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t .' hut .!k.' 2 xii; n? V: .N. Q L! .- ifw i W: . 5. .L; . ,N .3 w. . . I Q. Yb . w L;. n... e . . "3 Wk $wquigahi .1 .15.; .1 II,.I', i3 14;.,' J l - 4; 1' ' ? '1 r"' rr" .2' Wm .4 Km x, I I .. u v vax-IL m uwuy-Qmmjur . ,- gunk? .4... quQQ-nm rym.v 'e' y'r-.. ;,Vr.. .' Vru'rvafgi n. :1 31f magggfsk P .' ; v,uH-t' 7i r$$ivsgg7jtzgr .. . . .3, .mm NLuWLv . r ',v 1-15 iqw '2'! yL 83Bq 6M6 Psz EQ POKEI7MN gm l"l ROOMWBO V $5 I 6 3 AGGIELAND A8cM COLLEGE OF TEXAS, COLLEGE STA TION, TEXAS WELDON NASH - Editor BOB A CKLEN - Ass? Editor MIKE GEORGE - Bus Mgr. The Academic Building steps have been worn smooth by generations of Aggies on their way to higher learning. The "golden Toe" of Mike Clark provided defeat and much anx- iety for many of our rival schools. Below: The Teasips look none too happy in the first half when The "Toe" had AZLM in The lead. 2. 6 o, v o N This was 80an MOTHER'S DAY: one of the final high- lights of the school year. SPRINGTIME: a time to bring that sweet young thing down for all The dances. 7- ,;, '.- ya 7 -r x? -79 o 7 ' rvuffuzxa. 7 , 7 Lt- ' ,, ,m h. a wax, -: f r . 21:: 7 ' 7. ?'iitimr'gy rm; .239; .- 7:..- wgi' - , '3 y! w; - .y: . ua7 5 '3h7 7 23.:- 7 . gm . mum... -. . The largest Cadet Corps in the world. MUSTER: one of the most sa- cred Aggie traditions, WE'RE FROM TEXAQ AMC. . . the men from Texas AMC, both past and present. It is these men that have made A8!M the great institution that it is, and it is these men that keep the Spirit of Aggieland alive. Times are changing and so is Texas AMC. However! there is one thing that time or no man will ever change: THE SPIRIT OF AGGIELAND QILWBTAPQ BOBBY GILBREATH '65 LARRY LEE DOLEZAL '63 LT. COL. W. G. LUCEY '37 Silenle They gaTher, moving shadows Under restless Trees. TighT-lipped men, Full by day of rough, gay comradeship, Have nothing To say Tonight ClusTered in hundreds round The Old Main Building, They come To bid a lasT "Farewell" To a fellow Aggie, whose fooTsTeps Will never Tread familiar campus paThs again. Silently They waiT, gazing far up aT The dome Rounded againsT The midnighT sky. The hour sTrikes, and four sTraighT young figures Move To The corners of The TurreT, Raising silver TrumpeTs To Their lips. And Then, Tearing aT The hearT as does no oTher sound, The noTes come clear, and sweeT, and sad; Silver Taps for one more Aggie who has gone mamx" 5r... T. Ky... ; 1:. 'fl 159w: T-Vw g.gm 3-9421; 1.1." xut": To join The bright BaTTalion in The sky, Where brave young men need never die. Then, as The lasT, long, unearthly note Fades info The nighT, The cold, dark silence bursTs, And guns send forth Their final, grim salute! Stand aT aTTenTion Aggies! Once more we honor Them, The Silver Taps BatTalion of Texas A8KM. -MABEL CLARE THOMAS y w .J" 3 nga lab ; v I ! Aw v .w4,ar1t:?ib; kiiwzyyzwfiimwf ,, ,Z 4152u.mJ 4212:2912: y? lyrxw 7 $ anager , MIKE GEORGE-Business M MW mew mm , Via. y a. w an N , H. I .. n: ,. , I i ii. .54: A , ,m . w X . . . FPJOMTHEDEQKJOFTHEEDH'OPJ History has been made at A8iM this year. We saw the last year of A8lNl as an all male institution and the last year under the name of The Agricultural and Me- chanical College of Texas. Some of us may not totally agree with these decisions, but nevertheless, they have been made. Only time will tell whether these de- cisions will turn out to be fruitful. In the meantime, we should still be good Aggies , , and Exes and continue to support Aggieland to the hilt. After all, it's us Aggies ' . ' who make A8iM as great as it is and we should stick together and keep the world's I largest fraternity alive. Texas A8le has changed in the years we've been here and it will be changed ;,' even more when we come back through as Exes. That is progress and an evident ' sign that A8JVl is moving and keeping pace with the times. This is something we are proud of and will continue to be proud of. Ole Aggieland can't stay the same, but we hope this '63 Aggieland will help you to remember in years to come how it was back in the "good ole days." Weldon and Bob i kg 3 F. s .i7 t t '1sz 'V' i s t-a .t!' - s: s, j s 35'. 9 :st4; r4 .1... a g '4 e lbibh W.nin w x my 4 - . '-' 3:5 " Oh i w w . 3t ax "s.??q: : b... s Q v.?iqn -. 9. IML. 3'st y r"; CONTENTQ ADMIN lSTRATlON ACTIVITIES VANITY FAIR .................................... 58 MILITARY ClVlLIAN .......................................... 194 SPORTS ............................................ 208 ORGANIZATIONS ............................ 250 CLASSES ............................................ 386 W College Qgstem Appointed by The Governor of Texas, The Board of DirecTors is responsible for The managemenT of The College and The A8TM SysTem. The ciTizenry of Texas is well represenTed as The Board members come from all parTs of The STaTe and all walks of life. All maior policies of The College are iniTiaTed in The meeTings of The Board. The success of The College in The pasT, presenT, and fuTure can be Traced To The efforts of The A8TM College Board of DirecTors. ADMINISTRAUON SEATED Left 10 Right: S, B. Whitienburg, Amarillo; John W. Newton, Beaumont,- S1orling C. Evans, Houston; H. C, Hcldcnfds, Corpus Christi; STANDIN , Left 10 Right: Clyde H, Wells, Granbury; Clyde Thompson, Diboll; L. F Peterson, Ff. Worih; Dr. A P. Bowel, Lake Jackson; Gardner Sxmonds Houston Office of Chancellor of The A8JVT SysTem Was creaTed in 1948 by The Board of DirecTors. The Chancellor is The direcTing head of all acTiviTies of The A8JVT College SysTem and adminisTers The Colleges, Agencies, and Services of The SysTem Through an execuTive officer in charge of each. .- 3 Dr. M. T. HarringTon rose To The posiTion of i Chancellor from The College presidency which he J r, TirsT held in 1950. He has been a parT of A8TM .i for TorTy-five years, earning his 8.8. and M.S. de- i r grees here and Teaching in The ChemisTry DeparT- , menT unTil 1941 when he wenT To Iowa STaTe for T T; his Ph.D. degree. Since Then, he has served A8TM To The besT of his abiliTy. 5 i T T W .H DR. M. T. HARRINGTON Chancellor of The A8JVT College SysTem MRT CLYDE FREEMAN Vice Chancellor DR. JOHN C. CALHOUN Vice Chancellor for Development MR. ROBERT G. CHERRY AssistanT To The Chancellor MR. NORMAND P. DuBEAU E Director System lnTormaTion and Publications FM; PPEQIDENT - ASM COLLEGE OF TEXAQ 12.5mm Hum 1 AJ. smux ?NJJMJIL n'urz'h FILIN- 1.!th "2x47:- ,WWKW'fszW President Rudder greets LT. Gen. W. H. 5. Wright aT Easterwood Airfield on Spring Military Day. Earl Rudder was named PresidenT of Texas A8xM on July 1, 1959. His adminisTraTion has been marked by enrollmenT increases, beTTer sTudenT-faculTy rela- Tions, higher sTaff and faculTy salaries and improve- menT of faciliTies. Rudder confinues his program of greaTer excellency for A8xM. A 1932 graduaTe of A8TM, Mr. Rudder broughT an impressive background To The college presidency. He served with disTincTion during World War H afTer Teaching aT Brady High School and John TarleTon. He led The American Rangers ashore in The Normandy invasion on D-Day. Rudder was released from acTive duTy in 1946 wiTh The rank of colonel. He now com- mands The 90Th Infantry Division, wearing The Two stars of a maior general. Before coming To A8TM, he gained naTionaI recog- niTion as Texas Land Commissioner. DR. WILLIAM J. GRAFF, JR. Dean of Instruction DR. A. A. PRICE Dean of Veferinary Medicine .5 DR. FRANK W. R. HUBERT Dean of Arts and Sciences DR. WAYNE C. HALL Dean of Graduate STUdiEs ObiecTives of The A8TM College are mainTained by The ExecuTive CommiTTee as seT forTh by The College by-laws. Under The direcTion of PresidenT Rud- der in weekly meeTings, The commiTTee decides how besT To keep The college heading Toward iTs primary obiecTive sTaT- ed by STaTuTe: "The leading obiecT of This college shall be, wiThouT excluding oTher scientific and classroom sTudies, and including miIiTary TacTics, To Teach such branches of learning as are relaTed To agriculTure and The me- chanical arTs, in such a manner as The leg- islaTure may prescribe, in order To pro- moTe The liberal and pracTical educaTion of The indusTrial classes in The several pursuiTs and professions in life." DR. G. M. WATKINS Director, Agricultural Instruction COMMITTEE The following iTems are Those which The commiTTee has pledged iTsehc To supporf: i. To develop professional leadership in ag- ricuiTure, medicine, foresTry and Their al- lied field; in engineering, including The "mechanic arTs" and Technical and indus- Triai Training; in sTudies and applied sci- ence. To develop educaTionaI leadership Through The Training of Teachers for agriculTure, en- gineering, and baSlC and applied sc1ences. w H. D. BEARDEN Texas Engineering Extension Service To develop miiiTary leadership by provid- ing a sTrong and effecTive sysTem of mil- iTary Training. To develop in poTenTiaI leaders The moral and spiritual values essenTial for effecTive leadership in a democracy. JAMES RHANNIGAN To develop an aTmosphere of scholarship Dean Ofswdem wiThin which The facuiTy can realize iTs Tull poTenTial for service To socieTy and wiThin which The sTudenT can be inspired Toward The realizaTion of his poTenTials. H. L. HEATON Director of Admissions and Registrar C. A. ROEBER FRED BENSON Business Manager Dean of Engineering DR. R. E. PATTERSON Dean of Agriculture ing a a Engh i'rh preparaiion ience de- Agricultural increase the ion of the stu- in Animal Left: A fine herd concerned w of beef cattle at the cattle I n neermg. barn. Developing ways of improving the breeding of beef cattle to amount of meat produced Above: Students meet is a funct class part of their for bachelor of sc dents majoring Husbandry gree m M m h x M W , h h h WmWMmh , , h ,h A , hX hgyyh: , h . ,, ?w? 7 , fizz hr x? QCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Aggies can prepare themselves for a career in farming, ranching and other businesses associated with agriculture through a variety of programs offered by the School of Agriculture. In addition, systematic training is given in the sciences of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology, all of which are fundamental in the study of scientific agriculture. Departments offering baccalaureate degree programs are Agricultural Economics and Sociology, Agricultural Education, Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Sciences, Entomology, Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Poultry Science, Range and Forestry, and Wildlife Management. lnterdepartment baccalaureate degree programs include Agricultural Journalism, Animal Science, Food Technology, Plant and Soil Science. Service departments within the School are Biochemistry and Nutrition, Genetics, and Plant Physiology and Path- ology. Combined with these programs is a wide choice of elective curricula which provides excellent opportunities for the student to satisfy his individual interests and needs, as well as to qualify him for a bachelor of science degree. Students maioring in Agronomy are de- scribing soil characteristics in one of their classes in the field. u... -...5-......K ,,.................- 82.27? is; 1 7X z ,, w , merwmvw awwm , w, I I , aw, inxx 4 , 450 WV , M$y55 Wx ZZ , 2 , 7,4; ; . X ????aa , QCJ-IOOL OF- ARTQ AND QOENCEQ Twenty-four curricula are available in the School of Arts and Sciences at Texas A8tM, leading to BA. or 3.5. degrees. Liberal Arts, which includes the Departments of Eco- nomics, English, History and Government, Journalism, Mathematics, Modern Languages, and Preparatory Law, is designed for students whose abilities, interests, and aims are better served by a broad general education than by more specialized technological and scientific studies. In all curricula, the first two years are devoted to fundamen- tal subjects, with more specialized study following. Business Administration majors may specialize in Ac- counting, Building Products Marketing, Finance, General Business, Insurance, Marketing, or Personnel Administra- tion. In this course of study, specialization comes at the beginning of the sophomore year. A Bachelor of Business Administration degree follows completion of the chosen curriculum. The Department of Education and Psychology offers teacher education programs, as does the Department of Health and Physical Education. To prepare for teaching, a student may choose to major either in Education or one of the arts or sciences, provided that he takes a minimum of 36 hours in his specialized field. Bachelor of Science degrees are available in Botany, Chemistry, Entomology, Meteorology, Microbiology, Phys- ics, Preparatory Medicine, Preparatory Dentistry, and 20 ology. These curricula are planned so the student who discovers a change of interests after beginning in agri- culture or engineering can change with a minimum loss of credit-hours. Left: These students are working in the chem- istry lab. Chemistry being one of several fas- cinating sciences offered in the school. Above: To all the BA. students this building is a home away from home. Most of the Business Administration majors know Francis Hall by heart. Even at night you can hear them wan- dering through the halls seeking the elusive grade points. Right: Russian is one of the most interesting languages offered in the Modern Languages Department and is fast becoming one of the most popular languages on campus. Here Dr. Skrivanek is explaining the fun- damentals of this fascinating language to one of his first-year Russian classes. $$V mm e ' txiiixix - $1?ng Above: Aerospace Engineering, the new name for aeronautical engineering, will fast become a growing department in the years to come now that we have entered the space age. Here Armand Chaput is investigating the me- chanical properties of a theoretical lunar sur- face. Right: These students are working on a problem concerned with traffic engineering, one of several sections of the Civil Engineer- ing Department. W76 ,, ' '77 ta . M417; "2,4me . M72777 w 77 77M 2 777mm; --r QCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Both broad and specialized programs in the engineering sciences are offered through the sev- eral curricula of the School of Engineering. These programs are designed to develop the student's abilities to enable him to enter into and advance with the profession of engineering, and to lead a useful and happy life in his community. These curriculum plans include as their main core the fundamentals of engineering science and the basic materials related thereto, but in addition they include subiects from the social and hu- manistic sciences. Thus, not only will the A8iM engineering graduate be technically trained, but also humanly and socially educated. In order to qualify for a Bachelor of Science degree in the student's chosen field, he must complete satisfactorily a minimum of four years of comprehensive study in mathematics and sci- ences. In addition to theory, practice work and problem courses are provided in order to better acquaint the student with application of his knowledge. Texas A8:M does not turn out men trained solely in mechanical manipulative skills. With the exception of industrial education, all curricula are planned to provide preparation for research, design, operation, management, testing, or maintenance of engineering proiects. Various four-year curricula are available and each leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. They include the fields of aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, geological, mechanical, nuclear, and pe- troleum engineering. Also included are those of geology, geophysics, industrial education and ine dustrial engineering. Those which involve five-year curricula are architecture and petroleum en- gineering, also various combined degrees. Within all its areas, the Texas A8zM School of Engineer- ing will continue to lead in the new era of technology that is our nation's destiny. Students are trying to find the amount of radiation given off by a piece of metal for a lab problem in Nuclear Engineering. Another one of the departments in engineering which will be fast growing in the near future. wkrwm.-. ,V A ., mmummmmxw$ ...,.h u. .... -4" QCHOOL OF VQEPJNAPX MEDlClNE Through its many accomplishments, Texas A8iM's School of Vet- erinary Medicine has earned the reputation of being one of the best schools of veterinary medicine in the nation. Providing complete training in all phases of animal pathology, care and surgery, the school offers the student a 8.5. degree in Animal Science in four years or the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree after completion of a six-year program. Various departments within the school are: veterinary anatomy, veterinary medicine and surgery, veterinary microbiology, veter- inary parasitology, veterinary pathology, veterinary physiology and pharmacology, and veterinary public health. The Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery operates the Veterinary Hospital and Ambulatory Clinic. Problems in theory are extensively supplemented with practical application. Consequently, the A8iM Veterinary graduate is well qualified to deal with problems of disease and disease prevention in domestic farm animals, poultry, pet animals, 200 animals, fur- bearing animals, and wildlife of all kinds. Graduates are also qual- ified to combat transmission of disease between man and the lower animals. Instruction and training are given in meat and milk hygiene. Texas MM'S School of Veterinary Medicine is accredited by the Council on Education of the American Veterinary Medical Associ- ation and by the United States Department at Agriculture. Opposite page: A horse about to undergo surgery in the large animal clinic of the Vet hospital operated by the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. Left: The Vet hospital in which are lo- cated both the large and small animal clinics is completely equipped with some of the most modern equipment in the country. Above: At the Vet hospital many kinds of animals are treated for various things. Here a bear is being treated to have his teeth removed. 25 m , i yW--..-m- ........--...-...A.M..u.... .-....v w- W V ,.m TEXA$ MAWME ACADEMY The Texas Maritime Academy offers an opportunity for the high school graduate and college freshmanf to quality as an officer in the United States Merchant Marinefk to earn a commission as Ensign in the United States Naval Reserve lln- activelXk to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering or in Marine Transportation. To fulfill the above opportunities the Texas Maritime Academy program begins with the freshman year on the A8KM campus at College Station, Texas. The remain- ing three years of the tour-year course are to be spent on the newly developed Texas Maritime Academy campus in Galveston, Texas. To supplement classroom instruction the Texas Maritime Academy student will spend three summers aboard the Academy training ship in training cruises to ports of European, Caribbean and South American countries. The Texas Maritime Academy, one of six maritime schools in the United States, is the only maritime school dedicated to serve the maritime industry on the GultC Coast. This industry, as a center of our foreign trade and travel, is a vital and dy- namic part of Texas and the nation's economy, as well as an essential element of the United States defense program. The need for highly trained men is evident as this career field enters the nuclear CAPT.BENNETT M. DODSON age as represented by the world's first nuclear merchant ship NS Savannah. SUperintendent In the two fields of instruction available the Marine Transportation course is de- signed to familiarize cadets with ship operation and management and places par- ticular emphasis on the economic and business aspects of the maritime industry and foreign trade. The Marine Engineering course, which is closely related to Mechanical Engineer- ing, emphasizes the design, operation, and maintenance of maritime power plants lincluding nuclear-powered marine plantsl and associated equipment. The student also receives instruction in the Arts and Sciences to quality for his Bachelor's degree. Texas Maritime Academy students Spend their summers aboard ship on training cruises which take them all over the world. wmw1;WW v a, fr Y m i. W VOA SCHOOL OF GRADUNE QTUDIEQ Left: Graduates of any of the princi- pal fields of engineering or of the basic sciences find it very helpful to use the analog computer to solve problems which arise in their field of study as this student is doing. Right: In the past few years the School of Graduate Studies in con- junction with the School of Engineer- ing has begun instruction and re- search in Nuclear Science and Engi- neering. Much of this research is con- ducted at the Nuclear Research Center located near the campus. The principal objective of the Graduate School is to offer education beyond the Bachelor level to those men who aspire to become intellectual leaders in various professions and in various fields of teaching and research. It under- takes to assist graduate students in developing and pur- suing individual educational programs requiring superior accomplishment through carefully directed intellectual ac- tivity. A graduate may receive an advanced degree in most curricula upon completion of the advanced courses and other requirements. Graduate instruction is offered lead- ing to the following degrees: Master of Agriculture, Mas- ter of Architecture, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. Texas A8tM has a growing graduate school with excel- lent professors in every field of study. Due to this growth in graduate studies, the College has received many grants and fellowships from industry to aid in student and faculty research. JOEL B. TERRILL DOUGLAS G. HOTCHKISS JAMES W. CARTER Public Relations Issues Parliamentarian SHELDON J. BEST Presidenf SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE JOHN T. TIBBELS KENNETH A. RADDE ROBERT N. PALM Senior Junior Sophomore SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES WM'ru-ww w HERBERT C. GERSBACH SHELBURNE J. VESELKA JAMES M. ROBERTS Senior Junior Sophomore CHARLES L. BLASCHKE PAUL A. DRESSER WILLIAM K. ALTMAN CHARLES MILLIKIN WILLIAM H. BRASHEARS ARTHUR R. RICHARDSON President President President President Head Deputy Junior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Yell Leader Corps Commander n . mmmmwwukmwmwwwvmmm L -. 8 THOMAS R. ARNOLD WILLIAM K. STANTON JERRY E. VION Recording-Secretary Student Welfare Student Life GREGORY H. LAUGHLIN Vice-President SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Serving as the administrative body of the students on matters of general importance and concern, the Student Senate has three ob- jectives; to act in an executive capacity for the student body, to represent the student body on and off campus, and to serve as a liaison between the faculty, the student body, and other colleges. DAN M. SCARBOROUGH FRANK R. KIOLBASSA WILLIAM R. BUCKELLEW Senior Junior Sophomore SCHOOL OF VETERlNARY MEDICINE HOWARD M. HEAD JOE V. CHAPMAN ALBERT N. WHEELER MALCOLM E. HICKMAN EDWARD A. TODD RONALD L. MULL Vice-President Vice-President Chairman Senior Junior Sophomore M.S.C. Y.M.C.A. Election Commission FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIVES FRANK F. HALL RICHARD MOORE ROBERT G. COLE BOYD l. MILLER WILLIAM S. MOORE BILL CAMP Graduate School Vice-President Representative Civilian Student Council ACTMUEQ . . . highlights of life at Aggieland. The 1963 Aggie Muster on the AW campus. Section Edited by WELDON NASH During football season, the Aggie Spirit is at its height and activities are many and varied. Some of the events of The early fall include yell practices, Corps Trips, football games, and the selection of the Aggie Sweetheart. wwwmxy aw ,Wz. ,, Above: Miss Lynn Parks was selected as the '63 Aggie Sweetheart. At the SMU game she was recognized and received the traditional kiss on the 50-yard line. Coach Hank Foldberg is carried off the field by the Aggie Yell Leaders after a great game. Below: The Aggie spirit runs high at this yell practice after the vic- tory over Texas Tech. A day before the T.U. game, the Seniors form up in front of the Academic Building for the Elephant Walk. The Seniors form a line and march solemnly around the campus. The Elephant Walk symbolizes the end of the Senior's useful life as a member of the Twelfth Man. Aggie Yell Leaders head for Midnight Yell Practice in Kyle Field. The Seniors wind around the campus in single file for the Elephant Walk. . . .AdeztlutleWComs One of the greatest and most significant traditions at AMA is the building of the annual Fightin' Texas Aggie Bonfire. The weekend before the Thanksgiving Day clash with the Teasips is one of bustling activity with the stgdents working to build the world's largest bonfire. The Bonfire is built in about three days and is made up solely of huge logs. It is the only bonfire of its kind anywhere. A yell practice is held during the spectacular burning of the Aggie Bonfire, and it is during this time that every Aggie realizes the reason for their bonfire: it sym- bolizes the burning desire in all Aggies' hearts to beat T.U. g . E ? The tall center pole for the stack is erected. As the logs come in from the cutting area, they are stacked about the center pole by using a large crane and lots of muscle. 4 After working in the rain for three days, the Aggies' Bonfire is near completion. The next step will be to soak the stack with fuel. mxm As the head of the T.U. varsity well knows, the Aggies' desire was almost fulfilled. The symbol of all the Aggies' burning desire to beat T.U. blazes away. Dances, Since every Aggie has a sweetheart, girl, fiance or what have you, naturally they want to show them off. At each class or organization dance there is a contest for a sweetheart. Happy is the Aggie whose girl is chosen as one of these sweethearts. Of course, the married students couldn't sit back and watch the bachelors have all the fun, so they came up with the Mrs. Texas A8:M contest. These Aggie wives are just as beautiful, it not more so, as the Aggies sweethearts. So there is quite a bit of competition for the Mrs. Texas A8:M selection. With all these beauties around, who needs coeducation? MRS. BILLIE SUE WILLIAMS Mrs. Texas A8xM of 1963 The Aggie Wives sponsored a dance along with the Mrs. Texas A8tM Contest. .1, A a , '1 . -d4.' Above: Miss Sharron Ann Sibley was the lucky girl to be chosen as this year's Sophomore Sweetheart. Right: Beautiful Pam Primdahl is still in a daze after it was an- nounced that she was the Band Sweetheart for '63. The Student Conference on Na- tional Affairs is an activity that many universities envy. A great deal of work, preparation, and money goes into SCONA to make it a success. This year marked the eighth consecutive year for SCONA at A8JVI. The SCONA pro- gram includes speeches from leaders in politics and govern- ment and interesting roundtable discussions. Students from col- leges and universities from all ov- er the nation attend SCONA. It is of such interest and enthusi- asm as this that shows how se- rious the young people of today are about their future. Above: No, I don't think there will be any trouble at basketball games this year, after all, us Texas U. people are mature college students and not gladi- ators. Above: Delegates from other schools register for Left: Noe Marmoleio talks with a pretty SCONA del. ;, t ? Above and left: The Century Committee Convocation was held at A8tM after the Committee's extensive research into Texas AStM's future and progress. PM SSURIZIU 591C: 5W utmm nsmaunurs One of the most interesting displays this year in the MSC was that of the Space Fiesta. The display included the Agena "A", equipment used by astronauts and many working models that described space flight. Above: The Regals play some of that twangy guie tar stuff in the Aggie Tal- ent Show. Left: Folk music was pop- ular with many of the en- trants in ATS this year. We wonder if the local folk and folklore of the "greater Brazos Valley" in- fluenced this. M Our friend, Easely, somehow got back into the act to make his popular comments on the ruling hierarchy. , a .7 . e. A ewlmmmw Above: The Gaylords, nightclub entertainers from Houston, were the emcees for the 12th annual ITS Right: The Delta's, a banio band from TU, pick out a little Blue- grass music for the A95. Below: The Nomads, a real folksy group from OSU, provided the A95 with some more of the latest craze in music. mTaEwt 9w Texas A8tM's Intercollegiate Talent Show was the kick-off for an action- packed weekend loaded with a variety of activities. The Twelfth annual ITS at Aggieland included acts from various Southern colleges. A great comedy team, the Gaylords, were riotous emcees for the show and they kept it going with their hilarious jokes. One of their favorite jokes was the one about the Gladiators. Some of the acts for the show included comedy skits, folk music, jazz, and a few sultry songs. The Kilgore Ranger- ettes provided entertainment for all and dates for some of the lonely Aggies. As most will agree, there is no better way to start a Spring Military Weekend than going to the ITS, especially with a date. Above: A comedy team from LSU called the Widgetts gave a satirical performance of the military which reminded of Satur- day drills. Right: Pat Eakins from Texas Tech theme of Zorrot did a Red Riding Hood skit. Below: Miss Lynn Dorochoff from Sophie Newcomb wowed the A95 with her modern jazz dance. Above: Miss Judi Hardy from OSU was a most beautiful and talented singer. Left: The Kilgore Rangerettes opened and closed the show with their high stepping kick. Top: The Gaylords kick it up with song and comedy. Middle: More of the Rangerettes and their famous kick. Bottom: The Wayfarers, our own group, played more folk songs. 43 , wmymzzraw CampusCowesAwaDwdmg A' After the ITS on Friday night, all the Army Cadets head for the Combat Ball. The Aggies wear fatigue uniforms and their dates wear costumes particular to the theme of the dance. This year's theme was Viet Nam, which attracted many "Oriental" beauties. A combat Cutie rep- resenting one of the Battle Groups is se- lected at the dance. On Saturday afternoon the Military Day Review is held. That night, Sbisa Hall is full again, this time with the Military Ball. It is a formal dance for the whole Corps. Of course, these were not the only ac- tivities on the campus that weekend. The Aggie Skydivers Club had some spectac- ular parachute demonstrations on the CE. Field. And as usual when Aggies and their dates get together, there were many parties. xxx xxw Vxxx - xxx Above: Miss Suzanne Sorenson was chosen as this year's Combat Cutie. hhe girl we w0uld like most to go into combat witht. Above left: These fierce Freshmen lfierce be- cause they have no datesi guard everyone at the dance. Above and left: Ev- eryone twists the night away at the Combat Ball. Right: Sandra Powell, a Combat Cutie fi- nalist fromeam Hous- ton, displays her most interesting 5 U z i e Wong type costume. Above: The usual reception line at the dance, complete with toothpaste smiles. Left: Miss Lynn Parks, our beautiful Aggie Sweetheart, is presented with a bouquet of roses at the Military Ball. Below: Senior Boots didn't keep Joel Ferrel from doing the twist. Being a non- reg this year didn't keep him from going to the dance either. Above: There is always a sweet young thing waiting for the Aggies after a re- view tat least that's what they told Us when we entered as freshment. Left: As we heard one little co-ed exclaim, "Oh, isnlt that a shame. That poor boy is blindll' Right: General Wright inspected the Ross Volunteers when he arrived. PASS IN REVIEW. That command used to bring forth a multitude of yells or whoo-wahs from the Aggie Seniors in ranks. But, alas, it is no more. For the sake of being military, it has been done away with. How- ever, the magnificence of the Re- views has not changed a bit. As one visiting General said, "Nothing stirs your heart or patriotism more than the sight of marching men." Above: The Aggie Sky Divers gave a demonstration iump on Spring Military Day after the Review. Right: It's fun as long as you don't end up in 3 birds nest. Left: Two hearty cadets advance the banners of the New Frontier on a fifty mile hike. Above: You know, I think the Peace Corps might be the easiest way out. ?mwm Each year on April 21, Aggies all over the world gather for the Aggie Muster. It is one of the most honored and sacred traditions at A8tM. At the Muster, Aggies who have passed away during the year are honored. The Muster began in 7903 when the 300-man Cadet Corps mustered April 27 to pay tribute to fallen classmates and to the gallant Texans who won independence for the state at San Jacinto in 7836. Since then, Aggies have re- ligiously mustered on San Jacinto Day in every corner of the world and under every circumstance-even in'the middle of battle. The Silver Taps honoring the fallen Aggies. i U P m a C n o d e r a e P P a Y e In t n e In w .n In .m. The Smothers Brothers made a b Ball. ictures of the Naval Academy. It's 0 y the R.V No, that's not p Right The H Ion "The Male Animal , and Bob Stark ie Players product A scene from the A99 Below Selma Clack lggS, Bob H' ight actors are from left to r . ??xgxfiyz ; . 3? t x V , xtxMzWMM. . 97x? 6K AV? , X xxxxxxxx xxx x 3sz 01C t mex x L kk. 3 V .. xi. ,4. , . , , , . x 7 , zy t$K x MMWWWWWMVxA MM; 2H, t, ,;.f,, t 3.t z t t 59g? ;, zszMxMV ,7th A x hfZ? 7t 2??? z 522??vath ,y . ,. 7. V . thx? 54? Z szx ".0! W? ?????t V??? 6sz Parents and sweethearts look on during the Flower Pinning Ceremony. W's Dag Mother's Day is always a day of great activity on the A8:M Campus. It is the official Parents Day and Open House for the school. The day begins with the Flower Pinning Ceremony for the Corps. The mother of the C0. of each outfit pins a flower on the members of her son's unit. Immediately following the ceremony the Mother's Day Review takes place on the Main , Drill Field. At this time all the awards for the year are presented. The 4. t General Moore Award is presented to the best overall outfit, the Scholastics t ' Award is presented to the outfit with the highest grades and many more awards are presented to various outstanding cadets. Mrs. Lena Partridge, the Aggie Mother of fhe Year, stands next to Pres- ident Rudder at the Mother's Day Review. Above and left: President Rudder presents the Gen. George F. Moore award to Squadron 8 which was the outfit with the highest military rating. Members of Squadron 8 put on their white drill chords which they are privileged to wear after winning the Gen. Moore Award. Above: Jackie Semmelrogge finally gets to turn her husband Billls ring around. Right: There ought to be a rule: no loving on the dance floor and no dancing on the loving floor. 9! a: mug Dame The big event for Seniors besides graduation is the Senior Ring Dance. During the dance almost everyone goes through the Ring Ceremony. The Senior and his date step beneath the large mock- Up of the Aggie Ring and the girl turns the Ag- gie's ring around. Also during the dance the Vanity Fair Finalists are presented. The six Vanity Fair winners are an- nounced from the twelve finalists and presented With a bouquet of red roses. Above and left: Bob Acklen presents the red roses ?o the Vanity Fair winners. Below: John Prickette seems to be enjoying himself. A couple of cute squat-lows. x ? , Aleww It's Hm Above: The Outgoing Sen- iors are formed in a line in front of the reviewing stand as the Corps passes by. Right: The kids capitalize on the caps thrown away by happy Fish who have iusf Turned Sophomore. -h... aha ;..-...mm-Mw,h.m.hu-h wagmunm-...w .. Final Review, a day everyone looks forward to. Final t Review is the most outstanding one of the year. First the Corps passes by as usual. Then there is a break when the ' Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen rush to put on the 1 uniforms they will wear the coming year. Many outfits usually sing Auld Lang Syne to their graduating Seniors . at this time. The Corps reforms with the old Seniors in a i line in front of the Corps. The Spirit of Aggieland is sung i and the Seniors march across the drill field to become the reviewing stand. The Corps passes by for the second time and the old Seniors step out to take the salute from their outfit as it passes them for the last time. The Class of '63 has then ceased to be a part of the Aggie Corps of Cadets. Above: Final Review is a happy yet sad occasion for the Seniors who can't but help shed a few tears as their outfits pass by for the last time. Left: For others Final Review is a ioyous occasion since they have iust stepped up another class. One notable event, was the Name-Change Bill. The issue had been debated tor a good while. Everyone that had any say-so in the matter agreed that the name of A8iM College of Texas should be changed. The problem came when they went to pick a new name. After much caucusing and brain-storming, the name Texas A8iM University evolved. The next big controversial issue could be a notable event or an outright catastrophe depending on which side of the fence you are on. Of course, this issue could be none other than co- education at A8TM. As usual when our rival friends, the Teasips, heard about the co-ed bit, a new crop of Aggie iokes originated. But the Aggies are wondering iust one thing. Now that women can enter A8iM, when-are men going to be able to enter T.U.? Surely one of the worst catastrophes of the year was the destruction of the President's Home by fire. The grand old building was almost destroyed along with many of the Rudders' personal belongings. Students eating in nearby Sbisa Mess Hall came pouring out in full force to tight the tire. The students heroically saved much of the president's possessions. Above: Can't you just see this next year? "Yes, mom, I'm registered now." Left: With co-eds like these Sully could wear out his arm trying to salute them. wwom w waxx mmx x mm Leff: The oldest building on the campus, the Presi- dent's Home, burns and the students hurry to get the furniture on The ground floor out of the house. Below: Students lend a hand trying To save the old structure. WNW FAIR . always far away, yet near at heart. pg E TheanVirestyFaoirr b 1 E aneidth E Section edited by BOB ACKLEN Perhaps The greaTesT honor ThaT can be besTowed Upon a srudenT of The Texas Woman's University, our sisTer school, is To be named Aggie Sweetheart This year The honor wenT To Lynn Parks who was chosen from The finalisTs by a group of campus leaders. ThroughouT The year, she has graced almosT every social event on The campus wiTh her presence. The Aggies are cerTainly proud To have Miss Parks as The Aggie SweeThearT of 1963. xvx X $3; ,7 22223 .1;,,2?4: .,,,.;,.,,. , Miss Lynn Parks shows surprise and happiness when named Aggie Sweetheart. Escorted by Sheldon Best, Lynn walks through a saber arch as The Sweetheart of Aggieland for the firsf time. VANITY END 1963 A month before the Senior Ring Dance, seniors rush to the Student Publications Office to enter their girls in the Vanity Fair contest. After the entries close, the twelve most beautiful girls are selected fairly by an unbiased committee of staff members and professional photographers. These twelve girls, the fairest of the fair, are then the Vanity Fair Finalists. On the Friday before the Ring Dance, the Vanity Fair Final- ists are in the spotlight at the PresstClub Banquet. All persons attending the banquet vote by secret ballot for the six most beautiful who will be the Vanity Fair Beauties. Besides attending the usual social functions, the twelve girls must pose for pictures for the AGGIELAND on Saturday after- noon. The main event for the girls occurs during the Ring Dance. It is traditional that the Vanity Fair winners are an- nounced at the dance. As the six winners' names are told the Aggie Sweetheart presents them with a bouquet of red roses. The six most beautiful girls are then the Vanity Fair Beauties of the Class of '63. ?Xlgzgiiy? 54ng LINDA QALM escmteob bg HERBERT x. 9; m m w W x $5 z ;$ max ;'M; 70 MISS BETTE HOOVER escorted by HORACE SPILLER M" MISS PATRICIA SAENZ escorTed by RAY MEADE MISS JUDIE THURBER escorted by CLIFFORD ROBERTS ix: XXxxxxk XxxtxXxXEx $MMWVQX. XXQ x XXL ,xx xstx XXX Xxx? XNXWWXK axxmxxxx X MISS SANDY HUGHES D Y O B N E B V1 b d e T r O C s e MISS PUDDIN HERMANN escorted by BILL NIX WWW WNNEQE-UP M A H G W K C U B N N Y L S 5 M Y A R S E M A J V; b IO 8 T r O C s e MISS ELSIE SWENDSEN MISS SANDRA HULSEY MISS JINGER LEWIS W W MISS SHARRON ANN SIBLEY JUNHQQJ MISS LINDA CONNELL Mg ?QLQQE MISS CAROLYN FISH MISS PAM PRIMDAHL MISS SUZANNE SORENSON MRS. BILLIE SUE WILLIAMS wmwmwtmynamlzmhywmm. W' av;...w:n a 1.: uze-Lugs A A A 4vmaric mags; MILHZXPX . . . foundatian 0f the largest Cadet Corps in the warld Bob Miears and date watch the Corps pass by in Big "D." Section edited by CHRIS SCHAEFER OFFICERS Col. Frank S. Vaden Jr. Capt. Billy C. Presnal Col. Frank L. Elder Capt. Calvin Reese Col. James F. Starkey Capt. Charles Hornstein Lt. Col. E.V. Adams Capt. Charles R. Cargill Lt. Col. Edward L. Scott Capt. John R. Vilas Lt. Col. Thomas A. Hotchkiss Capt. Davis M. Denny Lt. Col. Homer A. Stuverud Capt. William T. Jessee Lt. Col. Albert E. Vernon Capt. John L. Lorms Lt. Col. Roger W. Garrison Capt. Wiley W. Bell Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Gruber Capt. Horace H. Carmichael H.Col. Benjamin F. Smith Capt. William D. Old Lt. Col. Charles B. Wells Capt. Roman J. Peisinger Mai. William T. Gordon Capt. Donald T. Anderson Mai. Horace M. Sanders Capt. Bobby G. Dudley Mai. David E. Bolte Capt. Baxter T. Duncan Mai. David Chandler Capt. Lester R. Hewitt Mai. Frank Hertzog Capt. John F. Martin Mai. Tom 0. Matchin Capt. Donald N. Williamson Mai. Flavious F. Drake Capt. Ludwell K. Walker Mai. Kenneth Wolf Lt. Jimmy R. Archer Mai. Philip B. Hopkins Jr. Lt. Kenneth Moore Capt. Robert E. Goode COL. JOE E. DAVIS Commandant of Cadets NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ng-Mai. Frank K. Nicolas M ng. Milam E. Sullivan MBgt. Charles A. Pantalion MBgt. Cowan E. Gentry MNgt. Coy E. McCollum MNgt. Thomas R. Tewell M ng. Kenneth H. Truitt M ng. Tilman l. Hensley MNgt. Loren E. Love SFC. Ivan E. Grant SFC. Harvey H. Dayton SFC. James R. Brown SFC. Deveral W. Butler SFC. Harold W. Furguson SFC. Deward A. Herring SFC. Elmer V. Hetzel Ung. Kenneth W. Anderson U Sgt. Jerry A. Ingram Ung. Alvin T. Gordon SBgt. Archie A.J. Stafford SBgf. Kenneth W. Melson SBgt. William J. Grant Sngt. David L. Russell Vng. Robert J. Ryan Sgt. John D. VanWagoner AIC. Billy G. McNair AIC. James C. Whittman OFFICE STAFF Left to Right: Juanita "Butch" Baker, Carol Walker, Virginia Maldon 80 FIRST ROW: Lt. Col. Scott, Lt. Col. Stuverud, Col Vaden, Col. Elder, Col. Davis, Col. Starkey, LT. Col. Gruber, Lt. Col. Wells, Lt. Col. Smith. SECOND ROW: Lt. Col. Hotchkiss, Mai. Chandler, Mai. Bolte, Lt. Col. Vernon, Maj. Sanders, Mai. Hertzog, Maj. Drake, Capt. Martin, Lt. Col. Garrison, Capt. Duncan. THIRD ROW: Capt. Bell, Capt. Old, Capt. Peisinger, Capt. Denny, Mai. Gordon, Capt. Lorms, Capt. Anderson, Capt. Dudley, Capf. Hewitt. FOURTH ROW: Capt. Goode, LT. Moore, Capt. Hornstein, Capt. Jessee, Capt. Vilas, Capt. Carmichael, Lt. Archer, Capt. Cargill, Capt. Reese, Capt. Presnal. FIRST ROW: SFC Herring, M ng. Gentry, Sgt-Mai. Nicolas, M ng. Love, Ung. Ingram, S Sgt. Grant. SECOND ROW: Sgt. Van- Wagoner, SFC Brown, M $gt Truitt, $ $9?. Russell, SMng. Ryan. THIRD ROW: S Sgt Stafford, SFC Grant, SNgt. Melson. FOURTH ROW: M $gt Tewell, SFC Furguson, M 5gf. Henley, A1C Whiffman, AIC McNair. FIFTH ROW: SFC Daymn, TXng. Gordon, TXng. Anderson. 71:4;LU,HJI ".3; wzmvmw m: xx": SIXTH ROW: .Smith, Payne, Roberts, Zaeske, Burk, Mann, Melton, McGrady, Smith, Sfuckey, Vaughan, Schmid, Powell, Gregory, Hubler, Nance, HoHenroth, Lueck, Thompson, Mumford, Rice, Railston, Valdez, Anderson, Dresser, Felder, Schnable. FIFTH ROW: McGown, Vela, Zatopek, Reese, Ashy, Florence, Smith, Keeling, Goodenough, Bate, Swindell, Parr, McGIothlin, Reese, Mahaley, Syler, John, R. M. Nichols, C. L. Blackard, F. K. Executive Officer Administrafive Richardson, A. R. CHARLES L. NICHOLS Officer Kapple, R. A. FRED K. BLACKARD Best, 5. J. Weaver, W. C. Nelson, T. K. Davis, J. H. Blume, J. D. Brashears, W. H. King, J. P. Bellow, E. J. Marshall, R. W. Young, M. A. Hahn, D. D. Penrod, J. L. Johnson, J. E. Maurer, C. H. King, W. E. Vela, C. Sfenger, E. M. Richardson, D. M. Lyle, C. B. Mejia, C. B. Langer, R. E. Rundell, W. K. Garrett, J. L. Mills, J. R. Weaver, L. A. George, M. S. Thornton, R. E. Operations Officer ARTHUR R. RICHARDSON - 107 WwWW, Summers, Gruner, Stanton, Simmons, Hudson, Morgan, Schaefer, Hardgrove, Gersba6h, Laughlin. FOURTH ROW: Clawson, Basham, Gabbert, Fischer, Vick- nair, Burney, Stanton, Jesek, Rogers, Holochwosf, Garrett, Setchell, Lufhich, Dickson, Sieglin, Lyons, McAdams, Porter, Meadows, Jernigan, Buchanan, McColloch, Kiolbassa, Freeman, King, Kieschnick. THIRD ROW: Rowe, Haggard, OLUNTEERQ ROSTE R Mills, C. A. Anderson, D. C. Ashy, T. M. Basham, L. M. Bafe, H. E. Buchanan, J. P. Burk, R. C. Burney, J. P. Cates, R. L. Clawson, B. G. Crutsinger, L. L. Dickson, J. R. Donaldson, G. R. Dresser, P. A. Felder, J. W. Fischer, A. C. Florence, H. D. Forehand, G. H. Freeman, A. M. Gabberf, J. H. Galvin, D. L. Garrett, L. N. Gersbach, K. A. Glover, J. E. Goodenough, R. D. Gregory, C. H. Gruner, K. A. Haggard, H. L. Hardgrove, J. T. Hays, w. M. Holochwost, G. G. Hotfenroth, J. R. Hubler, G. L. Hudson, E. K. Reese, C. H. Jesek, R. D. Reese, G. E. Jernigan, H. G. Rice, R. R. Keeling, M. E. Roberts, H. E. Keeling, R. L. Rogers, G. G. Kieschnick, G. B. Rowe, J. H. King, C. W. Schaefer, C. C. Kiolbassa, F. R. Schmid, H. W. Laughlin, G. H. Schnabel, J. E. Lueck, R. L. Sefchell, J. F. Lufich, M. L. Siegelin, G. W. Lyons, D. F. Simmons, A. M. McAdams, T. A. Smith, E. V. McCulloch, B. E. Smith, M. D. McGlofhlin, L. Y. Smith, R. D. McGown, M. D. Stanton, W. K McGrady, M. S. Stanton, W. L. Mahaley, D. R. Sfover, R. J. H Mann, J. E. Stuckey, J. W. Marlow, M. M. Summers, F. D. Meadows, T. H. Swindell, G. R. Melton, J. D. Syler, G. W. Monier, W. K. Thomas, R. W. Morgan, J. M. Thompson, V. H. Munford, A. G. Valdez, A. L. Nance, J. P. Vaughan, R. W. Noake, J. A. Veazey, D. R. Parr, W. R. Vela, G. J. Payne, D. P. Vicknair, T. J. Porter, L. G. Zaeske, L. W. Powell, C. T. Zatopek, E. J. Railsfon, R. L. "-. J '9 .1935 . km b: equ'? Marlow, Galvin, Monier, Cafes, Forehand, STover, Glover, Hays, Thomas, Donaldson. SECOND ROW: Stenger, Brashears, Blume, Bellow, King, Mills, Maurer, Marshall, Thornton, Vela, Lyle, Langer, Rundell, Mejia. FIRST ROW: Weaver, Kappel, Nichols, John, Nelson, BesT, Richardson. Organized in 1887, The Ross Volunteers is The oldesT sTudenT organizaTion in The STaTe of Texas. IT is composed of nineTy-six of The mosT ouTsTanding juniors in The Corps of CadeTs, and TwenTy-Three senior officers and non-commissioned officers. Originally a crack drill Team known as The ScoTT VolunTeers, named afTer iTs founder, Col. T. M. ScoTT, The R.V.'s Today are an Honor Company, whose duTies include serving as The official Honor Guard for The Governor of Texas, The Honor Guard for King Rex of The Mardi Gras, and providing guard deTails for disTinguished visiTors To The A8cM campus. In addiTion, They appear, by inviTaTion, in various parades and celebrations across The SouThwesT. The name Ross VolunTeers has honored former presidenT Lawrence Sullivan Ross, considered The faTher of A8xM College, since 1902. Commanding Officer ROGER McKINLEY JOHN , M14617! fwj'l lf'lfr 4N," W RAY A. KAPPEL SHELDON J. BEST WINDOL C. WEAVER First Platoon Second PlaToon Third PlaToon s The official Honor Guard for King Rex, The Ross VolunTeers lead The Leader Leader Leader nnual Rex Parade af The New Orleans Mardi Gras. l FOURTH ROW: Nagid, Lloyd, Williams, Redding, Radican, NorTon, Waiker, Moseman, Harcrow, Watson, Simmons, PeTTy, Nowlin. THIRD ROW: Sluis, Day, Rupersburger, MaTThews, Cox, Gay, Powell, Medina, Darmon, Melsor, Lopez, ATkins, Whaley, Kowaiewski. SECOND ROW: Cano, Gordon, McKenTy, Martin, Smith, Weldon, ThorTon, Conard, Lake. FIRST ROW: Cano, K0ch, Smith, Pierce. FiQ-i DRILL The Fish Drill Team, organized in 1947, is The official college drill Team. The sharpness and precision of Their inTricaTe move- menTs has won widespread acclaim, noT only in Texas, buT Through- ouT The counTry. The Team undergoes a rigorous drill program under iTs elecTed commander, wiTh The supervision of former mem- bers and HS sponsor, CapT. Calvin Reese. IT has represenTed The college and The freshman class This year in compeTiTions and ex- hibiTions from Laredo To Louisiana. ln appreciaTion of iTs Tine rec- ord, The JFreshman class awarded The drill Team members wiTh maroon and whiTe ciTaTion cords, in addiTion To The annually pre- senTed ribbons and keys. This is The firsT Time in The hisTory of The drill Team for This award. ROSTER ATkins, W. R. Cano, J. U. Darmon, R. B. Day, D. L. Gay, J. Gordon, P. T. Lake, 8. T. Lloyd, H. R. Lopez, F., Jr. McKenTy, S. C. Martin, L. R. MaTThews, W. T. Melcer, M. R. Moseman, B. Nagid, P. Norton, J. F. Pearce, ET ThornTon, A. W. Whaley, D. L. Conard, M. T. KENNETH KOCH Radican, W. W. Commander Cano, N., Jr. Cordero, V. N. Cox, G. M. Harcrow, R. J. Kowalewski, L. W. Medina, R. Nowlin, J. R. Petty, D. D. Powell, R. Reding, P. W. Ruppersberger, J. Simmons, T., Jr. Sluis, J. K. SmiTh, D. B. Smifh, J. A. Smith, P. A. Walker, J. C. Watson, F. D. Weldon, W. C. Wiiliams, C. D. COMPETITIVE RECORD, 1962-63 Laredo .................................... Third Place BaTon Rouge Basic Drill .......................... FirsT Place Precision ............................ FirsT Place Overall .............................. FirsT Place San AnTonio ............................ FirsT Place lnspecTion is an integral part of drill Team grading. COURT "A" SEATED: Nichols, Donnell, Blashke. STANDING: Lyle, HackeTT, Holley, Oliphant, Horn, Krebs, Torrens, Rundell, Weaver, Garrett. "FOR THE DISCIPLINING OF STUDENTS BY STUDENTS" The CadeT CourT is composed of eleven cadeT officers selecTed by The commandanT on recommendaTion of The Corps Commander. There are Two members on each courT from each Brigade and Wing, and one member selecTed aT large. The CourT hears cases of se- rious naTure concerning sTudenTs in The Corps, deTermines Their guilT or innocence, and rec- ommends appropriaTe punishmenT To The CommandanT, who fixes final punishmenT in ac- cordance wiTh The ArTicIes of The CadeT Corps, based on The meriTs of The individual case. COURT "Bu SEATED: Nichols, Jones, Barnhart STANDING: BasseTT, Syptak, Nelson, Terrill, Stokes, Wedemeyer, Johnson, Garrett. NOT PICTURED: Blume, Carter. FORMER MEMBER: Kapple. ORGMIZATICN OF 'THE CORPS 0F CIADETS For the School Year 1962-63 2nd : wmc. Pa V 2nd GP 3rd GP 4th GP 4 v I l 5 6 7 I i l f i 9 10 n b m! .. 14-3 m MAR IT mt: I I 4 12 16 Noted the world over for its Cadet Corps, Texas AhM is the nation's largest military school and largest single source of Trained officers for The armed forces. The Corps provides training in basic leadership, honesty, intelligence and common sense. Its graduates are characterized by a deeply ingrained sense of responsibility, high sfandards of performance and a strong feeling of loyalty. In addition, The lighfer day to day incidents of corps life provide The students with The human background so necessary to proper intellectual development, and The Corps' fraternal as well as military nature provides its individual members The opportunity to foster strong and lasting personal friendships. RICHARDSON Deputy Corps Commander ARTHUR R M SGT. PAUL A. DRESSER Corps Sergeant Major COL. m m. w v v w . Q . NIX JR. ,I.,...i.,.,ii,ir5r,. 59f??? Corps Commander COLJCORPS WILLIAM D. LT. COL. HARRY A. PAYNE Public Information Officer MBGT. LAWRENCE N. GARRETT JR. Intelligence Sgt. LT. COL. JOHN P. KREBS Scholastic Officer WILLIAM BARNHART Commander Consolidated Band wsoT. JAMES E. SCHNABEL Supply Sgt. CHARLES H. MAURER Supply Officer MAJ. RONALD P. MOON Head Drum Major MNGT. HARLEN H. ROBERTS Operations Sgt. LT. COL. CHARLES L. BLASCHKE Adiutanf CHARLES LEE NICHOLS Intelligence Officer LT. COL. GARY L. BALSER Operations Officer FRED K. BLACKARD Chaplain LT. COL WILLIAM H. BRASHEARS Liaison Officer JAY D. BLUME Day Student Liaison Officer M SGT. DAVID C. ANDERSON Athletic Sgt. MNGT. JAMES M. MORGAN Band Sgt. Major and Liaison Sgt. FIFTH ROW, Left To Right: Hilburn, Dial, Johnson, R. D., Nich- olas, R. W., Collins, Shearer, Gillis, Talbotf, Becka, Brown, Patton, Hansen, Beyer, Leach, Miller, D. C., Schlufer, Hyde, Gipe, Johnson, J. E., Starke, Henderson, Winn, Kelley, Kretzschmar, Heafley, Blackwell. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Cleveland, Gill, Stafford, Messer, Wier, Barr, Graham, Lorenz, Moore, Burnett, Bloodwor'rh, Graf, Pelt, Beck, Cervenka, Esfes, May, R. L., Full- The band at annual June 21, Musfer wood, Thompson, Fernald, Creider, Ray, Palmer, Brady, Fowler, Fails. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Aulf, McClung, Windsor, Box, Killingsworfh, Lange, Buckellew, Hendrix, Tijerina, Crawford, West, Harris, Laws. SECOND ROW, Left To Right: Terry, Mad- eley, G. R., Freeman, Crutchfield, Madeley, P. C., Reese, Rich- ardson, Richards, Smith, G. W., Noster, Upchurch, Grimsinger, nxvxxwm McLaughlin, Ballard, Reinke, Ridley, Prafher, Sheiness, Honey- cutt, King, Halpain. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Aringdale, Parker, Honenroth, May, A. L, Holley, Hart, Sorensen, McNees, Elen- burg, White, Mills, Guerra, Smith, P. M., Williams, Grimes Pollard, Menchaca, Rabel, Percifield, Bess, Nicholas, D. H. Miller, C. N., Crow, Frank, Kendrick, Smith, R. C., Cockrell. LIEUTENANTS Bess, R. C. Crow, S. D. Dillon, R. M. Frank, J. .H. Hart, M. S. Kendrick, T. J. McNees, R. G. Mills, R. L; Percifield, J. M. Pollard, J. N. Rogers, J. F. Smith, R. C. Sorensen, A. H. White, J. D. Wilkes, D. E. Williams, M. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Miller, C. N. Nicholas, D. H. Rabel, W. H. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Crutchfield, J. C. Freeman, C. H. MAROON BAN D ROSTER Halpain, R. T. Honeycu'rf, W. H. King, J. B. Madeley, G. R. Madeley, P. C. McLaughlin, L. A. Nosfer, W. M. Prafher, W. H. Richardson, D. M. Ridley, R. L. Terry, W. L. Upchurch, J. P. Weiss, C. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Grimsinger, C. E. Reinke, S. T. Richards, R. R. Sheiness, H. L. CORPORALS Barr, D. B. Becka, J. C. Buckellew, W. R. Gipe, G. W. Hyde, H. W. Johnson, R. D. Kelley, J. H. Killingsworth, A. E. Kretzschmar, G. E. Messer, C. R. Nicholas, R. W. Tiierina, A. A. Wier, M. l. SOPHOMORES Blackwell, T. M. Fernald, W. F. Hilburn, B. M. Lange, A. K. Miller, D. C. Patton, J. L. FRESHMEN Beck, F. E. Beyer, M. L. Bloodworth, M. B. Box, R. R. Brown, T. I. Burnett, J. T. Cervenka, B. G. Cleveland, W. C. Collins, W. C. Crawford, J. N. Creider, E. G. Dial, B. E. Estes, l. G. Fowler, J. G. Funood, C. E. Gill, E. C. Gillis, T. O. Graf, K. E. Graham, D. E. Heatly, M. D. Henderson, H. C. Hendrix, C. D. May, R. L. McClung, J. E. Moore, M. G. Palmer, D. W. Pelt, P. E. Ray, R. G. Drum Maior CESAR R. GUERRA Commanding Officer FRANK W. GRIMES Executive Officer ARNOLD H. MENCHACA First Sergeant JAMES R. HOTTENROTH TEXAS RGGIE Stafford, T. O. M. Talbot'r, J; R. West, 0. l. Windsor, C. O. Winn, R. D. Commanding Officer PAUL E. BERGSTROM Drum Maior CONWAY R. SHAW lll FIFTH ROW: GriffiTh, AshworTh, Rasmussen, McFarland, Wood- ward, Bargmann, Marion, Neeley, Ofcarcik, Alderman, Jacks, Sowden, German, McMurray, Miears, Davidson, Lockhead, GusTine, WrighT, Miller, Armstrong, FenTon, Douglass, Kennemer, Cope, Noxon, Barrows. FOURTH ROW: Brush, Hufhines, Ayton, deVilleneuve, Smedburg, Widmer, Adams, Slaugh- ExecuTive Officer CLARENCE H. POTTER JR. First Sergeant GEORGE E. REESE TEXAS AGG i E BAN D When The famed Aggie Band, 250 pieces sTrong, breaks mm The Aggie War Hymn, a slighT Tingle runs Up and down The spines of everyone lisTening. Known as The "Pulse of The SpiriT of Aggieland," The Aggie Band is famous ThroughouT The naTion for iTs mil- iTary digniTy and audience appeal. The band has noT always enjoyed such populariTy. The original band had TalenT and spiriT, buT very IiTTIe money Aggie Band before The T.UT game. 92 To organize. IT was composed of only ThirTeen members using bor- rowed insTrumenTs. The TirsT drum maior, California Morse, was more proficienT aT fighTing Than aT mu- sic. Because of This "abiliTy" au- dible criTicism of The band was kepT aT a minimum. Today, led by Three drum ma- jors and Twelve seniors flourish- ing silver bugles, The Aggie Band is an inTegraI parT of many cam- pus acTiviTies. Off campus, The LIEUTENANTS Bradley, H. K. Brehm, A. E. Byrom, J, E. Enney, T. J. Lamprechf, W. O. Webb, M. S. Willis, D. E. SENIORS ON STAFF Barnhart, W. T. Boedecker, T. J. Campbell, B. D. Cherry, W. P. Karrer, D. L. Landers, J. B. Moon, R. P. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Albert, W. E. Barker, D. E. Burgoon, R. L. Clay, H. L. CorTes, E. WH ITE BAND ROSTER Graham, C. R. Jones, D. S. McMurray, D. W. McVey, S. A. Miller, S. R. PoTTer, D. J. WeaTherby, J. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Creech, D. L. Galvin, D. L. Morgan, J. M. JUNIORS Cronenberger, P. C. Dendy, C. S. Kuenemann, C. L. CORPORALS Alexander, R. M. Armstrong, R. W. Blankenship, J. W. deVilIeneuve, A. R. German, D. L. McMurray, R. D. Phillips, L. A. Reicherzer, G. W. Seeley, T. R. SIaughTer, D. C. Wright, T. W. SOPHOMORES Adams, D. E. Bargmann, W. G. Barrows, G. A. Cook, H. E. Douglass, M. E. Gibson, R. L. Jageler, C. D. Marion, D. P. MaThias, D. R. McFarland, K. H. Miears, L. T. Sasse, F. W. Smith, J. D. SToffregen, G. E. Woodward, W. W. FRESHMEN Adams, J. A. Alderman, D. R. AshworTh, M. D. Belinsky, P. B. Bell, J. A. Black, H. J. Blaylock, J. A. Bowden, G. M. Braunig, H. J. BroTze, G. H. Brush, H. C. Bulgawicz, A. H. Cope, H. D. CriTes, W. J. Ellis, R. C. Grafton, M. B. Graham, J. W. Griffith, S. K. Gustine, J. E. Hanna, W. W. Hensley, J. L. Hufhines, B. R. Jacks, W. V. Kennemer, L. C. Lamm, M. E. MacNUTT, J. G. McGinnis, C. T. Miller, W. L. Morris, D. R. Musser, T. W. Neeley, J. E. New, B. L. Noxon, J. E. Rasmussen, R. A. Smedburg, B. A. Spadafora, E. V. STearns, C. R. Thompson, J. R. Thurman, J. E. Wallin, S. P. Widmer, D. A. Worsham, L. M. Ter, New, Black, Marquez, SToffregen, BroTze, STearns, Grafton, Thurman, MacNuTT, Hensley, Bowden. SECOND ROW: Bulgawicz, Worsham, Van Ermin, Wallin, Camp, Ellis, Morris, Seeley, Reese, Miller, Galvin, Weatherby, McMurray, PoTTer, Jageler, Cook, Harris, Spadafora, Hanna, BadgeTT, MaThias. Morgan, Jones, Creech, Dendy, Burgoon, Albert, Kuenemann, THIRD ROW: Torres, Carr, Thompson, Coburn, Graham, McGinnis, Barker, Graham, McVey, Cronenberger, Clay. FIRST ROW: Blankenship, Braunig, Blaylock, Phillips, Bell, Lamm, Musser, Byrom, Webb, Boedecker, Smith, Shaw, Lamprech'r, BergsTrom, Reicherzer, SmiTh, Belinsky, Sasse, Alexander, Adams, J. H., Lenders, PoTTer, Willis, Cherry, Moon, Enney, Karrer. band receives numerous com- plimenTs and sTanding ovations ThroughouT The counTry. In 1955 The band accompanied The TooT- ball Team To Los Angeles for The UCLA game. The Aggies were ouTscored on The field; however, The band won The acclaim of The newsmen who asserTed ET was beTTer Than anyThing They had heard and seen aT games wiTh The Big Ten Conference. One wriTer described The band as reminisc- enT of The "powerful Roman le- gions and Their leaders vicTorious- ly parading mm The coliseum." One of The mosT remarkable TacTs abouT The band is ThaT H ex- isTs in The absence of a school of music. FurThermore, The band does noT have a recruiTing pro- gram. The band is an enTirer volunTary organizaTion and mem- bers receive no scholarships or financial assisTance. In spiTe of This, iT mainTains The disTincTion of being The world's largesT miliTary marching band. Aggie Band before MAJ. DAVID L. KARRER Executive Officer LT. COL. WILLIAM BARNHART Commanding Officer MNGT. JAMES M. MORGAN Sergeant Maior Band Liaison COMBINED BAND QTAFF MAJ. WILLIAM PAUL CHERRY Day Student Liaison Officer MAJ. JOHN BROOKS LANDERS Operations Officer MAJ. BEDFORD F. COCKRELL Scholastic Officer MAJ. THOMAS JAY BOEDECKER Adjutant MNGT. CHARLES H. REESE Operations Sgt. M SGT. STANLEY H. BALLARD JR. Supply Sgt. M $GT. DANIEL L. GALVIN Scholastic Sgt. MAJ. BEN D. CAMPBELL MAJ. RONALD P. MOON Head Drum Maior MAJ. PAUL M. SMITH Chaplain Supply Officer CREECH Sgt. M SGT. DAVID LEE Drum and Bugle Corps LT.COL.JOE C.MERRITT COL. ROGER M. JOHN Executive Officer Commanding Officer MAJ. STERLING P. MAJ. ROBERT A. HALL BASSETT Operations Officer Adjutant MAJ. JOHN T. LT. COL. HULEY J. TIBBELS HORN Intelligence Officer Scholastic Officer M SGT. RICHARD H. M SGT. ABELARDO L. M SGT. TOMMY J. M SGT. RICHARD H. MAJ. JACKIE LEE MAJ. ALFRED W. METZ VALDEZ VICKNAIR SURLES BENSON HUGHLETT Sergeant Major Scholastic Sgt. Operations Sgt. Supply Officer Chaplain LT. COL. JAMES B. SCOTT MAJ. JAMES PAUL KING Commanding Officer Executive Officer MAJ. DAVID G. MAJ. ROBERT R. GROVES PETTY Adjutant and Supply Intelligence Officer Officer M $GT. EDWIN J. T SGT. JOE V. T $GT. HAROLD D. T SGT. MICHAEL M. MAJ. JAMES B. MAJ. CARL LEE BOWERS CHAPMAN FLORENCE MARLOW BRIGGS ADAMS Sergeant Maior Scholastic Sgt. Operations Sgt. Supply Sgt. Scholastic Officer Operations Officer MAJ. PRESTON v. PHILLIPS LT. COL. CHARLES E. W'EDEMEYER Executive Officer Commanding Officer momma " if MTTLE GROUP MNGT. MICHAEL D. USGT. GEORGE R. USGT. GERALD W. USGT. WILLIAM K. MAJ. GERALD M. McGOWEN EEDS SYLER MONIER Sergeant Major Operations Sgt. Scholastic Sgt. MAJ. LARRY E. BROWN COLLIER Supply Sgt. Adiufanf Scholastic Officer LIEUTENANTS Anz, R. B. Brainerd, J. F. Fonville, J. G. Hall, J. W. Hibbs, J. Janerf, H. C. King, C. R. McDaniel, L. P. Merka, W. C. Parrish, J. A. Schuenemann, C. R. Smith, G. C. Wolpman, K. SENIORS ON STAFF Blackard, F. K. King, J. P. Scott, J. B. SENIOIis Flaherty, D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Cline, J. C. Durrenberger, C. J. Harwell, R. M. Jernigan, H. G. Mullican, M. C. Smith, P. A. Supercinski, F. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Chlapek, C. J. Duke, W. M. Morgan, J. E. Morton, C. R. Rice, P. C. Williams, W. C. JUNIORS ON STAFF Chapman, J. V. Vicknair, T. J. JUNIORS Fakfor, M. M. Korose, R. J. Rudder, G. D. CORPORALS Bowers, J. Bullock, R. Lanasa, P. J. Mims, C. COMPANY A-l ROSTER Pickard, L. 8. Richardson, M. L. Robbins, L. F. Sanford, M. 8. South, J. H. Tole, G. L. Watts, F. L. SOPHOMORES Coltrin, R. B. Holmes, W. FRESHMEN Alexander, T. L. Benson, W. 8. Bush, J. K. Campbell, W. M. Christensen, l. R. Clayton, G. L. Ely, J. T. FOURTH ROW, left to Right: Christensen, Lummus, McLeroy, Bullock, Robbins, Thomas, Moore, M.; Slay'ron, McDaniel, Clark, Norton, Lanasa, South, Bowen, Shields, Moses, Bowers, Camp- bell, Estes, Kendall, Little, Tole, Moore, T. R.; Jones, J. L.; Long, Jones, J. D.,- Hefley, Watson. THIRD ROW: Henderson, Watts, Hefley, M. W. Jones, J. D. Kendall, D. F. Lummus, J. L. McDaniel, l. A. Norton, J. A. Slayfon, B. F. Swanson, N. C. Tatum, J. N. Thomas, M. A. Sully Has A Rough Night Flaherty, Durrenberger. FIRST ROW: Fonville, Smith, G. L; Scott, Parrish, Janert, Wolpman, Hibbs, Anz, Schuenemann, Weaver, Merka, Brainerd, Blackard, King, J. P.; King, C. R.; McDaniel, Hall, Maceo. Richardson, Pickard, Ely, Bush, Tatum, Coltrin, Menson, Alex- ander, Holmes, Perry, Sanford. SECOND ROW: Mims, Hudson, Morgan, Duke, Korose, Chlapek, Smith, P. A.; Harwell, MuIIican, Faktor, Morton, Jernigan, Supercinski, Chapman, Williams, Rice, THE ONES WHO STAY Many may go and our ranks may thin, But the ones who stay are really men. Nameless men with forgotten faces Have left our corps for easier places; Yet we are something they'll never be, That grandest of words, A-G-G-l-E-! What can be said of the ones who stay? Are we so different in any way? Yes, we are different! head to toe. We stand tall, we've pride to show; Pride in our school, our buddies, and spirit. Why? Ask any Ag the reason; you'll hear it. The reason we're proud and the reason we're men . . . Wetll stick together, though our ranks are thin, A For the ones who left and wouldn't take it. ",5 Called A What? They weren't men and they couldn't make it. You can always tell if an Ag's in the crowd, Look for him-Helll stand tall, and proud. F'x Ah t-l A First Sergeant KENT E. HUDSON Commanding Officer LYTLE A. WEAVER JR. Executive Officer CHARLES R. SCHUENEMANN Executive Officer DANIEL FLORES JR. Commanding Officer MATT B. BADER First Sergeant DON R. MAHALEY A FIFTH ROW, From Left to Right: Phillips, Johnson, Burns, Darmon, Schott, Goodwin, Wright, Carbo, Fickessen, Thomas, Law, Brown, Jenkins, Ralph, Rule, Seawell, Vinson, Davis, Beyer, Snider, Long, Gay, Golasinski, Pappus, Ryan, Florence, Oliver. FOURTH ROW: Perrone, Stein, Templer, Dickens, Nuinez, teknx w $men Nwmu www-r Becker, Eller, Van Alstyne, Hooper, Clark, Culver, Horne, Pedigo, Larmier, Graham, Nance, Terrill, Wells, Griffith, Pike, McCarley, Reeves, Evans, Hughson, Tucker, McNally. THIRD ROW: Willman, Brown, Vine, Sabayrac. SECOND ROW: Marlow, Schaezler, McCown, Caskey, Sanderlin, Johnson, Mason, Ficht- ner, Johnson, Larson, Risinger, Soper, Vollmer, Love, Hawkins, Williams, Davis, Nelson, Bollich. FIRST ROW: Briggs, Stepper, Adams, Bader, Flores, Spiller, Wieser, Mahaley, Davis. COMPANY B-l ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Hedeman, W. Magers, J. H. Spiller, H. G. Sfapper, M. M. Webb, G. Wieser, M. B. SENIORS ON STAFF Adams, C. L. Benson, J. L. Blaschke, C. L. Briggs, J. B. TECHN ICAL SERGEANTS Caskey, K. P. Fifchner, C. M. Jackson, L. D. Johnson, M. H. Johnson, W. H. Larson, R. A. Vela, G. J. STAFF SERGEANTS Davis, J. D. McCown, J. R. Nelson, G. L. Schaezler, C. H. Vollmer, J. F. Williams, R. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Marlow, M. M. Roberts, H. E. JUNIORS Bollich, E. N. Dexter, M. A. Hawkins, R. W. Love, B. P. Mason, E. A. Pumpelly, H. E. Risinger, J. D. Sanderlin, L. R. Soper, L. J. Warren, l. E. CORPORALS Beyer, L. L. Davis, P. L. Eller, C. R. Florence, R. C. Graham, J. F. Hughson, W. N. Reeves, M. C. Schoff, R. J. Seawell, W. M. Templer, T. W. Vinson, G. E. SOPHOMORES Becker, J. D. Golasinski, M. J. Home, J. W. Larimer, T. M. Law, J. T. Nuinez, J. E. Oliver, A. B. Pedigo, S. K. Perrone, J. L. Phillips, W. M. Wright, R. L. FRESHMEN Brown, A. G. Brown, G. D. Burns, H. W. Carbo, R. L. Clark, J. J. Culver, L. S. Darmon, R. B. Davis, T. S. Dickens, W. P. Evans, M. L. Fickessen, J. R. Fisher, J. P. Gay, J. D. Goodwin, H. W. Griffith, J. S. Hooper, R. C. Jenkins, R. E. Johnson, C. S. Kornegay, R. J. Long, H. M. Lyssy, E. E. McCarley, J. B. McNally, P. S. Nance, R. R. Pappas, H. J. Pike, J. L. Ralph, P. W. Rule, D. Ryan, G. K. Sabayrac, L. Snider, A. J. Sfein, R. W. Thomas, R. F. Tucker, J. W. Van Alstyne, J. A. Vine, J. B. Wells, R. B. Willman, L. D. A Mom!!! What are you doing here? FIFTH ROW, Leff To Right: Scheer, Anderson, Wade, Vifek, John- son, Weatherby, Wilbeck, Norvell, Glass, Frazier, Boyd, Hinton, Jarvis, Zuehlke, Whitson, Smyfh, Brown, A. E.; Hellums, Kline, Arnold, Hayes, Hufchison, Jager, Casbeer, Dodson, Piper, Boring, Birdwell. FOURTH ROW: Kyle, Schultz, Sfepp, Humphries, Brown, 'w-Nw u- Vmw. :- M. B.,- Parker, Jernigan, Marrow, Meider, Miller, Lipiec, Kneisler, Clark, J. L; McDonald, Myers, Gutierrez, Jackson, Vasquez, Waggoner, Hugo, Smith, R. D.; Sfacha, Brown, J. M.; Smith, S. F.; Bolter, Hermesmeyer. THIRD ROW: Christopher, Womack, Cook, Lufrick, Aduddel, Medina, Hufcheson, Watts, Hall, Blain, We're going to go beautify the dorm area. xxxxxxw Chilton, Muston, Hunn, Theis, Barton, Munson, Wigingfon, Cathy. SECOND ROW: Averetf, Fischer, Morgan, Simpfon, Col- lard, Pye, Wiedenfeld, Bowers, Radde, Florence, Lafham, Lewis, Clark, Simoreaux. FIRST ROW: Groves, Pavlot, Pate, Griffith, Hughleff, Desohofels, Older. LIEUTENANTS Olden, J. M. Pavalaf, E. G. SENIORS ON STAFF Groves, D. G. Hughleff, A. H. SENIORS Deshofels, J. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Collard, F. G. Pye, P. G. Radde, K. A. Simpton, J. E. WiedenfeId, K. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Lafham, E. E. Lewis, R. A. LUymes, A. H. Morgan, E. K. Simoneaux, E. M. JUNIORS ON STAFF Bowers, E. J. Florence, H. D. JUNIORS Clark, R. C. COMPANY C-1 ROSTER CORPORALS Boring, E. P. Hugo, J. E. Jackson, J. E. Jarvis, B. B. Parker, J. E. Vifek, P. C. Weatherby, H. R. SOPHOMORES Averetf, J. N. Boyd, L. Brown, M. B. Chilton, H. W. Clark, J. L. Glass, D. W. Hellums, L. N. Hunn, O. L. Hufcheson, S. B. Hutchison, W. E. Jager, M. Jernigan, W. A. Johnson, K. R. Kline, J. F. Kneisler, J. R. Kyle, T. H. McDonald, T. C. Norvell, M. J. Smith, S. F. Steppr J. L. Theis, T. M. Wade, D. B. Watts, J. S. Wilbeck, G. L. FRESHMEN Aduddel, V. C. Anderson, C. E. Arnold, G. N. Barton, M. Birdwell, H. L. Blain, N. D. Boffer, J. K. Boyce, W. C. Brown, A. E. Brown, J. M. Casbeer, T. J. Cathey, R. L. Christopher, D. A. Cook, W. E, Dodson, D. H. Frazier, 5. W. Gutierrez, A. R. Hall, 0. F. Hayes, A. D. Hermesmeyer, F. R. Hinton, D. C. Humphries, R. J. Lipiec, C. M. Lufrick, P. L. Marrou, B. F. Medina, A. J. Meider, L. E. Miller, R. D. Munson, M. A. Myers, J. E. Scheer, E. F. Schultz, L. R. Smith, R. D. Smyfh, J. B. Sfacha, R. Vasquez, J. F. Waggoner, J. N. Whifson, J. T. Wigington, S. Zuehlke, R. C. Not a very private place to take a bath. Kind of an odd bathtub 100. First Sergeant ARTHUR C. FISCHER Executive Officer FRANCIS M. PATE Commanding Officer JAMES R. GRIFFITH waxgg . FIFTH ROW, From Left to Righf: Nast, Zamzow, Buckwald, Fuchs, McDaniels, Armstrong, Cashion, Heineman, Robertson, Fi5cher, Shiffletf, Polonis, Mangum, Johnson, Kent, Kirby, Webb, Hennard, Hargrove, Griffith, Mann, Wright, Schwefner, Roberts, Berger, Sazani, Law, Harberf, Frey, Bowers, Sfeffens, Moorehead, Keilers, Melton, Jamison, Dismukes, Dollins, Fritz, Wilson, Rob- inson, Wood, Morgan, Chupik, Bitar, Cafe, Bohn, McCall. THIRD ROW: Olivarez, McQueen, Watts, Tate, Brown, Cracker, Stan- Arnold, LIEUTENANTS Flores, J. P. Nash, J. C. Sartwelle, J. D. Stanley, R. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Petty, R. R. Tibbels, J. T. SENIORS Meyer, J. R. Michna, J. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Braden, W. F. Cook, B. L. Fowler, R. L. Lanning, J. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Gentry, T. E. Glodt, J. F. Harrover, T. S. Prescher, W. A. Salinas, J. M. Sanders, L. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Metz, R. H. Evers. FOURTH ROW: Rutledge, COMPANY D-l JUNIORS Baker, L. K. Nash, C. R. Wilkes, S. L. CORPORALS Fritz, D. J. Fuchs, J. A. Johnson, T. M. Mann, J. C. Olivarez, B. D. Steffens, L. G. Watts, W. R. SOPHOMORES Armstrong, W. E. Bifar, J. J. Brown, L. G. Buckwald, 'J. G. Chupik, S. E. Dickie, T. M. Dollins, J. G. Frey, W. L. Heineman, E. J. Howard, H. K. Kirby, W. D. Kyle, J. K. Mangum, E. D. ROSTER Martinez, H. T. McDaniel, E. R. McQueen, H. D. Melton, R. E. Moorehead, J. R. Robertson, J. R. Springer, J. 5. Wright, M. Zamzow, A. K. FRESHMEN Arnold, J. L. Berger, E. J. Binford, W. M. Bohn, P. G. Bowers, R. E. Callaway, M. D. Cashion, J. W. Cate, J. R. Crocker, L. D. Davis, A. R. Dismukes, J. T. Evers, R. E. Fischer, D. H. Griffin, C. V. Griffith, S. E. Harberf, J. C. Hargrove, T. R. Springer, Griffin, Harvey, E. J. Hennard, D. M. Jackson, T. M. Jacoby, P. W. Jamison, B. Keilers, D. R. Kent, L. L. Law, J. R. Mayes, R. C. McCall, H. G. Morgan, R. W. Nasf, R. L. Parnell, C. 0. Phillips, P. D. Polonis, J. J. Roberts, L. A. Robinson, J. E. Rutledge, R. M. Sazani, G. T. Schuchardf, J. C. Schwefner, L. J. Shiffletf, A. E. Sonnenburg, N. A. Stanfield, G. G. Tate, P. V. Webb, B. L. Wilson, W. L. Woods, D. R. first call. Batman Strikes field, Kyle, Mayes, Martinez, Jacoby, Schuchardf, Phillips, Par- Again. Whistle Jack appears in a flash 4.ka v V mg, Fighters from Spider D practice with new rifles. Recently traded swords and shields in for them. nell, Howard, Harvey, Davis, Sonnenburg, Callaway, Jackson. SECOND ROW: Dickie, Lyons, Braden, Salinas, Glodf, Lanning, Cook, Fowler, Pregher, Sanders, Baker, Mefz, Harrover, Gentry. FIRST ROW: Meyer, Carter, Petty, Flores, Mayo, Blackburn, Michna, Stanley, Nash, Sartwelle, Martin. Commanding Officer JOHN E. BLACKBURN Executive Officer CHARLES L. MAYO Commanding Officers Fall JOHN P. PRICHARD Executive Officer BRIAN B. O'MARA LIEUTENANTS Keller, P. R. SENIORS ON STAFF Bassetf, S. P. Prichard, J. P. Wedemeyer, C. E. SEN IORS Button, E. D. Dickerson, J. R. Hart, C. M. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Edmundson, C. W. Ferguson, T. L. Hoelfing, L. K. McClure, J. A. Newton, D. E. STAFF SERGEANTS Carter, J. M. Doty, D. W. Ellison, T. W. Franklin, J. L. Kemp, A. E. Watts, A. A. SpHng JOEL A. First Sergeant SAENZ DAVl D P. PAYNE COMPANY E-I ROSTER JUNIORS ON STAFF McGown, M. D. Surles, R. H. JUNIORS Dean, D. R. Dougan, D. W. Hawkins, J. H. Keesfer, G. W. Leonard, T. B. Listi, S. A. Mosfy, S. N. CORPORALS Davis, G. L. Gibbons, W. E. Higgins, M. E. Holditch, D. W. Johnson, B. R. Kirkes, F. N. Rektorik, H. J. Rose, J. T. Thompson, A. C. SOPHOMORES Bass, P. M. Boysen, J. C. Box, J. W. Dick, B. D. Ebert, S. G. Gregory, E. H. Holman, T. J. Kelso, E. H. Kieschnick, H. W. Lehne, J. A. Lewis, L. D. McDonald, J. S. McDowell, H. D. McFerrin, A. R. Molina, H. E. Owen, F. S. Parker, J. C. Riley, B. L. Scarbrough, C. J. Scott, L. A. FRESHMEN Allen, J. L. Armstrong, D. R. Atkinson, R. M. Baldwin, D. T. Bradley, J. L. Callan, M. B. Cassity, R. D. Cole, J. N. Gruy, M. A. Hlavinka, S. C. Hoermann, J. D. Holveck, G. M. Huffines, E. E. Knouse, J. A. Mabry, G. D. Marr, C. E. Marshall, J. A. Matthew, S. C. Mazza, T. M. Minor, R. R. Mitchell, D. T. Nave, E. G. Noonan, C. C. Oates, E. C. Parker, D. M. Peck, C. S. Polito, J. G. Potter, F. R. Purghan, W. R. Seago, J. M. Seifz, R. D. Smelley, E. M. Smith, W. H. Sumpfer, G. W. Sveter, O. D. Terrell, C. W. Zolfon, M. A. FIFTH ROW, From Left to Right: Potter, Rektorik, Baldwin, Marr, Davis, Atkinson, Gruy, Kieschnick, Dates, McFerrin, Mitchell, Bradley, Seago, Johnson, Sumpter, Ebert, Higgins, Svefer, Peck, Hlavinka, Minor, Thompson, Cole, Scarbrough, Rose, Armstrong. FOURTH ROW: Hoermann, Lewis, Matthew, Smelley, Smith, Cassify, Boysen, Holman, Gibbons, Riley, Seitz, Kirkes, Lehne, Noonan, Owen, Marshall, Knouse, Bass, Kelso, Zolton, Purgahn, Polito, Parker, McDonald, Mabry, Holveck, Huffines. THIRD ROW: Callan, Gregory, Box, Allen, Scott, Nave, Parker, Terrell, Molina, Dick, Mazza. SECOND ROW: Watts, Doty, Edmundson, McClure, MWMVWWMUW, WW MJWIM' ZWWMWIM WAWM 7111;me , WW4, Leonard, Franklin, Kemp, Dean, Newton, Hawkins, Carter, Mc- Gown, Ellison, Keesfer, Hoelting, Ferguson, Dougan, Mosty, Listi. FIRST ROW: Holdifch, Payne, Dickerson, Saenz, Prichard, Keller, O'Mara. Do On Weekends. l Wished There Was Something Better To And YOU Say He Belongs To You, Rudder? General FINEST FIRST LIEUTENANTS Bickham, C. R. Bretz, B. Guaiardo, T. Sumpfer, D. O. Wilke, O. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Brown, C. G. Collier, L. E. Garrett, J. L. Hall, R. A. Horn, J. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Lee, J. W. Martin, H. J. Merka, J. T. Nicholson, J. F. Smith, R. D. Yaklin, J. G. STAFF SERGEANTS Bauman, J. L. Chung, D. H. Dealy, G. H. Galaway, R. L. Mayfield, W. T. James, G. Powell, R. T. Stancil, W. R. JUNIORS ON STAFF Monier, W. K. COMPANY F-l ROSTER CORPORALS Brown, S. P. Conn, G. R. Jones, E. P. Jones, H. P. Kelfner, N. L. LaDuque, R. E. Ledbeffer, W. R. McConnell, T. T. Riley, P. E. Schell, J. S. SOPHOMORES Anderson, L. F. Bammel, W. E. Bauer, 5. F. Castellanos, M. Christian, S. Conner, H. 5. Cook, J. H. Cory, T. Cravens, G. W. Eddleman, E. G. Gagliano, A. C. Gofcher, W. L. Jeffus, M. R. Johnson, R. M. Kappel, R. L. Kuchnichi, R. P. Miles, R. D. Niehues, D. E. Owen, R. S. Palmer, J. A. Powers, W. J. 515; max ; 5131?: ymgm FIFTH ROW, From Left to Right: Maxwell, Jones, Miles, Brown, Kappel, Danat, Eddleman, Carter, Sloan, Cook, Lyon, Ledbetter, McQuinn, Krueger, Johnson, Brandt, Sfriegler, Vaughn, Manley, Bresler, Berrier, Schell, Anderson, Powers, Holman, Oliver. FOURTH ROW: Niehies, McConnell, Pfak, Owen, Milstead, Ful- Saldivar, P. Sandell, M. Sfriegler, T. Wolf'F, M. Erwin, E. A. Fossler, T. C. Fritche, C. M. Fuller, R. H. Henglein, R. J. Hill, 0. R. Hill, C. C. Holman, B. M. Kemp, H. C. Kronenberger, L. Krueger, R. E. Lyon, W. L. Maxwell, J. T. McQuinn, D. Milsfead, J. P. Mitchell, C. L. Monroe, M. P. Morris, A. L. Mottley, J. R. Oliver, T. Pfak, L. D. Rodriques, B. Skaggs, R. A. Sloan, J. E. Switzer, S. A. Thornhill, O. M. Ushiiima, J. C. Vaughn, F. A. Watts, D. E. Wilcox, D. H. FRESHMEN Barrera, A. R. Berrier, W. G. Brandt, E. L. Bresler, D. A. Brown, T. G. Carter, R. K. Cole, R. H. Danaf, A. W. Douglas, J. R. Duncan, W. R. Duvall, D. E. ler, Kuchnichi, Douglas, Mitchell, Bauer, Hill, Skaggs, Monroe, Wilcox, Switzer, Conn, Gotcher, Kemp, Duvall, Brown, Henglein, Cory, Duncan, Cravens, Watts, Thornhill. THIRD ROW: Bammel, Barrera, Saldivar, Morris, Castellanos, Gagliano, Erwin, Riley, Keltner, Conner, Hill, Cole, Fossler, Palmer, Jeffus, Fritche, Yessir, I Got This Way By Hanging From The Pipes. Kronenberger, La Duque, Rodriques, Christian, Ushiiima, Wolff. SECOND ROW: Jones, Ransdell, Yaklin, Monier, Galaway, Lee, Smith, Powell, Dealy, Merka, Martin, Chung, James, Mayfield, Bauman. FIRST ROW: Wilke, Collier, Bretz, Bickham, Edgar, Hall, Sumpter, Guaiardo, Garrett. Accident Or No Accident You Better Nof Step On Me Again. Commanding Officer DAVID T. EDGAR Executive Officer CLYDE R. BICKHAM First Sergeant TOM R. RANSDELL FIFTH ROW, From Left to Right; Morris, Johnson, J.; Voss, Ful- Smith, O'Neal, Chapman, Crouch, Van Hardeveld, Jamison, Skaggs, Linton, Whitson, Mosesman, left, Jones, Williams, Trimble, Johnson, A.,- Werth. FOURTH ROW: Brooks, Carpenter, Head, Young, Unroe, Fleniken, Ren- gham, Mayo, COMPANY G-l ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Bailin, H. S Carlson, C. S. Dollinger, J. E. Frank, W. J. Logan, G. F. Mays, W. R. Murray, J. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Balser, G. L. John, R. M. Merritt J. C. Phillips, P. B. SENIORS Meflke, W. D. Rodgers, J. 0. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Adams, T. L. Brame, R. M. Dickson, J. R. Humphries, J. L. Noake, J. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Bauer, R. D. Johnson, C. A. Orena, G. Perry, J. W. Striegler, H. R. JUNIORS ON STAFF Anderson, D. C. Eeds, G. R. Syler, G. W. IIO Taylor, Noerr, Fisher, Valdez, A. L JUNIORS Collins, P. M. Jackson, M. L. Meyer, N. Post, E. T. CORPORALS Brooks, R. S. Carpenter, J. M. Durbin, J. P. Jamison, C. L. Ledoux, L. E. Maccaferri, D. A. Mayo, J. M. SOPHOMORES Brewster, C. H. Cheatham, L. Fabre, R. F. Head, B. C. Heikkila, E. O. Hollern, P. J. Howard, R. C. Johnson, J. N. Jones, D. R. O'Connor, J. H. O'Neal, J. L. Phillips, B. Segura, R. P. Skaggs, R. Werth, E. 5. Young, D. P. FRESHMEN Atkins, W. R. Furrh, Hicklin, Fabre, Kaiser, Bartlett, T. R. Baugh, L. T. Boydsfon, M. B. Burlin, C. W. Byerly, T. A. Cano, J. U. Crouch, J. M. Fisher, T. L. Fleniken, J. P. Fredrick, R. A. Fulgham, W. N. Furrh, S. R. Graves, J. R. Hicklin, J. S. Johnson, A. B. Kaiser, L. K. Koch, K. J. Linton, R. E. Linton, R. E. McBryde, M. L. Mella, C. A. Morris, R. L. Mosesman, B. Nagid, P. A. Nagy, W. F. Noerr, R. C. Jr. Orton, G. K. r. Pierce, D. R. Radcliff, R. J. Redmond, G. B. Smith, J. H. Taylor, G. L. Trimble, R. L. Unroe, D. M. Van Hargeveld, J. A. Whifson, R. H. Williams, K. D. Winkle, F. M. ninger, Pierce, Atkins, Jones, Brewster, Johnson, A. B.; Nagid, Maccaferri, Graves, Nagy, Mella, Vela, Orton, Frederick, Durbin, Redmond, McBryde, Heikkila, Phillips, Howard, Segura. THIRD ROW: Cano, Miller, Byerly, Radcliff, O'Conner, Cheat- ham, Boydston, Hollern, Baugh, McCarthy, Servidio, Burlin, Winkle, Koch, Montalvo. SECOND ROW: Ledoux, Orena, Col- Executive Officer JOHN E. DOLLINGER yum : Commanding Officer EDWARD L. MEDLEY First Sergeant GREGORY HOLOC HWOST Iins, Jackson, McGregor, Bauer, Perry, Brame, Striegler, Smyth, Noake, Eeds, Syler, Dickson, Humphries, Adams, Meyers, Post, Johnson, C. A. FIRST ROW: Holochwosf, Murray, Frank, Balser, Phillips, Mays, Medley, Dollinger, Mettke, Logan, Carlson, Merriff, John, Rogers, Bailin. Guess Which Footlocker Has The Bomb In It? Reveille ll, "Miss Reveille, Ma'am," to the fish, is the official college mas- cot. The Pride of the Student Body was adopted as a pup on January 12, 1951, by an act of the Student Sen- ate. She is cared for by Company E-2, lives and sleeps in their dorm and eats in the Mess Hall, iust as any other Ag- gie. She always accompanies the stu- dent body to football games, yell prac- tices, and to Corps Trips, where she usually shows her contempt for the enemy's football field. She may be seen on the field as the band goes through its routines, or marching proudly with the corps in parades and reviews. "Rev" serves in the same highly honored capacity as her predecessor Reveille I, who died on January 19, 1944, and is buried ,at the entrance to Kyle Field, i'Where she can always see the scoreboard." QEOOND BRIGADE $1313: MBGT. RONALD W. VAUGHAN Sergeant Major M $GT. EUGENE E. PAYNE Scholastic Sgt. LT. COL. PAUL M. VILCOQ Executive Officer LT. COL. PAT H. TORRANS SchoIasfic Officer COL. VICTOR L. DONNELL Commanding Officer MAJ. WILLIAM A. MAJ. VINCENT A. BRANTLEY HABY Adiufanf Intelligence Officer M SGT. RUSSELL D. JASEK Scholastic Sgt. Feb.-June MBGT. WILLIAM K. STANTON Operations Sgt. MAJ. GAYLON M. McCLINTON Supply Officer M SGT. HARRY L. HAGGARD Supply Sgt. MAJ. DONALD L. DAVIDSON Operations Officer MAJ. WARREN M. DILLARD Chaplain avnwmmwauVaw,qv mm-nvzw ,aa. , , LT. COL. ARMAND J. CHAPUT MAJ. DONALD T. HUNTER Commanding Officer Executive Officer MAJ. BENNY B. BOYD MAJ. CARLOS V. Adjutant MEJIA Intelligence Officer M SGT. EDWARD W. USGT. WILLIAM W. WSGT. C. CHRIS USGT. CHARLES E. MAJ. CARLOS VELA MAJ. DALE L. SINOR COLLIER PURCELL SCHAEFER BRANDT Operations Officer Scholastic Officer Sergeant Maior Supply Sgt Operations Sgt. Scholastic ng. .; ; 11'? , y; , W M WW HLTALUUIWIHCSw ' . , Cg 2f mm wmwiw ms mmwvmyw$ , , K MK , 7 7 x 3mm: GROUP g MAJ. WILLIAM E. KING LT. COL. JOEL B. TERRILL Executive Officer Commanding Officer MAJ. PAUL C. MAJ. JACK M. RUCKMAN THREADGILL Scholastic Officer Intelligence Officer VW W M W7 M X , MAJ. JOHN F. MAJ. WILLIAM C. M SGT. ROBERT M. T SGT. FRANKLIN D. T SGT. SHELBURNE J. USGT. GORDON E. PRICKETT KERLEY DENNY SUMMERS VESELKA DAVIS Adiufant and Supply Operations Officer Sergeant Major Operations Sgt. Scholastic Sgt. Supply Sgt Officer FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Norton, Kennedy, Warren, Vann, Dingley, Migura, Whaley, Bacica, Land, Peeters, Richmond, Forrest, Staples, Frels, Correll, Compton, Sobey, Haluska, Whif- Bonner, Bridges, Hellums, Kee, Hennessy, Barrett, Rienfe, Atkins, aker, Sparks, Moench, Harrell, Dom, Zappe, Womack, Baker, Onofrio, Cobler, Holt, Wagner, Curry, Campbell. SECOND Row: Woodward, Hubbard, Echterhoff, George, Neel, Rasbury, Herman, Collins, Cancellare, Schaefer, Drane, Mann, Christian, Pickett, R. P. Smith. THIRD ROW: Cantu, Martinez, Allen, Ellis, COMPANY A-2 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS: Elliot, A. C. Mann, J. E. Migura, W. W. Haluska, J. L. Achlen, R, L, lsaacson, R. D. Neale, R, K, Norton, W. M. Hennessy, R. A. Bower, J. R. Salinas, C. R. Smith, R. P. Neel, J. D. Goettle, J. A. TEQHN'CAL SERGEANTSI Wilson, w. B. Warren, J. R. Pickett, G. v. Hoffman, w. M. Chr'sf'anl J- H- Zappe, R. J. Smith, J. N. Hunter, R. D. EISbury' 8' R' JUNIORS ON STAFF: Whitaker D. A. Finks, J. 5. Schaefer, c. c. SOPHOMORES: Woodwa;d D Y SENIORS ON STAFF; Goff, J. E. Atkins, J. K. ' Huter, D, T. Wert, H. E. CORPORALS: Barren, J. M. FRESH'MEN: Torrans, P. H. George, J. 0- Dingley, D. D. Baker, R. D. Vela, Carlos STAFF SERGEANTS' Hellums, J. M. Dom, R. C Bonner, L E. Cancellare, J. A. Herman, J. R. Forrest, B. F. Bridges, M. L. SENIORS: MMAWWA'KWWI, Neale, Goff, Elsbury, Lyons, Werf, Finks, Payne, Wilson, Salinas, Levis, J. N. Smith. FIRST ROW: D. T. Hunter, Isaacson, Torrans, Goenle, Delgado, R. M. Smith, Kappel, Bower, Vela, Acklen, Elliot, Hoffman, R. D. Hunter. Campbell, R. S. Compton, D. R. Curry, R. E. Harrell, T. E. Holt, J. B. . , ' . , Kennedy, B. G. ' . ' ,v 1 . First Sergeant Martinez, J. J. ' . , " ' x TOM H. COLLINS Rasbury, M. B. ' ' Richmond, J. M. Sparks, R. C. Whaley, D. L. A rifle is a soldieHs best Friend. These freshmen seem to collect friends. Commanding Officer RAY A. KAPPEL I Executive Officer ROGER M. SMITH .MMMI'W MM' Wymmwxwl mkwxm w V FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Barr, Marsh, Armstrong, Mika, Schu nn, George, Abell, L. C. McKinney, Willis, Lane, Thomas, Stengel, Fallen, Ewing, Hayden, Newman, Reeves, Moore, Wells, McGinnis, G. P. Smith, Duke, Burks, Hughes, Hatcher, Peters, Chaney, Felkner, Neely, Kubicek, Becker, G. A. Mc- Brown, Duncan, McCabe, Wiley. SECOND ROW: O'Reilly, Koeh- Kinney, Story, Wood, Trainer, Diefz, T. H. Smith, Sharp, Brock, ler, Taylor, Finkelstein, Malaise, Springer, Fraley, Brandt, Collier, Harris, Dailey. THIRD ROW Fisher, Hornback, Riley, Chapman, Franklin, Fins, Balenfine, Degyansky, Martin, Robinson. FIRST A "Togetherness" ngmm. ?IKwawy ,m, vROW: Cerna, Hunter, Cothren, Reveley, White, Holcomb, Wueste, Hinoiosa, Henderson, Beyer, Rook, Davis, Liston, Hopkins, Howard, Chaput, Miller, Mitchell, Sargent, Carr, Godfrey, Gon- zalez, Meiia. LIEUTENANTS Carr, T. C. Cofhren, S. D. Godfrey, J. F. thzales, J. E. Hinoiosa, G. G. Holcomb, H. L. Howard, J. B. Miller, K. J. Mitchell, E. G. Reveley, M. B. Sargent, J. W. White, P. G. Wues're, J. A. SENIORS ON STAFF Chapuf, A. J. Mejia, C. V. SENIORS Beyer, W. H. Cerna, R. G. Henderson, D. M. Hopkins, D. W. Hunter, C. R. Liston, H. E. COMPANY B-2 ROSTER TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Fitfs, J. M. Franklin, L. M. Malaise, R. M. Martin, J. D. Robinson, C. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Balenfine, J. M. Degyansky, A. W. Finkelstein, J. Fraley, M. A. Springer, B. L. Taylor, K. F. JUNIORS 0N STAFF Brandt, C. E. Collier, E. W. CORPORALS Barr, F. J. Dailey, J. H. Ewing, T. G. McGinnis, R. M. O'Reilly, M. P. Trainer, L. D. Wood, J. M. SOPHOMORES McCabe, T. J. McKinney, G. A. Stengel, J. L. Story, E. R. Wiley, M. K. Willis, R. E. FRESHMEN Abell, J. L. Armstrong, J. W. Becker, G. R. Brock, K. D. Brown, R. F. Burks, C. H. Chaney, T. R. Chapman, J. W. Dietz, l. M. Duke, B. R. Duncan, W. S. Fallen, G. L. Felkner, R. D. Fisher, D. L. George, E. H. Harris, F. A. Hatcher, L. B. Hayden, L. E. Hornback, J. R. Hughes, R. B. Kubicek, D. Lane, R. W. Marsh, C. B. McKinney, L. C. Mike, D. F. Moore, R. K. Neely, J. E. v x x BUZZARD C0 TA YL OR M. KIMVE Y Newman, P. M. Peters, L. J. Reeves, G. Riley, W. J. N. Schumann, A. 0. Sharp, R. C. Smith, G. P Smith, T. H. Thomas, R. Wells, R. A A. Executive Officer GEORGE D. ROOK Commanding Officer JAMES H. DAVIS First Sergeant B. R. KOEHLER, JR. Executive Officer MICHAEL S. GEORGE First Sergeant 1!. :9;be '51 $3; : Commanding Officer DAVID N. CHAPMAN GILBERT H. FOREHAND I 20 , ., .WIzMMWOW ' LIEUTENANTS Anderson, J. E. Browning, J. M. Gufierrez, G. Hedrick, J. A. Hilton, J. G. Hutton, W. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Boyd, B. B. Dillard, W. M. SENIORS Mitchell, R. E. Morris, B. L. Neugebauer, W. E. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Christian, H. D. Cook, G. M. Persyn, H. O. Pridmore, J. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Jaris, J. R. JUNIORS Frye, D. J. Powell, W. L. Record, J. E. Wilson, W. B. CORPORALS Holloway, E. R. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Denny, Smith, Walker, Robinson, O'Neal, Burns, Whitaker, Hammel, Jaris, Willcox, Duelm, Williams, B. R. A. Engelbert, Boese, Reimers, Limerick, Barham, R. E. Engelbert, W. J. Hilton, Ramsey, Kah- anek, Esparza, Suhler, Finney, Spencer, Miller. THIRD ROW: COMPANY C-2 ROSTER May, W. D. Suhler, D. R. Tisdale, G. L. Vrzalik, J. H. Whitaker, T. R. Whiningfon, R. F. SOPHOMORES Burns, J. M. Duelm, A. J. Finney, N. A. Griffis, R. T. O'Neal, M. N. Robinson, D. K. Schlather, K. J. Uhlig, R. G. Volz, G. A. Walker, S. L. FRESHMEN Allen, D. E. Bagby, D. E. Balmer, W. J. Barham, G. S. Boese, J. 0. Collins, R. E. Denney, M. E. Diaz, J. F. Engelbert, R. A. Engelbert, R. E. Esparza, E. D. Hammel, R. W. Hilton, W. J. Himes, R. C. Holster, J. L. Jaris, E. J. Juarez, R. Z. Kahanek, H. Lewellen, T. E. Limerick, L. D. Miller, R. D. Moler, D. R. Praffes, A. A. Prescott, C. E. Ramsey, J. B. Reimers, D. D. Scherer, R. M. Schreiber, J. J. Smith, B. R. Smith, J. R. Spencer, J. R. Taylor, P. E. Willcox, M. G. Williams, T. Bagby, J. R. Smith, Volz, Griffis, Whitfington, Allen, Schrieber, more, Wilson, Christian, Jaris, Persyn, Record, Cook. FIRST Vrzalik, Balmer, Tisdale, Schlather, Prescott, Pratfes, May, Col- ROW: Mitchell, Anderson, J. G. Hilton, Hutton, Browning, Iins, Scherer, Taylor, Uhlig, Diaz, Lewellen, Juarez, Moler, George, Chapman, Hedrick, Morris, Neugebauer, Boyd, Guitier- Holster. SECOND ROW: Holloway, Forehand, Powell, Prid- rez. m ?th Yessir . . . As a matter of fact, I am standing in a hole. LIEUTENANTS lvison, J. L. Jenson, C. M. Lednicky, B. L. Moore, G. C. Moore, J. L. Picard, J. D. Shultze, T. J. COMPANY D-2 ROSTER CORPORALS Atkins, R. D. Barlow, J. E. Barrett, A. P. lll Benton, G. L. Befz, R. A. Burke, A. J. III Carrillo, D. S. Farrier, R. C. Lewis, H. 3. Long, J. G. Nalley, R. M. SENIORS ON STAFF Luhm, F. E. Sinor, D. L. SENIORS Heyman, E. Kearns, J. H. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Doerre, G. L. Fowler, D. T. Glisan, C. L. Gray, K. D. McAfee, W. R. Reynolds, J. R. Sudderth, C. J. JUNIORS ON STAFF Haggard, H. L. Jasek, R. D. Purcell, W. R. JUNIORS Jamison, W. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Echterhoff, J. H. Geye, R. J. Heibel, R. A. Niehaus, H. A. Praisnar, A. Jr. Thompson, M. D. Wiederhold, R. W. Petty, D. G. Schmidt, G. Tovey, F. M. SOPHOMORES Feighny, M. L. Ferguson, R. L. McNally, R. P. Moyer, R. L. Simmons, K. O. Snider, R. H. Spengler, W. M. - uaaamuwg. uWV: . x .. h FRESHMEN Allen, J. D. Bacon, G. T. Durbon, M. C. Gomez, R. Gray, M. D. Hansen, J. C. Huston, M. D. Hux, R. C. Lederer, A. C. Massey, C. O. Mosty, R. L. Parks, J. A. Reilly, J. J. Simmons, D. H. Spaw, W. J. Stevenson, D. J. Waters, D. L. Wilson, B. T. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Farrier, Ferguson, Sazani, Barren, Nalley, Harvison, Atkins, Cammer, Long, Waters, Massey, Lewis, Betz, K. 0. Simmons, Mosty, Wilson, Lederer, Kirby, Moyer, McNally, D. N. Simmons, Feigny, Schmidt, Hasse, Durbon, Executive Officer EDWIN B. FERRELL Snider, Bacon. THIRD ROW: Carrillo, Williams, Gomez, Barlow, Stephenson, Spaw, Parks, Hux, Tovey, Huston, Reilly, Smith, Allen, Hansen, Petty, Gray, Burke, Spengler. SECOND ROW: Benton, Byrd, Jamison, Heibel, Doerre, R'ogers, Reynolds, Purcell, Commanding Officer JAMES E. JOHNSON First Sergeant GARY L. BYRD Niehaus, Echterhoff, Giddens, Geye, Thompson, Wiederhold, Sudderth, Jasek, Gray, Fowler, Glison, Praisnar, Haggard. FIRST ROW: Moore, Shultze, Sinor, Picard, Jensen, Ferrell, Johnson, Lednicky, Moore, Kearns, Luhm, Heyman. LIEUTENANTS Butler, E. L. Howard, J. B. Keller, F. K. Vasquez, O. F. SENIORS ON STAFF Terrill, J. B. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Abbott, C. s. Huddleston, R. R. Jenkins, J. J. Land, T. E. Peeples, M. Ill STAFF SERGEANTS Adams, D. R. Hartley, T. M. Mayfield, J. Shaw, M. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Davis, G. E. Dresser, P. A. Stanton, W. K. Summers, F. Veselka, S. J. JUNIORS Danzieser, J. E. Morrison, D. G. Riente, A. J. Sfengel, G. J. CORPORALS Buttrill, G. H. COMPANY E-2 ROSTER Finkbiner, T. C. Gibson, R. E. Gunter, J. H. Muller, F. M. Oberhoff, K. E. Palm, R. N. Triesch, E. O. Zotz, J. E. SOPHOMORES Aldrich, L. W. Bayer, W. C. Dulin, E. R. Elliott, R. D. Evans, L. A. Fuchs, L. T. Hinnanf, R. L. Janacek, J. W. Lane, T. W. Morrow, N. M. Norfhcuff, J. R. Rogers, J. M. Ross, W. 8. Thompson, J. W. FRESHMEN Bradley, D. A. Brewer, L. M. Brooks, J. A. Day, D. L. Dooley, R. M. Evans, M. S. Fell, G. K. Gomez, P. B. Henry, S. S. Holder, L. D. Holt, W. E. Jackson, D. L. Lake, 5. T. Lloyd, H. R. Lowe, P. R. Martin, L. R. McKenty, S. C. McMafh, J. S. Melcer, M. R. Parroff, R. B. Penn, P. H. Perkins, D. C. Prugel, J. A. Robertson, F. A. Rodgers, J. H. Salge, A. C. Schessler, J. D. Sfudley, P. R. Thornton, A. W. Jr. Tolbert, L. D. Von Toussainf, E. R. Ware, 0. H. Watson, P. Wilson, H. G. Brewer, Finkbiner, Hinnanf, Lake, Henry, Lane, Muller, Parrott, Gunter, Ware, Brooks, Bradley, Von Toussaint, Oberhoff, Fell, Thornfon, Gibson, Penn, Rodgers, Evans, Lowe. SECOND ROW: Palm, Martin, Smith, Veselka, Mayfield, Land, Adams, Hartley, FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Meyers, Aldrich, Janacek, Evans, Day, Dulin, Bayer, Morrow, Salge, Holder, Zotz, Northcuit, Prugel, Schessler, Rogers, Wilson, Triesch, Talbert, ButtriH, McMath, Ross, Jackson, Perkins, Dodson, Melcer, Lloyd, J. Robert- son. THIRD ROW: McKenty, Watson, Holt, Thompson, Elliott, First Sergeant AVERY W. SMITH ,2,7;u i , may 7240A Executive Officer HUGH P. LAWRENCE ALBERT N. WHEELER r e C .um O 9 .m d n a m m o C II Morrison, Huddleston, Stanton, Dooley, Shaw, Gomez, Fuchs, Reville ll. Iser, "I dreamed I went to The Military Ball in my A Danze Davis, Jenkins, Peeples, Keller, Vasquez, Terrill, Lawrence, Wheeler, Howard, tgvz. . Dresser, k5??? FIRST ROW Summers, Butler. 2 z iwwm FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Plunketf, Day, Varner, Eddings, Garza, Lanier. THIRD ROW: Pruitt, Diaz, Vacek, Clay, Dwight, Victory, Pickering, Frank, Devine, Young, Parker, Anderson, Higgins, Prendergast, Burrus, Ohlenberg, Moore, Hable, Gard- Post, Heger, Warren, Curl, Haynes, Smith, Cantwell, T. K., Davis, ner, Shutfs, Alanis, Malaise, Dyer. SECOND ROW: Benavides, RiCk, Foster, 6- L-I DaViS, seerdenl WUnderliCk, Johnson, Dela- Gregory, Greenhaw, McMillah, Gallagher, Stewart, Brown, Rossi, COMPANY F-2 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Sizemore, J. L. Clay, A. W. Garcia, A. Nelson, J. E. Brown, R, A. Taylor, J. W., Jr. De La Garza, C. Hable, R- H. Smifh, J. W. Gallagher, R. P. Devine, R. P., Jr. Stillwell, V. C. Smith, T. M., Ill Hill, D. G. JUNIORS ON STAFF Frank, J, C. Victory, J. H. Teague, C. W. Hodges, M. B., lll Vaughn, R' W' Malaise, W. L. Warren, D. E. Rinard S. K. Plunketf L. K I R I ' SENIORS ON STAFF Rossi, D. J. JUNIO S Vacek, M. J. FRESHMEN Donnell, V- L- BoueHe, K L' Anderson C. P. Jr. Haby, v. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Jeffrfwl R- P-1 Jr- SOPHOMORES Burrus, J.,D. I Kerley, W. C. Brunkenhoefer, R. E. MCM'Han' J' A' Benavides, F. P. Davis, T, K. Krebs, J. P. Greenhaw, L. M. Webb, J' 3' Curl, T. W. Day, T, M, McClinton, G. M. Irvin, S. M. CORPORALS Davis, G. L- Dyer, S. R. Getting ready for the Fish Ball. Ruckman, P. C. Long, W. L. Alanis, J. L. Diaz, L. F. Gardner, P. F. Haynes, F. C. Heger, R. S. Higgins, E. L., Jr. Moore, W. S. Pickering, E. L., Pickering, G. Q. Post, D. E. Rick, L. J. Seerden, W. F. Smith, J. S. RV$ xwxxxwmmxxx Hill, Vaughn, Brunkenhoefer, Hodges, Moore, Hill, Taylor, Jef- freys, Irvin, Rinard, Bouffe, Webb, Sizemore. FIRST ROW: Haby, Smith, Donnell, KerIey, Humphries, Jamail, Teague, Krebs, Ruckman, Smith, Traylor. A It is Captain BeHH Commanding Officer GERALD A. JAMAIL Executive Officer WILLIAM L. HUMPHRIES First Sergeanf CHARLES H. GREGORY LIEUTENANTS Hill, W. H. H Lewis, J. C. Riojas, R. Payne, N. L. Hotchkiss, D. G. SENIORS ON STAFF Brantley, S. M. Davidson, D. L. King, w. E. Pricketfe, J. F. Vilcoq, P. M. II SENIORS Hickman, J. M. FOURTH ROW, Williams, G. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Cameron, D. S. COMPANY G-2 ROSTER May, D. W. Jr. Parker, W. B. Rodriguez, T. M. Jr. Wagner, T. P. JUNIORS Wallace, C. E. Vaughan, T. F. Wolfe, B. E. STAFF SERGEANTS Whifeker, J. N. Anthaume, C. Jr. CORPORALS Wright, D. E. Beamer, J. Barnes, D. E. Mitchell, R. L. Howardl B B. SOPHOMORES Malchoff, J. Jr. Arnold, T. R. JUNIORS ON STAFF Vernon, A. E. Browder, W. W. Denney, R. M. Vernon, G. G. Davis, R. 0. Left to Right: Hookstra, Whifeker, Arnold, Young, D. Hartman, G. Vernon, Hutton, Jenne, Ames, Adamson, Lewis, Reese, L. Hartman, Boyd, A. Vernon, Hart, Schlekewy, Chovanec, Maflack, Malchoff, Vick, Stark, Browder, Haisler, Han- Gutierrez, A. A. Jr. Haisler, W. C. Hancock, W. R. Harf, M. J. Hartman, D. E. Hartman, L. W. Hutton, M. H. Maflack, J. D. Rowland, R. A. III Vick, J. D. FRESHMEN Adamson, H. E. Aldrich, S. P. H Boyd, G. A. Chovanec, E. E. cock, Cooper, Newton. THIRD ROW: Wright, Keenan, Rowland, Wolfe, Barnes, James, Horn, Lovil, Davis, Granberry, Dockery, Howard, Simmons, Aldrich, Davis, Thompson, Dover, Fowler, Donham, Condray, Gutierrez, Diaz. SECOND ROW: Wallace, Cooper, R. E. Diaz, C. L. Dockery, R. L. Donham, R. G. Dover, L. E. Fowler, D. W. Hooksfra, R. W. Horn, L. H. James, M. E. Lovil, W. C. Jr. Newton, R. D. Ohlenburg, E. l. Reese, S. C. Simmons, J. M. Stark, L. W. Young, R. L. $$$$$me Executive Officer ROBERT C. REESE A IS Setgea LUTHER M. BASHAM Commanding Officer W. BURL TERRILL ' aw... $me m Basham, Parker, Mitchell, Anfhaume, Denny, May, Cameron, Beamer, Rodriguez, Wagner. FIRST ROW: King, Hill, Rioias, Hofchkiss, Reese, Terrill, Lewis, Prickeffe, Payne, Walton, Hick- man. A Try This in your spare fime. M M ,4 l cmm 1WD OLD 0 xX We 603 xvvasvswoxs $ 3X96 e. ; 93$ Cogsgexd?x, o e "Friendly" rivalry between Texas A8TM and The educaTional insTiTuTion aT AusTin is a maTTer of TradiTional facT. This year The T.U. press leaped mm The breach wiTh a series of four ediTorials in The Daily Texan, The gisT of which seemed To indicaTe ThaT The journalists aT T.U. regarded Themselves as leading The field of seTTing standards To be meT by insTiTuTions of higher learning. One of These ediTcrials, enTiTled "OUT, Damned Aggies," wenT so far as To label A8TM a school for killers and gladiaTors. Even Though The Corps has noT yeT been armed wiTh TrenchanTs, every- one goT a good laugh ouT of The arTicle, in spite of The facT ThaT There have been persisTenT rumors ThaT cerTain people in AusTin acTually Took iT seriously. The article was generally well received aT Aggieland, and everyone goT a big kick 0qu of iT. IT is indeed rare ThaT a scribe can be found on The college level who can wriTe such sTraighT-faced material and sTilI provoke guffaws and belly-laughs from The firsT line To The IasT. Aggies approach Gregory Gym-Teasip version. "EAWRHRS xwxx COL. JOHN H. MEYER Commanding Officer LT. COL. EARL M. STENGER Executive Officer MNGT. KENNETH GRUNER Operations Sgt. M $GT. HERMAN E. BATE Scholastic Sgt. M SGT. JIMMIE P. BURNEY Supply Sgt. MAJ. FRED LUHM Chaplain MAJ. HERBERT E. RABEL Intelligence Officer MAJ. DAVID W. SMITH Operations Officer MAJ. WILLIAM A. ROYAL Liaison Officer MAJ. JAMES R. COLLINS Supply Officer MAJ. JOHN Y. HUMBER Adiutanf ttxzntx , . 5x44 , MAJ.WILLIAM C.HEARNE LT. COL. WILLIAM R. ANDREWS JR. Executive Officer Commanding Officer MAJ. JAMES R. MAJ. CLIFFORD R. HOLLIS ROBERTS Adjutant and Supply Scholastic Officer Officer MAJ. DAVID B. MAJ. ROBERT L. M SGT. ROBERT R. TXSGT. JERRY W. T $GT. GERALD R. T SGT. MICHALE E. HUTCHESON BOWEN RICE FELDER DONALDSON KEELING Intelligence Officer Liaison Officer Sergeant Major Operations Sgt. Supply Sergeant Scholastic Sgt. MAJ.HAROLD mono LT. COL. ROBERT B. CARTER Executive Officer Commanding Officer MAJ. TOMMY A. MAJ. JAMES T. BAUCUM BROOKS Adjutant Athletic Officer MAJ. GAYLEN MAJ. JAMES H. LEMMON ELDER Intelligence Officer Operations Officer MAJ. JAMES M. MAJ. HARRY B. MBGT. DAVID S. VSG. THOMAS H. USGT. BENJAMIN R. ADAMS MARTlN JERNIGAN MEADOWS JACKSON Operations and Maritime Liaison Sergeant Major Scholastic Sgt. Supply Sgt. Liaison Officer Officer FIFTH ROW: McWafers, Harris, Coon, Campbell, Brannen, Lewis, Belcher, King, Carroll, Lee, Gudgel, Crosbie, Schiffman, Ruth- erford, Cole, Douglas, Derden, Warren, Davis, Shaunty, Dunn, Williamson, Perryman, Pearce, Kelly, Ballard, Van Stavern, Lee. FOURTH ROW: Moreman, Bristol, McCann, Dominy, Van Hoo- sier, Mclnteer, Overton, J. Smith, Dodgen, English, Blair, P. Smith, Holcomb, Richards, Weddell, Airharf, Thomerson, Wis- dom, Dennehy, Clark, E. Smith, Gosney, Bamberg, Foster, Brown, Shumaie, Slifer. THIRD ROW: Mobley, Hooks, Taylor, Voss, Parkin, D. W. Keeling, Sullivan, Allen, Lackey, Frederik- W WWMW; w LIEUTENANTS Rogers, J. Small, T. H. Wilson, J. C. SENIORS ON STAFF Bowen, R. L. Humber, J. Y. Hufcheson, D. P. Roberts, C. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Adams, H. P. Cook, V. H. Goldman, J. B. Woodall, R. P. Zaw ,, Mmmm I34 STAFF SERGEANTS Elmore, R. D. Fisk, S. K. Habbinga, R. J. Oman, J. B. JUNIORS ON STAFF Keeling, M. E. Rice, R. R. CORPORALS Ballard, J. S. Brannen, H. 5. Bristol, D. F. Browne, H. A. Crosbie, J. M. COMPANY A-3 ROSTER Gray, J. W. Moreman, D. E. Smith, P. J. SOPHOMORES Airharf, J. W. Aaiharf, J. W. Campbell, J. W. Lewis, J. E. McCann, M. T. Pearce, B. J. Smith, E. J. Wait, J. FRESHMEN Bamberg, W. H. Belcher, E. W. Blackmon, J. A. Broussard, E. A. Clark, C. G. Cole, R. G. Coon, C. N. Davis, D. S. Dennehy, M. J. Derden, W. H. Dodgen, J. P. Dominy, J. F. Dunn, S. J. English, R. W. Foster, J. L. Foster, R. L. Frederiksen, L. W. Gosney, G. L. Gudgel, K. E. Guest, J. D. Hall, D. R. Holcomb, J. A. Hubert, P. E. Keeling, D. W. Kidd, G. T. Lackey, S. H. Lee, T. W. McWafers, G. W. Mobley, F. D. Overton, M. E. Parkin, J. C. Richards, B. S. Rutherford, J. A. Schiffman, C. J. Shaunty, T. L. Shumafe, R. E. Sliter, J. E. Smith, F. J., Jr. Sullivan, J. A. Taylor, W. 0., Jr. Thomerson, J. D. Touchon, T. H. Van Hoosier, W. L. Voss, R. G. Wade, W. A. Warren, K. J. Whitfield, J. R. Williamson, T. B. Wisdom, R. C. Ag xsmwe waw .gxxxnxw sen, Wait, Touchon, Hall, Blackmon, Hubert, Arleth. SECOND ROW: Goldman, Woodall, Adams, Elmore, Oman, Gregg, Cook, Rice, Fisk, Habbinga, M. E. Keeling. FIRST ROW: Grey, Kiesch- nick, Rogers, Humber, Bowen, Wilson, Jester, Martin, Small, Hutcheson, Persyn, Roberts. Executive Officer RICHARD S. JESTER A A motley looking crew, at best. Commanding Officer GERALD B. KIESCHNICK ' L x TRUMAN F. MARTIN Firsf Sergeant 'WCWVMWWNMh-nu ,, W WW W,,, WWWgW;W4WM, WW, WMVWM y Mww SIXTH ROW: Campbell, Barranco, Harrell, Keese, Gillis, Vick, Huffman, Watkins, Williams, Herring, Spence, Caston, Daugh- erty, Murray, Stevens, Phelps, Stokes, Herring, Jacob, Walters, Brewster, Callahan, Fransen, Leffwich, Caswell, Honea. FIFTH ROW: Shieids, Van Zandf, Vogt, Ward, Romano, Graham, White, Dungan, Smith, Janik, Threadgill, McBride, Frosch, Sugarek, COMPANY B-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Breeding, W. W. Tatum, M. E. Dougherty, J. C. Harrell, G. G. Hattaway, W. E. Honea, J. E. Oddson, M. L. Traylor, B. J. Ward, M. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Hearn, W. W. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Brumbelow, R. Y. Meyer, J. L. Sfanfon, W. L. Young, L. L. SOPHOMORES Bray, J. H. Deufsch, R. G. Emerson, C. A. Fiedler, L. N. Fullen, E. Frosch, E. A. CORPORALS Callahan, F. T. 'WM Gillis, D. E. Janik, W. E. Marshall, G. Matthews, B. Phelps, R. Price, J. Richter, C. Robinson, B. Ramsey, J. S. Stevens, M. P. Sugarek, F. L. Tieman, J. T. Vick, W. E. Winch, B. Wynn, G. C. WWMV, Bray, Majors, Oddson, Matthews, Woodard, Jennings, Din- burner, Marks, Sutherland, Deutsch, Covey, Fiedler. FOURTH ROW: Blake, Price, Ramsey, Crais, Skiles, Vaughn, Printz, Pearce, Jahnke, Key, Maples, Hicks, Farr, Charlef, Hattaway, Behnken, Clay, Belcher, Cribbs, Traylor, Hardwick, Duren, Farr, L. Graham, W. K. Gutierrez, H. X. Herring, S. Huffman, K. Jacob, M. T. Keese, L. A. Key, D. M. Leftwich, M. W. Maples, A. R. Maiors, D. M. McBride, B. B. Pearce, E. Romano, D. Shields, J. Skiles, C. Sutherland, T. R. Van Zandf, J. W. Vaughn, R. W. Vogf, H. H. Walters, C. C. Williams, F. A. Yaskovic, R. A. Young, M. FRESHMEN Barker, D. Belcher, B. Behnken, T. Brewster, O. T. Brummeff, B. Campbell, C. Caswell, J. E. Clay, J. Dungan, C. Duren, J. Escobar, K. R. Barrett, Emerson, Appel, Tierce, Marshall, Richter. THIRD ROW: Moore, Guiterrez, Powers, Barker, Jones, Brummetf, Schwab, Yaskovic, Escobor. SECOND ROW: Wynn, Scoif, Brumbelow, Meyer, Young. FIRST ROW: Breeding, Jensen, McKnight, Tatum, Hearn. Executive Officer DENNIS W. JENSEN Week days and nights are generally spent studying, but ev- eryone likes to keep a picture of the favorite girl around, to remind him of the weekends. Commanding Officer JOE T. McKNIGHT First Sergeant JAMES T. SCOTT LIEUTENANTS JUNIORS KosimjnAG. F' Harris, I" 6' SIXTH ROW: Combs, Madden, Kluge, Nelson, Volk, Jen, Rhodes, yrl ' ' ' Douglas, Henderson, Sharp, Caldwell, Glenney, King, Staff, Pendery, H' H' EOSPOVSAS Perry, Spradling, James, McCall, Wetherbee, Johnson, Horfon, av's' ' ' D. F. Smith, Gaden, Burditf, Glassford, Reesner, Dimock, SENIORS ON STAFF James, L R' Sweeney. FIFTH ROW: Rapp, Herrerra, Hasselmeier, Lindsey, Al- Smith, 0' W Macaluso, M' A- COMPANY C-3 ROSTER Iaman, Presfidge, Smotherman, Terry, Caillouef, Eastman, Wilsdn, Sfenger, E M- gAchfHIOR' H" Jr. Emerson, Mafzke, Tobin, Byrne, Toone, Young, Shipman, Heart- 0 e o, . TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Tumey, w. H. Bland R. w. Wilson,J. Laird, P- 0- BakenJ- 5- Douglas, J. D. Lindsey, J. Black, R- W- Dozier, E. N. Fisherman, W. H- SOPHOMORES Love, J. C. Burditf, M. L. Eastman, G. Holley, A. N. Little, T. M. Baldarrama, A. M. Mark, M. H. Burns, E. H. Foersferl A. J. Bourne, C. M. Mortimer, W. B. Byrne, R- P- Gaden, J. D- :23;ansz Burns, D. W. Reyna, C. F. Caillouef, K. H- Glassford, D. M. ' Callaway, M. R. Smith, D. F. Caldwell, T- Goldfarb, J. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Emerson, C. D. Smith, J. K. Coco, M. F. Hart, J. W. . English, J. D. Smotherman, R. D. Combs, H. R. Hasselmeier, R- '- g:gh;2;lJEw Fisherman, B. N. Tobin, F. O. Curran, 0- J- Herrerra, A- J. ' Glenney, S. W. DeAfley, B. R. Hoenscheidf, G. F. JUNIORS 0N STAFF Hearfwell, s. F. FRESHMEN Diaz, H. Holden, E. J. Burney, J. P. Henderson, D. C. Allaman, J. M. Dimock, J. Horton, E. L. Gruner, K. A. Jahnke, D. W. Aufrey, J. W. Donnellan, R. Q. Hughes. K. E. M $ 7 VWWW wva mmm ,, well, Dozier, Baker, Mark, Davis, Mumford, Richmond, Mortimer, DeAfley. FOURTH ROW: Diaz, Love, Reyna, Wilson, Coco, Reedy, Foersfer, English, Trapolino, Thompson, Joyce, Hart, Smith, Goldfarb, Burns, Zeis, Sherman, Pollock, Knipstein, Black, Barn- abee, Turney, Smith. THIRD Jetf, J. E. Johnson, K. M. Joyce, J. M. Kluge, C. A. Knipsfein, R. C. Linthicum, J. H. Madden, M. C. Matzke, T. A. Mendoza, F. Mumford, W. M. II Osborn, C. M. Pavelka, M. A. PeFa, o. E. Perry, C. E. Pollock, J. E. Presfidge, J. C. Rapp, Gary S. Reedy, J. F. Reynolds, J. W. Richmond, T. R. Rhodes, D. G. Saenz, A. J. $chiwefz, T. F. Sharp, Marcus V. Sherman, W. M. Shipman, N. R. Singleton, W. J. Smith, L. W. Thompson, Reynolds, Hughes, Linthicum, J. K. ROW: Macaluso, Baldarrama, Sofelo, Singleton, Spradling, D. H. Sprung, W. C. Staff, J. V. Sweeney, D. A. Terry, W. M. Thompson, S. M. Thompson, D. P. Toone, L. S. Trapolino, L. Volk, R. M. Wetherbee, C. F. Wilson, T. W. Young, R. A. Zeis, P. M. Laird, Fisherman, Donnellan, Pena, Curran, Sprung, Horton, Pavelka, Schiwefz, Autrey, Osborn, Burns, Bourne, Black, Hoenscheidf, Mendoza, Saenz, Jahnke. SECOND ROW: Calloway, Ashy, Stanton, Holley, Gruner, Tisdal, McEllroy, Little, Bland, Harris, Godkin, Fisherman, Burney. FIRST ROW: Pendery, Myrik, Rundel, D. W. Smith, Sfenger. Looks like they can't decide whether to have a yell practice or throw someone in the showers. Commanding Officer WILLIAM K. RUNDELL Executive Officer JAMES A. MYRICK Firs1L Sergeant THOMAS M. ASHY Executive Officer STERLING F. MOTHERAL Commanding Officer HERMAN E. HARRIS First Sergeant JACKSON D. MELTON Now we have some real serious matters to discuss at this meeting and I want you people to give me some real serious attention. FIFTH ROW: Lopez, Sleeper, Lee, McGaughey, Dansby, Milam, Holder, Aglietti, Brewer, Shaeffer, Roach, Wood, Schubert, Bourgeuis, Kennedy, Barron, Humphries, Webb, Young, Tred- Petrasek, DePaSqual, Murphree, White, Flores, Meier, Durbin, way, Andrews, Wooldridge, McBrearfy, R. A. Wright, Loveless, Larkin, Batey, Saenz, Howard, Slimp, Weathers, Wanleoeben, Rose, Minks, Bishop, Dromgoole, Stockstill, Matthews, Donovan, Chastang, Johnson, Riddle, Gerald. THIRD ROW: Gordon, Moore, Lopez, Sharp. FOURTH ROW: Dowden, McAdams, Holcomb, W. D. Wrighf, Fuller, Spitzer, Casanova, Acosta, Tay' Wm, , LIEUTENANTS King, C. R. Mogford, J. L. O'Connor, C. J. SENIORS ON STAFF Andrews, W. R. Hollis, J. R. Nix, W. D. Rabel, H. E. CORPORALS Bafeman, B. L. Bourgeois, J. E. Darling, H. B. Larkin, J. B. McBrearfy, C. F. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Harris, M. J. Jones, M. G. Laughlin, G. H. Schaeffer, C. J. Meier, E. R. Stokes, F. D. Milam, W. C. Wiggins, H. R. Slimp, J. B. Taylor, W. E. STAFF SERGEANTS Tredway, W. L. Goodson, D. H. White, B. Peters, B. C. Reesby, W. D. SOPHOMORES Tyler, J. D. Acosta, G. Barron, J. T. JUNIORS ON STAFF Batey, R. Donaldson, G. R. Brewer, J. R. Felder, J. W. DePasqual, J. A. Schmid, H. W. Flores, V. R. lor, Bafeman, Marabella, Laughlin, Orr, Matthews, Mayers, Kim- ble, Jacobs. SECOND ROW: Darling, Melton, Wiggins, Stokes, Laughlin, Felder, Reesby, Schmid, Tyler, Harris, Jones, Peters, Donaldson. FIRST ROW: Mogford, Hollis, Mofheral, Harris, An- drews, Rabel. COMPANY D-3 ROSTER Gerald, S. W. Holcomb, W. D. Holder, G. R. Howard, C. W. Jacobs, C. A. Johnson, T. K. Laughlin, M. D. Lee, J. .A. Loveless, B. R. Marabella, P. J. Mayers, P. D. McGaUghey, R. L. Murphree, D. E. Rose, D. N. Saenz, J. L. Wooldridge, J. T. FRESHMEN Aglieffi, G. C. Andrews, K. R. Bishop, E. R. Chastang, D. E. Donovan, R. L. Dowden, W. T Dromgoole, G. A. Fuller, D. W. Gordon, P. T. Humphries, P. M. Kennedy, G. W. Lopez, F., Jr. Mathews, R. C. Matthews, W. T. McAdams, C. O. Minks, R. C. Moore, W. D. Orr, D. R. Petrasek, A. C. Schubert, R. H. Sharp, D. M. Sheaffer, D. E. Sleeper, W. W. Sfocksfill, G. R. Wantzloeben, K. L. Weathers, S. J. Webb, G. D. Wright, R. A. Wright, W. D. Young, C. B. THIRD ROW: Kiker, Guise, Barron, Dorman, Ross, Forrest, Davis, Smith, See, Burkhalfer, Bell, Ashcraff. SECOND ROW: Terry, Jolly, Giesenschlag, Anderson, Storey, Pantalion, Taylor, La McAdams, McMafh, Carter, Ihrig, Roberts, Moffif, Crutsinger, Motfe, J. L. Hofard, Randolph, Lucy, Quisenberry, J. R. Cren- Bolling, McGill, Meyers, Jones, Meadows, Herrera, Hickman. shaw, Bloom, Brooks, Lawson, Mackin, H. J. Crenshaw, Clark, After drill Saturday morn- ing, something has to be done with the rifles. The supply sergeant wouldn't like our first choice, so we go ahead and clean them. Looks like we've got another Cassius Clay on hand. FIRST ROW: Comee, Pope, Enloe, Earle, Wooley, Seagraves, E. P. Hotard, Rosenthal, Everett, Northcutf, Brooks, Grimes, Helmke, Koegl, Trawhon. LIEUTENANTS Comee, W. C. Enloe, S. J. Everett, M. D. Grimes, J. P. Helmke, L. C. Hotard, E. P. Northcuft, N. W. Pope, G. R. Seagraves, C. III Trawhon, C. W. SENIORS ON STAFF Baucum, T. A. Brooks, J. T. Carter, R. B. Martin, H. B. Royal, W. A. Offo, H. SENIORS Delgado, R. M. Hedricks, J. Hoffman, G. R. Myers, D. L. Wooley, B. J. Hulen, H. Ray, J. A. COMPANY E-3 ROSTER TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Carfer, L. J. Roberts, C. T. McGiH, D. W. Meyers, F. E. McMafh, C. W. Crutsinger, L. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Bolling, D. R. Hickman, R. Jr. Ihrig, J. R. Jones, T. L. McGregor, M. D. JUNIORS ON STAFF Jernigan, D. S. JUNIORS Dealy, D. G. Nickelson, J. F. Moffif, A. P. CORPORALS Bell, B. D. Crenshaw, J. R. Davis, L. E. Forrest, N. K. Jolly, R. W. Panfalion, C. A. Smith, C. L. Storey, J. N. Terry, G. F. SOPHOMORES Anderson, R. J. Bloom, M. T. Dorman, P. C. Hofard, J. L. Quisenberry, A. J. Ross, D. FRESHMEN Arnold, S. E. Ashcraft, J. G. Burkhalter, M. S. Crenshaw, H. J. Giesenschlag, W. H. Jones, J. L. Lawson, S. D. Long, R. K. Mackin, C. L. Randolph, J. L. See, E. C. Taylor, T. H. Thompson, J. W. Richmond, T. R. Commanding Officer SIDNEY D. ROSENTHAL Executive Officer ERNEST P. HOTARD First Sergeant THOMAS A. McADAMS FOURTH ROW: Neveu, Watson, Cobb, Kickirillo, Davis, Brown, ROW: Brewster, Robinson, Marek, Young. SECOND R-OW: Allen, H. W. Lewis, Leighman, Ward, Leach, Riggs, McGuire, Garner, Long, Meadows, Henson, Bruns, Spencer, Lavallee, Riley, Schmid, Haynes, Boykin, Hardeman, Tharp, L. D. Lewis, Jackson, Atkins, Bowman, Blasingame, Leonard, McCulloch, Francis, Pedigo, Rubac, Catalina, Williams, Dyal, Gent. THIRD COM PANY F-3 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS STAFF SERGEANTS Davis, W. L. Commanding Officer KENNETH E. COONER Executive Officer WILLIAM D. CARLL First Sergeant MARTIN D. LONG Bearrie, J. L. Davis, 8. E. Kirkpatrick, W. L. Smith, D. R. Turner, D. M. Walker, M. N. SENIORS ON STAFF Elder, J. H. Sarfain, J. E. Threadgill, J. M. SENIORS Bacon, J. A. Curtis, C. G. Christian, L. W. Delevan, R. J. Dickerson, J. R. Northcutf, N. W. Oliver, N. P. Stephens, C. L. Tipton, D. R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bowman, J. W. LaVallee, M. F. McCulloch, B. E. Spencer, J. C. Henson, 5. L. Blasingame, S. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Jackson, B. R. Meadows, T. H. JUNIORS Ashley, J. T. Atkins, N. J. Bruns, J. C. Leonard, R. V. Tudela, J. A. CORPORALS Brewsfer, J. E. Brown, C. L. Garner, D. S. Gent, T. R. McGuire, D. A. Riggs, J. C. Rubac, R. E. Watson, R. E. Ward, J. K. SOPHOMORES Allen, H. L. Catalina, P. A. Dyal, D. R. Francis, W. G. Hardeman, L. J. Haynes, C. G. Kickirillo, M. A. Leach, D. A. Marek, A. J. Neveu, C. G. Ontiveros, H. M. Pedigo, J. R. Schmid, J. E. FRESHMEN Boykin, G. F. Cobb, R. Y. Lewis, H. W. Lewis, L. D. Riley, M. Robinson, B. Robinson, W. Tharp, K. Williams, R. H. Young, C. R. Well, why not? In? iody call in Aust A Turner, Bacon, Delevan, Curtis, Dickerson, Bearrie, Is, Wa Ike r, MA IMWWM : Smith, Dav Cooner, FIRST ROW Carll, Kirkpatrick, Ashley. Oliver. , , , FIFTH ROW: Anfosh, Dean, Phillips, Hughes, Sfantey, vveosrer, Galey, May, Sherman, Harvey, C.; Roche, Price, lnniss, Pend- ery, Teipel, McCoy, Lighfsey, Warren, Williams, E; Medford, Whetsel, Blake, Eidson, Merritt, Smith, Keller. FOURTH ROW: McDonald, Barnes, Salter, Nelson, Creswell, Chafey, Miller, L; A Hase, Miller, D.; DeFee, Langhoff, Harvey, 6.; Sharp, Lieriey, Sterling, Reichle, Gordon, Bate, lsom, Roberts, Csagoly, Oberie, Donaho, Clifton, Owens, McGrafh. THIRD ROW: Thompson, Richards, Rea, Reifsnyder, Ward, Tubre, Burd, Ekvall, Williams, It's the latest dance craze. Watch and see how the others do it. M, . 2 W D.; Casey, Kunz, King, Sfroeble, Ratliff, Liston, McNabb. SEC- OND ROW: Lain, Gabbert, Taylor, McDowell, Lyne, Freeman, Bate, Cowser, Sanders. FIRST ROW: Zimmerman, Ocker, Wesf, Higgins. COMPANY G-3 ROSTER L'EUTENANTS Lain, w. 'K. Donaho, G. K. Hall, J. W. Lightsey, D. A. Eidson, T. E. Higgins, M. D. Roche, H. C. Gordon, D. M. Wolpman, K. K. Hase, R. SOPHOMORES Harvey, G. B. SENIORS ON STAFF Barnes, L A. King, c. L. Brashears, W. T. Clifton, D. J. KUHZ, R. Hunt, E. V. Callaway, M. R. May, R. E. Csagoly, A. J. McCoy, J. SENIORS Galey, J. H. McGrath, M. J. . . Smith, D. W. Keller, K. E. Medford, S. F. EXECUTIVe Off'ce' Liston, R. W. Merritt, W- L DON A' OCKER TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Love, J, c. Miller, D. w. Lyne, R. R. McDonald, R. E. Miller, L 8- McDowell, H. D. Phillips, T. A. Nelson, R. D- Sanders, J. L. Reifsnyder, R. E. Oberle, W- Soufherland, M. PENdEEFY, D. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Tobin, F G. Price, E. A. McElroy, E. Ward, K. B. Reichle, L. Whefsal, J. E. Richards, R. o. JUNIORS ON STAFF Williams, D. L. Salter, J. E. Jernigan, D. S. Williams, F. F. 59590, J- Bate, H. E. Sharp, H. S. V , . . FRESHMEN Shaman, 5. s. . , .. Commanding Officer JUNIORS Amsh, T. F. smifh, s. B. J -: , ' NORTH 0. WEST Cowser, W. L. Bate, J. M. Sfanley, R- G- Dupriesf, J. C. Blake, J. P. Sterling, L V. Freeman, R. D. Burd, H. H. Streebele, J. A. Chafey, R. Teipel, J. R. CORPORALS Creswell, J. H. Tubre, S. R. First Sergeant lnniss, R. W. Dean, M. L. JOHN H. GABBERT lsom, C. B. Defee, R. A. 16W J x 1 ?3 Commanding Officer BOB N. HUNTINGTON FIFTH ROW: Crow, Hin'rze, Carpenter, Runge, Carey, Towler, Houston, Climie, McCullough, Koehn, Jamar, Leonard, Schwarzen- bach, Wood, Ward, Oversfreef, Harden, Florence, Nilson, Raymer, West, Watson, Bates, Gideon, Robinson, Johnson, Shilling. FOURTH ROW: Ouelletfe, Denison, Hurfa, Brown, Foster, Hill- Executive Officer RAYMOND E. KRAMM First Sergeant GERALD G. ROGERS A l have to report with my mattress cover-nof in it. Now who is that handsome dog? mmwxwwxswwmmxy xxvmV x house, Devine, Chapman, Crain, Neal, Thorpe, Murrah, Caraway, Meadows, McKaughan, Santos, LaGrange, Kachtik, McMurtry, Spadora, Byer, Dosher, Dwarshus, Sloan, Colbert, Scott, Brown. THIRD ROW: Thompson, Lassiter, Prentiss, Climie, Smith, Sim- mons, Kubesch, Brotherton, Pugh, Bates, Andrick, Griffey, Hall, LIEUTENANTS Harper, J. L. Keller, J. L. Kramm, R. E. Krenek, B. J. Watts, K. G. STAFF MEMBER Brice, R. G. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Hammonds, C. E. Reagan, T. R. Scott, K. Z. Swan, M. K. STAFF SERGEANTS Beller, R. L. Butler, J. M. Doreen, W. R. Kell, J. C. Minnick, T. A. Wanstrath, G. R. CORPORALS Aldrich, A.A. Bounds, J. Y. Cambell, H. W. Jenkins, J. S. B. Kohlman, J. M. Mcllhany, J. D. McLean, K. J. Meeks, T. E. Moore, W. R. Nichols, J. D. Pifman, M. J. Poland, L. W. Prentiss, T. W. Roberts, R. E. Jr. Simmons, M. D. Timmerman, T. L. Willenborg, J. C. SOPHOMORES Andrick, J. P. Baker, J. F. Ballard, J. J. Bates, G. III Bickers, D. R. Brink, J. J. HI Brotherton, J. R. Carlton, F. W. Cavasas, G. Covan, J. Custer, C. D. Dail, M. D. Drennan, J. L. Dyer, E. D. Ferman, H. T. Glover, D. W. Griffey, B. Hall, C. B. Knight, C. J. Kubesch, R: A. Lassifer, M. C. Kutac, H. COMPANY H-3 ROSTER Martell, R. D. Nelson, F. A. Overton, A. J. Palmer, M. A. Pugh, M. C. Sebastian, J. W. Sparling, J. H. Sfewarf, C. D. Stiles, D. E. Timmins, P. R. Wanstrafh, J. J. Williams, G. W. FRESHMEN Bates, L. E. Brown, G. R. Brown, R. L. Byer, T. E. Caffey, K. D. Caraway, L. F. Carey, M. H. Carpenter, E. H. Chapman, D. M. Cissell, R. M. Climie, R. L. Cobb, L. H. Colbert, C. M. Crain, W. L. Crow, J. D. Dennison, D. R. Devine, M. D. Dosher, R. A. Dwarshus, A. G. Harriman. SECOND ROW: Reagan, Kell, Scott, Beller, Jenkins, Moore, Butler, Brink, Wanstrath, Minnick, Park, Doreen, Ham monds. FIRST ROW: Nichols, Swan, Keller, Kubala, Kramm, Huntington, Krenek, Watts, Rogers. Eickman, E. H. Florence, L. Z. Gideon, L. A., Jr. Harden, J. S. Harriman, W. B. Hasse, J. J. Hillhouse, S. A. Hillyer, I. L. Hintze, E. B. Houston, D. T. Hurta, F. J., Jr. Jamar, J. J. Johnson, L. K, Kachtik, J. V. Kincl, L. J., Jr. Koehn, D. W. R. LaGrange, C. R. Leonard, M. T. Lindsey, G. S. Marcum, T. D. McBryde, C. W. McCarty, R. M. McClure, M. R. McCullough, M. D. McKaughan, E. W. McMillan, T. A. McMurfry, J. L. Meadows, D. B. Murrah, T. F. Nichols, R. B. Nilson, J. H. Offner, M. Ill OuelleHe, P. L. Patterson, C. E. Pizzitola, J. A. Preas, E. C. Raymer, J. W. Rector, R. L. Reynolds, J. W. Roberts, J. Robinson, J. F. Runge, J. F., Jr. Santos, R. J. Schwarzenbach, J. R. Scott, R. A. Shilling, C. B. Sloan, F. O. Spadora, J. Jr. Sparling, T. R. Sfeffek, J. C. Sfringfellow, R. C. Thoman, D. L. Thompson, N. T. Thorpe, D. A. Towler, H. B. Turney, W. W., Jr. Ward, W. R. Watson, J. D. VVellborn, J. H., Jr. West, D. E. Westmoreland, N. G. Wood, C. R., Sr. , .xwpr.$w. FOURTH ROW: Britfon, Cooke, Weber, Vaselka, Schultheis, Guz- Smith, Hopgood, D. R. Long, Bilancich, J. C. Conard, Freeman, man, Rasco, Schmidt, Crampton, Salinas, Newman, Resner, Her- Gregg. THIRD ROW: Burge, JackSOn, Davis, CoIquitt, Richards, mann, Miller, Cuny, Haglund, King, C. E. Long, Gallaher, Best, McAdoo, Dix, Connor, Seafe. SECOND ROW: Fine, Hubler, COMPANY l-3 ROSTER I LIEUTENANTS Veffer, L. C. SOPHOMORES Ellis, R. E. Anz, R. B. Bilancich, D. B. Gallaher, J- D- Maceo, V. G. STAFF SERGEANTS Eversburg, p. A. Goodson, C. F. McKeen, W. R. Adams, J. Long, D. R. Gregg, L- D- Boyd, J. L. Smith, J. H. Haglund, C. H. ; SENIORS ON STAFF Deveny, D. L. Hermann, P. D. 1; Connor, J. S. Sheelar, C. K. FRESHMEN Jackson, J- C. i; Lemmon, H. G. Stewart, D. Blande, J. P. Long, C- E- ; Brady, J. W, Newman, L. M. ! TECHNICAL SERGEANTS CORPORALS Colquiff, J. M, Radican, w. w. ; Armstrong, J. H. Brinon, C. R. Conard, M. T. Rfesner, M. E. , Beard, N. W. Burge, C. E. Connor, J. C. Richardsf T- L- Holley, A. N. Fine, T. M. Crampfon, R. N. SChUhhelS: R- C- McGuire, N. R. Guzman, M. A. Cuny, F. C. Seate, J- H- Poner, L. G. Hopgood, M. T. Davis, E. c. Vaselka, V- K- Rowe, J. H. Schmidt, J. H. Dix, R. M. WW W, mmmw ,Mw WMX Rowe, Beard, Deveny, Vetter, Boyd, Armstrong, McGuire. FIRST ROW: Lemmon, McNeil, Nelson, McKeen, J. S. Connor. Executive Officer VANCE A. McNEIL WW3 k The Marines Think iT's sTill ole Army Commanding Officer TOM K. NELSON ,wmw l-3 is composed of cadeTs enrolled in The Marine PLC program, and freshmen and sophomores from The Texas MariTime Acade- my. The Texas MariTime Academy is The sTaTe's newesT educaTional insTiTuTion. lTs cadeTs aT- Tend one year of classes on The A8TM campus, Then go on To The Academy aT GalvesTon. When They graduaTe, They will receive de- grees in Marine Engineering or Marine Trans- porTaTion, be commissioned in The MerchanT Marine Service, and receive Reserve Corin- missions in The US. Navy. The Marine PLC's on campus Take Their miliTary Training during summer sessions aT Marine camps, aT which They have disTin- guished Themselves yearly, since The program was begun. On graduaTion from A8TM, They will be commissioned regular officers in The UniTed STaTes Marines. First Sergeant GEORGE L. HUBLER THE OOPPQ AND OOEDUCAHON On April 27, 1963, The Board of DirecTors of A8TM voTed To admiT women To The college on a limiTed basis. Qualified women sTudenTs will be allowed To enroll in The GraduaTe School anlehe School of VeTerinary Medicine. FaculTy members' wives and daughTers and The wives of sTUdenTs can regisTer in The undergraduaTe schools. Much conTroversy has arisen over This decision, culminaTing in passage of a resoluTion by The House of RepresenTaTives asking The Board To reconsider iTs acTion. IT is generally acknowledged ThaT only a few coeds can be expecTed To enroll nexT year under The presenT resTricTions, probably a hundred or less. Such a small number will have liTTle effecT on The Corps. Women sTudenTs have aTTended A8TM before and The Corps is sTill inTacT. AlThough opinion varies, iT seems likely ThaT Things will be preTTy much The same as far as The day-To-day sTudenT life is concerned. Mrs. Lewis M. HaupT Jr., The Board's ruling. first coed admitted after FIPSTWING 9mm 'HEADQUARTERS' LT.COL.FRANK M. COL. GEORGE A. WIEDERAENDERS TOWNSEND, JR. Commanding Officer Executive Officer MAJ. TERRY G. PULLIN MAJ. ROBERT E. THORNTON Adjutant Scholastic Officer M SGT. FRANK R. M $GT. JAMES F. MAJ. ELLIS P. MURPHY MAJ. JACK W. MAJ. RONALD L. MAJ. DENNIS L. KIOLBASSA SETCHELL Intelligence Officer COLLIER PETERSON GRAHAM Sergeant Maior Scholastic ng. Supply Officer Operations Officer Chaplain ms? mews: . LT. COL. MICHAEL R. SYPTAK Commanding Officer MAJ. CHARLES A. MILLS Executive Officer M $GT. RUSSELL L. T SGT. MICHAEL S. T SGT. AUGUSTUS M. T SGT. ROBERT L. MAJ. VERNON G. ASH KEELING MCGRADY FREEMAN CATES lnfelligence Officer Sergeant Maior Supply Sgt. OperationS'SgT. Scholastic Sgt. Mi, MAJ. JOE L. KEELING LT. Executive Officer MAJ. HORST W. WILLS Scholastic Officer MAJ. DAVID E. MAJ. GARY A. M SGT. CHARLES T. T SGT. JAMES P. T SGT. DAVID L. 17$GT. ROY NETZ PIERSON STIGAR POWELL BUCHANAN MINALDI Operations Sgt. Adiufant and Supply Intelligence Officer Sergeant Major Scholastic Sgt. Supply Sergeant Officer FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Baker, Sluis, Decker, Bacon, Wood, Langley, Borum, Galloway, Saunders, Brown, Fitzhugh, Millikin, Ozan, Dossey, Schroeder, Lauer, Anderson, Bliss, H. F. Smith, Bogart, Willis, Schur, Young, Goff, Jones, Chase, Buck. FOURTH ROW: Boeck, Sfeen, Lindsay, Sherman, Raineri, Gough, Hull, Towery, Troft, Hall, Knight, Walla, Amen, Von Dohlen, Halberf, Graf, Crowder, Shakleford, Smithwick, Quebe, Hunt, Guidry, Duplissey, Wilkerson, Jaynes, Franks, Ennis. THIRD ROW: Du- Bose, Odom, Kelly, Craddock, Harris, Ward, Mafyear, Dittman, SQUADRON 1 ROSTER Commanding Officer SHELDON J. BEST Executive Officer FRANK M. PEARCE LIEUTENANTS Batey, A. T. Seale, J. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Gibbs, J. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Clawson, B. G. Jessup, J. H. Levy, J. H. Lueck, R. L. Miller, R. A. Peterson, A. C. STAFF SERGEANTS Bamberg, G. W. Quin, B. H. Johnson, G. N. Knesek, J. H. First Sergeant JAMES P. NANCE Padgett, L. R. Spurger, J. R. Willcox, G. P. JUNIORS ON STAFF Dodge, M. C. Garrett, L. N. Kiolbassa, F. R. CORPORALS Anderson, J. D. Daugherty, W. S. Duplissey, G. R. Halbert, D. M. Hunt, R. C. Jaynes, J. P. Langley, L. W. Lindsay, C. D. Schur, D. G. Wilkerson, J. E. Wood, P. D. SOPHOMORES Baker, J. R. Boeck, R. R. Bliss, A. M. Bogart, J. 5. Chase, J. B. Decker, C. R. Dittman, H. Dossey, T. E. Gough, W. H. Sherman, W. T. Smith, L. A. Smith, H. F. Steen, C. A. Walla, M. C. Young, F. R. FRESHMEN Arnetf, J. E. Bacon, W. S. Borum, H. H. Brown, J. F. Buck, C. G. Craddock, O. W. Crowder, D. A. Dubose, W. B. Ennis, J. W. Fitzhugh, L. S. Franks, C. E. Galloway, T. K. Graf, A. D. Guidry, G. L. Hall, M. Harris, R. A. Huff, J. J. Hull, D. E. Jones, T. E. Kelly, R. A. Knight, W. R. Lauer, K. B. Lueck, Johnson and Jessup involved in a fire hazard. Matyear, A. L. Millikin, C. W. Norman, T. R. Odom, M. N. Ozan, R. V. Quebe, J. C. Raineri, E. A. Saunders, J. R. Schroeder, K. R. Shakleford, A. G. Sluis, J. K. Smith, B. E. Smithwick, J. M. Tindall, M. H. Towery, W. H. Troff, J. E. vonDohlen, D. R. Ward, L. P. Willis, N. A. 5 3X Rm K xxx ? x $9 Tindall. SECOND ROW: Daugherty, Nance, Clawson, Levy, Bamberg, Garrett, Jessup, Dodge, Johnson, Lueck, Miller, Pad- gett, Peterson, Knesek, Willcox, Guin, L. A. Smith, Kiolbassa, Spurger. FIRST ROW: Batey, Best, Seale. aw? Jwbaw In addition to building the body and breaking the back, Bonfire develops all sorts of unusual skills which may be of use later in life. WWW ..... W wWWWWM W ' W FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Hall, Atkinson, Stults, Reding, J. A. Smith, Bridges, Nordquisf, Spence, Musick, Madden, lsbell, Bullock, Bowles, Laird, Nartker, Walker, Moore, Frankiin, Brad- burn, Crumbliss, Cash, Frantz, Radican, Reeves, Bryan, Blanch- ard, Hlozek, Afwell. FOURTH ROW: Queal, Coakley, Rochez, SQUADRON 2 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Howder, J. D. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Johnson, G. R. Sowell, C. C. Smith, c. w. Sullivan, R- 6- Bickham, J. A. Atkinson, w. c. Jones, D. M. Stropp, J. R- Tingle, C. A. JUNIORS Booker, J. A. Begay, J. L. Kistner, D. K. Stulfs, R. R. Bradbum, T. L. Blair, J. S. Lovelace, J. L. Tramel, J. T. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS CFanOFd, 0- E- Bullock, E. D. Blanchard, K, J, Maltby, K. H. Volluz, M.A. Blinka, G. A. D'Agrosa, D- D- Cash, T. A. Boyd, G, W. Moore, L. S. Walker, J. C. Goodenough, R. J. Coakleyl G. R. Brid es, J. L. Nordquist, K. S. McGlothlin, L. w. CORPORALS Fleming, c. P. Bryagn, J. R. Padilla, A.A. Rardin, D. C. A'rwell, D- C' Hall, J- F- Crumbliss, J. J. P06, R. C. Reavis, R. L. Bender, W- C- Laird, R. L. Daly, M. E, Queal, l. w. Sheetz, R. D. Bowles, J. A. Madden, D. J. Davis, A, w. Radican, w. w. Chappelle, R- J- McClellan, C. C. Denny, W. E. Reding, P. A. STAFF SERGEANTS COX, F- W- Musick, W. D. A. Hlozek, D. R. Rochez, L..L. Beckman, W. W. Franklin, D" A" Narfker, R- J- Hooton, J. G. Shepard, L- A. Bishop, J. M. Framz, J- W- Pusch, D. E. Hunter, L. 1'. Simmons, E. C. Friedlander, J, P. Rannals, L. D. Reeves, L. E. S. Isbell, R. G. Smith, J. A. Gonzalez, R. D. Spence, J' N' Sanford, R- D. Jimenez, C. X. Smith, P- A- WWWWW yyy :2 1X N XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMX w. WMM wa-m IgMyXMW . N w yy X MMM wwwww X .X y ,XXV l58 Volluz, Stropp, Bickham, Fleming, Ford, Fanf, Hunter, Denney, Pusch, Hoofon, Johnson, Simmons, Gosschalk, Lovelace, Sand- ford, Blair, Chappelle, Rannals, Boyd, Freeman, Booker, P. A. Smith, Ahll, Davis. THIRD ROW: Padilla, Dungan, Tramel, Sowell, Jimenez, Shepherd, Daly, Jones, Poe, Cox, Begay. MISS BARBARA LYNN KAY Squadron Two Sweetheart SECOND ROW: Bender, Biggs, D'Agrosa, Friedlander, Rardin, Goodenough, McGIothlin, SuIlivan, Beckman, Blinka, Crawford, Howder, Gonzalez, Reavis, Bishop. FIRST ROW: Tingle, Frausto, Weaver, C. W. Smith. Executive Officer JULIO FRAUSTO JR. Commanding Officer WINDOL C. WEAVER First Sergeant RICHARD A. BIGGS LIEUTENANTS Thornton, P. S. McMahon, W. SENIORS ON STAFF Ash, G. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Baker, K. W. Prater, J. S. Sfuckey, J. W. Voss, J. D. Wingfield, K. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Conely, J. D. George, G. L. Henneberger, A. E. Kampe, A. J. Rawls, H. W. Smith, H. C. JUNIORS ON STAFF McGrady, M. 5. Cafes, R. L. JUNIORS Harrington, W. P. SQUADRON 3 ROSTER CORPORALS Badgwell, D. H. Chaney, E. W. Fiegel, J. L.. Gibson, W. E. Jones, C. B. Nachod, J. E. Robertson, 5. B. White, C. G. SOPHOMORES Barker, L. R. Barron, G. R. Barry, J. D. Bornefeld, B. Chaney, G. T. Cotterell, J. M. Garner, H. E. Piersall, J. G. Reitz, J. J. Shiver, B. E. Stafford, H. A. III FRESHMEN Bayne, J. G. Beaumonf, R. Cardiel, R. B. Chauviere, R. J. Cure, L. M. Doyle, T. A. Farmer, L. G. III Fisher, T. E. Forrest, C. R. Fowler, J. E. Frazier, R. L. Hanusch, J. A. III Harcrow, R. J. Kicklifer, L. N. Kiya, M. K. Moore, G. L. Newcomer, E. S. Nowlin, J. R. Poznecki, A. Roberts, J. S. Stewart, L. M. Turner, R. Wheat, L. D. Wille, K. B. Williams, C. D. Woodson, J. P. Wylie, E. D. FIFTH ROW, Left To Righf: Woodson, G. Moore, Wylie, Stewart, Doyle, Fisher, Gamer, Kennedy, Ryan, Bornefeld, Piersall, Gillespie, Badgwell, Fowler, Jones, Shiver, Muhl, Wheat, Har- crow, Barry, Haggin, Beaumont, Sheffield, Cardiel, Williams, Roberts. FOURTH ROW: Hampton, Bayne, Moore, Kickliter, Newcomer, Nowlin, Nachod, Wille, Eberspacher, Frazier, Slider, Fiegel, Crider, Rietz, Stafford, Farmer, Poznecki, Chauviere, Browning, Petty, Ray, Turner, Kiya, E. W. Chaney, Forrest, Hanusch, Wade. THIRD ROW: Barron, B. Moore, Robertson, Jones, Barker, Gibson, Herrera, Cure, Cofferell, Bernhard, G. T. - , 44 W WW' M' M ?W141Wym, Z; ; 15 91 1, W I60 Friday night rain dance, in hopes that drill Saturday morning will be rained out. Executive Officer GALE H. GAITHER Chaney. SECOND ROW: White, Munford, Kampe, Rawls, Harring- ton, Cloninger, Conely, Baker, Prater, Stuckey, McGrady, Smiih, Henneberger, Voss, Cates, Day. FIRST ROW: Ash, Gaither, First Sergeant Gibson, Thornton- ARTHUR G. MUNFORD Commanding Officer PHILLIP M. GIBSON MWMM w FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Sloan, Allen, Fry, Woods, Daniels, Stowers, B. Smith, Ronco, Denison, Rufyna, E. Smith, Young, T. Hamilton, Vogelsang, W. Taylor, Proctor, Anderson, Lusk, Shinsky, Aldridge, K. Taylor, Plummer, A. Gray, Herrington, Clancy, Shaw, Liles. THIRD ROW: Erwin, Lee, Loud, Rodriguez, Hawks, Bailey, Aubin, Fidler, Barber, Wimp, Saloma, P. Ham- ilton, Daerr, McAughan, Redding, Coreil, Moon, Bergoon, Jones, Bryson, H. Gray, Geiger, R. Taylor, Doyal, Spillers, Kowalewski, R. Smith, Flanagan, Tuseth, Tralica. SECOND ROW: Cox, Parr, Keeling, Slider, Johnson, Williams, Dean, Skupin, Nichols, Miller, Ciarrocchi, Brown, Gersbach, Pearson, Schneider, Cooke, Glover, Freeman. FIRST ROW: Pullin, Thornton, Armstrong, Mills, Madura, Albert, Levereff. LIEUTENANTS Armstrong, G. Albert, C. Leveretf, D. Madura, D. SENIORS ON STAFF Pullin, T. Thornton, R. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Brown, H. Gersbach, K, Johnson, R. Lester, M. Schneider, R. Skupin, H. STAFF SERGEANTS Ciarrocchi, F. Dean, J. Glover, J. Nichols, J. Slider, G. JUNIORS ON STAFF Freeman, M. SQUADRON 4 ROSTER Keeling, R. JUNIORS Cooke, G. Miller, J. Pearson, T. Williams, J. CORPORALS Barber, D. Bergoon, R. Coreil, V. Fidler, S. Liles, T. PIUmmer, M. Sloan, M. Smith, B. Taylor, W. SOPHOMORES Bryson, B. Clancy, E. Cox, C. Daniel, C. Gieger, D. Huntington, J. Jones, T. Lee, P. McAUghan, R. Moon, W. Procfor, J. Redding, L. Rufyna, A. Salome, 0. Shaw, M. Shinsky, S. Spillers, R. Vogelsang, W. Wimp, J. FRESHMEN Aldridge, R. Allen, J. Anderson, D. Aubin, G. Bailey, T. Clarke, B. Daerr, R. Denison, E. Doyal, R. Erwin, F. Flanagan, E. Gray, A. Gray, H. Hamilton, P. Hamilton, T. Hawkes, R. Herringfon, R. Kowalewski, K. Loud, C. Lusk, H. Ronco, F. Smith, R. Stowers, K. Taylor, R. Tralica, F. Tuseth, R. Woods, J. Young, J. $me Executive Officer GORDON S. ARMSTRONG Commanding Officer JERRY R. MILLS First Sergeant W. ROBERT PARR, JR. FIFTH ROW, Left fo Right: Wolcoff, Reed, Holt, B. Alfo , Proctor, Sfricklin, R. Smith, Ozmun, Copelan Urban, Henr , Barkemeyer, M. Stevens, Rupley, R. Stevens, V. Smith, School- craff, Gingrich, Giesler, Chrisman, Clesson, Harris, Trovero, Penrod, Mongillo, Goodson, Bogart. FOURTH ROW: Howard, mWRMVWV$w Dibrell, Clements, Michalk, Hill, Tyree, Albin, H. Alford, Hagle, A. Smith, F. Watson, Burton, Gilbert, R. Smith, Meeks, Dallas, Massey, Hay, Peoples, Billingfon, Swanner, Cornelison, Tar- water, Page, Misfrot, Gallaway. THIRD ROW: R. Watson, Miller, Harf, Fifc Hamel, Forry, Montgomery, Dublin, Ward, Parks. SECOND ROW: Minaldi, Brinkley, Sturgeon, Windham, Knox, Barrilleaux, Matthews, Simmons, Shaw, Andis, Barfoskewifz. FIRST ROW: Mills, Townsend, Willis, Paulsen, Meyer, Jack, Condit, Musachia, Collier. SQUADRON 5 ROSTER LIEUTENANTY, Condif, R. J. Musachia, V. S. Paulsen, A. M. Sturgeon, W. C. Windham, T. D. FRESHMEN Albin, G. D. Alford, B. F. CORPORALS Andis, D. L. Barkemeyer, D. L. Bogart, D. M. Burton, G. D. Henry, G. M. Meeks, L. E. Mongillo, D. J. Ozmun, l. R. Smith, V. S. Stevens, R. M. Stricklin, B. C. Vestal, H. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Mills, C. A. Townsend, F. M. Wiederanders, G. A. Wills, H. W. Chrisman, D. Coe, M. G. Cornelison, J. Dallas, M. S. Dibrell, C. F. Dublin, F. W. Forry, F. G. SENIORS Washburn, C. E. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Barrilleaux, J. L. Brinkley, E. J. Knox, R. M. Matthews, W. A. Shaw, E. R. Simmons, A. M. Giesler, R. W. SOPHOMORES Alford, H. Clesson, D. 0. Cooper, R. J. Fitch, J. A. Gilbert, J. W. Rawe, T. C. Smith, R. M. Sullivan, P. Temple, W. P. Hagle, D. H. Hamel, C. G. Harris, D. A. Hart, A. P. Hay, C. C. Hill, W. C. Holt, D. L. JUNIORS ON STAFF Minaldi, D. L. JUNIORS Groff, W. W. Wolcott, G. M. Billingfon, R. J. Clements, J. R. Copeland, R. R. R. Gallaway, B. J. Gingrich, L. H. Goodson, C. F. Howard, J. W. Executive Officer JAMES T. JACK Massey, C. L. Matthews, T. N. Michalk, G. P. Miller, R. W. Mistrof, R. W. Montgomery, A. A. Page, G. 0. Parks, J. W. Penrod, B. W. Peoples, W. M. Proctor, J. H. Reed, D. R. Rupley, J. A. Schoolcraff, T. A. Smith, A. D. Smith, R. L. Stevens, M. P. Swanner, B. L. Tarwafer, R. W. Trovero, L. J. Tyree, T. W. Urban, W. F. Ward, T. R. Watson, F. D. Watson, R. C. Commanding Officer LEE G. MEYER First Sergeant RICHARD E. BARTOSKEWITZ C AN 012W CE; 1C ExecuTive Officer CHARLES K. POWERS Commanding Officer CHARLES W. RUSHING FirsT SergeanT DAVID H. BEERWINKLE FIFTH ROW, Left To Right: Kunz, Sindo, Odell, Janssen, Bollin- One Of The few disTincTions The OUttlt ger, Bauman, Banner, Childers, GamerTsfelder, CaTchings, Ellis, . . . - Van Pelt, Hoysa, Sampson, Norman, Gayle, SCOTT, Scoggin, Mc- had at the begmnmg Of The spring se Dermand, Blake, Wood, STewarT, Lawrence, King, PoindexTer, mesTer was ThaT Of being The smallesT Kent, Dinsmore. FOURTH ROW: Gayle, Lehmann, MaTThys, Air Force oquiT on The campus. We ToTalled 52 afTer suffering a heavy loss during and aT The end of The fall semes- Ter, losing 25 of 43 freshmen, and 15 of 32 sophomores. A couple of oTher facTors which dis- Tinguished us from The oTher oquiTs were The shorTesT FirsT SergeanT in The Corps and The CO. ThaT was hardesT To find in The dormiTory. DespiTe consTanT reminders ThaT "Grades are 552; of General Moore" we ranked 35Th in The Corps aT The end of The T'irsT semesTer. However, we feel ThaT all was noT losT since iT was The firsT Time in a number of years ThaT Squadron Six posTed over a 1.00 for mid-semesTer of The Fall. We sTarTed ouT The new year wiTh a change in name. lnsTead of "Sonic Six," We were known as "Sinful Six." The only Trouble is ThaT in doing Jody Calls, iT comes ouT as "Simple Six." LIEUTENANTS Crowe, R. K. Hopkins, J. H. SENIORS ON STAFF Sligar, G, A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Fritze, V. V. Jr. Jones, R. C. Jr. Lufich, M. L. Norwood, G. L. Ratliff, M. T. Jr. Villarreal, J. Jr. STAFF SERGEANTS Fidler, C. C. Jr. Fortune, D. S. Lewis, C. P. Sanders, R. A. Spence, G. W. Ybarra, R. JUNIORS ON STAFF Netz, R. L. Schnabel, J. E. CORPORALS Allen, J. E. Bollinger, L. S. Catchings, T. A. Jr. Fox, J. D. Hoysa, M. J. SQUADRON 6 Kent, R. J. Norman, H. H. Sargent, D. C. Scoggin, P. C. Van Pelt, R. SOPHOMORES Banner, W. W. Dinsmore, P. K. Dunham, J. L. Ellis, J. E. Gamertsfelder, J. R. Gayle, R. W. Hans, B. L. Harper, J. C. Hill, K. R. Oman, Allen, Collier, Hill, Fox, Hereford, Sunderman, Wuensche, Felps, Hans, Chitwood, Petrash, David, Elzner, Wright, Willis, Harper, Jungmann, Rich, Mercer, Ross, Branham, Westmoreland. THIRD ROW: Hausmann, V. E. Martin, Snider, C. A. Martin. 86"; ill" g wmwxy GWWMM ' ' ; a ROSTER Blake, R. E. Jr. Branham, L M. Childers, J. R. Chifwood, R. D. Collier, J. D. David, A. R. Elzner, D. R. Felps, A. D. Gayle, C. M. Hausmann, G. J. Hereford, M. G. Janssen, H. T. Jr. Jungmann, A. R. King, A. K. Lawrence, J. E. Matfhys, A. W. Kunz, A. E. Lehmann, C. W. Martin, C. 0. Martin, V. F. McDermand, W. F. Jr. Oman, R. A. Pefrash, E. F. Sampson, J. H. Sindo, L. Sunderman, M. L. Willis, C. Jr. Wood, G. W. Wright, T. M. Wuensche, R. M. FRESHMEN Baumann, D. L. Mercer, H. M. Odell, W. W. Poindex'rer, W. R. Rich, D. F. Ross, T. H. Scott, S. T. Snider, V. V. Stewart, J. R. Westmoreland, J. S. SECOND ROW: Sargent, Beerwinkle, Villarreal, Sanders, Spence, Lufich, Jones, Nefz, Lewis, Fortune, Fritze, Norwood, Schnable, Fidler, Fatliff. FIRST ROW: Sligar, Surles, Powers, Rushing, Hopkins, Crowe. LIEUTENANTS Kuykendall, C. W. Swank, J. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Blume, J. D. Pierson, D. E. Young, M. A. SENIORS Couvillion, S. J. Mims, L. G. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bills, E. D. Brown, H. E. Dampman, W. A. Halaburka, M. J. Hamilfon, M. C. Rambin, R. E. Vick, J. R. STAFF SERGEANTS Bowden, R. L. Gilbert, A. T. Hind, G. J. Reynolds, G. W. Jr. JUNIORS ON STAFF Powell, C. T. Sefchell, J. F. Jr. Veazey, D. R. vW7WVV 4W 5' SQUADRON 7 ROSTER JUNIORS Crowley, W. L. Jr. Klufz, W. L. Surber, M. F. Thornell, G. E. Vaughn, W. A. CORPORALS Altman, W. K. Boles, J. D. Burr, H. H. Jr. Carleton, R. E. Mason, W. W. Starek, J. M. SOPHOMORES Barrett, R. E. Blakley, D. A. Campbell, B. M. Cardwell, T. A. Cooper, S. E. Creacy, W. W. Jr. Cullen, R. P. Dunkerly, R. P. Jr. Emerson, R. A. Faulk, D. J. Fowler, G. C. Garza, R. R. Jr. George, R. O. Lindsey, J. A. Linz, M. F. Parker, J. E. Parsons, P. W. Piper, L. L. H Plyler, R. V. Reeves, E. C. Spellman, R. L. Teems, T. L. Van Dyke, G. R. FRESHMEN Andrews, L. G. Beggerly, J. D. Braffon, J. W. FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Works, Drueberf, Crouch, McEachin, George, Burr, Thornhill, Garza, Goedecke, Dom, Carter, Craig, Peterson, Phelps, Barrett, Stephens, Creacy, Linz, Thomson, Schappaugh, Sfarek, Cooper, Cullen, Jackson, Moore. FOURTH ROW: Jacobs, Reeh, B. Campbell, Emerson, Roberts, Campbell, C. W. Carter, C. E. Casares, G. A. Confella, C. J. Craig, C. E. Crouch, P. L. Dom, W. C. Jr. DrUeberf, H. C. DuBose, B. R. Fletcher, R. W. Goedecke, R. C. Jacobs, J. A. Jackson, C. W. Mazzagate, R. J. McEachin, E. M. Miller, T. R. V WKQAWAvawAV Q W WW Miller, W. F. lll Moore, M. E. Percival, A. R. Peterson, R. E. Phelps, F. D. Piesieski, S. W. Place, 8. E. Pofeete, D. R. Reeh, C. D. Roark, M. J. Roberts, J. C. Rutledge, L. D. Saunders, M. C. Schappaugh, R. D. Simmons, T. Jr. Simons, J. M. Speckels, W. D. Stephens, A. L. Jr. Tessada, E. A. Thompson, D. l. Thornhill, J. D. Villiva, R. W. Weldon, W. C. Works, M. T, wmh'xaezv..au.v M." 15.2.3444A4p A . Bratton, Lindsey, Speckels, Simmons, Simons, Beggerly, T. Miller, Saunders, Rutledge, Andrews, Pofeefe, Mazzagate, W. Miller, Parker, Piper, Villiva, Cardwell, Percival, Altman, Ca- sares, Tessada. THIRD ROW: Fletcher, Faulk, DuBose, Piesieski, Contella, Spellman,.DunkerIy, W. Campbell, Roark, Place, Wel- 15f Wing Headquarters gqalw. 7 Executive Officer CARL R. VANDERHIDER 9 don, Plyler, Reeves, Fowler, Teems, Boles. SECOND ROW: Mason, Zafopek, Rambin, Brown, Hamilton, Setchell, Halaburka, Bills, Reynolds, Powell, Gilbert, Dampman, Surber, Vick, Vaughn. FIRST ROW: Kuykendall, Young, Vanderhider, Villarreal, Pierson, Couvillion, Swank. Commanding Officer DELFINO E. VILLARREAL First Sergeant EDWARD J. ZATOPEK LIEUTENANTS Braun, E. E. Pickett, D. Townsend, L. G. SENIORS ON STAFF Graham, D. L. Keeling, J. L. Murphy, E. P. Nichols, C. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Burk, R. C. Davis, D. C. Jablonski, T. M. Seay, D. E. Wade, T. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Bordano, A. J. Hernandez, J. R. Mitchell, M. G. Talarek, W. R. Wylie, S. R. Wynne, J. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Buchanan, J. P. JUNIORS Gaines, J. R. Lyon, J. H. Metteauer, J. D. Verref, K. A. CORPORALS Cook, R. L. Fisher, J. H. Gibson, P. A. Glenewinkel, D. R. Gregory, R. W. Jones, J. E. Lange, W. L. Rader, W. K. Santos, J. C. SOPHOMORES Babin, L. B. Beutnagle, E. H. Beyer, R. F. Bush, J. G. Byrd, J. S. Corman, W. L. Crank, P. W. Crawford, C. H. Dailey, R. W. Davis, D. D. Estes, A. L. Forrest, F. G. Gray, H. W. SQUADRON 8 ROSTER Green, R. M. Griffin, J. E. Hamilton, W. L. Hamme, C. S. Howell, R. E. Jackson, J. W. Jennings, R. L. Johnson, D. N. Laird, T. D. Mabie, G. J. Meserole, T. C. Metze, L. P. Often, D. B. Pierson, G. L. Rasch, A. A. Richard, R. J. Robertson, B. R. Smith, B. R. Stafford, H. R. Tauberf, L. E. FRESHMEN Brewfon, A. R. Bryant, L. M. Cano, N. O. Gallegos, J. Gee, J. F. Gibson, G. C. Greer, R. L. Hackeff, B. R. Hearron, G. 5. Hunter, J. M. Jones, T. R. Kubnick, P. J. Lemke, C. D. McDonald, R. W. Morgan, C. E. Morris, L. D. Olsovsky, J. E. Powell, L. L. Rash, C. E. Redwine, R. M. Reynolds, D. C. Riggs, A. D. Ramirez, A. Rosenbach, L. M. Short, R. J. Smith, R. J. Smith, T. Smulczenske, L. J. Wahlberg, R. E. FIFTH ROW: Smith, Laird, Taubert, Olsovsky, Robertson, Rader, Mabie, Cook, Bryant, Riske, Hamme, Hamilton, Bush, Rasch, Pierson, Crank, Griffin, Lemke, Babin, Lange, Fisher, Green, Cano, Johnson, Campbell, Often, Powell. FOURTH ROW: Hearron, Morgan, Meserole, Beau'magle, Gregory, Byrd, Brock, Stafford, Forrest, Gray, Santos, Morrow, Morris, Greer, Gallegos, Arnold, Estes, Davis, Jackson, Dailey, Beyer, Redwine, Earl, Glenewinkel, Jones, Schroeder, Campbell. THIRD ROW: Crawford, Gibson, Rosenbach, Riggs, Duponf, Howell, Metze, Reynolds, Moore, Richard, Wahlberg, Gilmore, Fromen, Jennings, Rash, Farmer, I knew I'd be better off with a rifle. Executive Officer Short. SECOND ROW: Gibson, Hays, Wade, Mefteauer, Wynne, TIMOTHY J. JAECKLE Mifchell, Wylie, Davis, Burk, Talarek, Seay, Lyon, Gaines, Her- nandez, Buchanan, Jablonski, Kabell, Corman. FIRST ROW: Townsend, Pickett, Braun, Jaeckle, Hacketf, Murphy, Keeling, Graham. Commanding Officer ROBERT H. HACKETT First Sergeant WILLIAM M. HAYS During The MoTher's Day ceremonies This year, The following named CadeTs were designaTed as being The BesT Drilled in Their respective oquiTs. SOPHOMORES Michael L. Richardson ........................ Company A-1 Gerald E. Vinson .................................. Company 3-1 STephen F. SmiTh ................................ Company C-1 Homer T. MarTinez .............................. Company D-1 Damon W. HoldriTch ............................ Company E-1 Ronald 8. Owen .................................. Company F-1 Bruce C. Head ...................................... Company 0-1 Randall P. SmiTh .................................. Company A-2 Ronnie M. McGinnis .............................. Company 3-2 ErnesT R. Holloway ............................. Company C-2 Harry S. Lewis ...................................... Company D-2 Gerald H. BuTTrilI .................................. Company E-2 Larry K. PlunkeTT .................................... Company F-2 Charles E. Wallace .............................. Company 0-2 John W. Gray ...................................... Company A-3 Francis T. Callahan .............................. Company 3-3 Mario A. Macaluso .............................. Company 03 Willard L. Treadway ............................ Company D-3 Charles'A. PanTallion ............................ Company E-3 Terrance R. Gent .................................. Company F-3 Jesse M. Southerland .......................... Company G-3 Michael A. Palmer ............................... Company H-3 Thomas M. Fine .................................. Company l-3 Gary R. Duplissey ................................ Squadron Larry D. Rannals ...................................... Squadron Carey L. WhiTe .................................... Squadron Charles L. Cox ...................................... Squadron Danny M. BogarT .................................... Squadron Ronald J. KenT ..................................... Squadron Roger E. CarleTon .................................. Squadron James E. Jones ................................... Squadron Richard E. Brown .................................. Squadron Greg A. Mann ...................................... Squadron 1O Mapk W. Laxon ................................... Squadron 11 Gerald W. PhilpoT ................................ Squadron 12 STephen P. Menzies .............................. Squadron 13 RyTher L. Barbin .................................. Squadron 14 HerberT E. Pounds ............................... Squadron 15 ArThur C. Kyle ..................................... Squadron 16 Albert A. Tijerina ................................ Maroon Band Thomas R. Seely ..................................... WhiTe Band FRESHMEN James F. Norton .................................. Company A-1 Richard B. Darmon .............................. Company'B-1 Roland D. SmiTh .................................. Company C-1 PeTe W. Jacoby .................................... Company D-1 David T. Baldwin .................................. Company E-1 Dale E. McQuinn .................................. Company F-1 Kenneth J. Koch .................................. Company 6-1 Jack B. HolT Company A-2 James R. Hornback .............................. Company 8-2 James R. Spencer ................................ Company C-2 Michael D. HusTon .............................. Company D-2 Simeon T. Lake ................................ Company E-2 Paul F. Gardner .................................... Company F-2 Leslie E. Dover ...................................... Company G-2 Dave R. Hall Company A-3 James B. WhiTe .................................... Company 8-3 James E. JeTT ...................................... Company C-3 Warren T. MaTThews ............................ Company D-3 Jack G. AshcrafT .................................. Company E-3 Wilbur J. Balmer .................................. Company F-3 STephen R. Tubre ............................... Company 6-3 Thomas F. Murrah .............................. Company H-3 William W. Radicazn .............................. Company I-3 KenneTh B. Lauer ................................ Squadron 1 Joseph C. Walker ................................. Squadron Andrew W. Poznecki ........................... Squadron John T. Young .................................... Squadron Frank D. WaTson ................................ Squadron Michael G. Hereford .............................. Squadron Michael J. Roark ................................. Squadron Randolf J. Short .................................... Squadron RoberT Medina ...................................... Squadron Warren S. Halhoit .................................. Squadron 10 David A. WhiTe .................................... Squadron 11 Thomas A. SmiTh .................................. Squadron 12 Oscar Jackson ...................................... Squadron 13 David B. SmiTh ...................................... Squadron 14 Johnny B. Johnson ............................. Squadron 15 RoberT G. Lee ...................................... Squadron 16 Oliver L. WesT ..................................... Maroon Band Jack E. Thurman ...................................... WhiTe Band MAJ. RODNEY E. Supply Officer MAJ RODNEY L GOODMAN Operahons Officer M SGT GERALD W SIEGELIN Sergeant Malor COL. CLAUDE R. JONES Commanding Officer HILLIARD MAJ. JOHN C. KORBELL Adlutant MAJ. LONNlE D. THOMAS Intelligence Officer MNGT. JOHN E. Scholastic Sgt. LT COL JACK OLIPHANT Scholastic Officer Y A Rf. .m Em mo 6 Av J." .U mu Ch T. L COLOR GUARD Suib, Scharck, Mundf, Roberts. SECOND WING Houston, Texas Second Wing Sweetheart MISS SHANNON O'QUINN LT. COL. PETER C. FORSTER Commanding Officer MAJ. EARL J. HENDERSON Executive Officer M SGT. WILLIAM J. T SGT. CARL W. KING MAJ. DAVID M. MAJ. JOHN 5. ROGERS MAJ. EDDIE J. WARD MAJ. EDWARD J. HERRMANN Operations Sgt. RICHARDSON Scholastic Officer Operations Officer BELLOW JR. Sergeant Maior Adjutant and Supply Operations Officer Officer MAJ. JOHN L. PENROD LT. COL. JACK G. WILSON Execque Officer Commanding Officer MAJ. JERRY E. VION MAJ. CARLOS R. Adjutant and Supply DURAN Officer Scholastic Officer MAJ. HERBERT C. MAJ. ALLAN R. SASSIN USGT. MANNING D. USGT. WILLIAM S. MNGT. JAMES T. GERSBACH Operations Officer SMITH LEIGH Intelligence Officer USGT. WALTER P. HARDGROVE GROFF Scholastic Sgt. Supply Sgt. Sergeant Major Operations Sgt. FOURTH ROW: Anderson, Griffith, Fife, Robinson, WaHace, Brown, AIvord, Wallace, Tyer, Blair, Gruen, Williams, Sfoecker, Hatfon, Kingston, Alverson, Medina, DeBartolo, Lane, Barlow, Martin, Gilbert, Ruppersberger, Ray, Moran, Davis, Van Wyk, Draemer. THIRD ROW: Turney, Salifros, Solis, McAdoo, Jensen, Showing thaf real Aggie spirif. A I do if for my health-Why? mnw rrronyzybrIMuWkM-VWAWM $77X Parker, Glagola, Burch, Fried, Kirkland, Doerste, Winslow, Warnick, Smith, Pfeiffer, Peffy, Overfon, Wilson, McCue, Burke, Stone, Lifchfield, Horne, Johnsey, Rose, Suib. SECOND ROW: Crane, Britfon, Kenny, Grant, Willmann, Willis, Fondon, Arnold, LIEUTENANTS Breedlove, D. C. Durden, P. M. Hachtel, L. P. McGalIiard, M. D. SENIORS ON STAFF Forster, P. C. Henderson, E. J. Ray, J. E. Rogers, J. S. Snedaker, R. C. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Britton, M. P. Grant, L. J. Holliman, J. C. Thompson, V. H. Willmann, R. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Arnold, J. M. Morgan, R. P. Willis, G. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Herrmann, W. J. SQUADRON 9 ROSTER JUNIORS Morris, J. A. Fondon, J. Stone, R. W. Suib, M. R. Van Wagner, R. G. Warnick, P. W. Williams, R. B. Wilson, R. W. CORPORALS Fried, Albert Gruen, F. X. Lane, B. G. Solis, J. L. FRESHMEN AndersOn, M. O. Barlow, J. R. Blair, G. D. Burch, J. T. Burke, M. D. Davis, R. A. Edwards, J. E. Gilbert, M. D. Glagola, C. R. SOPHOMORES Alverson, K. W. Brown, R. E. Draemer, J. J. Hawkins, R. M. Haffon, J. Johnsey, M. E. Kingston, J. K. Kirkland, D. S. McAdoo, S. R. McCue, R. L. Nance, J. H. Ovenon, J. Parker, C. P. Salitros, J. F. Scoff, R. E. Smith, W. 0. WWW Wwwwmamw , w mnm.W m,u,,, Thompson, Kane, Morgan, Holliman, Herrmann, Van Wagner. FIRST ROW: Scott, Haliasz, Durden, McGalliard, Breedlove, Rogers, Hatchel, Talutis, Miller, Forster, Henderson, Ray, Sne- daker, Thrasher. Greer, C. L. Griffith, D. L. Martin, M. D. Medina, R. Ray, L. F. Robinson, W. G. Rose, J. L. Ruppersberger, J. E. Turney, A. L. Tyer, R. Van Wyk, R. A. Winslow, M. m: ,. J J . First Sergeant HENRY E. HALIASZ Executive Officer WILLIAM TALUTIS Commanding Officer EUGENE P. MILLER FOURTH ROW: R. lsbell, Miller, Noles, Harrison, Hawkins, Dalton, Jones, Blaha, Swan, Lindstrom, Murphy, Mann, Hughson, Irwin, Stanley, Miller, Ashley, Jerden, Malhiot, Krize, Wortham, Peterson, Warren, Kemp, W. lsbell, Harper. THIRD ROW: Reed, Loughlin, Hapenney, Herzog, Terry, Stepp, Whifehurst, Muzny, , WWW W1 XX , , 4y - mew Byrnes, Bond, BOVdOVSkY: Myers, Webb, MCAHiS'ferl Williams, Zimmerman, Mundt, Cook, Smith, Neumann, Knotf, Tompkins, Oelfien, Gunner, Harbin, PeHus, Smith, Simons, YarbrOUgh, Berfillion, Belote, Martin, Griffith, Hm. FIRST ROW; Marcomell, Sfokes, Monschke. SECOND ROW: Peterson, Provine, Turzak, Roberts, Johnson, Whiningfon, Maurer, Grissom, Calhoun, Rust, Edwards, Siegelin, Shannon, DeFloria, Penaloza, Harvey, McAvoy, Wray, Yates, Myers. SQUADRON 10 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS DeFloria, H. J. lsbell, R. P. McAllister, C. B. FRESHMEN Harbin, A. W. Calhoun, R. B. Martin, R. 5- lsbell, W' P- Miller, J- E- Ashley, R. M. Harper, R. G. Johnson, T. V. Peterson, J. P. Miller, D. M. Murphy, R. G. Blaha, R. Irwin, G. W. Marcontell, C. E. Shannon, C. J. Monschke, R. A. Noles, J. R. Bond, N. E. Jerden, L. R. McAvoy, E. J. Zimmerman, W. B. Simons, M. T. F?eltien,DA.VJ. Bordovsky, R. D. Jonlis' R. A's Swan, H. W. effus, . . r . . Ma iofl W. . agilftijf-on, J. R. JUNI?RS ON STAFF Wortham, M. L. Rioniani:l R. 3::5313 Muzny, L. s. Sie e in, G. W. Smif , . D. M ers, W. F. Wray, W. D. 9 SOPHOMORES Sfepp, R. M. Gunner, D. C. Peterson, P. M. SENIORS ON STAFF JUN'ORS Hawkins, H. K. Stokes, R. H. Bellow, E. J. Bertillion, L. R. Herzog, C. E. Terry, D. D. Maurer, C. H. Cook, C. P. Hughson, J. C. Webb, G. S. Richardson, 9, M. Edwards, T. M. Hurley, J. M. Williams, R. 5. Ward, E, J, Harvey, R. E. Kemp, J. Yarbrough, M. N. Knof'r, J. E. Krize, C. P. SENIORS Mundf, H. G. Lindsfrom, E. N. Groom, J. N. Rust, M. M. Loughlin, J. J. McWilliams, J. L. Smith, J. R. Mann, G. A. Myers, R. p. Tompkins, J. W. Roberts, J. C. Yates, R. L. Hapenney, J. D. CORPORALS Harrison, W. T. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Hm, B. L. Neumann, C. E. Penaloza, D. A. Provine, C. E, Turzak, T. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Belote, J. C. First Sergeant . . . L CHARLES E. GRIFFITH ' I . , ; Executive Officer , V ' ROSS B. CALHOUN Commanding Officer DAVID S. GRISSOM axaggumgoAx-awyu EhL 413244.234. av FOURTH ROW: Tompkins, Woehsf, White, Manhaei, Person, THIRD ROW: Winnette, Webb, Spence, Young, Dessert, Berg, Arrington, Devolites, Cox, Welch, Wilson, Boyer, Miller, Morgan, Potenza, Mayfield, Stovall, Leidolf, Richards, McDaniel, Sanders, Ralph, Davis, Williams, R. G.; Tenison, Williams, A. R.; Harris, Morgan, Young, Bergman, Nugenf, Naron, Kelso, Wil- Gregory, Shadel, Sherrill, Reid, Amthor, Peck, Maenza, White. liams, Bomba, Treadway, Cannon, Pechanec. SECOND ROW: SQUADRON H ROSTER LIEUTENANTS STAFF SERGEANTS Stovall, J. M. Pechanec, W. C. McLeod, H.M. Gore, D. L. Tompkins, B. G. Peck, T. R. Perkins, J. B, Webb, R. C. Peterson, D. L. Sanford, A. B. JUNIORS ON STAFF Welch, L. G. Ralph, P. V. King, c. w. White, H. T. Sherrill, C. E. SENIORS ON STAFF Winnette, W. M. Tenison, L. T. Korbell, J. c, CORPORALS Young, D. W. White, D. A. Sneed, C. C. Dessert, K. 0. Williams, R. G. Syp'rak, M. R. Devolites, P. J. FRESHMEN Wilson, 3- P- Treadway, A. H. Arrington, B. L. Woehst, K. A. SEN'ORS Williams, A. P. Berg, N. D- Jeweff, H. J. Williams, s. J. Bergman. C- H- Oliver, E. T, Cannon, M. D. SOPHOMORES Cox, G. W. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Evens, R. E. Gregory, D. L. Cosman, W. L. Kelso, C. W. Harris, 9- B- Dusard, L. F. Laxson, N. W. McDaniel, R- Green, R. W. Maenza, N P. Miller, M. G. Swindell, G. R. Marburger, D. T. Naron, D. V. Winship, T. E. Shadel, W. N. NUgent, P. B. Commanding Officer CLAYTON B. LYLE Executive Officer First Sergeant THOMAS G. RIORDAN, JR. ROBERT D. SMITH lll ernvIAVAvWAV meww . Evans, Peterson, Marburger, Green, Gore, Cosman, Dusard, Winship, Swindell, King, Evans, Wilson. FIRST ROW: Larson, Smith, Sypfak, McLeod, Davis, Sneed, Perkins, Riordan, Lyle, Sandford, Miller, Korbell, Jewe'rf, Oliver. Summer camp has its good points too. Delfino Villareal pursues a favorite Aggie pastime. w. WWWWNW 'WWWWMM Wilvllxem Ir WA'WWVWMIYWAM, WWWWWWWAW W WWW WWWW WWWSW Mwaumwwmm LIEUTENANTS Bean, R. N. Corfese, A. Estes, R. L. Hughesh H. E. Hunt, 5. D. McCrary, R. G. McGee, T. Marshall, J. H. Miller, H. A. Stewart, J. W. Stone, J. G. SENIORS ON STAFF Goodman, R. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Evans, W. L. Gray, R. D. Lemons, G. L. Powers, L. R. STAFF SERGEANTS Behrenf, C. H. Lary, C. C. Lynn, F. M. Page, P. C. Williams, R. C. JUNIORS Jackson, W. E. ii $r M 5A :in. FOURTH ROW: McGowan, Lawrence, Floyd, Jenkins, Smith, Neely, Crockett, Myers, Lewis, Culver, Kleemier, Owen, Herring, Fitzgerald, O'Brien, Theis, Galloway, Booker, Bennett, Miller, Gibson, Dehoney, Harris, Philpof, Kainer, Bade, Ewers. THIRD ROW: Doolittle, Wilks, Haraway, Read, Furber, Myers, Watson, SQUADRON 12 ROSTER JUNIORS ON STAFF Hilliard, J. E. CORPORALS Furber, R. W. Herring, R, L. Kainer, E. L. Kyle, J. D. McHaney, S. K. SOPHOMORES Haraway, W. J. Longnecker, C. E. Miller, R. H. Myers, E. R. O'Brien, T. P. Philpot, G. W. Watson, B. K. FRESHMEN Bennett, H. W. Booker, J. C. Bowers, B. L. Braffetf, C. O. Byrne, J. P. Crockett, D. S. Culver, J. L. Dehoney, J. H. Doolittle, J. H. Erskine, R. D. Fitzgerald, G. W. Galloway, W. E. Grimshaw, M. T. Hall, R. W. Harris, G. A. Hollan, J. D. Jenkins, T. D. Jones, J. K. Kleemier, H. G. LaBelle, F. F. Lawrence, L. R. Lewis, W. C. Linnartz, L. R. McGowan, B. W. Muehlenbeck, R. H. Myers, J. P. Neely, J. P. Owen, R. W. Pollard, G. W. Ruedrich, R. A. Sandacz, V. L. Siebern, V. R. Smith, T. A. Weir, V. A. Wilks, P. G. Zemanek, V. J. in Mng y; Farley, Zemanek, McHaney, Muehlenbeck, Weir, Grimshaw, Hilliard, Behrenf, Borsche, Gray, Lemons, Page, Byrne, Hall, Miller, Kyle, Sachs, Erskine, Linnartz, Ruedrich, Sandacz, Long- Jones. FIRST ROW: 5. Jones, Powers, Estes, Bean, Stone, Miller, necker, Ball, LaBelle, Burgoon, Siebern, Bowers, Braffet. SECOND McGee, Norwood, Cortese, Marshall, McCrary, Goodman, $te- ROW: Helton, Rosson, Williams, Jackson, Evans, Watson, Lary, wart, Hunt. quw. 12 First Sergeant JOSEPH M. WATSON, JR. Commanding Officer JAMES R. NORWOOD SIXTH ROW: Sharp, Don, Skinner, Hamilton, Birge, Roesler, Dotson, Vackar, Kasowski, Menzies, Warren, Bennett, Hopkins, Ficker, Nelson, Callaway, Bailey, White, Thompson, Hawkins, Perkins, Avery, Olden, Batson, Rogers, Luedecke, Bratz, Morrison. Olivas, J. R. Partridge, J. L. LIEUTENANTS Buffo, M. E. Howard, V- w. STAFF SERGEANTS SENIORS ON STAFF Vion, J. E. SENIORS Bowen, W. L. Milligan, D. L. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bullard, D. L. Hanson, W. B. Hull, J. W. Murray, J. M. Davis, T. E. JUNIORS Tidwell, C. M. CORPORALS McBride, R. T. Menzies, S. P. Oliver, M. M. Sprague, G. S. SOPHOMORES Bailey, J. M. FIFTH ROW: O'Quin, Sizemore, Hooker, Murray, Burns, Jackson, Workman, Henslee, Young, Newsome, Decker, Darden, Filburn, George, Mock, Wright, Bearden, Sanchez, Lynch, Sangerhausen, Kelley, Stabs, Wheeler, Doan, Norman, Wainwright, Oliver. SQUADRON 13 ROSTER Hamilton, R. G. Hawkins, E. M. Luedecke, A. R. Lynch, R. W. Morrison, G. S, Murray, R. C. Newsome, J. A. Olden, F. E. O'Quin, L. E. Perry, L. W. Sangerhausen, C. R. Sharp, J. L. Sullins, R. D. Wainwright, H. T. Warren, D. R. Young, G. P. Perkins, J. B. Roesler, H. W. Rogers, F. V. Sanchez, D. FRESHMEN Adams. E. B. Avery, J. B. Baggetf, J. E. Dean, D. B. Don, B. W. Dotson, H. F. Ficker, R. H. Batson, T. O. Bearden, D. A. Bennett, H. H. Birge, L. V. Bratz, K. W. Burnette, R. L. Burns, R. L. Callaway, S. T. Darden, J. G. Decker, D. H. Dillard, R. H. Filburn, R. B. George, C. R. Henslee, R. W. Hooker, D. P. Hopkins, J. B. Jackson, 0. B. Kasowski, R. V. Kelley, C. P. Mock, T. D. Nelson, J. E. Norman, M. L. Sizemore, J. M. Skinner, R. H. Stabs, W. A. Stephens, D. W. Thompson, G. W. Tomlinson, W. N. Vackar, R. C. Wheeler, R. J. White, D. T. Workman, W. C. Wright, W. V. Wx WVMWWWWWHWWWW. , MN, 7 X MW z FOURTH ROW: McBride, Perry, Burnetfe, Baggeft, Sullins, Dil- lard, Tomlinson, Stephens, Adams. THIRD ROW: Hanson, Hull, Tidwell, Davis, Partridge, Murray, J., Olivas. SECOND ROW: Sprague, Zaeske, Howard, Vion, Robison, Buffo, Milligan. FIRST ROW: Stokes. Mike Buffo seems 10 have his work cut out for him. You should have seen him trying to carry this one to the loading area. First Sergeant LOUIS W. ZAESKE, Commanding Officer GEORGE B. STOKES Sept-Feb. Commanding Officer JOHN C. KORBELL Executive Officer Feb,-May DAVID L. ROBISON SIXTH ROW: Roberts, Houston, D. B. Smith, Adair, Hollings- worth, Rubinstein, Bumgarner, Hardee, Mansfield, Schur, Scog- gins, Hoofon, Tees, Scarborough, Bathey, Lonon, Mosby, Win- gate, Hoke, Dewitt, Edwards, Pifer, Beck, Lindsay, Haveman, hL-rmartMKs-guzs wxgw ,, . DSJJEWOI wzmr 11: 24799741; Angle, Rainey, McGinn, Nabors, Brumley, Blande, Berumen, Prewitt, Browning, Denny, Remme, McKinney, Potts, Steadman, Brown, Duchamp, Gifford, Hudler, Bodine, Coffin, Parkerl Prewiff, Mayeux. FOURTH ROW: Blair, Ziegler, Gager, Forgeng, mmmmn W114: Richards, Elsey, Black. FIFTH ROW: Ferris, Cordero, Schmidt, 4W w WyMM mymw aw?W x; WW0 W WWW? LIEUTENANTS Graham, F. T. Puckett, J. E. Redding, R. G. Saloma-Orozco, A. E. Schwertner, H. A. Singlefary, R. L. Sluis, N. SENIORS ON STAFF Duran, C. R. Jones, C. R. Langer, R. E. Oliphanf, J. Penrod, J. L. Wilson, J. G. SENIORS Herring, J. M. Nelson, R. D. Pickars, L. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Booth, D. M. Rogers, R. M. Scharck, R. A. Smith, E. V. Sfover, R. J. STAFF SERGEANTS Parnell, W. D. Allen. THIRD ROW: Booth, Stover, SQUADRON 14 ROSTER Venglar, P. W. JUNIORS ON STAFF Groff, W. P. Hardgrove, J. T. Leigh, R. E. JUNIORS Meredith, D. L. Pate, D. B. CORPORALS Allen, R. M. Forgeng, T. J. Roberts, J. M. Rubinstein, K. L. SOPHOMORES Adair, A. Angle, N. D. Barbin, R. L. Brown, J. E. Hardee, G. L. McGinn, F. L. Oliver, 0. B. Schmidt, W. A. Ziegler, K. B. FRESHMEN Bafhey, G. A. Beck, M. O. Berumen, M. Black, N. E. Blair, K. L. Bodine, A. D. Browning, C. M. Brumley, B. D. Coffin, C. H. Cordero, V. N. Denny, J. A. Dewm, A. T. Duchamp, E. A. Elsey, R. E. Ferris, R. A. Gager, G. L. Gifford, D. P. Haveman, A. E. Dworaczyk, Hardgrove, Hoke, D. H. HoNingsworth, R. C. Houston, J. B. Hudler, T. J. Lindsay, L. C. Lonon, J. R. Mayeux, H. S. McKinney, J. C. Nabors, M. Potts, W. R. Prewitf, J. T. Prewin, R. A. Rainey, D. J. Remme, M. L. Richards, G. F. Scarborough, C. H. Schur, J. L. Smith, D. B. Swope, J. R. Wingafe, R. D. W W36 ,My i WW XX Vfgng VWQW x wWW 11215115427 1 V6 Rogers, Scharck, Parnell, E. V. Smith, Venglar, Pate, Leigh, Meredith, Groff, SECOND ROW: Barbin, Railston, Langer, Sluis, Jones, Saloma-Orozco, Penrod, Redding, Puckett, Schwertner, Pickard, Wilson, Graham, Herring, Duran, Nelson, Singletary. FIRST ROW: Derebery, Hahn. Commanding Officer DAVID D. HAHN First Sergeant RICHARD L. RAILSTON Executive Officer DANIEL P. DEREBERY, JR. FOURTH ROW: Grams, Hubacek, Wolf, Britten, Gay, Polansky, Darling, Johnson, Mervish, Batten, Lewis, Cafes, Horn, Kraybill, R. Powell, Simpson, Jones, Gregg, J. Powell, Yowell, Berry, Pres- ley, Lewis, Cronk, Mims, Pachall, Scott, Boggess. THIRD ROW: What a good feeling to have the top bunk. But, Sarge-If's not raining in here. ,, , . 1mean Shipman, Thompson, Piccolo, Bowen, Edwards, Shirley, Cafhcart, Patterson, Sedgwick. SECOND ROW: Maddox, Dowling, Anderson, Killings- Herwig, Stewart, Pounds, Price, Peavy, ClarkI worth, Whitaker, Glaser, Price, Huff, Ferguson, Franks, Nelson, LIEUTENANTS Johns, H. K. Moss, G. G. Rhea, D. W. Smith, J. H. Walls, C. N. Bratrfon, J. L. SENIORS ON STAFF Gershbach, H. C. Sassin, A. R. Thomas, L. D. SENIORS Boldman, D. E. Bunkley, J. T. Cockburn, J. P. Garreff, W. J. Holt, W. A. Koym, L. C. McCoy, B. G. McGee, J. T. Miller, M. R. Park, R. A. Pickett, D. E. Potts, J. S. Redding, J. D. SQUADRON 15 ROSTER FRESHMEN Batten, R. N. Berry, L. A. Boggess, R. L. Cafhcart, A. B. Clark, D. W. Cronk, A. C. Darling, W. J. Grams, E. J. Gregg, L. D. Horn, L. G. Sloan, W. D. Surles, P. C. Thrasher, J. D. Lewis, R. D. Maddox, L. A. Pounds, H. E. Presley, E. G. Simpson, J. D. Wolf, W. K. Yowell, M. A. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Anderson, D. H. Huff, L. D. McGarvey, A. J. Thomas, R. W. SOPHOMORES Bennett, V. 0. Bowen, M. C. Briftan, C. L. Edwards, D. W. Gay, J. R. Herwig, W. W. Kraybill, G. A. Osburn, J. R. Pachall, C. W. Patterson, C. F. Peavey, J. W. Piccolo, James Polansky, J. E. Riske, R. M. Scott, P. A. Shipman, J. K. Shirley, R. C. Whitehead, C. D. STAFF SERGEANTS Curington, E. B. Fergeson, R. T. Killingsworth, J. B. JUNIORS ON STAFF Smith, M. D. JUNIORS Franks, J. C. Glaser, J. E; Nelson, B. H. Price, J. B. Whitaker, J. D. CORPORALS Cafes, B. F. Hubacek, J. C. Johnson, J. B. Jones, 0. B. Lewis, L. J. Mervish, A. D. Mims, F. C. Powell, J. W. Powell, R. A. Price, M. L. Sedgwick, A. F. Stewart, R. E. Thompson, R. C. Commanding Officer RONALD W. MARSHALL McGarvey, Curingfon, Thomas. FIRST ROW: Rhea, Brahon, Sas- sin, Koym, Potts, Sloan, Smith, Johns, Marshall, McCoy, Miller, McGee, Cockburn, Holt, Garrett. Executive Officer HERBERT K. JOHNS First Sergeant DENNIS W. DOWLING Mwavy , Nag wymmf" THIRD ROW: Lathrop, Wise, Bird, Myers, Patterson, Connell, Collins, Kooser, Wright, Thornton, Jackson, Roach, Koonce. Stein, Kyle, Fletcher, Holcomb, Doran, Bantle, Dawkins, Chan- SECOND ROW: Taylor, Kauffman, Neal, Smithwick, Ford, Trifon, cellor, Breding, Whafley, Beckcom, Barker, Morton, Fusion, Downs, Bethe, Duran, Stabler, Smith, Offner, Wolfers, Craig, First Sergeant SCOTT W. BECKWITH Who said summer camp was all work? Rick Graham and Carlos Duran practice small unit Tactics. Executive Officer HARRY T. HOSKINS, JR. Commanding Officer ERNEST L. ENER, JR. Pavlicek, Pollard, Hoyak, Singleton, Sedberry, Spencer, Karr, Mills, Lee, Mooney, Calico", Tolleson, Flournoy. FIRST ROW: Beckwifh, Sassman, Hoskins, Ener, Murphy, Vasser, Margraves. SQUADRON 16 ROSTER LIEUTENANTS Ferguson, J. R. Karr, K. G. ConneH, W. B. Jordan, V. E. Singleton, J. M. Hoskins, H. T. Kyle, A- C. Neal, R. M. Confelia, C. K. Kauffman, J. H. Smith, M. I. Margraves, R. D. Mooney, W- 5- Roberson, E. L. Craig, R. G. Koonce, A. R. Smifhwick, J. E. Murphy, J. L. Myers, E- N- PFBSfidge, C- E. DawkinS, M. H. Kooser, D. E. Spencer, G. L. Roach, J. B. Sedberry, J. P. Doran, R. N. Lee, R. G. Sfabler, J. M. SENIORS ON STAFF Thornton, 3- D- SindO, L H. Doens, G. R. McQueary, W, Stein, J. J. Richardson, R. A. Whafley, R. E. Duran, J. M. Miller, W. F. Taylor, H. T. FRESHMEN Fletcher, P. H. Mills, R. D. ToHeson, D. w. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS SOPHOMORES Atkinson, w. c. Flournoy, s. c. Moores, J, J, Trifon, D. A. Roberts, R. D. Barker, R. P- Bethe, K. E. Ford, E. R. Offner, M. B. Vitfefoe, D. C. Sassman, C. D. Ford, L. A. Bird, T. K. Fusfon, L. F. Patterson, L. R, Volluz, M. A. Vasser, W. C. Hinze, R. G. Breding, E. Holcomb, D. R. Pavlicek, R. W. Wise, R. M. Hoyak, J. G. Callcott, W. H. Hooton, J. W. Pollard, G. R. Wolfers, R. A. STAFF SERGEANTS Lafhrop, H. L. Collins, B. J. Jackson, T. H. Scott, S. L, Wright, G. P. Cloninger, R. E. JUNIORS Johnston, R. W. CORPORALS Banfle, T. H' When guests are expected on campus, it is Beckcom, E. A. . Ch II R L customary to clean up and polish the statue ante 0" ' . of "Sully." Naturally, this task falls to the freshmen. Here "fishes" McCarley, Long, Pap- pas, Snider, and Ralph seem to be getting him in pretty good shape. AWARDQ UNIT AWARDS President's Award FIFTH BATTLE GROUP General George F. Moore Trophy Houston Chamber of Commerce Award SQUADRON 8 COMBINED BAND Spencer J. Buchanan Award SQUADRON 8 COMPANY C-3 George P. F. Jouine Award Corps Academic Achievement Award COMPANY E-3 36111 Division Award COMPANY G-I SQUADRON 8 Woolridge Award R. D. Hinton Award . INDIVIDUAL AWARDS Texas Roa Award 3rd BRIGADE COLOR GUARD WILLIAM D. NIX UDC Trophy GEORGE A. WIEDERANDERS ROBERT B. CARTER N. S. Meyer RaebUrn Award Fritz Award ........ SHELDON J. BEST Caldwell Trophy PAUL A. DRESSER D.A.R. Award RICHARD L. RAILSTON Mother's Clubs Award TERRENCE A. ODDSON Outstanding Freshman ROBERT C. KNIPSTEIN HOUSTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AWARDS Corps PAUL A. DRESSER Corps Troops RICHARD L. RAILSTON AND HARLAN E. ROBERTS First Brigade ........ DAVID C. ANDERSON Second Brigade RONALD W. VAUGHAN THOMAS M. ASHY Third Brigade First Wing FRANK R. KIOLBASSA Second Wing GERALD W. SIEGELIN Band .. JAMES M. MORGAN DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AWARDS CHARLES L. BLASCHKE ................ Senior PAUL A. DRESSER Junior MARION C. PUGH Sephomore JAMES A. SULLIVAN Freshman CHICAGO TRIBUNE AIR FORCE AWARDS ARTHUR R. RICHARDSON Senior Senior CLAUDE R. JONES LAWRENCE N. GARRETT Junior GERALD W. SIEGELIN Junior BEST DRILLED UNITS FIRST PLACE COMBINED BAND SECOND PLACE COMPANY I-3 THIRD PLACE SQUADRON ll FOURTH PLACE COMPANY D-2 Cadets receive awards at the annual parenf's day presentation ceremony. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS SOPHOMORES WILLIAM G. BARGMAN ALLAN R. DE VILLENEUVE WILLIAM F. FERNALD AUBREY K. LANGE DONALD R. MATHIAS FREDRICK W. SASSE ALBERT A. TIJERNIA JAMES W. BLANKENSHIP MILTON E. DOUGLASS, JUNIOR AMOS E. KILLINGSWORTH DAVID P. MARION ROBERT D. McMURRAY GLEN E. STOFFERGEN WODDY W. WOODWARD FRESHMEN DONALD R. ALDERMAN PETER B. BELINSKY GARY H. BROTZE DAVID E. GRAHAM JOHN L. HENSLEY, JUNIOR JOHN G. MachUTT DOUGLAS R. MORRIS JIMMY E. NEELY JON E. NOXON EMIL V. SPADAFORA OLIVER l. WEST, JUNIOR MICHAEL D. ASHWORTH ROGER R. BOX ERWIN J. CREIDER RICK J. W. GRAHAM LARRY C. KENNEMER JOHN E. McCLUNG TOMMY W. MUSSER BENNY L. NEW DANIEL W. PALMER TOMMY O. M. STAFFORD, JR. CECIL O. WINDSOR, JUNIOR RONNIE D. WlNN THE LAQTOOPPQTPJP it was judgment clay in Aggieland And tenseness filled the air; AH knew there was a trip at hand, But not a soul knew where. Assembled on the drill field Was the world-renowned Twelfth Man. The entire fightin' Aggie team And the famous Aggie band. And out in front with Royal Guard The reviewing party stood; St. Peter and his angel staftc Were choosing bad from good. First he surveyed the Aggie team And ih terms of an angel swore, "By Jove, I do believe I've seen This gallant group before. "I've seen them play since way back when, And they've always had the grit; I've seen 'em loseand I've seen 'em win, But I've never seen 'em quit. "No need for us to tarry here Deciding on their fates; 'Tis plain as the halo on my head That they've opened. heaven's gates." And when the Twelfth Man heard this, They let out a mighty yellh That echoed clear to Heaven And shook the gates of Hell. "And what group is this upon this side," St. Peter asked his aide, "That swelled as if to burst with pride When we our judgment made?" "Why sir, that's the Cadet Corps That's known both far and wide For backing up their fighting team Whether they won or lost or tied." "Well then," said St. Peter, "It's very plain to me That within the realms of Heaven They should spend eternity. "And have the Texas Aggie Band At once commence to play For their fates too we must decide Upon this crucial day." And the drum major so hearing Slowiy raised his hand And said, "Boys, let's play the Spirit, For the last time in Aggieland." And the band poured forth the anthem in notes both bright and clear, And ten thousand Aggie voices Sang the song they hold so dear. And when the band had finished, St. Peter wiped hiseyes And said, "It's not hard to see Theyire meant for Paradise." And the Colonel of the Cadet Corps said, As he stiffiy tdok his stand, "IVs just another Corps Trip, Boys; We'H march in behind the band." CMLMN$ G 0; gmwing and vital by Q; M226 student body. L Jim and Nat Alvis are headed for the Civilian Student Dance. Section edited by JOHN CHRISTIAN. R. O. MURRAY JEFFREY HARP - RICHARD MOORE Advisor President . Vice-Presidenf DAVID JOHNSON BRYAN RALPH JERRY BELL Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Parliamentarian DON PACKER D. B. NEUMANN DAN WHITEHALL Treasurer Chaplain Assistant Chaplain R. D. ATKINSON JAMES BENSON FRANK BERUGEN FRED BLACKARD REX BUNKLEY Hensel Dorm 15 Freshman Corps Representative Sophomores CHARLES COCKRELL CHARLES DYER KENT JOHNSTON VICTOR KORENEK Seniors Day Students Battalion Leget'r RICHARD PETERSON RONALD REEL TONY SERVELLO GARY SIZENBACH Dorm 16 Hart Civilians Milner 5th Year Students FRANK SRUBAR FRANK STARK ROY THOMPSON MIKE VALEK Apartment Council Hart Athletes Dorm 13 Puryear FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Kass, D.; McDonald, R.; Slone, 8.; Gross, A.; Jackson, L; Sefcik, J.; McCollum, J.; Miller J. THIRD ROW: Sfeadman, C.; Evans, R.; Pifer, B.; Parker, K.; Russ, B.; Mitchell, R.; Gamble, M.; McCants, M.; Almand, T. SECOND ROW: Preiean, J.; Albrecht, W.; Peterson, R.; Alley, T.; Chapa, A.; Fraser, J.; Schroeder, M.; Hicks, H.; Pipes, C.; Bauerschlag, H. FIRST ROW: Essler, A.; Tedford, G.; Garfeiser, G.; Byassee, H.; Thomas, C.,- Dupont, G.; Siieler, A.; Shallcross, R. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Brandt, Jones, Gilbert, Gamble, Hayes, Fore Falletfi, Gloger, Reed. SECOND ROW: Holmes, Burgess, White, Moorer, Grammer, Jozwaik, Young, Richers, Stingel. FIRST ROW: Byrd, Singer, Thurman, Drouilhet, Reyna, Cobler, Boelte, Davis, Davis. ROSTER Ahmed, Basheer Al-Hussciny, Raf Anderson, Wyatt Bakshi, Yoginder Khmer Barnebee, James H. Barnes, William Michael Biswas, M D. Mr. Boatrighf, James A, Boelte, John Edwin Bradshaw, Marvin E. Bragg, Bobby Joe Brandt, Donald Dennis Brandt, Melvyn Ernest Brown, Orille 0., Jr. Burgess, Carroll Louis Byrd, Eugene Nelson Cabron, Franklin E. Casfro, Gil E. Cobler, Richard Gray Cooper, James R Courtney, Lee R. Craig, David J. Crippen, Thomas E. Cupir, Jan H. Davis, Johnny H. Davis, Richard C. Davis, Rodney D. Day, James Dennis Drouilhef, Adrien F. Duncan, Lewis Alvin Eason, Williams Robert Easton, Fredrick G. Edmonds, William David Fulletti, David A. Farm, Ronald L. Farrell, William James Faulk, Robert Hardy Fazli, Syed Imam Finn, James Walter, Jr. Fisher, Johnny Clyde Flores, Luis Mario Fore, James E. Friedberg, Mordecai Gamble, Duane D. Garcia, 0. Antonio Garcia, Victor Eugene Gobbs, William Herman Gilbert, William C. Gilio, Sergio R. Gloger, Richard S. Graham, Owen H Grammer, Broyon Kyle Groves, Leon F. Harris, John Elliott Hason, Syed Mir Hayes, Michael J. Hipp, Robert L. Holick, Donald H. Holmes, Johnny Paul Hord, Robert P. ldoux, John Paul ldris, M. D. Islam, A.FVM. Seravul Jelinek, AI Vincent Jimenez, Pedro Jr. Johnson, Charles G. Jones, Michoie Davis Jozwaik, Paul Louis Jr. Komaluddin, Baklu A. Khamis, Anthony G. Korenek, Edwin John Koster, Samuel Lee, Carl J. Lee, Rodney Linbeck, Thomas Joseph McElroy, James D. Madden, Charles D. Mahdi, Soliamanhl Maiors, Dayle Glenn Marshall, James L. Martinez, Juan A. Menon, P. E. Bhaskara Molina, Eliseo Enrique Moody, Thomas Ned Moorer, Milton Hall Morgan, Mackey Mosman, Timothy J. Musgrove, Clark Guy Naghshineh-Pour, B. Nixon, Clifford D. Oglesby, Gerald J. Parekh, J. L. Pickels, George H. Porter, Charles Osgood Poulsen, Niel Bowman Powell, Woodrow L. Prevost, Rudy John Przybyla, William J. Qadir, MD Abdul Raiu, Pullorko? K. Reel, Ronald Lewis Rekforik, Robert J. Reyna, Elias Garza, Jr. Rhodes, Larry R. Richers, Louis W. Ricks, Robert Clinton Rios, P. Daniel Roberts, Thomas B. Robinson, Douglas Clark Rodriguez, Manuel, Jr. Rogulsky, Peter P. Rosado, Loio Oscar Schmalstieg, Frank C. Schneider, Arland D. Schreck, James Otto Schultz, Marvin Leo Serrill, Richard Rugeley Sharp, Robert Lee Singer, James R. Simms, Gary Mcrvin Smith, Billy Ray Smith, Luther 3., IV Smithey, Lloyd George Stewart, Frank Edwin Stingel, William F. Sickes, William P , Jr. Thomas, Joseph Thurman, Michael Wayne Turner, Wendell Dwayne Wade, Charles Arthur Welborn, Bruce L. Weng, Pao-Shan Wallace, Marshal, Jr. White, Jerry Lynn Williford, Frank Baker Wilbeck, August Clark Winklemann, John R. Young, Billy Joe Zavalc, Manuel A. DORM COUNCIL SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Reel, Falletfi, Hayes, Young, Stingel, Jones. FIRST ROW: Moorer, Thurman, Drouilhef, Singer, Gloger. Aldrich, Albert A. Anderson, Jerry C. Andrick, Jeff P. Baker, Robert V. Bollard, Jerry J. Barker, Richard Bares, Gus Beckwith, Scott W. Beller, Richard L. Berngen, Franke Bethe, Kenneth Eugene Brandt, Buane V. Brown, George R. Jr. Butler, Tommy D. Campbell, Herbert W. Carlton, Freddy W. Carpenter, Edwin H. Chapman, David M. Cloninger, Raymond E. Cobb, Lance Howard Collins, John W. Contella, Carl J. Contreras, Paul Crain, Johnny R. Crain, Wm. Leon Custer, Calvin D. Dequer, Royce D. Denison, David Roy Doran, Russell L. Doreen, William R. Downs, George Ray Duran, John M. Dyer, Douglas J. Dyer, Edward Dean Egger, Larry Eichman, Edwin H. Jr. Ener, E. L., Jr. Ferguson, Jay R. Flourey, Sammy J. Ford, Edwin Roe Fulkerson, John H. German, Hul T. Gideon, Leonard A. Griffey, Bert THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Collins, J.; Wood, C,; Johnson, A.; Eickman, E.; Wolters, R.; Duran, J.; Bickers, D.; Anderson, J.; Hurta, F.; Ener, E. SECOND ROW: Butler, T.; Hancock, W.; Brandt, D.; Myers, N.,- Fulkerson, J.; Hall, R.; Bird, T.; Gideon, L; Runge, J.; Richey, B. FIRST ROW: Neal, 8.; Grochett, W.; Ford, E.; Las- ROSTER Grochetf, William J. Hall, James Ray Hall, Richard S. Hanccck, William M. Harvison, Gary E. Hermann, Robert C. Hillhouse, Stephen A. Holcomb, David R. Holub, Leo D. Hooton, James W. Hoskins, Harry T. Howell, Robert M. Hurm, Frank J. Jamar, Jeffrey John Johnson, Arthur Judd Johnson, Lorry K. Johnston, Ralph W. Karr, Kennard G. Kell, James Carroll Koonce, Alan Ray Kooser, Donald E. Kutac, Harvey J. Kyle, Arthur C. Lassiter, Martin Coker Lathrop, Howard B. Martin, Robert R. Matthews, Louis B. Meadows! Don Mills, Randall R. Mitchell, Pat H. Mooney, William E. Moores, John Jay Myers, Norman Earl Myers, Melvin A. McAdams, Robert V. McCarty, Mike McClure, Michael R. McDaniel, A. Gail McGuire, Charles J. McKenna, George Neal, Ray Eugene Neal, Robert M. Nichols, Robert D. Ouellettel Paul L. WW Palmer, Michael A. Paulson, Roberf C. Parks, Wilbur C. Pizzi'rolo, John A. Poland, Louis W. Pavlicek, Robert W. Prentiss, Tom W. Reeves, Gary W. Richey, Robert C. Robinson, Robert C. Roias, Luis E. Runge, James F. Salazar, Ray Sassman, Clifford D. Schwarzenbock, John Scott, Richard Abe ScoH, Stephen L. Scott, Kenneth L. Sebastian, James W. Shilling, Cecil R. Sindo, Lance Singley, Edwin J. Singley, Jack E. Smith, Michael I. Smitchwick, James M. Jr. Staples, George W. Stark, Frank W. Jr. Sfeffek, John C. Thomas, David L. Thornton, Billy Don Thrope, Donald A. Towler, Harry Badger Turney, William W. Jr. Uresti, Arthur E. VoHuz, Michel A. Walters, Richard Wania, Joseph N. Wanstrath, George R. Wansrath, John J. Waffs, Kaighin G. Wise, Richard M. Wood, Cecil Roy Jr. Wright, George Pat siter, M.,- Campbell, H.; Downs, 0.; Crain, J.; Shilling, C.; Denison, D.; Brown, B. 200 A. L uMu;m A. "1 CURTIS B. ROBERTS , ; .- ; , FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Taliafero, Leifeste, Brookins, Abraham, Wensel, Broussard, Hogg, Loe, Norris, Chapman, Pullen, Klaevemann, Rogers, Alderson, Smith. FOURTH ROW: Thompson, Crouch, Gerberf, Seale, Gallaway, Gonzalez, Branham, Tisinger, Koonce, Megarify, Schmidt, Naill, Martin, Blaschke, Rivera. THIRD ROW: Ely, Drollinger, Ghormley, Watson, LeCrone, Wilson, Nash, Beall, Culver, Enbrock, Thomas, Dreumonf, Moore, George, Teasley. SECOND ROW: Dunn, Cook, Van- diver, Parker, Gent, Shapiro, Minkon, Coleman, Blumin, Hafzenbuehler, Gumm, Humphries, Hernandez, Hug, Clark, Farror, Downing, Hook. FIRST ROW: Frith, Carnes, J., David, Kimball, Hyman, Brecher, Heinrich, Hamilton, Sayers, Vacera, Corder, Dillon, Harp, Cracknell, Beal, Flores, Coppinger, Lee, Carnes, P. DORM COUNCIL President Law Hall Sweetheart: DIANE SHIRLEY FRANK P. VACERA THIRD ROW, Left to Righf: Bracher, A.,- Kimball, D.; David, J.; Flores, A.,- Harp, J. SECOND ROW: Rogers, W.; Heinrich, R.; Cracknell, R.; Coppinger, J.; Dillon, W. FIRST ROW: Sayers, MA; Corder, P.; Vecera, F.,- Hamilton, J.; Hyman, J.; Beall, C. ROSTER Abraham, Herbert Adens, Thomas E. Akin, Donny G. Ampuero, Robert F. Appel, John H Armstrong, Daniel E. Aikinson, William C. Bell, Brian C. Barron, Patrick Bateman, Walter M. Beal, Charles C. Beall, Jack C. Bechcom, Edwin A. Berg, Robert W. Berry, Edwin C. Bier, Robert H. Bingham, Robert Blonkman, Richard H, Bloschke, James Blumin, Steven N. Bond, Louis H. Borg, David A. Branham, Bryce W. Brecher, Allen R. Brookins, Michael Broussard, Gordon G. Browning, Bobby J. Burns, Paul A. CcllcoH, Vunn Calcorf, William H. Campbell, David F. Condella, Leon J. Jr. Canup, Campbell R. Carnes, James D. Comes, Philip A. Coston, Jimmy D, Chapman, Philip R. Chow, GuiHermo Christman, Howard M. Cissell, Robert M. Clark, Lee H. Climie, Robert L. Coleman, Randy J4 Cook, Curtis P. Cook, Larry E. Coppinger, John T. Carder, Paul R. Cracknell, Roy W. Craig, Dole Crouch, Gary W. Crow, Jerry D. Culver, Byron K. Cunningham, Jack L. Dail, Michael David, James E. Deutrich, Fred H. Dillon, William E. Downing, James H. Dreumont, Antonio Drollinger, Harry B. Dunn, Tony R. Dunn, William E. Ellis, John M. Ellis, Lewis C. Enbrock, James E. Farley, Arthur R. Farrar, James R. Fite, Daniel L. Frith, Charles E. Gage, Errol D, Golaway, Robbie L. Galloway, Thomas M. Gardner, Lawrence Gerbert, Joshua Ghormley, Arnold B. Glover, David W. Gonzales, William K. Goodman, James L. Graves, David E. Gumm, Harold W. Hall, Claude Hamilton, James R. Jr. Hammonds, Charles Hansen, Alton A. Harper, James L. Harp, Jeffery C. Harrell, James E. Harrimon, William 8. Hart, Harry W. Harley, Frederick F. Ha Izenbuehler, Charles C. Henderson, Donald R. Hernandez, Luis Hines, Ronald S. Hinoiosa, C. Jesus Holland, James D. Homayoun, Manouchehr Hogg, Roy L. Hook, Charles 0. Hug, James F. Humphries, Donald L. Jacobson, Gilbert N. Jenkins, Britt Kuzda, John L. Kelley, Walter 0. Kennedy, Al. C. Kimball, Douglas Kinney, Jerry N. Kloevemon, William G. Knott, John E. Kooncel Gary W. Krenek, Benedick J. LaGronge, Ross Lamar, Pierce L. Lavender, William A. Lawless. W. Poul LeCrone, Joe M. LedbeHer, Ronald F. Lee, John E. Lee, Kenneth B. Lee, Robert E. Lee, Robert G. Leifesfe, Rodney Lissick, Victor Jr. Livingston, Neil S. Lee, Bennie Moher, Charles R. Manna, Lawrence R. Marcum, Timothy D. Martin, Aubrey G. May, Robert A. McAlpin, William R. McBrayer, Michael McDonald, Don R McLean, Ken J, McMahon, M Kent McQueary, William A. Megarity, David T. Menville, E. Roy Merren, Rogelio A. Miller, James E. Minkon, Sheldon A. Minnick, Timothy Mooney, Robert J. Moore, John E. Muirheod, Robert H. Naill, Walter E. Jr. Navarro, Marion W. Nichols, Jerry Nilson, John Norman, Terry Norris, John R. Oatmon, Wilburn 5. Jr. Offner, Michael III Parker, Jerry F. Pitts, Gerald W. Plodinec, Ronald G. Poole, J. Michael PriveH, William Preas, Eddie Pugh, Marion C. Ray, Alexis M. Reynolds, David L. Richardson, Robert L. Riner, Gary D. Rivera, Carlos M. Roach, James Robinson, Joy F. Jr. Rogers, William J. Rogers, Maynard L. Roguemore, Michael Rutledge, Jay Dean III Salas, Daniel W. Sanchez, Juan M. Sargent, William S. Sayers, Marvin J. Schlinke, David L. Schmidt, John A. Seale, Frank W. Show, William B. Shivers, Robert Sloan, Frank O. Smith, Richard W. Smith, Thomas E. M. Spadora, Joe Sparks, Melvin L. Stein, Jerry Talley, Carl M. Teasley, John H. Thomas, Gary A. Thompson, Keith Thompson, Paul E. Thompson, Robert F. Thornell, Gerald E. Tisinger, David L. Tolleson, William D. Trifon, David A. Tumlinson, Ken Vacera, Frank P. Vandiver, Robert L. Vosser, Billy ViHetoe, Donnel C. Watson, Carl L. Weatherman, Alvin Weiseberg, George H. Wensel, Nolan R. Wharley, Richard Wheelock, Richard J. Williams, Gary Wilson, Marshall P. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Smith, D.; Korenek, V.; Stasney, P.; Smyth, J.; Flores, R.; Shupak, G.; Hlavinka, J.; Presswood, L. THIRD ROW: Korenek, J.; Cozby, G.; Heyen, J.; Mares, D.; Deen, W.; Harris, J.; Bunkley, R.; Copeland, R.; Kyzar, T.; Korenek, K. SECOND ROW: Camp, 8.; Mink, H.; Brasington, J.; Strange, W.,- Jen- drusch, G.; Morrow, J.; Vaughan, J.; Golladay, H.; McCann, D.; Respess, R.; Naiser, D.; Wallace, J. FIRST ROW: McCool, B.; Fillinger, T.; Raybourne, M. Kiolbassa, T.; Catchings, R.; Secor, W.,- Booker, C.,- Carter, J.; Schneider, H.; Allen, 8.; McGregor, F. - Aikman, Rex Alvarado, Agustin Allen, Stanley Bachmeyer, Roy Barrington, William Bocera, Joe Bentley, Dennis Bighorn, Robert Blanton, Matthew Bloomer, Henry Booher, Charles Bcrsche, John Brandon, Cecil Brasingfon, John Bullock, Gary Bunkley, Rex Camp, Bill Campbell, Billy Carson, E. A. Carter, James Castaneda, Jose Catchings, Ronald Cauble, James Chesson, John Cole, Donnell Coonrod, Wayne Gordon, Oscar Coulson, David Cowan, Woody Cozby, George Crosser, Daniel Crouch, Roger Cunningham, John Deenl Wallace Dodson, Carl Dover, Wilbur Duggon, Richard Dyar, William Engl'e, Laird Evans, Joe Fillinger, Thomas Fitch, Jack Fleming, Carl Flores, Raul Freeman, Charles Fritz, OH' Fromen, Charles Fuguo, Floyd Garner, Larry Geigermiller, Eugene Golladoy, Harvey Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez, Marcelino Graham, Robert Graves, Gene Greenwood, William Greer, Mike Griesenbeck, C. A. Guevara, Alvaro Hagamanl Whit? Hall, Donald DORM COUNCIL Honzalik, Herman Harris, Jack Harvey, Clayton Hasten, William Herrmann, Richard Hefherington, Noble Heyen, John Higgins, Patrick Hill, Harold Hlavinka, J. J. Hoffpawir, Stanley Homero, Martinez Hudson, William lnce, Charles Jendrusch, Gerald Jenne, John Jewell, Elmer Jones, George Kendrick, Norman Kennedy, Al Key, Robert Kidd, William Kiel, Glenn Kiolbassa, Tom Knox, Eldon Korenek, Joseph Korenek, Kenneth Korenek, Victor Kuean, Nolan Kyzar, C. T. ROSTER SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Korenek, V.; Stasney, P.; Korenek, J.; Cozby, G.,- Smith, D. FIRST ROW: Raybourne, M.; McCann, 0.; Carter, J.; McCool, B.; Hlavinka, J.; Kyzar, T. Lawrence, Michael Lemke, Doran Lindsey, George McCann, Don McCool, Bryan McGlothlin, Jim McGregor, Forresf Marelli, John Mares, Daniel Martinez, Homero Mason, Lloyd Miller, Ronald Milingfon, James Minx, Hubert Mohr, Bob Monford, Leo Moore, Jack Moore, John Morrow, James Morrow, John Muegge, F. A. Munro, Charles Murdock, Don Murray, Bernard Musick, William Noiser, Donald Nester, James Ney, Patrick O'Heeron, John O'Neill, James Parry, W. H. Patton, John Peeler, Lee Pippin, Nathan Pollock, Larry Porter, John Presswood, Lain Ramon, Cantu Raybourne, Mike Redwine, Donald Respess, Richard Rhodes, Donald Rodriquez, Jesus Roeder, Edmund Rosenbaum, Gene Rugh, Ronnie Runyon, William Russell, Samuel Salinas, Jose Schneider, Harry Schreiber, Joe Schroeder, Gory Schuh, Leonard Secor, William Serna, Enrique Shelfer, William Shipley, Grady Shupak, George Simpson, Charles Smith, David President JOHN R. LIVELY Smith, James Smith, J. C. Smyth, Joe Sobey, Tom Speed, Jarvier Spencer, John Stosney, Allen Sfaudf, John Stevens, James Stevens, William Strange, William Taylor, William Ternus, Tom Theis, John Turney, Adrian Valienfe, Edwardo Vuliente, Guillermo Vaughan, J. C Villarreal, Adolfo Wade, Anthony Wall, Louis Wallace, John WalzeI, Joe Webb, James Wigington, Sam Wilkinson, Edward Wiss, Jerald Wood, Larry Zarzavilla, Humberto Zerbe, Manfred Adair, Thomas Allen, John Anderson, WayH Appleton, Roy Arledge, George Bartee, James Beard, Paul Bedrich, Curtis Beighle, Phillip Beileldf, James Boy, Ernst Boy, Hans Brasher, Richard Brafton, Gerald Brosfek, Alexander Brown, Robert Buchanan, Terrell Buck, Charles Burchers, Jack Burkhard, William Byassee, Horace Cain, George Carter, Donald Caseres, Refugio Gassidy, Donald Castro, William Ghan, Peter Chandler, Derrell Chang, Granger Chifwood, Kenneth Coburn, Winfred Connelly, Thomas Coonrod, Phillip Corwin, George Cowan, James Cowley, Jerry Cox, Joe Cuiper, John Cummings, Jerry Davenport, Roe Davis, Richard Dennen, William Doherty, Thomas Duble, Richard Dudersfade Culver Durham, Lavoyger Eder, Alan Elfont, Robert Engdahl, Gilbert Estep, Gary Estes, Garvis Eubank, Robert Evers, Gerald MHLNEQ MILL Evers, William Falco, William Faubion, Billy Finkelstein, Mark Flores, Ruben Floyd, Dennis Francisco, Jdck Freeman, Charles Garces, Alvaro Garcia, Muzquiz Garreiser, Gerald Ghormley, Arnold Gomez, Robert Gomi, Isao Gonzalez, Eduardo Graham, Frank Graham, Owen Graves, David Green, Joe Greenwood, Thomas Huines, William Hanover, Gene Hausmunn, Richard Haynes, Vernon Heep, Gerald Heideman, Kenneth Helguero, Victor Hemphill, Henry Henigan, Allen Hernandez, Guadalupe Hernandez, Ricardo Hidalgo, Stanley Holder, Edward Holloman, John Hooke, William Howle, Willard Hranifzky, Emanuel Hsu, Joseph lnchausfe, Jorge James, Karl Johnson, Charles Johnston, George Jovenfino, Iran Jung, Curtis Kamaluddin, Bakfe Kawakami, Koichi Keller, Richard KeHeI, Charles Key, John Killion, Leonard Kistner, Richard Klofz, Larry Klufz, William ROSTER Kreymer, John Krieg, Daniel Kutach, Sylvester Lommers, Lawrence Lee, Jerry Linseisen, Edward LiHIe, James Lopez, Benito Low, Thomas Mahdi, Solaimanul Morciaco, Juan Marek, Glenn Marmolejo, Noe Mutelske, Richard Muffhews, Louis McBee, James McCauley, James McCollum, James McDonald, Gary McKelvain, Burrell Melfon, Roberf Miller, William Miska, Frank Mitchell, Vic Moody, David Moritz, Burt Moss, Ronald Mowlam, Thomas Nance, Michael Newberry, Jerry Partida, Roland Patterson, James Perez, Leopoldo Pickles, Robert Pina, Manuel Plagens, Clarence Quinn, Michael Rainey, Hugh Reachi, Santiago Reeves, Solon, Reid, David Resfrepo, Alvaro Riquelmy, Robert Ritchie, Gerald Robbins, William Roberson, Jimmy Roberts, Wilfred Rodriguez, Jose Rotter, Henry Rowland, Wesley Rutherford, Frank Salon, Abdulla Santos Salvador Schuesslerl Lorenzo Secberg, Charles Seaman, Charles Segelquisf, Charles Self, Alfred Servello, Tony Simmons, Joe Sinz, Kurt Snyder, Frederick Solalinde, Jorge Sommer, John Sofo, Nieves Spears, James Speer, Vernon St. Pierre, Ernest Stanton, James Sievens, Homer Strait, Luther Svribley, Kendrick Sullivan, John Swindle, Ted Thedford, Marvin Thiele, Roberf Tiierina, Juan Tinney, John Toliver, Jim Tovar, Rodriguez Trevino, Louis TruiH, Timothy Upfmore, David Urdaneta, Rafael Vale, Martin Valverde, Luis Vega, Julio Villarreal, Guadalupe Villarreal, Oscar Vogf, Walter Wallace, Farrell Walton, James Way, Charles Webb, Sidney Weber, Edward WeddIe-Calderon, Rafael Weerapaf, Prophus Weiser, Harold Wesf, John Wheeler, Kenneth Yco Tso-wei Zbranek, Willie Zepeda, Abdon FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Amad, M.; Herbrig, W.; Hsu, J.; Chang, 6.; Cowan, J.; Krieg, D.; Moody, D.; Turner, 6.; Cox, R.; Caseres, R.; Spears, J.; Kim, H. THIRD ROW: Lyerly, J.; Falco, W.; Moritz, B.; Villarreal, G.; Strait, L.; Johnson, C.; James, K.; Lammers, L; Coburn, W.; Lee, J.; Robbins, W.; Boy, A. SECOND ROW: Lara, 0.; Hill, J.; Heideman, K.; Garcia, A.; Solalinde-, J.; Boehm, W.; Oliver, P.; Kreymer, J.; Salan, A.; Melton, R.; Uptmore, D.; Truiillo, J. FIRST ROW: Kisfner, R.; Servello, A.; Tinney, J.; Cain, G.; Linseism, E.; lnchauste, J.; Joventino, l.; Davenport, R. 203 FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Viefh, 3.; Fry, 8.; Daggs, B.; Teal, B.; Molik, T.; Adams, W.; Kruemcke, M. THIRD ROW: Thomason, 8.; Scarborough, D.; McCollough, R.; Meyer, Olson, D.; Reeves, 5.; Birch, C.; Le Blanc, G.; Olivares, A.,- Benefield, R. SECOND ROW: Gillette, Lewis, J.; Rioias, N.; Rice, R.; Parnell, C.; Webber, R.; Echols, W.; Cockrell, C.; Carter, L.; Granf, A.; Oliver, 8.; Olivas, EXQKVX mmnw R.; Armstrong, R.; Voelkel, T.; Britain, J.; Johnson, D.; Konradi, A.; Gardner, -R.; Gore, J.; Head, H.; Mahoney, J.; Lowes, J.; Fikes, W. Adams, Leslie G. Adams, William T. Aloniz, Robert Alexander, Roger W. Allen, John K. Armstrong, Robert D. Bedinger, Charles A. Benefield, Richard L. Bennett, Hermon H. Birch, Cullen G. Bittick, Jasper D. Bleau, Paul A. Brofz, Kenneth W. Brewer, James W. Britain, Jack C. Brown, Larry G. Busch, Paul A. Collaway, Ben E. Carbary, Raymond V. Caner, Leslie Allen Carrillo, Arturo L. Cafhey, Jimmy J. Clifford, Nasa M. Cockrell, Charles W. Cook, Donald D. Cormuny, Charles E. Daggs, Bobby A. Danes, William R. Eccles, Roy J. Echols, Wally D. Edwards, Franklin G. Eith, George D. Esquivel, Moses Eubcnk, Charles M. Fadal, James W. Follin, Michael M. Faulk, Danny J. Felt, Roger L. Ferrell, Allen D. Fikes, William R. Flowers, Phillip R. Folsom, Ralph E. President Fry, Siephen T. Fuentes, Jerome A. Gardner, Ronald G. George, Charles R. Germany, Jesse R. Gibson, W. John Gillette, James F. Gore, John T. Grant, Albert D. Green, Jerry Glen Greer, Max Merrill Jr. Griffith, Mike W. Gurley, Glenn C. Gutierrez, Francisco J. Harrison, Burt C. Head, Howard M. Heerde, WiloH Hickman, Jesse A. Hinkle, Charles Lee Hosier, Edgar D. Hughes, William H. JOHN W. LOWES lll ROSTER Hyer, Dell M. Johnson, David W. Johnson, Michael W. Jones, James D. Jr. Jordan, William H. Jr. Joyer, Richard A. Kano, Edward J. Kelly, Robert M. Kennedy, Rankin Kirk, Joel B. Konradi, Andrew Kruemcke, Morris E. Larremore, David E. LeBlanc, Gerald J. Lee, Robert B. Lewis, James C. Lowes, John W. lll Lumpkin, William L. McCollough, Ralph A. McLean, Donald G. Mahund, Kenneth R. Mahoney, John M. II Mahby, James Mcrgrove, Michael W. Mafelske, Richard E. Maverick, John F4 Maxwell, John F. Meade, Ramon Meyer, John E. Miller, Glyn C. Mohr, Mickey D. Molik, Terry P. Montgomery, David F. Mqore, Charles W. Morris, Douglas H. Murphy, Stephen L. Nelson, A. Foster Nichols, Robert W. Olivares, Alberf M. Olives, Jose R. Oliverl Byron D. O'Connor, John J. Olson, Don M. Ortega, Henry C. Parker, Lorry G. Parks, Billy D. Parnell, Clyde 0. Pena, Luis N. Piboin, Louis I. Powell, George W. Pope, Travis S. Pursley, Jerry Wayne Roiney, Hugh T. Ralph, Bryon Ratliff, Billy T. Reeves, 5. Alvin Jr. Rice, Robert R. Rideout, David W. Rioias, Norbert Rodriquez, Jose 1. Rhode, Norris D. Roncskevifz, Richard C. Solcbarria, Miguel A. Sondefer, David B. Scarborough, Dan M. Schlaeger, Tony Schmersuhl, Dennis L. Schuelke, Larry L. Sefcik, Allen T. Simon, Jerry J. Singleton, Anthony Lee Slope, Robert J Smith, Jack G. Smith, Douglas W. Sorenson, William R. Sfearns, Joseph E. Stringer, James L. Strubl Rodney J. Sverlik, Dennis J. Taylor, Ralph W. Taylor, Wayne E. Teal, Barry 8. DORM COUNCIL STANDING, Left to Right: Gore, J.; Johnson, D.; Voelkel, T.; Britain, J.; Sfrub, R.; Fikes, W. SEATED: Lowes, J.; Gardner, R.; Armstrong, R.; Pena, L. L.; Schlaeger, W. FOURTH ROW: Germany, J.; Vann, R.; Winfrey, J.; Jordan, J.; Cathey, J.; Simon, J.; Eccles, R.; Zamzow, K.; Tiierina, J.; Moore, C.; J.; Felt, R.; Schuelke, L.; Cook, D.; Brewer, J.; Kelly, R.; Hyer, D.; J. FIRST ROW: Pena, L; Sandefer, D.; Strub, Tees, David Class Terry, Roger D. Thomason, Braxton H. Thurman, Michael L. Tiierina, Jaun M. Vann, Richard D. Vieth, Bert L. Voelkel, Travis T. Warring, Jerry R. Way, Charles.N. Webber, Robert W. White, Douglas T. Wilber, William W. Jr. Wiley, Marvin L. Jr. Williams, Johnny R. Williamson, Morris L. Winfrey, James E. Wright, John R. Zamzow, Kenneth A. Zumwalf, John H. DORM COUNCIL SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Willman, R.; Estrada, L.,- Baylor, E.; Valek, M.; Spillman, C.; Krawefz, H. FIRST ROW: Barrier, D.; Rapp, H.; Shanks, G.; Garcia, J.; Williams, J.; Galindo, E. President JUAN G. DOMINGUEZ , ,W FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Barbee, M.; Adams, P.,- Griffin, T.; Milburn, T.; James, R.; Muirhead, R.; Barrier, D.; Spillman, D.; Spengler, D.; Smith, M.; Warren, L; Peterson, R.; Willman, R.; Spangler, D. FOURTH ROW: Beke, J.; Galindo, C.,- Herring, D.; Suleiman, l.; Yzaguirre, G.; Elizondo, R.; Gereda, R.; Rogers, B.; Holloway, R.; Berlange, D.; Schoenemann, W.; Woods, W.; Kennedy, A.; McGowen, R.; Cuellar, J. THIRD ROW: Margo, R.; Sladek, H.; Valek, M.; Pate, R.; Gibson, D. Waller, F.; Hoch, R.; Benes, J.; Barham, B.; O'Brien, M.; Jones, J.; Arocha, R. SECOND ROW: Calloway, G.; Hoffmann, J.; Baylor, B.; Kappler, H.; Burnett, W.; Ramirez, A.; Arguelles, E.; Swarez, A.; Finch, J.; Faulkner, G.; Wehner, B.; Cathey, J.; Jungkind, D.; Trevino, M.; Earley, R.; Candelaria, F. FIRST ROW: White, W.; Cooper, C.; Fisher, H.; Sparks, J.; Frye, D.; Garcia, R.; Palacio, R.; Brown, L.; Whinenberg, P.; West, D.; Dominguez, J.; McDaniel, 0.; Taylor, H.; Jones, W.; Tavakolian, M.; Garcia, J.; Rapp, H.; Olivares, A.; Morris, J. Abdo, George Ablemon, Daniel Adams, Phillip Alderson, John Alexander, Earl Alvarado, Edmundo Arguelles, Edwards Arocha, Ricardo Barbee, Michael Barham, Bobby Barrier, Donald Baker, John Bantle, Harold Batson, Thomas Baylor, Edwin Bedoya, Carlos Benes, Joe Bertillion, Leland Blankinship, David Boyd, Glenn Brown, Lawrence Buck, Travis Buffo, Michael Burnett, William Callowoy, George Campos, Edwardo Cantrell, Thomas Cassify, John Castanon, Richard Cathey, James Cooper, Damon Craig, Robert Crowell, Thomas Cuellar, Jaime Dale, John Dominguez, Juan Donnell, Lyndon Doporto, Julio Dwight, Fred Earley, Ronald Elizondo, Reynaldo Emitfee, Joe Estrada, Luis Faulkner, Gerald Ferguson, John Finch, Joe Fisher, Henry Fohn, Nick Frye, Patrick Galindo, Christian Gluindo, Eudoro Garza, Alberto Garcia, Delfino Garcia, Enrique Garcia, Jesus Garcia, Robert Gibson, David Gray, Patrick Greek, Gersld Green, Patrick Griffin, Terry Grebe, A. Max Groff, Wallace Halldorson, Michael Ham, Howard Hanks, Leslie Hansen, Richard Harlfield, Don Haynes, Vernon Heard, Ernest Heinrich, Carl Hendryl Ronald Hermon, John Herring, David Higgins, Alan Hoch, Forest Hoffman, James Isle, Michael ROSTER James, Robert Javakerian, Shehriar Jenkins, Richard Johnson, Kenneth Jones, James Kappler, Howard Kane, Kimberlin Kusowski, Robert Kenny, Roy Knippo, Edwin Knox, Royce Kornfuehrer, Douglas Kothmann, Herbert Krawetz, Harry Lesier, Feldon Lozano, Jose Margo, Roberto Murrow, Morris Martinez, Candelario Martinez, Jose Mason, William Mathis, Evan Milburn, Thomas Miley, William Montalvo, Leopoldo Montgomery, Jerry Moore, James M. Moore, James R. Moss, Richard MacDonald, Alan McCall, James McCoy, George McDaniel, O'Rell McDonald, Herbert McDonald, Richard McGee, Edwin McGowen, Robert McKinney, Phillip McPherson, Donald Nicholsl David Nickell, Robert Nifsch, John Nixon, James O'Brien, Carell Olivares, Andres Pclacio, Edison Parker, Danny Parker, James Pate, Ronald Percival, Alfred Peter, Phillip Peterson, Alford Peterson, Robert PegoH, James Posf, Lynn' Ramirez, Adolfo Rapp, Harry Reese, William Reid, William Reue, Glenn Reyna, Pedro Richmond, Elliot Roberts, Joe Rogers, Robert Rogers, Jesse Rubio, David Ruez, Demetrio Sanchez, Celso Sontire, Stanley Schiller, Maurice Schoenemann, William Schofield, John Shanks, Gerald Shown, Bobby Shepherd, Clarence Simank, Morris Simpson, Charles Sladek, Herbert Smallwood, Robert Smith, Michael Soland, Fred Spengler, David Sparks, James Speir, John Spillman, Charles Spitzer, David Starr, Howard Stiles, David Sturgeon, William Suleiman, Ibrahim Swan, Charles Torr, Jimmie Tarrant, Edgar Tavokolian, Mohammad Taylor, Harold Thompson, Allen Thurman, Wayman Trevino, Manual Volarezo, Carlos Valek, Michael Vazquez, Sergio Woligura, Randolph Waller, Floyd Ward, Barry Warren, Lawrence Weber, Dale Wendf, Wayne Wesf, Marvin Westmoreland, Gary White, Don WhiHenburg, Paul Williams. James Williams, James M. Willmanl Richard Windham, Terrell Woodall, John Woods, Warren YarrHe, Aalon Yzaguirre, George WALTON WEST Alcala de, Stefano, Arturo Alexander, Lawrence E. Arrington, Henry T. Bacico, Woodrow L. Jr. Blake, David E. Barrett, Paul G. Batcheler, Edward J. Baxter, Michael C. Bearden, John P. Benson, Fletcher L. Bernard, Theodore E. Boyd, Robert C. Bradley, Darrell C. Brady, Linn Brandom, Cary L. Brinoin, Mucky L. Brown, Raymond L. Burns, Lonnie J. Corlisle, Rodney T. Carter, James C. Cosh, Gary D. Chaney, William Chapple, Farnk E. Christian, Don 0. Christie, Richard G. Clancy, Larry D. Coker, John L. Crosby, Richard Daniels, Clifton Jr. Darrow, Jon A. Derrick, Laurence V. Donaldson, Charles G. Dotson, James A. Dowling, Errol S. Drabek, James B. Duncan, Silos E. Duty, Douglas W. Dye, Joel G. Edling, Thomas O. Ellison, Raymond T. Emanis, James R. Emerson, Ray Ferris, Darrel L. Fischer, Paul Jr. Flores, Omar M. Flowers, Thomas L. Fry, Edgar L. Gaille, Raymond S. Garrison, Darrell D. Gibson, David D. Gilmore, Donald W Glaze, Kenneth E. Glueck, Ellis E. Jr. Graeme, Jock K. Grumbles, James V. Guerra, Carlos E. Guerra, Jose 0. Habze, Jose A. Hairston, Richard M. Hansard, James B. Hansen, Harley A. Hortsell, Pot Harlow, Michael R. Henderson, James H. Hopper, Barry R. Hoza, Richard G. Huchton, Richard M. lhms, Orlan L. Johnson, Raymond Jr. Johnston, Kent M. Keller, Michael E. Krebs, Arno W. Lambert, John W. Jr. Longhoff, Raleigh R. Lawrence, Allen 5. Jr. Lipp, David W. Lirzler, John H. Lowry, William H. Maher, Jose A Marks, Philip J. Massey, Billy G. Matthews, Thomas M. Manhews, Thomas N. McCallister, Clovis E. McDaniel, Keith R. Mcllhaney, Guy W. Mikus, Douglas T. Miller, John H. Jr. Moffitf, Earl A. Moon, Thomas E. Moore, Lawrence Y. Mora, Federico S. Morelos, Zorogoza R. Morgan, William E. Morris, Kenneth M. Novosad, Ted 5. Oehl, Marvin James Orhard, John H. Orrell, C Kim Parades, Antonio Jr. Park, Thomas W. Parsons, Perry W. Payne, Jake L. Perez, Luis A. Pesek, Franklin G. Pinkney, Fred C. Polk, Leroy J. Jr. Power, Jerry M. Rachel, Richard W. Rawley, Carrol J. Read, Charlie H. Redwine, David H. -Rhoades, Ned L. Riddle, Thomas E. Rochelle, Joel P. Rodriguez, Enrique Romanowski, Raymond E. JL Roming, Leland D. Roth, Clayton L. Rudder, Edward E. Russell, Gerald W. Sarachq, Carlos R. Schulz, Robert G. Seole, Larry Shaw, Lyman E. Sheldon, Winslow G. Slavik, George J. Jr. Snow, Raymond H. Spacek, James F. Stewart, Kenneth L. Stryker, Allen J. Taylor, James H. Taylor, Milbyrn A. Thompson, David R. Thompson, Ronald C. Tisdale, Larry W. Toman, Raymond P. Jr. Traylor, Shelby G. Tremain, Lyn E. Vocek, Francis E. Valdez, Javier Worrington, David Watkins, Glenn W. Watts, Nathaniel W. Weber, Walter T. Wehner, Arthur L. Wendel, Larry A. Wheeler, Michael H. White, George K. Whitlock, Clifford Womack, John E. Wynn, Maxey R. WA LTON EAST Adair, Thomas Allen, Charles Almond, Malcolm Alston, George Alston, Jimmy Archibald, Timothy Arts, Jack Axfell, Clyde Ayers, Kenneth Badevy, Miguel Barker, H. A. Barnes, Vernon Borsch, Bob Beaumont, Michael Brock, Michael Burman, Sam Cadrington, Thomas Caldwell, A. H. CampbeH, Gary Camero, Hector Carpenfer, Jimmie Cawyer, Raymond Chopa, Joe Clark, Keith Clymer, Albert Colgin, Andrew Connelly, James Conner, James Cooper, Hamil Coughfield, Roy Coufal, Jimmie Crider, Jerry Cruse, Leonard Daniels, Lee Davis, Wm. Dees, Allan Dellcno, Antonio Dennis, Richard Diaz, Juan Disinger, Thomas Draw, Wm. Dugger, Wilby Dulock, Raymond Elliott, Charles Engdahl, Gil Fansel, Tom Fathouer, John Fisher, Garry Florence, Monty Forkel, Edgar Freeman, Melvin Frizzel, Roy FrueH, Joe Furber, James Garcia, Luis Garcia! M. E. Gilberf, A. T Gilmore, Donald Goddard, ldis Grebe, Ernest Groves, Michael Guilloud, Garry Guymon, Richard Haggard, Kenneth Hancock, W. R, Harmon, Larry Harris, Ronald Harris, Wm. Heife, Wm. Henderson, Roy Henry, Gene Herschel, Antony Hood, Robert Holmes, Ennis Hull, Jacob Hunter, Robert Hurley, David Irvin, Leslie Jocoby, Roy Jenkins, Paul Johnson, Charles Johnson, Max Johnson, Wm. Jones, Hugh Jones, Paul Jung, Curtis Keller, Carl Kilgore, M. R. Kirk, John Krouse, Malcolm Lamb, Colin Lee, Lyle Lewis, Arthur Ligon, Frank Lindley, Joe Lock, John Locke, Larry Lovelace, David Luzius, Carl Manning, John Morable, Max Marciarq, Rodrigo Maruach, Raul McAdams, Michael McChesney, Mike McKinnis, Batrick McWiIliams, Bill Ming, E. C. Montgomery, Ernesf Moore, Richard Munson, John Munson, Lewis Murff, Stanley Neweff, James Newland, Leo Nicely, Clyde Niemann, Edward Niefo, Fernando Obedienfe, Jorge Patterson, Ronald Pena, Gustavo Peterson, Keith Rgmbin, Ronald Recfor, William Reynolds, Harold Richardson, Clarence Riddell, Wiley Riech, RobertL Riker, Ronald Ritchiel Gerald Roberts, Carl Roberis, Donald Robinson, Gary Rodgers, Wm. Rosselle, Wm. Rutledge, James Salalienro, Miguel Sartwelle, William Scalise, Charles Schilloci, Joseph Shafer, Robert Show, Millard Simpson, Russell Smith, Iror Smith, Reed Stahl, Konroe Stein, Franklin Stevens, Homer Strandfmon, Gerald Stubbs, Robert Tenger, Neil Thigpen, Douglas Twomey, Raymond Underwood, Donny Valz, Arthur Van Bibber, Johnny Wall, James Ward, James Watkins, Roy Wayfek, Oscar Webster, Albert Weiser, Ronald White, Gene Whitehall, Dan Whitlock, Lorry Wimbish, Gary Wimbish, Roberf Winters, David Womack, Glenn Wood, Gale Wright, James Wurzbach, Clark Yondell, Jack OFFICERS STANDING: Moore, R.; Taylor, M-. SEATED: Disinger, T.; God- dard, l.; Wood, G. ABSENT: Fathauer,-J. FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Wurzbach, C.; Dulock, R.; Roming, L.; Slavik, G.; Wimbish, G.; Toman, R.; Spacek, J.; Stein, F.; Stevens, H.; Taylor, M.; Duncan, E. FOURTH ROW: White, G.; Munson, J.; Emanis, J.; Womack, G.; Chapple, F.; Twomey, R.; Jocoby, R.; Wood, G.; Dofy, D.; Nicely, C. THIRD ROW: Lamb, C.; Batcheler, E.,- Roth, C.; Moore, R.; Grumbles, J.; Crosby, R.; Allen, C.; Brandom, C.; Bernard, T.; Peterson, K. SECOND ROW: Baxter, M.; Balke, D.; Lambert, 8.; Kirk, J.; Clark, K.,- Oehl, M. FIRST ROW: Taylor, J.; Guerra, C.,- Moore, L; Riddle, T.; Guerra, J.; Carter, J.; Drew, 8.; Rambin, R.; Hancock, W.; Disinger, T.; Goddard, l. . ' 7M'WJIWI'MWIWWM QPOPJQ . . . always backed by . the Twelfth Man. The crowd pouring into Kyle Field always includes some sweet young things. Section edited by H. E. WERT. PHIL B. GOODE DR. C.H. GRONEMAN RANSDELL D. BUTLER HARRY L. KIDD From left to right: Frank Summers, Hugh Anderson, Bill Brashears, Torn Nelson and Mike Hank Foldberg was Twice an All-American end wiTh Army's greaT Teams of The mid- forTies and TurTher disTinguished as "coach of The year" in The Missouri Valley Confer- ence in 1960 and 1961. Hank was born in Dallas, and graduaTed from SunseT High School, where he IeTTered in fooTbaH, baskeTball, baseball, and Track. He was named To The all-ciTy TooTball Team his senior year. In 1941 Foldberg came To Texas 1618le where he leTTered for The Aggies as an end and Tackle in football and also received mono- grams for baskeTball and baseball. Head coach Hank Foldberg and his rugged fullbacks. HANK FOLDBERG NEIL SCHMIDT JOEL WAHLBERG LEONARD BROWN DICK JOHNSON JACK O'BRIEN ELMER SMITH CRAIG RANDALL EBIL, -, ",v;.e1l5 18mm 2" TV mmmmmmw CENTER JERRY HOPKI NS HALFBACK LEE ROY CAFFEY FULLBACK SAM BYER When Head Coach Hank Foldberg and his as- sisTanTs Took over lasT year They had Their work cuT ouT for Them. They soughT, and found, The Top-ranked 44 aThleTes on The A8!M squad. Per- sonnel changes were made almosT daily during The spring drills as Coach Foldberg and his sTaff shuffled and re-shuffled The candidaTes from one Team To anoTher-and someTimes from one posi- Tion To anoTher. The 1962 fooTball season lefT someThing To be desired-The FighTin' Aggies ran hoT and cold during The season. There were some Thrilling momenTs-Iike Danny Mcllhany's TT punT reTurn all The way back for a win over The Raiders aT Kyle Field or Mike Clark's field goal ThaT puT The finishing Touches on Baylor in Waco. IT is raining but ThaT doesn'T stop The spirit of The Twelfth 9808M OPPONENT LSU U of H TT TCU . Baylor i7 .............................................. U. of Arkansas 7 ............................................................ SMU 23 ...... . Rice 13 ................................................ U. of Texas QNNOAONQO BEN KRENEK ' ' ' " ' , z BOBBY HUNTINGTON Honorable Mention ' Honorable Mention AP K. , UPI JIM PHILLIPS 3 ' .. ' LEE ROY CAFFEY Honorable Mention . Honorable Mention UPI AP, UPI, Dallas Morning News ' MIKE CLARK All Conference Specialist SAM BYER I - JIM HARPER Consensus AIl-SWC V . a Honorable Mention All-SWC x v .. AP, UPI, Dallas Morning News JERRY HOPKINS Honorable Mention AIl-American Consensus AIl-SWC Ken McLean finds hole in LSU backfield. LQU Om A93, 21 -0. NaTionally-ranked LSU made SaTurday nighT in BaTon Rouge a black one for new Head Coach Hank Foldberg. The Tigers had class, power and speed. They used iT Too, plus capiTalizing of The Ag's penalTies. The Ag's offense was well-conTained by The Tigers, bUT Foldberg "saw whaT he wanted Lee Roy Caffey Throws crucial block for James To" in his soph-sTudded Team. Willenborgi The firsT half was The scene of IiTTle action excepT for an orderly and sustained drive by LSU which ended wiTh a TD. Fullback Jerry Rogers red-dogged from his linebacker posiTion and on many occasions Threw The LSU backfield inTo confusion. The second half opened wiTh a quick LSU TD by AlI-American Jerry STovail. The ball changed hands a few Times, wiTh neiTher Team able To geT To paydirT. Then laTe in The Third quarTer The Tigers pushed downfield for Their final score. k JAMES WILLENBORG Quarterback YANCY BOUNDS Guard GARY BENNETT Guard s m; Host of Aggies meet LSU halfback aT The 20 yard line. Mm RAYMOND KUBESCH Halfback JOHN BROTHERTON End JIM KELLER Quarterback Ags iw 4th Quanta, 6-2 It was penalties-87 yards worth and a pass defense that fizzled at the wrong time, that brought the favored Aggies a heartbreaking loss at the hands of the Houston Cougars. The defeat was a hard one to believe, with Coach Foldberg's Ags leading in all statics. Penalties squelched two scoring bids and prevented the Ags from get- ting started on two other occasions. Early in the second quarter end Mike Clark booted a 31-yarder through the uprights for the lone A8:M tally. The Jim Linnstaedter skirts end against U of H. Cadets led through 57 minutes of play in Rice Stadium. Then on a first and 10 from the Cougars' 20 quarter- back Billy Roland unleashed the 43- yard bomb that turned into a 63-yard gain before Jim Keller and Jim Linn- staedter could haul down sprinting end Gene Ritch. Then after being penalized half way to the goal the Cougars pushed across for the TD. The snap from center on the point after try was fumbled, and the score stood 6-3. Kenneth Kipp hauls in another pass in Rice Stadium. T T's Mahan Trapped by Simmons, BenneTT, Deagan, and Roquemore. Ags Wm With Last Qecomb 9W, 7-2. WiTh 19 seconds lefT in The game, and Texas Tech leading 3-0, Danny Mcllhany wroTe a sTorybook ending ThaT was Typical of The TradiTional Aggie fourTh quarter. The former quarTerback raced 102 yards on a kick-off reTurn To puT A8TM on The score- board. The run broke Joel HunT's record of a 97-yard reTurn against Arkansas in 1927. Following a 15-yard penalTy prompTed by The over-exciTed CadeT Corps sTorming onTo The field To carry off The vicTorious Ags, Mike Clark booTed The exTra poinT from The 25 To end The scoring 7-3. RAY GENE HINZE Tackle EDDIE VANDYKE Halfback TRAVIS REAGAN Halfback Bobby Huntington stops Red Raider after shorT gain. RONNIE CARPENTER End PAT LATHAM End MIKE SWAN CenTer b3 U. off Fm, 42-6 IT was a "bad day aT Blackrock for Old' Sarge" in Gainesville, Florida, where an inspired GaTor Team Turned in a 42-6 vicTory over The A95. Pass inTercepTions, fumbles, and confusion were The order of The day for The hap- less Aggies. Jerry PizziTola, Melvin Simmons, Ken Kipp, and Mike PiTman, sTandouTs for The Aggies, gave CadeT supporTers liTTIe consolaTion. A8TM received The opening kick-off- wiTh Travis Reagan reTurning To The 24. On The firsT play from scrimmage, an inTercepTed Jim Keller pass seT up a GaTor drive which laTer bogged down on The Aggie 22. Things were looking good unTil a Florida halfback reTurned a punT for 52 yards To The Ag 15, Then on The nexT play from scrimmage punched across for The TD. WiTh less Than 5 minuTes lefT in The half, A8TM again had To kick. This Time The GaTors ran iT all The way back, making The score 14-0. The nexT four minutes were probably The worsT A8rM ever saw, for The GaTors scored Two more TD's, making iT 27-0 aT The half. The second half picked up where The firsT half lefT off. JIM LINNSTAEDTER KEN McLEAN Travis Reagan Tries To evade Fla. Melvin Simmons Bobby Huntington look on. lmspmoLAgs Puss TCU baromsm, 20-17 An inspired Aggie football squad near- ly upset TCU and Sonny Gibbs before they allowed the Frogs a 20-14 final edge. The Aggies drew first blood when James Willenborg brought a fresh White unit into the game. It was a series of downs before Willen- borg discovered a weak spot over the TCU ends. Using the option, with runs up the middle to keep TCU honest, Wil- lenborg talliedIthe first score for the A95. Then Mike Clark made it 7-0. But the Frogs were not to be outdone; TCU came back by leaps and bounds to tie the score up at 7-7 by the half. Minutes after the second hahc got un- der way, big Lee Roy Caffey picked off a Gibbs pass and raced Gibbs 46 yards to the goal line for the Ags' second score. Gibbs and the Frogs quickly retaliated with a 33-yard gainer that set Up their second score at the end of the third quarter. Passing, running and a devastat- ing pair of penalties gave the Frogs the last touchdown and the game. Sophomore halfback Tommy Meeks stopped by TCU. JOHN SPARLING Quarterback JAMES CRAIG Tackle RONNIE MOORE Guard JERRY PIZZITOLA Guard GUY DILLON Guard KENNETH KIPP Halfback Mike Clark wrecked Baylor's home- coming wiTh his second and Third field goals of The season as The Aggies sal- vageq a lasT minuTe 6-3 SWC vicTory over The Bears in Waco. A crowd of 35,000 including 5,000 Baylor exes, sTomped and shouTed as The Bears drove again and again deep inTo Aggie TerriTory only To be sTopped by a rugged CadeT defense. A8JM moved for a firsT down on The Baylor 41 before having To punT. QuarTer- back Jim Keller kicked 32 yards To The Bear's Ronnie Goodwin who ran iT back To Baylor's 32. On Baylor's second play, Don Trull dropped back and hiT Goodwin Jim LinnsTaedTer speeds Through The BapTisT's backfield. for 44 yards on The Aggie 14 where he was immediaTely dropped. Three plays laTer Carl ChoaT spliT The UprighTs wiTh a 23-yard field goal. The A95 spenT The resT of'The firsT half deep in Their own TerriTory. On The side lines, cenTer Donnie Mar- TeH was cenTering To quarTerback John Erickson who placed The ball for Clark's imaginary kick. FourTeen plays laTer, Mike goT his chance To even The score 3-3. Baylor's offense was fired up by now, buT The Ags' defensive line was calling The shoTs. WiTh 1:09 lefT on The clock The "golden Toe" of Big Mike was again called on To decide The game. JOHN ERICKSON MELVIN SIMMONS Travis Reagan says-thatls all, Hogs! Hogs Oufiasb Ags 17-7 Nationally ranked Arkansas grabbed a monopoly on the second half fieid po- sition after a tight first haltc and then went on to disappoint the stubborn Ag- gies 17-7 at Kyle Field. The Cadets drew first blood on a 51-yard punt return by Travis Reagan with 6 minutes left in the first quarter. Then Mike Clark added the finishing touches to make it 7-0. The last serious bid in the first half by the Ags to score was when Clark tried to convert a field goal from the 39-yard line of the Hogs. Then the pigskin changed hands a few times and the Arkansas team picked Up a neat 7 points making the score 7-7. With the second half under way the Hoqs settled down to an attack that kept the Aggies on the defense in their own terri- tory for the remainder of the night. RAY KUBALA JERRY ROGERS Center FUHbaCk MIKE PITMAN TOMMY MEEKS Halfback Halfback JOE MclLHANY Quarterback HOMECOMING WRECKER-Mike Clark pUTs anoTher one A93 1 Big Mike Clark kepT his head down and liTerally kicked all The fun ouT of SMU's homecoming parTy in The CoT- Ton Bowl. The Aggie senior wiTh The TrusTiesT of all SouThwesT Conference legs Twice booTed field goals in The final quarTer To carry The CadeTs To a Ting- ling 12-7 verdicT. SMU Took advanTage of an Aggie fumble To cram across a Touchdown shorle before halfTime To make iT 7-0 unTil shorle before The TradiTional "Aggie QuarTer." Early in The lasT period Eddie Van- dyke boomed across from The 3-yard Th rough The uprighTs. Vw Pong Haw 12-7 .v . line To wind Up an 18-yard drive fol- lowing a MusTang fumble. WiTh his Team Trailing 7-6 Coach Foldberg or- dered a 2-poinT conversion. BUT quar- Terback Jim Keller's pass was de- flecTed. Clark's winning field goal came wiTh 7:58 lefT and had been made possible when halfback Mike PiTman fell over The loose pigskin aT The SMU 40. Then wiTh 4:16 lefT and The SMU sTudenTs sTill chanTing "Willie Willie Womp Womp," Mike Clark booTed a 37-yard field goal ThaT puT The finish- ing Touches on The game. e Ags recover loose fumble. Willenborg hands To Sam Byer on The off Tackle slanT play. Pica Owis Jim Ags, 22-3 The Rice STadium jinx ThaT seemed To awaiT A8cM Teams every year was There again SaTurday' as The Ags could manage buT one Mike Clark field goal. Rice grabbed The firsT lead in The game on a 26-yard field goal by The versaTile Randy Krebow. AfTer The ball changed hands a few Times Jim Keller handed The pigskin To Eddie Vandyke on The A8tM 38 and The big senior sprinTed 39 yards To The Owl 23. Then The drive bogged down and Mike Clark had To kick a 38- yard field goal To give The Aggies Their only score of The day. Behind The passing of Krebow To Syl- vesTer and Raesz Rice drove deep inTo Aggie TerriTory many Times and came Up wiTh The criTicaI play That gave Them The 23-3 vicTory. George HargeTT stopped by a flock of Owls. MIKE ROQUEMORE Fullback RONNIE KRAMM End RONNIE LEDBETTER Halfback GEORGE HARGETT Halfback MIKE KOHLMAN Fullback RONNIE BRICE Quarterback 1 For forTy-five minu'res, The Longhorns played The able Toe of Mike Clark was able To puT The sTraighT-man To an Aggie Team ThaT pulled fooT- Aggies 0n The scoreboard. balls ouT of The air in a near perfecT execuTion. WhaT The CadeTs lacked in offensive aggres- UnforTunaTely iT was a sixTy minUTe show and siveness They more Than made up for on The de- The bowl was sTiH There along wiTh The 13-3 Tense. In facT if was The CadeTs' defense ThaT kepT Texas win. The Longhorn's fans guessing Till The lasT minuTe STaTisTicaHy speaking A8tM didn'T show much of wheTher or noT They would be in Dalfas on New an offensive game. The Ags goT The ball four Year's Day. Times in Texas TerriTory in The firsT half. BuT only Foldberg and Randall look over Ags' defense. Sips sTop Eddie Vandyke afTer shorT gain. , , Au m..,m.ttmwmm . . FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Robinene, Lenox, Windham, Walker, Woodard. SECOND ROW: Timmins, Merritt, Hankins, Ferguson, Minor. NOT PICTURED: Keller, Qualls and Timmerman. COACH BOB ROGERS SeasowRecowL TEXAS A8M OPPONENT 91 741 h Centenary 74 81 Lamar Tech 78 67 ............ Memphis State 81 61 ............................ Southern Mississippi 69 67 5- . U. of H. 85 54 Baylor Coach Bob Rogers shouts encouragement to his boys. 60 53 Texas Tech 71 61 Rice 68 71 SMU 65 55 -- Arkansas 59 7O ........................................ U. of Texas 85 69 TCU 76 67 SMU 87 54 TCU 73 83 Baylor 96 83 Texas Tech 70 73 Rice AgMeo -Teciu52 The Aggie baskeTbaHers coupled deadly free-Throw accuracy and Their usual rebound- ing prowess To ward off a determined bunch of Red Raiders aT Lubbock and mainTain The lead in The SWC. Bennie Lenox, who had been ibTh in na- Tional scoring Through lasT week, assumed his familiar role as high poinT man wiTh 17 points against The Raiders. Sophomore Tim Timmerman ouTmaneuvers Two Red Raiders. A854 96 -Teciu82 Texas Tech's Red Raiders fell vicTim To A8TM's highesT ToTal ever aT G. Rollie WhiTe Coliseum as The CadeTs sTomped The MaTa- dors, 96-83. In The process Bennie Lenox knocked off anoTher A8tM scoring record. The "Lynx" finished The nighT wiTh 39 poinTs To secure The record of mosT poinTs in a season with 530. Center Jerry Windham scores again! h A8TM was hiT wiTh a cold spell in Dallas as SMU managed To puT The A93 down 71-68. Bennie Lenox had 17 poinTs and Paul Timmins had 13 To acc0unT for The CadeTs 46-36 lead aT halTc Time. Lenox finished wiTh 21 To lead all The scorers and Timmins fouled OUT wiTh 16 poinTs. A8TM held on To iTs half Time lead for mosT of The second halTC despiTe The frigid shooTing. Free Throws accounTed for 18 of The Farmer's poinTs in The second half. Aggie sTar Bennie Lenox shows his stuff under The backboard. A$1b176:-$MU70a The A95 goT a liTTle revenge at G. Rollie WhiTe Coliseum over SMU as Bennie Lenox regained a liTTle of his magic Touch To lead The Aggies To a 76-70 vicTory over The MusTangs. Lenox was high poinT man for The Farmers wiTh 35 poinTs. DespiTe Lenox's one man performance The CadeTs had To pull Up from a 5-poinT deficiT, 37-32 aT half Time, To gain The vicTory. Lee Walker dumps another one in against SMU. ASM7T 42:10am WiTh The Tremendously improved Lee Walker leading The way, Bob Rogers' Ag- gie cagers dumped The Rice Owls 71-61 for A8TM's 3OTh sTraighT homecourT win. Walker led The CadeTs wiTh 18 poinTs and pulled down H rebounds, second only To Jerry Windham's 12 for The Aggies. Gerald Woodard dumps one in against Rice. Coach Bob Rogers closed OUT The '62-'63 bas- ketball season wiTh a hearT-breaking 73-70 loss To The Rice Owls in HousTon. The lead changed hands six Times and The score was Tied five Times in The TirsT half wiTh The CadeTs holding a 44-39 advanTage aT The inTermission. There were 59 fouls called during The game, 33 againsT The Ags and 26 againsT Rice. All five sTarTers for The Farmers fouled ouT while Rice only had Two drop ouT before The final buzzer. Lenox ouTmaneuvers Three Rice cagers To score again! ASMSQ -1U7o IT was The same ol' sTory, buT no cries of "poor Aggies" were heard aT G. Rollie WhiTe Coliseum as The Aggies Took an- other TU defeaT on The chin. Coach Bob Rogers' group conTinued iTs cold spell, hiTTing only 19 of 50 for 38 percenT while The STeers sank 27 of 49 for 55.1 percenT. Poor free Throw shooTing-21 of 34-along wiTh careless passing, below normal defense and a general lack of heads up ball, conTribuTed To The Aggies' siXTh loss in 31 games. Mm. Wm. M e Bennie Lenox on The move . . . Lee Walker runs over To score a needed Two poinTs. A8M73 -TU83 Even Though Bennie Lenox broke a' record by scoring 43 poinTs, The Ags sTill Took a liTTle gas aT The hands of The Teasips in AusTin. This dropped The Aggies into 3rd place with a 6-4 slaTe. TU Took an early lead, buT A8cM caughT Up wiTh ihe Horns midway Through The firsT half and gained a 25-24 lead on a pair of free Throws by Bill RobineTTe. The Farmers Then bUiIT up a 5-poinT lead only To lose iT midway Through The 3rd quarTer. V Jerry Windham lays one in againsT TCU. A$M87-TC1154 Guard Bennie Lenox conTinued his wholesale onslaughT on Carroll Broussard's scoring records and The TCU Frogs. The Aggies walked off wiTh an 87-54 vicTory aT A8TM wiThouT any Trouble from The Frogs. Lenox dumped in 30 poinTs To keep The Aggies happy aT G. Rollie WhiTe Coliseum. Coach Rogers' boys held as much as a 16-poinT advanTage Twice in The firsT half and were ahead 36-28 aT half Time. Lenox pumps one in from mid-courT. h The Ags hiT The comeback Trail in fine sTyle wiTh an 85-69 win over The TCU Frogs in FT. WorTh. AfTer holding a com- forTable lead Through mosT of The second half, The CadeTs were challenged fiercely by Bobby McKinley and The resT of The Horned Frogs. BUT Gerald Woodard Took advanTage of The pressing defense and dropped in Two lay-ups in quick succession To sTifle The hopes of The hapless Frogs. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: George Hargetf, John Crain, Harvey Kutac, Ronny Byrd, Bill Grochetf, Gary Cavasas, Jack Singley. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Frank Stark, Ray Hall, Kenny Floyd, BiH Hancock, Richard Beller, Fred Carlton, Rusty Uresti, Jerry Ballard. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Coach Chandler, Kenny Scott, DeWayne Stewart, Bill Puckett, Ed Singley, Chuck McGuire, Robert McAdams, Bob Mohr. BAT BOY: Thomas Dean Chandler. 9mm Rewind Texas Lufheran U. of H. ,,,,,,, U. of Dallas Texas Sul Ross Sul Ross a Rice ..................................................................................... Minnesota Minnesota SMU TCU TCU SMU n SMU Rice Rice TCU Baylor ................................................................................. Baylor - x WWWWN J Nmmwww I k I sgw -.a COACH TOM CHANDLER Coach Tom Chandler's '63 basebal' Team had i'rs ups and downs This pas1 year. He saw The Ags either in, or Tied for, first place in The SWC race Three Times during The season. Even Though They didn'f win SWC, if was an exciting season. ' 230 wonmmmhmwemwwmmwuomomm . . . The good guys aT Kyle Field. Bagthzmies 2-1,8-1,4-7 Junior baseballer Frank STark cracked a Two- run homer To boost The Aggies over Baylor aT College STaTion. A8:M was able To musTer only Two hiTs off The "dipsy-doodle" hurling of The BapTisT's John PorTer, buT made Them counT. Coach Tom Chandler's squad wore ouT The ball wiTh 15 hiTs To win The firsT qame, 8-1, over The Bruins aT Waco. Three sTray piTches by Aggie pitcher John Crain spelled defeaT for The good guys in The second game of The Two game series. Keep your eyes on The umpire . . iT looks like There is going To be another close play at first. The play is at first, but George Hargett is rounding second. Tmsmzes The first Southwest Conference baseball game came to a peaceful close in the dusky evening with neither The Texas Aggies or the Texas Long- horns having the Upper hand. The game was called for darkness at the end of eleven innings with the score tied at 5 to 5. Texas A8TM ended an eleven game winning streak for the Texas Longhorns at Kyle Field by bombing the Sips TO to 5. DeWayne Stewa-rt, Bill Hancock, and Bill Grochett all slammed home $ 2'...an I'd xx An unidentified Aggie barely makes it back to first in time! 5-5, 10-5, 2-4 runs. The A95 spotted TU three unearned runs in the first inning and allowed single runs in the second and ninth for all of the Orange's scoring. Relief starter Ed Singley lost to senior Kenny Floyd. The Sips prevailed in the second game of the two game series when shortstop Bill Bethea cracked a two-run homer over the wall in the seventh inning to provide TU with a 4 to 2 win over the A95. Hi "n-l mum TTIV'A. Sips watch pregame warm-ups at Kyle Field. Johnny Crain almost gets dusted by Frog pitcher. Chuck McGuire ready To lay down a bum! Our Ags are so fasT That They look like a blur when Theylrun! TOU gems 2-4, 2-1, 2-8 TCU Frogs edged pasT "Old Sarge" 4 To 2 aT FT. WorTh. The TCU win puT Them one-hahc game ahead of The Ag- gies for The SWC lead. TCU sTarTed scor- ing in The firsT inning bunching a base on balls and four singles for The Two Tallies. The Ags Tied The score in The Third wiTh Robert McAdams' double. The TCU Frogs sTruck again in The sevenTh inning for Their win. Texas A8TM fell To one and a half games ouT of TirsT place in The SWC race as They dropped Their second game of The Two-game series wiTh TCU in FT. WorTh, 3 T0 1. The Ags losT To TCU, 2 To 2, Thereby Throwing The SWC race info a Three-way Tie. The pressure was iusT Too much for frusTraTed Aggies as They fell vicTim To The Christians 8 To 2 in Kyle Field. Junior firsT bagger Frank STark puT anoTher Owl out aT first base. 121w Quins 5-3, 4- I , 8-2 The A95 Took over The SWC, lead wiTh The help of iunior hurler John Crain who spoTTed The Rice Owls Three runs in The firsT inning. Crain allowed only six hiTs during The whole game while A8TM cleaned up in The second inning wiTh The help of caTcher Bill PuckeTT and RoberT McAdams. SouThpaw Richard Beller saved one aT Rice, gaining The 4 To 1 decision Over The Owls. Beller relieved Chuck McGuire in The eighTh inning wiTh one away and runners on firsT and Third. Beller made The misTake of balking on his firsT piTch. Luckily he Then seTTled down and wenT on To re- Tire The side allowing The Aggies To geT in a liTTle scoring and win The ballgame. A8tMIS double win over Rice coupled wiTh The wash ouT aT The TCU-Baylor and SMU-Texas clashes lefT A8TM all alone aTop The SWC. The A95 goT eighTeen hiTs off sTarTer and loser Frank Mc- Keon wiTh George HargeTT, Bill GrocheTT and Bill Hancock geTTing nine big ones. Aggie pitcher Richard Beller aT work. The A95 Take The field after another easy inning with The Mustangs. GMUQM 7-0, 2-1, 15-3 The Aggie 9 shuT ouT SMU for The fifTh sTraighT vicTory of The season. Coach Tom ChandTer-eused piTchers Ed Singley and Johnny Crain, who gave up one hiT each To blank The Ponies 7-0 in Dallas. CadeT hurler Chuck McGuire made only one mistake againsT SMU's winless baseball Team and H cosT him a no-hiT ball game. A8TM scored first in The home half of The second inning when IefT fielder Ray Hall reached firsT on a fielder's choice and moved To second on The ground. Aggies won The second game of The double- header wiTh SMU To Tie Baylor for The SouThwesT Conference lead. The CadeTs racked up fifTeen runs, scoring Two in every inning bUT The fourTh and sevenTh. Unidentified Aggie bifes The dust aT first base! SITTING, Left to Right: M. Palmer, E. Boy, B. Howell, T. Prentice, H. Lafhrop, P. Boy, T. Forgeng. STANDING, Left to Right: Coach Mamaliga, S. Beckwifh T. Kennerly, B. Baker, K. Watts, J. CoVan, Coach Adamson. I KNEELING, Left To Right: R. Salazar, R. Neal, C. Kell, E. Dyer. STANDING, Left To Right: A. Aldrich, R. Baker, Coach Omar Smith, D. Sass- man, R. Williams. HARRY HOSKINS JEFF ANDRICK COACH HENRY RANSOM RALPH JOHNSTON EUGENE BYRD Texas A8!Ml$ master golfers swept to their fourth straight SWC title by shutting out threat- ening Baylor 5V2 to V2 at the Aggie golf course. The SWC championship gave A8tM the right to send four golfers to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the conference meet. MIKE HIGGINS MMM ' M. M XXV xxx V x. XX RQSXX x xxx hxgigi s X h N ewe h R xx DON CUSTER JAY FERGUSON The meet is strictly an individual contest with the number of players each school sends depend- ing upon its place in team competition. The Ag- gie golfers took first and second place in last year's tournament and first place the year before. r V , M M OW NWNW stands on the cinder track. E. Myers, J. Sebastian, L. Bilgutay, R. Smith. A8 M Mile Relay Team-3:12.8. STANDING, Left to Right: R. E. Merritt, Ted Nelson. KNEELING, Left to Right: George Tedford, Jerry Anderson. John Collins-One-Mile Relay, high jump, broad medley relay. My ow ,A v. Iovxwrxmlcyw'W'VMW XX gMM ,xx 7? , ,,. y, ,, , FROM BOTTOM TO TOP, Left to Right: P. Pirkle, E. Ener, G. Tedford, D. Deaver, C. Hoppe, G. Dornak, J. FUH'BFSOFI, D. Roberts, J. Anderson, G. Westmoreland, I. Bilgufay, Coach Thomas, J. Daniels, R. Martin, G. McDaniel, H. Campbell, R. Hall, R. Merritt, Coach Putnam, P. Mitchell, T. Nelson, E. Myers, D. Glover, 8. MP, J. Collins, E. Williams. P; 8 meiz m N STANDING, Left to Right: Coach RaylPufnam, Herbie Campbell, E. L. Ener, J. Fulkerson, 0 7Z7? W jump, distance Danny Roberts Shot put . . 59-3311 Javelin...1183-HV4 XX xe 3x wW ? 7h xxsxxx h N RX W s ik KR e Q ? Xx QN . hx KKK STANDING, LefT To RighT: E. Evans iSponsori, J. Levy, R. Allen, B. Lowe, E. Reis'ing, P. Willcox. KNEELING, Left To Right: W. K. AITman, K. Johns, Hickman, L. Hardeman, E. MerriTT, Peisinger icapTaini. A8TM's newly-revived handball Team Took second place in The annual SWC Handball TournamenT in HousTon This year. Ed MerriTT won The class A singles for A8TM and Jerry Levy Turned in whaT MerriTT called a "real fine performance" To Take The class B singles award. FENCINGTEAM From Left To RighT: Coach Wieder, R. Cerna, P. Laird, D. Suhler, M. Works, M. Linz, C. Galindo, C. Jacobs, and T. Wilson. iNoT Shown: A. Restrepo, W. Anderson, and J. Bacerai. The A8TM Fencing Club compleTed another undefeaTed season This year. This year's Team was made up enTirer of inex- perienced fencers. 239 a x NNNAVH Awaxxxxxxx mum mwxwamw STANDING, Left To Right: Charles Sowell, Richard Crosby, Michael Norman, Rebert Acklen, M. G. Miller, Alexander BrosTek, Michael Halaburka, Wesley Green, Jerry SimpTon, Harly Hanson, Coach Russell Wieder. KNEELING, Left To Right: Jefferson Begay, Gary AglieTTi, Edward Flanagan, Mark Finkelstein, Ray Breur, Robert TuseTh, Louis RocheT, Charles Martin, Victor Martin, William Singleton. The Texas A8:N1 WresTling Club Team, numbering 45 sTUdenTs, compleTed an acTive compeTiTive season in 1962-63. The Team sTarTed The year's wresTling season wTih a dual meeT here wiTh LeTourneau College. LeTourneau is The first college in The sTaTe of Texas To field a "varsiTy" wresTling Team. A3M IosT .iTs firsT infercollegiaTe dual meeT in many years To LeTourneau, 28 To 7. The HousTon "All-STar" wresTling Team meT A8TM in The nexT dual meeT aT College STaTion. A8:M won This meeT 24 To 8. Texas A8TM made iTs first Trip away from home of The year To meeT LeTourneau College aT Longview, Texas. This meeT proved To be a real Thriller, wiTh A8:M leading all Through The meeT up To The lasT Two rounds. LeTourneau w0n The meeT 15 To 13. The UniversiTy of Texas came To The A8:M Campus for The nexT dual meeT which A3M won 20 To 13. The final meeT of The year was held on The UniversiTy of Texas Campus in AusTin. The compeTiTion was very keen To The very end of The meeT. The UniversiTy of Texas Tied A3M 14 To 14 by winning The final r0und. This is as close as The UniversiTy of Texas has come To defeaTing The Texas A8TM Club in The pasT seven years. WWW Letfmww POINTS EARNED LOST 13 6 123 lbs. Begay, Jefferson 130 lbs. Riner, Gary iTeam CapTaiM 15 6 137 lbs. AglieTTe, Gary 15 8 2 8 147 lbs. FinkelsTein, Mark 13 167 lbs. Simp'ron, Jerry 11 NAM WV k FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Dave Coulson, Pat Frye, Bill Miller, Mike Dunn, John West. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Augustine Alvarado, Richard Crosby, Keith Huber, Gerald Jendrusch, Ronnie Haggin, Mike Volluz, John Roberts, John Seafe. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Joe Sfuckey, Don Young, Bob Muirhead, Ronnie Murphy, Glenn Piersall, Gene Garner. 7 ?Z'i' TOP ROW, Left to Right: Ruben Flores, Ricardo Hernandez, Juan Lobo, Harold Brent, Benito Lopez, Jose Rodriquez, Ricardo Percival. BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: Christian Galindo, Hugo Helguero, Guillermo Castro, Eduardo Alvarez, Carlos Metamoros, Juan G. Dominguez, Carlos Rivera, Carlos Valarezo. Dillon, P. G. Hall, R. S. Bounds, J. Y. GoodenOUgh, R- D- Craig, J. W. McAdams, R. J. Hinze, R. G. Willenborg, J. C. Kohlman, J. M. Brotherton, J. R. Keller, J. Latham, J. P. Singley, J. E. Simmons, M. D. Meeks, T. E. Ledbefter, R. P. McLean, K. J. Kubesch, R. A. y ,M ?ZXCM MX W ; K 7 y M EDDIE VAN DYKE Stark, F. W. President Huntington, B. N. Rogers, G. G. Robinefte, W. C. Pifman, M. J. Scott, K. Z. 242 Harper, J. Mcllhany, J. D. Daniels, J. Singley, E. McDaniel, A. S. Linnstaedfer, J. A. Krenek, B. V. Walher, E. P. Hancock, W. Caffey, L. Roquemore, M. A. Kramm, R. E. Byer, S. Carpenter, R. D. Myers, N. E. Smith, T. McGuire, C. J. Campbell, H. W. Shivers, R. Ener, E. L. Anderson, J. C. Wilson, R. D. Moore, W. M. Beller, R. L. 243 WA MM Arm INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Paul Smith, Jim Guiberteau, John Zumwalt, Mike Shively. STANDING, Left to Right: Jim Barrilleaux, Ken Oberhoff, Woody Hancock, Bill Ralph Martin, Ronnie Williams, Winton Zimmerman, nnant. NOT PICTURED: Bob Harvey, Tom Land, Bill Bayer, Joe Becker, Les Beyer, Tom Cardwell, Ray Chappelle, John Hughson, Wayne Kieschnick, Larry Langley, Mike Laughlin, Jerry Mundt, Joe Nuniez, SITTING, Left to Right: Milam, Ken Parker, Buddy Gambrell, John McClure, Brian Riley, Charlie Brewer, Mike Carter, Jack McCown, Jerry Buttrill, Max Johnson, Ed Dulin, Richard Hi Ray Elliott, Ray George, Jim Gunter, David Halbert, Steve Heartwell, Johnnie Perrone, Russell Phelps, Ronnie Schott, Tom Templer, Butch Triesch, Jerry Vinson. The intramural program encompasses a wide variety of sports. More students participate in the intramural program than in any other extracurri- cular activity at A8tM. Under the able leadership of Coach Chuck Mc- Candless the intramural program at A8xM has become one of the best supervised activities on the campus. Annual Intramural steak fry. mwmwsmmmmw MNTWKKWHWV-QWMWW Aw K e mxx a Class B 880-yd. Relay-H-S-KNEELING, Left 10 Class B HandbaII-F-1-KNEELING, Left to Right: Tom Byer, Bob Dosher. STANDING: Mike De- Right: Jim Douglas, Mac Thornhill. STAND- vine, Eddie McKaUghan. ING, Left to Right: Coy Mitchell, Mike Holman. Class B VolleybaIl-B-S-KNEELING, Left to Right: Jennings, Bob; Jones, James; Vogf, Harry. STANDING, Left to Right: White, Jim; McBride, Bill; Williams, Frank; Campbell, Colin; Dungan, Cliff. Class B BasketbaIl-C-Zv-FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Jaris, E. J.; Ramsey, J. B.; Diaz, J. F.; Hilton, W. J.; Collins, R. E. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Esparza, E. D.; Engleberf, R. A.; Boese, J. ClaSS B Rifle-E-l-Leff to Right: 0.; Englebert, R. E.; Barham, G. 5. Michael Gruy, Tom Mazza. i Class B 440-yd. Relay-Sq. 16-Left to Right: Don Koehn, B. 1 J. Collins, James Stabler, Jerry Kachfik. Class B Football-Sq. 2-KNEELING, Left to Right: Crumbliss, Tramel, Strepp, Hunter, Sfulfz, Hooten. STANDING, Left to Right: Simmons, Johnson, Fanf, Hall, Maltby, Sowell, Ford. w B 245 MM. ..x.4.5.mw. 4,2 IWhW Class A Rifle-G-Z-Leff to Right: x XXX: m QR Xx xxxx N waw Class A and B Golf-G-I-Left to Right: Jerry Frank, Class A Horseshoev-Sq. 1-KNEELING, Left 10 Right: Chase, Jon; Sherman, Bill; Halbert, David. Joe Johnson. STANDING, Left to Right: Peterson, Allan; Dossey, Theron; Levy, Jerry. 246 aw A V X x . aw, Class A FootbaII-KNEELING, Left to Right:: Hill, K. R.; Wright, T.; Beerwinkle, D.; Ratliff, M.; Kent, R.; Fox, D. Fidler, C.; Scoggin, P.; Wood, 6.; Gayle, R.; Fritze, V.; Norwood, G.; Gamertsfelder, J.; Jones, R. m , ,, o1 Basketball Class A Champions-FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Carleton, R. E.; Piper, L. L; Mason, W. Emerson, R. A.,- Brown, H. E. BACK ROW, Left 10 Right: Pierson, D. E.,- Powell, C. T.; Sfarek, J. M.; Barrett, R. E.; Bills, E. D.; Vaughn, W. H.; Garza, R. R. Class A Bowling-Sq. 7-Leff To Right: War- nick, Phil; Haliasz, Hank; Hachtel, Larry. Class A Tennis-Sq. 8-Paf Gibson, Paul Crank, Jim Griffin, Bob Burk, Bill Hayes, Tommy Wade. wvxm wwn: Cm Class C FootbalI-Mitchell-KNEELING, Left to Right: Sandefer, D. B.; Lee, R. 8.; Ferrell, A. D. STANDING, Left to Right: Singleton, A. L.; Parks, B. D.; Muehe, L. W.; Gore, J. T-; Kirk, J. 3-,. Green, J. G. Class C Tennis-Wahon-Leff to Right: Woody Hancock, Walter Weber, Sam Burnam, Bob Hunter. Class A C CCKNEELING, Left to Right: Joe Rogers wroad Jumm, Paul Riley Wole VauM, Jim Tarr UOO-yd. DasM, Ray Kuba- la who? Pm. STANDING, Left to Right: Bob Garrett M40-yd. DasM, Sfater C880-yd. DasM, Duren CCIass B 880-yd. DasM, Adams C 120-yd. Low HurdlesL ,. MVM Class C GoIf-Walton-Lef'r to Right: Mike McAdams, Tommy Adair. Class C HandbaH-Vef Students-KNEELING, Left to Right: Charlton, Powell; Allen, Ray. STANDING, Left to Right: Lowe, Bob; Hayes, Howard; Herpst, Ken,- Merritt, Ed. Pee Wee; Shanks, Barbee, Mike; Burnett, ,7? Left to Right Henry; West, Dale. STANDING, Left to Righ Class C Horseshoes-Puryear-KNEEL NG, Cafhey, Jim. Fisher, Bi"; . w? , A little game of razzIe-dazzle . . . A thunderin mob beats out the 100 yd. dash. et ea Wb o eR k m, r, em hm s Q Wn ne eb Ho R Class C VolleybaIl-Puryear-KNEELING, Left to Right STANDING, Left to Right: Ronald E rley, ill Miller. Shanks. McGowen, B ,, w H 47, m ORGANIZMONQ . . . center of campus activities x mzmavww. DedicaTed To Aggies who have given Their lives in sacrifice for oThers, The Memorial STudenT CenTer was builT in 1950 wiTh funds from Exchange STore profiTs and conTribuTions of Aggie-Ex's. Purposes of This Memorial STudenT CenTer are: To provide an educaTional and recreaTional program for The sTudenTs and The sTaff of The A8TM College. To fosTer The social and cultural phases of sTudenT life. To provide more adequaTe opporTuniTy for friendly associaTion among sTudenTs, former sTudenTs, faculTy, and friends of The A8!M College. To provide faciliTies for meeTings, shorT courses, and conferences of ciTizens of The sTaTe Tagricul'rural, business, indusTrial, professional, cuITuraI, and educaTional groups and organizaTionsT, and Thus make The CenTer a funcTional unit in The educaTional and culTuraI life of Texas. . y , ,, xfwb'w'wnw Mr .1 'Nhrprrzmvwz T ' mww, . 7 1 y 77 w ., 77;,xzwwwup m7 . mwi The chairmen of the Memorial Student Center committees are formed into a MSC Directorate to makeup a unit that guides the various activities that occur within the Center. Each of the T9 committees within the Center has a chairman, an advisor and several committeemen. The committees include bowling, bridge, the browsing library, camera, chess, creative arts, dance, flying kadets, great issues, music, Pan American Week, public relations, radio, SCONA, talent, travel, Town Hall, table tennis and cultural interest. FIRST ROW, L to R: Joe Finch, Camera; Howard Head, Vice-President; David Kabell, Dance; Claude Jones, Town Hall; Jack Cline, Music; James Ray, President. SECOND ROW, L to Rz'T. R. Gent, Directorate Assistant; Robert Miller, Travel, Carlos Diaz, Pan American; Eddie Duncan, Talent; Frank Stewart, Radio, Jack E. Mooney, Public Relations. THIRD ROW, L to R: Mike Wier; R. W. Wimbish, Great Issues, T. A. Oddson, Assistant; Paul Bryant, Bridge. FOURTH ROW, L to R: William Hite, Student Programs; J. P. Abbott, Great Issues, J. W. Stark, Director of MSC; W. F. Krueger, Great Issues; and J. B. Jones, Radio. MEMORIAL QlJDENTCEMEB COUNCIL The MSC Council is charged with the organization and operation of the activities and events that occur within the Center. It has a student as its president, a student as its vice-president, seven other student members, one graduate school student representative, five faculty members, two former students and the director of the Center. FIRST ROW, L to R: Reagan B. Brown, Former Student; Claude A. Bitner, Faculty; Jon A. Reuscher, Graduate School; Howard Head, Vice- President; James Ray, President; Mike Wier, Student; and Mrs. Elsie Patranella, Secretary. TOP ROW, L to R: Dr. Charles Hall, Faculty; Ronnie Bookman, The Battalion; Gilbert Forehand, Student; R. 0. Murray, Former Student; Joe Lindley, Honorary Vice-President; James Mosely, Student; Wayne Stark, MSC Director; and H. O. Kunkel, Faculty. The Office of Student Publications is responsible for The operation and control of all major student publications including financial management Besides Taking care of The books and all the other secretarial work involved in each publicaTion, The "front office" always has a word of encouragement or a helping hand when needed. We offer a special word of thanks 10 Them and especially to Mr. Jim Lindsey also who offered his professional guid- ance and help when needed Throughout The year. JlM LlNDSEY Director of Student Publicalions FRONT ROW: Bob Carter, James Dotson, Nick McGuire. SECOND ROW: Ham McQueen, Lee Bollinger, Bill Braden, David Christopher. THIRD ROW: Jim Lanning, Ken Radde, Melvin Young, Larry Braidfoof. AGRICULTURIST STAFF Editor ................................................................................ JAMES DOTSON Managing Editor .................................................................... BOB CARTER Business Manager .............................................................. NICK MCGUIRE Editor Assistant ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LARRY BRAIDFOOT KEN RADDE Faculty Advisor ......................................................... DR. MURRAY BROWN MR. JOHN HOLCOMB DR. A. B. WOOTEN Sfudent Advisor MELVIN YOUNG i; . , Zyxirxxfxxg: w. ,. , . V ,Zi?;;,.7f 423x721! Editor BOB ACKLEN Assistant Editor Class Editor HomeTown Club Editor Professional Club Editor Civilian Editor Military Editor HAROLD WERT Sports Editor iness Manager AGGIELAND STAFF JOE CANCELLARE BILL ELSBURY Index Editor CHRIS SCHAEFER JOHN FINKS MIKE GEORGE Bus JOHN TAYLOR JOHN CHRISTIAN illed with throughout fheyearbook. WELDON NASH staff David tamly thr IS cons and his W W W M "w two N W Schaefer UighU that the reader Editor Weldon Nash Uighw and Assistant Editor Bob Acklen are putting their heads together to write some more of that highly interest- Chris Ing copy Editor Military Section I Ififiiliizrl , r? $27 rigggyg x . ggfgiw V V4, Jack Richmond x7 7,? a! v , 51,42 , Rudy Hermann, Jack Ramsey, Richard Hammel I weatech and his staff from Left to Right- Civilian Section: John Christian StandingL and Jack Holt Dale Moler Curry. 1e itor John Finks and Ronn ichard R ike Rasbury, Index Section: Left to Right and Bill Elsbury. d E ID IU C ..la n .m S s e f O r P M Lewis Bonner, weatecn, Left to Right igura id Baker. Wallace M x xxx xxx xi NRWx Sparks, Mike Rasbury, and Dav Hometown Club Section year, Harold Wert Gtandingh and his staff Tom Harrell. The Sports Editor who really got to know the coaches this 'TvaAvm xw The BATTALION is Texas A8tM's own four-day-a-week newspaper. It also services College Station and has a daily circulation of over 8,000. The BATTALION is staffed com- pletely of students and it presents student opinions and feelings on controversial subiects that continually arise during The year. The BATTALION is one of The maior parts of student publications and we feel that This year's BAT- TALION was one of The best and most successful. i V X'm. wwx xxx s w em 1963 BATT-MEN Editor ALAN PAYNE Managing Editor ................................ RONNIE BGOKMAN News Editors ............................................ RONNIE FANN GERRY BROWN DAN LOUIS Sports Editor ............................................... VAN CONNER Assistant Sports Editor .................................... JIM BUTLER Staff Writers ........................................ DAVID MORGAN KENT JOHNSTON GLENN DROMGOOLE CLOVIS McCALLlSTER JOHN WRIGHT J. M. TIJERINA HERKEY KILLINGSWORTH Photographers This seemingly hard working gentieman is Alan Payne, The head-honchoT editor or what-have-you of the BATT-MEN. managing editor, Ronnie Bookman, who was a great asset to No, that's not Rock Hudson. But it is the hard-working the paper, specially with his column "Bookman Says." Some of the staff writers left to right are Glenn Dromgoole, John Wright, and Clovis McCallister. Sports Editor Van Conner Ueftt and assistant Jim Butler. The guy on the left is Dan Louis and that wise looking fellow is Ronnie Fann. These characters are news editors and they claim they do all the work. That we would have to see to believe. TEXAQ A8M ENGINEER FRONT ROW: David Anderson, Gary Balser, Corky Forster, James Noake. SECOND ROW: Leo Dusard, Jay Nichols, Gerald Siegelin. ENGINEER STAFF Editor ,, JOHN IMLE Associafe Editors . GARY BALSER DAVID ANDERSON Features MATT BLANTON JAMES NOAKE GERALD SIEGELIN LEO DUSARD Art Directors .......... ROBERT THORNTON ROBERT G. LEE Business - CORKY FORSTER Faculty Advisors .................................... W. I. TRUETTNER JOSEPH A. ORR F. C. HALL R. H. DAVEY Edifor TEXAS A8:M REVIEW STAFF JACK GRAEME Associahfe editors n DAVID JONES Picture director ..... Arf d irec'rors CRAIG ABBOTT ; JUD ROGERS CHARLES MAULDIN Sfaff wrifers JIM HUNT - DAVID MORGAN CHARLES TEAGUE -- DELBERT MCGUIRE Faculty advisor -- The smiling chap in the middle is the courageous and stalwart editor of the Abbott, David Jones, Charles Mauldin, Maynard Rodgers, and Jud Rogers. i I - I i' I I g, .gag, a-N hah;A REVIEW. Colleagues gathered about him are, from left to meww right: Craig Editor SAM MONTICELLO Exec. Edi'rors MURL BAILEY CHARLES CROUCH Production Editor .................................... WILLIAM ALLEN Associate Editor BILLY WARD Copy Editor JACKIE VALERIUS Editorial Assistants ................................ TOMMY BULLARD BILL CARDWELL Business Edifor EDWARD TODD Advertising Editor ............................................ MIKE ABEL Circulation . GARY SIZENBACH IRA SYLER BOTTOM ROW: Sam Monticello, Bill Bullock, Ben Johnston, James Martin, Bob Speyrer, Wayne Porter. TOP ROW: Ira Syler, Charles Crouch, Bill Cardwell, Jim Carter, Mike Abel, Tommy Bullard, Mike Cummings, Murl Bailey, Joe Peepres, Jack Valerius. I ..4$WAWM4WVMMM: ' " FIRST ROW: Letbetter; Crosby; Marcontell; Hachtel; Hotchkiss; Butler; Salvato; Lewis; Mahaley; Roberts; Scott; Chlapek; Koegl; Howard; Miller,- Dillard; Cherry; Vion; McCoy. SECOND ROW: Wright; Shook; Dugger; Lowry; Turner; Roberts; Beasley; Wallace; Bruns; Mills; Frank; Moore; Wylie; Wade; Mayfield; Chapman. THIRD ROW: Shults; Reeves; Axline; Elliott; O'Connor; Willis; Malfby; Grant; Terry; Lorenz; Aschen-beck; Byrd; Clay; Weison; Mullican. FOURTH ROW: Smith; Wensel; Byassee; Wood; Thurman; Jordan; Powell; Vollmer; Read; Teal; Hughes; Gagliardo; Coldewey; White; Evans; Buttrill; Lawrence; Hackett. The, primary goal of the Accounting Society is the complete development of its members into leaders in the pro- fession. The society recognizes the fact that a keen mind alone does not advance a man. Through this recognition the society works to blend in the practical aspects of the accounting student's education. The programs of the Accounting Society consist mainly of speakers from the various fields of accounting. These speakers cover various subjects of interest to accounting students and are always open to questions and problems presented to them by the society. The society is not all work-in the spring it assists in the annual Texas A8:M Accounting Conference, a statewide meeting of accountants held on the campus. At the end of each year the society; together with the faculty, holds its annual steak fry. OFFICERS President .. SCOTT Vice-President ............................................................ ROBERTS Secretary-Treasurer .................................................... CHLAPEK Program Chairman .................................................... SALVATO Senior Representative ................................................... LEWIS Junior Representative ............................................ MAHALEY Faculty Advisor LETBETTER Sweetheart President CECELIA WILSON J. B. SCOTT Mgmw u FIRST ROW: GriffiTh; DeshoTels; McMichael; Mikesa; Daniel; Moore; Hoffman; Bowles; Miller. SECOND ROW: PavlaT; Menn; Villalon; Robinson; Heine; Haby; AlsTon; McAfee. THIRD ROW: BarTek; Conner; Luymes; Caskey; Gannaway; McClung; Salinas; Miles. FOURTH ROW: Wurzbach; McDonald; Beckmeyer; Adams; Springer. Handling pracTically everyThing from a summer baggage sTorage in dorm basemenTs To presenTaTion of Queen CoTTon and her CourT keeps These fuTure plaTnTers raTher busy The enTire year. To menTion jusT a few of The oTher acTiviTies sponsored by The socieTy, There is The MoTher's Day exhibiT, The sTudy Tour for junior sTudenTs, a Trip for The crop judging Teams To Kansas CiTy and Chicago, and of course The bi-monThly meeTings To keep The sTUdenTs posTed on The laTesT agronomy news. OFFICERS PresidenT .............................................. FREDERIC MILLER Vice-PresidenT .. JAMES GRIFFITH Treasurer ................................... VINCENT HABY SecreTary .................................................... JAMES HOFFMAN Social Secretary ............................................ RONNEAL BOLES Faculty Advisor ........................................ DR. T. E. McAFEE Sweetheart PresidenT JANIE PARDOE FREDERICH MILLER ALPHAPHI OMEGA OFFICERS ; President C. R. KING Vice-Presidenf ALLYN GILBERT Secretary R. BROOKS Treasurer C. WATSON Historian T. W. WRIGHT Sweetheart PresidenT CAROLYN ACKLEN C. R. KING The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is "To assemble college men in The fellowship of The SCOUT OaTh and Law, To develop leadership, To promoTe friendship, To provide service To humaniTy, and To furTher The freedom ThaT is our naTionaI, educaTional and inTeIlecTual heriTage." The Xi DelTa ChapTer of Alpha Phi Omega was organized aT Texas A8TM in The spring of 1962. Since iTs organi- zaTion The ChapTer has been acTive in many campus and communiTy service proTiecTs which include assisTing The College HospiTal in disTribuTing oral polio vaccine, in promoTing The blood drive, serving as guides for The Cen- Tury STudy ConvocaTion, and for visiTing high school groups, as well as assisTing in The leadership of a Boy SCOUT Troop in BryanTCollege STaTion area. FIRST ROW: Brooks, R.; Thornton, P.; Watson, C.; Gilbert, A.; King, C.; Vanderhider, C.; Espy, R.; Wright, T. SECOND ROW: Schaefer, 6.,- Acklen, R.; Wall, L.,- Seely, T.; Clay, A.; Tairal, P.; Catchings; Webb, M.. THIRD ROW: Sanderson; Vick; Springer; German; Barrilleaux, J.; Mayo, J.; PoTTer, C.; Bermmel, W.; McAlp'In, W. FIRST ROW: Hamilton, J.; Bellow, E.; Svetlik, D.; Carnes, J.; Rudd, D.; Traylor, S. SECOND ROW: Meade, R.; Dowse, J.; May, R.; Baird, M.; Mora, F.; McMahan, M.; Bush, K. THIRD ROW: Johnston, G.; Rioias, R.; Hiiton, J.; Schroeder, G.; Humphreyt J.; Powers, C.; Barrington, J.; Kane, K. FOURTH ROW: Holliman, J.; Richardson, D.; Buck, C.; Salabarria, M.; Flores, A.; Mays, W.; Logan, G.; Barrilleaux, J.; Gilbert, A. Basic obiectives of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers are advancement of chemical engineering in theory and practice, and the maintenance of high professional practices among its members. This institute, 1. Pro- vides means for the publication and exchange of technical information in the field of chemical engineering. 2. Pro- vides an organization which promotes the wider recognition of chemical engineering as a profession and which is effective in improving the professional and economic status of chemical engineers individually. 3. Establishes a professional standard of conduct and draws its members from those who have subscribed to- this standard. Student chapters are organized under a chapter granted by the Council of the Institute with the obiectives of Hi promoting the professional development of their members by their programs and by theif relations with other student chapters and with the parent body, and CD contributing to the development of chemical engineer- ing through activities involving the faculty and all classes of the student members and students. OFFICERS President J. D. CARNES Secretary-Treasurer D. SVETLIK Junior Representative Student Engineering Council D. RUDD Sweetheart President PATRICIA SAENZ J. D. CARNES AMEPJCAN QOCIETY OF CML ENGTNEERQ xn- , m, XZM e : mm? . m ,, ' z; z; m, , i??? ,, ' . V 52 T 0 FIRST ROW: Balser, Hudson, Bacon, Allen, Hruska, Heep, BaTy. SECOND ROW: Lee, Benson, WrighT, SauchsTedT, Harrington, Hirsch. THIRD ROW: Sursa, Sampson, Meyer, Henson, Anderson, HuTTon, Pena. FOURTH ROW: Williams, BraTTon, Korbell, Garcia, Chapman, Cox, AbernaThy, SumpTer. FIFTH ROW: McKeen, Amad, CorTese, Nicholas, Pierson, Hermon, Clark, Ballard, Homayoun. SIXTH ROW: Brecher, Dallas, ForsTer, Villarreal, GarTeiser, Sulaiman, Thompson, Mayo, Thompson. SEVENTH ROW: KisTner, Brown, Ramiraz, CaTchings, Fix, McCainn, Riegel, Miller, Moorer, PickeTT. EIGHTH ROW: ArmsTrong, Cozby, HoTT, Rodriguez, Silcock, Blakeway, Jones, Faico, Purcell, Fowler, Wagner. NINTH ROW: Cracknell, Johnson, BuTh, HuTTon, Cruzalequi, Torrens, Province, Durbon, Radke, Valdez. TENTH ROW: Ingram, Fuentes, Tompkins, BrenT, Berkousky, Burke, Chaney, Simmins, Carnes, Gallaway, Arguelles. To enrich The sTUdenT's college courses by beginning Those professional conTacTs and associaTions which are so valuable To The pracTicing engineer ThroughouT his life, is The main obiecTive of The ASCE STUdenT ChapTer. The purpose of The chapTer is To help The sTudenT prepare himself for enTry inTo The profession and The socieTy. OFFICERS Left To right: Vice-Presidenf: John Hudson, SecreTary: Stanley Hruska, Parlia- menTarian: RoberT Heep, President: Herbert Allen, Treasurer: Bob Bacon, Program Chairman: Gary Balser, FacuiTy Adviser: James BaTy. SweeThearT KATHRYN SMAHLI K I 1 h I h I, m i . X M M; e , . x WV fXQi ' ' , ,- " 447;an e 7X! , e ,ZZ M M eil $9 W MW e Jaime X OFFICERS President . L. LEDNICKY Secretary .. ....................... J. L. IBISON Treasurer ,. C. W. COCKRELL Historian J. D. MORGAN , ' 5;; Junior Representative to W Student Engineer's Cduncil .. ......... T. H. MEADOWS Faculty Adviser ............................................ P. D. WEINER Sweetheart President VIVIAN MIGURA B. L. LEDNICKY A program of various Technical subiecfs is presented by either student members or by professional engineers who are guests of A.S.M.E. on The first and Third Tuesday nights of each month. The Mechanical Engineering magazine, free Tech- nical papers, engineering scholarships, cash awards from confes'rs, financial assisT- ance from loans, and a continuing membership after graduation are provided for student members. Social as well as Technical aspects are enjoyed by The members. Refreshments follow each presemafion, also, parties, banquets, picnics, and one field Trip are yearly affairs. FIRST ROW: Marxuach; Green, Godfred; lbison; Lednicky; Weiner; Cockrell; Morgan; Payne; Minyard. SECOND ROW: Kuehn; Dyar; Sayers; Sanford; Sayers; MacPherson; Boy,- Gonzalez; Keller; Merriman. THIRD ROW: Vandiver; Hooke; Weber; Griffith; Conn; Bryant; Pardue; Martinez,- Long. FOURTH ROW: McGlothlin; Beal; Nitsch; Harrison,- Hendry; Medley. Parliamentarian Secretary-Treasurer President GENE F. BROSSMANN JAMES HUGH MAJERS GUILLERMO J. VELA Problems relating to studies and student 'Iife are aired in the council by the elected representatives of the departmental and technical clubs within the School of Arts and Sciences. To accomplish this end, the representatives meet monthly with their Dean. S. J. Couriilon Joe Horni Jaun Dominguez Richard Metz David Holman Michael McGown Don Mahaley Jerry Davis Howard Pumpelly Eldon Curington M. E. Dunn Charles Nichols Jack Cline Harlan Roberts Lawrence Garrett Alan Payne FIRST ROW: WhiTlock, L; Morgan, R.; Whitehall, D.; Thompson, R.; Davidson, D.; Kelly, C.; Majors, D.; Willis, D. SECOND ROW: Harris, C.; Dugger, W.; Evans, W. L.; Wright, W.; HaTTon, J. R.; Swanner, L.; Wheeler, K. W.; Baret, J. Y.; Smith, A. THIRD ROW: HesketT, A. R.; Edwards, W. E.,- Kruemckle, M. E.; DiTTberner, P. L.; Willis, 6.; MaTThews, T.,- Phelps, R. W. Serving as The connecTing link beTween The churches locaTed around The college and The sTUdenTs of The college is The primary purpose of The BapTisT STUdenT Union. The BapTisT STUdenT Union is comprised of sTUdenTs who are members of The local churches. The BapTisT STudenT Union works Through The execuTive council commiTTee chairman. Each of These commiTTees has a specific job To do such as sponsoring a local mission program, planning The vesper programs during The week, enlisting new members for The BapTisT STUdenT Union and also elecTing each year Their preTTy sweeThearT. OFFICERS President . D. DAVIDSON Vice-PresidenT . D. WILLIS EnlistmenT Chairman .. B. MORGAN Social Chairman T C. KERLEY Program Chairman ................................................................................ L.. WHITLOCK Secretary . J. BARRETT Publicity Chairman D. MAJORS Christian Life Chairman D. WHITEHALL Missions Chairman R. THOMPSON Music Chairman ....... J. HATTON STudenT CenTer Chairman W. DUGGER Campus Organizations Chairman ................................. L. CRUTSINGER Editor, The Link L. BRAIDFOOT Chairman Summer Mission ............................................................ CHARLES MADDEN Chairman InT. Students A. OLIVARES TransporTaTion Chairman B. EVANS President DON DAVIDSON Sweetheart MARSHA LESTER FIRST ROW: Fidler; STengei; DrouilheT, A.,- Dupree; Harable; Wells. PresidenT CONSUL GENERAL DE FRANCE MONTY DUPREE A relaTively new organizaTion, Le Club Parisien has been in exisTence for liTTIe more Than a year. IT was organized especially for sTudenTs inTeresTed in French cuITure. The uITimaTe success of This unique organi- zaTion resTs enTirely wiTh iTs members, as Their desire for someThing more Than The average club has re- suiTed in a side range of welI-planned lectures and acTiviTies. The Consul General of France highlighTed The fall semesTer wiTh a lecTure concerning The lives of SW- denTs in French universiTies. Earlier in The semesTer, The French classes aT Texas Women's UniversiTy were visiTed where comparison-sTudies were made. AcTiviTies of The club were many as iTs members Traveled To TWU for a casual dance and Sam HousTon STaTe Teacher's College for a never-To-be-TorgoTTen "Beach ParTy." Field Trips were also made To The French LegaTion in AusTin and Then To HousTon's Cullen AudiTorium where The piays "L'Apollon de Bellae" and "Orphee" were given. Swords are sTiIl in The fire now as This goes To prinT, as Padre Island aT Corpus ChrisTi is The nexT sTop for The members of Le Club Parisien in Their never-ending ThirsT for Travel in a culTural Tone. Uniqueness has been our objecTive, and This uniqueness we have achieved. HEAD WAITERS Sizenbach, S. L. Kay, l. H. The DeiTa waiTers is an organizaTion composed of sTudenT waiTers aT A8:M. Through The help of This club The waiters have achieved greaTer uniTy, which is a necessiTy in Their iob. This organizaTion has been in exisTence Tor qUiTe some Time now and is one of The livelier ones on The Campus. FIRST ROW: Fick, Richey, Kenny, Aidrich, Maxwell, Alexander, Chifwood, Nelson, Heiguero, Neal, Reeves, Linseisen, McCarty, West, Cobbler, Barsch, Taylor, Underwood, Simper, Crouch, Parker, Faulkner, ResTrepo. FOURTH ROW: JohnsTon, Tourney, Dillon, Becera, Oliver, Germany, STeffek. SIXTH ROW; HurTa, Beller, Long, Murchison, Robinson, Bush, Slape, Weber, E., Rhode, Kay, Sizenbach. SECOND ROW: KuTach, GarreTT. THIRD ROW: Majors, Galindo, Estrada, Graves, Boehm, Weber, T McDaniel, Bedoya, Smith, Marmoleio, Read, Riddle, Vaughn, Crockrell. FIFTH ROW: Gardner, Roberts, Jamar, STanTon, Lawrence, ParTida. FIRST ROW: Jas. F. Brinkley, Muchas Garcia, NakiTa Chas. FriTh, USAF Pip Thornton, Soccer Thick Lopez, LighT Horse Germ Greer, Plastic Ray, Marlon Morris, Mr. CheaTum, Mr. X. SECOND ROW: Urban TRenewaD, Smith, CapT. Marvel Bagshaw, Shas. of The Corps, Raba Baba, Jas. Baldichino, Noe Corbuleieaux, J. J. Furrface, Kosher Cowboy, PreTTy Boy Dan. THIRD ROW: Schoolcraff, WiTness, Davi Bliss, P. Paul Guzzardips, The Guy, Josh Lammers, Thompson, Bloomers, Rich Moore. FOURTH ROW: JeTs HoyT, Wm. CrofT, Money-Bags Kemp, Dee-waw DiTTy, Killer Slash Walker, WiTness, Shayks ParTodus, Tarz Graham, Really Ronald Reel. NoT shown in picfure: Medlin, M.,- Manual Labor, Donald Simpson, and a casT of Thousands . . . President RAYMOND V. GOMEZ Vice-PresidenT LARRY McSPEDDEN Secretary ED HUNT Treasurer ED KEMP ParliamenTarian LOU HAMPTON The Design STudenT SocieTy is The STudenT ChapTer of The Amer- ican InsTiTuTe of ArchiTecTs aT A8TM College. The purpose of This organizaTion is To supplemenT The formal classroom learning of The sTUdenT by direcTing his exTracurricular acTiviTies Toward furThering his ToTal ArchiTecTural Education. This is done Through a series of GuesT LecTures by ArchiTecTs and men in relaTed fields, films, and demonsTraTion presenTaTions. Members of The D.S.S. are enTiTled To receive a c0py of The highly raTed yearly publicaTion of The Division of ArchiTecTure, ARCHITECTURE PLUS. The Design STudenT SocieTy also sponsors oTher acTiviTies of a fraternal naTure, which coupled wiTh The more serious parT of The program creates a very suiTable exTracurricuIar atmosphere in which a sTUdenT can learn and grow. SweeThearT JUDY WRIGHT FIRST ROW: Williams, Thomas G.,- Threadgill, Jack M.; Jones, Raymond C.; Dunn, Michael E. As a sTimulus To growth of aviaTion inTeresT on The A8TM Campus, The Flying Kadets was formed under The direcTion of The Memorial StudenT CenTer. The purpose of The Flying KadeTs is To promoTe flying safe- Ty, skill and inTeresT. The Flying KadeTs offer To any sTudenT, regardless of classificaTion, The opportuniTy To parTicipaTe in an enjoyable program based on flying skill and safety. Airplanes and The enioymenT of flying, form a common bond for members of The Flying KadeTs. Their inTeresT is expressed Through ground school insTrucTion sessions, frequenT flying conTesTs and Trips, and acTive parTicipaTion in The NaTio-nal lnTercollegiaTe Flying Associa'rion. OFFICERS President THREADGILL Vice-President JONES Secretary V . . WILLIAMS Treasurer . DUNN Aircraft Manager ......................... MILLER Advisor Sweetheart President SUE WILLIAMS JACK M. THREADGILL OFFICERS President .............................. HOLLOWAY, E. R. Vice-PresidenTr ------------------------------------- VOLZ, G- A- SecreTary-Treasurer ............................ SUHLER, D. President SweeThearT HOLLOWAY, E. R. SANDY SMITH DedicaTed To acquainTing freshman engineers wiTh The various fields of engineering, The Freshman Engineering SocieTy helps poTenTial engineers choose Their own area of specializaTion. AT each of The monThly meeTings, films are shown, qualified speakers are presenTed and discussions are held To cover The specTrum of The applied sci- ences. HighlighTing The year's acTiviTies is The annual spring banqueT aT which The new officers for The coming year are insTaHed. Because of The SocieTy's consisTenle fine selecTions, Their sweeThearT is always admired. FIRST ROW: Volz, G. A.; Rose, J. L; White, D. R.; HampTon, L. H.; Salinas, J. L; Theis, J. W.; CrockeTT, D. 3.; RoberTs, J. 5.; Wheat, L. D.; Gibson, J. M.; Van Wyk, R. A.; Wahlberg, R. E.; Riggs, A.; Powell, L. L.; Leder, A. C.; Ransdell, C. H. SECOND ROW: Holloway, E. R.; Clark, 8. K.; Aldridge, R. C.; Greenwood, N. A.; Jenne, J. D.; Holster, J. D.; Browning, B. J.; Duvall, D. E.; Rodriguez, B.; Telica, F. E.; Hensley, J. L.; Moore, M. G.; Creider, E. J.; DeBarTolo, G. R.; FiTe, D. L.,- Daerr, R. L. THIRD ROW: Harris, T. G.; Kiya, M. A.; Ellis, C.; Marr, C.; Crawford, J.; Cole, R. H.; Gray, H. H.; WhiTe- hursT, N. H.; Bond, N. E.; Hapinney, J. D.; Hallingfon, R. A.; GilberT, M.; MaTThaei, R. H.; Garner, L; Smith, B. R.; Lewellen, T. FOURTH ROW: Becker, G. B.; Cano, N. 0.,- Floyd, W. F.,- Whelyn, R. G.; Alexander, A. P.; GilliSpie, R. W.; PanaT, A. W.; Wilcox, D. H.; Denison, E. B.; McQuinn, D. E.; Neeley, J. E.; Adams, J. H.; ArmsTrong, J. W.; Culver, J. L.; Price, E. A.; Williams, T. R.; Spencer, J. R.; Mohler, D. R. HILLEL FOUNDATION OFFICERS President .................................................... HARRY BAlLlN Vice-PresidenT ..... RANDY MYERS SecreTary .......................................................... MIKE MARK Treasurer ................................................................................ JON HYMAN Parliamentarian ............................................................ RICHARD FlNSTER L President Student Advisor BAlLlN, H. 5, MRS. RAYMOND REISER AT Texas A8TM The B'nai B'riTh Hillel FoundaTion is one of 248 uniTs of foundations and counselships on college campuses sponsored by The B'nai B'riTh organizaTion. lTs obiecTive is To help college sTudenTs undersTand and appreciaTe Their Jewish heriTage. IT is a program dedicated To The inTerpreTaTion of Jewish TradiTion aT iTs besT. Hillel aT A8JVl was organized by The laTe J. J. Taubenhaus, head of The PlanT Physiology aT Texas A8:M College, To creaTe a nucleus of Jewish life on The A8TM campus. Hillel is a full fledged foundaTion Taking iTs place among The numerous religious culTural organizaTions ThaT make up The spiriTual life on The campus. The program is carried ouT by means of lecTures, open forum discussions, seminar groups, weekly religious services, observance of The major Jewish holy days, welfare drives, and inTerTaiTh acTiviTies, all of which TogeTher help build for The sTudenT an all around personaliTy. FIRST ROW: Nagid, FensTer, Myers, Reiser, Bailin, Wormser, Goldwater, Hyman, Mark, H. M.; Mark, Mrs. H. M.; Gibson; Sheiness. SECOND ROW: Gardner, Beck, Reiser, Kahan, Shapiro, Gerberf, Scherer, Bush, Keiser, Wlnkel, Suib, Goldfarb, Sprung, Perry, Quinn, Minkon, ElfonT. THIRD ROW: FinkelsTein, Milcer, Keller, Moscsmanir, Belinsky, Gosschalk, Van Hardeveld. OFFICERS Chairman CARR, T. C. SecreTary-IRE MOORING, E. E. SecreTary-AIEE THOMAS, J. A. Treasurer VELA, C. Vice-Chairman BLANTON, M. 5 President Sweetheart CARR, T. C, MRS. EILEEN SWEATMAN To help The sTudenT bridge The gap beTween school and indusTry is The main obiecTive of IEEE. This organization has only been in exisTence since January, 1962 and can claim To be The newest Technical socieTy on campus. The IEEE is The resuIT of a merger of The American lnsTiTuTe of ElecTrical Engineers and The lnsTiTuTe of Radio Engi- neers which have had a combined chapter aT A8:M fora number of years prior To The merger. DifferenT phases of industry are presenTed To The sTudenTs by guesT speakers aT The monThly meeTings. OTher highlighTs include Technical wriTing conTesTs, publicaTions, and The annual FaculTy-Senior baseball game held each spring. FIRST ROW: Carr, Mooring, Thomas, Vela, Blanton. SECOND ROW: Nelson, Collier, Spence, Landers, Crawford, Barnhart, Redwine, Santos, Smith, Tipton, Gury, Kimball, Mills, Marable, Harvey. THIRD ROW: Liston, Bergstrom, Boy, Newman, Harp, Fins, Kemp, Preson, Powers, Wehner, Siegelin, WafTs, Matthews, Maddox. FOURTH ROW: Webb, Gent, Hu, TackiTT, 5010, Moore, Kay, Hatley, Maurer, Thompson, Brady, Brandt, Koehler. INQURANCE QOCIETY FIRST ROW: Lyles, Van Dyke, Bofer, Tedford, Bodkin, Rebel, Wilis, Mogford, Campbell, Karrer, Mims, lsaacson, Graham, Gold, PrickeTTe, Reyes, Richard, Chlapek, Davis. SECOND ROW: Vela, Marlow, Freeman, Candeiia, Reavis, Knox, Reeves, Leigh, BarTon, Ariedge, McAdams, McCown, Toman, Jaris, Speed. THIRD ROW: MerediTh, Hogg, Zubik, Fugler, Siimp, Jarosz, Gonzalez, Beckman, Franklin, Chappelle, FranTz, Cox, Willing- ham, Rannals, Fonvilie, Flaherty. FOURTH ROW: Griswold, Johnson, Laird, ReaT, Raderi Volz, BIiTer, Provine, Barker, Davis, Warren, Bornefeid, Becker, O'Neal, Hancock. FIFTH ROW: Siegel, Scharck, LassiTer, Puig, STokes, SmiTh, Dulin, LedbeTTer, PucketT, Boyd, MiTcheH, Josey, Boxley, Cardweil, Twomey, Florence, Perrone, Hellums, Mafhews, VeiTh, Honeycqu. Field Trips, guesT speakers, and social acTiviTies are all parT of The Insurance SocieTy's efforT To round ouT The pracTicai aspecTs of an insurance maior's educaTion. The socieTy mainTains conTacT wiTh numerous insurance com- panies and Tries To help senior members secure empioymenT upon graduaTion. In addiTion, programs which are de- signed To acquainT new sTudenTs wiTh The various opporTuniTies in The fields of insurance are offered. Co-sponsorship wiTh The Brazos CounTy AssociaTion of lndependenT AgenTs and The CenTrai Texas Life Under- wriTers AssociaTion in encouraging sTUdenTs To parTicipaTe in The educaTionai programs of The Insurance lnsTiTuTe of America and The American College of Life UnderwriTers is one of The primary acTiviTies of The club. OFFICERS President . ., ........ TEDFORD, G. E. Vice-PresidenT RABEL, W. A. Vice-PresidenT ,. BODKIN, R. W. Treasurer ,,,,,,,, . GRAHM, B. 3. Secretary . BOWER, J. R. Publicity Chairman ............................................................ VAN DYKE, E. Senior RepresenTaTive ........................................................ VAN DYKE, E. Arts Science RepresenTaTive ............................................ HARST, W. W. , Junior Represenfative ............................................................ VELA, G. J. .5 HisTorian ........ GOLD, H. A. g Sponsor ,. ,V ,,,,,, LYLES, H. F. SergeanT-aT-Arms ............................................................ ISAACSON, R. D. SweeThearT President LORRIE BEALS GEORGE TEDFORD KNTGMQ OF- COLUMBUQ OFFICERS Grand Knight R. G. McNEES DepUTy Grand KnighT PILAR PENA RAY STERMER PasT Grand Knight Program Chairman ...................................................... WALTER PARSONS Financial Secretary 1. J. SHENKIR Treasurer J. E. ENDRIZZI Chancellor HENRY WALTON Warden AdvocaTe Recorder MARTIN GARCIA LOUIS HOVORAK L. J. HOLECEK Inside Guard Inside Guard W. C. SCHARES GIL DYLLA Outside Guard PresidenT R. S. McN EES WILLIAM BRADEN SweeThearT REBECCA HAYS FraTerniTy and fellowship among CaTholic men are The principal aspecTs of The KnighTs of Columbus. Religious as well as social beneTiTs are obTained by The members. The organizaTion sTrives To fosTer uniTy and broTherhood and To develop a more profound love for The sacramenTs and The graces of God. IT aims To help bring abOUT a more TruiTTul and inTelIigenT worship of God. The KnighTs sTrive To increase Their knowledge of CaThoIicism and To develop a proper relaTionship beTween religious and secular pursuiTs. Various acTiviTies are sponsored during The year. Among These are religious devoTions, dinners, discussions, and oTher religious, inTellecTuaI, and social evenTs. FIRST ROW: Grams, Appel, Braden, Dominguez, Pena, Alaniz, Parsons, Walton. SECOND ROW: Bailey, Garcia, Hovorak, Dylla, STermer, Shenkir, HUchTon. THIRD ROW: Smith, Schares, Endrizzi, Monford, Holecek, Leininger, Koster, Glueck, McNees. FIRST ROW: Thompson, H. P.; Glyen, Lemmon; Keller, Paul; King, Charles; Maced, Charles; Keeling, Joe; Taylor, Harold; Shapiro, Theodore; Torres, Tony; Thomas, Charles; Bob, Gomez; Burge, Charles; Watson, Jerry; Taylor, H. A.; Disinger, T. A.; Peterson, Ronald; Murray, James. SECOND ROW: Terry, William A.; Bess, RoberT C.; Wong, Taylor; Janert, Herbert; PrickeTTe, John; Buchanan, James; Hyer, Dell M.; Tarver, Cleo; Armstrong, Robert; McLaughlin, Lester; Burns, James; Anderson, Ray; Barker, ArThur. THIRD ROW: Renninger, Phil; Wolpman, Kraege; WhiTe, George; Klutz, William; ATkinson, Dale; ElfonT, Robert; Murry, Donald; Bench, Lennard; Elliot, Andrew C. Jr.; Smith, Roger M.; McCoy, Milton. FOURTH ROW: McCane, Donald; Lavender, William; Johnson, Howell; Hancock, Woody; Kreymer, John; Bollich, Elridge; McFarland, John; Adair, Tommy; CanTU, Ramon; Camacho, M.A.; Jamail, Gerald; Magee, AiTon. FIFTH ROW: Sorensen, Wesley; John, Thomas; Lenoir, Blanchard; Adams, Terry; Johnson, M. H.; Soper, L. J.; Brainerd, J. F.; Pie, Gregory; Humphries, Bill; Gibson, David; Smith, Thomas; Richmond, Kim; McAdams, Michel; Sefcik, Allen; David, James; Green, Paf. "To promoTe, fosTer, and encourage a beTTer undersTanding of MarkeTing Through fellowship among sTUdenTs, TacuiTy, and businessmen." This is The purpose of The MarkeTing SocieTy of Texas A8TM. Our organizaTion is recog- nized as a sTudenT chapTer of The American MarkeTing AssociaTion which serves businessmen Throughouf The naTion. Co-sponsorship wiTh The HousTon Sales ExecuTive Club of The annual Sales Clinic is The primary acTiviTy of The SocieTy. Membership is open To anyone expressing an inTeresT in MarkeTing. OFFICERS President WILLIAM TERRY Vice-Presidenf PAT GREEN Secrefary , .. JIM BUCHANAN Treasurer ............................................................ . .............. JERRY JAMIAL SweethearT President GAYLE BARBER WILLIAM TERRY OFFICERS Chairman ROBERT WIMBISH Vice-Chairman HARLOW RTAWLS Treasurer FLOYD YOUND Chairman Selection CommiTTee .................................................... JERRY LINCECUM PUbliciTy Chairman JEROME REKTORIK Program Chairman FRANK MULLER ArrangemenTs Chairman RICKY SHAW PresidenT SweethearT R. W. WIMBISH PAM JACKSON Our purpose is TO sTimulaTe and promoTe in The College communiTy an informed and inTeIligenT discussion of The problems of world affairs. We presenT To The sTudenTs and The public, men who know The TacTs, issues, policies, and aITernaTive policies, while aT The same Time encouraging The people To Take an acTive parT in The discussion of naTional and inTernaTional affairs. The Series is presenTed on The Theory ThaT, in a democracy, agreemenT is noT essenTial-parficipaTion is! FIRST ROW: Young, F. R.,- Lincecum, J. B.; Rawls, H. W.; Wimbish, R. W.; Rektorik, H. J.; Muller, F. M.; Shaw, E. R. SECOND ROW: Oates; Sharp; Ilse; Lamb; Matthews,- Perkins; Col'rrin; Gunter,- STorey. THIRD ROW: Tyree; HarT; Parks; Bell; Gray; Roberts; Chaney; Henry. FOURTH ROW: McFerrin; Bradley; Hall; Stark; Dr. Parker, T. J.; Medford; Teipel; HoTard; Triesch. FIRST ROW: Fohn, N.; Newton, D.; Whittington, J.; Korenek, E.,- Ferrell, B.,- Zatopek, E.. SECOND ROW: Diaz, C.; Rosenbach, L.; Musny, L; Naiser, D.; Hall, R.; London, R.; Ibson, J.; Brandt, D.; Listi, 8.; Boliich, E.,- Hoelting, L.; James, G.; Teasley, J.; Yaklein, J. THIRD ROW: Morgan, E. K.; Stein, F. J.; Jacoby, R. A.; Fillinger, T. J.; Chovanec, E.E.; Newton, R. D.; Duchamp, E. A.; Prewitt, J. l.; Morgan, R.; Prewitt, R. A.; Grant, L. J.; Clancy, E. L; Shinsky, 5.; Blackman, J. A.. FOURTH ROW: Korenek, K.; Castellanos, M.; Polk, L; Berger, E. FIFTH ROW: Father Elmer; Conner, J.; Lemke, C.; Smulczewski, L; Roeder, E.; Sobey, T.; Maurier, C.; Margrave, M. W.; O'Conner, J.; Jordan, W. H.,- Carr, R., Bamberg, W. H.; Kowalewski, L. W. The Newman Club provides a religious education for Catholic students enrolled in a secular college. The club has a three-fold purpose: religious, educational, and social. Its aims are to help Newmanites share more intelligently and fruitfully in the worship of God, develop a deeper love for the sacraments, and real awareness of God's graces and by the guidance and counsel of their Chaplain to find their part in the lay apostolate. Newmanites increase their knowledge of Catholicism on a college level along with their secular learning. They develop a proper relationship between religious and secular learning. They develop a proper relationship between religious and secular pursuits. Newmanites make friends easily with fellow members, find fun and relaxation with catholic students in all phases of campus activity, and develop a more complete awareness of their role related to society in general. During the year, the Club sponsors many religious devotions, discussions, dances, suppers, and other religious, intellectual, and social activities. OFFICERS President . WHITTINGTON, J. Vice-President KORENEK, Secretary GAMBRELL, Treasurer NEWTON, D. House Chairman VALDEZ, XAVIER President Sweetheart WHITTINGTON, J. R. JEANETTE McQUILLAN t N-wu, hmaaimh-uumaex ., ,. AEM PAPACHUIE CLUB The Texas A8TM ParachuTe Club is proud of HS conTribuTion To The popularizaTion of America's TasTesT growing sporT. The club provides organizaTion for sporT parachuTing, and promoTes The sporT by presenTing H To The public in a clear perspecTive. The club is proud of iTs saTeTy record, demonsTraTing ThaT The sporT can be as safe as H is Thrilling. The acTiviTies and The membership of The club are consTanle growing. In addition To The regular week end jumping, members of The club have broughT home 16 Trophies from meeTs in The SouThwesT during This year. FIRST ROW: Olden, J.; Shook, C.,- Wheelock, J.; Rudder, 6.; Richardson, M. SECOND ROW: Harris, J.; Hampton, L.; Boyce, C.; Salinas, C.; Chapman, J.; Longnecker, D.,- ShoIIy, B. THIRD ROW: Luiz, M.; Braffetf, C.; Mullican, M.; Wallis, F.,- Snider, B.; Leipic, M.; Finks, J.; Fuentes; Boyd, L; Griffey, B. OFFICERS JAY WHEELOCK GARY RUDDER CHARLES SHOOK JOHN OLDEN BOB RICHARDSON President Vice-Presiden'r Treasurer Operations Officer SafeTy Officer Aggie skydivers "posel' for their picTure FIRST ROW: SoTelo, 0.; ATkins, J.; Bacica, W.; Rose, D.; Zappe, R.; Dr. Ransdell. SECOND ROW: Blaschke, C.; Dobson, W.; Miller; Don; BaggeTT; ChrisTopher; James; Sullivan,- Smith; FoersTer. THIRD ROW: Roark; Chauviere; Buck; Rohde; Galloway; Dodgen; Moore; Ferris,- Dominy; Johnson; Blake; MerriTT; Wilson. FOURTH ROW: Rapp, 6.; Lake, 3.; Rosenbaum; Lee; Pfak, L; Duvall, D.; Long, R.; Myers, J.,- Moore, W.; Belcher; Hooper; Jackson; Cobb. FIFTH ROW: Peterson; Hardeman; Schlinke; Offner; KoriTz; Berngen; Glesenschlag; Sperry;STeffek;Hermann;Moores;McMurTry. OFFICERS President e WOODROW L. BACICA Vice-PresidenT DOUGLAS N. ROSE OSCAR SOTELO JAMES K. ATKINS .. DR. C. H. RANSDELL RONALD J. ZAPPE Historian SecreTary Faculty Advisor Treasurer ...... PresidenT WOODROW L. BACICA Organized aT The UniversiTy of Illinois in 1923, Phi ETa Sigma, The NaTional Scholarship So- cieTy for freshmen, encourages scholarship among firsT year college men and honors Those who make ouTsTanding records. Those men aTTaining a grade poinT raTio of 2.5 or beTTer Their firsT semesTer, or having This raTio as an average for Their firsT year, are eligible for admission. Sophomores comprise The acTive membership in The local chapTer, buT inacTive membership exTends for life. The SixTy-SevenTh NaTional ChapTer of Phi ETa Sigma was esTablished aT Texas ASTM in January 1949. Since ThaT Time nearly one Thousand Aggies have been iniTiaTed inTo The SocieTy. Sweetheart EMILY KARDOW ratfh;mvm.d IA..I-b..r .. xv, m.twv e. OFFICERS President .................................................... WILLIAM RUNDELL Vice-PresidenT ................................................ THOMAS ASHY SecreTary-Treasurer .............. . WILLIAM TURNEY ParliamenTarian ............................................ RANDALL BLAND Social Chairman ................................................ EARL STENGER PresidenT SweethearT W. K. RUNDELL SHEILA BONE The Pre-med Pre-denT SocieTy, esTablished To keep A8TMI$ pre-med sTudenTs' inTeresTs high, offers a wide and varied program. The bi-weekly meeTings ofTen feaTure Talks from some of The SouthwesT's mosT disTinguished docTors. This year films of acTual operaTions and experimenTs were shown. HighlighTing The year's acTiviTies are Trips Through medical and denTaI schools and The SocieTy's an- nual sp-ring banquet This year, as in Times pasT, The SocieTy has managed To keep The pre-med and pre-denT sTudenTs inTer- esTed in Their fields and looking earnesle Towards The fuTure. FIRST ROW: Ashy, T.; Stenger, E.; Rundell, W.; Turney, W.; Bland, R.; Sweeney, D. SECOND ROW: GraveTT; Mendoza; Pavelka, M.; SingleTon, J.; Saenz, A.; Baldarrama, F.; Bourne, C.; Thompson, D.; Bone, G.; Laird, P.,- Macaluso, M.; Novosad, R.; Ham, H.; Castanon, R.; Gouzellan, R.; Maples, A.; Schwietz, T. THIRD ROW: Black; Rapp; Diaz; Zeis; Pews; Rowland; DeATIey; Reyna; Grumbles, J.; Hernandez, G.; Burney; FoersTer; Holden, E.; Coco, M.; Hart, J.; Kluge, C.; Dimock, J. FOURTH ROW: Spradling; Horton; Toone; Terry; LiTTle; James; Staff; Douglas; Byrne; Henderson, C.; PresTidge; Combs, H.; AuTry, J.; Rhodes, 6.; Michael, C.; Pena, G.; Glassford, D.; Gaden, J.; Madden, M.; KnipssTein, R.; Davis, W.; Gookin, J.; Fisherman, B.; Tisdal, V.; Gruner, K.; Sherman, W.; Curran, D.; Young, R.; Smith, L. RODEO CLUB Upon organizaTion of The NaTional InTercoHegiaTe Rodeo Of The Aggie Rodeo Team and i5 seT Up in The recreational AssociaTion February 1, 1949, The Rodeo enThusiasTs aT Texas SPOFTS program under The direcTion Of The STudenT AcTiviTies A8TM, complying wiTh naTional rules, organized The Rodeo and The lnTramural Manager. Each year The club sponsors an Club. All sTudenTs, regardless of Their major field of sTUdy, N-l-R-A- Rodeo and a QuarTer Horse Show, approved by The are eligible To become members and conTinue The phase Of American QuarTer Horse Assn. and The NaTionai CuTTing Horse rodeoing which They like besT. This associaTion is The sponsor Assn. PRESIDENT JOHN BAKER HORSE SHOW CHAIRMAN KEN DORRIS FIRST ROW: Beyer; Wood; Gross; Baker; KapnTo; Taylor; Dorris; Fridel. SECOND ROW: Caruer; Turner; Ramsey; Robinson; STeeier; Price; Harper; Hawkins; Harrison. THIRD ROW: Oliver; Jackson; Parsons; Hour; Molinar; Escobar; Churchin; Mann; Mayberry; Donaho; Philhower; Fussell. FOURTH ROW: Burns,- HiTchens; Robinson; Ridell; Lee; Egloff; Gordon, J.; Porter. FIFTH ROW: Brewer; Fuller; Hicks; Maiors; Thompson; HecTor. SIXTH ROW: Jones; Richards; Almond; Holden; Brandom; FordsTon; Burd; SuTTell; STUbbs. L H. H D! M E H Y K C E B x VM FOURTH ROW, LefT To RighT: Dougherfy, Marr, Minor, Bradley, MiTchell, Maccaferri. THIRD ROW: CarpenTer, Terrell, Callan, POTTer, Kemp, SmiTh. SECOND ROW: Lewis, Kirkes, Mazza, Thompson, Carter, GranT, Van Wagner. 'FIRST ROW: Owen, Gilmore, WaTTs, Capt. Carmichael, Saenz, PorTer, Gibbons. Organized on January 1, 1920, The SocieTy of American MiliTary Engineers is an associaTion in which engineers from all of The engineering services of The Armed Forces and from all fields of civilian engineering pracTice loin To increase The engineer poTenTial of The UniTed STaTes for The NaTional SecuriTy. The SocieTy has a membership of 30,000 ThroughouT The world, including sTudenT posTs comprised of engineering and ROTC sTUdenTs in 60 colleges and universiTies in The UniTed STaTes. The local posT provides The sTudenT conTacT wlTh The various miliTary aspecTs of engineering Through regular meeTings aT which speakers and Technical films are presenTed. The major acTiviTy of The posT is The annual field Trip sponsored by The Army Corps of Engineers. LasT year The field Trip was To The WaTerways ExperimenT STaTion locaTed in Vicksburg, Mississippi. OFFlCERS PresidenT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , JOEL A. SAENZ First Vice-PresidenT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LARRY G. PORTER Second Vice-PresidenT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AUGUSTUS A. WATTS, JR. SecreTary N , , , WILLIAM E. GIBBONS Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DONALD GILMORE ReporTer ,,,,,,,,,,,, . 7 FRANK S. OWEN Advisor , CAPT. H. H. CARMICHAEL President Sweetheart JOEL A. SAENZ ANN DAVIS QIUDENT CHAPTER OF WW VETEPJMPX MEDICAL AQQOCWON NINTH ROW, Left to Right: Lozo, Thompson, Hoyland, Mull, Wolf, Leissler, Baysden, Avery, Crouch, Seaquist, Dayne, Bitter, Bailey, Massey, Keller, Spivey, Lamb, Adams. EIGHTH ROW: Cummins, Bridges, Botard, Faries, Daniels, Henley, Oman, Frost, Monticello, Garza, Marshall, Woods, Dalgard, Hudman, Mistretta, Allen, Wurster. SEVENTH ROW: Dubuisson, Johnston, Hall, Pate, Bounds, Holden, Waters, McGuire, LEQgett, Kearney, Boughton, Dyer. SIXTH ROW: Stephenson, Schroeder, Show, Vale, Broussard, Holmes, Banks, Stubbs, Key, Leuders, Taylor, Gayle. FIFTH ROW: Reeves, Read, Morrow, Potter, Robinson, Norwood, Daggs, Bectol, Laycock, Charlton, Breeding. FOURTH ROW: Schares, La Faver, Van Dyke, Scott, Kirk, Carter, Evers, Drow, Wood, Syler, Clark. THIRD ROW: Florence, Johnston, Robertson, Jones, Urso, Garcia, Kieschneck, Stein, Jacoby, Herrmann. SECOND ROW: Wisenbaker, Davidson, Peeples, Bailey, Sharp, Harben, Martin, Sizenbach, Taylor, Guilloud, Smith: Leidig. FIRST ROW: Low, Morales, Cameron, Zurborg, Varisco, Norton, Keahey, Abel, Benson, Hayes, Dorris, Rogers, Wynn, Guillot, Denmsn, Rhinehart, Pachall, Lindley, Garcia, 'Reyndlds, Lowe, Harwood, Cox, Fitzpatrick, Strole, Ali, Speyrir, Herbst, Lillard. The Junior Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association of Texas A8tM College School of Veterinary Medicine was organized to promote a spirit of friendly relations among the students regularly enrolled in the course of veterinary medicine, and to provide additional opportunities for the members to gain professional knowledge. The chapter holds regularly scheduled meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Guest speakers are invited to these meetings on subjects that are of interest to the members. The functions of the chapter are carried out by the officers of the chapter. The officers are members in good standing who are elected by their fellow members for a term of six months. The Southwestern Veterinarian is a student publication that is prepared and published fpur times per school year. A student editor is selected on his outstanding abilities and qualifications and he in turn selects and appoints his staff. In addition to the above functions, the chapter continues to maintain a sum of money that is known as an emergency fund. Members regularly contribute their blood to a hospital and the money received is deposited in the emergency fund. This fund is used to make loans to chapter members who require financial assistance to remain in the School of Veterinary Medicine. OFFICERS President EUGENE E. SORENSEN Vice-President JIM BOWEN Secretary-Treasurer M. E. HICKMAN, JR. Sergeant-at-Arms RONALD LA FLEUR Parliamentarian RICHARD L. FORGASON President-Elect DAVID COLEMAN President Sweetheart EUGENE E. SORENSEN MARGARET ANKELE Design Student Society LLOYD E. KLEYPAS BERNARD J.D. LEDNICKY MORGAN A.S.C.E. HERBERT C. PETER C. ALLEN FORSTER JIMMY L. CARNES HUMPHREY Student Senate Rep. QTUDENT ENGINEERS COUNClL OFFICERS President JOHN FOCKE Nof Picture$ Vice-President Secretary WALTER F. DONNIE WHATLEY RUDD Treasurer LINTON T. LIPSCOMB Institute of Aerospace Sciences JERRY B. DONALD T. HATTOX HUNTER A.I.M.M. Pet. E. JAMES F. SETCHELL THOMAS H. ERNEST HOMER R. MEADOWS MONTGOMERY SHINN A.S. Ag. E. GARY L. BALSER TRAVIS C. CARR ALFRED W. HUGHLETT Geology Club RONALD J. CLIFF M. DELAVAN JENSEN SUDDERTH Ex-Officio Member Freshman Engineering Society and Ex-Officio Member Texas A8 M Engineer GARY voiz ' , aaWWW-pkn-btx ....., Industrial Education Society HENRY MORELAND ROBERT A. HALL LEE GRANT A.I.E.E. JIMMY D. GUY A.G.C. LAWRENCE W. CHRISTIAN WARREN WALKER JAMES R. HOLLIS 29! FIRST ROW: Holmes, J.; Magers, J.; ZumwalT, J.; Krebs, A. SECOND ROW: Organ, C.; Hunter, R.; Rogers, J.; McClinTon, G.,- White, W. THIRD ROW: Briggs, J.; Lowry, H.; Thomas, E.; Sullivan, P. IT is The responsibiliTy of The Student NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion program To iTs individual members To pro- vide opporTuniTies Tor LT personal and professional gr0wTh; 2T developmenT of leadership skills; 3J undersTand- ing of The hisTory, eThics, and programs aT sTaTe and naTionaI levels, especially inTegraTion programs of local associaTions and sTudenT educaTion associaTions. As an organizaTion, The STudenT NaTional EducaTion AssociaTion should deepen The inTeresT of capable sTudenTs in Teaching as a career; encourage The careful selecTion and guidance of persons admiTTed To Teacher educaTion programs; and, Through higher sTandards of preparaTion and The disseminaTion of inTormaTion, conTribUTe To a reasonable balance in Teacher supply and demand. OFFICERS President HUGH MAGERS Secretary JOHN ZUMWALT Publicity Chairman JOHNNY HOLMES Sponsor PAT SULLIVAN Sweetheart President JOAN HILL J. H, MAGERS OFFICERS PresidenT ................................................................................. , ,,,,,,,, WATTS, K. Vice-PresidenT ....................... , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ....................... CARNES, J. SecreTary ......................................................................... 7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, KIMBALL, D. S. Treasurer ......................................................................................... TRAYLOR, S. G. Sweetheart Tau BeTa Pi MonumenT MISS SUSAN NEWKIRK Since iTs founding aT Leigh UniversiTy in 1885, The Tau BeTa Pi AssociaTion has grown To iTs presenT sTaTure of 112 un- dergraduaTe chapTers, 29 alumnus chapTers, and over 116,000 iniTiaTed members. EsTablished aT Texas A8JVT College in 1948, The Texas DelTa chapTer of Tau BeTa Pi has iniTiaTed more Than 1800 members To form one of The largesT sTudenT chapTers in The naTion. The currenT year's program, designed To emphasize The service aspecT cf Tau BeTa Pi, has consisTed of a guide service for The School of Engineering, a series of review sessions for The E. l. T. ExaminaTion, and The dedicaTion of a large aluminum monumenT of The Tau BeTa Pi BenT To erecTed in The courTyard of The new Ehgineering CenTer upon iTs compleTion. This monumenT will exemplify The high purpose of The Tau BeTa Pi AssociaTion: To TosTer and promoTe excellence in The field of engineering and To mark Those who have conferred honor upon Their Alma MaTer. FIRST ROW: Traylor, 5.; Kimball, D.; Carnes, J.; WaTTs, K.; Mills, J. W.; HilTon, J.; Tucker, E.; May, R. A.,- GenTry, R. L. SECOND ROW: Shinn, H.; Hall, R.; Collier, L. E.; LofTus, R.; McMasTers, D.; WhaTely, W.; Humphrey, J.; Harp, J.; Leach, M.; Harrison, E.; Thomas, T. L.,- Sun, P.; SveTlik, D. THIRD ROW: HunTer, D.; Rice, R.; Landry, P.; Allen, C.; BlyThe, A.; Griffin, J.; BryanT, R.; Cockrell, C.; Echols, W.; Carr, T.; Valade, F.; MarTinez, J. E. FOURTH ROW: Berkovsky, E.; Vela, C.; Corder, P.; Morgan, J.; Wedemeyer, L; Schroeder, G.; Higgins, A.; Moore, 0.,- Scarborough, D.; Dambolena, 1.; Pardue, L.; Mifchell, R.; SchroeTer, D R.; Salabarria, M. A. NAERlCAN QOClElY OF AGPJCIJUURAL ENGWEERQ FIRST, ROW: Crowe, R.; Williams, J.; Hughlett, A.; Hoza, R.,- Albert, C.; Pofts, J.; Sorenson, J.; Smerdon, E.; Aldred; Bathke. SECOND. ROW: Sazani; Bowers; Parker; Estrada; Schneider; Shell; Richardson; Noirer; Wilke. THIRD ROW: Carpenter; Gerick; Rekforik; Diaz; Holley; Morrow; Petfer; Simpfon. FOURTH ROW: Kretzschamar, Kirkpatrick; Sefcik; Hafton; Swanner; Lindmann; Gilmore. Since its beginvping in 1907, The American Society of Agricultural Engineers has functioned actively To de- velop the field of Agricultural Engineering. The Student Sociefy of Agricultural Engineers is helpful in further promoting The Agricultural Engineering profession. The Texas AEQM Student Branch was organized in 1925. OFFICERS President ............................................ HUGHLETT, ALFRED W. Vice-President ............................................ POTTS, JAMES S. Secrefary ..................................... HOZA, RICHARD G. Treasurer ........................................ WILLIAMS, JIMMY R. Parliamentarian ................................... CROWE, RICHARD K. Scribe ALBERT, CLIFFORD W. Faculty Advisor SORENSON, JR. JEROME W. President Sweetheart HUGHLETT, ALFRED W. LYNDA FLANNIGAN -WN WWW ww FIRST ROW: HughleTT, A. W.,- Moore, 0. H.,- SeTchell, W.; Zimmerman, W.; Copeland, GT SECOND ROW: HaTTox, J.; Burke, 8.; RaTher, G.; Willmann, 8.; Evans, B.; Schmidt TTHIRD ROW: DeLomel, P.; MarTin, D. V.; Smith, J.; Anderson, D.; Brice, T.; Myers, A; Boykin, G. FOURTH ROW: Adams, 3.; Andrews, J.; STone, B. M.;Mai. Sherrill. STudenT membership in The lnsTiTUTe of Aerospace Sciences was esTablished To provide The sTUdenT engineer wiTh The opporTuniTy To engage in acTiviTies associaTed wiTh his fuTure career in The aerospace indusTry. AcTiviTies open To members of all classificaTions include field Trips To local aircraTT indusTries, IecTures by prominenT men in The field, films and social funcTions in coniuncTion wiTh The Aero Wives Club. OFFICERS JERRY HATTOX GEORGE COPELAND Treasurer ,7 , , O, H. MOORE SecreTary WINTON ZIMMERMAN Jr. RepresenTaTive fo STudenT Eng.Council ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, JAMES F. SETCHELL SweethearT PresidenT BETTY BAIRD A. W. HUGHLETT l -' ' : FIRST ROW: Marks; Thomas; RoberTs; Wood; Cunningham; Woodburn; Lackey. SECOND ROW: Clay; Beach; McWhorTer; Cobb; BeaTy; Nickerson. THlRD ROW: Parker; DeFee; Kuleisz; Monych; O'Brien; Hemphilly FOURTH ROW: Blaylock; Rennob; Carden; Presley; Belcher; TesTa; SmiTh. FIFTH ROW: Culpepper; STrickland; Tomas; TexT; Naden; Glenn; Bahn; McFarland. SIXTH ROW: Miller; Lower; STranTield; Savage; SmiTh; Wade; Seale; Cheshire; Campbell; LaMarca. SEVENTH ROW: Lewis; Stevens; Waring; Lindley; Crefney; Stricklind; Solnick; Burns; KnuTson; Norman; Black. EIGHTH ROW: Weiss; Terry; Jones; WesT; Wilson; Gabbe; Bailey; Shutter; Land; GilberT; Campbell; Rollins. The Texas A8TM CollegiaTe ChapTer OT FuTure Farmers of America offers The former high school FUTure Farmer ah opporTuniTy To conTinue acTive parTicipaTion in FFA work. The program of This chapTer cenTers around The developmenT of leadership. The members of The CollegiaTe FFA conducT leadership Training schools, judge disTricT and area leadership conTesTs, and assisT wiTh all livesTock judging conTesTs. The chapTer also sends delegaTes To The NaTional FFA ConvenTion and STUdenT Teachers Conference aT Kansas CiTy, Missouri, each year. A CourTesy Corps is mainTaihed by The chapTer To assisT campus visiTors. Two phrases from The FFA moTTo besT describe The acTiviTies of The A8TM Col- legiaTe ChapTer: "Doing To LeamH by acTive parTicipaTion and learning The qualifica- Tions and responsibiliTies of leadership in The agriculTural world. "Living To Servef by working diligently To serve Texas A8TM, The high school chapTers and agriculTure in general. SweeThearT SANDRA PARKS ,h Y.M.OA. CABINEF WNT A group of dedicaTed men inTeresTed in The moral and spiriTual welfare of The sTudenTs compose The Y.M.C.A. CabineT. IT has won recogniTion in The college because H has worked wiTh The purpose of elevaTing The social, moral, and spirifual needs of all. Among iTs acTiviTies are The Chapel program, Freshman Camp, Religious Emphasis Week, assisTing in promoTion of The Ecumenical STudenT Conference, Freshman Council, lnTer-faiTh Council, Marriage Forums, UniTed NaTions Club, aTTendance aT sTUdenT conferences, bringing speakers To The campus, and discussion groups. The STudenT Y.M.C.A. is a laboraTory where young men can live ChrisTian Principles in accordance wiTh The purpose of The Y.M.C.A., Thus developing leaders who will achieve success in The business world afTer They graduaTe from college. SweeThearT PENNY HARMON MVKW FIRST ROW: Rogers, J.; White, G.; Collier, J.; Chapman, J.; Willis, D.; CarpenTer, E.; Graham, D.; Jackson, L.,- Cline, J. SECOND ROW: Edwin, F.; Lamm, M.; HamilTon, R.; GrafTon, M.; McGinnis, C.; Hornback, D.; McClung, J.; Thompson, R.; Tavakolian, M.; NeweTT, J. THIRD ROW: West, R.; Hendricks, D.; Blaylock, J.; Riley, J.; Cervenka, B.; BealI, J.; Gill, E.; Windsor, C. FOURTH ROW: Sherrill, E.; Amad, D.; Echols, W.; Simmons, D.; DieTz, D.; Cox, G.; Gay, M.; Oddson, T.,- Noxon, J. FIFTH ROW: Rudd, D.; Winn, R.; Collins, B.; Jacks, B.; Geye, J.; HaTTon, J.; Ray, L.; Warren, D.; Brown, T. SIXTH ROW: Gay, J.; Advisory Board Members, Dr. J. P. AbboTT and Dean W. J. Graff. President D. E. WILLIS Edmondson, Olivarez, Fl RST ROW Glaser, Mc- WooTen. SEC- Dudep Oliver, Duggan I Fidler Pool, Vecera, Nash. THIRD ROW isenberry, QU SarTwelle, McGuire, Williams, 0ND ROW sTadT Clark iTh, Ed- Peterson, Sm Marion, I I I Hereford, Jones, wards, ich, Davis. LuT AIberT, ForTune, WaIT, Allen, Wilson, Thornberry, ChiTwood, FOU RTH ROW Vanvis, Sartwelle, Dulock, Jackson, Kopp, Reich, Darmon, Link, Norman. Beall, Berger, ," To fosTer a spiriT of , and To provide an opporTuniTy Tor mess To develop leaders in "Agribus' lS ion T n "Ag-Eco" and allied sc inTance among sTUdenTs, professors, and professional workers IS organiza The purpose of Th lences ion among sTUdenTs cooperaT ICS. AgriculTural Econom In der acqua Wl President BOBBY QUISENBERRY ion for TeresTed mg men. T IS an organiza ing fraTerniTy, ' rTis Alpha DeITa Sigma, The Texas A8IM chapTer of The ional adve naT br WIIIIII MIIIVIII IIII ?zIIIIIII I II, III III III I II II; IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I III? IIIIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ing The gap beTween sTudenTs idg adverT m The T0 exam- In adverTis' To various Texas c ing and professional IS III III IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIII, IIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIMIIIIII I IIIIII IIIII I IIIIIII III? I V, II VI I .7 IIIIWIIIJ fiI XI .7 I I III I IXXxxf I. III? I Inxw xIIIIIIIIImMIIIMMIIIIHIIIIMIIIII IIIIIHI IIIIIIIIII II III III III III IIMIMWIMIIIIMMIIII ,I. X X II? I IIIW II II III IIIIHIWIIMIWMIIIIIHIMIIII Z III, V AggI XI? Ix Imyw? . I h IIIIIIIIIII ies ing and sends dele- ional convenTion every oTher year and club makes field Tr I447; Ips ifferenT phases of adverT gaTes To The naT IS d me 4?wa I also sends The Top senior in adverTising To The New York Ad Week. II II IIIIIIII IIIIMIIIII I , Treat, Tiierina. Rogers McGuire, Mauldin, Jablonski, Adair, Fann, Left To Right President CHARLIE MAULDIN e x xxx SWeetheart BABETT KNUDSEN FIRST ROW: Street, R.; Monteer, D.; Scarborough, 0.; Buck, V.; Phillips, R.; Allen, C. SECOND ROW: lmrie, L; Deavers, 6.; Samson, W.; Freeman, G.; Simank, M.; Christianson, K. THIRD ROW: Blythe, A.; Holder, W.; McCall, R.; Higgins, E.; Shinn, H.; Ashley, C. The purpose of Alpha Pi Mu is to confer recognition upon students of industrial engineering who have exceptional academic inferesfs and abilities in their field,- To encourage whenever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of in- dusfrial engineering education; and To further unify the student body of The IndusTrial Engineering Deparfmenf in presenting its needs and ideals to The faculty. Sweetheart SHERRIE PENDERGRAST FIRST ROW: McIntosh, Petty, Dodson, Carter, Hughlett, Huss, Carpenter, Potts, Rupel, Watkins, Russell, Sorenson. SECOND ROW: Wendel, EngbrOck, Wright, Wood, Simpson, Parker, Spellman, Wuensche, Miigura, Richburg, Green. THIRD ROW: Radde, Redding, Simpfon, Luymes, Olivares, Bolling, Forrest, Connor, Moore, Heine, Grimes. FOURTH ROW : Fisher, Chaney, Braden, Caskey, Folsom, Fritz, Sfeffens, Schnabel, Griffith. FIFTH ROW: Truetf, Roberts, Young, Braidfort, Fowler, Jarvis, McCullogh, Hobbs. MAEPJCAN INQTTIUTE OF INDUQTRLAL ENGINEERS Sweetheart R ITA SEXTON w mm ima- FIRST ROW: Shinn, H. R.; Burgess, A.; Street, R.; Buck, V.; Korpanty, L; Townsend, L.; McCall, R.; Hux, J.; Bullinger, C. SECOND ROW: GranT, C.; Mahone, J.; Van de PUTTe, J.; Hall, R.; Scarborough, D.,- Allen, C.,- Freund, R.; Wykes, S THIRD ROW: Baduy, A.; Higgins, E.; Wiley, W.; Freeman, 0.; Ellis, H.; Griffin, J.; Simank, M. FOURTH ROW: Samson, W; Davis, E.; TaluTis, W.; Poehl, R.; ValenTa, F.; Kamaluddin, B. The AIIE STudenT ChapTer sTrives To supplemenT The sTudenT's classroom educa-Tion wiTh The experiences of professional engineers from all Types of indusTry. STudenTs are exposed To The quesTions and answers ThaT mighT someday become a basis for new and original ThoughT when similar problems confronT Them. The highlighT of The year's acTiviTies was The annual AIIE STudenT Conference held aT Texas A8TM for The first Time. WCAN OBDNANCE AQQOCMHON The Texas A8tM sTudenT chapTer of The American Ordnance AssociaTion is parT of a naTional socieTy of American ciTizens pledged To scienTiTic and indusTriaI preparedness. The chapTer was firsT organized in 1957 and Today iTs members are scaTTered Throughout The campus. AcTiviTies of The organizaTion include field Trips, speakers and films on naTional defense, modem Technology and weaponry. President . E. COLLIER FIRST ROW: Jones, H.; Powell, R.; Collier, L.; Brown, 6.; Anderson, L. SECOND ROW: Dailey, R.; Lee, J.; Forrest, F.; Jackson, J.; Hamilton, W.; AnThaume, C.; Milam, W.; Chappelle, R.; Armintor, J.; Darling, H. 300 Organized in 1949, The Student ChapTer Off The AssociaTed General ConTracTors is spon- sored by The HousTon chapter of The AGC. The chapTer is composed of Civil Engineering and ArchiTecTural ConsTrucTion sTudenTs. Field Trips, movies, and guest speakers are all parT of The AGC's efforT To furTher education ouT- side The classroom of Those sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in The consTrucTion field. One field Trip each semesTer is made To inspect construc- Tion work in action. PresidenT LAWRENCE CHRISTIAN FIRST ROW: Eeds, G.; BUTler, C.,- ChrisTian, L.; Focke, J.; Nash, W.; Miears, Bob. SECOND ROW: Andis, D.; Ramirez, R.; Lopez, B.; Caldwell, A.; McBryde, M.; Bridges, R.; Welch, C.; Wray, W. THIRD ROW: Burton, D.,- Willis, Don; Ferrell, J.; GaiTher, G.; MeTTke, W.; Lane, B BryanT, P.; Rhodes, H.; Peterson, R. 'I CHEMIQTPX QOCIBY The ChemisTry Society is composed of both graduaTe and undergraduaTe stu- denTs of chemisTry and oTher sTudenTs who have an in'rere-sT in chemisTry. Their organizaTion serves a social as well as professional purpose in building fraTernal relaTionships among iTs members. Sweetheart SHARON GLENN ward f- 2 FIRST ROW: Stephens,- Moody; DJ. Sicilio. SECOND ROW: Semmelrogge; Faubion; Johnson; Fallon. THIRD ROW: Balke; Holcomb; Dowden; Valek. FOURTH ROW: Brandt, James; Weber; Heinrich; Rodriguez. CHI EPQILON On November 9, 1959, students who ranked in the top one-third of the Civil Engineering Department organized the Civil Engineering Honor Society for the purpose of establishing a local chapter of Chi Epsilon. Chi Epsilon is the national Civil Engineering honor fraternity and is dedicated to maintaining and promoting the status of Civil Engineering as an ideal profession. On January 13, 1962, the Honor Society was formally initiated into Chi Epsilon Fraternity. By stressing both scholarship and character, this organization has become a useful and func- tional part of the campus. FIRST ROW: Dr. Ed Segner; Ralph, T.; Bigham, R.; Mayo, T.; Chapman, J. SECOND ROW: Norris; Thiele, R.; Hudson, J.; Bratton, J.; Wolny, R. CLJPJQTIAN QUENCE t y OFFICERS President BOB MILLS Vice-President C. DURRENBERGER Secretary-Treas. DWANE LILES FIRST ROW: Matlack, J. D.; Wade, D. B; Menefee, Mrs. Edith 8,; Mills, R. L. SECOND ROW: President Waggoner, R.; Durrenberger, D. J.; Liles, E. D. BOB MILLS 302 In ifs sixth year of exisTence, the Apartment Council has worked to- ward the goal of creating unity among. married students. The Coun- cil has played an important parT in keeping The married sTudenTs and Their wives informed of campus ac- fivifies. President JERRY BELL FIRST ROW: Shook, C. G.; Michael, U.P.; Srubar, F.; Monticello, 8.; Atkinson, D.; Bell, J. SECOND ROW: Torres, 8.; Hilborn, C. K.; Watson, J.,- Gillis, 8.; Wood, G. THIRD ROW: Murray, R. D.; Kleibrink, R.; Gayle, L. G.; Silcock, F.; Flynf, W. Membership in The collegiate 4-H Club is open To all sfudents interest- ed in agriculture and To former 4-H Club members. Interesting programs are presen'r- ed at monthly meetings with speak- ers from personnel of The college staff and The Extension Service. Sweetheart SHARON HAND FIRST ROW: Lewis; Adams; Qiuisenberry; Latham; Dr. Cook. SECOND ROW: Hereford; Moore; Espy; Steward. THIRD ROW: Chitwood; Parker,- Rogers; Ruedrich. FOURTH ROW: Janssen; Young; Radde; Cope. The Dairy Science Club was formed in 1922 for The purpose of creating an interest in dairying and The dairy industry. The club is mainly composed of dairy science students but also has a few members who are in- Teresfed in dairying. FIRST ROW: Wuensche; Irvin; McFarland; Warren,- Fischer. SECOND ROW: Brown; Reynolds; Peters. President R. E. REYNOLDS DUNCAN DINING HALL WATERS FIRST ROW: Grahm; Armstrong; Maurer; Wray; Bickham. THIRD ROW: Beyer; Ryrum; Hart; Flaherty; Parish; Hibbs. FOURTH ROW: Dougan; Honeycun; Balentine; Croneberger; Smith; Mayfield; Morgan; Gentry; Cancellare. FIFTH ROW: Keister; Dean; Hawkins; Fondan; Brunkenhoefer; Lueck; Farley; Kohenaman; Supersinski. SIXTH ROW: Young; Rodriguez; Adams; Taylor; Erwin; Hall; Barton,- Brumley; Gomez; Rosenbach; Davis. SEVENTH ROW: Kronenburger; Miller,- Norton; Thompson; Birdwell; Miller, T.; Bass; Hill; Hanna; Luminus. EIGHTH ROW: Gofcher; Berger; Page; Nabors; Allen; Kiner; Morgan; Smith, 8.; Hollernon; Reicherzer; Springer; Brooks; Higgens. NINTH ROW: Harburger, D.; Edwards, J.; Jenkins, T.; Kelly, J.; Evans, R.; Tyre, R.; Murphey, R.; Doltenard; Bower, J.; Hawkins, E.; Crouch, P.; O'Neil, J.; Smith, T. Not Shown: Brinkley, J.; Christian, D.; McDanial, M.; Merka, Be; Brehm, A.; Jagear, C.,- Guarado, T. Mn ' Tw e President C. L. BLASCHKE The Economics Club is composed of sTudenTs in The Economics school of The college. Besides The monTth meeTings, acTiviTies include social func- Tions and many IecTures by compeTenT professional men. The purpose of The organizaTion is To provide a meeTing ground for The many sTudenTs of The promising field of Economics. FIRST ROW: McGown, M. D.,- Horn, J.; Burke, D.,- Blaischke, C.; Brown, 6.; Prichard, J. SECOND ROW: Rhea, D. W.; RoberTs; AnThaume, C.; Lairy, C. C.; Sargent, W.; Woods, W.; Bean, R.; Ableman, D. J.; Johnson, T. J. ELECHON COMMITTEE One of The largesT sTudenT-elected groups on campus, The EiecTion CommiTTee is composed of Twenty class represeniTaTives, five sTudenT senaKTors, and all class officers. ITs main purpose is To conducT all campus-wide elecTions in a fair and impairfial manner, as well as To enforce The campaign reguI'aTions seT up in The college RegulaTions. The ElecTion C'ommiTTee is a subsidiary of The STUdenT SenaiTe. FIRST ROW: Bader, Nichols, Richardson, Best, Blaschke, Terrill, Wheeler, Johnson, Carter, SCOTT, Brashears. SECOND ROW: Davis, Jenkins, Noake, Jasek, Summers, Stanton, Zimmerman, Veselkai, Vion, Smith. THIRD ROW: Belinsky, Pappas, Gra-hms, Millikin, Fuchs, Palm, Aldrich, Burns. Chairman WHEELER, AL N. Sweetheart PAULA WAKEFIELD FIRST ROW: Shaunak, K. K.; Burke, H. R.,- Cancellare, J.; Nemec, 5.; Martin, c.,- Prochaska, D. SECOND ROW: Drumm, e D.; Berry, E.; Teetes, G.; Goldman, J.; Nash, C.; Fohn, N.; Almand, L. The Texas A8:M Entomology Society is composed of graduate and undergraduate students of Entomology; however, anyone interested in the various aspects of the field is welcome to membership. The organization hears speakers from various fields, and members attend the annual Southwestern branch meeting of the Entomology Society of America. Included in the Society's activities is the publication of the bi-annual Aggie Entomologist, a directory and news bulletin for for- mer students of Entomology at A8iM. r ' i 4, h w; v .e i r r Hz , i M V . ' . .A v, swim .. A FIRST RO J.; Rai H.; Craw ord, .; Wilkes, D.; Carr, T. SECOND ROW: Smith, D., Collier, gstrom, P.; Santos, 5.; Thomas, J.; Redwine, D.; Barnhart, W.; Tipton, D.; Vela, C.; Guy, J.; Spence, M.; Mooring, E.; Mills, J.; Oliphant, J.; Kimball, D. THIRD ROW: Newman, C.; Schiller, M.; Harp, J.; Fitts, J. M.; Kemp, A.; Pearson, T.; Powers, L.; Smith, R.,- Siegelin, G.; Matthews, R.; Marble, M.; Rekoff, M. G. Dr.. e President ELMER MOORING Our purpose is to bring together those in the profession of electrical engineering who manifest a deep interest and marked ability in their chosen life's work by their attainments in college or in prac- tice, to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the Engineering Colleges and to mark an outstanding manner those who have conferred honor on their Alma Maters by distinguished scholarship, activities, leader- ship, and exemplary character. The Fish and Game Club is The official sTudenT club for The DeparTmenT of Wild- life ManagemenT aT Texas A8TM. Mem- bership in The club is open To all sTUdenTs and faculTy in wildlife managemenT and To any oTher person inTeresTed in The purposes of The club. President J. R. MEYER FIRST ROW: Boehm; Hadley; TrueTT; Kelly; Meyer; BarTee; Blankinship; Powell. SECOND ROW: STraiT; McCoy; KoThmann; Spalsbury; Folsom; Fleming; Rideouf. THIRD ROW: Larremore; Jones; Ferris; Keilers; Schofield; Goddard; Nicely. FOURTH ROW: Fowler; Crum; Helmke; Schwille; Baldauf; Baker. FLORJCIJUUPE AND LANDQCAPE AWHECIURE This organizaTion's goal is To widen The knowledge of sTudenTs in This and allied fields Through lecTures by promine'nT speakers and To promoTe beTTer fellow- ship among sTudenTs. Sweetheart JOY STUBER FIRST ROW: Hold, L. R.; Mefhvin, G. A.,- Sperry, E. N.; GlodT, J. F.; Howard, H. K.; DewerTh, A. F. SECOND ROW: WhiTe, W. 5.; Franklin, J. J.; Weiser, H. E.,- Thompson, H. C.; Manring, J. D. TOWNHALLQZXFF The Town Hall CommiTTee is responsible for providing The A8xM sTudenT body, facuITy, and sTaff wiTh a well-rounded series of The besT professional enTerTainmenT available. Con- sisTing of abouT 35 sTaff members, The commiTTee aTTemst To improve The culTuraI and enTerTainmenT faiciliTies of Texas A8iM College, aiding in The Trend Toward excellence. FIRST ROW: Graham; Wiederanders; ScoTT; McLeod,- Medley; Jones; Langer; Wilson; Balser; Phillips. SECOND ROW: Peeples; Burney; Dickson; Ashy; GarreTT; Syler; Smith; Hardgrove; Powers; Norwood. THIRD ROW: Bernard; AnThaume; Schnabel; Franklin; Anderson; Partridge; Balke; Noake; Zaeske; Eeds. SweeThea-rT ELIZABETH CABANISS GEOLOGY CLUB provide sTUdenTs a Tside The classroom. and graduate One of The main obiecTives of The Geology Club of Texas A8iM is To chance To become beTTer acquainTed wiTh each oTher and The TacuITy ou Members of The Geology Club are composed of sophomore, iunior, senior, sTudenTs in geology. MeeTings are held once a monTh, and prominent guest speakers are inviTed To Talk aT The meeTings. The speakers supplemenT The sTudenTs' educaTion in The field of geology, and Talks are inTended To provide The sTudenTs wiTh an idea of whaT lies in sTore when They enTer The profession. lFIRST ROW: Smi'rh, J.; Garrett, J.; Strange, W.; Fillinger, R.; SmiTh, R.; Heibel, R. SECOND ROW: McBrayer, M.; Meyer, J.; Reimers, D.; Sudderth, C. SEATED: Smith, F.; Chandler, C.; Jacobson, G..- Delavan, R.; Syptak, J.; Maxwell, J. 308 President RONALD J. DE-LAVAN SweeThearT ZELDA ANN BURRESS FIRST ROW: Storey, J.; La Grange, B.; Halldorson, M.; Demonf, J.; Lamar, P.; Kuchen, J.; STewarT, K. SECOND ROW: Hanel, J.; Heddins, G.; Fugua, M.; Burns, E.; Sandhu, M.; O'Nml G.; PaTe, F. STudenTs majoring in The field of horTiculTure make Up The membership of The Texas A8TM HorTiculTure Club. This club promoTes The field of horTiculTure on The campus and over The sTaTe as well. To accomplish This, The socieTy carries on many acTiviTies, including an Annual lnspecTion Tour, ThroughouT The year. President L. T. LIPSCOMB FIRST ROW: Magee, A. Jr.; Bond, L; Jewell, E.,- Lipscomb, L. Whittinberg, P.; Torres, M.; Cerna, R. SECOND ROW: Whitehall, D.; Hammon, C.; McColIough, R.; Moreland, H. Jr.; Maxwell, H.; Roskey, W. THIRD ROW: Hardeman, L.; Lorms, D.; Gillis, T.; WhiTakeT, J. NOT PicTured: Murphy, Burg, McCavoy, Kornfuehrer, Blachre, Roy, Clark, Peinemann, Kleypas, Herrman, Hawkins. loTa Lambda Sigma is a naT- ional socieTy of professionally minded lndusTrial EducaTion men who have bound Themselves To uphold The principles of scholar- ship, leadership, and service. Ac- TiviTies in The socieTy have good parTicipaTion. The acTiviTies help The members work TogeTher as a Team and learn whaT iT Takes To become a success. FIRST ROW: Bertrand, C. A.; Glazener, E. R.; Hardeman, L. B.; Hawkins, L. V.; Boone, J. L.; Ynnenan, C. H. SECOND ROW: FlynT, W H.; Brown, S. E.; Richers, F. J.; Johnston, W. L.; Hilborn, C. K.; Cerna, R. G.; Sinor, D. L; Hammond, C. B.; Moreland, H. C.; Fleming, D. W. THIRD ROW: Whitehall, D.; Lips- comb, L.; Allen, 6.; Shorf, J. H.;TManne, R. E.; Hidrech, J.; Bond, L. H.; STrandberg, C. E.; Cozzens, C. R.; Herrmann, R. T.; Brooks, W. T.; ThornTon, J. President W. H. FLYNT The MaTh Club provides maThema- Tics sTudenTs on The campus a chance To geT acquainTed wiTh each oTher ouTside The classroom. IT presenTs prominenT speakers on some phase of indusTry of which The professional maThemaTician is a parT. FIRST ROW: HraniTzky, E. B.; DeVaney, D. B.; Busch, P. A.; Cockrell, B. F.; Seagraves, C.; Hall, J. W.; McCUlIen, W. S. SECOND ROW: Heyen, J. G.; Lester, F. R.; MaThews, W. A.; Minaldi, D. L.,- STanTon, W. K.,- BOTH, J. L. Presiden'r C. SEAGRAVES M.Q.O. WERA CLUB The Camera Club is composed of students who have sincere interest in photog- raphy. Its activities are designed to teach the students proper methods and types of photography. The members of the club take pictures of various activities around campus and enter some of them in contests. President J. L. FINCH VFIRST ROW: Richmond; Hesketh; Finch; Beal; Barr; Kendrick. SECOND ROW: Darmon; Armstrong; Ander- son; Wa'rd; Day; Kronenberger; Gibson; Martin. THIRD ROW: Danes,- Rupley; Martin; Minkon; Killgore; Stringfellow. FOURTH ROW: Rogers; Michael; Lathser. , 54.9.0. CPEAHVEAWQ COMMITTEE 9? Sweetheart ARDITH BOND Graham, 8.; Adams, J.; Penrod, J.; Cockran, R.; Mailoch, C.; Bishop, E. The Memorial Student Center Creative Arts Committee is one of the fastest growing organizations on the campus. It holds regular meetings in which various topics are discussed. Its members all agree that they have gained much through their participation in this gr0up. M.Q.O. DANCE COMMITTEE OFFICERS Chairman D. KABELL Chairman Dance Classes . J. TRUITT PubliciTy Chairman F. CIARROCCHI ArT DirecTor B. CHEATHAM SECOND ROW: Gaines, Ciarrocchi, Kabell, TruiTT, Meserole. FIRST ROW: Johnson, Womack, T CheaTham, Wahlberg, Riggs, Blair. Each year The Dance CommiTTee plans and presenTs dances held in The Memorial STudenT CenTer. These dances include MidnighT in New Orleans, Cafe Rue Pinalle, The All College, and The MoTher's SweeThearT Dance on The MoTher's Day weekend. Tuesday nighT dance classes are also held in connecTion wiTh The dance commiTTee. Chairman DAVID KABELL Sweetheart M.Q.O. MIG mWrn-EE V PEGGY sue comm FIRST ROW: Sanford, M.; Moore, M.,- Barnes, L.; Bowers, JT; SmiTh, J.; Tole, G.,- Harvey, C.; NorTon, J.; Rudder, G.; MorTon, C. SITTING: Cline, J. T T W HT xxx xxx xxx: X The MSC Music CommiTTee, under The chairman- ship of Jack Cline, had a very successful year in furThering The cuITural enlighTenmenT of our cam- pus and fullfilling The desires of The sTUdenT body. PresenTaTions This year included "The Texas A8tl Singers" from The Texas College of ArTs and In- dusTries, "The Longhorn Singers" from The Univer- siTy of Texas "The Baylor A Cappella Choir ChrisT- TO ,1, T . mas Program" from Baylor, "A Gay NineTies Bar- "Gin ,, ber Shop SpecTacular" featuring The VicToria T 7,1,3 . a -. ,, ' ' Chorus and The Texas A8TM Singing CadeTs, and ' I 1' The "Abilene High School Choir." The Music CommiTTee wishes To express Their special appreciaTion To Mr. RoberT L. Boone, whose concern and inTeresT made The commiTTee suc- cessful. T T ; y I 1T0 "WWI mmlmzu "WWW "Am ObiecTives of The Physical Educa- Tion Club are To promoTe inTeresT in physical educaTion aT A8TM College and To help prepare The physical edu- caTion maiors To Take Their places in socieTy in respecT To Their relaTionship wiTh The school sysTem, sTudenTs, and general public as well as The coaching of aThleTics and insTrucTion of healTh and physical educaTion. FIRST ROW: Landiss, C. W.; Keller, J. L.; Powers, B. L.; Allen, R. W.; Blaschke, L. A RoberTs, J. C.; Dillon, P. G. President J. L. KELLER Wright, G. G.; CuringTon, E. G.; Smith, J. L. SECOND ROW: .; Marshall, R. C.; Rosco, B. J.; Floyd, K. D.; Christian, D. O.- I PETROLEUM ENGJNEERJNG The STUdenT ChapTer of The SocieTy of PeTroleum Engineers of The American lnsTiTuTe of Mining, MeTaHurgical, and PeTro- leum Engineers has uTilized This school year To acquainT iTs mem- bers wiTh manufacTuring proc- esses, excepTional personaliTies, and recenT Technological develop- menTs in The field of PeTroleum Engineering. FIRST ROW: Bossler, R.; Galindo, C.; El Banbi, Hamilton, D.; Miesch, P.,- Haghighi, HuberT, K.; Khamis, A.; Villarreal, 0.; White, J. R.; Gloger, R.; Dendy, C.; Riley, D.; Gardner, Welborn, 8.; Arnold, Mz; Givens, J.; H.; McGuire, W. President JOHN IMLE JR. M. SECOND ROW: Whaley, W.; Hoff, M.; Edman, W.; YeaTes, R. ; Hasan, S. THIRD ROW: Wiesappe, L; Al-Hussainy, R. FOURTH ROW: Praisner, Brewer, J.; Solalinde, J.; Dover, W.; MonTgomery, E.; Dwight, F.; ,- Turner, A.; F.; lmle, J.; Lyon, J.; Peavy, A.; Niehaus, H.; Cook, C.; ; Green, A.; Little, J. This year, The Texas A8dM Phy- sics Club presen'red a series of programs designed To give fhe undergraduate student an insight into the basic ideas and studies of physical science. Various other activities provided gef-Toge'rhers for students and faculty. STANDING: Potter,- Ward; Youngblood; Spitzer; Smith. SITTING: Faulk; LefbeHer; Winningham; Burfoh; Dominguez; Singer. President WINNINGHAM, J. D. Membership in the Poultry Science Club includes any student who is interest- ed in poultry. The purpose is to stimulate interest in the study and application of poultry. Proiects include: sponsoring ofhpoultry iudging Teams; holding The annual barbe- cue; and presenting speakers and films. STANDING: lhms; Fosf; Burgess. SITTING: Glaser, J.; Glaser, 8.,- Ryan; Englebrechf; Ball. President STANLEY GLASER PresidenT D. N. PACKER "ThaT They may Truly and imparTially adminisTer iusTice." With This mOHO in mind' fhe Pre-Law SOClely spenT an FIRST ROW: Pumpelly; Thomas; Packer; Kemp; Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Arledge; PrewiTT, inTeresTing year in preparing ll'S members for law SChOOl Cook, Hanks, Eubank, McGinn. THIRD ROW: Alderson, Graham, Langley, McGown, by supplemenTing The academic curriculum wiTh inTeresTing Grammer' Ba'bln' and educaTional acTiviTies connecTed wiTh The field of law. The club also holds many acTiviTies including a gala parTy To close ouT The year's calendar. RANGEAND mm The Texas A8TM Range and ForesTry Club is a deparTmenTal club open To all maiors in Range and ForesTry and is designed To help sTimulaTe The professional inTeresTs of The sTUdenTs. The club's acTiviTies include selling pine cones and holding a Turkey shooT To aid The annual ParenT's' Day Bar-B-Que and also To help send a Team To The NaTional Range PlanT ConTesT sponsored by The American SocieTy of Range ManagemenT. We would like To Thank RoberT Rhodes, Dr. Don Huss, and Dr. Omer Sperry for Their valuable help ThroughouT The year. President FARRIS NIXON FIRST ROW: Sperry, West, Spence, Sane ders, Ratliff, Mecke, Turner, Rhodes. SEC- OND ROW: Darrow, Nimitz, Liles, Waller, Cooke, Royal, McDonald. THIRD ROW: Niixon,i Schnabel, Niemann, Roberts, Sparks, Brown, Lewis. President E. L. WALKER In its second year the Texas A8iM Russian Club continued in its efforts to better acquaint the students of A8iM with FIRST ROW: Skrivanek, Dabbs., Suiger, Becera, Adair, Letbetter, Rodgers. SECOND ROW: Miller, the Russian language, culture, and people. Hart, Killingsworth, Holman, Bott, Capt. Williamson. THIRD ROW: Swmdle, Smith, Walker, Konradi, A great deal Of credit for This year's SUC- Gore, Simms. FOURTH ROW: Milliff, Lester, Heyen, Prugel. cess goes to Capt. D. N. Williamson and Capt. W. C. Swindle for their unselfish efforts and to the sponsors, Dr. J. M. Skrivank and Dr. J. A. Dabbs. QADDLE 8 QMOIN CLUB President JOHN KUYKENDALL The A8tM chapter of the Saddle and ' Sirloin Club is rated first in national com- FIRST ROW: Beerwinkle, Menke, Smith, J.; Osborne, Reager, Kuykendall, King. SECOND ROW: . , , . . Cowen, Patterson, Smith, w.; Manchaca, Poston, Collard, Bowers, Fritze. THIRD ROW: Wilbeck petition on club actwltles and scrap books. Truetbar, Drake, Gross, Stieler, Webb, Wise. FOURTH ROW: Sagebill, Speath, Stephens, Sauer, The goal Of the ClUb is TO develop Senlinke, Warren, Petty, Moore. FIFTH ROW: Radde, Stamford, Griffith, Johnson, Speier, . . Miller, Catalina, Reager, White; SageviHe, Simon, Holland, Hageman, Moffitt, Weinch, Taylor. IeaderShIP 50 the members may continue to make outstanding contributions to live- stock and related industries. FIRST ROW: Nelton, T.,- Hubler, J.; Adams, K.; VeTTer, L; Beard, N. SECOND ROW: McKeen, B.; McGuire, N.; ArmsTrong, J.; Holley, A.; Tompkins, P.; Long, C.; Rowe, J.; BesT, S. THIRD ROW: Veselka, V.; Fine, T.,- Guzman, M.; Schmidt, H.; Hopgood, T.; BriTTon, R.; Burge, E. The Marine Corps prides iTself in being an eliTe miliTary organizaTion. lTs memberseTo The man-are leaders in The real sense of The word. The Semper Fidelis is organized To promoTe inTeresT in The Marine Corps and HS aims among The general public as well as iTs members. The socieTy also aids iTs members in achieving Their goal and parTicipaTes in social and miliTary affairs. PresidenT TOM NELSON QIGMA DELVX CH! FIRST ROW: Jack Mooney, Ronnie Bookman, David Morgan, David Jones, Charles Teague. SECOND ROW: Dan Lewis, Louis VanPeIT, Jack Graeme, Ed LaxTTaT, George Earle, AlaTnv Payne. OFFICERS President GEORGE EARLE Vice-Presidem ....................................................... DAVID JONES Secretary DAN LOUIS Treasurer JACK GRAEME President GEORGE EARLE Sigma DelTa Chi, Professional JournalisTic SocieTy, is a professional socieTy for men engaged in and dedicaTed To The highesT principles of iournalism. IT is com- parable To The professional organizaTions serving The fields of law and medicine. The members of This socieTy are chosen on a highly selecTive basis from The mosT promising men engaged in iournalism. Sigma Gamma Tau is a national honor so- cieTy for aerospace engineers. IT was formed To recognize and honor Those individuals in The field of aerospace engineering who have, Through scholarship, inTegriTy, and ouTsTanding achievemenT, been a crediT To Their profession and To creaTe a spiriT of loyalty and fellowship among sTudenTs of aerospace engineering. President DONALD T. HUNTER FIRST ROW: HunTer, Donald T.; Hong, Jai Hak; Hamada, Takashi; Myers, Alan W.; Kavanaugh, Herbert C. STANDING: Carey, Gerald J.; Herrmann, A. F.; Moore, 0. H.; Bland, W. J.; Tidwell, D. R.; SweeT, H. J.; Rodenberger, C.A.; Sampson, C. H. The SocieTy of AuTomoTive Engineers, founded in 1905, is one of The largesT naTional professional or- ganizaTions. The work of The SAE has been unlimiTed in The field of engineering; Therefore, iTs members represenT every area of The field. The A8TM branch of The sovcieTy holds regular meeT- ings Twice a monTh aT which guesT speakers provide presenTaTions 0T currenT engineering inTeresTs. President CHARLES WEDEMEYER FIRST ROW: TrueHner, W. l.; Jarosz, K.; Hendry, R.; Gonzales, J.; Fletcher, R. SECOND ROW: Lednicky, B.; Felt, Rodger; Hopper, 8.; Allen; Martinez, J. E. THIRD ROW: J. CupiT, J.; lbison, L.; Buck, T. President ROBERT B. CARTER FIRST ROW: Johnson, Puckett, Omara, McCool, Carter, Henderson, Fifsieraid, Beck, Cloud, Davis, Barton. Being organized since 1926, The Sociology Club has been of invaluable service To sT udenfs majoring or minoring in so- ciology. The Club has a Three-fold purpose. If sponsors field Trips To various social agencies from various fields of sociology wheTher H be business, counseling, or Teaching. An annual evenT of The club is The Spring Bar-B-Que when The sTudenTs Take on The profs in a volleyball game, and The officers for The coming year are elecTed. in Texas and obTains speakers QTUDENTAGPJGJLTUPAL COUNClL Sweetheart MARILYN MANSFIELD FIRST ROW: Glaser, Griffith, McWilliams, Meger. SECOND ROW: Teetes, Berry, Carter, Waller, Liles, BaTrTe. THIRD ROW: Campbell, DeManT, Simpson, Birgess, Heine, Stewart, Wieser. The STudenT AgriculTural Council is composed of The presidenT and one member of each club in The school of Agricul- Ture aT Texas A8tM. Some of The Activities iT sponsors are The AgriculTural Convocations and AIl-College Day. QUDENFMAEPJCAN VEIERJNAPX MEDICINE AQQOCWON AUXILIARY President LINDA CUMMINGS Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Auxiliary came into existence in the fall of 1950. The group is composed of all four years of study. A constitution was drawn up and adopted in the spring of 1952. The Auxiliary has a complete group of officers elected to coincide with the school semesters. As designated in the constitution, each class is represented in a designated office. FIRST ROW: Jones, M,- Johnston, Y.; Dorris, V.; Hoyland, 8.; Porter, 8.,- Crews, A.; Mays, N.; Cummings, L; Bechtol, M.; Laycock, M.; Taylor, J.; Charlton, M.; Allen, C.; Pate, A.; White, L. SECOND ROW: Marshall, E.; Kearney, R.; Leissler, B.; Harbin, F.; Leggett, G.; Hall, 3.,- Payne, J.; Bailey, J.; Crouch, C.,- LaFIeur, L.; He'rrmann, A.; Wood, A.; Waters, 5.; Cooper, J.; Price, A.; Gibbs, L. THIRD ROW: McGuire, A.; Denton, J.; Lang, J.; Epperson, D.; Hudman. W.; Bridges, J.; Bullock, P.; Shores, C.; Waters, L.; Garcia, N.; Bailey, 8.; Urso, G.; Bounds, P.; Faries, P. President AGGtE WNEQ COUNCIL President NAT ALVIS OFFICERS NAT ALVIS Vice-President SANDRA RUNNELS Secretary SYLVIA BOOKMAN Treasurer .A .. MARY ELLEN LANDERS Reporter BERNICE SMITH Parliamentarian PATRICIA BULLOCK The Aggie Wives Council, sponsored by Mrs. J. P. Hannigan and Mrs. B. A. Zinn, is composed of one elected repre- sentative and the president of each wives' club on the campus. The general obiective of this Council is to provide service and to promote fellowship and cooperation between the various wives' clubs. Among the many activities of the Council is the sponsorship of the popular Mrs. Texas A8iM Contest held on the campus each year. . LAND UF i ....I,,.wmmu W . - Z y ,x'x; FIRST ROW: Beyer, R. F.; Maiers, J. H.; Rumsch, C.; Rice, R. R. SECOND ROW; Mundt, J.; Buchanan, J. P.; Glover, J. E.; McGinn, F. L. THIRD ROW: Greer, R.; Oman, J. B.; Beyer, K. D.; Ellis, C.; Taylor, P. FOURTH ROW: Donovan, R. L.; Deming, J. F.; Morrow, J. R.; Fowler, R. L.; Carter, C.; Hunchton, M,; Overton, M. OFFICERS President , RUMSCH, CORKY VicoPresident RICE, ROBERT R. Secretary-Treasurer ,, BEYER, R. F. Working in co-operation with 1he Abilene AELM Mothers Club, The club brings the boys from Abilene together both on the campus and at home for social functions. During 1he holidays and summer vacation the members are instrumen- tal in encouraging high school seniors from Abilene and surrounding mum 10 chnd A8JW Each year in September, the club, along with the Mmherz Club, sponsors a party for newly entering freshmen. Mxm'llwml k WRUI HWRIW AMARJLLO HOMB'OWN CLUB Composed of Aggies from The "capiTal ciTy" of The Panhandle hand The surrounding area, The Amarillo HomeTown Club sponsors several social evenTs Tor iTs members during The year. A picnic is held in AugusT aT which Time The enTering freshmen are inTroduced and given a glimpse of Aggie life. AT The annual ChrisTmas parTy The men from Aggieland ed as hosT To sTudenTs from oTher colleges To provide one of The largesT aT- Tended social funcTions of The holidays. Each year aT EasTer a banqueT is held To round ouT The year's acTiviTies. Also aT EasTer, Aggies visiT The local high schools To promoTe A8TM To The graduaTing seniors. PresidenT SweeThearT DAVID DE VANEY PEGGY JANE HAVINS FIRST ROW: Graham, C. B.; Johnson, K. C.; DeVaney, D. B.; Lee, B.; Willis, G. W.; Moon, R. P. SECOND ROW: Morrison, D. G.,- Wade, D.; Bonner, L. E.; Reeves, C.; Collard, F. G; LeCrone,J. M.;Ma1Thews, L. B, THIRD ROW.- Huffhines, B. R.; Cope, D.; Thomas, D.; WeTherbee, C. F.,- Rose, D.; Marsh, N. 8.; Meyer, C. M.; WeaThers, S. J. OFFICERS President DE VANEY, DAVID Vice-PresidenT ........................................................................ JOHNSON, KEN Secretary ,,,,,, ,, LEE, BOB Treasurer ............. ., WEATHERS, S. J. Scribe ,7 BONNER, LEWIS $gT.-aT-Arms ................................................................................ WILLIS, G. W. FIRST ROW: Baylor, J.; Hedrick, J.; Rogers, J. L. SECOND ROW: Hahn, D. D.,- Keilers, D. R.; Bonn, P. G.; Spillmann, D.; Howard, H. K.; Rodgers, J. O. THIRD ROW: Newcomer, 5.; Koock, 8.; Ward, 8.; Mabie, G.,- Bowles, J.; Christian, J.; Bristol, D. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,, JOHN HEDRICK Vice-Presidenf ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JIMMY ROGERS Secretary-Treasurer ............ J. BAYLOR A small but active organization, the Austin Hometown Club is composed of outstanding young men who refuse To pa'rronize The rival institution known as "Land of The 40 Acres" The students Try To promote inTeresT in Aggie- e land for boys who otherwise would be snared $$$z by The Teasips. Sweetheart KATHRINE HEDRICK Presidem JOHN HEDRICK BAYAPEA HOMETOWN CLUB OFFICERS PresidenT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, KIRKLAND, EDDIE Vice-PresidenT . ., HACKETT, ROBERT Secretary ........................................................................ BARRINGTON, W. J. Treasurer .......................................................................... JENNINGS, ROBERT Sweetheart MADELINE CARL FIRST ROW: Osborn, C.; Rash, C.; Jennings, R.; Kirkland, E.; Barrington, W.; HackeTT, R.; Kenny, M. SECOND ROW: Moss, R.; Brandt, M.; Sharp, R.; Stingel, W.; Dampman, B.; Cruse, L. THIRD ROW: Fisher, J.; Cammer, JT; WolTers, R.; Cullen, R.; McGinTy, J. The Bay Area HomeTown Club, formed in 1959-60 for Aggies from The mainland ciTies of GalvesTon and surrounding counTies, is now an organizaTion of 50 members. The purpose of The club is To enable The Aggies of These Towns To keep in Touch during The school year. Club funcTions are sponsored joinle wiTh The MoThers Club during The school holidays. FIRST ROW: Thurman, M. W., Sfasney, P. A.; Brainerd, J. F.; Drouilhef, A. P.; Pollard, J. SECOND ROW: Cach, G. D.; Werf, H. E.; Janacek, J.; Duplissey, G. R.; Johnson, M. H., Paulson, B., Contella, C. J. OFFICERS President 7. BRAINERD, JOHN F. Vice-Presidenf STASNEY, PAIGE A. Secretary DROUILHET, ADRIEN F. Treasurer BRIDGES, MIKE The Baytown Hometown Club aT Texas AhM consists of students from The East Harris County area, including graduates of Baytown, Cedar Bayou, Crosby, Barber's Hill and La Porfe high schools. ITs purpose is To introduce Texas AhM to high school sTudenTs. Included in The club's activities are annual assembly programs aT The above high schools, college orientation programs for prospective freshmen, midsummer and Chrisfmas dances for club members, Aggie exes, and prospective Aggies. President Sweetheart HPAIHEPD, JOHN F. LAMPRECHT, LINDA BEAUMONT HOMETOWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Cockrell, B.; Busch, P.; CohersT, M.; Byram, J.,- Princh, J.; Curtis, G.; Richardson, J. D.; Dollinger, J.; Collins; Deshofels; DeCuir; Wallace; LaTTa; PrevosT. SECOND ROW: Coakley; Clark; Howard; Bollich; Hawkins; Ashy; Lanasa. THIRD ROW: Allen,- Villiva; Simmons; D. Newton, T. Byerly; J. Balmer; S. WigringTon, Dromgoole; Sleeper, Harper; Byrne; Miller,- Simmons. Sweetheart PresidenT NAN TOWNSEND J. E. DOLLINGER 3W izgir The BeaumonT HomeTOWn Club serves Aggies from BeaumonT and The surrounding communiTies of Sour Lake, Nome, Devers, FanneTT, Loeb, Silsbee, and Winnie-STowell. On December 26Th The Former STudenTs of Beaumont gave a dance honoringvThe members of our HomeTown Club. AbouT 600 former sTudenTs, sTudenTs, prospecTive sTudenTs, guesTs, and Their wives or daTes aTTended The dance which was held aT The HarvesT Club. BeTween semesTers The BeaumonT A8TM Mothers Club sponsored a family nighT dinner and program honoring The mem- bers of The HomeTown Club, Their families, and Their daTes. Our sweeThearT, Miss Nan Townsend, represenTed The Hometown Club as Duchess To The CoTTon PageanT. OFFICERS President JOHN E. DOLLINGER Vice-Presidenf , ARTHUR R. RICHARDSON Secretary-Treasurer ...................................................... VICTOR T. BARRANCO BELLAIRE HOMETOWN CLUB Serving The alumni of Bellaire High School of HousTon, The Bellaire Home- Town Club is boTh a social and a service organizaTion. The club is one of The mosT acTive on The campus, supporTing acTiviTies of Bellaire High School and aT- w L ex x V TempTing To inTeresT The sTudenTs There in aTTending Texas A8TM. During The past Wx ' V N V year, The club organized numerous social evenTs and sponsored a represenTahve for The CoTTon PageanT. xx Xx Nxxhx x e N e :xiiie- N??? Sweethearf SUZANNE SORENSON FIRST ROW: McLeod; Hughes; Dillard; Smith; Hudson; NewTon; Jewett; Johnson; Veselka. SECOND ROW: Barker; Heibel; Molik; WoehsT; Davis; Seay; Fisk; Escobar; Mobley. THIRD ROW: Seate; Cook; Turner; Holick; SveTer; Spaw; Parks; Broussard. OFFICERS President ., 7 ,7 , , ,, , . ,, ,. KENT E. HUDSON Vice-President ., ,, ,, ,, ,, , DENNIS E. NEWTON Secretary ,7 ,, . ,, , , .. ,, , , , JIM RATTON Treasurer , , , , , , , , DAVE GIBSON President KENT HUDSON BPA'ZOPM HOMETOWN CLUB Brazoria CounTy ise represenTed by Aggies from all The large and several small ciTies in This indusTrial cenTer of The Golden Gulf CoasT. Bi-monThly meeTings are held The enTire school year To help sTudenTs To become beTTer acquainTed and To 'piomoTe good will and harmony among members. One major funcTion of The club is To promoTe several social acTiviTies during The year To enable The sTudenTs To geT TogeTher during The EasTer, ChrisTmas, and Thanks- giving holidays and aT The end of school. SweeThearT PATTY McGLATHEY FIRST ROW: Sassin, A. R.; Munson, L. W.; Cafes, R. L.; Rogers, J. 8.; Laughlin, G.; Hellums; Nelson. SECOND ROW: Munson, M.A.; Cook; Powers, L. P.; Jasek, R. D.; Baugh; Laughlin, M.,- Duncan; Womack; Johnson. THIRD ROW: Barranco; Fried; Griffifh; Huxley; Smith; Johnson; Whitaker,- Jackson; Hughes. OFFICERS President ROGERS, JOHN Vice-PresidenT ........ COTES, R. Secretary e HELLUMS, Treasurer NELSON, J. President JOHN 3. ROGERS CORPUQ CHEER HOMETOWN CLUB The Corpus ChrisTi HomeTown Club is one of The mosT acTive clubs on or off The A8aM Campus, Taking parT in communiTy work as well as campus work. The organizaTion also provides fun and fellowship for The sTudenTs of The Corpus ChrisTi area, such as having parTies after all The home TooTball games, and during The holiday periods. FIRST ROW: Burney; Thornton; Devine. SECOND ROW: Ash; Massey; Collier; Schroeder; Roth; McCool; Fleming; Ilse; Holley,- Siegelin; Treasley. THIRD ROW: Schaefer; Stein; Barry; Phillips; DeFee; DieTz; Lauer; Mella; Monroe. FOURTH ROW: Friedlander; Garcia; Goodenough; Miller; Haynes; Brown; Woodson; Hicklin; Peck; Douglas. OFFICERS Presiden'r ........ PENROD THORNTON Vice-President RICHARD CONOLLY Secretary .................................................................................. PAUL BURNEY Treasurer , BOB DEVINE Social Chairman ,7 N 7, T. DONALD A. OCKER Sweethearl President VIRGINIA MCAFEE P. S. THORNTON DALLAQ HOMB'OWN CLUB The Dallas HomeTown Club is composed of Aggies from Dallas and surrounding areas. IT is one of The mosT acTive and TasTesT growing clubs on The campus and sponsors acTiviTies in Dallas as well as on campus. The highlighT of social acTiviTy is The "Aggie ChrisTmas ParTy" held aT one of The fashion- able downTown hoTels during The ChrisTmas holidays. Sponsored in coniuncTion wiTh The Aggie exes and The HomeTown Club, The parTy is always a Terrific success. In The spring, The club sponsors various campus social acTiviTies To coincide wiTh The Spring scheol acTiviTies. All This and more helps To promote friendship of Dallas Aggies wiTh one anoTher and develop lasTing friendships among people wiTh a common background which would noT oTherwise be done. Sweetheart SUSANNE KELSEY FIRST ROW: Bradshaw, M. E.; SmiTh, R. M.; Acklen, R. L.; Lundy, C. N.,- Heinrich, R. J.,- Ford, P.; Kerley, W. C.; Schultz, R. G. SECOND ROW: SfroTher; Clark, R. C.; Jackson, M. L.; Holliman, J.; McVey; Kamp, A. E.; BuTler; CheaTham; W. L THIRD ROW: ElfonT, R.; MaTThews, W.; Wolfe, B. E.; Soper, L. J.; Davis, J. D.; Atkins, B.; HaTzenbuehier. FOURTH ROW: Jones, C; Johnson; Jarrob; Meicer; Holloway. ge hi U he ,T OFFICERS President . RICHARD HEINRICH Vice-PresidenT .. WILLIAM KERLEY Secretary . ........... ROBERT ACKLEN Treasurer; ........... CHARLES LUNDY PUb.-ReIaTions ROGER SMITH EnTerTainmenT . . w. ROBERT SHULZ DEEP EASTWQ HOMEOWN CLUB OFFICERS President JAY F. GODFR EY Vice-Presidenf Secrefa ry Treasurer Sweetheart JENN IFER ROBERTS JOE T. McKNlGHT JAMES S. LOVICK Z ,, , a M PERRY PARSONS M 1 w???iwfyz eeM ve e eCMWM eeWWW WM MW W President JAY F. GODFREY FIRST ROW: Boring, E. P.; Goettle, J. A.; Godfrey, J. F.; Tinney, J. R.; Young, D. U. SECOND ROW: Gosschalk, J. A.; Lawrence, L. R.; Campbell, C. W.,- Tramel, J. T. The Deep East Texas Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Longview and surrounding communifies. H is one of the most active hometown clubs of The "Piney Woods" region of Texas. The club was formed To continue and strengthen The companionship of Aggies from this area and to provide activities a'r school and home. OFFICERS President President ..... JOHN SULLIVAN JOHN SULLIVAN Vice-PresidenT ........................................................... A CHARLES BOOHER SecreTary ......................................................................... VINCENT MACEO Treasurer ............................................................................... MANFRED ZERBE FIRST ROW: Musick; Duble; Maceo, V. G.; Booher; Sullivan; Shaw; Zerbe. SECOND ROW: Hamel; Marabella; Rossi; Sanfire; Warren; Armstrong,- Finn; Finkbiner. THIRD ROW: Bashor; Curl; Maceo; R. 5.; Daly; Sayers; Simpfon; Boyd. FOURTH ROW: Patterson; Hart; Gerberf; Brown; Mumford. This club is composed of Aggies from The "The Playground of The SouTh," an island locaTed in The beauTiTul waTers of The Gulf of Mexico. The annual acTiviTies of The club include an informal parTy in The fall, a formal "AlI-College Holiday Dance" during The ChrisTmas season, a barbecue in The winter and an informal parTy during The spring. The club ioins wiTh Aggie Exes To promoTe High School Day here at A8TM. Through such acTiviTies, Thee"lsland Aggies" have developed a high sense of fellowship and cooperaTion wiTh one anoTher. Sweetheart FLO VAUGHON GRAVQON COUNW HOMETOWN CLUB OFFICERS PresidenT DAVID GROVES Vice-President CHARLES KUYKENDALL SecreTary-Treasurer ROBERT WILLIAMS ParTy Chairman LEONARD MAY SweeThearT PresidenT SUE GAMESON D. S. GROVES FIRST ROW; Kuykeindall; Glover; Williams; Groves; Richardson; May. SECOND ROW: Emerson; May; Kyle; McHaney; Pedigo; Dingley; Clark. THIRD ROW: Scoggin; Harris; Sizemore; Terry; Hooper; Higgins; Cornelison. FOURTH ROW: Scoggins; Heathley; Brown,- Threadgill; Taylor; Jones; Lummus; Musser. Our homeTown club was originally creaTed for The purpose of arranging rides home on weekends. IT has since evolved inTo an organizaTion whose purpose is To allow The men from Grayson CounTy To forgeT abouT The inTer-ciTy rivalries we all remember from our high school days, and become uniTed in friendship Through doing Things TogeTher. Among The acTiviTies which if has each year is a pre-school picnic To welcome The en- Tering freshmen and acquainT Them wiTh The club and HS acTiviTies, and a picnic aT The beginning of each summer To bid farewell To The graduaTing seniors. ln addiTion, The MoTher's Club gives a dance during The ChrisTmas holidays and we have parTies, boTh imprompTu and planned in advance, everyTime Two or more of us are aT home. The Club is backed by a sTrong MoTher's Club, and we wish To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank Them for Their supporT, The annual preschool picnic, The ChrisTmas ParTy, and The subscripTions To The Grayson CounTy newspapers which are senT To The Memorial STudenT CenTer Browsing Library for all of us To read and enioy. X 7M2 mixw T W ei X??? 4MMV , Q1 492W gMWT MWlaMmzmmmewaWaAWZM-uydz FIRST ROW: Shannon,- Maurer. SECOND ROW: Mitchell; Kunz; Secor; STieler; Morgan; Caseres; Sauer; Cohen. THIRD ROW: Crider; Jung; Heep; Spaefh; Jacoby; Holland; Burleson; Kofhmann. FOURTH ROW: FaneiTer; Kuenemann; Furber; Feips; STewarT; STaudT; BraTton. FIFTH ROW: Fowler; WrighT; Furber; Heinemann; Smith; BielfeldT. OFFICERS President ................................................................................ CARL J. SHANNON Vice-PresidenT ....................................................................... CHARLES H. MAURER P'eSidem SecreTary .............................................................................. JOHN STAUDT C' J. SHANNON Treasurer ...................................................................................... BILLY H, REAGOR The Hill CounTry HomeTown Club is easily one of The largesT and mosT acTive social clubs on The' campus. The club sTrives To add To The social life of The members as well as sTimulaTe in- TeresT in Texas Ach among The High School sTudenTs and ciTizens of The Hill CounTry. The club is composed of sTUdenTs from 10 differenT counTies and includes a geographical area of 5,800 miles. This area in- :Evrjgthegii cludes abouT 16 Towns which are Too small To have Their own club. LAREDO HOMETOWN CLUB OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CARLOS MEJIA Vice-President V . ADOLFO RAMIREZ Treasurer JAVIER VALDEZ Secretary SERGIO VASQUEZ Reporter ........................................................................................................ LUIS GARCIA SgT.-aT-Arms ........ OSCAR VASQUEZ Parliamentarian DANNY FLORES President C. V. MEJIA FIRST ROW: Rodriguez; Hinoiosa; Valdez, O. F.; Vazquez; Alvarado; Volz; Meiia; Ramirez; Villarreal; D. Flores; R. Cantu; Duran; Vela; Mayers. SECOND ROW: Morelos MarTinez; Galaway; S. V. Vasquez; Pena; Tiverina; Suarez; Campos; Alexander; Puig; Trevino. THIRD ROW: Rodriquez; H. X. Gutierrez; MarTinez; GuTierrez. FOURTH ROW: Vela; Barrera; Hickey; R. Flores; Alvarado; C. L. Cantu; DeHano; Foulez; A. R. GuTierrez. FIFTH ROW: Ruiz; Garcia; Flores; Gonzalez; Garcia; Switzer, J. F.; Vasquez; Santos; Miller; A. Gurza; Garza. The Laredo A8iM HomeTown Club consists of approximately sevenTy members from Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., and oTher surrounding areas. This highly spiriTed club sponsors a summer dance and a ChrisTmas dance. These Two events provide The club wiTh funds To work wiTh and They also prove To be enough To sponsor a banqueT aT The end of The year which honors The club seniors as well as The Laredo MoTher's Club. X w w Sweetheart DORIS BENAVIDEZ MARSl-IALL HOMB'OWN CLUB The Marshall Hometown Club consists of Aggies from Harrison County, which is in East Texas. The main afiracfion of Harrison County is beautiful Caddo Lake which offers rest and relaxation To many people. The Club offers a closer relafion- ship To ifs members while on campus and a chance To attend several social func- Tions at home during holidays. The Club is very grateful To The A8TM Mothers Club of Marshall for its support in our many activities during the year. To Them we would like 10 say, "Thank You, Mothers." Sweetheart NARCIE MOORE FIRST ROW: Montgomery, E.; Blackburn, J. E.; Thomas, C. E.; Byasse, H. L. SECOND ROW: Lewis, B.; Cowlee, J.; Fugler, D .; Boehms, 5.,- Sfrop, J.; Hooton, J,; Thompson, 6.; Crowell, T OFFICERS President ........ CHARLES E. THOMAS Vice-President JOHN E. BLACKBURN Secretary-Treasurer ERNEST MONTGOMERY President C. E. THOMAS H Brewster C. C.; E Sweetheart BARVA BALLENGER ila, Heikk S. J -; E T Flourney, f 7i? x I Post R.; '1' 5 ions held idland Hometown Club. This club ANDY ELLIOT EDWIN FERRELL GARY Moss L. ingsworth Carter, Holl T.,' M Fisher, itfs, J. V ex ,. 4p . erxggga e , 1v OFFICERS E . J. T ies. iles, L M T I Frank W P. B.; M , E 'Reilly, sponsors VENOUS ac idem ,, Ferrell O -I G G.; idem W , E D . . D , M , . friends here on The campus Through The various funct also promotes AEM to high school students at home and Throughout The year by The M G. G Secre1ary-Treasurer . C.; Moss, : Ritchie, Pres Vice-Pres A 1 lot Ell THIRD ROW I iden'r iller L M Pres ANDY ELLIOTT FIRST ROW McBryde, M PAQADENA HOMEOWN CLUB OFFICERS President ........... CUSTER, C. Vice-President ...... SWAN, C. Secretary-Treasurer ....................................................................... GHORMLEY, A. .............. SHAUNTY, T. Social Secretary Sweetheart MARY ANN GILMORE FIRST ROW: Payne; Swan; Custer; Langer; Sinor; Wilson; Dyer. SECOND ROW: Gray; Barlow; Duerer; Knott; Evans; Duke. THIRD ROW: Blank; Gruy; Pomeroy; Spradling; Lovelace; Gaines; Eddleman; Goodwin. Pasadena, Industrial City of the South, growing city of over 58,000 has more than doubled its population in the past 10 years. The Pasadena Hometown Club, composed of students from Pasadena, South Houston, and Deer Park, is organized to promote A8tM to the people of that area and to promote fellowship among the students. It is sponsored by the Pasadena A8tM Mothers Club which supports many of our activities throughout the year. To them, we offer our grateful thanks. FIRST ROW: LevereTT; WhiTe; Hammonds; Gersbach; Jones; Shaw. SECOND ROW: Seely; Hallford; Holland; Shaw; Clark; Ger- man; Lindemann; CruTsinger; Moore; lhrig. Comprised of Aggies from Brownwood and surrounding communiTies in The HearT 0' Texas, The Pecan Valley HomeTown Club affords iTs members a chance To "geT-TogeTherll aT leasT once a monTh and To aTTend social funcTions at home during The holidays. This pasT year, The club sponsored a ChrisTmas Dance aT The Officer's Club in Brownwood ThaT had approximaTely 150 persons aTTend- ing. The dance proved so successful ThaT iT will probably be conTinued as an annual affair. WiTh iTs willing cooperaTion and assisTance, The A8TM MoThers Club of Brownwood has again proven iTsehC as an invaluable asseT of our homeTown club. The MoThers Club has Taken Upon iTselTc The responsibilifies of financing our club's full-page picTure in The Aggieland and of sponsoring The club's sweeThearT for The annual CoTTon PageanT and Ball. To Them we are ever graTeful and would like To exTend a hearTy "Thanks." OFFICERS President HERB GERSHBACH Vice-PresidenT . CHARLES HAMMONDS SecreTary-Treasurer TOMMY JONES SSb: M M XX XX X X xxx xx xQ :x: V ex X X skit Qx T X Q T Kiss X 5 xxx bx Sweetheart President JANICE LEWELLEN H. C. GERSBACH vyiawww Q? WX X 27? 4; w Mgmmm mmmam. G.; Ellison, T.; James, 0.; Morgan, 8.; Beal, 0; Crawford, C.; FIRST ROW: O'Rena, 6.; Vicknair T.; MarconTell, C.; Gibbons, B. SECOND ROW: VerreTT K.; Thornell, THIRD ROW: DoTy, D.; Erwin, E.; Richard, R; Hefley, M.; Huffhines, E.; Purgahn, R. The PorT ArThur HomeTown Club, 35 sTrong, is composed of Aggies from PorT ArThur and viciniTy. PorT ArThur is a member of The Golden Triangle whichmoils The world." The Club parTicipaTes in High School Career Day and sponsors a duchess in The CoTTon PageanT each year. There are also numerous parTies planned ThroughouT The year. The Club has had a prosperous year and is looking forward To an even beTTer year. We, The members of The Club, would like To Ta ke This opporTuniTy To Thank The PorT ArThur A8tM MoThers Club for The fine ChrisTmas parTies They sponsor each year. Sweetheart PAULA MOORE OFFICERS CALVIN MARCONTELL TOMMY VICKNAIR WILLIAM GIBBONS CHRISTMAS PARTY P10 GPANDE WlLLEY HOMETOWN CLUB The Rio Grande Valley HomeTown Club is composed of Aggies of The area who wish To gather wiTh Their fellow Aggies and supporT social and educaTional evenTs. We, The members of The club, would like To Take This opporTuniTy To Thank The Rio Grande Valley A8iM MoThers Club for The fine ChrisTmas parTy They sponsored This year. Sweetheart DOROTHY BALMFALT FIRST ROW: Durham, L.; Montalvo, L.,- Sluis, N.; Dixon, J.; Vackar, R.; Dean, 0.; Netz, R.; Davis, J.; Guymon, R.; CasTellanos, R. SECOND ROW: Melenoez, R.; Jones, R.; Lavender, B.; Mauevx, H.; Erwin, F.,- STewarT, K.; Gonzalez, J.; Stevens, J.; Russell, 5.; Pena, 0.; Dillon, W.; Burch, J.; Snow, R.; Carnes, P. THIRD ROW: Becker, G.; Mika, 0.; Stevens, M.; Jones, H.; Chapman, J.; Sluis, J.; Belcher, E.; Garcia, M.; Pena, J.; Schulgen, L. OFFICERS President .. PETE J. DIXON Vice-PresidenT JIM H. DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer "RED" K. L. STEWART President J. P. DIXON SAN ANTONIO HOMHOWN CLUB OFFICERS President JAECKLE, TIM J. Vice-President .. . WEST, NORTH 0. Secretary ................ GRANT, LEE J. Treasurer ,. ANZ, RONNIE B. President JAECKLE, T. J. FIRST ROW: Motheral, Hall, Brashears, Janert, Frye, West, Jaeckle, Anz, Grant, Zimmerman, Picard, Housmann. SECOND ROW: Nickolas, Merchaca, Kar- bell, Thompson, Baldarrama, Martin, Spence, Garteiser, Piper, Muegge, Braunig, Fry. THIRD ROW: Payne, Aldrich, Bayer, Holditch, Riley, Schultz, Mc- Quinn, Zimmerman, Ransdell, Lutich, Orts. FOURTH ROW: Bailey, Cano, Kirkes, Cardiel, Hasse, Singleton, Nicholas. The San Antonio Hometown Club is one of the largest and most active on the campus. Besides regular meetings on the campus, the club sponsors dances and parties during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter holidays. This club is fortunate in having a regular place in which to meet. Aggie Park consists of several acres of ground, a beautiful club house, and a patio. The club is grateful to the San Antonio Mothers Club and the San Antonio Former Students Association for their support. Sweetheart MARTHA KLEIN OFFICERS President ....................................................................................... WILLMAN, R. B. Vice-President ................................................................................ FRITH, CHARLES Secretary .............. THOMPSON, MIKE .. Treasurer ,,,,,,,,, GOLDMAN, JOEL A President WILLMAN, R. B. Sweetheart DOROTHY WH ITEHURST FIRST POW: Willman, R. B; Frith G. E.; Tedforth, F. E.; Thompson, M.; Goldman, J.; Woodall. SECOND ROW: Arrington, Alley, Wagner, 0.; Carter, Morgan. THIRD ROW: I; CandeHa, Evans, T,,- Hanc0ck, Anderson, Evans, 3. h The Shreveport Hometown Club is one of the largest and most active out-of-state clubs on the campus. The club :2 ztrongly supported by an active mothers club. The club has its purpose to bring closer together the boys in Shreveport and the vicinity. It works with the Aggie Exes to promote interest in A8tM and help interested high CCI'IOOI students. THE QONQ OFWE QEPMCE HOMETOWN CLUB Easily one of The largesT social clubs on The campus, boasTing nearly one-hundred and finy members, The Sons of The Service club provides a homeTown club for Aggies from miliTary families who cannoT claim any one Town as Their own. The club sTrives To break The rouTine of The school year wiTh educaTional as well as social funcTions for iTs members and Their guesTs. The highlighTs of This year included a weekend Trip To a S.A.C. base, a Toga parTy and Two social func- Tions on The River. FIRST ROW: Dessert, K.; Gray, R.; Syptak, M.; Jack, J.; Howder, J. SECOND ROW: Beck; Bergmann; Van Wagner; Allen, R.; Franks, C.; Vick, J.; Miller, R.; Dusard, L; Purcell, W.; McKenTy, 3.; Kendall, D. THIRD ROW: McAdoo, 5.,- Huff, J.; Parks, J.; ClemenTs, J.; Wilson, R.; Chappelle, R.; Hase, B.; Bruhom, L; Myers, E.; DeVall, 0.; Parker, 0.; Sterling, L. FOURTH ROW: Schroeder, K.; Harcrow, R.; Haveman, A.; Quebe, J.; Anderson, M.; Carleton, R.; Trainer, L.; Walker, 5.; Peck, T.; Reed, D.; Bender, W.; MarTin, M.; Crouch, J.; Baldwin, D.; Slayfon, 8.; Durban, M.; May, R OFFICERS President MIKE SYPTAK S h . . weeT earT Vlce-PreSIdenT DOUG HOWDER BECKY GREENE Secretary RONNIE GRAY QOUIH LOUlQIANA HOMEOWN CLUB The South Louisiana Hometown Club is composed of all those displaced " Caiunns" from Alexandria south to New Orleans, an area otherwise known as "The Swamp" or "The Marshland of America." The club was originally formed as a social organiza- tion to all parts of South Louisiana for its members and other students at A8iM. A joint annual Christmas party is held in New Orleans with the New Orleans Exes who furnish moral and financial support. Last year the South Louisiana Aggies ioined with the Aggie-Exes in New Orleans for the annual Aggie Muster, which was con- ducted during the Easter recess. Various other functions throughout the year give each member a chance to meet fellow Louisiana Aggies. FIRST ROW: Boche, J.; Provine, C.; Gaille, R; Lewis, H.; Liston, R.; Deen, W.,- Benton, G. SECOND ROW: Davis, J.; Allan, J.; Murray, 8.; Stafford, F.; Grafton, H.; Tuseth, R. THIRD ROW: Echterhoff, J.; Johnsoni C.; Hooton, J.; Bobin, L.; Norton, J.; Van Zandt. FOURTH ROW: Blake, R.; Price, E.; Smith, D. President , R4 SPENCER GAILLE Vice-President CHRISTOPHER E. PROVINE Secretary HANK LEWIS, RONNIE LISTON Treasurer GEORGE BENTON Club Recorder WALLACE DEEN Social Chairman SKIPPER POST Cur 'llll'erl lll',l-l',l lll M lllllllll President V. A. HABY Sweetheart: PATTI HARTWICK OFFICERS President ............. Vice-President . V. A. HABY Secretary N. FOHN R. JONES We are dedicated to promote friendship and co-operafion among all students from Southwest Texas. This area includes the counties of Dimmit, Frio, Uvalde, Kinney, LaSalle, Medina, Atascosa, and Zavala. Activities include meetings Twice monthly, 5 social funcTion each semester, and an end-of-The-year party at home in May. All Aggies. from the area are invited To attend and become acquainted wifh Their hometown Aggies. -. of; 62 . mzm-s-x - 'a- 1: . 497' xiv; 1", A FIRST ROW: Howard, V.; Korbell, J. C.,- Stein, F.; Haby, V. A.; Fohn, N.; Jones, E R.; Hugo,,,J.; Templer, T.; Vine, J.; Serimshire, F. THIRD ROW: Rhodes, .; Meyer, J.; Smith, P. SECOND ROW: Griffin, C.; Wurzbach, C R.; Heyen, J.; Warren, L.; Warren, D.; Schotf, R. .; Fillinger, T.; Price, MEB-WUH COUNTY HOMETOWN CLUB Having a membership of 30 sTudenTs from SmiTh CounTy, The club serves as a refuge for The underprivileged Freshmen and a bi-weekly reunion for The Tyler area boys. The highlighT of The year is The ChrisTmas ParTy which aTTracTs college sTudenTs from all over EasT Texas. The Club's members wish To Thank The Tyler A8:M MoThers Club for Their conTinuous aid in The functioning of our organizaTion. Sweetheart KAREN MARIE MOLLER FIRST ROW: Maiors, D.; Rook, G. D.; Benson, J. L.; STeen, C. A.; Howard, J. B.; Pierson, D. E.; Torrans, P. H.; Grimes, F. W. SECOND ROW: Barbin, R. L; Watson, B. K.; Browning, C. M.; Gibson, J. M.; Carpenter, J. N.; Wheeler, K. W. THIRD ROW: $ipe, M.; McLeroy, B. H.; Beighle, P. L; Carpenter, E. H.; Smith, J. 5. President J. B. HOWARD OFFICERS President JAMES HOWARD Vice-Presidenf . .......... DAVID PIERSON SecreTary-Treasurer CHARLES STEEN President C. R. SCHUENEMANN This is a very acTive HomeTown Club comprised of Aggies from The largesT ciTy in our greaT sTaTe. The club provides a place where The former sTUdenTs of AusTin and Jones high schools may gaTher. Each year The club picks a sweeThearT from one of The Two high schools and enTers her as Their rep- resenTaTive in The CoTTon PageanT. The club wiTh The cooperaTion of The oTher HousTon HomeTown Clubs, sponsors a ChrisT- mas Dance and parTy each year. FIRST ROW: Hernandez, R.; Carlson, K.,- Weaver, A.; PeTerson, R.,- Schuenemann, D.; John, R. SECOND ROW: CuringTon, L; Curingfon, E.; HarTis, G.; BraffeTT, C,; Smith, T.; Pusch, D.; Benavides, E; Jackson, T. ANGELINA COUNTY HOMB'OWN CLUB The Angelina CounTy HomeTown Club was organized in The fall of 1954. The pri- mary obiecTive is To promoTe inTeresT in A8:M in Angelina CounTy Towns. A MoThers Club has also been organized which provides social TuncTions on and off campus for our club members. SweeThearT JUDY PIAZZA FIRST ROW: Lawrence; Hickman; BaTem; Geye, J.; Davis. SECOND ROW: Medford; Pirker, J.; Gibson; Tucker; McCall; Bate, J.; Smelly; Seago. OFFICERS President BILL IRISH Vice-President CHARLES HINKLE Secretary-Treasurer C. N. ELLIOTT Working in co-operation with the Bell County A8xM Mothers Club, the club brings the boys from Bell County together both on .the campus and at home for social functions. The organiza- tion strives to maintain a close relationship between students and Aggie Exes as well as encouraging high school graduates to attend Texas A8xM. President FIRST ROW: Hachtel; Hinkle; Irish; Elliott. SECOND ROW: Prewitt, J.; Hyer; Prewitt, B. R. IRISH R.; Campbell, W.; Smith, J.; Chlapeck, C.; Confall, J.; Harvey. BIG QPPJNG HOMETOWN CLUB OFFICERS President ........................................ D. P. DORSEY Vice-President ................................ E. WHITAKER Secretary-Treasurer .................... J. E. PUCKETT Sweetheart CATHI THOMPSON" The Big Spring Hometown Club is composed of students from Big Spring and neighboring communities. The club sponsors many social activities throughout the year, the highlight of which is the annual Christmas party held in Big Spring. The Club participated actively in High School Day with the help of the Big Spring Exes who provided transportation to A8TM. FIRST ROW: Tate, F. C.; Moore, L. Y.; de Graffenreid, A. L.,- Thompson, D. P.; Eubank, R. B. SECOND ROW: Haggard, K. R.; Dorsey, D. P.; Whitaker, E.; Puckett, J. Sweetheart DIANE DEAN The Big Thicket Hometown Club, composed of students from Tyler, Trini'ry, Polk, and San Jacinto Counfies, is primarily a social organization which brings Together Aggies from this Southeast Texas area known as The Big Thicket. The club provides social functions such as The annual Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and Takes an active pari in campus aciiviiies. The purpose of The club is To stimulate inferesf in Texas A8iM Throughout The Big FIRST ROW: Jernigan, T.; Reed, J.; Hanon, J.; Gilbert, A. SECOND ROW: King, c.,- Perkins, Thicket and encourage boys from this area to attend A8JVi. D.; Johnson, J.; Shackleford, A. THIRD ROW: Jones, F.; Woods, D.; Reynolds, J.; Risinger, J. Sweetheart JAYNE FLUME The Cen-Tex Hometown Club is composed of students from the South Texas Towns of New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Seguin. New Braun- fels is noted as a vacation center with its ar- tesian springs and varied recreational facilities. San Marcos is well known for its underwater aquarena, Southwest Texas Sfafe College, and textile industries. Seguin is surrounded by rich farmland and has a large agricultural market. FIRST ROW: Kappel, R. A.; Bourgeois, J.; Brehm, A.; Norwood, J.; Thompson, A. SECOND ROW: Marrou, 8.; Lynn, F.; Wiley, E.; Reicherzer, G.; Young, D.; Langley, L.; Berg, N.; Kappel, R. L. THIRD ROW: Glenewinkel, D.; Moon, W.; Druebert, H.; Hughson, J.; Ruedrich, R.; Reeh, C.; Uhlig, R.; Odell, W. FOURTH ROW: Booker, J.; Webb, G.; Heger, R.; Fiedler, L.; Higgins, M. The purpose of this club is to provide activities for the club members during the school year and to stimulate interest in Texas A87M among the high school students of Denton County. Each year the Aggie Exes from Denton County in co- operation with the Denton Hometown Club spon- sor interested students to the annual High School Day on campus. FIRST ROW: Robinson, K.; McMath, C. W.,- Neale, K.; McGuire. SECOND ROW: Cleveland; Bartee; Price; McMath, J. Sweetheart KAY DARNELL EAGLE PAQQ HOMETOWN CLUB The Eagle Pass Hometown Club is small, but is an active organization. The club sponsors several social fun- tions both on and off the campus dur- ing the year. The club also takes an active part in the annual High School Career Day activities. 777 47,77 ' 7 ,A FIRST ROW: Sparks, J.; Wueste, J.; Frausto, J.; Cerna, R.,- Serma, E.; Olivares, A. SECOND ROW: Smith, J.; Santos, 5.; Rodriguez, M.; Garcia, J.; Garcia, P.; Hansen, J.; Brady, J.; White, 0.; RodrigueszJ Sanchez. Sweetheart PARA XAVIER Sweetheart MARTHA FARGASON FIRST ROW: 5503'; White; Bean; Luhm; Andrews; King; Bassen; Haraway; Candelaria; tanceilare; Adeth; Curry. SECOND ROW: Baker; Young; Montgomery; Smifh; Spitzer; Sheaffer; Thompson; Robertson Fill; Munro; Read; Wood; Page; Salinas; Brandt; Charlef; Boyce; Mabrs; Simmons; Conner; Coie; Chavez; Lopez; Surles. THIRD ROW: Andrews; Vollmer; Duncan; Brandt, L,- Danat; Medina; Rupley; Phelps; Davis; Sobey; McBean-y; Railston; Haggin. Even though El Paso is located some seven hundred mNes from A8:M, interest in the school is strong. Evidence of this is shown by the steadily increasing number of students from the El Paso Area. The club's activities include various social functions heid throughout the year, the highlight of which is the annual Christmas party at which the Club Sweetheart is chosen. The Fort Worth Hometown Ciub is pri- marily for Aggie Social activities in The Ft. Worth area. Throughout the schoo! year, the club meets in bi-montth meet- ings at which business and planning is carried out for The various activi'ries. Sweetheart SUSAN SHOCKLEY FIRST ROW: Brewer; Mann; Harris; Baflin; Pendery; Wilson,- GomeL SECOND ROW: West; Pearle; Jen; Head; Philpot; Whaley; Lake. THIRD ROW: Darmon; Wilson, J.; Reynolds; Glassford; Day; Pendery, D.,- Amok! Comstock, Lanier. GARLAND HOMETOWN CLUB The Garland Hometown Club is an ac- Tive club providing The members with so- cial activities both on and off campus. The Club's main obiective is promofing friendship among its members through regular meetings and social functions. WWWXAVWx owim FIRST ROW: Gifford, D. P.; Roberts, J. 5.,- Hoffman, W. M.; Wheeler, A. N.; Surber, M.; Carrillo, D. S. SECOND ROW: McCollum, J. E.; Curran, D. J.; Wisdom, B. C,- Compfon, D. R.; Bartlett, T. R.; Crawford, J. N.; Gamble, M. E. ' . i m u. N. Sweetheart CAROLYN BIRK GUADALUPE WLLEY HOMEOWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Stanton, K.; Beller, R.; Marshall, H.,- Crow, D.; Anderson, R. W.; Smith, R. SECOND ROW: Migura, W.; Tompkins, B.; Bargmann, B.; Urban, B.; Schell, J.; Milam, B.; Cravens, G. Sweetheart BARBARA CARSNER Composed of men from Victoria, De- Wi'r'r, Calhoun, and Goliad counties, The Guadalupe Valley Club functions to bring These Aggies together both at home and on campus. Members would like To ex- press their sincere appreciation To The Mother's Club for Their help. One of The mosT acTive homeTown clubs, Hill CounTy HomeTown Club is composed of sTudenTs from Hill CounTy and surrounding communiTies. The club sponsors many social acTiviTies ThroughouT The year, The highlighT of which is The annual ChrisTmas parTy. IT is a very acTive club boTh on and off campus and HS main objecTive is To promote friend- ship. FIRST ROW: HUTcheson, 5.; Davis, 8.; Wimbish, G.; HuTcheson, D.,- Irvin, L; Kyle, J. SECOND ROW: Kazda, J.; Wimbish, R.; Bice, J.; Evers, R.; Degner, R. THIRD ROW: Davis, A.; Sonnenburg, N.; Hull, J.; ChrisTian, D.; Kennedy, G. V. SweethearT JULIA WILSON HIGHLAND LAKES HOMETOWN CLUB Sweetheart SANDRA GREEN The club is composed of Those sTudenTs who aTTend A8iM from The Highland Lakes area. This area includes The picTuresque hills surrounding The meandering lakes of Buc- hanan, Inks, Gr'aniTe Shoals, Marble Falls, and Travis, which have conTribuTed immensely in providing one of The fasTesT growing reTire- menT and resorT cenTers of The SouThwesT. FIRST ROW: Briggs; Brown; Cockburn; Clark,- Crider; Burnam. SECOND ROW: Love; Culver; Mullican; FluiTT; Lechow; Riddell; Fancher; Shell; Wright; Casbeer; Perry; Tompkins; Harwell. w W W m . the Jackson County Home- ide a more closely ip between the students of Jack- is one of the newest on campus. Its int present high school stu- Is to prov ifh the advantages of attending Texas rpose ionsh Organized this year, knitted relat town Club primary PU son County and acqua dents w AM. HI 31:111. lazllqlz i 3152! lilll ies of the organization. . I The Jackson County Mothers Club helps sup- .1 j port the activ FIRST ROW: Oehl, M. J.; Toman, R. P.; Venglar, P. W.; Spacek, J. F.; Jones. D. .l. SECOND ROW Schuchardt, J.; Frels, L. K.; Boyd, L; Bums, H.; Munford, A. G. Sweetheart BOBBIE ANN STANLEY The Jeff Davis of Houston Hometown Club is comprised located on The northside of Houston. The purpose of the club is To provide a Time and place for all The graduates of Jefferson Davis, now attending Texas A8!M, to come and have fellowship. At our meetings we plan varied social activities for our club and also Take one of the more active parts in planning the annual Houston Christmas and Easter dances. f , th? hh, h hhMWVZh Sweetheart ALICE DAVIS thW h , ? H h 41! hkh , h hwwzw FIRST ROW: Peterson; Saenz; Swank,- Magee. SECOND ROW: Tolson; Chastang; Gee; The Matagorda County Hometown Club, an organization composed of all Aggies coming from the hub of the "Golden Gulf Coast," is designed to provide an opportunity for its members To meet and relax with friends from home. The club is active in planning social events in Matogorda County over the various holidays, and through the club, members are able to keep in contact with one another both while at A8tM and while at home during the summers. FIRST ROW: Ham, H.; Neumann, C.; Bickham, C.; Fondon, J.,- Richardson, D. SECOND ROW: Richeng, L,- Sern'll, R.; Hurta, F.; Stafford, H.; Hlozek, 0.; Wallin, S. THIRD ROW: Kana, E.; Bowers, R.; Grahm, 0.; Abraham, H.; Neeley, J.,- Jager, M. Sweetheart JANE CARMICGAEL WW OF HOUSTON HOMEOWN CLUB The Houston-Lamar Hometown Club was reorgan- ized at the beginning of last year. It is one 013 the clubs with the largest number of students ontthe campus. Although they are primarily a social club we make time to assist Aggies in finding rides to and from coilege. Since we are primarily a social club, we pride ourselves in our parties and try to have as many as possible. Each year we send a delegation to Lamar to try to encourage them to attend AM. In these meetings with the Lamarites they are given a better understanding of college life. FIRST ROW: McNally; Bamberg; Fonville; Tidwe". SECOND ROW: Bammel; Phillips; Parker; Bornefeld; McConnell; Cotterell. THIRD ROW: Allen; Reynolds; Von Dohlen; Atwell; Nordquist; Smith. FOURTH ROW: Powell; Campbell; Burnett; Eager; Simmons; Kleemeier. Sweetheart J UDY BARTOS Sweetheart SH I RLEY BRATTON During the first year of its existence, the McCulloch County Hometown Club had a rousing turnout of Aggies living in the county known as theiHeart of Texas. While building good fellowship among its members, it is the purpose of the club to promote Texas A8iM College to the citi- . zens of McCulloch County and to create FIRST ROW: Kidd, T. w.; Wood, G. 7.,- Bratton, J. L; Iummons, G. Holdomb, J. SECOND ROW: Miller, L; Huffman, interest in our school among high school i: g$;al:liilllzer, S. R.; Barsh, B.; Caylor, L.,- Kidd, G. THIRD ROW: Engdahl, G.; Lemke, D. E.; Caylor, J. R.; Kyzar, C. students of that area. I I i mim ww- MlD-OOUNTY HOMEOWN CLUB Sweetheart LINDA BOULET The Mid-County Hometown Club is composed of Aggies from Jefferson County towns of Nederland, Port Neches, and Groves. Since reorganization this year, the club has offered a body through which we can gather for fellowship and social functions both here and at home. The most prominent of these activities was our Christmas party. We wish to express our appreciation for the keen interest and support that our Mothers Club has given us this year. FIRST ROW: Richey; Minaldi; Bush; Dowden; Jernigan. SECOND ROW: Falire; Spencer; Windham; Edgar. THIRD ROW: Henderson; Smith; Beaumont. MILBY OF HOUQTON HOMETOWN CLUB Sweetheart LIN LAMPRECHT FIRST ROW: Michna, J. L; Atkins, K.; Neel, J. SECOND ROW: Talbot-t, J.; Gillis, T.; Rhodes, 0.; Murray, J. C. Aggies from Milby High School of Houston meet through the Milby Hometown Club during the school year for social and business reasons. Parties are held by the club with the assistance of the Milby Mothers Club and the Milby As- sociation of former students. The club, in addition to its many social activities, participates actively in efforts to encourage young men from Milby High School to attend Texas A8KM- MONTGOMERY OOUMY HOMEOWN CLUB Since its formation, the Montgomery County Hometown Club has spread out to include two "outside" towns, Navasota and Klein. Activities include a Christmas party given by the Exes in Conroe, and an entry in the Cotton Pageant. The club gives the men from the small towns a chance to get to know each other. FIRST ROW: Howard, J.; Doerre, G.; Anderson, 6.; Lowe, D.; Vassar, B. SECOND President ROW: Wuensche, M.; Thornberry, J.; Rainy, D.; Carwile, H. GENE ANDERSON 002994 HOMEOWN CLUB Located in the middle of the oil rich Permian Basin, Odessa is the social and economic center of the West Tex- as oil industry. The Odessa Hometown Club founded in 1959, is made up of stu- dents from Odessa and surrounding towns. Its primary purpose is to pro- mote Texas A81M College in the high schools of Odessa as well as assist the Mothers Ciub and AggievExes Club Sweetheart as much as possible. The club also LANA G'LLEY provides an opportunity for the mem- bers to meet at its meetings and so- cial functions. President a... GLYEN LEMMON Vice-President PAUL KING Secretary-Treasurer BARRY TEAL Social Chairman GENE HERZOG FIRST ROW: Mrs. Yates; Lemon, 6. SECOND ROW: Altman, W.; Harris, R.; Teai, 11 THIRD ROW: McVey, 5.; Mayo, J.; Herzng, 6.; Ramsey, J. Coming from the largest industrial and cultural center between Dallas and Houston, the men of this club are noted for their friendliness and their willingness to say a few good words about Texas MM wherever the place or whatever the oc- casion. FIRST ROW: Mahaley, D. R,- Smith, J. R.,- Humphries, w. L; Borg, D. A.; Rauis, H. w. SECOND From the" ranks '" "team years have come a ROW: Russell, D.; Gordon, D.; Rich, D.; Barham, 3.; Robinson, W.; Strange, 3.,- McClung, J.; corps commander, varsrty football player, class B'own' C' officers, and others who work hand in hand with the Navarro County Former Students Association and their Mothers Club to promote the interests of A8:M in their area. Sweetheart SYLVIA SUTTON The Pan-American Hometown Club, one of the largest on campus, was organized about 12 years ago. Its purpose has been to foster companion- ship between the students of Mexico, South and Central America. The meetings of the club are used for discus- sion of news from home and different questions that arise, one of which is the annual se'ection of the pretty Pan-Am sweetheart. The primary func- tion of the organization includes participation in the many campus activities as well as promotion of seasonal holiday socials. FXRST ROW: Terrasas; Rioias; Restraepot SECOND ROW: Morelos; Weddle; Gutierrez,- Matamoros, Suarez; Arocha; Alvarez; Schuessler; Lobo; Lopez; Cuellar; Cooper; Perez. THIRD ROW: Henry; Baduy; Palacio; VaTarezo; Flores,- Helgoem; Fiores; Castro; Garcia; Delgado. FOURTH ROW: Trevino; Black- bum; Arguelles; Hernandez; Dominguez; Garcia; Gereda; Volz; Percival; Garcia. FIFTH ROW: Soto; Vatiente; Garces; Guevara; Villarreal; Brent; Sema; Reachi. SIXTH ROW: Gluzalegui; Marciacq; Tribaldos. Sweetheart NANCY NESB" FIRST ROW: Innis; Gabbert; Capt. Good; Balentine. SECOND ROW: Colbert; Mietsch; Singer; Sherman; Frazier; McCoy,- Han; Hutchinson; Radar. The Red River Valley Hometown Club was reformed this year with the purpose of bringing the students of Paris, Clarksville, and the surrounding towns together at Am. The dub sponsored a dance this year over the Christ- mas holidays which upheld the Aggie tradition for giving parties. REAGAN OF HOUQON HOMEOWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Ray, L; Jenkins, J.; McCollough, R. SECOND ROW: Adams, R.; Byrd, 5.; Burke, J.; Green, R.; Franklin, D.; Framz, J.; Zappe, R. The purpose of This club, composed of students from Reagan and Walfrip High Schools in North- east Houston, is twofold: first, To band Together graduates of These schools for fellowship; and second, to help ease The transition from high school fo college for new members. Sweetheart BRENDA SMITH gr, WOMAQ OF- HOUQTON HOMETOWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Listi; Graham; Adams; Marlow. SECOND ROW: Severoon; Clay,- Harrington; Bulin; Becker. THIRD ROW: Pechanec; Hernandez; Sdarack; Denney; Allen. FOURTH ROW: Coco; Opy; Gaden; Holly. Composed of Aggies who have graduated from St. Thomas High School in Houston, the St. Thomas Club provides chances to meet both on and off campus. During The year this club also serves as a link between A8:M and boys who are in. Terested in becoming Aggies. Sweetheart CONNIE POMORSKI QAN ANGELO-WEgHEKtE HOMETOWN CLUB Aggies residing in or around San Angelo are eligible To ioin The San AngeIo-WesT Texas HomeTown Club. The club sponsors several activiTies, The mosT imporTanT of which is The annual ChrisTmas dance. The proceeds are donafed To The San Angelo Mothers Club which is used for The scholarship fund for local Aggies. Sweetheart JOY JOHNSON FIRST ROW: Johnson; Royal; McCulloch; Wynne; Ohlenburg; Terrill. SECOND ROW: Niehues; Fisher; Filburn; Thompson; Runge. THIRD ROW: Coleman Taylor; Hopkins; Worsham. Sweetheart PATSY McIVEY FIRST ROW: Beyer, W.; Schubert, R.; Schmidt, W.; Fikes, W.; Hunter, L.; Bateman, B.; Lamprechf, W. SECOND ROW: Lawrence, A.; Harris, M.; Pullin, T.; Hollan, J.; Burns, J.; Young, R. THIRD ROW: Blaschke, C.; Sugarek, F.; Orchard, J.; Miller, R.; Gingrich, L; Gage, A.; Young, M. The San-Re-Bee HomeTown Club is composed of sTudenTs from San Patricio, Refugio, and Bee counTies. The purpose of This club is To uniTe sTudenTs from These counties and To provide social recreaTion and acTiviTies for These sTudenTs. Although the Snyder Hometown Club has been in existence for only two years, it has been a vital part of the life of its members. This year saw an increase in membership and the formation of a parents organ- ization to give the club support from home. The club promotes interest in Aggieland for boys from Snyder and the surrounding area. FIRST ROW: Holmes; Chapman; Guy: Dyer; Mosley. SECOND ROW: Merritt; Hargrove; Slime"; McDonald. Sweetheart MOLLY ABBO" The South Ptains Club is comprised of "renegades" from the land of the Red Raider and outlying areas. This small group of men gets together for rides . . FIRST ROW: Hobbtnga, Padgett, McGelliard, Wiikerson. SECOND ROW: Smith, Bmwn, home and 5003' funcnons 0" campus. An- Harbin, Zwol'mski, Pecenon, McWalters, Cavendish, Marion, Loe. nually the organization holds a Christmas Dance in the Lubbock area. The Club also participates In High-school Day activities. QPPJNG BRANCH HOMETOWN CLUB The Spring Branch Hometown Club is composed of members from the Spring Branch, Memorial Drive Area of Houston. The Out: is mainly a social organization to strengthen companionship of Aggies from these areas. Dur- ing the year the club organized various social events and sponsored a representative to the Cotton Pageant. FIRST ROW: les, 3.; Hunter, R. D.; Hunter, D. T.; Kamr, D. L; Hatdevmcm, E. J.; Pye P. G.; Andaman, J. 5.; Campbell, B. D. SECOND ROW: Kennefly, T. H.; Pirlde, P. 5.; Frank, J. H.; Potter, ChH.; Nichols, J. 8.; Barker, D. E.; Jenkins, J. .L THIRD ROW: Dunkerley, R.; Buchwatd. J. G.; Bade, E. W..- Wilks, G.; Thomas, R.; Packer, D.; O'Keefe, D. WMHWEIOWNCLLB Sweetheart MR5. RICHARD PETERSON FIRST ROW: Sanders, J.; Stuckey, J.; Upchurch, J.; Peterson, D.; Morrow, J.; McAdams, M. SECOND ROW: James, E.; Cox, F.; Palmer, D.; Davis, A.; Fant, J.; Minx, H. THIRD ROW: Robbihs, F.; Radican, 8.; Thompson, R4 Rachel, R. FOURTH ROW: Emerson, B.; Comeland, R.; Procter, J.; Thompson, D.; Folsom, R. The Texarkana Hometown Club has served as a means of bringing Aggies from the Texarkana area together for the past 17 years. The meetings of the club are used for the discussion of news from home, discussion of different problems that arise, and the planning of social func- tions which are held both on campus and at home during the holidays. WAOO-MOLENNAN COUNTY HOMETOWN CLUB SweethearT LINDA HOLDAR FIRST ROW: Dulock, R.; Lamb, E.; Wood, A.,- Jarosz, K.; Keeling, R.; Nash, J.; PrickeTT, J.; Baker, K. SECOND ROW: Hancock, W. PeTTy, D.; Ferguson, 8.; Dollins, J.; Chupik, 5.; Megarity, T.,- Gibson, D. THIRD ROW: Roming, L; Hull, D.,- DuTy, D.; PaTe, R.; BeckCOm, E. The Waco HomeTown Club is one of The mosT acTive homeTown clubs on The campus. IT serves as a means for The Aggies from The Waco area To gaTher and enioy each oTher's company. WAQHINGTON COUNTY HOMETOWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Seker; Rohde; Brewer; Voekel; Kolkhorst; Deaver. SECOND ROW; Wilke, Heideman; Thredford; Winkel- mann; Rosenbaum; Wiesepape; Buck,- LinnsTaedTer. The WashingTon CounTy HomeTown Club, Through meetings and social acTiviTies which iT holds Throughout The year, helps To sTrengThen The bond of fellowship beTween Aggies from WashingTon CounTy. The club also helps To inform high school sTudenTs of The edu- caTional opportunities aT A8TM. Sweetheart DANA WOODWARD President A. C. WILBECK A social organizaTion for fellowship and recreaTion of The sTudenTs from The WharTon area, The club sTrives To sTrengThen The com- panionship of HS members boTh on and off campus. The club is also insTrumenTal in en- couraging high school seniors To aTTend A8TM, acquainTing The beginning freshmen wiTh The acTiviTies on campus, and giving Them The in- cenTive needed for college life. FIRST ROW: Donaldson, G.; Vacek, M.; Naiser, D.; Wilbeck, C.; Vacek, F. SECOND ROW: Fisher, H.; Richards, T.; Allen, C.; Hlavinka, J. THlRD ROW: Nilson, J.; Korenek, E.; Wilbeck, G.; Vecera, F.; Korenek, K. WICHWX FALLQ HOMETOWN CLUB As in pasT years, The WichiTa Falls Club has been acTive This year. One of The social evenTs sponsored by This club is The Annual All-College Dance in WichiTa Falls. One of The more acTive clubs on The campus, This club is composed of men from The NorTh-Texas area. FIRST ROW: Tole, G.,- Cline, J.; Rundell, W.; Wills, H.,- Ward, K.; Meyers, F. SECOND ROW: James, L; Burrus, J.; Cooper, R.; Gilbert, M.; Perry, C.; Bowers, J.; Fowler, D.; Wills, N.,- Supercinski, F.; Fowler, D. President W. K. RUNDELL The Williamson County Hometown Club includes Aggies from Taylor, Georgetown, Thorndale, Thrall, Granger, Hutts, Rice's Cross- ing, and other neighboring communities. The club binds these students together for socia? functions, parties, co-operation with the Mothers Club, and evenings of fellowship on the campus. Each year the club SWeetheart is entered in the Cotton Pageant. Other activities spon- sored by the club are Aggie Dances at the end of each semester, Aggie Muster, and keeping others informed about our school. HRST ROW: Albert, W.; Simank, M.; Mikus, D.; Albert, C.; Rhoades, N.; David, A. SECOND ROW: Ihms, 0.,- Kaoffman, J.; Whittenberg, P.; Johnson, 8.; Oman, R.; Martin, V.; Martin, C.; Blackman, J.; Hanusch, J.; Johnson, L; lemer, B. Sweetheart DARLENE lACKEY WKEE HOWWN CLUB As a social organization of long standing at the A8:M College of Texas, the Yankee Hometown Club this year began a drive which will carry it to the peak of campus recognition both as a service organi- zation and as an institution of relaxation and satis- faction for its active members. Under a new set of officers, the club conducted a campaign to reinterest waning members and to attract non-members. Lt. Col. Smith was the competent sponsor of the club. The year was highlighted by parties, the best being the annual club party in Waco. Miss Joan Louise Ful- ton of Dallas was chosen as the club sweetheart. She was outstanding among the bevy of beautiful candi- dates submitted by our club members. HRST ROW: Green, R.; Talarek, W.; Stahl, K.; Jablonski, T.; Reitz, J.; Maccaferri, D. SECOND ROW: Longnecker, C.; Sazani, J.; Fidter, 8.,- Clancy, E.,- Winkle, F. THIRD ROW: Kowatewski, L; Ronco, F.: Turmey, 5.,- Stengel, G.; Riggs, A.,- Smith, R. Sweetheart JOAN L FULTON President LEE POWELL FIRST ROW: Fabian; Patterson; Stacha; White; Schulze; Powell. SECOND ROW: Willingburg; Cowen; Zuehlke; Radde; Preascher. This club provides an opportunity for Aggies from Bosque County to maintain closer ties with each other and with their home county. It also serves as a means for informing high school students of the opportunities which an education at Texas A8tM can offer. Representatives of the club visit each senior class in the county inviting the boys to High School Day. This year's membership, 26, is the largest ever. Dr. Ben Cook served as sponsor, and was very active and helpful. A new social event was introduced this year and we hope it, the Easter picnic, will con- tinue. ELLIS COUNTY Sweetheart DlANNiE LEWIS FIRST ROW: Pavelka; Holveck; Simpson; Stoffregen. SECOND ROW: Springer; Almand; Cox; Clay. Located in the heart of the old cattle country, Ellis County has a reputation for a strong and healthy population. Among the County's better organizations is the Ellis County Hometown Club. The club sponsors many activities, among these are parties held during vacations and holidays. 77 , 777777777777 77 ,7, 7 . 777 77777777 77 7 77 w 7 ,7 7, W77 7$777 7 777WWM747 777MWWM7W7 7 7W, n, skqxbtx$4hbhmeut nx : 1 t, E? g I 2 NEW OFFICERS New officers for the Federation of A8tM Mothers Clubs have been announced for 1963-64. The new president is Mrs. John G. Frank of Houston, FRONT ROW, center. Other officers include Ueft to righti Mrs. Carroll W. Cox, Beaumont, vice-president at large; Mrs. Earl Rudder, honorary president; Mrs.. M. T. Harrington, honorary president; Mrs. H. E. Dew, Tyler, first vice-president. BACK ROW: Mrs. Joe J. Scalise, Houston, corresponding secretary; Mrs. J. O. McMahan, Dallas, third vice-president; Mrs. Joe Ashy, Beaumont, recording secretary; Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin, Bryan, fourth vice-president; Mrs. Kurt Monier, San Antonio, parlia- mentarian; Mrs. W. A. Prewitt Jr., Temple, treasurer; Mrs. Fred L. McGinn, Abilene, fifth vice-president; Mrs. John Beasley, Austin, second vice-president. Missing from the photograph is Mrs. Reba Hataway, Lufkin, historian. The first Ang Mothers Club was organized in Dallas in 1922 by Mrs. H. L. Peoples. As other clubs were formed over the state the Federation of Texas A8rM Mothers Clubs was organized in 1929 with Mrs. F. L. Thomas of Bryan as the first president. At present the Federation is composed of fifty local Mothers Clubs throughout the Lone Star State with a total of 2,415 mem- bers. It is the primary purpose of the A8tM Mothers Clubs to contribute to the welfare of their sons in A8tM College and to cooperate with the College in aiding their sons and A8tM College in any way that may be deemed acceptable. Some of their activities in- clude awards to the Corps of Cadets contributions to scholarships, and contributions to the College Hospital and Student Loan Fund. OFFICERS MRS. PAT MOON President MRS. ROLAND WARD Fifth Vice-President MRS. V. W. FANDRICH First Vice-Presidem MRS. C, G. DYE Recording Secretary MRS. WARREN LEE Second Vice-President MRS. JAMES T. BUTLER ............................................ Corresponding Secretary MRS. P. R. NICHOLS Third Vice-Presidenf MRS. A. O. GRAHAM Treasurer MRS. A. A. ALEXANDER Fourth Vice-Presidenf MRS. A. M. HUGHLETT . Historian MRS. JACOB NICHOLSON Parliamentarian ROSTER . A. A. Alexander . W. J. Meyer . Selvin Allen , Pot Moon . James T. Butler . J. C. Morrison President . Joseph Bonner . P. R. Nichols . O. N. Chandler . Jacob Nicholson MRS- PAT MOON . F G. Collard . C. E. Nix . W. B Condren . Chester Park , F, D. Cope . F. R Parker Donald Lee Drow . Fred PoHer , W. W. DeVaney . L. M. Reeves C. O. Dodson . E. A. Riner . C. G. Dye . W. T. Robbins , Foister Eliison . Donald H. Rose . V. W. Fandrich . R L. Roseberry . A, 0, Graham . E. L. Sheppard . Reagan C. Hinnanf . C. E. Sadler . Carl Hill, Jr . Floyd Sloan , Joe Hill . Edith Thomas . O. D. Howard . Hiram Sloan . Floyd Hufmes . R. G. Sneed . A. M. Hughch . Roland Word K; F. Johnson . D. V. Wible , Joe D. LoCrone . Ted R. Wade . Warren G Lee . Stanley E. Wearhers . M. G. McCaulcy . Flank While C B. Marsh . Hazel Swink . Frank M. Manhcws . Bess Alexander '. Manley McGill Ellis Thomas OFFICERS MRS. LEROY CLONINGER President MRS. W. M. WINNETTE Vice-Presidenf MRS. L. B. DAMPMAN Secretary MRS. ELWOOD FISHER Treasurer MRS. S. M. SHARP Historian and Reporter MRS. LEONARD JENNINGS Hospitality "w :3sz x $N x BACK ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Harry Garner, Mrs. Grace Gore, Mrs. Adrien Droullhef, Mrs. J. W. Thurman, Mrs. C. H. Tipton, Mrs. Carl Contella, Mrs. E. R. Rutledge, Mrs. W. G. Mettke, Mrs. J. A. Pridmore, Mrs. A. G. Ragin, Mrs. J. L. Bridges, Mrs. W. H. Powers. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Dorothy Harrison, Mrs. G. T. Atkins, Mrs. Alvie Nance, Mrs. John Becka, Mrs. H. L. Wer'r, Mrs. Doyce Killingsworfh, Mrs. C. F. Ruckman, Mrs. John Leslie, BEAUMONF OFFICERS MRS. BUFORD KOEHLER . . . President MRS. WARD McCOWN . . . Corresponding Secretary MRS. E. J. SWAIN . . . Vice-Presidenf at Large MRS. C. A. KIKER . . . Treasurer MRS. A. N. WALTON . . . First Vice-Presidenf MRS, SAM BRRANCO . , , Historian MRS. J. D. DESHOTELS . . . Second Vice-Presiden'r MRS. J, P. CRAIGEN . . , Chaplain MRS. RALPH HAWKINS . . . Third Vice-Presiclent MRS. C, J, CURTIS . . . Parliamentarian MRS. BEDFORD COCKRELL . . . Recording Secretary MRS. R, D, COLLEY . , . Civic Coordinator MRS. C. H. COAKLEY . . . Publicity BACK ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. O. J. Moss, Mrs. Ernest Langford, Mrs. H. T. Johns, Mrs. F. G. McGuire, Mrs. Don Young, Mrs. Fred Benson, Mrs. K. L. Nelson, Mrs. A. E. Cronk, Mrs. V. B. Clark, Mrs. J. E. Roberts, Mrs. W. W. Mills, Mrs. Ellis Smith, Mrs. Layton Gregg, Mrs. L. A. Maddox, Mrs. T. L. Elder, Mrs. Marion Pugh, Mrs. H. E. Conner. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Earl Rudder, Mrs. E. L. Williams, Mrs. Joe Varisco, Mrs W. S. McCulley, Mrs. J. C. McLaughlin, Mrs. John Barton, Mrs. F. F. Brison, Mrs. M. T. Harrington. OFFICERS MRS. T. F. HARLING President MRS. MARIE KAMPE ls? Vice-President MRS. JOHN SULLIVAN 2nd Vice-President MRS. J. W. ARMSTRONG 3rd Vice-Presidenf MRS. LUKE ROSSI 41h Vice-President MRS. A. A. BOWERS Program Director MRS. JEAN BASHOR Secretary MRS. P. J. MARABELLA Treasurer ROSTER . R. E. Anderson, Jr. . A. V. Ash . O. F. Atkins . J. R. Bacon . R. D. Bates . A. C. Blakely . Brunkenhoefer IW. FJ . J. P. Burney . H. W. Campbell . E. R. Caniwell . C. D. Christian . Fred Cole . Jack E. Collier . R. N. Conolly . J. W. Cuiper . J. J. Custer . Sam N. Davidson . M. DeLomel . P. Devine . M. Diefz, Jr. . Douglas . Dworshus . E. Elzner . L. Ferris . . F. Goodenough . Henry W. Greene . John K. Halloran . J. R. Hamilton . Lloyd Hansard, Jr. . H. E. Hartsell , S. L. Hicklin . Gene M. Holden . Rober'r E. Holley . Glenn R. Hofchkiss . B. G. Hubner ARNOLD OCKER John H. Ilse . D. B. Johnson . Foster E. Kemp . Calvin Massey . B. P. Mafelske . E. W. McGlothlin . Claude L. McGregor . H. A. McNolIy . D. B. Meadows . Charles Mello . Jack Miller . W. 5. Minor, Jr. . H. F. Nasf . J. W. Nelms . T. P. O'Brien . Arnold Ocker . P. S. Peck . Lou PeHif . Myrtle Pickett . C. Logan Rankin . W, J. Riley . J. F. Robinson . G. Y. Rogers . Lee Roih . M. R. Schroeder . Wesley Seale . Wayne 0. Siegelin . F. J. Sfaff . George Stein . S. A. Teusley . W. A. Theis . Penrod Thornton . Roger D. Workman . O. P. Volk OFFICERS JACK COLLIER . IRVING M. DIETZ, JR. ........................................ Second Vice-President . J. W. NELMS . JOHN K. HALLORAN ............................................ Third Vice-Presidenf . S. L. HICKLIN CLAUDE L. McGREGOR First Vice-President President . ROBERT E. HOLLEY .................... R. D. BATES ................................................ Vice-Presidenf at Large President MRS. ARNOLD OCKER ........................ Recording Secretary Treasurer . GLENN R. HOTCHKISS .................. .................. Corresponding Secretary Parliamentarian Historian . Glenn C, Adams Leumon D. Adams . James M Allmon Richard R. Atkinson Leroy A. Balser Celus V. Baxter Oscar E. Bergstrom Theodore Bernard Driscoe L, Berfillion Roscoe A. Berz R. A. Biggs . Cecil A Blokely Roy C Booker . G. G. Box . Marvin E. Bradshaw Raymon L Brown . William C. Burkhard William H. Byrd . Donald Cameron . Jesus Y. Corillo Tom A Cardwell , Tony Cervantes H. Conway Cherry . Jack W. Clark . Gaies Collier .Williom A. Collins, Jr. . Joseph M. Connelly . Andrew Cook . Harry A. Cooper Everett D. Craig Richard W. Cree . David A. Crowder . William M. Donleer, Sr. E. W. Davis . Joe A. DePosqual E. Lamar Dial . Albert W. Dillon . Walter F. Drumm . John R. Edmond; . James R English . John Elfonf . W. L. Evans, H . William E. Farmer Joe S. Farrier Edward W. Fenron . Jesse R. Ferguson . Tillman H. Ferguson . J B Finks, Jr. Ray Frederiksen Homer M. Gibbs . Guy M. Gibson , James W. Gillespie Silos L. Gillum Eleanor Ann Greenwood Lawrence H. Hampfon . Edward C. Hanson, Jr. , Frank E. Harris . Norma S HasweH Edwin J. Hofzenbuehler Elbert W, Howkes . Alberf F. Hibbs . John M, Hoffman . Charles I, Hollimon Ernest R, Holloway Richard C. Hoppers Robert J Horsfmeier . Clyde W. Howard, Jr. Hubert L. Jackson . Walfer H. E. Jamison Richard P. Jeffrey, Sr. . Mac W Jeffus . Theron E. Johnsey Charles S. Johnson, Jr. . John Charles Johnson . Clyde P. Jones Raymond E. Jones . Gail W. Kemp . Odus C. Kerley Lloyd 5. Kimble . William E. King Emil J. Leidolf . Walter F. Loft Charles E. Lundy . Haywood W. Lusk . W. S. Malhiof . Charles Mcrr . Albert J. Marshall . Dorsey H Mathias . John B. McClure, Jr. . James P. McFarland . Dennis L. McGiH Lloyd 8. McGinnis . Need H. McGown . J. O. McMahon . David M4 Melcer . J. Dale Melton . Marlin H, Miller . Sfewort M. Miller . Homer M. Moore Maurice E Moore . Allen P. Morris . Jack A. Morris, Jr. . Joe H. Mosby . Hal M Moseley . Alex 8. Mosesman . Alfred L. Myers Leon Nagid . Clara Edith Nelson . Troy L. Norwood . Texas M Oddson . Michael Offner, Jr. . Oscar R. Olden . Julian H. PaHiHo . Shelby L. Peavy . Alfred M. Pendleron Robert F. Philion . Rupert L Phillips Fred M. Pierce ROSTER Mrs. Ralph Plumlee Mrs. James C. Rombin Mrs. George E. Reese Mrs. Grover C. Reese Mrs. Everett L Richardson Mrs, Clyde F. Riley Mrs. John O. Roberts Mrs. William H. Roberts Mrs. James M. Sanders Mrs James W. Sorgenf, Jr. Mrs James F. Sorfain Mrs. Dallas W Schares Mrs Edward M. Schlekewy Mrs Robert G. Schulz Mrs. Charles H. Seeber Mrs. Howard H. Shores Mrs. Henry L Skuggs Mrs. Hey Smith Mrs. Randall P. Smith Mrs Ray Smith Mrs. Lee A. Soper Mrs. A. E. SouHer Mrs. Edward D. Spence Mrs. Paul R Stabler Mrs. Charles R. Steadman, Sr. Mrs. William P Stokes Mrs, Harvey R. Striegler Mrs. Maury Tenzer Mrs. Bill C. Thornton Mrs. James J. Thrasher Mrs. John D. Touchon Mrs. T. F. Vaughan Mrs Norman H. VeneHe Mrs. Paul G. Wallace Mrs. James L. Weatherby Mrs. Henry C. Werrh Mrs. Henry W. Wheisel Mrs. Delbert W. Whifaker Mrs. Hugh T. White Mrs. Moriorie S. White Mrs. Albert S. Williams Mrs. Darrell E. Williams Mrs. L T. Williams, Jr. Mrs. Joseph WoHace Williams Mrs. Marshall P. Wilson Mrs. Marion E. Wolfe Mrs. Weldon H Wooldridge Mrs. A. Sidney Wright ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mrs. L. Warren Baker Mrs. Jessie Bonnet Mrs. E. Allen Brown Mrs. Olin S. Brown Mrs. George T. BrundreH Mrs. Gates Collier Mrs, J. H. Cook Mrs. J. D. Ellis Mrs. Oscar Gleiser z 5 I g 2 5 , N MRS. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs President J. L, MCMAHAN Tom C. Groves . Mayer H. Halff Charles C Hamilron Paul F. Harris Chester W. Heddermcn Alden J. Herron 0H0 W. Hoernig, Sr. John J. Janok Edward L. Kennedy . A. V Kinslow James S. Klink . William C. Longuisr Charlie A. Madden Le Von Mossengule Allan W. Newberry Hillery Lee Peoples Eugene H. Pond Stanley E. Przada Arthur G. Roiney L. H Ridouf, Jr, . Wonie W. Schnabel Hurry Urey J. T. Williams Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. MrsA Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. MrSA Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. . M. Alexander Bailin B. Baker L. Barlow . M. Barnard . T. Bates . W. Beard Becero P. Bechler W. G. Besf L. C. Birch L. V. Birge M. Blanton R. E. Boswell C. C. Brewer W. P. Buckellew W. D. Buis E. D. Button J. H. Caswell T. H. Christopher W. C. Cleveland R. L. Climie H. B. Cobb C. E. Cook M. H. Cook L. B. Conder J. D. Costa E. J. Creider Raymond Creswell J. D. Crill J. W. Crouch E. Day R. B. Darmon M H. Dean A. R. de Villeneuve W. H. Dover J. E. Dugan R. E. Elmore J. B. Erisman J. M. Estes E. A. Farley C. B. Floyd R. C. Gage W. T. George D. M. Glassford C. G. Gomez R. L. Greene P. H. Gudgen W. M. Hall G. Harris E. H. Harrison Hanaway C. 8. Head 0. C. Hix F. Holcomb N. Hoskins V. E. Jen . J. P. Jones . J. W. Jordan . M. P. Joseph . T. B. Kelso Kendrick, B. C. FFZOZWFPZ ROSTER C . R . R E. McHom E E J :J: K F .c E H R .H .R SOOFpo FO0r D. L. Kilpatrick . D. R. Kirk . C. W. Koonce . D. W. Kraybill . Sim Lake . E. W. Langston . A. Lathrop . G. D. Latimer . B. L. Lester l . M. Lewis . W. McCleskey C. McKee . C. McLendon E. McWhirter D. Mann . J. Mayberry . J. Meals Mitchell A . T. Murray . L. Perkin . Pearce . H. Pendery . D. Perry . M. Philpot . W. Prentiss . W. Price A. H. Record G . P. R. Reeves . G. W. Reynolds . J. B. Riddle . R. W. Robson . E. D. Rogers . B, Sandlin . O. E. Schrickel . T. N. Shulfs M. N. Simon: . T. H. Small . R. C. Sparks G. W. Staples J. R. Stoker . M. Stokes . R. L. Stokes . H. B. Stovall . W. H. Stumbo . A. J. Sullivan . L. Sullivan . M. F. Sumpter . L. E. Sweafman . J. T. Threadgill . E. A. Tores J. Vaughan J. Vitek . ViHefoe J, Warren A. Watts D. Whaley 8. Wheeler J. Whiningfon A. Wilson C. Wright . W. Wright President MRS. TRAVIS SMALL OFFICERS . TRAVIS SMALL ....................................................... President R. E. BOSWELL ...................... Vice-Presidenf at Large J. B. RIDDLE ................................... Chaplain . M. ALEXANDER w- First Vice-Presidenf . W. WRIGHT ---.mw----h.... Second Vice-Presidenf . H. RECORD - .................. .. Third Vice-President C. BIRCH ......................... .. Fourth Vice-President . T. GEORGE ............... , Fifth Vice-Presidenf A. LATHROP --. -...-- -- .. .. Sixth Vice-Presdient C. C. BREWER .......................... Seventh Vice-Presidenf . W. PRENTISS ....---..--..- .... . Recording Secretary C. J. VITEK ............................... Corresponding Secretary E. D. ROGERS -m-------...m-..----.---. h-- Treasurer JOSEPH MANN .----.---.-.---..- ........--...- . Publicity ROLAND WHITTIHGTON .....--.... . -- .. .-.... Historian E. H. HARRISON ----..--... -. -..- Parliamentarian ALBERT BAlLlN - -. --- ----... .-.-.-.- Transportation W M W A L F G HOUSTON OFFICERS MRS. J. B. HOUSTON .................................... Fourth Vice-Presidenf MRS. L. R. DAILEY ... Fifth Vice-Presidenf MRS. L. N. WRIGHT . Recording Secretary MRS. E. B. DURRENBERGER ............................................ Corresponding Secretary MRS. L. A. CRAPITTO - . ParIiamentarian MRS. JOE J. SCALISE .. President MRS. DOUGLAS F. EDMAN .............................. Vice-President at Large MRS. K. L. NELSON First Vice-President MRS. E. O. DAVIS Second Vice-Presidenf MRS. M. C. WALLA .. Third Vice-Presidenf MRS. HANK DAUGHERTY Treasurer R. R. Aardal . C. H. Aiken R. Aikmcn . C. Anthaume . J. F. Anthony . W. J. Armsfrong . B. L. Arringfon . J. H. Atkins . M. A. Atwell . C. R. Axfell A L. D Bade . W. H. Badger . J. B. Baker . J. F. Baker . G. W. Bamberg . W. E. Bammel . T. N. Barber . J. M. Baranski F. J. Barr M. A. Barrileaux . T. O. Batson . W. R. Belcher H. W. Bennett W. C. Bickers J. Blair C. Bo Ilfross R Bond E. B. Boyer C. O. Braffen H S. Brannen H. W. Brock C. W. Brooks C. J. Buchwald F. F. Bullock A. J. Burke J. Burke . V. G. Burns S. D. Camp 8. L. Ccrbo G. E. Carlson R. TI Cavanaugh E. Covassas JI A. Cervenka E. V. Chambliss E. H. Chastang D, D. Clinion V. P. Coco S. J. Couvillion . L. A. Crapino . L. Crawford . L. R. Dailey . W. M. Danzler . H. J. Daugherty F. Daugh'ry E. 0. Davis . J. A Dillard . J. A. Dimock T. E. Dossey B. H. Draemer ENSSDEFWFPSOPSFPPT;SWWP;ZWf ggaywh;km?Ik?egva?ogpngp+?pnmgp I A. Dunn Durrenberger . Dyer . Eddings . Edman Ellis W. Ely W Fallin . Fischer Fisher Fife . Foster Frank Frank Fransen Freeman . Freeman ?owanzwnm A. Golasinski . Goldfarb F. Goulas H. Green . 0. Green . P. Gregory E. Gregory M. Gruy C. Halbert N. Hall . J. Hamilton V. Harp L. Harrington WI Hart . Harvey El. Heibel . Helfon A. Hennessay . H. Hereford . A. Herrin 8. Houston . D. Hudler C. Hudson B Hudson W. Hull B. Humber L. lbison . B. Jacobson R. Jaris N. John C. Johnson M. Jones T. Jones L. Karrer l. Keese F. P, Kelly H. Kieschnick . Kis'ner : J. F. Kleemeier ROSTER J. mmm Mn L. Laird Mrs E Lomm Mrs- ..A LaVuHe MFS- L Leach Mrs. Leach Mrs. ..C LeBoeuf MTS- ..C Ledere MTS- Lee Mrs. L. Lee Mrs. Leigh Mrs. C. Linonick Mrs. . Lopez Mrs. . Lon Mrs. . May Mrs . Lynch Mrs. ' MrsI Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. . S. A. Merrill Mrs. . M. S. Metz Mrs. . L. A. Miears Mrs. . L, C. Mills Mrs. . W. C. Mills Mrs. . L. K. MifcheH Mrs. . F. l. Mobley Mrs. . J. A. Moore Mrs. J. L. Moore Mrs. . C. W. Moores Mrs. . J. Morgan Mrs. . D. Murphee Mrs. .M. A. Murphy Mrs. P;H239wr;orm?mooog?? . C. F. Murray Mrs. B .J Musacchia Mrs. C. Myers Mrs. . V. L Naron Mrs. Navarro Mrs. .Nelson Mrs. .Nelson Mrs. .Nichols Mrs. .Noerr Mrs .Nordquis? Mrs. .Norwood Mrs . Noster Mrs. .Noxon Mrs O Conner Mrs. .'O leary Mrs. Papas Mrs. Parker Mrs. arker Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. . R. B. Powell Mrs. . O. l. Rader Mrs. . W. F. Ralph Mrs. VVHFIImmmongor T K. R. D R K. G M. . W J R. J. E. F A. E. K. G R C. C J Rowley W. H. Ray W. H. Raymond Re el .V. Reynolds . G. Roesler . M. Rutledge . Ryan A. Salifross .A. Sampson J. Scalise A. Schillaci .Schiwetz ..H Schuenemann J. C. Seole .C. Seay B. Seerden Segura F. Serres F. Shinsky .H. Smith L. Smith D. Smith C. Smith A. SmiIh M. Smith Sorenson . L. Stanton D. Stine .M. Stovall PHFFKMIWInr pkggonrPFoyrwrz. J. H. Talbot? J. F. Thompson . O. Timmerman Ed. Todd F. L. Tovey S. L. Traysolina R. L. Trimble C. A. Turner J. Van Alstyne J. W. Van Bibber . D. F. Van Cleve O. Veselda . H. J. Vickers M. C. Walba .W. J. Ward .Watkins Weaver .Wehner .Weslmoreland .WesImoreland .Wheeler .Whitehursf E.WilbcInks zaz+hnwr- mOIOanIrl?O P: L Young L J. Soppe .x. o - Nu. idenf Vice-Presidenf Secretary Treasurer Historian Pres OFFICERS BAILEY CHILDERS TRUETT L. R. A. PAUL DURHAM JOHN LEE KENT W R. R. 35555 RRRRR MMMMM 1 X , f . f X Z , $me qux-h OFFICERS MRS. A. B. JOHNSON . . . President MRS. W. A. WALLACE . . . Fifth Vice-President MRS. C. E. POWITZKY . . . Vice-Presidenf at Large MRS. EMOGENE BUNKLEY . . . Sixth Vice-Presidenf MRS. R. E. KNOTT . . . First Vice-President MRS. D. L. McMURRAY . . . Secretary MRS. J. A. SMITH . . . Second Vice-Presidenf MRS. R. J. DYAR . . . Treasurer MRS. L. R. GAINES . . . Third Vice-Presidenf MRS. J. A. SMITH . . . Parliamentarian MRS. O. L. JAMISON . . . Fourth Vice-Presidenf MRS. J. M. BARLOW . . . Historian PORTAPIHUB OFFICERS MRS. DON WIGGINS . . . President MRS. W. E. GIBBONS . . . Second Vice-President MRS. W. A. GIROUAND . . . Secretary MRS. E. E. MARCONTELL . . . Third Vice-President MRS. T. B. ELLIASON . . . Treasurer MRS. M. E. ERRVIN . . . Fourth Vice-President MRS. J. E. RICHARD . . . First Vice-President MRS. JANE QUEREAU . . . Corresponding Secretary MRS. O. D. JAMES . . . Historian PJO GRANDE VALLEY OFFICERS GEORGE SCHULGEN President . J. M. HOOKE ................................................. Vice-President at Large . RALPH BAUCUM First Vice-President . AMBRIO REYNA ---.,..w Second Vice-Presidenf . RALPH STEVEN --.-..-..--..........-..-..-...-.-....--m-.-,..- Third Vice-President EDWIN LaGRANGE ---...-....-....-.-N-.-----...-----w.. Fourth Vice-Presidnf E. E. JOHNSON --..--..-.-.....m.-----.------.--...----.-- Recording Secretary A. V. PETERSON -..-...m.....------.-.-.....,... Corresponding Secretary NORMAN SLUIS Treasurer . WELDON BLACKWELL ... w Historian and Publicity CLARENCE RYDL Parliamentarian President MRS. GEORGE SCHULGEN THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. J. Murray Hooke, Mrs. Lorne S. Hamme, Mrs. H. L. Davis, Mrs. Fred Mika, Mrs. T. R. Stevens, Mrs. B. M. Odom, Mrs. H. G. Valerius, Mrs. Ralph Baucum, Mrs. Ambiro Reyna, Mrs. R. T. Margo, Mrs. J. L. Knight, Mrs. M. N. McKaughan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. D. J. Madden, Mrs. R. P. Bayne, Mrs. A. D. Brumley, Mrs. Earl Belcher, Mrs. N. W. Crow, Mrs. Enrico Buffo, Mrs. Ray McDonald, Mrs. J. P. Brown, Mrs. D. Sotelo. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Clarence Rydl, Mrs. E. L. LaGrange, Mrs. E. E. Johnson, Mrs. Ralph Stevens, Mrs. J. H. Holcomb, Mrs. Norman Sluis, Mrs. Bredo Christensen, Mrs. Donald C. Anderson, Mrs. George Schulgen, 382 Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Richard Adams J. R. Alderman C. D. Alley C. P. Anderson I. D. Anderson E. P. Andrick W. B. Anz Chas. T. Aubin . F. Bailey . N. Baldcrrama . N. Baldarrama . S. Ballard . L. Barrows . Barroskewilz E. H. Bauer Merrick Bayer W. M. Binford J. F. Blair J. C. Booker Margaret Bowman Max Brand W. S. Brashears E. E. Braun E. P. Braunig J. Brink J. D. Briseno SA R Brooks F. A Bulgawicz Jack Burks N. M. Camero E. D. Cardiel S. E. Carpenter Mrs. T. E. Carter Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrsl Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. J. Casanova Leopold Castanon A. E. Chapa N. M. Clifford L. P. Cloud E. W. Cockrell Sam Collins W. H. Collins J. F. Copelin Ernest Cortes E. E. Cupif Reynolds Deogado David Dioz C. F. Dibrell E. J. Doerste W. C. Dorn A. J. Downey Paul Dresser Chas Drew Rbt. Duncan G. M. Earl E. H. Eickman R. V. Ellis H. B. Engelbert J. R. Esparzc Tom Ewing R. W. Fichtner R. Fischer H. R. Freiling V. V. Fritze E. S. Fry J. R. Gallegos G. L. Garteider M. H. Gerber Marviole Gill Mrs. C. N. Gillette Mrs. D. Gillis Mrs . J. G. Glodf ROSTER Mrs. Lee Grant Mrs. A. E. Greenwood Mrs. M. Grimsinger Mrs. W. P. Groff Mrs. F. Gruen Mrs. W. V. Grumbles Mrs. F. W. Hachmunn Mrs. C. M. Hagle Mrs. J. WA Hall Mrs. G. C. Hartley Mrs. J. A. Hesse Mrs. G.J. Hausmann Mrs. H. A. Heartwell Mrs. B. E. Herold Mrs. B. D. Herren Mrs. A. L. Herring Mrs. J. R. Herring Mrs. E. F. Heusinger Mrs. A. E. Hicks Mrs. W. V. Hill Mrs. D. Holdifch Mrs. A, J. Howard Mrs. W. A. Howerfon Mrs. R. A. Hubbard Mrs, A. F. Huffaker Mrs. E. A. Joeckle Mrs. H. C. Janerf Mrs. R. O. Jenkins Mrs.'A. B. Johnson Mrs. F. D. Jones Mrs. D. R. Kass Mrs. J. H. Keenan Mrs. J. H. Kell Mrs. F. F. Kelly Mrs. W. F. Kendrick Mrs. D. J. Ken? Mrs. F. A. Kiolbassa Mrs N. M. Kirkes Mrs. E. H. Kohutek MrsV C. L. Korbell Mrs. Z. LaHood Mrs. T. B. Land Mrs. C. R. Landon Mrs. E. B. Langhammer Mrs. A. H. Luxson Mrs. G. J. Lee Mrs. W. B. Lee Mrs. E. C. Lewis Mrs. F. M. Lindsay Mrs. E. S. Lorms Mrs. G. Loudon Mrs. L. P. Lufick Mrs. G. P. Lybecker Mrs. A. V. Macaluso Mrs, Jack Molchoff Mrs. H. J Martin Mrs. R. E. Martin Mrs. A. D. Mayfield Mrs. Jock Moyfield Mrs. E. T. McBride Mrs. H. C. McDonald Mrs. R. D. McKeen Mrs. D. F. McLean Mrs. L. E. McQuinn Mrs. Par Milsfead Mrs. C. H. Molberg Mrs. K. Monier Mrs. G. J. Moore Mrs. K. Monier Mrs. G. J. Moore Mrs. T. A. Murrah Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. C. E. Noonan F. B. O'Donnell B. R. Olfers A. J. O'Mara G. K. Orton A. E. Padilla F. Pearson P. H. Penn W. Penrod J. B. Perkins G. Persyn G. Pickett J. A. Polonis M. D. Potenza A. W. Peznecki C. F. Robe T. Ransdell J. J. Reilly E. C. Reyna S. Richmond V. L. Riley C. Rinard T. G. Riordan J. T. Roberts C. Rogers G. J. Rogers P. P. Rose Jack Rosenihol M. F. Schlather H. W. Schmid G. E. Schnabel A. Schoenemann W. Shenkir J. M. Singleton E. Smith S. W. Spence F. Springer H. C. Stanfield M. P. Steen MRS. EARL J. WENTWORTH J. E. Strait A. J. Strub G. J. Stryker E. A. Suelfenfuss O. C. Swanson l. Swope L. E. Tauberf A. Thompson C. D. Thompson M. Thompson L E. Tingle L. J. Tolle L. M. Trainer l. C. Trimble J. Van Dyke J. A. Van Hardeveld A. P. Vick P. M. Vilcoq M. V. Volluz S. M. Wallace E. B. Wells E. J. Wentworfh O. . West T. . West M. . Williams President Mrs. B. N Myers M . E. . Mrs. J. A. Nooke '5 F ZOVOpek Mrs. R. G. Gonzalez MrSA N. H. Zimmerman Mrs. S. J. Cranberry awwmmmm OFFICERS MRS. GEORGE LOGAN President MRS. E. C. PRICKETTE ................... , ................................. Vice-President At Large MRS. C. L. DICKERSON .............................................................. First Vice-Presidenf MRS. W. H. JOHNSON , ....................... , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Second Vice-President MRS. P. J. MIMS 7 7 . . ,7 Third Vice-President MRS. A. G. WOOD , , A, , , Fourth Vice-President MRS. JACK O'DELL OFFICERS MRS. C. H. MAYO ................................ President MRS. E. H. PULLIN .................... Vice-Presidenf MRS. W. BEYER ............ Corresponding Secretary MRS. F. C. SCHMALSTIEG .................................. Treasurer and Recording Secretary MRS. BEN MATULA ........ Historian and Reporter MRS. J. L. HOLLEY Fifth Vice-President MRS. W. L. KEELING Secretary MRS. W. H. SMITH ............................................................ Corresponding Secretary MRS. J. C. BRITAIN . Treasurer MRS. W. D. BURTON ............................................................................... Historian MRS. JUDGE GARDNER ........................................................................... Scholarship Parliamentarian OFFICERS MRS. GLENN TOLE ......................... . President MRS. T. E. BROOKS ........................................................... Third Vice-Presidenf MRS. FRANK MEYERS ................................................... President at Large MRS. T. STUART ................................. Secretary MRS. J, D. FAULKENBERRY ............................................... .. First Vice-Presidenf MRS. E. C. WEAVER .......................................................................... Treasurer MRS. MARION GREGG ...................................................... Second Vice-Presidenf MRS. O. A. ROSS ........................... . Historian MRS. K. B. WOOD .......................................... Hostess Committee Chairman . . . each distinctive, yet all unified The graduating Seniors file in- to the Coliseum for Commence- ment. Section Edited by JOHN TAYLOR WHO'Q WHO GARY L. BALSER Phi Etc: Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Associate Editor, "Texas A8 M Engineer"; Junior Rep., Student Engineers Council-61-62; Senior Rep., Student Engineers Council 62-63,- Frogram Chairman, American Society of Civil Engineers; Town Hall Staff, 2 years; Bonfire CommiHee Chairman, 62; Distinguished Military Student; M.S.C. Leadership Conference, 62; Cabin Leader, A$M Adiuncf, 61; Dallas Hometown Club; Outstanding Freshmen, Isl Brig., 59-60; Outstanding Sophomore, 'lst Brig., 60-61; Sgt. Maior, 15f Brig., 61-62,- Lt. Col., Corps Operciions Officer, 62-63. QRN , a g 4 , SHELDON J. BEST President Student Body, C. O. Squadron I, Ross Volunteers, Student Election Commission, Arts and Sciences Council, SWC Sportsmanship Committee, Leadership Conference, MSC Council, MSC Ap- preciation Award, Intercouncil Committee, Pan American Week Chairman, Newman Club, History Society, Semper Fidelis Society. WILLIAM T. BARNHART Coips Staff, Combined Band C. 0., Vice-Presidenl Senior Court, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IRE, S'udenv Senate, Election Commission, YMCA Council, Dlsvinguished Student, 12m Mon Bowl, Bell County Hometown Club, Flying Kadeis, MSC Radio Committee. 388 Each year approximaTely 750 colleges and universiTies recognize Their ouTsTanding seniors by naming Them To WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Scholarship, parTicipaTion and leadership in academic and exTracurri- cuiar acTiviTies, ciTizenship and service To school, and campus populariTy are considered by The nominaTing commiTTee in choosing The few. To be in This seiecT group, one musT TirsT be nominaTed by anoTher sTudenT or a faculTy member, have a grade poinT raTio of aT leasT 1.5, and be scholasTically qualified To be a senior. The qualifying candi- daTes are placed before a board composed of sTudenTs and faculTy members and The mosT ouTsTanding ones are selected. This year, Texas A8cM selecTed 37 sTUdenTs for This honor, which is one of The highesT honors a college sTUdenT can obTain. GENE F. BROSSMANN General Motors Scholarship, Newman Club, Texas Academy of Science, Phi Era Sigma Vice-Presidenf, Phi Kappa Phi, Pre-Med. Society, Secretary-Treasurer Arts and Science Council, Scholastic Officer Co. C-3, NaTional Science Foundation Research Gram, Outstanding Pre-Med. student for i963, Distinguish- ed Student 8 semesters. FRED K. BLACKARD Ross Volunteers; interfaith Council, Civilian Student Council, Corps Chap- iain, Election Commission, Chapel Commiifee, Reserve Officer AssociaTion Award, Distinguished Military Student, President Aggie Honor Council, MSC Public Relations Committee, Bonfire Committee, Opportunity Awards Scholarship. g g t 5,? f CHARLES L. BLASCHKE President of Senior Class; President of Junior Class; President of Economics Club; President and Advisor of Phi Era Sigma; Distinguished Student,- Outstanding Sophomore; Studenf Senator; Election Commission; Ring Committee,- Exchange Store Advisory Board; Code! Corps Adjutant,- Cadef Corps Sergeant Major; Ross Volunteers; Permanent Firing Squad; Aggie SweethearT Selection Committee; Town Hall Selection CommiHee; Member of Fish Rifle Team Intramural Champions; Co-Chairmcn Fish Bail; Pre-Law Society; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; San-Rabee Home- Town Club; DisTinguished Military Student; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities,- A and M Nominee for Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarships; Winner of Harvard Administration Scholarship; Governing Body of The Association of Former Students; Senior Court Member. JAMES D. CARNES Phi Era Sigma, Distinguished Student 8 semesters, AMOCO Scholarship, Ross Volunteers, President Baptist Student Union, Sons of American Revolu- tion Award, Code? Chaplain, Inferfoiih Council, Student Engineers Council, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, President AICHE, Sigma Tau Delta, Signal Oil and Gas Scholarship. JAMES WARD CARTER Disiinguished Student, Freshman Representative to Sfuden! Senate, Sophomore Representative to Student Senate, Chairman of Student Senoie Public Relations Committee H961-1962L Student Senate Parliamentarian, Siudenf Senate Execuiive CommiHee H961-1963L Campus Chest Com- miHee l1960v'l961L Aggie Blood Drive Committee U959-1960L 12th Man Bowl Committee U960- 196H, Aggie Mother of ?he Year Selection CommiHee H959-1960L Election Commission, Secreiary Election Commission, Chairman of Election Commission Rules Change Committee H962-19631, Freshman Engineering Socieiy, Design Student Socie'y, Fort Worth Hometown Club, History Sodeiy, His'ory Socieiy Reporter H962-1963L Delegate to Eighth Student Conference on National Affairs, Phi Kappa Phil 390 ROBERT B. CARTER Cadet LL Col. Commanding Officer, 6th Baffle Group, Presidenf Sociology Club, Scribe-Alpha Zeta, Ross Volunfeers, Managing Ediror Texas AErM Agriculturisf, Sons of American Revolution Aword-OUT- standing Junior 6th Battle Group, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Sfudenf, Chairman Sfudenf Agricultural Convocation '63, Cadet Court "B", Student Agricultural Council, lnfer Council Commif'ree, Sears Roebuck Scholarship, Secretory Freshman Agricultural Society, Dr. Tyrus R. Timm Scholastic Improvement Award DepL of Ag. Eco. and Sociology, Press Club, Agricultural Communications Club, Great Issues Committee, YMCA Freshman Camp, MSC Leadership Conference, Agricultural Econo- mics Club, Denton-Wise County Hometown Club. WARREN M. DILLARD Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student, Student Senate, Election Commission, Outstanding Freshman, Singing Cadets, Accounting Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Student Chaplain, Cadet Moior. AN" coLgEGES MMWMWAMMWVW VICTOR LEE DONNELL JAMES W. FADAL 2nd Brigade Commander, President Cadet Court "A", Distinguished Mili Distinguished Sfudenf 2 semesters, MSC Dance Committee, MSC Council- mry Student, Houston Chamber Of Commerce Award, Sons of the Ameri- mun, MSC Recognition Key, Distinguished Service Award, Tau Beta Pi can Revolution Award, Ross Volunteers, Fish Drill Team, Vicemhairman Scholarship, Architects Wives of Dallas Scholarship, Blumcraff Scholarship SCONA VII, Chairman SCONA Vlll, Sigma Pi Sigma. AIA Scholarship, Design Student Society, ASC-AIA Student Forum. JAMES A. DOTSON Outstanding Freshman, Soph., Jr., in School of Agriculture, Sigma, National Science Undergraduate Research Program in Roebuck Scholarship, Opportunity Award Scholarship, Phi K "Agriculturisf," Freshman Danforth Award, Phi Em Summers of 61, 62, and 63, Sears appa Phi, Alpha Zeta, Editor of Civilian Honor Council, Agriculture Senior Danforth Award. BEN E. JOHNSTON President Pre-vef Society, President Freshman Class Vet. Med, Student Senate Distinguished Student, Phi Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, Merck Award, Student Lab Assistant, Mark Morris Representative, Editor "Southwestern Veterinarian" CLAUDE R. JONES C.O., 2nd Wing; President Cadet Court "B,"Chairmon Town Hall, Student Entertainment Chairman; Air Force Association Silver Award; Distinguished AFROTC Student; MSC Directorate; Distinguished Student Uh President Russian Club: Vice-Presidenr Physics Club; Vice-President Sigma Pi Sigma; Inf. Sgt. Corps Staff; Ross Volunteers; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. JOHN P. KREBS JAMES LEWIS KELLER Varsity Football Letterman; Varsity Baskelball Letterman; President Health and Physical Education Club; Ross Volunteers; Athletic Representative of Sportsmanship Committee; Athletic Officer H-3; All SWC Academic Football Squad. Phi Eta Sigma,- Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Distinguished Student; Distinguished Military Student; Ross Volunteers; Finance Chairman SCONA VII 8 SCONA Vlll; Corps Scholastic Officer; Who's Who. JOHN L. KUYKENDALL President Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Jr. and Sr. Jr. and Sr. Wool Judging Teams; Jr. and Sr. Meats Judging Teams; Alpha Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; E. J. Kyle Scholarship; National Block and Bridle Club Scholarship; Chas. Pfizer Scholarship; Ralston Purina Scholarship; Outstanding Soph. and Jr. in Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Agricultural Council, Livestock Judging Team; 6x? KWKQ mas; , :4 : RUSSELL J. MARTIN AVMA; Phi E10 Sigma; Phi Zero; Phi Kappa Phi; Soph. Faculty Awards in Vet. Med 1960-61; Distinguished Student; AVMA Council,- Student Lab Asst; Vet. Physiology and Pharmacology; Valedictorian Texas AMC 1961; HSouthwestern Veterinarian"; President Senior Vet. Class of 1963. JERRY B. LINCECUM Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship; Phi 61, 62, 63; SCONA VI and VIII,- English Society. Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau Delta,- Greot Issues MSC Directorate Distinguished Service Award; Opportunity Award; JOE T. McKNlGHT JOHN HENRY MEYER, JR. Distinguished Student; Pre-ver Society; AVMA; Sophomore Class Repre- C.O. 3rd Brigade; Corps Honor Council; Ross Volunteers; MSC Leader- sentorivd; AVMA Council; Secretary Freshman Vet. Class; C.O., Co. B-3, ship Council; Pre-Med Society; Pre-Law Society; Sons of American ReV- Singing Coders; Librarian 1959-60; Business Manager 1961-62,- Presidenf olufion Award; Distinguished Student; Distinguished Military Studenf; 1962-63. Houston Chamber of Commerce Award. WILLIAM D. NIX, JR. Corps Commander,- Coldwell Trophy; Ross Volunteers; Aggie Sweetheart Selection CommiHee; Town Hall Selection Committee,- Arts 8 Sciences Council; Appelate Honor Council; Young Republican Club; Pre-Med 8x Pre-Denr Society; English Society; Distinguished Student; Canterbury Club. HARRY PAYNE Editor, The BaHoIion; Cadef Lieutenant Colonel; Public Information Officer, Corps Staff; Southwest Conference Sportsmanship Committee; Campus Traffic Safety Committee; Bonfire Committee; Distinguished Stu- dent; Clint Murchison Opportunity Award Scholarship; Outstanding Junior Department of Journalism; Best Drilled and Outstanding Freshman, Co, E-2; Presiden'r, A6M Press Club; Sigma Del1a Chi,- Alternate Delegate, National Sigma Delta Chi Convention, Miami Beach, 1961; Guidon Bearer, Co. E-2; Arts and Sciences Council; reporfer, Student Senofe; Texas Press Associalion internship scholarship; state Sigma D2110 Chi Conven- tions, San Antonio, 1961, Dallas, 1963; Spor1s Section, Aggieland '60; Positions on The Battalion-News Editor, Assisfonf NeWS Edi1or, Staff Writer; Overseas Press Club Scholarship for 1963 Convention. BOBBY QUISENBERRY Ag. Eco. Club; Ag. Council 61, 62 6 63; Intercouncil 62; Collegiate 4-H Club; Agriculturisr Staff; Dorm Council, Alpha Zeta, Anderson Cloy- ton 4-H Scholarship, American Farmer Degree FFA, MSC Bowling Com- mittee, MSC Green Issues CommiHee, Distinguished Student, Outstanding Ag. Eco. Dept. JOHN L. PENROD Charfer Member, Sigma Tau Delfo, National. English Honor Society; Son Anfonio Hometown Club; Fencing Club, Secremry; Pan American Club; Pan American Week Executive Council; Ross Volunfeers; Scholastic Cor- poral-Squadron 14,- Scholastic Sergeonf-FouHh Group Sfaff Cadet Maior, Fourfh Group Executive Officer; Charter Member, John Avery Lomax Folklore Society; English Sociefy; Delegate to SCONA VII; Delegate to Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference,- Recorder, SCONA VIII; Program CommiHee Member, SCONA VIII; Distinguished Air Force ROTC Cadet; Distinguished S1uden1. JAMES E. RAY MSC Council and Directorate: President 162-631, Vice-Presidenr 161-621; MSC Council Executive Committee: Chairman 162-631; MSC Nominating Committee: Chairman 161-621; MSC Evaluation Study 119631; Region IX Association of College Unions Conferences: SCONA VIII, Execuvive Committee 119621,- SCONA Finance Drives: Monterrey 1Mexico1, Houston and Longview 19621; 9111 and 10rh Annual A6M Srudent Leadership Con- ferences; Steering Committee for mm and 11111 Leadership Conferences; Great Issues; Selection Committee 159-601, Program Commilfee Chairman 160-611, Delegate to Dallas Council on World Affairs 1'Conference on Populcnion Explosion" 119601; MSC Distinguished Service Award 119611; MSC Appreciation Award 119621; MSC CUHUral Leadership Proiecf 162-631,- ETA; OHE; "Operation Crossroads Africa" to Uganda, East Africa 119631; YMCA Freshman Camp 159-621, Counselor 160-621; Eva Easterwood Award Scholarship 119621,- Studen! Senole; Delegoye and student observer, Conference on Citizenship in 0 Democracy 1COCIAD1, Houston 119621; Distinguished Student Cadet Lieutenant Colonel; Execu1ive Officer, 2nd Wing; Flight Instruction Program; Distin- guished AFROTC Cadet; Operations Sergeant, 2nd Wing 161-621; Ross Volunteers; of the American Revolution Award-Outsmnding Junior in 2nd Wing; 2nd Wing Color Guard; Ours1onding Sophomore, Squadron 9 and 3rd Group. ARTHUR R. RICHARDSON Deputy Corps Commander,- Air Force Air Division Commander; Senior Class Social Sepretary; Chaplain and Election Commission, Student Senate; Operations Officer and Permanent Firing Squad, Ross Volunteers,- Houston Chamber of Commerce Award, Outstanding Junior, Corps Troops; Daughters of American Revolution Award; Distinguished Air Force ROTC Cadet; Air Force Times Award; Oufstanding Cadet of Flight, Air Force Summer Camp,- Cadef Colonel; Corps Athletic Sergeant; Air Force Ball Chairman; Travel Committee Chairman, MSC Directorate; Freshman Baseball LeHer- man,- Accounfing Society; Business Society,- Distinguished Student; Vice- Presidenf, Beaumont Hometown Club. JAMES E. SARTAIN Phi Eta Sigma; Distinguished Student,- Ross Volunteers, Social Sec. for Soph. Class; Drum and Bugle Corps; Election Commission,- Corps Staff; Vice' President Student Body; Dallas Hometown Club. THOMAS E. SMITH Varsity BasketbalI-3 Year Letterman; ' T" Association; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Scholastic Officer Co. M-3. DAN M. SCARBOROUGH Dvshnguished Student All Semes'evs; Tau Bela Pi Proiects Committee ChGIImOH, Easoy Winner; Honor Junior; Alpha Pi Mu -Vice-President, Treasurer; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Era Sigma Trecsurcr; Studen! Senate Samar Engineering Representative; Sludent Health Services Board Chair- mrm, lame; Commincc; Student Engineer's Council; Milchell Hall Dorm- iMq CotJncul Vicc'Prc-3iden1, Floor Representolivc; American Instilulc of Industrial Engineers; Trane Company Scholarship; Dwight D Gardner Ccholunhm Award; ngh School Volcdictory Scholarship; Outstanding lnducmul anrnnlmnq SinOrA-l963, 396 CHARLES B. STUCKEY FRANK M. TOWNSEND, JR. Agricultural Council; Alpha Zeta; Distinguished Student; Fish Football; Exec. Officer 15? Wing; Planning Chairman SCONA VIII; Delegate USAF Naiional Block and Bridle Club; Rodeo Club; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Academy Assembly 1962; Distinguished AFROTC Cadet; Distinguished Stu- Jr. Meats Judging Team,- Senior Meats Judging Team; Junior and Senior dent,- SCONA VH; MSC Service Award; History Society; Am. Odd. Assc.; Livestock Judging Team. Sons of American Revolution Award i Mmmmwmm CARLOS VELA, JR. Phi Eta Sigma; Era Kuppo NU,- Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Bevo Pi; SCONA VI, VII, SCONA VIII Executive Committee; Distinguished Student 5 Se- mesters; Distinguished Military Student; PEEE Treasurer; Aggieland Staff 1959-6l; Hometown Club Officer; Operations Officer 3rd 8.6. Staff; Ross Volunteers; Texas Society of Professional Engineers. GEORGE WIEDERAENDERS 1s? Wing Commander; Town Hall Staff; Student Senate Rep., Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Ross Volunfeers; Distinguished Student; Distinguished AFROTC Cadet. ; 9 . z 2 1 JOHN DAVID WINNINGHAM ACTIVITIES German Club, Vice-President; Physics Club, President; Junior Chapter Of The American Insfilufe of Physics, President; Sigma Pi Sigma, President; Civilian Day Student Council, Treasurer; Junior Representative To Student Arts and Science Council; Senior Represen'alive To Student Arts and Science Council; Lab Instructor Physics Department; Computations Assistant Chemical Thermodynamic Properties Center; Student Engineer for the Radio Corporation of America, Aslro-Eleclronics Division; Distinguished Student. MELVIN C. YOUNG Election Commission; Phi Eta Sigma, Outstanding Agr. Freshman, Sears Roebuck Scholarship, Jesse Jones Ag. Scholarship, Pfizer Exfension Scholar- ship; Alpha Zeta; Student Chamber of Commerce; Agricultural Council; Scholastic: Officer 4th B G.; Collegiate FFA, "Agriculturisl" Staff; Ag. Communications Club; Poultry Science Club; Student Quartermaster Asso- ciation; Collegiate 4-H Club. BRYANT, PAUL FREDERICK "Bear" Arch. Consf. Kilgore Age 27; Class '58; MSC Council, Chairman; MSC Bridge Committee, Student Chapter AGC; D.S., MSC Bowling Committee. BRYANT, PHILIP LEE Land. Arch. Stanton Age 22; Class '62. CHRISTIAN, LAWRENCE W. "Larry" Arch. Houston Bearer; 1st. Sgt. Sfudent Engineers Council; Sfudenf Contracfors, Sec., Pres. Age 22; Class '62; Outstanding Fish; W-Band; Guidon W-Band; CO White Band: Ross Volunteers; Senate; Student Chapter Associated General FADAL, JAMES WILLIAM "Jimmy" Arch. El Paso Age 23; Class '61; MSC Council and Directorate; Exec. Officer Squadron 8; Tuu-Befc Pi Scholarship; MSC Distinguished Service Award; Design Student Society, Secretary; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. FERRELL, JOEL F. Arch. Houston Age 23; Class '62. FINLEY, JIMMY GENE Arch. Const. Age 22; Class '62; Associated General Contractors; mural Tennis Champions; MSC Bridge Committee. HERNANDEZ, RICARDO Arch. H. Matamoros, Tam., Mex. Age 23; Class '62; Design Student Society; Pan Am. Club,- Soccer; Milner Dorm Council; TAU Beta Pi; Matamoras-Brownsville Hometown Club. KEMP, EDWARD V. "Ed" Arch. Bolivar, Tenn. Age 29; Class '62; Tau Beta Pf,- Civilian Student Council; Apt. Council Wice 1PresJ, Design Sfudent Society 1Trecs.1; Reynolds Aluminum Annual Comp. tCo-winned; Winner of Monarch Tile Scholarship, Distinguished Student. LANE, ROBERT BRUCE Arch. Consr. Age 22; Class '62,- AGC, 151. IIJimII Lufkin Texas Aggie Band; Infra- "Bruce" Shreveporr, La. Lf. G-2, SAME, Hometown Club Treasurer. MIDDLETON, HAROLD JOE, JR. Arch. Shreveport, La. Age 25; Class '60. MIEARS, ROBERT ARTHUR Arch. Consr. Houston Age 22; Class '62; AGG Secretary; 1st. Lt. Co. E-Z; Aggie Skydivers; Pres. and V.P., Ff. Bend County Hometown Club; AQMCS. NASH, WELDON W. Arbh. Const. Age 22; Class '62; AGC, Editor Aggieland; D.$.; arship; Tile Council of America Scholarship; Langford Award. ORTEGA, HENRY C. Arch. Age 22; Class '62; Design Student Society. RAMIREZ, RAUL HECTOR Arch. Consr. Harlingen Age 23; Class '62; D.S.; Asso. Gen. Cont,- 1st Yr. Class Representative; New- man Club. STERLING, TOMMY MURRAY Arch. Design Age 23; Class '61; Design Student Sociefy; Aggie Band. TERRASSA, JUAN ALBERTO Arch. Bayamon, Puerto Rico Age 23; Class '60; Design Sfudenf Society; Pan American Club Wice Pres., PresJ; A8M Fencing Team; SCONA Vll-Vlll; Pan American Week IV, V, VI. VOELTER, DAVID L. Arch. Marlin Age 23; Class '61; Texas Aggie Band, R.V.'s; Design Student Society; Tau Beta Pi; Who's Who; Architecture Plus Staff; Gamma Delta; Student En- gineer's Council. WELCH, CARL EUGENE Arch. Consr. Age 24; Class '63; Company Clerk K-2; Sfudenf Chapter, AGC. "Bob" Dallas Dallas Engineers Club Schol- Maior, 3rd B.G. Staff, '61-'62; San Antonio Houston "Dave" Winnsboro Q12. VEFMEDQ i ARMSTRONG, TOMMY STEPHEN Vet. Med. Age 27; Class '63; AVMA. BAILEY, C. FRANK Ver. Med. Age 26; Class '58; AVMA; K 01C. BEAN, DAVID R. Vet. Med. Miami Age 27; Class '63, Pres. of 2nd Yr. Vet. Class; Faculty Award of Merit; 1st year Vet. Class. BENSON, BERNIE L. Vet. Med. Age 24; Class '63; AVMA; Phi Zeta. BERKLEY, WILLIAM EARL Vet. Med. Age 24; Class '63; AVMA; Phi Kappa Phi; Sec.-Treas., Phi Zeta. BOWEN, JAMES ALAN "Bo" Vet. Med Abilene Age 26; Class '63; Rodeo Association; Rodeo Team; D.S.; Intramural Football;, 8.5. Animal Science; AVMA Science; AVMA-Reporter; V.P., Phi Zeta. El Paso Taylor Clarendon IlBillll BRIDGES, MARVIN J. "Moose" Vet. Med. Buffalo Age 23; Class '61; Pre Vet Society; AVMA. BULLOCK, BILLY C. Vet. Med. Age 33; Class '63; AVMA; Production Editor Southwestern Veterinarian; Phi Zero. COLEMAN, DAVID C. "Clem" Vet. Med. Vernon Age 24; Class '61; Greenbelt HTC; CO Company K2; Rodeo Club; Soph AVMA Class Rep.; Jr. AVMA Class Rep.; Pres. Student Chapter. "8111" CRAIG, ROBERT ELLIOTT Vet. Med. Navasofa Age 23; Class '63; 1 Yr. Lener Freshman Baske1ball; 3 Yr. Letterman Varsity Basketball; Freshman Honorary Socie1y; AVMA; Phi Zeta. CUMMINGS, L. MIKE Vet. Med. Baskin, La. Age 24; Class '63; AVMA; Production Editor Southwestern Vet. DENMAN, JOHN D. Vet. Med. Mr. Pleasant Age 24; Class '61; Honor Council; Class Pres. AVMA; Class Sec.-Treas; AVMA Council; 0.5. DUBUISSON, LARRY MICHAEL "Duby" Ver. Med. Elsa Age 23; Class '61; Exec. Officer 41h Battle Group; Pre. Vet. Soc.; Social Chairman, AVMA; Southwestern Veterinarian; Rio Grande Valley HTC. DYER, JOHN EDWARD Vet. Med. Eldorado Age 26; Class '60; Student Chapter AVMA. FITZGERALD, FRANK ALFORD Vet. Med. Loyd Bridge, La. Age 23; Class '63; CO G-2 Vet Co.; Phi Eta Sigma; Outstanding Freshman "A" Vet. Co.; Outstanding Junior 4th Baffle Group; D.M.S.; Aggie Softball Team; Freshman Rep. to Honor Council; VP of AVMA. FLORENCE, MONTY CHARLES "Moumie" Vet. Med. La Marque Age 24; Class '61. GARCIA, MARTIN ENRIQUE II Vet. Med. Brownsville Age 22; Class '61; Pre-Vet. Society; SQL-uI-Arms Junior Chapter AVMA; Intramural Manager; R.V.; Exec. Officer 0-3 Vet. Co.; Copy Editor Sourh- western Vet; Texas A8.M Press Club; Newman Club; Pres. BrownsviIIe-Mala- moros HTS; Rio Grande HTC. GUILLOT, LLOYD PAUL Vet. Med. Age 25; Class '63; AVMA; Reporter Senior Class; Vet. Med. Bunkie, La. HAMPTON, RONNY JOE Vet. Med. Shreveport, La. Age 24; Class '61; Who's Who; Cadet Maior ROTC; Honorary VP Memorial Student Center Council; Sec.-Treos. AVMA; Chairman Freshman Open House; D.S. Awald MSC Council. HARRISON, LEE PORTER "Lee" Vet. Med. Dallas Age 24; Class '61. HARWOOD, WILLIAM EDMUND, JR. "T601" Vet. Med. Cuero Age 24; Class '60; Pre.-Ve1. Outstanding Soph. in Company; Maior-Ex. Officer of 4th BG Staff; Staff of SWV; Chapfer of AVMA; D.S.; Pres. of Guada- lupe Valley HTC; Handball Club. Or: 1963 HERBST, KENNETH CHARLES "Ken" Vet. Med. Boerne Age 24; Class '61; Aggieland Orchestra; AVMA; Intramural Championship Team Handball Doubles. HICKMAN, MALCOLM EARL, JR. "Junior" Vef. Med. Muleshoe Age 23; Class '61; Sec.-Treas. AVMA; Student Senate; Pre-Vef. Society; YMCA; Editorial Asst, Assoc. Editor and Exec. Editor of SWV. JOHNSON, THOMAS C. Vet. Med. San Benito Age 23; Class '61; AVMA; D.S. JOHNSTON, BEN EARL "Beniack" Vef. Med. Petrolia Age 24; Class '61; Pres.-Pre. Vet $05.; Pres.-Freshmun Class Vet. School; Student Senate; AVMA; Editor, Assoc. Ed. and Assist. SWC; Vice Pres. Phi Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; Merck Manual Award; Who's Who; Election Commission; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Mark Morris Rep.; "Veterinary Med." Rep.; Press Club; Member Intramural Tennis Championship Team. JONES, JOHN F. Vet. Med. Winnfield, La. Age 28; Class '61; SWV. KINMAN, GERALD LEON "Jerry" Vet. Med. Bryan Age 22; Class '63. KUMMERO, VIRGIL ERNEST, JR. Vet. Med. Fort Worfh Age 31; Class '63; AVMA. LA FAVER, JACK Vet. Med. Fort Worrh Age 24; Class '59; AVMA. LAFLEUR, RONALD AARON Vef. Med. Opelousas, La. Age 26; Class '63; ng.-at-Arms AVMA. LINDLEY, JOE W. "Joe" Vef. Med. Plainview Age 23; Class '61,- Hon. V Pres. MSC Council; Singing Cadets; Who's Who; AVMA; Dorm Council Walton Hall; D.S.; MSC Directorate. LOWE, ROBERT FRANK "Bob" Vet. Med. Waco Age 23; Class '61; AVMA; Southwestern Vet; Handball Club. MAYS, RICHARD A. Vet. Med. San Antonio Age 23; Class '63; AVMA; Pre.Vef Society; Execufive Officer G-2. MARTIN, RUSSELL JAMES "Jim" Vet. Med. College Srafion Age 23; Class '61; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi; AVMA; Ouf- skmding Soph.; Vet. Med.; Valedictorian; D.S.; AVMA Council; Pres. Sr, Vet. Class; Who's Who; Feature Ed. SWV. MORALES, MARTIN CHARLES Vet. Med. Houston Age 28; Class '63; Phi Zeta; Phi Kappa Phi. NEFF, JOE KENT Vet. Med. Colorado City Age 29; Class '61; AVMA; Pres. Rodeo Club. PACHALL, CHARLES R. "Charley" Vet. Med. Big Spring Age 27; Class '60; AVMA; Big Spring HTC, Sec.-Treas.; Rodeo Club. PEEPLES, JOE GRAY Vef. Med. Tehuacana Age 26; Class '59; AVMA; Southwestern Veterinarian Staff; Phi Zeta. PORTER, WAYNE W. Vet. Med. Sfoneburg Age 23; Class '61; Southwestern Vet; Honor Council; AVMA, Reporter; D.S.; Phi Zeta. REYNOLDS, MARTIN GLENN, JR. "Marty" Vet. Med. Lubbock Age 25; Class '60; AVMA. RHINEHART, MAX H. "Seaman" Vet. Med. Kilgore Age 26; Class '61; AVMA; Parliamemarian 2nd VP AVMA; RISL Study Group Century Study Comm.; Who's Who; House Master Milner Hall; Student Rep. for Corn States Labs. Inc. ROBERTSON, BILLY R. "8111" Vet. Med. Barksdale Age 25; Class '61. ' w p.9amyawdx. :wm W66, 7 SCHARES, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Vet. Med. Dallas Age 24; Class '60; AVMA; K of C; Rodeo Club. SCOTT, ALDEN PAUL Vef. Med. Mefairie, La. Age 30, Class '63. SORENSEN, EUGENE E. "Gene" Vet. Med. Bryan Age 46; Class '63. SPEYRER, ROBERT "Bob" Vet. Med. Opelousas, La. Age 23; Adv. Ed. Southwesfern Vet. D.S.; AVMA. STEPHENSON, EDWARD BOYD "Booster" Vet. Med. Anahac Age 24; Class '60; Jr. Chapter AVMA; Soph. Class Sgt-af-Arms; Junior Class Vice Pres.; Rodeo Club. WISENBAKER, ALLAN EARL Vet. Med. Dallas Age 29; Class '61; AVMA. WYNN, WINBURN NED "Ned" Vet. Med. Houston, La. Age 23; Class '61; Pre Vet. Socie1y; oss Volunteer Color Guard; Jr. Chap. AVMA; Weightlifting Club; D.M.S.; Ross Vol.; Firing Squad; Shreveport HTC. VOGT, GEORGE WILSON Vet. Med. Weimar Age 24; Class '61; Company Commander G-3; Cadet Captain, Ross Volunteers; 0.5.; Staff Ed. SWV. ZURBORG, JOE A. Vet. Med. Winnsboro Age 24; AVMA; Student Chapter; Southwesiern Vet. ALLEN, WILLIAM RAY "Ray" Vet. Med. Hillsboro Age 24; Class '62. BASSETT, JAMES W. "Jim" Animal Breeding Bozeman, Montana Age 39; Class '46. BOEHM, ALLEN O. Ind. Ed. Riesel Age 23. BOTARD, ROBERT WILLIAM "Bobby" Vet. Med. Alice Age 23; Class '61. CATER, CARL M. B 8x N Age 37; Class '46. CAVITT, WALTON DONALD M.E. Aransas Pass Age 22; Class '62; ASME Officer, Baptist Student Union Officer, Tarpon HTC Officer. COZZENS, CHARLES RICHARD Ind. Ed. Victoria Age 32; Epsilon Pi Tau; TIAA. DAVENPORT, ROE RUSSELL, JR. Chem. Abilene Age 23,- Class '61. EDWARDS, WENDELL EDWARD Accounting MBA Age 25; Class '59. ERNST, HERBERT LLOYD "Herb" Pre-Vef. Somersef Age 22; Class '62; 8.5., A9. Mech. Texas A8J; Who's Who; Vice Pres. Student Council. FORGASON, RICHARD LEE Ver. Med. Hungerford Age 22; Class '62. GAGLIARDO, PASCHAL LEE Accounting Mesquite Age 23; Class '61. HASAN, SYED MIR. Pet. Engr. Karachi, Pakistan Age 23; Class '63; AIME; UN Club; Physics Society; Petroleum Club; Intra- murals. HOWLE, ARLAN GUY, JR. Geology Breckenridge Age 33; Class '62. HUBER, KEITH M., JR. PGE San Anfonio Age 23; Class '61. HUDMAN, PAUL B. Vef. Med. San Angelo Age 28; Class '64; Jr. AVMA; Rodeo Club. HUVAL, LOUIS JOSEPH, JR. "Man" Vet. Med. Cecilia, La. Age 23; Class '64. IMLE, JOHN FREDERICH, JR. PME San Antonio Age 22,- Class 62; R.V.'s Platoon 5912; Permanent Firing Squad; Commander of Co. G-K; G. P. Mitchell Award To Jr. Petroleum Engineer; Student Eng. Council; Pres of Pet. Engr. Club; Engineep Staff Editor; D.M.S.; DMG; Par- ticipant in Army Flight Training; Cadet Court; Town Hall Staff,- SPE; AIME. ISLAM, O. BAIDUL ME Pakisfan Age 25; Class '63; United Nations Club. JEUNEK, AL V. "Al" Physics Housfon Age 24; Class KAMALUDDIN, BAKTE, ALAM "Lubu" Ind. Engr. Faridpur, Pakistan Age 23; Class '64. LEISSLER, LEE CONRAD Vef. Med. Wichita Falls Age 28; Class '64; AVMA. MAHDE, SOLAIMANUL E.E. Chittagong, Pakisfan Age 23. MATOCHA, JOHN EDWARD Agronomy Beeville Age 23. MIESCH, EDWARD PETER "Pete" Per. E. Clarksville Age 27; Class '55; Per. E. Club; Newman Club; Geol. Club; Red River Valley HTC; AIME; API; TSPE; Student Council. MURDOCK, DON MILTON Geology Galena Park Age 22; Class '62. NORTON, DAVID JERRY "Dave" Mech. Engr. Arlington, Va. Age 22; Class '62; Pres. SAME; ASME; D.S.M.; Ross Volunteers; Best Drilled E-I; Fencing Club; French Club; Ex. Off. E-L POOL, WILLIAM LARRY Bryan Age 23. PREVOST, RUDOLPH JOHN "Rudy" Physics Beaumonf Age 23. ROBINSON, GARY TUCKER Vet. Med. Waelder Age 22; Class '62. A Non-reg moves in while a fish feels the shaft. SEO, JUNG UCK E.E. Seoul, Korea Age 28; BS. in BE, University of Seoul, Korea; ME. in E.E., Em Kappa Nu. SIZENBACH, GARY LEE "Size" Vef. Med. Spring Branch Age 23; Class '61; Civilian Student Council; Head Waiter Sbisa Mess Hall; Southwestern Veterinarian Staff SYLER, IRA ALFRED Vef. Meg. Flafonie Age 23; Class '61. TODD, EDWARD ALTON "Sonny" Vet. Med. Houston Age 23; Class '61; ULA, A. H. M. NURUL Dacca, East Pakistan Electrical Engineering Age 23,- Graduated in E.E. from East Pakistan Engineering University. YONKERS, JOHN DALE Math. Borger Age 23,- Class '62; B.A. in Math. YOUNG, MELVIN CHESTER Range Mgr. Lockhar! Age 22; Class '62; Maior, 4th Battle Group Staff; 0.5.; Phi Era Sigma; Chronicler, Alpha Zeta; President, Collegiate FFA; Reporter, Collegiate 4-H; Student Chamber of Commerce; Sr. Poultry Judging Team; Associate Editor and Student Advisor, Texas A8 M Agriculturisf; Outstanding Freshman in the School of Ag.; Seors-Roebuck Foundation Freshman and Soph. Agricultural Scholarships; Chas. Pfizer Extension Undergraduate Scholarship; Cen-Tex Home- fown Club; Sears-Roebuck Tour of Tropical Agriculture; Secretary-Treasurer and Adviser; Agricultural College Magazines Associated; Who's Who. Charles Blaschke ........................... President Charles Nichols ............................................................................... Vice-Presidenf James Scott .............................. Secretary-Treasurer Arthur Richardson .............................. Social Secretary Brooks Bader - -- . . a Historian Claude R. Jones .................................................. Student Entertainment Manager William Brashears .................... h -, Head Yell Leader AARDAL, MARVIN R. LT. Housfon Age 22; Class '62; American Foundryman's Society; Industrial Education Society, ABERNATHY, RONALD D. LT. Hughes Springs Age 22; Class '63; General Moore Trophy Award; Industrial Education Society. ACKLEN, ROBERT L., JR. "Bob" History - Dallas Age 21; Class '63; 151 Lt. Platoon Ldr.; D.M.S.; Best Drilled Sophomore, A-2; Freshman Drill Team; Freshman Intramural Wrestling Championship; Varsity Rifle 1ecm; D;S.; Wrestling Team; Secretariat Comm.; SCONA VII, SCONA Vlll; Asst. Ed. AGGlELAND; American Ordnance Assoc., Vice Pres.; Soc. of American Military Engineers; Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers; Dallas HTC Sec.; Assoc. of Former Fish Drill Team Members; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. Pledge Class; Press Club; Russian Club. ADAIR, TOMMY J. Personnel Adm. Eldorado, Ark. Age 21; Class '63; Trees. Arkansas Homesfute Club; Intramural Golf Chomp; Marketing Sec.; D.S. ADAMS, CARL L. Personnel Adm. Housfon Age 22; Class 163; Maior, 1st B.G. Staff; Pres. St; Thomas HTC; Business Sec.; Semper Fidelis Sec.; Gamma Alpha Sigma; ADAMS, DARREL G. Civil Engr. Henderson Age 23; Class '63; ASCE. ADAMS, LESLIE G. Vet. Med. Marfa Age 21; Class '63; Vice Pres. Soph. Class Vet. School. ADAMS, PHILLIP R. "PR" Agronomy Grand Saline Age 22; Class '63; Agronomy Society; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. ADUDDELL, PAUL L. Ag. Eco. Stratford Age 23; Class '62; Ag; Eco. Club. ALANIZ, ROBERT "Bob" E.E. San Ar tonic Age 22; Class '62; AIEE; Newman Club. ALBERT, CLIFFORD W. Ag. Engr. Hutfo Age 21; Class '63; Scribe, ASAE; Pres. Williamson County HTC; Treasurer, Lutheran Stud. Assoc. ALBRECHT, FRED W. Wildlife Mgr. Goliad Age 23; Class '63; Range and Forestry Club; Fish and Game Club. ALBRECHT, WILLIAM A., JR. "Bill" Accounting San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society, San Antonio HTC. ALEXANDER, BILLY D. "Ellie" Pre Med and Math Corpus Christi Age 22; Class '63; Math Club, Pre-Med-Pre-Denf Society. AL-HASHLML, TALlB ALI Agr. P.S. Diwaniyah, Class '63. ALVARADO, EDMUNDO LT. Laredo Age 25; Class '64,- Industriul Education C1ub; Laredo HTC. ANDERSON, JOHN E. "R.V." Finance Houston Age 21; Class '63; American Ordnance Sec.; Pre Law Soc.; Business Soc. ANDREWS, WILLIAM R., JR. "Bill" B.A. El Paso Age 21; Class '63; El Paso Hometown Club; Insurance Society; Scholarship Winner 1South- ern Union Gas Co.L- CO 5th BG Stuff; D.S.M.; Ross Volunteers; Pre-Ver. Sec.; Army Flight Program; DMG. ANZ, RONALD B. "Ron" Marketing San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Trans. San Antonio HTC; Fish Drill Team; Best Drilled Soph. of AJ; Marketing Sec.; Business Sec.; Newman Club. ARMSTRONG, GORDON 5. Accounting Mt. Holly, N. J. Age 21; Class '63; Yankee HTC, Sons of Service, Accounting Sec.; Exec Officer, Sqd. 4. ARMSTRONG, ROBERT E. "Bob" B.A. Galveston Age 22; Aggie Band; Insurance $oc.; Marketing Soc.; Sec.-Treos. Galveston Island HTC; Mitchell Dorm Council Sec.-Treas. ASH, VERNON G. M.E. Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63; ASME. ATKINSON, RICHARD D. "Dale" Marketing Dallas Age 22; Class '63; Civilian Student Council; Apr. Council; Dorm Presidenf's Council; Marketing Soc.; Dallas HTC. AXLINE, GARY D. "Pete" Accounting Clarksville Age 27; Class '63; Accounting Society. BADER, MATT B. "The FafEr" Pers. Adm. Sanderson Age 2; Class '63; Vice Pres. Trans-Pecos HTC; Scholastic 591., 1st 80 Staff; Historian, Sr. Class; Business Soc. BAILIN, HARRY S. M.E. Fort Worth Age 21; Pres. Hillel Club. BAIRD, MICHAEL J. "Mike" Chem. Engr. Channelview Age 23; Class '63; 1'A" Ordnance Co., American Ordnance Assoc.; Reagan of Houston HTC; AlChE. BALL, HERSHELL R., JR. Poulfry Sci. BurleSOn Age 21; Class '63; Poultry Science Club; Poultry Judging Team. BALLARD, BILLY J. "Bill" Ind. Ed. Amarillo Age 30; Class '62; Ind. Educ. Club; AIIE; Civilian Housing Council; Young Republican Club, BALSER, GARY L. C.E. Dallas Age 22; Class '63; Who's Who in Amer. Colleges and Universities; Phi Era Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Stud. Engineers Council; Town Hall Staff; Assoc. Editor A81M ENGINEER; Frog. Chairman, Amer. Soc. of Civil Engrs.; D.M.S. BARKER, H. ARTHUR "Art" Marketing Houern Age 24; Class '60; Parry Foundation Scholarship; Houston Sales Exec. Scholarship; Vice Pres. Arts and Ssiences Council; Marketing Soc.; Business Soc.; D.S.; Best Drilled Freshmans BARNHART, WILLIAM T. "Bill" E.E. Temple Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; CO Combined Band; Vice Pres. Senior Court; Student Senate; Election Commission; Tau Beta Pi; Era Kappa Nu; D.S.; D.M.S.; Who's Who in Amel. Colleges and Univ.; Bell County HTC; Corps Staff; 121h Man Bowl; YMCA Council; Flying Kadets. BARRETT, PAUL G. "P.G." Markefing San Antonio Age 23; Class '63; Pres. Junior Class; Student Senate; Town Hall Staff; Election Comm.; Ring Comm.; Assn. Council of Former $tud.; D.S.; Jesse Jones Mil. Scholarship Award; Ind. Scholastic Achievement Award; Faculty Tuition Award; Fish Drill Team; Marketing Soc.; Newman Club; Semper Fidelis Soc. BARRIER, DONALD R. "Don" Ag. Eco. Canton Age 21; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club; Van Zandf County HTC; Saddle and Sirloin Club; Puryear Hall Dorm Council. BARRINGTON, WILLIAM J. "Balls" Ch.E. Texas City Age 24; Class '61; AlChE; Dorm Council; Great Issues Chairman; Sec. Bay Area HTC; Outstanding Fish and Soph. in 3rd Group; SCONA lV Delegate. BASSETT, STERLING P. Bus. Adm. El Age 21; Class '63; Coder Courf; D.S.; D.M.S. BATEY, THOMAS A. "Tom" Arch. Richards Age 21; Class '63; Amer. Ordnance Soc.; Design Student Soc.; Quartermaster Soc.; Amer- lnst. of Engineers, Montgomery Co. HTC. BAUCUM, TOMMY A. Ag. Eco. Raymondsville Age 21,- Class '63; Rio Grunde HTC; Ag. Eco. Club; Outstanding Freshman Co. C-1; Outstanding Soph. Co. C-1. BAYLOR, JAMES T. "Jim" Wildlife Mgr. Austin Age 21,- Class '63; Fish and Game Club; Freshman Football; Sec-Treas. Austin HTC Club. BEAN, RICHARD N. "Judge" Hist. and Eco. El Paso Age 21; Class '63; Vice Pres. El Paso HTC; Economics Club; History Club; Recorder SCONA VII; Delegate SCONA VIII; Scholastic Officer, Sqd. 12. BEARRIE, JOHN L, JR. "John L." Marketing College Station Age 21; Class '63; Singing Coders. BEASLEY, ROBERT C. "Bob" Accounting Tyler Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society,- Business Society. BELLOW, EDWARD J., JR. Ch. E. Nederland Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; AIChE; Mid County HTC. BENCH, LEONARD J., JR. "Benchie" Markefing Housfon Age 25; Class '63; Business Soc; Insurance Soc.; Marketing Soc.; Freshman Track; Intra- murals; HTC; Newman Club. BENSON, JACKIE L. English Tylel Age 21; Class '63; SCONA; Ross Volunteers; Pre-Law Soc.; Tyler Smith County HTC. BENSON, JAMES R., JR. "Jim" Accounting Nacogdoches Age 21,- Class '63; MSC Bowling Comm.; Civilian Student Council. BERGSTROM, PAUL E. E. E. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; AIEE; Aggie Band; C.O., White Band; Ross Volunteers; D.M.S.; D.S. BESS, ROBERT C. "Bob" Pers. Mgh Corpus Christi Age 22; Class '63; Aggie Band, Bugle Rank, Drum and Bugle Corps; Business Soc; Marketing Soc.; Flying Kadets; National Infer-collegiafe Flying Assoc.; Air Force Flight Prog.; Civil Air Patrol; Corpus Christi HTC. BEST, SHELDON J. History Miami, Florida Age 21; Class '63; President of Student Body; Capt. Sqd. 1. BEVERLY, JOHN R. A. H. Gladewafer Age 23; Class '63; Marshall HTC; D.S.; Saddle and Sirloin Club. BEYER, WALTER H., JR. "W311" Math Sinton Age 21; Class '63; Press Club, Sec.-Treas., Vice Pres.; HTC. BICKHAM, CLYDE R. B.A. Van Vleck Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Soc.; Advertising Soc.; American Ordnance Assoc.; Trees. and Vice Pres. Matagorda HTC; Opportunity Award. BILLINGSLEY, MURRY J., JR. "Johnny" Range Mgr. Abilene Age 21; Class '63; Range and Forestry Club. BLACK, CHARLES L. Ag. Ed. Lomefa Age 22; Class '63; Livestock Judging Team; Saddle 3 Sirloin Club; Collegiate FFA Chapter Pres. BLACKARD, FRED K. "Kirk" Economics Mt. Pleasant Age 21;'Closs; '63; Lt. Col., Corps Chaplain; Mngt., Corps Staff; Opportunity Awards Scho1crshlp Winner,- Reserve Officers Assn. Award; Pres. Corps Honor Council; MSC PUbIIC Relations Chairman; D.M.S.; Who's Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Outstanding Fish and Soph, Co. A-1. BLACKBURN, JOHN E. Accounting Marshall Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Vice Pres., Marshall HTC; Bonfire Comm. BLANKINSHIP, DAVID R. "Dave" Wildlife Mgf. McAllen; Age 22; Class '63; Phi Theta Kappa; D.S. Treas.; Fish and Game Club. BLASCHKE, CHARLES L. "Charlie" Economics Skidmore Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Senior Class; Pres. Junior Class; Pres. Economics Club; Pres. Phi Eta Sigma; Outstanding Soph.; Student Senate; Corps Staff; Ross Volunteers; Pre-Law Soc.; Phi Kappa Phi; San Rabee HTC; Election Comm.; D.S.; D.M.S.; Who's Who in Amer. Colleges and Univ.; Delegate to SCONA. BLUME, JAY D. "Jay" M. E. Orange Age 21; Class '63,- D.M.S.; Ross Volunteers; Permanent Firing Squad, Ulf. 591., 1st Sgt, Sqd 7; ASME. BOEDECKER, THOMAS J. "Tommy" M. E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; D.S.; Drum 6 Bugle Corps; Phi Eta Sigma; Ross Volunteers; ASME; Maior, Combined Band Staff; Freshman Engineering Society. BODKIN, WILTON R. "RB" Insurance Olton Age 21; Class '63; Insurance Society; Sbiso Waiter; Ramp Rep. BOLES, NATHAN R. "Rotor" Agronomy Winters Age 21; Class '63; Student Agronomy Soc., CoHon Pageant Social Sec.; King Cotton; D.S. BOLLICH, ELRIDGE N. "Chipmunk" Finance Winnie Age 21; Class '64; SCONA Vlll; Marketing Soc.; Beaumont HTC. BOND, LOUIS H. l. Ed. Bullard Age 28; Class '63; Trees; I. Ed. Soc.; Iota Lambda Sigma; D.S.; B.S;U. BOOKMAN, RONALD W., JR. "Ronnie" Journalism Housfon Age 21; Class '63; THE BATTALION, Managing Ed., News Ed., Staff Writer; SCONA VIII Publicity Chairman; SCONA VII; SCONA VI; MSC Council; Fish Drill Team; Sigma Chi; Soc. of A8.M Journalists; Co. F-1. BOUGHTON, ROGER S. Vet. Med. Mangham, Age 22; Class '62; AVMA; Block and Bridle Club, BOWEN, ROBERT L. "Larry" A. H. Austin Age 22; Class '63; Wrestling Team; Saddle 2L Sirloin Club; Pre-Vet Soc.; Aggie Rodeo Club; Corps Wrestling Champion. BOWEN, WELDON L. Gen. Bus. "Bone" San Angelo Age 21; Class '63; Amer. Ordnance Assoc; Insurance Soc.; Intramural Mgr. BOWER, JOE R. "Ronny" B. A. Age 21; Class '63; D.M.S.; Army Flight Prog.; Insurance Soc. Sec.; Bellaire HTC. Houston BOYD, BEN B. "Benny" Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '63; Election Comm., 3rd B.G. Stuff, D.M.S.; Accounting $oc.; Beaumont HTC; Ross Volunteers D.S. BRADBURY, E. J. Arch. Age 22; Class '63; Design Student Society. BRADLEY, HARVEY K. Accounting Temple Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Soc.; Young Republicans Club; Plf. Ldr.; Bugle Rank; Aggie Band. San Antonio BRAINERD, JOHN F. "Jeff" Pers. Mgr. Baytown Age 22; Class '63,- Freshman Foofball Mgr.; Talent Comm.; Marketing Soc. Pres.; Boytown HTC. BRANTLEY, WILLIAM A. "Bill" CE. and BA. Ft. Worth Age 21; Class '63; SAME; ASCE; Freshman Rifle Team; Singing Cadets; Quartermos1er Soc,; Ft Worth HTC; San Antonio HTC; Sons of Service Club. BRASHEARS, WILLIAM H. "Bill" Gen. Bus. San Anfonio Age 22; Class '63; Best Drilled Fish, Co. 1.42; Fish Football; Fish Track; Best Drilled Soph., Co. L-2; Jr. Yell Leader; Ross Volunteers; Head Yell Leader; Public Relations Comm.; Student Senate; Election Comm.; San Antonio HTC. BRATTON, JIMMIE L. C. E. Brady Age 22; Class 63; Recipient S. B. Mosher Memorial Scholarship; Ross Volunfeers; D.A.S.C.; Summer Camp; ASCE Sec.; Inst. of Traffic Engineers; Sfudenf Engineers Coun; cil; Pres. McCullogh Co. HTC; Pres. Married Couples Bowling League; Research A551,, Tex. Transp. Inst. BRAUN, EARL E. Gen. Bus. , San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Scholastic Officer; Sqd. 8; Gamma Delta; San Antonio HTC. BREEDING, WILLIAM W. "Bill" Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '63; Student Chapter AVMA; Wheeler HTC. BREEDLOVE, DAVID C. "Dave" M. E. Richardson Age 22; Class '63; ASME; Flight Sgt, Sqd. 9; Scholastic Officer, Sqd. 9. BREHM, ARVIN E. "Kraut" Ag. Ed. Cibolo Age 21; Class '63; Collegiate FFA; Pres. and Sec. Cen-Tex HTC; Aggie Band BRENT, HAROLD L. C. E. Vananeva, Guaf. Age 23; Class '63; Soccer Team Wrestling Team; ASCE; SAME; Pan American Club; Inframural Wresvling Champion; Cross-Counfry Freshman Team; French Club. BRETZ, ROBERT E. "Bobby" Ch. E. Cactus Age 21; Class '63; AlChE; Panhandle HTC; Scholastic Sgt; PH. Ldr, Co F-1. BRIDGES, WILLIAM J. "Jack" M. E. Housfon' Age 29 Class '63. BRIGGS, JAMES B. "Jamie" Educ. Age 22; Class '63; Major, 151 8.0. Staff. Miami Lampasas . Mg... ' n'a uauun. A- w-x51 CLASS OF '63 BRITAIN, JACK C. E. E. Age 21; Class '63. BROOKS, JAMES T. B. A. Age 22; Class '62; Garland HTC; Athletic Offr.; 61h B.G. Staff. BROSSMANN, GENE F. Zoology 6Pre-Med1 Schulenburg Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Vice Pres. Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-Med Soc.; Sec.-Treos. Arts and Sciences Council; Who's Who in Amer. Colleges and Universities. "Charlie" Lampasas Waco llJimIl Garland BROWN, CHARLES G. Range Mgt, Age 22; Class '63; Reporler Range and Forestry Club. BROWN, GERALD M. "Gerry" Economics San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Vice Pres., American Ordnance Assoc; Economics Club; San Antonio HTC; News Ed. THE BATTALION; D.M.S. BROWNING, JAMES M. "Brownman" Accounting Houston Age 20; Class '63. BRYANT, ROBERT E. "Bob" M. E. Lake Jackson Age 22; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Bela Pi; ASME, ASM; Brazoria County HTC. BUFFO, MICHAEL E. Aero San Benito Age 22; Class '62; Pres. Texas Soc. of Professional Engineers; Flight Commander, Sqd. 13; Inst. of Aerospace Sciences; Lower Rio Grande Valley HTC; C. L. Bubcock Award. BUCK, CHARLES J. Ch. E. Carthage Age 22; Class '63; American Inst. of Chemical Engineers; Great Issues; Soc American Military Engineers; Freshman Engineering Soc. IlMikell BUCK, TRAVIS H. M. E. Age 24, Class '63. BUCK, VARGE R. I. E. Age 44; Class '40; Alpha Pi Mu; Sec., AIIE. BUNKLEY, JAMES T. Math Age 22; Class '63. Washington Pacific Palisades, Calif. IlJimII Pasadena BURG, HENRY J. I. T. Stonewall Age 25; Class '63; American Foundry Soc.; Industrial Education Soc.; Hill Country HTC. BURGESS, CARROLL L. Poultry Science Nacogdoches Age 21; Class '63; Nacogdoches HTC; Poultry Science Club; Poultry Judging Teams; Student Agricultural Council. BURNETT, WILLIAM G. "Bill" Terrell Gen. Bus. Age 21; Class '63; Dorm Ramp Rep.; Dorm Social Chairman. BURTON, JOHN D. Physics Waco Age 21; Class '63; Sec.-Treos. Soph. Class; Sec. Physics Club; Sec. Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter; ABM Section of American Inst. of Physics. BUSCH, PAUL A., JR. "Pee Wee" Math Beaumont Age 21; Class '63; Mathematics Club; German Club; Handball Club; Beaumont HTC. BUSH, KENNETH E. Ch. E. Age 21; Class '63; AIChE; 12th Man Bowl. Nederland "Ron" BUSH, RONALD J. Odessa B. A. Age 26; Class '57,- Business Administration Club. BUTLER, CHARLES L. Arch. Const. Midland Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; White Band; Drum and Bugle Corps; Design Student Soc.; Pres. Assoc. General Contractors. BUTLER, EUGENE L. "Gene" Accounting Raymondville Age 21; Class '63; Math Club; YMCA Summer Camp; Accounting Soc.; Lower Rio Grande Valley HTC BYER, SAM A. "Big Sam" Gen. Bus. Marlin Age 23; Class '63; Business Soc.; Marketing Soc.; "1" Association; Freshman and Varsity Football. BYROM, JAMES E. "Egle" Ch. E. Beaumont Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; AIChE; Beaumont HTC; White Band; Army ROTC Flight Training. CALHOUN, ROSS B. Land. Arch. Age 21; Class '63; Intramural Mgr.; Design Student Society. Mineral Wells QENI 0128 CALDWELL, ALAN B. Arch. Consf. Houston Age 27; Class '59; Student Chapter Associated General Connectors. CAMPBELL, BEN D. Insurance Palestine Age 21, Class '63; Aggie Band; Cadet Honor Council; Insurance Soc.; Talent Committee; Spring Branch HTC; Drum 81 Bugle Corps. CAMPOS, EDUARDO "Wale" Microbiology Laredo Age 21; Class '63; Newman Club; Microbiology Asst. Instructor; Laredo HTC. CANTU, RAMON, 111 Marketing Laredo Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Soc.; Insurance Soc.; Newman Club; Laredo HTC. CARLL, WILLIAM D. "Pinky" M. E. Bryan Age 21,- Class '63. CARLSON, CHRISTOPHER 3. "Kit" Hisfory Houston Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Baseball; National Educ. Assoc.; Wilcox Chapter Hisfory Soc; 36fh Inf. Div. Award; General Moore Award Winner; 15? LL, Co G-1. CARNES, JAMES D. "Jim" Ch. E. and English San Benito Age 22; Class '62; Phi Efa Sigma; Ross Volunteers; Sons of Amer. Revolution Award; Baptist Student Union; Infer-faith Council; Student Engineers Council; Cadet Chaplain; 151 Brigade; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi Vice Pres.; AIChE Pres.; D.M.S.; D.S.; Who's Who In Colleges and Univ. CARNES, PHILIP A. "P1111" C. E. San Benito Age 21; Class '63; ASCE; 12111 Man Bowl; Ramp Rep. for Law Hall. CARR, TRAVIS C. E. E. Dublin Age 21; Class '63; E10 Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Engineers Council; Inst. Elect. and Electronic Engineers; Tex. Soc. Professional Engineers; D,M.S.; D.S. CARTER, DAVID A. Pre-Med. and Chemistry Houston Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Pre-Denf Soc.; Soph. Rep.; Civilian Student Council; 05.; Mos'r Outstanding Pre-Medical Student Award; Zeta Phi Chi. CARTER, JAMES W. "Jimmy" History Harlingen Age 22; Class '63; Who's Who Among Students in Colleges and Univ.; Student Senate; Election Commission; D.S.; SCONA VHI; Phi Kappa Phi. CARTER, ROBERT B. "Bob" Sociology Decatur Age 21,- Class '63; Ross Volunteers; D.S.; D.M.S.; Pres. Sociology Club; Alpha Zeta; Managing Ed. AGRICULTURIST; SAR Award; Ag. Council; lnfra-Council Comm.; Sears Roebuck Scholarship; Great Issues Committee. CASHIOLA, MARION J. "Buck" M. E. Housfon Age 23; Class '62; Bowling Committee; S.H.E.; SAME; Newman Club; SL Thomas of Houston HTC. CASTANON, RICHARD G. Pre-Med San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Pre Med Soc.; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S. CAUBLE, JAMES 5. "Jim" I. T. Albany Age 21; Class '63; 1nd. Educ. Sociefy. CAYLOR, JOHN R. E. E. Brady Age 28; Class '63; McCulloch County HTC CAYLOR, LEE H. E. E. Brady Age 26; Class '63; McCulloch County HTC. CERNA, RICHARDO G. "Rick" I. Ed. Eagle Pass Age 22; Class '63; 1010 Lambda Sigma; Industrial Education Soc.; Texas Ind. Art Assoc.; Eagle Pass HTC; Club Parisian; Fencing Club; Pan American Club. CHAN, PETER CW M. E. Hong Kong Age 24; Class '63. CHANG, GRENGER PEI YEE M. E. Hong Kong Age 22; Class '63. CHAPMAN, DAVID N. "Dave" M. E. Hamilton Age 21; Class '63; Student Senate; Phi Eta Sigma; Outstanding Soph. in Co, C-2; ASME; Ross Volunteers; C0. of C-2. CHAPMAN, WALTER W. "Mann" I. T. Corpus Christi Age 25; Class '60; Corpus Christi HTC; Industrial Educalion Club. CHERRY, WILLIAM P. Accounting Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; Day Student Liaison Officer, Combined Band Staff,- Army Flight Program; Accounting Soc. CHAPUT, ARMAND J. Aerospace Eng. Omaha, Neb. Age 21; Class '63; D.S.; D.H.S.; Ross Volunteers; Fish Drill Team; Sons of Service; New- man Club; Inst. of Aerospace Sciences; Tex. Soc. of Professional Engineers. What do you mean I'm off key? You're off. CLASS OF '62 CHITWOOD, KENNETH LONNIE "Ken" Vet. Med. La Pryor Age 23; Class '63 Junior A.V.M.A. CHRISTIE, RUSSELL JOHN Vet. Med San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Sec. of Phi Eta Sigma; Student Chapfer A.V.M.A.; National Science Foundation Research Program; Distinguished Student. CLASON, JOHN KARL "Jack" Zoology Galveston Age 21; Class '63. CLASSEN, EDMOND HENRY Education San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Singing Cadets. COCKBURN, JOHNEY PATRICK "Pat" History Lampasas Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Law Society; History Club; Highland Lakes Hometown Club. COCKRELL, BEDFORD F. "Butch" Mafh Beaumont Age 21; Class '63; MSC Council; Arts and Sciences Council; Math Club Vice Pres.; D.S.; Band Staff. ' COCKRELL, CHARLES W. "Chuck" M. E. San Antonio Age 20; Class '63; Member of Tau Beia Pi and Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Class Rep. Civilian Student Council; Treas. ASME. COLDEWAY, ALBERT HENRY, JR. Accounting Corpus Age 23; Class '61; Accounling Sociefy; Corpus Christi HTC. COLLIER, JACK WILSON Personnel Adm. Hutchins Age 21; Class '63; PUbIIC Relations Committee; Pan American Week Committee; Business Society, YMCA Counselor; Sludent Chaplain. COLLIER, LARRY EDWARD E. E. Corpus Christi Age 21: Class '63; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Elu Kappa NU; Co F-1; Best Drilled Fish 151 Brigade; D.S.; D.M1$.; Corpus Christi HTC; Pres. American Ordnance Assn.; Scholastic Officer; 2nd B.G.; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. COLLINS, JAMES ROBERT "Bob" E. E. Beaumont Age 21,- Class '63; Fish Baseball; AIEE; Baptist Student Union; Beaumont HTC. CONDOT, ROBERT J. "Rackin Bobh Meteorology Houston Age 22; Class '63; Corps Color Guard; Austin-Jesse Jones' HTC; Student Chapter Amer- ican Meferological Society. CONNOR, JACK SEALE Animal Science Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Vet Society; Fish Track; 1slIL1. Baptist Student Union. COOKE, DOYCE HADLEY Range Mgf. Loving, N. M. Age 23; Class '63; Band; White Band; 1st. Lt; Range and Forestry Club; American Society of Range Management; Texas Section; ASRM; Trans Pecos HTC. COONER, KENNETH EDWARD "Ken" Ind. E. Wellborn Age 21; Class '63; AIIE; ASCE; Army Flight Training. COOPER, HAMIL WHITE E. E. Age 21; Class '63. CORDER, PAUL RAY M. E Livingston Age. 22; Class '63; 'Tau Beta Pi; ASME-Vice Pres.; Dorm Chaplain; Big Thicker HTC; CIVIIIan Student Council 1Fr. RepJ; Interfaith Council. CORTESE, ALEX H. C. E. Age 21; Class '63; ASCE. COUVILLON, STANLEY J. LT. and LB. Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Players; Arts and Science Council; Milby HTC. COWAN, JAMES WARREN 11 C. E. Age 25; Class '61,- ASCE. COWLEY, JERRY JENNINGS A. H. Age 22; Class '62; Trees; MSC Bowling Comm; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club. COX, WILLIAM GERALD Vef. Med. Waxahachie Age 24; Class '64. COZBY, GEORGE D. "Big George" C. E. Hico Age 24; Class '63; Dorm Vice Pres.; ASCE; Dorm Intramurals; Flying Kadets; Delegate fo Sfafe ASCE Convenfion in El Paso. CROES, MARIO Port Arthur "Sleezy" San Antonio "Corkey" Houston "Jim" Clifton Marshall I. T. Savanefa Age 24; Class '63; Pan American Club; Industrial Education Society; Scholqrshikcho Oil and Transport Co. Aruba. CROW, SANFORD DONALD "Don" Personnel Adm. Victoria Age 21; Class '63,- Texas Aggie Bond; Pre-Law Sociefy; Marketing Society; Business Society; Sociology Club; President Guadalupe Valley Hometown Club; AOS; Insurance Society, CROWE, RICHARD KENNETH "Yank" Ag. En. Sauquoif, N. Y. Age 21; Class '63; American Society of Agricultural Engineers; Yankee Homefown Club; Scholastic Officer Sqd. 6. CROWELL, THOMAS DUNCAN "Tommy" Agronomy Marshall Age 21; Class '63; Agronomy Society. CRUSE, LEONARD ARTHUR "Lenny" Pre-Law Hitchcock Age 21; Class '63; Bay Area HTC; Great Issues Commiffee. CRUZALEGUI, AUGUST B. "Bernie" C. E. Lima, Peru Age 25; Class '62; Aggie Soccer Team 1LeHerman1; ASCE Pan American Club; MSC Table Tennis Commiffee; Sunday Celebrities Series 1MSC1. CURTIS, CHARLES GARY M. E. Beaumont Age 21; Class '63; Beaumont HTC; General More Award Winner. DANIEL, TOMMY Agronomy Hidenheimer Age 22; Classv'63. DANIELS, JAMES WALLACE "Moose" Ag. Eco. Grandbury Ag. Eco; Track Letterman; "T" Assoc. DAVID, JAMES EVERETT Age 21; Class '63; Handball Club; Bellaire HTC; Business Society; Marketing Society. B. A. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Society; Insurance Society; Dallas HTC; Intramural Swimming Champion; Ramp Rep.; Law Hall. DAVIDSON, DONALD L. "Don" History Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63; Operations Officer; Second Brigade; Baptist Student Union; Summer Missionary Hawaii; Town Hall Staff; Honor Council. DAVIS, FRANK HENDRICK "Pancho" Gen. Bus. Bellaire DAVIS, JAMES HOWARD "Buck" Math Brownsville Age 21; Class '63; P101. Sgt. R.V.; 12th. Man Bowl. DAVIS, JIM ED Ag. Ed. Nixon Age 21; Class '63; Collegiate FFA.; Rodeo Club. DAVIS, JOHNNY HENRY Accounting Kilgore Age 21; Class '63,- AIEE; SEEE; MSC Radio Committee. ,X R xx 6 x E V L X DAVIS SPOTSWOOD E. "Spots" Finance Hillsboro Age 21; Ciass '63; President Hill Cry. HTC; Comminee Chairman lnierfaith Council; You'ng Rep. Club Pre-Vef Society; Council A6M Methodist Church. DAVIS, WILLIAM JOSEPH "Joe" I. T. Lufkin Age 23; Class '62; l. Ed. Club; American Foundrymen's Society. DAY, JAMES DENNIS B. A. and E. E. Texarkana Age 22; Class '61. DEAVER, ROYCE DON "Don" I. E. Brenham Age 21; Class '63; Track Team; Varsity Lefters-S; 1 Fish Lener, AIIE; Washington County HTC; D.S. DEGNER, ROBERT L. Ag. Eco. Age 20; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club; Insurance Society. de GRAFFENREID, ADRIAN L., JR. Big Spring Economics Age 22; Class '63; Economics Club; SCONA Vlll; Arts and Science Council; Semper Fidelis Society; Big Spring HTC, Pres. Malone DELGADO, REYNOLDS M. E. E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Fish Drill Team; AIEE; SAME; San Antonio HTC. DEMONT, JAMES IRA "Jim" Horticulture Albany Age 23; Class '63; Pres. Horticulture Club; Agriculture Council; Agriculture Communications Club; Agriculturist Staff; D.S.; Outstanding Horticulture Upperclassman; Sec. S. Region A.S.H.S. Collegiate Brunch. DEREBERY, DANIEL PAUL, JR. "Dube" Finance San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Business Society; Insurance Society; Flight Sgt; San Antonio HTC; Exec. Sqd. 14. DESHOTELS, JESSE DOUGLAS m "Doug" P. and S. S. Beaumont Age 21; Class '63; Film Society; Freshman Agriculture Society; Agronomy Society; Beaumont HTC; Member Co. CY. DEUTRICH, FRED H. P. E. BeHviHe Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Football; Baseball; Health and Physical Ed. Club. DE VANEY, DAVID BROOKS Math. Amarillo Age 21; Class '63; Bowling Committee; Math Club; French Club; Pres., Amarillo HTC. DIAZ, JUAN CARLOS Ag. E. Lima, Peru Age 21; Class '63; Chairman Pan American Week; Pres. S.W. Section of Ag. Engr. Societies; Secretary Pan American Club; Delegate to SCONA Vlll. DILLARD, WARREN MARCUS "Warren" Accounting Housfon Age 20; Class '64; D.S.; Student Senate; Election Commission Accounting Society; Bellair HTC; Cadet Maior; Student Chaplain; SCONA; Committee and Delegate; Singing Cadets; Librarian. DOLLINGER, JOHN EDWARD Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Newman Club; Accounting Society; Beaumont HTC Pres. DONNELL, VICTOR LEE "Vic" Physics Dallas Age 21;. C105 '63; SCONA VIII; SCONA VII; 2nd. Brig. Co. Pres. Cadet Court A.; Sigma PI Sigma; Corps Staff Junior; Ross Volunteers; Fish Drill Team. DOTSON, JAMES ALFA "Jim" Animal Science Hearne Age 21; Class '63; EditonAgriFUIturist; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi E10 Sigma; Outstanding Fresh- man, Sophomore and Junlpr In School of Agriculture; Alpha Zeta; Freshman Danforth Award; Dunfonh Ag. Senior Award; Civilian Honor Council Narional Science Under- graduate Research Program; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Sears-Roebuck Scholarship. DOWLING, ERROL STEPHAN "Steve" Pre-Denr Houston Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Med Society. DOWSE, JERRY WAYNE E2; 53'; Class '62; AIChE. wmnSbom DREUMONT, ANTONIO ALCIDES Meteorology Brownsville Age 23; Class '63; Arts and Science Council; American Meteorological Society. DUDERSTADT, CULVER L. Ag. Eco. . . Ingram Age 22; Class 63; Milner Housemcsler; Ag. Eco. Club; Alpha Phi. Omega. DUGGER, WILEY WILSON, JR. Accounting Temple gift; 22; Class '63; Accounting Society; Baptist Student Union; Bell County Hometown DUNN, MICHAEL EDWARD "Mike" History . Naperville, HI. A91: 21; Class 63; V.P. Judo Club; Flying Kadets, Sec.-Treas.; Arts and Science Council; SWImmIng Team. DUNN, TONY R. Ch. E. Kil ore Age 21; Class 63. g DUPREE, MONTY LOUIS Math. Odessa Dallas Age 24; Class '62; President e Club Porisien; Vice Pres. French Club; Moth Club; Counselor Allen Military Academy. DURAN, CARLOS ROBERTO Accounting Age 21,- Class '63,- Laredo HTC; Scholastic Officer Fourth Group Staff. DYER, CHARLES LEE Accounfing "Bookkeeper" Laredo "Corky" Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Civilian Sfudenf Council; Pres. Civilian Day Student Council; Civilian Student Council Appreciation Award; D.S.; Aggie Bond; President's Council Key Award; Civilian Student Councl Key Award. ECHOLS, WALLY DEAN E. E. Accounting Society; Dorm "Wally" San Anfonio Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Singing Cadets; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE-IRE; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; YMCA Cabinet. EDGAR, DAVID TILMAN E. E. Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers,- Co-Company F-1; Mid-Counfy HTC. EDMAN, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Pet. E. Age 21; Class1 62; Petroleum Engineering Club; ELBRICH, JOSEPH J., Jr, Arch. Age 21,- Class '63; Captain Rifle Team; Singing Cadets. ELENBURG, DAVE WINN Ag. Eco. Age 22,- Class '63; Ag-Eco. Club. ELIZONDO, REYNALDO S. Zoology Age 22; Class '63; French Club; Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, ELLIOTT, ANDREW C., JR. Marketing Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Flying Cadets; Midland HTC, Pres.; ELLIOTT, JAMES SIDNEY Accounting Age 23; Class '61; Accounting Society. ENER, ERNEST L, JR. E. E. Nederland "Bill" Houston "Joel, Houston Jacksboro IIRayll Corpus Christi IIAndyII Midland Business Society. "Jim" Gladewafer Jasper Age 21,- Class '63; Varsity Track and Cross Country; SWC Cross Country Champion; SWC Two Mile Champion; School Record Two Mile; School Record 3000 M Steeple Chase; SWC Cross Country Record; D.M.S; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; D.S.; C. O.-Sqd. 16; Texaco Scholarship; Dorm Pres. ENGELBRECHT, KENNETH ALLEN Poultry Science Age 21; Class '63; Poultry Judging Team; Agriculture Council. ENGLISH, JERRY LYNN A. H. Age 22; Class '63; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. ESPY, ROBERT HENRY, JR. Ag. Eco. 1F. Mng Age 22; Class '63; Ag. Eco.; El Paso HTC; Alpha Phi Omega. ESTES, ROBERT L. History Age 22; Class '63; History Society. ESTRADA, LUIS ALBERTO Ag. E. "K en" Crawford Abilene IIRobll El Paso "Tiger" Pasadena Tuxfla, Mex. Age 22; Class '63; Agricultural Engineering Society; Pan-American Club; Handball Intra- murals. EUBANK, CHARLES MIQUEL Math Age 21; Class '63. FARIAS, CHRIS C. E. Age 22; Class '62; ASCE; Fencing Club. FAULK, ROBERT HARDY Physics "Mike" Odessa San Antonio Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Lab Assistant Physics; Research Assistant; Physics Club; Russian Club. FERRELL, EDWIN BARRY, JR. English "Father" Midland Age 21; Class '63; Executive Officer; Fish Drill Team; Newman Club; Midland HTC, V.P. FIKES, WILLIAM R. Math. Age 21; Class '63; Vice Pres. Dorm Council; Math Club; United Nations Club. FISHER, HENRY EDWARD, JR. Accounting Age 21; Class '63. "Billy" Taft "Hank" El Campo FIX, RONALD E. "Ronnie" C. E. Tyler Age 21; Class '63; ASCE, Sec.; SAME; Great Issues; Vice-Chairman, SCONA VI; SCONA VII,- Fencing Team,- Bridge Club; MSC Directorate Assistant; Aggieland Stuff. FLAHERTY, DANIEL JOE "Danny" B. A. McComey , 1 v . Age 21; Class '63. . x- 1 RR . . FLORES, DANIEL, JR. 1 xx 1 L . . A L d xxx 1 , s x .x cct. are 0 Xxx 2 N x Age 24; Class '63; Laredo HTC, Parliamentarian. 2 . i-x XXX$EE$XKx FLORES, JAMES PETER "Pete" Accounting Monahans Age 21; Class '63; Accounting; SCONA VIII; Pre-Law; Pres. A 2; M Young Dem. FLOYD, KENNETH DOUGLAS "Kenny" P. E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Varsity Baseball; P. Ed. Club; Intramural Football 1H0" HalH. FOJT, FRANK JOSEPH Poultry Science "Snook" Age 22; Class '63. SNQX 2 Xxx FOHN, NICK HENRY "Nick" Entomology Uvalde Age 21; Class '64. FONVILLE, GERALD GALLATIN "Jerry" B. A. Houston Age 21; Class '63; President Lamar HTC; Accounting Society; Marketing Society; Insurance Society; Bus. Soc.; Intramural Swimming; Cross Counlry 1Fish1; Rifle. FORSTER, PETER C. "Corky" CE. and Bus. Harlingen Age 20; Class '63; Cmdr. Third Group; SCONA V, VI, VII, VIII; Ross Volunteers; Student Engineers Council 1ASCE1; Pres. ASCE; Newman Club; Bus. Mgr. "The Engineer"; Dis- tinguished Air Science Cadet. FRANK, JOHN HENRY Accounting Houston Age 22; Class '63; M-Band; Accounling Society; Bellaire HTC. FRANK, WALLACE JERRY, JR. "Sam" M. E. Midland Age 21; Class '63; Golf Team Squad; Midland HTC; Athletic Officer. FRAUSTO, JULIO JR. B.A. Eagle Pass Age 23; Class '63; Russian Club; Eagle Pass HTC Fres.; Wrestling Club. FRITH, CHARLES EDWARD "Charlie" Arch. Shreveport Age 21; Class '63; Fresh. Drill Team; Design Student Society; Dorm Council; Shreveport HTC. FUCHS, CHARLES RAY Agronomy Burton Age 23; Class '63. FUENTES, ARTURO C. E. Matamoros, Mex. Age 22; Cioss '63; ASCE; Pan American Club; A8:M Parachute Club. GAITHER, GALE HARRISON Arch. Consf. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Assoc. of General Contractors; Alpha Phi Omega. GANNAWAY, JOHN ROBERT Agronomy Haskell Age 21; Claus '63; Agronomy Society; Civilian Student Council. GARDNER, CHARLES FRANCIS "Toby" Animal Science Anahuac Age 21; Class '63; Rodeo Club. GARNER, JOHNNIE LINTON B. A. Bryan Age 22; Class '63; Semper FideIis Sociely. GARTEISER, GERALD LEE "Terry" C. E. San Antonio Age 21; Class 63; San Antonio HTC; American Society of Civil Engineers. GARRETT, RONALD D. "Mickey" Ag. Eco. Smifhville Age 24; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club. GARRETT, W. JAY, JR. C. E. Ballinger Age 21; Class '63; American Society of Civil Engineers. GAYLE, LELVE GARLAN Vet. Med. Weldon Age 22; Class '62; Student Senate Vice Pres.; Civilian Student Council, Pres.; Civilian Honor Council; Jr. Chapter AVMA. GEORGE, MICHAEL 5. "Mike" B. A. Thousand Oaks, Calif. Age 21; Class '63; 151. L1. Exec. Officer C-2; D.M.S.; Business Manager Aggieland; Ross Volunteers; Best Drilled Freshman Co. C-2. GEORGE, SAMMY JOE M. E. Marshall Age 24; Class '63. GERSBACH, HERBERT C. Gen. Bus. Brownwood Age 21; Class '63; Great Issues Acct. Society; Ross Volunteers; 4111 Group Staff; Insurance Society; Studenr Senate; Pres. Pecan Valley HTC. GIBSON, DAVID DREW "Dave" Personnel Houston Age 23; Class '62; Walton Hillel Foundation, Hillel Work Scholarship Award; Belloire HTC; Marketing Society; Dorm Alhlefic Officer. GIBSON, PHILLIP M. "Noot" Ag. Eco. Paris Age 21; Class '63; R.V., Ag. Eco. Club; D.S.; D.M.S.; Outstanding Jr; and Soph. Sqd. 3; 151. 591.; C40. GILBERT, WILLIAM C. Ag. Ed. Bowie Age 22; Class '63; Treasurer FFA. GILMORE, DONALD WAYNE "Don" M. E. San Antonio Age 21; C1055 '63; SAME, Treas.; Fish Drill Team; Foundry Society; Ouffit Best Drilled Fresh.; Outfit Best Drilled Soph.; Outfit Guidon Bearer. GLASER, JAMES EDWARD "Jim" Ag. Eco. Buckholfs Age 21; Class '63; Pouhry Judging Team; Vice Pres. Ag. Eco. Club; Sec. Poultry Science Club. GLASER, STANLEY JOE "Stan" Poultry Science Buckholts Age 21; Class '63; Student Agriculture Council; Poultry Sc1ence Pres.; Senior and Jr. Poultry Judging Team. GODFREY, JAY F. M. E. Longview Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunfeers, ASME; D.S.; Press Club; Pres. Deep E051 Texas HTC. GOETTLE, J IMMY A. "Jim" M. E. Longview Age 21; Class '63; D.M.$.; D.S.; Pres. Bowling League. GONZALEZ, JESUS EDWARDO "Chuy" M. E. Brownsville Age 21,- Class '63; SAE-Treas. ASME; Bell and Howell Scholarship; Rio Grande HTC. GOLD, HENRY ADOLPH Insurance Caldwell Age 21; Class '63; Insurance Society, Historian. GOLDMAN, JOHN WILLIAM Entomology Victoria Age 29; Class '62; Enfo. Club. GOLLADAY, RODNEY LEON "Harv" E. E. Sinfon Class '63; D.S1; 1RE; AIEE; San-Rabe HTC. GOODMAN, RODNEY LEWIS Accounting Houston Age 23,- Class '63; Accounting Society, Marketing Society; Aush'n Housfon HTC. GRAEME, JACK KENNETH Journalism Fonfana, Calif. Age 23; Class '63; Treas. Sigma Delfa Chi; Ediior, A8.M Review. GRAHAM, DENNIS LEE BPM Greensburg, Kans. Age 21; Class '63,- Lumberman's Assoc. Scholarship; DPM Club, Pres.; Honor Council Duncan Hall Employee; Arts and Sciences Council; Chaplain 151. Wing. GRAHAM, FREDERICK TOWNLEY "Rick" Business Housfon Age 21; Class '63; Insurance Society; Pre-Law; Business; Town Hall Staff; Sf. Thomas HTC; Film Society; Newman Club; Marketing Society; English Club. GRAHAM, ROBERT EDWARD "Bob" Arch. Beaumont Age 22; Class '63; Design Student Society; Creative Arts Committee. GRAVES, GENE PARKER "Gene" Ag. Ecl. Nacogdoches Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Med and Pre-Dent Society,- FFA V.P.; Shelby-Doches HTC. GRAY, PATRICK CALDWELL "Tiger" Mafh Granbury Age 22; Class '63; Bowling Comm; Great Issues; Vilfe Kurres. GREENE, GEORGE, JR. "Jefferson" M. E. Corpus Christi Age 29; Class '63; SAE; ASME; Phi Theft: Kappa; D,S. GREER, MICHAEL LEE "Mike" Arch. Fort Worth Age 22; Class '63; Design Student Society. GRIFFITH, ANDREW CHARLES M. E. Houston Age 29; Class '63; ASME. Need we say More? As far as I can see, this whole party is a drag. QENIOPS GRIFFITH, JIMMY CHARLES "Jim" A.H. Carthage Age 21; Class '63; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club; Jr. Meats Judging Team; Jr. Live- sfock Judging Team; Dist. Sfudenl Honor. GRIFFITH, JAMES R. "Beak" Agronomy Painr Creek Age 21; Class '63, Commanding Officer; V.P. Agronomy Society; Reporter Agricultural Council; Alpha Zefa Dist. Student; Sec. Soil Conservation Society; President Agronomy Society. GRIMES, FRANK WAYNE "Ape" Gen. Bus. Tyler Age 21; Class '63; Fresh. Eng. Society; Band; Outstanding Freshman IUniH; Best Drilled Soph. 1Unit1; Ross Volunteers. GRIMES, JAY P. "Smoky" Ag. Ed. Beaumonf Age 26; Class '57; Collegiate HA; Agriculturisf Alpha Zeta; FFA Yearbook Editor. GRISSOM, DAVID STUART M.E. Granbury Age 21; Class '63; ASME; Shreveport, L01; HTC. GROOM, JAMES N., JR. "Jim" Arch. Borger Age 21; Class '63; Fish Tennis Team; Social Sec.; Berger HTC Sec.-Treas. GROSS, PAUL EDWARD Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '63; Bowling; Accounting. GROVES, DAVID GRESHAM Wildlife Mgf. Denison Age 21; Class '63; Gymnastics Team Member; Judo Club; Pres. Grayson County HTC; Ross Volunteers; First Battle Group, Adiufcnf 6 Supply Officer, First Battle Group Staff. GUERRA, CESAR ROLAND "Mexican" Ag. Eco. Rio Grande City Age 21; Class '63; Drum Maior M-Band; Knights of Columbus; Ag. Economics; Freshman Ag. Club; M-Band. GUIBERTEAU, OLIVER JAMES "Jimmy" Accounting Houston Age 22; Class '63; Eco Club; Mitchell Hall Dorm Council; Mitchell Hall Athletic Director; Intramural Manager, Soph,'Jr., Sr.; Accounjing Society. GUTIERREZ, GEORGE JR. Civil Engr. Harlingen Age 22; Class '63; Fresh. Eng. Society; ASCE; ASME; SCONA; Flight Training. GUY, JIMMIE DARELL "Jimmie" E.E. Snyder Age 22; C1055 '63; Bowling Committee, Chairman; Aggie Bowling Team; Phi Etc Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Student Engineers Council; Institute of Electrical 81 Electronic Engineers; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Diamond Foundation Scholarship; Nat. Research Foundation Undergraduate Research Grant; Snyder HTC. "n... .. v 1:. .K ' ' . m s." 2 2:;wxWVNWxx-am 325 M xx ., ,6 x SMGQWWW I TQKGLTWS 92:st mar :Fs: BEFORE hiEy HQCIZN 21.411. a - .1; .IC'TWEE? x ' - '. WanxM; . 1 ..,q 1 l4 , " 1 ycv'Lk 6'65? F; 15,412? 5.1-? 1F r 199 009 HABY, VINCENT ANDREW "Vince" Agronomy Rio Medina Age 22; Class '63; Agronomy Society; Spil Sfaff; Soufhwesf Tex. HTC; Rifle Team; 2nd Bgd. Staff; San Antonio HTC; Newman Club. HACHTEL, LARRY P. "Stick" Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Bell County HTC Reporter; Bridge Club. HACKETT, ROBERT H. "Bob" Accounring Seabrook Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Cadet Court "A"; Ross Volunteers; Austin of Houston HTC; Air Force Rifle Team; Bay Area HTC. Temple HARTSELL, PAT "Suds" Vef. Med. 81 Zoology Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63; Corpus Chrisfi HTC; Pre-Med 6 Pre-Dent Soc1e1y; AVMA Student Chapter. HAGAMAN, FREDERICK WHITTINGTON, JR. "Whit?" A.H. Age 20; Class '63; Saddle 8x Sirloin, Rodeo Club. HAHN, DAVID D. Finance Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; D.M.S.; Sq. Commander; Austin HTC. HALL, JOE W. JR. Mafh. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Math Club; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC; Recipient of Lulie- Hughey Lune Scholarship; D.S. HALE, RONALD ELMER M.E. Age 22; Class '62; YMCA Freshman Council; lnframural A1hle1ic Manager. HALL, RONALD MILTON Ch.E. Age 21; Young Conservative Club; Young Republicans Club; AIChE; D.S. HALL, ROBERT ARLIN Ind. Engr. Jacksonville Age 21; Class '63; SCONA V111, V11, VI; Operations Officer, 151. Brde. Sfaff; Ross Volunteers; S1udenf Engineers Council; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi MU; D.S.; D.M.S. American Inst. of 1nd. Engr.; American Ordnance Assoc. HALLFORD, KENT LANIER Wildlife Mgr. Brownwood Age 21; Class '63; Fish 31 Game Club; Freshman Agriculture Society; Pecan Valley HTC. HAM, HOWARD CECIL, JR. "Booger" Zoology Bay Cify Age 21; Class '63; D.S.; Pre-Med Pre-Denf Sociefy; YMCA Cabinet, Sec.; Montagorda County HTC Pres. Conway "D av e" Austin "Ronnie" Galena Park Housfon HAMILTON, JAMES ROBERT, JR. "Bob" Ch.E. Age 23; Class '63; AECHE; Dorm Council, Sea; Intramurals. HAMMOND, CLAUDE BUCK I.T. 8: ID. Pasadena Age 21; Class '63; 1. Ed.; Student Chamber of Commerce; Gymnastics Team; American Foundrymens Society; Iota Lambda Sigma; Pasadena HTC; Student Safety Society. HANSEN, HARLEY AMES "Jug BUM" Ag. Eco. Yakima, Wash. Age 22; Class '63; Wrestling Team, Pres.; Ag. Eco. Club. HARVILL, LUTHER EDWARD, JR. "Ed" Agriculfure Odessa Age 29; Class '54. HART, MALCOLM STEELE "Mike" English Santa Fe, N. M. Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; Cooke County HTC; Newman Club; Russian Club. HARRISON, RONALD GARY "Happy" M.E. Forr Worth Age 21; Class '63; ASME. HARRIS, HERMAN EARL "Cowboy" Ag. Eco. Waelder Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Ve1 Society, Reporter; Ag. Eco.; Rodeo Club; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Commanding Officer, Company D-3. HARRIS, JOHN ELLIOTT Ch.E John's Island, S. C. Age 21; Class '63; AICHE. HARRISON, JAMES R. "Jim" M.E. Age 24; Class '63; ASME. HARMON, LARRY LEE "Leuf" M.E. Del Rio Age 22; Class '63; ASME; Del Rio HTC. HAUSENFLUKE, MELVIN JAMES "Bubba" Ag. Ed. Age 21; Class '63, Pres. Collegiate FFA Chapter. HAYES, LLOYD LEE Insurance Age 29; Class '63. Corpus Christi Houston Coleman McCamey xx xx xx 63X XX "Bill" HEARN, WILLIAM CHARLES Seabrook A.S. Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Vet Sociely; Bay Area HTC. HEDRICK, JOHN A. E.E. Age 21; Class '63; Ordnance Society; Austin HTC Pres. HEINRICH, RICHARD JOHN History Dallas Age 23; Class '62; History Society; Miss. Valley Historical Asso.; Debate Club; SWC Debate Tournament; Pres. Dallas HTC, Afhelefic Officer Law Hall; 12th. Man BowI; llJohnIl Austin Gamma Alpha Sigma; Delegate SCONA Vll; Aggie Players. "Danny" HEN DERSON, DON MARTI N Houston Sociology Age 21; Class '63; Vice Pres., Sociology Club. HENDERSON, EARL JOHN "Squirrel" Aero. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; SCONA VI, VII 6 VIII; IAS; Phi Eta Sigma; Oppor- tunity Award Scholarship; D1M.S.; D.S.; Spring Branch HTC. HENDERSON, ROY HOWELE Ag. Ed. Age 22; Class '63; Collegiate FFA. Schulenburg HENDRY, RONALD EARL M.E. Age 21; Class '63, Sec. SAE; ASME. HENSZ, ALBERT J., JR. "Al" Sociology Harlingen Age 21; Class '63; Singing Cadets; Horticulture Club; Sociology Club; Rio Grunde Valley HTC. HERMANN, BURTON RAY History Bryan Age 25; Class '63; Studenf Education Association; Interfaith Council; Pres. Chi Alpha Fraternity. Athens "Johnny" HERRIN, JOHN A. Houston Journalism Age 22; Class '62. HERRING, JOHN MILLER "Johnny" Range Mgr. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; San Antonio HTC; Range 3 Forestry Club; Staff Sgt. Sqd. 14. HERRMANN, RICHARD THOMAS "Dick" LT. La Porte Age 23; Class '63; Industrial Education Society; Bayfown HTC; 1010 Lambda Sigma, Chi Chapter. HERRMANN, WARREN W. Accounfing Age 26; Class '63; Acct. Soc. HERRMANN, WESLEY WAYNE Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '63, AVMA Rep. HEINRICH, C. TED, JR. Chemistry Age 20; Class '63; Chemistry Club. HEYMAN, EUGENE FRANCIS, JR. History Age 21; Class '62; Student NEA. HIBBS, JERRY ALBERT Marketing Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Fish Drill Team; Dallas HTC; R. D. Hinton Award, Company A-l; Marketing Society; Business Sociely. HICKMAN, JOHN MILTON, JR. "Hick" El Dorado, Ark. Gen. Bus. Age 21; Class '63; SCONA YMCA Rep., Interfaith Council; Accounting Sociely, Vice Pres.; Angelina County HTC, Pres. 3 Vice Pres.; Fourth Battle Group. San Antonio Big Lake San' Antonio llGenell West Sayville, N. Y. "Billy" HILL, WILLIAM HARRIS Odessa Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Accounting; D.S.; Judo Club. HILTON, JAMES C. Nederland Ch.E. Age 21; Class '63, Tau Beta Pi S'ec.; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Scholastic Officer C-Z; D.M.S. Sigma; Fresh. Engineering Society, Sec.-Treas.; AIChE, HINKLE, CHARLES LEE Physics Age 22; Class '62. Temple xx x Mk NQET6 . s? HINOJOSA, GERONIMO G. M.E. Age 21; Class '63; Pan American Club. HOFFMAN, WILLIAM MARTIN Math Age 22; Class '63; 0.8.; Math Club; Garland HTC; ROTC Fight Training. HOLCOMB, HOWARD LEE Ag. Eco. Age 22; Class '62. Laredo "Bill" Garland "Buster" College Sra. The things we'll do to get to whiskey bridge. HOLDEN, JOHN WADE, JR. Vef. Med. Royse Cify Age 22; Class '63; AVMA. HOLLAND, JOHN HENRY Ag. Ed. Fredericksburg Age 20; Class '63; Sec. FFA; Saddle 3 Sirloin Club; Intramurals-Chcmpion Football 1Civ1 81 Champion Baseball KM. HOLLEY, JOHNNIE Aerospace Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Band; Dish Air Force; 1A5. HOLLIS, JAMES ROBERT "Bob" M.E. Hallefisville Age 22; Class '63; Chairman AFS, Student Eng. Council; Ta1enf Committee. HOLMES, JOHNNY P. Education Coolidge Age 22; Class '63; Student NEA, Publicity Chairman. HOLT, WILLIAM A., JR. "Bill" C.E. Dallas Age 22; Class '63; Dallas HTC; ASCE. HOLUB, LEO DAVID M.E. El Campo Age 22; Class '63. HOPKINS, JOHN HOWARD Ill "Hop' English Boerne Age 20; Class '63; 1st. Lt. Sqd. 6; H111 Country HTC; Fencing Club; Badminton Club; Intramural Manager. HOPKINS, DONALD WAYNE "Don" I.T. Houston Age 20; Class '63; Industrial Ed. Society; Sam Houston HTC. I HORD, ROBERT PAUL Zoology Age 22; Class '62; Bosque County HTC. HORN, HULEY JOE Economics Age 22; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; SCONA VI, VII, VIII; Chairman Program Com; miHee SCONA V111; Ross Volunteers; Delegate SCUSA X111; Arts 3 Sciences Council; Economics Club; Young Rep. Club, Chairman; Scholastic 591. 2nd. Baffle Group; Scholasfic Officer, 151 Brigade. HOSKINS, HARRY THOMAS, JR. B.A. Fort Worfh Age 21; Class '63; Varsity Golf Team; Studenf Dorm Council. HOTARD, ERNEST PAUL History Bryan Age 21; Class '63; History Society. HOTCHKISS, DOUGLAS GRAHAM "Doug' Accounting Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63; Student Senate Issues Chairman; Sec.-Treas., Corpus Christi HTC; 12th. Man Bowl Chairman; Young Rep. Club; Alpha Phi Omega; D.S.; Wesley Foundation; SCONA V11, VHI; Area Finance Chairman, SCONA V111; Accounting Society. HOWARD, JAMES BAILEY "Jamie" Accounting Tyler Age 21; C1055 '63; Accounting Society; SchoIosfic Officer, Co. E-Z; Pres., Tyler-Smifh County HTC. l xxx ix x RM Xx, L ' I IV W II Carrizo Springs M MN Xx Xxxxx W6 HOWARD, VOLNEY WARD Wildlife Mgf. Age 21; Class '63; AOA; Fish and Game Club. HOYLAND, ROBERT JOHNSON 111 "Bob" Vef. Med. Arcadia Age 22; Class '63; Student Chapter AVMA. HOZA, RICHARD GARY Ag. Engr. Spring Branch '63, Freshman Ag. Society; Spring Branch HTC; Student Branch of Am. Age 21; Class Society of Ag. Engr.; ASAE Sec. HUDSON, GORDON WILLIS Ill Uvalde B.A. Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Society. HUG, JAMES FRANCIS Ind. Engr. Age 23; Class '63; AHE. HUGHES, WILLIAM HOWARD "Bill" Center Accounfing Age 21; Class '64. IIAIII Amarillo Longview HUGHLETT, ALFRED WAYNE Agr. Engr. Age 22; Class '63; Chaploi'n 15?. Chairman Soil Conservation Society; Student Agr. HTC. Brigade; Chancellor Alpha Zeta; Pres. Agr. Engr. Sociefy; Council; Student Engr. Council; AmariHo Bryan HUGHES, DONALD GLYNN MSC Dance Marketing Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Committee; Co. K-2. Palacios HULEN, HARRY Physics Age 20; Class '63. "Yuma" Houston Society; Saddle 6 Business Society; Insurance Society; HUMBER, JOHN YORK A.H. Age 21; Class '63; Cadet Maior; Adiutanf 3rd. Brigade; Sirloin Club; Young Republicans Club; Bellaire HTC. HUMPHREY, JIMMY L. Ch.E. Age 25; Class '63; Sr. Rep. AICHE; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Student Engineers Council; Universal DH Products Scholarship; D.S. HUMPH'RIES, WILLIAM LEONARD Bus. Adm. Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Navarro County HTC; Marketing Society; SCONA VII, VIII; Advertising Club; Intramural Mgr; Army Flight Program; Ilc' R.Il Borger Pre-Vef. llJimll Grand Prairie "Bill" Corsicana HUNTER, CHARLES RICHARD Arch. Age 21; Class '63; DS; Berger HTC. HUNTER, DONALD THOMPSON "Don" Aero. Houston D.S.; Student Eng. Council; TSPE; Phi Eta Sigma; IAS; Spring Branch HTC. Age 21; Class '63; Aggielancl Staff; Pres. Sigma Gamma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Ross Volunteers; DMS; HUNTER, RONALD DOUGLAS Education Class '63; Gymnastics Team; Bowling Committee; Meteorological Society; Arts Age 21; 3 Science Council; Aggieland Staff; Aggie Players; Student Ed. Assoc. Houston HUNTINGTON, BOB NEIL Plainview B.A. Age 21; Class '63; Varsity Football. llEdII Tolar HUSTON, JAMES EDWARD Range Mgt. Age 21; Class '63; Range and Forestry Club. "Hutch" Itasca HUTCHESON, DAVID PAUL Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '63; AVMA, Hill County HTC. IlBiIlII Anahuac mix HUTTON, WILLIAM CURTIS CE. 6 Gen. Bus. Age 22; Class '63; Society of Am. Military Engineers, Am. Society of Civil Engineers. HUTTON, WELFORD SAMUEL CE. 8: B.A., Age 22; Class '63; ASCE. HUTTON, JERRY BOB Abilene Aerospace Age 22; Class '63; Institute of Aerospace Sciences; Jr. Rep. Engineer Council. N W xxx Alvin W 1W 6W 1x HYER, DELL MACK Belfon Marketing Age 21; Class Sr.; Marketing Society; Bell County HTC. ISISON, JAMES LAWRENCE "Larry" M.E. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Scholastic Officer; D-2 American Society of ME; Society of Automotive Eng.; St. Thomas of Houston HTC; Newman Club. IRISH, BILL R. W.M. Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Bell County HTC; Fish 6 Game Club. Temple ISAACSON, ROBERT DONALD "Bob" Insurance Houston Age 21; Class '63; Insurance Society; Marketing Society; AOA; Athletic Manager; Aggie- land Staff. JACK, JAMES TERRY Finance Bellevue, Neb. Age 21; Class '63; SOS Club; Social Chairman, SCONA IV. JACKSON, ARNOLD 3., JR. Math. Marlin Age 28; Class '63; Math Club. JAECKLE, TIMOTHY J. "Jake" Accounting San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Pres. San Antonio HTC; 131. Wing Color Guard; Accounfing Society; Newman Club. JAMAIL, GERALD A. "Camel Jack" B.A. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Jr. Rep. Arfs 6 Science Council; Trees. Marketing Society; Am. Marketing Assoc. JAMES, ROBERT EDWARD "Bob" Chemistry Fayeffeville Age 22; Class '63; German Club; Chemistry Club; Westminster Student Fellowship. JANERT, HERBERT C. B.A. Age 22; Class '63,- Business Society; Marketing Society; San Antonio HTC. JAROSZ, KENNETH EARL "Rozy" M.E. 8. BA. Waco Age 22; Class '62; Society of Automotive Eng.; ASME; Wrestling Club; Waco HTC; FIP; Sigma Omega Tau; 2nd. Group Staff; Flying Cadets; Insurance Society. JENKINS, PAUL A. JR. Ag. Ed. Rockdale Age 21; Class '64. JENSEN, DENNIS WAYNE Vef. Med. Age 21; Class '63; AVMA. JESTER, RICHARD 5. Vet. Med. Age 21; Class '63; AVMA. JEWELL, ELMER MARTIN San Antonio "Tiny" Palacios "Coon" Jennings, La. "Bear" l.T. Athens Age 23; Class '62; Industrial Educafion Society; InterFaith Council; lnframural Manager. JEWETT, HARRY BERKEY Ill "Bubba" Arch. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Design Student Society; Best Drilled Fresh. 2nd. Wing. JOHN, ROYER, McK. History Houston Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; 151 Brigade; Fish Drill Team; Pres. Assoc. Former Fish Drill Team; AOA; SAME; Quartermaster Assoc. JOHNS, HERBERT KIMBROUGH "Kim" Accounring College Station Age 21; Class '63; Besf-Drilled Fresh.; Accounting Society; Bus. Society; MSC Bowling Comminee; Badminton Club; Handball Slub, Vice Pres.; Dist. AFROTC Cadet. JOHNSON, JAMES E. "Jimmy' Pyschology Bellaire Age 21; Class '63; Geophysics Scholarship; Student Senate; Election Commission; Ross Volunteers; Outstanding Jr. 3rd. 86; Alpha Zeta Honorary Fraternity; Cadet Court "B"; Bellaire HTC; Sociology Club. JOHNSON, KENNETH CULBER "K. C." Business Age 22; Class '63; Browsing Library Committee; Marketing Society; Bus. Society. JOHNSON, THOMAS VERNON "T. V." Economics Houston Age 22; Class '63; Economics Club; Spanish Club; Son: of Service Club; Athletics Officer Sqd. 10, 1st. Lt Sqd. 10; Best Drilled Soph. JOHNSTON, GEORGE ANTHONY Ch.E. Piedras Negras, Mex. Age 22; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Am. Institute of Chem; Engr.; Pan American Club; Eagle P055 HTC; Student Senate. JOHNSTON, KENT MYRON I.T. Waco Age 22; Class '63; Civilian Student Council ASME; Aggie Band; Battalion Staff writer; I. Ed. Society; American Foundryman's Society; Drum 81 Bugle Corps. JONES, CLAUDE R. "Randy" Physics 8. Mam. New Boston D.S.; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics Club; Pres. Russian Club; Ross Volunteers; Former Students Assoc. Scholarship; Town Hall; Corps Staff; Brazos County ROA Award; 2nd. Wing Commander; Who's Who; Air Force Assoc. Silver Award. JONES, ROBERT HENRY "Bob" Physics DeKaIb Age 25; Class '62; American Institute of Physics; Secretory, Sigma Pi Sigma; Physics; D.S. JONES, ROBERT LEE l.T. Channelview Age 26. JORDAN, WILLIAM HENRY, JR. "Bill" Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '63,- ROTC; Accounting Society; Pre-Lcw Sociefy; Newman Club. I Amarillo JOVENTINO, IRAN COE Ch.E. Aracofi-Ce-Brazil Age 23; Class '63; Dorm Student Council. KAPPEL, RAY ALLEN "Snake" C.E. New Braunfels Age 21; Class '63; C. 0., Co A-2; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; R. V. Platoon Leader; Centex HTC Pres,; D.M.S.; D.S1; Sons of Amer. Rev. Award. KARRER, DAVID LESLIE "Kike" Insurance Spring Branch Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Spring Branch HTC; Exec, Off. Band; Insurance Society; Vice Pres. Film Socie1y; Leadership Conference. KAY, IRWIN HOWARD "Fish" E.E. Galveston Age 25; Class '63; AIEE, Head Waiter, Dorm Master Dorm 15; Dorm Council Milner Hall; Athletic Officer Milner. KEELING, JOE LYNN "Stump" Markering Houston Age 21; Class '63; Reagan of Houston HTC; Accounting Society; Marketing Society; Ross Volunteers; Supply Sgt. 2nd. Group Staff. KEITH, MARSHALL DALE M.E. Borger Age 22; Class '64; ASME. KELLER, FREDERICK LEE "Freddy" M.E. Bartlett Age 21; Class '63; ASME; D.M.S1; SAME. KELLER, JAMES LEWIS "Jim" P.E. Terrell Age 21; Class '63; Varsity Football 8; Basketball; Ross Volunteers; Pres. Heallh 81 Physical Ed. Club; T-Assoc.; Who's Who; Nominee for Southwesf Conf. Academic Team. KELLER, PAUL R. Gen. Bus. Atlanta, Ga. Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Insurance Society; Scholastic Officer; Wash. D. C., Metropolitan Area HTC Pres. KELLY, EMMETT G. Wildlife Mgf. El Paso Age 25; Gem '62. KELLY, WALTER O'QUIN Wildlife Mgr. Port Lavaca Age 22; C1ass '63; Vice Pres. Game 6 Fish Club. KEMP, BILLY JOE "B. J." Gen. Bus. Lon Age 24; Class '63; Hart Hall Dorm Council, Treas.; Pre-Law Society; Public Relations Officer; Pre-Lcw Rep. to Arts 81 Science Council; Marketing Society. KENDRICK, NORMAN C., JR. "Tiny" LT. Phillips Age 25; Class '60; Fresh. Football LeHer; Ind. Ed. Society. KENDRICK, TOMMY JAMES Geology San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Geology Club; MSC Camera Committee 1Salon V Chairman1. KENNERLY, THOMAS H. "Doc 81 TK" Finance Spring Branch Age 21; Class '63; Economics Society; Spring Branch HTC; Arts 81 Sciences Council; Pre-Law Society; Swimming Team; Dorm Rep. Hart Hall; Swimming Team. KENNINGHAM, PHIL HAGIN Bus. Adm. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Society. KERLEY, WILLIAM CLYDE History Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Drill Team; American Ordnance Assoc; Corps Color Guard; 4th. BaHle Group Staff; Social Chairman BSU; Dallas HTC; Miss. Valley Hisforical Society. KIDWELL, KEITH ROBERT Ag. Ed. Bryan Age 22; Class '62; Rodeo Club Regional Director of Not. lnter-Collegiale Rodeo Assoc. Big Thicket HTC; Baptist Student Union; Business Society; Accounting Society. KILLION, BOBBY KEITH "Butch" Alpine B.A. Age 21; Class '63. KING, CHARLES RAY "Charlie" Marketing Livingston Age 21; Class '63; Alpha Phi Omega; Markeiing Society; Vice-Chairman MSC Public Relations Comm. KING, JAMES PAUL Arch. Const. Odessa Age 21; Class '63; Code! Major, Exec., 151. 801116 Group Siaff; Ross Volunteers; SAME; Assoc. Gen. Contractors; Design Student Society; Odessa HTC. KING, WILLIAM EDWARD "Bill" M.E. El Paso Age 21; Class '63; El Paso HTC Pres.; Presbyterian Student Assoc. State Pres.; Ross Volunteers; Outstanding Fresh. Award; Dept. of the Army Award; Cabot Carbon Scholarship; D;M.S.; ASME. KNAPP, WILLIAM SCOTT H.81P.E. Galveston Age 21; Class '63; PE Club; Low Hull Dorm Council; Dorm Pres.; Aggie Sweet Heart Selection Committee; TAHPER. KNOX, ELDON BECK A.H. Coleman Age 22; Class '63. KOEGL, KENNETH WAYNE "Ken" Accounting Abilene Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Eng. Society; Newman Club; Abilene HTC; Accounting Society; Ross Vol. KORBELL, JOHN CHARLES "Johnny' CE. 8. English San Antonio ageb 21; Class '63; Dist. Air Force Sfudenf; ASCE; ASME; South West Tex. HTC; Newman u . KORENEK, EDWIN JOHN Ag. Ed. El Campo Age 21; Class '63; Track; Cross-Country; Pres. Wharfon County HTC; Newman Club; Collegiate FFA; Aggie Chapter Soil Conservation Society. I KORENEK, VICTOR JOHN "Vic" Markefing Baytown Age 22; Class '63; Civilian Student Council; Honor Council; Legetf Hall Dorm Council; Baytown HTC. KORNFUEHRER, DOUGLAS E. "Doug" Ind. Ed. Weesafche Age 21; Class '63; Ind. Educ. Club; Student Safety Society. KOYM, LOUIS CARL "L. C." M.E. Shertz Age 21; Class '63. KRAMM, RAYMOND E. B.A. 6Per. MgJ San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Football Varsity. KRAUSE, MALCOLM MALOY B.P.M. New Ulm Age 22; Class '63; BPM Club, Vice Pres.; Marketing Society; Student Chamber of Com- merce; Lutheran Student Assoc.; Intramural Manager. KRAWETZ, HARRY ALEX l.T. San Antonio :9e 21; Class '63; Industrial Education Society; Camera Club; Dorm Council; Editor of DPS. KREBS, JOHN PHILLIP "John" Physics Victoria Age 21; Class '63; Finance Chairman SCONA VII, VIII; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Physics Club; Corps Scholastic Office; R V. KRENEK, BEN J. M.E. El Campo Age 22; Class; '63. KREYMER, JOHN W. Personnel Adm. Wylie Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; D.$. KUYKENDALL, CHARLES WILLIAM "Charlie" E.E. Denison Age 21; Class '63; Phi Era Sigma; Scuba Diving. KUYKENDALL, JOHN LLOYD A.H. Cherokee Age 22; Class '63; Jr. 8. Sr. Livesfock, Meals 8: W001 Judging Teams; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Leia; Ag. Council; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club, Pres. 3 Sec. LABAY, JOSEPH JACOB Range Mgf. Louise Age 23; Class '62; Range 8. Forestry Club; Attendance Chairman R8f Club. LAMAR, PERCIE LEE HI Food. Tech. Lambert, Miss. Age 21; Class '63; Horticulture Society; Am, Society of Horticulturer Collegiate Branch. LAMB, ELTON K. JR. Vet. Med. Age 21,- Class '63. LAMPRECHT, WILLIAM OTTO, JR. "Bill" Agronomy Taft Age 21; Class '63; Agronomy Society; Physical Ed. Sociefy; San-Re-Bee HTC; Aggie Band; Athletic Officer; Bowling League Pres. Waco LANDERS, JOHN BROOKS E.E. Menard Age 21; Class '63; Band; Drum 8. Bugle Corps; Ross Volunteers; AIEE-IRE; San Angelo- Wesr Texas HTC; Russian Club; Houston 1Chamber of Commerce1 Military Affairs Award. LANGER, RODNEY E. Finance Pasadena Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volun'eers; Insurance Sociefy; ADA, Pasadena HTC; Townholl Staff; Honor Council. LATTA, EDWIN FRANKLIN "Teddy" Wildlife Mgr. 8: Ag. Jour. Beaumont Age 22; Class "62; Fish 8. Game Club;' Beaumont HTC; Sigma Delta Chi; Aggie Band; Society of ABM Journalists; Army Flight Program; Wildlife Journalism Scholarship; The Agriculturisf; Agricultural Communications Club. LAWRENCE HUGH PAT "Pat" Accounfing Lufkin Age 21; Class '63; Singing Codefs; D.S.; Accounting Society,- Executive Officer, Co. E-2; Lufkin-Angelina HTC. LAWS, RICHARD BASCAM "Rick" Boise, Idaho M.E. Age 29; Class '63. LEACH, MICHAEL DALE "Mike" M.E. Houston Age 21; Class '63; ASME; TSPE; Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi; Varsity Swimming Team; Spring Branch HTC; Civilian Day Student Council; Twelfth Man Bowl Football Team; D.S. "LaBuff" LE BOEUF, JOE SALE Houston LT. .Age 21; Class '63; American Foundryman's Society; Ind. Education Club. LEDNICKY, BERNARD 1.. West M.E. Age 21; Class '63; Newman Club; Student Engr. Council; ASME, Pres.; Freshman Engr. Society. LEMMON, HARMON G. "Glynn" OdeSSa Marketing Age 21; Class '63; 6111. Battle Group Staff; Odessa HTC; Markeling; Insurance Socie1y; Semper SCONA; Great Issues Committee; Pres. Fidelis Society. LETBETTER, LARRY EUTHER Ag. Ed. Age 21; Class '63; Collegiate FFA Chapter. LETBETTER, WILLIAM D. Physics College Station Age 22; Class '63; Vice Pres. Sigma Pi Sigma; Vice Pres. Russian Club; Phi Kappa Phi; Day Student Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Rifle Team. LEWIS, JAMES C. '"LUIU" Arch. 8. Eng; Dumas Age 22; C1055 '63; Aggie Players; ASME; Afhlefic Officer; Baptist Student Union; Design Student Society. LEWIS, JAMES E. Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Sociery; Bus. Society; and Sciences Council; Phi Kappi Phi. LILES, EDWIN DWAIN "Buck" San Antonio Range Mgr. Age 22; C1055 '61; Range 3 Forestry Club; Collegiale FFA; Fencing Club; Interfaith Council; Christian Science Organization; Ag. Council. LINCECUM, JERRY BRYAN English Marquez Age 20; Class '63; Phi Etc: Sig'ma; Great Issues Committee; English Society; Who's Who. San Saba "Billie" IIJimIl Bryan Accounting Society; Sr. Rep. Arts "Ed" LINSEISEN, EDWARD A. Waller Ag. Eco. Age 22; Class '62; Sec. Dorm Council; Ag. Eco Club; Newman Club. LIPSCOMB, LINTON THOMAS "Big Daddy" I. Ed. Houston Age 28; Class '57; Student Eng. Council; Pres. Industrial EducaHon Society; Am. Foundry- mons Society; Ind. Ed. Safety Committee; SCONA. LISTON, HARRY EUGENE E.E. Age 22; Class '63; AIEE-IRE. Terrell LOCKE, LARRY JONES Ch. E. 6 Eng. Age 21; Class '62. LOCKE, JOE LARRY B.A. Age 21; Class '63; Brazos Co. HTC; Insurance Club. LOGAN, GEORGE FREDERICK Chf. Age 22; Class '63; AlChE; Waco-McLennan County HTC; Corp Color Guard. Del Rio Bryan LOPEZ, BENITO Arch. Matamoros, Tams., Mex. Age 23; Class '62; Intramural Manager; Soccer Team 1co-cap1uin1; Pan Am. Club. LOVICK, JAMES S. Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '63; Deep Eas1 Texas HTC; Pre-Vet Society; AVMA. LOW, THOMAS J. ROBERT "Jay" M'E' West Palm Beach, Fla. Age 22; Class '63; ASME; Engr. Society; South LG. HTC; Executive Officer Sqd. 3. "Jimmy" Longview LOWRY, LACEY BYRON Accounting Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society; Matagorda HTC; Puryear Hall Dorm Council. Palacios LUHM, FRED "Fred" Ind. Engr. E1 P650 Age 21; Class '63; Cadel L1. COL; Engineers; American Marketing Assoc; Wesley Fqundution; YMCA. LYERLY, JAMES MILFORD B.A. Age 21; Class '63; Reagan HTC; Fish Drill Team; Marketing Society. Third Brigade Staff; American Institute of Industrial Flying Kaders; El Paso HTC; Interfaith Council; IlJimII Houston LYLE, CLAYTON BANE "Bane" M.E. Alexandria, Va. Age 22; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Sqd. C.O.; Dist. A.F. Cadet; ASME; SAME; Bonfire Comminee; Cadet Court; Pres. Wash. D. C. HTC. MACEO, VINCENT GEORGE "Wop" Galveston Gen. Bus. Age 21; Class '63; Bus. Society; Marketing Society; Newman Club; Wrestling Team; Galveston HTC. MAC PHERSON, JACK FORD M.E. Age 24; Class '63; ASME 81 ASM. 1 1 Shreveport, La. 3ENIOPS MAC TAVISH, WILLIAM KLARE "Sandy" Math. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; 151. Sgt. of Company C-3; Pre-Med Pre-Dent Society; Sec. of Reagan-Wolfrip HTC; Ross Vqunleers. MADDOX, EDWIN THOMAS "Eddie" E.E. Age 21; Class '63; AIEE-IRE; D.S.; Toylor-Smith County HTC MADURA, DAVID CHARLES "Dave" P.E. Age 21; Class '63; Panhandle HTC; Physical Ed. Club; TAHPER. MAGERS, JAMES HUGH "Gyro" History Abilene Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Arts 6 Sciences Council; Pres. T.S.E.A.; MSC Directorate; Singing Cadets; SCONA Vlll. MAHAND, KENNETH RAY "Ken" Pre-Law Sulphur Springs Age 20; Class '61; Young Rep.; Pre-Law Society; AusfinJones of Houston HTC; D.SA MALTBY, JAMES WILLIAM "Stonewall" Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society. MANLEY, JAMES MITCHELL "Mitch" Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society. MARABLE, MAX E.E. Athens Age 27; Class '63; Eta Kappa NU; Electrical Engr. Honor Society; German Club; Le Club Parisien; AIEE. MARCONTELL, CALVIN E. "Littlest Cajun" Accounfing Port Arthur Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Engineering Society; Accounting Society; Port Arthur HTC; Pres.; Best Drilled Soph. Outfit; Intramural Swimming. MAREK, GLENN WAYNE Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '63. Tyler Tulia De Leon Greenville Temple MAVERICK, JOHN FROST M.E. Age 24; Class '63. MARGRAVE, MICHAEL WADE "Mike" Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Law Society; Accounting Society; Newman Club; D,S; Houston Phoenix, Ariz. MARGRAVES, ROSS D., JR. "Ross" Business Houston Age 21; Class '63; 15?. L1. Sqd. 16; Flight Commander; SCONA VII; Business Society,- Pre-Law Society; Lamar of Houston HTC. MARMOLEJO, MOE Arch. Mexico Age 21; Class '63; Clayton Scholarship; D.S.; Design Student Soc.; Pan American Club; Pan Amer. Week Camera Committee; SCONA VIII. MARSHALL, JAMES HAROLD Educafion Vicforia Age 21; Class '63; Fish Yell Leader; Fish Baseball Mgr.; Guadalupe Valley HTC; Student NEA. Future Co-ed ponders Board's decision, and plans her assault on A6M 9" mx nwwxw; 3m? MARSHALL, JOHN KENNETH English Age 21; Class '63. MARSHALL, ROY CLIFTON 1:522; Class '63; H; a; 9.5; Moiors Club. MARSHALL, RONALD W. P.E. "Johnny" Dallas "Roy" Eagle Lake "Ronnie" Bryan Age 22; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; P.E. Maiors Club, Sec.-Trecs.; Arts 6 Science Council; CO. Sqd. 15. MARTIN, CARL R. Entomology Age 23; Class '63. MARTIN, HARRY BOB Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '63; Ag.Eco. Club. MARTIN, LIONEL JEROME C.E. Llano "Possom" Spur "Lionel" Houston Age 23; Class '61; St. Thomas HTC; Newman Club; AISCE Corp. MARTIN, TRUMAN FREDERICK Animal Science Age 22; Class '63. MARTINEZ, JOSE EDWARDO M.E. "Freddy" San Marcos "Ed" Laredo Age 19; Class '63; Tau Beta Pi; SAE; ASME; Laredo HTC. MATHEWS, NOLAN BARRY I.T. Daingerfield Age 22; Class '62; l. Ed. Society; Bowling Committee. MATHIS, ROBERT NEIL History IlBobll Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Fresh. Eng. Society; History Society. D.S. MAULDIN, CHARLES RAYMOND Advertising Bryan Age 22; Class '63; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pres. Society of A8.M Journalists; Arts 81 Sciences Council; Alpha Delta Sigma; Society A8M Journalists; Phi Eta Simgo. MAURER, CHARLES HENRY E.E. Age 22; Class '63; of Prof. Eng.; HiH County HTC. MAXWELL, DAVID GEORGE Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '63. MAXWELL, JOHN REED Geology Age 22; Wrestling. Class '63; MAXWELL, THOMAS McCAWLEY Ross Volunteers; Geology Club, Wichita "Charley" Kerrville Newman Club; Arn. Society of E.E.; Texas Society Devers llJackll Dallas Falls HTC; Air Force ROTC; Intramural "Max" Age 22; Class '62; Sr. 81 Fifth' Year Representative, Track Team; Industrial Education Society. MAY, ALBERT LEONARD Educafion Age 21; Class '63; Social Chairman. MAYO, CHARLES LAWRENCE Agronomy Age 21; Class '63; MAYS, WILLIAM R. Ch. E. M-Band, Cpl., Ung SN EA; Sherman History Society; Grayson County HTC "Larry" Taft Kilgore Age 21; Class '63; AlChE; Phi Eta Sigma. MCAVOY, EDWARD JOHN I.T. Age 21; Class '63; Industrial Education Homestafe Club, Pres.; D.S.; Freshman MCCANN, DONALD RALPH Personnel Adm. Age 21; Class '63; Dallas HTC. MCCLINTON, GAYLON M. Ed. and Psy. Age 21; Class '63; Education Club. Marketing Soc.; Ross MCCOLLOUGH, RALPH ALDEN LECI. Age 22; Class '62; 2nd Lt. Co. 6-1, SAME; l. Intramural Athletics Mgr. MCCOOL, BRYAN DWAYNE Sociology Age 24; Class '60. MCCOY, BILLY G. Accounting Society; Engineering Dorm Council; Volunteers; "Bear" Hot Springs, Ark. Foundrymen's Society; Ark. Flight Leader Sqd1 10. American Society; Dallas Intramural Mgr.; Sons of Service: IIMaCll Kennard Student D.M.S.; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Houston Ed. Society; Reagan of Houston HTC, Pres.; Corpus Christi IIBiIlII Marietta Age 21; Class '61; Northeast Texas HTC; F11. Commander Sqd. 15; Accounting Society. MCCOY, MILTON DAVIS "Bud" Marketing Bryan Age 22; Class '62; Judo Club; Marketing Society; ROTC. MCCRARY, RONEY G. "M81" Age 20; Class '63; Industrial Education Society; Bay Area HTC; Safety Society; Dove Beck Award. MCDANIEL, LYNDON PAUL "Mac" Ag. Ed. Hemphill Age 21; Class '63; Collegiate FFA. MCGALLIARD, MARSHALL DALE "Shep" Ag. Eco. Spur Age 22; Class '63; Singing Cadefs; AVMA; D.S. MCGLOTHLIN, JAMES ORA "Jim" M.E. Houston Age 24; Class '60. MCKEEN, WILLIAM R. "Bill" CE. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; ASCE; SAME; Chi Epsilon Fraternity. McKNIGHT, JOE TRUMAN Vet. Med Longview Age 21; Class '63; Singing Cadets; AVMA; D.S. MCLEAN, DONALD GALE "Don" Marketing San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Drill Team; Best Drilled Freshman, Sqd. 7; Marketing Society. MCLEOD, HUGH MILTON M.E. 8; B.A. Houston Age 21; Class '63; SAME, ASME, Town Hall Staff,- Belloire HTC, Pres.; Aggie Code of Conduct Committee; Scholastic Officer, Sqd. 11; D.S. MCN1AHAN, M. KENT "Socrates" C.E. Houston Age 23; Class '61; Staff Sgt. Sqd. 8; Bowling Team; St. Thomas of Houston HTC, Fres.; AICE; SCONA Ill; Camera Club M.S.C. Bowling Committee. MCMAHAN, WILLIAM R. "Bill" History Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Fish Drill Team; Editorial Asst. Texas A8M Review. MCMICHAEL, BOBBIE LEE Agronomy Age 22; Class '63; Inframural Manager; Bus. Mpnager, Agronomy Society. Chillicofhe MCNEES, ROBERT GEORGE "Knife" I.T. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; M-Band; 1nd. Ed. Society; K of C; San Antonio HTC; Band. 'McNElL, VANCE ARTHUR Finance Le Feria Age 21; Class '63; Sec. Semper Fidelis Club. MCWILLIAMS, GEORGE LOUIS "George" Ag. Eco. Texarkana Age 21; Class '63; Pres. A8Jv1 Wesley Foundation; Ag. Eco, Club; Ag. Council; Alpha Zefo Honorary Fraternity; Agriculturalisf Magazine; SCONA V111. MCWILLIAMS, JAMES LEE "Jim" Arch. Ballinger Age 21; Class '63. MEADE, RAMON "Ray" Ch.E. Houston Age 22; Class '63; AICHE; Pan AmerIcan Club. MEDLEY, EDWARD L. "Link" M.E. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Town Hall Staff. MEJIA, CARLOS V. "Chale" C.E. Laredo Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Phi Eta Sigma; ASCE; SCONA; Laredo HTC, Pres. MENCHACA, ARNOLD H. "Check" A.H. Lyfle Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; Saddle IL Sirloin Club; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC; D.S.; Jr. Meats Judging Team. MENKE, CHARLES ALBERT "Charlie" A.H. Hempstead Age 21; Class '63; Jr. Livestock Judging Team; Sr. Livestock Judging Team; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. MERRILL, SAM ALEC, JR. Accounting Houston Age 21; Classl'63; Accounting Society; Insurance Society. MERRITT, JOE C. "Joe" M.E. Colorado City Age 21; Class '63; ASME Honor Council. MclNTOSH, DENNIS KEITH "Mac" Animal Science Alief Age 22; Class '63; Freshman Class Officer; Collegiate 4-H Club; Student Senate; Ross Vol- unfeers; Alpha Zero. METKE, WINSTON DOUGLAS Arch. Consf. Bayfown Age 20; Class '63; AGC; SAME,- LSA. MEYER, JOHN H. "Johnny" Personnel Adm. Hondo Age 21; Class '636 MEYER, JOHN RAYMOND "Jack" Age 22; Class '63; Pres, Fish 6 Game Club; Chairman Student Ag. Council; Editorial Ass't Agriculturist; Alpha Zeta. MEYER, LEE M.E. Fredericksburg Age 21; Class '63. M1CHNA,JOHN LOUIS Ag. Eco. . Houston Age 22; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club; Acct. Society; American Ordinance Assn.; Newman Club; Milby of Houston HTC; Athletic Officer; CO. D-1. MIKESKA, DEAN PATRlCK Agronomy Rogers Age 22; Class '62; Agron. Society. MIKULEC, VICTOR "Vic" CE. Dallas Age 22; Class '62; AICHE; SAME; Wrestling Team; Best Drilled Fish A Inf. MILLER, CARROLL N. Accounting Silsbee Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Beaumont HTC; American Ordnance Society; Bugle Rank, Texas Aggie Bond. MILLER, EUGENE PETER "Gene" M.E. New Orleans, La. Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; ASME; C.O. Sqd. 9, 1st Sqd. 9. MILLER, FREDERICK R. "Fred" Agronomy Bangs Age 25; Class '63; Alpha Zeta; Agronomy Society Pres.; Agricultural Council; SCONA VIII; Recipient of Luther G. Jones Scholarship. MILLER, KARL JARMAN "Flash" Meteorology Big Spring Age 21; Class '63; American Meteorological Society; American Ordnance Assn; Athletic Officer B-2. MILLER, VIRGIL WHITE M.E. Stanton Age 21; Class '63; ASME; SAME; Flight Commander Sqd. 11,- Advanced AFROTC Cadet; Midland HTC; Freshman Engineering Society. MILLIGAN, DAVID LYLE "Dave" Accounting Peoria, Ill. Age 20; Class '63; Athletic 591.; Athletic Officer Sqd. 13. MILLS, CHARLES ALEXANDER "Charlie" Math Nederland Age 22; Class '63; Ex. Off. 15!. Gr. Staff; Ross Volunteers; Freshman Eng. Society; CO, Sqd; 3; MILLS, JERRY R. Meteorology Crane Age 21; C105; '63; Ross Volunteers American Meteorological Society; Commanding Officer Sqd. 4; First Sgt. Sqd. 4; Outstanding Soph. Sqd. 4; Color Guard. MILLS, JERRY W. "Tails" E.E. College Station Age 22; Class '62; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; D.S. MILLS, ROBERT LEE "Bob" Accounting Spring Branch Age 21; Class '63; M-Bond; Accounting Society; Spring Branch HTC; Christian Science Org, Prey; Drum and Bugle Corp. MIMS, LARRY G. Insurance San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Insurance Society; Sons of Service. MINYARD, JAMES CLIFTON "Jim" M.E. Dallas Age 20; Class '63; Am. Society of M,E.; SAE; Dallas HTC; S.A.M. MISTRETTA, BERNARD "Bernie" Vet. Med. Baton Rouge, La. Age 24; Class '61; Student Chapter AVMA; Alpha Zeta; S.E.C.; Livestock Judging Team. MITCHELL, ROBERT EUGENE, JR. "Mitch" Journalism Comfort Age 22; Class '63; Society of A8.M Journalists; Sec. Hill Country HTC; Sons of Service. MOFFITT, EARL A. A.H. Amarillo Age 21; Class '63; Saddle 3 Sirloin Club. MOGFORD, JOHN LAWRENCE, JR. "Larry" Insurance Carrizo Springs Age 22; Class '62; Ins. Society. MOLIK, TERRY PAUL Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '63; Belloire HTC; Accounting Club. , 'X- 624 MONTGOMERY, ERNEST FITE Per. E. Marshall Age 22; Class '63; Student Engr. Council; A.I.M.; Petroleum Club; Sec.-Treas. Marshall HTC. MOODY, THOMAS NED "Ned" Chemisfry Mineola Age 21; Class '61; Singing Cadets; Arts 6 Sciences Student Council; Pres. Chemisfry Club. MOON, RONALD PATRICK "Ronnie" LE. Age 21; Class '63; D.S.; Head Drum Maior Aggie Band; Vice Pres. Amarillo HTC. MOONEY, ROBERT JAMES B.A. Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Ins. Society; Ins, Society; Dallas HTC MOORE, CHARLES WILSON, JR. "Charlie" I.E. McAllen Age 22; Class '62; Class Sec.-Treasurer; Election Commission; Ross Volunteers; Delegate 10 West Point SCUSA; Dallas HTC; SCONA; Canterbury Club. MOORE, GERALD CLINTON "Squaf Accounting San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; D.S.; Chairman Finnnrte 3 Supplies Committee. MOORE, JAMES LARRY Accounting Kilgore Age 21; Class '63; Gilgore HTC; Deep East Texas HTC; P1. Ldr. D-2; Accounting Society; Business Society. MOORE, JAROY Agronomy Age 21; Class '63. MOORE, LESLIE RAY Math. Age 24; Class '63; Chairman Chess Committee. MOORE, ORAN H., JR. Aero Age 28; Class '63; Tau Be'ra Pi; 1A5; Sigma Gamma Tau. MOORER, MILTON HALL Cf. Age 21; Class '63; Nacogdoches HTC; ASCE. MOORING, ELMER E., JR. "Bub" E.E. Texarkana Age 27; Class '58; Pres. Eta Kappa Nu; Sec. Institute of Radio Engineers; D.S.; SAME. MORA, FEDERICO SALDIVA Chf. Age 21; Class '63; AICHE; Ff. Bend County HTC, Pres. MORALES, ROGERIO D. M.E. Age 23; Class '64; ASME. of R.C. Baker Scholarships; N.S.F. Cooperative Fellowships. MORELAND, HENRY C., JR. Ind. Ed. Kingsland Age 23; Class '62; 1nd. Education; Engineers Council; Industrial Education Society Schol- arship; Iota Lamda Sigma, Reporter, MORGAN, JAMES H. "Jim" B.A. College Station Amarillo Dallas Pear Valley Westbrook Houston Nacogdoches Sugar Land Corpus Age 22; Class '63; Insurance. MORGAN, JERRY D. "Don" M.E. Houston Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Befa Pi; Opportunity Award; Stuart A, Elbridge Age 22; Class '63; Vice Pres. TSPE; ASME; M.S.C. Council; Phi Kappa Phi; Fresh. Drill Team; Engineers Council; MORRIS, BEN LOUIS Geol. Engr. Age 21; Class '63; Vice Pres. Geology Club. Reagan MORROW, JOHN MITCHELL 111 Ag. Engr. Hooks Age 21; Class '63. MOSS, GARY GRANT Math. Midland age; 22; Class '63; Dist. Air Science Coder; Opportunity Scholarship; Midland HTC; Math U . MOTHEREAL, STERLING F. Accounting Age 21; Class '63; Eecufive 0H,; D.S.; Accounting Society; San Antonio HTC. MOWLAM, THOMAS JAMES Hisfory Age 29; Class '61; Design Student Soc. HTC; Jr. Warden Canterbury Association. MULL, RONALD L. Vet. Med. Age 27; Class '63; Student Senate Rep. Vet. Med. Class. MURPHY, ELLIS PATRICK "Pat" I.T. Houston Age 22; Class '63; 1st. Wings Staff; Ind. Ed. Society; Am. Ordnance Assn.; Reagan of Houston HTC. "Buddy" San Anfonio "SCOOP" Corsicana ; M.S.C. Creative Arts Committee; Navarro County De Leon Say, Ma, buy me one of those. MURRAY, DONALD JACKSON "Slim" Markeiing Beaumont Age 23; Class '63; Marketing Society; Beaumont HTC. MUSACHIA, VINCENT SAMUEL "Vince" B.A. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Business Society; Insurance Society; Am. Ordnance Assn.; Supply Sgt. Ath. Officer; Marketing Society; St. Thomas HTC, Sec. MUSSELMAN, DAVID 15., JR. A.H. Victoria Age 22; Class '62; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; D.S. MYERS, RANDOLPH PETER "Randy" Arch. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Sec.-Treas. 8. Vice Pres. B'nai B'rith Hillel Founda'ion. MYRICK, JAMES ALBERT "Bert" Pre-Denr Falfurrias Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Med, Pre-Dent Society. NASH, JAMES CARROLL 11 "Spud" Ag. Eco. Leona Age 21; Class '63; Agricultural Economics Club, Reporter. NEELY, LEONARD CHARLES, JR. "Chuck" Marketing San Antonio Age 22; Class '62; Marketing Society; Business Society; Accounting Society; San Antone HTC. NELSON, ARTHUR FOSTER "Foster" Accounting Brownwood Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Pecan Valley HTC. NELSON, ROBERT D. "Ozzie" Ag. Eco. Pearland Age 21; Class '63; Brazorio County HTC; Ag. Eco. NELSON, TOM K. "T.K." B.A. Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Sr. 8. Jr; Yell Leader; 15?. Sgt. Ross Volunteers; BesLDriIled Fish 81 Soph., Squ 1; Great Issues Comm.; Sec.-Treas. Business Society; A8.M Parachute Club; Newman Club; Sr. Court "8"; Pres. Semper Fidelis Society. NUEGEBAUER, WILLIAM E. "Bill" Per. E. El Paso Age 21; Class '63; MSC Directorate. NEUMANN, DONALD BARNETT "Don" Education Chilton Age 21; Class '63; Singing Cadets; chl. Education Assn.; Civilian Chaplain; President's Chapel Committee. '2er NEUMANN, TERRY L. C.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; ASCE. NEW, NOAH EDWARD JR. C.E. Mexia Age 22; Class '62; Aggie Band; Fish YMCA Council; SCUBA; Bi-Stone HTC. NIGH, SAMUEL REUBCH "Sam" Finance Bryan Age 22; Class '62; Pre-Low Society. NICHOLAS, DONALD HERREN "Nick" CE. 3 BA. .San Antonio :1??? 20; Class '63; Aggie Bond Drum 2L Bugle Corps; SCONA VII; ASCE; TSPE; San Antonio NICHOLS, CHARLES LEE "Chuck" English Big Lake Age-21; Cliuss '63; Pre-Law Society; A.O.A.; Corps Intelligence Officer; Chancery Club; English Socxety; Ans 3 Science Council; Ross Volunteers; Cadet-Courts; Election Commis- son; Vice Pres. Jr. Class; Distinguished AFROTC Cadet. NIMITZ, ERNEST KING "Admiral" Range Mgr. Eldorado Age 21; Class '63; Range Plant Judging Team; Ass't Coach Range 6 Plan! Team; West Tex. HTC; Editor The Waterhole, Range 6; Forestry Club. NITSCH, EUGENE JOHN "Gene" M.E. Housfon Age 21; Class '63; Gamma Delta; Mitchell Dorm Council; ASME. NIX, WILLIAM IJ., JR. "Bill" English Canadian Age 21; Class '6'; Corps Commander; Caldwell Trophy; Outstanding Jr. in Corps; Ross Volunteers; Arts 3 Sciences Council; Honor Council; Pre-Med Society; English Society; Eastern Panhandle HTC; Le Cercle Francois,- Canlerbury Club; D.S.; D.M.S.; Who's Who. NIXON, FARRIS GLENN Range Mgf. Eldorado Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Range 6 Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Council Range Plant. NORWOOD, JAMES RICHARD "Jim" M.E. New Braunfels Age 21; Class '61; D.S.;Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; C.O. Squd. 12; OMS; Chicago Tribune Award; Ross Vqunteers; ASME; CenTex HTC. NOVOSAD, TED SEARCY English Normangee Age 20; Class '63; Pre-Med Pre-Denf Society; Singing Cadets. O'CONNOR, CHARLES J. "Charlei" History Tampa, Florida Age 21; Class '63. O'CONNOR, JOHN JOSEPH "Jack" Accounting New York City Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Pre Law $oc1e1y; Yankee HTC, Sec.; Intramural Athletic Director; D.S. OCKER, DONALD A. Ag. Eco. Corpus Chrisfi Age 21; Class '63; Exec. Officer Co. 6-3; Corpus Christi HTC; Agr. Eco. Club. ODEN, ANSON JOSEPH "Joe" Ag. Ed. Brookesmirh Age 22; Class '63; Saddle 6 Sir1oin Club; Collegiate FFA Chapter; Editor Saddle 6 Sirloin Yearbook; Sentinel FFA. ODDO, ANTHONY JOSEPH "Tony" P.E. Bayville, N.Y. Age 26; Class '63; Physical Ed. OFFIELD, HAROLD GENE M.E. Breckenridge Age 25; Class '59; ASME; SAE. OLDEN, JOHN MORGAN C.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Parachute Team; Intramural Manager; ASCE; SAME. OLIPHANT, JACK "Jack" E.E. Hurst Age 22; Class '63; Scholastic Officer of 2nd Wing; Fort Worth HTC; D.$.; Ross Volun- teers; Phi Em Sigma; Era Kappa Nu. OLIVER, EDIS TILDEN "Edis" M.E. Waco Age 21,- Cluss '63; Exec. Officer, Sqd. 11; Waco HTC; Cadet Code of Conduct Committee; ASME; SAME. OLIVER, NORMAN PRESTON M.E. Greenville Age 21; Class '63; ASME; SAE. O'MARA, BRIAN BORY "Tombs" Sociology San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Sociology Club; San Antonio HTC; Former Fish Drill Team Assoc. ORGAN, CHARLES BENJAMIN, JR. "C.B." Educafion Houston Age 22; Class '62; Fencing Team; Judo Club; Flying Cadets; SCUBA; White Band; Sam Houston of Houston HTC. OSBOURN, LARRY CECIL A.H. Valley Springs Age 21; Class '63; Jr. 3 Sr. Livestock 6 Meafs Team; Sr. Wool Team; Alpha Zeta; Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; Sec. OTTO, HAROLD REESE M.E. Warren Age 21; Class '63. PACKER, DON N. Accounfing Houston Age 21; Class '63; Gulf AAU Boxing; Lt. Heavy Chump; Pre-Low Society; Na1ional Chancery Society; Civilian Student Council; Day Student Council; Accounting Society; Spring Branch HTC; Pistol Team. PALMER, EDWIN PARRISH "Ed" Finance Nacogdoches Age 23; Class '62; Shelby-Doches HTC; Insurance Society; Intramural Manager. PARDUE, LON HUBERT M.E. El Dorado, Kans. Age 25; Class '63; ASME; Tau Beta Pi. PARK, ROSS A. Math. Amarillo Age 21; Class '63. PARRISH, JAMES ANTHONY "George" I.T. Houston Age 21; Class '63,- SAME; AOA; Belluire HTC; Newman Club. PATE, FRANCIS M. Hort. Duncan, Okla. Age 22; Class '63. PATE, ROBERT SHELTON "Bob" Vet. Med. Cenfer Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Vef Society; AVMA; Shelby-Doches HTC. PATRANELLA, KENNETH WAYNE Ag. Eco. Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Track Letter; Ag. Eco. Club. PAVLAT, EUGENE GILBERT Agronomy Holland Age 21; Class '63; Agronomy Society. PAYNE, HARRY ALAN Journalism Sulphur Springs Age 21; Class '63; Editor, The Battalion; Public Information Officer; Corps Sfaff; President A6M Press Ciub; Opportunity Award Scholarship. PAYNE, JAKE L. Wildlife Mgr. El Campo Age 22; Class '63; Fish 6 Game Club; Student NEA. PAYNE, NORMAN LEE Math. Age 21; Class '63. PEARCE, FRANK M. Economics Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63; M.S.C. Bowling Committee; Economics Club; Semper Fidelis Society; Corpus Christi HTC. PEARSON, HARVE DANIEL Math. Orange Age 21; Class '63. PENA, LUIS NINO "Louie" Zoology-Pre-Med San Antonio Age 25; Class '60; Pre-Dent 81 Pre-Med Society. PENROD, JOHN LEWIS "Punas" English San Antonio Age 20; Class '63; San Antonio HTC; Fencing Club; Ross Volunteers; Pan American Club; English Society; John Avery Lomax Folklore Society; Delegate SCONA Vll. PERCIFIELD, JOHN MICHAEL Ag. Educ. Alvarado Age 21; Class '63; Collegiate FFA Chapter; Aggie Bond. PERKINS, JERRY BOONE "Boone" I.T. Garesville Age 22; Class '63; Am. Foundryman's Society; Industrial Ed. Club. PEREZ, LEOPOLDO F. Aerospace Valencia, Spain Age 21; Class '63; IAS; Pan American Club; D.S. PERRY, LARRY M. B.A. Houston Age 22; Class '63. PERSYN, DAVID LEO PSS San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Agronomy Society; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC. PETERSON, ALFRED WILLIAM "Pete" Ag. Eco. Marshall Age 21; Class '63; Travel Committee; Wildlife Mgr. Club; Ag. Eco. PETERSON, RICHARD HENRY "Pete" Arch. Consrr. Texarkana Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band; AGC; Shreveport HTC; Texarkana HTC Sec. PETERSON, RONALD L. "Ronnie" Marketing Houston Age 21; Class '63; Business Administration; Marketing Society; Accounting Society; Amer- ican Ordnance Assn., Operations Officer, 15? Wing Staff. PETTY, ROBERT R., JR. "Bob" A.H. Sweetwater Age 22; Class 63; 15! Battle Group Staff; Alpha Zeta; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Agriculturist Staff; Jr. Wool Judging Team; Sr. Livestock Judging Team. PHILLIPS, PRESTON VANN l.E. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Singing Cadets; Committeeman SCONA VI, VII; Sec. SCONA VIII; Town Hall Staff. PICKARD, LlNDLEY ROY Sociology Henderson Age 21; Class '63; Sociology Club; Wildlife M91. Club; SCONA V111. PICKETT, DANIEL E. "Dan" C.E. Winnie Age 21; Class '63; ASME; SAME; Am. Ordnance Assn.; Apartment Council. PERSON, DAVID EARL "Dave" C.E. Tyler Age 21; Class '63; ASCE; Tyler Smith County HTC; 2nd Group Staff. PIGOTT, JAMES MICHAEL "Mike" I.T. San Antonio Age 22; Class '63. POLLARD, JOHN NORMAN "Johnny" English Bayfown Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Law Society; Young Republicans Club; Drum 8. Bugle Corps; Aggie Band; Boonwn HTC. POOL, K. DEAN "Dean" Ag. Eco. Lampasas Age 22; Class '63; Ag. Eco Club; Law Hall Dorm Council; Marketing Society; Agricul- furisf Staff; Collegiate 4-H. POOLE, JIMMY MICHAEL "Mike" Ag. Ed. Gilmer Age 21; Class '63; Law Hall Dorm Council; Collegiate FFA. POSEY, GEORGE WILLIAM Accounting Barfleft Age 23; Class '61; Accounting Society. POSTON, DON T. "Cadillac Kid" A.H. Waco Saddle 8x Sirloin Club. POTTER, CLARENCE HENRY, JR. Ag. Ed. Columbus 39:21; Class '63; Pre-Law Society; Young Republicans Club; Drum 8t Bugle Corps; Aggie an . POTTS, JAMES SOMNERS "Jimmy" Ag. Engr. Bryan Age 21; Class '63; American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Vice Pres. POWELL, GEORGE W. "Lee" Wildlife Mgt. Kopperl Age 20; Class '63; Agricultural Student Council; Dorm Council; Collegiate 4-H Club; Fish and Game Club Officer. POWERS, CHARLES K. "CK." Ch.E. Hot Springs, Ark. Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers, Exec. Oficer, Sqd. 6, Tngf., AlChE; Arkansas Hohestate Club. PRICE, ROBERT LEE "Bob" Ag. Ed. Uvalcle Age 22; Class '63; Collegiate FFA; Southwesf Texas HTC. PRICHARD, JOHN PAUL "Butch" Economics Canadian Age 21; Class '63; Economics Club; Opportunities Award Scholarship; D.M.S.; Wheeler County HTC. PRICKETTE, JOHN FOSTER Marketing Waco Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Business Sociefy; Insurance Society; Pres. Waco McLennan Coun1y HTC; Cadet Maior. PRITCHARD, ALLAN NEAL "Stump" C.E. 8: BA. Brownwood Age 22; Class '62; ASCE; Instifufe of Traffic Engr.; Aggie Band; Cadet Maior; Ross Volun- fears. PUCKETT, JOHN ENNIS "Pucks" Sociology Big Spring Age 22; Class '63; Treas. Sociology Club; Pres. Big Spring HTC; Flight C.O. Sqd. 14. PULLEN, GERALD GLEN I.Ed. Bayfown Age 23, Class '62; Iota Lambda Sigma; Ind. Ed. Club; A6M Radio Club. PULLIN, TERRY G. MicroBioIogy Taft Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers. QUISENBERRY, BOBBY RAY "Bob" Ag. Eco. Quanah Age 21; Class '63; Pres. Ag. Eco. Club; Collegiate 4-H Club; Ag. Council; lnter-Council; Alpha Zeta; Agriculturisf; Press Club; Who's Who. RABA, LAURENCE J. "Larry" Arch. San Antonio Age 22; Class '63. RABEL, HERBERT EMIL "Herb" Ag. Ed. Weimar Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Vef Sociefy; Newman Club; Fayette Colorado County HTC; Collegiate FFA; 3rd Brig. Staff. RABEL, WILLIAM H. "Bubba" Insurance Harlingen Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Ins. Soc., Vice Pres.; SCONA; Arts 8. Sciences Council; Drum 81 Bugle Corps; Aggie Band. RAMIREZ, ADOLFO, JR. "Speedy" C.E. Laredo Age 29; Class 63; ASCE; Laredo HTC. RANDOLPH, FRANK STEPHEN Ag. Ed. Junction Age 22; Class '62; Collegiate FFA. RATLIFF, BILLY T. "Bill" E.E. Glen Rose Age 26; Class '63; IRE; AIEE. RAY, JAMES EDWIN "James" English Conroe Age 21; Class '63; MSC Council IL Directorate; SCONA VII, VIII; Great Issues; TOWn Hal1; Ross Volunteers; Sons of Am. Revolution Award; Exec. Officer 2nd. Wing Disf. AFROTC Cadet; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; Montgomery County A6M Club Scholarship; Who's Who; Baptist Student Union. RAY, JOHN ALLEN, JR. Ind. Dist. Dallas Age 24; Class '60; 1. Ed. Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Zi Delta; SAME; ASME. REAGOR, BILLY HARVE "Harve' A.H. Llano Age 22; Class '63; Vice Pres. Saddle 8: Sirloin Club; Treas. Hill Country HTC; Livestock, Meets and Wool Judging Teams. RECTOR, KENNETH R. "Ken" E.E. Cactus Age 21; Class '63. REDDING, ROBERT GLEN "Bob" Ag. Ed. Waco Age 21; Class '63; Alpha Zeta; Collegiate FFA; Fresh. Agricultural Society; Waco McLennan HTC. REESE, ROBERT CHARLES Marketing Ballinger Age 24; Class '63; West Texas HTC; Business Society; Marketing Society; Insurance Society; Runnels County HTC. REEVES, HUME WIXOM, JR. "Skip" Accounting Fort Worth Age 24; Class '64; Accounting Society; D.S.; Trees. Canterbury Assn.; W.T. Leland Award. RESTIVO, JAMES ANDREW "Ovitser" Gen. Bus. Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Newman Club; Pan-American Club; Spanish Club; Vice Pres. French Club. REYNOLDS, RICHARD EUGENE Dairy Mfg. Corpus Christi Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Dairy Science Club; Delegate to Student Ag. Council; Borden Award for Scholarship. RHEA, DWAYNE WELDON "Weldon" Economics Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Fish Drill Team; First Sgt; Economics Club. RICE, BEN B. Physics Orange Age 27; Class '63. RICE, ROBERT ROLAND "Roly" M.E. Angleton Age 22; Class '63; ASME; TSPE; Tau Beta Pi. RICHARDSON, ARTHUR REGINALD "Reggie" Accounting Beaumont Age 21; Class '63; Deputy Corps Commander; Dist. AFROTC Coder, DAR Award; Houston Chamber of Commerce Award; D.S.; Accounting Society; Business Society; Ross Volunteers; Beaumont HTC. RICHARDSON, DAVID MCCANN Ch.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; AIChE; Ross Volunteers; Bonfire Committee. R1CHEY, ROBERT C. "Bob" Math 6 Met. Nederland Age 23; Class '63; Math Club; TAMSAMS; Mid County HTC; Milner Dorm Council; Civilian Student Council. RICHMOND, KIM "Spic" Marketing Mexico City Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Society. RIEGEL, ALLEN LEROY "Al" C.E. Shreveport, La. Age 25; Class '60; ASCE; Corp. vs Civilian Football; lntrumurals. RIOJAS, RAIMUNDO "Mundo" Ch.E. N. Rosita, Coah. Mex. Age 22; Class '63; Pan American Club; Singing Cadets; SCONA VI; SCUSA XIII; SCONA III; AIChE. RIORDAN, THOMAS G., JR. "Tom" M.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; ASME; San Antonio HTC. RIVERA, CARLOS M. Marketing San Jose, Costa Rica Age 22; Class '63; Soccer Team. ROBERTS, CARL WILLIAM "Bill" Range Mgr. Lockhart Range Plant Judging Team; Range 8. Forestry Club. ROBERTS, CURTIS BROOKS "Curt" Accounfing Dallas Age 21; Class '63; BPM Club; Arts 3 Sciences Council; Dallas HTC; Business Society; Insurance Club. ROBERTS, CLIFFORD RILEY Vet. Med. Wichita Falls Age 21,- Class '63; D.S.; Pre-Vef Society; Dance Commiffee; Great Issues Committee; MSC Directorate; Scholastic Off. 51h Bg. ROBERTS, RONALD CURTIS A.H. Tyler Age 21; Class '63. ROBERTS, W1LL1AM HENRY "Bill" B.P.M. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; BPM Club Arts :3 Sciences Council; Dallas HTC; Business Society Insurance Club. ROBISON, DAVID L. Finance Pecos Age 21; Class '63. RODGERS, JAMES O'DONNELL "Jimmy" CE. 8: B.A. Austin Age 21; Class '63; ASCE; Newman Club; Austin HTC. RODRIGUEZ, AUREUO RAMON "Rod" Gen. Bus. Laredo Age 24; Class '62; Laredo HTC; Marketing Society. RODRIGUEZ, JESUS L, JR. "Chuy" C.E. Laredo Age 23; Class '62; ASCE; Newman Club. ROGERS, JESSE A. "Jess" G.B.A. New Canaan, Conn. Age 21; Class '63; Housemaster Puryear Hall; Marketing Society; Puryear Hall Dorm Treas. ROGERS, J1MMY LEE "Jim" Vet. Med. Austin Pre-Med 1L Pre-Denf Society; AVMA; Vice-Presidenf. Austin HTC. ROGERS, JOHN STEPHEN "Steve' Educarion Wesf Columbia Age 21; Class '63; Singing Cadets; Brazoria Counfy HTC; Student Educcfion Assn.; D.S.; Dist. AFROTC Student; SCONA V111; Great Issues. ROOK, GEORGE DWAYNE Math. Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Math Club. ROSENTHAL, SIDNEY D. "Dannie" B.A. Pasadena Age 21; Class '62. ROTTER, HENRY A., JR. "Hank" Aerospace La Grange Age 22; Class '62; 1A5; TSPE; Wrestling Club. ROYAL, W1LL1AM ARTHUR "B111" Range Mgr. Menard Age 22; Class '63; Pres. San Angelo-Wesr Texas HTC; Ross Volunteers; Range 8. Forestry Club. RUCKMAN, PAUL CHARLES Finance Bayrown Age 21; Class '63; Spring Branch HTC; Economics Club; Marketing Society; Election Com- mission; Maior 41h Brig. Staff. RUNDELL, W1LL1AM KENNCID "Ken" Pre-Med Wichita Falls Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Med, Pre-Denf Society; Wichita Falls HTC; Ross Volunteers; Cade' Court A. RUSHING, CHARLES W1LL1AM "Charlie" English Weldon A9221; Class '63; OU151and1ng Freshman Sqd.; ASCE Bridge Club; Scholastic Sgt. 2nd Gp. Sta . RUSSELL, GERALD WAYNE C.E. Houston Age 22; Class '63. SAENZ, JOEL A. C.E. Harlingen Age 21; Class '63; SCONA VI; Rio Grande Valley HTC; Newman Club; SAME, Pres.; D.M.S. at Summer Camp; E-1 Exec Off.; ASCE. I SAGEBIEL, OBERT ADOLPH "Saggie" Ag. Ed. Fredericksburg Age 21; Class '63; FFA Chapter; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club; Livestock, Meat 3 Wool Judging Teams; Hillcounfry HTC. SALOMA-OROZCO, ABRAHAM E. "Abe" A.S. Mexico City, Mex. Age 21; Class '63; Fresh. Ag. Society; Pan-Am Club; Newman Club; SCONA VIII; Aggie Talent Show; San Antonio HTC; Pan-Am Club Newspaper Editorial Council. SALVATO, BEN ANTHONY "Benny" Accounting Bryan Age 26; Class '63; D.S.; Marketing Society; Accounting Society, Program Chairman; Houston Chapter Financial Exec. Institute Scholarship; Phi Kappa Phi. SANDEFER, DAVID BURTON A.S. Beaumonf Age 21; Class '63; Chaplain of Mitchell Dorm; Gymnastics Team. Yeah, Wanta bet? GENIOPS SANDFORD, ALLEN BRYAN M.E. Azle Age 21; Class '63; ASME; SAME; Code of Conduct CommiHee; Advanced AFROTC Cadet; Fort Worth HTC; 151 L1. Sqd.; Basketball Freshman LeHer. SANTOS, SALVADOR GUADALUPE "Sal" E.E. Eagle Pass Age 20, Class '63; Best Drilled Freshman Sqd. 3; Student Eng. Council; Pan American Club; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Eng.; Era Kappa Nu; D.S. SARGENT, JAMES W. Finance Age 21; Class '63. SARTAIN, JAMES EDWARD "Ed" English Dallas Age 22; Class '63; Who's Who. SARTWELLE, JAMES D., JR. Ag. Eco. Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Ag. Eco. Club. SASSIN, ALLAN RICHARD Accounting West Columbia Age 22; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Brozoria HTC; Accounting Society. SAUSLEY, TOMMY NED M.E. Age 25; Class '63; Bowling Committee; ASME. SCARBOROUGH, DAN MURRAY "Dan" Ind. Engr. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Who's Who; D.S.; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Etc Sigma; Student Senate; Issues Committee; Student Engr. Council; Mitchell Hall Council; AlIE; Trane Company Scholarship; Dwight D. Gardner Scholarship Award. SCHNE1DER, HARRY LOUIS, JR. Range Mgf. Simon Age 22; Class '63; Newman Club; Sec. San-Re-Bee HTC; Game 8. Fish Club; Range V Forestry Club. Dallas "J. D." Houston Houston Dorm SCHROEDER, GARY D. Chf. Age 22; Class '63; Tau Beta Pi; Engr. Society; Phi Society; Am. Oil Company Scholarship; Member AIChE. SCHROEDER, JAMES ERVIN Vet. Med. Winters Age 21; Class '63; Student Chapter of AVMA; Southwestern Veterinarian Staff,- Saddle 8. Sirloin Club; Jr. 81 Sr. Meats Judging Team. SCHROETER, DONALD RICHARD M.E. Age 24,- Closs '63; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. Grand Prairie Lambda Sigma; Upsilon Chemical Devine SCHUENEMANN, CHARLES RICHARD Economics Age 21; Class '63. SCHULGEN, LARRY JOE Finance Santa Rosa Age 21; Class '63; Rio Grande Valley HTC; Marketing Society; Business Society; lntermural Championship Football 81 Track; Best Drilled in Sqd. SCHULTE, HOWARD HENRY Ag. Ed. Age 21; Class '63; Rodeo Club; Collegiate FFA Club. "Dick" Houston Nazareth N V V V 073 .5 QENF 012$ No, fish Jones, we're not put- ting Up a big tent. , w yaw? 4? 1'9 w ' w s! .,,.a w'Wqu M 0" , ' ' SCHULZE, TOMMY JOE Math. Meridian Age 21; Class '63; Math Club. SCHWERTNER, HARVEY ALLEN Soil Science San Angelo Age 21; Class '63; Agronomy Society; San Angelo HTC; K of C; Newman Club; Freshman Agriculture Society; Century Council Ag. Committee; Scholastic Sgt; Scholastic Officer; D.S. SCOTT, JAMES BRYANT "Jimmy" Accounting Kilgore Age 21; Class '63; Lt. Col. lst'BaHle Group Staff; Phi Eta Sigma; Ross Volunteers; Pres. Accounting Society, Sec.-Treos.; Sr. Class; Finance Chairman; Town Hall Arts B Sciences Council; SCONA VIII; D5,; Pre-Law Society; Election Commission; Vice Pres; Kilgore HTC; Deep East Texas HTC; C10,, 15? Battle Group. SEAGRAVES, CHAS. 111 "Charlie" Math Houston Age 22,- Class '63; Capt. Fish Swim Team; Varsity Swim Team; Pres. Math Club; D15. SEALE, JOE DWYER "J. D." Marketing Houston Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Society; Semper Fidelis Society,- Russian Society. SEAMON, CHARLES KNIGHT Aerospace Midland Age 22; Class '63;.IAS; D.S. SEFCIK, ALLEN THOMAS "Tommy" Marketing Taylor Age 21; Class '63; Marketing Society; Civilian Honor Council, Sec. SEMMELROGGE, WILLIAM FRANK, JR. "Bill" Chemistry Corpus Christi Age 29; Class '63; Camera Committee; S'Western Intercollegiate Photo Solon; Singing Cadets. SERVELLO, ANTHONY GEROLD "Tony" Bus. Adm. Anaco, Venezuela Age 22; Class '62; Bowling Committee; Bowling Team; Business Society; French Club; Dorm Council Vice Pres.; Civilian Student Council. SHANKSr GERALD EDWIN "Pee Wee" Gen. Bus. Clufe Age 23; Class '63; Athletic Officer; Senior Representative; Sec., Puryear Hall. SHAW, CONWAY R., Ill "Connie" English Galveston Age 22; Class '63; Drum Maior White Band; MSC Society; Film; Semper Fidelis; Galveston HTC; Newman Club. SHAW, LYMAN E. Finance Brownwood Age 22; Class '63; Business Society; Marketing Society. SHIPLEY, GRADY DEAN Gen. Bus. Fort Smith, Ark. Age 21,- Class '63; Band; Freshman Drum Maior; Business Society; Marketing Society; Flying Cadets. SHIVERS, ROBERT ARLEY "Governor" History . Rockporr Age 21; Class '63; T Assn.; Tarpon HTC; History Club. SHORES, STEVE ADAIR Vet. Med. Irving Age 22; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Outstanding Freshman, K-2; Best Drilled Freshman, 51h BG; AVMA; Southwestern Veterinarian, Student Chapter, AVMA; D.S.; Irving HTC Club; Rodeo Club; Student Ass't, Vet. Pathology. SHULTS, WILLIAM T. "Tommy" Accounting Fort Worth Age 20; Class '64; Phi E10 Sigma; D.S.; Accounting Society; Recipient Haskins 6 Sells Award. SIGLER, WAYNE D. "3009" Math Hondo Age 25; Class '62; 0.8. SILCOCK, FRANK A. C.E. San Antonio Age 23; Class '61; SCONA VII; Puryeur Dorm Council; Apartmen? Council; ASCE Program Chairman; TSPE. SIMANK, MORRIS D. Ind. Engr. Thorndale Age 21; Class '63; AIIE; Alpha Pi Mu; D.S.; Williamson County HTC; AHE Area Conference Comm. SIMMONS, WILLIAM A. "Bill" M.E. Texarkana Age 21; Class '63; ASME. SIMPSON, CHARLES E. "Kinky" Ag. Ed. Winters Age 22; Class '63; Collegiate FFA; Agriculture Council; Legen Dorm Council; Alpha Zeta; Wichita Farm 81 Ranch Club Scholarship. SIMPSON, DONAL R. "Don" Arch. Design Housfon Age 22; Class '61; Edi'ror "Architecture Plus"; Tile Council of America Competition; Design Students Soc.; MSC Bowling Comm.; D.S. SINGLETARY, ROBERT L. "Bobby" Ag. Ed. Kirbyville Age 21; Class '63; Collegiale FFA, Historian,- Freshmcn Ag. Club. SINGLEY, JACK E. Educ. Sfillwafer, Okla. Age 21; Class '63; Varsity Baseball, "T" Assoc; Student Education Assoc; Dorm Council. SINOR, DALE L. I.T. Pasadena Age 21; Class '63; I010 Lambda Sigma; Election Comm.; Ind. Educ. Soc.; Sec. and Vice Pres. SLAPE, ROBERT J. "Bob" Physics Paducah Age 21; Class '63; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. SUGAR, GARY A. Agric. Eco. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Pres. Freshman Agriculture Soc.; AGRICULTURIST Staff; 15? Sgt. Sqd. 6; Ross Volunteers; San Antonio HTC; Ag. Eco. Club; Intelligence Officer, 2nd Op. Staff. SLU IS, NORMAN, JR. Ag. Eco. Weslaco Age 21; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club; Treas.; Rio Grande Valley HTC. SMALL, TRAVIS H., JR. "Klu" Vet. Med. Ft. Worth Age 21; Class '63; Phi E10 Sigma; D.S. SMITH, CALVIN W. "Rick" Finance Houston Age 22; Class '63. SMITH, DAVID R. Meteorology Cleveland, Ohio Age 25; Class '63; Legen Hull Dorm Council; American Meteorology Soc. SMITH, DAVID W. 'Smmy" Math Del Rio Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Med Pre-Dent Soc.; Pres. Del Rio HTC. SMITH, EARL 6., JR. Math Palacios Age 22; Class '62; Math Club; Geology Club. SMITH, GLYNN L. Pre-Law and Ins. Houston Age 22; Class '62; 151 LL, Co. A-1. SMITH, HAROLD W. Ag. Eco. Stamford Age 22; Class '64; Ag; Eco. C1ub; Insurance Sac. SMITH, JAMES O. "Smitty" Land. Arch. Luling Age 26; Class '60; Design Students Soc. SMITH, JOHN H. Physics Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma; D.S.; Outstanding Junior, 4111 Group DAFC; Opportunily Award Winner. SMITH, PAUL M. "PM" History Uvalde Age 21; Class '63; YMCA; MSC Council; Maroon Band; History Soc.; Southwest Texas HTC. SMITH, RICHARD C. Ind. Engr. Hereford Age 20; Class '63; TeX; Soc. Professional Engineers; AIIE; Panhandle HTC; Aggie Bond, Bugle Rank. SMITH, ROGER M. "Mickey" Marketing Houston Age 21; Class '63; Exec. Officer, Co. A-Z; Marketing Soc.; Dallas HTC; Business Soc.; Bowling Comm; American Ordnance Assoc. SMITH, TARLTON W. "Toy" A. Robsrown Age 24; Class '63; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club Trees; Sr. Meats Judging Team; Sr. Livestocx Judging Team; Alpha Zeta; LiHle Southwestern; Chairman of AH Aggie Rodeo. SMITH, THOMAS M., 111 "Tim" Finance Age 22; Class '63 Volunteers; Supply SMITH, VOYLE G. English San Antonio Age 21; Class '63,- Drum 6 Bugle Corps,- Aggie Band; Bugler, Corps of Cadets; Son An- tonio HTC. Houston ,- AGGIELAND Staff, Spons Ed.; Economics Club; Marketing Soc.; Ross Sgt, 4th B.G.; Election Comm. SPARKS, JAMES H. "Jim" Journalism Eagle Pass Age 25; Class '59. SPARKS, KENNETH D. "Ken" Range Mgf. Gunter Age 25; Class '63; Range 6 Forestry Club; Rodeo Club. SPEED, RONALD VAN Phy. Ed. Age 23; Class '63. SPENCE, MICHAEL DAVID "Mike" E.E. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; AIEE; Efo Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball, "T" Association; Dorm Council. SPILLER, HORACE GUY "Guy" Hisrory Age 21,- Class '63. SORENSEN, ARNOLD HERBERT l.T. Age 21; Class '63; LE. Society; Maroon Band; Navarro HTC; Aggie Band. SORENSEN, WESLEY GEORGE I.D. Age 23; Class '61; Wrestling Club; ASME; 1. Ed. Society; Marketing Society. SORENSEN, WILLIAM RICHARD "Bill" Physics Seabrook Age 22; Class '63; Physics Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. SOTO, NIEVES E.E. Pharr Age 24; Class '61; AIEE; Institute of Radio Engrs.; Pan American Club; Pisfol Team. SRUBAR, FRANK DOMENIC A.H. Age 25; Class '63; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Rodeo Arena Committee; Nat'l Club; Senior Meat Judging Team; Infernafional Livestock Show; Civilian Student Council; Dorm Pres. Council; Modern Language Club; Spanish Club. Kerens Ausfin "Punkin" Corsicana "Wes" Houston La Grange Block 6 Bridle Apartment Council; Pan American Club; STAFFORD, JAY HAWLEY M.E. Age 26; Class '63; ASME. STANLEY, ROY LEE Entomology Houston Raymondville Age 21; Class '63; Rio Grande Valley HTC; Entomology Society. STAPPER, MARVIN MAX Math. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Athletic Officer; Co. 3.1; San Antonio HTC. STARK, ROBERT RILEY "Bob" Personnel Adm. Dallas Age 20; Class '62; Corps of Cadets; Ass'f Bus. Mgr. "Engineer"; MSC Council 6 Directorate; Aggie Talent Show; MSC Talent Committee; A99 is Players. STARR, HOWARD GRAHAM M.E. Age 23; Class '64. STENGER, EARL MARTIN, JR. Zoology San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Fish Drill Team; Ross Volunteers; Opportunity Award Scholarship; Pre- Med, PreDenf; D.S.; Newman Club; San Antonio HTC; Pan American Club. STEPHENS, CURTIS L. "Steve" Chem. Ranger Age 21; Class '63; Chemistry and German Clubs. STEWART, JOSEPH WELDON Ind. Tech. Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63. STEWART, KENNETH LOY "Buger Red" Ag. Eco. Raymondville Age 22; Class '63; Alpha Zeta; Student Ag. Council; Ag. Eco. Club; Sec. Horticulture Society; Sec.-Treus. Rio Grande Valley HTC; Handball Team. STRATTON, GARY WAYNE Ag. Ed. Age 22,- 'Class '62; Pres. Winners Junction Adiuncf. Houston Van Horn TronyPecos HTC; Collegiate FFA Chapter; Intramural Softball STRAUSS, JOHN ANTHONY "Big Daddy" Personnel Adm. Malvern, Ark. Age 25; Class 159; Bus. Society; Insurance Society; Ark. Students Club. STOKES, GEORGE 8. Finance Deer Park Age 21; Class '63; Town Hall; Sr. Court; R.V.1s; Pasadena HTC; American Ordnance Assn.; Outfit C.O., Sqd. 13A STONE, JAMES GARVIN "Jerry" Finance Lolita Age 22; Class '63; Jackson County HTC; Marketing Society; Best Drilled Soph. Sqd. 12. STUCKEY, CHARLES BRYAN A.H. Monahans Age 22; Class '63; Officer Saddle 2L Sirloin Club; Rodeo Club; Alpha Zeta,- D.S,,- Who1s Who; Jr. 6 Sr. Livestock Judging Team; Jr. 6 Sr. Meafs Judging Team. SULAIMAN, IBRAHIM HIKMAT C.E. Baghdad, Iraq Age 24; Class '63,- ASCE. SUMPTER, DANIEL OWEN C.E. Channelview Age 20; Class '63; ASCE; Chi Epsilon; AOA. SUNDAY, ALVIN A. "A1" P.E. Pofh Age 22; Class '63; Football Freshman 6 Soph. Year; P.E. Club; TAHPER. SURLES, PHILIP CRAIE "Phil" Ag. Eco. Cisco Age 21; Class '63; Guidon Bearer, Sqd. 6; Ag. Eco. Club Freshman Ag. Society; Flight $91. of Pasadena HTC; Ross Volunteers. SURLES, RICHARD H., JR. "Rick" History El Paso Age 20; Class '64; Operations Sgt, 1st Brigade Staff; El Paso HTC. SURSA, HAROLD DEAN "Bud" C.E. Sfinnef Age 34; ASCE. SVETLIK, DENNIS JOSEPH Ch.E. Hallerrsville Age 20, Class '63; AIChE, Sec.-Treas.; Lavaca HTC, Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon. SWANK, JAMES DONALD Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Pres. Jefferson Davis of Houston HTC; Scholastic Officer; D.S. SWIFT, JERRY DEES Ag. Ed. Crane Age 21; Class '63. SYPTAK, JOHN BENNETT "Kipper" Geology Bryan Age 21; Class '63; Geology Club, Sec.-Treas.; Marketing Society. SYPTAK, MICHAEL RAYMOND "Mike" M.E. Bryan Age 21; Class '63; 151 Group Commander; Sons of Service Club; SCONA VII; Ross Vol- unteers; ASME; SAME; Dist. Air Science Cadet; Fresh. Engr. Society. TALLAS, JAMES L. "Jim" Math. Eagle Lake Age 26; Class '63. TALUTIS, WILLIAM ROMANS "Yank" I.E. Afton, New York Age 21; Class '63; Yankee HTC; AIIE. TARRANT, EDGAR LEE Accounting Freeport Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society; Brazoria County HTC; Freshman Engr. Society,- MSC Bowling Committee. TARVER, CLEO B. Marketing Weldon Age 20; Class '63; Marketing and Business Society. TATUM, MICHAEL EDWARD "Mike" Ve1.-Med. Rocksprings Age 20,- Cluss '63; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; SCONA V, Great Issues; Student Chapter AVMA; Sons of Am. Revolution Award. TAYLOR, HAROLD ALLEN "Stump" B.A. Houston Age 21; Class '63; MSC Dance Committee; Marketing Society; C40. E-2; Lamar of Houston HTC. TAYLOR, HENRY A. "H" Marketing Bryan Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Bus. Society; Finance Club; Insurance Society. TAYLOR, JERRY K. "GU?" A.H. Coleman Age 23; Class '62; Coleman County HTC; Saddle 6 Sirloin Club; Rodeo Arena Dir. TAYLOR, MILBURN ALLEN "Mat" Ag. Ed. Copperas Cove Age 23; Class '62; Trees. Walton Hall Dorm Council; Soil Cons. Society,- Collegiate FFA; Student NEA. TAYLOR, RALPH WILLIAM "Bill" Acct. Dallas 39: 21; Class '63; 15! Battle Group Staff; R.V.'s; Dallas HTC; Accounting Society; Newman u , TAYLOR, WILLIAM RAY "Bill" Range Mgf. Harleron Age 21; Class '63; Fish 8. Game Club; Aggieland Staff. TEETES, GEORGE LEE Entomology Sebastian Age 21; Class '63; Entomology Club; Fish 81 Game Club SCONA VII 81 VIII; Rio Grande Valley HTC; Student Agricultural Council. TERRILL, JOEL BURTON "Burt" Finance San Angelo Age 21; Class '63; Student Senate; Chairman Public Relations Committee; RV; Election Commission; SCONA VI; San Angelo-West Texas HTC. TERRILL, WILLIAM BURL Accounring San Angelo Age 21; Class '63; Accounting Society; Arts 8: Science Council; R.V.; 12th Man Bowl; C.O. G-2, D.M.S. TERRY, WILLIAM A. Marketing Allegan, Mich. Age 28; Cfass '63; Marketing Society; Pres. Business Society; H. W. Peters Memorial Scholarship; D.S.; Apartment Council. THIELE, ROBERT LOUIS, JR. C.E. Yoakum Age 22; Class '63; Chi Epsilon; Editor The Transit of Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Lavaca County HTC; D.S. THOMAS, JOSEPH ARTHUR, JR. "Jay" E.E. Texarkana Age 21; Class '63; AIEE Sec.; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. THOMAS, LONNIE DEAN Aero. Bryan Age 24; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Opportunity Award Scholarship; lnsfitute of Aero Space Sciences; Maior 2nd Wing Staff; D.M.S.; D.S.; Ross Volunleers; Permanent Firing Squad, THOMAS, TONY MAX "Goose" Accounting Odessa Age 21; Class '63; Election Commission; Ring Committee; Marketing; Cadet Corp; Vice Pres. Apartment Council; Pre-Law Society; Civilian Student Council 81 Gov't Interest Committee; D.S. THOMPSON, ALLAN C. Civil Engr. New Braunfels Age 21; Class '63. THOMPSON, BENT DARRELL I.Eol. Temple Age 27; Class '58; Singing Cadets; BSU; Bell County HTC; D.S. THOMPSON, PERRY, JR. C.E. Longview Age 24; Class '61; ASCE Club; Tyler Former Students Assn.; Longview Former Students Assn. THOMPSON, ROY WAYNE "Tombstone" E.E. 8K G.B.A. San Antonio Age 22; Class '62; Aggie Band; AIEE; San Antonio HTC; Dorm Rep.; Dorm Council Pres.; Civilian Student Council Rep. THOMPSON, VAN EVERETT "Cougar" Age 22; Class '63,- Am. lnsfitute of E.E. THORNTON, PENROD SIMS B.A. Corpus Christi Age 21; Class '63; Pre-Law Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Pres. Corpus Christi HTC; Sqd. 3 Scholastic Officer. THORNTON, ROBERT E. "Pip" Arch. San Marcos Age 21; Class '63. THRASHER, JAMES DAVID "Dave" I.D. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Fish Drill Team; Assn. Former Fish Drill Team Members; Social Sec.; SCONA VI, VII, VIII; Exec. Commiftee; Ind. Ed. Society; Dallas HTC. THREADGILL, JACK MILTON "T-Gill" E.E. Brady Age 21; Class '63; Flying Kodefs, Vice Pres. 8x Pres.; Insiitufe of Radio Engrs.; Nat'l ln- rercollegiate Flying Assn.; MSC Appreciation Award; Vice Pres. Fish Class; 2nd Brigade Color Guard; Baptist Student Union; Ross Volunteers; McCulloch County HTC. THURMAN, MICHAEL WAYNE "Thurmo" Accounting Baytown Age 22; Class '63; D.S.; Vice Pres. Hart Hall; Swimming Team; Dorm Captain for Lutheran Student Assn.; Accounting Society; PrewLaw Society. THURMAN, WAYMAN L. Ag. Colorado Age 25; Class '63. TIBBELS, JOHN TOM Ag. Eco. Ranger Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Alpha Zeta; Ag. Eco. Club; Student Senate Rep.; D.S. D.M.S.; Winner S.A.R. Award to Outstanding Jr.; 151 Baffle Group; Winner Banfer's School Award; Scholastic Improvement Award. TIEMANN, CHARLES FREDERICK "Ty" P.E. Brenham Age 21; Class '63. TIJERINA, JUAN MANUEL "Meme" Journalism Laredo Age 21,- Class '63; Alpha Delta Sigma; Russian Club, Trees. TINGLE, CHARLES ALVIN Gen. Bus. Age 21; Class '63; San Antonio HTC; Business Society; Athletic Officer. TINNEY, JOHN RANDLE I.T. 8x Dist. Longview Age 22; Class '62; 1nd. Ed. Soc; Deep East Texas HTC; Bowling Comm; Bowling Team; Pres. Texas Intercollegiate Bowling Conference. TIPTON, DEWEY ROSS E.E. Age 22; Class '63; Eta Kappa Nu. TORRANS, PATRICK HENRY C.E. Tyler Age 22; Class '63; ASCE; Code? Court TOWNSEND, FRANK M., JR. Hisfory "Chuck" San Anfonio New Summerfield "Frank" Harwood Age 21; Class '63; Delegate SCONA VII; Planning Chairman SCONA Vlll; Executive Comm. Pan Am. Week; D.S.; Dish AFROTC Cadet; History Society; Am. Ord. Society; Who's Who. TOWNSEND, LARRY GENE I. Eng. Age 21; Class '63; Sec. AIIE; A.O.A.; 151 L1. Sqd. 8-Flight Leader. TRAYLOR, SHELBY GUS Ch.E. Houston Age 22; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Jr. Class Social Sec.; AIChE; Ausfin of Houston HTC; 1st Lt Co. F-2. TRIPP, ROY GRANT Gen. Bus. El Campo Age 21; Class '63. TURNER, HENRY RAY Accounting Age 22; Class '62; Acct. Society. URSO, JOE J. Vet. Med. Bryan Age 21; Class '63. VALE, MARTIN MATTHEW "Buzz" Vet. Med. Grapevine Age 24; Class '64; AVMA Student Chapter; Dorm Council. VALEK, MIKE H. Chemistry Baton Rouge Palestine Ennis Age 21; Class IV; Civilian Student Council; Art 2L Sciences Council; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Chemistry Club; Puryear Dorm Council; D.S. VANDERHIDER, CARL REED Math. Liberty Age 20; Class '63; AIEE; Math Club; Lower Trinity Valley HTC, Sec. 6 Pres.; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian 8. Vice Pres.; Air Force Boll Committee. VARISCO, BRAZOS JOE Vet. Med. Age 22; Class '63; AVMA; Rodeo Club; Saddle 81 Sirloin Club; D.S. VASQUEZ, OSCAR F. "CUCU" LT. IL Eng. Nuevo Laredo, Mex. Age 21; Class '62; Soccer Team; Ind. Ed. $oc.; Pan Am Club; AHE; MSC Camera Com- mittee; Laredo HTC; Pan Am. VI 81 Pan Am. VII; Volleyball Champions. VELA, CARLOS, JR. E.E. Laredo Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Who's Who; SCONA VI, VII, VIII, iExec. CommJ; AlEE-IRE; Ross Volunteers; Texas Society of Pro. Engr.; Aggie- Iand Staff; D.S.; D.M.S. VECERA, FRANK P. Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '63; Dorm Pres. VILCOQ, PAUL M. M.E. San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Chairman Bonfire Traffic-Safety Committee; LL Col. 2nd Brig. Staff. Bryan East Bernard VILLARREAL, DELFINO, E., JR. CE. Age 21; Class '63; ASCE; Ross Volunteer Firing Sqd. VILLARREAL, GUADALUPE Math. Laredo Age 21; Class '63; Fresh; Eng. Society; Aggieland Staff; Spanish Club; D.S.; Math Club; Newman Club; Laredo HTC. VION, JERRY ELLSWORTH "Jerry" Accounting Iola, Kansas Age 21; Class '63; Student Life Comm.,- Student Senate; Election Commission; Arkansas Homestote Club; Am. Ordnance Assn.; Accounting Society; Cadet Mai. Fourth Group Staff; Dist. AFROTC Cadet. Falfurrias VOLZ, ARTHUR C., JR. "Art" Gen. Bus. 2i Ed. Age 23; Class '62; Laredo HTC; Spanish Club; Pan Am. Club; Newman Club; Bus. Club. WALKER, DAVID LACY Accounting Dallas Age 20; Class '63. Laredo "Dave" WALKER, EDWARD LEE Physics Three Rivers Age 21; Class '63; Basketball Varsity; Russian Club, Pres.; Physics Club; "T" Association; Publicity Director; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. WALKER, MICHAEL NEAL Arch. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Corps Staff Color Guard; Design SVUdenf Society. WALKER, WAREEN HOWARD M.E. New Orleans, La. Age 22; Class '63; SAE Pres.; ASME; Eng. Council; Mitchell Dorm Council; Flying Kadets; Southern LG. HTC. WALLACE, DONALD JOHN 111 "Don" Marketing Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Freshman Track; Range 6 Forestry Club; Freshman Ag. Society; Market- ing Society; Civilian Student Council; Dallas HTC; Dorm President; Newman Club. WALLS, CHARLES NOEL E.E. Milburn, Okla. Age 22; Class '63, WALTON, JAMES VERNON "Jim" Meteorology College Station Age 21; Class '63. WARD, EDDIE J. Economics Amarillo Age 21; Class '63; Eco. Club; French Club; SCONA; Coder Maior. WATSON, CARL LEE "Doc" I.T. Houston Age 22; Class '63; Alpha Phi Omega; Nut'l Service Fraternity; Safety Club. WATTS, KAIGHIN GRAY "Keg" Bus. Adm. San Antonio Age 21,- Class '63; Freshman Letter, 2 Varsity Letters Swimming Team; Co-Capf. Swimming Team; Hart Hall Dorm Council, $ec.-Treas. WATTS, NATHANIEL WILLIAM "Bill" P.E. Cleburne- Age 23; Class '61; Health 6 Physical Ed. Club. WEAVER, LYTLE ALBERT, JR. "Al" Arch. Consr. Houston Age 21; Class '63; Ross Volunteers; Sec.-Treas. Jr. Class; Design Student Soc.; ASME; Elec- tion Commission. WEAVER, WINDOL C. Accounting Del Rio Age 20; Class '63; Commanding Officer Sqd. 2; Ross Volunteers; Del Rio HTC; Accounting Soc.; D.S. WEBB, MORRIS STANLEY Ch.E. Bishop Age 21; Class '63; AIChE; Band White Band; Scholastic Officer; WEBB, LEWIS H. Marketing Waco Age 22; Class '62; Markefing Society. WEBBER, ROBERT WILLIAM "Bob" Physics San Antonio Age 21; Class '63. WEBER, DALE ROGER "Dale" Chemistry San Antonio Age 21; Class '63; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Chemistry Club. WEBER, EDWARD RAY "Eddie" M.E. Victoria Age 22; Class '63; Newman Club; South Texas Province, Chairman; ASME; Truck. WEDEMEYER, CHARLES EDWARD "Charlie" Mech. Engr. Waco Age 21; Class '63; Tau Beta Pi; Soc. Automotive Engr.; SAME; D,M.S.; Sons of Am. Rev. Award,- D.S.; C.O. 2nd Baffle Group. WEISON, LESTER OTIS, JR. Accounting Houston Age 23; Class '60; 0.5.; Accounting Society; ROTC; Lamar of Houston HTC; Automotive Engr. WENSEL, NOLAN ROBERT Accounting Age 22; Class '63; Accounting Society; Waco-McLennan County HTC; D.S. WEST, NORTH OTIS Finance Waco San Antonio Age 22; Class '63; Vice Pres. San Antonio HTC; Am. Ordnance Society; Varsity Track and Baseball Trainer. WHATLEY, WALTER FERRELL "Walt" Per. E. McAllen Age 22; Class '63; Vice Pres. Pet. E. Club; V.P. Student Eng. Council; Tau Beta Pi; George P. Mitchell Award for Outstanding Jr. in Pet. E.; R. C. Baker Scholarship. WHEELER, ALBERT N. "Al" Accounting Garland Age 21; Class '63; Besf Drilled Soph. Co. E-2; 2nd Brigade Color Guard; Student Senate; Election Commission Chairman; Commanding Officer Co. E-2. WHITAKER, EDDIE Agronomy Big Spring Age 22; Class '63; Agronomy Society; Vice Pres. Big Spring HTC. WHITE, JOHN DALE Accounting Houston Age 21; Class '63. WHITE, PHILLIP G. "Phil" Math. La Feria Age 21; Class '63. WHITE, WILLIAM ROSS "Bill" Education El Paso Age 48; Class '55; $.E.A.; Dorm Rep.; A.P. 0.; Vice Pres. El Paso HTC. WHITEHALL, DON EVERETT I. Ed. Houston Age 27; Class '63; Civilian Student Council; New Student Comm.; American Foundry So- ciety; Ind. Educ. Club; Baptist Student Union; D.S.; Iota Lambda Sigma. WHITLOCK, CLIFFORD "Whittey" History Junction Age 23; Class '63; Hisiory Society; French Club. WHITLOCK, LARRY L. Microbiology Bells Age 22; Class '63; Pre-Vet Society; Singing Cadets; Vespers Chairman B.S.U. WHITTINGTON, JOHN R. "Pope" History Ft. Worth Age 21; Class '63; Newman Club; NISC Council; Evaluation Committee; History Society; San Angelo HTC. WIEDERAENDERS, GEORGE A. Accounting Norman, Okla. Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Senate Rep. Art 8t Sciences; Ross Volunteers; Accounting Society; Convair, Chicago Tribune 3 Troops Awards; D.S.; Dist. AFROTC Cadet; Who's Who. WIESE, BILLY GENE "Bill" C.E. Waco Age 23; Class '63; ASCE. WIESEPAGE, CHARLES WILLIAM Accounting Brenham Age 23; Class '63. WIESEPAPE, CORDELL FLOYD Pet. E. Brenham Age 21; Class '63; Pet. E. Club, Treas.; Program Chairman; AIME; Opportunity Award Scholarship. WILEY, MARVIN LEE, JR. "Cef" Agronomy Cordele, Ga. Age 23; Class '63. WILLIAMS, EDWARD SIDNEY, Ill "Ed" P.E. Jena, La. Age 21; Class '63; Physical Educ. Club, Vice Pres.; A8tM Truck Team; Lettered 3 Yrs. WILLIAMS, GARY D. C.E. Dallas Age 22; Class '62. WILLIAMS, JAMES MORGAN "Jim" Wildlife Mgr. San Antonio Age 20; Class '63; Singing Cadets; Puryear Dorm Council; Dorm Chaplain; San Antonio HTC; Young Republicans; Sons of Service; Game ii Fish Club. WILLIAMS, MARCUS DANIEL "Danny" Accounting Charlotte Age 21; Class '63; Aggie Band. WILLIS, DONALD EARL "Don" Arch. Consf. Dallas Age 21; Class '63; Student Senate; SCONA V, VI, VII, VIII; Baptist Student Union; YMCA Cabinet; United Nations Club; AGC; Texas Aggie Band. WILLMAN, RICHARD B. "R. B." Business Shreveport, La. Age 22; Class '63; Marketing Society; Business Society; Browsing Library Committee, Chair- man; Shreveport HTC, Pres.; Dorm Council; MSC Evoluafion Committee; Sqd. 9. WILLS, HORST . "Kike" Insurance Wichita Falls Age 21; Class '63; D.S.; Group Scholastic Officer; lns. Society; Marketing Society; Arts 8. Sciences Council; A.O.A.; Wichita Falls-Exes Scholarship Winner; Ins. Institute of Am. Certificate; Wichita Falls HTC. WILSON, JACK G. B.A. Pasadena Age 21; Class '63; Phi Eta Sigma; D.S.; C.O. 4H1 Group; Town Hall Staff; Pasadena HTC; Am. Ordnance Assn.; Dist. Air Force Cadet. WILSON, JAMES C. "Jim" Vet. Med. Fort Worth Age 23; Class '63; Pre-Vef Society; Ft. Worth HTC Officer; Athletic Officer Co. A-3. WILSON, JOE PRICE Health 8. P.E. Bertram Age 26; Class '63; D.S.; P.E. Club of T.A.H.P.E.R. WINNINGHAM, JOHN DAVID Physics Bryan Age 22; Class '63; Sigma Pi Sigma, Pres.; Jr. Chapter Am. Institute of Physics; Pres. Physics Club; German Council; Day Sruden? Council; Who's Who. WOLPMAN, KRAEGE KENT Marketing Yorktown Age 21; Class '63; Best Drilled Freshman, Co. A-l; Markefing Society. WONG, TAYLOR Marketing Houston Age 28; Class '62; Marketing Society,- MSC Bowling Committee; Bowling Team. WOOD, GALE TALMAGE Ag. Ed. "Peck" Melvin Age 21; Class '63; D.S.; Treos. Collegiate FFA; Sec. Walton Dorm Council; Alpha Zeta; Social Sec. McCulloch County HTC, WOOD, GERALD GORDON Accounting Age 21; Class '63; ACCOuang Society; Bell County HTC; Apt. Council Rep.; SAME. WOOD, JON ROSS Ag. Eco. Age 23; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club. WOOLLEY; BOBBY J. Education llJerryll Killeen Edinburg Beaumont Age 22; Class '63; Soph. Intramural Manager; Student Education Club; History Club; Beaumont HTC WRAY, WILLIAM DOCKERT Arch. Age 21; Class '63; Assn. of General Contractors; HTC; Headwaifer Duncan Hall; D.S.; W. S. Mosher Council of Am. Scholarship; Am. Ordnance Assn. WRIGHT, JAMES ELBERT Entomology IlBiHII Houston Intramural Manager; Reagan of Houston Mem'oriul Scholarship; Title IIBUdII Kerrville Age 22; Class '63; Alpha Zeta; Student Agricultural Council, Vice-Chairman; Entomology Club, Vice Pres.; Hill Country HTC Vice Pres.; D.S.; Freshman Ag. Socieiy. WRIGHT, LARRY RAY Accounting Bryan Age 19; Class '64; Best Drilled Freshman, Sqd. 14; Guidon Bearer, Sqd. 15,- YMCA Freshman Camp; Accounting Society; D.S. WUESTE, JAMES ALLEN C.E. IIJ imll Eagle Pass Age 21; Class '63; Scholastic Officer-Co. B-2; Sec. Texas Society Professional Engineers; ASCE; Vice Pres., Eagle Pass HTC. YATES, RANDALL LAMAR Arch. Age 22; Class '63; Pres. Aldine HTC. YOUNG, BILL J. Psychology Age 25; Class '63; Dorm Rep.; French Club. YOUNG, MICHAEL ANDREW M.E. llRandyIl Houston CLAQQ OF '63 "Bill" Dallas Beeville Age 21; Class '63; R.V.; D.S.; Leifered Fish Tennis; Pres. San Re Bee HTC. YOUNGBLOOD, JIMMIE R. Physics Age 21; Class '63; American Institute of Physics; Day Student Council; German Club; Physics Club. YZAGUIRRE, GEORGE ANTHONY Zoology Age 22; Class '63. ZBRANEK, WILLIE Ag. Eco. Age 21; Class '63; Ag. Eco. Club; La Grange HTC. ZUMWALT, JOHN HARRISON Education llJimll Bryan American Rocket Society; S'mging Cadets; Corpus Christi IIJ r3ll La Grange "Johnny" Halletrsville Age 21; Class '63; Treas. Student Educ. Club; Treas. Lavaca County HTC; Semper Fidelis; Sr. Intramural Manager. CLA$Q OF 1964 dasso PAUL A. DRESSER JAMES A. NOAKE GORDON E. DAVIS WINTON ZIMMERMAN President Vice-President Secre'ra ry-Treasurer Social Secrefa ry Left to Right: NOAKE, DAVIS, ZIMMERMAN, DRESSER. Adams, Donald R. Adams, Henry R. Adams, James M. Albert, William E. Alderson, Jr., John L. Allen, Jerry V. Allen, Roberf C. Allen, Ronnie W. Almond, Malcolm W. Alston, Jimmy A. Alvarado, Agustin Amad Mohamed T. Anderson, David C. Anderson, Douglas H, Anthaume, Jr., Christopher Arguelles, Eduardo Ashy, Thomas M. Bachmeyer, Gervase R. Baduy, Antonio R. Balentine, James M. Balke, David E. Ballard, Jr., Stanley H. Barham, Bobby G. Barker, David E. Barnes, Vernon D. Barrilleaux, James L. Bartee, James H. Bartek, James D. Barfoskewifz, Richard E Basham, Luthur M. Bate, Herman E. Bauer, Richard D. Bauman, Jerry L. Beal, Charles C. Beamer, James H. Beard, Jr., Norman W. Beard, Paul H. Becker, Frederick W. Beckman, Wade W. Beckmeyer, John C. Bedinger, Jr., Charles A. Beene, Billy J. Beerwinkle, David H. Behrent, Curtis H. Beke, Joseph G. Bell, Charles E. Belote, James C. Berry, Edwin C. Berry, John J. Bielfeldt, James K. Biggs, Richard A. Billingsley, Robert R. Boelfe, John E. Bollich, Elridge N. Bolling, David R. Booher, Jr., Charles F. Booth, David M. Borsche, John F. Bowers, Edwin J. Bowman, James W. Braden, William F. Brame, Ronald M. Braidfoof, Larry D. Brandom, Cary L. Brandt, Charles E. Brasington, John R. Breur II, Raymond A. Brewer, Charles C. Brinkley, Ernest J. Brittain, Mack L. BriHon, Michael P. Brookins Michael L. Brown, Harold C. Brown, Robert C. Bruce, Jimmy C. Bruns, James C. Buchanan, James P Burgess, Charles B. Burgess, James T. Burk, Robert C. Burney, Jr., Jimmie P. Burns, Lonnie J. Butler, James M Byassee, Horace L. Byrd, Gary L. Callaway, Ben E. Cameron, Don S. Campbell, David F. Cancellare, Joseph A. Candella, Jr., Leon J. Carlisle, Johnny E. Carr, Robert C. Carter, James C. Carter, John M. Carter, Lloyd J. Casfellanos, Rene Cares, Robev L. Chambiiss, Charles L. Chaney, William R. Chapple, Frank E. Chlapek Calvin J. Christian, Harry D. Christian, John H. I V Ciarrocchi, Jr., Frank 3 Clancy, Larry D. Clark, Keith A. Clark, Lee H. Clawson, Billy G. Clay, Herbert L. Clements, Don B. Cline, Jr., Jack C. Coburn, Winfred C. Codrington Ill, Thomas P. Coleman, Randy J. Collier, Edward W. Collins, Paul M. Collins, Tommy H. Conely, Joseph D. V, Bruce L. Cook Dormld D. Cook GUn M Cook Vernon H. Como, Jr , Cleophas R. Cocrmm Ill, VMIMV L, Comer, Sam D. Coufal, Jimmie J. Cowser, Jr., William L. Crapiffo, Frank R. Creech, David L. Crim, Frederick L. Cronenberger, Paul C. Crosby, Richard J. Crowley, Jr., William L. Crum, Morris G. Crutchfield, James C. Curingfon, Eldon B. Daggs, Bobby A. Danes, William R. Daniels, Jr., Clifton Danzeiser, John E. Davis, David C. Davis, Gordon E. Davis, Jerry D. Davis, Rodney D. Davis, Thomas E. Davis, William A. Dean, Don R. Dees, Allan W. Degyansky, Albert W. Dellano, Antonio J. Dendy, Charles S. Denny, Robert M. Dexter, Michael A. Dillon, William E. Dixon, John P. Doak, Jr., Wilson F. Dodson, Jr., Carl E. Doerre, Gary L. Dominguez, Juan G. Donaho, Jimmy J. Donaldson, Gerald R. Doreen, William R. Dofy, Donald W. Dowling, Dennis W. Dresser, Paul A. Drouilhet, Adrien F. Drow, William C. Drumm, David W. Duerer, Robert E. Duke, Wayne M. Dulock, Raymond W. Duncan, Silas E. DUPriesf, J. Curtis Durrenberger, Cyril J. Dusard, Leo F. Dworaczyk, John F. Eaton, Curtis W. Echterhoff, James H. Edmundson, Charles Eeds, George R. Egger, Larry A. Egloff, John M. Elfonf, Robert L. Ellison, Thomas W. Elmore, Robert D. Elsik, Colin D. Emanis, James R. Eubank, Robert B. Evans, Richard S. Evans, Ill, William L. Farqvharson, Richard Farrar, James R. Felder, Jerry W, Felt, Rodger L, Fergeson, Robert T. Ferguson, Thomas L. Fichmer, Charles M. Fidler, Jr., C, Clark Fillinger, Thomas J. Finch, Joseph L. Finkelstein, Jerry Finks, John E. Fischer, Arthur C. Fishermam William H. Fisk, Stephen K. Fins, John M. Florencel Harold D. Folsom, Jr., Ralph E. Fondon, John W. Forehand, Gilbert H. Fortune, Douglas S. Fowler, David T. Fowler, Ronald L. Franklin, Jerry L. Franklin, Lawrence M. Franks, James C. Freeman, Jr., Augustus M. Freeman, Charles H. Freeman, Ray D. Friedlander, Jack P. Fritze, Jr., Vernon V. Fry, Stephen T. Frye, DonaId J. Fuentes, Jerome A. Gabberf, John H. Gaille, Raymond S. Gaines, Jimmy R. Galaway, Robbie L. Gallagher, Robert P. Gallaway, Thomas M. Galvin, Daniel L. Garcia, Delfino, Jr Garcia, Enrique M Garner, Charles K. Garrett, Jr., Lawrence N. Garza, Alberto Gersbach, Kenneth A. Geye, Raymond J. Giddens, David L Gilbert, Allyn T. Gillette, James F. Glisan, Charles L. Glodt, John F. Glover, Jon- E Glued, Elli: E4 Godhn, Jerq W. Goff, John E Goldman, JOC'I Coldemirh, Jame: W. COrIleIQl, JOI'J'; H. y N'N: Gonzalez, Robert J. Gonzalez, William K Goodenough, Robert D. Gore, Donald D. Grant, Alberf D. Gram, Lee J Gary, Darrell K, Green, Joe B. Greene, Patrick R. Greenhaw, Larry M. Gregory, Charles H. Griesenbeck, Clyde A Griffith, Adron N. Griffith, Charles E. Griffin, Terry R. Griggs, Dwigh1L S. Grimsinger, Clyde E. Groff, Wallace W. G off, Walter P. Gruner, Kenneth A. Guin, Bobby H. Gutierrez, Francisco J. Habbinga, Richard J. Haggard, Harry L. Haggard, Kenneth R. Halaburka, Michael J. Haliasz, Henry E. Hall, Morris L. Hall, Richard S. Hallenberger, Charles R. Halpain, Richard T. Hancock, William M. Hancock, Jr., Woody R. Hansard, James B. Hanson, Wayne B. Hardgrove, James T. Harp, Jeffrey C. Harris, Jerry D. Harris, Morris R. Harris, Ronald B. Hartley, Thomas M. Hasfen, William H. Hausmann, Richard J. Havel, Jerome A. Hawkins, James H. Hays, William M. Head, Howard M. Heibel, Richard A. Helmers, Sfanley L. Henneberger, Jr., Armin E. Hernandez, John R. Herrera, John M. Herrmann, William J. Hickman, Jr., Royce H. Hilliard, John E. Hinds, Frank C. Hoelfing, Leroy K. Holliman, John C. Holochwost, Gregory G. Holy, Grant J. Honeycutt, Don R. Honeycutt, Wesley H. Hotfenroth, James R. How der, John D. Howell, Robert M Hubler, George L. Huddleston, Roy R. Hudson, Edgar K. Hull, Jacob B. Hull, John W lhms, Orlan L. lhrig, John R. Ilse, Michael L. Irvin, Leslie G. Jablonski, Ted M. Jackson, Benjamin R. Jackson, Mark L, Jackson, Rex S. Jackson, William E. Jacoby, Jr , Roy A. James, Glen A. Jasek, Russell D. Jenkins, James J. Jenkins, Richard A. Jernigan, David S. Jessup, Jerry H. Johnson, Charles Allen Johnson Ill, Charles Andrew Johnson, Charles J. Johnson, Gary N. Johnson, Howard C. Johnson, Melvin H. Johnson, Jr., Walter H Johnson, William H. Jones, David S. Jones, George F. Jones, Paul I. Jones, Ray C. Jones, Tommy L. Kampe, Arnold J. Kane, Kimberlin M. Kass, Jr., David R. Keeling, Michele E. Keeling, Russell L. Kelly, Jr., Robert M Kemp, Allan E. Kenny, R. Michael Kieschnick, Gerald B, Killingswonh, John B. King, Carl W. King, Jon B. Kiolbassa, Frank R. Kirk John H. Klufz, Lllilliam L, Vnox, Pryce M. Koclan, Poberf P. Voehler, Jr., Buford R. Voonce, Gary W. Veranda Joseph L Vrc'nz, firm, fl., Jr. Yru':rr"fr:, HOHI', E4 V'H."hfr, HOI'JH P. VW:w,-rrmm, Chalet Mflrrmlyr, BOON.- P, 14!! H, Calm F. ubvr? Jr,1whn H Land, Thomas E. Lanmng, James W. Lary, Jr., Camm C, Laughlin, Gregory H. Lavender, William A. LeCrone, Joe M. Lee, Carl J. Leigh, William S, Leininger, Jerry S. Lester, Michael L. Levy, Jr., Jerome H. Lewis, Carl P. Lewis, Ronald A. Limmer, Bobby L. Lindsey, Kenneth C Listi, Sam A. Lively, John R. Long, Bobby P. Long, Martin D. Long, William L. Loudermilk, Walter B, Love, Bobby P. Lueck, Ronald L. Lutich, Michael L. Luymes, Alan H. Lyne, Rufus R. Lyons, David F. Mabry, Michael D. Madeley, Gerald R. Madeley, Philip C. Mahaley, Donald R. Majors, Dayle G. Mallen, George F. Mann, Jr., Joseph E. Marshall, Kenton E. Martin, Jr., Hershel J Martin, Joseph D. Martin, Jr., Ralph E. Marxuach, Raul Mason, Edgar A. Matthews, Jr., William A. May, Dean W. May, Robert A. Mayfield, William T. McAdams, Michael L, McAdams, Robert J. McAdams, Thomas A. McAfee, Winfield R. McBrayer, Michael A, McClure, John A. McConnell, Austin D. McCown, Jack R. McDermand, Jr., Willis F. McDonald, Jr,, Merion H. McFarland, Jerry L, McGiII, Dennis W. McGinIy, John W. McGlothlin, James O. McGlothlin, Larry W. McGowan, Robert S. McGown, Michael D. McGrady, Michael S. McGregor, Mark D. McGuire Robert N. Mckelvain, Burrell R. McMath, Charles W. McMurray, David W. McVey, Jr., Stanley A, Meadows, Thomas H. MeVendez, Robert E. Melton, Jackson D. Merka Joe T. Mersmann, Robert C. Metz, Richard H. Meyer, Norman G. Meyers Frank E. Mikus, Douglas T. Miller, James E. Miller, Jimmie L. MiHer, Robert A Miller, Stanley R. Minaldi, David L. Minx, HuberT Mitchell Jr., Ralph H. Mitchell! Robert L. Monier, William K. Moore, Richard Morelos-Zaragoza, R. A. Morgan, Emmett K. Morgan Jr,, James E. Morgan, James M. Morgan, Robert P. Morris, Jack A. Morrison, David G. Morton, Curtis R. Moseley, James L. Muehls'rein, Larry J. Mullican, Billy M. Mundt, Henry G. Mumford, ArThur G. Munson, Jr., John H. Murray, James M. Naill, Jr,, Walter E. Naiser, Donald D. Nance, James P Nash, Charles R. Nash James F. Navarro, Marion W. Neale, Robert K. Ndson, Bardin H. Nelson, George L. Hefhery, Jimmy C. Herz, 90 L. Heumann, Curtis E. ficmon, Dennis E HMQU, Cler; E. Nichol; Jw B. fl'wcholc, Paul D. Mehauz, chq A. ann, Jam's: L NONI", JrINW'. L 'Ioumod, Gum l, '1',',?r-r, mm!- m 'wl'fw:5, Pnhwrr P 0' W, HMIm J H NM-rm M Olivares, Andres Olives, Jose R. Oliver, Bryon D. Oman, John B Orchard, John H. Orena, George Orfs, Jack R. Park, Jr., Wilbur C. Parker, Danny Parker, James R. Parker, W. B. Parnell, William D. Parr, Jr,, W. R. Partridge, Jerry L Patterson, Ronald D . Pay'ne, David P. Payne, Eugene E. Pearson, Timmie H. Peeples III, Minor Pena, Gustavo J. Pena, Pilar Penaloza, Danie! A. Perry, John W. Persyn, Harvev O. Pesek, Franklin G. Pefers, Burnis C. Peterson, Allan C. Peterson, James P. Peterson, Robert A. Petfer, Albin A. Phillips, Alfred M. Plagens, Walter H. Polk, Jr., Leroy J. Pope, Travis G. Porter, Don L. Post, Edward T. Potter, Douglas J. Powell, Charles T. Powell, Robert T. Powell, Woodrow L, Powers, Luther R. Praisnar, Jr., Adam Prater, John S. Prather, William H. Prescher, Jr., Walter A. Price, John B. Pridmore, Jr., James A. Prochaska, David J. Provine, Christopher Puig III, Baldomero A. Purcell, William W. Pybus, Jack L. Pye, Perry C. Radde, Kenneth A. Raffefy, Carl H. Railston, Richard Rambin, Ronald E Randsell, Tom R. Rapp,, Jr., Harry M. Rardin, David C. Rasco, Billy J. Ra1liff, Marvin T. Ray, Alexis M. Read, Charlie H. Reavis Redford L. Record, James E. Recton William R. Reel, Ronald L. Reesby, William D. Reese, Charles H. Reese, George E. Reeves, Jr., 5. Alvis Resfrepo, Alvaro C. Reyna, Pedro Reynolds, David L. Reynoids, Joel R. Rhoades, Ned L. Rice, Roberr R. Richards, Ronald R. Richardson, Clarence W. Richardson, Donald M. Richburg, Walter C. Richers HI, Louis W. Riddle, Thomas E. Ridley, Robert L. Rinard, Stephen K. Riner, Gary D. Risinger, John Roberts, Charles T. Roberts, Harlan E. Robinson, Charles W4 Robisheaux, Gary J. Rochelle, Joel P. Rodriguez, Jr., Tomas M. Rogers, Gerald G. Rogers, Robert L. Rogers, Robert M, Rossi, David J. Rowe, John H. Rowland, Wesley R. Rudd, Donnie Rudder, Gary D. Rugh, Ronald E. Rumsch, Orville G. Rust, Malcolm M. Salabarrie, Miguel A. Salazar, Jr., Raymond Salinas, Carlos R. Salinos, Joe M. Samford, Royce A. Sanderlin, Larry R, Sanders, James L. Sanders, Luther L. Sargent, William S. Sartnelle, William C. Sayers, Marvin J. Schaefer, Jr., Carl J. Schaefer, Chester C. Schaezler, Chris H. Cchrmbel, Jame; E. Cchrmider, Po? r1 W. Ctl'whl,flx-1Hin L, CEOH, Jame: T. Cbtor, Hilliam T. 1 VIII, Pithdfd P, Cr-hhdi, er FY Shannon, Jr., Carl J. Sharp, Robert L Shaw, Earl R. Shaw, Michael L. Shaw, Nilliam B. Shaw, William G Sheefz, Roy D. Sheiness, Herschel L. Siegelin, Gerald W. Simmons, Albert M. Simmons, Joe D. Simon, Jerry J. Simoneaux, Emmett M. Simpton, Jerry E. Singer, James R. Sizemore, James L, Skupin, Henry C. Sladek, Jr., Herbert H. Smith, Avery W. Smith, Douglas W. Smith, Ellis V. Smith, Homer C. Smith, Horace A. Smith, Jack G. Smith, Jack H. Smith, Manning D. Smith, Jr., Percy A. Smith, Robert David Smith III, Robert Douglas Smith, Thomas E. M. Smyfh, Joe C. Snowden, James A. Soape, Jerry W. Soper, Leigh J. Spacek, James F. Spa!sbury, William C. Speck, Joe P. Speir, John D. Spence, Gary W. Spencer, John S. Sperberg, Ronald L. Spillmann, Charles D. Springer, Bobby L. Stahl, Konroe J. Sfancil, William R. Stanton, William K. Stanton, William L. Stasney, Paige A. Stein, Franklin J. Stengel, George J. Sfevener, Bobby L. Stewart, Danny B. Stokes, Francis D. Strandtman, Gerald A. Strange, William B. Snub, Rodney J. Stubbs, Robert C. Sfuckey, Joe W. Sturgeon, William C. Sullivan, Richard G. Summers, Franklin D Swan, Charles S. Swindell, Jr., Glenn R. Syler, Gerald W. Talarek, William R. Taylor, James H. Taylor, Kenneth F. Teal, Barry B Teasley, John H. Terry, William L. Thomas, Charles E. Thomas, Gary A. Thomas, Robert W. Thompson, David R. Thompson, Michael D. Thompson Ill, Victor H. Tidwell Jr., Calvin M. Tisdal Jr., Victor C Toman Jr., Raymond P. Tompkins, John W. Truen, Joe C. Truin, Timothy N. Tudela, John A. Turzak, Thomas M. Twomey, Raymond D. Underwood, Donny C. Upchurch, John P. Uptmore, David J. Uresti, Arthur E. Valdez, Abelardo L. Valdez, Javier Vandiver, Robert L. Vasser Jr., William C. Vaughan, Ronald W. Vaughan Jr., Thaddeus F. Vazquez, Sergio V. Vela, Guillermo J. Venglar, Patrick W. Veselka, Shelburne J. Vener Jr , Lawrence C. Vick, John R. Vicknair, Tommy J. Voelkel, Travis T. Vollmer, James F. Voss, Jerry D. Wade, Tommy H. Wagner, Thomas P. Ward, Barry D. Warren, Laurence A. WarricP, Clifton E. Waflrins, Roy M Wamon, Joseph M. 'Narzon, Pandolph L. fl:;?1:Jr,AIJgIJstw2: A. Wehner, Enom T. Hewzer, Ponald L. Hem; Jr, Harold C. Hendd, Laru A. Herr, Hardd E HWY, Yrrrmdh H ffnr;r,-!l;r, varm':fh H. Mu mum, J'm-ph U Hindu Or-or'y: V IN n, 0,,an M Irv er-r. P Hv M, qul White Jr., Robert T. Whittenberg, Paul R. Wiederhold, Robert W. Wier, Michael I. Wilbeck, August C. Wilkes, Steven L. Willcox, Gerald P. Williams,J hn L. Williams, Mansil A. Williams, Robert C. Williams, Ronald L. William , Wilburn C. Willis, G. W. Ketchel Willmann, Robert L. Wilson Jr., Marshall P. Wilson, Roy D. Wilson, William B. Wimbish, Robert W. Windham, Terrell D. Winkelmann, Roger C. Winship, Thomas E. Winters, David W. Wiss, Jerald L. Wolf, Robert H. Womack, Glenn L. Wood, Larry D. Wood, Stephen H. Woodall, Russell P. Wormser, Marc R. Wurzbach, Clark R. Wylie, Stanley R. Wynn, Maxey R. Yandell, Jack H. Young, Louis L. Young, Michael S. Zaeske Jr., Louis W. Za cek, Robert A. Zafopek, Edward J. Zerbe, Manfred R. Zimmerman, Winton B. CLAQQ OF 1965 Left to Right: BURNS, ALTMAN, HOLLOWAY. mow President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, WILLIAM ALTMAN Vice-Presidem ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JAMES LOVE Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 ..................... JAMES BURNS Social Secretary ROBERT HOLLOWAY Adams, Dawd E. Arrhurf, Jim W. Aldrich, Lovell W. Alexander, Richard M. Allen, JIrn E. Allen, Roy M. Altman, erliom K. Alverson, KinYner W Anderson, Joe D Anderson, Louis F. Anderson, Robert J4 Aquilino, L. Sam Arledge, George E, Armlnfor, Joseph K Armstrong, Richard W. Atkins, Robert D. Afwell, Donald C, Bobin, Leopold B 7;. . , ' Bocica Jr,, Woodrow L. X' ' Bodgwell, Don H. , : Bailey, James M. Baker, James K Bollard, John S. .. chrnel Jr., WIllFom E. W ' Bonner, Wilburn W. k Barber, Dole B. Borbin, Ryrher L. Borgmonn, William G, 7"; Barkemeyer, David L. n :M Barker, Leonard R, v j. Barker, Richard B. Barlow, John E. Barnes, Dole E. Barnes, Levhon A Barr, Dennis B. Barren, Richard E. 7 v Barron, James T. ,S Boss, Paul M. ' Botemon, Barry L. x ' Bofey, Richard ,' . 'x Bauer, Sfephen M. , 3 Baxter, Michael C. , Boyer, William C. - Baylor, Edwin R. Beaumont, Michael L. ' Becko Jr , John c. Becker, Joe D. Beighle, Philip L. ' Bell, Bob D, ! Bender, William C. Benes, Joseph B Bennen, Virgil O. Benson, Fred C ., Benlon, George L. i Bergoon, Ronald D, . j Berlongo, Dav'wd : . I Betz, Roscoe A, i Beyer, Leslie L. Bickers, Dennis R. Bickhom, Johnnie A. - Bifar, Jose J v Blackwell, Thomas M. Blakely, Don A. Blankenship, James W. Boehm, William S. Began, Donny M4 Boles, James D, Bollinger, Lee S. -- i Borg, David A. Boring, Emory P. Borneflld, Bruce K. Bo", Jeff L. Bourgeois, James E. Bourne, Cecil M, Bowen, Marvin C. Bowers, Joe Bowles, Joe A. Box, John W A. Boyd, Lomor . Boyd, Robert C. ; Boysen, Jesse C. Brondv Jr., Duane Brandt, Meluyn E. BroHon, Gerald R, Bray, James H, BrewsVer, Charles H. Brewsfer, James E Brinon, Charles L. Brookes, Richard S. Bros'ek, Alexander P. m 6W Broussord, Gordon GV Brown, CliHord L. Brown, Larry C. . Brown, Richard E. Brown, Sidney P. Bryson, Bernard G. Buckellew, William R. g Bullock, Robert L, ' Bunkley, Rey L4 Burke, Advia J. Burns, James M., Jr. Burr, Hvrom H., JL Bush, John G. Buttrill, Gerald H. Coin, George E. Callahan, Francis T. Ccllowoy, Mkhoel R Carpenter, James M, Comero, Hector A. Campbell, Barry M. Campbell, Joseph W4 Cordwell, Thomas A Carleton, Roger E Carrillo, Daniel S. Caner, Donald D. Costellonos, Martin W. Cotchings, Ronald C. Cotes, Billy F Cawyer, Raymond D, Chaney, Ernest W. Chapman, Philip R, Choppelle, Ray J. Cheathom Ill, Walter L. Cheesemon, Clifford H. Chilton, Harold W. Chupik, Stephen E. Cloncey, Edward L. Clifton, David S, 0 Cohen, Robert S. Coltrin, Robert B. Conn, Gerald R. Conner, Howard S. Conner, James C Cook, Harold E, Cooperl Damon C. Cooperl Scott E. Coppinger, John T. Coreil, Vincent D. Cormon, Wayne L. Cotterell, John M. Cox, Charles L. Cox, Frank W. Cox, Ronald J. Craig, Dale A. Craig, David J Cravens, Gerald W. Crawford, Charles H Crawford, Jack H Crews, James W. Crosbie, James M, Crow, James D. Cuellorl Jaime Cullen, Raymond P. Culver, Byron K. Doiley, Roy W Daniel III, Charles L. Darling, Hermon B. Davis, David D. Davis, Groyum L. Davis, Lee E. Dovis Paul L. Davis, Ronald 0 De La Garza, Conrado de Villeneuve, Allen R. Devolites, Philip J. Dioz, Leonard F. Dickie, Ted M. Dollins, Jr,, James G. Dom, Richard C. Dougherfy, John C. Douglass, Milton E. Downey, Charles R, Downing Jr., James N. Droemer, John B Drolllnger, Harry B. Duelm, Aubrey J. Dulin, Jr., Edwin R. Dunhom, James L Dunkerley, Jr., Roland P. Duplissey, Gary R Durbin, James P. Duty, Douglas W Dye, Joel G Dyoll, Donald R. Ebert, Stondley G. Eddlemon, Ear! G. Eller, Charles R. Elliot! Ray D, Emerson, Robert A. English, James D Essler, Arnold G. Evans, Lynn S. Evans, Robert E. Fobre, Rudolph F FOHICF, Robert C. Feighny, Michael L Ferguson, Robctt L. Fcrnold, William R Fldlcr, Shwcn E. Fielder, Lloyd N. Flnbnncr, Tony C thor, Joe H. Fuhmmon, Barry N. Florence, Ronald C. Flows, Jr., Roul Fovkol, Edgar W. Foum, Froddic G mew, anlle k ronlm Cvmqv C fnx, Jumox D anux VVmem C lmnHm led A lmnl: loin V' hm lelmInl lIu'J thl K IIUH'I HJMI A Fuchs, James A. Fuchs, Leslie T. Furber, Ronald W. Gage, Errol Goley, John H. Gambrell, Edwin F. Gamertsfelder, Joe R. Gorces, Alvaro E. Garcia, Anostosio Garcia, Jr., Jesus Garcia, Robert R. Gardner, Daniels S. Garrison, Darrell D. Garza, Jr,, Roberto R. George, Raymond 0. German, Donn L Gerrold, Scott W. Ghormley, Arnold 8 Gibbons, William E. Gibson, Patrick A, Gibson, Jrl, Robert L. Gibson, Ronald E. Gibson, William E. Gieger, David K. Gilbreoth, Roberf E. Gillis, Don C. Gilmore, Donald E. Gipe, George W. Gloss, Daniel W. Glenewinkel, Dennis R. Glenny, Walter S. Glover. David W. Golasinski, Michael J. Gotcher, Jr., William L. Gough, William H. Graham, James F. Gray, John W. Greak, Gerald T. Green, Richard M. Greer, Max M. Gregory, Raym nd W. Griffisl Robert T. Grumbles, James V. Guevara, Alvaro Gumm, Harold W. G nter, James H. Gutierrez, Anibal A. Guymon, Richard F. Holbert, David M. Hall, Claude B. Hcluska, Jerry L. Hamilton, Ronald G. Hamilton, William L. Hamme, C. Scott Hancock, William R. Hons, Bobby L. Horuway, William J. Hordemcn, Lyman J. Harper, John C. Harrell, Gary R. Harris, William B. Harrison, Warren T. Hart, Melba J. Hclfowoy, William E. Haffon, James R. Hotzenbuehler, Charles Hawkins, Ennis M. Hawkins, Harvey K. Hawkins, Robert M. .Hoynes, Philip E. Heikkila, Edwin C. Heinemann, Eugene J. Hennessy, Richard A. Herbrig, Walter L Hernandez, Guadalupe J Herring, Robert L. Herzog, Charles E Higgins, Michael E. Hilbqrn, Benny M, Hill, Harold J. Hill, Jerry W. Hines, Ronald S. Hinnont, Richard L HEH, Barney L. Hoch, Forest M, Holcomb, William D. Holder, George R. Holditch, Damon W. Holick, Donald H. Hollern, Patrick J. Holloway, Ernest R. Holmes, Charles R Hookl Charles 0. Hopgood, Ted M. Horne, John W. Howard, Bobbie B, Howard, Clyde W. Howard, Henry K. Howard Jr., Russell C. Hoysa, Matthew J. Huchlon, Richard M. Ughson, William N. Hugo, John E. Humble, Robert A. Humphries, Donald L. Hurley, James M. HUlchison, William E. Hyde! Michael W. Ingram, Johnny L. lnnissl Robert W. lsbell, Robert P. lsbell, William P. lsom, Conrad B Jackson, John E. Jackson, Jerome W. Jogeler, Charles D. Jager, Mitchell James, Larry R. ison, Charles L. Janacek, Jimmy W. Jarvis, Billy B. Jaynes, Jay Jeffus, Mac R. Jennings, Robert L. Johnsey, Marshall E. Johnson, Billy R. Johnson, Joe N. Johnson, Troy K. Jones, Curtis B. Jones, Drchn R. Jones, Eric P. Jones, Harrison P. Jones, Michael D. Jones, Thomas R. Jungkind, Don L. Kano, Edward J. Kelly, James H. Keltner, Neil L. Kemp, Johnnie Kerlick, Roben D. Key, Robert T. Kieschnick, Herbert W. Killingsworth, Anos E. King, R. Barry King, Robert E. Kingston, Joseph R. Kidlbcssc, Thomas A. Kirkes, Fred N. Kismet, Richard W. Klaevemcnn, William G. Kneisler, James R. Kolhmcnn, Hervert G. Krerzschmcr, Gilbert E. Krieg, Daniel R. Krize, Carl F. Laird, Patrick 0. Laird, Royi. Lommers, Lawrence P. Lonasa, Philip J. Lane, Bruce G. Longe. Aubrey K. Langley, Larry W. Lorkin, James B. Lassifer, Martin C. Loughlin, Michael Loxson, Mock W. Ledbener, Jr., William R. Ledoux, Laurie E. Lee, James A. Lee, Peter H. Lee, Robert E. Lewis, James C. Lewis, Harry S. Lewis, Lonnie D. Lewis, Randall D. Lightsey, Don A. Liles, Jr., Thomas E. Lindstrom, Everett N. Lindsrrom, Everett N. Linz, Michael F. Liston, Ronald W4 Little, James M. Lee, Bennie T. Long, John C. Longnecker, Carl E. Love, James C. Lovelace, David J. Luedecke, Alvin R. Lynch, Jr., Robert W Mabie, Gary J. Macoluso, Mario A. Maccaferri. Don Maddox, Douglas P. Maddox, Larry A. Moenzu, Michael P. Mohoney, John M Malaise, William L. Mann, Greg A. Murobella, Peter J. Morburger, Donald T Marek, Alfonse J. Margo, Roberto S, Marion, David P. Marlin, Chester 0. Merlin, Viclor Z. Martinez, Homer T. Mason, William W. Mathim, Donald R. Mallhcws, Thomas M. Mayorsl Pablo Mayo, Jnmos M MgAdon, Stcwml F. McAllixlm, Chorlvs B. MuAunhnn, Rubvrt ,l, Mdhmm, Chnllm P. MxCuH 'uunm P McClung, Roy L. McCue, Robert L. McDaniel, Edwin R. McDaniel, O'Rell O. McDonald, Don R. McDonald, Jack $ McDowell, David H. McGaughey, Robert L. McGinn, Fred L McGinnis, Ronnie M, McGuire, Delbert A. McHaney, Stephen K. McKinney, Gary A. McLaughlin, Lester A. McMurray, Robert D. McNally, Reid P. McPherson, Donald G. MegarHy, David T. Meier, Eugene P. Menzies, Stephen P. Messer, Clarence R. Mieors, Leslie T. Migura, Wallace V. Milam, William C. Miller, David C, Miller, David M. Miller, Joel E Mims, Connsmnfine Minkon, Sheldon A. Molina, Henry E. Mongillo, Dominic J Monschke, Richard Moon, William H. Moore, John E. Moore, Lawrence Y. Morgan, William E. nger, Ronald L. Muegge, Frank A. Muller Jr., Frank M. Murphey, Ronnie G. Murphee, Donald L. Murray, Robert C. Muston, Burt A. Myers, Jr., Earle R. Myers, Melvin A. Myers, Norman E, Nachod, Jay E. Nalley, Robert M. Nortker, Richard J. Ng, Randall Nicholas, Robert W. Norman, Henry H. Northcuff, Jasper R. Nuinez, Joe E Obediente, Jorge GA Oberhoff, Kenneth F. O'Brien Thomas P. Jr., Joseph H. Oddson, Terrence A. Olivarez, Ben D. Oliver, Michael M. Oliver, Olen B. Oman, Richard A O'Neal, James L. O'Neal, Michael N. O'Reilly, Michael P. Overfon, John Owen, Jr., Frank S. Ozmun, Irwin R. Puchall, Carlton W Pork, Tommy Parker, Carson P. Parker, James E Parker, Jesse C. Parker, James E. Parker, Kenneth D. Palm, Robert N. Palmer, John A. Patton, James L. Peuvy., Jerry W. Pedigo, Stephen K. Perrone, Johnnie L. Peterson, Keith A. PeHy, George D. Petty, Robert L. Pfeiffer, Eugene J. Phelps, Russell W. Phillips, Benny J. Phillips, Larry A. Phillips, Thomas H Phillips, William M Piccolo, mes Pickord, Lowery B. Piersall, John G. Pierson, Gary L. Piper, Lloyd L. Plummer, MiHy C. PlunkeH, Lorry K. Post, Lynn J. Pounds, Herbert E. Powers, Wallace J Price, Johnny M. Proctor, John M. Pusch, Donald E. Putnam, Jerry L. Quisenberry, Alex J. Rachel, Richard W. Runnels, Larry D. Reagor, Franklin M. Redding, Lloyd W. Reeves, Elmo C. Reeves, Lowell E. Reeves, M C, Reich, Robert E, Reicherzer, Gary W. Rel snyder, Richard E. Rektorik, Horace J. Reue, Glenn H. Reyna, Carlos F. Richardson, Michael L. Richter, Jr , Carl X; Riley, Brian L. Riley, Paul E. Riordan, Richard R. Riske, Robert M. Robbins Jr,. Lewis F. Robertson, Stephen B. Roche, Hubert C. Rodriguez Jr., Manuel Rogers, Mel Roming, Leland D. Rose, Douglas N. Rose, John T, Ross, Donald R. Ross, Winston B. Rowland, Robert A. Rubac, Richard E. Rudder, Edward E. Rutherford, Jimmy A Rutyncl Aldis P. Saenz, Joe L Solifros, James J. SulomwOrozco, David Sondford, Ronald D. Sasse, Fredric W. Sanchez, Ralph A. Sanders! Robert A. Sanford, Michael B. Sauer, Gordon E. Sangerhausen, Charles R. Schell, John A Schoeger, Hermon T. Schlofher, Kenneth J. Schmidt, Glenn W. Schon, Ronald J. Schuessler, Lorenzo D. Schuh, Leonard G. Schur, Donald G. Scoggin, Phillip C. Scott, Preston A. Scott, Robert E Seowell, William M. Sebastian, James W. Seely, Jr., Thomas R. Segura, Richard P. Serna, Enrique A. Shodel, William N. Shaffer, Robert J. Sherman, William T. Shinsky, Paul F. Shipmon, James K Shupak, George L. Simmons, Kenneth O. Simons, Milom T. Simpson, Jimmie D. Simpson, Russell E. Skoggsl Ronald L. Slimp, Jack B. Sloan, Michael A. Smith, Billy R Smith, Dorrell F. Smithf. C. Smhh, Jay D, Smith, John D Smith, Jackson K. Smith, Richard W Smith, Stephen F. Smhh, William 0 Smthermon, Ronnie D Snider, Robert H. Snow, Raymond H. Solond, Fred H. Solis, Jose L. Sotelo, Oscar South, John H. Soulhcrlond, Jesse M. Spoelh, Clifford W. Spcllmonn, Roberl L. Spengler, William M. Springer, John S. Springer, Stanley L. SmHoud, Hmold R. SmHmd, Harry A, Smrok, John M, SloHom JL, Leonard Cv. Slvpp, Jmnox L. Sllllnvll JL, Vlrgil C SIIIIHUI, VVxllmm f SlloHlquu len F. Slnlwx, Kuhmd H Mulw, Rxmluud V'. Mon, JL, IInokl R. NImuIL lnhn M Mimi lmhm W Nllukllh lhllw k Nhrml Rnnqu Sugorek, Frank L Suhler, David R Suib, Michael R. Taylor, William E Teams, Terry L. Templer, Thomas W. Terry, David D. Terry, George F. Theis, Thomas M. Thigpen, Douglas C. Thompson, Alton C, Thompson! James W. Thompson, Paul E. Thompson, Ronald C. Tiemann, James F. Tierce, Millard L. Tiierina, Alberto A. Tole. Glenn L. . . Tompkins, Alfred T. Tompkins, Bill G. Tovey, Frank NL Trainer, Lloyd D. Trgylor, Richard C. , Trevino, Manuel R. Triesch, Eugene O. Turney, William H Uhlig, Raymond G Y Urbanic, Charles E. 49K ' Valiente, Edvardo A. 1"" Van Pelt, Richard S. '4 Von-Wagner, Roger G Vernon, Albert E. Vick, Jerry D. f Vick, William E. ' Villarreal, Adolfo Vinson, Gerald E. 1'1 V - Vitek, Philip C. ; i Volz, Gary A. Vrzolik, John H. Wade, Douglas B. I Walker, Stanley L wm I ' Walla, Jr., Marshall C. . . Wallace, Charles E. ,..., , Wallace, Paul G. Wallace, Wilmer R. Ward, John K Ward, Jr., Keith B. Warren, Donald R, Wornick, Phil W. Watson, Royce E. Wons, Foster L. Watts, William R. Weatherby, Hurshel R. Wehner, Arthur L. Welch, Lorry G. Wendfl Joseph P. Werth, Edward S. Whetsel, J. Elwin Wimbish, Gary H. Whiteker, Jerry N. White, Carey L. White, Hugh T. Wilbeck, Gary L. Williams, Albert P. Williams, Donald L. Williams, Frederick F. Williams, Robert B Williams, Robert S. Williams, Stephen J, Wilson, Jack A. Wilson, Robert W. Winfrey, James E. Winnette, er Walter M. Wisdom, Jr., Raymond C. Wolf, Jr., William M Wolfe, Ben E. Womble, Glendon D. Wood, Gail W Woodward, Woody W. Wortham, Murray L, Wright David E. Wright, Granville C. Wright, James L. Wright, Muchod Wright, Thomas W, Wynn, George C Wuensche, Rudy M. Yorbrough, Melvin N, Yorrifu, Aaron Yoskovic, Robert A. Young, David W. Young, Don P. ,Young, Gerald P. Young, Michael W Zomzon, Kenneth A. Zoppe, Ronald H, Ziegler, Kenneth B. Zotz, Joseph E. 469 -,'- "m. - l. --- 1.x. Left to Right: DOOLEY, MILLIKIN, DENISON. CLAQQ OF 1966 WOW President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , .............................................................. WILLIAM MILLIKIN Vice-PresidenT ............................................. 7 .................... RICHARD M. DOOLEY Secretary-Treasurer .................................................................... HARRIS J. PAPPAS Social Secretary ............................................................................. EARLY DENISON Abell, James L. Abraham, Herbert C Adams, Joe H. Adams, William G. Adcrnson, Hugh E Aduddell, Vernon C, AglieHi, Gary C. Akin! Donny G. Albin, Garry D. Alderman, Donald R. Aldrich, Sam P H Alexander, Thomas L. Alford, Beniomin F. Allen, Donald E. Allen, John D. Allen, John H Allen, Jesse L. Allen, Smnley R. Allen, William K. Allison, John C. Allman, James M. Almond, Thomas L. Alvord, Charles H. , Ames, Thomas G. Amfhor, George M, Anderson, Charles E. Anderson, Clifton P. ;, Anderson, Donnie D. V; ; Andrews! Larry G. $ . Andrews, Kevin R. l Anrosh, Thomas F. I Appel, John H. , Archer, David B. V , Armstrong, Donald R. 0 Armstrong, er John W Arneff, John E. Arnold, Grady N. x Arnold, James L. 1H ' Arrington, Billy L. h . . Ashcroft, Jack C. 1 f Ashley, Robert M. V1 Ashworfh, Michael D. W, -,' Atkins, William R. f Atkinson, Robert M. - 1' 4 AuH, Harold W ' r Aufry, Jerry W. ' Avery ll, James B. Ayton, Carl R. Bacon, George T. L Bacon, William S. Badgenl Robert L. '. v Bcgby, Donald E. ' BaggeH, Joe E. Bailey, Thomas C. Baker, John S, Y Baker, Robert D. . Baldwin, Davici T Baldwin, Robert W. Bell, Brian C. Ball, Everett L. Balmer, Jr., Wilbur J Bamberg, William H. Barham, Ill, George S. Barfield, David C. Barker, Dudley S. Barlow, Jimmie R, Bornebee, James H. Barnett, Joe P. Barrera, JL, Arturo R. Bartlett, Tommy R. Barton, Mike 809e, Jerry M. Bathey, George A. Bcfsom Thomas O. Batten, Ronald N. Bough! Lawrence T. Bayne, James G. Beorden, Don A. Beaumont, Richard D. Beck, Jr., Farrel E. Beck, Michael O Becker, Gerald B. Begay, Jefferson L. Beggerly, James D. Belcher, Earl W. Belcher, Jr., William R. Belinsky, Peter 8. Bell, John A. Bennett, Ill, Hermon H. Benson, William S Berg! Norvell D, Berger, Eugene J Bering, August C. Berngen, Frank E, Bernhard, Lorry K Barrier, Walter G, Best ll, Herman H, Beyer, Melvin L. Bielamowicz, Samuel M. Billington, Robert S. Binghom, Robert C Bird, Thomas K. Birdwell, Jr., Harvey L. Birge, Laddie V. Bishop, Jr., Eugene H. Black, Henry J. Block Ill, Joseph M. Black, Norman E. Black, Jr., William R Blackmon, Joe A. Blcha, Ronald Blain, Nicholas D Blair III, John 54 Blair, Kippen L. Bloke, Jock P. Blanchard, Kennerh J Blande, James P. Bloschke, James Blaylock, James E. Bloodworfh, Morris B. Blumin, Steven N. Bodine, Albert D. Boese, John O. Bohn, Phillippe G4 Bond, Norman E. Bonner, Lewis E. Bordovsky, Robert D Borum, Harry H. Better, Jon K. Bowden, Gory M Bowers, Brian L Bowers, Ralph E. Box, Roger R Boyce, Wilbur C. Boyd, Garland A. Boyd, Glenn N. Boydston, Michael B Boyer, Richard K Braffeff, Jr., Charles 0. Bradley, Darrell A Bradley, John L. Brody, James W. Brandt Elmer L. Brandt III, George Branhcm, Lawrence M, Bronon, Jack W. Brotz, Kenneth W. Brounig, Henry J. Bredmg, Edward V. Bresler, Done A. Brewer, Lionel M. Brewster, JL, Olin F. Bridges, Jr., John L. Bridges, Michiel L. Brindley, Paul B Brock, Kennith D. Brooks VI, William C. Brotze, Gary H Brown, Albert G. Brown H, Austin E. Brown, Gary D. Brown, Jr. George R. Brpwn, James F. Brown, Jimmie M. Brown, Raymon L. BrQWn, Ronald F. Brown, Thomas G. Brdwn Ill, Thomas I. Browning, Bobby J. Browning, Charles M. Brumley, Billy D. Brumley, William D. BrummeH, Barry J. C, Brush, George C. Bryon! Jerry R. Bryant, Larry M. Buck, Crorq G Bulgowicz, Albert H. Burch, Joe T. BurdiH, Michael L. Burke, Mrchuel D. Burkholter, Maynard 5 Burkhard, William C. Burks, Conrad H, Burlln, Charles W. Burnett, James T, Burnett, Ronald L Burns, Edward H. Burnsl Ruchcrd L, Burrus, John D Bush, Joseph K. Byerlyl Tracy A. Bynum, James C. Byrnc, Roger P. Byrnes, John M. Callon, Michael B. Callonay, Moms 0. Callowoy, Scott T. Camp, Bull Campbell, Bull M. Campbell, Colin 8 Campbell, Chdo W. Cnmpbvll, Jv , Richard S CnmplwlL thlmm M Cannon Mu'mol D Cmm, ,lmv LI Cmm Nmuuu 0 Cnnlmlmn II , Rnlwlf H. Cnrwp Lnnwlwll P 311 1uux lvmxmd Mulm Rulmul l Vunlrvl Knlmn' H K .len'm lJum H kmmH Huh K uI:uH Knlwll 1 Muhw leL l Carter, Richard K. Casanova, Edward Casares, George A. Casbeer, Ill, Thomas J. Cgsey, Sam B. Cosh, Gary D. Cushion, Jack W Cassity, Roy Caswell, James E. Cate, James R. Cafhcqrf, Arthur B. Cathay, Ronnie L. Cavin, James P. Cervenka, Bennie G. Chaney, Thomas R. Chapman, David M. Chapman, John W. Chapman, Jr., Lee R. Charlef, Larry D. Chastang, David E. Chauviere, Ronny J. Childers, John R. Chrisman, Darrell W. Christensen, Ivar B. Christopher, David A. Chifwood, Richard D. Chovonec, Eugene E. Clark, Charles G. Clark, David W. Clark, James J. Clark, Jerry D. Clgrk, John C. Clarke, Barry K. Clay, James E. Clements, John R. Cleveland, William C. Cobb, Lance H. Cobb, Ralph Y., Jr. Cobler, Harold L. Coburn, Robert A. Cgco, Michael F. Coffin, Ill, Charles H. Colbert, Charles M. Cole, Robert G. Cole, Robert H. Collier, John D. Collins, Bubber J. Collins, Jr., Robert E. Collins, William G. Combs, Harold R. Compton, David R. Conard, Mackoy T. Condray, Jesse E. Connelll William B. Connor, John C. Confella, Carl J Cook, Larry E. Cook, Wade 5. Cooke, Michael L. Coon, Craig N. Cooper, Richard E. Cope, Houston D. Cope, Ill, Jesse T. Copeland, Ronald R. Cordero, HI, Virgil N. Cornelison, Jay R. Correll, Roy A. Coulson David H. Covey, James A. Cox, Gerald M. Craddock, Oliver W. Craig, Chris E. Craig, Robert G. Crain, William L. Crumpton, Jr., Ross N. Crawford, James N. Creider, Erwin J. Crenshow, Jackson H. Creswell, John L. Cribbs, Jan A. Crocker, Larry D. Crockett, David S. Cronk, Andrew C. Crouch, Jack M. Crouch, Patrick L Crowder, David A Crumbliss, James J. Culver, James L. Culver, Lee S. Cure, Louie M. Curran, Donald J. Curry, Ronald E. Daerr, Richard L Dallas, Jr., Milburn 5.. Dalton, James V. Donor, Alfred W. Darden, Ill, James G. Darling, William J. Darmon, Jr., Richard B. David, Allen R. Davidson, Rogerr S. Davis, Alford W. Davis, Jr., Aubrey R. Davis, Donald S. Davis, Edward C. Davis, Larry K. Davis, Tommy K. Davis, Thomas S. Day, Donald L. Day, Thomas M Dean, Marvin L. DeAfley, Barnie R. DeBortolo, Glenn R Decker, David H. DeFee, HI, Rober' A. Dehoney, James H. Denison, Early B. Denison, David R. Dennehy, Martin J. Denney, Michael E Derden, William H. Devine, Michael D. DeWitt, Amos T. Dial, Benjamin E. Diaz, Carlos L. Diaz, Hector Dioz, Julio F. Dibrell, Jr., Charles F. Dice, Fey 0. Dickens, William P. Dierz, Irving M. Diefz, Timothy H. Dillard, Robert H. Dimack, James A. Dismukes, Jr., John T. Diffberner, Phillip L. Doon, Donald B. Dockery, Rodney L. Dodgen, John P. Dodson, David H. Dodson, Richard E. Dominy, James F. Don, Bruce W. Donoho, Glynn R. Donaldson, Charles G. Donhom, Russell 6. Donnellan, Robert Q. Donovan, Richard L. Dooley, Richard M. Doolittle, Ill, James H. Doran, Russell L. Doron, Jr., Wilfred C. Douglas, James F. Douglas, James R. Douglas, John W. Dover, Leslie E. Dowden, Jr., William T. Downs, George R. Doyol, Sidney R. Doyle, Thomas A. Dozier, Edward W. Dromgoole, Glenn A. Drubert, Hilmcr C. Dublin, Jr., Frank W. DuBose, Bobby R. DuCharnp, Eugene A. Duncan, William R. Duncan, Jr., William S. Dungan, Clifford T. Dungon, James R. Dunn, Stephen L. Dunn, William F. Duran, John M. Durbon, Mark C. DJren, Jerry L. Durham, Lovoyger J. Duvoll, Jr., Duncan E. Dworshus, Jr., Albert G. Dwight, Patrick H. Dyer, Douglas J. Dyer, Spencer R. Eastman, Ill, George L. Eberspocher, Clifton T. Echterhoff, Lawrence B. Eddings, Holl S Edwards, Robert B. Eickmon, Edwin H. EIdSOn, Thomas Ekvoll, Don J, Elzner, Dennis R. Engdohl, Gilbert R. Engelbert, Robert A. English, Ronald W. Erskine, Rodney D Erwin, Edward A Erwm, Peter F. Escobor, Kenneth R. Esparzo, Edward D EHIS, Charles D. Ellis, John M Ellis, Robert C. Elwy, Ronald E. Ely, JL, Edward W. Ely, Joycph T. fom, Ixnn C Fxlm, Jnmm A. Hum, M. 5mm! Fvum, Muhnvl l fvmn, Hmmm W lvvn, leuld V, lvvu RuhulJ l lxxmx lmxwmv lullx, Hnnm R Inhu xHIqu K Iullvn klnrduu l 'ullm Muhnv! M Fan', Cory J. Farley, Phillip E. Former, HI, Leslie G. Farr, Louis L., IV Falkner, Roy D. Fell, George K. Felps, Alton D. Ferris, Darrel L. Ferrisl Richard A. Ficker, Richard H, Filburn, Ill, Leslie G. Fischer, David H. Fisher, Denzel L, Fisher, John P. Fisher, Terry L. Fisher, Thomas E. Fire, Daniel L. Fitzgerald, Giles W. Fitzhugh, Larry S. Flanagan, Edward L. Fleniken, James P. Fletcher, Pierce H. Fletche'r, Ronald W. Florence, Larry Z. Flores, Ruben C. Flournoy, Sammy J. Flowers, Phillip R. Floyd, William T. Foerster, Alfred J. ForuL Edwin R. Ford, Ronald G, Forresi, Charles R. Fprry, Farrell G. Fossler, Thomas C. Foster, James R. Fosver, Jim Foster, Reynolds L. Fosfer, William D Fowler, Donald W. Fowler, James E. Fowler, John G. Franks, Clarence E. Fronsen, David R. Fraser, Joseph G. Frazier, Jr., Robert L. Frazier, Stephen W. Frederick, Richard A. Frederiksen, Larry W. Freeman, George R. Freeman, Steve M. Frels, Leon K. Fritsche, Charlie M. Fromen, Charles W. Fry, Richard J. Fulghom, William N. Fuller, David W. Fuller, Randall H. Fullwood, Clark E. Furbert, James E. Furrh, Samuel R. Fusion, Louis F. Goden, Jr., John D. Goger, Geoffrey L, Gollaher, John J. Gallegos, Joseph Galloway, Trent K. Galloway, William E. Gamble, Michael E. Gay, John D. Gayle, Charles M. Geer, Jack R. George, Charles R George, Edward H. Gibson, David V. Gibson, Gary C Gibsonl James M. Gideon, Leonard A. Giesenschlog, William H. Gifford, Jr., David P. Gilbert, Michael D Gill, Ellis C. Gillis, Jr., Travis O. Gingrich, Lorry H. Glassford, Jr., David M. Goedecke, Ronald C. Goldforb, Jerrold H Gomez, Pedro B. Gomez, Rudolph V. Goodson, Charles F. Goodwin, Henry W. Gordon, Donny M. Gordon, Patrick T. Gosney, Gary L. Gosscholk, Joost A. Graf, Albert D. Grof, Kenneth E. Grafton, Michael B. Graham, David E. Graham, Jr , Hubert H. Graham, Rickey J. W. Graham! William K. Grams, Jr., Eugene J. Cranberry, Robert D. Graves, Jack, Jr. Gray, Haskell H. Gray, Michael D. Green, Jerry G. Greer, Charles L. Greer, Richard L. , Gregg, Layton D. Greqory, Donald L Griffin, Charles V, Griffith, Stanley E. Grimshow, Mike T. Gross, Jr,, Alfred L. Gruy, Michael A. Gudgel, Keiih E Guerra, Carlos E. Guidry, George L. Gunner, David C. Gustine, James E, Gutierrez, Jr., Alfredo R. GUVierrez, Hector X. Hogle, Donald H. Haglund, Carl H. Hainesl William A. Hair, Allan W Hall, David R. Hall, Don M, Hall, Michael Hall, Jr., Oliver F. Hall, Richard W. Hall! Sydney D, Hall, Jr., William S. Hamel, Charles G. Hamilton, Patrick C. Hommel, Richard W. Hampton, Lawrence H. Hanna, Wayne W. Hansen, Alton A. Hansen, James C. chusch, III, John A. Honzalik, Herman A Hapenny, James D. Herbert, Jerry C. Harbin, AHhur W. Harcrow, Robert J. Harden, Jeff S Hordwick, Wayne T. Horgrove, Thomas K Harper, Jr., Roland G. Harrell, Thomas E. Harris, Dickie A. Harris, Franklm A Horns, Guy B. Harris, Haywood L. Harris, Jack E. Harris, Ronald A. Harris, Terry G. Harris, Troy G Harris, William R. Harrison, Burt C. Hon, Anthony P. Hort, Harry W. Hort, John W Harvey, Edgar J Harvey, Gary B. Horvison, Gary E. Hose, Jr , Robert R. Hosselmeier, Robert J. Hofcher, Lester B. Housmonn, George S Havemon, JL, Allen E. Hawkes, Robert W. Hayden, Louis E. Hayes, Anthony D Haynes, Fred C. Heorron, George S. Hectley, Michael D. Hefley, Martin W. Heger, Robert S. Henard, Jr , Dan M. Henderson, Jr., Hermon 0. Henderson, Martin M. Hendrix, Clifford D. Henglein, Roben J, chslec, Robert W. Hensley, er John L. Hereford, Michael G. Hermann, Jr., Paul D. Hermann, Robert C. Hermcsmcyer, Frank R Herrera, Albert J. Herring, Sheldon M. Harrington, Robert A. HEcklIn, John S. chks, Hal 5. Higgina, Jr., Elliott L. Hill, COIHDIIUS E. Hlll, Jr., Owe! F HIH, Waller C, Hrllhouw, Slophcn A Hlllyor, lm L. Hxlton, VVlntncy ,I. Hxnron, Doxlcl C. Hlnitv, fmm! R Hlm'mkn thmvm C HMVPL Dunuld R Huvnuhmdl Gun IV Hnmmmuy l.xhn D Hukv Umnw H Huluuuh IXIHJ K Huluuub lnhu A HulJvH III. I Huldm lmxmml P Hullmqmm lh Kuurl! K Holman, Bailey M Holster, Jesse L. Holt; David L. Holt, Jack B. Holf, Werner E. Holveck, Glenn M Hooker, David P. Hooks, Jimmy N. Hookstro, Robert W. Hooper, Roger C. Hoofon, James G. Hooton, James W Hopkins, John B. Horn, Larry H Horn, Louis G. Hornback, James R. Horton, Edward L. Houston, Don P. Housfon, James 8, Howard, James W. Hubocek, Jr., John C. ' . Hubbard, James F. - Hubert, Paul E . , Hudler, Thomas J. .' 3 Huff, Jr., Jerome J. ' ' , Huffhines III, Elmer E. . x V Huffman III, Kirby W. Hufhines, Bobby R. Hughes, Jr., Kenneth E. Hughes, Jr., Lynn B. Hughes, Rodney B. Hull, David E. Humphries, Paul M. "" Humphries, Richard J. Hunter, Lorry T. ' Hurta, Frank J. Huston, Michael D. Irwin, Garland W. lsbell, Robert G. Jacks, William B. Jackson, Charles W. Jocksonl Donald L Jackson, Douglas L. Jackson, Jack C. Jackson Ill, Oscar Jackson, Thomas H. Jackson, Thomas M Jacob, Michael T Jacobs, Jerry A. Jocoby, Jr., Pete W. Jamar, Jeffrey J, James, Morris E. James, Karl R. ', , Jamison, Billy R. j Janssen, Herbert T., Jr. 2' Joris, Edward J. 1 I Jendrusch, Gerald J. 3 Jenne, John D. A Jennings, Douglas A. r Jennings, Robert B. ;- V Jerden, Larry R. Jett, James E. Jimenez, Calixto X. Johnson, Afton B. Johnson, Arthur J. t Johnson, Charles G Johnson, Charles S., III Johnson, George R Johnson, Johnny B. Johnson, Kenneth M. Johnson, Larry K. Johnson, Jr., Raymond Jones, Hugh N. Jones, James D. Jones, James R Jones, James W, Jones, Jerry L. Jonesl Oran B. Jones, Richard A. Jones, Richard A Joyce, Joe M. : Juarez, Rumoldo Z. Judith, III, Joseph H. Jungmonn, Arvell R. Kahunekl Henry Kaiser, Lorry K. Kasowski, Robert V Kearney, John A. Kee, Jr., Charles R. Keeling, Donald W. Keenanl John H, Keese, Larry A. Keilers, Dennis R. Keller, Michael E. Keller, Richard S. Kelley, Charles P. Kelley, Michael A. Kelly, Roger A. Kendall, Don F. Kennedy, AI C. Kennedy, Jr., Arthur L. Kennedy, Billy G. Kennedy, Gary W. Kennemer, Larry C Kent, Leonard L. Key, Dennis M. Kicklifer, Lowry N. Kiker, Tommy L. Kincl, Louis J., Jr. King, Cullis L, Jr. King, Joe D, King, Lewis E, Kissling, Benjamin K. Kistner, David K. Kiyo, Michael K, Kleemeier, Henry G. Kluge, Charles A. Knight, William R. Knipstein, Robert C. Koch, Kenneth J. Koehn, Donald W. Kooser, Donald E Korenek, Kenneih E. Koritz, Gary D. Kowolewski, Leonard W. Kronenberger, Jr. Louis Krueger, R4 Ernst Kubicek, Donald K'unz, Robert A. LaBelIe, Frank F Lackey, Stacy H. La Grange, Charles R. Lake, Simeon T. Lomm, Michael E. Land, Jimmy E. Lone, Robert W., Jr. Longhoff, Raleigh R. Lonier, Larry J. Loygr, Kenneth B. Low, James R. Lawrence, John H. Lawrence, Larry R. Lows, Kennem W. Lawson, Shcrol D. Lederer, Alois C. Lee, Loyl L. Lee, Robert G. Lee, Thompson W. Leffwich, Marion W. Leidolf, Frank S. Leifeste, Rodney D. Leighmon, Billy M. Leming, Richard M. Lemke, Clyde D. Leonard, Martin T. Lewellen Jr., Theodore E. Lewis, Harry W. Lewis, Loddy K Lewis, Larry D. Lewis, Larry J. Lewis. William C. Limerick, Lyndon D. Lindsey, George T. Linnarrz, Lawrence R. Linthicum, James H Linton, Roy E. Lipiecl Chester M. Little, Robert G. Lloyd, Howell R. Lockheed, Randy A. Long, Carl E. Long, Henry M, Long, John L. Long, Robert K Lonon, James R. Lopez, Frank, Jr. Lopez, Jesus G. Lopez, Samuel Loud, Curtis 5. Lovelace, John L. Lovil, William C, Jr. Low, Jimmie O. Lowke, Michael L. Lucey, William 6., Jr. Lusk, Haywood W. Lutrick, Pot L. Lyon, Willie L. Lyssy, Ernie E. MGCNUH, John G. Mobry, Gary D. Madden, Myron C., Jr. Majors, David W. Molhiot, Warren S. Moltby, Kenneth H. Mansfield, Michael D. Maples, Alan R. Morcum, Timothy D. Morrou, Jr., Beniomin F. Marshall, James A. ll Marlin, Larry R, Martinez, Jorge J. Martina, Juan A. Massey, Colvm L., Jr. Manhcw, Srcphvn C. Mnnhmu, louu B. Malrhom, Vvaon T. Mthvx, Allcn W. Mahom, Allhm L Mnnkv, TIInan A Mnnwll, Juv 1. May, Rm I May Run l Muxm Kuqm k; Mmmu vamn '5 ll Mnnu Hmmm N Murluqmv Rm l McAdams, Charles 0. McBride, Billy R. McBryde, Carl W. McBryde, Marion L. McCall, Homer G McCcrley, James B. McCarty, Raymond M. McClung, John E. McClure, Michael R. McDaniel, Ira S. McDaniel, Ronald McDonald, Richard P. McDuffie, Jr., Charles 0. McEachin, Eugene M. McGinnis, Ill, Charles T. McGowan, Brian W. McGrath, Michael J. McGregor, Forrest E. Mclnfeer, Pa'rick L. W . L, McKaughcn, Edward W. McKemie, William H McKeMy, Samuel C. . , . McKinney, John C. ' " McKinney, Lynn C. 1., ' McLean, Hulon E. W? McLeroy, Bill H. , , ' McMoth, John S. 31 ' McMillen, Thomas A. i .' McNabb, John M. : 5:. . McQuinn, Dale E. 'A i 1 Mchters, Jr., Gene W. , ; Meadows, Daniel B. Medford, Sidney F. Medina, Alfonso J. . Mehaffey, Lawrence J. I Meider, Louis E. . Melcer, Morton R. t V , Mella, III, Charles A. . . Mendoza, Francisco ..! i- - Mercer, Hayden M. , , .' .' MerriH, Weldon L. x; i X ' Mervish, Alan D. 3 . Meyer, Carl M. , ' Michulk, Gordon P. '"i; . ; Mikg, Donald F. ; Miller, Anthony J. E Miller! Boyd l. , Miller, Daniel S. . , Miller, Jack H. . , Miller, Larry B. Miller, Michael G. Miller, Richard W. Miller, Robert D. -! Miller, Robert D. Miller, Timothy R. . Miller, Wesley L. ' , Miller, William A. I Miller, Willaim F Millikin, Charies W. Mills, Randall R. x . , Mils'ead, James P. Minks, Raymond C. Mitchell, Cay L. . Mitchell, David T. l. Mitchell, Robert L. l Mims, Forrest M. , , Mobley, Forrest D. Mock, Tommy D., Jr. Moench, Jr., Carroll J. , Muhl, Jr., Julius I. ' ,. Moler, Dale R '- 'r Monroe, Myles P. ' Montalvo, Leopoldo : - Montgomery, Jr., Arthur A. Moody, David E. Moon, Thomas E. Moore, Ballinger B. Moore, Barry A. Moore, Jr,, Elmer V. Moore, Gary L- Moore, James A. Moore, John A. i Moore, John M. Moore, Lynn 5. Moore, Jr., Marbert G. Moore, Maurice E. Moore, Ronald K. Moore, Willaim D. Moore, William S. Moores, John J. Moran, Felix F. Moron, Michael M. Morgan, Charles E Morgan, Charles S. Morgan, Ronald W. Morgan, ll, Tilford H. Morris, Allen L. Morris, Douglas R. Morris, Larry D. Morris, Robert L. Morrbw, James R. Mosby, Robert D, Moses, Jr., James T. Mosesman, Barry Mosty, Jr., Robert L. Moffley, Jr., James R. Munson, Milom A. Murruh, Thomas F. Murray, Ill, Belonrd J. Murry, James R. Musser, Tommy W. Muzny, Lawrence S. Myers, John W. Myers, William F, Nobors, Michael Nogid, Paul A. Nagy, William F. Naron, Duane V. Nest, Roy L. Neal, Roy E. Neeley, Jimmy E. Neely, James E. Neely, Joe P. Nelson, John E. New, Benny L. Newcomer, Everett S. Newman, Louis M, Newman. Philip M New9on, Reginald D. Nichols, Robert D. Nickell, Robert L. Nix, Rickey C. Noerr, Jr., Robert C. Noonan, Clifton C. Nordquist, Kenneth L. Norman, Michael L. Norman, Terry R. Norton, James F. Nowlin, James R. Noxon. Jon E. Oberle, William T. O'Brien, Ccrell M. Odell, Jr., William W. Ofcarcik, Ralph P. Offner, Michael Ohlenbura, Edward I. OIiver, Thomas B. Olsovsky, James E. Orr, Donald R. Orton, Jr., George K. Osborn, Jr., Charles M. OuelleHe, Paul L. Overton, Mike E. Owen, Robert W Ozan, Richard V Pace. Donald R. Padilla, Antonio A. Page, George 0. Palmer, Daniel W. Pappas, Harris J. Parker, Don M. Perkin, John C. Parks, James A. Parks, Samuel J. Parnell, Clyde 0. ParroH, Richard B, Pate, Ronald W. PoHon, John H. Pavelka, Miro A. Pavlicek, Robert W. Pechonec, William C Peckl Carl S, Peck, Thomas R Peeters, Joseph J. Pelt, Phillip E. Pena. Oscar E. Penn, Perry H. Penrod, Robert W. Percival, Alfred R. Perkins, Dennis C. Perkins, John B. Perry, Billy B. Perry, Charles E. Perrymon, David A. Peters, Leo J. Peterson, Donald L. Peterson, Paul M. Petrosek, Jr., Albert C. PeHy, Daniel B. Phuris, C Henry Phelps, Farrell D. Phillips, Philip D. Philp, Charles M, Pickering, Grover Q. Pickett, Russell C. Pickles, Robert J Pierce, Don R. Piesieski, Stanley W. Pike, Jimmy L. Piper, Ronald L. Pipey, Charles R. Pizxitolo, John A. Place, Jr., Etadley E. Poe, Robert C; Polilo, Jmoph Cw? Pollock, James E. Polonis, James J. Porict, Ronald R, Pmr, Donald F Poloclo, Donald R. Pnh'nzu, lumnn G Vollm, JL, f'lml R "nib Hilllum R i'mxvll, Duwd C levH huum meolL III lmmm l Powell, Richard A Powers, Tom 5, Prunes, Alexander A. Preos, Edgar C. Preiecn, John C. Prendergosf, John G. Prescott, Clinton E. Presswood, Lani N. Preslidge, Jr., James C. Prewitf, John L Prewin, Raymond A. Price, Alvin L. Price, Earle A Price, Marion L Printz, Edward M. Prugel, James A. Pruitt, Elmo J, Pfok, Lloyd D. Purgohn, Willard R. WY ' : Quebe, John C. ' Quinn, David T. - ' ; Radcliffe, Ronald J. j ' Rodican, William W. .- Raineri, Edwin A, u. Roiney, David J 3. Ralph, Paul W. , ' Ralph, Peter V. $ 1 r Ramsey, Jr., Jack B. V Randolph, John L. 5.. . Rapp, Gary S ; '.' Rasbury, Michael B. ; Rosco, Tommy R. 4 3 Rush, Charles E 4 ' Rasmussen, Richard A. $, f, Roy, Herberf G. " Ray, Leonard F. V . Ray, Ronald G h Raybourne, Michael L. Raymer, John W. ' Raymond, William C. Rector, Richard L. Reding, Pot W. : Redmond, Glenn B. ' Redwine, Robert M. Reed, James A, Reedy, Joseph F. Reeh, Charles D, Reese, Sammy C. . 1 Reeves, Gory N. ; Reilly Jr., Joe J. Reichle, Jr., Leander A. J : Reid, William L. ,J ; Reimers, David D. ix ., f Reiser, Donald. ; Remme, Michael J, Renninger, Philip W. V Resnen Michael E. Reynolds, David C. Reynolds, James W. Reynolds, John W. . . Reynolds, Michael S. Rhodes, Donald G. ' Riddle, Benny L. l, Rich, Danny F. ', Richards, Burr S " Richards, Gary F. L Richards, Peter R, . Richards, Roger O. s Richards, Tommy L. Richmond, Jack M. Richmond, Thomas R. , Rick, Louis J. ' Riley, Martin L. Riley, William J, Ritchie, Gerald R. Roork, Michael J. Roberts, Donald R. Roberts, James C. Roberts, John S, Roberts, Leoron A. Robertson, Jr., Francis E. Robinson, Bobby R. Robinson, James E. Robinson, Jay E Robinson, Michael T. Robinson, Robert C. Robinson, Wesley J. Robinson, Whelyn G. Rochez, Louis L. Rodgers, John H. Rodriguez, Jr., Beniamin Rodriguez, George F. Roesler, Wayne H. Rogers, Floyd V. Rohde, Norris D. Romano, Don J. Ronco, Jr., Joseph A Rose, James L. Rosenbach, Lawrence M. Rosenboum, Gene W. Ross, Thomas H Rosser, Clifford H. Roth, Clayton L. Ruedrich, Randolph A. Rule, Doyle Runge, James F. Rupley, James A. Ruppersberger, John S. Russ, Barry D Rutherford, JL, James A. Rutledge, Lowtence D. Rutledge, Robert M Ryan, Gafy K. Ryan, Hermon WA Sabayrac, Louis Sachs, Gerald E, Saenz, Jr., Angel Solge, Andrew C Salinas, Bernard 0. Salinas, Jose L, Salter, Johnny D. Sanchez, Diego Scndoczl Victor L. Sanders, Arnold W. Sanders, Marshall C Santos, Roberto J Saucedo, Jr.l William R. Sounders, III, James R. Sounders, Michael C. Sozoni, George T. Scarborough, Cecil H. Schuppough, Ronald D. Scheer, Eddie F, Scherer, Richard M. Schessler, John D. Schiwerz, Jr., Theodore F. Schlekewy, Frank E. Schiffmon, Carl J. Schlinke, James C. Schoolcrofr, Thomas A. Schreiberh Joseph J. Schroeder, Kenneth R. Schroeder, Milford R. Schubert, Raymond H Schuchordf, Jimmy C, Schuelke, Larry L. Schultheis, Richard C. Schultz, Lewis R. Schumann, III, Albert 0. Schur, James L. Schwab, Kenneth R. Schwarzenbach, John R Schwertner, Larry J. Scott, Stephen L. Seogo, John M. Seole, Frank W Seate, John H. Sedgwick, Alan F See, Edward C. Seerden, William F. Seitz, Richard D. Shockelford, Arleigh G. Sharp, Dan M. Sharp, Marcus V. Sharp, Vernon E. Shaunty, Timothy L. Sheaffer, Donald E. Sheffield, Jr., Woodrow W. Shelfer, William E. Sherman, Stephen A. Sherman, William M Sherrill, Jr , Charles E Shields, John R., Jr. Shields. William H. Shifflef, ArVIl E. Shilling, Cecil R Shumote, Ronald E. Simmons, Don H. Simmons, Ed C Simmons, Jerry M. Simmons, Jr , Tifton Simons, Jerry M. Simpson, Charles E. Singleton, James M. Singleton, William J. SIzemore, James M. Skoggs, Richard A. Skiles, Cliff H. Skinner, Robert H. Slowk, Jr., George J. Sloyton, Barney F Sleeper, Jr., William W, Slider, Garland R. SliIcr, James E. Sloan, John E. Sluis, James K. Smodberg, Barry A. Smellcy, Eddie M; Snnlh, Adrian O. Smilh, Jr., Alfred C. Smnh, Bonny R. Smith, Billy E. Smllh, and R Smrlh, Donald E. Smith, Jr , Franklin J. Smuh, JL, Carrixon P Slth .lnmm A Srmth, Jumm Howm 'SIHIHL Iumm anl Snu'h lnmm K Sunlh luhxm S melh, knmnn k KJIHIh, Mnhuv' I TwImHv Mnlmvl l Nlmlh, FM A KIHIHV RnnulJ A Smith, Roland D Smith, Jr , Robert L, Smith, Jr., Stacy B. Smith, Ted H. Smith, Jr., William H. Smithwick, James M, Smyrh, Jack B. Snider, Victor V. Sobey, Thomas M. Snnenburg, Nolan A. Spadofora, Emil V. Sparks, Richard C. Sponhel, Walter R. Sporling, Ted R. Spaw, William J. Speckels, William D. Spence, Lorry K. Spencer, Jr., James R. , Spitzer, David ., Spradling, Donald H. Sprung, Warren C. Sfabler, James M. Stabs, William A. S'ocha, Raimund Staff, Joel V. Stafford, Thomas O. Stanfield, Gerald G. Stanley, Melvin C. Stanley, Richard G. Simples, Jr., Georg W. Stark, JL, Leroy W. Stearns, Cloud R. Steffekl John C Stein, Jerry J. Siein, Russell W. Stephens, Alton L K Stephens, Duane W. Sfe-rlingl Leslie V. .- Stevens, Michael P. ., Stevenson, Donald J. Stewart, Lindon M . Stewart, Joe R. J Stewart, Robert S. r . Sfieler, Allen A. Stockstill, Gerald R. I J Hat w 'A r5. 4.. 4.. Wm... . ., ;;.;. . l. I l r de 2 Stokes, Kenneth W. Sfringfellow, Richard C. ' Siroebele, Jerald A. Sfropp, John R. Sfryker, Allen J. W- StuHsl Richard P. Y' Sullivan, James A. Sutherland, Ted R, s. Sveter, Owen D. . Swanner, Bernice L. Swanson, Nick C. Sweeney, Donald A. Switzer, Steven A. 5 Syptak, Jr., Albert B. Talbert, James R. . - , Tolicferro, Jackie L. Tarwater, R. Gory , Tote, Paul V. Tatum, James N. '1, Taylor, George L. Taylor, Paul E. ' Taylor, Rodney L. . Taylor, Thomas H. R Taylor, Jr , William O. A Tees, David G. Teipel, John R. Tenison, Larry T. 1kg; 1 Terrell, Curlis W. A Terrell, Hal M. Terry! William M. Tessodo, Enrique A. Tindoll, Marion H. Tharp, Kenneth A Threodgill, James R Theis, John W. Thomas, David L. Thomas, Marion A Thomas, Roy A. Thomas, Roy F. Thomason, Jr., Braxton H. Thomerson, Jerry D. Thompson, Danny C. Thompson, Jr., David T. Thompson, Dennis I. Thompson, Dilworrh P, Thompson, Gerald W. Thompson, James R. Thompson, James W. Thompson, Keith E Thompson, Neal T. Thompson, Siephen M. Thornhill, John D. Thornhill, Jr., Otto M. Thornton, Jr., Alton W. Thorpe, Donald A. Thurmonl Jr., Jack E. Tolleson, William D. Tomlinson, Warren N. If: Toone, Lewis S. I Torres, Rodolfo C. Touchon, Anthony H. Towery, Jr., William H. Towler, Harry B. Tramel, James T. Trapolino, Louis S. Trifon, David A. Trimblel II, Richard L. Trlica, Jr , Frank E Trotf, Jr., John E. Trovero, Jr., Leonard J Tubre, Stephen R. Tucker, Jock W Turner, Gordon 0. Turner, Raymond L Turney, Amy L. Turney, Jr , WiHiom W Tuseth, Robert D. Tyer, Bobby R. Tyree, Thomas N. Umoe, Dennis M. Urban, Jr. William F. Ushiiima, James C. Vackor, Robert C. Vann, Richard D. Van Alstyne, John A. Von Ermen, WiHiam C. Van Hordeveld, Jr., Jacob A. Von Hoosier, William L. Van Stovern, Ill, Neil Van Wyk, Robert A. Van Zandt, John W. Vorner, Thomas A. Vasquez, Jose F. Vaughn, Francis A. Vaughn, Ronald E. Veselko, Van K. Villivc, Richard W. Vine, James 3., Jr. ViHeroe, Donell C. Vogt, Harry L. Volk, Roland M. Volluz, Michael A. Von Toussainr, Everhordt R. Voss, Ralph G. Waddill, Stephen W. Wade, Amhony A. Waggoner, Jock N. Wagner, David A. Wagoner, Richard A. Walker, Joseph C. Wallace, John W. Wullin, Steven P. Walters, Charles E. Wuntzloeben, Kennefh L. Word, Lee P. Ward, William R. Ware, Orville H. Warren, Johnny L. Warren, Kirby J. Waters, David L. Watkins, James G. Watson, Poul III Watson, Frank D. Watson, James D. Watson, John M. Watson, Richard C. Watts, David E. Weathers, Stanley J. Webb, Bryon L. Weber. John D. Webster, Albert F. Weddle, C. Rafael Weir, ll, Victor A. Weisz, Robert A. Weldon, William C. Wells, Richard A. Wells, Robert 8., Jr. Wesley, Ronald J. West, Oliver I. Westmoreland, Gory K. Westmoreland, John S Wetherbee, Charles F. Wholey, David L. Wheeler, Robert J. White, David A. While, Don R. White, Douglas T White, James B. Whifehurst, Newbern H. Whitson, John T. Whitson, Robert H. Wilcox, Don H. Widmerl Dennis A. Wigington, Sam Wiley, Edward O. Wilks, Phillip G. Willcox, Mikchcll G. Willc, Kenneth B. Wnllioms, chy D. Williams, Frank A. Williams, James G. WlllleV, Kcnnc'h D. Willimm, Robm! C. WIHIGIIH, Rohmi H. Wllltmm,1mvn R. Wllllmmon, Tmy R. Wlllnmnn, Lmly D. WIIIIK, Nmnmn A, VVIlwn, lhll P. VthXun, lhnd T. Wnlmn, Hmvry G. Wilson, Jack M. Wilson, Thomas W. Wilson, Winston L. Windsor, Cecil 0., Jr. Wingate, Ruben D. Winkel, Fred M. Winn! Ronald D. Winslow, Michael Wisdom, Billy C. Wise, Richard M. Woehst, Kirby A. Wolfers, Richard A. Womack, John E Womack, Jimmy L. Wood, Cecil R. Woodard, Raymond G. Woods, David R. Woodson, Jerry F. Works, Madden T. Worshom, Lushene M. Wright, G. Patrick Wright, Robert A. Wright, William D. Wright, William V. Wunderlick, Charles J. Young, Andrew H. Young, Charles R. Young, Craig 8. Young, Jr. Ethridge A. Young, John T. Young, Richard A Young, Robert L. Zeis, Paul L. Zemcnek, Victor J. Zolton, Many A. Zuehlke, Raymond C. Zweifel, Albert R. NO!! We still don't care what the Board Save that football!! We may need another 103 Yd. Kickoff return next Year. says, you're still too young to be an Aggie. The first installment on three days of agony. wk- $ . 1962 ADWPHQERG AGGIELAND STUDIO BANKS OF BRAZOS COUNTY CALDWELL'S JEWELRY STORE CAMPUS AND CIRCLE THEATRES CAMPUS CLEANERS CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE CO. CHAMPION PAPERS. INC. COCA-COLA BO'ITLING CO. CONWAY'S CORBUSIER CHEVROLET W. H. CURTIN 8: CO. JOHN DEERE CO. ECONOMY BOOT CO. EXCHANGE STORE JOE FAULK'S FERRERI'S TRIANGLE RESTAURANT FORDYCE CO. FORSYTH ENGINEERING CO. C. P. HANCOCK AGENCY HOLICK'SI INC. HUGHES TOOL CO. LESTER'S MADELEY PHARMACY NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF HOUSTON PARK CLEANERS PARKER - ASTIN. INC. 6. S. PARKER LUMBER CO. SANKEY PARK JEWELERS SANITARY FARMS DAIRIES SHAFFER TOOL WORKS STACY FURNITURE CO. STUART HARDWARE CO. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. VARSITY SHOP A. M. WALDROP 8: CO. WEHRMAN'S CAFE WYATT INDUSTRIES. INC. 2...; eg'ha'fa ?.E- QQW The Home of Fine Photography 115 N. MAIN COLLEGE STATION H has been a real pleasure to serve The "Aggieland '63" and its fine staff, as well as The students of A8cM College. Remember That all portrait negatives are kept in our permanent file and prints may be ordered at any Time, by mail or in person. Best wishes from, GENE SUTPHEN, Owner CORBUSIER jFFI-E' on'LE'r f SERVICE Bryan l08 No. Bryan Bryan. Texas The Pause That Refreshes . . . F i fty M illion T imes a Day MOVIES E- AgEM'S "Official Pasfime" And Jror +he Bes+ in Movies. Visif CAMPUS and CIRCLE THEATRES College S+a+ion JOE FAULK'S AUTO PARTS BRYAN ARMATURE WORKS SANKEY PARK DEIAMiiLtONCC WATCHES SILVER Ill No. Main Bryan. Texas YOUR EXCHANGE STORE Designed for benest +0 +he AGGIE s+uden+ body. 'l'he Ex- change Sfore like any good business makes a profit These profi+s are yours because you are +he one +ha+ really couni's. From Sep'rember I947 +0 Oc'l'ober I962. almosi' $700,000 have been allocaied from sfore profifs +0 Si'udenf Welfare and Recreafion. These proiecfs have received help from Exchange Si'ore profi'l's: The Grove The Aggie Players The Memorial Sfudenf Ceni'er Guion Hall The Rodeo Arena Tennis Courts Lighi'ed Sofiball Field Y.M.C.A. Library Music Room The Aggie Band Library Recrea'rional Reading Room ln+ramural A+hle'ric Equipmeni' Golf Course Movable Review Sfands SELF-SERVICE BOOK STORE - . . . PROVIDING BOOKS TO FILL EVERY NEED ml Hm I '. H'TWV "102:! 1an" Civi ian clofhing" 1 x szx , A 9m! fw M I I c 4 ww7$b4i Vtuq MMM ml , WWyjfijiliy y 1 n , AWWMG' A; A to . , ' "Classroom and fechnical supplies for every maior" "Giffs and accessories for every occasion" .5 MW ,.. . ...after 26 years, we still do! The years since we came to Texas have been rich in accomplishment for us, rich in friendships made in many fine com- f" 1 munities. Our payrolls have helped these communities grow, our conserva- tion program helps preserve valuable forest resources. We're proud to be part of Texas, to call ourselves Texas Champions. Champion Papers Inc. J- ' TEXAS DIVISION JOHN DEERE Wherever Crops Grow, Therees a Growing Demand For John Deere Farm Equipment. J OHN DEERE COMPANY DallaseHoustoneSan Antonio Forsyth Engineering Company Engineers and Machinists Iames M. "Cop" :l:i:1 Forsyth '12 David M. "Cop" 45:4 Forsyth '22 Iohn E. Tinsley '41 875 Lockwood Drive P. O. Box 18602 Houston 23, Texas OR 2-1711 IX Aordal, Marvin R. 406 Abbott, Craig S. 261 Abel, Burl M. 262, 290 Abell, James L., Jr. 118, 119, 471 Abernathy, Robert C. 268 Abernathy, Ronald D 406 Ablernan, Daniel J. 305 Abraham, Herbert C. 201, 357, 471 Acklen, Robert L., Jr. 1, 10, 53, 116, 117, 240, 256, 266, 331. 406 Acosfa, George 140, 141 Adair, Adrian 186, 187, 298 Adair, Thomas J. 248, 281, 406 Adams, Carl L. 96, 100, 101, 406 Adams, Darrel G. 406 Adams, David E. 463 Adams, Donald R. 124, 125, 362, 449 Adams, Earl B. 184, 185 Adams, Henry R. 449 Adams, James C. 449 Adams, James M. 133 Adams, Joe H. 276, 471 Adams, Leslie G. 290, 406 Adams, Phillip R. 134, 135, 205, 406 Adams, Robert W. 362 Adams, Terry L. 281 Adams, Tommy L. 110, 111 Adams, William G. 471 Adamson, Hugh E. 128, 129. 471 Aduddell, Paul L. 406 Aduddell, Vernon C. 102, 103, 471 AglieHi, Gary C. 140, 141, 240, 4 1 Airborf, Jim W. 134, 135, 463 Akin, Danny G. 471 Alaniz, Robert 280, 406 Albert, Clifford W. 162, 163. 294, 368, 406 Albert, William E. 298, 368. 449 Albin, Garry D. 164, 165, 471 Albrecht, Fred W. 406 Albrecht, William A., Jr. 406, 178 Alderman, Donald R, 471 Alderson, John L., Jr. 201, 315. 449 Aldred, William H. 294 Aldrich, Armisfead A. 148, 149, 236 Aldrich, Lovell W. 124, 125, 343. 463 Aldrich, Samuel P. 128, 129, 471 Aldridge, 163, 276 Alexander, Billy D. 406 Alexander, Parrick H. 336 Alexander, Richard M. 463 Alexander, Thomas E. 471 Alexander, Thomas L. 98, 99 Alford, Beniamin F. 164, 165, 471 Alford, Halcu', Jr. 164, 165 Alhashimi, Talib S. A. 406 Ali, Khandaker Mohammad 290 Allen, Chafles F., 11 293, 300 Allen, Charles H. 320, 367 Allen, Curtis L. 327 Allen, Donald E. 120, 121, 471 Allen, Gary J. 310 Allen, Henry L. 144, 145 Allen, Herbert C. 268, 291 Allen, James E. 166, 167, 463 Allen, Jerry V. 449 Allen, Jesse L. 106, 107, 471 Allen, John, D. 122, 123, 346, 471 3 Allen, John T. 471 Allen, Robert C. 449 Allen, Ronnie W. 313, 449 Allen, Roy M. 186, 187, 463 Allen, Sianley R. 134, 135 471 Allen, William K, 116, 117. 471 AIIen, William R, 262, 402 Alley, Tydes W, 178, 344 Allison, John C. 471 Allman, James M. 138, 139, 471 Almond, Lyndon K. 306 Almond, Thomas L. 178, 471 Almond, Malcolm W., III 287, 449 Alston, George D. 265 Alston, Jimmy A. 449 Ahman, William K. 30, 168, 169, 239, 360, 462, 463 Alvarado, Agustin, Jr. 241, 336, 449 Alvarado, Edmundo Alvarez-Tonado E, Alverson, Kinmer W. 463 Randolph C. 162. 162, 163, 327, 336, 406 41 176, 177. Alvis, James Carter 195 Alvord, Charles H. 176, 177, 471 Amad, Mohamed T, 203, 268, 297, 449 Ames, Thomas G, 128, 129, 471 Amthor, George M. 180, 181. 471 Anderson, Charles E. 102, 103, 471 Anderson, Clifton F., Jr. 126, 127, 471 Anderson, David C. 89, 449 Anderson, David M. 192, 260 Anderson, Donnie D. 162, 163, 471 Anderson, Douglas H. 188, 189, 449 Anderson, Hugh P. 210 Anderson, Jerry C. 238, 243 Anderson, Joe D. 156, 157, 463 Anderson, Johnny E. 120, 121, 365, 406 Anderson, Louis F. 108, 109. 344, 463 Anderson, Millard 0., Jr. 176, 177, 345 Anderson, Roy W. 281, 354 Anderson, Robert E. 359 Anderson, Roberf J., III 142, 143, 463 Anderson, WoyH K. 239 Andis, David L. 164, 165, 301 Andrews, Kevin R. 353, 471 Andrews, Larry C. 168, 169, 471 Andrews, Richard S. 140, 141 Andrews, William R., Jr. 132, 140141, 353, 406 Andrick, Jeffrey P. 148, 149, 237 Angle, Norman D. 186, 187 Anthaume, Christopher 128, 129, 300, 305, 308, 449 Aniosh, Thomas F. 146, 147, 471 Anz, Ronald B. 343, 406 Appel, John H. 136, 137, 280. 471 Aquilina, Lo 5. 463 Archer, David B. 471 ArgueHes, Eduardo 205, 268, 361, 449 Ayledge, George E. 279, 315, 463 Arlelh, Warren J. 134, 135, 353 Armstrong, Donald R. 106, 107, 471 Armstrong, 163, 406 Armstrong, James H, 150, 151 Armstrong, John V. 268 Armstrong, John W., Jr. 118, 119, 276, 471 Armstrong, Richard W. 463 Armstrong, Robert E. 281, 406 ArmsVrong, Tommy S. 400 Armsnong, William E. 104, 105 Arne", JobFE. 156, 157, 471 Arnold, Grady, N. 102, 103, 471 Arnold, James L. 104, 105, 471 ArnoId, John M. 176, 177 Arnold, Marion D. 313 Arnold, Stephen E. 170, 171 Arnold, Thomas R. 31, 128, 129 Arocha, Ricardo 205, 361 Arringlon, Billy L., Jr. 180, 181, 471 Arrington, Henry T. 344 Acshenbeck, John C. 264 Ash, Vernon G. 154, 160, 161, 330, 407 Ashcrafv, Jack O. 172, 471 Ashley, James T., III 144, 145 Gordon 5. 162, 142, 143, Ashley, Robert M. 471 Ashworih, Michael D. 471 Ashy, Thomas M. 82, 138, 139. 192, 308, 327, 449 Atkins, James K. 116, 117, 178, 179, 59 Atkins, Noble J., Jr. 144, Atkins, Robert D. 122, 463 Atkins, William R. 110, 331, 471 Atkinson, Richard D. 197, 407 Nkinson, Robert M., Jr. 106, 107, 245, 471 Atkinson, William C. 158, 159, 190, 191 A'well, Donald C. 158, 159, 357, 463 Aubin, George J. 162, 163 Aul', Harold W. 471 Auiry, Jerry W. 138, 139, 286, 471 AvcreH, Joe N. 102, 103 Avery, Durward R., Jr. 290 Avery, James 8., II 184, 185, 471 Ayfon, Carl R 471 Axline, Gary D. B Babin, Leopold B. 170, 463 264, 407 171, Bcchmeyer, Gervace R. 449 Bacico, Woodrow L. 116, 285, 463 Bacon, Bobby J. 268 Bacon, George T. 122, 471 Bacon, John A. 144, 145 Bacon, William S. 156, 471 Bade, Edward W. 182, 365 Bader, Matthew 8. 100, 305, 405, 407 Badge", Joe E. 471 Badgwell, Don H. 160, 463 Baduy, Antonio A. Baduy, Jose M. 361 Bogby, Donald E. 120, 471 8099911, Joe E. 471 Bailey, Charles F. 320 Bailey, James M. 184, , 343, 463 Thomas C. 162, 184, 185, Harry S. 407 Michael J. James R. 156, 110, 111, John F. 148, 149, John A. 287 John S. 138, 139 Kenneth W. 160, Leverene K. 104, Robert D. 116, 353, 471 Bcldorrama, Alfredo M. 139, 286, 343 Baldwin, David T. 106, 172, 345, 471 Baldwin, Robert W. 471 Bolenrine, James M. 118, 304, 361, 449 Bolke, David E. 449 8011, Brian C. 471 Ball, EvereH L. 182, 183, Ball, Hershell R., Jr. 314, Ballard, Billy J. 407 206, 301, 117, 123, 161, 300, 449 121, 285, 185, 163, 277, 267, 407 157, 471 161, 105 117, 138, 107, 119, 308, 471 407 Bollard, Jerry J. 148, 149, 230 Ballard, John 5., III 134, 463 Ballard, Stanley H., Jr. 94, 268, 449 Balmer, Wilbur, Jr. 172, 471 Balser, Gary L. 135, 120,121, 89,110,111, 260, 268, 291, 308, 388, 407 chberg, George W., Jr. 157. 357 Bomberg, William H. 134, 135, 283. 471 156, Bammel, Wi1licm E., Jr. 108, 109, 357, 463 Banks, Keivh L. 290 Banner, Wilbur, W. 166, 463 Bantle, Harold T. 190, Barbee, Michael C. 205, 162, 163, 463 Barber, Dale 8. Barbin, Ryther L. 172, 187, 315, 348, 463 Bcrfield, David C. 471 Borgmann, William G. 463 Borhom, Bobby G. 205, 449 Borham, George S., III 121, 471 Borkemeyer, David L. 164, Barker, David E. Barker, Dudley S. 136, 471 Barker, Henley A. Barker, Leonard . 160, 463 Barker, Richard . 190, 463 Barlow, Jimmy . 176, 471 Barlow, John E. Barnebee, James H. 138, 471 Barnes, Dale E. Barnes, Lethan A. 146, 312, 463 Barnes, Vernon D. 449 Borne", Joe P. 471 Barnhort, William 1., Jr. 89, 94, 278, 388, 407 Barr, Dennis B. 463 Barr, Fvcderick J., Jr. Baryonco, Victor T. 136, 327, 329 167, 191 249 186, 354, 360. 120. 165, 365. 449 137, 328, 407 161, 191, 177, 122, 123, 463 139, 128, 129, 463 147, 85, 118,119 137, Barrera, Arturo R., Jr. 108, 109, 336, 471 Barrett, Ager P. 122, 123 Barrett, Johnny M. 116, 117, 271 Barrett, Paul G. 407 Barrett, Richard E. 136, 137, 168, 169, 247, 463 Barrier, Donald R. Barrilleaux, James L. 244, 266, 267, 449 Bcrrington, William J. 267, 325, 407 Barron, Gary E. 160,8 161 Barron, James T. 140, 140, 463 Barron, Paul 142, 143 Barry, James D. 160, 161, 330 Barsch, Bobbie K. 273, 358 Borree, James H. 307, 319, 352, 449 Bartek, James D. 265, 449 Bartlett, Tommy R. 110, 111, 354, 471 Barton, Mike 102, 103, 471 Barton, Patrick J. 279 Borfoskewifz, Richard E. 162, 163, 449 Basham, Luthur M. 128, 129 449 Bashor, Harvey M. 333 Boss, Paul M. 106, 107, 463 BosseH, Sterling P. 95, 353, 407 Bore, Herman E. 449 Bore, Jerry M. 146, 147, 349, 471 205, 407 164, 165, 131,146,147. Bateman, Barry L. 140, 141, 363, 463 Bates, Gus, III 148, 149 Bates, Larry E. 148, 149 Batey, Richard 140, 141, 463 Barey, Thomas A. 156, 157, 407 Bathey, George A. 186, 187, 471 Bathke, William 1.. 294, 471 Batson, Thomas 0., Jr. 184, 185 Batten, Ronald N. 188, 189, 471 Baucum, Tommy A. 133, 407 Bauer, Richard D. 110, 111, 449 Bauer, Stephen M. 108, 109, Bauerschlag, Harry N. 178 Bough, Lawrence 1'. 110, 111, 329, 471 Bouman, Jerry L. 108, 109, 449 , Boumunn, David L. 166, 167 Baxter, Michael C. 206, 463 Buyer, William C. 124, 125, 205, 244, 343, 463 Baylor, Edwin R. 205, 463 Baylor, James T. 324, 407 Bayne, James G. 160, 161, 471 Boysden, Thomas L. 290 Beul, Charles C. 269, 341, 449 Beall, Jack C. 298 Beomer, James H. 128, 129, 449 Bean, Richard N. 182, 183, 305, 353, 407 Beard, Norman W., Jr. 150, 151, 317, 449 Bearden, Don A. 184, 185, 471 Becrrie, John L. 144, 145, 407 Beasley, Robert C. 264 Beaumont, Michael L. 463 Beaumont, Richard D. 160, 161, 358, 471 Becera, Joe F. 273, 316 Bechtel, David T. 290, 320 Beck, Farrel E., Jr. 471 Beck, Michael O. 186, 187, 345, 471 Becko, John C. 463 Beckom, Edwin A,, III 190, 191, 366 Becker, Frederick W. 449 Becker, Gerald B. 118, 119, 276, 342, 362, 471 Becker, Joseph D. 100, 101, 244, 279, 463 Beckman, William W., III 158, 159, 279 Beckmeyer, John C. 265, 449 Beckwith, Scott W. 190, 191, 236 Bedinger, Charles A., Jr. 449 Bedoya, Carlos A. 273 Beene, Billy J. 449 Beerwinkle, David H. 247, 316, 449 Begoy, Jefferson L. 158, 159, 240, 471 Beggerly, James D. 168, 169 Behnken, Thomas W, 136, 137 Behrent, Curtis H. 182, 183. 449 Beighlc, Phillip L. Beke, Joseph G. 44 Belcher, Earl W. 134, 135, 342, 471 166, 167, 348, 463 9 Belcher, William R., Jr. 136 137 Belinsky, Peter 8. 305, 471 Bell, Bob D. 142, 143, 463 Bell, Counland 8. Bell, Jerry D. 196 Bell, John A., II! 471 Beller, Richard L. 148, 149, 230, 234, 243, 273, 354 Bellow, Edward J. 82, 174. 267, 408 Belote, James C, 178, 179, 449 Benavides, Frank P. 126, 127, 349 Bench, Leonard J., Jr. 281, 408 Bender, William C. 158, 159, 345, 463 Benefield, Richard L. 204 Benes, Joseph B. 205, 463 BenneH, Gary L. 214, 216 Bennett, Herman H., III 184, 185, 471 BenneH, Howard W., Jr. 182, 183 Bennett, Virgil 0., Jr. 463 Benson, Bernie L. 290, 400 Benson, Fred C. 268, 463 Benson, Jackie L, 95, 348, 408 Benson, William S. 98, 99, 471 Benton, George L. 122, 123, 346, 463 Berq, Norvel D. A. 180, 181, 351, 471 Berger, Eugene J. 104, 105, 283, 304, 471 Bergmann, Charles H. 180, 181, 345 Bergoon, Ronald D. 162, 163, 463 Bergstrom, Paul E. 92, 408 Benng, August C. 471 Berkley, William E. 400 Berkovsky, Edwin J. Berlanga, David, Jr. Bernard, Theodore E. Berngen, Frank E. Bernhard, Larry K. 160, 161, 471 Barrier, Walter G. 108, 109, 471 Berry, Edwin C. 306, 449 Berry, John J. 449 Berry, Larry A. 188, 189 Bertillion, Leland R. 178, 179 Bertrand, Clint A. 310 Berumen, Miguel 186, 187 Bess, Roberf C. 281, 408 Best, Sheldon J. 30, 83, 156, 157, 192, 317, 388, 408 Best, William G. 150, 151, 471 Bethe, Kenneth E., Jr. 190, 191 Betz, Roscoe A., Jr. 122, 123, 463 Beutnagel, Elmer H. 170, 171 Beverly, John R. 408 Beyer, Kenneth D. 322 Beyer, Leslie L. 100, 101, 244, 463 Beyer, Melvin L. 471 Beyer, Ronald F. 170, 171, Walter H., Jr. 118, 119, 8 James H. 355 Bickers, Dennis R. 148, 149, 200, 463 Bickham, Clyde R. 108, 109, 408 Bickham, Johnnie A. 158, 159, 463 Bielamowicz, Samuel M. 471 BieHeIdf, James K. 335, 449 Biggs, Richard A. 158, 159, 449 Bighorn, Robert E. 302 Bilancich, Donnie B. 150, 151 Bilgutay, Ilhcn M. 238 Billingsley, Murry J., Jr. 408 Billingsley, Robert R. 449 Billinglon, Robert J. 164, 165, 471 Bills, Eugene D. 168, 169 Binghum, Robert C. 471 Birch, Cullen G. 204 Bird, Thomas K. 190, 191, 200, 471 Birdwell, Harvey L., Jr. 102, 103, 304, 471 Birge, Laddie V., Jr. 184, 185, 471 Bishop, Eugene H., Jr. 184, 185, 471 Bishop, Henry 471 Bishop, Joe M., Jr. 158, 159 Bitar, Jose J. 104, 105, 463 Bitter, Joseph W. 290 Black, Charles L. 408 Black, Henry J., Jr. 471 Block, Joseph M., III 138, 139, 471 Block, Norman E., Jr. 471 Block, William R., Jr. 138. 139, 472 186, 187, . c xxwmwmwwmxwwmwmm , xv s ' v " x , x:. $5 :Q 50TH YEA k 1 I ' vawxvmwmv w ,, WAVAW , ngX was . WITH TAXES EXCLUDED, GASOLINE SELLS TODAY FOR LESS THAN IT SOLD FOR IN 1913 AN INDUSTRIAL TRIUMPH 7'0 WHlCljg.WYA 77' INDUSTRIES, INC, HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF MAKING A CONTRIBUTION WYATT INDUSTRIES, INC. SALES OFFICES: Houston Da11as-Corpus Christi Tu1sa New York Philadelphia San Francisco-Los Angeles Mexico City METAL FABRICATING DIVISION PLANTS: Houston Dallas Corpus Christi PLASTICS AND RUBBER DIVISION PLANTS: Houston WaHis DRAINAGE PRODUCTS DIVISION Houston DalIas-Corpus Christi SUBSIDIARY Steel Tank Construction Company Houston AFFILIATE Wyatt de Mexico S. A. de C. V., Mexico City, Mexico LICENSEES OF WYATT'S FLOATING ROOFS FISHER TANK COMPANY: Third and Booth Streets, Chester Pennsylvania 0 NAGOYA SHIPBUILDING CO.. LTD.: 13. Showa-Cho, Minato-Ku, Nagoya, Japan 0 CIE FRANCAISE DENTREPRISES: 31-37 Ed. de Montmorency, Paris 16, France Blackord, Fred K, 197, 389, 408 Blackburn, John E. 104, 105, 337, 408 Blockmon, Joe A. 134, 135, 283, 368, 472 Blackwell, Thomas M. 463 Bloho, Ronald 178, 179, 472 Blain, Nicholas D. 102, 103, 472 Blair, George 8,, Jr. 176, 177 Blair, John 5., HI 158, 159, 472 Blair, Kenneth R. 134, 135, 472 Blair, Kippen L. 186, 187, 472 Blake, Jock P. 146, 147, 472 Blake, Robert E., Jr. 166, 167, 346 Blake, Steven J. 136, 137 Blanchard, Kenneth J, 158, 159, 472 Blond, Randall W, 138, 139, 286 Blond, William J. 318 Blonde, James P. 186, 187, 472 Blankenship, James W. 463 Blankinship, David R. 307, 408 Blonton, Matthew 5., Jr, 260, 278 Bloschke, Charles L. 30, 89, 192, 285, 305, 363, 389, 408 Bloschke, James 472 Bloschke, Leon A. 313 Blosingome, Sam W. 144, 145 Bloylock, James E., III 297, 296, 308, 472 Blinko, Gary L. 158, 159 Bliss, Arthur M., Jr. 156,157 Bloodwor1h, Morris 8. 472 Bloom, Michael T. 142, 143 Blume, Jay D. 89, 408 Blumin, Steven N. 201, 472 Blythe, Ardven L. 293, 299 Bodine, Albert D. 186, 187, 472 Bodkin, RoyCe W. 279, 408 Boedecker, Thomas J. 94, 408 Boehck, Richard R. 156, 157 Boehm, William S. 203, 307, 463 Boelte, John E. 449 Boese, John O. 120, 121 Bogart, Danny M. 164, 165, 172, 463 Bogart, Jon S. 156, 157 Boggess, Ronald L. 188, 189 Bohn, Phillippe B, 104, 105, 324, 472 Boles, James D. 168, 169, 463 Boles, Nathan, R. 265, 408 Bollich, Elridge N. 100, 101, 281, 283, 327, 408, 449 Bolling, David R., Jr. 142, 143, 449 Bollinger, Lee S. 166, 167, 255, 463 Bomba, Mark C. 180, 181 Bond, Louis H, 309, 310, 409 Bond, Norman E. 178, 179, 276, 472 Bone, George E. 286 Bonner, Lewis E. 116, 117, 257, 323, 472 Booher, Charles F., Jr, 333, 449 Booher, Daniel T. 110, 111 Booker, John C., Jr. 202, 351 Booker, Jon A. 158, 159 Bookman, Ronald W., Jr. 253, 258, 317, 409 Boone, James L., Jr. 310 Booth, David M. 186, 187, 449 Bordovsky, Robert D. 178, 179, 472 Borg, David A. Boring, Emory P., III 463 Bornefeld, Bruce K. 279, 357, 463 Borsche, John F. Borum, Harry H,, 111 472 Bolcrd, Robert W. 290, 402 80", Jeff L. 310, 316, 463 BoNer, Jon K. 102, 103, 472 Boughmn, Roger 5. 290, 409 Bounds, Gorvy L. 290 Bounds, James Y. 148, 149, 214, 242 Bourgeois, James E. 140, 141, 351, 463 Bourne, Cecil M, 286, 463 Boone, Kenneth L. 126, 127 Bowden, Gary M. 472 Bowen, Glen 8. 98, 99 Bowen, James A. 290, 400 Bowen, Martin C. 188, 189, 463 Bowen, Robert L. 132, 134, 135, 409 Bowen, Weldon L. 409 Bower, Joe R. 116, 117, 279, 304, 409 Bowen, Brian L. Bowen, Edwin J, 316, 449 Bowers, Joe 98, 99, 367, 463 Bowen, Ralph E, 104, 105, 294, 357, 472 Boulez, Joe A. 324, 463 89, 98, 99, 360, 463 102, 103, 160, 161, 182, 183, 156, 157, 138, 139, 182, 183, 472 96, 102, 103, 158, 159, 265, Bowman, James W. 144, 148, 449 Box, John W. 106, 107, 463 Box, Roger R. 472 Boxley, Henry 0, 279 Boy, Ernst A. 203, 236 Boy, Hans P. 236, 269 ' Boyce, Wilbur C., III 102, 103, 284, 353, 472 Boyd, Ben B. 114,120,121, 409 Boyd, Garland A. 128, 129, 472 Boyd, Glenn N,, Jr. 158, 159, 472 Boyd, James L, 150, 151 Boyd, Lamar 102, 103, 284, 356, 463 Boyd, Robert C. 463 Boydston, Michael B. 110, 111, 472 Boyer, Richard K. 180, 181, 472 Boykin, George F. 148, 149 Boysen, Jesse C. 106, 107, 463 Bradburn, Terry L. 158, 159 Bradbury, E, J., Jr. 409 Braden, William F. 104, 105, 280, 299, 449 Bradley, Darrell A. 124, 125, 472 Bradley, Harvey K. 409 Bradley, John L., Jr. 106, 107, 472 Bradshaw, Marvin E. 331 Brody, James W. 352, 472 Brcffen, Charles 0., Jr. 182, 183, 284, 349, 472 Braidfool, Larry D. 255, 450 Broinerd, John F, 98, 99, 281, 326, 409 Brome, Ronald M, 110, 111, 449 Brandom, Cory L. 450 Brandt, Charles E. 114, 118, 119, 353, 450 Brandt Donald D. 301 Brondr, Elmer L. 108, 109, 353, 472 Brandt, George, III 472 Brandt, Melvyn E. 325 Bronhom, Lawrence M. 166, 167, 472 Brunnen, Harvey S. 134, 135 Brantley, William A. 113, 409 Brosheors, William H. 30, 89, 210, 343, 409 Erasington, John R. 450 BraHon, Jock W, 168, 169, 472 Bretton, Jimmie L. 188, 189, 268, 409 81012, Kenneth W. 184, 185, 472 Broun, Earl E,, Jr. 170, 171, 409 Braunig, Henry J. 343, 472 Bray, James H. 136, 137 Breding, Edward V, 190, 191, 472 Breeding, 137, 409 Breedlove, David C. 176, 177 Brehm, Arvin E. 304, 351, 409 Brent, Harold L. 241, 268, 409 Bresler, Done A. 108, 109, 472 Brerz, Robert E. 108, 109, 409 Bveur, Raymond A., 11 240, 450 Brewer, Chor!es C., Jr, 244, 353, 450 Brewer, John R. 140, 141 Brewer, Lionel M, 124, 125, 472 Brewster, Charles H. 110, 111, 338 Brewster,. James E,, 1V 144, 145 BrewsVer, Olin F., Jr. 136, 137, 472 Brice, Ronald G. 148, 223 Brice, Tvovis R, 295 Bridges, John L., Jr. 158, 320, 472 Bridges, Marvin J, 400 Bridges, Michiel L. 116, 472 Bridges, Raymond E, 301 Bridges, William J, 409 Briggs, James B. 96, 100, 101, 409 Brindley, Paul B. 472 Brink, John J., 111 148, 149 Brinkley, Ernest J, 164, 165, 304, 450 Bristol, David F. 134, 135, 324 Britain, Jack C. 410 Brittain, Mucky L. 450 BriHon, Charles L. 188, 189 BriHon, Charles R. 150, 151, 450 BriHon, Michael P. 176, 177 Brock, Joel E. 170, 171 Brock, Kennith D. 118, 119, 472 Brookins, Michael L. 201, 450 Brooks, James T. 133, 142, 143, 410 Brooks, Jordan A., Jr. 124, 125 Brooks, Richard S. 110, 111 Brooks, Rober1 P. 142, 143 Brooks, William C, 472 William W, 136, Brossmann. Gene F. 410 BrosYek, Alexander P, 240 Brotherton, John R. 148, 149, 215, 242 Brotze, Gary H. 472 Browder, William W, 128, 129 Brown, Albert G, 100, 101, 472 Brown, Austin E,, II 102, 103, 472 Brown, Charles G. 410 Brown, Clifford L. 144, 145 BrOWn, Gary D. 100, 101, 472 Brown, George R,, Jr. 148, 149, 472 Brown, Gerald M. 97, 258, 305, 410 Brown, Harold C. 162, 163, 450 Brown, Herbert E. 168, 169 Brown, James F. 156, 157, 472 Brown, Jimmie E. 186, 187 Brown, Jimmie M. 102, 103, 472 Brown, Larry C, 104, 105 Brown, Michael B, 102, 103 Brown, Roymon L., Jr, 148, 149, 472 Brown, Richard E, 172, 176, 177 Brown, Robert A. 126, 127 Brown, Robert C. 450 Brown, Ronald F, 118, 119, 472 Brown, Sidney P. 108, 109 Brown, Thomas G. 108, 109, 330, 472 Brown, Thomas 1., III 472 Browne, Herbert A. 134, 135 Browning, Bobby J. 160, 161, 276. 472 Browning, Charles M, 348, 472 Browning, James M., Jr, 120, 121, 410 Bruce, Jimmy C. 450 Brumbelow, Roy Y., Jr. 137 Brumley, Billy D. 186, 472 Brumley, William D, 472 BrummeH, Barry J. C. 136, 472 Brunkenhoefer, Robert E, 270, 389. 186, 187, , James C. 144, 145, Brush, George C. 472 Bryan, Jerry R. 158, 159, Bryant, Larry M. 170, 171, Bryanf, Paul F. 253, 301 Bryant, Robert E. 269, 410 Bryson, Bernard 0., 111 163 Buchanan, James P. 155, 171, 281, 322, 450 Buchwald, John G. 104, 365 Buck, Charles J. 410 Buck, Craig 0. 156, 157, Buck, Travis H. 318, 410 Buck, Verge R. 299, 300, Buffo, Michael E. 184, 410 Bulgawicz, Alberl H. 472 Bullard, Tommy L. 262 Bullock, Billy C. 255, 319, 400 Bullock, Eddie D, 158, 159 Bullock, Robert L., 111 98, 99, 320 Bumgorner, James T. 186, 187 Bunkley, James T. 410 Bunkley, Rex L. 197, 202 Burch, Joe T. 176, 177, 342, 472 Burd, Howard H. 146, 147 BurdiH, Michael L. 138, 139, 472 8mg, Henry J. 410 Burge, Chavles E. 150, 151, 281 Burgess, Carroll L. 314, 410 Burgess, Charles B., Jr. 450 Burgess, James T. 450 Burgoon, Collin B. 182, 183 Burk, Robert C, 170, 171, 247, 295, 450 Burke, Advia J. 122, 123, 362 Burke, Dock D., Jr. 305 Burke, Jack W., Jr. 268 Burke, Michael D. 176, 177, 306, 472 Burkhalter, 143, 472 Burkhard, William C. 472 Burks, Conrad H, 118, 119, 472 Burleson, Roger A. 335 Butlin, Charles W,, 111 110, 111, 472 Burnam, Sam J. 248, 355 BurneH, James T., III 357, 472 Burnett, William G. 205, 410 Bumcne, Ronald L. 184, 185, 472 Bumey, Jimmie P., Jr. 82, 138, 139, 286, 308, 330, 450 Burns, Douglas W. 138, 139 Burns, Edward H., Jr. 138, 139, 472 Maynard S. 142, Burns, Henry W. 100, 101, 356 Burns, James M,, Jr. 120, 121, 281, 462 Burns, Lonnie J. 450 Burns, Richard L. 184, 185, 472 Burr, Hiram H., Jr. 168, 169 Burrus, John D. 126, 127, 367, 472 Burton, Gary D. Burton, John D. Busch, Paul A,, Jr. 410 Bush, John G. 170, 171 Bush, Joseph K., Jr. 98, 99, 472 Bush, Kenneth E. 267, 410 Bush, Ronald J. 410 Butler, Charles L. 300, 410 Butler, Eugene L. 124, 125, 264, 410 Butler, James M. 148, 149, 258, 262, 450 Butler, Tommy D. 200 BuHriIl, Gerald H. 124, 125, 172, 244, 264 Byossee, Horace L. 337, 450 Byer, Sam A, 212, 213, 243, 410 Byer, Thomas E, Byerly, Tracy A, Byram, James C. 327, 472 Byrd, Eugene N. 237, 264 Byrd, Gary L. 122, 123, 450 Byrd, Joe S. 170, 171, 362 Byrd, Ronald R. 230 Byrne, Jerome P. 182, 183 Byrne, Roger P. 138, 139, 286, 327, 472 Byrnes, John M. 178, 179, 472 Byrom, James E. 410 C Coffey, Lee R. 148, 149, 212, 213, 214, 218, 243 Coillouef, Karl A. 138, 139 Cain, George E. 203 Caldwell, Alan B. 301, 411 , Caldwell, Thomas F., III 138, 139 Calhoun, Ross 8, 178, 179, 411 Callahan. Francis T. 136, 137, 172 Callan, Michael 8. 106, 107, 472 Cclloway, Ben E. 450 Collaway, Morris D. 104, 105, 472 Callawoy, Scott T. 184, 185, 472 CellcoH, William H. 190, 191 Callowuy, George E. 138, 139 Camacho, Manuel E. 281 Comevo, Hector A. 464 Cameron, Donald S. 128, 129, 450 Commer, John D. 122, 123, 325 Comp, Bill 31, 202, 472 Campbell, Barry M. 168, 169, 464 Campbell, Ben D. 94, 365, 411, 450 Campbell, Billy M, 170, 171, 164, 165, 301 314, 410 310, 327, 148,149, 245 110,111, 472 472 Campbell, Clyde W, 168, 169, 332, 472 Campbell, Colin 8. 136, 137, 245, 472 Campbell, 149, 138 Campbell, Joe A. 170, 171 Herbert W. 148, Campbell, Joseph W. 296, 464 Campbell, Richard 5., Jr. 116, 117, 472 Campbell, William M. 350, 472 Campos, Eduardo 336, 411 Concellare, Joseph A. 116, 117, 256, 304, 306, 353, 450 Candelorio, Frank 205, 353 Condella, L. J., Jr, 279, 344, 450 Cannon, Michael D. 180, 181, 472 Cano, Joe Ursalo 343, 472 Ccno, Narciso 0., Jr. 170, 171, 276, 343, 472 Canterbury, Robert H., Jr. 472 Cantu, Cesar L. 116, 117, 336 Cantu, Ramon, III 281, 336, 411 Canup, Campbell P. 472 Caraway, Lenwoy 148, 149, 472 Carbo, Richard L. 100, 101, 472 Cordial, Richard B. 160, 161, 134, 135, 98, 99, Cordwell, 1 . 262 Cordwell, Thomas A. 464 Carey, Gerald J., Jr. 318 Carey, Michael H. 148, 149 Carleton, Roger E. 345, 464 Cavlisle, Johnny E. 450 Carll, William D, 144, 145, 411 168, 169, Carlson, 111, 349, 411 Christopher S. 110, Carlton, Freddy W. 148, 149, 230, 320 Carnes, James D, 293, 390, 411 Comes, Philip A. 411 267, 291 , 268, 342, Carpenter, Edwin H. 148, 149, 297, 348, 472 Carpenter, James M. Jesse N., Jr. 294 Carpenter, Carpenter, Jimmie N. Carpenter, Ronnie D. 110, 111 289, 348 217, 243 Carr, James, D. 278 Carr, Robert C. Carr, Travis C. 1 293, 306, 411 Carrillo, Daniel S. 354, 464 Carroll, Bob K. Carroll, Robert T. Carter, Bobby R. 255 Carter, Clark E. 322, 472 283, 450 18, 119, 291, 122, 123, 134, 135, 472 472 104, 105, 168, 169, Carter, David 411 Carter, Donald D, Carrer, James C. 450 Carfer, James W. Carter, John M. T. 450 Caner, Leslie A, Curler, Lloyd J. 464 344, 411, 30. 390 106, 107, 338 142, 143, 450 Car1er, Richard K. 108, 109, 473 Carter, Robert B. 390, 411 Corwile, Henry F. Casanova, Edward 473 Cascres, George A 335, 473 133, 192, 359 140, 141, , 168, 169, Casbeer, Thomas J., 111 102, 103, 355, 473 Caseles, Refugio J. Casey, Sam 8. 1 Cash, Gary D. Cash, Joseph A. 1 Cashiola, Marion Cushion, Jack W. 473 203 46, 147, 473 326, 473 58, 159 411 104, 105, Caskey, Kindred F., Jr. 100, 101, 265 Cassity, Roy D. Castanon, Richard G. Costellanos, Marti 106, 107, 473 286, 411 n A. 108, 109, 283, 342, 464 Castellanos, Rene Cas1on, Jimmie D. Castro, Gil E. CasWeIl, James E, 473 Catalina, Pete A. Cotchings, Ronald C. 450 136, 137 241, 361 136, 137, 144, 145 268, 464 Catchings, Thomas A., Jr. 166, James R,, Jr. 104, 105. Cafes, Billy F. 1 Cafes, Robert L. 161, 329, 450 Cc1hccr1, Arthur 8. 473 Cathay, James R. 249 Cuthey, Ronnie L. 473 Couble, James S. 88, 189, 464 154, 160, 188, 189, 205, 204, 102, 103, 411 Cavasas, Gory 148, 149, 230 Covin, James P. 473 Cawyer, Raymond Coylor, John R. Caylor, Lee H. Cerno, Ricardo G. 239, 310, 411 Cervenka, Bennie G. D. 464 358, 411 358, 411 118, 119, 473, 297 Chofey, Richard H. 146, 147 Chombliss, Charles L. 450 Chan, Peter Cheong-Wan 411 Chancellor, Raymon Chandler, Clarence d 190, 191 R. 308 Chaney, Ernest W. 160, 161, 268, 464 Chaney, George T. Chaney, Thomas R. 473 160,161 118, 119, Chaney, William R. 450 Chung, Granger P. Chapman, David M 411, 473 411, 203 . 148, 149, Chapman, David N. 120, 121 Chapman, James D Chapman, Joe V. 99, 264, 364 . 268 31, 96, 98, Chapman, John W. 118, 119 342, 473 Chapman, Lee R., Jr. 473 Chapman, Philip R. 110,111, 464 Chapman, Walter W. 411 Chappelle, Raymond J. 158, 159, 279, 300, 345, 464 Chopple, Frank E., 111 206, 4 0 . Chapul, Armand J. 119, 411 Churlel, Larry D. Chase, Jonalhan 8. 246 Chaslong, David E. 356, 473 114,118, 353, 473 156, 157, 140, 141, OF HOUSTON INSURANCE CORPORATION 7.....Qtfy til?! gill! QIQ." , hay. c I Am n 0 rd 6 e .h . d W e n r u 0 V. BANK OF COMMERCE MAIN, TRAVIS AND CAPITOL MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT THE NATIONAL Chouviere. Ronny J. 160, 161, 285, 473 Chavez, Manuel 353 Cheatham, Walter L. 110, 111, 331, 464 Cherry, William P. 94, 264, 411 Childers, John R. 473 Chilton, Harold W, 102, 103, 464 Chifwood, Kenneth L. 412 Chitwood, Richard 166, 167, 298, 473 Chlopek, Calvin J. 98,99, 264, 350, 450 Chovanec, Eugene E. 128, 129, 283, 473 Chrisman, Darrell W. 164, 165, 473 Christensen, Ivar B. 98, 99, 473 Christian, Don O. 313, 355 Christian, Harry D. 120, 121, 450 Christian, John H. 116, 117, 195, 256, 257, 324, 450 Christian, Lawrence W. 291, 300 Christian, William S. 108, 109 Christianson, Kennard J. 299 Christie, Russell J. 412 Christopher, David A. 102, 103, 255, 285, 473 Chung, Duke H. 108, 109 Chupik, Stephen E. 104, 105, 366, 464 Ciarrocchi, Frank Jr. 162, 163 312, 450 Cissell, Robert M. 148, 149 Clancy, Edward L. 162, 163, 283, 368, 464 Clancy, Larry D. 450 Clark, Charles G. 134, 135, 473 Clark, David W. 188, 189, 473 Clark, James J. 100, 101, 473 Clark, Jerry D. 473 Clark, Jerry L. 102, 103, 473 Clark, John C. 98, 99 Clark, Keith A. 206, 340, 450 Clark, Lee H. 450 Clark, Michael V. 213, 215, 216, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222. 223 Clark, Richard C. 102, 103, 331 Clark, Victor 8. 142, 143 Clarke, Barry K, 473 Clcson, John K. 412 Classen, Edmond H. 412 Clcwson, Billy G. 82, 156, 157, 450 Clay, Albert W., III 126, 127, 266, 362 Clay, Herbert L. 264, 450 Clay, James E. 136, 137, 296, 473 Clemems, Don B. 450 Clements, John R. 164, 165, 345, 473 Clesson, Donald 0. 164, 165 Cleveland, William C,, Jr. 352, 473 Clifton, David S. 146, 147, 464 Climie, Robert 1.. 148, 149 Cline, Jack C., Jr. 270, 253, 297, 367, 450 Cloninger, Raymond E. 160, 161, 190, 191 Cloud, Roy R. 319 Cockley, George R. 158, 159, 327 Cobb, Lance H. 148, 149, 473 Cobb, Ralph Y., Jr. 144, 145, 296, 308, 473 CobIer, Harold L. 116, 117, 473 Coburn, Robert A., Jr. 473 Coburn, Winfred C. 203, 450 Cockburn, Johney P. 188, 189, 355, 412 Cockrell, Bedford F. 94 Cockrell, Charles W. 197, 204, 269, 293, 310, 327, 412 Coco, Michael F, 138, 139, 286, 362 Codrington, Thomas P., II 450 COHEn, Charles H., 111 186, 187, 473 Cohen, Robert S, 335, 464 Colbert, Charles M. 148, 149, 473 Coldewey, Albert H,, Jr. 264, 412 Cole, John N., Jr. 106, 107 Cole, Roben G. 31, 134, 135, 473 Cole, Roben H. 108, 109, 276, 353, 473 Coleman, David C. 400 Coleman, Randy J. 450 Collard, Felix G., 111 102, 103, 323 Collier, Edward W. 114, 118, 119, 450 Collier, Jack W., Jr. 165, 297 Collier, John D, 166, 167, 473 Collier, Lany E. 97, 108, 109, 278, 293, 300, 306, 330, 412 166,1 7, 153, 164, Collins, Bubber John 190, 191, 297, 473 Collins, James R. 131,412 Collins, John W. 238 Collins, Paul M. 110,111, 450 Collins, Robert E., Jr. 120, 121, 245, 473 Collins, Thomas H. 116, 117, 450 Collins, WilIiam G. 473 ColquiH, Joseph H. 150, 151 Co11rin, Robert B. 98, 99, 282, 464 Combs, Harold R., Jr. 138, 139 286, 473 Comee, William C., Jr. 142, 143 Compton, David R. 116, 117, 256, 354, 473 Conard, Mcckcy T. 150, 151, 473 Condil, Robert J. 164, 165, 412 Condray, Jesse E., III 128, 129 Conely, Joseph D. 160, 161, 330, 450 Conn, Gerald R. 108, 109, 464 Conn, William M. 269 Connell, William B. 190,191, 473 Conner, Howard S. 108, 109, 353, 464 Conner, James C. 412, 464 Conner, James R. 265, 450 Conner, John C. 150, 157, 473 Connor, Jack 5. 150, 151 Contella, Carl J. 168, 169, 190, 191, 326, 473 Contreras, Hernan A. Cook, Bruce L. 104, 105, 450 Cook, Curtis P. 178, 179, 313 329 Cook, Donald D. 204, 328, 450 Cook, Glyn M. 120, 121, 450 Cook, Harold E. 464 Cook, John H. 108, 109 Cook, Larry E. 473 Cook, Robert L. 170, 171 Cook, Vernon H. 134, 135, 450 Cook, Wade E. 102, 103, 473 Cooke, Cleophos R., Jr. 162, 163, 450 Cooke, Doyce H. 412 Cooke, Michael L. 150, 151, 473 Coon, Craig N, 134, 135, 473 Cooner, Kenneth E. 144, 145, 412 Cooper, Damon 464 Cooper, Doyle B. 361 Cooper, Hamil W. 413 Cooper, Richard E. 128, 129, 367, 473. Cooper, Scott E. 168, 169, 464 Cope, Houston D. 323, 473 Cape, Jesse T., 111 473 Copeland, George E. 295 Copeland, Richard F., Jr. 202 Copeland, Ronald R. 164, 165, 365, 473 Coppinger, John 1'. 464 Corder, Paul R. 293, 413 Cordero, Virgil N., III 186, 187, 473 CoreiI, Vincent D. 162, 163, 464 Corman, Wayne 1.. 170, 171, 464 Cornelison, Jay R. 164, 165, 336, 473 qurgll, Roy A. 116,117, 473 Conese, Alex H. 182, 183, 268, 413 Cory, Thomas J. 106, 109 Cosman, Walter L., 111 180, 181, 450 Cothren, Sanford D. 118, 119 Corner, Sam D. 451 Cofferell, John M. 357, 464 Coufal, Jimmie J. 451 Coulson, David H. 241, 473 Couvillon, Stanley J. 168, 169, 270, 413 Coven, John M. 14B, 149, 236 Covey, James A. 136, 137, 473 Cowan, James W. 413 Cowley, Jerry J. 413 Cowser, William L., Jr. 146, 147, 451 Cox, Charles L., Jr. 172, 464 Cox, Frank W. 158, 159, 365, 464 Cox, Gerald M. 180, 181,297 473 Cox, Joe H. 268 Cox, Ronald J. 464 Cox, William G, 413 Cozby, George D. 202, 268, 413 Cozzens, Charles R. 310 Crocknell, Raymond W. 268 Craddock, Oliver W. 156, 157, 473 Craig, Chvis E. 168, 169,473 Craig, Dale A. 464 Craig, James W. 218, 242 Craig, Roberv G, 190, 191, 400, 473 160,161, 162, 163, Crain, John R. 200, 230, 233, 234 Crain, William L. 148,1 9, 473 Crais, Thomas F. 136, 137 Crampton, Ross N. 150, 151, 473 Crane, Alexander 0., Jr. 176, Crank, Paul W. 170, 171, 247 Cropino, Frank R. 287, 450 Cravens, Gerald W. 108, 109, 354, 464 Crawford, Charles H. 170, 171, 341, 464 Crawford, George M. 158, 159, 278, 306 Crawford, Jack H. 464 Crawford, James N. 276, 354, 473 Creccy, William W,, Jr. 168, 169 Creech, David L. 94, 450 Creider, Erwin J. 276, 473 Crenshaw, Jackson H. 142, 143, 473 Crenshaw, James R. 142, 143 Creswell, John L. 146, 147, 473 Cribbs, Jan A. 136, 137, 473 Crider, Jerry J. 160, 161, 355 Crim, Frederick 1.. 451 Crocker, Larry D. 104, 105, 473 Crockett, David S. 182, 183, 276, 473 Croes, Mario 413 Cronenberger, Paul C. 304, 451 Cronk, Andrew C. 188, 189, 473 Crosbie, James M. 134, 135, 464 Crosby, Richard J. 240, 241, 264. 451 Crouch, Jack M. 110, 111, 345, 473 Crouch, Patrick L. 168, 169, 473 Crow, Jerry D. 148, 149, 354 Crow, Sanford D. 413 Crowder, David A. 156, 157, 473 Crowe, Richard K. 166, 167, 294, 413 Crowell, Thomas D. 413 Crowley, William L., Jr. 451 Crum, Morris G. 451, 307 Crumbliss, James J. 158, 159, 473 Cruse, Leonard A. 325, 413 Crutchfield, J. C., III 451 Crutsinger, Larry L. 142, 143, 340 Cruzolegui, Augusto B. 268, 361, 413 Csagoly, Andras J. 146, 147 Cuellar-Chacon, Jaime 361 Cullen, Raymond P. 168, 169, 325, 464 Culver, Byron K. 464 Culver, James L. 182, 183, 473 Culver, Lee S. 100, 101, 355, 473 Cummings, Lester M. 320, 400 Cummins, Roy R. 290 Cunningham, William C. Cuny, Frederick C. 150, 151 Cure, Louie M. 160, 161, 473 Curinglon, Eldon B. 188, 189, 349, 313, 451 Curl, Thomas W. 126, 127, 333 Curran, Donald J. 138, 139, 354, 473 Curry, Ronald E. 116, 117, 257,353,473 Curtis, Charles G. 144, 145, 413 CusVer, Calvin D. 148, 149, 237 D Daerr, Richard L. Jr, 162, 163, 276, 473 Daggs, Bobby A. 204, 290, 316, 451 Dogrosa, David D. 158, 159 Dail, MikeI'H. 148, 149 Dailey, John H. 118,119 Dailey, Roy W. 170, 171, 300, 464 Dale, John C. 249 Dalgard, Dan W. 290 Dallas, Milburn 5., Jr. 164, 165, 473 Dalton, James V. 178, 179, 473 Daly, Michael E. 158, 159, Dambolenu, Ismael G. 293 Dampman, William A. 168, 169, 325 Donut, Alfred W., Jr. 108, 109, 353, 473 Danes, William R. 311, 451 Daniel, Charles L. III 162, 163, 464 Daniel, Tommy C. 265, 413 Daniels, Clifton, Jr. 290, 451 Daniels, James W. 238 Dansby, David M. 140, 141 Danzeiser, John E. 124, 125, 451 Darden, James 0., III 184, 185, 473 Darling, Herman B. 140, 141, 300, 464 Darling, William J. 188, 189, 473 Damon, Richard B., Jr. 100, 101,172, 311, 353,473 Darrow, Jon A. 315 Daugherty, William S. 156, 157 Davenport, Roe R., Jr. 203 David, Allen R. 166, 167, 368, 473 David, James E. 201, 413 Davidson, Donald L. 113, 271, 413 Davidson, Robert J, 290 Davidson, Roger S. 473 Davis, Alford W. 153, 159, 365, 473 Davis, Aubrey R., Jr. 104, 105, 355 Davis, David C. 170, 171, 451 Davis, Donald D., 170, 171, 464 Davis, Donald S. 134, 135, 473 Davis, Edward C., III 150, 151, 473 Davis, Frank H. 184, 185, 328, 413 Davis, Gordon E., Jr. 125, 451, 448 Davis, Grayson L. 126, 127, 464 115,124, Davis, Grayum L. 106, 107 Davis, James H. 118, 119, 281, 342, 413 Davis, Jerry D. 100, 101, 270, 331, 451 Davis, Jim E. 413 Davis, Johnny H., Jr. 346, 413 Davis, Larry K. 180, 181, 473 Davis, Lee E., III 142, 143, 464 Davis, Paul L. 100, 101, 464 Davis, Richard A., III 176, 177, 413 Davis, Rodney D. 451 Davis, Roland O. 128, 129, 464 Davis, Sporswood E. 144, 145, 355, 414 Davis, Thomas E. 180, 181, 451 Davis, Thomas S. 100, 101, 353. 473 Davis, Tommy K. 126, 127, 473 Davis, William J. 414 Davis, William L. 128, 129, 144, 145 Davis, William M. 138, 139 Dawkins, Marvin H. 190, 191 Day, Donald L. 124, 125, 353, 474 Day, Harold D. 160, 161 Day, James D. 414 Day, Thomas M. 126, 127, 474 De La Garza, C. 126, 127 Dealy, Gayle D. 108, 109 Dean, Don R. 106, 107, 451 Dean, Joe H. 162, 163 Dean, Marvin L. 146, 147, 474 Deofley, Barnie R. 138, 139, 286, 474 Denver, Royce D. 238, 366, 414 Debartolo, Glenn R. 176, 177, 276, 299, 474 Decker, Clifton R. 156, 157 Decker, David H. 184, 185, 474 Decuic, Mitchell A. 327 Deen, Wallace A. 202, 346 Dees, Allan W., 11 451 Defee, Robert A. 146, 147, 296, 330, 474 Defloria, Heinz J. 178, 179 Degner, Robert L. 355, 414 Degraffenreid A. L., Jr. 350, 414 Degyansky, Alben W. 118, 119, 451 Dehoney, James H. 182, 183 474 Delavan, Ronald J. 144, 145, 291, 308 Delgado, Reynolds M. 116, 117, 361, 414 Dellano, Antonio J. 336, 451 Demont, James I. 319, 414 Dendy, Chatles S. 313, 451 Denison, David R. 148, 149, 200, 474 Denison, Early B. 162, 163, 470, 474 Denmun, John D. 400 Dennehy, Martin J. 134, 135 474 Denney, Michael E. 120, 121, 474 Denney, Robert M. 115, 128, 129, 451 Denney, Wayne E. 158, 159, 362 Dennison, Jack A. 276 Denny, John A., Jr. 186, 187 Danton, Pat 5. 320 Depasqual, Joseph A. 140, 141 Derden, William H. 134, 135, 474 Derebery, Daniel P., Jr. 186, 187, 414 Deshofels, Jesse D., III 102, 103, 327, 414 Dessert, Kenneth C. 180, 181, 345 Deutsch, Randall G. 136, 137 Devaney, David 8. 310, 323, 414 Deveny, Don L, 150, 151 Devilleneuve, Allan R. 464 Devine, Michael D. 148, 149, 245, 474 Devine, Robert P., Jr. 126, 127, 336 Devolites, Philip J. 180, 181, 474 Dewin, Amos T. 186, 187, 474 Dexter, Michael A. 451 Dial, Beniamin E. 474 Dioz, Carlos L. 253, 283, 474 Diaz, Hector 138, 139, 474 Diaz, Juan C. 414 Diaz, Julio F. 120, 121, 245, 474 Diaz, Leonard F. 126, 127, 128, 129, 464 Dibrell, Charles F., Jr. 164, 165, 474 Dick, Brandon D. 106, 107 Dickens, William P. 100, 101 Dickerson, James R. 106, 107, 144, 145 Dickie, Teddie M. 104, 105, 464 Dickson, John R. 110, 111 Dietz, Irving M., Ill 118,119, 330, 474 Dillard, Robert H. 184, 185, 474 Dillard, Warren M. 113, 120, 121, 264, 328, 390, 414 Dillon, Paul G. 219, 313 Dillon, William E. 201, 342, 451 Dimock, James A. 138, 139, 286, 474 Dingley, Donald D. 116, 117, 334 Dinsmole, Philip K. 166, 167 Disinger, Thomas A. 206, 281 Dismukes, John T., Jr. 104, 105, 474 Dinberner, Phillip L. 136, 137, 271, 474 Dinman, Henry, Jr. 156, 157 Dix, Richard M. 150, 151 Dixon, John P. 343, 451 Dock, Wilson F., Jr. 451 Doan, Donald 8. 184, 185, 474 Dockery, Rodney L. 128, 129, 474 Dodge, Michael C. 156, 157, 210 Dodgen, John P. 134, 135, 285, 474 Dodson, David H. 102, 103, 474 Dodson, Richard E. 124, 125, 474 Doerre, Gary L. 122, 123, 359, 451 Doerste, David C. 176, 177 Dollinger, John E. 110, 111, 327, 414 Dol1ins, James 6., Jr. 104, 105, 366, 464 Dominguez, Juan G. 205, 241, 270, 451 Dominguez, Luis F. 280 Dominy, James F. 134, 135, 285, 322, 474 Don, Bruce W. 184, 185, 474 Donaho, Glynn R. 1'46, 147, 474 Donaldson, Charles G. 474 Donaidson, Gerald R. 132, 140, 141, 367, 451 Donhum, Russel G. 128, 129. 474 Donnell, Viclor L. 113, 126, 127, 391, 414 Donnellan, Robert Q. 138, 139, 474 Donovan, Richard L. 140, 141. 322, 474 Dooley, Richard M. 124, 125, 470, 474 Dorun, Russell L. 190, 191, 474 Doolinle, James H. 182, 183, 74 4 Doreen, William R. 148, 149, 451 Dorman, Preston C. 142, 143 Born, Richard C. 116, 117, 464 Born, Wilfred C., Jr. 168, 169 Dorris, Kenneth D. 287, 290, 320 Dorsey, Donald P. 350 Dosher, Robert A. 148, 149, 245 Dossey, Theron E., III 156, 157, 246 Dotson, Herbert F., III 184, 185 Donon, James A. 255, 391, 414 THE FORDYCE COMPANY Box I98! SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS R. W. Briggs. 'l7 L. Ed Lee. '37 R. W. Briggs. Jr.. '55 Dan H. McLendon. '39 For +he Finesf in Men's Wear See SINCE 1920 , INC. A8:M SINCE l89l BOOTMAKERS COLLEGE STATION. TEXAS Townshire l9ll Texas Ave. Bryan. Texas '. rv"immwl tfr navm- th -. -.- m Dory, Donald W. 206, 341, 451 Dougon, David W. 304 Dougherty, John C. 4 106, 107, 106, 107, 136, 137, Douglas, James F. 474 Douglas, James R. 330, 474 Douglas, John W. 474 Douglass, Milton E., Jr. 464 Dover, Leslie E. 128, 129, 172, 474 Dover, Wilbur L. 313 Dowden, William T., Jr. 140, 141, 301,358, 474 Dowling, Dennis W. 451 Bowling, Errol S. 414 Downey, Charles R. 464 Downing, James N., Jr. 464 Downs, George R. 190, 191, 200, 474 Dowse, Jerry W. Doyal, Sidney R. 358, 474 Doyle, Thomas A. 474 Dozier, Edward N. 474 Dozier, Harold D. Draemer, John B. Drone, Charles H. 116, 117 Drennon, James L. 148,149 Dresser, Paul A., Jr. 82, 88, 124, 125, 448, 451 Dreumonf, Antonio A. 414 Drollinger, Harry B. 201, 464 Dromgoole, Glenn A. 30, 140, 141, 259, 327, 474 Drouilhet, Adrien F., III 199, 326, 451 Drow, William C. 451 Druebert, Hilmar C. 201, 351,474 . Drumm, David W. 306, 451 Duble, Richard L. 333 Dublin, Frank W. 164, 165, 474 Dubose, Bobby R. 168, 169, 474 Dubose, Wade 8. 156, 157 Dubuisson, Larry M. 290, 400 Duchamp, Eugene A., III 186 187, 283. 474 Dudersfodt, Culver L. Duelm, Aubrey J. 464 Duerer, Robert E. 451 Duggon, Richard L. 298 Dugger, Wiley W. 264, 271, 414 Duke, Bruce R. Duke, Wayne M. Dulin, Edwin R., Jr. 244, 464 Dulock, Raymond W. 366, 451 Duncan, Silas E. Duncan, William R. 474 Duncan, William S. 474 Dungon, Clifford T. 474 Dungan, James R. 464, 474 Dunkerley, Roland F., Jr. 168, 169, 365, 464 Dunn, Michael E. Dunn, S'ephen L. 474 Dunn, Tony R, 414 Dunn, William F, 474 Duplissey, Gary R. 156, 157, 172, 326, 464 Dupont, George L. 198 Dupree, Monty L. 272, 415 Duran, Carlos R. 175, 186, 187, 336, 415 Duran, John M, 474 Durbin, James P. Durbin, Michael E. Durbon, Mark C. 474 Durden, Philip M. 176, 177 Duren, Jerry L. 136, 137, 474 Durham, Lavoyger J. 342, 474 Durrenberger, Cyril J. 98, 99, 302, 451 Dusard, Leo F., III 260, 345, 451 DuVy, Douglas W. 366, 464 Duvall, Duncan E., Jr. 108, 109, 276, 285, 474 Dwarshus, AlbeH G, 474 Dwighv, Frederick P. 313 Dwight, Ponick H. 126, 127, 474 Dworaczyk, John F. 451 Dyol, Donald Ray 144, 145, 464 134, 135. 108, 109, 138, 139, 188, 189. 267,414 162, 163, 160, 161, 138, 139, 176, 177 206, 290, 168, 169. 298, 414 120, 121, 118, 119 98, 99, 451 124, 125, 206, 298. 353, 451 108, 109, 118,119, 136,137. 158,159, 241, 270, 414 134, 135, 170,171, 190, 191,200, 110,111, 464 140,141 122, 123, 345, 180,181, 148, 149, 186, 187, Dyer, William A. 269 Dye, Joel C. 464 Dyer, Charles L. 197, 415 Dyer, Douglas J. 190, 191, 474 Dyer, Edward D. 148, 149 Dyer, Edward M. 364 Dyer, John E. 290, 400 Dyer, Spencer R. 126, 127, 474 E Earl, Jerry M. 170, 171 Earle, George L. 142, 143, 317 Earley, Ronald R. 249 Eastman, George L. 138, 139, 474 . Eaton, Curtis W. 451 Eberspacher, C. T., Jr. 474 Ebert, Standley G. 106, 107, 464 Eccles, Roy J. 204 Echols, Wally D. 204, 293, 297, 415 Echterhoff, James H., Jr. .122, 123, 346, 451 Echterhoff, Lawrence B. 116, 117, 474 Eddings, Hal 5. Eddleman, Earl G. 464 Edgar, David T. 415 Edman, William D. 313, 415 Edmundson, Charles W. 106, 107, 451 Edwards, Douglas W, 188, 189 Edwards, Franklin G. 298 Edwards, James E. 304 Edwards, Robert B. 186, 187, 474 Edwards, Thomas M. 475 Edwards, Wendell E. 271 Eeds, George R. 97, 110, 111, 451 Ekvall, Don J, 146, 147, 474 Egger, Larry A. 451 Egloff, John M. 287, 451 Eickman, Edwin H. 148, 149, 200, 474 Eidson, Thomas E. 474 E1 Banbi, Hamdi A. 313 Elbrich, Joseph J., Jr. 415 Elder, James H. 133 Elenburg, Dave W. 415 Elfont, Robert L. 277, 281, 331, 451 Elizondo, Reynaldo S. 205, 415 Eller, Charles R. 100, 101, 464 EllioH, Andrew C., Jr. 116, 117, 281,338,415 ElHoH, Charles H. 350 Elliott, James 5. 264, 415 Elliott, Ray D. 124, 125, 244, 464 Ellis, Charles D. 116, 117, 276, 474 Ellis, Harry R. 300 Ellis, John M. 474 Ellis, Joseph E. 166, 167 Ellis, Lewis C., III 322 Ellis, Robert C. 474 Ellison, Thomas W. 341, 451 Elmore, Robert D. 451 o Elsbury, Billy R. 116, 117, 257 Elsey, Rona1d E. 186, 187, 474 Elsik, Colin D. 451 Ely, Edward W., Jr. 474 Ely, Joseph T. 98, 99, 474 Elzner, Dennis R. 166, 167, 474 Emonis, James R. 451 Emerson, Charlie D. 138, 139 Emerson, Clifton A. 136, 137 Emerson, Robert A. 168, 169, 247, 365, 464 , Endler, Hugo J. 4115 Ener, Ernest L, Jr. 190, 191, 200, 238 Engbrock, James E. 299 Engdohl, Gilbert R. 358, 474 Engelbert, Richard E. 120, 121, 245 Engelbert, Robert A. 245, 474 Engelbrechf, Kenneth A. 314, 415 126, 127, 474 108, 109, 108, 109, 358, 178, 179, 146, 147, 106, 107, 134, 135, 120,121, English, James D. 138, 139 English, Jerry L. 415 English, Ronald W. 134, 135, 474 Enloe, Samuel J., Jr. 142, 143 Ennls, John W. 156, 157 Epperson, Ernest E. 320 Erickson, Jalmer L. 219 Erskine, Rodney D, 182, 183, 474 Erwin, Edward A. 341, 474 Erwin, Peter F. 474 Escobar, Kennevh R. 287, 328, 474 Esparzc, Edward D. 245, 474 Espy, Robert H., Jr. 108, 109, 162, 163, 342. 136, 137. 120, 121, 266, 353, Essler, Arnold G. 198, 464 Es'es, A11on L. 170, 171 Ewes, Ivan G. 474 Estes, James A. 98, 99, 474 Estes, Roben L. 182, 183, 415 Esnada, Luis A. 273, 415 Eubank, Charles M. 415 Eubonk, Robert B. Evans, Lynn A., Jr. 464 Evans, Melvel S. Evans, Michael L. 474 Evans, Richard S. 452 Evans, Robert E., III Evans, Thomas W. 344, 474 Evans, William L., III 182, 183, 271, 452 Everett, Mark D. 142, 143 Evers, Gerald W. 474 Evers, Richard E., Jr. 355, 474 Evers, William H. 290 Ewers, Lawrence V., Jr. 182, 183, 474 Ewing, Thomas G. 350, 452 124, 125, 124, 125, 474 100, 101, 180,181 180,181, 104, 105, 118,119 F Fabre, Rudolph F. 464 Fadul, James W. 391 Fails, Harvey R. 474 Fakror, Martin M. 98, 99 Falco, William R. 203, 474 Fallen, Gordon L. 118, 119, 474 Fallin, Michael M. 301, 474 Form, Ronald L. 259 Font, Cory J. 158, 159, 245, 365, 475 Farios, Christopher 415 Furies, Floron C. 290 Farley, Phillip E. 182, 183, 475 Farmer, Leslie 6., III 475 Farmer, William R. 170, 171 Farquhorson, Richard A. 452 Farr, Louis L., W 136, 137, Farrar, James R. 452 Farrier, Robert C. 122, 123, 464 Faubion, Billy D. 301 Faulk, Danny J. 168, 169 Foulk, Robert H. 314, 415 Faulkner, Gerald F. 205, 273 Feighny, Michael L. 122, 123, 464 Felder, Jerry W. 141, 452 Felkner, Roy D. Fell, George K. Felps, Alton D. 166, 167, 475 Felt, Rodger L. 318, 452 Fensrer, Richard A. 277 Fergeson, Robert T. 188, 189, 452, 464 Fe!guson, Jay R. Ferguson, Roben L. 336 Ferguson, Thomas L. 452 Fernold, William F. 464 Ferrell, Edwin E., Jr. 122, 123, 283, 338, 415 Ferrell, Joel F. 301 Ferris, Darrel L. 475 Ferris, Richard A. 186, 187, 475 Fichtner, Charles M. 452 Ficker, Richard H. 110,111, 82, 132, 140, 118, 119, 475 124, 125, 475 190, 191, 237 122, 123, 106, 107, 100, 101. 184, 185, Fickess'en, Jack R. 100, 101 Fidler, Calvin C. 166, 167, 247, 298, 452 Fidler, Steven E. 368, 464 Fiedler, Lloyd N. 351, 464 Fiegel, John L. 160, 161 Fikes, William R. 204 Filburn, Ralph B. 184, 185, 415, 475 Fillinger, Thomas J. 308, 308, 347, 452 Finch, Joseph L. 205, 253, 311, 452 Fine, Thomas M. 317 Finkbiner, Terry C. 133, 464 Finkelstein, Jerry 118, 119, 452 Fingelstein, Mark 240 Finks, John E. 116, 117, 257, 284, 452 Finn, James W., Jr. 333 Finney, Ned A. 120, 121 Fischer, Arthur C. 102, 103, 452 Fischer, David H. 475 Fisher, Denzel L. 118, 119, 475 Fisher, Henry E. 205, 249 367, 415 Fisher, Joe H. 170, 171, 464 Fisher, John P. 475 Fisher, Terry L. 110, 111 Fisher, Thomas E. 160, 161, 338, 475 Fisherman, Barry N. 464 Fisherman, 138, 452 Fisk, Stephen K. 134, 135, 328, 452 162, 163, 136, 137, 202, 283. 150,151,172, 124, 125, 104, 105, 138, 139, William H. 138, Fitch, Jack A. Fite, Daniel L. 164, 165 Fins, John M. 118, 119, 291, 306, 338, 452 Fitzgerald, Frank A. 400 Fitzgerald, Giles W. 475 176, 177, 276, 278. 182, 183. Fitzhugh, Larry S. 156, 157, 7 4 5 Fix, Ronald E. 416 Flaherly, Daniel J. 98, 99, 162, 163, Flanagan, Edward L. 240, 475 Fleming, Cecil P. Fleniken, James P. 110, 475 Fletcher, Pierce H. Fletcher, Ronald W. 168, 318, 464, 475 Florence, Harold D. 96, 103, 452 Florence, Lorry Z. 148, 475 Florence, Monty C. Florence, Ronald C. Flores, Alfonso R. Floves, Daniel, Jr. 336, 416 Flores, James P. Flores, Omar M. 336 Flores, Raul, Jr. 464 Flores, Ruben 241, 475 Flores, Victorio R., Jr. Flournoy, Sammy J. 190, 338, 475 Flowers, Phillip R. 475 Floyd, Kenneth D. 416 Floyd, William T. 182, 276, 475 Flynf, WiIIiam H. 303 Focke, John W. 291 Foerster, Alfred J. 138, 286, 475 Fohn, Nicholas H. 283, 374, 416 Foi', Frankie J. 416 Folsom, Ralph E., Jr. 299, 365, 452 Fondon, John W., Jr. 176, 304, 357, 452 Fonville, Gerald G. 98, 279, 357, 416 Ford, Edwin R. 475 Ford, Lloyd A., Jr. Ford, Ronald G. 475 Fore, James E. 119 Forehand, Gilbert H. 452 Forgeng, Thomas J. 236 Forrest, Blake F. 116, 117 Forrest, Charles R. 160, 475 Forrest, Freddie G. 170, 464 Forrest, Nathan K. 142, 464 Forry, Farrell G. 164, 475 Forster, Peter C. 176, 174, 260, 291, 416 Fort, Ben F. 314 Fortune, Douglas S. 166, 452 Fossler, Thomas C. 108, 475 Foster, James R. 475 Foster, Jim 134, 135, 475 Foster, Reynolds L. 134, 475 Foster, William D., Jr. 127, 475 Fowler, David T. 122, 367, 452 Fowler, Donald W. 37, 129, 475 Fowler, George C. 168, 336, 464 Fowler, James E. 160, 475 Fowler, John G. Fowler, Ronald L. 104, 322, 452 Fox, James D. 166, 167, 464 Fraley, Morris A., Jr. 118, Francis, William G. 144, 464 Frank, John C. 126, 127 Frank, John H. 365, 416 Frank, Wallace J., Jr. 111, 416 Franklin, David A. 362, 464 Franklin, Jerry L. 106, 452 Franklin, 119, 452 Franks, Clarence E., Jr. 157, 345, 475 Franks, James C. 188, 452 Fransen, David R. 136, 475 Frantz, Jeffrey W. 158, 279, 362, 464 Fraser, Joseph G. 118, 475 Lawrence M. 416 158, 159, 330 111, 190,191, 169. 102. 149, 290, 400 100, 101 201, 267 100, 101, 104, 105, 416 140, 141 191, 230, 313, 183. 139, 304, 307, 177, 99, 190, 191, 200, 190, 191 158, 159, 120, 121. 186, 187. 161. 171, 143 165. 177. 167. 109, 135. 126. 123. 128. 169, 161, 268. 475 105, 247, 119 145, 110, 158, 159, 107. 118. 156. 189. 137. 159, 352. Frausto, Julio 158, 159, 416 Frazier, Roberl L., Jr. 160, 161, 475 Frazier, Stephen W. 102, 103, 361, 475 Frederick, Richard A. 475 Frederiksen, Larry W. 134, 135. 475 Freeman, Augustus M., Jr. 154, 452 Freeman, Charles H. 452 Freeman, George R. 158, 159. 475 Freeman, George R. 300 Freeman, Melvin E. 162, 165 Freeman, Raymond D. 146, 147, 452 Freeman, Steve M. 150, 151, 475 Frels, Leon K. 116, 117, 356, 475 Frey, Wilburn L. 104, 105, 464 Fried, Albert R., Jr. 176, 177, 329, 464 Friedlander, Jack P. 158, 159, 330, 452 Frith, Charles E. 344, 416 Friische, Charlie M. 108, 109. 475 Fritz, Daniel J. 104, 105 Fritze, VernOn V., Jr. 166, 167, 452 Fromen, Charles W. 170, 171, 475 Frosch, Eldor A. 136, 137, 464 Frost, Warren W., Jr. 290 Fry, Richard J. 162, 163, 475 Fry, Stephen T. 343, 452 Frye, Donald J., Jr. 120, 121, 343, 452 Frye, Pairick E. 241 Fuchs, Charles R. 416 Fuchs, James A. 104, 105, 465 Fuchs, Leslie T. 124, 125, 465 Fuentes, Arturo 268, 416 Fuentes, Jerome A. 452 Fugler, Thomas D., Jr. 279 Fulgham, William N. 110, 111, 475 Fulkerson, John R. 200 Fuller, David W., Jr. 475 Fuller, Joe P. 140, 141, 287 Fuller, Randall H. 108, 109, 475 Fullwood, Clark E. 475 Furber, James E. 182, 183, 475 Furber, Ronald W. 465 Furrh, Samuel R. 110, 111, 475 Fussell, Richard N. 287 Fusfon, Louis F. 190, 191, 475 110,111, G Gabberf, John H. 82, 146, 147, 361, 452 Gaden, John D., Jr. 286, 362, 475 Gage, Errol 465 Gager, Geoffrey L. 186, 187, 475 Gagliano, Anthony C. 108, 109 Gagliardo, Paschal L. 264 Gaille, Raymond S. 346, 452 Gaines, Jimmy R. 170, 171, 452 Gaither, Gale H. 160, 161, 301, 416 Galoway, Robbie L. 336, 452 Galey, John H. 146, 147, 465 Galindo, Christian A. 239, 241,, 313 Gallagher, Robert P. 126, 127, 452 138, 139, 108, 109, Gallaher, John J. 150, 151, 475 Galloway, Benny J. 164, 165 Galloway, Thomas M. 268, 452 Gallegos, Joseph 170, 171, 475 Galloway, Trent K. 156, 157, 475 Galloway, 183, 475 Galvin, Daniel L. 94, 452 Gamble, Michael E. 118, 354, 475 Gambrell, Edwin F. 244, 465 Gamer'sfelder, Joe R. 166, 167, 465 Gannaway, John R. 247, 416 Garces, Alvaro E. 361, 465 Garcia, Delfino, Jr. 361, 452 Garcia, Enrique M. 361, 452 Garcia, Jesus, Jr. 352, 465 Garcia, Luis S. 336 Garcia, Martin E. 342, 400 Garcia, Robert R., Jr. 330, 465 Gardner, Charles F. 416 Gardner, Lawrence R. 313 Gardner, Paul F. 126, 127, 172 Garner, Charles P. 452 Garner, Daniels 5. 144, 145, 465 Garner, Harold E. 160, 161 Garner, Johnnie L. 416 Garner, Larry J. 276 Garrett, James C. 308 William E. 182, HUGHES RESEARCH IS NEVER ENDING Hughes Tool Company has spent years of research seeking better perform- ance for better products - and this research work is never ending. 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Garrett, W, Joy, Jr, 188, 139, GoeHIe, Jimmy A. 116, 117, Griffin, Charles V., III 104, Hall, Oliver F., Jr. 102, 103, Harrison, Lee P, 416 417 105, 347, 476 476 Harrison, Warren T. , Garrison, Darrell D, 465 Goff, John E. 116, 117, 452 Griffin, James E. 170, 171 Hall, Richard S. 242, 453 465 Gorteiser, Gerald L,, Jr, 118, Golasinski, Michael J. 100, Griffin, James 12, 300 Hall, Richard W. 182, 183, Harrover, Thomas S. 104, 105 268, 343, 416 101, 465 Griffin, Terry R. 453 476 Hart, Anthony P. 164, 165, 476 Garza, Alberto 336, 452 601d, Henry A. 279, 417 Griffis, Robert T. 120, Hall, Robert A. 95, 108, 109, Hart, Harry W. 476 Garza, Roberto R,, Jr, 168, Goldforb, Jerrold H. 138, 139, 465 291, 419 Hart, John W., Jr. 138, 139, 169, 247, 336, 465 277, 475 Griffith, Adron N. 453 Hall, Ronald M. 419 286, 476 Gay, John D. 100, 101, 475 Goldman, Joel 134, 135, 344, Griffith, Andrew C. 417 Hall, Sydney D. 158, 159, 320, Hart, Malcolm S. 419 Gayle, Charles M, 166, 167, 452 Griffith, Charles E. 178, 476 Har1,MelboJ. 128, 129, 361, 475 Goldman, John W. 417 453 H011, William 5- 476 465 Gayle, Lelve G. 303, 416 Goldsmith, James W. 452 Griffith, Daniel R. 265 Halldorson, Michael D. 309 Hartley, Thomas M. 124, 125, Gayle, Robert W. 166, 167 Goldwater, Josef M. 277 Griffith, Donald L. 176, , Hallenberger, Charles R. 453 453 Geer, Jack R. 475 Gollodoy, Harvey L. 417 329 Hallford, Kent L. 340, 419 Hartman, Donald E. 128, 129 Gen1,Michmichehl R. 278 Gomez, Pedro 124, 125, 475 Griffith, James R, 102, Halpuin, Richard T. 453 Hartman, Louis W. 128, 129 Gent, Terrence R. 144, 145, Gomez, Raymond V., Jr. 291 418 Haluski, Jerry L. 116, 117, 465 Hartsell, P01 419 172 Gomez, Robert V. 281 Griffith, Jimmy C. 418 Ham, Howard C, Jr. 286, 357, Harvey, Edgar J. 104, 105, 476 Gentry, Roy L., Jr. 293 Gomez, Rudolph V. 122, 123, Griffi1h, John S. 100, 101 419 Harvey, Gary B. 146, 147, 476 Gentry, Teddy E. 104, 105 353, 475 Griffith, Stanley E, 104, 105, Hamada, Tukcshi 164,165, 318 Harvey, Robert E. 178, 179 George, Charles R. 184, 185 Gonzalez, Jesus E. 118, 119, 476 Hamel, Charles G. 120, 121, Harvill, Luther E., Jr. 419 475 269, 342, 417 0.1111111, Steven K. 104, 105 257, 476 Horvison, Gary E. 122, 123, George, Edward H. 118, 119, Gonzalez, Jorge H, 336, 452 Griggs, Dwight S. 453 Hamilton, Freelin D. 313 476 475 Gonzalez, Robert J. 158, 159, Grimes, Frank W. 91, 348, 413 Hamilton, James R., Jr. 267, Harwell, Richard M. 98, 99, George, Jimmy D. 116, 117 453 Grimes, Jay P. 142, 143, 418 419 355 George, Michael S, 1, 10, Gonzalez, William K, 453 Grimshow, Michael T. 132, 183 Hamilton, Michael C. 168, 169 Harwood, William E., Jr. 400 120, 121, 416 Good, Robert E. 361 Grimsinqer, Clyde 5, 453 Hamilton, Pairick C. 162, 163, Hose, Robert R., Jr. 146, 147, George, Raymond C. 168, 1 9, Goodenough, Robert D. 158. Grimm: David 5. 178, 179, 476 , 345, 476 465 Goodenough, Robert D. 82, 418 Hamilton, Ronald G. 184, 185, Hesse, John J. 122, 123, 148, George, Sammy Joe 417 158, 159, 242, 330, 453 GrocheH, wnnam s, 200, 230 465 149, 343 Gerberf, Joshua 277 Goodman, Rodney L. 173, 182, Groff, Wallace w, 453 Hamilton, Timothy J, 162, 163 Hasselmeier, Robert J. 138, Geredo," Rubin R. 361 183, 417 Groff, Waller P1, 1,, 175, 186, Hamilton, William L. 170, 17?, 139, 476 Gerick, Milcm Joe 294 Goodson, Charles F. 164, 165, 137, 453 465 Hasten, William H., Jr. German, Donn L. 340, 465 475 Groom, James N., Jr, 418 Humme, Curtis 5. 170, 171, Hatcher, Lester B. 118, Gerrold. Scott W. 140, 141, Goodwin. Henry W- 100, 101, Gross, Alfred L., Jr. 118,287, 465 476 465 475 476 Hammel, Richard W. 120, 121, Hatley, Frederick F. 279 Gersbuch, Herbert C. 30, 175, Gordon, Donny M- 146, 147: Gross, Paul E. 418 476 Haftaway, William E. 136 340, 417 360, 475 Groves, David 5, 96, 102, 103, Hammond, Claude B. 309, 419 137, 465 Gersbcch, Kenneth A, 162,163, Gordon, John 5., Jr. 287 334, 413 Hammonds, Charles E. 148, Hanon, James R. 176, 177 452 Gordon. Panick T1 140. 141. Gruen, Frank x., Jr. 176, 177 149, 340 271, 351, 465 Geye, Raymond J. 122, 123, 475 Grumbles, James v. 286, 465 Hampton, Lawrence H- 160. Hanox, Jerry B. 291 297, 452 Gore, Donald 180, 181, 453 Gruner, Kenneth A. 82, 131, 161. 476 Hatzenbuehler, c. 331,465 Ghormley, Arnold B. 465 Gosney, Gary L. 134. 135, 475 138, 139, 286, 453 Hampton. Louis H-. Jr. 284 Hausenfluke, Melvyn J. 419 Gibbons, William E. 106, 107, GOSSChOIk. J0051 A- 158, 159' Gruy, Michael A. 106, 107, HOmP1On, Ronny J. 400 Hausmann, George S. 166, 167, 299, 341, 465 277, 475 245, 476 Hancock, William M. 243, 279, 476 Gibbs, Leon W. 320 0055911, R0139" W., Jr. 108. Guoiardo, T, 108, 109 344. 453 . Hausmann, Richard J. 453 Gibson, David D. 328, 417 109 Gudgel, Keith E. 134, 135, Hancock, Wil'lom R. 128, 129. Havel, Jerome A. 453 Gibson, David v. 182, 183, Gotcher, William L., Jr. 304, 476 244. 366. 465 Haveman, Allen E., Jr. 186 366, 475 465 Guerra, Carlos E. 476 Hancock. Woodrow Ru Jr- 281: 187, 345 Gibson, Gary c. 170,171,475 Gough, William H. 156. 157. Guerra, Cesar R. 91, 418 453, , Hawkes, Robert w. 162, 163 Gibson, James M. 276, 348, 465 Guevara, Alvaro 361, 465 Hank'nsl Harmon C- 224 Hawkins, Ennis M. 184, 185 475 Graeme, Jock K4 317. 417 Guiberteau, Oliver J. 244, 418 Hanks Leslie E- 315 465 Gibson, Patrick A. 170, 171, Graf, Albert D. 156, 157, 475 Guidry, George L. 476 Hanna. Wayne W- 476 Hawkins, Harvey K. 178, 179. 247, 465 0101, K911119111 E. 475 Guillol, Lloyd P. 400 H005, Bobby L. 166, 167, 465 465 Gibson, Phillip M. 160, 161, Grafton, Michael B. 297, 346, Guilloud, Garry L. 290 Hansard, James B- 453 Hawkins, James H. 106, 107 417 475 Guin, Bobby H. 156, 157, 453 Hansen, AI'On A, Jr. 476 453 Gibson, Ronald E. 124, 125, Graham, Charles B. 323 Guise, Leland M. 142, 143 Hansen. Hurley A- 240, 419 Hawkins, Ralph W., Jr. 100 465 Graham, David E. 297, 475 Gumm, Harold w. 465 Hansen, James C 122, 123. 101, 327 Gibson, William E. 160, 161, Graham, Dennis L. 153, 170, Gunter, James H., Jr. 465 352. 476 Hawkins, Robert M. 465 465 171. 417 Gunter, Jerry w., 124, 125 Hanson. Wayne 3. 184. 185: Hay, Craig c. 164, 165 Gideon, Leonard A. 148, 149, Graham, Frederick T. 186. 187, Gurmer, David c. 178, 179, 453 Hayden, Louis E. 118,119 200, 475 417 476 Hanusch, John A. 160, 161, Hayes, Anthony D. 102, 103, Giddens, David L. 122, 123, Graham, Huber! H. 475 Gustine, James E, 476 368,,476 476 452 Graham, James F. 100. 10!, Gutierrez, Alfredo R. 102, 103, Ham'lk, Hermon A- 476 HayeS, Lloyd L. 419 61696,, Davgd K, 162, 163, 465 336, 476 Hopenney. James D- 178, 179, Haynes, Clifford G. 144, 145 465 Graham. John W. 475 Gutierrez, Anibal A. 128, 129, 476 , , Haynes, Fred c. 126, 127, 330. Giesenschlog, William H, 142, Graham, Robert E. 417 336, 465 Haruway, Wlllnam J. 182, 183, 476 143,475 Graham, William K.. Jr. 136, Gutirez, Francisco J1 361,453 353, 465 Haynes, Philip E. 465 Giesler, Randy W. 164, 165 137. 362, 475 Gutierrez, George, Jr, 120, 121 Herbert, Jerry C1 104: 105: 476 Hays, William M. 82, 170. Gifford, David P., Jr. 186, 187, Grammar, Bryan K- 119. 315 418 Harbin: Arthur W. 178, 179, 171, 453 354, 475 Grams, Eugene J4 Jr. 188, GuHerrez, Hector x. 136, 137, 476 Head, Bruce c. 110, 111, 172, Gilbert, Allyn 1. , 169, 189, 280, 475 336,476 Horcrow. Robert J- 84. 160. 353 266, 267,351,452 - Cranberry, Robert D. 128, 129 Guy, Jimmie D. 278, 291, 364, 161, 345. 476 Head, Howard 31, 253 Gilber1, Joe w. 164, 165 Grant, Albert D. 453 418 Hardee' Gary L- 186' 187 Hearn, William c. 132, 136 Gilbert, Kennefh w. 367 Grant, Lee 1., Jr. 176, 177, Guymon, Richard F. 342, 465 Hardeman, Lyman J. 144, 145, 137 Gilbert, Michael D. 176, 283. 291, 343, 453 Guzman, Manuel 150, 151, 317 465 Heorron, George s. 170, 171 276, 475 Graves, Gene P. 417 Harden, Jeffrey S. 148, 149, 476 Gilbert, William C. 417 Graves, Jack, Jr. 110, 111, 476 Hearlwell, Stephen F. 138, 139 9118166111, Robe" E, 465 475 Hordgrove. James T- 82. 175. Heaney, Michael D. 334,476 Gill, Ellis C. 297, 475 Gray, Darrell K. 122, 123, H 186, 187, 308 Heddins, Gerald C. 309 Gillespie, Richard w. 160, 161, 453 Hardwick. Wayne T- 136. 137: Hedric, John w. 420 276 Gray, Haskell H. 162, 163, 476 Hedrick, John A. 120, 121, 324 Gillette, James F. 452 276, 475 Habbinga, Richard J. 134, 135, ngeH, George W. 222, 223, Heep, Robert W. 268 Gillis, Don C., Jr, 136, 137, Gray, Howard W1, Jr. 170, 364, 453 230, 232 Hefley, Martin w, 93, 99, 341, 465 171 Hable, Robert H. Horgrove, Thomas R. 104, 105, 476 Gillis, Thomas a. 303, 359 Gray, Jay A. 162, 163 Hoby. Vincent A. 113, 126, 364. 476 Heger, Robert 5. 126, 127, Gillis, Travis 0,, Jr, 359, 475 Gray, John W. 134, 135, 172, 127, 265, 347, 419 Harmon, Larry L. 419 351, 476 enmom, 00.10151 E, 294, 465 465 Hochlel, Larry F. 176, 177, Harp, Jeffrey C. 196,193, 453 Heibel, Richard A. 122, 123, Gilmore, Donald W, 417 Gray, Michael D. 122, 123, 247, 264, 350, 419 Harper, Hendrix 8., Jr. 148, 308, 323, 453 Gilmore, 51m" c. 170, 171 475 Hacker', Robert H- 85, 170. '49 Heidemun, Kenneth E. 366 Gingrich, Larry H. 164, 165, Gray, Patrick C. 417 171, 264,325,419 Harper, James L. 213, 243 Heikkilc, Edwin C., Jr. 110, 475 Gray, Ronald D. 182, 183, 345 Hagamon, Fred W. 419 Harper, John C. 166, 167, 465 111, 465 Gipe, George W. 465 Greek, Gerald T. 465 Haggard, Harry L. 113, 122, Harper, Roland G. 178, 179, Heine, Robert R. 201' 265, 319 Givens, James W. 313 Green, Axel V: 313 123: 453 327: 476 Heinemann, Eugene J. 104 6109010, Charles R, 176, 177 Green, Jerry G. 269, 475 Haggard, Kenneth R. 350, 453 Harrell, Gary R. 136, 137, 105, 335, 465 Glaser, James E 188, 189, 298, Green, Joe 5- 453 Haggin, Ronald K. 160, 161: 465 Heinrich, Carl 1., Jr. 420 417 Green, Richard M. 170, 171, 241, 353 - Harrell, Thomas 116, 117, 257 Heinrich, Richard J, 201, 331, Glaser, SvanIey J, 314, 417 362, 465 Hoghighi, Manchehr M. 313 476 420 Glass, Daniel W. 102, 103, Green, Richard W. 180, 181, Hogle, Donald H. 164, 165, Harrimon, William 8., Jr. 148, Helguero, Victor H. 241' 361 465 240, 368 476 14,9 , , Hellums, Jesse M. 116, 117 Glassford, David M,, Jr. 138, Greene, 5901981: Jr, 417 Haglund, Carl H. 150, 151, Harnnglon, Wllllam P. 160. Hellums Lee N. H 102 103. 139, 286, 353, 475 Gveene, Pafrick R. 281, 453 476 161, 268, 362 329 ' I ' Glenewinkel, Dennis R, 170, Greenhaw, Larry M. 126, 127, Hahn, David D. 186, 187, 324, Harris, Dickie A. 164, 165, Helmers, $10nley L. 453. 171,351,465 453 419 ,, 47,6 , Helmke, Lesler c. 142, 143, Glenney, Walter S. 138, 139, Greer, Charles L. 476 Homes, WIHIOm A. 476 Hams, Franklln A., Jr. 118, 307 465 Greer, Max M., Jr. 465 Haisler, Willie C. 128, 129 119, 476 Hellon, Ronald W. 182, 183 Gliscn, Charles L, 122, 123, Greer, Michael L. 417 Halaburkc, Michael J1 168, Harris, George A. 132,133 Hemphill, Thomas E. 296 452 Greer, Richard L. 170, 171, 169, 240, 453 Harris, Guy 8. 180, 181, 476 Henard, Dan M., Jr. 104, 105, Glodt, John F, 104, 105, 307, 372. 476 Halbert. David M- 156, 1571 Harris, Haywood 1., Jr. 476 476 452 Gvegg, LOYW" D4 188. 189, 246,465 Harris, Hermon E. 140, 141 Henderson, Claude D. 358 Gioger, Richard S. 313 476 Hale, Ronald E- 419 Harris, Jack E. 284, 476 Henderson, Donald C. 138, 139 Glover, David w, 143, 149, Gregg, Layton 0- 188, 189. Haliasz, Henry 5-, Jn 176. Harris, Jerry D. 453 Henderson, Donald M. 118, 238, 465 476 177, 247, 453 Harris, Larry C. 138, 139, 353 119, 420 Glover, Joe E, 162, 163, 322, Gregg. Vean J-. Jr, 134, 135 Hail, Claude 8- 148, 149. 465 Harris, Morris R., Jr. 140, 141, Henderson, 56,1 1, 176 177, 452 , Gregory, Charles H. 126, 127, Hall, Davis R. 134, 134, 172, 453 174 365 420 I Glucclz, Ellis E., Jr. 280, 452 453 476 Harris, Ronald A. 156, 157, Hende'rson,'He , Jr, 476 Goddard, 1di, W. 307 Gregory, Donald L. 180, 181, Hall, Don M, 476 360, 476 Henderson, M311: 3,, 93, 99, Godfrey, M F. 118, 119,269, 476 Hall. Frank F. 31 Harris, Ronald B. 453 476 417 Gregovy, Eugene H, 106, 107 Hall, Joe F. 158, 159 Harris, Te", 6, 334, 476 Henderson, Roy H. 420 l LESTER'S DOWNTOWN TOWNSHIRE The Fashion Center of Central Texas for Women and Children Distinctive Styles and Latest Designs by Famous Name Designers. ELECTRICITY Energy for Progress In this world we live in, electric energy is vitally importantenot only for daily living but also to make possible continued progress. Try to imagine today's world without electric lights or factory motors . . . without refrigeration or television . . . without the benefits of hundreds of other uses of electric energy. Because electric power is so essential to progress, Texas Electric constantly plans ahead and builds new povger plants, lines and other facilities. For this reavson, you may be sure that in the area we serve there will always be plenty of dependable electric power for progress and for better living. TEXAS ELECT IC Y SERVICE COMPAN Hendrix, Clifford D1 476 Hendry, Ronald E. 269, 318, 420 Henglein, Robe" J. 108, 109. 476 Henley, John W. 290 Hanneberger, Armin E, Jr. 160, 161, 453 Hennessy, Richard A. 116, 117, 465 Henry, Gene E. 361 Henry, George M. 164, 165 Henry, Sum S., Jr. 124, 125 Henslee, Robert W., Jr. 184, 185, 476 Hens1ey, John L, Jr. 276 Henson, Sidney L. 144, 145, 268 Hensz, Alberl J1, Jr. 420 Herbst, Kenneth C. 401 Hereford, Michael G. 166, 167, 172, 298, 303, 476 Herman, John R. 116, 117 Hermann, Burton R. 420 Hermann, Paul D., Jr. 150, 151, 476 Hermann, Robert C. 476 Hermesmeyer, Frank R. 102, 103, 476 Hermon, John L. 268 Hernandez, Guadalupe 286, 465 Hernandez, John R. 170, 171, 349, 453 Hernandez, Luis M., Jr. 361 Hernandez, Ricardo 241 Herrera, Alberto J. 138, 139, 476 Herrera, John M. 142, 143, 453 Herrin, John A. 420 Hening, John M. 186, 187, 420 Herring, Robert L. 182, 183, 465 Herring, Sheldon 136, 137, 476 Herrington, Robert A. 162, 163, 476 Herrmann, Armin F., Jr. 318, 320 Herrmcnn, Richard T. 310, 420 Herrmann, Warren W. 420 Herrmunn, Wesley W. 290, 420 Herrmann, William J. H. 174. 176, 177, 453 Herwig, William W, 188, 189 Herzog, Charles E. 178, 179, 360, 465 Hesketh, Harold R. 311 Heyen, John G. 310, 316, 347 Heymon, Eugene F., Jr. 122, 123. 420 Hibbs, Jerry A. 98, 99, 420 Hickey, Joseph P. 336 Hicklin, John S. 110, 111, 330. 476 Hickman, John M. 128, 129, 349, 420 Hickman, Malcolm E., Jr. 31, 239, 401 Hickman, Royce H., Jr. 143, 453 Hicks, Hal 5. 118, 136, 137. 287, 476 Higgins, Don M. 146, 147 Higgins, Edwin H. 300 Higgins, E1110" L, Jr. 126, 127, 334, 476 Higgins, Michael E. 106, 107, 237, 351, 465 Hilborn, Carroll K. 303, 310 Hilbum, Benny M. 465 Hill, Cornelius E. 108, 109, 476 Hill, David G. 126, 127 Hill, Harold J. 465 Hill, Kenneth R. 166, 167, 247 Hill, Orvel F. 108, 109, 476 Hill, Walter C. 164, 165, 420, 476 Hill, William H. 128,129 Hillhouse, Stephen A. 148, 149, 476 Hilliard, John E. 173, 182, 183, 453 Hillis, Jerry W. 293 Hillyer, Ira L. 148, 149, 476 Hilton, James Caldwell 120, 121, 267, 420 Hilton, Whi1ney J. 120, 121, 245, 476 Himes, Robert C. 120, 121 Hinds, Frank C. 453 Hines, Ronald 465 Hinkle, Charles L. 350, 420 Hinnant, Richard L. 124, 125, 244, 465 Hinoiosa, Geronimo G. 118, 119, 336, 420 HiMon, Dex1er C. 102, 103, 476 Hin1ze, Ernest 8., Jr. 148, 149, 476 Hinze, Ray 0. 190, 191, 216 Hi", Barney L. 178, 179, 465 Hlovinka, Sylvester C. 106, 107, 476 Hlavinka, Joseph J. 367 Hlozek, Donald R. 158, 159, 357, 476 Hobbs, Clifford D. 299 Hoch, Forest M. 465 Hodges, McCloud B. 126, '127 Hoelfing, Leroy K. 106, 107, 283, 453 Hoenscheidf, Gary F. 138, 139, 476 Hoermonn, John D. 106, 107, 476 Hoff, Henry M., Jr. 313 Hoffmann, William Martin 116, 117, 354, 420 Hoffmann, James P. 265 Hogg, Roy L. 201 Hoke, Dewey H. 186, 187, 476 Holcomb, David R. 190, 191, 476 Holcomb, Howard L. 118, 1 9, 420 Holcomb, John A. 134, 135, 476 Holcomb, William D. 140, 141, 465 Holden, Eric J. 138, 139, 286, 476 Holden, John W., Jr. 287, 421 Holder, George R. 140, 141, 364, 465 Holder, Leonard D. 124, 125, 476 Holder, Wallace G. 299 Holditch, Damon W. 106, 107, 172, 343 Holick, Donald H. 328, 465 Hollcn, John D. 363 Holland, John H 421 Holland, Larry A. 340 Hollern, Patrick J. 110, 111, 304, 465 Holley, Anson N. 138, 139, 317, 330 Holley, Don V. 294 Holley, Johnnie L., Jr. 421 Holliman, John C. 176, 177, 267, 331, 453 Hollingsworlh, Russell 186, 187, 338, 476 Hollis, James R. 132, 140, 142, 291, 421 Holloway, Ernest R. 120, 121, 172, 331, 465 Holloway, George R. C., Jr. 276, 462 Holman, Bailey M. 108, 109, 477 Holman, David C. 270 Holman, Jefferson T., II 106, 107 Holmes, Charles R. 465 Holmes, Ennis R. 290 Holmes, Johnny P. 292, 421 Holmes, William A. 98, 99 Holochwosf, Gregory G. 82, 110, 111 Holster, Jesse L. 120, 121, 276, 477 Holt, David L. 164, 165, 477 H011, Jack B. 116,117, 172, 257, 477 Holt, Werner E. 124, 125, 477 Holf, William A., Jr. 188, 189, 421 Holub, Leo D. 421 Holveck, Glenn M. 106, 107, 477 Holy, Grant J. 362, 453 Homayoun,Manouchehr 268 Honeo, John E. 136, 137, 335 HoneycuH, Don R. 453 Honeycutf, Wesley H. 279, 453 Hong, Jai H, 318 Hook, Charles 0. 201, 465 Hooke, William B. 269 Hooker, David P. 184, 185, 477 Hooks, Jimmy N. 134, 135, 477 Hooksfro, Robert W. 128, 129, 477 Hooper, Bennie M. 100, 101 Hooper, Roger C. 334, 337, 477 Hoofon, James G; 158, 159, 477 Hoolon, James W. 186, 187, 190, 191, 346, 477 Hopgood, Marvin T., Jr. 150, 151, 317 Hopkin, John H., III 166, 167, 421 Hopkins, Jerry W. 212, 213 Hopkins, John B. 184, 185, 363 Hoppe, Charles A. 238 Hard, Robert P, 421 Horn, Huley J. 95, 270, 305, 421 Horn, Lorry H. 128, 129, 477 Hornbock, James R. 118, 119, 297, 477 Horne, John W., 11 100, 101, 465 Horne, William R. 176, 177 Horton, Edward L. 138, 139, 477 Hoskins, Hany T., Jr. 190, 191, 237, 421 Horard, Ernest P. 142, 143, 421 Hotavd, John L. 142, 143 Holchkiss, Douglas G. 30, 128, 129, 264, 421 HoHenroth, James R. 82, 91, 453 Houston, Don P. 148, 149, 477 Houston, James 8. 186, 187, 477 Howard, Bobbie 8., Jr. 128, 129, 465 Howard, Clyde W., III 140, 141, 465 Howard, Henry K. 104, 105, 324, 465 Howard, James B. 118, 119, 124, 125, 348, 421, 477 Howard, James W. 164, 165, 359, 477 Howard, Russell C1 110, 111, 327, 465 Howard, Volney W., Jr. 184, 185, 347, 422 Howder, John D. 158, 159, 345, 454 Howel1, Robert M. 454 Howell, Ronald E. 170, 171 Hoyok, Jodie G. 190, 191 Hoyland, Robert J., III 290, 422 Hoysa, Matthew J., Jr. 166, 167, 465 How, Richard G. 294, 422 Hranitzky, Emanuel 8. 310 Hruska, Stanley J. 268 Hubucek, John C., Jr. 188, 189, 477 Hubbard, James F. 116, 117, 477 Huber, Kei1h M., Jr. 241 Hubert, Paul E. 134, 135, 477 Hubler, George L. 82, 150, 151, 317, 454 Huchfon, Richard M. 280, 322 465 Huddles1on, Roy R. 124, 125, 454 Hudler, Thomas J. 186, 187, 477 Hudman, Paul B., Jr. 290 Hudson, Edgar K. 98, 99, 328, 454 Hudson, Gordon W., III 422 Hudson, John W., Jr. 268, 302 Hufhines, Bobby R. 323 Huff, Jerome J., Jr. 156, 157, 345, 477 Huff, Larry D. 188, 189 HuHhines, Elmer E., III 106, 107, 341, 477 Huffman, Kirby W. 136, 137, 358, 477 Hug, James F. 201, 300, 422 Hughes, Donald G. 422 Hughes, Halben E., Jr. 328 Hughes, Kenneth E. 138, 139, 477 Hughes, Lynn, Jr. 146, 147, 477 Hughes, Rodney B. 118, 119, 477 Hughes, William H. 422 Hughletf, Alfred W. 95, 102, 103, 291, 294, 299, 422 Hughson, John C. 351 Hughson, William. N. 100, 101, 465 Hugo, John E. 102, 103, 347, 465 Hu1en, Harry 142, 143, 422 Hull, David E. .156, 157, 366, 477 Hull, Jacob B. 355, 454 Hull, John W., Jr. 182, 183, 454 Humber, Johnny Y. 131, 134, 135, 422 Humble, Robert A. 465 Humphrey, Jimmy L. 267, 291, 293, 422 Humphries, Donald L. 465 Humphries, James L. 110, 111 Humphries, Paul M. 140, 141, 477 Humphries, Richard J. 102, 103, 477 Humphries, William L. 126, 127, 281, 360, 422 Hunn, Office L., Jr. 102, 103 Hunt, Robert C. 156, 157 Hum, Stencil D. 182, 183 Hunter, Charles R. 118, 119, 422 Hunter, Donald T. 114, 116, 117,291, 293,318, 365, 422 Huntev, Jerry D. 477 Hunter, Lorry T. 158, 159, 363 Hunter, Ronald D. 116, 117, 292, 365, 422 Huntington, Bobby N. 148, 149, 213, 216, 217, 422 Huv1o, Frank J., Jr. 148, 149, 200, 357, 477 Huston, James E. 422 Huston, Michael D. 122, 123, 172, 477 Hutcheson, David P. 132, 134, 135, 355, 422 Hutcheson, Sammy B. 102, 103, 355 Hutchison, William E. 102, 103, 465 HuHon, Jerry 8. 422 Hutton, Myles H. 128, 129 Hutton, Welford S. 422 HuHon, William C. 120, 121, 422 Hux, Robert C. 122, 123 Hyde, Michael W. 465 Hyer, Dell M. 281,350,422 Hyman, Jonathan D. 201, 277 lbison, James L. 122, 123, 269, 283, 422 Ihms, Orlan L. 314, 368, 454 lhrig, John R. 142, 143, 340, 454 Ilse, Michael L. 282, 330, 454 lmle, John F., Jr. 291, 313 Imrie, Lawrence T. 299 Ingram, Johnny L. 465 Inniss, Robert W. 146, 147, 465 Irish, Billy R. 350, 422 Irvin, Leslie G. 304, 355, 454 Irvin, Stanley M. 126, 127 Irwin, Garland W. 178, 179, 477 lsaocson, Robert D. 116, 117, 279, 423 lsbell, Roberf G, 158, 159, 477 lsbell, Robert P. 178, 179, 465 lsbell, William P. 178, 179, 465 lsom, Conrad 8. 146, 147, 465 J Jab10nski, Ted M., I 170, 171, 298, 368, 454 Jack, James T. 164, 165, 345, 423 Jocks, William B. 297, 477 Jackson, Arnold B. 423 Jackson, Beniamin R. 133, 144, 145, 454 Jackson, Charles W. 168, 169, 477 Jackson, Donald L. 124, 125, 477 Jackson, Douglas L.. 477 Jackson, Gary L. 308 Jackson, Jack C. 150, 151, 477 Jackson, Jerome W., Jr. 170, 171, 465 Jackson, John E. 102, 103, 465 Jackson, Mark L. 110, 1 1, 331, 454 Jackson, Oscar, III 184, 185, 477 Jackson, Rex S. 454 Jackson, Thomas H. 190, 191, 477 Jackson, Thomas M. 104, 105, 349, 477 Jackson, William E. 182, 183, 454 Jacob, Michael T. 136, 137, 477 Jacobs, Clifford A. 140, 141, 239 Jacobs, Jerry A. 168, 169, 477 Jacobson, Gilbert N. 308 Jacoby, Pete W. 104, 105, 477 Jocoby, Roy A. 454 Jaeckle, Timo1hy J. 170, 171, 343, 423 Jageler, Charles D. 465 Jager, Mitchell 102, 103, 357, 465 Jahnke, Donald W. 138, 139 Jahnke, Richard V. 136, 137 Jamail, Gerald A. 126, 127, 281, 423 Jamar, Jeffrey J. 148, 149, 477 James, Glenn A. 108, 109, 283, 341, 454 James, Karl R. 477 James, Larry R. 138, 139, 367, 465 ' James, Morris E. 128, 129, 365, 477 James, Robert E. 423 Jamison, Billy R. 104, 105, 477 Jamison, Charles L. 110, 111. 465 Jamison, Walter H. 122, 123 Janacek, Jimmy W. 124, 125, 326, 465 Janen, Herbert C., Jr. 98, 99, 281, 343, 423 Janik, Willie L2 136, 137 Janssen, Herbert T., Jr. 166, 167, 303, 477 120, 121, 245, 477 Jaris, John R. 120, 121, 279 Jarosz, Kenneth E. 279, 366, 423 Jarvis, Billy B. 102, 103, 465 Jasek, Russell D. 82, 113, 122, 123, 329, 454 Jaynes, Jay 156, 157, 465 Jeffrey, Richard P., Jr. 126, 127 Jeffus, Mac R. 108, 109, 465 Jendrusch, Gerald J. 241, 477 Je'nkins, James J. 124, 125, 365, 454 Jenkins, Joseph S. 8. 148, 149 Jenkins Paul A., Jr. 423 Jenkins, Reagan E. 100, 101 Jenkins, Richard A. 454 Jenkins, Tremon D. 182, 183 Jenne, John D. 128, 129, 276, 477 Jennings, Douglas 477 Jennings, Robert 8. 136, 137, 325, 465 Jennings, Robert L. 170, 171, 477 Jensen, David W. 176, 177 Jensen, Dennis W. 137, 423 Jenson, Cliff M. 122, 123, 291 Jerden, Larry R. 178, 179, 477 Jernigan, David S. 133, 454 Jernigan, Herbert G, 98, 99 Jernigan, William A. 102, 103, 351, 358 Jessup, Jerry H. 156, 157, 454 Jester, Richard 5. 134, 135, 423 Jen, James E. 138, 139, 353, 477 Jewell, Elmer M. 309, 422 Jeweft, Harry 8., III 180, 181, 328, 423 Jimenez, Cafoo 158, 159, 477 John, Roger M. 83, 95, 110, 111, 349, 423 Johns, Herbert K. 188, 189, 239, 423 Johnsey, Marshall E. 176, 177, 465 Johnson, Afton B. 110, 111, 477 Johnson, Arthur J. 477 Johnson, Billy R. 106, 107, 329, 465 Johnson, Charles A. 110, 111, 454 Johnson, Charles A. 346, 454 Johnson, Charles G. 477 Johnson, Charles J., Jr. 454 Johnson, Charles S. 100, 101, 477 Johnson, David N. 170, 171 Johnson, Gary N. 156, 157, 454 Johnson, George R. 158, 159 Johnson, Howard C. 454 Johnson, James E. 122, 123, 423 Johnson, Joe N. 246, 363, 465 Johnson, Johnny 8. 172, 188, 189, 477 Johnson, Kenneth C. 323, 423 Johnson, Kenneth M., Jr. 138, 139, 477 Johnson, Kenneth R. 102, H93, 331 Johnson, Larry K. 148, 149, 368, 477 Johnson, Max M. 244 Johnson, Melvin H., Jr. 100, 101, 326, 454 Johnson, Randy M. 162, 163 Johnson, Raymond, Jr. 126, 127, 477 Johnson, Robert M. 108, 109 Johnson, Thomas V. 178, 179, 423 Johnson, Troy K. 140, 141, 465 Johnson, Waller H., Jr. 100, 101, 454 Johnson, William H. 454 Johnston, Ben E. 255, 262, 391, 401 Johnston, George A. 423 Johnston, Kent M. 197, 423 JohnsIon, Marvin G. Johnston, Ralph W. 190, 191, 237 Johnston, Wallace L. 291, 310 Jolly, Robert W. 142, 143 Jones, Claude R. 173, 186, 187, 392, 405, 423 Jones, Curtis 8. 160, 161, 331, 465 Jones, Daniel G. 136, 137, 356 Jones, David M. 158, 159, 320 Jones, David S. 261, 317, 454 Jones, Eric P. 108, 109, 465 Jones, George F. 108, 109, 454 Jones, Huryison P. 108, 109, 342, 465 Jones, Hugh N. 477 Jones, James D. 98, 99, 477 Jones, James E. 170, 171 Jones, James 6., Jr. 110, 111 Jones, James R. 477 Jones, James W. 477 Jones, Jerry L. 98, 99, 477 Jones, Johnny F. 401 Jones, Johnny K. 182, 183 Jones, Michael D. 465 Jones, Michael G. 1401, 141 Jones, Oran 8. 188, 189, 477 Jones, Paul I. 454 Jones, Raymond C., Jr. 166, 167, 275, 454 Jones, Richard A. 477 Jones, Richard A. 178, 179, 477 Jones, Robert H. 423 Jones, Robert L. 423 Jones, Thomas E. 156, 157 Jones, Tommy L. 142, 143, 340, 454 Jones, Tommy R. 162, 163, 465 Jordan, William H., Jr. 423 Josey, James L. 279 Joventino, Iran C. 424 Joyce, Joe M. 138, 139, 477 Jozwaik, Paul L., Jr. 119 Juarez, Paul L, Jr. 119 Juarez, Rumaldo Z. 120, 121, 477 Judith, Joseph H., 111 477 G. S. PARKER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. BRYAN. TEXAS PARK CLEANERS CLEANING PRESSING ALTERATIONS SHIRT SERVICE Soufhside Shopping Ceni'er COLLEGE STATION. TEXAS CALDWELL'S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds - Watches -. Silver BryanI Texas MADELEY PHARMACY Sou+h Ga+e 334 Sou+h Jersey College S+a+ion vl' FURNITUPI f0 Townshire Shopping Cenfer Jung, Curtis W, 335 Jungkind, Donald L. 465 Jungmann, Arvell R. 5166, 167, 477 K Kabell, David L. 170, 171, 253, 312 Kachtik, Jerry V. 148, 149, 245 Kahanek, Henry, Jr. 120, 121, 477 Koiner, Edward L. 182, 183 Kaiser, Larry K. 110, 111, 477 Kampe, Arno1d J. 454 Kano, Edward J. 357, 465 Kane, Kimberlin M. 176, 177, 267, 454 Koppel, Ray A. 83, 116, 117, 351 424 Kappe'l, Richard L. 108, 109, 351 Kerr, Kennord G. 190, 191 Karrer, David L. 94, 279, 365, 424 Kcsowski, Robert V. 184, 185, 477 Kass, David R., Jr. 118, 454 Kauffmon, James H. 190, 191, 360 Kay, Irwin H. 278, 424 Kuzda, John L. 355 Kearney, John A. 477 Kearns, James H. 122, 123 Kee, Charles R., Jr. 116, 117, 477 Keeling, Donald W. 134, 135, 477 Keeling, Joe L. 155, 170, 171, 281, 424 Keeling, Michele E. 132, 134, 135, 454 Keeling, Russell L. 154, 162, 163, 366, 454 , Keenan, John H. 128, 129, 477 Keese, Larry A. 136, 137, 477 Keester, George W. 106, 107 Keilers, Dennis R. 104, 105, 324, 477 Keith, Marshall D. 424 Kell, James C. 148, 149, 236 Kellar, Kenneih L. 146, 147 Keller, Fredrick L. 124, 125, 424 Keller, James L. 148, 149, 215, 217, 219, 221, 222, 392, 424 Keller, Michael E. 477 Keller, Paul R. 106, 107, 281, 424 Keller, Richard S. 477 Kelley, Charles P. 184, 185, 477 Kelley, Michael A. 477 Kelly, Emmett G. 424 Kelly, James H. 465 Kelly, Robert J., 111 134, 135 Kelly, Robert M., Jr. 454 Kelly, Roger A. 156, 157, 477 Kelly, Walter C. 424 Kelso, Charles W. 180, 181 Kelso, Edward H. 106, 107 KeHner, Neil L. 108, 109, 465 Kemp, Allan E. 106, 107, 278, 454 Kemp, Billy J. 424 Kemp, Harry C. 108, 109, 289 Kemp, Johnnie 178, 179, 465 Kendall, Don F. 98, 99, 345, 477 Kendrick, Norman C., Jr. 424 Kendrick, Tommy J. 424 Kennedy, AI C. 477 Kennedy, Arthur L., Jr. 160, 161, 477 Kennedy, Billy G. 116, 117, 477 Kennedy, Gary W. 140, 141, 355, 477 Kennemer, Larry C. 477 Kennerly, Thomas H. 236, 365, 424 Kenney, Howard P. 176, 177 Kenningham, Phil H. 424 Kenny, Roy M. 325, 454 Ken', Leonard L. 104, 105, 477 Kent, Roland J. 166, 167, 172, 247 Kerley, William C. 115, 126, 127, 331, 424 Key, Dennis M. 136, 137, 477 Key, Roben T. 465 Khamis, Anthony G. 313 Kickirillo, Michae'l A. 144, 145 Kickliter, Lowry N. 160, 161, 477 Kidd, William T. 134, 135, 358 Kidwell, Keivh R. 424 Kieschneck, Gerald B. 134, 135, 454 Kieschnick, Herbert W. 106, 107, 465 Kiker, Tommy L. 142, 143, 477 Killingswonh, Amos E. 465 Killingswonh, John B. 188, 189, 454 Killion, Bobby K. 424 Kimball, Douglas S. 201, 278 Kimble, Richard R. 140, 141 Kincl, louis J., Jr. 148, 149, 478 King, Arthur K. King, Charles R. King, Cullis L., Jr. 8 King, William E., II Kingston, Joseph 12., III Kinmon, Gerald L, Kiolbossc, Frank R. Kiolbcssa, Thomas A. Kipp, Kenefh W. 219 Kirby, Walter D. Kirkland, Davis S. Kirkland, Eddie R. Kirkpatrick, W. L. Kissling, Beniamin K. Kistner, David K. Kistner, Richard W. Kiya, Michael K. Klaevemann, William G. Kleemeier, Henry G. Kleibrink, Ronald G. Kleypas, Lloyd E. Kluge, Charles A. 8 Klufz, William L., Jr. Knapp, William S. Kneisler, James R., Jr. Knesek, John H. Knight, Charles J. Knight, William R. Knipstein, Robert C. 8 Knouse, Jerry A. Knox, Royce M. Koch, Kenneth J. Kocian, Robert P. Koegl, Kenneth W. Koehler, Buford R., Jr. Koehn, DonuId W. Kohlmun, Joe M. Konradi, Andrew Koock, William F. Koonce, Alan R. Koonce, Gary W. Kooser, Donald E. 478 Korbell, John C. 173, 180, 181, 184, 185, 268, 347, 425 Korenek, Edwin J. Korenek, Joseph L. Korenek, Kenneth E. Korenek, Victor J., Jr. Kcritz, Gary D. Kornfuehrer, Douglas E. Korose, Robert J. Korpanfy, Lee S. Kothmann, Herbert G. Kowalewski, Leonard W, 162, 163, 283, 368, 478 Kramm, Raymond E. Krouse, Malcolm M. Krawetz, Harry A. Kraybill, Gerald A. Krebs, Arno W., Jr. Krenek, Benedict J. Kreizschmar, G, E. Kreymer, John W. Krieg, Daniel R. Krize, Carl P., Jr. Kronenberger, Lcuisth. Krueger, Rudolph E. 78 Kruemcke, Morris 15. Kubala, Raymond G. 220 Kubesch, Raymond A. 215 Kubicek, Donald Kuchnicki, Richard P. Kuehn, Nolan R. Kuenemann, Charles 1.. Kumrnero, Virgil E., Jr. Kunz, Andrew E. 166, 167 Kunz, Robert A. 146, 147, 478 Kulac, Harvey J. 148, 149, 23 0 Kuykendall, Charles W. 168, 169, 334, 425 Kuykendall, John L. 393, 425 Kyle, Arthur C. 172, 190, 191 Kyle, James D. 182, 183, 334 Kyle, John K. 104, 105, 355 Kyle, Thomas H., Jr. 102, 103 Kyzar, Carl T. 202, 358 L Lubcy, Joseph J. 425 Labelle, Frank F. 182, 183, 478 Lackey, Stacy H. 134, 135, 296, 308, 478 Laduque, Ronald E. 108, 109 Lufuver, Jack 290, 401 Lafleur, Ronald A. 320, 401 Lagrange, Boone R. 309, 454 Lagrange, Charles R. 148, 149, 478 Lain, William K. 146, 147 Laird, Patrick 0. 138, 139, 239 Laird, Roy L. 158, 159, 465 Laird, Thomas D. 170, 171 Lake, Simoen T. 124, 125, 172, 478 Lamar, Percie L., 111 309, 425 Lamb, Colin E. 206, 454 Lamb, Elton K., Jr. 366, 425 Lambert, John W. 454 1.0mm, Michael E. 297, 478 Lummers, Lawrence P. 203, 465 Lamolte, Lynn R. 142, 143 Lamprecht, William 0., Jr. 363, 425 Lanasa, Philip J. 98, 99, 327, 465 Land, Jimmy E. 116, 117, 478 Land, Thomas E. 124, 125, 455 Lenders, John B. 94, 425 Lane, Bruce G. 176, 177 Lane, Robert W., Jr. 118, 119, 478 Lane, Terrence W. 124, 125 Lange, William L. 170, 171 Longer, Rodney E. 82, 173, 186, 187, 308, 425 Langhoff, Raleigh R. 146, 147, 7 48 Langley, Larry W. 156, 157, 351, 465 Lanier, Larry J. 126, 127, 478 Lunning, James W. 104, 105, 255, 455 Lara, Oliver 203 Lcrimer, Thornton M. 100, 101 Larkin, James B. 140, 141, 465 Larson, Robert A. 100, 101, 180, 181 Lory, Comm C., Jr. 182, 183, 305, 455 Lossiter, Martin C. 148, 149, 200, 465 Lofhom, Elwin E. 102, 103 Latham, Joel P. 217 Lalhrop, Howard B. 190, 191, 236 Lana, Edwin F. 317, 327, 425 Lauer, Kenneth B. 156, 157, 172, 330 Laughlin, Gregory H. 31, 140, 141, 329, 455 Loughlin, Michael D. 140, 141, 329, 465 Lavallee, Michael F. 144, 145 Lavender, William A. 342, 455 Law, James R. 104, 105, 478 Law, James T., Jr. 100, 101 Lawrence, Allen 5., Jr. 363 Lawrence, Hugh P. 124, 125, 264, 349, 425 Lawrence, John H. 166, 167, 478 Lawrence, Larry R. 182, 183, 332, 478 Laws, Kenneth W. 478 Laws, Richard B. 425 Lawson, Sharol D. 142, 143, 478 Laxson, Mack W. 172, 180, 181, 465 Loycock, Jerry W. 290, 320 Leach, David A. 144, 145 Leach, Michael D. 425 LeBoeuf, Joe S. 426 Lechow, Gustav E. 355 Lecrone, Joe M. 201, 323, 455 Ledbener, Ronald P. 222 Ledbener, William R., Jr. 108, 109, 465 Lederer, A1015 C., III 122, 123, 478 Lednicky, Bernard L. 122, 123, 291, 318, 426 Ledoux, Laurie E. 110, 111, 465 Lee, Carl Johnston, Jr. 455 Lee, James A. 140, 141, 465 Lee, Jerry W. 108, 109 Lee, Loyl L. 134, 135, 478 Lee, Peter H. 162, 163,465 Lee, Robert E: 323, 465 Lee, Robert G. 478 Lee, Thompson W. 134, 135 Leilwich, Billy J. 478 Lefrwich, Marion W. Lonon, James R. Leggen, Charles B. Lehmann, Charles W. Lehne, Jimmy A, Leidolf, Frank S. Leifeste, Rodney D. Leigh, William S. Lorenz, Theodore C., Jr. Leighman, Billy M. Lorms, David P. 478 Leininger, Jerry S. Leissler, Lee C. Leming, Richard M. Lemke, Clyde D. Loudermilk, Walter B. Loughlin, John J. Louis, Daniel J. Lemke, Dorun E. Lemmon, Harmon G. Lovelace, John L. Lemons, Gerald L. 8 Loveless, Billy R. Lovick, James S. Lovil, William C., Jr. Lenox, Bennie H. Leonard, Martin T. Low, Jimmie 0. Low, Thomas J. R. Lowe, Donald W. Leonard, Rodney V. Leonard, Tyree B. Lester, Michael L. LefbeHer, Larry E. Lefbetfer, William D. Lowe, Roberf F. Lowes, John W., 111 Leveren, Daniel S. Lowke, Michael L. Lowry, Lacey B. Lozo, Robert D., Jr. Lucey, William G. Levis, George F. Levy,'.lerome H., Jr. 157, 239, 246, 455 Lewellen, Theodore E. Lueck, Ronald L. 55 Luedecke, Alvin R., Jr. Lewis, Harry W. Lewis, James C. Lummus, Jerry L. Lundy, Charles N. Lusk, Hayword W., 111 Lufich, Michael L. Luymes, Alan H. 55 Lyerly, James M. Lyle, Clayton 8., III Lynch, Robert W., Jr. Lierly, Harold G. Lightsey, Dnn A. Liles, Edwin D. Liles, Thomas E., Jr. Lynn, Fredric M. Lyon, Willie L. Limerick, Lyndon D. Lyons, David F. 78 Lyons, Emory K. Limmer, Bobby L. Lincecum, Jerry B. Lindemann, Eugene R. Lindley, Joe W. Lindsay, Charles D. Mabie, Gary J. Mabry, Gary D. Mabry, Michael D. Macaluso, Mario A. Moccaferri, Don A. Lindsnom, Everett N. Maceo, Rosario 5., Jr. Maceo, Vincent G. Mackin, Carl L. MacNuM, John G. MacPherson, John F. MacTuvish, William K. Madden, Donald J. Madden, Myron C. Linnortz, Lawrence R. Linnstaedter, James A. Linseisen, Edward A. Linthicum, James H. Linz, Michael F. 65 Lipiec, Chester M. Madeley, Philip C. L' b, L' 1 T. lpscom m on Madura, David C. 2 L' 1', I A. . Is I Somue Maenza, Mlchael P. Liston, Harry E, 65 Liston, Ronald W. Masee, Alton 0., Jr. Magers, James H. Mahaley, Donald R. 101, 264, 270-, 360, 455 Mahand, Kenneth R. Mahone, John R., Jr. Mahoney, John M. Maiors, David W. Litchfield, Henry H. Little, Robert G. Little, Thomas. M. Lileer, John H. LI d, H II R. . 0y owe Manrs, Dayle G. Malaise, Robert M. Malaise, William L. 465 Mulchoff, Jock, Jr. 128, 129 L kh d, R d A. cc W on Y Malhiot, Warren S. F. Loggg, George Mullen, George F. 'I' 6., III Malone, Ronald E. London, Wll lam Mal'by, James W. Maltby, Kenneth H. Mungum, Eugene D. Manley, James M. Long, Donald R. Long, Henry M., Jr. Mann, James C. Mann, Joseph E., Jr. Long, Martin D. Long, Robert K. Long, William L. Longnecker, Carl E. Mansfield, Michael D. Maples, Alan R, SHAFFER TOOL WORKS Hous+on. Texas One Source for Laboratory Supplies Instruments Apparatus 8t Glassware Chemicals Furniture Mechanical Equipment BURTIN 5: BO. SCIENTIFIC APPARATUS AND CHEMICALS 0 ' MOUSWI 0 NBA 0 IIIMINBMAN a N"! OlluNS o MIAMI DALLAS o IAClSanllll o lTlANYA o CDI'US culls" ALIUQUHQU! o MEN'IIS 0 SAN ANYUNIO a MEXICO Cl" Mi $ w w an AI Lyman M or Mm Serving Texas Aggies in Their Every Clo+hing Need. STUART HARDWARE CO. "Serving Texas Aggies" C. P. HANCOCK AGENCY 38I5 Old College Road Represenfing TEXAS' LARGEST INSURANCE COMPANY DAIRY PRODUCTS Sanllml mum um I Bryan College Sfafion Morubellc, Peter J., Jr. 140, 141, 333, 465 Maroble, Max 278, 427 Marburger, Donald T. 180, 181, 465 Morciacq, Juan L. 361 Morcontell, Calvin E. 178, 179, 264, 341, 427 Morcum, Timothy D. 148, 149, 478 Murek, Alfonse J. 144, 145, 465 Morek, Glenn W. 427 Mares, Daniel F. 202 Margo, Roberto S. 465 Morgrove, Michael W. 283, 427 Margroves, Ross D., Jr. 190, 191, 427 Marion, David P. 364, 465 Mark, Harold M. 138, 139 Marks, Warren F. 136, 137, 296, 308 Marlow, Michael M. 96, 100, 101, 362 Mormoleio, Noe R. 427 Marr, Charles E. 106, 107, 289 Morrou, Beniamin F., Jr. 102, 103, 351, 478 Marsh, Cornelius B. 118, 119, 323 Marshall, George R. 136, 137 Marshall, James A. 106, 107, 478 Marshall, James H. 182, 183, 354, 427 Marshall, John K. 428 Marshall, Kenton E. 455 Marshall, Ronald W. 188, 189, 428 Marshall, Roy C. 313, 428 Mortell, Robert D. 148, 149, 219 Martin, Carl R, 428 Martin, Chester 0. 166, 167, 368, 465 Murfin, Harry B, 133, 428 Martin, Hershel J., Jr. 108, 109, 455 Martin, Joseph D. 118, 119, 455 Martin, Larry R. 124, 125, 478 Martin, Lionel J. 428 Martin, Marshall D. 176, 177, 345 Martin, Ralph E., Jr. 455 Martin, Robert R. 244 Martin, Russell J. 393, 401 Martin, Truman F. 134, 135, 428 Marlin, Victor Z. 166, 167, 368, 465 Martinez, Homer T. 104, 105, 172, 465 Martinez, Homero A. 336 Martinez, Jorge J, 116, 117, 336, 478 Martinez, Jose E. 318, 428 Martinez, Juan A. 478 Marxuach, Raul J. 269, 455 Mason, Edgar A. 100, 101 Mason, William W. 168, 169, 247, 465 Massey, Calvin L., Jr. 164, 165, 330, 478 Massey, Charles 0. 122, 123 Mafomoros, Carlos H, 361 Mathews, Nolan 8. 428 Mathews, Robert C. 140, 141 Ma'hios, Donald R. 465 Mcnhis, Robert N. 428 Ma'lock, John D. 128, 129, 302 Mloaei, Rudolf H. 180, 181 McHhew, Stephen C, 106, 107, 478 Matthews, Louis B. 323, 478 Matthews, Thomas M. 465 Matthews, Warren T. 140, 141, 172, 331, 478 McHhews, William A., Jr. 164, 165, 455 Matthews, William P. 136, 137 Manhys, Allen W. 166, 167, 478 Matyeor, Arthur L. 156, 157, 478 Mo1zke, Timothy A. 138, 139, 478 178, 179, Mauldin, Charles R. 261, 298, 428 Maurer, Charles H. 82, 89, 178, 179, 278, 304, 335, 428 Maverick, John F., III 427 Maxwell, David G. 428 Maxwell, Harold C. 309 McxweH, Joe T. 108, 109, 478 Maxwell, John R. 308, 428 Maxwell, Thomas M. 428 May, Albert L. 334, 428 May, Dean W, 128, 129, 455 May, Robert A. 455 May, Roy L. 334 Max, Russ E. 146, 147, 345, 478 May, Wiley D. 120, 121 Mayors, Pablo 140, 141, 336, 465 Mayes, Roger C. 104, 105, 478 Maycw, Herman S. 186, 187, 478 Mayfield, Jess 124, 125, 264 Mayfield, William C. 180, 181 Mayfield, William T. 108, 109, 455 Mayo, Charles L. 104, 105 Mayo, James M., Jr. 110, 111, 266, 360, 465 Mayo, Teddy D. 302 Mays, Richard A. ' 320, 401 Mays, William R. 110,111, 428 Mazza, Thomas N. 106, 107, 245, 289, 478 Mozzogate, Roy J. 168, 169, 478 McAdams, Charles 0. 140, 141, 479 McAdams, Michael L. 248, 365, 455 McAdams, Robert J. 230, 234, 455 McAdams, Thomas A. 142 ,1 3, 455 McAdoo, Stewart F., Jr. 150, 151, 176, 177,345,465 McAfee, Winfield R. 122, 123, 265, 455 McAllister, Charles 8. 178, 179, 259, 465 McAlpin, William R. 266 McAughon, Robert J. 162, 163, 465 McAvoy, Edward J. 178, 179, 428 McBroyer, Michael A. 308, 455 McBreorty, Charles F. 140, 141 353, 465 McBride, Billy R. 136, 137, 245, 479 McBride, Ronald T. 184, 185 McBryde, Carl W. 148, 149, 479 McBryde, Marion L. 110, 111, 301, 338, 479 McCobe, Thomas J. 118, 119 McCall, Homer G. 104, 105, 340, 479 McCall, James P., JrA 465 McCall, Richard H., Jr. 138, 139 McCall, Robert D. 300 McConn, Donald R, 202, 428 McCann, Michael T. 134, 135 McCarIey, James B. 100, 101, 479 McCarthy, Loyd V. 110, 111 McCarty, Raymond M. 148, 149, 479 McCainn, James 8., Jr. 268 McClinton, Gaylon M. 113, 292, 428 McClung, John E. 297, 360, 479 McClung, Roy L., Jr. 265, 467 McClure, John A. 106, 107, 244, 455 McClure, Michael R. 148, 149, 479 McCoIlough, Ralph A. 82, 309, 362, 428 McCoIIum, James E. 118, 354 McConnell, Austin D., Jr. 455 McConnell, Thomas T. 108, 109 McCool, Bryan D. 202, 319, 330, 428 McCown, Jack R. 100, 101, 455 McCoy, Billy G. 188, 189, 428 McCoy, George L., 111 307, 361 McCoy, John W. 146, 147 McCoy, Milton D. 428 McCrary, Roney G. 182, 183, 428 McCue, Robert L, 176, 177, 467 McCulloch, Ben E. 143, 144, 363 McCullough, Michael A. 148, 149 McDaniel, Edwin R. 104, 105, 467 McDaniel, Ira S. 98, 99, 479 McDaniel, Lyndon P. 98, 99, 429 McDaniel, Orell O. 205, 467 McDaniel, Ronald 180, 181, 479 McDermond, Willis F., Jr. 166, 167, 455 McDonald, Don R. 467 McDonald, Jack S. 106, 107, 364, 467 McDonald, Merion H., Jr. 455 McDona1d, Richard P. 479 McDonald, Roman E. 146, 147 McDonald, Roy E. 265 McDonald, Terence C. 102, 103 McDowell, Harold D. 146, 147 McDuHic, Charles 0. 499 McEcchin, Eugene M. 168, 169, 479 McElroy, Edgar E., Jr. 138, 139 McFarland, Jerry L. 304, 455 McFerrin, Arthur R., Jr. 106, 107, 282 McGaIIiavd, M. D 176, 177, 364, 429 McGorvey, Anthony J. 188, 189 McGaughey, Robert L. 140, 141, 467 McGee, Jesse T. 182, 183, 188, 189 McGiIl, Dennis W. 142, 143, 455 McGinn, Fred L. 186, 187, 322, 467 McGinnis, Charles T. 297, 479 McGinnis, Ronnie M. 118, 119, 172, 467 McGinfy, John W. 325, 455 McGlofhlin, Larry W. 158, 159, 455 McGlorhlin, James 0., Jr. 429, 455 McGowan, Brian W. 182, 183, 479 McGowan, Robert S. 205, 455 McGown, Michael D. 82, 97, 106, 107, 270, 305, 479 McGrady, Michael S. 82, 154, 160, 161, 455 McGrath, Michael J. 146, 147 McGregor, Forrest E. 202, 479 McGregor, Mark D. 110, 111, 455 McGuire, Charles J. 230, 233, 234, 352 McGuire, Delbert A. 144, 145, 298, 467 McGuire, Robert N., Jr. 150, 150, 151, 298, 456 McGuire, William J. 313 McHoney, Stephen K. 182, 183 Mcllhany, Joe D. 148, 149, 216, 220 Mclnteer, Patrick L. 134, 135, 479 McIntosh, Dennis K. 429 McKuughan, Edward W. 148, 149, 245, 479 McKeen, William R. 150, 151, 317, 429 McKerain, Burrell R. 456 McKemie, William H. 479 McKenty, Samuel C. 84, 124, 125, 345, 479 McKinney, Gary A. 467 McKinney, John C. 479 118,119, 186,187, McKinney, Lynn C. 118, 119, 479 McKinnis, Patrick H. 137 McKnight, Joe T. 136, 137, 394, 429 McLaughlin, Lester A. 467 McLean, Donald G. 429 McLean, Hulon E. 479 McLean, Ken J. 148, 149, 214, 217 McLeod, Billie B. 328 McLeod, Hugh M., Jr. 180, 181, 429 McLeroy, Bill H. 98, 99, 348, 479 McMahon, Kent M. 429 McMahon, William R. 429 McMasters, Donald L. 293 McMoth, Charles W. 142, 143, 456 McMclh, John S. 124, 125, 352, 479 McMichcel, Bobbie L. 265, 429 McMillan, John W. 126, 127 McMillen, Thomas A. 148, 149, 479 McMurroy, David W. 456 McMurrry, James L. 148, 149, 285 . McNabb, John M. 146, 147, 479 McNally, Peter S. 100, 101 McNaIIy, Reid F., Jr. 122, 123, 467 McNees, Robert G. 280, 429 McNeil, Vance A. 150, 151, 429 McQuecry, William A. 190, 191 McQueen, Hamilton D. 104, 105, 255 McQuinn, Dale E. 108, 109, 172, 276, 343, 479 McVey, Stanley A., Jr. 331, 360, 456 McWaters, Gene W. 134, 135, 364, 479 McWhorIer, James O. 308 McWiIIiams, George L. 298, 429 McWiIliams, James L. 429 Meade, Ramon, II 429 Meadows, Daniel B. 148, 149, 479 Meadows, Thomas H. 133, 144, 145, 291, 456 Mecke, Michael 315 Medford, Sidney F. 146, 147, 282, 349, 479 Medina, Alfonso 102, 103, 479 Medina, Robert 172, 176, 177, 353 Medley, Edward 1.. 110, 111, 308, 429 Meeks, Loy E. 164, 165 Meeks, Thomas E. 148, 149, 218, 220 Megarity, David T. 201, 366, 467 Mehaffey, Lawrence J. 479 Meider, Louis E. 102, 103, 479 Meier, Eugene P. 140, 141, 467 Meiia, Carlos V. 82, 114, 118, 119, 336, 429 Melcer, Morton R. 331, 479 Melendez, Roberto E. 342, 456, Mella, Charles A. 110,111, 330, 479 Melton, Jackson D., Jr. 140, 141, 456 Melton, Robert E. 104, 105 Menchacc, Arnold H., 91, 316, 343, 429 Mendoza, Francisco, 138, 139, 286, 479 Menke, Charles A. 316, 429 Menn, Wallace G. 265 Menzies, Stephen P. 172, 184, 185, 467 Mercer, Hayden M. 166, 167, 479 Meredith, David L. 186, 187 Merka, Joe T. 108, 109, 456 Merka, William C. 98, 99 Merrill, Sam A., Jr. 429 Merrimcn, Dale C. 269 MerriH, Joseph C. ' 95, 1.10, 111, 429 MerriH, Ralph E. 238 Merritt, Weldon L. 146, 147, 364, 479 ' Mersmann, Robert C. 456 Mervish, Alan D. 188, 189, 479 Meserole, Thomas C. 312 Messer, Clarence R., Jr. 467 Methvin, Gordon A. 307 Melteouer, Joe D. 170, 171 Menke, Winston D. 110, 111, 301, 430 Metz, Richard H. 95, 104, 105, 270, 456 Melze, Leroy P. 170, 171 Meyer, Alvin H. 268 Meyer, Carl M. 323, 479 Meyer, James L. 136, 137 Meyer, John E. 308 Meyer, John H. 131, 347, 394, 430 Meyer, John R. ' 430 Meyer, Lee G. 164, 165, 430 Meyer, Norman C. 456 Meyer, Ronald L. 467 Meyers, Frank E. 110, 111, 124, 125, 142, 143, 367, 456 Micholk, Gordon P. 164, 165, 479 Michna, John L. 359, 430 Miears, Leslie T. 467 Miears, Robert A. 301 Miesch, Edward P. 313, 361 Migura, Wallace W. 116, 117, 257, 299, 354, 467 Mike, Donald F. 118, 119, 342, 479 Mikeska, Dean P. 265, 430 Mikulec, Victor, 430 Kikus, Douglas T. 368, 456 Milom, William C., Jr. 140, 141, 244, 354, 467 Milburn, Thomas L. 205 Miles, Charles L. 265 Miles, RonaId-D. 108, 109 Miller, Anthony J. 479 Miller, Boyd 1. 31,110,111, 479 Miller, Carroll N. 430 Miller, Daniel S. 150, 151, 479 Miller, David C. 467 Miller, David M. 178, 179, 467 Miller, David W. 146, 147 Miller, Eugene P. 176, 177, 430 Miller, Frederick R. 265, 430 Miller, Homer A., Jr. 182, 183 Miller, Jack H. 330, 479 Miller, James E. 178, 179, 456 Miller, Jimmie L. 456 Miller, Joel E. 162, 163, 467 Miller, Karl J. 118,119, 430 Miller, Larry B, 146, 147, 479 Miller, Marlin R. 188, 189 Miller, Michael G. 180, 181, 479 Miller, Richard H. 182, 183, 336 Miller, Richard W. 164, 165, 338, 479 Miller, Robert A. 156, 157, 456 , Robert D. 102, 103, 124, 125, 170,171, 104, 105, 104, 105, Robert D. 120, 121, Ron P. 345 Stanley R. 358, 456 Timorhy R. 168, 169, Virgil W. 180, 181, Wesley L. 479 . William A. 479 Miller, William F., III 168, 169, 190, 191, 327, 479 Milligan, David L. 184, 185, 430 Millikin, Charles W., 111 30, 156, 157, 470, 479 Mills, Charles A. 154, 164, 165, 430 Mills, Jerry R. 162, 163, 430 Mills, Jerry W. 278, 430 Mills, Randall R. 190, 191, 479 Mills, Roberf L. 264, 302, 365, 430 Milsiead, James P. 108, 109, 479 Mims, Constantine, III 98, 99, 467 Mims, Forrest M,, III 188, 189, 479 Mims, Larry G. 430 Mincldi, David L. 155, 164, 165, 310, 358, 456 Minkon, Sheldon A. 201, 277, 311, 467 Minks, Raymond C. 140, 141, 4 79 Minnick, Timothy A. 148, 149 Minor, Charles R. 224 Minor Robert R. 106, 107 Minx, Hubert, Jr. 202, 365, 456 Minyard, James C. 269, 430 MisfreHa, Bernard 290, 430 Mistrof, Ralph W. 164, 165 Mitchell, Coy L. 108, 109, 245, 479 Mitchell, David T. 106, 107, 479 Mitchell, Elmer G. 118,119 Mitchell, Malcolm G. 170, 171 Mitchell, Puf H. 238 Mitchell, Ralph H,, Jr. 456 Mitchell, Robert E., Jr. 120, 121, 430, 456 Mitchell, Robert L. 479 Mitchell, Robert L. 128, 129 Mobley, Forrest D. 134, 135, 328, 479 Mock, Tommy D., Jr. 184, 185, 47 9 Moench, Carroll J., Jr. 116, 117, 479 Moffin, Alfred F., III 142, 143 MoffiH, Earl A. 316, 430 Mogford, John L., II 140, 141, 430 Mohr, Robert E. 230 Moler, Dale R. 120, 121, 257, 276, 479 Molik, Terry P. 204, 328, 430 Molina, Henry E., Jr. 106, 107, 467 Monford, Leo G. 280 Mongillo, Dominic J. 164, 165, 467 Monier, William Kurt 82, 97, 108, 109, 456 Monroe, Myles P. 108, 109, 330, 479 Monschke, Richard A. 178, 179, 467 Montalvo, Leopoldo 110, 111, 342, 479 Monleer, David H. 299 Montgomery, Arthur A. 164, 165, 353, 479 Montgomery, Ernest, III 291, 313, 337, 431 Monticello, Samuel A. 255, 262, 290, 303 Moody, David E. 203, 479 Moody, Thomas N. 301, 431 Moon, Ronald P. 89, 94, 323, 431 Moon, Thomas E. 479 Moon, William H. 162, 163, 351, 467 Mooney, Jack E. 253, 317 Mooney, Robert J. 431 Mooney, William E. 190, 191 Moore, Ballinger B. 479 Moore, Barry A. 160, 161, 479 Moore, Charles W., Jr. 204, 431 Moore, Elmer V., Jr. 98, 99, 479 Moore, Gary L. 160, 161, 479 Moore, Gerald C. 122, 123, 431 Moore, James A. 136, 137, 479 Moore, James L. 122, 123, 431 Moore, Jcroy 431 Moore, John A., Jr. 479 Moore, John E. 467 Moore, John M. 170, 171, 479 Moore, Lawrence Y. 350, 467 Moore, Leslie R. 431 Moore, Lynn 5. 158, 159, 479 Moore, Marbert 0., Jr. 276, 479 Moore, Maurice E. 168, 169, 479 Moore, Oran H. 318, 431 Moore Richard 31, 196, 456 Moore, Ronald K. 118, 119, 479 Moore, Thad R. 98, 99 Moore, William D. 140, 141, 479 Moore, William R. 148, 149, 218, 340 Moore, William 5,, II 31, 126, 127, 479 Moorer, Milton H. 431 Moores, John J. 190, 191, 199, 479 Moorhead, Johnnie R. 104, 105 Mooring, Elmet E., Jr. 278, 431 Mora, Federico S. 267, 431 Morales, Martin C. 290, 401 Morales, Rogerio 431 Moran, Felix F. 176, 177, 479 CAMPUS CLEANERS Near College Laundry Sub Sfafion-New Dorm Area VI 6-6ll5 BANKS OF BRAZOS COUNTY CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION Member Banks: Firs+ Nafional Bank, Bryan College S+a+ion S+a+e Bank Firsf S+a+e Bank 8r Trusf Co.. Bryan Cify NaHonal Bank. Bryan MEMBERS FDIC WEHRMAN'S CAFE S+eaks - Chicken Specialfy Home Cooked Food Ausfin Highway 2I Wesf in Bryan l009 Wesf 25+h Sfreef CENTRAL TEXAS HARDWARE COMPANY 202 Sou+h Bryan Avenue Telephone TA 2-I388 BryanI Texas FERRERI'S TRIANGLE RESTAURANT Fine Foods ECONOMY SHOE REPAIR AND BOOT CO. 509 W.'Commerce. San Anfonio CA 3-0047 Moran, Michael M. 479 Moreland, Henry C., Jr. 291, 310, 431 Morelos, Zaragozu R. 336, 361, 456 Moreman, David E. 134, 135 Morgan, Charles E. 170, 171, 479 Morgan, Charles S. 180, 181, 479 Morgan, David L. 317 Morgan, EmmeH K. 102, 103, 283, 456 Morgan, James E., Jr. 98, 99, 431, 456 Morgan, James M. 89, 94, 192 Morgan, Jerry D. 291, 431 Morgan, Robert P. 176, 177, 271, 341, 456 Morgan, Ronald W. 104, 105, 479 Morgan, Tilford H. 180, 181, 479 Morgan, William E. 467 Moritz, Burt E. 203 Morris, Allen L. 108, 109, 479 Morris, Ben L. 120, 121, 431 Morris, Douglas R. 479 Morris, Earl L. 271 Morris, Larry D. 170, 171, 479 Morris, Jack W.', Jr. 456 Morris, Robert L. 110, 111, 479 Morrison, David G. 124, 125, 323, 456 Morrison, Gregory S. 184, 185 Morrow, Gerald L. 290 Morrow, James R. 170, 171, 322, 479 Morrow, John M., 111 365, 431 Morrow, Nicholas M. 124, 125 Mortimer, William B. 138, 139 Morton, Curtis R. Morton, John R. Mosby, Robert D. 479 Moseley, James L. 456 Moses, James T. 98, 99, 479 Mosesman, Barry 84, 110, 111, 479 Moss, Gary G. 338, 431 Moss, Ronald G. 325 Mosty, Robert L., Jr. 122, 123, 479 Mosty, Scon, N. 106, 107 Motheral, Sterling F. 140, 141, 343, 431 MoHley, James R. 108, 109, 479 Mowlan, Thomas J. 431 Moyer, Ronald L. 122, 123 Muegge, Frank A. 343, 467 Muehe, Lawrence W., Jr. 248 Muehlenbeck, Richard H. 182, 183 Muhl, Julius l. 160, 161, 479 Muirhead, Robert H. 205 Mull, Ronald L. 31, 290, 431 Muller, Frank M. 124, 125, 282, 467 Mullican, Billy M. 98, 99, 264, 355, 456 Mumford, W. M., II 138, 139, 333 Mundt, Henry C., II 173, 178, 179, 322, 456 Munford, Arihur G. 82, 160, 161, 456 Munro, Charles R. 353 Munson, John H., Jr. 456 Munson, Lewis W. 329 Munson, Milam A. 102, 103, 329, 479 Murphy, Ronnie G. 178, 179 467 Murphree, Donald E. 140, 141, 467 Murphy, Ellis P. 153, 170, 171, 431 Murphy, James L. 190, 191 Murrah, Thomas F. 148, 149, 172, 479 Murray, Bernard J. 346, 480 Murray, Donald J. 281, 432 Murray, James C. 110, 111, 359 Murray, James M. 184, 185 Murray, Robert C. 184, 185, 467 Murry, James R. 136, 137, 480 Musachia, Vincent 5. 164, 165, 432 Musick, William D. 158, 159, 333 Musselman, David E., Jr. 432 Musse', Tommy W. 334, 480 Muston, Kurt A. 102, 103 Muzny, Lawrence S. 178, 179, 480 Myers, Alan W. 295 Myers, David L. 142, 143 Myers, Earle R. 182, 183, 238, 345, 467 Myers, James E. 102, 103 Myers, John W. 480 Myers, Melvin A. 467 Myers, Norman E. 190, 191, 200, 467 Myers, Randolph P. 178, 79, 432 Myen, William F. 178, 179 Myrick, James A. 138, 139, 432 N Nobors, Michael 186, 187, 304, 480 Nagy, William F. 110, 111, Nachod, Jay E. 160, 161, 467 Nagid, Paul A. 84, 110, 111, 277, 480 480 Neill, Walter E. 201, 456 Naiser, Donald D. 202, 283, '367, 456 Nalley, Robert M. 122, 123, 467 Nance, James P. 156, 157, 456 Nance, Ruby R. 100, 101 Naron, Duane V. 180, 181, 480 Narfker, Richard J. 158, 159, 467 Nash, Carleton E. 306, 432 Nash, James C., II 104, 105 Nash, James F., Jr. 366, 456 Nash, Weldon W. 1, 10, 256 Nast, Roy L. 104, 105, 480 Nave, Ernie G. 106, 107 Neal, Roy E. 148, 149, 480 Neal, Robert M., Jr. 190, 191 Neale, Robert K. 116, 117, 352, 456 Neel, Jerry D. 116, 117, 359 Neeley, Jimmy E. 276, 357, 480 Neely, James E. 118, 119, 480 Neely, Joe P. 182, 183, 480 Neely, Leonard C., Jr. 432 Neff, Joe K. 401 Nelson, Arthur F. 432 Nelson, Bardin H., Jr. 188, 189, 456 Nelson, Dennis E. 138, 139 Nelson, Freddie A. 148, 149 Nelson, George L. 100, 101, 456 Nelson, James E 150, 151, 278 Nelson, John E. 184, 185, 480 Nelson, Robert D. 186, 187, 329, 432 Nelson, Roy D. 146, 147 Nelson, Thomas K. 238, 432 Nemec, Stanley J. 306 Nethery, Jimmy C. 456 Netz, Roy L. 155, 166, 167, 342, 456- Neugebauer, William E. 120, 121 Neumcn, James A. 432 Neumann, Curtis E. 178, 179, 357, 456 Neumann, Donald 8. 196, 342 Neumann, Terry L. 342 Neveu, Charles G. 144, 145 New, Benny L. 480 New, Noah, E., Jr. 432 Newcomer, Everett S. 160, 161, 324, 480 Newman, Cyrus 1., Jr. 278 Newman, Louis M. 150, 151, 480 Newman, Philip M. 118,119, 480 Newsome, Joel A., III 184, 185 Newton, Dennis E., 111 106, 107, 328, 456 Newfon, Reginald D. 128, 129, 283, 480 N9, Randall W. 467 Nicely, Ciyde E. 307, 456 Nicholas, Donald H. 268, 343, 433 Nicholas, Robert W. 343, 467, 480 Nicho1s, Charles L. 89, 270, 405, 433 Nichols, Jay 8. 162' 163, 260, 365, 456 Nichols, Jerry D. 148, 149 Nichols, Paul D. 456 Nichols, Robert D. 148, 149 Nickell, Robert L. 480 Niehaus, Henry A. 122, 123, 313, 456 Niehues, Denis E. 108, 109, 363 Niemann, Edward R. 315 Nigh, Samuel R. 432 Nilson, John H. 148, 149 Nimitz, Ernest K. 315, 433 Nitsch, Eugene J. 269, 433 Nix, Rickey C. 480 Nix, WiIIiam D., Jr. 88, 192, 394, 433 Nixon, Farris G. 433 Noake, James A. 110, 111, 260, 305, 308, 315, 448 Noerr-, Robert C., Jr. 480 Noles, John R. 178, 179 Noonan, Clifton C. 106, 107, 480 Nordquist, Kennelh L. 158, 158, 357, 480 Norman, Henry H. 166, 167, 467 Norman, Michael L. 184, 185, 480 Norman, Terry R. 480 Northcun, Jasper R. 124, 125, 467 Northcutf, Norvell W. 142, 143 Nor1on, James F. 98, 99, 172, 312, 346, 480 Nonon, Wallace 8. 290 Norion, William M. 116, 117 110,111, Norvell, Michael J. 102, 103 Norwood, Gary L. 166, 167, 456 Norwood, James R. 182, 183, 351, 433 Noster, Wayne M. 456 Novosad, Ronald R. 286 Novosad, Ted S. 433 Nowlin, James R. 160, 161, 480 Noxon, Jon E. 480 Nugent, Peter B. 180, 181 Nuinez, Joe E. 100, 101, 467 O, Oates, Eugene C., III 106, 107, 282 O'Brien, Carell M. 296, 480 Oberhoff, Kenne1h E. 124, 125, 244, 467 Oberle, William T. 146, 147, 480 O'Brien, Thomas P. 182, 183, 467 Ocker, Donald A. 146, 147, 330, 433 O'Connor, Charles 433 O'Connor, John J. 264, 433 O'Connor, Joseph H. 110, 111, 467 Oddo, Anthony J. 433 Oddson, Terrence A. 136, 137, 192, 253, 297, 467 OdelI, William W. 166, 167, 351, 480 Oden, Anson J., Jr. 433 Odom, Michael N. . 156, 157 Odsfrcil, Robert R. 456 06111, Marvin J. 206, 356, 456 Oellien, Albert F. 178, 179 Ofcarcik, Ralph P. 480 Offield, Harold G. 433 Offner, Michael, 111 148, 149, 190, 191, 480 Ohlenburg, Edward 1. 126, 127, 363, 480 O'Keefe, Dennis E. 365 Olden, Frederick E. 184, 185 Olden, John M. 102, 103, 284, 433 Oliphanr, Jack 85, 173, 433 Olivares, Alberto M. 352, 456 Olivares, Andres 298, 457 Olivarez, Benicmin D. 104, 105, 467 Olives, Jose R. 184, 185, 204, 457 Oliver, Alexander B. 100, 101 Oliver, Byron D. 204, 457 Oliver, Edis T. 180, 181, 433 Oliver, Michael M. 184, 185, 467 Oliver, Olen B. 467 Oliver, Norman P. 144, 145, 433 Oliver, Thomas B. 108, 109, 480 Olson, Dan M. 204 Olsovsky, James E. 170, 171, 480 Oman, John B. 134, 135, 290, 322, 457 Oman, Richard A. 166, 167, 368, 467 Omara, Brian 8. 106, 107, 319, 433 O'Neal, James L. 110, 111, 467 O'Neol, Michael N. 120, 121, 467 Onofrio, Angelo A. 116, 117 Ontiveros, Henry M. 144, 145 O'Quinn, Larry E. 184, 185 Orchard, John H. 363, 457 O'Reilly, Michael P. 118, 119, 338, 467 Orena, George 110, 111, 341, 457 Organ, Charles 8., Jr. 292, 433 Orr, Donald R. 140, 141, 480 Orton, George K. 110, 111, 480 Orfs, Jack R. 343, 457 Osborn, Charles M. 138, 139, 325, 480 Osbourn, Larry C. 433 OHen, Douglas B. 0110, Harold R. Ouellene, Paul L. 480 Overstreev, Frank T. 148, 149 Overion, Andrew J. 148, 149 Overton, John, III 176, 177, 467 Overton, Michael E. 134, 135, 322, 480 Owen, Frank S. 106, 107, 467 Owen, Robert W. 182, 183, 480 Owen, Ronald S. 108, 109, 172 Owens, William P. 146, 147 Ozan, Richard V. 156, 157, 480 Ozmun, Irwin R. 164, 165, 467 p Pace, Donald R. 480 Pachall, Carlton W. 188, 189, 467 Pachall, Charley R. 290, 401 Packer, Don N. 196, 365, 433 PadgeH, Leo R. 156, 157, 364 Padilla, Antonio D. 158, 159, Page, George 0. 164, 165, 480 Page, Paul C. 182, 183, 353 Palacio, Edison R. 205, 361 Palm, Robert N. 30, 124, 125, 467 Palmer, Daniel W. 365, 480 Palmer, Edwin F., Jr. 433 Palmer, John A. 108, 109, 467 Palmer, Michael A. 148, 149, 172, 236 Pantalion, Charles A., Jr. 142, 143, 172 Pappas, Harris J. 100, 101, 305, 480 Purdue, Lon H. 269, 293, 434 Parish, Thomas F., Jr. 304 Park, Ross A. 434 Park, Tommy 467 Park, Wilbur 6., Jr. 457 Parker, Carson P. 176, 177, 467 Parker, Dan M., Jr. 106, 107, 345, 480 Parker, Danny 457 Parker, Jack C. 106, 107 Parker, James E. 102, 103, 467 Parker, James E. 168, 169, 294 Parker, James R. 457 Parker, Jesse C. 186, 187, 349, 467 Parker, Kenneth D. 467 Parker, William B. 126, 127, 128, 129, 457 Perkin, John C. 134, 135, 480 Parks, Billy D. 248 Parks, James A. 122, 123, 328, 480 Parks, Joseph W. 164, 165, 345 148, 149, Parks, Samuel J. 480 Parnell, Clyde 0. 104, 105, 480 Pamell, William D. 186, 187, 457 Parr, William R. 82, 162, 163, 457 Parrish, James A. 98, 99, 434 Parrott, Richard 8. 124, 125, 480 Parsons, Perry W. 332 Parsons, Walter H. 280 Partridge, Jerry L. 457 Partridge, Larry D. 184, 185 Pure, David B. 186, 187 Pafe, Francis M., Jr. 102, 103, 434 Pure, Robert S. 290, 434 Pate, Ronald E. 366 ParraneIIa, Kenneth W. 434 PaMerson, Charles E. 148, 149 Patterson, Charles F. 188, 189 Panerson, Lindal R. 190, 191 Patterson, Ronald D. 457 Patton, James L. 467 Patton, John H. 480 Paulsen, Alan M. 164, 165 Paulson, Robert C., Jr. 326 Pavelka, Miro A., Jr. 138, 139, 286, 369, 480 Pavlat, Eugene G. 102, 103, 265, 434 Pcvlicek, Robert W. 190, 191, A 80 Payne, David P. 106, 107, 457 Payne, Eugene E., Jr. 113, 116, 117, 269, 343, 457 Payne, Harry A. 89, 258, 270, 317, 395, 434 Payne, Jake L. 434 Payne, Norman L, 128, 129, 434 Pearce, Bill J. 134, 135 Pearce, Elgene 136, 137, 353 Pearce, Frank M. 156, 157, 434 Pearson, Harve D. 434 Pearson, Tommie H. 162, 163, 457 Peavy, Jerry W. 188, 189, 313, 4 7 6 Pechanec, William C. 180, 181, 362, 480 Peck, CarI S. 106, 107, 330, 480 Peck, Thomas R. 180, 181, 345, 480 Pedigo, John R. 144, 1 5 Pedigo, Stephen K. 100, 101, 334, 467 Peeples, Joe G. 262, 290, 401 Peeples, Minor, III 124, 125, 457 Peeters, Joseph J. 116, 117, 80 4 Pelt, Phillip E. 480 Pena, Gustavo J., Jr. 342, 457 Pena, Luis N. 204, 434 Pena, Oscar E. 138, 139, 286, 342, 480 Pena, Pilar 268, 336, 457 Pena;oza, Daniel A. 178, 179, 45 Pendery, David A. 146, 147, 353 Pendery, Harry H. 136, 139, 353 Penn, Perry H., Jr. 124, 125, 480 Penrod, John L. 175, 186, 187, 395, 434 Penrod, Robert W. 164, 165, 480 Peoples, William M. 164, 165 Percifield, John M. 434 Percival, Alfred R. 168, 169, 361, 480 Perez, Leopoldo F. 434 Perez, Luis A. 361 Perkins, Dennis C. 124, 125, 351, 480 Perkins, Jerry B. 180, 181, 434 Perkins, John B. 184, 185, 480 Perrone, Johnnie L. 100, 101, 279, 467 Perry, Billy B. 98, 99, 480 Perry, Charles E. 139, 158, 367, 480 Perry, John W, 110, 111, 355, 457 Perry, Larry M. 434 Perry, Leon W., Jr. 184, 185 Perryman, David A, 134, 135, 480 Person, David E. 435 Person, Murray W. 180, 181 Persyn, David L 134, 135, 434 Persyn, Harvey O. 120, 121, 45 7 Pesek, Franklin G. 457 Peters, Burnis C., Jr. 140, 141, 457 Peters, Leo J,, 111 118, 119, 480 Peterson, Alfred W. 434 Peterson, Allan C. 156, 157, 246, 457 Peterson, Donald L. 180, 181, 365, 480 Peterson, James P. D. 178, 179, 356, 457 Peterson, Keith D. 467 Peterson, Paul M. 178, 179, 480 Pe'erson, Richard H. 197, 434 Peterson, Robert A. 249, 364, 457 Peterson, Rodney E. 168, 169 Peterson, Ronald L. 153, 349, 434 Petrasek, Albert C., Jr. 140, 141, 480 Petrash, Ernest F. 166, 167 Fetter, Albin A. PeHus, Daniel W. Petty, Daniel B. 160, 161, 480 Petty, George D. 122, 123, 366, 467 Perry, Robert L. 176, 177 Petty, Robert R., Jr. 96, 104, 105, 434 Pfeiffer, Eugene J. 176, 177, 467 Pharis, C. Henry 480 Phelps, Farrell D. 168, 169, 480 Phelps, Russell W. 353, 467 Phillips, Alfred M. 457 Phillips, Benny J. 110, 111, 467 Phillips, James D. 213 Phillips, Larry A. 467 Phillips, Philip D. 104, 105, 480 PhiHips, Pres1on V. 97, 110, 111, 357, 434 Phillips, Thomas H. 330, 467 Phi11ips,Willium M. 100, 101, 467 - Philp, Charles M. 480 Philpot, Gerald W. 172, 182, 183, 353 Picurd, James D. 122, 123, 343 Piccolo, James 188, 189, 467 Pickard, Lindley R. 186, 187, 435 Pickurd, Lowery B. 98, 99, 467 Pickering, Grover Q. 126, 127 480 Picken, Daniel E. 170, 171, 435 136, 137, Pickett, Guy V., Jr. 116, 117 Picketr,.Russell C. 480 Pickles, Robert J. 480 Pierce, Don R. 110, 111, 480 PiersaH, John G. 160, 161, 467 Pierson, David E. 155, 168, 169, 247, 268, 348 Pierson, Gary L. 170, 171, 467 Piesieski, Stanley W. 168, 169, 480 Fifer, Bobby E. 186, 187 P160", James M. 435 Pike, Jimmy L, Jr. 100, 101, 4 80 Piper, Lloyd L., 11 168, 169, 343, 467 Piper, Ronald L. 102, 103, 247, 480 Pipes, Charles R. 118, 480 Pitman, Mikel J. 148, 149, 217, 220, 221 Pizzilola, John A. 148, 149, 480 Pizzitolu, Michael J. 217, 219 Place, Bradley E. 168, 169, 480 Plogens, Walter H. 457 , 'H C, 162, 163, ' ' Reavis,.Radford L. 158, 159, Richers, Francis J. 310 Rogers, John M. 124, 125 "12'7"" M' y P'j;';eI34ih':5';phe' 5' 173' 279, 458 Rgchers, Louis w., 111 458 Rogers, John s. 174, 176, 177, PlunkeH, Larry K. 126, 127, P ,I J I A 124 125 Record, James E. 120, 121, 458 Ruchey. Robert c, 200, 273, 324. 437 172. 467 ruge ' ames ' ' ' Rector Kenneth R. 436 R1358, 436 Rogers, JUd F- 261 Plyler, Richard V, 168, 169 . ' - Ic mend, Jack M. 116, 1 7, Rogers, Robert L. 458 Poe, Robert c. 158, 159, 480 512111151303. 133 139131 Reign R'Chard L' 148' 149' .257 Rogers, Robert M., Jr. 186, 187 Poehl, Rudell 300 P k. 11 Jyh 'E 156 187 R W". Ruchmond, Kim 281, 361, 436 Rogers, William N 122, 123 Poindexfer, w1 116m R, 166, Ugf; I353 335' I I Reg'Q'I ' '0'" RI 453 Richmond, Thomas R. 138, 139 Rohde, Norris D. 366,481 167 Pu ketlt W111? E 230 e dlng, Lloyd W. 162, 163, Rich1er, Carl Z. 136, 137, 468 Romano, Don J4 136, 137, 481 P616116, Louis w 148, 149 P Ch 131 r.onac"' .148 149 192 461? Rick, Louis J. 126, 127, 481 Roming, Leland D. 366, 468 Polansky, James . , 188, 189 PU? '8 12' .A 111' 299 Redd'WI Robe" GI WI 187, Riddell, Wiley G. 355 Ronco, Joseph A. 162, 163, 1161116, Joseph 6., Jr. 106, 107, "fig; 0 0mm -I I R 4.6 , Riddle, Benny L. 140, 141, 481 368.4481 480 P 11 G Id C 435 edlng, Pa1r1ck W. 158, 159, Riddle, Thomas E. 458 Rook, George D. 118, 119, Polk, Leroy 1., Jr. 457 PUII?:IT m G - 153 162 163 381 12188601, David w. 307 348, 437 Pollard, Gilbert, Jr. 182, 183, "363' 43? - I I I 11941110114 Glenn 3- 110, 111, Ridley, Robert L. 458 Roquemore. Michael A. 216, 190, 191 I . Riegel, Allen L. 268, 436 Pollard, John N. 326, 435 1322?."YWHEZS'V'R 2110131145 SESWEMI Dm'd L 278 Riente, Edward J. 116, 117 RoseI Dous'os N- 140, 141, Pollock, James E. 138' 139, 122 .123 268 315 157., I 84511118 Roberf M- 170, 171, Riggs, Alfred D., 111 170, 171, 323, 468 , 6 177 276 , ,. , , R L. , , , 8013:1'541311165 1, 104 105' Purgahn, Wlllard R. 106, 107, Reed, 13611616 12. 164, 165, 345 1115;311:1365 c 144 145 0251161116; 7 4 P 3111:3810ld E 158 159 Reed, James A- 178, 179, 351: Riley: Brian L. 1 106, I107 244 Rose, John T. 106, 107, 468 Pool, Kay D. 435 "339' 42; ' ' ' R 431 11 343, 468 ' ' Rosenbach, Lawrence M. 170, 120019, Jimmy M. 435 Pulnarin Jerry L 467 9981': JOSGP F- 138. 139, Riley, Donald R. 313 171, 283, 304, 481 Pcpe' Glen E' 142' 143 P bus jack L - 457 R 11 c1, 1 D 168 6 3 1 Riley Martin L. 144 145 481 Rosenbaum, Gene W' 366' 481 Pope, Jim C. PY 1; G. 102 103 365 ee , ar es . , 1 9, 5 , Riley, Paul E 108 1'09 248 Rosenthol, Sidney D. 142, 143, Pope, Travis G. 457 2'315791'0' - , , , R 4131 Id 468 1 ' ' ' 437 Por'en Donald L 457 Ree 'b Rown- L' 0197138141 Riley, William J. Jr. 118 119 ROSkeYI WO'M MI 309 Porter, Ronald R. 480 ejgayI ' 'am . I I 431 ' . I Ross, Donald R. 1'42, 1463, 44688 Porter, Wayne W. 401 R. d 51 h . Ross, Thomas H. 66, 1 7, Posey, George w. 435 Q Eeese' Shades 131 33' 41;: 3223' 39 e" K 126, 127, R655, Winston 8. 124, 125, Post, Donald E. 126, 127, 480 eese, eorge - I . Reese, Robert c. 128, 129,436 Rim Gary D 458 468 , POZ'I Edward TI 110, 111,338. Q0661, Irving w, 5 , 159 Reese, Sammy c. 128, 129,481 8.616s, Rc'mundo WI 129. Rosse'I G'ffo'd H' 481 1 8 . 1 P '57..- J 467 Quebe, John C. 156, 157' 345, Reeves, Brian A. 290 .267, 361, 436 R0551, DaVId J. 126, 127, 333, as , ynn .. 481 Reeves Elmo C 168 169 468 Riordan, Thomas G., Jr. 180, 458 Pos?, Raymonlciqu Jr. 346 Quinn, David T. 481 Reeves: Gary N1. 118,, 119'! 181, 436 Rosson, Joseph S. 182, 183 :oston, Dgna IdT2 316841169 Quisenberry, AIex J. I142, 143, 481 Risinger, John D. 100, 101, Roth, Clayton L. 330, 481 048311;, One . I I 467 Reeves, Hume W. 436 351, 458 . Roffer, Henry A., Jr. 437 Potenza Tomm G 130 181 Quisenber'YI Bobby RI 298I Reeves, Lowell E. 158, 159, Riske, Roberf M. 170, 171, 468 Rowe. John H. 150. 151. 458 480 ' y ' ' ' 435 468 Ritchie, Gerald R. 338,481 Rowland, Robert A. 128, 129, - Rivera, Carlos M. 436 468 P0215636??? H" Jr' 92' RagggstggM" C' 100' 10" Roach, James B. 190, 191 Rowland, Wesley R. 458 Potter, 1360' 1 J 4 R ' Roach, Samuel E. 140, 141 Royal, w11116m A. 131, 363, , g as . 57 Reeves, Solon A. 458 R k M' ha I J 168 169 437 Potter, Fred R., Jr. 106, 107, Reich, Roberf E. 298, 468 O1" I 'c e ' I I . 172, 481 Ruboc, Richard E. 144, 145, P01139James s. 188, 189, 294, Raba' Lau'ence J1 435 Ke'd'e'zw Gm w. 351' 468 Robbins, Lewis F, Jr. 98I 99, 468 Rebel, Herbert E. 131, 140, Reich71ek11eander A., Jr. 146, 365 463 . - 141,435 14, 1e 1 c 1w. 436 11 12 P011856W1lham R. 186, 187, Rebel, William H. 279, 435 Reid. William L., Jr. 180, 181, R2221; CELrles T. 142' 143, Ru1cgr7na2,37Paul C. 5, 6, Pound Herbert E 172 188 Radcliffe,.RonoldJ.110, 481 481 458 Rudd ,Donnie 267 291 297 189: 467 . , , Rachel, Richard W. Reifmyder, R. E. 146, 147, Roberts, Clifford R. 132' 134, 458 I ' ' Powell, Charles T. 155, 168, RaddeI Kem'h A- W 135,437 Rudder, Edward E. 468 169, 247, 457 Radde, Kennefh A- 2 Re111y, Joe J. 122, 123, 481 Roberfs, cums B. 437 Rudder, Gary D. 284, 312, 458 powe" Dam, c 480 103, 255, 303. 316, 369, 457 Relmers, David D. 120, 121, Robens Donald R. 146, 147, Ruedrich Randolph A. 182 Powell: George w. 435 Rade'I 16er DI 279, 361 308I 481 481 ' 183, 3'03, 351, 481 ' Powell, James w. 188 189 Rad?" W'H'F'." K' 170, 17' Reisen Dona'd 277, 481 Roberfs, Harlan E, 89, 192, Rugh, Ronald E. 458 480 ' ' Raf'cawgv'n'a'" w. 84' 158' Rei'ZI James JI 160I WI 368 270, 458 Rule, Doyle, Jr. 100, 101, 481 P01211766",4L8c3nnie L., 111 170, 171, 126614: M11136? 4816a Religcgr-k, Horace J. 106. 107, Roberts, James c. 168, 169, Rumsch, Orville G., 11 322, , . Raffery, Carl H., Jr. 457 R k, .k R b , . 2 48' 453 , . P0$611141ht6nn1e L. 170, 171, Railsfon, Richard L. 82, 186, 9 0" I 0 er J 82 Roberfs, James M. 30, 173, Rundell, William K, 82, 138, Remme, Michael J. 186, 187, 186, 187 139 286 367 437 Forge-IH' Richard A. 188, 189, 137, 192, 353, 457 481 Rober1s, John C. 178, 179, Runge', Jamles F: 148, 149, R9132, Edwin, A- 156, 157, Renninaer, Philip w. 110, 111, 313 200 363 481 8611,5611, Robert T. 108, 109, Rainey, David J. 186, 187, Rezgl151111chael E 150 151 Rogserskg6hn s. 160, 161, 276, R0311y'353m381A' 164, 165, 359, 481 I ' I I , , , Parser, Woodrow L' 120' 121' Ralph, Bryan 196 1181:3110 James A 436 130139115, Learon A. 104, 105, 481 Ruppersberger, John S. 84, 176, Powers Benny L 31:! Ralph, Paul W. 100, 101, 481 Reslrep43 Alvaro. 361 458 Roberts, Ronald C. 437 177, 481 Powers, Charles'K 166 167 Ra'PhI PE?" v. 180I 13L 48' Reue. el'enn H. 468' Robem, Royce 5., Jr. 148, 149 Rush-ngv Charles W- 166, 167, 267 '435 . ' ' Ra'phI Thomas "II J'- Reuscher, Jon A. 264 Roberts, William H. 437 437 Rubinsfein, Karl L. 186, 187 302 . Powers, Luther 12. 182, 183, 116111531", Wm'd 5- 168I,169I Reverley, Michael B. 118, 119 Roberrson, Billy R. 170, 171, RUMW Denn's RI 360 . 1 1 401 Russell, Gerald W. 437 229, 278I 306I 457 Ramirez, Adolfo, Jr. 268, 336, Reyna' cams F 38' 39' Robenson Francis E. 124 125 Russel'I Samuel c. 34? Powers, Tom 5. 136,137,481 468 I I , R 1 Malcolm M 178 179 Powers Wallace J. 108 109 Ragifez Raul H 301 Reyna, Pedro d4 8 R 3135314811 11 1 R 104 105 045,8 - I I ' ' ' I - R Id , D ' c. 170,171, 0 erson, o nme . , P61318111 Andrew w., Jr. 160, 11655512316443? Jr. 120, 121, 6,13? s m" Robemon, 519,319,, g, 160, 116113211616, James A., Jr. 134, 161 172 I I Reynolds, David L. 458 161, 468 - ' Ramsey, Johnny 5. 136, 137, Robinette William C. Jr. 224 RUHedge, James E- 468 Pralsnur Adam Jr. 122 123 Reynolds, George W., Jr. 168, 1 , , ' ' 1 . ' 287, 360 Robinson, Babb R. 144, 145, Ru1ledge, Lawrence D. 168, p 913411-711 1 481 RWdO'PhI Frank 5- 436 1112111218; James w. 138, 139, 481 y 169 811:: Alv1n L' 481 qugf'PhI 10h" L. 142, 143, 353, 481 Robinson, Charles w. 118, 119, :U1I5dge412?b18nM'162116'3105 ' ' Re nolds, Joel R. 122, 123, 458 u yna, us . , . 151311612er111156111 1160' 457' 457 Runnels, Larry D. 158, 159, 153 Robinson, Donald K. 120, 121, 468 481 ' 1 172, 279: 467 Reynolds, John w. 148, 149, 352 Ryan, Gary K. 100, 101 120 121 RMSde'lI Thomas R. 108, 109, 351,481 Robmson, James E. 104, 105, Ryan, Herman w. 160, 161 PraHes, Alexander A. I481 1 276, 343, 457 Reynolds, Mam" G. 401 481 F'e-"s' 5191'," cc; 144:1 149, ROPPI GGFY s. 138I 139, 481 Reynolds, Michael s. 481 Robinson, Jay F. 148, 149, 481 8 81212216633611" G 126 127 :09ng HS'rYQAbI Jr-158451759 Reynolds, Richard E. 30189136 :otinson, righaelcT. 43181 , . , I or m, av1 . , , Rhea, Dwayne W. 188, , o inson, 0 er! . . 481' Th w 148 149 457 , 305, 436 Robinson, Wesley A. 265, 360 501307105, LOUIS, Jf- 100, 101 Przggss, omas . . I Rasbury, Michael B. 116, 117, Rhineharl, Max H. 401 Robinson, Wesley J. 481 Sachs, Gerald E. 182, 183 Prescher Walter A Jr 104 R 25117148111 A 170 171 Rhocdes, Ned L. 268, 458 Robinson, Whelyn G. 176, 177, 5033:, A0981, Jr- 138, 139, ' " ' ' asc ,. n1 OW - I Rhodes, Donald C. 359 481 81615213155611.1161. E 120 121 Sam, gilly J. R 45750 151 Rhodes, Donald G. 138, 139, Robisheaux, car, 1. 458 5022;, Joe 140, 141, 356, ' ' ' ' 05cc, ommy . 1 , , 481 Robison, David L. 184, 185, 4811 Ed d G 188 189 481 Rhodes, Harold T. 301 437 Saenz, Joel A. 106, 107, 437 Pre2592Y, war . , I Rash, Charles E. 170, 171, Rhodes, Larry R. 347 Roche, Hubert C. 146, 147, gafelsuel, 0:16." AI. A 437267 . 325, 481 Rice, Ben B. 436' 468 a a arna, Igue . , P'eS'ljgeI Jc'audecs- J 286138 Rasmussen, Richard A. 481 Rice, Paul L. 98, 99 Rochelle, Joel P. 458 458 "126949131 ames " " ' Ratcliff, Billy T. 436. 457 Rice, Robert R. 132, 134, 135, Rochez, Louis L. 158, 159,1481 26161141; 561316, Jr. 108,210? ' Ratliff, Marvin T., Jr. 146, 147, 322, 458 Rodgers, James O. 110, 11 , a ge, n rew C. 124, 1 5 P'EVOF'I 1:01:81 133; 187 283 166, 167, 315 Rice, Robert R. 436 214, 437 , Sal1nas, Bernard D. 150, 151 "325mm? " ' ' ' ' Rawls, Harlow w. 160, 161, Rich, Danny F. 166, 167, 360, Rodgers, John H. 124, 125, Salzgfshggrlgek. 116, 117, -' ' 282, 360 481 481 . . , Prew-n, Raymond A WI 187. R0 Aims M. 362 457 Richard, Russell J. 170, 171, Rodrgguez, Aureuo R, 336, 437 Sal1nas, Jose L. 276 283 350 481 y, , ' . Price 'Ea,1'A 146 147 276 Ray. Herbert G. 160, 161, 2792134; s 134 135 Rodriguez, Benlamln 108, 109, 501.3;5' Jose M. 104, 105, 265, ' 1 ' ' ' 481 Richer s, urf . , , 276, 481 481 481 Price, Alvin L. 481 ROYI James E- 253. 173, . 1 Price, John B. 188, 189,457 395, 436 R'jhsi'dsI Ga" F' 186' 87' . 336 561617.41 0mm David A 162 ' 0 n . r. I 'l 1 I Pnce, Johnny M. 136, 137, :2? Linux? 147336 177 297 Richards, Fem R. 180, 181, Rosaryez Jesus L Jr 163 . . , I M167 L 188 139 431 481 ' I I I .431 Rodriguez, Manuel, Jr. 352, Saloma-Orozco, A. E. 186, Pr1ce, am" 1 4 '435' Ray, Ronald G. 481 Richards, Roger 0- 146I 147. 468 187,437,468 P'lce' Row" L 3 7' Ra bourne Michael L. 481 481 Rodriquez, Omar G. 352 561m, Johnny D. 146, 147 P h 81 John P 106 107 Y , . . "$13335 1 ' ' Raymer, John w. 148, 149, :Ictargs, 110110191 '11- :553 151 Rodnquez, Tomas M., Jr. 128, galvgmd, BRenny 1;. 236142, 443578 - 1 ' ' , ommY - , I 129 246 458 am or , OYce . . Prlckene John F. 115, 128, 481 . . 1c or s I , ' w 11 c. 481 367, 481 Roeder, Edmund c. 283 Sampson, John H. 166, 167 P 112,116,379! 21813866, 142305 121 112mm Id .Hmmm 147 Richardson. 41,113,95405301383. Roesler, Helmurh W- 184I 135I smtez' 31791? A 184461885! 352 fl . . . 4 I ' . . ' ' I I R h , S to G. 361 83: 192, 327: I I 481 Sanc ez, g p . 457 11:23 ICh3311'6111 264 457 Richardson, Clarence w. 334. Rogers, Floyd v. 184, 185, Sandacz, Vlcfor L, Jr. 182, P'mfz' Edward M' 136' 137' Read, John P 182 183 353 458 481 183 13,115,1ard Allen N 435 Read: walliar'n K. '290 ' Richardson, David M. 174, 267. 1269;543:616 G. 148, 149. ganjefir, DLavid 11 211,15, 4135 ' 'd I 306, 457 Reagan, Travis H. 148, 149 436 2 0, an er In, any . , , :1::1':r5k18n?;v1-1.J 164, 165 216, 217, 220 ' Richardson, Donald M. 458 Rogers, Jerry w. 329437 438 A H w 180 m Proctor, John M. 162, 163, Reagor, Billy H. 436 , Richardson, Michael 1.. 98, 99, Rogers, J5me A., 1"134 1355 Sanders. J mo L - 11 1:46 5 ' Reugor, Franklin M. 316, 468 172, 284, 468 Rogers, Jimmy L. , . San ers, ames ee, , Provinlce, Robert J. 268 Rear, Robert 8. 279 Richburg, Walter c. 458 324, 437 147. 365, 458 Rodriguez, George F. 162, 163, Salitros, James J. 176, 177, 481 68 Sanders. Luther L. 104, 105, 458 Sanders, Rober? A. 468 Sandford, Allen 86 180, 181, 269, 438 Scndford, Ronald D. 158, 159, 468 Sondhu, Milwant S. 309 Sanford, Michael B. 98, 99, 468 Songerhausen, Charles R. 184, 185, 468 Sontire, Stanley P. 333 Santos, Jose C. 170, 171 Santos, Roberto J. 148, 149, 336 Son1os, Salvador G. 352, 438 Sargent, Donley C. 166, 167 Sargent, James W. 118, 119, 438 Sargent, William 5., Jr. 305, 458 Sorlain, James E. 144, 145, 396, 438 SartweHe, James D., Jr. 104, 105, 438 Sarlwelle, William C, 458 Sosse, Fredric W. 468 Sossin, Allen R 175, 188, 189, 329, 438 Scssmon, Clifford D. 190, 191 Sounders, James R., III 156, 157 Saunders, Michael C. 168, 169 SausleypTommy N. 438 Savage, Kennefh C. 308 Sayers, Marvin J. 269, 333, 458 Sazani, George T. 104, 105 Sazani, James P. 122, 123, 368 Scarborough, Cecil H. 186, 187 166, 167, Scarborough, Don M. 31, 291, 396, 438 Scarbrough, Calvin J. 106, 107 Sccsfa, Joe L., Jr. 330 Schaefer, Carl J., Jr. 458 Schaefer, Chester C. 1,14, 116, 117, 256, 458 Schaefer, Gordon A. 266 Schaezler, Chris H. 100, 101, 458 Schappaugh, Ronald D. 168, 169 Shorck, Ronald A. 173, 186, 187 Schares, William C. 280 Scheer, Eddie F. 102, 103 Schell, John A. 108, 109, 354, 468 Scherer, R1chord M. 120, 121 Schessler, John D. 124, 125 Schiffman, Carl J. 134, 135 Schiwetz, Theodore F. 138, 139 Schlother, Kenneth J. 120, 121, 468 Schlekewy, Frank E. 128, 129 Schmid, Harold W. 140, 141 Schm1d, Jack E. 144, 145 Schmidt, Glenn W. 122, 123, 468 Schmidt, Joseph H. 150, 151 Schmidt, William A. 186, 187, 363 Schnabel, James E. 82, 89, 166, 167, 308, 315, 458 Schneider, Arland D. 294 Schneider, Harry L,, Jr. 438 Schneider, Robert W. 162, 163, 458 Schofield, John S. 307 Schoolcrafr, Thomas A. 164, 165 Schon, Ronald J. 100, 101, 347, 468 Schreiber, Joseph J. 120, 121 Schroeder, Gary D. 267, 293, 438 Schroeder, James E, 438 Schroeder, Kenneth R. 151, 156, 345 Schroeder, Larry D. 170, 171 Schroeder, Milford R. 118, 330 Schroever, Donald R. 438 Schubert, Raymond H. 140, 141, 3 36 Schuchardf, Jimmy C. 104, 105, 356 Schuenemann, Charles R. 98, 99, 349, 438 Schuessler, Lorenzo D. 468 Schulgen, Larry J. 342, 438 Schuhe, Howard H. 438 Schulvheis, Richard C. 150, 151 Schultz, Lewis R. 102, 103 Schultz, Marvin L. 343, 458 Schulz, Robert 0., Jr. 331 Schulze, Tommy J. 122, 123, 439 Schumann, Albert 0., III 118 119 Schur, Donald G. 156, 157,468 Schur, James L. 186, 187 Schwab, Kenneth R. 136, 137 Schwarzenbach, John R. 148, 149 Schwenner, Harvey A. 186, 187, 439 Schwerrner, Larry J. 104, 105 Schwillc, Edward M. 307 Scoggin, Phillip C. 166, 167, 247, 334, 468 Scoggins, James R., Jr. 186, 187, 334 Scott, James 81 96, 98, 99, 264, 405, 439 ScoH, James T. 136, 137, 458 Scott, Kenneth Z. 148, 149, 230 Scott, Lawrence A. 106, 107 Scott, Preston A. 188, 189 468 Scott, Richard A. 148, 149 Scott, Robert E. 176, 177, 468 Scott, Stephen L. 166, 167 Seugo, John M. 106, 107, 349 Seagraves, Charles, 111 142, 143, 310, 439 Seale, Joe D. 156, 157, 308, 439 Seaman, Charles K. 438 Seafe, John H., Jr. 150, 151, 328 Secwell, William M. 100, 101, 468 Seay, David E. 170, 171, 328 Sebastian, James W. 238, 468 Secor, William T., Jr. 335, 458 Sedberry, James M. 190, 191 Sedgwick, Alan F. 188, 189 See, Edward C. 142, 143 Seeker, Edwin A., Jr. 366 Seely, Thomas R., Jr. 172, 266, 340, 468 Seerden, William F. 126, 127 Sefcik, Allen T. 281, Sefcik, John O. 118, 294 Segura, Richard P. 110, 111, 468 Seitz, Richard D. 106, 107, 245 Semmelrogge, William F. 301, 439 Serna, Enrique A. 352, 361, 468 Serrill, Richard R. 357, 458 Servello, Anrhony 439 Servidio, John J. 110, 111 Setchell, James F., Jr. 82, 153, 168,, 169, 291, 295, 458 Shackelford, Arleigh G. 156, 157, 351 Shadel, William N., 11 180, 181, 468 Shafer, Robert J. 468 Shallcross, Richard S. 118 Shanks, Gerald E. 249, 439 Shannon, Carl J., Jr. 178, 179, 335, 459 Shapiro, Theodore A. 277, 281 Sharp, Don M. 140, 141 Sharp, Henry S. 146, 147 Sharp, James L. 184, 185 Sharp, Marcus V. 138, 139 Sharp, Richard C. 118, 119, 325 Sharp, Roberf L. 459 Sharp, Vernon E. 98, 99, 482 Shaundk, Krishan 306 Shaunty, Timothy L. 134, 135, 482 Show, Conway R., Ill 92, 333, 439 Show, Earl R. 164, 165, 282, 459 Show, Lyman E., III 340, 439 Show, Mark J. 162, 163 Show, MichaeI L. 124, 125, 459 Show, William B. 459 Show, William G. 340, 459 Sheaffer, Donald E. 140, 141, 353, 482 Sheffield, Woodrow W. 160, 161, 482 Sheiness, Herschel L. 277, 459 Shelfer, William E. 482 Shell, Millard M. 294, 355 Shepard, Lee A. 158, 159 Sherman, SVephen A. 146, 147, 361, 482 Sherman, William M. 138, 139, 482 Sherman, William T. 156, 157, 468 Sherrill, Chavles E. 180, 181, 297 Shields, John R. 136, 137 Shields, William H. 98, 99 ShiHIeH, Thomas A., Jr. 104, 105, 364 Shilling, Cecil R. 148, 149, 200 Shinn, Homer R. 291, 293, 300 Shinsky, Paul F. 162, 163, 283, 468 Shipley, Grady D. 439 Shipman, James K. 188, 189, 468 , Shipman, Nelson R. 138, 139 Shirley, Richard C. 188, 189 Shively, Michael H. 244 Shiver, Billy E. 160, 161 Shivers, Robert A. 439 Shelly, Robert H. 284 Shook, Charles G. 264, 303 Shores, Sieve A. N. 320, 439 Short, James H., Jr. 310 Shon2, Randolph J. 170, 171, 17 Shults, Sidney N. 126, 127 ShuHs, William T. 440 Shuma'e, Ronald E. 134, 135 Siebern, Vincenv E. 182, 183 Siegolin, Gerald W. 82, 173, 178, 179, 192, 260, 278, 330, 459 Sigler, Wayne D. 440 Silcock, Frank A. 268, 303, 440 Simunk, Morris D. 368, 440 Simmons, Albert M. , 164, 165, 459 Simmons, Don H. 122, 123, 297 Simmons, Edward C. 158, 159 Simmons, Jerry M. 128, 129 Simmons, Joe D. 459 Simmons, Kenneth C. 122, 123, 353 Simmons, Melvin D. 148, 149, 216, 217, 219 Simmons, Tiffon, Jr. 168, 169, 327 Simmons, William A. 440 Simon, Jerry J. 316, 459 Simoneaux, Emmelte M. 102, 103, 459 Simons, Jerry M. 168, 169 Simons, Milam T. 178, 179 Simpson, Charles E. 440 Simpson, Donal R. 440 Simpson, Jimmie D. 188, 189 Simpton, Jerry E. 102, 103, 294, 333, 459 Sindo, Lance 166, 167, 190, 191 Singer, James R. 119, 314, 361, 459 Singlelary, Robert L. 186, 187, 440 Singleton, Anfhony L. 248 Singleton, James M. 190, 191, 343 Singleton, John E. 286 Singleton, William J. 138, 139 Singley, Jack E. 230, 440 Sinor, Dale L. 114, 122, 123, 440 Sipe, Douglas M. 348 Sizemore, James L. 126, 127, 459 Sizemore, James M. 334 Sizenbuch, Gary L. 197, 262 Skaggs, Richard A. 108, 109 Skaggs, Ronald L. 110, 111 SkiIes, Clifford A., Jr. 136, 137 Skinner, Robert H. 184, 185 Skupin, Henry C. 162, 163, 459 Sladek, Herbert H., Jr. 459 Slope, Robert J. 440 Slcyfon, Barney F. 98, 99, 345 Sleeper, William W. 140, 141, 327 Slider, Garland R. 160, 161 Slider, Gary L. 162, 163 Sligar, Gary A. 166, 167, 440 Slimp, Jack B., Jr. 140, 141, 279 Slifer, James E. 134, 135 Sloan, Frank O. 148, 149 S1ocn, John E. 108, 109 Sloan, Michael A. 162, 163 Sloan, William D. 188, 189 Slone, Harold C., Jr. 118 Sluis, James K. 156, 157, 342 Sluis, Norman, Jr. 186, 187, 342, 440 Small, Travis H., Jr. 184, 185, 134, 135, Smelley, Eddie M. 106, 107, 349 Smith, Adrian D. 136, 137 Smith, Allen D. 164, 165 Smith, Avery W. 124, 125, 459 Smith, Benjamin R. 170, 171 Smith, Benny R. 120, 121, 276 Smith, Billy E. 156, 157 Smith, Billy R. 162, 163 Smith, Calvin W. 158, 159, 440 Smith, Cary L. 142, 143 Smith, Darrell F. 138, 139 Smith, David B. 172, 186, 187, 353 Smith, David P. 364 Smith, David R. 440 Smith, David W. 131, 138, 139, 440 Smith, Donald R. 144, 145 Smith, Douglas W. 459 Smith, E. C. 162, 163, 358 Smith, Earl 6., Jr. 440 Smith, Edward J. Smith, Ellis V. Smith, Franklin J., Jr. Smith, Garrison P. Smith, Glynn L. 98, 99, 440 Smith, Harold D. 178, 179 Smith, Harold W. 440 Smith, Homer C. 160, 161, 459 Smith, Jack G. 4 9 Smith, Jack H. 150, 151,459 Smith, Jackson K., Jr. 138, 139 Smith, James A. 158, 159 Smith, James H. 110, 111 Smith, James N. 116, 117 Smith, James O. 440 SmHh, James R. 120, 121, 350 Smi1h, James W. 126, 127 Smith, Jefry P. 134, 135 Smith, John H. 440 Smith, John R. 178, 179, 360 Smith, Julian S. 126, 127, 148 Smith, Lawrence W. 138, 139 Smith, Manning D. 175, 188, 189, 459 Smivh, Michael I. 148, 149, 190, 191 Smith, Put A. 158, 159 Smith, Paul M. 94, 244, 347, 440 Smi1h, Percy A. 98, 99, 459 Smith, Randall P., Jr. 116, 117, 172, 308 Smifh, Richard C. 440 Smith, Richard H. 122, 123 Smith, Robert D., III 108, 109, 354, 459 Smith, Robert D. 180, 181, 459 Smith, Robert L. 164, 165 Smith, Rodney M. 331 Smith, Roger M. 116, 117, 281, 441 Smith, Roland D. 102, 103, 172 Smith, Ronald A. 368 Smifh, Stacy B. 146, 147, 483 Smith, Stephen F. 102, 103, 172 Smith, Tarlfon W. 441 Smith, Ted H. 118, 119, 483 Smith, Thomas A. 172, 182, 183, 349 Smith, Thomas E. 396, 459 Smith, Thomas M., III 126, 127, 441 Smith, Vernon S. 164, 165 Smith, Voyle'z G. 441 Smith, William H. 106, 107, 483 Smith, William O. 176, 177 Smifhwick, James M. 156, 157, 190, 191, 483 Smothermon, Ronnie D. 138, 139 Smyth, Jack B. 102, 103, 483 Smyfh, Joseph C., IV 110, Snedaker, Robert C. 176, 177 Sneed, Charles L. 180, 181 Snider, Andrew J. 100, 101 Snider, Robert H. 122, 123, 284 Snider, Victor V. 166, 167, 483 Snow, Raymond H. 342 Snowden, James A. 459 Scope, Jerry W. 459 Sobey, Thomas M. 116, 117, 283, 353, 483 Solis, Jose L. 176, 177 Sonnenburg, Nolan A. 104, 105, 355, 483 Soper, Leigh J. 100, 101, 281, 331, 459 Sorensen, Arnold H. 441 Sorensen, Wesley G. 281, 441 Sorensen, William R. 441 Sotelo, Oscar 138, 139 $010, Nieves 278, 361, 441 South, John H. Sowell, Charles C. 245 Spocek, James F. 335, 356, 459 Spadafora, Emil V. 483 Spadora, Joseph, Jr. 148, 149 Spolsbury, William C. 307, 9 45 Spanhel, Walter R. 483 Sparks, James H. 352, 441 Sparks, Kenneth D. 315, 441 Sparks, Richard C. 116, 117, 257, 483 Sparling, John H. 218, 221 Sparling, Teddy R. 483 Spaw, William J., Jr. 122, 123, 328, 483 Speck, Joe P. 459 Speckels, William D. 168, 169, 483 Speed, Ronald V. 279, 441 Speir, John D. Spellmcn, Robert L. Spence, Gary W. 166, 167, 343, 459 Spence, James H. 180, 181 Spence, James N. 158, 159 Spence, Larry K. 136, 137, 483 Spence, Michael D. 278, 441 Spencer, Gary E. 35 Spencer, George L. 190, 191 Spencer, James R. 120, 121, 172, 276, 483 Spencer, John C. 144, 145 Spencer, John S. 459 Spengler, William M. 122, 123 Sperberg, Ronald L. 459 Sperry, Edward N. 307 Spiller, Guy H., Jr. 100, 101, 441 Spillers, Robert L. 162, 163 Spillmann, Charles D. 324, 459 Spirzer, David 140, 141, 314, 353, 483 'Spradling, Donald H. 138, 139, 286, 483 Sprague, George S., Jr. 184, 185 Springer, Bobby L. 118, 119, 459 Springer, John S. 104, 105, 265 Sprung, Warren C. 138, 139, 277, 483 Spurger, James R. 156, 157 Srubar, Frank D. 197, 303, 441 Stabler, James M. 190, 191, 245, 483 Stabs, William A., III 184, 185, 483 Stacha, Ruimund 102, 103, 369, 483 Staff, Joel V. 138, 139, 286, 483 Stafford, Harold R. 170, 171 Siafford, Hany A., III 160, 161, 357 Stafford, Jay H. 441 Stafford, Thomas O. M. 346, 483 Sfahl, Konroe J. 368, 459 Sfancil, William R. 459 Sfanfield, Gerald G. 104, 105, 483 Stanley, Melvin C. 178, 179, 483 Stanley, Richard G. 146, 147, 483 Stanley, Roy L. 104, 105, 441 Stanton, James O. 310 Stanton, William K. 31, 113, 124, 125, 354, 459 Stanton, William L. 138, 139, 459 Staples, George W. 116, 117, 483 , Stopper, Marvin M., 100, 101, 441 Sfarek, John M. 168, 169, 253 Stark, Frank W. 197, 230, 234 Stark, Leroy W. 128, 129, 483 Stark, Robert R. 441 Starr, Howard G. 441 Stusney, Paige A. 326, 459 Steadman, Charles R., Jr. 118, 186, 187 Slearns, Cloud R. 483 Sfeen, Charles A., Jr. 156, 157, 348 Steffek, John C. 483 Sfeffens, Leonard 6., Jr. 104, 105 Stein, Franklin J. 283, 347, 459 Stein, Jerry J. 190, 191, 483 Sfein, Russell W. 100, 101, 330, 483 Siengel, George J. 368, 459 Stengel, James L. 118, 119 Stenger, Earl M. 131, 138, 139, 286, 441 Siephens, Alton L., Jr. 168, 169, 483 Stephens, Curtis L. 441 Stephens, Duane W. 184, 185, 483 Stepp, James L. 102, 103 Sfepp, Richard M. 178, 179 Sterling, Leslie V. 146, 147, 345, 483 Stevener, Bobby L. 459 Stevens, James R. 342 Stevens, Michael P. 164, 165, 342, 483 Stevens, Michael P. 136, 137 Stevens, Richard M. 164, 165 Stevenson, Donald J. 122, 123, 483 Stewart, Danny B. 459 Stewart, Frank E. 253 Stewart, Jog R. 166, 167 Stewart, Joseph W. 182, 183, 441, 483 Stewart, Kenneth L. 441 Stewart, Lindon M. 483 309, 342, 160, 161, Stewart, Roberf A. 126, 127, 4 83 Stewart, Robert E. 188, 189 Stieler, Allen A. 118, 155, 316, 335, 483 Stingel, William F. 325 Stockstill, Gerald R. 140, 141, 483 9 Stoecker, William B. 176, 177 Stoffregen, Glen E. 369 Stokes, Francis D. 140, 141, 459 Stokes, George B. 184, 185, A 42 Stokes, Kenneth W. 136, 137, 184, 185, 483 Stokes, Richard H. 178, 179 Stone, James 0., Jr. 182, 183, 442 Stone, Rowland W.. 176, 177 Storey, Jimmy N. 142, 143, 282, 309 Story, Ernest R., Jr. 118, 119 Stovall, John M. 180, 181 Stover, Raymond J. H., Jr. 186, 187 Slowers, Kirk E. 162, 163 Strait, Luther W. 307 Strandberg, Clifford E. 310 Strandlman, Gerald A. 459 Strange, William B. 308, 360, 459 Shanon, Gary W. 441 Sfrauss, John A. 442 Stregt, Robert L. 300 Stricklin, Billy C. 164, 165 Striegler, Harvey R., Jr. 110, 1 11 Striegler, Thomas L. 108, 109 Sfringfellow, Richard 483 Stroebels, Jerald A. 146, 147, 483 Stropp, John R. 158, 159, 245, 337, 483 Strother, Allen 331 Strub, Rodney J. 459 Stryker, Allen J. 483 Stubbs, Robert C. 287, 459 Sfuckey, Charles B. 397, 442 Stuckey, Joe W. 160, 161, 365, 459 51011:, Richard P. 158, 159, 483 Sturgeon, William C., III 164, 165, 459 Suarez, Armando L. 336 Suddevlh, Carl V. 122, 123, 91, 308 Sugurek, Frank L. 136, 137, 363, 468 SuhIer, David R. 120, 121, 239, 468 Suib, Michael R. 173, 176, 177, 277, 468 Suleiman, Ibrahim H. 268, 442 SUIIinS, Richard D. 184, 185 Sullivan, James A. 134, 135, 192, 483 Sullivan, John L. 333 Sullivan, Richard G. 158, 159, 459 Summers, Franklin D. 115, 124, 125, 459 Summer, Daniel 0. 108, 109, 268, 442 Sumpfer, Gary W. 106, 107 Sun Pu-Ning 293 Sunday, Alvin A. 442 Sunderman, Melvin L. 166, 167 Supercinski, Franklyn L. 98, 99, 304, 367 Surber, Martin F. 168, 169, 354 SurIes, Philip C. 442 SurIes, RIchard H., Jr. 95, 166, 167, 353, 442 Sursa, Harold D. 268, 442 Sufhsgrland, Ted R. 136, 137, 4 106, 107, 323, SveIIik, Dennis J. 267, 293, 442 Sveter, Owen D. 483 Swan, Charles S. 459 Swan, Harris W. 178, 179 Swan, Michael K. 148, 149, 217 Swank, James D. 168, 169, 356, 442 Swanner, Bernice L. 164, 165, 271, 294, 483 Swanson, Nick C. 483 Sweeney, Donald A. 138, 139, 286, 483 Sweet, Harry J. 318 Swift, Jerry D. 442 SwindeII, Glenn R., Jr. 180, 181, 459 Swindle, Ted 316 kSwitzer, Sleven A. 108, 109, 336, 483 Syler, Gerald W. 97, 110, 111, 460 Syler, Ira A, Jr. 262 Syptak, A1berfB., Jr. 483 Syptak, John B. 154,308,442 Syptak, Michael R. 180,181, 345, 442 T Tackiff, Robert C. 278 TaIarek, William R. 170, 171, 368, 460 Talboff, James R. 359, 483 Taliaferro, Jackie L. 483 TaIIas, James L. 442 Talutis, William R. 176, 177, Tarr, Jimmie E. 248 Tarranf, EdgarL. 442 Tarver, Cleo B. 442 Tarwafer,RoberfG.164, 165, 483 Tale, Franklin C., Jr. 350 Tate, Paul V. 104, 105, 483 Tatum, James N. 98, 99, 483 Tatum, Michael E. 136, 137, 442 Tauberf, Louis E. 170, 171 Tavakolian,Mohammad 297 Taylor, George L., Jr. 110, 111, 363, 483 Taylor, Harold A. 281, 442 Taylor, Henry A. 442 Taylor, James H. 460 Taylor, Jerry K. 442 Taylor, John W., Jr. 126, 127 Taylor, Kenneth F. 118, 119, 460 Taylor, Marvin E. 146, 147 Taylor, Milburn A. 442 Taylor, Milton K. 162, 163, 334 Taylor, PaUI E. 120, 121, 322, 483 Taylor, Ralph W.- 443 Taylor, Rodney L. 162, 163, 483 Taylor, Thomas H. 142, 143, 483 Taylor, Wesley M. 162, 163 Taylor, William E. 140, 141, 134, 135, 468 Taylor, William O. 483 Taylor, William R. 443 Teague, Charles W. 126, 127, 261 Teal, Harry B. 264, 360, 460 Teasley, John H. 310, 460 Tedford, George E. 118, 238, 279 Teams, Terry L. 168, 169, 468 Tees, David G. 186, 187, 483 Teefes, George L. 306, 319, 443 Teheller, Joseph W., Jr. Teipel, John R. 146, 147, 282, 483 Templer, Thomas W. 100, 101, 347, 468 - Tenison, Larry T. 180, 181, 483 Terrassa,.1uan A. 361 Terrell, Curtis W. 106, 107, 289,483 TerreII, Hal M. 100, 101, 363, 483 TerriII, Joel B. 30, 115, 124, 125, 443 Terrill, William B. 128, 129, 443 Terry, David D., 111 178, 179, 334, 468 Terry, George F. 142, 143, 468 Terry, William L. 460 Terry, William M. 138, 139, 483 Tessada, Enrique A. 168, 169, 48 Tharp, Kenneth A. 144, 145, 483 Theis, John W. 182, 183, 276, 483 Theis, Thomas M. 102, 103, 468 , ThieIe, Roberf L., Jr. 302, 443 Thigpen, Douglas C. 468 Thomas, CharIes E. 118, 281, 337, 460 Thomas, David L. 323, 483 Thomas, Gary A. 460 Thomas, Joseph A., Jr. 443 Thomas, Lonnie D. 173, 443 Thomas, Marion A. 98, 99, 483 Thomas, Roy F., Jr. 100, 101, 483 Thomas, Robert W. 188, 189, 365, 460 Thomas, Roy A. 118, 119, 483 Thomas, Tomy M. 443 Thomason, Braxton H. 483 Thomerson, Jerry D. 134, 135, 483 Thompson, AIIan C. 351, 443 Thompson, Alton C., Jr. 106, 107, 468 Thompson, Bert D. 443 Thompson, Danny G. 363, 483 Thompspn, David R. 460 Thompson, David T., Jr. 353, 483 Thompson, Dennis I. 168, 169, 483 Thompson, Dinoth P. 138, 139, 350, 483 Thompson, Gerald W. 337, 483 Thompson, James R. 843 Thompson, James W. 128, 129, 146, 147, 483 Thompson, James W. 124, 125, 468 184, 185, Thompson, Keith E. 190, 191, 483 Thompson, Michael D. 122, 123, 344, 460 Thompson, Neal T. 148, 149 Thompson, Paul E. 468 Thompson, Perry, Jr. 443 Thompson, Ralph V. 271 Thompson, Robert C. 188, 189 Thompson, Ronald C. 365, 468 Thompson, Roy W. 197, 343, 443 Thompson, Stephen M. 138, 139, 483 Thompson, Van E. 443 Thompson, Victor H., III 176, 177, 460 Thornberry, Jonathan M. 359 Thornhill, John D. 168, 169 Thornhill, Otto M., Jr. 108, 109, 483 Thornton, Alton W., Jr. 124, 125, 483 Thornton, Billy D. 190, 191 Thornton, Penrod S, 160, 161, 162, 163, 266, 330, 443 Thornton, Richard D. 443 Thornton, RoberI E. 153 Thorpe, Donald A. 148, 149, 483 Thrasher, James D. 176, 177, 188, 189, 443 Threadgill, Jack M.115, 275, 443 Threudgill, James R.136, 137, 343 Thurman, Jack E., r. 172, 483 Thurman, Michael L. 443 Thurman, Michael W. 326 Thurman, Wayman L. 443 Tibbels, John T. 30, 95, 443 Tidwell, Calvin M., Jr. 184, 185, 357, 460 Tidwell, Danny R. 318 TiemcInn, James F. 443, 468 Tierce, Millard D. 136, 137, 468 Tiierina, Albert A. 172, 468 Tiierina, Juan M. 443 Timmins, Paul R. 224 TindaII, Marion H. 156, 157 Tingle, Charles A. 158, 159, 444 Tinney, John R. 332, 444 Tipton, Dewey R. 278, 444 Tisdul, Victor C., Jr. 138, 139, 286, 460 Tisdale, Garry L. 120, 121 Tobin, Frank O. 138, 139 Todd, Edward A. 31 ToIberr, Larry D. 124, 125 ToIe, Glenn L., H 98, 99, 367, 468 ToIIeson, WiIIiam D. 190, 191, 356, 483 Tomon, Raymond P., Jr. 356, 379, 460 TomIinson, Warren N. 184, 185, 483 Tompkins, Alfred T. 468 Tompkins, Bill G. 180, 181, 354 Tompkins, John W. 178, 179, 355, 460 Toone, Lewis S. 138, 139, 483 Torrens, Puhick H. 85, 116, 117, 268, 348, 444 Torres, Rodolfo C. 483 Torres, Tony G. 281 ToucI-Ion, Anthony H. 134, 135, 483 Tovey, Frank M. 122, 123, 468 Towery, William H., Jr. 156, 157, 483 TowIer, HaIry B. 148, 149, 483 Townsend, Frank M, 153, 164, 165, 397, 444 Townsend, Larry G. 170, 171, 444 Trainer, Lloyd D. 118,119, 345, 468 Tramel, James T. 158, 159, 332 Trapolino, Louis S. 138, 139 Truwhon, Colbert W. 142, 145 Troylor, Bobby J. 136, 137 Traonr, Richard C. 468 Troonr, Shelby G. 126, 127, 267, 444 Treadway, Alexander H. 180, 1 18 Tredway, Willard L., Jr. 140, 141 Trevino, Louis F. 336 Trevino, Manuel R. 361, 468 Triboldos, Guerra S. 361 Triesch, Eugene 0., Jr. 124, 125, 282, 468 Trifon, David A. 190, 191, 484 TrimbIe, Richard L., II 110 111, 484 Tripp, Roy G. 444 TrIica, Frank E. 484 TroH, John E., Jr. 156, 157, 484 Trovero, Leonard J. 164, 165, 484 TrueH, Joe C. 307, 460 Twin, Timothy N. 312, 460 Tubre, Stephen R. 146, 147, 172, 484 Tucker, Jack W., Jr. 100, 101, 349, 484 TUdeIa, John A. 460 Turner, Dennis M. 144, 145 Turner, Gordon G. 484 Turner, Henry R. 264, 444 Turner, Raymond L. 160, 161, 328, 484 Turney, Amy L. 176, 177, 484 Turney, William H. 138, 139, 468 Turney, William W. 148, 149, 484 Turzak, Thomas M. 178, 179, 460 ' Tuseth, Robert D. 162, 163, 346, 484 Twomey, Raymond D. 460 Twomey, Steven R. 206 Tyer, Bobby R. 176, 177, 484 Tyler, Jesse D. 140, 141 Tyree, Thomas N. I 164, 165, 282, 484 U UI'IIIQ, Raymond G. 120, 121, 351, 468 Underwood, Donny C. 460 Unroe, Dennis M. 110, 111, Upchurch, John P. 365, 460 Upfmore, David J. 460 Urban, William F. 164, 165, 354, 484 Urbanic, Charles E. 468 484 Uresti, Athur E. 460 Urso, Joe J. 444 Ushiiima, James C. 108, 109, 484 V Vacek, Mark J. 126, 127, 367 Vackar, Robert C. 184, , 342, 484 VaIade, Franklin H. 293 Valarezo, Carlos G. 361 Valdez, Abelardo L. 268, 460 Valdez, Javier 95, 336, 460 Vole, Martin M. 444 Valek, Michael H. 197, 205, 301, 444 Valenta, Fred J. 300 Valerius, Jackie A. 262 Valienfe, Eduardo A. 361, 468 Vanaglsfyne, John A. 100, 101, 4 Van Ermen, William C. 484 Van Hardeveld, J., Jr. 1 110, 111, 277, 484 Van Hosser, W. L. 134, 135, 484 Van Pelt, Louis J. 166, 167, 317, 468 Van Stavern, N., III 134, 135, 484 Van Wagner, Roger G. 176, 177, 289, 345, 468 Van Wyk, Rober? A. 176, 177, 276, 484 , Van Zandt, John W. 136, 137, 346, 484 Vanderhider, Carl R. 168, 169, 266, 444 Vandiver, Robert L. 269, 460 Vandyke, Lewis E. 216, 221, 222, 223 Vann, Richard D. 116, 117, 208, 484 Varisco, Brazos 290, 444 V0483r, Thomas A 126, 127, Vasquez, Jose F. 102, 103, 124, 125, 336, 484 Vasquez, Oscar F. 444 Vasser, William C., Jr. 190, 191, 359, 460 Vaughan, Ronald W. 126, 127, 192, 460 Vaughn, Francis A. 108, 109, 484 Vaughan, Ronald E. 113, 136, 137, Vaughn, Winfred A. 247 Vazquez, Sergio V. 460 Vecero, Frank P. 367, 444 VeiIh, Bert L. 208, 279 Vela, CarIos, Jr. 114, 116, 117, 306, 336, 397, 444 Vela, Grady W. 110, 111 Vela, GuiIIermo J. 336, 460 VengIcIr, Patrick W. 186, 187, 356, 460 Vernon, Alberf E. 128, 129, 468 Vernon, Grunt G. 128, 129 Verrett, Kenneth A. 341 Veselka, Shelburne J. 30, 124, 125, 328, 460 Veselka, Van K. 115,150, 151, 317, 484 VeHer, Lawrence C., Jr. 150, 151, 317, 460 Vick, Jerry D. 128, 129, 345, 468 Vick, John R. 168, 169, 460 Vick, William E. 136, 137, 168, 169, 468 Vicknair, Tommy J. 82, 95, 341, 460 Victory, Jerome H. 126, 127 ViIcoq, Paul M., II 113, 444 Villalon, Benigno 265 Villarreal, Adolfo 468 ViIIarreaI, Canto A. 361 Villarreal, Delfino, Jr. 168, 169, 444 Villarreal, Guadalupe 203, 336, 444 Villarreal, Jose, Jr. 166, 167 Villarreal, Oscar 313 ViIIiva, Richard W. 168, 169, 327, 484 Vine, James B., Jr, 100, 101, 347, 484 Vinson, Gerald E. 100, 101, 172, 468 Vion, Jerry E. 31, 175, 184, 185, 264, 305, 444 Vitek, Philip C. 102, 103, 468 ViHefoe, DoneII C. 190, 191, 484 Voelkel, Travis T. 208, 366, 460 Vogelscng, William I. 162, 163 Vogf, Harry L136, 137, 484 Volk, Roland M.138, 139, 48 4 VoIImer, James F. 100, 101, 264, 353, 460 Volluz, Michel A. 158, 159, 190, 191, 484 Volz, Athur C. 336, 361, 444 Volz, Gary A. 120, 121, 276, 291, 468 Von Dohlen, D. R., Jr. 156, 157, 357 , Von Toussainf E. R. 124, 125, 48 Voss, Jerry D. 160, 161, 460 Voss, Ralph G. 134, 135, 484 Voss, Richard T. 110, 111 Vrzalik, John H. 120, 121, 468 W WaddiII, Stephen W. 134, 135, 484 Wade, Anthony A. 160, 161', 484 Wade, Douglas B. 102, 103, 302, 323, 468 Wade, Tommy H. 170, 171, 247, 460 Waggoner, Jack M., Jr. 102, 103, 484 Waggoner, Raymond C. 302 Wagner, David A. 116, 117, 484 Wagner, Richard A. 484 Wagner, Thomas P. 128, 129, 460 Wahlberg, Robert E. 170, 171, 276, 312 Wainwright, Howard T. 184, 185 Wait, John L., Ill 134,135 Walker, David L. 444 Walker, Edward L. 224, 444 WaIker, Joseph C. 158, 159, 172, 484 Walker, Michael N. 144, 145, 445 Walker, Sianley L. 120, 121, 345, 468 Walker, Warren H. 291, 445 Wall, Louis J. 266 Walla, Marshall C. 156, 157, 468 Wallace, Charles E. 128, 129, 172, 468 Wallace, Donald J., III 445 Wallace, John W. 202, 484 Wallace, Marshall, Jr. 327 Wallace, Paul G., Jr. 176, 177, 468 WaIIace, Thomas W. 264 Wallace, WiImer R. 176, 177, 468 Wallin, Steven P. 484 WaIIis, Frederick L. 205, 284 WCIIIs, Charles N. 445 WoIfers, Charles E. 136, 137, 484 Walton, James V. 445 Walton, Ned E. 128, 129 Wansfrcfh, John J. 148, 149 Wanleoben, Kenneth L. 140, 141, 484 Ward, Barry D. 460 Ward, Eddie J. 174, 445 Ward, John K., Jr. 144, 145, 468 Ward, Keith 8., Jr. 146, 147, 367, 468 Ward, Lee P. 156, 157, 484 Ward, Michael L. 136, 137 Ward, Thomas R. 164, 165 Ward, William R. 148, 149, 324, 484 Ware, OrviIIe H. 124, 125, 484 Wcrnick, Philip W. 176, 177, 247 Warren, Alexander J., III 333 Warren, Charles W. 304 Warren, Don E. 126, 127, 347 Warren, Donald R. 184, 185, 468 Warren, James G. 146, 147 Warren, John R. 116, 117 Warren, Johnny L. 178, 179 Warren, Kirby J. 134, 135, 4 Warren, Laurence A. 205, 347, 460 WarrIck, Clifton E. 460, 468 Wafers, DaVId 1.. 122, 123, 484 Watkins, James G. 136, 137, 484 Watkins, Roy M. 460 Watson, Boyd K., III 182, 183, 348 Watson, Carl L. 266, 445 Wafson, Frank D. 164, 165, 172, 484 Watson, James D. 148, 149, 484 Watson, Jerry W. 281 Watson, John M. 98, 99 Watson, Joseph M., Jr. 182, 183, 460 Watson, Paul, III 124, 125, 484 Watson, Randolph L. 460 Watson, Richard C. 164, 165, 484 Watson, Royce E. 144, 145, 468 Watts, Augustus A., Jr. 106, 107, 278, 460 Watts, David E. 108, 109, 484 Watts, Foster L., Jr. 98, 99, 468 Watts, James S. 102, 103 Watts, KaigI-Iin G. 148, 149, 445 Watts, Nathaniel W., Jr. 445 Watts, WiIIiam R. 104, 105, 468 Weatherby, Hurshel R. 102, 103, 468 Weathers, Stanley J. 140, 141, 323, 484 Weaver, LyIIe A., Jr. 98, 99, 349, 445 Weaver, Windol C. 83, 158, 159 445 Webb: Bryan L. 104, 105, 484 Webb, George D. 140, 141, 351 Webb, Glenn S. 178, 179 Webb, John B. 126, 127 Webb, Lewis H. 445 Webb, Morris 5. 266, 445 Webb, Ronald E. 180, 181 Webber, Robert W. 208, 445 Weber, Dale R. 445 Weber, Edward R. 445 Weber, John D. 150, 151, 484 Weber, Walter T. 248 Webster, Albert F., III 146, 147, 484 Waddle, Calderon R. 361, 484 Wedemeyer, Charles E. 85, 97, 445 Wehner, Arfhur L. 468 Wehner, Byrom T. 205, 278,460 Weir, Victor, A. 182, 183, 484 Weiser, Harold E. 307 Weiser, Ronald L. 460 Weison, Lester 0,, Jr. 264, 445 Weisz, Robert A. 484 Welborn, Bruce 1.. 313 Welch, Carl E. 301 Welch, Larry G. 180, 181, 468 Weldon, William C. 168, 169, 484 Wellborn, Joseph H, 148, 149 Wells, Richard A. 118, 119, 484 Wells, Robert 8., Jr. 484 Wendt, Joseph P. 468 Wensel, Nolan R. 264, 445 Wen, Harold E. 116, 117, 326, 460 Werth, Edward S. 110, 111, 468 Wesley, Ronald J. 484 West, Donald E. 148, 149, 205 West, Kenneth W. 460 West, North 0. 146, 147, 343, 445 West, Oliver 1. 172, 484 West, Robert L. 297 Westmoreland, Gary K. 238, 484 Westmoreland, John S. 166, 167, 484 Westmoreland, Norman G. 148, 149 Welherbee, Charles F. 138, 139, 286, 323, 484 Whaley, David L. 84, 116, 117, 353, 484 Whafley, Richard E. 190, 191 Whalley, Walter F. 291, 293, 445 Wheat, Larry D. 160, 161, .276 Wheeler, Albert N. 124, 125, 354, 445 Wheeler, Kenneth W. 271, 348, 460 Wheeler, Robert J. 184, 185, 484 Wheelock, Richard J., Jr. 284 Whetsel, Joseph E. 146, 147, 468 Whitaker, Delbert A. 116, 117 Whitaker, Eddie 445 Whitaker, George E. 350 Whitaker, Joseph D. 188, 189, 460 Whitaker, Thomas R. 120, 121 White, Byron 140, 141 White, Corey L. 160, 161, 172, 468 White, David A. 172, 180, 181, 484 White, Don R. 276, 484 White, Douglas T. 184, 185, 484 White, Gailord M. 460 White, George K. 460 White, Hugh T. 180, 181, 468 White, James B. 136, 137, 172, 460, 484 White, Jerry L. 313, 460 White, John D. 445 White, Phillip G. 118, 119, 446 White, Robert T., Jr. 461 White, William R. 446 White, William S. 307 Whitehall, Don E. 271, 310, 446 Whifehurst, Newbern H. 178, 179,276, 484 100,101. Whiteker, Jerry N. 128, 129, 468 Whitlock, Clifford 446 Whitlock, Larry L. 271, 446 Whilson, John T. 102, 103, 484 Whitson, Robert H. 110, 111, 484 WhiHenberg, Paul R. 205, 368, 461 Whiningfon, John R., Jr. 178, 179, 283, 446 Whinington, Richard F. 120, 121 Wiedenfeld, Kenneth W. 102, 103 Wiederaenders, George A. 153, 192, 398, 446 Wiederhold, Robert W. 122, 123, 461 Wier, Michael I. 253, 461 Wiese, Billie G. 446 Wiesepape, Charles W. 446 Wiesepape, Cordell F. 446 Wiesepope, Larry M. 366 Wieser, Mark B. 100, 101, 319 Wiggins, Hal R. 140, 141 Wigingfon, Sam 102, 103 Wilbeck, August C. 367, 461 Wilbeck, Gary L. 102, 103, 367, 468 Wilcox, Don H. 10$, 109, 276 Wiley, Edward O. 51 Wiley, Malcolm K. 118, 119 Wiley, Marvin L., Jr. 446 Wiley, Wilbur W. 300 Wilke, 0110 C. 108, 109, 366 Wilkerson, James E. 156, 157, 364 Wilkes, Dan E. 306 Wilkes, S1even L. 461 Wilks, Phillip G. 182, 183, 36 5 Willcox, Gerald P. 156, 157, 239, 461 Willcox, Mitchell G. 120, 121, 484 Wille, Kenneth B. 160, 161, 484 Willenborg, James C. 214, 218 Williams, Alberf P. 180, 181, 468 Williams, Cary D. 160,161, 484 Williams, Donald L. 146, 147, Edward 5., III 238, Frank A. 136, 137, Williams, Frederick F. 146, 147, 468 Williams, James G. 122, 123, 484 Williams, John L. 461 Williams, Joseph L. 162, 163 Williams, Kenneth D. 110, 111, 484 Williams, Monsil A. 461 Williams, Marcus D., Jr. 446 Williams, Robert 8. 176, 177, 468 Williams, Robert C. 182, 183, 334 Wil1iams, Rober' G. 484 Williams, Robert H. 484 180, 181, 144, 145, Williams, Robert S. 178, 179, 468 Williams, Ronald L. 100, 101, 461 Williams, Stephen J. 180, 181, 468 Williams, Thomas G. 275 Williams, Travis 120, 121, 484 Williams, Wilburn C., III 98, 99, 461 Williamson, Troy 8. 134, 135, 484 Willingham, Leon A. 279 Willis, Cecil, Jr. 166, 167 Willis, Donald E. 271, 297, 301, Willis, . . . 176,177, 264, Willis, Robert E. 118, 1 9 Willman, Richard B. 205, 446 Willmann, Larry D, 100, 101, 484 Wilmann, Robert L. 176, 177 Wills, Horst W. 155, 164, 165, 367, 446 Wills, Norman A. 156, 157, 367, 484 Wilson, Billy P. 180, 181 Wilson, Boyd T., Jr. 122, 123, 484 Wilson, Harvey G. 124, 125, 484 Wilson, Jack A. 138, 139, 353, 468 Wilson, Jock G. 175, 186, 187, 446 Wilson, Jack M. 180, 181, 484 Wilson, James C. 134, 135 353, 446 Wilson, Joe P. 446 Wilson, Marshall P., Jr. 461 Wilson, Robert W. 176, 177, 468 Wilson, Roy D. 345, 461 Wilson, Thomas W. 138, 139 Wilson, William 8. 120, 121 Wilson, William 8., Jr. 116, 117, 461' Wilson, Winston L. 104, 105, 485 Wimbish, Gary H. 206, 355 Wimbish, Robert W. 253, 282, 355, 461, 468 Wimp, James C. 162, 163 Windham, Jerry F. 224 Windham, Terrell D. 164, 165, 358, 461 Windsor, Cecil 0., Jr. 297, 485 Winfrey, James E. 208, 468 Wingate, Ruben D. 186, 187, 485 Winkel, Fred M. 110, 111, 277, 368, 485 Winkelmann, Norman W. 366 Winkelmann, Roger C. 366, 461 Winn, Ronald D. 297, 485 Winnene, Walrer M. 180, 181, 468 Winningham, John D. 314, 398, 446 Winship, Thomas E. 180, 181 Winslow, Michael 176, 177, 485 Winters, David W. 461 Wisdom, Billy C. 134, 135, 354, 485 Wisdom, Raymond C., Jr. 468 Wise, Richard M. 190, 191, 485 Wisenbaker, Allan E. 290 Wiss, Jerald L. 461 Woehsf, Kirby A. 178, 179, 328 WolcoH, Gary M. 164, 165 Wolf, Robert H. 290, 461 Wolf, William M. 188, 189, 468 Wolfe, Beniamin E. 128, 129, 246, 331, 468 Wolff, Marshall W. 108, 109 Wolny, Ronald J. 302 Wolprnan, Kraege K. 98, 99, 281, 446 Walters, Richard A. 190, 191, 325 Womack, Glenn L. 206, 461 Womack, Jimmy L. 116, 117, 485 Womack, John E. 102, 103, 329, 485 Wong, Taylor 446 Wood, Alan G., 11 320, 366 Wood, Cecil R., Jr. 148, 149, 485 Wood, Gail W. 166, 167, 468 Wood, Gale T. 358, 447 Wood, Gerald G. 264, 447 Wood, James M. 118, 119, 353 Wood, Jon R. 447 Wood, Larry D. 461 Wood, Michael B. 140, 141 Wood, Perry D. 156, 157 Wood, Stephen H. 461 Woodall, Russell P. 134, 135, 461 Woodard, Gerald B. 224 Woodard. Raymond G. 136, 137, 485 Woods, David R. 104, 105, 351, 485 Woods, Jarret? E., Jr. 162, 163 Woods, Warren R. 205, 305 Woodson, Jerry P. 160, 161, 330, 485 Woodward, Daniel Y. 116, 117 Woodward, Woody W. 468 Wooldridge, James T. 140, 141 Woolley, Bobby J. 142, 143, 447 Woolen, Charley V. 298 Workman, Wayne C. 184, 185 Works, Madden T. 168, 169, 239, 485 Wormser, Marc R. 277, 461 Worshum, Lushene M. 363, 485 Wortham, Murray L. 178, 179, 468 . 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P. 106, 107, 485 Zotz, Joseph E. 124, 125, 468 Zuehlke, Alvin C. 369 Zuehlke, Raymond C. 102, 103, 485 Zumwall, John H. 447 Zurborg, Joseph A. 290, 292 Zweifel, Albert R. 485 xx- W W $ m TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" S K 0 0 a I A H . .M .; ,'I' I ?.v ,9er imrf'f' .3: K?NIKV H.193. hug g-HW '4 , 1- ya V r. "'0 f . , .- V '1 .1 1' .1 .t " 71' 12 13 14 15 B 17 19 1 1 , 1 1 I i H E .:1 51 3:3 13g v ,k..d,ifds Chi. M19911 ' $ x0919 JOIocys euuM 91U959W ems zooz Auedwoo uemi 9H1 Q '. -.. .1 SGJIBUJHUSO Z L seuouI 1 1 1 9 K 1 x x - p

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