democratic government and citizenship. To promote sound leadership in the formulation of student body attie tudes. To promote the welfare of the student body. To provide a liaison between faculty and administration and students. Civilian Student Council JOHN T. FERGUSON Deputy Corps Commander HALE H. BURR Graduate Students CHARLES G; SHOOK Freshman Senator WELDON T. BOLLINGER Senior Class President MARIO A. MACALUSE YMCA Council ED H. CARPENTER Agricultural Representative ROLAND D. SMITH Freshman Senator JOHN McLEROY Junior Class President NORRIS O. CANO Election Commission CHARLES E. WALLACE Agricultural Representative EDDIE J. DAVIS Freshman Senator PAT G. REHMET Sophomore Class Freshman Class President President W. BARNEY FUDGE J. RONNIE COLEMAN Engineering Representative Engineering Representative Senior Sophomore MIKE T. WIER PAUL D. BETTGE Arts 8 Sciences Arts 8 Sciences Representative Representative Senior Sophomore DON R. WARREN LOUIS K. OBDYKE MSC Council ................................ JOHN ROGERS Battalion Staff .......................... MIKE REYNOLDS Junior Arts 8 Sciences Representative ...................... -- BILL MILLIKIN Vet-Medicine Representative -- ...................... JAMES KELLEY Freshman Senator .......... MILTON LINDSAY 3716 M56 6mm? tilt? MKMIIfiIII Student President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer TERRY A. ODDSON JOHN H. RODGERS J. WAYNE STARK Students MICHAEL I. WIER DAVID GRAHAM DONALD ALLEN ALBERT CLAY GLENN DROMGOOLE RONAL PATE ?aculty DR. C. L. BOYD DR. W. LEDBETTER DR. R. L. SKRABANEK HOWARD L FURR DR. H. HIERTH gamer Students E. D. BREWSTER CLARK C. MUNROE 6mm 60111451? and Diractamtc lie M56 Directorate irectomtc President STEVEN V. GUMMER ROBERT A. HOLCOMB TERRY A. ODDSON Bowling Camera Chess R. RASMUSSEN R. VANDERBURG TOM TURZAK Flying Kadefs Great Issues Leadership JIM SEDBERRY JIM GUNTER DAVID FOX Public Relations Finance Talent RALPH FILBURN ROB ROWLAND RICHARD CONNER ssistants KENNETH N. VANEK Contemporary Arts JACK SLIMP Pan American Week ENRIQUE SERNA Town Hall C. DON LINDSAY sz Alpha Phi Omega DIANE LEE BARRON Sweetheart OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Dunkerly; Odum; Bammel; STriegler; Barron; Rideout. BILL BAMMELL ........................ PresidenT ROW TWO: Maior Bolte; Russell; Wise; Screws; Ferguson; Rodriguez; Hooks; Yanger; Click. GARRY BARRON ------------ Vice PresidenT ROW THREE: F ulkner; Coo er; Horn; Foster; Parker; Severance. a P JOHN RUSSELL ........................ SecreTary JIM YOUNGER ........................ Treasurer The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is "To assemble college men in The fellowship of The SCOUT Law and OaTh, To develop leadership, To promoTe friendship, and To TurTher The freedom ThaT is our naTional, educaTional, and in- TellecTual heriTage". The Xi DelTa ChapTer of The Alpha Phi Omega was organized aT Texas A8TM in The spring of 1962. HS many service acTiviTies include serving as guides for high school groups, promoTing The annual blood drive, ushering aT various campus funcTions, aiding disTricT ScouT evenTs and providing leadership for a Boy SCOUT Troop in Bryan. Amman Ordnance Society OFFICERS JOHN SCHELL PresidenT SIDNEY BROWN .......................... Vice PresidenT CHARLES MELLA .................................. Secretary FIRST ROW: Ely; Mella; Schell; Cole; Hefley. SECOND ROW: Hocking; ClemenTs; Coe; Smith; McNally; Cockrell; McMains. THIRD ROW: Daly; Thompson; Moller; Clayton; Berry,- Wisenbaker. The Texas A8cM ChapTer of The Lone STar PosT represenTing The American Associa- Tion is an acTive organizaTion on The campus. The AssociaTion subscribes To The Ordnance Magazine, waTches films on weapons Technology and developmenT, and also engages in varioiJs service funcTions during The year. JOHN SCHELL 280 President OFFICERS RANDY DEUTSCH --------------- ---, ----.V- President BRADLEY PLACE .................... Vice-PresidenT MRS. EDITH MENEFEE ........................ Sponsor Bradley Place; Randy Deutsch; Mrs. Edith Menefee; Philip Hardin; John Burke. The purpose of The ChrisTian Science OrganizaTion is To promoTe The growTh of Christ- ian Science and To parTicipaTe in auThorized acTivifies of The ChrisTian Science Church. The organizaTion senT Three members To The college organizaTion meeTing in BosTon last summer. A IecTure enTiTIed "The Origin and Power of ThoughT" by Paul S. Seely was sponsored by The organizaTion. Weekly meeTings were held in The M.S.C. This year. C. Purcell; B. Norman; G. DiTTberner; W. ColquiTT; G. SchmidT; E. Knox; D. Bentley; J. Franks,- J. Webb; J. O'Connell; K. Koenig; J. Sedberry; R. Nash; J. Lawrence. As a sTimUlus To The growTh of aviaTion inTeresT on The A8TM campus, The Flying KadeTs CommiTTee was formed under The direcTion of The Memorial STudenT CenTer Council. The purpose of The KadeTs is To promoTe flying, safeTy, skill, and inTeresT. The club offers reduced raTes on modern aircrafT aT EasTerwood Field and each year parTicipaTes in a naTional air meeT sponsored by The NaTional lnTercollegiaTe Flying AssociaTion. Here on The campus, The Flying KadeTs offer To any sTudenT, regardless of classificaTion, The opporTuniTy To learn abouT flying and To parTicipaTe in an enjoyable program based on flying skill and safeTy. JIM SEDBERRY President OFFICERS JIM SEDBERRY PresidenT JODIE WEBB SecreTary DENNIS BENTLEY Treasurer Try faking This picture at 5,000 feeT. Hmmm, The radiator hose seems To be leaking. ffilld ?mdatim FIRST ROW: Mrs. Reiser; P. Gardner; P. Nagid; M. Finkelstein; B. Gerbert, J. Gerberf; R. Melcer; D. Reiser; M. Richker. SECOND ROW: A. Topperman; R. Reiser; C. Mark; D. Kobrin; U. Cogan; U. Cogan; S. Goldberg; R. Reichek; M. Eisner; Dr. Eisner; S. Klein. THIRD ROW: B. Mosesman; D. Cogen; M. Mark; A. Schoeniholz; Z. Joseph; J. Ablon; T. Mullins; A. Sprung; M. Blum; A. Barvin; M. Wolf. AT Texas A8TM The B'nai B'riTh Hillel FoundaTion is one of 248 uniTs of foundaTions and counselorships on college campuses sponsored by The B'nai B'riTh organizaTion. lTs obiecTives are To help college sTUdenTs undersTand and appreciaTe Their Jewish heriTage. IT is a program dedicaTed To The inTerpreTaTion of Jewish TradiTion aT iTs besT. Hillel is a full-fledged foundaTion Taking iTs place among The numerous religious culTuraI organizaTions ThaT make up The spiriTual life on The campus. The program is carried ouT by means of lecTures, open forum discussions, seminar groups, weekly religious services, observance of The maior Jewish holy days, welfare drives, and inTerfaiTh acTiviTies, all of which TogeTher help To build for The sTUdenT an all round per- sonaliTy. OFFICERS MOSHE FINKLESTEIN .......................................... President JOSH GERBERT ............................................ Vice-PresidenT PAUL NAGID eeeeee -e Treasurer MIKE RICHKER Secretary PAUL GARDNER ........................................ ParliamenTarian DONALD REISER ................................ Religious Chairman RICK MELCER - Social Chairman ALAN SPRUNG ............................ Freshman RepresenTaTive MOSHE FINKELSTEIN CAROLE MANNHEIMER President Sweetheart international 611112 "4. 2 FIRST ROW: Dr. Peters; Onwuazo; Daanani; El-Zik; K. El-Zik; Rivera; Melcher; Akhtar. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Peters; Chung; Bishara; Abdelmaiid; Parekh; Ali Gohar; Kabir; Bulbul; Maschak. OFFICERS The InTernaTionaI Club was founded This year for KAMAL EL-ZIK President The purpose of bringing abouT undersTanding beTween ANTONIO RIVERA ------------------------------------ Vice'PresidenT The many foreign sTudenTs on The A8TM campus. This goal MIKE ONWUAZO secretary has been accomplished. ROBERT MELCHER - ..... Foreign StudenT Advisor great issues 6mmiftce Sweetheart JENEANE HORTON OFFICERS JIM GUNTER Chairman FIRST ROW: Peni; Hancock; Shwewitz; Gunter; Bullock; Davis; Tyree; Gross. ED LAMB SECOND ROW: Hall; Kovich; Grayson; Thompson; Smith; Williams; Jones. Vice-Chairman THIRD ROW: Pena; Wellman; Adams; Stark; HarT; STor ; Bisho . V p BILL GROSS SecreTa ry . . , GUSTAVO PENA The purpose of The GreaT Issues CommiTTee IS To sTImulaTe and pro- Treasurer moTe in The UnieversiTy communiTy an informed and inTelligenT discussion DR. ABBOT; DR. STORY of The problems of world affairs. The CommiTTee presenTs To The sTu- AdVisors denTs and public, men who know The facTs, issues, policies, and alTer- naTive policies, while aT The same Time encouraging The people To Take 234 an acTive part in The discussion of naTional and inTernaTional affairs. M56 611mm: 60mmitt55 Chairman R. VANDERBURG OFFICERS Chairman VANDERBURG Vice Chairman FIRST ROW: Vanderburg; Ward; Kelley; Sikes; Vine. ANDERSON SECOND ROW: Flores; Shaw; AuTrey; Sheets; Lynch; Myers; McLane; MehTa. THIRD ROW: Clapp; Brooks; Andusso; Reese; Wright; Abbot; Sedberry; KnighT; HaTzenbuehler; LisTi. Program Chairman WARD segfglagy'neasurer The purpose of The MSC Camera CommiTTee is To furTher The inTeresT of The sTudenTs Advisor in The arT of phoTography Through discussion and associaTion wiThin The commiTTee, To SYKES provide. experT insTrucTion in various fields of phoTography, and To provide an ouTIeT for TeChnica'AdVisor creaTive work Throu h hoTo ra h . KELLEY g p g p Y Newman 6111b The Newman Club provides a religious educaTion Tor CaThoIic STudenTs enrolled in a secular college. The Club has a Three-Told pur- pose: religious, educaTional, and social. lTs aims are To help NewmaniTes share more inTelIi- genle and fruiTTUlly in The worship of God, develop a deeper love for The sacramenTs, and a real awareness of God's graces and by The guidance and council of Their Chaplain To find Their parT in The lay aposTolaTe. FIRST ROW: Rosenbauch; Limphy; ZaTopek; ZaTopek; Hollan. SECOND ROW: Chovanec; PrewiTT; GroThues; Gordon; MoTh; STelly; SmTiTh; PeyrefiTTe; Lyerly. THIRD ROW: FiTzcharles; Burger; Morgan; Robel; SchwerTner; James,- Keneson; Polk; PoliTo. NewmaniTes increase Their knowledge of CaThoIicism on a college level along wiTh Their secular learning. They develop a proper relaTionship beTween religious and secular pursuiTs. NewmaniTes make friends easily wiTh fellow members, find fun and relaxaTion wiTh CaTholic sTudenTs in all phases of campus acTiviTy, and develop a more compleTe awareness of Their role relaTed To socieTy in general. During The year, The Club spon- sors many religious devoTions, discussions, dances, suppers, and oTher religious, inTel- lecTual, and social acTiviTies. EDDIE ZATOPEK President 285 Am Parachutg 61M 4V, ROY DILTZ President FIRST ROW: Head; Heard,- Decker; Irving; Diltz; Cole. SECOND ROW: Grevet; Tomlinson; Kirk; Hargrove; FerraTa; Roesler; Cavenaugh; NorthcuTt; Grimes; Garret; Hopkins. May; Haynes; Roquemore; Davis; OFFlCERS ROY DILTZ PresidenT The Texas A8xM ParachuTe Club is proud of HS conTribuTions To The popularizaTion aT JOHN IRVING Secretary America's fasTesT growing sporT. The club provides organizaTion for sporT parachuTing, and promoTes The sporT by presenTing iT To The public in a clear perspecTive. The club is DASlglcETYDgEEEel: proud of iTs safeTy record, demonsTraTing ThaT The sporT can be as safe as if is Thrilling. Since The club was sTarTed, four years ago, There have been over 2,000 iumps made wiTh The club. Pi kappa Delta SIM LAKE President OFFICERS SIM LAKE IFIRST ROW: 5. Lake; c. Kell; 5. Henry; K. Rubenstein. Pres'dem SECOND ROW: G. Holder; J. SeabolT; L. STelly; T. BaTean; s. Lamkin; 0. Gay. SAM HENRY SecreTary-Treasurer CARL KELL DebaTe Coach The Texas A8TM DebaTe Club has expanded boTh The number and scope of HS acTiviTies This year. NoT only did A8TM Teams enTer a greaTer number of TournamenTs, buT individual members also parTicipaTed in such acTiviTies as exTemporaneous speaking and oraTory. As recognition of iTs conTinued achievemenTs in all areas of forensics, The A8le DebaTe Club was accepTed for member- ship in Pi Kappa DelTa, a naTional honorary forensics TraTerniTy, and henceforTh shall be known as The Alpha Alpha ChapTer of Pi Kappa DelTa. FIRST ROW: Dobson; Newton; Pearson; Heath; Ward; Young; Bacica; Ransdell. SECOND ROW: RuTledge; Boriskie; Honey,- Williams; Visser; GroThues; Davis; Glynn; O'Neal; Casey; Spitzer; Hardeman; Davis; Baird; Hog. THIRD ROW: Esquivel; Fudge; SeTTIes; Byrd; Williams; STodghill; Swann; Moreland; Preas; Morgan; Reeves; Roberts; Walne; Brower. FOURTH ROW: Rollins; Dobyns; Norman; Englemann; Hanna; MaTThews; McEnTire; Noel; Powell; Blessing. FIFTH ROW: Jones; Briscoe; Hlavinka; White; Trlica; Cruz; Travis; Slocum; Phillips; Tredway; TilleKson; Shipp; Tilley; Moore,- Frye; Quinlan. Organized aT The UniversiTy of Illinois in 1923, Phi ETa Sigma, The NaTionaI Scholarship SocieTy for freshmen, encourages scholarship among The firsT year college men and honors Those who make ouTsTanding records. Those aTTaining a grade poinT raTio of 2.50 or beTTer Their firsT semesTer, or having This raTio as an average for Their firsT year, are eligible for admission. Sophomores comprise The acTive membership in The local ChapTer, bUT inacTive membership exTends for life. The SiXTy-SevenTh NaTional ChapTer of Phi ETa Sigma was esTablished aT Texas AgxM in January, 1949. Since ThaT Time, almosT 1,000 Aggies have been iniTiaTed mm The SocieTy. OFFICERS DR. W. J. DOBSON ....................... FaculTy Advisor C. H. RANSDELL ............................ FacuITy Advisor W. L. BACICA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Senior Advisor J. B. HEATH ....................... PresidenT RALPH YOUNG .................. Vice PresidenT S. W. PEARSON ...................................... SecreTary NEAL WARD Treasurer PHILIP NEWTON HisTorian J. B. HEATH s PEGGY JASPER President . SweeTheart FIRST ROW: Smith; Prugel; Skrivanek; Dabbs; Burr; Walker; Bolte. SECOND ROW: Sharp; Beggs; MaTyear; Hooks; Tomberlain; Barnett; Beasley; Goldberg; Maladenka; BaTey; Timmons; Weaver; Burns. THIRD ROW: Walker; Sprong; Pavelka; MoTI; Hammes; Thompson; Weissberg; Glassford; DeGinder; Cullin; HollesTer; Goldenberg; FrenTzel. FOURTH ROW: Garza; Franklin; Procter; Warren; LaBarbra; BaTson; Smith; Combs; Bolton; Ulbright. In iTs fourTh year, The Texas A8xM Russian Club conTinued efforTs To beTTer acquainT The sTudenTs of AM wiTh The Russian language, cul- Ture, and people. Much crediT for The club's success This year goes To The sponsors, Dr. J. M. Skrivanek and Dr. Dabbs. OFFICERS PresidenT ................................ HALE BURR Vice PresidenT ................ JAMES PRUGEL SecreTary Treasurer ............ DAVID SMITH Sponsor ........................ DR. SKRIVANEK Co-Sponsor ............................ DR. DABBS PresidenT HALE BURR These Two new dormiTories are parT of The four rhillion dollar proiecT ThaT was compleTed lasT spring. Four of The older dormiTories were renovaTed and air condiTioned. Five new lounges were consTrucTed To add To The comforT of The sTudenTs. This proiecT has made air-condiTioned dormi- Tory space for 2,120 sTudenTs. FIRST ROW: R. Chambers; J. Nonhcut; J. Nowlin; C. Hansen; H. Franke; H. Abraham; F. Reagor; S. Gordon,- R. Traylor; V. Kirchner; G. King; B. Robinson. SECOND ROW: H. Jones; E. Braden; M. Pall; S. Miller; S. KUykendall; R. Silver; B. McCorkIe; J. Bielfeld1; H. Gutierrez; R. FrizzeH; J. Hodges; L. Boleman. THIRD ROW: D. Ellebracht; H. Martinez; A. Gilliat; S. Fambrough; R. Conner; D. Sagebiel; F. Blackwell; R. Sells; R. Dunkerley. FOURTH ROW: P. Cooper; L. Vocek; F. Scrimshire; V. Neuhaus; R. McDonald, A. Medina; G. Wilbeck; T. Callahan; C. Miles; B. Sanders; L. Vernon; C. Mims; M. Lowe. FIFTH ROW: F. Karle; C. Osbourn; R. Oversfreet; B. Hean; R. Brice; C. Spaeth; J. Sanders; R. Nolan. The A8xM Chapter of The Saddle and Sirloin Club is rated firs'r in national competition in club activities and scrapbooks. The goal of The club is To develop leadership so the members may continue to make out- standing contributions To livestock and related industries. OFFICERS FRANKLIN REAGOR .......................................... President SAUER GORDON ............................... Vice-Presidenf VINSON KIRCHNER ................................... Secretary HERBERT ABRAHAM Treasurer RICHARD TRAYLOR ............................................ Reporter HAROLD FRANKE .................................................. Sponsor FRANKLIN REAGOR PATRICIA LAMASCUS President Sweetheart Beckham, John Bradley, George Burroughs, Gene Butler, David Cain, Jimmy Chou, Henry Clark, Stanley Claussen, Robert Coston, Clayton Decker, David Dodson, David Ghormley, Bennef Hatfon, Jasper Hewett, T. Keese, Larry Leftwich, Wesley Luyems, Alan Manning, Scott The Dallas Trip. ROSTER May, Fred McLeroy, John McLeroy, Robert McLeroy, William Megarity, Tim Meyer, Alfred Milikin, James O'Brien, Robert Parker, James Pusch, Donald Quisenberry, Alex Ray, Frank Read, R. Reaux, Eddie Riggs, James Rodgers, Barry Rupley, James Ruppersberger, J. Scaborough, Cecil Schember, Kurt Slivinske, Alec Smith, Darrel Smith, Jackson Stack, William Sweeney, Don Tice, Andrew Vandercruyssen, Henry Wadsworth, Grady Ward,,John Warnick, Phillip Warren, Don Webb, Tim Westmoreland, John Yoder, John "They are partly funny looking, aren't they!" OFFICERS JIM RUPLEY ............................ Business Manager DON WARREN ................................ HisTorian and PubliciTy Manager DON PUSCH .................................... PresidenT KURT SCHEMBER Librarian JIM RIGGS .................................... Vice-PresidenT This year, The Singing CadeTs of Texas A8iM, under The direcTion of RoberT L. Boone and wiTh Mrs. June Beiring as Their accompanisT, have performed before approximaTer 32,000 people, noT counTing Their naTion- wide Telecast Aside from Their annual Trip To Dallas for The Miss Teenage America PageanT which was Telecast naTion wide, A8iM's male glee club also made a Trip To BeaumonT where They performed wiTh The BeaumonT Symphony OrchesTra. Besides These Two appearances, They performed for audiences in Sherman, Dallas, HousTon and NavasoTa. The group has also performed for 23 programs on The A8cM campus. MRS. JUNE BEIRING "Sing along with Mitch and ----- e." Accompanist OFFICERS Chairman NATHAN FORREST Vice Chairman -- JAMES SUPAK SecreTary .......... BILLY LOVELESS Treasurer .......... E. HEINEMANN Reporter ........ WAYNE HANNA Advisor .................... DR. POTTS Chairman NATHAN FORREST FIRST ROW: Potts; Forrest; Loveless; Heinemann; Supak; Hanna. SECOND ROW: Heite; Kneisler; McCall,- ersche; Henry. THIRD ROW: Almand; Reayor; Butts Majdoub. FOURTH ROW: McCoIlurn; Lindemann; ZoTz; Benes. The STudenT AgriculTure Council is an organizaTion composed of Two represenTaTives from each deparTmenTal club in The College of AgriculTure; usually The club presidenT and one oTher elecTed represenTaTive. Some of The council sponsored acTiviTies and responsibiliTies include AgriculTural ConvocaTion, All College Day, and The selecTion of The OuTsTanding Professor in The College of AgriculTure. Sawyer gdclis Society President .................... e- TED HOPGOOD Secretary ............................ CARL LONG V. PresidenT ........................ V. VESELKA Selection Officer .......... CAPTAIN GARY FIRST ROW: Veselka; Maior Bolte; Captain Gary; Hopgood; Long. Maior BolTe SECOND ROW: Carey; Crowder; Mafocha; Simpson; MacNuTt; Smith. THIRD ROW: Graham; Shirley; Miller; Place; Hester; Diaz; Partridge; Barry; Tracy. FOURTH ROW: Pendergrass; Fine; Chupick; AshworTh; Hubler; Benson; Creg; Holiday; Griffin; Gushmann. The Marine Corps prides iTselT in being an eIiTe miliTary organizaTion. DevoTion, Leadership, Knowledge, and LoyalTy are Trademarks of The Marine Officer. The Semper Fidelis SocieTy is organized To promoTe The inTeresTs of The Marine Corps. among Texas Aggies, and To offer Aggies an opporTuniTy To see beTTer Their responsibiliTies as a Marine upon Their graduaTion. , SweeTheart Student Ewgimm 6mm? DESIGN STUDENTS S. L. Hensen T. M. Matthews E. S. Werth H. B. Lathrop J. A. Jacobs C. J. Knight B. R. Smith A8xM GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY A S M E P. T. Gordon S. A. Volz J. M. Catterell Chauviere R. 0. Davis AllE SAE AlMMcKPElE. C. H. Brewster J. E. Nachod M. P. Monroe A. Praisnar AICE D. 5. Clifton J. M. Moore J. A. Schmidt L. A. Maddox C. R. Risinger INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION EX-OFFICIO A G C D. L. Barkemeyer J. D. Coreil E. R. Holloway M. Smelley G. R. Eeds 293 FIRST ROW: Aldrich; Macaluso; Harroway; Lindsey; Marburger; Smith. SECOND ROW: Singleton; Sullivan; Peterson,- Menzies; Burr; Franklin; McBride; THIRD ROW: Davis; Jacoby; Nabors; FOURTH ROW: Rainer; Jackson; Sluis; Forgeng; George; Fine. LopeszaHhews; Andrews; Gay; Gray; Markey; Jackson; Tesada; Rodgers; Mistrot. 'Rogers; Smith; Simmons; Watson; Qwens; Fillburn; Cardel; Alfred; May; Wille. KATHRYN SMAHLIK Sweetheart The Town Hall Committee is responsible for providing the AW student body, faculty, and staff with a well-rounded series of the best professional entertainment available. Consisting of about 35 staff mem- bers, the committee attempts to improve the cultural and entertainment facilities of Texas Ach University, aiding in the trend towards excellence. Two of this year's Town Hall presentations: The Four Preps and the Ballet Folklorico of Mexico. FIRST ROW: Sabayrac; Emerson; Janak; DieTz; Warren; Carpenter,- Graham; Obdyke; Gardner; VanHellen; Ward; Vine. SECOND ROW: Adams; Young; Smith,- Jackson; STein; Cox; Allen; RockeTT; Brown; Osborne. THIRD ROW: Buckalew; Jochimesen; Bardin; Gunnels; Burney; Mafelski; Gordon; Rountree; Haplin; Vanek. FOURTH ROW: Gay; Starnes; Riddle; Bell; Eccard; Gay. FIFTH ROW: Preston; Buttler; McKenna; Hanon; DaughTery. Many generaTions of sTudenTs have spanned The campus since The Young Men's ChrisTian AssociaTion was es- Tablished here more Than 75 years ago. The program has evolved and expanded in ThaT period of Time, buT basically iTs ideals and obiecTives have remained The same. IT was inTended here as in oTher colleges To supplemenT and enrich The academic program wiTh spiriTual and religious values. While H is TuncTioning for The beneTiT of TaculTy and sTudenTs, iT is primarily inTended To help young men in Their TormaTive years, in Their search for The meaning of life. The program is geared To help sTudenTs unfold Their personaliTy by giving Them a chance aT wholesome self expression, and aT The same Time creaTing for Them an aTmosphere ThaT would develop a sense of felloWship, mak- ing Them more valuable members of The college communiTy and in laTer life. Among iTs acTiviTies are The Chapel programs, Freshman Camp, reTreaTs and conferences, Marriage Forums, Hensel Park'AcTiviTies, Bible STudy, Freshman Council, Polaris Council, bringing speakers To The campus, special services in All FaiThs Chapel, FaculTy Fellowship, Man Your Manners, LasT LecTure Series, GraduaTe Program, Sphinx Club, Apollo Club, Fireside Forums, Y.M.C.A. Weekly Meetings, lnTernaTional STudenT Club, preparing and disTribUT- ing mediTaTions bookleTs, Religious Emphasis Week, and discussion groups. The STUdenT Y.M.C.A. is a laboraTory where young men can live ChrisTian principles in accordance wiTh The pur- pose of The Y.M.C.A., Thus developing leaders who will achieve success in The business world afTer graduaTion from The UniversiTy. OFFICERS DON WARREN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, n PresidenT EDDIE CARPENTER ................................................. Vice PresidenT LOUIS OBDYKE ............................................................. SecreTary DAVID GARDNER ........................................................... Treasurer IRWIN DIETZ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Chairman, Program CommiTTee DON WARREN President 'wi s e7 fr N Associatim 0f 90mm ?islt 2M1! Calm Mmmm FIRST ROW: Maior BolTe; Maior Reese; Holcomb; Lopez; Matthews,- Southerland; Wallace; Fiegel; Suib; UCoI. Hopkins. SECOND ROW: Thornton; Kirk; Harcrow; Petty; Koch; Nowlin; Gordon,- Grossenbacher; Rapp; White; Bill. THIRD ROW: Melcer; Richards; Douglas; Barton; Happ; Korb; Rowe; Walker;Maule; Lyerly; Brown. OFFICERS MALON SOUTHERLAND ................ PresidenT FRANK LOPEZ ........................ Vice President WARREN MATTHEWS .................... Secretary BOB HOLCOMB ............................ Treasurer LT. COLONEL HOPKINS ..................... Sponsor MAJOR BOLTE ................................ Sponsor MAJOR REESE ................................ Sponsor President Southerland and Trophies. MALON SOUTHERLAND President In 1961, a group of Aggies who were former members of The FighTin' Texas Aggie Fish Drill Team were noT saTisfied To leT Their inTeresT in The Fish Drill Team TerminaTe wiTh The end of Their freshman year. They decided ThaT an organi- zaTion of former members should be formed To aid The drill Team. They realized ThaT The drill Team was a self-supporTing organizaTion which placed a large burden on The Team members. As a resulT, The AssociaTion of Former Fish Drill Team Members was organ- ized in The fall of 1961. Since, Through The efforTs of The Team and The associaTion, The Fish Drill Team is beginning To receive some of The supporT and recogniTion iT deserves as an ouTsTanding represenTaTive of Texas A8TM. 7 - 'ggw M- waplllm. :7 574142707le WWI? A student studies samples under an electron microscope to obtain data for his research. Such facilities are available To stimulate student interest in pracTical knowledge and in further advancement of his work. Professional 6111b A section devoTed To Those organizafions which are devoted pri- marily To enhancing a student's understanding of his profession. Section Edited by MIKE RASBURY FIRST ROW: Allen; Marming; Eccles; Hawkins; Hlozek; Templer. SECOND ROW: Abel; Plum, Slone; Fisher; Schuelke; Pachall; See; Sherman; Devine; Bacek; McGuinn; Hughson. THIRD ROW: Tees; Pate; Saha; Matchim; Myers; Smith; Schroeder; Roesler; Millikin; Waddill; Janacek; Neal; Stern; Siebern. OFFICERS PresidenT - JOE ECELES Vice-PresidenT .......................... ENNIS HAWKINS SecreTary-Treasurer .................. DONALD HLOZEK Junior ArTs 8t Sciences Council RepresenTaTive .......................... JAMES ALLEN Program Chairman ................ THOMAS TEMPLER Sponsor ................................ WALTER MANNING a , JOE ECCLES KAY HAWKINS President SweeThearT The primary goal of The AccounTing SocieTy is To give iTs members a look aT The accounTing profession aT a poinT of view differenT from ThaT which Tebeooks can give. We Try To accomplish This goal by hearing guesT speakers, by seeing films, and by underTaking projecTs which all members may parTicipaTe in. Our guesT speakers and films cover a wide varieTy of subiecTs of inTeresT To accounTing sTudenTs. Because we greale rely on The opinions of informed and experienced people in making our career de- cisions, we Try To selecT people of prominence in all fields of accounTing-public, indusTrial, and govern- menTal; we Try To selecT any films To be shown wiTh equal care. Our mosT imporTanT annual proiecT is ThaT of assisTing in The annual Texas A8TM AccounTing Conference, aTTended by accounTanTs from all parTs of The sTaTe. This year The AccounTing SocieTy presenTed The School of Business AdminisTraTion wiTh Two memenTos of The laTe professor Thomas W. Leland. Our year is always concluded wiTh a sTeak-fry, aT- Tended by boTh The members of The socieTy and The accounTing faculTy. MICKY JUETT THIRD ROW: Allen; Dickie; Weiner; Ohlendorf; Griffin; Mays; Allen; Thomas; Reich; KunTz; Euglebrechf; Sweetheart Burger; Marion; Kasda; Saucina; Richburg; Voison; Tate; Moores. SECOND ROW: Atkins; Fitch; Spillman; ChaTwood; RichTer; Kelly; Keneson; Mercer; Herring; PusTasky; WaTschak; Garret; Wisiwell; Jarvis; Davis. FIRST ROW: Schodemann; Olivarez; WaTTs; Forrest; Childress; Caughfield; Jarvis; Benes; Graves. The purpose of This organizaTion is To develop leaders in "Agribusiness," To fosTer a spiriT of coopera- Tion among sTuclenTs in "AG-Eco" and allied sciences, and To provide an opporTuniTy for wider acquainTance among sTUdenTs, professors, and professional workers in AgriculTural Economics. Americw institute of industrial Engineers LINDA LAMASCUS SweeThearT FIRST ROW: Carey; Lewis; Scott,- Berry. SECOND ROW: Oliver; Street,- CoVan; Boyd; Dupvis; Arocha. THIRD ROW: Rivera; Council; Deavers; Lemons; Storey. FOURTH ROW: BrewsTer; WesT Cole; Byrd; Krzan; Stock; Barnes; Warren; Hinoiosa. The AHE STUdenT ChapTer was founded wiTh The idea of sTimu- laTing The inTeresT of The sTudenT wiTh pracTical knowledge of how The Techniques of indusTrial engineering are applied in indusTry Today. In addiTion To The sTudenT's classroom educaTion, The chapTer sTrives To insTiIl a deep appreciaTion of The problems ThaT will confront him dur- . . PRESTON scon mg his career. President FIRST ROW: Dr. Staten,- Smith; Brown; Supak; Conner; McClung; Fuchs; SchwerTner;Mersmann; Abdahimagia. SECOND ROW: ValienTe; Gonzalez; Murff; Flippo; Miller;.Krieg; Hemphill; Wright; Adams; Jones; Coburn; Allen,- Bitar. THIRD ROW: Miller; Williams; Springer; Evans; Zamzow. FOURTH ROW: Vargas; Alston; McAfee; BlancheTTe; Villarreal; Castillo; Guevara. Handling pracTicalIy everyThing from a summer bag- gage sTorage in dorm basemenTs To presenTaTion of Queen CoTTon and her CourT keeps These TuTure planTers raTher busy The enTire year. To menTion iusT a few of The oTher acTiviTies sponsored by The socieTy, There is The ParenT's Day exhibiT, a sTUdy Tour for iunior sTudenTs, a Trip for The crop iudging Teams To Kansas CiTy and Chicago, and The bi-monThly meeTings To posT The sTudenTs on The laTesT agronomy news. "This doesn'T happen often at A8xM!" OFFICERS PresidenT ................................................ ROY McCLUNG Vice President ...................................... RICHARD CONNER SecreTary .................................................. ROLAND SMITH Treasurer ................................................... JIMMY BROWN ReporTer and Ag Council RepresenTaTivee--.JAMES SUPAK Social SecreTary ........................................ JAMES FUCHS Business Manager .......................... LARRY SCHWERTNER FaculTy Advisor ...................................... DOCTOR STATEN President Sweetheart ROY McCLUNG KAREN ORSAKE FIRST ROW; WyThe; Carpenter; Migura; Steffens; Bollinger; Wuensche; Forrest. SECOND ROW: Jage; Smith,- Fox; Frei; Read; Miller; Benes; Sauer; MaTThys; Heinemann; Evers; Jones. THIRD ROW: Karle; Mann; Conner; Fuchs; Gilliat; Dodson; SpaeTh; Kinnard; Krieg; Crouch; Ivie; Davis; Shafer; Baefour; McColIum; Abraham. FOURTH ROW: Neuhaus; Neuhaus; Blarchette; Norvell; ZoTz; Surls; Thompson; Chapman; Burns; Hammack; Loveless; Jarvis; Kindemann; Wilson; Hanna; Dunks; Supak; BugaL The Texas Alpha ChapTer of The NaTional FraTerniTy of Alpha ZeTa was charTered in 1951. The membership of This honorary agriyculTural fraTerniTy consisTs 0T ouTsTanding sTudenTs inTeresTed in agriculTure or iTs reIaTed fields as a profession. Alpha ZeTa's obiec- Tives include fosTering high sTandards of scholarship and leadership; sTriving for breadTh of vision, uniTy of acTion, and accomplishmenT of ideals; rendering a service To sTu- denTs and The UniversiTy; and promoTing The profession of agriculTure. LEONARD STEFFENS JANNA DU RARD PresidenT SweethearT OFFICERS Chancellor L. STEFFENS Censor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, N. FORREST Scribe ....... , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W. MIGURA Treasurer .A , M. WUENSCHE Chronicler ,. , L. BOLLINGER Advisers , ,, 7H DR. Z. L. CARPENTER L. O. WYTHE DR. K. R. TREFERTILLER WWW .4 w sew QR x 'T' FIRST ROW: J. Wynne; S. Henson; R. CaTchings; E. Chaney; R. KisTner. SECOND ROW: C. Sandstedt; D. Lee; 3. Wright; E. HarringTon; R. Holcomb; C. Samson. THIRD ROW: J. Batty; H. Burd; H, Lewis; 8. Phillips; J. Ingram; R. Minor; G. Reeves. FOURTH ROW: W. Hobbs; J. Parnell; J. Kroesche; R. Powell; A. Garcia; R. ATkinson;E. Clancey. FIFTH ROW: C. Hallenberger; S. Galindo; D. Marshall; G. McKeen; A. Garcia; B. Tyer; P. Hamilton,- W. Wolf; A. Meyer,- Jackson, D.M. SIXTH ROW: J. Drabek; R. AbernaThy; D. Matocha; W. Hindman; R. Syal; D. Raymond; K. Simmons; D. Brandt,- E. Ford. OFFICERS SIDNEY HENSON PresidenT JACK WYNNE ............................................ Vice-Presidenf RONALD CATCHINGS ........................................ Treasurer ERNEST CHANEY .................................... Parliamentarian RICHARD KISTNER ........................ Program Chairmah To enrich The sTudenT's college courses by beginning Those profes- sional conTacTs and associaTions which are so valuable To The pracTicing engineer ThroughouT his life, is The main obiecTive of The ASCE STudenT ChapTer. The purpose of The chapTer is To help The sTudenT prepare himself for enTry mm The profession and The socieTy. SIDNEY HENSON President Alpha 171714;! OFFICERS President CHUCK BREWESTER Vice President ............................................ AL WEST Secretary ................................................ LOU NEBEL Treasurer ................................. WAYNE BATEMAN Recording Secretary ................................ AL DUPUiS Sponsor .................................................. BOB STREET FIRST ROW: Brewester; West; Dupuis. SECOND ROW: Street; Council; Lemons; Scott. THIRD ROW: Carey,- Cole; Barnes; Krzan; Stock; Deavers; CoVen. The purpose of the Alpha Pi Mu is to confer recognition upon students of in- dustrial engineering who have exceptional academic interests and abilities in their fields, to encourage whenever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of industrial engineering education, and to further unify the student body of the Industrial Engineering Department in presenting its needs and ideals to the P id : CHUCIgegREJVESTER faculty. American Society of Agricultural Swingers EUGENE LINDEMANN President OFFICERS EUGENE LINDEMAN ................ President DANIEL HAILE ................ Vice-President FIRST ROW: J. Glass; G. Wood; E. Lindeman; D. Gilmore; D. Haile; D. Naiser. DONALD GILMORE ---------------- Secretary SECOND ROW: R. Chenoweeth; A. Menn; J. Hatton; L. Redding; B. Browder; R. Bowers; L. Swanner. GERALD WOOD ...................... Treasurer THIRD ROW: F. White,- P. Zorn; R. Greenwade; L. Horton; G. Krafka; 0. Hill. DONALD NAISER Scribe JOE GLASS .................... Faculty Advisor Since its beginning in 1907, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers has functioned actively to solve engineering problems related to agriculture. The Texas A8iM Student Branch, organized in 1925, is helpful in further promoting the Agricultural Engineering profession to its members by having activities which include field trips, social functions and lectures by prominent men in this field. mvw .. ,w 11f 61151111511! fwic FIRST ROW: Hanzalik; Beighle; Atkins; Mason; Risinger; Daniels; Harris. SECOND ROW: Wilde; Hewes; Sannhaus; Wasd; Neel; Barlow; Young. THIRD ROW: Ferguson; Gilbert; SauTawick; WansTrath; White; SmiTh. The basic obiecTives of The American InsTiTuTe of Chemical Engineers are advancemenT of chemical engineering in Theory and pracTice, and The mainTenance of high professional pracTices among iTs mem- bers. This insTiTuTe; ij provides means for The publicaTion and exchange of Technical informaTion in The field of chemical engineering, 2.i Provides an organizaTion which promoTes The wider recogniTion of chemical engineering as a profession and which is effecTive in improving The professional and economic sTaTus of chemical engineers individually, 3J EsTainshes a professional sTandard of conducT and draws iTs members from Those who have subscribed To This sTandard. STudenT chapTers are organized undera charTer granTed by The council of The InsTiTuTe wiTh The ob- iecTives of promoTing The professional developmenT of chemical engineering Through acTiviTies involving The faculTy and all classes of sTudenT members and sTudenTs. OFFICERS PresidenT WILLIAM MASON Vice PresidenT .................................... RONALD MCDANIEL SecreTary Treasurer ............................ KENNETH ATKINS Junior RepresenTaTive ........................ CHARLES RISINGER Faculty Sponsor ............................................ W. D. HARRIS President Sweetheart WILLIAM MASON CAROL BROWN 304 American Jammie of Acrmzutits and Astronautics :IIIIIINH null"! OFFICERS BEN SMITH .................................. Chairman JOSE SOLIS ............................ Vice Chairman NARCISCO CANO .......................... Secretary PAT GIBSON .................................. Treasurer J. JACOBSMRepresentative Engineers Councii GLEN HUNT .................... Publicity Chairman HARRY SWEET ...................... Faculty Advisor ROW ONE: Nowlin; Smith; McAdoo; Cano; Gibson; Smith; Solis; Jacobs; Knight. ROW TWO: Gee, Jones; Brown; Chapman; Lane; Murray; Desser; Dennet; Dylant. ROW THREE: Eccard; Holland; Finn; Sangerhausen; Vasser; Finkel; Dampman; Williams; Korenekt ROW FOUR: Wilson; Griffith; Reve; Wilkinson; Hunt; Hubler; Pettus; Pollard; Tweety. ROW FIVE: Presley; Schappaughf Dobyns; Osborn. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics grew out of.the merger of the American Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences. The Texas A8iM Student Chapter is designed to provide the engineering student with an opportunity to engage in activities associated with his future career in aerospace industries. It is open to any interested student. Activities include field trips to nearby aerospace industries, lectures by prominent men in the industry from over the United States, films, and active participation in the annual Space Fiesta on the A8iM campus. BEN SMITH President 965ml Student Society H. B. LATHROP President The Design Student Society is the Student Chapter of the American Institute of Ar- chitects at A8tM University. The purpose of this organization is to supplement the for- mal classroom learning of the student by directing his extracurricular activities toward furthering his total Architectural Education. This is done through a series of Guest Lectures by Architects and men in related fields, films, and demonstration presentations. Members of the D.S.S. are entitled to receive a copy of the highly rated yearly publication of the Division of Architecture,ARCHITECTURE PLUS. The Design Student Society also sponsors other activities of a fraternal nature, which coupled with the more serious part of the program creates a very suitable ex- tracurricular atmosphere in which a student can learn and grow. FIRST ROW: J. Lee; J. Cotterell; J. Moore; B. Lee. SECOND ROW: R. Rachel; K. Buhler; M. Foster; E. Powell; J. Hupy; E. Bailey. THIRD ROW: D. Honeycutt; J. Cappinger; K. Oates; B. Marrou; C. Britten; B. Springer. FOURTH ROW: W. Dyar; J. Whetsel; M. Rodriquez; R. Goodnough; F. Tavey;J. Bell; R. Rlevenhayin; E. Esparza; R. Cracknell;J. Perry. A program of various Technical subiecfs is presented by either students or professional engineers who are guests of A.S.M.E. on The first and Third Tuesday night of each month. The Mechanical Engineering magazine, free Technical papers, engineering scholarships, cash awards from contests, financial assistance from loans, and a continuing membership in the parent organization after graduation are provided for stu- dent members. Social as well as technical aspects are enioyed by The members. Refreshments follow each presentation; also, parties, banquets, and Two field trips are yearly affairs. OFFICERS JOHN COTTERELL .......................... President JOHN MOORE .................... Vice President BENJAMIN LEE ............................ Secretary JAMES LEE ...................................... Treasurer DR. J. V. PERRY .................... Faculty Advisor JOHN COTTERELL President President KEITH BANKS ROSTER FIRST YEAR CLASSMEN: Barber; Baylor; Beavers; Belcher; Beleau; Blake,- Bogda; Wood; BroTze; Browder; Brown; Cieghorn; Commons; Dean; Deen; Dodger; Dyal; Dye; Elegg; England; Evans; Farr; Fisk; Fritz; Griffith; Habbinga; Hanselka; Hasse; Holcomb; Hoover; Horne; Huffman; Hugo; Husfieid; James; Janik; Jemelka; Johnson; Keller; Key; Kidd; Lackey; Langley; Look; Mark; Mcllhany; Meadows,- Melancon; Meyer; Moore; Meyers; Neasham; Perkins; Ross; RuTTy; Schlinke; Shaefer; Siddons; Skiles; STandfield; Stein; Sullivan; Vaughn; VogT; Weedon; Wood. SECOND YEAR CLASSMEN: Adams; AinsworTh; AirharT; Anderson; Barham; Blazek; quth; Brannen; BraTTon; Bray; Cannon; Cator; Charlton; Corse; Crosby,- CraWs ford; Deen; Egloff; Fletcher,- Frosch; Ferguson; Gage; Garon; Good; Hammatt; Hendry; Hodges; Johnson; Keelings; KeeTon; Kelly; Kraemer; LeTscher; Love,- Lyons; Margo,- McCann; McDonald; Moore; Moore; Moreman; Neal; Orchard; Parks; Rahman; Sales; Schuh; Shafer; Simpson; Smith; Taylor; Thompson; Tieman; Tierce; Ward; White. THIRD YEAR CLASSMEN: Ali; Bank's; BechTol; BoughTon; Bounds; BriTTain; Broussard; Bruns; Carter; Carwile; Chitwood; Clark; Cox; Daggs; Edwin; Emerson; Evers; Faries; Fisher; Garcia; Goldman; Guillard; Head; Herrmann; Hoffpauir; Holden; Holmes; Jacoby; Key; Kirk; KuTach; Laycock; Leidig; Ligon; Lippke; McGuire; Morris; Mosely; Norwood; Oman; Rogers,- Ross; Schroeder; Sheets; Simmons; Smith; STein; STvener; Stubbs; Taylor; Tenzer; Tisdale; Vale; Urso; Ward; Waters,- Wolf; Wood; Woodall; WoyTek. The Junior ChapTer of The American VeTerinary Medical AssociaTion of The Texas A8TM UniversiTy, College of VeTerinary Medicine, was organized To promoTe a spiriT of friendly relaTions among The sTudenTs regularly enrolled in The course of VeTerinary Medi- cine, end To provide addiTional opporTuniTies for The members To gain professional knowledge. ' The ChapTer holds regularly scheduled meeTings on The 2nd and 4Th Tuesday of each monTh. GuesT speakers are inviTed To These meeTings To discuss subiecTs ThaT are of inTeresT To The members. The funcTions of The chapTer are carried ouT by iTs officers, members in good sTanding, who are elecTed by Their fellow members for a Term of six monThs. The SouThwesTern VeTerinarian is a sTudenT publicaTion ThaT is prepared and pub- lished four Times per school year. A sTudenT ediTor is selecTed on his ouTsTanding abiliTies and qualificaTions and he in Turn selecTs and appoinTs his sTaff. In addiTion To The above funcTions, The chapTer conTinues To mainTain a sum of money known as an emergency fund; members regularly conTribuTe Their blood To a hospiTal and The money is deposiTed in The emergency fund. This fund is used To make loans To chap- Ter members who require financial assisTance To remain in The College of VeTerinary Medicine. V SweeThearT PAM PRI NSTON FIRST ROW: W. Hanna; C. Urbanic; T. Catchings; SECOND ROW: A. Tiemann; G. Riser; D. Lee; J. Henderson; J. Ramsey; J. Peters; H. Chilton; M. Coufal; C. Salmon; M. Jackson; T. Abernathy. THIRD ROW: G. Ontiveros; S. Bonds; Ellebracht; P. Bradford; J. Johnson; Townsend; R. Hoffman; F. Engelbrecht; D. Akin; R. Clark. FOURTH ROW: R. Stried; E. Scheer; H. Bogusch; G. Richter; Nicholson; D. Twitty; J. Kinnard; N. Thomas; D. Powell; Schley; L. Kent; E. Divin; R. Zuehlke; B. Bergman,- Mays; L. Macha; F. Bonvillian; K. Wisenbaker; OFFICERS FALL WEAVER CALLOWAY President DANIEL KRIEG Vice-President LANNIE JACKSON Secretary DANNY AKIN Treasurer LEONARD KENT Reporter REX YOUNGBLOOD Sentinel THOMAS GALLOWAY Student Advisor 5. Burnam; J. Conner,- T. Phillips; D. Kinnard; B. Irick. B. Riley; J. Read; D. Andrews; D. Crow; R. George; R. Guymon; M. Frei; J. Smith; D. Roming; B. Johnson; R. Lee; R. Youngblood; D. Miller; D. Berry; J. Fowler; R. Walters; D. Rich; D. S. Fambrough; D. Chapman; M. Eilers; R. Oman; R. Wilson; F. Grimm; J. M. Burleson; B. Webb; B. Bezner; B. Benson; J. R. Bailey; R. Overstreet; H. Smith; W. Klaeveman; E. L. Schultz; R. LaDuque; F. Greathouse; T. Thompson; B. WEAVER CALLOWAY CHARLES URBANIC MARJORIE GIPS Sweetheart OFFICERS SPRING CHARLES URBANIC President TOM CATCHINGS Vice-President JAMES NEWSOM Secretary WAYNE HANNA Treasurer JAMES CONNER Reporter TOM PHILLIPS Sentinel SAM BURNAM Student Advisor The Collegiate FFA Chapter, sponsored by the Department of Agricultural Education, is the professional organ- ization for agricultural education maiors. The maior objective of the chapter is to provide members with the opportunity to develop competencies which are necessary for success as vocational agriculture teachers or other professional agriculture workers. To achieve this goal the Collegiate Chapter sponsors a Student Teacher Workshop for prospective teachers of vocational agriculture which is attended by representatives from Texas A8TM University, Sam Houston State College, South- west Texas State College, and Stephen F. Austin State College. In addition, five officer training schools are conducted for high school FFA officers throughout the state. Other chapter activities include assisting with Area and State judging contests and sending representatives to the National Student Teachers Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The Student-Prof Banquet is the highlight of the year's activities. At this event the outstanding professor in the College of Agriculture, as selected by the members, is honored. In addition, the Outstanding Junior, Out- standing Senior for the fall semester, Outstanding Senior for the spring semester, and the Junior Scholarship recipient are presented. 308 JACKIE WEIDE Sweetheart FIRST ROW: R. Florence; D. Glenewinkel; J. Slimp; T. Laird; R. Stein; R. Cherry; H. Pappas. SECOND ROW: D. HalberT; B. Brown; M. LassiTer; M. O'Reilly; T. HarT; J. Lindsey; J. Durbin; L. Aldrich; T. Finkbiner; OFFICERS E. Dulin; W. Jernigan; M. Evans. THIRD ROW: R. Martin; c. Shaw; R. Green; 8. Penrod; D. Stiles; L. Hellums; D. Warren; D. PorT; B. Bornefeld; R. Bergoon; THOMAS LAIRD D. Glover; J. Coffey. PresidenT HARRIS PAPPAS Vice-PresidenT , , RUSSELL STEIN The purpose of The Finance SocieTy of Texas A8JVT UniversnTy IS To: SecreTary i T PromoTe a professional aTTiTude among sTUdenTs in Finance and closely allied DENNIS GLENEWTNKEL fields Treasurer 2T Provide an opporTuniTy for These sTudenTs To meeT for The purpose of sTUdy- RogAbILTEiTSLgEESEEn ing and exchanging ideas relaTed To This field JACK SLIMP 3T STimulaTe inTeresT in The field of Finance aT Texas A8iM UniversiTy Program Chairman 9129!: and game KAYE FRYE Sweetheart FIRST ROW: J. McCoIIum; R. Haag; J. $urovik; K. BuTTs; L. Ivy. OFFICERS SECOND ROW: T. Maxwell; J. Steele; C. Hanselka; P. O'Brien; M. Rasmussen; T. Fillinger; M. RippeToe; J. Spears; D. VikTorin; A. Vaugh. JOE SUROVIK THIRD ROW: E. Mitchell; G. lvie; L. Bugai; L. Post; H. KoThmann; c. Swan; R. Cook; R. Hood; J. Shane; J. Ditlard; s. PresidenT Sandberg- JAMES McCOLLUM Vice-PresidenT RON HAAG SecreTary LARRY IVY Treasurer The Fish and Game Club is The official sTudenT club for The DeparTmenT of Wild- life ManagemenT aT Texas A8xM. Membership in The club is open To all sTUdenTs and faculTy in wildlife managemenT and To oThers inTeresTed in The purpose of The club. M. WUENSCHE President FIRST ROW: Dr. Peters; Wuensch; Dollins; Mamis. SECOND ROW: Armstrong; Petel; Langhoff; Eater; Barry; Hurley. THIRD ROW: Layton,- Rolland; Vincent; Brazzil; Mauney; Jageler. The Dairy Science Club was formed in 1922 for The purpose of creating an interest in dairying and The dairy industry. The Club is mainly com- posed of dairy science students but also has a few members who are inferesfed in dairying. CHARLENE REED Sweetheart DAIRY SCIENCE JUDGING FRONT ROW Bill Berry Jim Dollins Michael Wuensche BACK ROW Marcus Hurley Dr. Murray Brown . AiAWwW'VA ?lorimlturc and Ldepc ffarticulturc Society FIRST ROW: K. Kemis; J. GlodT; D. Ricer; H. Howard; A. DeWerTh. SECOND ROW: Rodgers; H. Wriser; V. Esche; R. Esche; T. McDonald; E. Janne. The Texas A8TM FloriculTure Club is open To all graduaTe and undergraduaTe flor- iculTure sTUdenTs and oTher persons inTeresTed in This branch of agriculTure. The organi- zaTion's monThly meeTings afford sTudenTs, professors, and prominenT guesT speakers The opporTuniTy To discuss perTinenT Topics in a cordial aTmosphere. Our Thanks are ex- Tended To Professor A. F. DeWerTh and Herley C. Thompson for Their help during The year. V Jforticulfure 61w Robert Penick; Billy Loveless; James Barron,- Edward BaTcheIer;E. E. Burns; John Lipe. KAY TISINGER Sweetheart OFFICERS HANK HOWARD PresidenT D. RICER SecreTary- Treasurer A. DeFERTH FaculTy Advisor OFFICERS BILLY LOVELESS PresidenT J. R. NORRIS Treasurer JOHN LlPE SecreTary E. E. BURNS Club Advisor STUdenTs maioring in The field of horTiculTure which includes olericulTure, po- mology, and food Technology, make Up The membership of The Texas A8TM HorTiculTure Club. One of The obiecTives of This club is To promoTe Texas horTiculTure on The cam- pus and ThroughouT The sTaTe. To accomplish This The socieTy carries on many acTiviTies, including an Annual lnspecTion Tour and The HorTiculTure Show. BILLY LOVELESS President FIRST ROW: Moore; Wallace; Owen; Maddox; Myers; Wier; Lopez. SECOND ROW: Carlisle; Boy; CaUThoen; Frederick; SchmidT; Saloma-Orozco; Russell; Faulk. THIRD ROW: Simpson; RoberTson; Schell; Brown,- Lange; Herring; Harris; Mares; Lyons; Rensinger. ETa Kappa Nu is The ElecTrical Engineering honor socieTy and is made up of The ouTsTanding iunior, senior and graduaTe sTudenTs pursuing ThaT curriculum. SelecTion of members is deTermined by scholasTic performance, leadership qualiTies, and The over-all man as indicaTors of probable professional success. AT A8xM, The Gam- ma Mu chapTer sTrives To improve The sTandards of The profession and The ElecTrical Engineering curriculum. Also, we aim Toward acTiviTies which will aid The professor-sTudenT relaTionship and sTrengThen The deparT- menT, The UniversiTy, and The capabiliTies of The sTUdenT. OFFICERS PresidenT EVERT LYONS Vice PresidenT JOHN SCHELL Corresponding SecreTary DANNY FAULK RecreaTion SecreTary ROBERT HERRING Treasurer BILL ROBERTSON SweeThearT JANE HERRING NEW WE COULD DO IT!! g FIRST ROW: Douglas Duty; Lyndon Almand; Joseph Schaffner; Kenneth Zamzow; Emory Boring. SECOND ROW: WalTer Wright,- ClifTon Honsen; Gary Crouch,- William HeiTe; Willard Becker; Gary Kennedy; Bill Hodges; Randy Deutsch, Lloyd Fielder; Roy Parker; Joe Hoover. Membership in The Texas A8TM EnTomology Club is open To all sTudenTs majoring in EnTomology or relaTed subjecTs and also anyone inTeresTed in The purposes and acTiviTies of The club. The key purposes of This club are To furTher knowledge of maTTers and opporTuniTies concerning enTomology, To bridge The gap beTween faculTy and sTudenTs, and To furTher general good fellowship of members. Among iTs maior acTiviTies are The sponsoring of four members as delegaTes To The enTomology convenTion in MonTerrey, Mexico; compiling and publishing The annual club pUblicaTion, The Aggie EnTomoIogisT;displaying sTudenT work in The Memorial STudenT CenTer, and also many social evenTs. LYNDON ALMAND KATHY JARMON PresidenT SweeThearT OFFICERS LYNDON ALMAND , PresidenT DOUGLAS DUTY 7, , Vice PresidenT KENNETH ZAMZOV , ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,, SecreTaryeTreasurer EMORY BORING ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ReporTer JOSEPH SCHAFFNER , ,, ,, ,, ,, Club Sponsor FIRST ROW: Lopez; Dennyon; Piper; Wier; Rensinger; Cauthorn; Bryan; Faqu. SECOND ROW: Wallace; Lee; Byran; Kiya; Moore; Cruz; Liles; Saloma-Orozco; Russell, Cothey, Cassidy, Confella. THIRD ROW: Frederick; Myers; Klepper; Maddox; Herring; RoberTson; Welch; Boy; Schmidt; Smith; Simpson; Mooney; MaTThaei. FOURTH ROW: Owen; Schell; Lange; Worley; Mares; Hedeman; Norwood; Thedford; Bamle; Lyons; Ruiz; Brown; Harris; MaTThaei; Hardeman. One of The main obiecTives of The IEEE is To bridge The gap beTween school and indusTry. This Technical socieTy also Tries To enlighTen The undergraduaTe as well as The graduaTe sTUdenT on new developmenTs, Tech- nics, and imporTanT research in all phases of ElecTrical Engineering by providing guesT speakers aT iTs bi- monTth meeTings. OTher highlighTs include Technical wriTing conTesTs, publicaTions, and The annual ElecTricaI Engineering Picnic along wiTh The FaculTy-Senior Baseball Game held in The spring. OFFICERS PresidenT JOHN SCHMIDT Program Chairman ............................. LYMAN HARDEMAN Vice Chairman .................................... JOHN PENSINGER SecreTary DAVID CAUTHORN Treasurer ................................ DAVlD SALOMA-OROZCO StudenT Branch Counselor ........................ W. P. WORLEY N x a H. ex y President Sweetheart JOHN SCHMIDT ANNE HEWITT OFFICERS LOUIS BOND PresidenT WALLACE JOHNSTON Vice-PresidenT DAYLE YEAGER SecreTa ry-Treasurer NORMAN ,WALLACE Reporter JERRY HEDRICK HisTorian DR. L. V. HAWKINS Sponsor FIRST ROW: E. Glazener; D. Yeager; N. Wallace; W. Johnston,- L. Bond; J. Hedrick; L. Hardeman. SECOND ROW: G. Baker; J. Brown,- B. Thompson; W. Bammel; H. Spain; J. Polansky; R. Ald- ridge; J. Squyres. THIRD ROW: J. Sfankey; J. Humbert; R. McKnight; A. Boehm; W. Sigurdson; C. Cozzens; D. Richardson; E. Kana. loTa Lambda Sigma is a naTional socieTy of professional minded IndusTriaI EducaTion men who have bound Themselves To uphold The principles of scholar- ship, leadership, and service. The socieTy has Three maior obiecTives: The recog- niTion of high scholarship in The field, and The creaTion and mainTenance of a closer bond beTween The acTual and prospecTive Teachers, supervisors, and di- recTors of lndusTrial EducaTion in school and indusTry. LOUIS BOND President mtion Saciety i OFFICERS VINCENT COREIL PresidenT R. L. ALDRIDGE Vice-PresidenT JAMES BLASCHKE Treasurer SAM SPA! N SecreTa ry JAMES POLANSKY Reporter THOMAS NORTON Social Chairman BEN GHORMLEY ParliamenTarian TERRY TEEMS-WAYNE THOMPSON Program Chairmen FIRST ROW: Spain; R. Aldridge; J. Boone; V. Coreil; J. Blaschke; B. Ghormley. SECOND ROW: T. Teemsz J. Parker; R. McBride; C. Longnecker; D. McDowell; D. Strong; J. Osborn; B. Thompson. THIRD ROW: J. Polansky; J. Piwonka; J. Felkner; G. Vinson; T. Norton; B. Hardeman; G. Shupak. The lndusTrial EducaTion SocieTy is composed of sTudenTs maioring in in- dusTrial Technology, indusTrial disTribuTion, indusTrial educaTion, and indusTriaI journalism. The socieTy is dedicaTed To The promoTion of HS members in indus- Try and educaTion. IT seeks To inTroduce iTs members To The problems and re- wards of indusTry by bringing guesT speakers To iTs meeTings or by acTually sponsoring Tours of indusTry. MARTHA TRUE Sweetheart President DEAN LEWIS FIRST ROW: Lewis; Carter; Cook. SECOND ROW: McKinney; Hall; Cooper,- Diaz; ResTivo; Alley; Morgan; Richard; Dailey. THIRD ROW: Serna; CusTer; Andrick; Penland; Smith; Davis; Vick. FOURTH ROW: Byrd; Jones; Sebastian; Johnson; ScoTT; EdingTon; Surber; Kessler;SmiTh;Conrad. OFFICERS PresidenT .................................................................... DEAN LEWIS Senior RepresenTaTive .......................................... DONALD CARTER Treasurer .................................................................... BRUCE COOK The obiecT of The MarkeTing SocieTy is To promoTe, fosTer, and encourage inTeresT, undersTanding, and scholarship in markeTing Through fellowship among sTUdenTs, faculTy members and businessmen. The socieTy Tries To aTTain This ob- jecTive by being a collegiaTe chapTer of The American AssociaTion, which offers The opporTuniTy for members To become acquainTed wiTh prominenT business- men and markeTing innovaTions. Members have The opporTuniTy To hear speak- ers which The socieTy brings To The campus ThroughouT The year and during The annual Sales Clinic, which is co-sponsored wiTh The HousTon Sales ExecuTive Club. Two H. W. PeTer's Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year aT The annual Sales Clinic To qualified socieTy members. Membership in The socieTy is open To any sTudenT wiTh a sincere inTeresT in markeTing. President JAMES LYON FIRST ROW: Herricks; Garcia; Agarwal; Flores; Carter; Mabie; Hagia; Shah; Smith. SECOND ROW: Berry; Little; Sinha; Lyon; Monroe; Lyon; Keemeien; Praisnar; Oiten; Givens. OFFICERS President ............................ JAMES LYON Vice President ................ K. G. HERRICKS The Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineering of the Secretary ........................ H. KLEEMEIEN American lnsfi'ru're of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers has Treasurer ........................ WILLIE LYONS utilized This school year to acquaint its members, undergraduate and grad- Sponsor -------------------------------- J- 5- LITTLE ua're, with recent Technological developments in The areas of production, reservoir, and drilling engineering. . Pi 27ml Sigma TEXAS SIGMA DELTA OFFICERS President .................... M. E. FOSTER Vice President ........ H. G. JERNIGAN Secretary ................ E. R. HOLLOWAY Advisor DR. J. G. H. THOMPSON President MORRIS E. FOSTER FIRST ROW: Holloway; Thompson; Foster,- Jernigan. SECOND ROW: Davis; Taylor; Moore; Tovey; Chauviere; Alexander. Pi Tau Sigma, The national Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, was founded in March 16, 1915, To honor Those who had excelled in Mechanical Engineering in college and graduates who became outstanding in The field of Mechan- ical Engineering. The Texas Sigma Delta Chapter was chartered in May, 1964. The chapter recognizes Those who have distin- guished Themselves by academic excellence, extracurricular activities, outstanding leadership, and exemplary char- acter. 3l7 FIRST ROW: C. Bourne; T. Lunsford; B. Holcomb; J. Singleton; B. Davis; R. Byrne; A. DeVillenueve. SECOND ROW: J. Wilson; T. Lewis; M. Feehan; P. Buiton; R. Blakely; P. Hilton; M. Pierce; M. Key; R. Dobyns; C. MarTin; T. Forgeng. THIRD ROW: 5. Figun; T. Webb; D. Bailey; F. Bourgeois; M. Pavelka; A. Sullivan; T. Orton; J. Olmock; T. Schiwetz; K. Deginder; J. Young; D. Mafelski; B. Gordon; L. Millikin; H. Graven; G. Swindell. FOURTH ROW: 5. Smith; D. Franklin; E. Melchen; L. Noel; K. Vanek; P. Grivich; 5. Ward; G. Glenney; D. Burney; P. LaBarbera; W. ZwarTies; -A. Jennings; S. Jardsz; L. Limerick; M. BurditT; R. Combs; D. Glassford; J. MaTThews; P. Christian; R. Henslee. The Pre-Med Pre-DenT Society, esTainshed To keep A8TM's pre-med sTudenTs' inTeresTs high, offers a wide and varied program. The bi-weekly meeTings ofTen feaTure Talks from some of The SouThwesT's mosT disTingUished physicians and denTisTs. This year films of acTual operaTions and experimenTs were shown. HighlighTing The year's acTiviTies are Trips Through medical and denTal schools and The SocieTy's annual spring banqueT. This year, as in Times pasT, The SocieTy has kepT The pre-med and pre-denT sTudenTs inTeresTed in Their fields and looking earnesle Towards The fuTure. OFFICERS CECIL BOURNE .................................................. PresidenT TOM LUNSFORD ........................................ Vice-PresidenT BOB HOLCOMB ................................. SecreTary-Treasurer JEFF SINGLETON ...................... Corresponding SecreTary SAM GLENNEY ......................................... Social Chairman STEVE HEARTWELL ................................... ParliamenTarian BILL DAVIS .................................... Senior RepresenTaTive ROGER BYRNE .............................. Junior RepresenTaTive CECIL BOURNE JOAN JUNTGE President Sweetheart President R. PREWITT President .................................... R, PREWITT ' -P ' n ............................ J. HOUSTON Vlce reSIde T FIRST ROW: D. Reifschneider, J. Houston, R. PrewiTT, W. McNally, W. Pounds. SecreTary-Treasurer -------------------- W- MCNALLY SECOND ROW: c. Young, T. Mullins, J. Gayden, J. Smith, Cochrell, Murphy. "ThaT They may Truly and imparTially adminisTer iustice." WiTh This moTTo in mind, The Pre-Law SocieTy spenT an inTeresTing year in preparing iTs members for law school by supplemenTing The academic curriculum wiTh inTeresTing and educaTional acTiviTies connecTed wiTh The field of law. The club holds many acTiviTies in- cluding a gala party To close The year's calendar. Poultry Science President JOSEPH ZOTZ OFFICERS President JOSEPH ZOTZ Vice President E. MURRELL Sec reTa ry SEATED: Lee; Gibbs; ZoTz; Murrell. STANDING: Krueger; Bryant; Kropp; Ryan; Badreddine; Rutledge; El Majduub; Quisenberry. JAMES GIBBS Treasurer RONNIE LEE Membership in The PoulTry Science Club ihcludes any sTudenT who is inTeresTed in poulTry. The purpose is To sTimUlaTe inTeresT in The sTudy and applicaTion of poulTry. ProieCTs include: sponsoring of poulTry judging Teams; holding The annual barbeque; and presenTing speakers and films. Kahyc am! Jammy President E. J. HEINEMANN FIRST ROW: Jacoby; McCall; Dressen; Heinemann; Gilbert; Forrest. SECOND ROW: Taylor; Neely; Keilers; Huebinger; Frazier; Caldwell; Knox,- Hancock; Amara; Banner; Klsinert. THIRD ROW: Newcomb; Zuelke; Weaver; Henard; Huss; CuTshall; Dyksierhuis; Foster; Hood; Wright; Dismukes; Walker; Haag. The Texas A8TM Range and ForesTry Club is a deparTmenTal club open To all maiors in Range and ToresTry and is designed To help sTimulaTe The professional inTeresT of The sTudenTs. The club's acTiviTies include selling pine cones and holding a Turkey shooT To aid The annual ParenTs Day Bar- B-Que and also To help send a Team To The NaTional Range and ForesTry PlanT ConTesT sponsored by The American SocieTy of Range Management ' i ' ' , m m X x. ' lg? m s wM-Mmkmx WhaT is probably The ouTsTanding faciliTy of HS Type in The UniTed STaTes was finished in 1963. IT is The Uni- versiTy's new $2.3 million PlanT Sciences Building. The sTrucTure, wiTh ifs 85,000 square feeT of usable floor space, is one of The school's largesT buildings. lTs inTricaTe scienTific equipmenT accounTs for abouT half The cosT of The complex faciliTy. Eleven environmenTal rooms, wiTh auTomaTic planT growTh lighTing sysTems and a cenTral program Timer, are among iTs special feaTures. There is an infrared laboraTory for dying sTudies, a nemaTology lab for sTudying The round worms in soils which cause knoTs and damage To planTs,and a cereal crop diseases laboraTory. Radiochemical laboraTories wiTh glazed Tile walls have Their own air condiTioning sysTem To eliminaTe all danger of radioacTive maTerials geTTing inTo The resT of The building. The "hoT lab" also has iTs own sTorage vaulT for radio- acTive isoTopes. LaboraTories for herbicide research, air-polluTion studies, coTTon disease research, and mineral nUTriTion sTudy 2fare also housed in The building. SEATED: Delbert McGuire,- Ronald Fann; Ray Harris; Glen Dromgoole;RoberT Knight. STANDING: Ham McQueen; Clovis McCallisTer; Tommy De Frank; Gerald Garcia;'Mike Reynolds; Lani Presswood. GLEN DROMGOOLE President OFFICERS GLEN DROMGOOLE PresidenT HAM MCQUEEN Vice PresidenT RAY HARRIS Secretary RONALD FANN Treasurer DELBERT MCGUIRE ROBERT KNIGHT Co-Advisors Sigma DelTa Chi, Professional JournalisTic SocieTy, is a professional socieTy for men engaged in and dedicaTed To The highesT principles of journalism. IT is comparable To The professional organizaTions serving The Tields of law and medicine. The members of The socieTy are chosen on a highly selecTive basis from The mosT promising men en- gaged in iournalism. Take gas Tea Sip. KAREN STUART Sweetheart MQW f 42 z fZ z , . , 2g, 7; 7 7? T . , ,L yW a Z, wgzyyw. z z: kwwwwx ,2 ; 2i, , 2; T T 36 TTwaxngyw xMMxM V T 9704an MMZAM M? x 7: 2; Z f 215.? A05? , , w zf, . z 4 ?Z? n ,? n n 5 V e L 22? XXX 4w e T712 zx ,n. y i "Oh, you're an Aggie! In That case . . . In in The AGGIELAND before "This car has been 1 ,, MWIVAKV z w 'TWwWWV" MWW'L ' ?Xmgwky ass meww WV ,, what now?" "Well, III "Please, I'd rather do it myself gayimcrs V5 ' l w m Ll u A 101 m 4L 0 5 ?eryzntwf? f??? CANDY GARNER Sweetheart ; Fletcher. Mosley; OverTon inger ; Copp ; Nachod iley; Tees; Key; Swan iner Tra Ba I True'nner; Clifford Iguez; Baggot Rodr SECOND ROW Fl RST ROW Ins. Nester; Tompk Greer; I I Inchauste; 12; Mor I ional The work of The SAE has been unlimiTed in The field of eng The Society of AuTomoTive Engineers, founded 1905, is one of The largesT naT ; Therefore, iTs members represenT every area of The field. professional organ ions. IzaT neenng J. E. NACHOD President - . . MW mmwmwwwwe Society for tha Advamcmmt of Management FIRST ROW: House; KluTz; Hefley; Kreymer; Cardwell; Spiller; Ellims. SECOND ROW: Fiegel; McAdams; PeTTy; Cannon; Bogart; Howard; Kellar; Hafcher; Howard. THIRD ROW: Watson; Cornelius; Wolcon; BadgwelI; Horelica; Wright,- Holder; Ratcliffe; Noles. The SocieTy for The AdvancemenT of ManagemenT, The recognized naTional professional organizaTion of managers in indusTry, commerce, governmenT and educaTion, and The pioneer in managemenT philoso- phy, has been dedicaTed To The advancemenT of managemenT and managemenT men since 1912, when The original Taylor SocieTy was esTablished. In iTs firsT year of exisTence aT Texas A8TM, The ManagemenT So- cieTy has sTrived To provide sTudenTs wiTh an insighT inTo The acTual pracTice of The managemenT profession. OFFICERS JOHN KREYMER ..... PresidenT TOM CARDWELL .................................................... Vice President WILLIAM KLUTZ ............................................ Program Chairman DAN SPILLER .................................................. PubliciTy Chairman MARTIN HEFLEY .............................................. SecreTary-Treasurer WILLIAM HOUSE R. L. ELLIMS .................................................................... Sponsors JAN SLADOWSKI Sweetheart Satiology OFFICERS PresidenT C. HATZENBUEHLER Vice PresidenT CURTIS EATON SecreTa ry JAMES KNEISLER Professor DAN DAVIS GraduaTe AssisTanT LANNY BULLARD PresidenT CHARLES HATZENBUEHLER FIRST ROW: EaTon; McNeeley; HaTzenbuehler; Wynn; Kneisler. SECOND ROW: Lange; Mouelhin; Winkle; Juarez; Crider; Hatzenbuehler; Welsh; Kuvlesky. THIRD ROW; Esquirel; Charfi; Davis; Luekenbach; Bullard; LindsTrom; Dudley; ViTek; Skrabanek. Organized in 1926, The Sociology Club has since been of invaluable service To sTudenTs maioring or minoring in sociology. MeeTings are held Twice a monTh, each presenTing an ouTsTanding speaker concerning a parTicular field 3f sociology. One meeTing each semesTer is a public inTeresT program. This year, The firsT cenTered on alcoholism and The second on juvenile delinquency. A new acTiviTy This year was The represenTaTion of four club members aT The SouThwesTern Sociology Associa- Tion, held in Dallas. ' Socially of yilmgriam Military Engimcrs OFFICERS WILLIAM GIBBONS PresidenT ALTON THOMPSON Vice PresidenT-Fall BOB MINOR Vice PresidenT-Spring STUART GRAYSON SecreTary-Treasurer FIRST ROW: Partridge; Bassham; Gibbons; Thompson; Grayson. SECOND ROW: Hepper; Preas; Rigsby; Allison,- Diaz; Screws. Organized on January 1, 1920, The SocieTy of American MiliTary Presidents Engineers is an associaTion in which engineers from all of The engineer- WILLIAM GIBBONS ing services of The Armed Forces and from all fields of civilian engineering and BOB MINOR . . . . . . . . pracTice lom To increase The engineering poTenTial of The UmTed STaTes for The NaTional SecuriTy. The SocieTy has a membership of 30,000 Through- ouT The world, including sTudenT posTs comprised of engineerin'g and ROTC sTudenTs in 60 colleges and universiTies in The UniTed STaTes. FIRST ROW: Berron; Schmidt; Clifton; Knight. SECOND ROW: Conner; Lange; Pensinger; Faulk; Cauthron; Chaney; Wolf; Dupuis;$olis;Moore; Alexander; Brewster; Eubank. THIRD ROW: Simpson; Maddox; Pylant; Foster; Bennett; Williams; Harris,- Pittman; Haile; Chauviere. Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 by Dr. E. H. Williams, Jr., to honor those who had excelled in an engineering curriculum in college and graduates who became outstand-, ing in the field of engineering. The first member, I. A. Heikes, was initiated in 1885 by Dr. Williams, and the society has since grown to the present organization of 114 undergraduate chapters and 29 graduate chapters with a total initiated membership of over 121,000. The Texas Delta chapter, one of the largest chapters of Tau Beta Pi, was chartered in October, 1948, and now has an initiated membership of over 1,900. Texas Delta received one of the four outstanding chapter awards given by the national association for work done by chapter members in 1962-1963. Review sessions for the E.I.T. Examinations are sponsored by Texas Delta, and a scholarship is annually awarded to a de- serving engineering student. OFFICERS DAVID CLIFTON President LARRY MADDON .................................. Vice-President JOHN SCHMIDT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treasurer CHARLES KNIGHT ................ Corresponding Secretary FRED BENSON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Recording Secretary WARD SHAW ............................................ Cataloguer MARCIA ANN CLIFTON DAVID CLIFTON Sweetheart President Cams Studmt Educatim Associating E Q? The George B. Wilcox ChapTer of The Texas STudenT Educa- Tion AssociaTion is The professional organizaTion for universiTy sTu- denTs preparing To Teach. Members have all The righTs, privileges, and responsibiliTies of membership in STUdenT NEA, and associaTe membership in TSTA and NEA. The EducaTion Club, as H is locally known, was organized in 1956, and named in honor of George BarTon Wilcox, professor and former head of The EducaTion and Psychology DeparTmenT. lTs purposes are To inTeresT young men and women in Teach- ing as a career, provide iTs members wiTh opporTuniTies for de- veloping personal and professional growTh, encourage The careful selecTion and guidance of persons admiTTed To The Teacher educa- Tion program, and sTrive for higher sTandards of preparaTion in The Teaching field. Left To Right, Thomas Riddle, Vice-Presidenf, Phil Lanasa, President, and Tom STreigler, Area Coordinator. FIRST ROW: Madsen, Bender, Babin, Sfriegler, Lanasa, Riddle, McNiel, Franklin, WhiTe, Reeves. SECOND ROW: Adams, KoThmann, Cook, Graner, McDaniel, Carlton, Reichle, Cathey,ConTella, Robinson. THIRD ROW: Reese, Johns, Kleibrink, Spears, Barsch, Winn, Thomas, STriegler, Finch,Barnes, Ringer, Laughlin, Saenz. FOURTH ROW: Chancellor, BurnneTT, Vaughn, RoberTs, Tucker, Stokes, Dendy, PatraneHa,Presley,MarabIe,Smith. OFFICERS President Chairman of TEPS CommiTTee PHILIP J. LANASA WARREN R. MADSEN Vice-Presidenf PubliciTy Chairman THOMAS E. RIDDLE LEOPOLD B. BABIN SecreTary-Treasurer Program Chairman WILLIAM C. BENDER JERRY FRANKLIN Area Coordinator Membership Chairman HARVEY R. STRIEGLER LOWELL E, REEVES "iiiw $431 4441 um .uwwwwml IgglllllllFIF hIIlI Hmmc, a Maw That we alwax s wove able to lmwk forward 1Q and mam TWHCS a. IHILI wamdmml why we had over left H, SP1'WHExiHPLilIyiJIZN JIU HAINtR Texas A8TM is unique from The sTandpoinT ThaT iT is one of The few universiTies ThaT have HomeTown Clubs for The sTudenTs. There were TiTTy- six such organizaTions acTive on The A8xM campus This year. For The sTudenTs from The larger Towns or ciTies, The single HomeTown Clubs are available; for Those from The smaller Towns, area groups have been organized. There are also clubs for The foreign sTudenTs. The HomeTown Clubs offer a greaT deal To The sTudenTs. The clubs meeTing once a week, The sTudenT has a chance To meeT and associaTe wiTh Those from his own homeTown Trequenle. The clubs also organize func- Tions for The sTudenTs when aT home, during The holidays and summer monThs. Through These clubs, sTudenTs can also acquire rides home for The weekends and holidays. Heading home for The weekend. Abilene flametawn 61w FIRST ROW: Callaway; Smith,- OverTon; Griffith; Huchfon; Shipman; McGinn; Glover; Neely. SECOND ROW: Osborn,- ChasTain; Sewell; Carr; Barton; Davenport; Taylor; Cockrell; Bryan. - Working in co-operaTion wiTh The Abilene A8TM MoTher's Club,l The club brings The boys from Abi- lene TogeTher boTh on The campus and aT home for social TuncTions. During The holidays and summer vacaTion, The members are insTrumenTal in encourag- ing high school seniors from Abilene and surround- ing Towns To aTTend A8TM. Each SepTember, The club, along WiTh The MoThers Club, sponsors a parTy for newly enTering freshmen. President JIM NEELY PresidenT eeeeee JIM NEELY Vice-Presidenf ........................................ DAVID BARTON SecreTa ry-Treasurer .............................. MIKE HUCHTON Sweetheart CAROLE HERRING Amarillo Jfamcmm 61115 FIRST ROW: Bloomer; Williams; Chewning; Ansley; Reeves; Lee,- Weathers; Sloan; Wise. SECOND ROW: Brown; Smith; Kimmins; Wetherbee; McKernan; BriTT; BenTzen Powell; Jarvis. President CLINT REEVES Vice-PresidenT ................................ CHARLES WETHERBEE Secre'rary-Treasurer ............................... CHARLES ANSLEY President CLINT REEVES We, of The Amarillo HomeTown Club wish To dedicaTe This page To The Amarillo A8TM MoThers club in a vain ef- forT To Thank Them fer Their love, ThoughTfulness, and pa- Tience Through The years, which is so greaT a parT of every one of us. Sweetheart ALTA DUNN Amity flametam 61w A small but active organiza'rion, The Austin Hometown Club is composed of outstanding young men who refuse To patronize The rival institution known as "Land of the 40 Acres." The students Try To promote interest in Aggieland for boys who otherwise would be snared by the Teasips. President W. BANNER Vice President -h .............. H. HOWARD Secretary-Treasurer ........................ R. WILLIAMS President Sweetheart HENRY K. HOWARD CHRIS BLAIR SEATED: Banner,- Howard; Williams. STANDING: McElncey; Mason; Keilers; Tisinger; Menzies; S. T. Ward,- F. F. Ward; Apostle; Van Winkle; Bohn; Kirkpatrick. Bay Area ffomctown 61w FIRST ROW: Mason, Linton, Harrs, Palmer, Wortham, Hawkins, Lindsy, Tees,Jennings,Shaw,WinneTTe. SECOND ROW: Cooper, Muir, Remme, Campbell, Prestige, Beggerly, Barker, Holt. THIRD ROW: Schulze, Meyer, Hollahan, McGinTy, Abschneider, Robertson, Brandt. FOURTH ROW: Logan, Pruitt, Regini, Van Nostrand. The Bay Area HomeTown Club, formed in 1959-60 for Aggies from The mainland ciTies of GalvesTon and sur- rounding counTies, is now an organizaTion of 50 members. The purpose of The club is To enable The Aggies of These Towns To keep in Touch during The school year. Club func- Tions are sponsored ioinle wiTh The MoThers Club during The school holidays. Sweethearf DORENDER PONDER PresidenT ............................ ROBERT M. HAWKINS Vice PresidenT ........................ CHARLES E. RASH SecreTary .................................... DlCKlE HARRIS Treasurer ...................................... EMKEN LINTON Reporter ........................................ JERRY COOPER President Sweetheart ROBERT M. HAWKI NS RHONDA JACKSON FIRST ROW: Killingsworth; Killingsworth; Contella; Contella; Paulson. SECOND ROW: Lee; Bird; Spengler; Pridmore; Young; Allen; Dunks; Bevers; Harrison; Marshall. THIRD ROW: Werf; Reber; Barker; Maher; Rutledge,- Kersh; Becka; Brown; Teel; Janecek. President .................................... BOB PAULSON Vice President .................................... BILL KERSH Party; Chairman ................................ JIM BROWN President Sweetheart BOB PAULSON BARBARA WARNE The Bayfown Hometown Club at Texas AW consists of students from The East Harris County area, including graduates of Bayfown, Cedar Bayou, Crosby, Barber's Hill and La Porte high schools. Its purpose is To introduce Texas A8xM To high school students. Included in the club's ac- tivities are annual assembly programs at The respective high schools, college orientation programs for prospective freshmen, midsummer and Christmas dances for club members,tAggie exes, and prospective Aggies. Krazm'a Kounty flamctmn 61115 The Brazeria Coun'ry Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Angleton, Alvin, Brazoria, Clu're, Damon, Freeporf, Jones Creek, Lake Jackson, Pearland, Sweeny and West Columbia. The main purpose of The Club is to help Aggies from Brazoria County to become acquainted. Each year The club has a party during the Christmas and Easter holidays. FIRST ROW: Barnes; Warren; Laughlin; Hellums; Johnson; Whitaker; Fried; Cook. SECOND ROW: Womack; Baugh; Arringfon; Neuman; Edgar; Irvin; Dodd; May. THIRD ROW: Schmidt; Laughlin; Raska; Norman; Miller; Stavinaho; Wolf; Munson; Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Cafes, Chalberg, Munson, Key. President NELSON HELLUMS Vice President WADE COOK Secretary-Treasurer ............................ JACKSON BARNES Publicity Chairman ................................ JOHN WARREN President NELSON HELLUMS President ROBERT P. DEVINE 60277115 8hristi ffamdawn cm This club includes sTudenTs from Corpus ChrisTi and many oThers from The surrounding area. We are especially noTed for our parTies which we give quiTe frequenle, boTh here on The campus and aT home. Also, The club plays an imporTanT role in recruiTing high school graduaTes from our schools To aTTend Texas A8TM. Backed by an ouTsTanding MoThers club, we are happy To be one of The mosT acTive groups on The campus. PresidenT ROBERT P. DEVINE Vice-presidenT ................................ CHARLES A. MELLA III SecreTary KENNETH B. LAVER Treasurer WILLIAM E. OGLE FIRST ROW: Bill Ogle, Mella, Devine, Barry. SECOND ROW: Ginn, Parr, Kean, Kostelnik. THIRD ROW: Massey, Pall, Daly, Parmer, Killen. FOURTH ROW: Colborn, Moran, Coover, Burney, RekTorik. Sweetheart PAM EHLERS ivi- ion iaT Trong. Evidence of Sweetheart JUDIE PERSONS rea. The club's acT ir Sincere apprec ghouT The year, The highlighT of which is The annual hosen. The members express The iss LaUchner. I . BAKER TeresT in The school R in ber of sTudenTs from The El Paso a DR. EDWARD MEYERS SCOTT CONNERS D ; Hocking; Gordy; Hawley; Swindle, Kriechbaum; Park; PhillpoTTs; BenedetTo is c T. Ferris; MUsTon; Andrews; Davis; Sobey; Boyce. ; Bean; Davis idenT Treasurer BOB COLE Lucero; Mergen; Fenter; Gardner I idenT Pres i immons Increasmg num R. D. Baker,- Conners; Cole; Candelaria. Garrett S TeresT and suppor ily ial funcTions held Throu Sponsor Pres Vice SecreTary- IS locaTed 700 miles from A8TM, 5 m m w m "a 0 m a In M , V M i 17. M M LMMM x MMMM MMAWMOMMMM WWWWWWM M M M MMMMMMMM SECOND ROW: Lopez THIRD ROW FOURTH ROW FIRST ROW 1,?M M . 4 M M e . L MMMMMMMMMMM M . , MMXMMM i , MM? . M MMMMMM , MMWMMOM MM MMMM ., MMMMMMM M L . .fM 7g MMX XX MZMMMMM M M MWMMMMMMMMM MMMM MM President SCOTT CONNERS Even Though El Paso This is shown by The sTead Ties include various soc ChrisTmas parTy when The club sweeThearT To The MoThers Club for iTs Sweetheart ILENE RODE ffill Eauntry flamctown 6M2 The Hill Country Hometown Club is one of The largest and most active social clubs on The Texas A8TM campus. The club sponsors a Christ- mas, Easter, and beginning-of-schoo! party and dance To provide funds To sponsor a duchess in the Cotfon Pageant each year. The club is com- posed of students from 10 counties and some 16 different Towns cover- ing an area of 5,800 sq. miles in South and West Central Texas. FIRST ROW: Honea, Smith, Kothmann, Bielfeldf, Heinemann, Wilke, Callcott. SECOND ROW: Pehl, Merritt, Kaderli, Schwiening, Crenwelge, Penick, Amthor. THIRD ROW: Cox, Shannon, Stewart, Wells, Loeffler, Evers. President ........................................ JOHNNY HONEA Vice President ........................................ DALE FELPS Social Secretary ............................... RONNIE FURBER Treasurer .................................... THURMAN FANCHER Secretary ...................................... GERALD W. EVERS President JOHNNY HONEA flattstm ffomdam 1w FIRST ROW: Lyerly; Segura; Franklin; Green; Brewton. SECOND ROW: Contreras,- Birdsong; Adams; Polito; Gaden; Zeis; Morgan; Dawson; Cockrell; Gundarson. The HousTon HomeTown Club has as iTs obiecTive The geTTing To- geTher and meeTing of The members and occasional social funcTions. The club is open To all who graduaTed from a HousTon high school. Because of The profiTable operaTions ThroughouT The year, There were no dues collecTed. PresidenT . - RICHARD GREEN Vice President .................................... AUDIE BREWTON SecreTary-Treasurer ................................ GEORGE LYERLY President RICHARD GREEN Marshall ffzrmctawn em Sweetheart SHIRLEY McCAIN FIRST ROW: Waskom; Lewis; Crowell; Holley; Phillips. SECOND ROW: Sfropp; Trench; Hoofon. President JOHN R. STROPP Vice President .................................... JAMES G. HOOTON Secretary .......................................... THOMAS CROWELL The Marshall Hometown Club consists of Aggies from Har- rison County. The main attraction of Harrison County is beautiful Caddo Lake which offers rest and relaxation. The club offers a closer relationship To its members while on campus and a chance To aTTend several social functions at home during holidays. JOHzregidseggopp The club is grafeful To The A8xM Mothers Club of Marshall for ' its support during The year. To Them we would like To say, "Thank You, Mothers." Orange Kama? ffamefown 61w The Orange CounTy HomeTown Club was organized To provide a Time for all Aggies from Orange CounTy To geT TogeTher. IT also seTs a place where The men from The separaTe Towns in Orange CounTy come TogeTher and geT beTTer acquainTed. Officers hope ThaT more of The men from Orange CounTy will Take The opporTuniTy To ioin and work in The club To make H a more helpful organizaTion. PresidenT .............................................. ROBERT MARTELL Vice PresidenT ...................................... LESTER HATCHER Secretary-Treasurer ........................ VAN VANDERVOORT Sweetheart GAIL SHADDOCK FIRST ROW: Tindall; VandervoorT; Burr; HaTcher; Martell; Brown; Brown. SECOND ROW: Harvey; Moore,- Fletcher; Eastman; Bryant; Markham; Harris; Morris; Byrmes. iiihei. dupmm l V; m T93Ti ' 3 FIRST ROW: Lara, lnchausTe, Carrillo, Serna. SECOND ROW: Morillo, Dominquez, Diaz, Figueredo. THIRD ROW: Vargar, DupIaT, Munoz, Rodriguez, Ghavez, Percival, Habze, Guevara, Cuellar, Livas, De le Garza, Roias, SoTolongo, Baduy, Obediente, Figueredo, Castillo. Castro, Cooper, Estrada, Lara, Smith, Rivero, Rodriquez, Wolkowicz, Villarreal, Rodriguez, Amaya, Guerra, Serna, The Pan American HomeTown Club is a large and acTive HomeTown Club comprised of The Aggies living in our Pan American counTries. The club emphasizes The fellowship of HS members by sponsoring several social evenTs over The year. In addiTion To iTs oTher acTiviTies, The club is insTrumenTal in providing rides home for iTs members. President JORGE A. INCHAUSTE PresidenT ............................................ JORGE INECHAUSTE Vice PresidenT ............................................ OLIVER LARA Secretary ........................................ ARTURO L. CARRILLO Treasurer JOSE E. JERNA Sweetheart CONNIE ORSI Pasadena Aral ffamdown 61115 FIRST ROW: Eddleman; Rannals; Jones; Manhys; Ghormley; Terrel; Burkhalter; Riske. SECOND ROW: Miehlman; Seale; Goodwin; Mumford; Evans; Duerer; Lovelace; Duke; Kirchner; Sorrelis. The Pasadena HomeTown Club aT Texas A8TM consisTs of graduaTes of Pasadena, SouTh HousTon, and Deer Park high schools. The purpose of The club is To enable The Aggies of These high schools To keep in Touch during The year by having regular meeTings and social TuncTions. The main social evenT was a banqueT given by The Pasadena Area MoThers Club. The MoThers Club has Taken upon iTsehc The responsibiliTies of financing our club's full-page picTure in The Aggieland. The members express Their sincere appreciaTion To The MoThers Club for iTs inTeresT and supporT. PresidenT ...................................... BENNETT GHORMLEY Vice-PresidenT .......................................... EDDIE SHERRILL SecreTary-Treasurer .................................. DAVID TERRELL Social SecreTary ................................. CHARLES MATTHYS and JOHN HILL Swee'rheart GAY NEWELL Pecan Valley ffomdawrz 61115 Comprised of Aggies from Brownwood and surrounding communiTies in The HearT of Tex- as, The Pecan Valley HomeTown Club affords iTs members a chance To "geT-TogeTher" aT leasT once a monTh. This year during The EasTer holidays, The club sponsored iTs second an- nual in Brownwood and had approximaTely 150 persons aTTending. WiTh iTs willing co-op- eraTion and assisTance, The A8TM MoThers Club of Brownwood again has proven iTsehc as an invaluable asseT of our homeTown club. The MoThers Club has Taken Upon iTsehc The re- sponsibiliTies of financing our club's Tull-page picTure in The Aggieland and of sponsoring The club's sweeThearT for The annual CoTTon PageanT and Ball. To Them we are ever graTefuI and would like To exTend a hearTy "Thanks." FIRST ROW: German; Buhler; Seely; Fine. SECOND ROW: Harris; Cawyer; Riker; Cox; WhiTe. THIRD ROW: Lamkin; Jones; Buhler; Lindemann. PresidenT eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SEELY Vice-PresidenT ............................................ CLARK Public Information Officer .................... GERMAN SecreTary ................................................ BUHLER President Sweetheart TOM R. SEELY DORTHA GERMAN Kt?! 51mm Valley ffomctowrz 61w The Rio Grande Valley HomeTown Club is composed of Aggies from Hidalgo, Cameron, Willacy, and STarr counTies who wish To gaTher wiTh Their fellow Aggies and supporT social and educaTional evenTs. Each year The club is acTive in High School Career Day and sponsors a duchess in The CoTTon PageanT. One of The highlighTs of The year is The ChrisTmas parTy sponsored by The Rio Grande Valley A8iM MoThers Club. For This, and The financing of our club's full page picTure in The Aggieland, we exTend To Them our Thanks. PresidenT ...................................... DONALD F. MIKA Vice President ............................ DANIEL J. CRAMER Secretary PETE DIXON Treasurer OSCAR E. PENA President DONALD F. Ml KA Sweetheart SHERRY CALLAWAY WW mekmm FIRST ROW: Swanson; Hansen; Crouch; Pena; Mika; Cramer; Sluis; Burch. SECOND ROW: Engelbrech'r; Rusteberg; Landreth; Karle; Sylvester; Wolf; VitteToe. THIRD ROW: Crowe; Swanson; Hensley; Wilson; Krebs; Tiiernia; Moss; Rios. 51m Artydo - West 275mg ffamctown 61115 vzww 1 FIRST ROW: Bonner,- Hopkins; Taylor; Johnson; Fuchs; Schwertner; Powell. SECOND ROW: Greeks; HorTon; Hooker; McCarthy; Hoover. The San Angelo-WesT Texas HomeTown Club is composed of sTUdenTs in San Angelo and ouleing communiTies. One of The ouTsTanding acTiviTies of The club is The annual ChrisTmas Dance wiTh The pro- ceeds being donaTed To The MoThers Club for a scholarship To A8TM. The main obiecTive is To uniTe The Aggies from This area. LOYE 143405; WEST -szAs AGGPES President .................................... JOE JOHNSON Vice PresidenT ................................ JAMES FUCHS SecreTary .................. , ............. GEORGE TAYLOR ReporTer .................................... JOHN HOPKINS Sweetheart President SANDRA KAYE JOE JOHNSON FEIST 5411 Antonio flomgtown 61w FIRST ROW: Kirkes, Riley, Cardiel, Macaluso, Thompson, Sasse, Murrah, Eggleston,Lee. SECOND ROW: Schoolcraff, Stanley, Nagy, Hohman, Johnson, Matyear, Kubicek, Rogers, B'rauning, Cano, Earl, Hensley. THIRD ROW: Weaver, Diaz, Van Hellen, Obdyke, Wantzloeben, Swanson, Baker, Rutledge, Deaton. FOURTH ROW: Koch, Rollings, Yochem, Henry, Schneider, Poston, Daugherty, Melcher, Sommers, May, Perez, DuBose. PresidenT . ALTON THOMPSON Vice President ................................................. FREDRIC W. SASSE Treasurer ........................................................ MARIO MACALUSO Recording Secrefary RICHARD CARDIEL Correspondence Secretary .................................... TOM MURRAH President ALTON THOMPSON ,T , . e i s I! J k Wm Dmty 51A The San AnTonio HomeTown Club is The IargesT and mosT acTive on campus. Besides a regular monThly meeTing on campus, which provides fellowship and refreshmenTs for all good 8. A. Aggies, The club sponsors variou's Types of parTies and dances during The Thankgiving, ChrisTmas, and EasTer Holi- days. In The ciTy of San AnTonio, The club is forTunaTe To have The use of a club house and paTio aT Ag- gie Park for holding iTs social funcTions. AppreciaTion is exTended To The San AnTonio MoTher's Club and The San AnTonio Former STUdenTs AssociaTion. The S.A.H.T.C. is proud To have Their supporT and con- TribUTes To Their scholarship fund. Sweetheart KAREN HENCKEL f n e m In s e r f e R d n a .m. Fellowsh 50145 of 5mm One of The IargesT social clubs on The campus, Sons of Service pro- vides a homeTown club for Aggies from miliTary and STaTe DeparTmenT families. Throughou'r The school year The club parTicipaTes in various acTiv- iTies on and off campus including an annual coffee for miliTary officers and Their wives, various Tours, and social acTiviTy held on The Brazos River. Also highlighTing The year's acTiviTies are The parTies held in coniuncTion wiTh Corpus ChrisTi HomeTown Club ThaT are known campus wide. FIRST ROW: Harcow; Bender; VanWagner; Screws. SECOND ROW: Jacobs; Siebern; Thornhill; PeTrash; Crockett; Meyers. THIRD ROW: Campbell; Nagel; Candler; Safford; Stimson; Miller; Brown. PresidenT T, BILL BENDER Vice PresidenT ........................ JOHN QUEBE SecreTary ............... DAVID SCREWS Treasurer ......................... BOB HARCROW President Sweetheart BILL BENDER Pamela Crawford President BOB HEATON FIRST ROW: Gibson, Petty, Heaton, Walker. SECOND ROW: Adams, Brown, Mayfield, Corcoran, Adams, Boldt. Members of The Tyler-Smith County Hometown Club, hail from The Tyler-Smifh area, famous for its Annual Rose Festival. It has provided AcoxM with many fine students. The club serves primarily as a social organi- zation, The highlight being The popular Christmas Party. Members express sincere appreciation To the Tyler A8eM Mothers Club for its continuous aid and support. President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BOB HEATON Vice President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JERRY PETTY Sweetheart LEE HENLEY Waw-Mdamm ffomgtawn 6le The primary purpose of The Waco-McLennon Counfy Hometown Club is To provide a more closely knit relationship between sTUdems of Waco- McLennan County and acquaint presenf high school students with the ad- vantages of attending Texas A8xM University. FIRST ROW: Duty, Barlow, Chupik, Dollins, Hancock. SECOND ROW: Eder, Megarity, Muhl, Donnellan. THIRD ROW: Maples, Kleibrink, Stewart, Pilot. President ,, 7 7 , STEPHEN CHUPIK Vice-presidem , 7 , JIM DOLLINS Secretary-Treasurer , ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JIM BARLOW Social Chairman ,, 7 7 ,7 ,, , DOUG DUTY President Sweetheart STEPHEN CHUPIK SANDRA WALKER Angelina 601mm The Angelina County Homeiown Club was or- ganized in The fall of 1954. The primary purpose is To promote inferesi in A8iM in Angelina County. A Mothers Club also has been organized which spon- sors social functions on and off campus for our club members. FIRST ROW: Stanaland, Medford, Parker, Bare. SECOND ROW: Hamilton, Griffin, Book, Seago, McCall, Smelley. President JESSE PARKER President ........... JESSE PARKER Vice-President ........................................ SID MEDFORD Secretary-Treasurer ............................ SCOTT STANALAND Arab Studmts The Arab Club is a newly organized club consisting of students who have ioined To promote fellowship with one another away from home. Association with one another in such an organization helps to dispel The feeling of loneli- ness in a foreign country. President EL SAYED Vice President KHEMAIS Social Chairman BOU-SAID President OMAR EL SAYED FIRST ROW: Abdelkafi, Cheickh, Thabef, Awabdy, Nakshbendi, Siam, Fekih, Yahia, Ghanem, Ben Arab, Abel-Raheem, Andrawes. SECOND ROW: Al Abed, Al Zubaydi, B. Jemma, Charfi, Al-Layla, Bouchoucha, B. Abdallah, Abou Elenin, Lakhal, Ghaffari, El Zik. THIRD ROW: Basti, Mouelhi, Nashig, Reffa'r, Chihi, Dhig, Moghrabi, Rouis. FOURTH ROW: Brahem, Tosen, Sharaoui, Babaa, Issam, Siham. FIFTH ROW: Talaat, Abbes, Al-Khersan, Al-Naii, Tarek, Sayed. Bellaira mectmn 811w Officers FIRST ROW: Cook, Holick, Handley, Dougherty. SECOND ROW: RoThwelI, Champ, Camp. PresidenT ................................................ R. T. HANDLEY Vice PresidenT .................................... K. W. DOUGHERTY SecreTary ..................................................... DON HOLICK Treasurer --- NEAL COOK SergeanT aT Arms ...................................... JIM ROTHWELL ReporTer ....................................................... MIKE CHAMP Social Chairman ........ BILLEY CAMP Serving The alumni of Bellaire High School of HousTon, The Bellaire HomeTown Club is one of The mosT acTive on The campus, supporTing acTiviTies of Bellaire High School and aTTempTing To inTeresT sTu- denTs There in Texas A8xM. During The pasT year, The club organized numerous social evenTs. PresidenT R. T. HANDLEY 1621! Kazmiy flametzzwn 61115 Mi - XX W TM Sweetheart JOHNNIE BUNHARD Working in co-operaTion wiTh The Bell CounTy A8TM MoThers Club, The club brings TogeTher boTh on The campus and aT home, The boys from Bell CounTy. The club's main funcTion is To encourage high school graduaTes To aTTend A8TM, and mainTain a close relaTionship beTween sTudenTs and Aggie Exes. FIRST ROW: Laramey, PrewiTT J., Bush, Davis, PrewiTT R., Harvey. SECOND ROW: Sommers, STeams, Brindley, Coufal, Oliver, Morris. THIRD ROW: Friedrich, Brewster, Alston. PresidenT ............................................. GRAYSON DAVIS Vice PresidenT .................................................. JOE BUSH SecreTary-Treasurer ............................. JOHNNY PREWITT Reporter .................................................... RAY PREWITT 1677551116 gaunty ffomctown 61115 President ............................................. TOMMY SCHULZE Vice President ........................................ JIM WILLENBERG SecreTary-Treasurer ............................ JIMMY WILLIAMS ReporTer ............................................. RAYMOND ZUEHLKE FIRST ROW: Schulze, Zuehlke, Zuehlke, Williams. SECOND ROW: Billman, Spitzer, Wenzel, Gilleland, Stacha, Johnson, Green- wade. The primary purpose of The Bosque CounTy HomeTown Club is To provide a more closely kniT relaTionship beTween The sTudenTs of Bosque CounTy and acquainT present high school sTudenTs wiTh The advanTages 0T aTTending Texas A8TM Uni- versiTy. Sweetheart CARRIE Ll NDSEY Kaltfmzia ffamdown 61M FIRST ROW: Nowlin, lgo, Kneisler, Jaeckle. SECOND ROW: Ravey, Smedberg, Wimberly, Campbell, Pratt, Hayward, Weddell. THIRD ROW: Hutchinson, McMains, Robbins, La Buda, Tubre. FOURTH ROW: Upton, Smithson, Scott, Groce, Boortz, Alber, Seeliaer. PresidenT ........................................................ JIM NOWLIN Vice PresidenT ................................... JAMES R. KNEISLER SecreTary-Treasurer .................................... ALAN C. JAECKLE Social Chairman KIT ALVERSON The Californians is a club composed of SN- denTs here aT Texas A8TM who are from The "Golden STaTe". The club offers a means for fellow- ship and social funcTions boTh here and aT home. The club also helps sTudenTs geT TransporTaTion To and from California. Sweetheart BETTY POTTER 8671- 3'61 ffomgtopm 6M7 The Cen-Tex Hometown Club is composed of siudenfs from The South Texas Towns of New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Seguin. New Braunfels is noted as a vacation center, San Marcos is well known for its underwater aquarena, and Seguin, for its rich farmland. OFFICERS President ...................... DENNIS GLENNEWINKLE Vice-President ............................... LLOYD FIEDLER Treasurer ................................ KENNETH BROCK Social Chairman ..... . ....... MIKE HIGGINS FIRST ROW: Brock, Glennewinkle, Fiedler. SECOND ROW: Reichez, Weber, Fritz, Moore, Becker, Bourgeois, Reeh, Zipp, Rivas. THIRD ROW: Doeppenschmidt, Ludwig, Heger, Hughson, Soefize, Drubert, Thompson, Norris, Corneliush. President itNot pictured DENN IS GLENNEWINKLE 671114655 Students flomctown 61w The Chinese Hometown Club is made up of members who are affending A8iM on The exchange program. The club helps To pro- mote fellowship among its mem- bers while They are away from The "Land of Rice". The club also holds various social functions dur- ing the school year. FIRST ROW: P. S. Weng, Morgan S, Chiang. Dr. Joseph M. Nance, David D. Yang, T. C. Wei, M. C. Kuo, SECOND ROW: L. Y. Cheng, T. Y. WU, W. Zee, W. K. Nip, Y. P. Tai, Joseph K. Hsu, C Y. Liu. THIRD ROW: Jack P. Chang, C. Y. Ho, H. C. Fu, P. H. Lin, W. 8. Chang. Sweetheart CONNIE COIT FIRST ROW: Touchen; HatzenbauelerLWolfe; Frederiksen. SECOND ROW: Wawak; Lackland; Murphy; Harris; Jones; Barton; Drollinger; McLeory. President ................................................................................................... BEN WOLFE Vice-President .............................................................................. TONY TOUCHON Secretary ................................................................................ LARRY FREDERIKSEN Treasurer ........................................................................ CHARLES HATZENBUELER Deep East Zone J-lametawn 61215 Sweetheart LINDA LOU HORTON FIRST ROW: Campell; Scott; Fletcher; McGinnis; Gosschalk. President ------------ CLYDE CAMPBELL SECOND ROW: White; Johns; Rossow; Heidelberg; Mayer; Presley; Trammel; Hogg; Truin. Vice-Presidenf ........................ SCOTT Secretary ............ RONALD FLETCHER Danton 601mm ffametowrt 61w FIRST ROW: Salmon; MeMaTh; Robinson; Dodson; Denison. SECOND ROW: Payne; Gilbreath; BenneTT; KirkpaTrick. PresidenT ................................................ JOHN McMATH Vice-PresidenT ........................................ KENT ROBINSON SecreTary ............................................ JIM KIRKPATRICK The purpose of This club is To provide acTiviTies for members dur- ing The school year and To sTimulaTe inTeresT in Texas A8TM among The high school sTudenTs of DenTon CounTy. Each year The Aggie Exes from DenTon CounTy in cooperaTion wiTh The DenTon HomeTown Club sponsor inTeresTed sTudenTs To The annual High School Career Day on Campus. ? W President JOHN S. McMATH .8le Pass ffomctown 61m? FIRST ROW: Rodriquez; Sanchez; Diego; Rodriquez M., Rodriquez, B, SECOND ROW: Keisling; BuenTello; Esquivel J., Esquivel, A., Rodriquez V., Guiliot. PresidenT ..................................... LEONEL A. RODRIGUEZ Vice President JESUS GARCIA SecreTary-Treasurer .................... BENJAMIN RODRIGUEZ The Eagle Pass HomeTown Club is small buT acTive organizaTion. The club sponsors several social func- Tions boTh on and off The campus during The year. The club also Takes an acTive parT in The annual High School Career Day acTiviTies. Sweetheart ANGELICA RODRIQUEZ Sweetheart SEATED: Hearn, Springer, Stoffregen, Pavelka, Birdwell. JUDY FLIPPEN STANDING: TaTe, Jeff, Sullivan, Nesuda, Cox, Armstrong. LocaTed in The hearT of The old caTTle counTry, Ellis CounTy has a repUTaTion for a sTrong and healThy popUIaTion. Among The counTy's beT- Ter organizaTions is The Ellis CounTy HomeTown Club. The club sponsors many acTiviTies, among These are parTies held during vacaTions and holi- days. Eislter Kazmiy ffomctowrz 6le SweeThearT Ll NDA MOORE FIRST ROW; Callaway, Combs, Hargrove, Hill. SECOND ROW: Shafer, Tipping, Griffith, Lanning, Benson, Hammitt. The Fisher CounTy HomeTown Club is composed of Aggies from Fisher CounTy and The surrounding area. Our acTiviTies consisT of several social occasions per year. 9m Sam ffaustm flamctown 61115 Sweetheart LINDA PERDUE FIRST ROW: Watts; Miles; Steve; Dibrell. SECOND ROW: Finn; McConnell; Ansel; Hill; Menzies; Watts. President ............................................................... RONNIE MILES Vice-Presiden'r ............................................................ RICK DIBRELL Secretary ............................................................... STEVE BAUER Treasurer BILL HOLMES fort Worth ffamdown 6M1 President JAC KSON WI LSON The Fort Worth Hometown Club is pri- marily for Aggie social activities in fhe Fort Worth area. Throughout The school year, The club meets in bi-monthly meetings where FIRST ROW: Wilson; Owen; Wood; Holcomb. lannin is carried out for 1he various activ- P. g SECOND ROW: Hamilton; Pugh; Warren; Darmon; Brewster. lTleS. THIRD ROW: Anderson; Burns; Clements; Word. 5111mm! island ffamgtowrz 61w Sweeiheart JEANETTE HENDERSON FIRST ROW: Young; Bashor; Maser; Vogas. SECOND ROW: Armstrong; Phillips; Farmer; Hill. This club, composed of Aggies from The Galveston area, sponsors such activities as a formal dance during The Christmas season and informal parties and barbecues. Together with Aggie Exes, if ioins in High School Day here at A8iM. garland ffamatown 61115 FIRST ROW: Crocker; Roland; Roberts; McCoIIum; Wheat,- Echols; Burke. Sweecheart SECOND ROW: Glynn; Barbee; Curran; Williams; Broyles; Shipp; Whiieside; Cooper; Drury. KAREN NICKENS The Garland Homefown Club is an active club providing the mem- bers with social activities both on and off campus. The club's main obiecfive is promoting friendship among its mem- bers through regular meetings and social functions. jammy 601mm ffomctown 6M7 The primary pur- pose of the Jackson County Hometown Club is to provide a more closely knitted relation- ship between the stu- dents of Jackson County and acquaint p r e s e n t high school students with the advantages of attend- ing Texas A8tM Univer- sity. III'M4I12IIcw IIIIMIIWWMIMIIII III II m , FIRST ROW: Schomburg, Myers, Casper, Burns, Vengiar. SECOND ROW: Slone, Joy, Schuchadt. Sweetheart DON NA HAI NES 13mm Crinity Valley ffommnm 6111b Sweetheart KAY BERRY FIRST ROW: Harlan, Kessler, Grivich, Blozek, Hewitt. SECOND ROW: Kay, McMilIen, Crocker, McAdams, Mitchell, Odum, Mason. The Lower Trinity Valley Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Liberty, Chamber, and sur- rounding counties. The support from Former Students of Liberty County is deeply appreciated. Sweetheart GINGER EPPERSON SEATED: Hozek, HurTa, Sfafford, Serrill, Zemanek. STANDING: Hanson, Dalton, Towler, Bickham, Saha, Brown, Lawhon, PrueTT. The MaTagorda CounTy HomeTown Club, an organizaTion com- posed of Aggies coming from The hub of The "Golden Gulf" coasT, is designed To provide an opporTuniTy for iTs members To meeT and relax wiTh friends from home. The club is acTive in planning social evenTs in MaTagorda CounTy during The various holidays. Mcgullotlz Kounty flametouw 6111b While building good fel- lowship among iTs members, The McCulloch CounTy Home- Town Club promoTes Texas A8tM To The ciTizens of Mc- Culloch CounTy and creaTes inTeresT in our universiTy among high school sTUdenTs of The area. President GIL ENGDAHL FIRST ROW, R To L: Dillon, Kidd, Engdahl, Fleming, Doyal, Criswell. SECOND ROW: Miller, D., Miller, L., Kyzar, Archer. The Mid-CounTy Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Nederland, PorT Neches, Graves and Sour Lake. The club has offered a uniT Through which mem- bers gaTher for fellowship and social funcTions boTh here and aT home. Members express appreciaTion for The supporT from The MoThers Club This year. FIRST ROW: Butch Smith, Lindon Stewart, Richard Scott. SECOND ROW: John Nolfe, David Jeffrey, Allen SarTain, Jamie Rohe. THIRD ROW: Phil Hilton, Larry Robicheaux, Dan PeTTy. FOURTH ROW: Richard Beaumif, Robert Burnett, Mark Domingue, Dennis Bazan, Mike Conner. President BUTCH SMITH Vice PresidenT ................................... LINDON STEWART Sweetheart SecreTary-Treasurer ................................ RICHARD SCOTT LINDA AMBURN Midland ffomctawrz 61w The Midland HomeTown Club is composed of sTudenTs from Midland CounTy. The purpose of The club is To uniTe members and To provide so- cial recreaTion and acTiviTies for The sTudenTs. President CHUCK BREWSTER President CHUCK BREWSTER Vice-PresidenT TOMMY LILES SecreTary-Treasurer ........................ GREGORY MORRISON FIRST ROW: Gregory Morrison, Chuck Brewster, Tommy Liles. SECOND ROW: Kim Hammond, Tom Fisher, Mike Clader, Jimmy Jackson, Steve Melzer. SweethearT KATHY SHIKOSKI The men of This club are noTed for Their friendliness and Their willingness To say good words abouT Texas A8cM where- ever The place or whaTever The occasion. FIRST ROW: Danny Gordon, David Borg, Lynn Post, Clifford Brown. SECOND ROW: Danny Rich, Buford Moore, Russel Doran, Jimmy Nicholson, Arvin Perry. PresidenT -e DAVID A. BORG Vice-PresidenT LYNN J. POST SecreTary CLIFFORD BROWN Treasurer DANNY GORDON Odessa flomctawn 61w The Odessa HomeTown Club is primarily for Aggie social acTiviTies in The Odessa area. ThroughouT The school year, The club meeTs in bi-monThly meeTings where plan- ning is carried ouT for The various club funcTions. PresidenT ............ JOHNNY RAMSEY Vice-PresidenT ........ SANDY BARDIN SecreTary ..................... TONI MYERS Social Chairman .......... JIM WOOLEY SweeThearT CAROL WARD FIRST ROW: Bardin, Sandy; Ramsey, Johnny. SECOND ROW: Renbarger, Eddie; Robin, Sidney; Hapenney, James. THIRD ROW: Kennerly, Don; lsbell, Jim; Whitson, Robert. FOURTH ROW: Allerding, Martin; Kirk, Richard; Wooley, Jim; Hicks, Tommy. Palasfim Aral ffomctmm 61w FIRST ROW: Herrera, Teems, Harris, Frenizen. SECOND ROW: Manley, Gallatin, Crutcher, Graves, Patterson. THIRD ROW: WilhiTe, Massey, Miller. President -- TERRY L. TEEMS Vice PresidenT .......................... EDWARD H. MASSEY SecreTary-Treasurer .................... STRODE D. MANLEY Social Chairman ........................... JACK GRAVES JR. The newly organized PalesTine Area HomeTown Club is composed of sTudenTs from PalesTine and Anderson coun- Ties, in The hearT of easT Texas,-"where The oil flows and The dogwood grows" ITs purpose is To sTrengThen The re- laTionship of sTudenTs and former sTUdenTs from This area and To encourage high school graduaTes To aTTend Texas A8iM University. Sweetheart LYNN LlLES Port Arthur hometown 61w Aggies from PorT ArThur and viciniTy form The PorT ArThur Home- Town Club which is 25 sTrong. The club parTicipaTes in high school career day, has had a prosperous year and is looking forward To a more pros- perous fuTure. SITTING: Richard, Gibbons, Erwin, Hefley. Sweetheart PAT MCCARRY President ........................ BILL GIBBONS Vice President .................. R. RICHARDS SecreTary-Treasurer ................ M. HEFLEY STANDING: Gibbons, Morgan, Boriskie, Horsak, Cramer, Mayes. Shreveport ffzrmctmm 6111!; The Shreveport Hometown Club is composed of members from Shreveport, Bossier City and surrounding areas. The club engages in both social and service functions. It works with the Mothers Club and the former students in promoting interest in A8xM in area high schools. The club supports several parties during the year, including an annual New Year's Eve dance. President .......... LEWIS ANDERSON Vice President ........ BILL ALLEY JR. Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,, BUTCH CANDELLA Social Chairman ........ JACK PYBURN FIRST ROW: Anderson, Alley, Yauger. SECOND ROW: Thompson, Candella, Morgan, Baldridge, Baker. THIRD ROW: Ratcliffe, Belson, Carter, Lockhart, Goode. Sweetheart PEGGY DAAB 50qu $ouisiam Jfomctawn 6M7 The South Louisiana Hometown Club is made up of those "Raiin' Cajuns" from South Louisiana that attend A8xM. The purpose of the club is to serve as a focal point of social activities for our members, and to help all Aggies get rides to any part of South Louisiana that they might desire. This is one of the most active out-ot-state home- town clubs at A8iM and will continue to grow and prosper in the coming years. FIRST ROW: Knouse, Boelte, Liston, Benton, Gaille, McFadden. SECOND ROW: Lewis, Buescher, Grafton, Coreil, Hughes, Ryan, Martin. THIRD ROW: Wisenbacher, Myrick, Fitzpatrick, Ferguson, Peyrefitte. FOURTH ROW: Rodgers, Provine, Flanning, Gary, O'Rourke. President .................................... RONALD W. LISTON Vice President .................................. R. SPENCER GAILLE Secretary .................................................. JERRY KNOUSE Treasurer .............................................. GEORGE BENTON Social Chairman ........................................ JOHN BOELTE President RONALD W. LISTON wledo 136ml flomctmm 61w Sweetheart LINDA MCDONALD FIRST ROW: James Boles, Butch Willingham, Jim Gunter. SECOND ROW: Jerry Campbell, Darell Campbell, John Moore, Lance Horton, Dean MeTTeaver. NOT PICTURED: Gary Harvey. The Toledo Bend HomeTown Club, Through meeTings and social acTiviTies which iT holds Through- Presidem --------------------------------- BUTCH WILLINGHAM OUT The year, helps To sTrengThen The bond of Tel- Vice'PreSidem JIM GUNTER lowship beTween Aggies from Toledo Bend. The SecreTary-Treasurer ------------------------ JAMES BOLES club also helps To inform high school graduaTes of The educaTional opporTuniTies aT A8TM. stlzingtm gaunty ffomctown 61115 The WashingTon CounTy HomeTown Club is one of The mosT acTive clubs on The campus. IT serves as a means for The Aggies from The Wash- ingTon CounTy area To gaTher and enjoy each oTher's company. PresidenT ...................... TRAVIS VOEKEL Vice-PresidenT .............. NORRIS .ROHDE SecreTary- Treasurer ...... KENNETH HEIDEMANN Sweetheart FIRST ROW: Travis Voekel, Norris Rohde, Gene Rosenbaum, Edward Dannhaus. WINNIE JOHNSON SECOND ROW: Mike Cole, T. W. BorgsTedTe, Donnie Harmel, John Quebe. THIRD ROW: Melvin Ziegenbien, Royce Jurries, Dennis Landua, Billy Thedford. Wchita galls ffomgtqm 61115 Composed of men from The NorTh Texas area in The WichiTa Falls viciniTy, The WichiTa Falls Home- Town Club sponsors The annual AlI-College Dance during The ChrisTmas vacaTion and The dinner ban- queT beTween semesTers. The purpose of The club is To give The sTudenTs from The WichiTa Falls area an opporTuniTy To geT beTTer acquainTed and To sponsor various social acTiviTies for The members. The MoThers Club and Former STudenTs assisT The club every year ih planning and financing acTiviTies. President WALLY GRAY JR. FIRST ROW: Gilbert, Gray, Bowers, Partridge. SECOND ROW: Crespo, STrickland, Snowden, ZoTz, Jenkins, Fowler, Arthington. PresidenT WALLY GRAY JR. Vice-PresidenT ............................................ MIKE GILBERT SecreTary-Treasurer .............................. DICK PARTRIDGE Williamsm gaunty ffomgtown 61115 FIRST ROW: Krieg, Hanusch, STried, Glass, Davis, Barker, Wolf. SECOND ROW: Oman, Johnson, TwiTTy, Chapman, Miller. THIRD ROW: Blackman, Johnson, Wallin, lhms, ReaT, Sandberg. PresidenT ............................................ DANIEL KRIEG BILL DAVIS RONALD STRIED JOHN HANUSCH Vice-PresidenT Secretary Treasurer The Williamson CounTy HomeTown Club consisTs of Aggies from GeorgeTown, Taylor, Round Rock, Thorndale, Thrall, Granger, Rices's Crossing, Leander, and The neigh- boring counTies. On campus, The club sponsors regular meeTings and various social TuncTions. Each year The MoTh- ers Club co-operaTes in sponsoring The club sweeThearT in The annual CoTTon PageanT. Back home, good Times are To be had aT The Aggie dances sponsored by The club, aT The end of The semesTers. President DANIEL KRIEG Mmkw ffomdawn FIRST ROW: Smith, Ronco, Reifz, WinkeI, Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Webb, Birnkrant, Hensel, BusuHil, Maselli, Curtis, Brown, Figun, Lewis. THIRD ROW: Keiser, Budde, Nolan, Matson, Tigeleiro, Schlener, Kroberger, May, Berk. The Yankee Homefown Club consists of Aggies living in the North- ern part of The United States. Being The largest Hometown Club on campus, its purpose is To bring all "Yankee" Aggies Together a'r AeM and To help provide rides home at various Times Throughout the year. If also sponsors various social functions during The school year. HOMETOWN, U.S.A., a place of yesterday; a place one dreams of today and tomorrow. Sweetheart ARLEEN CALLAHAN President .......................... JAMES REITZ Vice-Presidenf .................... FRED WINKEL Secretary ................ CHARLES HOFFMAN Treasurer -- ....................... FRED RONCO Sgt. at Arms .................... RONALD SMITH FIRST ROW: Koehlor, Lanasa, Howard. SECOND ROW: Brown, Riggs, Fortney, Harvey, Dockery, Blake, Newton, Simmons, Sleeper, B. Smith, Smith. . THIRD ROW: Jones, Youngblood, Kenneson, Slovak, Bennett, Balhorn, Brown, Byrne, Watham, Sontag, Parigi, Nauck, De Bartolo, Coakley, W. Smith. Sweetheart MARGARET WILKERSON OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, RUSSELL HOWARD Vice President .................................... DAN NEWTON Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,,,,, .................. BILL SONTAG Program Chairman . RICHMOND BENNETT President RUSSELL HOWARD The Beaumont Hometown Club serves Aggies from Beaumont and the Sur- rounding communiTies of Sour Lake, Nome, Devers, Fanne'r'r, Loeb, Silsbee, and Winnie-Sfowell. About 600 former students of Beaumont gave a dance honoring the members of our Hometown Club. Between semesters The Beaumont A8AA Mothers Club sponsored a family night dinner and program honoring The mem- bers of The Hometown Club, Their families, and Theirda'res. ffistory of the 611155 of 65 Do you remember ThaT day in SepTember of 1961, when we firsT seT fooT on The A8JVl campus as TrighTened Texas Aggie fish? We were The class ThaT came To A8TM in The middle of The monsoon season and Hurricane Carla. AT ThaT Time we recognized ThaT The solid concreTe and brick dorms were sTurdy enough To Take The worsT ThaT naTure could deal ouT. We laTer learned ThaT our plush dorms would also wiThsTand babo-bombs, drown-ouTs, waTer TighTs, and hall-hockey games. The welcome given us in Jolly Rollie was very cheerful. Dean Hannigan Told us, "Look around, fresh- men-only one of every four of you here will be around in 1965." AfTer The TirsT weekend The resT of our upper- classmen arrived and made us one big happy family. Many a nighT we spenT discussing facTs, hisTory, and TradiTions of our campus. Of equal imporTance To The welcome given us by The adminisTraTion was The welcome by a cerTain Three- legged dog. Tripod was our unofficial mascoT, who could claim any dorm room wiThouT quesTion. The mess hall had iTs momenTs of pleasure. Anyone who has had To open a boTTle of milk wiTh a fork knows, ThaT wiTh iusT a liTTle biT of skill, one could spray all The sophomores aT The Table. Our fish year produced The besT drill Team in The SouThwesT, as our Fish Drill Team, who had spenT many evenings behind Guion Hall slapping rifles, collecTed a record number of awards and Trophies. Yes, ThaT firsT year was quiTe long, buT finally came The clay we had all waiTed for so anxiously-Final Review! Remember how much pleasure iT gave us To Throw our fish caps high mm The air? Well, iT gave Old Army Lou pleasure Too. Then aTTer a summer ThaT passed quickly, we re- Turned To our TavoriTe campus as mighTy sophomores, buT we laTer learned iusT how mighTy we acTually were. The fooTball season our sophomore year broughT some ouTsTanding evenTs. The midnighT yell pracTices ThaT year were wild enough To rival any demonsTraTion known, and Aggie confeTTi draped The Trees, buildings, and Kyle Field. Corps Trips ThaT year convinced us of our popu- lariTy sTanding in oTher ciTies. As a resulT of hoarding all The good-looking girls in each place, we found our- selves innocenle involved in several fighTs wiTh oTher schools. A real TreaT ThaT year was The fooTbalI signs on Dorm 9. Someone was a real arTisT in drawing 12' Tall girls, and iT sure made morning formaTion much nicer for Those of us in dorms TO and 12. Splash Days week- end ThaT year was somewhaT differenT, and H broughT a few inTense reacTions when we reTurned from Galves- Ton To find ouT ThaT Things had changed while we were gone. Finally, however, anoTher year came To an end, and our iunior year found many of our class elecTing To give up The beneTiTs 0T Corps life for exTra grade poinTs, by joining The beard and shower shoe fraTerniTy aT Law Hall. Those of us who were privileged To live in The Sbisa area were awakened every morning by TracTors ancl air-hammers. IT was a season of endless dusT when dry and deep mud when weT. Fall found A8er sweeping The conference in col- lecTing losT mascoTs. IT was a perfecT 5-0 season. Also, we were charged wiTh caTTle-rusTling during ThaT Time. buT Old Army Lou and his coffee helped us There. Our junior year also found us aT The Campus TheaTer on cerTain Friday nighTs for The laTe laTe flicks. There were also many nighTs spenT celebraTing aT our favoriTe nighT spoTs. AfTer a summer of iobs, TenTs, dusT, and fighTing off The girls, we reTurned To beloved Afo and The Golden lndusTrial CrescenT To don our booTs and senior rings. This year has been The mosT enioyable one of The Tour. The profs seem To be much kinder and The sTaTus is very comforTable. This year has seen The "new army" serge and The air-condiTioned dorms for The wealThy. This year has also seen The caTTle Technicians skillfully rOping Their wooden sawhorses in The Sbisa area and parachuTing ace Ronnie Furber walking around wiTh a pound of hard- ware in his TooT. . Seriously, Seniors, The Class of '65 has done a loT To be remembered, and we also have seen many changes in Texas A8TM during our four years, and we all have differenT opinions concerning Them. BuT no maTTer whaT our opinions are, we will always remember The brighT spoTs of our four years such as waTer TighTs, drown-ouTs, and weekends aT The NepTune and EasT GaTe. Also, we will hold close To our hearTs The image of Texas A8iM as a greaT insTiTuTion, and The Ted ThaT we are producTs of ThaT insTiTuTion. I would like To say in closing ThaT iT has been a greaT pleasure To record The hisTory of The Class of '65- The besT damn class ever To hiT This campus. Kiwi , 25 . as relaTed by Ed Kainer, Class Historian, at The Senior Banquet. A4: - W . . ,szag 4: uk: x X x xiAamstxx 12.21;ng ; WAY, WW, - 0 wx,x x,s l vyv$k1 km 2X 2x mymylm , 1M Wixomyww . a a 2. . :, v!llill41.5zHLUmxrtHUdaIllIIlgllll . a!!! A A 31mm of Cams Am Zlaivcrsity Matlwrs T am z FIRST ROW, I To r: Mrs. S. D. Crow, Parliamentarian; Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin, 2nd Vice President; Mrs. M. T. Harrington, Honorary President; Mrs. E. H. Dew, President; Mrs. E. Rudder, Honorary President; Mrs. P. Leslie, TsT Vice President; Mrs. V. C. Van Horn, 5th Vice President. SECOND ROW: Mrs. M. Fry, 4th Vice President; Mrs. J. L. Simmons, HisTorian, Mrs. F. Grimes, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. F. A. Lathrop, 3rd Vice President; Mrs. D. L. McMurry, Recording Secretary; Mrs. W. A. Collins, Treasurer; Mrs. J. G. Frank, Vice President at Large. The firsT A8TM MoThers Club was organized in Dallas in 1922 by Mrs. H. L. Peoples. The FederaTion was or- ganized in 1922 by Mrs. E. L. Thomas of Bryan who was The firsT presidenT. AT presenT The FederaTion is composed of finy local MoThers Clubs ThroughouT The Lone STar STaTe wiTh a ToTal of 2485 members. IT is The primary purpose of The A8TM MoThers Club To conTribuTe To The welfare of Their sons aT A8TM Uni- versiTy and To cooperaTe wiTh The UniversiTy in aiding Their sons in any way deemed accepTable by The UniversiTy. Some of Their acTiviTies include awards To The Corps of CadeTs, conTribuTions To scholarships To The UniversiTy Hos- piTal and STUdenT Loan Funds. BACK RO Wimi 1 MRS 32M ,1 MREKK :pr FRONT ROW left to right: Mrs. T. B. Brown, 3rd Vice President; Mrs. Alex A. Edwards, 15f Vice President; Mrs. Jack Neely, President; Mrs. B. P. Huchton, 2nd Vice President; Mrs. James F. Dominy, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer; Mrs. C. M. Beechly, Reporter; Mrs. Fred McGinn, Historian-Parliamentarian. Amarillo OFFICERS President, MRS. ELLIS R. THOMAS ist Vice President, MRS. DONALD H. ROSE 2nd Vice President, MRS. HARRY M. BRITT Secretary-Treasurer, MRS. ROBERT L. ROSEBERRY Historian-Reporter, MRS. JOHN E. GOODMAN 31,9 aner MD ring UK; 'Mewtmdm - ception ?QDL e : 91de The Easfeiigawfh6fe ,is unb? WigthVh fol Their f ?diejgxio- 711113 '13 ?t-WW- macs. , OFFICERS FRONT ROW, left To right: Mrs. H. H. Salge, Corresponding Sec- refary; Mrs. L. D. Sugarek, Vice Presidenr; Mrs. J. F. Young, President; Mrs. J. Burns, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Mrs. L.-D. Hun- ter, Historian-Reporrer. BACK ROW, left 10 right: Mrs. R. Blakely, Mrs; P. Mafocha, Mrs. A. Zapata, Mrs. R. G. Blaschke, Mrs. E. Brown, Mrs. P. D. Laughter, Mrs. W. Le- Beurveau, Mrs. A. Martin, Mrs. C. Reyes, Mrs. G. Garcia. N01 present for picture: Mrs. J. Baylor, Mrs. O. Sanders, Mrs. E. Watson. Freshman Tea 366 6011114; MrsM V'M; Rasmussien, Mrs. E. V, ' Adams, Mrs. D. Carnes,;Mrs. S. Clark, Mrs. J. COfrie; Mrs. W. H. Rifchey, Mrs. W. S. Hall, Mrs. l, H. Lloyd, Mrs. R. H. Mitchell, Mrs. W.' A. Holland, Mrs. L. Gregg. 3RD ROW: Mrs. J. M. Daniel, Mrs. G. Hallmark, Mrs. R. Burroughs, Mrs. K. Gentry, Mrs. D. Leinharf, Mrs. D. Davis, Mrs. F. L. Thomas, Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin, kmw Scholarship award to Foster FRONT ROW: Mrs. C. Contella Mrs. D. Killingsworth Mrs. R, J. Mills Mrs. H. L. Werf President Mrs. J. A. Pridmore Mrs. J. Becka BACK ROW: A. Drouilhet . G. F. Spangler, Sr. . W. H. Powers Mrs. M. Giles Mrs. A. C. Coker Mrs. P. D. Leslie Isr Vice President Federation OFFICERS President, Mrs" A- N- Walton Jr. Recording Secretary, Mrs. C. W. Cox P'aryamenrafian, Mrs. A' D Brown Vice President at Large, Mrs. B. R. Koehler Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. G. H. Peel CIVIC. goordmafor, Mrs. E. T. Tuller Is! Vice Presidenf, Mrs. T. Simmons Treasurer, Mrs, S. Barranco Jr. Publlcny, Mrs. B. French 2nd Vice President, Mrs. J. H. Ashy Chaplain, Mrs. H. E. Richardson Legislature, Mrs. D. C. Haley 3rd Vice President, Mrs. J. L. Simmons Historian, Mrs C. A. Kiker Earp s altristi . , 39:356ng 4: aammt ,m wk M xxxxxy ON K v x SEATED, left to right: Mrs. R. P. Devine, Historian and Scrapbook; Mrs.,A. G, Boyd, Mrs. J. H. Burney, Mrs. J. J. Custer, 75f Vice President,- Mrs. C. A. Mella, Presidenf, Mrs. M. F. Lacy, Treasurer; Mrs. W. A. Rippy, Recording Secretary,- Mrs. D. M. Sevier, Mrs.,J. K. Halloran, Vice PresidemI At Large. STANDING, left 10 right: Mrs. J. E. Maberly, Mrs. R. E. Massey, Mrs. J. D. Shropshire, Mrs. W. Willis, Mrs. H. Russell, Mrs. D: Parmer, Parliamentarian; Mrs. R. Sfodghill, Mrs. W. B. Minor Jr., Mrs. S. Menczer, Mrs. I. Dierz, 3rd Vice President. Not shown: Mrs. C. DeLomeI, 2nd Vice President and Mrs. H. Ogle, Corresponding Secretary. OFFICERS Mrs. L. A. Railston, Presidentf. Mrs. J. W. Gordy, VitQLPresidenf Mrs. V. Blythe, R$ording$ecrefary Mrs. C. M. Fenter, Corkesp86ding Secretary Mrs. M. S. Thom1550hfreasurer, Mrs, H. J.,$mitJ1",', Publicify and Historian MEMBERSM ISTROW: Mm; R:Mff1dlpoffsers. R. S.fCole, Mrs. L. Railston,,,Mrs. V. Blythe;7Mrs. V. M. Cobos. 2ND ROW: Mrs. J. B. Camilli, Mrs. H. J. Smith, Mrs. W. W. Park; Mrs. J. W. Gordy, Mrs. J. M. Davis, Mrs. C. M. Femer. 3RD ROW: Mrs. R. J. McKay, Mrs. C. J. Brandt, Mrs; ,W. R. Russell, Mrs. L. Benedetto. Mrs. A. Bakerners. M. S. Thompson, Mrs. W. H. Maiors, Mrs. RAH. Lauchner. OFFICERS President, Mrs, S. Young Vice President, Mrs. J. W. Armstrong Vice President, Mrs. A. J. Kampe Vice President, Mrs. L. Townsend Secrefary, Mrs. Hermann Treasurer, Mrs. P. Marablla MEMBERS . J. Sullivan . L. Baile'y . R. Hannigan . P. Dickerson . T. Phillips . E. E. Maser . R. Rapp . J.-Bashor . H. W. Frederickson Jr. . L. Vargas . T. F. HarWing OFFICERS President, Mrs. J. W. Craig Vice Presidenf, Mrs. E. B. Jacks Secrefary, Mrs. W. A. McLeod Treasurer, Mrs. W. B. Neel Historian, Mrs. E. L. Erner Reporter, Mrs. W.y L. Bailey SEATED, left t6 right: Mrs. Paul Durham, Mrs. W. B. Neel, Treasurer; Mrs. J. W. Craig, President; Mrs. E. L. Erner, Historian. STANDING, left to right: Mrs. W. R. Payne, Mrs. M. C. Street, Mrs. C. G. Hancock, Mrs. R. A. Truett, Mrs. G. C. Johnson Jr. 74$ vMMH OFFICERS President, Mrs. J. E. Martinez Vice President, Mrs. M. Tiierina 3rd Vice Presidenr, Mrs. I Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, MrI OFFICERS President, Mrs. L, Riske 3rd Vice President, Mrs. Vice Presidenf-af-Large, Mrs. L. R. Gaines 4H1 Vice President, Mrs 151 Vice President, Mrs. W. Lamm, Jr. 5f," Vice President, Mrs. 2nd VIce Presidenr, Mrs. C. L. Jamison 6th Vice President, Mrs. H. P. Spradling Secretary, Mrs. J. B. Pigford . R. Eddleman Treasurer, Mrs. D. L. McMurray N. J. W. Goodwin Parliamentarian, Mrs. J. A. Smith G. Mcllhany FRONT ROW: Mrs. D. Wiggins, Mrs. R. J. Horsack, Mrs. C Dumesneil, Mrs. H. R Greene, Mrs. W. E. Gibbons, Mrs. J Guereau, Mrs. W. A. Girouard, Mrs. J. Richard, Mrs. C. O. Beal, Mrs. A. E. Patterson, Mrs. J. R. Boriske. , BACK ROW: Mrs. E. Richard, Mrs. C. D. James, Mrs. T. B. Ellison, Mrs. c K. C. Kramer, Mrs. W. F. Keene, Mrs. H. Trahan, Mrs. W. Stack, Mrs. W. F. James, Mrs. C. C. MorganI Mrs. E. Moore, Mrs. B. P. Brown, Mr D. Bell. ' OFFICERS President Mrs. J. D. Faulkenberry isf Vice President, Mrs. G. Tole 2nd Vice President Mrs. A. Ward 3rd Vice President, Mrs. F. Meyers 4H1 Vice President, Mrs. L. James Secretary, Mrs. O. J. Copper Jr. Treasurer, Mrs. O. E .Gilbert, Jr. ?:9?:?? ?47;5767?;1111!" Graves H. Cissell WWVW m ufx Hancock idenr, Mrs. R. Mrs, J. Gardner Mrs. M. ssell 1, Mrs. J. iden Vice Pres Secretary, Treasurer, i OFFICERS Pres M. Hf c x iiatain Mrs. Q. AQan . C.:,i Freshman Buffet dinner L Gatchen Mrs. 3RD ROW Mrs. Ulge indsa Sch Netfe her w ' F. V L In A Mrs E Chairman Mrs. L. Wanham W. E. Irman, Mrs. OFFICERS Historian and Publici C; .r LM at, mm 1M f nm er db. 5 mm PV Secrefary, Treasurer, Mrs. Co- Waw-Mwmmn President MRS. L. C. LINDSAY ,manawx Mrs. E. B. Anderton Mrs. B. T. Arnold Mrs. N. J. Atkins Mrs. A. Austin Mrs. R. C. Ball Mrs. V. L. Barbee Mrs. C. V. Baxter Mrs F. W. Becker Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. l. B. Bergoon T. Bernard V. Bertillion Mrs. R. Betz Mrs. L. J. Bicking Mrs. M. E. Bradshaw Mrs. S. H. Bramletf Mrs. J. E. Brasher Mrs H. E Br-edow Mrs. A. Mrs. L. Brown Mrs. H. E. Broyles Mrs. W. C. Burkhard Mrs. H. F. Byram Ms. D. Cameron Mrs. J. C. Cantu Mrs. T. A. Cardwell Mrs. A. K. Choafe Mrs. J. W. Clark Mrs. J. B. Coker Mrs. J. R. Coleman Mrs. W. A. Collins Mrs. J. F. Compton Mrs. A. Cook Mrs. H. A. Cooper Ma. R. Cooper Mrs. l. Copeland Mrs. T. W. Cornen Mrs. D. S. Crockett Mrs. R. N. Crowder Mrs. Z. Dailey Mrs. W. M. Danzler Mrs. H. L. Davis Mrs. R. A. Davis Jr. Mrs. J. A. DePasquaI Mrs. H. DePauw President MRS. R. E. JONES Mrs. R. Dethlefsen Mrs. M. E. Douglass Mrs. B. H. Drury Mrs. E. J. Dugan Jr. Mrs C. A. Dungan Mrs. C. V. Edmundson Mrs. W. E. Farmer Mrs. J. S. Farrier . J. R. Ferguson . R. H; Frederiksen . C. M. Freeman Mrs. . Mrs. B. Mrs. R. Mrs. L. Mrs. L. Mrs A. T. Harris Mrs. F. E. Harris Mrs Mrs.M.S.Ha1haWaY: Mrs. E. J. Hatzenbuehl Mrs. G. W. Hatferib'dehler, Mrs. E. W. Hawkes Mrs. J. H. Head Mrs. A. Heinrich MIs. J. J. Hill Mrs. I. Holliman Mrs. R. Holloway Mrs. A. Houston J. Irwin L. Jackson A. Jaffee J. Janicek . A. Jeffrey Jeffus E. Jones Kennedy C. Kennemer S. Kovich Sr. C. Lackland M. Lagrow Sr. Landtroop B. Leonard B. Mackie J. Main Mrs. C. Marr Mrs. J. S. Martin Mrs. O. R. Massey Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. RQHWOP?FEP;;;P;wswo Matthews .McCaII McClure Jr McCracken Owayz 7 f H . B. Peterson ,3. J. D. Phillips, ' . R. LiCphlul C J. HP B. W. R. B. H C. . E. R. W. ..P p R. C. T. J. L. 29M. Pierce ,R. Plumlee 1C. Rambin , 51?ng G. E. Reese , . R. J. Ridgway . c. F. Riley . F. L. Robinson C. G. RIck L. G. Rockett . L. C. Rodgers . J. L. Salmon .J. E. Schumann Jr. H. Seeber W. Shaddock O. Shamblin J. Shipp Sr. C. Shank W. Shufeldt E. Shumate L. Skaggs E. Smith .S'Ieadman Sr. .Steele .Stewart .Sweat Mrs. M. E. Taylor Mrs. R. W, Taylor Mrs, T. M. T5ylor Mrs. M. Tenzer Mrs. W. G. Teubner Mrs. J. D. Touchon Mrs. A. L. Travis Mrs. H. J. Treadway Mrs. N. H. Vanek . W. E. Vaughn Mrs. T. Visser G. Wallace D. Warnick Wawak Welsh W. Whetsel T. White WhItehursf L. WhiteSIde G. Winkler M. Winn G. Winniford EI Wolfe J. Wright Young H. Averett D. Adams Hornberg L. Martin Noel Vaughn Sefhkenher G .P. AH. .J. .H .H. .H. .H. .D. .E. .J. .U. .M. .A. .A. .C. .L. .J. .P. .K. .D. .0 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mrs. Raymond E. Jones, Presidenr Mrs. C. I. Holliman, Vice-Presidenf af Large Mrs. Ray Frederiksen, First Vice-Presidenf Mrs. John D. Touchon, Second Vice-Presidenf Mrs. Carl A. Morriss, Third Vice-Presidenf Mrs. Texas M. Oddson, Fourth Vice-Presidenf Mrs. Guy MJ Gibson, Fifth Vice-Presidenf Mrs. Raymond I. Landtroop, Sixth Vice-Presidenf Mrs. Wm. A. Collins, Jr.. Seventh Vice-PreSIdenr Mrs. Tom A. Cardwell, Recording Secretary Mrs. Ernest R. Holloway, Corresponding Secrefary Mrs. Rupert L. Phillips. Treasurer Mrs. Edwin J. Hatzenbuehler, Hisforian Mrs. Mac W. Jeffus, Parliamentarian Mai. Blalfe guest speaker at a club meeting Mrs. M. M. Alexander Jr. Mrs. O. W. Anderson Jr. Mrs. L. J. Backof Jr. . W. K. Bailey . R. L. Barlow . M. M. Barnard . N. W. Beard R. Becera R. P. BechIer C. H. Bentley . C M. Berry L. C. Birch R. E. Boswell C. C. Brewer . W. P. BuckeIIew . W. D. Buis . J. P. Castleberry . J. H. Caswell . T. H. Christopher . J. B. Clark . H. B. Cobb . G. G. Commons . C. Conway Mrs. C. E. Cook Mrs. M. H. Cook Mrs. J. R. Copper Mrs. D. J. Costa Mrs. R, L. Crawford Mrs. R. E. CresweII 3M Worth . J. D. Crill . R. P. Cyr . R. B. Darmon . R. L. Deavers ..P DeFrank Mrs. E. s. Gieb' ,errsIDM Glassfo;d Mrs. D GonneISW ' Mrs. F. W Hall I :Mrs, J. Halpern PI Mrs. J 8. Hamilton ,. arris ,ers. J. V. Haftaway X qus. H J Hawley Mrs. F. HoICOmb .W D. Hugharf .W V. Jpnes .J. W. JordarF v .M. P. Joseph . B. C. Kendrick' .Lyons .McCIeskey .McGough .McHam .McLendon Mrs J. E. McWhirter Mrs. J. E. Mann Mrs. W. H. MarsIeH Mrs. W. F. Mathis Jr. mmjuzaofnmrnpgn nrnpgjnsngpg- MEMBERS Mrs J 78. :RIddIe Mrs. C U. RockhoId MrsV B SadIin Mrs. A. J. Meals Mrs. T. J. Miller Jr. Mrs. K. Mitchell Mrs. T. J. Mitchell Mrs. C. C. Moore Mrs. S. R. Monschke Mrs. F. T. Murray Mrs. C. L. Parkin Mrs. E. Pearce Mrs. H. H. Pendery Mrs. R. W. Plotfs Mrs. N. A. Presswood Mrs. C. E. Pugh ,JMrs. ,Rg-IB; 'IRandoyIph "Mrs. F. R63.- I Mrs A. 5H. Raw Mr5 V. H Reader Mrs P, F ReeVes Mr5 G WxReynoIds Mrs. D. E Schrickel Mrs. L. G. ShIIIing S? I M.rs M. 8. Simpson Jr wHMrs. 3!" H. SmaII Mrs. W. J: SmelIey Jr'. Mrs. P. J SneIus IMrs. E E S05 5rs Mrs. R. C. Sparks Mrs. E. R. SfeWart Jr. Mrs. J. L. StUtIer Mrs. L. Sullivan Mrs. M. F. Sumpter Mrs. G. T. Taff, Sr. Mrs. C. J. Vitek Mrs. J1 M. Walker Mrs. W. D. Waltman Jr. Mrs. G. Word Mrs. K. J. Warren Mrs. A. A. Watts Sr. Mrs. M. A. West 5 Annual fish tea . C. D. Whaley . D. B. WheeIer . C. A. Wilson . C. J. Wood . W. A. Wright . C. W. Zahn . J. Q. Butler . L. J. Edmondson . C. D. Emmons . R. L. CIimIe . S. Ball . R. L. Lester . J. Yoder . D. Willis President . FRED HOLCOMB Mrs. J. M. Abbot Mrs. O. C. Aldrich . B. L. Arrington . J. H. Atkins . P. M. Atkinson . B. A. Baldwin . W. E. Bammel . T. J. Barlow . F. J. Barr . J. Barvin . W. A. Birdsong . J. P. BishOp . M. Blankenburg . B. Blum . C. Bollfrass Jr. . R. Bond . W. B. Bradley . S. J.I Bresk . C. W. Brooks . F. R. Brooks . E. A. Broussard . T. J. Brown . P. L. Burgower . A. J. Burke . J. T. Burnett . J. 5. Bush . S. D. Camp . M. Caplan . F. L. Carpenter . R. D. Cassity Jr. . J. A. Cervenka . E. V. Chambliss . J. D. Clark . W. H. Clarke Jr. . C. R. Cloud? . M. Cockrell . C. X. Contreras . R. L. Cooper . C. Cosfon . R. 5. Cox . L. Crawford . P. F. Crocheron . E. CuII . E. 0. Davis . J. B. Davis . H. A. Delery . M. C. Dickens . M. M. Dikeman . J. A. Dillard . B. H. Draemer'I . H. H. DupIrIe , . E B. Durrenberger . F. Earhart, . J. C. Edger: . G. EIrhIan . E. v. EllIsI . J. H. EIIis . C. Feray . E. E Ferguson .C. D. Ferrata .H. E FischIIer . L. C. Fisher V . G. B. FifzgeraIdII . J. G. Frank . V. M. Frank . H. A. Freiberger . J. D. Gaden . W. C. Gardner . L. H. Gay . P. Goicoechea . W. E. Groce . J. D. Grossman . R. Hablinski . J. Hamilton I I . B. Heafer . E. Hedemann Mrs. B. E. Helcamp Mrs. B. A. Hennessy Mrs. M. M. Henry B C . J. R. Hammond C p Mrs. W. H. Herbold erg Mrs. J. A. Hightgwer'" I Mrs. K. L. HIIIeIr II Mrs. J. A HoIdeIIr Mrs. J. R JarIIs I , Mrs. B E. JohInson Mrs: E. HyFKaffenberger I IMrs. E. D. IKeIIIyI 2 y , ,Mtf. J, F. Kleemeier IJV. Koenigu; . F. J. LaBarbIeraf I f ,, E B. Laird , I. F F; LEIe , IIJI. H. Lehmann I J. H. Lewis . G. DwLook Mrs. R.,W. LottI I V Mrs. M. R. McFarland Mrs. G. I. McKee ,ngsLR. P. McNaIIy " IMricLJ. MIarIin, Mrs. G. A. Meltoh I Mrs, B. E. Miller , , IBIMrIs: L. C. MinzeI JIr.I I IIMrs. H MonthqmeIry MI.'sI.I2II2 A. M'o'org Mrs A. CKMBII Mrs. R Q MyersI Mrs.IJ. E NachoIdIIJ IMrs. F. NeIson Mrs. IKI. L NelsonI Mrs. IW. BLINEIson II , Mrs.lITI.' LIINEuma n n Mrs. W. F. Noxon Mrs. J. H. O'Connor Sr . P. P. Ontiveros . V. Oswald . J. H. Pappas . E. V. Parker . B. C. Pearson Mrs. W.I EI'IIIREnhIngIon Mrs H. F. Perry V Mrs R R Porter? :Mrsfo A J. FotferI IIRader W. 0 Ray ..L Reel I . H. A. ReIcIIIecIk ..A F Renabd Jr; , ..D C RichardIson'I IJ IC. RichIaIrdscIm,I I -,G- E. Roesner R. I L Rome OFFICERS . L. F. Serres ................ President K. L. Nelson Vice-Presidenf-af-Large . James H. Pappas ........................ Isr Vice-Presidenf . J. G. Frank ....2nd Vice-Presidenr . 0. Ivan Rader ............................ 3rd Vice-President . Otto Veselka ............................... 4th Vice-Presidenf . R. W. Lott ....5fh Vice-President . Frank LaBarbera ........................ Recording Secretary . Fred Renaud ................................ Corresponding Secretary . F. B. Seerden ............ Treasurer . L. N. Wright ....Parliamenfarian I ITImmerman ;Mrs, 13L TovEy Mrs..T. W. RosenstEinI III Mrs. M. G RoWe E, Mrs R. W Russb IMrs. R. IMI. RquIIedgeI Mrs IL. SabayracI , Mrs. A; Salyers Mrs L. IIScaIise Mrs, T. SchIWetz MrIsI. L. A. Schmidt Mrs, D. H. Schugdgmann'" ".FMrsI F.I B SeerdIen Mrs. LQFI BeereIs Mrs S 'I'. SIkeIs Jr. , Mrs. W. AI. Skelton Mrs. J. D. Smith . L. R. Southerland . W. M. Spengler . D. Stanton . A. J. Stayton Jr. . L. Steffens . R. E. Stephenson Jr. . L. M. Stevens . M. L. Stevens . J. M. SfovaII . W. G. Stovall . P. Strong MrsI IE. FI. Walker ;Mrs. IR. D. Ward Mn IIJIfI ID. WaId ,, MII's. ELI L'IWehneIr VIrs T.I CI. WeIsIh Jr. Mrs. C. R. WesItmoreIand Jr. IMrs. J. S. WeIstmoreIand Mrs. M. D. Wickerham Mrs. T. W. Wiggins Mrs. R. D. Wilbanks Mrs. B. H. Wilkins Mrs. S. B. Williams Mrs. O. B. Wiswell . H. Wifenberg . L. M. Wright . E. Wuycheck . F. G. Ybarra . P. L. Young . L. J. Zappe . L. 8. lies . J. Zinn President MRS. L. F. SERRES Mrs. R. E. Hopper Mrs. Rex Emmond Mrs. K. Moss Mrs. C. Lewis Mrs. J. M. Hooke Mrs. P. G. Beck Mrs. B. P. Hathern Mrs. R. C. Guerra Mrs. E. C. Brod Mrs. J. P. Brown Mrs. C. Crowe Mrs. F. Mika Mrs. D. R. Tillery Mrs. C. M. Hillis OFFICERS President, Mrs. E. E. Johnson Vice Presidenf at Large, Mrs. G. Schulgen 15f Vice President, Mrs. F. Mika 15f Vice Presidenf, Mrs. G. A. Ginsbach 2nd Vice President, Mrs. A. Reyna 3rd Vice President, Mrs. J. M. Hooke 4th Vice Presidenf, Mrs. P. Forster 5th Vice President, Mrs. R. P. Bayne Recording Secretary, Mrs. G. Sylvester Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. F. Engelbrecht Treasurer, Mrs. N. Sluis Historian, Publicity, Mrs. T. Meyers 8t Parliamentarian Kin Wanda Valley g gfwai Mrs. C. C. Stone Mrs. L. Burch Mrs. E. Hatch Mrs. W. E. Mooney Mrs. T. H. Myers Mrs. F. Engelbrecht Mrs. P. Forster Mrs. V. C. Frysinger Mrs. P. Chastain Mrs. H. Jones Mrs. R. B. Shaw Mrs. J. H. Vitfetoe Mrs. F. P. Griggifhs Mrs. R. Gutierrez Jr. Freshman Mothers' Tea President MRS. J. M. SINGLETON Mrs. W. P. Albert . C. L. Allen . S. A. Ansel - . G. Arnol . L. B. Bailey . A. N. Baldarrama . J. N. Baldree . G. A. Bath . E. H. Bauer . W. S. Brashears . A. F. Briggs . J. Burks . P. W. Burpo . S. A. Butler . J. S. Ballard Jr. . H. O. Barrows . M. Bayer . R. A. Bercerrill . J. E. Buffin . S. E. Carpenter . R. Carter . M. L. Chancellor . N. Chumley Rm Amm? . E. M. Cisneros . N. M. Clifford Jr. . L. P. Cloud Jr. . J. M. Collins . W. H. Collins . C. E. Craft . R. M. Cuellar . L. G Cupp . T. H. Daughtery . G. B. Davis . W. D. Deafon . L. E. Deuel . M. C. Devolites . C. F. Dibrell . T. E. DuBose . R. Duncan . J. J.VDusJek . J.JE. Eldridge Mrs, J. P. Esparza . J. T. Fenlon' .wfl. Fernaulyd I . R.,W. Fichtner . R. Fischerrk, ,, V . 8. Fisher . D. H. Floyd . J. P. FreJnyych . W. Y. Fr$ntzei , .E. s. FrYJ C . J. RJGaHegqs . J. Gastihger . M. R-. Gill . D.Gillis . J. G. Glodt . R. F. Gonzales . L. J. Grant . L. B. Gray . C. J. Grossehbacher . D. Grothues . A. Groves MEMBERS Mrs. C. Gummer Mrs. H. E. Hall Mrs. R. E. Hawes Mrs. H. A. Hearfwell Mrs. J. Henry Mrs. R. E. Herold Mrs. B. D. Herren Mrs. A. L. Herring Mrs. J. R. Herring Mrs. J. M. Hicks Mrs. O. L. Holmes Mrs. R. W. Hopper Mrs. W. A. Howerton Mrs. M. Hugbinger x Mrs. E. HthBper L Mrs. L. Hyunf , . EC. Jgnkv , RRJJ,E v.,c. Jendwsch " C G. F, A.,KiolbaJsrsa I i R, C. Kiser . W. L. Klufz Sr. . M. F. JKorb, 2 , . C. R. Land'dhk J. R. Lay Sr. . A, Laxoh I ,. G. J. Lee, ' . R. c. Lee . E. E. Leonard . F. M. Lindsay . E. S. Lorms . G. G. Loudon . G. S. Lybecker . A. V. Macaluso . W. N. Mann . W. M. Mark . T. O. Mathews . F. L. May Members attending fish tea . A. D. Mayfield . R. D. McKeen . C. Moench . D. McLean . G. Melcher . P. P. Menzies . P. Milstead . P. J. Mims . C. H. Molberg . K. Monier . O. Mott . T. A. Murrah . H. Muska . S. Munzy . B. N. Myers . H. D. Neal Jr. . J. A. Noake L. C. E. Noonan :1 J; J. O'Brien 1; EBA O'Donnell . E. looIrer ' . ESEOwen J J. LEK. Obdyke .F. Feirson M. Penrod .' P. Perez ; L. L. Piper , N .VW. C. Pool J .VCarI F. Raba Sr. . J. P. Randolph . E. W. Rensmyer . S. Richmond . V. L. Riley . C. Rinard . G. J. Rogers . P. P. Rose . J. Rosemhal . L. R. Rutledge Mrs. M. F Schlater . H. W. Schmed . H. L. Schuetze . M. Schuhz . J. Severance . P. Shannon . I. T. Shaw . W. Shenkir .J. M. Singleton . R. G. Slocum . G. W. Sommers . R. A. Sonnen . H. C. Stanfield . T. W. Strong . A. G. Stoops . E. Story . G. J. Stryker . E. A. Suelfenfuss . O. C. Swanson . E. Smith . M. Thompson . L. E. Travis Jr. . l. C. Trimble . J. B. Turbeville . R. Turner . R. K. Valentine . R. C. Van Hellen . V. C. Van Horn . A. P. Vick . P. M. Vilcoq . E. Walo . E. B. Wells . E. J. Wentworth . R. H. Williams . G. Willmann . E. Wulfe . N. C. Wyninegar . P. A. Yochem . E. F. Zatopek . W. J. Zwanies ZZZ .H gin; Brazos County Fort Worth r e n .m D t e f f U B a e r A Y a B Bay Area Fish Dinner Fort Worth Christmas Tea Parent's Day on the main drill field-a memorable occasion. i i i; .1. -M h W Mir; , x 1.1;, '24. 7414"; Z - , ,, 1'"in 77 , 7" 1,; m Presentation of awards at Parent's Day-The General Moore Award went to Squadron 6, commanded by Henry Norman; the Marching Cord went to Squadron 17, commanded by Herbert Pounds; the Academic Award went to Company Et3, commanded by Nobel Atkins. 61115555 Each man To his own class, yeT all uniTed Through The Aggie broTherhood. Every Aggie has his class and some graduaTe wiTh if. Your besT friends are in your class; you've known This since The firsT day ThaT you arrived on This campus. Now, one, Two, Three, or four years laTer you sTill Think so, because These are The men you've borrowed money and TooThpasTe from, sTayed up all nighT To Talk wiTh when you should have been sTudying for ThaT quiz, and learned To call fellow Aggies. SecTion EdiTed by BOB HEGER Approximately 750 Colleges and Universities Through- ouT the United States recognize 1heir outstanding seniors by naming Them to WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERI- CAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. The criteria for selection E by The nominating committee includes scholarship, participa- Tion and leadership in student activities, citizenship and service To The school, and campus popularity. WILLIAM K. ALTMAN Distinguished Student, Freshman Swimming Team, Soph. Class Pres., A8MM Handball ClUb-Pres. and Treas., Student Senafe-Sfudenf Welfare Chairman, Water Polo Team, Election Commission, Odessa AEMM Scholarship, J. F. and Jesse Posfelle Memorial Scholarship, Trof- fic Committee. LEE 5. BOLLINGER Phi Era Sigma, Alpha Zeta-Chronicler, Outstanding Soph., Junior in Agriculture, Scona VIII, IX, X-Chair- man of Arrangements Committee, Distinguished Stu- dent, Valedictory Scholarship, Seors-Roebuck Foun- dation Scholarship, Danforth Summer Scholarship, Texas AczM Agriculturist Staff, Agricultural Economics Club, Scholastic Officer, Squadron 6. MM , .' ' ; " M W , ,, M l ' . V M M Mr , M JAMES E. BOURGEOIS ' I I Cadet Colonel, C.OM Third Brigade, Ross Volunteer Company, Outstanding RV Junior, JV Firing Squad, Distinguished Student, Dislinguished Military Slu- dent, Houston Chamber of Commerce Military Af- fairs CommiHee Award, Pres.-Ans 8M Sciences C - cil, Corps Honor Council, Pres.-Codet Court , MSC Leadership Conference; AppoHo Club, Centex Hometown Club, Newman Club. T ' 3.x To be considered f0 The honor one must firsT be nomi- naTed by a sTudenT or faculTy member, have a GPR of aT leasT 1.5, and be a senior. The applicanTs are Then carefully screened, and The mosT ouTsTanding selecTed. This year, Texas A8TM besTowed This coveTed honor on 38 sTudenTs They can all be proud of Their record and of T e recogniTion They have received. J-4...,.m u... M; web 5 3f HAROLD CLIFTON BROWN I Scona VIII, lX-Execurive CommitTee, Code! Court "A", Coder LT. ColT-Is! Wing, Great Issues Committee-Sec. retory, Chairman. xv ERNEST A. BOY Good Neighbor Scholarship, Honorary Citizen of Texas, Distinguished Student, Swimming Team, Lead- ership Conference, Scona X, Pan American Club, H.K.N., I.E.E.E., Chairman-Pon American Week Speak- ers Comme and Great Issues Selection Comm. DONALD D. CARTER Milner Hall Dorm Council, Distinguished Student Apart- ment CounciI-President, Civilian Student Council-Porl- iomenfarion, Dorm President's Council, Arts and Sciences Council, Marketing Society, Houston Sales Executive Club Award. 24? ,z , ?? X 7 0 M??? , 75w , 7 g 7 X5 4 a , ,, 67X V; , , C 4fX .V ; WVmZM X2 7 KEITH ALLEN CLARK Phi Pfizer Award, Southwestern Em Sigma, Phi Student Senate, AVMA- lotion Editor. President, holarship, Zero, dent, Phi Distinguished Stu Veterinarion-Circu Opportunity Award Sc Kappa Phi DAVID S. CLIFTON Outstanding Junior Honor Junior, Tau Bela Pi d Texas A8 M Opportunity Awor Council -Treosurer, olorship, Engineer's Engineering Sch Scholarship, Leadership Conference, Nicol JAMES RICHARD CONNER and President Agronomy SocEefy-Vice Zeta Alpha Freshman Ag Distinguished Shh Committee-Chcirman Talent T'reosurer, SocieVy, den? Jones Conservation Club, Agronomy, Luther G. Outsfand'mg Junior in Soxl Scholarship, ANDRAS J CSAGOLY RIHQ Tcam-Cnptuln, Cym- PIsIol Team, COUII m m C Pre- Sludcnl, Oulsmnglxng PIC Denial Team, nasllu Mod Phi Arhhr Member, Dishngunhcni Somely-Oulshwnhng Prchcnl Dlshngulshcd Phi lmy Sludonl, Scholmshrp, 8. Sludcnr, Hulmllun, Kappa Oppmiumly Aumd Ruvnlulmn 0 bill lhxmd, Of Amt! nun Suns , German Club Ruswan Club DANEL G. HAILE Tau Bela Pi, Alpha Zeta, American Sociely Agricul- tural Engineers-V.P., Student Agriculture Council, Distinguished Siudenf. JAMES DAVID FOX Distinguished Student Distinguished Air Science Stu- dent, Alpha Zeta, Sons of American Revolution Award, Marshall Foundation Scholarship, National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Grant, Leadership Conference-Chuirman, Scone VII, VIII, Ross Volunteers, Corps Sfoff-Supply, Town Hall Staff, Apollo Club, Polaris Council, SIDNEY L. HENSON Presidenf-TSPE and ASCE, Student Engineers Council, Chi Epsilon, Cadet Corps-Scholasfic Officer. VA$W STEPHEN P. HAMMACK Freshman Ag Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta, E. J Kyle Scholarship Opponuniiy Award Scholar- ship, Distinguished Student, Rolston-Purina Under- graduate Scholarship, Saddle and Sirloin CIub-Jr, and St Meats, Livesrock, and Wool Judging Teams, Outstanding Soph , Student Agricultural Council. Mwbmwwxwu WWW MMMA ERNEST R. HOLLOWAY, JR. Ross Volunteers, Tau Bela Pi, Pi Tau Sigma-Sec., Editor-Texos A8.M Engineer, Student Engineers Coun- cil, J. W. Vondyke Scholarship, Procon Incorporated Scholarship, Distinguished Student, Distin uished Mil- ifry Student C O.-C-2, Outstanding Jr.-3rd Bn., Social Sec-Soph. Class. M . Aw WM. . m. Wm. NEIL L. KELTNER Coder Colonel of Corps, Distinguished Student, Distin- guished Military Student, Ross Volunteers Firing Squad, Caldwell Trophy Department of the Army Award, Who's Who Committee TOWn Hall Staff, Honor Council, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, Houston ln- dusfriol Distributors Association Scholarship. 9 W wmwm x xyxkam$ maxim m ,, Wwwmmwwzvr wmmyim w:mmWhmwwhxmmmmmaw w. Mywxww H MMWIIWWMWMMAVVWNM WNW; wikmwliWrMMwywrmrAu-vww W1 mm"! W . m V M. THEODORE HOPGOOD, JR. Yell Leader-Jr., Ross Volunteers Platoon Leader and Firing Squad, Distinguished Student, Semper Fidelis Sociery-Pres , Arts and Science Council, Oul- standing Fish-lst Brigade, Outstanding Soph.-3rd Brigade, Coder Mojor-Mh Bn. Staff, P.S. Club, Stu- dent Education Club. I CHARLES J. KNIGHT Tau Beta Pi-Secretary, Sigma Gamma Tau-V.P , AIAA, Student Engineers Council, Scone X, Varsity Football, Distinguished StudenL WWW! MARIO A. MACA 50 Ross Volunteers, Student Senate, Senior CIass-V.P., sfinguished Military Student, Town Hall Staff- Vlce Chairman Code! Court, C.O 59h Bn., Scone IX, Great Issues, Election Commission, Sweetheart Selection Comm., Pre-Med Pre-Denl Society, Apollo Club, San Antonio Hometown Club-Treus. ALAN H. LUYMES Singing Cadets, Agronomy Society, Talent Committee -Sec,-Treas., Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student, Alpha Zero, Lambda Chi Alpha, Trans-Mississippi Golf Association Scholarship, Texas Turf Grass Association Scholarship, USGA scholar. THOMAS M. MATTHEWS Tau Beta Pi-Honor Junior, Chi Epsilon-Pres., Phi . Kappa Phi, Phi Era Sigma, ASCE-Sec., Student Em . ' . - N V , gineering Council, Distinguished Student, Singing v ' . ' " I , '1 a9 ; ' Codels, Cabot Carbon Foundation Scholarship, Tau ' ' ' ; ' Bela Pi Scholarship, Voledictory Scholarship, Oppor- tunity Award Scholarship, Freshman Engineering Graphics Award, LARRY A. MADDOX Coder Lt, Col Doy Student Liaison Officer; Dis- tinguished AFROTC Coder, Student Engineers Coun- cil Tau Bela Pi-V, P., MSC Leadership Comm., Ross Volunteers, Scone IX, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, ALChE, General Dynamics-Award, Distin- guished Siudenf, Cooper Bessmer 0nd AMOCO schol- arships, Pi Era Sigma, Outstanding Junior-Qnd Wing. y;w;yl4gy 7; A 4 'i i I X ,V r'; r W V; y,' W 1 M "k o , 4H v 1 X1 .45? z CJMQEE av M I'M 1. WV "am! ixim R TRAVIS C. MCGUIRE, JR. Souihwestem Veferinarian-Editor, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Zetheo, Borden Award, Award of Merir-Outstand- ing Soph. 8X Jr. Veterinary Studenf, Kroger Award, AVMA, Distinguished Student, Outstanding Sophomore Co. D-l. X A FRANK M. MULLER President Student Body Appellate Honor CounciI-Pres., Junior Class-Pres., Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Mililary Student, Code? Lt. Col. Ex. Off. 2nd Brigade Staff, Election Commission -Sec,, Scone VII, VIII, lX-Tronsponation Chairman, Great Issues-Progrom Chairman, Pislol Team, Debate Team, "Good Morning" Society. 2 Ma ; r , , ng WWW W WALLACE W. MIGURA Aggieland '65-Edifor, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi tra Sigma, Alpha Zela-Scribe, National Alpha Zeta Foundation Graduate Scholarship Award, Opportunity Award Scholarship, Voledicfory Scholarship, Outstand- ing SeniorXCollege of Agriculture, Distinguished Slu- dent, Distinguished Military Student, Ross Volunteer$, NSF Undergraduate ResearchX'62, '63, '64, Code! MoionEx. Off., 3rd Bn., Newman Club, "Good Morning" Society. ROBERT M. NALLEY Phi Em Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Chi Epsilon-Treas., C.O.-2nd Brigade, Freshman En- gineering Society, Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore Co. 0.2, Army and Varsity Rifle Team '62-'65. XXXNWW 74,, , ' ' , : ,, : V y . f , - : A L R. OLIVER .: I ' 5 I' ' Civi on Student CounciI-Pres., Sigma Tau Delta 3 ' ', 1 ,4. .' , English Society, Scono X, Dorm CounCIIISecretory, ' , ' . X x 1 1, Housemoster, Sweetheart Selection Committee, Dis- , 3 finguished Student 3 TERRENCE A. ODDSON k MSC Council 8 Directorate-Presidenr, Corps Staff- Scholostic 0H,, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall, YMCA Cabinet, Scono X-Executive Committee, Who's Who Selection Committee, Leadership Committee, Distin- guished Student, Phi Eta Sigma, Aggie Sweetheart Selection Committee, AQLM Federated Mother's Club Award, Experiment in International Living Greor Britain. 0 v LWW r' xww' WALTER CURTIS RICHBURG . . . I V , V, Z ' ' , V V , ' . , ' , ' Freshman Ag Society, Distinguished Student, Dorm . . ' ,y ' ' I ' . ' w . , Council-Pres. and V.P., Dorm Master, Alpha Zeta, . 4; ' ' : " v ' . ' ' v Agricultural Council-V.P, Agricultural Economics Club 1'. -Pres., Depf. Head's Award, "Little Southwestern s" i Stock how"-Grand and Reserve Champion Swine. I 5 '. WWW, r14 4xX Wl-V" REEL Dorm President's Counci Choirmon, Hurt Hall Dorm Council President, Civilwun Student Council, Student Engineers Council, Design Student Societvaecretory, Universiry Traffic Comminee, Ma r, ??M Lg??? XMCW 6 , ? ? , x XMM?MX W Dis- X. Ross Lead Aggie 63-'65, 9 ??f, ZZWWquMngWVx 7y I I Council, Scone Commission General Student Sec - Engineers Social w -Vice-Choirmon, Election IX Distinguished Comm Sfuff-lnspector -: Student JOHN A. SCHMIDT Hall Eta Sigma Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beia Pi-Treas., Phi, Corps Committee, Selection Sigma-V.P Town Kappa IEEE-Chairmcn, General Electric College Bowl Team, Elo Phi Experiment in International LivingaChile. Phi tinguished Stude Phi Chairman, Volunteers. ership Sweetheart , Town C amber Corps Troops! Foundation CO. H 4, Saddle and Sirloin Science Scholarship Awards, Outstanding Co. Freshman Agricul tural Houston gm v National W??? i; 1 ROSE Distinguished Smdenf, Distinguished Military Student X-Finonce Choirm 1X, Staff-Adiutanf, Commerce Award, Outstanding Junior ,M , , , x , , V M? ,, y X g ? Z7 . y y . J3, FFA-Sentinel .1, and Sophomore Freshman Co Undergraduate Research Grant Kyle Scholarship Award, JOHN T. Scone fix? LEONARD G. STEFFENS, JR. Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student! Alpha ZeIa-Choncellor, Phi Kappa Phi, Sears Founda- Corps Freshman, C.O Staff, XMM Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Ross Volunteers Socnery, H : 7 , .. ?4 , $ V V M$Qs$$ m hw wm r a , g...- m! 'l KEITH B. WARD, JR. Physics CIub-Pres , Sigma Pi Sigmo-Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Em Sigma, Arts 8 Sciences Council, Opportunily Award Scholarship, Schlumberger Fellow- ship, Werner Von Broun Scholarship, Freshma and arsity Rifle Team. MICHAEL l. WIER Student Senate, Election Commission, MSC Council- V.P., Era Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Student Engineers Council, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student, Aggie Bond, Sons of the American Revolu- lion Award, SAME, IEEE. Wm ' , 1W; f4 WKM M ,2 x DONALD R. WARREN YMCA-Pres. 8: V.P., Student Senate '63-'65, Civilian Student Council '63-'65, Dorm Council, Singing Cadets '62-'65, Civilian Chaplain, Election Commission-V.P., MSC Music Committee-Vice Chairman, Exchange Store Advisory Committee, All Faiths Chapel Comm., Scona IX, Apollo Club, Russian Club, Economics Club. JAMES C. WILLENBORG Distinguished Student, Accounting Society, Varsity Football Letterman President HT" Association, Nom- inee for AII-Sourhwest Conference Scholastic Football Tea 55 4'96 6; 7 m 4 V 7 W 12. ; Wm ADAMS, PAMELA J. Management ALLEN, CAROLYN Accounring ARMSTRONG, CLAUDIA History BADGWELL, KAREN Elemenfary Education BEASLEY, MARIJANE Mathematics BENSON, JOYCE Mathematics BLACKHURST, KATHLEEN Education BRANDT, BETTY Business Admin. CATHEY, STELLA Soph. Elementary Education CONTELLA, PATRICIA Junior Elementary Education COOLEY, FRANCES Fresh. Education DEEN, CAROL Soph. English FRANKLIN, JUDITH Journalism HILL, PATRICIA Pre-Med. KING, HOLLEY Zoology McNEELLY, MARY Sociology McNIEL, CORDELLA Education MILLER, MELANIE English MORRIS, JAN Sociology REAGOR, LUGENIA Education VanALSTYNE, ANITA Junior English WILLIAMS, MACKIE Fresh. Mathematics ZERBE, SUSAN Junior Mathematics uTomu ASHLEY, JAMES THOMAS Edinburg Archifecfure Age 22, Class '64, Design Students Society, D.S., Jesse Jones Award. ATKINS JR., NOBLE JAMES Architecture "Jim" Dallas Age 25, Class '61, SCONA lX-Personnel Vice Chairman, Design Student So- ciety, D.S., D.M.S., Fish Drill Team, Army Flight Program, Commanding Officer C0. B3, Camera Club, Outstanding Cadet "W" Co.-Fort Sill, Okla. BATEY, THOMAS ALDEN "Tom" Architecture Age 23, Class '63, Design Student Society. Richards "Jim" BRINKLEY, ERNEST JAMES Houston Architecture Age 22, Class '64, SCONA VIII, IX, Great Issues, D.S.S., Exec. Officer Sqd. 5, BSU, Galena Park HTC. DAVIS, THOMAS EDWARD "Ted" Arch. Const. Scotf AFB, III. Age 22, Class '64, Association of General Contractors, American Society Civil Engineers, Squadron Scholastic Officer-13. FAULKNER, GERALD F. Archifecrural Construction Corpus Christi Age 22, Class '64, Associated General Contractors, Civilian Student Council- Treasurer 8. Graduate Representative, Weight Lifting CIub-Vice President, In- framural Athletics. JACKSON, MARK L. Arch. Consr. Dallas Age 22, Class '64, Semper Fidelis Society, ACC, Dallas HTC-Vice President. KING, JON BRADLET Architecture Age 22, Class '64, Aggie Band, Maroon Band-Ist LL, Aggielancl Orchestra, Drum 3 Bugle Corps, Design Student Society, AIA, Association General Contractors, Freshman Engineering Society. LEE JR., CARL JOHNSTON Arch. Consr. Age 23, Class '64. year Architects "Phil" Silsbee Baytown MCKINNEY, PHILLIP Arch. Const. Age 35, Class '65, AGC. MCSPADDEN, JOHN LARRY "Larry" Architecture Fr. Stockton Age 27, Class '63, D.S.S.--Presiden'r. MILLS, JOEL LEE Architecture Age 23, Class '64. Bryan MOORE, RICHARD "Dickie" Architecture San Antonio Age 28, Class '64, Civ. Stu. Coun.-Vice Pres. 63, Pres. '64, Who's Who, Stu. Senate, Walton Dorm. Council, Stu. Chapt. AIA, Campus Traff. Chrm., Civ. Aggie Sweetheart Sel. Comm., Exchange Store Comm., Outstanding Civ. Stu. Councilman Award. MORGAN, BILL E. Arch. Consf. Age 23, Class '64. MUNSON JR., JOHN HANKS Archiiecrure Age 22, Class '64, Camera Committee, Design Student Society. Brazoria Sugarland MURPHY, STEPHEN LEO "Muffy" Architecture Winchester, Mass. Age 22, Class '64, Associated General Contractors, Newman Club, Design Student Society, Intramural Athletics, Sqd. 5. MYERS, RANDOLPH PETER Architecture Age 23, Class '63, Hillel Foundation, Camera Club, Design Student Society. RABA, LAURENCE JOSEPH Architecture Age 24, Class '63, Design Student Society, Creative Arts Committee, Newman Club. "Randy" Dallas "Larry" San Antonio REEL, RONALD L. Architecture Age 23, Class '64, Who's Who, Hart HaII-President, Dorm President's Council- Chairman, Design Students Society, Housemaster Spring Athletes, Civilian Stu- dent Council, Engineers Council, Delegate to A.I.D. Forum Washington. REESBY, WILLIAM DAVID Arch. Consr. Age 23, Class '64, Freshman Engineering Soc., Design Stu. Soc., Stu. Chap. Assoc. General Cont, Exec. Officer Co. D-3. TATE, FRANKLIN C. Architecture Age 26. Houston "Bill" Sherman Midland THOMPSON, MICHAEL DAVIS "Mike" Arch. Consf. Shreveport, La. Age .22! Class '64, Shreveport HTC, SCONA VII, VIII, IX-SCONA Executive Committee Chairman 3 Secretariat Committee, Association of General Contractors, Design Student Society, Class C Football Champions-member. WHITE, JAMES RILEY "Jim" Architecture San Antonio Age 23, lass '63, Freshman Drill Team, Best Drilled Sophomore, Associate Editor -Architec1ure Plus, Design Student Society, Student Chapter American Institute of Architects. 5t: ngMgdg - ALI, KHANDKER MOHAMMAD Vef. Med. Gafargaon, East Pakistan Age 27. BANKS, KEITH LYTLE Vet. Med. Lubbock Age 23, Student AVMA Chapter President, Exec. Editor of Southwestern Vet- erinarian, 2nd Year Class President. BECHTOL, DAVID T. Vet. Med. Amarillo Age 27, Class '63, AVMA. BOUGHTON, ROGER 3. Vet. Med. Mangham, La. Age 24, Class '62, AVMA. BOUNDS, GARRY LELDON Vet. Med. Gunter Age 23, Class '65; AVMA4Vice President. BRITTAIN, MACK L. Vef. Med. Terrell Age 22, Class '64, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Vet. CIass-Vice President, Junior Chapter-AVMA. BROUSSARD, JAMES ELTON "Bruce" Vet. Med. Kaplan, La. Age 24, Class '65, Southwestern Veterinarian-Business Editor, Junior Chapter AVMA. BURNS, LONNE J. Vet. Med. Port Neches Age 22, Class '64. CARTER, JAMES CHARLES "Jim" Vet. Med. Shreveport, La. ' Age 22, Class '64, Southwestern Veterinarian-Production Editor, Student AVMA, Shreveport HTC-Presidem, D.S., Phi Eta Sigma, Newman Club, MSC Summer Directorate, Pre-Vet Society. CARWILE, HENRY FIELDS Vet. Med. Montgomery Age 25, Class '62. CHITWOOD, KENNETH LONNIE "Ken" Vet. Med. La Pryor Age 25, Class '61, Junior AVMA. CLARK, KEITH A. Vet. Med. Marble Age 30, Class '64, Who's Who, Phi Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Stu. Senate, AVMA- Pres., Circulation Editor Sou1hwestern Vet, Pfizer Award, Opportunity Award. COX, WILLIAM GERALD Vet. Med. Waxahachie Age 26, Class '64, D.S., Phi E1a Sigma, AVMA, Ellis County HTC. DAGGS, BOBBY ALLAN Vet. Med. Grandview Age 23, Class '64, Junior Chapter AVMA, Mitchell Hall President, Dorm Presi- dent's Council, Hill Country HTC. DROW, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Vet. Med. Scherrz Age 22, Class '64, AVMA Student Chapter, Pre Vet Society, Phi Kappa Phi. EDWIN, JOHN REED "Pinkey" Vet. Med. Menard Age 34, Class '62. EMERSON, HAROLD RAY Vet. Med. Lorena Age 24, Class '63, Senior Class-Secretary, AVMA. EVERS, WILLIAM HARRY Vet. Med. Houston Age 24, Class '64, Southwestern VeterinarianvEditorial Assistant, 12th Man 402 Bowl. FARIES JR., FLORON CLAYTON Vet. Med. Age 22, Student AVMA Chapter. GUILLOUD, GARRY LEE Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '64, Junior Chapter AVMA. HOFFPAUIR, STANLEY CONWAY Vet. Age 23, Class '65, Student Chapter AVMA. 8:: Vet JACOBY, ROY ALTON "Kraut" Vet. Med. Fredericksburg Age 22, Class '64, Newman Club, Hill Country HTC, Junior AVMA. V KEY, JOHN C. Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, Student AVMA. KIRK, JOHN HUSTON Vet. med. Age 22,.Class '64. Lubbock Ft. Worth KUTACH, ALVIN J. Vet. Med. Age 24, Class '65. LAYCOCK, JERRY W. Vet. Med. Age 25, Class '65, Phi Zeta. LEIDIG JR., RAYMOND H. Vet. Med. Age 28, Class '65, AVMA. Houston Windom 1 "Ray' Lake Charles, La. "Frank" LIGON, FRANK BURNEY Fort Stockton Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '65. LIPPKE, ROLF RICHARD Vet. Med. Age 24, Class '62, Student Chapter AVMA. MCGUIRE JR., TRAVIS C. Vet. Med. Wellington Age 23, Class '64, Southwestern Vet-Editor, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Zefa-Sec., Borden Award, Award of Merit to Outstanding Soph. 6 Jr. Vet Stu., AVMA Coun., Outstanding Soph. Co. D-1, D.S. Yorktown "Bill" MORRIS, WILLIAM C. Woodsboro Vet. Med. Age 27, Class '65. MOSELEY, JAMES LOUIS "Jim" Age 23, Class '64, Pre Vet-President, Junior Representative to MSC Council, Evaluation Committee-Chairman, Junior Chapter AVMA, Snyder HTC. NORWOOD, GARY LUTHER Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '64, Student AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian. Seagoville IIBUddyII Mauriceville "Gerry" FISHER, GERARD J. Bryan Vet. Med. Age 29, Class '64, Student Chapter AVMA. GARCIA, LIONEL GONZALO Vef. Med. Age 29. San Diego IlGiIll Poffsboro HEAD, HOWARD MARTIN Vet. Med. Richardson Age 23, Class '64, Region XIl-Association of College Unions AVMA4Chairman, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Zeta, MSC Coun.-Pres., Who's Who Among Stu. in American Colleges 6 Universities. STU. Senate, SCONA X Delegate, SCONA Executive Comm., Great Issues Comm, Pan American Comm., Civ. Stu. Honor Coun.-Pres. HERRMANN, WESLEY WAYNE Vet. Med. Big Lake Age 23, Class '63, Senior Vet CIass-Presidenf, AVMA Student Council, Phi Zeia, Phi Kappa Phi. Med. Katy HOLDEN, JOHN WADE Vet. Med. Age 24, Class '65, AVMA. HOLMES, ENNIS ROBERT Vet. Med. Age 26, Class '64. Royse City Coolidge OMAN, JOHN BILL Vet. Med. Avoca Age 22, Class '64, Abilene HTC, Stu. Chapt. AVMA, Pre Vet Soc.-Vice Pres., Jr. Vet Class4Class Officer, Rodeo Club. SCHROEDER, JAMES ERVIN Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '63, AVMA-Secrefary Treasurer. SHEETS, PERRY GENE Vet. Med. Spearman Age 23, Class '64, MSC Camera Committee, Student Chapter AVMA, South- western Veterinarian-Sfaff Worker. Winters SIMMONS, JERRY LEE Vet. Med. Age 23, Keller Class '64, Southwestern Veterinarian481aff, AVMA, Junior Live- stock Judging Team, Intramural Sports. STEVENER, BOBBY LEE Vet. Med. SMITH, IRA LEON Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, AVMA, Phi Kappa Phi. STEIN, FRANKLIN JOSEPH Vet. Med. San Antonio Age 21, Class '64, Honor Graduate, D.S., Southwest Texas HTC, Phi Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi. IILonnyll La Porfe IlBobll Bryan Age 22, Class '65, Student Chapter AVMA. STUBBS, ROBERT CLAY Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, AVMA Council. TAYLOR, JAMES HERBERT Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '64, AVMA, Sears Foundation Scholarship. Johnson City "Jim" Weatherford 51'. V6! Mala TENZER, NEIL BRUCE Vet. Med. Dallas Age 23, Class '64, Pre Vet Society, Student Chapter AVMA, Wrestling Club. TISDALE, LARRY WAYNE Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '63. URSO, JOE JOHN Vef. Med. Age 23, Class '63, AVMA. Temple Bryan VALE, MARTIN MATTHEW Vet. Med. Age 26, Class '64, Student Chapter AVMA. WARD JR., JAMES EDWARD "Jim" Vet. Med. Pasadena Age 23, Class '63, AVMA, Phi Zeta, Sears Roebuck Foundation Award, Jesse Jones Award. WATERS, GARY LEE Vet. Med. Age 28, Class '58. "Buzz" Grapevine "Pop" Midland llBobll Shreveport, La. WOLF, ROBERT HERMAN Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '64. WOOD, JOHN A. Vet. Med. Bonham Age 28, Student Chapter AVMA6Vice President, Sophomore Vet CIass-Presi- dent WOODALL, RUSSELL PHILLIPS "Phil" Vef. Med. Shreveport, La. Age 23, Class '65, AVMA, Pre Vet Society-Officer, D.S., Executive Officer A3. "Bubba" Hallertsville WOYTEK JR., OSCAR Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, Student Chapter AVMA. 404 fr. Vat M5515 CRAWFORD, JACK HAROLD Vet. Med. Lewisville Age 21, Class '65. LAMBERT JR., JOHN WAYLAND "Bill" Vet. Med. Lafayette, La. Age 23, Class '64. graduate Students ADELMANN, HEADLEY C. Zoology SIideII, La. Age 24. AGARWAL, RAM GOPAL Pet. E. CalcuHa, India Age 26, Class '61. AVASTHI, SURJIT MOHAN Pet. E. Lucknow, India Age 23, Class '61. BOND, LOUIS HARWOOD Ind. Ed. Bullard Age 20. BURCHERS, JACK M. Vet. Med. Kingsville Age 24, Class '63. BURSON, BYRON L. Plant Breeding Srillwater, Okla. Age 24. COOPER, WILLIAM BERNARD "Bill" C.E. Glen Rose Age 28, Class '64, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, ASCE, D.$. COWARD, JAMES MICHAEL "Mike" Statistics Beaumonil Age 21, Class '64. CURRY, WILLIAM FRED "Bill" Computer Science Comanche Age 27, Class '59. DAS, SUBODH KUMAR C.E. Khulna, Pakistan Age 27. ERNST, HERBERT LLOYD "Herb" Nutrition Somerset Age 24, Class '62, Graduate Student CounciI-Vice President 6 President, Who's Who '62-'63. ESCHE, RUTHELLA DICUFFA Floricuhure Dimmitr Age 23. ESCHE, VICTOR CLEMENS "Vic" Floriculture Jacksonville, Fla. Age 23. ESPHAHANI, MOSTAFA Special Student Brouierd, Iran Age 24. FARLEY, ARTHUR REID Mathematics Abilene Age 23, Class '59. FARRELL, WILLIAM JAMES Zoology Age 23, Gymnastic Club, Weight Lifting Club. GRANTHAM, THURMAN Ind. Ed. Age 52. GROFF, WALLACE WILFRED MBA Personnel Age 22, Class '64. HAGAMAN, FRED WHITT Animal Breeding Age 22, Class '63. HART, ELWOOD ROY Science Ed. Age 27. HERVEY, DONALD G. M.E. Age 23. JELINEK, AL VINCENT Physics Age 25. JONES Ill, VICTOR T. Physics Age 23. KABIR, SYED HUMAYUN Enfomology Age 25. "Bill" Sayville, N. Y. "T.G." Ft. Worth IIWallyII San Antonio "Whitt" Conway llWoodyll Manchester, Iowa Houston IIAIII Housfon IIBUdII Morgan City, La. "Kabir" Pabna, East Pakistan graduate Studmts -- KAINER, VICTOR F. "Vic" Ag. Ed. El Campo Age 28. KAMALUDDIN, BAKTE ALAM "LUbU" Ind. Engr. Faridpuf, East Pakistan Age 25, Class '61, Pakistan Student Association, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu, The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Pi, Cricket Club-Secrefary. KOEHLER, BUFORD RAY "BR." E.E. Beaumont Age 22, Class '64. LEIFESTE, ARLEE ROSS Mathematics Age 24, Class '62. LONG, BOBBY PAUL M.E. Victoria Age 27, Class '63, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma. MATOCHA, JOHN EDWARD Soil Chemistry Beeville Age 25. MATOCHA, PAUL Agronomy Beeville Age 29. MCGHEE, FLIN C. Biochemistry Brookshire Age 30. MEYER, ALVIN HAROLD "Al" C.E. Weatherford Age 27, Class '63. NIP, WAl KIT Food Technology Hong Kong Age 24. NOLES, DAVID LAWRENCE B-A. Dallas Age 22. OHR, NANCY A. Computer Science Honey Grove 406 Age 21. PAREKH, JAYANTI LAL Ag. Eco. Age 21, Class '62. PEAKE, OLlVER JAMES E.E. Age 30. PRIDMORE JR., JAMES ARTHUR Computer Science Age 22, Class '64. RASHID, KAZI HARUN-UR- C.E. Age 24, Class '65, Chi Epsilon. RAY, LEON C. Zoology Age 28, Class '57. RAY, WILLIAM MARTIN B.A. Age 25, Class '61. ROBERTS, NANCY HORN Computer Science Age 22. ROSS, DONALD LEE Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '64. RUSSELL, WILLIAM BERRY Physics Age 27, Class '60. SHARMA, CHANDRA BHAN Biochemisfry Muzaffarnagar, India Age 29, Indian Students Association-President, Sigma Xi, SCONA-Alternate International Delegate. SHOOK, CHARLES GEORGE "Snook" Accounting Marlin Age 25, Class '61, Parachute CIub-Treasurer, Apartment Council-President, Vice President, Treasurer, Civilian Student Council-Treasurer, Student Senate, Graduate Student Council, D.S., Accounting Society. SOLIS, WILLIAM D. "Bill" Vet. Med. Port Arihur Age 22. STEWART, WALLACE FRANKLIN Mafhemarics Age 28, Class .61. THOMPSON, BERT DARRELL Ind. Ed. Temple Age 29, Class '58, Iota Lambda Sigma, Industrial Education Society, Brazos Valley Industrial Arts Association, Graduate Education Club, D.S., Advisor to Under- graduate Classes, Creative Arts Committee Advisor, MSC Staff. THOMPSON, DORIS ANN English Education Killeen Age 25, Class '62, Industrial Education Wives CIub-Presidem, Graduate Educa- tion Club. TIPTON, WILLIAM EARL "Bill" C.E. Weslaco Age 27, Class '59. WHITEHORN, NORMAN CECIL Ag. Eco. College Station Age 38. WILLIAMS, LESLIE DEAN "Dean" Education Granbury Age 24. WILLIAMSON JR., MORRIS LEEROY Statistics Granbury Age 24, Class '63. ZERBE, MANFRED RUDOLF "Monny" Computer Science Galveston Age 22, Class '64. Aimer, India "OJ '1: Woodville, Ala. Baytown "Harun" Pakistan Longview nBiIIu Santa Fe, NM. "Don" Huntsville Burr, Cox, Tisdale, Macaluso, Bender, Clay, Kainer, Lindsay. 61455 Officers President . . . HALE H. BURR Vice-Presidenf. . . MARIO A. MACALUSO Secretary-Treasurer . . .WILLIAM C. BENDER Social-Secretary . . . GARY L. TISDALE Historian . . . EDWARD L. KAINER Student Entertainment Mgr. . . . CHARLES D. LINDSAY M.S.C. Council . . . ALBERT W. CLAY Head Yell Leader . . . FRANK W. COX IIAIII ABEL JR., ALBERT WILLIAM Buckhahs P.E. Age 25; Class '65, P.E. Club. ABERNATHY, THOMAS C. Ag- Eco. Age 25, Class '65, FFA. ADAMS, DAVID E. "V.L." Agronomy Wills Poinf Age 22, Class '65, Agronomy Society, Soil Conservation Society, Aggie Band. "T.C." Sour Lake AIRHART, JIM WALLIS VeT. Med. Age 22, Class '65, Junior Chapter AVMA, D.S., National Science Foundation Participant, Fish FooTbaH. ALDRICH, LOVELL WELD "P.A." Finance San AnTonio Age 21, Class '65, AThleTic Officer, ElecTion Commission, Finance Society, In- surance Society, San Antonid HTC, Corps Color Guard, Town Hall Staff. ALDRIDGE, RICHARD L. "R.L." Ind. Tech. Weslaco ' Age 37, Class '65, 1nd. Ed. Society, Ioda Lambda Sigma. ALEXANDER, PATRICK HENRY "Alex" Ind. Tech. Laredo Age 24, Class '62, Ind Ed. Society, Laredo HTC, Knights of Columbus. ALEXANDER, RICHARD M. "B.N." M.E. Ft. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, White Band Drum Maior. ALLEN, CHARLES H. Ag. Eco. Age 21, Class '65, Ag Eco. Club. ' Boling CLASS OF '65 In Their Tour-year sTay, The members of The Class of '65 have wiTnessed some of The greaTesT changes To hiT The A8:M campus since iTs beginning 89 years ago. The invincible spiriT and comradeship has shown iTsehc in The members of The Class of '65; They have meTamorphized wiTh each change and have acTed as an example for The classes which will follow behind Them. ALLEN, JAMES H. "Jim" Accounting Bryan Age 24, Class '65, Chairman Student Life Comm.-Senate, Acting Pres. STU. SenaTe Summer '64, Election Comm., Traff. Comm, Art 6 Science Coun., Acc. Soc., SCONA X Delegate and Comm. Member. ALLEN, ROBERT CHARLES "Bob" Animal Science McKinney Age 22, Class '64, Pre Vet Society, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. ALLEN, ROY M. Management San Antonio Age 23, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Commander Sqd. 14, 1ST Sgt. Sqd. 14, OUT- sfanding Sophomore, Distinguished Air Force Student, Officer Son's of Service Club. ALLEN, WILLIE JOE Agronomy Age 21, Class '66, American Society of Agronomy, American Society of Soil Conservation, Southwest Texas HTC, King's Court in Cotton Ball. ALMAND, LYNDON K. Entomology Waxahachie Age 22, Class '65, Entomology CIub-Pres., Ag Council Rep. ALTMAN, WILLIAM KEAN "Bill" Management Odessa Age 20, Class '65, Odessa HTC, Odessa A6M Club Schol., J. F. 6 Jesse PosTeIIe SchoL, Fish Intramural Swimming, Fish Swimming Team, Water Polo, Handball Club-Treas.-Pres., Soph. Class Pres., STU. Senate, MSC STU. Leadership Conf., Assoc. of Computing Machinery, D.S. Devine ALVERSON, KINTNER W. "Kit" Aero. Engr. Long Beach, Calif. Age 22, Class '65, Ross VolunteerSe-Supply Sgt, Social Chairman HTC. ANDERSON, GEORGE HARVEY Math Nacogdoches Age 27, Class '65. ANDERSON Ill, ROBERT J. "Bob" Management Marshall Age 23, Class '65, Society for Advancemem of Mgmt. ANDREWS, DONALD GARY Ag. Ed. Angleron Age 22, Class '65, Collegiate FFA Chapter. ANDRICK, JEFFREY PHILIP "Jeff" Marketing San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Golf Team,."T" Assoc, Marketing Society. ARMATTA, THOMAS ALBERT Aero. 81 Ind. Tech. Bay Age 23, Class '66. ARMSTRONG, RICHARD WAYNE E.E. Galveston Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Vice Pres. Galveston HTC. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM EDWARD "Bill" Wildlife Mgmr. Houston Age 21, CIass '65. ATKINS, JAMES LESTER "Jim" Managemenf Randolph AFB Age 22, CIass '64, Flying Kadets, MSC Bridge Club, Assoc. for Computing Machinery, San Antonio HTC. ATKINS, ROBERT D. "Bob" C.E. Baytown Age 21, Class '65, ASCE, AGC, Supply Officer 2nd Bde. Staff, Newman Club. ATWELL, DONALD CARTER "Don" Accounting Houston Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, Pre Law SOCie'ry, Young Republicans. BABIN, LEOPOLD BLUM "Lep" Education Houma, La. Age 20, Class '65, Hillel Club, Publicity Chrm.-Education Club, South La. HTC, Athletic Off. A-1, Schol. Sgt. 4th Group, Sky Divers Club, D.S., General Moore Award. BACICA JR., WOODROW LANSING "Woody" E.E. Guy Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Engineering Society, Press Club. BADGWELL, DON HOUSTON Management Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, Management Society, Ordinance Society. IlBadgell Seymour BADUY, ANTONIO R. "Camello" M.E. Guayaquil, Ecuador Age 24, Class '65, Circle K. Club, Pan American Club, AIIE, ASME, Soccer Team. BALFOUR II, BOYCE BURTOW Ag. Eco. Lindale Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, Alpha Zeta, Tyler-Smith County HTC. BALLARD 111, JOHN SIDNEY "Mickey" History San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Best Drilled Freshman A-3, Society of Sons of American Rev. Medal, Scona lX Delega1e, San Antonio HTC, Commander A-3. BAMMEL JR., WILLIAM EDISON Ind. Disr. Age 21, Class '65, Freshman Engineering Socieiy, D.S., American Ordinance Assoc., Great Issues, Industrial Education Soc., Pres. of Alpha Phi Omega, Iota Lambda Sigma, Hous1on Lamar HTC. ,IB1obI, Houston BANNER, WILBUR WOODROW Range Mgr. Age 22, Class '65, Freshman Agricultural Society, Austin HTC 1Vice PresidenH, Range 81 Forrestry Club, American Society of Range Management. BANTLE, HAROLD THOMAS "Tommy" E.E. Dallas Age 20, Class '65, Varsity Basketball, Ross Volunteers, Newman Club, IEEE, Dorm Sect. BARGMANN, WILLIAM GEORGE "Bill" Ag. Ed. Yorktown Age 21, Class '65, Texas A81M Band, Collegiate FFA Chap1er, Drum 81 Bugle Corps, Guadalupe Valley HTC. Austin "Rick" BARKER, LEONARD RICKY Houston Business Mgr. Age 22, Class '65, Former Fish Drill Team Association. BARLOW, JOHN EDWARD Chf. Age 20, Class '65, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Scholastic Officer D-2. BARNES, LETHAN ALAN "Juggie" Educarion Abilene Age 22, Class '65, Singing CadeIs, Young Republicans Club, MSC Music Com- 410 minee, Student N.E.A. uBombu Pasadena BARR, DENNIS BRANNON "Candy" Physics ' Bonham Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Cadet M2591" Combined Band Staff, Cadet Captain-Drum Maior Maroon Band, Aggieland Orchestra, Camera Committee. BARR JR., FREDERICK JAMES E.E. Bellaire Age 21, Class '65, Bellaire HTC, IEEE, Scholastic Officer Third Battalion, Dis- Tinguished Military Student. BARRETT, RICHARD EDWIN "Dick" Economics Media, Pa. BARRON, GARY RAYMOND E.E. Housfon Age 21, Class '65, Freshman Engineering Society, Judo Club, IEEE, Alpha Phi Omega. BARRON, JAMES T. "Jungle Jim" Food Tech. Ausfwell Age 21, Class '65, Squad Leader, Supply Sergeant, Hort. CIUb-Business Man- ager, lnsfitufe of Fobd Technologists, Student Delegate 1964 IFT Convention, Delegate 10 Southern Ag. Workers Convention, IFT Scholarship 1963, Young Re- publicans. BATEMAN, BARRY LYNN Mathematics Peffus Age 21, Class '65. BATEY, RICHARD Physics Seguin Age 20, Class '65. BAUER, STEPHEN MICHAEL "Steve" B.A. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, D.M.S., AOA, Ft. Sam Houston HTC-Social Secy., 2nd Btn Staff. BEAL JR., JACOB BROOKS "Jake" Animal Science Bryan Age 23, Class '65, Pre-Med Pre-Dent Society. 551412718 -1 BEAUMONT, MICHAEL LEE "Mike" Ind. Tech. Groves Age 22, Class '65, Industrial Education Society, Gymnastic Club. BECKA JR., JOHN CLARENCE "Johnny" Ch.E. Bayfown Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, B.S.U., SAME, Bayfown HTC, AICHE, Fresh- man Engineering Society, Cadet Major. BECKCOM, EDWIN AUGUSTUS "Ed" History San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Fish Football, One Wear Varsity Football, Ross Volunteers, R.V. Firing Squad-Operations Officer, San Antonio HTC. BECKER, JOSEPH D. "Joe" Marketing Houston Age 22, Class '65, Corps of Cadefs-2 years, Intramural Manager, Marketing Society, Insurance Society, 81. Thomas HTC, I.T.S. Committee. BECKMEYER, JOHN CRAIG Agronomy Ackerly Age 23, Class '64. BEIGHLE, PHILLIP LEW Ch.E. Tyler Age 22, Class '65, A.l.Ch.E. BELL, BOB DAVIS History Bryan Age 21, Class '65, Scene lX-X, MSC Council, Chairman Public Relations Com- mittee, Distinguished Military Student, Great Issues Committee 61-65, MSC Directorate, Peace Corps Council, Best Drilled Freshman. BELL, J. B. M.E. Temple Age 25, Class '65, American Society of Mechanical Engineeri. BENDER, WILLIAM CHARLES "Bill" Education Falls Church, Va. Age 21, Class '65, CO. Sqdn. 2, Sec.-Treas. Senior Class, $ec.-Treas. Stu. Education Assoc, Pres.avice Pres. Sons of Service Club, Election Comm., Publicity Comm, MSC Coun., D.$., D.M.S., Vice Pres. American Ordinance Assoc. BENEFIELD, RICHARD LYNN "Benny" Wildlife Mgr. Eureka Age 24, Class '65, Fish 8x Game Club, Student Waiter-Sbisa Cafeteria. BENES, JOSEPH B. "Jodie" Ag. Eco. Pearland Age 22, Class '65, Freshman Ag. Society, 121h Man Bowl, Ag. Eco. Club, Vice Pres., Apartment Council Parliamentarian, Student Ag Council, Alpha Zeta, D.S., lntramurals. BENNETT JR., VIRGIL O'NEAL "Neal" Aero. Engr. Freeport Age 21,. Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, Secy. '64-'65, Tau Beta Pi, Americah Institute Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1A1AA1. BENSON, FRED CHARLES "Fred" C.E. Bryan Age 22, Class '65, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi Treasurer, Chi Epsilon, Scona X Delegate, A6M Leadership Training Program, Houston Cultural Trip. BENSON JR., JAMES ROBERT "Jim" Accounting Nacogdoches Age 22, Class '65, Fish Football, Varsity Redshirf, Student Senate, 121h Man Bowl Comm., Civ. Stu. Coun. Vice Pres., Civ. Yell Leader, Semper Fidelis Soc, D.S., Twelfth Man Bowl, Who's Who Selection Comm., Aggie Sweetheart Selec- tion Comm, Bonfire Comm.-Coordinafor. BENTON, GEORGE LEA Arco. New Orleans, La. Age 21, Class '65, Association of General Contractors, New Orleans HTC- Officer '62, '63, '64, Best Drilled Freshmam-Company D-2, Newman Club, American Ordinance Assoc. BERGOON, RONALD DEAN "Ronnie" Finance Dallas Age 21, Class1'65, Finance Society, Insurance Society, Fish Baseball. BERRY, BILLY E. "Bill" Dairy Science Granbury Age 26, Class '65. BERTILUON, LELAND RALPH "Lee" '0 Ch.E. Dallas 11 Age 22, Class '65, A.I.Ch.E. BETZ JR., ROSCOE "Sco" C.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Dallas HTC, Newman Club, American Society of Civil Engineers, Ordinance Society. BICKHAM, JOHN A. P.E. Van Vleck Age 22, Class '65. BIELFELDT, JAMES KARL "Jim" A.H. Mason Age 22, Class '64. n W 5 514121119 BITAR, JOSE J. "Hosey" Agronomy Bogota, Columbia, S.A. Age 22, Class '65, Fencing Club Pres., A81M Varsity Fencing Team Captain, New- man Club, Agronomy Society, Cotton Ball Comm., SAME, American Ordinance Assodation. BLACKWELL, FREDDIE J. A.H. Abilene Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. BLACKWELL, THOMAS M. "Mike" History ' Weslaco Texas Aggie Band, History Club, Fencing Club, English Society, Student National Education Association, Platoon Leader Maroon Band. BLANKENSHIP, JAMES WILLIAM "Jim" Microbiology LaGrange Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Drum 81 Bugle Corps, Elecrion Commission '61-'63. BLOOMER III, HENRY PIERCE "Hank" Archifecfure Waco Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Players, Design Student Society. BOEHCK, RICHARD R. "Richie" Ind. Dist. Houston Age 22, Class '65. BOEHM, WILLIAM STEVE Wildlife Mngf. Marshall Age 22, Class '65, Fish 6 Game Ciub. BOELTE 11, JOHN E. "Johnny" 5.1:". New Orleans, La. Age 22, Class '64, IEEE, Freshman Engr. Society, South Louisiana HTC-Social Chairman '64-65, Vice Pres. '62-'63, Newman Club. BOGART, DANNY MORRIS "Bogie" Business Management Smithville Age 21, Class '65, Society for Advancement of Management. BOLES, JAMES DALE "Jim" Meferology Center Age 21, Class '65, Distinguished A.F. Cadet, American Meteorological Society, D.S., Reserve Officers Association Award, ShelbyDoches HTC, American Ord- inance Assn,, Young Republicans. BOLLINGER, LEE STEPHEN "Lee" Ag. Eco. Brookshire Age 21, Class '65, Who's Who, Outstanding Soph. in College of Agriculture, Out- standing Jr. in College of Agriculture, Scona VII, VIII, IX, and X-Chrm., Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zefa6Chronicler, D.S., Agriculturist Staff, Agricultural Eco. Club, Newman Club, Fresh. Agr. Soc., Fish Camp, Valedictory Schol., SearsRoebuck Foundation $chol., Danforth Fresh. Leadership Training Schol., Danforth Summer Schol. for Agr. Srs., Schol. Off.-Sqdn. 6. BOLTON, BEN WALTER "Ben" Physics Greenville 4.2 Age 26, Class '60, Physics Club, Russian Club, IEEE. Ted, Frank, and Rodney leading a midnight yell practice. Seniors BONE JR., JAMES ROBERT "Jim" Range Mgr. Addicks Age 21, Class '64, American Society of Range Management, Range 8! Forestry Club. BORG, DAVID ALAN E.E. Age 21, Class '65, Efa Kappa Nu, Phi E13 Sigma, Navarro HTC, D.S. BORING Ill, EMORY P. Entomology Age 22, Class '65, Entomology Club-Reporter. Corsicana Longview BORMANN JR., ALVIN PAUL B.A. 1Finance1 Age 25, Class '66, Finance Sociefy-Parliamentarian, Unity of the Brethren-Vice President. BORNEFELD, BRUCE KENISON Finance Age 21, Class '65, Finance Society, Insurance Society, D.S., Waier Polo and Brenham Houston Swimming. BOUNDS, GARRY LELDON Vet. Med. Age 23, Class '65, AVMA-Vice President. Gunfer BOURGEOIS, JAMES EARL "Jim" New Braunfels Finance Age 21, Class '65, Cadet Col. 3rd Brigade Comm.. Ross Vol. Comm, Who's Who, Outstanding R.V. Junior, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, Arts 8: Sciences Coun. Pres., D.M.S., D.S., Pres.-Cadet Court, Honor Coun., R.V. Firing Squad, MSC Leadership Conf. BOURNE, CECIL M. Pre Med. 1Zoology1 Age 21, Class '65, Pre. Med.-Pre. Dent. Society, Ross Volunteer, $bisa Mess HaIl-Headwaiter, Arts and Sciences Council. BOWERS, JOE Wichira Falls Accounting Age 21, Class '65, Wichita Falls HTC, Music Committee, Accounting Society, Head Waiter. Marquez BOWLES Ill, JOE A.. Management Austin Age 21, CIaSs '65, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall Staff. BOWLING, FLOYD AVON M.E. White Oak Age 21, Class '65. BOX, JOHN WALTER Mathematics Age; 21, Class '65, Math Club, Young Democrats, 4 Semester D.S. Thorndale BOY, ERNEST ANDRES "Andy" E.E. Bogota, Columbia Age 20, Class '65, Swimming Team, Great Issues Sel. Comm. Chrm, Pan American Week Comm., H.K.N., IEEE, Milner Floor Rep., Co-Chrm. Pan American Club Adivities Comm., Scona Del. '64, Leadership Conf. '64. BOYD, ROBERT CARGILL "Bobby" Vet. .Med. Willis Age 21, Class '65, Pre Vet Society, A.V.M.A., Freshman Vet CIass-Secrefary, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff. BRADEN, EDWARD JOHN "Ed" Animal Husbandry El Campo Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Dorm Council-Secretary. BRANDT, MELVYN ERNEST "Buddy" Vet. Med. Texas City Age 22, Class '65. BRANNEN, HARVEY S. Vet. Med. Houston Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, AVMA. BRATTON, GERALD ROY Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, Phi Kappa Phi, AVMA. BRAY, JAMES HENRY Vet. Med. Arlington Age 21, Class '65. BREWSTER, CHARLES H. "Chuck" Ind. Engr. Midland Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu-Vice President, Student Engineers Council, Midland HTC-President, D.S. BRIGGS, ARTHUR F. "Art" History San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, D.S., San Antonio HTC. "Chuck" BRITTAN, CHARLES LAURY Arlington M.E. Age 21, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Sqd. Commander. BROOKINS, MICHAEL LEE M.E. Age 22, Class '64, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Auto- motive Engineers. BROOKS, JOHN M. "Froggie" "Mike" Silsbee Marketing Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society, MSC Camera Committee. BROTHERTON, JOHN R. P.E. Mineola Age 22, Class '65, FootbalI-varsity '62, '63, '64, Health 8: PE. Club-President, Hon. Mention S.W.C. '63, 2nd Team S.W.C. '64, BIue-Gray Football Classic. BROUSSARD, GORDON GAYLE Chemistry Age 21, Class '65, Freshman Election Commission. BROWN, CLIFFORD L. Geology Age 22, Class '65, Student Engineers Council, Geological Society. Winnie "Buster" Corsicana "Jim" BROWN, JAMES EDMOND Donna Mathematics Age 23, Class '65. BROWN, RICHARD EMMETI' "Rick" Aero. Engr. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. Age 21, Class '65, Skydiving Club, Judo Club, Best Drilled Sophomore, AIAA. BROWN, ROBERT ALLAN Chemistry Age 22, Class '64, Chemistry Club, American Chemical Society. Lake Jackson BROWN, SIDNEY PRESTON "Sid" E.E. Dublin Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, IEEE, American Ordnance Association-Vice President. BRYSON Ill, BERNARD GLENN Ch.E. Age 22, Class '65, A.I.Ch.E., Canferbury Association, Circle K. BUCKELLEW, WILLIAM ROSCOE "Spider" English Ft. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Ross Vol., Bugle Rank-Band, Cadet Chap., Opr. Sgt.-Comb. Band, D.M.$., Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Stu. Senate, Election Comm., D.S., Honor Coun., Arts 81 Sciences Coun., English Sociefy-Sec. Hurst In order to extend The library trees had 10 be moved. Being the ouistanding R.O.T.C. Graduate does merit some reward. Seniors BUHLER, HERMAN COYLE M.E. Brownwood Age 21, Class '65, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Trane Award, D.S., American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Automotive Engineers, Pecan Valley HTC. BULLOCK, EDDIE D. "Buddy" Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, Town Hall, Finance Society, Great Issues, Houston HTC, Chairman Space Fiesta '65, Apartment Council. BULLOCK III, ROBERT LEE "Bob" Education Houston Age 22, Class '65. BURKE, ADVIA JOHN Architecture Houston Age 22, Class '65, A.G.C., Houston HTC. BURKHALTER, KENNETH R. Education Pasadena Age 22, Class '65, Pre Vet Club, Education Club, Pasadena HTC. BURNS, HENRY TAYLOR Ag. Eco. Utopia BURNS, JR., JAMES M. "Jim" Physics Beeville Age 20, Class '65, Fresh. Eng. Society, Soph. Class-Sec.-Treas., Eledion Comm., Scona VII, 11!, IX, X, Bowling Comm., Physics Club, SanRe-Bee HTC, TASCA- Treas., D.S., MNSF Undergraduate Research Asst. BURR JR., HIRAM HALE Economics Vidor Age 21, Class '65, Deputy Corps Cmdr., Air Division Cmdr. Sr. Class Pres., Stu. Senate, Election Comm., Aggie Sweetheart Sel. Comm., Supply Sgt-Corps Staff, Distinguished A.F. ROTC Cadet, Orange HTC, Russian Club, Houston C. of C. Award, D.A.R. Award, Town Hall Staff, Ross Vol., Color Guard, Firing Squad, Vice-Commandants Award. BUSH, JOHN GARY M.E. Houston Age 21, Class '65, Athletic Officer 8: $91. Sqd. 5, ASME, Twelfth Man Bowl Basketball, General Moore Award Winner, The Wireman. BUTTRILL, GERALD HENRY "Jerry" Accounting Beaumont Age 21, Class '65, 0.5. Outstanding Soph. Co. E-2, Polaris Coun., Intramural Mgr., Ross Vol., Exec. Off. Co. E-2, Schol. Sgt. Co. 8-2, 1st Platoon Leader Ross VOL, Beaumont HTC, Accounting Society. BYRD, HAROLD DWIGHT Ind. Engr. Age 22, Class '65, AIIE, Texarkana HTC. BYRD, RONALD RHEA M.E. Age 22, Class '65, Varsity Baseball. T. Association, ASME. CAFFEY, GARRY E. E.E. Age 22, Class '65, IEEE. CAIN, GEORGE EUGENE "Gene" Aero, Engr. Mineola McGregor Age 21, Class '65, AIAA, Dorm Chaplain, Dorm Council, BSU Council, State BSU Chairman. CALDWELL, THOMAS WILLIAM "Tom" Range Mngr. San Anronio Age 26, Class '65, Range 81 Forestry Club, American Society of Range Manage- ment. CALLAHAN, FRANCIS TERRY Animal Husbandry Hugo, Colo. Age 21, Class '65, Scene Vlll, IX, Rodeo Club, Saddle 8K Sirloin Club, lntramurals Manager, AOA, Pre Vet. CAMPBELL, BARRY M. C.E. Scherrz Age 21, Class '65, AGC, AISC, Exec. Officer-Sqd. 7. CANDELARIA, FRANK Marketing El Paso Age 22, Class '64, Marketing Society, Newman Club, Best Drilled Freshman, Guideon Bearer Co. G-2 '61. CANUP, DAVID HENRY "Dave" M.E. Rockwell Age 21, Class '65, ASME. CARDWELL, THOMAS A. "Tom" Management Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Comm. Off. Sqd. 7, Ross VOL, Firing Squad, Vice-Pres. Man- agement Society, Arts 81 Science Coun.-Vice Pres., Ins. Society, Dallas HTC, D.M.$., Cadet Court "A", Soph. Intramural Mgr., Charter Member Society for Advancement of Managemem-Univ. Div. CAREY, GARY ROLAND Ind. Engr. Houston Age 24, Class '63, Chairman MSC Bridge Committee, AllE-Treasurer, Alpha Pi Mu, D.S., Freshman Swimming Team. CARLTON, FREDDY WAYNE Education Corpus Christi Age 22, Class '65, Hart Hall Dorm Council, College Baseball World Series, T Associaiion, Baseball Lenerman. CARPENTER, JIMMIE NEAL M.E. Lindale Age 22, Class '64. CARTER, DONALD DARRELL "Don" Age 21, Class '65, Apt. C0un.-Pres., '65-Vice Pres. '64, Parliamentarian-Civ. Stu. Coun., Dorm President's Coun., Mktg. Society, Ads 8. Sciences Coun., Milner 416 Hall Dorm Coun., D.S. CASSIDY, DONALD DUANE "Cass" E.E. Webster Age 27, Class '59, IEEE. CASTANEDA, JOSE ANTONIO C.E. Port Arthur Age 25, Class '64, ASCE. CASTELLANOS, MARTIN M. Ind. Tech. Ozon. Age 23, Class '65, Newman Club, General Moore Unit, Outstanding Infantry Unit Outstanding Engineering Unit, Freshman Engineering Socie1y. CASTILLO, JULIO CESAR Agronomy Leon-Nicaragua C.A. Age 21, Class '65, Soil Conservation Society, Agronomy Society, Pan American Club. CATALINA, PETE ANTHONY Accounting Bryan Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society. CATALINA, PETE ANTHONY "Cat" Animal Husbandry Bryan Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Kimbrough Memorial Scholarship, Brazos County A81M Club Scholarship. CATCHINGS, RONALD C. "Ronnie" C.E. Liberty Age 21, Class '65, ASCE-Treasurer '64, Lower Trinity Valley HTC, Alpha Phi Omega. CATCHINGS JR.,THOMAS Ag. Ed. Katy Age 21, Class '65, Collegiate FFA. CATES, BILL FRANK Managemenf Groveton Age 22, Class '65, Big Thicket HTC, Flying Kadefs, Society for Advancement of Management Seniors CATHEY, JAMES ROBERT "Jim" Ag. Ed. Dublin Age 22, Class '64, Future Farmers of America, Sentinel of FFA '64, Soil Conser- vation Society, Student Education Club. CATHEY, JIMMIE JOE E.E. Elm Mott Age 23, Class '65. CAUTHRON, DAVID LEE E.E. Tyler Age 21, Class '65, Eta Kappa NU, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE. CHANEY, ERNEST WILLIAM "Univac" C.E. Utopia Age 22, Class '65, Chi Epsilon-Sec., ASCE6ParI., Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Great Issues Comm., Scholastic Corp. and Scholastic Sgt-Sqdn. 3, Opportunity Award Schol., BIack-Broiller Schol. CHAPPELLE, RAY J. Management Springfield, Va. Age 21, Class '65, Sons of Service Club, American Ordnance Association, Insurance Club, Management Club, Intramural Manager, Alpha Delta Sigma. CHENOWETH, ROBERT DWIGHT Ag. Engr. TuIia Age 21, Class '65, ASAE. CHILTON, HAROLD WAYNE "Ponchus" Ag. Ed. Hamilton Age 21, Class '65, FFA, NUATA. CHUPIK, STEPHEN EVERETT Education Waco Age 21, Class '65, Waco-McLennan County HTC-President, Judo Club-President, Student National Education Association, Semper Fidelis Society. CLARKE, GEORGE W. Business Management Lake Charles, La. Age 22, Class '64, "Wayfarers"-Aggie Talent Show, Intercollegiate Talent Show. CLAY, ALBERT W. "A1" Accounting Houston Age 21, Class '65, Ross Vol., R.V. Active Sr., MSC Coun., Executive Comm..- MSC, D.M.S, D.S, Fish Yell Leader, Cadet Court, Scona IX, R.V Firing Squad. CLIFTON, DAVID SHERMAN "Dave" E.E. Valley View Age 21, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi-Pres., Stu. Eng. Coun.-Pres., Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa NU, Phi Eta Sigma, IEEE, Who's Who, D.S., Scholastic Off., Platoon Leader. COBLER, RICHARD GRAY M.E. 8: Ind. Engr. Waelder Age 22, Class '64, Dorm Master Hart Hall, Opportunity Award Schol., Alpha Phi Omega, ASME, SAE, AllE, Dorm Masters CIub-Presidenf, Head Waiter-Sbisa Dining Hall, Hart Hall Dorm Coun., Asst. Athletic Off. COFFEY, JON RANDALL Finance , Brownwood Age 22, Class '64. CONN, GERALD ROBERT Accounting Age 21, Class '65. CONNER, HOWARD SCOT Ch.E. Age 21, Class '65, El Paso HTC-President, Tau Beta Pi. "Jerry" Alice "Scot" CONNER, JAMES CARL Ag. Ed. . Seymour Age 22, Class '65, Collegiate FFA-Reporter, Soil 81 Water Conservation Society, Newman Club. CONNER, JAMES RICHARD "Richard" Agronomy Evan! Age 22, Class '64, Fresh. Ag. Society, Soil Conservation Club, Alpha Zeta, Agron- omy Society-Vice Pres. 6 Treas., Talent Comm.5Chrm., Outstanding Jr. in Ag- ronomy, Luther G. Jones Schol., Who's Who, D.S. COOK, HAROLD EDWIN M.E. Age 21, Class '65, Band, Fort Worth HTC. "Chink" Fort Worth IIBoblI May COOK, ROBERT LEE Wildlife Mgr. Age 21, Class '65, Game 81 Fish Club, TSTA, NEA. COOPER, SCOTT EDWIN Ind. Tech. Age 21, Class '65. COREIL, VINCENT DALE Ind. Ed. Age 21, Class '65, Louisiana HTC, Engineering Council, SocieTy-President, Bonfire Safety Commiifee-Chairmah. Dallas "Vince" Mansura, La. Industrial Education Seniors CORMAN, WAYNE LEE Ag. Eco. Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, Rodeo Club. CORSE, ARTHUR RICE Ver. Med. Age 26, Class '64, AVMA. CORTEZ, ROLAND LUIS Archifecfure Age 22, Class '67. Sunray San Antonio IIBUddyII Arp COSBY, MANIORD GAYLE P.E. Age 22, Class '65, P.E. Club, AAHPER. COTTERELL, JOHN MOORE "Johnny" M.E. Houston Age 21, Class '65, Sqd. 3-Exec. Off., ASME-Presidenf, Student Engineering Council '63-'65, AOA, Freshman Engineering Society, Supply Sgt. Sqd. 3. COUGER, KENNETH W. Ind. Ed. Age 25, Class '61, D.S., Ind. Ed. Society, Freshman Rifle Team, Varsity Rifle Team. uKenu Bryan American Foundrymen's Society, COX, FRANK WALLACE "Scooter" Management New Boston Age 21, Class '65, Head Yell Leader, Jr. Yell Leader, Lt. Col. Corps Staff, Ross VOL, lst Sgt. Sqd. 2, Outstanding Soph., Best Drilled Fish, Sr. Class Off., Stu. Senate Hon. Mem. of "T" Assn., Head of Bonfire, Polaris Coun., SEC Sportsman- ship Comm., Honor Coun,, Exchange Advisory Comm., Scona VII, Management Soc., Insurance Soc., Vice Commandant's Award, Campus Chest Comm., A.F. Sweeihearf Sel. Comm., Aggie Sweetheart Comm., Texarkana HTC-Pres., Coun. for Religious Emphasis Week, 805111 Air Div. Staff. CRACKNELL, RAY WM. M.E. Age 25, Class '65, ASME, ASM. CRAMER, DANIEL JAMES Accounting Age 21, Class '65, Rio Grande Valley HTC, Intramural Manager. "Butch" San Antonio "Danny" Alamo CRIDER, JERRY JEROME "Chig" Sociology Marble Falls Age 21, Class '65, Swimming Team, Water Polo Team, Sodology Club, Highland Lakes HTC-President. CROSBIE, JAMES MORTON "Jim" Vet. Med. New Orleans, La. Age 21, Class '65, Student Chapter AVMA, Southeast Louisiana HTC. CROSBY', RICHARD JAY "Rich" Finance-Accounfing Pittsburgh, Pa. Age 22, Class '64, Finance Club, Accounting Society, Insurance Society, Dorm Coun., Athletic Off., Ramp Representative, Dorm. Award, Wrestling Team, Judo Club-Brown Belt, MSC Bowling Comm., MSC Bridge Comm., Yankee HTC, Fresh. A r. Societ , Horticulture Club. 418 g y CROW, JAMES DENNY "Crow" Nolanville Ag. Ed. Age 22, Class '65, Collegiate Fulure Farmers Of America. CSAGOLY, ANDRAS JENO "Andy" Wichita Falls Zoology Age 22, Class '65, Cadet Court, Rifle Team, Pistol Team-Captain, Gymnastics Team, Pre-Med Society. "The Bkhop" CUELLAR, JAIME Bogota, Columbia, S.A. Animal Husbandry Age 22, Class '65, D.S., Pan American Club-Secretary, Fencing Club, Dorm Council, SCONA X, Saddle and Sirloin Club. "Donnie" CUSTER, CALVIN DONALD Corpus Christi Marketing Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society, Freshman Golf Letter, Corpus Christi HTC. CUTSHALL, JACK RAYMOND Range Mgr. Lake Jackson Age 26, Class '66. CZAR JR., ALBERT M. Laredo Accounfing Age 21, ClaSS '65, Accoun1ing Society, Finance Society, Laredo HTC. DAILEY, JOHN HASKINS M.E. Dallas Age .21, Class '65. DAILEY, ROY WAYNE Houston Management Age 21, Class '65, Marketing Society, Management Society, Wrestling, Boxing, Sqd. 8 Football, Texas Real Estate Commission. IIEdII DANNHAUS, EDWARD A. Brenham Ch.E. Age 22, Class '65, A.l.Ch.E., Washington County HTC, LSA. Seniars DARLI NG, HERMAN BRUCE Accounting Smithville Age' 21, Class '65, Badminton Team-3 year letterman and Captain. Badminton CIub-Presidenf and Vice President, Bastrop County HTC-Vice President, Ac- counting Society, American Ordnance Assodation. DAVIS, GRAYSON LEE Markefing Age 21, Class '65, Bell County HTC, Marketing Society, Army Flight. DAVIS, GRAYUM LLOYD M.E. Age 21, Class '65. IIG. L." Belton Jacksonville DAVIS, LOREN ENGENE "Old Man" San Antonio Ind. Engr. Age 27, Class '62, AIIE, Basketball lntramurals, D.S. DAVIS, PAUL LITTLE English Brackeffville Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta, D.S., D.M.S. DEEN, WALLACE ALVA Vet. Med. Age 21, Class '65, AVMA, South Louisiana HTC. 1U SHOULD: ' 1' " Alexandria, La. AS A STUDENT: A co-ed makes a sug- gestion to the Student Senate. A Just a "toothpick" for the Aggie Bonfire. DEES ll, ALLAN WILLIAM "Skip" 55- Kaufman Age 22, Class '64, Walton Dorm CounciI-Vice Presfdenf, Reporter, Ramp Representative, YMCA Cabinet, Fish Camp-Counselor, IEEE, SAME. DENDY, CHARLES 3. "Sandy" Mathematics Monahans Age 23, Class '64, Aggie Band, Education Club, Math Club, Odessa HTC, IEEE. AIEE, Talent Committee, Radio Committee, Travel Committee. DENNISON, JACK ARNOLD E.E. Waller 1 Age 29, Class '65, IEEE. DePASQUAL JR" JOSEPH ALBERT "Joe" English Dallas Age 21, Class '65, 0.8., Cadet Mai., Supply Off., 3rd Brigade Staff, Color Bearer, R. D. Hinton Award, English Soc.-Pres. '65, Hand Ball Team, Hand Ball Club- Vice Pres. '65. Pre-Med, Pre-Dent Soc., Mktg. Soc., Contemporary Arts Comm.- Chrm., Arts 81 Sciences Coun., Dallas HTC, Newman Club, Fresh. Track Team. DESSERT JR., KENNETH O'RIELLY "Kenny" Aero Engr. Randolph A.F.B. Age 22, Class '65, IAS, Newman Club, Intramural Wrestling, Judo Club, Sons of Servicemen's Club, A1AA, Outstanding Fresh. 81 Outstanding Soph. Sqd. 11, Out- standing Soph. 3rd Group. DEUTSCH, RANDALL GARY "Randy" Entomology Houston Age 21, Class '65, Christian Science Organization, President YMCA, deVILLENEUVE, ALLAN R. "Frenchy" Pre. Med. Hurst Age 21, Class '65, Band, Drum 81 Bugle Corps, Pre Med Society, YMCA Camp Counselor, D.S. DEVINE JR., ROBERT P. "Fat Bob" Accounting Corpus Christi Age 21, Class '65, Corpus Christi HTC, Accounting Society, Young Republicans, W.O.C., Best All Around-Athletic Officer, Company F-2, D.S. DEVOLITES, PHILIP JOHN "Phil" Mathematics Ft. Sam Houston Age 21, Class '65, D.S., SAR Award, Outstanding Jr. 3rd Group, Vice-Command- ant's Award-Webb AFB, Cadet of Camp-Webb AFB, SCONA X DeL, SCONA VII, VlIl-Comm., Polaris Coun., Sons of Service Club, Cadet Mai.-3rd group Scholastic Off., 15? Sgt. Sqdn. 11, T2591. Supply-3rd Group, Cadet Corp. Sqdn. 11. Seniors DICKIE, TED M. Ag. Eco. Garesville Age 21, Class '65, Freshman Agricultural Society, Ag. Eco. Club. DINGLEY, DONALD DALE "Dale" Zoology Sherman Age 21, Class '65, Grayson County HTC6Secretary-Treasurer '63-'64, -President '65, D.S. DOBYNS, ALAN LEE "Al" Aero. Engr. Zephyr Age 21, Class '65, Pecan Valley HTC. DODSON, DAVID BARNARD "Nardie" Ag. Eco. Corpus Christi Age 23, Class '63, Alpha Zeta, Singing Cadets, Ag. Eco. Club, Aggie Band '59. DODSON, HENRY WAYNE Ag. Eco. Coleman Age 22, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, Alpha Zeta. DOLLINS JR., JAMES GOODE "Jim" Dairy Manufacturing Waco Age 21, Class '65, Alpha Zeta Dairy Science Club-Vice President, Waco HTC- Vice President, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Dairy Products Team, Virginia Dare Award. DORN, RICHARD CONRAD Business Mgf. Woodsboro Age 22, Class '65, Society for the Advancement of Management, Press Club, Supply Officer. DOUGHERTY, JOHN C. "J. C." Marketing El Paso Age 22, Class '65, Society of American Military Engineers, American Ordnance Association, Sons of Service Club. DOUGLASS JR., MILTON EUGENE "Gene" Government Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Tex. Aggie Band, Advanced ROTC-1st LL, Mktg. Soc., Young Rep. Club, Talent Comm., Amer. 0rd. Society, Amer. Quartermaster Soc., Drum 6 Bugle Corps, Fourth Brigade. DRABEK, JAMES BUFORD "J. 8." CE. Shiner Age 22, Class '64, ASCE, Shiner HTC. DRAEMER, JOHN BENNETT Accounting Huffman Age 21, Class '65. DUELM, AUBREY JAMES E.E. LeVernia 420 Age 21, Class '65, D.S.-4 semesters, Tau Beta Pi, IEEE. Students get a talk by an Army Aviation pilot. Dr. Lyons is only one of the doctors who spent many hours giving shots for Spinal Meningitis. 5514127145 -1 DULIN JR., EDWIN ROWLEY "Ed" Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, Finance Society, Intramural Mgr., Color Guard '63-'64, Platoon Leader-Co. E-2, Housion HTC-Vice President, Insurance Society. DUNHAM, JAMES LESTER "Jim" Animal Husbandry Luling Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. DUPLISSERY, GARY RANDAL "Sparrow" History Baytown Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Host for Town Hall Staff, Commanding Officer First Group Staff, Student Conference on National Affairs 1X, Baytown HTC, History Club, Cadet Court A. DURBIN, JAMES PAUL "Jim" Finance Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volumeers, Insurance Society, Fish Yell Leader, National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Award. DUTY, DOUGLAS WAYNE Entomology Eddy Age 21, Class '65, Entomology CIub-Vice President, Eddy HTC-Social Chairman. ECCLES, ROY JOE Accounting Baytown Age 21, Class '65, D.S., Accounting Society-Junior Representative, Arts and Sciences CounciI-Presidem, BaytOWn HTC. EDDLEMAN, EARL GENE Management Pasadena Age 21, Class '65, Pasadena HTC. EDER, ALAN JAMES "Guapachoso" Animal Husbandry Cali, Valle, Colombia, S.A. Age 22, Class '65, National Science Founda1ion Undergraduate Research Partici- pant, Borden Foundation Agricultural Scholarship Award, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Pan-American Club, Freshman Agricultural Society. EDGINGTON, LARRY E. Business Administration Age 22, Class '65. San Angelo EGGLESTON, EDWARD MINOT "Ed" E.E. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, IEEE. ELLIOTT, RAY DEAN Finance McGregor Age 22, Class '65, Intramural Mgr., Apartment C0uncil, Finance Socie1y. ELWELL, ROBERT EDGAR "Bob" Accounting Ft. Worth Age 23, Class '63, Best Drilled Freshman, Intramural Manager, Intramural Bowl- ing, Accounting Society, T. W. Leland Award, Civilian Studem Council. Some immature students painted one of the buildings in the form of a protest. EMERSON, CLIFTON ALEXANDER "Cliff" Animal Husbandry Whitewrighr Age 21, Class '65, YMCA Freshman Camp Chairman, YMCA Student Cabinet, Chaplain 3rd Bgd., Honor Council. ENGLE, LAIRD ALFRED Chemistry Temple Age 22, Class '65. ERONIMOUS, ROBERT M. "Bob" Architecture Liberty, N.Y. Age 29, Class '65, Design Student Society, ASABAB. ESTRADA, EDUARDO Animal Husbandry Liberia, Costa Rica Age 22, Class '65. EVANS JR., LYNN AUGUSTUS Accounfing Corpus Christi Age 21, Class '65, Apartment Council, Accouming Society, Corpus Christi HTC, Young Republicans. EVERS, GERALD WAYNE Agronomy Fredericksburg Age 21, Class '65, Alpha Zeta, A'gronomy Society, 5011 Conservation Society, Hill Country HTC. FANN, RONALD LOUIS "Ron" Journalism Houston Age 21, Class '65, Editor, The Battalion, Sigma Delta Chi, SCONA VII, VIII, IX, SAM-J's. FARRIER, ROBERT CLEM "Bob" Physics Dallas Age 20, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma. FAULK, DANNY JOE E.E. Center Age 21, Class '65, Eta Kappa NU, Ta Beta Pi, Freshman Engineer Society, Bad- minton Team, IEEE. FAZZINO, JOHNNY JOSEPH "Fuzz" Accouming Bryan Age 23, Class '64, Accounting Society. FEIGHNY, MICHAEL LOUIS "Mike" History Borger Age 21, Class '65, History Club, Student NEA, Platoon Leader-Co. D-2. FELKNER, JAMES LESLIE Ind. Tech. 8. Incl. Dis. Vineyard 422 Age 23, Class '65, SAME, ASCE, Ind. Ed. Club-Social Chairman. FERGUSON, JAY ROWLAND English Dallas Age 22, Class '65, 2 Varsity letters in Golf, Dorm 15 President, D.S., D.M.S. FERGUSON, ROBERT LEON "Bob" History Waco Age 21, Class '65, History Club, Athletic Officer2D-2. FIEDLER, LLOYD N. Entomology New Braunfels Age 21, Class '65, Entomology Club, Cen-Tex HTC-Vice President. FIEGEL, JOHN LELAND Management Albany, Ga. Age 21, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, Freshman Engineering Society, Society for the Advancement of Management, Insurance Society, 308, ApolIo Club, Color Guard, Ross Volunteers, Executive Officer-Second Wing. FILLINGER, THOMAS JOSEPH "Tom" Wildlife Mgr. D'Hanis Age 24, Class '65. FINE Ill, THOMAS MORGAN "Tommy" Psychology Brownwood Age 21, Class '65, Best Drilled Sophomore, Ross Volunteers, Platoon Sgt, Permanent Firing Squad, Town Hall Staff, Handball Team, P.C. Semper Fidelis Society, Brownwood HTC. FINKBINER, TERRY C. "Fink" Finance Galveston Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Galveston HTC, Pre Law Society, Finance 81 Insurance Society. FINKELSTEIN, MOSHE Aero. Engr. Ramar-Gan, Israel Age 21, Class '65, IAS, AIAA, U.N., Soccer Clubs, Wrestling ClUb-President, B'nai B'rith Hiller Foundation Club-President. FINN JR., JAMES W. "Jim" Aero. Engr. Galveston Age 22, Class '65, Band '61-'63, Galveston Island HTC, Student Chapter AIAA. FISHER, JOE HENRY C.E. San Leon Age 20, Class '65, D.S., Ross Volunteers, AOA, A.I.Ch.E., Freshman Engr. Society, Bay Area HTC, Phi Eta Sigma. FISHER, ROY JOE Accounting El Campo Age 21, Class '66. FITCH, JACK ARTHUR Ag. Eco. Cleveland Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, Cleveland HTC, Intramurals. FLATT, CURTIS A. Ind. Tech. Waco Age 27, Class '65, Marketing Society, Society for Advancement of Management, American Foundrymen's Society. FLORENCE, RONALD C. "Ronnie" Finance Kingsville Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Insurance Society, Finance Society-Publicity Chairman, Best Drilled Freshman. FLORES JR., RAUL "Hiny" Arch. Consr. Laredo Age 21, Class '66, Laredo HTC-Vice President, Pan American Club. FLORES, WILLIE RAMIREZ Ind. Ed. Texas City Age 27, Class '65. FORGENG, THOMAS J. "Tom" Zoology Philadelphia, Pa. Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Swimming Team, Town Hall Staff, Gamma Delta Church Club. FORREST, BLAKE FREDERIC "Rick" Finance Mexia Age 21, Class '65, Iniramurals Aggieland Staff '61-'63. FORREST, FREDDIE G. Psychology Huntington Age 22, Class '65, Student Psychological Assoc.-Vice President, General Moore Award, AOA, SAME. FORREST, NATHAN KELLY Ag. Eco. Gafesville Age 22, Class '65, D.S., Ag. Eco. Club, Range 8: Foresiry Club, Collegiate Plant Identification Team, Censor of Alpha Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Outstanding Junior in College of Agriculture, Bankers' School Award, Student Ag. Council-Chairman. FOSTER, MORRIS EDWIN M.E. Salado Age 21, Class '65, Chemsfrand Scholarship, Bell County Scholarship, Pi Tau Sigma-Presidem, D.$. FOX, JAMES DAVID "Dave" Animal Science Mart Age 21, Class '65, Apollo Club, Ross VOL, Athletic Sgt. Corps Staff, Supply Off. Corps Staff, Town Hall Staff, Fresh. Agr. Society, Polaris Council, Leadership Conf.-Chrm., Scona VII 8: VIII, D.S., Distinguished Air Science Stu., Alpha Zeta, Scene of American Revolution Award. FRANK, JOHN CARTER "Cartell' Accounting Houston Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, 0.3., 15? Sgt. Co. F-2. CO. CO. F-2. FRANKLIN, DAVID ALLEN "Dave" Business Mgr. Houston Age 21, Class '65, First Wing Commander, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall Staff, 1, Distinguished Air Student, Houston C. of C. Military Affairs Committee Award. FRANKLIN, KENNETH JOE "Kenny" P.E. San Antonio , Age 22, Class '65, Physicial Education Club, Intramural Mgr., Apartment Council. FRASER, JOHN WALL Geological Engr. Grapevine Age 24, Class '63, Aggie Band, Geological Society, Camera Club. FREDERICK, RALPH ARTHUR "Fred" E.E. COpperas Cove Age 40, Class '66. FRIED, ALBERT ROBERT "AI" Chemistry Houston Age 21, Class '65, Chemistry Club, Bowling Committee, Brazoria County HTC. FROSCH, ELDOR ARTHUR "Ar?" Vef. Med. Lincoln Age 22, Class '65, Opportunity Award Scholarship, AVMA. FUCHS, JAMES ALLAN "Jim" Plant Science Rowena Age 21, Class '65, D.M.S., D.S., Sons of American Revolution Award for 1st Battalion, King Cotton, Agronomy Club, Newman Club, Alpha Zeta, San Angelo- West Texas HTC-Vice President. Swim FURBER, RONALD WAYNE "Ronnie" Ind. Tech. Johnson City Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall Staff, Skydiving Club. GAGE, ERROL DEAN "Dean" Vet. Med. San Saba Age 22, Class '65, Phi Kappa Phi. Southwestern Staff, AVMA, AVMA Council. GALEY, JOHN H. Chf. Colorado City Age 21, Class '65, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. GALINDO, SAMUEL M. "Sam" C.E. Sonora Age 25, Class '65, Student ASGE. GAMBRELL, EDWIN F. "Buddy" Marketing Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Marketing Society, Newman Club, Intramural Athletics Mgr. GARCIA, ANASTASIO "Charlie" C,E. Tampico, Mexico Age 21, Class '65, Newman Club, Pan American Club, American Society of Civil Engineers, A.G.C., Laredo HTC. GARCIA JR., DELFINO Ind. Engr.-Marketing Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Age 22, Class '64, Marketing Society, Laredo HTC, Pan American Club. GARCIA, ENRIQUE MANLIO Pet. E. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Age 22, Class '65, Petroleum Engineering Club, AIME, Laredo HTC, Pan Ameri- can Club, D.S. GARCIA, JESUS C.E. Eagle Pass Age 22, Class '65, White Band, American Ordnance Association, Puryear Dorm Council, Eagle Pass HTC, American Society of Civil Engineers. GARCIA, MARIO NARRO History Age 24, Class '65. GARNER, DANIELS SCOATES "Danny" Ind. Tech. College Station Age 22, Class '65, Best Drilled Freshman Co. F-3. GARRETT, KENN ETH ALTON M.E. Age 25, Class '65. D.$., ASM. Harlingen Houston 424 A The sign of a Senior, his Senior Ring. A One of the latest fads, hall surfing. 5 ' GARZA, ALBERTO "Beto" C.E1 Laredo Age 22, Class '65, ASCE, Laredo HTC GENT, TERRENCE ROY "Terry" Architecture Richardson Age 21, Class '65, D.S.M., D.S. GEORGE, RAYMOND OSBORN "Ray" History Harlingen Age 21, Class '65, History Club, Town Hall, Cad. Court, Intramural Manager. GEORGE, RONALD H. "Ronnie" Ag. Ed. Stanton Age 21, Class '65 GEORGE, JIMMY D. "Jim" CE. Fr. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Fish Dill Team, ASCE, Outstanding Freshman 2nd Brigade, Aggieland Staff, Commanding Off. 3rd Bn., D.S. GERBERT, JOSHUA "Josh" Zoology Galveston Age 22, Class '65, Pre Med-Pre Dent Club, Hillel Club-Vice President, Dorm Coun., Galveston HTC, D.S. GERMAN, DONN LYNN E.E. Brownwood Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Fresh. Eng., Stu. Senate, Pecan Valley HTS- Pres., IEEE, SAME, Alpha Phi Omega, Talent Comm. , , u u ' ' Z 2 . GERMANY, JESSE R. Ray , WW? . , 651642;, , E.E. Waco ; ; affggg , , . :22 2; 66,125,229 Age 24, Class '65, Dorm Coun., IEEE. 6M x 1 ' ' "" 9;;ka6 GHORMLEY, ARNOLD B. "Ben" M ' Ind. Tech. Pasadena Age, 22, Class '65, Singing Cad., Industrial Ed. Soc., Law Hall Coun., Law Hall Chap., House Master Walton Hall, Pasadena HTC-Vice Pres. '63-'64, Pres. '65. GIBBONS, WILLIAM EVERETT "Bill" M.E. Port Arthur Age 21, Class '65, ASME, Co. E-1 Exec. Off., Port Arthur HTC-President, Soc. 1 . . of Am. Mil. Eng., Eng. Staff. 6 ' , . 7 y wagggjj GIBSON, PATRICK ARTHUR "Pat" 2 ?OZXQ,I,X 3 ,1 Aero Eng. Dallas 1 W ' Age 21, Class '65, Sigma Gamma Tau-Treas., AIAA, Ross VOL, D.S., D.M.S. GIBSON, WILLIAM ERNEST -"Bill" C.E. Park Ridge, III. Age 21, Class '65, American Soc. of Civil Eng., Ross Vol., Squad Leader, Fresh. Eng. Soc., Fish Track Team, 1st Sgt. 81 CO. Sqd. 3. GIEGER, DAVID K. E.E. Housfon Age 21, Class '65. GILBERT, ALLYN T. Ch.E. Livingston Age 22, Class '64. GILBERT, JOE WILLIAM Range Mgr. Pampa Age 21, Class '65, Range 81 Forestry Club-Vice President '65. GILLIAT, ALFRED MCDONALD "Mac" Animal Husbandry Boerne Age 22, Class '65, Alpha Zeta, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. GILLIS, DONELSON C. "Don" Marketing San Antonio Age 21, Class '65. GILMORE, DONALD EDWIN "Don" Ag. Eng. Salt Flat Age 22., Class '64, ASAE-Secretary '64-'65. GLENEWINKEL, DENNIS R. Finance . New Braunfels Age 22, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Finance Society-Treasurer, Insurance Society, Cen-Tex HTC-Presidem, Distinguished Air Force Cadet, D.S. GLENNEY, WALTER 8. "Sam" Zoology San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Social Chairman, Pre-Med, Pre-Dent Society, San Antonio HTC-Secretary, Young Democrats. GLOVER, DAVID W. Finance Abilene Age 21, Class '65, Track Team-Captain, Finance Society, "T" Association. Smizzrs GLUECK JR., ELLIS EMIL Landscape Architecture Columbus Age 23, Class '64, Walton Dorm Council, Landscape Architecture Society, Knights of Columbus. GOERS, ROGER THOMAS "Rog" E.E. Lake Mills, Wis. Age 24, Class '65, IEEE. GOODMAN, JAMES LOUIS "Jim" Ind. Eng. Reedsbury, Wis. Age 32, Class '65, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, GRAHAM, JAMES FRED "Fred" Zoology Dallas Age 21, Class '65, D.S., D.S.M., Phi Eta Sigma, Pre Mevare-Dem Society, Dallas HTC. GRANT, LEE JOSEPH Ind. Eng. San Antonio Age 22, Class '64, Fish Drill Team, Frosh Engineering Society, AIIE-Vice Pres., Student Engineers CounciltRepq San Antonio HTC-Pres., Soph. Class $ec.-Treas., Newman Club, SAME. GRAY, DARRELL KIMBROUGH "Kim" Ch.E. Pasadena Age 22, Class '64. GRAY, JR., HOWARD WALTER "Wally" Ind. Tech. Wichifa Falls Age 21, Class '65, Industrial Education Society, Wichita Falls HTC-President. GRAY, JR., JOHN WILLIAM History Austin Age 21, Class '65, History Club, Pre Vet Society, Best Drilled Sophomore, Austin HTC, Gymnastics Club. GREEN, RICHARD MICHAEL Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, D.$., American Ordnance Association, Houston HTCPresidenf, Young Republicans. GREER JR., MAX MERRILL Mf. Dallas Age 25, Class '65, SAE '64-'65. GREGORY, RAYMOND WESLEY "Wes" M.E. Sweetwarer Age 21, Class '65, Freshman Engineering Society, Fish Drill Team, California HTC. GRIFFIN, JAMES EDWIN "Jim" M.E. Brookshire Age 21, Class '65, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Freshman Engineer- ing Society. GRIFFITHS, JERRY BERNARD English Houston Age 24, Class '62, Singing Cadets, Squadron 8, Best Drilled Freshman, American Meteorological Society, English Society, Canterbury Association. GRUEN, JR., FRANK XAVIER Accounting San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, MSC Radio Committee, Polaris Council, Bowling Committee, San Antonio HTC, Accounting Society, Operation Officer 2nd Group. GUEVARA, ALVARO "Chihuahua" Agronomy Delicias, Chiah., Mexico Age 20, Class '65, Agronomy Society, American Society of Agronomy, Pan American Club, Freshman Agricultural Society, Triangle Society. GUNTER, JAMES HOUSTON "Jim" Accounting Hope, Ark. Age 21, Class '65, Great Issues Committee-Chairman, Senior Intramural Mgr., MSC Directorate, SCONA Executive Committee. GUITERREZ JR., ANIBAL AUGUSTO C.E. . Laredo Age 21, Class '65, ASCE, Laredo HTC. GUZMAN, MANUEL A. "'Mac" Markefing San Juan, Puerto Rico Age 20, Class '65, Marketing Society, Pan-American Club, Vice President Semper Fidelis Society, Ross Volunteers, Athletic Officer Co. B-1. HAAG, RONALD LEE "Ron" Wildlife Mgt-Range Mgr. Arlington Age 22, Class '64, Fresh. Ag. Soc., Fish 6 Game .Club, Plant Identification Team, Outfit Chaplain, 62, Range Mgt. Club, American Range Soc, Wildlife Soc. HAILE, DANEL GENE "Dan" Ag. Engineering Hico Age 22, Class '65, ASAE-Vice President, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Zeta, Student Ag. Council. HALBERT, DAVID M. "Dave" Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, Sophomore Intramural ManagerpRoss Volunteers, Insurance Society, Finance Society, Executive Officer First Group Staff. Swim HALE, JOSEPH NATHAN "Joe" Ag. Eng. Clarksville Age 23, Class '63, Ag. Eng. Society, Wesley Foundation. HALL, CLAUDE BEVIL Marketing Kirbyville Age 22, Class '65, Marke1ing Society-Program Chairman, Baseball Mgr. Intra- mural Athletics, 12th Man Football. HALL, DONALD MARION "Don" Ind. Dis. Houston Age 21, Class '65, Young Republicans. HALUSKA, JERRY L. Ch.E. Ellinger Age 22, Class '65, P'ni Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Tau Beta Pi, A,I.Ch.E., 0.5., American Institute of Chemical Engineers. HAMME, CURTIS S. M.E. Weslaco Age 21, Class '65, 151. Wing Color Guard, Scholastic Sgt. Sqd. 5, Rodeo Club. HANCOCK, JAMES LEONARD "Jim'" Range Mgr. Dublin Age 21, Class '65, Fish 81 Wildlife Club, Range 81 Forestry'Club, Civilian Dorm Council, D.S. HANHOCK, WILLIAM ROBERT "Bill" C.E. Waco Age 21, Class '65, Great Issues, Waco HTC, American Society of Civil Engineering, Baseball 1Freshman1. HANS, ROBERT LEE "Bobby" Animal Husbandry Alice Age 21, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Freshman Ag. Society, 12th Man Bowl. HARAWAY, WILLIAM JOY "Budrow" Accounting El 8550 Age 21, Class '65, Town Hall Publicity Chairman, Talent Committee-Pubhcny Chairman, El Paso HTCSecreiary, Accounting Society, Marketing Society. HARE, CHARLES E. Business Mgr. Age 25, Class '65 HARRELL, GARY RANDALL Vet. Med. Age 21, Class '65, 0.5., AVMA. HARRELL JR., JAMES EDMUND "Jim" Economics McLean, Va. Age 21, Class '65, Economics Society, Arts 8: Science Council-DelEgate. Houston IlRandyll Albany HARRIS, CLIFF ANDREW E.E. Odessa Age 22, Class '65, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Civilian Honor Council. HARRIS, WILLIAM BARTON "Ban" Wildlife Mgr. Bangs Age 21, Class '65, Pecan Valley HTC, Game 81 Fish Club. HARRISON, JAMES FREEMAN "Jimmy' Physics Yoakum Age 22, Class '65, Physics Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, National Physics Honor Society, Secretary legett Hall Dorm Council. I HARRISON, MILTON LEON Meieorology Texarkana Age 21, Class '65. HARRISON, WARREN THOMAS "Tommy' Accounting Baytown Age 21, Class '65, D.M.S., Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, D.S., Outstand- ing Fish and Sophomore, Accounting Society, Pre Law Society, Baytown HTC, Ross Volunteers, Opportunity Award Scholarship, SCONA X Delegate, Cadet Court, B-President. I HART, MELBA JOE Accounting Irving Age 21, Class '65, Press Club, Red River Valley HTC, Alpha. HARTFIEL, DON ALLAN Architecture Rosenberg Age 24, Class '64, D.S., Ft. Bend HTC. HATTAWAY, WILLIAM EARL "Bill" Wildlife Mgr. Fr. Worth Age 21, Class '65. HATZENBOEHLER, CHARLES CARTER "Butch" Sociology Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Sociology Club-President, Dallas HTC-Treasurer. HAWKINS, ENNIS M. "Hawk" Accounting Naples Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Sociefy-Vice President. HAWKINS, HARVEY KENNETH "Ken" Managemenr San Antonio Age 23, Class '65, Civil Air Patrol-Squadron Commander, Pre Law Society. HAWKINS, ROBERT MICHAEL "Mike" Ch.E. Texas City Age 21, Class '65, Bay Area HTC-Presidem, Dorm CounciI-Vice President, Floor Representative, Civilian Student Council-Representative, A.I.Ch.E. HAY JR., CHALES KENDALL Poultry Science Houston Age 23, Class '64, Alpha Phi Omega, Poultry Science Club, Rodeo Club, Colle- giate F.F.A. HAYNES JR., ARNIM VERNIS "Vern" Accounting Baytown Age 21, Class '65, SCONA, Phi Eta Sigma Scholastic Honor Fraternity, Fish Drill Team, Baytown HTC, Alpha Tau Omega. HAYNES, GRADY LEE Mathematics Age 21, Class '65, Math Club. Athens i; a finicky avg: naa$nag$a A new Electronic marvel, a class- room without a teacher. HAYNES, VERNON DEAN C.E. - Columbus Age 22, Class '65. HEARTWELL, STEPHEN FREDERICK "Steve" Pre. Med. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Young DemocraIs-Presidenf, Pre Med Society-Parliamenfar- ian, Handball Club. HEIKKILA, EDWIN C. "Eddie" Aero. Eng. Midland Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma. HEINEMANN, EUGENE JEROME Range Mgr. Harper Age 21, Class '65, Range 8: Forestry Club-President, Student Ag. Council- Treasurer, Alpha Zeta, Harper HTC, Newman Club, Supply Officer Co. D-1. HIETE JR., WILLIAM CHRISTIAN "Bill" Entomology Houston Age 21, Class '65, D.S., Entomology Club, Alpha Zeta, Student Agricultural Council, Entomological Society of America. HELLUMS ll, LEE NELSON Finance West Columbia Age 22, Class '65, Alpha Phi Omega, Arts 81 Science Council, Insurance Society, Finance Society, Brazoria County HTC-President. HENDERSON, JON FRANKLIN . Ag. Ed. Cranfills Gap Age 23, Class '65. HENNESSY, RICHARD ALLEN "Road Runner" C.E. Houston Age 20, Class '65, Newman Club, Student Chapter American Society of Civil Engineers, Assistant Section Editor Aggieland, D.S., D.M.S., HENRY, GEORGE MARTIN Architecture Bakersfield, Calif. Age 21, Class '65, Singing Cadets, Camera Club, A.G.C. Seniors HENSON, SIDNEY LAYNE "Sid" C.E. Gilmer Age 23, Class '64, TSPE5Presidenf, ASCE-President, Engineers Student Council Member, Chi Epsilon, Who's Who. HENTON, LARRY D. English Bryan Age 22, Class '65. HERMAN, JOHN R. "Rudy" C.E. Cleburne Age 21, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, Polaris Cou'ncil, Commanding Officer, Amer- ican Society of Civil Engineers, Association of General Contractors. HERRING, ROBERT LEE "Lee" 5.5. San Antonio Age 20, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu-Recording Secretary, Phi Eta Sigma, D.S., Freshman Engineering Society. HEWES Ill, CECIL GRAYSON Ch.E. Tyler Age 22, Class '65, A.l.Ch.E., Ramp Representative, Law Hall Dorm Council. HIGGINS, MICHAEL E. "Mike" C.E. New Braunfels Age 21, Class '65, Commanding Officer-Co. E-1, Ross Volunteers Firing Squad, American Society of Civil Engineers, Associate Editor Texas A8xM Engineer, Cen-Tex HTC, Army Aviation Program. HILBURN, BENNY MAC "Hoover, P.B." Management San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, San Antonio HTC. HITT, BARNEY LEE Ch.E. Memphis, Tenn. Age 21, Class '65. HOLCOMB, DELBERT LEROY Entomology Lamesa Age 23, Class '65, Entomology Club, Entomological Society. HOLCOMB, WILLIAM DAVID "Bill" Chemistry Ft. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Chemistry Club, Ft. Worth HTC, Alpha Phi Omega, American Chemical Society-Student Affiliate. HOLDER, GEORGE RICHARD Business Mgf. Snyder Age 22, Class '65, Debate Team, Society for Advancement of Management. HOLDITCH, DAMON WILL E.E. . Richardson Age 22, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, Former Fish Drill Team Association, Out- standing Freshman E-1, Best Drilled Freshman 8: Sophomore E-1, Guidon Bearer E-1, Operations Sgt. 1st Bde Staff, Commanding Officer 2nd Ban, IEEE, San Antonio HTC, D.M.S., Ross Volunteers, Firing Squad. HOLICK, DONALD HOWARD "Don" Archifecture Houston Age 21, Class '65, Bellaire HTC, Design Student Society, Associated General Contractors, N-ewman Club, Alpha Phi Omega. HOLLOWAY, ERNEST R. "Bob" M.E. ' Fallas Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Editor Texas A6M Engineer, Student Engineers Council, Fresh. Engineers Society-Vice Pres., Social Sec.-Soph. Class, Outstanding Fresh. Co. C-2, Best Drilled Soph. Co. C-2, Outstanding Jr. 3rd Battalion, Co. Commander Co. C-2. HOLMES, CHARLES ROBERT "Bob" Marketing Van Horn Age 21, Class '65, Marketing Society, Apartment Council, Trans-Pecos HTC, 1964 A6M Leadership Conference, Student Mgr. - HOLY, GRANT JAMES C.E. Houston Age 22, Class '64, St. Thomas HTC-Presidenf, ASCE. HONEA, JOHN EDWARD "Johnny" Wildlife Mgr. KerrviIIe Age 21, Class '65, Wildlife Club, American Ordnance Association, Hill Country HTC-Presidenf. HOOKS, DONALD LEE Economics Age 21, Class '66, Economics Club, Russian Club, Alpha Phi Omega. HOOVER, MIKE Vet. Med. , Age 22, Class '65. HOPGOOD JR., MARVIN T. "Ted" P.E. Billings, Mont. Age 21, Class '65, Yell Leader, Ross Volunteers-Plafoon Leader-Firing Squad, D.S., Semper Fidelis Soc.-Pres., Outstanding Fish-1sf Brg, Outstanding Soph- 3rd Brg, Arts 6 Sciences Coun., P.E. Club, Ed. Club, 1st Sgt. Co. 1.3, Maior 41h Bil. Staff. HOPKINS, FRANKLIN BROCK "Brock" Zoology Winnsboro Age 22, Class '64, Pre Vef Socieiy, Best Drilled Sophomore Co. F-3, Maior 6th Battalion Staff, D.M.S. "Donny" Henderson Goldfhwaire Seniors HORNE, JOHN WILLIAM Accounting Age 22, Class '65, Accounting Society, Supply Officer Co. B-1. HOWARD, BOB BRUCE Ind. Eng. Age 21, Class '65, San Antonio HTC, AIIE, 1st Lt, Supply Officer. HOWARD, CLYDE W. English "Billy" Henderson IIBobII San Antonio Dallas Age 21,v Class '65, English Society, Arts 81 Sciences Council, Fencing Club, Physics Club. HOWARD, HENRY K. "Hank" Floriculfure Austin Age 20, Class '65, Austin HTC, Floriculfure Club, Student Agricultural Council. HOWARD JR., RUSSELL CHARLES "Rusty" Management Beaumont Age 22, Class '65, Beaumont HTC-President, Society for the Advancement of Management. HOWELL, RONALD EUGENE Aero. Eng. Age 21, Class '65. HOYSA, MATTHEW J. Management Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, SCONA. HUDGINS, WILLIAM WAYNE Psychology Age 22, Class '65, Baptist Student Union. HUGHES, GAYLON EUGENE Zoology ,lMattll Bossier City, La. "Bill" Houston De Ridder, La. Angleron Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, D.S., Pre Med Society-Presiden'r, Brazoria HTC. HUGHSON, WILLIAM NIX "Bill" Accounfing Agua Dulce Age 22, Class '65, Accounting Society, Marketing Seciefy, Brush Country HTC, D.S. HUGO, JOHN E. Vet. Med. Age 20, Class '65. HUMPHRIES JR., DONALD L. Vet. Med. Age 21, Class '65. DiIley 430 llDonll Gladewater Swim HUNT JR., GLEN LEE "Bear" Aero. Eng. Galveston Age 26, C1355 '61, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics-Pub- licity Chairman. HUNT, JAMES M. "Jim" English McAlIen Age 23, Class '63, Parachute Team, MSC Contemporary Arts Committee Staff, Texas A6M Review, Press Club, American Foundryman's Society, English Society. HURLEY, JAMES MARCUS Dairy Science Yanfis Age 21, Class '65, Dairy Judging Team, Dairy Science CIUb-Secrefary-Reporter- Program Chairman, Deep East Texas HTC. HUSFELD, DAVID CHARLES Vet. Med. Brenham Age 22, Class '67. HUTCHISON, WILLAM EDWARD "Bill" Entomology Clarksville Age 21, Class '65, Entomology Club, FFA, 4-H. HYDE, MICHAEL WALTER "Mike" E.E. Bryan Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, IEEE. INCHAUSTE, JORGE A. Ind. Eng. 8. M.E. La Paz, Bolivia Age 23, Class '64, Pan American Club-President, SCONA X-Representative, Dorm CounciLdunior Representative, Honorary Texas Citizen, Tennis Team, ASME, SAE, AIIE, International Club, Newman Club. INGRAM, JOHNNY LEROY "John" CE. Odessa Age 25, Class '65, Fresh. Eng. Soc., CivilianvStU. Coun., Apartment Coun.- Chrm., Civ. Sweetheart Selection Comm., Stu. Eng. Coun., American Soc. of Civil Eng., Texas Surveyors Ass0c., ASCE-Prog. Comm, Soph. Award Winner, J.T. McNew Chapter of ASCE, Eng. Graphics Contest-Srd Place, Odessa HTC. INWISS, ROBERT W. "Bob" Finance Paris Age 21, Class '65, Red River Valley HTC-Treasurer, Circle K CIub-Vice Pres- ident, Finance Society, Insurance Society, Ross Volunteers. ISOM, CONRAD BERNARD "Bernie" C.E-. Haughfon, La. Age 21, Class '65, D.M.S., ASCE. IVY, LARRY M. Wildlife Mgf. Texas Ciiy Age 21, Class '65, Fish 8: Game Club-Treasurer, Senior Representative-Dorm 19. JAGELER, CHARLES DAVID "Jingle" Dairy Science Gafesville Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Dairy Science Club. JAGER, MITCHEL "Mitch" Animal Science Blessing Age 22, Class '65, Matagorda County HTC, Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma. JANACEK, JIMMY WAYNE "Jarrin Jim" Accounting 'Baytown Age 22, Class '65, SCONA IX, Accounting Society, Scholastic Officer Co. E-2, D.S., Baytown HTC, Great Issues Committee. JARVIS, BILLY BRITT "Britt" Ag: Eco. Srinnen Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club-Officer 2 years, Fish Ag. Society6Parliamen- farian, Rodeo Club, Alpha Zeta, D.S., UTMUN-'64 Delegate, MSC Talent Com- mittee, Alternate Delegate SCONA IX. JAVAHERIAN, SHEHRIAR M.E. Tehran, Iran Age 22, Class '65, American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASE, ASM. JAYNES, JAY J. "Jay" History Falls Church, Va. Age 21, Class '65. JEFFUS, MAC RAYMOND M.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Dallas HTC, D.S., Platoon Leader. JENKINS, JOSEPH STANLEY BRITTON "Britt" Marketing Yoakum Age 21, Class '65. JOHNSON, BILLY RAY "Bill" Ind. Ed. West Columbia Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Industrial Education Society, Brazoria County HTC, Color Guard-1st Brgd. JOHNSON, DAVID N. Management San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Marketing Society, Management Society, 12th Man Football. JOHNSON, HOWARD CARROLL "Butch" Vet. Med. Houston Age 22, Class '64, YMCA Fish Camp Coun.-Vice Pres. of Coun., YMCA Stu. Cabinet, Singing Cadets, Pre Vet Sociefy-Reponer, AVMA, 12th Man Bowl, Alpha Zeta Nat. Honor Soc., Saddle 8c 5irloin Club, Pasadena HTC. JOHNSON, JOE N. "Jody" M.E. San Angelo Age 22, Class '65, San AngeloWest Texas HTC-President, Council Representative at Adjunct, S.A.M.E. JOHNSON, ROY DOYLE Vet. Med. Abernathy Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Ordnance Officer, D.S. JOHNSON, TOM M. English Elk City, Okla. Age 21, Class '65. JOHNSTON, RALPH WARREN E.E. New York, N.Y. Age 22, Class '63, Phi Eta Sigma, Golf Team, D.S., "T" Association. JOLLY, ROBERT W. Physics San Antonio Age 22, Class '65, Physics Club, D.S. JONES, CURTIS BREWER Aero. Eng. Dallas Age 22, Class '65, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Dallas HTC. JONES, ERIC P. "Rick" E.E. 'HOndo Age 20, Class '65, Apollo Club, D.S.M., Operations Officer, Corps Staff, Fish Swimming Team, Supply Sgt. 1st. Bde. Staff, Southwest Texas HTC, Town Hall. JONES, HARRISON PAUL "Harry" Ind. Dis. BIOWnSViIIe Age 21, Class '65, Cadet Court, Ross Volunteers-Executive Officer, D.S. JONES, JAMES EDGA-R "Mickey" Mathematics Pasadena Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Engineering Society, Math Club, Outstanding Fish-Sqd. 8, Besf'Drilled Sophomore Sqd. 8, Polaris Council. JONES JR., JAMES G. "Bud" Marketing San Antonio Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society, San Antonio HTC. JONES, JIMMY OWEN "Jim" Journalism Bryan 432 Age 22, Class '65. JONES, MICHAEL DAVIS "Mike" Hisfory Houston Age 21, Class '65, Dorm Council, MSC Directorate, History Club, Modern Lan- guage Club, Newman Club. JONES, RONALD M. "Ronnie" Agronomy Brownwood Age 22, Class '65, Alpha Zeta, Agronomy Sociefy-Secretary, Pecan Valley HTC. JOYER, RICHARD ALAN "Joy" Accounfing Dallas Age 21, Class '65. JOZWIAK, PAUL LOUIS "Paul" Education Sealy Age 21, Class '65, Hart Hall Dorm Pres., Dorm Master Han Hall, Aggie Band, Civ. Stu. Coun., Drum 6 Bugle Corps, 12111 Man Bowl Football, Aggie Talent Show, Athletic Off., Class C Tennis Champions, Dorm Pres. Coun. KAINER, EDWARD LESTER "Ed" Sociology Waco Age 21, Class '65, Hist. of Sen. Class, Circle K-Pres. 81 Vice Pres., Town Hall Staff, Waco HTC, Elec. Comm., Soc. Club, Dave Beck Award, Cadet Mai-3rd Group. KALINEC JR., WILLIAM FRANK "Bill" BA. 2; Accounting Bryan Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society. KANA, EDWARD JAMES "Ed" Ind. Tech. Palacios Age 22, Class '65, Freshman Engineering Society, Iota Lambda Sigma Honor Society, D.S., Matagorda County HTC. KARR, KENNARD G. "Ken" Ind. Tech. Sheppard A.F.B. Age 21, Class '65, Swimming Team, Water Polo Team, Swimming Leiterman, Ind. Education Society, 5.0.5., Wichita Falls HTC, Plt. Leader B-2. KELLAR, KENNETH LEE "Ken" Business Mgr. Smithville Age 22, Class '65, Society for Advancement of Management, Bastrop County HTC-Treasurer. Swims KELLEY, WILLAM AUSTIN "Buddy" Ag. Eco. Richardson Age 25, Class '64, Richardson HTC, Rg. Eco. Club. KELTNER, NEIL L. Ind. Dis. Lansing, Mich. Age 24, Class '65, Cad. Col. of the Corps, D.S., D.M.S., Ross Vol.-Firing Squad, Caldwell Trophy, Dept of the Army Award, Who's Who Comm., Town Hall Staff, Houston Chamber of Comm. Award, Honor Coun., Houston Industrial Distributors Assoc. Scholarship. KEMP, JOHNNIE "Butch" Accounting Lo" Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, Major 3rd Group Staff, Pre Law Society, Freshman Engineering Socieiy. KIESCHNIEK, HERBERT WAYNE Ch.E. Giddings Age 21, Class '65. KILLINGSWORTH, AMOS E. "Herky" English Paducah Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Bank, Battalion Photographer, Review Staff, English Society. KIOLBASSA, THOMAS A. E.E. . San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, Newman Club. KISTNER, RICHARD WAYNE "Dick" C.E. San Antonio Age 24, Class '65, Program Chairman, ASCE. KLAVEMANN, WILLIAM GEORGE "Bill" Ag.E. Nordhiem Age 22, Class '65, FFA Collegiate Chapter, Alpha Zeta, IntramuraIs-Track. KLEINERT, GLENN ARLIND Range Mgf. Austin Age 22, Class '65, Austin HTC, Range 8: Foresiry Club. KLEPPER, RONALD WAYNE "Ronnie" E.E. Kermit Age 21, Class '65, IEEE. KLUTZ JR., WILLIAM LEWIS "Bill" Management Von Ormy Age 22, Class '65, Management Society, Marketing Society, Fish Drill Team, San Antonio HTC. KNEISLER, JAMES ROBERT "Jim" Sociolbgy Santa Rosa, Calif. Age 22, Class '65, Freshman Ag. Society-Parliamemarian, Freshman Water Polo Team, SCONA X, Ag. Council, Sociology Club65ecretary, Californians- Vice President, Travel Committee-Vice President, Aggie Players. KNIGHT, CHARLES JOSEPH Aero. Eng. San Benito Age 22, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi-Corresponding Secretary, Sigma Gamma Tau- Vice President, AIAA-Senior Representative, Engineers Council, Who's Who in American Universities, Varsity Football, Freshman Track Team, Scholastic All Southwest Conference Football, SCONA X-Delegate. KNOX, ELDON BECK "Rabbit" Range Mgr. Coleman Age 24, Class '63, Dorm Council, Range 81 Foresfry Club, Flying Kade'rs, ,New- man Club. KORENEK, JOSEPH LEON "Joe" Aero. Eng. Baytown Age 22, Class '64, LegeH Dorm Council, AIAA. KOTHMANN, HERBERT GLEASON "Herb" Wildlife Mgr. Llano Age 21, Class '65, Hill Country HTC, Fish 8: Game Club, Education Club, Texas Academy of Science-Delegate. KRETZSCHMAN, GILBERT EDWARD "Sonny" Ag. Eng. Bartlett Age 22, Class '65, Aggie Band, Williamson County HTC, American Society of Agricuhural Engineers, Student Engineer's Council. KRIEG, DANIEL RAY "Dan" Age 21, Class '65, Agronomy Society-President, Collegiate FFA5Vice President, Williamson County HTC-Presidenf, Student Agriculture Council, Alpha Zeta. KUBENA, LEON FRANKLIN Ag. Ed. Caldwell Age 24, Class '65, Collegiate FFA, Texas A8xM Brethren Youth Fellowship. KUENEMANN, CHARLES LEE Ind. Tech. Fredericksburg Age 22, Class '64, Aggie Band, Hill Country HTC, American Foundry SOciety. KURTZ, LYNDON WILLIAM Ag. Eco. Rosenberg Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, F'r. Bend County HTC. 561412113 .1 KYLE, ARTHUR C. "Art" Marhemarics Ozona Age 21, Class '65, Golf Team5varsity letter, D.S., Distinguished A.F. Student, Best Drilled Freshman, Sophomore Sqd. 16, Phi Eta Sigma, Math Club. LABARBERA, JOE NICK "Joe Babe" Agronomy Reagan Age 22, Class '65, Agronomy Society. LAIN, WILLIAM KEITH History Houston Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers. LAIRD, PATRICK ORVILLE "Pat" Psychology Waco Age 21, Class '65, Newman Club, Fencing Club, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Fraternity, 3rd Brigade Color Guard, R.D. Hinton Award, Student Psychological Association-Secretary. LAIRD, THOMAS DEE "Tommy" Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, D.S., D.A.S., SCONA IX-Delegate, Finance Society-Vice President, Finance Society, Insurance Socie'ry, 11A Graduate, Scholastic Sergeant 2nd Group Staff, Intelligence Officer 41h Group Staff. LANASA, PHILIP JAMES "Phil" Education Beaumont Age 21, Class '65, D.S., SEA, TSEA, State.TEPS Committee, TSTA, Beaumont HTC-Vice President, YMCA, Fish Camp Counselor, ;Arts 81 Science Council, Pub. Committee MSC-Chairman, Association of College Unions Conventions-Del- egate, Pre Law Society. LANE, BRUCE GORDON Aero. Eng. Houston Age 22, Class '65, American Institute of AerOnautics BK Astronautics, Houston HTC, Aggie Skydivers. LANGE, AUBREY KYLE "GP." Sociology Mason Age 22, Class '65, Aggie Band, Sociology Club, Drum 8x Bugle Corps, Manage- ment Society. LANGE, WILLIAM LEE "Willie" E.E. Harper Age 22, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, D.S., Newman Club, IEEE. LANGLEY, FRANK MICHAEL "Skip" Vet. Med. Hillsboro Age 22, Class '64. LARA, OLIVER. Animal Husbandry Neiva, Colombia Age 22, Class '65, Pan American Club, Saddle 81 Sirloin CIub-Vice President. LARKIN, JAMES BUFORD "Jim" Physics Seguin Age 22, Class '65, SCONA V11, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma-Vice President, 434 Physics Club6-Vice President, Phi Kappa Phi, D.S., Intramural Track 81 Swimming. Just a couple more fish on this log, and We should be able to handle it. 567413119 E I LATHROP, HOWARD BOYD Architecture Ft. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Design Stu. Soc4.-Pres. Regional Director Stu. Chap. of American Institute of Architects, Fresh. Swim Team, Var. Swim Team, Engineer's Coun., Tile Coun. of America Competition Award. LAUGHLIN, MICHAEL D. "Mike" Education West Columbia Age 21, Class '65, SCONA Secretariet, SCONA X-Chairman, Education Club, Brazoria County HTC, Ross Volunteers, 3rd Brigade Color Guard, Intramural Mgr. LAVENDER, WILLIAM A. "Bill" Marketing McAIIen Age 22, Class '64, Marketihg Club, Pre Law Society. "Mike" LECRONE, JOE MICHAEL Amarillo M.E. 81 Ind. Tech. Age 22, Class '64, Freshman Engineering Society, Amarillo HTC, American Foundrymen's Society-Vice Chairman, Law HaII-Presidenf. LEDBETTER JR., WILLIAM R. "Bill" C.E. Waco Age 21, Class '65, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Ordnance Association, Alpha Phi Omega-Pledge President, Freshman Engineering Society. LEDOUX, LAURIE ENGENE Business Administration Columbus, 1nd. Age 22, Class '65, 2nd Bat'alion Staff, Sons of Service Club, Aggie Players, JUMA Society. LEE, ALLEN BRUCE Meteorology Sheridan, Wyo. Age 22, Class '65, American Meteorological Sociefy-Student Chapter, Arts 81 Sciences Council, Dorm 13-President, .Dorm Presidents Council, Civilian Student Council. LEE, ALFRED CHARLES E.E. Age 22, Class '65, Aggieland Staff. LEE, JAMES ARTHUR M.E. Age 21, Class '65, ASME-Treasurer. IIAIII San Antonio "Frog" Heusron "Pete" LEE, PETER HOYT Houston 5.5. Age 22, Class '65, Houston HTC, IEEE, D.S. LEE, ROBERT EUGENE "Bob" Architecfure Amarillo Age 22, Class '65, 0.8., Freshman Track, Amarillo HTC-Officer, Amarillo HTC Scholarship. LEGGETT, MORRIS DALE Wildlife Mgf. Age. 22, Class '65 Wichita Falls LEWIS, HARRY SWIFT "Hank" Ind. Eng. New Orleans, La. Age 21, Class '65, Ross Vol., American Ins. of Ind. Eng.-Sec., South Louisiana HTC-Pres., Best Drilled Soph. Co. D-2, SCONA lX-Secretariat Comm, Opera- tions Sgt.-3rd Batf. Staff, American .Ord. Assoc, Soc. of American Military Eng. LEWIS, LONN IE DEAN ME. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Society of American Military Engineers, Texas A$M Engi- neer Staff, Color Guard-1st Brigade. LEWIS, R. DEAN Marketing Normangee Age 21, Class '65, Marketing Society-Presidem, Hart HiIl-Vice President, Dorm 20-Vice President, W. H. Peters Award. LIGHTSEY, BILLY M. Ag. Eco. Age 22, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club. LIGHTSEY, DON ALAN Age 21, Class '65, 3rd Brigade Staff, Industrial Ed. Society. LILES JR., THOMAS ELMER "Tommy" E.E. Midland Age 21, Class '65, MSC Talent Committee, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, D.N1.S., Midland HTC, Midland A$M Club Scholarship, Sons of Amer- ican Revolution Award. LINDEMANN, EUGENE ROY Ag. Eng. Age 23, Class '65, Freshman Agricultural Society, American Society of Agri- cultural Engineers-Vice President, ASAE-Presidenf, Student Engineers Council, Student Agricuhural Council, Agricultural Convocation Com'miHee-Chairman. LINDSAY, CHARLES DON Architecture Age 21, Class '65, Town Hall Staff-Chairman, MSC Directorate, Election Com- Benchley IIDOnII "Gene" Brownwood IlDonll Houston mittee. LINDSEY, JAN ALAN Finance Lovingfon, N.M. Age 21, Class '65, Snyder HTC, Insurance Society, Finance Society, Adiufant 2nd Group S1aff. LINDSEY, JERALD GLEN "Jerry" Zoology Hallerrsville Age 21, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Lavaca County HTC. LINDSEY, KENNETH CHARLES "Ken" Human Relations Bryan Age 22, Class '64, Day Sfuden'r Presidem, Dorm President's Counci12Repre- sentative, Sociology Club, Business Management Club, D.S. LINDSTROM, EVERETT NOLAN Landscape Architecture Channelview Age 24, Class '65, A6M Conservative Club, SCONA VII 2k VIII, President- Texas A8xM Young Republicans, Studem Landscape Architecture Society. LISTON, RONALD WAYNE "Ron" Accounting New Orleans, La. Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, South Louisiana HTC-Secretary-President, Young Re- publicans, Freshman Engineering Society, Preparatory Law Society. LITTLE, JAMES MICHAEL "Jimmy" Finance Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Apartment Council, Marketing Society, Finance Society, Dallas HTC, Intramural Sports, Accounting Society. LONG, JOHN G. M.E. EI borado, Ark. Age 21, Class '65, ASME. Travel Committee. LONGNECKER, CARL EDWARD "Yank" Ind. Tech. Huntingfon, W. Va. Age 22, Class '65, Iota Lambda Sigma, Industrial Education Society, Young Re- publicans, Yankee HTC. LOVE, JAMES COLLINS "Jim" Vef. Med. Corsicana Age 22, Class '65, AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff, Freshman Class- Vice President, Sophomore Class-Vice President. LUEDKE, DELMAS LUTHER Economics Age 22, Class '65, LSA, Economics Club. Deanville LUYMES, ALAN H. Plan! 8. Soil Science Sioux Falls, SD. Age 23, Class '64, Singing Cadets, MSC Talent Committee, Agronomy Society, Alpha Zeia. LYNCH JR., ROBERT WALTER Aero. Eng. Age 22, Class '65. LYONS, DON KEITH Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, AVMA. llBobll Spring Branch HenHeHa 436 LYONS III, EVERETT A. E.E. Houston Age 30, Class '65, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu-Presidem. MABIE, GARY J. Pet. E. Austin Age 21, Class '65, Petroleum Engineering Club, Austin HTC, AIME, Athletic Officer Sqd. 6. MACALUSO, MARIO ARMANDO "Mario" Zoology San Antonio Age 20, Class '65, Sr. Class-Vice Pres., C.O. 51h Battalion, Who's Who, Student Senate, Ross Vol., Town Hall Staff-Vice Chrm., San Antonio HTC-Treas., D.M.S., SCONA, Great Issues, Pre Med-Pre Dent Soc, Sweetheart Selection Comm., Cadet Court, Sgt. Mai. Third Brigade, Outstanding Soph. Co. C-3, Best Drilled Soph., Best Drilled Fresh., YWCA Cabinet. MACCAFERRI, DON A. "Mac" Architecture Plymouth, Mass. Age 23, Class '65, Design Student Society, 2nd PIace-Texas Baptist Church Competition, Runner up-American Tile Competition, D.S., Yankee HTC, $.A.M.E. MADDOX, DOUGLAS PAT E.E. Snyder Age'25, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu IEEE. MADDOX, LARRY ALLEN Ch. E. College Station Age 21, Class '65, Fresh. Eng. Soc., Phi Eta Sigma, Outstanding Fresh.-Sqdn 15, General Dynamics Award, Outstanding Air Science ll Cadet Award, Ross Vol., Phi Lambda Upsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, MSC Leadership Comm,, Outstand- ing Jr.-Second Wing, Who's Who in American Universities 81 Colleges, AlChE, Stu. Eng. Comm., Tau Beta Pi. MAENZA, MICHAEL PETER "Mike" E.E. Houston Age 22, Class '65. MAJORS, DAYLE GLENN Mathematics Tyler Age 23, Class '63, Math Club-Secretary, BSU-Publicity Chairman. MALAISE, WILLIAM LAWRENCE "Bill" English Refugio Age 21, Class '65, Eta Sigma Tau Delta English Soc, John A. Lomax Folklore Soc. Swim MANN, GREG ALEX Aero. Engr. Greenville Age 21, Class '65, AIAA, Freshman Engineering Society, Judo Team-Vice President, Best Drilled Freshman 81 Sophomore, Executive Officer-Sqdn. 10. MARABELLA, PETER JOSEPH "Pete" Accounting Galveston Age 22, Class '65, P11. Ldr., 1st Lt., Galveston HTC. MARABLE, DON HARTWELL Education Athens Age 25, Class 65, TSTA, Education Club, NEA, SEA. MARBURGER, DONALD THEODORE "Don" Markefing Dime Box Age 21, Class '65, Town Hall-Productions Mgr., Bonfire Committee, Chief Head Waiter-Duncan Hall, Marketing Society. MARGO, ROBERTO SAUL Vet. Med. Rio Grande City Age 21, Class '65, AVMA, Newman Club, Rio Grande Valley HTC. MARION, DAVID PAUL Ag. Eco. Spur Age 22, Class '65, Aggie Band, Drum 81 Bugle Corps, Fish Rifle Team, 41h Brigade, Ag. Eco. Society, South Plains HTC. A SCONA speaker chats with several students. 5M6? 1 'K'm M'WZWM I MARSHALL, GEORGE RONALD "Ronnie" Ver. Med. Crosby Age 22, Class '65, Contemporary Arts Committee-Secretary-Treasurer, South- western Veterinarian Staff-Editorial, Apollo Club, Baytown HTC. MARTIN, ALFRED ARTHUR "Freddy" Accounting Edinburg Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, Collegiate 4-H Club-Secrefary, Rio Grande Valley HTC. MARTIN, AUBREY GRADY "Aubrey" Animal Science BeeviIIe Age 22, Class '65. MARTINEZ, HOMER THOMAS Animal Husbandry Hebbronville Age 21, Class '65, Saddle 6 Sirloin Club, National Block and Bridle Club, Brush Country HTC. MARTINEZ, HOMERO A. General Business Laredo Age 23, Class '64, Finance Society, Accounting Society, Laredo HTCn-Officer. MASON, WILLIAM WALTON "Bill" Ch. E. Liberty Age 21, Class '65, Fresh., Eng. Soc., Stu. Eng. Coun., High School Career Day- Chairman, lnter-CounciI-Presidenf, Lower Trinity Valley HTC-President, YMCA Cabinet, Fish Camp Adviser, Apollo Club, A.E.Ch.E.-Pres. MATELSKE, RICHARD ENGENE "Dick" E.E. Corpus Christi Age 22, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, D.S., IEEE. MAYERS, PABLO Animal Science Laredo Age 21, Class '65, Laredo HTC-Presidenf, Fish Drill Team, Association of Former Fish Drill Team Members. MAYFIELD, WILLIAM CARL "Bill" Ind. Engr. Houston Age 21, Class '65, AIIE, Houston HTC. Swims MAYO, JAMES M. "Jim" Architecfure Odessa Age 21, Class '65, Design Student Society, Alpha Phi Omega-Distinguished Ser- vice Key-President, 15f Brigade Color Guard, 2nd Battalion Staff Sergeant. McADAMS, MICHAEL LEO "Mike" Management Texarkana Age 23, Class '63, Management Society, Marketing Society, Insurance Club, Intramural Golf Champion. McADOO JR., STEWART FRENCH "Frenchy" Aero Engr. Houston Age 20, Class '65, AIAA, Sons of Service Club. McBREARTY, CHARLES FRANCIS "Chuck" Chemistry El Paso Age 20, Class '65, American Ordnance Society, D.S., Newman Club, Sons of the American Revolution Award, Chemistry Club, Commander-Sqd. 11, Distinguished Air Force Cadet, El Paso HTC. MCBRIDE, RONALD THOMAS "Ron" Ind. Tech. Columbus, Ohio Age 21, Class '65, Town Hall Staff, Ross Volunteers, Squadron Commander, 1st Sgt, Outstanding Sophomore, Industrial Education Society, Iota Lambda Sigma. MCCALL JR., RICHARD HAWLEY "Cash" Business Mgr. Dallas Age 20, Class '65, South Louisiana HTC, Sixth Group Staff Advisor. MCCALLISTER, CLOVIS EARL Journalism Kermit Agt 23, Class '64, SAMJ's Sigma Delta Chi, The Battalion-News Editor, Civilian Student Council. McCLUNG JR., ROY LEE "One-Lung" Agronomy Seymour Age 25, Class '62, Agronomy Soc.-Pres., Ag. Coun., Alpha Zeta, D.S., Trans- Mississippi Golf Assn. Scol., National Golf Course Superintendents Assoc. of Amer- ica Schol., Texas Turf Grass Assn. Schol., ASA Convention5Repq Football, Pistol Team-Co-Captain, King Cotton Court, Aglronomy Soc.-Pres. MCCOLLUM, JAMES EARL "Mac" Wildlife Mgf. Garland Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Agriculture Society, Alpha Zeta, Fish 81 Game Club, Dorm 13-Secrefary, Student Agricultural Council. MCCONNELL, THOMAS THEODORE Ch. E. Houston Age 21, Class '65, Vice President Student Senate, MSC Council, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, D.S., D.M.S., Bowling Committee, Bridge Committee. McCUE JR., ROBERT L. "Bob" E.E. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, 505, Bowling Committee. MCDANIEL, EDWIN RALPH "Eddie" Poultry Science Normangee Age 22, Class '65, Poultry Science Club, Dorm 20-Council. 438 McDANlEL, O'RELL OTTO Education Age 20, Class '65, Ramp Representative-S Puryear. McDERMAND, WILLIS FREMONT Ag. Eco. Age 23, Class '64, Mid County HTC, Ag. Eco Club. MCDONALD, DON REED Vet, Med. Age 21, Class '65, AVMA. Yuma, Ariz. Sterling City MCDOWELL, DAVID HARLEY "Dave" Ind. Ed. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Ind. Ed. Society, American Foundryman Society, Freshman Engineering Society, American Military Engineers Society, Aggie Band, Drum 6 Bugle Corps, Dallas HTC. McFERRIN, ARTIE RANSOM Ch. E. Beaumont Age 21, Class '65, Walton Hall-President, SCONA, A.I.Ch.E., Society of American Mili1ary Engineers, Dorm Treasurer, Great Issues Committee, Young Democrats, Dorm Presidents Council. McGINN, FRED LEE "Fred" Accounting Abilene Age 22, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Honor Council, Pre Law Society, Accounting Society, Abilene HTC-Presidenf. McGINNIS, RONNIE M4 M.E. Irving Age 21, Class '65, Best Drilled Freshman, Outstanding Sophomore Co. B-2, Op- portunity Award Scholarship, SAE, Charter member of Polaris Council. MCHANEY, STEPHEN KENNETH "Steve" E.E. Age 21, Class '65. MCKINNEY, GARY ANDREW Marketing Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Marketing Society, Dallas HTC, Platoon Leader B-2. Denison Seniors MEBANE, H. FRANK M.E. Alvin Age 21, Class '66. MEGARITY, DAVID TIMOTHY "Tim" Physics Age 21, Class '65, Singing Cadets, Waco HTC, Physics Club, Phi Eta Sigma. MENVILLE, EDWARD RAY C.E. , Age 25, Class '62, ASCE. Waco Ingleside MENZIES, STEPHEN P. "Steve" Landscape Architecture San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Best Drilled Sophomore, Flight Sergeant, Flight Leader, Execu- tive Officer, Town Hall Staff, Landscape Architecture Society. MESEROLE, THOMAS CHILTON "Bud" E.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, MSC Dance Committee-Publicity Chairman. METTEAUER, JOE DEAN Wildlife Mgr. Timpson Age 23, Class '64, Fish 8: Game Club, Toledo Bend HTC. MIEARS, LESLIE THOMAS "Torn" Ind. Ed. Houston Age 21, Class '65, American Ordance Association, Quartermaster Association, Freshman Engineers, Ft. Bend County HTC, Aggie Band, SAME, Industrial Educa- tion Society. MIGURA, WALLACE WILLIAM "Magruder" Animal Science Yorktown Age 21, Class '65, Editor-Aggieland '65, Section Editor-Aggieland '64, Who's Who, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta-Scribe, Phi Kappa Phi, Press Club, Outstanding $en.-College of Agr., National Alpha Zeta Foundation Graduate Schol. Award, D.S., D.M.S., National Sci. Foundation Undergraduate Research Participant, Oppor- tunity Award Schol., Valedictory Scholarship, Ross Volunteers, Cadet Mai., Execu- tive Officer-3rd Battalion, Guadalupe Valley HTC-Pres., Newman Club. MlLAM, WILLIAM CHESTER "Bill" Marhemafics Victoria Age 22, Class '65, D.S., SCONA VIl-Vlll, Intramural Manager, Bridge Committee -Secretary Treasurer, Badminton Team, Badminton Club-Secretary 81 President. MILES, CHARLES LEONARD "Chuck" Animal Science Arlington Age 21, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Agronomy Society, Newman Club, Freshman Agricultural Society. MILLER, JOEL ERVIN Agronomy Agronomy Society, Collegiate FFA, American Society of Soil Conservation. MIMS, CONSTANTINE "Con" Animal Husbandry San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, San Antonio HTC, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Cadet Corporal, Guidon Bearer Co.-A-1, Outstanding Sophomore Co.A-1. Mesquite MOSLEY, ROBERT WAYNE M.E. Age 22, Class '64, SAE, ASME. MUEGGE, FRANK ALLAN M.E. Age 21, Class '65. MULLER JR., FRANK MAIR Economics 8x English Falls Church, Va. Age, 22, Class '65, Who's Who, Stu. Body Pres., Appelate Honor Coun., Jr. Class -Pres., Ross Vol., Cadet Lt. Col., D.M.S., Ross Vol., Election Com. Sec., SCONA VII, VIII, IX, Transportation Chairman, Great Issues Prog. Chairman, Pistol Team, Debate Team. llBobll Bryan San Antonio MURFF, STANLEY LEE Agronomy Age 22, Class '65, Agronomy Society. MURPHEY, RONNIE GAYLE M.E. Age 21, Class '65, Pistol Team. MURPHREE, DONALD EUGENE "Gene" Management Houston Age 21, Class '65, Pre Med-Pre Dem Society, Sam Houston HTC, Management Society. "Murff" Cenferville Alice MURRAY, ROBERT CLAIN "Bob" Aero. Engr. Rosenberg Age 21, Class '65, Ft. Bend County HTC-President, Puryear Hall-Treasurer, AIAA. MURRELL JR., ERNEST H. , Poultry Science Sabina! Age 36, Class '65, Poultry Science Club-Vice President, Poultry Judging Team. MYERS, CHARLES WAYNE Business Seagoville Age 22, Class '66, Baptist Student Union, Accounting Society. MYERS, MELVIN ALLEN Marketing Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society. NACHOD, JAY ERNEST M-E: Houston Age 22, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, SAE, ASME, Student Branch Member of MSC Chess Club, Canterbury Association. NAILL JR., WALTER EDWARD Business Mgr. Age 22, Class '64. Houston Fresno 440 MINTZ, EDWIN LAWRENCE Ag. Eco. Age 24, Class '62, Ag. Eco. Club. MOHR, ROBERT E. Finance 'Age 21, Class '65, Baseball, "T" Association, Finance Society. MOLINA, HENRY E. M.E. Age 21, Class '65, ASME, Young Democrats. IlEdll Housfon IlBobll Houston Los Angeles, Calif. MOONEY, WILLIAM EMERY E.E. Age 21, Class '65, IEEE. MOORE, JOHN EARL M.E. Jefferson Age 22, Class '65, Freshman Engineering Society, ASME-Vice President, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, D.S. MOORE, LAWRENCE YORK Vet. Med. Age 22, Class '65, AVMA. "Bill" Harlingen IlLarryll Big Spring MOORE, LONNIE J. Ag. Ed. Age 23, Class '65, Collegiate FFA, D.S. MOREMAN, DAVID EUGENE "Dave" Vet. Med. Hedley Age 21, Class '65, Student Senate-Parliamentarian, Student Chapter AVMA- Parliamenfarian, MSC Directorate Assistant, South Eastern Panhandle HTC, Pre Vet Society-President, D.S., Southwestern Veterinarian Staff. MORITZ Ill, BURT EDWIN M.E. Houston Age 21, Class '65, Lamar HTC-Secretary, Society of Automotive Engineers, Amer- ican Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Foundrymen's Society, Harold G. McGowen Jr. Scholarship, D.S. "Blackie" Daingerfield llBUrt" 6 M 5512127119 Let's see, this button should give us 300 tem- perature in dorm 7, 850 in dorm 2, snow on dorm 20 . . . Hey Charlie, what kind of a ribbon are they go- ing to give you for think- ing of a system like this? NALLEY, ROBERT MAXEY "Rob" C.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Pi Eta Sigma Fresh. Honor Soc., Fresh. Eng. Soc., Outstanding Fresh. 6 Soph. Co. D-2, Army 81 Varsity Rifle Team, Phi Kappa Phi, Chi Epsilon- Treas., C.O. 2nd Brigade, Tau Beta Pi. NEAL, TOM MORRIS "Tom" Ver. Med. Lubbock Age 22, Class '64, AVMA. NEEL, JERRY DALE "Monk" Ch. E. Houston Age 22, Class '65, Athletic Officer Co. A-2, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers. NESUDA, ROGER ALVIN Agronomy Age 21, Class '65, Agronomy Society. NICHOLAS, ROBERT WALTER "Bob" Ind. Tech. Dallas Age 20, Class '65, Ind. Ed. Society, Aggie Band. NOAKE, JAMES A. "Jim" C.E. San Antonio Age 22, Gass '64, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall Staff, Junior Class Vice President, Flsh Drill Team, Engineer-Features Editor, Election Commission, SAME, ASCE. Ennis NORMAN, HENRY H. "Hank" Ag. Engr. Randolph AFR Age 20, Class '65, Freshman Agricultural Society, SCONA IX, San Antonio HTC, 1964 Naval Academy Delegate, Foreign Affairs Conference, Planning Committee -SCONA X-Chairman, Commanding Officer Sqd. 6. NORRIS, JOHN ROBERT "Bob" Food Technology McGregor Age 21, Class '65, 0.8., Horticulture Socie1y6Treasurer, Institute of Food Tech- nologists, Virginia Dare Award, Freshman Engineering Society. NORTHCUTT, JASPER RAY' "Jasper" Animal Husbandry Emory Age 21, Class '65, FFA, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. NORTON, WILLIAM MICHAEL "Bill" C.E. Cleburne Age 21, Class '65, Press Club, Adiutanf 3rd Battalion Staff. NORWOOD, ALFRED B. "AI" C.E. lngleside Age 35, Class '65. OATES, KENNETH WAYNE M.E. Houston Age 25, Class '65, Student Apartment Council-Student Apt. OBEDIENTE, JORGE GUILLERMO Accounting Panama Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, SCONA X-Delegate, D.S., Pan American Club. OBERHOFF, KENNETH E. Mathematics NeedviIIe Age 21, Class '65, Ft. Bend HTC-Vice President, Math Club, Chemistry Club, Senior Intramural Mgr., Plt. Leader Co. G-2. O'BRIEN, GAIL PATRICK "Pat" Wildlife Mgt. Lubbock Age 25, Class '65. O'CONNOR JR., JOSEPH HENRY "Joe" Architecture Construcfion Bellaire Age 21, Class '65, Bellaire HTC, Newman Club, D.$. ODDSON, TERRENCE ANDREW "Terry" Zoology-Pre. Med. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, MSC Coun. 81 Directorate-Pres., Scholastic Officer-Corps Staff, Ross Vol., TOWn Hall, YMCA Cabinet, Who's Who, SCONA X-Execu'tive Comm., Leadership Committee, C.S., Phi Eta Sigma, A6M Federated Mother's Club Award, Outstanding Sophomore, Sgt. Major, Experiment in International Living-Great Britain, Who's Who Selection Committee, Aggie Sweetheart Sel. Committee. ODSTRCIL, ROBERT RAY "Bobby" C.E. Bryan Age 22, Class '64, ASCE. OLIVAREZ, BEN D. Ag. Eco. Mission Age 21, Class '65, Fish Ag. Society, Ag. Eco. Club-Officer, AFEA Delegate. OLIVER, MICHAEL MILLER "Mike" Ind. Engr. Belton Age 22, Class '65, AIIE, CorporaI-Outfit Clerk, Bell County HTC. OLIVER, PAUL RAYBURN English Grapeland Age 21, Class '65, Civilian Student CounciI-President, Sigma Tau Delta, English Society, SCONA X, Dorm Council-Secretary, Housemaster, Sweetheart Selection Committee '65, Who's Who, D.S. Swim OMAR, RICHARD ARLEN Ag. Ed. Hutro Age 22, Class '65, Williamson County HTC, Collegiate FFA Chapter. O'NEAL, MICHAEL NORMAN "Mike" Finance Mr. Pleasant Age 21, Class '65, SCONA X, Insurance Society: Finance Society, Young Republi- cans. O'REILLY, MICHAEL PORTER "Mike" Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, Exec. Co. B-2, Insurance Society, Finance Society, Guidon Bearer. OTTEN, DOUGLAS BENJAMIN "Doug" Per. E. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Petroleum Engineers Club, San Antonio HTC, Flight Leader Sqd. 6. OVERTON, Ill, JOHN M.E. Sumter, $.C. Age 21, Class '65, SAE. OWEN, FRANK 3. Marketing San Antonio Age 21, Class '65. OWEN, RONALD SCOTT "Ronny" C.E. Ff. Worth Age 21, Class '65, ASCE, AOA, Ft. Worth HTC, Ross Volunteers. PACHALL, CARLTON WAYNE B.A.-Accounfing Bryan Age 22, Class '65, Accounting Society. PALM, ROBERT NELS "Bob" Agriculture Nacogdoches Age 21, Class '65, Student Senafe-Sophomore Representative-School of Agricul- ture, Best Drilled Fish Company E-2, D.$., Ross Volunteers, D.M.S. PALMER, JOHN ARTHUR "John" Ind. Tech. Dickinson Age 20, Class '65, Ind. Ed. Society-Vice President, Cadet Court, Twelfth Man Bowl, Bay Area HTC, Army Aviation Program. PALMER, MICHAEL ANTHONY "Mike" Architecture Duncan, Okla. Age 21, Class '65, Swimming-Freshman Letterman-Z year Varsity Letterman. PARKER, CARSON PRICE "Price" Ind. Tech. Bellaire Age 22, Class '65, American Foundryman's Socieiy, Industrial Education Club. 442 PARKER, JESSE CLAUDE "Jes" Ind. Tech. Lufkin Age 22, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Angelina County HTC-Presidenf, Student Engineer's Council, Industrial Education Club, American Foundrymen's Society- Secretary. PARKER JR., ROY D. "Denny" Entomology Henderson Age 21, Class '65, Alpha Phi Omega, Entomology Club. PARTRIDGE, LARRY DEAN Lnd. Tech. Cleveland Age 24, Class '64. PATTERSON, CHARLES F. "Chuck" Accounting Slocum Age 21, Class '65, Palestine Area HTC. PAULSON, ROBERT CHARLES "Bob" C.E. Baytown Age 23, Class '64, Handball Team. PEDIGO, STEPHEN K. "Steve" Accounting Sherman Age 21, Class '65. PELT, PHILLIP EUGENE "Phil" Management Duncanville Age 21, Class '66, Aggie Band, Society for the Advancement of Management. PENA JR., GUSTAVO J. "Gus" Zoology Brownsville Age 22, Class '64, Great Issues, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, Rio Grande Valley HTC, Newman Club, Aggie Players. PENDERGRASS JR., CARL "Grass" Accounting Palacios Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, Semper Fidelis Society, Matagorda County HTC-Treasurer. 5514mm PENLAND, AARON BROWN Marketing Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society, Circle K Club-Treasurer. PERKINS, HERBERT ALBERT Mafhemyics Age 21, Class '65. PETTY, GEORGE DAVID Accounting Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, Waco HTC. Bay City Kerrville PETTY, JERRY LYNN Business Mgf. Age 21, Class '65, Tyler-Smith County HTC-Officer, Management Society. PETTY, ROBERT LEE Physics Mineral Wells Age 21, Class '65, Sigma Pi Sigma-Treasurer, Physics CIub-Treasurer, Texas Academy of Sciences-Vice President, D.S., Intramural Tennis. PHILLIPS, ALFRED MITCHELL "Mifch" Modern Languages Housfon Age 24, Class '65. Tyler PHILLIPS, BENNY JOE C.E. Age 22, Class '65, ASCE-Secretary. PHILLIPS, LARRY ALLAN Vet. Med. Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Student Senate, Phi Eta Sigma, Best Drilled Freshman, Out- standing Sophomore, White Band 151 Sgt. C.O., American Vet-Med Assoc. PICKARD, LOWERY B. Accounting Age 22, Class '65, Accounting Society, Finance Society. Bronson PIFER, BOBBY E. Mereorology Age 21, Class '65. PINA JR., MANUEL Mathematics Age 23, Class '65. PIPER II, LLOYD L. E.E. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, 1nstitu1e of Electrical 8: Electronics Engineers, Freshman Engin- eering Society, Scholastic Officer Squadron 7, Fish Drill Team, Association of Former Fish DrillJeam Members, Newman Club, San Antonio HTC, MSC Table Tennis Committee, MSC Bowling Committee. Jackson, Miss. San Antonio xx Nancy was one of the first co-eds to study computer science. These P. W. problems are getting a little more realistic every week. 55mm PITTMAN, PITT E.E. Age 22, Class '66, IEEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Amateur Radio Club. PIWONKA, JOHN DONALD Ind. Tech. Age 22, Class '65, Ind. Education Society-Reporter. PLAGENS, CLARENCE F. M.E. Age 29, Class '65, Newman Club, ASME.- Overfon "John D." Chriesman Bryan "Waylon" PLUM, ROBERT WAYLON Queen Cify Accounting Age 21, Class '65, Circle K, Accounting Society. PLUMMER, MITTY CHARLES E.E. Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Odessa HTC. POLANSKY, JAMES EDWARD Ind. Tech. Age 21, Class '65, Iota Lambda Sigma, Ind. Ed. Society, D.S. Odessa "Po" Caldwell POOL, WALTER CHESTER Ind. Distribution Age 21, Class '65, Ind. Education Society, San Antonio HTC. POST, LYNN J. Wildlife Mgt. Fr. Worth Age 22, Class '65, Aggie Band, Navarro County HTC, Fish and Game Club. POUNDS JR., HERBERT E. Accounfing 8. Pre. Law. Age 21, Class '65, Best Drilled Freshman, Best Drilled Sophomore, Ross Volun- teers, D.S., D.M.S., First Sergeant, Cadet Court, F.I.P., Accounting Society, Pre- Law Society, 12th Man Bowl, C.O. Sqd 17. San Antonio "Zounds" Gonzales "Butch" POWELL, EDWIN BRANCH Pasadena M.E. Age 25, Class 161, ASME. POWELL JR., ROGER ALEX C.E. Age 21, Class '65. PRENTISS, THOMAS WILSON "Charlie Tuna" Wildlife MgI. Canfield, Ohio Age 21, Class 165, Freshman Swimming Team, Varsity Swimming Team, Water 444 Polo Team. Coleman PUSCH, DONALD EDWARD "Don" Mafhemafics Houston Age 21, Class '65, Math Club, Singing Cadets, Librarian, Business Management -President, Vice Commandant's Award. PUTNAM, JERRY LEE Zoology Age 25, Class '65. PYLANT, ALFRED JOEY "Joe" Aero. Engr. Midland Age 22, Class '65, D.S., Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau. Ft. Worth QUISENBERRY, ALEX JOHN "Quis" Psychology College Station Age 21, Class '65, Singing Cadets. RACHEL, RICHARD WAYNE "Red" M.E. Texarkana Age 21, Class '65, American Socie?y of Mechanical Engineers, Tyler HTC. RADER, WILLIAM KARL "Bill" Finance Houston Age 21, Class '65, Fish Baseball Team, Ross Volunteers-Squadron Leader, Dis- tinguished Air Science Student, D.S. RAMSEY, JOHNNY S. Ag. Ed. Age 23, Class '65, Ross Volunteers, Collegiate FFA, Odessa HTC-Presidenf. RANNALS, LARRY DWANE "Shady" Marketing Pasadena Age 21, Class '65, Pasadena HTC, Marketing Society, Insurance Society. RASCH, ANTHONY ALBERT "Rocky" Accounting Houston Age 21, Class '65. Odessa 56mm RATCHIFFE, JOHN ANDREW Business Age 25, Class '62. REAGOR, FRANK MOORE "Fuzzy" Animal Husbandry Llano Age 21, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club-Sec. 8! Pres., Hill Counfry HTC, Stu. Agricultural Coun., Inter Collegafe Coun., Alpha Zeta, Meats Judging Team, Wool Judging Teams, Livestock Judging Teams. REDDINGLLLOYD WADE Ag. Engr. Age 21, Class '65, ASAE. REEVES, LOWELL EDWARD "Steve" Education Houston Age 21, Class '65. REEVES, M. CLINT "Skip" History Amarillo Age 21, Class '65, Rodeo Club, History Society, Pre Law Society, Pistol Team, Amarillo HTC-President. REICH, ROBERT EARL Ag. Eco. Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, Gama Delta. REICHERZER, GARY WAYNE Accounting Scherfz. Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, AOA, Accounting Society, Marketing Society, Cen-Tex HTC. Intramural Bowling Champs. REIFSNYDER, RICHARD EDMONDS "Dick" History Washington D. C. Age 23, Class '65, Supply Officer, Sons of the Service, Pre Law Society, English Club, History Club, Washington D. C. HTC. REKTORIK, H. JEROME Economics Corpus Christi Age 22, Class '65, CO. 15? Brigade, Publicity Chairman SCONA X, Ross Vol., Town Hall, Sgt. Mai. 15? Brigade, Publicity Chairman Great Issues, Pistol Team, 12m Man Football, D.M.$., Army Flight Prog. RESPESS, RICHARD ORMAN "Dick" Wildlife Mgr. Kilgore Age 23, Class '64, Fish and Game Club, American Fisheries Society, Brazos Valley Gun Club. RESTIVO, JAMES ANDREW "Jimmy" Marketing Bryan Age 23, Class '63, Newman Club, Spanish Club, French CIUb-Vice President, Pan American Club, Marketing Society, Insurance Society. REUE, GLENN HENRY Aero. Engr. Fulshear Age 21, Class '65, Puryear Hall-President, Dormitory Presidents Council-Vice Chairman, American Institute of Aeronautics 8: Astronautics, Puryear Hall Council. Shreveport, La. Hamilton REYNA, CARLOS FERNANDO Zoology McAIIen Age 21, Class '65, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, Rio Grande Valley HTC, Pan American Club. RICHARD, RUSSELL JAMES Management Port Arthur Age 21, Class '65, Management Society, Insurance Society, Newman Club, Marketing Society, Finance Society, Port Arthur HTC. RICHARDS, ROBERT DARRELL P.E. Daingerfield Age 21, Class '65. RICHARDS, THOMAS POWELL "Tom" Marketing Claremonr, Calif. Age 21, Class '65, 12th Man Bowl, Walton Hall-Treasurer, Marketing Society, Wharton County HTC. RICHARDSON, MICHAEL LEE "Mike" Economics Dallas Age 21, Class '65, 1st Brigade Color Guard, Best Drilled Sophomore Co. A-1, Scholastic Sergeant lst Brigade, Ross Volunteers, Texas A81M Parachute Club. RICHTER JR., ALDEN JOHN "A.J." Ag. Eco. El Campo Age 21, Class '65,-Agronomy Society, Agriculture Economics Club, Wharton County HTC, Young Republicans. RICHTER JR., CARL XAVIER "Kip" P.E. LaVernia Age 21, Class '65, P.E. Club, San Antonio HTC. RIDEOUT, DAVID WAYNE "Dave" Wildlife Mgr. Henderson Age 23, Class '63, Alpha Phi Omega, Fish 6 Game Club. RILEY, BILLY MARTIN Ag. Ed. Coleman Age 22, Class '65. Seniors RILEY, BRIAN LEE Accounting San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, 1st Lt-Scholastic Officer E-I, Intramural Mgr. San Antonio HTC, Accounting Society, Freshman Engineering Society, Young Republicans. RILEY, PAUL EDWARD Ind. Tech. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Supply Officer. RISKE, ROBERT MORRIS "Bob" Accounfing Pasadena Age 21, Class '65, Commanding Officer-Sqd. 15, Accounting Society, Pasadena HTC, D.M.S. RIVERA, ANTONIO Ind. Engr. Cochabamba-Bolivia Age 23, Class '65, International Club-Vice President, "El Panamericano"-Editor, SCONA X, American Institute of Industrial Engineers. ROACH, JAMES B. "Jack" Marketing Gafesville Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society. ROBERTS, JAMES M. "Rob" Economics Wichita, Kan. Age 21, Class '65, SCONA Vlll, IX, X, Town Hall Staff, Fish Drill Team, Cadet Court, Student Senate, Color Guard, Economics Club. ROBERTSON, BILL RICHARD E.E. Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, D.S. ROBERTSON, STEPHEN BAILEY "Porky" C.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, SAME, AGC, ASCE, Freshman Engineers Society, Athletic Officer Sqd. 3-A1hlefic ng.-Athle1ic Cpl. ROBINSON, CLIFFORD WILLIAM "Clif" Mathematics Tyler Age 22, Class '65. ROBINSON, JOE EDWARD Range Mgf. Age 21, Class '65, Range 81 Forestry Club. ROBINSON, MICHAEL CLARK "Robbie" Zoology Dallas Age 23, Class '64. ROCHE, HUBERT C. C.E. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, ASCE. Weldon 446 RODRIGUEZ, LEONEL, ALFONSO Marketing Eagle Pass Age 27, Class '65, Marketing Society, Eagle Pass HTC-Secretary 81 President. RODRIGUEZ, JR., MANUEL M.E. Age 22, Class '65, Eagle Pass HTC, ASME, SAE. ROMING, LELAND DOUGLAS "Doug" Ag. Ed. Eddy Age 21, Class '65, Waco-McLennan County HTC, Collegiate FFA, Alpha Zeta Club. Eagle Pass ROSE, DOUGLAS NELSON Physics Age 22, Class '65, Amarillo HTC, Physics CIub-Secretary, Sigma Pi Sigma, Russian Club, Phi Kappa Phi, D.S., Phi Eta Sigma-Vice President. ROSE, JOHN THOMAS Economics Age 21, Class '65, D.S., D.M.S., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Ross Volunteers, Town Hall Staff, SCONA VIII, IX, Finance Chairman, Apollo Club. ROSS, BILLY JOE Economics Age 29, Class '65, Pan American Club, U.N. Club, Camera Club, Economics Club. Amarillo llJ 'T.II San Antonio "Bill" Spicewood ROWLAND Ill, ROBERT ALEXANDER "Rob" Pre. Med. McAIIen Age 21, Class '65, MSC Council, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, MSC Student Finance Chairman, Great Issues Committee. RUIZ, DEMETRIO ROBERTO E.E. Age 27, Class '65, IEEE. RUlZ-IRIARTE, JORGE Agronomy Age 20, Class '65, Pan American Club, Agronomy Society. lIBobbyll Laredo Bogofa, Columbia S.A. 551412319 21 , RUTYNA, ALDIS PAULS Mathematics Age 21, Class '65, Football, Track, Aggie Talent Committee, Yankee HTC, Sons of Service, First in Flight Summer Camp. RYAN JR., PHILIP ANTHONY "Phil" Accounting Gulfporr, Miss. Age 23, Class '63, Design Students Society, Society of American Military Engi- neers, South Louisiana HTC, Accounting Society. SAENZ, ESMERALDO CASTILLA P.E. Age 23, Class '65, P.E. Club, Ed. Club, Newman Club, Knights of Columbus. Chicago llEdlI Perfus "Junior" SALDIVAR JR., PABLO Sanfa Rosa Accounting Age 22, Class '65, D.S., Accounting Society, Newman Club. SALOMA-OROZCO, DAVID ANTONIO E.E. Mexico, D.F. Age 20, Class '65, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, D.S., SCONA VIII, IX, X, Pan American Week Committee VII, VIII, Public Affairs Conference-Principia College Delegate, Clayton Fund, Scholarship, Pan American Club, San Antonio HTC. 2 SANDERS, ROBERT A. Education Age 22, Class '65. llBoblI Fayetteville, Ark. Two Aerospace study stu- dents take a look at the planes at Amarillo AFB. John Long receives morn- ing awakeningl SANFORD, MICHAEL B. Marketing Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Marketing Society, Newman Club, Music Society, Dallas HTC. SANGERHAUSEN, CHARLES ROGER Aero. Engr. Age 21, Class '65, 0.5., American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. SANSOM, HOMER JEFFERSON "Buzz" C.E. Leakey Age 22, Class '65, ASCE, Rodeo Club, Dorm Council. "Bubba" Hearne SANTOS, JOSE C. Aero. Engr. Brownsville Age 21, Class '65, Newman Club, AIAA, 'Alf. Recorder, SCONA X, Exec. Sqd. B. SASSE, FREDRIC WILLIAM "Ric" Marketing San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Drum 81 Bugle Corps-Secretary, San Antonio HTC-Vice Presi- dent, Aggieland Orchestra, Accounting Society, Aggie Band. SASSMAN, CLIFFORD DOUGLAS IIDOUgll Aero. Engr. Falfurrias Age 22, Class '65, Form Council, Tennis Team-Captain, Exec. Officer Sqd. 16. SAUER, GORDON E. Animal Husbandry Age 22, Class '65. SCHELL, JOHN AUGUST E.E. Victoria Age 20, Class '65, American Ordnance Association, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. SCHLAEGER, HERMAN TONY "Tennessee" Animal Science Cleveland, Tenn. Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Junior Livestock Judging Team, Senior Livestock Judging Team, D.$. Seniors SCHLATHER, KENNETH JOHN M.E. Age 21, Class '65, ASME. SCHLEY JR., EMIL STEVE Ag. Ed. Age 21, Class '66, Collegiate FFA. SCHMIDT, GLENN WM. C.E. Halletrsville Age 21, Class '65, Twelfth Man Bowl, Bonfire Committee-Chairman Stacking Comm., Ross Volunteers-1s'r Sergeanf-Permanenf Firing Squad, Cmdr. Co. D-2. "Ken" Houston Fayetteville SCHMIDT, JOHN AUGUST E.E. Huntsville Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi-Treasurer, IEEE -Chairman, General Electric College Bowl Team, Phi Kappa Phi. SCHMIDT, JOSEPH H. Marine Engr. Age 21, Class '65. SCHOENHOLZ, ABRAHAM ARMAND Ind. Engr. Age 25, Class '65, Alpha Phi Mu, Hillel Club, AHE. Galvesfon uAviu Haira, Israel SCHOMBURG, ARTHUR BENNIE "Art" Animal Husbandry Ganado Age 22, Class '65, Jackson County HTC-Vice President, Young Republicans, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Aggie Rodeo Club. SCHOTT, RONALD'J. "Ronnie" Marketing Devine Age 21, Class '65, Outstanding Freshman, Outstanding Sophomore Co. 8-1, 15? Sergeant, Ross Volunteers, Commanding Officer Co. B-1, D.M.$. SCHROEDER, LARRY J. Accounting Age 22, Class '65, Accounting Society, Newman Club. SCHUR, DONALD GILBERT "Don" Ag. Eco. Vernon Age 22, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Ciu'u. Gamma Delta, Lutheran Student Group, Vernon HTC-Presidem. SCOGGIN, PHILLIP C. Accounting Denison Age 20, Class '65, Semper Fidelis Society, Varsity Football, "T" Association, Ross Volunteers. SCOTT, PRESTON AUGUST Ind. Engr. Age 22, Class '65, Freshman YMCA Council, American Engineers-President, Alpha Pi Mu, Engineers Council. "Mike" Bryan Institute of Industrial A bit of Aggie Good Bull. 56mm SCOTT, ROBERT CARL "Bob" History Ogallala, Neb. Age 21, Class '65. SEAWELL, WILLIAM MICHAEL "Bill" Wildlife Mgr. Laredo Age 20, Class 65. SEELY, THOMAS RUSSELL "Tom" E.E. Brownwood Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, D.S., D.M.S., Ross Volunteers, Cadet Court, Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, Best Drilled Sophomore, Outstanding Fish-White Band. SEGURA, RICHARD PAUL History Houston Age 22, Class '65, Fish Rifle Team, Fish Numeral, Varsity Rifle Team, Houston HTC, History Club, Newman Club. SERNA, ENRIQUE ALBERTO Marketing Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico Age 22, Class '65, Stu. Conf. on National Affairs, Pan American Club, Mktg. Society, Pan American Week-Secretary-Treasurer-Vice Chairman. SERRILL, RICHARD RUGELEY "Rich" P.E. Mafagorda Age 23, Class '64, Fish Track, Matagorda HTC-Vice President, Physical Education Maiors Club, American Assobiation of Health, Physical Education 8: Recreation, AHPER, SEA, NEA, TSTA, American Ordnance Assoc. Stu. Driver Education In- strudor. SHADEL, WILLIAM NOEL "BHI" M.E. Wichita, Kan. Age 21, Class '65. SHAW, EARL RAY "Ricky" Architecture La Marque Age 23, Class '64, Fish Yell Leader, Election Commission, Design Stu. Society, SCONA VII, VIII, IX-Housing Chairman, Town Hall Staff, Great Issues. SHERMAN, WILLIAM TERRILL "Bill" Accounting Arlington Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, MSC Bowling Committee, Ross Volunteers, D.S., Schol. Office 151 Group Staff, Cadet Court 8. SHINSKY, PAUL F. "Skip" History Houston Age 21, Class '65, Bowling Committee, St. Thomas HTC. SHIPMAN, JAMES KENNEY Accounting Abilene Age 22, Class '65, Abilene HTC, Accounting Sociefy, University Apartment Coun- cil-Treasurer. SHIRLEY, RICHARD CARROLL "Richard" Economics Port Neches Age 23, Class '64, Semper Fidelis Society, Economics Club. SHIVELY JR., CARLTON W. Ag. Eco. Vivian, La. Age 27, Class '59, Ag. Eco. Club, Rodeo Club. SHUPAK, GEORGE LEO Ind. Tech. Lovelady Age 21, Class '65. SIMMONS, JOE DALTON Ind. Tech. Orchard Age 23, Class '64, Industrial Ed. Society, Fort Bend County HTC. SIMMONS, KENNETH ORAN C.E. El Paso Age 21, Class '65, ASCE, Assoc. General Cont, YMCA Fish Camp Counselor, Freshman Eng. Society. SIMMONS, JAMES KIRK "Jim" Zoology Bay City Age 20, Class '65, Pre Med-Pre Dent Soeiety, Matagorda County HTC, Young Rep. SIMONS III, MILAM TRAVIS "Tab" M.E. Edna Age 21, Class '65, ASME, SAE, Jackson County HTC-Vice Presiden'r-Treasurer. SKAGGS, RONALD L. "Ronnie" Architecture Dallas Age 22, Class '65, Design Stu. Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Aggieland Dance Band, Stu. Election Commission. SLAUGHTER, DAVID CHARLES Aerio. Engr. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Talent Committee, AlAA, Ross Vol., Fourth Brigade. SLIMP JR., JACK BRYANT Finance Washington, D.C. Age 21, Class '65, Contemporary Arts Committee-Chairman, Finance Society- Program Chairman, YMCA, Apollo Club, Insurance Society, D.S., Dance Classes- Chairman. Swim SLONE, RICHARD L. Accounting Bay City Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, AW Circle K. SLOUCH, SULLY T. "Slouch" General Curriculum Jacksonville Age 21, Class '65, 1st Lt, T.W.U. Club, Intramural sack out champion, Social Director-Jacksonville HTC. SMITH, BENJAMIN RAY Aero. Engr. Texarkana, Ark. Age 21, Class '65, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics-President, D.S., Engineers CounciI-Junior Representative. SMITH, CHARLES EARL Aero. Engr. Henderson Age 22, Class '65, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. SMITH, DARRELL FRANK "Doc" Pet. E. Anahuac Age 21, Class '65, Wesley Foundation-Presidenf, Singing Cadets, Dorm President, D.S., MSC Directorate, Music Committee-Chairman, YMCA Polaris Council-Vice President, Assistant Civ. Chaplain, All Faiths Chapel Committee, Civ. Stu. Coun., Apollo Club, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, YMCA. SMITH, E. C. ."Butch" Accounting Nederland Age 21, Class '65, Ross Vol., Town Hall Staff-Personnel Officer, Polaris Coun., Jntelligence Officer, Corps Staff, Cadet Court, Midcounty HTC-Presidenf, Vice Commandant's Award, Sgt. Mai. First Group Staff. SMITH, JACK H. Marine Transportafion Galvesfon Age 21, Class '65. SMITH, JAY D. B.A. Accounting Baffle Creek, Mich. Age 30, Class '65, Accounting Society. SMITH, JERRY PAUL Animal Husbandry Refugio Age 21, Class '65. SMITH JR., JOHN DOUGLAS "Snuffy" Accounting Houston Age 21, Class '65, Talent Committee, Accounfing Society, Bowling Team, Aggie Band, Lamar HTC, Mktg. Society, Adiutant Combined Band Staff. SMITH, LAROY W. E.E. Cleveland Age 22, Class '65, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu. SMITH, RANDALL P. "Randy" M.E. Irving Age 21, Class '65, Aggieland Section Editor, Aggieland Business Mgr. Ross VOL, Flight School. your Manner" program. Two Tessies give a talk at the "Man SMITH, RODNEY MONROE "Rod" Accounting Dallas Age 21, Class '65. SMITH, STEPHEN FOSTER Wildlife Mgf. Blanco Age 22, Class '65, Hill Country HTC, Fish 6 Game Club, Rodeo Club. SMITH, THOMAS E. M. Ind. Engr. Dallas Age 25, Class '65, AIIE, Great Issues Committee. SNIDER, ROBERT HOYD C.E. Chicago, Ill. Age 22, Class '65, Sky Diving. SOLAND JR., FRED HERMAN "Fritz" C.E. Pearland Age 22, Class '65, Fencing. SOLIS, JOSE LUIS Aero. Engr. Sqd. 9. SOUTH, JOHN HUBERT Ag. Ed. , Miami Age 22, Class '65, Rodeo Club, Rodeo Team, FFA. SOUTHERLAND, J. MALON Houston Management Age 22, Class '65, Freshman Drill Team-Senior Advisor, Society for the Advance- ment of Management, Asso. of Former Fish Drill Team Members-Secretary, Best Drilled Sophomore, Fish Drill Team, Bonfire Committee '64. SPAETH, CLIFFORD WAYNE Ag. Ed. Age 21, Class '65, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Champion Sheep Showman Little Southwesiern '62, Junior 31 Senior Livestock, Meats 81 Wool Judging Teams, Col- legiate FFA Chapt, Hill Country HTC. SPAIN, HENRY SAMUEL "Sam" Ind. Tech. Ruston, La. Age 28, Class '65, Iota Lambda Sigma, Industrial Education SocieYy-Secretary. SPEARS, JAMES ROY "Piney" Wildlife Mgr. Center Age 21, Class '65, Fish 81 Game Club, Stu. Education Club, Dorm Council. SPILLERS, ROBERT LYNN "Bob" M.E. Freeporr Age 21, Class '65. "Joe" Laredo Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Gamma Tau, AlAA-Secretary 5 Vice Chairman, Floor Represemative Legett Hall, Laredo HTC, Schol. Sergeant HD0551; ' 55mm "We've never been licked!" ' It was late, but everyone was still going strong. SPRINGER, JOHN STANLEY Agronomy Rockwell Age 22, Class '65, Agronomy Society, Soil Conservation Club. SPRINGER, STANLEY LYNN Ag. Eco. Waxahachie Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Apartment Coun.-Par- liamenfarian, Intramural Mgr., Ellis County HTC-Vice President 8: Program Chair- man. STAFFORD, HAROLD ROBERT "Harry" Ind. Distribufion Austin Age 21, Class '65, 1nd. Ed. Club, AOA, Freshmen Eng. Society, SAME. STAFFORD III, HARRY ARTHUR "Staff" Economics Van Vleck Age 21, Class '65, Matagorda HTC-Presidenf, Intramural Track, French Club, Fish Track Mgr. STAREK, JOHN MICHAEL "Migkey" C.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, ASCE, Newman Club, Dallas HTC, D.S., Athletic Officer Sqd. 7. STEADMAN, CHARLES R. "Charlie" Meteorology Grand Prairie Age 21, Class '65, 0.5., American Meteorological Society. STEELE, ROY WAYN E Physics Lubbock Age 22, Class '65. STEFFENS JR., LEONARD G. "Lenny" Animal Science Barker Age 21, Class '65, D.S., D.M.S., Sears Foundation Freshman Schol. Award, Sears Foundation Sophomore Schol. Award, E. J. Kyle Schol. Award, Alpha Zeta-Chan- cellor, Freshman Agriculture Society, National Science Foundation UndergraduaTe Research Grant, Freshman FFA-Sentinel, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Scholastic Sgt-1s'r Battalion, CO. Co. 01. STENGEL, JAMES LEO E.E. Mason Age 21, Class '65, Phi E'ra Sigma, Scholastic Officer B-2. STEPHENS, JOHN ANDREWS Ag. Ed. San Angelo Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Collegiate FFA. STEPP, JAMES LESLEY "Jim" Business Mgf. Wichita Falls Age 21, Class '65, SCONA, Socie1y for Advancement of Management, D.M.S., D.S., C.L.O.D.'s of Texas, 1st Battalion Staff. STEVENS, MICHAEL PETER "Mike" Zoology Houston Age 21, Class '65, Pre Med Society, Dorm Executive Coun., Athletic Director- Law Hall. STEVENS, RICHARD MICHAEL Management Weslaco Age 21, Class '65. STILES, DAVE AUBREY Finance Houston Age 22, Class '65, Finance Society, Accounting Society, Mktg. Society, Civ. Foo?- ball, Houston HTC. STILES, DAVID EDWIN Journalism Midlothian Age 21, Class '65, Editor6The Review, Freshman Basketball, Stu. Assistant Bas- ketball Coach, Sam-J-Vice President, Mktg. Society-Publicity Chairman, Sigma Delta Chi-Treasurer, Arts 81 Science Coun., Inter Coun. Committee, D.S. STOFFREGEN, GLEN EDWIN Business Administration Waxahachie Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Drum 8: Bugle Corps, Mktg. Society, Ellis County HTC-Secrefary Treasurer, FIP Cadet. STORY JR., ERNEST T. "Ernie" Ind. Engr. Aan Antonio Age 21, Class '65, AIIE, ASME, San Antonio HTC. STOVALL 111, JOHN M. Finance Spring Branch Age 21, Class '65. STRANGE, WILLIAM BAZEL Geological Engr. Kerens Age 23, Class '65, Navarro HTC, Geology Club. STRIEGLER, THOMAS L. "Tom" Wildlife Mgr. Irving Age 21, Class '65, Game 81 Fish Club, Stu. Education Club, Alpha Phi Omega. STRONG, DON EDWARD "Donny" Ind. Tech. Chriesman Age 22, Class '65, Industrial Education Society. Seniors SUAREZ, ARMANDO L. Architectural Construction Laredo Age 21, Class '65. SUGAREK, FRANK L. Ag. Eco. Skidmore Age 21, Class '65. SUHLER, DAVID ROBERT M.E. Galveston Age 21, Class '65, Fencing Club, Texas A81M Eng. Staff. SUIB, MICHAEL RAYMOND "Mike" Psychology Houston Age 21, Class '65, Fish' Drill Team-Sophomore Advisor, Best Drilled Freshman Sqd. 9, Hillel, 2nd Wing Color Guard, Stu. Psychology Assoc, SAME. SUPAK, JAMES R. Agronomy Taylor Age 25, Class '65, Alpha Zeta, Vice Chairman-Ag. Coun., Stu. Chapt. of Soil Conservation Socier-Chairman, Stu. Activities Subdivisor-Membership Commit- tee Chairman, Agronomy Society of America. SURLS, LARRY JOE Ag. Ed. MalakoH Age 23, Class '65. SYAL, RAJ KUMAR "Syal" C.E. Ludhiana, India Age 30, Class '65, ASCE, Institute of Traff. Eng., Cricket, Indo-American Society. TAUBERT, LOUIS EARL Management San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Mktg. Society. TAYLOR, WESLEY MADISON "Wes" M.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Pi Tau Sigma-President, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, ASME, SAE, Past Secretary of SAE. TAYLOR, WILLIAM EDWARD "Bill" English Dallas Age 22, Class '65, CO. D-3, Dallas HTC. TEEMS, TERRY LYNN "Tiger" Ind. Tech. Palestine Age 22, Class '65, Ind. Ed. $ociety--Officer, Palestine Area HTC, Bonfire Safety Committee, Fish Engr. Society. TEMPLER, THOMAS WAYNE "Tom" Accounfing Crystal City Age 21, Class '65. THEDFORD, BILLY RAY 5.13. Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, Washington County HTC, Softball Team. THEDFORD, MARVIN Ag. Engr. Brenham Age 24, Class '65, Agricuhural Engineers Society, Washington County HTC. THOMAS, NORMAN CLAY Ag. Ed. Age 26, Class '65, Collegiate FFA, D.S. llBiIIll Brenham Mabank THOMPSON, ALTON C. "AI" C.E. San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, 1st Lt. Athletic Officer E-1, San Antonio HTC-President 8: Secretary, Society of American Military Eng.-1sf Vice President, ASCE, Freshman Eng. Society. THOMPSON, JAMES WILLIAM Mathematics 1 Age 21, Class '65, SCONA VII, VIII, Phi Eta Sigma, Bridge Club. THOMPSON, PAUL EDWARD "P.T." Vef. Med. Miami Age 21, Class '65, AVMA, Pre Vef Society, Southwestern Vet. Staff, D.S., Eastern Panhandle HTC. Winnsboro TlJERINA, ALBERT ANTHONY Mathematics Age 21, Class '65, Aggie Band, Stu. Senate, Ross VOL, Math Club. TIMMERMAN, TIMOTHY LEE M.E. Age 21, Class '65. TOLE, GLENN L. Accounting Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society. "Tiger" San Angelo Houston Wichita Falls ? 55,412,145 1 TOMPKINS, ALFRED TOMMY Accounting ' Age 21, Class '65. TOMPKINS, BILL GRANT M.E. Age 20, Class '65. TOVEY, FRANK M. M.E. Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, ASME, D.S., D.M.S. Hemphill Vicforia IlMikell Houston TRAINER, LLOYD DOUGLASS "Doug" M.E. Springfield, Va. Age 21, Class '65, Ross Vol., SCONA, SAE-Secretary, D.M.S., Freshman Swimming Team. TRAYLOR, RICHARD CLYDE Animal Husbandry San Antonio Age 22, Class '65, Saddle 6 Sirloin Club-Reporter, Junior Livestock Judging Team, Junior Wool Judging Team, Senior Livestock Judging Team, Show Calf Committee6Chairman. TREADWAY, ALEX H. Mathematics Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Math Club-Vice President, Ramp Representative-Law Hall, Handball Club, Physics Club. TREDWAY, WILLARD LEE "Willy" Architecture Houston Age 21, Class '65, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, Design Stu. Society, SALA, Opera- tions Sgt. 51h Battalion, Adiufanf 3rd Brigade. TREVINO, MANUEL RAUL Zoology Laredo Age 21, Class '65, Laredo HTC-Officer, Pan American Club, Newman Club, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society. TRIESCH JR., EUGENE OSCAR "Butch" P.E. Blanco Age 21, Class '65, Commanding Officer Co. E-2, Ross Vol.-Platoon Sgt. Junior Class Vice President, Great Issues Committee, Physical Education Club, TAH PER. IITomII Pittsburgh TURZAK, THOMAS MICHAEL Ch.E. 8: Ind. Engr. Age 22, Class '65, Chess Committee-Chairman, A.l.Ch.E., AEII. TWITTY, DONALD HORACE Ag. Ed. Age 21, Class '65, Williamson County HTC. URBANIC, CHARLES EDWARD Ag. Ed. Galveston Age 25, Class '65, Alpha Zeta, D.S., Ag. Coun., Collegiate FFA-President 81 Reporter, Agriculturist Staff. Taylor URBINA, LUIS R. Accounting Eagle Pass Age 21, Class '65. VACEK, MARK JOHN Accounting East Bernard Age 21, Class '65, Accounting Society, American Ordnance Assoc. VALIENTE, EDUARDO ANTONIO "Gato" Agronomy Santa Ana, El Salvador C.A. Age 22, Class '65, Agronomy Society, Pan American Club. VANDERBURG, RICHARD B. Architecture Dallas Age 25, Class '65, Editor-Architecture Plus, MSC Camera Committee-Chairman, Design Stu. Society. VAN WAGNER, ROGER GORDON "Rat Man" Psychology San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Sons of Service, IAS, SAME, Stu. Psychological Asso., Bowling Committee. VASSER JR., WILLIAM CARY "Billy" Aero. Engr. Klein Age 22, Class '64, Fish Football Mgr., Football Mgr., "T" Assoc., AIAA. VAUGHAN, J. c. "Jerry" Ind. Disf. Houston Age 28, Class '65, Industrial Ed. Society, Housemaster2Legen Hall. VAUGHN, ALLEN RAY Wildlife Mgr. Hawley Age 23, Class '65, Fish 81 Game Club, Education Club. VAUGHN, JOE H. Mathematics San Saba Age 26, Class '65, ACM, Math Club. Swim IIAIII College Stafion VENUTI, ALFRED RICHARD Ind. Dist. Age 22, Class '65, LEd. Society, Dorm Council. VERLANDER, JAMES MILTON "Jim" Zoology Age 22, Class '65, Milby HTC. VERNON III, ALBERT EDWARD "Al" Accounting Age 21, Class '65, 151 Sgt. Co. G-2, C.O. 4th Batt, D.S., D.M.S. Ross VOL, Accounting Society. Houston College Station VERNON, GRANT GARY Economics Age 21, Class '65. VERRETT, KENNETH A. "Ken" Economics Port Arthur Age 22, Class '64, Freshman Eng. Socieiy, AOA, Newman Club, Economics Club- Treasurer-Social Chairman, Port Arthur HTC. VICK, JERRY DONALD "Don" Marketing Hamilton Age 21, Class '65, Mkfg. Socigty, Polaris Freshman Stu. Coun., Flight Prog., D.M.S., D.S., YMCA Camp Counselor, Apartment Coun. College Station Well, maybe next time . . . New Army Spirit VITEK, PHILIP CHARLES "Phil" Sociology Fr. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Scholastic Officer Co. C-1, Billiards Committee, Young Rep., Rifle Team, Sociology Club, Fort Worth HTC-Vice President, D.S., D.M.S. VOLZ, GARY ARLEN Geological Engr. Rockville, Md. Age 21, Class '65, Stu. Eng. Coun. VON ElFF, GARNETT c.w. ' "Kraut" Animal Science Housfon Age 25, Class '65, Saddle 1k Sirloin Club. VRZALIK, JOHN HENRY "Johnny" M.E. Kaufman Age 22, Class '65, ASME, Fish Eng. Society, Polaris Coun., Opportunity Awards Schol. WADDLE, WILLIAM A. "Bill" Mathematics Greenville Age 22, Class '64, Math Club. WALIGURA, RANDOLPH L. "Randy" Architecture Garwood Age 23, Class '63. WALKER, STANLEY L. "Stan" Pet. E. Colorado Springs, Colo. Age 21, Class '65, Great Issues, Petroleum Engr. Club, Geology Club, Young Rep., Intramurals, Rifle 81 Pistol Club, Sons of Servicemen Club, Plf. Ldr. 1st Lt. WALLACE, CHARLES EDWARD "Charlie" C.E. Ft. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, Freshman Eng. Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Assoc. of Former Fish Drill Team Members-Treasurer, Junior Class Secre- tary-Treasurer, Election Commission, Stu. Senate, D.S., D.M.S., Cadet Court A, Ap- pellate Honor Council, Associatg Editor 10 "Transit", Asso. General Cont, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Aggie Sweetheart Sel. Committee. WALLACE, FARRELL JOE E.E. Stephenville Age 21, Class '65, IEEE, HKN. Seniors WALLS, RONNIE LAWSON Accounting Evanf Age 21, Class '65. WANSTRATH, GEORGE RILEY Ch. E. Kirkwood, Mo. Age 22, Class '64, Tennis Team-Lettered 2 yrs., Civ. Stu. Coun., Dorm President, A.I.Ch.E., Young Rep. WARD, JOHN K. Ch.E. Bryan Age 21, Class '65, Singing Cadets, MSC Camera Committee-Vice Chairman, A.I.Ch.E., JETS Schol. WARD JR., KEITH B. "K.B." Physics Wichita Falls Age 21, Class '65, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, D.S., Scholastic Officer 6111 Bath, Freshman 81 Varsity Rifle Team, Arts B: Sciences Council, Physics Club- Presidenf, Sigma Pi Sigma-Presidenf, Chief Head Waiter-Sbisa Hall. WARD, WAYLON O'NEIL English Mt. Pleasant Age 23, Class '65, Wesley Foundation-Presidem, Varsity Football-Z yrs. letter, "T" Assoc. WARNICK, PHILIP WADE "Phil" Ind. Tech. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Athletic Sgt. Sqd. 9, American Foundryman's Society, Singing Cadets, Flight Officer, Society of American Military Engineers, Bowling Com- mittee. WARREN, DONALD ROBERT "Don" Economics Richardson Age 22, Class '65, YMCA Vice Pres.-Pres., Stu. Senate, Civ. Stu. Coun., Dorm Coun., Singing Cadets, Civ. Chaplain, Election Comm.-Vice Chrm., MSC Music Comm.-Vice Chrm., D.S., Who's Who in American Colleges 8t Universities, Ex- change Store Advisory Comm., All Faiths Chap! Comm., SCONA IX, Apollo Club, Russian Club, Economics Club. WARREN, JOHN ROBERT "Bobby" Ind. Eng. Sour Lake Age 21, Class '65, Ross Vol., Military Section Editor Aggieland, Stu. Engr. Coun., D.M.S., AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu. WATSON III, BOYD K. "B.K." B.A. Management Tyler Age 21, Class '65, Tyler-Smith County HTC, Mktg. Society, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management. WATSON, RANDOLPH LANCE "Randy" Ind. Dist. Houston Age 22, Class '64, l. Ed. Society. WATTS JR., FOSTER LAMARR History San Antonio Age 21, Class '65, Ross VoI., Newman Club, Sons of the Service, 15? Sergeant A-1, Maior 1st Brigade Staff. WATTS, WILLIAM RAY "Bill" Ag. Eco. Katy 456 Age 21, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club-Reporter. An Aggie bravely gives up his blood at the blood drive. 8min s WEBER, WALTER THOMAS "Tom" Agronomy Nixon Age 22, Class '64. WEHNER, ARHTUR L. "Skip" Animal Science Houston Age 21, Class '65. WEINER, BRIAN Ag. Eco. Age 22, Class '65, Ag. Eco. Club 0.5. San Antonio WELSH, SAMUEL CLAYTON "Sam" Mathematics Texas City Age 26, Class '60, Math CIub-President, Apartment Coun.-Representative. WENDT, JOSEPH P. B.A. Accounting Yoakum Age 27, Class '65, University Apartment Coun.-Chaplain, Accounting Society --Vice President, D.$., Young Dem. WERTH, EDWARD S. Architecture Age 22, Class '65. IlEdlI Dallas WHETSEL, J. ELWIN M.E. Age 21, Class '65, ASME, Circle K. WHITE, CAREY LEE Accounting Richland Springs Age 21, Class '65, Honor Coun.-President, Education Club-Co-chairman Publicity Com., Corps Representative to Civ. Stu. Coun., Apollo Club, Corps Chaplain. WHITE, C. WAYNE Ch. E. Age 21, Class '65, Dorm Coun., Housemaster, A.I.Ch.E. Grand Prairie Brownwood WHITE, HUGH TIMOTHY "Tim" Architecture Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, Drill Team Assoc., Newman Club, Design Stu. Society, Society of American Mil. Eng. WHITEKER, JERRY NEAL History Age 22, Class '65. WHITTINGTON, RICHARD F. Economics Age 21, Class '65, Pre Law Society, Economics Club, Newman Club. Lake Jackson "Whit" Ft. Worth 2 2 6 2 22 M22 ,5 m ,y , M , 37, M ;H 2 W 657?? WWOzx 112 5222' 2042222 ,, M; V WIER, MICHAEL IRVIN E.E. Deer Park Age 21, Class '65, Stu. Senate, Election Comm., MSC Coun.-Vice Pres., Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Stu. Eng.'s Coun., D.$., D.M.S., Aggie Band, Sons of the Ameri- can Revolution Award, Institute of Electrical 81 Electronic Eng., Society of Ameri- can Mil. Eng. WIGGINS, HAL RAY Management Port Anhur Age 22, Class '65, Society for Advancement of Management. WILBECK, AUGUST CLARK "Clark" Animal Husbandry Hungerford Age 22, Class '64. WILKINSON, EDWIN EARL "Ed" Aero. Engr. Dallas Age 24, Class '62, Legen Hall-President, AIAA, AIEE, Fish Drill Team. WILLENBORG, JAMES C. "Jim" Accounting - Clifton Age 21, Class '65, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Varsity Football, 3 yr. Letterman, "T" Association, Bosque County HTC-Vice President. WILLIAMS, ALBERT PHILLIP "Phil" M.E. Dallas Age 21, Class '65, Fish Drill Team, Fish Drill Team Sponsor, Ham Radio Club, Dallas HTC, Chairman of Communications 81 Coordination-Fish Drill Team. WILLIAMS, ROBERT BOYD "Boyd" Aero. Engr. Harlingen Age 22, Class '65, Outstanding Freshman, 0.8., Great Issues Committee, AIAA, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Gamma Tau, Tau Beta Pi. WILLIAMS, ROBERT SCOTT "Bob" Architectural Consfrucrion Burns Flat, Okla. Age 21, Class '65, AGC. WILSON, JACK ANTHONY Pre. Dent. Ft. Worth Age 21, Class '65, Pre Med-Pre Dent Society, Ft. Worth HTC-Secretary Treasurer 82 President, German Club. 5674127145 - WILSON, ROBERT WILLIAM "Bob" B.A.-M.E. Springfield, Va. Age 21, Class '65, Washington, DC. HTC, Sons of Service, Freshman Drill Team. WINCH, JIM R. Range Mgr. Laredo Age 21, Class '65, Rodeo Club. WINTERS, DAVID WILLIAM Ag. Eco. Evant Age 22, Class '64, 0.5., A9. Eco. Club, Saddle 6 Sirloin Club, FFA, ASFE Con- vention-Represenfafive. WISDOM JR., RAYMOND C. Ag. Ed. Austin Age 24, Class '65, Saddle 8! Sirloin Club, Collegiate FFA. WITTENBACK, THOMAS JOHN "Tom" Architecfure Pasadena Age 21, Class '65. WOLF JR., WILLIAM MONROE "Bill" Cf. Corpus Christi Age 21, Class '65, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, D.S., D.M.S. WOLFF, MARSHALL WAYNE Ind. Tech. Baytown Age 21, Class '65, Industrial Education Society, Newman Club. WOMBLE, GLENDON DWAYNE Agronomy Blue Ridge Age 21, Class '65. WOOD, GERALD L. Ag. Engr. Mercury Age 21, Class '65, American Society of Agricultural Eng.4OHicer. WOODWARD, DANIEL YOUNG E.E. Houston Age 20, Class '65, Press Club, IEEE, Platoon Leader. WOOLSEY JR., JOHN ELBERT Ag. Eco. Houston Age 22, Class '64, Ag. Eco. Club. WORD JR., JAMES DEWEY Animal Husbandry Sanderson 458 Age 21, Class '65, Saddle EL Sirloin Club. WORTHAM, MURRAY LAMAR "Worthless" Accounting San Augustine Age 21, Class '65, CO. Sqd. 10, Ross Vol., D.M.S., Stu. Cadet Court, Accounting Society. WRIGHT, JAMES LEE "Jim" Management Corpus Christi Age 21, Class '65, Management Society, Fish Yell Leader, 12th Man Bowl, Corpus Christi HTC. WRIGHT, JAMES LYNN "Jimmy" Management Quifman Age 22, Class '65, Management Society, Mktg. Society. WRIGHT, RICHARD WILBUR "Dick" C.E. Williamstown, Mich. Age 23, Class '65, ASCE, American Asso. of General Cont. WRIGHT, THOMAS WYATT "Tom" Mathematics Houston Age 21, Class '65, Fresh. Class-Sec.-Treas,, Alpha Pi Omega, Aggie Band, Math Society, Stu. Arts 8: Sciences Coun., Polaris Coun., Fish Intramural Bowling Cham- pions, Election Comm., MSC Camera Comm., Aggie Bible Class, Aggie Bible Assoc, Honor Flight, Summer'Training Unit, D.S., Fish Eng. Soc., American Ordnance Assoc, Supply Officer5White Band. WUENSCHE, MICHAEL "Mike" Dairy Manufacturing Spring Age 21, Class '65, Fresh. Ag. Soc., Dairy Science Club-Sec., Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta-Treas., Staff Writer-Agricuhurist-Business Manager, Dairy Products Judging Team, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Montgomery County HTC, Stu. Agr. Coun., Outsfanding Ramp Rep.-Walfon Hall, Dorm. Coun., Sears Roebuck Schol., Texas Section IFT Schol., San Antonio Dairy Tech. Schol., Virginia Dare Award 8! Schol. YAHIA, ABDELMAJID "Mike" Agronomy Gafsa, Tunisia Age 25, Class '66, Arab Stu. Club, U.N. Club, Agronomy Society, Walton Hall. YARBROUGH, MELVIN N. Accounting Groesbeck Age 22, Class '65, Accounting Society. YOUNG, DON PHILLIP "Tiger" Ch. E. San Marcos Age 21, Class '65, Fish Rifle Team, Judo Club, American Institute of Chemical Eng., Great Issues Comm., Gen.-Tex HTC, Walton Hall Dorm Coun., Fresh. Eng. Soc., Singing Cadets, Space Fiesta, SCONA. Sgyigrg -1 YOUNGBLOOD, SAMUEL, REX Ag. Ed. Gilmer Age 21, Class '65, Collegiate FFA-Officer. ZAJICEK, ROBERT ARTHUR "Bob" C.E. Columbus Age 25, Class '65.. ZAMZOW, KENNETH ALFRED "Ken" Entomology Kenedy Age 21, Class '65, Freshman Ag. Society, Ag. Council, Dorm Coun., Ento. Club- Secrefary, Agronomy Society. ZAPATA, MANUEL History Beeville Age, 23, Class '65. ZOTZ, JOSEPH ERIVEST "Joe" Poultry Science Windfhorst Age 21, Class '65, D.$., Newman Club, Poultry Science Club-Persidenf, AGR Coun., Poultry Judging Team. P. L. "PINKIE" DOWNS JR. Class of '06 Official greeter of A8:M, and after 80 years still a Fightin' Texas Aggie. 611155 of I 966 g; m is x? 5, M 552 65 L to R: Pappas; Hargrove; Cano; Smith 615155 Officers NORRIS O. CANO ..................... President THOMAS R. HARGROVE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vice-President ROLAND D. SMITH ............................... Secretary-Treasurer HARRIS l. PAPPAS .................................................... SociaI-Secretary v.1 CLASS OF 1966 Abel, Ralph B. Abraham, Herbert C. Adamson, Howard J. Aglietti, Gary C. Akin, Danny G. Albin, Garry D. Aldrich ll, Sam P. Alford, Beniamin F. Allen, Donald E. Allen, Henry L. Allen, John D. Allen, William K. Allison, John C. Amthor, George M. Andrews, Kevin R. Antosh, Thomas F. Arldt, Harvey K. Armstrong, Donald R. Arrington, Billy L. Asbill, William T. Ashcraft, Jack G. The Class of '66 have undertaken their new positions of responsibility for the school year 1964-65 with under- standing and a willingness to work hand-in-hand with the Senior Class: To bring about co-operation and an under- standing between the different classes, to set an example for the classes to follow, and to prepare themselves for the long road ahead after they have graduated from Texas A8tM. Ashworth, Michael D. Baggett, Joe E. Bailey, James M. Bailey, Thomas C. Barker, David G. Barker, Dudley S. Barker, Stephen W. Barlow, Jimmy R. Barton, Mike Bathey, George A. Bearden, Don A. Beaumont, Richard D. Beck Jr., Farrel E. Beggerly, James D. Belinsky, Peter B. Belson, Charles W. Benefield, Roy W. Berger, Eugene J. Berngen, Frank E. Bevers, James R. Beyer, Melvin L. Bilancich, Don 8. Bishop Jr., Eugene H. Blackmon, Joe A. Blake, Jack P. Blaylock, James E. Blocker, Noel G. Bloodwonh, Morris B. w 2 Bullard, Roger D. Burch, Joe- T. Burditf, William R. Burnett, James T. Burnetre, Ronald L. Burns, Richard L. Burroughs, Gene P. Bustamante, Ruben Butrum, Fred H. Byram, James C. Byram, Thomas F. Byrnes, John M. Cain, Jimmy D. Cain, Vistor O. Callaway, Michael R. Callaway, Morris D. Camp, Bill Campbell, Clyde W. Campbell Jr., Richard S. Cano, Narciso O. Cardiel, Richard B. Carpenter, Edwin H. Carrillo, Daniel 5. Carroll, Bob K. Carroll, Robert T. Carter, Richard K. Casbeer, Thomas J. Cawyer, Raymond D. Boase, Stanley M. Boese, John O. Bohn, Phillippe G. Bosgusch Jr., Henry C. Bond, Michael 5. Bond, Norman E. Bonds, Stanley Boone, James R. Bordgvsky, Robert D. fgzvers, Ralph E. Boykin, George F. Bradley, Darrell A. Brady, James W. Brandt Jr., Duane V. Brafton, Jac . Breding,mard V. Bresler, Dana A. Brewton, Audie R. Brice, Rghdall H. 8mg Kennith D. Brooks, Michael A. a Brotze, Gary H. Brown ll, Austin E. Brown, James B. Brown, Jimmie Brown, Joe J Brown, Ronald F. 5 Brown, Thomas G. Brown Ill, Thomas J. Brumley, Billy D. Brummeff, Barry J. C. Bryant, Larry M. Buck, Craig G. Bugai Jr., Leslie J. Cervenka, Bennie G. Chalberg, Marshall L. Chamrad, Richard C. Chapman, Dennis L. Chastang, David E. Chauviere, Ronny J. Chitwood, Richard O. Chovanec, Eugene E. Clancy, Edward L. Chirk, David W. Clements, John R. Climie, Robert L. Cobb, Lance H. Coco, Michael F. Cohen, Robert S. Combs, Jr., Harold R. Conard, Mickey T. Conner, Charlie R. Comella, Carl J. Cook, Lazry E. CookgWade E. Cooper, Damon C. Copeland, Calvin Rf Correll, Roy A Cox, Gerald M. Craddock, Oliver W. Crain, Williamng. Crocker, LaT'ry D. Crockett, David S. Crumbliss, James J. Curran, Donald J. Daerr, Richard L. Dalton, James V. Daly, Michael E. Damron, Eugene Darmon Jr., Richard B. Davalos, Reynoldo Davis Jr., Aubrey R. Davis, Richard A. Davis, Thomas S. Decker, David H. Decker, Joseph A. Denison, David R. Denny, John A. DeWitt, Amos T. Dhif, Khemais Dial, Beniamin E. Diaz, Hector DiazMilian, Julio F. Snow always brings out outfit competition. Well Willie, it happened this way. I was walking along when fifty beautiful girls lumped me . ., 463 4a Estes, Ivan G. Evans, Bernest C. Evans, Michael L. Fambrough, Stephen E. Felkner, Roy D. Felps, Alton D. Ferguson, John T. Ferris, Darrel L. Fichfner, Russell W. Fickessen, Jack R. Filburn, Ralph B. Fischer, David H. Fisher, Terry L. Fletcher, Ronald W. Flowers, Phillip R. Ford, Edwin R. Foster, Bruce T. Fowler, Donald W. Franks Jr., Clarence E. Fraser, J. G. Frazier, Stephen W. Frei, Melvin R. Friedmann, Raymond J. Friedrich, William T. Fulgham, William N. Fuller Jr,, David W. Furrh, Samuel R. Gaden Jr., John D. Dickens, William P. Dietz, Irving M. Dillard, Robert H. Diltz, Theo R. Dinsmore, Philip K. Dismukes Jr., John T. Dockery, Rodney l. Dodson, David H. Donovan, Richard L. Doolittle III, James H. Dorn Jr., Wilfred C. x Doyle, Thomas A. ' Dromgoole, Glenn A. Drueberf, Hilmar C. Drummond ll, Joseph C. Duchamp, Eugene A. Dungan, Cliffdrd T. Dunn, Sfegihen L. Duvall'Jr., Duncan E. Dwarshus, Albert G. Dyer, Spencer R. Earl, Jerry M. Edwards, James E. Eilers, Jr., Melvin Ellis, John M. Ellis, Robert B. Ellis, Robert C. Elsey, RonaldLE. Embrey, William T. Engdahl, Gilbert R. Engelbert, Richard E. Engelbert, Robert A. English, Ronald W. Escobar, Kenneth R. Esparza, Edward D. ,.... Ampuk. .4........ M-m.m.. - Gudgel, Keith E. Guerra, Robert L. Gunter, John C. Gutierrez, Hector X. Hadaway, Roy A. Haglund, Carl H. Hall, William S. Hanna, Wayne W. Hannigan, Edward V. Hansen, Clifton D. Hanson, Henry S. Hapenny ll, James D. Harberi ll, Jerry C. Harcrow, Robert J. Hardeman, Lyman J. Hargrove, Thomas R. Harmel, Donnie E. Harrell, Thomas E. Harris, Dickie A. Harris, Franklin A. Harvey, Edgar J. Hasselmeier, Robert J. Haicher, Lester B. Hauser, Thomas F. Hawkes, Robert W. Haynes, Clifford G. Heerde, Wilott Hefley, Martin W. Galloway, William E. Garcia Jr., Gerald Garza Jr., Pedro Gay, John D. Gayle, Robert W. Gee, John F. George, Edward H. Gerngross, Gregory H. Gerrald, Scott W. Gibson, David V. Giddens, Freddie M. Giesenschlag, William H. Gilbert, Michael D. Gill, Ellis C. Gillham, Earl F. Gingrich, Larry H. Goldfarb, Jerrold H. Gomez, Ruddlph V. Gordon, Danny M. Gordon, Patrick T. Gosclin, Tommy L. Gosney, Gary L. Gosschalk, Joost A. Graf, Albert D. Graf, Kenneth E. Grafton, Michael B. Graham, David E. Graham, Rick J. W. Gray, Jay A. Greathouse, Franklin D. Griffin ll, Charles V. Griffith, John S. Griffith, Steven K. Grimm, Fred E. Grinstead, Gerald T. Huston, Michael D. Ivie, Glen W. Jackson III, Oscar Jackson, Thomas M. Jacob, Mike T. Jacobs, Jerry A. Jacoby Jr., Pete W. 7m, mm w 7 ,2, 2 Heger, Robert S. Heidelberg, Stephen R. Helmann, Paul D. Henard Jr., Dan M. Hendrix, Clifford D. Henry, Sam 5. Henslee, Robert Hereford, Michael G. Herqandez, Luis M. erring, Sheldon M. Hicks, Hal 3. Hill, Cornelius E. Hill, Orvel F. Hill, Walter C. Hillhouse, Stephen A. Hilton, W . Hiser Jrj Hlozekj: Hoke, Dewey H. Holcomb, John A. Holgy, Terry D. Holster, Jesse L. Holt, Jack B. Hood, Ronald E. Hoofon, James G. Hopkins, John Horn, Louis G. Hornback, James R. Horne, Morrisette W. Horton, Sidney L. Houston, James B. Howard, James W. Howard, Jerry A. Hufhines, Bobby R. Hurta, Frank J. A familiar scene between classes is students taking time out for a cup of coffee. Klussmann, Raymond C. Knouse, Jerry A. KnowIes, Robert G. Koch, Kenneth J. Kroesche, Joseph L. Kronenberger, Louis Kubicek, Donald Kunz, Robert A. Lackey, Stacy H. LaGrange, Charles R. Lake, Simcon T. Landua, Dennis P. Lane Jr., Robert W. Lasell, Melvin H. Law, James R. Lawrenca Jean P. Leal, Samuel D. LeBlanc, Rufus J. Lee, Joseph C. Lee, Robert E. Lee, Robert G. Leftwich, Marion W. Leifeste, Rodney D. Lemke, Clyde D. Lewellen Jr., Theodore E. Limerick, Lyndon D. Lindsey, Robert D. Linton, Roy E. Jaris, Edward J. Jendrusch, Gerald J. Jerden, Larry R. Johnson, Afton B. Johnson, Albert P. Johnson, Gary D. Johnson, George C. Johnson, Jerry W. Jones, James D. :Jzihes, Ronald W. Joseph, Zelman L. :1 Juarez, Jacinto P. :5 Juarez, Rumaldo Z. Jurries, Royce W. Kahanek, Henry Kaiser, Larryjk Kana, Johlf'fj. Kearneypdohn A Keeling, Donald W. Keese, Larry A. Keilgrs, Dennis R. 2;? Kelley, Charles P. Kennedy, Gary W. Kennemer, Larry C. Kent, Leonard L. Kessler, H. Willi m Key, Dennis , I Kimmins, R'fchard K. King Jr., Cullis L. King, Joe D. Kinnard, Darrell W. Kinnard, Jake D. Kirchner, Vinson E. S Kleemeier, Henry G. Millikin Ill, Charles W. Milsfead, James P. Mims Ill, Forrest M. Mistrot, Ralph W. Mitchell H, Edwin D. Mobley, Forrest D. Monroe, Myles P. Moon, Thomas E. Moore, James A. Moore Jr., Marbert G. Moore, Ronald K. Moore, William D. Morgan, Charles E. Morris, Douglas R. Morris, Henry L. Morris, James H. Mos1y Jr., Robert L. Murrah, Thomas F. Musser, Tommy W. Muston, Kurt A. Muzny, Lawrence S. Nabors, Michael Nagy, William F. Neeley, Jimmy E. Neely, James E. Neely, Joe P. Neely, Wayne D. Nelson, John E. Lipiec, Chester M. Long, Carl E. Long, Robert K. Lopez Jr., Frank Lovelace, David J. Lovelace, John L. Lunsford, Thomas M. 2 2 LyonWillie L. 1y;QNuH, John G. 2 Markey ll, Frank H. Marr, Charles E. gywrrou, Ben F. ZXMassey Jr., Calvin L. 2 22 . ' Matfhael, Rudolf H. 2 2 Matthews, Jimmy W. Matthews, Warren T. Matthys, AIIerVW. Mafyear, Affhur L. 2 MauneyMWeldon A. May, Roy L. McAdams, Charles 0. 20; 22 McCall, Homer G. McClure, Michael R. McCoy, Frank H. McKaughan, Edward W. McKinney, John C. Medford, Sidneyf; Mella III, Chaggs A. Mendoza, Francisco Merritt, Weldon L. Mike, Donald F. Miller, Danny S. Miller, Larry B. Miller, Robert D. Miller, Wesley L. Neuhaus, Earl J. Neuhaus, Vincent D. New, Benny L. Newsom, James R. Newton, Reginald D. Nicholson, Jimmy R. Northcuf, John H. Northcutf, Howard W. N'owlin, James K. Nowlin, John T. Nuckols, William H. Ofcarcik, Ralph P. Offner Ill, Michael Oliver, Thomas B. a.- w wwwag .70 Ouelette, Paul L: Overton, Mike E. Owen, Robert W. Page, George 0. Palmer, Daniel W. Pappas, Harris J. Pate, Ronald E. Pavelka, Miro A. Pechanec, William C. Peden, Alexander P. Peebles, Edgar E. Pena, Oscar E. Penick Jr., Robert F. Peoples, William'M. Percival, Alfred R. Perryman, David A. Peterson, Donald L. Petrasek, Albert C. Petty, Daniel B. Phillips, Michael W. Pickering, Grover Q. Pickles, Robert J. Pierce, Don R. Piesieski, Stan W. Pinkney, Fred C. Place, Bradley E. Poindexter Jr., William R. Polito, Joseph G. President and Mrs. Earl Rudder seem to be having a good time at a dinner given in their honor. The Masked Defender of Junior Rights beats off an attacker. 469 Robinson, James E. Robinson, Patrick L. Rodgers, John H. Rodriguez, Arnoldo G. Rodriguez, Jose M. Roesner, Raymond E. Rogers, Floyd V. Spider "D" made sure that the center pole was put up right. I hope Reveille never sees this. Poronis, James J. Porras, Cesarea R. Post, Donald E. Powell, David C. Powell, James W. Powell Ill, Lonnie L. Presswood, Lani N. Priddy, Jimmy D. H Jr., Cecil E. rugel, James A. , Pusfeiousky, Bernard A. Quebe, John C. Raineri, Edwin A. Ramsey Jr., Jack B. 51 Randolph, John L. Rasbury, ael B. Rasmus , Richard A. Ray, Leonard F. Raymond William C. Read, ames C. Re d, James A. Reeh, Charles D. 0 Reese, Kenneth L. Reeves, Gary N. Remme, Michael J. Remmert, Larr . Reynolds, id C. Rich, Danny F. S Richards, Tommy L. Riddle, Benny L. Rippetoe, Don M. Risinger, Charles R. Rivero, Rafael A. Robbins, Roger A. Roberts, John S. Selman, Danny D. Shane, John W. Sharp, Marcus V. Sharp, Roger W. Shaunty, Timothy L. Sherman, Stephen A. Shields, John R. Shiffleft, Arvil E. Shilling, Cecil R. Siebern, Vincent E. Simmons, Don H. Simmons Jr., Tifton Simpson, Charles E. Skiles Jr., Cliff A. Slavik JL, George J, Sloan, John E. Sluis, James K. Smedberg, Barry A. Smelley, Eddie M. Smith, Adrian D. Smith, Benny R. Smith, BiHy R. Smith, David B. Smith, James A. Smith, James S. Smith, John W. Smith, Maylon R. Smith, Micheal L. Ross, Thomas H. Rouis, El Mongi Ruedrich, Randolph A. Ruppersberger, John 5. Russell, John E. Rutledge, Lawrence D. Rutledge III, Robert M, Rutfy, Ken W. Sabayrac Jr., Louis Sada Paz, Emilio 'Saha, Dennis J. Salge, Andrew C. Salinas, Jose L. Sanchez, Diego Saunders, James R. Saunders, Michaiei C. ScarboroughXCecil H. Schappaogh, Ronald Scheer, Eddie F. Schiewetz; Theodore F. Schmidt William C. Schoolcraft, Thomas A. nx' Schroeder, Kenneth Rf Schroeder, Milford R. Schuchardf, Jimmy C. Schuelke, Larry L. Schultheis, Richard C. Schultz, Lewis R. Schur, James L. Schwerfner, Larry J. Seago, John M. Seafe, John H. Sedberry, James M. Seerden, William F. Seitz, Richard D. Thigpen, Douglas C. Thompson, James L. Thompson, James R. Thompson, Tommy E. Thurman Jr., Jack E. Timmons, William T. Tindall, Marion H. Towler, Harry B. Tracy, Dick Al. Tramel, James T. Trifon, David A. Trlica Jr., Frank E. Tron, John E. Tubre, Stephen R. Vahrenkamp, Ralph D. Valienie, Guillermo E. Van Alstyne, John A. Van Housier, William L. Vann, Richard D. Vaughn, Ronald E. Vickrey, Lee Vinson, Gerald E. Von Dohlen, Donald R. Wagoner, Richard A. Wallace, Paul G. Waller, Lynn A. Wallin, Gary l. Wanleoeben, Kenneth L. Smith, Robert L. Smith, Roland D. Smith, Ted H. Smith Jr., William H. Snider, Victor V. Speckels, William D. Spencer, James R. Sppffswood, Richard W. "Sfabler, James M. Stacha, Raimund Stanfield, Gerald G. , Stearns, Claud R. Steinbach, Donny W. Stewart, Lindon M. Stone, William C. Stoops, Sieven G. Stropp, JohnhR. Stryker, Allen J. Sfuliz, James R. Sullivan, J. Andy Svacina, Raym Svefer, Owen D. Swanson, Nick C. Swanson, William I. Swope, James R. Sypfak Jr Albert B. Talasek, James D Tate, Paul V., Taylor, George L. Taylor, Milton K. Taylor, Thomas H. Tees Jr., Griffith R. Terrell, Curtis W. Terry, William M. Tessada, Enrique A. Woody, James L. Wright, Michael Wright, Robert A. Wright, William D. Wright, William V. Young, Craig B. Young, Richard A. Young, Robert L. Zemanek, Victor J. Ziegenbein Jr., Melvin F. Johnny Rogers re- ceives at the quet. a certificate MSC Ban- Ward, William R. Warren, Kirby J. Warschak, Carroll E. Waters, David L. Watson, Benton L. Watson, Frank D. Watson, Richard C. Watts; David E. Wahs, Eddie L. Way, Charles N. Weathers, Stanley J. Weber, John D. ;Weddell, Ronald P, Weedon, James R Weir ll, Victor A. Westmoreland, John S. Wetherbee, Charles F. Wheat, Larry D. Widmer, Dennis A. Wilks, Phillip G. Wille, Kenneth B. Williams, Cary D. Williams, Paxton K. Williams, Travis R. Willmann, Larry D. Wilson, Carroll R. Wilson Jr., Clyde A. Windsor Jr., Cecil O. Winkel, Fred M. Winn, Ron D. Wittenback, Thomas J. Wolters Jr., Richard A. Wood, Cecil Wood, Ralph E. Woodson, Jerry F. -Treasurer Social-Secrefa ry President McElroy; Nelson. L. 10 R.: Myers; Fudge; 611155 Officers WAYNE B. FUDGE President ROBERT J. MYERS Secretary JACK E NELSON 7 6 9 I 104 5 m 6 DENNIS R. McELROY --------- Vice K 2, $$ifxtxii Abbott, John Pt Adams Jr., Noel E. Aglietti, Terry C Aldupe, Joel Alexander, Robert W. Allison, Harry J. Amox, Ronald L. Anderson, Larry O. Ansley, Charles H. Arellono, Carlos R. Arellano, Gaston R. Arrington, Thomas M. Aziz, Tario Bacon, William S. Bode, Norman P. Bailey, W. Douglas Baker, Barry R. Baker III, Henry D. Baker, Milton M. Balhorn, Charles E. Barnes, Jackson N. Buros, David W. Barrera Jr., Arturo Rt Barry, John L. Bosshom, James Mt Butte, Robert D. Beard, James H. Beck, Joe R. Beene, Robert A. Bennett, Kenneth W. EenSOn, Robert C. Bentley, George H. Bentzen, Gordon W. Berry, Charles M. Bettge, Paul D. Bippert, Roger D. Birdsong th, William A Birnkront, Jerry Blackburn, James R. Blanton, Dennis R Blazek, Joseph E. Book, William C. Booker Jr., John C. Bonner, John H. Bonvilluin, Frank B. CLASS OF 1967 Free from the bonds of freshman "privileges", the members of the Class of '67 returned to the campus to find themselves restrained somewhat in their desire to help the class below them by the two classes above them. The sophomores soon realized that they still had a long way to go before their turn at guiding corps and extracurricular activities came. But the members of the Class of '67 have now had a chance to observe discipline and a degree of leadership from both ends of the stick and if indications of their activities this year are a sign of things to come, they will exert an even greater influence on Aggieland when they return next fall as upperclassmen. Bradley, John L. Brandt, Robert E. Brannon, Emory W. Britt, Harry Wt Brooks, Charles R. Brown III, Charles P. Brown, Thomas J. Bryon, Michael G. Buhler, David A. Burleson, Donald C. Burleson, Richard E. Burner, Donald P. Burroughs, Michael A. Burrow, Roger L. Byrne Jr,, Roger S. Campbell, Clinton D. Canion, Kenneth L. Cupps, Cecil C. k Cardwell, Richard G. Corey, Rayford R. Carothers, MichoeI,A. Carpenter, Forrest L. Ccrrell, Don F. Corrigo, Edward A. Cartel, Gregory 5. Casey, Tommy W. Chambers, Robert C. Chambliss, Edmond B. Chomp, Michael A, Cherry, Frederick E. Chewning, Dudley G. Chitty, Harvey C. Choare, John R. Cilia, Alfred T. Clark, Charley 8. Clark, Ronnie J. Clarke, William H, Clayton, Kenneth A. Clifton, Donny M. Cobos, Charles R. Cockrell, Melvin W. Coddou, Charles A. Collins, Craig Combs, James A. Compton, Cecil Ferguson lll, George H. Ferguson, John F. Ferrato, Charles D. Fick, Donald L. Fischer, Daniel H. Fisher, James H. Fitzgerald, Frank H. Flores, John A. Foster, Gavy W. Fowler, Bob A. Francis, William 0. Frank, George E. Franklin, Richard H. Franks, Orlan H. Franks, Paul A. Fraser, Ben S. Friddle, George C. Fry, CliffOId L. Fudge, Wayne 8. Garcia Jr., Elroy Gardner, Thomas H. Gearing, Phillip R. Gibson Jr., Edwin G. Gibson, James M. Gilbrea'h, Waller S. Gmsbach, Robert G. Godwin, Thomas L. Goldenberg, Dee R. Geldon, William W. Graham, Glenn C. Graves, Allan P. Graves Jr., Henry L. Graves, Jerry H. Grayson, Stewart M. Green, Ken E. Grey, Rex C. Griffin, John K Griffin, Roben R Grimes, George K Grimes, Richard P. Grisham, Thomas L. Croce, William E Grossenbocher, Richard W. Grossman, Jon H. Gruy, Michael A Gummer, Sieven V Gunnels, Robert D. Gusvofson Robert H, Hoblin: William M. Haley, John R. Hall, Charles G. Hollaran, Kenneth S. Hammli, EOII D Hammond, John C. Compton, Michael E. Connevey, Layne H. Conrad, E. A. Cooiey, Gary L. Coonrod, James W Cooper, Leonard D. Copeland, James C. Cosper, Johnnie W. Coufal, Melvin P. Cox Ill, James C. Crawford, William H. Crenwelge, Roger H. Criswell, John S. Cronk Alfred E. Crowder, Daryl K. Cruz, David J. Cummings, David D. CUPP, Lloyd G. Curtis, Frank P. Cutler, John E y' Czaikowski, Thomas P. Dash, Gljtgory C. . Duvidson'," Jim R. Davis, Dale W. Davis Eddie J. DavisVJames B. Dav 3, John F. Deen, Travis D. DeGinder, Kelvin DeIaGorza, G. Dersrine, Henry Desilels, Gary f. Die, Duward C. Dodd, Charles L' Dodd, Michaelv'M; Don, David H'. Donkervoei, D. L. Douglas, David D. Dunavant, Michael L. Dusek, Barry J. Earl, Geoffrey N. Echols, Melvin Eeds, John M. Ellermann, Ronald D. Elliott, Jerry E. EllioM, William S. Ellis, John P. Emmons, Jeffery Englebrecht, Frederick E. Ezer, Russell L. Farr, Walter E. Fehler, Edward D. Fenter. Lester C, Feray, David L. N Hondley, Robert T. Hunsford, Charles L. Harding, Thomas H. Horrleson, Johnny E. Harris, Arch F. Harvey, Gary G. Hose Jr., Robert R. Haseloff Jr., William C Hotzenbuehler, Daniel B Havel, Joseph R. Hay, Craig C. Heaney, William 8. Heath, James B. Heulon Jr , Cyrus R. Hebert, Peter F. Heinrich! Durwood J. Heinsohn, Leslie F. Heifmon, Lawrence P. Henderson, Joseph S. Hensley, Williom M Hill Jr., John 1 ' Hillis Jr , Confer! M. HindmanL-Willium R. Hlovory, Andy J. Hoffman, Richard F. Hollister, Jerry G. Holmes, David L. Holtz, Stephen T. Hood, Billy M. , Hooking Ill, Alfred E. i Hornsey Ill, Joseph C. House, Randolph W. Houston, Donald A. Houston, Vicior L. Houze, Robert A Howard, A. Lawson Hudgens, Ernest M. Hunt, Curtis L. Jaeckle, Alan C. Jaffe, Stephen H. Junk, William E. Jarrell, Freeman J. Jeones, Franklin W. Jenkins, Paul S. JeH, William L Johnson, James E. Johnson, James H, Johnson, Kenneth W. Johnson, Randolph A. Johnson, Roberf C. Jones, Charles T. Jones, Richard F Jordon, George E. Jordan, Michael G. f; WW ! Jungrnon, Fred M. Koolz Jr., Ervin k Kardysl Richard Karle, Fred G. Kasprzyk, Edward J. Kazdc, Jerry W. Kelly, Kern D. Kemler, Arden V. Kinard, David H. Kirkpatrick, James R. Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey S. Klamke, Stephen E. Kocion, David A. Koenig, William T. Korb, Kenneth W. Kovich Jr., Andrew S. Krafka, Gerald L. Krebs,, John E. a...ulp- H...- x -.4- w...a H, Kruse, Robert F Lacy, Nelson F ; Lagow, Charles M. Lomkin, Stephen L. . ,. Landrelh, Gordon E. Lara, Hernan Lorcmey, Thomas A. v Lewis, Converse R, - ' Lewis, James E, 0 Lewis, John C Limpus, Lawrence L. Lock, David M Locksledr, Kerry 0. Lovell, Robert H. Lozowski, William R. Luckenboch, Carl A. Ludwig, AI J. Lyerly, George E. I c Lyle, James L. Macias, Jose J. Maldonado! Macario D. Malitz Ill, Charles C. Manley, Slrode D. Mann, Michael D. Manning Jr., Waller S MarconVeIl, James H, Morek, James E. Markham Jr., William E. Marshall Jr., Douglas V. Marvin, Charles M. Marlin, John A. Martin, Larry R. Martinez, Fernando J. Marselli, Nicholas V. Mason, Clarence EV Massey, Roy E. Offholfer, Charles F. O'Hara, Michael S. Ohlendorf, Curtis G. Okiyama, Johnny L. G. Oliver, James T. Ontiveros, Gilbert C. OHen, Edwin L. Overstreef, Robert E. Pall, Michael S. Partridge, Richard B. Patton, .Gene N. Pearson, Alec P. Pearson, Sammy W. Peebles, Garry L. Pennington, William E. Phillips, James N. Phillips Jr., Thomas Pigford, Joe M. Malkin, William R. Mathews, Larry K. Manhews, Douglas M. Mayeaux H, Gilbert E. McCannon, David L. McConnell, Robert W. McCoy, Rodney D. McDaniel, James A. McDonald, Robert J. McElroy, Dennis R. McElroy, Kennedy K. McKeen, Robert G. McKibben, Paul E. McLane, James C. McMahon, James D. McNabb, Joseph 0. McNoIly Jr., William P. McQueen, Samuel G. Menn, Albert 0. a Menzies, Gary Menzies, Mic W. Mergen, Ric 0rd J. Meyer, Wayne C. Michie, Charles D. Miller, AI R. Millergahard 5. Mill , Robert M. Miller, Stanley G. Miner, Judson C. Moehlmon, Lewis R. Moreau, Edward L Morgan, Harry C. Morgan, Michael R. Morriss, Carl A. Moseley ll, Joe Mosman, Th M. Mousner, Robert E. Mullins, Terrell S. wahy, William J. Myers, Jack E. Myrick, Aubrey W. Nauck, Albert R. Neal, J. Kyle Nelson, Jack E. Nesbif, Richard S. Newberry, Robert J. Newman, Clyde T. Newton, Philip L. Nickelson ll, Ranzell Novosad, Roy C. Noyes, Thomas E. Obdyke, Louis K. O'Brien, John E. Odurn, George A. Aggies take time out from their studies for a snowball fight. Schmidt, Gary K Schmidt, Victor H SchoH, William R. Schromek, Charles W, Schuck JL, Raymond B, Schulze, Edward M. Schwank, Ronald H. Schwiening Ill, Fred ScoH, Richard C. Scott Ill, Samuel M. Scott, Sidney T Screws, David L. Seuy, Michael G, Segrest, James C, Serno, Jose E Sewer, Michael A. Shofer, Monzell L Shank, Gary W. Sharp, Douglas A. Shepard, John D Shumule, Donald E. Sillimon, Carlos M Silver, Richard C. Sims, Robert M, Sxmmons, Eugene C. Sledge, George D. Smith, Andrew D. Smilh, Warren B. Smrkovsky, Roy A, Snipes Ill, Roy L. Snowden, James D Soefie, Harold J. Sowers, James E, Sparkman, James D. Sparks, Fled W. Spillmunn, Richard D. Slonolcnd, Scott I. Starnes, Robert M. Steindorf, Gerald N. Stephens, James C. Stephenson, Stewart D. Sternl Rono1d H, Stevens, Jerry D. Siried, Ronald O. Sullivan, Gerald A. Sullivan, John P Sweeney, Gregory L Sylvester, John B Taylor Jr , Charles A. To'ylor, David B. Taylor, Mervin S, Taylor, Wright 8. Teddlie, Don E Teel, Gerald A. Fine Jr., Manuel Piper, Alan L. Polk, Henry T Pool, Wendell M. Powell, 'Arthur E. Presley! John M Price, Don D. Prochaska, Richard Provinel William C. Quebe, Fritz Ruilslon, Dale 8. Ramirez: Norcisso T. Rankin, Ronald W. Rapp, Donald G. Rasku, Robert W. Ruun, Travis N. Read, Raymond M. Rechf, Dwight L Redden, Michael Ef Reeves, Jerry L. L Reeves, Somdel W. Rehmet, Joseph D. Renaud, Aristide F. Richards, Hugh M. Richardson; Carl A Richardson, Jacob C. Richter, Eugene R. Richter, George W. Ripley, Richard R. Riser, Eugene L Risinger, David A. Rilchey, William M. Roach, Pat H. . Roberts, George R. , Roberts Jr,, WiHiam D. Roberlson, Charles N. Roden, Jack R. Rodriguez; Amaro Rohe, Jamie M. Roland, Aubrey L. Rosensfein, Thomas W. Rofhwell, James E Roush, Robert T. Rowe, Richard H. Rozenuburg, Edward R. Rutledge, Roy R. Sabotier, Michael J. Soenz, Rene Safford, Charles R. Salmon Jr., Clarence R. Savugel Francis E. Savage, Jimmie C. Schoefer, Jimmie F. Schember, Kurt A. yi 7 Worrel III, Edward J. Wright, Fred J. Wright, James H. Wyatt, James E. Wyninegor, Noble C. Yates, James L. Youger, James H. Young, John W. Zohn, Charles W. Zapata, Thomas Zuehlke, Lawrence D. Zuehlke, Raymond C. Zwahr, Harley A. Zwarlies, Jr., William J. Company meetings were always enioyable . . . for seniors. Terrell, Da 'd 0. Terry, W Ilium R. Tiierinu, Andrew A. Tillery, Tommy A. Topperman, Andy Tower, Michael M. Townsend, Joe D. Treece, Barton G. Trulock, Wallace W. Ulich, William L. Vander Cruyssen Jr., Henry A. Vandorvoorr, Paul E. Vunek, Kenneth N. Vega, Juan E. ViHefoe, James E. Vogel, Donald E. Wadsworth, Grady L. chsfaff, Thomas L. Walcun, John M Walker, John M Walker, Joh Walker, Mel R. Wallace, Folbes L. Wallace, Hugh S. Walo, Dennis E. , James W. Watson, Michael W. Watson, Richard R. Watts, Byron R. Watts, Kenneth D Weathers, James R. Wedemeyer, Henry-Ig. Wegenhoft, Kennfan. Wendenburg, Carl A. White, Michael E. White, Robert L. White, William A. Wickerham, James B. Williams, Stephen T. Willoughby, Jack M. Wilson, Terry C. Wing, William R. Wise, John R. Wise, Lewis R. Wisenboker, Kenneth A. Wisenbaker, William C. Wigwell, Eric 0. Wolf, Michael T. Wolkowiez, Jacobo Woodard Joe D. Woods, Donald E. Staying here on weekends can be f n. m t.- ukus-al 4......" Coleman; Melcher; Miss McLaurin; Allen; Miss Leister; McLeroy glass Officars RONNIE COLEMAN . . . President RON R. McLEROY . . . Vice-Presidem EDWARD L. MELCHER . . . Secretary-Treasurer DON L. ALLEN . . . Social Secretary MARSHA McLAURlN . . . Freshman Sweetheart JOHANNA LEISTER . . . Aggie Sweetheart AbboH, Eric 0. Abbott, lm R. Abbon, Robert L. Abernarhy, Garland D. Abschnelder, Joseph GT Adomek, Rodney W. Adams, Gory MT Adams, Neal W. AdOITK, Phll L. Adams, chhord J. Addison, William W. Alber, John R. Albert, WolTer G, Aldrich, BTIIY MT Alexander, Boyce W, Allen, Albert N. Allen, Donald L. Allensworlh, Gory Allerding, Martin R. Allison, Gory E. Alvarez, Richard UT Amayo, Jose A. Anderson Jr., Alvin L Anderson, Charles W. Anderson, KenneTh C. Anderson, Michael R. Anderton, William B Andrews, WIHiom KT AnThony, William H. Apostle, Ernest L. ApplegoTe, Rodney W. Archer, Terry P. Arellono, AgusTin R. ArendT, Richard S. Armour, Wayne Te ArmsTrong, Bill C. Armstrong, Glenn M. ArThIngTon, Marvin S. Aschenbeck, Walter B. Ashmore, Paul D. Atchley JrT, Charles C. Aumonn, James T. Austin, Larry W. AvereTT, James H Axberg, David R Babb, Gerald R. glass of 68 lT's a long drop from being on The Top of The world as a high school senior To suddenly find yourself "10,000 Times ldwer Than The deepesT level of The deepesT ocean," buT The members of The Class of T68 have rebounded from The iniTial shock ThaT every Aggie feels Upon donning khaki, and losing his hair and privileges aT The same Time. Through- ouT The year, The "fish" class has shown The enThusiasm and spiriT which have in Turn made iT an inTegraI parT of The Corps, The College, and mosT imporTanT The SpiriT. The members of The Class of '68 have righTfully earned The righT To reTurn nexT Tall wearing black braid and ready To face The new challenges of Their Sophomore year. Bcckof, Alan W. 80999", William M. Bailey, Daniel L. Bailey, Dennis S. Bailey, Edward L. Bailey, Marlow F. Bailey, William F. Baird, Wayne J. Baker, William B. Boldree, Robert M. Boldridge Jr., John R. Baldwin, Alan C Bell, Carl S. Bancroft, Stephen H. Bonk, Gene P. Banks, Cecil E. Barbee, Larry L. Barclay, Ronnie W. Barlow! T. Lance Barr, Robert D. Barrier, Franklin W. Borrelli, Terry T. Burton, Jerry B. Burton lll, Joel R. Bosco, CurTis E. Bosinger, James A. Both, William R. Boumanl Roland J. Bour, Richard A. Bousch, Walter C. Baxter, James R Bazan, James D. Bozon Jr., Ruben Beach, James H Beul, Wayne A Beoll Jr., William Beavers, Robert H. BechT, Frederick J. Becker, Gerald J. Beebe, Women H. 80995, Michael R. Bell, Charles T. Bell Jr., Dennis E. Bcllomy, William PT Bcndolo, Raymond A. Bcncdcllo, AnThony R. Benner, Richard 6. Bennett, Beniamin B. Bennett, Larry E. Benwelll Tommy C. Berger, Harlan J, Berk, John L Bernal, Aleiondro Berry, Bob 5, Bethel, Wayne B. Beyer, Donald P. Biediger, Roy J. Biediger, Sylvan 0 Bird, James E Birdwell, Joe E Birk Jr., Elmer A. Bishop, Charles W. Bishop, Dwight R. Bishop, Jay P. Black, James F Black, John D. Blair, Kelvin R. Blokely JL, Rudolfo Blandford, Donald E. Bronkenburg, Larry L. Blasdel, Jerry L. Bloom, Eric E. Bloomer, Daniel L Bloomer, Jon M. Blum, Michael J Bodenhomer, Jeffery E. Boefhel, David J. Boldt, Robert B. Boleman, Larry L. Bollinger, Weldon T. Bond ll, George D. Bonner, Wesley B. Booker, Michael P. Booth, Edwin C. Boriskie, Donald L. Borsche, Charles R. Bourgeois, Francis J. An Aggie can always Tell what kind of a Time he's having aT a party by the look on his wife's face. Bourne, C. Dudley BQWers, Arthur M Bowling, Rudy L. Box, John L Boyd, Thomas M. Bradford, Richard H. Bradford, Walter H. Bradley, George A. Brann, Hurry V. Brasher, Richard L. Brasuel, Jerry D. Bredow, 'Beniomin R Brending, William C, Bresk, Stephen J. Bridges, James C. Bridges, Jerry E. Briggs, James B Brinkmann, John R. Briscoe, Alan L. Briseno Jr , Tomas Brooks, Franklin R. Brooks, James F. Broussord, Neal J. When a man gets too old To set a bad example, he starts giving good advice. Brower, Stephen A Brown, Carroll E. Brown, Davis L Brown, Jack O. . . . Brown, Jimmie L. ....-.. . .. yf me..,,...?,':..... -I.-4M . Brown, Paul E. s ' Brown, Reese W. ' Broyles, Elbert L. ; . Buchanan, George S. ,H 5 Buck, Stephen G. , , 'Budde, James H. . f' Buitron, Paul R, - Burgower Jr., Philip L. 1 : 5" . Burke, Phillip c, f V ; Burnett, Robert W. w W ' Burns, John J. ' 5 ,i. ; Burns Jr., Richard C 'J' '. ' Burton, Kenneth E. Burton, Roy G Busa, Leonard J Busunil, Joseph J. Butler, David 5. Butler, James M. Butler, James O. Byrd, Gene 6. Coin, William S. Callahan, Arlhur J. Collowcy, Jon M. Calvin, Phil W. Campbell, Gerald W. Campbell, Steven C, Candler, Thomas L. Cantrell, Kenneth D. Cantu, William V. Curlisle, James A. Carlson, Chriss H, Carpenter, Richard G. Corr, Clifford R. Carr, Terry L. Cosbeer, Gordon D. Castleberry, Joe P. Castro, Luis F. Cotonzaro, Louis P. Colheroll, Donald R. Covanough, Glen C. Cepccr, James J Ceyones, Sergei Chalmers, Rooney N. Chancellor, James W. Chaney, Robert D. Chapman, Howard A. Chase, William R. Chousse, Alfred M. Cherry Ill, Edmond B. Chilek, Glen D. Christian, Paul D. Christiansen, Dean L. Cimo, Manon L. Cisneros, Henry G. Cluder, Michael D. Clapper, Roberr W. Clordy, Cecil W. Clark, James P. Clark, Larry C. Clark, Stanley P. Clark, Stephen T Claussen, John F. Claussen, Robert M. Clayton, Brady Clements, Willis L. Click, Barry W. Cloudt, Chester R. Cloyd, Walter L. Cockley, Dennis E. Cochran, Dennis E. Cockrell, Robert W. Colborn, John E. Cole, Robert R. Coleman, Jack R. Colhoun, Charles A. Collins, James M. Collins, Roger L. Connell, William L. Conner, Michael A. Contreras II, Carlos X. Contreras, Rene R. Chivalry isn't dead. If a coed drops one of her books, an Aggie is bound to kick it back to her. may complain about the heat in The summer, but at least we don"t have to shovel i'r. Conway, Kelly C. Cooper, Joe J. Cooper, Martin J. Cooper, Ralph L. Coover, David M. Corcoran, John T. Corder, Marvin L. Corley, Ronald E. Cornelius, Bobby R. Cornell, Curtis L. Cornefr, Charles M. Cosfon, Clayton L. Couch, Richard S. Cowan, David W. Cox, Joe T. Craig Jr., Buford R. Craig, Thomas A. Cramer, Kenneth C. Crespo, Johnny 0. Crew, Walter E. Cristini, Alfred L. Criswell, James W. Critz, James R. w Crocheron, Robert E. $$ Crocker, James R k Crocker, Oran M. Cron, Austen B. Cross, Donald W. Crowe, John P. Crown, Jeffrey N. Crutcher Jr., Murray A. CruI, David Cruz, Manuel I. Cull, Frederick B. Cumbie, Donovan R. Cummins, Richard M. Cunningham, Samuel B. Currie, Don J. Curtis, David C. Cusick, Bob G. Cyr, Paul D. Czoplicki, David J. Daly, John H Daniel, Jimmy L. Dorden Jr., Jack M. Daugherty, Clarence T. Davenport, John D. David, Frank R. Dovila, Alfred G. Davis, James H. ff. wv-w-A- - 'r The changing of the Guard is the most thrilling spectacle in England . . . Be sure to see it if they'll let you in the locker room. Emmel, Richard J.. Emmons, Mark E. Engel, Richard L. Engelmann, Ralph M. Englemon, Carl H. Esquivel, Jesus Evans, Douglas C. Everett, David H. Faubion, James F. Faulk, Joyner R. Faulkner, William R. Faust, John C. Feducio, Carl V; Feehun, Michael C. Fenlon, John T. Fergeson, Jerry A. Fergus, John S. Ferguson, William F. Ferguson, William M. Fetner, Marcus M. Fimbel, Jay M. Fioriti, Matthew P. Fisher, Peter B. Fitzchbrles,'Timothy M4 Fitzgerald, G. B. Fitzpatrick! Cuswell J. Fleener, William M. Fleisher, Harvey O. Fletcher, James E. Flocke, Robert A. Flood, Collin L. Flores, Manuel R. Floyd, John E. Fortney, George W. Foster, Kenneth J. Fowler, Joe R. Fox, Michael J. Frank, Donald E. Frontzen, Robert L. Freeman, Arthur R. Freeze, Thomas A. Fregia, John T. Freiberger, William E French, John E. French, Robert L. Frentzel ll, William Y. Frey, John L. Frost, Norman E. Frysinger, Victor F. Fullwood, Mace H. Davis, John W. Davis Jr., Lloyd A. Davis, Mark W. Davis, Ralph M. Davis, Robert J. Dawson, Charles Wt De Ando, Carlos F. Deason, Emory N. DeBord, Thomas O. Decker, Randolph Tt Deckert, James A. Dehorde, Harvey G. Delgado, Ruben E. Del Rio, Raul Demel, David A. Denison, Robert L. Denmark, Marvin A. Dennison, Rodney L. DePauw, Barry D. Dewitt, Thomas K. Dikeman, Matthew M. Dixon, David E. Dobyns, Robert F. Dockery, Charles L. Dodd, Tom D. Doeppenschmidt, Carl A. Domingue, Mark L. Doncn, William D. Dooley, Kenneth A. Downing, Jack W, Doyle, Charles R. Dtury, Johnny B. DuBose, Truman E. Duchamp, Charles W. Duesing, Gregory W. Dugas Jr., Jack E. Duke, Gary A. Durda, David R. Durst, Mark S. Dye, Bruce L. Earhart, Robert J. Eornst, Don B. Earwood, Eddie L. Eccard, Lawrence D. Eckert III, John C. Eklund, Stephen A. Eknoyan, Ohannes Eldridge, Gary E. Elkins, Thomas L. Ellis, Jefhey D. An Aggie must remember that the first thing to keep in mind when making love to a girl is her name. , E ggEgEtvEegE;F ZWMWW , e xxxxvme ,,eX7 Griggs, Jesse F. Grimes, Michael A. Grimm, John F. Grivich, Patrick M. Gooding, Wilson D. Guerra, Arnaldo M. Gunnels, Roy B. Gutierrez, Homero L. Gutierrez, Robert R. Guyer, Frank M. Haas, Russell C. Hamilton, Clifford L. Hamilton, James R. Hamilton, John 8. Hamilton, Kenneth L. Hamilton, Peter L Hanna, Charles R. chning, Charles M. Horborth, Kermit G. Hurdemon, Bennett L. Hardin, Phillip R. Harrell, Lorry O. Hcrrelson, Rodney A. Harris, John J. Harris, Lothor E. Harris, William P. Roman E. Gryseels, Charles A. Guillor, Michael E. Greenwade, Robert T. Gregory, Michael L. Greverf, Donald C. Grice, Richard T. Grothues, William C. Groves, Anthony W. Guiof, Louis R. Gummer, Richard L. Haegelin, Thomas J. Hallaron, David F. Halpern, Marlin W. Hammes, Larry N. Hammond, Kim E. Hammond, William R Hancock, Donnie R. Horkreoder, Wayne L. Harlan, Richard E Harmon, Howard D. Harmonl Lucien F. Gross, William S. Heckler, Terry R. Guerra, Believe it or not the death rate is The same as i's been for The last 100,- 000,000 years . . . one to a person. i: h i l '5 A freshman is really broken in when he can understand every word an up- perclassman isn'f saying. Holder, Curtis L4 Holder, Frank O. Holder, Thomas N. Holland, Elton A. Hollahan, Edward L. Holmes, Lewis E. Holster, James E. Holt Jre, John H. Holt Jr., Virgil F. Honey, Brian G. Hooper, Frank R. Hoover, Jack W. Hopfer, William J. Hopkin, Moc M. Hopkins ll, Ray C. Hopper, James E. Hopper, James T. Horn, Paul A. Hornburg, Hal M. Horsok, Rudolph J. Horton, Lee W. House, David J. Houston, John A, Howard, Robert P. Howell! John W. Howie, John R. Hubert, John M. Huddleston, Taylor J. Huebner, Kenneth R. Huff, Robert C. Huffsrnifh, William F. Hughen, James F. Hughes, Craig D Hull, Larry A. Hullum, Glen R. Humphreys, Dan C. Hunter, Daryl W. Huichison, William M. lhms, Randall G. lnsani, Peter J. Irving, John H. Irwin, James A- lsbell, Arthur J. lsbell, Clinton H. Isbell, Terry R. Jackson, George F. Jackson, Jackie W, Jackson, James F. Jackson, Jimmy D. Home, Robert A. Harvey, Roger B. Hastings, Ronnie J. Hatch, Curtis H. Hathorn, Jim B. Hawes, Edward K Howley, Robert D. Haynes, John M. Hayward, William R. Hozzard, George L. Hecrn, Larry C. Hearrell, Lewis R. Heckman, Brion'E. Hecox, Glen D Hedemann, Robert F. Heggem, Jerry P. Helmcomp, Dewey E. Helv, James C. Hembree, Gene H. Hemphill, Andrew D. Hendrick, David J. Henneke, Charles J. Henry, Ccrmie L. Henry, Thomas L. Hensel, Howard M. Hensley, Robert W. Henthorne, Norris G. Herbold, John R. Herrera, Moses Herring, Jack L. Herzik, Terrence L. Hester, Claude D. Hethcoat, Charles L. Heussher, Johnny C. HewIeH, Michael L. Hickl, Louis J. Hicks, Albert D. Hicks, Bruce M. Hicks, Thomas M. Hightower, Steven C. Hill, John J. Hill, John M. Hilton, Phillip L. Hlavinka, Dennis J. Hoch, Russell W. Hodgkins, Stephen C. Hoegemeyer, Howard W. Hoff, Claude A. Hoffman, Michael P Hogg, Gary L. Said 1he preacher as he slipped on The steps: "It's odd how old forgotten words spring To mind, isn'f it?" Jackson, Robert L. Jacobs, Jon A. James, Gary L James, Stephen W. Jamison, Philip C. Janicek, Hubert M. Jorosz, Stanley M. Jarvis, Jon M. Jenkins, Michael L. Jennings, Arthur W. Jett, James E. Johns, Charles W. Johnson, Cecil D. Johnson Jr., Frank E. Johnson, Jimmie C. Johnson, Johnny L. Johnson, Lee V. Johnson, Michael C. Johnson, Patrick N. Johnson, Richard S. Johnson, Steven R. Johnson, William B. Johnston, Harvey T. Johnston, Steve B. Johnstone, Keith P. Jones, Benny J. Jones, Joe R. Jones Jr., Kenneth C. Jones, Marvin K. Jones, Raymond L. Joyner Jr., Charles A. Judo, Robert A. Jungman, Thomas A. Jurcak, Thomas L. Kocol, George J. Koffenberger, Howard W. Kaster, James A. Kazmierske, James D. Kean, Terence P. Kearney, James C. Keesecker, Robert A. Keiser, Ronald E. Kelley, Robert L; Kemph, Gary S. Keneipp, Timothy W. Keneson, Wendell M. Kennerly, Kenneth D. Kent, Van A. Kercheval, David R. Kernan, William F. A car motor pounded and suddenly wheezed to a stop on a lonely road. I wonder what that knock is? "Maybe," suggested the blonde companion, "it's opportunity". Before marriage, a man spends most of his time spooning around; after mar- riage, it's forking over. Kessler, Albert W. Key, Michael C. Key, Peirce C. Kidd Jr., William E. Killen, James R. Killian, Quentin N. Killingsworth Jr., Roger A. Kimsey, Larry M. Kindel, Charles E. Kinder, William P. King, Frank B. King, Wayne E. Kirk, Richard L. Kirkpatrick, Edward A. Kiser, James K. Kitchen, Thomas G. Kleibrink, Michael C. Klock, Jack M. Kloppe, Rodger W. Knight, John A. Kobrin, David A. Koenig, Robert P. Koetfer, Jay T. Koop, Harold W. 1 t Korenek, Stephen R . Kostelnik, Michael C: Kotrlo, Claren J. Kovocs, John Kovacs, Robert E. Kroberger, Kenneth E. Kronenberger, Walter R. Kuklinski, Richard F. Kurotko, Louis C. Kyle, William P. Kyzar, James R. LoBudo, Thomas M. LoGraize, Albert G. Laird, Alan D. Lam, Michael H. Lamoscus th, Charles M. Lone, Steve E. Langseth, David C. Lunning, Michael L. Louchlner, Robert H, Loughlin, John W. Laughter, Leslie D. Lawrence, James R Lawson, James T. Leach, Richard S. LeBourvcou, Glover P. a g -g g I Lee, Billy W. Leese, David P. Lehmann, James H. Leifesfe, Lloyd E. Leinharf, Michael G. Leonard, Johnnie W. Lester, Thomas L. LeVan, Timothy B. Lewis, Calvin L. Lewis, Frederick J. Lewis, James H Lewis, Thomas E. Lewis, Thomas V. Lighfsey, John R. Liles, John W4 Lincecum, Joe J. Lindsay, Milton E. Lindsey, James A. Little, Leland R. Livas, Pablo Lively, Travis C. Lockey, Paul E. Loeffler, John R. Loftin, Martin A. Logan, Joe C. Logan, William R. Loomis, Stephen M. h Looney, Cullen R. Loveall, Ronald C. Lowe, Michael P . Lucas, Carl E. , - . Lucas, John R. 6. , , ' ' Lungsfrum, Stephen J. Lyle, Charles S. Lyons, Gary R. yons, Kenneth M. , , 21 An Aggie's prayer: "Lord, if you , . V . - ' v , M I1,Le R. cant make me a better man, don'f . , . v cbiazhaIatmnmmas R. . . ' , x Ma h tk , 50 V. worry about If. I'm havmg a real good . ' L - . $2M; Sturgrl B. Time as If is H n ' Madden, Daniel R. " N, M; HEX?! 35:42 Madrigal, Hector Mahoney, Joe P. Main, Maurice V. Mankin, Michael W. Maple, Lonwood G. Marcus, Donald A. Mark, Guido G. Markle, Walter G. Martin, Paul B. Martin, Randall A. Martin HI, Seth P. Massey, Richard A. Massey, Ronald W. Masierson, Robert M. Mafachinskas, Joseph P. Mathew, John R. Mathis, Stewart F. Motson, Roger A. Matthews, Richard L. MO'WS' WOI'" C' " ' ' r : V "I iUs'r came in To get a little heir", McHoon, Kenneth A. . . . Mamx, Paul , , . V , ' , Q . s'ra'red a recent father as he was walking Maxwell, John R , ' , ' " into the hospital. Maxwell, Terry C. May lll, Fred H. May, John J. May, Richard W. May, William A. Moyes, Ronald P. Moyfield, Robert G. Mayo, Albert 0. Mays, Benny G. 5? Wm McBride, Gary H. McCall, Charles M. McCann, John P. McCann, Richard G. McConnell, Fred M. McCorkle, MaHhew L. McCrory, Donald B. McCuIlch, Drew McCurdy, John R McDonald, John D. McDonald, Kenneth W. McElvoney, Gmy A. McEnHre, William W. McFadden, Paul M. McFarland, Craig A. McGorr III, John Patrick McGinfy, Charles R McGirr, Steve McGIcmery, Merrill H. McGoldrick, Gary M. McGregor, Alan M. McHenry, Nick B. McHorse, Michael D. McIntyre, Michael E. McKaskle, Danny R. McKay, Robert J. McKee, Bruce M. McKenna, Francis X. McKinney, Elton D. McLennon, Jon M. McLeroy, John D. McLeroy, William D. McMiIIen, Jpseph A. Meoux, Steve Medina, Ramon HA Meiller, John G. Meister, Robert A. Melcher, Edward F. Melzer, L. Steve Menczer, Stephen E. Merriman, Donald E. Merritt, Robert R. Metrock, John M. Michael, Hershel A. Midyen, William R. Mikel, Tilden N. Miller, Clinton A. Miller, David G. Miller, David L. Miller, Don C. Miller, Edward M. Miller, Elvon J. Miller, Lemon E. Miller, Robert M. Miller, Travis M. Millikin, James L. Minze, Lonnie C. Mitchell Jr., James L. Mitchell, Thomas W. Mitchell, William T. Mittendorf HI, Ehrhard Moley, Richard D. Montfort Jr., Howard W. Moon, Gary L. Moore, Donald R. Moore, Gerald L. Moore, Gregory A. Moore, Howard B. Moore, John L. Moore, Larry W. Moore, Ronald A. Moores, John H. Moron, Michael C. Moron, Michael D. Moreland, Bobby D. Found on a college freshman regis- tration card: "Name of Parenfs-Mom and Dad." Moreno, John N. Morgan, Barry E. Morgan, John W. Merrill, Johnny C. Morris, Don 5. Morris, Irvin W. Moses, George C. Moss ll, King Moss, Roderick Motl, Michael B. Mumford, Ronald W. Munson, James S. Muska. Phillip T. Myers, Randall R. Nagy, Davis B. Nash, Ronald A. Natho, Thomas E. Nation, David F. Neal, H. Dickinson Neeley, Mike J. Neff Jr., Jimmie L. Nelson, Gerald R. Nelson, Phillip E. Nelson, Wayne A. 68 Neumann, Corl H. Neumann, Larry D. Neveux, Lawrence J. Nevills, Monte R. Newcomb, Richard I. Nichol, David W. Nicks Jr., Paul B. Nieland, Jeffrey C. Niemi, Richard M. Nierdieck, Thomas C. Niles, William J. Noel, Leon E. Nolan, Roy T. Nooner, Terry 5, Nordhous, Robert K. Norman, Joseph R. Norris, J. D. Norris, William M. NUH, James W. Oberg, Erik P. Ochoa, Charles L. O'Connell, Lawrence M. Offenhauser, Steven A. Ogdce, Jack E. Ohlendod, Edgar l. Oliver, Richard A. O'Neql, Stephen J. O'Nedl, Timothy D, Oppenheim, Jeffery S. Orbin Jr., Earl M. Orton, Charles 0. Orton, Thomas J. Osborn, Thomas E. Osterling, Kenneth R. Oswald, Harry A. Ozan, George A. Poclik, Michael J. Paderas, David T. Palm, Guillermo A. Pope, David R. Park, Thomas R. Parker, James E. Parker, John W. Perkin, David P. Parr, Don S. Parr, John D. Parr, Otney M Parrish, Dennis R. Parsons, George A. Parsons, Loren J. Patterson Ill, Albert E. Patterson Jr., Arnold A. Paul, Jon L, Payne, Rodney H. Payne, Roger D. Pazderski, Richard A Pearce, Joseph W. Pearson, Jocquy C. Pehnke, Lee A. Pena, Ernesto J. Penn, Robert A. Perdue, George W. ' . Perez, Richard Every man needs a Wife! hbeCaUSIe , . . ' V L ' Perkins, James W. ' r n 1. 8T 6 can't V L ' , , ' Perrlel, Howard 5. many things go w o g , , . , , , V L . Perrwamest , . , ' V - , . Peters, Michael J. blame on The government. Peyrefine, Gregory A. Phillips, Bruce R. Phillips, Stephen D. PhillpoHs, William R. Pickouance Jr., William W. Piehl, Eugene M. Pierce, Larry D. Pierce Michael E. PigoH, Geoffrey C. Pingenof, Dante J. PloHs, David W. Poland, Robert L Pollard Jr., Eugene C. Pollard Jr., Kenneth W. Pompo, Juori R. Porter! Donald W. Posey, Roy W. Poston, Ronald H, Pom": David W- ' .. , Some girls believe the only founda- ., I ' . , ' ,, Tion for true love is a large stone. Powell, James ,R- Power, Robert A. Prater ll, Charles NV PoHer, Thomas A, Preas, Bryon T. Prendergost, James C. Presswood, Daniel T. Preston, Charles W, Plice, Gary M. Prue" Jr., Hal C. Puckett JL, Roy H Pugh, Alfred P Purcell! Charles W. 'K'.2W:-M A .. u Quolls, Smi'h, A. Quinlcn, Gerald F. Rebel, Carroll H. Rodke, AI W Ragland, Norman K. Randolph, Jimmie D. Randolph, John P. Randolph, Robert B. Ronsdell, Billy H. Rovey, Bill R. Roy, Donald R, Reyes, James L Reed! Roger R. Reagan, Dennis F. Reagan, James O. Reagan, Jimmy R. Reot, Richard A. Redfecrn, John M. Redshow, Neal A. Reeder, James L. Reele, Sirel A. Reeves, Jimmy E. Reeves, William E. Regini Jr,, EHIST. Rehmet, Porrick G. Reicher, Robert F. Reitzer, Joel V. J Jr... xvr y ??Uulhl :1 . , 1 uwC y Xg , , ,xxxr?g 1W. 0 MosT people don'T care how much They pay for someThings, as long as it's noT all aT once. Stout, Henry V. STover, Harry MT STrange, James T. Street, Jerry N. STriinng, Richard MT Slficklond, Bruce D. Stromon, Jr. William J. Slroop, Robert E. STroTher, James WT STruss, Darrell A. SIuTler, James G. Summers, Link E. Supok, Eugene CT Sutton, Russell CT SveTlik, PoTrick A. Swohn, John F, Swonn III, Hermon LT SweoT, Lotry L. $windle,'Morvinl M. SwiTzer, Robert C, Toff, George T. Talk, Edmond C. Tong, Charles A., ToTem. Haw. E, Taylor, Dona H. Taylor, James T. Taylor, John R. Taylor, Johnny C, Taylor, Kennelh E. Taylor, Michael J. Taylor, Richard D. Teogue, Thomas A. Teeter, Wull-om G, Ternus, Daniel J. Thacher, Frank B. Thibodeoux, Gene P. Thomas, Hedrick C. Thomas, John C. Thompson, Alan C. Thompson, Jack R. Thompson, James R. Thompson, John S. Thompson, Kennelh E Thompson Jra, SomueT W. Thompson, William A. Tice Jra, Francis A. Tigeleriro, Anthony M. Tiierino, Jose 0. Tillerson, Joe R. Slone, Theodore W. Slovak, RoberT SmiTh, Dan F. Smith, Jr., Eugene L. Smith, Hugh F. Smith, James E. SmiTh, Jesse H Smith, Larry C. Smilh, 5. Don Smith, Stephen L. Smithson, Craig D. Snell! John M. Snelus, Paul R. Sohl, Walter H. Solovey, Robert J. Sommers, Gordon E a Sommers, Lawrence E. Sonnen, Robert A. Sorrells, William W. Spacek Ill, Frank J. Spellman, Gianfranco Spellman, Michael T. Spencer, Philip D. Spiekevmun, Martin D. SpiTzer, Richard G. Sprenger, CIifTon W. Springfield, James H. Sprouls, James C. Spurkosky, Thomas M. Stack, William B. STanIey, Thomas D. Staples, Edwin A. STovinoha, Edward L. SToyTon, Melvin A, STeeIe, James A. STelly, Lawrence A. Stem, Grady LT STephenson, KeiTh A. STevener, Ralph A. Stevens David L. Stevens, Jack R. Slevens, Ralph 5. Stevens, Thomas D. STewarT, Don R. Stewart, Stephen S. STilson, Charles H. Stimpson Jr., Rilchie PT STodghiII, Robert H. STong, Charles T. Stong, Richard 0. Our ancesTors had To haul The wash waTer from The well, buT They didn'T have To siT up nighTs figuring ouT how To pay for The buckeT. Tillery, Gary A. Tillery, Michael M. Tilley, Frank WA Tillman, Stephen G. Tipping Jr., Eldon G. Tomlin, Tommy D. Tomlinson, William E. Travis, Jerry W. Travis III, Leon E. Travis, Phillip D. Trench, Winston F. Trlico, Cory A. Tron, Robert C. Truox, Roland E. TruiH, Donald A. Turbeville, John B. Turner, Douglas N. Turner, Walter D4 Turrou, Robert M Upchurch, Jim L. Upton, Robert L. Upton, Thomas E. Vondoveer, James A. Van Nostrand, Kenneth A. Vclri Winkle, John S. Vaughan, Richard A. Vaughn, Richard W. Venotor, Lewis G. Vezey, Edward L. Villafronco, Raymundo R. Vinson, Robert K. Visser, Paul W. Vogos, James L. Vogelsang, Ernest F. Voisin, Billy L. Von Minden, Richard C. Wagers, Harold D. WainscoH, Monte C. Wainwright, John E. Walker, Donald M. Walker, Gary A. Walker, Gary L. Walker, Joe R. Welles, William E. Walling, James R. Walne, George N. Walters, Douglas F. Walton, Thomas F. Word, Donald M. Ward, Fred T. The inconsistency of women comes out in the one who screams and goes chair climbing upon seeing a mouse and then snuggles herself into a con- vertible beside a wolf. Teen age girl: "Last week I was crazy over Charlie, and now I can't stand him any more. Isn't it funny how changeable men are?" Ward, Sanford T. Ward, Stanford D. Warnick, Steven W. Warren, Richard D. Watkins, Michael D. Watson, Barry H. Watson, Edward L. Watson, Rodney L. Watson, Thomas W. Watts, Charles B. Wawak, Bruce A. Weaver, Deny P. Weaver Jr., Walter L. Webb, Billy C, Webb, Gary, W. Webb, Jack L. Webb, Timothy J. H. Webber, Joseph P. Weber, James P. Wechsler, Franklin F. Weinstein, Samuel R. Welch Jr., Stanley H. Wellman, Jay S. $4 Wells, Bob k? 8 Welsh, Tom C. Wenzel, Derril W. Werdung, Wayne HA West, Joseph L. Westbrook, Richard C. Wheeler, Don R. Wheeler, John W. Wheeler, Lynn A. Whitccre, Charles J. White, Charles H. White, David J. White, David W. White, E. Frank White, Michael B. Whilehouse Ill, Floyd 0. Whiteside, Jack M. Wiggins, David T. Wilkin, Michael JA Wilkinson, Richard W. WilkinSOn Jr., Thomas P. Willhile, Leon A. Williams, Alfred M. Williams, Barry 0. Williams, Douglas W. Williams, Eddy J. Williamson, Jerry A. Williams, John L. Williams, John T. Williams, Johnny F. Williams, Kenneth R. Williams, Kerry C. Williams, Leland N Williams, Paul D. Williams, Ralph T. Williams, Thomas M. Williams, Troyce F. Willis, Donald B. Willis, Richard D, Willmunn Jr., Charles J. Wilson, Jack L. Wilson, Joe B. Wimberly, Don P. Winfrey, Ronald D. Winger, William E. Winkler, Hayden E. Winkler, Robert J. Winniford, Holly D. Wirtz, Michael R. Wise, Thomas H Wittrock, Charles H, Wolf, Richard K. Wolf, Thomas L. Wommer, Louis P. Wood, John C. Wood, John C. Wood, Michael L. Wood, Samuel 0. Woodard, Mitchell A. Woodley, James 8. Woods, Donald L. Wooldridge, Thomas J. Woolley, James N Woofer, William L. Word, Randall L Worley, James D. Wright, James R. Wright, John 5 Wuesf, Kenneth W. Wyatt, Roberf A, Ybarra, Frank A Yochem, Phillip A. Yoder, John F. Young ll, Billy H. Young, Jess H. Young, Jon R. Youngblood, Francis G. Youngblood, James L. Zatopek, Lawrence .' Zinsmeyer, Polrick kl. Zipp, Ronald D. Ziriacks, Winston L. Zorn, Philip L. Zofz, Charles L, Two members of the Fish Drill Team proudly accept the first place irophy won at A8JW5 meet. A true friend to all Aggies, Lawrence Sullivan Ross. I 965 Advertisers AGGIELAND STUDIO AUSTIN BRIDGE CO. BRYAN COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. CALDWELL JEWELERS CAMPUS AND CIRCLE THEATRES CAMPUS CLEANERS CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE co. CHAMPION PAPERS, INC. CONWAY'S CORBUSIER CHEVROLET w. H. CURTIN 8 co. JOHN DEERE co. ECONOMY BOOT co. EXCHANGE STORE JOE FAULK'S FORDYCE CO. H. B. ZACHRY FORSYTH ENGINEERING CO. C. P. HANCOCK AGENCY HOLICK'SI INC. HUGHES TOOL CO. LESTER'S MADELEY PHARMACY PARK CLEANERS PARKER-ASTIN. INC. 6. S. PARKER. LUMBER CO. 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H""'Im,:lmm" ILII'V' lIInwV K n mumnrm IHHHII qu' II'IIHI'HUHHIII "Hi ' IV uIIIIIIIIIIIIlI I I i, uIIIIIIIIUIIIuIIIIII!!Ij1 - rnnuuullllll"---Illllu IJIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII. 1rIIIIIl l lnInIIIIInAIMMWIa-III; IIIIIIII n: l! ,1 llIlIlllll r"..llll .HII-III Illllllllll 7IIII1IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII llllllllll Int: III III anur- lllllllll IIIIIIIII llll!lil e r O t S k 0 0 B e .m v r e 5 H e S Adamson, Howard J. 461 Adams, David Earl 148, 300, 409 Adams, Donald Robert 326 Adams, Gary Milton 176, 349, 482 Adams, Henry Richard 307 Adams, Neal Windelin 204, 349, 482 Adams, Noel Evean Jr. 475 Adams, Pamela June 400 Adams, Phil Louis 160, 482 Adams, Richard John 129, 167, 338, 482 Addison, William W. 167, 482 Adelmann, Headley C, 405 Agarwal, Ram Gopal 317, 405 A9483m, Gory Clyde 140, 196, AineHi, Terry Craig 203, 249, 47 Abbe", Eric Dohlquist 124, 180, 270, 482 Abbott, Ira Reynold 178, 482 Abbott, John Paul 116, 232, 475 AbboH, Robert Lee 195, 482 Abd, El-Maguid Ahmed 284 Abd, El Maguid Ferial 300 Abel, Albert W. 121, 409 Abel, Ralph Bruce 298, 461 Abernathy, Garland D. 482, 244 Abernathy, Robert Chad 302 Abernathy, Thomas C. 308, 409 Ablon, Jack Herbert 167, 283 Abraham, Herbert Carl 289, 301, 461 Abschneider, Joseph G. 176, 332, 482 Adamek, Rodney Wayne 214, 482 Ainsworfh, Milton A. 307 Airharf, Jim Wallis 129, 307, 409 Akhtar, Muhammad Iqbal 284 Akin, Donny Glen 255, 308, 461 Alber, John Robert 203, 353, 482 Albert, Walter Gerald 236, 482 Albin, Garry Don 461 Aldape, Joel 195, 475 Aldrich, Armistead A. 117, 204, 294 Aldrich, Billy Marvin 482 Aldrich, Collin Stotham 212 Aldrich, Lovell E. 180, 309, 409 Aldrich, Oliver C. 111, 146 Aldrich, Samuel Park 200, 461 Aldridge, Richard L. 315, 409 Alexander, Boyce W, 482 Alexander, Patrick H. 409 Alexander, Richard M, 148, 317, 325, 409 Alexander, Robert Wade 475 Alexander, Rodney Lynn 255 Alexander, Roy C. 216 Alford, Benjamin Frank 140, 207, 218, 248, 294, 461 Ali, Khondoker Mohammad 307, 402 Allen, Albert N. 160, 482 Allen, Carolyn 400 Allen, Charles Henry 299, 409 Allen, Donald Everett 140, 169, 176, 220, 278, 461 Allen, Donald Lynn 238, 481, 2 48 Allen, Gerald Lynn 204 Allen, Henry Louis 461 Allen, James E. 276, 299 Allen, James Hiram 409 Allen, James H. Jr. 298 Allen, John Button 461 Allen, Robert Charles 256, 409 Allen, Robert Louis Jr. 232 Allen, Roy M. 241, 409 Allen, William Kyle 257, 461 Allen, Willie Joe 300, 409 Allensworth, Gary Dean 231, 482 Allerding, Martin Ray 203, 363, 482 Alley, Tydes William 316, 365 Allison, Gory Elton 162, 482 Allison, Harry James 475 Allison, John C. 461 Almond, Lyndon Keith 313, 409 Almond, Thomas Lynn 292 Alston, Freddy Gene 158, 300, 352 Altman, William Kean 121, 276, 390, 409 Alvarez, Richard Uhr 176, 482 Alverson, Kinlner W. 140, 230, 353, 409 Amaya, Jose Antonio 220, 263, 482 Amox, Ronald Lane 164, 475 Amthor, George Marcus 258, 337, 461 Anderson, Alvin Leon 192, 482 Anderson, Clifton P. Jr. 129, 82 Anderson, Charles W. 138, 358, 482 Anderson, David P. 146 Anderson, George Harvey 409 Anderson, James 6., Jr. 307 Anderson, Kenneth C. 244, 482 Anderson, Larry Otis 216, 475 Andevson, Louis Francis 129, 164, 269, 365 Anderson, Michael Roy 203, 482 Anderson, Robert .1. III, 409 Anderson, Roger R. 216 Andersson, Andrew M. 285 Anderton, William Blair 240, 482 Andes, Fred Stephen 238 Andes, Randy Thomas 238 Andrews, Donald Gary 308, 410 Andrews, Jack Cameron 157 Andrews, Kevin Richard 140, 187, 196, 248, 294, 336, 461 Andrews, Otis Kent 204 Andrews, William Keith 204, 482 Andrick, Jeffrey P. 120, 316, 410 Ansel, Sture Alexander 157, 358 Ansley, Charles Henry 214, 330, 475 Anthony, Billy Mack 218 Amhony, William Harold 157, 482 Anfosh, Thomas Frank 264, 461 . Apostle, Ernest Lynn 123, 129, 216, 331, 482 1 Appel, John Henry 261 Applegare, Rodney W. 196, 482 Archer, Jomes Harold 361 Archer, Terry Paul 180, 482 Arellano, Augus1in R. 122, 220, 234, 475, 482 Arellano, Carlos 122, 475 Arendt, Richard Stanley 182, 482 Arldf, Harvey Kenneth 461 Arledge, Robert Gray 234 Armana, Thomas Albert 410 Armour, Wayne Thomas 138, 184, 482 Armstrong, Billy C. 160, 310, 357, 482 Armstrong, Claudia 400 Armstrong, Glenn M. 238, 482 Armstrong, Donald 461 Armstrong, Richard W. 256, 359, 410 Armstrong, William E. 152, 161, 410 Arnold, Millon Ray 199, 249 Arocha, Ricardo 299 Arrington, Billy L. Jr. 258, 461 Arringvon, Thomas M. 107, 109, 204, 334, 475 Arthingron, Marvin S. 216, 367, 482 Asbill, William Thomas 461 Aschenbeck, Walter B. 146, 482 Ashcroft, Jack Grady 198, 199, 461 Ashley, James T. III, 401 Ashmore, Paul Douglas 231, 482 Ashworlh, Michael D. 148, 292, 461 Atchley, Charles C., Jr. 234, 482 Atkinson, Robert M., Jr. 162, 302 Atkinson, William C. 101,118 Atkins, James Kennelh 199, 304 Atkins, James L. III, 299, 410 Atkins, Noble James, Jr. 198, 401 Atkins, Robert Dudley 169, 178, 410 Atkins, William Robert 184 Atwell, Donald Curler 207, 212, 410 Aumann, James Thomas 146, 482 Austin, Larry Morton 263 Austin, Larry Warren 48? Avosthi, Surii! M. 405 AvereH, James Harvey 224, 482 714515! Axberg, David Russell 240, 482 Ayres, Don Wayne 244 Aziz Tariq 475 Babb, Gerald Ransom 238, 482 80bin, Leopold B. 155, 326, 410 Bocico, Woodrow Lansing, 255 287, 410 Backof, Alon Wayne 148, 248, 482 Bacon, John Arthur 257 Bacon, William 475 Bade, Norman 475 Bodgwell, Don Hous1on 208, 214, 323, 410 Badgwell, Karen 400 Baduy, Antonio Auad 220, 255, 41 0 8099911, Joe Ele 238, 322, 1 46 Baggefl, Willam M. 234, 482 Bailey, Daniel Lloyd 195, 318, 482 Bailey, Dennis Stephen 164, 223, 482 Bailey, Edmond Ira 261, 306 Bailey, Edward Lee 249, 482 Bailey, James Madison 255, 461 Bailey, Marlow F. 203, 482 Bailey, Ronald Lane 308 Bailey, Thomas Charles 322, 461 Bailey, Weldon 475 Bailey, William F. 249, 482 Baird, Wayne Julian 203, 287, 482 Baker, Berry 475 Baker, Derrel Aston 200 Baker, Glenn Earl 315 Baker, Henry Daniel III, 212, 475 Baker, Milton Marcus 475 Baker, Richard D Baker, Robert David 172, 270, 336 Baker, William Brice 240, 249, 365, 482 Baldarromu, Alfredo M. 262 Baldree, Robert M. 172, 270, 482 Boldridge, John Robert 232, 365, 482 Baldwin, Alan Carter 182, 482 Balfour, Boyce 8. 410 Balhorn, Charles Edward 148, 369, 475 Ballard, John S. 111,191, 410 Ball, Carl Sterling 138, 172, 270, 482 Bamberg, William H. 191 Bammel, William E., Jr. 256, 280, 315, 410 Bancroft, Stephen H. 203, 204, 482 Banks, Cecil Edward 482 Banks, Gene Palmer 146, 482 Banks, Keith LyHe 274, 307, 4 2 0 Banner, Wilbur Woodrow 320, 331, 410 Bentle, Harold Thomas 244, 245, 314, 410 Barbee, Larry Lee 154, 359, 482 Barber, Dale Bode 307 Barclay, Ronnie Wayne 236, 482 Bardin, Andrew E. 295, 363 Bergmann, William G. 308, 410 Borham, Bobby Gene 307 Barkemeyer, David L. 293 Barker, David George 332, 461 Barker, Dudley Snyder 260; 461 Barker, Leonard Ricky 247, 410 Barker, Richard 8. 107, 117, 367 Barker, Stephen W. 461 Barker, William Oliver 204 Barlow, Jimmy Ray 140, 230, 231, 350, 461 Barlow, John Edward 178, 304, 410 Barlow, Thomas Lance 196, 482 Barnes, Jackson N. 146, 334, 475 Barnes, Lelhcn Alan 203, 326, 410 Barnes, William M, 299, 303 Barnett, Robert W, 244 Bards, David W. 475 Barrera, Arruro R., Jr. 475 Barrett, Richard Edwin 128, 262, 411 Barrier, Franklin W. 162, 482 Barron, Gary Raymond 280, 411 Barron, James Thomas 196, 311, 411 Barrows, Glyn Arthur 148 Barr, Dennis B. 146, 147, 411 Barr, Frederick J. Jr. 170, 174, 411 Barr, Robert Daniel 234, 482 Barry, James Dwight 214, 292, 335 Barry, John Lee 124, 176, 475 Barsch, Bobbie Knight 326 Bartelli, Terry Taylor 232, 482 Bartlett, Tommy Ross 262 Barton, David Merritt 218, 296, 329 Barton, Jerry 80b 196, 355, 482 Barton, Joel R. 111, 223, 482 Barton, Mike 159, 461 Bcrvin, Alan Lee 247, 283 Basco, Curtis Edward 218, 482 Bashor, Harvey Michael 359 Bosinger, James Alton 148, 482 Bassham, James M. 162, 324, 475 Bass, Wilbur Anthony 162 Batcheler, Edward J. 311 Bateman, Barry Lynn 199, 411 Batemon, Richard W. 303 Bale, Jerry Maurice 351 Bates, Larry Eugene 99, 118 Botey, Richard 288, 411 Batey, Thomas Alden 401 Bothey, George Alfred 461 Bath, William Rober1214, 482 Butsell, Michael Lynn 234, 249 Batson, Thomas 0., Jr. 288 Butte, Robert Dan 159, 475 Baucom, Reid Etowning 180 Bauer, Stephen Michael 153, 164, 411 Baumon, Roland James 232, 482 Buur, Richard Allen 249, 482 Bausch, Walter Charles 263 Baxter, James Robert 172, 270, 482 Buyer, William Charles 124, 180 Baylor, Edwin R, 307 802cm, James Dennis 180, 362, 482 Buzan, Ruben, Jr, 482 Beach, James Harmon 220, 482 Beall, Ronnie Toy10r 146 8901!, William 5., Jr. 248, 482 8901 Jacob 8., Jr. 411 Beal, Wayne Allen 482 Bean, Richard Nelson 336 Bearden, Don Allan 238, 461 Beard, James H, 216, 475 Beasley, John Michael 101, 102,103,104,105,106 Beasley, Moriiane M. 400 Beaumont, Michael L. 411 Beaumont, Richard Dirk 461 Beavers, Doyle L. 307 Beavers, Robert Howard 128, 158, 362, 482 Becerril, Raymond H. 146 Bechtel, David Thuxton 402, 307 Becht, Frederick J. 238, 482 Becka, John Clarence 146, 150, 333, 411 Backcom, Edwin A. III, 228, 401, 411 Becker, Frederick W. 313 Becker, Gerald Jo 212, 354, 482 Becker, Joseph 'Dennis 411 Beckhom, John Blair 244, 290 Beckmeyer, John Craig 411 Beckner, Ralph E. 107, 109, 118, 244 Back, Farrel Emil, Jr. 461 Beck, Joseph Raymond 146, 214, 475 Back, Michael Owen 240 Beebe, Warren Hale, Jr. 172, 270, 482 Beeler, Todd Fielding, 258 Beene, Robert Allen 475 Beever, Stephen Gary 148 Beggerly, James D. 223, 260, 263, 332, 461 Beggs, Michael Randall 210, 288, 482 Behnken, Thomas William 192 Beighle, Phillip Lew 304, 411 Belcher, William R., Jr 307 Beleau, Marshall Harold 307 Belinsky, PeVer Barry 148, 461 Bellomy, William P. 172, 270, 482 Bell, Bob Davis 198, 411 Bell, Charles Thomas 236, 482 Bell, Dennis 8, Jr. 191, 204 Bell, James Marvin 238 Bell, J. 8, 306, 411 Belson, Charles W. 365, 461 Bendele, Raymond Andres 240, 482 Bender, William C. 212, 326, 348, 408, 411 BenedeHo, Anthony R. 124, 162, 336, 482 Benefield, Richard L. 411 Benefield, Roy Wayne 461 Benes, Joseph Bailey 292, 299, 411 Benesh, Jackie Carroll 204 Bennet, Richard Guy 148, 232, 483 Bennett, Benicmin B. 231, 483 Bennett, Kenneth Wayne 356, 475 Bennett, Larry Eugene 240, 483 BenneH, Richard Lee 325 Bennett, Richmond 0., 195, 369 Bennett, Robert William 218 Bennett, Virgil 0., Jr. 411 Benson, Fred Charles 412 Benson, Isaac John 244 Benson, James R. Jr. 88, 412 Benson, Joyce Lvn 400 Benson, Robert Carroll 158, 269. 308, 357, 475 Bentley, Dennis Lowell 282 Bentley, George Henry 220, 475 Bentley, Robert Jones 212 Benton, George Lea 365, 412 Benlzen, Gordon W. 162, 330, 475 Benwell, John Charles 240 Benwell, Tommy Curtis 231, 483 Berg, Norvell Dwight A. 234 Berger, Eugene Joseph 285, 299, 461 Berger, Harlan James 154, 483 Bergoon, Ronald D. 216, 309, 412 Berk, John Isadore 216, 368, 483 Bernal, Aleiandro 483 Berngen, Frank Edmund 116, 461 Bernhard, Larry Kirby 255 Berry, Billy Earl 412 Berry, Bob Barkley 223, 483 Berry, Charles Mark 475 Berry, Darryl Cline 308 Berry, Holland James 317 Berry, James Therold II 247 Berry, John F. 299 Berry, Michael Oscar 216 Berry, Robert Allen 244 Bertillion, Leland R. 412 Bess, Robert Carl 212 Bethe, Kenneth E. Jr. 116 Bethel, Wayne Brooks 483 Benge, Paul Donald 172, 270, 277, 475 Betz, Roscoe A., Jr. 179, 412 Bevers, James Robert 461 Beyer, Donald Paul 184, 483 Beyer, Melvin Louis 146, 461 Bezner, Roy William 308 Bialas, Gene Allen 234 Bickhum, Johnnie A. 121, 361, 412 Biediger, Roy John 162, 483 Biediger, Sylvan George 191, 483 Bielfeldf, James Karl 289, 337, 412 Biluncich, Donnie Brent 461 Biles, Dennis 8ryan1212 Billman, Charles M. 204, 353 Bippen, Roger Dale 160, 475 Bird, James Elfon 174, 483 Birdsong, William A. 124, 338, 475 Birdwell, Joe Ernest 146, 248, 357, 483 Bires, David Richard 195 Birk, Elmer Albert, Jr. 160, 483 Birnkranf, Gerald 368, 475 Bishara, Talcat Michael 263, 284 Bishop, Charles Willis 146, 483 Bishop, Dwight Reed 234, 483 Bishop, Eugene Holt, Jr. 196, 4 1 Bishop, Jay Phillip, Jr. 236, 48 3 Bitar, Jose J. 161, 300, 412 Blackburn, James Ray 214, 475 Blackmon, Joe Allen 247, 367, 461 Black, James Frederick 146, 483 Black, John David 240, 483 Blackhurs, Kathy 400 Blackwell, Freddie Jon 289, 412 Blackwell, Thomas M. 146, 412 Blair, Kelvin Roberl 148, 483 Blair, Kippen Lee 140, 247 Blakely, Rudolfo, Jr. 195, 318, 483 Blake, Jack Palrick 307, 461 Blandford, Donald E. 196, 483 Blanchette, Thomas H. 263, 300, 301 Blankenburg, Larry L. 223, 483 Blankenship, James W. 148, 412 Blanton, Dennis R. 148, 475 Blaschke, James 261 , 315 Blasdel, Jerry Lee 483 Blaylock, James E. III 148, 461 Blazek, Henry Emil, III 307 Blazek, Joseph B. 224, 360, 475 Blessing, William Scott 244, 249, 287 Blocker, Noel Gene 461 Bloodworth, Morris 8. 461 Bloomer, Daniel Lynn 232, 483 Bloomer, Henry P., III 146, 412 Bloomer, Jon Michael 330, 483 Bloom,Eric Edward 146, 483 Blum, Michael Jay 283, 483 Blythe, Raymond E. 180 Boase, Stanley Max 258, 462 Bodenhamer, Jeffery E. 157, 483 Boehck, Richard R. 412 Boehm, Allen Oliver 315 Boehm, William Steve 412 Boelte, John Edwin 412, 483 Boese, John Olsen 462 Boethel, David John 160 Bogart, Danny M., 256, 323, 12 4 Bogda, Helen Marie 307 Bogusch, Henry Charles 308 Bohn, Phillippe Buyan 123, 161, 331, 462 Boldf, Robert Bryan 138, 203, 349, 483 Boleman, Larry L. 220, 289, 483 Boles, James Dale 207, 223, 366, 412 Bolinger, William G. 220, 412 Bollinger, Lee Stephen 269, 301, 390 Bollinger, Weldon Troy 146, 277, 483 Bolte, David Endico" 365 BoHon, Ben Walter 412 Bolton, Robert C. 288 80nd, George Devereaux 174, 483 Bond, Louis Harwood 315, 405 Bond, Michael Sherman 462 Bond, Norman Eugene 462 Bone, James Robert, Jr. 413 Bonner, John Harris 238, 475 Bonner, Wesley Benet! 240, 345, 483 Bonds, Ira Stanley 308, 462 Bonvillain, Frank 8. 160, 308, 475 Booker, John Clifton, Jr. 157, 4 75 Booker, Michael P. 236, 249, 483 . Book, William Carroll 214, 231, 351, 475 Boone, James Leroy, Jr. 315 Boone, James Richard 462 Boorfz, Neal Adolph 223, 353 Booth, Edwin Conway 483 Bordovsky, Robert Dean 462 Borg, David Alan 363, 413 Borgsledte, Theodore W. 366 Boring, Emory P., 111313, 413 Boriskie, Donald L., 258, 287, 364, 483 Bormann, Alvin Paul 413 Bornefeld, Bruce K., 214, 309 413 Borsche, Charles R. 483 Boughton, Roger S., 307, 402, 462 Bounds, Garry Leldon 307, 402, 413 Bounds, James Yancy 96, 118 Bourgeois, Francis John 138, 195, 318, 483 Bourgeois, James Earl 134, 135, 140, 187, 196, 354, 390, 413 Bourne, Carol Dudley 216, 483 Bourne, Cecil M. 195, 318, 413 Bowers, Arthur Milton 220, 483 Bowers, Joe 146, 367, 413 Bowers, Ralph Eldon 303, 462 Bowles, Joe Arthur 207, 413 Bowling, Floyd Avon 262, 413 Bowling, Rudy Lane 191, 483 Bownds, William Aubrey 164 Box, John Lee 199, 483 Box, John Walter 413 Boyce, Wilbur Craig, III 336 Boyd, Robert Cargill 414 Boyd, Robert Hugh 293, 299, 2 46 Boyd, Thomas Massie 172, 483 Boydslon, Michael Blake 167 Boykin, George Fredrick 462 80y, Ernst Andreas 312, 314, 391, 414 Bradburn, Terry Lynn 212 For +he Finesf in Men's Wear See Townshire l9ll Texas Ave. Bryan. Texas C. P. HANCOCK AGENCY Suife ll4. ll5. Ilb Ramanda Inn Represenfn TEXAS' LARGEST INSURANCE COMPANY "Universify Program" Forsyth Engineering Company Engineers and Machinisfs James M. "Cop" 95H Forsy'rh 'l2 David M. "Cop" 7554 Forsyfh '22 John E. Tinsley '4l James S. Forsy+h. '50 875 Lockwood Drive P. O. Box l8602 Housfon 23, Texas OR 2-l7ll JOE FAULK'S AUTO PARTS BRYAN ARMATURE WORKS 220 E. 25H: Bryan. Texas 0 DAIRY PRODUCTS S..!!!.t!.."l Bryan College Siafion 2.1-0.7. i: i. ?1 y, 35 Braden, Edward J. 263, 289, 414 Bradford, Philip Wayne 308 Bradford, Richard H. 483 Bradford, Walter H. 148, 248, 483 Bradley, Darrell Ashley 462 Bradley, Gary M. 216 Bradley, George Allen 223, 290, 483 Bradley, John Larkin 158, 475 1 Brady, James Wesley 136, 462 Brandt, Betty Dale 400 Brandt, Duane Vernon Jr. 302, 462 Brandt, Melvyn Ernest 307, 414 Brandt, Robert Alan 244 Brandt, Robert Elliot 107, 332, 475 Brannon, Emory Wayne 216, 475 Brannen, Harvey S. 307, 414 Brann, Harry Vernon 483 Brant, Charles E. 234 Brasher, Ricard Lynn 247, 483 Brasuel, Jerry Don 244, 483 Bratton, Gerald Ray 307, 414 BraHon, Jack Wier 140, 223, 462 Braunig, Henry Jacob 346 Bray, James H. 192, 307, 414 Breding, Edward Vincent 92, 94, 98, 99, 119 Bredow, Beniamin R., 234, 483 Brending, William C., 199, 462 483 Bresk, Stephen J., Jr., 204, 483 Bresler, Dana Allen 164, 462 Brewster, Charles H. 167, 293, 299, 303, 325, 362, 414 Brewster, Olin F., Jr. 192, 352 Brewion, Audie Roy, 111 224, 338, 462 Brice, Randall Haze 289, 462 Bricker, Joe Daniel 223 Bridges, James C. 148, 483 Bridges, Jerry Edward 138, 176, 483 Briggs, Arthur Flem 414 Briggs, James Barry 231, 483 Brill, Robert Rudolph 218 Brindley, Paul Barton 352 Brinkley, Ernest James 401 Brinkmann, John Robert 240, 483 Briscoe, Alan Lee 216, 287, 483 Briseno, Tomas Jr. 483 BriHain, Mucky Lee 307, 402 Brinan, Charles Larry 414 Britt, Harry Wayne 223, 330, 475 87in, Arie Clay1on 244 Brock, Kennith Douglas 170, 174, 270, 354, 462 Brookins, Michael Lee 414 Brooks, Charles Ray 176, 475 Brooks, Franklin Ramon 192, 483 Brooks, James Foster 178, 199, 483 Brooks, John Marshall 414 Brooks, Michael Alan 234, 462 Brotherton, John Robert 96, 98, 99,119,121, 414 Brotze, Gary Hilmer 140, 307, 462 Broussard, Gordon Gayle 414 Broussurd, James EHon 191, 402, 307 Broussard, Neal J. 223, 483 Browder, James Thomas 307 Browder, William W. 262, 303 Brower, Stephen Alan 287, 483 Browne, Ronald Dale 214 Brown, Austin Edwin, II 159, 462 Brown, Carroll Edward 146, 248, 330, 483 Brown, Charles P. 184, 293, 475 Brown, Clifford L. 363, 414 Brown, Davis Leroy 192, 483 Bmwn, Edgar William 340 Brown, George Roberf, Jr. 119, 309, 361 Brown, Georgia Willia 340 Brown, Harold Clifton 391 Brown, Jack Owen 240, 483 Brown, James Benjamin 462 Brown, James Edmond 414 Brown, James Forrest 333 Brown, James Milton 210, 462 Brown, Jimmie Edward 315 Brown, Jimmie Lee 192, 483 Brown, Jimmie Malon 300 Brown, Joe Benton 462 Brown, Michael Allan 216 Brown, Paul Edwin 214, 348, 483 Brown, Reese Weldon 203, 349, 483 Brown, Richard E. 368, 414 Brown, Robert Allan 240, 414 Brown, Rodgers Porter 369 Brown, Ronald Fred 340, 462 Brown, Sidney Preston 164, 280, 312, 314, 414 Brown, Thomas G. 462 Brown, Thomas J., Jr. 218, 296, 462, 475 Brown, Thomas Ira, III 146 Broyles, Lynn 224, 359, 483 Brumley, Billy Don 230, 231, 462 Brummelf, Barry J. C. 462 Bryan, Michael Gene 191, 329, 475 Bryant, James Nathan 319 Bryant, Larry M. 224, 340, 462 Bryson, Bernard G. 111 414 Buchanan, George S. 483 chkellew, William R. 135, 146, 150, 295, 414 Buck, Craig Garner 260, 462 Buch, Stephen George 483, 174 Budde, James Henry 83, 160, 386, 122 Buenfello, Rodolfo G. 218, 356 Buescher, Frank Joseph 216, 365 Buffin, John Kenneth 244 Bugai, Leslie J. Jr. 127, 301, 309, 462 Buhler, David Alexander 343, 475 Buhler, Herman Coyle 306, 343, 415 Builron, Paul Raymond 195, 249, 318, 483 Bulbul, Syed M. 284 Bullgrd, Delbert Lance 263 Bullard, Roger Dale 324, 426 Bullock, Eddie Lee 415 Bullock, Robert Lee III 415 Burchers, Jack M. 405 Burch, Joe Torn 344, 462 Burditt, Michael Lee 318 BurdiM, William R. 462 Burd, Howard Huffman 203, 302 Bureg, Charles Edwin 140 Burgess, James H. 204 Burgower, Philip L. 244, 483 Burke, Advia John 415 Burke, John M. 164, 178, 281 Burke, Philip Gregory 203, 359, 483 Burkhalter, Kenneth Ray 192, 342, 415 Burleson, Donald C. Jr. 146, 203, 475 Burleson, Michael Lyn 308 Burleson, Richard Earl 475 Burnam, Sam J. 308 BurneHe, Ronald Lee 229, 238, 462 Burnett, James T. 111, 140, 462 Burnett, Robert Wayne 231, 342, 483 Burney, Donald Patrick 247, 295, 318, 335, 475 Burney, Jimmie Paul Jr. 200 Burns, Henry Taylor 262, 415 Burns, Henry Walker 360 Burns, James M. Jr. 176, 415 Burns, John Joseph Jr. 138, 234, 483 Burns, Lonnie Jay 307, 402 Burns, Richard Lamar 462 Burroughs, Michael A. 462, 475 Burrow, Roger Lynn 475 Burr, Hiram Hale Jr. 27, 145, 223, 248, 294, 340, 408, 415 Burson, Byron Lynn 405 Burton, Kenneth Eugene 164, 483 Burton, Roy Glenn 172, 483 Bush, John Gary 218,415 Buso, Leonard James 223, 483 Bush, Joseph Kerr, Jr. 88, 155, 352 BusuHiI, Joseph John 240, 368, 483 Butler, David Samuel 167, 290 Butler, James Michael 236, 295, 483 . Butler, James Quinn 216, 483 Bumill, Gerald H. 140, 180, 415 Butts, Kenneth Mitchell 292, 309 Byrum, James Charles 462 Byram, Thomas Francis 261, 462 Byrd, Gene Gilben 236, 287 Byrd, Harold Dwight 262, 299, 415 Byrd, Joe Stanley 218 Byrd, Ronlad Rhea 118, 415 Byrne, Jerome Patrick 236 Byrne, Roger Patrick 116, 195, 318 Byrne, Roger Swift Jr. 244, 475 Byrnes, John Marsden 340, 369, 462 Coffey, Garry Edwin 416 Cuhill, Michael Riley 154 Cain, George Eugene 416 Cain, Jimmy Darrell 261, 290, 462 Cain, Victor Owen Jr. 462 Cain, William Stanley 218, 483 Caldwell, Anslem Henry 140 Caldwell, Charles W. 244 Caldwell, Thomas F. 111 416 Caldwell, Thomas W. 263, 320 Callahan,,Ar1hur James 483 Callahan, Francis Terry 289, 416 Callaway, Michael R. 203, 462 Callaway, Morris Dan 161, 329, 357, 462 Calico", William Hardy 119, 337 Calloway, Jon Michael 164, 3 1 Colloway, Michael Arlyn 216 Calvin, Phil Wallace 192, 483 Camilli, Louis S. 204 CampbeH, Barry Maxwell 222, 348, 416 Campbell, Clinton 366, 475 Campbell, Clyde W. 218, 223, 355, 462 Campbell, Colin Bruce 332 Campbell, Gerald Wayne 232, 366, 483 Campbell, Richard 5. Jr. 353, 462 Campbell, Sieven Craig 196, 483 Camp, 8111 252, 255, 352, 462 Camp, David Cooper 255 Candelaria, Frank 336, 416 Candella, Leon J. 365 Candler, Thomas Leon 129, 212, 348, 483, Canglose, Patrick F. 200 Cunion, Kennerh Leroy 214, 475 Cannon, Dennis Porter 307 Cannon, Michael Dell 234 Cannon, Windell W. Jr. 323 Cano, Narciso Ortiz Jr. 140, 224, 277, 305, 346, 460, 462 Cantrell, Kenneth Dean 191, 483 Cantu, William Valorie 240, 483 Canup, David Henry 128, 262, 416 Coplan, Phillip S. 247 Capps, Cecil Curtis 475 Cardiel, Richard B. 208, 214, 346, 462 Cardwell, Richard G. 126, 223, 475 ' Cardwell, Thomas A. 134, 222, 323, 416 Corey, Gary Roland 299, 303, 4 16 Carey, Rayford R. 156, 475 Carlisle, James A. 182, 483 Cavlisle, Rodney Turner 312 Carlson, Chriss Heath 176, 483 Carllon, Freddy Wayne 107, 109,111,119, 326, 416 Carothers, Michael A. 475 Carpenter, Edwin Hugh 277, 295, 462 Carpenter, Forrest Lee 172, 5 Carpenter, Jimmie N. 416 Carpenter, Richard G. 191, 484 Carrell, Don F. 475 Carrigo, Edward Allen 182, 475 Carrillo, Arthur L. 341, 462 Carroll, Bob Kirkland 462 Carroll, James Weldon 107 Carroll, Robert T. 462 Carr, Gifford Raymond 224, 484 Carr, Terry 191, 249, 329, 484 Carter, Donald Darrell 252, 259, 316, 391, 416 Curler, Gregory Sec" 224, 475 Caner, James Charles 274, 307, 365, 402 Caner, Richard K. 317, 358 462 Carwile, Henry Fields 307, 402 Casbeer, Gordon Dwayne 224, 484 Casbeer, Thomas J. 111 462 Caseres, Refugio Juan 256 Casey, Tommy William 244, 287, 475 Cassidy, Donald Duane 314, 417 Ccssiry, Roy D. 111 162 Castaneda, Jose Antonio 417 Casleel, Terence Lynn 240 Castellanos, Martin A. 417 Castillo, Julio Cesar 300, 417 Caslleberry, Joe P. II 234, 484. Castro, Luis Francisco 263, 341, 484 Catalina, Pele Anihony 417 Catalina, Pete A. T. 417 Catanzuro, Louis Peter 180, 484 Catchings, Ronald C. 302, 417 Catchings, Thomas A. Jr. 308, 417 Cafes, Billy Frank 417 Catherall, Donald Roy 210, 484 Cathay, James Robert 417 Cathey, Jimmy Joe 417 Cathay, Stella Core 326, 400 Color, Robert Lee Jr. 307 Caughfield, Roy E. 299 Cauthron, David Lee 312, 314, 325, 417 Cavenaugh, Glen C. 223, 286, 484 Cawyer, Raymond Denny 343, 462 Cepcur, James Joe 484 Cervenka, Bennie Gene 463 Ceyanes, Sergei 236, 484 Chalberg, Marshall Lee 256, 463 Chalmers, Rodney Neal 240, 484 Chambers, Robert C. 289, 475 Chambliss, Edmond Boyd 232, 475 Champ, Michael A. 257, 352, 475 Chamrad, Richard Clyde 263, 463 Chancellor, Hatcher M. 247 Chancellor, James W. 247, 257, 484 Chancellor, Raymond 326 Chaney, Ernest William 302, 325, 417 Chaney, Robert D. 191, 484 Chapman, Dennis Lee 255, 301, 308, 367, 463 Chapman, Howard Add 155, 484 Chapman, Jerry W. 154 Chapman, John W. 174 Chapman, Philip R. 305 Choppelle, Raymond John 417 Charfi, Ridha 324 Charllon, Powell G. 307 Chase, William Ronald 191, 484 Chastoin, Jimmie D. 256, 329 Chastang, David Elder 463 Chausse, Alfred Meril 236, 484 Chauviere, Edward Davis 218 Chauviere, Ronny John 293, 317, 325, 463 Chavez, Gerardo, G. 263 Chenowe1h, Robert D. 262, 303, 417 Cherry, Edwmond Brent 204, 4 84 Cherry, Frederick Boyd 124, 176, 475 Chesney, John Duff 212 Chester, Lloyd Leon 199, 248 Chewning, Dudley G. 212, 330, 475 Childres, Glenn Degn 204, 99 2 Chilek, Glen David 184, 484 Chiles, Thomas Herman 107, 108,109,111,112,118, 244 Chilton, Harold Wayne 159, 308, 417 Chitty, Harvey Cunis 146, 248, 475 Chitwood, Kenneth L. 307, 402 Cllitwood, Richard Dee 299, 463 Choate, John Roland 358, 475 Chou, Henry Yuan 290 Chovanec, Eugene Emil 184, 285, 463 Christian, Paul Douglas 195, 318, 484 Christiansen, Dean L. 238, 484 Christie, Richard Lee 247 Christie, Russell John Chrisfy, Forest R. 263 Chupik, Stephen E. 122, 161, 292, 350, 417 Cilio, Alfred Thomas 156, 475 Cimo, Marion Losauid 232, 484 Cisneros, Henry G. 1.48, 248, 249, 484 Clader, Michael D. 146, 362, 484 Clancy, Edward Lee 302, 463 Clapper, Robert William 154, 484 Clapp, Thomas Wrigh! 285 Clardy, Cecil Wayne 231, 484 Clarke, Barry Kenneth 214 Clarke, George W. 111 417 Clarke, WiHiam H. 192, 475 Clark, Charles Gerald 191 Clark, Charley Brown 475 Clark, David William 463 Clark, James John 156 Clark, James Polk Jr. 191, 484 , Clavk, Keith Allen 274, 207, 392, 402 Clark, Larry Chad 214, 484 Clark, Roger Harris 343 Clark, Ronnie J. 158, 308, 475 Clark, Stanley Preston 231, 290, 484 Clark, Stephen Thomas 247, 484 Claussen, John F. 160, 290, 484 Cloussen, Robert Mark 231, 484 Clay, Albert W. III 140, 169, 182, 278, 408, 417 Clayton, Brady 232, 280, 484 Clayton, Kenneth Alan 160,' 475 Cleghorn, Sharon Ann 307 Clemen1s, Willis Leon 203, 358, 484 Clements, John Ross 218, 463 Click, Barry Wayne 164, 280, 484 Clifford, Nasa M. 322 Clifton, Danny Morris 204, 475 Clifton, David Sherman 184, 293, 325, 392, 417 Climie, Robert Leslie 204, 116, 463 Cloudl, Chester Rogers 236, 484 Cloyd, Waller Lee III 138, 176, 249, 484 Coakley, Dennis E. 231, 484 Coakley, George Robert 369 Cobb, Lance Howard 107, 109, 111, 119, 463 Cobler, Richard Gray 260, 417 , Cobos, Charles R. 160, 475 Coburn, Winfred Cleve 256, 300 Cochran, Clarence P01 484 Cochran, Donald Vruce 180 Cockrell, Melvin Wayne 195, 249, 338, 475 Cockrell, Robert W. 157, 280, 319, 329, 484 Coco, Gerald Sum 216 Coco, Michael Francis 463 Coddou, Charles A. 162, 475 Coe, Michael Grover 218, 280 Coffey, Jon Randall 309, 418 Coffin, Charles H. III, 127 Cogan, Uri 283 Cohen, David Alan 216 Cohen, Robert Strib 463 Coker, Donald Joseph 203 Colborn, John Edmund 224, 335, 484 Coleman, Jack Ronald 216, 249, 277, 481, 484 Colemere, Joseph Hollis 238 Cole, Michael Deware 255, 366 Cole, Raymond Ernest 299, 303 Cole, Robert Henderson 124, 164, 336 Cole, Robert Ray 223, 484 Cole, Thomas Taylor 195 Colhoun, Charles A. III 204, 484 Collins, Bubber John 92, 95, 119 Collins, Craig 223, 475 Collins, James Marshall 182, 484 Collins, Roger Leslie 212, 249, 484 Colquin, Walter N. 244, 282 Combs, Harold Rex Jr. 318, 463 Combs, James Andrew 220, 357, 475 Commons, Mary Glenda 307 Compton, Cecil Gene 220, 475 Compton, Michael E. 475 Conrad, Mackay Towne 136, 463 Connell, William Lee 164, 484 Conner, Charlie R055 463 Conner, Howard Scott 164, 325, 336, 418 Conner, James Richard 279, 289, 300, 392 Conner, John Van 308 Conner, Michael Allan 231, 362, 484 Connevey, Layne Hale 196, 475 Connor, John C. 136 Conn, Gerald Robert 153, 164, 418 Conolly, Richard N. Jr. 200 Convad, Edwin Alvin Jr. 255, 316, 475 Contellu, Carl Joseph 314, 333, 463 Confella, Patricia Ann 326, 333, 400 Conterras, Carols X. 124, 203, 338, 484 Contreras, Rene R. 212, 484 Conway, Kelly Charles 234, 484 Cook, Archie Doyle 172, 270 Cook, Bruce Linleton 316 Cook, Charles Dickie 256 Cook, Harold Edwin 140, 148, 150, 418 Cook, Herbert Neal 212, 352 Cook, John Henry 164 Cook, John Macklin 107, 244 Cook, Larry Eugene 463 Cook, Robert Lee 309 Cook, Wade Earl 334, 463 Cooley, Frances G. 400 Cooley, Gary Lee 475 Cooner, Harold D. 200 Coonrod, James Willard 136, 475 Cooper, Damon Corrigan 263, 316, 341, 463 Cooper, Jerry Cullum 332 Cooper, Joe Jim 203, 484 Cooper, Larry Randall 158, 359 Cooper, Leonard David 475 Cooper, Martin James 203, 484 Cooper, Patrick Donald 289 Cooper, Ralph L. 164, 249, 484 Cooper, Scott Edwin 264, 418 Cooper, Thomas Richard 182 Cooper, William B. 405 Coover, David Marshall 191, 335, 484 Copeland, Calvin Ray 463 Copeland, James C. 232, 475 Coppinger, John Timothy 256, 322 Corcoran, John Thomas 176, 349, 484 Cornelius, John C. 323 Corder, Marvin Leon 484 Coreil, Vincent Dale 174, 216, 293, 315, 365, 418 Corley, Ronald Eugene 484 Corman, Wayne Lee 418 Cornelius, Bobby Ray 174, 354, 484 Cornelius, John C. 323 Cornell, Curtis Leieune 236, 484 Come", Charles M. 232, 484 Corse, Arthur Rice 307, 418 Corlez, Roberto 204 Cor1ez, Roland Luis 418 Cosey, Johnnie Lee 204 Cosby, Muniord Gayle 121, 418 Cosper, Johnnie W. 204, 360, 475 Coston, Clayton Leslie 236, 290, 484 CoHerelI, John Moore 214, 306, 418 Couch, Richard Smiley 238, 484 Coufal, Melvin Preston 308, 352, 475 Coufal, Sidney Ray 199 Couger, Kenneth Wayne 418 Council, Clarence David 299, 303 Cowan, David Wallace 218, 484 Coward, James Michael 405 Cox, Frank Wallace 88, 135, 144, 212, 408, 418 Cox, Gary Barclay 295 Cox, Gerald Dorsey 244 Cox, Gerald Maxwell 154, 343, 463 Cox, James C. 475 Cox, Jerry Wilton 156 Cox, Joe Thorp 337, 484 Cox, William Gerald 307, 357, 402 Cozzens, Charles R. 315 Crobtree, Fredie J. 156 Crucknell, Raymond W. 306, 418 Craddock, Oliver W. 463 0611, Charles Lee 231 Craig, Buford Ray Jr. 484 Craig, Thomas Allen 203, 484 Crain, William Leon 108, 110, 111, 112, 463 Cramer, Daniel James 174, 344, 418 Cramer, Kenneth Clinton 364, 484 Crane, William 107, 119 Crank, Paul William 126, 127 Cruvens, Gerald William 256 Crawford, Jack Harold 405 Crawford, Timothy B. 274, 307 Crawford, William 172, 270, 4 75 Crenwelge, Roger 337, 475 Crespo, Johnny Oliver 192, 249, 367, 484 Creswell, John Lewis 203 Crew, Walter Earl 484 Crider, Jerry Jerome 324, 418 Cristini, Alfred L. 484 Criswell, James Wilson 148, 484 CrisweH, John Samuel 174, 249, 361, 475 Critz, James Richard 196, 484 Crocheron, Robert E. 484 Crocker, James Royal 146, 484 Crocker, Larry Dee 140, 155, 161, 463 Cracker, Oran Merl 174, 360, 484 Crockett, David S. 236, 348, 463 Cronk, Alfred E. 475 Cron, Ausfon Brian 210, 484 Crook, Jack Marvin 210 Crosbie, Jamea Morton 307, 418 ' Crislbsy, Richard Jay 122, 264, Cross, Donald Wayne 232, 484 Crouch, Gary Wilson 301, 313, 344 Crowder, Daryl Keith 224, 475 Crowder, David Alben 184 Crowder, Jerry Lee 167 Crowell, Thomas D. 339 Crowe, John Patrick 182, 344, 484 505 t CORBUSIER Sewing Aggie: for 25 Years Bryan FUPleUPt: m Townshire Shopping Center Champion Country W Mrwzsz F' For 28 years Champion has been both producer and consumer of goods and services in Texas. TI As a producer of fine papers, Champion is a good customer of its Texas neighbor in- dustries with its purchases of pulpwood, natural gas, sulphuric acid, salt, lime, clay and other ingredients in the paper-making process. As consumers, Champion's men and women -spending an annual payroll of $12 million- are good customers of their neighbor busi- ness and professional folks. TI Purchases and payrolls like Championts, spent with neigh- bors, help support a healthy economy . . . help make Texas truly Champion Country. Champion Papers Inc. TEXAS DIVISION SANKEY PARK DWAMONO Vunu-w WATCHES SILVER Ill No. Main Bryan. Texas MADELEY PHARMACY 334 South Jersey South Gate College Station Crown, Jeffrey Neil 148, 248, 484 Crow, James Denny 308, 419 Crumbliss, James J. 463 Cruicher, Murray A. Jr. 218, 364, 484 Cruz, Dovid-Joe 122, 220, 475 5 Cruz, David 484 Cruz, Manuel Isabel 214, 484 Cruz, Roger 314 Csagoly, Andras Jeno 124, 134, 189, 248, 392, 419 Cuellar-Chacon, Jaime 341, 419 Cueilar, Robert 184 Cull, Frederick B. 234, 484 Culver, Lee Soper 156 Cumbie, Donovan Russell 234, 484 Cummings, David Dee 232, 247, 475 Cummins, Richard M. 484 Cunningham, Samuel 8. 195, 484 Cupp, Lloyd Gran1203, 203, 475 CUIe, Louie Michael 214 Curingion, Lloyd Dale 92, 93, 94, 95, 98, 99, 119, 204 Cuglee, Jesse Welborn 157, A Curran, Donald James 359, 463 Currie, Don Jones 249, 484 Curry, Virgil Edward 178 Curry, William Fred Jr. 405 Curtis, Davis Charles 192, 484 Curtis, Frank Pins 123, 167, 368, 475 Cusick, 80b George 196, 484 Custer, Calvin Donald 204, 316, 419 Custer, Carl Steven 262 Curler, John Earl 258, 475 Cutshall, Jack Raymond 320, 419 Cyr, Paul Darrell 138,196, 448 Czaikowski, Thomas P. 223, 475 Czaplicki, David John 232, 484 Czar, Alberl Martin 419 Daerr, Richard Leo Jr. 208, 216, 463 Daggs, Bobby Allen 307, 402 Bailey, John Haskins 419, 484 Bailey, Roy 316, 419 Dalton, James Vern 463 Dalton, Warren Samuel 361 Duly, John H. 122, 154, 335 Duly, Michael Edward 280, 463 Dampman, William A. 305 Damon, Eugene 463 Dance, David Edward 223 Daniel, James T. 247 Daniel, Jimmy Logan 122, 238, 484 Dannhaus, Edward A. 366, 419 Darby, Gene Curtis 121 Durden, Jock Marshall 484 Durden, James G. III 238 Darling, Hermon Bruce 188, 196, 419 Darmon, Richard 8. Jr. 140, 151, 156, 358, 463 Dash, Gregory Crissey 162, Dos, Subodh Kumar 405 Daugherty, Clarence T. 174, 295, 346, 484 Davalos, Reynaldo 255, 463 Davenport, John David 158, 218, 329, 484 David, Frank Richard 484 Davidson, Jim Ross 146, 248, 475 Davila, Alfredo Guelra 154, 4 , Aubrey Ray Jr. 161, 299, 463 ' , Charles Ernest 294 Dale Walker 136, 182, Danny Lee 324 Eddie Joe 158, 269, , 308, 475 George Brian 191 Groyson Lee 163, 316, , 419 ' Groyum Lloyd 153, James Burns 126, 148, ,475 James Howard 184, 4 Johnny Dale 240 John Frederick 336, 5 John Weaver Jr. 220, 5 , Lloyd Alton Jr. 485 , Loren Eugene 419 Mark Warren 249,270, 485 Paul L. 152, 156, 317 9 Ralph Michael 231, Davis, Richard Andrew 230, 232, 463 Davis, Robert Jonathan 232, 485 Davis, Roland 0110 200, 293 Davis, Suanne 284 Davis, Thomas Edward 401 Davis, Thomas Shannon 140, 156, 336,. 463 Davis, William A. Jr. 367 Davis, William M. 195 Dawkins, Marvin Henry 97, 18 Dawson, Charles William 156, 338, 485 Day, Thomas Marcel 200 Deanda, Carlos F. 240, 485 Dean, Marvin Larry 307 Deason, Emory Nolan 178, 485 Deaton, Thomas Hudson 196, 346 Deavers, Glenn Winifred 299, 303 De Bariolo, Glenn Ray 255 Debord, Thomas Owen 224, 85 A Debusk, Kelly S. III 91 Decker, David Holt 238, 286, 290, 463 Decker, Joseph Anthony 463 Decker, Randolph T. 232, 485 Deckerf, James Albert 485 Deen, Carol Ann 400 Deen, Loyd Samuel 255 Deen, Travis Dale 475 Deen, Wallace Alva 307, 419 Dees, Allan William II 420 Defrank, Thomas Michael 155, 272, 321 Deginder, Kelvin 122, 247, 288, 318, 475 Dehcrde, Harvey Gene 485 De La Garza, Gus 475 Delery, Hugh Bob II 204 Delgado, Ruben Ernesto 223, 249,485 Delrio, Raul 218, 485 Demel, David Alfred 210, 485 Dendy, Charles Sanders 326, 420 Denison, David Roy 159, 356, 463 Denison, Early BaggeH 216 Denison, Robert L. 485 Denman, Jerry Lynn 159 Denmark, Marvin Albert 218, 485 Denney, Robert Martin 176 Denney, Wayne Edward 263, 305 Dennison, Jack Arnold 314, 420 Dennison, Rodney Lloyd 196, 224, 485 Denny, John Andrew Jr. 240, 463 Depasquol, Joseph A. 121, 126, 187, 196, 420 Derstine, Henry Wayne 192, 76 4 De La Garza, Jose Luis 341 De Pauw, Barry Dennis 485 Desileis, Gary Edward 116, 204,476 Dessert, Kenneth 0. 305,420 Dethlefsen, MacH. 158 Deutsch, Randall Gary 192, 281, 313, 420 Davenport, David M. 128, 158, 269 Devilleneuve, Allen R. 148, 150,318,420 Devine, Michael Dennis 91 Devine, RoberlP. Jr. 182, 298, 335,420 Deviney, Herman 8.11 107, 24 4 Devolites, Philip J. 228, 234, 420 Dewitt, Amos Thompson 463 Dewitt, Thomas Kregg 240, 485 Dhif, Khemais 463 Dial, Beniamin E. 463 Diaz, Hector 121, 128, 292, 346, 463 Dial, Julio Francisco 316, 341, 463 Dioz, Peter Harold 156 DibIeIl, Charles F. Jr. 218, 358 Dickens, Brad Clinton 156, 164 Dickens, William Paul 156, 464 Dickerson, Raymond G. 107, 244 Dickie, Teddie Mac 152, 161, 299, 420 Die, Duward Cleve 475 Dieiz, Irving M. 111 255, 295, 464 Dikemon, Matthew Monroe 191, 485 Dillard, James Edward 255 DOllcrd, Robert Henry 229, 238, 464 Dillon, 8en Ellis 212, 361 Dillz, Teo Roy Jr. 464 Dimock, James Albert 195 Dingley, Donald Dale 199, 420 Dinsmore, Philip Kurl 464 'Dinwiddie, William T. 126, 244 Dismukes, John T. Jr. 161, 320, 464 Dinberner, Gerald J. 282 DiHmar, Roger Wayne 128 Divin, Ernest Herman 308 Dixon, David Erle 162, 485 Dixon, John Peter 344 Dobyns, Alan Lee 248, 305, 420 . Dobyns, Robert Floyd 247, 287, 318, 485 Dockery, Charles Leslie 223, 485 Dockery, Rodney Lee 88, 156, 464 Dodd, Charles Lynn 184, 334, 475 Dodd, Michael Minyard 127, 236, 475 Dodd, Tom Dobbins 485 Dodgen, John Price 191, 307 Dodier Jose Antonio 200 Dodson, David Barnard 290, 301, 420 Dodson, David H. 159, 356, 464 Dodson, Henry Wayne 256, 420 Doeppenschmidf, Carl A. 240, 354, 485 Dollins, James Goode Jr. 310, 350, 420 Domingue, Mark Lindley 223, 362, 485 Dominguez, Alvaro Jr. 341 Dominguez, Edward 101, 105 Dominguez, Louis C. 258 Don, David 475 Donaho, Glynn Robert 203 Donan, William David 236, 485 Donkervoef, Donald L136, Donnsellan, Robert Q. 195 Donovan, Richard Lee 196, 464 Dooley, Kenneth Alan 192, 485 Dooley, Richard Michael 169, 180 Doolittle, James Harold 227, 236, 464 Doran, Russell Lee 140, 236, 363 Dom, Richard Conrad 172, 420 Dorn, Wilfred C. Jr. 223, 464 Dougherfy, John C. 188, 192, 420 Daugherty, Kenneth W. 212, 352 Douglas, David D. 475 Douglas, James Frank 191 Douglass, P. P. 240, 296 Douglass, Milton E. Jr. 148, 420 Dowden, William T. Jr. 196 Downey, Charles Russell 203 Downing, Jack Wilbur 138, 234, 485 Downing, James N. Jr. 263 Dow, David Huber 126, 127, 210 Doyul, Sidney Ray 361 Doyle, Charles R. 214, 236, 249,485 Doyle, Thomas Arthur 140, 464 Drabek, James Buford 302, 420 Droemer, John Benne11247, 420 Dreesan, Alan Dale 158, 320 Drennan, James Louie 96 Dromgooie, Glenn Allen 272, 278, 321, 464 Drow, William C. 402 Druebert, Hilmar Carl 223, 246, 354, 464 , Drummond, Joseph C. 464 Drury, Johnny Bryant 359, 485 Dubose, Truman Elmo 178, 346, 485 Duchamp, Charles Wayne 485 Duchamp, Eugene A. III 212, 240, 464 Dudersladt, Culver Lynn 256 Dudley, Daniel lsom Jr. 324 Duelm, Aubrey James 420 Duerer, Albert W. 212, 342 Duesing, Glegory W. 485 Dugas, Jack Edgar Jr. 231, . 485 Duke, Bruce Roger 342 Duke, Gary Alan 212, 485 Dulin, Edwin Rowle'y 180, 309, 421 Dunavani, Michorl Lee 475 Dunbar, Craig Burgett 257 Duncan, William Robert 255 Duncan, William Seth 174 Dungan, Clifford T. 192, 464 Dunham, Floyd Charles 218 Dunhum, James Lester 421 Dunks, James Howard 301, 333 Dunlap, Melvin E. 178 Dunlap, Royal Ellis Jr. 146 DurIn, Stephen Lloyd 191, 464 Dupluv, Augusto F. 341 Duplissey, Gary R. 208, 210, 421 Dupuis, Alvin Joseph 303, 325 Durard, Bert Loren 178 Durbin, James Paul 167, 309, 421 Durda, David Rudolph 196, 485 Durst, Mark Sidney 182, 485 Dusek, Barry James 176, 475 Duty, Douglas Wayne 313, 350, 421 Duvcll, Duncan Elihu Jr. 164, 4 46 Dwurshus, Albert George 464 Dyal, Donald Ray 307 Dyar, William Alvin 306 Dyer, Douglas Jay 120 Dyer, Spencer R. 464 Dye, Bruce Lee 240, 485 Dye, Joel Gregory 307 Dyson, Lewis Ray 146 Earhart, Robert J. 176, 485 Earl, Geoffrey Neal 204, 475 Earl, Jerry Michael 346, 464 EarnesV, Robert Bruce 224 Earnst, Don Baxter 485 Eurwood, Eddie Lavelle 122, 160, 485 Eastman, George Leonard 195, 340 Eaton, Curtis William 324 Eccard, Lawrence D. 148, 248, 295, 305, 485 Eccles, Roy Joe 298, 421 Echols, David Kenneth 359 Echols, Melvin 218, 224, 475 Eckerf, John Charles 172, 270, 485 Eddleman, Earl Gene 164, 200, 421 Eddieman, James Newton 342 Eder, Alan James 255, 350, 421 Edgar, Thomas David 172, 334 Edgington, Larry Elmer 263, 316, 42 Edwards, Earl Harris 204 Edwards, James Anthony 464 Edwin, John Reed 307, 402 Eeds, George Robert 293 Eeds, John Marion 231, 475 Eggleston, Edward Minot 257, 346,421 Eglofi, John Mark 307 Eilers, Melvin Jr. 308,464 Eklund, Stephen A. 196,485 Eknoyan, Ohannes 485 Eldridge, Gary Edwin 232, 485 Erdridge, Randall A. 216 EI-Zik, Kamal Milad 284 Elkins, Thomas Lindsay 178, 485 Ellebrachf, Dennis S. 289, 308 Ellerman, Ronald Dean 214, 475 Elliot, Jerry Earl 475 Ellion, Ray Dean 421 Elliott, William S. 136, 475 Ellis, Jeffrey David 240, 485 Ellis, John Marshall 464 Ellis, John Pierce 475 Ellis, Robert Boyles 136, 464 Elliss, Robert Charles 148, 464 . El Maidoub, Abdesselam 319 Elsey, Ronald Eugene 464 Elwell, Robert Edgar 421 Ely, Joseph Thompson 155, 280 Embrey, William T. 464 Emerson, Clifton A. 135, 187, 192, 422 Emerson, Harold Ray 295, 307, 402 Emmel, Richard James 232, 4 5 Emmons, Jeffery 475 Emmons, Mark Elliot! 146, 248, 485 Endsley, Lindon Carl 97, 118 Engdahl, Gilbert R. 361, 464 Engelbert, Richard E, 128, 263, 464 Engleberi, Robert A. 128, 263, 464 Englebrechf, Clyde C. 200, 220 Engeibrechf, Frederick 269, 308, 344, 476 Engelbrechl, Ronnald S. 158, 29 9 Engelmann, Ralph M. 180, 485 ' . Engel, Richard Lee 236, 485 England, Roy Belvin 307 Engleman, Carl Helmuth 180, 287, 485 Engle, Laird Alfred 255, 422 English, Ronald Wain 200, 464 Ermis, Harvey James 94,97, 119,204 Ernsi, Herbert Lloyd 405 Eronimous, Robert M. 422 Erwin, Edward Alexander 164 Esche, Ruthella 311, 405 Esche, Victcr Clemens 311, 405 Escobar, Kenneth R. 192, 464 Escobar, Ruperto 8. 247 Esiahanian, Mostafu 405 Espcrza, Edward Duran 128, 263, 306, 464 Esquivel, Arturo 212, 356 Esquivel, Jesus 223, 287, 356, 485 Esquivel, Moses Eloise 324 Estes, Ivan Gregory 464 Eslrudu, Luis Alberto 341, 422 Eubonks, Cecil Bruns 182 Evans, Bernest C. 464 Evans, Douglas Clifford 210, 485 Evans, Gary Edd 255 Evans, Lynn Augustus Jr. 422 Evans, Marcia Miller 307 Evans, Michael Lewis 156, 309, 342, 464 Evans, Robert Delbert 300 Evans, Robert E. III 91 Evans, William L. III 234 Everett, David Harrell 218, 485 Everett, Mark Douglas 129 Evers, Gerald Wayne 301, 337, 422 Evers, William H. 307, 402 Eyring, Mark Wayne 212 Ezer, Russell 476 Fambrough, Stephen E. 289, 308, 464 Fancher, Thurman L. Jr. 337 Fanning, Karl Polv 136 Fannin, Corn Luther III 180 Fann, Ronald L. 272; 321, 422 Farias, Peter Fabian 162 Furies, Floron Clayton 307, 403 Farley, Arthur Reid 405 Farmer, Leslie G1 III 359 Farrell, William James 405 Farrier, Robert C. 178, 422 Farr, Louis Lee IV 307 Farr, Walter E. 476 Faubion, James Forrest 485 Faulkner, Gerald F. 401 Faulkner, Robert Burns 154, 280 Faulkner, William Ray 164, 485 Faulk, Danny J. 312, 314, 325, 422 Faulk, Joyner Renolds 485 Faust, John Cairy 210, 485 Faust, Robert Jay 244 Fazzino, Johnny J. 422 Feducia, Carl Vincent 176, 485 Feehan, Michael Curtis 195, 318, 485 Fehler, EdwaId Dwayne 476 Feighny, Michael L. 422 Falkner, James Leslie 315, 422 Felkner, Roy Dean 174, 464 Felps, Alton Dale 140, 207, 220, 337, 464 Fenlon, John Thomas 214, 485 Fenter, Lester Carl 216, 286, 336, 476 Feray, David Lee 232, 476 Fergeson, Jerry Arnold 423, 485 Fergeson, Robert Theo 423 ' Ferguson, Charles E. 204 Ferguson, Don Paul 244 Ferguson, George H. 176, 476 V Ferguson, Jay Rowland 126, 244, 245 Ferguson, John F. 259, 476 Fer'guson, John Thomas 277, 304, 464 Ferguson, Jon Kenneth 307 Ferguson, Robert Leon 178 Ferguson, William F. 484, 85 4 Ferguson, William M. 234, 365, 485 Fergus, John Shallcross 176, 485 Fernald, William F. 146 Ferrata, Charles D. 238, 286, 476 Ferris, Darrell Lee 174, 336, 464 Fest, Stephen E. 148 Fethkenher, Johny G. 101, 103 Fetner, Marcus Hayward 210, 485 Fichmer, Russell W. Jr. 464 Ficker, Richard Henry 262 Fickessen, Jack Robert 134, 151, 464' Fick, Donald Lee 199, 476 Fidler, Steven Edward 216 Fidler, William Monroe 224 Fiedler, Lloyd Neil 192, 313, 354, 423 Fiegel, John Leland 140, 227, 247, 296, 323, 423 Figueredo, Luis A. 341 Figueredo, Pedro R. 341 Figun, Stephen Lee 123, 210, 318, 368 Filburn, Ralph Bernard 140, 145, 238, 248, 293, 294, 464 Fillinger, Thomas J. 262, 309, 423 Filtsch, Stephen Gregg 195 Fimbel, Jay Michael 192, Fincsh, JosephL. 326 Fine, Thomas Morgan 121, 126, 140, 187, 203,292, 294, 423 Finkbiner, Terry C. 180, 309,423 Finkelstein, Moshe 123, 283, 305,423 Finn, James Walter Jr. 305, 423 Finn, Richard Michael 164, 358 Fiori'i, Matthew Peter 234, 485 Fischer, Daniel Hahn 476 Fischer, Daniel Hahn 161, 195, 276, 464 Fisher, Gerard John 307, 403 Fisher, James H. 476 Fisher, Joe Henry 152, 423 , Fisher, John Michael 244 Fisher, Joseph Harve 216 Fisher, Michael Lynn 107 Fisher, Peter Brownlees 298, 485 Fisher, Roy Joe 263, 298, 423 Fisher, Terry Leo 140, 153, 167, 464 Fisher, Thomas Edward 259, 261, 362 Fisk, Stephen Kent 307 Fitch, Jack Arthur 299, 423 Fitzcharles, Timothy M. 162, 285, 485 Fitzgerald, Frank H. 158, 476 Fitzgerald G. B. 180, 485 Fitzpatrick, Coswell J. 365, 485 Fla", Curtis Allen 423 Fleener, William M. 247, 485 Heisher, Harvey Oscar 176, 485 Fleming, Charles Leslie 361 Fletcher, Donald Ford 307, 464 Fletcher, James Eric 224, 340, 485 Fletcher, Ronald W. 140, 209, 223, 355 Flippo, Walter Allen 300 Flocke, Robert Alfred 148, 485 Flood, Collin Lloyd 182, 485 Florence, Ronald C. 151, 156, 309, 423 F1ores, John Anthony 255, 476 Flores, Manuel Ramiro 155, 485 Flores, Omar Muzquiz 317 Flores, Raul Jr. 262, 423 Flores, Willie Ramirez 423 Flowers, Phillip R. 464 Flow, Bryan Leslie 244 Floyd, John Ellison 196, 485 Ford, Edwin Roe 128, 302, 464 Forgeng, Thomas Joseph 195, 294, 318, 423 Forman, Kenneth Ray 244 Forrest, Blake F. 423 Forrest, Freddie Gene 225, 423 Forrest, Nathan Kelly 292, 299, 301, 320, 423 Forlney, George William 231, Foster, Bruce Terry 320, 464 Foster, Gary William 249, 476 Foster, Kenneth James 485 Foster, Morris E. 306, 317, 423 Fowler, Bob Allen 232, 476 Fowler, Donald Wayne 367 464 Fowler, Joe Robert 172, 270, 485 Fowler, John Clemons 308 Fox, James David 144, 220, 279, 301, 393, 424 Fox, Michael Joseph 223, Francis, William Gainer 476 Franklin, David Allen 134, 207, 212, 294, 338, 424 Franklin, Grady N. 288, 326 Franklin, Jerry Lewis 127 507 iVIsion Houston, Texas IS a registered trademark of Hughes Tool Company. "Hughes , ;I, $??de . b y M 2 i. v , g WORLD'S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF OIL WELL DRILLING TOOLS M gm w? Z gg ,. H WE gm , g ?XXJ g ??xxX WXxXQxxXx x , " , V? Z Wigm ngy HUGHES TOOL COMPANY OH Tool D Y H R G E T N I F O K m E H T $31964, Hughes Tool Company. Franklin, Judith F. 400 Franklin, Kenny Joe 121, 424 Fran7klin, Richard H. 195, 318, 4 6 Frank, Donald Eugene 214, 485 Frank, George Edward 167, 476 Frank, John C. 140, 182, 183, 424 Franks, Clarence E. Jr. 464 Franks, James Carrol 282 Franks, Orlan Henry 476 Franks, Paul Albert 258, 476 Franfzen, Robert Larry 485 Franze, Everett K. 200 Fraser, Ben Stuart 210, 476 Fraser, John Wall 255, 424 Fraser, Joseph Gregory 464 Frazier, Stephen Wayne 159, 320, 464 Frederick, Ralph A. 312, 314, 424 Frederiksen, Larry W. 191, 355 Fredrickson, Henry W. 136 Freeeman, Arthur Ray 146, 485 Freeman, Timolhy Cecil 204 Freer, Gary Lynn 244 Freeze, Thomas Allen 203, 485 Fregia, John Thomas 138, 224, 485 Freiberger, William E. 232, 485 Frei, Melvin Ray 263, 301, 308, 464 French, John Evans 157, 485 French, Robert Leslie 234, 485 Frenfzel, William York 203, 288, 485 Frey, John Leslie 182, 485 Fricke, Dave Lawrence 136 Friddle, George C. 232, 476 Friedmann, Raymond J. 464 Friedrich, William T. 352, 464 Fried, Albert R. Jr. 230, 232, 334, 424 Fries, Earl Robert 210, 249 Friische, Charlie M. 164 Frifz, Daniel Jerome 307 Fritz, John Louis 164, 354 Fritz, Weldon Bradley 263 Frizzell, Ray Bob 289 Frosch, Elder Arthur 307, 424 Frost, Norman Edward 236, 485 Frye, Robert Austin 255, 287 Fry, Clifford Leslie 240, 476 Frysinger, Victor F. 225, 485 Fuchs, James Allan 161, 300, 301, 345, 424 Fudge, Wayne Bernard 212, 277, 287, 474, 476 Fulgham, William Neal 140, 167, 464 Fuller, David W. Jr. 196, 464 Fuller, Randall Herbert 164 Fullwood, Macey Hoyt 240, 485 Furrh, Samuel Roger 167, 464 Gaden, John Dryer Jr. 195, 338, 464 Gage, Errol 307, 424 Gailey, Dwight L. 199 Goille, Raymond S. 365 Galey, John Hubbard 203, 42 4 Galindo, Samuel Morales 302, 4 42 Gallatin, Lumpkin T. 218, 364, 486 Gallimore, Lewis Dale 146, 486 Galloway, William E. 465 Gamble, Patrick Kenneth 236 Gambrell, Edwin Foster 424 Gandhi, Dinesh P. 264 Gun", Gerald Richard 238, 486 Garcia, Anastasia 302, 424 Garcia, Ciro T. 255 Garcia, Delfino, Jr. 424 Garcia, Eloy 195, 476 Garcia, Enrique Manlio 317, 424 Garcia, Gerald, Jr. 272, 321, 465 Garcia, Jesus, Jr. 263, 424 Garcia, Juan Antonio 255, 302 Garcia, Lionel G. 274, 307, 403 Garcia, Mario J. G. 263, 424 Garcia, Roberto N. 240, 486 Gardner, David F. 247 Gardner, Donald Luther 127 Gardner, Edward Lew 107 Gardner, Lewis Dale 295 Gardner, Paul Frost 140, 169, 182, 283 Gardner, Thomas Henry 146, 248, 336, 476 Gardner, William C. 204 Garey, William Dwigh' 262, 486 Garner, Daniels Scooles 424 Garner, Richard Clark 191 Garner, Stuart M. 155 Garon, Joseph Alvin 307 Garrett, Kenneth A. 424 Garrett, Terrel Vaughn 299, 336, 486 Gone", William T. 214, 486 Garrett, William V.H.P. 220 Garrison, James Louis 199, 486 Gary, James Lind 234, 365, 486 Garza, Alberto 425 Garza, Noe Gerald 146, 248, 486 Garza, Pedro, Jr. 255, 465 Garza, Pedro 154 Gaspard, Marshall Trent 238, 486 Gassen, Harold Mathias 167, 486 Gastinger, David C. 138, 238, 486 Gasway, William Bryan 101, 102, 103 Gotfis, Jimmie Harold 204 Gaulding, John Fred 128, 159, 486 Gayle, Charles Michael 290 Gayle, Robert Wayne 465 Gay, David Edward R. 286 Gay, John Davis 140, 144, 238, 248, 294, 465 Gay, Richard Ernest 295 Gearing, Phillip Ray 129, 182, 270, 476 Gee, John Francis 224, 305, 465 Gentry, James Allen 486 Gent, Terrence R. 425 George, Edward H. 174, 465 George, Jimmy D. 169, 170, 172, 425 George, Raymond Osborn 134, 207, 223, 294, 425 George, Ronald H. 308, 425 Gerosimowicz, Gary A. 223, 486 Gerberr, Joshua 283, 425 Gerke, William Clay 212 German, Donn Lynn 148, 343, 425 Germany, Jessie Ray 256, 425 Gerngross, Gregory H. 465 Gerrald, ScoH Wesley 465 Ghormley, Arnold B. 290, 315, 342, 425 Gibbons, Robert Henry 182, 270, 364, 486 Gibbons, William E. 162, 163, 269, 324, 364, 425 Gibbs, James Hardy 319 Gibson, David Vernon 465 Gibson, Edwin George 164, 476 Gibson, Gary Clive 225, 324 Gibson, James C. 196, 486 Gibson, James Michael 263, 349, 476 Gibson, Patrick Arthur 225, 305, 425 Gibson, William Ernest 140, 214, 425 Giddens, Freddie 465 Gieb, James Edward 192, 486 Gieger, David Kenneth 426 Giese, James Robert 486 Giesenschlag, William H. 199, 465 Gilbert, Allyn Tilden 304, 426 Gilberf, Elliott J. 199, 486 Gilbert, Joe William 320, 426 Gilbert, Michael Dennis 230, 367, 465 Gilbreath, James R. 101 Gilbreath, Walter S. 174, 356, 476 Gilleland, Charles W. 263, 353, 486 Gillham, Earl Frank 465 Gilliut, Alfred M. 263, 289, 301, 426 Gillis, Don C., Jr. 191, 426 Gillis, Mailon Arthur 129, 210 Gill, Ellis Charles 146, 150, 465 Gillum, James Michael 223, 486 Gilmore, Donald Edwin 303, 426 Gingrich, Larry H. 465 Ginn, Charles E., Jr. 232, 335 Ginsbcch, Robert Glenn 244, 476 Gipson, Jerry Linn 204 Gird, Ronald Stanley 210 Givens, James W. 317 Glaser, Richard Lane 486 Glasscock, William C. 214, 486 Glassford, David M. Jr. 288, 318 Glasson, James Paul 192, 486 Glass, Burl Eliiah 238, 249, 367, 486 Glass, Larry Joe 303 Glenewinkel, Dennis Ray 209, 225, 309, 354, 426 Glenney, George Robert 195, 318, 486 Glenney, Walter Samuel 188, 195, 426 Glezen, Robert Neil 486 Glodf, John Franklin 311 Glover, David W., 119, 309, 329, 426 Glover, Jimmy Adron 167 Glover, William R. 486 Glueck, Ellis Emil, Jr. 426 Glueck, James Andrew 160, 486 Glynn, James Edward 184, 287, 359, 486 Godbey, Donald E., Jr. 486 Godwin, Thomas Lester 476 Goen, Clyde Monis 148, 486 Gears, Roger Thomas 426 Goff, Marvin Thompson 240, 486 . Goins, Kenneth Ray 216, 486 Goldberg, Michael Louis 124, 203, 486 Goldberg, Steven Mark 154, 288, 292, 486 Goldenberg, Dee Robert 288, 476 Golden, John Graham 240, 486 Goldfurb, Jerrold H. 195, 465 Goldman, Joel 274, 307 Goldsberry, Fred Lynn 214, 486 Gomez, Rudolph B. 178, 465 Gonzales, Robert Floyd 154, 486 Gonzalez, Alfonso 486 Gonzalez, Ernesto 300 Goodenough, Robert D. 306 Goode, William L. 138, 196, 249, 365, 486 Gooding, Wilson Dessie 196, 486 Goodman, James Louis 426 Good, Robert Ellis 307 Goodson, Charles F. 220 Goodwin, Henry White 156, 342 Goodwin, Herbert L. 216 Gordon, Danny Marshall 140, 202, 203, 363, 465 Gordon, James Claude 123, 129, 178, 486 Gordon, Patrick Thomas 196, 293, 296, 465 Gordon, William Wade 247, 295, 318, 476 Gordy, James Nicholas 218, 336 Gosdin, Tommy Lynn 465 Gosney, Gary Lynn 191, 465 Gosschalk, Joost A. 212, 355, 465 GosseH, Robert Peter 129, 210 Graf, Kennerh Earl 465 Grafton, Michael Brown 148, 365, 465 Graham, David Eldridge 146, 278, 295, 465 Graham, Gary Lynn 191, 486 Graham, Glenn Curtis 214, 476 Graham, James Fred 156, 426 Graham, John Wade 148, 465 Grantham, Thurman 406 Grant, Lee Joseph, Jr. 426 Graves, Allan Paul 223, 476 Graves, Henry Lee 299 Graves, Jack, Jr. 364 Graves, Jerry Haden 164 Gray, Bruce Elmore 191, 486 Gray, Darrell Kimbrough 426 Gray, Howard Walter, Jr. 426 Gray, Jay Alan 140, 145, 248, 294, 465 Gray, John William 191, 426 Gray, Kenneth Neil 247, 258, 486 Gray, William Welch 367, 486 Grayson, Stewart M. 162, 284, 324, 476 Greathouse, Franklin D. 308, 465 Green, Charles Steven 247 Green, German Ray 203, 486 Green, Kenneth E. 210, 345, 476 Green, Michael Robert 154, 486 Green, Richard Michael 309, 338, 426 Green, Richard Wesley 225 Greenwade, Robert 128, 158, 303, 353, 486 Greer, Max M., Jr. 322, 426 Gregg, Layton David 199 Gregory, Michael Leroy 146, 486 Gregory Raymond Wesley 225, 229, 426 Greverf, Donald C. 196, 286, 486 Grey, Rex Oliver 225, 234, 476 Grice, Richard Thomas 146, 486 Griffey, Ber! 116 Griffin, Charles D. 218 Griffin, Chcrels V., III 161, 299, 465 Griffin, Covey Ben 204 Griffin, James Edwin 426 Griffin, John Kelley 231, 351. 476 Griffin, Robert R. 182, 292, 4 76 Griffith, Craig A. 162 Griffith, Donald Lyman 156 Griffith, Gilbert 8. 307 Griffith, John Stephen 465 Griffith, Michael Wayne 305 Gliffith, Stanley Elmer 161, 329, 357 Griffith, Steven Keith 465 Griffiths, Jerry B. 427 Grimes, George K. 476 Grimes, James Edward 486 Grimes, Michael AHen 178, 486 Grimes, Richald P. 203, 476 Grimm, Fred Edward 308, 465 Grimm, John Franklin 218, 486 Grinstead, Gerald T. 465 Grisham, Thomas L. 240, 476 Grivich, Patrick M. 195, 318, 360, 486 Groce, William E. 164, 353, 476 Groff, Wallace Wilfred 259, 406 Grossenbucher, Richard 216, 249, 296, 476 Grossie, Vernon 8., Jr. 247 Grossman, Jon Helton 126, 210, 476 Gross, William Sporgo 146, 284, 486 Gro1hues, William C. 218, 285, 287, 486 Groves, Anthony Warren 486 Gruen, Frank X. , Jr. 209, 230, 231, 427 Gruner, Kenneth Allen 129 Gruy, Michael Andrew 162, 476 Gryseels, Charles A. 178, 249, 486 Gudgel, Keith Edward 191, 46 Guerra, Arnaldo M. 203, 341, 486 Guelra, Robert Louis 465 Guerra, Roman Eugenio 203, 486 Guess, OHis Cecil 341 Guest, Kenneth Lewis 255 Guevara, Alvaro 300, 427 Guillot, Michael E. 212, 486 Guilloud, Garry Lee 307, 403 Guiot, Louis Raphael 238, 486 Gummer, Richard Louis 196, 486 Gummer, Steven Vincent 203, 279, 476 Gundersen, Paul Harry 338 Gunnels, Robert Dale 247, 295, 476 Gunnels, Roy Bailey 244, 486 Gunter, James H., Jr. 180, 279, 284, 366, 427 Gunter, John Calvin 465 Gustofson, Robert H. 148, 476 Gutierrez, Anibal A. 427 Gutierrez, Hector X. 289, 465 Gutierrez, Homero Luis 216, 486 Gutierrez, Robert R. 255, 486 Guyer, Frank M. 124, 192, 486 Guymon, Richard Frank 308 Guzman, Manuel Antonio 427 Haag, Dennis Arnold 220 Huag, Ronald Lee 309, 320, 427 Haas, Russell Corrie 486 Hubbinga, Richard John 307 Hablinski, William M. 476 Hubze, Jose Alberto 341 Heckler, Terry Ronald 157, 486 Hudaway, Roy Avon 465 Haegelin, Thomas Joseph 159, 486 Haguman, Fred WhiM 406 Haghighi, Manchehr M. 317 Haglund, Carl Herman 136, 465 Haile, Dane1 Gene 303, 325, 393, 427 Halberf, David Maurice 208, 210, 309, 427 Hale, Joe Nathan 427 Haley, John Rees 236, 476 Halluran, David Francis 223, 486 Hallaran, Kenneth 5., Jr. 476 Hullenberger, Charles R. 302 Hall, Charles Gary 476 Hall, Charles Goodman 136 Hall, Claude Bevil 107, 427 Hall, Donald Marion 427 Hall, William Stanley 465 Halpern, Martin Wayne 234, 486 Halpin, James Marcy 195, 295 Holuska, Jerry Lee 172, 427 Hamilton, Peter L., Jr. 486 Hamilton, Alon Lyle 220 Hamilton, Clifford Lee 234, 351, 486 Hamilton, James Rodney 210, 486 Hamilton, John 8., Jr. 203, 358, 486 Hamilton, Kenneth L. 184, 249, 486 Hamilton, Patrick C. 302 Hammock, Stephen Paul 301, 393 Hammett, Robert M. 307 Hammel, Richard Wayne 176 Hamme, Curtis Scott 209, 216, 427 Hammes, Larry Neil 154, 288, 486 Hammil, Earl Dean 192, 357, 4 76 Hammond, John C. 172, 270, 476 Hammond, John Richard 240 Hammond, Kim Edward 244, 363, 486 Hammond, William Robert 232, 486 Hancock, Donnie Ray 203, 486 Hancock, James Leonard 256, 320, 427 Hancock, William R. 171, 184, 284, 350, 427 Handley, Robert T. 255, 352, 477 Hanna, Charles R. 199, 287, 486 Hanna, Wayne William 148, 150, 269, 292, 301, 308, 465 Honnigan, Edward V. 465 Hunning, Charles M. 148, 486 Hanselko, Calvin Wayne 255, 309 Hanselka, David Victor 307 Hansen, Clifton D. 258, 289, 313, 344, 361, 465 Hansford, Charles Lee 223, 477 Hanson, Henry S. 465 Hans, Bobby Lee 427 Hanusch, John August 367 Honzalik, Herman August 304 Hapenney, James Daniel 244, 363, 465 Hupp, John Henry 236, 249, 296 Hcrawoy, William J. 236, 427 Herbert, Jerry Clay 161, 465 Horborlh, Kermit G. 192, 486 Harcrow, Robert James 214, 296, 348, 465 Hardeman, Bennett Lee 287, 315, 486 Hurdeman, Lyman Joseph 269, 314, 465 Harding, Thomas Hague 167, 477 Hardin, Phillip Richard 148, 281, 486 Hare, Charles Edwin 427 Hargrove, Thomas Rex 161, 269, 274, 286, 357, 460, 465 Harkreader, Wayne Lee 224, 486 Harlan, James Paul 138, 247, 360 Harlan, Richard E. 231, 486 Hormel, Donnie Edward 366, 465 Harmon, Howard Dennis 172, 270, 486 Harmon, Lucien Frost 486 Harrell, Gary Randall 427 Harrell, James Edmund 427 Harrell, Larry Owen 196, 486 Harrell, Thomas Elmer 465 Harrelson, Johnny B. 122, 247, 477 Harrelson, Rodney Allen 238, 486 Harrigan, David Lee 180 Harriman, William 8., Jr. 116, 174 Harrison, James Freeman 262, 428 Harcison, Milton Leon 428 Harrison, Warren T., 134, 140, 227, 233, 248, 333, 428 Harris, Albert Zeke 304 Harris, Arch Frederick 154, 355, 477 Harris, Charles Glenn 204 Harris, Cliff Andrew 312, 314, 428 Harris, Dickie Auton140, 218, , 65 Harris, Franklin A., Jr. 174, 340 Harris, Haywood L., Jr. 364 Harris, John Jeffery 234, 486 Harris, Laurie 184 Harris, Lothar Edwin 238, 486 Harris, Morris R., Jr. 321 Harris, William Barton 343, 428 Harris, William Paull 225, 486 Hartfiel, Don Allen 428 Hannen, Thomas Robert 234 Hart, Ellwood Roy 406 Hart, Harry William 218 Hart, Melba Joe 200, 428 Harlye, Robert Albert 129, 232, 487 Harvell, David Joel 204 Harvey, Clarron Eugene 204 Harvey, Edgar John 161, 352, 465 Harvey, Gary Bueford 203 Harvey, Gary Gene 224, 366, 477 Harvey, Roger Bruce 240, 340, 487 Harvey, Victor Olen 195, 369 Harvison, Gary Earl 127, 178 Hose, Robert Richard Jr. 203, 307, 477 Hoseloff, William Carl 231, 477 Hasselmeier, Robert J. 247, 465 Hastings, Ronnie Jack 196, 487 Hatcher, Lester B., Jr. 174, 323, 340, 465 Hatch, Curtis Henry 195, 487 Hathorn, Jim Bob 146, 487 Hanawuy, William Eavl 192, 428 HcHon, James Rufus 290, 295, 303 Hatzenbuehler, Charles 324, 355, 428 Hatzenbuehler, Daniel 285, 477 Hauser, Thomas Freeman 136, 465 Hovard, Thomas J. 247 Havel, Jerome A. 255 Havel, Joseph Ray 477 Hawes, Edward Kent 240, 487 Hawkes, Robert Wesley 255, 465 Hawkins, Ennis M. 428 Hawkins, Harvey Kenneih 246, 247, 428 Hawkins, James Henry 298 Hawkins, Robert Michael 256, 332, 428 Howley, Robert Duane 216, 336, 487 Hayes, John Joseph 218 Haynes, Arnim V. Jr. 428 Haynes, Clifford Gary 465 Hayns, Grady Lee 428 Haynes, John Michael 234, 487 Haynes, Vernon Dean 429 Hay, Charles Kendall 428 Hey, Craig Chandler 220, 477 Hays, David Mauermann 203 Hayward, William Ray 233, 353, 487 Hazard, William M. 257 Hazzard, George Loomis 192, 487 Head, Bruce Charles 286 Head, Howard Martin 307, 403 Heaney, William S. 477 Heard, Jesse Hilton 286 Hearn, Larry Charles 146, 248, 357, 487 Hearrell, Lewis Ralph 216, 487 Hearron, George Slanley 224 Heurlwell, James W. 244 Hearfwell, Stephen F. 126, 195, 429 Heath, James Barry 232, 287, 477 Heuron, Cyrus Robert 180, 349, 477 Hebert Peter F., Jr. 159, 477 Heckman, Brian Eugene 236, 487 Hecox, Glen Dale 148, 248, Hedemann, Robert F. 180, 487 Hedeman, Walter R., III 314 Hedrick, Jerald William 315 Heep, Gerald Richard 252, Heerde, WiloH 465 Hefley, Martin Wayon 155, 288, 323, 364, 465 Heger, Robert Stanley 182, 270, 354, 466 Heggem, Jerry Paul 195, 487 Heidelberg, Stephen R. 355, 466 Heideman, Kenneth Earl 366 Heikkila, Edwin Carl, Jr. 167, 429 Heinemann, Eugene J, 161, 292, 301, 320, 337, 429 Heinen, Ronald Edward 192 Heinsohn, Leslie F. 477 Heinrich, Durwood James 231, 477 Heite, William C., Jr. 292, 301, 313, 429 Heifman, Lawrence Paul 203, 477 Hellums, Lee Nelson, I1 159, 309, 334, 429 Helmann, Paul 466 Helmcamp, Trey Dewey 196, 487 Helt, James Charles 180, 487 Hernbree, Gene Herchiel 148, 487 Hemphill, Andrew D. 487 Hemphill, Thomas E. 300 Henard, Dan M., Jr. 320, 466 Henderson, Jon Franklin 308 Henderson, Joseph 5., Jr. 180, 429, 477 Hendrick, David James 487 Hendrix, Charles R. 256, 466 Hendry, James Elmer 307 Henglein, William G. 238 Henigan, Allen Martin 256 Henneke, Charles John 160, 487 Hennessy, Richard A. 172, 429 Henry, Cormie Lyn 487 Henry, George Martin 218 Henry, Larry Don 204 Henry, Melton M. 204 Henry, Roy L., Jr. 255 Henry, Sam Sherrill, Jr. 140, 180, 286, 346, 466 Henry, Thomas Lee 212, 487 Hensel, Howard Milton 138, 167, 368, 487 Henslee, Robert W., Jr. 238, 318, 466 Hensley, John Lee, Jr. 148, 346 Hensley, Robert Warren 220, 344, 487 Hensley, William M. 148, 248, 477 Henson, Sidney L. 293, 302, 393, 429 Henthorne, Norris G. 180, 487 Hen'hn, Larry Donald 429 Herbold, John Robert 240, 487 Hereford, Michael G. 209, 220, 466 Hermann, Paul David, Jr. 136 509 THE FORDYCE COMPANY Box I98I SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS R. W. Briggs. 'l7 L. Ed Lee, '37 R. W. Briggs. Jr.. '55 Dan H. McLendon. '39 W l08 No. Bryan Bryan. Texas CAMPUS CLEANERS Near College Laundry Sub Sfai'ion-Dorm I2 Basemenf of Hospifal Serving Texas Aggies VI mm in Their Every Clo+hing Need. Herman, John Rudy 172, 173 Hernandez, Luis M., Jr. 466 Herrera, Moses 216, 364, 487 Herricks, Kenneth Gene 317 Herring, David Clark 236 Herring, Jack L. 224, 487 Herring, Robert L. 227, 312, 314, 429 Herring, Sheldon Mark 299, 466 ngrmann, Wesley Wayne 307, 403 Hervey, Donald Gable 406 Herzik, Terrence Lane 196, ' 487 5 Hester, Claude Daniel 172, 270, 292, 487 Helhcoat, Charles Luke 231, 487 Heussner,:Johnny C. 487 Hewes, Cecil Grayson 304, 429 Hewett, Douglas Neal 290 Hewitt, Emmi" Ray 360 Hewlett, Michael Lee 216, 487 Hickl, Louis Joseph 487 Hickman, David Elwyn 244 Hicks, Albert Durrell 240, 487 Arthur Wayne 223 Bruce Michael 146, 248, , Hal Shannon 7, 255, Kenneth David 148, 248 Hicks, Thomas Michael 174, 363, 487 Higgins, Edward B. 136 Higgins, Michael E. 163, 269, 354, 429 Hightower, James Ray 121 Hightower, Steven C. 128, 196, 487 Hilburn, Benny Mac 146, 147, 429 Hillhouse, Stephen A. 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 118, 466 Hillis, Conmd Milton 182, 477 Hill, Cornelius Edwin 127, 164, 358, 466 Hill, Dalton James 359 Hill, Harold John 218 Hill, John Jordan, Jr. 487 Hill, John McDonald 236, 487 Hill, John Michael 146, 223, 248, 477 Hill, Orvel Francis 161, 303, 357, 466 Hill, Patricia Ann 400 Hill, Waller Coleman 466 Hilton, Phillip Lee 195, 318, 362, 487 Hilton, Whitney Joseph 176, 66 4 Hindmun, William R. 184, 302, 477 Hinoioso, Geronimo G. 299 Hinze, Ray Gene 93, 119, 121 Hiser, Thomas Evan 466 HiH, Barney Lee 140, 233 Hlavmy, Andrew J. 126, 210, 477 Hlavinkc, Dennis James 216, 287, 487 Hlozek, Donald Ray 260, 298, 466 Hobbs, William Douglas 302 Hoch, Russell William 216, 487 Hocking, Alfred E. 236, 280, 336 Hodges, Henry Allen, II 307 Hodges, HirardN. 313 Hodges, James Edward 289 Hodgkins, Stephen Clark 154, 487 Hoegemeyer, Howavd W. 160, 487 Hofer, Charles Thomas 164 Hoffman, Charles W. 216, 368 Hoffman, Michael Peter 231, 487 Hoffman, Richard F. 220, 308, 477 Hoffpauir, Stanley C. 307, 403 Hoff, Claude Anton 487 Hogg, Gary Lynn 214, 287, 355, 487 Hohman, Dennis N. 210, 346 Hoke, Daniel L. 487 Hoke, Dewey Harris 466 Holcomb, John Allen 307, 466 Holcomb, John Robert 199, 18 Ho3comb, Robert Allen 195, 248, 279, 296, 302 Holcomb, William David 256, 358, 429 Ho1den, Eric Joseph 140, 195 Holden, John Wade, Jr. 307, , Curtis Lee 172, 487 Frank 0., Jr. 216, 487 , George Richard 286, Holder, Leonard Donald 140, 169, 180, 248 Holder, Thomas Nelson 116, 244, 487 Holditch, Damon Will 153, 163, 429 Holick, Donald H. 352, 430 Holludoy, John Norman 172, 270, 292 Hollahun, Edward Lee 224, 332, 487 Holland, Elton Allen 200, 487 Hollan, John Dolphia 285, 305 Holley, Terry Don 257, 339, 466 Hollier, Robert Earl 244 Hollister, Jerry Glynn 129, 182, 270, 477 Holloway, Ernest R. 176, 177, 269, 293, 317, 394, 430 Holmes, Charles R. 430 Holmes, Davjd Louis 146, 477 Holmes, Ennis Robert 307, 403 Holmes, Lewis Ewing 159, 487 Holmes, William Andrew 358 Holster, James Edwin 167, 487 Holster, Jesse Louis 176, 466 Holt, Jack Barrington 140, 151, 172, 332, 466 H011, John Henry, Jr. 487 Holt, Virgil F., Jr. 232, 487 Holtz, Raymond John 244 H0112, Stephen T. 214, 477 Holy, Grant James 430 Honec, John Edward 191, 192, 337, 430 HoneycuH, David M. 172 HoneycuH, Don Riley 270, 306 Honey, Brian Grunt 287, 358, 487 Hood, Billy Milton 220, 320, 477 Hood, Ronald Earl 129, 309, 466 Hooker, John Francis 157, 345 Hooking, Alfred 477 Hooks, Donald Lee 262, 280 Hooper, Frank Ray 244, 487 Hoofon, James Glenn 212, 339, 466 Hooton, James William 116 Hoover, Howard M. 307, 430 Hoover, Jack Wilson 122, 247, 345, 487 Hoover, Joe Ed 313 Hopfer, William Joe 216, 487 Hopgood, Marvin T., Jr. 88, 140, 171,182,292, 394, 430 Hopkin, Mac Moore 178, 223, 487 Hopkins, David F., Jr. 262 Hopkins, Franklin 3., Jr. 189 Hopkins, John Burleson 345, 466 Hopkins, Roy Clifton 223, 487 Hooper, Bruce Lynn 236 Hopper, James Edward 487 Hopper, James Turner 162, 487 Horelica, Albert Lee 323 Hornback, James Richard 174, 466 Hornburg, Hal Morton 236, 487 Home, John W., II 156, 430 Home, Morrisene W. 307, 466 Horn, Louis Graham 280, 466 Horn, Paul Ainsley 234, 487 Hornsey, Joseph C. 477 Horsak, Rudolph Joy 240, 361, 364, 487 Horton, Lee William 129, 157, 303, 345, 487 Horton, Sidney Lance 258, 366, 466 Hosley, Richard Allyn 224 House, David Joseph 203, 487 House, Randolph W. 191, 477 Houston, Donald Andrew 196, 477 Houston, James Buchanan 240, 319, 466 Houston, John Arnold 123, 487 Houston, Victor Lee 232, 477 Houze, Robert Alvin 477 Howard, Albert Lawson 244, 477 Howard, Bobbie Bruce, Jr. 184, 430 Howard, Clyde W,, III 196 Howard, Henry Kenneth 161, 311, 331, 430 Howard, James Warren 218, 323, 466 Howard, Jerry Arthur 466 Howard, John Edward 157 Howard, Robert Paul 234, 487 Howard, Russell Charles 323, 369, 430 Howell, John White 236, 487 Howell, Ronald Edwmd 207, H0883, John Rober1236, 487 Hoysa, Matthew 1., Jr. 156, 430 Hubert, John Michael 240, 487 Hubler, George Lawrence 295, 305, 305 Huchlon, Richard M. 329 Huddleston, Taylor J. 236, 487 Hudgens, Ernest Morris 196, 477 Hudgins, Willaim W, 430 Hudler, Thomas J. 240 Huebinger, Wayne E. 320 Huebner, Kenneth Ray 203, 487 Huffman, Kirby William 307 Huff, Robert Charles 214, 487 Huffsmilh, William Fred 244, 487 Hufhines, Bobby Ray 466 Huggins, James Euclid 146 Hughen, James Frank 232, 487 Hughes, Craig Douglas 192, 487 Hughes, chlon E. 430 Hughes, Lynn Burke, Jr. 365 Hughes, Thomas Wilson 199 Hughson, John C. 354 Hughson, William Nix 298, 430 Hugo, John Edgar 307, 430 Hull, Lorry Arthur195, 487 Hullum, Glen Ray164, 487 Humberi, John Joseph 315 Humphreys, Don Curtis 176, 487 Humphries, Donald L. 430 Humphries, Paul Morris 196 Hunter, Darius Crcyfon 210, 487 Hunter, Daryl Wayne 255 Hunter, Joseph Matthew 224 Huntington, Joseph V. 216 Hunt, Curtis Lindsay 212, 477 Hunt, Glen Lee, Jr. 305, 431 Hunt, James Marion 274, 431 Hunt, Richard Clark 172, 240 Hupy, James Phillip 306 Hurley James Marcus 233, 310 Hurta, Frank Joe, Jr. 361, 466 Husfeld, David Charles 307, 431 Huston, Michael Dennis 178, 179, 466 Hutchison, William E. 431 Hutchison, William M. 216, 353, 487 Hyde, Michael Walter 146 lhms, Randall Gene 146, 367, 487 Inchausre, Jorge A. 322, 341, 431 Ingram, Johnny Leroy 302, 431 lnniss, Robert Wi11iam 202, 431 Insoni, Peter John 182, 487 lrick, Billy Frank 308 Irving, John Hamilton 258, 286, 487 Irvin, Robert Allen 157, 334, Irwin, James Alexander 214, 487 lsbell, Arthur J., Ill 160, 363, 487 Isbell, Clinton Howard 192, 487 lsbell, Terry Reed 191, 487 lsom, Conrad Bernard 189, 431 Ivie, Glen Wayne 301, 309, 466 Ivy, Larry Mack 256, 431 Jablonski, Ted M. 274 Jacks, William Bradford 148 Jackson, Donald Lee 180 Jackson, George F. 231, 249, 487 Jackson, Jackie Wayne 487 Jackson, James F. 487 Jackson, Jimmy Dean 167, 487 Jackson, Kirby Key 294 Jackson, Mark Lester 401 Jackson, Oscar, III 220, 238, 466 Jackson, Robert. Lee 224, 488 Jackson, Thomas Michael 161, 269, 294, 308, 466 Jacob, Michael Teller 466 Jacobs, Jerry Allen 223, 293, 305, 348, 466 Jacobs, Jon Alexander 129, 232, 365, 488 Jacoby, Pete William, Jr. 140, 152, 161, 294, 320, 466 Jacoby, Roy Alton 307, 403 Jaeckle, Alan Clarke 218, 353, 477 Jaegers, Gordon A. 263 Jaffe, Stephen Howard 148, 477 Jagelir, Charles D. 148, 310 Jager, Mitchell 432 James, Gary Leon 178, 488 James, Karl Reynolds 195, 307 James, Stephen Windrow 488 Jamison, Philip C. 244, 488 Janucek, Jimmy Wayne 180, 298, 333, 432 Janicek, Huber? M. 488 Janik, Willie L. 307 Junk, William Edward 247, 477 Janne, EvereH Edward 311 Jaris, Edward Joseph 176, 467 Jarosz, Stanley Martin 247, 318, 488 Jarrell, Fveman J. 146, 477 Jarvis, Billy Erin 155, 299, 432 Jarvis, Jon Movheny 160, 301, 330, 488 Javaherian, Shehriar 432 Jaynes, Jay 127, 140, 276, 432 Jeanes, Franklin Wynn 214, 477 Jeffrey, David Leigh 223, 362 JeHus, Mac Raymond 164, 432 Jelinek, Al Vincent 406 Jemelko, Erwin Daniel 307 Jendrusch, Gerald J. 259, 262, 467 Jenkins, Joseph S. 8. 118, 204, 432 Jenkins, Michael Long 191, 367, 488 Jenkins, Paul Smi'h 477 Jennings, Arthur Watts 195, 318, 488 Jennings, Robert L. 332 Jensen, Paul Alfred 136 Jerden, Larry Rex 233, 467 Jernigon, Herbert Gary 317 Jernigan, William A. 309 Jeff, James Ellsworth 231, 258 Jan, William James 195, 357, 477 Jiuro, Raoul Alan 212 Jochimsen, Stuart T. 247, 295 Johnson, Afton Benton 167, 346, 467 Johnson, Albert Porter 367, 467 Johnson, Billy Ray107, 151, 432 Johnson, Cecil Dale 488 Johnson, Clayton Reid 146 Johnson, David Norman 316, 432 Johnson, David W. 178 Johnson, Frank Edward 488 Johnson, Gary Daryl 467 Johnson, George C. 172, 467 Johnson, Howard Carrol 307, 432 Johnson, James Ernest 477 Johnson, James Ertell 308 Johnson, James E. 157, 353 Johnson, James Harvey 477 Johnson, Jerry Wayne 255, Jimmie CurroH 203, Joe N., Jr. 345, 432 Johnny Lynn 488 Kenneth W. 477 Larry Kent 367 Lee Vernon 231, 488 Johnson, Max Man 334 Johnson, Michael C. 163, 164, 488 Johnson, Patrick Noble 214, 223, 488 Johnson, Randolph E. 191, 220, 477 Johnson, Richard Keith 182 Johnson, Richard S. 203, 488 Johnson, Robert Collis 224, 477 Johnson, Roy Doyle 307, 432 Johnson, Steven Roy 240, 488 Johnson, Tom M. 161, 432 Johnson, William Byron 488 Johns, Charles W. 212, 326, 355, 488 Johnstone, Keith P. 160, 488 Johnston, Harvey Tyler 174, 249, 270, 488 Johnston, Ra1ph Warren 155, 432 Johnston, Steven Bryce 224, 488 Johnston, Wallace L. 315 Jones, Alvin W. 263 Jones, Benny Jack 212, 488 Jones, Charles T. 176, 477 Jones, Curtis Brewer 305, 355, 432 Jones, Eric Paul 127, 145, 164, 432 Jones, Harrison P. 134, 164, 432 Jones, Hugh Ned 289 Jones, James Dale 151, 467 Jones, James Edgar 210, 342, 432 Jones, James Gwynne, Jr. 432 Jones, Jimmy Owen 432 Jones, Joe Robert 488 Jones, Kenneth Cochran 488 Jones, Marvin Keenum 216, 488 Jones, Michael Davis 433 Jones, Raymond Louis 232, 488 Jones, Richard Frank 477 Jones, Ronald Melvyn 300, 343, 433 Jones, Ronald Wayne 467 Jones, Victor T. 406 Jones, William Base" 214 Jordan, David Rex 172 Jordan, George E. 200, 477 Jordan, Larry Mike 244 Jordan, Melvcn Dewitt 146, 248 Jordan, Michael Glen 244, 477 Joseph, Zelman Leon 283, 467 Joyer, Floyd Hendrick 212 Joyer, Richard Alan 433 Joyner, Charles A, Jr. 138, 167, 488 Joy, Dwight Lee 360 Jozwiak, Paul Louis, Jr. 259, 433 Juarez, Jacinlo Pablo 176 Juavez, Rumaldo Zapata 324, 467 Judo, Robert Abraham 124, 488 Juge, Randall John 204 Jungmon, Thomas Andrew 178, 488 Jungman, Fred M. 477 Jurcak, Thomas Louis 231, 488 Jurries, Royce Wayne 366, 467 K0011, Ervin 477 Kabir, Syed Md Humayun 406 Kacul, George Jerome 195, 488 KochOik, Jerry Victor 91, 95 Kader1i, Gemld 8. 337 Kaffenberger, Howard W. 238, 488 Kahanek, Henry, Jr. 176, 467 Kainer, Edward Lester 228, 408, 433 Kainer, Victor Frank, Jr. 406 Kaiser, Larry Kurt 467 Kalinec, William F,, Jr. 433 Kamaluddin, Bakre Alam 406 Kano, Edward James 315, 433 Kano, John Paul 467 Kardys, Richard 477 Korle, Frederick G. 158, 289, 301, 344, 477 Karr, Kennard G. 174, 433 Kusprzyk, Edward J. 223, 477 Kasler, James Arfhur 216, 244, 488 Key, Charles Byron 360 Kuzda, Jerry Winfield 299, 477 Kozmierski, James D. 244, 488 Kean, Terence Patrick 129, 232, 335, 488 Kearney, James Charles 154, 488 Kearney, John Allen 467 Kearing, Joseph J. 116, 244 Keeling, Billy Wayne 129 Keeling, Donald Wilson 191, 467 Keeling, Michele Elwood 307 Keese, Lorry Alwyn 290, 467 Keesecker, Robert Alan 164, 488 Keeron, Kerry 5. 307 Keilers, Dennis Ray 161, 320, 331, 467 Keiser, Ron'ald Erwin 216, 368, 488 Keisling, Kim 154, 356 Keller, Kenneth Lee 323, 433 Keller, Michael Edward .157, 307 Kelley, Charles Patrick 129, 140, 228, 467 Kelley, James Arnold 277 Kelley, Larry Denton 234, 257 Kelley, Robert Lloyd 488 Kelley, William Austin 299, 433 Kelly, James H. 307 Kelly, Kern Dyer 124, 210, 477 Kelrner, Neil Lynn 135, 144, 164, 248, 394, 433 Kemler, Arden Vance 477 Kemper, George Harry 238 Kemph, Gary Stephen 204, 488 Kemp, Johnnie 228, 233, 433 Keneipp, TimoYhy Wyn 167, 488 Keneson, Wendell M. 172, 270, 285, 369, 488 Kennedy, Gary Wtighf 313, 467 Kennemer, Larry Clinton 140, 148, 150, 467 Kennerly, Kenneth D. 196, 363, 488 Kent, Leonard Lynn 308, 467 Kent, Von Albert 223, 488 Kerchevol, David R. 191, 488 Kernan, William Frank 182, 488 Kersh, William Irvin 333 Kessler, Albert Wayne 231, 360, 488 Kessler, Homer William 316, 467 Key, Dennis Michael 467 Key, John C. 307, 403 Key, Kenneth Hess 307 Key, Michael Courtney 195, 318, 488 Key, Pierce Cobb, Jr. 128, 158, 488 Key, Robert Thomas 262, 322 Kickliter, Lowry Neil 358 Kidd, George T., III 307 Kidd, William Edward 232, 488 Kidd, William T. 361 Kieschnick, Herbert W, 163, 433 Killen, James Ross 129, 335, 48 8 Killian, Quenvin Neal 238, 488 Killingsworrh, Amos Ed 146, 272, 274, 433 Killingswonh, John B. 333 Killingsworvh, Louis 333 Killingswodh, Roger A. 129, 176, 488 Kimmins, Richard Kent 256, 330 Kimsey, Larry Marlin 157, 488 Kinord, David Homer 160, 269, 477 Kindel, Charles Edward 203, 488 Kinder, William Perry 128, 196, 488 King, Cullis Lee, Jr. 129, 203, 289, 467 King, Frankie Buck 240, 488 King, Henry Allen 220 King, Holley Kathryn 400 King, Joe Donald 467 King, Jon Bradley 401 King, Thomas Michael 224 Kinder, Wayne Edgar 238, 488 Kinnard, Darrell W. 308, 467 Kinnard, Jack Darlan 301, 308 Kiolbassa, Thomas A. 262 Kirchmer, John T., Jr. 97, 118 Kirchner, Kenneth W. 342 Kirchner, Vinson Edwin 218, 289, 467 Kirk, Larry Byron 199, 286, 296, 363 Kirkes, Fred N. 346 Kirkpatrick, Edward A. 240, 488 Kirkpatrick, James R. 167, 356, 477 Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey S. 247, 331, 477 Kirk, John Huston 307, 403 Kirk, Richard Lee 234, 488 Kiser, James Kenneth 214, 488 Kistner, Richard Wayne 302, 433 Kitchen, Thomas George 178, 488 Kiya, Michael Kenneth 314 Klaevemann, William G. 308, 433 Klamke, Stephan E. 167, 477 Kleemeier, Henry George 317, 467 Kleibrink, MichaPl C. 210, 350, 488 Kleinert, Glenn A. 320, 433 Klein, William Harley 148, 283 Klepper, Ronald W. 262, 314, 433 Klock, Jock Michael 488 . Kloppe, Rodger Wayne 216, 488 Klossner, Kurk lval 192 Kluge, Charles Alfred 195 Klussman, Raymond O. 467 Klutz, William Lewis, Jr. 236, 323, 433 Kneisler, James R., Jr. 155, 292, 324, 353, 433 Knight, Charles Joseph 293, 305, 325, 394 Knight, John Allan 231, 434, 488 Knott, Ronald Gene 244 Knouse, Jerry Anthony 153, 162, 365, 467 Knowles, Paul Winthrop 204 Knowles, Robert Glenn 467 Knox, Eldon Beck 262, 282, 320, 434 Knox, Michael Wayne 256 Kobrin, David Andrew 283, 488 Koch, Kenneth Joseph 167, 296, 346, 467 Kocian, David Arlen 148, 249, 477 Koehler, Buford Ray, Jr. 369, 406 Koehn, Donald Wayne 99, 118 Koenig, Robert Paul 191, 488 Koenig, William T. 148, 248, 282, 477 Keener, Jay Tuck 247, 488 Kohlmon, Joe Michael 96, 97, 119 Koliba, Marvin Lee 146 Kollenborn, Byron B. 263 Koonce, Alan Ray 107, 108, 112, 118 Koop, Harold William 223, 488 Kooser, Donald Eugene 244 Korb, Kenneth Wayne 172, 249, 296, 477 Korenek, Joseph Leon 262, 305 Korenek, Stephen Duane 148, 434, 488 Kornfuehrer, Paul Ray 176 Kostelnik, Michael C. 214, 335, 488 Kothmann, Herbert G. 309, 326, 337, 434 Kotrla, Claren James 200, 488 Kovacs, John 172, 488 Kovocs, Robert Earl 203, 488 Kovor, Gary Wayne 91, 119, 204 Kovich, Andrew S'even 249, 284, 477 Kvaemer, Duane Carl 307 Krafka, Gerald L. 303, 477 Krebs, John Estes 174, 344 477 Kreizschmar, Gilbert E. 146, 147, 433 Kreymer, John W. 323 Kriechbaum, Joseph R. 218, 336 Krieg, Daniel Ray 300, 301, 367, 433 Kroberger, Kenneth E. 216, 369, 488 Kroesche, Joseph L. 302, 467 Kronenberger, Louis, Jr. 164, 467 Kronenberger, Walter R. 263, 488 Kropp, Leonard C. 319 Kruse, Robert F. 148, 477 szan, Ronald Alfred 299, 303 Kubecku, Oswald R. 260 Kubenc, Leon Franklin 434 Kubicek, Donald 346, 467 Kuchnicki, Richard P. 164 Kuenemann, Charles 148, 434 Kuhns, Robert Lake, Jr. 136 511 "There is a way to do it better - find ittt These challenging words of Thomas A. Edison, father of the electric light and power industry, are a constant reminder to us to seek new efficiencies that will help us serve our customers better. of the advancin technolo 0f the industr . Through the years, as Texas Electric Service g gy y Company has built ahead, each new gen- Texas Electric is looking to the future, con- erating unit, transmission line and other stantly seeking new ways to improve elec- facility has been designed to take advantage tric service and make it an even bigger value. t. TEXAS ELECTRIC NY COMPA SHOE 8: BOOT REPAIR Western Boots. Dress Shoes. and Oi'her Footwear in Sfock LEATHER GOODS Arch Supports and Orthopedic Work, Custom and S+ock Appliances NAME PLATES NAME TAGS NAME TAPES RUBBER STAMPS GOLD STAMPING -CARDS. PHOTOS. NEWS PRINT 0 I CENTRAL TEXAS .. JIM, mc. HARDWARE COMPANY AxtM Since I89! 202 South Bryan Avenue 2 NORTH GATE Telephone TA 2-I388 COLLEGE STATION. TEXAS Bryan. Texas CUSTOM BOOTMAKERS Kuklinski, Richard F. 174, 488 Kuntz, Elmer Lee 299 Kunz, Andrew Edward 220 Kunz, Robert Allison 203, 467 Kuratko, Louis 6., Jr. 232, 488 Kunz, Lyndon William 264, 434 Kutach, Alvin John 307, 403 Kuykendall, Barry Joe 172 Kuykendoll, Sam 289 Kyle, Arthur C. 126, 434 Kyle, William Paul 224, 488 Kngg, James Ronald 192, 361, La Barbera, Joseph N. 288, 434 LaBarbera, Philip T. 195, 318 Labuda, Thomas Michael 212, 353, 488 Lackey, Stacy Homer 191, 307, 467 Lackland, Robert H. 154, 355 Lacy, Nelson Floyd 477 Lagow, Charles M., Jr. 159, 477 Lagraize, Albert George 192, 488 LaGrange, Charles R. 96, 99, 118, 467 Lain, William Keith 202, 434 Laird, Alan Douglas 240, 488 Laird, Patrick Orville 434 Laird, Thomas Dee 229, 309, 434 Lake, Simeon Timothy 171, 180, 286, 467 Lamoscus, Charles M. Jr. 264, 488 Lambert, John W. 405 Lamb, James Leroy 155 Lamkin, Kenneth Alan 99, 119, 121, 204, 343 Lamkin, Stephen Lee 224, 286, 477 Lammerf, Ronald F. 204 Lamm, Michael Edward 148 Lam, Michael Harless 488 Lunasq, Philip James 155, 326, 369, 434 Lundreth, Gordon Earl 167, 344, 477 Landtroop, Larry Lester 224 Landua, Dennis Paul 366 Landua, Paul Dwight 467 Lane, Bruce Gordon 230, 231, 305, 434 Lane, James Riley, III 154 Robert Wilson, Jr. 174, Stephen Edward 146, 8 Tim Edward 274 Lange, Aubrey Kyle 324 Lange, William Lee 312, 314, 325, 434 Langhoff, Raleigh Roy 310 Langley, Frank Michael 307, 434 Long, Walter Sidney, Jr. 146 Langseth, David Charles 244, 488 Langston, John Bcrham 240 Lanning, Michael Lee 160, 357, 488 Laramey, Thomas A., Jr. 180, 352, 477 Lara, Colon 0,, Jr. 341 Lara, Hernan, 255, 477 Lara, Oliver 341, 434 Larkin, James Buford 434 Lusell, Melvin Hatry 257, 467 Lassifer, Martin Coker 118, 309 Lathrop, Howard B. 293, 435 Loucher, Robert H. 180, 336, 488 Lauer, Kenneth Bernard 335 Laughlin, John W. 156, 249, 334, 488 Laughlin, Michael Dean 196, 326, 334, 435 Laughter, Leslie Dix 182, 488 Lavender, William A. 435 Lawhon, Joseph B. 240, 244, 361 Lawrence, James R. 138, 172, 249, 282, 488 Lawrence, Jean Paul 467 Lawrence, Larry R. 236 Law, James Robert 161, 467 Lawson, James Terry 218, 488 chson, Mack Wayne 234 Laycock, Jerry Wayne 307, 3 Leach, Richard Scott 148, 488' Leal, Samuel Dale 467 LeBlanc, Rufus J. 467 Lebourveau, Grover P. 196, 488 Lecrone, Joe Michael 261, 435 Ledbener, Harry L. 244 Ledbetfer, William R., Jr. 164, 435 Ledoux, Laurie Eugene 153, 167, 435 - Lee, Alfred C. 435 Lee, Allen Bruce 255, 435 Lee, Beniamin K. 262, 306 Lee, Billy Wayne 234, 489 Lee, Carl Johnston, Jr. 401 Lee, Donald Dearman 308 Lee, James Arthur 306, 435 Lee, Joseph Charles 333, 467 Lee, Peter Hoy 314, 435 Lee, Robert Edward 308, 467 Lee, Robert Eugene 330, 435 Lee, Robert Gordon 140, 228, 346, 467 Lee, Rodney Guy 319 Leese, David Patrick 196, 489 Leftwich, Marion Wesley 290, 467 Leggetf, Morris Dole 435 Lehmann, James Howard 203, 489 Leidig, Raymond H., Jr. 307, 403 Leifeste, Arlee Ross 406 Leifesfe, Lloyd Eldon 489 Leifeste, Rodney Dee 121, 467 Leinharf, Michael Gary 199, 489 Lemke, Clyde Dean 264, 467 Lemons, Roy Dale 303 Lenox, Jimmie Dale 204 Lenzo, David Richard 236 Leonard, Johnnie Wayne 224, 489 Leonard, Marlin Thomas 100 Lester, Pqu Wilson 124 Lester, Thomas Lee 259, 489 Letscher, Robert M. 307 Levan, Timothy Brian 138, 236, 489 Lewellen, Theodore E. 176, 467 Lewis, Calvin Lee 196, 489 Lewis, Converse R., Ill 123, 127, 477 Lewis, Frederick J. 167, 369, 489 Lewis, Harry S. 365, 436 Lewis, Harry Wayne 302 Lewis, James Clifford 238 Lewis, James Edgar 477 Lewis, James Howard 238, 489 Lewis, John Calvin 192, 477 Lewis, Larry Dewayne 163 Lewis, Lonnie D. 436 Lewis, Randall Dean 257, 316, 436 Lewis, Thomas EIIioH 195, 318, 489 Lewis, Thomas Victor 489 Lewis, William Charles 339 Lighlsey, Billy M. 436 Lightsey, Don A. 187, 436 Lightsey, John Raymond 148, 489 Ligon, Frank Burney 274, 307, 403 Liles, John Wil1ium 231, 489 Liles, Thomas E., Jr, 216, 314, 362, 436 Limerick, Lyndon D. 318, 467 Limpus, Lawrence L. 231, 249, 477 Lincecum, Joe Jack 162, 489 Lindemann, Eugene Roy 292, 303, 343, 436 Lindsay, Charles Donald 208, 210, 279, 408, 436 Lindsay, Leslie Charles 240, 332 Lindsay, Milton Evan 214, 277, 489 Lindsey, Claude Earl 178 Lindsey, Glynn Stockton 94, 96, 99,100, 118,195 Lindsey, James Allen 489 Lindsey, Jan Alan 209, 223, 294, 309, 436 Lindsey, Jerald G. 188, 436 Lindsey, Kenneth C. 436 Lindsey, Robert D. 467 Lindsey, Ronald Lewis 100, 118, 204, 249 Lindstrom, Everett N. 233, 324, 436 Linton, Roy Emken 167, 332, A 67 Lipe, John Arthur 311 Lipiec, Chester Matthew 468 Lippe, Larry Gordon 238 Lippke, Rolf Richard 307, 403 Lipfak, John Frank 244 Listi, Samuel Anthony 285 Lislon, Ronald Wayne 256, 365, 436 1 LiHerst, Frank C., HI 204 Little, Jack E. 317 Linle, James Michael 436 Little, Leland Richard 180, 489 Livas, Pablo 341, 489 Lively, Travis Clay 236, 489 Lobrecht, Morris Neal 148 Lockey, Paul Edwin 148, 489 Lockharf, Barton D. 365 Lock, David McBrier 136, 477 Lockstedf, Kerry 0. 263, 477 Loeffler, John Richard 172, 270, 337, 489 Loftin, Martin Alvin 210, 489 Logan, Joe Charles 489 Logan, William Robert 210, 332, 489 London, Roger Kent 238 Longnecker, Carl Edward 315, 436 Long, Bobby Paul 406 Long, Carl Edwin 124, 170, 178, 292, 468 Long, George W. 172 Long, John Greer 178 Long, Robert Kent 189, 468 Look, Gary Reynolds 307 Loomis, Stephen Mears 146, 248, 249, 489 Looney, Cullen R. 236, 489 Lopez, Frank 140, 187, 196, 294, 468 Lopez, Frank 196, 296, 336 Lopez, Juan De Dios 220 Lopez, Peler Anthony 312, 314 Loveall, Ronald Cecil 223, 489 Lovelace, John Lowell 342, 468 Loveland, John Patrick 468 Loveless, Billy R. 292, 301, 311 Lovell, Robert H. 136, 477 Love, James Collins 307, 436 Love, Kenneth C. 191 Lowe, Michael Philip 240, 289, 489 Lozowski, William Roddy 477 Lucas, Carl Ellwin 236, 489 Lucas, 'John Robert 162, 218, 489 Lucer, Edward, Jr. 216, 335 Luckenbach, Carl A. 146, 324, 477 Ludwig, A1 James 212, 354, 47 7 Luedke, Delmos Luther 436 Lummus, Jerry Lynn 140, 155 Lungstrum, Sfephen Jay 162, 489 Luymes, Alan Herman 256, 290, 395, 436 Lunsford, Thomas Mason 140, 187, 195, 318, 468 Lyerly, George Edward 162, 249, 286, 296, 338, 477 Lyle, Charles Stennis 232, 489 Lyle, James Louis 240, 477 Lynch, Frank Lane 285 Lynch, Robert Walter, Jr. 229, 238, 436 Lyon, James Harmon 317 Lyon, Willie Lyal 317, 468 Lyons, Don Keith 307, 436 Lyons, Everett A. 312, 314, 437 Lyons, Gary Robert 167, 489 Lyons, Kenneth Michael 195, 489 Mabie, Gary Joseph 220, 317, 437 Maculuso, Mario Armando 134, 188, 195, 277, 294, 346, 395, 408 Maccaferri, Don Achille 437 Machala, Thomas Ray 174, 489 Mocha, Leon Richard 216, 308, 489 Mochotka, Sam Victor 489 Macias, Jose Juan 231, 477 Mackie, Stuart Byron 210, 489 Mack, Michael Lee 148 Macnun, John Gordon 148, 292, 468 Madden, Daniel Robert 214, 489 Maddox, Douglas Pu! 312, 437 Maddox, Larry Allen 144, 293, 325, 395, 437 Madrigal, Hector 212, 489 Modsen, Warren Russel 326 Maenza, Michael Peter 437 Magee, John Glenn 223 Maher, Charles Robert 263, 333 Mahoney, Joe Paul 232, 489 Main, Maurice Vernon 203, 489 Maiors, David Williford 192 Mciors, Dayle Glenn 437 Malaise, Robert M. 182 Malaise, William L. 171, 437 Maldonado, Mccario O. 477 Malitz, Charles C., III 107, 108, 110, 111, 119, 244, 249, 477 Mankin, Michael Ward 224, 489 Manley, Strode David 203, 364, 477 Manning, Gordon Lester 204 Manning, Richard Ray 146 Manning, Walter Scott 199, 290, 298, 477 Mann, Greg Alex 122, 233, 437 Mann, Horace Kenneth Mann, James Clark 301 Mann, Michael D. 176, 477 Maple, Lenwood Glenn 148, 248, 489 Maples, Alan Royce 350 Murcbella, Peter J., Jr. 437 Marable, Don Hartwell 196, 326 Marburger, Donald T. 227, 234, 294, 437 Marcontell, James Henry 136, 477 Marcus, Donald Alan 236, 489 Murek, James Edwin 172, 270, 477 . Mares, Daniel Frank 312, 314 Margo, Roberto Soul 307, 437 Marion, David Paul 299, 437 Morkey, Frank H., II 236, 294, 468 Markham, William E. 196, 340, 477 Markle, Walter Greer 196, 489 Malk, Guido Garth 210, 283, 489 Mark, Harold Michael 283, 307 Morrou, Beniamin F., Jr. 255, 306, 468 Marr, Charles Elbert 162, 468 Marshall, Douglas V., Jr. 162, 302, 477 Marshall, George Ronald 187, 192, 333, 438 Marshall, William P. 195 Marrell, Robert Donald 340 Martinez, Fernando J. 264, 477 Martinez, Homer Thomas 161, 289, 438 Martinez, Homero A. 438 Martinez, Juan Antonio 220 Martin, Alfred A. 256, 438 Martin, Aubrey Grady 438 Martin, Charles M. 195, 318, 477 Martin, John Anthony 224, 249, 477 Martin, Larry Ross 365, 477 Martin, Leslie John 127 Martin, Michael Lee 127 Martin, Paul Bain 224, 489 Martin, Randall Aston 146, 489 Martin, Robert Raphael 115, 118, 309 Martin, Seth Paul 489 Maselli, Nicholas V. 256, 368, 477 Maser, Robert Perry 358 Mason, Clarence Edward 244, 477 Mason, Paul M. 331 Mason, William W. 293, 304, 332, 360, 438 Mcsoomian, Stephen Z. 162 Massey, Calvin Lee, Jr, 255, 335, 468 Massey, Edward Hubert 364 Massey, Richard Alan 191, 489 Massey, Ronald Walton 234, 48 9 Massey, Roy Earl 214, 477 Masterson, Robert M. 24, 489 Matachinskas, Joseph 162, 489 Matelske, Richard E. 438 Motelski, Dwain Erwin 247, 295, 318 Mathew, John Robert 195, 489 Mathews, Larry Kenneth 478 Mathis, Stewart Frank 232, 258, 489 Mcfkin, William Roger 223, 478 Malooha, Donald John 172, 292, 302 Mutooha, John E. 406 Motooha, Paul 8. 406 Motson, Roger Arthur 220, 368, 489 Matson, Randy113,115 Manhuei, Rudolf H. 314, 468 Manhaei, William K.H. 314 Matthew, Stephen C. 162 Matthews, Douglas M. 191, 478 Matthews, Jimmy Wayne 318, 468 Matthews, Richard Lee 240, 287, 489 Matthews, Thomas M. 293, 294, 395 Matthews, Warren Thomas 140, 188, 196, 296, 468 Matthews, William P. 192 Matthys, Allen Werner 263, 301, 468 Manhys, Waller Charles 212, 342, 489 Mormon, Kenneth Abel 128, 196, 286, 489 Manox, Paul 210, 489 Matyear, Arthur Leslie 247, 288, 346, 468 Mau1e, William Forrest155, 249, 296 Mauney, Weldon Arnold 159, 310, 468 Maurer, John Joseph 234 Maxwell, John Robert 162, 489 Maxwell, Terry Clyde 220, 309, 489 Mayer, Gordon J. 231, 355 Meyers, Pablo 203, 438 - Moyes, Ronald Paul 196, 364, 489 Mayeaux, Gilbert 478 Mcyfield, Robert Grady 122, 167, 489 Mayfield, William T. 258 Mayo, Albert Otis 234, 489 Mayo, James Marvin, Jr. 438 May, Fred Luther, III 232, 236, 290, 346, 489 May, John Jay 234, 489 May, Richard William 212, 369, 489 May, Roy Louis 140, 147, 294, 468 May, Wiley David 176 May, William Arthur 247, 334, 489 Mcyse, Terry Lee 247, 489 Mays, Benny Gene 299, 308, 489 McAdams, Charles Orien 196, 360, 468 McAdams, Michael Leo 323, 438 McAdoo, Stewart F, Jr. 305, 438 McAfee, Jimmy Andrew 300 McAfee, Michael Lee 263 McAfee, Winfield R. 199 McAuliffe, Leigh W. 136 McAvoy, Michael Hughes 212, 489 McBrearhy, Charles F. 234, 235, 438 McBride, Gary Harper 174, 489 McBride, Ronald Thomas 238, 294, 315, 438 McCullisrer, Clovis E. 272, 321, 438 McCall, Charles Mark 178, 48 9 McCall, Homer Gene 161, 292, 320, 351, 468 McCall, Richard H., Jr. 438 McCannon, David Lee 232, 478 McCann, John Patrick 247, 489 McCann, Michael T. 307 McCann, Richard Gordon 236, 489 McCarthy, Edmond R. 345 McCarty, Raymond M. 204 McClellan, James R. 192 McClung, Billy Mac 157 McClung, Roy Lee, Jr. 438 McClure, Michael Ross 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 118, 468 McCollum, James Earl 292, 301, 309, 359,438 McConneH, Fred M. 156, 218, 489 McConnell, Robert W. 358, 478 McConnell, Thomas T. 200, 438 McCorkle, Bobby Lynn 289 McCorkle, Matthew L. 234, 489 McCormick, Joseph R. 178 McCoy, Frank Henry 121, 468 McCoy, John William 203 McCoy, Richard 478 McCracken, Darryle W. 128, 196 McCrory, Donald Brann 196, 489 McCue, Robert Leslie 230, 231, 438 McCulloch, Drew 154, 489 McCurdy, John Richard 489 McDaniel, Edwin Ralph 438 McDaniel, James Arthur 478 McDaniel, O. Rell O. 146, 326, 439 ' McDaniel, Ronald 304 McDermand, Willis F., Jr. 439 McDonald, Don Reed 307, 439 McDonald, John Douglas 234, 489 McDonald, Kenneth W. 162, 489 McDonald, Richard P. 289 McDonald, Richard W. 263 McDonald, Robert John 182, 47a , McDonald, Roger Warren 224 McDonald, Terence Craig 311 McDowell, Bryan Lee 120 McDowell, David Hurley 315, 439 McElroy, Dennis Ray 212, 249, 474, 478 McElroy, Kennedy King 196, 331, 478 McElvoney, Gary Alan 128, 158, 489 McEntire, William W. 196, 287, 489 McFadden, Paul Michael 195, 365, 489 McFarland, Craig Alan 240, 489 McFerrin, Arthur R,, Jr. 264, 439 McGarr', John Panick 146, 248, 489 McGaughey, Robert Lee 199 McGehee, Thad Lee, Jr. 218 McGhee, Flin Cameron 406 McGinnis, Charles T. 148, 355 McGinnis, Ronnie Mac 200, 439 McGinn, Fred Lee 135, 241 298, 329, 439 McGinty, Charles Rhett 176, 332, 489 McGirr, Steven 240, 489 McGIamery, Merrill H. 240, 489 McGoldrick, Gary M. 224, 4 9 8 McGough, Larry Joe 244 McGregory, Alan Mark 236, 489 McGuire, Travis C., Jr. 274, 307, 396, 403 McHaney, Stephen K. 236, 439 McHenry, Nick Brod 231, 489 McHorse, Michael D. 172, 270, 489 Mclhany, Joe Daniel 92, 93, 96, 99, 118, 307 McIntyre, Michael E. 224, 489 McKaskle, Danny Roy 223, 489 McKaughan, Edward W. 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 118, 468 McKay, Robert John 184, 218, 490 McKeen, Robert Gordon 164, 302, 478 McKee, Bruce Michael 240, 490 McKenna, Francis Xavier 191, 295, 490 McKerncn, John Patrick 214 McKibben, Paul Eugene 236, 478 McKinney, Elton Dale 172, 490 McKinney, Gary Andrew 174, 316, 439 McKinney, John Carlton 140, 227, 240, 248, 468 McKinney, Phillip 401 McKnight, Ray Alphonso 315 McKnight, Thomas James 214 McLune, James Calvin 285, 478 McLennan, Jon Michael 238, 490 McLeroy, John Donald 174, 277, 290, 490 McLeroy, Ronald R. 174, 481 McLeroy, Roberf Louis 154, 290 McLeroy, William R. 290, 355, 490 McMahon, James Douglas 224, 478 McMains, James Raymond 164, 280, 353 McMath, John Seals 180, 356 McMillen, Joseph A. 360, 490 McMiIIen, Thomas A. 204 McNabb, Joseph 0115 236, 478 McNally, William P., Jr'. 182, 280, 319, 478 McNeely, Mary L. 324, 400 McNiel, Cordella Ruth 326, 400 McPherson, Ronnie L. 247 McQueen, Hamilton D. 269, 321 McQueen, Samuel G. 158, 478 McSpedden, John Larry 401 McWiHiams, Howard R. 157 Meade, Ricardo 232 Meadows, Daniel 8. 115, 118, 307 Meaux, Steve 231, 490 Mebane, Horace Frank 262, 439 Medford, Lei Leslie 262 Medford, Sidney Frank 203, 214, 468 4 Medina, Alfonso 199, 289 Medina, Ramon H. 490 Meeks, Thomas Edward 93, 107, 118 Megarily, David T. 290, 350, 439 Mehta, Bhogilal K. 285 Meiller, Joaquin W. 199 Meiller, John Gordon 146, 490 . Meister, Robert Allen 232, 490 Melancon, John Wayne 307 Melcer, Morton Richard 180, 283, 296 Melcher, Edward F. 247, 284, 318, 346, 481, 490 Mellu, Char'les Augustus 140, 151, 167, 280, 335, 468 Melzer, Laurence S. 244, 362, 490 Menczer, Stephen E. 174, 490 Mendoza, Francisco 195, 468 Menger, John McAulifee 240 Menn, Albert Oscar 184, 303, 478 Menville, Edward Ray 439 Menzies, Gary Winston 164, 238, 478 Menzies, Michael W. 158, 331, 478 Menzies, Stephen Philip 294, 358, 439 Mercer, David Carl 299 Mergen, Richard James 146, 248, 336, 478 Merriman, Donald E. 160, 490 Merrill, Robert Ross 203, 337, 490 Merritt, Weldon Lloyd 203, 468 Mersmann, Robert C. 255, 300 Meserole, Thomas C. 439 Metcalf, Bill Henry 263 Metrock, John Michael 184, 490 Meneauer, Joe Dean 366, 439 Meyer, Alvin H. 290, 302, 406 Meyer, Erwin Henry, Jr. 307 513 One Source for Laboratory Supplies Instruments Apparatus 8: Glassware Chemicals Furniture Mechanical Equipment w.Hi-..,,cunrm a. ca. .40.... m... 'o. SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS .0 nousrou o mm o mumcnn . um ounus 0 lull '- nLus o nclsomut 0 "mm o conrus cum" '. AlIUIUt-IQU! O III'III! . SAN ""0100 o IHICO Cl" c Choose From The Long' Green Line of John Deere Equipmenf LESTER'S DOWNTOWN TOWNSHIRE JOHN DEERE COMPANY Dallas-San Anfonio The Fashion Cenfer of Cenfral Texas for Women and Children . . . Disi'incfive Sfyles and Lafesf Designs by Famous Name Designers. CALDWELL'S JEWELRY STORE "BILTRITE" BOOTS ANDSHOES . . Made By Dwmonds-Wakhes-deer ECONOMY SHOE REPAIR AND BOOT CO. Bryan. Texas AGGIE BOOTS $55.00 PAIR Main Office 503 W. Commerce CA 3-0047 332 478 Meyers, R. R. 196, 307 Mezger, James Robert 191 Michael, Hershel A. 178, 490 Micheuux, Joe Lee 238 Michie, Charles D. 196, 478 Mifyeft, William R. 234, 249, Meyer, Wayne Charles 218, 90 Miears, Leslie Thomas 148, 439 Migl,,AIfon 255 Migura, Wallace William 18, 154, 170, 172, 270, 301, 396, 439 Mike, Donald Fred 174, 344, 468 Mikel, Tilden Newton 223, 490 Milam, William C., Jr. 439 Miles, Charles Leonard 260, 289, 439 Miles, Ronald Dean 164, 358 Miller, Jerry Thomas 240 Miller, Bert Earl 216 Clinton Avery 255, Daniel Stewart 136, 468 David George 236, 490 David Harrison 308, David Lee 231, 490 Don Charles 361, 490 , Edward Murphy 184, Elvon Jerald 174, 490 Frederick R. 300 Henry C. 244 John Orville 212 , Joel Ervin 300, 439 , Larry Bruce 140, 361, Loman Earl 195, 490 , Melanie Ann 400 Richard Smith 478 Robert Allen 478 , Robert Dwight 263, Robert Martin 191, 490 Robert M. 196, 348 Stanley G. 289, 301, Travis Milton 146, Wesley Leroy 140, 468 Milikin, Charles W., III 277, 298, 468 Millikin, James Lee 247, 290, 318, 490 Mills, Joel Lee 401 Milstead, James Pomeroy 127, 164, 468 Milsteud, Tom 191 Mims, Constanfine, III 289, 439 Mims, Forrest Marion, Jr. 468 Miner, Judson C. 191, 249, 478 Minor, Robert Richard 162, 302 Mintz, Edwin L. 440 Minze, Lonnie Charles 223, 490 Mistrof, Ralph William 209, 218, 294, 468 Mitchell, Edwin D., II 309, 360, 468 Mitchell, James Donoho, 127 Mitchell, James Leo, Jr. 204, 490 Mitchell, Jim Bob 1,23 Mifchell, Mike Harold 203 Mitchell, Tommy Walter 232, 490 Mitchell, William T. 490 Mirra, Arun Kumar 258 Mittendorf, Ehrhord, III 224, 249, 490 Moberly, Richard Dean 238, 24 4 Mobley, Forrest David 200, 4 8 6 Mock, Tommy Douglas, Jr. 238 Moehlman, John Henry 199 Moehlman, Lewis Roger 258, 342, 478 Moench, Carroll 1., Jr. 255 Mohr, Robert E. 107, 119, 440 Moley, Richard C. 238, 490 Molina, Henry E., Jr. 440 Monroe, Myles Paul 258, 293, 317, 468 Montesdeoca, Richard R. 122, 255 Montfort, Howard W. 240, 490 Montgomery, James M. 200 Montgomery, Jerry A. 164 Montoya, Jose Angel 262 Mooney, William E. 314, 440 Moon, Gary Lynn 204, 490 Moon, Thomas Edward 468 Moore, Ballinger 8., Jr. 210 Moore, Donald Ray 214, 220, 0 M0409re, Gary Thomas 307 Moore, George Ray 307 Moore, Gerald Lee 236, 490 Moore, Gregory Adair 160, 490 Moore, Howard Brian 195, 490 Moore, James Alford 307, 468 Moore, John Earl 257, 306, 317, 440 Moore, John Lee 167, 340, 490 Moore, John Mark 293, 312, 314, 366 Moore, Larry Wayne 490 Moore, Lawrence York 440 Moore, Lonnie Jewell 440 Moore, Marbert 6,, Jr. 146, 468 Moore, Richard 401 Moore, Ronald Adolph 238, 490 Moore, Ronald Kenneth 98, 118, 174, 468 Moore, William Dempsey 468 Moore, William S., H 182 Moores, John Hargrove 128, 159, 490 Moran, Michael Charles 218, 490 Moran, Michael Dwane 154, 335, 490 Moraski, Dennis P. 236 Moreau, Edward L. 478 Moreland, Bobby Dale 287, 490 Moreman, David Eugene 276, 307, 440 Moreno, Elias 240 Moreno, John Neely 204, 490 Morgan, Barry Erwin 490 Morgan, Billie Eugene 401 Morgan, Charles Edward 224, 338, 468 Morgan, David Hugh 212 Morgan, Harry Charles 214, 249, 478 Morgan, James H. 316 Morgan, John William 154, 249, 287, 490 Morgan, Michael Ray 167, 478 Morgan, Ronald William 161, 285 Morgan, Thomas Jasper 191, 364 Morgan, Thomas Lilbourn 365 Moritz, Burt Edwin 322, 440 Morrill, John Charles 192, 490 Morrison, Gregory S. 362 Morris, Don Shelton 148, 248, 490 Morris, Douglas Harvey 352 Morris, Douglas Ray 148, 468 Morris, Henry Lee 468 Morris, Irvin Wayland 240, 490 Morris, Jan 400 Morris, James Herman 468 Morris, Lorry Dale 224, 340 Morris, Phillip Patton 146 Morris, Robbie Stan 244 Morris, William C., Jr. 307, 403 Morriss, Carl Adam 192, 478 Moseley, James Louis 307, 403 Moseley, Joe Clifton, II 244, 41 Mosesmcn, Barry 283 Moses, George Carroll 240, 490 'Mosley, Robert Wayne 322, 440 Mosman, Thomas M. 232, 478 Moss, Clifton Leon 184, 344 Moss, King, II 178, 490 Moss, Roderick 490 Moss, Roy George 204 Mosty, Robert L., Jr. 178, 468 Mora, Alexander Philip 184 Motl, Michael Byron 236, 285, 288, 490 Mouelhi, Abdellatif 263 Mousner, Robert Earl 200, 478 Muegge, Frank Allen 262, 440 Muehr, Richard Wayne 204 Muhl, Julius 1., Jr. 210, 350 Muir, William Duncan 332 Muller, Frank Mair 169, 276, 396, 440 Mullins, Berl Day 200 Mullins, Terrell S. 124, 203, 283, 319, 478 Mumford, Larry Gordon 216 Mumford, Ronald Wayne 210, 342, 490 Muniz, Edelmiro 223 Munoz, 0. Gabriel E, 341 Munson, James Stephen 490 Munson, John Hanks, Jr. 256, 401 Munson, Milum Armour 157, 334 Murff, Stanley Lee 300, 440 Murphey, Ronnie Gayle 257, 440 Murphree, Donald Eugene 400 Murphy, Stephen Leo 401 Murphy, William Joseph 319, 355, 478 Murrah, Thomas Frank 100, 119, 204, 346, 468 Murray, James Clark 155 Murray, Robert C9263, 305, 440 Murrell, Ernest H. 319, 440 Muska, Phillip Terry 210, 490 Musser, Tommy Wayne 148, 468 Muslon, Kurt Allen 172, 336, 468 Muzny, Lawrence Sylvin 468 Myers, Charles Wayne 298, 440 Myers, Jack Eckhardf 146, 248, 478 Myers, John William 312, 314 Myers, Melvin Allen 440 Myers, Norman Earl 360 Myers, Randall Roy 490 Myers, Randolph Peter 401 Myers, Robert James 212, 348, 474 Myers, Toni Steven 260 Myers, Troy Harold 122, 247 Myrick, Aubrey Wayne 214, 365, 478 Nabors, Michael 104, 241, 294, 468 Nachod, Jay Ernest, III 293, 322, 440 Nagel, James Craig 212, 348 Ncgid, Paul Arthur 283 Nagy, David Berry 247, 249, 490 Nagy, William Frank 167, 346, 468 Naill, Walter Edward, Jr. 440 Naiser, Donald David 303 Nalley, Robert Maxey 169, 178, 396, 441 Ncron, Duane Vestol 234 Nash, Ronald Allen 172, 270, 282, 490 Natho, Thomas Eugene 128, 158, 490 Nation, David Franklin 210, 90 4 Nauck, Albert Ray 164, 249, 369, 478 Naumann, Leroy Melvin 236 Nauss, John Donald 204 Neal H. Dickinson 164, 490 Neal, James Kyle 212, 478 Neal, Ray Eugene 298 Neal, Tom Morris 307, 441 Neasham, Diana Lynne 307 Nebel, Louis 303 Neeley, Jimmy Everelt 123, 468 Neeley, Michael Joseph 240, 490 Neel, Jerry D. 172, 304, 441 Neely, James Elgin 123, 127, 174, 329, 468 Neely, Joe Preston 468 Neely, Richard W. 157 Neely, Wayne Douglas 320, 468 Neff, Jimmie Leslie, Jr. 231, 490 . Nelson, Arved Edward 174 Nelson, Freddie A. 115, 119 Nelson, Gerald Ray 138, 490 Nelson, Jack Earl 238, 474, 478 Nelson, John Edwin 140, 238, 468 Nelson, Phillip Edward 258, 490 Nelson, Wayne Arthur 184, 490 Nesbif, Richard Stetson 244, 478 Nesfer, James Alan 262, 322 Nesudc, Roger Alvin 357, 441 Neuhaus, Earl Jerome 301, 469 Neuhaus, Vincent D. 289, 301, 461 Neumann, Carl Henry 490 Neumann, Larry Duane 148, 224, 490 Neveux, Lawrence Joel 232, 490 Nevills, Monte Reed 176, 490 Newberry, Robert James 223, 478 Newcomb, Richard Ivan 128, 158, 320, 490 Newman, Clyde Thomas 182, 334, 478 New, Benny Lynn 169 Newsom, James Randall 469 Newton, Philip Lynn 232, 249, 287, 478 Newton, Reginald Daniel 140, 184, 369, 469 Nicholas, Roben W. 146, 441 Nicholas, Terry William 146 Nichol, David Walker 204, 490 Nicholson, Jimmy Ray 308, 363, 469 Nichols, Jerry Dean 100, 118 Nickelson, Ranzell 192, 478 Nicks, Paul Benton, Jr. 146, 490 Nicks, William Lee, 111 164 Nieland, Jeffrey C. 220, 249, 490 Niemi, Richard Mitchell 180, 490 Nierdieck, Thomas C. 212, 490 Niles, William J. 490 Nilson, John Hancock 119 Nip, Wai Kit 406 Noake, James A. 441 Noel, Leon Erin 195, 287, 318, 490 Nolan, Roy Thomas 220, 289, 368, 490 Noles, David Laurence 323, 406 Nolte, John Frederick 362 Noonan, Clifton Craig 162 Noonon, Michael D. 148 Nooner, Terry Samuels 195, 490 Nordhaus, Robert Keith 196, 490 Norman, Henry Hudson 441 Norman, Jeseph Robert 282, 287, 334, 490 Norman, Kenneth Ray 101, 102, 103, 106 Norman, Terry Randolph 261, 263, 276 Norris, Jerry David 490 Norris, John R. 441 Norris, J, D. 191 Norris, William M. 232, 354, 490 Northcut, John Harvey 469 Northcun, Howard W. 262, 469 Northcutf, Jasper Ray 180, 184, 289, 441 Norton, Thomas Allen 315 Norfon, William M. 170, 172, 441 Norvell, Michael Jimmy 301 Norwood, Alfred B. 314, 441 Norwood, Gory Luther 307, 403 Novosad, Roy Charlie 238, 403 Nowlin, James Redford 214, 296, 305, 353, 469 Nowlin, John Texas 289, 469 Noyes, Thomas Edward 210, 478 Nuckols, William H., III 469 NUH, James Wiley 164, 490 Oates, Eugene C., III 140, 162 . Oates, Kenneth Wayne 157, 306, 441 Obdyke, Louis Key 247, 249, 277, 295, 346, 478 Obedienfe, Jorge 6., Jr. 341, 442 Oberg, Erik Per 223, 490 Oberhoff, Kenneth E. 180, 184, 442 Obrien, Gail P. 309 Obrien, John E. 167, 478 Obrien, Robert W. 216, 290 Ochoa, Charles Lee 490 Oconnell, Lawrence M. 176, 490 Oconnor, Joseph H. 442 Oddson, Terrence A., 144, 192, 278, 279, 397, 442 Odstrcil, Robert Ray 442 Odum, George Arthur 280, 360, 478 Oehler, Charles Richard 256 Ofcorcik, Ralph Paul 257, 469 Offenhauser, Steven A. 180, 490 Offholfer, Charles F. 212, 478 Offner, Michael, III 116, 204, 469 Ogdee, Jack Edward 212, 490 Ogilvie, Douglas Sikes 269 Ogle, William Edgar 210, 335 Ohara, Mike S. 223, 478 Ohlendorf, Curtis G. 199, 269, 478 Ohlendorf, Edgar Lee 128, 158, 299, 490 Ohr, Nancy Ann 406 Okiyama, Johnny L. 216, 478 Olivarez, Beniomin D. 155, 299, 442 Oliver, James Troy 263, 478 Oliver, Mark Allen 218 Oliver, Michael Miller 442 Oliver, Paul Rayburn 253, 263, 299, 397, 442 Oliver, Richard Allen 352, 490 Oliver, Thomas B. 164, 469 Oman, John Bill 307, 404 Oman, Richard Arlen 308, 367, 442 Oneal, Michael Norman 176, 442 Oneal, Stephen James 244, 287, 491 Oneal, Timothy Dell 223, 491 Onriveros, Gilbert C. 160, 249, 308, 478 Onwuazo, Michael C. 284 Oppenheim, Jeffrey S. 238, 491 Orbin, Earl Marlin, Jr. 180, 491 Orchard, John Howard 307 Oreilly, Michael P. 174, 175, 309, 442 Crane, George 122 Orourke, Leo James 164, 365 Orton, Charles Oliver 174, 491 Orton, Thomas John 129, 195, 318, 491 Osborn, Thomas Evans 224, 295, 305, 329, 491 Osbourn, Curtis Jay 289 Osburn, John R. 315 Osterling, Kenneth R. 191, 491 . Oswald, Harry Aloysws 196, 49 OHen, Douglas B, 442 OHen, Edwin Lee 224, 478 Ouellene, Paul Ludwig 469 Outlaw, George W. Overstreef, Robert E. 289, 308, 478 Overlon, Andrew J. 93, 119 Overfon, John, III 230, 231, 322, 442 Overton, Michael Eugene 191, 329, 469 Owen, Frank Shirley 140, 153, 163, 442 Owen, Robert William 236, 312, 314, 469 Owen, Ronald Scott 151, 164, 294, 358, 442 Ozan, George Anderson 214, 491 Pabison, William R. 249 Pacholl, Carlton W. 298, 442 Paclik, Michael James 191, '491 Paderas, David Thomas 491 Page, George Oliver 469 Poll, Michael Stephen 158, 289, 335, 478 Palmer, Daniel Warren 146, 469 Palmer, John A. 134, 151, 164, 332, 442 Palmer, Michael Anthony 116, 204, 442 Palm, Guillermo Arturo 491 Palm, Robert Nels 140, 169, 180, 442 Pope, David Ronald 232, 491 Pappas, Harris James 156, 309, 460, 469 Parekh, Joyanti Lal 284, 407 Parigi, Joseph S. 212, 369 Paris, Richard Ewing 244 Parker, Carson Price 442 Parker, James Ellison 195, 491 Parker, James Ewell 290 Parker, Jerry Preston 174 Parker, Jesse Claude 214, 315, 442 Parker, John Daily 124 Parker, John William 167, 491 Parker, Roy Denver 262, 313, 442 Perkin, David Palmer 192, 491 Parkin, John Cecil 307 Park, Thomas Ralph 124, 162, 336, 491 Parks, Billy Dean 128 Parks, John Bruce, Jr. 307 Parmer, David Lee 196, 335 Parnell, James Leroy 127, 302 Parrish, Dennis Roy 148, 491 Parr, Don Sam 491 Parr, John Darby 234, 335, 491 Parr, Olney Michael 238, 491 Parsons, George Arthur 491 Parsons, Loren John 180, 270, 491 Partridge, Charles C. 162, 255 Partridge, Jerry Lynn 324 Partridge, Larry Dean 443 Partridge, Richard B. 367, 478 Posho, Robert Eugene 230 Pate, Ronald Edward 276, 278, 298, 469 Pafrunella, Kenneth W. 326 Patterson, Albert E. 218, 491 Patterson, Arnold A., Jr. 236, 1 49 Patterson, Charles F. 364, 3 44 PuHon, Gene Neal 236, 478 Paul, Jon Louis 238, 491 Poulson, Robert C., Jr. 121, 128, 333, 443 Pavelka, Miro Arthur, Jr. 140, 195, 288, 318, 357, 469 Poydo, John Srephen 218 Payne, James Milton 191, 346 Payne, Rodney Harold 212, 491 Payne, Roger Dale 191 Payton, Harold Kenny 247 Pazderski, Richard A. 231, 491 Peace, Joseph Walter 218, 491 Peoke, Oliver James 407 Pearson, Alec Philmore 180, 478 Pearson, Jacquy Carmen 146, 491 Pearson, Sammy Wrcy 287, 478 Pechanec, William C. 469 Peden, Alexander P. 469 Pedigo, Stepheq Knight 443 Peebles, Edgar Earl 469 Peebles, Garry Lee 478 Pegues, David Scott 156 Pehl, William John 337 Pehnke, Lee Allwyn 491 Pelt, Phillip Eugene 443 Penn, Ernesto Jose 203, 491 Pena, Gustavo Jose, Jr. 443 Pena, Oscar Eduardo 195, 284, 344, 469 Pendegrass, Carl, Jr, 233, 292, 443 Penick, Robert 311, 337, 469 Penland, Aaron 8., Jr. 316, 443 Pennington, W. E., Jr. 257, 478 Penn, Robert Alfen 223, 491 Penrod, Robert Wayne 218, 309 Pensinger, Johnny F. 312, 314, 325 Peoples, William Marvin 218, 469 Percival, Alfred R., 263, 341, 469 Perdue, George William 172, 270, 491 Perez, Richard 232, 491 Perez, Victor Manuel 346 Perkins, Herbert Albert 443 Perkins, James W. 236, 491 Perrin, Kenneth Dee 244 Perryman, David Anthony 469 Perry, Arvin Lee 216, 363 Perry, Howard 5,, III 491 Perry, James Thomas 157, 491 Perry, John Wilson 306 Perry, Richard Wayne 191 Perry, Robert Stanley 200 Persyn, Harvey Octave 256 Peterson, Donald Lee 140, 235, 294, 469 Peters, Eric Anthony 126, 127, 210 Peters, James Edward 308 Peters, Michael Jerome 146, 491 Petrcsek, Albert C., Jr. 196, 469 Petrash, Ernesf F. 247, 348 Pettif, Michael Edward 244 PeHus, Daniel Walter 305 Petty, Daniel Brady 208, 214, 296, 362, 469 Petty, George David 170, 178, 443 Petty, Jerry Lynn 323, 349, 443 PeyrefiHe, Gregory A. 157, 285, 491 Phillips, Benny J. 127, 302, 443 Phillips, Bruce R. 491, 191 Phillips, James N. 164, 124, 478 Phillips, Joe Elliot! 148 Phillips, Lorry Allan 148, 443 Phillips, Michael Len 94, 118, 204 Phillips, Michael T. 240 Phillips, Michael Wayne 339, 469 Phillips, Stephen D. 224, 287, 491 Phillips, Thomas H. 308 Phillips, Thomas, Jr. 218, 359, 478 PhillpoHs, William R. 162, 249, 336, 491 Pickard, Lowery B. 443 Pickard, Ronald M. 263 Pickavance, William W. 122, 180, 491 Pickering, Grover Q. 469 Pickles, Robert John 469 Piehl, Eugene Martin 203, 491 Pierce, Don Rober1469 Pierce, Larry Dwayne 240, 491 Pierce, Michael Elmer 195, 318 Piesieski, Stanley W. 264, 469 Pifer, Bobby Eugene 443 Pingenot, Dante Jaime 491 Pigford, Joe Michael 232, 478 PigoH, Geoffrey Curtis 162, 491 Pigotf, James M. 129 Pilot, Alan Brion 210, 350 Find, Manuel Jr. 126, 443, 479 Pine, Manuel 220, 269 Pinkney, Fred C. 469 Piper, Alan Lynn 479 Piper, Lloyd L. II 314, 443 Pitman,'Mikel Joe 92, 93, 94, 98, 99, 118 Pittm'an, Pitt 325, 444 Piwonka, John Donald 315, 444 Pizzitola, Michael J. 93 Place, Bradley, Eugene 223, 281, 292, 469 Plagens, Clarence F. 444 Plot's, David W. 238, 491 PIisek, Robert William 244 Plummer, Mirfy Charles 444 Plum, Robert W. 298, 444 Plunken, Larry Kay 182 Poindexfer, W. R., Jr. 220, 469 Poland, Robert L., Jr. 214, 491 Polansky, James E. 315, 444 Polito, Joseph 0., Jr. 162, 285, 338, 469 Polk, Henry Thomas 264, 285, 479 Pollard, Eugene C. 220, 263 305, 491 ' Pollard, Kenneth W., Jr. 491 Pool, Walter Chester 216, 444 Pool, Wendell M. 236, 479 515 G. S. PARKER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. 4l9 N. Main BRYAN. TEXAS We've never been licked l l l AUSTIN BRIDGE co. WEHRMAN'S CAFE I009 W. 25 51'. Box l590 Bryan. Texas HOME COOKED FOODS Dallas. Texas PARK CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing Al+era+ions Shirf Service SOUTHSIDE SHOPPING CENTER HIGHLANDER CENTER WASHATERIA REDMAN SHOPPING CENTER College $+a+ion, Texas Poronis, James J. 470 Porras, Cesareo Rene 470 Porler, Donald L. 308 Porter, Donald Wayne 192, 491 Porter, Raymond E. 184 Posey, Roy William 223, 270, 491 Poss, John Michael 94 Poston, Ronald Harris 174, 270, 346, 491 Post, Donald Eugene 182, 309, 470 Post, Edward Thomas 122 Post, Lynn James 309, 363, 444 Potter, Thomas Arthur 148, 491 PoHs, Howard Calvin 292 Potts, William Ray 229, 240 Pounds, Herbert Eugene 140, 246, 444 Powell, Arthur Ellis 479 Powell, David Chester 308, 470 Powell, David Wayne 184, 287, 330, 491 Powell, Edwin Branch 306, 444 Powell, James Richard 210, 491 Powell, Lonnie Loyd III 224, 470 Powell, Roger Alex 302, 444 Powell, Woodrow Lee 196 Power, Robert Allen 491 Poznecki, Andrew W., Jr. 214 Proisnar, Adam, Jr. 293, 317 Prater, Charles Neely 192, 491 Prater, Richard Earl 214 Pro", Michael William 353 Preas, Bryan Thomas 162, 287, 324, 491 Prendergasf, James C. 240, 491 Prentiss, Thomas Wilson 155, 444 Presley, Edward Gilbert 326 Presley, John Mack 224, 305, 355, 479 Presswood, Daniel Ted 210, 491 Presswood, Lani Newell 263, 272, 321, 470 Preslidge, James C., Jr. 332 Preston, Charles W. 248, 295, 491 Preston, James P. 146 Prewitf, John Irwin 240, 285, 352 ?rewitf, Raymond Arthur 240, 319, 352 Price, Don Doyle 244, 479 Price, Gary Michael 195, 491 Priddy, Jimmy Don 470 Pridrnore, J. A., Jr. 333, 407 Prochuska, Richard 479 ' Proctor, John Mack 288 Provine, William C. 191, 365, 479 Pruetf, Cecil Edward 332, 361, 470 Prue", Hal Clinton 234, 491 Prugel, James Albert 199, 288, 470 Prugh, Richard Wiley 172 Ptak, Lloyd Davie 164 Puckett, Roy H., Jr. 491 Pugh, Alfred Pled 232, 358, 491 Purcell, Charles W. 234, 282, 491 Pursley, Jerry Wayne 257 Pusch, Donald E. 212, 290, 291, 445 Pusteiousky, Bernard A. 299, 470 Putnam, Jerry Lee 445 Pyburn, Jack Harris 94, 119, 365 Pylant, Alfred Joey 325, 445 Qualls, Smith Allen 191, 491 Quebe, Fritz 224, 479 Quebe, John Cordell 210, 348, 0 Quinlan, Gerald Francis 218 287, 491 Quisenberry, Alex John 290, 319, 445 Raba, Laurence Joseph 401 Rebel, Carroll Henry 220, 262, 285, 491 Rob, Khander S. 264 Rachel, Richard Wayne 306, 445 Rackar, Richard Mathew 174 Radcliffe, Ronald Joe 167 Ruder, William K. 218, 445 Rudican, William Walter 136, 137 Radke, AI Wayne 128, 158, 491 Ragland, Norman Keith 128, 158, 491 Ragle, William G. 136 Rahman, Md. Amur 307 Railston, Dale Brill 240, 249, 479 Raineri, Edwin Anthony 210, 294, 470 Ramirez, Narcisso T. 178, 479 Ramsey, Jack Borin, Jr. 140, 176, 470 Ramsey, Johnny Sidney 187, 192, 308, 363, 445 Randolph, Jimmie Dale 191, 491 Randolph, John L. 470 Randolph, John Peyton 247, 491 Randolph, Robert Brown 192 479, 491 Runnels, Larry Dwane 212, 342, 445 Ronsdell, Billy H01 287, 491 Rapp, Donald G. 167, 249, 296, 479 Rasbury, Michael Brooks 140, 172, 173, 270, 470 Rasch, Anthony A. 126, 127, 445 Rashid, Kazi Harun-Ur 407 Rash, Charles Edwin 140, 224, 332 Raska, Robert Wayne 158, Rasmussen, Milton M. 309 Rasmussen, Richard A. 148, 279, 470 Ralcliffe, John A. 263, 323, 365, 445 Raun, Travis Norris 220, 479 Ravey, Bill Richard 218, 353, 491 Reyes, James Lewis 191, 491 Raymond, Dennis H. 302 Raymond, William Clyde 255, 470 Ray, Donald Reagan 176, 491 Ray, Leonard Frank 290, 470 Ray, Leon Cooksey 407 Ray, William Daryl 192 Ray, William Martin 407 Readhimer, Don Eliot 244 Read, James Carroll 301, 308, 470 Read, Raymond Michael 124, 210, 290, 479 Read, Roger Randal 212, 491 Reagan, Charles Thomas 240 Reagan, Dennis Ferrell 232, 491 Reagan, James O. 191, 270, 491 Reagan, Jimmy Robert 129, 174, 491 Reagor, Franklin M. 289, 445 Reagor, Lugenia May 400 Reat, Richard Arvel 220, 367, 491 Reaux, EdHie Collins 290 Reber, William Chrisly 146, 333 Rechr, Dwight L. 164, 479 Rector, Richard Lee 101, 103 Redden, Michael Edwin 192, 479 Redding, Lloyd Wade 303, 5 44 Redfearn, John Mitchell 178, 491 Redshcw, Neil Alfred 231, 491 Reed, James Alan 470 Reeder, James Lynn 218, 491 Reeh, Charles David 223, 354, 470 Reele, Sirel A. 240, 491 Reel, Ronald Lewis 397, 401 Reesby, William David 401 Reese, Calvin 326 Reese, Kenneth Lee 285, 470 Reeves, Gary Neil 140, 172, 302, 470 Reeves, Jerry L. 479 Reeves, Jimmy Earl 146, 248, 287, 491 Reeves, Lowell Edward 212, 326, 445 Reeves, Marion Clint 156, 330, 445 Reeves, Samuel W. III 192, 479 Reeves, William E. 234, 491 Regini, Ellis Charles 332,- 491 Rehmet, Joseph Don 172, 270, 479 Rehmer, Pairick George 176, 277, 491 Reichek, Robert F: 156, 283, 491 Reicherzer, Gary W. 148, 354, 445 Reichle, Leander A., Jr. 203, 326 Reich, Robert Earl 299, 445 Reid, William Leo, Jr. 234 Reifsnyder, Richard E. 203, 319, 445 Reinke, Stanley T. 199 Reiser, Donald 283 Reitzer, Joel Vicior 146, 491 Reitz, James J. 214, 368 Reklorik, Horace J. 151, 248, 335, 445 Remmert, Larry Wayne 258, 470 Remme, Michael John 332, 470 Renaud, Aristide F. 156, 478 Renbcrger, Eddie 167, 269, 363, 492 Renneberg, George 231 Rensmeyer, Mark Erwin 218 Resley, George Boulter 204, 492 Resner, Michael Ernest 136 Respess, Richard Orman 445 Restivo, James Andrew 316, 445 Reue, Glenn H. 263, 305, 445 Reyna, Amudor Enrique 146, 248, 492 Reyna, Carlos Fernando 446 Reynolds, David Charles 224, 470 Reynolds, Michael S. 272, 277, 321 Rhodes, John Glover 204 Rhorer, Riley Grover 154, 492 Riccs, R. L. 258 Ricer, Newell Dean 311 Rice, Jimmie Dale 492 Rice, Robert Ritchie 129 Richard, Russell James 316, 446 Richardson, Carl A. 192, 479 Richardson, Donald M. 315 Richardson, Jacob C., Jr. 232, 479 Richardson, James D. 184, 492 Richardson, John Robert 180, 492 Richardson, Michael L. 446 Richardson, William P. 214 Richards, Hugh M. 223, 249, 296, 479 Richards, Robert D. 121, 364 Richards, Thomas P. 446, 470 Richards, Tommy Lester 136 Richburg, Walter Curtis 299, 397 Rich, Danny Floyd 308, 363, 470 Richter, Alden John 299, 446 Richter, Carl Xavier, Jr. 192, 446 Richter, Charles Edwin 160, 492 Richter, Eugene Raye 160, 479 Richter, George Wallace 257, 308, 479 Richtmyer, Thomas J. 240, 4 92 Rick, George Gilbert 212, 492 Riddle, Benny Lee 124, 295, 470 Riddle, Thomas Edward 263, 326 Rideout, David Wayne 280, 446 Ridgway, Robert J. 164, 492 Riggs, Charles Owen 164, 492 Riggs, James Craig 200, 290, 291 Riggs, Maxey S. 195, 369 Rigsby, John Evan 162, 324, 492 Riker, Ronald David 343 Riley, Billy Martin 199, 256, 308, 446 Riley, Brian Lee 163, 346, 446 Riley, James Gorman 492 Riley, Paul Edward 163, 164, 446 Rimoto, Richard N. 244 Rinard, Kevin Alonzo 180, 492 Ringer, Jean 326 Rios, David Noel 210, 344, 492 Ripley, Richard Ray 238 Rippetoe, Don Michael 255, 309, 470 Rippy, Roger Lee 160, 308 Riser, Eugene Leroy 216, 308, 479 Risinger, Charles Ray 293, 304, 470 Risinger, David Alton 479 Riske, Robert M, 342 Ritchey, William M. 200, 479 Rivas, Reymundo Lorenzo 354 Rivera, Antonio 284, 446 Rivera, Rogelio 299 Rivero, Rafael A. 341, 470 Roach, James Bunyan 446 Roach, Pal Hale 479 Robbins, Frank H., Jr. 124, 180, 492 Robbins, Roger Alan 256, 470 Robbins, Ronald Joy 240, 353, 492 Robeltson, Billy R. 312, 314, 4 4 6 Robertson, Charles N. 236, 332, 479 Robertson, Stephen B. 446 Roberts, Alfred L. 326 Roberts, George Richard 224, 479 Roberts, Gregory Lynn 287, 492 Roberts, James M. 229, 238, 240, 446 Roberts, John Steven 264, 359, 470 Roberts, Nancy Horn 407 Roberts, Scott Herberl 154, 492 Roberts, Thomas B, 178 Roberts, William D. 203, 479 Robicheaux, Larry J. 231, 362, 492 Robin, Sidney Thomas 210, 363, 492 Robinson, Bobby Ray 289 Robinson, Dianne Jones 326 Robinson, Donald Kent 356 Robinson, James E. 160, 161, 470 Robinson, Joe Edward 446 Robinson, Michael Clark 446 Robinson, Patrick Lee 470 Robinson, Robert W. B. 223, 492 Robinson, Thomas Keith 192, 492 Robison, Kenneth Martin 492 Roche, Hubert Christian 189, 203, 446 RockeH, Terence Lee 167, 249, 295, 492 Rockhold, Neal Wayne 192, 492 Roddy, Burton Earyl 203, 492 Rodenberg, Earl C. 232, 492 Roden, Jack R. 126, 127, 210, 479 Rodgers, Barry Stephen 290, 492 Rodgers, John Albert 365, 492 Rodgers, John Hunter 140, 145, 180, 277, 278, 294, 470 Rodriguez-Compos E. 341 Rodriguez, Amaro 341, 479 Rodriguez, Arnoldo 263, 470 Rodriguez, Benjamin 263, 356 Rodriguez, M. Hernando 255, 341, 492 Rodriguez, Jose 470 Rodriguez, Leonel A. 263, 356, 447 Rodriguez, Manuel, Jr. 306, 322, 356, 447 Rodriguez, Roy Gonzalez 231, 492 Rodriguez, Victor X. 218, 356 Rodriguez, William 244, 492 Roesler, Helmu1h Wayne 238, 286, 298 Roesner, Raymond Earl 236, 470 Rogers, Floyd V. 238, 346, 470 Rogers, Jimmy Lee 307 Rogers, Robert Neal 156, 311 Rohde, Norris Delwin 366 Rohe, Jamie Marius 167, 362, 479 Roias, Luis E. 117, 118, 341 Roland, Aubrey Lee 158, 310, 359, 479 Rollins, Henry Martin 203, 248, 287, 346, 492 Roller, John Morgan 236 Rome, Macy Anthony 492 Roming, Leland D. 308, 447 Ronco, Joseph Alfred 216, 368 Roquemore, Darrell E. 203, 287, 492 Rosenbach, Lawrence M. 255, 285 Rosenbaum, Gene Waldo 366 Rosenstein, Thomas W. 146, 248, 479 Rose, Douglas Nelson 238, 447 Rose, John Thomas 145, 163, 398, 447 Rossow, Richard Abbott 214,- 355, 492 Ross, Billy Joe 447 Ross, Donald Lee 407 Ross, Donald Ray 220 Ross, Ted Thomas 307 Ross, Thomas Hastings 471 Rothwell, James Edward 257, 352, 479 Roudon, Roland M. 247 Rouis, El Mongi 471 Rounhee, John R. 122, 247, 295 Roush, Roberl Thomas 224, 479 Rowe, Donald Keith 244 Rowe, Macy A. 249 Rowe, Poul Lee 244 Rowe, Richard Hill 176, 249, 296, 479 Rowland, Roberl A. 195, 279, 447 Rozenburg, Edward Ray 220, 479 Rubinstein, Karl L. 240, 286 Ruedrich, Randolph A. 227, 236, 470 Ruiz, Demetrio R. 314, 447 Ruiz, Jorge 447 R0557, James Allen 290, Ruppersberger, John S. 230, 231, 290, 470 Russell, Howard Thomas 312, 314 Russell, John Ernest 470 Russell, William Barry 407 Russell, Warren Grunt 146, 148, 492 Russo, Raymond Winlon 258, 492 Rusteberg, Frederick W. 167, 344, 492 Rutherford, James A., Jr. 255 Rualaedge, James Edward 319, 3 Rutledge, derence Day 471 Rulledge, Loyd L., Jr. 287, 492 Rutledge, Robert Morlon 161, 471 Rutledge, Roy Ray 232, 346, 479 Rutledge, William W., 111 160 Rtu, Ken Wafson 307, 471 Rutyna, Aldis Pauls 208, 216, 447 Ryan, James Lynn 492 Ryan, Philip Anthony 128, 365, 447 Rymkus, Michael 204 Rymkus, Patrick 204 Sabatier, Michael J. 236, 479 Soboyrac, Louis, Jr. 123, 156, 295, 471 Sodopoz, Emilio 471 Saenz, Angel, Jr. 195 Saenz, Esmeraldo C. 447 Suenz, Rene 172, 326, 479 Soffold, Thomas Albert 128 Safford, Charles Roy 210, 348, 479 Sogebiel, Dexter K. 289 Sager, Frederick W. 231 50110, Dennis Joe 298, 361, 471 Salas, Daniel Wayne 307 Salazar, Raymond, Jr. 117 Saldivor, Pablo, Jr. 447 Salge, Andrew Clyde 140, 180, 471 Salinas, Jose Leonel 471 Salmon, Clarence R., Jr. 308, 356, 479 Salome, Orozco David A. 212, 312, 314, 447 Salyers, Gregory Allen 203, 492 Sample, Richard M. 192 Sample, Robert Grady 160, 492 Sanchez, Abraham, JL 224, 492 Sanchez, David Sant'rago 128, 262 Sanchez, Diego 230, 356, 471 Sandacz, Victor L., Jr. 236 Sandberg, Sherwin N. 220, 309, 367, 492 Sanders, Billy Virgil 255, 289 Sanders, Charles Lewis 220 Sanders, James Olin 160, 289, 492 Sanders, Paul Hershel 258, 492 Sanders, Robert Allen 258, 447 Sandford, Ronald David 121 Sanford, Michael Bailey 448 Sangerhausen, Charles R. 305, 448 Sansom, Homer .1. 302, 448 Santos, Jose C. 225, 448 Sartain, Allen Richard 127, 247, 362 Sasse, Fredric W. 148, 150, 346, 448 Sassman, Clifford D. 117, 244, 245, 448 Sauer, Gordon Ellis 301, 448 Saunders, James Russell 471 Saunders, Michael C. 222, 223, 471 Savage, Donald Morton 138, 139, 232, 249, 492 Savage, Francis EUeI 123, 127, 146, 248, 479 Savage, Jimmie Curtis 223, 479 Scarborough, Cecil H. 471 Schade, Harold Charles 154 Schaefer, Gordon Andrew 307 Schaefer, Jimmie F. 146, 479 Schaeffer, John Ellis 146, 492 Schappaugh, Ronald Dean 223, 305, 471 Scheer, Eddie Franklin 159, 308, 471 Schell, John Augusl151, 164, 280, 312, 314, 448 Schember, Kurt Alan 290, 291, 479 Scherbel, Challes E. 199 Scheske, Robert 8. 236, 492 chgazvo, Joseph Stephen 146, Schiwetz, Theodore F. 195, 318, 471 Schiarher, Kenneth J. 176, 448 Schlener, William F. 240, 368 Schley, Emil Steve, Jr. 308, 448 Schlinke, James Charles 307 Schlueler, David Arnold 148 243, 492 ' Schmedemann, Ivan Wayne Schmidt, Gary Richard 244, 479 Schmidt, Glenn William 140 178, 179, 282,448 ' Schmidt, James David 160 492 ' Schmidt, John August 293 312, 314, 325, 398, 448 Sclzngt, Joseph Henry 136, Schmidt, Larry Wu ne 492 Schmid', Leslie Frizz 264 Schmidt, Ralph Alfons 162, 492 Schmidt, Victor Herman 192, 249, 479 Schmidt, William Curl 471 Schneider, Martin L, 255 Schneider, Robert W. 216, 346, 492 Schoenholz, Abraham A. 283, 448 Schomburg, Arthur B. 360, 448 Schoolcraft, Thomas A. 218, 346, 471 SchoH, Ro'nold Jerome 156, 448 SchoH, William Ray 257, 479 Schramek, Charles Wayne 479 Schrank, Stephen Ray 195, 492 Schreiber, Ronald John 492 Schrider, Michael S. 115, 244 Schroeder, David Lee 247 Schroeder, James Ervin 129, 274, 307, 404' Schroeder, Kenneth Ray 471 Schroeder, Larry J. 298, 448 Schroeder, Milford R. 471 Schroeder, Terrence K. 224, 231 Schubert, Gory William 203 Schuchardt, Jimmy C. 360, 471 Schuck, Raumond B., Jr. 210, 479 Schuelke, Larry Leonard 196, 298, 471 Schuepbach, John W. 203, 492 Schuh, Leonard George 307 Schultheis, Richard C. 136, 1 47 Schultz, Lewis Russell 308, 471 Schulze, Edward M. 332, 479 Schumann, Mark Vincent 218, 492 Schur, DonaId Gilbert 448,. 471 Schufze, George C., Jr. 220 Schwank, Ronald Harold 146, 479 Schwarz, Richard Norman 244 Schwertner, Larry J. 161, 285, 345, 471 ' Schwiening, Fred III 172, 270, 337, 479 Scoggin, Phillip C. 91, 93, 94, 95,119,189, 448 Scopel, Allen Joseph 231, 492 Scott, Larry Dean 492 Scott, Preston A. 293, 303, 448 Scott, Richard Abe 316 Scott, Richard Carl 223, 362, 479 Scuff, Robert Earl 228, 230, 231, 449 Scott, Ronald Handley 180, 182, 492 Scott, Samuel M. III 355, 479 Scoft, Sidney Ian 164, 261, 299, 479 Scott, Thomas Michael 353, 492 Screws, David L. 212, 280, 324, 348, 479 Scrimshire, Floyd H. 289 Sejggrg, Laidacker, M. 216, Seabolt, James William 286 Seago, John Michael 203, 471 Seale, Michael Ray 146, 342 Sears, Dan Byron 218, 492 Sears, Tommy Kelly 210, 492 Seate, John Harold, Jr. 136 137, 471 ' Seawell, William M. 449 Se:;,9Michae1 George 233, Sebastian,Jam W 316 es ard119, Sedberry, James M. Ill 27 282, 285, 471 9' Seeliger, William R. 1 353, 492 29' 232' Seely, Thomas R., Jr. 148 s 153, 343, 449 ' eer en, William F. 1 471 82, 183, See, Edward Ch I 298 or es 199, Segrest, James Charles 479 Segzgo, Richard P. 167, 338, Sei41;,2' Raymond George 156, Seitz, Richard Dwain 471 Seiwell, Robert S 492 amuel 148, Sel41;,2 Ronald Moore 220, 289, Salmon, Danny Durwood 471 Semlngson, Richard M. 231 Senufa, Jun' Peter 182 Serna, Enrique Albe 1 2 316,341,449 r o 79' Se;n709, Jose Edurado'341, Serrill, Richard R. 1 449 21, 361 I SeHIes, Charles W. 287 517 H. B. ZACHRY CO. General Contractors San Antonio, Texas Severance, Richard W. 164, 280, 492 Sevier, Michael Allen 258, 479 Sewell, Charles E., Jr. 191, 329, 492 ' Shaddock, Michael Jack 162, 492 Shadel, William N. H 234 449 ! Shafer, Manzell L. 160, 267, 301, 357., 479 Shafer, Robert James 255, 307 Shah, Narendrobhoi C. 317 Shane, John Warren 262, 309, 471 Shank, Gary Willicn 255, 479 Shannon, Murray Keith 204, 232, 337, 492 Sharmo, Chandra Bhun 407 Shorpless, Stephen H. 263, 492 Sharp, Douglas A. 180, 288, 479 Sharp, James Patton 357 Sharp, Marcus Vol 203, 471 Sharp, Roger Wayne 471 Sharp, Wayne Charles 164, 232, 492 Shaunfield, Phillip T. 199 Shcunfy, Timothy 471 Show, Charles C. 309 Show, Earl Ray 256, 332, 449 Show, Michael Alfred 192, 492 Show, Michael Joseph 214, 4 Shaw, Ward C. 325 Sheaffer, Donald Edward 196 Sheets, Perry Gene 274, 285, 307, 404 Sheiness, Marc Allen 146, 492 Shelburn, James Robert 248 Shepard, John David 479 Sherman, Stephen Amory 189, 203, 471 Sherman, Thomas Gale 196, 492 Sherman, William T. 134, 208, 210, 298,1449 Sherrill, Charles E. 342 Shields, John Robert 192, 471 ShiffleH, Arvil 471 Shilling, Cecil Ray 471 Shinsky, Paul Francis 449 Shipmon, James Kenny 329, 449 Shipp, Bill Jule, Jr. 210, 287, 359, 492 Shirley, Richard C. 292, 449 Shively, Carlton W., Jr. 450 Shook, Charles George 277, 407 Short, Randolph John 225 Shoultz, James Clerk 196, 492 Shropshire, Stephen M. 196 Shufeldf, James Paul 492 Shumate, Ronald Eugene 122, 479 Shupak, George Leo 262, 315, 450 Siddons, George Young 307 Sidmcn, John Ronald 244 Sidman, Jud 116 Siebern, Vincent E. 236, 298, 348, 471 Sigurdson, William A. 315 Sikes, Andrew Lonnie 492 Sikes, Robert Allen 138, 285, 492 Sikes, Samuel Lee 146, 203, 492 Sil1iman, Carlos Manuel 176, 479 Silver, Richard Carl 231, 289, 479 Simmons, Don Hobson 140, 170, 178, 471 Simmons, Eugene Carl 244, 336, 479 Simmons, Jerry Lee 199, 274, 307, 404 Simmons, Jerry Matthews 200 Simmons, Joe Dalton 450 Simmons, Kenneih Oran 178, 302, 450 Simmons, Mtglvin SD. 91E?34 ' ns, Ti ton, r. , SITE; 144, 223, 294, 369, 471 Simons, James Kirk 450 Simons, Milam Travis 450 Simpson, Charles Edward 263, 312, 314, 325 Simpson, Charles E. 471 Simpson, Jimmie Darrell 259 Simpson, Russell Bruce 203, $132,7Rober1MiHon 180, 249, 479 Sims, Tony Wayne 192, 492 Sindo, Lance 116 . Singleton, James Manon 318 Singleton, William J. 140, 195, 294, 318 Sinha, Braiendra K. 317 Sizemore, James Marvm 238 Skaggs, Richard A. 164 Skaggs, Ronald Lloyd 167, 450 Skelton, Jack Lee 261 Skelton, Wylie Aaron 240, 492 Skiles, Clifford A., Jr. 302, 471 Skrivonek, Joseph J,, III 200, 288 Skusc, David Henry 214 Sky Eagle, William H. 218, 492 Slagle, David Lee 216, 492 Slagle, Lucian Erle, Jr. 212, 492 . Slaughter, David C. 148, 450 Slavik, George Joseph 471 Slcyter, Michael V. 240, 492 Sledge, George Day1on 479 Sleeper, John 111 122, 232, 492 Sleeper, William Warren 369 Sliger, James Timo1hy 230, 31 Slimp, Jock Bryant Jr. 187, 196, 279, 309, 450 Slivinske, Alec Joseph 210, 290, 492 Sloan, Gary Wayne 164, 223, 330, 492 Sloan, John Edward 140, 471 Slocum, Edward Ralph 238, 287, 492 Slone, Richard Lee 298, 450 Slone, Theodore W., Jr. 360, 493 Slovak, Robert Hinds 203, 369, 493 Sluis, James Kenneth 294, 344, 471 Smedberg, Barry Alan 353, 471 Smelley, Eddie Monroe 293, 4 71 Smelley, WaHer J. 158, 351 Smith, Adrian Devcun 341, 471 Smith, Alfred Cecil, Jr. 304 Smith, Ambrose J. 111 180 Smith, Andrew David 182, ,479 Smith, Beniomin Ray 293, 305, 450 Smith, Benny Ray 140, 176, 177, 269, 471 Smith, Billy Mac 204, 249 Smith, Billy Ray 471 Smith, Brandon Corder 317 Smith, Cory Lance 298 . Smith, Charles Earl 262, 305, 450 Smith, Cynthia June 121 Smith, Dan Forester 493 Smith, Darrell Frank 259, 290, 450 Smith, David Bullard 140, 240, 288, 471 Smith, Donald Eugene 204, 234 Smith, E. C. 145, 216, 362, 450 Smith, Eugene Lloyd, Jr. 196, 493 Smith, Gerald Max 220 Smith, Gilbert Wade 115 Smith, Glen Whit 240 Smith, Henley Kerfoof 308 Smith, Horace Alden 307 Smith, Hugh Frazier, Jr. 240, 493 Smith, Ira Leon 307, 404 Smith, Jock Harris 231, 450 Smith, Jackson K., Jr. 290 Smith, James Alan 140, 212, 284, 294, 471 Smith, James Elwin 238, 493 Smith, James Stephen 471 Smith, Jay D. 450 Smith, Jerry Paul 450 Smith, Jessie Henry, Jr. 493 Smith, John D. 148, 150, 450 Smith, John Willard 263, 308, 471 Smith, Jon Michael 319 Smi.th, Luroy Wiley 314, 450 Smith, Larry Carl 232, 493 Smith, Lawrence Wright 326 Smith, Maylon 471 Smith, Michael Loyd 204, 471 Smith, Pa! Allen 212 Smith, Randall P1, Jr. 140, 172, 173, 182, 270, 450 Smith, Robert Allen 244 Smith, Robert Lemuel 218, 369 Smith, Rodney Charles 158 Smith, Rodney Monroe 451 Smith, Roland Deon 140, 144, 159, 277, 294, 301, 329, 460 Smith, Ronald Arthur 257, 368 Smith, Ronald Norman 212 Smith, Samuel Don 146, 148, 493 Srth, Stephen Foster 159, 337, 451 Smith, Stephen Lewis 195, 318, 493 Smith, Ted Holton 174 Smith, Terry Lee 129, 330 Smith, Thomas Eugene M. Smith, Warren Bryan 148, 369, 479 Smith, William Henry 153, 162 Smithson, Cvoig Dee 223, 353, 493 Smrkovsky, Roy Allen 159 479 Snell, John Milton 191, 493 Snelus, Paul Richard 192, 493 Snider, Robert Hoyd 258, 451 Snider, Victor Veloso 220 Snipes, Roy Lee 191, 479 Snowden, James D. 176, 367, 479 Sobey, Thomas Milburn 172, 336 Soefie, fjorold J. 479 Sohl, Walter Henry 203, 493 SolandiFred H., Jr. 451 Solis, Jose Luis 262, 305, 325, 451 Solis, William D. 407 Solovey, Robert Juan 240, 493 Sommers, Gordon E. 174, 270, 346, 493 Sommers, Lawrence Edwin 128, 158, 249, 352, 493 Sonnen, Robert Alan 493 Sontag, William H. 160, 369 Sorrells, William W. 210, 342, 493 Sofolongo, Alfredo E. 341 Southerland, Jesse M, 191, 296, 451 South, John Huber1451 Sowers, James Ellsworth 479 Spacek, Frank Joe 172, 493 Spaeth, Clifford Wayne 289, 301, 451 Spain, Henry Samuel 315, 451 Spengler, George Owen 333 Sparkman, James Dibrell 107, 232, 479 Sparks, Fred William 479 Sparling, Teddy Ray 98 Spaw, William James, Jr. 178 ' Spears, Henry T., Jr. 326 Spears, James Roy 256, 259, 309, 451 Spears, Joseph Arthur 158 Spellman, Gianfranco 191, 493 Spellmcn, Michael T. 236, 493 Spencer, James Robert 176 Spencer, Philip Day 212, 493 Spiekermon, Martin D. 240, 493 Spiller, Dunville D. 323 SpiHers, Robert Lynn 451 Spillmonn, Richard D. 299, 479 Spitzer, Richard Gene 174, 287, 353, 493 Sprodling, Donald H. 263 Sprenger, Clifton W. 218, 493 Springer, Bobby Lee 306 Springer, John Stanley 300, 357, 452 Springer, John Stanley 300, 357, 452 Springer, Stanley L. 452 Springfield, James H. 234, 493 Sprouls, James Craig 148, 493 Sprung, Alon Jay 283, 288 Spurkosky, Thomas M. 214, 493 Squyres, James Earl 315 Stabler, James Morgan 91, 94, 98, 99, 118 Stacha, Raimund 353 Stock, William Boty 236, 290, 493 Stafford, Harold Robert 238, 452 Stafford, Harry A. III 361, 452 Stonaland, Scott 146, 351, Standish, John R. 210 Stanfie1d, Gerald Glenn 307 Stanley, Melvin Carl 233, 346 Stanley, Thomas Dale 191, 493 Staples, Edwin Anthony 204, 493 Staples, George Wilgus 116, 204 Sturek, John M1 223, 284, 452 Starkey, James Fred 315 Starnes, Robert M. 184, 295, 479 Statum, Cyril Mansell 240 Stavinoho, Edwovd Lane 156, 493 Stoylon, Melvin Anhur 232, 493 Stecdman, Charles R., Jr. 452 Stearns, Cloud Richard 352 Sreele, James Admin 220, 309, 493 Steele, Roy Wayne 452 'Sleenbergen, James E. 231 Steffens, Leonard 6., Jr. 159, 301, 398, 452 Steinboch, Donny W. 262 Sfeindoyf, Gerald Neal 479 Stein, Franklin J. 156, 307, 404 Stein, Murray 307 Stein, Russell William 295, Sfelly, Lawrence A. 285, 286, 493 Stern, Grady Lee 167, 493 Stengelg, Harry E. 232 Sfengel, James Leo 174, 452 Stephenson, Charles E. 234 Stephenson, Keith A. 232, 493 Stephenson, Stewart D. 479 Stephens, Alton Lee, Jr. 223 Stephens, James C. 200, 479 Stephens, John Andrews 452 Stephens, Larry Allan 122, 231 Stepp, James Lesley 152, 159, 452 Stern, Ronald Henry 298, 479 Stevener, Bobby Lee 307, 404 Stevenson, Harold B. 244 Stevens, David Lee 210, 333, 493 Stevens, Jack Richard 218, 358, 493 Stevens, James Ray 223 Stevens, Jerry Don 218, 479 Stevens, Michael Peter 452 $1evens, Ralph Sanders 234, 493 Stevens, Richard M. 218, 453 Sievens, Thomas Dean 182, 493 Stewart, Charles P. 182 Sfewar', Donald Reed 148, 493 Stewart, Jerry Ray 244 Stewart, Joe Randall 337 Siewart, Kirkland W. 210 Stewart, Lindon Manning 362 Stewart, Stephen Scott 196, 493 Stewart, Wallace F. 407 Stiles, Dave Aubrey 309, 453 Stiles, David Edwin 274, 453 Srilson, Charles Hugh 247, 493 Srimpson, Ritchie P. 238, 348, 493 Stock, Harold Sidney 303 Stodghill, Robevt H. 224, 287, 335, 493 Stoffregen, Glen Edwin 148, 357, 453 Stokes, Richard Adams 233 Stone, Thomas Carl 238, 249 Stong, Charles Thayer 184, 493 Stong, Richard Olin 493 Storey, Jimmy Nevill 299 Story, Ernest Roy, Jr. 174, 284, 453 Stout, Henry Voorhees 493 Stout, Jack Lynn 203 Stow, Louis Edward 121 Stovall, Darrell G. 107, 196 Steve", John Milton 204, 234, 453 Stover, HOUY Marshall 174, 270, 493 Stover, Michael Earl 199 Strange, James Thomas 238, 493 Strange, William 8. 453 Strauss, David Dennis 203 Street, Jerry Neville 148, 493 Street, Robert Lewis 303 Sfribling, Richard M. 195, 493 Strickland, Bruce D. 240, 367, 493 Shickland, Jerry W. 234, 493 Strickland, Tommy A. 180, 493 Slried, Ronald Oliver 263, 308, 367, 479 Slriegler, Harvey R., Jr. 326 Striegler, Thomas L. 164, 167, 280, 326, 453 Stringer, James Lewis 262 Stringfellow, Richard 101, 103,104,105,118 Stroman, William James 148, 493 , Strong, Don Edward 315, 453 Stroop, Robert Eugene 493 Strgapp, John Raymond 212, 9 Strother, James Wallace 493 Slruss, Darrell Alvin 232, 493 Stubbs, Robert Clay 307, 404 Sfuckey, Joe Waylon 129 S1ud1ey, Paul Raymond 180, 274 Sturler, James Gary 234, 493 Suarez, Armando L453 Sugarek, Frank Lydmil 453 Suhler, David Robert 170, 176, 453 Suib, Michael R. 296, 453 Sullivan, Elizabeth A. 307 Sullivan, Gerald A. 220 Sullivan, James Andy 140, 187, 294, 318 Sullivan, John P. 160, 357, 479 Summers, Link Eugene 195, 93 Sumpter, Gary Wayne 203 Supak, Eugene Charles 146, 301, 493 Supak, James Raymond 292, 45 Surber, Marlin Ford 258, 316 , Surls, Larry Joe 301, 453 Surovik, Joe Thomas 309 SuHon, Russell Clark 234, 493 Sveler, Owen Dobglas 162 SveHik, Patrick A. 178, 493 Swahn, John Frank 203, 493 Swann, Herman L. "'1 236, 287, 493 Swanner, Bernice Lynn 303 Swan, Charles Selwyn 309, 322 Swanson, John Edward 218, 3 Swanson, William Thomas 263, 3 Swear, Larry Leroy 210, 493 Sweeney, Donald A. 290 Sweeney, Gregory Louis 247, 479 Swindell, Glenn R., Jr. 318 Swindle, Marvin M. 240, 336, 493 Swifzer, Robert Charles 164, 493 Swiizer, Steven Anthony 164 Swope, James Russell 227, 240 Syul, Roi Kumar 302, 453 Sylvester, John B. 158, 344, 479 Toff, George Thomas, Jr. 196, 493 Talk, Edmond Calvin 191, .49 3 . Tang, Charles Andrew 493 Tate, Franklin C., Jr. 401 Tate, Paul Varner 161, 299, 357 , Tatum, Henry Elwood 236, 493 Tauberl, Louis Earl 453 Taylor, Charles A., Jr. 158, 479 Taylor, Dunc Harrison 214, 493 Taylor, David Burton 167, 249, 479 Taylor, Franky Lynn 148, 345 Taylor, George Lee, Jr. 140, 18 4 Taylor, Jack Gerald 307 Taylor, James Travis 196, 493 Taylor, James Herbert 307, 404 Taylor, Johnny Clemons 192, 225, 493 Taylor, John Randolph 212, 493 Taylor, Jon Clayton 320 Taylor, Kenneth Eugene 493 Taylor, Mervin S. 158, 479 Taylor, Michael James 224, 493 Taylor, Paul E. 329 Taylor, Richard Dean 236, 493 Taylor, Wesley M. 317, 453 Taylor, William Edward 196, 453 Taylor, Wright Balis 334, 79 Teague, Thomas Anthony 203, 493 Teeter, William Gilbert 214, 493 Teddlie, Don Edward 218, 479 Teel, Gerald Adron 231, 333, 479 Teems, Terry Lynn 223, 315, 364, 453 Tess, David Glass 262, 322, 32 Tees, Griffith R., Jr. 298 Templer, Thomas Wayne 155, 298, 453 Tenzer, Neil Bruce 307, 404 Ternus, Daniel John 224, 493 Terrell, Curfis Wayne 153, 162, 269 Terrell, David Olen 192, 258, 342, 480 Terry, Augustus T. 136 Terry, William Mike 258 Te2r7egl, William Robert 184, Tessada, Enrique A, 134 14 207, 223, 294 ' 0' Thucger, Frank Barclay 231, 49 Thedford, Bill Ru 2 366, 454 y y 62' 314' Thedford, Marvin 454 Thibodeaux, Gene P. 493 Thomas, George Earl 238 Thomas, Hendrick R. 160, 299, 493 Thomas, John Charles 148 493 ' Thomas, Norm C1 454 an 0y 308, Thomas, Teddy La Rue 326 Thompson, Alton C., Jr. 163 Th324, 454, 493 ' ompson, Aubre H., . 263 y Jr Th26n7pson, Bert Darrell 315, Thom son, Dilworfh P. 247 Thomgson, Doris Ann 407 Thompson, Greg MOrI'IS 231, 346 Thompson, Jack Rodney 493 Thompson, James Ronald 493 Thompson, James R. 148, 216, 247 . . Thompson, James Wll1ldm 454 Thompson, John S. 231, 493 Thompson, Kenneth E. 191, 493 Thompson, Marion 5., Jr: 167 Thompson, Michael DaVIs 265, 402 Thompson, Neal True" 107, 110, 112 Thompson, Paul Edward 307, 454 Thompson, Samuel W., Jr. 493 Thompson, Tommy Earl 124, 301, 308 Thompson, William A. 167, 354, 493 ThornhiH, John Dix 223, 348 Thornton, Alton Ward, Jr. 124, 180, 296 Thurman, Jack Edwin, Jr. 148 Thurman, Stephen S. 182 Tice, Francis Andrew 148, 290, 493 Tiemann, James Francis 307 Tierce, Millard L 307 Tigeleird, Anthony M. 216, 368, 493 Tiierina, Albert A. 146, 150, 454 Tiierina, Andrew A. 146, 249, 480 Tiierina, Jose Oscar 210, 344, 493 Tillerson, Joe Richard 204, 287, 493 Tillery, Gary Alan 203 Tillery, Tommy Avent 480 Tilley, Frank William 154, 287 Tillman, Stephen G. 203, 231 Timmerman, Timothy Lee 101,102,104,105,106,119, 454 Timmins, Paul R. 101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 119 Timrnons, William T. 288 Tindall, Marion Hever 210, 340 Tipping, Eldon Gayle 167, 357 Tipton, William Earl 407 Tisdale, Garry Lee 398, 408 Tisdale, Larry Wayne 307, 404 Tisinger, David L., Jr. 331 Tole, Glenn Louis II 454 Tomas, Ronald N. 120, 191, 204 Tomberlain, Marvin P. 156, Tomlin, Tommy D. 191 Tomlinson, Warren N., Jr. 238, 286 Tomlinson, W. E. III 203, 494 Tompkins, Alfred Tommy 454 Tompkins, Bill G. 234, 235, 322, 454 Topperman, Andrew 283, 480 Touchon, Anthony Hugh 191, 355 Tovey, Frank Michael 306, 317, 454 Tower, Michael M. 126, 223, 480 Towler, Harry B. 159, 361, 472 Townsend, Joe David 220, 308, 480 Tracy, Dick A1 292, 472 Trainer, Lloyd D. 174, 175, 322, 454 Tramel, James T. 212, 355, 472 Trapolino, Louis S. 195 Travis, Jerry Wayne 494 Trivgiz, Leon Edward 238, 289, Travis, Phillip Dennis 162 494 ' Traylor, Richard CI d 2 454 y e 89' Treadwuy, Alexander H. 454 Tristan Micheal Eugene 244, Tredway, Willard Lee, Jr. T 187, 196, 454 reece, Barton 6., J . 450 r 224, $rencaard, Michael H. 210 renc , Winston F h 339,494 U" 160' Trevillion, William L. 210 Trgvino, Manuel R. 454 Triesch, Eugene 0,, Jr. .140, 180, 454 Trlfon, David Arthur 116 T I244, 245, 472 ' r ica, Car All 21 494 y an 6, 287, Trlica, Frank Edward 472 Trotter, John T., Jr. 224 Trotter, John E., Jr. 472 Trig; Robert Charles 244, 519 Truax, Roland Earl 158, 494 True", Jack Howard 322, 355 Twin, Donald Austin 223, 494 Trulock, Wallace Ward 480 Tubre, Stephen Renier 203, 353, 472 Tucker, Charles Fincher 326 Tucker, Travis Jerome 212 Turbeville, John 8., Jr. 224, 494 . Turner, Douglas Neal8494 Turner, Walter Douglas 223, 494 Turrou, Robert Mason 192, 494 Turzak, Thomas Michael 279, 454 Twiny, Donald Horace 308, 367, 454 Tyer, Bobby Ray 302 Tyree, Thomas Nelson 218, 284 Tyson, John PaHon 236 Ulich, William Lloyd 236, 480 Upchurch, Jimmy Lee 148, 494 Up1on, Robert Lee 223, 353, 494 Upton, Thomas Eugene 234 494 Urbanic, Charles Edward 308, 454 Urban, William F. 140, 167 Urbina, Luis R., Jr. 455 Urso, Joe John 307, 404 Uzzell, William James 93, 97 Vacek, Mark John 169, 182, 298, 455 Vahrenkamp, Ralph D. 472 Valentine, James R. 107, 244 Vale, Martin Matthew 307, 404 Voliente, Eduardo A. 300, 455 Valiente, Guillermo E. 472 Vandaveer, James Arthur 234, 494 Vonderburg, Richard 279, 285, 455 Vander, Cruyssen Henry 199, 290, 480 Vandervoorf, Paul E. 111 158, 340, 480 Vanek, Kenneth N. 195, 279, 295, 318, 480 Vann, Richard David 256, 472 Van Alsryne, Anita 400 Van Alsfyne, John Allen 472 Van Hardeveld, Jacob, Jr. 136 Van Hellen, Russell W. 247 295, 346 Van Hoosier, William L. 260, 472 Van Horn, Jack Clark 174 Van Nostrand, Kenneth 216, 332, 494 Van Wagner, Roger G. 230, 348, 455 Van Winkle, John S. 196, 331, 494 Van Zandf, John Wyatt 192 Vargas, Rafael Ernesto 300, Vasek, Leon J. 263 Vasser, William Cary, Jr. 230, 231, 305, 455 Vaughan, J. C. 214, 455 Vaughan, Richard Allen 160, 494 Vaughn, Allen Ray 127, 256, 309, 455 Vaughn, Francis Andrew 164 Vaughn, James Carlfon 236 Vaughn, Joe Howard 326, 455 Vaughn, Richard W. 148, 494 Vaughan, Robert Harris 244 Vaughn, Ronald Earl 307, 472 Vega, Juan Emilio 232, 480 Ven'or, Lewis Griffin 154, 494 Venglar, Patrick W. 360 Venuti, Alfred Richard 455 Verlander, James M., Jr. 455 Vernon, Albert E. 140, 184, 455 Vernon, Grant Gary 171, 184, 455 Vernon, James Leland 289 Warren, Kenneth A. 455 Veselka, Van Kenneth 162, 292 Vezey, Edward Lee 231, 494 Vick, Jerry Donald 199, 316, 455 Vickrey, Clarence Lee 255, 472 Vlkforin, Donald G. 309 Villafranco, Roymundo R. 231, 494 VillarreaI-Ccnto A. 300, 341 Vine, James Bernard, Jr. 124, 156, 285, 295 Vinson, Gerald Edward 315, 472 Vincon, Robe" Kennelh 184, 494 Viszel, Paul Willem 232, 287, 494 520 Vitek, Philip Charles 159, 324, 456 Vitek, Richard D. 218 ViHetoe, James Edward 174, 480 Voelkel, Travis T. 253, 366 Vogas, James Lad 138, 184, 359, 494 Vogel, Donald Eugene 180, 480 Vogelsang, Ernest F. 220, 494 Vogf, Harry Lee 307 Voisin, Billy Lambert 220, 299, 494 Volz, Gary Arlen 176, 456 Von Dohlen, Donald R., Jr. 258, 259, 472 Von Eiff, Garnet? C. W. 456 Von Minden, Richard C. 212, 494 Vrzclik, John Henry 200, 456 Waddill, Stephen Wade 255, 298 Waddle, William A. 456 Wadsworth, Grady Lynn 160, 290, 480 chers, Harold Dean 236, 494 Wagoner, Richard A. 472 Wogstoff, Thomas L. 136, 480 Wainscotf, Monte C. 128, 158, 494 Wainwright, John Edwin 192, 494 Wait, John Lee 111 191 WakuH, JoHn 480 WolcuH, John Macy 136, 257 Waligura, Randolph L. 456 Walker, Donald Morton 148, 494 Walker, Gory Anderson 180, Gary Lee 240, 249, Walker, Joe Randall 195, 494 Walker, John Michael 126, 223, 296, 480 Walker, John W. 320, 480 Walker, Michael R. 180, 288, 349, 480 Walker, Stanley Larry 456 Wallace, Gmrles Edward 134, 184, 248, 277, 456 Wallace, Claude H. III 129, 162 Wallace, Farrell Joe 312, 314, 456 Wallace, Forbes 182, 249, 270, 480 Wallace, Hugh Selby 296, 480 Wallace, Norman Ercell 315 Wallace, Paul Gipson, Jr. 472 Waller, Lynn 472 Welles, William Edgar 236, 494 Walling, James Richard 232, 494 Wallin, Gary lsedor 367, 472 Wall, Arnold l. 200 Walls, Ronnie Lawson 456 Walne, George Nathan 154, 287, 494 Walo, Dennis Ernest 218, 480 Walters, Calvin Rex 263, 308 Walters, Douglas F. 214, 494 Walfman, William D. 196 Walton, Thomas P., Jr. 214, 494 Wanstrath, George R. 304, 456 Wansrroth, John J. 263 Wuntzloeben, Kenneth L. 140, 188, 196, 346, 472 Ward, Barry Dennis 203, 307 Ward, Donald Moore 192, 494 Ward, Fred Thomas 196, 203, 331, 494 Ward, James Edward, Jr. 307, 404 Ward, John Kidd, Jr. 200, 290, 304, 456 Ward, Keith Bolen, Jr. 189, 399, 456 Ward, Kenneth Loy 203 Ward, Michael Lindsey 480 Ward, Neal Clinton 220, 248, 287 Ward, Sanford Taylor 138, c195, 318, 331, 494 Ward, Stanford Daniel 203, 494 Ward, William Richard 119, 140, 189, 473 Warnick, Philip Wade 230, 231, 290, 456 Warnick, Steven Wayne 216, 494 Warren, Donald R5259, 277, 288, 290, 291, 295, 398, 456 Warren, Dun Eosron 182, 309 Warren, Jeffrey 107, 244, 358 Warren, Johnny Lee 232 Warren, John Robert 134, 140, 170, 172, 456 Warren, John S1roHon 164, 299, 334 Warren, Kirby Jack 191, 473 Warren, Richard D. 176, 494 Worschak, Carroll E. 299, 473 Waskom, Tommy Lee 339 Waters, David Lewis 178, 473 Walers, Eugene Poner 167 Wafers, Gary Lee 307, 404 Watkins, Michael D. 494 Watson, Bony Hugh 494 Wa1son, Benton Lamar 473 Watson, Boyd K. 111 218, 323, 456 Watson, David Farrell 146 Watson, Edward Leroy 494 Watson, Frank Dwayne 140, 207, 214, 218, 248, 294, 473 Watson, James David 200, 480 Watson, Michael William 210, 480 Wofson, Randolph Lance 456 Watson, Raymond Allen 146 148 Watson, Richard Charles 473, 480 Watson, Richard Roy 126 Watson, Rodney Lee 494 Watson, Thomas Wiley 494 Watts, Byron Reed 159, 480 Watts, Charles Brent 234, 358, 494 Watts, David Eli 164, 473 Watts, Eddie Lavan 473 Watts, Foster L, Jr. 140, 151, 456 Watts, Kenneth Don 220, 480 Watts, William R. 161, 299, 358, 456 Wawok, Bruce Allen 184, 355, 494 Way, Charles Norman 473 Weofhersbee, Walter C. 162, 195 Weathers, James R. 196, 240, 480 , Weathers, Stanley John 330, 473 Weaver, Don Patton 218, 288, 494 Weaver, Walter Lee, Jr. 128, 158, 320, 346, 494 Webber, Joseph Paul 196, 494 Webb, Billy Cameron 494 Webb, Bobby Harold 255 Webb, Bryan Lee 161, 308 Webb, Gary Wayne 236, 494 Webb, Jock Lynn 220, 368, 494 Webb, Jodie Herbert 282 Webb, Joseph Thomas 191 Webb, Timothy, Jr. 195, 290, 318, 494 Weber, James Paul 128, 158, 494 Weber, John David 140, 174, 175, 354, 473 Weber, Walter Thomas 457 Wechsler, Franklin F. 223, 494 Weddell, Ronald Paul 174, 353, 473 Wedemeyer, Henry M. 191, 480 Weedon, James Robert 307, 473 Wegenhofi, Kenneth N. 255, 480 Wehner, Arthur Lee 457 Weiner, Brian 299, 457 Weinstein, Samuel Ray 146, 494 Weir, Victor Arthur 228, 312, 473 Weissberg, George H. 288 Weiss, Joe Henry 91, 95, 100, 119, 204, 480 Welborn, Bruce Lozier 128 Welch, Gordon E. 203 Welch, James Darrell 314 Welch, Jimmy Joe 203 Welch, Stanley Harold 214, 494 Wellborn, Joseph Heller 95, 119 Wellman, Jay Stuart 200, 284, 494 Wells, Robert James 240, 255, 494 Welsh, Robert Preston 200, 249, 480 Welsh, Samuel Clayton 457 Welsh, Tom Christopher 494 Wendenburg, Carl Albert 136, 480 Wendf, Joseph Paul 457 Wenzel, Derlil Wayne 174, 353, 494 Weppler, Larry Alan 172 Werdung, Wayne Howard 224, 494 Werth, Edward S. 293, 457 Werf, Harold Edwin 270, 333 Wesvbrook, Richard C. 148, 184, 494 Westerfield, Ira Dan 95, 96, 99, 100, 119, 204 Westmoreland, John S. 290, 473 West, Alfred thn 303 West, Donald Eugene 95, 118 West, James A. 299 West, Joseph Leon 203, 494 Wetherbee, Charles F. 124, 330, 473 Wetzig, Donald Alan 240 Whatley, Richard E. 95 Wharley, Wiley 5., Jr. 210 Wheat, Larry Dale 359, 473 Wheeler, Don Richard 240, 494 Wheeler, Lynn Allen 192, 494 Whetsel, Joseph E. 306, 457 Whitocre, Charles J. 182, 494 White, David Edgar 240 Whitehorn, Norman Cecil 407 Whitehouse, Floyd G. 214, 494 Whitehurst, William Joe 212 Whitaker, Jerry Neal 171, 334, 457 Whiteman, Harold J. 124 While, Carey Lee 135, 145, 214, 326, 457 White, Charles H. 216, 494 White, Charles Wayne 256, 343, 457 White, David James 146, 248, 287, 494 White, David William 494 White, E. Frank 128, 158, 303, 494 White, Gene Eldridge 307 White, George Gilbert 307 White, Hugh T. 234, 457 White, James Henry, Jr. 238 White, James Riley II 402 White, James William 115 White, Michael Byron 234, 304, 494 White, Michael E. 355, 480 White, Robert Lynn 158, 480 White, Robert Millburne 182 While, William Allen 218, 249, 296, 480 Whiteside, Jack M. 184, 359, 494 Whifson, John Terrell 140 Whilson, Robert Harlan 167, 363 Whiningfon, Richard F. 176 457 WhiHon, David Lewis 157 Wickerham, James B. 96, 119, 244, 480 Widener, Michael Lynn .203 Widmer, Dennis Andy 148, 473 Wier, Michael I. 150, 277, 278, 293, 31.4, 399, 458 Wiggins, David Thomas 244, 494 Wiggins, Hal Ray 458 Wilbeck, August Clark 458 Wilbeck, Gary Lee 289 Wilcox, Don Howard 176 Wilde, Lorry Joseph 304 Wilke, Gerald Elmer 255 Wilkes, John S. III Wilkin, Michael Joseph 146, 494 Wilkinson, Edwin Earl 305, 456 Wilkinson, James C. 218, 223 Wilkinson, Richard W. 224, 494 Wilkinson, Thomas Paul 494 Wilks, Phillip Grady 236, 473 Willenborg, James C. 92, 119, 353, 399, 458 Wille, Kenneth B. 140, 208, 214, 294, 473 Willhife, Leon A. 218, 364, 494 Williamson, Jerry A. 214, 494 Williamson, Morris L., Jr. 407 Williams, Alber1458 Williams, Alfred M. 238,494 Williams, Bony Owen 203, 494 Williams, Cary Donald 136, 473 Williams, David Harold 146 Williams', Dennis James 107 Williams, Donese W. 128 Williams, Douglas W. 182, 494 Williams, Eddy Joe 122, 128, 158, 494 Williams, Frederick F. 203 Williams, Janies M. 353 Williams, Johnny F. 495 Williams, John T. 196, 203, 359, 495 Williams, Kenneth R. 218, 495 Williams, Kerry C. 203, 495 Williams, Lelarid Neal 148, 495 Williams, Leslie Deon 407 Williams, Mockie June 400 Williams, Poul David 236, 495 Williams, Paxton Kelly 156, 330, 473 Williams, Ralph Tren1162, 495 Williams, Raymond M. 203, 331 Williams, Robert B. 305, 458 Williams, Robert Hugh 200 Williams, Robert Scott 458 Williams, Stephen John 238 Williams, Stephen T. 480 Williams, Thomas Glenn 232 Williams, Thomas M. 129, 236, 495 Williams, Travis 263, 473 Williams, Troyce F. 495 Willingham, George A. 223, 249, 366 Willinghom, John L. 158 Willis, Donny Roberts 204 Willis, David Warren 196 Willis, Donald Boyd 196, 495 Willis, Richard Dawson 204, 495 Willmann, Charles J. 236, 495 Willmann, Larry Dan 255, 473 Willoughby, Jack M. 212, 480 Wilson, Joe 81995 244, 495 Wilson, Corey Bluford 238, 358 Wilson, Carroll Rindle 264, 301, 473 Wilson, Clyde Arthur 473 Wilson, George Isaac 238 Wilson, Jack Anthony 126, 195, 458 Wilson, Jock Lewis 247, 318, 495 Wilson, Robert W. 308, 458 Wilson, Terry Gene 124, 176, 480 Wilson, William 8., Jr. 305 Wimberly, Dan Presfon 210, 353, 495 Winch, James Ralhbun 458 Windsor, Cecil Oran, Jr. 140, 146, 148, 150, 248, 473 Winfrey, Ronald Dale 192, 495 Winger, William Edward 220, 495 Wing, William Robert 240, 480 Winkel, Fred Michael 167, 324, 368, 473 Winkler, Hayden Ernsf 223, 495 Winkler, Robert John'195, 9 4 5 Winniford, Holly D. 176, 495 Winn, Robert Mayfield 146, 247 Winn, Ronald Dean 150, 326 473 Wi'nnene, Walter M. 332 Winter, Lance Sfowell 244 Winters, David William 458 Wirlz, Michael R. 191, 495 Wisdom, Raymond C., Jr. 458 Wisenbaker, Kenneth A. 212, 308, 365, 480 Wisenboker, William C. 196, 280, 480 Wise, John Robert 184, 280, 480 Wise, Lewis Robert 480 Wise, Thomas Hugh 160, 330, 495 Wiswell, Eric Ozro 154, 299 480 Wifenberg, Bill 232 Wittenbock, Thomas John 458, 473 Witfrock, Charles H. 129, 224, 495 Wolcon, Gary Michael 323 Wolfe, Benjamin E. 355 Wolff, Marshall W. 159, 164, 458 Wolf, Michael Thomas 184, 283, 480 Wolf, Richard Kerney 367, 495 Wolf, Robert Hermon 264, 307, 404 Wolf, William Monroe, Jr. 229, 302, 325, 458 Wolkowicz, Jacobo 341, 480 Walters, Richard Arthur 473 Womack, John Edwin 334 Womble, Glendon Dwayne 458 Wommer, Louis Pau1 495 Woodall, Russell P. 307, 404 Woodard, Joe David 480 Woodard, Mitchell A. 138, 214, 495 Woodley, James Bowie 192, 495 Wood, Cecil Roy, Jr. 119, 473 Wood, Gerald Lee 303, 458 Wood, James Doyle 247 Wood, John Atkins 307, 404 Wood, John Clayton 244, 495 Wood, John Clayton 204, 358, 495 Wood, Larry Don 307 Wood, Michael Leon 244, 495 Wood, Perry Davis 210 Wood, Raiph Edward 126, Samuel Gordon 146, Woods, Donald Edward 210 480 Woods, Donald Larry 495 Woodson, Jerry F. 473 Woodward, Angela M. 234 Woodward, Daniel Y. 154, 172, 458 Woody, James Leslie 473 Wooldridge, Thomas J. 178, 495 Woolley, James Ned 234, 363, 495 Woolsey, John Elbert, II 458 Woo1en, William Lewis 240, 495 Word, James Dewey 232, 458 Word, Randall L. 358, 495 Worley, James David 234, 495 Worrel, Edward James 231, 480 Worst, John Mark 204 Wortham, Murray L. 134, 140, 233, 332, 459 Woyewodzic, Edwin J. 218 Woytek, Oscar, Jr. 307, 404 Wrigge, William Phillip 244 Wright, Fred James 203, 480 Wright, George Pafrick 234 Wright, Haskell E. 244 Wrighf, James Henry 480 Wrighf, umes Lee 459 Wright, James Lynn 323, 459 Wright, James R. 2, 247, 495 Wright, John Sheridan. 240, 495 Wrighf, Joseph M. 238 Wrighf, Larry Ray 247 Wright, Michael 300, 320, 473 Wright, Richard Wilbur 302, 459 Wrighf, Roberf A., III 196, 203, 473 Wright, Robert L. 320 Wright, Thomas Wyatt 148, 459 Wrighf, Walter 313 Wright, William Dennis 140, 196, 473 Wright, William Vincent 473 Wuen'sche, Rudy Michael 256, 292, 301, 310, 459 Wuest, Kenneth Wes1ey 200, 495 Wycm, James Edward 157, 249, 480 WyaH, Lawrence E. 192 Wyatt, Robert Anson 191, 495 Wyninegar, Noble C. 480 Wynne, Jack Walters 302 Wynn, Sally Ruth 324 Yahia, Abdelmajid 351, 459 Yorbrough, Melvin N. 459 Yarter, Jacob Foster, 11 107, 244 Yates, James Lee 178, 480 Yauger, James Harding 280, 365, 480 Ybarru, Frank Allan 203, 495 Yeager, Lowery Dayle 315 Yochem, Phillip Asper174, 346, 495 Yoder, Lohn Franklin 210, 249, 290, 495 Youngblood, Francis G. 143, 369, 495 Youngblood, James Lee 196, 495 Youngblood, Samuel R. 308, 459 Young, Andrew Herbert 234 Young, Billy H. 236, 495 Young, Charles Robert 200 Young, Craig Bowen 284, 319, 473 Young, David Wendell 203, 234 Young, Don P. 140, 304, 459 Young, James Kennedy 247, 318 Young, Jess Henry 178, 203, 495 Young, John Thomas 216 Young, John Wallace 195, 333, 480 Young, Jon Randolph 495 Young, Ralph Raymond 200, 287 Young, Richard Adrian 473 Young, Robert Lee 184, 214 3 You5n9g, William McFerrin 192 Yows, James Thomas 178, 249 Zahn, Charles Williard 116, 204, 480 Zaiicek, Robert Arthur 459 Zak, Michael Joseph 200 Zamzow, Kenneth Alfred 300, 313, 459 Zapata, Manuel 459 Zapata, Thomas, Jr. 180, 480 Zoppe, Ronald Joe 256 Zatopek, Edward Jar'nes 285 Zafopek, Lawrence J. 218, 249, 285, 495 Zeis, Poul Maynard 195, 338 Zemonek, Victor Joe 361, 473 Zerbe, Manfred Rudolf 407 Zerbe, Susan Russell 400 Ziegenbein, Melvin F. 366, 473 Zinn, Alon Michael 210 Zinsmeyer, Patrick C. 128, 158, 495 Zipp, Ronald Duane 192, 354, 495 Ziriacks, Winston L. 203, 495 Zorn, Philip Lee128, 158, 303, 495 Zolz, Charles Lambert 192, 495 2012, Joseph Ernest 292, 301, 459 Zuehlke, Lawrence D. 160, 320, 353, 480 Zuehlke, Raymond C. 308, 353 Zwahr, Harley Alwin 160, 480 Zwarfies, William John 247, 318, 480 Ia: . Afl A v, 1 s ,Vrv,uv. v.9 .ef ghgihaV go. 1 ! .l- 4 .! Nd r .30 , : , w F1. I nu. V. l H W wk 'M'ylffi"w-Sbaaxf:$ w; n12: y , .m- . . X i 6aet4my,4 3' a t . Zi- Q; . wvhxn q. -,.. 5,:if I . iii "PX"; , 3. 1;:wa .Jll' 7," "w W .1, I, $$vyzifga ' c: 4.1 , '3! 4 Hg . . ... .L O? ' .'1 'l q ' L J ann .-;a 33', . op ' v.'f.'r y,v.w a . 1 A quurr'- : 'L l 'I ' V. x Kr.- ; 'E x 3:? 5a :55 '5 ' .AI- M? i ' Eye 3 r wm 3. K 35 I 5 II x,..3,!z;e. , J as 1" ' .1 Centimetres Blue Can Green Yellow Red The Tiffen Company, 2 Magenta White WColor Black 7 u"!uu:r 1: :11! 89L W A 17L 0 8L

Suggestions in the Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) collection:

Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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