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Text from Pages 1 - 490 of the 1950 volume:

f Ckhe 'Yo The Student Body: Facing the 'cash oi portraying, liie at LEM in l9h9-50, the editorial skfaii decided 'chat 'she logical divisions o E ielahd l95O would be the segmaxts oi college liie which, taken together, are our college education. ' I Lmainmgot of successive scholastic levels as ahomh through our classes, development 'oi our characw: and pereonaliw through eutbraacurricular activities, preparation 'lor service 'oo our country in times oi emergency through milixary training, A A deqexovmene gi our hodiee through pweiccl activixjxes hog,e'cher produce the kggie graduate who X135 received a well-rounded educ ation . ' A . '::':: ' Shoe, with a Sealing, oi confidence that our college education as P-ggi:-as has prepared us ior harder tasks what lie ahead ioffdrd to receive our college diplomas .fggilbols oi euccessiul eiiorb in gaining, a balanced education. Slhcerelfj, p V Mmwgaffw - qrllifrfggllg Oahanisd, James K Goeidimoro , P-ggieuine. 1950 we step r 9'-EQ c X X iz 1 , R 3 ah of X Q WX X Q, 5 'is . X5 oo lg to xo, ..,.. PA- N X R X1 P A X X cw James R Charles Dvsgojgall anlss . A O . V . . Donald R I Eoberf H .glen . ob Ge ' V899 . ne Skidmore EIOYCI H. He k Oy D '1 . Nance . Frank N. Molnifzos Ffed A - S Ommersln Jr' . . ACHVH-ies Milifary . . B . USU-less . ju . IIP nlof C55 s E E k s 3 E 1 3 Q E S :E 3 3 m E S ' P JW ff' ' 7' fi: if ,V ,fflw ,,1,v,Wwi53,fW ,W W , fW - 1 .V To Dr Frank C Bolton, who retired as president of A8rM on June 3, 1950 ,,-ws1m:m23 sS "The influence of this one man, as teacher and administrator, upon the thousands of young men who have attended his college in the past 41 years, can- not be measured. While the thoroughness of his teaching and the high scholastic standards which he has required have been very important, they have not been his greatest contribution. More than one successful graduate will tell you that his example of forthrightness and integrity, of steadily plugging away at the iob to be clone and of unfailing loyalty to the institution he serves has been an example which they have long tried to follow. No finer "ln 1909, when he was 26 years old and still a fledgling pedant, Frank Cleveland Bolton joined the staft of the struggling 33-year-old Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas as its first head of the new department of Electrical Engineering. "Frank Bolton graduated from Mississippi State in 1905 with a combination degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering... ln addition to his undergraduate work at Mississippi State, he had done graduate study at the University of Chicago, Univer- sity of Wisconsin and Cornell before coming to Texas A. and M. "ln 1928 he took additional graduate work and received his Master of Science degree from Ohio State College. A few years later the honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by Aus- tin College. "A quiet, scholarly, extremely modest man, he has stayed in the background most of the time, doing the endless tedious small chores of teaching and academic administration, making the hard, and often unpopular, decisions of hiring and tiring, pass- ing and failing, which in the aggregate determine the educa- tional standards ot a college. "As a teacher and administrator, Dr, Bolton has served in practically every academic rank in the college. From head of the department of Electrical Engineering he moved to the post of Dean of Engineering. example of uprightness, diligence and good citizen- ship could be found anywhere."" "ln 1931 he was. promoted to the top academic post of Dean of the College. He became executive vice-president in 1937 and served as acting president in 1943 and 1944 in the interim be- tween two administrations. "Scheduled to retire September 1, 1948, as vice-president and Dean of the College, Dr. Bolton was asked by the college board to postpone his retirement for a time, to serve as president dur- ing the adjustment period brought on by a reorganization of the statewide activities of the college and its branches to form the Texas A. and M. College System. His administration has stretched into two years, and has been marked by an aggres- siveness and liberality which has made it outstanding in the his- tory of the institution. "Frank Bolton asks no quarter, expects no concession in his behalf, yet he will go far out of his way, almost to any length, to avoid the possibility of imposing on a member of the staff or student body. His humility and consideration for others tend to give an impression of timidity at times, until you realize that underneath there is a strength and determination which enables him to make innumerable concessions and still plod on to thr. goal he has set ahead."i' ""A Man and His College," text by R. Henderson Shuffler. 4 l President S Message AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE or COLLEGE STATION. OFFICE or THE PRESIDENT TEXA S TEX A S Aggie 950 is a pictorial record and history of student life and college activities during the session 1949-50. It records a year ofprogress for A. and M f one that the Class of l95O may well review with pride. The achievements of the year represent the sum total of the acts and accomplishments of the many persons who con- stitute the A. and M. family. I trust that throughout the years this book may serve to refresh our memories of new friends we have made, new ideas we have mastered, and higher inspirations we have received as we have added a greater maturity to our judgment and strengthened our preparation for a life of useful service to our fellow 1113-11- Gradllates of the college have ever lived up to the highest tradi- tion. Ihave confidence that you, the Class of l950, will join your older brothers and reflect credit upon your Alma lvlater. As leave the college, you take with you my best ' and useful life. li c. BOW' Fran you Wishes f 50 947-79 esidenhl 19497944 Pr presided' Acting V . Bolton President land 1 or a succ essful cj? 5 ighlig t V AUG. 27 and SEPT. 17: Registration and . . Football . . . and Maiorettes! NOTARY OCT. il: Jeannine Holland SEPT. 24: Aggies encl losing h streak with win over Tech OCT. 3: Fall Elections announced as Sweet earl 2' SWGCPBXOCYI., 01-ganffe xy Nvelt' qumre Taka' OCT. 27: Rice Corps Trip midnight yell practice controversy causes campus turmoil until NOV. 9 V' Collection presented A8QM OCT. 28: Metzger Pistol M. ..,,,.....,....,.,.,., , ,,,,,,,,, A , ' 1 ' 0 HoustonM1dmghtYe1lPract1ce , . , pg. ,. .. ., , d - - - A al 4551, . . 'gf -V fi:i?ig .V avore ,Ill bemor Class Meet ff ,wp , 'fp-V,- .W ' " smaipsaytcammi ammo-1 , nyz..grf,,.A.imiww:-mom.-P ffQKf"::Ly5En:-. " , . 1 . - UM" "'H""f4f-ymF..ru..t . 'rV,o....ruwm.nmnntionnnrai 'ff' if-15.515, 3 . -f ,.q,,,,..V-1: . 5 . rwss-ow ' f...-M M... . , 4 A., f- 'I f ft - N ""'mtfrm'Q":" -..-W--- E ' f- V. A by W::"SiW'5v:tm':'tm3.7...'. , tm-wthmt-miwntfti ' ,ju-Vwv: P53 ' .:f.:7,w? . N .Z ,VNO Yell Practice In Houston' ,U 5 1 5 fi. -Vu 4- P ' " , ' :gSen1ors Decide In Qulet Meet - ' ,f 5? l::.:w:1.:'u:w.aaq:? 1 'j'I .,m...+.L.., ......,....1...... ,.......,.. VW ..,., ..h....t..,............ V Ig Q. , ,V-V---V.-.1...M,-A... r imnhp. l -,,..f.,f.......V,.,..V.t....s.v. M., W v.....V-. ,mf N... ..... ,..,. . ut. . W.-4 V tt ., , - 5. ff s, ,...M.....V...........,V,f 1 , , 1. ....,.,....,M...c,....... ,.,.....V...v......... ,M ,g W. V 5, is - et. - tCI.11I75Z.LTQ.'3iLTi1'J72 F EFf?3Y?,,Q71N M lifT.U1L11'-.253 -Tfiifiij2SDI'-1','f?',Z'.1!.?""g.JZV'.'T.."2!":,Z"Ti.!J..'1I'1S 237.2 2i.5.T5L"5,-'fr.5.ii -Z' Q N? W f' 'Z 'A 'CV'-'..Cf1'1A?1':?fgiszv-"1i"ii:E5W. F VL'3T211W7.JitTmt A..W...A.,v.i ..M1g'b,-g-,fgA3g3w3f1w,gg--gg-gg-".1:M4,1rg,':,,'-7 'V 5-f,14fif2:-'Wit' ' iff' - li - l . l"q'1y'- r .,, t ,,,, l...,.,..c.u..-wmff.-V 1 1 we rv- v. -4 ,. .. . Q . . ':,V..J,"Lm.:i.:fr,'.A'r.s5m ' -W V-L'C1Vi'12'l-E.,41:11....c...,.-.L..........w. Sf'-M-egg-1.-ef-wfng:r---fzw,mr-h'-'f- :v:Qm::,., ts., sift? .rw :X , V gt , :V - - M..-V. w.4..m-. ...l -me 'v H.. ,, ..1m..,.1.,.. W --A f-V--1 --I 'ff-rc-1 vL"'E'L'.'1? . .. " V' V """" " "A" ..... 15-' - - --'- fV:w-49-vw N --ag. .t , - .4 Q. ' .zf:.:':zn'::f:'m2:1.IIJLFWI1 :?E.:Ei':Ef?fIi-Tit'-z " - 5 -gifs' . . wig ,.................., ..-:mn I ,.....A.,-,W-Vw-.x.f'V, V ,ga-,, ..,.V.WV.........,.V..,',.....MJ "" ., H . s. 1 ta. X ' -- at 't ',"" - q i -2' li'::'Vr:L?'.'i:'ix5:lZ.':iii'C:-?'l'?n.?i?'i.'T.l'f:E.?.3Ec."'!L.'I1!1t1' . f - fi... 4 ww 5? Election Resulr'm..,.........m mv:-1':w:,r-.:: Q .J 'X , .. ..,......,.mV,...,.... ., ,.i., ,.ii. Q ,. , V, .., :.:,1,,,.s,,:,, ,, W -,V 4 .,, V ,QM T tt.-.M ..M..f...r:..f.......Vi.......,,......it-., - vm . ,A - 5.,.,.,-2.,.,.:,..:w-.':v- 'it . Q:- ' "B nwf- V oera1s,':'r-'fv"w:'.v . ' ., V Tm -wp 'J K-. 5126? 5 -f S5 NOV. 22: ASLM wins SWC cross country NOV. 5: Cadets tie highly-favored SMU, title with Herring first led by Bruisin' Bob Smith 'Ayn gimp dffqyv mr-Q. H if A WW fr f itat 'f 'il' 'T 2 "-f vm- . .a.. V 3+ .K -Eff? 1 mfg .5050-.VV Q F " ' is 'Qt' ' W - fwfi Vt ,af ., ,Q x. V , Ii, Z, Qfw, ..., A fr- ,. y we . ,z:Vfg,3 V,3A-4-17: ' -.Vs fs'--,:V:.5,,54Vv,,,iVk ::, V' . i -' -- 2-11' Ns- , ..:rV c-ffwfV'-:.a....z?--if A 1. f fV.'.,'r5-,:':meVffsv-::t..se,Ii f V- fre-affi-5f:zL1f-1 -: "K ' lvfifoii''Vf'.fft"1'1-iP5'.fk -. :i" f.- . '- .174 .V 13 Q2 'fiffgw'-f7'4?f:2xB1' ' y '.' ti" ',V:2,f:ff1..,,2:1123-. 4 ' ., "Qi '- tzV:ff41.f2ukjv-214 '. 2 :Vw riteLzizwitf.-fff"1' - - 2 'V ta' V 4- ,V . ., ,,. fig-5.495-,, 'tgp-pain . 5.1, A, 1 1- f - W, 5 as-. .J .y t it v , Q, - :TN . ' 5 ,gg jj' " . 1. 41 ,4- . ' '. 'A - - ' - 1 I '- -- f: vfi:f?m ' ' 6 SEPT. 231 Harrington named next A8tM prexy oct. 151 rcu corps Trip NOV. 23: Abbott named as Dean of Arts and Sciences f 'RM it y my r DEC. 1: News of abbreviated Christmas V , I holidays causes X Scnatoxs excitement 091 ' Kb 5 mn Xen 'FQ td Slut Hal! 3 , 0 ' -X qmiw ,F - 4 X101 no M mms an r ,vu N. .QVQX Swim, Ml' 3.53 'N ' " 1 ' "C be-v:,'i3Tr'S' yi" ,,,,.aW'w g ' .L - , 1 A -3g,fix:11-jim,--tif,g:r'QQ1:..:Q3-'fe uw' i l f f - 41 A nge l ' A' A ' ' 1 'i"Pr1f'i--emi-iw C l1G il I , 5 " ' v ' . " X - Nijollolll Slam S ix ' ' ' . V -:: 5 Q W . 6 - ' f . ' T y V- n , f- n . W , . - ' 4510 A ' i 'fl - ' D0'1.i,,,ii.i,1ififar K , -r f" , ig-::t.'iIQ5-f"iT"4"""YQ7:a n A K. 'a?'w'giET:x:TE-1fi,43w X .HY U J V QQJ is ,' Q. -KX, ' 1' "A ,. t- ,,-ii""ff."" 'lffl ' -M -X fq'1,1,i f ,N sf!-, - .33 "LN,--bfi, Y' , . P vii s-yff .UK z' V -Ia ,FL -,- DEC. 2 cmd 3: First A8.M Inter-Collegiate Rodeo won by Okla. A8iM .,,,sa.: . .5 , X , :swf gm---.-'QW,,hQ3..sNs3Q- .. . ,. ' :.z - U .- ,i S ih..E'fsY,. A , .A .A .. " T53 Yi " g : lr X " is-'JPN ' ' fi' 'ilfwx ve! ii i ' " st W sg ,sg gg, I ,C ..?3?. m W J. Aww., Y, -.sv f --s . +-'L' 1 as X' 1.: rg, fi' f-4 ,N w : i urf. N t X. fl sl?" -'ff F' , tl' - ' Lf -f -f .Y E i "tg .. 3 ' f A Ei nga? X " ' ,ff'tQni5f',.,, rffsef i ' if 1, - Y X ' ' ' kt , FEB. lO: A ggie quintet topples Baylor FEB 13 17 Religious Emphasis Week FEB l5 Memorial Student Center Qh i t FEB. 25: Freshman Class Ball MAR. 1-4: Lon Morris five wins JC meet MAR. ll: Maroon-White game Emtpaehe Wm n vmznnu 4 ,nm Bu sf-rf 73- 71 Victory for State JC Cage Cfown StreitiiNWltli MAR: ll: Track team wins at Border Olympics l Fi' ..,. as . - we-:-'.4.t:ew-. ,- fx . ...W ,- , T f' '. i W."-, , N 748-54, P' ,ss if-1 ay Q -- .- ,fn ., ,,,t Q is , , ,,x, ,I ,.,s D .a an V, QQ? l if Q ' sa we WM' ' ' ' W . .M - s . - I, ,- v ,. .. ::,:..41.'.'ga9,,. qs. ., ,, ,, .- . 4 6- . . ...mfas ., 1 1. 4- -mf-1 ,V 5 ' :Y . we ik ' -- -vi . A -Q H., as-q 4-Md, Nawwk- x , - H M ram., features Rangerettes MAR. 18: Military Ball and Review MAR. 20-25: Big baseball week MAR. 25: Sweetheart presented at APR. 4: Gov. Shivers at presentation of Sophomore Class Ball MAR. 27, Fife Nite Safety Award to The Battalion ,writ APR. 8: Track team Wins at APR. 13: Senate votes "no" APR. 25-MAY 4: APR. 2l: Church speaks at Quarterback Relays on negro admission to TISA Class elections Aggie Muster 9-XASJ. 'L um Mahon w ' 1 V ' 1 , Q ' 'nlxcclun Parse Allen Elected la . 5 as ' ' . , H Senate Utes Agalnst ' To Head Class of '51 Next Year ..s..Negr0.TISA,Entrance , . sammy ,uQ44..........:lLZ,Qf...,i...,...M...g.,..g Chandler Is'52 11.-sw-,Q-uname-nv,.,,,..i.....n,... W-H. . -, - ---A----'--H -Y-s'f-"fn -'- W... . ... .,.h,,,, ,.... , . 4-v.,,.., ,mfr -pi......'..:',.'r."'rs'.L...s.2m.:.v5.',....:..w':,... :wa V ju ....- ...... ...r...,... 1... 5. .......,.. ..,...,..,.:ri....,.a,. "k1dl1W4lNwu. hMlWmM blx-A ably. 9' 444 upqquq gg gg, lpldautnxnnavg I! 1 rnva nnavnln -A 21'-1.....,......1.....r.. ... - gm. ...W ,.. .,::.... N... .. mms... ::M,u...,.,,,,,.......r- W-Q...-p. -..f.n...w.,., .M .r-.W ,M .,..M..-......,..m,....,... ...N :rv M. .:."-::.rfz'::'.-...A-rr: 'rf' M' '--tzx m 2't1.?t'."2',f.'2't,' 'af-W. -s-I -n-..z4..r4....vu-Q97-17"-"-214-x lm-u......-v..N4n . .....z,...,.,,......... m,.......,..... .. hams vnnnguhn-zva: M... s...-.-ms..-.....sI1i--rm:-n-vs . L-4-,a......,.,q5 ,'zf...."-1'..:x:....."-:'r"r . ggpy -SH'-a -f .W 5"-"m.g'f.'L:,.f'.:::.:'a mmm ........,.. . .......'.. ,,. i-wi. 565'-if Yeaf iseniorstfg W --'f...L""., 2- ,,,,v , V., -. . niqu' Prcyy ' ' Elf? J ,los1pl1,P1 ml 1 illolbuzg leclnd by Junior Llass nn K I - , mx. ,. 'Yi' N. ' :.?f2,.. ., -, . V. ,., it--,-L gi. .-, . , 1 . , V. -M ,L-ff 1.4 - f 'M' W--ummm -ifffzlrt' Dre -J -' 1. ' " Q. W 3 -.fzw-'L-f5..j.f53gy ,pg-, ..-I .-.fgfrz .1,j:,,35 , "" ,......2"'.1f?E F ii1'f11F sf'-15 film uf 'se 'QQ' fiff iw , " zfjlgf- r:Mi1s,.,ir. vglyl,-'gas . . ,, . .-, ...."-m,..,u1 , :f,.,1: 1 , as-, 4 'heat' Dates r 55"-rilil' i , N . QW st.: Q :lilly ,.,, I Vi... , 1. .... ,.., Q M a-' 1 IfEz.i,5'5E':::Z'.l'l: 1 sffzw.: .' J 1. 7 t::':r":::1f,.: mt ' -f'- " my I"" ifi"'45157-'T 'W . -X111-::?ET'i'? 7' i' ' 1 'f' - 'lIif"I"' V 11 4217771131: M rr- ---miiifl? --1 'ls :.:.:g, ' gsm. J 1 -is 1. 4- ' e e APR. 28-29: A8:M sweeps three- game series from TCU -Z 'XV' 1. M . - '1 K: 65: tm. W..-Q' 7 up V, , 5 1 'N 466' . 1 2-:ii-ff ..,. :En v 1- w , l"f-5'f2.i:ii' - 1,1 , If-gi fs: -A X A:-,,,, V- , , A A VM' Ti .,., 1, Lf,-w 15 id: .. 3 - ,ez .. .. ' ' "f N, 4 l Eif1"l:3 fm-a,:'ff-.-. :.: 1' - f 'V ,fi fv ' A . , iw W e 'fy ,Q - ' w: .v vi - -,,-:: -2-.rss-f-U:-W ,sf-vs. -4 ... . ., MAY 13: Open House Day exhibits MAY 17-19: Aggie Players present "O Mistress Mine" ,.-fwwt . . -fi erase' um' fsiziwtxeifegs . 133: xc," .pw Q- ---:rg.,.Mf W ,... yy: up 2 ..-:,."i,w ,W , 'S A, -74 ,,..f- ..--u X A My ff' '.,':. P. rar.-my 'ggi .f .1 y qv .C . tefg. V' X im. f , M35 ,.,.,-L -x P 955, 1- Je- x r .Si ir,-.-.!'-x'g:"wf"',-X . ff 5' if 'mir .- A+ ff.. :. g :gszfgegiwvi . :fi-: , Q-gr' xx EPZA-LT,-:ES P" 34 t if ,:f2?55"'. ef' Ngitgfgli ne"', ' ef?2IF'e+fS 5109' is 49? ,.,fQ?,,,s:ms:1:ef. 1 wif-fg:i:f,-f'1,Q1a.f We. -gp, ?y,C,,w.,f'-QQ,-. 1:0 1 ,,vai:2v"eZf:g::,,-py,p5,rf:- u,: .g,f:: :gg ,gg,-.cfs-9:-I-sw-4-:f,:-Q-w,4gf, if :,...:: ,, -s,.V,, -,ffm-wks' at-'IP .-wr 9' Tiff . 1 ffffrw ' :- 1 f- M' f-'it if :W-.5.. ,i-, .-4, .,,j,g,,, 4,7 xx iffew ' MAY 12: Board issues 1950-51 Board Makes Hoilsin Plone . 1 S For Next Year'S.Sti1dent MAY 14: Mothers' Day Review . . . B Engineers take Moore Award l basic policy APR. 28: Brunneman crowns Schultz at and . .. N . 71 Mx J ,af lic ,- Cotton Pageant Proud mothers pin flowers on cadets MAY 20: Senior Ring Banquet and Dance MAY 22: Student Life asks for more authority 1 fl. nm , -um.: W. Q... 1. ., 5 ., :. -- 5- More Authorlty Asked H 9 f 1 B Stid tL'f G .rw , y yu en 1 e roup 32 ' ' 1 l' l 75' rm" 'f'......'t'::.:.'-1',:'mm.r'u:.:a:,:::i..v:::.:,:',-mmas ' -ilk' ' - ith' F 'T'v.1.'7f"K 'M f?""" F1211 L"-1.L72." f1'IflTn3k-".!.l'i'5E'1K ,I .E Y ,: , V, es...:-,:.:r.':va,.:m..,..-..,,gM...:.,.,.,.,.,,. ?":5'1?f5, ' 1 if . ' l 'YJ-'7'1v'T'f"-is'1v1'si".5 523l,:U'.iL'fs".::".T7.5".'fIQ.'72.Q"'1'I',,,, ,.,, tm... .. ,M Li rf-:::,,j. 5: y t " 1 1Lx'r:'...""....'1-'.Jn.-r'.:'.:gf..:.:2':::..1:.-:'g if fiif'g:,.g,2f-Zf', f 4 I il , -uilllfi - . ' il: J' ligadley rgg""'1' r..- ----' -1 Ht: S- ' I.. fi if , ' .""'f'.:"':t:":':: 3-'--1-415-..'-r 1 WZ! Q 2 A' . x Aerivhhrsfam 1. 1 sn: rw: ,Talk ::f,::sr-'-r-'f:- . V. 1. - 1,-if -- 1 ' -1-:s..3i,....o5....-.-3 if .. . , A .f '-,::-:xi 'far 1, 54 2' 'lit i'-:E JUNE 2: Gen. Bradley speaks at commencement . . . Seniors receive diplomas MAY 27: Bolton farewell dinner JUNE 3: Bolton passes prexy's gavel to his successor, Harrington ALLAN SHWERS GIBB GILCHRIST Governor of -I-he Smfe of Texas Chancellor, The Texas ASM College System if BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sitting, left to right: John W. Newton, Beaumont, vice-president of the board, G. R. White, Brady, president of the board, Rufus R. Peeples Tehuacana, and A. E. Cucllipp, Lufkin. Standing, left to right: Roy C. Potts, Belton, E. W. Harrison, South Bend, Henry Reese III, Gonzales, C. C. Krueger, Son Antonio, Gibb Gilchrist chancellor of the system, and Tyree Bell, Dallas. 10 E. L. ANGELL Assisfanf fo fhe Chancellor LF I i '74, rn, ve ' r us- ax. R. H. SHUFFLER Direcfor of lnformafion and Publications D. W. WILLIAMS Vice Chancellor for Agriculfure i fi LCL , L T. R. SPENCE Manager of Physical Planis W, H, HOLZMAN CARLETON W. ADAMS S sfem Archifecf Compfroller Y W 1 1 FRANK c. Borrow HOWARD W. BARLOW Presiclem' Decm, School of Engineering Fil, S, :i , si Q CHARLES N. SHEPARDSON Dean, School of Agriculfure JOHN P- ABBOTT IVAN B. BOUGHTON DGGH, School of Arfs and Sciences Decm, School of Veferinory Medicine 12 A J' ,, -n-...M ,. H. LLOYD HEATON MARION T. HARRINGTON Regisfror Deon of fhe College flea IDE P. TROTTER Deon, Groduofe School WALTER L, PENBERTHY COL. HAYDON L. BOATNER Deon of Men Commcndonf, School of Milifory Science 13 C. G. WHITE BENNIE A. ZINN Assistant to the Dean of Assistant to H19 DGUH of Men for Student Activities Men for Student Affairs VI E J f M ,.,. f"A A The annual Battalion Award program was instituted in I947 by the student daily newspaper of ASQM to recognize meritorious achievement on the part of members of the faculty and staff of the college system. Honorees are selected by a student committee which includes the co-editors of the paper and certain departmental editors. Lt. Col. Marion P. Bowden, tactical officer in the Office of the Commandant, "for Dr. T. F. Mayo, head of the Department of English, "for O third of-a century of his outstanding work as dormitory tactical officer, in which he has proved that making A8KM'5 C' broader education by. Inlecllngf in U VGVISIY 'iii lfllffefenf WUYSI discipline can be Tempered with undersmndingy much of the arts and letters so essential to a well rounded life. I I I J, S. Mogford, professor in the Department of Agronomy, for his work in origi- Dr. John H. Hill, associate professor in the Department of History, "scholar and nming and building fhe Coffon Ball, pageant, and 5-yyle Show-ll teacher, who maintains the highest class room standards and the highest class J. Wayne Stark, director of the Memorial Student Center, "for his consistently room respect and interest as well." conscientious work and his visionary planning on the Memorial Student Center." T949 AWARDS 1948 AWARDS T947 AWARDS Dr. J. P. Abbott Lt. Col. E. V. Adams Art Angrist Acting dean at the Annex Director of the ASLM Band Co-Director of the Aggie Players Arthur D. Adamson Frank G. Anderson George J. Dillavcu Coach of the swimming team Coach of the track team Co-Director of the Aggie Players F. C. Bolton Roland E. Bing Larry Jene Fisher President of the college Manager of Student Publications Texas Forest Service Staff William W. Caudill K. E. Elmquist Gibb Gilchrist Instructor in the Department of Architecture Coach of the intercollegiate debate team President of the college Dr. M. T. Harrington Virgil M. Faires Col. Guy S. Meloy Dean of the college Head of the Department of Management Engineering Professor of miiltary science and tactics Fritz Hensel S. L. "Jack" Frost Edgar S. McFadden Head of the Department of Landscape Art Texas Forest Service staff Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Staff Dr. Ralph Steen Mrs. Ann Hilliard E. E. Vezey Professor in the Department of History Hostess of the Annex Student Center Professor in the Department of Physics Dr. George Summey E. E. McQuillen C. G. "Spike" White Professor and former head of the Department Executive secretary of the Association Director of intramural athletics of English of Former Students Dr. Josef Stadelmann Instructor in the Department of Modern Languages LT. coL. MARION P. BowDEN DR T F MAYO J, WAYNE STARK 1- DR. RALPH W. STEE N The Student Life Committee during T949-50 strengthened its position as the "upper house" of the ABQM student government. Under its con- stitution from the president of the college, the committee is to govern all matters pertaining to student life. Current amendments give the group authority to serve as liaison unit between all other student organizations and the college administration ond to act on and for- ward any matters which need approval of higher authorities. The com- mittee is to review and make recommendations on all Student Senate business requiring the action of higher authorities. Under these amend- ments and an adopted "student government channels" chart, the group also is to act on and forward matters of class business not within the jurisdiction of the Student Senate but still of a nature requiring the approval of higher authorities. The committee is composed of eleven students and nine faculty and staff members, the latter appointed yearly by the president of the college. Four student members are elected by the Student Senate, three student members are selected in a general election by the non-corps students, and the presidents of the Senior and Junior Classes, the colonel of the corps, and the co-editors of The Battalion lwho exercise only one vote between theml are automatically members because of the offices they hold. The committee chairman is designated by the presi- dent of the college, who also designates a non-voting executive secre- tory, and the group elects one of its members as parliamentarian. Among its many duties, the committee distributes the Welfare and Recreation Fund, selects Who's Who award winners, and supervises and grants contracts for student publications. HARRY RANEY Parliamentarian ae W Chairman to L le C i ti Front Row: Floyd H. Henk, Student Senate, Doyle R. Avant, colonel of the corps, Clark C. Munroe, corps co-editor of The Battalion, and Robert N. Page, non-corps representative. Second row: Bobby J. Byington, president of the Senior Class, R. L. "Bill" Billings- ley, non-corps co-editor of The Battalion, Cecil H. Huey ll, Student Senate, and Hal E. Stringer, Student Senate. Third Row: Dr. Ralph W. Steen, chairman, faculty, Harry Doran, non-corps repre- W 1 i 'U "rf,-"!.qnppllll' - nr-""""'7 pgnllllsulvli " ""'--,gill ,nm -I'-, ,qnpsll ?s i will """ paul' ' :' 131105 - quell' ,Q-jlf' ,,,,qasnl'l"""' HH HH sentative, M. L. Cashion, staff, Daniel Russell, faculty, and Wilman Barnes, presi- dent of the Junior Class. Fourth Row: C. G. White, executive secretary lnon-membert, staff, Charles "Chuck" Cabaniss, non-corps representative, Harry Raney, parliamentarian, Student Senate, Lt. Col. Joe E. Davis, staff, Barlow Irvin, staff, and Dr. F. P. Jaggi, faculty. Not Shown: Ray G. Perryman, staff, Joseph A. Orr, faculty, and Fred R. Brison, faculty. ,amid The Student Senate is the highest all-student unit in the ABQM student government. The Consti- tution of the Student Body authorizes it to govern in matters of student affairs. The Senate corre- sponds to the "lower house" of the common legis- lature as its members are elected by popular vote in fall elections except for the vice-presidents of the four classes, who are automatically members. Of the remainder of its 43 members in 1949-50, 27 were elected from a corresponding number of dormitories and housing areas, four by the stu- dents living in Annex barracks, two by the day students, and five "at-large" by all of the students. A total of 116 candidates filed for Senate places in the fall elections. Officers of the Senate, elected by the members, were Keith Allsup, president, Lloyd Manieot, sec- retary, and Joe Fuller, parliamentarion. Consti- tutional amendments passed at the final meeting of the -group will add the office of vice-president in the fall of 1950. Another amendment provides for nine non-voting, non-debating associate seats, three to be filled by each of the lower classes, to provide "experience" for additional underclass- men. Subiect to popular approval in a special fall election, ABQM officers of the TISA fTexas lnter-Collegiate Students Associationl will be given seats in the Senate which would normally be filled by senators-at-large. If approved, a TISA com- mittee to include any current state officers from A8.M will function within the Senate and will rep- resent AM in affairs of the state organization. Current TISA officers are Fuller, parliamentarian, Allan Eubank, executive vice-president, and Charles Royalty, executive secretary. The latter two offices were filled by the Senate since A8iM automatically receives them as the host school for the 1950-51 TISA convention. Much of the work of the Senate is done by its nine standing committees, and a committee at least makes recommendations concerning such matters as concern it. Most important of the committees is probably the four senator-group which is elected to the Student Life Committee. The four senators act as a liaison between the two groups but are not instructed how to vote by the Senate, rather voting individually on all matters. Second most important is the executive committee which deter- I 2 KEITH-eEldAllLSUP Puryear Hall Top Row: Tom G. Calhoun ll, Legett Hall, Lloyd E. Carroll, Dorm 14, John L. Christensen, vice-president Ccorpsl, Senior Class, Franklin A. Cleland, Dorm 3, Joe H. Coro- nado, Dorm 9, and Daniel W. Davis, vice-president, Sophomore Class. Middle Row: B. O. Hauser, Dorm 15 Cfalll, Floyd H. Henk, At-Large, Cecil H. Huey lll, Trailer Camp, Emmitt A. Ingram, Walton Hall, Charles D. Kirkham, vice-president fnon-corpsl, Senior Class, and Kenneth Landrum, Dorm 6. Bottom Row: Harvey B. Purvis, Jr., vice-president, Freshman Class, Harry Raney, Vet Village, Charles A. Royalty, Hart Hall, James B. Sammons, Annex fspringj, Bobby R. Sykes, At-Large, and C. O. Smith, Dorm 1. Not Shown: Marvin E. Beck, Annex, Albert G. Hluza, Dorm 16, Mike B. Mooney, Annex Cfalll, and Jim W. Patterson, Annex Cfallj. . l i l mines the agenda items and "guides" Senate business. The welcoming committee which handles relations with other student bodies and the social L committee which participates in the selection of the ls Aggie Sweetheart and designates ARM repre- sentatives to social functions of other schools are , next most highly regarded. Very important is the 7 election committee which handles all elections except class ballotings. The Exchange Store com- T r I mittee distributes Exchange Store profits while the 1 hospital and mess committees determine and in- I vestigate problems and make recommendations for improvements in those fields. The publicity com- ' mittee cooperates with regular media of publicity in different phases of Senate work. Special com- mittees include the Campus Chest committee which directs the Campus Chest drive to provide funds for the Twelfth Man Scholarship, the WSSF, and a local contingency fund, the traffic committee which investigates campus problems and recom- mends solutions to the administration, and the Job Clinic committee which cooperates with the Placement Office in work 'towards a local clinic. l s EQ Porliomentarian Secretary JOE R. FULLER LLOYD H. MANJEOT Law l'l0ll Dormitory 'l2 Top Row: Glen B. Dunkle, Dorm 5, Allan Eubank, Dorm 4, William E. Forsythe, Day Studentsp Samuel V. Fox, Dorm 2, Earl L. Grant, Dorm 7, and Max G. Greiner At-Large. l Middle Row: Jimmie G. Magruder, Dorm 8, Jack B. Miller, At-Large, Iva E. Montgomery, Milner Hallg William R. Moss, Day Students, Roy D. Nance Dorm 'IO dnd Melvin W. "Bill" Parse, vice-president, Junior Class. ' ' Bottom Row: William B. Smith, Dorm T5 lspringjg Hall E. Stringer, Dorm 17, Chester B. Stroucl, Mitchell H ll- W. F, "B " Th D ll- W D T View ltalll, and Walter W. Zimmerman, At-Large. G ruce ompsonl arm ' l I rem' College Not Shown: Albert E. Pavey, Jr., Annex ltalllg Earl D. Sherman, Annex Veteran Housing, Moxie W. Freeman, College View fsprirlgl, and Wallace G. Garrison Annex Cspringl. ' l l i l i l l DOYLE R. AVANT, JR. 7 Colonel of the Corps 0 Caldwell Trophy, 1949 Student Life Committee President, Junior Class, 1949 DAVID J. KREAGER President, Pre-Law Society Singing Cadets Arts and Sciences Council Phi Kappa Phi GEORGE S. KADERA All-America Track Team, 1948 Co-Captain, Track Team Arts and Sciences Council President, PE Maiors Club CHARLES D. "CHUCK" CABANISS Co-Editor, Aggieland 1950 President, Arts and Sciences Council Sports Editor, The Battalion Student Life Committee 18 6 'IXUAQ Ross Volunteers Student Lite Committee CHARLES D. KIRKHAM, JR. Chief Editorialist, The Battalion President, Student Senate, 1949 Non-Corps Vice-President, Senior Class Student Senate, 3 years L -MW i'-ie MEN2 CLARK C. MUNROE Co-Editor, The Battalion Chairman, SWC Sportsmanship Com., 1949 HAL E. STRINGER Student Senate Memorial Student Center Council Student Life Committee WALTER W. ZIMMERMAN Executive Officer ot the Corps Student Senate Outstanding Senior, Air Force flnstallationsj Outstanding Junior CSARJ, Air Force, 1949 19 L. ALLAN EUBANK Regimental Commander Student Senate 0 Ross Volunteers Outstanding Junior, Cav.-Eng. Regt., T949 HARRY RANEY Parliamentarian, Student Lite Committee Student Senate, 2 years BOBBY J. BYINGTON President, Senior Class Student Life Committee J. D. HAMPTON Co-Captain, Track Team SWC Mile and Two-Mile Record-Holder Captain, Cross Country Team, T948 President, FFA Chapter, 1949 20 REX L. "BILL" BILLINGSLEY Co-Editor, The Battalion Arts and Sciences Council Student Lite Committee President, Ellis County Club, EMMIT A. INGRAM Student Senate President, Engineers Council Engineering Achievement Award CAl'Cl"l.l 1948 lr I LLOYD H. MANJEOT Secretary, Student Senate President, YMCA Cabinet Vice-President, Business Society Vice-President, Inter-Faith Council ALFRED D. MARTIN, JR. Sergeant Maior ot the Corps Outstanding Cadet in Class, 3 years President, Sophomore Class, 1949 2 1 I JAMES H. "RED" DUKE Yell Leader Ross Volunteers JIMMY RAY WOODALL Co-Editor, Aggieland 1950 Ross Volunteers Company Commander J. T. DOTSON Regimental Commander President, Senior Court YXUAU Ross Volunteers Outstanding Senior, Field Artillery LYTLE H. BLANKENSHIP State President, Texas Intercollegiate Academy ot Science Agriculture Council Phi Kappa Phi Agriculture Achievement Award .:.,, 22 WA 'W 152'-H-v WILLIAM F. "BRUCE" THOMPSON Consolidated Band Commander Student Senate TOM G. CALHOUN, ll Student Senate Vice-President, Petroleum Club 2 'SQ Q. -mmm JOHN L. TAYLOR First Sergeant, Ross Volunteers President, Debate and Discussion Club, i949 Arts and Sciences Council, 'I949 Outstanding Senior, Armored Cavalry JOE R. FULLER Parliamentarian, Student Senate President, Debate and Discussion Club Arts and Sciences Council Memorial Student Center Council 23 WILMAN D. BARNES Presildent,U.lunior Class Student Life Committee Student Senate, 1948 Outstanding Juniorfj Infantry Regiment 7fl!!,0 CECIL H. HUEY, ll Student Senate Student Lite Committee President, Business Society Outstanding Senior Quartermaster Corps FLOYD H. HENK Student Senate Student Lite Committee Business Manager, Aggielcmd 1950 Company Commander 24 WA Engineering Achieve DAVID L. COSLETT ,f y FRANKLIN A. CLELAND Regimental Commander Student Senate Outstanding Senior, Chemical Corps ment Award CCl1.E.J The Battalion NIVVPVVA Feature Editor, Arts and Sciences Council W ,,,, ,Y is .,,. NK V l'--Q. "N, m,, 7 1, 1 A :'- ,, I ,,it L ,,,.r., PfeSlde'1f'e'eClf lf' AVMA President, Tumbling Club President, Johnson County Club -14. Outstanding Junior Award, Vet. Medicine l wx 1,535.2 ,gms , ' 1 fe ny., .- Pie' - waz! . iiifwci' :ef :2 . .... L V, ,:.,,. ,,., Q. CHARLES B. MODISETT President ASAE 721 W4 an Engineers anal Agriculture Councils rs M? Q M 5353 'sa om W Q Li Company Commander 1 ,wg wsm fflyykw ggi? V ' ' Arm Security Agency 2 Y Sy ig gg ,gifs Q Outstanding Senior, y : L 1 , 4 rfb rf " X 'Mmggg vm'-.,,.-11:15 W9 6- 1 0 4 1 ws A vm ' v' -.f.s'wrs - 4 is Q inns - A Q W H , f . 123951 f' GN J' f' 'QM ' YY! ',I'.'x'f9X?'9vs?"'I ' 1,2 , if P? Ami W "1 ziggy- y x fl- - ,' ' ca? " -3 ' Yrsfw a , W " u I L w vw, lr M rQ w L. 1 5 1 7 1 w rf- W. pf ,0s:Qwxmww.m.Awwmmmfmwmwmmwmfwmwmwwezm mwwwwaztxwxmmf'wMm:mwmwmmmwvwmzmaww mmwfzcwfzwfmmmffW,mm0.fmq,W.QWwmawqfm.-wmemvmfwmmz::1::wwAmQ1mwwmW.-wnwmamwmmug:1:a1'1':vew-ef:-'wk ,f,.,w,Q-fMr--ff-, ,7,,,.,:w,'.:.,.,1,g..N. ,,..., : g, ..,,,.,.,,,y.!-,fa , 1 :: vw: 11 , ,, N f-XV xv - r 4 km Q fxl W 11 nf X X X 1 f I aff' f f f M' 1 GRADUATES AREN BURG, DONALD H. Man. E BROWN, ALLAN N. Chem. BROWN, DONALD CE BOYD, ORMEL I. Ag. Ed. COLLINS, ROYAL E. Physics DEVADANAM, K. JOSEPH Genetics DICKERSON, H. C. Ag. ECI. FLANAGAN, MARION D. Aero FOO, ER CHEN Hort. FOSTER, KENNETH W. EE-Math KEELING, JOHN C. Math PARHAM, ALVIN P. AH PRASAD, VISHRAM Ag. RAUT, GAJENDRA N. Ag. RICHARDSON, LEONARD L. R 81 F ROBERTSON, RICHARD S. Ento. ROBINSON, ROBERT CI-:E SINGH, HARBHAJAN Vet. Path. SMALLWOOD, CHARLES M. AH SPALDING, JOHN F. AH STACK, THOMAS N. Ag. Eco. STEWART, ELDON Ag. Ed. STREGER, EUGENE F. Genetics WEBB, GEORGE M 8. SE MELTON, AURELIOUS A. AH IlDonlI Watertown, Mass. "Brownie" Waco Jacksboro Chiiton "Gene" Houston ll-I oell Hyderabad, India IlDiCkH Kilgore San Angelo Shanghai, China "KiIowott" Weatherford Overton Manghum, La. Banaras, India Cuttack Ill-ell Iraan llDiCklI College Station "Robie" Burkburnett East Juniah, India McAIester, Oklo. "Jake" Hudson, N. H. Sydney, Aust. IIE Y ll Cooper Hamilton "Butch" Fort Worth "Reil" Emory .r ' Presidenf Bobby J. Byingion . John L. Christensen . . Vice-Presideni CCorpsJ Charles D. Kirkham . Vice-Presidenf QNon-Corpsl Conrad C. Ohlendorf . Secrefary-Treasurer Timothy D. Word Q. . Social Secrefary Q r 1 2 I ,f U V V, s - - : :, fy , V 'X . q .mv , wsfcwrfeersf-f:g3m'qf-3'f1"frY7fA:'Tf?f?"'!?ff'T??IfXf5?"",f ':-'arf-W? ' we-5-4'?:r:.--,5-5,5?.x:x1,,,1,..::1f.s,w,5,Cm ,, . ,. ,. . xx555545,Qstilaz5-Qffii5g:f.,j1-fifis 179 eff,-as ' - -'s, .f13+.'.-5.-pxmg,-'f'-..1,f:. Y:-14: 'M'-.1,fff.w,.:, . , . . ': iv:a.gQ41z"-f.fQrpg, 1gi:5x-sw-wgg?,f t.1.,:,:.f-1 -,gg wsu, .5 s .gee . ,,,. 29 ..- .3-.-if-I -s1.Q:?N5'N ie. -.sy A .Ri .sy .sb . ,KXA .QRS Q . A ADAMS, KENNETH P. HK. P." Pre-Med Tuna Age 20, Class '50, "C" Arty., Captain, Pre-Med. Club, Reporter, Panhandle Club. AIKEN, CHARLES H. "Gilmer" Vet. Med. Salado Age 24, Class '50, Navy, "B" Vet., AVMA, Bell coumy Cl ALANIZ, PETE ub. Sul Ross Research Club, Cl"E San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Chem. Corps, Newman Club, AlChE. ALLEGA, JAMES S. "Jimmy" BUS- Midland Age 21, Class '49, "A" AF, Business Society, Captain, Trans-Pecos Club, Commentator Staff, Battalion Staff. ALLEN, WAYNE M. ffguddyff Bus. Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "H" AF, Captain, C.O., Rifle Team, Ross Vol- unteers, Business Society, Fort Worth Student, Distinguished Military Student. ANDERSON, AYRES "Andy" Age. Eco. Gatesville Age 21, Class '50, "A" QMC, Captain, Varsity Track, Marketing and Finance Club, Coryell County Club, Distinguished Military Clu b, ROA Distinguished Student. ANDERSON, TERRY O. "T. O." ME Wichita Falls Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Wichita Falls Club. ANDREW, JAMES W. "Cadet" Man. E Corpus Christi Age 21, Class '50, "B" CAC, SAM, Business Manager, Engineer, Corpus Christi Club. ARNST, JAMES E. "Jimmy" AH Kingsville Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Lieut., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Rodeo Club, Brush Country Club. AVANT, DOYLE R., JR. "Uncle Dudley" Pet. E La redo Age 22, Class '50, Col. of the Corps, Who's Who, Caldwell Trophy, President Junior Class, Houston CC Citation, ROA, Social Sec., Sophomore Class, Ross Volunteers, Best Drilled Soph, Dis- tinguished Student, Student Life Committee, Laredo Club, Pet. Club. BACHUS, WALTER O. I "Jimmy" CE Tyler Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, "C" Vet., ASCE, SAM, Masonic Club. BAGGETT, RONALD E. "Ronnie" Man, E Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "A" ASA, Lieut., Dallas Club, SAM. BAILEY, CHARLES P. HPCITH Bus, Refugio Age 21, Class '50, "E" lnt., Captain CO, Ross Volunteers, Busi- ness Society, Brush Country Club. BAKER, HAROLD G. "Genl1eim" Pet. 81 Geol. E Aransas Pass Age 19, Class '50, "B" CAC, Maior, Petroleum Club, Rifle Team, Geology Club, Tarpon Club, Brush Country Club. BAKER, JACK W. Ag, Eng, Navasota Age 20, Class '50, "A" QMC. BAKER, LAWRENCE B., JR. "Breezy" Bus' Houston Age 20, Class '50, "B" QMC, Business Society, Pre Law Society, Wesley Foundation, Pres. San Jacinto Chap., Houston Club. BALAGIA, EDWARD G. "Eddie" Ag. Eco, Austin Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Marketing and Finance .Club, Austin Club, Distinguished Military Student, Captain. BARBER, WILLIAM A., JR. llwlllll Jour- Linden' Age 20, Class '50, "E" lnf., Captain, Pres. Cass County Club. Z' Q " K3 ses we fs. We Bemsf sw I 1 . f 1 'rife 1 5 " 1 -Mc. wir:-.z-f+,' 25, -:',..,'-,gm ':- ...s , .. .:. Q' ,f sf R ' B A Q . f x wr H ' ,., BARGFREDE, JAMES A. "Bobo" Man. E Seguin Age 21, Class '50, "C" AF, Major, SAM, H.E.C., Distinguished Student. BARNES, SAMUEL H. "Red" Ag. Eng. Chester Age 21, Class '50, "A" CAC, Capt., C.O., Pres., Southwest ASAE, Vice-Pres. Wesley Foundation, Distinguished Student, Distin- guished Military Student, Outstanding Cadet, CAC, Ross Vol- unteers. BARNETT, ROBERT D. "Bob" Ch. E Houston Age 21, Class '50, "A" Ord., AICh.E., A.C.S., Houston Club. BARON, JOHN D. ".l. D." Chem. East Bernard Age 19, Class '50, "A" Chem. Corps, A.C.S., Newman Club. BARRETT, DELVIN R. PH Bellville Age 21, Class '50, "A" Comp., Ag. Council, Poultry Science Club. BARRETT, SCHLEY GIBBS Bus. Kaufman Age 21, Class '50, "A" Arty., Lieut., Kaufman County Club, Business Society. ' BARRON, JOHN S. Aero. Tyler Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, ROA, IAS, Vice-Pres. Tyler Club, H.E.C. BASS, HENRY K. "Hank" Ch. E Abilene Age 21, Class '50, White Band, Lieut., A.l.Ch.E., A.C.S., Abilene Club. BASS, NELSON I. "Nellie" IE Rosenbury Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Capt., Pres. Fort Bend Club, I.E. Club. BATES, LEW A. "Master" B8rA Marshall Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty., Business Society, Marshall Club. BAUERSCHLAG, WALTER H., JR. CE San Marcos Age 21, Class '50, "A" Comp., ASCE. BAUMAN, MELVIN M., JR. Pet. 81 Geo. E Orange Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, Drum and Bugle Corps, Orange Club. BEATTY, WILLIAM D. "Chief" AH Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., Capt., Y Cabinet, Chairman, Home- town Club Council, Saddle and Sirloin Club, ROA. BECKMANN, CALVIN H. "Cal" CE Fredericksburg Age 21, Class '50, Air Force, "A" AF, Longhorn Staff '48, Re- cording Sec., L.S.A., ASCE. BEESLEY, BEN B. "Bubba" Bus. Belton Age 20, Class '50, "E" Arty., Bell Co. Club, Acct. Society, Busi- ness Society. BENNETT, PERCY J. "Jimmie" CE Houston Age 20, Class '50, "I" AF, Maior, ASCE, Pres. Reagan Chapter Houston Club, Swimming Team, '48-'49. BENNETT, VAL GENE "Val" Ag. Eco. Pecos Age 20, Class '50, "D" Int. BENSON, JOE F. "Admiral" CE Greenville Age 20, Class '50, "B" CAC Lieut., Pres. Greenville Club, ASCE. g f-,- T . Y ,. ,g gig Q.. ..,X .,,,,5... .W .,. - 1- Q -s is 1 ss- N:-Q fs-saw Os.. f-.sf-Y-x .. A ' - N is s Q t' me . 1:Saws.sgsss-NQAQws-sbege.SXQQMN XX,fX.x..'gs3g,s..s,-Eyfsxg.-' 's1s's:1- ss-5 iq-sims Sit ssl ,ski 3sQ:fsf-s'.fs...'-SWF.-j it BERGIN, THOMAS J. HDOCH AH Gruver A99 20, CIGSS '50, "A" TC, Vice President Saddle and Sirloin Club, Social Sec. Panhandle Club, Lieut. BEUTEL, HERBERT W., JR. "Lover" Pre.-Med. Dallas Age 20, Class '50, Corps Staff, Lt. Col., Corps Intelligence Ott., DMS, Distinguished Student, Lieut., Ross Volunteers, Arts and Science Council, Town Hall Stott, Pre-med. Scholarship Award, Scholarship Honor Society, Pre-Med. Society, Dallas Club Out- standing Arty. Junior. BICKHAM, BEN W. As- Eng- Tatt Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, Capfain, ASAE, Social Sec. Brush Country Club. BILLINGSLEY, DAVID S. Ch-E Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "A" Ord., AIChE. BILLINGSLEY, WILLIAM R. "Bill" Eco. Liberty Age 19, Class '50, "B" Cav., Lieut., Vice President Liberty Co. Club, Treas. Spanish Club, Intramural Mgr., Tumbling Club. BISHOP, WILLIAM W. "Bill" ME Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "A" Senior, Dallas Club, ASHSKVE. BLACKBURN, WILLIAM R. "Goat" Ag. Eco. Dom-iq Age 21, Class '50, "A" Int., Rio Grande Valley Club, Intramural Club, YMCA. BLAIR, O. CARRELL "Cube" Pet. E San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., Captain, SAME, AIME, Petroleum Club, ROA, YMCA, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Mili- tary Stuclentp Methodist Student Steward. BLAND, BOBBY J. "B, J." AH Merkel Age 21, Class '50, "H" AF, Lieut., Wesley Foundation, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Meats Judging Team, Livestock Judging Team, Danforth Fellowship, Distinguished Student, DMS. BLANKENSI-IIP, BILLY J. "Blank" Bus. Sundown Age 22, Class '48, Merchant Marine, "A" Vet., Aggie Band, Ft. Worth Club, Battalion Staff, Vice President Singing Cadets, Distinguished Student, Business Society. BLEKER, JULIUS W. "Bill" Physics A Corpus Christi Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, "B" Vet., Singing Cadets, Corpus Christi Club. BOHLMANN, WILLY F., JR. "Bill" CE Schulenburg Age 22, Class '50, Army, Col. Regt. CO, Houston CC Citation, Best Drilled Soph., Pres. ASCE, Sul Ross Research Club, Ross Volunteers, Engineer Council, Distinguished Student, DMS, Fayette County Club. BONNOT, CHARLES J. "JOSH AH Edna Age 21, Class '51, "C" Inf., Saddle and Sirloin Club, BSU, Rifle Team. BONSALL, RAYMOND W. UBIIIH Pet. E Port Arthur Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty. BOTHWELL, JAMES H. "Big Jim" BA Longview Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, "D" Vet., East Texas Club, New- man Club, Business Society. BOWERS, DAVID G., JR. "Gene" Pre-Med, Abilene Age 20, Class '50, "E" AF, Town Hall Staff, YMCA, Abilene Club, Pre-Med. Club. BOWLIN, OSWALD D. "Don" Eco. Lamesa Age 20, Class '50, "A" Cav., Spanish Club, Economics Club, Dis- tinguished Student. . BOYD, DEAN L. "Buddy" Eco. Fort Worth Age 21, Class '50, "E" Arty., Captain CO, Town Hall, Singing Cadets, Arts and Science Council, Spanish Club, Pre-Law Soc., Economics Club, Ft. Worth Club. .A - -s fs ef' :fs ., ' .- -f-.- . -. - " f 'f " 1' - J ' f ' BRIDGES, JOHN L. Arch. Breckanridge Age 21, Class '50, "A" AF, AGC, ROA, Arch. Society. BROUSSARD, WILLIAM A. "Boo" Bus. Beaumont Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., Beaumont Club, Newman Club, Business Society. BROWN, BILLY D. "Bill" Pet. Eng. Thalia Age 21, Class '50, "H" AF, ROA, Pet. Eng. Club. BROWN, BOBBY R. ME Houston Age 21, Class '49, "A" Ord., Pres. Christian Science Organiza- tion, Treasurer ASME. BROWN, BYRON B. "B. B." Bus. Adm. Houston Age 20, Class '49, "B" Cav. BROWN, CLAUDE H. "Claude" Man. E West Columbia Age 23, Class '50, Air Corps, "E" Vet., Camera Club, Brazoria County Club. BROWN, DEWEY E. BA Sinton Age 22, Class '49, Marines, "A" Cav., Ross Volunteers, Brush Country Club, Distinguished Student. BROWN, JIMMIE L. Geal. Fort Worth Age 21, Class '50, "G" AF, Geology Club, Fort Worth Club. BROWN, VALRY, JR. "Bubba" Ag. Eco. Liberty Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, Lieut., Vice President Liberty County Club, Marketing and Finance Club. BRUECK, WILLIAM L., JR. "Red" Pre-Med. Port Arthur Age 23, Class '50, Navy, "E" Vet., Ross Volunteers, Pre-Med. Society, Port Arthur Club. BRUMLOW, RAY "Boog" Ag. Ed. Hempstead Age 21, Class '50, "A" TC, FFA. BRUNDRETT, TOM H. Bus. Refugio Age 21, Class '50, "B" QMC, Brush Country Club, Business Society, Pre-Law Club, Distinguished Military Student. BUCEK, CHARLES E. "Chicken" Bus. Hallettsville Age 20, Class '50, "C" Arty., Business Society, Sec. Lavaca County Club. BUCHANAN, JOHN W. "Bucket" Bus. Bryan Age 21, Class '49, "A" Comp., Captain CO, Sociology Club, Singing Cadets. BUNTING, ROBERT H. "Bob" AH Henrietta Age 21, Class '50, "B" Cav., Saddle and Sirloin Club, North Central Texas Club. BURNS, IRA M. Ag. Ed. Catarina Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Senior Company. BURRIS, DUDLEY R. "Bandido" Hl5f- Seguin Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Battalion Staff. BURROW, BILL B. ' A9- Ed- Tulia Age 20, Class '50, "C" Arty., Captain CO, Panhandle Club, FFA. t- . BURTTSCHELL, JOHN H. ffgedff CE Dime Box Age 20, Class '50, "H" AF, Lutheran Student Ass'n, ASCE, Vice President Bastrop-Lee County Club. BUSSELL, ROLAND E. ffgquqfoff Man. E Bay City Age 21, Class '50, "B" Eng., ERC, ASME, SAM. BYFORD, W. J. ffpubff CE McGregor Age 23, Class '50, Navy, "D" Vet., ASCE, Sec. Waco-McLennan County Club. BYINGTON, BOBBY J. "Bob" EE Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "A" Sig., Student Lite Committee, Dallas Club, President Senior Class, AIEE, Engineer Council, Who's Who. BYRD, THEODORE J. "Jerry" Bus. Vernon Age 21, Class '50, "B" TC, Pres. Singing Cadets, Inter-Faith Council. CAIN, HARRY D. fuugff BUS- Graham Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., Business Society, North Central Texas Club. CALAME, CLIFFORD D., JR. "Don" Ag. Ed. Wortham Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., FFA, Navarro County Club. CALDWELL, WALTER L. "Walt" Bus. Brownwood Age 21, Class '50, "B" Company, Lieut. CAMPBELL, DONALD C. "Don" Bus. Abilene Age 20, Class '50, "E" AF, President Abilene Club. CANNING, JOSEPH W. "Joe" ME San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, "D" FA, Captain, Swimming Team, ASME, AFS, Distinguished Student, YMCA. CARLSON, ELWOOD L. Cl-IE Duluth, Minn. Age 25, Class '50, "C" Vet., Tau Beta Pi, AIChE, Distinguished Student, DMS. CARLSON, ROBERT A. "Booby" Mun, E Palestine Age 20, Class '50, "C" Inf., Newman Club, SAM, Anderson County Club. CARR, REED Ag. Ed. Waco Age 25, Class '50, Army, "C" Vet., FFA, Tarleton Club. CARROLL, DONALD F. "Don" Ag,-on, College Station Age 22, Class '50, Navy ,"A" Company, Agronomy Society, Bryan-College Station Club. CECIL, ROBERT C. "B0b" Bus, Abilene Age 27, Class '49, Army, "A" Vet. CHAMBLESS, MORRIS K. Bus-Acct. Lefors Age 21, Class '50, "B" Compayn, Lieut., Business Society, Pan- handle Club. CHASE, LANCE E. "Gene" Agron- Son Benito Age 20, Class '50, "C" lnf., Captain CO, Distinguished Military Student, Distinguished Student, Agronomy Society, Rio Grande Valley Club, Senior Court. CHEEK, ERNEST J. "P0pp0" High Comanche Age 20, Class '51, "D" Inf., Commentator Staff, Spanish Club, Jesse Jones Award. Qi.Y fi S 1 It . 5 Ah,, 5 T, W., fy A-'iff CHERNOSKY, AL B. Pet. E Corpus Christi Age 24, Class '47, Navy, "E" Vet., Ross Volunteers, Pet. "E" Club. CHITWOOD, GEORGE E. Chem. Beaumont Age 22, Class '50, Army, "A" Vet. CHRIST, LAWRENCE A. "Chris" Rosenber ME g Age 19, Class '50, "B" CAC, Captain, Ft. Bend County Club, Camera Club. E CHRISTENSEN, JOHN L. "Chris" IE Galveston Age 21, Class '50, "B" Cav., Captain CO, Vice President Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurer Soph. Class, Student Senate, Senior Court, Newman Club, Ind. Ed. Club, Galveston Club, Varsity Football. CLELAND, FRANKLIN A. Chem. E Genoa Age 21, Class '50, "A" CC, Col., Regt. CO, AICHE, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student, Tau Beta Pi, Student Senate, Opportunity Award, Engineers Council, Who's Who. CLARK, LOUIS W. "Mule" BA Gilmer Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, Lieut. Upshur County Club, Bus. Society, East Texas Club, ROA, HEC. CLARK, SAM S. "Sammy" Bus. Galveston Age 20, Class '50, "A" QMC, Captain, Senior lnt. Man., Hillel Club, Secretary Galveston Club, Business Society, Distinguished Military Student. COBB, HOWELL B. Bus. Terrell Age 20, Class '50, "B" AF, Businnss Society, Kaufman Co. Club. COCKBURN, WILLIAM A. "Bill" Bus. Mercedes Age 27, Class '50, AF, Maior, Singing Cadets COGAN, CARROLL F. ME Schulenburg Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Capt., ASHSIVE, Ross Volunteers, Tau Beta Pi, Distinguished Military Student. COFFMAN, S HERBERT v. "Hop" Aefro. Nederland Age 21, Class '50, "F" AF, Singing Cadets, Westley Foundation, IAS. COLLINS, DEAN C. Chem. E San Benito Age 20, Class '50, "A" CC, Singing Cadets, Camera Club. COLLINS, TYRUS F. "Tye" CE Satin Age 22, Class '50, Army, "D" Vet., ASCE, Falls County Club, Lieutenant. CONDON, STEPHEN F. "Steve" ME' Houston Age 20, Class '50, "A" Sig. CONINE, ROBERT D. "Bob" ' Bus. McAllen Age 21, Class '49, "E" AF, Captain, Bus. Soc., President Rio Grande Valley Club. CONLEY, RAYMOND H. Arch. Houston Age 22, Class '49, Navy, "H" AF, Lieut., Arch Soc., ROA, ERC, AGC. COOK, KOA D. "Drake" Arch. San Angelo Age 20, Class '49, "D" FA, Rifle Team, Arch Soc., San Angelo Club, New Orleans Club. COOK, RICHARD X., JR. "Rex" BUS- Nederland Age 21, Class '50, "I" AF, Lieut., Bus. Soc., Port Arthur Club, Newman Club, Volleyball Club, ROA. ' . ' .Q T 'N til? 'i fi Q. X' - COOK, ROY H. ASTON- - Waller Age 19, Class '50, "E" AF, Lieut., Agron. Soc., Tex Academy of Science. COOPER, THOMAS R. "Tommy" BUS- Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Football Manager, Ft. Worth Club, Bus. Soc., Aggie Players. CORONADO, JOSE H. "Joe" Pei- E Laredo Age 20, Class '50, "B" CAC, Maior, Student Senator, Ross Volunteers, Petrol. Club, Distinguished Student, Engineer Coun- cil, AIME, DMS, Laredo Club. COTTEN, ANDREW J. "Andy" VET. Grqnbury Age 23, Class '50, Marine, "B" Vet., Major, AVMA, Distinguished Student, Weight Lifting Club. COUCH, BILL L. "Big Bill" CE Aransas Pass Age 21, Class '50, "A" CAC, Lieut., B Squad Football, ASCE, Vice President Tarpon Club. COUNCILL, GEORGE, JR. MGH- E Lufkin Age 20, Class '50, "B" Company, Lufkin Club, SAM. COX, BOBBIE L. "Bob" Acct. Ennis Age 19, Class '50, "A" CAC, Lt. Col. Bn. CO, Ross Volunteers, Acct. Soc., Ellis County Club, Distinguished Student. CRAVEY, DAVID O. Man. E Houston Age 20, Class '49, Band, Aggie Band, SAM. CREACY, JAMES N. EE Wichita Falls Age 24, Class '50, AF, "C" Vet., AIEE, AIRE, Wichita Falls Club, Radio Club. CROSSER, ROBERT E. "Bob" CE Houston Age 21, Class '49, Senior Co., Rifle Team, Aggie Band, ASCE, AGC, DMS. CRUZ, ABEL O. CE Laredo Age 20, Class '50, "A" AF, Ross Volunteers, Recorder Senior Court, ASCE, Newman Club, Laredo Club. CUMMINGS, JOHN M. "Johnny" CE Dallas Age 21, Class '51, "A" ASA, Captain, ASCE, Vice President NTAC Club, Newman Club. CURTIS, ROSS E. "Sheepdog" ChE Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., AlChE, Dallas Club. CUTHBERTSON, JAMES P. "Jimmy" Man. E Refugio Age 20, Class '50, "E" Int., Brush Co. Club, SAM. DAILEY, T. F. "FeIix" Pet. E Grapeland Age 21, Class '50, "D" Int., Captain, President Houston County Club, Pet. Club. DAVENPORT, CHARLES M. "Charlie" Acct. Jasper Age 23, Class '47, AF, "D" Vet., Accounting Society. DAVIS, EDWARD M. "Ed" ChE EI Paso Age 23, Class '47, Navy, CC, AICHE. 1 DAVIS, PAUL G. "P. G." Bus. Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "B" QMC, Bus. Soc., Aero Eng. Club, Dallas Club. S "s fra,"-L. .mil 1 .. gs., X 2 H., 'V c. ug - X,-- ill as xfi2Qis,1,kf fz..i?.f,z,i 1' sf - ii F5 ,M 1 ,,,,f I , DAVIS, RICHARD B. "Rick" Bus. Dallas Age 22, Class '49, Army, "C" Vet., Intramural Manager, Biology Club, Business Soc., Acct. Soc., Intramural Mgr. Club. DAVIDSON, FRANK T. CE Dallas Age 20, Class '50, White Band, Lieut., ASCE. DEALY, MARVIN E., JR. "Buddy" Arch. Houston Age 21, Class '50, "l" AF, Arch. Society, AGC, Fish Basketball. DEAN, C. WEBB Ag. Ed. Joaquin Age 21, Class '50, "B" Cav. DENNING, JOHN S. "Jack" ME Age 24, Class '49, Air Beta Pi, Newman Club, DICKENS, ROBERT C. B . Algse 23, Class '48, Air Business Society. DIECK, GEORGE E. PE San Antonio Force, "E" Vet., Ross Volunteers, Tau ASHVE, San Antonio Club, llBobll Burnet Force, "E" Vet., Distinguished Student, Austin Age 20 Class '50, "B" Ath., Swimming Team, Water Polo Team, Austin Club. DIETERICH, HERMAN F., JR. Vet. Med. Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "B" Inf., Lt. Col., Corps Staff, Distinguished Military Student, Distinguished Student, AVMA, Dallas Club. DIETERT, WILLIAM E., JR. "Bill" AH Kerrville Age 21, Class '50, "B" TC, Lieut., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Heart of the Hills Club. DIETZ, DONALD R. "Don" McAllen AH Age 23, Class '50, "F" AF, Lieut., Distinguished Student, Dis- tisguished Military Student, Activities Editor, Aggielancl '50, Sec, A and Treas. Freshman Class. DOBB5, MAURICE Pet. E Bryan Age 20, Class '50, "A" Comp. DOIRON, LUTHER R. Arch. Age 20, Class '50, "B" Eng., Arch. Society, Team, Port Arthur Club. DOMINEY, JOHNNY N. CE Age 24, Class '50, Navy, "D" Vet., ASCE. DONOVAN, FREDERICK H. RS IILUII Port Arthur SAME, Swimming "Domino" San Augustine llD0nlI Chillicothe Age 33, Class '41, FA, Battalion Staff, Singing Cadets, Sec. Rural Sociology Club, Fish Baseball Team. DOOLEY, BYRON N. Pre-Med. IIDOCII Port Arthur Age 21, Class '50, "G" AF, Lieut., Distinguished Student, Arts and Sciences Council, Pre-Med. Soc., Port Arthur Club. DOTSON, J. T. ME IIJ ll San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, "D" FA, Col., Art. Regt. CO, Ross Volun- teers, President Senior Court, Distinguished Military Student, Who's Who. DOWNING, EARL D. Math. "Dean" Vernon Age 20, Class '50, "A" ASA, Lieut., Arts and Sciences Council, Distinguished Student. DU BOSE, GEORGE D., JR. PE "Coach" Gonzales Age 19, Class '50, "D" Int., P. E. Club. , X.. .., .. W... .. ..X . . .X X ,X . 'df ci., 2 Keiggsl if gf X-ei -:Jgjsi QT. XL.L .kink X - is X - . r -5 .qw Q.: 2 .1 ...X , . ,X ..X,, X, V .V . X E-N. .XX-iw. . 4 , .Nl QR ,X .. S-3 XX. .. XE. Q ki wp X S Qrlgxfimv. UNA rg Q. -ng, .R 'ew Q, .fig we X.. X . ,X., . M -.. .X , x X X X rsszfwfi mf1s.:xX5wiQx?1swv5ssXQPXxs e fsxmxxtx:Ss.sfsfNs5sYsX is -A X YN.. S DUDENHOEFFER, ALFRED J. "Joe" Pei- E Amarillo Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., SAME, AIMME, Pet. Eng. Club, Amarillo Club, Lieut., ROA. DUKE, JAMES H. "Red" Bus. Hillsboro Age 2I, Class '50, "B" Cav., Yell Leader, RV, President Hill County Club, Business Society, Outstanding Cadet, Summer Camp, Captain, DMS, BSU, Football squadman, Who's Who. DUNKELBERG, STEPHEN B. "Steve" ME Ft. Worth Age 20, Class '49, "B" Eng., Vice-President, SAME, Engineer Staff, Rifle Team. DUNKLE, GLEN B. "Dunk" AH Age 20, Class '50, "E" FA, Student Senator, Reporter, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Lieut. DURHAM, MORRIS C. CE Graham Driscoll Age 20, Class '50, "A" Ord., Lieut., ROA, ASCE, Distinguished Student. EDWARDS, W. EARL, JR. "Earl" DH Floydacla Age 2I, Class '50, Kream and Kow Club, Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Panhandle Club, Distinguished Student, Lieut., B FA. EGGER, R. KING "Queenie" Pet.-ME Shreveport Age 22, Class '50, Corps Staff, Lt. Col., Singing Cadets, Lt., RV, YMCA Cabinet, Interfaith Council, Town Hall, Petroleum Club, Shreveport Club. ELLIOTT, CHARLES Mod. Lang. Age 20, Class '50, Lieut., "C" Cav. ELLIS, CHARLES B. AH Age 2'I, Class '50, ELLIS, WILLIAM R. IE W. "Wendy" Laredo Laredo Club, Vice President Spanish Club, "Cho1zz" Rice "A" QMC. llB0bbyll Marshall Age 22, Class '48, Army, Senior Co., Distinguished Student, In- dustrial Education Club, President Marshall A8.M Club, VSA, ROA, Distinguished Military Student, 'Ist Lieut. ENDERLE, HORACE W. "Hardo" Ch. E - San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "A" Ord., AIChE. ENGELBRECHT, HENRY W. Hort. College Station Age 20, Class '50, 'Ist Lieut., "A" Company, Horticulture Society, Lutheran Student Association. ENGLAND, JOHN K. "Jack" Bug, -' l"ICII'lII'1QEn Age 2l, Class '49, "I" AF, Lt. Col., Senior Intramural Manager, Vice President Rio Grande Valley Club, Sqd. Co. ENGLE, ROY L. "PIl'1lCy"' Range Man. BOTSGY' Age 2I, Class '50, "E" FA, Range and Forestry Club, Panhandle Club. ENGLISH, ROBERT B. "Bob" Aero-Man. Eng. Los Angeles, Cal. Age 25, Class '46, Navy, "C" Vet., Tau Beta Pi, SAM, IAS, Dis- tinguished Student. ERWIN, JOHN L. "Bricks-y" Hort. San Benito Age 20, Class '50, "B" FA, Tio Grande Valley Club, Horticulture Club, Entomology Club. EUBANK, LOUIS A. "Spider" Geol. E Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., Col., Regt. CO, Student Senator, Interfaith Council, YMCA Cabinet, Geology Club, Dallas Club, Ross Volunteers, SAME, ROA, Swimming Team, Who's Who. EUBANK, RAYMOND H. "Ray" Pei, E Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Army, lst Lieut., Senior Co., Petroleum Engi- neers Club, AIME, Dallas Club. as I 3 HX? A2 LY. .,,. g ., ggi M...x NJ V' ,K K, ,Q g -.fer xxf- fx' Q ffff sw' '-,. .... 5 f- -' fs 4 - F ff s 4' --', , f , I FAILS, JAMES C. "Speck" ChE Comanche Age 21, Class '48, "A" AF, Lt. Col., Distinguished Student, DMS, AlChE, Battalion Staff, Fencing Team, T Club, Spanish Club, Heart O' Texas Club. FALL, JOHN G. "Booger" BUS- Waco Age 20, Class '50, "B" AF, Business Society Waco-McLennan County Club. FENNELL, JAMES C. "Dooney" CE Port Arthur Age 21 Class '50, "B" Eng., Captain, Treasurer, SAME Vice President Port Arthur Club, Distinguished Military Student, ERC. FIELD, THOMAS E. "Tom" BUS. Plainview Age 22, Class '49, Air Force, "D" Vet., Panhandle Club, YMCA, Wesley Foundation, Program Chairman. FILER, THEODORE H. "Ted" Wildlife Alta Loma Age 21, Class '50, "B" Cav., Fish and Game Club, Newman Club, Galveston County Club. FLAKE, ROBERT A. "Bolo" Man. E San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "A" SC, Maior, Tau Beta pi, RV, ROA, Wesley Foundation, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, DMS, President SAM, San Antonio Club, Longhorn Staff, Engi- neer Council. FLEMING, CHARLES H. Bus. El Paso Age 23, Class '50, Navy, "B" Vet., Business Society, El Paso Club. FLOWERS, JAMES H., JR. "Slick" Arch. Port Neches Age 20, Class '50, "G" AF, Captain, Town Hall, Arch. Society, President Billiards Club, Port Arthur Club, Tumbling Club, Swim- ming Team. FLOYD, GLENN W. "Dub" Ag. Ed. Weatherford Age 20, Class '50, TC, FFA. FLUKER, THOMAS S. "Sid" A Arch. Freeport Age 20, Class '50, White Band. FOX, SAMUEL V. "Sam" Pet. E Nederland Age 21, Class '49, "B" Cav., Lieut., Petroleum Club, Student Senate, AIME. FREBERG, CLARENCE D. "Doug" AH Dallas Age 24, Class '47, Army, "C" Vet., President Dallas Club, Varsity Football, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Rodeo Club, Ag. Council, Battalion Staff, Agriculturist Staff. FREDE, HERBERT A. "Herb" Bus. LaGrange Age 20, Class '50, "D" AF, Captain, Town Hall, President Fayette County Club, Business Society. FREEDMAN, IRA "Zollie" Bus. Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "F" AF, Lieut., Business Society, Dallas Club, Hillel Club. FREY, HERBERT A. "Al" IEd, Corsicana Age 21, Class '49, Navy, Lieut., "B" Cav., Navarro County Club, Industrial Education Club. GADDIS, HOWARD W. "Happy Bottom" CE Houston Age 21, Class '50, "E" Inf., Lieut., San Antonio Club. GARCIA, ROBERTO V. "Bobby" ChE Laredo Age 19, Class '50, "A" CC, Laredo Club, Newman Club, AIChE. GARNER, GUY B., JR. "Beaver" ME Denison Age 23, Class '50, Navy, "B" TC, Captain CO, President Gray- son County Club, ASME. .L li 5 it i r l 1 6 li ' i 4 l A V . ,.,,. I i n, GARNETT, EDWARD W. "Ed" ME Angleton Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, 'lst Lieut., ASME, Secretary Brazoria County Club. GARRETT, DONALD W. "Red" Econ. San Antonio Aged 21, Class '50, 1st Lieut., "A" Cav., Secretary, Economics Society, Secretary, San Antonio Club, Reporter, PrefLaw Club, Student Publications. GERMANY, JUDSON P., JR. "Judd" Hort. ' Ft. Worth Age 20, Class '50, 1st Lieut., "E" FA, Horticulture Society, Ft. Worth Club. GILBERT, GEORGE B. "BenCf Ag. Ed. Lipan Age 20, Class '50, "A" TC, Distinguished Student. GILLILAND, E. LEE AH Alamo Heights Age 20, Class '50, lst Lieut., "A" Cav., Saddle and Sirloin Club, San Antonio Club. GIMARC, JOHNNY D. "Gizmo" CE Dallas Age 21, Class '50, 1st Lieut., White Band, Dallas Club, ASCE, Ross Volunteers. GOBLE, CHARLES E. "Huggiebear" ME Waco Age 21, Class '50, 1st Lieut., "B" AF, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student. GOLDEN, ELDEN W. Bus. E Amarillo Age 21, Class '50, White Band, Town Hall. GONDRAN, ALBERT D. "Frenchie" Physics Taylor Age 21, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet., 1st Lieut. GONZALES, OVED "Gunzy" EE San Benito Age 23, Class '50, Navy, "A" Sig., Tau Beta Pi, Rio Grande Val- ley Club, AIEE. GOODRUM, FELIX M., JR. "Peebie" Arch. Houston Age 19, Class '50, "A" ASA, Aggieland Combo, Houston Club. GOODWIN, WILLIAM E. "Red" Math. Ennis Age 21, Class '50, 1st Lieut., "E" FA, Ellis County Club. GORDEN, BILLY B. "Bill" Agron. Temple Age 22, Class '51, "A" Company, Kream 8. Kow Klub, Agronomy Society, Press Club, Bell County Club. GORDON, DONALD B., JR. "Duck" AH San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, Lt. Col., Squadron CO, Saddle and Sirloin Club, San Antonio Club. GORDON, MARK W. "Bud" Ag, Eng, Honey Grove Age 22, Class '49, "B" QMC, DMS, Agriculture Council, Vice President Ag. Eng. Society, Distinguished Student, Fannin County Club. GORMAN, ARTHUR K. "Art" Mun, E El Paso Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Lt. Col., Btn. CO. GOSWICK, HORACE S. ME Dallas Age 21, Class '49, ASME, Dallas Club. V GOURLAY, JOE C. Pet. E Lefors Age 25, Class '46, Army, AIME, Petroleum Club, Newman Club, Panhandle Club. - ' ' t ' , .- ' " .- GOVER, CHARLES C. "Chox" PE Troy Age 20, Class '50, "B" TC, Lieut. GRANT, EARL L. Pre-Med. Corpus Christi Age 20, Class '50, "B" FA, Capt. CO, Student Senate, Senior Court, Pre-Med. Soc., Corpus Christi Club. GREEK, CHARLES D. "Charlie" ChE Gainesville Age 20, Class '50, "A" CC, AICHE, Cooke County Club, Long- horn staff. GREEN, TERRY T. Bus. San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "A" QMC, San Antonio Club, Bus. Soc., New- man Club. GREENWOOD, BOBBY R. "Bob" Ag. E Frisco Age 20, Class '50, "C" FA, ASAE, Collin County Club, Tau Beta Pi. GREEVES, ROBERT C., JR. "Weevo" CE Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "E" Inf., ASCE, Dallas Club. GREINER, MAX G. "Max" BA Houston Age 20, Class '51, "A" Ath., Capt. CO, Student Senate, Varsity Football, T Association. GRIESENBECK, TIM T. "Tim" AH San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "D" AF, Capt, CO, San Antonio Club, Newman Club, Saddle and Sirloin. GROTHAUS, FRED E. "Fred" Sant. E San Diego, Calif. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, "A" AF. GROUND, EDGAR R. "Ed" Ag. Ed. Lancaster Age 24, Class '46, Merchant Marine, "B" Vet., Who's Who in ' Ag., DMS, FFA, NTAC Club, Fish Basketball, GRUNWALD, CLIFTON E. "TandUm" Man. E Corpus Christi Age 20, Class '50, "A" Sig., Lieut., Ross Volunteers, DMS, Corpus Christi Club, Lutheran Students Assn., SAM, ROA. GUEVARA, FRANCISCO A. "Frank" ChE El Paso Age 25, Class '50, AF, "A" Vet., Lieut., AlChE, ACS. GUILLOUD, RUDOLPH L. "Nuts" ME Denison Age 20, Class '50, Army, "B" Inf., Pres. Grayson County Club. GUNTER, JOHN W., JR. AH Morton Age 20, Class '50, "E" FA, Maior, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Panhandle Club. HAGGARD, WENDELL C. "Georgia" ME Waycross, Georgia Age 21, Class '49, Army, "E" Vet. AF. HAHNFELD, RALPH H. ChE Smithfield Age 20, Class '50, "A" CC, Capt. CO, AICHE, Intramural Mgr., Distinguished Student, DMS. HALL, FREDERICK C. "Freddie" Aero. Bryan Age 20, Class '50, "B" Co., Captain CO, Singing Cadets, IAS. HALL, ROBERT E. V "Bob" Bus. Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "E" AF, Lieut., Vice President T Associations, Dallas Club, Bus. Soc., Varsity Track. .i3Siig?2.ggE . eg? NQQ? s Q Se JE? E,.E,. HAMILTON, CHARLES R. "Cl'lUCk" AH Floydada Age 21, Class '49, "B" Inf., Captain, Ross Volunteers, Saddle and Sirloin Club. HANEY, ROBERT L., JR. "Bob" Ag. Jour. Olney Age 25, Class '50, "C" Vet., Army, Agriculturist Staff. HANNAH, HAROLD E. Man. E "Hannah" Port Arthur Age 20, Class '49, "G" AF, Lieut., Port Arthur Club, SAM, Newman Club, Treasurer Billiards Club. HAPPY, JACK K. "Hap" Bus. Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "K" AF, Baseball Mgr., T Club, ROA, DMS, Athletic Council, Distinguished Student, Business Society. HARDY, ROBERT L. "Bugs" Ento. Houston Age 22, Class '49, Navy, "B" Vet., Ento. Club, Houston Club, ERC, Singing Cadets. HARRIS, ARTHUR B. "Able" Houston ChE Age 21, Class '50, "A" CC, Captain, Tau Student, DMS, AlChE, ACS, Basketball, Houston Club. HARRIS, GEORGE E. Beta Pi, Distinguished RV, Bowling Team, Bus. Dallas Age 21, Class '49, "A" Cav., Lt. Col. Sq. CO, Dallas Club. HARRIS, JAMES E. "Maggie" Ag. Ed. Kaufman Age 21, Class '50, "A" Arty., FFA, Kaufman Co. Club. HARRIS, RICHARD H. "Dick" Ag. Eng. Kaufman Age 20, Class '50, "B" AF, Captain CO, Vice President Kaufman County Club, ASAE, YMCA. HARRIS, WAYNE T. "Tal" Man. E Denton Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, SAM, ROA. HATZENBUEHLER, EDWIN J., JR. "Hotshot" Aero. Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "A" AF, Town Hall, Dallas Club, Lieut., Ross Volusteers. HENCERLING, JOHN P. "Pat" AH Victoria Age 20, Class '50, "C" Arty., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Poultry Sci. Club, Victoria Club, Flax Country Club, Livestock Judging Team. HENGST, ARTHUR R. "Buckshot" Bus. Woodlawn Age 21, Class '50, "D" Inf., Maior, Ross Volunteer, Distinguished Military Grad., Distinguished Student, Marshall Club, Secretary Pre-Law Players, HENK, FLOYD H. CE Age 20, Class '50, "D" Arty., Captain Society, East Texas Club, Jr. lntramurial Mgr., Aggie Bus. Soc., Junta, Wesley Foundation. San Marcos CO, Student Senate, Student Life Committee, Ross Volunteers, ASCE, DMS, Managing Ed. Aggieland '50, Distinguished Student, Bowling Team, AGC, Who's Who. HERNANDEZ, ERWESTO L. Bus. "Neto" Brownsville Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, "E" Vet., Rio Grande Valley Club, Newman Club, Business Society. HERNDON, JOE E. AH use Eddy" Panhandle Age 20, Class '50, "C" Arty., Lieut., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Marketing and Finance Club, Panhandle Club, Sec. HERVEY, LYNN C. Bus. "Nuts" San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "B" Inf., Business Society. HEVENOR, RICHARD K. Bus. Burnet Age 21, Class '49, "F" AF, Lieut., Business Society. . fs. v- '1s f. .2i f s 4 s f' - .," .f. ' W . . -' 'f " - . ai" f 'LN . '55 - ' '- . . ' ' i" ' .N ,,.4,, .,,. , .... . . , .. . ..,. . Q , W, ' , ,V HIESTER, JIMMY W. "Jim" Arch. Ft. Worth Age 20, Class '50, "C" Inf., Mcior, Arch. Society, Ft. Worth Club. HILLEBRANDT, LEONARD G. "Hilde" ME Baytown Age 21, Class '49, ASME, Amateur Radio Club, President Bay- town Club. HINSLEY, LAWRENCE M. "Mel" Man. E Henderson Age 27, Class '50, Navy, "C" Vet., SAM, Astronomy Club. HODGE, JOHN E. Man. E Bonham Age 20, Class '50, "A" Sig. HOERMANN, HARVEY G. "Rocky" AH Seguin Age 21, Class '50, 1st Lieut., "A" TC, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Lutheran Students Association. HOGAN, JAMES F. "Jim" IE Beaumont Age 21, Class '50, "B" FA, Social Chairman, Beaumont Club. HOLLAND, JAMES N. "Nick" Man. E McAllen Age 22, Class '49, CO, "G" AF, SAM, Rio Grande Valley Club. HOLLAR, WILLIE E. "Gene" Arch. Vernon Age 21, Class '50, CO, Maroon Band, Drum Maior, Architectural Society. HONEYCUTT, KENNETH E. "Sugar" ChE New London Age 21, Class '50, CO, "B" QMC, AlChE, East Texas Club, Dis- tinguished Student. HOOKS, BENTLEY C., JR. "Ben" Aero. Waco Age 20, Class '50, "E" AF, Waco-McLellan County Club, IAS. HOOVER, PAUL D. "Dewey" Bus. Temple Age 22, Class '48, Merchant Marine, "E" Vet., Business Society, Bell County Club, Ross Volunteers. HORRELL, JAMES W. "Jclbbo" Bus. Ennis Age 21, Class '50, Maroon Band HOWARD, JAMES E. "Jim" EE Rolls Age 20, Class '50, 1st Lieut., "A" Sig., AIEE, Wesley Foundation. HOWELL, ELMER S. "Scooter" AH ' Waller Age 21, Class '50, Capt., "A" TC, CO, Saddle and Sirloin Club. HRANITZKY, DENNIS R. "Dick" Vet. Med. Yoakum I Age 22, Class '48, Army, 1st Lieut., "E" Vet., AVMA, Newman Club, Lavaca County Club, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff. HUDDLESTON, KENNETH R. "Ken" Pet. E Iran Age 21, Class '50, "H" AF, Track, Petroleum Engineering Club. HUEBINGER, VINCENT "Red" Ag. Ed. Marion Age 25, Class '50, Navy, "C" Vet., Newman Club. HUEY, CECIL H., ll I Bus. New Orleans, La. Age 22, Class '48, Army, "C" Vet., Rifle Team, Student Senator, Business Society, Student Lite Committee, Distinguished Student, Discussion and Debate Society, Distinguished Military Student, Who's Who, Arts and Scence Council. w X Lxjssxisk-gy ,Qs siege-.s .ssxlk csc ...psf-fkekz sv -X sz ss 5'sims1ggiXQWfgg.g,gu,,,..ss- X . os x,-.s.ss.sgy.,.. L .ws missss- ,fps -Qs. ws' ss-swf-X-.N vm Q.s-,s ,RssA-.sq',:s'1.vs-fy s,tf,..-t.f1g.:s:s. -1 sg HUFFMAN, ROY T. "Roy" A9- Eng- Brady Age 21, Class '50, "B" CAC, Capt., Distinguished Student, Ross Volunteers, ASAE, San Angelo Club, Heart O' Texas Club. HUMPHREY, MABERN D., JR. "Bones" AQ- ECO- Fairfield Age 20, Class '51, "C" Inf., FFA. HUMPHRYS, DONALD E. "Don" Aero- Eng- Breckenridge Age 21, Class '49, "B" AF, IAS, Eastland-Stephens Co. Club. HUNNEWELL, HARVY T. "Honey" Pet. 81 Geol. E Weqfhgrfgrd Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Senior Co., Petroleum Club, Weather- ford Club, Geology Club. HUNT, JOHN L. fuohnnyff CHE V Fort Worth Age 21, Class '50, "D" FA, Maior, Ross Volunteers, National Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi. HUNT, ROBERT L. I "Bob" PE College Station Age 21, Class '50, "A" Company, Phvsical Education Association, Arts and Science. INGRAHAM, DALTON C. "Rabbit" PE Beaumont Age 25, Class '50, Army, "C" Vet. AF. INSALL, HENRY E., JR. "Buddy" Farm Management Bay City Age 20, Class '50, "A" Company, Matagorda County Club. IRISH, JACK R. Man. E Joaquin Age 20, Class '50, "B" Cav., Maior, SAM. IRVINE, WILLIAM G. Arch. Shreveport Age 23, Class '48, Navy, "D' AF, Tau Beta Pi, Ross' Volunteers, DMS, Jr. Editor, Engineer, Arch Society, Shreveport Club, Dis- tinguished Student. ISENHOWER, JAMES W. "Ike" AH Cisco Age 20, Class '50, "B" QMC, Lieut., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Eastland County Club. JACKSON, CHARLES "Pongo" ME Aransas Pass Age 20, Class '50, "B" CAC, Capt. CO, President Tarpon Club, ASME. JACKSON, ELMER L. Ag. Eco. La Grange Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "B" Vet., Capt. CO, Marketing and Finance Club, Fayette County Club, Distinguished Military Student. JASKA, ERNEST H. "Bobo" Ag. Eng. Ross Age 21, Class '50, "A" QMC, ASAE, Newman Club, Waco- McLennan County Club. JEFFERIES, CLARENCE B. "Jeff" AH Houston Age 22, Class '49, "C" Inf., Houston Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Football Manager, Pet. Eng Club, Vice President Fresh- man Class. JOHANSEN, EIVIND H. "Ivy" BA Brownsville Age 23, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet., Lt. Col., Senior Court, QM Award, DMS, Distinguished Student, Bus. Sac., Lutheran Student Association, Rio Grande Club. JOHNSON, WILLIAM T. "Bill" CE Terrell Age 21, Class '49, Int., "B" AF, Ross Volunteers, ASCE, President Kaufman County Club, DMS, Distinguished Student. JOHNSON, HOWELL J. "Earpy" PE McCamey Age 20, Class '50, "B" Ath., Swimming Team. - ' ftsfivihwwls' 5'4" "xi ' ' T E "L rr , ,,: A ,,': ,,,.., , ..,...- ...-:' -.., f "-l JONES, LUTHER D. "Nuts" Bus. Mineral Wells Age 21, Class '50, "B" Inf., Lieut., ROA, Business Society, Tarleton Club. JORDAN, ARTHUR C. "Ace" CE Buda Age 20, Class '50, "I" AF, Captain, ASCE, Austin Club. JORDAN, WAYLAND V. "Tootie" Pet. E Placid Age 20, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet., Petroleum Engineers Club, Distinguished Student, Tau Beta Phi, Heart of Texas Club. JUDGE, GRANT E., JR. "Snoz" Arch. Houston Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Lieut., AGC, Ross Volunteers, Hous- ton Club. KADERA, GEORGE S. "Gorgeous" PE Houston Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, "B" Ath., Lt. Col., Bn. CO, Track, Football, Distinguished Student, DMS, All Am. Track Team, Arts and Sciences Council, Sch. Honor Soc., President PE Club, Hous- ton Club, Who's Who. KAY, JOHN H. Pet. E llBGIdyll Agua Dulce Age 21, Class '49, "A" Cav., AIME, RFS, Petroleum Club, Vice President Brush Country Club. KEENE, GEORGE T. ChE "Hot Poop" Boston, Mass. Age 20, Class '50, "A" Ord., Captain, DMS, Distinguished Stu- dent, AlChE, Tau Beta Pi, Scholastic Honor Soc., Pistol Team, Astronomy Club. KENT, GEORGE S. Pet.-ME I Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "A" Ord., Captain, ASME, Sec. Petroleum Club, AIME, Astronomy Club, Camera Club, Captain, Rifle Team, DMS, Fort Worth Club. KELLY, JAMES B. "Jim" Ran e Man Ranger g . Age 21, Class '49, "A" AF, Captain, Eastland 8. Stephens County Club, R and F Club, ASRM. KELLY, WiLLIAM T. "Tommy" EE Port Arthur Age 21, Class '50, "A" ASA. KIDD, FRANK I-I., JR. "Fuzzy" ME Conroe Age 21, Class '50, "A" Ord. KIKER, LELAND "Geek" RSF Childress Age 23, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet, Range and Forestry Club, Sec. Childress County Club, ASRM. KINSEY, RAYMOND A.' "Roy" CE Medina Age 20, Class '50, "G" AF, Heart of the Hills Club, Sec. ASCE. KIRK, THOMAS R. "Tommie" Ag. Eng. Taft Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, ASAE, Brush Country Club. KOLLER, JOHN H. Bus. Waco Age 21, Class '50, "B" AF, Business Society, Lieut., Waco-Mo Lennan Co. Club. KOTHMANN, GLENN H. AH San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, "C" lnf., Lt. Col., Head Yell Leader, Saddle and Sirloin Club. KREAGER, DAVID J., JR. Pre-Law "Dave" San Angelo Age 20, Class '50, "A" Cav., Maior, Ross Volunteers, Singing Cadets, President Pre-Law Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Spanish Club, San Angelo Club, Who's Who. KUNIHIRO, KEN Agron. . South San Antonio Age 26, Class '51, Army, "B" Vet., Agronomy Society, President Aggie Christian Fellowship, dent, Distinguished Military Secretary YMCA, Distinguished Stu- Student. fm f X -z..5g:..5Y---5a,sgs.v:wsX.sc.sX,-:Ss .ox i ls, . ii ew M in 'eel .we rs Q Q KUTA, MANUEL E. "M, E," AQ. Ed. Montgomery Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Lieut., President Montgomery Co. Club, Secretary Newman Club, FFA, Presidents Council, Dis- tinguished Student, DMS. KUTCH, DON L. "Killer" Ag. Eco. Wellington Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty, Panhandle Club, Market and Finance Club. LADYMON, HORACE R. "Hogg" Bus. Marshall Age 20, Class '50, "B" TC, Lt. Col., ROA, Business Society, Marshall Club. LANDRUM, CHARLES K. "Ken" Pre-Med. Kingsville Age 20, Class '50, "E" AF, Captain CO, Student Senate, Senior Court, DMS, Pre-Med. Society, Distinguished Student, Lieut., Ross Volunteers. LANDRY, MONROE A. "Monger" CE Port Neches Age 21, Class '50, "B" Eng., Captain CO, Treas. ASCE, SAME. LAREAU, GLENN C. "Bud" Arch. Vernon Age 21, Class '50, White Band. LAUFENBERG, JOHN W. i'Bill" ChE Port Arthur Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, "E" Vet., President Annex Vet. Club, President Aggie Players, Distinguished Student, ROA, Port Arthur Club, AlChE, ACS, DMS. LAWLER, ROBERT W. "LuLu" CE Los Angeles, Calif. Age 20, Class '50, White Band, ASCE. LAWSON, ROBERT L. "Louy" Pet. E Freer Age 19, Class '50, "A" Cav., Brush Country Club, Newman Club, Petroleum Club. LEDBETTER, ROBERT M. "Bob" AH Breckenridge Age 21, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet., Captain, Agriculturist Staff, President Eastland and Stephens County Club, Distinguished Mil- itary Student, Saddle and Sirloin Club. LEDER, ARCHIE A. "A Square" Pre-Med. Houston Age 20, Class '50, "A" Arty., Maior, Pre-Med. Club, Houston Club, Hillel Club, Distinguished Student. ' LEE, JOHN C. Bus, Houston Age 21, Class '49, Navy, "A" Cav., Austin Chap, Houston Club, ROA, Business Society. LEESCH, GORDON D. "Gordon" AH Boerne Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., Heart at the Hills Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club. LEHNE, CHARLES H. "Charlie" CE San Antonio Age 21, Class '49, Arty, ASCE. LEMONS, ROY D. Pet. E Gainesville Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "E" Vet. LEWIE, JOHN R. EE Man. E Fort Worth Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, "E" Vet., AIEE, Ross Volunteers, BSU. LEVVIE, WILLIAM H., JR. "Skip" CE Gainesville Age 21, Class '50, "C" AF, ASCE, AGC, ROA, Cooke County Club, Captain. LOKEY, TED Y. "Tl'IC1Cl" Bus. Amarillo Age 21, Class '50, Captain, Aggie Band, President Amarillo, Vice-President Business Society, ROA, Distinguished Military Student. :1.gf '1fXA-1:, 5 ,-:'-- 1 Vi .':":1':.-:,Q" ' .F ff -'wg,Q.,f J.: ""i" :.-Jimi. , 4 . ' TTS? . . .r s M . rw --sr 1 ' X am bu " it-. f s. . LUDWIG, JOHN H. "Bubba" Aero. Bryan Age 21, Class '50, "A" Composite, Captain, Ross Volunteers, Singing Cadets, I.A.S., Distinguished Military Student. LUEDTKE, CHARLES, JR. ME Fort Worth Age 23, Class '49, "E" Vet., Army, Captain, ASME, ASHVE, Ross Volunteers. LUNDELIUS, CHARLES R. "Charlie" Eco. Round Rock Age 21, Class '50, White Band, Captain CO, Pre-Law Club, Eco- nomics Club, Lutheran Student Association, Spanish Club. MACK, HARRY J. "Mac" Hort. Gatesville Age 23, Class '50, QMC, Army, Ross Volunteers, BSU, Horticul- ture Society, Distinguished Military Student, Coryell County Club. MACKEY, WILLIAM L. "Bill" AH Longview Age 21, Class '50, "C" Int., Saddle and Sirloin Club, East Texas Club. MARKS, RICHARD E. "Dick" Acct. Houston Age 21, Class '53, "E" Art., Lieut., Baseball, Houston Club, Hillilel, Accounting Society. MADDOX, JOE P. CE Fort Worth Age 22, Class '50, "B" Vet., Lieut., Army, Tau Beta Pi, Ross Volunteers, ASCE, ASME, DMS, Distinguished Student, Interfaith Religious Council, ERC. MAGEE, L. H., JR. "Holt" CE Abilene Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Lieut., Abilene Club, Business Society. MAGERS, RICHARD H. "Little Dick" CE San Antonio Age 22, Class '49, Senior Company, Navy, ASCE, AGC, ROA, Lutheran Students Association, San Antonio Club. MAGRUDER, JIMMIE G. "Jim" IE Fort Worth Age 20, Class '53, "B" AF, Col., Gr. CO, Student Senate, YMCA Cabinet. MAHALEY, WILLIAM C., JR. "Bill" Bus. Rice Age 21, Class '53, "A" QMC, Captain CO, Ross Volunteers, Business Society, Navarro County Club. MALTZ, HERSCHEL G. "Herch" Man. E Houston Age 20, Class '50, "B" Ath., Captain CO, "T" Association, Varsity Baseball, Football Mgr., Hillel Club, Houston Club. MANDOLA, VINCENT J. "Vince" AH Houston Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Houston Club, Newman, Saddle and Sirloin Club. MANES, ARCHIE H. "Arch" CE Houston Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, ASCE, Houston Club, AGC. MARTINEZ, RAMIRO S. "Ram" ChE Laredo Age 20, Class '50, "A" AF, Newman Club, Laredo Club, AICE. MASSA, JOSEPH A. "Joe" Pre-Med. Galveston Age 22, Class '50, "E" Vet., Army, Pre-Med. Predental Society, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Student, Galveston Club. MAULDEN, JOHN H. ME Balmorhea Age 22, Class '50, "D" Vet., Maior, ASME, Army. MAXFIELD, LAWRENCE G. "Jerry" ME Temple Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, Captain, President Bell County Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, ASH and VE. " Q gs-it - 5, . I sf MAYBEN, JAMES L. AQ. Ed. Lometo Age 23, Class '47, Army, "C" Vet. MAYO, WILLIAM L. "Bill" BUS- Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "E" AF, Captain, YMCA Cabinet, Bus. Society, ROA, Dallas Club. MEDFORD, RAYMOND R. "Wings" AH Haskell Age 21, Class '50, "D" AF, Saddle and Sirloin Club. MEDLIN, OSCAR R., JR. BA Karnack Age 22, Class '48, Navy, "F" AF, Bus. Society, Marshall Club. MEYER, TRAVIS E. "Nig" AQFOH- Wichita Falls Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "C" Vet., Agron. Society. MILES, EDWARD P., JR. "Epee" Man. E , tWaxohachie Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, Ross Volunteers, SAM, Ellis County Club, Drum and Bugle Corps, Major, Distinguished Military Student. MILLER, JACK B. Arch. Houston Age 21, Class '50, "E" AF, Maior, Varsity Basketball, Softball Team, YMCA Cabinet, Student Senate, AGC, Arch Society, Houston Club. MILLER, JARVIS E. Ag. Eco. Orange Grove Age 20, Class '53, "A" AF, Maior, President YMCA Cabinet, Town Hall Manager, President Wesley Foundation, Cohen Award, Inter-Faith Council, Market and Finance Club, Brush Country Club. MILLER, ROBERT B., JR. "R. B." AH Utopia Age 21, Class '50, "A" Arty., CO, Captain, Saddle and Sirloin Club. MILLIGAN, COY O. CE Lufkin Age 20, Class '50, ASA, Lieutenant. MILLS, BRYAN M. "Curly" Ft. Stockton AH Age 22, Class '50, "D" Inf., Lt. Col., CO, Livestock Judging Team, Saddle and Sirloin Club. MINYARD, HOWARD C. I Ed. Corsicana Age 21, Class '49, "D" Arty. MISTROT, GUSTAVE A. "Gus" Pet. Geol. E ' Houston Age 20, Class '50, "A" CAC, Lieutenant, AIME, "T" Association, Petroleum Club, Newman Club, Captain, Fencing Team. MITCHELL, ROBERT F. Aero. E Dallas Age 23, Class '53, Air Force, Corps Staff, Lt. Col., Ross Volun- teers, IAS, Dallas Club. MODISETT, CHARLES B. "Charlie" Ag, E Huntington Age 24, Class '50, Navy, "A" ASA, CO, Captain, President ASAE, Senior Court, Ag. Council, Eng. Council, Who's Who. MOGFORD, JOSEPH W. "Bill" I Ed. College Station Age 21, Class '50, "F" AF, IE Club, Pistol Team, Model Club. MONKS, GERALD P. "Jerry" Math. Houston Age 21, Class '50, "B" CAC, Lieutenant, President Houston Club, Secretary Hometown Club Council, Honor Cadet Summer Camp, Fencing Team. . MOON, FRANK W., JR. "Pancho" Physics San Antonio Age 25, Class '50, USMC, "D" Vet. 'I I' J ', A - "' f MOORE, BILLY J. "Bill" ChE Port Arthur Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, AF, AlChE. MOORE, MARTELL S. "Mert" Bus. Waxahachie Age 21, Class '50, Band, Lt. Col., Drum Maior, President Spanish Club, Ellis County Club, Business Society, Aggie Players. MORAN, BRIAN T. Bus. Fort Worth Age 21, Class '50, Army "D" Inf., Lieut., President Pre-Low Society, Business Society, Arts and Science Council, Fort Worth Club. MORISSE, BRUCE H. "Bruno" LA Nordheim Age 20, Class '50, Captain, "B" Ath., Baseball, Lutheran Student Assn., Spanish Club, Flax Country Club. MORRISON, MIQUEL H. "Mike" ME Wichita Falls Age 21, Class '49, "A" AF, President Wichita Falls Club, ASME. MOSELEY, WALTER H. "Mose" EE - Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Navy, "E" Vet., AIEE. MOSER, ALBERT R. "Dick" ChE Waco Age 21, Class '50, "H" AF, AlChE, Waco-McLennan Co. Club. MORTENSEN, JOHN A. "Gabby" Hort. Crystal City Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, Lieut., Ag. Council, Hort. Society, Distinguished Student, Southwest Texas Club. MUELLER, MARVIN H. ChE Austin Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., SAME, ROA, Distinguished Military Student, AIChE. MULLINS, JOE H. "Joe" Physics Carrizo Springs Age 20, Class '50, "A" ASA, Lt. Col. Bn. CO, Distinguished Student, President Southwest Texas Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Arts and Science Council. MURPHEE, DAVID D. "Murph" EE Shreveport, La. Age 22, Class '48, Army, "E" Vet., AIEE, Camera Club, Shreve- port Club MURPHY, WILLIAM C. "Bill" CE Carbon Age 24, Class '50, Navy, "A" Vet., Captain, Sul Ross Research Club. MURRAY, BUFORD J. "Jim" CE Taft Age 23, Class '47, Army, "B" Vet., ASCE, AGC, Brush Country Club, ROA. MUNROE, CLARK C. "C Square" Bus. San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Corps Staff, Lt. Col., Editor, Battalion, Student Life Committee, Asst. Sports Director, WTAW, RV, ROA, Business Society San Antonio Club, Chairman SW Conference Sportsmanship Committee, DMS, Who's Who. MUSEY, MITCHELL J. "Monk" ' Acct. v Houston Age 21, Class '50, Maroon Band, Accounting Society, Drum and Bugle Corps. MYER, WILLIAM C. "Bill" MGH- E Monroe, La. Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, "E" Vet., Track Team, SAM. MYRE, WILLIAM C. "Bill" EE El Paso Age 20, Class '50, "A" SC, Lieut., Distinguished Student, DMS, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE, Phi Kappa Phi, IRE, EI Paso Club. McCLURE, DONALD P. "Doggy" BUS- Corpus Christi Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., President Soph. Class, Captain CO, Ross Volunteers, Vice President YMCA, Business Society, President Corpus Christi Club. fl'-.,2i'3'Vf'iN 1' . -'f .es .'.vZ:.. H . , " 2 .ww , A A t s '.-. . . . 2 . -' ""' McCLURE, ROYCE L. "Tc1yne" ChE Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "A" CC, Engineers Council, President AlChE. MCCONNELL, JOE E. Ag. Eco. Atlanta Age 25, Class '50, "C" Vet., Army, Market and Finance Club President. MCCULLOUGH, JOE V. "Mac" Geol. San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, "E" Inf., Lieut., Newman Club, Geology Club, Spanish Club, Rifle Team. MCCULLOUGH, MAC CE College Station Age 22, Class '48, "C" Vet., Navy, Bryan-College Station Club, Swimming, ASCE. MCDONALD, BOB J. "Mac" ME Athens Age 21, Class '50, "A" Cav., ASME, President Hometown Club. MCGOWEN, CLIFFORD K. "Cliff" Bus. Edcouch Age 21, Class '50, "K" AF, Army, Captain CO, Ross Volunteers, Business Society, ROA. MCGREGOR, MALCOLM, JR. Ag. Eng. EI Paso Age 21, Class '50, "B" FA, Maior, Distinguished Military Student. MCGREW, WALLACE R. "Mac" CE Port Arthur Age 20, Class '50, ASA, ASCE, Baptist Student Union, Port Arthur Club., Maior. MCMILLIN, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Aero. Tyler Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., Captain CO, President Tau Beta Pi, Senior Court, Tyler Club, Distinguished Student, ROA. MCNEILL, THOMAS P., JR. AH4 Sandia Age 23, Class '46, "A" Company, Lieut., Brush Country Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Distinguished Military Student. NASH, BILLY H. "Corky" Pre-Med. San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, "H" AF, Distinguished Student, Ross Volun- teers, President Pre-Med., Predental Society, Corps Staff. NEAL, E. E., JR. "Gene" AH Elysian Fields Age 24, Class '46, "A" Vet., Lieut. Col., Army, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Military Student. N EELLEY, CHARLES E. ME Wellborn Age 20, Class '50, "A" Company. NEELY, JOHN B. "Dead Eye" Port Isabel IE Age 22, Class '48, "D" Inf., Lieut., Vice President IE Club, Rio Grande Club. , NEFF, GLYN A. "Weak Eyes" EE Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "A" Sig., Maior, ROA, IRE, Distinguished Student, Bn. Executive, Ross Volunteers. NEINAST, WILLIAM W. "Bill" IE Rosebud Age 20, Class '50, "A" Cav., Lieut., Industrial Education Club, Falls County Club. NELSON, STANLEY R. . "Stan" EE Shreveport Age 22, Class '48, Senior Company, Amateur Radio Club, Shreveport Club, IRE. NICHOLAS, DON R. "Nick" PE San Angelo Age 23, Class '48, "A" Ath., Lieut., Football, Basketball, "T" Association, San Angelo Club, Distinguished Military Student, Army. 50 I xg, s 'N s '. N . 9 V "Wlx':'tfQs5 .,.. NOBLE, HAROLD R. ME Baytown A e 22, Class '52, "A" CC, Ba town Club, American Foundr - 9 O Y men's Society. NORMAN, JACK R. "Jack" Pre-Med. Galveston Age 19, Class '50, "B" FA, Maior, Pre-Med. Society, Pre-Med. Scholarship Key Rifle Team, Tennis Team, Singing Cadets, Gal- veston Club, Chief Sports Announcer WTAW, Distinguished Stu- dent, DMS. NORTH, BILL J. Ag. Eng. Waxahachie Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, ASAE, Ellis County Club, AF Rifle Team, Billiards Club. OHLENDORF, CONRAD C. "Connie" Agron. Lockhart Age 20, Class '50, Corps Statt, Lieut. Col., Sec. Treasurer Senior Class, Town Hall Staff, Agronomy Societv. Caldwell County Club. O'NEAL, HENRY P. "Hank" Ag. Eng. Terrell Age 21, Class '50, "B" Int., Captain CO, Senior Court, Sec. Treas. Kaufman County Club, ASAE, ROA, Aggieland '50. ORMAN, MACYL K. "Curley" Ag. Ed. Floydada Age 23, Class '50, "D" Arty., Lieut. Col., Senior Court, Ross Volunteers, FFA, DMS. ORY, WILLIE B. "Bill" AH Brady Age 26, Class '50, "E" Vet., Army, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Biology Club, West Texas Club, Rodeo Association. OTIS, PAUL H. Geol. Texarkana Age 23, Class '48, Senior Company, Army, Geology Club, Tex- arkana Club. OVERLY, ROBERT J. "Bob" ME White Oak Age 22, Class '48, Senior Company, Lieut., Coast Guard, B Team Football, Secretary-Treasurer SAE, Newman Club, ASME, Secretary-Treasurer East Texas Club. OWENS, CHARLES E. "Charlie" Farm Man. Brookston Age 20, Class '50, "A" ASA, Lamar County Club, Agronomy Club, FFA, Wesley Foundation. PANTERMUEHL, LEROY A. "Roy" Acc. New Brauntel Age 24, Class '47, "A" ASA, Captain CO, Aggie Band, Ac- counting Society. PARASKEVAS, ALEXANDER N. Bus. Edinburg Age 20, Class '50, "B" QMC, Business Society, Rio Grande Valley Club. PARISH, VERBLE W. IE Pasadena Age 20, Class '50, "B" Cav., Pasadena Club, IE Club. PARKER, PHILIP "Phil" CE Ysleta Age 21, Class '50, "B" Engr., Maior, Ross Volunteers ASCE, Best Drilled Soph. PARR, M. T . "Terry" Ag. Ed. Childress Age 24, Class '53, "C" Vet., Army, FFA, Childress County Club. PATE, JOE H. "Jody" PE Wharton Age 21, Class '49, "F" AF, Captain CO. PATE, SAM G. "Spade" I BUS- Sweetwater Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Colonel, Ross Volunteers, YMCA, Business Society, Regt. Commander. PATRICK, ROBERT E. "Willie Nuts" Ag. Ed. Mt. Sylvan Age 19, Class '50, "B" Inf., Lieut., Exec. Officer, ROA, FFA Chapter. V gf., PENA, LEO N. "Leo" ChE San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, "A" Arty., San Antonio Club, AIChE. PENLAND, CHARLES G. "CharIie" ME Fort Worth Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty. PERCHES, MANUEL J. ME San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Senior Company. PERRINE, WALTON F., JR. "Walt" ME Beacon, N. Y. Age 27, Class '46, Air Force, Eng. Council, 1st Sgt. Ross Volunteers, Disti Grad., Newman Club, SAE. PETERS, JOHN E. ChE Age 20, Class '50, "B" Athletic, Swimming Tea PFEIL, CLIFTON E. Vet. Med. Sr. Company, CO, Captain, Sec. ng uished Military llpetell Mexia m. llciifll Woodsboro Age 20, Class '50, "A" Arty., Distinguished Student, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Brush Country Club, AVMA. PHILLIPS, ERNEST E., JR. BA "Fearless" Henderson, Tenn. Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, "B" TC, Lt. Col., CO, Business Club, Distinguished Military Student, BSU, Sul PIERCE, ROBERT E. Bus. Ross Study Club. llsobll Palestine Age 21, Class '50, "K" AF, Captain, CO, Distinguished Student, Business Society, ROA. PIKE, JOE V., JR. EE Age 22, Class '49, Air Force, "A" Sig., Aggi PITZER, ERNEST T., JR. Pet.-Geol. E. lljoell Dallas eland Orch. llTedll Abilene Age 21, Class '50, "B" Eng., Maior, YMCA Cabinet, SAME, Pet.-Geol. Club, Town Hall Staff, Distinguished Student, Wesley Foundation, DMS. PORTER, VERNON R. Acct. llBobll Italy Age 21, Class '50, "A" QMC, Lt. Col., Ross Volunteers. POWELL, DON L. Range Man. Age 20, Class '50, "A" TC, Captain, Presiden Saddle and Sirloin Club, Range and Forestry llpokell Shamrock t Panhandle Club, Club. POWELL, WILLIAM L. "Bill" ME Denison Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "D" Vet., Grayson County Club, ASME. PRICE, CHARLES F. "Chip" AH Paris Age 21, Class '50, "B" Int., Lieutenant, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Treasurer Lamar County Club. PRINCE, JACK T. "Lubc" Ag, Eng, Hubbard Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "A" Int. PULLEN, PEYTON H. "Pete" CE Lometa Age 21, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet., Maior, ASCE, Heart of Texas Club. PUMPHREY, WILLIAM B. "Bill" Bus. Fort Worth Age 21, Class '50, "B" Cav., Maior, Business Society, Ross Vol- unteers, Pre-Law Club, Ft. Worth Club. ' PYLE, PERRY P. Arch, Dallas Age 25, Class '46, Air Force, "C" Vet., Arch. Society. f N fe me its ' V vs vers, N' - ,f my " ' ' X. Q. U-N . I .. Nb4'4.1is?ia A ssff fgai . .X ,X sc ,, ft. -Q'.y7.qEsa,g.,Qu.cQ Q35-,. Wiig .N ,,:..5:.A..-tgf,,.,-,,- I if '5.,W fl:-E ,5 -, :f,,f'A,V. -L ..- RABB, JOE T. ChE Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "A" CC, AIChE, Fort Worth Club. RACKEL, JAMES K. "Rocky" Ag. Eco, Lexington Age 21, Class '51, "C" Inf., Bastrop-Lee County Club, Marketing and Finance Club, Distinguished Student. RAMEY, GLENN H. "G. H." ChE Dallas Age 20, Class '50, "B" Cav., AIChE, Dallas Club, Distinguished Military Student. RAMSEY, PATRICK H. "Pope" Geol. Corpus Christi Age 22, Class '48, Navy, "A" Inf., Lieut., President Newman Club, Secretary Corpus Christi Club, Geology Club, Distinguished Student, DMS. RANSLEBEN, GUIDO E., JR. "Ronny" Aero. San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, "E" Vet., Lieut., Ross Volunteers. RATHMELL, CHARLES "Charlie" Ag. Eng. Abilene Age 20, Class '50, "B" Arty. RAUN, LOWELL G. "Renis" Bus. El Campo Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Business Society, El Campo Club. REED, GEORGE T. "Buck" Ag. Ed. Azle Age 21, Class '49, "C" Cav., Fort Worth Club, FFA. REINKE, JACK R. ME San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Army, "A" Ord., San Antonio Club, ASME. REYES, HUMBERTO V. "Bert" AH Berclair Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Lieut., Secretary 4H Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Brush Country Club, Newman Club, Jessie Jones Scholarship. REYNOLDS, TOM D. "Dude" CE Gatesville Age 21, lass '50, "B" Eng., Lt. Col. Bn. CO, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Distinguished Student, Engineer Council, SAME, ASLE, Eng. Rifle Team, DMS, DAR Award. RICHARD, WILLIAM EDWARD "Nuts" ME Beaumont Age 21, Class '50, "B" Inf., Intramural Manager, Engineer Staff, ASHVE. RICHARDS, BILL D. "Bill" Pet. E Vera Age 21, Class '50, Lieut., "A" Company, Petroleum Club. RIEWE, TILLMAN A. "Tillie" CE Pottsville Age 21, Class '50, "B" Eng., Lieut., ASCE, SAME. Distinguished Military Student. RIVES, DAVID A. "Riverboat" Agron. Brookston Age 22, Class '51, "B" Inf., Agronomy Society, Ag. Council, Sul Ross Research Club, Lamar County Club. ROBERTSON, GARLAN R. "Petty" EE Baytown Age 21, Class '50, "A" SC, Captain CO, Vice Chairman, AIEE- IRE, Vice President, Baytown Club, ROA, ASME, Distinguished Military Student. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM A. "Bill" ME Fort Worth Age 21, Class '49, "I" AF. ROBINETTE, JAMES L. IEcI. Houston Age 25, Class '46, Navy, "D" Vet., Industrial Ed. Club, Sul Ross Research Club, Houston Club. jg . F ,.-ff , ,5:rsf.,,:.f:a--:f3a".? 2'-f q.-1f'...-'-ggg?-gf-:,.f--ff. ---- 1 55+ yz-ng-:g 5. --,hs-..g:s.,,::,.,: -54..,,lg.,., : V N , 311. ' ' RODGERS, GEORGE M. "Coach" PE College Station Age 20, Class '50, "B" FA, Lieut., Phys. Ed. Club, Bryan Club, Engineer Staff, Singing Cadets, Batt Staff, YMCA. ROGERS, KENNETH G. AH Maud Age 20, Class '50, "B" Cav., Saddle and Sirloin Club. ROLLINS, VICHEAL G. "V. G." ChE New London Age 20, Class '50, "C" FA, AlChE, East Texas Club. ROOTS, EDMUND N. E "Buzzy" EE Raymondville Age 21, Class '50, "A" Sig., AIEE, IRE, ROA. ROSE, JAMES E., JR. "Jim" Wildlife Man. Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "l" AF, Lieut., Fish and Game Club, Texas Collegiate Academy of Science. ROSIN, AL S. , "Al" CE San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, Coast Guard, "C" Vet., Distinguished Student, DMS, ASCE, San Antonio Club. ROBERTSON, JAMES F. "Sheik" Agron. Plainview Age 21, Class '50, "A" TC, Lieut., ROA, Agron. Soc., Saddle and Sirloin Club, President Panhandle Club. RUHMANN, EDWIN P., lll "E. P." AH Kenedy Age 21, Class '50, "B" FA, Flax Country Club. RUTHERFORD, HARRY M. "Marshall" Ag. Ed. Coleman Age 24, Class '50, AF, "E" Vet., Capt. CO, FFA, Wichita Falls Club, Distinguished Student, DMS, Senior Court. RYAN, THOMAS F., JR. Vet. Med. Falfurrias Age 24, Class '50, AF, "C" Vet. SALCH, JOSEPH F. "Joe" Agron. Taft. Age 22, Class '50, "A" Cav., Lieut., 'President Brush Country Club, Ross Volunteers, Agron. Soc., Agriculturist, DMS. SAMUELS, WILLIAM D. I i "Bud" Agron. Terrell Age 21, Class '50, "B" AF, Agron. Soc., ROA, Kaufman County Club. SANDERS, DAVID A. "Dave" CE Jacksonville Age 21, Class '50, "D" FA, Asst. Editor Engineer, ASCE, AGC, YMCA Cabinet. T SCHATTENBERG, JOHN W. "Shot" ME San Antonio Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Senior Co., Lieut., ASME, IAS, ASH and VE, Vice-Chairman SAE, Distinguished Student. SCHXECHTER, ROBERT S. ChE Rosenberg Age 20, Class '50, "A" CC, AIChE, President Fort Bend County Club, Tau Beta Pi, Distinguished Student. SCHERO, ROBERT J. "Bob" CE San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., Lutheran Student Association, ASCE, San Antonio Club. SCHMIDT, HAROLD "l'ICIl" AH Harper Age 19, Class '50, "B" AF, San Angelo Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club. ' SCHMIDT, JOHN W. "Uncle John" Ento. Del Rio Age 24, Class '50, AF, "E" Vet., Ento. Club. ::' 5 . 1-, it i" . , . SCHRADER, BEN F., JR. "Ben" ChE Rosenburg Age 19, Class '50, "A" CC. SCHROEDER, ARTHUR G., JR. "Bubba" BUS- Victoria Age 20, Class '50, "A" CA, Captain, Business Society, Victoria Club. SCHROEDER, CURTIS V. "Drag" EE Houston Age 22, Class '50, "A" Sig., Lieut. Col., Corps Staff, Houston Club, AIEE. SCHULLER, ROBERT E., JR. "Bob" Man. Engr. Houston Age 20, Class '50, "H" AF, Intramural Manager, SAM. SCHWAB, CHARLES C. "C. C." ME Beaver, Pennsylvania Age 21, Class '50, "B" Arty, Editor The Engineer, ASME, Vice Chairman Engineer Council, Distinguished Student. SCHWAB, LEONARD ME Dallas Age 21, Class '50, "A" Engr., Captain CO, SAME, Distinguished Student, Dallas Club. SCHWARZ, EDGAR, JR. "Ed" CE Boerne Age 20, Class '50, "A" lnf., ASCE, Vice President Heart of the Hills Club. SCHUBERT, LIONEL Z. "Stub" EE Age 21, Class '50, "A" Sig., AIEE, ROA, Distinguished Military Student, Distinguished Student. Sweetwater SCHUBERT, ROBERT C. "Sonny" Agron. Robstown Age 20, Class '50, "A" QMC, Agronomy Society, Brush Country Club. SCHUMANN, WILLIAM L. "Bill" 'AH Sugar Land Age 22, Class '50, "D" Arty., President Newman Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club. SCOTT, CLAY C. l "Scotty" Bus. Dallas ' Age 21, Class '50, "l" AF, Captain CO. SCOTT, E. D. "Dude" ME Kerrville Age 21, Class '50, Maroon Band. SCOTT, RICHARD E. "Dick" PE Brownsboro Age 21, Class '50, "A" Ath., Varsity Football. SEALEY, BlLLY J. "Bill" AH Fairplay Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty. SEELKE, A. G., JR. "George" ME Houston Age 21, Class '50, "D" Arty., ASME, ASH and VE, ROA, Houston Club. SEROYER, FRED D. Flori Cleburne Age 24, Class '50, "B" Vet., Army, Lieut., Landscape Art Club, Johnson County Club. SETH, LAURENCE C. CE Age 21, Class '50, "A" ASA, Captain, Batt Staff, ASCE, AGC, NTAC Club, Heart ot the Hills Club. Kerrville SHAFFER, JAMES HL "Jimmy" Chem. Big Springs Age 21, Class '50, "A" CC. . ff' ,Y 55 I X1 RXXXNV N x Ki W ax Wie .. 1 'S sew Ye A-fxiifgi SSMNW sis ei1-vss.-Lr...:sQ.3gxQ-seN:'sQSgS.'e:NSQNS ,As N KS Hs' if X 'M X X XX we X xx R Xb, 'gs X-s'ywXN -iQ-RSS 'W ixlfrffsq. lm .fs - -S C s is r .i x X,X XQ .i C , X x.,5xX.R.GsX .om NNRXXQX. ,. , 5 we . SHANNON, WILLIAM R. R 8. F Saint .lo Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, "E" Vet., Captain, Ross Volunteers, Singing Cadets, Cook County Club, President Tarleton Club. SHEFFIELD, DAVID E. Ag. Ed. "Dave" Wooclville Age 23, Class '47, Army, "A" Senior, Ross Volunteers, FFA, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Military Student. SHERVVOOD, SAM W., JR. "Clem ' AQYOFI- Fredonia Age 22, Class '50, Army, "E" Vet., Agronomy Society. SHILLER, LEROY W. AQ- EI19- Ballinger Age 21, Class '49, "A" AF, Lieut., Ag. Eng. Society, San Angelo Club. SHOCKLEY, HAROLD J. "Shock" CE Henrietta Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, "C" Vet., ASCE. SHOEMAKER, JOHN D. HDGCIHYH BUS- Weatherford Age 23, Class '49, Senior Co., Weatherford Club, Bus. Society. SHUGART, JACK H. "Sl1ug" Bus. Garland Age 20, Class '50, "E" AF, Lt. Col. Sq. CO, Dallas Club, Busi- ness Society, Fish Basketball SIMMONS, FRANKLIN P., Pet. E Age 21, Class '50, "A" Ord SIMONEAUX, JOHN B. CE Age 21, Class '50, Captain, ASCE, Newman Club. SIMPSON, EDWARD J. AH Age 21, Class '50, "D" Inf., President Fort Worth Club. SKAGGS, MERTON M. and Baseball. JR. "Sonny" Dallas Lieut. Houston "I" AF, Houston Club, Chap. Pres. llsimpll Fort Worth Captain, Saddle and Sirloin Club, "Meri" Junction AH Age 21, Class '50, "C" Int., Lieut., Saddle and Sirloin Club, San Angelo Club. ' SKIDMORE, BOB G. Ag.l Eco. llskidll Paris Age 21, Class '50, "B" Int., Maior, YMCA Cabinet, Class Editor Aggieland '50, ROA, Senior Intramural Mgr., Intramural Mgr. Club, Lamar County Club, Marketing and Finance Club, Press Club. SLAYTON, J. C. Ag, ECO, Henderson Age 20, Class '50, Maroon Band, Lieut., Ross Volunteers, Phi Kappa Phi, Marketing and Finance Club, East Texas Club. SLIVA, MANUEL J. "M.J." Man, E Beeville Age 21, Class '49, Senior Co., SAM, Brush Country Club. SMITH, BILLY W. "Sm1tho" ChE Dallas Age 21, Class '51, "A" CC, Dallas Club, AlChE. SMITH, CLIFTON O., JR. "Porky" Land Arch. Wichita Falls Age 25, Class '50, Coast Guard, "B" TC, Student Senate, BSU, Landscape Art Club. SMITH, EMORY E. Agron. "Double E" Haskell Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "C" Vet., Agron. Society, Assoc. Ed., Agriculturist Statf. SMITH, HERMAN R. Ag. Eng. llsnufll Childress Age 21, Class '50, "D" AF, Lieut., ASAE, Childress County Club. W H ' Zzfble- -.g1:,f.l.. fs .mf s gf 1:5-"4"i1ffik:?M 5 4 . . " it I . W f"-W' RTW as ::-. S I -ez .gwvf-::, : . 4-. ' wif ... Se: -wg --.,gg3emW- .2 -' - W. , . . . .1 ,.,, . , :2-X -, A, , 'QT-yf 2 k,fi.'2,. ,h,f is A ,so b lvl, X5. ,', qt,i'i 95.1355 1,2 fr- C ZWQ-gf.QQ,fiL5'c-'ik-2.E'J F . '--Wiki. ' L' ,gf fi gj,,.gN.-5 y, . SMITH, RAY F. "Smitty" Bus. Houston Age 22, Class '49, "A" AF, Singing Cadets, Houston Club. SMITH, ROBERT L. "Bob" Geal. McAllen Age 21, Class '49, "A" CAC, Captain, Geology Club, Rio Grande, Valley Club. SMYTHE, RAYMOND W. "Ray" Arch. Constr. El Paso Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, "D" Vet., Arch. Society, Newman Club, EI Paso Club, AGC. SOBEY, HUGH F. Bus. Gladewater Age 20, Class '52, "E" Inf., Lieutenant, Upshur County Club. SOMMERS, CLYDE L. "Jock" AH Brenham Age 21, Class '50, "A" QMC, Lieutenant, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Distinguished Student. SPARKS, DON B. "Sparky" Math. Conroe Age 19, Class '50, Maroon Band, Geol. Club, Montgomery County Club. SPEARS, DAN W. Acct. Belton Age 21, Class '50, "A" Athletic, Lt. Col., Bell County Club, Acct. Society, Varsity Football. SPEER, ROBERT P. "Speero" Bus. Donna Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., YMCA Cabinet, Spanish Club, President Intramural Mgr. Club Rio Grande Valley Club. SPRINGER, .IOE V. "Frog" Man. E San Antonio Age 20 Class '50, Maroon Band. STEPHENS, MAURICE W. "Cowboy" AH Eden Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Saddle and Sirloin Club, San Angelo Club. STEVENS, CHARLES R. "Steve" Vet. Med. Athens Age 27, Class '49, Navy, "C" Vet., AVMA. STEVENS, WAYNE M. "Yankee" CE Detroit, Mich. Age 22, Class '50, "A" ASA, Captain, AGC, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, National Honor Society, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Military Student. STEWART, LUTHER G. Econ. Wichita Falls Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Business Society, Spanish Club, Wichita Falls Club. STILES, DAVID L. "Rock" Ag, Ed, Thorndale Age 25, Class '50, Army, Senior Company, Maior, FFA, ROA, Distinguished Student. STOCKTON, JOHN E. "Honest John" Ag. Eng. Daingerfield Age 21, Class '50, "F" AF, ASAE. STOFFREGEN, BILLY .I. "Bill" Ag. Eng. Bus. Waxahachie Age 21, Class '50, "A" Ord., Maior, Senior Court, Ross Volun- teers, American Ord. Association Award, Pistol Team, Ag. Eng. Society. STOKES, JOSEPH B. "Joe" AA Plainview Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Lieutenant, Market and Finance Club, Vice President Panhandle Club. STOREY, HAL L. "Pete" Ag. Ed. I Lon Age 22, Class '50, Army, "B" Vet., Distinguished Military Student. . f' f " ""- " "" A J . -m..Lxhx :E R. . ii- -S Rr' A. SQ: ' .. ,,,,. C STOTTS, JOHN H. "Jack" CE Chattanooga, Tenn. Age 22, Class '48, Army, "D" Vet. STREET, ROBERT L. CE Waco Age 21, Class '50, "A" Ath., Football Manager, Scholarship Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi. STROTHER, DUANE A. "mom" AH Del Rio Age 23, Class '50, "A" Cav., Capt. CO, President Del Rio Club, Best Drilled Soph., DMS. STROUD, TROYCE L. Bus. Throckmorton Age 22, Class '49, Navy, "A" QMC, Bus, Soc., DMS. SULLIVAN, ROBERT E. "POp" Acct. San Francisco, Calif. Age 27, Class '50, AF, "C" Vet., President Acct. Soc., Arts and Science Council. SUMMERS, JOE B. "Joe" Ag. Ed. Eddy Age 25, Class '50, AF, "A" Vet., FFA. SUNDBERG, GROVER H. ME Boerne Age 27, Class '43, Navy, FA, SAE. SVVEENEY, BRADEY W. "Brad" Farm Man. . Beilville Age 21, Class '50, "C" Cav., Lieut., Ross Volunteers, Marketing and Finance Club, Distinguished Student, DMS. SYKES, BOBBY R. "Bob" AH Ballinger Age 21, Class '50, "B" FA, Bn. CO Lt. Col., Student Senate, President San Angelo Club, YMCA, Secretary Junior Class. TANNER, MAX H., JR. EE Age 20, Class '50, "A" Sig. TATUM, JIM R. ME Age 20, Class '49, "A" Ord., Distinguished Student. TAYLOR, CLIFFORD A. Bus. Wichita Falls Club, Wolfe City "Crash" Wichita Falls Camera Club, "Trooper" Fort Worth Age 21, Class '49, "C" Inf., Lieut., Distinguished Student, DMS, Captain Rifle Team, Scholarship Honor Society, Bus. Society, Fort Worth Club. TAYLOR, HENRY A. "Hank" Pet. E Crowell Age 25, Class '50, AF, "D" Vet., Lieut., Camera Club, Greenbelt Club, Pet. Eng. Club. TAYLOR, JOHN L. "Long John" Bus. Big Spring Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Lt. Col., Swimming Team, Business Society, Pre-Law Society, President Liberal Arts Council, Ross Vol., Big Spring Club, DMS, Distinguished Student, Who's Who. TEMPLETON, J. B. "Blade" CE Dallas Age 20, Class '50, Corp. Staff, Lt. Col., DMS, ASCE, Band, Dallas Clbu, ASCE. THOMAS, CARL H. "Nigger" Wildlife Man. Carthage Age 20 Class '50, "C" FA, Captain, Fish and Game Club. THOMPSON, WILLIAM F. "Bruce" Man. E Abilene Age 20, Class '50, Corp. Staff, Lt. Col. Band CO, Student Senate SAM, Abilene Club, Who's Who. TIMMONE, KENNETH D. "Killovitch" ChE Sweetwater Age 20, Class '51, "A" Inf. X 91 .1-r-.F-G.. , 1 ..tt.,zk?JfHE: "itiE5":" ':fTf7"f" " T :t'i1:1. .511:2:F5"s:-. " .I' 3 ' f 1.-f.. . ..., ,, ,.,-Q wi-cv-H ' ms . + 27' 198 x t Y f . y nfs. . , s,.A .. 2' ,I 2 X 1 ,Wx - ffffftffs ff' ' is' TOMPKINS, JACK D. "Jack" AH Waskom Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Saddle and Sirloin Club, President Marshall Club. TRICHE, WILLIAM A. "Bill" ChE Groves Age 20, Class '50, "E" Inf., Lieut., AlChE, Port Arthur Club, ROA. TROUBLEFIELD, JAMES E. "Jim" Agron. Quanah Age 23, Class '50, "D" Vet., Army, Captain CO, Agronomy Society. TSESMELIS, JOHN G. "Gus" Bus. Alice Age 21, Class '50, Maroon Band, Secretary-Treasurer Brush Country Club, Business Society. TUCKER, STEARNS S. ChE Age 21, Class '50, "B" Vet., Army. TURCOTTE, JOHN W. AH "Tuck" Fort Worth ll-lack!! Kingsville Age 20, Class '50, "A" Inf., Captain CO, Track, Brush Country Club, Spanish Club, Treasurer Newman Club, C TURLEY, WILLIAM D. Eco. ross Country. IIBHIII Houston Age 24, Class '50, "A" Vets., Army Captain CO, President Eco- nomics Club, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Student, DMS. VARDAMAN, DAVID A. ChE Age 21, Class '50, "B" Ath., Port Arthur Club, llDOvell Port Arthur AlChE, Water Polo Team, Swimming Team, Distinguished Student. VEHON, WILLIAM A. Bus. Age 20, Class '50, "A" Cav., Dallas Club. VORNKAHL, HENRY L. che Age 21, Class '50, "A" cc, LSA, AlChE. VOURCOS, MICHAEL E. CE Age 23, Class '50, "D" Vet., Army, Lieut., ASCE, WALDIE, ALAN D. EE "Slick" Dallas lIBUddyll Peters 'fmakef' Brownsville Newman Club. llAlGnll Houston Age 21, Class '49, White Band, Navy, Captain, Drum Maior, Announcer WTAW, Houston .CIub, AIEE, Drum and Bugle Corps, DMS. WALKER, JAMES L. Bus. "BIRCH Alice Age 21, Class '50, "C" AF, Captain CO, Band, Business Society, ROA, Brush Country Club. WALKER, JACK W. Bus. Age 20, Class '50, "B" Arty., Business Society, mont Club. WARDLE, CHARLES F. Bus. Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty., Amarillo Club, Distinguished Student, Best Drilled Soph. WATERHOUSE, RUSSELL R. Agr. Age 21, Class '50, "A" Inf., El Paso Club. WEBB, DON M. Chem. Age 20, Class '50, "A" ASA, Lieut., ROA, Dall Club, ACS. WEBSTER, MACK J. ' IE Age 21, Class '50, "B" Vet., Navy. Beaumont President Beau- "Wa rclIe" Amarillo Ross Volunteer, IIRUSSII El Paso Dallas as Club, NTAC San Antonio MW f f 1 A ,. . J QU , . X MA I' -f- f Xx.3ffsf.XsMNIS-s":"-'t'T515-A F -'TsN:ii.5:'0 S 2 . WELDER, AMOS G., JR. AH Beeville Age 19, Class '50, "E" AF, Captain, Brush Country Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Distinguished Student, Newman Club. WELLS, PAUL H . "SIeepy" AH Wichita Falls Age 20, Class '50, "C" Arty., Lieut., Wichita Falls Club, Saddle and -Sirloin Club. WENDT, ARTHUR H. "Art" Man. E Harlingen Age 22, Class '50, Navy, "D" Vet., Rio Grande Valley Club. WETZEL, HEN RY AQ- Ed- Austin Age 22, Class '50, "l" AF. WH ETSTON E, JOSEPH M. Man. E-Bus. Waco Age 24, Class '46, Marines, "C" Vet., SAM, Waco Club, Treas. WHITE, ROBERT A. "Bob" CE Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "A" Eng., Lieut., SAME, Fort Worth Club, ASCE, ROA. WIGGINS, GENE B. Geol. E. Dallas Age 21, Class '49, "A" CAC, Lieut., Geology Club, Dallas Club. WILHITE, BILL R. "Willie" AH Tyler Age 24, Class '50, Marines, "A" Vet., Marines, Henderson Co. Club. WILLIAMS, ALVIE P. EE-ME East Bernard Age 20, Class '50, "A" SC. WILLIAMS, JAMES M. "Jimmie" Land A Dallas Age 22, Class '50, "A" AF, ROA, Y Cabinet, Landscape Art Club, Gallery Club, Weight Lifting Club. WILLIAMS, MALCOLM M. "Squirt" Ag. Eng. Silsbee Age 20, Class '50, "B" Arty., ASAE, Canterbury Club, Beau- mont Club. WILLIAMSON, JOHN A., JR. . "Jack" Pre-Med. San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, "G" AF, Maior, Intramural Mgr., Pre-Med. Club, President San Antonio Club. WILLIS, CHARLES E. "Speedy" Ag. Ed, Hughes Springs Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Cass County Club, FFA. WINTER, CHARLES D. Bus, Galveston Age 22, Class '49, "A" Inf., President Galveston Club, Business Society. WITCHER, HAROLD D. Vet. Med. Honey Grove Age 26, Class '46, Army, "E" Vet., Ross Volunteers, AVMA. WITTENBURG, HANS R. "Witt" AH Lockhart Age 22, Class' 50, "A" QMC, I.t. Col. Bn. CO, Saddle and Sir- loin Club, Caldwell Co. Club. WOOD, JOHN F. "Frank" AH Cuero Age 21, Class '50, "B" Arty., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Best Drilled Soph. WOODALL, JAMES R. "Woody" Ag, Eco, Fort Worth Age 20, Class '50, "D" Inf., Captain CO, Co-Editor Aggieland '50, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Military Student, ROA, Fort Worth Club, Press Club, Marketing and Finance Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Who's Who. Q J ll ll WOOTAN, CHARLES V. Bud Ag. Eco. Junction Age 23, Class '50, USMC, "E" Vet., Maior, Ag. Council, Market and Finance Club, San Angelo Club. WORD, TIMOTHY D. "Tim" CE San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "B" Eng., Captain, Social Sec. Senior Class, Ross Volunteer, Distinguished Military Student. WORLEY, WILBUR J. "Jock" Geol. ........ Kermit Age 20, Class '50, Band, Captain, Geol. Club. WYATT, ROY L. PH Hallettsville Age 21, Class '50, "C" Arty., Poultry Science Club. WYLER, KARL O. "Bucko" LA El Paso Age 21, Class '51, "C" Cav., Captain, CO, Spanish Club, El Paso Club, Aggie Players, Arts and Science Council. WYLIE, SHERRELL W., JR. "S. W." Bus. Tyler Age 20, Class '50, "C" AF, Business Society, Billiards Club, Secretary Tyler Club, Arch. Society, Swimming, ROA. WYLY, GRAYSON F. "Yankee" che Long Branch, N. J. Age 21, Class '50, White Band, Capt., DMS, AlChE, ACS. YARBOROUGH, CHARLES P. "Hardnose" Land Arch. Waco Age 23, Class '47, "B" TC, Army, Land Arch. Club, Distinguished Military Student. YELTON, OTTO A., JR. Bus. Galveston Age 21, Class '50, "A" QMC, Lieut., Galveston County Club, Distinguished Student. , YOUNG, RAYMOND V. "Mortimer" Farm Man. Hereford Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Captain, Pistol Club, Panhandle Club. ZABCIK, FRANKLIN M. "Frank" Agron. Temple Age 20, Class '50, "D" Arty., Bell County Club, Agronomy So- ciety, Treasurer Crops Judging Team. ZENTNER, JAMES R. "Bob" Arch. Rowena Age 21, Class '50, "B" Cav., Lieut., Newman Club, San Angelo Club, Architecture Society. ZERR, MARTIN J. Land A Corpus Christi Age 20, Class '50, "C" Cav., Landscape Art Club, Distinguished Military. ZIMMERMAN, WALTER, W. "Walt" Pet. E San Antonio Age 21, Class '50, Corps Staff, Col., Petroleum Club, ROA, Student Senate, Who's Who. ZINN, BENNIE A., JR. - Bus. Temple Age 21, Class '50, "A" Company, Business Society, Bell County Club. GARNEY, WOODSON M., JR. "Woody" Bus. Midland Age 24, Class '50, "B" Ath., "T" Club, Business Society, Houston Club, Newman Club. ZUMWALT, JOE P. "Honest Joe" ChE Hallettsville Age 21, Class '50, "A" CC, Secretary-Treasurer AIChE, Tau Beta Pi. GREGG, ROBERT H. "Nuts" Ag. Eco. , Paris Age 21, Class '50, "B" Int., Marior, Market and Finance Club, ROA, Military Editor, Aggieland '50, Soph. Intramural Manager, Press Club, President Lamar County Club. A EE...-.. ,....-.:.-- I--....-.sy-s. - A .s--- x g tx ' A . V,,V . 1 ' . - - ,,,, .- - 4 ' YRS' ff. Qs: s 'Vs AALTO, JOHN U. EE Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Pistol Team. ADAMS, EDWARD B. IE Age 26, Class '50, Air Force ADAMS, HARMON ME Age 26, Class '50, Navy, ASME. L., JR. :- ADAMS, ROY W. Agron Age 29, Class '50, Army, Agronomy Society. AGNOR, ALBERT S. AH San Antonio Houston llMikelI Texon Gatesville IIAQII I Marshall Age 24, Class .'47, Navy, Marshall Club, Saddle 81. Sirloin Club, Meat Judging Team, Distinguished Student-1949. Al-IRENDT, FRED C. Ag Eco Lexington Age 22, Class '50, Army, Marketing 81 Finance Club. F.F.A., Bastrop-Lee County Club. AKINS, ALTON L. "Ake" Arch Easterly Age 26, Class '49, Marines, Track Letter '46, ALBRECHT, W. O. PH Age 22, Class '50, Army, search Club. ALBRIGHT, DAN J. Fayetteville, Ark. Poultry Science Club, Sul Ross Re- Vet Med ' E Sulphur, Okla. Age 31, Class '50, Navy ALBRIGHT, WALLACE J. "Dub" AH Dallas Age 25, Class '50, Navy ALCORN, SAM J. AH Boling Age 27, Class '50, Navy Air Corps ALEXANDER, WILLIAM J. "Jack" Pet E Clifton Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Pet Eng Club ALEXANDER, WILLIAM L. "Bill" Geol Snyder Age 26, Class '50, Army, Singing Cadets, Geology Club, Span- ish Club. ALLDAY, FRED W., JR. Man E Houston Age 23, Class '47, S.A.M. ALLEN, COOPER S. "Bo" Bus Calvert Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Business Society, Robertson County Club. ALLEN, MACK K. Ag Ed Columbus Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Camera Club, FFA. ALLEN, ROBERT R., JR. "Bob" AH Sweetwater Age 28, Class '44, Army. ' ALLEN, STEPHEN H. AH Campbellton Age 25, Class '49, Air Force. f S T' I zgwif. gs. X KF' M' 1 1, 5, Q. ALLEN, WILLIAM T. "Bill" 2320 2l-S, Class '50, Air Force, IAS. Fort Worlh ALLISON, DONAL V. "Don" AZEOI22, Class '48, Army, Agronomy Society. Abilene ALLSUP, KEITH E. "Senator" Arch Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Cass Senate, Architectural Society. ANDERS, EDWARD O. NIE Age 23, Class '50, Navy, ASME. ANDERSON, BOB V. Agr. Age 23, Class '50, Navy. ANDERSON, FRANK G., JR. Bio. Bryan's Mill County Club, Pres., Student "Eddie" Houston llAndyII Houston IIRUSTYH College Station Age 21, Class '50, Reporter, Pre-Med Society, Biology Club, Bryan-College Club, Distinguished Student, Track '47, F Bat- tery '47. ANDERSON, HOWARD L. "Andy" ME Beaumont Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, ASME. ANDERSON, LOUIS C., JR. "Andy" BA Calvert Age 24, Class '46, Navy. ANDREWS, MARTIN L. "Andy" Arch Dallas Age 24, Class '46, Army. ANDRICH, STEPHEN M. JR. "Andy" ME Galveston Age 24, Class '47, Army, ASHVE, Newman Club, Galveston Club. ASHER, JOSEPH T. "Joe" Agron Athens Age 25, Class '50, Army, Scholarship Honor Society, Agronomy Society lAg. Council Rep.D, Vice-Pres. Henderson County Club, Sec. 81 Treas. Ag Council. ASHWORTH, JAMES E. ME Age 2l, Class '49, Army, ASME. ATKINS, WILLIAM B., JR. EE Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ROTC, Naval Reserve Research Unit. AUSTIN, C. A. Bus Age 22, Class '48, Coast Guard, Society, Brush Country Club. AYERS, DONALD Ag Ed lIJimmylI Beaumont ffsmf' San Antonio AIEE, San Antonio Club, IRE, "Cikie" Alice Band, Varsity Tennis, Business "Jack" Linden Age 23, Class '50, Navy FFA Club, Cass Country Club. AYRES, FRANK L. CE . Age 2l, Class '50, Army, ASCE, BAGNALL, JOHN H. IE Age 26, Class '50, Air Force BAILEY, BENJAMIN H. Ag Ed Age 22, Class '48, Navy, FFA. Brackettville Spanish Club ALICE Cameron x XX X X X' N Nb X its s A 'Os Aff? X' ' 2 ' f: Q' 'X '- " EiS2N'w" S N "T LE? L- - . . . -s-weve: ' - s s - V se s-. - .I . ., . .I - ...X ' 825925, 'ig ,Agri .-ssgxssrfj ,555 "I "ii .ff' ' if" I C., -wuz: PQNL' ' ' '- 2 buffs- .s -Eze.. - 0 ff-26-s aries- N '. . "si ..'... ' " ..x: 5 ..., f BAKER, EUGENE G. Bus IlGenell Brenham Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Reporter, Washington County Club. BAKER, JAMES M. Vet Med Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AVMA, Rio Grande BAKER, KENNETH M. ME Age 24, Class 50, Navy, ASME, Engineer Staff BAKER, LAWRENCE E., JR. Bus Age 22, Class '50, Navy. BAKER, ROGER W. Vet Med Age 26, Class '46, Navy, AVMA BALDERAS, JACK M., JR. Geol. Mission Valley Club. Hearne Austin Irving llBGldyl1 San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Geology Club, Handball Team. BALDWIN, RICHARD R. ME IlDiCkll San Angelo Age 26, Class '50, Navy, ASME, San Angelo Club. BALENTINE, DON T. Vet Med Age 22, Class '50, Navy. BALL, DURWOOD R 84 F Age 25, Class 50, TASCA, American E. BARDIN, JESSE R. EE Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. BARNETT, JACK L. Pet E Age 31, Class '50, Golf Team. BARTA, THEODORE A. Alvarado Cotulla Army, Range 81 Forestry Club, Rodeo Club, Society of Range Management. Fort Worth llTimll Eastland Air Force, AIME, Petroleum Club, Captain, BU5 Bryan Age 27, Class '50, Army, Business Society. BARTLETT, JOSEPH W., JR. "JOE" IE Irving Age 21, Class '50. BARROW, JOHN L., JR. "Johnny" AH Dallas Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 8- Sirloin Club. BARRY, WALTER D., JR. HSGYQSI' Man E Dallas Age 21, Class '49, Dallas Club, SAM, Officer, Newman Club. BARTKOVIAK, CELESTINE J. "General" BUS Karnes City Age 27, Class '50, Army, Pre Law Society, Newman Club, Karnes County Club. BAY, CURTIS A. Bus Age 22, Class '48, Army. BEALL, WILLIAM B. Ag Eco Business Society, Killeen ,ll Iyll Gonzales Age 24, Class '46, Army, Distinguished Student. ' ' . .,., . ,-'. ,, . f f BEAZLEY, DONALD R. "Donnie" B U5 G ra p e Ia n d Age 21 , Class '48, Army, Houston County Club, Business Society. BEBINGER, JOHN R. "JACK" Vet Med San Antonio Age 27, Class '46, Air Force, AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian. BEHNE, JOSEPH C., JR. "JOB" ME Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Navy Air Corps, Tau Beta Pi, SAE, ASME, Dallas Club, Distinguished Student. BEHRENS, EARL W. Ag Ed Voca Age 20, Class '50, Heart O' Texas Club, Reporter-48, Vice- President-49, FFA. BELL, JAMES C. "J. C." ME Price Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, ASME. BELLAH, WALTON D. "Red" Ag Eng Woodson Age 21, Class '50, Army. BEMUS, RODNEY V. Ch E Brookshire Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, AICHE, ACS. BENES, JOHN P. DH Pearland Age 27, Class '50, Navy, Kream 8- Kaw Klub, Phi Kappa Phi. BERGLUND, KENNETH L. EE Bay City Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Tau Beta Pi. BERGWUIST, RONALD G. "Ronny" CI1 E Lufkin Age 21, Class '49, Army, AIChE. BERRY, ELTON D. Flor EI Paso Age 30, Class '50, Army, Landscape Art Club, EI Paso Club. BETTS, GERALD Arch Dallas Age 22, Class '50, Tau Beta Pi, Associated General Contractors, Distinguished Student. BEURLOT, CYRUS A., JR. ME Houston Age 21, Class '51, Army. BILLINGSLEY, REX L. "Bill" Jour Waxahachie, Tex. Age 23, Class '46, Navy, Co-Editor, The Battalion, 1948 Most Valuable Staff Member Award. The Battalion, Who's Who, Student Life Committee, Arts and Sciences Co Ellis County Club, Social Secretary, Creative Distinguished Student. BILLUP5, JOHN S. uncil, President, Writers' Club, R 81. F Dallas Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Range 81 Forestry Club. BIRD, THOMAS M. "Tom" IE Borger Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, Industrial Education Club. BISHOP, ALTON A. "Al" PVS-Med Paint Rock Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Pre-Med Club, San Angelo Club. BLACKBURN, FLOYD "Bo" Vef Med I Weatherford Age 21, Class '49, AVMA, Weatherford Club, Distinguished Student. Q is 53 to 'X 'W - Nm, I .3 ' xv.. t 5 N4 -' BLANKENSHIP, LYTLE H. Wildlife Man Campbellton Age 22, Class '49, President-Texas Collegiate Academy of Science, Vice-Chairman-Agricultural Council, 49-50, Scholar- ship Honor Society, A 81 M Chapter of Academy of Science, Fish 81 Game Club, Ba 'Who's Who. ptist Student Union, Phi Kappa Phi, BLATHERWICK, CLAUDE C. B 81 A Houston Age 27, Class '50, Army, Business Society, ORA, Houston Club. BLAZEK, ROBERT L. r "Bob" EITIO College Station Age 24, Class '46, Air Force, Entomology Club. BLITCH, HAROLD E. Hort De Leon Age 30, Class '50, Air Force. BLUHM, WILEY M. Arch Lockhart Age 24, Class '5'I, USNR. BLOUNT, BRANTON B. "Red" Geol E Houston Age 24, Class '50, USNR, Geology Club. BOBKOFF, KENNETH B. "Bob" CE Corsicana Age 22, Class '48, Merchant Marine, Hillef Club, Scholarship Club, Distinguished Student, ASCE. BOEHM, EDWARD G. Ag Ed Moulton Age 21, Class '49, Army. BOGEL, AMOS G. ME Alpine Age 33, Class '50, Navy, ASME, SAE. BOGGS, JACOB D. F., JR. "Jake" Arch Houston Age 23, Class '47, Army, Arch Society, Houston Club, Lieut., "A" Vet Co. ll-lerryll BONNEN, JEROME E. IE Age 22, Class '50, Nav Letters-'47, '48, '49. College Station y, I. E. Club, Track 84 Cross Country BONNER, JAMES A. "AncIy" AH Corsicana Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Navarro County Club, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Sul Ross Research Club. BOONE, CLYDE D. CE Dallas Age 24, Class '50, Navy. BOOTHE, JAMES L. "Jamey" PH Gonzales Age 22, Class '50, Army, Poultry Science Club. BORCHERDING, FLOYD L. "BorcI'1" Acct Hooks Age 29, Class '50, Army, Accounting Society, Texarkana Club. BOTARD, HERMAN G. Aero E Hallettsville Age 20, Class '49, Army, IAS, Lavaca County Club. BOTARD, RICHARD M. "Dick" Vet Med Alice Age 23, Class '47, Army, President of Jr. Chapter of AVMA. BOUGHTON, RICHARD B. "Ricky" Age 23, Class '47, Army, Architecture Society, Assi Gallery Committee, San Angelo Club, stant General Contractors. ' A' " 1 -'.' If.: .,,, 7-Y Q,:h-W .:'. 2,, :,:' Sv BOULDIN, WILLIAM Ch E Age 23, Class '47, Ar BOWEN WILLIAM J. Age 24, Class '49 Ai ASME BOWEN WILLIAM R Man E Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, SAM BOWEN WINFORD I ME , . , ., . EE Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Distinguished Student, AIEE, IRE, ROTC, Fort Worth Club. S. Muskogee, Okla my, Photography Club, ACS, AlCl1E, ROTC Paris r Force ASH 81 VE Sec Lamar Co. Club I Jacksonville "Herb" Fort Worth HJR BOWLIN, ROBERT F. "Bob" AH Amarillo -Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. BOWMAN, RICHARD J. "Dick" Pet E San Antonio Age 22, Class '48, Army, AIME, Pet. Engineer Club, San An- tonio Club. BOYD, CHARLES E. Wildlife Man. Kent Age 23, Class '50, Army, Fish B1 Game Club, Texas Collegiate Academy of Science, Trans-Pecos Club. BOYD, DAVID R. "Bob" LA Hufsmith Age 27, Class '50, Navy, Spanish Club. BOYD, WILLIAM E. "Bill" Ag Ed Burkburnett Age 20, Class '50, Distinguished Student, FFA. BOYETT, JESSE L. - ME Beaumont Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASME. BOYETT, THOMAS P. Man E Rosenberg Age 25, Class '46, Army, SAM. BOYKIN, VERNON G. Ag Ed Sweetwater Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Ag. Council, FFA. BRADY, SAM H. BA Georgetown Age 22, Class '49, Army, Bus. Society, Williamson Co. Club. BRANDES, PAUL P. Vet Med Weimar Age 24, Class '45, Jr. AVMA, Distinguished Student, Scholar- ship Honor Society, BRANNAN, WARREN G. CE Saddle and Sirloin Club. Indian Gap Age 23, Class '50, USNCB, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi. BRANTLEY, WILLIAM Ag Ed O. "Bill" Rocky Mount, N. C. Age 28, Class '50, Army, Marketing and Finance Club. BRAUN, CURTIS T. Bus Georgetown Age 23, Class '47, AAF, Business Society. BREWER, JOSEPH Z. Man E Houston Age 31, Class '50, Air Farce, Student Member MAN, AFS. ' is - b A . .. BRIDGES, ALBAN K. "Bridges" Man E Stephenville Age 28, Class '50, Army, SAM. BRIDGES, ARVAL W., JR. Arch IIBHIYII Shreveport, La. Age 23, Class 47, Army, Arch Society, Shreveport Club. BRIDGES, FRANK Ag Ed Linden Age 33, Class '50, Army, Member of F.F.A. BRISCOE, JOE B., JR. Business , Gainesville Age 22, Class 50, Navy Air Corps, Business Society, Reporter, Cooke County Club, Distinguished Student, H-Battery F.A. BRISTON, GEORGE P., JR. EE San Antonio Age 25, Class 46, Army, AIEE, lRE, Camera Club. BRITT, ELIJAH L. Ch E Dallas Age 22, Class 48, Navy, AlChE, ASME, The Engineer BROGDON, THOMAS R. "Tom" Animal Hus. Q-Uifmdn Age 26, Class 50, Army. BROWN, BARNEY L. ME Kilgore Age 25, Class 50, Navy, ASME. BROWN, CHARLES M. ME Amarillo Age 30, Class 50, Navy, ASHVE, BROWN, DELMA D. Pet. Bi Mech. Eng. Burkburnett Age 24, Class 50, Navy, ASME, AlME. BROWN, JACK E. Pet 81 Mech. Eng. Age 24, Class 46, Honor Society. BROWN, JOEL E. Mech. Eng. Age 23, Class 47, Air Corps, ASME, Bell County BRUNNEMANN, ROBERT N. Agronomy Age 22, Class 5l, Army, BRYAN, GORDON F. Ag. Ed. Age 30, Class 50, Army. BUCHANAN, JOHN F. Business Army, San Antonio ASIME, ASME, Tau Beta Pi, Student "Brownie" Temple Club. "Nellie" San Benito Agronomy Society. Gainesville lljuckll College Station Age 22, Class 49, Business Club, Trans-Pecos Club, Spanish Club. BUCKNER, SPENCER P. Mech. Eng. BC'Yi0W" Age 23, Class 50, Army Air Force, ASME, ASHVE, Baytown Club. BUCKNER, TOM J. HBUCKH Elec' Eng. Henderson Age 25, Class 50, Army Air Force, AIEE. BURCH, ARTHUR L. Dallas Arch. Age 24, Class 47, Army Air Force, Baseball 44, Football 46, Arch. Society. --" 1 I .r , ,. ll ' ' Il BURCH, DANIEL A. Wimple Pet. Eng. Donna Age 22, Class 48, Navy Air Corps, Lower Rio Grande Valley Club, Pet. Eng. Club. BURCHAM, WILLIAM J. "Bill" Aero. Alphine Age 31, Class 42, Air Corps, ASME, IAES. BURK, PERCY C. Dairy Production Nqcogdgcheg Age 24, Class 50, Army, East Texas Club, Kream and Kow Klub, Football varsity, Cadet Captain-Bn. S-4, 3rd Bn., 6th Regt, 1948, Distinguished Military Graduate, Winner of Herman F. Heep Dairy Schoarship Award 1948-49. BURKE, FRANCIS D. Chem- EUS- Fort Worth Age 24, Cass 46, Navy, AlChE, Newman Club, Ft. Worth Club. BURNS, KENNETH H. AH Dallas Age 26, Class 46, Air Corps, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. BURNS, ROSS J. Mech. Eng. Hugo, Okla- Age 24, Class 50, Navy, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, Sooner Club. BURTTCHELL, JOE E. "Butch" A9 Ed Sealy Age 20, Class '50, FFA. BUSH, HOWARD M., JR. DH Son Antonio Age 30, Class 50, Parachute Int., Kream 81 Kow Klub, Saddle 84 Sirloin Club. BUSSEY, CHARLES M. "Mac" Ag. Eng. Longview Age 24, Class 50, Navy, Ag. Eng. Society. BUTLER, ALBERT Q. ABFO- Dallas Age 25, Class 50, Air Corps. BUTLER, HARRY L. i Arch Memphis, Tenn. Age 24, Class 51, Marine Corps. BUTTS, RICHARD N. "Newt" Phys. Ed. Thorndale Age 20, Class 49, Football 45, Physical Education Club, Dis- tinguished Student 48-49, Intramural Officer B-F.A. 46-47. BYRNE, BARNEY M. Pet. Eng. Cuero Age 23, Class 46, Navy, Newman Club, Pet. Eng. Club, A. I. of M. 81 M. E. BYRNE, DOUGLAS B. EE Houston Age 23, Class 47, Marine Corps, Intramural director-College View. CABANISS, CHARLES D. "Chuck" History Garland Age 23, Class '50, Army, Co-Editor, Aggieland 1950, Sports Editor, Aggieland 1949, Junior Editor, 1948 Longhorn, Sports Editor, 'The Battalion, Editorial Assistant, The Battalion, Student Senate, Student Life Committee, President, Arts and Sciences Council, President, Pre-Law Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Distinguished Student, Intercollegiate Debate Team, Who's Who. CAGLE, ROBERT L. "Bob" Civil Eng. Sherman Age 23, Class '48, Army, ASCE. CALCOTE, WILLIE "Pat" Man. Eng. Trickham Age 22, Class 50, SAM, Heart of Texas Club. CALDWELL, ROLAND H. AH San Antonio Age 22, Class 50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Distinguished Student. qi il . I Ili 255 . 5 ,I TI S! I LI ,I E E. I LI M! iif ii ,ffl itil il FI 1 5. 3, is I ev .mm is 5 3 E4 E 5 2 E s 5: 1. SI fl II 2 li Il' 5. 2 I ii ,si si I 1 I I 6 is ii I li I . I I 3 2 .I I l I i I I I ti l yi I , I Ib Il Ir W. I I I l X SENT RS '- . .fs , v 2. X -"- l , .B 3:3-L... :. ' Q.: . 1.11, -' 1- ,..-s-sl. . -1sg.w::..:reQ:. 5 . - Mews, WCM . Yf'-- -. - W, . .4 fs we .- A .fs 1- ss.. .... sissy N xx ew was x RMMN A NNAX X CALHOUN, DONALD B., JR. Ag. Eco. Emporia, Kan. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Marketing and Finance Club, Dis- tinguished Student. CALHOUN, TOM G. II Pet. E. "Senator" Tenaha Age 22, Class '50, Vice-President, Petroleum Eng. Club, Student Senator, Who's Who. CAMPBELL, DALTON GI Bus. Age 23, Class '47, Navy. CANTY, JAMES P. Dairy Mtg. llcurlyll Borger llpqtll Dallas Age 31, Class '50, Kream and Kow Klub, Newman Club, Dallas Club, Distinguished Student. CARDWELL, WALLACE H. "Wally" Vet. Med. Rockdale Age 23, Class '50, Sec., Texas Aggie Rodeo Assn., Student AVMA Council. ' CARGILL, HOWARD W. Vet. Med. Bryan Age 22, Class '48 CARLTON, CRANFILL A. "Cran" Man. E. Corpus Christi Age 25, Class '50, Navy, SAM. CARPER, WILLIAM L. "Bonanza" Gebl- Cleburne Age 26, Class '45, Marines, Geology Club. CARRELL, JAMES H. "Jim" Ag. Eco. Kemp Age 22, Class '49, Navy, Marketing and Finance Club, Kaufman County Club. CARROLL, LLOYD E. CE Ravenna Age 22, Class '50, Army, Student Senator, Tau Beta Pi, Scholar- ship Honor Society, ASCE, Fannin County Club. CARTER, JAMES L. "Cagey" Bus. Amarillo Age 24, Class '50, Marines, Business Society, Amarillo Club. CARTER, LOYD K. "Pop" History San Angelo Age 27, Class '50, Air Force, San Angelo Club, Geology Club. CARTER, NEAL J. Aero Houston Class '50, Air Force, IAS CARTER, ROBERT W. "Dubber" Arch. Beaumont Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, Tau Beta Pi, Scholarship Honor Society, .Architectural Society. cAsAs,RAFAEL J. ' Dairy Mfg. Maracaibo, Venezuela Age 23, Class '50, Pres., Latin American Club, Pres., Soccer Club, Newman Club, Kream and Kow Klub. CASEY, JOHN M. Geol. Eng. El Dorado, Arkansas Age 22, Class '49, Army, Petroleum Club, Geology Club. CASTILLON, RAMON N. Arch. Age 22, Class '51, Navy. CATANACH, ARTHUR W. Ch. E. Age 2'l, Class '50, AlChE, ACS. San Antonio Ilcatll Port Arthur WWMQX ss wisest Q ftfmseoixeggttsg as ?51?? ' iiff " f-'e f f ' ' . ..., . ,, ' ' -. - --f f -'- ....... - -:.f- ,.... ... . .. sv msN. .,..MsmN,.-.5 was ,, ee. -1 CAUGHLIN, WILLIAM G. "Fearless" EE College Station Age 20, Class '49, Band, AIEE. CHAFIN, BILLY J. "Slick" Arch Sinton Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Arch Society. CHALKER, DURWOOD G. EE Breckenridge Age 26, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. CHANEY, J. CECIL Ag Ed Canton Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Collegiate Chapter FFA. CHAPMAN, ODELL, JR. "Chap" Hart Dallas Age 25, Class '50, Navy. CHAPPELL, JAMES E. "Jim" R 81 F Memphis Age 26, Class '50, Army. CHAPPELL, JAMES W. "Bill" Geal Galveston Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Reporter, Geology Club, Galveston Co. Club. CHASE, RONALD R. "Ronnie" Ento San Benito Age 23, Class '48, Navy, Agric. Council, Entomology Club, Rio Grande Valley Club. CHESSER, BILLY G. Ch E Age 2l, Class '50, AICHE. CHRISTIE, CLARENCE E., JR. Geol E Alpine "Chris" Houston Age 2f2, Class '47, Navy, Student Senate, Geology Club, 'Houston Club. CHROMCAK, EMIL J., JR. Bus Schulenburg Age 22, Class '50, Navy, K of C, Business Society, Newman Club. CLARK, BILLY R. "BiII" Ag Eco Chillicothe Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Reporter, Marketing 81 Finance Club. CLARK, CAREY E. "Buck" Vet Med El Dorado, Ark. Age 24, Class '46, Army, Marines, Jr. AVMA, Polo, '43. CLARK, GORDON S. Ag Ed Eastland Age 27, Class '50, Navy. CLARK, HAYNES ME Cleburne Age 28, Class '50, Air Student. CLARK, JESSIE R. Pet ME Age 25, Class '50, Navy. CLARK, ROBERT E. ME Age 23, Class '50, Navy, ASME. CLAUSSEN, ROBERT L. AH Age 27, Class '50, Army. Force, ASAE, ASME, Distinguished San Antonio llBObll Burleson llBobII Houston ,me . .1 Y ...Hg gf. J,. .LA R 771- cg, .:,..,.k...5 V ,im vig., . 3, W . ,Q .Q CLASSEN, JOHN P., JR. "Johnny" R 8. F San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Texas Collegiate Academy of Science, R 81 F Club, Vice-Pres., ROTC. CLAYTON, BILLY W. "Bill" Ag Eco Springlake Age 21, Class '50, Panhandle Club, Marketing 81 Finance Club, Intramural Manager, Fish 81 Game Club, Battalion Staff, ROTC. CLEERE, HARRIS N. "Cloudy" Vet Med Alvarado Age 24, Class '45, Air Force. CLEVELAND, GEORGE G. CE Hamilton Age 27, Class '50, Coast Guard, ASCE. CLIFTON, WILLIAM W. "Cliff" Vet Med Decatur Age 30, Class '49, Air Force, AVMA. CLONINGER, JAMES S. "Slick" Pet 84 Geol Marshall Age 24, Class '47, Army, Petroleum Club, Geology Club, Mar- shall Club. CLOONEY, FREDERICK B. "Spud" Vet Med Houston Age 25, Class '46, Army, AVMA. COCKERHAM, FLOYD A. PE Red Oak Age 24, Class '51, Marines, Physical Education Club, Sociology Club. COKER, WILLIAM C. "Bill" Dairy Mfg. Mineola Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, Kream 81 Kow Klub, Natl. Dairy Prod. Judging Team. COLDIRON, DALLAS E. "Dal" Math Friona Age 27, Class '50, Air Force, W. T. A. W. Operator, Spanish Club. COLEMAN, CHARLES W. "Bill" EE Cotulla Navy. COLLIER, OSMOND 'l'l. "Ossie" EE El Paso Age 25, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. COLLIER, ROY A. Aero. Goldthwaite Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, SAE, IAS. COLLIER, WALTER B. CE Mumford Age 23, Class '47, Marines, ASCE. COLLINS, LEROY D. Bus Amarillo Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Business Society, Amarillo Club. COMBEST, ROBERT J. IE Van Alstyne Age 29, Class '50, Coast Guard, Ind. Ed Club. CONE, CONRAD B. Pet 81 ME Mexico, Missouri Age 24, Class '47, Army, Singing Cadets, Pet Club, ROTC. CONKLIN, HENRY, JR. "Hank" ME San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, Navy, ASME. ' 71-1.31.1--rf .:.,,.., , ,, . . . V 1 0 FW CONNOR, LEV O. Farm Man Daingertield Age 23, Class '50, Navy. COOK, ARCHIE D. Ch. E Fort Worth Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AlChE, ACS. COOK, BILLY L. EE Dobbin Age 27, Class '43, Marine Corps, AIEE, Montgomery Club. COOK, SPENCER E., JR. Ento La Feria Age 24, Class '46, Air Force, Rio Grande Valley Club, Ento- mology Club. COON, ROBERT W. "Bobby" CE Corpus Christi Age 22, Class '49, Tumbling Club. COOPER, L. T. Agron Kerens Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Pres. Navarro Club, Agronomy Society. COOPER, RICHARD E. AH San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, Marine Corps, Saddle 81 Sirloin. COOPER, WILLIAM G. Ch.E Beaumont Age 23, Class '50, Air Force. CORBETT, CHARLES M. Vet Med Raymondville Age 22, Class '48, Navy, AVMA. CORDERO, GEORGE R. CE Guatemala City, C. A. Age 21, Class '50. coRDEs, CHESTER H. Dairy Mfg Fayetteville Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Kream 81 Kow Klub. CORREA, RUMALDO T. "Mayo" Ag Ed 8. Hort Raymondville Are 25, Class '50, Army, Collegiate FFA Chapter, Hort Society, Rio Grande Valley Club. CORY, WILLIAM E. EE Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Pres. AIEE, Eng. Council. COUCH, BILLY L. "Bill" EE Azle Age 26, Class '50, Army, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE, A 81 M Honor Society, Ft. Worth Club. COUCH, VICTOR A. CE Port Arthur Age 24, Class '50, Air Force. COULTER, JOSEPH B. Vet Med Brownsville Age 23, Class '49, Navy, Jr. AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff, Student Senator, Scholarship Honor Society. COX, CHARLES E., JR. "Chuck" Ag Eco Bowie Age 28, Class '50, Army, Sul Ross Research Club, Marketing 81 Finance Club. COX, HARRIS R., JR. "Dick" ME Y Paris Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Lamar County Club, ASME, ASHVE, Bowling Team. J . fo QT , ,,,.,,,,...,,, , I , ,- ' -151,1 23.5. ff -fx 1 13253 We-32 -' C . X X x ' ' f L N . - :f WS'-. . -X . :. N 4 TQ: tts.-.. . ' . C' .Tx 'Emi K M X "LV A f X -- A 3 I - ' 1 , 1 " xt' . :f , --f 55 S " '- s q, . . .. Q.. A 1 -,, ss., ,X . X X X N ,K X Ng X W My ewmmxs X Q R XAM ... . ,. ., , .X.Y ., i COX, ROBERT M. "Bob CClp" Man E Clyde Age 28, Class '50, Navy, ASME, SAM, Abilene Club. COZART, ELVIS R. Agron Santa Anna Age 22, Class '48, Navy, American Society of Agronomy. CREEL, NICHOLAS "Nick" ChE Galveston Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, ACS, AIChE, Galveston Club, CRITCHFIELD, CHESTER C. "Chas" Wildlife Man Temple Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Fish and Game Club, Bell County Club, Sec. 81 Treas. CRONE, BILLIE L. "Ban" Pet E Eastland Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Eastland-Stephens County Club, AIME, Petroleum Club. CROOK, ERWIN T. "Jack" Arch Dallas Age 30, Class '43, Air Force, Distinguished Student, Scholastic Honor Society, AIA, Sul Ross Research Club, Dallas Club, Pres. Architecture Society, Student Engineers Council, Tau Beta Pi. CROUCH, JOHN M. "Big John" Bus Longview Age 2'I, Class '50, Marines, East Texas Club, Business Society EE Buena Vista, Ark. CROMWELL, ROBERT A. "Bob" Age 27, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. CUELLAR, LAURO A. "Bob" Bus Laredo Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Business Society, Laredo Club. CURRENS, THOMAS B. "Fireball" l Ed Dallas Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Dallas Club, Industrial Edu BSU Area Chairman. CURTIS, GEORGE L. Aero E Age 2'I, Class '50. CUSHING, FRANK W., JR. cation Club, Amarillo Greenville 'Age 23, Class '50, Army, Battalion Staff, Business Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Greenville Club. Bus DALBY, WINFRED S. "DauntIess" Agron De Kalb Age 25, Class '48, Army, Pres. Agronomy Society, Ag. Council DALE, JAMES M. Ag Eng Age 25, Class '50, Navy. DALTON, WILLIAM M. Man E Age 37, Class '50, Air Force, SAM. DALOVISO, LEONARD P. Vet Med Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Newman Club, AVMA. DALRYMPLE, JAMES D. Landscape Arch Age 20, Class '50. DANIEL, EDWIN F. Ag Ed Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Bell County Club, Oftic Winona "Bm" III-eoll Houston Austin H.JClClCH Holland er, FFA. i AAQV Vi .. 1 ..., . . 11, ..j :I 0 DANIEL, THOMAS M. "Tom" Ag Eng Garland Age 2'I, Class '49, Army, ASAE. DARBY, BILL J. Ch E Conroe Age 25, Class '5'I, Army, ASCHE, ACS, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Montgomery County Club. DARNELL, COLEMAN H. CE Laredo Age 25, Class '46, Air Force, Laredo Club, ASCE. DAVIS, ALBERT C. Man E Ballinger Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, SAM. DAVIS, BILLY H. EE Ferris Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, Sul Ross Research Club, AIEE. DAVIS, FRANKLIN A. Ag Ed Sweetwater Age 24, Class '50, Navy. DAVIS, GORDON O., JR. EE Houston Age 26, Class 46, Air Force, AIEE. DAVIS, JAMES I-I. CE Ft. Worth Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Aggie Players, Sul Ross Research Club, ASCE, Ft. Worth Club. DAVISON, DONALD C., JR. Bus Texas City Age 25, Class '50, Maritime Service, Bus Soc, Texas Science Society, Distinguished Student. DEES, FRANK C. "Bull" IE Houston Age 23, Class '47, Army Air Force, Pres. Weight Lifting Club. DEKEYZER, HENRY D. Ch E Port Arthur Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AIChE. DEMPSEY, JAMES J., JR. "Jimmy" Math Beaumont Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Newman Club, Beaumont Club, Acc. Soc., Distinguished Student. DENMEN, JOE C., JR. "Tody" Arch Lutkin Age 26, Class '46, Navy, Vice-President AGC, Tau Beta Fi, Arch Soc. DENSON, KENNETH E. "Ken" Bus Palestine Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Batt. Staff, Palestine Club, Bus Soc. de PAMPHILIS, PATRICK D. CE Paris Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE, Sec. Lamar County Club, Newman Club, Distinguished Student. DERIAN, HARRY G. EE Port Arthur Age 28, Class '50, Army, AIEE. DICKENSON, BILLIE L. "Dick" CE Belton Age 25, Class '50, Army, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Distinguished Student. DICKEY, Jon-IN w. ' EE Arlington Age 22, Class '50, Navy. , ..-, ... . .. - ..-. , ,,,, :W,,,igmWw , ,,.: Q N ,,,AL:k .X .. . ,. N . ww . . s st DIECKMAN, JOHN J. Geol Franklin Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Geology Club, Robertson County Club. DIELMANN, LEO M., JR. Arch San Antonio Age 24, Class '46, Army, Newman Club, Arch Soc, AIA, San Antonio Club. DILLINGHAM, RICHARD F. "DiIIy" Dairy Mtg Abilene Age 22, Class '49, Air Force, Football '45 8- '48, Pres., Abilene Club, Kream and Kow Klub, Golf Team. DITTMAR, ALBERT D. "Doug" AH Fredericksburg Age 23, Class '50, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Lutheran Students Assn. DIXON WAYNE T. "Shorty" Ag Eco Gilmar Age 28, Class '50, Navy, Marketing 81 Finance Club. DO BBINS, STEWART M. Vet Med Roscoe Age 24, Class '50, Navy. DODD, WILLIE C. "Dub" CE Palestine Age 27, Class '43, Palestine Club, ASCE, Distinguished Student. DOLIVE, WAYNE B. "Jack" CE Huntsville Age 23, Class '50, Marines, ASCE, ASCG. DOLLAR, CLIFTON H. "PeCIo" Ag Eco Henderson Age 26, Class '50, Navy, East Texas Club, Market 8. Finance Club, Aggie Ramblers. DOMMEL, CHARLES W. "Charlie" Ch E Lancaster, Pa. Age 29, Class '50, Navy-Army! AlChE, ACS. DONNELLY, LLOYD W., JR. "Pat" ME Houston Age 22, Class '50, Navy, ASME, Newman Club. DORAN, BILL H. PH San Saba Age 29, Class '43, Army, Vice-Pres., Poultry Science Club. DORBANDT, EALY B. Agron Burnet Age 27, Class '50, Marines, Agron Soc. DOWLING, MILTON W. B 81 A Bus Houston Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Business Soc, Houston Club. DRAPELA, CHARLES F., JR. Vet Med Houston Age 23, Class '48, Army, Pres., Newman Club, AVMA. DRGAC, COLBERT H. Bus Caldwell Age 25, Class '50, Army. DROZD, DEONYS H. "DD" EE Ennis Age 21, Class '50, Phi Kappa Phi, Newman Club, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE, IRE, Ellis County Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Aggie Band, Dist. Student. DU BOIS, FLOYD J. "Doodle" ChE Gainesville Age 25, Class '46, Air Force, AlChE, ACS, Cooke County Club, Sul Ross Research Club. 4 DUDEK JOHN F Kato Man E Waco Age 25, Class 50, Arr Force, SAM, Waco McLennan County Club. DUKE, MAYO M. Ag Ed Tulia Age 26, Class '45, Air Force, FFA, Panhandle Club. DULL, WILLIAM H. "Bill" Ag Ed Iowa City, Iowa Age 27, Class '50, Army, FFA. DUNGAN, HAROLD E. "Hal" Man E Wichita Falls Age 22, Class '49, Sec. 81 Treas. SAM, Vice-Pres. Aggie Players, Wichita Falls Club, Cadet Capt. ROTC. DUNNAHOO, JAMES R. "Jim" Man E Houston Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, SAM, Houston Club. DUTY, ARTIS M. ME Houston Age 28, Class '44, Army. DYSART, WILL H. Kopperl AH Age 26, Class '50, Marines, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Rodeo Club. EASDON, HAROLD K. Bus Cleburne Age 20, Class '50, EATON, JAMES H. "Speed" Man E San Antonio Age 25, Class '45, Air Force, SAM, Am. Foundryman's Society, IAS, Tumbling Team. EGLY, JOSEPH L. Bus Brownsville Age 25, Class '50, Army, Business Society. ELIASSON, WARREN H. EE Port Arthur Age 30, Class '50, Navy, Sailing Club. ELLIOTT, CARL L. Agron Temple Age 22, Class '50, Army, Agronomy Society. ELLIOTT, DAVIS W. "Wes" Ag Eng Amarillo Age 24, Class '50, Air Force. ELLIS, LOWELL C. Geal Tyler Age 24, Class '46, Air Force, Geology' Club. ELLISON, LUTHER- F. Pet 81 Geol Camden, Ark. Age 24, Class '46, Navy. ELWELL, CHARLES E. "Chuck" ME Troupsburg Age 27, Class '50, Air Force. EMMETT, ROBERT A. "R. A." Vet Med ' Hamilton Age 24, Class '47, Army, AVMA. ENGDAHL, DENVER D. "Dick" BUS i Brady Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Pres. Heart at Texas Club, Business Society Singing Cadets, Distinguished Student. Sad-gif . flea-de f ' 5-as 42.12-'i . s- ww . ,- Q X L ., 'A . Ll: -,il. ::,v-:-.1151 2 .. ,- S . . , . . ,,,, ..,.f ...,... N 1 '- ..., .. . " -22:3-.-E+' m:..,2:.Ig:5 -, . 2 ENGELKING, DONALD J. CE s .te we llDonlI San Antonio Age 25, Class '45, Army, Battalion Summer Sports Editor, ASCE. ENGLISH, ALEXANDER C., JR. "Ace" ME Livingston Age 24, Class '46, Navy, ASHVE, ASME. ENLOE, PAUL T. Geol E Beaumont Age 22, Class '48, Army, Beaumont Club, Geology Club, Dist. Student. ESPINOZA, LUIS Pet E Mercedes Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Petroleum Club, AIME. EVANS, JOHN W. PH Alamo Age 27, Class '50, Navy, Poultry Science Club. EVANS, LEIGHTON A. "Pablo" ME Weatherford Age 20, Class '49, Weatherford Club Pres., Distinguished Stu- dent ROTC, ASME. EVANS, ZACK B. "Buzz" R 81 F Mt. Enterprise Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Range 8. Forestry Club. EVERS, CYRIL T. "Tom" Geol E Sherman Age 25, Class '50, Navy. EWING, EDGAR E. "Gene" Bus Corsicana Age 20, Class '53, Business Soc., Navarro County Club, Spanish Club. FAIRBAIRN, GEORGE C., JR. v Acc Port Arthur Age 26, Class '46, Accounting Society, Port Arthur Club. FARMER, LESTER L., JR. Bus III-esll Terrell Age 2'I, Class '48, Army, Business Soc., Kaufman County Club, Distinguished Student. FAULDS, ANDREW J. Ed Age 29, Class '44, Air Force. FAULKNER, DAVID N., JR. Arch lljackll Somerville HDDII Galveston Age 27, Class '50, Air Force, Arch Soc, Galveston Club. FEDERICO, ROBERT ME Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, EI Paso Club, Engineers Vice-Chairman ASME. FEHEMANN, ZANE H. Arch Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, Arch Society. FEHRMANN, ROBERT L. Pet E Age 24, Class '50, Army, Pet E Club. FERGUSON, EARL H. R 81 F Age 24, Class '46, Navy, Sect R 81 F Club, Angelo Club. FITTZ, SAMUEL C. Aero-Man E Age 25, Class '45, Army, SAM, ROA, IAS. El Paso Council, Houston Houston lIEGrIll ,Brady Ag Council, San New Orleans, Ld. .,',. . ' ulb' ,. ' ..-.'1 , .. i:, FITZGERALD, DON D. Pef E Houston Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Distinguished Student, Petroleum Club, Pres., Aggie Christian Fellowship. FLEENER, THOMAS W. "Tom" Mqn E DGIICIS Age 22, Class '49, Army, Distinguished Student, Tau Beta Pi, SAM, Sul Ross Research Club. FLEMING, PAUL C. Mun E Austin Age 24, Class '47, Army, Swimming Team, Water Polo Team, SAM. FLORY, ARTHUR C. "Scotty" Chem Shreveport, La. Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Pres. ACS, Texas Collegiate Academy of Science, Arts 81 Science Council. FLOWERS, ARCHIE I. Vet Med Waelder Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, AVMA, Scholarship Honor Society. FLOYD, ATMA B., JR. Aero E Beaumont Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Sec. IAS, Engineers Council, SAE, Beaumont Club. FLUITT, MALCOLM L. Ag Ed Marble Falls Age 23, Class '48, Army, FFA. FOKES, JACK M. Ag Eng Del Rio Age 23, Class '47, Army, Agricultural Engineering Society, Del Rio Club. FONTENOT, JOSEPH G. "Joe" ME Lufkin Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Distinguished Student, Tau Beta Pi, ASME. FOREMAN, JAMES C. "Jay" ME Orangefield Age 27, Class '50, Marines, ASME. FORSYTH, JIMMIE S. Hist Houston Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Arts 81 Science Council. FORSYTHE, WILLIAM E. "Bill" Man E McAllen Age 25, Class '46, Navy, SAM, Rio Grande Valley Club, Aggie Band, Singing Cadets, Student Senate. FOSTER, RICHARD W. Vet Med San Antonio Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, AVMA. FOWLER, JESSE J. "J J." Pet E Henderson Age 23, Class '50, Marines, Aggie Players, Petroleum Club. FOWLKES, CHARLES G. "Charlie" EE Amarillo Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Amarillo Club, AIEE. EOYT, JOHN Ch E Edna Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, IAChE. ' FRANCIS, EVELID C. DM Humble Age 24, Class '49, Army, Kream 81 Kow Klub. FRANK, GEORGE A. Ag Ed , Alice Age 21, Class 49, Navy, FFA, Brush Country Club, Lutheran Student Asso. Editor, LSA "ChaIIenger." iii' ""'x ",- . . - -If f -YYEQQKQEEQNESGSQGQikiegkhx 1': FRANKLIN, JULIAN R. Ag E Gladewater Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASAE, East Texas Club. FRANKLIN, MILTON T. "Frank" Geol E Newton Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Geology Club. FRAZER, CARL B., JR. Geol Houston Age 24, Class '49, Army, Geology Club. FREEMAN, HAROLD M. "Hank" Ag E Knox City Age 23, Class '50, Army, FFA. FROMME, GILLIG L. "Gil" EE Age 27, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. FUCHS, CALVIN H. Ag E Age 25, Class '50, Army, ASAE. FUCHS, HOWARD F. Ag E Age 22, Class '49, Army, FFA, Fayette County FUCHS, OTTO L., JR. Ag E Age 'l9, Class '50, FFA, R 8- F Club. FULBRIGHT, MYRON L. A E Age 23, Class '50, Navy, ASAE, Waco Club. GAGE, JAMES W. AH San Antonio Scholastic Honor Sociely, Tau Beta Pi, Burton Carmine Club. Carmine "Hank" Lorena ffsmff Slidell Age 29, Class '43, Air Force, Distinguished Student. GALBREATH, WILLIAM A., JR. ME Age 22, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, ASHVE, GARCIA, ALEJONDRO R. CE Age 26, Class '47, Air Force, ASCE, Laredo Club. GARCIA, GERONIMO G. CE Age 27, Class '50, Army, ASCE, Laredo Club, GARREN, M. C., JR. IE Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Industrial Education Ross Research Club, Coryell County Club. GARRETT, JAMES H. Ag Ed Age l5, Class '50, FFA, R 81 F Club. GARZA, LUIS RAMIREZ ME Age 24, Class '51, Air Force, ASME. GAULT, LANDON L. Vet Med Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, AMVA, VM. GAY, Bl-LLIE P. Arch Age 22, Class '48, Army, AGC, HJSK. Houston Club. "Alex" Laredo Club, Newman Laredo Newman Club. Turnersville Club Sect., Sul Cross Plains San Antonio HSGHYH Placid Stamford ' ,.f,., ..,, zz: "Wg ,Awe 14 4 525' 1 .X..,.u, . s Q.. .., s..,..s:.-we... M -a ns, , -.I x ' fsswvzmvff -- - Fix.. 7? 'ws -Ns. ,. . M rag,-r. . .. Y- fw-f9?,g,,'. . s:..-.5-.sz-s ws 441, .lf 1 1 ' f . ,.g:E:5.I-Sf' X :.-rss' , ":E- 2-'LIN 5: ' '2S:55.g!,"ggg'?:h1" IF i37.fL:'- R ' . 2-, , . sg.-.g.s,,.-,V ...z xg, . . ,. ....,,,.. ...,- ...., .s...,..,... .... -..,. .... - We .. .,W,.m,W,,,, , , -,W, ,,x,., 0, GAY, CHARLES N. AH Age 22, Class '50, Marin GERBIG, JAMES M. SS Port Arthur Aero E Waller Age 25, Class '50, Air Force GIBSON, ALFRED R. "Hoot" Pet E Mexiu Age 22, Class '50, Army, Petroleum Club, AIME. GIBSON, JOE M. "Gib" PE McGregor Age 21, Class '50, Army. GIBSON, JOHN T. "Gibby" ME Fort Worth Age 27, Class '50, Air Force. GIBSON, ROBERT M. "Hoot" Pet E Bryan Age 24, Class '50, Army. GIBSON, WILLIAM F., JR. "Hoot" Aero E Shreveport, La. Age 22, Class '49, Air Force, IAS. GIEBEL, AARON, F. Pet E Fort Worth Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Petroleum Engineers Club, AIME. GIEBEL, LEROY H. Vet Med. Round Top Age 24, Class '46, Army, Distinguished Student, AVMA, Honor Society. GIESECKE, CHESTER A. Ag Ed Hico Age 28, Class '50, Air Force GIETZEN, JOHN E. "Jack" ME Beaumont Age 24, Class '50, Army, Newman Club, ASME. GILDER, GRADY, JR. Arch Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Army, Arcl-1. Society, Dallas Club. GILLEN, WILLIAM E. Pet E Saginaw Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Petroleum Engineering Club. GOERDEL, LEMUND E. Agron Hamilton Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Agronomy Society. GOFORTH, ROGER B. Man E Overton Age 25, Class '49, Navy, SAM, East Texas Club. GONZALES, WILLIE M. AI'CI'1 San Antonio Age 24, Class '51, Navy. GONZALEZ, JULIO AH Monclava, Coah., Mex. Age 21, Class '50. GOOCH, HULON D.- Agron Age 24, Class '50, Army. IIDOQII Greenville " A - :A-.'f1a'I: 'rr-sw .:. .1 'Hai' ..-.2-1: --.. .. ,, Jiiffei' sc.,-,N .1112 ,Y . ez-,f - ,ss-. -,Q M V1 ::.,,::p.,:e1r1' . .. --ss., , M--N -s- I- " , 'Ne ts- -. . .se1::e5.:e.1i...gg.I. se- ' . " 'if it s ....m...m E?e:.mwww , slrmwff 4 il GOODMAN, FRED K. ME Houston Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASHVE. GOODWIN, CHARLES J., JR. . Man E Houston Age 27, Class '50, Marines, Newman Club, Pres. SAM, Engineer Council. GORDON, CLARENCE R. "Flash" ME Kilgore Age 2l, Class '49, ASME, East Texas Club. GORDON, CHARLES W., Ill "Charlie" Ag Eco San Antonio Age 23, Class '48, Navy, San Antonio, Vice Pres., Marketing 81 Finance Club. GORDON, FRANK H. EE Houston Age 24, Class '50, Army, AIEE, Houston Club, Camera Club, Tau Beta Pi. GORDY, CARL A. "Gordo" I Ed Eagle Lake Age 27, Class '50, Navy. GOUGLER, PHILIP D., "Gov " 9 AH Medina Age 25, Class '50, Army. GOULD, ROY C. Pet E Longview Age 22, Class '50, Army, Tau Beta Pi, Petroleum Club, East Texas Club. K GOULD, WILLIAM E. "Bill" ME Houston Age 26, Class '50, Navy, ASME, SAE, Aggie Squares GRACE, JOHN R. "Red" ME Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Army, Aggie Players, ASME, Astronomical Society, Distinguished Student. GRANT, EARL C. l Ed "Scooter" Sherman Age 22, Class '48, Air Force, Industrial Education Club. GRAVES, M. E. ' Ag Ed Age 28, Class '50, Marines GRAY, LOUIS G. Ento Age 20, Class '51, Entomology Club. GREB, KENNETH W. ME Age 22, Class '50, Navy. GREEN, ALBERT H. ME Age 22, Class '47, Air Force, ASME. GREEN, CHARLES D. AH Age 24, Class Judging Team, Rodeo Club. GREEN, GLEN W. lIGeneIl Ranger II-I U Houston Crockett llBUblI Stephenville llzekell College Station '50, Air Force, Saddle 81 -Sirloin Club, Livestock Range Man El Dorado, Ark. Age 32, Class '50, Air Force, Pres. Range 81 Forestry Club, Agricultural Council, San Angelo Club. GREEN, WILLIAM W. Vet Med Kenedy Age 24, Class '50, Marines, AVMA, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Flax Country Club. ' W J'-- . .'.'Zs , -9 , . cw ft t'i'at"f,"i'2K"fA"fWm' -V f' fi U Ky., .... 1 W , W, .. ,fi -' LI N l: R 55 ,. . ,gr GREENE, FREDDIE M. PME Gladewater Age 23, Class '47, Navy, ASME, Petroleum Club. GRIFFIN, THOMAS P. Vet Med Age 26, Class '49, Air Force, AVMA. GRISHAM, RICHARD E. I Ed Waelder 'fascia' Bay City Age 25, Class '50, Army, Industrial Education Club. GROTZINGER, IRWIN C. ME Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, SAE. GU ENZEL, EDWIN L. EE Age 24, Class '50, Air Force GUIDRY, WILLIAM A. "GrOtZ" La Feria Taylor ffoubbff Pet E Port Arthur Age 23, Class '48, Air Force, Petroleum Club, Port Arthur Club. GUSTAFSON, RAYFORD B., JR. "Gus" Geol Waynesboro, Miss. Age 20, Class 50, Vice-Pres., Geology Club, Petroleum Club, ROTC, Distinguished Student, AAPG, AIME. GUTHRIE, WILLIAM L. ffsmff English College Station Age 20, Class '50, Singing Cadets, WTAW, Spanish Club. HAACK, JACK D. "Jackson" PE Brenham Age 21, Class '50, Army, Physical Ed Club, Washington County Club. HAAKER, EDWARD H. "Ed" CE Glendora, Calif. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASCE, AGC. HAASS, CHARLES E. CE Del Rio Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, ASCE, AGC. HAGEMEIER, MARVIN W. "Hagy" Bus Bryan Age 29, Class '50, Army, Pres., Bus. Society, Accounting Society, Capt. Bowling Team, Distinguished Student, Arts 81 Sciences Council, Vet Students Association, Bryan Club. HAGEN, JOH N A. CE "Johnny" San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Marines, ASCE, San Antonio Club. HAGOOD, ROY O. Dairy Mfg. Age 25, Class '46, Navy, Kream 8: Kow Klub. HAHN, WALTER L. Pet E Age 22, Class '47, Army, Ross Volunteers. HAILE, HERBERT Q., JR. CE Age 27, Class '44, Army, ASCE, AGC, Ross Team, Best Drill man "F" Engineers. HAINES, HARRY K. Ag Ed Age 23, Class '47, Army, Singing Cadets. HALKIAS, ESTES E. ' Bus "Jack" Fort Worth ffwqnff Kermit IIQII Uvalde Volunteers, Pistol "Poofus" College Station IITII Eastland Age 21, Class '48, Navy, Business Society, Pres., Sibisa Club, Vice Pres., Eastland-Stephens County Club. .ff 'NSW .f" W 4, +": ss' S28 Q by A N,,' .- I -qw:-x ws ,K-ex. t,5.':xsI.gaqs-1 'WEB ' be L ""' I m kf ties fe l... --,.,, I ,. ,,Q.: ,, :2 .... :,... . HALL, HAROLD FRANCIS Vet. Med. Age 25, Class '50, Navy, AVMA, V-M-SI. HALL, JAMES W. Ch.E. Grand Saline Age 23, Class '50, AAF, AIChE, Masonic Lodge, Sul Ross Research Club. HALTOM, BART U. Physical Ed. IIBQ rtll Bryan Age 26, Class '45, AAF, PE, "T" Association, Football Letter- man, Golf Letterman. HAMILTON, JOHN HAROLD ME Arlington Age 23, Class '50, Army Air Corps, ASME Student Chapter. HAMLIN, PHILIP C. Rawhide Ag. Ed. Laredo Age 29, Class '50, Army. HANCOCK, BILLY BERTRAM "Red" Vet. Med. Dublin Age 22, Class '49, Navy, AVMA, VM, Press Club, Asso. Editor, Southwestern Veterinarian. HANCOCK, BLUEFFORD GORDON Hort. Stephenville Age 24, Class '50, Army, Horticulture Society. ' HANCOCK, JOHN ROBERT "Bob" Man E Fort Worth Age 24, Class '50, U. S. N. R., Singing Cadets. HAND, ROBERT JOSEPH "Bob" Pet. E Baytown Age 30, Class '50, Cavalry, AIME, Petroleum Club. HAPP, JOHN H. Jack Entomology Winnetka Age 27, Class '50, Army, Entomology Club, Fencing Team. HARDING, GEORGE KIRK Kirk Man E Denton Age 27, Class '44, Navy, SAM. HARGIS, N. G., JR. CE Chireno Age 23, Class '50, Navy, ASCE. HARGRAVE, CHARLES MELVIN "Charlie" Arch. Carthage Age 24, Class '5'I, USMC. HARLIN, CURTIS C., JR. "Curley" CE Fort Worth Age 28, Class '50, Army, Tau Beta Pi, ASCE, Scholastic Honor Society. HARLAN, MACK B. "I"IC1l'I" Business GI'C1l1Gm Age 23, Class '50, Texas Club, Sul R HARLEE WALLACE Business ' Age 27, Class '50 STEWART , Army, Business Society. HARMON, B. F., JR. Geology Age 24, Class '47, Navy, Geology Club, Singing Ca HARMON, J. R. B 81 A USMC, Young County Club, North Central oss Research Club, Business Society. Il lyll Coleman Lorenc dets. Toni Whitney Age 24, Class '47, Army, Business Society, Hill County Club. 4 X.kx .x,x ,tg wi.. . 4 .-.,1. -. V. ss ...,-es. --, V .1- -new . ,, we :, 'I - H: , - , .. us ,arsfiwo-C.-, .N M- N-.KSQT-e'w 5 - f f- L N- ' s. . . wif 2-W? Q3-I 'f.',,, - V Vi .4 -3 .s ,w,.,3.? .. 5 5, -sg. ,A .gf .::f...a:.,:1" u -.f 3 f ss' V ,,s':,i . f, . ,. , tv , l ' b it ' A HARMS, HENRY, JR. "Hank" Agron Nordhelm Age 25, Class '50, Army, Agronomy Society, LSA. HARRELL, BILLY B. "Bill" IE Longview Age 22, Class '49, IE Club, East Texas Club, ROTC. HARRELL, JAMES A., JR. "Jimmie" ME Dallas Age 29, Class '50, Army, ASME, ASHVE. HARRINGTON, WILLIAM C. "Red" Geol Goldsmith Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Pres. Geology Club, Student Engineer- ing Council, Tau Beta Pi, Newman Club. HARRIS, LUCIAN F. ME Houston Age 29, Class '50, Army, ASME. HARRIS, JOHN W., III BA Wichita Falls Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Wichita Falls Club, Pres., Bus. Society. HARROD, GEORGE R., JR. "Bob" ME Houston Age 21, Class '49, Army, ASME, Houston Club. HASKELL, WILLIAM A. "Bill" Geal E Houston Age 24, Class '47, Air Corps, Geology Club, Kum Dubl Closs, Aggie Squares. HATCHER, HAROLD K. "Hatch" AH Gainesville Age 23, Class '50, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Vice-Pres., Cooke County Club. HAUSER, BILL O. "Bo" Hort Edinburg Age 22, Class '47, Navy, ROTC, Band, Swimming Squad, Hort. Society, Rio Grande Valley Club, El Clarin, Student Senate, Dis- tinguished Student. HAY, JAMES D. Arch Temple Age 26, Class '49, Air Force Arch. Society, Jr. Chapter AGC. HAYES, CURTIS, JR. "Pete" ME Port Arthur AgeAge 25, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, Intramural Manager. HAYWOOD, JOSEPH L. "Joe" ME Gladewater Age 24, Class '50, Navy, ASME, Tau Beta Pi. HEMRICK, KURT E., JR. Man E. Cleburne Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, SAM, Johnson County Club. HENDRICKS, JOHN W. AH San Angelo Age 27, Class '45, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, San Angelo Club. HENNINGER, ROBERT L. "Bob" ME Raymondville Age 23, Class '50, Army, ASME, AFA. HENSLEE, DONALD M. "Don" A9 ECO Luling Age 24, Class '46, Air Force, Marketing and Finance Club. HENSLEY, MARION R., JR. "Randy" Acc Iola Age 24, Class '44, Navy, Accounting Society. -, Q. .,.. I , .... M . .,.. - v -I. -. -- " ""- ' . .. G-1:-ef . M- ' """' -:"-s.:v' '-"s 's ' X - Rye, 4 x w.:::,z:i.2 We - A II II HENSLEY, ROBERT T. Bob Ag. Eng. La Feria Age 28, Class '44, Air Force, Swimming, Ag. Eng. Society. HERGERT, ROY EDWARD M, E, Port Arthur Age 26, Class '50, Navy, ASME HEROMAN, WILLIAM LESLIE "BiIl" Man. E. Monticello Age 30, Class '49, Army. HERRING, JOE A.H. Whitney Age 24, Class '50, Army. HERRINGTON, D. A., JR. - Ag. Eco. Del Rio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Marketing and Finance Club, Del Rio Club. HERTTENBERGER, JERRY BLAND C.E. 'Old Glory Age 23, Class '50, Air Corps, Husk Club, ASCE. HEWITT, CHARLES R. A.H. San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Distinguished Stuclent. HICKS, CALVIN WILSON Geology Java. S. Dakota Age 24, Class '49, Army, Geal. Club, Reserve Officers Assn., Dallas Club. HICKS, HOWARD R. "Tex" Ag. Ed. Velasco Age 20, Class '50, F.F.A. National Guard, Distinguished Stu- dent, Brazoria County Club. HICKS, STANLEY G. Vet. Med. Stephenville Age 28, Class '43, Army, AUMA, Poultry Science Club, R.O.A. HICKS, WALTER FRANCIS, JR. C.E. Paris Age 24, Class '47, Navy, ASCE, Lamar County Club. HIGGINS, WILLIAM A. "Bill" Ag. Ed. Stephenville Age 26, Class '50, Army, F.F.A. HIGHTOWER, KENNETH D. "Ken" E.E. Fort Worth Age 23, Class '48, Navy, AIEE. HILL, BILLY JOE E.E. San Angelo Age 25, Class '46, Naval Air Corps, A.I.E.E., San Angelo Club, Veteran Student Asso. HILL, JAMES A. "Jimmy" B 8. A Somerville Age 28, Class '44, A.A.F., Busines Society, Flying Texas Aggies. HILL, JESSE W. "Tiny" Arch. . Port Arthur Age 29, Class '50, Navy, Arch. Society, Port Arthur Club. HILL, JOHN HOWARD Chem. Earlville Age 23, Class '50, Navy, A.C.S. HILL, JOHN MONROE "Johnny" Pet. Eng. Leakey Age 23, Class '50, USMC, Petroleum Club, AIME, S. W. Texas Club. W tI'."'f.'f"-iff Si iT:fis5f"s,f'j,Tas: 1 f seein ew -gyw. 3 M: W LX.. mv ,zo ,.5?q,., 335 mf .Y ,sl , Ns? 7.1 ,.rV Qi. .fyjxlgy HF I X .-fssssf New-,iffsf:1s ,as as , , X. ., . . , HILLIARD, CYRIL D. ME Brady Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, Tau Beta Pi. HILLIARD, GARLAND E. ME Lohn Age 32, Class '50, Army, Tau Beta Pi. HITES, WILLIAM HENRY "Bill" Dallas EE Age 23, Class '50, Army, AIEE, IRE, Camera Club, HLUZA, ALBERT G. GE Damon Age 23, Class '50, Student Senate, Brazoria County Club. HOBAN, HAME EDWARD "Jim" Vel. Med. Waco Age 25, Class '45, Air Force, Waco-McLennan County Club, Newman Club, Scholarship Honor Society. HODGE, JAMES CALVIN BA Dallas Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Pres., Aggie Squares, Business So- ciety. HODGES, JAMES E. "Jack" Ag. Eng. Bonham Age 28, Class '51, Air Force, ASAE. HODGES, TEDDY O. Ag. Eng. Ravenna Age 27, Class '50, Air Force, ASAE, Tau Beta Pi. HODGSON, ALONZO H., JR. "H" CE De Kalb Age 24, Class '50, Navy, ASCE. HOGAN, JOEL ELIJAH Acct. Bryan Age 26, Class '45, Marines, Accounting Society. HOGG, WILLIAM H. "LiI Pig" Dairy Mfg. Mansfield Age 24, Class '49, Air Force, Kream and Kow Club, Ag. Coun- cil, Rodeo Club, Fort Worth Club. HOGUE, RALPH S. Ento. Paducah Age 24, Class '45, Army, Childres Club, Entomology Club. HOLBROOK, FRANKLIN MARVIN "Smiley" Ch. E. Houston Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, AlChE, ASC. HOLDER, JOHN VERGAC EE Waco Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Waco-McCIennan County Club, AIEE. HOLLAND, RICHARD F. "Dick" Agron. Athens Age 21, Class '50, Navy, Agronomy Society, President, Hen- derson County Club. HOLLIDAY, WINANS DEE Ed Levelland Age 23, Class '53, Marines, Arts 81 Sciences Council. HOLMES, RICHARD BRADFORD, JR. "Brad" Arch. Cons. Donna Age 23, Class '48, Air Force, Rio Grande Valley Club, Bowling Team, Battalion Staff, Architectural Society, Association of Gen- eral Contractors. HOOBLER, DAVID E. ChE. San Antonio Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, Tau Beta Pi, Scholarship Honor Sbciety, AICHE, Acs. . . s .,,., HOOKER EDWARD W "Ed" , . Henderson PE Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, "T" Association, Vice Pres., PE Club '49-50, Football '46-'48, Track Letterman '49-50, Distin- guished Student. HORSTMAN N, LANE Geal. Eng. Cameron Age 22, Class '50, Army, Geology Club. HOUSE, WILLIAM R. "Bill" Acct. McAllen Age 20, Class '49, Acct. Society, Rio Grande Valley Club. HOWARD, C. W., JR. Chem. Thgrockmorton Age 25, Class '50, Army, Debate Club '47-48, ACS '49-50. HOWARD, JOE R. Geol. Eng. Midland Age 23, Class '50, Army, Geoi. Club '49-'50. HOY, JAMES D., JR. "Jim" PE Kenmore, N. Y. Age 26, Class '51, Army. HOYLER, WILBURNE F. "Willy" Aero. Eng. Fort Worth Age 26, Class '50, Navy, Tau Beta Pi, IAS. HRACHOVY, SYDON F. "Rocky" Ellinger PE Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Varsity Basketball, Amer. Assn. ot Health, Phys. Ed. and Recreation, Texas Assn. of Health, Phys. Ed. and Recreation. HUCKABEE, DAN C. Ag. Eng. Age 31, Class '50, Army, HUDGINS, HARRY R. Agron. Age 32, Class '50, Army, HUDSON, RAYMOND P. C.E. Age 27, Class '50, Army, HEUBNER, MELVIN T. Bus. Age 21, Class '50, Army, dent Assn. HUGHES. ROY N. lIHuCkll Gatesville ASAE. "Shorty" Grand Prairie M.E. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASME, ASHVE, Distinguiished Student. HUMPHRIES, FLOYD E. Arch. Age 22, Class '47, Navy, HUNTER, PHILIP F. Bus. Age 21, Class '49, Navy. HURD, ALVIN M. Ag. Eng. Agron. Club '48-'49, '49-'50. Rolla, Ark. ASCE. Burton Washington Ca. Club, Lutheran Stu- Quanah llHUmplI Dallas Tau Beta Pi, Arch. Society. "Jungle Jim" Dallas IIAIII Brady Age 25, Class '50, Army, ASAE, Heart O' Texas Club. HURT, HUGH H., JR. Aero. Eng. llHcrryH Big Spring Age 22, Class '48, Navy, IAS, Aggie Aeromodeliers, Big Spring Club. HUTTO N, RICHARD G. M.E. Age 22, Class '50, ASME, Hico Tau Beta Pi. el-be fav yw 9' w ,Q qfffv. fwf,'f,51"':Ygf,f' vw .gf wfsQW.Qf,,. 5 . , , f-W... +:s1:.,, , I . . 2.53: - ' 955,31 , - , -'-- A . . . V. . . , W, , .. - - K Q. ,wyve ,. , , A. .X .1 we , wa .M J , ...,,. HUTTON, ROBERT S., JR. ME Age 28, Class '50, ASME, Tau Beta Pi, Na-vy. IMHOF, ALVIN G. Ag Eng Age 22, Class '50, INGLIS, JACK M. Wildlife Man Age 25, Class '50, Science, Navy. Wildlife Man Club, Colleg INGRAM, EMMIT A., JR. Arch ASAE, Tau Beta Pi, Air Force. llBObIl Hico IITedlI Waller llRedlI College Station iate Academy ot IIROCIQYII Fort Worth Age 24, Class '46, Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, Cadet Captain, Engineer Staff, Student Engineers Council, Jr. Associate AIA Chapter, Student Senator, Arch Society, Ross Volunteers, Army, Who's Who. IRWIN, PAUL E. PGE Age 25, Class '50, Petroleum Club, Geology C Air Force. IVEY, HOMER F. EE , Age 24, Class '50, Navy. JACKSON, EVERETT G. AH Age 23, Class '50, Navy. JACKSON, HAROLD E., JR. Vet. Mecl. Age 25, Class '50, JAUMA, Hill County Club, JACKSON, JAMES L. Pet. E Age 25, Class '46, Distinguished Student, Pet. JACKSON, MARSHALL H. Edu . 'AgeC25, Class '50, Acs, Alchls, Navy. JACKSON, WILLIAM E. Ento. Age 25, Class '50, President Ento. Club, Ag. Research Club, Navy. JACKSON, WILLIAM H. ME Age 28, Class '49, ASME, Army. JAMISON, JIMMIE H. EE Age 24, Class '50, AIEE, Marines JENNINGS, CHARLES W. Arch. Age 25, Class '50, Dallas Club, Arch. Societ JENSEN, GLENROY R. Aero. Age 23, Class '47, iAS, Army, JENTSCH, DON G. ME Age 24, Class '50, Chairman ASME, Enginee JOHNS, RAY W. EE Age 22, Class '49, AIEE, Navy. JOHNS, ROY A. A ME-EE Auburn, Ill. lub, Tau Beta Pi, Robert Lee Columbia, S. C. "Jack" Hillsboro Navy. Houston E Club, Army. "Snookie" Jacksonville "Jack" Burkeville Council, Sul Ross "Bill" Jacksonville "Red Dog" Waco Dallas y, Army. Galveston Pharr rs Council, Navy. Houston Houston Age 22, Class '49, ASME, AIEE, Houston Club, Navy. 'r "" . JOHNSON, BILLY J. "Bill" DH Abilene Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, Kreme 81 Kow Klub '47, '48, '49, Dairy Products Judging Team '48-'49, '49-'5O. JOHNSON, HAROLD E. "Pew" Pei. Geol. Stamford Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Pet. Club, Geol. Club. JOHNSON, LESTER VST- Med- Ravia, oklq. Age 31, Class '50, Air Force, AVMA. JOHNSON, NED AH Beaumont Age 31, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 84 Sirloin Club. JOHNSON, READ, JR. Aero. Eng. Fort Worth Age 23, Class '50, Army. JOHNSTON, LOWELL P. ' "Johnny" CE Farmersville Age 23, Class '47, Army, ASCE, AGC. JOHNSTON, RICHARD M. "Dick" ME Port Arthur Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, ASME. JONES, BURTON H., JR. "Burt" Arch. Breckenridge Age 25, Class '48, Eastland-Stephens County Club, Arch. Society, AGC, Distinguished Student. JONES, DONALD M. "Nippy" Cl-1. E Waco Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AlChE, Waco-McLennan Co. Club. JONES, EDWIN R. "Ed" ME Fort Worth Age 21, Class '49, SAE, ASME, Fort Worth Club. JONES, ELMER L. Agron. Pecos Age 21, Class '49, Agron. Society. JONES, HAROLD W. "Hagie" Arch. Dallas Age 25, Class '46, Marine Corps, Arch. Society. JONES, JACK D. "Deacon" Ag. Eng. Groesbeck Age 23, Class '46, Navy, ASCE, Distinguished Student. JONES, JAMES P. "J. P." Vef. Med. Brady Age 23, Class '48, Rifle Team, Jr. AVMA, Bus. Mgr., Southwest- ern Veterinarian, West Texas Club, Track Squad, Student Senator. JONES, ROBERT E. "BUTE," Ch, E Cleburne Age 2'l, Class '49, AlChE, ACS, Johnson County Club, Chess Club. JONES, ROBERT L. "BOD" ME McCain, N. C. Age 28, Class '50, ASME, AFS, Singing Cadets. JONES, TOM L. "T0lTl" An. Sci. SP'-'V Age 22, Class '49, Saddle and Sirloin Club. , JONES, W. A. Hoff, Centerville Age 23, Class '50. , ..,,.... ,. .. . V ,- A ,. .. . -v i... ,U K W Y ., , , - .... 4....,.f'..,5.:.:e.-.5-gfv.-Q,Vg.-, ,..,.,,..,.,,.,,5-.,,f-:g, - - ..,s..w1- ,.,. g- . ., - ,v,.. .: .,,,, :V ,..,.,.,i.,,.,.,..,,., W, ,,. W...-.,A..-J 1 .:s1fK.:.y 4. . . J ' fp ..... ...-. wfjffvf-, . ' A JONES, WARREN C. Dairy Man. Portage, Pa. Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Kream and Kow Club. JOSEPH, SABAT ME Sofia, Bulgaria Age 25, Class '50, Tau Beta Pi, Hillel Club, Phi Eta Sigma, ASME. JULIAN, WILLIAM H., JR. "Rip" Wildlife Man. Leesburg Age 23, Class '50, Army, Fish and Game Club. JUNEK, CLIFTON J. ME Temple Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Bell County Club, ASME. KAMPERMAN, ROBERT D. "Bob" ME Dallas Age 25, Class '46, Air Force, Varsity Basketball, "T" Club, ASHVE. GARNOWSKI, F. G. Ch- E Robstown Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AIChE. KAULFUS, BRUNO W. ME Rosebud Age 25, Class '50, Navy, ASME. KEARBY, JEROME C., II "Jerry" Pet. E Age 24, Class '46, Army, Tau Beta Pi, Scholarship AIME Petroleum Club. KEESE, EARL S. ME Age 21, Class '49, ASME, Engineer Staff. KELLEHER, JAMES F. Aero. Age 20, Class '50 KELLY, HOWARD D. CE Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE. KELLY, JOE R. Flor. Mineral Wells Honor Society, llstonll Stamford IIJ imll Kaufman Spearman Waco Age 24, Class '50, Marines, Vice President Landscape Art Club, Ag. Council, Sul Ross Research Club, Waco-McLennan County Club. KEMPLIN, CARL R. AH .,i.l Valley View Age 23, Class '49, Saddle 8. Sirloin Club, Distinguished Stu- dent, Ag. Council, Livestock Judging Team, Cooke County Club. KENDALL, JOE Fo Ag. Ed. Age 21, Class '49, FFA. KENNEDY, CRAIG B. EE Age 25, Class '45, Arrny, President Amateur Radio Cadets, IRE, Navarro County Club. KEOWN, ROBERT A. Ag. Ed. Age 20, Class '50. KETCHUM, RICHARD V. AH Age 23, Class '51, Navy. KILGORE, ROBERT 'L., JR. Vet. Med. Age 25, Class '50, Army. Rockwall llITeXlI Corsicana Club, Singing IlRipII Gordon 'fascia' San Antonio Childress - - V. x g-gy ms. . x f-f--f ' --+11 -Tse-: Ui M .s..sE ---, ,. f- ., ..,. ,Q -. .. N x N X I to .P X., .sz-es. 'f - M 6 vs 1'-sm. f t " 't7t"W" f .f - fx' Q 'fs is' 1- X X .,,. , ...bhqq , , . ., gigs? . , , .. .S .gs Q. .., xx Qi. wwqxx s N as M X w , KILLINGSWORTH, BONIE NEI L Ag. Eng. Longview Age 24, Class '50, Army, ASAE. KING, EDWARD MERRELL, JR. Arch. Little Rock, Ark. Age 34, Class '50, Army, Arch. Society. KING, ERNEST JOSEPH "Jay" Man. E Port Arthur Age 25, Class '47, Army. KING, HERBERT J., JR. "Herb" Vet. Med. San Antonio Age 30, Class '44, Army, Officer, AVMA. KING, JAMES JOSEPH "Jim" Bus. Kerrville Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Bus. Club, Heart 'O the Hills Club. KING, ROY TRAVIS "Ki" Ag. Eng. ' Rockwood Age 23, Class '50, Navy, ASAE, BSU, Sul Ross Research Club. KING, VALERY W., JR. EE Alpine Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Trans Pecos Club. KING, WILBUR RUSSEL, JR. Dairy Prdn. Temple Age 29, Class '42, Air Corps, Kream and Kow Klub, Bell County Club. KIRKHAM, CHARLES D., JR. Man. E Cleburne Age 24, Class '50, Army, President Student Senate, Vice Presi- dent Senior Class, Chairman Editorial Board Battalion, YMCA Cabinet, .lunto Club, Distinguished Student, Executive Board, Association of Former Students, SAM, Who's Who. KLABUNDE, WILLIAM ADOLPH "Bill" Aero. San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Chairman IAS, ASAE, Eng. Coun- cil, Bowling Team. KNIGHT, CHARLES NOAL "Charley" Ag. Ed. Whitesboro Age 24, Class '50, Navy, FFA Chapter, Grayson Co. Club. KNIGHT, HENREY ALLAN EE Hico Age 23, Class '50, Army, AIEE. KOENNING, AUGUST GEORGE "Gopher" Lnd. Art Luling Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Landscape Art Clu'b. KOESTER, JOHN H. "Johnny" Ag. Eng. Riesel Age 23, Class '50, Army, ASAE. KOONCE, PHIL BARRETT Ag. Eng. Pleasanton Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Tau Beta Pi, ASAE, Scholarship Honor Society. KOSAREK, CHARLIE FRANK "Chuck" l. Ed. Ennis Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Officer IE Club, Newman Club. KOSAREK, CHARLIE JOHN, JR. "Chuck" Pet.-Geol. Eng. Bryon Age 23, Class '47, Army, Pet. Club, Geol. Club, Bryan Club. KOTARA, ARCHIE H. "AI'Cl1" CE San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Army, Officer Newman Club, ASCE, Scholar' ship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi. H ...ue ....,...eQ...W...Nl2-bmw, . X W ' itll 9' , 3 . K '- ff T- -- v:,'fiE:ii33FJ1f.fff"Lf- 5 X. 1 V W , .,., 'A " "Wim: 'wwe News KRAUSE, WlLBERT H. Geal. IIBHIII Houston Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Aggie Players, President, Chief Announcer WTAW, Geology Club, Distinguished Student. KUCHERKA, STANLEY L., JR. A . E Age 23, Class '50, Navy, ASAE, Newman Club. KUNlHlRO, SOW Flor. So. Eagle Lake San Antonio Age 24, Class '5'I, Army, YMCA, Sec. Landscape Art Club, Re- porter Agricultural Council, Officer Aggie Christian Fellowship, Distinguished Student, Intercollegiate Flower Judging Team. KUNZE, OTTO R. Ag. E La Grange Age 24, Class '50, Army, Managing Editor Battalion, ASAE, Corresponding Secretary Texas Delta Chapter, Tau Beta Pi, Fayette County Club. KURTlN, JULlAN J. AH Age 30, Class '50, Navy. KUTCH, GEORGE F. Vet. Med. "Toots" Houston Gladewater Age 22, Class '53, Navy, AVMA, Saddle 8. Sirloin Club, East Texas Club. LACOUR, HENRY M., JR. Bus. Age 2'l, Class 49, Army, Battalion Staff, Victoria Club, Business Society, Press Club. LACY, JACK W. Ag. Ed. Age 21, Class '50, FFA, Heart at Texas Club. LA FLEUR, PAUL R. Bus. Ad. Age 24, Class '50, LAIR, JAMES W. Geol. Age 25, Class '50, Army, Geology Club. LAKE, JOHN W. Ento. Age 29, Class '50, Navy. LAMBERT, BURTON E. IlHGnkll Laredo Club, Laredo Cross Plains Houston Navy, Business Society, Houston Club. Houston "Jock" Rosebud Sweetwater IE Age 22, Class '49, Army, Singing Cadets, Industrial Education Club, Sweetwater Club, Band. LAMP, JAMES H. Vet. Med. ffjimmyll Bellville Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, AVMA, Distinguished Student. LANDRUM, PAUL N., JR. Vet. Med. Age 26, Class '50, Navy. LANDRY, CLYDE L. CE Age 20, Class '50, ROTC, Beaumont Club, ASCE. LANDRY, LLOYD Bus. Taylor "Clinker" Beaumont Ilpctll Port Arthur Age 23, Class '50, Army, Business Society, Port Arthur Club. LANE, HARRY C. Plant Sc. Age 27, Class '50, Navy. LANGFORD, lVAN,' JR. CE Age 23, Class '47, Marines, ASCE. Garrison Bryan -NM ...se-" ' , ,,...e..me 1 ,e.., ,,i3Lg,.,. ,.- fftx, .. wwf... s .. : .1'i':':--3-z.. '- Liss.:-ff' ..s :.' D BEQE1-f--. " V "" ' p ' ,.,, . . , E X .V--1' ffjg " -',1.h2, . ,,.,. ' i -:-2'T?5? LANGLINAIS, RAYMOND L. Arch. San Antonio Age 30, Class '50, Air Force, Architecture Society, AGC, New- man Club, LAN HAM, WAYNE H. AH Granbury Age 28, Class '50, USCG, Saddle 8K Sirloin Club, Weatherford Club. LAUDERDALE, JOHN R. "Bob" ME Anahuac Age 22, Class '47, Army, Ross Volunteers, ASME, ASHVE, Band, Orchestra, Engineer Staff. LAUGHLIN, JOHN E. ME Bryan Age 27, Class '50. LAWRENCE, LEWIS A. "Peck" AH Fort Worth Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. E LAWSON, HARRY C., JR. RSF San Antonio Age 25, Class '46, Air Force, Officer, R8fF Club. LAYMAN, EDWARD ' Ch. E Galveston Age 24, Class '48, Army, AIChE, ACS, Newman Club. LEE, CURTIS H. "Lee" Ag. Eco. Ballinger Age 23, Class '53, Navy, Marketing and Finance Club, San Angelo Club. LEE, NEAL E. CE Mt. Enterprise Age 23, Class '51, Army. LEHMAN, AUGUST F. "Augie" CE Waukesha, Wis. Age 25, Class '50, Army, ASCE, Distinguished Student. LEMMON, JAMES H., JR. Arch. Houston Age 26, Class '50, USMC, Architectural Society, Junto Club. LENZEN, WILLIAM R. Arch. Houston Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Architectural Society, Houston Club. LESTER, CHARLES M. "Dude" Ag. Ed. James Age 22, Class '50, Army, Instramural Manager, Officer Upshur Club, College Chapter FFA. LEVISAY, BYRON N. "Pete" Pet. E Blanket Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Petroleum Club. LEWIS, JOHN W. "Bubba" PH Waco Age 23, Class '50, Navy. LEWIS, LEO D. "Lou" Fisheries Wichita Falls Age 27, Class '50, Air Force, Fish 8. Game Club, Collegiate Academy of Science. ' LIEB, ARCHIE E. Range Man. Albany Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, R8iF Club. LINDHEIM, ROBERT M. "Bob" Hist. Laredo Age 21, Class '49, Spanish Club, Press Club, Officer Lbredo Club, Battalion Staff. ' ff' -- ' 91- :f'-'Wig 393, F"'t'f' "EZ Q. ,., -ffl. N' 5 - -4'-- --.:::::s2-' ---'- 4:1-s..S .. ' ,fs vs: - wr 1 f V f - Q. ,,., .. LINDLOFF, CLIFFORD A. "Cotton" PE Waco Age 23, Class '50, Varsity Baseball, "T" Association, Physical Ed. Club. LINDSEY, STERLING "Slim" Ag. Ed. Pearsall Age 23, Class '50, Army, Southwest Texas Club, FFA. LINDSEY, STEVE Ag. Ed. Age 23, Class '50, LIVESAY, TOM B. Arch. Age 20, Class '50, lIRedll Pearsall Army, Southwest Texas Club, FFA. IlDUkeIl Beaumont Arch. Society, Beaumont Club, AGC. LOCKE, LONNIE E. Farm Man. Age 25, Class '45, Bryan Air Force, Marketing 81 Finance Club. LOCKETT, ROBERT S. "Bob" ME Dallas Age 31, Class '49, Army, ASME, ASHVE. LOGAN, CHARLES E. "CI'1ink" Pet. E Pearland Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Petroleum Club, AIME. LONDON, JACK R. PCE Hereford Age 24, Class '46, Army, ASCE, Engineers Council. LONGSERRE, DANIEL J. "Slim" Ag. Eng. Houston Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Houston Club, ASAE. LOVELACE, WILLIAM H., JR. IE ' Crane Age 25, Class '50, Marines. LUCY, DAN H. CE , Longview Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASCE, AGC, East Texas Club. LUMPKIN, WILLIAM N. Pet. E Dallas Age 22, Class '50, Navy, AIME, Petroleum Club. LYLES, WILLIAM L. "Willie" AH Graham Age 23, Class '50, Army, Saddle 8. Sirloin Club. LYON, REIGNFORD C. "Ray" Ag. Ed. Belton Age 33, Class '50, Air Force, Bowling Team, FFA, Junto Club, Bell County Club. LYON, ROBERT Y. Ch. E Age 24, Class '50, Army, Tau Beta Pi, AIChE. LYONS, ALBERT D., JR. Pet. E Age 23, Class '50, LYTLE, HILTON T. IE Age 26, Class '50, Marines, Petroleum Club. Army. McAN DREW, ELTON L. Ag.'Ed. Age 24, Class '50, Navy, FFA. llBobIl Dallas llBeG rll Runge "Han" Jena, La. Briggs ' y g.. MCATEE, MATTHEW E. EE Pardoma, Arkansas Age 29, Class '49, Air Force. MCBEE, LOUIS E. "Mac" Pet. E San Antonio Age 28, Class '50, Army, Petroleum Club. MCBRIDE, JAMES W. "Mac" AH Winnie Age 2'l, Class '50. MCCANN, WILLIAM R. "Bill" Pet. E West Columbia Age 21, Class '50. MCCANTS, ERSKINE W., JR. PME Dallas Age 22, Class '49, Army, ROTC, Varsity Track, Petroleum Club. MCCASKILL, GERALD "MGC" Agron. Nineveh Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Agronomy Society, Leon County Club. MCCLAIN, FRANK H. ME Rusk Age 24, Class '50, Air Force MCCLUNG, BILLY B. Ag. Eco. Hillsboro Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Vice President Market 81 Finance Club. MCCONNELL, STEWART J. "Mac" Vet. Mecl. Ysleta Age 26, Class '49, Air Force, AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff, Battalion Staff. MCCORMICK, SETH D. IE Hawkins Age 2'l, Class '49, MCCOY, ALLEN W. "Mac" EE Stephenville Age 26, Class '50, Army, AIEE, IRE. MCDERMOTT, CHARLES E. AH Cameron Age 24, Class '46, Air Force. MCDONALD, ROBERT L. "Lendy" Vet. Med. Houston Age 25, Class '50, Army, AVMA, Distinguished Student. McDOWELL, JOE M. "MGC" CE Paris Age 27, Class '45, Army, ASCE. MCELROY, JAY C. EE Houston Age 22, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Camera Club. MCELROY, PAUL D. "MOS" Pet. E Dallas Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Dallas Club, Petroleum Club, Re- porter AIME. MCELWAIN, JACK W. "Moc" ME Dallas Age 23, Class '50, Air Force. MQCFARLANE, JAMES L. "Jim" pef. E Dallas Age 25, Class '50, Army, ROTC, Newman Club, Petroleum Club, AIME. Geology Club, Simi ' I I A I, ,L V . sv k-,- ,--- f ' V: McENTlRE, JOE J. "Joe" Ag. Ed. Comanche Age 20, Class '50. MCGEHEE, FRANK H. Pet. E Brookhaven, Miss. Age 24, Class '50, Army. MCGILL, JAMES L. "Jay" Pet.-Geol. E Weatherford Age 24, Class '49, Air Force, Petroleum Club, Geology Club, Weatherford Club. MCGINNIS, BILLY G. "Mac" CE Strawn Age 22, Class '50, Air Force. MCINTOSH, CARL D. "Mac" ME Waco Age 23, Class '48, Navy. MCLAIN, NELSON A. Pet. E Lubbock Age 28, Class '42, Army, Aggieland Orchestra, AIME, Petroleum Club. MCLARRY, GIBSON H. "Gib" Dairy Prod. Age 24, Class '50, Team. Sulphur Springs Navy, Kream 8K Kow Klub, Dairy Judging McLEOD, CURTIS R. "Mac" Wildlife Man. Age 23, Class '50, McLeod Army, Fish 81 Game Club, Texas Academy Science, Distinguished Student, Cass County Club. MCMILLAN, FRANK N., JR. "Hoss" Pet.-Geol. E Calvert Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Petroleum Club, Geology Club, Junior Editor Engineer, Cadet Capt., ROTC. MCMURREN, WILLIAM H. "Mac" CE Los Angeles, Calif. Age 22, Class '50, Army, ASCE. MCNAMARA, THOMAS M. "Moc" CE Orange Age 25, Class '50, Air Force. MCNATT, ELMER J. "Red" EE Dallas Age 22, Class '53, Navy, Air Force, Radio Club, IRE, Phi Kappa Thata. MCNEIL, ROBERT S. "MGC" Ch. E Long Branch, N. J. Age 22, Class '50, Air Force, AlChE, ASC. MCNEILL, WILLIS F. "MGC" Acct, Galveston Age 21, Class '49, Navy, Acct. Society, Galveston Club, Dis- tinguished Student. MCPHERSON, TIMOTHY Fisheries Gainesville Age 23, Class '50, Naval Air Corps, Cooke County Club, Biology Club, Fish 8. Game Club, Collegiate Academy Science. McPHEE, WILLIAM Pet. E Age 26, Class '50, MCSWAI N, ARLAN AH Age 22, Class '50, Saddle and Sirloin MACE, MARVIN R Wildlife Man. Age 25, Class '50, Student. A. Sanderson Army, Petroleum Club. B- IIBUZZII Amarillo Navy, Distinguished Student, Amarillo Club, Club. lIRexII Seguin Army, Fish and Game Club, Distinguished NNXXN NSN R xl NSS WW Mx X5 f . no Q six S, -- ss We .. - MACKAN, JOSEPH MARION ME Age 22, Class '50, Navy, ASHVE, ASME, Bowling MADDUX, THGMAS J. ME Age 24, Class '50, Air Corps, ASHVE, ASME. MADRID, SAM, JR. ME lVIMQCkII Beaumont Club. llTomll Centerville San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Newman Club, ASME. MADDUX, FRED L. B' . Age 26, Class '44, Army. MADDUX, HENRY SHERMAN ME Age 26, Class '50, Marines, ASME. MAGRUDER, GEORGE C. Farm-Ranch Mgt. Age 24, Class '50, Army, Market and Finance Club, Longview Centerville San Angelo San Angelo Club. MAHONEY, JACK DANIEL Pet. E D.1llas Age 26, Class '50, Navy, Pet. "E" Club, Tau Beta Pi. MALONE, BILLY P. "Bill" ME Paris Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, ASI-IVE, Lamar County Club. MALLORY, ERIC D., JR. Ag. Eco. Lindale Age 25, Class '46, Navy, Marketing and Finance Club, Tyler Club. MANOUSOS, WILLARD B. "Pete" ME Galveston Age 24, Class '47, Air Force, Galveston Club, ASHVE. MARAK, KENNETH J. "Ken" Arch. Cameron Age 24, Class '47, Army, Arch. Society, Newman Club, Tau Beia Pi, Press Club, Distinguished Student. MARBLE, WILLIAM A. "Boots" CE Dallas Age 20, Class '50, Dallas Club, Newman Club, ASCE. MARCHMAN, JEROME E. "Jerry" AH Graham Age 20, Class '50, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. MARKS, GEORGE C. Agron. Heidenheimer Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Vice President, Bell County Club, Agronomy Society. MARSH, THOMAS G., JR. "Tommy" Ag. Ed. Age 22, Class '50, Army, FFA. MARSHALL, SAM N., JR. San Antonio Arch. Alexandria, La. Age 22, Class '48, Coast Guard, Arch. Society, AIA. MARTIN, CLYDE D. "Dave" Geol. E Fort Worth Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, Geology Club, Aggie Band, Fort Worth Club. , MARTIN, EVERETT C., JR. "Red" Vet. Med. Bryan Age 27, Class '44, Army, AVMA. MARTIN, JAMES T. Ch. E Lampasas Age 21, Class '49, Navy, AlChE. MARTENS, WILLIAM P. "Willie" Ch. E Houston Age 23, Class '43, Air Force, AlChE. MARX, MARTIN B. "Marty" Vet. Med. Houston Age 25, Class '45, Army, Sul Ross Research Club, ROTC, Masons, Distinguished Student, Houston Club. ""' MASSLY, DELBERT G. EE Dallas Age 22, Class '53, Navy. MASSEY, JAMES L. Vet. Med. Beaumont Age 28, Cfass '50, Air Force. MASSEY, SAMUEL D., JR. "SGmb0" ME Houston Age 25, Class '53, Navy, ASME, Houston Club. MAST, JAMES W. "Jim" Eco. Laredo Age 22, Class '50, Army, Laredo Club, Pre-Law Society, Eco- nomics Club, Spanish Club. MATHIS, BOB M. Vet. Med. Wichita Falls Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff. MATTHEWS, THOMAS W. "Tom" Vet. Med. Luling Age 27, Cl:ss '50, Air Force, AVMA, Distinguished Student, MATTHEWS, WILBUR R. "Dede" Arch. Victoria nt, AIA, AGC, Age 22, Class '48, Marines, Distinguished Stude Schnlastic Honor Society, Secretary Arch Society, Secretary Biolo- .gy Club, Swimming Team. MATULA, DANIEL J. "Dan" AH Runge Age 23, Class '49, Saddle 8- Sirloin Club, Newman Club, Flax Country Club. MATUSTIK, HARRY J. Arch. West Age 26, Class '50, Navy, Distinguished Student, Newman Club, Arch. Society. MAULDEN, MARTIN L., JR. ME Age 27, Class '53, Air Force. MAULDEN, ROBERT D. Mun. E Age 30, Clzss '50, Air Force, MAULDIN, GENE R. AH Age 26, Class '50, Marines, Saddle MAYES, H. M. LA Age 28, Class '50, Army. MAYES, JOHN M. ME Age 24, Class '50, Marines, ASME. MAYFIELD, BOBBIE M. PH SAM. B1 Sirloin Clu HMO rtyll Balmorhea IlBoblI Shreveport, La. Albany b. Sweetwater Stephenville lIBoblI Dayton Age 22, Class '48, Coast Guard, President Poultry Science Club, Ag. Council, Liberty County Club, Poultry Judging Team. iw"-ses' WSC Xi? PNN we 'N W' N- X ' ' . o 'V swsssftq .,., YQSSQLX wist-2 sgfiwg'-5isi.frST'3 -' MAYS, TERRELL L. "Terry" Ch. E Richmond, Calif. Age 22, Class '50, Navy, AIChE, Waco-McLennan County Club. MAYSE, BILLY R. "Milo" Vet. Med. Brady Age 23, Class '48, Air Force, Distinguished Student: San Angelo Club, Heart of Texas Club, AVMA, Southwestern Veterinarian Staff. MEANS, THEODORE M. EE Age 21, Class '50, Army, Pistol Team. MEDLIN, JACK T. San Antonio IE Karnack Age 24, Class '51, Navy, IE Club, Marshall Club. MEGASON, JACK E. RBIF Henderson Age 25, Class '50, Marines, Range and Forestry Club, East Texas Club. MERCHANT, JOHN H. "Johnny" Arch. Franklin Age 26, Class '50, Navy, Arch. Society, AGC, President Robert- son County Club, Distinguished Student. MEREDITH, JACK R. Pet. 81 Geo. Brownsville Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Petroleum Club, Geology Club. MERIWETHER, NAT A. Acct. Age 30, Class '42, Army, Accounting Society. MESSICK, D. C., JR. AH A Age 20, Class '50, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. MEYER, HU BERT O. Vet. Med. Age 28, Class '50, Navy. MICHALSKI, JOHN F., JR. Ag. Ed. Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, FFA. MIEARS, JAMES W. Ag. Ed. Age 23, Class '50, Navy, FFA. MIKESKA, LOMAX L. Ag. Eco. Age 23, Class '50, Air Force. MILAM, BERT W. Dairy Mtg. Tyler Memphis San Antonio San Antonio ll-,immyll Gorman llMiCkyIl Brookshire Dumas Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Kream 81 Kow Klub, Amarillo Club. MILLARD, RICHARD W. Bus. Houston Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Business Society, Houston Club. MILLER, ,CLIFFORD A. CE Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi. MILLER, EGAN R. Man. E Age 24, Class '50, Navy, SAM. MILLER, HAROLD D. Ag. Eco. llRUStyll Dallas Arlington Celina Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Collin County Club, Marketing 81. Finance Club. ..,. , ,,,, L. ., s K L. ffwszwgf'-ww:m:f -sw ,., . Q yi .t : ..k,,.x I , sr f.y,4q,xyg.-- 1,-wif. 'Q , , ' S, .. .. .,.,,. ,cm . , K 7 L? 5 vvkx A 7 . MILLER, ROBERT J. "Bob" CE Sparta Age 24, Class '50, MILLER, ROY A. AH Age 22, Class '50, Navy. MILLER, THOMAS E. Ed. Age 20, Class '50, Phi Eta Sigma, Scholarship Club, Distinguished Student. MILLER, VOLIE P. ME Marines, ASCE. Greggton IITII Bryan Singing Cadets, Bryan-College Station Club, Honor Society, Pre-Med Pre'Dent. Burkeville Age 27, Class '50, Air Force, ASME. MILLER, WILLIAM C. Bus. ffamf' Gainesville, Fla. Age 21, Class '49, Aggie Band, Business Society. MILLER, WILLIAM T. Man. E ffsmf' San Antonio Age 26, Class '46, Army, President Newman Club, San Antonio Club, Interfaith Council, Distinguished Student, Engineer Stott, SAM, AIEE. MILLIKEN, RALPH E. Ag. Eco. Age 23, Class '49, Air Force, llRedII McAllen Rio Grande Valley Club, Market- ing Si Finance Club, Sul Ross Research Club, Business Society. MILLS, VAN C. REF Athens Age 26, Class '50, Navy, Range 81 Forestry Club, Henderson County Club. MILLSAP, FRED N., JR. Bus. Paris Age 25, Class '45, Army, Business Society, Secretary Lamar County Club, YMCA Cabinet. MINTON, FRED, JR. Arch. IIMHSII Beaumont Age 27, Class '50, Army, Arch. Society, Beaumont Club. MITCHELL, CHARLES R. Pet. E "Rooster" Dallas Age 26, Class '49, Air Force, Student Senate, Treasurer Pe- troleum Club, Dallas Club, AIME. MITCHELL, JACK D. "Mitch" Fish 81 Game Orlando, Fla. Age 28, Class '50, Air Force. MITCHELL, ROBERT B. "Mickey" Arch. San Antonio Age 24, Class '46, Marines MONTES, MIGUEL "Mike" Geal. Brownsville Age 19, Class '50, Newman Club, Geology Club, Rio Grande Valley Club. MONTGOMERY, I. E., JR. "Monty" Arch. Baytown Age 22, Class '49, Navy, Baytown Club, Arch. Society, AGC, Student Senate. MOORE, JAMES E. ME Red Oak Age 31, Class '49, Army, SAE. MOORE, JINKINS "D. B." AH Mt. Vernon Age 21, Class '49, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, East Texas Club. A. "Bill" MOORE, WILLIAM ME Age 27, Class '50, Army. San Antonio X XQ-. .. .. iii 1 I- K ' H - .W . wir H-2 SS Sf SN QN5'N5"NiSt'wi.,I- g ,351 M, x ,,., X S. , N ... - if Aio:,,k.ga:. -r efgf, , .1 M ,, ge S. X. A. ai YS'-'L..Kx.Sk Ai Y'fi',z'iSf JN' A tif- fr' ' r I MORGENTHALER, CHARLES E. Pet. E Age 23, Class '48, Army, AIME, Petroleum Club, MORINGY, PETER F. CE Age 21, Class '49, Marines, ASCE. MORRIS, CURTIS F., JR. Landscape Arts Age 27, Class '50, Landscape Art Club, President Council, Belstarling Scholarship Award. MORRIS, JAMES B. CE Age 24, Class '46, Army, AIChE, Tau Beta Pi. MOSELEY, .I. T. Pet. E Age 26, Class '50, Navy. MOSELEY, RICHARD S. AH Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, MOSER, IVAN S. Man. E Age 22, Class '50, Coast Guard, SAM. MOSES, RUSSELL A. EE Age 26, Class '50, Marines MOSS, KING Ed. Age 31, Class '41, Marines. MOSS, ROY L., JR. Bus. Age 21, Class '50, Marines, Club. MOTE, ROBERT M. Agron. Age 22, Class '50, Air Force, Club. MULLINS, WILLIAM G. Bus. Age 23, Class '50, Navy. MUNNERLYN, RAY D. Pet. E "Morgen" Phillips ROTC. Houston "Senator" Houston Agriculture Bryan Eustace "Dick" Kingsville Racleo Assn. IlMoeH San Antonio llMOelI Medford, Mass. Sinton IIROYII Hearne Business Society, R:ber'son County llBobll Lorena Agronomy Szciety, Waco-McLennan D.aIIas Del Rio Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Secretary-Treasurer Del Rio Club, Tau Beta Pi, Petroleum Engineering Club, Szholarship Honor Society. MURDOCH, RUSSELL I. Ag. Eco. Dallas Age 24, Class '50, Army, Marketing 81 Finance Club, Dallas Class. MURPHY, osc:AR K. "Murph" Ag. Eco. Bryan Age 26, Class x'50, Army. MURPHY, RAY D. Agron, DDDTIZI Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Agronomy Society. MURRAY, FABURN M. "MO" Bus. EI Campo Age 21, Class '49, "C" Troop Cav., Exec., Business Society, Wharton County Club, El Campo Club Secretary-Treasurer. , MYERS, ROBERT J. Bus. Age 22, Class '48, Navy. UBoblI Columbus f ii 'Y ' J . ',',- NARON, MARSHALL E. "Ernie" Pet. E Hughes Springs Age 22, Class '50, Petroleum Club, Cass County Club. NAUGLE, RUSSELL C. "Rugs" EE Saginaw Age 22, Class '49, Navy, Fort Worth Club, AIEE. NEFF, PAUL, JR. EE ME Dallas Age 25, Class '48, Navy, ASME, AIEE, Camera Club. NEHRING, HARVEY L. Bus. Brenham Age 22, Class '50, Army. NELSON, ALFRED W. Aero. Henderson Age 22, Class '50, Air Force, IAS. NELSON, 'NILLIAM E. "Ed" ME Gladewater Age 20, Class '5I, ASME. NEVILLE, FRANCIS N., JR. "Frank" Vet. Med. San Antonio Age 3'l, Class '53, Army, Secretary-Treasurer AVMA, Associate Editor Southwestern Veterinarian, Scholarship Honor Society. NEVILL, IVAN B., JR. Man. E Age 23, Class '50, Navy SAM. NEWBU RN, A. L. AH Houston "Newi"' Bullard Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, East Texas Club, Distinguished Student. NEWMAN, WALTER J. Pet. E Palestine Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Petroleum Club, Palestine Club, AIMME. NG, BIN M. "Bingo" Man. E San Antonia Age 24, Class '47, Army, IAE, SAM, ROTC. NICHOLS, G. W. "Nick" ME Abilene Age 25, Class '50, Navy, ASME, SAE. NIPPER, JIMMY "Nip" Wildlife Man. Laird Hill Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Wildlife Management Club, Texas Academy of Science. NIXSON, FRANK D., JR. IE Age 25, Class '50, Army, President IE Club, Club, Engineers Council. NOBLE, MARION D. Pet. E Age 23, Class '47, Marines, Petroleum Club. NOBILING, C. W. Bus. llNiCklI Longview Sul Ross Research llzekell Palacios IIBHIII San Antonio Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Aggie Band, Business Society, San Antonio Club. NOLEN, MACK T. Hist. Wichita Falls Age 23, Class '45, Army, Co-Editor Commentator, Distinguished Student. NOVOSAD, CHARLES L., JR. Pre-Med. Age I8, Class '51, Pre-Med. Society. llBUdII Bryan I ZYNXY tl EF WNVQ NSW jfras it R R 1 s? R A .X ...Vs .sigsy f Q .QQ R .s ,N . ,Eg 5 Ass S.v,k... - - Amie . QR gs C' I x X X Wx is Ram . -s .4 NOWLIN, CLYDE F. Ag. Eng. Hillsboro Age 23, Class '50, Air Force. OAKLEY, STANLEY F. "Stan" .Hort. Stephenville Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Hort. Society. O'BRIEN, THOMAS R. Agron. Edna Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, Newman Club, Treasurer Agrono- my Society. O'CONNOR, WILLIAM T. ME Dallas Age 22, Class '48, Marines, Dallas Club, Newman Club, ASME. OGDEN, DONALD I. "Miclcer" Biol. El Campo Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Biology Club. Acct. Shreveport, La. OGDEN, THOMAS W. Age 22, Class '50, Army, Vice President, Shreveport Club, Sec- retary-Treasurer Accounting Society. O'HARA, ROBERT N. "Bob" EE Dallas Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Dallas Club. OLIVER, LAWRENCE E. "Larry" Bus. Groesbeck Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, Business Society, Bi-Stone County Club, Battalion Staff. O'NEAL, DESSIE E. "Danny" ME St. Petersburg, Fla. Age 28, Class '50, Army, Sul Ross Research Club. O'N EAL, LLOYD R. ME Troup Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Theta Kappa. ONSTOTT, LLOYD J. "Jimmy" Pet. E Wichita Falls Age 22, Class '49, Army, Vice President Wichita Falls Club. ORADAT, FRANK R., JR. I Aero-Man. E Electra Age 29, Class '42, Army, SAM. ORMSBY, GERALD E. "Tim Buck" Bus. Bunkie, La. Age 23, Class '48, Army, Business Club. OTTE, A. J. Man. E Brady Age 23, Class '50, Navy, SAM, Distinguished Student, Scholar- ship Honor Society. OVERLY, ROBERT J. "Bob" ME White Oak Age 22, Class '48, Coast Guard, Secretary-Treasurer SAE, Sec- retary-Treasurer East Texas Club, "B" Team Football, Newman Club, ASME, ROTC. OVERLY, JAMES A. "Jim" Bus. White Oak Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, President East Texas Club, Presi- dent Newman Club, Intramural Manager, "T" Association, Asst. Athletic Trainer, Business Society. OWEN, WILLIAM B. Ag. Ed, Jacksboro Age 21, Class '50, FFA. PACE, FLOYD A. Pef, E Kenedy Age 25, Class '50, Army, Petroleum Club, Flax County Club. , it P E e 5 S, PAGE, ROBERT W. "Bob" Arch. Dallas Age 22, Class of '48, Navy, Student Life Committee, President AGC, President Dallas Club, '46 Arch Society, Engineering Council. PAINE, JEWEL A. EE Port Acres Age 26, Class '50, Army. PANGBURN, RICHARD E. "Dick" Man. E EI Paso Age 21, Class '49, Army, SAM, American Foundryman's Society, Newman Club. PANNILL, CHARLES R. Geol. Kemp Age 24, Class '46, USNR, Geology Club. PARK, JAMES E. "Jlm" Dairy Mfg. Amarillo Age 24, Class '46, USMC, Editor Agriculturist, Press Club, Agri- culture Council, Vice-President Kream 81 Kow Klub, National Dairy Product Judging Team, Distinguished Student. PARMA, EUGENE C. Bus. Ennis Age 24, Class '50, Army, Business Society, Newman Club. PARSONS, WILLIAM E. IIBIIIII Worth Aero. Fort Age 22, Class '50, Navy, PASTOREK, RALPH P. Man. E Age 23, Class '50, Navy. PATTERSON, FLOYD H. H' t. Age 20, Class '50. PAULK, WILLIAM M. Acct. 'Age 25, Class '45, Air Texas Club. PAU LL, RUSSELL O. Bus. IAS. New Orleans, La. IIPOTII Silsbee Vernon Force, Accounting Society, Northwest 'fsnoff Graham Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Business Society, Newman Club. PAVELKA, JEAN R. Bellville AH Age 20, Class '50, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Tumbling Club. PAXSON, RALPH E. Fish and Game Age 24, Class '50, Army. PEACOCK, THOMAS L. Ag. Ed. Age 27, Class '50, Navy. PEARC E, TRUMAN L. Acct. Age 23, Class '47, Army, Society, East Texas Club. PEARSON, RICE R. CE Age 23, Class '47, Navy, PENA, AUGUSTO F. Sul Ross Research Clu Tyler Club, ASCE. CE Age 24, Class '47, Army, NevvJianfCIub, ASCE, Treasu-rggJLaredo Club, 'I9497 President, 1950. 4' PENCE, GORDON C. Wichita Falls Dublin Carthage b, Accounting "Doak" Tyler IlAUgiell Laredo Whitesboro RS Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Vice-President Sociology Club. gs.-..i :W','sQjQgx .iiitfsfcis-Qf..i-:Q 5,45 5 E .- -T m.,..f: ,ww X55 -fi ,IK wg ...X 7 'ii ATEN , W: iss A - N.,I.Se? 9.3 15s.,,YQi Qffbyis. PERDOMO, RODOLFO AH Guatemala City, C. A. Age 2'I, Class '50, Latin American Club, Newman 8. Sirloin Club, Soccer Club. Club, Saddle PERKINS, L. E., JR. "Perla" Bus. Olney Age 22, Class '49, Army, Business Society. PERKINS, LEONARD L., JR. "Pete" Bus. Dallas Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Distinguished Siudent. PERKINS, LEONARD N. "Perla" Bus. Fort Worth Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Business Society, Fort Worth Club, Student Director, Singing Cadets, Asst. Director Music Activities. PETERSON, GLENN W. ME Age 24, Class '50, Navy, ASME, Tau Beta Pi, AFS. PETROFSKY, PAUL E. IlPe1,eII Longview Henderson IE Age 23, Class '47, Navy, Industrial Education Club. PETTERSON, CHARLES F. Agron. Age 22, Class '48, Army, Agronomy Society. PETTY, LAWARENCE O., JR. PME Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Aggieland Orchestra, Distinguished Student, Petroleum Club. PHILLIPS, PAUL K., JR. Man. E Age 28, Class '43, Air Force, SAM. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM R. Pet. E Age 23, Class '48, Navy, Petroleum Club. PIANTA, JOHN D., JR. CE Age 23, Class '50, Army, ASCE, AGC. ' PICCOLO, JOE CE Age 24, Class '50, Navy. PIERCE, ELMER Vet. Med. Age 27, Class Arthur Club. '50, Army, Distinguished Stude PIERCE, ROBERT N. Ag. Ed. Age 25, Class '50, Air Force. PLACE, BRUCE B. IE Age 23, Class '50, Army, Industrial Ed. Club, County Club. PLACE, JOHNNIE S. Geol. Age 22, Class '50, Army. PLAGENS, WILLIAM T. Arch. Age 25, Class '50, Army, Arch. Society, AGC, H POINTER, GERALD M. Bus. Age 23, Class '50, Marines, Bryan-College Station CI ness Society, Flying Texas Aggies. nt, "Charley" Enloe HL. o." Columbia, Mu. AIME, ASME, ffphnff Palestine IIBEHII Gladewater IIDGQOII San Antonio Bryan Part Arthur AVMA, Port "Skeet" Gordon Crawford Waco-McLennan Wortham IIBHIII Houston ouston Club. "Whiskey" Bryan ub, Busi- I I POLK, JOHN R. "Pubar" CE San Augustine Age 24, Class '50, Navy, ASCE. PORTER, BISHOP G., JR. "Bi5h" Geol. Houston Age 25, Class '50, Army, Geology Club. PORTER, EDWARD O. "Ed" EE Fort Worth Age 26, Class '51, Air Force, Vice-President, Aggie Squares, AIEE. POTTS, JOHN W. "Bill" BGA Gatesville Age 23, Class '48, Army, Co-Sports Editor Battalion, Reporter Business Society, President Coryell County Club, Press Club. POWELL, ARTHUR B. CE Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE. POWDRILL, JACK L. EE Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AIEE-IRE. PRINCE, RILLIUS E., JR. Vet. Med. llArTll Wichita Falls Kilgore "Skeeter" Orange Age 23, Class '47, Army, "T" Association, Varsity Baseball, AVMA, Orange Club, "A" Battery C.O., '45-'46. PRICE, FRANKLIN S. Agron. Age 25, Class '46, Army. PRICE, DONALD L. Bus. Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Business Society. PUCKITT, CARLEY W. Ag. Eco. Age 34, Class '50, Army, Battalion Staff. PUARVIS, RICHARD Ag. Ed. Age 27, Class '50, Navy, FFA. RABROKER, ROBERT A. Agron. Age 31, Class '50, Army. RAGLAND, FRANK L. CE Age 23, Class '47, Navy, ASCE. RANDOL, ROBERT T. Acct. Age 32, Class '50, RANEY, HARRY IE "Bubba" Matador, UD Uckll Red Oak Jasper Cottonwood Westphalia "Bloody" Graham Galveston Air Force, Accounting Society. Fort Worth Age 26, Class '50, USNR, Student Life Committee, Student Sen- ator, Vice President ROA, Industrial Education Club, Who's Who. RANKIN, CHARLES D. AH "Charlie" Corsicana Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Secretary Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Rocleo Team, All-Round Cowboy, Aggie Rodeo, 19477 President Na ional Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, Agriculture Council, Livestock Judging Team. RANSOM, WILLIAM R. EE "Willie" Mexia Age 23, Class '48, Air Force, AIEE, Tau Beta Pi, Scholarship Honor Society. REASONOVER, CHARLES H. ca Age 23, Class fso, Asce. Kemp 1.-' is ' Q ":' " -1...f': ss ' 1 REED, BOB H. Arch. Dallas Age 25, ,Class '50, Army, Scholarship Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi, Engineers Council, Architectural Society. REED, CHARLES W. "Bill" ME Poteet Age 22, Class '50, Navy. REED, EDWIN L. AH Lockhart Age 2l, Class '50. REED, RAY P. ME San Antonio Age 22, Class '49, Navy, ASME, Press Club. REESE, CALVIN A9- ECI- Ballinger Age 21, Class '49, ROTC, FFA. REESE, JOEL R. A HGH- Ballinger Age 23, Class '50, Army, Hort. Society, President Sul Ross Re- search Club, San Angelo Club. REEVES, JOHNNIE L. VET. Med. Augtin Age 24, Class '49, Air Force, Scholarship Honor Society, AVMA. REID, BOBBY L. Biol. Pasadena Age 20, Class '50, Pre-Med. Society, Biology Club, Aggie Band, Distinguished Student. REYNOLDS, JOHN F. "Jack" CE Bryan Age 25, Class '47, Army, ASCE, AGC. REYNOLDS, STANLEY B. Pet. 8K Geol. Eng. Bracly Class '50, Petroleum Club, Heart 'O Texas Club. ROHDEN, JAMES G. I "Red" AH Baytown Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. RHYNER, HOWARD O. ' IE Dallas Age 32, Class '50, Army, IE Club, Sul Ross Research Club, ORC, ROA. RICE, GEORGE H., JR. EE Texon Age 25, Class '49, Air Force, Singing Cadets, Ross Volunteers, ROTC, Southwest Texas Club, Baptist Student Union, Camera Club, Interfaith Council. RICE, MARVIN G. IIBHIII EE-Man. E San Antonio Age 24, Class '46, Marines, Managing Editor Summer Battalion, Student Senate, AIEE, SAM. RICE, WILBUR L. EE Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. RICHARDS, JOE E. Agron. Age 24, Class '50, Club. RICHARDS, JOHN ME Age 30, Class '50, RICHTER, HUBERT AH Age 24, Class '46, Army, Agronomy Society, Sul Ro M. Army. P. Army, Saddle 8m Sirloin Club. lola llBig Edll Sweetwater ss Research llRichlI Fort Worth "Rickf' Ennis R . ' 4 - :- .f :'s c,g gggeg'. ' -:Wwe "if"- " ' A , ... :...:. :M ..I.,,t,, jk.: . I ,. 1 RIDDLE, DON I. Vet- Med- Wichita Falls Age 24, Class '46, Navy, AVMA. Scholarship Honor Society, Press Club. RIDER, ALVIN R. EE Newgulf Age 22, Class '50, Navy, AIEE. RIDER, FRANKLIN L., JR. EMO- Newgult Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Entomology Society. RIFE, WILLIAM T. "Bill" Ch. E Dallas Age 23, Class '48, Army, American Chemical Society, AIChE, Instructor Mil. Sci. Dept., Dallas Club. RIKARD, DONALD A. Ch. E Hearne Age 21, Class '50, Army. RITTER, KENNETH E. "Tex" Agron. Gary Age 23, Class '50, Army, BSU, Agronomy Society. ROARK, LESTER L. Man. E Beaumont Age 21, Class '51, SAM, Beaumont Club. ROBERTS, CLOYD M. "Chico" EE Fort Worth Age 21, Class '48, Navy. ROBERTS, JAMES C. "Sock" AH Paris Age 21, Class '50, Lamar County Club, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. ROBERTS, JAMES T. "Jim" Ag. Ed. Comanche 'Age 25, Class '42, Navy, FFA. ROBERTS, LANDON N. Geol. Weatherford Age 26, Class '44, Navy, Geology Club, Weatherford Club. ROBINSON, TED F. "Skeet" Ag. Ed. Marietta Age 24, Class '50, Army, Cass County Club, Singing Cadets, FFA. ROCHA, VENTURA "Ben" Arch. San Antonio Age 24, Class '51, Navy, Architectural Society. RODDY, LLOYD W. "Rod" Ch. E Denison Age 26, Class '46, Army, AIChE. RODRIGUEZ, TRIAS F. "Rod" ME Santurce, Puerto Rico Age 21, Class '48, Army, Latin-American Club, ASME. ROEGER, JACK L. Arch. Shreveport, La. Age 23, Class '46, Air Force, Arch. Society, Shreveport Club. ROHRER, ROY R. Bus. Houston Age 21, Class '48, Air Force, Houston Club, Business Club. ROSIER, JAMES G. "Rosie" Ento. Bryan Age 30, Class '50, Army, Social Secretary Entomology Club. ROSS, HARDY E. Ch. E Age 23, Class '47, Army, AIChE. ROVINSKY, ERVEN ME Age 22, Class '48, Army, H Sul Ross Research Club, Fort ROWE, DON L. Acct. Age 22, Class '50, Distinguished Student, S Society, ROTC, Press Club. RUCKER, WILLIAM G. Arch. Age 24, Class '51, Navy, Arch RUSHING, JAMES E. EE Man. E Age 23, Class '50, Navy, A Ross Research Club. RUSSELL, ROBERT J., JR. Wildlife Man. Age 23, Class '47, Army, S Council, Cooke County Club. RUTLEDGE, COLLIE C., JR. EE Age 27, Class '50, Marines RYAN, EDWARD S. Palacios "Lewin Fort Worth illel Club Vice President, ASHVE, Worth Club. Pampa ecretary Accounting Temple itectural Society, Bell County Club. Iljimll IEE, SAM, Poll: e:retury Fish 8: New Willard County Club, Sul llB0bIl Gainesville Game Club, Ag. Shreveport, La "Eddie" Wichita Falls ME Age 24, Class '47, Navy, Wichita Falls Club. SANDERS, SAM P., JR. "Lying Sam" Ag. Ed. Paris Age 20, Class '50, Lamar County Club, FFA. SANDLAND, WILLIAM C. Man. E Houston Age 23, Class '47, Navy, SAM. SANDOZ, LOUIS S. AH Port Arthur Age 24, Class '47, Air Force, Port Arthur Club.. SAUNDERS, LLOYD H., JR. "Pete" Bus. Gainesville Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Business Society, Cooke Caunty Club. SCHATZMAN, NORMAN S. Aero, U Dallas Age 20, Class '50, Hillel Club, Camera Club, Dallas Club, IAS. SCHAUER, BILLY B. "B, B." Pet. E Del Rio Age 26, Cia'f '53, Army, Petroleum Club, Vice President Del Rio Club, AIME. SCHEPPS, DAVID Bus. Age 22, Class '49, Army. SCHILLING, WILBUR N. Pet. E Age 25, Class '46, Navy. SCHIMMELL, GLEN R., JR. Geal. E Age 22, Class '50, Navy, G SCHLITTLER, HENRY W. AA Age 26, Class '45, Army. eology Club. Dallas Dayton San Antonio llmubll Graham Q as? ,K ,lx , - ,g,: ... I f N .. . , , if , fs' t ij f gs 3 4, V,x' M I , K. gV,, t 1 ff, A. . SCHRICKEL, OLLIE E., JR. "Gene" Landscaping Arlington Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Landscape Art Club, President "T" Club, Basketball Letterman, Captain '49, Distinguished Student, Who's Who. SCHULZE, JAMES L. "Jim" ME Meridian Age 23, Class '53, Navy, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kzppa Phi. SCHUMANN, JOHN E., JR. "Jack" ME Dallas Age 24, Class '50, Naval AC, ASME, ASHVE. SCHWERTNER, DARWIN R. Bus. Schwertner Age 25, Class '46, Navy, Business Society. SCHWOPE, ERIC C., JR. "Jock" CE San Antonio Age 25, Class '46, Army, ASCE, AGC. SCOTT, WENDELL Q. "Scottie" ME Shamrock Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Treasurer ASHVE, Vice President ASHVE, ASME. SCRIMGEOUR, WILLIAM B., JR. "Bubba" Bus. Galveston Age 20, Class '50, Student Senate '48, Football, Galveston Club, Vice President Aggieland '50 Staif, Business Society, Dis- tinguished Student. SCRIVENER, ARNOLD L. Bus. Tait Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Marketing 81 Finance Club, Business Society. SEALE, BlLLY J. "Jce" Ag. Ed. Kerens Age 21, Class '49, Agriculture Council, Secretary FFA. SECREST, CHARLES C. "Seek" Arch. Paris . Age 25, Class '46, Air Force, Vice President Lamar County Club, Architectural Society, AGC. SELF, JOHN N. AH San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, San Antonio Club. SELLE, EUGENE P. "Gene" CE Waco Age 24, Class '53, Army, ASCE, Waco-M:Lennan County Club. SENTELL, JOHN S. Ag. Eco. Snyder Age 23, Class '48, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, San Angelo Club, Live Stock Judging Team. SEWELL, DOUGLAS K. "Rip" EE Saint Jo Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Cooke County Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Vice President Tau Beta Pi. SHACKELFORD, KENNETH M. "Shack" Ag. Ed. Montague Age 23, Class '53, Navy, NTAC Club, Montague County Club. SHADDlX, ROYSE C. "Red" Ag. Ecl. Marietta Age 24, Class '53, Army, FFA, Cass County Club. SHARP, JAMES E. "Jir'nmy"' ME Kilgore Age 21, Class '50, East Texas Club. SHAW, BILLY L. Ag. Eng. Abilene Age 25, Class '50, Air Force. . is igifii ,L Tlzf i' A . - . X s s A - s X s X X 0 Y- x X X Q X -5' 14:1 xg- . reg S i Q' . 15 SHELBY, JIMMIE MGH- E Arlington Age 22, Class '50, Navy, SAM. SHELTON, JOHN T. AH Gonzales Age 23, Class '47, USMC. SHERER, BERNARD W. AH Sharon, S. C. Age 28, Class '50, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. SHIVERS, HENRY G., JR. Ch. E Carthage Age 23, Class '50, Army, AlChE. SHOCKEY, THOMAS E. Arch. San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Army. SHORT, JAMES A., JR. "Jim" Pet. E Jasper Age 26, Class '44, Air Force, Petroluem Engineering Club. SIGUT, LOUIS Agron. Marlin Age 28, Class '50, Navy, Agronomy Society, Newman Club, K of C. SIGUT, PAUL C. "Pete" Ag. Ed. Marlin Age 26, Class '44, Air Force, Petroleum Engineering Club. SIMMONS, JOHNNIE A. Ag. Ed. Dallas Age 30, Class '50, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. SIMPSON, DONALD G. Wildlife Man. Houston Age 22, Class '49, Fish 81 Game Club, Texas Collegiate Acade- my of Science, Aggie Band, Aggieland Orchestra, Houston Club. SIMPSON, HENRY A. AH Age 20, Class '50, Jesse Jones Opportunity Aw Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Scholastic Honor Society, Distinguished Student. - SIMPSON, ROSCOE E. Vet. Med. Age 27, Class '50, Army. SIMS, BEN O. AH Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Saddle 81 Sirloin Clu dent San Angelo Club. SIMS, WILLIAM H. CE Age 32, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE. SINCLAIR, W. GUY, JR. Pet.-Geal. E "Hank" Dallas ard Winner, Dallas Club, McKinney IIB G ll Paint Rock b, Vice-Presi- "Bill" Galveston Wichita Falls Age 23, Class '48, Navy, Pet. Eng. Club, Geology Club, Band. SINGLETON, NEILL, JR. Bus. Amarillo Age 26, Class '44, Air Force, Business Society, Amarillo Club. SKEEN, JOSEPH R. "Joe" Ag. Eng. Roswell, N. M. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASAE. I SKELTON, CHARLES W. Corsicana EE Age 27, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Amateur Radio C lub. ,,s,4..N.s-4,1 . ... W...,Q--N3-v.,- f x-Y.-, , L f. ,M .1 . ..,, ., .. ...W ,...f.w,..,.W.....,,. . A c :V ,- L tp! lm' JAN Nt. . .nk .V ,L . If at . ,ig Q' A . at Q i SKIDMORE, JOHN K. "Skid" D H G ra p e la n d Age 22, Class '50, Navy. SKIDMORE, KENNETH L. ME Grapeland Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, Houston County Club. SLAUGHTER, HAROLD VV. "Bud" Ag. Ed. Anna Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, FFA. SLAUGHTER, OTHA L. "O. L." IE Corsicana Age 22, Class '49, Navy. SLAY, CLYDE, JR. "Slim" Vet. Med. Fort Worth Age 27, Class '44, Naval AC, Distinguished Student, AVMA. SLIGER, FREDERICK A. "AI" Ch. E Waco Age 27, Class '44, Army, AlChE, Singing Cadets, Aggie Players, Ross Volunteers, Distinguished Student. SMITH, BARRY R. LLA San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, English Maiors Club, Battalion Staff. SMITH, BEN W., JR. Man. E Dallas Age 2l, Class '49, SAM, SAE. SMITH, CECIL K. "Smitty" Arch. Bremond Age 28, Class '42, Army, Vice President Architectural Society. SMITH, C. CLAYBOURNE "Chuck" Ag. Eco. San Antonio Age 22, Class '50, Mexican Army, Rodeo Club, Marketing Club, Saddle 81 Sirloin Clulo. SMITH, ELBRIDGE G. "Smitty" IE Teague Age 22, Class '50, Army, Industrial Education Club, Bi-Stone County Club. SMITH, HAROLD B. "Smitty" Pet. E Texas City Age 30, Class '50, Army, AIME, Petroleum Club. SMITH, HULIN H. "l'l00'f" PE Grand Saline Age 22, Class '50, Navy. SMITH, IVAN W. "Smitty" Dairy Mtg. DUIIUS Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Kream 81 Kew Klub, Dairy Products Judging Team. SMITH, JAMES O. "Smitty" Ch, E Waco Age 24, Class '46, Navy, AIChE, Waco-McLennan Club. SMITH, JOE E. PH Woodville Age 28, Class '50, Army, Poultry Science Club. SMITH, WILLIAM T. "Red, Smith" Wildlife Man. DUIIGS Age 29, Class '50, Coast Guard, Wildlife Club. SNEAD, IRVIN S. A - CE Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE, ASGC. Grand Prairie " ' ..-: x"" x-.-i A..A ,xq.. SOWDER, ELMER J., JR. "Rip" CE Amarillo Age 26, Class '46, Marines, ASCE. SPA-FFORD, JOE F. "Joe" Ag. Ed. Rockwoll Age 25, Class '50, Army and Navy, FFA. SPALDING, HENRY R. Ag. Ed. Palestine Age 39, Class '50, Army. SPANN, HAROLD O. "Buddy" Ag. Ed. Grapeland Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, FFA. SPEED, LEHMAN T. "Speedy" lE Temple Age 27, Class '50, Army, Industrial Education Club. SPENCE, HORACE C., JR. Geol. Baytown Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Geology Club. SPINKS, VICTOR E. "Poocl1ie" Bus. Lockhart Age 25, Class '50, Navy. SPIVEY, R. C. Pet. E Houston Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Petroleum Club, AIME. SQUYRE5, ROY E. "Doc" ME Mineral Wells Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, Sul Ross Research Club. STANISLAV, LEONARD R. "Stan" Agron. West Age 20, Class '50, Agronomy Society, Newman Club. STANLEY, LYN T. Pet, E Trinity Age 23, Class '50, Army, Petroleum Club, Tau Beta Pi. STANTON, EDWARD J. EE La Porte Age 24, Class '50, Air Force. STATMAN, ravine "Itchy" Bus. Dallas Age 2'I, Class '49, ROTC, Dallas Club, Business Society. STEEN, COSBY E. CE Corsicana Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE. STEENSON, SAMUEL M., JR. "Bubl9cl" ME Plano Age 25, Class '50, Navy, ASHVE. STEGER, LEE D. IE Overton Age 26, Class '50, Air Force. STEGINK, GERALD A. "Jerry" Aero. Waco Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, IAS. STEVENS, CARL T., JR. Ch. E Camp Hill, Pa. Age 24, Class '48, Navy, Publicity 8. Public Relations for Aggie Players, ACS, AIChE, Camera Club, TASCA, Wrestling. ,N wwf. W Q., , .,,,...W., M, 5 .F s,....,t. .,,,.,.3s..x ...,. ,. HT-. .m,1T7g-Ks -.ewwM....Lk.,,.,,,,?.3..,,,..V,,. .. S1':lf'sie".::,it?'...21?:f,.ff :silt iii,:f:rf3f',15L,sv'-x - . ..,. ,N.,.,.l... ,XX Q.. ,. . , . .N SL., ss ,, " -f'i-f,,,, 7 .7 - ffs,si-Xxx rw in-, .Qs fr-sf mass: Q! fw,.sgL-t:::s1.M'f -if .f'.f.'--,w , 1 x .ALM vw ,, ,gg fswwo -,gow ww ,gy ,L wx, .Q sf...-,,, -sn . mfs-y..,,S . - xessigxfyg s , ,.t.s,Mi.s X . at A ,-V, .f ..Qness.sAss.Qs,ss..s..ss..M.ss,..s.M,s.f,m. s,fss,,e,Nxs gwmstrsf 4 ..wM.,e 1. ,s Qs, . 3 V, STERMER, RAYMOND A. Ag. Eng. Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, ASAE. STEVENSON, HARRY JAY AH Age 24, Class '50, Saddle 81 Sirloin C STEWART, WILLIAM HURST Vet. Med. Age 29, Class '49, Air Force. STOERMER, UVALDE ME lub, Navy. IIRGYII Rosebud "Steve" Beaumont Navasota llRoCkylI Yoakum Age 26, Class '45, Air Force, Chairman American Foundry Society, Singing Cadets, Texas Foundries Scholarship, Distin- guished Student, ASME, ASHVE, Lavaca County Club. STOKES, JAMES H. "Pinky" ME Houston Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, ASME, SAE, Houston Club. STONE, MARVIN L. "Stoney" Pet.-Geal. E Carrizo Springs Age 24, Class '45, Marines, Student Senate, Distinguished Stu- dent, Petroleum Club, Geol. Club. STOWE, HAROLD B. Ag- Ed. New Boston Age 22, Class '49, Army, FFA, Collegiate Chapter, Texarkana Club. STONER, HERMAN H. Ag. Ed. Gordon Age 22, Class '50, Navy. STRAUS, JOSEPH R., JR. AH llJoell San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Livestock Judg- ing Team. STRlCKLAND, HAROLD G. Bus. Adm. Dallas Age 21, Class '50, Freshman Basketball Squad, Dallas Club, Business Society. STRINGER, HAL EUGENE Landscape Design IIHGCII Waco Age 24, Class '50, Army, Dorm. Senator, Senate Representative to Student Life, Waco-McClenan County Club, Landscape Art Club, Illustrator Commentator-Battalion, Who's Who. STROMAN, JACK G. Agron. Las Cruces, New Mexico Age 21, Class '50, Navy, Agronomy Society. STROO PE, DON ERWIN Entomology Waxahachie Age 24, Class '50, Entomology Club, Ellis County Club, Academy of Science Collegiate Division. STROUD, CHESTER B. "EOZ" Math. Dallas Age 22, Class '50, Army, Social Chairman NTAC Club, Student Senator. STUART, GEORGE R. PE Bryan Age 20, Class '50, Singing Cadets, Treasurer P. E. Club. STUART, JAMES F. "Frank" EE Grand Saline Age 24, Class '50, Air Force COLVIN, ORGENE V. "Gene" EE Port Arthur Age 29, Class '44, Air Force. HALL, GRAINGER L.' CE Beaumont Age 25, Class '50, Navy, ASCE. . -I K V f .. .. "" Ly .,. ' . STUDDARD, CHESTER W. "Stud" Vet. Med. Carthage Age 24, Class '50, Jr. AVMA, Distinguished Student. SUDERMAN, COLLIS P., JR. "Pete" GSOI- E Galveston Age 22, Class '48, Marine Corps, Football Manager, Geology Club, Pistol Team. SULLINS, TED F. Man. E Terrell Age 24, Class '50, Seabees, SAM, Tau Beta Pi, Scholarship Honor Society. SULLIVAN, JAMES M. "Sully" AH Navasota Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Scholarship Honor Society, Distin4 guished Student, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Kream and Kow Klub, Phi Kappa Phi. SULLIVAN, JOHN W. Ag. Ed. Rosser Age 30, Class '42, Navy, FFA. SWAIN, BRYAN W. Ag. Ed. Temple Age 24, Class '50. SWITZER, CHARLES H. "Chuck" AH Valley View Age 22, Class '50, Navy, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Cooke County Club. TAKACS, RUDY E. BA Houston Age 26, Class '50, Coast Guard, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Business Club, Houston Club. TARABA, FRANK L. ME Ennis Age 24, Class '50, Navy, ASME, Newman Club. TATE, ROGER E. Aero. E Waxahachie Age 24, Class '46, Army, IAS, SAE. TAYLOR, FRANK P., JR. Acct. - Three Rivers Age 26, Class '50, Air Corps. TAYLOR, JOHN F. Aero. E San Antonio Age 25, Class '50, Coast Guard, IAS, SAE, Tau Beta Pi. TAYLOR, JOHN F. CE Corsicana Age 23, Class '47, Army, ASCE, Navarro County Club. TEAGUE, EMMETT C. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, AIEE, IRE, Oklahoma Club, Distin- guished Student. TEMPLE, BILLY J. "Bill" PH Cleburne Age 27, Class '44, Navy, Poultry Science Club, Masonic Club. THOMAS, CALVIN R. "Shorty" ' EE Windom I Age 26, Class '50, Air Force Aero. E Houston Age 24, Class '46, Navy, IAS, Distinguished Student. TEDDLIE, JAMES E. "Jim" Pet. E Alice- Age 26, Class '44, Air Corps, AIME. TEED, JACK T. EE Tulsa, Okla. "Ar S.-.Aif . ,Q fs, S ':,- A .si st, .Q 13 tn .wt ff. - .wx , 1,2 f, n f.. V THOMAS, DAVID S. Chem. Eng. Age 23, Class '50, Army, AlChE, ACS. THOMAS, GEORGE N. Magnolia, Ark. Vet. Med. Hughes Springs Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, AVMA. THOMAS, JOE B. "Tommy" ME Carthage Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASME, East Texas Club. THOMAS, SAUNDERS M., JR. Vet. Med. Simms Age 27, Class '50, Army. THOMAS, WILLIAM F. "Bill" AH San Antonio Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Saddle 8- Sirloin Club. THOMPSON, CLYDE C. EE Electra Age 22, Class '50, Army, AIEE. THOMPSON, FRANK "Tommy" Ag. Ed. San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Army. THOMPSON, H. L., JR. Geol. Stamford Age 22, Class '49, Army, Geol. Club, HJSK Club. THOMPSON, VERNON D. Ento. College Station Age 25, Class '50, Navy, Entomology Club. THORNTON, WILLIAM J. "Wild Bill" PE Palestine Age 26, Class '46, Air Force, Yell Leader, Newman Club, Presi- dent Palestine Club, President Intramural Manager's Club. THRASHER, CALVIN R. "Rusty" Fish and Game Rosebud Age 24, Class '50, Army, Fish and Game Club, Texas Academy of Science. THURMOND, FRED S., JR. CE Denton Age 27, Class '44, Air Force, Sul Ross Masonic Lodge, Reporter, Sull Ross Research Club, ASCE, Camera Club. TICH'ONCHlK, EDWARD "Tick" ME Dallas Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, ASME. TILLET, HENRY A. "Hat" Vet. Med. Abilene Age 27, Class '45, Marines, AVMA, Spanish Club, Latin Ameri- can Club, Cantebury Club. TILLEY, CEVIL R. Pet. E Fort Worth Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Pet. E Club. TINER, WAYNE D. "Red" ME Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Tau Beta Pi, ASME, ASHVE. TINSLAR, WILLIAM L. "Bill" Pet. E Fort Worth Age 22, Class '49, Army, Pet. E Club, AIME, Fort Worth Club. TIPPS, CHARLES W. ME Longview Age 22, Class '48, Navy. Ss rmrs'-'existsfwsx .ws I .E :Qsgsss if-sims ?S.wfbe1SQSs,s'e fw 6.39. I 1 ' . TOELLN ER, NORMAN H. Man. E Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, SAM. TOLLE, LEON J. Flor. Wallis IIL J Il San Antonio Age 23, Class '51, Army, Manager, Floral Concession, President Lutheran Student Assn., United Student Christian Council, Ag. Council, Secretary-Treasurer, Landscape Art Club, Distinguished Student, San Antonio Club. TOMLIN, LEON J. "Tommy" Ag. Ed. Tyler Age 31, Class '50, Marines, FFA. TORRES, CAMILO M. Man. E San Antonio Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, Newman Club, SAM, The Engineer Staff. TOWNS, THOMAS G. "Double T" EE Sweetwater Age 27, Class '50, Navy, Secretary-Treasurer Sweetwater Club, AIEE. TRAVIS, CHARLES T. "C. T." CE Waco Age 22, Class '50, Navy, ASCE, Vice-President, Waco4McLennan County Club. TREIMAN, JOSHUA N. Man. E S Age 21, Class '50, SAM, President Hillel Club. TRENT, WYLIE D. AH Age 24, Class '46, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Club, Student Senate. TREVINO, ABRAHAM J. Arch. ll-josh!! an Antonio Del Rio President, Del Ria IlAbeII Edna Age 28, Class '50, Navy, The Battalion, Architectural Society, Spanish Club, AGC, Co-founder Student Publications Photoen- graving Lab. TROLINGER, ARTHUR J. Ento. Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Entomology Club. TRUETT, GUS ME Age 23, Class '50, Army. TSCHIRHART, WILBERT E. Dairy Man. Age 26, Class '45, Army, Krea Academy of Science, Oratory. m and Kow K1 TUMLINSON, ROBERT G. Edinburg Dallas "Willie" San Antonio ub, President Texas Vet. Med. Bryan Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, Jr. AVMA, Bryan College Club. TURNBOW, CARROL E. "Gene" AH Roby Age 23, Class '51, Army, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Intercol- legiate Rodeo Club, Senior Livestock Judging Team. TUXWORTH, WILLIAM J. BA UTUXII Silsbee Age 24, Class '46, Air Farce, Business Society. TYUS, BILLY B. ME Age 24, Class '50, Army, ASME, ASHVE. UECKERT, ALFRED F., JR. ME Age 25, Class '50, Marines, Tau Beta Pi, Society, ASME, Distinguished Student. ULMER, JAMES F. CE Age 22, Class '48, Navy, ASCE. Keren: HAI!! Dallas Honor Scholarship Iljimll Santa Rosa ""'V' i ' ' "" f Q Q l, , .... - .,.. . Q UNDERLINER, CHARLES F., JR. "Chuck" Pet.-ME Dallas Age 24, Class '49, Army, President Pet. Club, Engineers Council, AIME, Tau Beta Pi. URRUTIA, CARLOS, II "Chuck" Pre-Med. San Antonio Age 23, Class '49, Air Force, Pre-Med. Society, Biology Club, Air Force Assn., ORC, Caterpillar Club. VINYARD, GEORGE A. BUS- Edinburg Age 22, Class '49, Army. VEST, OSCAR J., JR. Pet. E Beaumont Age 20, Class '50. VENABLE, JAMES E. "Red" Hort. Briscoe Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Vice President, Hort. Society. VELA, GEORGE M. EE Laredo Age 24, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Laredo Club. VAUGHAN, JOHN M. "Shot" AH Mineral Wells Age 2'l, Class '49, Band 1945-48, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Palo Pinto, Eastland and Stephen VAUGHAN, JENNINGS H. s Club. Man. E Johntown Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, Society for the Advancement of Management. VAUGHN, HENRY L. "Hank" Ag. Eco. Garland Age 23, Class '43, Air Force, Marketing and Finance Club, Dis- tinguished Student. VARNADO, BILL J. AH Age 24, Class '50, Army, Saddle 8. Sirloin Honor Society. VAN WAY, CARL T., JR. Bus. Age 22, Class '49, Army, Ri VAN PELT, JAMES G. Ag. Ed. Age 26, Class '50, Marines VANDIVER, WINIFRED H. Ch. E o Grande Club, Age 25, Class '50, Air Force. VALON, ERNEST D. EE Age 30, Class '44, Marines, Tau Beta Pi. WADE, LUKE H., JR. ME Age 25, Class '50, Air Force. WADE, MALCOLM E. Man. E Age 33, Class '49, Air Force, "Slash" Elm Mott Club, Scholarship IIC. T.lI Edinburg Business Society. Wellington llva nil Frisco "Jasper" San Antonio Scholarship Honor Society, AIEE, American Foundry Club, Veterans Club, ASME. WAHRMUND, WILLIAM A. Pet.-Geol. E Age 24, Class '50, Marines, Pet. Club, Geol. San Antonio Club, Engineering Council. WALES, BILLIE B. ' Arch. Age 22, Class '49. Beaumont Devine SAM, American Statistical Assn., ffsmf' San Antonio Club, President, "sau" Refugio we H is 9 , ' vie-g jijtmrfg' "'.3Z.,Q, ., -.-, TTAT""'l'1 .' ' ' - - ' Q v f-sys: --.x ' na v A. Y Y -' - 5,4 . YN . . .... .. - ' M - -gs.-sgf:.:,,, .. " s- .1 A " -'-'f--v'N '-shewr -2-sew. X- X .. - , - A we 7 f- -,zzj-' 3: .gel sw f:---ff ,X I-is f-N, , J.. 4- ...W ,V -s , f , . .g J WALES, ROBERT D. Ch. E Refugio Age 24, Class '49, Army, Brush Country Club, ACS. WALKER, KARL W. AH Mineral Wells Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, Saddle 8. Sirloin Club, Rodeo Club. WALKUP, HOUSTON c. "Walk-up" IE Kirkland Age 25, Class '44, President Wesley Foundation Council, Vice President, Texas Methodist Student Movement, IE Club, Discus- sion and Debate Club, ROTC, Childress County Club. WALLACE, HUGH M., JR. Vet. Med. Oklahoma City, Okla. Age 24, Class '50, Army, Editor Southwestern Veterinarian, AVMA. WALLACE, ROBERT G. "Bob" Ch. E Houston Age 23, Class '50, Navy, AlChE. WALLER, ROBERT B. Ag. Ed. Breckenridge Age 23, Class '50, Navy, FFA, Stephens BL Eastland County Club. WALSH, ALVA G. "Al" Pet. E Waco Age 23, Class '47, Air Force, Petroleum Club, Waco-McLennan County Club, Distinguished Student. WALTER, ALVIN H. EE Sa Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, AIEE. n Antonio WALTERS, ANDERSON J. V "Andy" ME Waco Age 25, Class '45, ASME, Distinguished Student, ROTC, Waco Club. WALZEL, JOE R. Agron. Cameron Age 26, Class '50, Army, Treasurer Agronomy Society. WANJA, JAMES T. Man. E Weimar Age 25, Class '45, Army, WANN, JAMES M. Distinguished Student, SAM. Ag. Eco. Paluxy Age 23, Class '50, Army. VVAMPLER, CHARLES R. Pet. E Longview Age 22, Class '48, Army, Petroleum Club, Rodeo Club, East Texas Club, AIME. WARD, AUTILE A. AH Seminole Age 22, Class '48, Army, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. WARD, ROGER L. "Sarge" Arch.-CE Longview Age 31, Class '39, Army, Arch. Society, ASCE, AIA, Tau Beta Pi, Distinguished Student. WARE, IRA C. "Cal" Ag. E El Paso Age 28, Class '50, Air Force, ASAE, Tau Beta Pi. WARE, WALTER J. "Dub" CE Bryan Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, ASCE. . WARREN, JOE A. Ch. E Del Rio Age 26, Class '50, Navy. ., 4: :- V- --sag, .. 5 U S S Of 5 . . WATHEN, THURMAN R. CE llshugll Athens Age 24, Class '46, Marines, ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Henderson County Club, Scholarship Honor Society. WATSON, ROGER D. Physics Age 23, Class '50, Navy. WAWAK, EARL E. ME Age 26, Class '51, Coast Guard, ASME, Phi WEATHERSBY, WILLIAM E. ME Age 23, Class '50, Air Force, ASME. WEAVER, HERSHAL F. Pet. E Fort Worth "Gene" Little Rack, Ark. Eta Sigma. Shreveport, La. IIHGPII Teague Age 31, Class '50, Air Force, Petroleum Club, AIMME. WEBER, HUGH C. ME Diboll Age 21, Class '48, Army, Varsity Basketball, ASHVE, ASME. WEBB, ROBERT C. Landscape Art "Spider" Wichita Falls Age 23, Class '47, Army, President Landscape Art Club. WEBER, RAYMOND V. "Ray" ME Schulenburg Age 26, Class '50 Navy, ASME, ASAE, Fayette County Club, ROA. WEEKS, ROBERT "Bob" Pet. E Lufkin Age 24, Clcss '50, Air Force, Petroleum Club. WEHRING, ALFRED R. "Al" Arch. Brenham Age 29, Class '44, Air Force, Arch. Society, AGC. WEISINGER, BYBEE W. CE Montgomery Age 26, Class '44, Army. WELCH, FRANK D. Arch. Sherman Age 23, Class '48, Army, Co-Editor The Commentator, President, Secretary, Architecture Society, Student Engineers Council, Arts and Sciences Council, Distinguished Student. WELLING, ALBERT Aero.-Man. E Age 26, Class '46, L. Navy, ISA, SAM. WELLS, OSCAR E. Arch. Age 25, Class '50, Army, Arch. Society. WENNERBOM, MAGNUS T., JR. ME Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, ASME, ASHVE. WEST, MORRIS C. ME Age 26, Class '50, Air Force, ASHVE, ASME. WESTERVELT, JOHN P. Man. E Age 22, Class '47, Navy, Swimming Team, SAM, Corpus Christi Club. WEYLAND, JAMES H. Man. E IIAIII Houston Houston IIBOII Port Arthur Fort Worth IITOTII Corpus Christi "T" Association, ll-limmyll Shreveport, La. Age 22, Class '48, Air Force, SAM, Shreveport Club. A i X. ' .. ttf " -ev-'M 1 ,1 -it 'N N-.lf-is A ' 9 --', 'N . ' ,.. WHEELER, ALFRED L., JR. "AI" Agron. Danbury Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, Agron. Society, Hort. Society, Presi- dent ABIM Chapter, Texas Academy of Science, Distinguished Student. WHITAKER, NORMAN M. "Happy" ME Navasota Age 24, Class '46, Navy, ASME. WHITE, LAWRENCE D. CE Fort 'Worth Age 23, Class '47, Army, ASCE WHITE, ROBERT M. "Corky" Aero. Lamesa Age 21, Class '49, IAS. WHITE, THEODORE L. "Ted" Ch. E Jacksonville Age 28, Class '50, Army. . WHITE, WILLIAM T. "Bill" PME Graham Age 21, Class '47, Air Force WHITAKER, JAMES E. "Bert" Arch. Houston Age 30, Class '50, Army, Arch. Society. WHITSETT, LYNN B. "Nip" AH Seguin Age 21, Class '49, USMC, Saddle 8- Sirloin Club. WHITTAKER, WALLACE W. BA I Houston Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Varsity Football Letterman, "T" Asso- ciation. I WHITTINGTON, EDWIN M. "Whit" Ag, Ed, . Coleman Age 24, Class '50, Army, Collegiate FFA. WHITTON, BILLY J. ' ME San Augustine Age 24, Class 5'0, Navy, ASME. WILDE, MILTON E. "Mila" IE I Newgulf Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, IE Club. WIEDENFELD, CLARENCE C. Agron. COmfOI'I Age 21, Class '49, Air Force, Agronomy Society. WILKINS, JOHN F. I "Pop" Vet. Med. I Age 44, Class '50, Navy, Jr. AVMA. WILLIAMS, ANDREW L. CE Age 27, Class '50, Air Force. WILLIAMS, AUDREY A., JR. Arch. Age 24, Class '42, Air Force, WILLIAMS, BLAKE B., JR. Hort. Age 22, Class '50, Navy. WILLIAMS, CHARLES B., JR. Arch. Age 28, Class '45, Army, Arch. Society. Arch. Society, Homer, La. Jackson, Tenn. IIBMIII Waco AGC. San Antonio NBII-,ell New Orleans, La. I ,X, f5 ,J Q, . ww-:':Q1:q,1ssnvf-egg'-1-g-mwwg- -11-f W .4-Jw. M., -.,,... W ....a,.,.-W, ..,, ,,,., , ,, . I X XP vs f'f-"w.g,1--we-'Qf f--J-W Y sw- f 1ws,..W'9f-5 92,2 I ff..vf,-W-f, 9 . f f ff f L, SCJ ' 3 1 N .-34' ,V MJ. if: ft I fy I" 4. i'T?S. HI? iw L 'H A ',fa-FMS. I. ff" f fs .R W., an :nz-ws Mis., .f nas- 1 , ,,5'?5w?,.x." . ,fig tg-,i1xf'1,, ,lm My ' .ni jff 3515 rv ' I A .v.,. f.,,fg ,..',-,za-.v. I WILLIAMS, CLARENCE B. CE Waco Age 21, Class '50, Navy, ASCE. WILLIAMS, JACK C. Agron. Blossom Age 21, Class '49, Army, Agronomy Society, Lamar County Club. WILLIAMSON, JACK H. Vet. Med. Ae24 Q 1 Arthur Club. Class '46, Army, AVMA, Research WILLIAMS, JACK L. Man. E Age 29, Class '49, Army, SAM. WILLIAMSON, ALVIS L. Geol. Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Geology Club, HJSK Club, AIMME. WILLIAMSON, R. S., JR. CE Age 26, Class '46, Navy, Varsity Basketball, Port ASCE. WILSHUSEN, JOHN H. Pet. E Age 22, Class '47, Air Force, Petroleum Club. WILSON, GENE M. Acct. Age 22, Class '48, Navy, Band, Accounting Society, Houston Club, Distinguished Student. "Willie" Port Arthur Foundation, Port "Mule" Texarkana "Splinter" Rule AAPG Club, "Bubba" Port Arthur Arthur Club, "Snake" Houston Houston WILSON, HERBERT O. Ag. Ed. Kurten Age 24, Class '50, Navy, FFA. WILSON, JACK K. Arch. Sulphur Springs 'Age 24, Class '50, Army, AGC, Arch. Society. WILSON, JAMES R. CE Bryan Age 23, Class '47, Navy, ASCE. WILSON, ROBERT W., JR. "Bob" Arch, San Antonio Age 25, Class '50, Air Force. WILSON, WESLEY W. Bus, Mart. Age 25, Class '50, Air Force, President, Business Society. WILSON, WILLIAM R. "Bob" ME Houston Age 21, Class '48, ASME, Engineer Staff. WINGATE, GEORGE M. "Windy" CE Beaumont Age 26, Class '50, Navy. WINSTON, HARRY J., JR. "Hose" ME Weatherford Age 22, Class '48, Army, ASME, Secretary Weatherford Club, Band. WINTERBAUER, EDWARD L. Pet, E Dallas Age 30, Class '50, Navy. WISE, WILLIAM B. "Bill" EE Commerce Age 23, Class '50, Navy, Distinguished Student, Recording Sec- retary, Tau Beta Pi, AIEE. ' - K 2 -f ' -"' 2 -I - -ii MW' - . 3,57 SPR, K? " :5:' ' 7 3235 V :f" I 491:- , 0 - 3' wshf ' .- WOLF, JOHN D. JR. "J, D," Ag. Eco. Evant Age 25, Class '50, Army, Marketing and Finance Club. WOMMACK, Q. B. Bus. Marietta Age 24, Class '50, Air Force, Business Society, Cass County Club. WOODARD, HAROLD D. "WO0CIy" Geology Gladewater Age 24, Class '50, Navy, Geology Club, East Texas Club. WOODS, HUGH C. "Clem" Ag. Eco. Marquez Age 22, Class '49, Army, FFA, Secretary-Treasurer Leon County Club. WOOLLEY, CARROLL A. EE Sugarland Age 22, Class '50, Navy, AIEE, Distinguished Student. WORTHINGTON, ROBERT R. Arch. Houston Age 25, Class '50, Army, Architectural Society, President Aggie Chess Club. WORSHAM, MARTIN D. Ag. Ed. Marathon Age 40, Class '50, Army. WRIGHT, JAMES H. "Herbie" Ag. Ed. Quanah Age 20, Class '50, Radio Committee, FFA. WYATT, EARL F. CE Cuero Age 21, Class '49, ASCE. YATER, ALEXANDER N., JR. "NOg" Geology Cleburne Age 25, Class '49, Army. YEAR-GAN, GORDON S., JR. Vet. Med. ' Dallas. Age 23, Class '48, Navy, Distinguished Student, Jr. AVMA. YOUNG, GLENN R. ' I Ed. Port Arthur Age 24, Class '50, Navy. YOUNG, JERRY L. Farm Man. Primera Age 22, Class '48, Air Force, Rio Grande Valley Club, Hort. Society Marketing and Finance Club. YOUNG, ROBERT J. Vet. Med. Houston Age 29, Class '50, Air Force, AVMA. ZELSMAN, WILLIAM C. "BiII" Flor. Amarillo Age 22, Class '49, Air Force, Floriculture Judging Team. MCDANIEL, PHILLIP W., III "Phil" ME Benavides Age 2I, Class '49, "A" Ord., ASME, Brush Co. Club, The Engineer Staff. ROARK, RUSSELL E. "RUSS" 'Man. E Cleveland Age 21, Class '50, "A" ASA, Ross Volunteers, SAM, ASME, Liberty County Club, Distinguished Student. . WOOTEN THOMAS W. ME San Antonio Age 20, Class '50, "A" Ord., Captain CO. Wilmon "Pusher" Barnes . Presiclem' M. W. "Bill" Parse . . . Vice-Presidenf John R. McFc1ll . . . . Sec.-Treos. Bill T. Thompson . . Socic1lSecrefczry Junior Class Cfficers , . .,.- I ..,.,. ,Y .. ..i,..7,...,..,,.,,...,,.-,,,N.?.,,...-,V,,h.,,...,,..,.,,......,.,.... ..... A .,...., ...,.,.,., ,.-., ..,.,. .. ,. . , .A 125 ' .,.,. ..,. .,., AARONSON, ALVIN D., Bus, Cotulla ABELOW, HARRY D., Bus, San Antonio ADAMS, BILLIE C., ME, Davilla ADAMS, CARL D., Arch, Shreveport, La. ADAMS, WINTON B., AA, Bryan ADKISSON, MIKE, Flor, Greenville ALDERSON, THOMAS C., JR., Bus, Houston ALEXANDER, JACK B., Acct., Port Arthur ALFORD, DONALD E., Ag, Ed, Austonio AMASON, BOBBY D., BPM, Amarillo APEL, EDDIE C., Ag, Eco, Gatesville APEL, EDWIN A., CE, Gatesville ANDERSON, WILLIAM L., Vet, Med., Rockwall ARGENBRIGHT, KENNETH A., ME, Dallas ARNOLD, EDWARD L., ME, San Antonio ASHER, ROBERT T., Acct, San Antonio BABIN, ROBERT A., Chem, Port Arthur BAILEY, BURT S., Bus, Greenville BALL, THOMAS W., JR., Pet E, Monahans BALL, WALLACE B., EE, Uvalde BALL, WAYNE E., EE, Uvalde BALLARD, JULIAN L. ME, Galveston BARDELL, NORTH B., JR., CE, Waco BARGER, JOE R., Arch, Hillsboro BARLEMANN, ARTHUR, JR., AH, San Antonio BARMAN, ROBERT R., Pet 81 Geol E, Houston BARNES, WILMAN D., Bus, Abilene BARRY, PATRICK J., AH, Galveston BARRETT, MICHAEL J., Bus, Galveston BARTLETT, FREDERICK L., ChE, Irving BARTON, DORBANT J., Ag, Eco, Ft. Stockton BEECROTT, BERT E., CE, San Marcos BEHRENS, SHERMAN C., Bus, San Saba BELCHER, WILLIAM C., Land D, San Antonio BELL, CARROLL W., AH, Pittsburgh I I .gy ,I Q ,si i1'I'i-'."QT: 4,3 .j .gsgfmse-...N - 4 " r- .F 3 K, ',S':::iifqgfj,-,Y ' ' ., V: A 04.1 ,-gf S .wi fs ,Qaiff ffg s Q F Q - ,g ' 'Sis BELL, MlLTO'N H., Arch, Port Arthur BERNARD, EDWIN R., JR., Ag, Eng, Beaumont BERRY, ROBERT W., Ag, Ed, Gronbury BERRYMAN, JAMES O., ME, Houston BESTEIRO, ALBERT A., Geol, Brownsville BISHOP, DON B., AH, Paint Rock BLACK, CARL L., Arch, San Angelo BLANCHARD, K. G., AH, Wichita Falls BLUM, ROBERT J., CE, Big spring BODDEKER, Ed W., Arch, Houston BOROUGHS, JAMES S., R 8- F, Mort BOYLES, JAMES E., ME, El Paso BRADEN, JOE A., AH, Hondo BRADLEY, ROBERT S., ChE, Houston BRASHEAR, OLIN E., Bus, McAllen BRASHEAR, ROY T., EE, Watova Oklo. BRASLAU, NORMAN, Physics, Galveston BRAVENEC, JOSEPH S., ME, Shreveport, La. BRIGANCE, JAMES R., Man E, Dallas BRITT, DAVID M., Ag Eco, Wheeler BROWN, JAMES T., CE, San Benito BROWN, JOE L., EE, Dallas BROWN, LEON C., Bus, Tyler BROWN, MORRIS A., AH, Harlingen BROWN, ROGER E., EE, Dallas BROWN, ROYAL F., Bus, Dallas BRUECHER, LEWIS E., Acct, Houston BRUNDRETT, GALE N., AH, Refugio BURDINE, F. B., Pet E, Seven Sisters BUTLER, BILL C., Bus, San Antonio BUTLER, EDGAR T., JR., Man E, Waco CAIN, JAMES J., ME, Sherman CALLAWAY, ISHMAEL G., CE, Pefrolia CAMPBELL, ROBERT B., EE, San Antonio CAPLAN, LOUIS M., Man, Houston 'H' 5 .. fee 5fTZ'T.i.- - S N X Q 'V R: Q A '- -j . ., ' "" f W" L egff- A -x-' A :gifs-:in CARRANCO, CARLOS J., Lib Arts, Laredo CHAMBERS, CHARLES A., AH, Fort WorTI'1 CHAMLEE, BILL P., ArcI1, Gafesville CHANDLER, JAMES M., AH, Sarita CHARLTON, GEORGE V., Jour, Dallas CLARK, NOBLE N., Bus, Burleson CLAYBOURN, CLIFTON H., ME, San Marcos CLEGG, GILES C., E 81 ME, San Angelo CLEMENTS, MOUNTY P., ME, Fort Worth COBB, PHIL R., ME, Dallas COEELN, PAUL C., AH, Itasgu COGAN, STANLEY w., ME, Schulenburg COKER, BILLY F., Mun E, Baytown COLEMAN, GEORGE B., R 8. F, wuskom COLLEY, KENNETH w., PME, LQ Marque COLLIER, ROBERT L., Pet E, Fort Worth CONN, ROBERT B., ME, San Antonio CORNISH, WILLIAM R., Bus, Healdfon, Okla. CORTEZ, N., Pre Med, San Benito COSLETT, DAVID L., Jour, Miles COSLETT, ROGER, PE, Miles COUNCE, JAMES M., Man E, San Lake . CRADER, JERRY W., Bus, Fort Worth CROCKER, GEORGE W., Geo, Pleasanton CROSBY, CHARLES P., Ag, Eng, EI Paso CRUMPTON, ARCHIE B., EE, Dallas CUDD, MELBERT A., B 81 A, Houston CURRY, ELMER E., JR., Bus, Ballinger DAMRON, JODY W., Man E, Dallas DAMUTH, GROVER C., AH, Magnolia DARBY, ENOCH T., ME, Amarillo DARDAGANIAN, STEPHEN G., Geo E, Dallas DAVIS, GERALD L., Ag Ed, Stephenville DAVIS, HUBERT P., ME, San Antonio DAVIS, MORRIS W., Ag, Eng, Bangs S XA ,V ' I- Q 9 " XX DECK, ALVIN N., Ag, Eco, Lohn DEEG, C. O., JR., AH, San Antonio DENNIS, ALBERT J., Ag, Eco, Lampasas DERR, HAROLD J., JR., ME, Dallas DEUTCH, M., BA, Austin DIETERT, JERRY M., Bus, Son Antonio DIETERT, ROBERT D., Ch E, Kerrville DOWLING, CLOYD J., JR., Aero, Gregglon DRISDALE, JOHN K., Pet E, Del Rio DUFFIE, TOMMIE C., Agron, Vernon DULOCK, JAMES A., Ag Eco, Elk DUNLAP, WILLIAM J., Food Tech, Okla. cny, Okla. DUNN, FREDDIE Hf, Pre Med, Dallas DUVAL, PHILO H., JR., ME, Shreveporf, La. EAGLESON, ROBERT R., Bus, Nederland ECKERMANN, WILFRED O., Ag Ed, New Ulm EDGAR, GORDON C., Pe? E, Eagle Pass EDWARDS, CURTIS D., JR., Range Man, Housfon EDWARDS, EDWIN C., CI1 E, Corpus Christi EDWARDS, JOHN H., Ag Eco, Manahans ELKINS, ROBERT W., ME, Sonia Rosa ELLIOTT, DICK M., Pe? Geo E, Amarillo ENGELBERG, MARVIN W., Chem, Dallas ENGLAND, JOHN C., Aero, El Paso EVANS, WALTER J., Pet Geo E, Raymondville FENNER, BURNEY F., Bus, Hallettsville FINCH, CHARLES H., AH, Tulia FINCH, HOMER J., ME, Dallas FINLAY, LOUIS E., Arch, Bryan FLUKINGER, THOMAS E., EE, Houston FOCKELMANN, WILLIAM F., EE, Galveston FONTAINE, THOMAS M., Man E, Center FORREST, RAYMOND D., Aero, Irving FOSHEE, RONALD E., Ag, Eng, Munday FRANCIS, NORMAN R., Bus, Bryan ,. S 5 5112.1 'hu' "Wifi" ,:,f2'QZ3f - 5 ' X FRASIER, LEE C., JR., Bus, Kingsville FRAZIER, FRANK D., Aero, San Antonio FREDERICK, AUTREY W., Bus, Port Arthur FREEMAN, RAYMOND C., ME, Port Arthur FREUDENTHAL, MERTON L., CE, Woodsboro FRIERSON, ERVIN E., AH, Haskell FRIZZELL, ROBERT H., JR., CE, Houston FUESS, RAYMOND L., EE, Dallas FULLER, CHARLES H., Pre Med, Longview GARDNER, WELDON D., Flor, Waco GARRETT, WILLIAM R., ME, San Antonio GAUGLER, FREDERICK J., Ag Eco, Houston GAULT, JAMES E., Ag Ed, Aqua Dulee GELBER, MORRIS J., CE, Bryan GEORGE, CARL W., JR., ArcI1, San Angelo GIBBS, BERT H., AH, Justin GIBBS, HERBERT L., Bus, Dallas GIESECKE, RAYMOND C., Ag Eng., Matador GILES, ROBERT L., JR., ME, Houston GITTINGER, LEO G., Bus, San Antonio GOLDSTON, ROY P., Vet Med, Hereford GOLLA, JOHN A., Ch E, Corpus Christi ' GOLLOB, HERMAN C., Engl, Houston GONZALES, R. C., ME, Brownsville GONZALEZ, EFRAIM A., Pre Med, Hidalgo GOODLOW, A. A., AH, Abilene GOODWIN, RICHARD L., Hort, Mission GORMAN, RALPH E., Arch, Port Arthur GOSSETT, JOHN E., Bus, Houston GRAHAM, RICHARD C., JR., Ento, Brownsville GRAVES, JOHN E., W Man, Garrison GRAY, JIMMY D., ME, Houston GREEN, TOMMY F., Range Man, Eldorado GRIFFIN, BOBBIE J., Ag Ed, Ovalo GRIFFIN, DOYLE R., Arch, Longview V. Lx K, x-kkk. i 51 -. . .jig W Ui f LL'LL . Q W GRIFFIN, R. J., Ag Eng, George West GROGAN, RALPH W., Vet Med, Deporf GRUBBS, DONALD S., Eng., Glendale, Calif. GULLETTE, TED W., B 81 A, Houston HAGAN, CARL H., Bus, Houston HAINES, DAVID J., Bus, College Station HALEY, WILLIAM H., AH Wichita Falls HALLMARK, KENZY D., Ento, Lufkin HAMPTON, RICHARD E., Acc, San Antonio HARALSON, JAMES R., Ag Eco, San Angelo HARALSON, THOMAS D., CE, Trinity HARDIN, ALFRED R., Ag Eco, Amarillo HARRELL, DONALD B., CE, Dallas HARRISON, JAMES B., Ag Eng, Wharton HARVEY, A. FRANK, JR., ME, Houston HEARNE, DOUGLAS D., Pre Law, Blanco HELVEY, FRANK L., Ill, Bus, Houston HENKHAUS, WELDON C., Geo, Woodsboro HERBIG, HAROLD D., Geo, El Campo HICKS, JAMES L., Geo, Houston HILL, LOIS E., Bus, Bryan HINK, SHERMAN H., CE, Houston HINTON, JOSEPH D., Arch Abilene HOLCOMB, BILLY F., Bus, Pasadena HOLLAND, BILL J., Arch, Houston HOLLOWAY, JACK H., Bus, Itasca HOOPER, WALLACE, JR., Ch E, Fort Worth HOSKINS, BILLY O., Acc, Irving HOUSE, JIM T., Ag Ed, Goldfhwaithe HOUX, JAMES F., Ag Ed, Gordon HOWISON, GRAHAM H., Ag Ed, Bogota HUBER, EMIL L., Arch, Galveston HUGHES, DAN A., Geo, Dallas HUGHES, DUDLEY J., Geo, Dallas HUGHSON, JOHN P., JR., Bus, Banquete S Q .,L A ,.Q, ,,,. N.. ," ,,:2.: ,,.... . '-,, HUGHSON, ROBERT W., Bus Agua Dulce HUNKLER, WILLIAM K., JR., Arch, Houston INGLEHART, CECIL M., Pet E, Brownsville IRELAND, JOHN F., Geol, San Antonio JACCARD, MERMOD C., JR., Arch, Houston JACK, ROBERT W., EE Dallas JACKSON JOE D., EE, Coolidge JEKEL, EUGENE E., Ag Ed, Cameron JENNINGS, JOHN E., Pet E, Houston JOHNSON, HOMER H., Geophysics, lreclell JOHNSON, JOE L., ME, Rockport JOHNSON, ROBERT B., Chem, Kenedy JOHNSON, THOMAS M., JR., CE, Houston JONES, CLARENCE E., Vet Med, Texas City JONES, JACK W., EE, San Antonio JONES, WESCOMB R., ChE, Humble JOSEPH, DON R., Bus, Harlingen JOYCE, JERRY J., Bus, Sealy KADEL, JAMES D., ME, Houston KAHN, DONALD N., IEd, Houston KAUFMAN, WILLIAM T., CE, Greenville KEELAN, DARE K., P 81 GE, Beaumont ' KELLER, GORDON D., Bus, Houston KELLS, EDWARD L., EE, Pasadena KELLY, JAMES B., Bus, Sinton KELLY, RICHARD B., Pre Law, Ranger KENDALL, DON F., Ag Eng, Abilene KERNES, FLOYD E., Ag Ed, Emory KILLINGSTAD, HANS R., ME, Brownsville KILPATRICK, JAMES M., Pei E., Dallas KING, JERRY L., Pet E, Seymour KING, ROBERT L., ME, Sherman KITCHELL, CHARLES M., CE, Anson KNOTTS, WILLIAM H., JR., CE, Huntsville KNOX, JOHN R., Geol E, San Antonio ' v 'I I- pm- 1 mir f . Yi ,P vi ,gy 3 .s " W Li ' c ilwwi ' . " . I as Hin, Cd"'ffYf1I'f7f.n1N4?mX'5f: "' fwf' 4' - ' KUNZE, RAYMOND J., Agr, La Grunge LANCASTER, JOHN S., Geol, College Station LANE, BILL J., Acct, Robstown LEAHY, DAVID D., Pet 8- Geo E, Austin LEE, WILLIAM L., JR., Pre-Med, San Antonio LEVIN, MARVIN L., Pre-Law, Dallas LEWIS, JAMES C., AH, Rule LIPPMANN, WILBUR, Chem, Galveston LOCKHART, LEROY D., Pre-Med, Columbus LONG, RAY W., Bus, Greenville LONG, ROBERT E., CE, Bonham LONG, WILLIAM G., Man E, Childress MANER, JOHN T., AH, Fredericksburg MANJEOT, LLOYD E., Bus, Hereford MARTIN, ALFRED D., JR., ME, Dallas MARTIN, VERNON F., AH, Sweetwater MARTINEZ, FERNANDO, CE, Blewett MATHIS, JAMES W., Pet E, Henderson MASSENGALE, LeVON, JR., ME, Dallas MATTHEWS, ROBERT S., Ch E, Sand Springs, Okla. MATUSEK, MARION A., CE, Yoakum MAXFIELD, ROBERT P., M-E, Dallas MAXWELL, FRED L., Man E, Tyler MAYBEN, G. W., Ch E, Corsicana MAYFIELD, JOHN D., BBA, Waco MEEK, EMORY L., ME, Jacksonville MELCHER, JAMES W., Aero, Dallas MERGELE, JACK E., Pet 81 Geal E, San Antonio MEYERS, KARL F., PH, Canyon MILLER, ERNEST L., JR., Bus, Baytown MILLER, JAMES S., Ag Eco, Celina MILLER, H. WALLACE, Pet E, Houston MILLS, HERBERT G., Geo Eng, San Antonio MOCK, RALPH, Pre-Law, Spring MOLINARY, SAMUEL, CE, Sanfurce, Puerto Rico NX, ffggfs , 5 Af . MODLIN, JAMES H., Aero, Carmel, Calif. MOORE, CARL O., AH, Mercedes MOORE, JAMES J., Bus, Kerrville MOORE, NORMAN H., Pet E, Beaumont MORALES, RICHARD V., Arcl1, San Antonio MORGAN, J. E., AH, La Grange MORRIS, RICHARD R., Bus., De Leon MORRISON, EUGENE B., Man E, Houston MOSS, WILLIAM R., Hisf, Bryan MUELLER, FREDERICK D., Geol E, Kenedy MUNSON, WILLIAM H., P81ME, Pinelancl MYERS, LEWIS, JR., Bus, Housion MCALLISTER, E. B., Arch, San Anfonio MCASHAN, THOMAS W., Aero, Houston McBEE, GEORGE G., Agron, Eastland MCBETH, LLOYD T., ChE, Sweefwafer MCCARTHY, SIEBELT M., JR., IEcl Weatherford MCCARTY, JAMES F., AH, MulesI10e MCCAUSEY, DAVID L., EE, Housfon MCCOOL, HARRY J., Geol, Denison MCCOUBREY, J. A., JR., Pef E, Houslon McCOY, JOHN M., W Man, Stephenville . MCDANIEL, ROBERT W., CE, Bellaire MCFALL, JOHN R., Bus, Abilene McIVER, JES D., CE, Honey Grove MCKENZIE, WINSTON A., Botany, Houston McNElLL, CHARLES A., Chem, Housion NALER ROBERT B., PE, Moody i NAPP, DONALD E., Geol E, Pasadena NASH, DOYLE J., Man E, Abilene NEAL, CARL T., Acct, Elysian Fields NEELEY, CHARLES H., Agr, Paris NICHOLSON, ALBERT E., EE, Brownfield NORRIS, JOE W., IEd, Falfurrias NORTON, DON A., AH, Dallas ks-L-5-I .. - .V .Q Q A .. LJ.. . A5 fig ff NowuN, IVAN E., ME, Fort worm NUTT, WAYMOND c., Ag Ed, as-rffum OGLESBY, JOHN M., Ag Ed, Goldfhwunhe oLsEN, MARTIN B., AH, Driftwood OLSON, JOHN M., Arch, Corpus Christi OSBORNE, EMMETT L., Chem, Pompa PACE, JOE E., EE, Fon worm PAPE, LLOYD M., AH, Wimberly PARSE, MELVIN W., CE, Tulsa, Okla. PATTERSON, MILTON R., Arch, Hillsboro PATTON, JAMES O., CE, PI-narr PAYNE, ROBERT F., EE, Dallas PEALOR, CHARLES L., Bus, Terral, Oklo. PEARSON, WILLIAM L., Me, Houston PEEBLES, CHARLES T., Geol, Boling PENN, CARLY W., Acct, Houston PERLMUTTER, GEORGE G., Dairy P, El Paso PEVELER, LEO R., Ronge Man, Carlsbad, N. M. PHILLIPS, HENRY G., Bus, Irving PIERCE, HAROLD G., CE, Pittsburg PORTER, JAMES W., CE, Dallas PRATT, GILBERT, CE, Son Antonio PRICE, WILLIAM S., JR., Bus, Kerens RACHOFSKY, MORTON, Bus, Dallas RALEY, JACKSON L., Bus, Dallas RAMEY, ROBERT P., Agr, Hereford RAMSEY, KENNETH E., JR., BBIA, Tulia READY, JOHN F., Ag Eng, Melissa REDDELL, GILLAM P., JR., Bus, Texas City REED, ROY E., Ag Eco, Brownsville REYES, CARLOS V., Acct, Beeville RICHARDSON, GEORGE E., BSIA, Hull RICHARDSON, JAMES M., Pet E, Alto RICHEY, WILLIAM E., Geol E, Son Antonio RICKETTS, GEORGE Y., Ag Ed, Brownwood -:QQ 5 S ' 'U ii , .fmgxg E A ' . an A -- RILEY, AARON B., JR., Aero 8L Mon E, San Benito RISINGER, DAVID A., Ag Ed, Bonquete RHEMAN, JOHN F., AH, Brookshire ROBERTS, EDWARD E., EE, Mobile, Ala. ROBERTSON, WALTER C., ME, San Antonio RODRIQUEZ, EDWARD C., JR., Man E, Harlingen ROGERS, DONALD L., EE, Dallas ROGERS, REID H., cnE, Leona ROLLlNs, ALBERT w., CE, Dallas ROYDER, THOMAS H., ChE, Austin RUBLE, CHARLES R., Bus, McCamey RUCKS, JAMES H., ChE, Pasadena RUSSELL, JIM B., Ill, Pet-M E, Kilgore RUTHERFORD, JOE E., Arch, Greenville RYAN, DAVID, Acct, San Antonio RYLANDER, JAMES M., CE, Port Lavclca SAUNDERS, CHARLES L., EE, Texas City SCHAAKE, KENNETH W., Bus, Chilton SCHAWE, ROBERT H., Pre-Dent, Houston SCHLATHER, CLARENCE A., IE, San Marcos SCHMITZ, ARNOLD F., Ed, Houston SCHRANK, MARTIN M., Ag Ed, Hamilton SCHRICHART, MILLARD G., AH, San Antonio SCHULZ, CLYDE E., CE, Schulenburg SCROGGINS, EUGENE B., EE, Pasadena SECHELSKI, DAVID F., Mod Lang, Anderson SEIPP, WILBERT E., AH, Fredericksburg SEIFER, ALBERT W., JR., AH, New Braunfels SELLARS, GENE C., Aero, Breckenridge SELPH, CLAYTON L., Jour, Houston SHANNON, HARRY L., ME, Dallas SHEFFIELD, DONALD H., EE, Franklin SHEFFIELD, FRANK L., ME, Baytown SHERMAN, EARL D., Arch, Highlands SHERRILL, FRANK P., Bus, Waxahachie M1 ryvk . SHORT, BOB J., Man E, Coldspring SIMPSON, ROBERT P., ChE, Merkel SMITH, CLIFFORD M., PSLME, El Poso SMITH, GORDON H., ME, De Leon SMITH, WILEY J., ChE, Forclyce, Ark. SNEAD, EDWIN, ME, Austin SOLETHER, JACK L., Hort, Weslaco SOMMERS, FRED, Bus, Houston SORELLE, CARROLL V., ChE, Canyon STAINBACK, FLOYD L., Geol E, Port Arthur STANDARD, JOHN C., PSQME, Houston STANSBURY, A. J., Arch, Port Arthur STEEN, JIM B., AH, Goldthwaite STEVENS, WESLEY M., Moth, Bryan STEWART, RICHARD W., Vet Mecl, Denison STIEFEL, CHARLES R., Focd T, Oklahoma City, Okla STODGHILL, R. D., EE, Mart STOGDILL, WALTER A., Acct, Waco STOKES, MALCOLM J., Cl'lE, Kilgore STRAVOLEMOS, JIMMIE, ME, Shreveport, La. STRIBLING, JAMES P., Bus, Shamrock STROMBERG, WILLIAM P., Agron, Lockhart STROUD, FRANK B., RSF, Dallas STUCKER, GEORGE R., ChE, Dalhort STUNTZ, JOHN E., Bus, Edinburg STURDIVANT, ROBERT L., Land D, Dallas TANNER, JACK A., Bus, Dollas TATSCH, CLARENCE C., Agron, Mercury TAYLOR, CARROLL C., CE, Dallas TAYLOR, CARTER G., ChE, Irving TAYLOR, J. D., Poultry, Muleshoe TERRELL, BERWIN J., Agron, Plainview TERRELL, ROBERT T., Vet Med, Pepton TERRY, HOMER T., Pet E, Conroe THOMAS, MARION F., CE, Weatherford . -5 S. TN-1 :ww.S.sxf..- R S ,S Tfr A -. . N WNNSSSSNESQXQ-ati TSR SANS-'N.?5Ris-S R- Mx I 0 ifv we-Ts.ix1,R.Q wr 2-Sf :greg sis Nrxkk SSQMAX RNS.-X., 3 R S X. ...XX X... . . . R. A sw SS M 'iff S RFS Sxsxaew N THOMPSON, BILL T., ChE, Saginaw THOMPSON, HARVEY D., CE, Shreveport, La. THOMPSON, STANLEY, CE, Abilene THORN, DONALD C., EE, Scln Antonio THURMOND, MILAM F., Arch, Austin TILLERY, JOE B., Vet Med, Cisco TIMMERMAN, ALBERT, JR., Ag Ed, Rockdale TINER, W. DON, Bus, San Antonio TREES, EMORY J., JR., B8rA, Uvalde TUCKER, JESSE F., Bus, Bryon TUMLINSON, RICHARD R., Aero E, Cameron TURLEY, RICHARD E., Pet 8- M E, EI Paso TURLEY, SAMUEL J., Bus, Houston UNRUE, CHARLES D., ME, Abilene VAN COURT, RICHARD H., Ag Eco, San Angelo VICKERY. FRANCIS A., 1 Ed, Danbury VILLEREAL, JOSIAS O., Arch, Denison vlTTRuP, JOHN B., ME, Houston WACKER, ROBERT B., Pe: E, Trinity WADE, ELMO D., CE, Le vine WAGGONER, JERRY C., Mun E, Weslaco WAKEFIELD, JOHN E., AH, Italy WALTON, PAUL N., Bus, Dallas WARMKER, JAMES A., ME, San Benito WATSON, WILLIAM E., JR., Agr, Luling WEBER, ROBERT E., PE, Galveston WENDT, CHARLES, Agr, Plainview WHITE, ARLTON H., ME, Port Arthur VVHITE, SIMON S., I Ed, Eagle Lake WHITE, WILLIAM F., Man E, Wichita Falls WHITMORE, JOHN E., Jour, Houston WICKES, HENRY G., JR., ME, San Antonio WILHELM, JAMES W., ME, Houston WILLHELM, JOSEPH A., Galveston WILLIAMS, EDWARD L., JR., I Ed, - College Station -- ' ,NX 'E ' wtf 5, 9 , . ' WILLIAMS, JERRY L., CE, Ysleta WILLIAMSON, AMIS L., JR., Ento, Brownsville WILLIAMSON, ROBERT R., AH, Fort Worth WILLIS, JOHN M., ME, Arlington WILSON, ALLEN M., CE, Waco WILSON, CURTIS L., JR., Vet Med, Comanche VVIMBERLY, ROBERT E., Bus, Galveston WINTER, HOWARD R., Bus, Port Arthur WITMER, WILLIAM B., Chem, Clarksville WOLCIK, FLOYD F., Pet E, Baytown WOOD, ERNEST E., Ill, Man E, Houston WRIGHT, LOYD R., AH, Throckmorton WYTHE, LANDON D., AH, Granbury YOUNG, JENNINGS D., Farm Man, Harlingen ZERWEKH, RALPH E., Chem, Galveston ZIMMERMAN, BRYAN E., Chem, Cleburne ZOUZALIK, VICTOR E., Ag Ed, Flatonla MAXFIELD, ROBERT P., ME, Dallas MORRIS, DONALD S., Bus, Bay City NOLL, ARTHUR W.. AH, Boerne STIGALL, DON V., Bus, Wharton SR wx X .R ef , I N. -x E, mlSe Js. 1.1, wxwm,Xkwm.' . AARON, DOYLE L., Man E, Houston ADAMS, JAMES E., EE, Smithville ADAMS, WAYNE D., Pet E, LaPorIe AITKEN, THOMAS C., Pet, Dallas AMSLER, HENRY W., Chem, Brownsville ANDERSON, ELVIN L., EE, Stephenville ANDERSON, GEORGE N., JR., ME, Talco ARNOT, ROY A., R8iF, Breckenridge BARCLAY, GEORGE W., Chem E, Beaumonf BARBER, LISTON M., Ag Ed, MarIin's Mill BARBER, GENE R., CE, Pclmpa BAS, HECTOR F, Arch, San Antonio BATES, BILLY B., Horf, Edinburg BAXTER, KEN N., Ag Ed, Mason BEAIRD, HAROLD c., Geol, Tyler BECK, PATRICK K., Ag Eco, Vernon BLACK, GLEN E., Ag Ed, Briggs BOSWELL, BOBBY J., CE, Gorman BRADLEY, JOHN K., AH, Rice BRADLEY, WILLIAM R., ME, Muskogee, Okla. BREEN, JERRY P., JR., IE, San Anlonio BROCK, ERNEST H., Arch, Rapid City, s.-D. BROWN, LLOYD P., EE, Gate-sville BROWN, ROBERT C., Ag Eng, Desdemona BURTON, MELVEN B., JR., Chem, Little Rock, Ark CAIRNES, JAMES W., Ag Ed, Kerrville CALAWAY, LLOYD R., ME, Aransas Pass CARROLL, FLOYD J., CE, Ravenna CHANEY, DON R., Arch, Dallas CHEEK, LEWIS F., ME, Abilene CLARK, JAMES W., Pei E, Conroe CLAY, WILBUR R., Ag Eng, Greenville CLEVENGER, ARTHUR F., EE, Denison CLINKSCALES, EARLE S., Aero, Dallas COLLINS, THOMAS H., Agron, Amarillo we - was A- fx 9 ' Z '-vw, g 111. '- im...-.sgg , 5 ' I 1 .1 4: ' 11. " 'ssf-A R23 ,.. . COMPTON, CLAUDE K., Ag Ed, Dublin CONWAY, JOE E., JR., AH, Fort Worth COSTON, WILLIAM E., CE, Beaumont COURTNEY, MOODY E., Ag Eng, Hamilton COWAN, WILLIAM C., ME, Wichita Falls CREWS, .JACK K., Ag Eco, Karnes City DAILEY, TRUMAN J., IE, Port Arthur DAVIDSON, PAUL A., ME, Temple DAVIS, BENNY L., Arch, Marlin DAVIS, CHARLES E., Ag Ed, Stephenville DEHM, JACK R., BA, Waco DERRY, JOHN J., RSF, Corpus Christi DOWDEN, ROBERT E., Pet E, Livingston EDWARDS, JAMES W., Ag Ed., Aledo ELWELL, JACK J., PH, Austin EUBANKS, JAMES A., Bus, Dallas FALKE, RAYMOND H., Wildlife Man, Temple FITTE, DWAYNE L., Vet Med, Marlin FLORES, RUBEN, Math, Zapata FLUKER, BILLIE, EE, Corsicana FORDYCE, REX M., ME, Houston FRANKSON, MAYNARD C., Vet Med, Marlin FULLER, JOE R., CE, Port Arthur GALLOWAY, WILBUR D., Geol, Franklin GARZA, ROQUE O., Arch, San Antonio GATES, DOYLE E., Wildlife Man, Clifton GILMORE, EARL C., JR., Ag Ed, Odessa GLEYRE, HERBERT R., Aero E, Odessa GODWIN, IRA S., Ag Ed, Lometa GOLDSTON, BILL H., Ag Eco, Hereford GREEN, ALFRED D., EE, Gustine GRIFFITH, RICHARD D., Ag Ento, Port Arthur GUERRERO, OTON, PE, Mission GUNTER, BILLY C., Agron, O'Donnell HANDLEY, PHIL, Pet E, Nederland I ' . HANN, HAROLD K., ME, New London HARDIN, CHARLES H., Bus, Amarillo HARMONSON, JOHN R., Geol E, Justin HARRIS, JACK A., EE, Fort Worth HARRIS, WILLARD H., Bus, Amarillo HARTMANN, WILLIS, JR., LA, Harrisburg, Pa. HENDRICKS, J. BURL, Ag Ed, Eden HICKMAN, JAMES R., AH, Aspermonf HIGGINBOTHAM, CLOVIS D., Agron, McKinney HOLT, JACK H., CE, wdcd HOLT, JACK M., Pet E, Tyler HOWARD, THAD M., Vet Med, San Antonio HUBERT, PATRICK L., Vef Med, Kingsville HUMPHRIES, JAMES E., Vet Med, Annora JACKSON, JEFFERSON M., Chem E, San Antonio JONES, HARRY D., ME, Shawn JUDY, EDGAR L., Vet Med, Floydada KAMMAN, CARVOL R., Pef E,'Waco KEOUGH, MARTIN B., ME, Houston KEPRTA, BURAN I., EE, East Barnard KINSLOW, ROY H., ME, Dallas KNIGHT, RICHARD K., AH, Dclhart KOCUREK, WILLIAM J., Ag Ed, Rosenberg KRAUSE, WILLIAM K., Wildlife, Yoakum KRAUSKOPF, BEN R., Ag Eng, Fredericksburg LATHEM, HOWARD E., AH, Dalhart LE BLANC, EARL A., JR., CE, Fort wdnh LEEVES, WAYNE J., Ag Ed, Naples LESCHPER, LEE R., AH, Sealy LESLIE, FRANK R., EE, Dallas LINDIG, WERNER M., AH, Fredericksburg LITTLE, EARL R., sus Adm, Gilmer LowREY, DOYLE E., Arch, Midldnd ' MALECHEK, VERNON D., AH, Eola MANN, JOE, EE, wdcd ., A ,e,1x: ,:fxqfg,2v,-I. Q. , .- of -' f W 1 f 3 . - fx, 5 5 R - A-., .. ...Q - , ' . -Q.-.1 . ,,, 3 A f. ,. , JR ,gr-rg1.r,ft, aye., .5 , ' MARSHALL, JAS. R., IE, Temple MASCORRO, JOSE N., Arch, Laredo MASON, JACK C., JR., Chem, Austin MAST, CHARLES A., ME, Brenham MENDOZA, RICARDO V., Math, San Antonio MEYER, DELBERT A., Ag Ed, Eola MIKESKA, LEO G., Agron, Temple MINARCIK, R. M., JR., AH, Fayetteville MITCHELL, PAT, JR., AH, Swenson MOELLER, RONALD A., Agron, La Caste MOORE, WILLIAM L., Hort, McAllen MOORE, WENDELL M., Bus, SGCIQFGVES MORGAN, JOHN R., Pet E, Plano MULLIN, EARL A., JR., Bus, Port Arthur MUNROE, WILLIAM A., Arch, San Antonio MCCOY, CARROLL W., Ag Ed, Lampasas McDANIEL, ALLEN R., Pet E, Pleasanton MCDUFFIE, NORTON G., JR., ChE, Beaumont MCKENZIE, GILBERT C., IE, Houston MCKENZIE, LENNIS D., IE, Van NELSON, HOVVARD E., JR., Bus, Dallas NEW, JACK H., Pet E, Franklin NIXON, BILLY P., Pet E, Canton OLANSEN, NORMAN A., Pet E, Houston ORADAT, WAYLAND D., CE, Electra OVERTON, CHARLES B., EE, Abilene OWENS, BILL A., Acct, Crockett . PARKER, MILTON H., IE, Grapeland PENIX, JAMES Y., Ag Ed, Fort Worth PIERCE, RICHARD C., CE, Tyler PIERSON, ROBERT L., CE, Marlin PRESSWOOD, NEWELL A., EE, Grand Saline PRIDEMORE, RICHARD O., AH, Brownwood Plzll-loDA, CLARENCE H., Pei E, Fqyelfevllle PRINE, JAMES R., Vet Med, Corsicclna . . , Q, .1 of .fgvfgf if f' Wfijik V' -.ss -it ' E E PRUETT, BRUCE D., PE, Waco PRUETT, GEORGE R., Physics, Seminole RADER, LUTHER G., Pet-ME, Houston RAMSEY, FRANK A., Ve? Med, Uvolde RAULINS, GEORGE M., Pet-ME, Memphis, Tenn REDDIG, LOYD W., ME, camp Hood ROCKENBAUGH, THOMAS G., Rs.F, wills Point ROGERS, LEWIS w., Geol E, Gulfport, Miss. RUCKER, HARRY s., Ag Ed, DeLeon SALTER, LESLIE P., JR., IE, Boyiown SCHMIDT, HENRY w., ver Med, Tuff SCHMIDT, LEON F., Ag Ed, Faye1'feviIIe SCHMIDT, ROBERT H., Man E, POST SCHMITT, IVAN W., ME, Avinger SCHOLTZ, LENWOOD L., Enfo, La Grange SCHRANN, GILBERT c., Ag Eng, Homiiton SCHWARZ, GEORGE A., Farm Mun, Mercedes slLvAs, ALEoNso E., Chem E, vicmriu N SIMPSON, TOM C., Ag Ed, Iredell SHAW, JOHN W., Ag Ed, Weatherford SHAW, R. G., Arch, Gilmer SHELL, WENDELL H., EE, Corpus Christi - SHULTZ, JOE E., CE, San Antonio SMITH, LAWRENCE T., Ag Ed, Winiers SMITH, ROBERT L., JR., CE, Fort Worth SMITH, WILLIAM B., Ag Eng, Shreveport, La. SOLIS, JOSE A., ME, Orizaba, Veracruz, Mex. STEED, WARREN B., CE, Willis STEPHENSON, BILL L., CE, Sherman STOCKHOLM, CLINTON J., Chem E, Beaumont STROUP, ROBERT M., EE, Dc1IIc1s SWANSON, RICHARD L., EE, San Anionio TANAMACHI, WALTER H., Agron, San Benito TERRY, RALPH L., Sociology, Lockhorf THOMAS, JAMES E., Dairy Prod, Texarkana, Ark. "if f A":" k"Q' ' LA' 1..: -1- V.,- .: --: I -'f'-1 4 . 4 V ToALsoN, GLADFORD F., JR., Ag Ed, Charlotte TREUDE, NORMAN C., Ag Eng, Louise TUBBS, GEORGE R., Chem, Ennis TURNER, BOBBY S., Ag Ed, Hillsboro TURNER, MARK C., ME, Beaumont UNDERWOOD, BILLY J., Vet Med, Dublin VITEK, RUDOLPH, Ento, La Grange A VLOITOS, STEVE, Pet E, Fort Worth WALKER, DAN M., Bus, Palestine WALTON, BILLY G., Pet E, McLood WARDEN, DONALD D., Ag Ed, Bertram WEBSTER, WILLIE D., EE, Bailey WELCH, WILLIAM W., JR., Geol, Tyler WETZEL, ROY G., CE, Bellevue, Pa. VVHITTINGTON, CHARLES D., CE, Coleman WHITMAN, JAMES P., ME, Fort Worth WILKINS, HAROLD H., JR., Arch, Waco WIGHT, ARTHUR, Farm Man, Odessa WILLIAMS, S. BOYD, AH, Delhi, La. WILLIAMS, THOMAS F., Ag Ed, Terrell WILSON, Aucusrus B., JR., Pei E, Mem WITTEN, FARRAR Is., JR., ME, Maypeurl WOMACK, WILLIAM M., Agron, Garland YOUNG, ROM D., JR., Ag Ed, DeSota zAIzAcozA, WILLIAM, Rs, Sabana Grande ZIMMERMAN, RICHARD L., Geol E, Lu Porte SUMMER CAMP i950 Lloyd Manioet gets a taste of the Army way as he picks up John Wood assists Harvey Thompson as Charles Pealer his issue at Camp Lee, Virginia. sets her on target at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. lhe Clll'TY, sweaty, WGC1ry poddlefeet of Fort Hood take time out to have Peashooters Frank Sheffield, Howard Manyard, Bill Schumann their picture made with Colonel Boatner and President-elect Harrington. and Bill Cox on the gunnery range at Ft. Sill. President Bolton visits the Signal Corps .locks pose with Colonel Boatner and Dr. Harrington at Ft. Monmouth, N. J. in the lounge at Fort Hood. il? tix. l Richard A. lngels . Dan W. Davis ..... Vice-Presidenf Duane A. "Van" Vanclenberg . Sec.-Treas. Guy C. Jackson . . . Reporfer E. R. "Rip" Torn . . Parliamenfarian Arlen E. Reese . . . Sergeam'-af-Arms Cecil L. Leatherwood . . Social Secrefary . . ...Kg- .75 I limi, X -rf N: QP' , 1 A tt ff , fb! Q. mi-XQlf,QQq1SfLk.SSQ1fs+s1.f-12:..QES.is..irQSg,x f. SV SN X R ,. L .Y I 'Y3 sf? by A ' ABERCROMBIE, ECKHARDT F., JR. ADAIR, BILLY D. ADAMSON, DOUGLAS V. ADICKES, CECIL F., JR. ALBERT, GERARD J. ALBRIGHT, CHANNELL W. ALLEN, HOWARD J. ALLEN, VICTOR H. AMMONS, MONDEN R. ANDERSON, JAMES G. ANDERSON, KELLY B. ANDRUS, GEORGE R. ARHELGER, PRESLEY J. ARMSTRONG, JAMES H. ARNOLD, EDWIN L. ASHBURN, LAWRENCE, JR. BACICA, LEROY D. BAETGE, GEORGE D. BAILEY, CLARE E. G. BAIN, BILLY R. BAKER, KENNETH H. BANOWSKY, JACK B. BEAZLEY, WILLIAM H. BECHERT, JAMES R. BEHNE, THOMAS D. BELINSKY, LOUIS BENNETT, LEON R. BERGLUND, CARLO. BERRY, REA M. BETHEA, BILLY G. BEYER, JOHN A. BIRDWELL, JOHN R. BLACKALLER, JIM H., JR. BLEVINS, WILLIAM C. BLOCK, WILLIAM A. BLUNDELL, JOSEPH D. BOCKHOLT, ANTON J. BONTKE, JOHN W. BOWDEN, JOHN C., JR. BOYLES, WALDO R., JR. BOZEK, BILL D. BRADFORD, ROBERT I. BRAGG, HAROLD O. BRAILAS, ALEXANDER BRANDT, CHRIS H. BRANDT, JACK T. BRAUN, GEOFFREY E. BREWER, EDWIN E. I 9. '-'i f'jfI!IL'v" 1 Zkl xl' I . IIIIQTW 7 Klbx F. If BRIGGS, CHARLIE P. BRANNEN, JACK B. BROCKLES, ARGE J. BROOKS, BRO BRYAN, EARL W. BARTY R. WN, DONALD M. BROWN, ROBERT F. BRYANT, MELVIN S. BUCK, CLEA E., JR. BUIE, GLYNN D. BURCH, VORIS R. BU RDETT, JOSEPH W. BURGER, PHILIP B. BURIANEK,JULIUS J. BURK, JOHN W. BURK, THOMAS K., JR. BURKES, WILLIAM M., JR. BURKHOLDER, DEE E. BU RKHALTER, A. C. BURNEY, LANGE W. BURNS, CURTIS M. BURTON, ALAN M. CABLA, HERB. CAMPBELL, PERRY D. CANNON, SAMUEL CALLAWAY, ROBERT W J. CAPLE, JOHN W. CARLISLE, THOMAS W. CARLSON, ERIC W. CARPER, JOSEPH W., JR. CARTER, JOHN D. CARNAHAN, DAVID R. CASEY, WILLIAM A. CATO, CAROL L. CAVITT, ERNEST T. CHAPA, ROBERTO CIIIAPIN, EDVVARD J., JR. CHAPMAN, BOB CHEANEY, FRANK H., JR. CHEW, GEORGE P. CHRI STNER, JOHN H. CLAUSS, RAYMOND L. CLIFFORD, JOHN M. I CLINTON, DANIEL D., JR. CLONINGER, JAMES c. coLGIN, WILLIAM E. I I COLLINS, JOSEPH R. COLVILLE, HOWARD E. , 149 I TL '.' .vx ' I Q' A ' coLvlN, FELTON L., JR. cooK. Jor-IN L. COOK, REUBEN D. COOLIDGE, JOHN W. COOPER, ALAN H. COOPER, KENNETH M. COPELAND, DON COTTLE, HAROLD E. COUFAL, LEROY L. COVENEY, ALBERT E. COWAN, SENECA COX, LEON CRAIG, ANDREWJ. cRAJcs,Jo1-IN H.,JR. c:RAJNE,J1M c. CREJGHTON, Jos K. cRlsT,wlLuAM B. cRoLEY,JosEPH R. CROUCH, MARSHALL E. CROWNOVER, ALBERT B. CURTIS, DAVID S. CURTTRIGHT, CURTISS B. CUSICK, GEORGE M. DALEHITE, JESSE J. DALSTON, BILL DANCER, EARL W. DANESI, WILLIAM A. DASHIELL, THOMAS L. DAVIDSON, JOE V., JR. DAVIS, FRANK N. DAVIS, JERRY E. DAVIS, OWEN R. DAY, GORDON W. DEAUQUIER, BERT W. DEES, DON O. DEHM, SAMUEL E. DEVINE,JOHN W. DICKENS, WILLIAM H. DIXON,JOHN B. DOBBINS, EDWARD B. DOBBINS, ROBERT N. DOMINGUEZ, LUIS F DONLIN, CHESTER P, DOWNING, DOUGLAS H. DUDLEY, LEONARD F. DUGAN, JERRY S. DUNN, C. R. DYER, MALCOLM G. I Q.m,1i . .. m.Ah I T J as Qi? 'wg 1, fi --'L -7 I I 4-0' f' iw-9 'ff EDWARDS, GRANVILLE D. ELLISOR, GROVER C., JR. ELMENDORF, ERNEST A. EMSHOFF, ROLAND W. ESTEP, F. L., JR. EYSTER, CHARLES R. FATHEREE, EUGENE H, FEREDAY, BOYDIE E., JR. FIGUEROA, FRED, JR. FISHER, LOUIE D. FITTS, HERSCHEL R. FITZGERALD, RICHARD A. FLEMMING, DANIEL B. FOERSTER, MARK FOSBERG, WALTER E. FREDERICKSON, KNUDE C. FRENCH, ROBERT L. FUENTES, C. R. FULLERTON, JACK M., JR. FURNACE, ALBERT L. GALLIMORE, CHARLES R. GASKILL, RICHARD T. GAY, RALPH H. GEICK, ARTHUR A. GEIGER, MILTON P. GILL, OLIVER C. GILLESPIE, CHARLES L. GIST, GARTH S. GOLDSTEIN, IRVIN P. GORROD, HERBERT M. GOTTLOB, JOHN R., JR. GRATZ, DAVID M. GREEN, RICHARD J. GRELEN, HAROLD E. GRESSETT, JACK D. GRIFFIN, ARCHIE Z. GRIFFIN, FLOYD F. GRIMES, ROBERT D. GRUPE, GEORGE J. GUY, CLOVIS R. HACKNEY, CLINTON R. HALE, HERBERT C., JR. HALL, JOHN L. HALTOM, DAVID L. HANSEN, CARL M. HARBORTH, NORMAN B. HARDWICK, JOHN D. HARDWICKE, LAWRENCE G ,--ig. . I -gg..,..kafEi1g'i5g'::,3 I 1-5 1-1 -I X S Q -.A .7 -. N -- -Q-LNQXQ -.Q-KMQ -A-X Q- .X-N -A. . -I .Law sl -' Q- wg, . ' X... + if-X N--Q.-A, R.. 3 x'sNG.sg. .,+',f'-'-s.g:Y ----wx gww- f X ""- ' A' -f K1 S" Y 1' H O :wx .sv GK HARRIS, ROBERT L. HARRISON, CHARLES M. HARZ, DONALD K. HATCHER, HAYDON E. HAVERLAH, WILLIAM C. HAYES, ARNOLD A. HEACOCK, JACK D. HEGI, DON P. HELMS, EUGENE W. HENDEE, PERCY J., JR. HENDERSHOT, SIMON W., JR. HENDERSON, BILL W. HENDERSON, BOBBY L. HENKHAUS, ROBERT H. HINTON, ROBERT D. HILL, EDWARD H. HILLIARD, DELMAR S. HILLIS, SAMMY J. HIRSCH, TEDDY J. HOLLAND, ERIC O., JR. HOLLOWAY, KENNETH L. HOLLOWELL, WILLIAM G. HOLMES, LOWELL A. HONEYCUTT, BAXTER D. HOOKER, JAMES D. HOSKINS, EDWIN M. HOUY, EDWARD W. HOWARD, DAVID L. HOWARD, LEE R. HUDLER, TONY D. HUDNALL, JOHN W. HUEY, GEORGE P HUGHES, JAMES H. HULSE,JAMES E. IMHOLZ, ROBERT E. INGELS, RICHARD A. JACKSON, BOBBY R. JENNINGS,THOMAS K. JENSWOLD, ROGER H. JOBE, LEWIS E. JOHNSON, ERIC E. JOHNSON, FRANK M. JOHNSON, O. E. JOHNSTON, ROY C. JONES, CARROLL C. JONES, EDWIN L., JR. JONES,JOHN H. JONES, R. G. MI ff NN Q' 'lf 9 I 7 .1 L .... -P ,N ,wsu Q, " - -I.-I W xi I ff .,. ml.. .13 X L., ff ,X JONES, RUSSELL G. JOSEY, HENRY C. KEESE, CARROLL W. KEITH, SID W. KEMPER, DWIGHT L. KING, DWIGHT E. KIDD, JAMES H., JR. KING, GUY D., JR. KING, JOHN L., III KIRK, ROBERT D. KL KUTZER, ALBERT P., I INKSIEK, BELTON A. KNIPPA, FRANKLIN A. KYLE, WILLIAM A., JR. LAING, GEORGE W. LANCE, DONALD M. LASSEN, PAUL LEHMANN, JAMES LEHMAN, HARRY LEATHERWOOD, CECIL L. LEMMONS, JOHNNY F. LEONARD, JOHN E. LEON-ORTEGA, AUGUSTO M. LIGHT, DON w. LEVINGSTON, SAM W., III LINCECUM, ROBERT E. LINDNER, FRANCIS A. LINNSTAEDTER, VERNON E. LITTLE, CARROLL G. LIVESAY, STANLEY R. LOCKRIDGE, WILLIAM W. LOVINGFOSS, WARREN J. MA BRAY, TOM G. MACHALA, CHARLES F. MAGNESS, REAVES T. MANGUM, HUGH J. MANITZA5, FRANK N. MARGOITTA, ANTHONY C. MARTIN, CARL E. MARTIN, DALE D. MARTIN, JOHN R. MASSEY, CHARLES G. MARTIN, VERNON Z. MASSEY, JAMES V., J R. MATUSH, JAMES E. MAXWELL, ERNEST P. MAY, JOHN E. MEAC HAM, BILLY V. vu-. W 4 153 A f 112 -", -A :fbi MERBETH, GUS C. MIDDLETON, JAMES H., JR. MILLER, CAROL H. MILLER, EDGAR D. MILLER, JIMMY B. MILLER, JOSEPH G. MITCHELL, J. B. MOHLE, PAUL H. MONTGOMERY, WARREN E. MOON, BILL P. MOON, WILLIAM T. MOORE, WILLIAM D. MORRIS, DERYL E. MORRIS, FRANK R. MOSTELLER, STANLEY A. MOTHERAL, PAUL H. MUNSON, THURMOND A., JR. MYERS, CHARLEY E. McARTHUR, ROBERT C. MCCOY, DONALD R. McDANIEL, FRED B. McNAIR, WINFRED L. MCREYNOLDS, DAVID T. MCSPADDEN, WILLIAM A. NEAL, H. D, NEINAST, GARY S. NELSON, DAVID A. NEWMAN, JAMES S. NEWSTROM, HERBERT M. NEWTON, GEORGE F. NEUVAR, ERWIN W. NICHOLS, ALFRED B. NICHOLSON, WILLIAM S., JR. NOACK, E. L. ORTH, CHRISTIE PACHECO, FEDERICO PARDUE, WILLIAM M. PARR, CHARLES F. PAYNE, BILLY B. PEET, CURTIS L., JR. PENNINGTON, JERRY B. PEURIFOY, ROBERT L. PHILLIPS, BILLY B. PHILPOTT, ROBERT J. PICKENS,JOHN P. PIERCE, WARREN M. PITTARD,LYNN R. PLEDGER, ROY C. 2 wg ,Zgy 'Ah V M2 ' J 4 F' ,. er POPE, JOHN A. PORCHER, GEORGE S. POWELL, WILLIAM R. POWERS, LESLIE L. PRICE, JOE L., JR. PRICE, ROBERT E. PROCHASKA, FRANKIE C. PYLE, JOE N. RAU, ROBERT J. REAVES, DON R. REED, JAMES H. REICHERT, WILLIAM F. REININGER, DONALD L. RESTIVO, ANDREWJ. RICHARDSON, JOHN K. RICHERS, EMIL E. RIFF, MELVIN D. RILEY, VANCE B. ROBERTS, JAMES B., JR. ROBERTS, WADE ROBERTSON, EARLY G. ROBINSON, JED N. ROBINSON, JUAN D. ROBINSON, LOUIE E. ROBINSON, RICHARD L. ROLLINS, JAMES H. ROWE, JOHN G. ROWE, RALPH W. ROYALTY, JAMES G. ROZELLE, F. M. RUSSEK, VICTOR B. RUSSELL, T. H., JR. SANDERS, HAROLD A., JR. SANDOVAL, EMILIO J. SANDUSKY, JUDGE E. SARGENT, WILLIAM M. SAVAGE, THOMAS J. SAWYER, THOMAS E. SCAMARDI, JACK J. SCHMIDT, JOHN A. SCHOETLIN, CHARLES E. 4 -V SEARS, WILLIAM E. SELMAN, JAMES D., JR. SEMLINGER, RICHARD F. SEWELL, BYRON S. SHAFFER, PAUL L. SHIELDS, IRVIN R. SIEBARTH, DONALD R. a QI gl S gm F S R .,... .,., SLATER, GENE C. SMALLING, CHARLES E. SMALLWOOD, GRADY L. SMATHERS, MARION G. SMITH, CHARLES R. SMITH, REYNOLDS E. SNOW, H. L. SNYDER, FORREST w., JR. soL, GUILLERMO A. soL, MARIO A. SOUTHER, ROBERT P. SPEARS, ROY w. SPREEN, FRANCIS F. STALLINGS, ARCHIE STEEDE, JOSEPH W., JR. STEIN, J. D. STEPHENS, CARL D. STEVENSON, JAMES R. STORRIE, JAMES J. STORRIE, JOHN H. STOVER, GEORGE W. STRAIN, JAMES H. STRATEMANN, MALCOLM E. STRIEKERT, ROY R., JR, STRODE, H. B. STROEBEL, FRED L. SWEARINGEN, WILLIS O., JR. TAPLEY, JOHN T. TARVER, WENDELL L. TATE, ROBERT C., JR. TAYLOR, JAMES L. TAYLOR, OLIVER B. TERRY, JAMES A. TEUTSCH, JAMES R. THOMAS, JOHN C. THOMAS, WILLIAM B. THOMPSON, WILLIAM H. THORPE, ALFRED J. THORNTON, WOODSON S. THRASHER, JULIAN W., JR. TIEDT, L. O. TILLOTSON, JAMES H. TRIMMIER, BILLY R. TSCHIRHORT, DON L. TUDKER, ARTHUR S. TYLER, ORAN B., JR. UHER, VINCENT W. VAN CLEAVE, HORACE W. . 5, QK L X.x: Q. 1,, .f VINCENT, JACK R. WALSH, ROBERT B. WALKER, WAL WALSTON, DALE E. E. L., JR. KER, JOHN Q. WALLACE, ALBERT F. WALLACE, JOHN H., JR. WALTON, FRED H., JR. WARDEN, DON P. WED WHITE, MAX W. DINGTON, GEORGE L., JR. WENDLAND, ALEX G. WESTCOTT, RICHARD D. WHITE, SAMUEL M., JR. WICKER, HOMER F. WIG GINS, KENNETH M. WILKINSON, BILL A. WILLIAMS, CHARLIE T. WILLIAMS, KENNETH E. WILLIFORD, DONALD F. WILLIFORD, RAYMOND C. WIN N, ALVIN A. WOLF, DAVID B. WOODHULL, JOHN F. YEAGER, REMBERT A., JR. YOUNG, GEORGE D. ZEMANEK, JAMES E. ADKINS, WILLIAM G. ANDERSON, ALAN ASARO, JERRY BLACKBU ALLISON, J. D. AMSLER, LOUIE P., JR. H. RN, REU BEN W. BRYAN, NOEL A. CAYOT, JACK E. CAMPBELL, NOBLE J. CARONIA, JULIAN CLARK, WILLIAM T. CLIFFE, RICHARD T., JR. CLINE, ROBERT W. COLE, HENRY A. COLLINS, CHARLES R. COX, WEBB H. CRISWELL, THOMAS M. CROW, MARION D. DAVENPORT, W. B., JR. DAVIS, JAMES M. DONALDSON, EDWIN D. Nm W B3 SQ X NNN N S S X 'A . . .Sli N .QB ,..- . ETIE, GARLAND J. FROST, BILLY M. GARCIA, RAMON, JR. GEE, JOHN D. GEIGER, JOHN M. GOLDBERG, ARTHUR P. HARRIS, JOHN T. HARRIS, THOMAS A. HICKS, CHESTER L. HOLCOMB, HAROLD B. HOLCOMB, JOE W. HOLLOWAY, PAUL A. HORTON, J. C. JOHNSON, JACK D. JOHNSON, QUINTON A. JONES, BOBBY JONES, RALPH W. KOSAREK, JOHN H. KRUPALA, GEORGE E. LILJ ESTRAND, RICHARD O. LOVELL, JOEL E. MCCRARY, JACK L. MARTIN, ARNOLD R. MIDGLEY, WALTER E. NORTHINGTON, ROBERT H. NOVY, JODIE v. OvERsTREET, J. L. PETTIT, BOBBY L. PRICE, BEVERLY O. RICHARDSON, JOHNNY H. ROBBINS, ROBERT P. ROBERTS, RAY H. RUSHING, RAYMOND G. RUSSELL, CHARLES E. RUTLEDGE, BILL J. SAVAGE, KERRY D. SCHMIDT, WALLACE F. SINCLAIR, CLITIS H. SNEED, JOE W., JR. STUART, JOE D. SWARTZ, HOMER L. SYLER, MATTHEW M. TAYLOR, LESTER K. TREMONT, MARION J., JR. WAUTERS, JOHN F. WEBB, JOHN O. WILLARD, DUWAYNE B. WILLIAMS, HAROLD E. 5 - ...YQ , . .,.. William F Munnerlyn, J John M. Yaniis . . . R. G. "Corky" Anderson James K. "Kem" Markey W. C. Moses . . M. R. Dimmifi. . Tom E Bailey . Joel Austin . 'Nw mf 1 r ,I Q 1 is i N7 W rw , J' 1,4 f V il 'igllsieig l : ,, ,rf . Secrelaryr . . . Treasurer . Social Secrefary . Parliamenfarian Reporier-Hisforian Sergeanf-af-Arms DJC Repreesnfaiive 'i N. . V. 7 L z X 1 I I If . 1 i . KP", izwv. :'r:,' -. 1. . . 2 , gg , . , ,, , , , -11,4z,m.. v.41,gT5:.2, X' 1 . . 'V V -1 '-':..f-:5s:z.1:.:es:eff:-rs: :f::1v.sf-.. .Q k , ,V,-wt.f'1',gf':'y.3--53 '-, 1. gr2u233,Q,.,g-zgz.-y.3rf,-.age Q -' sq-'a,f,g. 5 , if, . , ., ,:, .- 'I 9 -.L - -- s, .... :1..1:..1.g?N.-.1,.,Q..,s,,,k.-.v,., ,ffwg-5... ,.,.w:f.4-.,.gg4..Q,W ' - ffl i '1 :fri -r . . , .. V. f-ez meg: N:fn,ssmfif.mi44.5z-mfwfds 1.113 +1,eg.i5+..w. QA Q 44:6 14- :' -iigdL?.1.-:.'-,'542'-gi-15-sw P' I if i .- I- - . W SMS. - ADAMS, EDWARD E. ALDERDICE, JAMES R. ALESSANDRA, PATRICK A. ALEXANDER, EARLE S. ALEXANDER, RICHARD V. ALLEY, DERREL A. ALLISON, HOWARD C. ALMAGUER, RUDOLPH ANDERSON, RAYMOND GAINES ANDERSON, ROY MORGAN ANDREWS, ROBERT L. ARGUINDEGUI, PETER R. ARHELGER, ROBERT EUGENE ARNOLD, THOMAS G. ARNST, TED K. ATMAR, RICHARD S. AUBUCHON, ANDRE AUSTIN, ED T. AUSTIN, JOEL E. AVILES, DIONEL BAGLEY, JIMMIE C. BAILEY, LAWRENCE D. BAKER, HOLLIS F. BAKER, J. B. BAKER, RICHARD J. BALKE, BENNIE K. BALLEW, VAN E. BANE, EDWARD R. BARBER, MILLER BARMORE, GASTON C. BARNARD, JAMES BARNETT, JACK BAUMANN, ERVIN A. BEATY, PERRY A. BEAVER, JAMES D. BEAVERS, CLARENCE BECKER, ARNO BECKER, GUS BELL, BILL J. BELL, J. B. BELL, JERRELL BELL, ROBERT BENKENDORFER, DONALD BENNETT, CHARLES C. BENSON, DOUGLAS BERGER, CHARLES BEST, BENFORD BETANCOURT, FRANCIS BICKHAMHJAMES BIRD, CLAUDE BLACK, LAURIN BLACK, SHELTON BLACKWELL, DEAN BLANCHETTE, JOE B. BLANK, CHARLES BLOOMQUIST, EDWARD BOCKHOLT, LEO BOETTCHER, ERNEST BOGGIE, RONALD BOLAND, MARVIN BOLIEU, THOMAS BOLEN, JAMES BORING, GARY BOTTOM, DAVIS BOUIDIN, WILLIAM DELL BOWDEN, EDWARD LANE BOWDOIN, ARTHUR CLEVELAND BOYD, BOBBY KEITH BOYD, JAMES S. BOYD, OLAN WARD BRACHT, RAYMOND DOUGLAS BRADFORD, WALLACE WAYNE BRADLEY, ROBERT INGRAM BRADY, THOMAS TREVEL BRAGG, WILLIAM BRAND, MAX E. BRANNON, WILLIAM LOVE BRASHEAR, WILLIAM PRESTON BRES, ALFONSO H. BRETCHES, OTIS DAVID BRIDGES, BERRY LEE BRIDGES, EDWARD DONALD BROOKS, JACK DAURE BROUGHTON, KENNETH E. BROWN, BILLY JOE BROWN, GENE E. BROWN, JAMES M. BROWN, JOHN STANLEY BROWN, RICHARD TRUE BROWN, TED R. BRYANT, J. STEPFEN BRYANT, JOE E. BUCHANAN, REX E. BUESCHER. NORMAN E. BULL, DON L. BURCH, JOHN STRONG f .2 MIT ' s. tfiyx. 1, 1. S I-, Pb sf Sf?-fyf lziqllfx-'T NSI Q-5.51: 1 53' F5 if if" '1 Q 4V 0' . Tf BURGESS, CHARLES E. BURKE, JOHN CHARLES BUTLER, L. ROBERT CADE, RICHARD N. CALDWELL, P. HERBERT CALLAHAN, WALLACE H. CAMERON, PAUL EUGENE CAMPBELL, JOHN DAVID CARGILL, CHARLES R. CARPENTER, ROBERT D. CARPENTER, WILLIAM A. CARR, GORDON W. CARROLL, DONALD F. CASBEER, JOHN C. CARSON, RAY S. CASSO, ALFONSO I. CASSO, RAUL P. CATHERS, ARCHIE A. CERVENKA, LEE ROY CHAMBERS, DAVID G. CHAMUT, JOSE Y. CHAPMAN, CARROLL B. CHAPMAN, JERRY J. CHILDRESS, ROBERT T. CLAY, WILLIAM H. CLEGHORN, LEONARD V. CLINTON, KENNETH B. COBB, CHARLES C. COBBLE, BILLY G. COCANOUGHNER, BONNIE GLENN CORONADO, FRANCISCO X. CORTNER, FORREST W. COURTIN, PAT E. COVENEY, ALVA RAY COWAN, STUART M. COX, JOHN R. CRAWFORD, DAVID WILLIAM CROCKETT, JACK DAVID CROOK, DON R. CROSS, JULIAN F. CROWLEY, WILLIAM PATRICK CTVRTLIK, JOHN HENRY CULLI, GEORGE C. CURLEE, LOREN L. CURTIS, JIMMY E. COCANOUGHER, CHARLES M. COFFMAN, JAMES D. COGBURN, JAMES W. COLGIN, PAUL C. COLLINS, ROBERT W. COLLINS, THOMAS B. COLLINS, SU LA GARDNER COMPTON, ILEY CONNOR, JAMES A. CONWAY, RICHARD W. COOK, WALTER T. COOPER, EDWIN H. DANSBY, R. E. DARILEK, OSCAR P. DAVIS, DOUGLAS H. DAVIS, NILTON E. DAVIS, RAYMOND L. DAVIS, ROGER H. DAVIS, WILLIAM E. DAWSON, ED ROBERT DAYTON, EDMOND F. DeALBA, SALVADOR DeHERRERA, CARLOS L. DEHNERT, JOHN WILLIAM DELLINGER, DONALD RAY DERAMEE, DON A. DETWEILER, GASTON C, DEVOLL, JAMES W. DILLARD, JOSEPH T. DIMMITT, MALCOLM R. DITTMAR, MARTIN J. DODGE, FRED K. DORCHESTER, JOHN N. DONALDSON, ARLEN W. DOTY, JERRY D. DOUGLASS, MALCOLM C. DRAKE, JEROME E. DRAWE, ROBERT J. DRENNAN, HARRY J. DRIVER, RICHARD DUKE, THOMAS W. DUNN, JAMES M. DUNN, WARNER A. DUNN, FREDERICK W. DUNNAM, LEIGH K. EARL, J. A. EASLEY, C. R. EAST, WILLIAM F. ECKERT, CHARLES EDWARD ECKOLS, EUGENE EARL EDENS, WILLIAM D. szzs fx fx. N- rv . I: fl. ---- .f.5.,.,-QNX -SA. ---- f EHI., JAMES W. EISENBERG, ALVIN B. ELLER, JAMES M. ELLIOTT, C. G. ELLIOTT, JAMES D. ENGEL, ERWIN C. ENGLAND, NEWTON ERZEN, JOHN ESPAT, AMIR E. EVANS, BETHEL Q. EVANS, JACK M. EVANS, P. E. FARMER, JOE S. FAUBION, JAMES L FAULKNER, RICHARD 1 FEINGOLD, LEON FISBECK, FRANCIS J. FISCHER, ERVIN H. FISCHGRABE, OTTO D. FLATT, DOUGLAS E. FLETCHER, BOBBY W. FLINN, CHARLES E. FOJTIK, FRANK H. FOLLEY, BILLY C FRANCIS, EUCLID D. FREY, JACK R. FRITTS, JACK G. FRITZ, JOSEPH F. FROCLICH, JAMES W. FUENTES, LEONEL F. FULLER, EUGENE T. GACHES, HARRY E GALLE, JOSEPH S. GALVIN, RAYMOND E. GAREY, DONALD L. GAY, LESTER L. GAY, JOHN GORDON GAYLE, DOUGLAS Z. GEORGE, RALPH W. GEORGE, ROBERT J. GIBSON, BRUCE G. GIBSON, DAN M. GIBSON, KENNETH E. GIDEON, GEORGE D. GIESECKE, ROBERT L. GILL, BOBBY G. GILL, JAMES R. GILL, RAYMOND F GILL, T.-M. GILLELAND, THOMAS F. GILLESS, ALVIN E. GILLETT, VICTOR W. GLASS, THOMAS C. GLAXNER, DANIEL J. GOUGH, JOHN GORMAN, JAMES D GOWAN, CLAUDE E. GOODE, S. D. GRAFTON, JAMES H. GRAHAM, JOHN L. GRANTOM, CHARLES A. GRAY, FOSTER L. GRAY, ROBERT L. ' GRAY, THOMAS L. GREANEY, DONALD E. GRECO, LEONARD C. GRIMES, JACK W. GRISSOM, SAM T. GROFF, WILLIAM L. GROSJEAN, BRYAN W GROTE, FRED R. GRUBER, GEORGE A GUEGONY, JAMES H. GUERRA, ALONZO GUTHRIE, SAMPSON C. GUTIERREZ. CARLOS J. HAAS, JOHN R. HADDAD, FREDDIE HAGG, MICKEY O. HAIL, NUMSEN M. HALL, JACK E. HALL, TOMMY G. HALOW, ESAU R. HALSELL, JOHN T. HALTGREN, HILMER C. HALTOM, EDWARD C. HAMIL, HENRY F. HAMILTON, BOYD I HANNA, DANIEL N. HARDCASTLE, HAROLD J. HARDIN, CLET A. HARPER, GEORGE R. HARPER. HARRISON G. HARPER, SAM H. HARPER, WILLIAM W, HARRELL, E. H. H , .w-IW K" '. " - 2.45" X" 7"f4Q',f3W2, .. ' I ARRIS, JOE B. HARRISON, THOMAS P. HARTLEY, VINSON D. HARTMAN, RALPH A. HARTWELL, JEO D. HARTWIG, RICHARD C. HARVARD, HYMAN L. HAVARD, ROBERT H. HEAD, DAVID K. HEATH, BOBBY R. HEATH, DON R. HEATHMAN, BENNIE L. HEFT, DON E. HEFT, JOHN C. HEIMER, ARCHIE H. HENDERSON, ROBERT N HENDERSON, WILLIAM H. HENDLEY, CLAYTON F. HENDRIX, PAUL L. HENRY, VERNON J. HERBERT, WILLIAM F. HERRING, CHARLES W. HETH, JAMES B. HIGGINS, AL S. HIGHSMITH, WILLIAM S. HILDEBRAND, JACOB R. HILL, BILLY G. HILL, JOHN E. HILL, L. O. HILLIN, JOEL M. HILLMAN, ROBERT F. HINMAN, PETE HINSON, EDWIN M. HINTON, BILLY J. HINZE, VICTOR L. HOFFMAN, RUDOLPH A. HOLDER, JIMMIE R. HOLLAND, ANDREW W. HOLLAND, WILLARD P. HOLLOWAY, TEDDY G. HOLMES, HOMER C. HOLMES, K. B. HORNSTEIN, CHARLES F. HORSTMAN, EDWARD HOTARD, CLIFTON M. HOWELL, DANIEL D. HOWELL, VICTOR D. HUBBELL, ROBERT H. HUDGINS, CHARLES M. HUDSON, JOE A. HUDSON, PATTON C. HUDSPETH, BENJAMIN H. HUFFMAN, ROBERT E. HUFFMAN, WILLIAM M. HUGHITT, JESSE M. HULAN, HENRY D. HU LTGREN, HILMER C. HUNTER, WILLIAM V. HUPPERTZ, JOHN F. HURTA, THOMAS L. HUTCHISON, ROBERT D. INSULL, ROBERT E. IRELAND, RALPH E. IRVINE, GEORGE C. JACKSON, GEORGE T. JACKSON, JAMES B. JACKSON, JOHN L. JACKSON, SAM M. JACOBS, LOUIS M. JAEGER, ALOIS J. JAMES, WILLIAM L. JANAK, CALVIN T. JAPP, JACK W. JARVIS, HAROLD D. JARVIS, OLIVER C. JENKINS, JERRY G. JENNINGS, SHERRILL JOHNS, ARTHUR C. JOHNSON, ANDREW J. JOHNSON, BOBBY G. JOHNSON, CARL E. JOHNSON, DON H. JOHNSON, OSCAR T. JOHNSON, RUPERT M. JOHNSON, WILLIAM B. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM E. JONAS, MORRIS L. JONES, BOBBY R. JONES, RAYMOND C. JONES, ROBERT E. JONES, ROBERT W. JORDAN, FRED H. JORDAN, JAMES I. JOSEPH, JAMES E. JOYNER, GERALD L. KASPER, RONNY E. EIT II I I9 I I II I I I If I .SI DI SI I 2 ii 4 5 ,. Ii I 3 .. 3 X ,. yi.. Q v Nt ...1. ........i gms -X MN - P' .- - S-X vf .gig f . KEBLINGER, JAMES FRANK KEELING, JAMES WILLIAM KELLER, IRVIN EDWARD, JR. KELLER, WILLIAM WAYNE KELLEY, THAD C. KELLEY, THOMAS E. KEMP, CHARLES RAY KENNEDY, DEAN S KENNEDY, JOHN ROBERT KILLIAN, ROBERT BURGHER KIMBALL, WILBUR EDWARD KLINGER, JOHN THOMAS KOONTZ, JAMES LEON KREUZ, CHARLES RALEIGH KRIEGER, JOHN W. KRUEGER, DOYLE E. KRUGER, WELDON DALE KUBALA, LOWELL MAURICE LAFLER, FLOYD EDWARD LAKE, CHARLES EMERY LQMACK, WILLIAM J. LANDRUM, BOBBY L. LANE, RICHARD N. LANG, CARL D. LANGFORD, JOE ED LANNERT, RICHARD FRANK Lc:RUE, CHARLES F. LATHEM, TOM WILLIAM LAWSON, DAVID A. LAY, BILLY GENE LAY, GILBERT RICHARD LEAL, RAMON P. LeBLANC, PATRICK H. LEDLOW, JAMES C. LEEMAN, JAMES EDWARD LENZEN, RICHARD DOLE LEON, ALLEN LOUIS LILLY, WILLIAM STEVE LINDSEY, JAMES PAUL LINNARTZ, DONALD EMRICH LITTLE, CHARLES RILEY LIVELY, JOE DERRALL LOCKART, PAUL LONG, ROBERT MARION LONGSERRE, GOODRICH W. LOVE, ORVAL RAY LOVE, WERT E. LUCE, ROLAND THOMAS LUMAN, JAMES E. LYDA, CLYDE ANDREW MAGNESS, JAMES LOUIS MAHLER, CLYDE ALAN MALLETT, AL MANLY, MAXEY KLINE MANOS, PETE NICK MANOUSOS, DONALD BATY MANSFIELD, BILLY E. 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READ, JAMES M. REDFORD, THOMAS D. REEVES, JOHN H. REEVES, JOHN M. RELYEA, JAMES R. REMSBURG, HARTWELL E., JR REUWER, HERBERT J., JR. REYES, JULIO RHODES, LYN R. RICHARDS, CHARLES A. RICHARDSON, D. P. RICHARDSON, HOWARD E ,JR RICHARDSON, JAMES E. A RICHEY, DON R. RIDDLE, JOE A. RILEY, FRANK A. RITTER, ALTON K. RIVERA, RODOLFO ROARK, BOBBY H. ROBERTS, ERNEST B. ROBERTS, HAILEY A. ROBERTS, WARREN H. ROBERTS, DARRELL R. ROBERTS, DAVID ROBERTS, LANDON K. ROBERTS, VERNON K. ROBIN, ROYCE R. ROE, NEWTON CHARLES ROGERS, ANDREW M, ROGERS, WILLIAM B. ROPER, CHARLES A. RORABECK, GEORGE H. ROSS, CECIL J. RUFFINI, HARRY R. RURGE, LOUIS H. RUSH, ROBERT L. RYBERG, JOE H. SAMFORD, JOHN A. SIMMONS. JAMES B., JR. SANDERS, WILFRED E. SAYERS, RALPH M. SCAIEF, MARTIN H. SCHADEL, HAROLD A. SCHAFFER, CLIFFORD L. SCHLATHER, WALLACE G. SCHLINKE. ORVILLE C., JP. SCHWARZ. KIRK SCOTT, CHARLES M. SCOTT, ETHAN A. SCOTT, JOHNNY D. SCOTT, RICHARD BONNER SCOTT, WILLIAM H. SEALES. BILLY T. SEIFERT, CLIFTON E. SELIGMAN, JOHN J. SENIOR, LUKE, JR. SI XTON. THOMAS C. SI-IANKLES, DOUGLAS L. SHARP. ALLEN C. SI-IEARER. GORDON K. SHEPARD, PERRY J. SHIVERS, ROLAND D. SHOLAR, WILLARD C. SHOWERS, WAYNE A. SHOWN, GUY SHULER, JOHN J. SHUMBERA. AUGUST L. SIMMONDS, JOHN H. SIMMONS, LUTCHER B. SIMMONS, WILLIAM T. SIMMS. BOBBY L. SIMON, HASKELL L. SIMS, ROBERT L. SLACK, JOSEPH L. SLONE, CHARLES R. SLOAN, RAY K. SMITH, ALLAN M. SMITH, BOISE B. SMITH. CHARLES E. SMITH, CHARLES L. 1 6 , x v xv. G s 'S ' .f - 1. " ... .:.: ..... . Msg.. ,.. -S ' f :ww u -' .I 2,55-F " .:' ' 'V' ., , ., I I 3 -I QMS., I f . VS . X -WW A w . '- 5 I, I' 1 3 K ev ,BAN Q SMITH, EDGAR W. SMITH, EUGENE B. SMITH, GORDON L. SNYDER, ALVIN H. SOLIS, JOE F. SOUTHER, JERRY D. SPARKS, GENE W. SPEER, MILTON L. SPENCER, BRYAN S. SPENCER, TOM SPRAGINS, EDWARD STADE, THOMAS H. STAFFEL, GERALD STAFFORD, GORDON L. STAGGS, C. L. STAHL, BILLY J. STALTER, WILLIAM B. STANISLAV, RUDOLPH J. STAUTS, WILLIAM M. STEARNS, RICHARD D. STEED, GENE E. 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' YAGGI, RONALD T. YOUNG, ANDERSON V., JR. YOUNG, FLOYD H., JR. YOUNG, JAMES D. YOUNG, JOHN PAUL ZAHN, DENNIS G. ZEEN, RICHARD M. ZESCH, EUGENE ZIESCHANG, EDWIN C. ZIMMERMAN. WILLIAM K. ADAY, LAWSON C. BREAR, KENNETH D. BECK, LUTHER D. BRUNS, ROY H. L. CASON, BILLIE R. CASTOR, LOUIS M. CHAPMAN, ALFRED A. CHAVARRIA, RAMIRO CLEMENS, FELIX C. COOK, BILL R. CRABTREE, WILLIE A. DIEBEL, JOHNNY C. EASLEY, THEODORE H. EDMONDSON, FRANK P. FLORES, GULLERMO A. GALINDO, CHARLES M. GARRISON, WALLACE G. GERDES, RAYMOND A. GONZALES, RALPH F. GOUGH, MACK B. HABERMAN, LAWERENCE R HARPER, JACK H. HUBERTUS, ARTHUR W. . JONES, BILLY N. KERN, BERYL C. KIMBALL, BOBBY GENE KUNZE, CLARENCE R. LEACH, WAULDRON D. MEBANE, WILLIAM B. MEEHAN, JAMES W. MURTISHAW. THOMAS R McDONALD, JAMES W. NEW, BOBBY J. PRUETT, ROBERT H. PURSWELL, RODDIN H. ROBERTS, WILLIAM P. ROBINSON, TOM M. RODRIGUES, EDWARD P. SATTERWHITE, LERON B. SKEEN, WILBUR J. SMATHERS, JAMES F STANFORD, DAN M. STERNADEL, MERLE A. THOMAS, RUSSELL C. TWEED, EARL E. WALLER, FRANK S. WEISS, FRANK L. WHEELER, JOHN W. WIELAND, DENTON R GREEN, GLENN A. ,X X G.: ig f my-. ' -L X f .. 'kk V' A-Q,-1,:f1.r 'fs3Q1g:,, :4x1j,z.- 5 132 2.2 ' fi :"Njff9'ii VSA ,nf 'f- fi f ,Q ,, 9 -.X as . .,,ln. pg gf Qifi, ' Aisx ' 7 af. 5 aifw' , A 'L ? 1 v E . V . F v is E a25xlfg,gf'jQgQg-my QL: .f1 , 1 ,Q pw w iv ,x , .QQ x, 1.-:. .ww 'JaSf5?"LAPQN1Yl4 N-:Au"6,.'?+ 'N 3 'Q Wx x 5 1g,e:a,4mgx,w.ff ' -- , A V , Q,, 1354 "W '1 - ws-QQ 1 w xawf. .. w :R 1,5-. . .gNxg,,5.u Q- M ,N , ax 5 'fv:5':g?fs7Q xx, x . Jxgwgmf., 3 1 i - f Eififkiiw ' wmv- ,RN A N -W .- -Mg, A - Seif- H. Q- 'Wx 'J , fl Mama o hwwmbw Z mi www .5 , 5 ,1 Q' 5 5 K! X byywf 'fl W, VH I,,f6 MJ Af ' Siniif, kqisga., , , , -?: ff wx: ,550 '15 g,zX::,,v 4 , ,x ff kwgt' . "wig, 1 :.z::1.u?"'!,f vwlw X Vx :ESQ fi'-ffQ, -llif:3 ir: 'K " ,xx fgsfyx Q xg, x.. 5i1QxSS4::Xf1f3VF NF Y 'll 1 '- M -- Q 4 ..Xx X cf mf Ji. f , f 5 7gQV.,,w X x X Efx .,.. V fxrwkg-xflxyx X N. wx KXQ X? X N X . 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Zfff 4, ffwwkfmri .W ww v- 4 ,,, fs V, .-,f vi: My f.f,.3qf:f HW.:-Q gay: ww:-fffwfff? l?fiff1ffQZs-M ref. 32 I Jw: M2444 E 4. ,, ,r V, X l l l l N5 wgzw. TL... Mr ,. F. . ,via 1 11.1 ,za ., ,. fee payments - and it was doubtful Registration . Registration lines, while still irritatingly slow to the uninitiated moved faster than usual in the opinions of most returning A81M students. A possible explanation was the split registration carried out so successfully for the 1949 Fall semester. Excluding the 3,303 returning students who pre-registered on August 27, the first students to report for a new school year at A81M were 1,314 freshmen who swarmed into the Annex on Sunday afternoon, September 11, for nine days of orienta tion during Freshman Week. Don Thurman of the Photo and Visual Aid Lab snaps veteran . student E. S. Ruby's picture for the newly required ID cards -the little piece of plastic covered cardboard that no well dressed Aggie will be without. Cadets had their pictures made after uniforms had been issued. Registering students had to sign everything from loyalty oaths to which caused the more comment among the perspiring Aggies. Of the entire student body which regis- tered on August 27 and September 17, 4,397 were in the Corps and 3,216 were not. The total of 7,613 included 2,843 veterans. ii lt's easy to see why Tanya Schmid of Brenham was chosen the top drum maior. M The year began in earnest. The Ags played'Villanova under Kyle Field's new lights on September T7. Over 30,000 people, the largest opening game crowd in A8QM's history, turned out to see the game and watch high school bands from all over the state strut their stuff. Glenn McCarthy presents Tanya T98 I with a trophy while movie star I John Carroll looks on. The first yell practice of the year starts things off right. Glenn, Red, and Don lead the troops before the Villanova game. 3 Keith Allsup presides over the first Student Senate meeting., ' 4 x ' Politicians Tom Calhoun and Marvin QSan Antonel Rice both snow their public-but Teneha Tom came out on top in the balloting. Fish Jim Sammons hits a brace under the expert supervision ot two dewdrops. Adair lost as the Corps bloc swept all the at-large offices. "Get the grade points the first years. Later on they'll save you tears." Just think, the same procedure is even used at the Shamrock. , , N-A Uixflsi 1 .f-- it-' A twat V1 Ag fs' - ' Q ' 4 5 ' 9 ' ig The first month of toil and trouble I4 -gc s pq was forgotten as the entire school V, ,F ., A . ,4xlo,,1h, D d h ,y 1 I i lourneye nort ward to the ry S0m,asei9' e-',f "friendly" city of Fort Worth and ll- . MY Q e- W . , 'jg , ..o.,, M the TCU game. Our fair-haired If f t c sisters of the north come down and V .V t 1 1 t ,Vh,A S L 1' , -5- - , I E '. - L bg., f., , ff, - I Ki t' . ASA gigs the frogs. the revelries began. Midnight yell practice was held in front of the courthouse. It marked the last offi- Aggles and their dates whoop it up on Friday night. Everyone gets in the spirit of "C" Flight passes Regimental coiors are presented at the reviewing stand. Ti. ,V . ,wiglzck f.t-M-sf, ..-gw,,1f',.f 141,-fmmwwfumme.. -.,.f,.,cf,,m- 1 . Ii I 1' Ui' I n things at midnight yell practice. in review. y Wimfgkriii 5120 T X fff'.jI?":2fM'wQ-fzw4fw5M5:'f"''iii-M, -M ve .. . , , .. , ' I 61 , A-' ' ' . ', ' iff? if ' f r rzzeff taw-Ref " -' ' C 5 '-ra' It - 'fi , il Z , 9 ,- I, . 3 -1-1 agwgg , jf iv -if Q ii,',.-Lf "if! " f5g if - li ,,., " Q, . rf . ' """5I51ki:'37f'4 'f' . r' - 'r X 2 ' " i' V "v ' .,., V -,-- :.:1:'.'..11f.::+'--. ..... . '-2+ ? . '- ' ,, 'ff '12H',E2I5?.3'12q':,f. -, ' 0:4 5 ' W 1 - fig , , 1, K 4. , ,Wi , , W , , , , Kr W Wi 0552 A yvf ' Y 4 ll . 'ff ' "" V: . -.N cial oft-campus midnight yell prac- tice in A8QM's history. The corps marched thru the streets of Cow- town on Saturday morning and then assembled at the game that afternoon. Although outscored, the "spirit" still lingered and good times were had at the many parties and dances on Saturday night. George Alexander and Margaret Mund henke yell for the Maroons at the game Jeannine Beverly Herrin pose prettily. fl o of a letup. .-H I2 I 6 3' WQT, if lel Xl! H X fl 4553 l i Q lll r M Bryan Mills grins as he receives his cadet com- mission at the commissioning ceremonies. LZEQQL g g, The Pipe Smoking Contest attracts some questionable characters. 57 Burl Ives shows Jarvis Miller how he charmed his audience. An ominous warning cast its spell C?j. Victor Borge pleased his audience with good music and sharp wit.- K "T" 'l"" W" Curly Broyles and orchestroi entertain dt the ABC Ball. Egger couples crowd oirouncl the loondstond. The music was good from oill ongles. The Sweetheart of the ABC Boll, Pot Andrews, cmd escort Bill Price, pose for the photographer. lhB 5 November 4 offered the ABC Boll. The next day mighty SMU was battered olrouncl Kyle Field by om Aggie tecim that wouldn't be stopped. And thot night ci reiuvenouted school domced to the music of Frcinkie Coirle. Glenn Lippman plows thru The Pony line. The remains of Peruna . .. Among 'rhe 4000 enioying The music of Frankie Carle were Cadet Colonel Doyle Avant and Margaret Malitz of SMU. The Fin-Feather has a busy nighf, too. An early morning celebralion among the more "s1uclious." l Yell practices continue. Those blasted Wednesday afternoon drills! N j ' ,fiifif Some people are happy... L.. ll -i Ag boys enioy an evening Memorial Day is observed at QB lab. A8rM. -5: ,, ,, WQW. , - '- ,I , ,, rx ggi 53,5 yr qw sf QQ J Q if 'N is if Wasil! ' N3 Q 99 as also B M ew? ff' 9 s :fear if 4 w QJYV ,X if: fag? ae gh if , '25 A if QW. ' "f v A 4 I M ' W K H Uri .aw w ff m ,. Q, , ,CGA Vagas. 4 3353! Hit s,x ,?z23Q 9 X H , W M iles 395315 M af f? f 58 f 'ir Ng A s '75 Q QgQi4,,fOvg+! ff, 15437 ,wi Q My + . .5553 4 ' ic M' ' -. qv .3 me ,-V - . f -as ,:, wkffwxwf 1 N 'mpx,g,,,zmsg::ss,,g.2474? 1 yan, -41 .- - ma. .. 1' 'f v fwrf L ' 1-'vb ,. f "- . 3 V . 56-L M . N' rr, , I, , .'..,,5.:e. -5- , W is if gf A gg' f is l , -' .1 W 'f ., -wgzfmr--:,,1p,z,5,.'-VV. ,kysi .vs - 4 1 mg: w ,V " 55,1 3 'I fa' g.:. of Q is P f Q -Q.. ' . ' , .5V:,,gy..i. vi' , 4 an, QQ., 452' F. -:-2. : A e ,qi Some are more than happy ik A . . a lhl iii t iml ic asf. -- ,. '- 2' 'rr 2 "" " " . . 'fn " . X 3 1. J' ' r ' ',,. .' 'L . 7, V., V '79 f.f,,,.-.1 'LX yi y f' if 'ii' 4 4.2 'l If 2-lffiwi H r . g 2 - A - r . I ' ' i K .' 5 Mfg-. --vv . in an .Q ,f 'H' yr qf jgf lg As A W Z7 X sg K 1 " ix . ' 1 -r cm...-, ,. .su ,,:s:.t:..,.- . - yn Q, .4 , , mann: X E 1 1. s - 'li 'Epi' .W,,,W,.-':., . .V .-up 'T' xwwQw . TfxZtS,fjr'Sf2 -""' . t 1.22357 " ""fX""' ' f :fr " -- i s z - ws-.afewsarx Ae - - .- iw. fl -3I,I.i.:?L f ti" ' i5RYS5NZ..'X5439i?N:.kZ::-'WW' ' nm-.swms.::esfss:i 45- X -r . 'f".Pab:-F??S'?f93 . -. 2.1: 1.--sr-:fr wah 'T vw vfwf ,,....... Eb' Things were summed up in this sign . -.nfs , Y ,, ,,.,,,,s 1.1 2' 'iii - 4- 5 The coast artillery prepares to embark. f a rf ww 5 emi " K xy f- e' .W r we . . was Another crew - forward. The band, always impressive, shows Houston why. There's nuthin' like corps trip sack time. Ralph, Bryan, ancl Pete enjoy themselves at Cl party. "Waltzing Joe" Robb swings his partner. 4 3' . my 9,1 , Q , if ,- , , JA' f ' 4 g 0, Q - X M '- ef , , , , , 1: 5 P427 f s " 'iz K f 'f' g -f 4' 5 6, , Q1 9 . -V '. 5 Q , , LA' 5 'fx y:f:? M yi, 7 gf- A fb, ,, M 10 , - J." '.-'E ',,yQ ' -59295355 -' ' Q Y' 5 fffff ff Q' , I ,Nw 4' f if ., , ,.,, , , , V A .R x lg. .. ..- 4? ,Wm iw ' 4 1 3 K i 4'1" ' . 'wtf my 1, , ui 'Za I rl. Y nf 1 'ff Q , 2 K 3' ,M I' I 1 1 X 7 I I E Vets prepare for Xmas 4 iv- ,1:. Ki if' , "A" Inf. and "A" QMC Spike Jones pays A8iM a visit. "E" Flight sophs decorate the halls. The Aggie Players presented arena action for the first time. The Houston Sym- tangle in the corps intra- Xmas greeting, Aggiestyle . . . "D" Infantry triumphs in the corps intramural finals. A phony lets its hair down, Chow clown for F Fligh. TC sophs pose for a "pichur". McDowell fires a shot against Rice. Batt and Lass-o staffers raise cain in Dallas as Tessie editor Lynn Skelton and staff beauty Mimi Hicks ignore their dates to face the camera. ' ASQM sweetheart Jeanine Holland presents Cedric Copeland with a "T" award. "Hollywood" Thomas with Dallas cutie. . . I x- - 3 5 S jf , S lm Q g Ei-:Y 1 A , A -2 1 ' NN' , Y I , X f . 2 2 2 , ' . -r .-5 -1 i iw? Kali " A v H "l 1 1 V15 Ta 'Y -Q 1, wif 1 "H L ,- w. 15159133 X Mfr f'. ,-I -.l r f Q , -wi ,L iff 41 A ,f f f , , , f, f .45 f I ff ,f , 1 ' 1? I f A ,, .Ag 4, ,4 , Q4 N.. 1 ' ' , , f- V1 f'7'ifmJ'1Uff':"'f3""Q f , 2 i ' ' . ,V ' ,.,--,p.,..,... 1 , 1 i ? ' . I ex any 2 , . 2 +5 .ff 2 "' " I., ,, 11 -is M, . x ,152 x 9 - u, i wth 1 -r 2 Q .N W? "5 rx I 'Li 46 13 f nf 1 4 f. ai. .yi 4P?i1ff:GiE:?f ff: 2131. Ti .M 4' mf . :WW .1 . 6 z X Ji M2 QV . -' ,- . wx 1' Q .a f " 55 43?- - ss, V , F if . X PE- ' ' - X, ,S fm i ff 1 ' 'hw ' , :T-ii --cgi f ' ' H A " ' ' N ' ' U ' ..f. .'a5, .,-. , A ,gi 3 1 J Aja .X J 'ss A Joe Dotson congratulates aregimental queen. Peashooters give out at the AICE Ball. mage reveals 1950 power. April 'l. The Kilgore Rangerettes storm the campus and put on a halt- time show. Backstage patter with Efram Kurtz, conductor of the Houston Symphony, Jimmy Broyles, F. M. Law, and Buddy Boyd. The final spring training scrim- The band is a spectacle on Foley Brothers brought their models up and presented "From Boots to Boutonieres". John Christenson and model Cabovej display the latest in beach Wear. John does look rather warm. At left, Bolo Byington escorts Gwen Taylor underneath crossed sabers. me .- i :- 1F.a..,, j ,M..,,, V we - i 2-mg--f sh f .,,A,N5m3wmQ5,1mmK Q33maQx,,,, ms nfsmwmmm ww' y ,v.,...,..-.. K ,-. s.,,xL5g4:s-s:.,,,,,Q,mn -.s-..:..,m,,.::::1,,, wf.s-sam. mm. -fe -nfs-wsmg Aw .a:,..A,.,,.Q-.,,,,,, ,mn if-ww ""1rn-vu . l ' .f sf'a"M--Mus., 'W f -may M ' . 1 - wg,,,W-.mr.s:f::1am4v.ffs-fwxs-".f? l ms, X - a s-Aa5g.f:.::w 11. 2 e . avr: . Ta' n ' , -av" H .M J sw, -We A4 J gps-, ,Egg I 1 1 gs, . - ,ff , , z.:.,.xs43y-2 ki 'Aw-l'S,.,. ! ., 'I tl ' Y -' V ,a. N-X .' x. I-' 1 2. - 'rf . Z V 5 . - ssws ., 4 , - 1 ,-L." ' 2-.c g-ag wg11gr1. - gg ,H f r . . " , .A 5 5 5 , , :V X C' ' , 'sf 1521. . , ' H ' . -::,, ty -9. 4 4, Q...-...s,f,..'-L. .::s. 1. f V-fe-1. ss- ' 1 , 'filer 1. 1 Q V ,. WA 'fig 3 ' ' ' -' f 4' , . 1 fn ,vwxmn """'i by , in , at 'PAN X 29 fi ' - ,.'."..f'- ---'.1:"..'-:ff',.'2' " Spring elections were a campus topic. Willie Bohlmann presents Gloria Martin at the 6th Regimental Ball. A salute to fallen Aggies is tired at the Aggie Muster. The RV's weekend saw a banquet and dance. Hans Wittenburg, Ike lsenhower, Bob Leclbetter, Lucky Lueckemeyer, and dates enjoy the Cattlemen's Ball. The Aggie Band presents its annual spring concert. Federal inspection came, much to the disgust of everyone on the campus as well as at the Annex. 'il .wmA Jw ' ire! L Q ? i Ei? Y W' Y f iff JW X - 5 "Z, ', 4.x Sify' V, M., , fm A RRS i i F i Q Mrs. M. L. Coshion, A81M Mother of the Yeor, reviews ' her "boys" . 4132. John Whitmore shows some Tessie how it's done os Clayton Selph looks on Zriticolly. it T, , N-ir, The traditional flower pinning ceremony is observed cut the cannex. Chris shows on miss how it works while cn mystitied Dewdrop looks on. The Aggie Follies get unclerwoy with o western number. The Fish Drill Team demonstrates its prowess. GJ lf 1? A81M's Who's Who award winners are presented to the Senior Class at the Class l Q l Q li' .r.r Q lf. il. Tl Q g g Sbisa Hall was the scene ofthe 1950 Ring Dance as couples danced to the tunes of of '50 banquet. Benny Strong and his orchestra. Many couples continued the partying l after the official dance ended -as did i this group at the Brazos County ASM! Club's new clubhouse. l Lt. Gen. LeRoy Lutes presente Army commissionsg here "secon looie" Clark Munroe receives his. l President Bolton is shown with th l Rt. Rev. John E. Hines who ioine Dr. W. Boyd Hunt in presenting th L baccalaureate talks for the tw ' separate services for the graduatin class. Colorfully decorated Guion Ha was packed with proud parents an Mai. Gen. Alden R. Crawford con- gratulates a new Air Force second lieutenant at the commissioning ceremonies. Dancing couples crowd the floor for the Final Ball as another school year ends. Seniors stand at attention to re- ' Corps as the iuniors lead view the the units past at Final Review. girl friends for the awarding c commissions to the graduates. i V l l i t i A - t r . ,. " 1 : g I Q E.. -V .ls -AA i N 4 In s , ,. , , ,,.j.r:4- - 1 s. : K " ' ,. Q' .' I . 6 . 9 . , . U., A , K H. W ,, V J I ,,V. 3 .W ,,:.: ,. . .K Q I , I' A, M V V V V . ,V -V V- VV ,Vsgagw wc..-V V Vw -V 21 '42 i-Q '6 -355' -c -' V-V A . B'2f2,4- .- soagfl - 9.4, A- 'V. If ?. U 42 ,V li 1 . - 1 .. -VV .-at ,,. VV: V5 .. 11 .55-f ,VV--ff fe , V .1 + V.: ' 'e9i?sVV, Wh-4 f Q, V 2 VV .f fV::'V-V ' Va, 'V Va- fs, VL 2 -View , , -1 1 ., ei Hz .. ,,:-.v- 2' ' V- gi . V - ' Q, ,,' 1. my ,Ji kk V -T V3 3 gg? .1 V. V' V fl . F- J. ' 1.4-i f 2 f - x . - ' Vw' w 112' 4 V J ,ya-""G'. y , H22 '. 'H -Mtv-.VV -., A. . . : , .,... , V r 7 R "" ' 'Z .Vf'- -. 1 Q f ' ' 'f 2 ' Vt 'V ' Q 4 ll , V V- 5.3 .V , 4i1:r.V'f ' , -Vt ---. I-i , F' ', . ' ' if !'- Q-F''22-?V:Wiz-Vt?fl7::rh4552'V::2?yf1 -1" f I , - ' f-- .. 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" t.1i"e- wiv 1+ ffl an-f f M325 "oy .Jw ".''iff'r!5"'Mff79w.gi',:':'Y'W2?,'l'2?:31?rf W ,-31'gz4vg.f',frfr:e2J,. fc,+e?f,,s 't..44"35a:"' f .V " 'vt ,hw -:, 'f H . fav' ff1,VwAf,. ,,4, Vffw!f,f,4f1f5.,.Vffazzwfxyzweft-Mfyiiisfyb'-0'1' Qifffs-af",11-Q".-r s'fffV V.1 '- Vs - ' , W., .- - V V , . 40 ,fic 4, ,N ,- VeV, .J5+,, ,.,fv:.f24gf 1 ,V,5-,fue.,,-.V,wV.,ggV ffm..A,eWwVff?2f,46QQqzc,Q-,g4??QV.gmw,.,g,,sf .fm - ,- QW! - , I.: my., ,Z , -V-- f. ,, 4 - f if 4. ,,fe2f.6f4f' -,fzyff7y:4Vfw.,y,w.fg,.,-taxgys 7 1. ,1y,'Vfw1, rwf-.+4wwf.-ff. m,.'f,,tff,:,. :Vw-if ,L V inf 'f 'r'at.1:iK'- Vi ,W X V , V. 4, V W, ,, ,V , ..1 s?.sfsz-,MV fr fl Vf::yf2'rV,-ffdlifisfgy,-'if.4-'2Sf12Q,.f,,:V-5,5-1fm-"1V"':'1 -rw 1ews4..V.f,V'....sw,-WV .rt 11 , ., ff, nts. M 4- -Vw -V 4 ' f -, ., 'ft f- Vfwy .V Vf 1. .- .-f,:f.',.z'w,. fV4,'Xf4??f-rf-'MA.':w'.V.a -1,1-Vai:--f.V'e,:.wtV'-'QV if-5'4t1.z'fa1-fVfe.Qd' -152161 V Mit f-'V'-fffrf WY' 195 1 2:a4"f?fV - -fi" 'VV ffl? , 2-,V - - ' V ,, if , . V'f5ia.W1hf5S5?' M35A?fagfe1:wfQi265GE'?':V:v:zWUmifffi .l12Z'f' V R if V ' ' V " ,V 1 .V , . 3 ,fLfz,4,,,4. ,M ,Q wgQa:,.2,yM..,w,,g5 42593,,1,wk4gafgyg.V.gg2Z,irVfvfiggf:V, 24354 .kVjw,y,-"- " "1',6 'Vz.':VMtv:5c'i1i ",. .1-ff , A' ff iw- ..V,o,w .. Q-,fp .VA 1, :V :-,Q ft pa' cm" A . .ff-. f :y V ,ff ,F . , ' W- 1 ,fQ'.W1iV:f4v-.1-,f ,Va 35 ' 4 ifjyf -Q! .541,-2.-A,y.23f454.,..,,,, 'WM L M, 41 . A o p. .i,,W.5..x 45... , ., .-MM , f- V 11, Vi ' 'C '. - ,. ' eff-'V, V' , .'V-1 2' -' rv' ' " -K'Q5Wy.A'wx'f.V'ivEU62'3 ' rf-s1Vf.fl,. ' S Q44-1 .2 --V-- V . -- :!1-AVP - .-'nf 1:11, 5 W, Q if V Qff ?j..?-at .pw Wfwff -2535421 f-,W .,w,sV, .iiw rvicum 1-.Vi sywffm .V V.. ,, rs: .-fx .Lf V !92r'fM.'-vw .V V:-Ve' V x. , , f- A42 2,,f'-M V, wc. Av. +V ' m if nf. LMWW -' -,-.wi .4'a!'1f.w 4' V. . " 4 ,Q . V: 1...f11s. wuz: w2:Vv-"vs-1.1 A. i V, ' Vi ' .1 . V. vi 'ft -2' ' . , . V' , s..,.MQ?Q42Zwf:f?f1,.ii1, 4,'.fi.f'',f...,uo:VsV.,f.'f-VVWVV4. f. .V M,.....V.. , - V V - V gi, t . .c 're .5 ' 'Z-'Thaw 'Q' Direcfo,.RS,!"2ND BING 1' . udenf Pubficofions Student publications include The Battalion, The Agriculturist, The Engineer, The CommentatorlffvainidrThe Southwestern Veterinarian. , This entire program is designed to give studentsfrithea iirr oppor- tunity to produce their own publications. In addition,i'2tl1e ,student publication program provides an outlet for student serves as a medium tor fostering congenial faculty-studentiirelations. All student publications are supervised by the Lite Committee. ii ,A i -s 219 ' L, E W", :1 .F X' pw ,Egg FF H MJF, - l, :ls VL 1" witlti i' lil ,J H, . if lt iii .V :M M4 A., 1' ,i ge 'V , ., 1 -'-Y-s T5 iq N ,, , l"t'i'1'il 'T lil, HT lx ,i TE, "' t"ife1. Le, ini -f' Ii U. f ' ,J .41 by 1 gi, -Y: e f- - -V Texas A81M's yearbook, the Aggieland 1950, was produced through the efforts of a staff of some thirty students working in daily groups under the direction of co-editors Jim Woodall and Chuck Cabaniss. Working closely with the co-editors were section editors Bob Skidmore Qclassesj, Don Dietz iactivitiesl, and Bob Gregg fmilitaryj. Busi- ness manager Floyd Henk supervised the program for obtaining advertising for the annual. Three iunior editors worked independently of the main staff in preparing Aggie- land T950 specialties-the sports section and a "Pass in Review" sub-section. Roy Nance prepared the copy and layout for the informal coverage of the 1949-50 school year, and Fred Sommers supervised picture making and Frank Manitzas 'prepared copy for the sports coverage. ' Professional artist Bob Cullen did the art work and helped the co-editors plan the special effects throughout the book. Photography was handled by Sam Molinary and Bill Hites Cintormal coverage of activitiesj, Photo and Visual Aid Laboratory Cameramen Walter Barnes, Charles Gebauer, Don Thurman, and director Howard Berry, and Joe Sosolik and his associates at the Aggieland Studio. The Aggieland T950 engraving was done by Harper Standard Engraving Company, the E. J. Storm Printing Company printed the book, and the American Beauty Cover Company prepared the cover and bound the book. ..-.......-y- Co-editors Cabaniss and Woodall pause during their inspection of Vanity Fair nominees' photo- graphs. .W Business manager Henk and section editors Dietz, Skidmore, and Gregg glance at a '49 Aggieland to compare it with their work in the '50 yearbook. X or-" ll S iunior editors Manitzas, Nance, and Sommers worked on the Aggieland 1950's most interesting sections. Artist Cullen touches up a drawing with his air brugh, 9 We af we Ray Nance, Doyle Nash, .loe Davidson, Bill McSpadden, and . . Dave Wolf of the Monday siaff eniay themselves as lhey prepare Senior Favorites layouts, p., M2 4: Cecil Adickes, Jim Modlin, Dan Clinfon, and Ray Roberts are inierrupfed in ihe midst of assorted duties during fheir Wednesday staff tenure. XJ' l' ' 1- -- nf ii lm - fi , , ie -H f , Q .. , ' ? .- f' 84. 12 f ff -af ' .7 . . If ,lag f. W, ffl f ', 1 'ff v f , I ' '79 ,. . M Wi' y. 1 , . G ,, .. , ' , ., f i W - 5 f '. Y - ,f"' L .2 '65 . -,L . ,br fs. -A MGM M 1 A 4 ,-11 f 'W 'J , . , K 1 A -3 , 2, -132523, 'H 79 14 fl 5 f ,- ft. A iw. ' g..1, .1 "" ' ,ig . ., 1 . ,M , , , ,. .1 ,, ,. QMW4 .W " " , 'Welsh . , www ,, 4.5, p L ., f ,,, 4. in , lr . . ' .- f .1 ., 1, 2: . .4 .wifzivzfma f 14, I' , QQ , f ,!,1 ! 1 - 2 ff . . 1 r . A ,I " na . M"' ,f,,m,f 45.4 B. L. Owen, Bill Nicholson, and Duane Vanden- berg of The Friday staff take time off from draw- ing dummies To cafch The cameraman's lens. he Sammy Cannon, Joe Creighton, Danny Fleming, Bibb Underwood, and Bill Dalsfon of The Monday sfaff frim picfures for unif snapshot panels. AGGELAND i950 STAFF 'hw Y i V The Battalion BILL BILLINGSLEY, C. C. MUNROE . Clayton L. Selph ...... Dave Coslett . . Chuck Cabaniss .... John Whitmore, L. O. Tiedt, Dean Reed, Otto Kunze . News Editors Curtis Edwards ..... City Editor Charles Kirkham . . Chief Editorialist George Charlton Assistant Feature Editor Herman Gollob . . Amusements Editor Sid Abernathy, Ken Bernhardt, Jerry Zuber .... . Copy Editors Frank N. Manitzas . Sports News Editor Frank E. Simmen, Jr., Sports Feature Editor Jim Anderson, Bill Barber, Bob Boyd, J. C. Fails, Herschel Fitts, Chester Hicks, Bob Hughson, Henry Lacaur, Bee Landrum, Bob Lindheim, Marvin Matusek, Tom Rountree, B. F. Roland, Raymond Rush- ing, Walter Tanamachi, John Tapley, Bill Thompson, "Rip" Torn, Dale Wal- ston, Kenneth Wiggins . News Staff W. K. Colville, Chester Critchfield, Wayne Davis, Bob Price, ,Ray Williams .... Feature Staff Emil Bunies, Jr., Bill Mebane, Charles Sebesta, Dudley Hughes. . City Staff . . Co-Editors . Managing Editor . Feature Editor . . . . . . . . .Sports Editor Roger Coslett, Jimmy Curtis, R. G. De- Berry, Harold Gann, Glenn Williams, Ralph Gorman, Ray Holbrook, Jerry Hauser . .... . . Sports Staff Tommy Baxter, A. W. Frederick, Russell Hagens, Herbert Gibbs, Don Garrett, W. J. Ware Advertising Representatives L. K, Carter . . . Circulation Manager Sam Molinary . . . Chief Photographer Hardy Ross, John Hollingshead, Tommy Fontaine, Bill Hites, Brad Holmes, Joe Trevino, Bob Hancock Photo Engravers Kenneth Marak, Jack, Stansberry, Jack Brandt, Emmett Trant, Alex Munroe ..... Cartoonists Jim Hay, Paul Hoover, Bob Laswell, Bill Matush, Howard Pietsch, John Stuntz . . Circulation Assistants MID-TERM GRADUATES Lewis Burton .... Managing Editor Bill Potts ..... Sports Co-Editor Larry Oliver . . . Circulation Manager Ben Brittain . . Advertising Manager Co-editors Munroe and Billingsley smile over one of the paper's many safety awards. Sports editor Cabaniss, managing editor Selph, and tea- ' ture editor Coslett, strike business-like executive poses. City editor Edwards, chief editorialist Kirkham, and amusements editor Gollob, glance up from an interesting copy of The Congressional Record. ,N-M, Publications photographer Molinary catches news staffer Rountree and city staffer Hughes checking new layout suggestions. Photo engraver Hancock points to a line cut in a graphic arts magazine as fellow engraver Hites peers over his shoulder. Advertising representa- tives Baxter and Ware Cstandingl look on amused as circulation assistant Young smiles at the discussion. News editors Tiedt, Reed, Whitmore, and Kunze survey the day's paper before going for coffee. Copy editors Zuber, Abernathy, and Bernhardt gaze Members of the news and city staffs pause for the caremamon. Walston and Boyd stand behind Anderson, Hughson, Bunies, and Tapley for the lens session. in disgust at the photographer who has interrupted their work. FRESHMAN PAGE STAFF Joel Austin ......... Elwood Schmidt . . Managing John McQuigg .... Assistant Allen Pengelly ..... Feature Pat LeBlanc, Joe Blanchette Sports Leon McClellan ..... News Editor Editor Editor Editor Editors Editor Freshman staff members Pengelly, Blanchette, Schmidt, and McClellan stand around the desk as LeBlanc and freshman editor Austin take time off from planning the next day's page. Feature writers Davis and Williams give advice as assistant feature editor Charl- ton types a story. 223 Sports staffers Curtis, Gorman, Gann, and DeBerry gather around sports news editor Manitzas-who looks up from checking the daily layout. lohn W. Thomas Roberf M. Ledbeifer Thomas Kidwell Hardy Ross Bill Hifes BEE LANDRUM AND .IIM PARK Editors Staff of fhe Agriculiurisf includes lfronf row, left fo rightj, Haney, Landrum, Smith, Hardin, Kenney, and House. Landrum lSpringJ Jim Tom House EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Karl Meyers Marshall Lazarine VVaIier Tanamachi Graham Howlsan FEATURES Robert L. Haney CIRCULATION Joe Sulch Dewey Samuels Macyl K. Orman ARTIST Jack Sfansbury PHOTOGRAPH ER Sam Molincxry ENGRAVERS Bob Hancock John Hollingshead Tommy Foniaine and Park, and lback rowj Ledbetter, The COMME more ww' ,le-, JANUARY ,.A J , 1950 EDITORS Mack T. Nolen fFallI W. K. Colville Frank D. Welch lBofh Semestersl STAFF WRITERS Bob Lane Herman Gollob George Charlton Dave Sechelsl-ci Frank Sheffield Bill Billingsley Bob MacGregor George Dillavou STAFF ARTISTS Jamie Lewis Hal Stringer Emmett Trant Alex Munroe Jack Sfansbury Ray Hennig PHOTOGRAPHERS Sam Molinary Marlin PHOTO ENGRAVERS John Hollingsheacl Tommy Fontaine Hardy Ross Bill Hiies Bob Hancock BUSINESS MANAGER Ralph Gorman lSpringI Howard Staff members of The Cornmenfafor shown include Molinary, Sechelski, Siansbury, Billingsley, Gollob, and Charlfon. Insef shows January gracluafe Mack T. Nolen, fall co-editor with Frank Welch. L " .... - l."L1 " P f' 5' I ' 5- ' ' - A In - i . iw I . G .- -41 . ' .. - "" X ' . ' I V: c- .Ae A -.,..1w+fr7.., , W. K. COI.Vll.l.E AND FRANK D. WELCH Ecliiors 3 -L Wm. x v J . y 31- ""'W1":"A- CHARLES C. SCHWAB Edifor M. Boker Cheek Harris George S. Kent Roy Lee J. C. Flanagan W. R. Wilson Jerome Kearby Phil McDaniel Jack Sfansbury Hardy Ross Tommy Fontaine David A. Sanders EDITORS Bill Parse Jes Mclver BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Andrew FEATURES Homer Finch Bill Richard EDITORIAL STAFF George T. Keene Dick Tumlinson Jim Bargfrede Robert Wolf Tom Darby Bob Lauderdale Sian Keese Bill Klabunde STAFF ARTISTS Claude Cox STAFF TYPIST George M. Rodgers PHOTO ENGRAVERS Bill Hifes John Hallingshead Bob Hancock STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Mariin Howard Hugh M. Wallace, Jr James P. Jones . . Billy B. Hancock . . Harry G. Doran, Jr. . Joe B. Coulter . . Frank Sims . . Edgar McMurry . 1. C. Mullins . . . E Q-gg if , .-A ' . V f f 1' fl' ssl, U ASQ, :AN A will if . L, yr, , X V, , .V ,lf If, ax. - I, I I V l- '..,,f qW,,flt,C f. cf ji' ',' if? S lv .ff 617.11 NJ- if " P 'fre--X 'N---f a,.f .l 1. A tn f I 4--,W . If fill ru q .,, T " 'H'-' XL T gf. ' 1 'g ps, M 'Cf 1,4 .wtf s ' 1 ,j WW", N "' 2 i I 5 gf' "7 rn- J 6.-J 5 1 f T . t v 3 ' PN X .-V--. . N, Tiff gl :f 3' lgwi . ,pw 1 -1 - : I . ' , ' . 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Cartoons . Photo Section . . . Personalities REPORTERS Photo: G. Abstracts J. R. Bebinger B. R. Ellsworth B. Alexander D. Hranitzky Kendricks . Abstract Sectibn- if f HUGH M. WALLACE, JR EdHor Rp.Dgl+ gain, Activities I' ORGANIZATIU S Organizational activities at A81M probably exceed in student participation those at any other school of comparable size. Exclusive of military units, there are over one hun- - t . Assismnf Durec o ,dred and thirty active organizations on the campus. Surveys show that tive out ot six students participate in some type ot organizational activity. f Cltubsolnd societies have added to student experience with programs ot tine speakers, participation in national organizational activities, and socials. They have provided prac- tical experience in group leadership, group cooperation, and program planning. The Qhomeftownifclutbs carried through a high school contact project with a planned thorough- .ness anglipurpose that contributed to the high schools' guidance programs. w - ZyTyhe,re1see,m's to be no limit to possibilities tor the growth of organizational activities. Theyitsuppilyiexperience, recreation and interests to a large percentage of the student body.tThey contribute to maximum benefits in a full academic and extra-curricular student life. ' ' 228 7' JARVIS MILLER . . Student Enferfainmenf Manager MEMBERS OF STAFF: H. W. Beuiel C. C. Ohlendorf D. L. Boyd E. T. Pifzer R. K. Egger J. E. Boyles H. A. Frecle A. .l. Dennis J. H. Flowers D. D. Hecxrne E. W. Golden R. B Kelly E. J. Hafzenbuehler L. H. Manieot J. E. Miller R. D. Nance F. L. Sheffield 229 gg-f JARVIS MILLER Manager X . X- ,Xi JERRY BYRD President yl I V. I 2 f I y y "" I OFFICERS: JERRY BYRD .... . President BILL BLANKENSHIP . , . Vice-President DAVID HAINES . Business Manager JOHN DERRY . . . Librarian BILL MOSS . . Reporter MEMBERS Vergil Bohac Dale Walston Ray F. Srriith Bill Blankenship Edward Finley T. G. Smith Bill Cockburn Kenneth Wiggins R. M. Adams James L. Dalton L. N. Perkins J. W. Ward R. T. Terrell J. W. Bleker T. A. Munson Conrad B. Cone D. G. Haines B. E. Lambert G. L. Thomas K. E. Hill Edmund Muntord Jack Grimes Harold J. Hughes Robert W. Young John Richardson D. L. Boyd Wm. M. Menger Don M. Forney Jerry Dietert Johnny Lemons J. E. Boyles 230 L. G. Hardwicke Geo. M. Rodgers R. A. Stinson J. P. Tarver F. A. Sliger J. T. Hightower B. W. Davis Keith Haines J. R. Norman H. W. Van Cleove Jack H. Shell Foster Gray Bill Moss R. H. Weatherall VVm. L. Alexander H. J. Coffman Geo. A. Schwarz R. D. Hinton Raymond Williford Edward J. Chapin T. J. Byrd David J. Kreager J. H. Rollins R. C. Tate R. L. Hardy Wm. Mason Lewis B. F. Brittain J. J. Derry R. L. Jones W. M. Stevens T. J. Savage Caroll Cato Jack D. Gressett Lamar McNew Grady Satterwhite A. L. Murphy F. A. Sommers Leslie Polk A. J. Haddock John Ready J. J. Storrie R. J. Blissclrd J. L. Dalton E. C. Abrahamson Jeridan Strong Emil Bunies M H MTN llmlllllgllllll Saxophones Haskell Motheral Chester Donlin Lindell James Doyle Thomas Ted Gullette Piano Gordon Keller Trombones Nelson McLain Ed Snead Dan Hanna Vocalist Tommy Butler Drums Joe Pike Bass Floyd Stainback Trumpets Frank Incaprera Glenn Torrence Harry Vaughn Additional Members in the Fall Semester Jerry Steves, Saxophone Bob Lauderdale, Trombone II E M NH OFFICERS: JARVIS MILLER . A. J. DENNIS . SOW KUNIHIRO TOM FIELDS . MESSRS. MASON GORDON GAY MEMBERS: A. B. Crownover BiII Dalston Jim Dalton Jody Damron A. J. Dennis King Egger L. A. Eubank Curtis Edwards Tom Fields H. J. Finch Jmzvis :vwg--I A ' President--, H ' 232 CASHION, Kenneth Grant Don Grubbs Jock Heacock Richard Ingels Jim Kadei Sow Kunihiro R. F. Langford Jack McCarIey Charles McNeiII . President . Vice-President . . Secretary . Program Chairman . Sponsors Lloyd Manjeot James Mathis Jarvis Miller James MiIIer Augusto Leon-Ortega Lyman Osborne J. W. Porter C. L. Clay Jack Raley Frank Sheffield EARL ROSE EARL ROSE ...... Presiclem' C. O. SMITH . Enlisfmenf Vice-President STANLEY ROGERS . Social Vice-Presiclenl FLOYD KERNS . Devofional Vice-Presidenl EDWIN APEL TOMMY DUFFIE .... Secretary AL JOHNSTON . . BOBBY DAVIS . . LYTLE BLANKSHIP . RIIWIS Dennis Allaerf - , J. Duffle, Tommie Ecigleson, Robe Holler, Gene Johnsicn, AI Kernes, Floyd rf R. Srewarclship Vice-Presidenf Missions Chairman Publicify Chairman Publicify Chairman STANLEY ROGERS C. O. SMITH I SWMWENT MNIIN Lang, George Lloyd, Ed Moire, Bob Pruitt, Harold Roberts, Ray Rogers, Stanley Rose, Earl Smith, C. O. Thompson, Stanley Troland, Drexel While, Arlfon Wooliorcl, Grady I DAV D SECHELSKI MEMBERS: Aclams, H. J. Alanig, Pete Allen, E. E. Andrich, S. M. Angel, P. B. Asher, Robert Babin, R. Baron, J. D. Barrett, M. J. Barry, W. D., Jr. Bass, H. F. Basfiero, Albert Begnand, E. M. Benoisi, D. S. Beran, C. D. Beyer, R. C. Blundell, J. D. Bonnen, J. E. Bofhwell, J. H. Braden, J. A. Brockholf, A. J. Brown, J. T. Brown, Leon Burianek, J. J. Canfy, J. P. Carter, J. D. Cervenea, B. J. Ceullar, l.. A. Christensen, J. L. Frazier, M. l. Kosarek, C. S. Clark, J. R. .1 E CHARLES DRAPELA . . President DAVID SECHELSKI . Vice-Presiclenf M. E. KUTA . . . . Secrefary RAY LANGINAIS . Social Secreiory JACK TURCOTTE . . . Treasurer THOMAS STACK . Parliamenforian . Krause, R. R. Krupaia, G. E, Kuceko, W. B. Kucherka, S. L., Kurfen, J. C. Lambert, J. D. Landry, R. O. Lemmons, J. F. Leo n-Ortega, A. M. Lippman, G. Machola, C. F. Manuel, Martin Margoifia, A. C. Masera, O. Mafula, C. R. Maxfield, R. McBride, J. W. McCur1hy, S. M., Jr McDonald, C. N. McFarlane, J. L. Middlelon, J. Miller, W. G. Misfrof, G. A. Misirof, S. P. Mock, Ralph Moglia, G. E. Molten, G. C. Momez, M. Moore, W. R. Moses, S. F. Murphy, J. Neff, O. Nelson, D. Neuvar, E. W. Nicasic, R. T. Niland, T. K. Noll, A. W. Novy, Jody Nyc, F. F. O'Conner, W. T Ogleiree, A. H. Opersfeny, C. J. Overly, J. A. Pacheco, F. Parma, W. E. Paull, R. O. . Pawlik, D. P. Philip, J. E. Prihoda, C. H. Prochaska, F. C. Quinn, Joe Quinfero, Angel Reyes, H. V. Richers, E. E. Roberfs, C. W. Rocha, L. Rodriguez, E. C. Sandoval, E. J. CHARLES DRAPELA Scan-iarcli, J. Scheumack, P. A Schumann, B.ll Sigur, L. Sigur, P. C. Smylhe, R. W. Sol, G. A. Sol, M. A. Sredanovich, S. V. Stephens, T. M. Sfigall, D. E. Sullins, Ted Tckacs, R. E. Taraba, E. L. Thornton, W. J. Trevine, A. Trough, D. C. Urrufia, A. C. Vifek, R. C. Vourcos, M. E Walker, J. Wallon, F. H. Welder, A. C. Whitfill, J. R. Williams, C. L., Jr Wolslegul, Bok- Woods, Pavl Zemanek, J. E. Zenfner, S. R. Zollar, G. H. 4 ,awsazam zvr:af nv x41x' ' ..zv53 zrwW MEMBERS: EARL R LITTLE Aaron, Doyle T. Adkins, William G. Aiken, Charles H. Albrecht, Warren O. Arnold, Roy Richard Asher, Joseph T. Baker, John T. Barrett, R. H. Bates, B. B. Benetield, A. W. Bible, Billy George Bohlman, Willy F., Jr. Bourke, C. D. Boutotte, Billie R. Brueck, William L., Jr. Bunting, Robert H. Byars, W. A., Jr. Clements, Monty Preston Cole, Lucretius B. Collins, Charles R. Collins, Jack W. Cotten, Andrew J. Courtacle, Edward Oliver Cox, Charles E. OFFICERS: EARL R. LITTLE . DUDLEY B. SMITH M. E. GRAVES, JR. J. E. RUSHING . M. C. GARREN, JR. ROBERT D. I-IUSTON I . SU Crook, Erwin T Davis, J. H. Dill, Robert E. Donovan, Frederick H. Doran, Bill H. Duncan, Glen Eubanks, J. A. Fleener, Thomas W. Fleming, Edward Flowers, Archie Galbreath, John D. Garren, M. C., Jr. Gibson, John O. Goodger, James M. Goodrum, J. R. Gould, W. E. Graves, M. E. "Gene", Jr. Griffin, Thomas P. Guerrero, Erasmo T. Haines, Edward T. Hall, James W. Hanna, Louis Hardison, James M. Hays, Fred William . President Vice-Presiclenl . Secretary . Treasurer . . Reporter . Program Chairman 'W' WWI 'fffffwfiwnnf ' W! ...M .. i Q, ,,.. I , . :tm-Q..,z6!7Md .fu ' .- f1-wf.,.w,fm,.,.'. ,, ...W , ,....e+ff fr X 520, z, V, 5.0, ,Mt ..,: he 1 . 7. . . 4' V :V 3' -Z MV w:esf'M,z:'wff' V 'V zf. Z. . :-.1 zg,-gs-3, 4 -.M-'ffffl -1 . -"Ae.r:?z ' , 1- f flaw fc,ff QQ J. , M2 x..,.,,,.,a A , .. A . , ... , .. es, 1 '- 4- 4 . n y ' " f ' ,,,f mf..--I . ,V I - mf f,., ,-,.1.ff,,..,, ' , .ff ',"ff-wfff' .pi Z ' ,J 2' V V ljg Pgfef J , ff . f .1 f f M ,459 , 4 JZ' 1,13 , saga! ,af f 5 Wy, Q44?f7f I if ff, f f x ' , f 7 1 3 f ff 1 W, , I I 1 , J, .. 4614.4 'fe ,. .,,. !,,,f,,, , , :,qg-- '-zw,,f...5 ,jf - Zu- 1 fi ,F 1' L. ,. ' : ,n ffk 1, i .. nr- . ff.-f-.14 ms.-.-f cz f ,. f. f -' ll 1 ff I I I 7 ,I .x , 'f f , 1 , . f cf? .71 IQKI fig I ? , if fob, ,V ffl If rj, f 5 f I , ,f , , W, . 1 ' 1fmw'A.1 4.1 Y A ll W M. E. GRAVES, JR. RUSS CLUB Hicks, Chester L. Hildebrand, H. L. Hunnewell, Harry T. Hunter, David L. Huston, R. D. Jones, H. D. Kelly, Joe R. King, Ernest J. King, Roy Travis King, Thomas J Kirk, Jack F. Koenning, A. G. Lee, Leighton B. Little, Earl Roy Lowery, Doyle McConnell, Joe E. McCary, Jack L. McKenzie, Lennis D. McNair, Marion D. Manieo, Llovd H. Martin, James O. Marx, Martin B. Mathews, Dean Stevens Mathis, James M. ' :Paige f- fa! ' C7 .-,ig ,f Ky' gmaww 5 , ffg Z W f ' J V f ff 5,7 X , 2 H . . k , , K! f fff, , yn 3 ' I f Jw f f f f 1 T vffzjt' 14 f rx? , , 6 ja ., . I. .Q 252 221 , ,,,,.? ,Q Jf 3:5 fjjfffy gg 1, , ' , ff , f f' , 1 a 1 , ,Q , J f f j ,f , . , 5 it f? f gy ff 2 Z' 6 ,4 f fi: X4 ' , ,494 ,g ,gpff ,..,4,Wfi nf 7, v I iff' M . , ,f ,ft 'V Z3 -.fx , J .. J. E. RUSHING Mepham, Allen Milliken, Ralph E. Mims, Edgar M. Morris, Tom Moss, Ira W. Mullin, Earl A., Jr. Murphy, Lauren D. Nickols, J. M. Nixson, Frank Derri Nunley, Thomas M. O'NeaI, Dessie E. Overstreet, Maxie Paras, Aristotle Parker, N. O. Pearce, Truman Phillips, E. Edgar Rattan, Thomas O. Reese, Joel R. Riddle, Don I. Rives, David A. Robinette, James L Rovinsky, Erven Ee Runtielcl, Johnny L. Runfield, Johnny L. Rushing, J. E. Sawyer, Donald G. Scarborough, R. W. Schepps, David Schneider, John C. Smart, Ray F. Smith, Clifton O. Smith, Dudley B. Smith, Gordon H. Smith, Ivan W. Smith, Robert L. Steed, Warren B. Steenson, S. M. Stiles, Lester W. Taylor, Lester Keith Terry, Bill G. Thurmond, Fred S. Wallace, Hugh Wathen, Thurman Webb, George R., Jr. West, David E. Whatley, John Eugene Williams, L. H. zsbcak, w. L. - A . . the ' in-1.-.1., -,pgs ,-fs-sz.: ..... A-.Q-...Lf ,,,,, 1-:Q-,assess .,..., .., .Z7.'.. v. 57. .4::4.,:1-.....-...fremfeszf Y .e.1:.e:.-.-...fs-,-.4-ee-mm-i-fe-fr4--MPV'-1.I'-"af m-'tl 1 f - , 1 5 , 1 . WHLLLL FQUNMLUWUN OFFICERS: JOSHUA TREIMAN President HERSCH EL MALTZ Vice-President LOU CAPLAN Treasurer LOU BELINSKY Secretary l NOMAN BRASLAU Parliamentarian MEMBERS: Abelow, Harry Bricker, Marris Birenberg. Leo Babkoff, Kenneth Bogin, Sid Braslau, Isaac Cao'an. Melvyn Clark, Sam Cohen, Aaron Croft, Pau D:1ni:'s.H-'ro'd Deutsch. Michael Dimand. Martin Dinersiein Thecdare Dunn. Freddie Eisenberg, A'vin Entgeiberg. Marvin Fain:1ofd,Lean Frank. Lester Freed, lsaac Freedman, Ira Fineg, Jerry Fisher, Ed vard Garb, Forrest Garber, Morris Gefber, Morris Goldberg, Arthur Goldstein. Irvin Gollob, Herman Golman, Alvin Hendler, Sam Joseph, Saba? Kalmans, Bennett Kanter, Melvyn Karren, Howard Klein, Herbert Kleinman, Asher Leder, Archie Lean, Allen Lemmans, Bernard Levin, Marvin Levy, Victor Lippmann, Wi'bur Marks, Richard Meinstein, Leon Murillo, Anthony Night, Ralph Nussbaum, Claude Perimutter, George Rachofsky, Morton Rosenthal, Stanley Rovinsky, Erven St1:1dler,Joe Schatzman. Norman Schechter, Adolph Schechter, Robert Schepps, David Schepps, Stanley Schuleman, Schoel Sellinger, Gerald Shaw, L. B. Simon, Haskell Skole, Richard Statman, lrving Sratman, Max Taubenhaus, Esther Terk, Roger Vehon, Richard Vehon, William Wolf, David Wolf. Robert Zainfeld, Nathan Klein, Stephen Sir ir iff -- FB Y 'f' l FW LUUMLRLN SUUWLNU lSSOu. tml OWEN ' M E R. O. WORNAT " President W. KELLING Vice-President R. J. SCHERO Treasurer C. R. LUNDELIUS Corresponding Secretary D. DITTMAR Recreation Secretary CAMPUS MEMBERS: Anderson, E. S. Bernhardt, H. Bernhardt, K. W. Bernhardt, L. J. Bockhorn, O. E. Boubel, P. R. Bredthauer, F. Burttschell, J. H. Cleland, F. A. Denny, D. W. Fisenhauer, C. A. Englebrecht, H. Fockelmann, W. F. Fowler, N. W. Frank, G. A. Grunwald, C. E. Homeyer, C. G. Jekel, E. E. Johansen, E. H. Krauskopf, B. R. Kruse, E. F. Kruse, H. W. Oehrnann, O. H. Lindig, W. Mueller, M. H. Pauls, E. W. Pfannstiel, D. C. Riewe, M. E. Rinn, C. A. Schero, R. J. Seipp, W. E. Siegmuncl, R. D. Tolle, L. J. Vornkahl, H. L. Wendlandt, W. G. IIRIIIULTURIE IIIIIINIIIL OFFICERS: VERNON G. BOYKIN . . LYTLE H. BLANKENSHIP . JOSEPH T. ASHER . . SOW KUNIHIRO R. C. WEBB . . DR. CHARLES N. MEMBERS: Mike A. Adkisson Warren C. Albrecht Joseph T. Asher Edwin R. Bernard Lyfle H. Blankenship Vernon G. Boykin Ronald R. Chase Spencer E. Cook John J. Derry Paschal O. Drake Dewey C. Edwards Sianley L. Flinn Clarence D. Freburg Mark W. Gordon SHEPARDSON . Carl T. Hand Richard F. Holland William E. Jackson Floyd E. Kerns Sow Kunihiro Bee E. Landrum Charles B. Modiseti John A. Mortenson Joe E. McConnell Stanley F. Oakley James E. Park Gordon C. Pence Leo R. Peveler . . Chairman . . Vice-Chairman Secrefary-Treasurer . . . . Reporter . Parliamenfarian . Sponsoring Dean Richard O. Pridemore Joel R. Reese Calvin A. Rinn David A. Rives Robert J. Russell, Jr. Clark B. Smith Richard G. Taylor Jennings D. Traylor Roberf C. Webb J. C. Welborn Charles V. Wooian Landon D. Wyfhe Franklin M. Zalcik William Zaragoza 237 3"L'1?Jw':gf-J-'.17-if "Fifi-"1'1l."1l . .u.'..-sf",'f."-. ...F ifi l ' . -' .- .. -- ' "'-e...+. .: .1f 'rf-F -:M 1' , f.5':x.EY'TifQ.e1 lf.. 1' qw ? ' . . ff 1 1 : - -- ffl " - - X-5-:91??v .v-. 'f' .4.-Aid' . - - ' 1 - N ' -fE?rfi5"..-f ...Y g " 'X LV ? fag" - 4 6 r-J.. ' ' :j.. . -me f- P f if it -" V . .,,. f cr- E -it 3' 'x4'1W..2 ' .1 5- f.'..,:,..:.sm?4 -f ,., 1: fzffxf'-1 rg. I 1- 6 52 1 .fling .4 , .' . . :Q-f w 1 r "'iif.fff2z - ., -I..-.Wag " 4"- .f" .'f1'.'.'-.v e g ,?.,: 'faMQf-mg w A- ' "" 'f 1' ff.. -1. 4,-5.1 4.116 .,: ' wfi- ...s , .fz fri. .,,'..,4, ft iid: F. an ' 'S ' :.' -' ru ':l.3w6-' fa,-.4 9 V ..,-1' Q.: .wo1f.'f' GERALD McCASKlLL MEMBERS: re. E. HOLLAND F. M. ZABCIK . . GERALD MCCASKILL R. E. HOLLAND . W. D. SAMUELS . J. R. WOOD . T. E. McAFEE . . President Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer Parliamentarian Faculty Adviser llL l ll Allison, Donald H6954 D- P' Asher, J, T, Higgmbofham, C. D. Bockholt, A. J. Hill, R- E- Brooks, W. B. Holland, R. E. Brunnemann, R. N. HUCLQLHS, H- R- Burk, J, W, Johnson, Q. A. Carroll, D. F. Chase, l.. E. Cook, Roy Cozart, E. R. Daniel, E. B. Duffle, T. C. Elliot, C. L. Enloe, J. A. Ferguson, R. E. Goerdel, L. E. Gorclen, B. B. Gunter, B. C. Hargrove, K. L. Jones, E. L. Kunihiro, Ken Kunze, R. J. Ledbetter, A. L. Lewis, W. M. Lynch, W. E. Lyons, C. R. Marks, G. C. McCaskill, Gerald Mikeska, L. G. Miller, C. 5. Moeller, R. A. Mosteller, S. A. Mote, R. M. Murphy, R. D. Newman, J. S. Ohlendorf, C. C. Poce, J. M. Patterson, C. F. Pauls, E. W. Price, F. S. Rabroker, R. A. Romey, R. P. Rives, D. A. Robertson, J. F. Salch, J. F. Samuels, W. D. Schubert, R. C. Sherwood, S. W. Shipley, T. A. Sigut, Louis Smelley, J. P. f Smith, E. c. Stallings, W. l:. Stanislav, L. R. Stroman, J. G. "' Tanamachi, W. H Terrell, B. J. Thompson, L. D. Treoclcmann, D. L. Tsehirhart, D. L. Underwood, B. A. Von Header, W. S. Watson, W. E. Wendt, C. W. Wiedenfeld, C. C. Williams, J. C. Williams, R. V. Wood, J. R. Zabcik, F. M. Troublefield, J. Owens, Charlie F. M. ZABCIK If lllMlll0liY Slllllfl MEMBERS: Adams, A. L. Allen, W. H. Blazek, R. L. Blohm, W. A. Chase, R. R. Cook, S. E. Davis, Z. T. Dunlap, W. O. Eads, R. M. Fairchild, H. E. Garner, C. F. Gibson, J. F. Gilbert, C. H. Graham, R. C., lr Grey, L. G. Griffith, R. D. Hallmark, K. D. Happ, J. H. Hardy, R. L. Hogue, R. lglinsky, W., Jr Jackson, W. E. Jackson, E. W. Jones, R. W. Kirchhof, G. Lake, J. W. Lloyd, E. D, Magee, W. J. Millander, N. W. Muldowney, T. J. Owen, B. L. Parker, W. B. Pfrimmer, T. Rider, F. L. Robertson, R. S. Rosier, J. G. Schmidt, J. W. Scholfz, L. L. Sfroop, D. E. Taylor, L. K. Thompson, V. D. Trclinger, A. J. Viiek, R. Walker, J. K. Williamson, A. L FACULTY Alek, A. H. Gunler, A. C. Hanna, R. L. Martin, D. F. Scales, A. L. Thomas, Dr. F. L Whipprechf, R. WU" OFFICERS: J. C. WILBORN . . . President STEVE LINDSAY . . . Vice-President C. E. WILLIS . . . 2nd Vice-President MALCOMB FLUITT . 3rd Vice-President FLOYD E. KERNES .... Secretary STERLING LINDSAY . . . Treasurer THOMAS L. PEACOCK . Parliamentarian MARSHALL RUTH ERFORD . . Reporter MACYL K. ORAM . . . Historian srsvc LINDSAY FLOYD E. KERNES HENRY R. SPALDING - - Adviser Spalding, H. J. Stevenson, J. P. Wade, J. W. Geuske, C. Simmons, J. A. McDade, F. W. Slaughter, H. H. Welbarn, J. C. Tate, Joe Marsh, L. G. Nix, W. C. Hord, E. E. Clark, G. S. Lyon, Ray Rucker, H. S. Lester, C. M. Dorsett, R. H. Lehmann, J. Jones, G. W. Shaw, J. W. Boykin, V. G. Stoner, H. H. Bridges, J. Robert, J. W. Chaney, J. C. White, D. Bauon, E. H. Alford, D. E. Fluitt, M. L. Micholski, J. F. Ruddle, N. H. Pierce, R. M. Dean, C. W. Wilson, H. O. Grounds, E. R. Boyd, W. E. Haux, J. Sewell, I. Q. Knight, C. N. Bryan, G. F. Owen, W. B. Frank, J. A. Turner, B. S. Shaddox, R. C. Groves, M. E. Robinson, T. F. Fuchs, H. F. Elliot, S. M. Higgins, Hamlin, P. C. Correa, T. F. Daniel, E. F. Smith, B. E. Woods, H. C. Copeland, F. M. Freeman, H. N. Aynes, D. Gilbert, G. E. Boling, B. R. Owins, J. Mitchell, H. S. Alexander, E. R. Drake, S. W. Hicks, H. Spann, H. O. Jackson, R. O. McElroy, W. W. Williams, R. H. Stone, H. R. Swindle, W. C. Pool, V. G. Hampton, J. D. Brown, M. Barron, E. D. Hudgins, J. F. Frazier, O. S. Martin, J. O. Clifford, T. P. Schmidt, L. F. Robinsin, J. D. Wright, J. H. Peacock, T. L. Robbins, E. W. Fox, W. W. Hill, E. H. Whittington, E. M. Hous, J. T. Dibbrell, C. M. Boyd, W. I. Jackson, J. M. Allen, M. K. Bailey, B. V. Rutherford, H. M. Swaun, B. W. Van Cleave, H. W. Lewis, M. E. Kernes, F. E. Shell, W. S. Mc-Andrews, D. L. Taylor, E. Seale, B. J. Worsham, M. F. Gilmoree, E. G. Albrecht, D. W. Heideman, G. T. Crouch, A. Lindsey, Steve Hill, D. D. Barttochell, J. Oglesby, J. M. Davis, F. A. Sullivan, J. W. McCoy, C. W. Pate, B. J. Reed, G. T. Spafford, J. Tomlin, L. J. Reese, C. Purvis, R. Warden, D. D. Walker, C. D. Black, G. E. Percy, VI. W. J. C. WILBORN OFFICERS: WM. H. H. HOGG . . President QFCIIIJ CARL T. HAND . . President ISpringJ J. E. PARK . . Vice-President CFQIID . -,f,A 4 V IV GA I PW., 22435 2:55 J A A ' 5, V 4. 1556 5 ,af by , f ff f , if fy 2 , ' f fffg M C, f 59 my f I if 'QM 1 f f W f 4 1 f 4 J 1 f ,,, , , Q gf I 4 J f 1 W' , , ' ' fb"-'SQ ' of M ' f I fy if f, , Z f , Z E? f 5 f ff f 01 f ' f 4 4 1 I, M! 3 f , , Z X 1 I A ' Q 3, , , x . . -, ...ff I. W. SMITH . Vice-President lSpringj I CALVIN A. RINN .... secfemfy "I' BERT MILAM ' ' ' Treasure' , WILLIAM H HOGG . . RepOl'fef' I' W. SMITH MEMBERS: Allen, Richard E. Asburn, Lawrence Avery, Ed Benes, John P. Bennett, Leon R. Burk, Percy Bush, Howard M. Casas, Rafael Christner, John Coker, William Cooley, Johnny B. Corcles, Chester H. Cordes, Louis B. Croley, J. R. IIRE M AND KIIW KL B Dillingham, Richard Duke, Eugene A. Edwards, Earl, Jr. Francis, E. C. Green, Benny Hagood, Roy Hand, Carl T. Hardy, Watford, Jr. Hogg, William H. H Holloway, Kenneth Jones, Warren C. Krupala, George Lazarine, Marshall Lehman, James Lyon, Gene Madison, Ford Martin, John, Jr. McCarley, Jack Milam, Bert Nix, William E. Park, James E. Perez, Ernest Perlmutter, George G. Ray, William C. Rinn, Calvin A. Rosenthal, Stanley H. Schuelke, H. H. Schultz, Edmund, Jr. Seamans, Willis Seitzer, F. W. Skidmore, John K. Smith, C. B. Smith, I. W. Sternadel, M. A. Terry, Ralph Trevino, A. P. Trimmier, Billy Tschirhart, W. E. Vandiver, Ross E. Weber, John P. im., 3 57 1:-xv. . , .: 'ua .vs i Q5 may . ." may f.g.-.ygkff gg' N yi H V5 .-E . ft5..p,,.5,,4y,3 ' " . K e i-,.. ,.,,., ' 74:5 Q .,--2 :.22,E..ii..:. 52 ...gh 'Q sy Hxffifkggi MU g k 1 MQW? . . 5,9 , ! ,543 X , oe. . X, - f 'sz' sv. , ew. i f o f S ,J N 5. sg . .Y v 9 f . av f . 1, 1 V C ix X . . . Y .. , 4, 9 QS v ,Q vs 1 X, X M- Q Vs a Q 3 xx g 4 1 N 1? , , 3. . W , . x gin., . 7 C1 E fy 4 ce 4 v W Q Q A f 1 Q6 . ,ay . A 'Y , . xx , ,H ,,..,... 4 - f 'fm ff .J sf fs. W 5, Q. ,f ,HW 'WX . f 1 N, 5' 1 Y 4 'V' X. W3 .sf X, ff .rpg 1 Q V1 4 fx J 'egg' Yip' ff M 2 .2 0 M. ...M X .1 'ami ffl' Q YA ,Q .4299 r cw, QA 1 4 . A., S? 1. of Riel -Q I C7 I , 9 5 , A . X if ,y y A :Ji I rl My K 'AM X A D C EDWARDS JR J. J. DERRY all .E . . , . ,, . N- l . J ... mi. MEMBERS: Anderson, A. H, Folzenlogen, G. H. Arnot, R. A. GUN, H- D- Boll, Durwood E. Gill, B. G. Billups, John S. Boroughs, James S Brown, Bruce O. Campbell, S. P. Cervenka, B. J. Chappell, James E. Classen, John P. Coleman, G. B. Cook, J. R. Crockett, J. E. Daniel, W. D. Derry, J. J. DeWitt, John V. Dewey, R. K. Edwards, D. C. Engle, R. L. Evans, Z. B. Green, T. F. Harris, C. W. Henry, F. P. Hightower, Royse Hill, Ken E. Hood, Frank C. Johnson, Joe C. Kelley, J. B. Kiker, Leland W. Leinweber, Charles L. McCormick, Stuart R. McCrary, Jack L. Millender, John J. Morse, Vernon B. Norris, Joe B. Peveler, Leo R. Pittard, Lynn OFFICERS: R. L. PEVELER . . . . President D. C. EDWARDS, Jr. . . Vice-President J. J. DERRY . . Secretary-Treasurer J. B. KELLEY . Parliamentorion J. R. COOK . . Social Chairman T. F. GREEN . . Reporter li Ll ll. gllili. ff l Y GLU Powell, Don L. Ragsclale, Don L. Richter, Carlos A. Rockenbaugh, Thomas Sansom, Max Y. Shannon, William R. Shitlet, Tom N. Smyth, Cecil B. Stephenson, William H. Stroud, Frank B. Thaxton, Maurice E. Trenckmann, Leon M. Walker, John Q. Wyatt, F. W. GRADUATE STUDENTS Conrad, E. C. Dameron, J. T. Hedrick, D. W. Hereford, L. R. Hood, J. J. Kilpatrick, H. M. Launchbaugh, J. McArthur, James Norris, J. J. Ruby, E. S. Suftel, P. H. Yarlett, L. L. Thomas, Gerald PROFESSORS Dr. V. A. Young Dr. O. E. Sperry Dr. H. F. Heady Dr. R. A. Darrow Dr. F. W. Gould D. G. Wilson R. R. Rhodes W. G. McCully C. W. Simmons A. H. Walker L. R. L. PEVELER K 3 4: R3 .3 ., A WW! :::. .. ,-vf::,g4 -'.sfq'i.P,,.' 15 ft 4 . . . 72.3 ,:. , g g ,YE L .,,, ... J- -4f- . .. 0-f ..-. S...-....,.,-, 'l -- . -v at -if wg-f "'-' l:.:i.fZgf,3a -- .M ...i 3? l 'vt ,B 47 ,L . X X . X iyi , wx. ,f .X + . 1 sz s x X Q xi ,Wx .C ,. U. 3 + 'K . 1? sw A x CARL KEMPLIN .XJR MEMBERS: Agnor, A. S. Allen, H. J. Allen, S. H. Andrews, A. P. Atkinson, J. F. Baker, K. H. Barrow, J. L. Barlemann, A. Barnes, J. M. Barton, C. K. Beatty, W. D. Bergin, Tom Bissell, A. L. Bland, B. J. Bonnot, Joe Bowlin, R. F. Braden, J. A. Bradley, J. K. Bragg, Harold Bryan, Travis Burgess, Ralph Burns, Kenneth Bush, H. M. Chambers, C. A. Coffin, R. W. Coleman, S. L. Conway, Joe Crane, J. H. Crouch, M. E. Crumrine, M. Davis, C. E. Day, J. R. OFFICERS: CARL KEMPLIN . . . President TOM BERGIN . . Vice-President CHARLIE RANKIN . Secretary-Treasurer SCOTT HOWELL . Parliomentorian GLEN DUNKLE . . Reporter CHARLlE RANKIN TOM BERGIN X, , 5 Q .. , N. Y. C H X! . ,H , . ll ll- Deeg, Owen C. Dibrell, Frank M. Dittman, A. D. Dunkle, Glen Dunkum, W. G., Jr. Dysart, Will H. Ferrel, T. J. Figuero, F. Finch, C. H. Fitts, R. G., Jr. Freberg, C. Frierson, E. E. Frost, B. J. Futch, Don E. Gay, C. N. Gibbs, Bert H. Gilliland, E. L. Gordon, Don Gorey, W. T. Green, W. W. Green, Zeke Gunter, John Hahn, E. Hailey, Billy Hamilton, C. R. Hanning, R. M. Harris, Tom Hendricks, J. Hencerling, J. P. Herndon, Joe Hickman, Jim Hill, K. E. Hill, C. D. Hobbs, Phil Hoermann, Leroy Honaker, Bill Hourman, H. B. Howell, A. E. Howell, E. S. lmholy, R. E. lsenhower, J. W. Johnson, Ned Kemplin, Carl Kennison, W. W. Kenny, N. M. Knight, R. K. Kone, C. H. Kutch, G. F. Kyle, Bill Lamonica, V. Lanham, W. H. Lanier, Sid Latham, Ed Lawerence, L. A. Ledbetter, R. Lewis, J. C. Lindig, W. N. Locker, J. D. Lohman, Howard Lowe, R. W. Lyles, William Malechek, Dale Maner, J. T. Marchman, J. E. Markham, C. A. Manuel, M., Jr. Mauldin, Gene Medford, R. R. Messick, D. C. Miller, R. B. Mills, Bryon Mitchell, J. B. Mitchell, Pat Moeller, E. A. Montgomery, J. N. Moore, Jinkins Mosely, Dick McBride, J. W. McCartu, J. F. McDermott, C. E. McGuyer, R. L. McNeil, Tom P. McSwain, A. B. Newburn, A. L. Nichols, Bill Northington, R. H Olsen, M. B. Ory, Bill Overstreet, Moxie Palm, W. B. Pape, L. M. Pavelka, J. R. Pettiette, P. L. Pfeil, C. E. Powell, D. L. Pridemore, R. O. Quattlebaum, J. Rankin, D. Reyes, Humberto Rheman, J. T. Rhoden, J. G. Richter, H. P. Roberts, J. D. Robertson, J. F. Rogers, K. G. Sauls, J. E. Sawyer, G. R. Schwenke, J. R. Selman, Bunky Sentell, J. P. Shelton, .l. Shelton, Tom Sheppard, M. D. Sherer, B. J. Simmons, J. A. Simpson, H. A. Sims, B. O. Smith, C. C. Smith, J. C. Smith, W. B. Sommers, Clyde Steen, J. B. Steger, R. C., Jr. Strauss, Joe Stroope, J. R. Stevenson, H. J. Sullivan, J. Switzer, C. H. Terry, B. U. Thomas, W. F. Thornton, D. S. Tolbert, B. J. Tompkins, Jack Trent, W. D. Tullos, Tom Turnbow, C. E. Varnado, Bill Vaughn, Joe D. Waide, J. B. Wakefield, J. E. Walker, Karl Walker, S. M. Ward, A. A. Ward, D. R. Ware, J. H. Warneke, Bobert Wells, H. Wheeler, R. G. Whitsett, Lynn B. Whittenburg, H. R Wilhite, A. T. Williamson, J. T. Winfrey, D. G. Woltman, W. B. Wood, J. P. Woodhull, J. F. Wythe, Douglas Zahn, G. W. H N V " T OFFICERS: ROBERT F. MCADAMS President Fall Semester JENNINGS D. TRAYLOR Vice-President Fall Semester President Spring Semester ROBERT J. RUSSELL Secretary Fall - Spring Semester JACK M. lNGLlS Treasurer Fall - Spring Semester L. B. COLE Vice-President Spring Semester MEMBERS: Allison, Fred E. Atmar, Gerald L. Blankenship, Lytle H. Boyd, Charles E. Burdine, E. R. Camp, John T. Chambers, Gilbert V. Cole, L. B. Lyons, C. J. Mace, Marvin R. Martin, V. Z. McDonough, W. S. McLeod, C. R. McPherson, Tim Mit'cl1ell, Jack D. Nipper, James L. Critchfield, Chester C.Parmalee, Paul W. Davis, Richard B. Duncan, Don A. Eberhart, Don Engling, G. August Falke, R. H. Fischer, D. B. Gaither, E. H. Gates, Doyle E. Graves, J. E. Grelcin, T. D. Henderson, B. J. Hicks, Willis B. Higgins, J. E. Holman, R. S. Humphreys, E. C. Hunt, T. P. Inglis, Jack M. Julian, W. H. Kay, Victor W. Kucera, W. B. Lewis, Leo D. Loesch, Harold C. Paxon, R. E. Payne, A. M. Pipes, R. L. Robertson, J. L. Rose, James E. Russell, Robert J. Scott, R. E. Simpson, Don B. Smith, W. T. Sundberg, Harold W Swank, Wendell C. Teer, James G. Thomas, Carl H. Tillotson, A. Carlton Troylor, Jennings D. Walther, J. R. Wilhite, F. R. Wilson, W. B. Wood, J. E. Wray, Bennet C. Wright, William T. Wyatt, Charles E. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Davis, William B. Wing, Leonard Menzel, R. W. Wyatt, F. W. Schultz, C. A. HONORARY MEMBERS: Rowell, Chester ff? if it OFFICERS: JOEL REESE President JAMES VENABLE Vice-President HARRY MACK STANLEY OAKLEY Secretaries PAUL LEEPER B. G. HANCOCK Treasurers W. A. JONES ODELL CHAPMAN Reporter A. H. KREZDORN Sponsor MEMBERS: Blitch, Harold Correa, R. T. Corry, Hal Courtade, Edward Diaz, Luis Dyer, Malcolm Engelbrecht, H. W. Goodwin, Gichard Pawlik, Dan Stephens, T. S. Williams, K. E. LANIJSII PE RI III B M RKEIINIS AND FINANCE Ill B OFFICERS: ROBERT C. WEBB President JOE R. KELLY Vice-President SOW KUNIHIRO Secretary-Treasurer C. O. SMITH, JR. Reporter L. J. TOLLE Concession Manager MEMBERS: Adkinsson, Mike Austin, Don Blair Berry, Elton D. Brundrett, T. H. Burns, Curtis M. Clint, Morris W. Dalrymple, James D. Dilworth, William L. Drozd, Victor B. Evans, William L. Gardner, Weldon D. Gray, H. F. Green, Richard B. Gregory, Stanley B. Hartman, Willis Huey, George P. Jochetz, Raymond J. Kelly, Joe R. King, Don K. Kaenning, August G. Kunihiro, Sow Leatherwoocl, Cecil L. Morris, Curtis F. Morris, Jack Nanny, Thomas G. Odom, Richard Pratt, Billie J. Price, Thomas H. Richardson, John K. Rogers, Stanley Lee Rouse, Charles Ruddy Schrickel, Ollie E. Schroeder, James M. Seroyer, Fred D. Sims, Fowler Vare Smith, C. O. Stringer, Hal E. Sturdivant, Robert L. Tolle, Leon J. Weatherford, Robert H. Webb, Robert C. Wilcoxen, Don R. Williams, James M. Yarborough, Charles P. Yezak, A. C. Zelsman, William C. ifrzfrik' OFFICERS: JOE MCCONNELL President ii T. J. MORGAN Vice-President P. O. DRAKE Secretary-Treasurer DR. JOHN McNEELY Sponsor! MEMBERS: 'Adams, W. Anderson, A. Apel, E. E. Beck, P. K. Brawley, H. E. Crews, J. Davis, l. T. Dorsett, R. H. Gilpin, W. W. Grady, J. Harper, J. W. Henslee, D. Herrington, D. A. Jay, G. H. Kutch, D'. L. Landrum, D. M:ConaId, R. B. McKenzie, T. Milliken, R. Puckett, D. Schwarz, G. A. Sentell, J. S. Twenhafel, M. Vaughn, H. Vincent, J. Williams, H. L. White, W. B. Wootan, C. PROFESSORS: Bebout, H. Paine, L. OFFICERS: BOB M. MAYFIELD President BILL DORAN Vice-President DELVIN R. BARRETT Secretary-Treasurer GRADY O. SCROGGINS Reporter MEMBERS: Albrecht, Warren O. Allison, J. Donald Boardman, W. L. Boothe, James L. Clerihew, W. M. Collons, Harland Currie, Clinton Doran, Bill Elwell, Jack J. Evans, John W. Flinn, Stanley Lewis, John W. Mayfield, Bob M. Meyers, Karl Penix, James Y. Scroggins, Grady O. Smith, Joe E. Taylor, Dick Temple, B. J. viirsiriir OFFICERS: JIM BOB STEEN President EARL EDWARDS Vice-President HUMBERTO REYES Secretary JOE BONNOT Treasurer ED HILL Program Chairman A. H. KARCHER Sponsor MEMBERS: Anderson, Dub Adams, Kenneth Avery, Ed Bonnot, Joe Bowdoin, Cleve Burk, John Coffman, Don Davis, Baker Duffie, Tommie Dunlop, Lawrence Edwards, Earl Gibson, Bruce Green, Tommy Griffin, Joe Gunter, John Harborth, Norman Hill, Ed Hoerman, Harvey Hoerman, Leroy Howell, Scott Howell, Victor Huffman, William Kocurek, William Leschper, Leroy Wetz, Freeman Wicker, Charles Winsett, Ivan Young, Dick Lewis, Cecil Lilly, W. S. Lockriolge, Bill M:Bee, George McLeod, Max Miller, Babe Miller, Robert Orts, Frank Pearson, P. R. Prochaska, Butch Jarvis, Putter Reyes, Humberto Riff, Douglas Robinson, L. E. Schuhart, Millard Sealey, Bill Semlinger, Richard Smith, E. W. Steed, Gene Earl Steen, Jim Bob Stokes, Joe Strateman, Malcolm Swenning, R. L. Thomas, William Tieclt, L. O. Wakefield. John Ward, Billy Welsch, Hanna Westphal, R. E. SIIIIIIUL 0E AGRICULTURE JUDGING TEAMS SENIIIR DAIRY CATTLE .IUIIGING TEAM Left to right: Gibson McLarey, Jack McCarley, A. L. Darnell, coach, and Earl Edwards. Team won second place in competition with 30 other teams in the Na- tional Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest held at Waterloo, Iowa, in October. The A81M team was high team in judging Holsteins and Jerseys. McCarley was high point man of the entire contest. SMIIIIIR DAIRY PRIIIJUIITS JIIIJGING TEAM Lett to right: William Johnson, Warren Jones, W. C. Coker, Jim Park and Wayne Smith. Coach J. G. Featro, not shown. Team competed in the state contest at the Dallas State Fair and in the national contest at Los Angeles. Placing 3rd at Dallas among 4 teams proved to be good experience since team placed 5th in milk iudging and TOth in ice cream iudging in com- petition with T8 teams at Los Angeles. IIRIIPS JUIJGING TEAM Lett to right: F. G. Collard, coach, W. A. Kelling, L. G. Mikeska, J. C. Williams, and Joe Walzel. At Kansas City, Missouri, on November 22, team placed fourth in the National Collegiate Grain Judging Contest. Team scored 4,928 points out of a possible 5,400. L. G. Mikeslca was high individual in the grain phase. SENIUR LIVESTUTIK JUDGING TEAM Front row, left to right: C. E. Turnbow, J. R. Straus, Jr., J. S. Santell, P. R. Weyerts. Back row: C. R. Kemp- lin, C. D. Green, W. M. Warren, coach. B. R. Mill, alternate, is not pictured. Team entered the Interna- tional Livestock and the American Royal Livestock Expositions. lt placed T2th in a field of 34 teams at the International and 14th in a field of 22 teams at the American Royal. SENITTR MEAT JUIJGING TEAM Left to right: W. C. Dunkum, B. J. Bland, O. D. Butler, Jr., coach, H. E. Riley, and A. S. Agnor. The meat judging team entered the American Royal Livestock Exposition at Kansas City, Missouri, in October. lt ranked eighth in this contest. The team then competed in the international Livestock Exposition at Chicago. Out of a field of 2'l teams it placed twelfth. SENIUR PUULTRY JUIJGING TEAM Left to right: E. D. Parnell, coach, G. O. Scroggins, D. R. Barrett, B. M. Mayfield, and Bill Doran. The poul- try iudging team gained national recognition by plac- ing first in the national collegiate contest at Chicago on November 29th and 30th. Being second on three other occasions, this was its first time to capture first place. B. M. Mayfield was high scorer for the Aggies in the contest, which saw T7 teams competing. f fix 'jf ,fvff , . ,ff .ff w. 1, H - pr '- Lmff e.-.f Q ' me. ,, :- .,. fy-,111 , ., . , 1. .4-f-gli. 1. f -.5451 3354 f i r ,445 I y I Y 1 41 T ' 'J 1 y r af w f I 1 ,V M X 1 ff 6 4 M, V 7, , ' f ,Q K 05 1 1' .. f .. f .. . , X, f 1 ' 1 1' ,iffy 1 1 Z I 2 ,X , f M f l OFFICERS: Eff.. J. L. REEVES . . . . President V , -V , M. Y. SWATZELL . . President-Elecf ,' ' F. H. SIMS . . . . Vice-President , HERBERT KING . Secretary-Treasurer V' , '7' ' ,,.' , r , , ' Z' f' ,'?17?i.j W. E. MCADA . . . Reporter 3 ' ,I IIVI . 2 . . 'fig' L ' J. O. MARTIN . . Ser eant at Arms g .-y qsym -i wwf .- J OSCAR BOCKHORN . Parliamentarian J L REE ES R. M. BOTARD HERBERT KING li . fi l I o o o i o MEMBERS: Aiken, C. H. Cates, J. E. Flowers, A. I. Hubert, P. L. McConnell, S. J. Petermon, W. B. Stevenson, L. B. Albflghf, D- l-- Clark, C. E. Foster, R. W. Hubert, R. L. McDermith, D. J, Pfeil, C. E. Stewart, R. W. Alexander, W. F. Clarke, L. P. Frankson, M. C. Hughes, R. J. McDonald, R. L. Phillips, E. Stewart, W. H. Allen, B. W. Cleere, H. N. Fuchs, C. J. Humphries, J. E. McLeod, S. N. Pierce, E. Studdard, C. W. Allison, J. E. Clifton, W. W. Gabbard, D. Hunger, R. McMurray, E. D. Pigott, M. B. Swatzell, M. Y. Anderson, D. L. Clooney, F. B. Galbreaith, J. D. lvy, W. W. McMurray, T. S. Pitts, D. C. Swope, B. J. Anderson, W. L. Collins, O. C. Gandy, J. Jackson, H. E. Maddox, R. M. Ponder, W. H. Taegel, W. M. Angel, T. B. Copenhaver, C. E. Gault, L. L. Johnson, L. Markham, J. L. Prather, C. Thaxton, C. L. Baker, J. M. Corbett, C. M. Gibbens, R. Jones, C. E. Martin, E. V. Prewitt, J. M. Thomas, G. N. Baker, R. W. Cotten, A. J. Giebel, L. H. Jones, J. P. Martin, J. O. Price, J. W. Thomas, S. M. Balentine, K. T. Coulter, J. B. Goodman, J. G. Jones, R. E. Marx, M. B. Prince, R. E. Tillett, H. A. Bates, J. R. Crow, E. W. Goodwin, R. J. Joy, J. B. Massey, J. l.. Prine, J. R. Tobias, O. G. Bebinger, J. R. Dalovisis, L. P. Green, W. W. Judy, E. L. Mathis, B. M. Ramsey, F. A. Tumlinson, R. G. Bell, B. D. Daniels, R. G. Griffin, T. P. Keen, F. R. Mathis, J. M. Ronge, E. B. Ulrich, J. A. Benson, T. L. Dawson, J. T. Grogan, R. W. Keir, D. H. Matthews, T. W Reeves, J. L. Underwood, B. J Blackburn, F. H. Davis, J. O. Hall, H. F. Kelsey, J. F. Mayse, B. R. Riddle, D. l. Vinas, E. M. Bockhorn, O. E. Davis, K. J. Hallmark, J. F. Kendrick, G. Melius, H. C. Robbins, J. D. Waidhoter, J. J. Bostwick, M. O. Deyhle, C. E. Hancock, B. B. Kilgore, R. L. Meyer, H. O. Roberts, B. H. Wallace, C. F. Botard, R. M. Dobbins, S. M. Harding, T. E. King, H. J. Michel, H. F. Ross, W. B. Wallace, H. M. Bourke, C. D. Doran, J. G. Harkins, M. C. Kirk, J. G. Mode, W. G. Routh, S. C. Weyerts, P. R. Brandes, P. P. Drapela, C. F. Harper, J. L. Knapp, B. J. Moore, G. T. Ryan, T. F. White, D. D. V,Brown, J. M. Duwe, J. H. Harrel, C. H. Koenig, F. J. Mullins, J. C. Saunders, R. D. Wilkins, J. F. Bl'yant, E. L. Eckerman, E. H. Hart, J. C. Kramer, P. H. Murray, W. L. Schmidt, H. W. Williams, D. E. Bryan, N. A. Egan, W. F. Herbert, R. T. Kutch, G. F. Nauert, R. G. Seay, J. L. Williamson, J. H Buck, W. W. Ellsworth, B. R. Henderson, J. Lamp, J. H. Neville, F. N. Simpson, R. E. Wilson, C. L. Cadenhead, P. W. Elston, D. M. Hicks, 5. G. Landrum, P. W. Nichols, W. S. Sims, F. H. Wilson, E. E. Caldwell, R. R. Emmett, R. A. Hoban, J. E. Lewis, W. M. Nunley, T. M. Slay, C. Womrnack, J. H. Cardwell, W. H. Faulkenberry, T. G. Holcomb, H. B. Lindsey, G. D. Parker, B. Smart, R. F. Woods, A. Corgill, H. W. Fenner, R. Holden, S. A. Lohmann, H. C. Patterson, A. G. Smith, W. M. Word, J. M. Carr, R. E. Fields, F. R. Holekamp, C. T. McAda, A. C. Patterson, V. R. Sayars, E. L. Yeargan, G. S. Carroll, J. D. Finey, J. Hranitzky, D. R. McAda, W. E. Perry, R. H. Stevens, C. R. Young, R. J. Carroll, T. G. Fitte, D. L. Young, V. E. if wngmggm' ...sb u"'1i4.'.,c.. Jr.-...4--c 11.4 A - . T M M LNCES OFFICERS: MIRH L CHARLES D. CABANISS . .... President JIMMIE S. FORSYTH . . DR. JOHN P. ABBOTT . MEMBERS: Herbert W. Beutel Rex L. "Bill" Billingsley Dean L. Boyd Charles D. Cabaniss Eric W. Carlson James R. Cash William K. Colville David L. Coslett Byron N. Dooley Earl D. Downing Arthur C. Flory Jimmie S. Forsyth Joseph C. Frazier 250 Joe R. Fuller Ralph F. Gilby Douglass D. Hearne Winans D. Holliday Richard J. Holmgreen Billy O'N. Hoskins Cecil H. Huey, II Robert L. Hunt Robert D. Huston George S. Kadera David J. Kreager Earl R. Little, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer . Sponsoring Dean Robert B. Mayes Thomas E. Miller Brian T. Moran Joe H. Mullins Joseph B. Murphy Mack T. Nolen Bobby L. Reid Robert E. Sullivan Robert D. Tobola Frank D. Welch Wesley W. Wilson Karl O. Wyler OFFICERS: CECIL H. HUEY . . . .President LLOYD H. MANJEOT . . Vice-President DAN W. DAVIS . . Secretary-Treasurer JOHN D. SHOEMAKER . . . Reporter CECIL H, HUEY JOHN D. si-IOEMAKER LLOYD H MANJEOT MEMBERS: Allega, J. S. Allen, W. M. Amason, B. D. Arthur, H. Bailey, C. P. Baker, E. G. Baker, L. B. Baker, L. E. Barrett, S. G. Brady, S. H. Braun, G. E. Brundrett, T. H. Bucek, J. F. Buchanan, J. F. Butler, C. R. .CJ Cecil, R. c. Chambless, M. K. Clark, N. N. Clark, S. S. Cobb, H. B. Cooper, T. R. Crader, J. W. BUSINESS SIICIIETY Crouch, J. M. Cushing, F. W. Davis, D. W. Dowing, M. W. Duke, J. H. "Red" Etie, G. J. Fleming, C. H. Garney, W. M., Jr. Gilbert, C. W. Green, T. T. Halkias, E. E. Harris, J. W. Hervey, L. C. Hintz. C. W. Hoover, P. D. Huebner, M. T. Huey, C. H. Hunter, P. F. Johnson, R. J. Jones, L. D. Joseph, D. R. Kelley, Kennedy, H. C. King, T. J. Ludymon, H. R. Lancaster, W. B. Landry, Lloyd Lee, Lokey, T. Y. Long, R. W. Manieot, L. H. McClure, D. P. Mebune, W. C., Jr. Millard, R. W. Miller, E. L. Morris, R. R. Moss, R. L. Munnerlyn, T. A. Myers, L., Jr. Nehring, H. L. Nobiling, C. W. Paraskeius, A. N. Parma, E. C. Paull, R. O. Perkins, L. N. Pumphrey, W. B. Raley, J. L. Roun, L. G. Schroeder, A. G. Shaffer, Sheppard, L. R. Sherrill, F. P. Shoemaker, J. D. Shugart, J. H.' Sims, R. C. Sommers, F. A. Spinks, V. E. Stoffregen, B. J. Strickland, H. G. Taylor, C. A. Tscsmelis, J. G. Tuxworth, W. J. Von Way, C. T., Jr Vinyard, G. A. Walker, J. L. Winter, C. D., Jr. OFFICERS: BILLY NASH . . .Presrdenf BILL LEE . . . . Vice-President BOB LEE .... Secrefary-Treasurer RED ELMENDORr ..... Reporter Sponsors S. O. Brown, C. H. Bernard, H. L. Graveff, C. K. Hancock, E. B. Mid- BILL LEE RED ELMENDORF CIIGTOH, G- E- POHGY- BIL I I Q - I Q I f V Y , , .. ll E. E I L W5 mr M , I A 1 ,. 0 g , , ,.,, , , f' -.M J Q -E 'I - MEMBERS: Adams, K. P. Hofi, N. Roman, W. B. Allison, T. Karow, W. G. Ross, S. E. Anderson, F. Landrum, C. K. Schawe, B. Baker, W. Leder, A. Shaw, L. Boston, D. W Lee, W. L. Stinson, R. S. Brueck, W. L. Lee, R. J. Swearingen, W. O. Cusick, G. Leonard. J. E. Urruficl, A. Dooley, B. N. Massa, J. O. Urruficl, C. Edwards, G. Nash, B. H. Warden, D. Elmenolorf, E Norman, J. R. Weatherall, R. H. Fuller, C. H. Novasad, C. L. Weaver, A. Gotilob, J. Reid, B. L. Williamson, J. A. Halick, J. V. LY NASH MEMBERS: R IIE IINIINB BN E T l. mtl. s rl OFFICERS: ROBERT E. SULLIVAN President BILLY O. HOSKINS Vice-President THOMAS W. OGDEN Secretary-Treasurer JOEL E. HOGAN Publicity Chairman NAT A. MERIWETHER Program Chairman Allen, Robert H. Andrus, George Arnold, Roy R. Asher, Robert Barrett, Richard H. Bennett, R. O., .Ir. Blackburn, R. W. Boney, John H. Borcherding, Floyd L. Branner, Warren E. Brown, Preston H. Burnett, Arthur L. Caronia, Julian Carr, John Cook, Bill R. Cox, Bob L. Cunningham, Charles Davenport, Chas. M. Dempsey, J. J. Davidson, Joe V. Dunn, Robert F. Lee, Leighton B. Lehrmann, Otto Q. Marin, G. L. Marks, Richard E. Martin, A. R. Martin, Harold Mebane, William B. Miller, E. D. Mills, Jock C. Morris, Joe M. Musey, Mitchell J. M:D:1niel, C. R. McKenzie, Warren B. McNeill, W. F. Neal, Carl T. Onxley, Claude Owens, Bill A. Pantermuehl, Leroy A Paulk, William M. Pearce, Truman L. Phillips, B. B. Engebretson, Edward OPhillips, R. K. Farmer, J. R. Fletcher, J. C. Fletcher, R. W. Fairbairn, G. C. Graves, Jack A. Green, J. M., Jr. Hall, T. G. Hardwicke, Lawrence Haverlah, Wm. C. Hedrick, Robert K. Hensley, M. R. Hogan, E. J. House, W. R. Jordan, Buck E. Julius, John Kagler, Ben D. Kirk, Robert A. Lane, Bill J. slrsiriir OFFICERS: A. C. FLORY President Plummer, B. R. Porter, V. R. Randol, Robert T. Reasoner, Jay E. Reyes, Carlos V. Rowe, Don Smith, C. Russell Spears, Dan Wallace Stanley, Howard L. Stogdill, W. A. Tarver, John P. Taylor, Frank P. Terry, Melvin Glenn Thompson, M. E. Tipton, R. L. Wells, S. A. Wilson, Gene M. BRYAN ZIMMERMAN Vice-President RALPH GILBY Secretory-Treasurer MEMBERS: Baron, J. D. Bass, H. K. Chitwood, G. E. Engleberg, Marvin Flory, A. C. Gilby, Ralph Groves, R. H. Guevara, F. A. Hill, John H. Johnson, R. B. Ledlie, R. B. Q Lippmann, Wilbur McDutfie, N. G. Osborne, E. L, Reinhard, R. H. Ross, L. D. Schoettlin, Charles Shaffer, J. H. Slowey, J. F. Thompson, W. H. Thorpe, A, J. Tubbs, G. L. Wales, R. D. Webb, Don Whitfill, J. R. Witmer, Byron Zerwekh, Ralph Zimmerman, Bryan P. . ill E, GEORGE KADERA Presiclenf R. L. HUNT Vice Presiclenf MEMBERS: Bennefi, Joe Cockerham, Floyd A. Garcia, Mike Goner, Charles Hooker, Ed Hrachovy, Syoon F. lngruham, D. C. Kadera, George Moss, Bill Proctor, D. A, K. Rogers, George Sfuurt, George Taylor, Blcmion vfrvfkiir OFFICERS: BRIAN MORAN President DOUG H EARN E Vice-Presidenf W. A. BARBER Secrefary MEMBERS: Brisco, Wylie Brundrett, Tom Cabnniss, Chuck Garrett, Don Carlson, Eric Gollob, Herman Hengsf, Art Kelly, Dick Kreager, Dove Mock, Ralph Neal, Doalc Perry, Joe Rubsumen, Ernest Brobham, Bill Pope, John Ray, C. L. Burch, Buddy L I Sill Ellll ll Ml UISBIIISSIIIIIJIII S EHIEIIII QMQW... pm, vs 4-L'2ait 'I H. O. WYLER President WENDY ELLIOTT Vice President A. M. LEON-ORTEGA Secrefary BILL BILLINGSLY Treasurer T. MARTINEZ Publicity MEMBERS: Front Row From left to right: A. M. Leon-Ortego T. Mcxrtinez D. J. Kreager K. O. Wyler C. W. Elliott W. R. Billingsley Second Row: C. L, Loakso R. H. Brown F. L. Helvey D. J. Hughes Mrs. D. C. Carolon M. L. Levin R. J. Shaeffer R. G. Durrill Third Row: E. G. Martin D. C. Cordon J. F. Ireland R. F. Smith J. D. Heocock J. R. Houser Fourth Row: D. R. Boyd D. A. Hughes J. W. Lair T. B. Morris E. E. Coker R. L. Smith J. L. Brown Fifth Row: W. H. Scott S. K. Hendler R. T. Randol J. V. McCullough O. D. Bowlin D. F. Sechelski L. G. Stewart J. R. Reed Bock Row: J. A. Moore E. G. Rose J. W. Turcotte J. S. Sparkman T. D. Turley P. H. Otis ilrilrilr OFFICERS: JOE R. FULLER President JAMES R. FARMER Secrefory-Treasurer HARRISON E. HIERTH Sponsor LEE .l. MARTIN Co-Sponsor MILFORD ALLEN Freshmen Sponsor MEMBERS: Calhoun, Jim Davis, Dan Farmer, James R. Folzenlogen, David Fuller, Joe R. Grupe, George J. Gustafson, R. B. Bryant, Steven Hecrne, Douglas D. Huffman, Robert Jones, B. Paul Perry, Joe A. LaRue, Charles Stephenson, B. L. Taylor, John L. Travis, R. S. Wells, Roy . W""" A' QNGKPUVX NXl'l' " EM Presidenf A STUDE l ENGINEERS lI0llNlIll EMMIT A. INGRAM . . . WILLIAM c. HARRQNGTON . WALTON F. PERRlNE qrqm . . . NORMAN c. HEFFRON qspringp . OFFICERS: JES D. MCIVER . DR. HOWARD W. BARLOW . MEMBERS: Doyle R. Avant Louis M. Caplan Franklin A. Cleland William E. Cory Roberf A. Flake Robert Federico Charles J. Goodwin, Jr. William C. Harrington Norman C. Heffron Roy N. Hughes Emmif A. lngram Donald G. Jentsch 56 Brad Johnson, Jr. Dare K. Keelan Charles D. Kirkham William A. Klabunde Charles B. Modisetf lva E. Montgomery Royce L. McClure Jes D. Mclver Frank D. Nixson, Jr. Milion R. Patterson Walsfon F. Perrine Tom D. Reynolds . . .Presiclenl . Vice-Presiolem' . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Sponsoring Dean Garland Ray Robertson John W. Schaifenberg John E. "Jack" Schumann Charles C. Schwab Uvalde Sfoermer Alexander A. Strobel George R. Sfucker John F. Taylor Richard R. Tumlinson Alfred F. Ueckerf, Jr. Charles F. Underriner Frank D. Welch FRANK D. WELCH . . . President JACK STANSBURY . . Vice-President DAVID CORNAHAN . Secty.-Treasurer FRANK WELCH DAVID CARNAHAN JACK STANSBURY A ' IC IIT T A MEMBERS: Cornahan, David Welch, Frank D. Williford, Don Williams, Lawrence Roeger, Jack Jaccord, M. C. Crook, E. T. Ingram, Emmit A. Kirk, Robert Brandt, Jack Allsup, Keith Goodrum, James Clifford, John Chamlee, William Faulkner, David Bluhm, Wiley Gilder, Grady Lemmon, Jack Lenzen, William Jennings, Charles Stinson, Robert Conley, Raymond Burch, Arthur Boggs, Jake Wells, Oscar S C I Y Munroe, Alex Reed, L. S. Olson, John Flowers, James Montgomery, I. King, Ed Whittaker, Bert Bigloee, Bill Mabrey, Leslie Doiron, Lou Jones, Harold Simmons, Bruce Wales, Billie E 257 Q E S R. L. MCCLURE . . . President B. J. GEBERT . Vice-President JOE P. ZUMWALT . Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE STUCKER Representative to Engineers' Council JOE P. ZUMWALT GEORGE STUCKER R. L. MCCLURE lx 0 lil 0 Lil? o E G Alaniz, Pete DeKeyzer, H. D. Jones, R. E. Morris, J. B. Sliger, F. A. Anderson, E. L. Dommel, C. W. Jones, W. R. Moser, A. R. Smith, B. W. Barada, A. S. Enclerle, H. W. Karnowski, F. G. Mueller, M. H. Smith, J. O. Barrett, R. D. Fails, J. C. Keene, G. T. Munson, T. A. Smith, T. G. Bass, H. K. Foyt, J. Laufenberg, J. W. Neely, W. J. Stevens, Carl Bemus, R. V. Galla, J. A. Layman, E. Pape, S. E. Stokes, M. J. Berquist, R. G. Garcia, R. V. Lyon, R. Y. Peters, J. R. Stucker, G. R. Billingsley, D. S. Gebert, B. J. Martens, W. P. Rabb, J. T. Thomas, D. S. Bliler, R. K. Greek, C. D. Martin, J. T. Ramey, G. H. Thomas, J. C. Bouldin, Bill Guevara, F. A. Martinez, R. S. Rite, W. T. Triche, W. A. Britt, E. L. Hahnfeld, R. H. Matthews, R. S. Robinson, R. M. Tucker, S. S. Burke, F. D. Hall, J. W. Mayben, G. W. Roddy, L. W. Vandiver, W. H. Catanach, A. Harper, J. W. McBee, L. Roetzel, Tom Virgilio, J. C. Chesser, B. G. Harris, A. B. McDuffie, N. G. Rollins, V. G. Vornkahl, H. L. Cleland, F. A. Holbrook, F. M. McMillian, J. l. Ross, H. E. Wales, R. D. Cook, A. D. Honeycutt, K. E. McNeil, R. S. Schechter, R. S. Wallace, R. G. Creel, N. Hoobler, D. E. Miller, W. J. Shivers, H. G. Warren, J. A. Curtis, R. E. Hunt, J. L. Moore, B. J. Simpson, R. P. Wyly, G. F. Darby, B. J. Jones, Donald M. ' Zumwalt, J. P. C B MODISETT MEMBERS: Allison, W. F. Armontrout, A. M Baker, Jack W. Barnes, S. H. Bates, B. R. Beasley, C. G. Bellah, W. D. Berkousky, E. S. Bernard, E. R., Jr. Bickham, B. W. Boerm, L. W. Brahm, A. G. Brown, E. L. Brown, E. C. Brown, G. A. Brown, R. C. Browne, M. H. Burch, l. R. Bussey, C. M. Callender, R. E. Carpenter, R. L. Carper, J. W. Chamorro, E., Jr. Chandler, C. G. OFFICERS: C. B. MODISETT . . President M. W. GORDON . . Vice-President E. R. BERNARD Secretary-Treasurer O. R. KUNZE . .... Scribe H. P. O'NEAL . Parlramentarlcm I - Q ' 0 l O ' . 0 Chapman, J. J. Harrison, J. B. Kucherka, S. L Clark, W. T. Hayes, A. A. Kunze, O. R. Clay, W. R. Hightower, J. T. Laing, G. W. Cooper, C. F. Hodges, J. E. Law, P. F. Courancl, J. S. Hodges, T. O. Leppin, H. O. Courtney, M. E. Holland, J. M. Lewellen, O. L Criswell, T. M. Holt, J. H. Lester, D. Crosby, C. P. Horton, J. C. Lomax, L. L. Cruz, J. Hudnall, J. W. Longserre, D. J Davis, M. W. Huffman, R. T. Luscornbe, J. A Dulany, S. Hurd, A. M. McAdams, Y. E Edwards, S. D. Jackson, J. D. McCallum, J. T Elliott, D. W. Jaska, E. H. McGregor, M. Foshee, R. E. Kay, M. D. McNeese, M. W. Franklin, J. R. Keese, C. W. Miller, C. H. Fulbright, M. L. Kemp, J. P. Miller, G. H. Furnace, A. L. Kendall, D. F. Miller, J. G. Galloway, J. D. Killingsworth, B. N. Mobley, M. K. Gammon, R. H. King, H. H. Modisett, C. B. Giesecke, R. C. King, Lawrence S. Moore, R. E. Gordon, M. W. King, R. T. Morton, R. S. Greenwood, B. R. Kirk, T. R. Morton, L. D. Griffin, R. J. Koonce, P. B. Namken, M. Hahn, W. H. Krauskopf, B. R. Nelson, D. A. E. R. BERNARD M W GORDON Nelson, W. C. Stermer, R. A. Newsom, W. B. Stewart, B. R. Nowlin, C. F. Stubblefield, C O'Neal, H. P. Swan, F. O. Parkey, B. B. Tate, W. C. Pierce, W. H. Thomas, J. P. Pittman, D. N. Treude, N. C. Prince, J. T. Turley, T. D. Qualtrough, R. C. Vicari, H. W. Rathmell, C. Wade, E. D. Ready, . F. Waldrip, J. R. Repper, F. C. Walsh, R. W. Schluter, C. E. Wann, C. M. Schott, E. E. Ware, l. C. Schrank, Gilbert C. Welch, B. J. Scott, J. E. Welch, G. B. Shaw, B. L. Wheeler, J. G. Shiller, L. W. Williams, C. O. Skeen, J. R. Williams, M. M Smith, E. W. Williford, H. G Smith, G. H. Winder, J. D. Smith, H. R. Wood, E. E., III Sol, M. A. Young, G. D. Stahl, T. J. Zuch, H. W. RAY KINSEY ' MEMBERS: Andrews, A. L. Atwell, J. O. Ayres, F. L. Bachus, W. O. Barber, G. R. Bauerschlag, W. Beckmann, C. H. Beecroft, B. E. Bennett, P. J. Benson, J. F. Benson, F. J. Biggerstaff, C. R. Bishop, G. F. Blasienz, J. A. Blakelock, D. R. Blum, R. J. Bobkoff, K. B. Bohlmann, W. F. Boone, C. E. Boswell, B. J. Brady, L. D. Brannon, W. G. Brown, J. T. Brown, J. F. Brown, R. F. Buchanan, S. J. Burttschell, S. H. Bytord, W. J. Cagle, R. L. Callaway, I. G. Carlton, T. A. JOE P. MADDOX Carroll, F. J. Carroll, L. E. Cates, A. W. Cavitt, E. T. Clements, J. M. Cleveland, G. G. Cobb, E. R. Cordero, G. Coon, R. W. Cooper, K. Cone, W. M. Coston, W. E. Couch, B. L. Couch, V. E. Crosser, R. E. Crouch, J. C. Cummings, J. M. Curttwright, C. B. Dabney, W. B. Davenport, W. B. Davidson, F. T. Davis, J. H. dePamphilis, P. D. DeShazo, J. J. Dickerson, B. L. Dodd, W. C. Dolive, W. B. Dominey, J. N. Dominguez, R. Drouet, R. G. Durham, M. C. Eakins, B. B. Elam, J. L. Fisher, E. J. Fitts, H. R. Frias, J. S. Gadolis, H. W. Gallagher, J. D. Garcia, G. G. Geick, A. A. Green, C. Greeves, R. C. Grothaus, F. E. Gimaro, J. D. Haaker, E. H. Hale, H. C. Hall, G. L. Hall, M. R. Haraldson, T. D. Hargis, N. G. Harlin, C. C. Harralson, T. D. Harrell, D. B. Hayes, C. V. Hagen, J. A. Henderson, T. E. Henk, F. H. Henk, S. H. Herttenberger, J. B. Hicks, W. F. Hill, F. W. .S. Hill, L. S. Hilliard, J. M. Hilton, H. W. Hirsch, T. J. Hodgson, A. H. OFFICERS: SPENCER J. BUCHANAN Faculty Adviser WILLY F. BOHLMANN, JR. . President RAY KINSEY . JAMES TIDWELL . JOE P. MADDOX Lehman, A. F. Lehne, C. H. Lewis, W. H. London, J. R. Lucy, D. H. Hollowell, W. G. McBride, R. W. Hood, R. E. Howien, R. C. Hudson, R. C. Hulse, J. E. Ingram, B. E. Jackson, A. R. Janak, C. J. Jennings, J. B. Jenson, D. E. Johnson, J. E. Johnson, T. M. Johnson, W. T. Johnston, L. P. Jordon, A. C. Kaufman, W. T. Kelley, H. D. Kinsey, R. A. Kitchell, C. M. Kotara, A. H. Landry, M. A. Landry, C. L. Langford, I. Lawler, R. W. Lee, N. E. McDaniel, R. W. McDowell, J. M. McGinnis, B. G. McGrew, W. R. Mclver, J. D. McKenzie, Som C. McMurren, W. H. McNamara, T. M. Maberry, J. D. Maddox, J. P. Magers, R. H. Margle, W. A. Martin, R. E. Martinez, Jose Martinez, F. Manes, A. N. Mathews, D. S. Matusek, M. A. Meisell, E. T. Miller, C. A. Miller, R. S. Milligam, C. O. Mitchell, J. C. Miftell, H. W. li. E. . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Murray, B. J. Oradat, W. D. O'NeilI, J. B. Pacheco, F. Pape, G. R. Porchman, D. K. Parker, Philip Park, P. S. Parrish, C. T. Parse, M. W. Patton, J. O. Payton, C. F. Pearson, R. R. Pena, A. F. Peurifoy, R. L. Pianta, J. D. Piccolo, Joe Pierce, H. G. Pierce, R. C. Pitcock, J. D. Polk, J. T. Porter, J. W. Powell, A. B. Pratt, G. A. Prater, R. C. Pullen, P. H. Pyle, J. M. Ragland, F. L. Reasonover, C. H. Reynolds, J. F. Reed, J. A. Riewe, T. A. Rodriguez, R. M. Rogers, C. L. Rollins, A. W. Rust, C. G. Sanders, D. A. Sandstedt, C. E. Scherwitz, G. H. Schleider, R. H. Schwarz, E. Schwope, E. C. Selle, E. P. Seth, L. C. Sewell, R. B. Shockley, H. J. Simoneoux, J. B. Sims, W. H. Smith, R. L. Snead, l. S. Sneed, M. L. Stephenson, B. L Stevens, W. M. Striekert, R. R. Stuart, J. D. Stuart, L. W. Styner, Pete Taylor, C. C. Taylor, J. F. Templeton, J. B. Thomas, M. F. WILLY F. BOHLMANN, JI Thurrnoncl, F. S. Tidwell, J. M. Tipton, C. B. Torras, J. H. Travis, C. T. Ulmer, J. F. Vardeman, T. R. Vourcos, M. E. Walker, J. R. Walker, E. L. Ware, W. J. Wathen, T. R. Webster, P. E. Wehmeyer, F. L. Weisinger, B. W. West, D. D. White, L. D. White, R. A. White, W. C. Whittington, C. D. Williams, A. L. Williams, C. B. Williams, Jerry Williams, R. N. Williamson, R. S. Wilson, A. M. Wilson, J. R. Wingate, G. M. Word, R. L. Word, T. D. Wyatt, E. F. MEMBERS: HARLES C. SCHWAB Adams, B. C. Adams, H. L., Jr. Adickes, C. F., Jr. Allen, J. R. Anderson, G. N., Jr. Anderson, P. G., Jr. Ashworth, J. E. Bagwell, P. D. Bailey, C. E. G. Baker, K. M. Baldwin. R. R. Barrett, B. S. Beck, S. E. Bagel, A. G. Bowen, W. J. Boyett, J. L. Bradley, W. R., Jr. Brown, B. R. Buckner, S. Burcham, W. J. Burns, R. J. Clark, Haynes Clark, R. E. Clements, M. P. Cobb, P. R. Conklin, H., Jr. Conrad, B. C. Cox, C. W. Cox, H. R., Jr. Derr, H. J., Jr. Dobbins, E. B., Jr. Donnelly, L. W., Jr. Dunkelberg, S. Duty, A. M. OFFICERS: DONALD G. JENTSCH Chairman, Fall Semester ALFRED F. UECKERT, JR. Chairman, Spring Semester CHARLES C. SCHWAB . Vice-Chairman ROBERT FEDERICO . Program Chairman CECIL F. ADICKES, JR. . . Secretary BOBBY R. BROWN . . . Treasurer BOBBY R. BROWN CECIL F ADICKES JR .S. M. E. Elkins, R. W. Elwell, C. E. English, A. C., Jr Ervin, Burl H. Evans, L. A. Fagley, W. R. Federico, Robert Fender, C. C. Finch, H. J. Flanagan, J. C. Fontenot, J. G. Foreman, J. C. Fulbright, J. L. Galbreath, W. A., Jr. Garrett, W. R. Garza, L. R. Gietzen, J. E. Glitsch, M. C. Goble, C. E. Goswick, H. S. Grace, J. R. Grant, D. L. Green, A. H. Greene, F. M. Guilloud, R. L. Hamilton, J. H. Hampton, W. L. Harrell, J. A. Harris, L. F. Harrod, G. R., Jr. Hayes, C., Jr. Henninger, R. L. Hergert, R. E. Hickley, R. L. Hilliard, C. D. Hallowell, R. G. Howard, C. P. Hughes, R. N. Hughes, S. D., Jr. Hunter, J. A., Jr. Hutton, R. D. Hutton, R. S., Jr. Jackson, C. Jackson, W. H. Jentsch, D. G. Johns, Roy A. Johnston, R. M. Janes, H. D. Jones, R. L. Joseph, Sabat Junek, C. J. Kaulfus, B. W. Keese, S. Kidd, F. H., Jr. Latson, R. Laughlin, J. E. Lee, Roy, Jr. Lee, R. W. Lockett, R. S. Luedtke, C., Jr. McClain, F. S. McDaniel, P. W. McElwain, J. W. McGannon, R. L. Mackan, J. M. Maddux, H. S., Jr. Maddux, T. J. Madrid, Sam Malone. B. P. Massey, S. D., Jr. Mauldin, J. H. Martin, G. F. Mayes, J. M. Miller, V. P. Morrison, M. H. Nelson, W. E. Nichols, G. W. O'Connor, W. T. Olson, J. A. O'Neal, D. E. Paras, A. Pendley, G. G. Peterson, G. W. Petty, L. O., Jr. Pittman, L. L. Pruessner, J. A. Rader, L. G. Raulins, G. M. Reed, C. W. Reed, R. P. Reddig, L. W. Reinke, J. R. Richards, J. M. Robertson, W. A., Jr. Rodriquez-Trias, F. Rozos, G. S. Ruswell, J. A. Schattenberg, J. W. Schulze, J. L. Schwab, C. C. Schwab, L., Jr. Scott, W. Q. Seelke, A. G., Jr. Shivel, L. E. Skidmore, K. L. Smith, K. W. Smith, R. E. Smith, R. L. Solis, Lara, J. A. Squyres, R. E. Stoermer, U. Stokes, J. H. Taraba, F. L. Tatum, J. R. Thomas, J. B. Thomas, G. L. Tipps, C. W. Tichonchik, E. Tyus, B. B. Ueckert, A. F., Jr. Vickery, A. B. Walters, A. J. Wawak, E. E. Weathersby, W. E Wennerborn, M. T Weber, H. C. Weber, R. V. West, M. C. Whisenhunt, G. B. Whitaker, N. M. Whitten, G. A. Whitton, B. J. Williams, M. P. Wilson, William R Winston, H. J., Jr. Wootton, T. W. OFFICERS. I. E. MONTGOMERY, JR. . . President JOE C. DENMAN . . . Vice-President JOHN PIANTA . . Secretary Treasurer KEITH E ALLSUP . . Social Chairman D. E. FEIGENSPAN . . Reporter JOHN PIANTA MEMBERS: Allsup, K. E. Anderson, B. V. Bahlmann, W. F. Bas, H. F. Bauerschlag, W Bell, J. D. Betts, G. Boughton, R. B. Bradshaw, W. R. Bridges, A. W. Bridges, J. L. Carroll, J. G. Conley, R. H. Crosser, R. E. Darby, E. B. Denman, J. C Drouet, R. G. Everett, J. L. Fleming, G. E. Fuller, J. R. Gay, B. P. Goyen, J. P. Haaker, E. H. Haass, C. E. Haile,H. Hagen, J. A. Hay, J. D. Henk, F. A. .li.lI. Hertenberger,J Hill, F. W. Hill, J. W. HoIlingshead,J Holmes, R. B. Hood, R. E. Howard, L. J. Ingram, E. A. Johnston, K. T. Jones, B. H. Krause, F. J. Lancaster, J. G Langlinais, R. L. Lee, N. E. Martin, E. G. Mitchell, R. B. Montgomery, Murray, B. J. McKenzie, S. l. E. McMurren, W. Neill, T. C. O'Brien, J. W. Olson, J. M. Parrish, C. T. Perkins, J. R. Planta, J. D. Powell, A. B. Reynolds, J. F Riewe, T. A. Robertson, T. E. Secrest, C. C. Seth, L. C. Shockey, T. E. Smyth, R. Sneed, M. L. Snead, I. S. Sowder, E. Stantield, J. N Stevans, W. Stewart, M. W. Trevino, A. J. Tyler, A. E. I. E MONTGOMERY Vardeman, T. R Webb, B. L. Wehring, A. R. White, C. H. Williams, A. A. Wilson, J. K. Word, T. D. Livesay, T. B. FACULTY MEMBERS C. F. DeVilbiss D. S. Hammons R. L. Peurifoy I I W. C. HARRINGTON MEMBERS: Alexander, W. L. Armstrong, J. N. Balderas, J. M. Besteiro, A. A. Bodine, E. E. Bralley, J. M., Jr, Brenner, R. C. Brown, J. L. Burdine, F. B. Carper, W. L. Casey, J. M. Christie, C. E., Jr Crocker, G. Crownover, A. B. Dahlem. B. J. Darby, T. E. Dieckman, J. J. Dixon, J. B. Dreves, J. B. OFFICERS: W. C. HARRINGTON . . . President R. B. GUSTAFSON, JR. . Vice-President' MARK A. WELSH, JR. Secretary-Treasurer C. E. CHRISTIE, JR. . Program Chairman FRED E. SMITH . . Sponsor Ii I I I is V E L DH Bose, B. S. Hughes, D. A. E ison, L. F. Hughes, D. J. Eubank, Allan Ireland, J. F. Evers, C. T. Irwi , P. E. Franklin, M. T. Kascllrek, C., Jr. Frazer, B. Krause,vW. H. uqua, . Lair, J. . Galloway, W. D. Lancaster, J. S. Forrod, H. M. Lopez, A. J. Green, P. E. Matin, C. D. Gustafson, R. B., Jr. McCooI, H. V. Harmon, B. F., Jr. McCullough, J. V. Harrington, W. C. McGill, J. L. gaslcellf A. Meredith, J. R. ic s, . . Mi s, H.G. Hluza, A. Montes, M. Hooker, Bob Napp, D. E. Horstmann, L. E. Neal, B. J. Howard, J. R. Nichols, J. M. . -i-i ,M , f A Wg.. ,I 1-157,51 J , , 2" ' ff ' 5,1 . , ' I ff ff, . . 4 ff , 1 f WW, I J gf f A f Mfg? f j f Wx bf , ' li y ' af 1 X C f 1 1 ' Al I 1 X X rg X 'ZZ 'X W 'f , ,, , 'sf f . 5 , , . fy , f fj 12:?G,: . ' K mga :-'ff yawn . ,L-'-Zi.: ez- .f3?..f. -'ll -2: . 1 1. Q ,- Y,.-.".j,'.gj53Qg 35,417 ff I If ' Y if . f M f 12 ,iv Q if Q! Wifi 6' , if Z!0f ff , ya. 1,2 .?N1.c:w54,:'3 v , 2 x iw' abwfd.. Q 'wif Av. .f .1-.... '. ' - f- -Qvf63'f"f ,f 34 .. f V ,. zff. ,. If 1-rv. ,fm I: 'f ar gf nf F' '. .f- . ,Q fwr-.2-Q ,. :.f..f'42f .ffm .4 . . z 4 9, ,W Q fm, - , ., 1 f ...M , f. R. B. GUSTAFSON, JR. Otis, P. H. Page, M. D. Pannill, C. R. Parke, R. P. Peet, C. Penick, C. M. Ramsey, P. H. Raney, D. R. Rippey, R. L. Roberts, Landen Rogers, L. W. Rolf, G. Seward, C. Schimmel, G., Jr. Shoemate, E. R. Simon, J. K. Sinclair, W. C. Skinner, J. W., Jr. Smith, E. C. Smith, F. E. Smith, R. Sneed, J. W., Jr. Spence, H. C., Jr. Stone, M. L. Suderman, E. P., Jr. Wagner, A., Jr. Wahrmund, W. H. Welch, M. White, J. H. Wiggins, G. Williamson, A. L. Wilson, W. A. Woodard, H. D. Worley, W.J. Yancey, M. S. Yater, A. N. Zimmerman, R. L. C. E. CHRISTIE, JR OFFICERS: F. D. NIXSON . J. B. NEELY . J. P. BREEN . . O. L. SLAUGHTER H. C. WALKUP . P. E. PLISKAL . A. H. RUSK . INDUSTRI L E MEMBERS: Adams, E. B. Abercrombie, E. F Adair, B. D. Albert, G. J. Arnold, T. G. Bagnall, J. H. Barker, M. P. Bartlett, J. W. Bass, N. I. Befnaud, E. M. Benkendoter, D..W. Benshetler, C. J. Bertram, B. J. Bird, J. M. Bohac, V. O. Bonnen, J. E. Boutotte, J. R. Bridges, W. C. Brockette, B. L. Brown, G. M. Bryan, E. W. Cantrell, D. W. Christensen, J. Clay, T. C. Collins, C. R. Combest, R. J. Crist, W. B. Crownover, A. Culli, G. O. L. B. Curlee, L. L. Currens, T. B. Dailey, T. J. Davidson, P. A. Dew, B. W. Doty, J. D. Ditto, B. L. Ellis, W. R. Frey, H. A. Fricke, A. E. Frix, J. B. Garren, M. C. Gay, J. G. Gillespie, C. L. Gilmore, F. L. Goff, P. M. Goodwin, R. E. Gardy, C. A. Gorney, A. Grant, H. C. Green, H. J. Grisham, R. E. Harrell, B. B. Hartwig, D. Hayes, W. R. Hill, J. W. Hogan, J. F. Houston, T. Hubertus, A. W. Hurta, T. L. . . President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . . .Reporter . Program Chairman . Social Chairman F D NIXSON DUCATIO Johnson, C. D. Johnson, E. Y. Johnson, J. B. Johnson, T. E. W Johnson, T. Jones, E. G. Kahn, D. N. Klinksiek, Knellinger, R. Knippa, F. M. L. Kosarek, C. F. Kunze, C. R. Lambert, B. E. Lawless, G. D. Lovelace, W. Lowry, N. D. Lytle. H. T. McAllister, S. McCallum, T. H. S. J. McCarthy, S. M. McCormick, S. D. McKenzie, L. D. McLean, W. J. Maddox, B. Magruder, J. G. Mapes, W. L. Marshall, J. R. Mears, J. H. Medlin, J. T. Middleton, J. H. Mims, L. F. Minyard, H. C. Mogford, J. W. Mumford, E. Neinast, W. W. Norris, J. W. Osburn, D. C. Parish, V. W. Parker, M. H. Paschall, J. C. Pertofsky, P. E. Place, B. B. Pool, M. L. Powers, L. L. Price, J. W. Raborn, W. E. Ragusa, F. A. Raney, H. Reese, R. C. Rhyner, H. O. Richardson, H. Robinette, J. L. Salter, L. P. Samford, J. A. Sandlin, R. E. GLB E., Jr. Sayers, R. M. Schneider, J. C. Shields, l. R. Smelley, C. L. Smith, E. G. Smith, T. E. Speed, C. O. Speed, L. T. Steger, L. D. Strain, W. E. Sweitzer, R. L. Tibbitt, C. S. Utsman, J. B. Vardiman, B. A. Vernon, R. J. Vickery, F. A. Webster, M. J. Westbrook, A. T. White, S. S. Wilde, M. E. Williams, E. L. Young, G. R. FACULTY MEMBERS Barton, R. L. Groneman, C. G. Hardeman, L. B. Wilcox, T. G. Wright, W. E. HARLES F UNDERRINER, JR. OFFICERS: CHARLES F. UNDERRINER, JR. . President TOM G. CALHOUN, ll . Vice-President GEORGE S. KENT . . Secretary BlLL G. HOLCOMB . . Treasurer PAUL D. MCELROY .... Reporter D. K. KEELAN . Junior Representative to Engineering Council GEORGE S. KENT ,,,,. 'ghyyf Qgfw. 4 , 1 Y A A.Ak ,,,.5,f., . 9 'Gi . ' 1 'f' 2741.-2 05 ' my Z' ,J J Z ff, Z2 4 , , f f V oy ,f 'f if v N, 'ff fwf 4 Wfffg 45 i 4210 1 4 1 4 J f f 0 ff, f J ,, V?-, f J ff Q f , if ,Y ., ff. ,J f J , 4 5 ,ff .uf N 4, wif! l f 1, 4 Q! I I ' " 5 fax . ' . 3 we-'Z ' H .-twizpi f--. Mg, 1 7 . z , . c, wx-fqfffffyg.. - J 3 ' :" TOM G. CALHOUN RLT TE T i ll Adair, William B. Adams, Wayne D. Aitken, Thomas C. Alexander, W. J. Allen, Frank, Jr. Arrington, William H., Jr. Avant, Doyle R., Jr. Bagwell, C. C. Barnett, Jack L. Baron, Arnold E. Berry, James H., Jr. Blair, O. Carrell Bodine, Edgar E. Bonsall, Bill Bowman, Richard J. Brown, Bill D. Brown, D. D., Jr. Brown, Jack E. Brumbeloe, J. T. Burch, Daniel Burnett, Jerry Burnham, l. E. Byrne, Barney M. Carr, C. H. Chalmers, lrwin R. Cheatham, F. M. Chernosky, Al B. Clark, J. W. Cloninger, James S. Cone, C. B. Coronado, J. Hilario Crain, Leon L. Crone, Billie L. Dailey, Dan D. Dailey, T. F. Dardaganian, S. G. Dedman, H. L. Drisdale, John K. Dudenhoetter, A. Joe Duncan, N. O. Egger, R. King Ely, Edgar L. Eubank, Ray Espinoza, Luis Fehrmann, Robert L. Fields, C. H. Fitzgerald, Don D. Fisher, Carroll G. Flanagan, Donald A. Ford, G. H. Fowler, Jesse J. Fox, Sam V. Freeman, Maxie W. Garb, Forrest A. Gibson, A. R. Gibson, Robert M. Giebel, Aaron F. Gillen, William E. Gould, Roy C. Gourlay, J. C. Greene, F. M. Guidry, W. A. Gustafson, R. B. Guthrie, Bert S. Hahn, Walter L. Hambright, J. F. Hand, Robert J. Handley, Phil W. Hardaway, Rex L. Harrison, John F. Heusinger, E. F., Jr. Hill, John M. Holt, Jack M. Hovsepian, Joseph Hrachovy, Daniel F. Huddleston, K. R. Hunnewell, Harry T. Ibanez, Carlos 5. lnglehart, Cecil M. lrwin, Paul E. Jackson, James L. Jacob, Fred L. Jennings, J. J. Johnson, Harold E. Johnson, Henry l., Jr. Jordan, Wayland V. Kamman, C. R. Kay, John H. Kearby, Jerome C. Keelan, Dare K. Kemp, Joe H. Kennedy, B. B. Kilpatrick, J. H. Kimbrough, W. E. King, Jerry King, Tyrus R. Knox, John R. Kosarek, Charlie J. Lane, Robert M., Jr. Lawson, R. L. Lemons, R. D. Levisay, B. N. Lewis, E. F. Logan, C. R. Lumpkin, W. N. Luncetord, Major L. Lyons, Albert D., Jr. McBee, Louis E. McCann, W. R. McConts, E. W. McGannon, R. L. McGehee, F. H. McGill, James L. McLain, N. A. McMillan, Frank N. McPhee, W. A. MacFarlane, James Mahoney, J. D. Marrow, J. H. Mathis, J. W. Metcalfe, Albert Meyer, Hugh W. Mitchell, Charles R. Monaghan, John Moore, Norman H. Moredock, S. K., Jr. Morgan, J. R. L. Morgenthaler, Charles E. Morodith, J. R. Morris, Carl M. Moncriet, A. M. Mosely, J. T. Munnerlyn, R. D. Munson, R. E. Naron, Marshall E. Nelson, J. K. B. New, Jack Newman, W. J. Nixon, B. P. Noble, Marion D. Olanson, Norman A. Olson, Charles R. Onstott, L. J. O'Quinn, Percy C. Osborn, Ken Osborne, Homer C. Pace, F. A. Penick, Charles M. Petty, L. O. Phillips, William R. Poole, Frank E. Prihoda, C. H. Pyle, T. S. Rebold, John H. Reynolds, Stanley Richards, Billy D. Richardson, J. N. Rippey, Robert L. Russell, Bill Sanders, R. P., Jr. Scarborough, Bob Schilling, Wilbur N. Schauer, B. B. Schimmel, G. R., Jr. Schuleman, S. Seacat, G. H. Shoemate, Elbert R. Short, J. A., Jr. Sheldon, John A. Simmons, F. P., Jr. Sinclair, W. G., Jr. Smith, H. B. Smith, H. P., Jr. Specht, Walter G. Stanley, L. T. Stewart, Joseph B. Stone, M. L. Stroud, Richard D. Stults, D. C. Talley, William A., Jr. Taylor, Austin Taylor, Henry A. Taylor, Richard G., Jr. Teddlie, J. E. Terry, Homer T. Terry, B. G. Thrash, Purvis J. Thomas, George L. Tilley, Cecil R. Tynes, Eugene W. Tinslar, William L. Turner, Joe, Jr. Vest, Oscar J., Jr. Voss, Harry C. Wacker, R. B. Wohrmund, William A. Walton, B. G. Watson, Ernest D. Walsh, Alva G. Wampler, Charles R. Weaver, H. F. Weeks, Robert Whitehead, Jean R. Wilson, A. B., Jr. Wilson, James R. Wilson, R. L. Williams, Robert Winterbauer, E. L. Wilshusen, John H. Zimmerman, Walter W. Zoiber, J. J. R A FLAKE R. B. GOFORTH MEMBERS: Adams, J. Q. Adickes, C. F. Allday, F. W., Jr. Arenburg, D. H. Baggett, R. E. Bargfrede, J. A. Barry, W. D. Beck, J. E. . Blakeney, R. Q. Blevins, W. C. Bowen, W. R. Braslau, I. Brewer, J. Z. Bridges, A. K. Brigance, J. R. Burton, A. L. Bussell, R. E. Butler, E. T. Calcoate, W. Caplan, L. M. Caple, J. W. Carlson, R. A. Carlton, C. A. Clayton, H. M., Jr. Coffman, J. W. Collins, J. W. Council, G., Jr. Cox, E. A. Cox, J. O. Cox, R. M. Cravey, D. O. Crixell, A. R. Crosley, C. L. Crumpler, K. M. Dalehite, J. J. Dallon, W. M. Damron, J. W. Dann, C. V. Davis, A. C. Denney, R. W. DeVine, J. W. Dragna, N. R Dudek, J. F. Dungan, H. E. Dunnahoo, J. Eaton, J. H. English, R. B. Faires, V. M. Field, A. F. Flake, R. A. Forsythe, W. Foster, E. H. Goforth, R. B Goodwin, C. Goodwin, W. R. Fleener, T. W. Fleming, P. CE J. G. OFFICERS: Fall Semester Officers C. J. GOODWIN R. M. TRAINER . N. R. DRAGNA R. A. FLAKE . . Spring Se R. A. FLAKE . . R. B GOFORTH J. P. WESTERVELT W. D. BARRY . O Gorman, A. K. Graves, J. R. Grunwald, C. E. Handcock, J. R. Harding, G. K. Harris, R. W. Harris, W. T. Hayes, J. Hemrick, K. E. Heroman, W. L. Hinsley, L. M. Holland, J. N. Irish, J. R. Jones, E. L. King, E. J. King, G. W. Kirkham, C. D. Leftwich, J. O. Letbefter, D. G. Lewis, J. H., Jr. Long, W. G. Manning, C. D. Martin, E. M. Mathews, J. H. Maulden, R. D. McCarthy, M. C. McClain, W. C. McNair, L. G. . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer me-sfer Officers . Treasurer C J GOODWIN . . Presicleni Vice-President . Secretary Miles, E. P., Jr. Shelby. J- Miller, E. R. Simmions, R. B Miller, W. T. Sliva, M- J- Moreno, J., Jr. Smf-1lllI'l9, C- E Morgan, J. D. Smith, B. W., Jr Moser, I. S. 5I'l1iYl'l, W- D- Myer, W. C. Sprirzigeff -lf V- Nevill, l. B. Stan ard, J. C Ng, B, M, Sullins, T. F. Noble, L. E. Sullivan, M..M R. Takas, V. C. Pangburn, R. E. Phillips, P. K. Pinkston, J. K. Proctor, W. C. Reichert, F. W. Thompson, B. Thomson, J. A Thornton, L. D Torres, C. M. Treiman, J. N. Tuelln-er, N "' Vaughan, J. H Wade, M. E. Roark, L. L. Wania, J. T. Roark, R. E. Rodriguez, E. C. Rushing, J. E. Schmidt, R. H. Schuller, R. E. Shebesfa, J. R. Weddell, L. B. Westervelt, J. P Weyland, J. H Whately, T. H. Whetstone, J. M white, w. r. wma., w. D. Wolf, R. D. woodlaff, R. T I I MEMBERS: Barclay, George Willis, Barnes, Samuel H. Behne, Joseph C., Jr. Berglund, Kenneth L. Betts, Gerald Bohlmann, Willy F., Jr Bowen, Winford H., Jr Bradley, Robert S. Brannon, Warren G. Brashear, Roy T. Brewington, Russell D. Brown, Jack Eugene Burch, Arthur L. Burns, Ross J. Butler, Harry L. Carlson, Elwood L. Carroll, Floyd J. Carroll, Lloyd E. Cleland, Franklin A. Cobb, Phil R. Cagan, Carroll F. Couch, Billy L. Crosser, Robert E. Jr Dardaganian, Stephen G. Davis, Hubert P. DeBorde, Donald D. Denman, Joe C. Denning, John S. Dietert, Robert D. Drozd, Deonys H. Edgar, Gordon C. OFFICERS: DONALD E. JARVIS . . President DOUGLAS K. SEWELL . Vice-President BILL B. WISE . . Recording Secretary OTTO R. KUNZE Corresponding Secretary TOM D. REYNOLDS . . . Treasurer NORMAN C. HEFRON . Cataloger English, Robert B. Flake, Robert A. Fleener, Thomas W. Flukinger, Thomas E. Fockelmann, William F. Fontenot, Joseph G. Ford, George H. Foster, Henry Lee Frazier, Frank D. Fulbright, Joseph L. Garcia, Gustavo Gary, John William Gebert, Bobby J. Goble, Charles E. Gonzales, Oved Gordon, Frank H. Gould, Roy Clair Grant, James Davis Greenwood, Bobby R. Hagens, Leslie R. Hahnfeld, Raloh H. Mamiltan, William S. Harrington, William C. Harris. Arthur B. Hartman, Kenneth S. Hay. James David Hetfron, Norman C. Hodges, Teddy O. Haooer, Wallace, Jr. Hoyler, Wilburne F. I I I' Hudson, Raymond P. Hunt, John L. Hutton, Richard G. Hutton, Robert S. Ingram, Emmit A., Jr. Irvine, William G. Irwin, Paul Eugene Jarvis, Donald Edward Jones, Wescomb R. Jordan, Wayland V. Joseph, Sabat Kearby, Jerome C. Keelan, Dare K. Keene, George T. Kells, Edward L. Knight, John Edward, Jr. Koonce, Phil B. Kosarek, Charlie J., Jr. Kunze, Otto R. Kusenberger, Felix N. Langford, Billy Gene lee, Neal Edward Lee, Roy, Jr. Lehman, August F. Lemmon, James H., Jr. Lyon, Robert Y. McDaniel, Robert W. Mclver, Jess David McMilIin, William C. Maddox, Joe Pace I BILL B. WISE DOUGLAS K SEWELL Il Mahoney, Jack D. Martin, Alfred D., Jr. Martin, James Tillman Mathis, James W. Mayben, George W. Mays, Terrell L. Means, Theodore M. Merrell, Ernest E., Jr. Michaels, Douglas D. Miller, Clifford A. Mills, Herbert G. Minton, Fred, Jr. Munnerlyn, Ray Dean Myre, William C. Nuccio, Robert P. Oliver, Wade Hampton Orr, Charles Ross Pankratz, Werner Pape, Gus Reagan Parse, Melvin W., Jr. Pearson, Vohnnie L., Jr. Peterson, Glenn William Pianta, James Eugene Porter, James W., Jr. Powell, Arthur B. Ransom, Robert Grier Ransom, William R. Reed, Bob Harold Reynolds, Tom D. Rikard, Donald A. Rogers, Donald L. Ross, Hardy E. Royaler, Thomas H. Schechter, Robert S. Schulze, James L. Sewell, Douglas K. Sharp, James Earl Shockey, Thomas E. Silvas, Alfonso F. Simmons, Robert Bruce Smith, Kenneth W. smifh, Wiley J. s. Snead, Edwin de S. Stanley, Lyn Thomas Stevens, Wayne Manning Sullins, Ted F. Taylor, Carroll C. Taylor, John F. Thorn, Donald C. Tumlinson, Richard R. Ueckert, Alfred F., Jr. Underriner, Charles F., Jr Valon, Ernest D. Ware, Ira Calvin Wawak, Earl Eugene Whittington, Charles D. Wise, William Bert Woolley, Carroll A. Zumwalt, Joe P. Elkins, Robert Wallace Rollins, Albert Williamso T1 M ira rwiim nirtfs BMHETT IT L H E OFFICERS: UVALDE STOERMER Chairman GLENN W. PETERSON Vice-Chairman ROBERT L. JONES Treasurer FRED L. MAXWELL Secretary LLOYD G. BERRYMAN Adviser MEMBERS: Baron, A. E. Brewer, J. S. Canning, Joe Forsythe, W. E. Hann, H. K. Harding, G. K. Henninger, R. L. Lovell, J. E. Neinast, J. E. Pangburn, R. E. Stockard, J. L. Wade, M. E. Whitacre, J. A. Sfirilrik OFFICERS: WILHAM EUGENE CORY Chairman ist Semester ROY T. BRASHEAR Secretary AIEE RAY ROBERTSON, JR. Chairman 2ncl Semester ALBERT E. NICHOLSON Secretary IRE WM. FIELDING FOCKELMANN Treasurer MEMBERS: Ball, Wallace B. Ball, Wayne E. Barwise, Charles A. Bergluncl, Kenneth L. Boldmcsn, James W. Boyd, Everett Aaron Brashear, Roy T. Buckner, Tom J. Byington, Bobby J. Campbell, Robert B. Caughlin, G. Chalker, Durwood Clevenger, Arthur F. Coleman, Charles W. Cook, Billy L. Cory, Wilham Eugene Cotner, Wilbur C. Couch, Billy L. Cromwell, Robert A. Davis, Billy H. Davis, Gorclon O., Jr. Drozd, Deonys H. Fockelmann, Wm. F. Fowllces, Charles G. Fuess, Raymond L. Gonzales, Ovecl Gordon, Frank H. Harris, Jack A. Hightower, Kenneth D'. Hites, William H. Holder, John V. Jack, Robert W. Johns, Ray William Johns, Roy A. Johnson, Frank F. Jones, Aubrey G. Kells, Edward L. Kerley, James Homers, King, Valery W., Jr. Knight, Henry A. Knight, John E., Jr. Kusenberger, Felix N, Leslie, Frank R. Lewie, John R. Marek, Albert J. Massey, Delbert G. Menger, Wm. M. Moseley, Walter H. Murphree, David D. McCausey, David L., Jr McCoy, Allen W. Naugle, Russell C. Nicholson, Albert E. O'Hara, Robert N., Jr. Paine, Jewel A. Porter, Edward O. Powdrill, Jackie Leo Ransom, Robert G. Ransom, William R. Rice, Wilbur Lamar Rider, Alvin Richard Roberts, Ray H. Robertson, Garland Ra Rogers, Donald L. Rushing, J. E. Rutledge, Collie C., Jr. Scheumack, Powell A. Schubert, Zane L. Scroggins, Eugene B. Sewell, Douglas K. Skelton, Charles W. Stanton, Edward J. Strobel, Alexander A. Teed, Jack T. Terry, Luther B. Thompson, Clyde C., Jr Thomson, Junius A. Thorn, Donald C. Toellner, Norman H. Towns, Thomas G. Walter, Alvin H. Webb, John C. Woolley, Carroll A. lil ui dll an 'un ni N mil S , I wa sl N I'f?'fT7l OFFICERS: WILLIAM A. KLABUNDE Chairman JQHINI F. TAYLOR Vice-Chairman AT MA FLOYD, JR. Secreforry D. R. HAMILTON Treasurer MARTiN HOWARD Reporler E. E. BRUSH Honorary Chairman MEMBERS: Allen, W. T. Bundy, M. E. Barron, J. S. Boicvrd, H. G. Brewingfon, R. D Burclitim, W. J. Burks, VV., Jr. Cliffe, R. T., Jr. Clinlcscciles. E. S. Collier, R. A. Dswling, C. J. English, R. B. Fields, A. F. Floyd, A. R. Forrest, R. D. Gibson, W. F., Jr. Gleyre, H. R. Goldberg, A. P. Fiirz, S. C. Hale, R. A. Hcxmilion, D. R. Hinckley, E. C. Howard, M. L. Hoyler, W. F. Hurt, H. H., Jr. Jensen, G. R. ikfiifikf Johnson, Recd Kelleher, J. F. Linn, D. P. Klcxbuncle, W. A. McAsh::n, T. W., Jr McClure, J. G. Melcher, J. W. Mi1cheII, R. F. Modlin, J. Morse, H. R. Moseley, A. G. Nelson, A. W. Parsons, W. E. Perry, G. A. Purfell, C. H. Rcinsleben, G. E., J Reynul, E. W., Jr. Sauer, E. W. Shatzmcin, N. S. Sfegink, G. A. Tate, Roger E. Tciylor, John F. Teague, E. C. Tumlinson, R. R. Walker, C. E. White, R. M. OFFICERS: J. W. SCHATTENBERG Chairman R. E. TATE Vice-Choiirrncln G. H. SUNDBERG Secrefary-Treasurer W. I. TRUETTNER Fcicuify Sponsor AAIIAAQICDC. AMI-IIIILLII IITHEIIS CLUB OFFICERS: MRS. S. F. MADISON . . . President MRS. TED H. LOKEY . lst Vice-President MRS. G. M. BATTIN . 2nd Vice-President MRS. J. C. RICHARDSON 3rd Vice-President MRS. BOYD ELLIOTT . 4th Vice-President MEMBERS: Amason, Mrs. Bob Battin, Mrs. Glenn Benton, Mrs. Selma Bowlin, Mrs. J. W. Brcxnham, Mrs. Evelyn Brown, Mrs. Preston Brummel, Mrs. Voss Buthker, Mrs. P. H. Carter, Mrs. C. W. Collins, Mrs. B. H. Colville, Mrs. W. R. Eager, Mrs. I.. H. Elliot, Mrs. Boyd Farmer, Mrs. Bill Field, Mrs. Stanton Fields, Mrs. Lou Flack, Mrs. G. R. Fowlkes, Mrs. R. J. Golden, Mrs. N. O. Gruhlkey, Mrs. A. A. Hall, Mrs. Glenn Harris, Mrs. Willard Jimi... MRS. E. L. MAYNE . 5th Vice-President MRS. WILLARD HARRIS . . Secretary MRS. WILBUR WELLS . . Treasurer MRS. R. L. ZELSMAN . . Historian MRS. R. L. MCSPADDEN Corresponding Secretary Howren, Mrs. W. D. Jobe, Mrs. L. L. Jones, Mrs. R. W. Kidd, Mrs. J. E. Lokey, Mrs. Ted Madison, Mrs. A. F. Mayne, Mrs. E. L. Meacham, Mrs. R. V. McSpadden, Mrs. R. L. Newman, Mrs. W. C. Parr, Mrs. Knox ali.. Pavillard, Mrs. Dean Richardson, Mrs. J. C. Ritter, Mrs. Jess Ross, Mrs. S. E. Russell, Mrs. T. H. Vincent, Mrs. Jack Wardle, Mrs. Frank Wells, Mrs. Wilbur Williams, Mrs. C. W. Worford, Mrs. W. N. Zelsman, Mrs. R. L. O. J. OLSON .... Treasurer IIIIRP S IIHRISII MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MEMBERS: Adaws, Mrs. Marion J. Allen, Mrs. R. W. T. E. JOHNSON . . . Presiclenf GEORGE KING . 'lsf Vice-President A. L. BLEKER . 2nd Vice-Presidenf VALYON COWSER 3rcl Vice-President RALPH DEVINE Recording Secrefary GEORGE E. MARSHALL Corresponding Secrefary Cowser, Mrs. Valfon Culli, Mrs. G. O. MRS. R. E. HOBBS . . Parliamenfarian MRS. BILL NEAL . . . . Hisforian MRS MRS MRS E. H. ANDREW Scrapbook Chairman ALVA STRAIT Hospifalify Chairman C. E. BEAVERS Telephone Chairman Hobbs, Mrs. R. E. Johnson, Mrs. T. E. Andrew, Mrs. E. H. Beatfy, Mrs. Perry A. Beavers, Mrs. C. E. Beck, Mrs. Byron D. Bleker, Mrs. A. L. Braslaw, Mrs. A. Buck, Mrs. C. E. Coon, Mrs. H. W. Devine, Mrs. R. R. Dunnaw, Mrs. L. K. Eads, Mrs. R. A. Fuentes, Mrs. C. R. Geisfman, Mrs. A. J. amen, Mrs. v. w., sf. Grant, Mrs. W. H. Karren, Mrs. C. H. Lucey, Mrs. J. R. Marshall, Mrs. George E. Meisenheimer, Mrs. G. E. Miller, Mrs. N. A. Mueller, Mrs. Joseph P. Neal, Mrs. Bill MRS. E. G. SCHLATHER Exfension Chairman Olson, Mrs. O. J. Shaw, Mrs. J. W. Pearson, Mrs. Louisa lHonorary life memberj Schlather, Mrs. E. G. Sr. John, Mrs. J. J. Urban, Mrs. Charles A. Warren, Mrs. Guy I. Wicks, Mrs. G. C. Coleman, Mrs. S. L. , f :si :Jef inf' '1 2:-V f X' X V :Qg?.'::.55,.gI:,....5p.'? 31:21 22,7 I 1 . Jw M55-S Q ,Aww EXECUTIVE BOARD MRS. D. L. BEATTY President MRS. A. F. SIDOTI Vice-Presidenf of Lcirge MRS. H. C. HAYNES Firsf Vice-Presidenf MRS. A. E. SOUTTER Second Vice-President MRS. J. GIMARC Third Vice-Presidenf MRS. L. V. MASSENGALE Fourfh Vice-Presidenf MRS. R. C. GREEVES Fifth Vice-Presidenf MRS. CLAY C. SCOTT Treasurer MRS. H. E. MONTGOMERY Recording Secrefary MRS. W. D. THORNTON Corresponding Secretary MRS. R. R. STURDIVANT Hisiorion MRS. CHAS. R. SMITH Parliamenfcrrion IJALL S MUTHERS CL B MEMBERS: OFFICERS: MRS. W. E. JARVIS . . P lil MRS. J. F. ISBELL ..... Chaplain MRS. GEORGE CROWLEY lst Vice-P MRS. R. A. CARTON . 2nd Vice-P MRS. J. HUGH MORGAN 3rd Vice-P MRS. A. S. BILLINGSLEY 4th Vice-P MRS. EDWARD DIEB . 5th Vice-P Agerton, Mrs. J. P. Allen, Mrs. Albert C. Baker, Mrs. J. B. Becker, Mrs. J. R. Bell, Mrs. Ray Bertram, Mrs. C. H. Billin sle Mrs A S 9 Y, - - 4 Bombarger, Mrs. O. P. Boyd, Mrs. J. L. Brookman, Mrs. T. H. Bryant, Mrs. J. L. Burdett, Mrs. Jack H. Cahill, Mrs. Paul T. Campbell, Mrs. J. O. Carlton, Mrs. R. A. Carter, Mrs. Frank P. Chanbers, Mrs. C. N. Clower, Mrs. George A Collier, Mrs. R. L. Collins, Mrs. John Copeland, Mrs. E. L. Cogburn, Mrs. U. C. Crowley, Mrs. George Cox, Mrs. Joice O.. Sr. Craine, Mrs. James Cowart, Mrs. Tom Cross, Mrs. Lyle L. Davis, Mrs. J. Fred Dear, Mrs. Pete Dieb, Mrs. E. J. Deering, Mrs. C. E. Duke, Mrs. R. B. Dunkelberg, Mrs. K. W. Evans, Mrs. Hugh Woolf, Mrs. N. E. Yates, Mrs. W. P. Yeary, Mrs. Roy Garrison, Mrs. R. E. Germany, Mrs. J. P. Gibson, Mrs. W. A. Goodger, Mrs. W. H. Gorrod, Mrs. H. G. Hambright, Mrs. Sam H. Hamilton, Mrs. Wesley J. Hamilton, Mrs. W. W. Heath, Mrs. O. F. Helm, Mrs. Carl B. Hicks, Mrs. E. E. Hinckley, Mrs. Emmett C, Hines, Mrs. W. N. resident MRS- MRS. MRS. resident resident MRS, MRS. resident MRS. resident MRS. resident MRS- Hogg, Mrs. H. H. Huddlestcn, Mrs. H. C. Humphries, Mrs. W. H. Ingram, Mrs. E. A. Isbell, Mrs. J. F. Jackson, Mrs. J. S. Jarvis, Mrs. W. E. Johnson, Mrs. A. L. Johnson, Mrs. C. L. Johnson, Mrs. Reed Jones, Mrs, Clarence Jones, Mrs. Walter V. Killebrew, Mrs. C. G. Lary, Mrs. Y. B. Laue, Mrs. H. L. Lawrence, Mrs. James LeBlanc, Mrs. G. A. Lee, Mrs. R. E. Lewie, Mrs. A. S. Lewis, Mrs. F. D. Luckey, Mrs. D. E. Madden, Mrs. E. Magruder, Mrs. G. B. Martin, Mrs. Lawrence A. Mathews, Mrs. Arch l... new nm .L F ., H le ll lil i 1 .N we , . rl' .,. 'mg' J., , . f-.LJ J-" LEONARD McCANN F. D. LEWIS . Re G. W. TINSLAR 6th Vice-President cording Secretary Corresponding Secretary JOE P. RABB .... Treasurer W. M. SARGENT Publicity Chairman W. B. PALM . Federation Chairman J. OTIS CAMPBELL . . Historian D. B. WHEELER . Parliamentarian Witter, Mrs. Edith Womack, Mrs. Joe Woody, Mrs. W. A. McCann, Mrs. Leonard Milhollin, Mrs. R. M. Moore, Mrs. Swayne Morgan, Mrs. J. Hugh Muller, Mrs. A. E. Newman, Mrs. R. A. Nichols, Mrs. A. B. Nixon, Mrs. Sam A. Palm, Mrs. W. B. Patterson, Mrs. J. N. Peacock, Mrs. J. D. Pumphrey, Oroha Robb, Mrs. Joe P. Raynaud, Mrs. J. B. Reed, Mrs. Chester Repper, Mrs. George Robinson, Mrs. W. F. Rone, Mrs. Frank L. Sandler, Mrs. Ben J. Sargent, Mrs. W. M. Schrickel, Mrs. O. E. Schwarz, Mrs. Edwin G. Skeen, Mrs. Theodore Slagle, Mrs. G. M. Smullen, Mrs. C. K. Snyder, Mrs. Henry C Stade, Mrs. H. W. Streiff, Mrs. J. F. Stinson, Mrs. R. C. Tilley, Mrs. Opal Tinslar, Mrs. G. W. Tinsley, Mrs. A. B. Travis, Mrs. S. E., Jr. Townsend, Mrs. W. H Walther, Mrs. R. H. Wallace, Mrs. Karl E West, Mrs. W. D. Wheeler, Mrs. D. B. Wheeler, Mrs. L. H. White, Mrs. R. O. Wilson, Mrs. R. F. Witter,Mrs. Edith Womack, Mrs. Joe Woody, Mrs. W. A. Woolf, Mrs. N. E. Yates, Mrs. W. P. Yeary, Mrs. Roy 273 l T ll lvl B lT ITT - is it N J i 1 i'. . + m, ls p OFFICERS: MRS. A. F. HARVEY . . President MRS MRS. A. R. HILTON Vice-President at Large MRS' MRS. F. A. STEPHENS . lst Vice-President MRS Mrs. J. E. SlCK . . 2nd Vice-President MRS. MRS. R. H. FIELD . 3rd Vice-President MEMBERS: Amspoker, Mrs. S. D. Armstrong, Mrs. A. E. Backer, Mrs. K. Baker, Mrs. W. D. Bang, Mrs. C. E. Brailas, Mrs. N. Brandt, Mrs. Henry V. Brown. Mrs. Byron B. Bruesher, Mrs. W. H. Burdineck, Mrs. John Burgess, Mrs. B. E. Burke, Mrs. Thomas K. Calloway, Mrs. W. H. Campbell, Mrs. P. D., Carpe, Mrs. F. W. Cliffe, Mrs. R. T. Jr Cockrum, Mrs. Robert K. J. Cline, Mrs. W. H. Collins, Mrs. Alton B. Cooper, Mrs. R. L. Cox, Mrs. Della A. Crawford, Mrs. D. W. Croft, Mrs. William Crossman, Mrs. John C. Crownover, Mrs. A. B. Dancer, Mrs. Martha Davis, Mrs. C. A. Delany, Mrs. W. H. Devall, Mrs. J. L. Doby, Mrs. J. W. Eisenberg, Mrs. Winnie Elliot, Mrs. C. G. England, Mis. A. C. Faulkner, Mrs. E. E. Field, Mrs. R. H. Fitzgerald, Mrs. R. J. Flukinger, Mrs. Fred Francis, Mrs. E. D. Freelich, Mrs. J. E. Goodman, Mrs. C. E. Goulas, Mrs. Camille Grafton, Mrs. J. T. Graham, Mrs. J. B. Granton, Mrs. Charles Green, Mrs. Harry J. Gruber, Mrs. Gee Grymes, Mrs. R. W. Graves, Mrs. L. C. Hagen, Mrs. H. S. Hanes, Mrs. H. G. Harrington, Mrs. G. G. Harvey, Mrs. A. F. Herbert, Mrs. W. F. Hickernell, Mrs. C. B. Hicks, Mrs. James L. Hilton, Mrs. J. R. Hinman, Mrs. Pete Hinton, Mrs. C. B. Hechmuth, Mrs. R. C. Holland, Mrs. R. C. Heuy, Mrs. Alice M. Howells, Mrs. Wyman Hubbell, Mrs. Rosabel Huddleston, Mrs. A. J. Hudler, Mrs. Tony D. Jackson, Mrs. S. M. Jacobs, Mrs. Mattie B. Jacobs, Mrs. Ned L. Johnsion, Mrs. R. E. Jordan, Mrs. J. I. is fill -ll T. W. MCASHAN Recording Secretary L. R. SEXTON Corresponding Secretary W. O. WARRINGER . Treasurer R. C. HOCHMUTH Keller, Mrs. D. B. Kendrick, Mrs. G. Kelbye, Mrs. R. M. Krenek, Mrs. Walter Ktoesche, Mrs. M. Krone, Mrs. D. N. LaMach, Mrs. W. M. Lee, Mrs. Howard Less, Mrs. J. Lucas, Mrs. J. F. Madeley, Mrs. G. Neal Mandala, Mrs. J. V. McA'sl1an, Mrs. T. W. McHaney, Mrs. Alice Melcher, Mrs. Ray Middleton, Mrs. J. L. Millard, Mrs. R. B. Miller, Mrs. Doran L. Mitchall, Mrs. Fred Mug, Mrs. J. A. Niland, Mrs. Tom Olsen, Mrs. C. E. Pavey, Mrs. Albert E. Pengally, Mrs. J. l. Parliamentarian Petteway, Mrs. J. C. Pitcock, Mrs. J. C. Pitcock, Mrs. O. D. Purdy, Mrs. W. A. Ratliff, Mrs. L. A. Roper, Mrs. E. C. Sanders, Mrs. S. D. Sanders, Mrs. W. Savarino, Mrs. William Schmitz, Mrs. William A Sexton, Mrs. L. R. Sick, Mrs. J. E. Spence, Mrs. J. E. Stephens, Mrs. J. E. Strelau, Mrs. Florence Sommers, Mrs. F. A. Sweeney, Mrs. W. E. Tapley, Mrs. John Thornton, Mrs. W. S. Warriner, Mrs. W. O. White, Mrs. William E. Williams, Mrs. L. E. Wilson, Mrs. Myrtle Yiengst, Mrs. Harvey D. 274 MEMBERS: Abbott, Mrs. F. G. Albert, Mrs. J. A. Aldridge, Mrs. E. Almaguer, Mrs. R. Anderson, Mrs. E. H. Anderson, Mrs. Ed Atkins, Mrs. W. D., Sr. Avery, Mrs. Ed Baetz, Mrs. Ernest Belinsky, Mrs. E. Berns, Mrs. M. A. Blair, Mrs. T. C. Blank, Mrs. C. R. Blazey, Mrs. Blume, Mrs. A. R. Bolen, Mrs. M. Bowman, Mrs. Viola Brand, Mrs. Max Brown, Mrs. A. A. Burger, Mrs. J. Butler, Mrs. W. C. Campbell, Mrs. C. Carter. Mrs. R. A. Chandler, Mrs. T. Classen, Mrs. J. P. Clauss, Mrs. A., Jr. Cloud, Mrs. L. P. Cohen, Mrs. C. Colglazier, Mrs. R. W., Sr. Cone, Mrs. G. AN ANTO III MIITHERS CLUB OFFICERS: MRS. RUPERT E. SPARKMAN . President MRS. HENRY O. WAHRMUND Vice-President at Large MRS. JOHN A. WILLIAMSON lst Vice-President MRS. W. H. DeLANGE 2ncl Vice-President MRS. A. N. TSCHIRHART 3rd Vice-President MRS. C. RAY DAVIS . 4th Vice-President Conn, Mrs. C. B. Cooper, Mrs. J. W. Coy, Mrs. Andres, Jr. Crook, Mrs. Y. C. Crowther, Mrs. A. B. Cruse, Mrs. C. F. Darby, Mrs. W. H. Davis, Mrs. D. J. Davis, Mrs. Hazel Deeg, Mrs. W. Dixon, Mrs. B. D. Dobbin, Mrs. J. A. Dotson, Mrs. H. F. Dotson, Mrs. K. Engel, Mrs. E. Engelking, Mrs. L. J. Farris, Mrs. J. H. Geingold, Mrs. M. Fletcher, Mrs. J. N., Jr. Flume, Mrs. L. J. Fox, Mrs. J. H. Freeborn, Mrs. S. A. Fritz, Mrs. B. Froebel, Mrs. G. Garcia, Mrs. R. M. Garrett, Mrs. T. Garrett, Mrs. W. R. Gerlich, Mrs. N. Gibbs, Mrs. R. Greco, Mrs. C. Green, Mrs. G. Green, Mrs. P. Grisham, Mrs. Strauss Griffin, Mrs. R. Harz, Mrs. E. Hedrick, Mrs. C. C. Hernandez, Mrs. F. Herta, Mrs. H. A. Hickman, Mrs. J. R. Hilderbrand, Mrs. J. R. Hinze, Mrs. V. A. Howard, Mrs. M. L. Ireland, Mrs. R. E. Jenswold, Mrs. H. Johns, Mrs. E. Jones, Mrs. C. Jones, Mrs. C. K. Jordan, Mrs. J. I. Kanter, Mrs. B. Kenny, Mrs. N. Ketchum, Mrs. R. V. Killian, Mrs. M. B. Knox, Mrs. G. Koepp, Mrs. W. Kothmann, Mrs. R. Kott, Mrs. Hugo Krieger, Mrs. J. Landon, Mrs. C. R. Lang, Mrs. J. J. Lasswell, Mrs. M. MRS. MRS MRS EDWARD F. HEUSINGER 5th Vice-President . NATHAN ALTERMAN 6th Vice-President . J. P. WEYMAN, SR. Recording Secretary MRS. HERBERT MILLS . . . Treasurer MRS. CHARLES W. GORDON, JR. PUFIIGITIEHTUFIGH MRS. LEON J. TOLLE . . Historian Lawson, Mrs. H. C. Pena, Mrs. L. Lay, Mrs. R. Perkens, Mrs. R. Leavitt, Mrs. M. N. Peters, Mrs. W. Liberto, Mrs. S. Pollock, MVS- O. Lown. Mrs. D. S. Pratte, Mrs. J. Lowrey, Mrs. E. Price, Mrs. J. Madrid, Mrs. S. Pyle, Mrs. H. Marsh, Mrs. T. G. Reedy, Mrs. J. E. Mattei, Mrs. O. Reinke, Mrs. E. Mayfield, Mrs. A. D. Rigney, Mrs. E. McAllister, Mrs. E. D. Robertson, Mrs. H. McArthur, Mrs. F. Rogers, Mrs. M. McCullough, Mrs. T. Rosenthal, Mrs. H. McNeeI, Mrs. A. Rubsamen, Mrs. E. Means, Mrs. E. Rusken, Mrs. R. Merbeth, Mrs. G. A. Ryan, Mrs. J. T. Mergele, Mrs. F. W. Schaefer, Mrs. S. Miller, Mrs. F. Schwope, Mrs. E. C. Miller, Mrs. J. Sebera, Mrs. G. Moore, Mrs. R. Shearer, Mrs. J. Morris, Mrs. R. B. Shown, Mrs. W. Moser, Mrs. I. Sikes, Mrs. M. Munroe, Mrs. T. Silvey, Mrs. F. Nash, Mrs. G. Solomon, Mrs. O. Neal, Mrs. L. R. Sphan, Mrs. L. I.. Nobiling, Mrs. C. W. Springer, Mrs. F. Orth, Mrs. C. Staffel, Mrs. G. Oslund, Mrs. J. Stahl, Mrs. H. Park, Mrs. P. Starnes, Mrs. J. Peeler, Mrs. Steel, Mrs. H. Stephens, Mrs. T. Stover, Mrs. G. Strasser, Mrs. J. Sueltenfuss, Mrs. E. Tate, Mrs. C. Thomas, Mrs. H. O. Thompson, Mrs. M. Thompson, Mrs. M. J. Thorn, Mrs. C. M. Turnage, Mrs. R. E. Turner, Mrs. R. VanderStucken, Mrs. E VanderWeide, Mrs. S. Van Tassel, Mrs. P. Wagenfehr, Mrs. J. G. Wallace, Mrs. J. Weiss, Mrs. L. Weld, Mrs. P. West. Mrs. T. Wickes, Mrs. H. Witter, Mrs. B. L. Wofford, Mrs. H. Wolpman, Mrs. J. Wolf, Mrs. O. Wood, Mrs. E. C. Word, Mrs. D. Wright, Mrs. B. Wurzbach, Mrs. D. Yantes, Mrs. J. Zerwekh, Mrs. J. 1 .Q. W C0-McLENNAN IIIIIINTY MIITHERS IILLIB MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MEMBERS: Attaway, Mrs. L. C. Barnard, Mrs. H. V. Bardell, Mrs. W. B. Beazley, Mrs. W. H Bennett, Mrs. E. A. Blume, Mrs. O. E. Brown, Mrs. Robert H. G. FULLBRIGHT . . . Presiclenf PAUL WILSON . Tst Vice-President J. C. CARNAHAN 2ncI Vice-President JOHN WILSON . 3rd Vice-President Caple, Mrs. Etta Cross, Mrs. J. W. Crouch, Mrs. K.P. Dehm, Mrs. C. R. Deveny,Mrs. J. S. Dunn, Mrs. H. F. Fulbright, Mrs. H. G. MRS. A. G. WALSH .... Secretary MRS. W. W. FALL . . Treasurer MRS. W. C. BLEDSOE . . Historian Gardner, Mrs. L. M. Garner, Mrs. C. M. Harrell, Mrs. P.J. Johnson,Mrs. Hubert Jumper, Mrs. Cecil King, Mrs. Guy Meinstein, Mrs. Abe MRS. EARLY ROBERTSON Parliamentarian Sewell, Mrs. B. P. Simons, Mrs. Dave Snider, Mrs. J. B. Spillman, Mrs. Jack Travis, Mrs. T. E. Walker, Mrs. I. G. Whaley, Mrs. R. W. Wilkins, Mrs. Harold X-J ABILLNL MUTITLRS CLUB RIISII WIINTRT RWTIILRS CLIIB elle' lgem-1 .m OFFICERS: BASS, MRS. HENRY K. Presiolenf HAYNIE, MRS. I. JEFF Vice-President of Large MCFALL, MRS. BOB lsf Vice-President HOLLOWELL, MRS. G. A. 2nd Vice-Presideni BOWERS, MRS. D. G. 3rd Vice-President DOE-BYN, MRS. HARRY 4th Vice-President PITZER, MRS. E. T. 51h Vice-Presidenl HUGHES, MRS. FRED Recording Secretary CONNALLY, MRS SAM Corresponding Secretary GOODLOE, MRS. A. S. Treasurer KENDALL, MRS. FORREST Hisforioin LONGLEY, MRS. J. F. Parliamenfarian MEMBERS: Barnes, Mrs. Hoyt L. Bird, Mrs. M. L. Blond, Mrs. R. B. Brasier, Mrs. Gladys Bowers, Mrs. D. G. Burdill, Mrs. J. N. Bass, Mrs. Henry K. Campbell, Mrs. Price Cecil, Mrs. C. W. onnally, Mrs. Sam avidson, Mrs. N. B. Dillinglwam, O. D. Dobbyn, Mrs. Harry Gooclloe, Mrs. A. Hcxynie, Mrs. T. Jeff Hinton, Mrs. J. F. H ll ll Mrs G A C D o owe. , . . . Hughes, Mrs. Fred C. Kelley, Mrs. T. E. lfendcxll, Mrs. Forrest ongley, Mrs. J. F. McDaniel, Mrs. Boyd McDaniel, Mrs. W. B. McFc1ll, Mrs. R. B. Magee, Mrs. L. H. Martin, Mrs. J. Homer Martin. Mrs. J, M. Mioldlelon, Mrs. Nell Morrow, Mrs. J. T. ' E T Pitzer, Mrs. . . Robertson, Mrs. Poole Rose, Mrs. Oscar Simpson, Mrs. F. M. Swan, Mrs. Bud Tillell, Mrs. H. A. Tiffle, Mrs. G. B. Williams, Mrs. Not Willis, Mrs. T. M. ilriirilr MRS. J. R. GALLIMORE Presidenf MRS. R. L. WALKER Firsl Vice-President MRS. C. A. AUSTIN Second Vice-Presidenf MRS. F. F. KELLY Third Vice-President MRS. TOM MCNEILL Treasurer MRS. JOE H. NAGY Recording Secretary MRS. JOE BARLOW Corresponding Secrefary MRS. F. O. CRENSHAW Hisforian MRS. H. W. SCHMIDT Pcirliamenfarian BOBBY AMASO iff - iii? ' " ., rf.- 'lf' 'ij?ifff?Q1, ' ' . garyw. - , 5 Lfgcfe , -. 2'2?Zar'5Bk,-A f B If 40 , W ,z o 'al we B BY 1 B gm ,rw B fc, , ,iw 4 f Q X Q . f 3 M A, ,M B B 5. vs Q :Q B243 1 N, Q QQ, gif, ,ff K 22' ac. Q3 fgsfgyw 2 X4 4 4, ,i',vt?' ' ' 524 Mg Wzrf Br A B? i X , 2, B? Ybcge B ,yy :Sf 3, 4 f 9' BQ, B' -- -, , 1 of , 1 'ga -. f' MM ,lf '23 135' 421, V W f',, , 4,1 Wgfigyx is 4 is 19" W2 'M if B , 1, A5 cfm' gfcr ' ' 15 no N 2? as Q' l 2w,,Hg, vw, 2 . A f ,, ,W v 1 QW 1 sf" 2:6 B Q1 A , ' , 1 " , f ' + 'f??'52ffrfiZ , cv. iwfv , x CHA Amason, Bobby Anderson, Dick Battin, Dick Bowlin, Bob Buther, Stan Carter, James Collins, Dale Collins, Harland Colville, Gene Crow, Don R O FF l C E RS: 1 f' TED LOKEY . . . President BOBBY AMASO N . . . Vice-President FORD MADISON . Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES FOWLKES . Social Chairman """""4' :,:, RLES FOWLKES TED LOKEY Darby, E. F. Hall, .lack Milam, Bert Dudenhoeffer, Joe Hardin, Dick Parr, Charles Eagar, J. L. Hardin, Hadin Phillips, Collier Elliot, Dick Farmer, Bob Farrell, Jim Flack, Gordon Fields, Truelt Fowlkes, Charles Golden, Elden Harris, Bill Jones, Bob Lokey, Ted Newman, Don Madison, Ford Mayne, Bud Meacham, Bill Richardson, Joe Ritter, Keith Ross, S. E. Scott, William Singleton, Neil Williams, Glenn Williams, Ray Zelsman, Bill ,QAsmz vwQ:a:WfmQslzauff:m1z1v' ,ow D. K. KEELAN MEMBERS: Armstrong, James H. Boker, Donny Bates, Thurman Beodle, Glenn Boyeft, J. L. Broussard, William L. Brown, Bruce O. Burch, Jack Chitwood, George W. Coope, Gerry Danesi, Bill Dishman, George Eddy, Kenneih OFFICERS: J. W. WALKER . . . Presiclenf D. K. KEELAN .... Vice-President C. L. LEATHERWOOD . Secrefary G. J. BEADLE ..... Treasurer J. F. HOGAN . . . Social Chairman W. A. BROUSSARD . Athletic Officer P. D. TERRY . . Sergeanf af Arms Floyd, Alma LeBlanc, G. Thompson Fox, Gorrnett French, Bobby L. Glover, Bill Greiner, Max Haney, James W. Hearn, D. W. Hardcosfle, Frank Hogan, James Jones, R. E. Keelan, Dare Leatherwood, Luiher C. Leming, Paul Lighi, Don Mackan, Joe Marlow, Walter Night, Ralph Peel, C. L., Jr. Phelps, Dick Price, J. S. Riley, Vance B. Roark, Lesfer B. Richard, Bill J. F. HOGAN Rountree, Thoma Scoif, C. M. Siallings, Lynn Sloeltie, Mack Terry, P. Davis Threcdgill, Bill Vesf, Oscar Walker, Jack Whiiion, George Wilder, Jack Williams, M. M. Dimmiti, Jim Hallam, David l s H G. C. MARKS CHESTER CRITCHFIELD Aiken, C. H. Beesley, B. B. Brown, J. Curry, R. Daniel, J. Davidson, P. A. Edwards, G. D Folke, R. OFFICERS: L. G. MAXFIELD . . . .Presidenf G. C. MARKS .... Vice-Presidenf C. C. CRITCHFIELD . Secretary-Treasurer BELL CUUNTY Fowler, J. B. Hays, G. Hendler, S. Holland, J. R. Hoover, G. E. Hoover, P. D. Junek, C. J. Jones, R. Jones, W. E. Lyon, R. Muiush, J. E. Mufush, W. Messer, W. A. Mikesko, L. G. Moore, W. M. Scoff, W. H. GLB Sl-lepperd, M. T Spears, D. Sutton, J. Vernon, R. R. Whiilow, T. W. zqbcik, F. Zinn, B. A., Jr. L. G. MAXFIELD w OFFICERS: JOSEPH F. SALCH . . . President JOHN H. KAY .... Vice-President BEN W. BICKMAN . Social Chairman J. GUST TSESMELIS . Secretary-Treasurer FRANKIE C. PROCHASKA . . Reporter HJ CPicturedJ Arnst, J. E. Bickham, J. E. Bockhalt, A. J. Bowclen, J. C. Brown, J. S. Brown, R. T. QNot Shown? Austin, C. A. Botard, R. M. Brown, B. A. Brown, D. E. Burdine, F. B. Cabla, H. F. Coffin, R. W. Crenshaw, F. O. Cuthberson, J. P. Brunclrett, G. N. Kirk, T. R. Brundrett, T. H. Lane, B. J. Childress, R. T. Murray, B. J. Durham, M. C. McMurrey, T. W. Flinn, C. E. McNair, W. l.. Gault, J. E. Pfeil, C. E. Griffin, R. J. Prochaska, F. C. Kay, J. H. Ramirez, T. A. Davis, R. B. Janes, H. H. Dowen, B. H. Lawson, R. L. Dexter, J. N. Landrum, C. K. Frank, G. A. Martin, D. D. Hughson, J. P. Miller, Jarvis Hughson, R. W. McLandrich, E. M. Henkhaus, H. H. Nagy, J. E. Henkhaus, W. C. Norris, Joe Hunt, C. G. Perkins, S. L. Haas, R. A. Pratt, B. J. Richards, C. A. Salch, J. F. Schmidt, H. W. Sliva, M. J. Thornton, Jack Thomas, W. B. Tsesmelis, J. G Walstan, D. E. Reyes, C. V. Reyes, H. V. Richardson, J. Roy, C. C. Risinger, D. A. Schubert, R. C. Scrivener, A. L Trucotte, J. W. Wales, B. B. Wales, R. D. Walker, J. L. lH'mm"'HKl2anmnmu'RNaau 9 CLIFTON GRUNWALD MEMBERS Adams, H. J. Allen, B. W. Andrews, J. W. Auslin, D. B. Beary, P. A. Beavers, C. E. Benkenclorfer, Benkenclorfer, Braslau, I. Boyd, J. S, Buck, C. E. Bleker, J. W. Carlton, T. A. Coleman S. L Carlyle, G. W. L Coon R W Cowsen, D. A. Crawford, D. OFFICERS: DONALD P. MCCLURE . . Presidenl HOWARD KARREN . . Vice-Presiclenf PATRICK RAMSEY . . Secrefar Y CLIFTON GRUNWALD . . Treasurer DONALD P. MCCLURE I I 2? 'I' I" I I If 'T I N" I I P' Y' IIIJIIII Ill WITIU. C I C432 I as I . - I. . '45, II .VI rl, II .W AI will f If .. I iw .II Q I.. I-I I wwe I.. Culli, G. O. Grunwald, C. E. Meisenheimer, G. E. Summers, H. V. Chernosky, A. B, Huraldson, H. L. Merzbacher, G. F. Sf. John, J. C. Clemons, G. E. Hordwicke, L. G. Miller, B. P. Tanis, P. E. Dawson, E. R. Harrison, T. P. MUSIEY, W. E. Tonner, C. B. Devine, J. W. Harvard, H. L. MCA pin, J. V. T I' , R. D. Derry, J. J. Holmes, K. B. McFarland, M. S. Tgelieho, D. E. D. Duncan, R. F. Jaeger, K. D. McClure, D. P. Trickey, M. R. J. M. Dug:-nam, L. K. Johnson, R. Olson,IJ. M. Tyler, O. B. Ea s, R. M. Jo nson, . R. O'Nea , C. H. U b , E. C. Eckols, E. E. Johnson, M. U. Pinkston, R. D. Vxlanlgce, C. F. Eclworclg, C. gcohnson, T. E. Porcher, G. S. Warren, G. S. Eysfer, . . arron, H. Priour, C. L. W If , C. D. Eor1hmanMC. H. Little, J. H, Romsey, P. H. Wgbgr, J. P. oster, F. . Lucy, J. A. Ro 'ns, R. P. Welch, M. A. Gc1RryschkC. J. Molczm, J. H. Roherfs, D. R. We-slervelt, J. P. Go cl, J. . Mars ull, G. K. Ro ins, K. B. Wicks, D. W. Gallo, P. J. Mason, F. B. Russell, C. H. Worshum, M. J. . Grant, E. L. Matthews, C. Schlafher, W. G. Zerr, M. J. W D. BEATTY MEMBERS: Andrews, D. R. Beatfy, W. D. Behne, J. C., Jr. Behne, T. D. Beulel, H. W. Blaine, D. B., Jr. Boswell, S. E. Box, G. F. Brockles, A. F. Brown, J. L. Bryant, M. S. Burkholder, D. E. Byington, B. R. Cobb, P. R. Coolidge, J. W. Craig, A. J. Currin, R. N. Curtis, R. E. OFFICERS: W. D. BEATTY . . . Presidenl J. K. HAPPY . . . Vice-Presidenl B. R. BYINGTON . Secrefary-Treasurer R. L. MCGLASSEN, JR. . Social Secretary Damron, J. W. Dardagonian, S. G. Davis, P. G. Derr, H. J. Dieterich, H. F., Jr. Donnell, J. F. Dragna, N. R. Dunlap, S. A., ll Estep, F. L., Jr. Eubank, L. A. Finch, H. J. Gaines, J. A. Germond, G. F. Gimarc, J. D. Goodwyn, T. A., Jr. Graham, W. R. GTCITZ, D. M. Greeves, R. C. D LLAS Haines, IE. T. Hale, H. C., Jr. Hall, R. E. Happy, J. K. Harris, G. E. Haynes, A. C. Hefner, R. L. Hafzenbuehler, E. J., Jr. Hunter, P. F. Johnson, C. C. Litfleiohn, W. B. LoCos'le, J. M. Lonquisf, W. D., Jr. McClure, R. I. McGlassen, R. I., Jr. Martin, A. D., Jr. Massengale, L., Jr. Mayo, W. L. B. R. BYINGTON JACK HAPPY Milchell, R. F. Monlgornery, E. Moore, B. L. Murphy, J. B. Neff, G. A. Nichols, J. E. Norton, D. A. Phillips, J. W. Pike, J. V., Jr. Porter, J. W. Richardson, D. P., Jr Rollins, A. W. Schwab, L. Scoit, C. C., Jr. Shepard, A. P. Southworth, S. G., Jr. Souller, E. E. Slulls, D. C. Tcmner, J. A. Templelon, J. B. Taylor, C. C. Vehon, R. M. Vehon, W. A. Waddle, D. T. Walfon, P. N. Webb, D. N. White, S. M., Jr. Wiggins, G. B. Barflell, F. L. Davidson, F. T., Jr Harrell, D. B. Hill, E. Layton, R. L. Kilpalrick. J. M. Freberg, C. D. Strickland, H. BLAKE SCHAU ER RAY MUNNERLYN MEMBERS: Averill, James Brown, Frank Cenfilli, J. D. Crozier, Buulis Cunningham, Edward Davis, Billy Dominguez, Raul Drisdole, John OFFICERS: DUANE STROTHER . . . Presiclenf BLAKE SCHAUER . . . Vice-President RAY MUNNERLYN . Secrefcxry-Treasurer LEE WILSON . . Reporfer DEL RIO CL B Dyer, Walter Figueroa, Fred, Jr. Fokes, Jack Fuentes, L. F. Haoss, Charles Herrington, D. A. James, Ori McDaniel, Raymond I ...fx . v ...Aw rs . A .Q--1 Munnerlyn, T. A Murrah, Sam Nunley, Tom Rubcxgc, R. I. Torrqs, Julian Trenf, Wylie Warren, Joe QQ. 4 K 4. -KK OFFICERS: J. A. OVERLY . . .Presldenf H. K. HANN . . . Vice-Presidem' R. J. OVERLY . . Secretary-Treasurer V f ' - ft " x X ' Q, . , .H f Z - ,,., f .f . 1, . I' elf' 7 I -r l fixup ,Vp sf , ff " rf? . . , ,ff 2 4,6 f if , , Mfr? , 1 1, 1 f SPCQZ yin? A if ,, MM 2 X ' If N , f? ,QQ-Ky, Sf' .V ,ja gi 13. . ggi I Q ,V 'ffm U, if ff? f , f Z 'gi Q52 ,295 Z .a f' '44 UV , fin ' 'SU V ' '47, 1 if' Nffj. L Q45 wi aw ' f , f n J 1 15451 , f ,, ff iffy, ' ,rv .. uf . .ff J. A. OVERLY R. J. OVERLY H. K. HANN MEMBERS: Borhwell, J. Harris, R. Overly, J. A. Bennett, L. R. Hilliord, W. Overly, R. J. Burneff, A. L. Holman, G. B. Rollins, V. Crouch, J. Honeycuti, B. Sunders,G. Dowling, C. J. Honeycutt, K. Sccirborough,R. Fowler, A. Jordon, B. E. Sears, W. E. Franklin, J. Kemp, C. Smifh, R. Fuller, C. Kufch, G. F. Stokes, M. J. Goforih, R. Lewis, J. H. Thomas, J. B. Gordon, C. R. Lucy, D. H. Thompson, J. B. Gould, R. Martin, H. Wclmpler, C. R. Griffin, D. Mofhis, J. M. Wesf, G. Honn, H. K. Mobley, J. H. White, M. Harrell, B. B. Zoller, J. r :rf--umm-Lx' -.-.f-.1-Q fri-1.4, V., M. f Charles Estes Truman Moses Stephen F. Austin Chapter MEMBERS: OFFICERS: HERSCHAL MALTZ . J. B. SIMONEAUX . HERSCHEL MALTZ JOHN WHITMORE GERALD PAUL MONKS . . President Vice-President JOHN WHITMORE . Secretary-Treasurer Social Chairman George Lacy OFFICERS: J. B. Simoneaux, President A. B. Harris, Vice-President A. C. Burkhalter, Jr.,Sec.-Treas. R. G. Hunt, Social Chairman J. C. Lee, Representative San Jacinto Chapter OFFICERS: Breese Baker, President Curtis Edwards, Vice-President John D. Hardwick, Secretary Bill Bodecker Jack Brandt Gilbert Chambers R. T. Cliffe Tommy Comstock A. B. Crownover Melbert Cudd MEMBERS: Sam Amspoker Jim Anderson Bill Baker Bobby Joe Blum James Clonninger Harry Green A. B. Harris Louis Harvey Ray Hilton Frank Hervey Russell Hudeck R. G. Hunt Dwight King Bill Crawford Harry Delaney Leonard Dudley R. H. Frizzel Jim Gardner F. J. Gaugler Bob Bradley, Treasurer Steve Condon R1 L- Giles John Whitmore, Reporter N. E. Cottle D'Ck Graves Milby Chapter Curtis Wirtz, Vice-President OFFICERS- Jim McCoubrey, Sec.-Treas. Ray Smith, President Arnold Schmitz, Recorder J. C. Lee Dan Lee Jimmy Longshore Earl Madeley Waymon Martin Joe Mayes Gilbert McKenzie W. A. McKenzie Carl Hagan R. R. Hagens Jim Harrington Bob Hooper Dick Johnson D. N. Hahn Bennet Kalmans Archie Leder l GERALD P. MONKS T. K. Niland Joe Savario J. B. Simoneaux Conrad Strelau Jimmy Waldrip Billy Warriner James Welheim Yeager, David H. Lee Stan Livesay Hershal Maltz Dick Marks E. B. Morrison W. S. Thornton A. F. Wallace Rick Wescott Jack Wood MEMBERS: Charles Gabriel Jim Thompson Fielding GD'-'99 Robert Bradshaw T0mmY C00Pe" Joe Holcomb D. L. POWELL OFFICERS: D. L. POWELL JOE STOKES JOE HERNDON K. P. ADAMS DOC BERGIN . . President . . . Vice-President . Sceretary-Treasurer . .... Reporter Social Chairman PANHANIJLE lil B MEMBERS: Adams, K. P. Bergin, Doc Burrow, Bill Britt, David Christner, Hal Corbett, Roger Cunningham, Bill Fatheree, Hobie Finch, Charles Fincher, J. M. Gunter, John Hegi, Don Herndon, Joe Kutch, Don Knight, Dick Lathem, Ed Markham, Charles McCarty, Fuston Parkey, Bernie Plumer, B. R. Powell, Poke Ramey, Pate Ramsey, Elwood Robertson, Fred wfkwfi' f Bibi! im DOC BERGIN Rose, Herman Smith, Birdie Sorelle, Carol Stokes, Joe Stucker, George Terrell, Jeff Vincent, Jack Wenclt, Cotton K. P ADAMS 1 if , g t MEMBERS: OFFICERS: RALPH E. GORMAN, JR. . . President JAMES C. FENNELL, JR. . Vice-President H. CLAUDE HOLMES . 2nd Vice-President O. T. HOTCHKISS, lll . . Secretary BYRON N. DOOLEY . . Treasurer JAMES C. FENNELL BYRON N- DOOLEY ii! il AVL J 1.3 ,Sli li it it B Lt if Alexander, Jack Anderson, James Babin, Robert Beagle, Charles Beaver, James Begnaud, Edward Bell, Milton Berlin, Quincy Bernhardt, Howard Bernhardt, Kenneth Bernhardt, Laurence Bonsall, William Broussard, Vance Brueck, William Burns, Donald Carr, Gordon Coffman, Herbert Cook, Rex Couch, August Crane, Walton Dailey, Joe Davis, John Davis, Walter Davidson, Charlie Dean, George Deason, Jerry Derian, Harry Die, Donnie Dill, Robert Doiron, Luther Dooley, Byron Drake, Jerome Draughon, Billy A. J. Dugas Eagleson, Robert Easley, Teddy Eliasson, Warran Ellis, Bobby Fairbairn, George Faulkner, Richard Fennell, James Flowers, Elmer Flowers, James Fox, Sam Frederick, Autrey Freeman, Raymond Fuller, Joe Funk, John Gant, Harold Gardemal, Richard Gay, Charles Girouard, J. C. Gordy, Earl Gorman, Ralph Gower, Bobby Griffith, Alvin Griffith, Richard Grote, Fred Guiary, J. D. Guiclry, W. A. Hada, Johnny Hamilton, Billy Hand, Carl Hannah, Harold Handley, Phil Harris, Morris Hergert, Roy Hill, Jesse Havard, Robert Hayes, Curtis Holden, Lee Hirsch, Teddy Holloway, James Holmes, Claude Hotchkiss, Ted Hutson, Denny Jackson, Andy Jeko, Leslie Johnson, Charles Johnson, O. E. Johnston, Richard Kelly, Billy LaCour, Donald Landry, Allen Landry, Pat Landry, Raymond Letbetter, Dudley Levingston, Sam Locke, Elmer Lohmann, Henry Lohmann, Howard Love, J. T. McDonald, Charlie McElroy, Edward McGrew, Raymond Marin, Guy Martinez, Tommy Matthivetz, William Moore, Billy Jo Moore, Byron Morrison, Don Mullin, Earl Murillo, David Myer, William Nelson, Charles Nicholas, Mike Paine, Jewel Porter, Jackie Price, Joe Parrish, James Reeves, Curtis Rice, Sam Robbins, James Rowe, David Rowland, Richard Sandoz, Louis Satterwhite, Grady Savage, Thomas Schoettlin, Charles Scott, Hugh Shepherd, John Roy Siebarth, Donald Sims, Bobby Simpson, Rafe Sonnenberg, Nolan Smith, Eugene Smith, Robert Stainback, Floyd Stansbury, Jack Swearingen, Oren Triche, Bill Tucker, Sherman Turnham, Gene Vardaman, David Vaughn, Harry Vaught, Murphy Vester, Sammy Virgilio, J. C. Walker, John Weatherall, Richard White, Arlton Wennerbom, M. T. Williams, A. L. Williams, Harold VVilliamson, Jack Wilson, John Wingler, Robert Vwlinter, Howard Woodall, Harry Young, Glenn Holland, Joe RALPH GORMAN i ROBERT D. CONINE OFFICERS: ROBERT D. CONINE . . . President JOHN K. ENGLAND . Vice-President JACK L. SOLETHER . . Secretary DONALD R. JOSEPH . . Treasurer RUMALDO T. CORREA . . Reporter WILLIAM L. MOORE . Sergeant at Arms JACK L. SOLETHER JOHN K ENGLAND G lllllllil IIIILILIE Gil. MEMBERS: Baker, James M. Bates, B. B. Barker, Randy Blackburn, William R. Boggus, Frank N. Brashear, Olin E. Brown, James T. Brown, Morris A. Brunnemann, Robert N. Burch, Daniel A. Chase, Lance E. Cline, Robert W. Collins, Dean C. Canine, Robert D. Correa, Rumaldo T. Cox, William A. Crumpler, Kenneth M. Darby, Eugene B. Downing, Douglas H. Dyer, Malcolm G. Ellis, Jimmy G. Ely, Edgar L. England, John K. Fagala, Duwain E. Gallucci, A. L. Galvan, Amado L. Gilbert, Charles H. Gomez, Al E. Goodwin, Richard L. Graham, Richard C. Hauser, Bill O. Hernandez, Ernesto L. Hill, Kenneth E. Holland, James N. Holland, John A. Holmes, Lowell A. lnglehart, Cecil M. Johansen, Eivind H. Joseph, Donald R. Kidd, James H. King, Laurie Laakso, Charles L. Lance, Donald M. Lehman, Larry M. Lil'estrand, Richard O. Milliken, Ralph E. Moore, Carl O. Moore, Paul D. Moore, William L. Motheral, Paul H. Murphy, Ray D. McGown, Clifford K. Myer, Charles Neely, John B. Paraskevas, Alexande Patton, James O. Pearce, Allan R. Reed, Roy E. Roberts, Curtis L. Rodriguez, E. C. Schwarz, George A. Selleck, Robert Siclener, Nelson V. rN. Smith, Robert L. Snow, Henry L. Solether, Jack L. Speer, Robert P. Spradlin, G. D. Stuntz, John E. Swan, F. O. Timlin, Ed W. Turner, T. R. Van Cleave, H. W. Van Way, Carl Vingard, George A. Waggener, Jerry C. Wendt, Arthur H. Williams, Clament Williams, Kenneth E. Wilson, C. E. Young, Jennings D. Young, J. L. Young, L. H. Zimmerman, Walter W I MEMBERS: Alexander, Joe Allen, Bill Allen, Frank J. Allison, James Anderson, Percy Andrews, Arnold Baum, Lonnie Barton, Borbandt Beasley, Charles Benson, Tommy Black, Carl Blum, Bob Boughton, Richard Carter, John Carter, L. K. Clark, Neville Clegg, Gibs Cosletf, Dave Coslett, Roger Curry, Elmer Curry, Gene Davis, Albert Davis, Baker AN A liflll lil OFFICERS: GEORGE HUGHES . . President CLAY ATCHISON . Secretary MAX WORD . Treasurer EARL HORD . . . . Reporter SEARS SENTELL and RICHARD VAN COURT . Deck, Alvin Drake, Shelby Drake, Paschal Fax, Bobby Fuller, John George, Carl Green, Tommy Grupe, George Harris, To Hendricks, Jessee Hill, Billie Hill, Walter Hof'Fman, Rudolph Holekamp, Ted Horalson, Jimmy Houser, Jerry Huffman, Roy Hughes, Studley Hunger, Robert Ivey, Homer Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Howell Tail Twisters Hones, J. P. Kathmann, Carleton Kreager, David Lassen, Paul Lee, Curtis Lemmons, Bernie Lewis, Dick Mabchek, Dab Mansfield, Billy Matlock, Gibb Mayse, Bill Meyer, Delbert Midgley, Walter Mosteller, Stanley McBurnett, Bob McGruder, George Neill, Frank Ogbsby, Robert Parish, Narman Perry, Joe Pittman, Lawrence Ragsdale, Boby Reese, Joel Routh, Sam Ruble, Charles Runkles, Jack Sanduskey, Judge Schmidt, Horal Shafer, Graves Shiller, Leroy Shurby, Jerry Simmons, Bruce Skaggs, Merton Stephens, Wayne Sykes, Bob Syler, Matthew Tunnell, James Walker, R. J. Wallace, Billy Wimm, John Wilkinson, William Wooten, Alvin Wooten, Charles Wooten, Wylie Zentnes, James JACK WILLIAMSON . . President MEMBERS: JACK WILLIAMSON Aalto, John U. Albert, G. J. Almaguer, Rudolph Asher, Bob Atkins, William B. Barlemann, Arthur Block Billy Blackaller, Jim H. Blair, Carrell Blank, Charles R. Blozey, Philip Brown, Ernest L. Campbell, Robert B. Carter, Scott Cervenka, Billy Conn, Robert B. Coughran, Ted Crowther, Bert Curtis, David S. Dannemiller, George Davis, Willie T. Deeg, Rusty Dibrell, Frank N. Dielmann, Leo M. OFFICERS: CHARLIE GORDON . . Vice-President IVAN S. MOSER DON GARRETT . DON GORDON . Treasurer Secretary Sergeant at Arms TED STEPHENS . Reporter SAN Nl Il Dietert, Jerry M. Dobbins, Robert N. Earl, James Ecrette, Joe Elliott, J. D. Engel, Erwin G. Feingold, Leon Flume, John B. Fox, David H. Frazier, F. D. Frazier, Lewis Gerlich, N. R. Gibbs, Herb L. Gibbs, Robert B. Gonzales, Ral h F. Gordon, Charlls W. Gordon, Don B. Greco, Leonard Green, Willard R. Griesenbeck, T. T. Hagen, John A. Harz, Don Hearne, Douglass Hernandez, Fred Heusinger, E. F. Hill, Lester O. Howard, Jim A. Hurta, Thomas L. Ireland, John F. Ireland, R. E. Jenswold, Roger H. Johns, Arthur C. Johnson, Don H. Juvenal, Jimmy Kells, Edward Killian, R. B. Knox, John Kone, Chorley Krieger, J. W. Lay, Richard McAllister, Braden Magers, Richard Mattei, J. B. Mergele, Spud Miller, Joe Miller, William T. Moser, Ivan S. Neal, Doak Newsom, Max Nobiling, Bill Orth, C. T. Page, Jimmy Park, John L. Perkins, D. C. Peters, Walter E. Phillips, Lee J. Pianta, James E. Pyle, Joe N. Reinke, Jack R. Richey, W. E. Rigney, Robert E. Rubsamen, E. B. Russi, Johnnie Ryan, David J. Scherwitz, Hal Scott, Ethan A. Seiter, Albert Shearer, Gordon K. Schero, Robert Smith, Allan M. Smith, Charles L. Spahn, I.. A. f 1 5 ' W 1- fix . ,.-3a'v:"2' f f ." '..' -6 ff- 3, WO, . Www? - 1.4. .4 ?'f f"f.,f mi, fifhf 1' :. :J .1 V, ...wg . Z' f ,viz-:ff ',', .-1 -as" -'-f,lf,.4:f 1 . 9 f -V 'fm J... . V ,.. .. . .., fag.: 1 '. .ff Me. ,, meg-z,:.,. .3 f :.:g.,w" V - . 4 V 2 fn,f,ff2,3 ,g f f 4 5, W 1 f 5 f' I ! J 2 I ,y f' I J ,.,...f::. -...w , - C4 1 2 xv Q24 . - , ,.1,,,,,.- .f,, - ' ,G f A eq, ..,-.vu - .. , ...eww ' ff .J-we , ,. .,..,,,. ,.,,,. . . ,.,. , ,, X, Sparkman, Jimmy Sparks, Gene W. Stahl, Billy Steede, Joe Steel, Harry Stephens, Ted M. Stover, George P. Thompson, Frank P. Thorpe, Al Treiman, Josh Tullos, Tom Vetterick, Walter Vinz, Frank White, T. H. Wahrmund, Bill West, Sam Wicke, Robert Joe Williamson, John A. Williamson, W. E. Wolf, David Wolslegel, Robert Wright, John B. Wood, Stanley Yates, Norris W. Zapata, Roland T. " if Wx 15' aff," .. IVAN S. MOSER 1 A 1 A if I I I JASPER TREES JOE BRADEN OFFICERS: JOE MULLINS JAMES C. FLANAGAN . JASPER TREES JOE BRADEN WALLACE BALL . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter W UHH ESU TEXAS ELM MEMBERS: Aaronson, Alvin Aaronson, Allen Ball, Durwood Ball, Wallace Braden, Joe Campbell, Sam Pat Casper, Joe Bill Carruthers, W. A. Coker, Pete Davis, Cecil Edgar, Gordon Flanagan, James C. Freed, Buddy Griffin, Don Jackson, Elbert Jay, George Jenison, Dick Leinweber, Charlie Lindsey, Sterling Lindsey, Steve Martinez, Fernando Pate, Boyd Pate, Roy Mortenson, John Mullins, Joe Ramsey, Frank Riff, Douglas Sandoval, George Smith, Jim Sovars, Erwin Sparks, Melvin Stevens, Carl Tate, Bob Taylor, Blanton Trees, Jasper Tschirhart, Don Trevino, Al Wendland, A. S. Wood, Prince Woodhull, John JOE MULLINS 1 - A A i s if! i- ww ,4 .4 f':2:Q1E'?f-'C'f:!4"', -'i4,r'Z-'ff - 9'5"'," ' ,- 1 T, '- 1-ee . ,.,,,,,f,3,,:g'1ZQ, ug. A I 7.7 I 57 , ff 'f OFFICERS: .1 - AA- f , - T. EDWARD B. FULBRIGHT . . President , I, M, CHARLES T. TRAVIS viwpfesfdeni W. J. BYFORD , . Secrefcfy , I JOHN F. DUDEK . . Treasurer , FRED A. WALTERS . Sergeant at Arms CHARLES T TRAVIS JOHN F, DUDEK ' i . . V I, . ' U ll? . ii MEMBERS: Allen, H. J. Attaway, L. Dawson Beazley, W. H. Bennett, Eddie A. Blume, O. E. Boroughs, James S. Brown, Bobby Butler, Tommy Byford, W. J. Carnahan, D. R. Chapman, Jerry J. Collins, Tyrus F. Cooper, Alan H. Copeland, Cedric Crouch, J. C. Ctvrtlik, R. A. Ctvrtlik, John DeWitt, John Dudek, John Fatman Dunn, Bob Easley, Charles Englebrecht, Louis E. Fall, John G. Fulbright, Edward B. Fulbright, J. L. Toar Gardner, Weldon D. Geiger, Milton Goodwyn, Wayne A. Harper, Jack H. Henderson, Bobby L. Hoban, James E. Holder, John V. Hooks, Bentley C., Jr, Hoppe, Bob Jones, Don M. Jumper, Arlen N. King, Guy D., Jr. Koller, John H. Lane Dick Langford, Robert F. Lee, George B. Lorenz, Ted C. Lowe, Bob W. Luckemeyer, Edward C. Mann, Joe Massey, James V., Jr. Mayfield, John D. Mays, Terrell L. Mclntosh, Carl D. Meares, John H. Moser, A. R. Mote, Robert M. Murray, Paul Pruett, Bruce D. Roper, J. T. Robertson, Early G Schroeder, Kenneth Sewell, B. S. Sherman, Bob Slater, Gene Stedhill, "Stag" Dwain Thomas, J. P. Travis, Charles T. Tucker, Owayne Walker, Johnny Walsh, Alva Walters, Fred A. Weddington, George L. Whaley, Lawrence Whetstone, Joe Williams, Clarence B. Wilson, Allen M. Woodlift, Robert T. W. J. BYFORD . . Bu 9- l l l lllwl Mill Ml lll E mil El l' OFFICERS: DON CAMPBELL President TED PITZER Vice-President DAVID BOWERS Secretary-Treasurer BOB HAYNIE Social Secretary DOYLE NASH Reporter MEMBERS: Allison, D. V. Bass, H. K. Bontke, J. W. Connally, G. E. Day, Gordon Dillingham, R. E. Dobbyn, J. W. Edmondson, Frank Goodloe, A. S. Green, G. A. Herring, J. C. Hinton, J. D. Hollowell, R. G. Hollowell, W. G. Hughes, J. H. Johnson, J. l. Johnson, W. R. Kendall, D. F. Klingmun, H. E. Little, Carrol Magee, L. H. Martin, E. M. McFall, J. R. Middleton, J. H. Roberts, R. H. Robertson, M. D. Shoemaker, D. E. Stearns, R. D. Thompson, G. W. Thompson, S. W. Thompson, W. F. Tillett, H. A. Trickey, M. R. Unrue, C. D. Young, R. W. Zuber, G. D. ikviriir OFFICERS: H. R. WITTENBURG President B. H. CHAMNES Vice-President ALAN H. ANDERSON Secretary-Treasurer CONRAD C. OHLENDORF Reporter V. E. SPHINKS Social Chairman MEMBERS: Anderson, A. H. Blackwell, W. R. Bluhm, Wiley Chumness, B. H. Connevey, W. B. Dalton, J. L. Koenning, A. L. Mohle, P. H. Moses, Sam F. Mueck, Vernon Ohlendorf, Vernon Pfefferkorn, D. L. Pierce, Bennie L. Reed, Edwin L. Schuelke, H. H. Spinks, V. E. Storey, J. L. Stromberg, W. P. Watson, W. E. Wirtenburg, H. R. LII W S MII fills M II iw OFFICERS: GEORGE PERLMUTTER Presidenf BUCKO WYLER Vice-Presidenf JERRY WILLIAMS Secrefary TOM TU RLEY Sergecmr-of-Arms MEMBERS: Aboud, Sammy Armstrong, Pooch Borwise, Charlie Bell, Bob Berner, George Boyles, Jim Boyles, J. Brannon, Tany Cardon, Don Cardon, Rod Collier, Ozzie Crosby, Charlie Davis, Ed Durrill, Rus England, John Federico, Robert Flemming, Charles Gorman, Art Guevara, Frank Haddad, Fred McGregor, Malcom Myre, Bill Pangburn, Dick Perlmufter, George Piffman, Don Schaffer, Buddy Srnyfhe, Ray Sfroman, Jack Sredonovich, Steve Turley, Tom Waferhouse, Russel Whelen, Jaime Williams, Jerry Wyler, Bucko iirilrik' OFFICERS: W. B. DAVENPORT Presideni LOUIS SIGUT Vice-President W. B. WOLTMAN Secrelary-Treasurer C. E. SEBESTA Reporfer MEMBERS: Neinosf, W. W. Boyd, O. I. Collins, T. F. Margoiira, A. C. Fifte, D. L. Davenport, W. B. Woltman, W. B. Sebesfa, C. E. Sigur, Louis Siguf, Paul Tomczeszyn, T. J. Criswell, T. M. Davis, B. L. Pierson, R. L. Sfeed, Joe HERB FREDE, JR. Presidenf RAY KUNZE Vice-Presidenf L. O. TIEDT Secrefary-Treasurer ELMER JACKSON Reporter MORGAN MCCOLLUM Social Chairihan MEMBERS: Bohlmann, Willy Burns, George Cogan, Carol Cordes, Louis Fuchs, Howard Fuchs, Otto Kallus, Malcolm Kunze, Oifo Morgan, J. E. Prihoda, Le Roy Rimn, Calvin Wendler, Carl Willman, George Zouzolik, Vic. 5 viifiirilr li llilllli E llll l L M WNURW Ml. OFFICERS: FLOYD A. PACE Presiclenf BRUCE MORISSE Vice-President SAM A. BECK Secrefary-Treasurer JACK CREWS and ALBERT LYONS Social Chairmen HOLLIS BAKER Reporfer MEMBERS: Aguilar, Rudy Baker, Hollis Barfkoviak, Celestin Beck, Sam Crews, Jack Goff, Bobby Goff, Martin Green, Wade Hencerling, Pat Johnson, Bobby Lyons, Alberf, Jr. Lyons, Charles Mafula, Daniel McAdo, A. C. McAda, Bill Morisse, Bruce Mueller, Dale Mueller, Henry Pace, Floyd Pace, James Pickering, Chuck Ray, Curtis Ruhmann, Eddie Russell, Parnell Shepperd, Bob Smith, Jerry Shugaref, Johnny Wood, Frank Wright, Richard EIIIRII IM RIIIIII M B . ,A I If - E ffl 'K 1Qfflf f I + ll in IR II LLESIIILPII R P IN S Elllll OFFICERS: JIMMIE SIMPSON Presidenf TOMMY BROOKMAN Vice-Presidenl WALLACE HOOPER Secreiary BILL THOMPSON Treasurer JIM MAGRUDER Social Secrelary PAUL HENDR ICK Sergeant-ai-Arms R. L. WOODY Freshman Vice-Presiclenl MEMBERS: Abboll, Louis Bourland, Bill Brown, Jim Burdeil, Joe Luckey, Perry Lyons, Gene Mathews, Dean Moon, Tommy Chambers, Charles Moore, Lynn Clark, Noble Collier, Bob Collins, Sula Conway, Dick Cooper, Tommy Crader, Jerry Crowley, George Davis, J. H. East, Willie Germany, Judd Gorrod, Burl Gressenf, Jack ' Harnillon, Richard Heath, Bobby Hendrix, Paul Howard, Lee Johnson, Jack Kent, George Laue, Lamont Lowery, B. T. 'wir ii? OFFICERS: Moran, Brian M:Cann, Leo Owen, Don Pankhurst, J. A. Peacock, Tcmmy Perkins, L. N. Poyner, Tom Reed, Buck Rowerls, Vernon Stell, A. G. Travis, Bob Vickery, AI Wallace, Karl Webb, Billy Wheeler, Charles Whitehouse, Ben Williamson, Bob Womack, Don Wooclall, J. R. Woolf, Don Wrighl, Joe slr JOE BENSON Presidenf BUDDY WAITS Vice-Presidenf RAY LONG Social Chairman BILL PAYNE Reporler FRANK CUSHING Reporier BU RT BAILEY Secretary MEMBERS: Adkisscn, Billy Adkisson, Mike Bailey, Burr Benson, Joe Brashier, Billy Cushing, Frank Davis, Jerry Garrison, Gene Gicldeon, Davis Gill, Ted Higdon, David Hudson, D. G. Johnslon, Roy Jones, Bobby Kaufman, Bill Long, Ray Newslron, Herbie Payne, Bill Payne, Roelf Rabb, Ronnie Randolph, J. T. Rulherford, Joe Tennison, Bill Thomas, Ward Tucker, John Tyler, Alfred Waits, Buddy HONORARY McFalriclge, Jim ir vi? MEMBER: 4? III I W im LII III IE S G IITII ILIII OFFICERS: EARL W. BEHRENS Presidenf ROY H U FFMAN Vice-Presiclenf JOH N W. BURK Secrefary DANNY FLEMMING Treasurer BIBB UNDERWOOD Reporrer MEMBERS: Behrens, Earl W. Huffman, Roy Burk, John Flemming, Danny Snyder, Snuffy Renolds, Sianley Underwood, Bibb Deck, Nick Sfeen, J. B. Jordan, Wayland Hampton, J. D. Horfan, Hub Burton, Alan Ross, Bud Fails, J. C. Wilson, Curtis Hayes, Arnold Nixon, Eugene Crouch, Marshall Piriard, Lynn Hillman, Jim Hurd, Alvin Miller, Bruce Arfiz, Alexander Pullen, Patron Gordel, L. Davis, R. H. Graves, Don Jones, J. 'ilfifriir OFFICERS: I CLEO V. DANN Presidenf RICHARD HOLLAND Vice-President FLOYD BLOUNT, JR. Secrefary-Treasurer MEMBERS: Bandy, M. E. Bedsole, Q. L. Green, R. A. McDonald, B. J. Mills, V. C. Pickens, J. P. Pickens, M. D. Stevens, C. R. Walfhen, T. R. Wilhiie, B. R. Fitzgerald, B. T. Mosely, J. F. Tidwell, J. S. Scoff, R. E. Taylor, T. M., Jr. Melear, R. D. Trofman, J. F. HNSUN EMUNTT MIME LARLDW SIUE r ,Q . I z It E 4 I fl va 1 i 13, nr 3 li 9 I I I OFFICERS: fl MONTE SWATZELL President MEMBERS: 3 Bzxlentine, D. I Bnlentine, J. H. Brooks, Bill Brooks, Bob Carp'-r, W. L. Clark, N. 5 Cleere, H. N. Easdan, H. K. ,' Gregory, S. Hagler, C. W. L, Hemrick, K. E. Huey, P. Jones, R. E. 2, Keese, J. Kirkham, C. D. .I Maddox, R. Moore, B. 2 Paul, F. Peacock, C, D. Pou, C. Roof, D. H. ff Seroyer, Fred ,, Stewart, J. fa Stroud, R. in Temple, B. .f Walls, F. Wicker, H. F. 2 Yater, A. N. A Zimmerman, B 7 I Ir I It r ff it at 3 1 OFFICERS: AUGUSTO PENA President GILBERTO TREVINO Vice-President ROBERT LINDHEIM Secretary GERONIMO GARCIA Treasurer BRUCE NEWTON Porliamentaricm LAURO A. CUELLAR Reporter WILLIE PENA Sponsor MEMBERS: Alegria, Ben Arguindegui, Peter Avant, Doyle, Jr. Avila, Luis Becker, Gus Benavides, Guillermo Carpenter, Frank Carranco, Carlos Casso, Alfonso Casso, Raul Chacon, Martin, Jr. Cook, Reuben Coronado, Francisco Coronado, J. Hilario Cruz, Abel Cuellar, Lauro A. Cornell, C. H. Davis, Frank Eads, Dunovon Echavarria, Rodolfo Elliott, Charles W. Ervin, James Farmer, Joe Fernandez, Gus Flores, Ignacio, Jr. Fricke, Alfred Garcia, Aleianclro Garcia, Geronimo Garcia, Gustavo Garcia, Ramon, Jr. Garcia, Roberto Gutierrez, Carlos Guerra, Alonzo Halsell, John Hamlin, Philip Kelly, G. T. Lacour, Henry Lindheim, Robert Lopez, Guillermo Mascorro, Jose Mast, James Martinez, Jose Martinez, Pablo, Jr. Martinez, Ramiro ' Menclieta, Armando I Moglio, Ernest I Moglia, George ' Newton, Bruce Newton, Robert Ollervides, Maurilio I Pacheco, Federico Paddock, Wallace Pearson, Vohnnie Il Pena, Augusto 1 Powell, William Rivera, Rodolfo 1 Richter, Carlos I Richter, Dan Rollmann, Earl I Salclana, Hector A. - Trevino, Gilberto I Vela, George Wehrs, F. Woollett, Paul I il BOB LANE Presidem' ALVARO TREVIISIO AUGUSTO M. LEGN-ORTEGA Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS: Casas, Rafael J. Curtis, David S. Cruz, Jaime Chapa, Roberto Cordero, Jorge Fetf, J. C. Galvan, A. L. B b Lane, 0 Le6n-Ortega, Augusto Maurer, Pablo E. Molinary, S. Sandoval, Jorge Sol, Guillermo Sol, Mario Perclomo, Rodolfo Treviio, Alvaro Zaragoza, Guillermo ikifriir OFFICERS: J. P. ZUMWALT Presidem' C. E. BUCEK Vice-President J. B. STAHALA Secreafry W. A. HRNCIR Treasurer D. C. BERAN Reporfer J. KASPER Social Chairman MEMBERS: Barra, O. l.. Beran,D.C. Berkovsky, E. J- Bofard,H.G. Bucek, C. E. Bucek, J. F. Cernik, M. Darilek, O. A. Fenner, B. F. Fisbeck, F. J. Fi Y l. G 'ssele , . . Hrncir, W. A. Kasper, J. J E Kolar, . . Krause, W. K.- IIIIIIRITGIIDIIIIEIDIII IEIIIIINIIII IIELIIIB MSMIIIENII GMI OFFICERS: M. E. KUTA Presiclenf D. J. WICHMANN Vice-Presidenf P. H. HUMPHREY Secretary J. H. PARSLEY Treasurer MEMBERS: Buchanan, R. H. Budde, B. W. Clark, J. M. Damuth, G. C. Darby, B. J. Hulon, R. C Kidd, F. H. Largenf, W. P. Muller, J. F Ross, C. J. Sneed, M. L. Sparks, D. B. Spears, Milton Sfeed, W. B. Terry, H. P. Watson, R. H. Weisinger, B. W. Weisinger, R. C. Tlrifrifr OFFICERS: BOBBY L. REID Presideni DONALD NAPP Vice-President JAY HALL Secretary-Treasurer DEAN REED Reporfer RUFUS TURNER MICKEY SPENCER Social Secretaries MEMBERS: Carter, Coleman Cleland, Frank Freeman, Richard Lee Holcomb, Billy Fereday, Boydie Parish, Virgil Rucks, Jimmy Rusk, Arlie Beard, Norris Shaffer, John Courlin, Pal Lay, Billy Jennings, Sherrill Dansby, Eddie Sievenson, Bob OFFICERS: CHARLIE JACKSON Presidenl BILL COUCH Vice-Presidenl JOE JOH NSON Secrelary-Treasurer BOBBY MOORE Social Chairman "RIP" YEAGER Reporfer MEMBERS: Baker, "Genl1eim" Blaylock, Bob Calloway, "Dink" Covilt, "Smiley" Couch, Bill Dixon, Bobby Evans, Bill Jackson, Charlie Johnson, Joe Lipps, Gene Meridifh, "Jackie" Moore, Bobby Palmer, Les Palmer, "Bu1cl1" Spears, Gordon Spears, Roy Yeager, "Rip" -H l 'III J I N E LII if if ik MI L Ill I1 ' , OFFICERS: MARION F. THOMAS Presiclenf BILL R. STEWART Vice-Presidenf BILL STRAIN Secrefary-Treasurer TRUMAN KIDWELL Reporfer MEMBERS: Blackburn, Floyd Evans, Leighton A. Floyd, G. W. Fosler, Bill Hunnewell, Harry T. Johnson, Douglas McCarthy, Marion McGill, James L. Park, G. B. Shaw, John W. Shoemaker, John D Strain, Richard Sfrain, Robert OFFICERS: M. H. MORRISON President L. J. ONSTOTT Vice-President R. P. SOUTHERS Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS: Anderson, G. D1 Anderson, T. O. Blanchard, R. G. Cardeilhac, P. T. Childers, W. K. Cupit, J. M. Dungan, H. E., Jr. Eason, J. R. Haley, W. H., Jr. Harris, J. W., lll Hornaday, S. D. Johnson, B. J. Marshall, O. LV. Noble, R. T. Stewart, L. G. Thompson, J. M. Wells, P. H. White, W. F. imii TALLS mimi EEE nmsi Misiiis iii Asher, Joe T. Batten, Carlton Cox, Charles Davis, John Elston, David Frix, James Gibbins, Roy Hardesty, Walton Hill, Jesse Lee, Leighton Martin, James Mullins, James Stroud, Chester Wedclell, Louis E S K x 3 5 x X x . , . . V , ' ff S' g,, V -w g tiryy iifwf gr v v:aisfs2.?fe'9Vw?Q3S. we'.:wV.'f'Vq i f.- v' '-Q . V- - . V 'ff ' L V , 5 . , V V - W. 5 4 .4 . 5 . gf ' " 'S ' " . Vt c r 'X' 1 .fwy -S 1223? 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Colonel, FA Brennan, Patrick J., Major, TC Garrett, Leonard E., Major, Inf Greer, Henry B., Maior, Cav Neely, William W., Maior, CAC Ostner, Charles F., Maior, FA Schaefer, Chester C., Maior, FA Schmitz, John T., Maior, Int Walker, Leonard F., Maior, SigC Wiken, Arent O., Maior, CmlC Newlin, Felix, MfSgt., CE Owens, D. S., MfSgt., FA Reese, William R., MfSgt., MC Roland, Victor E., MfSgt., QMC Root, Paul F., MfSgt., CE Schroeder, Richard J., MfSgt., RA-U Tart, Earl F., MfSgt., RA-U Thomas, Joseph C., MfSgt., Inf Weihausen, Earl H., MfSgt., Ord West, Mitchell, MfSgt., FA Wilson, James W., Mfsgt., QMC Wilson, Raymond C., MfSgt., SigC Bishop, Wayne C., SFC, Ord Giardina, Frank B., SFC, Ord Harrison, Clarence E., SFC, RA-U Williams, Virgil C., Maior, CE Wood, William B., Maior, Inf Blake, William R., Capt., SigC Campbell, Gayy, Capt., TC Chrietzberg, James, Jr., Capt., Inf Hedrick, George E., Jr., Capt., Inf Hyde, William J., Capt., Cav Moran, David J., Capt., Cav Stiles, Lester W., Capt., Int Taylor, Charles M., Jr., Capt., FA Williams, Hugh R., Capt., Int Heller, Thomas R., SFC, FA Morgan, Steve R., SFC, CAC Rinkel, Lester, SFC, TC Shockley, Charles E., SFC, RA-U Silence, Floyd E., SFC, RA-U Stroud, David V., SFC, Int Young, Carl L., SFC, Inf Young, Herschell L., SFC, RA-U Caballero, Jose H., Sgt., Int Lee, Robert E., Sgt., RA-U Munz, James E., Sgt., RA-U Reynolds, Roy D., Sgt., CE Russell, Joe C., Sgt., Ord Whisenand, Gilbert G., Sgl., Inf Osborn, John C., Cpl., RA-U Kelly, Browc Currie Frank Honey Stapp Thomc Adam Burris, Callax Hughe Otts, J Seale, Staple Wash: Muehl Allen, Black, Higgir Merce Schlan Stewa Hoope Martir Sherm Willial Sande White, E IOR OURT Colonel J. T. Dotson . . President lst Sgt. K. Wi' Schaake . . . Recorder Lt. Col. H. F. Dieterich, Jr. . . Infantry Lt. Col. E. H. Johansen . . Q. M. C. Lt. Col. M. K. Orman . . . Artillery Maior B. J. Stotfregen .i . Ordnance Capt. L. E. Chase . . . . Infantry Capt. J. L. Christensen . . Cavalry Capt. E L. Grant . . . . Artillery Capt. T. T. Griesenbeck . . Air Force Capt. C. K. Landrum . . . . Air Force Capt C. B. Modisett . . . Signal Corps Capt. W. C. McMillan . . . Engineers Capt. H. M. Rutherford . . Air Force 307 COLONEL OF THE CORPS DOYLE R. AVANT, JR. Corps Commander COLONEL WALTER W. ZIMMERMAN Executive ORPS S FF . x ...ki C ' L, 2 KH! 5 S FQ, A5f,,..1:,. , : : .. : uf' , 1, ' ' f A . .. VV . L V ,-V02-f V, -Lf . f ,. f' " ,V v V , - :', , Vu-L -H gk., V 'g1,?V.1y-.:.g:,::,1 I A L V V , 2 , f f7a V "1-:-3.14-QfQ5f' 71 f3'3fc726Wz:ns.zf4:Vf-1:ff , JV' - f ' V 'Vi'-SOSL5' ff VAS' me 9 -,ff'WV111-1i9?LS7i53EZp-"5PW'3""rV ,V V ' - WY'asQM?ZC.?!QyQ'QZ1fJ?v:Q,,e-2'I'V1i'4, .L " - V, f' , W! . Q ' ,V'f'i5V'fd':MZfg .V ' 'www-x:Q2a3:f24zrc1'z'-":--puff V- A f " ,V . ff is 11-442 ffm. 1, ,.::r,124fgV ,Wlfimyiwwiy-If , I. -V 41: V, .. T. , V , , ,5 'wp-531,gf"fz'y:,, 2 K ' 5, -11-.Vqqlgi fy -,V.,,VV,,3 V, 5, . , .efwzw N, ., fV - 1, , 1 , A. . f. f ln" "' . -"Mk"i72B9-f"'f"1i7miVZ AX V I A 7' "f' 5 LT. COL. ROBERT F. MITCHELL Adiutant LT. COL. HERBERT W. BEUTEL, JR. Intelligence LT. COL. HERMAN F. DIETERICH, JR. Operations LT. COL. CONRAD C. OHLENDORF Supply LT. COL. ROWLAND K. EGGER Corps Chaplain LT. COL. CLARK C. MUNROE Public Information Officer LT. COL. CURTIS V. SCHROEDER Communications Officer LT. COL. JOHN B. TEMPLETON I 81 E Officer MAJOR MARELL S. MOORE Drum Major Consolidated Band LT. COL. WILLIAM F. THOMPSON Commander Conslidated Band CORPS STAFF I MfSGT. ALFRED D. MARTIN, JR. Sergeant Major MfSGT. JOHN M. OGLESBY Supply Sergeant MfSGT. DAVID G. HAINES I 8g E Sergeant MfSGT. WAYNE E. BALL Communications Sergeant MXSGT. RICHARD L. GOODWIN Consolidated Band Liaison MfSGT. LeVON MASSENGALE, JR. Infantry Liaison MfSGT. JOHN E. GOSSET Air Liaison MfSGT. HERBERT G. MILLS Cavalry-Engineer Liaison MfSGT. ROYAL F. BROWN JR. Composite Liaison MfSCvT. FRANK L. SHEFFIELD Artillery Liaison Wit. .,.,,f, J. . Mffgec ' .-.,.,0::.'f,,: ' L'4.47L7fx-. ' 23 5 fI.4L2?:7.'f4:'1 knmrii V z:mai:,,,' eg eg., 'L ' A+- M' , ,,,. 4. :wait 5 XQQQ-fy? QV . - I JN "' qw f"., .fu - My-Fa , ,- 6,-,: :.,f1Q3T? ' 'R ri 1. it 1 -:. -r ,- a.,, ...ff 5 . 'Y 1-1 , f.1:5a12f5.1gg1' " ' 3:3 ft f' ,,,- Terr. ., -' ' ' 1 ,Q .. ,"Iff'- 'Z-ii-f5:,fs,f?'fL:'wL1..2i 4i?.5'?l?f.ZTi7i1' ' " .fvC'l'?"ii. f , 1 ff -:N J?-c.'.fi 1-ffyl xsffffi' . . f-. ""f" " ' .. 'If' '-'I' 'N' ,,,.,...f-' V .,,-:fq'nL1-fe1ff'E" 'f ,.- A ..,,, - 15-,,... . V..- .. 1 . LT. COLONEL W. F. THOMPSON Commander Consolidoned Bond l l CAPT, W. E. HOLLAR Maroon Drum Maior CAPT. A, D. WALDIE White Drum Maior CAPT. W. J. WORLEY Acliufunf CAPT. T. Y. LAKEY Intelligence CAPT. B. W. BICKHAM Operations CAPT. G. F. WYLY Supply Mfscr. R. w. JACK Sergeant Maior l BA D l L MAJOR M. A. MOORE Head Drum Maier HEADQUARTER Af . , . . 1 N . . AS . .f 49S'm.,Q.,y.,n,I. ' - -1-5, ' ' .-, -.311 .,, ' ff -'ff . fs, 4 55' :gg 35- ,gi-3 f . 41-, Q 'gg,-42:24ga::.ga::'f,211,gf,1,,'54,211:31-,5,f,z,,- 5, ' ' mf -' wi- N ,, ' , e -- ...I-.uzq f . -, . 4WMf:fwff,- + 1- mr- mf. .Y f f , ru.. wc: -ie. wr w. Q ' , 1. qg5w"w..- 1-ffm'-, V ff-21-va-1-.Af-:,4,-2:12:arf-1:1.,:,:.:zs1-mwxssaffa-1will g y4f?f4f"f1Zyf7lry:ffy5rw-Wav.' J Q f. 5. fi.: V , - ..,,.Q- ,- .ff-fy-:- Q- '-im'-'L ' 11' 4?'f497fiW g,y,: f .1 f. 1- , ' q,wf'f,2g 1255: 4. fa-' - , ff - -'wr -. , .1529 fy. 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Viffrup, J. B. CORPORALS Beck, S. A. Broussard, J. D. Dugan, J. 5. Ellisor, G. C. Fereday, B. E. Harkrider, G. L. Kidd, J. K. Lewi, K. E. Maxwell, E. P. Mohle, P. H. Motheral, P. H. Rowin, C. H. Swearingen, W. SENIORS Fluker, T. S. Lareau, G. C. Lawler, R. W. Richards, H.- L. Vaughn, C. H. JUNIORS Broussard, V. L. Brown, R. E. Lang, G. H. SOPHOMORES Cooper, A. H. Davis, T. W. Donlin, C. P. Green, R. J. Jarreti, L. R. Jenkins, J. B. O. Lauderdale, W. R. Lay, R. l. Lehman, L. M. Martin, V. Z. Miller, J. K. Moore, W. D. Pope, J. A. Rice, J. D. Smith, D. H. FRESHMEN Anderson, E. R. D'uvall, V. M. Thomas, D. W. 311 mmwm MARCO l l f BA tl: " 1--.1-:omxf : -. ,- wg-.g?.. , , up ,Mfg-.. In 1 5 . 4 ,s Yi?-Q: 'rvfwzx-A --.-, A if --', .:. -'f- 11:-..4 ...x .-14 N- wer.,- ' ' 2. 'J "' , "-',' 1 ,A.:g 'vm lisiy 3 13' so-...J .om-sw y.9x -'--v .2,:: . - W f"' -- f' r 02 eye? QQQ 4 uf iff' F 5, 2 Q 'W-an sw' f WX 2 . X + ' f, X ,' w ' ,wg .AL Yi' 9 Ass" by X ' yfggigleg L A QQ K ,H A A V 4, , . 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Frederickson, K. C. Hoirborth, N. B. Hill, E. H. Holmes, L. A. Kennedy, G. D. Redwine, R. L. Robinson, R. L. ff' . . -- Ccnrlisle, T. W. Carter, C. G, Cooper, K. W. Helm, G. H. Jones, R. G. Latch, L. R. Plclcke, F. O. Pyle, H. J. Robertson, E. G. Sandoval, E. G. Scott, L. S. Thomas, H. J. Webb, K. W. FRESHMAN Dawson, P.P. REGIIVIE TAL I I E A D Q I I R T E R LT. COLONEL GLENN KOTHMANN Executive MAJOR ROBERT H. GREGG Adiuianf MAJOR WILLIAM L. MACKEY Infelligence MAJOR ARTHUR R. HENGST Operations MAJOR JIMMY W. HIESTER Supply E I Mfscr. JACK H. HOLLOWAY COLONEL SAM G. PATE ' 5e'9e""fMUI0" Commander Mfscr. WILMAN D. BARNES Supply Sergeant I I Q X I R TISGT. DONALD G. LEE TfSGT. JAMES R. GRAVES Communications Sergeant Trcxnsporfafion Sergeant MAJOR BOB G. SKIDMORE Execuiive IUR'fB TTIJ HE DQUART CAPTAIN ROSS E CURTIS Acllufcxnf Intelligence CAPTAIN CHARLES HAMILTON CAPTAIN WILLIAM D BEATTY Operaflons CAPTAIN JACK T. PRINCE Supply TfSGT. PAUL C. COFFIN Sergeant Major Supply Sergeant I TXSGT. MACKEY R. TRICKERY I.T. COLONEL ARTHUR GORMAN' Commander ANTRY --1214? -ff ':..',2:21.72' , '41 9' , G k igjM4!':,,g:'4: 44: ww.- -. ' 'fm wtfgfvfw,-fig.-2.:3' , X... ' Z V :MW M, gf., . V I . pf, 12gQ,g.,,,4Q..,,,Q,ffl Z, V. I I I 1 f , , ,,., , f c' ., .,,, , ., e. ,, , , , . ., S, e' f. .1z If 22.59 V A I H I , ..,. . . N, W A , ,V V -. - e. :-,-1 V , qxgxe- ,, N1QZf3s.-ss, ' 2.7 fgyf, ' ' 'J52 -' 1:9 f 41, WMM-f -.y,',f1,"-Agafmi 2 if zfdfzfifca-':7.4'f,WH!5152 CZf12.'q',1',yW41 21: -21 -Q3-1-1fffwfw4,35-'0f3.g77':.g'aI fgqzggy ,,fuffI"'yZ'.- z:A1z-5f,4.f:4w,7-.- 4750 -'V , ,,..'.',gm-f ff! fwfi' 'I 1, IM' 'f V' f, 1,1a!:I.5T'9Jc , .- 7 1 Tw rf, .2 www-W92if2.,w:2-mf., I A if513,::-Zeriewr -2,Wai--1'422'4Jw49:JzMZwLq:3,42M ff'-4721.4 of fff,fnL'?"i my-37 af' ,www z fffsffezga . ' ., +,ffq1':,:..:.: KI' 25QZ'f2Wf. " .' ' LT. J. W. TURCOTTE Executive GG 99 ANY INFANTRY 'IST SGT. A. W. NOLL LIEUTENANTS Stokes, J. B. Judge, G. E., Jr. Ramsey, P. H. Kuta, M. E. STAFF MEMBERS Col. S. G. Pate, C.O. ist Regt. Lt. Col. A. K. Gorman, lst. Bn. Staff Capt. Ross E. Curtis, Ist Bn. Staff Capt. William D'. Beatty, lst Bn. Staff TfSgt. D. G. Lee, 'lst Regt. Staff TECHNECAL SERGEANTS ' Sanclers, H. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Pianta, J. E. Perry, J. A. Birkner, J. W Leissner, J. A. Pence, C. L. Stigall, D. V. CORPORALS Jennison, D. M. Clinger, C. E. Stephens, T. M. SENIORS Blackburn, W. R. Broussard, W. A. Cain, H. D. Hickman, D. P. Leesch, G. D. McClure, D. P. Nixon, T. E. Prince, J. T. Schwarz, Ed., Jr. Speer, R. P. Timmons, K. D. Tompkins, J. D. Waterhouse, R. R. Winters, C. D. JUNIORS Banfield, L. R. Morris, D. S. Turner, T. R. SOPHOMORES Albaugh, K. M. Bickham, R. E. Chandler, V. E. Christie, W. J. Kutzer, A. P. Nash, C. E. Phillips, J. W. Savage, H. S. Schaefer, J. M. Williford, A. H. FRESHMEN Bond, H. W. Cardon, R. H. Calcotte, C. R. Galvan, A. L. Green, W. R. Hill, R. E. Jones, C. C. LeBlanc, G. T. McCormick, R. B. Moses, T. E. Owen, B. L. Raymond. M. L. Selleck, R. H. Wetherby, J. H. Whitener, M. C. Zoller, J. H. H315 NA X it : 19' 44 W CONIPA YI FA TRY LT. ROBERT PATRICK IST SGT. KENNETH SCHAAKE Executive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS Price, C. F. Jones, L. DL STAFF MEMBERS Major R. H. Greqg, 'Ist Regt. Staff Maior B. G. Skidmore, 'Ist Bn. Ex. O Cant. C. R. Hamilton, Ist Bn. Staff MfSgt. W. D. Barnes, 'Ist Regt. Stafi T,fSgt. M. R. Trickey, 'Ist Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Pittman, D. N. La Taste, C. D. STAFF SERGEANTS Ball, T. W., Jr. Britt, D. M. Neill, F. E. Crumrine, M. D. CORPORALS Sebesta, C. E. Hancock, J. H. Thorpe, A. J. Stallings, M. E. Semlinger, R. F. fu I . 9- 534-Lgvlj -ff X.. fag . 1, ,. I: dl. - ., S , SENIORS Guilloud, R. L. Rives, D. A. Richard, W. F. JUNIORS Miller, R. C. Davis, C. W. Dcxmuth, G. C. Graves, J. E. Connevy, J. L. Goodloe, A. S. Anderson, W. L. Edwards, J. H. Korioth, A. A. Drozd, C. SOPHOMORES Strateman, M. E Broyles, G. W. Wilcoxen, D. R. Whitaker, E. G. Neinast, J. E. Thompson, J. N. Green, H. J. Heacock, J. D. Soward, G. K. Lack, W. Y. Hinkle, H. H. Craig, J. H. Hall, W. E. CAPT. H. P. O'NEAL Commander CAPT. L. E. CHASE Commander W 7' COMP Y I FA TRY LT. M. M. SKAGGS 1ST SGT. R. B. NALER ' Executive LIEUTENANTS Rackel, J. K. Taylor. C. A. Epps, R. M. M:Glasson, R. L. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. G. H. Kothmtxnn, lst Relt. Maier W. L. Mackey, lst Regt. Maior J. W. Hiester, 'lst Regt. MfSgt. J. H. Holloway, 'lst Regt. TfSgt. J. R. Graves, 'lst Regt. T!Sgt. P. C. Coffin, 'lst Bn. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Steen, J. B. Deck, A. N. STAFF SERGEANTS Bass, R. O. Thomas, M. F. Grogan, R. W. CORPORALS Mellina, H. B. Anderson, K. B. Lockridge, W. W. Felker, C. A. Underwood, B. A. Syndor, F. W. Flemming, D. B. Fi rst Sergeant SENIORS Carlson, R. A. Goodwyn, T. A. Bonnot, J. C. Humphrey, M. D. Jefferies, C. B. JUNIORS Besterio, A. A. Fuller, J. H. Dennis, A. J. Nance, R. D. Lambert, R. W. Stewart, R. W. Stults, D. C. Cortez, N. SOPHOMORES Gibson, R. C. Harris, W. Price, J. L. Tilson. R. L. Riff, M. D. Seibrrth, D. R. Dashiell, T. L. Kothmann, C. C. Peterson, C. A. Martin, J. H. Burk, J. Grimes, B. Nauert, E. B. Smathers, M. G. Wilkinson, B. M. Lo Cate, J. M. 317. H XX I t- ' jg' lin ' .N ' XX ECO D BATTALIO HEADQ ARTER CAPTAIN EDWARD J. SIMPSON Supply CAPTAIN WILLIAM A. BARBER Operations MAJOR JOHN HARRISON Executive CAPTAIN T. F. DAILEY Adiutcmt CAPTAIN ROBERT L. LATSON Intelligence LT. COLONEL BRYAN M. MILLS TfSGT. BILLY J. BRABHAM Sergeant Moior Commander TfSGT. HOWARD KARREN Supply Sergeant IF, TRY wff-.,..Y,.., "IZZE5"fi": ' -Z'7:f4.-'ME' igiiig-:ff s - .. . A ZA'-2: 73. .59 fre:-' J 'i?wJ4fi2wrv1.f'z ' M WLM :W W4- ' 'Tv' .i.4:E??z.-'fiif 6251.5-:a.','.'Az - f. f"f'. ?'4f2'i6:?"-12:2-4Jizz' r " Ja , 4- . -' 'Y'.':f5'2.31'.- 12:-iw .A J' I V., iz ' ,fe L 1712,-'I'-.1.::.5,m 5.1. :QV f ff?" - 'V is , ,ft lf f- 1. .-.::Z4,4.'--,gm-.7 ...Luv w- 2' Q-11-ff. 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Balderach, D. L. Delany, W. H. Hmda, J. L. Holland, J. R. Lounsbury, W. R. Moffitt, D. C. Moore, W. M. Rogers, J. E. SOPHOMORES Abbott, L. C. Albright, C. W. Anderson, R. W. Anthony, G. T. Ausfin, D. B. Benkendoefer, J. M. Commander Bonner, F. N. CORPORALS gfatnfsk E- Avfen, B. T. C'Q,Q5e,5 J' M DaIston,J. W. Cusick b'M' Jobe, L. E. Gotflob J R' Lindner, F. A. Hudler 'T 'D ' Nifmihur, R. c. JOhns,5n,' Rjcl Selman, J. D. Murray, H. W. Parchman, J. B. SENIORS 5621265 'B. Bennett, V. G. Walfon, F. H. Cheek, E. J. Williams, H. M McGlo1hlin, J. C. Wolf, D. B. an yan b .V , N A Dia? ' ' 'i 'T If . . N, me W Mmwfwvmni.. ME79 CO PA YI FA TRY 'u M at 517 1ST SGT. H. L. JONES LIEUTENANTS Cuthbertson, J. P. Gaddis. H. W. McCullough, J. V. Triche, W. A. STAFF MEMBERS First Sergeant LT. H. F. SOBEY Executive Capt. W. A. Barber, 2nd Bn. Staff Capt. R. L. Latssn, 2nd Bn. Staff STAFF SERGEANTS Grunt, K. King, J. L. Middleton, R. L. Wilhite, F. R. CORPORALS Hood, F. E. McGc1w, R. W. Shaffer, P. L. SEN IORS Greeves, R. C. 320' M JUNIORS Giesendorff, M. W. Graham, W. R. Grubbs, D. S. Hitchcock, J. F. Johnson, M. U. Kelly, J. B. McBurneit, R. N. McCollum, T. M. Mims, E. M. Morgan, J. E. Murphy, J. B. Nanny, T. M. Sherrill, J. H. Ziober, J. J. Zcuzulik, V. E. SOPHOMORES Allbritton, W. C., Atnip, H. L. Hall, J. E. Harmon, C. H. Hendershot, S. W. Hutson, W. P. James, O, J. Smith, C. R. Threalkeld, V. G. CAPT. C. P. BAILEY Commander REGTME TAL HEADQ ARTER mwmnm. Executive COLONEL J. T. DOTSON Commander RTILLERY MAJOR MALCOLM McGREGOR Acliutant MAJOR A. A. LEDER Intelligence T MAJOR J. R. NORMAN Q Operations I MAJOR J. H. CORONADO Supply MfSGT. F. L. SHEFFIELD Sergeant Mcior MfSGT. E. B. MCALLISTER Supply Sergeant TXSGT. T. H. ROYDER Communication Sergeant Tfssr. C. R. RUBLE Transportation Sergeant t ,, 3.-.J f . ' 1: V , 63 -1Vf'sfV. , - ' . 'I , V ., v .-,-r-sf.-:gV.5p'.,-3,gn-w,2j,,f.1f sv-:weft r:2Vy'f:df ,.-mae 3221- - . 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Liffw' , 4 f-Vriff 7554. su -:1f'v:4'1f+w:S?t"f??-,m..'ms f ' v?ffvs':.f-V9w,ztXr-fm,1...--W.:-x.:f1,V-: zivfx-wV95' f-f' -N ff. .. .f P .ziewaif-vizi'--nf.:.f,.a-'::i.:w-.,.- fs H - f FIR T BATTALIO HEADQUARTER LT. COLONEL BOBBY SIKES Commander RTILLERY 66 99 BATTERY FIELD ARTILLERY LT. S. G. BARRETT 'IST SGT. C. L. SAUNDERS Execuiive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS Harris, J. E. STAFF MEMBERS Mai. A. A. Leder, S-2, 2nd Reg1.Staff TfSg1. W. J. Dunlap, lst Bn. Staff T!SgT. Wallace Hooper, Jr., 2nd Regt. Color Guard SENIORS Pena, L. N. Pfeil, C. E. JUNIORS Evans, W. J. Johnston, F. M. Slewarf, L. J. Lorenz, T. C. Russell, J. B. CAPT. R. B. MILLER Commander TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Rochofsky, Moricn Henderson, C. D: STAFF SERGEANTS Chambers, C. A. Reddell, G. P. Cox, W. H. Braden, J. A. CORPORALS Poynor, J. T. Milligan, J. C. Mosfeller, S. A. Moore, P. D. Stripling, J. R. Tschirhart, D. L. Sf. John, J. C. Gresseft, J. D. Curry, D. l.. Clegg, G. C. Mobley, J. A. Henkhaus, W. C Freudenthal, M. SOPHOMORES Caprielian, R. E. Swirsky, E. M. Griffin, D. C. Sears, W. E. Dyer, M. G. Carpenter, J. N. Carper, J. W. Cabla, Herb Golla, P. J. Dotson, L. D. Summy, Alford Davis, C. E. Threadgill, F. W Night, Ralph Coley, T. W. I 'L 323 M '9 B TTERY FIELD RTILLERY Executive Fir LIEUTENANTS Edwards, W. E. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. Bobby R. Sykes, C.O. 'lst F.A. Bn. Lt. Col. H. W. Beutel, Corps Staff Maier John R. Norman, F.A. Regt. Staff Maior Malcolm McGregor, F.A. Regt. Staff MfSgt. D, G. Haines, Corps Staff MfSgt. A. DL Martin, Corps Staff f TfSgt. C. R. Ruble, F.A. Regt. Staf TfSgt. J. L. Johnson, lst F.A. Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Herbig, H. D. STAFF SERGEANTS Alexander, J. B. Johnson, R. B. Tynes, E. W. CORPORALS Anderson, J. G. French, B. L. Harrison, M Little, J. B. Merbeth, C. Rolf, E. G. Savage, T. J. Stoeltie, M. SENIORS Erwin, J. L. Faulkner, E. l 32 4 LT. GEORGE M. RODGERS TST SGT. F. D. MUELLER st Sergeant Gilbert, C. H. Gill, R. A. Glitsch, M. C. Hedrick, R. L Hensch, W. E. Hogan, J. F. Rathmell, C. Rhumann, E. P. Schwab, C. C. Walker, J. W. Wheeler, J. G. Williams, M Woocl, J. F. .M. JUNIORS Black, C. L. Crawford, L Lambert, D. Weyman, J. P. Walker, R. E. . R. K. soPHoMoREs CAPT. EARL L. GRANT B' Commander Crowley, G. T. Davis, O. R. Eads, D. Glover, W. J. Haltom, D. L. Leaiherwood Matlock, G. B. Neal, B. J. Parker, W. C. Pittard, L. P. Russell, C. P. Terry, P. D. Tiedt, L. O. Wright, J. B. ,C.L. GG 77 CAPT. B. B. BURROW Commander B TTERY FIELD RTILLERY l ' 1 LT. P. G. WELLS 'IST SGT. J. D. HINTON Executive Fir LFEUTENANTS Rollins, V. G. STAFF MEMBERS Capt. K. P. Adams, 'lst Bn. Staff Capt. C. H. Thomas, 'lst Bn. Staff M,fSyt. E. B. McAlIister, Arty. Regt. Staff T!Sgt. T. H. Roycler, Arty. Regt. Staff TfSgt. A. J. Stansbury, 'lst Bn. Stafl: TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Corbett, M. R. King, R. L. ' Monaghans, J. F. STAFF SERGEANTS Bernhardt, H. J. Bradley, R. S. Cain, J. J. McBe1h, L. T. CORPORALS Dixon, J. B. Elmendorf, E. A. Fatheree, E. H. Hughes, J. H. Jenswold, R. H. Manitzas, F. N. McDaniel, F. B. Stallings, L. W. Wallace, J. H. SENIORS Bates, L. A. Bonsall, R W st Sergeant Bucek, C. E. Greenwood, B. R. Hencerling, J. P. Herndon, J. E. Hogan, E. J. Kutch, D. L. Penland, C. G. Piner, D. H. Sealy, B. J. Shafer, C. L. Soloman, B. E. Warclle C. F. Wyatt, R. L. JUNIORS Bell, M. H. Davis, T. D. Stravolemos, J. Tolancl, T. Walker, J. A. SOPHOMORES Box, G. F. Case, R. B. Cloud, J. D. Corl, H. M. England, A. C. Hayes, W. B. Livingston, S. W. Martin, E. M. Massey, J. W. Mugg, J. D. Noel, J. S. Parclue, W. M. Smallings, C. E. Stell, A. G. l i 325 SECOND BATTALION HEADQUARTERS MAJOR DAVE SANDERS Execuf ve CAPTAIN J. W. CANNING Adiufani' CAPTAIN F M ZABCIK Supply TfSGT J E JENNINGS Serge-an1'Mal r TfSGT C L PEALOR Supply Sergecx t LT. COLONEL MACYL ORMAN - T Commander RTILLEEY CAPT. F. H. HENK Commander GG 99 BATTERY FIELD ARTILLERY LT. K. D. COOK 'IST SGT. M. W. DAVIS Executive Fi STAFF MEMBERS Col. J. T. Dotson, C.O. 2nd Regt. Lf. Col. J. L. Hunf, 2ncl Regt. Staff Lf. Col. M. K. Orman, C.O. 2nd Bn. Mai. D. A. Sanders, 2nd Bn. Slaff Capl. J. W. Canning, 2nd Bn. Sfaff Capl. F. M. Zabcik, 2nd Bn. Staff TfSg1. J. E. Jennings, 2nd Bn. Sfaff TfSgl. S. S. While, 2nd Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Harfman, K. 5. Wilhelm, J. W STAFF SERGEANTS Barnes, J. M. Brigance, J. R. Coleman, G. B. Hedrick, R. K. Schulz, C. E. Smilh, K. W. Smilh, W. R. Williamson, W. R. CORPORALS Berry, R. M. Burger, P. B. Harvey, L. R. Maddox, R. M. Martin, C. E. McSpadden, W. A. Myers, C. E. Williams, K. W. rs? Sergeant SENIORS Minyard, H. C. Seelke, A. G. Schuman, W. L. JUNIORS Ballard, J. L. Bruecher, L. E. Cudd, M. A. Dieleri, J. M. Giiiinger, L, G. Haralson, T. D. Herndon, H. W. Holland, J. M. Hunt, R. G. Jackson, A. A. McCoubrey, J. A. Thompson, H. D. Ward, J. W. SOPHOMORES Befhea, B. G. Collins, J. P. Dehm, S. E. Fosberg, W. E. Lee, R. J. Light, D. W. Linnstaedter, V. E. Luckey, P. W. Lyon, G. L. Massey, C. G. McCoy, D. R. Millender, J. J. O'Connell, T. W. Price, R. E. Ross, C. L. Urrufia, A. C. Van Cleave. H. W Waller, A. T. ,327 GG W BATTERY FIELD ARTILLERY . . , ' V . .f . L I Z4 W 1? - F4 li-.V -V '. f f T ' - ':'f51:f?'6Z V. , wfe. r. -- -, . .- .1-M-' J ' Fw? 2'5E'.s-lf2'.- ,. - - v'zff'1V?f'?f. 1' " V fi Mena. , , , 4.. gee wyee an .fwaf f .e- - wwe.. e.fWHW .,.. eww. nw' ' - N V 2. 'v SM- - .' . .vez Q K:"-Mrlw 'G . .fl " 4' Lf.. - 3811- L - , ggi- gf- -Q 4 N.. . K Y , 64 1: : V -5 .. V :k3.....- ... A , . . fa V N3 ' 'rsmxcmmn Ann' 2. T .,.,.'.5 . . T ' . WV-A r.,s.....-x.J...r.u.x-.cm,MOH ' f, 9--n . 45...,,, .... ,. .. , f rgxfl :wwf ., -wwf ,,.., . -- ' 1.25101 "iw K' . X-f :Aw V V ' 3 - NV , " H x' . ,, ,. ,. 1 dv 5 - . Vsv .Q 'V . '-I "-ww. F. 4' M 521118 SQ. 59' gl 1.14 " 'szii 'WV al.. SZ' M iff C: P' of' .... 'L il? -V f f . 1 "f V fl ' "-N " 22. . ' . + C- V M 'ff i-I 5. ff ' - ,TS . 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Pealor, 2nd Bn. Sfaff TECHNICAL SERGEANT Ellioll, R. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Frierson, E. E. Green, T. F. CORPORALS Calloway, R. W. Ccxple, J. W. Dunn, C. R. Hall, J. L. Malush, J. E. Schmidt, J. A. Strain, J. H. Warden, D. P. SENIORS Beesley, B. B. Engle. R. L. Goodwin, W. E. 328 JUNIORS Maner, J. T. Seipp, W. E. Wrighf, L. R. SOPHOMORES Allen, H. J. Arhelger, P. J. Ashburn, Ldwren Beazley, W. H. Becherl, J. R. ce, Bowden, J. C., Jr. Bozek, B. D. Carnahan, D. R. Colville, H. E. Colvin, F. L., Jr. Cross, G. M. Danesi, W. A. Dickens, W. H. Geiger, M. P. Harmon, J. M. Heath, A. M., Jr. Henderson, B. L. Hendler, S. K. Hooten, A. R. Houy, E. W. lmholz, R. E. King, G. D., Jr. Klinkslek, B. A. Lemmons, J. F. May, J. E. Philpoll, R. J. Roberts, Wade Robinson, J. N. Sewell, B. S. Stein, J. D. Walker, W. E. CAPT. D. L. BOYD Commander C0 T ARTILLERY B TTALION 1-IEADQUARTER MAJOR C. A CHRIST Executive CAPTAIN A. G. SCHROEDER, IR. - Infelligence CAPTAIN R. T HUFFMAN Operations CAPTAIN R. L. SMITH Supply LT. COLONEL B. L. COX Commander TXSGT. J. w. DAMRON Sergeant Major TXSGT. D. E. NAPP Supply Sergeant RT I .LERY A Q EQ A. , 5 . A A U xx I .T 1 .W L 2, ' , '-1 ,:53,5?..z-a- I 2 I ' f ZZTFH- . .V . .. -.-1axfwlwffgmfp-f.,11g4p.f -. 'V . I . .',2f.'0A:.,2'-AuIQZz:a?ifi22b'fzi.Q2mQ'f6. 1 if .I . if gq,f.X . . Q- ?2-'f'f. Q ff-535 ' , , -2 4. , V, , - -IL 5.3:?f'f:i,Y:"2wr'-':F5'1'-fr?.::'.Q':"i'1Iv'.': nr' "IMA . f.L.g1?.-f.f.':,. .,f-Jil-if-':?'L.'t!?3i'?f2l-li'z?zfX:f15'1Q"ffW' - A" -- K ,V -f gg! 3- . g,g,3.,94r:w..j.,g. 33, . ggh... 'r w:g': -Q, 41- f -- ' Q , -v 'f ,j...w :Q qu, r f- Q .13,1416ef'gag,'533f4j.:wg.f,s-:qc1-sg.-Yr.7,'.?4,w":i15,.,. 'n . . I 3:4523-125352,72-,2f2:15Q.,..f:,,.3 ' ' . ' Q " 'N f- ' If -mf' S -is .. .. 'ff ..f1e.f.2.Q.fLmx.- N.-W 'ffffimmags-:,..v,-...raggaww .Q Li, .Q F :. A OA T ARTILLERY LT. B. L. COUCH 'IST SGT. W. R. CORNISH Executive Fi LIEUTENANTS Mistrot, G. A. Wiggins, G. B. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. B. L. Cox, C.O, 3rd Bn. Capt. A. G. Schroeder, 3rd Bn. Stuff Capt. R. L. Smith, 3rd Bn. Staff TfSgt. J. W. Domron, 3rd Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Kaufman, W. T. Maxwell, F. L. Bardell N. B Burdme, F. B. Engleberg, M. . Helvey, F. L. Higgins, J. E. Hughes, D. A. Hughes, D. J. Walton, P. N. White, J. C. STAFF SERGEANTS W CORPORALS Adickes, C. F. Albert, G. J. Dancer, E. W. Hackney, C. R. Hulon, R. G. Wiggins, K. M. Williams, C. R. JUNIORS Schlather, C. A. 330 J rst Sergeant SOPHOMO RES Allen, V. H. Briggs, C. P. Curry, R. E. Estep, F. L. Farrell, J. L. Fisher, D. Y Fisher, L. D Germond, G. F. Goodwin, R. E. Gratz, D. M. Horz, D. K. Havard, E. D. Held, E. S. Hernandez, F. R Jones, W. E. Kunkel, J. H. Mabroy, T. G. Moyne, E, L. McReynolds, J. C Miller, C. H. Miller, J. G. Moglia, E. L. Moore, B. L. Moore, R. H. Neuvar, E. W. Parker, W. C. Pickens, J. P. Quost, R. G. Thomas, B. H. Whitlow, T. W. Wicker, H. F. Williams, C. T. Williford, D. F. Williford, R. C. Windle, W. Winn, A. A. FRESHMEN Moore, R. L. Witter, R. D. CAPT. S. H. BARNES Commander CAPT. C. JACKSON Commander BATTERYJ COAST ARTILLERY u . .... ,., . . S ,q-v LT. J. F. BENSON 1ST SGT. C. H. HAGAN Execuiive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS JUNIORS Andrews, J. F. Dees, C. M. Monks, G. P. Windam, C. STAFF MEMBERS 5OpHQMORE5 M'.J.H.C d,2dR1.St:,Ff calf. H. o.ii2i2g, grdnsn. Ein Qf2f,'f2f,efg.S' D' Capt. C. A. Christ, 3rd Bn. Staff Capt. R. T. Huffman, 3rd Bn. Staff TfSg1. D. E. Nvpp, 3rd Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Booth, L. W Parke, R. P STAFF SERGEANTS Arringion, S. N. Courand, J. S. Fontaine, T. M. Hicks, J. H. Martin, W. C. McLean, W. J. Moore, J. J. Warmker, J. A. Weisinger, V. E. Wirtz, H. C. CORPORALS Bryam, M. S. Clifford, J. M. Cloninger, J. C. Davis, C. H. Haynes, A. C. Ollervides, M. Brimberry, R. W. Bowen, F. E. Carpe, J. R. Cox, L. Crist, W. B. Cross, W. R. Davis, J. B. Fagley, W. R. Kalmans, B. A. Lee, H. A. Lee, H. S. McPherson, W. W Miller, B. M. Newsfrom, H. M. Nixon, E. H. Payne, B. B. Pledger, R. C. Rountree, T. H. FRESHMEN Bernard, J. D. Bowden, E. L. Moliina, F. D. Osborn, C. E. Pickering, C. W. Reynolds, C. W. Smyfh, C. B. Tigner, T. J. , X A 331 ,rw LT. COLONEL JAMES C. FAILS Executive "' ,f u-.0.ml 1- fx' .. . - -4c,- 1491,-3-if-f:. ,,,,, 9 I I I I MAJOR PERCY J. BENNETT Adiutant Intelligence MAJOR JARVIS E. MILLER Operations MAJOR WILLIAM D. SAMUELS Supply MXSGT. DARE K. KEELAN Sergeant Major MXSGT. ROBERT E. WIMBERLY Supply Sergeant TfSGT. JOE A. BODINE Transportation Sergeant TfSGT. JEWEL M. LIGHTFOOT Communications Sergeant SXSGT. SIMON WHITE Color Sergeant SfSGT. FRANCIS A. VICKERY Color Sergeant 1 fu I , :-.,g - . , ,M f.,, , , fiiemrwv 1 . .. 71,14- .,. - 'tv - A "zz ':'0-'."? 45 wwf' 'wry f -'Za ' Q' MAJOR EDWARD P. MILES, JR. GROUP H DQ ARTER COLONEL JIMMY G. MAGRUDER Commander ' IR FORCE f 4 f 9 ' V z I ' f ff 4 f I 3 .J, - ,:- if .:5.ef,:f,a -' 3172? . 'L 'fb ff-fff' 32 ' ., -f. -'iff -T 'We "" I :ffm f .w1"5v' .: -. 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L 1 I V. 7i.9?fm:mM42:-.,'.:f.-W.,I 49 . . f A I q ff 2' 41:-,l'5"3'v Flifffwl-?.S:5z5t'2153'fifEE-'ifilfv232' '1'f-'1"-5-4'Ef'f'a:,a6 :??f'5-:?:':21fff5iYi'f5f'L'f'-:2f'4?If?1': f7"'5"f?1?2r:: 'QE-.-ii.zffeizysw-.QzE'.'r-'-"".E' G'f"qEi"Efg.F'l:j:', 'zo' f .'fIf.bl'-:-I -524H54743'i2ff5i1:fZ"". P' 'fx' ff -f' ' " 1 ' f gferg, 'sift'fg':ff:2,11f'.1'::1a we 5:-Y "':.fea'.-21 ,glsr-L.,a.4','-.:'G-91' 'J 1 45. , I - ,.-ag. . . A f " f ' I A 1' -ea QW- -' ZZ " -. 15.-2""'l"" I -..- qs. Q .:-it! , . ' I .1 me . -. 4 wf-'tw-f FLIGHT AIR FORCE Aaronson, A. E. Adams, B. C. Benneff, B. R. -Charlton, G. V. Coslefi, D. L. '- Francis, C. E. A Gorb, F. A. Thurmoncl, M. F. Yoncey, M. S. E CORPORALS Brandt, J. T. Bryan, E. W. Owen, D. L. Tnpley, J. T. LT. L. W. SHILLER 'IST SGT. E. B. MORRISON Execuiive FirsT Sergeant LIEUTENANTS SENIORS Bridges, J. L. B6Ckl'nGnf C- l'l- Cruz, A. O. Hafzenbeuhler, E. Martinez, R. 5mlll'l, R- F-, Williams, J. M. STAFF MEMBERS Li. Col. J. C. Fails, Group Sloff JUNlORS Moi. J. E. Miller, Group Sfoff Boyles, J, E, Capt. J. S. Allegcz, Ts? Sqdn. Staff Gaugler, F, J, Capt. J. B. Kelly, ls1'Sqdn. Staff Koopmqn, F, 0, Tf5gt. J. A. Bodine, Group Slaff Lmleiohn, W, B, S!Sgf. F. A. Vickery, Group Sloff Ng, K, M, Richardson, B. D. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS 35hiriiliZ,FAi:F- o ci , . . Q,L'g'3lRg'Bg. Young, H. R. STAFF SERGEANTS SOPHOMORES Am-ongon, A, D, Abercrombie, E. Adair, B. D. Blevins, W, C. Brandt, H. C. Brockles, A. J. Colgin, W. E. Dobbins, R. N. Hilliard, D'. S. Hospins, E. W. Howard, L. R. Johnson, E. E. Kirk, R. D. Martinefs, J. C. Sanders, H. A. While, M, W. J. F. CAPT. F. E. GROTHAUS Commander CAPT. R. H. HARRIS Commander G6 '27 11. ' " FLIGHT AIR FORCE 1 LT. C. E. GOBLE lST SGT. H. G. PHILLIPS Executive First Sergeant M'll , E. D. g5gjfHNgNTS ..:..zL,.,.... Fall,-il ' Taylor, O. B. Koller, J. H. Schmidt, H B. STAFF MEMBERS Col. J. G. Magruder, C.O. Air Group Mai. W. D. Samuels, Air Group Staff Capt. W. T. Johnson, 'lst Sqdn. Staff TfSgt. J. M. Lightfoot, Air Group Staff TfSgt. E. L. Meek, 'lst Sqdn. Staff TECH NICAL SERGEANTS Norton, D. A. Taylor, C. G. STAFF SERGEANTS Bartlett, F. L. Cobb, P. R. Crader, J. W. Forrest, R. D. Gibbs, B. H. Haralson, J. R. Melcher, J. W. Modlin, J. H. Sellars, G. C. Shannon, H. L. CORPORALS Davis, D. W. Henderson, B. W. Hillman, J. T. Kennedy, H. C. SENIORS Humphries, D. E. McDaniels, C. R. Trail, J. L. JUNIORS Andrews, D. R. Barger, J. R. Dyer, W. L. George, C. W. Griffiths, H. L. Maurer, P. E. Murray, P. C. SOPHOMORES Bain, B. R. Brooks, B. R. Curtright, C. B. Grupe, G. J. Hayes, A. A. Henshaw, L. W. Johnson, B. J. Lovingfoss, W. J. Machola, C. F. Middleton, J. H. Reed, J. H. Rosenthal, S. H. Stevens, A. M. Stockard, U. R. Tillotson, J. H. Tucker, A. S. Vandenberg, D. E Wall, P. T 335 i7 'nu 0 1 1 FLIGHT AIR FORCE LIEUTENANTS Barron, J. S. Garnett, E. W. Manes, A. H. Ray, W. L. STAFF MEMBERS Col. D. B. Gordon, C.O. 'lst Sqcln. Mai. E. P. Miles, S-2, 1stRegt. Capt. W. H. Lewie, 5-4, 3rd Sqdn. MXSQY. D. K. Keelan, Sgt.fMai., 3rd Regt. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Sturolivant, R. l.. Martin, R. K. STAFF SERGEANTS Barry, P. J. Brown, M. A. Burns, D. S. Dardaganian, S. G. Graham, R. C. Griffin, D. R. Koepp, W. E. Sonnenburg, N. S. Weatherall, R. H. CORPORALS Beasley, C. G. Bell, W. E, Blackaller, J. H. 3336 Mai. J. A. Bargefrede, Exec. lst Sqdn. LT. L. W. CLARK IST SGT. R. G. BLANCHARD Executive First Sergeant Chandler, H. T. Livesay, S. R. Snow, H. L. Souther, R. P. Stover, G. W. SENIORS Harris, W. T. North, B. J. Wylie, S. W. JUNIORS Cockrum, R. K. J. Hampton, R. E. Holland, B. J. Moore, C. O. Soutter, E. E. Templin, E. T. SOPHOMORES Barfield, A. B. Beckham, H. B. Brown, E. l.. Burkes, W. M. Crevenka, B. J. Frazier, M. L. Hull, B. T. E. Kingston, A. G. Martin, J. R. Rivenbark, B, A. Shafer, B. R. Sistrunk, W. T. Smith, B. L. CAPT. J. L. WALKER Commander Eco D SQUADRO HEADQUARTER LT. COLONEL JACK H. SHUGART Commander IR,FORCE MAJOR JACK B. MILLER Execuiive CAPTAIN BILL MAYO Adiufanf CAPTAIN OSCAR MEDLIN InIeIIigence CAPTAIN HERB FREDE Operations CAPTA'N JAMES H. FLOWERS Supply TfSGT. JACK RALEY Sergec1n1'MoIor TXSGT. RICHARD TUMLINSON SuppIy Sergecxni FLIGHT AIR F ORCE Capt. H. A. Frede, A-3, 2nd Sqdn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Goldston, R. P STAFF SERGEANTS Bciumgorrt, E. H. Cdrruth, B. F Kendall, D. F Schuelke, H. H. Smith, T. C. Young, J. D. ' CORPORALS Hendee, P. J. Montgomery, W. E. Pierce, W. M. Sowtelle, G. G. Spears, W. J. Roy, C. L. Reaves, D. R. aaa LT. H. R. SMITH 'IST SGT. C. E. JONES Executive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS SENIOR Irvine, W. G. DuBose, E. L. Medford, R. R. JUNIORS Alt d, D. E. STAFF MEMBERS Apgf E, A, Capt, J, H. Flowers, A-4, APBI, E- C- Znd Sqdn. Steiff BGIDIU, R- Brown, B. O. Chandler, J. M. Frasier, L. C. Froelich, J. E. Henry, F. P. Klein, H. Mock, R. W. Ortiz, A. Pipes, D. L. SOPHOMORES Anderson, J. T. Bailey, C. E. Brisco, W. L. Buie, G. D. Casey, W. A. Cluuss, R. L. Coveney, A. E. Dannemiller, G. D. Dowden, B. H. Garrison, P. L. Giles, D. L. Lewis, F, D. Solomon, L. T. Tomczeszyn, T. J. Walden, J. C. ..-L. CAPT. TIM GRIESENBECK Commander CAPT. C. K. LANDRUM Commander at To FLIGHT IR FORCE LT. DAVID G. BOWERS 'lST SGT. DON R. JOSEPH Executive Fi LIEUTENANTS Campbell, Don Cook, Roy H. Hall, R. E. Hool-cs, Ben C. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. Jack Shugart, C.O. 2nd Sqdn. Mzior Jack B. Miller, 2nd Sqcln. Staff Capt. R. D. Conine, 3rd Sqdn. Stuff Copt. Wm. L. Mayo, 2nd Sqd.n Staff Ccxpt. Amos G. Welder, 'lst Sqd.n Stuff TfSgt. Jack L. Raley, 2nd Sqcl.n Staff TfSgf. R. R. Tumlinson, 2nd Sqdn. Staff TECHN ZCAL SERGEANTS Butler, E. T. Southworth, Stanley G. STAFF SERGEANTS Bursey, C. H. Buss, Wm. B. Corbell, W. K. Cruz, James Dohoney, Bob Fenner, Burney Holm, J. M. Langford, R. F. Molinary, Samuel Nowlin, Don H. Olsen, M. B. CORPORALS Andrus, G. R. Campbell, W. E. Clemens, G. E. rst Sergeant Dolehite, J. J. Martin, D. D. Parr, C. F. Perkins, S. L. Provenzc, Sammy SENIORS Butler, C. R. Taylor, E. B. JUNIORS Crittenden, C. R. Farrow, B. R. Hunt, C. G. Mittel, H. W. Wood, Lou SOPHOMORES Armstrong, J. H. Baetge, G. D. Brewer, E. C. Boyles, W. R. Clardy, A. L. Crouch, M. E. Curtis, D. S. Dominguez, L. F. Fox, B. B. Henkhous, R. H. Houser, J. R. Kyle, W. A. Mittel, Henry Nelson, W. C. Perkins, C. B. Peterson, S. P. Riley, V. B. Shelton, R. D. Johnson, R. V . f -.x . Vx. x - .339 . , in -, 'F I MFT FLIGHT IR FORCE LT. R. K. HEVENOR 'IST SGT. W. C. ROBERTSON Executive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS SENIORS Black, D. R. Frank, L. H- Dietz, D. R. Powers, F. Freedman, I. Beadle, G. J- Mogford, C. W. STAFF MEMBER Capt. O. Medlin, Jr., 2nd Sqd.n Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Smith, W. J. S. Fuller, C. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Nyc, F. Bravenec, J. S. Connally, G. Timmerman, A. Waggener, J. C. Trees, E. J. Richardson, J. Battin, R. White, W. DuVul, P. H. CORPORALS McCrady, J. D. Leonard, J. E. Craine, J. C. Peyton, R. A. Lassen, P. Nicholson, W. S. I 340 Stockton, J. E. Hanning, R. M. Coffman, H. J. JUNIORS Hinckley, R. L. Thedford, E. Haley, W. H. Kelly, G. L. Krenek, W. Penn, C. W. LeBus, J. G. Davis, R. F. Richardson, G. E Lane, B. J. Harwood, W. E. SOPHOMORES Sandusky, J. E. Burkholder, D. E. Hatcher, H. E. Buck, C. E. Royalty, J. G. Flowers, E. Strode, H. D. Storrie, J. J. Clinton, D. D. Davidson, J. V, McReynoIds, D. T. CAPT. J. H. PATE Commander MAJORJ A WILLIAMSON CAPTAIN A. C. JORDON Intelligence CAPTAIN R. D. CONINE Operations CAPTAIN BRUCE SIMONEAUX Adiutcnt CAPTAIN W. H. LEWIE Supply TfSGT. D. C. EDWARDS Sergeant Mcnior TfSGT. W. D. GARDNER Supply Sergeant I l ll i l x i ...il ' l v I I M 'J FLIGHT IR FORCE LT. H. E. HANNAH TST SGT. J. S. BOROUGHS Execufive Firsf Sergeant LIEUTENANTS Brown, J. L. Dooley, B. N. Kinsey, R. A. White, S. R. STAFF MEMBERS Smiih, J. C. Slorrie, J. H. Reasoner, J. E. JUNIORS Dalfon, J. L. Dunlap, S. A. Hunkler, W. K. King L S Maior J. A. Williamson, 3rd Sqdn. Staff Moolfe 'C 'O TfSgi. W. D. Gardner, 3rcl Sqdn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Caplan, L. M. Hallmark, K. D. STAFF SERGEANTS Curry, E. E. Mayfield, J. D. McAshan, T. W. Peebles, C. T. Robertson, D. CORPORALS Atlaway, L. D. Burton, A. M. Haverlall, W. C. Moore, W. R. 342 L Thomas, J. P. Roberts, R. D. SOPHOMORES Bandy, M. E. Chandler, C. G. Cfvrlik, R. A. Gardner, J. W. Green, R. H. Howard, D. L. Hightower, J. T. Miller, G. R. Partridge, F. L. Peacock, C. D. Reid, W. M. Rowe, J. G. Spadachene, T. W. Tate, R. C. Welder, W. D. Wilson, J. C. CAPT. J. N. HOLLAND Commander QQ ii FLIGHT IR FORCE .L EI CAPT. W. M. ALLEN Commander IST SGT. D. D. HEARNE First Sergeant LT. E. O. PRICE Executive LIEUTENANTS Bland, B. J. Brown, B. D. Conley, R. H. Moser, A. R. Nash, B. H. Welch, B. J. STAFF MEMBER TfSgt. B. S. Bailey, Sgt.fMai., Forney, D. M. Pape, L. M. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Bernard, E. R. Braslau, Norman STAFF SERGEANTS Gollab, H. C. Higclon, D.T Hill J J ,.. Lockhart, L. D. Long, R. W. Myers, Lewis, Jr. Selph, C. L. CORPORALS Carlson, E. W. Griften, A. Z. Neal, H. D. Sexton, H. A. lst Sqcln. Stallings, Archie, Vaught, S. M. Mumford, E. F. SENIORS Burttschell, J. H. Hucldleston, N. R. Jones, Briley Schuller, R. E. SOPHOMORES Burney, L. W. Dollar, R. I. Fullerton, J. M. Jackson, B. R. Johnson, C. D. Keese, C. W. King, G. W. Laing, G. W. Mendietta, A. A. Munnerlyn, A. A. Porter, J. L. Pyle, C. W. Sawyer, T. E. Scott, D'. E. Siclener, N. V. Stephens, C. D. Steede, J. D. Taylor, J. W. Taylor, R. L. Thomas, J. C. Trauth, I. C. VanTassel, K. G. Weaver, A. R. . ,343 I . GT? FLIGHT AIR FOR Dealy, M. E. Robertson, W. A. Wetzel, H. STAFF MEMBERS Lf. Col. J. K. England, C.O. 3rd Sqcln. Mai. P. J. Bennett, Adi. Air Group Capt. J. B. Simoneaux, S-13rd Sqdn. Capt. A. C. Jordan, S-2 3rd Sqdn. MfSgt. R. E. Wimberly, Air Group Staff TfSgt. D. C. Edwards, Sgt. Mui. 3rd Sqdn. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Leavitt, D. N. Stokes, M. J. STAFF SERGEANTS Adams, H. J. ' Bell, C. W. Cook, J. C. Edgar, G. C. Kahn, D. N. Ragusa, F. A. Wilson, C. L. CORPORALS Burkhalter, A. C. Blundell, J. D. ,344 V CE LT. J. E. ROSE TST SGT. J. B. HARRISON Executive First Sergeant C l ,J.D. LIEUTENANTS Dgglizll L- E- Cook, R- X- Hardwick, J. D. Morris,J. L. JUNIORS Amsler, R. L. Brimberry, R. Gibbs, H. L. Guantt, J. R. Hopkins, D. L. Stackhouse, H. M. SOPHOMORES Arnold, E. L. Belzner, J. T. Bemis, J. H. Blackman, G. G. Chamberlain, B. L. Cotfle, H. E. Crowther, B. Davis, R. K. Dean, J. V Gill, O. C. Hillis, S. J. Hooker, D. Knippa, F. M. Lucey, J. A. Pringle, L. R. Scomordo, M. S. Thornton, W. S. Wallace, A. F. Westcott, R. D. Woollett, P. R. CAPT. C. C. SCOTT Commander MIC? FLIGHT TECHNICAL SERGEANT Frazier, F. D. . STAFF SERGEANTS Brashear, O. E. ' Dowling, C. J. FRESHMEN Alexander, J. R. Allen, B. W. Armstrong, G. L. Bates, T. J. Clark, N. B. Crawford, D. L. C pit, J. M. CAPT. C. K. MCGOWN Dgsqmsnlsu M E t, . . Commander Fgrgnznzzleecz, G. B. Fox, G. S. Flume, J. B. Gomez, A. E. LT. JACK HAPPY Executive TST SGT. W. C. NUTT First Sergeant Hale, R. A. Halfom, H. V. Haney, F. W. Hanson, G. W. Holland, J. N. Johnson, C. C. Johnston, W. E. Kanter, M. J. Kemp, C. R. Kolar, J. E. Lennamnm, J. T Lloyd, E. P. Mayes, J. R. Moody, R. J. Necessary, H. Rand, B. T. Spencer, T. Stahala, J. B. Sutton, H. C. Thomas, J. W. Thomson, H. Wheeler, C. Whitehouse, Ziober, A. F. C. R. B. G. IR FORCE 41 1 'F "m.O,1n l' gif? .13 ,gif ' 5 if I l KX '. - .5 LT. COLONEL JOHN L. TAYLOR Executive MAJOR TED PITZER Adjutant MAJOR PHIL PARKER Operations MAJOR DAVE KREAGER Intelligence MAJOR W. B. PUMPHREY Supply MXSGT. JACK A. TANNER Sergeant Maior Mfscr. ALBERT w. ROLLINS Supply Sergeant Tfscsr. DAVID RYAN Transportation Sergeant TfSGT. JERRY WILLIAMS Communications Sergeant TfSGT. ROBERT R. BARMAN Color Sergeant c Q ..,- S -'-A rf- -'f'-565 ..,, J . fm . 1-1-:L X swf-ff,g.f ,., 1. ,f ,. ,- '-s7gi242f,:1 fp.. .V , f' f x ' an-3 A ,:' ' , ' 4 1 Fw W? df, ,.,,,,,,., W., 5, , , f- .. , W, . J34,'fcgf,pg3,f4vz4 1:.7,q 1,-4 - A .N C uf. Mx f.,3.W,,,',,.1:f,,:i.. 13... ,If . lv if A f K wif" A , . .' ' ,, ,..-f.: A f Au, ,.13,1,"g,gj:p-fy , 1.2.-54. A V 'N f ,' -' " is 3, ,A , f . ,mg1.,.a.wcf.1-'wr ' Mw4f4,z:Qs-2, .. . - ,V , ..- ul. .,,g..,f:'fm-5t:.e.e-s- f'mv,,..:6-1.1 . f -' an " -- slggs -we 4 ' 1 , - - . L . :J M-ff ,,..f1---,aim ff r 4. . W.--M-.,,m,++ .- , ,Q , -- ' ' -f , ge-1 - ,z -Zg,.,.-- . :. -' - ' .- 'nwf,wf':K1fe1e-f , ' ' f 4 . , ., ,- f A. WN. 1-1-,y 1-.:.Af-it .V , ' ,- . iq. . ,JA f.,,,g' -,. es.. -+ .1 --by e. m .A J-' 1-1" , ' " " ' ifi,'f"4mf52iew4: " J , . f .,., ,iw wp r 'Vac REG1 E TAL HEADQUARTER COLONEL ALLAN EUBANK , Commander AVALRY GI- EER ALRY SQ ADR0 HEADQUARTERS I I A A A pppp M I I MAJOR JACK R. IRISH Q Execuiive I I I I 1 CAPTAIN ROBERT J. McDONALD Adiufcmf I CAPTAIN JAMES H. DUKE Inielligence II I I I 'I CAPTAIN EDWARD G. BALAGIA Operations II :I I .I Ii ,I CAPTAIN VIRGIL R. YOUNG fi Supply I I I LT. COLONEL GEORGE E. HARRIS II I Commander I I TfSGT. AUTREY W. FREDERICK I Sergeant Maior I" I I. I I4 I I TfSGT. RICHARD H. VAN COURT I R Supply Sergeant I I I I II! I Llffg-1 kg .435-J, ' I 'II 55I:.?J :zlf 1511, I I I, ,, 12:-132252 C 'J ' ' 15- , Q I .-'M -'tw , I Pi-' Ely A Iv I I "M iii I . II .. , fix., -' f--Ibfmf, - - ff I - I -. ..., , I . , .I , 5 ' m. M :,, f:fp22Nv -f '-,fif . ' Izf' I f I I I f I 'fi I I I . W- . -- - I -I 1 I! LI 5 WI S 'V' "X ,f L jf I A , I 5 I xi P1LgAaff:'HILQgsfvQ .... If wxqzygyw' ' ,. ,: I, ' - - ,af ' Y' :-' ' if I 2f2f..-,- 4' ,- 'f4fge,IM,f.,.I3 -fz I V 3 ' v w -feb V g:-,, ,,I..: .' H X ,III If E' I ' M 6C . .. L., .m m J, 'V kv M f , GG 99 S .... , nf.-,-9.3.2.-,s THUG? -49: .5 - f 2.5 -ii., 'J.. v CAVAL Y , m mf. - A- -11 J :.. .F MF 5-Q'S:5fiSE," 511.-., -' 221.19150 . 1 'T Z-:ilu A , -S5 ww . .z5,...+::,. W :J ' A . . . sf:-'-15:1-1'-:ei . W- 3.225 , wa.. Q xc --... i Z if s V wg X ' xg, ,, T' 1. . . . . 4 X23 lux fe if .. WN. ., 1, , .xx v6 X. ,W . , Q, 4 g 4 za1.,2XXA ,,g:.,, 1. I , xi N ' F Q, if .A ',fX,'2. .J Xu ... ., . , LT. J. SALCH Execuiive LIEUTENANTS Barlowe, R. L. Garrett, D. W. Morrow, J. Neincssl, W. Reed, J. R. STAFF MEMBERS Lf. Col. G. E. Harris, C.O. Cav. Sqdn. Staff Maior D. J. Kreager, 41h Regt. Staff Capt. B. J. McDonald, Cav. Sqdn.S1aff Mfsgf. H. J. Mills, Corps Sfaff Tf"Sgf. D. J. Ryan, Cav. Sqdn. Siaff TECHN ICA! SERGEANTS Heusinger, E. J. Reed, R. Williams, R. C. STAFF SERGEANTS Blaine, D. B. Gaulf, J E. Ireland, J. F. Johnson, J. I. Johnson, T. M. Jordan, T. Kitchell, C. M. Osborn, C. K. Simmons, D. L. Vehon, R. M. Wilson, L. A. CORPORALS Coolidje, J. W. Ingles, R. A. Kane, C. H. from A vw- sqft n ll" 1 .3212 -"' T T" 348 ., X, I I ' . ' f X x. -:il Y., . .SNW V... , fix. 'fav . 3? Rf I ? J? so . af, ' e W5 1 . X ,, f ,Vg IST SGT. J. R. Mc Firsf Sergeant Lincecum, R. E. Moon, S. P. Nelson, D. A. Ne-wlon, C. F. Orth, C. T. Reininger, D. L. Rubsamzn, E. 5. wsddie, D. SENIORS Brown, D. Bowlin, D. W. Frias, S. Kay, J. Lawson, R. L. Lueckemeyer, . Lee, J. Philip, J. Velwon, W. M. JUNIORS Budde, B. W. Haynie, R. L. Humphries, H. King, D. K. Sfreeiman, J. West, S. Wickmann, D. W. SOPHOMORES Bockholf, A. J. Guy, C. R. Holloway K. Mangum, H. Prochaska, F. C. Thayer, E. C. Tullos, T. R. FALL . .,... ..... -..Mm fwwwnwnmqg CAPT. D. A. STROTHER Commander CAPT. JOHN L CHRESTENSE Commander GG 79 TROOP CAVALRY ho ' 4-X . LT. J. R. ZENTNER TST SGT. NOBLE ClAl2fC Exezutixe Fi sl Sergeant LIEUTENANTS SENiCFTS Biilingsly, Wm. B. Brown. 5. B. Fox, S, V, Bunli-111, l?:b7. H. Frey, Alberi' Dean, C. VV. Parish, V. W. Fc1lSiS J. N. Rcimey, G. H. Filer, T. H. P:1rsfey,J::m:s Rogers, K. G. STAFF MEMBERS 'fx H Mui. J. R. irish, sq. Stuff JUNWRU Moi. Wm. B. Pumphrey, 41h Regt. Sfaff B3lS9Cl3l1.Cl1l'l Capt. J. H. Duke, Sq. Sfaff GVGY, J- D- M,"Sg1. J. A. Tanner, 47h Regt. Stuff Hvfllll-1, A. R. - Jacccird, M. C. - Lacy, Geo. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Wmkeff R' H- Conner, John E. SOPHOMCRE3 Deeg, Owen STAFF SERGEANTS Holloway, H. K. Lee, D. D. Porier, M. 5. Sfribling, J. P. Williams, T. B. CORPORALS Edwards, G. D. Eysfer, C. R. Moses, T. C. Schroeder, E. K. Scofi, Wm. H. Slcxter, G. C. Chcmclier, D. E. Crownover, A. Damon, J. A. Gabriel, C. J. Gaither, E. H. Harris, M. T. Luker, Wm. A. Martin, T. Q. Muxey, W. T. B. McDougall, G. M. Porcher, G. S. Powell, Wm. R Slump, E. J. Thrasher, J. W. FRESHMEN Davis, B. H. Shiflet, T. N. Weber, R. E. 'Hifi' 'EQ-:QSM ? 512 5 V X I :rg if-. . gl fi 2' f J A XJ . . ...es .iff 937 ..w.:..eLgv- LLM, -,ff ,4A,.4.f. V. ,..,...q-fqvjsgzqfgig .. . ..fz7::,f-1 v, 22 l- 2 , 1. yy ' '9 EEG., ' X . . .,y.., af. xi ", 'bfi '.x-. f, X.. x X .sky , wk V, C, ' , , km, T OOP CAVALRY xfl, fb ' Lt. Col. J. L. Taylor, 4th Regt. Staff Capt. E. G. Balagia, Sq. Staff Capt. R. V. Young, Sq. Staff TfSgt. A. W. Frederick, Sq. Staff TfSg1. Richard VanCourt, Sq. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Neal, B. G Smith, C. B. STAFF SERGEANTS Gorman, R. E. Hagens, L. R. Maxtield, R. P. CORPORALS Duke, E. A. - Fawcett, C. B. Nelson, C. H. Johnson, R. B. Rice, S. M. Smith, C. R. SENIORS Anderson, G. D. Anderson, T. O. Burris, D. R. Calame, C. D. Cooper, Tom Elliott, C. W. Magee, L. H. Mandala, Vince Raun, L. G. Reed, G. T. . . Stephens, M. W. Stewart, L. G. 350 LT. B. W. SWEENEY lST SGT. M. R. PATTERSON Executive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS Willis, C- E- Arnst, J. E. Zen' M' J' Reyes, H. V. JUNIORS l STAFF MEMBERS Q1-JEQQR-JE-E Y, - Kasper, John Laakso, C. L. Smith, C. M. Storey, J. L. Trevino, A. P. Turley, R. E. Williams, J. S. SOPHOMORES Allen, S. R. Avery, Ed Caplan, Melvyn Donohue, T. C. Draughon, Bill Durrill, R. G. Eckels, P. G. Farris, John Funk, J. L. Garza, Gilberto Harrington, James Hill, Kenneth Jackson, G. C. Landry, Raymond Lehmann, James Locke, E. C. Marshall, O. C. Maore, B. D. Morrison, Don Nix, W. E. Petteway, J. C. Reed, R. N. Richardson, J. K. Riner, R. B. Sick, J. E. Torn, E. R. Trimmier, Billy Turnham, Nick Weddington, Georg 9 CAPT. K. O. WYLER Commander BATTALIO HEADQ ARTER Executive CAPTAIN T. D. WORD Operations Intelligence CAPTAIN O. C. BLAIR Adiutant LT. COLONEL T. D. REYNOLDS Commander TXSGT. M. W. PARSE, JR. Sergeant Maior TXSGT. C. C. TAYLOR Supply Sergeant GI EER CAPTAIN J. C. FENNELL, JR. MAJOR M. H. MUELLER .1 :Q 'f' 2 43. ' 1 . un., nl EH . W-.. 1. Y -V' -4: j - v ' f . ,,, ,,. gf, fly, 44, A., nf.:-...gf A.Q:?5,i5Q?.gg-tj'Ev1:.hj'Qf,g,':Zggqr'-0? Y l :yqfy 1 11,5 in ef- , - ,, f 1 ., . ft .:..,.,:'fM:-:.fQ.f'.a:f4+,. 'mfkf4.a':?W2 av ,KH . .sf-5 we....f,.,.-yfgjfgfes.55,4-My-, ,, , . w:.yy.A- . cf A My , +R ,- H 1,.:.. V, ,. .ga A,-1:53 -,qgifffflziwfyfgf , . , H ,af v ' - --'zur-sr' 1 ff, j:ga4.g:4:m..Qf:ff?--,qw-..+,... f - 4 W' v fl, ' ,fix . P1 Y RH' 5 5311 5f1"'v-.EI.fffiffzvif Z5 - -S5 ""' " vm mf I 1 I 2 .fs . .. .2"'-H3221-,'3fff"iiE: f-:z2.ji,?'f I I' ,' 45 "Eff "" " ' ':-.9 . 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STAFF MEMBERS Col. L. A. Eubank Mai. M. H. Mueller Capt. O. C. Blair MfSgt. A. W. Rollins hi' -I-l.'Q-l-l. :g: Ia -in TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Edwards, E. C. Porter, J. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Arnold, E. L. ' Bradley, J. C. Collier, R. L. Elkins, R. W. Garrett, W. R. Leahy, D. D. McFerron, L. O. Miller, W. H. Rogers, R. H. Whelan, H. J. D . 352 'IST SGT. T. E. FLUKINGER First Sergeant CORPORALS Craig, A. J. Schillab, E.E. Striekert, R. R. Urban, E. C. Walton, R. B. JUNIORS Callaway, l. G. Chamlee, B. P. Gill, R. L. Harrell, D. R. Hurst, J. M. Johnson, J. R. Martin, R. E. Moore, N. H. Patton, J. O. Short, B. J. sfodghill, R. D. SOPHOMORES Biggersfaff, C' R. C. Brown, B. B. Hale, H. C- Commander Lay, G. R. Leeman, J. E. Mitchell, J. C. Morrison, C. R. Phillips, C. G. Swinson, C. D. Tyler, O. B. Tucker, J. M. Walker, E. L. v 1 l . l t l l i i i yi l l -g. . 1, M JJCG PA Y E GI EER 'wifi lST SGT. R. W. McDANIEL First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS Dunkelberg, S. Riewe, T. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. T. D. Reynolds, C.O. Engr. Bat. Maior E. T. Pitzer, Jr., 4th Regt. Staff Maior P. Parker, 4th Regt. Staff Capt. J. C. Fennell, Engr. Bn. Staff Capt. T. D. Word, Engr. Bn. Staff TfSgt. J. L. Williams, 4th Regt. Staff SfSgt. R. R. Barman, 4th Regt. Staff TfSgt. M. W. Parse, Engr. Bn. Staff TfSgt. C. C. Taylor, Engr. Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Mclver, J. D. CAPT. M. A. LANDRY 0'NeiH,J.B- Commander STAFF SERGEANTS Brown, J. T. Cogan, S. W. Conn, R. B. Ferguson, C. B. Harris, W. R. Harvey, A. F. Knox, John Matusek, M. A. Newton, J. B. Sullivan, M. M. SENIORS Bussell, R. E. Doiron, L. R. JUNIORS Frizzell, R. H. Kilpatrick, J. Munson, Wm. H. Park S , P. . Pearson, Wm. L. Rylander, J. M. Velten, R. E. Wacker, R. B. Wilson, A. M. SOPHOMORES Belinsky, L. Bradford, R. l. Brown, R. F. Burolett, J. W. Cavitt, E. T. Cook, R. D. Freeman, R. L. Hirsch, T. J. Holland, E. O. Hollowell, W. G. Hulse, J. E. lngram, B. G. McCann, L. Mitchell, M. M. Pacheco, F. Reed, J. A. Rozelle, F. M. Spreen, F. F. Wacker, C. A. Whisenhunt, R. - Vw . .M-ff,. , .. .. . ,A -...Fixx ' - , ,:- 1 .353 J!-'-5 5-'52 I-lull H ..n..n.r1.n.n. i S-'T-'Iii'-"lu-'bf-4-1'----:' f Qui A A A A f nu A f, y , - 1 5' ""' - - 1. 2 1- 1 ,B ...4 . - ' '. ' -L... -. fe--.c M..- fg:.,8.x-. , A 4 . J .- 1 XR? 4 ,M .N 'W,-.f1vi", ' f l 1 LT. COLONEL V. R. PORTER Executive MAJOR W. R. MCGREW Adiutcmf MAJOR R. A. FLAKE Intelligence MAJOR G. B. GARNER, JR. Operations MAJOR B. J. STOFFREGEN Supply MXSGT. R. J. KUNZE Sergeani Mnior Supply Sergeunf TfSGT. W. B. BALL Communcations Sergeant REGIME TAL HEADQ ARTER COLONEL F. A. CLELAND Mfscr. w. P. STROMBERG Cgmmqnder C0 PO ITE BATTALIO HEADQUARTER I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I LT. COLONEL JOE H. MULLINS I Commander A Y EC RITY IGNAL CORP Il MAJOR GLENN A. NEFF Executive CAPTAIN WAYNE M. STEVENS Adiutant CAPTAIN LAWRENCE C. SETH Intelligence CAPTAIN JOE V. PIKE Operations CAPTAIN JOHN CUMMINGS Supply TXSGT. ED W. BODDEKER Sergeant Maior Tfscsr. AL E. NICHOLSON Supply Sergeant I T , X - I I ' I I A H . ',-'v: 1 Q , ' 77x"ff I- 'i.. wx .7355-I I "TT-N-W., . ,,.,..-f1- 1 -' I M - X xA. N x s . wax .-3 X w X ISQXVI C 45-4. 66 W COMPA YA... LT. R. E. BAGGETT Executive TST SGT. A. M. MONCRIEF LIEUTENANTS Downing, E. D. Hillebrandt, L. G. Milligan, C. O. Pantermuehl, L. A. Tarver, C. T. Webb, D. M. STAFF MEMBERS First Sergeant Maior W. R. McGrew, 5th Regt. Staff Lt. Col. J. H. Mullins, C.O. 'lst Bn. Capt. J. M. Cummings, lst Bn. Staff Capt. L. C. Seth, 'lst Bn. Staff Capt. W. M. Stevens, 'lst Bn. Staff TfSgt. E. W. Baddeker, 'lst Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Willhelm, J. A. Witty, W. M. STAFF SERGEANTS Grost, R. R. Horton, H. D. Hoskins, B. O. Huber, E. L. Miller, E. L. Scudder, C. F. Sechelski, D. F. Smith, R. L. Sommers, F. A. Statler, W. R. CORPORALS Gant, H. D. Gaskill, R. T. Gorrod, H. M. Green, W. R. Hinton, R. D. Jones, E. B. 356' Moglia, G. E. Munson, T. A. Zapata, R. T. SENIORS Crosley, C. L. Goodrum, F. M. Kelly, W. T. Owens, C. E. Roark, R. E. JUNIORS Adams, C. D. Fincias, L. E. SOPHOMORES Anderson, D. L. Behne, T. D. Cannon, S. J. Ccirdielhac, P. T. Downing, R. L. Fitts, H. R. Fitzgerald, R. A. Fox, A. M. Fuentes, C. R. Hutson, R. D. Isenhour, R. B. Johnson, O. E. Johnson, W. R. Kallus, M. F. Kelly, G. T. King, D. E. Lance, D. M. Lockridge, J. P. Margoitta, A. R. Moon, W. T. Ramirez, Telesforo, III Reed, T. D. Thompson, W. H. Walston, D. E. Williford, H. G. FRESHMEN Christian, F. M. Haddock, A. J. Lake, C. E. Layton, R. L. Magee, A. C. Martin, W. R. Muncey, C. A. Satterwhite, G. D. Schatte, A. R. Reagan, T. J. CAPT. C. B. MODISETT Commander :Ewa COMP IGNAL CORP 'Tj' LT. C. E. GRUNWALD 'IST SGT. D. L. McCAUSEY i , ac ov N l T ' X , T L E L i 1 . E , l W Execuiive l LIEUTENANTS l Gilchriesf, C. E. i Howard, J. E. Myre, W. C. l STAFF MEMBERS Lf. Col. C. V. Schroeder. Com. O. Corps Siaff i Mai. R. A. Flake, Comp. Reg. Staff Mai. G. A. Neff, Exec. O. ASA-SC Bn. Staff' Capi. J. V. Pike, ASA-SC Bn. Staff Mfsgi. w. E. Ball, Com. Sgt. Corps Siaff l T CAPT. G. R. ROBERTSON li Commander lrlflr 53 y .VAV . - T!Sgt. W. B. Ball, Com. Sgi. Comp. Reg. Staff T,lSgt. A. E. Nicholson, ASA-SC Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Fuess, R. L. Rogers, D. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Crumpfon, A. B. Fockelmann, W. F. Jones, J. W. Scroggins, E. B. CORPORALS Carter, J. D. Chopin, E. J. Chapman, B. Devine, J. W. Reicheri, W. F. Firsf Sergeant SENIORS Braslau Condon, S. F. Gonzales, O. Hodge, J. E. Pappas, A. T. Rekoff, M. G. Rools, E. N. Schubert, Z. Shepherd, B. Tanner, M. H. JUNIORS Brock, W. P. Brown, J. L. Dragna, N. R England, J. C. Payne, R. F. SOPHOMORES Beyer, J. A. Bishop, K. D. Block, W. A, Bradshaw, R. A. Helms, E. W. Jenness, E. T. Jones, D. M. Naugle, N. Neff, O. B. Neinasf, G. S. Oliphanf, L. N. Wendland, A. G. Zemanek, J. E. FRESHMAN Hillman, R. F. dill? .Y 4" fl., . x X I . g X A 35? l MAJOR H. W. ENDERLE Executive CAPTAIN GEORGE T. KEENE Adiutant CAPTAIN GEORGE S. KENT Intelligence CAPTAIN SAM S. CLARK Operations CAPTAIN L. AYRES ANDERSON , Supply TfSGT. BERNIE B. PARKEY Sergeant Major TfSGT. SHERMAN H. HINK Supply Sergeant BATTALIO HEADQ ARTER I LT. COLONEL H. R. WITTENBURG Commander QU RTERMASTER ORDNANCE M To QUARTER A TER IST SGT. CARL T. NEAL First Sergeant LT. OTTO A. YELTON, JR. Executwe LIEUTENANTS Clyde L. Sommers Troyce L. Stroud STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. Hans R. Wittenberg, C.O. 2nd Bn., 5th Regt. Lt. Col. Vernon R. Porter, Executive Officer, 5th Regt. Capt. Sam S. Clark, 2nd Bn. Staff, 5th Regt. Capt. L. A. Anderson, 2nd Bn. Staff, 5th Regt. Mfsgt. William P. Stromberg, CORPORALS Clark, June P. Dunn, Robert F. Fletcher, Jesse C. Vandiver, Ross E. Vaughn, William H. Wright, Richard H. Wurzbach, Delmar Yeager, David M. SENIORS Baker, J. W. Cunningham, W. J. Ellis, C. B. Green, T. T E., Jr. .5 ff J k , E. H. 5th Regl la g:liullF:ert,KR.EC. WILLIAM C. MAHALEY JR. 'e""'g' ' - ' TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Rfrfljggsl- Commander Simmen, Frank E., Jr. HU hson R W Whitmore,John E.,lll Pagick id ' Tiner, W. D. STAFF SERGEANTS SOPHOMORES ' Ab d,S M'k Ber?1Un,CliJarilll2sl,D.l E ESQ E5 A6 , Dulock, James A. Eods' R'M' Holcomb, William F. Johngori F' M l Hughson, John P., Jr. Keibler 'H 'J ' ' McBee, George G. MCI-end'on' M 1 Mitchum,James C. Muilhos 6 E' JL Q Risinger, David A. Morris I2 " ' A Schuhart, Millard G. Rusself Jr smith, William D. Swenilggf '5 ' Winter, Howard R. Toeppervbein, U. Uher, V. W. , Waldrip, J. R. QQ1?fg'3SQXxr Q9 Q We V I HIT. , , 359' l I .,,.. i .... . - - ,.., , .... M..- . .L I I' l 4... ,, ,Wd ,H V Wh- Q- X SK 791 Ain - I -43? - , . 1' Q ' . I. fi, 'f I V! . 1 WF' M 99 QU RTERMASTER LT, W. ISENHOWER TST SGT. G. N. BRUNDRETT Executive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS JUNIORS Baker, L, B, Cocunougher, A. Brundrett, T. H. Tarver, P- Dcwis, P. G. Gordon. M- W- SOPHOMORES Purcxskevus, A. N. Ammonsl M. Enloe, A. STAFF MEMBER Goldstein, I- Us i s H I-link 2nd Bn stuff HWY' P' 9 ' ' ' ' ' Jourdcm, R. Martinez, T. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS 'g','g'jljgLfnWS1L- Bohuc, V- Nichols, A. Cavuncxugh, W. R. Noack, L. Smith, R. T t h, J. STAFF SERGEANT filing, w. Jekel, E. YOUUQI P- FRESHMEN CORPORALS Berry, R' Creighton, J. Ccrdes, L. Honeycutt, B. D. Durrill, R. Kruse, H. Georqe, G. Reedy, L. Kay, V. Rowe, R. Mcsserc, O. Tdrver, W. McDonald, N Young, M. Stanley, H. - ,-.--,..,.,.... .,.- . ,,... , , , . yf,f -- , f I ' .' ff ,-.. e 1 . - CAPT. K. E. HONEYCUTT Commander CAPT. T. W. WOOTTON Commander ui7COMPA Y .. .....,, l l r LT. F. P. SIMMONS IST SGT. R. L. GILES Executive LIEUTENANTS Burch, I. R. Durham, M. C. Kidd, F. H. McGannon, R. L. McNeese, M. W. STAFF MEMBERS Mai. B. J. Sioffregen, Comp. Regt. Staff Mai. H. W. Enderle, Executive, 2nd Bn. Fi Capt. G. T. Keene, 2nd Bn. Staff Capt. G. S. Kent, 2nd Bn. Staff TfSgt. B. B. Parkey, 2nd Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Berryman, J. O. Kadel, J. O. STAFF SERGEANTS Colley, K. W. Dean, G. W. Finch, H. J. Long, W. G. Mathis, J. W. Nash, D. J. Prude, G. F. Riley, A. B, Springfield, H. J. Stewart, B. R. Tune, G. P. White, A. H. CORPORALS Dobbins, E. B. Dougharty, F. J. Gay, R. H. Geick, A. A. rst Sergeant Jones, E. L. McCarthy, M. C. Reese, A. E. Stroebel, F. L. SENIORS Barnett, R. D. Billingsley, D. S. Brown, B. R. Goswick, H. S. Hampton, W. L. Lee, Roy McDaniel, P. W. Reinke, J. R. JUNIORS Blum, R. J. White, W. C. Unrue, C. D. SOPHOMORES Brown, D. M. Emshoff, R. W. Holmes, W. L. Kemper, D. L. Lumpkin, W. R. Manuel, W. R. Miranda, L. A. Reynolds, B. D. Sfatman, Max Thompson, J. R. FRESHMEN Anderson, R. W. Bontke, J. W. Hearn, D. W. Lowrey, B. T. McMiIIian, G. W. Nichols, J. E. ORDN CE Af .M we-I -245' 1 544 -f I - 7 -5 5 .-5 ,J G , j - ,-. - -.- pf- .5 - 5f?252'efLTf5.i ,ig .uiu 5 .:.. . ,. .. F533 'sag F - .T 1. lfff..f'QF 'Fi ere 2 "if" -5 . X . .1 -. ,e:'i.-.rw -Q is . ' 'QE V 2 S g-,.gis.if' J lg J, ,J fly v aff! 1.- 1 ff .. MAJOR ROYCE L. MCCLURE Executive CAPTAIN A. B. HARRIS BATTAL10 HEADQ ARTER 1 4 1 Adiuiani CAPTAIN G. B. GILBERT Intelligence CAPTAIN D. L. POWELL Operations CAPTAIN R. S. SCHECHTER SUPPIY L. 1 1 I fy sa TfSGT. G. R. STUCKER Sergeant Moior - TfSGT. G. Y. RICKETTS Supply Sergeant I . LT. COL. ED PHILLIPS Commander THAN PORT TIO CHE IC L CORP I 0..- , I " f I 362,,, I 7 G6 79 CAPT. E. SCOTT HOWELL Commander LT. H. G. HOERMANN Executive LIEUTENANTS Brumlow, Ray Bergin, T. J. Robertson, J. F. STAFF MEMBERS Capt. Don L. Powell, TC-CC Bn. TfSgt. George Y. Ricketts, TC-CC Bn. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Finch, Charles H. Wakefield, John STAFF SERGEANTS Ditto, Billy L. Killingstad, Hans Olson, John M. Ramsey, K. E. Stroud, F. B. Terrell, B. J. Watson, W. E. Wendt, C. W. CORPORALS Burgess, Ralph W. Christner, John H. Hegi, Don P COIVIPA Y TBA SPORTATIO IST SGT. RAY PEVELER Staff First Sergeant Mitchell, James B. Smallwood, Grady Vincent, Jack R. JUNIOR Ramey, R, P. SOPHOMORES Baker, K. H. Bragg. H. O. Croley, J. R. Dunn, J. L. Ernstes, L. F. Gist, G. S. Gower, R. B. Jones, R. G. Keith, S. W. Law, P. L. Magness, R. T. Sandler, J. A. Ward, D. R. Winn, J. H. Woodhull, J. F. FRESHMEN Crawlford, R. L. Davis, G. L. Dunlop, L. C. Eckermann, W. O. Griffin, B. J. frw aes 45- A fd sa at i i X Ii ll 66 77 lb ,1 ral sa i i COMPA Y TRA SPORTATIO Executive LIEUTENANTS Dielerl, W. E. Gover, C. C. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. E. E. Phillips, Jr., Com. T.C.-C.C. Bn. Siaff Mai. H. R. Ladymon, 5th Reg1.STaff cqpf. G. B. Gilbert, T.C.-C.C. Bn. Slaff MfSgT. R. F. Brown, Corps Staff MXSQT. R. J. Kunze, 51h Regl. Staff TECHN ICAL SERGEANTS Duffie, T. C. Giesecke, R. C. - STAFF SERGEANTS Flack, G. R. Hoermann, A. L. Joyce, J. J. Perlmufier, G. G. Rinn, C. A. Williamson, A. L., Jr. CORPORALS Crozier, J. A. Henderson, R. D. Madison, A. F. Prihocla, L. R. Saunders, P. J. Walker, J. Q. f 652, I .. f ly .. f . , f LT. C. O. SMITH 'IST SGT. L. D. WYTHE, JR. Firsf Sergeant SENIORS Byrd, T. J. Floyd, G. W. Yarborough, C. P. JUNIORS Dellone, F. Deulsch, M. Eagleson, R. R. Payne, L. L. Twenhafel, M. G. SOPHOMORES Blume, O. E. Calc, C. L. Davis, C. S. Fincher, J. W. Franke, D. O. Gallimore, C. R. Hardwicke, L. G. Meacham, B. U. Miller, J. B. Plummer, B. R. Rollins, J. H. Shields, l. R. FRESHMEN Berglund, C. O. Chew, G. D. Liifle, C. G. Sredanovich, S. U. 4 7 A J ..i,. CAPT. G. B. GARNER Commander l -fL'L..3.f-Lfi J .,.. ,.,.. 4 l GG 77 CAPT. R. H. HAHNFELD Commander C0 PA Y CHE ICAL CORP LT. J. P. ZUMWALT lST SGT. B. T. THOMPSON Execuiive Firsl Sergeanf LIEUTENANTS Garcia, R. V. Schrader, B. F. Vornkahl, H. L. STAFF MEMBERS Col. F. A. Cleland, C.O. 51h Regt. Mai. R. L. McClure, 2nd Bn. Staff Capt. A. B. Harris, 2nd Bn. Staff Capt. R. S. Schechier, 2ncl Bn. Staff SfSgl. B. J. Geberf, 5th Regt. Color Guard T!S3t. G. R. Slucker, 2nd Bn. Slaff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Matthews, R. S. Oliver, W. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Jones, W. R. Lee, W. L. Lippman, W. Ofken, F. P. Ross, L. D. Rucks, J. H. Schawe, R. H. Schechter, R. 5, SoRelle, C. V Zerwekh, R. E. Zimmerman, B. E. CORPORALS Baciccl, L. D. Ballenline, J. H. Beene, R. H. Davis, F. N. Jennings, T. K. McMillan, J. l. Schoettlen, C. E. SENIORS Alcniz, P. Baron, J. D. Collins, D. C. Davis, E. M. Greek, C. D. Noble, H. Rabb. J. T. Schaffer, J. H. Smilh B. W. JUNIORS Armstrong, R. A. Brown, L. C. Dieierl, R. D. Dunn, F. H. Finclley, W. G. Holland, J. C. Hotchkiss, O. T. lrons, R. T. Johnson, H. T. Kilcrease, A. Y. McNeil, C. A. Osborne, E. L. Pipes, K. P. Roelzel, T. G. Siiefel, C. R. Turnage, J. W. Witmer, W. B. SOPHOMORES Day, G. W. Greene, L. W. Keene, M. L. King, J. L. Neely, W. J. Peer, C. L. Wilson, B. W. FRESHMEN DeBorde, D'. D. Rollins, K. B. 1.1 5-.J ,Vx ,nf ., --.'f..,.:f, f , :.--f:1,,,.- .f- -,V-.nw1.1.1..,.:q4.W:5,1z,-3 me ---' '-z A ,f,.3.g,,,,,-.J iggm., KX7 1 ff. gy 7 if ,f:gf.,A I ,,.'f'.", . Q .me if f W- 545' RX R , moz: f:?.':ff:,:.g-.iii fa-'vffxg' A -2 x,,,f.Q.-,,, .1 ..., . ,x.-3... serv- f,Jg.,,.-5.7-ws., "wiv "Q xx ' .X X A -V ...Ks .,,.,7..7..,,,,.,....-Q:-f' ' 5,,','fv- n 'mx a lx Q v V 1f. ',:365ffP-V'- "'-' " Of- Y'-N ' gf f. .51-H :..'1. ' ff 1: .11-2 ' 21' ,xx W., .L fklb 2,:..i:,., .V , Mid-YwW?,Z,7..-.,c j .V .... ., ..., .. . .. . ,,. - Q, W ,,,,x.,.0.,,...-fe-ff ' f,:.'. w . 4 l E 2 l i 1 -1 LT. COL. EIVIND H. JOHANSEN Executive MAJOR PAYTON HARRY PULLEN Adiufant MAJOR JOHN H. MAULDEN Intelligence MAJOR WALTER O. BACHUS Operations MAJOR WILLIAM A. COCKBURN Supply MfSGT. ALBERT W. SEITER Sergeant Maior MfSGT. CARLOS V. REYES Supply Sergeanf e "" tak WAI, g5fxO' A I , 'Ulf ' 'L II 5 1 X ' HTIHIUI TfSGT. DONALD H. SHEFFIELD I Communications Sergeanf TfSGT. JOHN S. LANCASTER Transportation Sergeanf SfSGT. EDWARD EARL ROBERTS Color Sergeant SfSGT. BILL C. BUTLER Color Sergeant L L5 'X ,- ,X . Ar- .A ' fy . 1 f,-A, A If J. , ,-...,,f ,,,., if ' . ,,, L , . ,, 1 .f '4 1 4 ,, "9 f N D S If A REGLME TAL HEADQUARTER COLONEL WILLY F. BOHLMANN, JR. Commander SIXTH , 7,1 N366 r J C., FIR T BATTALIO HEADQUARTER LT. COLONEL EDGAR E. NEAL Commander ETERAN MAJOR ANDREW J. COULTEN Execuiive CAPTAIN WILLIAM W. KING Adiufanf CAPTAIN ROBERT M. LEDBETTER Inielligence CAPTAIN CARROLL F. COGAN Operations CAPTAIN LOUIS J. HOWARD Supply Tfscr. G. w. MAYBEN Sergeant Moior TfSGT. ROBERT C. LONG Supply Sergeant ,MM ff... W., W. ,,,-...J,,.,.- COMPA ETERA fm ,1-1.5 gr 3' lllnuullill :i s s 2 LT. B. R. WILHITE 'IST SGT. L. H. MANJEOT Executive First Sergeant Clayton, H. M. LIELITENANTS Cmvey, D' O' Cevll, R- C- Crosser, R. E. GUVCH'-'I G- Guevara, F. A. Gourlay, J. C. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. E. E. Neal, Commander, 'Ist Bn. Capt. W. W. King, S-'l, lst Bn. MfSgt. C. V. Reyes, 6th Regt. TfSgt. G. W. Mayben, 'lst Bn. Sgt. Mal. TfSgt. J. C. Standard, Corps Staff SfSgt. E. E. Roberts, 6th Regt. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS House, J. T. Smith, G. H. STAFF SERGEANTS Brashear, R. T. Clements, M. P. Gonzalez, R. C. Howison, G. H. Lynch, W. E. McCoy, J. M. CORPORALS Richers, E. E. Roberts, J. B. Stuart, L. L. SENIORS Blankenship, B. J. Byington, B. J. Chitwood, G. E. Hennig, R. A. McClure, D. P. Murphy, W. C. Navare, A. J. Rogers, S. R. Stanstield, F. J. Summers, J. B. Taylor, C. A. Wall, D. P. Yates, N. W. JUNIORS Argenbright, K. A. Blume, R. R. Casbeer, J. I. Freeman, R. C. Garcia, O. Garcia, R. Golla, J. A. Gonzalez, E. A. Jordon, J. M. Lyons, C. J. Martinez, F. McCarthy, S. M. Miller, J. C. Pace, J. C. Ross, S. E. Seyfarth, D. R. Turley, S. J. Virgilio, J. C. SOPHOMORE Cooley, W. C. x X f Q A I J l Commander CAPT. W. D. TURLEY . .11-A Y' P xv-'P' at 99 COMPA Y VETERA I 1 LT. A. D. GONDRAN 'IST SGT. R. P. SIMPSON Executive Fi LIEUTENANTS Aileen, C. H. Bleker, J. W. Maddox, J. P. Murray, B. J. Seroyer, F. D. STAFF MEMBERS Col. W. F. Bohlmann, C.O. 6th Regt. Lt. Col. E. H. Johansen, Executive 6th Regt. Maior A. J. Cotten, Executive Ist Bn. Maior P. H. Pullen, Adjutant 6th Regt. Capt. C. F. Cogan, S-3 'lst Bn. Cant, R. M. Leclbetter, S-2 'Ist Bn. MfSgt. A. W. Seiter, Sgt. Mai., 6th Regt. TfSgt. R. E. Long, Supply Sgt., 'Ist Bn. T!Sgt. D. H. Sheffield, Trans. Sgt., 6th Regt. CAP-I-. E. L JACKSON TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Commander STAFF SERGEANTS Abelow, H. D. Belcher, W. C. rst Sergeant Kidwell, T. W. Meyers, K. F. Ruddle, N. H. Stogdill, W. A. Stuntz, J. E. Terrell, R. T Tillery, J. B. CORPORALS Campbell, G. D Golden, T. H. Guidry, J. D. Stevenson, J. R. Steward, C. R. SENIORS Ground, E, R. Haines, E. T. Hardy, R. L. Jordan, W. V. Kiker, L. W. Kunihiro, K. Landrum, B. E. Storey, H. L. Tucker, S. S. Webster, M. J. JUNIORS Derr, H. J. Engledow, R. G. Faust, J. L. Hartwell, G. E. Kernes, F. E. Roth, R. H. 5 , , 112' .,.A,A., ' I ,lg Iizgte ll llh wi tlv . , 'llli ml ll . , ,L V.z.g:':1j'QL f I '.-L IVA. - ,,,,. .35 . iw., K V,u, . W f lil Q .j,'.!' 4. i I -.,M...A-.ee.:..,. -.,.,-.... f . V- -- 'L'-QA.-1, 4 '- . , -,L M4w.,W4,l.,..,,.- , ,, - ' . . ....... A - ' f..f-.. f X' . .. I'l-I Q f' G6 79 C COMPANY VETERANS LIEUTENANTS Baker, L. E. Cushing, F. W. Darby, E. T. Hightower, K. D. Martin, E. G. Smith, E. E. STAFF MEMBER Howard, L. T. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Darby, E. T. Martin, E. G. LT. C. H. HUEY Executive 'IST SGT. E. D. SHERMAN First Sergeant SENIORS Albritton, Garfand R. Carlson, E, L. Carr, Reed Cunningham, C. E. Ehlert, M. H. English, R. B. Folzenlogen, Gordon Fowler, C. N. Freidberger, G. D. Haney, R. L. Hinsley, L. M. Holliday, W. D. Huebinger, Vincent Ingraham, D. C. lrvine, W. G. Johnston, K. T. Jones, G. W. Kennedy, B. B. CAPT. D. A. FLANAGAN , TAIFZ TRGEANT5 LAarEgfordhBj G. Commander pe,.. conn ,.E. Clark, B. W. Meyer, E. E. Daniel, Z. O. Otis, P. H. Drisdole, J. K. Parr, M. T. Foster, H. L. Powlik, D. P. Henkell, V. C. Powers, L. L. Higgenbothom, C. D. Schneider, J. C. Jackson, R. O. Sherwood, S. W. McCooI, H. J. Shockley, H. J. lglciybgnig. L. y e, . . Tqrpiclhstone, G. H. 'lLL:xr:Lc3nRSR E ' "C""S' E' L' oof0rfh,'J.'L.' Lester, Dcuthitt CORPORAL gfcjlcggvifvlviflufife Goals' L' S- Staton,'Clifford i V 'NYY E975 'A -3' t l ,N A A 'J X lV i sq I lm.. Hil- x i 270 T' lf SECOND EATTALION HEADQUARTERS LT. COL. RAYMOND W. SMYTHE Commander ETERANS CO I PO ITE CAPTAIN W. R. SHANNON In elligence CAPTAIN TYRUS F COLLINS Oper Tons CAPTAIN CHARLES LUEDTKE Supply MAJOR CHARLES WOOTAN Ex cut ve CAPTAIN NELSON BASS Adl I nf TXSGT. WILLIAM Moss Sergeant Maior TfSGT ROBERT CAMPBELL S pply Sergeant ix, llnnlllll' J 252 ' 2' we W . Ml,COMPANY'VETERA LT. H. A. TAYLOR isr ser. E. L. KELLS Execuiive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS SENIORS Ce,-nik, M, Boil-Lwell, J. H. Collins, T. F. Powell, B. L. Vourcos, M. E. STAFF MEMBERS Lt. Col. R. W. Smyfhe, 2nd Bn. Cclpf. J. H. Maulden, 2nd Bn. Slaff Tfsgf. R. B. Campbell, 2nd Bn. scoff SfSgl. B. C. Butler, 6th Regi.'Slcxff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Johnson, H. H. Richey, W. E. STAFF SERGEANTS Adams, W. B. Crosby, C. P. Behrens, S. C. Fitfs, R. G. Hubert, C. E. lngleharf, C. M. Morales, B. Terry, H. T. Villarreal, J. O. CORPORALS Corum, H. K. Penninglon, J. B. 372 Bruce, W. H. Byford, W. J. Davenporl, C. M. Davis, B. W. Dominey, J. N. Field, T. E. Maon, F. W. Moore, B. J. Robineile, J. L. Storrs, J. H. Wendi, A. H. JUNlORS Counce, J. M. Jackson, J. D. Mergele, J. E. Peters, W. E. Pierce, H. Praff, G. Velierick, W. E. SOPHOMORES Banowsky, J. B. Hilliard, J. E. Hudnall, J. W. Toland, F. Whafley, J. E. CAPT. J. E. TROUBLEFIELD Commander . ' 'I l 5, yi., rg CAPT. H. M. RUTHERFORD 66 97 l FLIGHT VETERANS LT. J. S. DENNING 'IST SGT. J. L. SOLETHER Executive Fi LIEUTENANTS Hranitzky, D. R. Myer, W. C. Ransleban, G. E., Jr. Witcher, H. D. STAFF MEMBERS Mai. W. A. Cockburn, 6th Regt. Staff Mai. C. V. Wootan, 6th Regt. Staff Capt. C. Luedtke, Jr., 6th Regt. Staff Capt. Wm. R. Shannon, 6th Regt. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Martin, V. F. Rheman, J. F. STAFF SERGEANTS Carranco, C. J. Collins, J. E. rst Sergeant SENIORS Brown, C. H. Brueck, W. L., Jr. Chernosky, A. B. Dickens, R. C. Haggard, W. C. Hernandez, E. L. Hoover, P. D. Huebinger, V. Laufenberg, J. W. Lemons, R. D. Lewie, J, R. Massa, J. A. Morgan, T. J. Moseley, W. H. Murphree, D. D. Ory, W. B. Thomas, C. W., Jr. Vickery, A. B. Webb, B. L. Whitehead, J. R. JUNIORS Commander Ragland, F. O. SZ??J!i,R1.Jr. Scheppsf S- 1- H 'l , M. J. Hfl'ff'LfoE'f SOPHOMORES HOUK, J. F. Miller, B. L. MOFYIS, R- R- Shannon, R. E. Schrank, M. M. Tatsch, C. C. FRESHMAN Henderson, T. E. 1 ' ll J in twi ll' , . V l mm- X F 'F"'n""y'N-- i .A....e.......--.,.-, ,. gf . 'x.,M.J. X l x Q COIVIPA Y COMPO ITE LT. BILLY D. RICHARDS 'IST SGT. J. F. TUCKER Executive First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS JUNIORS Barrett, D. R. Gillespie, C. L. Dobbs, M. T. Grelin, H. E. Englebrecht, H. W. Hartsfield, T. E. Ludwig, J. H. Neeley, C. E. STAFF MEMBERS T!Sgt. W. R. Moss, Bn. Staff TfSgt. J. S. Lancaster, Regt. Staff TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Orr, C. R. Seigert, R. W. STAFF SERGEANTS Finlay, L. E. Francis, N. R. Ussery, Bob CORPORALS Griffin, F. F. Peurifoy, R. L. SENIORS Bauerschlag H. , W. Boggus, F. N. Carrold, D. F. Cummings, G. T. Meyers, F. D. Morrow, W. l. Prassel, V. Strickland, H. Wooclliff, R. T. Zinn, B. A. it 374' W Huggins, R. H. Johnson, T. M. Taylor, Dick Wilkerson, W. D. SOPHOMORES Anderson, D. L. Block, W. A. Burns, C. M. Chapa, R. Cox, E. A. Deauquier, B. W. Ellwood, C. B. Folzenlogen, M. D Josey, Henry Longley, R. D. Longshore, J. L. Opersteny, C. J. Restivo, C. J. Rychlik, A. D. Scamardi, J. J. Sol. Mario Thuxton, M. E. Tislwler, J. W. Wheless, Bobby Wedel, A. H. Zemenck, J. FRESHMEN Birclwell, J. R. Cade, R. N. Curtis, J. E. Lambert, Jean Potts, W. E. Swincller, B. F. CAPT. JOHN BUCHANAN Commander i, ,"A, .Ir if.. l l 2 1' lf CAPT. FRED C. HALL Commander M 9' COMPA Y COMPO ITE LT. W. L. CALDWELL Executive 1ST SGT. R. D. JONES First Sergeant LIEUTENANTS Wagner, A. Gilliland, E. L. Lowe, R. W. Chambless, M. K. TECHNICAL SERGEANT McFarling, J. L. STAFF SERGEANTS Gelber, M. J. Willis, J. M. CORPORALS Furnace, A. L. Young, G. D. SENIORS Caldwell, Walter L. JUNIORS Chambless, Morris Council, George K' Gelber, M. J. Crumrine, M. B. Lian' J'RE'D Gilliland, E. L. ones' ' ' Hall, Fred c. KUYI Mofgan D- Lowry, B. P. Mascorro, J. N. McFarling, J. L. Wilis, J. M. Hooien, Don H. Keese, Earl S. Klati, Gustav B. Lowe, R. W. Peneler, L. R. Richardson, J. A. SOPHOMORES Stuart, J. R- Atkins, M. C. Townley, C.,Jr. Bain, J. R. Wagner, A. Bennett, L. J. Bond, H. Cardielhac, P. T. Coe, W. C. Coufal, L. L. Cummings, D. Eldrecl, W. E. Figueroa, F. Fissler, L. Foerster, H. M. Furnace, A. L. Gilmore, F. L. Goodlet, I. T. Jennings, T. K. Jones, C. C. Jones, l. H. Krenek, E. J. Leon-Orteqa, A. Magness, R. T. McCollum, T. J. Perez, E. Pool, E. L. Rau, R. J. Reedy, L. M. Reid, W. B. Rowland, R. O. Teiken, A. W. Thompson, W. H. Tillolson, J. H. Trenkman, L. M. Warnak, W. R. Wheeless, H. T. Young, G. D. FRESHMEN Donolue, T. E. Robinson, E. H. J 375' -,-. . N-,-ww, V Q49 . J l BATTALIO HEADQ ARTER MAJOR GEORGE S. KADERA Executive CAPTAIN BRUCE H. MORRISSEE Opergiions CAPTAIN DORE VARDAMAN Intelligence E CAPTAIN R. E. SCOTT Supply LT. COLONEL DAN W. SPEARS Commander A TfSGT. JULIAN C. HERRING h Sergecmf Maior TfSGT. DORBANDT J. BARTON SuppIySergec1nf II I I I i l EVA , . .ac , CAPT. MAX GREINER Commander M 'T COMPA Y ATHLETIC LT. JAMES FLOWERS Executive TST SGT. CARL MOLBERG LIEUTENANT James Voss STAFF MEMBERS First Sergeant Col. Daniel Spears, C.O. Athletic Bat. Capt. Richard Scott, 3rd Bat. MfSgt. Dorbandt Barton, Ath. Bat. TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Royalty, Charles Spencer, Mickey Bates, Robert CORPORALS Hudeck, Russell Dresser, Ralph East, Rodney Netardos, Jaro Lippman, Glenn Nohavitza. Elo Gwin, C. D. Moses, Sam JUNIORS Sikes, Delmer Gibson, Gene Hetherly, Van Frazelle, Bill Duncan, David Fowler, James Meyer, Hugh Chapin, Tuck Smith, Robert Lee Dobbyn, James Gardemal, Dick SOPHOMORES Larry, Yale Rush, George B. Saxe, Augie O'Neal, Charles Fry, Richard Meyer, Carrie Lee Menger, Carl Higgins, James Anderson. Gary McDonald, Charles Zuch, Howard Mclunkin, Herb Pfeffercorn, Don Ticlwell, Bill Centilli, J. D. Diffie, Patrick Lemmons, Bernard FRESHMEN McJunkin, Jack Sherman, Bob Prewitt, James Killough, Frank Kohutck, Frank Struhall, James Black, Leo Beyer, Bob Montequt, Max Terrill, R. G. Smith, K. W. Cobb, Robert Slocum, Ferd Golman, Alvin Cox, Jere Currin, Dick Cox, Ralph Thomas, Don Graves, Ray Graves, Kay Currington, Jack Scott, Herb Ohr, Clifford Shepard, Alva Weisinger, Royce Schulte, Gerhart Jacobs, Jack Dixon, Robert Cobb, Stanley Brooks, Bill Niland, Tom K. Madley, Earl Burns, Frank Bush, Roy DuBose, Daniel Saxe, Charlie Gantt, Burt Parma, Wes Gill, Bob Scott, Derwood Coulter, Don Gracy, Richard Maqourick, Connie Self, Dick Stubbs, Austin Burns, George Rush, Marshall Robbins, Cooper Langfod, Alvin Hill, Walter Hooper, Bob Crawford. Bill Little, Jack Strong, Jeridan Pankhurst, Jim Hass, Rayman Howard, Ted Pate, Bob I v I ' "'m.0.u"' , f l .XX X , 2 K A W 377 -. 4 ll g, 66 9' COMPANY ATHLETIC ' ik ,f In O url l X ' 1, T, . , , x f .,4f:1,'- 7 IST SGT. WADE ELMO First Sergeant LT. J. D. HAMPTON LT. R. B. ATKINS Executive LIEUTENANTS Bond, J. D. Dieck, G. E. Garney, W. M. Williams, Glenn TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Martin, Marvin McCarty, J. F STAFF SERGEANTS McKenzie, A. W. Omo, Amel Evans, Walter CORPORALS Comstock, Tom Ellis, Ralph Harris, Robert Jones, Howard Lackey, Lester Sandlin, Ray Sergeant, Bill Sheatter, Robert Tankersley, Robert Tunnell, Jim White, Martin SENIOR Peters, J. E. JUNIORS Ortiz, Alex Place, B. F. Sheatter, Clifford SOPHOMORES Abbott, Jack I 1573..- .' f' , -.xii xv . Adamson, Doug Anderson, W. S. Baker, J. E. Bentley, R. O. Blanton, Sam Bless, Billy Bryant, Joe Davis, W. F. DeBerry, R. G. Duncan, R. F. Ecrette, Joe Farmer, R. D. Gabriel, C. J. Garmany, John Groves, Don Hale, William Hamilton, Martin Hilton, A. R. Houser, E. F. Hughes, Don Karow, William Mohle, Ted Ogletree, A. H. Parnell, John Robertson, Norman Sorrel, Marcial Tate, Royce Terry, J. A. Vorhnkal, W. E. Walker, Walter Weber, J. P. Yiengst, David Criswell, Joe Leming, Paul Kemp, Joe FRESHMEN Abercrombie, C. P Anderson, A. E. Baker, W. D. Barrett, J. D. Bentley, Clyde Bess, R. M. Bleyl, W. W. Bragg, William Brinkley, Jack Brodnax, J. R. Brown, R. B. Carpenter, Wm. Cashion, M. L. Chapmen, Jerry Cox, Fagan Cox, James David, John Dimmitt, Jim Sikes, Delmer Dishman, J. C. Douglass, M. C. Edwards, W. B. Fairey, W. G. Farmer, Don Fisher, E. H. Fooshee, D. Garrett, Don Gullegde, J. H. Healy, Joel Heft, Don Hett, John Hendrix, Paul Hilton, Billy Hood, B. A. Hooper, Darrel Hudgins, C. M. Johnson, J. F. Krieger, John Lastelick, Jerry Lawson, Wm. l l CAPT. HERSCHEL G. MALTZ Commander McDonald, Angus Miksch, L. J. Mooney, M. B. Moore, R. J. Munneryln, Wm. Priour, Clarence Ragsdale, Bobby Ramsey, Jack Scott, H. B. Lazarine, Marshall Scott, R. B. Ledforn, Mike Letsos, E. J. Libby, C. J. Mays, Robert Sharrock, Ralph Sims, R. J. Singleton, W. P. Smith, C. L. Spraklin, Glenn Staggs, C. l.. Stalter, Wm. Stinson, R. C. Sterling, Wm. Strelau, Conrad Strickler Velvin, J. N. Watson, Cale Watts, Claude West, T. S. Whaley, Lawrence Wilmsen, Edwin Wilson, George Atwood, Joe V. Aubuchon, Andre Austin, Joel E. Beard, Norris L. Backus, Kerby D. Becker, Arno W. Berner, George W. Black, Laurin D. Bockholt, Leo B. Boettcher, Ernest L. Bres, Alfonso H. Campbell, Jimmy R. Casber, John C. Cerrunka, Lee R. Loy, Billy G. Recio, Orlando L. Reyes, Julio COMPALY1 Williams, Robert A. Tarrant, James R. Chapman, Carroll B. Coconougher, Charles Conway, Richard Y. Cooper, Edwin H. Crook, Don R. Courtin, Pat E. Dillard, Joseph L. Drake, Jerome E. Galvin, Raymond E. Gibson, Daniel M. Bigson, Kenneth E. Giese, Art. Jr. Greaney, Donald E. Guthrie, Sampson C. Hall, Tommy G. Hoffman, Rudolf A. Newlin, Borah P. Parish, Thomas H. Travis, Robert S. Schafer, John S. Hanna, Daniel N. Heathman, Bennie L. Homeyer, Bruno C. Howell, Daniel D. Hudson, Patton C. Hulan, Henry D. Hurtor Thomas L. Japp, Jack W. Jenkins, Jerry G. Jones, Robert C. FRE Jordan, James l. Keller, Wm. W. Kennedy, Dean S. Koontz, James L. Krueger, Doyle E. Lawson, David A. Long, Robert M. MacDonald, John G. Roberts, David W. Staft'el, Gerald Taylor, Robert E. Urbani, Pompeo Eller James M. Leal, Hamon Lewi, Jack Mapes, Wm. R. HMA McClure, Donald H. Melcher, Fred W. Meredith, John L. Monroe, Kenneth W. Pearce, Marcellus M Peeples, Rufus R. Phillips, Charles C. Prather, Otto A. Raynaud, Joseph B. Redford, Thomas D. Richardson, David P. Showers, Wayne A. Simon- Haskell L. Tanner, Carrol B. Dunn, James M. Hinze, Victor L. Pearson, Philip R. Pippen, Chas. J. Roberts, Landon K Roberts, Vernon K. Schwarz, Kirk F. Simons, Lutcher B. Slack, Joseph L. Smith, Garland P. Stahl, Billy J. Thomas, James H. Thomas, Robert S. Vinz, Frank L. Yalker- Charles E. Walker, Luther A. Weir, Arthur T. Wetz, Ferman L. Wiliams, Robert D Adams, E. E. Alexander, R. V. Almaguer, Rudolph Avila, L. H. Bailey, B. G. Baker, H. F. Balke, B. K. Beagle, C. D. Benkendorfer, D. W. Burtis, J. W. Holmes, K. B. Miller B. R. Ross, L. A. Tanis, P. E. Urbanosky, H. J. Ea4.L-eQ4....,...e1.. COMPA Wicks, D. W. Berger, C. E. Blank, C. R. Blazey, P. T. Boland, M. L. Boring, G. D. Boyd, O. Y. Bridges, E. D. Brown, R. T. Crockett, J. D. Jordan, F. H. Herrera, Antonio Kreuz C. R. Richards, C. A. Smith, A. M. Steel, H. V. Browne, R. T. Burgess, C. E. Butler, L. R. Carr, G. W. Carroll, D. F. Childs, J. O. Clark, S. R. Collins, T. B. Cooper, D. R. England, Newton LeFerve, E. W. Lozano, O. A. Radford, L. R. FREQHMA Sanders, W. E. Scott, A. C. Tam, E. A. Willshusen, G. H. Braxton, M. l. Brady, T. T. Bryant, D. N. Cortner, F. W. Davis, C. D. Davis, C. R. Davison, T. M. Drennan, H. J. England, William Faubion, J. L. Franke, L. K. Gill, R. F. Hascall, W. T. Hickernell, J, L. Krone, D. R. Martin, H. J. Mondshine, T. O. Olivier, W. A. Risien, G. L. Shadel, Harold Brachet, R. D. Espat, E. A. Fritz, J. F. Froelich, J. W. Fuller, E. T. Giesecke, R. L. Gill, Hugh Gill T. M. Grafton, Jimmy Grantom, C. A. Groff, W. L. Grosiean, B. W. Gruber, G. A. Hildebrand, J. R. Jacobs, L. M. Mallett, A. J. Ruiz, J. J. Sexton, T. C. Williams, A. P. Hamil, H. F. 5, - . 1 l. 379 ,.,. , K' . 1 Gideon, G. D. Harben, John F. Hare, George S. Harrell, E. H. Head, David K. Heath, Bobb R. Henderson, William H. Lively, Joe D. Myers, lrving M. Stevenson, Bob Van Timme, Albert C. Erzen, John Hartwig, R. C. COMPANY Hinman, Pete Holland, Willard P. Horstmann, Edward A. Hubbell, Robert H. Johnson, Rupert M. LaMack, William J. McKinney Edmund J. Miller, Harvey F. Moore, Beniamin L. Mugg, Jarrell B. Polzer, Wilfred L. Rapp, T. l.. Roper, Charles A. Sammons, James B. Sykora, James H. Whitley, Glen C. DeHerra, Carlos L. Harper, W. W. Jackson, John L. Jackson, Sam M. Johnson, William B. Jonas, Morris L. Jones Kenneth M. Kelly, Thad C. Kemper, Roger E. 3 FRE Ledlow, James C. Lindse James P Mufshlii, Allen ri, Jr. Morrow, Richard F. Rawlings, Charles R. Stearns, Richard D. Thompson, Chauncey O. Malcom, John H. Mathews Jack C. Mattei, Joe B. McConathy, Clarence E. McFarland, Robert B. HMA McGough, B. Wayne McLelland- Robert T. Meinstein, Leon S. Merryman, Jerry D. Pankonien, Bob L. Parkey, J. D. Roberts, Warren H. Rogers, A. Mercer Smalley, Charles L. Stoddard, A. Rudolph McClaren, Sherwood W., lll Moore, James E. Moses, William C. Muller, Frank W. Payne, Thomas L Peacock, Thomas Pellerin, Owen L. Pirtle, William N. Powell, Jack L. Raines, Shelley T. Read, James H. Reeves, John M. Relyea, James R. Thomae, E. H. Price, William Troiacek, D. 'A Harrison, Thomas P. Holland, Andrew W. Hudson, Joe A. Huffman, William F Hughitt, Jesse M. Hultgren, Hilmer C. Insall Robert E. McLemore, Bobby F. Roberts, Darrell R. Scott, Bill H. Slone, Charles R. Solis, Joe F. um ,1 CO Stark, C. E. Thornton, William Zesch, Eugene H. Frey, John R. Garcia, John A. Ireland, Ralph E. lrvine, George Jackson, James B. Jaeger, Keith D. Johnson, Oscar T. Juvenal. Jim P. Killian, Robert B. .fx fr, Q, 4 , 1 ! 4M,,5.,.e,.-- ANYR4 LeBleu, Maurice J. Love, Wert E. Pond, F. W. Rankin, Robert J. Pluenneke, C. H. Alley, Darrel A. Anderson, Ray M. Bailey, Tom E. Baker, James Bob, Bell, John B. Bell, Robert K. Black, Shelton G. RE Blackstock, Fred E. Burch John S. Deramee, Don A. Hill, Billy G. Kahnek, L. A. Burns, F. E. Bolen, J. C. Kerr, P. W. Higgins, A. S. Chamut, Jose Childers, Robert Cleghorn, Vincent v . gsao . F Cocanougher, Bonnie Compton, lley Cruse, James Dudley, John Howell, V. D. Tabb Donald Thornton, Jack Williams, Howard Gough, John Uptmore, J. Childress, Robert DeAlba, Salvador Fischgrabe, Otto D Flatt, Douglas E. Fritts, Jack G. Gaches, Harry E. Gowan, Claude E. Grissom, Tommy S Haas, John R. Hall, Jack E. Olsen, Don P. Overton- L. C. Heimer, A. Newman, Don Holloway, Teddcr G. Lannert, Richar F. Murrah, Sammy Newsom, Robert W. Pierson, John E. Presnol, William C. Priddy, Donald C. Rhodes, Lynn Ruffini, Harry R. Sandelovic, Julius J. . , 1,4 A ., COMPA Shankles, D'ouglas L. Shumbera, August L., Jr. Becker, F. L. Bennett, D. C. George, Ralph W. Hillin, J. M. Rush, Robert L. Schlinke, Orville C. Seals, Billy T. Seifert, Clifton E. Schenkel, Herman A. Senior, Luke Schurig, Henry E. Shuler, John J. Smith, Edgar W. Tevis, Charles C. Thomas, Edward E. Ward, Roland G. Welsch, Hanna F. Bradford, W. W. Smith, Owen E. Starnes, Hugh L. Stubblefield, Jerry E. Trousdale, James W., Jr. Vilas, John R. Vrana, Rudy FRE Ward, Billy C. Whitley, Bobby R. Williams, David E. Willmann, W. J. Winsett, Ivan L. Young, Anderson V., Zahn, Dennis G. Zieschang, Edwin C. Maxwell, H. D., Jr. McDonald, D. J. McMahon, J. HMA McMurrey, J. W. Miks, L. C. Milhollin, Q. K. Miller, R. C.,Jr. Musser, E. Schaffer, C. Steed, G. E. Westphal, R. Willis, F. Holder, Ed Brown. Tedda R. Johnson, Carl E. McCarty, Carl E. McMaster, Billy C. Michna, F. M. Morgan, Jimmie L. Murchison, Thomas E. Newman, Richard A. Orts, Frank A. Parish, Norman R. Price, Alexander G. Prochazka, Henry Pyburn, Alton R. Bouldin, Wm. D. Hail, Numsen M. Harris, Joe E. Hartman, Ralph A. Hinson, Jerome C. Hotard, Clifton M. Hudspeth, Beniamin Jaeger, Alvis J. Jennings, Sherrill Johnson, Bobby G. Jones, Raymond C. Kallus, Daniel J. Klingman, Harold E, Nook, Arvis E. C0 Plueckhan, Floyd H. Shoemaker, Dwight E. Smith, Earl L. Wells, Roy D. Zimmerman, William K. Zuber Gordon D. Langford, J. E. Lathem, Tom W. Lenzen, R. D. Luce, R. T. Mansfield, B. E. McReynolds, Warren L. PA Y 6 FRESH N Melton, Tommy J. Meyers, Bob R. Mooney, Rogers L. Niebuhr, Mike Ryberg, J. H. Wharton, James A. White, Robert W. Brashear, William P. McAnally, Glen D. McClellan. Leon F. Moody, John W. Mueller, Henry A. Patford, Joe B. Peterson, Joseph S. Reynolds, Jack K. Richardson, Orval R. Saunders, Richard L. Shanahan, Ralph L. Shannon, Charles W. Schmidt, Elwood L. Williams, Benny G. Yantis, John M. Osborn, R. B. Delaney, Guy W. Hardin, Cletus A. Hildebrande- Thomas Jones, Manford E. Knox, Wayne H. Payne, Don L. Pengelly, Allen K. Richey, Don R. Ricketts, Evert T. Shearer, Gordon K. Simmons, Forrest G. Sloan, Ray K. Sydenham, Stanley R. . ,, w- Wagenfehr, Johnny G. G. Hornstein, Charles E., Jr. Manly, Max Stade, Thomas H. Stevens- William R. Swenning, Richard L. Terk, Roger H. Walker, Richard Wallingford, Ralph E. Waskom, Reagan Williams, Thomas B. Willingham, Jack G. Young, Donald ,. I. ff., su 9, , ,,,,f:,,g55, X I ' NLYLVV , ,,,' I B , i tf3.3il'i":, "i' T -Q zf:2f'ff.'y f ' , PM ...vp 1 .,.,.., N . vm.: K .- nxxvlj .44 Alaniz, Johnny Alessandra, Pat Allen, Phil Allison, Howard Anderson, Raymond Andrews, Bob Arhelger, Robert Ater Eugene Barnett, .lack Batchelor, Jimmy Broughton, K. E. Casso, Alfonso Casso, Raul Plores, Ignacio COMPANY Klinger, Thomas Manos, Pete Phillips, D. B. Rivera, Rodolfo Weatherford, Wilson Gutierrez, C. J. Bennett, E. A. Betancourt, John F. Black, Bryan E. Bland Jerrel G. Bottom, Davis Boyd, B. K. Boyd, James S. Bradley, Robert Brooks, Jack D. Buchanan, Rex Buchanan, Spencer Buchner, D. R. Carson, Ray S. Marlow, Raymond, Jr. Ramming, R. W., Jr. Brawner, Lester L. Bristow, Bill E. Cain Marlin T. Cawley, William O. Cherry, Calvin W. Clayton, John J. Cook, James E. FRE Cosper, Charles E. Crane, Walton G. Dean, William W. Didier, D'onald E. Dinerstein, Theodore Goetz, Eddie L. Gregg, R. J. Miller, Robert L. Parrack, Jim M. Bagley, Jimmie C. Bennett, C. C. Brown- G. E. Dimmitt, Malcolm R. Driver, Richard L. Dunnam, Keats Edens, William D. Engel, Erwin C., Jr. Feingold, Leon Fields, Truett N. Folley, Billy C. Galle, Joseph S. Jones, Robert W., Jr. McCombs, D. O. Morris, Robert B. Willy, Frederick M. Brannon W. L. Dunn, W. A. Eckert, C. E. Francis, E. D. Gorman, J. D. Gray, B. C. Haddad, F. Halow, E. R. Hamlin, W. B. Hamman, P. Harper, G. K. Jarvis, D. C. Minturn, W. Purvis, H. B. Snyder, P. D. Stewart, J. M. Trahan- F. W. Cress, J. F. Stafford, Gordon L. Stanislav, Rudolph J. Stephenson, William Stone, Robert D. Sutton, Ray B. Thompson, Jimmy C. Todd, William L. Tolle, Charles O. Travelstead, Wallace B. COMPA Yt3FRE HMA Vanzura, Bruce H. Walker, John H. Walls, Richard F. Walters, Charles R. Weller, Berthold L. Yaggi, Ronald T. Piland, Zil A. Vardimon, Boyce A. Virden, Carlton R. Wallace, Joe C. Wolfe, Gene R. Woodall, Robert W. Young, Floyd H., Jr. Young, John P. Zeek, Richard M. Zeigler, Charles R. Bickham, Jim D. Arnst, T. K. Hill, John E. Aviles, Dionel Moore, Horace L. Morgan, J. D. O'Neal, R. E. Pruett, Rolland J. Turner, Sherman W. Turney, John l. Walton, William L. Wauters, Fred R. Wolfskill, Lyle A. Woody, Robert L. Flinn, Charles E. Harrison, Richard T. Hofmann, Charles Huppertz, John F. McCarley, Robert E. Pirtle, Charles L. Weiler, John L. Wheat, Richard O. Whitehurst, Troy N., Wooden, Marion D. Lilly, William S. McLeod,Max W. Muller, Johnny F. Page, Donald E. Syers, Ralph M. Spencer, Bryan S. Stine, Samuel O Vickrey, L. A. Wicker, Charles N Wilbanks, Bruce A Troiacek, Donald Welch, James D. Mendes, Alfred L. Womack, D. Burns, Ted M. Woolf, Don E. VanTyne, Richard G. Wilson, Roland Donaldson, A. W. Vawter, J. H. V I ' W S SHN fun 'Xf rr .al L- .nf x Ai' 1 A il ' .fa s ' . , " 5 ' f " t .,,,.-:ff-vi.. ,, ,I ,.,,,, , . 382 r ', 1 ',', ear- ', ?ANYf9FRE H Halsell, J. T. Gilleland, T. E. Cl-nrisfofferson, C. R. Cook, W. T. Lafler, F. E. Huffman, R. E. Clay, W. H. Cofman, J. P. Parrish, J. D. LaRue, C. F. Cobb, C. C. Cozzens, C. R. Wood, S. B. Miller, J. C. Coglourn, J. W. Creel, R. J. Bolieu, T. J. Nickerson, J. A. Flores, O. E. Crowley, Bill W. Bowles, W. F. Warren, G. S. Graham, J. L. Ctvrflik, J. H. Boykin, R. S. White, T. H. Henderson, R. W. Culli, G. O. Brand, Max E. Alexander, H. W. McMillian, J. W. Curlee, L. L. Brown, J. S. Bull, Don L. McNeely, B. W. Dayton, E. F. Bristol, R. E. Caldwell, P. H. Cobble, W. G. Farmer, J. S. Bruchmiller, C. H. Calhoun, J. A. Brown, Bill J. Hegmann, E. W. Bryant, J. S. Callahan, W. H. Coldiron, C. E. Koopmann, D. C. Burke, J. C. Cargill, C. R. Cole, B. L. Schlather, W. G. Chandler, Taylor Carlyle, G. W. Colley, T. L. Simmonds, J. H. Davis, R. H. Chapman, J, D. Collins, S. G. 'ANY'HlFRE Rains, Richard K. Scudder, William J Fletcher, Bobby W. Foltik, Frank H. Foster, F. M. Fowler, J. F. Fuentes, L. F. Gamble, H. W. Gorey, Dan L. Gayle, D. Z. Genitempo, Don George, R. J. George, W. O. Gibbs, R. B. Johns, A. C. Kyser, James Meaolor, B. Rabago, R. l. Spragins, Edward S Tevis, R. S., Jr. Coffman, James D. Gibson, Bruce G. Glass, Tommy C. Goode, Sterling D. Gray, Robert L. Gray, Thomas L. , .1-,t' lWAN Greco, Leonard C. Hansen, R. D. Gregory, James H. Hardee, B. E. Grisham, Dale S. Harper, S. H. Grote, Fred R. Harrison, D. W. Guerra, Alonzo Hartley, V. D. Johnson, Andrew J. Hartwell, J. D. Johnson, Don H. Harvard, H. L. Landrum, Bobby L, Havard, R. H. Perkins, Robert E. Helms, H. T. Wehrs, Freddie Marshall, G. K. Hale, L. H. McAnelly, W. C. Halliday, Jack R. Randle, D. E. Holton, E. O. Richman, J. P. Hamilton, B. L. Underwood, W- E- MU., A I J jj "lu9full' :yay . 'age ' '-'1?7lT4. .. a L ' V' 'L 2.-:FJ 3 .ff f-"1-p:,,'f'f - ly 'Y 'R - ' f 1 , -,x . :L g . .K X 'H 'L . .'TfT"'7':vfw..4.,,.,,........w1--.-" H M N Lx 'K' V 'l X t XX 'J ,Ch Baumann, E. A. Beck, M. E. Bell, B. J. Bell, J. R. Blanchette, J. B. Bowdoin, A. C. Bragassa, C. B. Bretchez, O. D. Darilek, O. A., Jr. Dorchester, J. M. Evans, B. C. Fisbeck, F. J. Lockhart, P., Jr. Pace, M. H. Parsons, B. P. Runge, L. H. Bridges, Berry Cameron, Paul Campbell, David Chambers, D. G. Coveny, Roy Croft, Paul Eisenberg, Alvin Gilless, Edgar Hubble, R. J. Keblinger, James Kimbell, Wilbur Linnartz, Donald Martindale, W. R. Shepley, L. O. Smith, B. B. VanderStucken, Alfred Doty, J. D. Baker, C. Buescher, Norman Davis, Raymond Lee Davis, William E. Dellinger, Donald R. Dittmar, Martin J.,Jr. Duke, Tommy W. Elliott, James D. Gerlich, Norman R., Jr CGMPA Y 11 FRE H Skeans, Ted Wallace,Billy J. Mahler, C. A. Miller, R. W. Ellis, John R. Felton, J. H. Ford, Robert Fox, D. H. Fox, N. P. Gates, G. H. Hardcastle, F. M. Holloway, J. E. Holmes, H. C. MA Longerre, G. W. Marsh, W. C. Mattiietz, C. W. Moak, O. J. Murrilla, A. D. Nicholas, M. A. Richardson, H. E. Turnham, G. E. Wilder, J. E. Carpenter, Bob Evans, B. Q. Gay, Lester L. Gill, J. R. Gilstrap, William P. Glaxner, Dan Hogg, M. O. Harris, Henry J. Harris, J. B. Hendley, C. F. Heth, J. B. Joseph, James Laughlin, John R. McGee, James W. Payne, W. D. Walls, Robert E. Wicke, Robert J. Wittenburg, Joe M. Bohmler, H. S. Currens, Daniel R. Herbert, William E. Hill, William C. Hodges, Henry A. Hoppe, Bob H. Hudson, D. G. Humphries, Robert L. Hunter, William V. Hutchison, Robert D. Jackson, George T. Jacobson, John W. Jarvis, Harold D. Jones, Bob R. COMP Y 12 FRE H Keller, Irvin E. Martin, Sam H. Styner, Marley P. Joyner, Gerald L. Kasper, Ronny F. Kelly, Thomas E. Kenned John R YI - Keeling, James W. Kruger, Weldon D. Lane, Richard N. Little, Charles R. Little, Leroy E. Lockhart, Hut H. Love, Orval R. Loyd, Harold L. Lucas, Curtis B. Morrison, Don H. Patton, C. D. Shar , A. C. Snycilr, Alvin H. Arguindegui, Peter R. Arnold, Thomas G. Manousos, Donald B. Marlow, Walter S. Martin, John J. Martinez, Pabloc A . ... . Masse, William R. McDowell, Robert McFarland, Maurice McGee, Elwin L. Maynig, Edward G. Miller, Maurice W. Minn, Laurence E. Murphy, Pat H. Terry, Frank Chumbley, J. W. Jackson, Bobby D. McElroy, Elward M. S. Musgrave, Freddy G. Newsom, Max M. Noyen, John A. Pank, John L. Pinkston, Robert D. Price, James M. Proctor, Robert L. Raymond, Jewell D. Tanner, Richard C. Yates, John L. Doby, Robert F. Markham, G. W. Nelson, Robert W. Olivores, Jose A. Patrick, Lewis W. Pennington, Glenn M. Peplow, William G. Rainwater, William M Ratliff, David L. Remsburg, Hartwell E. Reuwer, Herbert J. Richardson, James E. Riddle, Joe A. Roe, Newton C. Ross, Cecil J. Sparks, G. W. Travis, Bobby Joe Ehl, J. W. C0 PA Y 13 FRE E. Webber, G. C. S. Whitley, J. T. Rogers, W. B. McAllister, Martin W. McCarty, Allan G. McLemore, Tommy E. Myrick, Walter M. Pfeiffer, Arnold P. Phelps, Dick R. Rabon, R. D. Reeves, John H. Reynolds, George C. Riley, Frank A. Rust, Dee E. Smith, Horman O. Williams, Ronald Roberts, H. A. Austin, E. T. Clinton, K. B. LeBlanc, Patrick H. McCreary, Charles Price, J. Stanley Ritter, A. Keith Roark, Bob H. Roberts, E. B. Robin, Royce R. Samford, John A. Scott, Charles M. Scott, Ethan A. Shivers, Roland D. Sholar, Willard C. Stewart, Louis A. Willson, James P. Shown, Guy Sikes, C. K. Simms, Bobby L. Smith, Charles E. Smith, Eugene B. Smith, Glen A. Speer, Milton L. Stauts, William M. Stegcll, H. L., Jr. Templin, Max L. Tuttle, G. W. White, G. H. Bottom, Davis Brand, Max E. Chambers, Dave G. Fields, Truett N. Fritz, Joe F. Gamble, H. Wayne Harris, Joe B. Harrison, Dittman W. Hickernell, Jim L. Hornstein, Charles F. Jones, Robert W. Ledlow, Jim C. Manos, Pete N. FRESHMAN DRILL TEAM FIRST PLATOON McGee, James W. Miller, Harvey F. Osborn, Robert B. Reynolds, Jack K. Rose, E. Perry Saunders, Richard L. Sutton, Ray B. Sydenham, Stanley R Wallace, Joe C. Whitehurst, Troy N. Willis, Fred R. Woltskill, Lyle A. Wood, Stanley B. Vanzuna, Bruce H. A 385 " SECOND PLATOON Brady, T. T., Jr. Chandler, Taylor Engel, Erwin C. Faulkner, J. D. Graft, W. L. Hinman, Pete Marshall, A. F. Moses, William C. Muller, Frank W. Pengelly, Allen K. Peterson, J. S. Scott, Charles M. Smith, B. B. 1 x - - ' ' Q . 1 1 Q 9 9 9 Q 9 S. he V ff' WA .: - "xi -F : ,1 .g. - " f 4 -rixgir . , V x ' X . N ,.- "-' X ,N ,ll ... er I Q -r W ..- ,I 1 Q. -f - -W . Q0 5, - , A I r K K 1 . f r Q X X A I .. , -- 3 . ,- ,Q 3 ,r 1 - Q.-3 ... M .Q . Ny 21.1 A . 5.3 gm, -- H: .. . .. . - V '19 :Q 2- rf? --fr - gfmli ,... LW. .- ,,J.-C.,-,-X, of--C... , -e . .J . we n .. JBN LES fe-5 XJ? ,Wim qv. f 1 ,I ji.1Lg.f.Juf, QQJ-x-Q..:g-: - ggi-K, 1 XJ,-1. Q MEN' N4 .sf X Neff- N ' '- . . ' .r fs H- - . . ,.., , s 11' . . r. . " A -' J- .--- K ,:' . -' - .. -.5 iss.- V' . ess . .mfr - Ml' ,. - . , . r 5 P . ' -AX' W' 4 " A F- W - F ww I f -e ----, ef.-J' ,Q -'fi TN KV " . Wei..-...r'z,.:... we---K. - Sw ee-red - . ie W i - - X1 f fr-' Z ' 'iii' -.,i:...- ::,Q,.1.-.:.- I L . jVg.x,....-5 f '- , - N.3..:g.-Q, RX- - . ' .fm Vee- e' .WJ ' r W .Q ' Q-:fi . rf' J -- N -.V sg,-'W-'X ' .ff X W' 1 . ' V Q 5 A ylgx f I .4 uk' if . xv, F. . ., ...V . . .. A N- , xl. if- H A for XJ.: lv 5 I , - ' 4 F? I 5' i , ell' - . iw . 5-gl' I-.5 -. l .gg f' J' ffiij' - ' f f Z-ll ' 1- . ., , fi-fi lfl- 'l - ' 555 - f 4 5 1 i - 4 i 'J z '- li ' is f - -S r 1 3 f Q.-A'iW'e' -V .3 -. ,- ' l I ' 7 if 'N i f N- E 2 li . in f 'ii 2 li- 5 ' . . u J r - F' 1 - 5 . . 'E - -. I l Q. . J - '-' E - . g Q 1 J - 1? f . fr-'1 " be - .. FJ . 9 5-fi "lip F- 1. f 5 - Q jf . , - Q --'x-" 5 . ' gi . f' - i- I--js f -. A aj ' " Q- r .: ' , Q .Q , -" 42 5 -- :.,.5'.. ' - 4l'1'1'-if I N je' 5' 2.15 l 'F ..gf'f.:: 4':fif.-x . ' .. L 1 - . Q 1 Q 7 mm.,' 1 5 L.-, :Al r . Q - "wL . - J if --gf ,Q V ,.geQ4-1:3-:':f..:.--K , -' ,gay ,L. gf , .x ' -ii.. f.-s':.5gv,?,.. 1 15.23. J, , .. T - ' 7 . ' . 'LA' -' P J . ' 5 . r 'L ff-J -L .. - --T . . .- .- . DON P. McCLURE ..,,....,.,. .,....... . ..C. O. E. J. HATZENBUEHLER ...,.A., .. .,... Exec. o. J. L. TAYLOR .,.....,...Y, . ,, .A,.,..... ..,...lsfSgr. J. R. WOODALL .....,.. ....... G uidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON R, K, EGGER ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, ..,, P Iafcon Leader J. E. MILLER ..,...... .................. P lafoon 5395097 Barley, Pm King, J- I-- ,Q F , ' , ' .' Q91-, 1 .- I . . . - if. , '-':-- -7- l Bohlmann, W. F. Denning, J. S. Ludwig, J. H. Kreager, D. J. Pumphrey, W. Ranslaben, C. E. Goble, C. E. Greenwalm, C. Easely, C. T. Francis, C. E. Fuller, C. H. Heusinger, E. F. Jennings, J. E. Johnson, R. B. Kadel, J.D. Keelen, D. K. SECOND PLATOON H, W, BEUTEL. ..,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,, ..,.,,,,. P lafoon Leader 5. G. PATE ....... ............... P laioon Sergean? Breuck, W. L. Grosser, R. E. Cox, B. L. Alexander, J. B. Eubanks, L. A. Judge, G. E. Miles, E. P. Stevens, E. M. Sweeney, B. W. Gilchrisf, E. E. Barnes, S. H. Joseph, D. R. Mclver, J.D. Manieol, L. A. Massa, J. A. Mills, H. G. Mueller, F. D. Oglesloy, J. M. Raley, J. L. Ryan, D. J. Southworth, S. G. Stokes, M. J. Taylor, C. C. Hoover, P. D. Roberts, E. E. Stanford, J. C. Bernhcxrdl, H. J. Bradley, R. S. Campbell, R. E. Clark, N. N. Crosby, C. P. Davis, N. P. Jack, R. W. i Ruble, C. R. Kells, E. L. Tanner, J. A. McBefh, L. T. Thorn, D. C. P' M.-min, A. D. whife, s. s. Commander Mayben, G. W. Wiches, H. G. Mitchell, R. F. Wimberly, B. Monahan, J. F. Zimmerman, B. E. gDliver,JWWH. Griffin, B. R. T . . Th , B. T. or er ompson Salch, J. E. Parse, M. W. lhfmkmas, C. W. Piar-ga, J. E. u e, R. R. Roy er, T. H. THIRD PLATOON Brown, D. E. Sheffield, F. L. C. K. LANDRUM ...............,......,,,,,, Platoon Leader g:'loli5iW'l'RHi: R' TIM WORD ----..--.. ------.----.... P lower- Sergeerif Charl1on,G. v. wilhafe, r.'R. Dieferl. R. D. Wright, R. C. Ceann. C- F- Knox.,J- R- Finch, A. J. smfrh, K. w. l'l9"'95f- A- R- MCAlllSfel', E- B- Fockelman, W. F. McGown, C. K. Henk. F- H- MG55el'19'Jl9- l-- V- Haines, D. C. Schawe, R. H. POVTEYI V- R- MC1ifl'l'-EWS, R- 5- Johnson, W. T. Slroud, T. L. Roufkf R- E- Nl-'TT' W- C- Jones, J. W. Cruz, A. D. Doyle R. Avant . Alfred D. Martin . Wilman D. Barnes Jimmie C. Magruder Eric W. Carlson . Erwin W. Neuvar . Carroll C. Taylor . ll B" Engineers ......... General George F. Moore Trophy "A" Air Force . . Houston Chamber of Commerce Award "C" Infantry . ....... 36th Division Award "A" Cavalry . .... Wolters Trophy "B" Engineers . ..... Troland Trophy Freshman Band ....... . . Outstanding Freshman Unit . . . . . Texas ROA Award OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORE AWARDS ' Coldwell Trophy D. M. Jennison . . . . . "A" Infantry - ' ' DAR Award R. F. Semlinger . . . "B" Infantry ' - - ' UDC Trophy B. A. Underwood . . "C" Infantry ' Molhefsl Club Award J. W. Dalston . . . "D" Infantry - I-HL Scrlolorshlp Award Paul L. Shaffer . . . "E" Infantry . . . . Adcock Trophy SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AWARD Charles K. Landrum Robert F. Mitchell . . . Air Force lMaint.l Walter W. Zimmerman . . John L. Taylor . . Charles B, Modisett Frank A. Cleland . Willy F. Bohlmann J. T. Dotson . . Sam G. Pate . . George T. Keene . Cecil H. Huey Ill . Robert A. Flake . Horace R. Ladymon Samuel H. Barnes . HOUSTON Alfred D. Martin . Herbert G. Mills . . Wilman D. Barnes . Richard M. Elliott . Dare E. Keelan . Albert W. Rollins . Landon D. Wythe . G. W. Mayben . . . . . . . . Air Force CAdmin.l . Air Force lInstaIl.J . .... Cavalry . . . . ASA . Chemical Corps . . Engineers . Field Artillery . . Infantry . . Ordnance . . . Quartermaster . . . . Signal Corps . . Transportation Corps . . . . . . . . Coast Artillery C OF C CITATION CORDS . . . . . . . . Cadet Corps . Corps Troops . . Infantry Regt. . Artillery Regt. . . . Air Group . Cav.-Engr. Regt. . Composite Regt. . ...... Sixth Regt. WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST TROPHY Clifford A. Taylor Robert E. Crosser Duane C. Unrue George S. Kent Reuben D. Cook BRANCH ASSOCIATIONS' AWARDS Jack L. Raley . . Bill T. Thompson . James A. Warmker Louis A. Eubank . Thomas E. Flukinger Herbert W. Beutel . J. O. Kadel . . E. H. Johansen . William R. Moss . David L. McCausey Clifford O. Smith . Royal F. Brown . . . . . . . . . . . Air Force . Chemical Corps . . Coast Artillery . . . Engineers . . . Engineers . . Field Artillery . . Ordnance . Quartermaster . . Quartermaster . . . Signal Corps . Transportation Corps . . . . . . Transportation Corps DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS AWARDS Bertram E. Beecroft Allen S. Carter Wayne A. Dunlap Norman B. Harborth Gene D. Kennedy Bill C. Morris Roy M. Redwine James W. Rogers Richard L. Robinson Voris R. Burch Billy F. Coker Knud C. Frederickson George L. Harkrider Ernest P. Maxwell William S. Price Louie E. Robinson Edwin D. Snead David L. Wood A. F. Summy . . Jim G. Anderson . J. Harold Hughes W. A. McSpadden C. R. Dunn . . . R. A. Ingels . . G. D. Edwards . Billy R. Trimmier . D. C. Owen . . H. C. Kennedy . H. T. Chandler . D. R. Reaves . . Charles F. Parr . H. E. Hatcher . A. M. Burton . E. W. Carlson . Jack L. Morris . John B. Flume . K. M. Wiggins . B. A. Kalmans . R. R. Streikert . R. F. Brown . . O. W. Carter . W. R. Greene . . J. C. Fletcher . . Howard W. Kruse . F. J. Dougharty . J. R. Vincent . . P. J. Saunders . L. L. Stuart . . . "A" Field Artillery . "B" Field Artillery . "C" Field Artillery . "D" Field Artillery IIE . " Field Artillery IIAH . Cavalry . "B" Cavalry . "C" Cavalry . "A" Air Force . "B" Air Force . "C" Air Force . "D" Air Force . "E" Air Force . "F" Air Force . "G" Air Force , "H" Air Force . . "I" Air Force . . . "K" Air Force . "A" Coast Artillery . "B" Coast Artillery . . "A" Engineers . . . , "B" Engineers . . "A" Signal Corps "A" Army Security Agency . . . . "A" Quarter . . . "B" Quarter "A" Ordnance master master C. R. Steward . . . Lawrence S. Goats . J. B. Pennington . . R. E. Shannon . . . C. B. Elwood .... Richard O. Rowland . Elo Nohavitza . . . Ralph J. Ellis . . V. R. Burch . G. C. Ellisor ..... OUTSTANDING Guy Shown .... Tom E. Bailey . . Joe E. Wallace . . . Weldon D. Krueger . . Lutcher B. Simmons . Richard T. Brown . . Richard D. Stearns . Don P. Olsen . . Gene E. Steed . . Thomas B. Williams . Charles E. Caser . John H. Walker . John C. Burke . . Don L. Garey . . James W. McGee . Thomas E. Kelly . Albert Massengale , "A" Transportation Corps "B" Transportation Corps . . . . "A" Veterans . "B" Veterans . "C" Veterans Il . D" Veterans . "E" Veterans . "A" Composite . "B" Composite . "A" Athletics . "B" Athletics . Maroon Band . . White Band FRESHMAN AWARDS Freshman Regiment . First Battalion Second Battalion . Third Squadron I . . Company . Company 2 . Company 3 . Company 4 . Company 5 . Company 6 . Company 7 . Company 8 . Flight 9 . Flight IO . Flight II . Flight I2 . Flight I3 1l-1 f ff W J ff ff we 14 Q ff W W WW wfffmaffwwwf-1fmW MMV WMV MQW cwwazdwfwf PWIJMMMMWMAKUQWJIAMZMAWZ-Ma. M14 ffvwasx icwffmsvw- www F- 295- , - www -1 ., WEN- Xgv5"?3?"7X'5-'vM.x, ., M f K Q , ' 2 ' I N- -, X- - AI X Vx 'W 'Z ., N31 --N 1. -, K , , f . asm "-. gm YV v Elk Y L , 1 -x M 1' Q A-X , N 'AX x X'-X X, .xx 4 X xx af- X4-L..-, 2 1 ,, XA n A 7,1 - X X ,., V. X Q, - 2. .. 'fi Z- Iggenfjry, with ah Allllll ll lill lthll D. W. WILLIAMS BARLOW "BONES" IRVIN Chciirmcln, Athletic Council Athletic Director l, , if L XX Q Front row: Glenn Kothmonn, heod senior yell lecider Middle row: Jomes "Red" Duke, senior yell leoder, ond Williom "Tex" Thornton, yeteron ell leod y er. Bock row: Don Joseph, lunlor yell leoder, ond Bill Richey, iunior yell leoder. . wiilihw HARRY R. STITELER Planning strategy tor a Saturday contest are l'n I1 D 1 e coac uBose Head Football Coach ' I end Coach King, Itead coach Stiteler, and bocktield coach Toddl S 'Il Left panel: top left, DICK S. TODD, laackllelcl coach' top right WILLIAM T. DUBOSE, line coach, bottom left, WILLIAM DAYTOIN, trainer: and bottom right, J. T. KING, end coach. Bottom panel: top left, JAMES OVERLYXV assistant trainer, top right, ROBERT STREET " - ' , manager, bottom left, JOHN MAYFIELDX' manager, and bottom right, KENZY HALLMARK, assistant manager. - Letterman ln-i-m1wn....,.k-e- , ,..,.....- First row, left to right: Glenn Lippmanf Charley Royaltyf Charley McDonaldf Augie Saxe, Don Nicholasjk Carl Molbergf Dick Gardemalf' Mack Stoeltje, Elo Nohavitzofi and Doyle Mooref' Second row: David Duncan, Tuck Chopinjk Bob Botesf Dorbandt Bartonf' Bob Smith," Jim Doblayn, Dick Scottfi Yale Laryf' Carl Hillf head coach Harry Stiteler, and backtield coach Dick Todd. Third row: A. J. Dugas, Walter Davenport, ex tro e, immy owe s Dawson, line coach Bill DuBose, and freshman coach Perron Shoemaker. Fourth row: Hugh Meyerf Russ Hudeckff Som Moses," Clarence Lawson? Clinton Gwin, Mickey Spencerf Rodney East, Cedric Copelandf Delmer Sikes, Jim Fowleri AI S bl J FI r ,' Max Greinerf W. T. Rushf' Dwayne Tuckerf Murry Holditchf Jaro Netardusf' end coach Bill and assistant coach Gilbert Steinke. Lettermen not shown: co-captains Wray Whittokerf and Bobby Gofffi Jimmy Cashionf' John L. Christensen," Dick Callenderf Buddy Shoefferf and Billy Tidwellf' iLetterman - il , H i AY! TY- , f ri , Q 1' Left: trainer Dayton mixes some of his "magical herbs." Right: Dayton demonstrates the use of an electric heating pad to some of his train- ing room assistants. isiii 3 , 1-A X-ws , f ,iff ag, ,. l All 4 9 i bww wfsgyjf Q X X x K L Ss959fofI..f,-.-' - K. . ... ms: X Xi?-ssQx5s -vgwcs Sr X X Xgwss-ze X X , WX.-,,,,..es . 7,,cY?ilSi:A1' t sw eva. e' up Jggw, . WISH f BRUISIN' BOB SMITH fullback , ii 4 1 5:32 f 5 ' E, All-SWC tirst team, Service, Arch Ward's All-Players' ' 1 All-SWC first offensive team, Wa Qt?s??E'Pv,U?' i T' it f Herald, lspecial mentionl Dallas All-SWC second team, Associateiifglgfess 'anal - Azgwg' G AP.Aii-Radio ,J s All-SWC second offensive , Xi Sports Writers ,Q ih" . AQ ,, All-America honorable meigjgqfjjrf.Ass.oci'ated.' Press, Williamson Ratin -, Sophomore Player of A Sports Writers ,'l"' ,T r H , !' "1 is , , f . s , 4949s Amfswcs, A . Q A iOPFENSi.vE.frF1RSI TEAM if Jo'm,1esf lwriiwmsg . izgxi ,orgies , X .JL 'slfsgn .A . ig. r I ' Ralph 4,M0trph,y . ,f if Riteif , lfen'1JaCl4son -. A Teiasi GQ ButdggMcFii1di-ri gif . 2,1 Gi f Don, MQUSSF- sf fBAQ3flQf3.l.Ql C Q Joe x I A , B' -,Adrian iBu.rk.f Al.fj5jBaylQiiff T flivles Rota? f .Lindy Berry 5 TQVDOQK WQl.l4t5f -, 'ilf -- .2 ' A if-f lcieremsfiyxfe A T JSECONQ - lMorri'S , rl3Iilkl'ey:f., .- 1 -r-, Ragrerg I I . tl. :Ben ,Prcuctere . t .A fa if Iggy' A TD.OH1 iNirmh6lftl ' . f 4-Q ff G Cert Melbefsl NSQMA so rhetoric rteobens, r sl ' fr N'lSfj1hsdsff' cy .Dick Rowan... g A B, 'R'o,ncla.ll Clay 5 31 V 5. ,,',' . fTe5qasti B GSUOT Mciizfwfi l Bl"'s,B9.bl'Sffiftl1sr' iff- fA8iMf4' BX rsfmnyn Wyatt , . A. fHQNQRAHLEtMEw'ONt,s E+ mis-resisomrr ismw, ..smn,i A W,a'iirr2ms3rf it ssqyiofri T ceaSfgTiCag,atifmagey Aaamg ltiwkietf yA.5iM- ' 4 A -lfMcix T ssGifei.rerf.AB1Mf Cfxfti s ssr C -eMf1X Eubcms. TCUQQtG,erd'H..eWwherW5 ,f .1R.iQQ,! 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HONORABLE MENT1,oNv - T ,iiivfif - Rex Alford, TCU. T T , gy: T if - Roger McAuley, l TCUy Charles, Perryfy ,g '-rm" 9 A ' SMU: John Luftey, Artkansclsp .," ' - ,,,. r wh" K H Carl Molberg, A8fMp Carl,,Schwartz,'g-f . Rice: Denny Wolfe Texas: M.. Rob-,. -, R-, . M G - f A5 , r T A 't ,sss ei s, ice, ax Hremer, , M. .V Q .1 CARL MOLBERG - -Max Euloank, TCU, Buddy Attawoy, guard . f- . 'f 5 ffiifpgff Q5 Baylor, Don Menasco, Texas, Jxmt Fowf H len ABKM' , , 3 L?fgWMosE Valuijzle Player Award r 1 Q - C onora e mention, lnternational News Service I II-SWC 5 C nd ff ' f c ii ' - A ,4 6 0 O SUSIVS Slim, 0 egiate Sports Writers. f , defensive honorable mention, Collegiate Sports pg I 5 f ww -1 , . f ,f jj 6 y,g?ggn,s,,2g4, ? 5 IW!! Vjyfwz f..,G,4 W, , , ' ff ,f L'6Z-' ' WJ Q1 M - f' 15h"Qj43W157t-:H Chuang.-.. .. . NI-' vlfw' ". 1' 1 A' .-V r ffff f ff ' Ln W mf 7 -,A - 'HW -: -- . .1 A-A , f f ' Ma WM-' ' . MV' -' SW' . - .-1' .'1Ww4,.,fff , OTHER Aoolss fwiNNiNofH,oNoRs by 'Collegifaiel Sports, AISIQSWCV sqfuiaa if honorable rnenfion ilolielnsiye rieamla Cedric Copeland, enolpf lolefensive, 'rearnl Jim Fowler, W linebacker. The Dallas Morning News All-,S SWC squad honorable menlion loilenslive T Bob Bates, cenierff Cdeiensiye ieexmli T Flowers, cenlerp J BOBBY GOFF, back, co-captain TEAM A T SECOND 'TEAM Ben' Procter, 'Texas ' ., Jack Wolcoif, Rice ' ' Bobby Collier, SMU John, Lunriey, "Arkansas , .' Carl "Schwartz, Rice . Jaiik Halliday, SMU . Gerald. Weafherly, Rice Bob Sniifh, AGM V , i. Randall Clay, Texas . . Bobby Lanfrip, Rice I Leon Campbell, Arkansas Stone, Texas, Stanley Williams, Baylor, Rupert Wrighf, Baylor, Charles Stone, Baylor. Byron Townsend, Texas, Paul Campbell Brick Mcliissack, SMU, Bill Burk- JOHN CHRISTENSEN DICK GARDEMAL f, fe 6. MURRAY HOLDITCH STATISTICS ABQM Villanova ' 6 i3 First downs ...,.,.,,...........,,. .........., Yards gained Crushingi ...,.,.,.,,.,,., 96 338 Ysrds lost Crushing? .,.................... 56 it Net yards gained irushingl ,..... ., 40 327 Yards gafned lpassingi Y............... 55 69 Passes attempted by ..........,. ..... l 2 13 Passes completed by .,..,.... ...., 6 5 Passes intercepted by .......... .,.,, 2 0 Punts ..................,........,,.,A...,.,...,.,.. 9 6 Averciae distance of punts ,...,... 37 30,5 Penalties ......................v.....,......... 4 i4 Yards lost, penalties... .,.........,... .. 53 90 Opponents fumbles recovered by l 5 Kickoffs returned, yards ,,.......... l28 O Punts returned, yards ..,..,.,..,...,... 39 I0 Score by periods: Villanova ,..........,.... ..,, 7 i4 l4 0-35 Texas ASQM .,,.......,,,Y.,..,......... 0 0 O O - O LINE-UPS Villanova ENDS-D. Brown, Bagan, Schmid, Gattuso, Rilo. TACKLES - Mantone, Smith, Sandusky, Limani, GUARDS-Lanigan, Oroski, Pavalko, Liotta, W'lls. CENTERS - Wiasch, Howanski. BACKS- Romanik, Calvin, O'Bayle, Frinzl, Moran, Coletta, J. Rogers, Snyder, Geppi, Pcsciuadiello, Rider, D'Alonzo. A8iM ENDS-Whittaker, Hill, Copeland, Netardue, Soears. TACKLES -Moses, Tucker, Chapin, Hudeck, Spencer, Burk, GUARDS - Molberg, Scott, Greiner, Nohavitza. CENTERS - Flowers, Bates, Hetherly. BACKC- Gardemal, Cashion, Lippman, Sikes, Lary, Royalty, McDonald, Goff, Shaeffer, Moore, Lawson, Tidwell, R. Smith. Bates C565 and l-lill i8ii stop a Villanova runner after a short pick up. lllllU.ll.Alililllllllll. 359 MMS College Station, Sept. i7-The Aggies opened their i950 football season under the Kyle Field arcs before a crowd of 30,000 against powerful Villanova only to suffer a 35-O defeat, the worst experienced by a Maroon team since l9Ol. Five Cadet fumbles recovered by the Wildcats, who ranked l3th nationally at the end of the season, were the pertinent factors in four of the visitors' touchdowns. Smith's being banished for slugging early in the game and the failure of Lippman to ever really get loose also influ- enced the outcome as the veteran Villanova Main Liners scored their second victory over the Farmers in three meetings of the schools. Villanova scored once in the first quarter and twice in both the second and third quarters, Calvin kicked successfully every point-after-touchdown boot. Aggie halfback Tidwell was the leading ground gainer for the Cadets as he averaged 4.2 yards for eight carries. ASLM entered its opponent's territory only once during the entire affray, then the penetration carried the Cadets only to the Wildcats' 37- yard line. Scoring after l2 minutes of play in the first half, the Main Liners iumped to the lead on a recovered fumble and a subsequent pass play from Romanik to Schmid for the TD. Pesky scored the second six points for the winners, and a successful pass from Romanik to Rilo in the end zone gave the Wildcats their third. Another passing attack at the beginning of the third period brought the visitors their fourth score with Rogers tossing and Brown receiving. The final score occurred a few minutes later when O'Boyle crossed the goal line on a quarterback sneak. Lippman C255 is stopped by a Wildcat despite Copeland's i845 interference. STATISTICS A8iM TeLh ' I5 IO First downs ....,.,.....,.... .,.,... Net yards rushing ....... ....... 3 70 I95 Yards passing ..........,.. ,... I 5 Passes attempted .......,.. .... 4 I2 Pass-es completed .,..,.,.,..,, ,,.. I I Passes intercepted by .....,. .... I I Number of punts ,,.,..,,,. . . .,.,.. 6 IO Punting average ,,,...,., ,. .. ,.,. 4I 32 Ball lost on fumbles ,..,.,,., ....... O O Yards lost on penalties ,,,,, ....,... I 67 50 Score by periods: Texas ASM . ,,,,..,...,,..,. . .,., 6 O I3 7 4 26 Texas Tech .... ,... ..,......,,, O O 7 O- 7 LINE-UPS TEXAS TECH ENDS-Thompson, H, Jackson, Sharpley, D. Jackson, Johnson, Pirtle. TACKLES-Andrews, Price, Gettys, McSwane, Broyles. GUARDS- Pursel, Cavazos, Stallings, D. Wil- liams, Haydon, Garner. CENTERS - B, Williams, Mahler, Phillips, Hix. BACKS-Hawkins, Liman, Rathbone, Conley, Hatch, J. Thompson, Close, Jackson. TEXAS A. 84 M. ENDS-Whittaker, Hill, Fowler, Netordus, Copeland. TACKLES-Moses, Spencer, Chapin, Holditch, Hudeck, Tucker. GUARDS-Scott, Nohavitza, Greiner, Rush, Meyer, Molberg. CENTERS-Flowers, Bates, Hetherly. ' ..-,. ' ,,'.' 5 , BACKS - Christensen, Cashion, Garclemcil, -1.3-11. A. . ' f-- . Sikes, Tidwell, Lippman, Lary, Royalty, Mc- """' Donald, Shaeffer, Goff, Anderson, Lawson, A Sfmfhf VOSS- Linebacker Lawson C383 nails a Raider ball carrier for a big loss. Cadets End Win Famine, Top Tech, 26-7 San Antonio, Sept. Q4-Thumping Texas Tech, 26-7, at Alamo Stadium, the Cadet eleven ended a "win famine" which lasted for almost two years, the longest in AGM football history. Smith was the Maroon mainstay as he completely demolished the Border Conference champion Raiders' forward wall with line charges which covered 202 yards of turf in 28 carries. He also scored three of the Aggies' TDs, the final one on an 80-yard iaunt from scrimmage in the final IO seconds. The Farmers' charging line played its best game of the season, both defensively and offensively, as it opened the necessary holes for the Cadet backfield and held the opponents' ball carrying quartet to less than half the yardage rolled up by the Aggies. Seven minutes deep in the first period, the crowd of 20,000 saw the trio of Smith, Goff and Lippman carry the ball to the Raiders' two-yard line in four plays. Smith went over for the TD. Lippman's 35-yard runback of the second half kickoff set the Cadets up for their second score, Smith and Goff took over, and five plays later Goff scored. Shaeffer's only successful conversion of the game handed the Aggies a GLENN LIPPMAN CEDRIC COPELAND I3-O lead. Rebounding in the same quarter, Tech scored its only TD with Conley carrying the mail and Hatch adding the extra point. The Aggies scored their next to the last TD with Smith speeding over tackle from the Raiders' three to score. The attempted after-touchdown-kick was unsuccessful, and in the last quarter l'lodge's placement kick after Smith's iaunt ended the scoring. i 'Smith tbehind Tech's T71 bulls his way through Raiders for a score. MICKEY SP 4 ENCER f If ,.. JIMMY CASHION HUGH MEYER Royalty l20l picks up yardage at right end C533 convoying him. First clowns ....... ,.., .... . Net yards passing .,..... Passes attempted ,,,.. Passes completed ..... Passes intercepted ..... Number of punts ....,., Punting average . ,.... . Fumbles ,,........................ Ball lost on fumbles ...... Number of penalties .,,..... Score by periods: Oklahoma ...,.,.. Texas ASQM ............. LINE-UPS son, Price, Heape. Parker. Copeland, Devenport, Fow Tucker, Hudeck, Davidson. Rush, Dresser. With FIQVV5-fs CENTERS - Bates, Flowers. Net yards rushing ....... STATISTICS Yards lost on penalties ....... ....,., .3 Okla- Texas homa ALM I2 25 40 l53 I9 I0 O O O 7 3 7 81 77127 OKLAHOMA 54 IS6 23 I4 O 7 26.4 2 I 5 66 -33 06 O7l3 ENDS-Owens, Tipps, Lockett, Goad, Ander- TACKLES-Manley, Weatherell, Leguenec, D. Smith, Walker, Cole, Rowland. GUARDS -McNabb, Andros, F. Smith, Green- berg, West, Bert Clark, Mayes, Marcum. CENTERS- Dowell, Moore, Bodenhamer. BACKS- Royal, Arnold, Pearson, Heatly, Thomas, Brewer, Jones, Heath, Lang, Lisak, TEXAS A. 81 M. ENDS-VVhittaker, Hill, Hodge, Netardus, ler. TACKLES-Moses, Spencer, Holditch, Chapin, GUARDS - Molloerg, Nohavitza, Scott, Greiner, BACKS - Gardemal, Nicholas, Cashion, Sikes, Y DICK SCOTT Lippman, Christensen, Royalty Goff Shaef fer, McDonald, Smith, Lawson, Tidwell, Lary ati0n's . 2 Team Raps I 8zlVl, 33-I3 Norman, Okla., Oct. I - Playing one of their better games of the year, the Aggie gridsters lost to a powerful Oklahoma University aggregation, I3-33, before a crowd of 33,000 at Owens Field. Nicholas started at the quarterback post for the first time in his college career and responded effectively as he completed I4 of 23 attempted passes for I59 yards. Lippman was bogged down throughout the game as Smith gained 46 of the 53 yards gathered by the Farmers on the ground. Two minutes deep in the first quarter, national runner-up OU took advantage of Lary's minus-five-yard punt and scored four plays later with Pearson lugging the ball across the goal line. Midway in the second period, the Sooners scored again from their own 25 in eight plays, with Pearson again carrying the mail. Thomas converted successfully with his second point after touchdown attempt. Flowers recovered an OU fumble on the A8tM 46, and Nicholas began to click. He hit Smith for 23, and Copeland for nine advancing the ball to OU's 2l. Goff plunged to the ten, and Shaefter scored on the next play. Hodge's attempted conversion was blocked. Thomas scored twice for the Sooners in the third quarter while the Aggies were held scoreless. In the fourth period Nicholas completed four in a row and Smith mixed things up with running plays. In nine plays Smith scored from the Sooners' one and Shaeffer converted. A ten-yard pass from Royal to Goad ended the Oklahoma scoring with Thomas successfully kicking his third point after touchdown kick An OU pitchout from Royal llll to Thomas, stellar Sooner runner, gained nine yards against a stout ASQM defense. I I ' , ., k . ,.,...- - A .yr-sam.-1. 3 , 953.9 1 t if e A ts ff ia:-...s+:-emieimi X v-3l:::ef1..1a. , , an ' -'q'n"'a5f-f cgi-V' F Q sf f 4' Q 1 ag.. . ,.+' 14' 'Ir .gm Y 1 9' gritty, i 4 sv- 41" ' ,....k?..H,g . , Q ' fi-5 ll 3' sf 722 u...w4g f ff f ' we - -1-, -. wwe 'S t '- 5.5 '1",:fs.'- 3,1 ., '.j14g:'5, I -if ' it:-121-'ti 'l . ,.,.. I,-. 1 4 14393 .W 'ff 3 ,I If -nfkr:6.,,,5g5'1g,,g 355552.- f 0, ,J .w j fx., '!Ek'Tg'.2.,2Q , A f A 1 ff f. nj' 4 Mft' 'ja 1 If ,f'V.:J1'1' ',L'.iie i.:+.:":':u.,it:iEi5. I 'f'941'l1.:'-. 122+ 1, Ig z ,:.::12-.:3- 21 fitfifi w.e::.1f:. . , N ' '- 'Z s-s-s-:.,.:.-.- . ,, 'I . , f . ' as 1 1 . Fil' Z-f'EL2CY5'hz-.s 'I 1.M'-'7'.1"1,Jb-'iteE132-12-1-3 "-"v ."'- A -Suiiiil 'fit-5'Z23.',3673-:'P:,15Pf.1'.k':-':TF' 15", 252.2 ,QWL ,F 'A-Mc, Sy' ' ' " :iff- .. A vi tv f if - ' 31' fu Qs ' I' , 'f ., I . H 3 . , - " 1 ,Lt ww. ., R. V ' wwf 'f '-fri 4' 14:1P4'l2L I get-,f.,..-,Weste r I, .,. .Lf-Av. . we f..-'s..,,.,f 1 Wk-ax'.,fJiv2w, 92,::z'4ewt,g:vi,.y:ry!'2,3Y' Q . f s- uw. s"'Y:f9::e.mfee4'-: t .s f"M:1wzff'm2e--94 Zur, 1 :Seater--V-.sv ..1,. . K' .-Mews:-4.-.s,-,, -,ffQ,i.rfs,--wes.-s...k.w,s ,can 'V 'df ..g. el s,,g,.x----1-fsmfw,s-,,- -if-kwa: 1- I s::fe-sw:-1egg,gTQsw-..-wwf,shew-wr:--amtigd'ex 2239 f 4 , .P -'-cw'-1-we,:-v-Q-.5-z-:fm-Q , sz, t..w5m:1-'4.:s..'s- x 1 f M- fuaww..as-4-.s.wmt,.,,g .,.,., Q, ... I .- fm- frffyq 1 t, ' " 'f' 'ici-was-be Q. 1'-1'f.Ms:smw1vv -wie crwwiggxfow-" fm. ' 4' c . . s t5e.:w:f.,. r .!M'-vxfff-'-ex e . s s sv.. - ' my.15Whois,.qf,3-,f1fg2'55-Mmiijiy',,:.g,!f5M.y- H -va l f f f . , 4- s,:9-,ggi-,fmt-...m,s.,.,?.,. 2 ...K .- - " .v . f f ...: ,f -,-Sz""4:t2zn V--. , ,,. ' F - 4 ,W 3 ,W ' . - ," 2. ,MZ rs- ... "fa: ffiziv "'Pi?i'r 2 ,, 4 , .W N ' '- ' ,rf M-:eZ2?'1r-. ,. 4 X f . 1 V -. f , .. . 4. " . . I " fiiivfii'-.32-wi?521::I'Q.E'1iLii:z,i'.45,y'6!i?1rs-'QFQGZ'' tEf'4+'- " Mx 'P I ,Q eiwcfvwfmzwfeft. ' f . nrvfe . . f wf.-air J.: -s-Amzss..-A.. 4, 'ef' +4 fi ' f' f 1 1" 1 -, Q ? :'5f3Zf3:" 'if'E'1-"2-jfT.lJff3'345lfi?5i:?'I.'i.'.f 1i15ziEt..!'if"','?i5?P 1 f A I 47 7 ' 1 .. Q 4 . I 2tg2y5i'i,,,, , 'i ' ' .I-2252-f4p5:',Sj,.:.s'?21-V" :.2?3i'3:pF-'f5iw1" ', 65 ' 1- -ft 54 452 1 ,. s1s12iH-siiiffafwi.-ow up ,, .. agp, ws -:5 ' ffl . . ',..i,,,,,'s-:aff.1-utr' , -vw , Wy' 4 sf ,in ff. 2: . , t - - 1- .1 ef 'ss .f , , , vw ' 1 ' i 1 af- , y A ,B , 1-Y u " 1. " I xr: 1 4' ,f uk. . fy. ww 9-. . we ' ' 'USM ' ws imffwxai-2aW.5:.:er' ' .:, 213211 stiff". ., 4295451 1 f " f fe- 'fri 4-, I ' 1. . - . "4 "NZ-it , , ,A , vi me - is ,Q-Qu 'rt + : p f Y - 2. ,- stir i 1 '- -'I' R ' -'s "-91,1 .-' , sf.-ft '.'fw.M1 . 6:1-111-4 z,f:4'f.t153e2ru , X . ' was. yeh jskwczftt .we .z --111. 5'-1,. are fx ,ewfawst-ff ffftf-Mew'-1f9?fit:.':s-21. 'fm 2- fievE'f'71 -..:g ffii f' vs '7 '-Z 'EWIKVEZ 'YrY4'E5?Z,J "V-111 ,4"-.rij:'Q,'4.-'PQ fP'b1:,.:"r2'g? 2..1MT'V3f1.'IH"7E'3iI- 'F Qs. 3 J -?"C-if STATISTICS LSU ASQM First downs .,.....................,,....,,... I2 6 Net yards rushing ..,...., ,..,..... 2 99 56 Net yards passing ........ ...,..... I 20 73 Passes attempted .,..,... ...,.. I 3 I6 Passes completed ........... ,,.,.. 6 7 Passes intercepted by ......... ,.,.,. 3 O Number of punts ....,........ .....,... 7 9 Punting average ........, ........ 3 5.7 37.7 Number of penalties ,.s,... .,.....,. I 0 3 Yards lost, penalties ......,............Y IOO 45 Fumbles recovered by ..............,... 3 3 Score by periods: LSU ,,,.,,,,,,,,s,.., . ,.,,..,....,...,...,.. 7 I4 6 7 - 34 A8iM ,,...... ..................,..,.... 0 OOO-0 LINE-UPS LSU ENDS- Yates, Lyle, Gauldfn, Wlnclham, Bul liard, J. Lyle, Anding, Bullock, Virget, Kitto, Yates. TACKLES-Voss, Coyne, Baird, Collins, Cusi mano, Dry. GUARDS - Bradley, Roussos, Walsh, Hover, Shoaf, Bishop, Tauzier. CENTERS - West, Reid, Pitalo, C. Smith, Wray BACKS- Konz, Pevery, Griffith, Cole, Roshto Hedges, Heroman, Freeman, Baggett, Field Barton, Shirer, Van Buren, Toth, Herron. TEXAS A. 8 M, ENDS -Whittaker, Netardus, Hodge, Cope land, East, Hill. TACKLES - Spencer, Moses, Holditch, Tucker Hudeck, Chapin, Stable, GUARDS - Molberg, Nohavitza, Greiner, Scott Rush, Dresser. I CENTERS-Bates, Flowers, Fowler, Hetherly ' Meyer. BACKS-Nicholas, Gardemal, Sikes, Cashion Lippman, Shoeffer, Royalty, LOW, Goff, MCS Shaeffer C453 is slung to the muddy turf by LSU s Roshto on a kickoff return Donald, Moore, East, Smith, Lawson, Voss. Rugged Tigers Win Uuagmire Rout, 34-0 Baton Rouge, La., Oct. 8-A tumbling and outplayed Aggie eleven was convincingly thumped by LSU, 34-O, on muddy Tiger Field before a non-partisan crowd of 34,000. It was simply a case of superiority, offensively and defensively, that spelled the Cadets' third defeat of the season. Sparked by the vicious and slashing running attack of Van Buren, who scored one and set up three of the Bengal TDs, the Tigers scored in every quarter. Smith, Royalty, Goff, and Nicholas, the Maroon ball carrying quartet, were completely helpless through- out the first half as they garnered only two first downs and 38 yards rushing. Not until the final 30 seconds did the Aggies show any real scoring threat. Nicholas completed a pass to Royalty, who was run out of bounds on the Tigers I2 after a gain of 37 yards as the game ended. LSU, ranked ninth nationally at the end of the campaign, scored in the first six minutes of the opening period with Pevey passing to Bullock in the end zone for the touchdown. Griffith converted his first of four point-after-touchdown kicks. Fine defensive work by Aggie linesmen Flowers and Molberg failed to stop the Bengals, who scored again with Von Buren ramping 62 yards behind expert interference for the counter. Griffith scored LSU's third TD on a quarterback sneak after using eight plays to cover 52 yards to the Cadet's two-yard line. The first half ended with the ASM gridsters having penetrated only as for as LSU's 36. In the closing seconds of the third quarter, the Bengals scored again with Griffith passing to Lyle for the counter, and another pass play, this time from Pevey to Virgets for 53 yards and a TD ended the scoring. Lippman i25l returns a kickoff with two Aggies running interference. STATISTICS TCU AEM First downs ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, v.,,,4 1 I 9 Net yards gained rushing ..,..,,... 120 58 Forward passes attempted ........ 24 15 Forward passes completed .,.....,.. 13 5 Yards forward passing ,.,,,.,..,., .... 1 79 33 Forwards intercepted by ,,,,.,, ,,,,, 3 2 Yards gained runback interceptions ........,,.....,,s ,,,,,,, 1 8 48 Punting average ...................,,,,, 32.4 38 Total yards kicks returned ,......... 124 153 Opponent fumbles recovered ...,,. 1 l Yards lost by penalties ..,...,,,,,...., 90 65 Score by periods: TCU ,....................,.. .....,...,.,,.,, 1 4 O 14 O - 28 A84M ........,.,........................... O 6 O O - 6 LINE-UPS TCU ENDS - Bill Moorman, Bailey, George, Rogers, Baal, Alford, Bob Moorman, Elliott. TACKLES-McAuley, Narrell, Conaway, Cul- bertson, Kilrnan, Farmer, Mathis. DON NICHOLAS BILL TIDWELL Smith grinds out yardage despite having to pack along a clinging Frog. GUARDS-Farmer, Lowe, Marable, Bloxom, Hicks. CENTERS- Eubank, Malone, Pitcock. BACKS-Berry, Bassinger, Archer, Tompkins, Wilde, Hickey, McFarland, Dunn, Flowers, Ludiker, McKelvey, Hunt, Struska, Morton. TEXAS A. 81 M. ENDS -Whittaker, Copeland, Hodge, Barton, Callenclar, East, Hill, Netardus, Hodge. TACKLES -Holditch, Moses, Spencer, Tucker, Hudeck, Chapin, Burk. V GUARDS -Molberg, Nohavitza, Dresser, Rush, Greiner, Scott. CENTERS-Meyer, Flowers, Bates, Fowler. ald, Moore, Smith, Lawson. frees ellre Earns ri Qntttest, 23-6 Fort Worth, Oct. 15 - lt was simply a case of too much TCU as the A81M eleven lost its opening game of the SWC race, 6-28, to the Berry-led Horned Frogs before 30,000 sun-baked fans in Fort Worth. The Purples' 179 yards through the air to the Maroons' 33, and 120 yards on the ground to the Cadets' 58 completely describes the Frog attack which clicked successfully for two counters in both the first and AK, JARO NETARDUS third quarters. The only Cadet score came in the second. Four and a half minutes deep in the opening period, the Christians used eight plays in gaining their first score with Morton climaxing the drive, slashing over guard from the one-yard line. Eubank's inter- ception of Nicholas' pass set up the score, and Ludiker kicked his first of four successful point-after- touchdown kicks. Three minutes later Wilde returned Lary's 42-yard punt all the way, 60 yards, for a second touchdown. Late in the second quarter Shaeffer intercepted a pass intended for Boal in the end zone and returned it to the twenty from where the Cadets began their touchdown march. With Cashion in the maneunder-slot the Aggies used 15 plays to move to a score with Lippman carrying the mail an the last play from the TCU one. Shaeffer's try for extra point was wide. Again in the third quarter the winners scored twice with Berry passing each time on the scoring play. Four passes completed the trick each time. The first TD aerial was to Archer in the end zone and the second to Wilde in the same spot. The Frogs, who finished the year tied for third with TU in the SWC, won their first game on their home field since '47. Whittaker t87J snares a pass from Cashion C191 near midfield. z 1.-...1 ',,, Q t 5 f, 5, BACKS-Shaeffer, Nicholas, Cashion, Lipp- man, Royalty, Lary, Goff, Tidwell, McDon- STATISTICS Baylor ASM First downs .....,...........,.................. I6 Yards gained rushing ....,..,.,...,.... l53 l35 Yards lost rushing ......,,................ 26 9 Net yards gained rushing ....,..... l27 l26 Yards gained passing ..,,,.,.......,,.. l88 40 Passes attempted ........................ 22 6 Passes completed ..,.......... ,... l 3 2 Passes intercepted by ........, .,,,..., 2 2 Punts ..,.,...........,.............. ........... 8 i0 Punting average ........................ 33.2 39.4 Penalties .....,.,.,..........,....,..,.,.,..,.,.. 6 4 Yards lost, penalties .... , ....,,....,.... 40 20 Opp. fumbles recovered by .,.,..,. l O Score by periods: Baylor ...,,...,..............,.............. 7 7 0 7 - 2l ASM ...,...,,,,........,.......,.......,.... O O 0 O - O LINE-UPS Baylor ENDS-Williams, Nevill, Galloway, Trout, Dickerson, lson, Closs, Downs. TACKLES - Dowden, Roberts, Still, Heironimus, Wright, Casner, Welch, Weiss. GUARDS -W. Bates, Stone, Reid, Kazanas, Hauser, Calhoun, Forren. CENTERS - Heubner, Attaway, Southern, Coch- rane. BACKS-Burk, lsbell, Fry, D. Parker, Griffin, Blackwood, Jeffrey, McKinney, Curtis, Mott, Mangum, Boydstun, Gaidosik, Sweet. TEXAS A. 8g M. ENDS - Whittaker, Callendar, Hill, Hodge East, Copeland. TACKLES-Flowers, Holditch, Moses, Spencer Tucker, Hudeck. GUARDS -Molberg, Nohavitza, Greiner, Rush fa! Scott, Dresser. CENTERS-Meyer, Bates, Fowler. BACKS - Nicholas, Gardemal, Cashion, Lipp mon, Lary, Shaeffer, Royalty, Moore, Tidwell McDonald, Goff, Smith, Lawson. Tidwell intercepts a Burk aerial, but the intended receiver halted his runbock with a tackle from behind. o o Burk erlal Circus Beats Cadets, 21-ll College Station, Oct. 22-A drizzle-marred game between ASM and conference runner-up Baylor saw the Burk-led eleven finish ahead, 2l-0, on muddy Kyle Field. The Baptist aerial circus proved too much for the Cadets, who were unable either to halt Burk's passing or to keep possession of the ball them- selves. Midway in the second half, the Aggies came within l7 yards of a TD, but three consecutive DICK CALLENDER -CHARLEY ROYALTY fumbles halted the Maroon and White attack. the leading ground gainer of the day with 65 yards in ll carries, showing the way on the ground With Cashion in the man-under-slot, ASM advanced the pigskin to the Bear 38 with Smith, who was T he Green and Gold l7 for a first Gardemal replaced Cashion and successfully passed to Whittaker on down and a l9-yard gain. On the following two plays Gardemal lost control of the spheroid but recov- ered the ball each time with only a three-yard loss. Then Royalty on a quick-opening play through the center fumbled the ball which was recovered by Mouser, ending the only major Aggie threat. Baylor, which tied Missouri for the 20th rung in national rankings, scored twice in the opening period with Burk's passing farming the major portion of the attacks. A 6l-yard march was climoxed with a 23- yord pass from Burk to Williams in the end zone for the winner's first counter. The second score was tallied by Mangum who powered over from five yards out in three tries. Late in the fourth quarter Johnson intercepted a Cashion-tossed pass and went all the way behind excellent blocking to score the final touchdown. Dickerson successfully kicked each of the three point-after-touchdown boots. Split T quarterback Nicholas gains ground with the aid of a viciously effective Smith l36l block. W. T. RUSH X77 DWAYNE TUCKER JIM FOWLER The Aggie defense stopped Manzzanti QSQD short of the goal on this line thrust. STATISTICS Arkansas ABQM I4 First downs ,....,..........,.,, ,...,...... I 4 Net yards rushing .,..... ....... 2 93 55 Net yards passing ....... ....... 5 2 l56 Passes attempted ....... .... 8 31 Passes completed .,.....,...., .... 4 I7 Number of punts .........,.,,.,........... 5 5 Average distance punts .,........,. 43.4 42.8 Fumbles ...................,.................... 4 3 Ball lost on fumbles ......,.. ,... 3 2 Number of penalties ...,.. 3 6 Yards penalized ,..,..... ,,,.,...... 3 5 50 Score by periods: Arkansas .................,..,..,........ 7 0 6 l4 - 27 Texas AEM .,..........,.,,........,... O 6 O O - 6 LINE-UPS ARKANSAS ENDS - Summerall, Stendel, Atkinson, Line- barrier, Butz, J. D. Smith. TACKLES - Lunney, Hanner, Reichert, Thornton, Stancil, Williams, Simpson. GUARDS - Roberts, Milam, Ward, Rushing, Reiderer, Brown, Stockton. fele, Baldridge, Looney. TEXAS A. Si M. I East, Netardus. Hudeck. Greiner, Scott, CENTERS - Bates, Meyer, Fowler. son, Sheaffer, Smith, Voss, Sikes. tll gie issues lli Pet ers lit 2?-H Witt Fayetteville, Ark., Oct, 29- lnterception of two A84M passes and recovery of two ASM fumbles helped an Arkansas eleven which finished sixth in the loop score a 27-6 win over the Cadets before a crowd of 20,000. Smith was the top ground gainer as he averaged over four yards per carry, and Gardemal sparkled with his passing, gaining T43 yards as he completed I4 of 23 tosses, most of which were to 1 7' I 'K V Z2 CHARLEY MCDONALD Whittaker. Fowler was a standout in his linebacking position, once intercepting a pass and going 50 yards to the Arkansas IO before he was downed. Smith fumbled the ball on the next play with Line- barrier recovering for the Porkers. Losing the ball on a fumble after having traveled 66 yards to the Cadets' seven, the l-lawgs regained possession of the ball by intercepting a Nicholas-thrown pass and then scored on Logue's toss to Sum- merall in the end zone. Thornton's first of three successful boots between the uprights gave the Porkers a 7-O lead in the first quarter. Rebounding in the second quarter, the Aggies scored using four completed passes from Gardemal to Whittaker, who grabbed the final toss on the Razorbacks' T2 and eluded three defensive men while crossing the goal line. ln the third quarter the winners scored again, marching 66 yards to pay dirt. Schaufele dove over the final line and fumbled, but teammate Stancil recovered for the six points. Following an exchange of fumbles in the fourth, the Hogs took possession of the ball on the Cadets' nine, and Mazzanti drove over after three tries. The final counter of the game occurred when Bass intercepted a Gardemal pass and went all the way. Whittaker T873 has just caught an aerial from Gardemal Clit but an Ozark defense man is blocking him down. CENTERS-Griffin, Ferguson, Smith, Mobra. BACKS - Logue, Rinehart, Parks, Rogers, Bass, Duke, Furo, Scott, Dugan, Mazzanti, Schau- ENDS - Whittaker, Hill, Hodge, Copeland, TACKLES - Flowers, Holditch, Moses, Tucker, GUARDS - Molberg, Nohavitza, Dugas, Rush, BACKS-Nicholas, Cashion, Gardemal, Lipp- man, Royalty, Tidwell, Moore, Goff, Ander- STATISTICS A8iM SMU First downs ...,...,....,,..............,.,. T3 15 Net yards gained rushing ..,,.,...... 272 l94 Forward passes attempted ....,,,. 8 l2 Forward passes completed .,,...,,,. 4 6 Yards forward passing ........,...,... 53 93 Forwards intercepted by ,..,,...... O O Punting average ...,.,.,....,..,., .,,..... 3 5 46 Total yards kicks returned ,.,..,.... l36 149 Opp. fumbles recovered ,..,,,.,.... 2 l i Yards last by penalties .....,.......,.. 54 51 Score by periods: Southern Methodist .. ..... 7 T3 7 O - 27 Texas AGM ....., ,,..........vvv,,Y, 6 0 14 7 - 27 LINE-UPS SMU ENDS - Folsom, Milam, White, Blakeley, Wal- lace. TACKLES-Perry, Cheney, Blackburn, Clark, Franklin, Collier. GUARDS - Welch, Forester, Wales, Haladay. CENTERS - Davis, Hightower. BACKS-Walker, Stollenwerck, Rate, l. D. Russell, H. N. Russell, Jr., Champion, Rich- ards, Benners, Mcliissack, Sullivan, Knight, Weatherford. -362 , . -Us-.f+. 'gn Q 'I-3. AM" .-'I' tems A. sc M. :""'54 -A "L ' ENDS- Barton, Netardus, Spears, Hill, Cape- land, Whittaker. 1 H ' 'Q 545'- TACKES - Holditch, Spencer, Moses, Hudeck, - 5 1' ' .. J I Tuc er. ' -. t ' - K , .,- - , GUARDS - Scott, Greiner, Molberg, Rush, -. ' " fr 'I 3,15 ver: 2'1" ff ' 4 , . Nohcvifw. . .sf -if tt 'ffti-giZr.'14sis-delete CENTERS - Flowers, Meyer, Fowler, Bates. BACKS - Lippman, Gardemal, Cashion, Shaef- fer, Royalty, McDonald, Lary, Anderson, Tid- r Smith idark ierseyl bulls his way over the Pony line, despite Well'G0lf'Moorefollendor' Smnll' Lawson' number 73, and scores the third A8iM touchdown. Me ets llie lllig y emits ities, 27-27 College Station, Nov. 5-Bob Smith gained 175 yards on the ground, averaging seven yards per carry, and scored three touchdowns to pace A8-M to a 27-27 tie with highly-tavored SMU on a sunny Kyle Field before 32,000 fans. ln the third quarter Smith scored twice to even the game at 20-20. The first counter came after an 80-yard attack with Smith gaining 27 of them and scoring on a one-foot buck through the center of the line. Shaeffer kicked his first of three point-after-touchdown boots. After a brief rest Smith scored again, gaining 46 yards in three carries of a 5l-yard drive. Rate broke the 20-20 tie with a l00-yard runback on the kickoff, and Walker successfully converted with his third in four PAT tries. But the Cadets were not to be denied, scoring again after Scott recovered a Walker fumble on the SMU 36. Goff and Royalty went for five, Gardemal passed to Copeland for l2, then Tidwell cut through the line for the TD. Shaeffer added the point, again tieing the game. SMU, the Conference's number five team despite national acclaim, had started the scoring and held a 20-6 lead in the first half with Walker tallying twice and passing to Rate for a third score. The first TD came early with Walker climaxing the 7l-yard drive, skimming through guard for the six points. ASQM countered when Tidwell sparked the offense with a 42-yard kickoff return on a reverse with Lippman and added another 2l yards from the line of scrimmage. Smith went over in two thrusts from the l4. Scoring twice in the second period, the Mustangs again depended on Walker, who scored the first TD himself, and passed to Rate for the final counter of the first half. A moment later Smith i36l scored in spite of Mustang defensive efforts. RUSSELL BOB BATES HUDECK fitl' DORBANDT BARTON gf .fem .-...visas x TUCK CHAPlN BUDDY SHAEFFER ELO NOHAVITZA Q Fowler C901 momentarily grasped this Rice pass, but then dropped the intercepted pass. STATISTICS Rice AGM First downs .A,.,........................... 18 ll Net yards rushing ..,...... ...Y.... 2 34 59 Net yards passing ............. ........ 1 O1 101 Forwards attempted ..................,. 20 14 Forwards completed ........,...,....... 10 10 Forwards intercepted by ......,....... O 0 Number of punts .......................,,, 9 7 Average distance punts .........,...... 32 45 Fumbles ............Y....,.......... ..... 3 6 Ball lost on fumbles ........ ..... 1 4 Number of penalties ....,... ........ 8 3 Yards penalized ........... ........ 7 6 15 Score by periods: Rice ....,..........,......... ..,... 6 7 O 0 - 13 Texas AEM ....v...................,... O 0 O O - 0 LINE-UPS RICE ENDS - Williams, Allen, Taylor, Wolcott. TACKLES-Wyman, Anderson, Bowman, Win- ship, Murphy, Girouski. GUARDS - Roberts, Derwood Lee, Schwarz Delwood Lee, Neumann. CENTERS - Watson, Weatherly, BACKS- Rote, Glass, Wyatt, Campbell, Proc- tor, Burkhalter, Riley, Lantrip. TEXAS A. BQ M ENDS-Whittaker, Copeland, Barton, Hill. TACKLES-Spencer, Holditch, Tucker, Hudeck. GUARDS - Molloerg, Nohavitza, Greiner, Rush. CENTERS - Meyer, Fowler. BACKS - Gardemal, Nicholas, Lippman, Shaef- fes, Tidwell, Goff, Smith, McDonald, Chois- tensen. Aggies n lt and i Lass tw R s, 13-W Houston, Nov. 12-Four A8rM fumbles, one resulting in c touchdown, aided the SWC championship Rice eleven in blanking the Aggies, 13-0, before 32,000. The rapidly improving Cadet line, sparked by Bates, Copeland, Barton, and Molberg, never let the Rice gridsters penetrate past the Aggie 33-yard line during the second half. Smith paid little attention to the pre-game write-ups which claimed he would never penetrate the Owl forward wall as he averaged 3.9 yards for 12 carries. Twice in the opening moments of play the Aggies almost scored. Fowler and Shaeffer each muffed attempted interceptions of Rote's passes deep in the Blue and Gray territory. After an exchange of the ball the nation's fifth ranking team scored with ace Owl back Burkhalter tallying, but Williams' attempted conversion kick was wide. The second touchdown for the SWC champs came in the second quarter when Lippman's fumble was recovered by Watson on the Maroon and White 41. Rote started passing, completing two for a gain of 31 ycrds. Burkhalter went through the center for eight, Rote passed to Wyatt for 16, and after Lantrip's three attempts failed to crash the Farmers' forward wall, Burkhalter slashed across. Williams added the point after touchdown. Twice inthe second half the Aggies threatened as they got as near as Rice's 14-yard line only to lose the ball twice on fumbles. Lary's 45-yard kicking average meant much to ASTM. Lary received one magnificent assist from Lippman -c 66-yardlquick kick. Smith penetrates the rugged Rice Owls' secondary. Q- STATISTICS ASM Texas First downs .......,.......,...,.............,., 8 23 Net yards rushing ..,.,... ...,.. 6 2 279 Net yards passing ....... ,..,.. 7 4 144 Passes attempted ,..,... ....,. 2 5 19 Passes completed .....,. ...... 9 11 Passes intercepted ...... ..,... 1 2 Number of punts.. ,,,..... ...... 6 3 Punting average ,.......... ...... 4 7 31 Bzll lost on fumbles .,,.... ....., 3 4 Number of penalties... .,.. .. 4 8 Yards penalized ..,... .....,. . .. 26 88 Score by periods: Texas ,,,,,,,,,,,AA,A,,,,,,, ,,,,,., 7 14 7 14 - 42 Texas AGM .,...,....,.,.,....,.,.... 7 7 O O - 14 LINE-UPS TEXAS ENDS-Bauman, Stone, Procter, Allred, Wil- ams liams, Ad . TACKLES- Vykukal, Wilson, Pakenham, Jack- son, Lansford, Milburn. GUARDS - McFadin, Hurt, Fleming, Davis, Fry, Wolfe, Cunningham. CENTERS - Arnold, Rowan, Miller. BACKS -Campbell, Tompkins, Dillon, Sam- uels, Townsend, Lee, Adams, Clay, Shands, Mayes, Levine, Borneman. TEXAS A. Bi M. ENDS-Whittaker, Callendar, Hill, Hodge, Copeland, Barton, Netardus, East. TACKLES-Spencer, Moses, Chapin, Holditch, Tucker, Hudeck. GUARDS - Molberg, Nohavitza, Dresser, Grein- er, Scott, Rush, CENTERS - Meyer, Bates, Flowers. BACKS-Tidwell, Gardemal, Cashion, Nich- olas, Lippman, Lary, McDonald, Royalty, Goff, Chligistensen, Shaeffer, Moore, Ander- son, Smit , Fow er. , . , , Copeland's i849 interference for Smith is futile as a Steer comes from behind to wrestle the runner to a halt. Stems Ste in M eets iii Wieiitiis llilt, 42-fl CARLHILL College Station, Nov. 24-The annual Turkey Day classic ended the Aggies' season as they finished on the short end of the 42-14 score. A crowd of 41,200 fans at Kyle Field witnessed the worst defeat felt by the Cadets at the hands of the Steers since 1901 when the Texans blanked AGM, 38-O. Marred with numerous penalties, rules infractions, and at one point almost reaching the fighting stage, it was one of the stormiest battles witnessed in the Southwest Conference in some years. The loss of Smith early in the first half when he was knocked out by TU end Stone hurt the Cadets, but Texas' massive line, its charging backs, and the quarterbacking of Campbell played an even bigger port in the one-sidedness of the game. Linemen Barton, Molberg, Greiner, Fowler, and Copeland, played heads up ball for the Cadets in the first two periods, and Chapin performed creditably in the second half. The Aggies scored their first TD when Smith climaxed o 14-play, 60 yard drive, slashing across on a one-foot buck. Gardemal's aerials to Whittaker and Copeland, together with Smith's smashes into the line, and two roughing penalties, set up the final play. Shaeffer clicked with his first of two successful conversion kicks. After the rough play involving Smith the Farmers scored their final six points with a 19-yard pass, Nicholas to Royalty, setting up for the final punch by Goff, who twisted over from the three. Townsend sparkled for the Texans, who tied for third place in the league, as he scored three TDs and set up another. Clay, Borneman, and Levine each of whom scored a touchdown for TU, and Clay also added six points on conversions. . Smith C363 forces his way over the TU goal for an Aggie score. ,ti YALE LARY Three wins cmd two losses was the final standing of the 1949 A8rM Fish football team coached by Marion Pugh and his assistants Marion Flanagan and Milton Routt. Among the wins were the freshmen's second straight shutout victory over the highly- favored University of Texas Shorthorns, a 28-13 win over Weatherford Junior College, a 20-O stomping of the Rice Slimes. Two losses were chalked up-O-13 to the Baylor Cubs and 19-21 at the hands of the TCU Wogs. Leading the scorers was heavy-charging Walter Hill, who starred offensively in the fullback slot and was one of the top-notch defensive linebackers. Hill scored three touchdowns for the Cadets. Halfback Raymond Haas and end Roy Bush followed with two counters behind quarterback Darrow Hooper, who scored once and successfully kicked eight of 12 point-after-touchdown boots for a total 01 '4 points. Scoring one touchdown each were halfbacks Frank Troiack and Connie M11 urik, fullback Herb Mclunkin, and quarterback Ray Graves. Graves was also the Fish eleven's top pc-ser. Four passes by the Stephenville man-under were successful for touchdowns. On a whole, the Aggies outplayed their opponents, scoring 80 points to 47 for an average of 16 markers to 9 per game. ln total yardage the Fish ran up 1,539 yards to 1,129 for their opponents, with 425 yards being gained through the air. The Fish punted 32 times for an average of 37.8 yards per boot, and lost the ball 18 times on fumbles. First' downs also were in favor of the Cadets who finished with 72 while holding their opponents to 53. A8QM's Fish eleven opened its season on the well-lit Kyle Field, dropping Weather- ford Junior College, 28-13. Ray Graves starred for the Cadets as he completed three passes for touchdowns, one of which was called back, and intercepted another MILTON ROUTT, Asst. Coach ..,q,,,. Hsu sun um pass on which he scored. Graves' first TD pass intended for Magourik was caught by Haas, who was blocking downfield for Magourik, when Magourik tipped the ball into Haas' arms. Hooper came through with his first of four successful conversion points. Troiack and Sonny Prewitt's running set up the second score for the Fish with the former scoring from the three. Recovering a fumble on the iunior collegians' 29, the Fish scored again with Graves tossing to end Charlie- Saxe for a TD, but the play was called back, and Hill had to cross the goal line twice before six points were counted. The final counter for the Maroons occurred with Graves' inter- ception of a pass which he carried across the goal. Eight fumbles hampered the Aggies, one of which set up VVeatherford's first counter. Stewart carried over for the first TD and passed to McCauley for the second with Davis collecting the P-A-T. A blocked kick and an Aggie fumble promoted two counters for the Baylor Cubs. who defeated the AEM Fish, 13-O. Although the Cadets "out-statisticed" the Baylor Frosh, running up 14 first downs to 11 for the Cubs, and a total yardage of 281 to 235, five fumbles and a harcl-charging Baylor line thwarted the Fish in their scoring attempts. Kincannon scored the winners' first TD, after the Cubs had recov- ered a fumble on the Cadet 36. A blocked kick set up the Cubs' second counter with Day scoring and the conversion kick was successful. Linebacker Ken Reese was the top defensive man on the field, and he was ably assisted by lineman Bush, Jack Little and Joe Hefner. Fumbles and two P-A-Ts which failed to materialze were the main difference in the TCU Polywogs' 21-19 victory over the Fish. The Cadets outrushed the Wogs 244 to 138 and outpassed the TCU Frosh in yardage with 128 yards to 107, but still :1:1:z:e:s::1:e:,, ,.,..,,,.,.,,,.,....,,,,.,, X g,5,5,5,g,5,:35,' ,3,,,g15,.:3,g35,1-3354.55.15 -om.-..-,,-,,,m.4.-,,,-:v.v,g-.1-:..:f., , ,3,:,3:3,3,.E,,1-Q, .,.,.,.,.513131315VI1513,g,ggg:2:51,,3:,,:.:.,. ' I-L ,,.., .fy , f V ' i, 52595 I:I:':I:T,I:S25I.4!2:1:l:2:2:2:2z2:2:2 " ' . 1' ' L --tw, ,,,. i Q0-O victory over Slime. AND SPEED failed to finish on the top end of the score. A pass interference ruling gave the Wogs their first opportunity to score as they received the ball on the ASLM l6. Fowler scored for the Christians, and the first of the three important P-A-Ts was gained. A recovery of a TCU fumble by Bush behind TCU's goal line gave the Aggies their first TD, but the attempted conversion sailed wide. A bad kick gave the Wogs possession of the pigskin on the Aggie 39 from where the Frosh in five plays scored. Good running by Parker helped set up the Wogs' third TD with Harding scoring. Ray Graves passed to Bush for a counter, and Hooper kicked his only point-after-touchdown boot. McJunkin set up and then scored the final touch- down for the freshmen eleven. Safety Gene DeVeny turned in a fine performance during the contest. Thumping the Rice Owlets, 20-O, the Fish gridsters gained their third win of the season with Graves passing for two of the touchdowns. Recovering an Owlet fumble, the Aggie gridiron machine moved downfield with Hooper paving the way. Hill scored the counter with Hooper garnering his first of two P-A-Ts. An i8-yard pass then Hill took over and in three plays proceeded to carry the ball over the goal for the touchdown. Hooper's attempted conversion kick was wide. Later taking possession of the ball on the Shorthorns' 32 when TU fumbled, the Maroons moved down the field with Hooper, Haas, McJunkin and Hill carrying the ball, and Hooper scoring and gaining the P-A-T for the final score. On defense halfback Troiack, linebackers Stubbs and Hill, and linemen Alvin Langford, Dick Self, Marshall Rush, Schulte, Stubbs, and Scott were outstanding. Most of the Aggie Fish numeral winners will be candidates for places on the i950 varsity football squad. Some are given excellent chances of making the grade. The lettermen and their home towns include Frank Burns, Boling, Roy Bush, Childress, Stanley Cobb, Rockwood, Ralph Cox, Dallas, Gene DeVeny, Waco, Bobby Dixon, lngleside, Richard Gracy, Austin, Kay and Ray Graves, Stephenville, and Raymond Haas, Kingsville. Other numeral winners are Jae Hefner, Atlanta, Texas, Wilter Hill, Bollinger, Darrow Hooper, Fort Worth, Jack Jacobs, Overton, Arlen Jumper, Waco, Alvin Langford, Fort Worth, Jack Little, Corpus Christi, Connie Magourik, New London, Herbert McJunkin, Dallas, ond Carl Menger, Paducah. Freshman awards also went to Thomas K. Niland, Houston, J. C. Patton, Vernon, James Prewitt, College Station, Ralph Reynolds, Dallas, Cooper Robbins, Brecken- ridge, Marshall Rush, Lampasas, Charles Saxe, Beaumont, Gerhart Shulte, Houston, Herbert Scott Hearne, and Johnny Scott, Munday. The remainder of the numeral winners are Richard Self, San Antonio, Harvey Smith, Houston, Austin Stubbs, Bastrop, Frank Troiack, El Campo, Royce Weisinger, Conroe, Thomas Wright, Alice, Howard Zuch, Austin, and student managers Alton Lee Murphy, Minerals Wells, and Joh n Suravik, Brya n. off the arm of Graves to Haas was the scoring procedure for the second TD, and Graves tossed the scoring pass for the final counter with Magourik on the receiving end. Outstanding line play was turned in by Gerharclt Schulte, Bobby Dixon, Jack Little, and linebacker Austin Stubbs. A record crowd of l6,000 witnessed the i3-O Fish win over the University of Texas Shorthorns at the Memorial Stadium as the Cadets paid little heed to the famous Austin "iinx" and defeated the Yearlings for the second straight year. Haas and McJunkin moved the ball from the Aggies' i3 to the Texans' 40 in six plays, Hill lrightl plows into Cub secon dary. BILL TU RNBOW Captain JEWELL MCDOWELL Most Valuable Player Award ALL-SWC- AP and Collegiate Sports Writers Besl Free Throw Percentage Award ALL-NCAA DIST. 6: Look and Colliers ALL-AMERICA Honorable Mention: UP SKETBIILL Arkansas Baylor . Texas , TCU .,.,. Rice .. SMU ....... ASM ....... 408 SWC STANDINGS CONFERENCE FULL SEASON W L Pct. W L Pct. 8 4 .667 I2 12 .500 8 4 .667 14 13 .518 7 5 .583 IO I3 .435 6 6 .500 I0 14 .417 . 6 6 .500 13 I I .542 5 7 .417 13 II .542 2 10 .167 8 15 .348 AP-ALL-SWC Jewell McDowell , ......,.,.,..,......... ,,,.. . ,.A8rM Tom Hamilton ..,..,........,.,.,,,,,... ,,.. . ..Texas Don Heathington .... ,,.,..... B aylor George McLeod ...,,, ,..,,,,,,. T CU Jack Brown' ....,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,, S MU Paul Mitchella' .,.,.......,.. .,,,,.,,, S MU 'Tiecl for titth position. COLLIER'S ALL-NCAA DIST. 6 Jewell McDowell ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ARM Torn Hamilton ...,..,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, ,,,.,,,,.,. T exqg George McLeod ,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,, , TCU Jack Brown ......... .......... S MU Leon Blevins ,,,,,.A Arizona HONORABLE MENTION John DeWitt ..,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,. ,,,.,.,, A QM Walter Davis .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AQM COLLEGIATE SPORTS WRITERS' ALL-SWC FIRST TEAM Don Heathingtan ,........ ..,... ..... ...... B Cl Y IOV Jewell McDowell ............ .......... .AGM Tom Hamilton ........ ........., T GXOS George McLeod ...., ............. T CU Jim Cathcart ......,..,.................. AFICUHSUS SECOND TEAM Paul Mitchell ................. ,.,......,. ........ S M U Joe McDermott ................... .......... R ICS Charles Lutz .......... .......,, S MU Jack Brown ........., ......... S MU John DeWitt .......,........,....... ........ A SJV1 THIRD TEAM Bill Srack ..,.......,,............................ BGYIOV Jack Hess ........,... ,....... A rkanscls Bob Ambler ............ Gene Schmidtf Odell Preston' ........Arkansas .,.......TCU ....,BayIor Harvey Frommek, .......................... .... T CU "Three tiecl for two positions. HONORABLE MENTION Warren Switzer Walter Davis ........ Bill DeWitt ...... LEFT: The cameraman interrupts Coach MARTY KAROW and FRAZIER during a planning session. ...................Rice ,,,,,,,,,,,.A8rM ..,......BoyIor Manager LEE - zi ,V 4 'XX t, 1 , 'R ' 15, , , 7 V i 'X J l J X I N Xl Qin 9' X' X' bb:" 'i' 9 l VARSITY SQUAD-Manager Lee Frazier, 3' Jackie Miller, Woody Walker, Jewell Mc-Dowell,' Wally Mooni Tex Farmer, Eddie Houserf' Bill Turnbowi Sid Hrachovy, Dick Bentley, Mike Garc ia,'i Glenn Williams, Marvin Martinf' Ed Sandlin, CarltonBatten, John DeWitt," Ken Suttonf' Walt Davis," and Coach Marty Karow. "Letterman. 1949-1959 A84M's 1949-50 basketball season was one of the best an Aggie quintet has had in years, yet it was still disappointing. Many persons felt that man-for-man the Cadets boasted the best material in the conference, but the local team could do no better than tie for fourth place when the campaign ended. Entering the next to the last week of the season ASM was tied for first place in the loop, but three reversals in the final two weeks wrecked the Aggieland dream boat. The Cadets, playing four of their six first-half conference games at home, had piled up a clear margin halfway through the season, but playing four games on the road during the second half of competition abetted the Aggie downfall. The season was not without its bright spots, however. League co-champions were Baylor and Arkansas-and Coach Marty Karow's Aggies took three of four games from the titlists. The Bears almost upset Bradley in the Western NCAA finals before losing, 66-68, yet the Maroons swept their two-game series with the Bap- tists by 56-54 and 56-45 scores. ABM upset the Razorbacks, 43-35, on the local court early in the flag race. Then in the second meeting between the two teams, the Cadets led the Porkers till the clock showed only six minutes and ten seconds remained-but the Ozark five forged ahead for a 52-46 victory that toppled ASQM from the top of the conference roost. The Maroons took both games from Baylor and TCU, but in turn were up-ended twice by Texas and SMU. Series were divided with Arkansas and Rice. A loss at the hands of cellar-dwelling Rice lwhich A8rM had defeated earlier at College Station by I9 pointsl and a single-point defeat by Texas, both in the final two weeks of the race, kept the Aggies from finishing in a tie for first place. ln non-conference games the Cadets won four, lost eight-not as bad a record as it sounds, since several of the teams were among' the strongest in the nation, Among the more powerful winners over A8rM were Cotton Bowl invitational winner St. Louis lranked third nationally in '49l, perennial championship contender Oklahoma A8rM franked second nationally in '49l, Long Island U. lranked 13th nationally in '50i, Border Conference champion Arizona lranked 15th nationally in '5Ol, and Niagara. The latter three teams accepted invitations to play in the National lnvitation Basketball Tournament in Madison Square Garden. Little Jewell McDowell was top individual performer for the strong Cadet combination. A former all-stater l'47l from Amarillo, McDowell earned all-confer- ence and all-District 6 lNCAA1 honors on every selection named. Besides being an outstanding 'tfield general," floorman, and scorer, the Maroon player was tops on defense. Always assigned the best man the opposition could offer-including such national figures as Leroy Smith of LIU, Zeke Sinicola of Niagara, Lehman of St. Louis, Gail McArthur of Oklahoma ASCM, and Leon Blevins of Arizona- McDowell consistently outscored them. Captain of the team was four-letter winner Bill Turnbow, also an all-stater while playing for Perrin in I946. At the guard post opposite Turnbow time was split by baseball star Wally Moon, fiery little hustler from Bay, Ark., and Mike Garcia, tricky dribbling artist from San Antonio's Thomas Jefferson High. At the center spot was 6-foot B-inch Buddy Davis, the soph wonder from Nederland. Still not as smooth a player as he should become with more experience under his belt, big Walt probably will cut a deep niche for himself in the Aggie hall of fame in the next two seasons. Long John DeWitt, 6-foot 4V2-inch forward from Waco, lost some of the luster he gained as a soph center but often turned in excellent performances-one in particular being the first Baylor tilt. Capable replacements included 6-foot 7-inch Ken Sutton, Marvin Martin, and Eddie Houser. Individual scoring showed McDowell leading the way with l56 points in con- ference play for a i2-point average and 33l points over the full season for a l3.B- point average. Among conference scorers, he ranked third for the full season and fifth for league play. Next came Davis with lO8 points in the conference lranking 13th with a 9.l averagel and 235 for the season lranking tenth with a 9.8 averagel. DeWitt tallied lO3 in loop play lranking i5th with an 8.6 aver- agel and 217 over the complete campaign l9.0 averagej. Other team members' records in conference competition included Turnbow, 24th with 88 points, Moon, 3lst with 65 points, Garcia, 41st with 35 points, and Martin, 42nd with 34 points. Xlfr New York, N. . Xng X2 poXnXs Xn Xhe XX.- pXoxl, Xhe PAggXes Xo'XXed Xo comm XXnXshecX oheod, bb-5'L Xn Xhe C,ocXeXsf oe- on XXfXocXXson Sguove Govden. XXlX:OoXNeXX scored Xlve oX Xhe X'XnoX X'L poXnXs, ond he on Dome were sXondoXJXs on defiense. Xhe Codex' X'-.noX voXXx1 novvowed Xhe 'L7-poXnX Xeod XNhXch Xhe X6Xoc.X4XoXfcXs hocX heXd. 'XEXIXP-5 P. 5+ NX. LONG XSLPNND . 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S A3114 ABHENE CH1?lSTlA1V , 'iv ff Df fa Cozzfof DeW111,f 7 2 1 16 ,Q f, pf Tarnbow, f 2 6 3 10 reel f 0 fv1.A4Qrr1n, f1 1 1 3 1N,r1,Q,,,,Q Sutton,c-f 1 0 S 2 Pl' Garcia, f 2 1 0 Dav1s,c 2 Walker, M'D O ,I 7 8 lv, . o 2 WSC C ,94 2 110 G 00,9 5 0 2 HOUSEf,g 1 M11 wffe' TD 2 4 2 ,fO 0 3 O Qstersfs 1 0 U 2 35 5l?rseyf 1416 0 0 1 9 0 9 bb,c 1 M owell I0 ,unffm O H 0 3 ,Q 3 'liams 0 1 1 3 'TLC 4 2 3 10 ort'han,g 2 3 2 7 O O 2 Copbinger 0 0 1 0 6 ,fo 0 0 0 Nmg fo 32 X C 2 2 r 1 Tomi: 28 17 19 73 Olos 13 12 21 38 11011-117he score: Texas AQA4 32, ACC 19' fhrsnwltsi missedlLlA3iM X Turnbow 2, Davis ' on -f 030 4, ouser. ACCX Teel, H. Thomas 2, Dorsey, Webb hlfvftnyan 2 Nuff. Officials: Bubba Gernana' and Bill Wall CICS. Forlner 9 the , but king! ecteo' EXAS ft I 5 6 ow, f Q D7 f 4 9 Gorc' opping' 1 0 1 13 VV , 1 O 0 OFSGV e1l,g 5 16 lv Moon l 4 1 Miller 115111 17 1' ' , 1111111111 4141 San Antonio, Dec, 17XPQqed by 1179 DUWS, AGM won over Tri 67-49, Trinity tool: the half ana' until loolred 1 1 hfversi earl ' firs ost twenty minutes, it n1f600'1f's boil game. Davis ,out ggies oheoo' with four straight fielo' goals and three free shots at the close of the first holtf TEXAS ASM Tl?1lVlTY U. fg ft pf tp fg ft pf tg Turnbow,f 1 4 2 6 1?ecko,f 4 4 412 Garcia,f O 0 4 O 1fac1cie1a,f 2 4 3 8 House-r,f 0 O 3 O Cl7oClWell,f 0 0 1 0 DeW1tt,l 3 2 5 8 1L1l2,C 6 2 314 Martin, l 1 0 O 2 VonZee,c 2 1 3 5 Davis,c 12 7 4 31 Murolmg 1 2 Sotton,c l O O 2 AUstin,g A4'Dowe1l,9 2 9 113 S'sn'w W111ia'hs,g O 0 O O AfIoon,g 2 1 Mfller,g 4 4 If 1 2 2 4 , 0 0 0 0 Oonielsfogl O 4 2 I 5 X N x X O O 1 O Tofols 17 15 24 49 roms 222312163 Half-tim , T .5 252 1- - U Free thrg 1415015 1sseeOJZQsTj:fafy A 8,114 27 50 w, Garcia, Davis .i Sutton 2, McDowell. Trihifyx Reclro Q lfoclviela, Cherwell, 11,15 Vqngeel AUS, tin, Daniels 2. bound OfficiE11sf DeA11dre-ws and English, re fofo fight -Conf sfon Amer' Ifg OddIPre C Umm AH' O d BUY 'nEJ , gn Urdu Dovls St Qu db' PG , BUd Un. .bbws LEFT' Co CO II dr' WC' Owe on , MCD L RIGHTNUH 'IO Duane 111111 1 55 1 Q N , 11111 45 111211111 511 wh 51 N College Station, Dec. l2XAc9.M lumpea' Son Antonio, Dec. 164A desperate rally KE into the lead early in the game to defeat in the h'no1 two minutes of ploy fell short - V the Abilene Chnstion quintet, 66-4.1 the as the Aggies lost to the Arikono l'Wlo'cots, ' greatest total of ,aoints scored in a game 50-56. McDowell continued his scoring pace, by the Cadets so for during the seosoh. Ono' in the lotler fnfnutes of the second half 1vlcDowel1's offensive and fVlOOl7'S defensive sanlf two buckets which brought the play sparked the Aggies' first win of the within one ,ooint of knottin 590500, f17S l40'1ClCOfS ,OO1f7SfO TE S :S A3l1E1Vb CHf?1S1'1AN 100' to W117 Xiqfg Afllwlgf tp COLLEGE e 7- De-lfVi1t,f 5 3 4 13 19 ff Dfw rUfhbOW,f 2 3 4 7 1.6511 2 2 I Axjllwqrffn, f O 0 2 0 l'lOl'lI77QI7, f 3 Sa11on,C 2 0 1 4 Grantho VVil1iof17s,f O O 0 O C Davis,c 6 1 2 Garcio, f 0 A4'Dovv S SCOPE' y prof their AGM ARIZONA U. f pf to f 7 Turnb 2 3 1 7 Blevin I 1o,f I O O 2 2 aewm,f 0 1 nf I 2 Mill r f ebb C 1 4 3 D Vf' 0 0 ,Q 2 2 2 6 O S 5 2 ar1,g 4 4 2 ,Q 3 7 X ouser 1 3 3 Totals ' 2 O 1 4 Totals 261 X of to 232 6 3 ry, f O 0 Hone 8 O O 0 r, C 5 3 Dunl n, 2 1 AWD' C 10 O H 17 Moo er' 9 3 66 1- 1n1e s xos AG ee fnsse ell 2 h 5 4 0 1 1 1 ns n,g 5 1 R.J'hns'n,g 0 0 Green, 0 4 0 4 X X X :egg l 0 1 2 1.01015 23 10 12 56 Tofols 19 12 13 50 ACC 15. Holf-time score: Texos AGM 20, '4f1ZO'70 20, X DeVV1tf, Davis 2, Free throws missed: Texas A192114 N TUFUDOW 2, ACCX Dorsey 6, Webb, Garcia, DeWitt. Ar12ona X Fenner 2 DU'7lUDf 1- Qrmon, Nutt 2, Johnson, Green 3. 1ols: Albrecht and Gernand. Officials: DeAno'rews and Lee. ffo,-ts: ive e , defens Is deipne OW hot ing S iump kes OI ow me 900' H ll for MCDQYKII1 CUTS DeVV our ,Olav Mo ssory 1eO f tower nity U ty leod y in the l ike a he A IXMXIX I -, ' , Dec. Ls- v Xn 'Cne J. ' sg ovev . XL Xhe CoXXege Stomon Lorne XXXe Xeo6Xng score gd the Pgglxes Xo o 7A-'33 vXf.Xor Norvn Xexos Skoke o,uXnXeX. OeNNXXX son YQXA Q,ooX Xov X'ne Codeks, XNXXO ANGIE Xne XXvsX We nX'XnXsXeS, XO SCX ovX4s. NX,S.C. X9 'XX pi Xp 5 O 7 'L X' YSX X reXess XX! esN X X'XeXd soo on Xne NXOXOOXX XEYXPS PX. if NX. 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The pa' came through in th ' McDowell sOnk Ml! 551 14151114 46' College Station, Jan. 4XPoor reboun play by the Aggies and tricky ball ha by the SMU Ponies resulted ' the Cadets in their f' man and Mitch victor ltdlinf in a loss for irst SVVC game. Free- ell paced the Mustangs' 53-48 y over the Farmers, who led at the half 27-24. The second half was da the final moments consecutive ' ex sely fought until when SMU scored four field goals to go ahead. Brown's pert ball handling accounted for the jority of the points attained by mares, while DeWitt w among the Cadet TEXA l77Cl' his team- as the pacemaker s. s A. as fv1. SMU fg ft pf tp f DeW1'fi,f 7 l l i5 Brow TL1rnboW,Q l I 2 3 Sutton, c I 7 Dcivis, c M, ft pt' tp n,f 2 5 I 9 Holm, f 2 i 2 2 3 Mitchell,c 5 3 3 5 9 Freem Dowell,g4 0 2 8 Moon,9 3 4 Garcicgg 5 2 3 an, f 6 Lutz 3 IO O 0 I2 3 3 I5 ,Q 5 1 1 11 Owen,g O I O N X J N0 Totals 20 otals I9 IO I6 48 1 1515 5? F000 5' 45 M in controlled the backbo Win of the SWC season, d ' ir had the able assistanc e clinches. sewed up the game in l the two field goals wh' necessary victory margin. he held Froggie points in S tve final two minu ich broke a tie a The Amarillo basketbal ace Taylor scoreless in the final half McLeod ably paced the basket in gainin however ard efeating the of McDowelL who f es of play as he nd gave the Cadets the ler was most valuable on defense as the first half while allowing Schmidt only four visitors as he used his height to the best advan g his share of the rebounds, TEXAS A- 5 Afl- , DeWitt held the sophomore center Dewm f fg ft to seven points in the second period. Turnb I TCU's one point lead at the end of th first half didn't last long as the l tinued to pass from one t but the Cadets fin' for third pl HRACHOVY SID f t F 8 l Zig Kr OVv,f 0 3 O e M.Martin, c 3 eco, Con- Sutton eam ,o the o ished ahead t ace in the S am 9 0 2 c I Garci n a tie ' standin rage under t TC WAI-LY MOON he U omnr1e,g-ff It 5 7 n , S C Ogbbeiif I 3 I od , C O Davis, ther, o gai WC ML 0 BFS 2 5 , O M0069 gs. 3 , l O 3 ,c 8 3 3 rkshire-,c O O 4 Schmidt, 2 I 4 0 O 0 Taylar,g 3 3 2 ell,g 4 l 3 9 Moon,g 3 I I 7 l'loL1ser,g O 0 O Miller,g 0 Totals i7 O O 0 0 Totals IE N X Half-ti ll i4 49 me score: TCU Free throws Martin. T 11245 T . n7issed?3A8,Ael1J3JlfloCfe,y 52 Moo C'UNFfO"nme 2, Taylor 2, McLeod 4. Referees: Mike Williamson and Abe Dietzer, fldklll 462 fM'lfil 571.9 6' College Station, Jan. I2xMcDowell gained his usual top-nctch off ' Und together with his re V plav sparked th over the W e . he Agg' kef 'n T the has . fhfough ther dlp I2 dunks Uno C re- T ufnbow e. ensive play rout of RIC gular fine defensive e Cadets to a 43-35 victory Arkansas Razorbacks. Actuallv it as a team victory as each man played his position to the well known "T" Arkansas held the lead only four times, and never by over two points. Entering the fina two minutes of play the Aggies led 40-35 and the quintet of Garcia, McDow DeVWtt, and Turnbow succ ball. Perhaps the was McD fi ell Mool essfully froze the best shot of the evening owell's 35-footer which broke a e in the second period of the game. TEXAS A. 31 M. ARKANSAS fg ft pf to fg ft nf tp DeVVitt,f 2 2 O 6 Cathcart,f 2 2 4 6 TL1rnbow,f I 2 O 4 l'lUds,oeth,f 2 2 O 6 M.Martin,fi O O 2 Amblerpc 8 4 720 Suttan,c-f I O 3 2 B'rasn1il'r,c 0 2 I 2 Davis,c 4 0 3 8 Mlllehg 0 7 2 7 Garcia,g I 2 4 4 Smith,a 0 0 2 O M'Dowell,g8 l 317 Price,g O O Moan,g O 0 I O Hess,g . refeis 15 512 45 roi lsialf-time score: A k Free throws ' Davis 2 D als r ansa mised' , Sutt eth, A 2 s 20, 7' . AGM bl an, M D Officim er l 3? exa AGM 22. XTurnboMj DeWitt c owell 2. Arkonsasxhluds- 2, Borgsrniller 2, Smith. als: Williamson and Bill W allace. J AR XXXXTXXXS A5 QXXXQXQ YLLL X 5 Y g Prusfrn, Bon. XA 1 Pr Xov-op bv X'rnoX second oX the gorne gove XX'r ns o AB-Ab vvXn over X'ne Codeis. 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Twists the ball Up To me bask ef as cr Sree!! eXX, Mo OXfrXcXoXs1 DXe'r-LeX KTCXXX. sfrekh R'GHT?s Win: rebou Devi Y. nd, S X163 OU1-iu mps Cl PO rkel, b U1' S eems To ho X' XX5 RREXX5 M, RXXBX MXH 'XT Ve mixed th coxxe sro' - . . . 6 we mnciiv U non, Xc2n.hX'6 TNPXSLNXS rooxdkl rrnprovrng oxornrer moved rfrro X I - spoX o X e S C coge roce rn o 'ne rN'rXXn SNXU drier XnondXXv xiungnc? wee' 5637- XXX9 OvXQOrfXe OX XXXe Qorne vvos never 'rn doobr O5 e 0 e'rs Xo X ' ' Omghed .K T56 mZ,Xifg5X GSTXXI XX We openrng rnornenis ond never reXXn- Xq V ' MY XY me S-UC WXOYQXOS OS 95-'L X6-9, 'LA-VL, ooo AA-'LQ X YSAUQ, our X e one-srded conXes'r. cDov4eXX connnued 'nXs scorrng poce os Xwe roxxreo rn x r ,O . ond Xed X'ne Codei scorers. DovXs snowed o greor ornoori geimegrojsrxfetir 3325293223925 dove os 'ne X'reXdxXXnehRXce sXoXvvorX, NXcDerrnoXr, ro onXv NIO XXGXCA QOOXS Xn 'rne Mfg how SX e ovXs wos oso or on o'r'rense os he conXroXXed the board gg X- r ' - . . d Xa XooXX rn rnoiron. 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Goxno, rnro , , , , , , , , overrkne, Khe gorne reoched on even greorer domds, T2 W 77 55 TOWNS '10 W V9 bd WO X R ,O W .A W R A Hon-Krrne score: '6ovXor 30, Texas ABN, '22, ODY 90'-9 05 P 0495 'Om 0 SA 95 me Owe Yree rhrovvs rnrssedz Pbhlv Turnbovv, Oovks 'L, WALK ro Xeove on Rods, Loeiore NNcDovleWs rnernor- Mama 'lf VACYUOWGXX- V2OvNOffX'NeoKhKngNon 7, Nm- ER Dovveh, B. Devxlnr 3, Brock, rhckrnon, Aohnson 3, Moo we shor. orrxgwrsz ern vvoxxm one nor Armen. n and Qof Dewiti jhgf and 115 W o fre Orch 'hee throw mg On . neuveri This einem PT Us H omilfon U33 hwkhhghg WL, AMA Ah Yoverrevkhe, Pvrk, Feb. X3fX.eod'rng un- rn the 'rKnoX swv rrfrnwres o'r dev, the Psggkes ost 'rhe Xeodond evenhxohv Xhe gorne os The Arkdnsos 'rkve sonk Xhe Coders, 5'LfA6, droppkng ASM Xn'ro 'rourkh oXoce ornong, Khe svvc s'rond'rngs. The Razorback qrnnrer seerned 'ro gokn Wre Kn 'rhe !rXnoX oorhon ok rhe game vvnh the w'rrhdrowoX or Dovks vm rhe personokrorh rnerhod. Pvrn'oXer was the vvheeXhorse Xor 'rhe vfrnners Rn the dosrng fnkrwkes. 'YELKP-5 Pk. 8 NM FVAQIXNSPS Sq 'ri pr ro rg RK pf 'ro Turnbovvj 3 A 'LXO Co'rhcor'r,r A 5 5X'5 oevvrrm Q 0. 5 6 nrrasperrrr Q x 2 s Dov'xs,c 'fu 7. 5 3 Srrhrhfr O O 0 O NXor'r'rn,c O N 'Z A Pxr0'0Xer,c 3 B A XA Hou-ser,g 0 0 'L O N.KXXer,g O O 5 0 NXKXXer,g O 0 'L 0 Xdess,g 5 5 A X5 Su'r'ron,g 0 0 N O ?rRc,e,g X '3 3 5 GorcKo,q OQN 'L ffff hNDovNeXX,g 5 7 '5 N7 TONGA-5 N5 Tl 'ZS 57. NXoon,g X Q 5 'L A XS 'LB A6 - Texos IXYAJX 'L6, Pvrkonsos 'LL ?uMfTurn'oovv, Oov'rs 'L fCn!hc,ork A, Prrc ' r. Torch, X Xdoh-rkrne score. Yree rhrovvs nnssedr Ps NNcDovrleXX 6, Xdouser. Pvrkonsos 3, Sr-nvrh, Ixfn'oXer 'L, Hess 3, ond Nnhe il! l0iV6'll0h'lVS 531 TFM5 4667 ege Station, Feb. 28X The Universi f Texas quintet vvon its second the year from the Cadets 53-52. When Davis moments of Ol,f7 e score of out in th second hal other boost ' one aroun session e early ti the Texans In the rebounds with d to fight Hamilton for pos- of the sphere. Mcbovvell and Hamil- ton vvere the individual stars of the co TEXAS A- lg M- TEX fo ft pf fn Turrbovlgf 3 3 4 9 Delfvlft, f 6 U Davis, c 1 7W'Do ntest. AS fg ft pf to lnlamiltonf 8 2 318 212 Dovvies-,f 5 7 577 N 2714lClcYn,c 110 We , 7 5 9 Fl, 4 rcia,9 go 2 I l-lgrrisc Moon 1 5 7 H Total 5 X N 3 6 214 ,Q O O 1 0 Uffman,a2 1 2 5 N Won-iac7r,g 0 2 4 2 121852 CObb,g O 0 7 O Totals 25 75 1555 Half-time score: Texas AGM 31, Texas 30. Free throws missed: AGMeTurnbow 3, Davis, iviDovvell 2, Garcia, Moon. Texasxlflein 3, Wom- 5. Qiyfffcials: Rossi and Shaw. neof my-UD fire Q 4151- steers to b Moon fWo - 57107 Y between Cv fl ffm- Charges I S TO bio bow ol we . T UV" Il 74 LEFT' is Mifche S'1OTHTf SMU 7 7 77377 llwhilw hhdhhh' 53 RIG 9 Fort Worth, Feb. 2lXThree Chafffy S5073 by Tffmbow were 'HTS only rallies by the Cadets in an overtime period but they WSTS Sf-'ff'C'e'Z To give the AQQies a 60-58 victory Over 7718 TCU C099 SC7UC'Oh The WVU TQ 29 men on the court the Aggies' Davis and the FfOQS A4C7e0Of PQCSO' 7779" respective teams in the scoring slots. 7-5,5 WGS j-he fffsf Wir, for the Farmers on the home court of TCU for e last seven years, and it was the first home game 7085 Of The Season for 'he Frogs' n the final 25 seconds of the regulation gflfne, DeVViff- took 0-71Of pass from MCDOWS77 and laid in a bucket to give the Aggies a 57-55 margin. But in the' last nine seconds, Demw faded Mdeooi who fied up the game with a successful charity, TCU No field 90075 were regisfefed in me TEXASQI ifxgfha fa ft pf tp ertime as AGM played a cool and clever Dewm, f 3 2 3 ei Framme, f 7 3 possession type of basketball after Turnbow fvlarfin, f 7 0 7 12 Efhfffige f 0 had registered his three free shots for the ggZgO'?C'f 'rg O4 if 5 'Qeyn d Wim-,ing margin, ln the final one second of Dqvfsfg 9 2 5 play with the score reading 60-58, TCU Farmenf 7 captain Schmidt was fouled and received fvvo M D free shots but failed in each case, ' ' the Aggies their sixth conferenc SSQSO77. EN BATT CARLTON utr misrirzfrr 6.2 rms Mn 5 18 X ,qlfh y With high te dropped cage ough lvlcDa -point honors ' the Aggie race, defeat' 7VlcDermott Ow 1 7 well , Rice ' s fro ing th clean ls as t th lnsfi fn th e M ed th he Bl e cont e S WC araon e hoc ue and est ei under S, 625 lrboard Gra ght mi way At tie - 2. s for the y moved ahead in nutes after the game was . this point Rice brake an 11-Il Gnd never let up in the latter stages of the tilt. TEXASfA. S M? RICE 1 t Delfvitr, f 2? 0 Z 5 3 furnbow,f 2 2 5 Davis,c 1 2 Moon, c 7WD fg ft pf tp vvitzer, f 3 2 3 8 6 Ge-rhardt, F6 5 517 2 4 if 57 h4'D'rm:ptt,c4 4 572 ite, ovvell,Q 9 5 223 rlfj,e,gg 5 f 5 6 Garcia, f O I O 7 Gr'w'n,a"r Flouser,f O 1 3 1 I-My 7vIiller,f O O 0 0 Formeqg 1 1 Marrin,Q 4 9 ,f3 2 2 8 gens, f 0 O 0 0 I 1Demors,g 10 O 2 1 O 7 2 Totals 27 20 24 62 Totals 78 76 23 52 lnlczlf-time score: Rice 37, Texas A8, Free throvvs missed: Svvitze Mfbeffnott 2, Gravvimder Davis, Moon 3, MCD Officials: A 'VI 22 r 2, Gerhardt 2, , DeWitt, Turnbovv 2, ovvell 6. lbrechf and Wallace. 5 17 , O 0 O o s,f7 0 3 2 7Cnox,f 1 1 1 3 20 Mcleoafc 9 9 4 0 0 2 SC77'T77O7f,9 2 ovvell,g4 3 2 11 TO,V70f Moon,g 7 7 O 3 C 9'V"79 l-louser,g 7 O 7 e Win of the Sutton, Q 0 27 LER O 4 4 JACKIE MIL , 2 1 2 5 ompbeig O O O 0 2 X 2 X N 0 O 0 Totals 22 74 79 58 r f 1 22 15 1565 lslglgtime score: AGM 361 TCU 34. Free throws missed: Frafnfhe, KNOX, Mclea Schmidt 2, Taylor 2, Turnbovv 3, DQWS, M D 2, Moon, Houser. Officials: Baccus and Rossi. c ovvell, ome' ACC 9 . the , ff ln. fin- .o S he HP an 'W' ke 7 QW he air 736157777 UU 5 infoliw Gnd oC"' ll C ' , U67 S Dow? DUVIS MC , bow, Tum U' game of by th fouled the ea' an FISH SQUADwKneeling, left to right: Bill Hilton, Joe Gulledgef' Max Montegutf Malcolm Douglassf Bill Carpenter,1' Hub Scott, and Don Heftf Middle Row: Les Peden, fall semester coach, Burt Gant, Jim Velvinjk Joe Healy, Leroy Mikschf Claude Staggsf and Dick Cade, manager. Back row: Jim Branom, Dori Garrett, Wally Bleylf' Robert Crew, Richard Bessf' and Jerry Chapman? Not shown: Dale Foosheef 7tFreshman numeral. L Peden and Gene Schrickel alternated in the coaching position during the Fish basketball tea LES PEDEN Fall Semester Coach m's eleven- es game season, which ended with a 7-4 record. Peden coached the Fish through the first five games to a 3-2 record while Schrickel finished out the season with the freshman quintet, gaining a 4-2 record. The first year ' ' M ' J ' Col- Aggies defeated every team at least once, splitting series with the Texas Shorthorns, Lon orris unior lege, the Rice Slimes, and the Baylor Cubs. They defeated the Wharton Junior College Pioneers twice and the Allen Academy Ramblers once. Pacing the Fish over the season was Waelder all-stater Leroy Miksch with 128 points, an average of 11.6 Abl assistance was offered by Max Montegut of Texas City, 71 points, Don Garrett of Fort Worth, per game. e 62, Jimmy Velvin of Longview, 59, Don Heft of Palacios, 56, Joe Gulledge of Chico, 42, and Wally Bleyl of Houston, 30. Peclen set the new Aggies against their first opponent, Lon Morris, state junior college champions, but lost, 49-57. Velvin and Montegut showed the way with 11 markers each. The little Aggies rebounded in the sec- ond affray to defeat Wharton, 43-37, as Velvin led the Fi-sh' with 10 points. Miksch's 11-point high for the ' ' A d rs 44-41, in evening proved to be the deciding factor as the youngCadets edged the Allen ca emy cage , the first Fish home game. Playing in Gregory Gymnasium, the Fish lost to the highly rated Texas Shorthorns, 36-51, although Miksch was high scorer with 14 points. Miksch led the Fish to a 56-46 routing of the Rice Owlets as he again scored 14 points while Heft trailed with 11. Baylor's trosh rocked the Cadets, who were playing their first game coach, handing the freshmen their third defeat, 56-46. Coach Schrickel watched his team ' ' -35 d M'k ch a ain led the home team with 14 markers with Schrickel as win for the first time, as it downed Wharton, 41 , an i s g . ln a return tilt, ' ' h f' l d of the game tieing and the Fish edged the Cubs, 43-42, with Monteguts two free throws in t e ina secon s winning the game for the Cadets, as Miksch again was high-point man with 12 points. Against the Owlets, Miksch scored 19 markers, but the Slimes were not to be denied as they downed the ' ' ' h F' h d f t d the Lon Morris Bearkats Cadets, 55-43. The final two games went in favor of the Aggies ast e is e ea e and the Shorthorns. Heft dropped in 11 points, Velvin added 9, Montegut 10, and Miksch 8 to lead the f h 56-55 in over the Bearkats. Both Garrettand Heft scored 11 points, while Miksch garnered res men to a w 9, and Montegut 7 for the Cadet's smashing 51 to 44 victory over the TU frosh, marking the end of the Fish cage season. 417 GENE SCHRICKEL Spring Semester Coach LeROY MIKSCH Outstanding Freshman 1f txl.2...l" ...nm fl T 19464 A gA.8fM T E ---' A ,- ff'k 5 e- 3 l x q I A D . NSR 'K J' . ft ,lv-,K X x, N A X X 5 mx K X Q 1 bg , X 4 Y 5 N s X R 4 i W ma, N fy X W is X QI r 1 Mm 1 X I Y X gr Q , xx I Q Y R, X 2 3551. jig., ,, A jig ' mv.-QQ. z' ' cw N X , H Hi f i ' ' . -A ' 1 , ' W' 3 if-l I . XW 5 . , 5 ., , GEORGE KADERA J. D. HAMPTON Co-Capiain Co-Capiain A SVVC Discus Champion SWC Mile Record-Holder Texas and Kansas Relays Discus Champion SWC Two Mile Record Holder TR CK dr. rg Ll SWC MEET RESULTS Team Texas A81M Rice Arkansas Baylor SMU TCU Points 60 43 32 20 9 7 5 LEFT: Head Coach FRANK ANDER- SON Times a runner as Coach RAY PUTNAM and Manager WOODY GARNEY await The resulfs. geX4d 1, -cum.: , .. Q , 9 Asmns ' Q XA ,. 9X4 Q9 s EXA QFXA Agua ASM QXAG 6. Aan Aan ASM Aan 4 5 -Q A T T. XA QXA T?-X4 TEXAS' WT' .9 , T fax-4s Rain -is ARM KP48'M MM MM .WX4 'i5'x"' 'NASIH Q 'ASQH-Q K X VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROW: Bonnen, Terry, D, Cardon, Hampfon, Kadera, Hooker, Bodeman, Bond, and Hall, SECOND ROW: Frank Anderson, coach, McMahon, Leming, Allen, Davis, Bless, Graves, Simpson, Wade, Herring, and Ray PuTman, coach. THIRD ROW: Garney, manager, Gabriel, Omo, Terry, Place, Jones, Yinks, Weber, and Germany. FOURTH ROW: Mitchell, McCarTy, Orfiz, Baker, Shaeffer, Meyes, Green, Anderson, and Lippman. 1950 Winning five of seven meeTs This year, The CadeT cinder sTars had a very successful season ouside of a bad day aT The conference meeT in AusTin. Texas won The meeT wiTh 60 poinfs To 43 for ASM and 32 for Rice. The only oTher meeT The Aggies losT was a dual meeT To Texas by a 63-59 score. On The winning side of The ledger, The Thinly clads whipped NorTh Texas, LSU. ancl Rice in dual meeTs by wide margins. In The Border Olympics They scored 64 poinTs To swamp second place Texas wiTh 40 poinTs and Third place Oklahoma ASQM. Then aT Corpus ChrisTi aT The QuarTerback Relays The Maroon and WhiTe edged auT Texas 66-V3 To 64-lf3. Rice won Thircl wiTh 30-lf3. Some of The mainsTays of The Team were co-capTain-s George Kadera and J. D. Harnpfon in The weighTs and disTances, respecTively, Bob Hall, low hurdle specialisT, Paul Leming, soph high hurdler, Jack Simpson and Don Graves, pole vaulTers, Julian Herring and John McMahon, milers, and Don MiTchell and Bernard Place, quarTermilers. Aside from The seven meeTs menTioned The Aggies enTered in The naTion's big Three relay carnivals, Texas, Kansas, and Drake Relays, and garnered a firsT in all Three. Kadera won The discus aT Texas and Kansas and Leming won The low hurdles aT Drake. A8iM's mile relay quarTeT lPlace, Cardon, MiTchell, and Shaefferl was again among The naTion's sTrongesT, buT had To compeTe wiTh foursomes from Rice and Oklahoma A8iM which were Those schools' besT in hisiory. Likewise, The Aggie four-mile relay was This school's besT ever, buT iT could do no beTTer Than finish second aT The Texas and Kansas Relays To a greaT quarTeT from Kansas U. The Jayhawks cracked 29-year-old sTandards aT boTh meeTs wiTh a Team ThaT didn'T have a weak link. Texas, led by Charley Parker, who won The lOO and 220, and Bob WalTers, who won The high jump and pole vaulT, dominafed The confer- ence meeT May i3 wiTh 6 firsTs and a horde of places To A8iM's 5 firsTs and 4 for Rice. Kadera's discus Toss, Graves' firsT place Tie in The pole vaulT, Herring's mile win, Leming's high hurdle firsT, and Hall's repeaT performance in The low hurdles accounfed for The Aggie firsTs. Hall is SWC record-holder in The low hurdles aT 22.8, which he seT lasT year, and he had one of The fasTesT Times in The naTion This year. ParTicularly encouraging for A8iM are prospecfs for nexT year. GraduaTing seniors on The Team are George Kadera, J. D. Hampfon, Bob Hall, Jerry Bonnen, Ed Hooker, and Don Cardon - buf capable replacemenTs indicaTe The Team will be iusT as sTrong nexT spring. Such fresh- man aThleTes as Darrow Hooper, shoT puTTer and discus hurler par excellenT, Bill STalTer, sprinT ace: and Bobby Ragsdale, broacliumper and low hurdler, TogeTher wiTh o number of Their firsT-year TeammaTes, will possibly more Than make up for graduaTion losses. Add To These replacemenTs i949 leTTerman Bill Henry, broad jumper, and The remarkable quarTermiler James Baker, a sTar freshman runner in '49, and The fuTure is far from dull for The CadeTs. QuiTe possibly l95l will see a refurn To The SWC Throne room by The Aggies. 4-1 9 .l ALEX ORTIZ 880 f i , ,-V..-H ,,.c...,,l PAUL LEMING HURDLES DON GRAVES POLE VAULT, HIGH JUMP HERRING edges HAMPTON To capTure SWC mile in 4:i7.4. ggies Place Second t Sugar Bowl New Orleans, La., Jan. l - A84M's mile relay quarTeT of Don Mifchell, RoberT Afkins, Bernard Place, and Don Engleharf, Took second place in The Sugar Bowl lnviTaTional Track Meef behind a record-breaking foursome from Oklahoma A8JVl. Aggie Ray Hol- brook also finished second, as he crossed The finish line behind PaT Bowers of Kansas, who finished wifh a record Time of l:53.0 for The half-mile course, The Oklahoma Aggies seT a new Soufhern and Sugar Bowl record wiTh a Time of 3:l6.4 for The mile relay. Cadets Swamp erth Texas College STaTion, March 4-Maroon and Whife Tracksfers swamped The NorTh Texas STaTe Eagles, 72-42, winning all buT Three of The evenTs in The meeT. The Aggie cinder Team was so well balanced Thar in only one evenT, The broad iump, were The Cadefs blanked while The Eagles failed To place in four evenfs. George Kadera and Paul Leming led The Maroons, each scoring Two firsfs. Kadera. Tossed The shoT for 47' l" and one firsT, Then Threw The discus l49' 4" for his second Win. Leming won boTh The high and low hurdles, Taking The T20 highs in l4.9, and The 220 lows wiTh a Time of 24.5. ln The mile run, J. D. HampTon besfed Teammafe J-ulian Herring wiTh a Time of 4:2l .3, and Don Mifchell won The 440 on The weT Track wiTh Aggie Bernard Place righT behind The 49.l Time posTed by The winner. One of The surprises of The meeT was Alex OrTiz's 1:57.93 880 win as he finished five yards ahead of a second place Eagle. Perhaps The biggesT surprise in The meeT was Bob Hall's win in The l00'wiTh a i0 flaT Time, Bob placed second in The 220. In an exhibifion race Aggie Jerry Bonnen ran a l0:05 Two-mile, defeafing Jack Jones. NorTh Texas finally copped a firsT, winning The sprinf relay wiTh a fine Time of 42.6, beafing The Cadef four- some by Ten yards. ln The pole vaulT, Ties occurred in boTh firsT and second place, wiTh Jack Simpson and Don Graves boTh clearing i2' 6" for firsT and Aggie Elmo Wade Tieing Eagle Lufher Fambro aT l2'. Simpson also won The iavelin wiTh a Throw of i5l feeT. Buddy Davis Took anorher firsT for A8rM, high iumping 5' liVs". The mile relay Team of B. U. Terry, Don Cardon, Place and Cecil lngleharT easily won, finishing The course in 3:23.5. For The Eagles, Fambro won The broad iump, while Teammafe Jerome Zaboinik won The 220, and Johnny Slack was second in The shoT, discus, and iavelin. 420 81M Wins Border 01 mpics Laredo, March 11 - A8QM's cindermen surprised the Texas Longhorns and state sport- writers by recapturing the Border Olympics crown with a total of 64 points. Pre-meet favorite Texas was well behind the Aggies with 40V2 points. New records were set in the meet by two Aggies, George Kadera and Bob l-lall. Kadera heaved the discus 165' while Hall barely nipped teammate Bill Bless in setting a new low hurdle record of 23.1 sec- onds. All in all, the Aggies won eight first places, failing to tally only in the sprints and broad iump J. D. Hampton followed his winning ways in taking the mile and two-mile events, although he failed to crack either of his previous records. ABQM made a clean sweep of the mile as Julian Herring and Johnny Garmany finished two-three behind Hampton, and in the two-mile, Jerry Bonnen finished fourth. A big surprise in the meet was Walt Davis, who tied Vern McGrew in the high jump, clearing the bar at 6' 4V2". Jack Simpson and Don Graves finished one-two, respectively, in the pole vault with Simpson coming through with his best yet at 13' 6", while Graves tied with TU's Bob Walters at 13'. Graves also tied for third in the high lump. Paul Lem- ing took the high hurdles in 14.7, and finished fourth in the lows. Bernard Place pulled a mild surprise, finishing ahead of Don Mitchell in the 440 dash with a time of 48.7. The Mitchell-Cox duel failed to develop as Cox sat out the 440 to concentrate on the mile relay which the Rice Owls won with the Aggies placing second, but the Feathered Flock failed to best the 3117.3 record set by ASQM last year, needing four seconds to tie the record. Adding valauble points to the Maroon and White total were Ed Hooker, third with 137' 9" in the discus tossing, and Simpson, hurling the iavelin 168' 7" for fourth place. Cadet half-milers failed to place when other contestants staggered around the first curve and illegally cut in ahead of the A8rM men. This action went unnoticed by the iudges. Kadera's record in the shot-put event was broken by a half-inch at 46' 11V2". Kadera placed fourth in the event with a toss of 44' 113A1". Outstanding for the Longhorns was Charley Parker, who broke both of the sprint rec- ords-a 9.4 100-yard time and a 20-flat in the 220. The latter exceeds the world record of Jesse Owens by 3f10 second although it will not be recognized because of o strong tailwind. TU's only other win was the 440-yard relay. Oklahoma ASM took the first two places of the half-mile run, with winner Harold Trant setting a new record of 1:56 flat. The Okies other first was John Vaught's 23' 11" winning broad iump. Tobin Rote of Rice captured the iavelin at 191' 11". SIMPSON, pre- naw," BERNARD PLACE 440 MILE RELAY meet favorite, clears only 13' at SWC meet. BENTON TERRY, BUDDY SHAEFFER, BERNARD PLACE, and DON MITCI-lELL were mile relay team members, ordinarily, however, DON CARDON ran a leg of the relay rather than TERRY. f YM' ':, , t J.. X Nw-w2..,v,x.3v,.g.,.s .,,., Mmm, ,r.x,. c.,i,,..,,,,, .,..r . ,V V 4? . W., A ,- . ..v. , 'fris . siri Q- t-r4 ..,t ,t... A -',.'. - . ' 1 . fr, ...r J iz? 'tsi 'ss' ' 4 421 px 53:5 QW' JOHN GARMANY MILE, TWO MILE KADERA hecives the discus within 7 of SVVC record. College Stcition, Morch 18 - The Aggie trocksters won their third stroight meet of the yecir, def-eoting the Rice Owls, 73-49. Although ecich squad won eight events, the Cczdets' win come through, winning li ofthe i4 second ploces. A81M swept six events cmd plciced in oll except the brood jump ond the reloys, where only first wos counted. J. D. Hampton finished first in the mile run with John Gormony close behind. An upset occurred in the 880 run os Alex Ortiz ond Robert Allen swept the event for A84M, ond in the 440, Cecil Inglehort ploced behind Tom Cox, who finished first. Kodero won the shot put ond discus, cmd dgoin the big mon bettered the SWC rec- ord, tossing the discus l64' 7". Ed Hooker finished second in the discus. Don Groves Won the pole voult ot T3' with Jock Simpson second, ond Groves tied with Buddy Dovis ot 6' 4" in the high iump behind Vern McGrew. Poul Leming dominoted the high hurdles ond Bob Holl did the some in the lows, olthough he wos pushed by second plocer Bill Bless. The Rice mile relciy bcirely nosed out the Ccidet teom of Buddy Shcieffer, Don Cordon, Don Mitchell, ond Bernord Ploce. Beoumont, Morch 25 - A8QM's trcick teom continued its winning wdys, defeoting the LSU Tigers, 72-45. The Aggies won nine firsts ond swept six events while the Tigers won but six events cmd shutout the Formers only in the 880 ond the 220. Poul Leming, per- forming before o home town crowd, won the high hurdles in 14.5 cmd wos bcirely beoten by Bob Hull in the lows. George Kodero wos the only Aggie to win two firsts - o 165' 6" toss ofthe discus Chis best of the yeorl ond o 48' 3" heove of the shot. The Fcirmers swept the distonces os Julion Herring ond John Gormony finished one-two in the mile ond Jerry Bonnen ond Jim McMc1hon duplicoted the trick in the two-mile. Glenn Lippmon won the home town tecim's first points in o brood iump event this yecir os he took second ploce with o 2i' 8" hop. Jcick Simpson voulted 13' 4" to leod the Codets to o sweep of the pole voult os Don Groves ploced second ond cxlso won cinother second ploce behind Buddy Dovis, who won the high jump ot 6' l". With Simpson not throwing, Ed Hooker took second in the speor event together with ci second in the discus. A84M's mile relczy teom, which did not include either Bernord Ploce or Don Mitchell, finished o close second behind the Tigers. I 422 Kadera Wins T Texas Relays AusTin, April I -Big George Kadera provided ASTM wiTh iTs only firsT place in The Texas Relays as he heaved The discus I65' Il", Ten feef more Than second place Rollins Prafher of Kansas STaTe, Kadera was Third in The shoT puf. Three records were broken aT The Relays, cmd in The mile relay, The record was broken by Three Teams. All Three of The firsf Trio of Teams To cross The finish Iine beffered The Time seT by A8IM's Team in '48. Rice and Oklahoma Universify finished ahead of The' Aggie Team composed of Don Cardon, Buddy Shaeffer, Don MiTchelI, and Bernard Place. J. D. HampTon ran a 4:14 mile as The four-mile relay broke The old record, buf sTill The Aggie failed To win, as The sfrong Kansas relay Team finished The course ahead of The Cadefs, seTTing a new record of I7.2O.9' which cuT 20 seconds off of The old record which was seT in I929 Ifhe oldesf record runningi. Rounding ouT The Farmer Team were Jim McMahon, John Garmany, Julian Herring, and Hampfon. A8TM's 880 relay composed of Jack Bond, Dave Yiengsf, Bob Hall, and Billy Bless finished in second place behind TU. Paul Leming, who had been suffering from flu during The week, failed To place in The high hurdles. STM Wins lluarterbaek Relays Corpus ChrisTi, April 8 -Texas A8TM's always husfling Track Team came from behind in The lasf evenf, cafching TU To win The annual QuarTerback Relays by Two poinfs. Texas was leading by I6 poinfs going info The nighT porTion of The meeT, buf aT This poinT The CadeTs began To rally and forged ahead on The Iasf evenf wiTh second-place behind Rice in The mile relay. Seven records were broken in The nighT porTion of The meeT, wifh ASTM breaking Three and Texas and Rice Two each. Togefher wifh The new mile relay record, The Owls broke Bob Goode's iavelin record with Tobin Rofe 'rossing The spear. Charley Parker ran The 220 in 2I.O for a new record and anchored The 440 relay To The ofher record. George Kadera, Bob Hall, and Jack Simpson all won Their favorife evenfs, seTTing rec- ords in each. Kadera seT a new mark wiTh a I59' 3V2" heave To The discus, as well as winning The shof puT. Hall flew The 220 lows in 23 fIaT, and Simpson vaulfed I3' 6" for The final new mark. J. D. HampTon was also a double winner, Taking The mile and Two- mile, wiTh Julian Herring and John Garmany Taking second and Third in The mile and Herring and Jerry Bonnen garnering Third and fourTh in The Two-mile. Paul Leming Took firsT in The high hurdles in- I4.7, wiTh Billy Bless fourfh, buf boTh boys were surprised in The lows as Parsons of Texas was second and Leming was Third and Bless fourTh. A Three- way Tie occurred befween Vern McGrew of Rice, Burry Davis, and Bob Walfers of Texas in The high jump af 6' 4". Hall came in a surprising Third in The cenfury dash, and Dave Yiengsf and Jack Bond picked up some much-needed poinTs by Taking Third and fourTh in The 220. 41 T BILL BLESS HURDLES, SPRINT RELAY JACK SIMPSON POLE VAULT, HIGH AND BROAD JUMP JAVELIN .l if cEc1L INGLEHART 440, MILE RELAY GRAVES surprised by Tieing for The SVVC pole vaulT TiTIe. 441 BUDDY SHAEFFER ' MILE RELAY, 440 HALL repeoTed os SWC low hurdle chompion wiTh LEMING fourTh. 220, IOO ED HOOKER DISCUS, JAVELIIXI BOB HALL LOW HURDLES, I00 220, SPRINT RELAY Kadara Wins t Kansas Lowrence, Kon., April 22 - George Kodero goined The only firsT ploice for A84M QT The Kcrnsos Relciys when he come from behind To ouT-Toss Hollin ProiTher of Konscis STciTe in The discus evenT. Profher hod olreody Tossed The discus I64' 9V2" when Kddero, on his losT chcince, heoved The discus l65' 4". EnTries from A84M, Rice, ond Texos won seven evenTs oiT The Reloys. The Owls goined firsTs in The mile reloy 440 ond hi h 'um whil 1 1 Q I I9 9 The Longhorns were firsT in The I00, iovelin, ond The Two--mile reloy The Aggie mile reloy Teoim of Cordon, lngIe'horT, Ploce, ond Mifchell wos second ond The four-mile reIc1yTedm of Ivlclvlohon, Qormciny, Herring, ond Hoimpfon cilso finished second, ogciin behind The greciT Kcinsos quorTeT which seT o new record Jock Simpson Tied for second in Th l . e po e voulT wiTh ci vouIT of I3' 8", The besT heighT oi SVVC voiuITer hos recorded in yeors. A8JVl's 880 reloy Teom of YiengsT, Bless, Hcill, ond Anderson wos Third. Leming Wins t Drake Des Moines, Iowo, April 29- Poul Leming upseT oll The experfs' predicfions by win- ning The low hurdles o1T The bod-weciTher-plogued Droke Reloiys ond by locin Third in I9 Q The highs. Kodero wos second in The discus, defeofed by less Thon ci fooT by Byrl Thomp- son of lviinnesoTo. Thompson's Toss wos for I58' 7". J. D. HompTon, defending chcimpion in The Two-mile, couldn'T overcome The mud ond compeTiTion ond hold To be sofisfied wiTh Third. Rice's mile reloy Teom wos defeofed by Oklohomo ASTM, buT won The 440 relciy. Tobin RoTe won The icivelin wiTh ci Toss of I95'. Texos foiled To win o firsT plcice, ond Ch I P k I ' ' ' ' ' ' or ey or er ooked poor in Tciking Third in The 100. Leming's Time on The lows wos 24 2, cmd his long sTride wcis The deciding focTor in The home sTreTch. Pre-meeT fdyoriie Bob Holl fdiled To quolify when he Took ci spill in The prelims. T Snaps 81M Win Streak Ausfin, Moy 5 - Texos Universify snoipped ci fiye meeT winnin sireok of The hiTherTo - Q undefeoTed Aggies, defeoTing The Coidefs, 63-59, o1T Memoriol STodium. Despife The fcicT ThdT The Cod T ' ' ' ' e s gornered Ten firsTs To TUs six, The Longhorns golned o winning mdrgin on I I second ploces while The CodeTs goT buT Three. One of The biggesT surprises of The meeT wcis Alex OrTiz cind John Gormciny of The Aggies finishing one-Two in The' 880. AnoTher surprise wos Jock Simpson's second ploice 22' 5" brood lump, ond, os usuoil, he won The ole vciulT I ' ' " ' ' ' p , c eoring I3 6 . J. D. HompTon won The mile going owoy wiTh TU's Don Sporks second ond .Iulion Herring o disoppoinTing Third. Herring won The Two-mile, beoTing Bobby VVhisenonT wiTh or Time of 9-49 5 The mile reloy finished in ood order . . . g for The Aggies wiTh Bernord Ploce ond Don Mifchell showing The woy. Kodero won The shoT ond discus evenTsT T k hi h o ci e ig poinT honors for The Aggies, ond Poul Leming won The high hurdles, ond Bob Holl won The lows in 24.0 Texos won firsT in The 440 reloy, I00-ycird dosh, 2-20-yord dcrsh, jovelin brood iump ond high iump Chorle Porker led 1 - Y The Longhorns in Their vicTory os he won The I00, 220, ond ron on The winning 440 relay. 424 . 81M Second In SWC Track Meet El'EEY.3i'i!'S Austin, May 13 - The University of Texas .onghorns outpointed defending cham- Jions Texas ABM, 60-43, to win the South- vest Conference Track and Field Meet. The Steers' victory occurred not so much because af the Aggies failing in their skills, but in he fact that the Texas cindermen performed ike they never have before. it was felt most strongly in the high jump fvhere Bob Walters of the Orange and White upset Vern McGrew of Rice, Bill Mil- burn also of TU placing second in the shot, and the failure of Aggies J. D. Hampton and Jack Simpson to win the two-mile and pole vault, respectively, which both have done consistently throughout the year. Hampton was hampered somewhat by a pulled muscle, but Simpson managed only a tie for third in the vaulting. SWC TRACK MEET. RESULTS BY EVENTS 440-yard relay: 1. Texas lFloyd Rogers, Carl Mayes, 'erry Samuels, Charley Parker1, 2. Rice, 3. Baylor, L Texas ABM. Time 41.1 lNew record-old record 11.2 set by Texas in 19471. Mile run: 1. Julian Herring, Texas ABLM, 2. J. D. tampton, Texas A8:M, 3. Oliver Gatchell, Arkansas, l. Tom Hardin, Arkansas. Time, 4:l7.4. Shot put, l. John Morton, Texas Christian, 49' 4V2". 2. Bill Milburn, Texas, 49' Yi". 3. George Kadera, 'exas A8xM, 48' His", 4. Joe McPhail, Rice, 47' 7V2". 440-yard dash, 1. Tom Cox, Rice, 2. Norman Price, Rrkansas, 3. Bobby Dillon, Texas, 4. Bernard Place, Texas A8-M. Time: 46.9 CNew Record-old record 47.3 :et by Ray Holbrook of Texas AGM in 19491. 100-yard dash: 1. Charley Parker, Texas, 2. Perry Samuels, Texas, 3. Carl Mayes, Texas, 4. Arthur Brown, Rice. Time: 9.6. Javelin throw: 1. Tobin Rote, 202' 3wIHf 2. Ray Vlarek, Texas, 192' 1O", 3. Pat Knight, Southern Viethodist, 190' 2M:", 4. James Dowies, Texas, 1842 High lump: 1. Bob Walters, Texas, 6' 857fa"lNew rec- ord-old record 6' 7724" set by Pete Watkins of Texas ABM in 19431, 2. Elmo Adams, Arkansas, 6' 5V2", 3. Vern McGrew, Rice, Don Graves, Texas ASTM, and lay Womack, Texas, tied, 6' 4V2". 120-yard high hurdles: 1. Paul Leming, Texas ABKM, Z. John Valls, Baylor, 3. Vol Joe Walker, Southern vlethodist, 4. Ralph Person, Texas. Time: 14.5. 880-yard run: 1. Otha Byrd, Rice, 2. Lowell Haw- kinson, Texas, 3. James Hoff, Rice, 4. Dick Brooks, Texas. Time: 1:53.6 lNew record-old record l:53.8 set by Mac Umstadt of Texas in 19411. 220-yard dash: 1. Charley Parker, Texas, 2. Carl Mayes, Texas, 3. Arthur Brown, Rice, 4. Bernard Judd, Arkansas. Time: 21.0. Discus throw: 1, George Kadera, Texas ABQM, 162' 7", 2. Jack Adkisson, Southern Methodist, 151' 1lV2", 3. Randall Clay, Texas, 144' 11V2", 4. Ed Hooker, Texas A8iM, 141' 3". Two-mile run: 1. James Brown, Arkansas, 2. James VVest, Arkansas, 3. J. D. Hampton, Texas ASTM, 4. Nor- man Alsobrook, Baylor. Time: 9:34.6. 220-yard low hurdles: 1. Bob Hall, Texas AGM, 2. Bill Bless, Texas ABM, 3. Ralph Person, Texas, 4. Paul Leming, Texas ASM. Time: 23.3. Mile relay: 1. Rice lJack Hudgins, James Hoff, Arthur Brown, Tom Cox1, 2. Texas A8-M, 3. Texas, 4. Arkansas. Time: 3:14.3 fNew record-old record 3:14.9 set by Texas A8-M in 19491. Broad iump: 1. Charles Meeks, Texas, 24' 4Ma", 2. Jack Lucas, Baylor, 23' IOM", 3. Jim Gerhardt, Rice, 23' B", 4. George Thomason, Arkansas, 23' 7". Pole vault: 1. Don Graves, Texas ABQM, and Bob Walters, Texas, tied, 13' 6", 3. Jack Simpson, Texas ABQM, Jody Runnels, Texas, and Keith Tompkins, Texas, tied, 13'. BENTON TERRY 440, MILE RELAY DAVIS revealed otential reatness in the high iump. P Q JACK BOND, BILL BLESS, BOB HALL, and GARY ANDERSON formed the sprint relay team. l 425 , . LEMING capTured The SWC high hurdle championship. JERRY BONNEN TWO-MILE, MILE JIM MCMAHON MILE, TWO-MILE JULIAN HERRING MILE, TWO-MILE Big Seven Trackmen Wallop SWG Dallas, June 3 - The Big Seven walloped The SouThwesT Conference in The annual Dual oi Champions Track and field meeT, rolling up 79 poinTs To 52. In The Tour-year hisTory oT The meeT, The Big Seven now has won Twice, The SVVC once, and There has been one Tie. Five records were seT in The upseT vicTory by The ouTsiders which was one of The mosT crushing in The series. SUMAMRY OF DUAL Mile run-I. Bob Karnes Kansas- 2 Bill MCG ' , , . uire, Missouri, 3. Lee Moore, Nebraska. Time: 4:I5.3. 440-yard dash-'l. T . , AGM, 3. Charles Coleman, Oklahoma. Time: 48.5. om Cox, Rice, 2 Don MiTcl1ell Broad iump-l. Herb Hoskins, Kansas STaTe, 24' 25", 2. Jim Danielson, Kansas STaTe, 23' IO", 3. Charles Meek, Texas, 23' 5". IOO-yard dash-I. Troilo, Kansas STaTe, 3. Harry Meginnis, Nebraska, Time: 9.8. Charley Parker, Texas- 2 Lod ShoT puT-l. Jim Allen Colorado 53' 9" I , , new rec- ord-old record 53' 5V2" seT by Rollin Prather Kan- S sas TaTe, in I948J, 2. Rollin Prarher, Kansas 'STaTe, 5l' 5", 3. Wally Tanner, Colorado, 50' 6V2". I20-yard high hurdles-'l. Val Joe Walker, South- ern Mefhoclisfp 2. Paul Leming, ABM, 3. Earl Elliort, Kansas STaTe. Time: l4:8. 880-yard run-l. Bill Jacobs, Oklahoma, 2. Harold Kopf, Nebraska, 3. Pal' Bowers, Kansas. Time: l:53.4. 220-yard dash-'l. Charley Parker Texas- 2 Hari' 1 1 - Y Meginnis, Nebraska, 3. Bob Buck, Colorado. Time: 2l.3. Javelin Throw41. Tobin Rate, Rice, 187' 11", 2. Ray Marek, Texas, 186' 9"g 3. George Holley, Colorado, l86' 7". A26 AlThough The SWC was favored To win The meeT by a slim margin, The Big 'Seven boys swepT Tour evenTs and scored near sweeps in Two more, being shuT ouT only in The mile relay which The SWC, wiTh a Team of Bernard Place of ASTM, Bobby Dillon of Texas, ArThur Brown and Tom Cox boTh of Rice, won in a Time' of 3:I4.7- a new rec ord Tor The meeT. The old record was 3:l6.2 seT by ASTM in l948. CHAMPIONS MEET I High jump-'l. Bob Gordon, Missouri, and Vern Mc Grew, Rice, Tied, 6' 7134" Inew record-old record 6 lik" set by Henry Coffman, Rice, and Tom Scotfield Kansas, in 19473, 3. Bob Jones, Oklahoma, and Virgil Sfevens, Kansas STaTe, Tied, 6' 4". Two-mile runfl. George FiTzmorris Colorado 2. Herb Semper,"Kansas, 3. Bob Fox, Missouri Time 8:l5.2 inew record-old record 9122.2 seT by Jerry Thompson, Texas, in l947l. Pole vaulT-I. Don Cooper, Nebraska and Bill Carroll, Oklahoma, Tied, I4' inew record-old record l3' 6" seT by Carroll in l949l, 3. Bob Waliers Texas and Jack Simpson, ABQM, 'l3'. 220-yard low hurdles-l. Jackson Greenwood Kan 23.5. Discus Throw-l. Rollin Prafher, Kansas Sfaie l5l I l"g 2. George Kadera, ASM, 150' 53A"p 3. Jlm Allen Colorado, I46' lOV2". Mile relay-'l. SouThwesT Conference fBEfh'Cfd Place, ABM, Bobby Dillon, Texas, ArThur Brown RlC9 Tom Cox, Ricel. Time: 3:'I4.7 Knew record-old reC0fd 3:16.2 Ser by AGM in 19481. qsecona place counfed no poinTs, no 440-yard relay held.D I sas, 2. Bill Bless, ALM, 3. Ralph Pearson, Texas. FISH SQUAD Front row: Bill Stalter, Ed Wilmsen, Bobby Brown, Bobby Ragsdale, Darrow Hooper, Jimmy Curtis, Marshall Lazarine, Paul Hendrix, and Claude Watts. Second row: Coach Frank Anderson, Glen Spradlin, Raymond Haas, Joe Gulledge, Bob Byer, Charles Hudgins, Conrad Strelau, Martin Scaief, John Cox, Richard Scott, Jim Dimmitt, and Coach Ray Putnam. Third row: Manager T. K. Burk, Jack Ramsey, William Lawson, Ralph Sharrock, Mike Mooney, Erwin Fisher, Charles Abercrombie, Lawrence Whaley, and Carol Libbey. FISH TR CK With a squad of twenty-seven freshmen, Coaches Frank Anderson and Ray Putnam went all the way as they coached the cindermen to three overwhelming victories in dual meets. In the Texas Relays, the Fish gained one second and two third places with the use of an eight-man team. Leading the Fish thinly clads were Darrow Hooper, Bill Stalter, and Bobby Ragsdale, who were usually the top point- H getters in every contest. Sweeping both places in three events while preventing the Rice Slimes from getting a sweep in a single event, the Aggie Fish decisively outpointed their opponents, 73-4l, on Kyle Field, March 18, to open the freshman track season. Cadet sweeps were engineered in the high hurdles, low hurdles, and the pole vault with Streleau and Scott sweeping the highs, Streleau and Moore the lows, and Marks and Spradlin in the pole vault. Absent from the scene was Hooper, who was competing in the Fort Worth Recrea- tion Southwest Track and Field meet where he won the discus and was second in the shot put to Forester of SMU. Both of the places gained by Hooper broke the old records, the discus sailing for l45' 5" and the shot 47' 2V2", but Forester's put was three inches farther. Sharrock wan the Kyle Field shot with ci put or 42' 83155 Dimmitt took the high jump with a 6' leap, Stalter ron the 220 dash in 21.8 for a first, Beyer tossed the iavelin 158' TQ" for another first, Little tossed the discus ll7' 9" for an Aggie first, Ragsdale took the broad iump with a hop of 22' Ma", and the mile relay team of Wilmsen, Cox, Brown, and Ragsdale was also first and with a time of 3:35. Eight Aggie Fish were entered in the Texas Relays April i in Austin but of the eight only two individuals placed, although the mile relay team was second to Oklahoma A8tM. Stalter was third in the IOO-yard dash, and Hooper and Dimmitt tied for third together with John Price of Southwest Texas State in the high iump at six feet. The mile relay was composed of Brown, Libbey, Streleau, and Wilmsen. Hooper, Ragsdale, and Stalter accounted for two first places apiece as the Fish earned all but one of the meet's first places when the ABM freshmen scored a 77-29 victory over the John Tarleton Plowboys, on April 15. Stalter, high point man, won the 100, 220, and anchored the sprint relay for a total of HW points. Ragsdale broad iumped 22' 4543" for a first, and won the lows in 24.3. Hooper won both the discus and shot. Others to gain first places were Marks, pole vault, Streleau, high hurdles, Hendrix, mile, Brown, 440, Curtis, 880, mile relay composed of Wilmsen, Libbey, Cox, and Brown. Hooper tossed the shot 50' 23A" to surpass the SWC record as the Fish ran over the TU Shorthorns, 89-22, May 5, on Kyle Field. lt was merely a case of too much A8tM as the Cadets swept six events and won both the relays. The Shorthorns won only the iavelin and the mile while the Farmers garnered I3 first places and eight second places as compared to TU's two and four. Stalter, Hooper, and Ragsdale paced the Fish, each scoring with two firsts, Hooper, after winning the shot, tossed the discus l39' 8", Stalter won the lOO in 9.9 and the'22O in l22.'l, Ragsdale broadiumped 22' 9" for a first and won the lows in 25.0. Other firsts were acquired in the sprint relay composed of Ragsdale, Fisher, Gulledge, and Stalter, Dimmitt won the high iump with a 6' V2",iump, Marks and Spradlin swept the pole vault, one- two, respectively, Scott was first in the highs with l7.0, Curtis won the 880 in 2:03.4, Brown was victorious in the 440 in 52.3, and the mile relay team of Wilmsen, Cox, Libbey, and Brown Won in,3:32. 427 ,,..-f outsmnnino FRESHMAN TRACKMEN DARROW HOOPER Shot Put, Discus Bos RAOSDALE Broad Jump, Hurdles BILL STALTER Dashes, Sprint Relcy if ZA " c' - Q:--zz.,Qw...f..f , :. -dw-Jn? ..:-, ,.,, ,, '..::-- .2 i ,C ' .. 'Yi' ,Z-45 We L I W 5 . x f...,w 1 'Z I if 4 J d : f Q :I f ll I I , ef X 5 5 5 Q L' " 1 -Q 5 li l - V- . 4 f e.-A s- ' -V'-2 I 1 . - '- .. :. ,., - , .1-. 2 " -,-g:I.:a5z.,f,11. ' I " " , 9 , f. :+.: 5q :,, --.yr-W - ' " ALL-CONFEREN ,W-1211. ..., ' . 5.:::'i'lZ-v.' ,:,. ""' x . ' :f:.:.Q-.:.z.:-4::':-1. .- Q iw--::frr .,.., ,f" I ' , :gg .5 1 j ,gi , fij : ' I . " - ' 4'm,.,,,..:'- ,.,,. .11 ,I , .f. .2M,A,, ,Wig , ,,. - ...Z " JN- euv WALLACE WALLY Moon JIM CALVERT Shortstop Centertielol Co-Captain PAT I-IUBERT Pitcher BIISEB LL 428 SWC STANDINGS - Conference W L 'M Texas ...... ..,..... I 4 T .933 A8:M - .... 9 5 .643 Baylor ....,. - .... 8 7 .533 TCU ..,.. - .... 7 ' 8 .467 SMU ..,.. ...,, 2 'IO .I 67 Rice ..... .... 2 I I .154 ALL-SWC BASEBALL TEAM First base: Adrian Burk, Baylor Second base: Kal Segrist, Texas Third base: Ben Tompkins, Texas Shortstop: Guy Wallace, A8:M Outfield: Wally Moon, A8:M, Gerald Jensen, SMU: Frank Womack, Texas Catcher: Hogo Pearson, Baylor Utility: Larry Isbell, Baylor Pitchers: Knobby Graves, TCU, Mur- ray Wall, Texas, Pat Hubert, A8:M, and Charles Gorin, Texas, tie. LEFT: Coach MARTY KAROVV and Manager JACK I-IAPPY appear quite business-like during an Aggie cort- test. VARSITY SQUAD First row: Lackey, Ecrette, Wallace, Maltz, Candelari, Baker, Warriner, and Hamilton. Second row: Moon, McPherson, Morisse, Blanton, DeWitt, Taylor, Brown, and Marty Karow, coach. Third row: Mohle, manager, Ogletree, Hubert, Lary, Goodloe, Savarino, and Happy, manager. l95ll A The Texas Aggie baseball team which finished second to the NCAA Champions, the University of Texas, this year, finished with its regular good record, but had the teams possessed better pitching, results would have been better. With the end of the season, three Aggies were chosen to the All-Conference team-Shortstop Guy Wallace, Pitcher Pat Hubert, and Centerfielder Wallace Moon. Wally Moon led i the Aggie hitters in conference play, although John DeWitt receivej the honor of 'garnering the greatest number of home' runs, 4, Shug i McPherson and Hank Candelari tied with Bill Golibart and Truett Peachy, both of Rice, in triples in SWC play with 2 each. Other individual A l leaders in conference play included Kal Segrist, Texas University, runs-l7, total bases-32, and vvalks-20, Frank Kano, Texas University, l runs batted in-l6, Adrian Burk, Baylor, total hits-24, Bob Brock, Texas University, two-base hits-8, and James Parker, Baylor,-stolen. , bases-9. , AGGIE HITTERS Name Pos. AB R H RBl B.A., B.A.'t P.O.T AT Et F.A." Al Ogletree C 35 7 8 9 .228 .364 l5 0 2 .882 Wallace Moon CF l l l 37 4l 28 .363 .32l 28 2 3 .909 Guy Wallace SS 60 16 T8 6 .300 .306 l5 36 l0 .836 John DeWitt LF 95 l9 27 2l .283 .304 l9 0 3 .864 Bill McPherson RF 92 28 37 22 .402 .295 l6 l 2 .895 Hollis Baker CF 39 8 l3 8 .207 .273 7 0 0 l.000 Yale Lary lB 62 7 15 I3 .242 .263 80 7 l .989 Henry Candelari 3B lO6 20 30 T7 .273 .245 T9 32 9 .850 Jae Ecrette 2B 60 l0 I4 l .234 .235 l8 9 3 .900 James Calvert C 53 2 9 3 .l70 .222 62 8 2 .972 Sam Blanton P 22 3 4 0 .l82 .TBS 4 8 4 .750 Joe Savarino QB 76 T6 I6 8 .2l0 .l 29 l5 20 3 .92l Pat Hubert P 32 5 7 2 .2l9 .09l l l9 2 .909 Hershel Maltz lB 56 8 ll 9 .200 .07l 56 2 l .983 George Brown P l0 2 2 2 .200 .000 3 3 0 l.00O Lester Lackey SS 35 l l 8 52 .230 .000 4 9 l .929 Bill Warriner CF 6 l 0 0 .000 .000 0 0 0 .000 Bob Farmer LF 2 0 l 0 .500 .000 0 0 0 .000 Bruce Morisse P 7 0 l 2 .OOO O l O 'l.00O Martin Hamilton C l 4 4 0 .333 .000 l2 0 0 l.00O Al Gaocllae P 3 0 0 0 .000 .000 0 0 0 l.000 Bob Tankersley P 4 l 0 0 .000 .000 0 2 0 l.00O Blanton Taylor P 8 l 0 0 .000 .000 0 T 0 l.00O Russell U 2 0 l 0 .500 .000 0 0 0 l.00O fSouthwesf Conference records. All other figures listed are for regular season. Players are listed according to batting average in conference play. 81M 9, BRO0KE 6 College Station, March i0-Homeruns oft the bats ot McPherson, Candelari, and Ogel- 'free sparked the Aggies 9-6 victory over Brooke Army Medics tor their first win ot the game developed into a SSCSOI1. M 7, li. oi H0liSl0 4 College Station, March i7-Moon's home. run and triple in the first two innings give the Aggies a tive run lead which they stretched to ci 7-4 win over the University of Houston nine. Atter the first two innings the pitr:her's duel. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS A8tM ab TEXAS A81,M Bnooke Memos ab r h D0 I 6 Hb 1' 11 Pg Sararino,2 5 0 1 0 Dietz, 1 Q 1 1 7 Ecrette, 5 0 1 1 waiker, cf .1 o 1 .1 Moon, ct' 2 1 0 1 Kelh', ss 2 1 0 2 XBaker, of 3 1 1 0 Irving, rf 3 0 0 0 McPherson, rf 2 2 1 2 Igeefe, 0 5 1 2 3 DeVVitt, lf 2 0 0 2 X Baylor 0 0 0 XX oval-duet, Escara, 3 5 1 0 3 lf 1 1 0 2 Besecker, 1 5 0 1 8 Candelari, 2 3 2 2 1 XX Hedford 0 0 0 0 Lary,rf,1 3 0 0 5 Self, lf- 1 1 0 3 Maltz, 1 1 0 0 0 XXX Ixran, p 2 0 0 0 Oglen-ee, Q 2 2 2 4 Thomas. rm 0 0 0 0 XXX Cal. Davis 0 1 0 0 2 0 2 G ---- 11-,,'Q,'1f,i',i, 0 0 0 0 rotai 31 6 5 24 Morisse' D 2 0 1 0 X Hit for Escara in ninth. Brown' I, 2 0 0 0 XX Hit for Self in ninth. Goodloer D 0 0 0 0 XXX Kran replaced Russell 1 0 1 0 Thomas in sixth. Farmer 1 0 0 0 Davis hit for Kran in .. - - ..- ninth. Total 37 7 12 24 X Baker replaced Moon in fifth. XX Warriner replaced DeVVitt in iifth. XXX Calvert replaced R Oglitiiee ig Fixtkh. I th usse atte n t e six GUY WALLACE for Morrisse. Farmer batted in the third for Brown. Score by innings: - Texas AEM ............. - .............,........,....., 000 304 11X-0 Brooke Medios ...... .. ............................. 000 000 006-ti Runs batted in: Candelari 3, McPherson 2, Ogel- tree 2, Savarino 1. Stolen bases: Savarino, Moon. Two- base hits: Morisse. Three-base hits: Ogeltree. Home- runs: McPherson, Candelari, Ogeltree. Hits off: Brown 1 in 3 innings, Morisse 0 in 2 innings, Taylor 2 in 3 innings, Goodloe 2 in 1 inning, Thomas 5 in 5 innings, Kran 5 in 5 innings. Winlier: Morisse. Loser: Thomas. Errors: Brown 2, Gootlloe 1. Umpires: Colson and Pugh. . 1' ll D0 HOUSTON Savarino, 2 2 1 0 3 ab 1- 1, no Lackey, ss 2 2 1 0 Braden, ss 4 0 0 -J X Ecrette, Ss 2 0 0 0 Fraga, 1 3 0 1 5 Moon, of 4 2 2 0 YVinfield, rf 4 0 0 0 McPherson, rf 2 0 1 0 Woods, 3 4 0 2 2 DeWitt, lf 4 0 1 8 Maas, c 4 1 1 4 Candelari, 3 4 1 2 D Moore, lf 3 2 1 5 Maltz, 1 4 0 0 7 YValton, 2 2 0 0 4 Ogletree, c 2 0 0 5 Carnpise, cf 2 1 O 0 XX Calvert, c 2 0 0 3 X Hanry, cf 1 0 0 0 XXX Hamil- Hallman, p 1 0 0 0 ton, c 0 0 0 1 Hartsell, p 1 0 0 1 Blanton, p 2 0 1 0 Eaufman, p 0 0 0 0 Goodloe, D 1 0 0 0 Negursky 1 0 0 0 Baker 1 1 1 0 Holloway 1 0 0 0 Total 32 7 10 27 Total 31 4 5 24 Baker hit for Calvert in X Replaced Campise in ninth. ifth. X Replaced Lackey in Negursky batted for Kauf. sixth. man in ninth. XX Replaced Ogeltree in Holloway batted for Cam. sixth. Dise in fifth. XXX Replaced Calvert ln ninth. Score by innings: TCXHS AMI ---- --- .-.-- ...-......... ................ . 1 00 012 400-3 University of Houston .....,..,,,,.,,,,,, M, 010 000 201-4 Runs batted in: Moon 5, Ogeltree 1, Ecrette 1: Campise 2, Hollrnan 1, Braden 1. Two-base hits: Can- delari 2, Calvert 1. Three-base hits: Moon. Homeruns: Moon. Errors: Candelari 2, Maltz 1, Savarino 1, HU11. man 1, Braden 1. Hits otf: Blanton 4 in ire innings, Goodloe 1 in four innings, Hollman 5 in three innings, Hartsell 2 in four innings, Eaufman 2 in one inning. lV11n2,er:I Blanton. Loser: Hallman. Umpires: Colson an ugi. l 8rlVl 7, ll. 0f H0 Sill 4 ' Houston, March lB-Pat Hubert remained on the mound for eight innings, allowing only three runs, as the Farmers toppled the University of Houston, 7-4, tor the Aggies' third win ot the season. Leading the Cadet McPHERSON signals for the baserunner to come in standing up against Rice, SAVAR- ING scoring. ASM 14, 0HIO ST TE 8 College Station, March 20-Moon's two homers, Lary's pinch hit circuit clout, and Maltz's top all-around play sparked the Aggie nine to a l4-8 victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes. Lary's homer arrived in the sixth with two away and the bases loaded. hitters was Ecrette, who broke into the line-up for the tirst time. TEXAS ASLM ab 1- UNIVERSITY OF OHIO STATE KB! TEXAS AGM AbRHPoA AIJRHIJOA 49231 41045 60110 42233 Hein, rf ., Ecrette, ss GYZY-11113 lf Svrino, 2b Paflll. 2b 4 1 2 4 Moon, cf 3 3 2 2 0 Gbhrt, cl' 4 2 1 2 MCP, rf 4 2 3 1 0 Moran, lb 3 1 1 8 DeWitt, lf 5 1 1 1 0 Mntbllo, ss 3 1 3 0 Candlr, Sb 4 2 1 1 2 Kfimn, C 4 0 1 4 Maltz, lb 4 1 4 8 1 MQUH, C 1 0 0 1 0'tree, c 2 0 0 2 2 WIUS1 3b 5 0 1 1 Calvert, c 2 1 o 4 1 Perlnup 2 1 1 0 Brown,p 1 0 0 0 3 Foster. IJ 1 0 0 0 X Baker 1 0 1 0 0 X Houck 1 0 0 0 531105, I, 0 0 0 0 0 Totals as s 13 24 Xlkfafgp 1 1 1 3 8 X Struck out for Foster Morisse, D 1 0 0 0 1 ninth. .. - - - - Totals 37 14 15 27 18 X Singled for Brown in fourth. XX Homered for Tanker- sley in sixth. Score by innings: Ohio State ........... . .... ..- ......... 201 401 000- 8 13 2 Texas Alirlti ..,, .,1...... - ............ 2 04 016 10X-14 15 5 Summary: E-Kauffman, Wills, Ecrette 2, Savarino, Maltz, Calvert, LOB-Ohio State 12, ASrM 7. HR- Moon 2, Lary. 2B-Hein, Maltz 2, DeWitt. RBI- h po H 0 USTO N Savarino, 2 3 0 0 1 ab r h po Lackey, 2 0 0 0 2 Braden, ss 4 1 1 4 Ecrette, ss 4 2 3 2 Fraga, 1 2 0 0 12 Moon, cf 5 1 1 2 Winfield, rf 2 0 1 2 XX McPher- Woods, 3 4 0 2 2 son, rf 5 1 2 1 Gregg, cf 2 1 1 1 DeWitt, lf 4 0 0 1 XValton, 2 2 0 1 0 Candelari, 3 5 1 0 0 Hensley, lf 3 ll 1 1 Maltz, 1 3 1 1 9 X Hanry, If 1 0 0 0 - XXX Baker, 9 1 0 0 0 Bonds, c 2 0 0 3 Calvert, c 2 1 1 5 XX Boone, c 2 0 0 2 XXX Ogel- Boom, p 2 0 0 0 tree, c 1 0 0 2 Willham, p 1 1 1 0 Hubert, p 3 1 2 1 Moore, D 1 0 0 0 Tankersely, p 0 0 0 0 Cainpcsi 1 0 0 0 Brown, p 0 0 0 0 - - - - - - - - Total 29 3 8 27 Total 36 8 10 27 X Replaced Hensley in X Replaced Savarino in sixth. seventh. XX Replaced Bonds in XX Replaced Maltz in giyth, Seventh. Campesi batted for iVil- XXX Replaced McPherson ham in seventh. in seventh. Score by innings: Texas A8:lVI ... ....... --....,-.....-. ..,,, .,,,,.,,. 2 30 000 02X-7 University of Houston.- ..... W ,,.,,.,. --.030 000 001-4 Runs batted in: McPherson 2, Baker 2, Moon 1, Hubert l. Stolen bases: Maltz, Ecrette. DeWitt, Can- delari. Hits off: Hubert 7 in 7 innings, Tankersly 0 in 1 inning, Brown 1 in 1 inning, Boom 6 in 5 inn- ings, Willham 4 in 2 innings, Moore 0 in 2 innings, Winner: Hubert. Loser: Boom. Errors: DeWitt 1, Calvert 1, Hubert 1, Braden 1, Gregg 1, Boom 1. Assists: Hubert 14, Ecrette 3. Calvert 1, Brown 1. Umpires: Keith and Payne. BAKER is congratulated after hitting sixth inning homer in TCU contest. Hein, Gutzwiller, Parill, Montebello 2, VVills, Moon 4, DeWitt, Maltz 3, Lary 4. SH-Moran, SB-Gut2- willer, Kauffman, Montebello, Suvarino, Baker, Moon. McPherson. DP-Montebello to Parlll to Moran, Sava- rino to Ecrette to Matlz. H by P-Savarino fby Fosterl. WP-Brown. S0-Savarino 4, Brown 3, Tankersley 1, Morisse 3, BB-Perlni 4, Foster 3, Brown 2. Taylor 3. Morisse 3. HSLR-off Pcrini 10 for 7 in 5, Brown 11 for 7 in 4, Taylor 0 for 0 in 1-3, Tankersley 2 for 1 in 2-3. Winning P-Tankersley. Losing P-Foster. Passed balls-Ogletree 2, Calxert. U-Tongate and Pugh. Timo-3:00. SHUG MCPHERSON 0Hl0 STATE 10, ASM 9 College Station, March 2l-John DeWitt's homer with the bases loo as the Buckeyes won the three game series, TO-9 pitching for Ohio State, down until the sixth when lead to only one run. OHIO STATE 110: I' I TEXAS ALM C91 ab r h ded wasn't enough second game of a . Houck, who was held the Aggies ASM narrowed the ab o o Hein, rt' 11 1 0 1 Ez-retto,ss 4 0 0 1 Gutzwiller, lf 2 3 1 2 Savarino,2b 5 1 2 3 I'arill 2h 4 0 1 7 Muonwf 4 2 2 1 Gebhurt, of 3 2 0 1 MePherson,rf 3 1 3 2 Moran lh 11 1 1 11 Lary,rf 2 0 0 0 Montebello. 3b 4 1 1 0 DeWltL,lf 3 2 1 2 Kaufman, c 3 0 2 4 Candclari.3h 5 0 2 0 Mann, C 0 0 0 0 Multz,1b 3 0 0 111 Wills, ss 3 1 0 1 Calvcrt,c 1 0 0 1 lfauck, p 1 1 0 0 0gletrec,c 4 1 1 3 Murdock, p 0 0 0 0 Goodlocm 0 0 0 0 Williams, p 1 0 0 0 X Baker 1 lz 1 0 ---- Blanton,1J l 1 0 0 Totals 29 10 7 27 ---- Totals 36 0 12 27 Score by innings: 01110 State, ,W .,,..,.,..... ..,-..342 000 100-10 7 2 41. Sy 11i,,E--N ,.,... - .............. 401 012 100- 9 12 11 x-singled for Goodloe in 2nd, z-scored as courtesy runner for Saverino Summary: E-Butzwiller, Wills, Ecrette, 6CaIlQ'cQr1i I l'A in lst. Candelari, Maltz: Left on Base-Ohio State SZ H11-De1VittZ 2b-Moon 2, McPherson. RBI- Gutzwiller. Parill 2, Moran, Montebello, Kaufman. Moon 2, McPherson 2. SH-DeWitt 11: S1I-Gutz- willer, Moran. Houck, Maltz. Moon: SB-Gutzwlller, Baker, Dc-Witt, Candelari, Blanton: DP-Montebello to Parlll to Moran, Wills to Parill to Moran, Candel- nri to Sararino to Maltz: SO-Hauck 3, Goodloe 3, Blanton 4. H-off Hauck S for 6 ln 5, Murdock 3 for 3 in 1-2!3. Goodloe 3 for 7 in 2: Wild Illll'll1G00LT' loe: Passed hall -- Calvert: Winner Ilauvk, Loser A81 ll, 0Hl0 STATE 9 College Station, March 22-Coming from behind twice, the Aggies won the third game of the series with Ohio State, ll-9. McPher- son and Ogletree were the big guns behind the Cadets' attack. 0HIO STATE C91 TEXAS A8i.M CIIJ all r ll ri ah r lt 0 MunLcl1elln,Ilb fl 3 2 0 l5urc'Llc,ss 3 0 11 0 GutzwlIler,lt' 3 1 2 2 Lackcy,ss 2 0 1 0 l'arlll,2l1 5 1 2 1 Savarlno,2h 5 2 2 3 Gobhartzct' 5 0 1 2 Moon,cf 3 2 3 3 Wlll1z11ns,1J 0 0 0 0 McPherson,rt' 5 1 4 2 11'oster,p 0 0 0 0 Farmer,rl' 0 1 0 0 Gohle,rf 3 1 1 1 DeWlLt,lt' fl 1 1 0 Mornn,1b 11 1 1 9 Candolari,3b 2 0 0 0 Mann,e 1l l 1 9 xBaker 1 0 0 0 Wllls.ss 2 0 0 0 Talyor,3b 2 0 0 0 Iless,1J 2 0 0 0 Maltz,1I1 fl 2 Il 10 1Ioln,rf 2 1 l 0 0gleLrec,c it 1 1 9 - - - - lluhcrt,p 3 1 1 0 Totals 37 9 12 211 xxlsary 1 0 U 0 Tanlcerslcsnn 1 0 0 0 Totals 39 11 16 27 01110 State ,,w,,.,,,...,.............,..... 301 104 000- 9 12 0 A, xg M ,,,,,,, - ,,,,,,.,,............,...... 320 020 13x-11 10 1 x-Struck out for Candclarl in Sth. out for Hubert in 7th. E-Savarlno: Loft on base-Ohio Stale xx-Flicd Sllllllllllfyi , 11, AXM 10' llll-Montebello, Oglctreeg 215-Parill, Heln, McPherson 2: RBI-Montebello Man. Moran. 2, Gutzwillcr, Parlll 2, Mann 2, Hein, Lackey, Mc- Pliorson It, DeWitt, Maltz 3, Oglctrce 3: SH-Wil- llams. Ogletrcep SIS - Montebello, Maltz: DP- Ecrctte to Savarlno to Maltz, Lackey to Savarlnn lo Maltz: Wild pltr-li-Hulncrtz SO-Ht-ss 11, Williams 2, Foster 1, Irluhcrl, 0. Tankcrsley 2: BB-Hess, Wll- liams 1, Hubert 2: H-011' Hess 10 for 7 ln 5, lvl!- Ilams 8 for 3 in 2-113, Hubert 11 for 9 in T: Wlnncr Tankersley. Loser Williams: U-Pugh and Tongale. T-2:33. GEORGE BROWN Goollloc. U-Torgete and Colson, T-3:02. AGGIES 12, S00 ERS 5 College Station, March 23-Scoring seven runs in the first inning the Farmers went on to rout the Oklahoma Sooners nine, T2-5, with Morisse receiving credit for the win. Moon and DeWitt homered for the Cadets. TEXAS A1531 U21 3 OKLAHOMA T57 11 0 fn -1 ' TCU felt the power of MOON's bat as he unleashed a four-loagger and here trots home r ll 0 1Vlck,2l1 l 2 Lacke-y,ss 4 0 1 2 Hill,rt' 4 1 0 1 Ecrette,ss 0 0 0 0 llIorgash,3b -1 0 0 3 Savarino,2lJ 3 1 1 5 Stephenson,ss 2 0 0 .. Moon.cf 3 3 1 'l Pugsleymf 3 1 0 - McPherson,rf 3 2 2 2 Bedell,c 1 0 1 3 Baker,rf 0 1 0 0 Sheen,c 1 1 1 3 DeWitt,1f 4 2 2 3 xXViginton,2h 1 0 0 0 Candelari,3h 5 1 1 2 St0l'lE!C1Dl1El',C 0 0 0 0 Maltz,1b 4 0 1 4 Jones,lb 3 1 0 5 Calvert,c 2 1 0 6 Shirley,1b 2 1 0 -l Ogletree,c 2 0 0 2 McKee,1t' 3 0 1 1 Morisse,p 1 0 0 0 Sandel,p 1 0 0 0 Goodloe,1x 1 0 0 0 XxKirk,n 0 0 0 0 Blant.on,p 0 0 0 0 Murphy,p 2 1 0 4 Totals 34 12 11 27 Totals 30 5 3 2-l Oklahoma ....- .... - ........ -..- 001 002 020- 5 3 1 A. k M..-...-..-.---.-.-...-,710 200 02x-12 11 11 X-Struck out for Stonecipher in 5th. xx-XValked for Sandel in 9th. Runs batted in-DeWitt 3, Moon 2, Morisse 2. Candelarl 1, Lackey 1, Calvert 1, Stolen bases- DeWitt 1, Candelari 1, Baker 1, Ecrette 1. Home runs-DeWitt, Moon, Sheen. Errors - Candelari, Maltz, Ogletree, Morisse, Goodloe, Sheen 2. Hits nfl' -Morisse 2 in 6 innings, Goodloe 1 in 3 innings: Sandel 7 in 4 innings, Murphy 4 in 4 innings. Winner-Morisse. Loser-Sandel. Umpires-Colson and Tungate. NAALTZ beat this Owl to first base by several strides in the Rice series. 81M 13, MINNESUT 9 College Station, March 24-Pitching a no-hit ballgame for 5 2f3 innings, George Brown hurled the Cadets their seventh win of the season, Gophers, T3-9. downing the Minnesota MINNESOTA C91 TEXAS A8t.M C131 ab r h all r li Gasticnc 3 2 1 Laclrey.ss 5 2 2 Kranz,lf 5 1 1 Savarino,2b 4 2 2 Ho1ker,ss 3 0 1 Baker,rf 2 0 0 McGanagla,ss 2 0 0 Lary,rf 2 1 1 Bag1en,cf 3 1 0 Moon,cf 4 2 3 Warner,cf 1 1 1 DeWitt,lf 5 1 1 Rohns0r1,1b 4 5 5 Candelari,3b 5 1 0 Graumann,3b 5 1 2 Maltz,1b 3 1 0 0lson,rf 4 0 0 Hamilton,c 3 1 1 Wessen,2b 3 1 1 Ogletree,c 0 0 0 Engstrandm 1 0 0 Brown,p 2 2 2 Kock,1'J 1 0 0 zWarriner 1 0 0 xMykelbust 1 0 0 Goodloe,p 0 0 0 Schultz,p 1 0 0 Huhei-t,p 0 0 0 Totals 37 9 9 Totals 36 13 12 Minnesota ............................. -.000 000 333- 9 9 A. X M. ............ ......... ..... 0 0 3 700 03x-13 12 x-Struck out for Kock in 7th. z-Grounded out for Brown in 7th. Summary: E - Baglien, Graumann 3, DeWitt, Brown: LOB-Minnesota 6, Texas A.kM. 6: RH-- Kranz, Lary: 2b-Graumann, Brown: RBI-Kranz 3, Graumann 3, Olson, Wessen, Lackey, Savarino 2, Lary, Moon, DeWitt, Candaleri, Brown 2: SH- Ogletree: DP-Kranz to Holker: H by P-Wessen thy Goodlocl, Gostic thy Goodloc1: S0-Eagstrancl 5. Brown 3, Goodloe 2: BB-Engstrand 3, Koch 1, Schultz 2, Brown 1, Hubert 2: H-nfl' Engstrand 9 for 10 in 3-113, Kach 2 for 0 in 2-213, Brown 5 for 3 in 7, Goodloe 4 for 6 in 1-113: Passed ball-Gastic, Ogletree: Winner Brown: Loser Engstrand: U-Ton- gate and Pugh: T-2:38. WALLY MOON MINNESUTA 10, 81M 9 College Station, March-Although the Aggies outhit Minnesota with four homeruns, two by Candelari, setting the pace, the SA H0 S10 6, AGS. 3 JOE SAVARINO ' th - A . . . Gophers Puslled ISCVOSS-on Iijxgo run 'n e the third inning proved to be the deciding TOPMC:'f1r3lEZ051?Xe?:m To Wm' AY M. factor as the Sam Houston Bearkats handed an r n 0 L I Q ap h ci the Aggies its third loss of the season, 6-3. Rfssglllfb 1 3 0 2 McPherson started the scoring in the first, lVarner,lf 0 0 0 0 xjsaker 9 1 0 when he homered with Lackey aboard. Holkex-.ss 5 1 1 2 L1-ret1e,-b 1 SAM HOUSTON 16, TEXAS AGM wb Bag1ien,cf 3 1 1 3 Muumof 2 3 nb 1. h O ah r h n Myk91lJllSi-ff 3 1 1 3 Mcplfersomrf 0 Goi.tloh,3b 4 0 0 0 l12lClKEX,SS-3b 4 1 1 1 Gfa1llllHUn,3b 4 0 0 3 Dexvltlhlf 0 Q L. Du:tcan,2b 5 1 1 1 Savarino,1h 4 0 U 2 Rohinson,1h 4 2 1 G Tfillllllwll-F 'J Farrar,1b 3 1 0 7 Xxwarriner 0 0 0 0 Otnessm 2 2 1 9 Calldelflflfell - 1 Hognesc 1 1 0 10 Moon,cf 5 0 1 1 Llllldeelhh 4 1 1 0 ll-amz-lb 1 7 :XllIl13.ll,lf 4 1 2 2 McI'herso:1,rf 3 1 1 1 Skoom 1 0 0 0 iiilffg-U Q 35111-Es.rf fi 0 2 1 DeXVitt,1f 4 0 1 "rg Ls' . ,fl 1 O 4 C1dl'.3b 1 0 1 Totals 37 10 T 27 Twkefsleyfll 0 3 lllebbggcallc 4 1 2 2 3 0 2 if 0 Sub'a,p 4 0 1 0 Malltz,1b 4 0 0 1, .' ---- Og etree,c 2 0 0 Mularrlner Totals 35 6 8 27 Hamilton,c 1 1 1 Totals at 9 27 l1u.'f1'l'P 2 0 1 Minnesota .........,..Y,,......,....,.... 022 sos ooo- 7 2 igfgwtffi, 5 3 3 A, X M, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,.1,.............. 132 002 100- 0 7 makes 1 0 1 X-Sgxgled fair Sava?rinouin Sth. 9 I ---W xx- rounder out or rorisse in t1. - 4 . Suunnary: Errors -Wesson. Holker, Lackey, Sa- Sam Houston --.,,----AA, Zgggalsoof, 12 ll van-ino 2, Canclelari 2, Maltz, Morissez LOB-Minne- A. X M. -------,.----- F Abrl --xiii' 200 050 01-3 10 4 sota 9, ARM S: Home runs-Mykelloust, Luodeen, Candelari 2, Lackey, Moon. 2B-Holker, Moon, Baker: RBI-Wessen, Holker 2, Baglien. Mykelhust 2, Lun- clcen 3, Lackey 2, 110011 2, Canclelari 2. Maltz 25 SH-Otness 2, XVarnerg SB-Moon 2, Larry. Baker: H hy P-Baglien Chy Tankersleyt, Kranz thy Blan- tonl: Wild pitch - Lundeen 7, Skoog, Tankersley, Blanton, Morisse 25 Hits off-Lundeen 7 for SJ iw G Cnone out in Tthl, Tankersley 4 for 7 in 4, Blanton 1 for 3 in 1f'3: XVP-Lundeen: Loser-Tankersleyg Umpires-Colson and Tougate: Time-2:40. X-Douhled for Brown in 9th, xx-Stfalked for Savarino in 9th, xxx-Struck out for Hubert in Tth, Summary: E-Lackey. Dewitt. Savarino 2: LOB -Houston 6, Texas AQQM 8: HR-Lackey, Suho, Baker: RBI-Mr1'11ersor1, Baker, Allman 2, G iines Suha 2g DP-Hubert to Ogletree to Maltz, Allman to Farrar, Gottlob to L. Dutcari to Farrarg S0- Huhert 4. Suha 10, Brown 1: BB--Hubert 2, Rum 1: H-011'-Hubert 7 for 6 in 7: Hit by P-Farrar thy Hubertt, Hughes thx Hubertt: Wild pitch-Suba. Winner Suhn, Loser Hubert. U-Pugh and Colson: MCPHERSON is met by teammates' eager hands as he iogs down the third base path after homering, T-1 :a2, GGIES 4, BRUINS 3 Waco, April l-Gralobing a one run lead in the second inning which it held for the remainder of the game, the ASQM nine defeated the Baylor Bruins, 4-3, to win its first SVVC game of the season, Hubert was the winning pitcher, and received top notch support in the relief pitching of Brown after the sixth inning. A. 81. M. BAYLOR ah r li o ab r h o Lackesxss 3 0 0 2 Stotts,ss 4 0 1 2 Surarinc,2h 4 0 0 0 Parlcerwf 4 1 1 2 Moon,cf 4 1 1 2 Burk.1h 4 0 0 11 Mr:Pherson,rf 4 2 1 2 I'ears0n,c -1 1 2 8 DcW1tt,lt' 4 1 2 1 Powel1,rf 2 0 1 0 Candelari,3b 4 0 0 2 .Iones,rf 2 0 1 0 Maltz,1lo 3 0 0 14 Isbe1l,1f 3 0 1 1 Cah'ert.c 4 0 2 4 Iieyes,3h 3 0 0 1 Hubert,D 2 0 0 0 xPr1ce 1 0 0 0 Brown.p 0 0 0 0 Walters.2h 3 1 1 2 - - - - xxDowns 1 0 0 0 Totals 32 4 6 27 Copeland,D 3 0 0 0 Totals 34 3 ' S 27 X-On hy tielders choice for Reyes in Sth. xx-Flied out for 1Vulters in 9th, A. M M,.2 .,............... - ,.............., 012 001 000-4 0 2 Baylor .... - ...,........... -..- ............ 001 002 000-3 S 3 Suntmary: E-Savarino, Canrlaleri, Pearson, Reyes. B FFS 6, 81M 4 College Station, April 5-Too many charity passes to first base and poor base-running marred an otherwise fine performance of the Aggies as they dropped a ten-inning tilt to the Houston Buffs, 4-6. Blanton, who replaced superlative ball the HOUSTON 165 I' Morisse in the first, settled down to pitch remainder of the game. TEXAS AQM Q41 I' I ah h 0 ah 0 L0nuners,ss 2 1 0 0 Lackeskss 2 1 0 0 Hausmann.3b 3 1 1 0 Ecrcttc,ss 3 0 1 1 1iardin,ss 1 0 0 0 Baker,cf 3 0 0 0 Newfeldtncf 4 1 0 0 Maltz.1lJ 2 1 0 7 Repulski,lf 3 0 0 1 Moon,2b 6 2 2 3 Rul1ines,rf 1 0 0 0 McPherson,rf 3 0 2 2 Czaplewski 2 1 0 3 .De1Vitt,lt' 4 0 1 0 Ke1lert,1b 2 0 0 6 Candelari,3b 3 0 1 3 Zt-rnia,1b 2 1 1 2 Lary,1h 3 0 1 6 1tIorgau,c 5 0 2 14 0gletree,c 4 0 0 S Haus.2b 5 1 1 4 Morissem 0 0 0 0 Kerce,D 2 0 1 0 B1anton,p 2 0 0 0 1-Ial1u,D 0 0 0 0 xwallace 0 0 0 0 St,erens,p 0 0 0 0 - -- - - -- -- Totals 35 4 S 30 Totals 33 it G 30 1-Igugtgn ,-,- M ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,..,. 310 000 000 2-6 6 2 A. go M, ,,,,, .,,,,,,,.,..,, , ,,,..,., 1 00 000 201 0-4 S 3 x-Walked for Blanton in 10th. Summary: E-Blanton, Lary, Moon. Haus, Har- tlin: LOB-Houston 9. ARM 12: HR-Zernia: 2B- Moon, McPherson: RBI-Kellert. Hausnmnn 1, Mc- HANK CANDELARI Pherson 2, Zernia 2, Candaleri 13 SH-Kerce, De- Witt: SB-Lary: DP-Candaleri to Lary, Lackey to Moon to Lary, Cundaleri to Moon to Lary, Morgan lo Lammers to 'Morgan to Haus: XVP-Blanton: Blk- lierce: S0-Kerce 7, Blanton 8, Hahn 4: BB- Mo- risse 4, Blanton 6, Kerce 6, Hahn 5: H-off Kerue 4 for 1 in 6 innings, Hahn 3 for 3 in 3-113: Morisse 0 for 3 in 0 plus. tVinner-Hahn. Loser-Morissej U-Tnngate, Colson and XVilson, T-2:22. Copeland. FBI-Calvert. McPherson. DeXV1tt, XVal- ters. Jones, 211-Stotts, Parker, Jones. Sh-McPherson. HR-Walters, DeWitt. Left on bases-AXM 4: Bay- lor 5, ER-ARM 2: Baylor 3. SB-Parker, Pearson 2, Powell. BB-oft' Huber 0, Brown 1, Copeland 2. SO-by Hubert 1, Brown 2, Copeland S. DP-Pear son Burk: McPherson, Maltz. S-Brown. PB-Cal- vert, Hits-oft' Hubert 7 in 5-113 innings: Brown. 1 in 3-213: winner-Hubert. T-2:15. CANDELARI slides safely home as Rice catcher attempts to pull a peg in MM 12, R101 0 Houston, April 6-A8iM's big ninth inning sparked with a homerun pinch hitter Al Ogletree and a base-loaded double by John DeWitt gave the Cadets the needed five runs to defeat the Rice Owls, 12-9. TEXAS A.8LM. RICE ah h no a ah h no a Lackoy,ss-211 11 1 1 2 Glass, 3h-cf 0 2 1 2 Baker.2b 3 1 1 1 KenneLly,3h 0 0 0 0 Savarino,2h 2 0 2 0 Churchill,2lJ 3 0 3 -1 Wallin-c,ss 2 1 1 0 Proctor,c -1 1 1 0 Moon.:-t'-2h Ll 2 4 0 Golibart.c 5 2 5 0 McI'hersou,rf 5 3 1 0 Beard,ss -1 4 5 2 lJe1Vitt,1h -l 1 1 0 Nowl1il1,lt' 2 0 0 0 Canclelari.3b G 2 0 G Dc-vine.1h 5 1 11 0 Maltz,1b 3 0 7 0 Peat-hey,rl' 4 1 1 0 Lary,1b 2 0 5 1 Dcakin,p 2 1 0 3 Calvert,c 3 1 il 2 Chat.lizun.n 0 0 0 0 Browu,p 1 0 0 2 Leeder.n 0 0 0 1 Hubort,p 1 0 0 1 Finc-h,p 0 0 0 0 Tankorslcy,p 1 0 0 1 Wright 1 0 0 0 Warrlner 0 0 0 0 - - - - Goodlne.p U 0 0 0 Totals 30 12 27 12 Ogletree 1 1 0 0 Blanton,p U 0 0 0 Totals 42 13 27 13 Warrincr walked for Tankersley in Sth. Oglutree hoinercd for Goodloo in Qth. Wright grounded out for Finch in 9th. A. N M .,........ - ,.... - ,.,......... -.-.-..,,...-..100 020 225-12 Rico - ,....,....,., ew- ......., - .... - ,,,,.........,,.. 112 050 000- 9 Runs-Lackey 2, Wallace 2, Moon 3, McPherson, Canulelari, Ecrettc, Warrincr, Ogletrce, Glass, Church- well, Proctor 2, Beard, Newbill, Devine, Peachey 2. RBI-Golibart, Proctor, Deakin 2, Moon, Candclari 2, Glass 3, Ogletree 3, DeWitt 2. E-Lackey. XVaI- lace. Moon 2, Glass, Beard. 2B-Gollbart, DeWitt. 3B-Dcakin, McPherson, Candelarl. HR - Moon. Glass, Ogletree. 100011 3113 12, ll0ilillES 2 03111111 10, 15100 13 0 College Station, April 8-A grand slam homer in the third inning by the Bryan's third baseman Bruzga, plus an official rul- ing against the Cadet nine were the deter- mining factors in the IO-9 victory gained by the Sports. BRYAN A.8iM. ah r h ii ah 1' I1 ii Stu1larils,ss 5 1 2 1 Wallai-c,ss 5 2 3 .7 Alhritton,2b 5 0 1 4 1lusscll,2h 1 0 0 0 Kaiscr,ct' 4 1 0 3 Savarinn,2h It 1 1 'I 1!ello,rf -1 2 1 0 Mo0n,cf 4 1 3 0 Sanclers,1b 4 2 2 9 Mi-Phcrson,rf -1 l I u Cyr 2 0 0 fl Dc1Vitt,lf -l 2 1 3 Nc1c1son.c 3 1 2 3 Canrlclar1,3h 5 2 2 0 llruzga,3lJ 3 2 1 1 T,ary,1h 3 0 1 7 Skrahaczjf 3 1 1 2 0lrl0i1'00.C 1 0 0 3 Mlstovlchm 2 0 1 0 Ham1ltnn.c fl 0 1 J - - - - 1-1uhert,p 0 0 0 0 Totals 30 10 11 27 XBIIKCI' 1 fl 0 ft Br0wn,n 2 0 0 0 Morlssup fl 0 0 0 Maltz,1h 1 0 0 1 Totals 40 9 13 27 Bryan .....,.................................. 024 000 130-10 11 5 A. -tk M .....1.,........... -...,.- ......... O01 120 212- 9 13 4 Sununnry: Errors-Russell, Cyr, Wallace 2. Alhrit- lon 2, Bello, Maltz. Home runs-Burzga, Candolari, Savarlno, Bello, Two-base hits-Sanders, Albritton. Wallace 2, 1t1cI'herson, Studdnrd 2. Runs batted 'tn -Ncldson, Skrabdcz, Bruzgn 4, McPherson, Cande- lari 2, Savnrlno. Bello, Sacrlticc-Mistovlch 2. Stolen hasc-Moon. Double play-Wallace to Savarino to Lary. Winning pitcher-Huhcrt. Struck out-Iluhcrt 3. Mistorich 6, Brown 4. Base on balls-Huhcrt, Mlstovlch, Brown 3. 1Vinninp: pitcher - Mlslovich. Losing pitcher-Huhcrt. Uninircs-Colson and I'ui:h, Timo of ganic-2:01. JOHN DeWITT College Station, April ll-Five runs in the fourth frame sewed up TU's first win of the season over the Aggies as the Cadets dropped to second place in the SWC race. Wall's five hit pitching for the Steers was the main factor in the Texans', I2-Q, victory. TEXAS 1121 TEXAS A.8tM. C21 nh r h o ah r h o Won1ack,lf 4 2 1 2 Walla:-e,ss 3 0 0 0 Risenhom'cr,rf 3 2 1 2 Savarino,2h 2 0 0 0 Roherson,rf 1 0 0 0 xliaker 1 0 0 0 TOIl1Dl-i1l1S,SS 4 1 1 1 La:-kcy,2h 0 1 0 0 Scgrist.2b 4 3 2 2 Moonmf 4 0 2 3 llroi-k,vt' 3 2 3 1 Mi-Pherson,rf 3 0 1 1 Kana,3h 5 1 2 1 De1Vilt.lf 4 1 1 4 Gorin,1h 4 0 2 0 Cani1clari,3b 4 0 0 3 Benson,c 4 0 0 0 MalLz,1h 2 0 0 Sr Wall.n 4 1 0 0 xxI.ary 1 0 0 0 ---- Calvert,c sl 0 1 7 Totals RS 12 12 27 13lanton,p 1 0 0 O Huhcrt.p 2 0 0 0 xxx0gletrce 1 0 0 0 Totals 32 2 5 27 x-Grounded out for Savarina in 5th. xx-Struck out for Maltz in Sth. XXX-Grounded out for Hubert in Sth. T. U. ..- .v,........ ......,........ - .....,,. 2 03 502 000-12 12 2 A. R LI. ..... - ..... - ...... -.h ........ 010 000 010- 2 1 1 Summary: Errors-Brock. Runs hatted in-Do1Vitt, McPherson, Kana 3, Brock 3, Segrist, Risenhovcr. Gorin. Two-base hits-Brock 2, Riseuhover. Home runs-DeWitt. Stolen bases - Segrist. Hits ott- Blanton G in three innings, Hubert 6 in 6 innings, Wall 5 in fl innings. Winner-1Vall. Loser-Blanton. Iiiniiiros-Briinieau and Tuneate. 23" .' '-1..:.- . ..?5f"-Yirfvj i' ' '1 NKmrrvv.s..,iX.,s,,g,,,.J'T" Vial:-L ., .A L 2.-. 112 '..::T er? .Se--1, " wegafi, 'V -.4 9?-if .3 -' .'ii'fJ?55 " ' ,-""'-'1-TP: .gf J, -va J-, ' - - V - ,, ,,. .sw ,, . 2 xt ,Y '-1.5, :.3Z:f'23,.'i-' ' -.- ., J . W.JHg .rv-eg' 1'.,, T- A s :Whiz ,. ec.-.' . 51... nga' , CALVERT cuts across the corner of home plate as he attempts to score for the Cadets. 0 11111 1, 1100113 Q Bryan, April I2-John DeWitt's homer in the fourth with Shug McPherson aboard wasn't enough as the Bryan Sports came DON strides across the plate as Baylor's catcher and pitcher await futilely a tow home. lv .. through with an ll-4 win over the Aggies. NrXeeley. T-2 122. 3 Bryan used the fifth frame to a big advan- l tage, scoring seven runs with the aid of five hits. TEXAS A.8tM. BRYAN ab r h o ah r h o Wallace,ss 2 0 0 4 Dellis,ss 4 0 1 1 Lackey,2b 2 0 0 0 Studdard,2b 3 1 2 3 Savarino,2b 1 0 1 0 Kaiser,ct' 3 2 1 3 Moon,cf 5 0 1 3 Bello,1b 5 1 1 8 McPhersan,rt' L1 1 2 2 Neidsonm .1 1 3 4 DeWitt,lf 3 1 1 2 Bruzga,3b . 1 0 1 Candelari,3lJ 4 0 1 1 Skrabacz,1f an 1 1 3 Lax-y,1b 3 0 1 7 Cyr.ri 3 2 2 1 JIaltZ,1b 1 0 0 5 Patrlrk,n 5 2 l 0 0gletree,c 2 1 0 4 - - - - t'alvert,c 1 0 0 0 Totals 36 11 12 27 Morisse,n 2 0 0 0 Taylonn 1 1 0 0 Totals 31 4 T 24 A. k M ...................... ....,.........,...,.,..... 0 00 210 001- -1 Bryan .......................,...,,,,........,.,,,,,.,.... 220 070 00X-11 Summary: Errors-1Vallace, Calvert. RBI-DeWitt eidson 2. 2, Kaiser 2, Patrick 4, Studdarcl, Bello 2, N 2B-Stoddard, Bello, Patrick. 3B-Cyr. HR-Dewitt, Kaiser, Neidson. SB-Dellis, Cyr. DP-Studclarrl in Dellis to Bello: SO by Morisse 2, Patrick 1. B13 off Morissc 4. Taylor 5, Patrick 7. XVP-Taylor. Hit M' pitched ball: by Patrick, Lacey. Losing nit:-hcr: Morisse. HR, oft: Morisse. 10 for 11 in 4 nlusg 'LOB-'Texas ARM. 8, Bryan 10. U-Bevans and PAT HUBERT l warm- YALE LARY 3 8rM 9, SM I Dallas, April 18-Wallace's pair of clou- bles, Lary's homer, and Hubert's five-hit pitching sparked the Aggies to a 9-l victory over the SMU Mustangs. Another factor which eased the Cadets' win was the l3 bases on balls issued hurlers. TEXAS A. at M. AB R H by the pair of Pony SMU WJ O AB R H O Wallace, ss 2 3 2 5 Haynes, 2b 3 0 U 1 Savarino, 2b 4 1 1 3 Freeman, ss 4 0 U Q B1oon,cf 4 1 1 3 Whitley. lb -1 0 1 11 Mr-Plierson. lf 3 0 1 3 Jensen, cf -l 0 1 7 Dewitt, rf 5 0 1 1 note. c 4 1 1 3 Candelari, 3b 5 1 0 1 Knuclsen, lt' z 0 1 Lary, 1b 4 1 1 3 Salmon, 3b 3 0 0 - Calvert, C 5 0 0 3 XViliams. rf 3 0 1 0 Hubert.D 4 2 0 0 Beadle.D 2 0 0 1 - -- - 'f Canuteson, D 1 0 0 0 Totals 37 9 7 17 +fElch-idge 1 0 0 0 Totals 32 1 5 27 f d t f C nuteson in 9th. Telfjoildl fE.-.fl.-.l11 ..... 2 ..... 200 Ogg ggg :Q Southern Methodist University- A-'--- 010 0 -Rate. Loser - Beadle. 1- -Wallace, Savarino, Candeleri, Haynesflo Frlge-Filing. Whitley 2, Rote. Salmon 2. RBI - St1X:3I'1Il0 2, Moon, McPherson, DeWitt, Lary. Two-base hits - Wallace 2, Savarino. Home run-Lary. SB -glan- ' delari. S-Lary, Savarino. Double D121b'S-YQ tiff to Savarino to Lary 127. Left on bases-AMI , SMU 8. Base on balls- Off Beadle 8, Canutesen .5. Hubert 4. Struck-out-BY Beadlefl, HUQBTT1 1- H142 .. gff Beadle, 6 in 213 inning. Hit by pitcher-Ba " Beadle 1. Wild pitch-Beadle, Hubert. Passed bil 1 8iM4,SMHOSTO. Huntsville, April 22-McPherson crossed home plate with the winning run when Lefty Faulk dropped the ball, giving the Aggies a 4-3 victory over the Sam Houston Bearkats. All of the Cadets' runs came in the first inning without a single hit, but tive walks and three stolen bases accounted for the COUIWTSFS. TEXAS A. Ki. M. SAM HOUSTON AB R H O AB R H 0 Ecrette, 2b 4 l l 5 Gottloh, 3b 5 0 0 1 Wallace, ss 4 1 0 0 L. Duncan, b 4 0 1 4 Moon, ct' 2 1 0 4 Allman, lt' 3 1 l 1 McPherson, rf 2 1 0 l Kana, cf 3 1 1 0 DeWitt, lf 4 0 1 1 Hughes, c 2 0 1 13 Lary, lb 4 0 0 0 W. Duncan, rf 4 0 l 1 Canclelari, 3b 2 0 0 0 Farrar, lb 4 1 l 5 Calvert, c 3 0 1 7 Craft. ss 2 0 0 2 Taylor, n 3 0 tl 0 tMcCul1ough 1 0 1 0 Blanton, p 1 0 O 0 Faullr, p K 2 0 1 0 Totals 29 4 3 27 Totals 30 3 8 27 i'iHit for Craft in Sth. Error-Taylor. Buns batted in-McPherson, L. Duncan, W. Duncan. Stolen bases-Eerette 2, Moon 2, Wallace. Two-base hits -Allman, Hughes. Assists -Ecrette 4, lVallace 2, Candelari 2, Taylor 2, Blan- ton 1, Faulk 2, Craft 2, Hughes 1, L. Duncan 1, Gott- loh 1. Base on balls- Off Faulk 9, Taylor 2, Blan- ton 2. Hits-Off Faulk, 3 in 95 Blanton 1 in 3. lVinner-Taylor. Umpires - Colsen and McNeely. Taylor, 6 in 63 Loser - Faulk. 81M 10, TC College Station, April 28-Good pitching and consistent hitting by the Aggies earned them a iO-7 win over the TCU Frogs. Moon's homer and double paced the Cadet attack while Blanton gained his first conference win ot the season, holding the Frogs hitless the tirst five innings. TCU TEXAS A. 8. M. AB It H 0 AB R H O Etheridge, 2b 3 1 0 2 Ecrette, 2h 5 0 0 2 Boyd, ss 3 1 1 2 Wallace, ss 3 3 1 D Nolan, lb 3 2 1 S Moon. cf 4 1 2 1 Franks, rf 5 0 l 0 McPherson, rf 4 1 0 1 King, Sb 4 0 0 1 DeWitt. If 2 0 0 0 Hayes, lf 4 1 2 2 Baker, lf 2 1 1 l Stems. ct 4 1 1 2 Lary. lb 4 1 1 5 Looney. c 4 0 0 7 Camlelari. 3b 3 1 2 3 Graves, p 1 0 0 0 Calvert, c 4 1 3 9 Salim, p 1 0 0 0 Blanton, p 3 1 1 0 "Bose 0 0 0 0 Brown, p 0 0 0 0 "t'Elli0tt 1 1 0 0 - - - - xJones 1 0 0 0 Totals 35 10 11 27 zSmith 1 0 0 0 Totals 35 7 6 24 MCPHERSON tallies as the Baylor pitcher moves towards home to cover the plate. M....,' ae HERSCHEL MALTZ A8iIVI 7, TC 6 College Station, April 29-Wallace's two- run double in the bottom of the ninth gave the Aggies their second straight victory over the Frogs, 7-6. Hubert, the winning pitcher, gained his third conference win. TCU TEXAS A. 84 M. AB R H 0 AB R H 0 Etheridge, 2b 4 Ecrette, 2b 4 0 0 1 Hayes,2lf 4 ttt'0gletree 1 1 0 0 Nolan, 3b 5 Wallace, ss 5 1 3 1 Franks, rf 5 Moon, cf 2 1 0 0 Boyd. ss 4 McPherson, rf 2 0 1 3 Jones, lb 4 Baker, lf 4 1 1 3 Stepp, cf 4 Lary, lb 4 2 2 10 Looney. c 4 Candelari, 3b 4 0 1 l Mathes. n 4 Calvert, c 1 0 0 3 Graves, D 0 XFarmer 0 0 0 0 - Hamilton, c 0 0 0 0 Totals 38 zDeWitt 0 0 0 0 Hubert, n 2 0 0 0 aWarriner 1 U 0 0 bMaltz 0 1 0 0 Totals 30 2 1 - Two out in Uth when winning run scorZd.7 7 'H' - Safe on error for Ecrette in 9th, x-Ban for Calvert in 7th. z-lValke1.l for Hamilton in Oth. at - Safe on fielders' choice for Hubert in Sth. b-Ban for lVarriner in 9Lh. Texas Christian University .....,....,.,.,, 010 102 002 -6 Texas A. 8: M.- ..... - .............. ,.- ....,..,. 400 000 003 - 7 Errors-Lary, Calvert, Ecrette, Wallace, Hubert, Nolan. Left on bases-TCU 7, ARM 5. Home rung -Lary, Nolan. Two-base hits-Wallace 2, Jones McPherson, Hayes. Buns batted in -Nolan 2, Steppl Looney, Wallace 2, Baker, Lary 2, Wan-iner, Sacrifice -Moon, Hubert. Stolen bases -Jones, Etheridge. Wild pitches-Mathes 3, Hubert, Struck-out--By Hubert 8. Mathes 2. Bases on balls- Off' Hubgrt 2 Mathcs 6. Hits-Off Malhes, 5 in 8 113. Passed ball-Hamilton, Looney Winner Hubert L - 1 , - - . oser igsigaxscs. Umpires - Bonneau and Tongate, Time - 1-0. ' -Hit by pitched ball for Salim in 9th. ti'-Safe on fielder's choice for Etheridge in 9th. x - Fliecl out for Hayes in Sth. i z-Grounded out for Stepp in 9th. Texas Christian University..--.-..000 002 203- 7 Texas A. X M.........--..-...- .... 240 202 00x- 10 Errors-Etheridge, Stepp, Ecrette, Candelari 2, King, Blanton. Left on bases-TCU 9, AXM 8. Home runs-Moon, Baker. Two-base hits-Moon, in-Moon 4. Hit by pitcher Lary, Hayes. Wallace. Runs batted Baker 2, Boyd, Franks 2, Hayes, Stepp. -By Blanton tltosel. Double plays-Etheridge to Boyd to Nolan: Candelari to Ecrette. Balk-Salim. Struck out-By Graves 2, Blanton 9, Salim 4. Bases on balls-Off Graves 2, Blanton 6, Salim 5, Brown l. Hits-Off Graves, 5 in S5 Blanton, 6 in S 1!3. XVild pitch-Graves 2, Salim, Blanton 2. lvinner- Blanton. Loser - Graves. CANDELARI slides safely into third as the Owl baseman grabs the catchers pe 81M 6,16 4 College Station, April 29-A tour-run homer by DeWitt in the first frame, a two- run double by McPherson in the fifth, to- gether with effective relief hurling by Brown and Hubert gave A8tM cz 6-4 victory over the TCU Frogs in the final game of the three- game series. SMU 8, ASM I College Station, Moy I - Twelve SMU hits off of Hubert and Blanton gave the Mus- tangs a 8-I victory over the Cadets. It was the first conference win gained by the Ponies this season, the Farmers' second loss, 81M I4, RICE 0 TCU TEXAS A. 8t M. AB ll H 0 All Il Il II litliritlge. 2h It II Il 2 Sararlnn. 2h 3 I tl :I llaiyes. lf It 1 ll O Wallat-e. ss It I I 2 Nolan 3h -I 1 l 0 Moon, et' It 2 l l Smith. rf 3 0 0 2 Mul'In-rson, rf I 1 I 0 'Rose II tl 0 O IDL-Witt. If I I I 2 Boyd, ss 2 U 1 2 Lary. Ili 2 II II li Jones. lb II 1 1 11 Maltz, lb II ll II I Barnes, cf -I 1 1 2 Pandelari. Sth II II II I Elliott, t: It lt 2 5 l-lamilton, e 2 tl 0 G Swaim, 11 Il 0 1 1 Taylor, is 2 0 ti 0 - W - - Brown, li I II It tl Totals 28 -I T IS Iluhert. n tl 0 0 II Totals :Il ti 5 :Il 1 -Ran for Smilh in Tth. Errors - Boyd. DeWitt. Left nn bases - TCU El, ASM 6. llumc run-DeWitt.. Two-lnise hil-3lr-- l'Iierson. Runs batted in--DeWitt -I. Mt-lthersnn 2. .Innes 2, Elliott. Stolen base - Saruriuo. llit by nitt-hcr- By Swain tllt-Plicrsont. Wild bitt-Ii - Swaim 2. Struck out - By Swain 3. Taylor St, Hubert 1. Bases on balls - Off Swalm S, Taylor -I, Brown 2. Hits-Off Taylor ll for -I in -Ita: Brown n tor 0 in LI. Wilmer - Brown. Loser - Swaim. lYinnirt-s-Bon- neau and Tongnte. Time - I SMI-in R H 0 TEXAS A. 81. M. A, . Salmon, :Zh II 1 0 I'lt-reltc, 2h IX? ll li't'L'f'lllillI, ss tl tl 3 'Baker I ri 0 ti llllllllfy- Ili 1 2 Si Savarlno, 2h ri in 0 ri Jensen. t'l 1 2 8 "Warrinter II 0 ll u Italo. rf I 1 I xltarnier 0 ti ri ii lvtnillsom If I 2 3 Wallace. ss -I 0 L! U NCIISUII, .lb 2 1 1 Moon, of It 0 ti .1 Iutlwards. t' 2 2 2 All-Pliersnn. rf fl 1 tl U ttvlwr. iv ti 1 U Dell'ilt, If ti ii 1 1 H e - - - Lary. lb -I 0 I II Intnls itil N I2 27 MaItz,1Ii It tl fl 2 Untinlelari. ith I Il 1 1 l'ah'1-rl, t- It Il 0 -I lilanlon. n L: tl 1 1 llubert, n I U 0 0 ztlirlolree I II II II Totals ftit ' "" ' -Flin-il nut fur lflert-ite in 7Lh. 1 ll 'I 't -Walked for Savarlnu in Sith. N - ltnn for Warrlner in Sith, Z-Grounded out for Ilubert in flth. Southern Mclliocllst University... .nllllll 033 U-nl ,- S 710135 -NMI -------.f.---,. ..... . .- .......... .0041 out 000 - 1 vlurrors.-Il':illat-c 2, Mc-l'hursun, DeWitt. Camlf-1. -'W -I ,Ddv I. I-I lflbrr 1. 'llils jfltl' Wt-her ti In fl: Blanlonl5rin .v. u n-rt. G in 4. Xl inner - Weht-r. Loser - Blanton. ati. Itlntluy. Twu-base Iilts-Blznittni, Nielson, Jen. sun. llnnie run-ll'IiILlt-y. ll .' I- - .- -. I I1'reein'in 'I llnl 'P ' um mllul In Gallant o Silrnnnl Nlclsun 1 I Ii v College Station, May 5-Pat Hubert al- lowed the Rice Owls only one hit and tour bases on balls, as the Aggies shut out the I-Ioustonians, I4-O. Aggie hitters, on the other hand, hit two Owl hurlers for I3 laingles. RICE TEXAS A. St M. AB R H O AB ll ll U Kennedy, 3b -I 0 1 2 Sarurino. 2b 3 2 0 It t'hurL-hill, :Zh 4 0 0 2 Ogletrec. c 2 II tl -I Procter, of 3 0 0 1 Wallace, ss 6 I 2 0 Golibart, c -I 0 0 1 Moon, rf 5 2 12 I Beard, ss 3 U 0 3 Warringer, rf I 0 u 0 Wright, 1b 3 U 0 S McPherson, rf It I I I Newhill, If It tl 0 2 Baker. rf-cf it 2 I I Peaelly, rf 2 0 O 1 lJeXl'itl, lf ll 2 l l Deakin, p 0 0 0 0 Farmer. lf 0 ll ll ll Chathani, p 2 0 0 1 Lary. lb It I I I - - - - Maltz. lb 2 ll II it Totals 28 0 1 24 Candelari. 3b 2 2 2 I Lackey, 3h 1 0 fl 0 Calvert, e 2 0 I 5 I-lubert, rx -l 1 2 I Totals ll!! I-I lit 27 Rive Institute .......... -...- ..... - ......... N000 000 000 - 0 Texas A8111 ,,.,.,,,..-..-, 1... ,...,..,,.Tl0 II-ll 10x - 1-l Errors - Kennedy 3, Beard, Wright, Newbill. XVaI- lave, Eorette. Left on bases - Bice sl. ARM 10. Two- base hits-Moon 2, Hubert. Candelari. Runs battcd in - Vlfallace 2, Moon, Lary 2, Hubert 2, McPherson. Sacrifice-DeXYitt. Hubert. Stolen bases --DeWitt 2, Candelari. Double playsMWallar'e to Sararino to Lary: Beard to Churchwell to NVriglit. Struck-out-By Chatham 1, Hubert 9. Bases nn balls - on' Deakin 1, Chatham 6, Hubert 3. Wild pitch-Chatham. Hits -Off Deakin 2 in 0 tnonc out in firstl. Loser- Deakin. Umpires-Bonneau and Tnngate. Time-2:10. AL OGLETREE ' .."i.,-': VW' "ff".!" 1 ' ':,, in .. ' 1 . . I .f""'V'7"T'es.. I1 ECRETTE took the throw at first to put out this Minnesota Gopher. 81M I2, RICE 2 College Station, May 6 - Four-hit pitching DEWITT scores at home as the Rice catcher tries to pick off another V base runner, CALVERT at bot. by Blanton together with an II-hit attack sparked by McPherson, Candelari and De Witt and four costly Owl errors gave tht Cadets their second win in two days over the Blue and Gray, I2-2. RICE TEXAS A. St M. AB Il H 0 AB R H 0 Kennedy, Sb 2 1 0 1 Savarino, 2b 1 0 0 2 Churchwell, 2b 3 1 1 4 Ecrette, 2b 1 0 0 1 Shied, 2b 0 0 0 0 XValIace, SS 5 1 1 1 Procter, cf' 4 0 1 2 Lackey, ss 0 ri 0 I Golibart. c -1 0 0 10 Moon, cf 4 2 2 3 Beard, ss 3 0 0 1 McPherson, rf 3 2 1 0 Newbill, lf 4 0 1 2 Baker, rl' 2 0 0 0 Devine, 1b 4 0 0 4 DelViI.t, lf 3 2 2 O Peachy. rf -1 0 0 0 Lary, If 0 0 0 1 Deakin, p 4 0 2 0 Candelari, 3b 5 3 II 1 - - - - lialtz, 1b Il 1 1 10 Totals 32 2 5 24 Calvert, c 2 0 0 -l Ogletree. c 0 0 0 3 Morisse, p 0 0 0 0 Blanton, n 5 1 1 0 Totals E3-1 12 11 27 Rice Institute ..........................-....- ...- 2 00 000 000 '- 2 Tgxas A811 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,A,,,A,,,, .,.....,.., I 141 250 00x - 12 Errors-Cantlelari, Churehwell, Beard 2, Newbill, Maltz, Oglelree. Left on bases-Bice S, ARM. 14. Home runs-DeXVitt, McPherson. Three-base Int- Canclelari. Two-base hits-Wallace. Newbill. Blan- ton. Runs batted in - Dewitt, Calvert., Wallace, Mr-- Pherson 3, Maltz. Beard, Savarino, Candelari 2. Sacrifice - Dewitt. Stolen base - Moon, Candelari. Double plays - Maltz to Lackey to Maltz: Wiallaee to Sararino to Maltz: Beard to Cburehwell to Devine. Balk-Deakin. Struck-out-By Blanton 8, Deakin T. Bases on balls - OIT Morisse 3, Blanton 2, Deakin 12. Passed ball-Golibart. Hits - Ott' Morrisse 1 in EQ. 1Vil4.I pitcli- Deakin. Winner -Blanton. Um- pires - Tongate and Bonneau. Time - 2 230. SAM BLANTON AMES ll, M4115 4 College Station, May ll - Pat Hubert won his fifth SWC game in holding the Baylor hitters to seven scattered bingles while his AW N Y il teammates garnered IO hits off of two Bruin 9 hurlers for a ll-4 score, clinching the runner- u s ot for ASM in the SWC race. Colle e Station, Ma 14- Ba lor defeated p p TEXAS A 81. M Y BAYIZSQR H 0 AB R H 0 the AGM baseballers, 7-l, behind the four- , liincanno, 2b 2 E1 1 Z iavillrillo. 2b fi 5 hit hurling of Lefty Copeland, who yesterday 1, .. 7 .. v , 1- A - - - - . " iiiffriblb 4 0 1 8 Mgonlfcgf SS 4 2 2 pitched six ingnnlgs againstdthe Aggies, Mc- . 1 11 l1,lf 4 0 1 1 McPherson, rf 4 2 Ph f 5?1ji"g.,. Ifeaison, 0 4 o 1 4 DeXVitt. lf 4 2 2 1 erson Score e ony C? ef 'un when be Q P0wel1,rf 3 0 0 3 Baker, lf 1 3 Q 10 crossed home plate from third an Candelari's ,. Sl c , 4 1 2 2 1ary,1b : 5 - ' 7i.'Z'i Retl'gs.sgb :s o 0 o Maltz. lb 0 o it 2 HV lo gegirgfld' TEXAS A A M si- +P ' 1 0 0 0 Candelari, 3b 4 1. ll - - ia: 'V ' ' 'Xl goglliiogp l 3 8 3 gralgerf' E 3 5 3 Stotts 3b A? 3 Ig fi Savarino 2b A4313 il til 'ifil i Ops an ' D L u er ' D Parkei cf 3 ll 0 3 Wallace 'ss 4 0 0 0 .Q .. ' - T T - - - i Burk, lb 4 2 2 9 Moon. ell 4 0 o 3 ,ffgtruckjgt ffl, files incfgigls 34 H 10 2' Isbell, ss 4 1 1 5 11101214141-sf1n,rf 4 1 1 1 f -.J N12-PM . . Pearson c 4 1 1 6 DeWitt lf 4 0 0 1 11., -:,,..4.zi-if. Baylor Unlverslty ...... - .... 2 .... --...-000 110 020- 4 ' ' Texas A' k 000 41X-11 Walters, 2b 4 0 1 1 Lary, lbl 3 0 0 10 YJ, Errors- Savarino, McPherson, DeXVitt, Hubert, Cal- goiveuifrf 2 8 3' Q galfflegarlf Sb 3 0 1 2 ' 'rvliiifl vert, Ogletree, Kincarlnon, Parker, Isbell, Pearson. C5 iigmd 4 0 0 1 Bzfazqiglic 2 3 8 Lista oncbaslci-Blayllgl 6. IAQQM Two-basexgitis - I' ' D - - - - Bmwn bp 5 0 0 5 0 S, an e BTL OU 3 D Hys 1 avaflno 0 3 302 A ,. 1 ' to Laryg Savarino to Wallace. Runs hatted in-De- Totals 36 7 ' 27 Q?alFef 1 0 1 0 Witt 3, Burk, Isbell, Lary 2, Candelari 2, Ogletree, 1 onsse' D 0 0 0 0 McPherson, Sacritice hit-Calvert. Stolen base- Totals 5 T - 5 lfarkeg 2. SKIUCK-OSIZFROIEESOE Copiang Hli- ,,- Qiugled for Brown in Sth '- 4 -1 lert . Bases on a s- o inson , u ert , L -. . ' Copeland 2. Hits - Off Robinson, 4 and 6 in 2 tnone Balllnr Ullnerslly """"' " """""' """300 000 040 '7 JOE ECRETTE 0 A - - . TCRGS A- k M- ------4.----------,-- --.......... 0 00 010 000-1 ut ln Srcli. Hit by pitcher-By Hubert fPowelli. Errors-Wallace 2 Blant n C, dl . W Passed ball-Pearson. Winner-Hubert. Loser- ' 0 ' an 9 au' alters' Home run-Pearson. Runs batted in-Burk Isbell Robinson. Umpires-Bonneau and Tongate. Time- .,,.,7 Pearson 3, Powell, Candelari. Sacritice-Burk, Pai-f ker. Stolen base -Powell. Left on bases -Baylor 6, ARM 4. Struck-out-By Copeland 6, Blanton 6, Brown 1, Morisse 1. Bases on balls- Off Blanton 2. Hits - Off Blanton 6 in 'HQ1 Brown 0 in 55, Loser - Blanton. Umpires - Tongate and Bonneau. MMS 5, will W Austin, May l7- Pat Hubert was charged with the only loss of his pitching career in the SWC this year as the Texas Longhorns rapped out lO hits for a 5-0 margin over the Cadets. Wall was the winning hurler, allowing the Aggies only five hits and only four Cadets reached second base. CALVERT goes high into the air to snare the throw to home as ci Longhorn clashes for the plate. l llg , Mil 5 Austin, May 18-Although the Aggies outhit the Longhorns, TU still managed to defeat the Cadets, winning the final game between the two teams, 6-5, before 3,000 fans. Ecrette was the spark in the Farmers' hit parade. TEXAS A. 81. M. TEXAS AB R H 0 AB R H 0 Ecrette, 211 4 3 3 7 Womack, lf 2 Sl 1 2 Baker. rf-lf 5 1 2 1 Wagllalter, 2I1 3 0 U 2 Wallace, ss 4 0 0 3 Tompkins. ss 2 2 2 2 IMUOU, cf 4 0 2 2 Sebrist, lh 4 0 2 ll DelVitt, lf Il 0 1 1 Brock, of Il 1 1 3 McPherson, rf 2 0 0 1 Hrnreir, rf 3 0 0 1 Lary, lb -l 0 2 3 Kano. 3b 5 U 1 1 Cadelari, 3b 3 0 0 0 Burrows. c- 3 0 0 3 Calvert., c 2 0 0 1 Benson. 1: 0 0 0 1 Ogletree, c 2 1 2 4 Gorin, p 4 0 0 1 Morisse, p 0 U 0 0 lillrler, p ll 0 0 0 Blanton, p 3 U 0 1 - - - - Warriner 1 ll il 0 Totals 29 G T 27 Brown. P tl It 0 0 Hubert. D 0 0 tl 0 Sararino 0 U 0 0 Totals 37 5 12 2-1 Texas A, 8 M. ,,.... ............. .... .....,..,..., 2 1 0 000 020 -5 University of Texas ......,...,.,........,,,,,, 202 001 01X - 5 Errors -Wallace, Blanton 2, Tompkins Segrist. Runs batted in-Baker 2, Moon. Tompkins, Brock. Two-base hits-Brock, Baker 2, Ogletree. Stolen bases-Ecrette 2, XVallace, Lary, Tompkins, Brock. Sacrifice-Wagllalter. Double plays-Wallace fun- assistedl: Waghalter to Segristg Kana to Burrows to Segrist, Left on bases-Texas AkM 16. Texas 13. Bases' on balls - Off Gorin 5, Morisse 2, Blanton 8. Hubert 1. Elller 3. Struck-out-By Gorin 2, Ellrler 1, Blanton 5. Hits-Off Gorin, 12 in 81 Ehler 0 in 15 Morisse, 0 in 07 Blanton, 4 in 6: Brown, 3 in Wg Hubert, 0 in 95. Hit by pitcher-By Blanton tl?-rocky. Passed balls -Calvert, Ogletree. Winner- Cgorin. Ikosg'-Brown. Umpires-Keck and Lyons. ' line- : . HOLLIS BAKER TEXAS A. 81. M. TEXAS AB R H O AB R H 0 Walare, ss 0 2 0 Womack, lf 4 2 2 l Savarino, 2b 0 1 2 Risenhooreurf 3 1 0 1 Moon, cf 0 1 2 Tompkins, ss 4 1 2 1 Mr-Pllerson, rf 0 0 2 Segrist,1b 3 0 2 9 Baker, rt' 0 li 0 Brock, rf 2 0 0 4 DeWitt,1f 0 1 5 Waghalter, 211 4 0 ll 3 Lary, lb 0 0 5 Kana, 3b -l 0 1 1 Canclelari, 3b 0 0 3 Bllrrows.e 4 0 1 G Ogletree, rr 0 ll 0 Wall,p 3 1 2 1 Hubert, p 0 fl 0 ---- Brown, p 0 0 3 Totals 31 5 10 27 Totals 0 U 241 Texas A, R Bl. ............,...............,..... 000 000 000 - ll University of Texas ....,................. 100 040 00X -' 5 Errors - Wallare, Kana. Runs batted ill - Tonin- kins 3, Segrist 2. Two-base hits-Tompkins. Kana, Burrows, XVall. Stolen base - Savarino. Left on bases -Texas ARM 6. Texas S. Bases on balls -Oft' Hu- bert 4, Brown 2, XVall 1. Struck-out-By Hubert 1, Brown 1, Wall 5. Hits and runs - Off Hubert. 8 and 5 in 4M4g Brown, 2 and 0 in 35. Passed ball- Bur- rows. Earned runs-Texas Loser-Hubert. Um- pires -Dinsome and Keck. Time 2:07. DeVVlTT receives congratulations as he tallies on a line drive home run FISH SQUAD First row: Harrington, C. Smith, D. Heft, Brinkley, Stirling, and D' h n, Bragg Russell, Parma, and Niland. Second row: Munnerlyn, Lastelick, is ma , Third row: Perron Shoemaker, coach, J. Heft, Cashion, Ohr, Hilton, Brooks, and Krieger. McDonald. A81M's freshman baseball team finished with a good season, winni g two. Sparked by consistent hitting and good pitching, the Aggies scored a total of 79 runs while their Opponents ran across 35 markers. Hitting as a team, the freshman nine ended the season with an average Of .3Ol, Leading the ASLM hit parade was Charley Russell, centerfielcler, who pounded the sphere at a .623 clip and was followed by First Baseman Bill lvlunnerlyn with .456. Don Heft was the Aggies' best catcher, and he received for tour Cadet hurlers-Jack Brinkley, who won three and lost two, Bill Stirling, ,Who won two, Charley Smith, who won one, and reliefer Charlie Ohr. 1 The Fish started their season against Blinn Junior College, defeating same, I6-4, as Brinkley hurled a 'no-hit ball game. Munnerlyn and Russell led the Cadet hitters, each collecting three bingles. ' ' h th Fish nine pounded three Wharton Junior Brinkley gained his and the teams second win w en e College pitchers with on I8-hit barrage which ended with the Aggies ahead, i4-2. The southpaw from ' Russell and Jerry Lastelick collected Austin limited the Pion 'circuit clouts for the Fish. A8JvI again defeated Blinn JC, only this time Bill Stirling was on the mound. The Cadets managed to gain a great number of hits, as they trounced the iunior collegians, 20-6. Lastelick collected two l' limited the losers to one hit and one run in five rltomers, and Parma one in the hit-wild clay. Stiring eers to only five hits as he went the distance. innings. ' ' h aon. Russell continued to be the Fish's big l Baylor's Cubs gave the Cadets their first loss of t e se s ' 'n the same number ot trips for a perfect day at the gun at the plate as he connected five times i plate. At this time, Russell was hitting .728 in 22 times at bat. ' ' ' ' ' ' F' h t a I2-6 victory over Wharton, the Aggies second Charley Smith gained his first win, pitching the is o Win over the Pioneers. ln six innings Smith allowed only three hits while whiffing seven. Gus McDonald led Ihe hitters with a homer, a triple, and single. A 7-5 win over the Rice Slimes gave Bill Stirling his second win. Stirling allowed only one hit in five ' h' t lead the Cadet hitters. innings. Russell homered and Lastelick collected two its o ' ' th Cadets a 5-4 win over the Texas University Shorthorns with Munner- Brinkleys perfect control gave e lyn topping the hitters as he collected two bingles in three trips and scored twice. A tu n match between the Cadets and the Sharthorns proved fatal to Brinkley, who gained his ' t from his fielders, was the winning re r 'second loss of the season, I-2. Jimmy Hand, with great suppor ' ' lthou h Brinkley allowed only four hits while the Aggies hit pitcher. Each pitcher whiffed I3 players, a g Hand for six in the se-ason's final game 437 PERRON SHOEIVIAKER Coach Outstanding Freshman Baseball Players TO RIGHT BILL STIRLING, pitcher, JACK LEFT : BRINKLEY, pitcher, DON HEFT, catcher, and CHARLIE RUSSELL, centerfielder. 4.-e-raseflf TODDY VVESTERVELT G. The Aggie Swimming Team, composed mosTly of sophomores, mme Through The l949-50 season wiTh a record of 4 wins, 2 losses, and c Third place in The Conference swimming meeT. This was The firsT Time ThaT A8JVl had come in lower Than second in The Conference sings T934 ' A84M's Team was builT around 4 sophomores: Bill SargenT, back. sfroker, Van Adamson, freesTyler, Ralph Ellis, freesfylerg and Bill Karow a breasTsTroker, and received supporT from poinT geTTers Tommy Cgml sTock, John Parnell, Don Blondell, Howell Johnson, and Tommy Butler, The CadeTs under The leadership of Coach ArT Adamson, smrfec The season off by copping second spoT in The SVVC relay Tank meer iusT 4 poinTs behind powerful Texas UniversiTy. In Their firsT dual meeT wiTh O. U., The Aggies suffered a defeai ol 40 To 35, buT handed O. U.'s 400 freesTyle relay Team Their Tirsf defeat in Three yedrs of compeTiTion. AT The 2nd dual meeT, The Farmers slaughfered a weak Baylor Team, allowing Them only Two firsT places in The whole meeT. In The nexT dual meef which should have been an easy Triumpl' for The Aggies Turned info a near upseT as The local Tankmen came from behind in The final evenf To beaT NorThwesTern of Louisianc 38-37. Capiain VARSITY SWIMMING sour-xo 1 , lil FronT row: Matlock, Cannon, PeTers, Ellis, Sc1rgenT, Korow, Parnell, and Hale. ' J "IQ . Second row: Johnson, WesTervelT, Moye, Adamson, Dieck, Comsfock, Schaffer, and G. McKenzie. Top row: Emil Mamaliga, coach, Blondell, A. McKenzie, Vardaman, BoughTon, SouThworTh, Hilfon, Shepard, BuTler, and Art Adamson, coach. T J ll, . l A duol meeT wiTh Memphis Novol SToTion, predicTed os o close lodTTle, Turned inTo ca run-owoy os The Aggies won 52-23, wiTh Korow seTTing ci new pool record of l:06.5 in The T00-yord breosTsTroke. AlThough The CodeTs goined Their second defeoT in The ducil seoson when They losT To T.U. 3l To 44, The 400-yord freesfyle reloy smoshed The UniversiTy's pool record by 2 seconds for ci new mork of 3:42.6. A84M come Through wiTh iTs fourTh vicTory in The lost evenT of The meeT ogoinsT The sTrongesT SMU Teom in mony yeors. The Aggie 400- ycird reloy Tedm, composed of Builer, Ellis, Korow, ond Adomson, swom o 3:45.3 in The 400-yord reloy To sTrike The finol blow ond ouTpoinT The MeThodisT by o 42-33 counT. The Conference meeT wos cu disoppoinTmenT To The Aggie Teom which come in Third, 3 poinfs behind SMU. The Aggies 400 freesTyle reloy Teom wos disquolified by o folse sTorT, Thereby losing i2 poinTs, olihough They come in wiTh ci record breoking conference Time. Adomson won The 200-yord indivicluol medley To breok The old Conference record by 5 seconds, ond seT o new one of 2:l8.l. A84M divers were cooched by Emil Momdligo ond provided mony imporTonT poinTs Throughouf The seoson. Howell Johnson won 4Th in The conference. OTher divers included Sophomores Poul Schciffer ond Gibb Mc1Tlock. ., ,, is , , ART ADAMSON EMlL MAMALIGA Swimming Cooch Diving Cooch T VARSITY WATER POLO SQUAD FronT row: Ellis, ComsTock, cmd Fleming. Second row: G. McKenzie, Scirgenf, Adamson, ond Korow. CenTer: ArT Adamson, cooch. knew- -ig A84M's woTer polo squod closed iTs seoson wiTh o suc- cessful Ec1sTern Trip defeofing Annopolis l2 To 3, Army 9 To 2, ond New York A. C., losT yeor's norionol A.A.U chom- pions, 7 To 6. The members of The woTer polo Tegm were Gil- berT McKenzie, Bill Moye,John Hollingsheod, Adomson, Sor- genf, Ellis, Poul Fleming, Com- sTock, Korow, ond Cooch ArT Adomson. The Aggies hove olwoys had ci vicTorious woTer polo Tecim. They were defeoTed in Con- ference once ond were .Junior Indoor WoiTer Polo chompions in i938-39. The ColdeTs hove defeoTed such ouTsTonding clubs os NorThwesTern of Louis- icxno, Illinois AThleTic Club, Annopolis, WesT PoinT, New York A. C,, Missouri AThleTic Club, ond oThers. R . i F Th B T m were Mike Ledford Bill McCulley, Bob lr Oiher members of The A Teom included Bill Hole ond Arlen McKenzie. orming e eo , McBride, Don McMillin, .lohn Rornell, Bobby Brodncxx, Roy HilTon, Dove Vordcimon, ArT Anderson, .lohn PeTers, ond R. C. Siinson. 439 FRESHMAN SWIMMING TEAM lst Row L to R Coach A , : rt Adamson, Anderson, Hood, Crawford, Coach Emil Mamaliga. 2nd Row, L to R: Singleton, David, Stinson, Ledford, Gay, Broadnax. Dallas, Jan. I4-A81M's swimming team was nosed out by a powerful Texas University squad, 52-48, in the first annual Southwest Conference Swimming Relays which were held at the SMU pool. Southern Methodist finished third with 40 points, and Baylor was fourth with 24 points. - The Summaries: Four-man Freestyle Relay: l-Texas iFrank Campbell, Eddie Gilbert, Calvin Langford, Don Smithl: 2-SMU: 3-Texas ASM: 4-Baylor i3:23.4J. Four-man Breast Stroke Relay: l-Texas ASM Wan Adamson, Billy Karow, Tom Comstock, Diecki: 2-Texas? 3-SMU. Four-man Back Stroke Relay: l-Texas lMark Yancey, Bob Cone, Bob Crawford, Hugh Grovesl: 2-Texas ASQM: 3-SMU: 4HBaylor. Diving-CThree-man teami: l-Texas ASM Uohnson, Matlock, Shafferl, 2-Baylor, 3-Texas: 4-SMU. Three-man Distance Medley: i-SMU iDoug Conner, Mike Muckleroy, Arden Amerinei: 2-Texas: 3-Texas ASM, 4-Baylor. E Six-man Medley: l-Texas lHugh Groves, Fred Bostwick, Eddie Gilbert, Bob Cone, Hylmar Karbach, Calvin Langfordj, 2-Texas ABM: 3-SMU, 4-Baylor. Austin, March 2-A8:M's varsity swimmers lost to the University of Texas, 31-44, but they bettered the SWC and officially smashed the university pool record for the 400-yard freestyle relay with a time of 3:24.6, two seconds off the old record. Tommy Butler, Ralph Ellis, Billy Karow, and Van Adamson formed the Cadet team. Adamson won the 50-yard freestyle event, Aggie Paul Shaffer was second in the diving: the 300 medley team of Sargent, Comstock, and Karow won, and Sargent was third in the l5O-yard backstroke. College Station, March 4-Holding only a two point lead entering the final event, the Aggies won the 400-yard relay to swamp the SMU Mustangs, 42-33. Howell Johnson won the diving for the Cadets, Karow won the breaststroke event, Sargent won the T00 backstroke, and Adamson finished first in the 220 freestyle. Waco, Feb. 4-Sweeping the meet except for only two first places, the ASKM mermen trounced the Baylor Bears. The summaries: 300-yard medley relay-ASM iSargent, Dieck, Ellisi, time: 3:l7,3. 200-yard freestyle-McCoy, Baylor: 2. Sorrell, Baylor: 3. Parnell, ASQM: time 2:35.3. 50-yard freestyle-Adamson, A8-M, 2. Dickey, Baylor: 3. Westervelt, ASM: time 24.9. Diving-Monale, Baylor: 2. Johnson, ASM: 3. Shaffer, A8iM: Score: 9O.l. lOO-yard freestyle-Adamson, ASM: 2. Dickey, Baylor: McCoy, Baylor: time: 55.9. l5O backstroke-Sargent, ASM: 2. Blundell, ASM: 3. Skelton, Baylor, Time: l:47.3. 200-yard breaststroke-Comstock, ASM, 2. Dieck, ASM, 3. Opperman, Baylor: Time: 2:49.7. 400-yard freestyle-Parnell, A8:Mp 2. Correll, Baylor: 3. Vardaman, ASM: Time: 5:-45.5. 400-yard freestyle relay-l. ABM CDarrow, Sargent, Ellis, Adamsoni: Time: 3:5l.5. Backstroker 440 81M Places 3rd In SW Waco March 16 17 I C Tank Meet , , , 18-Tex Robertson's Longhorns won their 16th SWC swimming championship with the SMU Mustangs edging out the Aggies for second place. Van Adamson, sophomore swimming sensation of the Cadet squad, finished his first year in conference competition by knocking 5 seconds off the old record in the 200-yard individual medley, Adamson's time was 2:18.1. The Steer mermen captured eight first places and amassed 128 points, the Mustangs finished with four firsts and 51 points, while the Cadets won only one first place in the entire meet and garnered 47 points. Baylor finished on the bottom with 21 points. This is the first year since' the forming of the first Aggie swimming team that the Cadets have finished lower than second place. The difference in A84M's being second or third came about when the Aggie foursome of Adamson, Billy Karow, Tommy Butler, and Ralph Ellis was disqualified in the 400-yard relay, although they finished a third of the length of the pool ahead of their nearest competitor-SMU. Official judge Bob Tarleton of Texas disqualified the Aggie team in this race by ruling that anchor man Adamson left the box too soon on the final lap of the race. Coach Art Adamson vigorously protested the decision, which placed the Aggies in third place in the meet with the Mustangs cinching a second place. Had the Cadets held their win of the 400-yard relay, which was in record-surpassing time, they would have finished 16 points ahead of second place SMU. As far as the actual winner of the meet was concerned, the Longhorns had the swim fest sewed up and led all the way during the three-day meet. Toddy Westervelt finished in third place for the Aggie squad in the 50-yard freestyle, Bill Sargent and Don Blundell 'took second and third places, respec- tively, in the 150-yard backstroke, and Adamson and Ralph Ellis took second and fourth places, respectively, in the 220-yard freestyle. Karow was third in the 220-yard breaststroke. Howell Johnson turned in a third place performance off the one-meter board, and Sargent grabbed the third spot in the IOO-yard backstroke. Karow also took third in the IOO-yard breaststroke, while Ellis finished in the same position in the IOO-yard freestyle, and Sargent repeated his third place finish in 200-yard individual medley. Topi BILL KAROW Breast stroker BOTTOM: VAN ADAMSON SWC Individual Medley Record-Holder SWC SWIMMING MEET SUMMARY 1500-meter freestyle-Amerine, SMU, Gilbert, Texas, Wilson, SMU, Wilson, Texas, Parnell, A8fM. Time 25.8. iNew record.l 50-yard freestyle-Muckleroy, SMU, Tolar, Texas, Gowen, SMU, Campbell, Texas, Westervelt, A81M. Time- 23.4. iNew recorcl.J 150-yard backstroke-Cone, Texas, Grover, Texas, Sargent, ASQM, Bundell, AZSQM, Yonsey, Texas. Time- 1:41.2. ' 220-yard freestyle-Gilbert, Texas, Adamson, ASQM, Nelson, Texas, Smith, Texas, Ellis, AGM. Time-2116.4 220-yard breast stroke-Crawford, Texas, Karbak, Texas, Karow, ASLM, Dwire, SMU, Comstock, ASQM. Time-21302. One-meter diving i8 dives eachi-Skippy Browning, Texas, Manale, Baylor, Davis, Texas, Johnson, ASQM, Payne, Texas. I 400-yard relay-SMU on default of Texas -ASQM IMortimer, Gowen, Dwire, Muckleroyl, Texas, Baylor CDickey, Scarborough, Sorell, McCoy2. Time-3,44.7. 100-yard backstroke, Tied Southwest Conference record, Bob Cone, Texas, second, Hugh Grover, Texas, third, Bill Sargent, Texas AZLM, fourth, Don Bundell, Texas ASM, fifth, Don Mortimer, SMU. Record- tieing time, 1:O2.9. IOO-yard breast stroke, Won by Hylmar Karbak, Texas, second, John Crawford, Texas, third, Billy Karow, Texas ASQM, fourth, Tom Comstock, Texas A8-M, fifth, Jim Dwire, SMU. Time, l:O5.7. IOO-yard freestyle: Won by Mike Muckleroy, SMU, second, Roger Tolar, Texas, third, Ralph Ellis, Texas I ABQM, fourth, Frank Dickey, Baylor, fifth, Jean McCoy, Baylor. Time, 53.6. i 440-yard freestyle, New conference record established by Eddie Gilbert, Texas, second, Wynatt Wilson, Texas, third, Arden Amerine, SMU, fourth, Ricks Wilson, SMU, fifth, Don Smith, Texas. Record time, I 4:56.5. ,i ELLIS 200-yard individual medley: New conference record established by Van Adamson, Texas ALM, second, Bob FVSGSTYISI' Cone, Texas, third, Bill Sargent, Texas A8tM, fourth, Dick Turbyfill, Texas, fifth, Fred Bostwick, Texas. -1 Record time, 2.,18.1. - I Three-meter diving: Won by Skippy Brownin, Texas, second, Bullet Manale, Baylor, third, John Campbell, Texas, fourth, Milton Davis, Texas ABM, fifth, Wiley, Texas. 3OO4yard medley relay: Won by Texas, second, Texas ASM, third, SMU, fourth, Baylor. Total scores: Texas 128, SMU 51, Texas ASQM - 1 47, Baylor 21. 441 S. Q. E. 49.8. iir s r l is ,it M ffl Wfhhf VARSITY SQUAD First row: Bonnen Gorm H . ow. Frank Anderson coach- Wooclo G , any, erring, and Ortiz X W X Second r A , , s n arney, man- -Um ager, Jones, Allen, Mclvlahon H b , u ert, and Ray Putman, coach. CHAMPS ' Starting The season with a los t JULIAN HERRING SWC individual Champion Captain s o Oklahoma AGM in Stillwater, The local harriers finished ' The remainder of The season with a clean slate in the loss column. High altitude of "them Oklahoma hills" probably got The boys. The Okie Aggies, after defeating the Cadets T7-26, went on to prove The truth of the pre-season prognosticators by becoming one of The strongest Teams in The South. Julian Herring, who was later to become The outstanding individual star of The conference, finished fourth, The first Texan to cross The line. Others to letter besides Herring were Jerry Bonnen, John Garmany, Howard Jones, James McMahon, and Alex Ortiz. Another Oklahoma Team came to College Station To face The Aggies on October 22. The Oklahoma University Sooners returned to their native state with a one-point loss to show forl their efforts. ln defeating the Sooners, 27-28, the Cadets were again paced by Herring, who finished second with 9:52. TheN h l ort Texas Eagles were the next victims of The winning Ag harriers i5 44 o N -l ber 3. McMahon and Herring finish d ' , - , n ovem e in a dead-heat Tie for first spot, followed by Jones, Alexander, and Ortiz, respectively. W Against Texas University Herring came even closer to nabbing an undisputed first plCiC9,- but was edged out, though The Farmers won, 25-34. Herring's time over the 2.6 mile course was l3:O5, one second behind the Steers' Tom Rodgers. Mclvlahon, Garmany, Jones, Ortiz, and Bonnen finished fourth through eighth in that orcler. Then came the big meet. The cross-countrymen returned from Austin with their third con- secutive conference Title on November 22. Again it was Herring who paced the victors, but this time the man paced the entire conference, Winning first slot with a sizzling ll:53.l over the 2.6 ' mile terrain. Five other Aggies finished the Austin meet within the first ten. The Cadets tallied only 30 points, the runner-up Arkansas Razorbacks 46, and The Teasips 53. Fourth was SMU, with HO. Herring again hit top form a few weeks later in the Gulf Coast AAU meet in Houstom' establishing a Gulf Coast record of l2:l6. ' 442 W 'wx l ICJ LJ-J. 1.1 I J 1 JZ'T'.13-J..L...L X J- VARSITY NETTERS Jimmy Gray, Royce TaTe, Allan Aaronson, R. G. DeBerry, Dick Hardin, Aaron Cohen, and Bobby Duncan. If-TEE FISH NETTERS Tommy VVesT, Eugene LeTsos, Harold Gann, and Donald Farmer. gf If fsgg. , , TTN 3 in The conference maTches, The rackeT swingers wenT down before Third place SMU, second place Rice, and Texas, conference champions. l.eTTermen on The Aggie Tennis Team included sophomores R. G. DeBerry, Bobby Duncan, Royce TaTe, juniors, Dick Hardin and Allan Aaronson. DeBerry of San Angelo played in The Top singles and doubles spoT of The year. Close on The heels of DeBerry was Bobby Duncan Trom Corpus ChrisTi. Duncan played boTh The No. 2 doubles and singles during The season. Royce TaTe, also from Corpus ChrisTi, played in The No. 3 singles posiTion and on The No. l doubles Team vviTh DeBerry. TaTe, wiTh his smashing serve Tinished as The besT doubles player on The Aggie squad. Allan Aaronson Trom Coiulla and Dick Hardin, Tormer Amarillo high school sTar divided The No. 4 singles spoT during The year. Hardin occupied The TourTh posiTion in mosT of The non-conference maTches while Aaronson represenTed The Aggies in Three ouT of Tive conTerence TilTs. The TirsT year men compeTing Tor The varsiTy Team nexT year will be Eugene LeTsos, Donald Farmer, Tommy VVesT, and Harold Gann. l.eTsos and Farmer hail from GalvesTon, WesT Trom San AnTonio, and Gann Tram Sudan. 443 LEFT: VV. M. DOVVELL Coach BELOW: R. G. DeBERRY No. l Player . Ax Sffmlw X s W k 'S Qt FY if 1.1 li0lF A8rM's 1950 VARSITY LINKSTERS J. C. Fletcher, Gene Darby, Monte Currie, Tom Aitken and Gayther Nowell, coach. golf team was the ooorest that the Aggies have osse cl I p sse in the last decade. Finishi fh ' ' ng vxit a season record of four wins against nine losses and one tie, the linksters didn't resemble the Cadet SWC Cha f ' ' ' mps o 48. The Fish prospects of this year are supposed to move up next season and take h ' over te AEM golf fortunes which are ro 'dl P' Y dwindling. With the start of the buildin f th g o e new golf course, things may work out for the Cadets in the next few years. Members of the year's varsity squad in the order of their rank were Gene Darby Montie Currie J C Fl h , , . . etc er, and Tom Aitken. ln non-con f . erence games, the Aggies fared better th th cl race, Starting the season with a TOD V1 '55 sp TOP CIRCLE: Coach NOWELL instructs Fish star BARBER. ' I I. BOTTOM CIRCLE: c f ,-'- -. ' 7 - '- P .L GENE DARBY, Va rSITy NO. l X f Player. ' fs" ft Q to the University of Haus and later, won their singles matches to the Farmers again an ey id in the conference winning four and losing four. win over Southwest Texas State, the Aggies lost their second match as Darby was the only Cadet to win a match. Aitken and Fletcher give the Aggies a victory over Sam Houston State Teachers Coll ege defeated SHSTC and Southwest Texas State. T if F l The Aggies lost four straight conference matches before th ey gained a tie with the SMU MUS tongs. Baylor defeated the Farmers first, then SWC Champs, Texas University, putted away with a victory. Arkansas and Texas Christian also d f e eated AXQM. Rice defeated the Aggies by a half point in A8rM's final conference game. Three more matches were played by the Maroon and White after the end of conference ploy and each time the Cadets were defeated. Th ' e University of Houston garnered their second win over the Aggies, while Abilene Christian College and TWC handed the local linksters their final losses. Miller Barber of Texarkana seemed to hav b y e among the leaders next year with the varsity. Others who played on the freshman team were Johnny Barrett, San Antonio, Malcolm Douglas, Pampa, and Billy Baker Houston. 444 1 if l L l tl, ll . V li l! 'f :Q t 1 e een the star among the Fish during the season, and will probabl b lfl l 2 , 'gf lit l' i- F li i?ff.j.g'- A '4'k " T ' A"A tx R FENCING TEAM Kneeling: Carroll Bell, E. T. Jennis, Gus Mistrot, Frank Ragusa, and Gerald Monks. Standing: John Gottlob, Joe Mayes, Dick Jones, Curtis Wilson, and Chuck Massey. GUS MISTROT A8iM's V949-50 fencing Team was one ofthe best that the school has produced. ln the Ccplaln Southwest Conference AGM won team championships in both foil and epee and placed second in sabre. ln individuals, John Gottlob won The foil championship, and Curtis Wilson placed second in epee. ln AFLA competition, the Aggie epee Team won the cnantpionship of the South Texas Divi- sion, and the foil team won the State Intercollegiate Championship. In individual competitions, Curtis Wilson placed second in divisional finals in open epee, and Team captain Gus Mistrot won first in junior foil at The state meet. The Aggies fought four dual meets in addition to two complete rounds of Team competition in The AFLA, SWC meet, and state finals. ASTM opened its season against John Tarleton in a dual meet. The Aggies were ragged, and lost by a lopsided l8-9 score. l-lowever, The Cadets bounced back and on successive week ends defeated Rice, T6-ll, and The University of Houston, Qi-6. ASQM entered The first round AFLA competition without The services of Mistrot, who was side- lined with a leg injury. The Aggies made a go vd showing, placing second in foil, first in epee, and Third in sabre. The epee Team, in winning, beat the hitherto invincible Galveston Bucca- neers, defending state champions, in all Three weapons. lt was the first Time since T947 that The Galveston squad had been beaten. Sopho nore John Gottlob was A8QM's mainstay in these competitions. In between The first and the second rounds of the AFLA, the Maroons went to Stephenville for a return scrape with Tarleton. This time the College Station squad came out on top, aveng- ing The early season loss. The second round of the AFLA saw ASM at full strength. The toil team again placed second, losing a hotly contested match with Galveston for The divisional title. The sabre squad also smashed the highly-favored Buccaneers, but lost to Rice for the divisional crown. In conference competition, the Aggies, in Taking two titles, won lo out of 27 bouts from Rice, 20 from Baylor, and T9 from TU. At the state meet, the A84M foil team met Tarleton in the collegiate bracket and won, 5-3. This is The second straight year that A8tM has won the State Intercollegiate Foil title. The Farmers beat Texas Tech, 5-2, in last year's meet. The past fencing season was a good one for ASQM, but a shorter season and fewer iniuries would have made for a better one. Only two men are being lost This year, and they should JOHN GOTTLOB be more than adequately replaced by transfers from Tarleton. SWC Foil Champion 445 Top row: J. U. Aalto, H. Q. Haile, and Ted Means. ,W .Z 35, . Second row: Lt. Col. F. R. Swoger, H. D. Witcher, and MfSgt. J. E. Cutsinger, coaches. I 'Ll Ut T Winnin thirt -nine matches while dropping only eight, the A8tM Pistol team finished stronger than last year's and with a better record. H. Q. Haile was the high 9 Y scorer among the group as he averaged a score of 276 ot a possible 300 in 56 matches. Others that lettered, with in which they tired are J. U. Aalto, 275 in 495 captain of the team A. W. Benetield, 274 in 5T5 B. P. Lower, 265 in 575 H. D. Witcher, 249 in 505 Ted Means, 25T in 535 C. G. Hunt, 242 in 485 N. M. Kenney, 245 in 565 and J. E. Brown, 254 in 53. their score average, and the number of matches One ot the Cadets' losses to Colorado A8tM could be meaningless since the Texas Aggies defeated the Colorado Aggies two matches previously. The Aggies also won two over the United States Military Academy before dropping one to the same group, gained tour wins in tive matches over Cornell University, split with Michigan State, the Naval Academy, the University of Washington, and the Coast Guard, losing outright only to Colorado State College. ASM .... T322 Trinidad State Junior College .... T265 ?TA8tM T32T United States Military Academy..T334 ASQM ..., T368 University of lllinois ......... T250 A8tM T322 N. Y. State Maritime ACA .......,.... T254 i'A8tM T354 Cornell University ........................ T372 A8tM T368 USCG ...................... ......... T 248 A8.M .... T305 Trinidad State Junior College .... Forteit ASLM .... T354 Utah State ..,,.....,... ....... T 209 ALM ,,., T368 University at Wisconsin ........ T365 fA8.M .... T305 Colorado State College ................ T340 ASLM T354 Naval Academy ..... ....... T 324 ASQM T385 Cornell University ...... ......... F Orfeli A8tM .... T305 Cornell University .......... ......... F orfeit WARM T354 Michigan State ., .,.... T376 A8tM T385 Lawrence Tech ......... ......... F Orfeit ASM .... T305 MIT .......................... ........ T 22T ASLM .... T354 University ot Arizona ...... T337 A8cM .... T385 Michigan State ................-...-, TTT2 A8.M .... T37T University ot Illinois. ........ T237 A8QM .... T36T Cornell University ..... ,,,,.,. F orfeit 'fA8tM T385 Coast Guard ................................ T395 ABTM .... T37T Colorado ASTM ....... .. ........ T298 AGM T36T Lawrence Tech .,,..,. ..,,,., T 292 ASQM .... T382 United States Military ACaClemy..FOl'f9iT A8.M ,... T346 Utah State .................................... T336 ASTM T36T Coast Guard ..,....,..,. ,,..... T T26 ASTM .... T382 Princeton University ...................- T3T6 A8tM ,... T348 Trinidad State Junior College .... Forfeit A8rM T36T Princeton University ,..,.. ...... T 350 A8tM .... T382 University ot Massachusetts ......-.-- T336 A8.M ,.,, T348 Cornell University ..........,............. T292 ABTM T36T Merchant Marine ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,, T227 A8.M .... T354 Lawrence Tech ...........................--- TQT5 ASM .... T348 Colorado ASLM ............................ T344 ASLM .... T36T University ot Massachusetts ...,,..,,. T274 A8tM .... T354 University of Arizona ......... ....-.-- T 35T A8.M .,., T348 University of Washington ............ TT66 A8tM .... T36T MTT ......,........,.....,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., T304 A8tM .... T354 Merchant Marine ........ ....-.-- T 315 ALM .... T348 MIT ................................................ T T93 ASM T36T United States Military Academynl T99 ASTM .... T366 Camp Hood ...... -------- I --T3lT ASTM .... T348 University of Massachusetts .......... T32T i'A8rM .... T368 Naval Academy .,....,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, T385 AGM .... T366 Ohio State .......-- Forfeif 'ASTM .... T32T Colorado AEM ............................ T367 WAHM .... T368 University of Washington ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, T374 446 l l l Top row: Robert Crosser, George Kent, Clifford Taylor, and Roland Zapata. Bottom row: Bill Holland, Dare Keelan, Richard Kelly, and John Rowe. lfl. l Composed of ten men, the AZLM rifle team participated in 41 postal matches, won 37 and lost four. The team fired three shoulder to shoulder matches and won one, placing second in the other two. The Cadets placed first in the Fourth Army Area lntercollegiate and lnterscholastic Rifle match, first in the 29th Annual William Randolph Hearst ROTC Rifle l competition in the Fourth Army Area, and first in the 12th Air Force Area Intercollegiate and interscholastic Match. Members of the Aggie team who lettered were Clifford Taylor, George Kent, Robert Crosser, Reuben Cook, Roland Za- ! pata, Bill Holland, John Rowe, Richard Kelly, Russell Durrill, and Dare Keelan. Kent has captained the team three years 1 and has fired with the Cadets for four years, and Taylor has captained the team only once but has shot with the group for three years. The rest of the team was shooting for the first time. A8tM A84M A8tM A8tM ASQM ....... A8tM A8tM A8tM A8tM ASM ,,... e ASQM ........ A8tM ,...,... A8tM ......., iA8tM A8.M ........ iA8tM .,.,,,,, ASM ........ AGM ........ AGM ,....... il A8tM ......,. HHUN1875 nnnn186O MHuN1888 nuhn1398 uUnn1884 MUUU1884 unun1888 HNHU1888 UUUU1889 UUHC1375 nnnn1889 nuUU1881 hnMu1881 nWun136O HHUH1894 HUNH1894 UHNUI893 nuUn1893 Uusu1893 Davidson College ..............................., ...... 1 809 Colorado State College .........,....,,... ...... l 865 John McNeese Junior College ......... ...... 1 786 Texas Tech ..................................,. ...... 1 867 Cornell University ......,.............. ...... 1 391 University of San Francisco ....... ...... l 873 Oregon State College ........... ...... 1 878 University of San Francisco ........, ...... 1 882 Michigan Tech Rifle Club ......... ...... 1 818 Montana State University ........ ...... l 857 ROTC, Corvallis, Oregon .,.. ...1432 New Mexico Military ,,..,.,,...... ...... 1 885 Louisiana State University ......... ......... 1 808 University of San Francisco .... ,...... F orfeit University of Cincinnati ,......... ......... 1 370 University of San Francisco ....... ......... 1 885 Michigan State College ....... ,........ 1 901 University of Mississippi .......... .,..,.,.. 1 883 University of San Francisco .,...... ...... F orfeit University of Alabama ............ ......... 1 837 A8tM 1893 A8.M ....... ....,.,,. 1 879 A8tM 1879 A84M ....... ......... 1 875 A8tM 1883 AGM ,,,,,,, .,.,.,... 1 880 ALM 1880 AZLM ,,,,,,, ,,..,,,,. 1 879 ASM 1879 A8.M 1884 ASQM ,,..... ......... 1 881 ASKM ....... ......... 1 879 ifA8tM 1881 ASM 937 ASM 1882 A8.M ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.... 1 876 ALM ,,,,.,, i,,.,,,,, 1 836 AZSQM ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. 1 876 'Lost MXSGT. Coach Dartmouth College ............ University of Mississippi ....,.,,. University of San Francisco ....... University of San Francisco ...... indiana Tech ........................., Utah State College .............. University of Nevada ..,....... VPI ......................................... Catholic University of America John McNeese Junior College.. University of Washington .......... The Citadel of Charleston ..... University of Wyoming ........ Yale University .....,......... University of Ohio .,..,...... University ot Alabama ,.... Camp Hood .................. Camp Hood ....,......... R. REESE 885 81 5 .......Forfeit .......Forfeit ,......Forfeit 1 876 1 879 870 288 1 847 . ...,.. 1861 ......1861 ......1888 936 ......182O ......1859 ......1831 ,.,...1847 Fir Ch 66 99 M just 3:5 .. ' 1672? ,V - :6e1:Emz:::s:e.g::1. fsyrhfiiw '1, ,ff '41 3 f- ,gf , . ' A if -F . ' lf' 'zifalzrifi .' ' " Vikki-f2?eQt 2 1 -f 4.:.f::g,v' , -" - ' ,' T F 54-Esta'--' ' 'Le -ft' -1-fat?7.,E5f:EfW3135E25" 7 ' 1 ' f 9 K! MZ! f his " T ' ii? ..- GENE SCHRI-CKEL President SSUCIATID The "T" Association is the social organization of the athletes on the campus who have earned a "T' T award in some phase of athletics at A8Jvl. Under the leadership of President Gene Schrickel and the other association officers the group held several social functions during the year and also sponsorec the annual Sports Day on March ll, after rain had cancelled the first scheduled date. Along with the regular intrasquad game which the Whites won, defeating the Maroons, T9-T4, and the baseball game between the Brooke Medics and the Aggies, which the Cadets won, 9-6, there were also the Kilgore Rangerettes who performed superbly during the half of the game. The funds derived from admission: to these contests are used by the organization to finance its various activities. Other officers of the fi ' El association included Bob Hall, vice-president, and Jimmy Cashion, secretary-treasurer. 5 T i x I- rv WF sy. First row: Dorbandt Barton, Bob Bates, Jack Bond, Jerry Bonnen, Jimmy Cashion, and Dick Callendar. Second row: Tuck Chapin John Christensen, Don Cardon, J. D. Davis, W. F. Davis, and Bobby Dew. Third row: John DeWitt, James Fails, Jerry Fisher Jim Flowers, Jim Fowler, and Dick Gardemal. Fourth row: Woodson Garney, John Garmany, Bobby Goff, Max Greiner, Boi 5 Hall, and J. D. Hampton. Fifth row: Jack Happy, Bill Henry, Jul.an Herring, Carl Hill, Ray Holbrook, and Murray Holditch l 448 ill im First row: Ed Hooker, Pat Hubert, Russell Hudeck, Jack Jones, George Kaclera, and Yale Lary. Second row: Glenn Lippman Hershel Maltz Marvin Martin John Ma t' Id gixfh ,-OW: Roberf Shgeffer, Jock Simpson, Mickey Spencer, Blanton Taylor, Benton Terry, and Dwayne Tucker. Seventh row: Bill Turnbow, Kenneth Voss, Guy Wallace, John Westervelt, Wroy Whittaker, ond Yates. 449 , , , y we , Chorley McDonald, and Jewell McDowell. Third row: Jim McMahon, Bill McPherson, Jackie Miller, Gus Mistrot, Don Mitchell, and Carl Molloerg. Fourth row: Wallace Moon, Doyle Moore, Bruce Morisse, Sam Moses, Jaro Netardus, and Don Nicholas. Fifth row: Elo Nohivitza, Alex Ortiz, Jim Overly, Charley Royalty Will Rush and Dick Scott TRAMU is -gi l i INTRAMURAL MANAGERS I Front row: Barney Welch, director, White, Blum, Woods, Fatheree, and Proctor. Second row: Young, Jobe, Poynor, Johnson, Burnett, and Chandler. This year's intramural was one of the largest ever held on the ASQM campus, although another large program was being conducted at Bryan Air Field, the ASM Annex. Head of Intramural Athletics Barney Welch did a good iob this past season in putting over thirty team championships, seven relay team titles, five doubles titles, and sixty individual titles. Competition was carried on in four completely different divisions-corps, annex ffreshmenj, non-corps iveterans' dorms and civiliansl, clubs-although only the first three are active in the entire program. Assisting Welch by running the freshman show was Nickie Ponthieux. During the year Welch had a special assistant, DAK Proctor, to help with the pencil work et al., and was also assisted by four senior managers, Bob Spears, Bob Skidmore, Sam Clark, and Bill Richard. Within the military units the Athletic Officer controlled the organization's activities in the intramural sports realm and the Athletic Manager held a similar position in the non-corps dorms. An All-Sports Championship Banner was awarded to the unit that amassed the greatest num- ber of points during the school. Points are based on number of participants, records of teams in the competition, and similar standards. intramural medals were awarded to all individuals on championship teams and to all individual champions. Facilities available in carrying out this huge program include six football fields, a quarter- mile cinder track, twenty-two tennis courts, seventeen softball fields, eighteen volleyball courts, the P. L. Downs, Jr., Natatorium, handball Acourts, and other miscellaneous areas. During the last year for which records were kept, i941-42, 5,l6l individuals competed in an average of 13.6 games to give the ASM intramural program a total participation of 24,021-the largest such figure in the nation at that time. This total participation is based on the total found by adding together every sport in which each man competed. With the addition of lights to the main softball field, mobile backboards and baskets on the slab at The Grove, and similar improvements, even greater interest and participation in one of the world's largest intramural programs can be expected. BARNEY WELCH Intramural Director 450 TR IIH IVIP . X . 55' . I 1 1 .. . 7 , I i , ' , , gi , ' . I V x i., V, a ' , . W 2 1 . P if I ' 2. A, -A 4. - f . CIVILIAN FOOTBALL- MITCHELL HALL ANNEX FOOTBALL- COMPANY 7 Front row. J. T. Hambright, S. E. Boswell, E. J. McNatt, C. L. Williams, From row. P. D. Snyder, J. D. Gorman, F. W. Trahon, E. R. Halow. S. P. Mistrot, T. R. Leslie. Second row: B. C. Folley, W. L. Minturn, B. G. Bosinger, J. C. Bogley, J. S. Galle. Second row: R. C. Proctor, F. H. Patterson, B. A. Whitten, E. B. Fulbright, Third row: E. L. Goetz, P. J. Hommon, C. W. Cherry, J. M. Stewart, Fred Haddad. F. A. Buxton, C. P. Suderman. I ' Q . , 1 - Q . .' t --1'-up W - ,tg 7 Y any . I :,.l..-flimadvs ffm .W f V . V I - .. r I ,lv . I - - ,. rl 5 A .E ,gm-..W,,,. .,,. . I - J" f wus. V- Iljr' T' x . 1 75 . 1115? emi . , , - .I 1.5. .MV a ff-1 'i.,l.7 . r - Jw - I . -.1 QL fel- l la -fn . . PAS A-fo, f- IX A. .- -i. Q -' ' ' if , . . , , .-iii' 'T,.m.Q , ' 1 .. I .14 -' ' K . f ft-'. " V, 'f , " ., 44 V g, f ' . . . . . . f - - ,, , y - 211. ,zfrfg ,ff , 1' , . ,yzhw , T 47 X Y-I -Q7' f X' f x ., 7 5' . - .' s,1fR' ffzrffie, iff' I 4 A- -' A 1- f - W . V. ., -. 1 . -, f. 1.4-nz J . .,-., 1.,1'.g,,. 1. ' : 4 1 .., 11 54,-I ...Qa - w "' . f' A gf f I I WW I ii" 1'-S Zcls v 'r-' sf - ' 'QM .vw . . 'Ziff 7 I I tt, '. 4 1 t , .' V1 - . Q " ,f t .fg.ff.,.1 4 A. , E , W.. I I' I I" '- -L, . 2 Hi' . YL . .ff I' , 'Us is a t I ,' I , . . ' I ', 'f . ,-WZ ', -4.4 .f T7 717 ff, Cf., fig.-1, , Q fe R R I -I -. f ' ref- . I I 3 I. . w 5.44052 ,If Q li if r . . S X1 ' "Lf .W 4, " . J A ,. L ,, ,f x V.- .. HJ , A ' ' I Y. I i 1. 1. F . :.., -i V yw I ,Q ip - 'f .. .3 . , - ,.: , .W 2 .,.. :f,p,,,,crs 1 -1:4 .. f V .. W. 4,4 2' . ' ,A -5 is X -.rio .f me lirI':Ff' .-ff 'tw its -::::'-'f. P f f ' ' rl? ff ' ' , . I 'WT' ES. aff." ' s-f 4. 5' 1 1 foo . '- six., -ew. . g. CLUB FOOTBALL- BUSINESS SOCIETY CORPS FOOTBALL- A INFANTRY Front row: R. D. Pratt, Cecil Huey, Carlos Hintz. Front row: H. D. Cain, H. K. Gorman, J. T. Prince, R. R. Waterhouse, Second row. H. D. Kane, Bill Mayo, Dick Woll. C. D. Winter, K. D. Timmons. Second row: Sam Pete, Jack Turcotte, Doggy McClure, Joe Perry, Bill Beatty. 9 5. S 3 Q CORPS BASKETBALL - D INFANTRY CIVILIAN BASKETBALL - DORM I7 Front row: V. G. Bennett, G. D. Dubase, J. F. Harrison. Front row: W. Hartman, B. D. Turnbow lcoachl, R. N. Butts. Second row: T. F. Darby, B. T. Avrett, F. A. Linder. Second row: R. R. Mays, N. H. Julian, H. Candelari. 451 IRAMU cn P10 ANNEX BASKETBALL-VETERANS ANNEX VOLLEYBALL - COMPANY 2 Front row: C. E. Reeves, W. G. Garrison, R. W. Collins, G. A. Flores. Front row: E. E. Adams, D. W. Benkendorfer, A. M. Smith, R. V. Alexander Second row: R. H. Purswell, J. W. Mechan, J. W. McDonald, J. J. Bohuslav, E. T. Holt Second row: G. D. Boring, C. R. Kreuz, B. R. Miller, C. E. Berger Not present: E. Szfranslci. A Ki: -E QEXAS JL ' wx .1 ' Z I AGGIES f wifi? arzfrs, L W CLUB VOLLEYBALL - BEAUMONT CLUB ClVlLlAN VOLLEYBALL- MITCHELL HALL Front raw: M. M. Williams, L. L. Roark, G. A. Whitten, T. J. Bates. Front row: E. J. McNapp, G. A. Whitten, R. Hightower, C. C. Williams. Second row: P. D. Terry, B. L. French, C. L. Leatherwood. Second row: F. R, Leslie, T. C. Lorenz, F. H. Patterson. 1 6' 1 1 fix lx lf ' ye It-wks! ? " , E1 X-A " Y 4: Q , X s 1 Z X, CORPS VOLLEYBALL- K FLIGHT CLUB SQFTBALL - pf, CLUB Front POW: Cliff MCGOWH, J- CUPST, B- K0lC1l', J. Holland. Front row: D. A. K. Proctor, G. R. Stuart, H. Horton, G. M. Rodgers, Doyle Moore Second row: O. Brashear, J. Haney, R. A. Hale, T. J. Bates. Second row: D. C. lngraham, L. E. Winder, G. R. Williams, J. T. Cashion, Don Frady 452 N IIIIIQ IIILILII L Milli I Ill I5 . "is Q... P4 F , 1 J- ' A" "Y I ' I i I "-" Il . I .,. Et .Ve I Lg I f 1 I 4 Back row: G. D. Young, E. J. Krenek, R. J. Ran, J. R. Ba' , I mJH IH . , ' ANNEX SOFTBALL - COMPANY 7 I Front row: W. A. Dunn, F. W. Trahan, P. D. Snyder, W. L. Minturn, J. l Second row. Putter Jarvis, Phil Allan, J. C. Bagley, G. E. Brown, R. I. Third row: M. T. Cain, P. J. I-lommans, J. S. Boyd, C. W. Cherry, W. W Not pictured: Bill Bristow, Ken Broughton, Rudy Rivera. ff Af .vL I CORPS SOFTBALL - B COMPOSITE CIVILIAN SOFTBALL - DORM I7 U Front row: W. E. Eldred, R. W. Lawe, A. L. Furnace, G. K. Steward, Front row: J, B, Drines, O. J. Vest, K. M. Brown, B. D. Turnbow, K. H. Simmons, D. F. Cummings, C. C. Jones. Gene Schrickel, Gene Leath. . Jones. Second row. J. L. Nipper, Dick Wall, W. H. Julian, M. Becker B.E. Shaw, Willis Hartman. D. Gorman. Bradley. eathertord. CORPS TENNIS-C INFANTRY Front row: J. W. Hiester, J. B. Steen, R. D. Grimes, R. D. Nance. Second row: W. VV, Lockridge, F. W. Snyder, M. G. Smathers. R. B. Naler, M. E. Thomas, PI 4 ' - f.: ' fi wig-11' V :V mf.,-.V...1V.,,,-,L-2 xi: .V 'T f .- 0.+:V,:f+-1- .-2:1 -- ' jiirrof, '. Q 4 :VV .fa-5 1 if 'Y-V21"'-if 'ff ' , 51177. LJ-,fTfQV5'1LIV"V tP9':'5:?.i?".Ff'Il4f?15f1"4",f ' if 1- . .' " . "FIV:'1Iiff'3' C r-I':vf5'QV -. fl- 7"-ns?-Ei?A'JRs?f2:: " , - A I" 1' -..' -, I -V sl ,- ff"6?4f'W'i'7y7'ffrf2-3'VifQY??31,17f'iC- 'y3iIff,:""i:' ' ' '7 '- 2' 'zfbfgf?-4f'V-iyVffV:i.J,fJiV.ff 92? 5,fL'?'?"'7'I1.V,f, ,,. V 4 Lili r , . . fa, .- '- V ' rr '- ' "--.cy Vf. ..f1"54' 'ff '. 5- Vw w2M,Agw:4:Q Wewefizyf-of-fffV''f"fe'e'w'.-V -,yes-2 "' , 4 1' f i"'.'4 1. 'I-14Y4'f'-'-fe-'wfws ffzfveftnzfi 6' my V V' . V- Y. fr' 4 , . 14,-,gy .,.f 21... ff- ...W rmw.f,V..,.: ww 'f-f :,. ' W ,L VAL- 4 -f .nam-O.,.4PiQ..W,.,,-.1Vf-.,fI.. Q, V ,J K- ,V ' f -V ' .V ' . " "" .. Ii 7- - , -gy V, -:V ', I ' ,ev , 4 1-'fe ,V Iggy, -4 2 , 1, -M , -V1 lit . . , V ' ' Zlit - ' . if ' I ' . , V.-lfgw. 1 J, . " W- V+ V 5 V: . .gym life, ,. V, cm :.4"-Vfagmzfz,-. gem gy. 1.33, A 4 .,a- r ,M ., V, V, 4, ,,-.1-,.,.,,., .. ,. , .... ,,,, . 4, . -, . , ,. y2f.,,....,,yy, ww ws .5 MV. , 4 ., 2 4- VV, ' 12 -V ' ' VV f 2 7 I ' A I V. f V. I. r - VV ., 5, 4 . .. .f 4 ff . L. ,, ..V.,,,4,,f.-, I .V V , . . , - 4. ,,t?. -WW.-WWW. ,::,. :mf Ft '2'f'ff., - 54 .V - - A f .2 -- V 5, , 1 ' 1 'write V' I 'T V : V - ' V I , 'T I ' S 421 ' ' S I ' S' f " ' ' . I - ' f Vs V ,,,. 1 Q . V: i- 'q,.'1V1f5- Q . ' Y4LgL?1?-f"fiZf,, ' Vfffff 12, 25 ' ' f if 'V 2? ' , ' ' " ' f ' I A -- r V' ' . ' 9 .fr V' G L-'1 '-T-T? In ' 2s 1 -4 .I . VLQ .,:f.'f, li 'ffifn ' qw" ' . of .Aw-fr. fs., :rr-. fr ., 'tw 'g ' 5. 5.25 ff., ,, Wu : .ffif - ,V f .V 5. I 1, 75.5.m'.,.:Q7,V.f,,V,- -V. , if K .. -.3 3 - I .Via -, V ff?-If-ii' '.'1'i':V':-:hir 'ff'1'?ff' 1- . 5 ' fZ'vi,V , .,. c'2g:,:ji1:I.pf'n'f ,ig 02,1 4" ' ', " ff" ':, ' 5' Q2 , 'nf 5 " ' ':V',z-12V-s-'fz 'faez ' f 9 4-' ' 'Y " 1 n V" .- 12:21 ' '.,fV G P1 eff., VV " 1. .1 ,Q ' - i- , V V, ' 1 ' it . ,. X., . ' ' 4, -f .4-. 1- ..4gG'ff-5f,1.'f. '24, K- .f -. 2, . ,3,e'?"'Ti f"- - SV K 14- v 'W ' ' 'X X ::" 1" f:3:jf3f .' ' F 1,3-ZV epffif, Vifklfi--iff'-'f13JfV 1j'v'V'.j T tf'1 ' . 7 1 ,9 ,., , 1'f.i'-." ',- wwf V "S Y v - ' f V ' ., f , ' gg: , , ,M-f'f':f,4ff' V ,. , - W-:..V Q llj Y, ii'5'V'Y. ' sf., '5 '- f - 1, f Q-'fir' K - ' 4, V - " I .- V I ' . S' 1 - . 3 t ' : . . Left to right: J. T CIVILIAN TENNIS - DORM I6 . Medlin, J. D. Robbins, E. L. Sayars, J. A. Thomson. 453 CAMPUS TRACK EVENTS Lett to right: Charlie Royalty, TOO-yard dash, Walt Robertson, l2O-yard high hurdles, Ralph Gay, 440-yard dash, Trey Edwards, 88O'yard run. Campus team championship: A Athletics. CAMPUS TRACK RELAY EVENTS CAMPUS HELD EVENTS Lefi To ri hi C R McDonald Bernard Lemmons B R Ticlwell Dorbandi Barton Left To right- A ZiOb6I', high lUmP lfleli C- Pfeil, pole VClUlTy R. Graves, broad lump, g : . . , , . . , - - ' . l D 880 relay, same A Afhlefics 'feam except for Royalty replacing Barton won 440 relay. L. A. Anclerson, hlgh lump lhel: G- RUSIW, SLIOT PUT- ANNEX PING PONG CAMPUS OPEN CROSS COUNTRY CAMPUS OPEN TENNIS Left to right: L. H. Runge, T. C. Monsl-line, J. E. Wilder Doyle Griffin, first place. Jerry Dieteri, doubles, and Danny Perkins, doubles and singles. - Campus Team championship: A Infantry. CORPS HANDBALL-A ATHLETES CORPS HORSESHOES- E FIELD ARTILLERY Leff To right: Max Greiner, Carl Molberg, S. D. Ceniilli, R. H, Frey, R. D. Garclernal. Left To riglwia R. H. Scliawe, B. T. Thompson, R. H. Hannlelcl, B. J. Gelzierf Noi pictured: P. G. Diffie. -454 RANIIIRII Kill Left to ANNEX HORSESHOES - FLIGHT 9 OPEN I-IANDBALL AND BADMINTON right: R. E. Pool, C. T. Abercrombie, R. J. Baker, R. D. Ash. Left to right, George Rodgers, badminton singles and doubles, Elgin Faulkner, N f I CI: V. . I ' ' o picture E Bo lew, J. A. Averill, H. W. Eaton. badminton doubles, Jack Balderas, handball doubles. Not shown, Jewell McDowell, handball singles, and P. A. Scheumach, handball doubles il, s , ig-rw,-.:5,.......g5.s..s.s.s.. .......-.p..5.. ..., .g....-X' 11-,X . , . . " ' , ' " 'N -YC 5' 3... :. . X my ,, . b 1 M x . S3 . A 4 I k. .- t1"f- .I X .sit .- -. 2 f- ' -I , 1 i Q- 2?gSa.5.-.ff,,.g1z - - ' I A -5 ' K . , ' I - A Q35 ax X 1 4 -' I I K 5 X . - 1 " " 'T' ' 1 'X A sfeexs f f .I ..,. . - f--f 1., xi ss ' ftfx 'x A' sl-..f'!' E' A U .: 'tl A,.v -QL 1 I Mg, P LI. V. "'. I7 .- .2 5 . I rr'r I I ' 1 . OPEN GOLF I ANNEX CROSS COUNTRY - COMPANY 4 Left to right: R. E. Hill, flight one doubles with C. Hill, E. J. Fisher, championship Left to right, D. A. Deranec, F. E. Blackstock, James Cruse, J. R. Haas D. P. Olsen. flight doubles with Jones, B. H. Jones, championship tligh-t doubles and singles, Not pictured: Mike Mooney, first place winner. I John Gee, flight two singles, E. H. Gibson, flight one singles. Not shown, Don Joseph, flight three singles. . 34.23, 32 3 CORPS CROSS COUNTRY- A INFANTRY CAMPUS SWIMMING Front row: Charles Pence, Jack Turcotte, Jack Beckner, Willard Green. Front row: Bob Bates, George Rush, D. D. Sikes, R. D. Gardemal C400-yard relayl, Second row: Jim, Weatherly, Bob Hill, Ted Stephens, Ed Moses. BOTSS, Rush, GYWCI Bob Smith SGT 300-Y0I'd VGIOV VGCOYCIJ- Second row: C. C. Jones, 300-yard free style, Joe Pate, diving. Rush also won the IOO-foot baclcstroke. Not shown, King, 200-foot breast stroke. Campus team championship, A Athletics. f WQIIIIIUIIIIII. CAMPUS BOXING EIIIIIIIIPI II , ANNEX BOXING Front row: Curly Marshall, 159, Hershall Jones, 179, D. S. Curtis, 129. Front row: D. P. Olsen, 149: B- E- BUVHOVCI, 129: F- M- Foster, 119- Second row, L. E. Fincias, 119, Tom Royder, 149. Not shown, Hickman, heavyweight, Aboud, 169, Johnson, 139. l1e0VYWe1Ql11- N01 P1C1UV9d1 M- COIN, 169- Campus team championship: A. Infantry, A ASA, A QMC, tied. Second row: J. E. Hall, 159, W. L. Mclleynolds, 139, B. E. Black, W. G. Crane, CAMPUS WRESTLING ANNEX WRESTLING First row: Max Ward, 159, Bob Schubert, 159, Ken Rogers, heavyweight. First row: J. H. Malcolm, 159, H. D. Maxwell, heavyweight, J. L. Yates, 169, Second row: Curley Penn, 129, Dare Keelan, 139, Bobby Carlson, 149. A. H. Bres, 149. ' Not shown: Holmes, 179, Brimberry, 119. Campus team championship, A Intantry. Second row, B. B. Lay, 139, P. Cameron, 119, F. M. Willy, 129. Not pictured: J. H. Sylcora, 179. 4 I ANNEX WEIGHT LIFTING First row: Frank Thurmond, L. E. Fincias, Dale Thompson. Second row: Kelly Anderson, Andrew Cotton, Scott Carter. 456 I . ANNEX TRACK AND FIELD EVENTS First row: A. R. Stoddard, broad jump Ctiej, B. A. Best, 880-yard run, J. W. McDoncllCl broad iump ltiel and pole vault Ctie1, Putter Jarvis, pole vault ftie1. Second row, P. A. Beaty, IOO-yard dash, F. J. Betancourt, hurdles and 440 relay P. D. Snyder, E. D. Francis, and G. E. Brown, 440 relay. Third row, R. T. Brown, shot put, Phil Allan, R. I. Bradley, and J. D. Gorman, 880 relay, J. S. Boyd, 440-yard run. The Intercollegiate Rodeo even features special events for girs- in this case a "milk and ride" race. ci sifoiiis , RODEO College Station, Dec. 3-A hard riding team from Oklahoma A8iM College took first place in the first annual Intercollegiate Rodeo held in the Animal Husbandry Pavilion December 2nd and 3rd, The Aggies from Oklahoma massed a total of 359 points. Close behind was the Sul Ross College team that totaled 325 points. Harley May paced his Sul Ross team and earned the title of All Around Cowboy. May was high man in the two-day show with 240 points to his credit. The team from New Mexico A8lM placed third with a total of 260 points to its credit. The number of points of the other colleges entered were as follows: Texas Tech, l8O points, University of New Mexico, I67 points, Colorado A8rM, l35 points, Arlington State College, ll2 points, Texas ASLI College, 95 points, West Texas State Teachers College, 87 points, Texas ABM Col- lege, 50 points, and Hardin-Simmons University, 40 points. Buddy Reger, Oklahoma ABM College cowboy, was second in the All-Around standings with l94.5 points. Harry Hopson of New Mexico A8iM was third with l55 points, closely followed by Kit Pettigrew of Texas Tech with 150 points. L. T. Walker of Colorado A8iM thrilled the crowd with a record break- ing performance in the bulldogging event. He got his toughnecked steer down in 5.9 seconds. His show average was 7.8 seconds, which proved to be the best. Dick Barrett, Oklahoma AEQM cowboy, was second best Satur- day night with 6.9 seconds. ln the Bare-back riding event, John Wilson, Kit Pettigrew, Joe Rep- peto, Gene Duke, Bill Chism, Charlie Rankin, Jim Bell, Jim Coquat, Bubba Day and Buddy Reger lasted the required 8 seconds. Matt Syler from Texas A8iM was slightly iniured when he was thrown into the wall. ln the Girls' Cow Milking event, Jo Gregory of Sul Ross State College was first Saturday night with a time of l2.l seconds. Roxie Keeter, also of Sul Ross, was second with l3.9 seconds. The Brahman bull riders had a tough time as usual Saturday night, however, a few were able to last the bouncing eight seconds. These stout University of New Mexico. Final tallys in the events were announced at the end of the show alon M. J. Coyle of New Mexico A8rM tied with 35 points each. Buddy Reger, with lO points. ,L f' -leaf ,, , . ' 514 ft C 'f -p ,. 3 ff- 3 C .rw S' l C i ' l' l . aflf U' 9 iii in E . 0 e U U' l' ofa V ' 'Lim -,Pg If S il! ,Sf 5 '?'f"i:f-i Af' if' ,ff 06' eff ort lr ,jf wi . .Q ' i'ffQ'ft'Q' , " Act' l AGOX Q9 tl- T441 Qt 5 . f-on 'If' ' H , M, R RODEO TEAM riders were Roy Russel of Oklahoma ASM, Forrest Burnham of Texas Tech and Bill Dismuke, g with the all-around awards. In the bareback riding event, Harley May of Sul Ross and Oklahoma ALM, was third with 20 points, and Harry Hopson of New Mexico A8iM fourth Buddy Reger took first place in the saddle bronc riding with 40 points, Harley May was secon wit porn s. p 20 points, and Harry Hopson fourth with l0 points. D. D. Faltin amassed 40 points to take top honors in the calf roping. Harley May was second, Harry Hopson, third, and Frank Lilley of Colorado ASM, fourth. V Top bulldogger of the show was L. T. Walker of Colorado A8rM, followed by Kit Pettigrew, Harry Hopson and M. J. Coyle of New Mexico A8-M The team of Earl Reynolds and B. Carpe team event to receive 87 points. James Wea second with 72 points. The University of New co nte st. Aggies fourth with 42 points. Jo Gregory of Sul Ross College won first with 30 points and Tony Parker was third with place, each receiving 5 points. All were from d h3O 't Ro Adams of Texas A8iI took third place with nton of West Texas State College won first in the roping therby and Llo yd Ford of Arlington State College placed Mexico team was third with 57 points and the Oklahoma in the Girls' Cow Milking contest, Roxie Keeter was second 20 points. Betty Meador and Jackie Hayter tied for fourth Sul Ross College. College Station, Oct. 29-Moxie Overstreet, of Fort Worth, was named All Around Cowboy at the ln the calf roping event, Wampler had the fastest time of 13.4 seconds. Bill Seyars was second with a time of i4.7 seconds. Darrel Alley was third with 17.4 and John Farris was fourth. Buck Selman won the ribbon roping event, Wampler was second, followed by Max Word and Martin Manual in a tie for third and Bill Soyars and Rankin in a tie for fourth. The Cutting Horse event was a close race with Buster Wagner, Gene Bang and George Handcock placing first, second and third, respectively. ln the bull riding event Saturday night Herb Corum lasted the eight seconds and placed third in the night's average and the show average. Overstreet, Bo Damuth, and Day also stayed on the limit. Overstreet went on to win the event. final performance of the annual Aggie Rodeo. Second place went to Bubba Day and Charlie Wample was third best in the all-round The announcement came after Overstreet's fine performance in the show. He took first place in the show averages in the bareback riding, bull dogging and bull riding. In the bareback riding event of the final performance, Charlie Rankin, Don Futch, Don Hornady and George Merybecker lasted the eight seconds. The final average of the bare- back riding found Maxie Overstreet in first place followed by Hornaday, Day and Rankin in that order. First place in the show average in the bull- dogging went to Overstreet, Gus Wheeler was second, Day third, and Bill Hogg placed fourth. A rodeo contestant tosses a calf to the ground GHT With Frank Thurmond as president, the A8.4M Weight lifting Club enioyed another year of intercollegiate competi tion. Members of the team competed in various meets na Austin, Houston, and Dallas usually finishing among the top Other officers of the club: Dale Thompson, vice-president and Sam Bass, secretary-treasurer. Sponsor for th Wl Bowling clubs at A84M began to be formed last year with the object in mind of making the sport a minor one in the Southwest Conference. President of the club was John Geiger, Robert Weaver, vice president, and secretary, A. E. Reese. Bowl grate sports field at ASTM in l949, and together with the support of Student Activities, the A8fM bowling team was iust as active as any of the minor sports on the campus. Price Smith, who will manage the new bowling alleys in the Memorial Student Center, is the sponsor of the ing entered the intercolle ' organization. Bowling was among the most popular recreational sports. Under the sponsorship of Nickie Phontieux, the Tumbling Club proved very success ful, providing entertainment at halftime of A84M basketball games and AGM Consoli dated's cage affairs. The group also performed in the Aggie Follies and stole the show with their grace and ability. Heading the club this year was Monte Swatzell, who is one of the best in the outhwest. Others on the team were F. D. Frazier, D. K. Keelan, and Frank Thurmond blers were immensely popular whenever they performed. The tum 458 . Cl U B S PORTS wrt tlttlc B0 I tuivl ll e group was Barney Welch. RDS PR 2:3 ,Mes tt" ESE JACK CURTIS, Texas Western Cooch, enlivenecl the foot MAX GREINER receiving his "T" oward from Aggie sweetheart JEANNLNE HOLLAND, won the Best BLOCKER AWARD for football ball and Cross Country banquet. CARL MOLBERG received the football MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Coach HARRY STITELER congratulated VVRAY WHITTAKER os COLSON AWARD from FLOP COLSON. and BOBBY GOFF Iooked on after co-captain awards were made. MISS HOLLAND presented SWC individual champion, cross country captain JULIAN HERRING, with his "T" medal. annum... ART ADAMSON presented RALPH ELLIS with the KIEL TROPHY for outstanding all-around work by a swimmer. MIIIAI I" IIIIIIII RBS COLSON presented BILL TURNBOW vvirh his baskerball caplaincy award JEWELL McDOWELL received his baslcefball MOST VALUABLE PLAYER OLSON. AWARD from DOC LIPSCOMB and C OMB and COLSON received a co- PAUL LE MING won The TRACK MOST J. DI. HAMPTON, flanked by LIPSC , ' ' - GEORGE KADERA. presenfecl by LIPSCOMB. cap Tain's award for Track as did his coleacler, VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD, f, 0.4 LIPSCOMB presenre ALLY MOON on receiving the BASEBALL C p ICOLSON congratulated W MOST VALUABLE PLAYER AWARD. 460 l l I d JIM CALVERT wilh an a rain of The baseball Team. award as F0! of jA6UflLf5 CARL BIRDWELL Manager, The Exchange STore Once more The ediTors Tind Themselves shorT of space and once more, Mr. Birdwell and The Exchange STore have come To Their aid by permitting adverTising space To be used for picTorial purposes. ln addiTion To The picTures depicTing sTudenT life, The ediTors have devoTed Two pages To The Tremendous expendiTure of money Tor sTudenT beneTiTs. These benefiTs all come from Exchange STore ProTiT. Many colleges have Their profiT sharing plans buT we believe ThaT The currenT Exchange STore plan is The besT in The naTion. Each sTudenT shares in The proTiTs Through money spenT on The many TaceTs of The sTu- denT life program. The TaciliTies ThaT have been purchased from Exchange STore Funds Tell Their own sTory. Read The record Tor yourself on pages 464 and 465. Floyd Henk Business Manager The Aggieland T950 461 '9 X! fix ,Q I 4 ' N QEAA, ' '.. ,A A, A ,vii x"A '5 .V.: 1.V1 - '--' ' Q 1 - + --. .A -- WI ,Q- . , . 'ff .F Q Nrfl J. W H I , ,- . I fl ' I- , , "' J, 'nf-.':-' , I' J A 5 ' ' 4: , - m V ' .- 0 Q1- ' . ' ' - ' - ' - . f5:i"g'3:p,+',:-35-vy1:f:1?Eq:- -13-::,-3-5,--ig,.,',:'vgpzg-v,g,gff.5,:g.:ffg."kg5:ggq1g1j:, 5:31551 N f 1 'A ' 9: Ks ,V L wk.. iz,-'..iw.+:' :':-:x-:f4v.-1:5:- fy .-lvzatwfgz -.fum f in 1 ly ' 'Wx' Q, ' , H , , - Us Q' H2 A ,rw . ,,,, V N, 6 f.. ,. , 3.1 J 1 f ,ul 'uqff 4 1 " 0 . f .1 A 1 ' Y, , . is , y- Y 1. .Q af f f 4 r .guj,.., w 3 f J 'X ' L4 g f Q Q gf - 1 6 , ' Ah-5, il ., ,A 52,54 I A1 W2 in if . 4, ,.,' Memorloll Studenf Cenfer Operolhng Fund - 518,653 1 Music Holll Equipmenf - S630 Grove Equipmenf - S500 462 PRC Z Z' ff g t.-Q55 'fp I, ra greg A ff 1, ...IPAQ fa-F5 4441 L55 J' x 5 , J i g 2 use .ff 'K , fp' 'fglxff' A fp 'KT 'iff' f 445, 'X ' W1'.!ir Dx are . Q?" i3 'Qi2f' 'Yi ,152 X 4 x fix -:xg gg! 1?5'i3'.ig? df' , f Benches on Ccumpus S750 - 1, . M F'tU!l?W'Yl Ailocotions for Various ' fi- 'M' Bond Trips-S3000 f' 1 N H 1' , 1 , , , jf 2, ,.?4. . I Q .v - .. ary- Q -, , Q-V' 1 - V .., , ' 1:11.11 , - , 'gt-gg.-Qff 5, 21 1752" .G Rf" ' . ,.. 1.9 0 ".,f,,I' - 1 'fmff' Fig ' xx- '4"'f4,r 41:52,-1 -fi Mhv,.,g,,, E ,, , .-, A k'gq:e11ff,'-WEE: 5132322 l gm. , A w ' f,L::r::.'f3g-fp - 11.n:',,gzg4zw 3, -17:4 ' ,FQ ' 1 'hErf'Q,5--ge-zzz-113: -- S . J". Af-ak 3!U'533?LE?E3fiQ gn' --f 1 gift:2i1e:::E:, ,,' 5 45145.-M.11-3,.-.g:1,-g.H. - --pg? 3y,.z,,....-1-' Ag :ge f 'gg " ' I if-"' .1.s-- . .f ' .'v 1,,.- -f - -f"" 11' ' af .s.f5,,52"'-A-'27 41. 1 'fines 'fi-gg fp- p:3ggg::"j:y:',j,gx.:gm.Qe-E151-::x:f 1, ' -gm' '4-wt' ez :wi . " "L :nt- Qizawf . -f sw. mi -4"1wwv,fQ, 1. E1?'1a:'ir--firipi' ' --aagtk X512 x-11143 ff' UV- ,v-'f,,.gfigf1gf:-f' . -ziggy? 2-e"' ,,""-1 Q 41,11-1 ,J , 01? :a'amg..w:2- Nga 1:5 , -4,-sfi?gg':i N.'55:2'4k.avg'g:f'gs: r .tofu-r ,rv--'iii-5. 2 -' 1-252121251-"l.,. , me-4' 4' K 4., fl ' V Q- -V 1-1 . ,f -.44 X f ms f , ' 4' 1' - - :ff V' - -f 'f'jQeQi?f , - L f. ,. uw? 727551 75.425-5 -, Rodeo Arena Construction-S1300 Dormitory Athletic Equipment- S1000 463 THIS YEAR the Student Life Committee has allocated the fol- lowing expenditures from Exchange Store profits assigned to the Student Welfare and Recreation Facilities Fund: Music Hall Equipment . . . . . S 630.00 Dormitory Athletic Equipment . . . I000.00 Grove Equipment .... . 500.00 Y.M.C.A. Tables and Chairs .... . . I000.00 Painting and Repair of Y.M.C.A. Cabin . . . 550.00 Rodeo Arena Construction .... . . I300.00 Benches on Campus ..... . 750.00 Construction of Reviewing Stand . . . 300.00 Permanent Back-Stop for Softball Field . . . 750.00 Aggie Movie Committee ..... . . 2000.00 IN ADDITION there is at the present time a sum of 966764.00 in the Student Welfare and Recreation Facilities Fund which remains to be allocated by the Student Life Committee for the year I950-I95I. y 464 IN ADDITION: The sum of SI8,653 was allocated to the MEMORIAL STUDENT CENTER OPERATING FUND tor the operation ancl maintenance ot the center when It goes into operation next fall. Allocations amounting to 33000.00 were rnacle tor various Band trips olurlng the year. An allocation ot 51000.00 was made to the CUSHING MEMORIAL LIBRARY tor the purchase ot material tor recre- ational reacling. aww EXCHANGE STORE Serving Texas Aggies 465 ADVERTISING SECTIUN onzingadv' A-l Bit 81 Tool Co ..,........ ..... A 8g M Alteration Shop .................. ......... American Carbon Paper Mfg. Co ....o........ American Desk Mtg. Co .....,........ .v.v..,.. A 8. M Grill ....,.....,................... ......... A. M. Waldrop 84 Co ..,..... Aggie Cleaners 81 Dyers... Aggie Service Station .... Aggieland Studio ......, Brint Morris Motors ...,. ..,. Bryan Motor Co ..........,......... ........ Canady's Pharmacy ................... ........ Central Texas Equipment Co ....., Central Texas Hardware Co ...v..... ......... Coca-Cola Bottling Co ..........,...,. .... College Station State Bank .....,.. 482 487 469 472 479 479 487 469 486 487 485 475 483 483 487 473 J. W. Bateson Co. lnc... ..... John Deere Plow Co ........ ......... Jones Pharmacy ............ ......... Kelley's ...................... Lesters Smart Shop ........ ......... Lilly Ice Cream Co ......... ......... M. B. Killian 81 Co .........,.. ......... McCulloch-Dansby Co ......... ......... Mendl 81 Hornak ............... ......... Minneapolis-Moline ...... ......... Mit Lee 81 Co .................... ......... Monarch Finer Foods .......... ......... Parker Astin Hardware Co ...... ......... Practical Drawing Co ........... ......... Robert E. McKee ............................ ......... R. W. Briggs 81 Co ............................. 469 471 473 462 483 487 474 485 479 479 473 475 485 473 471 474 corbuster Chevrolet Co .,.,..,, ,,,, 4 69 Son Antonio Machine 8- Supply C0 ----------- 483 Dallas National Bank ....... ......... 4 84 SC'nkeY perk ----------------------------'---'-4----------- 471 Dishmon pomicc CO -4--V-- hiilnllh 4 73 Second National Bank ot Houston ..... 470 Duncan Coffee Co .--',---. 1----.-,- 4 80 Shatter Tool Works .................. . ................ 471 E. J. Storm Printing Co ............. ........ 4 77 Smiths Cleaners --------44----------'--------- ---'----- 4 85 First National Bank of Houston... ......... 478 5mli'fY'5 College Grill ------- ---'---- - 485 Floyds Radio Shop ,,,...,, ..,, .,,.,.... 4 7 9 STUCY FU"nllUVe C0 --------- -4----'-- 4 75 Fordyce Gravel Co .,,,.,,,.. .,,,..,,, 474 Sllles Flower Shep ----------- -------- - 462 G. S. Parker Lumber Co ................. ........ 4 85 Texas Power 81 Light Co ....... .--..---- 4 76 Harper Standard Engraving Co ................. 477 Tiilie'5 Cregmlqnd ---.,.-,-,,,.-,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 4 75 Exchange Slore """""'s""""" ' """""- 4634167 Wessendortf, Nelms 8x CO., lnC ..... ......... 4 71 Huswells """"""""""' """"' 4 73 W. H. Curtin SQ Co ...................... ......... 4 75 Henry A. Miller Co ......... ......... 4 79 Homrds Cafeteria-mm --mm-473 W, L. Mctcatee 8. Sons, lnc... ....... ..47l Hotel Charles ----b,---'.---'- -lldinvvt 4 83 W. S. D. ClOl'l'lleI'S ................... .-------- 4 85 Hughes Tool C0 ,....-.,-.-,,-,4,,, --------- 4 68 Wyatt Metal 8. Boiler Works ....... ......... 4 81 Humble Oil Refining CO ........ ........ 4 78 York Corporation ,.................. ......... 4 79 Sincere Best Wishes Good Food- Tl1at's All SClllflllllL9llE5S llEllL9fIDM7llE5llRS RALPH STACY BRYAN T903 SO. COLLEGE BRYAN INVENTION . . . the mother of necessity At the turn of the twentieth century, America entered an era of productivity that Was to astound the World. The invention of the rotary method of deep drilling for oil was to foster the automobile, the airplane, the Diesel engine, plastics, synthetic rubber, and many other developments. These, in turn, have long since become everyday necessities in the modern American Way of life. Through the efforts of an obscure young inventor named Hughes, who chose a Texas cow pasture for his Bit and its successful operation in drilling to unheard-of depths for oil deposits beneath the earth's surface, great volume production of petroleum in previously impen- etrable geologic formations be- came possible. Volume production meant low-cost fuel for transpor- tation . . . sparked the relining industry to fantastic accomplish- ment . . . gave birth to the syn- thetic rubber industry . . . and laid the cornerstone to an Ameri- can economy that was to be the marvel of the age! Since the development laboratory experiments in of the Hughes Rock Bit in seeking oil with the rotary 1909, the name HUGHES rock drill of his own inven- Li has symbolized universal 31011, She developnients leadership in every oil field 09011 ent UP011 V0 H1110 on the globe . . . has producctiovni og ckrude oil merited the Well deserved survive . it t e intro- title, '4World Standard of ductionoftheHughesRock ,mf the Industryf' HUGHES teal, 59,M,'wfY e 468 B i E R L . COR US When you make your VA mark in the World... CHEY-IQLET keep a carbon copy of it Representing Chevrolet Sales And Service for Brazos County AGGHE SERVECE STATION For every type of carbon needed in i every type of work-there's a LONG- 1 HORN grade and finish. Owned by Veterans L L AMERICAN CARBON PAPER NORTH GATE y MANUFACTURING co. Ph. 4-1124 L ' ENNIS, TEXAS i The J. W. BATESDN 00., Inc. Building Contractors DALLAS, TEXAS 469 TEXHS IIGRIGU Tllli Few careers offer more in dignity and satis- faction than Texas agriculture. As a farmer or stockman, you produce life's basic essentials. As a Texas agriculturist, you operate in one of the world's most favored regions. Few careers offer a more interesting challenge. As a graduate of a great school, you have a chance to put to practical use the advanced ideas and improved methods developed through world- wide experience, study and research. Few careers offer greater opportunities. For if, as seems likely, our economic policies will con- tinue to place a proper value on the products of agriculture, then it follows that they will provide 'to ll. 81 Ill. Graduates. . ea Career, a Challenge and an Dpportunity A extra rewards for those who use scientific methods to improve production, reduce costs and conserve precious top-soil. In the conviction that the prosperity of Texas agriculture affects the welfare of all Texas people, The Second National Bank, through its Agricultural Department, has long taken a lead- ing part in promoting the interests of Texas farmers through guidance in soil conservation, profitable crop selection and efficient methods. We look forward to serving the graduates of today who will be the leading agriculturists of tomorrow. S E C U N D ii""l' E AT I 0 N A MAIN AT nusx V ,'., Q ."', i BANK OF HOUSTON CAPITAL AND SURPLUS TEN MILLION DOLLARS . . . MEMBER F.D.l.C. For SOUTH BEND LATHES ond DELTA POWER TOOLS Compliments ot See Wessendorff, Nelms cSCo.. Inc. R b t E M K 209 Goodhue Ave. 3008 Commerce 320 Franklin W 0 6 r 9 0 A 6 e Beaumont, Tex Dcrllcxs, Texas Houston, Texas Phone 4-5231 Phone 7-4279 Phone P-818i Generdl Contractor, lnc. SHDHEY PHRK DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVEE lll No. Morin Bryon, Texots Construction Enqineer Dctllors - El Poso - Santo Fe - Los Angeles Compliments oi John Deere P ow Co. SI-IAFFER TOOL WORKS High Pressure Drilling ci Control Equipment Houston, Texots l t DUHGSI TGXUS W. L. IVIACATEE 6 SONS. INC. Buildinq Mdteridls Founded l860 l03 Austin Street Houston, Texors Greetings From American Desk Manufacturing 00. Manufacturers of SCHOOL AND THEATRE FURNITURE Temple, Texas COMPLETE SERVICE FOR THE SCHOO 472 PCR NEATER WORK I 1 You ows IT TO YoURsELF TO E OWN A NEW AND HIGHER GRADES U59 MASTERPIECE MMG-Company l Your Nash Dealer 8 l f 27th and Bryan Bryan, Texas and Cther School Supplies I g gg A From Kindergarten Through College I I'I0tCI1'd.S I C A F E T E R I A for There Is No Substitute for Ouality FOODS OF INTERNATIONAL FAME Sold by the setter school supply t WEEEE EEE AEE OE CQOEING' I I Stores Throughout the Southwest I IE NOT EGET l 3ll N. Main Bryan .L LLL Lex I I I RECORD SHOP l OFFICE FURNITURE AND SUPPLIES COOK'S PAINT - WALLPAPER V BENDIX - NGEGE APPLIANCES ' CUUEGE SIAIIUN STATE BANK f W I Member F.D.I,C. SINCE 1888 Federal Reserve System Phones: 2-8235-3-3234 201 N. Main Bryan, Texas Compliments Iishman Pontiac Co. of I ONES PHARMACY Bryan, Texas H. C. DISHMAN, Owner BRYAN TEXAS 473 R. IU. BRIGGS 81 CUIIIPHIIY . W. Briggs C1 D M. B. KILLIAN 82 CUMPANY, INC. General C01ztwzcf01's Sam Antonio Texas C D Fordyce Gravel Company P. O. BOX 1981 S A T C 7 Compliments ot Compliments of Canadays W. H. CURTINGCO. DOMESTIC - EXPORT P lt a r rn a c r Y Laboratory Apparatus and Chemicals BTYCIT1, Texas Houston, Texas New Orleans, La. lc - . ' fl 1 it Guardian of Quality -' l Q Symbol of . - Q, L -f' '02 . 'I . A 5 , Fmer Foods , .. -Mx,.-.13-gf-Qsrziigfisgziigh FQ!! MONAHCH Einer Eoods assure you Superior fan' Ouality - Excellent Color - Delicious Flavor - and uniformity of content at the riqbt price. l BRYAN, TEXAS PHONE 2-1259 l O N R C World s Largest Earmly of Nationally 1 Distributed Finer Foods Compliments of TILLIETS CREIHIIILHIID "A Good Meal at a Reasonable Price" North Crate College Station 475 Ian S on the 0I"IZ0l1 . . . in Industrial Texas Like the stalwart, armored giants of old, these towering, modern giants of today stand for peace, security and strength, They symbolize, too, the pro- gressive spirit of our energetic and enterprising generation in developing, building and expanding the vast resources for greater industrialization of a greater Texas. To keep an abundant supply of electric power available for rapidly expanding industry and agri- culture and for domestic and commercial consumers in North, Central and East Texas, the Texas Power 8: Light Company is now completing a huge expan- sion program which involves major installations of new electric generating capacity, and additions to substations and transmission and distribution lines. As the existence of an abundance of dependable. low-cost electric service has been a vital factor in the past growth and development of this area, so today it provides a basic requirement for continued industrial and economic progress. In keeping with its slogan, "Providing for tht Texas of Today . . . Planning for the Texas of To- morrow," this Company is constantly planning and building for the ever-increasing electric needs ol home, farm, business and industry! With the same pioneering spirit and confidence in the future dis- played by those Texans who founded the Texas Power and Light Company in 1912, we are forging ahead today . . . always working to build the greater Texas of the future! 4 then Work hard and enthusiastically to pro u - M fi Q, fxgizkfl A 5 45 . 2 . ,, ,. ..f't'f34yS ' - 45 QY' ., -Sf? 4 ,..-.wwsxh . A . , . .aggzitg M 0.4 QV 'dxyff K 1 ff Q X A sr 1 X. 5 5 Q 7 V k Asp ,M 4 5 , gQ.1A: v"t gg- X X : ff ,f X NMS .A .V if ' If ,f f , X I I f f fl 1 f , f f 1 I X IA NTING COMPANYQR-1938 ' E. J. STORM PRI 2230 SAN JACINTO o DALLAS, TEXAS -. if ,. . x 4, . ,A A fi ft +..ffSs 1' y ylex ,Tyr no X4 'I ,rw ,yin ' WE AEE 550 ' V9 , ,:f1,y ,xr aww' - ' " SJW- . r -A LL 'A 10 GF Tl-IIS ANNUAL : :SM fgq , BECAUSE WE MAD THE EN IN 395 2? E , .M f-wf f tfg? .K . .ts Ati . 3 E ff" PZ, Q ui k We are proud to list AGGIELAND of Texas Agricultural and Me- QfQ.QQ, chanical College among the forty to fifty yearbooks of schools and E h ake the engravings Most of these mstitu- A 'A" ,. A - .. ...xp .1 2 1, Q Qi ' f , X , V f?"f. 'fi y A f ti . f A S , J .. g sm, EA? A .... R f ly. lf .5. si 'Tf PH-"" Ulf 'f W: U , . , '-Wars. f ygbw- x r v.: . A 7- 5' -7 f .- ., 2 -Q YQ X :' i, ' if A f A If I 2 W 1 , A .1 V .. A it F44 31 if colleges for whic we m . tions give us their yearbook contracts year after year. We know you'1l enjoy AGGIELAND. AGGIELAND has been one o t e arq , q Southwest tor years. Talented staff members plan it carefully and d ce it under the super t h l e uality yearbooks ofthe l f Q if ix, Q , Y , fi vision of a qualified Sp one connected with AGGIELAND. onsor. We have enjoyed worklnq with every P0 BOX 1016 'SKZPJQQEH ER STAND y EN V1N6fo0.i,m,.s 477 HUMBLE The Humble Company its l9,000 employees, and the 8,000 driveway salesmen who supply you with l-lumble products, extend to the Class of 1950 their hearty congratulations and best wishes. To Tomorrowgs Leaders . . . Once aaain-for the 85th year-we welcome into the work- aday world a new araduatina class, a new crop of youna men and women destined to be the leaders ot the business and pro- fessional world of tomorrow. To all of you of the Class of '50, we wish the best of luck and success in every future undertaking. 521' A -2:?ZE"""' f . in 0 nr, If TL C iv EMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 478 MIIIIEAPOLIS- MOLIIE X J MODERN MACHINERY EXPERIENCED MM CRAFTSMEN. skilled in precision work and trained to turn out only the tinest product. are maintaining the high standards of MM Modern Machines, Visionlined Trac- tors and Power Units year after year. These MM employees repre- sent a storehouse of skill. training and experience that firmly supports MM's outstanding reputation for service and leadership wherever man tills the soil in the modern manner. The Proud Record of MM's Employees and Dealer-Distributors: Of the approximately 6.500 employees, H90 or about 1406 are Old-Tfmcr employees with length of service records ranging from 20 to 59 years. Over 3002 of our employees served with the armed forces in Wlorld War I or II. Of our dealer-distributor organization of some 2,000, approximately l0f?f? have been MM dealers for over Z0 years. Minneapolis-Moline also takes deep pride in its father-and-son employee teams. now numbering 204. who are contributing to MM's reputation for skilled craftsmanship and high quality. The products of MM employees are now sold by 2000 dealers in this Country and in Canada and by distributors in 50 different coun- tries of the world. Many of these MM dealer and distributor set-ups are also father-and-son combinations. ln some divisions, over 2002 of the dealershfps are father-and-son organizations. This record of loyal service is notable in a nation where free choice of work is a cherished privilege. To the Old-Timers. to the father-andeson teams. to all employees. dealers. and distribu- tors. Minneapolis-Moline extends the wish that the years ahead will fulfill their fondest hopes. I A ToUoH or HoME Mencil 81 Hornalt Uniform Tailor Shop North Gate, College Station North Gate i COLLEGE STATION i I BOD IVICI1'll1'1 "48" Carl Martin I i i Compliments ot PLOYD'S RADIO SI-IOP COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS YORK CORPORATION Refrigeration and Air Conditioning For All Purposes District Office - HOUSTON, TEXAS Branches in Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio Distributors in All Principal Cities i ' HENRY A. MILLER co. HARDWARE, FURNITURE, GIFTS Colleqe Station, Texas I One Block North of Bus Station I l I Yfmig-72-m PACEMAKERS FOB SMART AMERICA 8. CO. Mews CLOTHING smct: seas 4 Compliments of HERSCHEL M. and CHARLES W. DUNCAN 480 X xx XX fxiril -AVV V, K VF' f:Ai'lA! FQ in JF: f7ITji'f'T-Ifzf A fl l Lf itifllwrl l-rfllxnjl' Q Phenol extraction unit in lube oil plant on the Gulf Coast . . . a picture of modern fabricating by Wyatt Metal 81 Boiler Works for a maior en- gineering construction company. SIDE WALL GGRING WIRE LINE GGRING GASING IVIILLING SIDE TRACKING REPLAGEARLE BLADE DRILLING BITS -Qi'-QKQQ. FII' -Ig B33-6006 ,14 I filng B zooo H pdl H HOUSTON TEXAS In 9 c o D q 17 4' wks I A Milk I Y x grim mf- .l....f QSHIIII -. T. III' fig: '!!Q.I' fi! 12,444 sunnvsmm A ' -i 1 Q'-'!ff!"""' if 3IIIrI -I-1 n Street NIM I It 5 ' fs. I. Robish as 'V I, XI 'S' ,ij-""Lf-,iQ.fI In 'H I 2 I I Aff 2 .fai- I, NN - fl I . X :I ' III ,I fI ..-. I I 1 ' 151 I fr I ' 'I - I Q ,'-:nlfi-.-Q-zfii II ,. .-II, E I : LW..-f 5. II I, T. I ...AISI . I , IW . I. I I I I I E I .I --'. . .' ,, II -II II IIII I . "Zi 'jf I .- -F ., 'i fi ' A ' KI If ... IIIII ',, ' II EI-ISL" I L ' 4.fI . -- , -.-. . 9 I I 'I , " ' 1 'I " ' I 13- -. if ' 1 'Q' QU .I -H .- - un-1-' ,, . 'Y -- - , .- 5.-,I I, 41,-IXII, I I- I I " - -- .. -f' I 4 ..I,. JG- .fl ,,,,, .'7g,:1'N. 1 482 ' Central Texas 1 Hardware Company Complete Line Ot HARDWARE - GIFTS T r V 202 SO. Bryan Ave. Bryan, Texas Central Texas Equipment Co. Compliments Ot SAMSCO - San Antonio Machine Farmall Tractors McCormick-Deering Farm Machines 6: Supply Company S. Main and 29th Bryan, Texas T m rnmmm so iirsmini is vi an la as Compliments Ot COl'l'lpliIIl91'1tS l T Ot T .Sym i fk 2 T T T HOTEL CHARLES NON11 Gale T BRYAN, TEXAS i Distinctive Wear for Women and Children S Featuring Fo1'e1nost Name Designers f I 0 LILY DACHE 0 HERBERT SONDHEIM e S 0 HOWARD HODGE Q ADELE SIMPSON 0 DOBBS 0 FRED A. BLOCK it 0 PALIZZIO 0 EISENBERG 483, Ymoutt tind oz Welcoming I-iotnd extended here whether you just visit us to tottk things over or wdnt to toke ddvdntdde oi our oomgotete tdoiti- ties dnd resources. It's Aiwotys or Ptedsure to Helio You! 740 484 7 1 Y Q' TX WIMBERLEY ONE- DANSBY VV. OJ - .Lf crormsas Eine Clothing gnol Furnishings for Men, Women ond Boys Regulgtion Uniforms ond Equipment COLLEGE STATION gnol BRYAN, TEXAS L,L,rL rrlrrl fmmf Ri TT T 'TTT 'TTTTTWW l i O O T U19 L46 t in CHINA l GLASSWARE PCTTERY HARDWARE SPCRTING GCCDS TOOLS FOR ALL OF THE FAMILY LPARKER-ASTIN HARDWARE COMPANY McCUll0CH-DANSBY 00. FURNITURE GE APPLIANCES BRYAN, TEXAS 1 BRYAN t G. S. PARKER LUMBER l COMPANY, INC. Bryon, Teicgs BRYAN MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Deoller 515 N. Mgin Brygn, Texgs SMITTY'S COLLEGE GRILL Omor Smith, '37 Delicious lce Box Pie With Whipped Creorm STEAKS-ENCHILADAS-LUNCI-IES North Ggte College Stgtion Jor sosoiiic The officiaI Aggiefand photographer offers his congratuIations to the graduating cIass and reminds them that the portraits in this annual can he secured at any time. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO MAIL ORDERS It has been a pleasure to serve the AggieIand staff this year- as it has been to serve the Aggies. THE AGGIELAND STUDIO North Gate COLLEGE STATION TEXAS H30 Years of Service" 486 BRINT MORRIS MOTORS E DE satfa - PLYMQUTH A C pl t f GREAT CARS BRYAN PINE SERVICE 1 A SQUARE DEAL Mair1at28t1 B T D 121431 A A -'VE 4 AEMA EEA Ydri WA W A an , "YQU'LL ENJQYU 1 BOTTLING CG., M t t 1 man, .mmm A , Compliments at H 81 Ill HLTEHHTIUII SHUI' "A Neat Appearance Is a Great Asset" Nath G te 487

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