Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX)

 - Class of 1941

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Texas A and M University - Aggieland Yearbook (College Station, TX) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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J ' 'fx 'lf - km? .2 'Ag Q 44 V. . V, .. if r. Y A L . N 2' 'X 'wg Q gg .. 3, n42"3'w 'gk V 'F' ' 3 p ' ' ' Q : x fr: , if j nf, A N Q , N1 JZ. V'-'VL Q m,1.V A A? Q n Q . , 3' 3 V. H ' ' f - ml "' S121 V V, 4. X .X A Q 5 as Q Nz -.-4. 'P' m wg? ,- .W .' x nfffbfg 0 ,, . .. N, fa- 1. M' v-41,35 ff' ,if ,x , ' :- ,, ii? , ,., if If f ,af V AAENK 'K' 'AT Y? Q V - in Vx .Lal 'V' . 'N-f ,V A u 'YN ,V -aw ' , M "1 Q. Y 5 gf? X 1 5 Q V 'av -. M " A-ff-'gg' , , 5, Q ' , ,,,. , E E-w Q, A V f li V .V 2 . V 'ls-X I ' a- N it ,. ' ' X Wwgtgw ,V ' V 9' -. .V,x4Qxa,' . 5 MM 1 X , V... , wIq1t12'7?:'33 'X ' 5135 ,-V . -Q 0 . , ' , V 3. . 4. ' ' .2 YQ E 1 .. as ji' ' ,. 114 W- SCI? sem , -V ff mg 'f f' v gm, 'X " 5 .W V - ,,. Q, 9 L on 5 5 :I " nf 'F 5' Q .QW L : -H V. , , I fs TSE A E x Vi, . 1.12 W 3 ' 1 33835 ,V ff V' , X, .g,. , W f':4ffd12?f J: ' 5 V. A ff! lf . 1' 422- V 1:44 4 x . 1' , r . ,I . .9 K 'fy - Q , L S1511 .,, ' -M , 4' "' ,. . if Za, . ' X' . -. , f V my 4: V . A - . P: W, Q ig gg , A it 'E 9 F' A Q -' ff, 1 ,Q 'Lb Mg, Vw E, ,Q Q ,Mn-' Q , Vfffaz- - 0- . '15 wi-2-., ,, ' .g-Q54-M-N.: "' V 9 MWF: - . - 1 - -- 'gf'-3.1 . .: r . -1 ' -. -A 5 .. , f A 'V 1.54-e'?'-2f3lim.'.il:ie-V, , A i :- ' Jzzaqglff N: fi f f V " I :Q F few, 1 .2 -sU:3'll1L21?:iTvP!51?"1'?Z'g A . ' ,. g 'xfffwwxf' ' KA .il y r H - - N- 1,,:g,:,22:-v-I r,-gg-gnzgfhiffv, - ' - .1 --f I, -- 4. in-. f .V , 1,9 'V 5 'M ' " ,EN -A ' "mfwlif-ff5?f4if'f:2'-1,--V . . .- - ' A 'lf' J- fra V ' -, - 'figs V 1. " 2 Q 'Y ' V '- ' . i15.3.if-'..7'iliP3"',fAiY,1,9gf ' . -A D gi -ffl g ,,.-,A v V ., . x V -' '1 f""- f11P 2 '-"-gal'-'-1: - - V . '---'Q-12'ixs:-2-arm?-fin1,.:'+9'f,.4 -- ' A 1 , ::. '1 N.-V . , W '51, N ,, ,J-m,,.,. 1 ..,4f...,, .- 3-M., ..-,, ,,., .thy-1 .,,4 1.- SKU, Q. , f --1-1+ ,fn - 'F .-1 - V ff- '.-'ilf-'47-"X - ' 'P--'bfbfggim-Q45 -N'-"1--.f-. . .- ---- :YV 'T ,145 P . ., -r ':-74.-,ags5-:.- E ,- - n115,,..g-,J-JSRV, -a-Qt' 'wsex "'-17: tif' ,1Q:f:,gi:g: ,,. Va, -. -. . '-1v"ff2'f' f L. ' V -f,fQre'rL-'sfs' Af'-P454 1 -' 21 4352:-E I ,- '- , ' 'E'-Ig ' pf. . ' A 'f.'1'f-r3mt',:,'iaT-gxtigf "Q.'f'+kf-if-Ef f., ' STV -fa.-iw " -.:IPr'7x.z.-N ..-'- ' --' Y "F - - ' -. f -3.5-' ' ' X!'5W:3P:b2i? 01- .V ' -- "-1:'5Sz'b11 f k '-1'i1myPA4y-- x-. 'V .. . V - ' x 2,13 , '- V -'- 973 'akswk .:5:?5:u".34-rg: -a-- f, r- . , . -4 , . r - ,.-q,r.c,, ".1:5,,,- .,,.,.b-:-YZEKA 1' ' -V str 1 -. V' V , . QF- - 4' V - - - l ""f"--4-aazfiffffw-1 'Q-EYE"-I s-1 V V , 'Wm .fx-:'5i:'.1ff11fg-v ' . ' - ' Z'-":. -,.9,'.3f,5.5 - A . A Maw- of-. - 1-.1-GRN ' "- V A "L"'?4 z E 1 1,4 ,Wy fn 1 1 nv .11 . 1 , '11 1 11 V 'NL -U 4 1,1 , 4- 11 Q1 113 4.1 1' .11 " 1,'1- :!1.v-I ' f -01' ,11 " ,1. 1 4,11 H 11 1. r 1, 1 11. .11 .L 1 '-11? ni 1 ' 1.. 1 1 1 1 'Um 1 1 Q. , 4 V . 11 1 1 11 1 '1 -1' ' 1 7 I I . ' K 1 'v 1 1 J 11 I ' ' ' ' '-1. 'p , 1 , 17 ' f 1 ' ' ' 1 "'J , 1 114i- .1 ,, W, 1'-,':'11'jQ 1 . ' 1 y. 1 1 1 '- su 1 1 1 11, ' nv 1 1 . f ' 1. .1 ..' rf T" 1 ' fwfg ' ' flu 'AY ':'11 '." 1 1 ' 1' 1 'rf' Q' vw I 1, V. 1 91-V . 1 1 ' 11.11. 1, ' 1' 1 . 1-.11i- 1 ' ,I If '1 .1 wb' 1 31513. M., 3 1,1 ".:': 'U I 1,- N 1 + 1. i-.""'- 1 .,,, X , 1 '1.111m',1g- ,11111 1 Q 'V H3 -'33 3.14 MAX QMQMU M ol CULTURAL fm TEXAS AGB' 9jLLE GE MECHAN ICAL C TED WITH N IFE c00""lNA witherford fup ' ' U C p gh 1941 ' MORTON ROBINSON Ed 0 G ALLEN Ad g M g L L KILPATRICK M g g Ed 2065730 ATIO A-N rf k 9 A,i,f . fxlac ,J X -L," f 5. - X' 7. . . ,, ,,,.. - .,,r 'F Wx- THE SWIFT COURSE of human events may lead us into channels we are reluctant to follow. There are times when all the world is uncertain of the future, and people can do ought but fear the news that each new day may bring. ' 4 We are living in such a time today. Yesterday all was peaceful and secureg today we are doubtful of our security, uncertaing tomorrow, we know not what Hlien influences may affect our American way of living. We share a common prayer that it will be possible for us to maintain 'QUT American liberties. Such a prayer was made by the Minuwmgnxypf '76 and the Doughboys of 518. We must cling to ouriwwny i 1--5'-Gif. for it is our dearest possession. 'A' i' Q2 -r-'J'if'7" The imlepemlenre and liberty you possess are the I, bf councils and join! efforts, of common dangers, slgfpi ' 3, SIICPPSSPS. L -ll: N for it is - 'M ,fb vt WAY of life is not a term that can be defined composed of all those detailed privileges tailone, enjoy. An American looks to the sky at the gam is in lcuriosity and not in fear. The American lirnited by her tastes, and not a ration cqnverses ifreely with friend and stranger, fear his opinion upon any subjectg their children es, thdt children want to play-in the sun- tliei r 'Of these things that America prepares today p 'k 'A' . of life ought to serve his country in and he is fit for. , GEORGE WASHINGTON . 1 . - 2061 ff. A . YQ 4959, 11' , -1 ,Q 'ul 5155-5a.i, E223 ii c r 'TMI' A ' V tw-qi K' 3 Q 7" fi!-girl. WPS' ' if' ta tu in A H' 1 1 QM.-vt -., .xv f' 'X l if' ii X. N. '11 W 3 wg, ., A it Q' THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not a militaristic country. Our nation became great not through the dictatorship of demagogues and wat-lords, nor by wanton pillage and destruction, but by peaceful years of democratic development and achievement. In llistorygiuur wars have been those of defense and not aggressiong our soldiers have fought not to enforce the American way of living upon other countries, but to maintain that way of living within our Ownicountry. The desire for peace is great in Americans, but the desire f0l' iii? protection of our American principles is greater, is Willijil' conscience-free feeling of righteousness that one million Americans are preparing for the most exflippnp Q"Yt'IllU2illlY lodav. , R-ff x ' ' -- rv " yr -fri' ' if ','i . Q 'l' i' A ' I-LJ, ' 7.12" I' '7:."' gjlqy., 1 -:td -,. .t-, T. We must give palriolism n vilality which will in service. THOI xxx X up ' F the present war 1n Europe Wlll end, and senslble return to the mmds of men. It IS then that all the ook to the United States as the protector of the Splflt Our preparatlon for natlonal defense must not be who survlve the destructlon, and those born 1nto the must find a foundatlon of Llberty, Equallty, and wluch to rebu1ld. .return to normalcy throughout the world. Torn cmes A fields lald waste by battle Wlll ag:-un feel the of the farmers plow. Factorles w1ll whlne Wllh laborirollrebulld those thmgs they have destroyed. shoulder to shoulder for the honor and THEODORE ROOSEVELT Z . 4 W, ,.: w 0 1 ,, A 4 'R - ws.. ..-4 .,, I X' 'r Y nl Q 4 uuuum Ill ww P ffl. fx 4 WX . S .FQ -'map' 'Qi 2 X Yillf 9. " f - 'lf . 7,,,,-f-- -Q ------i -Y ' 4 R : tf"w 'ig ' vm l - "' l I .J' v F '41 1 ' ' l fslff "' I - 1 il K I l l X l l -.-.7 THX X5 X. A M.. large-sl of military schools. annually wmtrilmh-s inure wserxe ullir-ers towards national defense l tlmn any otlnfr sclmol in lliv nation. -1 LX. 8 Nl. me-n have QEDIIC' I ln lllllkjs ul' natimlzil tJIIIPl',,t'll1'f 1 inlu 1-wry lnranf-ln ull tlw 'slflllfls servis-6. and are stalionefl 5 in lll'1ll'lll'lillf vwry arinx post in Ilw United States. and 3 in Iln- island alul nniinlunel pusssssiuns. l ' lluriny tlu' Wurl1l Wan' 121200 'X 8 Nl. men enterecl nuililurx svlwiwf-: 55 .lil-ll Qlnrimisly for tlwir 4-uunlry. l 'llwlan mn nation is l'lIlll.I'lvlllQ'4l xsitln an crisis similar 1 In llml nl' l'9lT. N. S ll. will wslrmnl as slim? flill ill '17 in supplying Iruim-ll :unix In-:smnu-I lu nwvl lll1st'lklSIr. ililnis xr-ar as llw lust unlrs ul "Milli Lang Sinn" llnle umm .il lfinul lim-xif-xx, 41 lunge- In-n--1-zulalgv ul' llw grud- I lllllllly sfiniurs l-4-1-mluv l'x-lsuif-s :mil Xrmi 1lllll1'l'l'S '. sllmlllxlm-uuslx, J 7 if ff if 1 4 W U lwrvralr Ulu' lun-rirun lflug lms gum' il has lwvn 1 l 11 Iwrulll uf u lwllvr :lay-il has lwvn llw plwlge of ll frm-lluln. of juslirv. of urrlvr. null of ririlizalinn. X. l'. I'l'lWlAN 15-5 ui l fj"?gf':-:'!. Y ' W' . . 45", "ffl, V . 1 1 .iw , - v-. ,yy h .si - ' Q-iysn . . ,Zf".3rq:. . V K vl. - . V 1 f 1 1 f f B' 2"1?f.l ' ' 'M Ting. W. FY' N S" if f. gs? 'WA .wu- Www- R 5' xx-L:i'7f"' -' f' nlgnorance is the curse of Cori. Knozvierige the wings zvlzpreuitlz we fly to Heal'- f'n." Cuinn Hall-home of Class nzeelings and Tozvn Hall. Rising serenely against the background of a pleasant sunzmer sky stands the Aci- minisirafion BlliICIillg-Zl'if,Z- in whose walls the intricate educational nzaclzine of .-1. 'Q M. is operated. 'J' vis "" 'SFC-vt? my ,Q A N Q Wi as X -, Q ru Q fu Cl.l'1 I'l1LIlIffl'III.2 d f'l1uru1l4r1sl1L 1 C Icluffx 111101171 as 1111 Dt U ur: Held Haus: 1 llfr Ilflll I1 tr ff' x as ffm "C m mfm an " ff I AU - u X , .,.,,, M, --4 .V -4 ,.1...V ,uv---0. 'ff-al --'WWFGL , Tlflvllhglll lJlf'IIlll.I1g info Ilia durklzvss 1 "l cf Illg rt. The ,'1ll1IVlI.Ili5fI'llfl.Oll Buildi 0' cl The Pl,'lI'0lt'llIII BllI'ldl.I1f'A..S sinfflv Q ' 1 ' ll-O onzinales tlze slry line as llze selling sun nzarlfs the end of day. ,, 5 , .pin rlsvs us U I7lOIlllf7IL'lIlf to H1056 14'l10 lzurv lulmrvd Zl'I.ll1l'Tl. .-1 Gift of the Class of '33-the :ww fo untuin in the old triangle. WWWVV' RYWW rf JP l3Sf5+x""" .MMM Looking dozvn Ilze new illililzzry Walk tozmrzls Duvncfuz HllilLC'l'IIi6f of uctirily for New Area Aggies three times daily. Y ,, ' , ., rv ,. M ,. 1' t 1 -- , K r 1 W Nmap Kyle Field-Home of Ifle Texas Aggies. Wallon Hull, typical Ola' ffrea a'0rmit0ry-Home of the Engineers. 25555 mm llc " lla il T110 Nou' flreu. Here 2500 Aggies fnd Comfortable living and studying qunrtvrs. Meeting place of Engi- neering Skill unfl rlgricul- lural fllt'fl1OdSfTl16 Agri- :-ultural Engineering Building. The lvefterznzary Hospital, f'ref'ts'd in 1933. is one of llle beast equipped in the vouniry. If is another in- flicution of the Collegcfs swift ll,t1l'llllCPI710I1l. 'Y' Iliff? 21 ' ,,,,.,..--- -A 3 A O- , , ie, i ...i J, I 'R .. 1 .8 Q . , A . X P it 'J' ' I 1 , , , I . b ,- A s, J Q -I, . 1' , I I x ' I , , x '. x TPM, , ,.,.-. Y r W A in w,,,, V 1-qu, g .,. Y I The fllll-Illlll l11dz1slrl'+'s lfz11'lJ1'11g f'rm'l4':l in 1933 SfllIIl1S in nzurlfml 4'lIlIfl'llSl In flu' nldvr lllllAll1l.IlgS un ilu' LYIIIIIIIUS. Sflll1l'I1fS of JIIIIIIIIII 11llS,ll1lIdI'wY, Illllllffy llll.VIllllItll'f'. Cl'Ill'fl.t'S, tlllll 1"1'xl1 and IJIIIIII' lfllllll' ils llvllllflhflll IvIIfl'fl'lJI' 141-11. Rl'l'f4'Ilfl'flIl l'l'll1l'l' nj flu' fjllllllllhifflll' Y,.1l.lf..-1. 1Jl'lJl'I-1165 IIIIPIIIIIIN' !.llf'ill'fil'S for f'11tf'rt11i11rm'r1l ul Iligllf. and lwt14'f'f'1z rlzlxsm. From this bugle stand the lzuglwr lwgins and ends the nlggivs' busy day. 'is .....,, llll 'T' 'H J :P W 1. I is-- -.1 .if M Fila! ei ,-x ,. , u EEE if .SYIIIIIIPI nf 1111 lfnll Ire lmlzl dear. ffm A-fa'1l41e'r111'r' Hzl,1'1f11'l1g. Iwthfr IHIUIUII as flu' 0111111111-II. sfamfs IIIZ iflc Illlvddlt uf llzw Clllllflllk ll hula of 1u'fi1'iIj'. ll is lrufy thu' lcllzzlmurlf of Tan' 5 51 K' .1 ms I Cnllvge. CwllS11l.I1g .llt'IIIUI'l'Il1 Libra,ry+14'ill1irz. Jggies spend FIIIIIIIIFSS lmurs among hooks of referelzvc. resvurclz, and idle PIPIISIITP. X I I rliwf nf ilu' ,-1111111'l11'slrr1lin11 Builfling' is rich in lwnulj mul IIfl'lIifI'l'flll'Ill splvlzdnr. P --11.. ggmx- lwic--' , 'uw T"?.::,- . xii. N vigil ,, Fila-" , ' AGGIE BAND One of the mo t impre sive and memorable sights for every student is his first time to see the Aggie Band This occasion ls usually College Night when the Band plays for the first yell practice The drum major leads the Band to the Y with a blazing red flare at the tip of his baton and the lfreshmen hear The Spirit of Aggieland and Goodbye to Texas for the fir t time The e are songs and sights that no real Aggie can ever forget l ndei the direction of Colonel R J Dunn the Aggie Band has grown from a small poolly equipped organization to one of the largest and best in the nation It was thlough the efforts of Colonel Dunn that the Band was able to obtain certain needed instruments from the Quartelmaster Corps lt is now actually two band in one commanded by a Cadet Major The Artillery Band and the lnfantry Band the composite parts are each undei the command of Cadet Captains At football games the Band is led by the Drum Major and l'11s two 'X si tant Drum Major They spend countless hours in practice and drill so that we may enjoy their music and formations at all games Their unusual featuies at football games never fail to bring thunder ous approx al from the spectators They turn out religiously for yell practice and set an excellent example of the Aggie Spirit to the Corps Our Band is the largest in the State, totaling 214 pieces. Some 50 to 100 boys are denied entry each year. Some of the musicians are members of the Concert Band, one of the best collegiate musical organizations in the , S SC 7 - - ' ' ' L - u L, T n. , I .. C . 44 Y., . . v . .5 ' 9 1 as N - 3 - -is as vw - .. . S . S ' s s ' I I . . . , I s a . . e . Y v i . . c s , . . n V . Q t , , , -. , . ' 1 S- S ' 'S. c gn L. k r. - 7 . . . . I e , v , H . . . ,, nation. Their instruments, as near perfect as could be desired, are furnished by the Quartermaster Corps. This year, the Concert Band played in Galveston and at the Victoria Music Festival. The entire Band played for the football games with Tulsa, Baylor, S.M.U., Texas, and Fordham in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day. Their excellent showing at all of these games was a tribute to the College. We are grateful to Colonel Dunn and to every member of the Band for devoting their time and efforts to making the Aggie Band an outstanding musical organization that enjoys national recognition. M QL yep' , .533 L'ir'wf - -iff' rw Lv' , 1 ,QW--X ' ff' : " -3.1 4 4. ink . Qi! 1 ' 1 V. pf ' "M 'tap 4- N ff' " .. -' nv- 'fm'-W , 'v . . Wg. 3' 'M ,,' JA C' ,X 'N +.-l, .7, I V , F " 'PL ok Tai, ', I 4 5 . , ma.- ,gf N ,, 57" ,sez Wh ,, . F 2 H ? n 3 I 5, -mf' rf 'W' ' cw W N "'+ .'., Ae-' -Njvwaw, ""'-7 , iw-Q ,- -. -ws, ' A ,siigday ,jf . 2 pn. v. ' 1 ,. , 1 ..7'i'T2-" ,ffl , -A f 'H'f34?fE'li'f'f:f-fi, " Q' WQ3Z-iw 'A A urn .. " 'Q' -,J , f -A "' ' -I -.3 a,'95fBf??-Lf'5-.Q ' -A ,Y N, , X' ...,. .. , 'xegp' - I 4' "'ff:':hx,g,,.q. -' -in A ' , A, A W N L. -, aw. . K ...I-93, ,V , Af- 1 1' .,,.'.y.?1 Qi M .L ' 'L . , gig ,Qfiivfw-, y b 1, WIA 2125 TY' ' if :W 1 ' 'vlivlm N ,W --.07 E ' P4 W" MQWM H 1,-f?v:'EL:iHhn Z: 'rfeftfjyj HW . ,lb-xNlL4T:f,, if-45 'JY '.f - 'Mfg .1035 -4' 'QI nf A-'Pdf "ffl ' 1,72 4,g5f'Q'gfi51 View . 390 V A 'iffy Lq5y'w',ff,R,Q -wiqsw-Wig," Ni -1 H Q Us: f '.,' ?'f5axa1.fw,,' 441 .gf -g,w,,,' 55, '1,,5u-,E1,V.d?"'J-'wfiyu 5:3 ' ' H f1,,.f..,,-:UE,'E,V ,lf 4,,:f4+3m, 45. ' Vw, gf" a f' 1 -' - ,f .fum J' I lY'51l2:""!it:i4 ' it ' s ' X ' 2 -rv. ,' L.. ' ' V4 f z ' , I 'X ,Ii 3 f A .- , 1 V I' ,, U I , "Xxx xy, W ,f ,, . ' 'Lftff Tl' ,L 1 , J . ,' I W ,'-- .' uf: " Q ,g .A ' ,' -'.' NISTRATIUN I IN NIANY RESPECT51h9 Atuanon widi vvhich the-lflass of 19111 is ctnlfronted is snndar uithat confnnued by the fdasscd'1917.1X nanonaland worhh wide ewnergeney exins, wdth the re- suluuu confushni and nnsunrhustand- ings arnong rnen vvhh regard to the wisesteourse forthenito pursue upon graduatunifronithislkdlege. hlod of you have had special training hirnihtary science anrltaencs that quahhes you to render a large service to ywiur lfathnn ancltrrllenioce p racy as rnenibers of the sun? of the 1 armed force of the Nation. A very large propornon of the ldass wiH hkely wanttornuerthe nnlhary ynwu ice nnnuwhaudy upon graduanon.lf dnsisyourchokf,you wiH undoubb .Message or the 1941 Longhorn Huy. bt fmfl'f'iing 3 fefy large WANmN WNVAmN patriotic service to your btate and your fhiuntry. But whether or not you enter the military service immediately, it is our conviction that each mem- ber of the Class is equipped to make a substantial contribution to national defense, to the protection of the liberties of our people, and to the further development of the American way of life. Your connibunon in ehher Hehi wiH be dependentupon du-earnemnesscd your puquwe,the thoroughness of your preparatuny and your devonon Mythe dunes and responsibdines dun you assuine. We believe that in whatever Held you may use your talent, you will give a good account of yourselves, and thatyou wiH,through your dady work,denunmtmuethexvudoniofthe Suneand Nanonthathasrnadeit possible for you to secure your training in this institution. Yvershallfolhnv your careers wdth a deep nnerest and an abiding fanh that your labors wdh he fruitful and your contribution to the general welfare will be extensive. We bid you Cod speed in the workto whkdiyoutunryourhands PRESIDENT 21 x Rlf,1,lN,NlXl'Ill us il il'illil"l' aiiiuiig' l'tillf'Lii1Jl'S. Cil'LllillLllt'1i iil um Mississippi Stale in 19415 f ailli-ruin-ei l'nix'0rsily of XY'iSl,'OllSiIl. Uliiu Null- LlllXl'l'Fiif'. lvniversily of llliilfaigu. ami liurm-ll. iianim- In KSU in 1909 us . . 4 L In ul of iis'c'l1'if'ul l'illQiIll't'l'illg1 lileparl- IHUIII. Ximia- Iitilll ui lin' 5l'il1'N'li of i'll"'l- Ill'l'l'lllQ 111 W22, ilvuii ui llw fpllvun' 111 -s. '- l'M2, Xll'l' i,I't'Fl1il'lll of lim tulle-we in Av- , . IWW. lil-,xx Ii4JI,TON l1asvmlll'ii:11I6ni liiirty- lim ye-ars ol his Iliv lo ASH. mul muvli Ili ulll' 3IiYilllf't?lIlPlli Ill l't'f't'Ilt Xthillx il'li . Q . in-vii 4illP to his Sfbllllii poliriivs. ami tireless f'ixi'1ll'i. DEAN F. C. BOLTON vim: PRIQSID1-LNT COLON EL Ili E ASHBURN lax 141+ ITM: l-xsslwl' wr liUI,UYl-II, Im: ASIIIEI lax has serv-J XA pulvlivily mam. NJ1'l'PlLll'y of ilu' lluala IJirec:l4n's. llmmnumlunt. unfl as lwmru e ,-Xwislunl. St'l'Yi'l'l llif Vlllllllff in lln NX mlel War as Kluinr in the fllilll IIll1iilIllX ll rn orefl will! lJlSlillQlliSllGll Semin llruix llr- C116-1'rc'. uml Cll9Yilllt l.vgim1 Jllmmeur 1lv l'wl'LlllCC. lillllllk' lfelitnr ul' Fort w'1ll'lll lleconlz xx Presimlvnl ul' H4!llSl1lll Chamlw er ul lOIll IIlt'l'I't'. To young aml olml. to rir'l1 1 1 Jr u knfmll lovingly as lltblhlllll Ikv in I . lx 4 A 4 xx 5 'bx is X4 X . N X i '-., l, L fl Nfl IOZIQLUIE Cmuuxmxr Of AMI this year. after a varied and C'OlOl'flll career. ln nine short months COLONEL WATSON has gained the respect and goodwill Of every student. The friend Of every Aggie. his hrand Of leadership Combines slraiglitforward army discipline. with sincere friendliness. We respect COLONEL Wi.-XTSOX the Soldier: we admire COLONEL WATSON. the Klan. COLONEL JAMES A. WATSON THE COMMANDANT vilfil I 24 ll M Vwx 1 fi ' X , , AG' ' H, W, s. f., I, ff? X ' get 1 ll CnxnL,xTED from .-XMI in 1899: lwegan at-aa demic career at ASH as professor in 1902. was made Dean of St-lnnrl of Agriculture in 1911. D1-:AN Krm: has served on athletic council for two decadesflris name per- petuated wlien Kyle Field was named for him, lu his thirty-nine years at A8111 llc ' has seen tlle School of Agriculture develop to its now outstanding proportion- vmucli of that development is a result of Ex-Aggie liyleis direction and leadership. DEAN C..1. KYLE DEAN or THE Scuoor. or ACRICULTPRIZ Y, ., -f ' .11-,Q .L wx, X XX 4 XE- . f X, xr S X L . x Ilmx 1Ll1.r,3HHlSTl1egun his acafteiliic-ea1'eel' will ,E :Kr A -li G- Y 1 years 01' praelieal experieme hehinil hini. He mis u Etate lrigliway engineer fin ten ' years. and mrs I resident of Ameriean :Xssnr 1.1t11 - - in nf State Highway fHi'ic'ials for 19235-IOISO. Worked inuny years with the l'1lQ'1lltA0l'lIlQ th-partmenl of the Santa Fe Hailwatl. He served as a Captain of Engi- neers tillfillg the W' hi wvdl -KSN N ing i tbl' ' '7CaIIl6' to an Dean uf the School of Engineer- n 1937. if DEAN GIBB GILCHRIST DEXN OF THE st HOOL or ENGINEERING DEAN R. P. IVIARSTELLER DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE Cum T0 ASM in I9U5 after graduating from Ohio State. Made Head of Depart- ment ul Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in l9l6-lield that position nntil he was made Dean ol' the Svlmol uf Veterinary Medicine in l937. He is now Honorary President of Slate Veterinary lVIediCine -Xssoeiation of Texas. DE.-KN M..xH5Tr3I.1.r:n has maintained and further developed a high educational standard for his depart lnent which is typical of Texas AGM today The Veterinary Course, as supervised lay DMN IXI,x1:sTm.1.i3R. prepares many gradu tes for the Veterinary Corps. United State. a A rm y. 27 s + . X , 4 X , sl to X H lx lx 'YN 'xs xx X. x, li l X, N f + X . xy! XQ- f Y DEAN BROOKS has been Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences., and Dean of the Graduate School since 19322. Graduated from Baylor U.-received MA. and Ph.D. from University of Chicago. His experience in the field of education makes him out- standing in College and University circles. Formerly he was President of Texas Society of College Teachers of Education: Secretary of Texas State Teachers Associa- tion: President of Association of Texas Collegesfwas Mayor of Wvaco for two years. DEAN T. D. BROOES DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES X Ts lyagunzao RD siffrit wr:i.1fARE of the students of LX. 8 Xiilll. College rests in the hancls of the Board of Directors whose actions tlur- ing the current year have proven that they are fully aware of their responsi- hilities. They have seen to it that the rapid growth of the College has not been with a sacrifice of those facilities that are to the best interest of the students. The members of the Board are ap- pointed hy the Governor to serve for terms of six years. They are: F. M. Law, Houston, Chairman: W. ll. Lacy, Waco, Yiee-Presirleiitz G. R. White, Brady: R. W. Briggs, San :Xntonio: H. L. Kokernot, Alpine: .-X. H. Demlie, Stephenville: E. ,l. Kiest, Dallas: antl Joe lftay, Dallas. OF DIRECTOR F. M. LAW Top Row: UTAY, KIEST. DEMKE. Barium Raw: KOKERNOT, LACY, WHITE, BRIGGS. 29 NX. H. ll ULZNI -XX N-Lon PTlc01,1,ER Caine lo HX. 8 lll. in V322 as 4-ashivr of lfiseal llepartrnent. He nas clliel' rlerk for the lfxperinient Station for three months. ln l'72hl1t- xx as Illlltltl Comptroller of the College: fllr. Holmnann is in tlireet vharge of all financial matters ol' tlw College anal its ltIAlilIl'lll'S. li. N. llUl.NltLR l'il'lN7liL'SINl-ISS MANAGER iil'lltlllilll'1l from A. K Nl. in H322 antl was mafle County agent ull Galxeston llonnty in IUZS. Two years later Mr. Holrngreen lvemnie Iwml Poultry Husluanclryman of tht- Te-xas Extension Servir-e, Was aflministrative ofliiver of tht- AAA from l'J3lr-l'9ll: he lwcame lvnsinc-ss manager oll tht- College in Felvrnary ol' this year. lu. J. Hllxvl4.l,l,-REGISTRAR Crutlnate of A. 8 M.. class of '122. Former Registrar and Connnantlant ol' John Tarleton. Made Assistant Registrar at A. X M. in 103111: Registrar in W32. Mr. Howell stands high among Collegiate Registrars throughout the nation. He is a fllajor. Infantry Reserve Corps. ll iv- 4 fi' my lk 'X.B.1IUNNl'IR Thx- JX1ll'l4'llllllI'ill l'lxp1-rim:-nt Stutiun DH. T. F. MAYO lhf- tullflgt- l,lln'ury T. R. SPENCE The' Erlgiltm-x'ir1g Exp:-rinwnt Station H. H. WILLIAMSON Thr' Exif-mion Servin- DR. J. E. MARSH The College Hospital E. O. SIECKE The Texas Forest Service THE 1941 LONGHORN reaches its readers only after numerous setbacks and interruptions. Bill Becker was duly elected editor in April, 1940. Becker resigned his editorship upon his return to school in September when he became Cadet Colonel. Ele Baggett promptly became editor on Becker's resig- nation and 1 was appointed managing editor. All went well for a few months, and then, due to an unfortunate accident suffered during the Christmas holidays, Ele Baggett was unable to return to school in January. 1 became editor and Lovell Kilpatrick entered upon the scene as managing editor. And so, the 19-11 Longhorn was planned by Becker, started well on its way by Baggett, and completed by Kilpatrick and me. Through all the changes of editorships and managing-editorships Orville Allen survived as advertising manager. l would like to give my most sincere thanks to the entire corps for the splendid cooperation it has given in contributing pictures and information that have gone to make up the 1941 Longhorn. Lovell Kilpatrick, in being an excellent managing-editor, has been a source of innumerable ideas, and his hne workmanship is evident throughout the book. Orville Allen and ,lack Grantham have done an exceptional job for the advertising end of the 1941 Longhorn. The Longhorn was fortunate this year in having four excellent junior assistants, namely: B. L. Heitkamp, Ben Hancock, Harvey Lynn, and ,l. 0. Alexander. A. R. Ramirez and R. B. Jones were other competent assistants. Mr. Howard Berry deserves all of our thanks for the fine photography he has contributed. His pictures appear in the opening section and on division pages. The Longhorn hereby gives evidence of its deep appreciation of the splendid cooperation given us by Mr. ,loe Soslik, the ofliicial Longhorn photographer, and by Phil Colman whose photo- graphic skill has aided us many timesg Phil's pictures appear in the Aggieland and Sports sections. I would like to thank Nig Miller and Jimmy Mundel of Houston for the fine pictures they have contributed to the Aggieland section. On behalf of the Longhorn staff 1 want to thank Mr. E. L. Angell, Manager of Student Publications. It has been one of our greatest privileges to work with the "Chief.w ln conclusion 1 want to say that working on this year's L'Book" has been a privilege as well as an enjoyable job, and I join with the entire staff in presenting you with your 194-1 Longhorn. Moarox RoBiNsoN. 32 .,-Cf.,x,N.,-.fCfX.,Xf-C,x,x,x,C,,-,-,- ,,,VLAA0AA,, F: INFANTRY No major war has ever been won until Infantry troops have actually occupied or begun occupation of land that was strategic to the defenders. It is the basic arm of all armies, and is supported by the Engineers, Cavalry, Field rXrtillery, :Xir Corps, Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, and Chemical Wa1'fare Service. To the front, rear, Hanks and from the air these units coordinate their efforts to make possible the Infantry advance. The Infantrymanis task involves the use of the rifle, bayonet, pistol, hand grenade, semi-automatic rifle, machine guns of light and heavy calibre, 37 mm anti-tank gun, and the 60 mm and 81 mm mortars. In the use of these weapons the men become experts, and at the time of attack men and weapons are coordinated to perform the mission of gaining and holding ground. They must overcome any resistance that the enemy may employ. This requires courage, precision, discipline, training and leadership of exceptional quality. .Xt Texas A. and M., the Infantry phase of military training, so vital to our national defense, has not been neglected. With the exception of a short period in the early days of the College when some field artillery in- struction was given, rifle drill and tactics were the only forms of military instruction given until 1916. Originally, there was one battalion of Infantry. This grew to a small regiment in 1909, consisting of two battalions. The greatest growth has occurred in recent years, however. Since 1932, the Infantry Regiment expanded from two to three battalions of four companies each. The average company now consists of some eight officers and seventy- five men. The classroom instruction consists of tactical and technical work with Infantry troops and weapons, which the students apply, as far as is possible, to actual situations and guns in the weekly drill periods. At the end of the third year, the Juniors spend six weeks at Camp Bullis, near San Antonio, Texas, where they live the lives of privates and get a clearer picture of the Infantry at work in the field. In ,Iune of this year, 134 Infantrymen will receive their commissions as second lieutenants in the Infantry Reserve. This is tangible proof that the Military Department at Texas A. and M. is doing its part in providing officers for our armed forces, upon whose shoulders rest the responsibility of the defense of our nation. 'X-. K , y wx wx . vp, W' 'Q 1 xx ,.. n , . . ty - AL'-.1 iff 2 lk' HX. ' -vm., X 4 , . . .xx . mc ,, 'ml' ,M IJ ' 5 X-,,, 1 . ,K L 'X 'ft-Q K X . x ,S ,Y v "1 3, Q .Xb F' 4' s x J., res' ' 1 I 's W ..,., ,uw -... I v 'x ' 1 V. f . ' . . dv , 5 i . A , X K '.' . -,X 'L. 1 . A , 1 Sf - A X u , H , r - I ' w r 1 I -n. ., . ,mf Q ra ' A 't."! 6 4 5 1 V SES '22 , 3,45-. 'rf -Q i. ' -115' 'QL' .132 ff lair WI ' . . s . fx' :xf ,x ' x :-- lgzotsi 30:02. 0 'Q'09 'io O Q 'MA M U - . lfif- 'ir' i 1,' I" 'fa' vvx' 5 . ' '. " I isq, Q. yt .0 5. 32 :,' Q 5 0 0 o x area o Q' 4 Q QQQQ if ADAMS, BILLY JOE "Tuffy" AA g Bay City Age 21: Capt. 3rd Hdq. F.A.: Basketball Numeral '37: Varsity Basketball Squad '38, '39, '4O: T Club: Accounting Society. ADAMS, FRANK B. Aff Corpus Christi Age 21: Ist Lt. C.A.C. Ist Btn. StaH: Intramural Mgr. '4-1: V-Pres. Gulf Coast ASM Club 711-I: R.V.: Marketing 81 Finance Club: Newman Club: Cotton Society: Distinguished Student. ADAMS, J. K. uRed,' DH Tulia Age 23: F.A.: Dairy Judging Team 110: Natl. Dairy Judging Team '4-0: Kream S1 Kow Klub. ADAMS, LUTHER L. "Luke" AH North Zulch Age 20: Ist Lt. D Cav. 2nd Sqd. Staff: Saddle Sz Sirloin Club. AKARMAN, T. H. "Ack" LA Lubbock Age 23: C Cav.: Captain Fencing Team. ALDRICH, LEVI M. f'Lee" AA Temple Age 22: F Inf.: Marketing S Finance Club: Marburger Moppers: Best Drilled '39: Bell County Club, See.-Treas. '39, Pres. '11-0. ALEXANDER, R. W. "Bob" Pet Eng Paris Age 21: Major Cav. Reg. Staff: Petroleum Engineering Club: Pres. Lamar County ASM Club '-10: R.V.: A.I.M.M.E. ALLEN, WILLIAM B. "Brice" ME Lockney Age 25: Ist Lt. F Eng.: A.S.M.E.g B.S.U. ALLISON, CONRAD J. AH Carthage Age 21: A Cav.: Saddle Sz Sirloin Club. ALLYN, FRED E. "Ezra" AH Cisco Age 25: N.M.: Saddle S: Sirloin Club: National Block 31 Bridle Club. AMUNDSEN, E. C. ME Galveston Age 21: A C.W.S.: Treas. Galveston ASzM Club '39-'4O: A.S.M.E: Pres. Galveston ASM Club '4-0: Senior Representative Student Welfare Committee: Duncan Volunteer. ANDERSON, GABE D. JR. '4Andy" AA Farwell Age 22: Capt. C F.A.: Pres. Scholarship Honor Society '4-1: Distinguished Student: Marketing 81 Finance Club: Panhandle Club: Who's Who in American Colleges 31 Universities. 38 . '. '-2'.t'.'n'.'.f'.'x'.'n',o',1'1'-' ' 4 1 . , '.'-"'.'A'.-'.'..-'.'.'-'."..9.. '. .. .'..- ' .v, Av' 0 s" sc, s:, s 0 I Q ' 'Q ' x ,. I.: ANDERSON, JAMES T. "Jimmie" Agr Garland Age 20: lst Lt., 2nd in Command, K Inf.: Dallas ASM Club: Pres. Agronomy Society. ANDERSON, M. B. "Andy" L.-1 Beaumont Age 2l: Aggie Band: Beaumont A801 Club: Economics Club: Accounting Society: Machine. ANDREWS. D. K.. IR. "Deacon" ME Dallas Age 21: A C.A.C.: A.S.NI.E.: A.I.M.E.: Sbisa Volunteers: Jr. Editor Battalion '39-'40. ANCELL, DAVID L11 Houston Age 23: lst Lt. F C.A.C. APPELT, LESLIE L. "Les" ME Hallettsville Age 21: Lt. Col. Eng.: A.S.fNI.E.: Pres. Lavaca County Club: Engineer Rifle Team: "ll" Club: Vice-Pres. Society American Military Engineers: Vl'ho's YVl1o in iAIHt'l'll,'iill Colleges and Universities. ARNOLD. T. A. "'I'ommy" Ag Eng Orange Age 22: lst Lt., 2nd in Command D Inf.: Custodian Engineering: A.S.A.E.: Freshman Corps Contest Placing: "Jil" Club: Orange County Club. ASHBY. .I. B. i',Iin1" L4 Fort Yvortll Age 20: EA.: Fort Worth Club: Vive Pres. Summer Press Club: Economic Club: Summer Battalion Stall. ATKINS. LYNN C. "Major" Ag E11 Tabor Age 22: L Inf. ATKINS, TRUMAN ASV Ivanhoe Age 21: Inf.: Agronomy Society. BAGGETT, ELE B. AH Ozona Age 21: Ist Lt. B Inf.: Longhorn Editor: Pres. Junior Class '40: Saddle and Sirloin Club: San Angelo Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. '40-'-ll: Press Club. BAILEY. CHARLES R. "Bu.gk" Arch Lampasas Age 20: lst CHQ: Architectural Club: Land of the Lake Club. BAILEY, JACK ':A1ic-e" P95 E Dallas Age 21: Ist Lt. F F.A.: Intramural Manager: Pres. Sophomore Class. Petroleum Club: A.I.M.E.: Press Club: Sec.-Treas.. Yice r?reskDallas Club: Longhorn Staff: Town Hall: Sbisa Volunteer: rac . 39 1:3131 lg Q 1 'O 'o's o 'Q 9 - QQOQO 55.1001 WW of I l . . 4-on 1" -no . or 0 a I q"'3-' 12" - L'!cf?f.?.:f l..92' 'Tic' :Via ' ' ' ' ' '.'- 3' ' ' '.' 7 . 1 414 ' I o"J 'A A , 4 'arozlx fb'q.9 o'o"'4,4" b'9'5s'f 4'A.z.f llll IOR ova, f """' G.. is .. - f-1. - X x E L. BAIRD. BOYD .-Ig Ez! Age 22: N.M. BALL. JOHN ME "0ssie" Rule "Johnny" Uvalde Age 20: 2nd Lt. E Eng.: Distinguished -Student: A.S.M.E.1 Southwest Texas ASM Club. BALL. KARL EDWIN EE Age 25: NAI. BARRON, C. P. Sci Age 21: A Cav.: Pre-Med Sbisa Yolunteers: Rural Sociology Club. BARRON. JOE R. ME Age 212: lst Lt. C EA. BAR RON. TOM W. ME Age 20: 1st Lt. E C.A.C. BATES. GUS AH Age 23: NM.: Pres. Fort Saddle and Sirloin Club: Squadman. BAUMGARTEN. ARTHUR M. V111 Age 25: B Cav.: A.V.M.A. BEARD. LELDON PME Age 222: 1st Lt. 3rd Hdq Ollicer, 3rd Battalion Staff. BECKER. WILLIAM A. AA Marathon "Blue" Pearsall Club: Southwest Texas ASiM Club: Bryan Bryan Fort Wortll Wiorth ASM Club: ,lunior AA'-.M.A: Block and Bridle Club: Football --But-is' College Station "Dear Beard" Rosenberg , EA.: A,1.M.E.: A.S.M.E.: Supply "Bill" Kaufman Age 222: Cadet Colonel: C F.A.g Scholarship Honor Society: Pres.-elect Marketing and Finance Club, '40-'-11. resigned: Elected Editor Longhorn '41, resigned: Sgt. Major Corps Staff, '39-110: Vice-Pres. Press Club. '40-'41: Letterman Pistol Team. '38-'39, '39-'40: Winner of Danforth Fellowship, 310: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. BEELER. GREIG B. ME "Scoop'i Houston Age 22: M lnf.: Houston Club: A.S.M.E. BENSON. WALTER R. ME "Walt" Houston Age 21: 1st Lt. 1st Hdq. F.A.: A.S.M.E.: Fencing Team: Houston Club. 4U . ss, 1, . . on ' -- ,-,- I ,sf 44 "'ls"s"B" ' 0 0 I 0 O 0 O 0 4 - is v u Q 4 '15 ." '5'."'.'.' ' ':"f':"n 's' o ' o ' 0 0' o',! A .0 .':l'lQ',Q. o . ' " 0' s ns, .1 s 'N ,s so Q BENTINCK, G. F. k'Buck" Ch E Dallas Age 21: Ist Lt. B F.A.: A.I.Ch.E.: Distinguished Student: Dallas ASM Club: Battalion Art Staff: Intramural Manager. BERRY, TROY N. "Butter" .fig E11 Coldthwaite Age 20: Inf.: F.F.A. BEVILLE. A. H. A A Waco Age 21: lst Lt. D F.A.: Marketing and Finance Club: Town Hall: Waco ARM Club: Distinguished Student: A.S.NI.E. BEYER. DON A. "Duck" EE San Antonio Age 21: lst Lt. B S.C.: A.l.E.E.: RN.: San Antonio Club: Adjutant Signal Battalion. BIANCHI, DAVID C. "Dave" ME Victoria Age 21: 3 CHQ: A.S.M.E.: S.H.S.: Distinguished Student: Victoria ASZM Club. BINCHAM, .-lgr Age 25 GEORGE M. "Bing" Normangee lst Lt. C C.A.C.: Agronomy Society: Slwisa Volunteer. BISCHOFF. A. J. t'Bish" Ch E Boekwall Age 20: 2nd Lt. C C.W.S.: A.I.Ch.E. BISHOP. .l. P. "Phil" A.-1 Atlanta, Ga. Age 25: 2nd CHQ: Marketing and Finance Club: Economics Club. BLAND. CLARENCE .l. "Foote" IE Houston Age 23: lst Lt. 2nd in Command. A F.A.: Fish Track: Best Drilled Sophomore: .lr. Yell Leader: Sr. Yell Leader: Vive-Pres. Houston ASM Club: Duncan Volunteers. BLANKENSHIP, REX H. AA Amarillo Age 20: lst Lt.. 2nd in Command, G Inf.: Intramural Manager: Panhandle ARM Club: Accounting Society: Boxing Club. BLANTON, JOSEPH F. "Joe" AA Houston Age 20: A Cav.: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Marketing and Finance Club: Round Table Club: Intramural Manager: Houston Club. BLEDSOE, J. V. "Joe,' ME Waco Age 21: Aggie Band: A.S.M.E.: Waco Club. 41 l ba- W. S -,-' 211,-..7Q 0. ir- pizstqx 'Q'05 I, Q 6 O 9 Y z'o'0.Q 'sail WRKW iii yi I , v y t l , n. , nf A 0 I' I if ,f f slffi, Q ,V . pf Jing? .mm if 0' 1.2! 0'.'. o ' I ' ' 0' 'I Q s' '0'f..,x 0 -D Qi 'o'm"' x ! 1 nf' ri'-"-'3 BLOODWORTH, J. C. "Bloody" Ag Eng Olney Age 20: Capt. Eng. Regt. StaB': Sec.-Treas. A.S.A.E.: Scholarship Honor Society: Society American Military Engineers: Young County Club, Vice-Pres. BLOODWORTH, M. E. "Maxey" Ag Eng Axtell Age 20: N.M.: A.S.A.E. BODINE, H. H. "Pete" AA Colorado City Age 22: B lnf.: Marketing and Finance Club: San Angelo Club: Cotton Society, Vice-Pres. BOCCS, V. E., JR. 'LCotcho" AA Marquez Age 21: Marketing and Finance Club: Accounting Society: Biology Club. BOLDINC. A. P., JR. "Plute" ME Bonham Age 22: lst Lt. I F.A.: 3rd Btn. Staff: A.S.lVl.E.: Distinguished Student: Bonham ASM Club, Pres., Sec'y. BOLTON. PRESTON M. "Dean" Arch College Station Age 20: Capt. 2nd Hdq. F.A., 3rd Bn. Staff: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. Ser. '40, Pres. '411 Architectural Club. Sec. '40g R.V.: Student Welfare Representative of Sophomore Class. BOURN. JOE F. "Jo Bio" Arch Dallas Age 23: C Eng.: Architecture Club: Dallas County Club: Sbisa Volunteers: Student Engineering Council: Chairman Engineers' Day '4l. BRADEN. JOSEPH C. "Moe" Arch E Houston Age 22: lst Lt. E F.A.: Architecture Club: Houston Club: Newman Club. BRANDES. L. E. "Judge" .-IH-Ag Ed Weimar Age 20: F Inf. BRASWELL, C. DAVID "Dave" CE Paris Age 22: 2nd Lt. C Eng.: A.S.C.E.: Lamar County Club. Pres. '4l. BRATCHER, D. H. "Bratch" ME Conroe Age 22: A C.A.C.: A.S.M.E. BREWSTER, O. F. "Findley" AH Temple Age 23: lst Lt. M.Cv. Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Bell County Club: Best Drilled Man M.G. Cav., '39. 42 I ' '.. ,.'lo.1':-G:.'O'gl.vfg.0.E:n?o:.:,t' 0.-QB.. 1 2 I 3 A T' I-:Q-1 ALO.. gig! g.g?'l.:n'?.TQ.5x ?,:. g:,.Q-ag' V' ' 'v gl? 1-g q: ,?.s,1L',. E.: I O R 3" - is 1. .. A Iliff: an Izayzaa BRIMBERRY, W. O. "Doc', fgzdboi, LA Crapeland a'..5..'f' Age 21: C C.W.S.: Economics Club: Battalion Staff. I BRITAIN, DAVID W., JR. "Britt" Pet E Amarillo Q rl, Age 22: D C.A.C.: Sociology Club, Treas.: Amarillo Club: W Economics Club: A.l.M.E.: Petroleum Engineering Club. BROOKS, LAVERE 'LPappy" Arch Somerville Age 21: D C.A.C.: Architecture Society, Pres., Treas.: Student Engineering Council: Assistant Art Editor Battalion. BROOKS, RICHARD H. "Dick" Arch Waco Age 20: B Eng.: lVIcLennan County Club: Architectural Club. BROTHERTON. R. R. "Dick', AH Comstock Age 20: Ist Lt., Znd in Command, C Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Distinguished Student. BROUNES, PINCUS "Pink" LA Houston Age 20: 2nd Lt. F F.A.: Houston Club: Hillel Club: Economics Club: Accounting Society. BROWN, C. W. "Billy" Pet E Houston Age 23: Capt. D F.A.: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Engineering Club: Houston Club: Distinguished Student. BROWN. C. W.. JR. k'Short-Circuit" ME-EE Beaumont Age 21: Capt. Hdq. S.C.: Scholarship Honor Society: Beaumont Club: Y.M.C.A.: A.I.E.E.: A.S.M.E.: Duncan Volunteer: Dis- tinguished Student. BROWN, G. W., JR "Dud" EE Dallas Age 23: H C.A.C.: A.I.E.E.: Dallas Club. BRUNDIDGE, BILLY D. Geo! Dallas Age 22: lst Lt. C.A.C.: Distinguished Student: Math Contest 2nd Prize '39: Geology Club, Secretary. BRUNDRETT, WARNER M. "Brandy" EA Dallas Age 22: Ist Lt. E F.A.: R.V.: Tumbling Team: Dallas Club: A.S.C.E. BULLARD, ABRAHAM L. 'L.lune" ME Helena, Ark. Age 23: Capt. H C.A.C.: Galveston ASM Club: Arkansas ASIM Club: A.S.M.E.: Freshman Y Cabinet. 43 Jffc' IDR I . +e.1 . . f:1.f::.'... '. ' I 10:0-ll' 0 0 5- Pgigb .4 o o if . g .5 it Psfoi 4' C A Agn' t t ml l S Li S ,t '!l':-- 'Q ' .. "Ma Qu- gf ,fm Q " " . H '. -, il BURKLIN, WILLLXNI B. CE Age -31 A Eng. .-1 . BURNETT. ERWIN F. Pe! E Age 20: 2nd Lt. l.. Inf.: A.1.Nl.lf.: Petroleum li' Set-iy. BUTCHER. .JACK Lfl Age 22: D C.A.l'.. BUTLER. Pil.MER H. 'lf'r 1 H "Bill" Houston "Biddie" Hempstead O.B.B. Club, "Butch" Fort Worth "Butch" C-raham Age 22: D CA.f'I.: fnrl in Freshman Livestoek Judging Contest T181 Agronomy Society: Young County Club: Intercollegiate Corps Team '-10. BUTTON. J OHN ROBERT ME "Bob" Houston Age 21: Capt. H Inf.: Student Welfare Committee: Houston Club: A.S.itl.E.: Duncan Volunteers: Chairman Infantry Regt Ball Favors 1,i0l1lIlllllt'PZ Business Mgr. "Engineer" and "Agri- eulturist." BYRD. EDWIN E. C11 E VE Square" Jacksonville Age 21: Major E ling.: HA.: A.1.Cl1.E.: Y.Nl.C.A. Cabinet: Diatiuguished Student: Jaeksonville A8151 Club. Pres. CAIN. JOE H. Ch E Dallas Age 21: 2nd HQ F..-X.: Sl'll0lLll'SlllIl Honor Soeiety: A.l.Cl1.E.: li'lub Dallas . . CALHOUN. JACK III! "Cactus" Sherman Age la: Ilnd Lt. B F..-X.: Kreanl and Kow lilub. Yiee Pres. '40 Sol". See. I-11: Grayson County Club: Agronnxny Sovietyz Ex--lH l.lulv. r CALLIHAM. MELYIN R. All -Nig-Q Conway Age 20: lst Lt. HQ Cay.: Sec-ond in Command HQ Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Panhandle A831 Club: .Junior Livestork Judg- ing Team: Senior Livestock Judging Team: Blork and Bridle Club. CANIPBELL. JESSE C. ME Age 21: tl FA.: A.S.Nl.E.: Tyler Club. CAx11'1-:ELI.. L. B. .lg E11 Age 201 2 CHQ. CAMPB1-ZLI.. 1,1-:E AH "Cordon" Tyler Matador t'Leefus" Kermit Age 20: Major Cav. lst Sqd.: Tennis '39: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Student Welfare Committee: Trans-Pecos A S Nl Club. 44 , 1 .0 501' O rs. V , s.,'- -1 13 Y ,-',' .' ?':':q.'.v. 3 .':.Q.?':f.l'?0':. I: . J :' . ,'1'?'.1x ':.'.'Oz:'.,0.. 9'. "na ' .a' i.'.u':.t U"-ani.-'..5:.:5Sa-'?:':'.:' " ' n.'. I' .., t. s- :ff P -5".' .-1 .1 ' I O R rr- P -32 ' rs 'Q 4 4... '0.',,5, 510232: CAMPBE1,1,. R. 5. "1m..t.,--' a,:o,oq PME l .lanw '..'...'7 Age 212 151 IA. C C.A.C.: Hvurt of 'll-was :xml Mmllltuim-vrs ' ll l l Club: A.S.flI.l'1.: A.I.lXl.l':.: Bmzm lfnunty Nfl.,-X. , lt v CAPERTON, R. T. --mu..--' l lt 5 N llrlrllle' W lst Lt. lx lui.: Suu :Xngn-lu liluluz X..-l,Il'H. Smlallv mul Sirloin Clullz .-Mlv. Mgr. 1040 Aggie' Rmlr-ru. CARAVVAY. R. B.. JH. . VM lllulill' Q Age 20: -lth CHQ: A.Y.KI..-X. CARDWELL. HURM IE BI. L.-1 llzlllzlx Age 121: lst l.t. ff..-lf.: Aw'-mxlltillgr Sm-ia-ty: l'ln'ul11lnlw Vlulr: Dallas iflula. CARCILE. .LXHES XY. '-,llllllllfl rl.-1 Newt' Brullxnlvlx Age 21: FA. Buml: DI'lllIl-lxldrilil' F..-X. Ruml: Y.-l'rHs. 'ltlzllmgglv Clulr: .-Xvf'o1111tin,u So:-it-ty. CARlNIIlfll.-XEL. WALTER P. Nllupy' Pre-M041 San .-Xutmliu Age 24: ht Lt. 311.1 Btu. Staff Inf.: l'1'r--Xl:-tl. lflulv. CARNES. KLEOHUH K. hlXIIUXlr'- CE l"1-rris Age 22: lwt Lt.. fml in fllbllllllillltl .X ling.: lllbllllgllllxlltltl Ftmlf-11t: Ellis County Club: A.9.C.E. C.-XRPIfN'I'lfR. W'll,I.IAXl B. "Bill" EE Furl Wnrtlx Age 22: Aggie- llaml. CARROLL. A. .l. "l'uny' Pet Xulm-ru Ages 20: 31411 CHQ: .-X.l.Nl.E CARSON. JOHN LEE Ch E llnllus Age ffl: :X C.XY.5.: A.l.1Il1.If.: Y lfulninvt. IfIAR'l'EH. RICHARD W. "Dil-ku VM Omulm. Nell. Age 22: L Inf.: A.Y.Nl.A. CASEY, JACK M. NIE llullin Age 21: lst l.t. Qnd Btn. Staff C..-MC.: Fl'l'SllIl'l21Il Dr-lnltv rlltlilllll Varsity Debate Letter: Distirlgqisllecl Student: Singing timers: A.S.lXl.E.: Round Table Club: Cosmopolitan Clulr. -I5 X in my . di , Nik. yqvv-yrs: f.-1.-"-'fw--nf ,Pi I I -I f. 2: C 71 :5 'L fl'-all aiiqx-x 0 Qs V W ie Q, x. a. Q, ,Q . '6..44.'5 i f I I iir1'if?ff?f3'.?ii'I9'?b?ivE:3 -'if'?Ii4:f.i?f-ie,f.EE?.". . . ' . ' ' " ' f 1 ,I ' ' I O R " lillll 2 4 xxx 'bye , 4 -. ' X 4 Q I Ar RN ., ' :. W 1: 5-3: ' .353 um' NV.. xx CASON. LEON W. "Caekle" Ag Ed Telephone Age 24: Senior Collegiate F.F.A. Chapter: Agricultural Educa- tion Club. CASTLEBERRY, GEORGE W. IE Longview Age 21: A S.C.: Industrial Eduration Club: Pres. East Texas ASM Club, '41. CASTRO. F. E. VM San Francisco. Calif. Age 24: N.M.: Newman Club: California ASM Club: A.V.M.A. CAVITT. S. W. "Snake" Arch E San Angelo Age 21: 1st Lt. A Inf.: Architectural Club: San Angelo Club. CHAPMAN, W. B. "Willie B." .4,gr Waco Age 20: 2nd Lt. HQ Cav.: Agronomy Society. CHAPOTON, TOM E., JR. "Buzz" IE Waco Age 21: D Eng.: Industrial Education Club: Sbisa Volunteers: Wawo and Mf'Lennan County Club. CHAPPELL. ROY J., JR. "Squinch" Pet E Kaufman Age 21: Capt. F.A. Band: Marburger Moppers: Duncan Diners: B.S.U. Council: Pet. Eng. Club: Kaufman County Club: Dis- tinguished Student. CHILDRESS. ROBERT F. "Bob" DH Stamford Age 21: 2nd Lt. F Inf.: Kream and Kow Klub. CHING. WAH CHOY CE Honolulu. T.H. Age 25: CHQ: A.S.C.E.: Economies Club: Cosmopolitan Club. CHRISTIAN. AVERILI. L. "Dusty" LA McLean Age 21: lst Lt., 2nd in Command. I Inf.: Distinguished Student: Intramural Manager: Eastern Panhandle Club. CHRISTIAN, C. B. "Briti, CE Dallas Age 22: Capt. B Eng.: Adjutant Eng. Regiment: Chairman, Texas Student Conference. A.S.C.E. CITZLER, ATLAN M. "Lie-f" ME La Grange Age 20: lst Lt.. 1st Btn. Staff. C Eng: A.S.M.E.g Fayette County Club: V.-Pres. ASM Lutheran Club. L If ,:,. g,: ...T w-V-gn. - V '-- 4- - -f:Q ' .:1i?aeair-fagatf, . , f 46 I 51: Qs . I , 'an'4'f . A " , -4 07 . . Q. 1 'I 'vu 'i0'nwv"-wb':'-' 'u-'M-u"s'.-.--o u o t rr 'L ' "J: ,Jig ' 1 i"v1',v,o.'7' 5'-'sfo' " ,',3'o1',1'a ,U Q F ' 'n ' o'J'p::- 'A L5 Q.. ' I Qi 9 CLARKE, CLARENCE J. "Corley" AA Hamilton Age 20: lst Lt. H F.A.: Accounting Society: Saddle and Sirloin Club. CLARKE. WENDELL L. "Corp" Ag Eng Waco Age 21: C Eng.: A.S.A.E. CLARKE. .l. F. "Jeff" Pet E Gatesrille Age 20: Inf. Band: Petroleum-Geology Club: Historian of Jr. Class: Bugler: Librarian of Aggie Band. CLARKSON, WILLIAM III "Bulldog" Pre-Med Corsicana Age 20: C EA.: Press Club: Battalion Newsltaper-Reporter, Junior Editor '39-'40, Managing Editor '40-'4l: Pre-Med Society: Pres. Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Blue Goose Volunteers. CLAY, JAMES A., JR. hllrinie Mover" PME Fort Worth Age 23: Major Corps Stalf: Fort Worth Club: A.S.M.E.: A.I.M.E.: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student: Engineer Rifle Team: Intramural Ritle Champs '39. CLEMENTS. JOHN FELIX "Bl1ZZ'l Ch E Crowley Age 21: lst Lt. C C.IV.S.: A.I.Ch.E.: Fort W'orth Club: Pres. Presbyterian Student League '38. COLGIN. C. H., JR. "Client-ho" Ch E Brownsville Age 20: Major C C.W.S.: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: A.l.Ch.E.: Newman Club: Rio Grande Valley ASM Club: Distinguished Student. COLLIER, JOHN J., JR. Gggl Dallas Age 22: Geology Clnb: Distinguished Student. COLLINS. W. A.. IR. "Bill" ME Crockett Age 21: lst Lt. Inf. Band: A.S.M.E.: Inter-Church Council: Cosmopolitan Club: Junior-Senior Council. CONNOR, C. H. Ag Ed Daingerlield Age 21: HQ Cav.: F.F.A. CONTELLA, CARL J. AA Bryan Age 27: Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Economics Club. CORLETT, ROSS H., JR. EE Wichita Falls Age 20: lst Lt. B S.C.: A.I.E.E.: Wichita Falls Club. 47 1:3015 :gazes 0 'a's' 5.0 0 Q w .Q 05.1, lllllllll x . ' sub. ' Y! U. 'Q 'I I . .fn .l .na re., , 1 1 , . ' 3 1 0 4 0 0 J I iIf'1Yu.9a.-f.v':xl'-' ' "1'-'.ff.9'Ji "J-'-'. v ' ' C L. its If 'Q .I , I O I 5 5' ,Q v ,x 4-T:-is Q 5'I'I"5 tonga llllll' 'K X 'I ' :,...,.2L-3" 1 1 W.. fs-1 W , ii - i "'i:Q-iii' Q p.:-A1 F iis Efli'Qf,,:, 'I 79 1.4 V':, Q Q ' A 'S' tr I t A:ii '4' l , HG "" . 1 P 1 CORNS, ROBERT T. L'Cuber" AA Harlingen Age 21: lst Lt. F Inf.: Fish Football: Marketing and Finance Club: Y.M.C.A.: Rio Grande Club. Reporter '41: Biology Club. CORRIN. WILLIAM C. "Bill" E.-1 Fort Worth Age 22: lst Lt. A C.A.C.: A.S.C.E.: Economics Club: Accounting and Statistics Club: Fort Worth Club: Round Table Club: Cosmopolitan Club. COTTLE, JOHN E. Ch E Orange Age 20: 2nd Lt. B C.W.S.: Distinguished Student: A.1.Ch.E. COUCH. R. C.. JR. "Al" .-lgr Haskell Age 22: lst Lt. E Inf. COURTNEY. FRANK K. AH Jonesboro Age 22: Inf.: Saclclle and Sirloin Club. COUSSOULIS. PETER A. "Pete" Arch E Laredo Age 22: C F.A.: Architectural Society: Newman Club: Vice- Pres. Laredo ASM Club. COWAN. THOMAS E. 'iBoo Boo" Ag Eng Y Pecos Age 23: 1nf.: A.S.A.E.: Trans-Pecos AKAI Club. COWLINC, ALVIN JR. "Al" Ag E11 Sanger Age 21: 1st CHQ: F.F.A.: Denton County Club. COWLING. EDGAR WILTON "Ed" Ag Eng Bridgeport Age 21: Capt. Xl Inf., Regimental Staff: A.S.A.E.: Wise County Club. COX. CHARLES H.. JR. "Charlie" Pre-Med Temple Age 19: F.A. Banml: Pre-Kletlical Society: Bell County Club. COX. KAY li. "KK," .44 Woodson Age 20: B F.A.: A.S.A.E.: lNlarketing and Finance Club: Sbisa Volunteer. COX. ROSS E. CE College Station Age 26: B Eng.: Treasurer Summer Press Club '39: Vice-Pres. A.S.C.E. 48 '. .I 0-0.! .l', 5 , 0,1 I :r- J' :I- O ,",".o. 1 Pt 01. ' 'tru xr I ov. g "' "5" "v'- 5' 0' ' v1:"x'utq5'.'sz1':l'9' 0'1".'Q'v'-14.1" n J ' 9 ':' 0 z' ' x ,s px .1 s 0 5 0 CRAIN, W. E. "Wally" AA Dallas Age 22: 2nd Lt. I F.A.: Arcmniting Society: st'4'.-rIll't'ZlS. of O.B.B.: Horse Show '39, '40, '4I: Dallas Club: Dun:-an Volunteer. CRAWFORD. DON Ag E11 Yim-yard Age 22: Inf.: F.F.A.: Wise County Club. CRAWFORD. GUY Ag Eng tfvnter Age 21: lst Lt. 2nd in Cmnntand F. Eng.: A.5.A.ll. CRAYTON. R. B. "Bob" VM Arlington. Mass. Age 22: Ist Lt. 2nd in Conunand Machine Gun lfav.: A.Y.lNl.A.: Newman Club. CROUCH. .l. H.. JR. 'flu AH Lotneta Age 21: Capt. D Cav.: Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Land of the Lakes Club: Sbisa Volunteers: Blovk 81 Bridle Club. CROUSE. FOREST D. -.Blltlu RS Mart Age 21: 5 C Hq. Co.: Mc-Lennan Cnunty Club. CULBERTSON, RICHARD R. "Dirk" AA Dulliart Age 23: 2nd Lt. B Cav.: Polo Team: Pres. Dallmrt ASM fflub. CUNNINGHAM, EARL C. "Oily" Pet E Waro Age 23: G C.A.C.: Wlavo ASM Club: A.I.lNI.E.: ASM Clee Club: R.O.A.: Y Fellowship Group '37 Slnisa Volunteers: lletro- leum Club: Rifle Team: Boxing Club. CURD. PHILIP B. "Phil" ME Wlicbita Falls Age 23: lst Lt. C F.A.: A.S.M.E.: Wichita Falla fllub. CURNUTT. BILL F. AH Canadian Age 22: N.lVI.: Saddle 8 Sirloin Club: Alternate. .lr. Live-Stock Team '40: Bloek and Bridle: Treas. Eastern Panhandle Club. CURE, RAY LYNN "5liorty" Ag Ed Gilliland Age 24: N.lNI. DAHL, K. W. "Yankee" ME Savanna. Ill. Age 23: Capt. I F.A.: Vive Pres. Scltolarsbip Honor Sofietyz A.S.M.E.: Best Drill Medal '39: Distinguished Student: Student Welfare Committee: lr. Representative tn N.S.F.A. Congress '39. 49 ul il pq I R Si-MB 'Sz Vi' .I 'fi ' x 45-2 .r Hasty 5:03031 0 '.p'o' v... Q 0 'A.A.A'O' 'wllllllll 1 ,Ulf . " . 1. ' ,e',Ps.,n .- " Lb ',. .rf 'ff .3 .'s'u "Y1'f.s.o I 1 'l."!fl"..'.'l. J :4':fl""n I: s lf' I QfJlf:'.' ' 'D I l , O R. fa I L'1 I 'U fa .J filers :vs-"TSP A -' J' "-'Ts' l .. I '.i'vIv.25 R Q at will H .. -:Ml l aa A . '--has 1 my - It : v .A . T X lrlll Till, ' 'tv ' , , I mf- sv -' W I - M : . T .er X. an . Q . M Q ,.,, .. ' -, is W . .. .sw Q. 7 .. A 2... 1 , A' , Q X t Q H -2 A'-:fi I wr ' V' 1.3.1 - - 74- we-. 6-.7 DARST. JOSEPH F. S'Doc" VM Terrell Age 20: F Inf.: Kaufman County Club: Newman Club: A.V.iNI.A.: lNIarburger's Moppers. DALCHERTY. FRANK P.. JR. "Percy" Pet E Laredo Age 20: A C.W.S.: Secretary. Treasurer. Reporter Laredo ASIM Club. DAYIES. D. W. IE Victoria Age ill: Inf.: Singing Cadets: Industrial Education Club: Victoria Club. DAVIS. JAMES R. EE Stephenville Age 20: KI Inf. DAYIS. L. L. L'Smilin'Lyle" Fish 1111116117718 Brady Age 20: lst Lt. 2nd Btn. F.A.: Fish and Came Club: Biology Club: Heart o' Texas and lNIountaineers' Club: Distinguished Student. DAVIS. LAMAR W. 'lBul-k" PME Houston Age 24: -ith CHQ: A.S.M.E.: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Geology Club: Houston ASM Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Qnd Lt. I Inf. '40: Distinguished Student. DAVIS. RONIIE M., JR. Ch E Dallas Age 20: Ist Lt.. 2nd in Command, B C.W.S.: Distinguished Student: A.I.Ch.E.: Dallas ASM Club: Senior Intramural Mgr. DAVIS. TOMMY C. "Turk" Pet E Fort Worth Age 21: lst Lt.. Adj. 2nd Bat. F.A.: Petroleum Engineering Club: A.I.NI.E.: Distinguished Student. DEARNIOND, G. W., JR. "Bill" ME Newton Centre. Mass. Age fl: lst Lt.. E Eng.: A.S.NI.E.: Distinguished Student. DEDKIAN. WENDELL W. 'KLi'lAbner" ME Fordyce, Ark. Age 22: 5 CHQ: A.S.M.E.: Scholarship Honor Society: Dis- tinguished Student. DEMKE, DONALD D. "Doc" VM Stephenville Age 22: N.M.: A.V.M.A.: Poultry Science Club. Sec.-Treas. '40: National Collegiate Poultry Club, Sec.-Treas. 310: Poultry Judging Team. DERRICK. HUGH A. "Tubba" GE San Antonio Age 24: lst Lt., 2nd in Command, B Eng.: Co-Capt. Tumbling Team, 1939-40: Geology Club. .' . 9 - - mmf " ,J " 1-1g.,"4Zf1fi" 'sk-A-.1-, .:f' ' :A!+ri:Yi?v?.. ' gf 'I' - 'f"' -'I' . Y ,.-- l 50 1'-Qvig vt-521 0.vg-rv.. V, ,rv 'S . , .. , ,-.'. ' -I f, -.cl-rw:-.s'e. I ' -.115-. :.'e'v.'J s"'-'-5. ' ' . ' ..-.'-Eg4.- I. .rf ug: I R -:- xx . ,. T!! zfizfz r5'a'-D' DEVILBISS, CECIL F. MSail0r" 9,153.2 CE Jennings, La. Qffl' Age 27: Capt. D Eng.: Pres. Freshman Debate Club: Press Club: Capt. Eng. Rifle Team, '40-'Ll-1: Corps Rifle Team: Student Engigzfring Council. '39-'-10: Pres. Student Chapter S.A.M.E.: A .... DICKERSON, W. F. "Philbert" LA Waco Age 19: A Cav.: Economies Club: Singing Cadets: Accounting Society: Vice-Pres. Waco ASM Club: R.V. DINWIDDIF., W. T. 'gBill" ME Clarksville Age 20: Major 1st Btn. Inf.: A.S.Nl.E. DIXON, JACK H. Ag Eng Lewisville Age 22: 1st Lt. C- Inf. DIXON. JOHN M. "Dick" .-1.4 Lewisville Age 25: Capt. lst Btn. Staff, F..-X.: Distinguished Student: Pres. Cotton Society: Marketing and Finance Club: Economics Club: Denton County Club: Organized Cotton Soriety: Forensic' Club. DIXON, NORMAN E.. JR. "Buck" Fish and Game Houston Age 21: C Cav.: Houston A3131 Club: Fish and Came Club. DODD, CARLOS L. "Abner" IE Texarkana Age 21: Major, C.A.C. Reg. StaH': Distinguished Student: Industrial Education Club: Radio Club: Student Assistant in Eng. Drawing Dept.: Fish Football: Intramural Athletics: Texarkana Club. Pres. '40, Vice-Pres. '39. DODD, DOYLE W. "Corp Ottis" AH Del Rio Age 21: 1st Lt. M Inf.: Del Rio ASzM Club: Rural Sociology Club: Southwest Texas A8151 Club. DOLAN, JACK T. LA Handley Age 20: 2 CHQ: Economics Club: Fort Worth Club: Newman Club. DOLLISON, CHARLES H. "Dolly" Pet E Dallas Age 22: C Inf.: Petroleum Engineering Club: A.1.M.E.: Dallas Club. DOOLEY, JIM C. S'Jim" Ag Ed Bryan Age 22: Hdq. Cav.: Vice-Pres. Junior Collegiate Chapter F.F.A.: Battalion Reporter '39: Distinguished Student. DOUCHERTY, WM. B. "Bill" AA Dallas Age 22: lst Lt., 2nd in Command H F..-X.: Marketing and Finance Club: Dallas Club: Distinguished Student. 51 lwl I if i" ' 5? 's2+'!1,,-W ',g 9 "fu-1.-' ?ii 0 I a I .1 ' Q32 r 4 ww- f 'Q K: - . - I' 1 Q II, , I R Q +5 .0 4- -. fo-Z-4421 lg, 5491 'o"4" 1- A Q 4- : g 4,4 4' 4- A 444' lllllll W "Andy" San Antonio Antonio Club: "Lulu" San .luan ..Ed.. VM Queens Village. N.Y. Age 23: B Cav.: A.Y.lXI.A.: Newman Club: Cosmopolitan Club: DRUMWRIGHT. HENRY E. "Hank" Wortham e 21: Captmlst Btn. Staff Eng.: Intramural Mgr. B Eng.: Pres. Student Chapter A.S.C.E.: Engineering Student Council. DVBOSE. EDWIN A. "Dube" Pet E Fort Vllorth Age 23: E F.A.: Petroleum Engineering Club: Fort Worth Club. DVBDSE. JOHN BARCUS "Bark" C11 E Fort Wortli Age 21: Capt. C.A.C. Reg. Staff: A.I.Ch.E.: Fort Worth Club: DUCE, THOMAS E. "Ted" Corpus Christi Age 222: Major. Co. A Sig. Corps: Gulf Coast ASM Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Student Engineers Council: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: A.I.E.E. Secretary, '39-'40: Chairman '40-111. DUDLEY. JAY "Jaybird" Agr Edcouch Age 20: Capt. C Inf.: Agronomy Society: Cotton Society: Rio DUNCAN. CHARLES "Dunk" Ennis Age 222: E C.A.C.: Accounting Society: Vice-Pres. Ellis County DUNCAN. G. E. "Dune" San Saba Age 21: Capt. I Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Heart of Texas Club: Land of the Lakes Club: San Saba ASrlNI Club. 3. , DUNCAN. HAROLD VANE "Frog" L.-1 Kingsville A e 23: lst Lt., 2nd in Command C Inf.: Distinguished Student: ME Dallas x x s:, I 4 IJ 1 o R 1" DUREE. JACK T, PME Daisetta Age 20: 3rd CHQ: Glee Club: Sevretarv Nletlmotlist Sturlent Association, '39: Pres. '-10: Petroleum Engineering Club: Inter- churrh Campus Cornmittee. DURHAM, BALLARD P. "Bull" ME 51111911 Age 22: lst Lt. C F.A.: A.S.AI.E.: 1I'llI'lll1llll'3l Nlanager. 111: Distinguished Student: Dum-an Yolunteer. DUVALL. VINSON L. "Duvy" -'ig El! BIlFlilDlII'll8II Age 22: 2nd CHQ. DYSART. ELWYN LEROY ASV Mobeetie Age 28: Agronomy Society: B.S.U. Counvil. EDNIONDSON. H. B. "Ed" Ag E11 Mineral Wells Age 22: M Inf.: Freshman Tran-k. T111 Senior Collegiate F.F.A, Chapter. EHLINGER. JOE W. Pet E Browrlwoofl Age 20: lst Lt. H LI..-LC.: A.I.fXl.E. ELLIOTT. BENTON H. PME l,fl1ilcl1'esw-Dallas Age 22: Captain. Ist Hq. FA.: Presitlent of Student Eilginez-ring Council: Wlirfs Who in Axneriran Colleges and Liiiversities: Scholarship Honor Sovietv: Best Drilled Alan in Ist Btn. lft. Tn.. 1939: Distinguisheal Student. R.Y.'s. ELLIOTT. R. E. "Rob" NIE Houston Age 21: Ist LI. 21111 Htlq. F.A.. jllll in Cmunianal: Distinguished Student: A.S.fNI.E.: Houston ASM Club. ELLIS, W. R., JR. "Bill" Ch E Rrownwoocl Age 21: Capt. Cav. Reg. Staff. Troop D Cav.: A.f5.Cl1.E.: Oil Belt Club: Intramural Alanager '40-311. ELLZEY. JOHN C. "Dlll"l1" PH Huero Age 21: M Inf.: Pres. Cuero Turkey Trot Club: Prniltry S1-iem-e Club. EMMONS, CLAUDE D. "PlUliYu AA Plainview Age 21: lst Lt., H Inf.: Alarketing and Finance Club. ENGLISH, JOE H. IE Catesville Age 20: C C.A.C.: Industrial Educ-ation Club: A.S.l,I.E.g Coryell Country Club. 53 1:29:- 5:33:32 10302 V m.A.n'O llllll 1, ,V w af fi fl fi ,ar lx r'Q'4s3'I o"Q"qF"' sQ,fl QQ Q i Q ',i,fAff4 11 Will! 1' blwlglf lllllillllli 'I 'vi W' . 3- Y , l'l"'l'1 -V iw -v . r Tf'i.',a"' 'v 1 "x',i10' 0 ' ' .'.".'i-'.-:If:'s'!.'34fZ?5Fff!'i!u.a'! ,- - I-.1 -h --f ff ' ' EUDALY, E. R.. JR. "Bud" Aero Eng Bryan Age 21: lst Hq. F.A.: A.S.A.E.: Fish Swimming Team. EVANS, RAEFORD G. 6'Ake" Agr Rockwood Age 21: Agronomy Society. EVERETT, LEROY B. 'AEI-Roy" Pre-Med Houston Age 21: Ist Lt., A Cav.: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Houston Club: Pre-Med Society: Fencing Team: Sabre Champion Southwest Conference. EZELL, HARRY E. Pre-Med Corsicana Age 20: C F.A.: Pre-Med Society: Navarro County Club: Blue Goose Volunteers. FAUBION, F. F. Black" Ag Ed Spicewood Age 24: Inf. FAULKNER, BROCK H. AH Poteet Age 22: 2nd Lt. Inf.: Block and Bridle Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Southwest Texas Club. FELDER, ED. A. "Gus" AA Fort Worth Age 23: lst Lt. B Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Fort Worth Club: Intramural Mgr. '38-'-11: Town Hall Staff '39, FENNER, SAMUEL F. "Buck" ME Houston Age 121: lst Lt. A F.A.: Member A.S.M.E.: High Twenty in Math Contest. FLETCHER, BILLY M. "Bromo" AA Sebastian Age 21: E C.A.C.: Rio Grande Valley Club: Accounting Society. FLOORE, EDGAR L. "Ed" AA Fort Worth Age 21: F.A. Band: Fort Worth Club: Austin Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Ag. Eng. Club. FLORENCE, MIKE E. "Duck" RS Dallas Age 20: D C.A.C.: Intramural Mgr. FLORES. EDWARD D. "Eddie" LA Rosebud Age 22: H F.A.: Economics Club: Newman Club: Falls County Club. 54 r:- Qi " s 1 s 0 0 1 n 0 ' '..,",5',u',. o's .0 9 ' O ' 0 .0 '. ,s',.','s::. .1 Qs 1 A., il.. Y I O R, J . FLOREY, JAMES ROBERT "Bob" EA Henderson Age 20: Major Ist Bat. Inf. Staff: A.S.M.E.: The Scientific Review Staff: Infantry Ball Committee '-10. FLOYD, JOE T. AA Lufkin Age 20: I F.A.: Secretary-Treasurer Lufkin Club: Accounting Society: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Fish Y Cabinet '37-'33, FOCKE. J. H EA Mexia Age 21 3 Capt. Corps Band Staff: A.S.M.E.: A.S.C.E.: Student Aid Fund: Aggietone News Associate Prod. FOSTER. R. T.. JR. "Tommy" AH Sterling City Age 21: Capt. B Inf.: Danforth Fellowship Wilmer '-10: Saddle and Sirloin Club: San Angelo ASM Club. FOWLER, B. B. DH Rockwood Age 21: lst Lt. A Inf.: Kream and Kow Klub: Member of National Dairy Judging Team '40, FOX. ROBERT L. ME Age 21: Capt. FRANKLIN. TED Vet4Med Age 22: N.M.: FREEBORN. E. I. Arch Age 23: Capt. Society: R.V.'s. FRENCH. LESLIE CE "Rev" San Antonio G F.A.: R.V.'s: A.S.M.E. Amarillo A.V.M.A. "Fifi" San Antonio D F.A.: Arch. Society 110: Scholarship Honor F. "Les" Abilene Age 20: Ist Lt, 2nd Bat. Staff. E Eng.: R.V.'s: Abilene Club: A.S.C.E. FRYER. MILTON, JR. AA Quanah Age 22: 2nd Lt. K Infantry. FUERMANN, GEORGE "Backwash" LA Houston Age 22: L Inf.: Associate Editor of Battalion: Battalion Junior Editor '40: Editor-in-Chief of Summer Battalion '4O: Summer Battalion Managing Editor ,39: President Pre-Law Club '39: Pres. Summer Press Club '39: Secretary Student Library Com- mittee '39-'4I: Producer and Director of Aggietone News '41: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Chairman Student Aid Fund. FULLER, JACK P. "Red" AH Alice Age 21: lst Lt. 3rd Hq. F.A.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Duncan Volunteer: O.B.B. 55 args 'V . f .x . . I y -'Y' f ' L T - I? rg N-f Sir . ,,., x i . at 5' . ez, wi ..,, S, n fb 'A r,.s.Qx 52029 g.O. .Q 'Q o.O,q TSA A O ll' lull 4 93 . f n--ns 0-A e-ga-'tc 0 0:0 I Q.-Q-5: . 1 ,3qal'..r'.nf.. FK 0' A, ' ' , 'df '.-','.'..'f:..'l ' ':f.:. 'n ' Q' 'Q ' 0 'U 'a ,-','-,':.'.'..'. 'Z' 'f 29 ,. Av ,ata 'lx o+a"Q r, A4 N QQQP' .Ag a P5451 FULLER. JOHN W. S'Hawk" AH Paint Rook .Age 21: K Inf.: San Angelo Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. GALT. R. B. "Cajun" HIE New Orleans. La. Age 22: lst Lt. 2nd in Command C C.A.C.: A.S.AI.E.: Dis- tinguisln-tl Studrnt: Swimming: Team: Wfinner National Drawing Uontvst. GARDNER. U. C. .-l.-l Dallas Age 21: lst Lt. 2nd in Command Art. Band: Dallas Club: Klar- kvtingr and Finanve- lflub: Evonoini:-s Club. GARDNER. W. C. "Peter" IE Warn Agn- 20: Ist Lt. Eng. lst Btn. Staif: I. E. Club: Wavo Club. UARESS. lfl,.Nll'iR B. Sri San Antonio Agia QU: L Inf.: Entomology tllubz Biology Club: Laredo Club. GAHNER. LOYD Hur! Alullin A4144 110: inf.: Hnrtivulturv Sovivty. lIARRE'l"l'. T. BIORGAN Steplirnville Agn- lil: lit Lt. Nl Inf.: Distinguished Student. CAlfl.'l'. IOE B. :lvl Plavid Age' 21: lst Lt. F Inf.: Nlarketing and Finanvf- Club. GEIEIAW. PRESTUN "Toar" .-111 Stowell ,-Xgv 19: L Inf.: Bvaiiinoiit tflubz National Bloc-k and Bridle Sowiety: Saddle and Sirloin tllub. tllflfli. 4IbXl'iL E. .-lf! Westminster Age- 23: B F.A.: Fl'PSl1Illi-111 Football Nunieral: Football Squad- mnn: An-oiiiitiiig and Statiftivs Sovioty. l,llCN'l'RY, L. J. "Buster" ,411 Henrietta Age 21: Inf.: Saddle! and Sirloin lilub: National Blot-lc and Bridle Club: Distinguished Student: Junior Livestock Judging Tezun: Svliolnrsliip Award to Livestovk Marketing Svhool: Inter- national Livvstovk .ludging llltlillll. GEYICH. ll. EUGENE NGEHCN fly! College Station Age! 221: lat Hq. F.A.4: Distinguished Studf-nt: Alarketing and FlllLUl4't' Club: Rural Soviology Club. 56 l I fx' 0, ,s 0. ".'.'.'s l's'0'i"l l A -' 0 s " v- ,. '..','1 S ',s', ' 't..t',!t',g:-' 9 O O. I ' ' . . P . :I lp 'tiff ':l,.-,'v.'l 2.0. n: sf lc. , n 55 GIBSON. RADFORD B. "Hoot" EE Jasper Age 22: Ist Lt. Hq. Sig. Corps: B.S.U. Count-il: A,I.E.E.: Aggie Band. GILES, JAMES P.. JR. ".liminie" Ch E Okmulgee. Okla. Age 21: A F.A.: Lt. Col. F.A. Rr-gt.: Field Artillery Assoi-iation Junior Award: Captain Tennis Team: 2-Year Letterman: See.- Treas. Student Eng. Count-il: Pres. Fish Class: lst Prize Fish Sliderule Contest: 3rd Fish Math Contest: 3rd Soph Math tfon- test: Fish S.H.S. Award: Cabinet: A.I.tIh.E.: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Soi-iety: Whos Who in Amerivan Colleges and Universities. GILL. HARRY WILLIAM EE Houston Age 21: B Signal Corps: Houston Club: A.I.E.E. CILLESPIE, H. W. "Hub" :igr Dallas Age 212: Major 2nd Btn. Staff F.A.: Svholarship Honor So:-iety: Agronomy Soeiety: Dallas Club. CISSLER. .l. E. 'flat-k" IVE Dallas Age QI: lst Lt.. Qual in Command D Eng.: A.S.Nl.E.: Dallas Club. CIST. H. I.. "Happy" i-1.-1 hlt. Vernon Age 21: M Inf.: Marketing and Finam-e Club: Piney Woods Club. CLASER. LEONARD T. "Len" ME San Antonio Age QI: Capt. F Inf.: San Antonio Club: A.S.lNI.E. GLASSER. IRVINC A. "Ky-yah" Ch E Dallas Age 20: A C.W.S.: Dallas Club: A.I.Ch.E.: Hillel Club: Dis- tinguished Student: Sbisa Yolunteer. COBER, LONZO M. 'lCoolwr" .-lg Eng Throi-kmorton Age 24: H C.A.C.: A.S.A.E.: Agronomy Soeiety. COCHICOA. CARLOS A. "Coc'l1y" ME Tampieo. hlexiro Age 20: F Eng.: Tumbling Team: Intramural Speed Ball: New- man Club: Cosmopolitan Club: A.S.lNI.E. GOLMAN, PHILIP "Flash" LA Dallas Age 22: C.A.C.: Staff Photographer of Battalion Newspaper- Magazine. Longhorn: Agri:-ulturist and Engineering Magazine: Press Club: Economics Club: Dallas Morning News Free Lam-e Photographer: Hillel Club Counril. Treas.. Publirity Director: Publicity Director of Dallas ASM Club. GOOD. E. BOYCE "Doon Pet E Houston Age 2-1: lst Lt.. 2nd in Command D F.A.: Petroleum Engineer- ing Club: A.I.M.E.: Houston ASM Club: Sr. Intramural Manager. 57 'Q 1 1,.Q,.s :-'-:+:- o"g'o' 'fo 0,1 V.9...A O illllll .i i ii.. i" 1-'v".' www " gi'f'n'vP 1' '-" .v!'." "S, '.'.'o I I q','.'.'.'-I -I-1'-'If K' ,Plat 1'r'.:.?G fneaf ' -ff, V., :4't'b.' s' 1 .0 l ' fn' 4' 3 .' -' '4 .'v .7 of l', 11. r . ,T i Q l:fl.X lf'Q'ss59' lo we 90,5 Paffof-'li 3.404 'A' I I llllil .XA Wi GOODSON, HERBERT N. "Herb" I Ag Ed Comanche N Q: E R1 Q Age 23: lst Lt. M Inf.: Pres. Senior Chapter F.F.A.: Comanche 'Q J ' 5 - County Club. V I GRAHAM, WILLARD Cen! Thorndale ' i Age 20: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society: H 'H' - J ,M , 'hc Geology Club: Round Table Club. si GRANFORS, WM. H. "Bill" N J ,, EE San Antonio if 6 .3 Age- 201 B 5.63.1 A.1.E.E.: 1.R.E.1 san Antonio Club. fl GRANT. A. D. "SnuiTy" F4 Dallas VV M Age 22: D C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Dallas Club: R.V.: Sliderule 'K' - .22 Contest: National Drafting Contest. .K gf, psf, GRANVILLE, W. K. "Doc" Brady 5' Age 20: G F.A.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Heart o' Texas and Mountaineers' Club. GRASSHOFF. L. H. EE LaGrange Age 21: Major. S.C. Bn. Staff: A.I.E.E.: Distinguished Student: President Fayette County ASM Club: R.V.: Scholarship Honor Society. ,.,. GRAY. s. G. "Q-Ball" CE Amarillo Age 222: C Eng. GREGORY. ELOWELL "Speedy" .-fgr Era Age 23: Agronomy Society. GREY. REX B. "Dusty" El Paso Age 20: lst Lt. D C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: 0.R.C.: El Paso Club: Pistol Marksman. GRIFFITH. B. B. "Ben" Sherman Age 220: Ist Lt. E F.A.: A.I.E.E.: Grayson County Club: Football Squad: Intramural Btry. Manager. Qt GRISSOM. THOMAS CECIL "Gruesom" X' AA Richards Age 20: Ist Lt. C Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Best Drilled Man '39: Longhorn Staff: Intramural Manager. GBOKIHOSKE. A. E. "Adolph" .-lg Eng Mart Age 20: lst Lt. A Eng.: A.S.A.E.: Waco Club, y': I A' Qf' ff ' 58 oS'vv'v,' ,, '1'-t IOR I s 0 U s"'o"o"O 0 I 'P'-,"' n ' 4. s". x ,u ' , -".-' 'Q 0' ,gf , 4 rp. ', ' .o"'l'l"u -fx,-,' 1, Q 1 91 GUILL, A. W. "Pinkey" ME Memphis Age 20: G C.A.C. GWIN. GEORGE HARVIN ME Baytown Age 25: Sgt. E Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Society American Military Engineers: Tennis Team. HABERER. WALTER E. "Dutch" Pet E San Antonio Age 24: Ist Lt. 2nd in Command B Inf.: Petroleum Club: A.I.M.E. HAGOOD. T. M.. JR. K'Tom" ME Paris Age 21: Lt. Col. C.A.C.: Student Engineering Council: Sec. A.S.M.E.: Vice-Pres. Lamar County ASM Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. HAIGHT. ROBERT H. "Bob" VM Balboa Island. Calif. Age 23: Sgt. MC. Cavalry: J.A.V.M.A.: Sec.-Treas. California ASM Club '39-'40, Pres. '40-'-ll. HAINES. PAUL C. A.-1 Bryan Age 19: Lt. Col.: Corps Executive D Cav.: Manager Town Hall: Distinguished Student: Sec.-Treas. Marketing and Finance Club '-10: Vice-Pres. '-ll: Ist Vice-Pres. Y Cabinet: Director Economics Club: Winner of Danforth Freshman Scholarship: Junior Editor Scientific Review: Senior Representative on Student Publications Board: Scholarship Honor Society: R.V.: Polo Association: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. HALL, CLARENCE. JR. "Chief" ME Marshall Age 21: B Eng.: Minor T Club: A.S.M.E.: East Texas Club. HALL. HARRIS H. "Pug" ME Port Nec-hes Age 22: Sth CHQ: A.S.M.E.: Distinguished Student. HAMILTON, AUBREY V. "Aub" Ch E McKinney Age 21: Lt. Col., A C.W.S.: Historian of Senior Class: Pres. A.I.Ch.E.: Student Engineefs Council: Collins County Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. HAMILTON, CURTIS ORVILLE AA Dallas Age 22: D Cav.: Accounting Society: Dallas Club. HAMLIN, JOHN "Buddy" AA Bonham Age 21: H F.A.: Marketing and Finance Club: Economics Club: Vice-Pres. Bonham Club. HAMMOND. JACK L. "Bucket" ME Wichita Falls Age 21: D F.A.: Wichita Falls Club: A.S.M.E. 59 4,-s ll i 314' 4 l.'s4sg gzszsi l"42'I' s.0.0'5 '-.Q n O 'llll , ' , jig r A . ,. ,-4 --i v- ---g.f' afv, v. o nu I C ':- .. erfrft, fiiflfaf'-'-'-" .f"f:.- - . ' . fe 1+ I .v fi -11: Q Q9 SGQ' 0' 0 Q' 0 9 se Qeqn' 6 n4an'..' tilts: 'K Q 151Y1 iw 'EK iw.. "Q sa. 'W 1' HANCOCK. B. D. - DH Stephenville Age 20: Infantry: Kream and Kow Klub. HARDACE. L. RUSSELL "Russ" .-1:1 Canadian Age 21: NAI.: Marketing and Finance Club: C.A.A. Flight Training. HARDEE. PECR. JR. "Wimpy" Pet E Mart Age 23: Capt. C.A.C. Reg. Staff: A.l.Nl.E.: Petroleum Engineer- ing S Geology Club. HARDIN. CEO. C.. .lR. Geolngv Oakwood Age 20: B Cav.: Sec. Round Table Club: Geology Club: Petroleum Engineering Club: A.l.Al.E.: Distinguished Student: Spanish Club: l.A.S.: Leon County Club: Scholarship Honor Society. HARDISON. RICHARD Al. "Dick" LJ Colorado City Age 21: lst Lt. H F.A.: Distinguished Student: Landscape Art Club. HARLE. RORERT Xl. "Bob" ,-lg Eng Del Rio Age 22: F.A. Rand: Member A.S.A.E.: Del Rio ASM Club. HARRIS. ARTHUR L. "Birddog" Ag E11 Seymour Age 20: NAI. HARRIS. GEORGE C. "Hoppy" .-1.-1 Houston Age 21: lst Hdq. F.A.: Riology Club: Nlarketing S Finance Club: Houston Club: Intramural Handball and Softball. HARRIS. H. E. Ln! Raymondville Age 23: R Cav.: Economics Club: Round Table Club: Rio Grande Valley Club: Singing Cadets. HARRIS. JAMES MONROE "Roe" An! Center Age 22: lst Lt. lst Bn. Staff: lnf.: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student: Aw'ounting Society: Marketing and Finance Club. HARRIS. RUFFNER L. Pet E Fort Worth Age 21: lst Lt. F C.A.C.: Fort Worth Club: Petroleum Geology Club. HARRISON, THOMAS R. "Minnie" L.-1 Memphis Age 22: 2nd Lt. Inf. Band: Economics Club: Accounting and Statistics Club: Asst. Adv. Mgr. The Battalion: Asst. Drum Major of Aggie Band: Press Club: Cadet Players' Club. 60 IOR P, ti-3 'I . 05-'V'-'la"'v"'v'9'g9u' ' c.'51' --5' ."'o .lg.l 'Ong I ' ug 1 .v no vo 4 4 35 '- '- 'l'."o '.'." 'df' '-9.n'.o' - .G 5'.'..'.".'- '.1'f'.".?'.' 9'q A2 1151153 . 3 '. ','f','o'. 'fu 'fn' 222511 ' P 0 .', ':. 1 1 I... 'f 35 5 s Q r HARTGRAVES, RALPH Agr ,l0lli"SlDOI'0 Age 21: lst Lt. Inf.: Svliolarsltip Honor Stwietyz Agrnnnniy Society: Distinguished Student. HARVEY, FRANK B. "Stud" .-IH Wlivliita Falls Age 20: 5th CHQ: Set-.'Treas. Wit-liita Falls ifluli. HATCH. FRANK L. L.-1 Utopia Age 24: lst Lt. C ll..-Lili.: Yit-e-Pres. Biology liluli 'SSTL Tive- Pres. Methodist SS. Class '3T: Sew.-Treas, lNletlimlist 5.5. lflass 739: Member of Student Count-il: Evononiivs lflulm: At-1-nunting Society. HATCHER. DALE "llatvli" ME t,Inlt-inan Age 24: lst Lt. E Infantry. HAUSER, HENRY F. "Br'ai'tru1-ks" fl.-I Kerrville Age 22: Capt. Reg. Staff: lj Inf.: Numeral in Fish Fnntlaall '3T: Varsity Football Letter 38. 39. '-10: Yursity Coll Letter T38. '39. 310: Capt. Golf Team '-ll: R.O.A. HAUSNIAN. HAROLD L. "ling," ffh E l.11retln Age 20: lst Lt. A fi.W.S.: A.I.1fl1.E.: Yit'e-Pres. Hillel llluln: Pres. Laredo Club: Distinguished Stutlent. HAWYK. C. E. "llliurlie" Pet E Allnany Age 223: 22nd Lt. G Inf.: Dunvan Yolunteers: Sliisa Yoltuitw-rs: Petroleum Geology Clulv: A.I.P.E. HAVVTHORNE. EARL .l. "Honey lloyi' .-lgr Mart Btry. D F.A. HAYES, B. G. "Bugs" EA Houston Age 23: 2nd Lt. D F.A.: Houston Cluli: 0.B.B.: A.S.NI.E. HAYNES, WADE L. "lug" CE AIISOU Age 25: A Eng.: A.S.C.E.: Distinguished Student. HEIDENHEIMER, WINSTON "Hammer" Pet E Galveston Age 22: A F.A.: A.I.lNI.E. HEITKAMP, C. W. "Square" Ag Eng New Braunfels Age 23: lst Lt. A F.A.: A.S.A.E.: Treasurer Triangle Club: Duncan Volunteer. 61 LK 3 : o 5 1,0455- :0q:o:1 04 0 0 av, 9.4, 'ZF-' "Hs 'fmvaf .., ..i- 1'- I' "n'.".'ff!Qniu .:.".".'J,".'l3!'fs5? 61139-v" "': if 9'- 'J 'A r 'fu .Ya .I 475 IDR b all il. 5:1-1 P 1 A' Oar' 'R f J -Ay V P Y' fwfr' 0'-P' ,Y .- . . All? llllll HEITMANN. H. YV.. JR. ,"Aiche" EA Houston Age 22: A C.W.S.: Houston ASM Club: Composite Regiment Dance Committee '40, HENDERSON. RANDALL Arch Eng San Antonio Age 21: R Cav.: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student: Economics Club: Round Table Club: Architectural Club: A.S.C.E.: Newman Club: San Antonio Club. ' HENDERSON. THOMAS S. "Tommy" Lf! North Arlington. N. J. Age 21: lst Lt. 1 F.A.: Rest Drilled Man '39: R.V.: Circulation Mgr., Battalion: Economics Club: Accounting Society: Press Club: Newman Club. HENDON. WALTER L. "Wally" ME Richland Age 20: lst Lt.. 2nd in Command. E C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Navarro County Club: Student Welfare Committee. HENDRICK. A. J. i'.lack', .-l.-1 Marlin Age 22: Capt. Inf. Rand: R.V.: Marketing and Finance Club: Battalion Staff: Press Club: Vice Pres. '39-'40, Pres. '40-'-11. Falls County Club: Rand Supply Ofiicer. HENKE. CHARLES "Charley" AH Kerrville Age 21: lst Lt.. 2nd in Command M Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: "T" Club: Football 33. '39. 310: Mountaineer Club. HENRY. PERRIAN R. VM Pontotoc. Miss. Age 25: Major 3rd Bn. F.A.: Junior Chapter A.V.M.A. HENSEL. F. W.. JR. "Billy" AA College Station Age 21: lst Lt., lst Bn. Staff. F.A.: Pres. Marketing and Finance Club: Ass't Town Hall Manager. 111: Tennis Squad. '39-'4O: Brazos County ASM Club. HENSLEY. HAROLD S.. JR. "Junie" ME LaFeria Age 21: Capt. Eng. Reg. Staff: A.S.M.E.: Rio Grande Valley Club: Water Polo Team: Swimming Team: Southwest Con- ference Champion in 50 and 100-Yd. Free Style Events. '40, HERNANDEZ. H. A. "H. A." EE Ponce. P. R. Age 21: 1st Lt., 2nd in Command. A Sig. Corps: A.I.E.E.: Puerto Rico ASM Club: Cosmopolitan Club. HIDELL, W. H.. JR. "Bill" ,-11-ph Dallas Age 24: lst Lt. C.A.C.: Dallas ASM Club: Vice-Pres. Archi- tectural Club: Second Prize Carnegie Library Composition: First Prize Fenestra Architectural Composition: R.V. HIGGINS. WALTER S. "Walt" P91 E Victoria Age 21: lst Lt. Inf. Band: R.V.: Pres. Victoria ASM Club: A.S.M.E. 1--...s...,,..5.-sw...-. A IN,-ya--1-L - - , .. V.,-.ffl-.,,.M. 5'-v. my: .,,. . . 4 1 ,, -rf-4 5- . -L4':e.'..5 fi r I t . .,.. .Ag .-t-.A-.,,......t..., - .. ..., . ,...... , - 62 O. 4 .X-.2-:i:qa::g5. 4 IZigo.?2x'..1:'fg:.5lg2.,:K u.:!,'x: xii1:v.:-iq.0':- . g: .444 4 o ,.,f .:,:v.'.'f,'iQp. , -L,5'gbiXtk1 .46 X ' 'A 1 o R 5:35. HILL, DON KELLY '04"4.,f, . ' ,Q QQQQ AA Austin 3.6. 'lf Age 22: K Inf.: Marketing and Finanf-e Club: Battalion Staff: inf h I Press Club: Capital ASM Club Pres. ' HILL, EUGENE E., JR. "Buck" ,l I! LA Austin it 2 Age 21. ist Lt. MG. Cav. U' HILL, RICHARD C. "Dick" Ch E Mart Age 2I: Capt. Composite Reg. Staff: Distinguished Student: A.I.Cl1.E. HILL. THOMAS D. "Tom" ME Dallas Age 21: Capt. E C.A.C.: 2nd Lt. R.V.: Sbisa Volunteer: Dis- tinguished Student. HILL, WILLIAM E. ME Dallas Age 21: Ist Lt.. lst Bn. Staff, B F.A.: Dallas ASM Club: A.S.M.E. HILLER. WILLIAM Ch E Virtoria Age 24: Victoria ASM Club: Lutheran Club: A.I.Cl1.E. HINES. JACK C. "Cer-zle" EE Houston Age 21: Ist Lt. B Sig. Corps: Battalion Signal Olliverz Houston ASM Club: Radio Club: 'll Club. HOBERT, EUGENE S. "Ce-ne' VM Garvin. Minn. Age 24: A.V.lNI.A. HOBRECHT, ALFRED P. "Doc" LA Dallas Age 21: Capt. 2nd Hdq. F.A.: Best Drilled Sophomore: Ero- nomics Club: Dallas Club. HODGES, T. V. "Hog Dog" P82 E El Dorado. Ark. Age 21: C Cav.: Sbisa Volunteers: Petroleum Geology Club: Arkansas ARM Club, Vice-Pres. '39-'40. HOFF. ROBERT S. "Bob" EE San Antonio Age 21: Major Composite Regimental Staff. A Sig. Corps: A.I.E.E.: Radio Club: San Antonio ASM Club: Distinguished Student: Freshman Rifle Team. HOLLAND, I. J. C. "Chief" AH San Angelo San Angelo ASM Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club. 63 1 o R f iii-iff.-' f."J1f:',J' X T!! " .QI-t .4.f?:g',-1'.. ls'.-'.'3ifQ,?f.','f ' " ' , if . x' fi S E . :fella piQ'ev": , ,,'S,m .",9'ra": hsnehg' H- llllll r , i 1. i .1 W ,...: A A 1,:, e.f.4've HOLM. E. G. "Red" Ch E Houston Age 21: lst Lt. B F.A.: Houston Club: A.S.Ch.E.: Distinguished Student. HOLT. JACK "Poker" ME Henderson Age 23: 2nd Lt. F Eng.: A.S.lN-1.15. HOOTON, MORRIS E. "Moose" ,-1.-1 Daingerfield Age 20: Economies Club: Marketing and Finance Club: Rural Sociology Club: Piney Woods Club: Sbisa Volunteers: Mar- burger Aloppers: Duncan Volunteers: Y.N1.C.A. Cabinet. HOPPER. CARL .l. CE Grandview Age 20: lst Hq. F.A.: A.S.C.E.: Distinguished Student. HORTON. DOYLF T. "Butvh" Ag E11 Goldthwaite Age 20: Inf.: Srliolarship Honor Society. HOUGH. L. E. "Bubba" CE , Jefferson Age 24: E 1nf.: Pres. Jefferson Club: A.S.C.E. HUBBARD, JOE B. A,-1 Sweetwater Age 22: 1st Lt. A C.A.C.: Accounting Society: Fish Swimming Team: San Angelo Club: RN. HUBBARD, KEITH W. "Hub" AA Denison Age 20: Capt. B Cav.: Pres. Grayson County Club: Advertising Manager of Battalion: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Marketing and Finanve Club: Press Club: Student Welfare Representative. HUGHES. HARRY C. "Barrel" A.-1 Galveston Age 21: C Cav.: Galveston Club: Ac-vounting Soeiety: Intra- mural Manager. HUNT. C. O.. JR. EE Houston Age 22: 1st Lt. Hq. S.C.: Rilie Team: A.1.E.E.: Best Drilled. HUTCHINS. B. SHREVE "Hutch" ME Atlantic City. N. J. Age 21: 1st Lt. Corps Staff, E C.A.C.: A.S.lN1.E. HUTCHINS, HERYEY S. "Hutch" ME Wichita Falls Age 20: F.F.A.: A.S.M.E.: Pres. Photography Club: Battalion Photography Staff. 64 i gov 1, IOR ,s lsx ' s ' I P. 5 U ' 1' ' 0 a 1' I O g 9 9 x 0' U o o',' o',',1Y'e'.1n V 0 ' ' o o 0 4 nv .Q s o Q s INMAN, EDWIN E. "Ed" Ani Childress Age 20: I Inf.: Avrounting Society: Northeastern Panhandle Club. INMAN. MARION B.. JR. AH Childress Age 21: HQ Cav.: Saddle 3: Sirloin Club: National Blovk and Bridle Club: Eastern Panhandle Club: Sbisa Yolunteers. IRWIN, PAUL F. "Hank" DH Fort Worth Age 19: Capt. M Inf.: Kream S Knw Klub: Fort Worth ASM Club: Dairy Products Judging Team. IYEY. EDWIN H.. JR. "Little Ed" Ch E Dallas Age 19: Major Bn. btaff. C.W.b.: A.I.l.,h.E.: Dallas Club: Galveston Club: Newman Club: Camera Club: Distinguished Student. JACOBS, IKE PHILLIP ME Dallas Age 21: lst Lt. E C.A.C.: Boxing Champion. '31 '38: A.S.M.E.: Dallas Club. JAGCI. L. F. "Lewie" EE San Antonio Age 21: lst Lt. HQ Sli.: A.I.E.E.: San Antonio Club: Radio Club. Serretary '39, '40, JAMES, A. AI. "Andy" .-lgr Dalhart Age 21: A C.A.C.: Agronomy Soeiety: Newman Club. Pres. Tri-State AKAI Club. JAPHET. GEORGE T. "Jafo" Ch E Houston Age 21: Ist Lt. B C.W.S.: A.I.Ch.E.: Swimming Team, '39, '41g Winter Polo Team: Fish Swimming Team: Houston Club. JEFFREY. WILI.IAlNI MARLAND "Jeff" .-1.-I Port Arthur Age 23: Ist Lt. Ist Bn. Staff, Inf.: Football 'IST-'40: Baseball '38-'-II: Accounting Society: Port Arthur Club: Club. JENNINCS. H. MARVIN 'Croesliei-k" IE Croesbef-k Age 22: L Inf.: Architectural Club: Camera Club: I. E, Club, Ser.-Treas. '40-'-11. JOHN. JACK W. ME San Antonio Age 22: I Inf.: A.S.M.E.: San Antonio A8zM Club. JOHNSON, C. H. Agr Atlanta Age 24: Inf.: F.F.A. 65 1 cy - 'F' , 5 'Q f'o.O.Q 12' Q45 I .Q'4 ,'a,0,1 O O .gb l .29 ' ?. I 1,2 rt is 'L K Q' 'tvccxx ufffwzl Vfccdffy 'btffffi' ii :li l 2. ill. . . I. li l .IH Y?-ij" ., .T , 'J -1.-. . 1 ' " :i-" 9'-ISE-' -'.-'5 5:1-: :fca'.i? 2 IOR .,'- . 1 4 , Q.. 'V' x N 'N Q "'-' " ii 74 I ' .N 'PQ ' ., V SJ Q s 7- 6:1 JOHNSON. H. O., JR. "Hub" E.-1 Houston Age 21: 2nd Lt. H F.A.: Sports Editor Battalion: J Vice-Pres. Houston Club: Sports Editor Summer Battalion Vive-Pres. Summer Press Club: Sports Director Aggietone News: A.S.M.E.: A.S.C.E.: Press Club: R.V.'s. JOHNSON. J. H. 'Jimmie' .-lg Eng Seagraves Age 20: B Inf.: San Angelo Club: A.S.A.E. JOHNSTON. LEROY R. "Q" E.-1 Port Arthur Age 21: F Eng.: Port Arthur ASM Club: Best Drilled. '39: Intramural Manager: Fish Basket Ball: A.S.C.E.: Engineer Ball Committee. JONAS. MASON Pet E "Snake" Port .Arthur Age 24: G t..A.C.: Battalion Reporter: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Engineering Club: Port Arthur Club. Yiee-Pres. '40. President 111: Boxing Club. Vice-Pres. '-1-0. President '4l: Best Drilled "E" Battery '39. JONES. A. T.. JR. EE Age 22: 2nd Lt. A Eng.: A.I.E.E. JONES. J. P, Pet E Age 20: Capt. Reg. Staff Inf.: Longhorn Staff. JONES. MAC E. .-IH Age 21: N.M.: Saddle Sirloin: Blom-k and Bridle: J Chapter F.F.A.: Abilene Club: Y.Nl.C.A. JONES. O. E. AH Hamilton El Paso "F, D. R." Tuseola Collegiate "Dusty" Olton Age 20: I Inf.: South Plains ASH Club: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club. JORDAN. CEO. R. ME Age 20: lst Lt. D C.A.C. JORNS. JOHN W. ME Age 21: F.A.: A.S.iXl.E.: Houston Club. KAHN. A. S. Pet E i'Jessel" Dallas L'Rush" Houston "Abie" El Paso Age 21: C Cav.: Capt. 2nd Sqd. Cav. Staff: Fish Basket Ball: Petroleum Engineering Club: El Paso Club: A.I.M.lNI.E. KEESE. CHARLES J. CE Age 21: Capt. G C.A.C.: A.S.C.E.: Sbisa Volunteer. "Jack" Somerville I-gv .. -.. . ., .1A - -- . ,,. . , . ,. , ul fr 44' mu '. V W " Q ' E,..,....g..-.....4t..,,.. x4S.f"a.nllA-l...r......i.1.z... 66 '-- bfi . 7 8.4 1. . 1' Kg. ! 0: .L-j,.,:.,-,i-,.-, s sp .a.,.j,.- -11: 5 v '-ai, X A Q , gang-gi..-,: . at . .1 , .-,jg -Si..-,.-::...:,134.-,'..:..',1 JF.-,xr HQ Q,- ...Q 1 0 ,Q KEETER, C. M. ME Throckinorton Age 20: lst Lt. E C.A.C.: A.S.Nl.E. KEETON, E. R. k'Buster" EE Houston Age 22: Major Composite Regimental Staff: Y.NI.C.A.: Houston Club: Chief Yell Leader '-10541: Wlufs Who in Ainerif-an Col- leges and Universities: Senior Y.NI.C.A. Cabinet: .'X.l.E.E.: Best Drilled '39, A Sig. Corps: Asst. Diref-tor of Aggietone News. KEITH. B. C. "Sandstone" ME Borger Age 22: lst Lt. D Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Distinguished Student: Winner S.P.E.E. '36: R.O..-X.: S.A.M.E. KELLEY. N. LESLIE. JR. "Stud" RS Dallas Age 2l: F C.A.C.: A.l.lNl.E.: llet. Eng. Club: Freshinan Class Representative : R.V. KELLIS. J. C. "Rattle Snakei' .-1.4 Oranffe Age 23: C FA.: Marketing and Finanve Club. KENACY, JOHN A. "jolmny" Ani Yon Ormy Age 21: 2nd Lt. B FA.: llarketing and Finanve Club: San Antonio Club: O.B.B. Club: Biology Club. KENNEDY. FRANK E. "Vi'iinpy'A Ag E11 fNlvLean Age 24: N.M.: Senior F.F.A.: Eastern l-,i1Ill'l8ll1'llt? Club. KENNEMER. L. C. "Pistol" IE Sulphur Springs Age 25: Major C C.A.C.: LE. Club: Pistol Team: Distinguished Student: Sbisa Volunteers. KERR, GORDON E. "Feather lNlE'l'L'll8l'lI-S IE San Antonio Age 22: lst Lt. HQ Cav.: Boxing Club: Clee Club: I. E. Club. KERR. JOHN C. "Jake" Arch E Amarillo Age 22: lst Lt. F Eng.: :'h'Cl1ite4:tut'al Society: Amarillo Club: S.A.M.E. KEY. JESSE THOMAS i'Ton1iny" LA Corsicana Age 21: C F.A.: Biology Club: Economies Club: Quarterback Club: Blue Goose Volunteers: Corsicana Club: Spanish Club. KILPATRICK, L. L. "Flossy" A.-I San Angelo Age 21: lst Lt. A Inf.: Vice-Pres. San Angelo Club: Managing Editor '41 Longhorn: Press Club '-11: R.O.A. 67 MS-Q E '1 4 I Q QQ .fi :'4I:6:q b:,'0'o'- 4 v Q.9t4'.'a' llllll K, 15 , Q I 4 3 Jfiilg' Ugg: - J. . 'di' ' , ' 5 ' lac' :lfi.'.L'.v'0 o Q ' "1 ' 1 WI in .1 4- an -- :PI-v A 5 QA -'an' 9 1 Q .Q ll' if 'liiili KIMBALL, SID C. "Sid" Paris Age 20: End HQ F.A.: See. Paris and Lamar Countv Club: Accounting Society: Economics Club. KINIBROUCH, I. T. "Brew" mfg E11 Childress Age 24: Agronomy Society. KINCANNON. FRANCIS C. "Kin" AA Bruceville Age 22: HQ Cav.: Am-eounting Society: K.K.K.: Wa:-o and McLennan County Club: Sbisa Volunteer. KING. .l ACK LANIBOTH LA . Beaumont Age 2-1-: F.A. Band: ElfOIl0Illlt,'S Club: Sociology Club: Clee- Club: Beaumont Club. KIRBY. MAX NI. -1-I Panlpa Age 20: lst Lt. 3rd HQ F.A.: Distinguished Student: Best Drilled T391 Aw-ounting Soviety: Fortnightly Club. lxl,INE. Y. A. "Star-k" Mineola Age Ill: 4th Corps HQ: A.I.E.If :f y N 5 KNIGHT. WILLIAM CASTON "Fuzzy" ,A i S A,-I Tyler ' A Age 22: H F.A.: Nlarketing and Finanr-e Club: E4-onmnivs Club: , i 'Y Tyler Club. A 5 ' KUBAYASHI, TY "Tyrone" , M.. "f f ' W .-lgr Webster R ,. X - X Age 20: C F.A.: Agronomy Sowiety: Horticulture Soviety. KOENIC, VICTOR L. "Vie" 4 4 Laflrange Age 21: Qnfl Lt. Inl. Band: Fayette County Club. Treas.: Sgt.-ab . rms, O.B.B. Club. KOVIT. .l. E. "Rasputin" PME Providenve, R. I. gr.: et. Eng. Club: A.S.M.E.: R.0.A.Z S.A.lXl.F.: .lunior Ifxeeutive Council. f " '75, A Q xon'1'n. cz. L. -'Chia' A ' , A? Cf! E San Antonio X! If Age 20: lst Lt. B C.W.S.: A.I.Cb.E.: San Antonio Club. V . V KHAI.. BEN F. re IE Roby 'H' Tn Age QT: lst Lt. F Inf.: LF.. Club. 68 l 5 . ,i :Is 9. gs Y . v . ,v-vm 3 ,,y u,-vu.-s, Q 4 lp If ' Q. ,f 8311. -.x l"1.'a"q..-"isp ,U Q' r ,", -.'s.',l,f,'o', 9' Q , o ' 0' 't n' I ' 'K ' 0 s5'55'.'u'u::: xg. O ,s 5 1 5 KREZDORN, ALFRED H. "Blitzkrieg" Agr Seguin Age 20: C F.A.: Varsity Tennis: Horticulture Society: Biology Club: Blue Goose Volunteers. KROCKER. ROBERT A. "Bull" ArchE Waco Age 21: B Eng.: A.S.C.E.: Architectural Club: Waco Club: Managers Club. KRUSE, R. O. "Bob" RS San Juan Age 23: lst l t. I Inf.: Rio Grande Valley Club. KYZAR. E. B. "Jack" AH White-land Age 21: lst Lt. C Inf.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: San Angelo Club: Longhorn Staff. LOBRECHT. GERARD G. Lund Premont Age 23: -ith CHQ: Landscape Ar! Club: Distinguished Student: Duncan Volunteer. LACEY. C. D. AA Centerville Age 21: N.M.: Leon County Club. LAFON, L. A. "Louis" Pre Mer! Laredo Age 21: Cav.: Pre-Med Club: Laredo Club. LAIN. THOMAS EDWIN "Salty" xl.-1 Cleburne Age 22: G F.A.: Marketing and Finance Club, Economics Club. LANE. JAMES RILEY "Jimmy" Ch E Houston Age 21: Ist Lt. 2nd Hdq. F.A.: Pres. Houston Club. 140341. Treas. '39-310: Sbisa Volunteer: Duncan Volunteer: A.I.Ch.E.: Freshman Intramural Mgr. LANFORD, R. C. "Bob" AA Blanket Age 23: Ist Lt. B C.A.C.: Marketing and Finance Club: Marburger Moppers. LANGFORD. R. I. "Bob" .4.4 Brady Age 21: Capt. Cav. Reg. Staff: Intramural Mgr.: Pres. Heart oi Texas and Mountaineers Club: R.V.: Marketing and Finance Club: Chairman Senior Ring Dance: Tennis '40-'41: Chairman Favor Committee, Cav. Ball, '40. LARSON, JOHN HERBERT "Swede" Geal Cleburne Age 23: A F.A.: Geology Club. 69 A -0., . A . ,Na 1.-1 .- 8 5, . ri' v'Q r 'v"6 r:"v'0' 70"':': -Xviifo' will J i sq ,- - . W fr' 'r I . 7' 'K 4 .. at:e':x Tb" Q dr, 2:2-fv 4- :.'fg.,e FJ, dag, 4. .0f,.f'.v ' r .3 ' l lllll' kg.: f-lf' ' A-fs.. -...K ' f A' ' 0 , - -u ' ' J '4l':".' ov i. 'no n I 0 1 I r 'F lf, r- ff.: I I 1 fu' 3. ff ' 'ffl o I Q U, ': ' 4- 'I I '- I I , 1 fl . I4 fs 'Q ...I I LARSON, WALTER W. VM New Britain. Conn. Age 26: Inf.: Jr. A.V.M.A. LASELL, A. D., JR. "Baby" Land Galveston Age 125: lst Lt. A Cav.: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Chairman Junior- Senior Council Y.fNl.C.A.: Landscape Arts Club: Architectural Club: Galveston Club: Vice-Pres. Landscape Arts Club '39: Sbisa Volunteers. LAVVSON, g'Crane" ME Houston Age 22: D F.A.: A.S.NI.E.: Houston Club. LE.-XRY. CARL L.-I Estelline Age 22: K Inf.: Economics Club: Round Table Club. LEDBE'l"l'ER. J. P. "Pat" CE Waco Age Ill: Capt. Art. Band: Drum Major. incl in Command of Aggie Rand: A.S.C.E.: Waco Club: Yi'-esPres. Sophomore Class '38-'39: Student XXYt'll'3l't' Committee '39-'-10. LEDOITX, CURTIS W. Sci Age 21: B I".A.: Pre-Med. Club. LEE, .l. STIDHAM All Age 24: 2nd Lt. B Inf Club. LEMKE. CARL JULIUS EE Age 20: HQ. Si.. LEVINE, PHIL W. AA Saddle and Sirloin Club: "Dil-do" Sour Lake .Studa 'NIertzon San Angelo "Ace" Waco "Phil" Corsicana Age 22: B Inf.: Freshman Y Cabinet: Hillel Club. Parliamen- tarian: Longhorn '39 Sophomore Assistant. '40 Junior Assistant: Battalion, Managing Editor Summer Battalion. Editorial Assistant Battalion '39-'40: Freslunan Tennis '31 Varsity Letter '-ll: Ac- counting Society. Reporter '40. LEWIS. CHARLES A. "Ears" AA College Station Age Ill: Capt. lst Btn. Stall' C.A.C.: Rifle Team '38, '39. '-10. Capt. '-10: Pistol Team '38, '39. '40. Capt. '-10: Accounting Society. LEWIS, F. R. "Dick" Ch E Alpine Age 21: Capt. B C.W.S.: A.I.Cl1.E.: Trans-Pecos Club, Vice- Pres. '40-'4l: Best Drilled '39: Clee Club '38-i39. LEWIS. GEORGE RUSSELL Sci Canadian Age 23: Ist HQ FA.: Geology Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student. CL - . .,.'. L.,.,., ' 70 0 - 3.5.5 n . . , . , 1 . . l'.9.. . IDR :Zi 0, U.t 'o".?J',:,'-fn' to '.?:uf.:' 't. X: 's:..',:.' , ' ,o' , ,U , : , ' tn 0 ' ' ', . 1, v. . 1. fn' .0 L., c:, 25' u" LEWIS. IRA F. "R.C." AA Mineral Wells Age 24: D Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Associate Producer of Aggietone News. LEWIS. WILL ALEX EE .lavksonville Age 21: Signal Corps: A.I.E.E. LICHENSTEIN, MORRIS "Mo" CE Dallas Age 22: A Eng.: Pres. Hillel Club: A.S.C.E.: Dallas ASM Club: Interuhnrch Council. LIGON. J. BURNEY .411 Ft. Stovkton Age 20: A C.A.C.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Trans-Pecos Club. LILLY. CLYDE A.. JR. NIE Fort Vluirtli Age 21: Capt. C EA.: A.S.NI.E.: Fort Vliorth ASM Club. LINK. JOHN "Johnnie" PIUE I'ii'1l'l wvilflll Age 22: Ist Lt. G F.A.: A.I.fNI.E.: A.S.fXI.E.: Petroleum Club: Fort Worth Club: Distinguished Studentg Duncan Volunteer: Swholarship Honor Society. LITTLE. ROBERT B. III "Bob" ME Dallas Age 21: Capt. F C.A.C.: Dallas Club: A.S.lI.E.: R.V.: Rest Drilled R.V. '40: Shisa Volunteers. LITTLEFIELD, REASE EE Waco Age 20: HQ. S.C.: A.I.E.E.: Distinguished Student. LOBRECHT, GERALD J. "Jerry" LA Preniont Age 23: -lth CHQ: Landscape Art Club: Distinguished Student: Duncan Volunteer. LORD. SIDNEY C. "Sid" Arch San Antonio Age 20: Ist Lt. Inf.: R.V.: Vice-Pres. Arcliitertural Club: Battalion Staff Artist: Best Drilled '39: Press Club: San Antonio Club: Aggie Band. LOVING. FRANK A. "Colonel" Ch E Sherman Age 21: Ist Lt. EA. Band: Scholarship Honor Society: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: A.I.Ch.E.: Grayson County Club: Chairman Interchurch Council: Fortnightly Club: Music Club. LOWN, FRANK D., "Panf-ho" Ag Ed Brenham Age 20: lst Lt. 2nd Btn. Staff, F Inf.: F.F.A.: Washington County A8iM Club: Distinguished Student. 71 if K Q, X N74 1 'SN 1:3232 O , 450.1 fq 0 Q ifffa Lf!!! llll rf 1,21 fr-at Q Q 4 1- 4 4. .054 ,es - 4 44 4 P55 004' A .-.ofa-' H We m 'ii I IOR - Q m. -fv- A ' b y S-,. , . K . vl ,,..,f , ..:.:.' eva' ' 1 Nc' A i :Zh - . ' 1 A- um -xv LOWRY, PAUL R. - LA Beaumont Age 223: Capt. H F.A.: Intramural Boxing Champ: Boxing Club: Board of Directors Economics Club 310: Pres. Economics Club 41: Sec.4Treas. Beaumont Club 110: Pres. Beaumont Club '41. LUDEMAN. B. E. "Ben" Fish Q Game Marysville Age 21: K Inf.: Vice-Pres. Fish 81 Game Club: Scholarship Honor Society. LUTZ. HARRY HAMMEN uEsquire" VM Bryan Age 22: Representative DeMolay: Past Master Councilor Order of DeMolay: A.V.M.A.: Photography Club: Archery Club: Pres. Tall Story Club. LYNCH, ROBERT A. , "Bob" LA Point Age 20: Major F.A. Reg. Staff, 2nd HQ EA.: Y.M.C.A.: Dis- tinguished Student: Sec. Pre-Law Club: Humor Editor Battalion glagazinez Y.M.C.A. Junior-Senior Council: Scholarship Honor society. LYONS. M. J. "Squat', AA Baytown Age 21: B S.C.: Accounting Society. MCANELLY, EDWIN C. "Mc" ME San Antonio Age 22: Executive Ofhcer 2nd Btn. Eng. Staff: C Eng.: San Antonio Club. MCANELLY, JOHN E. "Primo" Ag E41 Yancey Age 23: N.M.: Collegiate Chapter F.F.A.: A8zM Methodist Church Choir: Vice-Pres. Agricultural Education Society '-11. MCCALEB. JOHN EARL "Mac" Ag Ed Kerrville Age 22: lst Lt. A Inf.: Intramural Mgr.: Agronomy Society: Heart o' Texas and Mountaineers Club. MCCALL, MAURICE W. "Black Hossf' PME Waco Age 20: lst Lt. Inf. Band: A.S.M.E.: A.I.M.E.: Waco Club: Cosmopolitan Club: Junior-Senior Council. MCCARROLL, CHARLES W. "Mac" .-IH Junction Age 21: B F.A.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: San Angelo Club: Duncan Volunteers. Mm1CORKl.E. HOWELL i'Mac" fig E41 Comanche Age 21: Horticulture Society: F.F.A.g Singing Cadet. MCCOY. JOHN W. VM Dallas Age 23: Sth CHQ: Jr. A.V.M.A. 72 T 5 us.- 2,-.4 as vi" 1 .fe 9 fc" k- if n 4 " . bf flu fi 42 . V. I. it 3'ff 'E' U- 0 'u 0,7 A: 'U o I a 'L 'U u v I Q Q I 'Q . 'o Q 1 s Q 'Q Q n n s u 1'- uf, s" 1 'H ."a '- .5 . v, . fe, : 1 I .1 c . JLQQ. .I IOR s si L9 '01 .1 I o .1'.t'o.,u','v,'v4,n n 04 4 , , , , H.,-.-, . , -.,.-., .,.,. , ' ' "-l' " 75'-'J' 'A'-.' 'h'-" '1'.0'-'I' . 9' V'o'n 9. 'o.1,9.'1'4".".' 1' '. ':'.,'.3,'i.':11fo".'o ':'.'o,'-"ff '. 1" st, s U.. 0 v ' f in MCCRARY, JOE W. "Pele" Pet E Denton Age 21: Capt. G Inf.: Scholarship Award '37-'40 by Petroleum Engineering Club: Scholarship Honor Society: Distinguished Student: Petroleum Club: Denton County Club. MCCULLOUGH, HUGH T., JR. ME' San Antonio Age 23: B Eng.: A.S.M.E.g Newman Club: San Antonio Club. MCDANIEL, C. R. "Chile" CE Beaumont Age 20: lst Lt. 2nd Btn. Eng.: A.S.C.E.: S.A.M.E.: Beaumont Club. MCDONALD, PAUL C. PetE Norphlet, Ark. Age 23: 3rd CHQ: A.l.M.E.: Geology Club: Petroleum Engi- neering Club. MCDONALD, REAGAN "Mac" ArchE Gregory Age 22: F.A.: Architectural Society: A.S.C.E. MCDONALD, S. A. 'iMac" VM Bandera Age 23: Capt. M.C. Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: A.V.M.A: Capt. Polo Team. MCELWRATH, D. W. "Mac" Agr Raymondville Age 21: lst Lt. C F.A.: Agronomy Society: Cotton Society: Intramural Mgr.: Rio Grande Valley Club: Distinguished Student. MCGOWEN, H. E., JR. "Mack" ME Cisco Age 2l: E F.A.: Oil Belt Club: A.S.M.E.: Fencing. MCKEE, HARRY W. g'Fuzzy" AA Center Age 21: lst Lt. A Inf.: Shelby County Club: Accounting Society. MCMINN, HERBERT W. 'LMack" AH Couldbuslc Age 22: N.M.g Saddle and Sirloin Club. MADDOX, AMERICUS WAYNE AH Miami Age 24: N.M.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club. MADDUX, NORMAN F. PC! E Pampa Age 21: B Eng.: Panhandle Clubg Petroleum Engineering Club. 73 Qt 1:35:51 Q55 ft 0.0. 1 tm ,-""-1 ' ,ifvaqrp n u', v,. ' ' 5' . I C. Sn if if s .- D - X 4+::i:,b -v nf s 997,599.5 5 5 53,1 'p,5,'9,-P11 4,51 .Ei 1 'QM 1 a y, l j Xikrliilsli KW Uf'Q"','-fv':."4f! - 4 'ig' 4 ,of AO: -?.v'J'-irzgib'-ri? "JJ if " ' ' IDR tv. it 'isiv' -Q. on '.".' I I, I 15"--.1 la. g 0 0 0 g 0 I 'I " s.'..'fx'. s. . Q I. '.j 1 Q MADELEY, ALLAN M. uMade" AH College Station Age 21: lst Lt. lst Hdq. F.A.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club. MAGEE. ROBERT MILTON "Mac" Ag Eng Crowell Age 22: lst Lt. lst Btn. Staff: A EA.: Pres. A.S.A.E. MANILOFF, L. N. ".Iiggs" Pet E Bryan Age 21: 2nd Lt. B F.A.: Petroleum Engineering Club: Hillel Club. MANN. JAMES GERALD L'Jerry" LA Brady Age 22: lst Lt. D F.A.: Biology Club: Economics Club: R.V.: Press Club: Heart O' Texas Club, MARCELLO, C. .l. "Count" VM Thibodaux, La. Age 22: M.G. Cav.: Newman Club: Jr. A.V.M.A. NIARCONTELL, JOHNNIE GERALD AA Saratoga Age 25: G C.A.C.: Marketing and Finance Club: B.Y.P.U. MARKS, ELLIS S. AA San Antonio Age 21: 2nd Lt. B EA.: Accounting Society: San Antonio Club: 0.B.B. Club. MARSHALL. JAMES M. "Mitch" A,-1 Gilmer Age 22: lst Lt. 2nd in Command L Inf.: Accounting Society. MARSHALL, TOM L. 'iT.L." fig E11 Heidenheimer Age 21: lst Lt. C Cav.: Agronomy Society: F.F.A. MARTIN. A. M. Arch E Bryan Age 21: 5th CHQ: Scholarship Honor Society: Architectural Club: Distinguished Student. MARTIN, H. M. "Pep" ME Houston Age 21: B Eng.: A.S.M.E. MARTIN. .l. E. 5'Ed" ME San Antonio Age 22: Capt. B Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Best Drilled Medal '39: San Antonio Club. . 2 A A . 7 ' f I 74 v u ' ' ' 1' 53 'o"4 .' Og ' 0 g .J fq i . , 14. U vl1vl'u.l 1 4- uvuU5,n ug s 5 -. S, 1 ' , ., Q f .O I -. -..f.-:-r.-5' -.-.'f.".zzr. -2 ' -.32'hQ:-.s-'--.-'-ws."-' w ' QI I I 9. Q ' s I fel x a A D , MARTIN, L. B. Arch A e 27 g- .. 1 2nd Sqd. Staff. MARTIN, O. M., JR. EE Age 21: Cvlee Club: Adjutant-Composite Regimental Staff. MARTIN, SAMUEL S. "Sam" ME San ,Iuan Age 22: lst Lt. C Eng.: Singing Cadets. MARTIN, SETH PAUL "Slim" AH Mason Age 22: H Inf.: Heart o' Texas and Mountaineers Club: Scholarship Honor Society. "Brooks" Austin Ist Lt. Hdq. Cav.: Architectural Society: R.V.: Adj. Shawnee, Okla. Capt. Signal Corps: Distinguished Student: A.I.E.E.: MASSEY, J. L. "Dimp" Pet E Sulphur Springs A Age 20: F C.A.C.: Petroleum Engineering Club: A.I.M.E. Student Associate. - -1. MATTHEWS. CECIL C. , ' X, I S PezE Taft D Age 22: C Inf.: Gulf Coast Club. -' MAYFIELD, W. L. "Curly" Ag Eng San Antonio Age 21: Capt. F F.A.: Distinguished Student: Vice Pres. A.S.A.E.: San Antonio Club, Treas. '39, Vice Pres. '40: .lunior and Senior Student Welfare Representative: Fish and Varsity Pistol Teams: Best Drilled '39. MEAD. LYNN H. "Doc" AH College Station Age 24: N.M.: B Cav.: Saddle and Sirloin Club: Block and Bridle Club: Economics Club: Round Table Discussion: Jr. Meat Judging Team: International Meat Team: High Man in Beef at International: Winner Swift Si Co. Essay Contest: Newman Club. MEDDERS, TRACY B. Agr Mart Age 25: Inf.: Sociology Club: Accounting Society: Ag. Eco. Club: Tumbling Team. MEFFORD, N. S. CE Fort Worth Age 22: F C.A.C.: A.S.C.E.: Fort Worth Club. MELCHER, MAX 'LMicky,' CE LaGrange Age 20: 2nd Lt. Inf. Band: Vice-Pres. Fayette County ASzM Club: Reporter-Historian O.B.B. Club: A.S.C.E. MERNITZ, J. C. "Jake', EE Tivoli Age 20: Ist Lt. 2nd in Command B Sig. Corps: R.V.: A.I.E.E. ai , ,Q 75 1 J ', 9 Q fpzixiq I, 0 0 .Q 0 1 ?0,'9g.u' a.9.o'l' Wil 'I . .1 nf ff IOR , . . .- ,. -. n ,-. 1,-.'o".' 1 .4".".. I 4 4 I . .'.'.':-. -fir 14-eff:.-,-r11't.e2e'::c...-a'.'f'l-'cb4-' . '.-.-.'!.v': .' 0 '.'.'f.-'.'-',i.-.- ' .'-.-: fa 4 A 4 I, fp ' , O .'o ,az031x r'v"o9 Q 5. ,N 9 5 5 Q 5.9.O,9' '0.he.f IW ,ik I , 4 :. S4 Q x MERRILL, W. H. "Hink" LA Greenville Age 21: F.A. Band: Greenville ASIM Club: Machine. MICHALK, GILBERT H. "Gib" LA Corpus Christi Age 24: A F.A.: Singing Cadets, Pub. Mgr. '40. Bus. Mgr. '4I: Senior Y Cabinet: Economics Club, Board Directors '40, Vice- Pres. '-ll: Gulf Coast A31M Club. MILL. LAMONT J. "Mill" Ag Ed Glenflora Age 21: lst Lt. C Inf.: Pres. Wharton County A3zM Club: Ag. Ed. Club. NIILLAR. JERRY T. VM Seabrook Age 223: C Cav.: Ir. A.V.M.A.: Houston ASM Club. MILLER. T. B. "Fox" AA Brownwood Age 23: L Inf.: Marketing and Finance Club: Intramural Mgr. MILLS, VERNON E. 'LBing,' ME Houston Age 25: 4th CHQ: A.S.M.E.: Houston Club: Pres. Anchor Away: Round Table: Intramural Mgr. 4th CHQ. MONTGOMERY. .I. W. "Frog" LA El Paso Age 22: I Inf.: El Paso Club: Economics Club. MONTGOMERY. W. JEFF "Red" Pet E Mason Age 20: Lt. Col. Inf.: Pres. Press Club: Pres. Petroleum Engineering Club: Editor Texas ASM Engineer: Sec.-Treas. Senior Class: Scholarship Honor Society: Heart o' Texas and Mountaineers Club: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. MORGAN, CLYDE O. "Doc" VM Houston Age 24: H Inf.: Houston ASM Club: Jr. A.V.M.A. MORGAN, T. H. "Tilly" ME Roxton Age 20: C Inf.: A.S.M.E.: Treas. Lamar County ASzM Club. MORRIS. J. W. 'i.I.W." Pet E Ranger Age 23: lst Lt. F F.A.: Geology Club: Petroleum Club. MORRIS, LOUIS R. "Toad" DH Lamesa Age 21: Ist Lt, B Cav.: Kream 81 Kow Klub: South Plains Club: Tumbling Team. 76 s :sf 9 .1"'O 's"X" ' I O I Q C 1 U o'l' I, 'Og y n- 4' ,' sox ...i .. uv, g, an, 5. away. .g'.O . .g. 9. ' s ., 5 1 9 ..l0. ,. ' .,' ' o..o', g 5 !,: C n" an 3 Y I Q R u' 1 MOSS, KING "lNIOssy" PE Sinton Age 22: F Inf.: Rural Sociology Club: Dune-an Volunteers. MOTZ, GEORGE J. "Clip" Hoff Queens Village, N. Y. Age 21: lst Lt. D Cav.: Horticulture Club: Lutheran Club. MUELLER, CLIVE P., JR. "Slink" Pet E San Antonio Age 21: Ist Lt. D F.A.: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Engineering Club: San Antonio Club. MUELLER, GEO. L., JR. "Chubby" VA! Dallas Age 22: D Cav.: Junior Class Executive Conunittee: Aggietone News Staff: Jr. A.V.M.A.: Sbisa Volunteers. MULVEY. J. RALPH "Spider" Pet E Houston Age 20: D F.A.: Houston Club: R.V.: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Club: See. Newman Club: Inter-Clnuw-h Council. MURPHY. P. LAWRENCE L'Larry" ME Lufkin Age 21: C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: R.V.: Pres. Angelina K Nacogdm-lies Co. Club: Rifle Team. MURRAY, JAMES G. ME Merkel Age 24: E C.A.C.: Distinguished Student: A.S.M.E. MUSHAWAY, G. L. ME Houston Age 21: C F.A.: A.S.M.E.: Houston ASM Club. MYERS. R. V. 'gBob" .4.4 Harlingen Age 23: H F.A.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Evonomies Club: Battalion Staff. Asst. Sports Editor '-ll. Summer Press Club 40: Intramural Manager: Valley Club: Asst. Sports Director Aggie- tone News: Sports Editor Summer Battalion '-10: Press Club. MYLIUS. MAURICE F. "Maw" ME San Antonio Age 22: F.A. Band: A.S.M.E.: San Antonio A8iM Club. NALLEY, J. R., JR. 'gBob" ME Waco Age 20: lst Lt. lst Bn. Staff Eng.: Vice Pres. A.S.M.E. '-ll: Pres. Waco-McLennan Co. Club '41: R.V.: Distinguished Student. NANCE. J. ARTHUR Ag Ed Morton Age 21: Senior Collegiate Chapter F.F.A.: Distinguished Student. 77 t " 52 qzszss f'4v:0:4 'Q O 6 ?'0'0." 34.40 W1 rf 'I -i'-,gv"'43L.4QEs- ' 1.1 Q' l'q' 4 ' 1 '.u' o O I Q 0 1 I evv' ,,. ' ASI 1.. 'vf '11 ."L..q. 70 4-:H ..nTfo"q.'o 4 0 'U 0 Q 'I -',','.-1-',-',-,' Ds 4 r . 1 I 1 f I, I O R . I' . '0:oL,x rjvfyofi 'Q 9,0 vt ., f UWWOQ' Q'...'f:..'..' llll' 1 R". :qv- ea! x. -in All . bi Q QQ NASSAUER, GEORGE, JR. ':Nasty" P-ME San Antonio Age 20: Capt. 3rd Bn. StaH' F.A.: A.I.M.E.: San Antonio Club. NAYLOR, HENRY L. '4Hank" Arch E Wichita Falls Age 23: 1st Lt. lst HQ F.A.: Arch. Society: Pres. Wichita Falls. ASM Club '39-'40, NAYOVITZ. B. WI. "Tony" Sci Brooklyn, N. Y. Age 24: lst Lt. M Inf.: Fish Football Squad: Hillel Club: Jr. A.V.M.A. NEILL, DENNIS AA ' San Antonio Age 21: 1st Lt. 2nd in Command A Cav.: San Antonio Club: Am-ounting Society. NELSON, JOSEPH W. Ag Ed Whitesboro Age 20: find Lt. I Inf.: Senior F.F.A.-Collegiate Chapter. NELSON, LEWIS J. i'Jack" Sci Gilmer Age 21: Capt. Inf. Band: Social Secretary Senior Class: Press Club: Pre-Med Club: Sophomore Welfare Representative: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: Junior Adv. Assist- ant Battalion '-10: Piney Woods Club: Machine. NELSON, T. M. "Nig" Aero Eng Waco Age 21: F.A. Band: Aggieland Orchestra: A.S.M.E.: Waco Club: Machine. NELSON. W. R. "Bill" Ch E McKinney Age 20: Capt. C.W.S. Bn. Staff: A.I.Ch.E.: Distinguished Stud- ent: Pres. Collin Co. ASM Club: Duncan Volunteer. NESS. LEW P. "Trigger" ME Tupper Lake. N. Y. Age 20: F.A. Band: Hillel Club: A.S.M.E.: Machine. NEWMAN, BILLY A. "Bill" AA Harleton Age 20: I F.A.: Marketing Sr Finance Club: Economics Club. NEWMAN, H. W. "Hank" AH Austin Age 21: MC. Troop Cav.: Saddle S Sirloin Club: Block 81 Bridle Club: Austin Club. NICE, F. A. "Doc" Pet E Houston Age 21: D C.A.C.: Houston Club: Petroleum Engineering Club: Boxing Club. 78 y vp- --- O 'o','1'.' ' a'4 0 s,'s"0vo 0 1 s ', ' S ' ' '. ff. ', 1.52.11 of. ':- ' v 4 0 '. ','nfa". '. 1 Q 5 ' ' ' ' ' n . s ' s ' A .. N .1 0 0' 1 ' 9 1, 4 0' kv I 0 R .tb , Q Q 'Cf ..:. 1, :ag 3329 NICHOLS, F. K. "Nick" A 3,2032 EE Dallas .,,, aifka' Age 20: Capt. B S.C.: Distinguished Student: .lr. 8 Sr. Repre- " ll l J sentative Student Engineering Council: A.I.E.E.: Intramural . Manager. ' I V- I NICKERSON, W. J. '4Nick" ' A ' VM San Antonio 7 ' "J g Age 25: M.G. Cav.: San Antonio ASM Club: Jr. A.V.M.A. MH- A Q, P4 : "Qi NISBET, ROBERT E. "Bob', D - , ChE Bryan ' -- Age 20: Major, Corps Staff: Editor-in-Chief of The Battalion hgy' X gg: 6 '41, Junior Editor '40: Press Club: Distinguished Student: Stu- FQ C ' A L, dent Publications Board: Y Cabinet: Freshman Y Cabinet '38: 1 Cosmopolitan Club: A.1.Ch.E.: Singing Cadets: Secretary Stu- 1 dent Welfare Society: Aggie Band: Who's Who in American I a Colleges and Universities. ' , .Mg ,Q NIX, PHILLIP S. "Phil" Q "W 4 Ag Ed Emory Age 25: 2 HQ F.A.: Ag. Ed. Club: F.F.A. Horse Show '39-'41, " K NOEL, LEON AA Rosser Age 21: N.M.: L Inf.: Marketing 3: Finance Club: Navarro County Club: Economics Club. NOEL, PAT CE Memphis Age 20: F.A. Band: A.S.C.E.: "Marhine": Panhandle Club. NORTON, C. P. ME Hereford Age 21: Band: Panhandle Club: A.S.M.E. NOTON. JAMES T. AA Austin Age 21: F Inf.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Intramural Depart- ment Manager. NOYES, GEORGE W. L'Racket" EE Houston Age 22: lst Lt. 2nd in Command HQ S.C.: Intramural Mgr.: Rep. Student Welfa1'e: A.1.E.E.: Houston Club. OLIVER. WILLIAM M. "Jack" EE Dallas Age 20: Capt. A S.C.: A.1.E.E.: Distinguished Student: Dallas Club. OLNEY, FRED G. ME Lamesa Age 27: B Eng.: A.S.M.E. ORR, DAN B. 'LDobbin" AA Graham Age 20: A Inf.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Accounting Society: Young County A8zM Club: Capt. Inf. Reg. StaH. - 79 :- ' .rs ' I Lv? 'i " '0.,v:ax 4403 0 4 4 , 'OO P9O.o' x i 1. M' i Wil IOR .MII I . 'Vi :-'4" '."Q -"ffl-'?'- -. -'T-i'lf'.'If'kfl-.-' - .' . w ' gl f 0 nl' 'l is Q S -raw 'QQ OWEN. M. B., JR. "Berry" ME Galveston Age 21: H C.A.C.: Galveston Club: A.S.M.E.: Freshman Y Cab- inet: R.V. OWEN, W. J. 'LWil1ie" Pet E Tyler Age 22: B C.A.C.: Freshman Baseball Numeral: A.I.M.E.: Tyler Club: Varsity Baseball. PACE. EDWIN R. "Beetle" Ch E McGregor Age 20: 2nd Lt. D Eng.: A.I.Cli.E. PAGE. JOHN WATT, JR. Q "Jack" ME Austin Age 24: B C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Fort Wortll Club. PALERMO, TOMMY S. uDick" .-1.4 Bryan Age 21: L Inf.: Marketing 81 Finance Club: Economics Club. PALMER, CECIL M. EE Waco Age 23: lst Lt. A S.C.: A.I.E,E. PAMPLIN, THOMAS N. "Doc" EA Miami, Fla. Age 26: F Eng.: A.S.M.E. PARKER. ALVIN H. AH Odessa Age 21: lst Lt. A Cav.: Saddle Sz Sirloin Club. PARKER, C. E. "Ed" AH Lexington Age 21: Capt. lst Btn. Staff, Inf.: Saddle K Sirloin Club: Scholarship Honor Society. PARKER, JAMES H. "Jimmie" Agr Garland Age 20: H F..-X.: Student Manager Football, Track, Basket Ball: Dallas ASLM Club: Rural Sociology Club. PARKER, J. L. "Jim" AA Milford Age 22: 2nd Lt. lst Hq. F.A.: Baseball Squadman '39: Ellis County Club. PARKER. RALPH W. ME San Antonio Age 21: lst Lt. 2nd in Command E F.A.: A.S.M.E.: San An- tonio Club. 80 .' so " .,n . . .. .. 'or' ,. . , .. . . f . 2" 3. ' if-. .' v..'4' 1. 9 0 K an 'ni , vvwwg a,vq on Q 5 4,'lq "','Ol 1 5 ug us.. vu vs rv Q .www g no-Q Q 0 , v ' I 5.12.1 '..' .o.'.5 'Q ':' .2 1.5.1 s'. n it " ':'x.':'qT- 1" 3'-'32, '. 55.9.0 'O 'IS' 1. -.1 'sa' ag: Tai: f '-"o.'..' o Yong.. ': ..' :'.. :Tp ..1Wo'1-S.',h.::v .Q 5. , V. 0 ' , 1 'Q s' -, .fx Q Q: 0 Y p PARRISH, RAYMOND A. "Pee-Rash" Arch Lufkin Age 24-g lst Lt. F F.A.g Architecture Club: Lufkin Club. PASCHE, A. T. "A. Tf' PezE Dallas Age 21: A C.A.C.: Petroleum Club: Drawing Contest '37, PATTERSON, O. L. "Pat" Ag Ed Benjamin Age 22: A Cav.: F.F.A. PATTON. W. H. "Pat" AA Hereford Age 22: lst Lt. A Cav.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Panhandle Club: Hereford Herd: Horse Show '39. PAYNE, V. E. "Vick" EE San Saba Age 22: lst Lt. B S.C.: A.l.E.E.: Radio Club: Aero Club. PEARCE. MAURICE R. L'Powerhouse" CE Vlfaco Age 22: D Eng.: A.S.C.E.: Waco Club. PEEVEY. JAMES PENDER "Pender" Pet E Wichita Falls lst Lt. l F.A.: A.l.M.E: Petroleum Club: Wichita Falls Club. PENDLETON. HAL "Nat" AA Munday Age 20: lst Lt. E Inf.: Accounting Soviety. PENLAND, AARON B. Agr Collegeport Age 22: 2nd Lt. C Inf.: Agronomy Society. PERKINS. DAN "Perk" Arch Hearne Age 20: H C.A.C.: Architecture Club. PERMENTER, P. J. Ag Ed Joaquin Age 20: lst CHQ: F.F.A. PETERSON, LYNTON L. IE Louise Age 20: lst Lt. F C.A.C.: Aggie Band: Wharton County Club: A.S.M.E.: Round Table Club: I.E. Club. 81 5, .- P-hm Ln lk -,V .I T Ei T I W ' l A-Q 1 ., . lc OK rlzfz ,'4v,0,1 o"Q'4' 5.0 4 5 'A'g.A'l at f 'ay .'.-'.' V gi f'f I ' I "tis I I O R 'Y 92 :' -1 sf,-'LX 7 V . 1? , 24 y a"9':X 'o:o"Q N . 55.9258 PETERSON, RANDOLPH L. "Pete" , 9:54563 F ish. LQ Game Roanoke "."" Age 21: F C.A.C.: Fish 31 Game Club: Scholarship Honor I Society: Denton County Club: Entomology Club: United Bio- l logical Science Club: Distinguished Student: C.A.A. di PETITFILS. ARNOLD F. "Petty" U ME Galveston Age 21: 1st Lt. 2nd Btn. Staff, Eng.: Singing Cadets: Galveston Club: A.S.M.E. PEWITT. EDGAR L. "liggs" Hart Stephenville Age 22: Pres. Horticulture Society. PHILLIPS. DAVID 'SMano', Pet E A Mexico City, Mex. Age 21: A Eng.: A.I.M.E.: Distinguished Student: Vice Pres. Azteca Club: Vice Pres. Cosmopolitan Club. PHILLIPS, RICHARD F. '5Dick" AA Dallas Age 20: lst Lt. 2 Hq. F.A.: R.V.: Sec.-Treas. Accounting Society: Dallas Club: Sbisa Volunteers: Duncan Volunteers: Intramural Mgr. PHILLIPS, R. S. "Bob" PetE Dallas Age 22: lst Lt. D Inf.: A.I.M.E.: Dallas Club. PILLOW, W. B. CE Water Valley, Ky. Age 23: 1st CHQ: A.S.C.E. ' ' PINSON. JAMES W.. JR. "lim Dick" Agr Forney Age 21: Major, 2nd Sqd. C Cav.: Agronomy Society: Par- liamentarian, Kaufman County ASM Club: Student Welfare Committee. PLANADEBALL, F. S. "Franco" CE Santurce, Puerto Rico Age 21: G C.A.C.: A.S.C.E.: Newman Club: Puerto Rico Club: Cosmopolitan Club. POINDEXTER. DUVAL .-lg Ed Rockwall Age 23: K Inf.: Kaufman County Club. V PONSLER, LUTHER G. 'iLouke" I9 'I PetE Cisco Age 20: lst Lt. A C.A.C.: Distinguished Student. PONTHIEUX, N. A. "Nickie', 1 LA Beaumont Age 21: N.M.: B C.W.S.: Swimming Team '38-'41, Capt. '40: r Dept. Intramural Manager '38-'41: Water Polo '37-'41, 1' i r 82 -"."?8'?L'n.',.'.'o":':'q'?':':'::':s" -.',"."?-if-:'vF:' Q o 0-'o.':',a't-1,.',": 0 . , . I.. ,s 'z 1 O R rs '. 0 1 Q Q POST ' 4"" , JULIUS J. Stick ,'O':,: AH Runge ,.zQ,6' Age 28: B F.A.: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society: Saddle Sr Sirloin Club. POTTS, PHIL S. ME Gainesville Age 20: Major Ist Btn. Staff Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Scholarship Honor Society: Sophomore Math. Contest: Distinguished Stu- dent: Student Welfare Committee. POULTER, CHARLES J. LA "Doc" San Angelo Age 22: F.A. Band: Machine: Economics Club: San Angelo Club. POWER, THOMAS L. AA NTOIIIN Post Age 21: Capt. A Cav.: Editor Agriculturist '40-'4I: Pres. South Plains Club '39-'40: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Y.M.C.A.: R.V.: Sbisa Volunteers: Fish Crops Contest: Horse Show: Dis- tinguished Student. PRICE. FRED C. Agr Age 23: E Inf.: Pres. Poultry Science Club. PRICE. M. W. ME Cleburne "Tim', Houston Age 21: lst Lt. 2nd in Command H C.A.C.: Houston Club: A.S.M.E.: Freshman Y Cabinet: Pistol Club. PRIDMORE. J. A. ME "jimmy" Edinburg Age 22: Ist Lt. B C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Sew.-Treas. Rio Grande Valley Club '39-'-10. Vice Pres. '40-'41: Custodial Engineer. PROCTOR, GEORGE Ag Ed Age 20: 2nd Lt. K Inf.: F.A.A.: Southwest Texas cultural Education Club. PROVE, E. H. AA "Tanisle Joe" Sabinal Club: Agri' "Gut" Lockhart Age 22: Ist Lt. 3 Hdq. F.A.: Pres. Triangle Club 111: Market- ing Si Finance Club. PROVOST, F. E. ME "Curley" Port Arthur Age 21: Ist Lt. D Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Port Arthur Club: Vice Pres. Newman Club: Intramural Manager: Sbisa Volunteer. PROWELL, E. R. AA i'Smoke'i Richmond Age 23: G F.A.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Economics Club: Best Drilled '39: Intramural Manager '-IO: Wrestling Champion '38, '39, '40, PROWELL, JAMES P. AA Age 21: E F.A.: Marketing Sz Finance Club. "Jimmie" Richmond 83 ,S Q bl' Q ,. R S 'fe -s l ' uf r .,-.' + 'P If '.'.',v.'i,-,'?,o'f,vg'I2',':,-'g':'.'..',-.' , '., .Q Q I I .ll . . . :" 'a' ... .::. , rf rl I I -I ,v v..0 9 0 .-'.n'..- I Q I O R Q 'Q :2 asoox f- ZJ: Ll' i :fx 5 , gy me 5 ,.1.,! K V VV 4--.,A- . X m e was. Q.. N t. .5 i 14 V l. . PUCKETT. J. R. "Jim" Pet E Queen City Age 23: lst Lt. 2nd in Command C Eng.: Scholarship Honor Society: Petroleum Engineering Club: Distinguished Student: A.I.M.E.g S.A.M.E.: R.O.A.: Freshman and Sophomore Math. Contest. PUMP. WILLIAM E. "Billy" E.-1 Bay City Age 23: -1 C.H.Q.: A.S.M.E. PUMPHREY, KEITH F., JR. "Pump" ME Fort Worth Age 21: lst Lt.. lst Btn. Staff C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Vice Pres. Fort Worth Club. PURCELL. GRAHAM B.. IR. AH Q Archer City Age 21: D Cav.: Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Sec.-Treas. '39-'4-0: Manager Texas Aggie Rodeo '39: King Texas Aggie Rodeo '40: Ex 4-H Club: Polo Team: Wichita Falls Club: R.V.: Block 81 Bridle Club. RACHUIC, CHARLES A. "Rock" Arch E Houston Age 20: A Eng.: Houston Club: Architectural Club. RAGLAND, JOHN D. "Johnny" AA Alice Age 21: lst Lt. 2nd Hdq. EA.: Duncan Volunteers: Accounting Society: Cactus Clan: Sbisa Volunteers. RAI-IN. LEHMAN W. "Nut" AA Dayton Age 25: E Eng.: Freshman Football '36: Varsity Football 137: Liberty County Club. RAHN, LEON F. "Baby" RS Dayton Age 24: D C.A.C.: Freshman Football '37: Football Letterman. RAINEY, CHARLES H. AA Bloomburg Age 22: B F.A.: Biology Club: Economics Club: Accounting Society. RAMSDEN. HAROLD D. "Limey" ME Galveston Age 21: A Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Galveston Club: S.A.M.E.: Inter- church Council. RAMSEY, ROBERT RAY "Bubl- Fish S Came Uvalde Age 22: Cav.: Freshman Football '36: Southwest Texas Club: Fish and Came Club, Pres. '38-'41, RANKIN, CHARLES W.. JR. "Bill" LA Brenham Age 23: C Inf.: Economics Club: Washington County Club. 84 so':' ,Q J fx! 'G 'n5"'ln' 8 'pf . 04 0 o Os 1 0 4 Q 4 vp," o ' og'- ' 'f 'o 5-'B '." 'a 'ag ' 5. 5 '.'o 1.50 '-.'..' ' ' 1,0 9' 9 . ' 0 ' a ' ' S ':'.'6.':'. 9 ':'. I Wap" 2 '-1.15: ' 'fl' .- s .H 0 0, . A -'u al, L " RANSOM, WILL ME Arlington Age 222: 1st Lt. 1 Inf.: Scholarship Honor Society '39: Distin- guished Student: A.S.M.E. REED, L. D., JR. 'iBoxie" IE Port Arthur Age 24: B Eng.: Port Arthur Club: A.S.M.E.: A.S.l.E.: Engi- neer Ball Committee. REHKEMPER. JACK A. VM Dallas Age 24: Capt. Cav. Reg. Staff: Scholarship Honor Society: Dallas Club: R.O.A. '4O: Newman Club: A.V.M.A. REYES, ANTONIO V. "Tony" Ag En' Berclair Age 20: 2nd Lt. 2nd Hq. F.A.: E.E.A.: Agronomy Society: United Science Club: Vice Pres. O.B.B.'s: Distinguished Student. REYNOLDS, GLENN H. "Pappy" Ag Eng Albany Age 20: Capt. C C.A.C.: A.S.A.E.: Scholarship Honor Society: Freshman Slide Rule Contest: Best Drilled '38: Coast Artillery General Excellence Medal. RICHARDS. H. J. "Slick" AH Jacksboro Age 20: lst Lt. F EA.: Golf Letter 539, '40, '41: Saddle Sz Sir- loin Club: Freshman Track Numeral: Junior Sz Senior Meat Judging Team. RICHARDS, JACK "Rich" AA Amarillo Age 25: lst Lt. H F.A.: Best Drilled '39: Freshman Swimming Team: Pres. Amarillo Club: Marketing 81 Finance Club: National Engineering Drawing Contest. RICHEY. TOM B. "Tom" .4.4 San Antonio Age 21: Lt. Col. Cav.: Senior Class President: Social Vice Pres. Y Cabinet: Editor Agriculturist: Whos Who in American Col- leges Sz Universities. RICHMOND. JOHN R. "Jack" CE Brownwood Age 21: lst Lt., 2nd in Command, Inf. Band: A.S.C.E.: Oilbelt Club. RICHTER. CARL X. "Rid, AH San Antonio Age 21: Hdq. Cav.: Pres. ASM Lutheran Club: Saddle Sz Sir- loin Club: San Antonio ASIM Club: Block 81 Bridle Club. RIDGEWAY, CHARLES L. PME Donna Age 20: K Inf.: A.l.lVl.E.: Petroleum Engineering Club: Rio Grande Valley Club. RIGGS, RUSSELL R. "Superman" AA McAllen Age 21: 2nd Lt. C Inf.: Marketing 8: Finance Club: Lavaca County Club: Rio Grande Valley Club: Pres. O.B.B.'s. 85 NPC. , cr J Y ,hx 47g Q ,r K . xl sr is A 1 ll' l 1' i 1..- ' 4 1,39-,Qi :wre- c" 'Q' 'Io'O Q Pn.A'l 'ill I 1 i I 'F lllllll ll' W OR 'E I T-.r Mc 1 ua X A c , ' . X J f I x f 0 x. 9 xx. . te . . -.Ma ,1 74 RITCHEY, L. CLINTON AA Marathon Age 20: A Eng. ROACH, JACK, JR. AA Houston Age 20: Capt. Cav. 2nd Sqd. Staff: Houston Club: Saddle 3: Sirloin Club: Marketing 81 Finance Club: Intramural Manager: Distinguished Student: R.V. ROBERTS, AUSTIN W. "Jug" AA Houston Age 24: 3 Hdq. F.A.: Houston Club: Marketing 8: Finance Club: Economics Club: Singing Cadets. ROBERTS, BEN N.. JR. Pet E ' Sweetwater Age 20: Ist Lt. B C.A.C.: The Engineer Staff: Newman Club: Press Club: San Angelo Club: Freshman Y Cabinet: Petroleum Engineering Club. ROBERTS, ROY C. "Puss" LA McKinney Age 19: Ist Lt. F.A. Band: Y Cabinet: Intramural Manager: Collin County Club: Economies Club: Wesley Players. ROBINSON, AMMON JUDSON "A.J." .-1.-1 San Antonio Age 23: Ist Lt. A F.A.: Distinguished Student: Battalion Maga- zine Editor: Dramatics Club: Marketing 8 Finance Club: Sec.- Treas. Press Club: Service Club: Junior Editor Battalion, '-10. ROBINSON, JOHN H. "Johnny" .-lgr McAllen Age 20: Capt. A Inf.: Agronomy Society: Sec.-Treas. '39-'40, Vice Pres. '40-'4I: Rio Grande Valley Club: Cotton Society. ROBINSON, MORTON H. "Rob" AA Houston Age 20: Ist Lt. A F.A.: Press Club: Marketing 81 Finance Club: Editor Longhorn '-10-'41, ROGERS, C. A. Agr Corsicana Age 21: F.A.: Agronomy Society: Navarro County Club. ROMINCER, JAMES C. "Jim" LA Breckenridge Age 21: Major F.A. Ist Btn. Staff: Fencing Team '39, '4I: Minor MTH: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Society: Economics Club: Accounting Society: Biology Club: Freshman Y Cabinet. ROTHE, JOE "Hondo" AA Hondo Age 21: Ist Lt. L Inf.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Newman Club: Southwest Texas ASM Club: R.O.A.: Varsity Football '38-'4O: Vice Pres. T Club '41, ROUNTREE, WILLIAM M. g'Bill" Ag' ' Carden City Age 24: A Cav.: Agronomy Society: Big Spring Club. 11' 4 "" ' 1 g 86 .Jit- .9 l 9 in :K '-fiff 1 za'- 4 S il . .. Q3 ii , 'Q Q .I 1- f X51 'o lf, lo al! , ! L in D" . ll 5. ,ri .lf v1 I 1. 1 U UD . O N 5 N ll. In 0. 1 5, v vw , y g 4 s . I u t A , I I 0 5'-"a,'....',v:. ,U so o 9 , s n' 0 ,I 0 . ' ' o so ,s 1 s D I ij .Q ROUSE, CLIFFORD B. "Gull" Ag Eng Carrizo Springs Age 25: C.A.C.: A.S.A.E.: Southwest Texas Club. RUDD. BILLY LA I'louston Age 24: 3 C.H,Q.: Houston ASGI Club: Et-onomivs Club: Dis- tinguished Student. RUIZ. F. C. "Faro" Arrh Tampif-o. Mex. Age 23: C Eng.: Fenviug Club: .A1'l'llIIEl,'IllI'21l Club: Cosmopol- itan Club: See.'Treas. Aztee Club. RUSK. FRANK E. "Franko" Land vilivllilil Falls Age 24: B F.A.: Wirhita Falls Club: Lanrlsi-ape Art Club: Architectural Photography Club. RUSS. THOMAS A. "Torn" A rch Houston Age 22: Ist Lt. C.A.C. Ist Btn. Staff: Houston AKAI Club: Architeetural Club: Honorable Mention A.I.S.C. Bridge Design Competition '39. SABA. T. E. "'l'e1,l1ly" AA Port Arthur Age QI: Ist Lt. F F.A.: Marketing S Finanve Club: Port Arthur Club: Biology Club: Rural Soeiology Club. SAMPLE. L. E. "Eli" Ag Eng Sample Age 21: F C.A.C.C A.S.A.E. SANDERS. C. H.. JR. "l'lughy" ME Marshall Age 20: Major C.A.C. 2nd Btn. Staff: A.S.M.E.: East Texas ASM Club: R.V.: Distinguished Student: Sbisa Volunteers. SANDERS. W. A.. JR. "Dub" Pet E Cleburne Age 223: L Inf.: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Club. SARCENT, CHARLES H. "Surg" Ag Erl Tolar Age 23: K Inf.: F.F.A. SAWYER. J. C. "Curley" AH Llano Age 20: NM: Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: F.F.A.: Block Sz Bridle Club: Land of the Lake Club. SAYLES. DWIGHT R. "Chick" Arch E Clinton. Mo. Age 22: A Cav.: Architecture Club: C.A.A. 87 P. ' 4 1,2004- r Q s Q 0 1 'zo'0'0 i'0'0.Q 'fmonq lllll 1 V-.fe 47 A 1 . fe ' . -- 2' 3' : .. IOR ,. .. .- . .- . .- . - --- - Q I I ' 1".':.- 2, mf z A.. ,Ins 'L' 1 v : ' Q' , ,..o!:4'.l: .3 .U ,:'! 1.0.0 s.:.,f'.T.n..o.,. 0... A.. 1. Ou :::':, N. . su 1 at 'l, 14 0, 1, fgf ' 'Z 4 ' I ' sf: 'Q s . - z-:-x rgbssfx 'o"fnP1'-A rg. 5,6 5 SQAQA ' llllllfi' ,X . l Fit . I 1 . SAYNER, FRANK "Buck" AH Tennyson Age 21: lst Lt. C Inf.: Distinguished Student: Saddle S1 Sirloin Club: San Angelo Club: Ringmaster 21st Aggie Rodeo. SCHAEFER. C. A. "Charlie', CE La Grange Age 20: Inf. Band: Senior Intramural Manager: A.S.C.E.: Fayette County Club. SCHNIID. EDMUND C. "Eddie" L.-I Brenham Age 222: C Inf.: Scholarship Honor Society: Economics Club. SCHOTT. ERNEST E. "Pete" .-1,4 1 La Grange Age 21: lst Lt. C F.A.: Student Welfare Committee: Fayette County Club: Accounting Society: Lutheran Students Associa- tion: Singing Cadets: Freshman Tennis Squad: Horse Show: Distinguished Student. SCHROEDER. HERBERT A. .lg Ed Buckholts Age 25: F.F.A.: Ex -1-H Club. SCOCCIN, J. D. i'Scog" A.-1 Collinsville Age 21: I lnf.: T Club: Marketing 8 Finance Club: Grayson County Club: Baseball Letterman. SCOTT. CHARLES W. "Charlie'i ME Whitesboro Age 25: Inf. Band: A.S.M.E. SCOTT, JAMES "Scotty" Agr Childress Age 21: F.A.: Treas. Wesley' Foundation Student Fund. SCOTT. JERRY S. "Scotty" :lg Eng Frost Age 23: F.A.: A.S.A.E. SCOTT. JOHN ROBERT 'iBob" LA Houston Age 20: 3 C.H.Q. SCOTT. L. A. 'gScottie,' AA Hull Age 32: C Inf.: Marketing S Finance Club: Pres. Liberty County Club. SEARCY, J. M. "Speedy" .-Ig Eng Beckville Age 21: l C.H.Q.: A.S.A.E.: East Texas Club: Boxing Club. 88 I O.. -gu',v.- u n' -n s-gn vs ---I 5-g Q Q v A-p ' - U , , ' 75.1 1 ':'. 5: 'I' .':E'?'. :.:E':!?:':':': 1 A vf'-.':':'! 'og.Qe'.?0..vxgoa.5:'s 'Q' 14" ln' ' 'Q' 'v": ."T15n2s.'0fo".'i':'.s5s.q.'l.5glS '..:1.':1x ta' i:, ua, ' I R li' :-- ,si 'W Y. 122s:n. f' 9'0 .. N -. r,'a 0' SHAHAN, H. E. bha Q 0 5 . 'O . .0 .JH IAIDSCOIIIID Age 23: NM: F.A.: Saddle K Sirloin Club: Blovk K Bridle Club: Eastern Panhandle Club. SHEA. HOWARD W Ch E Mullin-a Hill. J. Age 23: Capt. B FHA.: A.I.Ch.E.: SI"lltll1ll'Sl1lIl Honor Sowiety: Distinguished Student. SHELTON. J. HOVVAHD "Paul" EE Hillsboro Age 222: Capt. K Inf.: Distinguislietl Stull:-ntg Vive Pres. Senior Class: Varsity Football: W'ho's Who in .Amerivun Colle-ges and Universities: Stumle-nt Vi!-lfzire Coinniittf-wx A.l.E.E.: Hill lfounty Club. SHIELDS. EARLE A.. JR. "Earle" EE .'AllIllI'illlh Age 20: Capt. A F.A.: Distingnislied Student: A.l.E.E.: Amu- rillo Club: Newman Club: Press Club: Reporter Battalion '33- '39: Junior Editor '39-'-10: Managing Editor '-10-'-il: A.I.E.E. Reporter '40-'41, SHIELS. EUGENE F. "tit-ire" Dallas Age 20: Capt. F.A. Reg. Staff: RN.: Dallas Club: Staff A.l.E.E.: Ser: Pistol Team T392 Minor "Tu: Distinguished Student. SHIRLEY. Vi'lI.I.IAM I.. "Beet" ME Houston Age 23: lst Lt. Second in Coinnland. G EA.: Distingzuishetl Student: A.S.M.E.: Houston ASM Club. SHURTLEFF. H. C. AA Age 21: Account ing Society. SIMMON. J. FRANK LA Mt. Y:-rnon Age 20: C Inf.: Et-onoinivs Club: .'Al"4f'0llllllllH Soviety. SIMMONS. W. CYRON ME Age 212: C Eng. SIMPSON, JACK M. EE Age 21: NM: Scholarship Honor Society: A.I.E.E.: Club. SIMS. SIDNEY P. Ag Eng Age 22: A.S.A.E. SIMS, W. P. PE "lirnn1y" Alba Trinidad "Curly" Fort Wforth Fort Worth Vihmoelville "Pete" Waxahachie Age 21: Capt. D Inf.: Petroleum Eng. Club: Fish Baseball Numeral: Geology Club: Pres. Ellis County Club, '4l: A.I.M.E. 89 R. ORS .4. . -V - .M - V -, , ., .,- 4 1 I Y '-' 'I -" "'f , . - - . . 7 9. -4'e'v1fH.- . v - 1 - "f 4 'f r' I ' fra: ,4.4, .Ax A Q.. N 0 Q 5.4 f.9.'s': ixvQ5Qa' SKINNER, JAMES W., JR. Pre Med Dallas Age 22: lst Lt. 2nd in Command Ist Hdq. F.A.: Freshman Y Cabinet: RX.: Pre-Med So:-iety. Texas Avademy of Svience: Dallas Club. SLADOYNIK. REN Pei E Bartlett Age 21: M Inf.: Capt. 3rd Btn. Staff. Inf.: Petroleum Club. SLICKER. I. A. "Joe" ME Cisco Age 20: Capt. D C.A.C.: Whos Who in Colleges and Univ. '40-'-11: Capt. RX.: Best Drilled '39: Student Welfare '40-111: A.I.M.E.: A.S.M.E.: ASM Oil Belt Club: Ist Sgt. R.V. '39-'40. sLo.xN. H. R. i DH Denton Age fi: Kream Kow Klub: Denton County Club. SMITH. CARROLL P. "Smitty" Ag Eel Colorado City Age 27: Und Lt. L Inf. SMITH. ED. F. .4gEf1 Cooper Age 20: D FA. SMITH. SIDNEY NEWTON "Sid" ME Galveston Age 21: Ist Lt. Second in Command H Inf.: A.S.M.E.: Vice Pres. Galveston ARM Club: Battalion Staff. SMITH. W. E. i'Ed" L.-1 Marshall Age 20: NM: B.S.U. Council. SNOW. JOSEPH H. "Joe" EE Angle-ton Age 20: Ist Lt. Sig. Corps. Bn. Staff: Brazoria County ASM Club. Ser-.-Treas. '39-110. Pres. '40-'4l: A.I.E.E. SNYDER. NATE H. "Snooky" ME San Antonio Age QI: Ist Lt. B Eng.: San Antonio Club: A.S.M.E.: Dis- tinguished Student. SOTO. MIGUEL A. "Micke" IE Lares. Puerto Rico Age 21: Cav.: Puerto Rico Club: Glee Club: Cosmopolitan Club: I. E. Club: Boxing Club: Art-hiteetural Club. SPANN. JAMES H. "Doe,' Agr Lampasas Age 22: Ist Lt. B Inf.: Agronomy Society. 90 OR s nav, ' s I S ,5 s ' 4 s ' s' O 0 O Q 1 t' 0 o .',",'n',1'o',','o' 1 A , ' g g ' e 1 Q: U nv s:, osx I 9 '2- K., C SPENCER. W. R. AA Pittsburgh Age 21: A Inf.: Vice Pres. Piney Woods ASM Club: Marketing 31 Finance Club: R.V. SPILLER. JO R. Aero H10-JO.. Houston Age 21: C F.A.: Houston ASAM Club: Architectural Society: A.S.M.E.: 1. Ac. S.: Blue Coose Volunteers. STALHEIM. O. H. "Ole" VM Sherman. S. D. Age 23: NM: Pres. A.V.M.A.: Lutheran Club. STANFORD. W. J. "Bill', Ag En' Hereford Age 22: Inf. Band: Y.M.C.A. STANLEY. E. C. "Ed" PME Kilgore Age 20: Capt. Eng. Reg. Staff: A.S.fXl.E.: A.I.fNl.E.: R.V.: Petro- leum Club. STANLEY. HORACE C. Ag Ed Denton Age 24: NM: E.F.A.: Agronomy Soviety: United Seience Club. STANLEY. V. B. "Bub" ME Fort Wortli Age 20: Capt. C Eng.: A.S.M.E.: S.A.M.E.: Fort Wortli A8zM Club: Sophomore Representative: Freshman R.O.A. STACH. PAUL JONES AA Age 23: Major Inf. Reg. Staff: Marketing K Club: Summer Press Club: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Aggieland 1nn Waiter: Freshman Intramural Vice Pres. Cosmopolitan Club. STEEL. JOHN P. AH Swimming Team: L'Stack" Rosenberg Finance Club: '41 Sbisa Volunteers: Manager: C.A.A.: Stratford Age 21 1st Lt. K 1nf.: Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Pres. Panhandle ASM Club: Best Drill Medal '40, STEIMEL. ROBERT M. Pet E i'Bob', San Antonio Age 20: 1st Lt.: 2nd Bn. Staff F.A.: Petroleum Club: San Antonio Club. STEPHENS. J. M. LA i'Steve" Tyler Age 21: 1nf. Band: Pres. Tyler Club: O.B.B.'s STEPHENS, T. S. Hort .al-Om., Temple Age 22: 5 C.H.Q.: Bell County Club: Singing Cadetg, 91 if ,T '. v 1, by ,sg :gee- o 0 a':'O.Q V .a,5.o'O 'llllll of .I , . ai 'S' IOR I - .-- v-1--I --gg-rn 5'-'e:"ao uvuvyovv 5 I A 4 4' 5:4 JV? glffff r , 96.53.-"1 0" 'n ff 'qu' '."l.9'9 .9 " 0" U ' " v J I , ' I a .j ef . an J Q btzrzlx 0.0 Q P. 'iv Otfitg, 5 P 5 OQO' Lsnoafm' iii' x 1 ' i , . X "Wi 'ln P4 X ,S , N A .ig .4 ii' . S - - :' 12:1 ' v 3' g. 1 Q STEWART, ELDON Y. "Dock" Ag Ed Cooper Age 23: K Inf. STITT, I. B., JR. "I.B." Pet E Dallas Age 25: Capt. C.A.C. Reg. Staff: A.I.M.E.: Sec.-Treas. Junior Class: Petroleum Club. Distinguished Student. STOVELL, J. C. Him" .-lrch E Alpine Age 24: C Inf.: Pres. Trans-Pecos Club: Arrhitectural Club. STOVELL. TOM H. Afl Alpine Age 21: Capt. A C.A.C: R.V.: Trans-Pecos AKAI Club: Account- ing Society. STREB. E. L. 'APip" Ag Eng Kennedy Age 21: A Inf.: A.S.A.E. STROMAN, WILLIAM J. 4'Cowboy" All San Angelo Age 22: B Inf.: San Angelo: Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Marburgers Moppers. STUCKE. HERBERT CARL ME San Antonio Age 20: B Cav.: Vice Pres. Freshman Class: Intramural Manager '37-'38, '39-'40: A.S.M.E.: San Antonio Club: Round Table Dis- vussion Club: C.A.A. SULLIVAN. BEN F. "Sully" RS Bangs Age 21: NM: Inf.: Rural Sociology Club: Kream and Kow Klub. SULLIVAN, R. P. PM E Houston 21: A F.A.: Press Club: A.S.M.E.: Petroleum Engineering . u J. SWEENEY, R. L. ChE Hagerman Age 20: lst Lt. 2nd in Command C C.W.S.: A.I.Cl1.E.: Cray- son County Club: Distinguished Student. SYPTAK. R. A. :'Sip" -4-4 Bryan Age 23: lst Lt. L lnf.: Accounting Society. TABOR, CLAUDE E.. .lR. "Toby" Pei E Houston Age 22: E F.A.: Houston Club: A.I.M.E.: C.A.A. . -V-W . -... , L:,.,.,-g ... ... .. . 92 on Q, s's 1... ,.-.'9.,', .,..,.. ,f - V ,, .. V.. -,. , .. ,.' . .. .,. ,. , . , ', , . . '. '-".'1v.-'. .' '.".'-'fi' . '.'. . .'-.'-".".'f".'.'v.' v'. 0. 15 - W. 0. . . . .' . . -v .' . . 't i ' sv gs D I.. x-A' .U 5 x . TALBOT, HAROLD G. "Spot" Ag Eng Big Spring Age 21: Ist Lt. 3 Hq. F.A.: A.S.A.E.: 1940 Industries Seminar: gressqglubg Scholarship Honor Society: Big Spring ASM Club res. . TAMARGO, E. M. "Tamale" Ch E Saltillo, Mex. Age 22 E Eng.: Pres. Azteca Club: A.S.Ch.E.: Newman Club: Cosmopolitan Club. TATUM. RALPH Agr Corsicana Age 22: C Cav.: Agronomy Society. TAYLOR, S. R. Sci San Antonio Age 24: Capt. C.A.C.: Geology Club: San Antonio Club. TAYLOR, GEORGE C. AA Lampasas Age 21: Capt. C Cav.: R.V.: Pres. Accounting Society: Scholar- ship Honor Society: Vice Pres. Land of Lakes Club: Asst. Editor of Agriculturist. THOMAS, E. R. "Ras" Ag E11 Thornton Age 23: Inf.: F.F.A, THOMPSON, HARRY I.. JR. t'Hogjaw" Pet E Marshall Age 20: G C.A.C.: A.I.M.E.: East Texas Club. Sec.-Treas. '38- ,39. Sec. '40-'-11: Marburger Moppers. THOMPSON, MAURICE M. LA Dallas Age 21: B Inf.: Dallas Club: Economics Club: Newman Club. THOMPSON, MAYO S'Joe" LA Fort Worth Age 21: 1st Lt. C C.A.C.: Debate Letterman '38-'41: P. L. Downs Award '39: Debate Club. Pres. '39: Battle of Flowers Orator Winner '38-41: Vice Pres. Pre-Law Club '39: Best Drilled Medal '39: Sec. Fort Worth Club '-LO: Pres. Round Table Club '41: Board Directors Economics Club 'sl-1: Intramural Manager 111: R.V.: Director Narration Aggietone News '41. THOMPSON, RALPH F. Ch E San Antonio Age 23: lst Lt. C CWS: A.I.Ch.E. THORNTON, WILLIAM E. AA Farwell age-b 24: 5th C.H.Q.: Accounting Society: South Plains ASIM u . 93 s ,Q E2 s'. 1 " s's 41428 IQOOQ. "o'0" a.5.A'l' 'lllll I. fi 9? .1 'V ' .ig-f'.:ff'..,' IOR I na, 1 A '-5:3 ,,-ff .1 .gm 3 . ' I ' ai Qi I 1 . .fl Q- sf' O 'P x 37'-.-'S' 5 9 Y 'o'g':v iWf0f6l ,ai 'lil TINSLEY, JOHN E. ME Madisonville Age 24: 2nd Lt. G lnf.: A.S.M.E. TOBIAS. A. L. LA Bryan Age 21: lst Lt.. E lnf.: Distinguished Student: Economies Club. TOMAYKO. VAL 'gVal" VM Clifton, N. J. Age 24: 2nd C.l'l.Q.: Newman Club: A.V.M.A. TONKIN, R. G. Q "Bob" Pet E San Antonio Age 25: Capt. H.Q. Cav.: Distinguished Student. TORO. ENRIQUE. JR. 'iKil-zo" VM Ponce. P. R. Age 23: B Cav.: A.V.M.A.: Cosmopolitan Club: Newman Club. TOWNS. .l. P. "Major,' Perla' Gonzales Age 21: lst Lt.. F lnf.: A.l.ll.l2.: Triangle County Club. TOWNSEND. GEORGE P. 'gleep" ME Houston Age 20: Capt. C.A.C. Reg. Staff: Distinguished Student: Hous- ton Club: A.S.Bl.E. TRACALEK. BENNIE F. AAI Caldwell Age 220: lnf. TROTTER, G. P. 'ATrot" ME Nederland Age 20: lst Lt. 2nd Command B C.A.C.: A.S.lNl.E.: Vice Pres. Beaumont ASM Club: Distinguished Student. TUUKER. B. B.. ,lR. "TuCk,' VM Fort Worth Age 23: M. G. Cav.: Saddle S Sirloin Club: A.V.M.A.: Sopho- more Representative. TUMLINSON, B. J. 'L.lug" AH San Perlita Age 21: NM FA.: Rio Grande Valley Club. Fu.. ,. .,,.,.,... . 94 .Q ,151-, vi -, n' ,.', X 'Q s .lv tg 0. oi. '.-1:-.' 5 ', cfs ', '. s",.'..g.' , 0 . 0 1 . I A 0 1 -.,,S'.w..' 5 ' -".t"... '--'J Agr Childress Age 20: Ist Lt. Ist Hq. F.A.' Agronomy Society: Eastern Pan- handle Club. URBAN WILLIAM F. i Arch E X ictoria 4. ,vu U1-l r,.Q Q 9 9 5 '0"'Z'l ,.:.n'O' If U 1 o R 'Q 6 TURNER, M. H. -Joe" ?0"o'v , "BH" t ' f Y U Q , if Age 24: 1.t Lt. L Inf.' Architectural Club. USSERY, L. ROY "Useless" Ag Eng Carbon Age 22: Ist Lt. G C.A.C.: A.S.A.E.: Marhurgers Moppers: Oil Belt Club. UZZELL. PIERCE B. "Diego" Fish LQ Came Uvalde Age 253 NMQ Vice Pres. Fish 81 Game Club. '40-'4I: Distin- guished Student. VALENTINO. FRED D. "Freddie'l ME Houston Age 21: Ist Lt. A Eng.: A.S.M.E.: Newman Clubg Distinguished Student. VANCE, JAMES E. "Monk" Hort Bryan Age 23: NM: Horticulture Society. VINCENT, O. B. "Jr," EA Beaumont Age 22: Ist C.H.Q. VIVIAN, E. A. nP0p" ASV George West Age 22: C Cav.: Pres. Live Oak County Club: Biology Club: Agronomy Society. VOIGHT. GAINES PC! E San Antonio Age 203 2nd Lt. E F.A.q A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Club: San An- tonio Club: O.B.B.'s VOLLENTINE. THATCHER "J, Q," AA La Grange Age 223 L Inf.: Fayette County Cluhg Biology Club. WADDELL, THOMAS C. 6'Waddy" AH Kermit Age 21: Ist Lt. 2nd in Command B Cav.g Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Trans-Pecos Club, Treas. ,39-'4-Og Freshman Polo. 95 .ii E 3 . . ..... . .gg iff gl I o5 '1x , up Q rfszgfl 0.0 55, s 5 9 ' 'fo' 'f' A Q 491' iii -'U V, il! gt 3 F "'k. :"'.l: 'nr T H . ? 'i.'.."s':'. ' 'IO' ' I 0 Q " I .0 .'.,"o:' S: Jul 93 "" I O R ll , '71 W G. WALKER. F. E., JR. ':Ed" ME Port Arthur Age 21: Inf. Band: Port Arthur Club: A.S.lI.E.: C.A.A. WALKER. JAMES MEEK 5'Jimmie" LHU41 Brownsville Age 21: 5 C.H.Q.: Landscape Art Club. WALKER. JOHN J. 5'J.J." ME Crystal City Age 23: Major Corps Staff: Pres. A.S.M.E. WALKER. LEWIS C. "Lightnin"' Hurt . Lampasas Age 24: 4 C.H.Q.: Horticulture Society: Land of the Lakes Club. WALLACE. WIELD 'LWee" ME Dallas Age 22: 5 C.H.Q.: A.S.3I.E.: Dallas Club. WARD, LEE P. "Lee" Ch E Houston Age 20: B C.W.S.: Singing Cadets. WARNE. ROBERT R. "Bob" E.-1 Goose Creek Age 22: B Inf.: Tri-Cities ASM Club: Houston ASM Club: Episcopal Club: A.S.C.E.: S.A.lNl.E. WARNER, J. M. "Jimmie" A.-1 Waco Age 21: lst Lt. Second in Command D Cav.: Marketing Sz Finance Club: Distinguished Student: McLennan County Club: Y Cabinet. WARNKE. H. F. "Fish" Ch E San Antonio Age 22: Capt. A C.W.S.: A.l.Cl1.E.: San Antonio Club. WATKINS, LOY E. "Eddie" CE Bartlesville. Okla. Age 23: lst Lt.: 2nd in Command A C.A.C.: A.S.C.E. WEATHERSBEE. L. OLAND i'Wild I-loss" AH Del Rio Age 22: 2nd Lt. I Inf.: Saddle 81 Sirloin Club: Marketing 81 Finanve Club: Biology Club: Southwest Texas Club: Del Rio Club. 96 I . -., -v.t1,-tu.,-v-,wu,g,v'-v - g, ,,-.-.vs 5, Q.-.., 5---n4'5n - , g,r-a ' Y ' ' ' 5' lo .v. I - . - '.'-'-".'1'w '."'-12"':'."':"s'..s'.g.':'. . ' '-21 ".'-P512-'.". '. 0,0 'Of-'.5i'6'Sz.?1.'s'.". 'fl 'n Q' '..'.' '-Fa-'.z.'1 .' . 0 U, 0. s. S '.'-'qt' l s',A .5 - s:, 1 I.. - 51 sl, WEAVER. P. A.. JR. Ch E Dallas Age 20: C C.1V.S.: A.1.Ch.E. WEHNER, ERNEST L. "Pete" .-1.4 Del Rio Age 20: Major Band: Distinguished Student: Commander .Aggie Band: Best Drilled Medal '39: Svholarship Honor Snviety: Aa-vounting Society. Yiee Pres. 111: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Del Rio ASM Club: Who! Who in Ameri-'an Colleges and Lniversities. W'E1R. FRANK M. "Pan:-ho" .-1.4 Karnes City Age 21: 1st Lt. lnf. 3rd Btn. Staff: Nl21I'lJUl'gPI'.5 Moppers: Mar- keting S Finance Club: 1ntramural Manager. WELLBORN. JOE H. Pet E Houston Age 20: lst Lt. B F.A.: Duncan Volunteers: Petroleum Club: Newman Club: Houston Club. WELLS. JAMES D. "Jimmy- ME Houston Age 21: D F.A.: A.S.M.E.: Houston Club. WERNLY. WM. "Bill" AA Dallas Age 20: lst 2nd in Command F F.A.: Distinguished Student: Accounting Snr-iety: Biology Club. W'E'YDEl.L. A. T. "Wei-dle" .UE Carrizo Springs Age 22: H C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Vive Pres. Southwest Texas Club. YVHEATLEY. ROBERT C. "Bob" Ag Ed Haskell Age 21: E lnf. WTIEELER. ELDRED B. "Bill" EE Port Arthur Age 22: Capt. Sig. Corps Btn. Staff: Distinguished Student: Program Chairman A.1.1f.E: Port Artliur Club: Svholarsliip Honor Society. WHITAKER. DELBERT W. 'Savage' ME San Antonio Age 21: B C.W.S.: Round Table Club: A.S.M.E. WHITE. DOUGLAS S. "Doug" AA Catesville Age 22: I Inf.: Marketing 8 Finance Club: Economies Club. 97 IOR D PI l:'Q4QA 51:25- , Q a'o'O.Q s -Q..." I l it r IW ji. l is ls' 'b L' 4 lg. , 1 , 1, ., . ,. Y Q... - '.- . .. 5 .0 . . -. . - ... ..:-.-..-J.. - .s .-, '-,fu - :I .. . I. :S ,'... ,: , eI5,',dY.t.-5.-'.1.e 1 1.-,-',-'.-.f,'f.. . .--'.. .. . . -. .- - -. -. . .. 47' ' ' V 1. 4' r .,b I 0 R 5- 0' A- o ,x PQKO:-Q 1P.99g9s - O 1 9 Q..9,1 WHITE. SHELBY L. Ag Ed Age 222: 2nd Lt. F Inf.: Southwest Texas ASM Club Sec.-Treas. '39-'40, Pres. '-10341: F.F.A. WHITEHEAD, WILLIAM G. "Parlay" Pearsall "Gila" Enzo Greenwood Age 125: NM: Vice Pres. Entomology Club. WHITELY. E. L. "Buss" .-lgr Georgetown Age 26: Hq. Cav.: Agronomy Society. WIGNALL. P. R. - "Paul" HIE Port Arthur Age QI: A Inf.: A.S.M.E.: 41 Club: Port Arthur Club. WILK. JAKE LOUIS "Scrub" A.-I Houston Age 222: C Cav.: Marketing 81 Finance Club: Houston ASM Club: Freshman Basketball Numeral '36g Sec.-Treas. Houston A8131 Club '39. WILKERSON. JIM W. Ag Ed Age 22: NM: Poultry Science: F.F.A. WILKINSON, MARION Ag Ed Age 20: NM: Agronomy Society: Southwest Tex I' .F.A. WI LLEY. CLAUDE R. VM Age 22 WILLIAMS. Hur! Age 26 guishetl WILLIAMS. EE Cav.: A.V.M.A. C. B.. JR. NM: Sec.-Treas. Horticulture Society Student: B.S.U. Council. CHARLES SCOTT Azle Devine as AKM Club: Shelbyville Comanche '39-EIO: Distin- "Willie" Houston Age 21: Hq. Sig. Corps: Houston Club: A.I.E.E.: Newman Club. WILLIAMS. JACK W. EE Age 24: Ist Lt. E Inf. 98 Munday x ' 5 - . . . . . - I 3. - .s.,,--. . .- .I , . O I IOR 'Q .s s A . ,s 0 . 3. ' s K s 0. .. N:, 5 Q ' 0 WILLIAMS. OMA ROY, JR. "Slim" Pet E V Palestine Age 21: B Inf.: A.I.M.E.: Petroleum Club. WILLIAMS, THOMAS S. "Tommy" ME Dallas Age 21: Capt. F.A. Reg. Staff: RX.: Dallas Club: A.S.M.E. WILLIS. JAMES G. ",liinmy" AA Italy. Texas Age 23: NM. WILLRICH. L. H. "Red" AA La Grange Age 26: C Cav.: Fayette County Club: Avcoiiiitirig Sm-ic-ty: Marburger Mopper. WILSON, ADDISON C.. JR. h'Aild" CE MvKinney Age 21: lst Lt. 1 F.A., 2nd-in-Connnand: Intramural Manager: See.-Treas. Collin County Club. WILSON, D. C. "Dan" CE Cl1illif'othe.'l'exas Age 19: C C.W.S.: A.S.C.E.: Intramural Nlanager: Freshman Debate. WILSON. EDWARD I.. "Ed" Arch E Dallas Age 20: 1 F.A. WINN. WM. S. "Breeze ME Sweetwater Age 20: F.A. Band: A.S.M.E.: Nlaehine. WINDROW. R. J. "Joe" LA Dallas Age 23: lst Lt. H C.A.C.: Dallas Club: Euononlif-s Club: Intra- mural Manager. WILSON. FRANCIS H. '-ima" LA College Station Age 21: Capt. L Inf.: Pre Med Club: Best Drilled Medal '38. WINSOR, J. K. EE Dallas Age 21: Capt. Hdq. Sig. Corps: A.1.E.E.: Dallas A8131 Club: Distinguished Student. 99 1,30 vQx 1"'I'f' 0" '09 '.'o'0 Q v 3.914 llllllll ! I 1 fx .sf,.'.:f.'..1.a .-fff.-fIf.-:s-'.- f- . ' 1: fl I 0 R 'I '. Q 9' vt 0 fx 0:O'Q1 P. ,bv 0.0 9 . f, s5.'L'..' llllll' i' ' H 74 D- WITHROW, ALFRED S. ME ' Age 22: NM, 3 C.H.Q.: A.S.M.E. WITTIE. L. D. CE Age 25. NM: A.s.c.E. Worr. JORDAN B. LA NA-177 Teague 5EP0t77 Gatesville Lampasas Age 19: B, CWS.: Distinguished Student: Sec.-Treas. Economics Club: Accounting Society: Y.M.C.A. Cabinet: Round Table Club: Land of the Lake Club. WOLFER. CHARLES J. . ME awol ft, Galveston Age 22: lst Lt. H C.A.C.: A.S.M.E.: Sbisa Volunteer: Mar- lvurger Hopper. WORTHINGTON, G. T. ME San Antonio Age 22: Capt. E F.A.: Jr. Executive Council, San Antonio ASM Club Sec. 310. Pres. '41. WRIGHT. PAUL C.. JR. Pet E ..P,, El Paso Age 21: Capt. F Eng.: Student Welfare Committee, '40-'4l: Treas. S.A.M.E.: Petroleum Club: A.I.M.E.g Eng. Ball Com- mittee '38. YARBROUGH. DAVID B. "Dave" CE Allen Age 21: Capt. A Eng.: A.S.C.E.: S.A.M.E.: R.V., Sec. '-10341: Town Hall Staff: Collin County Club: Best Drilled Medal, ,39. YARBROUGH. R. C. "Buck" RS Putnam Age 22: Rural Sociology Club. YARLING, NOEL B. "Dutch" DH Rosenberg Age 23: 4 C.H.Q.: Vice Pres. Kream Kow Klub: Vice Pres. Ex 4-H Club: National Dairy Cattle Judging Team. YEARY. JAMES C., JR. "Jake" Ag Ed La Grange Age 21: F F.A.: Singing Cadets: Fayette County Club: Ex 4-H Club: Agricultural Education Society. ADAMS. GARLAND B. VM 'lStubby" Vernon Age 33: NM: A.Y.M.A.: Scholarship Honor Society. 100 0 ' ' . X l Q' On 'U' C 0 I 1 inn" Q' s'lo1'0i' I" 'S ' an s'. ' '- ':'."S'.."v'A0' 9 s 0 ' 4 05'-'EQ' ff! 03952 155. .' xx: U '15, r Y 'Q IS I S BANKS, W. C. "Bill" VM Bryan Age 29: NM: A.V.Nl.A.. Pres. 111: Distinguislwrl Stiulvnt. BLACKBURN. CEO. S. "Nimmo" AH Beuunmnt Age 26: NNI: Saddle S Sirloin Cluli: Bllklllllltllll ASM lillllll Slrisa Volunteers: WatPl' Buy '39-110: Blm-k X Briillfl ljluli. BRECHAN. WILLIAM "Bill" AH 'l'e-inlw. :Krizoim Age' 23: NM: Arizona Statr I.in-sim-k filrampimi. '36, BURRUS, MARVIN MALONE "1Iuttvr" VM Bye-rs Age 23: Grad.: llousv Alam-r of fll'illllliilt'SZ Sliixu Yriliiiitffwz A.V.M.A. COLSON. .l. A. "lim" A.-1 flnllr-ge Station Age 33: NNI: Klarlwting S lfinani-e filuln. DUKE, HAYDEN R. -Jllllf' Dukrf' EA Bryan Age- 32: NM: A.5.C.E. ECKERT, ROY F. EE Dallas Age 24: A.I.E.l'I.: Distingllislied Stuilc-'nt. FAGIN. KARL WUODWARD PezE Dallas Age 27: NM: A.I.M.E.: S4-liularsliip llonor Snvii-ty: Pr-trnlvum Enginewring Clulm. GREENLEE, HOMER Vfll Comanvlle Age 26: Scholarship Honor Soviety: A.Y.Nl.A.: Coniam-lw County Club: Freshman Basketball: Freslnnzin Intranniral Manager. HAYVVARD. JOHN C. "lu:-ku VM Gillette Age 23: A.V.M.A. HORNE, C. H. "ljl1arl4-y" VM Dvvatur, Miss. Age 27: NM: A.V.M.A. 101 I M 95: l. 61 ,-. 4 r:9:7"z 0 0 1 'Golf' i"e'4.1 'Aqh..n'l . I in' 'llllll Q IDR A A 4 A. .- lp..-0.x rfw:-fP'x ba' 94: '5' 4- Q C' ul ,J 6"..,,',f V I ll ' Qllmlg 111 l, t:,:lgflgf:.lv. ZLHNI y! FW, W' ' 1 zlivqjll I f--v:?11y.1,9'I'k-3.,.:-j:'+v,'-" 'H n A "1" Q o 4 I 's'iw3nl-'Lai' iii-'v..7If:113'-'f '- 15-'W'-e":i'. ".".""'. J ' I I HUCINS. J. D. llll Age 25: A.V.M.A. INCRATXI. HOWARD E. V111 Age 24. KIRRHANI. YV. VV. V111 Age 22: NM. l,.-XHSUN. KE. VM Age 231 A.v.M.A. LINN. ADOLPH H11 Ag.. 251 NM. LOPP. ll. F. ..Bud,, Omaha, Nebraska San Antonio n.Kirks9 Elizabeth, Ind. Evansville, Minn. Brooklyn, N. Y. VM Laconia, Ind. Aer- QT: NSI.: A.Y.NI.A. KICALEXANDER. DONALD J. "Mac" Agr Bryan Age 34: NM: Agronomy Sovietyz Distinguished Student. MARK. IRWIN C. VM Age 2.5: NNI. New York, N. Y. NIEEK. ROBERT LEE i'Bob" Cen! Freeport Age 24: lst C.H.Q.: Geology Club: A.l.Nl.E. NELTGEBAKER. EUGENE P. Pez E El Paso Age 24: NNI: Petroleum Engineetingz Club: A.l.lI.E.: Newman Clulr. PORTER. W. N. "Gut" VM Cranbury Age 22: NH: A.Y.Bl.A. if. ' l 1 1 'i f f A 102 . .-.pn ,4,-fx... ....,. 'f' 5.1. ..- .-,,...,. . .,. ,K ' - , , ., -f... . g -. u 5, , 5, wg,- - . . -'. '- vt 'V.1'n . '-'ff 1.4.0. 19. . '. . . . . .'. '0'o 0 0.. 9..s'. '.'." '4'o' Z' . . .. J' ' !f4':lfn'.ei'l'Q"..l'g5':5..r":"3n ' 1 g , Ki, QF, PRINZ, HAROLD E. "Hep" Arch Dallas Age 24: Eng.: Arr-hiteeture Clulr: Distinguished Student: Dallas Club: Svhool Design Competition. 2nd Prize: Hieks Areh. Com- petition. 3rd Prize: Carnegie Lihrary Competition. lst Prize: Fenesta Arch. Competition, 2nd Prize: Hoke Smith Arrfh. Com- petition. 22nd Prize. PYE. EDGAR JAMES .-Igr lquique. lfhile Age 23: NM: Cosmopolitan Clnli. RADELEFF. R. D. "Rudy" Vfll Kerrville Age 23: A.V.M.A.: Scholarsliip Honor Soviety. RICE, JAMES L. ".li1nmy" AH McLean Age 21: NM: Soph Livestovk Judging Contest: Junior Live- stoek Judging Team: Saddle K Sirloin Clnh: Block S Bridle Clulii Eastern Panhandle Clulr: Senior Livestovk Judging Team. SAUNDERS. .l. R.. JR. "Jim" VM Age 23: Inf.: A.V.M.A. SCHMIDT. HAROLD J. VM San Antonio Modesto. California Age 23: NM: A.V.M.A.: Distinguished Student: Scholarship Honor Soviety. SOVA. PAUL P. l'Peter-Paul" VM Garfield. N. .l. Age 23: NM: Seliolarship Honor Society: A.Y.M.A.: Newman Clulm: Cosmopolitan Cluh. SWANSON. ROGER H. "Rod" ME Age 26: NM: ASME: Distinguished Student. WATKINS. ROBERT R. VM Age 27: NM: Svholarsliip Honor Society: Asst. Vet. A natomy. WHITE. FRANK D.. JR. A.-1 Age 23: Marketing Si Fin Club. WILSON, C. L. Pet E Ludlow, Pa. i'.lOe" Favtoryville, Pa. A.V.M.A.: Cr-ad. ..Bm.. Fo1'tWo1'tl1 ance Cluli: Cotton Soviety: Fort Worth Age 20: NM: lst C.H.Q. "Buster" ltasczi I 03 4 1'-603' 'Q 4' 1 U 0 4 nl? 'feat X . N-J 1 ' L Q- .-'-559 7ff,fff"f' df-'I-'."f":'-'?2"-'R-i"H"1'ff ' fl f- Df':".'f'.'1':-ff-'I-''f- '."-'f-if-'I-'Q' 'L-f... .:f Cf? 'a:: U N 1 -Q .,i,.-1-' ,pf ,nga-uusnwvvl ,..,,..--H ,---Q'-' ..--ly--N. 'GNN HLXHK HERYEY CHJJS CATHHY WOLFE SURELLE KENNY A. L. CATHHY. lll't'S1.dl'Ilf T. S. KZILLIS. Vice'-1'r4-siflmzt J. P. WUI.FE. S ffi- rf-fury-Tr ffff gurvr J. ll. HIQHYHY. Hisfuriun W. W. CLARK. Slud c'11 I Uwelfrrrw RI'1N't'SPIlNlfil'4' A. 11, SoRIfl,l.lf. Studwnt HVl'1-fllfl' Re'prv5f111lz1li1'f' H. D. KENNY. Slzulenf Uuvlfrlrw Rfflzrvsffrztfzliw IU! A.L.CATHEY ABBOTT, R. H. PME-San Antonio ADAMS, C. A. A.4-Bryan ADMIRE, CHARLES B. AH-Keller ALEXANDER, H. R. ALEXANDER, WAYNE D. ME-Henderson ADKISSON. J. W. Lan rl-C reen z'1'llU Pet E-Shreveport. La. J ALEXANDER. J. O.. JR. V ., f nn A AH-College Sian' ALLEN. JOHN HAROLD ME-Dallas ANDERSON, W. R. LA-Agua Dulce ANDERSON, ALBERT CE+Ga11'estun ANDERWALD, FRANK R. AH-Bandera ARD. J. C. ME-Mt. Pleasant ARISCO, MIKE J. ANDO, TOMOMI Ch E-.-11111 ella .-1.4-Port Arthur BACGALEY, R. W. ME-xlrubzz, N.W'.I. ASHWORTH, J. O. nl.-1-Bryan BANISTER. JOHN R. L.-1-Roclrsprings BARNES. H. EUGENE Land-McAllen BARBER, B. D. CE-Fort Worth BARNES, VERNON E. ME-Dallas BECK, W. J. Fish 8: Came-Pecos BECKMAN, W. L. PME-Baytown BEARDEN. ROBERT CLAY A.-1-Paris BEILIN, P. S. AH-Miranda "."' . wi. . , Q95 IOR .X -"."x"Ea':',. D' 32: -P-1'5" :O 'J ng 0 ' A I . 0.5. 'o ' n ' J 0 'gs p ' 0 : 1. o ' 'tp' "film", A ' '. ' ' 'dl up A Q x X 'F 0 'Bs' ' 13 x J 'S if G 1 I0 5 ffswjiw JJJJW W 'T . 1,4 'A .Y , A 'K '. " 0 disk a,'Sw:f.nn V N '. ' 'af' 1 11-1111.1- iwk he lA ull' . x',-'.ll".',' L ' .,.1 X. V H "TV ' .dfi lfq - ' , L 41-.4 1 cl ':o0"f.'J 0 4 4 I 'a'.',' ..- i f n:l. . c.'..-."Iq:- 1 I, ':.l, ,'.. u. 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H- 3-'T' 4- .o.i.h.s 106 --.t., Q-.5-u s, K- , , ...,. ,- ...'.'.x...n'v,,:.x.t,:.,'Q"m.?...,, 'Q 'l ,ost Q .0 1,.oq'. O 4.- l :W - V. xv- -1, .- .,, u . v v f J v 1 ' s ' 0 -' v'o' ' 1 0 '0'o'e.1' 'n'..'.'.' on .' . ' "'t.'s1,?a Iva. El'Savl5.',!:2. .. . xx: gn 1' 1.0 " ,I U I O R " BUCKALEW, SEABORN Pre-Med-Mesquite BURCH. WILLIAM JAMES Fh E-Port Arthur BURRUS. DONALD R. MEiF11ff Ilnufffl BUSH. EDWARD H. Ag Eng-Bryan BYRD, B. L. MEiIl"ichita Falls CALLAHAN, LEROY PFC-1Il8llI-Sl'I1f0ll CALLIER. T. P. A.-1fCrnC1-:fit ff,-XINI ERON, BILL S. .4.4-l11f'Kf!ll1PI' CAMP, FRANK A DAIR Lf!-Blum CAMP. L. T.. JR. ' A.4-Duingprfif-111 -,. .: ' up .. . .- -'af - 'C l.AXIPRI'.I.L, BANKS A C8411-f.Irr11l'PH ' I . I 3 c:AMPm31.L. FRANK R. ,f I X .7I1E'c'lIff7ll.Y CIIITIINII I CARPENTER. J. NI. 'M Ag Eel-Thrm-knmriun 9. il Q 4 CARTER. W. C.. JR. " " CEI-I'1lIl'l1YFt'. .-frlf. I gags f:ATER. JAMES W. V 'Q ,Q PM E- Wfzlfer I 5... JC., IX CLARK. E. R. ME-San Benito CLONINCER, KRIS5. IR. CE-Derers CLOUDT. .IIN B. Ag EIl'IP+RUI'liSfITil'YgS CLUTTER, JAMES E. Ch E-San Antunfo COLEY, F. A. R Agr-Omaha COLGAN. LEE ROY AA-Megargel w 5 , -n COLLINS. THOS. H. Pre-Med-Temple COOK, THOMAS F. AH-Cuero COOK, WM. L. Ag E11-Croreton .1 1 . -1 4 ,,, 4. s -Qff-4-'C ka "'4.'q. 0' .5 e- -s il, Q 0 'f "u?"v'7' YJ.. . A :iw ffilv IIIHFMII T . 1 U.:-...ya-,f '-A.. 1 ' . inf. 'ffl 2 . r I ,,'..,,,. .. . 107 4- .... .. ...JJ ..,p1,,. ,, g.,.:.. IOR I 1 .Q '::', .'a"'-R. a I J.. J'f'.u:.1N.ff, 3 u?'f,'.'-" -'v'.' ff" 6: 'f r l I R' ' lv .54 ,A',,v' n COOP!-IR. C. T. .'1,i,'l'-Tflllllkll IQURDERO. V. N. L.'1'SIlII .4nmn1'n COSTLOW. RUPERT J. ME-Hemlvrsun t,10lf11H. R. W. AIEf7'l',XIlflIIll1ll tIOL'CHI,IN. YY. .L Elf-YCl1fragn.l1I. CRAWFORD. R. S.. JR. L,-1-Crystal City CREEL. H. CR Xl-JY. JR. lflfgllulllls CREWS. A. R.. JR. :LMI-Sun Angela CRIMNIINS, ADRIAN LA-Fort Worth HRISSON. ROBERT D. AlE!.NIlII Jlunz. P. R. CRISWELL. RALPH Al.-1-ffzzlrert CRCNIP, WALTER H. Ag El1g'Dtlf71g8ffi81l1 lIRl7'l'1IHICR. R. L.. JR. Pct E-Heaunznnt CLNIXIINCS. XYALTER VV. AH-Iloustnn CUNNINGHANL CLARENCE M. Ch E-Punhamlle DESEI.. JACK A. IAU1!!11,il'A'l.IISlIIl DOAK. R. A. ME-San rfnlunin DOBB5. W. C. A.-1-Kerens DODGE. JOSEPH A. 1 A, Ifru-Sur: AIIIUIIIIU DUCGETT. BYRON C. Ag Eng-Sh rereport. Lu. ,ff-'. DOM.-XSCHK. WH. G. -' Ch E-Puri Arlhur DUNNELL. W. C. A AJ-Sun ,-lrzlunio 1 DURROH. CEORCE EE-Leander -4 , X OOHSEY. WOODROW E. ' ' A .411-c1afkm11.f C 'A - vfk gg '-ff 1 108 '. "'!" "" Q A A-6 .. . . .. . - . '- . .Ab . .1 - n - J ...S J.. . .,.-,vxxpgviq ',s .xo 0 1 .Q-0 l. ,-3' 51 , g,gu, X 4. , , .s,g K . -. . . f . , . , - , . - - ' v f J o .'.1 n'.' n A .0 .. . . . ,- ., ,u',', g',l -' , . - . o,',u,4'.',v.v- -.4','. -Oigxl. ' . f,51,.-' .- 0 1' . s:, IJ U N 1 0 R I lg' DOTSON, HERBERT F. ME-San Antonio DOUCHERTY, REDFERN C. .4.'I-Dallas DOUGLASS, C. E. .Inf-Grlirlvszifle DOWE, THOMAS W. AH--Hebbron ville DRAPER, L. C. .IA-Edirzhurg DU BOSE, L. A. CE-fllice DUNCAN, DEWEY L. Ch E-Copperas Core DUNKERLEY, ROLAND P. Pet E-Corpus Christi DUVALL. CLAYTON Ch E-Olney DWELLE, EDWARD D. VM-Balboa. CanalZ0r1e ECHOLS, DANNY D. Ch E-Dallas ECHOLS. MARVIN. IR. Ch E-Jefferson EDWARDS, FRANCIS IE-San Antonio EGNER. PAUL O. ME-Hrluston EICHBLATT, E. E. :LI-Houston ELLIOTT, JACK FARRAR Ch E-uvrU,YHhllfhl'E ELLIS. CECIL L., IR. PME-Waco ELLIS, LEE BURKLEY EE-Fort Worth ELMORE. ED Arch-Dallas ENGLISH, ROBERT S. AA-Crnckett ENOCHS, .I. P. AH-Eldorado ERXLEBEN, J. C. IE-Ingleside EVANS, ADRIAN D. Aero E-Port Arthur EVANS, L. GLENN ME-Dallas 109 Q .QQ :'4':9:1 '00 955. ..U,'Q 4 '.S.5.'o' 'III we If I " 10' 4 ".- I r 3: b F ff 4' "v 'v:'.'.f.-':'S3.'-'. " "1 .-'."."-'1e.-'.'- 1 1 '93 .- FIELD. FRED. JR. .'I.'1+lJI'USIJt'l' FITZHLII ZH. C. W .flgr-Tnlrzr FISHER. F. S., JR. CE-111111115 FORM AN. .I ACK I EE7Clll!'F.illiI1 FROST. WINSTON F. .1IE'HlPIIl1llNI FlfQUA. P. F. FITCH. DAVID R. LAADHIIUS DY FROST. R. M. .4r4'h EADUIIUS .fig Iflzg-,lnlzzrilln ILAMBRICLL. ROD D. I,'E-Dallas Ill-II-IR. IZ. M. fl.-XBRIEL. DON LA-Fort Worth CANINION. WILLIAM F. EE-College Stnliun CAUS. ELDIQN W. EE-Hamxhire CE-lf'vsl1w1irzxt6r GERHARDT. V. YV. ME-lffrhila Fu I.Il,l,I-.NI'Ih. .TIM W.. JR. fffffllullus I1II.I.Ib. IOM 5. L.-1fFnrt llnnrllz IQDI-IMIQRT. WERNFR A. LA-.Hiro GOLDEN. .I Af IK .IA-Svyfrmzlr Cl FDDI-I. M ARK C. f,'1':-IQIIHIIS GOODNI A N. WM. Pc! E-Houston Us IQIBBS. .I. W. .IIE-Seguin GLAZENER, F. R. IE-1'TllI.ffI.t"Ill GOLSTON. R. D.. IR. mln!-Fart Unurlh U. GORDON, GRANT D. EE-Calrvslun 110 . U NIDRT '-."3"-YW'-F-2 " Vw'-.'-I'-5.'-.f'.'-22'w211'i'i'.'-l"P-f'-'fg'' -' " -f'ls2'z'-. "l'i'l5i5Y4S.'5'ifs.. CHADY, W. R. ME-Ruidoso, N. M. GRAHAM, J. A., JR. Pet E+.'l1lXlIfl1tlU GR.-UFS. YV. E. .Alrru Eff ViI.'fllflAU GREEN, E. V. .-1.4-Breckerzrizlge CRISH.-XXI, W. T. IE-Ifollilllll IIE. . . .411-Mason GUMBIELT, E. F. EE-Moulton HACAN, V. P. CL'-Dallas H.-U Ill.-XRD, CHARLES H. .4:1-Dallas HALL. MARVIN E. .-1.4-La Feria HALTOIXI, C. W2 Elf-Fort Wurlh IIANUUCK. J. B. Ln!-lQ'nrp11.s f.'l1l'l'.NII HAHDIE. BRADFORD EE-Dallas HARDIN. JOHN J.. JH. .'lH'.1lIlfI'IlI1, Ark, HARRISON. ELYFI. D. Agr-flu 1011 HART, WALTER M. .4H-Cruz'-:fr HAHTT, ODBI-IR NIE-UH1Ar'l1iI11 Fzlllx IIASSE. HENRY W. IJII-Uukluml HAYNES. GORDON H. PEiSl!lII1f0fd HAYNES. JOHN B. .-1:1-Limlale HEAHN, W. E.. JR. AH-Sun .-lngelo HEFLEY, JOHN M., JH. AA-Port Arthur HEITKAMP. R. L. .-1.-1-.Yezu Braunfels HENRY, NORMAN C. ME-Terrell .V ,.J-v..1z7--gn!! ,..,:-,Q . 14. . . . - . . HL..'.1'eXk':5, 511. .-..,1.'Q 111 .-W Y Y Lx 3 1:39 Zwzx D ,,t.v:Qf f S' .3 H-9' WW U' .. 25 .5 ga - fi:L5.v.,:.a, . .fu y, I IO wadi- HERBERT D. B. . ' -SIIIZLIL r.' Ill HERYEY. J. B. .-I.-I-llrevrllille HERING, JACK K. .Al H iM 0C regor HES5. F. J. .4 H+MrLenn HIGGINS. BYRON .-IH-.-hfunzszille HILL. HARRY R. PME-Dallas HOLDER, LOUIS HIGGINS. VIRON HERRINGTON, H. C. EE-Palestine HIGBEE, WILLIAM W. Aero E-Mc.-Illen AH-.44lan1.Sz'ille HILL. RALPH E.. HILL. C. WI. El'L7-uY,E1l'0A'U, Olfla. JR. LA-Atlanla. Gu. JR. PH! E-Furl Worllz HOLLE, JACK HINDS, A. M. Lfl-Tye PME-Brerlcen ridge HOLLINION. JACK C. .-Igr-Huzzslmz HOPE. O. C. .-IH-xuarshulf HOMYER. FRED .'IH'.'IIlSll.I1, HORD. ASA A. HOLLIER. RAY G. MEAPQN nirlhur C.. JR. HOOTON. GERALD T. Ag E11-Daingerjield Ch EfVaIIey Mills HORTON, E. L., JR. CE-Abilene HOSKINS, GEORGE E. EE-Deming, N. M. I-IUFFMAN, K. W. AH-Brady HUGHES. GEORGE O., JR EE--Sanger U' " 4 .-.Mn Q57-.p r - N ., , - ,. up.: 3.551 9 ,.' -.5 -.. . Y- 11? .r1'5J.1'-.1 11 ""'6'-i"55',... I 112 I Q fq, o lo, " ' 'og' ' 4,-r . JU NIDR 5 vo'rv.,.vn,nq 11 Q I A. n 4,vo -'twain so Q no og. vnu., o v 'vu' Q, vo-po 4 , , g, '. 4"-'C "o'.0'. '.' ,' ':'." 'a.'.n'!. ' , QE' 'g'1":.gv'1u1.'.'.?..v'n'..0.n'uU'ox2'9.'lso'1.'.'s'-.'.'.. eA'.' zg5" ' 51:2 ' ':52?z" .- ' v- E' s x' as 1 . HUGHSTON, J. ARCH Aero E4Plann HU RT. ROBERT M. .'1l'L'h7DIll1Il.S HYIND5. CHARLES L. .-lvm E-lima,-U INGLEFIELD. RALPH H. L.4-Bartlesrille. Ulflu. JENN. VV. C. .4H-Ilnustnn JACOBS. GUY W. EE-Slvllllvlll'fHf'. Ollfll JENKINS. AI, N. .-frrfl E1,'1VlI11TI11tr JENNINGS. JOHN YV. .Ig E11-Frvdorzia J EN NING5. LEON H. .IIE-S1'I.wIww JOHNSON. CLYDE B.. JR. Aero E-'Fort Iflfrth JONES. JACK L. .-1.-1-Taft JOHNSON. GUY CE-.4n1ur1'll0 JOHNSON. Ji DSEPH C. .431-Hnllslull JONES. WILLIANI D. C. Pre-Med-Tenzple JORD RN. J. D. .411-An JUNGE, EDDIE B. .4.4-Dallas KENNY. R. D. PME-llnustun KEY. DWIGHT C. AA-llflegrlrgel KALLINA. FRED P. Pre-flied-Guru'nm1 KELLY. EHNST EI.I.SVi'0R'I'II ff.-I-Hr:ll.x!nIl KERCHEVILLE. LEWIS P01 E-S1111 Antonin KESNER. SAM C11 If-Dulfux KEY. SIDNEY C. Ag Ed-Bloomington KIELIXIAN. L. E. CE-Harlingen I :Ls :Q :'-:1-:- 'Q' 0 1 'o'4" IIN' WW 113 J U I Z. ' -. .v if Pl. if 79 'A' Y " .Qgfbz f 'Q I 'O' 5-til' Q .0 I a q:!':.In l'!::'o. Q 0' 9 4 S-' Q0 2' X KING. JAMES R., EEADHIHIS .I R. KNOWLAN. A. FRANK .-lem E'I'Il,'fllfifl KRIBR5. EUGENE .-Igr-Rungvr LAAI R. .IOIIN VT. .'I.'I'Pl!l.NlilI LANIJRIQAI. HAL .IIE-Sun FIIIIHIII LAW 5. LELII. E. Pvt E7HnllSfUlZ LEHAIAN. R. N. UH-IT'11L'u LEWIS. E. H. I.ITTI.E. E. P. .Il Ei Term rlfun ll KOELLING, ROBERT K .-Ieru E-Fullon, Ky. KLYLHANEK. BERNARD J. A,-1-Waller LAIN. J. W. L.-I-Ctlllvstzzrz LANIBERSON. JACK I.. Pet EAIY0rne LANDON. CEDRIC R. .-Ivru E-Sun .-lnluniu R. ll IASLEY. WALTER. IR. .'lH-Ntrutfunl LAWLEH, WILLIAM T. :Ig Ed-Keller LEATHERS. .I. B. P.IIEfJeu'ett LEAILY. F. LEE ,-1.-I-Dallas LERUS. JAKE H. g1lEfClm1eu'ater LEONARD. TLTRNEY NY .4 4-171111115 P.'UE-Sun mlrztnnio LICHNOYSKY. .I OE VM-.Yada LUEFFLER. V. J. .-IH-Jznzflinn LIPPERT. WAYNE M ME-Sun .-Inmniu LONG. ROBERT K. xl.-I-Por! Arthur A ,fvzrjvqn - 1 fri-.-eff ' L- ' V W, - - I 114 -vvnvvyvs 'Q vt nf: -'ag ,vu pp an., ,...s,,,s.. 'X...i',l .U ,..,, a '., , a fn-5.Ip.'a,l.o ' J . o 0 o 1 0 Q o si n'.4X'.'1 'AX' O5 ',',5'.',1' o'. o 'ofa '. ',1'vL',- vv--a' , - -' fu 0 ctqc'-3 ':' 'ik 5 5s:'..l'.o '- i 1-.li ., 3- .Jig n 1 to s L J JU 1011 LOOMIS, RAYMOND C. ME-Houston LUCAS, J. L. EE-Kilgore LYNN. HARVEY P.. JR. Ch E-S011 flngeln LYLE. MARION D. .'1l'l',1-DCI1I..Y1lll MACRANE, HARRY J. I".1I1.1IiSlIllIffllfll, Ind. MALI. XRD. CEORC .-I gr-l.c1rr1vszl MANCHESTER. LUTHER L.. JR. ME-Fort Worth MANE5. R. E.. JR. .-lg FJ-lf11.s.wll:'ille. .-Irlf. NIANN. VII. N. .-1.-IfVun Urmy MANSFIELD. ROBERT W AA-Sun .-fngelu MARTIN. CHAS. JR. Chelrz-llvvmju MATZNER. O. R Ch E-Furl Worth MAYO, NIASSIE. J. W. .-1.4-lhzllzzx H. BRUIE ME-Ty lor MELANCON, J. E. Aero E-San Antonio MEADOWS. O. E. Ag Etl7El1lIf.s MENCER, R. W. LA-Sun illlltlllfrl MERRILL. W. C. IIA-Gl'E?t'lll'IAHE MEREDITH, ROSS Sci-Dallas MILLER. HERBERT F.. JR. .41gEngfLmm-111 MILLER. J. W. .'1.4-Tvrrlple MILLER. MONROE EE-Beerille MITCHELL. J. YY. Ch If-Kunxux City. Kunx. Eh V r.. .atv ' V ..',i'V A ' --': ' -V " I5 '.4...1Le.22ibfEf..L. . . f ! Ili ' .' 0 r,.q,u.. w,,,v,'. Z'+1'I" ".'-JW v Ab . Q JW fr ,'v '. ,,.4,, 'J L' ' if 'A 1:4 g , za 'fo ' 0 - N r 3f,:fa,"'x 17.55 ,fb , A P q,'9,?x'4E:x' n ., iyu HSJJQWIQ' 'MU ffi' " ".'fii'3f51?fgf!93'!f.Jiri532? if-'fi'.'1'l-'lfii.-5-'QQ UNI f .. f f , ' 3 , - 'WT Q ' S. Y . ' if 1:4 K. . I ,1 9: r I I: "J: "' ' .31 'I' "" S15 jf: O ,541 -fi' Q. . ' Q is t J -I I4 . L- " . V .T . rx gh I ' I 'fp' : . Q 'c I 1 MOORE, LUKE ME-Waco MORITZ. C. W. Ch E4P0rt Arthur MOSER. DERACE A.4-Stephendlle MOSS. EDGAR JAMES .-JH-Llano MUSE, E. C.. Jr. CE-Fort Worth MCBRIDE, WM. JAMES Pet E-Corpus Christi MMIALL. JAMES E. ME-Dallas ' M1iCAR'l'HY, LESLIE J.. JR. ME-Fort Worth MCCARTY, CHAS. T. AH-For! Worth Md QREAHY, W. P. EEfHtlIlSf1lT1 MCCUTCHAN. GORDON C. Arch-Furl Worth MCDUFFIE. J. C. Pet E-San Antonio MQGARR, JACK .4HfPluin1'ie1v MCHENRY, A. C. ME-Mission MCKEMIE. E. B. LA-Dallas NICLARN. R. H. EE-Fort Worth MCSPADDEN. R. L. Pe! E-.4m1zrilIu MCWHORTER, HERBERT LI. AA-Whilesboro NABORS. F. L. Pet E-Little Elm NELSON, E. H. Ch E-Waco J NELSON. ROY E.. JR. Ch E-Galveston NEU. J. T. Chenz-Cnrrzlrzercc' NEWBY. H. L. ME-Brown wood , ,-X. .f,.,, ...... .V ,- .,, H , . '.' .p-2.':,Q".r .. ' 1 5-1: A ' ' " 17215111-4X333"Q---3iE5fi'f:.'?'fI.... f . Q uw 116 o. u 1. f.1 'Jo' 'Ju n o . 0 Xen' ',c'.',o5 ' 'o"!'fg v"1"i'O"'.' 'u'0ds 0 5 Og 1 O ..t. '. .,,'.'..v,. ' R., ., -"."l'J'-f'-".'- - - ' 3-.'-.'-"-' 'Rv '5' "3" IOR 2'-."-"ft 'Y-1:5 E.. Q. LJ J U i fa NEWMAN, LESLIE A., JR. LASSUH Antonio NORRIS, M. J., JR. Agr-Burleson OGDEE. GEORGE J. IE-San Benito O'KEEFE. NORWOOD, A. J. L.4-Houslon FRED T. Ag Eff-Richland Springs OLER. WILLIAM L. LA-Harlingen. O'KEJ.I.EY, W. C. ME-Ilouston OLIVER. LAURIE .4.4fSurz. Saba ORADAT. FRANK R.. JR. Aero E-Elertra OMMERT, WILLARD D. IVA!-Ollhilflllll, Calif. O'REILLY. WALLACE Pez E-Houston OWEN. HENRY Ch If-Dallas OVERBECK, EDWARD M. Ch E-1,111,115 OXFORD. W. F. Ch E-Beaumont PACKARD, LAWRENCE H. Ch E-RSIIII Antonio PARKER. OZIER. BILLY B. Pre-Mml'ATw11ple GERALD W. VAI'C'1lf5fFt1IIll PATTERSON. JOHN E. PEI E-Sun An mn in PEARCE. PARKERSON, CHARLES ROY Ch EfD11l11zs R. B. ME-Dallas PEN.-X. WILLIAM .Irvh-Laredo PENNEBAKER. JAMES M. ME-Fort Worth PENUEL, VICTOR R.. JR. EE-Cresson .L .- 'V--2'-44" . 1-.. V . , .- 117 'O 0.- 1000081 fl, 0 5 O '.g'0' 5.0 9 1 v xogbnl. 4 I-I' N .ya ji Fx 'ktfglx 0 9 33 lsixfh Q- 0999156 f,1r.s'r ,, 5 A11 1, .I 4, 1 1- w Qgliifljigjj ' k',I'g, Nl' W' , ,, . .. ..,. ..' T?-fs.E'5Sf--'V ' A ' ' 3 -' . v qv- u - v' a"u I 0 ,a".l" 'll I al" -- MA :A Lg.. .x::::5 NPZA-at 9,:.:,1 v o o,...q'-.. fs,-.. 1, .5 .I .. . .' I. 1.0, . 1 U Vx . .4 J U I Q R, I IW ,. 'qiui 3 n PERKINS. GEORGE M. PHE-.IIfKir1r1ey PERRY, E, H. .-IA-Fart Worth PIf'l'I'1RS. O. F.. JR. AA1AC11l1P5fnrz PERSOHN. JOHN EEfDaIIas PETTICREW. J. M. CE-Dallas PHILLIPS. NIELVILLE M. AJ-G1'4'e11 Ville PETTIT, B. E. Ag ErzgWConzanche PICKARD. A. BI. VM-Ladon fa PLUXINIEH. ALLEN G. nfgr-Hvrefnnl PIETSCH. CARL P. ME-Dallas POLAND, ROBERT L. .ME-Huntillgturz PRONGER. ALFRED. JR. .-IH-Slratfurzl POWELL, ROB'T. GRAY Ch E-Lufkin PUSTEJOVSKY, J. J. Ag Ed-Svhulenburg RANIAC-If. J. C. :Igr-lredell QUICK, BILL A.-1-San Angelo RANISEL, BUDDY AH- Win ters READ. RAYMOND R. AA-Huuslun RASCOE. W. M. CE-Corpus Christi REEVES, C. D. .fini-Fort Worzh REMINCTON, ERNEST AA-Graham RENAUD, A. FRED AA-Houston REYNOLDS, A. W., JR. CE-Canton, S. D. -' -- " 1 -- .. . -fu-W . . .. -. - .. 113 I RHEMAN, GEORGE A., JR. .-1 A-Brookshire RIGGINS, HUGH Ch E-Houston RIVENBARK. JAMES Arch-Dallas RINGGOLD, Wv. M. IIIE-Alffdlldfltd, La. ROBINSON, BILLY Pre-Mez!-Big Spring ROEDER. C. C. .-1.4-Boerne ROBINSON. JOE F. A11-Le1uz'sm'lIe ROEMER. C. R. ME-H4llL.vt1rIl ROLLINS. H. M. ME-Gulfporr. Miss. ROGERS. LEE W. An!-Bishop ROMINGER, R. L. LA-Brevlren ridge ROUGAGNAG, JOHN F. A.-I-Houston ROSS. DICK AA-.Nlnzariliu RUBLE, H. NI. .-IH-Bertram SALM, L. C., JR. AA-Granger RUSSELL, R. R. ME-Mineral Wells SANGER. ALBERT VV. ME'Mllj'6ffH SCI-IERZ, O. E. Land-San Angelo SAUNDERS. J. D. L11-Cause Creek SGHMIDT, KENNETH E. Land-San Antonio SCHREIBER. PAUL R. Sci-Jefferson City, MU. SCHULZE, WARREN G. AAfMason SEARS, L. A. CE-McKinney -l 'vvgvy luxvu 0. Q' 5' 9 9 7 g up -va - , -- . V . . V . - . ' .':':5"h 'f' 'ns' f . :'." 13" . P., . . . ' . . . D. . !':' QF ..3.'vtnsn.5Q'ns..'?'.' .ag ' ... 4: . Tngis .' .0.'4' "E, . .A'i?99J1':"z-"..:f. n ' 0 .1 Qs is n., ' 9 U N R 3" L 1 ., IO 119 Q: Ii 'Q C 1. Q, nl 545: 59:02 btyagi Iii s. ..- ,vvvosx rjwvagil ob Gvgi' b'+,c'f 226.2921 ITMJ NIO 'Q S u u r N X if I SEMO. SAM F., JR. LA-Houston SHELTON, DAVID S. AH-College Station SHEPHERD, N. H. EE-ME-Bryan SHURLEY, JACK CE--Sonora SIPTAK, ROBERT IE-Caldwell SISSOM, ALTON W. EE-Alvarado SKAGGS, R. E. ME-Dallas SKRABANEK, R. L. Fish 8: Game-Snooli SLEEPER. W. C. ME-New Orleans, La. SMITH. A. L. Fish K Came-Bryan SMITH, EMANUEL J. Agr-Dallas SMITH, HOMER D. Ch E-Wichita Falls SMITH. JAMES W. nfrclz E-Dallas SMITH. JOEL HOWARD Ch E-Lancaster SMITH, REYNOLDS .4.4-Throclfmorton SMITHAM, FRED A. Ch E-Dallas SMITHER, .JACK M. ME-Dallas SOMERVILLE. GEORGE R. Ch E-San Antonio SONBERG. STANLEY F. Per E-Beeville SORELLE. A. C.. JR. PME-Houslon SPARKMAN, CLARENCE M. VM-Carden City SPARKS, TOM C. Pre-Med-Amarillo SPRINGFIELD, HARRY B. Pet E-Houston ':.':.z.4..'.. -- -T, .. V -7, , , 21 .. . ,L T. 120 L.Q.k 'L ': .Q . - .,,. 2.17: ,2-" H 1 fa ' ffl Ll iff an fi i O Q4 ra' 31' I FL' ,f -4 'lo ,, Q fo: o.' ..' .11 'Q .,:. .Q U.,- . -an v,. 0.6 7-. I'- I.. on I. ' .O O H O O I 5 5 C l 5 O N x N v3-. 0 .f Q '!"Pv v . 4 . if W "'. o S 5 1 5 5 1 '..,1."f' U' 0. v l la 0 0' 5 I 4' . 'U' ons I, QT. aT'..L":f ,n 'M Q. 'A 11, . .P I 'Q STALEY, S. SKEEN PME-Wichita Falls STANDISH, GUS Pet E-Houston STAUDT, WM. C. AA-San. Antonio STANFORD, GEORGE Ag Eng-Linden STEARMAN, WILLIAM C., JR. CE-Dallas STERLING, E. A. ME-Laredo STENGEL, LEE ROY .-1.4-Iwasolz STERLING, J. R. Agr-Conway STEWARD, T. B. IE-Rosser STEVENS, JOE T. L. Fish QQ Came-Bandera STEWART, CLAUDE C. Ag Ed-Busqueuille STRAUCH, CHAS. B. Pet E-Nornzanna STOPPLE, W. .I. EE-Dallas STREATER. L. C. EE-Port Arthur STUBBS, SCOTT G. Ch E-San Antonio STUART, TOMMIE AH-Roby SULLIVAN, R. J. Pet E-Shreveport, La. SWIGERT, WM. F. CE-Waco SWAIN, WILLIAM C. Ch E-Dallas TATUM, A. J. Arch E-Kilgore TAYLOR, CHARLES M. .-1.-I-San Antonio TAYLOR. GLENN, JR. AH-Albany TAYLOR, .IACK B. AH-Aspermont 121 5 I-5 -6 1,96 ms' visa 'O' 'QW rf: c I 5: Q I I W1 . fn' ,' . E!?:'a'7?FffT O' h t. .Ir 513: ai" as-wsq, - , is ngssq, 1 M TSW -rv. I iff, . 6 J U 'I ' ..' :!7Kr"TC1.:':"2HP.:,'.-1. ff"-' '--"1" -4 0 Q' f 1 - Igffl-gLlEk:N:,N.iwl,':,:','.--.Z'-:S tl.: 'Tn' G., 'u' 1' l.f.n' n'l'!.:.o' 1' "' 0 fb Q 'U 'l .-','.,"-:v -'ff . v si TL We I 5 s , ' 1 . ... vi 1-4 u u " PH wk TEAC-UE. J. A. CE-Shannon TERRELL, K. V. Ch E-El Paso THOMPSON, J. W. Ch E-Miami THOMPSON, C. F. VM-Pearsall THRIFT. W. TERRY Arch E-San Antonio THWING, R. C. PMEWA ransas Pass TILTON. ROLLIN JACK Pet E-Benarides TODD, WILLIAM W. AA-San Antonio TOMASO. LOUIE Pet E-Dallas TOLAND, C. J. ME-Taft TOWERY. PAT CE-Crocker! TOWNS, ALBERT AH-Georgetown TRECRE. LOUIS S. Arch-Baton Rouge, La. TRIESCH. GILBERT R. Fish QQ Game-Sanflnzonio TULLIS, HENRY A. AH-George West ULMER. CRADDOCK Ag Eng-San. Angelo VAGLICA, NICHOLAS J. Ch E-Beaumont WADE, D. F., JR. L.-1-Lemirzgmn VOLZ, M. D. ME-Mission WACGON ER, C. P. A.4ADenl0n WALLACE, W. B. AA-Llano WAKEFIELD, LEON, .IR L.4-Madisonville WARNER, HOWARD C. Agr-College Station 122 v, ua, ' . 'H' ' ' f..- dxf- 1 H I 'G 5 Og o"I' 0 0 vo.' q'0a Q' 1 Y'0 0 ,Ig ,U ng age 0 c1"'9 Qu x ' '.'.'-'-'.'- .- . ' '-.'- .-.'.-'-'-".' . 'fc' v.' '-". 61" R' - ' ' ' ,' ' a'-kv. 45t5B1!51 self.-2'-J.: I I ex, U 'N Rv Fo 4 WATKINS. M. I.. .4H-Eden WATSON. .IOSEPH P. EE-.xIl'Il'L1lIIll1lIZ WEBB. GEORILIC fl.-I-I7a1l11.x WEBB. .I. F. IVE-Szzn .-Ilzgclu WKS'I'BRUUK. lQII.YDE II.. IH. lfh Ef.1lt'1I'l'I1 WHITIQ. AI,BIfH'I' D. .4.4-Dzzllux WHITE. BUDDY Ag E11-Perzrmll WHITE. S. XI. .-Ig El1g'111Ill.Yf1llI WIER. ILOODI1 S. CE--Alzrr WILLIAMS. GEORGE. JR. .-Ig Eqllffjlllllfllfltl WII.I,IA'NI5. PHIL T. Pre-.Ilvfl-Pwr .-Irthur XYILLINI IH,-XIII. ,I .-XXIIES If. P.IIIf-.Qrzffflzrzf IVILSON. OSIIIAR IV. EEfDa1lux IIIIIBUN. 'IIUXI F. Uvnl-Pffnl Ptlfllf IVILSUN. TI-IIVXIAS H-XY L.-I-Brulmmlzl YXIILTON. T. A. .4H-Rfrhlzzmf Springs WISI-I. FRANKLIN .-X. PHI EfKtPl'f'71S WULFE. .I. P. DH-Hr mfy WOODH.-UI. R. E. Ch If-Beuunmnt WOULDRIDCE, W. V. .4.-1-Paris YACEH. II. T. .-lHfIf'e1l1m111 YANKEE. R. D. Ch E-Furl lluurth YORK. LESLIE If. .4.-If unllfll 123 x : Latsi :":-:- -sg-10: i'.L'."4' , , IIII 1n"?USLn,. 4 ' N v,'e I O 'Q -X .uf N- 4. ---, -- ,- , v, . -, . , xx: - - ,X-, . I 5 -, X ka ... 4'fL"C?a:iW S . 1 g.,"' :I-y Qt, ,"' 'U ' U, ' , '.'s. ' . D I , ' , . 3, I "I ' f 'Q In A 0 i ua' 5 1 P-id ' 1 V -E Y! i 55 V32 W W.. -vy- . J. BRYANT. President f F' ,1!.,..n" X , BRIGHT MAPLE5 MII,I.I-LR Ii. L. BRYANT W. J, BR! -XNF XX ILkI'N'-ON S . . . . . . -0.0 Q3 A.. 1 O HO ORE "'9n'. -,'vy'v vw-A--Q4 -ng, -w -vp --- .-Q -..--..,-vu -., " .v.'n"f"b ' .f 'o '..' .0 ':' " ' .5...x ' V. X Q.: .lg.5s:'.zxs"u.'u1:T..' S':':'-. 3 x . .:' . 'n.' . ,Q . 1.2.0 Hamm: .la 9 . 2.':O'e':'Z1.': ls, 'agar 5 A F' x D: Y P ii ADAMS, J. R. ALFORD, J. P. ALLEN. A. J. ANDERSON, '11 N. ANDREWS, H. A. ARD. J. H. ARMSTRONG. ABBOTT E. ASHBURN. R. S. ASHLEY, CHARLES ASTIN, J. W. BABCOCK. C. L. BACA. CLARENCE J. BACKUS, P. M. BAKER. E. E.. JR BALDWIN, R. B. BALL. EKIMETTE B. BALLARD, D. C. BARRETT, J. H. BASKIN. BEN BAUML. J. A. BEARD, J. H. BECKLEY, D. E. BELL. PERCY LEE BENNETT. F. P. BERRY, E. W., JR. BILLINGSLEY, A. M. BLACK, W. R. BLANKENSHIP. RALPH E. 25 I 5 I., l,aQ.tQ ::o:O:1 0 9q'e' 5. 0 Q .,w ,-.4 Thr 59' 'Pi I I 61 gl lv ft ' 'Ie,cQQx Q Q Y 514522. fgoqivbvq Q 'Jeff'-'ff W I x 74, .. . mi - v + w we ff- 1-w'sf,7:Q'eq ' A-. . '-fcfiifviv If - --.:.- I 0 5 I u 0 a 0 4 I Q U . 0 ' :.b' ff.: Q' 0' 9 U I ' 'I OPHOMO BOLLINC. T. J. BONNER, JOHN, JR. BOWIE, W. H. BOYD, J. H. BRADSHAW. F. M. BRANDON. BILLY BRANDON. CLAUDE BRIDGES, L. A. BRIN .OE. A. L.. BRODIE. GEORGE E. BROWN. H. P. BRUSH, CARLTON BRYANT. BOB BRYANT. BILLY J. BIWQY, WILLIAM F. BURKS. S. V., JR. BURNAXI. T. J. BLRT. L.. C.. BLRTON. C. C. BURTON. J. E. BL"l'TRILL. W. Y. COLDWELL. C. CAMPBELL. A. R. CANDLE. FRANK A. C.-XNFIELD. A. B. CAPERTON, G. B. CAROTHERS. G. C. CARDWELL. WALTER - 'lT3""'-A ' -- 'X JAP: C 1 If 126 I ' I .- . "l'-Fffii'-'-L1-"'I'i9-3'!!'iS?' 135-ZQV4'i'-2292-if-.'-3,2-.VMLSIi-.'-511'-I'i'MF-'-.'.-2132-.'51".'?" I 3-'Q fi 0 P H O "' 's L.ARI,IbI.I-.. I... L.. CARD. R. R. 1'IARI'ICN'I'IiR. D. 12. lIARI'EN'I'I-IR. NI. II. IQARRUI.. J. D. IIA RROLL. W. II. LASSIIIH. 1.. h. 1iHAl1HERF. 41 XY. IVIHAI.xII':RS. W. H. 1jII.-XPNI.-KN. .IANIHS 'I'. tlH ANI-IY. I"XI'L D. IIHEATH XXI. I'fXl'I. I CHILDS. B. O.. IR. VIARK. A. .I. 1' IARK. lL. W. HI..-XRK. TI-IRRY L CO1-'I-'I-IY. T. R. IIOKINOS. NIIKI-f QIONCER. .l.-MIK IIORDIIA. H XRRY X. CIORRICU. .IACK D. COYINCTON. .l. R. CRISWELI.. R. R. QRUWN. PHII.II' 'II CROZIER. W. Y. 1'IUI,.I3ERSON. 0. I.. CUNIBIH. E. NI. DAICHES. .I. B. ORE , . : '-wwf. , N . 'as - l,'s Q' I-4.1521 ot' 'Q' 5.0.9 W WLQA-.n'l IIWI I., 'II xf IIN' T' 'wif-'f7fW'fi-'.' ' B'.'f-'EPM ?"?"L-.-' . . . ' "- ' R ., In ' ' 'N ' I O P H O O R E 1,1 5 v,' .if-1. ' 'S' N 251125: KST'-Id 1 DANKLI-IFS. JAMES T. I DAVENPORT, C. R. XMI, DAYIL. B. E. T31 DELERAISSE. H. DENNIS, GARLAND DENNY. L. O. DIXON, SAM B. DODD, W. C. DORAN. LEWIS DORANI, W. H. DRENNAN. W. E. EADS, RALPH EARNHEART, BILLY GLENN EBENSBERGER, A. C. EDWARDS, KENNETH, JR, EDWARDS. M. T. EIDSON, A. O. ELLSBERRY, SAH A. FERGUSON. B. M. FERGUSON, J. P. FERGUSON. S.-UI FISHER, I. E. FLOCRE, A. E. FLOWERS, R. E. FRANKLIN. OLYDE C. FREEMAN, TANNER H.. IR. FRYBIIRE, O. L. OAINER, ODELL I I I? I 3 ,- A' ,.1v ' t A . ' 4 QQ.: . - ., 4 5 .V . A 0 n 4 'Q l of , - . . 1 1.1. .f-.- ' - - -. -. - ,...aA, -. 'L OPHOMORE 'x I 'Q 's '5 4 a, . v .x . ,.z.O.g'l..g.'.. Je... K , me - O: .S 3- .l. 4... Q.. lu. QQEQ, -xg on. 1' , ' , I ,.:. . n. I. .D .' 1-. a.: ...En I R: "5 . Q x ...- 9 q:, 0 52 D CANDY, W. S., JR. GARDNER, GEORGE GARRISON, M. C., JR. GERDES, v. B. CIVENS, B. M. GLASS. J. V. GLEASON. J. F., JR GLENN, E. F. COEBEL. CHARLES J. GAPPERT, J. C. COLDMAN, OLIN GOODRICH, MILTON GORDON, EDWIN A. GORDON, J. F. CORHAM, C. M. GRAHAM, PAUL D. GRAY, JACK, JR. GREEN, JOHN C. GREER. J. L. CUYMON, V. F. HAGEN, HERBERT B. HALL, EARL HALL, WILLIAM T. HAMMETT, H. K. HAMPTON, JACK HANBY, R. L. HANCOCK, CHARLES R. HARLAN, J. L. 129 4 1, Q Q ',,"v:a f 'Q 0' 0 Q 0 0,00 Q, -f3t5t'4' .' IWW 'a '1 fa 0 , dv. ,at-ssl. ristnx., t 4 QP' 6 Q .S 5 .Q KK . '55A4A1:, IIIII W CHOOE I ."'.-'f-'f'f'?'1f'7l5f' '-'7 -'f?'3'13"f'3 i-'S'?.' -'YI":'-'fi2'1'?:f"1"l'-'T-'I - '. ' .Z '11 . . 1' "5 .": '. ' . ' .' 'Z -' , . bl 'Q I-' ? ff' Q "1 J P R IIARRELL, W. T. HARRISON. W. B. HARTYXIAN. W. F. HARTZOC. B. H. IIEBISEN, E. E. III-INII"HILL. W. A. HENDRIX, E. G. HERRINGTON, BOB HE5TI-lR. CLARENCE H. HILL, JOHN PAYNE HINSON. FLOYD HOEFLE. RICHARD L. IIOEPFNER. FRITZ. W. IIOLDENIAN. H. W. HOLEKAMP, E. R. HOLEKAMP, H. M. IIOLMAN. HARRY HOLMES, LEONARD D. HOOD. J. M. HOUSEWRIGHT, LEE D., JR. HUDSON. GLENN HUFFHINES, W. E. HUNTER, CLIFFORD ISAACKS, W. B., JR. JOHNSON, DUDLEY I. JOHNSON, W. T. JONSSON. E. O. JORDAN. C. H. 11-mera. , . . , -L--z If ' VT 'fa'-1 13 T S . ' . v " "'. .' ' ak" 5' 5 sv SOPHO ORE l'g2',"O'g 's','l"g 9.5 O 04 5 vi g'l'v,o -,-,vsgzl Q, vig' 0'gg'l.',3nQ,- Qlv,3q's 3'up'5v . 9 ,135 Nfl.. . 'Q' " 's"'n O 0 1 ' I' 'fi 'Dx' Y its 41, -'Q' 1' 3'uk5.v'.t' 0 ' H1190 a"o'." ' Ov' Ink". ' 11'-5' .st to . K Q. X., 5.: 1 u v I o sg' 0' I JOY. .I. A. KACHTICK, R. F. KAFFER. S. C. KIDD. BILLY KING, HENRY KISER, J. W. KNOWLAN, JACK H. KHAEMI-IR, M. S. LAMAR, H. C. LANIBERT, E. L. LASSALLE, H. LAWRENCE. JOHN LEMLEY, J. R. LENERT. AUGUST LEWIS, SAM B. LINDNER, W. C. LITTERST, F. C., JR. LITTLE, DON D. LOCKETT. VERNON LOOK. H. D. LYLE, H. T. MCALLISTER, JAMES MCCASKILL. MAURY W. MIQCHESNEY, EARL E. MCCLENDON, E. W. MCCORKLE, B. T. MCGEE, THOMAS R., JR. MCKEY, 1. D. ,V ,A .f,.. 5 A -.5-,1f.?,,,,i:. - -,gy ' , ' Y 1 .2 2511.-53 ,s . QQ. nl 1:3131 f:'4'o' 0,'Q'o' 'Q O 0 Q IIWI up I Ri. I ',"'.bISfh1rH . 51- ' I OPHOMORE I' ' ' ' s"q0 'Ie '-sv' g ' 0 ,O A I nl" 'el 4 ,gl ll Q43-,'.,s'sh.'1, JH .' "..'.' Q' .fl iff' fo 'Q ' 'I '.':"f"s. .' fi, I. 1 ,I . Q 'Q 'a X 4- 0 q 4-'c"a,Q I' F Q ' 4, f. x 0 4- Q9 4' 1 Lfaqccg ,I4 . I ' A I , , C-,141 f'f'g"vmj1 A Afxfiiw '99 MCNEILL, E. L. MACY, RICHARD D. MAHER, J. H. MALEY, D. P. MANN, E. C. MANSFIELD. NORMAN MAPLES, J. G. MAREK, A. L. MARSTON, A. A. MARTYN, H. J. MASON, G. J., JR. MASON, L. M. Q' MATTHEWS. D. W. MAXWELL, J. L. MAY. LOUIS E. MAYER, A. F. MAYER, E. B. MEHEGAN, J. D. MEDFORD. WILLIE L. MEGGS. H. A. -G-I MILLS. JIM F. MILLER, BOB MILLER, JACK B. MILLER, R. H., JR. MOLLOY, JOHN B. MORRISON, DURWARD MUDD, J. E. MUIL, CHARLES 132 I . ' . o. u . If . SOPHOMO 'Q U ,Q IQX 9, 'u , ' :..:,'0s.ggv. nn 0,0 . 0 n 4 . 1 , Q vs.. J. 'Q ,Q I I. s:, I R E rf: , . MULLINIX. R. M. MUNN, BURTON MURPHY, G. R. MURRAY, ROBERT OSCAR MUTSCHINK. A. O. MYERS, JAMES TOM NAGEL, JACK NESBIT. SAM F. NEWTON. L. E. NETHERY. M. J. O'CONNOR. JAMES OGDEE, ED OSBURN. M. B. PARKER, W. H. PARKER. W. O. PAYNE, M. T., JR. PEALOR. J. P. PEAVEY. J. R.. JR. PENNINGTON, W. M. PEPPER. JOHN W PESEK. JOHN T.. JR. PETER, R. E. PHELPS. RAYMOND PIERCE, T. K. POLAND, JOE W. POST, C. W. POWERS, O. F. PRANGLIN, H. N. I 33 C 1, 'Q QL f,'q's- 000.1 'O o o L':'o'a w,-Q..,'Q I 3 JW I - 1 f" ssl- , 'rv v9.N rzfju-'fx ,, sa bv sys' V iW"?:'S' ll! Q .14 I' 'all wi mxwm' 4 J .1 nn ' OPHO - . ' '. "a"v'l'i! V JH!! to in "4 .CW . -'- ' '- ."" I .'l ' ,',." .' -: ' J' " ff' uh." 'WT' .-'A' ..'5fH'.:ts'r!! ' . ' . ' 1. ' -. .. .- .' . . "'- .. .". .'. '.'.'. .'. 1 ,I . 'I I u I S .. .1-' gv' - 'T ' v. 2AFRaf1'3fA .f'?:Ei'4ff' PUMPHREY. J. B. PYE.'XT'l'. R. B. QUISENBERRY, ROY C. Rl-HI.. FELIX RAMSEY. W. B. REILVXI.. E. L. REINHART. O. J.. JR. REHMITIT. CHARLEY G RENNERT. A. E.. JR. RIDENOUR. CHARLES A. RICHARDSON. W. D. RIX. R. L. RIZIER. ,l. R. RIKER. FRA NKLIN P. RORB, T. H. Rl PRICRTSI TN. VV. NI. ROBERTSON. I.. R. RODGICRS. 411-XIII. M. RODCERS. R. H. RON E. .I . F. ROGERS. W. E. ROSENSTEIN. S.-XNINIIE ROTHOLZ. M. B. RLTISINCER. ROBERT RYAN. fi. O. ROUSE, H. D. SAILOR. WARREN SANDLAND, H. D. I . '. "'." -"V'g-4'n"o' ' , .. -. . . .'u." 'Q 'u'QnO' v . Q O I , 9 g ' 5 -ug 'va . , , l . .1-yo.. .n. t aI.-., .s-.P...I'p. I . - -. 'Q 40, ..f'g.f.'gD.p. Q.. , ,I . V 1 I . A1O5pzi5':.xF.qk Mpc:..0gU6:n 62 SCARBOROUGH. J. A. SCHRAINI. A. J. SCHUCH.-KRT. O. W. SCOCGINS. PAUL SCOTT. J. A. SCOTT. W. E. SEAT. H. D. SHERANI. fl. A. SMITH. ALBERT SMITH. B. L. SMITH. FREDERICK F. SNIITH. II. H. SMITH. J. W. SMITH. KENNETH DEAN SMITH. L. T. SNIIIH. R. S. SMITH. STANLEY A. SNODDY. HARRY A. SOLETHER. N. W. SPELIA. A. .I. SPECIA. BEN SPRAGGINS. N. F. STALLINGS. E. P. STANDEFER. .I. I.. STENZEL. RALPH STEPHENS. BOBBY STRANDTRANI. L. V. STREETMAN. E. G. 135 PHOMORE II' .DTI ' Q., 9 ' ' Q 0 1 50000. 9052 N !A.n'l 'TW fm f l va cc an, :cf -. :fa N' Q Q9 fggnffg Www u .Alf . J JJ "fl vm, W ww .. 1 , . O P H O O R E , SLWIAN. R. H. SUBINER. FRED W. SUTHERLAND. D. R. SWILLEY. C. R. 'I' A YLOR. J OE C. TAYLOR. JACK I.. TENIPLETON. B. H. THENN. GEORGE R.. JR THOMAS. EDWIN W.. JR. THOMASON, R. B. THOMPSON. D. E. THOMPSON, E. W. THOMPSON. Q. W. Tl'R TOLE. ll. L. TOWNS!-IND. R. T. TREWITT. NIANNING B NER. C. E.. JR. KPHANI. HOWARD W. VAN TLTYI.. DIXON VANDER WEIDE. J. H. YA NNOY. G. R. YAUCHN, C. H. VICEYICH, A. J. YICK, A. D. YOSKANIP. EARL YOSS. CLYDE WADE, HOWARD WACNER, A. W. .. 1 ,....'.,. .,-.v,,,..,..,-.,,..,, . . ,,,,.....,.-.,.-5 ,- .. - .-,-3..,'Qv.,-ty,-V,-.,.-n.. .. o . . ' v'f.'.'5"u '." 'Q ." ':'.""9.s"s'.'.' 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Sflldl'IIf Welfare Rwpresr'11l11ti1'f' T.S.PARKER 133 .0333 x A ,f ,f u I 1 l . s Y, 5 . s hu' , 0 1 'a X W , . ., 1 ti, 5 '. v HME "..',:'.:'.:','o:,.',Ei,'.?Al?.:'' ffm? I ' 'S 'x F: . 5,1 '.'fn.'p.',:',? '1'1'?.a'g4,:s,'n Q 9 'msgs 'Q 1.2.20 '..',:..s :s.'..', Q. .' O ' ,.n.'5L', sin," g"50- O. 0 s 5 u 5 U s X - ' A - F R E U x Q ' Q ABERCROMBIE. R. W. ACREY. WENDELI, ADAMS. EDWIN II. ADAMS. KI.-MIK ADCOCK. C. I.. ADCUCK. LERUY ADKISSUN. C. R. ALEXANDER. WIIIPIRD ALLBRICHT. TNI. C. ALLEN. C. II. ALLRED. JAMES ALVES. RHBERT H. ANDERSON. C. W. ANDREWS. T. A. ANDREWS. W. S. ARNINI. 0'l"I'0 AVERY. H. C. BALL. I. R. BARBER. A. YAUT BARKER. I'. NI. BARLOW. HENRY A. BARNES. G. W. BARNES. JACK INI. BARRE'I"I'. C. A. BARTLETT. R. D. BASHAM. CHARLES G. BASKIN. WILLIAM HAYES BATES. S. .R xi IT' 11:25. :'.p'o:o :soon I 'q'4.b.'l. N if I J' I I ,I I ,V QA EU! Q 139 fx 'W . ,2 wi 'Y 1 0 4' .3 1 6 O 4 Q I 9,45 Oniqgl .OAQQQ , F. 'a'."'.-' . ..,a. tl: 4 5 WT vw FRE BAUER. BENJAMIN BEALE. ALBERT BEERWINKLE. M. A. BELL. CARLOS BELL. E. L. BENIUS. EARL A. BENITEZ. RALPH BEVACQUA. LOUIS J. BIBBS. F. LI. BIQIKLEY, CHARLES E. BIECK. ROBERT B. BIRDWELL, RUSSELL BLACK. W. L.. JR. BLANAR. R. W. BOESCH, G. C. BOESCH, G. D. BOONE. J. L. BOOTH. BERNARD BORCHERDING. LLOYD J. BORLAND, A. M. BOWMAN. Y. R. BOYD. F. E. BOYD. TOM BOYLES, RAY BRADFORD. HENRY C. BRADLEY, FRANK BRADLEY, J. R. BRANNEN, TED R. I 9.91083 . - Q -, " fx. - A ro. 'Q M I '- . '- . 1 Q 1 nu 'o fn '. We Q., Q.. 'Q . Q 'Q 1'- n u 'Pl 1'- o,' . 'u s Q 5 N N s ' Q K "' 'M " S 'Q ' 05 -- ..A"'-QV.: In v.: I' Y A. In yrvfp ' .-o.. ., . . . . - vw l v 4 ' - . '. ' -1.13 5 '. ' 'o.': .. an 'E' 'Q .X 5. '. '. '55 125:25 'v.':'.sa '. 9. 5.1.0, 01:1 '.':'a". 9. A 1' . . . .1 '."Ts'5S4l '.:'. 0 sr' !,'o 43 .O .. !.u.':'::' .. ss: sf 51 5 . of. BRENDLE. K. A. BROOKS. CIIARLES I.EE BROOKS. J. BROWIIER. .IAIZK F. BROWN. EDWIN T. BROWN. ORYII.I.E KI. BROWN. ROBERT LEE BROWN. S. PERRY BRYAN. ROBERT I.. BRYSON. T. F. BUNISTEAD. W. A. BVNIYA. ROBERT BLIRDITT, TOM CONNOIIY BURKE. ROBERT BI'RNETT. JEFF BURNS. I.. I.. BUSH. EVANS M. BUTLER. JOSEPH PAUI. BYRD. JAMES ALLEN BYRD. R. T. LIANIERON. JACK ti. CAINIPBELI.. BILL D. CIANTRELL. .IAXIES D. CARGILE. GUS CARLSEN, C. A. CARR. EDWARD, JR. CARRINGTON. VANCE CARSON. II. K.. JR. FRE 141 -VI -E. 1::.s:C r, Q s f J 0.4 'Q O C 0 i O fo Q. ' f .'.9. 'A' 'I,,F IIIEIII dv ,Q -I - A1 rg-'gm f Y- '. '-3'5" L. .254-H I., Wa - F R E iii? .233 !: ,'kvJ-', f 4 ,. . ., ,,, . . X "l'Jl3v'?'. 5 -,U gi!- ' 41343 3,9 C' V -2 o' Yadav.. EW 'ki' 'f J MF 'BV 'Ff'3g3"f LEC' Y . . .M ,. ,I . ' 'I' I 'qglf' ' 5 . I I I ' I 1 ,uv I . y ' 0 A.... .ww 4, g O o Q 0 3-""' .'.'.' -..r I .i.i 5 I I : ,' Q CERYANTES. ROMULO CHAPMAN. W. E. CHURCH. .JAMES CLARK. CLARENCE A. CLARK. J. R. 41l.:XRK. ROY C. CLARKE. FRED CLINE. W. H. LLLBB. O. L. COKINOS. ANDREW P. COLE. H. L. COLLIER. FULLER 4,IOLQUl'l"l'. J. K. COLYIN. O. V. CONIBS. W. G. CONDRON, E. D. HONLEE. J. D. CONNER. SAM COOK. A. B. COOLIDGE. JOE B. UORDES. WILBUR CORSO. J. V. COSBY. JOHN. JR. COUNCIL, L. B. COWART. RAY CRESAP. W. L. CREWS, S. E. CROCKETT. JACK WILLIAM " " 15 'THB' 1' fif p sfr-f -' 2' ' ll, .mwWii,-'ij - 'W p Alta FRE Qi! 1 A rvvfvg-va'l1nw . 1. Q -I , .... . , .. , I ' ., 1. .'1,.v1,s ge' gni.: sizing 4.1. I 'M4132!..1.,:1...', ' 1 .ls 9:3-s.:v:9.2.Q.l..ot,-5,10-: ,'.' .. 4 ,V I 1:1'.n. 'kp 'igxizi '4...g? .::, .1 pl xx ' '5 Q Q f CROSSLAND, HOWARD CURI.. Il. PEARSTUN DAILEY. R. R. DAI,RYXll'l,E. ROBERT I.. DAVIS, FRED DAYIb. VN. J. DAWE. HAROLD I.. DEAN. RHRERT O. DEQIKER. ELWOOD DE FORREST. J.-MLK T. DENNIS. JAMES R. DIHKIE. IIVCH DILWURTH. W. L. DOUCLASS. D. F. DRUM. MARTIN DURE. L. 0. DULANEY, PAUL STUART DU MARS. D. B. DUREN. GUY DYER. RAY C. EDWARD, W. S. EIS-ENHAUER. R. F. ELDRIDGE. J. B. ELLIS. SPENCER P. ELLWOOD, E. T. ENCEBRETSON. LI. O. EPSTEIN, R. A. ERP, H. D. ' T ,'-.g A:3?n .:,. , gl . " -' ' V ,g..u,. .. . .--. u-a . 143 4 1 z:'14A 7"7:'4 , Q .Q 'Q Q 0' !9:.Q.0 :,s. n'l' .W TT" . '. W Ts 1,'.',n. T.'fTi0UT 'L .W . 9 1" .-, ...ll .g I pg, ui' Qu. o v 5, 7.1596 'rv 59 9 5 9 569' '5s.9'4Y4r 1 H IH I WI' -I III, N5g.4'.z1' ..g-+5 , fg.-.T --.e FRE . 4- .4 an '11 -. o 1 . --.'.".'o ,' I '.'n' ',' 'Jn'-', I N ' ' 1 J " SSO X Q38 1 J Qt.'s'u'.l.' Q' '.','A'.'?i.'.'- " I "-e Trl: ' l ESCOE. THOMAS E. ESKRIDILE. C. O. ETHERIDGE. B. R. EVANS. F. H. EXANS. J. EVANS. JOIIN I-I. FELTON, TOM JR. FERGUSON. G. W. FIELD. EUGENE. JR. FINKELSTEIN. M. J. FLOWERS. A. I. FLOWERS, WILLARD Fl.YN'I'. THOMAS Y. FORNIAN. SOL FORT. GILES FOWLER. J. B.. JR. FRANCIS. W. B. FRANKLIN. R. C. FRANZ. L. H. FRIDAY. HARRY FL'LBRICH'I'. J. W. Fl'I,LER. L. J. FUSSELNIANN. V. C. COINS. P. T. GALEWSKY. L. W. GARNER. CHARLES GIESE. K. L. GIESE, L. R. .' I A---'1 --Aw" - -V - .....-...,'.p.,. I S " 4-9 ,J-:if arii. HM tm 64 fv-vvyu X 1 og-.-, in 10' Q Q 9 Vg ng -up , -.V . 'vA':':' ,'s".1':'.' "' Q. . 'f.' "PIX '-'11 .1-'-":".'v'-3.0" V. " Q 5' .'i':'-sf' '. g's"g:', Av.. 'V 'Ik ' ' - iv 'Q 1 x R4 X I GIESENSCHLAG, C. A. GILLASPY, A. P., JR. GILLEN, V. D. GILLILAND, GILLORY. DAVID O.. JR. GILMORE. C. F. GIPE. J. R. GIbT, H. W. GLASGOW. KEITH W. GLENDENING. F. B. GODWIN. D. D. COERTE. C. W.. JR. GOLNIAN. JOE GOLOBY. GEORGE. W. GOODMAN. JAMES E. GORE. JACK in. URAFA. 0. W. GRAHAM, C. W. my .J i 7 X la. X GRAS. E. H. GREEN, A. C. J GREER. B. F. GREGG. JAMES W. GRIFFIN. DARRELL E. GRIFFITHS. D. BI. CRIMES, G. D. GRIPP, EDWARD A. GRISSOM. JAMES GROVE, G. G. 5 1? w. 4 'fa 1,55 -A Gr,,',", r4,0a.o. Q, .9 4' 'Q O O W.'...'a' WN I JW? . 1 X' ll ww' a n ' N 4 I I 'u if a V- I I .J L' Q 5 -', . s-, S 4 ss x. ," X S s x , s 'w's' x We 5,5 x , 1 mfg' -I 'i .INN J! YI '11 Jw I K :II ILM J .. li 'X :JJ FRE GR UY, Y. K. CLIZENHEINI. MILTON C.. JR. GLTIDO, IIOSNIO GLTLLEY. CARL C. H.-XHN. WILBLRN H,-XINES. R. L. IIALFIN. GEORGE I-IALTONI. R. C. HARALSON. li. J. HXRDENIAN. H. D. H.-XRDINC. KIRK HARDY. CARI. H AIRNION. C. H. HART. CII..-XRENCE E. HART. JAMES R. HART, W. II. HARTNI.-IN. HENRY F. HAWTHORNE. RAYMOND ROY HAYNES. L. L. HAYS, MYRON IIEIL. W. D. HEITNIAN, 'l'. NI. HENSON. S. R. HERRINGTON. JACK HESS. IQILBERI' R. HICKS. FLOYD W. HILL. DICK HILTPOLD. J. M. ' I H6 I - .Pb 1 D ri nf' o,J W. ' '1 .sr I 'D 1,1 I 'tif PM 9. .- rw Fa N. iw.. E"-1 H23 9 'lg' , , .-Z: 'u 'b .'-f '- I :TZ ' A , F In 192 I." .,:. .Zz E D O 5 Q Q N 117 -IQ- . .fi- '- N O - . I X FRE qi Y 1 r' , '. f'.".1'.'n X Q ap' I ' ' o-.1' Z". vs -s"0 '."o".'vf'.'l. ' '. op, 'f KJ A , 'Q' . , '. 'f 1.1 S '.". ' . . 5. . '. .i '. . . ."." '- fb. '.z'. ' .Q O.: 1.1.4 'n 'ARL '12 '..' .q':'.z'l 'Q . . .' '-.'..'.'o.p g 7 Y " ' - " Q' f I R -. ,:- X- 4 NY . pf' HIL'l'POLD. L. E. HODCES. J. D. HOFF, G. W.. JR. HOGAN, E. J.. JR. HOGCE. A. L. HOLLIS. CHARLES HOLNIAN. JOHN HOPPE, EARI. R. HOSKINS, I.. C. HRNLQIR. CHARLES L. HUBBARD. JAY HLTTQIHINS, JOHN R. INCLIS, T. N. IYEY. R. W. JACKSON. C. C. JACKSON. H. X. JACOBSON. HERBERT S. JANAK. FRANKIE A. JENKINS. THOMAS E. JOHNSON. JAMES I-'RANK JOHNSTON. GUY R. JONES. RUSSELL B. JONES. THOMAS S. JONES. W. L. KAHLICH, TOMMY F. KAHN, HARRY KARBACH. N. W.. JR. KEEVER. C. B. 2 147 .3 7 Tv.. 'J' U"Q ,041 , 0,1 "oq':': ' 0 ff.',.9.'a' WJ ,1 JJ, 5? -':-'ry age ' Lh xisacv. ' 4 ' -'O' FRE I ,. Q . ,,.. .. ,q... , ' I L . C 1. 5 '-'f ' ' 'gil 0 I 'u l,:. ' I Q Q 'U'-'v '..' 0-,'-n'o'f".:5i. 'J . " 1 k 5 I I 71 :YH 71 Yu - - gzip. r:4"qQ wfgiffvfrgfl' MJJVJ1 I a JMJLJ mf fjaan KEITH. JACK KEILEY. FRANK P. KELLEY. SAM L. KELSEY. JOE Rl-INNEDY. HURDUN KII,I.INflSWOR'I'H. R. A. KING. IRYIN KING, J. D. RING. MOSES KIPP. EUZENE H.. JR. KIRBY. D. W. KNIGHT. TROY R. R.'XE'l'HER. ELROY KRLWIJLEK. H. A. KUERS. MARVIN M. KUHN. JACK C. IANINI. W. E.. JR. l,ANl1AS'I'ER. R. D. IANDERS. JESS C.. JR. LANDERS. WILLIAM D. 1,xN1r:H. '11 F. LAND, R. S. LATINIER. J. R. LAW. E. B. LEDR I-l'l"l'ER. R. W. LE!-'F. D,-XYID Nl. LECGE. M. C. LECLER. LEE OTTO ' .f,- . 'Q .--4 - .- . u K. ,A . -. .,., ,- ,. -A ,Q ,, ..,, 1.-7.1, ., .J 5... 021 , -.N 3' -2 "'f- :i1i.'1 J z 1-18 4, n 4 iv ..z.,1v. ' .4 ,nu 1.1 o...v,5- - - - .n ' . I... .....u?:...-Q-.. '.:. O .:'. 8. ,. 4 .-Ali. n.. 0 5 X s .- . fl" 19's'.f','.'.'-'.'."'0'.'.s . . . . . .- H , 9 r 1, ! 'g. . -.-- .5 " '.'e.1+:"v .1258 "Quia", J'Q'.'.'-:fp .., PI 1 . F R E M E '40 LE GRAND, HUDSON, JR. LEHMAN, C. E. LESKE, A. C. LEWIS, ROYCE C. LINAM, DUARD D. LINDSEY, JOHN H. LOKEY, JACK D. LONG, TOM B. LOOMIS, R. R. LOONEY, B. F. LOUIS, CEE LOVE, JAMES W. LOVING. J. F. LOWMAN, OUINCY J. LOYD, PAUL B. LOZANO, JOSE MARIA. JR. LUDDEN. FRANK LUTTRELL, J. MCALLISTER, JOHN JAMES MCCARROLL, A. L. MCCOMB, DON S. MCDOW, MCCOWN, JAMES MCCOY, TURNEY MCCRAW, MILLER, JR H. N. MCFERRIN, K. A. MCGREGOR, J. B. MCKENZIE, W. A. 1. .1 .si 5-2"':Iq i':"v'd Wnoicna JJJ 'ff 491' .ALF ' .1 .ff72?ff.-.fl-'-'I-'I".'.-'I-'Iv-'f-Sl .5 FRE rr 5 U I ' ' 'O ' I 7 l O I .f I. . J 4, 'isa' 'I A 0 I 'C ': ' fr I 5:1313 '4's':1 fo'g9,1 'Kid If Mm1KINNEY, U. E. MCLARRY, N. R. MCLEAISH, T. J. MCMILLAM, MARVIN MCMINN, REGAN MCWHORTER, R. L. MAAS, HENRY MADDOX, ED P. MAHER. ED N. MALEY, L. E. MALITZ, W. C. MARONEY, J. C. MARSH, G. C. MARTIN, BERNAY MARTIN, B. G. MARTIN, DUANE MARTIN, SYKES MARTIN, VICTOR MARTINEZ, C. F. MARX, J. B. MASON, JOHN S. MASSEY, BOBBY L. MATSUSHITA, GEORGE MATTHEWS, DAVID D. MAY, J. L. MAY, WILBURN G. MAYER, HAROLD MEASLEY, G. H., JR. I S gn! 'O HME B ass. A ', H. MEGEE, ROBERT MENEFEE, L. G. METCALF, J. J. MEYER, EARL W. MICKS. W. R. MIKELL. F. H. MILLER. GEORGE H. MILLIKEN, FRANK MITTENDORF. E.. JR. MOORE, JACK M.. JR. MORAN, W. M. MORGAN, JACK F. MORROW, C. W. MOSER, FRED A. MOUSER. JOHN A. MOYERS, A. J. MUCKLEROY. R. W. MUDD. JERALD MUNGER, RAYMOND MURPHY. JIMMY MURPHY, M. C. NAGLE, JACK M. NAHAM. J. E. NEELY, JOHN C. NELSON, ROY KNUTE NETHERY, G. W. NEWBERRY, J. E. NEWMAN, DAN R. K 1'3- Lfzefsh 0 9 Q rf'o'4' 0- 'Q'o'. 5:44 I 151 . W, yr... ,N I .. N, .U , . .. .., ' . . ..., . .. ..,. , ., -,..,-.-. N .. Ig-f:'?Ui'?n.fl?'?n' iff a'.'.6',ci'-uefQt'?!i:!gi'X'.-6 '. . ' .0 'n'.' '3 0 0. 'S . -. .'. .'- .' . . . ' . .'.' -"fl -'Ii'-".' . . - In .L --1 f, 'v. . I, . . H 'A 0 1 'I' II' " 'av ozlw O' Q W r.9.,49, fgygig. rg. 9.0' 4 42.9.4 JJJ FRE HME 2 NORMAN. J. C. NORRIS, H. W. OTTO, MONROE W. PARKER, B. F. PARKER, ROBERT L. PARKER, T. S. PARKS, HARLAND PASCHALL. EUGENE PAULER, G. J. PERKINS, ALBERT PETERS, RUSSELL PETERSON, NEAL PHILLIPS. GLENN PHILLIPS, W. KIRK PITRE, RAY E. PLANTO, MORRIS PLEDGER, F. A. POLLAN, M. J. POTTER, WILLIAM A. POWELL, CHARLES M. PRATT, E. J. PRESTON, JACK PRIOUR, J. W., JR. PROTHRO, RANDELL H. PUCKITT, L. W. QUIN, J. E. RADLEY, GUY F. RANDALL, ERNEST E. I HM xx Dtx ' s It .,' .,.!,,. ,.,x...,,- -. d-our-rev' . sv, u-5----.,,', -, . f -. , A . ,. .,,., , ' A. . '."f v.1","S 'ff 'f '.".':':'." ':',s'. '... '. . ,'.z.".":3.'.z-as-'. . 0'o'.x'-"ani" 'Q' 'a.'.'s '..'. '. 'A 4. . . . . -lv :9':X"?'i5:'.k 5'3sg3,'o.':q:' K xl 53' -'J if 5 x . RASMUSSEN, DAVID H. RATLIFF, B. T. RAWLS, THOMAS A. REAGAN, C. W. REHKEMPER, R. C. REINARZ, G. R. REW, W. WALLACE RICHTER, W. E. RIEDEL, W. T. RITTENHOUSE, G. L. RITTER, ALLEN J. ROBBINS. JACK D. ROBERTS, L. N. ROBERTSON, JOSEPH W. ROBINSON, DAN W. RODDY, L. W. ROGERS, JAMES FRANK ROLLMANN, EDWIN J. RASENBLATH, Q. T. SAHOL, J. R. SAMAREL, I. SCHEID, SANFORD, JOHN B. SCALFI, R. A., JR. SCHAPER, LOUIS O. T. G. SCHWARZ, ARTHUR D. SCHWARZ, EDWIN G. SCHWING, IVAN, JR. -. 4 lava. 1"'I'3 'gQ.0.0 'b 0 9 9 I If I Y .' H I .- -- - f,-,- - i- - - ' , ' .' ' , ' ' ' 1 ' ' ' .'.. '-',-,- ' . .'-, .'-'I ' :I ' . .'.'.':..-5: , : ." Z1.'.-'.'.'.f-".-f.'.-.-. ', .' . -4 ,. -. : '-'-. ' . . ' '. . . ' of - . ,-. ,, ," . .'.'.'.'c'C.'- -.- ' ,, . .v' ,' 'J I 1 4 ff' E 0, 1 - A 5 0' 0 o x 32313 0.9'59i p'0'o': 8.46421 W SCOTT, W. L. SEIBEL, A. S. SESSUMS, T. R. SHADLE, GENE SHARY. J. H. SHIPMAN, R. L. SIMECEK. A. J. SIMPSON, LARRY O. SIMS. ROBERT C. SKIDMORE, H. B. SKINNER, WILLIAM H. SLIGER. F. A. SMITH, DOYLE SOMMER. HELMUT SONLEY, J. E. SPILLAR, W. M. STALCUP, J. K. STANFORD, PAT H. STEPHENSON. H. G. STERLING, C. L. STOCKWELL, H. L. STRACKE. SAM STREETMAN, N. V., JR. STRICKHAUSEN, GEORGE STRICKLAND. W. A. SULIK, LEROY SULLIVAN, A. G. SULLIVAN, WHITNEY B. . -. V--.1 -ug,-, ., -.- . - .' u'.',".'n.".'v.' n ,K ,., . t. V.. O. . .. -.,.- - -. 5 ' gi 0' Q 1 n'a s' ' o,' ., , , 1, . - .' 4-.. .vff.n..x.n ,.. . . .. lt., ,Q FX Rx Q5 0. 'x st, V V V W q ,ml . , J. as SWINDOLL, GEORGE W. TANNER, THOMAS R. TEDDLIE, J. E. TERRY, DUDLEY TESSMAN, M. O. THAUHEISER, CHARLES, JR. THOMAS, RALPH THOMSON, JACK THURMOND, F. S. TILLMAN, FRANK TOMME, HAROLD ERNEST. JR. TORRES. .ANTONIO R. TORTI. P. A. TREVINO, MANUEL P. TUCKER. P. E. UFFMAN, ROBERT VACHULE, J. F. VALON, ERNEST VELINDER. R. E. VENER. ALVIN S. VINSON, EBB VOELKEL, DELLIE R. WADE. BURTON WAHRMUND, H. O. WALKER, FRANK N. WALKER, LEIGHTON WALKER, R. E. WALKER, W. D. .5 n 5 f':I'3 0" 'Q' -:fo Q 'n.a.n'Q JJWJ 'I 'A , 0 o I ' Q 0 Q ' HM F R E E Q 'I A -W D W ,t, L- ,looaq 53:3 9.9.09 0.12.4 JJJJUIV K . a. 9 x-. gk .lv jf x 1 ,WP 'W N ,.1:I- J- N it X. Ex R.: . ' -1 'S . , '- H 'f' 1 HQ , . 1, , V. ' ' R' '2- gxd 6. WALLACE, E. C. WALLACE, M. F. WALTERS, R. L. WARD, DUDLEY WARREN. D. L. WASHBURN, J. E. WATSON, ARTHUR C. WATSON, A. L. WATSON. R. P. WATSON, W. G. WATTS. PRENTICE R. WEINBERGER, ROBERT WEINER. LEON WELCH, DON E. WENDEL, A. J. WHEELER, JAMES C. WHITE, ROBERT R. WILFONG. MILTON F. WILLIAMS, G. L. WILLIAMS, GEORGE M. WILLS. J. T. WILLRICH, O. T. WINDOM, RAYMOND P. WITTENBACH, T. A. WOFFORD, S. R. WOLF, LEO WOMACK, EDWIN P. WUNDERLICK, GEORGE M YANTA, EDWIN W. YORK, GLENN J. YOUNGBLOOD, R. F. ZAHN, CURTIS 54 Fi A CIIAST ARTILLERY With the development of aircraft, long range guns, and speedy naval craft, many of our civilian and military lifelines have been brought nearer to war- time zones of action and have become vulnerable to enemy attack. The mis- sion of the Coast Artillery is to defend these vital areas from hostile tire and observation. Along our seacoasts, their job is to protect harbors, ship channels, wharves, docks, and warehouses from aerial and sea attack. To accomplish this, the Coast Artillery has fixed and mobile guns as well as anti-aircraft units. Submarine mines are laid in likely avenues of approach and heavy guns extend the protected area even farther to sea. Horses, trucks, tractors, and railway cars are used to transport the mobile guns to the danger points. The heavier weapons range from 155 millimeter guns to huge 16-inch guns that are capable of hurling a 2300-pound projectile up to 25 miles. The harbors, as well as inland cities, railheads, airdromes, factories, communication lines, and troop concentrations must be protected'from enemy aircraft. This work is done by specially trained and armed Coast Artillery units. Anti-aircraft batteries are equipped with 3-inch guns that have an effective vertical range of more than five miles, and can fire about thirty shots per minute. For low flying planes, .50 calibre machine guns and the new 37 mm gun U25 one pound projectiles per minutel are very effective weapons. During night raids, sound locators and searchlights of 800,000,000 candlepower are used. Training in these weapons and in Coast Artillery tactics were begun at Texas A. and M. in 1931. At that time there were only two batteries, A and B, consisting of about fifty-five men each. Today, there are eight batteries in the 850-man Coast Artillery Regiment. About seventy-five per cent of their training is in anti-aircraft Work and twenty-five per cent in sea- coast defense. At the end of their third year, the Juniors of the regiment go to a six-weekis training camp at Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas, where they receive practical training in the use of the various weapons. The excellent instruction and training that has been given to the seventy-five graduating Seniors of the Coast Artillery Regiment should make itself evident when these men go on active duty in June. Lv zu - cw l ,dad 54? v y r W B. sv ,W Q 3' :Mrs ' -a 4 ' J.-zfffi' .eff " ' f . 1 e if. -agp ,. - .' v .5 A I M 1- N X .G 3. iff: ,gage-I-4,1i , 'w 55 4 up r 4-' Q 13.2-.5 1 . 11:"!E4X'4i'!'197I'i'7?'E' -Q" J 1 'Jw 4- 1. QA, ,K ,, .. . . fffw ' . .v.-. 4 445 . E ' if W ' -TC 4121.4 , 'i X' 4 w 'L Sa .. Ck' W--,-7 3- , 5, .wmwfmx-lufaaiw.-1: 'Say ' 1' ..-,, ' A 152554 , , A 1- I e. It sg, n...:L . .,.. vi . ' ' ' A I F w 4 is -.3325 g,,,. ,.w!..1 R 1, mm 5' - ww. g 'V if- ' .Y 7, . :N "J ,,f,w I ' if wht, 1 " :ff , 4.-V gg?" WM' '- . 4 Hz: V 4. ff-at , ., , ,.. ..v-- . ...M MS 44 '.. +A. ,gg ,cue ,S , 1 . V ,A QT-'s. . 4: 'yd I 15 . 4-. f 1. , N L ,f n ' 1 -' .M, ', i,.,, , wi:3:L5E1.i , -,fa Kyiv. Hb- 'f . n. qi JJ ,1 Q51 :gg f hy . aff: , - ry ., 5 rx f , . X N , W w 4.- ANIZATIIIN S Q 4. "Sf pf if , ' Scl1ola1'ship I'IOI10I"rf'Q'J..0C16IJ qt-in Hg: , Y im 1' 6 , .,:, Q A 'I A A L L ' QT ff' 1 .. "' f?' l L I A L I . L LA L L L. . '.-6 -1 . at f 952: , .Q J ss, -. 'll J 'S , ..,, ,, . 'Q , 1 if 41,. Q .-if ANDERSON, ANDO, API ELT. B-XII., BARKI-IR, BI-ICKI-IR, RING, BLOODWORTII. BOEMER, BROI NE IIUTI FR BYRD I'-XRI FYTFR LASEY, CASON, CLARK. CI..-KY. COX. CRAWFORD, D.-XIII.. T D-UI I I -KVI! DIHDNIAIN DOAK, IJOMASCI-IK, IJIBOSF DUIII-I, ECHULS, I-II.I.IOTT, G-XBRII-I IINTRY FIB JW II I CII I FSPIE GII.I,IS. GOLDEN IRASSIIOFF, GROCHOSKE. IIKINE HARDI-'F IIARDII IIARIIN IIARRIS IIART1 RAVES IIEFLI-IY HINDI-R UN HENDRICRS SI-INIORS Anderson. G. D. Appelt. L. L. Dall. K. Ii. Decker. W. A. Dennett. Ralph lfllootlworlh. J. C. Hrounes. Pincus Butler. E. R. Casey. J. NI. Cason. L. W. Cox. Il. ll. President ...... ..... G ahe D. Anderson Vice-President ..... ..... K eith W. Dahl Secretary-Treasurer .... George C. Taylor Dahl. li. W. Davis. L. L. Davis. T. C. Declman. W. W. Elliot. B. H. Gentry. L. J. Gillespie. H. W. Haines. P. C. Hardin. G. C. Harris. J. M. Harris. T. D. Hartgraves. R. B. Helforcl. Max Henderson. R. Hill. T. D. Humphrey. J. R. Hutchins. B. S. Issac. C. V. Kirby. M. M. Lewis, G. R. McAIexander. D. J. McCrary. J. M. Mclilwrath. D. W. Martin. S. P. Montgomery. W. J. Parker. C. E. Peterson, R. L. Poage. J. D. Post. J. J. Puckett. J. R. Rominger. J. C Sanders. O. M. Shanzer. H. Summer. G. C. Taylor. G. C. Turner. M. H. Walker. J. J. Wolfe. P. J. . ,,. .4 b I A . - A an I , . na Q :-' . K - 1.5. . f 1-1 .I V - , ., V K 6. E Q 3, 3 b 3, . 1 ,, . ' v ' A ' I L . ... "l I - A A P - ' Q. p sl. , -. 4 la- i A r L '51 Ib "- B X L h ' ' xii W . - .1-Ml l,-.ff ,S -- Ek.-QL. . . - - I lz- A I' A I I f , 'v . -- by L o ' I .." :WIDTH R 'I ' A rg P. '37 L 5' Lb hy - ff X , b . .L QF HILL. HOLLIDAY, HUTCHINS, KING, KIRBY, LANDUA, LAMBERSON. LEWIS, LOVING, MLCRARY. MCELWRATH, MARTIN, MILLER. MONTGOMERY. NANCE, NELSON, PARKER, PEARCE. PETERSON, POST. PUCKETT, REYNOLDS. ROSENTIIAL, SIMPSON, SISSON, SYIIITHAM, STEVENSUN, SUMNER. SWAIN. TALBYIT. C. TAYLOR, J. TAYLOR, TERRELI.. THEDFORIJ, TIIURNIAN. TOMASO, TUNKIN, TURNER. WALKER, WEIINER. WHEELER, WHITE. WILLIAMS, ECKERT, FAGIN, MCALEXANDI-IR. JUNIORS Ando, T. Aulfy- J- W- Domaschk. W. G. Barker, J. Echols. D. D. Bing- R- Gabriel. G. D. Carpenter, J. M. Chang, H. T. Clark, W. K. Crawford, R. S. Doak, B. A. Gibson. I. W. Gillis, T. S. Golden. J. E. HefIey. J. M. Hendricks, D. N. Holliday. J. M. Kenny, R. D. King. G. B. Landua, A. J. Leonard, T. VV. Miller. M. A. Nelson. E. H. Pearce, R. B. Robinson. J. Rosenthal. E. M. Sissom. A. W. Smitlmam. F. A. Sprinkle, C. C. Swain. W. C. Swanson, R. H Taylor. I. B. Terrell. K. V. Tomaso. L. White. B. B. Williams, P. T. Wilmeth. E. D. Yezak, M. R. 435 Amer. Society 1-3. .xv . ,,. ,- ,,,, , ,, EW At... 1. Q! 'Q' J I W 3 by . ll ar . A L A. .L N 1 -3 .. 2 AVAK4 V if . v I A 1. . .ff . - 1 1... Q E f 4 A A if if ' i ' 1 . J Q - - H 'J J A L' ' A 1 L L J en.. M L. -.-A 1. A- if. L if 3' lr ' 1 A ' J L' :QV A 5 I J' gg Q. N .Q 5 V . Q 1 X L I - 1. Abbott, A1l11111114ls1fn. A111lr1-us, Appel Ball B B l B l B yl B lding, Bullin B h Brox B ll cl 1s11m..111. 11.11 , f:1.m,.1..f11, cu.. 1111.1 c 1 Ll 1. ll c ll c W., 11.1111 D D 1 1J1m.11.1d1c. 1 1 111 1 1 ll H L 1 H ll H 1 1. H 1 H 11 H 11 President ...... ..... J olm J. Walker Vice-President .... .... J . R. Nalley, Jr. Secretary ..... .... E . R. Clark Treasurer. Abbott. R. H. Allen. VV. B. Amundsen. E. C. Andrews. D. K. Appent, L. L. Baggaley. B. W. Bailey, J. W. Ball. John Barron. T. W. Barron. J. B. Beard. L. F. Beeler. C. B. Bennie. VV. C. Benson. WY. B. Bernard. B. L. Berry. E. Vlv. Beyrle. C. W. Bianchi. D. C. Biggs. VF. P. Bledsoe. J. Y. Bolding. A. P. Booe. E. L. Bolling. T. J. Boxer. Jack Bradshaw. T. E. Branam. B. U. Bratclier. D. H. Brentzel. B. Brooks. F. Brown. C. VF. Brown. J. N. Bullard. A. L. Burnam. T. J. Burndrelt. Vlv. E. Burton. C. C. Burton. J. E. Button. J. B. Campbell. D. E. Campbell. J. G. Campbell. B. S. Casey. J. M. Childress. K. H Citzler. A. M. Clark. E. R. Clarke. J. R. Clay. J. A. Clements, R. B. Cooke. B. VF. Collins. YV. A. Cook. B. Cornell, Wi. C. ....H. M. Rollins Coward. B. A. Cox. J. T. Cox. L. L. Crews, S. T. Curd. P. B. Dahl. K. W. Davis. L. W. DeArmond. C. WY. Dedman. W. W. Dew. J. K. Dinwiddie. Wi. T. Downs. A. S. Dreibelbis, L. Dreiss, WV. F. Dunnam. Pele Durham, B. P. Egner, J. C. Elliott. R. E. Ellis. L. C. Eubank. H. A. Everett. L. B. Fenner. S. F. Foster. J. C. Franklin. B. C. Frost. W. E. Gibbs. J. W. Glaser. L. T. Grey. B. B. Gwin. C. G. Hall, C. Hall, H. H. Hall, J. W. Hagood. T. M. Hanrahan, W. E. N T .,::' fx 5 Q" .:., "'- , N NW' . Q Z, .Q F .N .. Johnson, Keith, Lilly, Martin. J.: Martin. S.: Mills. Minnork, Morgan. Mylius, Nalley, Nu-Hauer, Newby. Norton, Parker. Pennehaker, eifils, Potts, Pratt, Pridmore, Provost, Ransom, Rollins. Sanborn, San r-rs, Sr uv art P II Smith, Snyd S With Harris, J. E. Havlik, M. D. Heaton, L. VV. Hendon, W. L., Jr Hendricks. D. N. Henry, P. C. Hensley, H. S. Hill, W. E. Holliday. J. M. Holmes, L. R. Holt, J. Hosek, J. J., Jr. Huffhines, vii. E. Hughston, J. A. Hutchins. B. S. Hynds, C. L. John, J. W. Johnson, L. H. Jones, J. P. Jones, 0. D. Jordan, C. R. Jorns, J. W. Keith, B. G. King, T. S. Kopit, J. F.. Krogstag. S. LaFleur, C. C. Landrum, H. B. Larry. L. A. Law, F.. B. Lea, A. L. Lilly, C. A.. Jr. Little, R. B. Littlepage. T. H. Loomis. R. C. Marek, A. L. Mathis, H. F. Martin, H. M.. Jr. Martin, J. E. Martin, S. S. McCall, M. WT. McCuller. F. M. Milburn. C. V. Mills, V. E. Minnock. J. E. Moncda, D. C. Moore, L. Morgan, T. H. Murray. J. G. R ll S l y S l g S Trotter, Walker Murphy. P. L. Musher, W. L. Mushaway, C. L. Mylius, M. F. Nalley, J. R. Nandricks. D., Jr. Nassauer. C.. Jr. Nelson. T. M. Newby, H. L. Norton, C. P. Olhrich. R. W. Olney. F. C. Oraclat. F. R.. Jr. Owen. T. H. Parker, R. Viv. Parnplin. T. N. Pennehaker. J. M. Petitlils. A. F. Poland, R. L. Potts. P. S. Prather, J. L. Pratt, J. W., Jr. Price. M. WT. Pridmore. J. A. Provost. F. F. at-utr. 5 az s. d h h k g F Walker, J.g Wells, W'ignall Williams, Winn, Ramsel, C. A. Ransom, W. A. Rogers. J. F. Rollins. H. M. Sanborn, F. D. Sanders. G. H., Jr. Schuchart, O. W. Scott. C. W. Shave, L. VV. Shirley. W. L. Simpson. WY. Wi. Skaggs. R. E. Skidmore. R. Cv. Slicker. J. A. Smith. S. N. Smith. S. N., Jr. Smither. J. M. Snyder, N. H.. Jr. Sorelle. A. C.. Jr. Spraggins. N. F. Staley, S. S. Stanley. E. G. Sterling. E. A. Suman. R. H. Swanson, R. H. Taylor, T. D. Tinsley, J. E. Toland, C. J. Townsend. G. P. Trotter. C. P. Tucker. R. L. Vanderweide. J. J. Viialfer. C. J. Walker, F. E., Jr. Viralker. J. J. Viialter, L. H.. Jr. Wvalvoord, J. G. Weaver. O. M. Wells. J. D. Weydell. A. T. Wvignall. P. R. Williams. G. W. Williams, T. S. Vivilson. J. L. Viviun, vii. S. Viiithrow, A. S. Vivolf. R. B. Viiorthington. C. T. Younie. C. C. 437 J r. American Vetetf ary Adams. G. B. Appleby. A. Banks. VII. C. Barron. H. T. Banmgarten. A. M Bernkrant. A. Bernkrant. L. Bogen. S. Borer. M. H. Burris. M. M. Carter. R. W. Carver. H. Ii. Casllelnerry. M. W Curls. K. M. Demke. D. D. Einhorn. R. Faust. H. R. Franklin. T. lf. President ...... ..... VI '. C. Banks Vice President. .. ..... R. G. Garrett Secretary-Treasurer .... C. V. Isaac SENIORS Garrett. R. G. Greenlee. H. Gutknecht. A. J. Horne. C. F. Higins. J. D. Ingram. H. E. Inman. M. L. Kirby. T. C. Kirkham. Viv. Wi. Larson. K. E. Larsen. VV. VII. Levy. G. Linn. A. Lopp. H. F. Marcia. A. F. Mark. I. C. Mash. N. Millar. J. T. Nickerson. W. J. Pessin. S. Porter, W. N. Radelelf. R. D. Romo. R. R. Saunders. J. R. Schmidt. H. A. Schmidt. H. J. Simels. N. C. Sova. P. P. Stalheim. O. Stallworth. G. D Tomayko. V. Tucker. B. B. Walker. J. W. Wvatkins, R. R. Zahn. C. JUNIORS Bennett, R. W. Bertetta, C. P. Boney, W. A. Caldwell, F. H. Caraway, R. B. Fishman, A. D. Foshee, R. J. Crennan, T. J. Henry, P. R. Herrera, L. B. Hobart, E. S. Isaac, C. V. Kessler, S. M. Kreuz. S. S. Leathers, R. B. Lepon, E. L. Lutz, H. H. McBride, Martin McCoy, W. J. McDonald, S. M. McKinney, H. R. Merritt, W. W. Michaels, V. W. Miller, A. A. Mohr, C. A. Moughon, B. C. Norton, R. R. Ota, M. Paley, K. J. Regenbogen, M. Roberts, M. P. Sall, I. E. Sanders, O. M. Shanzer, H. Wilcoxon, J. D. Wolfe, J. WH SOPHOMORES Belcher, W. A. Bornstein, S. F. Cartrite, H. T. Coffey, T. H. Crayton, R. B. Croppen, C. A. Culpepper, A. R. Dickman, H. W. Dwelle, E. D. Ewald, P. J. Glenn, D. M. Grimes, G. M. Grossman, W. Haight, R. H. Hargis, G. Hauser, W. E. Hayden, J. C. Hensler, H. L. Holler, S. H. Holmes, H. D. Hill, J. S. James, H. P. Jameson, H. E. Jones, C. K. Lapham, R. F. Maier, E. Mareello, C. J. Martin. G. A. Masy, R. D. Morgan, C. 0. Mynett, V. S. Ommert, W. D. Parker, C. W. Patterson, R. C. Pickard, A. M. Pinkerton, J. T. Pugatch, N. Ras, Ted Saunders, D. H. Schwartz, C. L. S1-hwarzenbach, Svhweda, J. C. Smothers, D. D. H. Sparkman, C. M. Stevens, E. H. Stocking, R. A. Tennison, L. B. Thomas, J. H. Thompson, O. F. Tierce, M. L. Tubbs, C. Zellers, E. G. FRESHMEN Anderson, A. A. Bailey, E. G. Baker, J. W. Ballard, D. C. Baronti, A. C. Beckley, D. E. Case, J. N. Casey, W. M. Clayton, P. A. Clark, A. J. Cline, D. T. Crutcher, M. L. Dobson, George Dowell, P. H. Gray, Jack Holbrook, L. C. Jenkins, W. D. Kelber, W. J. Madin, S. H. Magrane, H. J. Phillips, W. A. Raley, A. C. Rouse, H. D. Srhotield. G. C. Smith, A. W. Stallings, E. P. Toro, E. E. Tower, J. H. Winters, R. W. Poultry Science Club W r I A J 1 A Mn 5.5 , .R - - . ig" 'xl ff li, 4 , , ,.. ,K X . President ..... ..... F . C. Price Secretary-Treasurer. ........ D. D. Demke Vice-President .... ..... ll T. A. Ellis Reporter .... .... J . W. Wilkerson Ex-4H Club President ....... .... G raliam Purcell Secretary-Treasurer ...... J. B. Tate Vice-President ...... .... N . B. Yarliug Reporter.. ............. Cordon Grote FWF 410 President .... ..... lV I. K. Rethke Secretary-Treasurer . . .D. C. Thurman Publicity ......... ..... S elig Frank Social Secretary .... .... J . C. Barton STUDENT MEMBERS Barton, J. C. Clark. YV. K. Jackson. E. VT. llusli. W". A. Batte, Edward Cowan, J. W. Kirk. S. K. Thurman. D. C. Bowman, R. J. Frank. Selig Peterson. B. L. Vlvllitellead. WT. G Caress. Elmer Retlike. M. K. FACULTY AND GRADUATE MEMBERS Bilsing, S. Wv. Earls. R. B. Martin, D. F. Dean, H. A. Cillaspy. J. E. Price. M. A. Little. V. A. ' ' ' if i.fff55.'iA..5 'T' 'Z Economlcs Club Anderson. Wi. R. Angell. Davis Banks. E. G. Rrimlnerry. VV. 0. Britain. D. Viv. Brounes. Pincus Colgin. J. R. Dodge. J. A. Dolan. J. T. Edwards. 14.1. Freeland. R. L. French. C. D. 2 President ....... Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Manager Gabriel. G. D. Gillis. T. S. Haggard. C. R. Hall. M. E. Harrison. T. R. Henderson. Randall Houston. I. T. Howell. C. A. Kasch. A. F. King. J. L. Kulhanek. B. J. Lain. T. E. Leary. F. E. Paul R. Lowry . . . .Gilbert H. Michalk . ...Jordan B. Wolf .. ...Tom S. Gillis Lowry. P. R. McGraw. YV. D. McNeil. R. L. Mead. L. H. Michalk. G. H. Norwood. A. J. Owens. J. B. Parker. R. G. Pearson. M. M. Richardson. J. E. Roherts. A. YT. Roberts. Roy Rominger. .L C. Rominger. R. L. Rudd. B. J. Sandifer. J. L. Schmidt. E. C. Scruggs. J. W. Simmon. J. F. Skaggs. R. E. Thompson. Maurice Thompson. M. .I Wiakefield. L. A. Wolf. J. B. Vlolman. G. A. Balk. F. E. Ball. K. E. Bannister. Wv. Benish. Joe Beyer. D. A. Bird, F. S. Brown. G. Wi. Brown. G. W. Bruce. A. D. Bryant. J. H. Burns. L. L. Carpenter. Wv. Gorlett. R. H. Cowgill. R. M. Cupples. J. J. Davis. J. R. Denton. J. G. L. B. . Institute? Electrical Engineers President ..... ....... T . E. Duce Secretary ..... ..... J immie Cupples Reporter .... ....... E arl Shields Sponsor. .... N. F. Rode Dorroh. G. B. Duce. T. E. Ehensberger. A. G. Eberspaeher. L. H Eckert. R. F. Garrett. T. M. Gibson. R. B. Granfors. Wh H. Grassholi. L. H. Gill. H. W1 Haltom. G. W. Hammett. H. H. Hardie, B. Hartman. E. G. Hernandez. H. A. Herrington. H. C. Holi, R. S. Homan, C. G. Ippolito. L. Jacobs. G. Wv. Jones. A. T. Kline. V. A. Kohoyashi. T. Lewis. Wi. A. Littlefield. R. MeCreary. W7. P. Marnoch. G. W. Martin. 0. M. Mathis. H. F. Miller. A. B. Miller. M. A. Nicholas. F. K. Noyes. G. W. Oliver, W1 M. Pearson. G. WT. Persohn. J. Wi. Powell. L. L. Roddy. D. F. Schram. A. J. Shaw. C. E. Shelton. J. H. Snow. J. H. Streater. L. G. Sumner. G. G. Wheeler. E. B. Wieting. J. H. Williams. G. S Wvilliams. J. W Winsor. J. K. Wofford. K. A. Wofford. W. 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B. Bell. R. L. Bennett. B. H. Berry, T. N. Blanton, L. T. Brandes, L. E. Byrd. W. W. Campbell, L. B. Cason, L. W. Clutter. J. P. Coffman, F. B. Connor, C. H. Cowling, A. Cure, R. L. President ....... Vice-President ..... Secretary ..... Treasurer. . Reporter .... Parliamentarian Sponsor ..... Dooley. J. C. Edmondson. H. B. Faubion. F. F. Gibson, J. W. Coodson. H. N. Harris. A. L. Harris. E. R. Horton, D. T. Johnson, C. H. Kennedy. F. E. Kimbrough. I. T. Kuykendall. J. L. Landers. H. Lown, F. D. Marshall, T. L. Meek. B. L. ...Fred L. Kennels . . . .John E. MCAnelly . . . .James C. Yeary .. .jim L. Kuykendall .. ...Tom L. Marshall . . . . . . .Harold M. Prater ... .Mr. E. R. Alexander Mill. L. .l. Morton. B. L. Myatt. H. F. McAnelly. J. E. McCaleb. J. F. MeCorkle. H. P. Nance. ,l. A. Nelson. J. Wi. Nic. P. S. Patterson, 0. L. Poindexter. D. C. Prater. H. M. Proctor, G. VF. Range. I. N. Bennels, F. L. Reyes. A. V. Boan. J. J. Sargent. C. H. Shaddix. K. L. Smith. C. P. Smith. E. F. Smith. N. A. Stanley. H. C. Stewart. E. Y. Thomas. E. H. Wheatley. R. C. White. S. L. Wiilkerson. J. WY. Wilkinson. M. Wommack. M. R Wood. C. F. Yeary. J. C. , ' ',- '- - 'lf' .578 yhrxff' of W Horticulture Society or it ' M- . . .. r . V ,X 'ae was KL Q- President ....,..... ..... E cigar L. Pewitt Secretary .... ....... F elix E. Scott Vice-President ...... . . .Herman E. Jenkins Reporter. . ..... W. M. Robertson Society of American Military Engineers President ............. Cecil F. De Vilbiss Treasurer ......... .......... P aul Wright First Vive-President ....... Leslie L. Appelt Secretary .... .... J ames F. Stephenson Second Vice-President .... VV. C. Stearman 41 hi Education Club .pw -1 v v if - X I. Baker. L. M. Bridge, E. H. Castleberry. G. W. Chapoton, Tom. Jr. Conlee, J. D. Crawford, C. W. Dalrymple. R. L. Edwards, F. M. Filgo. B. M. President ....... Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasurer Reporter ..... Gardner. W. C. Claziener. E. R. Griffin. J. S. Hebisen. E. E. l-lull. D. 0. Keelan, L. F. Kennemer. L. C. Kral, B. F. McAuley. W. J. ....J. J. Freeman ....E. H. Bridge ....H. M. Jennings .....H. A. Stroeble McCrary. J. C. McLuty. E. C. Nye. A. R. Ogdee. G. J. Price. J. A. Pritchett. O. D. Richardson. C. R. Siptak, R. C. Soto. M. A. Spencer. J. D. Stark. L. E. Stewart. T. B. Thomas. E. F. Thomas. E. W. Waters, Robert Williams. E. L. ,iiifq Curnllie, If. M. Keath. .l. H. ' 'jing 'F .81 M. Collegiate L1 giddy 1 I 1191 9571 V PM-i A P -, 10. . 1 Weir-Jfltfrvv Adonis. Klan-k And:-rwald, F. R Bains. L. C. Bal-ter, C. K. llallow, C. ll. Beasley, t I. I'. Benson, T. II. Berry, C. N. Berry, T. N. Bing, Roland Blanton. I.. T. Blume. W. I.. Bot-1-k, G. I l. Boyd. A. If. Brandes. I.. If. Brown. J. C. Brurnlrelow. J. W Campbell, I.. B. Cardwell, W.. ,l r. Carpenter. 'ilax Carson. I.. W. Cass. Bill Clutter, J. P. Clyl1urn,I.loytl Coffnian. I". C. Conner, C. H. Cook. Bill Cowling. A.. Ir. President ...... Yiee-President. . . Secretary. ..... Treasurer .... Reporter ...... Parliamentarian .... Wiateli Dog .... Historian ...... News Wvriter. . . Adviser ....... Cure. R. l.. Cox. Wvesley Davis. E. I.. Dollar. Fred Dooley, ,l. C. Dudley, B. S. Evans. ,l. D. Fauliion. .lat-k Calloway. R. R. llarlitz. H. If. Cilnson. .I. WI. Gieserisolilag. A. I.. Uoodson, II. M. Grisham, W'. Wl. Grote. A. R. Grounds, I. If. Harris, A. I.. Harris, Fl. R. Herrington, M. I' Holder. I.. D. Holt, O. NI. Hooton. C. T. Horton, D. T. Jennings, Javlx johnson, Y. B. Jones. B. I.. Kennedy. F. F. Kerr. Teddy Key. S. C. Kiel. I. P. Kiker, N. R. Kimbrough. I. T. Kimbrough. T. B. Kuykendall. I. D. Kuykendall. J. L. Lacey. Alhert Lacey, A. T. Landers. H. Longbothanl. WI. M I.own, F. D. Lynch, H. H. McAnelly. T. IC. MCCaslin, 1. WI. McCorkle. H. P. lVIrCullougli, E. Marshall. T. I.. Martin. C. D. Meek, R. L. Medford. W. F. Miller. W. F. Morton, R. I.. Hyatt. H. 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Thomason makes a Rice Owl wiser. ,mi 1-1 Stud Callier, Peck Clark, Wil- lard Clark and Cull Rogers-- slightly non-reg. Intermission and re- freshment time at a Corps dance. Aggie Fish advertise the team. The Bmld PlflYS f0l' 1100 177 Holme-tt lnlazes a trail for Kimbrough. ri formation. Henke, James and Thomason pow wow at Baylor The "Dog" pushes one in. Gossett attracts a Covey of TSCWites, while half-lime. Broome continues the search. V I , . A , I Dr. Walton and the yell leaders are ready. Boyd Smclalr edlts the Batt ln the exchange edltorshlp, whlle Nlsbet supervlses. Coodwirfs Lost Battalion boys and Rev. N . , ,g '11, 5 'xx . J vw Registration day-lines, lines, lines. The UCLA "pep squad" greets the Aggies. Killing tim Conatser, Moser, Spivey, and Henderson play stud poker for high stakes on the California trip. They say the meal service is a little better than at Sbisa. J .. re' How Nislret does it, we do: e on a Hieker machine before the Texas U. game. 1't know. He must use ,.1' ,QKNAQ . f f-M4 X . 'R 5. ,, 4 ly .yr ,,, 0- ' z 2 1. ' - ' MQ, ll 1, H --- u ,, : I . E I " ii 15 H ll 'QS'- 4 X , Vitalis. lg. 'D K , xc. X. . vqgz. -:W 'gjtz XY, N XA x SI 'fi H 2, , 3 5-gf , BRASS: . xy, .M Q 'ki y-,E As X 5. . 5, . Q 'L 42' ' f :':g1nSf1 ' Q- ggfitf., - 'X . , -.Q , .-i f-51? '- we 5 A , . ne w Q .K X x X NS., -Q. x -vs X f,,.?'Ig Q rg' Qibkii, 4, sw-2-f-. .: s ' 2 . QS , ,fifiw xi- .1 NN , r Sterling does well both on and off the football field. One man nam of flLSIl'LlLll0ll What Could so mam' Agrall-'F be Ndlflllllg. ,lm-k Rllllllf1,lllgll tulls the boys lmw purty she was , t.,N, ,, o ' - 'V Nation's No. 1 hitch-lliker gives a lesson. The Colors. 181 .X x U ,, ,wx- Mavanee Warner inspwts Chip Routfs new Jeffrey pushes over the fourth touch against Tulsa. Mose about to backhand the lawn. football jacket. Nothing is sweeter than young love-Fish Clark and Fish Coston C I I L lx, th ' wow the women at the Fish Ball. mn. oo 'ie ere. Tuffy and Tom seem to be pleasing Edith and Meg. t 75 ..., xiii' QQSU' F ld A 'll Ball. -and the Aggies win the high jump Aggies hunting dates before the SMU game. Russ, Phyllis, and Phil at the ie ru ery "Farmers, Farmers, Fight Y" Caricature of a Baylor Bear. Russ gives voive I0 a convincing line. 4 x 5 .I 1. inte' 41 v. if Q, Q4 2 -f 'Y V X .Wx vw' 1 , H - Q we V, . Q LF S ,Q 4' mx, 'ix 46 N x V Y X' Q N ,'v's KN ' ,QW iv. MQ: ?" 'Q -f YH' F. Paul Haines and Rachel Corcler place a wreath by "Sully's" statue. .lim Gallagher and Joe Shcker investigate the rattle in the how jaw llle R.V.s mhow lllell' slull ln the manual of arms. Q 11 2 A .a F lx 519 Once, Iwo, thre-fl, hump! The Ross Volunteer Court. Quman Esther Nav Colombo mnws thru the sabre arch. 185 Sophonmre 'falls from TSCW' arri ,. ve. Girl, dale, and 2000 freshmen. .Q Q M, Jack Forman presents a pin to Nova Colgin. Freshmen getting those Hashy uniforms. It goes like this . .,,.gwKN-.Q--Q The Singing Cadets on another tour. X -wr-ahw-f ,av-' N 'W' - A 'TEA all Watson SlbC3kSfCfbllPgt' Night. Betty Jane Davidson and Sol Forman at Billy Noah and Fish Vener with gals at thi' Colon Franklixfs. Corps Dance. Freshman guard the trophies before the Rice Game, just in case. ' l B ll. Boyd Rae-lxurn and Vocalist Nova Colgin, hmmm Eddie Fitzpatrick packs 'em in for the Cava ry a AK W. ,.s . ' 0 x w 4 vi Xa .KV Af' W' 'B' we aw ' x A v , 5' iea 4' gf 1 G' Nei . , 12,- mb' 1 1 Q ' ' .Q.,,V,, V ii pg: V.. 5' 3' ' , an 95, f N ,am ' QI -, N A R, Q - -M -VV AV - , 4 ,R i . if I.. Vi V V Ah ,,A-. V :VV Q-L Q - . V I A Sf ' f - if +5 N, VV VV VV .VV 52 rl 5 13. V 5 AQ ,N A. ' 4 N Y V. Wai AV VV Sr , it A in ' , W . ,-e 3 4 ,vi H :12:x'?' 1 4 X A1 . 11: ' E 'Sf' 5 ,M 12 .. 1 W . . .-A -ix Q ,v, .Q 1 f Q V . w . 'z W' vu. ,A F -'01, V v A VM , my it X37 'Q S W. ni - ' ' ff ' 2 Q m l Q' Q as ' 'ip Q , V. V, VV V 53 3. A ' 15,1 We ' q 5 ' ' 1 1: V XVV- 'ff' Q.- '. '11-5' . 12" ,. , 4 gs :if 'ff . -, Q: 4 , .1 1 -N . . 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E 130 Skeen, Bill, Blistu-r, anrl Fonts. vvrylioily wus happy at tlw liavalry ,-'.-bfcr-f"' ' ' " '22-91--' v ' ' ,.,, ww ' use ff- vfwygfg-4, A Q ' ,.- ,. .rw P WM '- -' . ,Q 'I "v""' ,rf , ., , 'C-5..- 4 4 ' . M.. . Q: 1-Ci" H w Q4 . VE' gfQgg2p:25212ff?3g PM ...N 1 .V H ,,.,,.,...,- wx- . V, f - . -..,....Q,,,..,,..-m '4 , 'W " . -:L ,A ' ' N W. .. V , 0- , .' wt .1" . -A , x S1 ,4,'.. . U .- , , 5 5 Z, . .. .,,5,s, , - - vw ,. ,v,y,.'.M-ig - 7 ,Z ..,,'., ,4 . ug , , X ,A Q ,ay-, M V ,- H1 K, Wf ' .:ff"' -, . 'k '1.. .1 -'E ' ' ' Am"'4s.vq4gf -fy, .' " -14 1' gf. - H . , - ' ...A 4 - . V V. . . .A V 4. wan """"" ...f. A -,ai ...P Vg., J. . 1. . f- W I ,.W3-gigf, Mj'?E:.. . . . , : 1 ' - - -1, ' , 9 V Z A .. 4.31. . in H N V Q? W ' ,,.,.4 pr L A 1 'fn f '- ' . -U -. ' .f-,- ' - 4' - ' . ...-' I., -.W '- . . guwnri . Q 1' WHwf'W""'lva ' 1' ' 43.4" 4 ,... , .fC.. -V , r - . H' - . . '- . fl' . 1 , Wfiffff f .15 ""' ' V 'f I . 1 my :fa-r, 1 Q -a - ' -ev -aw ,, I ,. ,.. H .-.--1 . eq - Y Q .QU V , 'Af . 12 li? ' V- Q . 'A . b -'-. Q . , ' 99,-,w ' :V ' f' 1 N. L-' 'I' - ' "QV ' ,.f f . -A Q K rfy- 4-,,. 75' ' . -.Nw 4" . - '-,- ...V 7:'q':3 ? e " ' , a- "Q Q -Q 449m Birds eye view of the Thomason review. Lieut.-Col. Jeff Mon tgomery, Valedictorian Life'S 'vhotog f-utvlws dancers at Unvle Erfs. I . ,mmm l' i Y i A si The Cattlemen entertain the Texas gals. The hired hands come to town for the Barnyard Frolic. Could this be woo Dogpatch Autograph hunters hound the Duke at the "Paddlefoot Prom." style? Intermissioning at the Infantry Ball Well shuffle then! ,,,.M,q 5 . we ...NH Q 6 X x -4114,- ,-".. Q-4. 19214 SIGNAL CIIRPS 'lhere rs no commodrty more perrshable than news Thrs perrshabllrty rs ex en more marked ruth mrlrtary news, srnce rt deals wrth human lrves and xalufrhle materral The transmrssron of mrlrtary rntellrgence and orders, rn trme to be of xalue, rs the task of the Srgnal Corps lts rmportance cannot be oxeremphasrzed, for an army wrthout communrcatron rs an army wlthout coordrnatron If thrs nerxe system does not functron properly there wrll be a drspersron of forces toward separate objectrves The work of the Srgnal 1 orps rs endless Comrnunrcatron channels must be rnstalled and marntarned regardle s Lf snow, rarn, darkness, artrllery frre, aerral bombardment, and rnnumerahle other adxerse condrtrons Thrs unlt IS responsrble for com rnunrcatrons from the headquarters of the army to the front lrne rnfantry regrments and held artrllery battalrons From here forward the task rs undertaken by specralrzed detachments of the rrrfarrtry and field artrllery l' tablrshrng comnrunrcatrons ls no job for the layman It requrres technrcal experience and skrll to rnstall, marntarn, and operate radro transmrttrng and recervrng sets, telephone swrtchboards, lrnes, telegraph sets, and to lnspect and repalr equrprnent that rs rssued to other UIIIIS As thrs Gqulpmellt rs rn ralled, rt must be grxen all possrble concealment and cover from enemy obserwatron and fire At trmes there may be penetratrons of parachute troops that attempt to drsrupt conrnrunrcatrons so the srgnal corps rs trarned rn the u e of the rrfle as a means of defense Thrs type of trarnlng has been carrred on at Texas A 81 M slnce 1919 It became a part of the Reserve Officers Trarnrng Corps the followrng year Thrs enabled the urrrt to obtarn equrpmerrt from the U S Army 111 the rnstr uc tron of comrnunrcatrons work that could not have been avarlable otherwrse Because of rts technrcal nature, only students of the Eleetrrcal Engrneer rrrg Department are allowed to enter thrs phase of mrlltary scrence The Srgnal Corps has grown about fifty per cent srnce 1929, and has a total of l.30 men rn rts three company Battalron Thrs year, Electrrcal Engrneerrng graduates from our Srgnal Corps wrll enter the Army as second lreutenants to help supply the wrtal need for technlcally trarned men rn the field of commumcatron L I L. C 1 f L Y . . ' ' ' 55 v Y- M L ' ' . L L L I I W. L L , LL. I L L ' ' SS 'J L ' " LQ ' , k, n g sL g - . , L ., . L , , L L I L . .S ' Q I ' . A II L L L L L , , L . , L , S L ' 2' L ., . . L . . r L , L L L, F L . L I ., , , . . L I . 4. f lo a .1 '- I L L . L 1 ' I L . s. . . i 1 . , L A L L L L L L 1 L , , , gp , if-,,M1 x, ,, , ' ,ik Xa ,. ,V ,A fl-333 M ,fa 'i 1 wi. ,,. ' 1 2 "vc View iv? ' ,- QU in-ive it 'lv mf, ii' f , a - . ' Us 1 , , av , - is A ' f. f. 1 ,I ,,, . P -v .- 22 ! " . fi 'Wg U A -, .tif I-if ,L ,, xv L1 1 - , - .,..,. ,P QV' X , - Q 7 . Q M K. , , J. 'ya . 1' ,, X 2,21 535 vfpiwq ,- , J WH. X, .49 ' I 4 .A A l X I qJ,:y ' 'MU' ff .V Y 'hu Rmb! ,il uk- Lyla, ",'. mf- ij. v A-,Sk -fww gm . W, 1 f..,f,,,m,fff ,, 'x V wang, 'P 20.-W' 1 . 114 1 ' 9 W" . ,Q-Fm, P X ,1 M Em, .1 '- JA 4" , ,-,L A . if Zim "S -:ww ff',wQ,,? ' ,J , M ngzM,, Qi' Q,':',,, ,.fQ,'X"" Aw-2 , .W 'Sig Riggs 1, 1- gh W 'R W' if M' wi is Eh Hfffc 'Q' in f EQEHM of-Q 4 "N-it X Wlidfbu -F X -V -v . , ,, A 4,1 ,I ,W 3 V, ,V,.m.,,, ,A iw. M, 1 7f,,'A3bi,: , ti, -E QV'-1' -,L J- X 'wg if 15 A - , We B.. 5' Mgr ,- ' LJ, 1. A ,jx Zig, - .V , ,t if ,Ei fy' . 4, A '.,wt,L Ms.4. M K . ,sw P A c' M-. V -mia . k Y J 'ff Z.!,T,L,, " 4:45 :- ' . 2 F w- 1 lm , F, vnu ww, ' - ,uv . '-1-1,4 L ' 3 r' 13.3, ,V ' ,.L ..-' ,. H 3 .""'..A, ?Q3-'Q' 215' 1' ' ' Q Q . .flrlf ' X T .'-,"' Lf Vg' f' N' 25, 'L , A ",- :' 1 Q ' -Z'-' 1 Y ' R519 4 MQ. "'Qfy4gw, K3 , V W. , Q .1 wizyf , 1.5 wyr iw. 1 My . A , 5-qs' ,, aw, Q ,. X .4 P, in- K 1 .-. H Jw- -, 49- + K, 'Q -, , 4, is 'W W 9' 'L 'lf ffmwiiix :fem ' 11. fm! . VITIES , A t Publication Boarflt ' e -... .,-.--.-.---s..i--.....-,- . Top Row: HAINES, .-tNtjEl.L. .-XSHBFRN. Ht'Il.'I't'hN. WILIIUX, l1Il.I.IS Bolmrn Ron-: N10NTtZUMl-SKY. NlSBl-QT. PUXXI-IR. ROBINSQIX 'Ei' THE STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD was organized in 1931 with the purpose of the advancement of student publications. The board is in direct control of all student publications which consists of the Battalion, tri-weekly newspaper, the Battalion, comic magazine, the Agriculturist Magazine, the Engineer Magazine, and the Longhorn year book. E. L. Angell, manager of student publications, is greatly responsible for the success of A. Sm M. publications. tinder his direction all publications of the student body have reached new heights in circulation and student interest. E. l.. Angell. . .. l'. L. Bolton .... . tl. ll. Wilcox Col. lke Ashburn H. li. Nisbet ..... T. L. Power ..... T. S. Gillis. .. l l E. L, ANG ELL P. G. Haines ..... Manager of Student Publications .. ......... Chairman of the Board at V.. M. H. Robinson .... W. J. Montgomery. . , . .Faculty Representatives , . .Battalion Editor . . . . .Longhorn Editor . . . .Agriculturist Editor . . . . . . . . . . . .Engineer Editor . . . .Senior Class Representative . . . .Junior Class Representative 197 -- ---ig' " ' ,A Y, i ii The Longhorn It .1 -3, ...Ah 4, vi-- L ," ' 4 , A i, .nv Q 2 , V v ' '4 2' VU 3 Fun Rott: -Xl.I,l-IN, RUBINSIPN. KILPATRIKIK S.-ftmfl R-fu: .l4lNl'iN, tIXItl'l"YI'l-Qlt. HkQl'I'hXNIl'. XI.l-IX XXIII-LK, LYNN, H XNUIKIK, lQUl.XIA'Y Nl-mrton liolvinson L. l.. Kilpatrick. .. s U. ff. Allen. . .. Phil Gohnan .. J. ll. Jones. .. lieeil Grissom .. lf. ll. Kyzar ..., li. l.. Heitlianip. Harvey lg xlrl ... l. li, Ham' 4,mr: k. .. J. U. Alexander. A. li. Ramirez .. li. ll. Jones.. ltr' t t ..........liditor , . . . .Managing Editor .Advertising Manager . . . . . . . .Photographer . .Yanity Fair Assistant Camp Section Assistant Camp Set-tion Assistant ....Junior Editor . , . .Junior Assistant ....Junior Assistant ....Junior Assistant . . .lfreshman Assistant . . .lfreshinan Assistant THE 1941 LONGHORN reaches the public only after numerous setbacks and changes of editorship. Ele Baggett became editor at the beginning of the school year after William Becker resigned to become Cadet Colonel. Morton Robinson replaced Baggett as editor when Baggett was unable to return to school after suffering an unfortunate accident during the Christmas holidays. ELI-1 B.-UILJETT NORTON ROBINSON . The Boli Nishet ..... .,... E ditor-in'Chief Qefifss Fuermann' """ Assoplalf' Editor Earle A. Shields. Jr. .................... Managing: Editor Keith Hulmliard ...,. ...Advertising Manager Jack Hendrick ............ Assistant Advertising Manager Tom Vannoy ......... ..,.. I' fditorial Assistant will 0- Bl'ifl1l'f'fY'Y- W- C- lifU'U'V- I , I - . - - v , U Don Gabriel ................,..,........ Junior Editors J. B. Pierce. Phil Levine .................. Proof headers Ralph Criswell. Willard Clark! Y v V A. S. Mt-Kellar ............ Junior Advertising Assistants TUESDAY DEW SPAPER STAFF William Clarkson, Ill ................... Managing Editor George Woodman .......... Assistant Advertising Manager Lee Rogers, E. M. Rosenthal ............... Junior Editors John Sleeper, Marshall Dan..Junior Advertising Assistants THURSDAY NEWSPAPER STAFF George Fuermann ............... Acting Managing Editor HUMOR MAGAZINE STAFF A. J. Robinson ......................... Magazine Editor Tom Gillis. Lee Rogers. E. M. Rosenthal .... Junior Editors Walter Blume. Earl Harris. Nelson Karliack, L. G. Menefee. Joe Taylor. l.. B. Tennison. . .Contrihutors SPORTS DEPARTMENT T. R. Harrison ............. Assistant Advertising Manager H. 0- Johnson. 41,3 .A....-".....,.-.....A'- gpm-I, Editor Tom Glllls' D' L' 'Ilmrman' Jr" Bolt Myers .,............... , ....., A ssistant Sports Editor V. A. Yentzen ....,.. . ................ Junior Editors 'k H'k'..'-k H ll' . Jack Lamherson .............. Junior Advertising Assistant Ml P dl In lm 0 lmon W. F. Oxford ..............,..... Junior Sports Editors ART DEPARTMENT Pete Tumlinson . ...... ................,......................... e Xrt Editor George RE-ntinck. Phil Crown. Frank Knowlan. Hugo Krenek. Sid Lord. Bob Miller. Jerry Rolnick. Jimmie Scholl. Mac Sterling. J. D. Cowan ............ . .................... Art .Assistants PHOTOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT Phil Golman .......................................... Photographic Editor James Carpenter. Bob Crane. Jack Jones, .lack Siegal. .Assistant Photographers CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Tommy Henderson .................................... Circulation Manager W. G. Hanger. E. D. Wilmeth ................. Assistant Circulation Managers F. D. Ashury, E. S. Henard ................. . ......... Circulation Assistants REPORTORIAL STAFF Charles Babcock. Jack Decker, Lamar Haines. Walter Hall, Carl Van Hook, J. J. Keith, Tom Leland. Z. A. Mt-Reynolds. John May. Beverly Miller, B03 NISBET Ehrhard Mittendorf, Jack Nelson, Mike Speer, L. B. Tennison, James F. Wright 'Y' 4. - - ii" -aw , l N .E ' il 1" i ' l ,l ll' lr 'l l 'ft' .3 .fliers-l l ,,....q4uunluu4,.,-. M s fx S '-xy.. fron! Run: SAN'l'H'Ni. HVTTUN. fX1UN'l'tLUNll-iRY, SHN, SHIELDS S,-.nfnl Run: tJ4bl,Nl-XX. Il-XYIS, MINES, ll1'7l'CI.AS THE ENGINEER has completed a very successful first year of publication: the magazine was formerly incorporated in the Scierztijic RGIPI-P1l', but because of a demand for more articles of a technical nature The Engineer was organized and ,Iell Montgomery was chosen editor. The maga- zine is of special interest to those students in the School of Engineering as the features are related to their courses of study. Besides these features the publication covers the activities and accomplishments of the engineering clubs on the campus. ICIJITOIUAL STAFF Jeff Nlontgoniery. . .................. .......... E ditor li. l,. Sanloni .... ...Assistant Editor lien Roberts. . ...Assistant Editor J. li. Lassiter King Sain liilly Davis Toinniy Moore lfarl 'l'rantham. lf. ,-X. Gordon Jack Jones BUSINESS STAFF J. H. Button. . . ................. ......... It 'lanager Ed lJ0llglHF. . . .... ASSiSt3.nt lxlallagel' JEFF MONTGOMERY First Row: COLMAN, PUWER, BUTTON. TAYLOR Second Row: BINC, JONES, DOUGLAS. 'UILI LR PINSUN, CARDNU-IL THE AGRICULTURIST magazine is particularly distinctive in that it is published on the campus of the largest agricultural school in the world. Formerly a part of the Scientific Review the Agri- culturist received individual status this year. The Magazine is published bi-monthly, and carries a variety of interesting articles of an agricultural nature. Tom Power was chosen as editor for the 1940-41 .-1gricw1tu.r1'sIg he and his staff deserve much credit for a successful year. EDITORIAL STAFF Tom Power .... . .................. . George Taylor. . . Jack Aycock. . . Roland Bing. Phil Colman Jack Jones. .. Lee Rice Walter Cardwell Tom Gillis BUSINESS STAFF Tom Powell ssistant Photographer . . ..... A, Bob Button . . .......,...........,...... . . Ed Douglas. . . . . ...........Editor . . . .Assistant Editor . . . .Senior Assistant . . . .Club Manager . . . . . .Photographer Jack Miller David Pinson V. A. Yentzen .Manager . .Assistant Manager "7 -.,"'1:-'j -'-' ' ' ' ' ' "" V f.. swf .Q ' vx V ,. . 1 4 A 3 JUL' lop lufu: I-l I-.RNINXM l.Il,I.l5. l'tN.l'xl'i. 5lAl.l1l It-flmm R-fu: ltl'SSl'1I.l.. ANL!-Ql.l,, XXIHQUX THE STl'DENT AID FIND is a true reflection of the famed Aggie Spirit. Texas A. Sz M. inaugurated this unique and unprecedented movement this year, and favorable comment has been received from colleges and universities throughout the nation. Organized by students for the purpose of giving cadets financial assistance, the Student Aid Fund is based upon purely democratic principles. Faculty members, as well as cadets, make up the committee's personnel. The Student .Aid Fund committee is composed of three faculty members and four students. Financial aid has been given throughout the year to students unable to secure the necessary funds for physical . I H .., . .. care. An estimated hundred cases were handled in the fund s Q lirst year of existence. Money for the Student Aid Fund is obtained through an annual drive in the corps each fall and from miscellaneous student activities. tladet contributions are entirely voluntary. George Fuermann, who had much to do with the establishment of the fund, was elected first chairman during the past year. llaniel A. Russell, head of the rural sociology department, served as executive secretary, and Tom Gillis was the fundis secretary. Other conimitteenien included J. ll. l"oclqe, Skeen Staley, lf. L. Angell and George B. Wilcox. UE4 Hit ll-I FVERX1 NNN 1 I tl ,ll , v, "0 . ...gi 0 V 4,- t Town Hall t .Y Y Y .. Y .....-.... ..- -,..,,1 Frou! mu: H.-UNI-.S. X flliltktlltvlfl. Bl-.Xll.l.l'I. lll-SSRI, Bath Row: Nll,l.-Ulll., llUI.l.I't1ltN. lt-kl.l.ARlF. .ltll-I NllI.l.lER. SNII'l'll-XM, .IXLK Xlll,l.lCH. RXNISH.. IIXRIIXX l1l.l. TOWN HALL is an organization wliose purpose is to present programs of special interest to tlie Student body for their entertainment throughout the year. Variety featured the 1940-All Town Hall season. Attractions of unusual interest to A. X M. students were presented in Guion Hall. ,lean Dickenson, star of radio and screen: the Littlefield Ballet: the U. S. Marine Band: the Houston Symphony Orchestra: and the Cadet Singers all performed before large audiences. Paul G. Haines. . . David Yarlwrougli. . . l Henry Beville ..., Billy l-lensel ,... JUNIOR Fred Smitliam G. WY. llamsel Billy Holton liner Nelson Jack Miller PAUL names . . . .Student lllanager . . .Senior Assistant . . .Senior Assistant . . .Senior Assistant ASSISTANTS George Yil lamil Jack Hollimon J. T. Stephenson Harold Ballard Tom Gillis SUPHOMORE ASSISTANTS Joe Miller Wlalter Cardu ell '7 18.29 J I I M El iw, Fin! Run, Lf-fl In Rlghfs Bl-Ullbkb, BMI RNI-,. LI..-XRILI.. DHVIIAIIISS, IIHUMRIIIIIT, IJUCE. EI,I,IOTT Afinrnl Iwu. lfn 1.1 Iuglzt: 4,Il.h., 4 1 N , NUDE, HRUBE, IIACQNIIY, Il -XNIILTON. IIUTCIIINS. Nlt.DL'F' Tlinil Rim, Imll lu Righl: MILLER. XIUNTl,lH'tll-IRY, NICHOLS, YOBLITT, SNIITHANI, SULLIVAN. WAl.Kl-QR. President. . . . . .Benton H. Elliott Secretary ...... . . .James P. Giles Faculty Advisor. . . . . .Gibb Gilchrist .'XH4jHI'l'El ITIIHE ELECTRIC.-XI. ENGINEERING AEHONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Lavere Brooks T. E. Duce Joe lf. Bourne Eugene Yolililt UIIENIIQIAI. ENGINEERING Aubrey V. Hamilton James l'. Giles Fred Smitham QIIYII, ENGINEERING Henry E. IJI'llIllWI'If.-Illl Ii. I". Devillmiss Mark G. Goode F. K. Nichols Monroe A. Miller MECHANICAL ENGINEERING John J. Walker Thomas ll. Hagood Ed Clarke PETROLEUKI ENGINEERING Jeff Montgomery Benton H. Elliott J. G. McDufTie WY. W1 Sullivan Blanchard S. Hutchins Hoy B. Grohe GIBB CILCHRIST Tnp Row: FUERMANN, LEWIS, MUELLER BmumxRow:FOCKE.ALLEN,TUNUJNSON STYLED AS "The Aggies' Own Story on Celluloid," Aggietone News attempted during the first semester to present headline news events on the A. 31 M. campus through the motion picture medium. The newsreel's greatest success this past year, however, came during the second semester when a series of six regimental productions were made wherein the various aspects of A. 81 Mfs part in national defense were pictured. The second semester's newsreels included productions by the Field Artillery, Cavalry, Engi- neer, Coast Artillery, Signal Corps and Chemical Warfare units. The newsreel's staff included George Fuermann, pro- ducer: lra F. Lewis and J. H. Focke, associate producers: George Mueller, director: L. W. Allen, photographer, Frank Rusk, assistant photographer: Pete Tumlinson, art director, and E. R. fBusterl Keeton and Graham Purcell, assistant directors. GEORGE FUERMANN The ssociation of Former Students , Y LW Y W Y V Y M- ,. .,.,. - - 5 "'1,"'5 , 1f?'f,fg , - t ' A ' 'i AMN? l'ltUOl" that .-X. K M. rnen nerer lose interest in their institution and in each other is the Association of Former Students. The purpose of this organization is the help the College, its faeulty, and students, and to keep alive the fine spirit of frientlliness existing among ,-X. S M. men. The TEXAS :XCCllf, published 20 times annually, Carries news ahout :X. X M. and its men to :Xggies scattered over the face of the earth. Over four huntlretl stuclents are given financial assistance through the Associationis Student Loan lfunmls earh year. tfomplete reeortls of the whereabouts and occupations of over 15,000 former students are nxaintainetl. The most recent major project of the Association is the estahlishnient of a Placement Oflice, whit-tt is rendering material assistanee to both gratluates ancl former lf. lf. Xl: Ql'lliI.l-IN stutlents along employment lines. The organization holds its annual meeting antl selection of otlieers on the earnpus each eonnnencetnent ancl maintains its heatlquarters in the aclministration huilcling. l'resent otlit-ers int-lutle AX. tl. Pfatli, '25, Tyler, ltresitlent: 'l'yree l,. tit-lt, 'll5, Dallas, x'ic-e-presitlent: lf. E. MeQuillen, '20, tlollege Station, exet-utire set-retary: l.. H. Locke, '18, assistant sm-retary: antl l,u1'ian M. Morgan, '33, plaeenient ollieer. liontpleting tht- heamlquarters otliee are Miss Daisy Brogtlon, Miss l"1'anCes H. lleartl, Nlrs. ,loe ltlotheral, anfl llatlets John T. Pesek antl Wayne I honias. Qfllll g7Y VA ,.gll....!L-,----'-lY1l- YW, 1,1 f Y,. The A. 81 M. Press THE A. 8: M. PRESS is headed by Mr. S. C. Hoyle, Editor of College Publications, who has been with the College for the past twenty-six years. His experience from work with many newspapers and maga- zines in the East makes him qualihed for this very responsible position. The A. Sz M. Press does all printing work for the College such as the Battalion Newspaper, the Battalion Magazine, the Agriculturist, the Engineer, the Texas Aggie, the Forestry News, and the Exten- sioner. This department also does printing work for North Texas Agricultural College and John Tarleton Agricultural College. The shop is fully equipped to do all kinds of printing work T C NONE under the direction of Mr. Hoyle and his staff. Mr. ,l. W. Hall is production director, Mr. T. O. Williams, foreman of the press room, and Mr. David McMinn, composing room foreman. The shop also employs 19 students who not only get valuable experience in this line of work, but are also able to earn a part of their expenses. The A. 8 M. Press has rendered an invaluable service to the College and is to be commended for its elliciency and the quality of its work. 207 -will . .A.liQf'-if. .' -' i T' tOffice of Information and Puhl101tLi!9115'f 1.4 ..L7:T1...v. Lp-.- V-. A- --Y ' -' i 'H' ' ' ' PUBLICITY and information for Texas A. S M. College and its divisions are the responsibility of the Department of Information and Publications. This department has been headed by Director C. Byron Winstead for the past three years. His permanent staff is composed of Mr. H. B. McElroy, Assist- ant Director, and Mrs. H. B. Mclflroy, oliice assistant. Mr. E. C. Oates was employed as statistician this year. Students who are employed by the ottice are H. Y. Duncan, Roy P. Cates, Ralph Henderson, and Billy Parker. One of the greatest tasks of the oltice is supplying athletic information and pictures to the leading publications of the state and the nation. Information is also provided concerning the Experiment Station, the lfxtension Service, Department of Forestry, and the G. BYRON NXINSTE.-XD Department of Fish and Came Conservation. The College radio station, W'l'.-XW, under the supervision of Professor H. C. Dillingham and Mr. John Rosser, is also under the direction of this department. Through the elliorts of College otlicials and the Board of Directors, plans to double the present power of the station and install a new 3226000 transmitter were approved by the Federal Communications Commission. The Information and Publications Otlice is wire correspond- ent for the :Xssociated Press, Cnited Press, and International News Service, and also writes special stories for all publications requesting items of particular interest to certain areas. 208 S J 2 Z 5 M. t t l Senior Livestock Jud ing Team g - -V I "- r -- 4-1-1 utr V- f 1 gif, - iv' I il fL"J+-as v,,, j , , g, , IN IQXRNING their places as members of the 1940 International Livestock Judging Team, the six Animal Husbandry seniors in the picture above had to defeat the efforts of a field of 13 seniors who started daily workouts at the beginning of the fall term. On November 9, with 20 learns entered, the :Xggies were fourth in the Intercollegiate Contest at the :Xmerican Royal Livestock Show at Kansas flity, Missouri. On November 30 in the biggest contest of its kind in the world, held annually at the lnterrational Livestock Exposition at Chicago, the ,-X. 8: M. team finished second of 31 teams representing all the major agricultural colleges in the United States. ln judging the various classes the team stood as follows: horses, eleventh: cattle, second: sheep, third, and swine, Hfth. Foster was fourth high man of the contest and stood fourth in judging horses and cattle. lsialliham was seventh in cattle judging. Individual honors cannot be bestowed, as the team was well balanced, and its success was due to the combined effort and the consistent work of all members. Much credit, however, is due to the Saddle and Sirloin fllub for its financial support, and to all members of the .-Xnimal Husbandry Department teaching staff and to the herdsmen for their specialized and unselfish assistance at all times. PIII g Poultry J Team. f fr ELLIS COACH PARNELL PRICE XXll,IxP1ltStlN Dl-INIKE THE POLYLTRY JKDGING TEAM duplicated its performance of last year in the National Collegiate Poultry Judging Contest, held in Chicago, by again taking fourth place this year. How- ever, the competition proved stiffer in that sixteen states were represented compared to the eleven entered last year. Fred Price placed third in the individual judging of the production bird, and was eighth high in individual prizes. ln preparation for the National contest the team judged many South and Central Texas shows and fairs, and on the trip north they visited six other state schools doing practice judg- ing and studying Poultry Husbandry Departments. The trip proved of value to the students educationally, and provided them with many interesting experiences. For the past two years the team has presented a consistent record and brought national recognition to the department. Much of the tearn's success is credited to Coach Ed Parnell, who has given much time to their instruction and supervision. it si :QS 4. IQ ltxlhlv N. lt. YXRI,I'NtL It. It. I-1IXXl,lflt I, K. XDXN15 -L I.. IHHYI-II.l. 'llllf IJAXIHY Hl'SB:XNDHY ,HVIJGING 'l'l'i:XlNl judged many shows and spent countless hours in preparation for eompetition in the National lnler-tiollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest heltl tletolmer 12, at llarrislmurg, Pa. ln eompetition with twenty-hve teams from various states, inelucl- ing the lop-ranking tlairy eattle states, the team finished eleventh in Jersey cattle and eleventh in Guernsey eattle jumlging, antl tool-Q twelfth place in total sc,-ore. Traveling a total distance of 3800 miles through I3 states the team stutliecl the various tlairying methotls of other sections ot' the eountrv. The trip provetl not only E'lll1C'2lllUlltll hut interesting as the team visited such plat-es of interest as flettvshurg, Washington U. ti., Mt. Yernon, and Vicksburg. The 'lieam is eomposeml of tlhas. F. Hairtl, Carlton, Texas: li. B. Fowler, Rockwood, Texas: N. li. Yarling, Rosenberg, Texas: antl J. K. .-Xclams, Tulia, Texas. . Crops Judgmg V 1 COACH POTTS N1l'l'CHELL SCOTT THYSI-ILL BUTLER THE CROPS JUDCINC TEAM, under the direction of R. C. Potts, has received national recogni- tion forthe last four years. This year the 1940 Crops team entered two lnternational Crops con- tests: one was held at Kansas City, Missourig and the other at Chicago, Illinois. These contests were divided into three parts. First, the identification of some 185 crops, weeds, and diseases. Second, the commercial grading of grain, hay, and cotton according to Federal standards. Third, the judging of the major farm crop for seed and planting purposes. At the Kansas City con- test the team was second in identification, fourth in commercial grading, fifth in judging, and fifth in the entire contest. At Chicago, the team placed fourth, and received a 559100 award. Monty Mitchell was high individual of the entire contest. Monty received a diamond-studded, gold medal for his winning. The team, composed of Mitchell, J. Scott, J. R. Thysell, and E. R. Butler returned from their trip confident that their college life had been enriched by the experience they received from their crop judging activities. 213 I A' THE A. fi M. Meats Judging Team made a fine showing this year in spite of the stiff competition it faced in both of its contests. These boys represent the best we have in the field of judging beef, pork, and lamb cuts and carcasses. The team is coached by Professor C. E. Murphy, of the Animal Husbandry Department, who has been tireless in his efforts to make this one of the best meats judging teams in the nation. The regular team is composed of Tommy Stuart, H. J. Richards, and E. M. Rosenthal, with fl. Y. Breithaupt serving as alternate. At the Southwest Meats Judging Contest at Fort Worth, the team was nosed out of first place honors by a two-point margin to lose to Oklahoma A. Sz M. ln this contest, Tommy Stuart was high point man of the field, placing first in both pork and lamb. Rosenthal was second in the beef judging contest. At the lnternational Meats Judging Contest in Chicago, the team took eighth place in the closest contest of recent years. The team and coach attribute their successful year to the Saddle and Sirloin Club and the Animal Husbandry Department who enabled them to make the trips to these contests. 214 1' fl 51 ll ' A .luinorl U Judging Team A3- tifm fl 'ig if-'jig ness, 1,or,rH.i,a. rain.. 41mm-1, sr1wx'1'. 4Il.I',VlilAXIl, mimi VIN Rorzmzu THE JUNIOR LIVESTOCK IUDCING TEAM won the l9Mll Senior College judging contest at the South- western Exposition and Fat Stock Show. There were 20 teams participating. The Aggies were first in judging sheep. and tied for first in judging horses and mules: they were sixth in swine and eighth in heef Cattle. N. V. Craig was high man in cattle judging: V. J. Loelfler and G. H. Grote were tied for second high man in sheep judging: and C. H. Grote was fifth high man in the entire contest. Two days of intensive practice judging was also done at the Houston Fat Stock Show. One week-end trip was made to Gatesville. and the IH high men of the squad worked the week hefore the contest in stock farms in the vicinity of Fort Worth. Much credit for the training of the squad is due the entire Animal Husbandry Department. including the h erdsmen. and especially Pat Stout and W. M. Warren. who gave much valuable assistance and time. The following were candidates for the team: Anderwald. F. R. Beasley, Chas. w Grote. C. H. Berry. W. T. Hardin. J. J. Bode. C. W. Murry. A. L. Hart. VV. M. Burks. M, L, Pendleton. W. L. Hess. F. I. Cleveland. J. B. Pronger. A. L. C . N V Jackson.H.D. R J B raw, . . a . . . D Jahnel. C. R. pp Ruble. H. M. Loeffler. V. J. Stuart. T. E. Taylor. 1. B. 215 'Q "'?3'Ti WW' ff-iw A y I The Aggleland y THE AGCIICL.-XND ORCHESTRA has met with unprecedented success this year. Numerous engagements have resulted in increased popularity. Under the competent baton of Maestro Ed Minnock, the band has the ability to turn out sweet-swing as well as jive, and the exceptional quality of its music has made it even more popular than many of the big-name orchestras that have played on the campus. The boys who make up the orchestra are Rufus Pearce, Frank Barnes, Tommy Nelson, Herbert Doerr, Wally Scott, Henry Baushausen, Murray Evans, Jack McGregor, Joe Germany, Fred Nelson, and Charles Bickley. During the football season, the orchestra played for dances on the Dallas and Waco Corps trips, as well as numerous dances after games played on Kyle Field. During the Christmas holidays, the Aggieland played for home town club dances at Wichita Falls, Paris, San Angelo, Menard, Orange, and Victoria: a battle dance was featured in Dallas on New Year's Eve. Highlight of the Spring dance season was the orchestrais engagements at the Barnyard Frolic and the annual Cotton Pageant and Ball. The Aggieland Orchestras contribution to our entertainment and enjoyment is a service that is appreciated by the faculty and the students. 216 NB - v ff-was -nxw-s-.,. 4- -4 .-Q. f fw sg P+' I , 'f.::"f1-f 'safe NX gif il '- - 'ri':Nc"'l ' 15.535-5s git.. , s' .53-vii-v1"5:1m51y53g:.',f-.-iff:-gm .ali ' L 'ff 1.-YT.-N '-if. g , .1 i .. . :Was-'vx.:,..i nz . 1 ...ss.r-4- ax- , -:fs ' 1 ' sf Ibex, 2' " P+ .,,-,K fl, W .. .,. Alexander. 1.0. Allen. 0. G. Ashury. F. D. Aycoek. Jack Babcock. Charles Bentinck. George Bing. Roland Boling. T. J. Brimberry. W. O. Button. J. R. Cardwell. Walter Carter. W. C.. Jr. Carpenter. James Clarkson. Bill Crane. Bob Davis. Billy Douglas. Ed. Decker. Jack Fuermann. George Gabriel. Don Gillis, Tom Golman. Phil Gordon. E. A. Haiken. Mike President ....... Vice President .... Secretary Treasurer. . . Haile. Herbert Haines. Lamar Haines. Paul Hall. Wvalter Hancock. J. B. Harrison. T. R. Hanger. W. G. Heitkamp. R. L. Henard. E. S. Henderson, Tommy Hendricks. Jack Herman. Bill Hollimon. Jack Hook. Carl Van Huhhard. Keith lnglefield. Ralph Johnson. H. O. Jones. .lack Jones, I. P. Jones. R. B. Keith. J. J. Kyzar. E. B. Kilpatrick. L. L. Klein. Ed. Knowlan. Frank . . . . .vlelll Montgomery . . . . . . . .Bill Becker ....A.J Lamlrerson. .lack Lassiter. J. B. Leland. Tom Levine. Phil LOrt'l. Sid Lynn. Harvey McReynolds. Z. A. May. John Mehegan. J. D. Miller. Bob Miller. Beverly Miller. Jack Mittendorf. Ehrhard Montgomery. Jeff Moore. Tommy Moore. W1 A. Myers. L. V. Nelson. Jack Nishet. Bob Oxford. WY. F. Pierce. J. B. Pinson. David Powell. R. L. Power. Tom . Robinson Punch. Don Ramirez. A. R. Rice. Lee Roherts. Ben. Jr. Rolninson. A. J. Robinson. M. H. Rogers. Lee Rosenthal. E. M. Sain. King Santoni. E. L. Siegal. Jack Shields. Earl A. Speer. Mike Sterling. Mac Taylor. George Tennison. L. B. Thurman. D. C. Trantham. Earl. Jr Tumlinson. Pete Vannoy. Tom Wvatson. WY. A. Wilmeth. E. D. Woodman. George Wright. .l. E. Wvynn. Dow Yentzen. V. A. -1, -1 FIRST TI-INURS Bell. R. L. Carlsen. C. A. Crossland. J. H. lflu ood. ll. Leaeh. J. D. Mansfield. N. Nlartin. li. Nliehalli. H. Mf'Corlile. H. Saenz. l".. Jr. Stephens. I. 5. Straeener. J. H. Sl'ilf0ND 'l'l'iNORS linsh. lf. H. liarnes. C. Clark. lf. 5. Collins. T. H. Cordall. P. Colwieli. li. Donovan. l". H. Fajardo. C. Hartmen. H. F. Heath. l". C.. Jr. Lehman. C. L. MCComh. D. S. President ......... Yiee-President .... Lihrarian ....... Husiness Wlirilliiglll l'ul,flic'ity Managei McCorguodale. A Morris. A. A. Pauls. lf. C. Pealor. J. P. Petitfils. A. F. Higgens. H. M. Hoherts. A. W. Holrertson. W. M. Sample. R. A. Smith. H. R. Stuelenfuss. C. Wvakeland. E. W. Weirus. R. Williamson. W. C. BA RITON ES Allen. J. W. Bartlett. J. D. Binle. J. D. Borland. A. M. Hoy les. H. Brenner. M. L. Drown. A. linmstead. WJ. A. Chalmers. W. H. Colgin. J. H. Davies. D. W. . . . .Charles W. Zahn . . . . . . .Pete Adams .. .Allison Barron .....Cilt Michalk . . . .Reynolds Smith Dodge. J. A. Fannin. C. L. Fernandez. H. Forman. H. Graves. W. F. Hatchel. J. W. Heim. C. H. Hurt. R. Kercho. M. Maas. H. Mallard. C. K. Martin. S. S. Mason. J. S. Measeles. H. Nlc'Cvee. T. H. Patterson. P. St-hleeter. C. C. Sehwartze. G. Sigut. G. Solo. M. A. Stephens. J. Swilley. C. R. Wakefield. C. U. Wathen. E. H. Yater. J. M. Yeary. J. C.. Jr. Zahn. C. W. BASSES Adams. C. A. Bailey. L.. Jr. Brakebill. C. H. Burks. S. V. Clark. J. Coffman. J. Curts. K. M. Darnell. W1 L. Erlund. D. J. Cohmert. W. A. Hollowell. H. W Horan. J. B. Lenert. A. A. Manning. K. Mork. M. M. Morris. C. N. McDuffie. J. C. Niskimins. WJ. Reynolds. A. W1 Jr Salm. L. C.. Jr. Sehuler. Cv. A. Vaughn. WJ. V. Weed. J. M.. Jr. Zahn. C. L. Zercher. J. THE PURPOSE OF THE HOUND'l'ABI,E CLUB is to hring A. K M. students in contact with students of other colleges and universities for the discussion of current prohlems. Since dehate tends to he more argu- mentative. the Roundtahle Cluh was formed to replace the llelvate Team with the hope of encouraging more progressive discussions. In their meetings with representatives of other schools. the Roundtalvle Cluln attempts to exchange ideas and arrive at a conclusion. This form of discussion is new. Texas A. K M. is the first college in the Southwest Conference to adopt it. The organization is sponsored hy the English Department through Mr. C. 0. Spriggs and Mr. J. Hays. The Presiding Officer of the Roundtable Cluh is lllaxo Thompson. and George Hardin is Secretary- Treasurer. Other memhers of the eluh are Don Gabriel. John Lawrence. Robert Crawford. and Carlton Sheran. This year the outstanding discussion was a hroadcast with the T. S. C. W. Roundtable Cluh. Regular meetings on the campus were held throughout the year for the discussion of contemporary prohlems. The Roundtable Club is an asset to the school in that its ultimate purpose is toward more intelligent reasoning and consideration of prohlems we will encounter throughout our lives. -1 KIM GA' HS, lll'1.l-ik, ISl'tIllXN'lY. lil 'XlI'I-1144, LUN XTSHIK. lItNXl.l'lY, IHUXSHY. I7l'Nl.XN, ll UNI-lk. H. HEYIDIERSIVN. XY. lll-INIPERSUN. Ili-QNKIC, HENRY IIERNIAN ll'I4'I4IHQX. ,IXLK IUXIHHHIIQII, JHIIN KIKlHktlL'tLll. l.XNl-IY. l,X President. . . Vive Presiilent. . Sec-reta1'y-T1'easL1 rer Sergeant-al-Arms. . Adams. B. J. Ballow. Cecil Bueek. lloy Buchanan. A. H. Bumpers, I.. P. Conatser. W. lf. Cowley, H. E. Nl, I.lfNl55I-IY. . . .Howard Shelton . . .Joe Rothe ... ...Jim Parker . . . .Bill Dawson Dawson, WY. H. Duncan. H. V. 220 Dwyer, Sammy Hauser. H. F. Henderson, J. R. Henderson. R. Viv. Henke. C. E. Henry. P. C. Herman, 0. C. Jeffrey. W. M. Kimbrough. J. A. Kimbrough, J. C. Laney, V. M. Lang, J. T. Lindsey, Jack M0 SEK. K1lil.llHl,lAN, I'1.NNl-Ql.I.. PXRKHR. l'l'1l1HN. l'I HH, KXHN, IUPTIII-l, RHI TT, Nl tllL4.IX, 5lIIQl,'liHN. SIXIXIUNS, SNII'lll. Nl'IXl'IN. S'I'l-.RI.IN4Q. STI-.YI-.N 1lNlfkS4IX, VXI IGIIN. XX IEBFTIHK. NN ESNUY. Moser. R. ll. Nlnlhollan. H. Xl. Pannell. E. W. Parker, ,limmie Pc-den. Roy L. Price. C. W. Pugh. M. C. Hahn. L. F. Reeves. J. R. Hohnetl. M. F. Ronclow. W. H. Rothe. J. H. Hoult. Wi. A. Ruby. M. S. Scoggin. J. D. Shelton. J. H. Simmons. E. A. Smith. E. L. Spivey. M. C. Sterling. J. H. Stevenson. Charlie Thomason. J. N. Vaughn, Tommie Wiehster. J. D. Wesson. T. E. Q' r 5? 'rx I ,f -" fl -'F ' , gs ii' f ' - L.. - 1 ti. 'Q X 4 . A, ,Vx Aux I -E - 5. 12 .V f fps Q' 'Fig sd' ' 7 X 'Q rd X KIPAKIS. AI,I-LX.-KNIDIIK. IHIITSCHMID, BI-IYII.I.l'f, I5UI,'l'UN. BROWN. BRUCE. BRUNIPRETT. B. BYKD. IC. BYIID. IARSIIN, lIIIl"I'IIIII-III. Cl'I'I'LES. IPI-Q-XX. IhI'1CKI'Il'I, IIRAPEII, ELLIOTT, l'IY.-INS. FITCH, FLYNN, FUX. FRENCH. IZILLIS, ILUl,S'I'H'N. IIRAIDY. GRANT, GHASSIIUI-'I-', IIACGARIP. Captain .......... .... J oe Slieker Second-in-Command .. ..... Tom Hill I Tom Stovell Second Lieutenants. . . . . IE. E. Byrd Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . .David Yarbrough First Sergeant ..... . . .Louis Kercheville Line Serge-ants. . .... l Max Jordan I David Fiteli MILITARY ADVISORS Lt. Colonel James A. Vliatson Major 0. C. McIntyre Lt. Colonel F. V. M. Dyer Captain T. A. Adcoek Lt. Colonel F. A. Hollingsliead Captain Wi. S. McCulley Major J. F. Stevens Lt. G. P. Lerner life N K 1' .X X M wi' I -I X -1 S x. . ,... K 5 N, as X lil . if dba' Pg 1 .- , I! tiny .E A 5. HAINES, HALTDM, H-tN5LN. HKRDIN IIARRINILTKIN HI-'NIDEHSUN HIVFIN' H HILL 'I HILI.. HORTON G. JOHNSON. H. JOHNSON, JORDAN, KAIIINA. KELLEI IxI'KfHI-IIILE RIN! LITTLE. LORD, MANS NIARSII. MARTIN, MERNITZ. MGURI NAIII-I Adams. F. B. Alexander. R. W Beville. A. H. Beyer. D. A. Bolton. P. M. Brundrett. WV. M. Byrd. E. E. Carson. J. L. Decker. H. C. Elliot. B. H. Freeborn. E. I. French. L. F. Fox. R. L. Gallagher. J. J. Grant. A. D. Crasshoff. L. H. Haines. P. C. Hammond, I. L. Henderson, T. S. SENIORS Hidell. WY. H. Higgins. W. S. Hill. T. D. Hubbard. J. B. Johnson. H. 0. Kelley. L. N. Langford. R. I Little. R. B. Lord. S. C. Mann. J. G. Martin. L. B. Mernitz. J. C. Mulvey. J. R. Murphey. P. L. Nalley. J. R. Owens. M. B. Phillips. R. F. Power. T. L. Purcell. G. B. I AN1 FORD I XRRICY, LASIELI. Ragland. J. D. Roach. ,L Sanders. H. G. Shiels. E. F. Skinner. J. Wi. Slicker. ,l. A. Smyth. N. B. Stanley. E. C. Stanley. V. B. Steed. N. A. Stiemel. R. M. Stovell. T. H. Taylor. G. C. Thomas. .L W. Thompson. M. J. Whitney. E. P. Williams. T. S. Yarbrough. D. B. 'IQ 7 mai 4. f 'ri T 223 I' TX XXII ,fini il. .-'N X IH-'N I XXIII IIXXI I-I IIPIIIN N IIII-I lxIlXI lik. SIJCKIEII. SXIIIII Xllllll-li I'-XRIxXI-XX IINIINK 'XII-X X IXNIIX IIIXIII I NI IXXI III FHUXIXS. I II ILXILR XX XIXUOIID XXHIIXIURI- I IXXI X Xltlllililf H lla I'lSC'llIlll1l. .-X. H . Beekman. XXI. L. llrown. R. IJ. llruee. R. IXI. Byrd. L. Crutcher. R. L. Cupples. J. J. Dean. H. I. Dickerson. XXI. F. Dougherty. R. C. Draper. L. C. Fllis. VII. R. Ifvans. A. IJ. Fvans. S. L. Fitch. D. R. Flynn. C. J. Gillis. T. Coldston. J. IXI. Grady. W. R. JUNIORS Haggard. C. Ii Haltom. C. W. Hansen. H. Hardin. J. J. Herrington. H Hill. H. B. Horton. E. L. Johnson. G. Jordan. IXI. Kallina. F. P. Kercheville. L. King. G. R. King. J. J. Langford. J. R Larrey. L. A. Lasell. A. Marsh. C. R. Martin. C. S. McKellar. A. S .L Moore. L. Moore. XXI. A. Neeley. H. S. Ogden. XXI. C. Ramsell. C. W. Robinson. W. T. Schmidt. K. E. Skidmore. R. C. Smith. I. XXI. Smither. ,l. IXI, Sparkman. C. IXI. Spencer. R. Stone. J. H. Taylor. C. IXI. Titley. R. Todd. W. XIV. Ulmer. C. IVI. Xvalvoord. ,l. IXI. Xlllliitmore. H. E. gi gf' I f bw -f X ii wk it Iililtlllxi Vi IIAIUX ASHBUHN I.ANtll-'MKII hl I'Il NPH- 1-X HIHN THE BASIC FVNCTION of higher education is to bring an awareness to the mind of the student of the facilities that he can utilize to make his life more complete and enjoyable. This aim is furthered by the Y.M.C.A. Council by bringing outstanding men of the College and prominent outside speakers before student discussion and study groups. The subjects treated cover a wide field-vocational, educational, social, political, and economical problems-so that the student will have a better conception of the problems he must face in later life. Through the sponsorship of the Cosmopolitan Club, the Y.M.C.A. Council has brought about a closer relationship between the foreign students on the campus. .M the "Yu, the student has an excellent place to spend his leisure time. The lobby, prin- cipal meeting place on the campus, has a reading room and is equipped with ping pong tables. ln the basement there is always a crowd playing billiards or bowling. The moving pictures at the :Xssembly Hall are brought to the students at cost so that they may have more hours of entertainment at less expense. Through their encouragement of mental and physical development, the Y.lVl.C.A. Council has contributed much to the student in making him a better individual and a better citizen. Holton. P. M. Byrd. E. E. Brown. C. W' Carson. J. L. Colgin. C. Corns. R. T. Duce. T. E. Floyd. J. T. Haines, P. C Keeton. E. R. Lasell, A. D. Loving. F. A. Nisbet. R. E. Power. T. L. President ...... Vice-President .... Yice-President .... Secretary .... Treasurer. Richey. T. li. Roherts. R. C Stach. P. J. Stanford. W. T. Wvehner. E. L. Wolf. J. B. Ring. R. Blanton.1. F. Copeland. E. Cupples. J. J. Collins. C. Egner. P. 0. Cillis. T. S. Hagan. V. D. Hardie. R. H. . . . .Preston Holton . . . .Tom Richey .. . .Paul Haines Paul lfgner ... .Fred Smitham Homan. C. C. lnglefield. R. H Ke xiri y. R. D. King. J. R. Powell. R. G. Rascoe. WY. M. Smitham. F. A. Thrift. W. T. Walton. D. H. Womack. N. T. Adlcisson. WY. M. Brandon. P. WY. Cardwell. VT . W Dreiss. W. F. Ellsherry. S. A. Goppert. J. C. Hartman. E. C. Link. C. W. Miller. J. B. Mulhollen. R. Wi. Nagel. J. C. Nance. O. A. Rafferty. E. T. Rogers. E. T. Scholl. J. H. Smith. A. Solether. N. W. Stuteville. C. D. Wvorth. R. F. - .,, 22 1 5 . ,-. :LQ Anderwald. F. R. Ashlrurn. R. S. Raueom. I. C. Haus. R. Revaqua. I.. I. Rreeher. Bill Rrown. Rernard Rurke. R. P. Cangelosi. A. Carr. Ed Colgin. IQ. R. Cousosulis. P. A Covington. A. Cullinan. J. M. llolan. J. IJ. Dougherty. R. C. Floyd. I". Foley. C. S. Gahriel. lion Colshy. G. WI. President ........ Vice President ..... Secretary ........ Treasurer . .... Gruy. V. K. Haenelt. P. I. Hallowell. H. VI Hart. W. J. Hogan. E. I. Ivey. A. H. Ivey. Ed Ivey. R. WI. Kallina. F. P. Kaspar. J. ,l. Kelly. P. I.. Kelly. V. P. Kupper. R. VV. Lalmus. Ifmerieh Liehnovsky. Ioe Mac-eiras. R. P. Marcello. C. J. Marcia. A. F. Masterson. WY. J. Matzner. O. R. Mees. Nick L.--, . . . .F. If. Provost Moneada. G. R. W. Ulhrich Ralph Mulvey . .John L. Zerr Mulvey. Ralph Mc-Carr. J. P. MeLeaish. R. B. Mclueaish. T. J. Nye. F. R. Ullnrich. R. W' Outterside. C. Owens. P. N. Pauler. C. J. Philp. W. H. Pesek. .I. T. Ploeh. H. J. Powell. J. L. Provost. F. E. E. Rasmussen. D. H. Rehkemper. A. C. Rehkemper. Jack Reinhart. O. J. Roberts. C. M. Rodriguez. E. F. sc ,..r Romo. R. R. Rosenhlath. Q. T Schawe. E. J. Shields. E. A. Sigut. G. Smith. S. A. Stallings. E. R. Straich. C. B. Sueltenfuss. C. F Sullins. R. T. Thompson, R. O. Tomaso. L. Trevino. M. P. Underwood. G. M Vajdos. J. M. Wellhorn. I. H. Yanta. Edwin Zalman. VII. J. Zerr. J. L. Zuniga. R. .L.., qu-4. , Hillel Clubl y J Aaron. Edward Baumgarten. Artlnlr Bernkrant. Alfred Bernkrant. Louis Beyehok, Milton B. Bistrow. Elvin Blanklield. .lack Blum. Irwin Bogen. Sidney Borer, Maurire Bornstein, Simon Brin, Harris Brounes. Pincus Daiehes, ,lerome Dan. Marshall Deutser, Bernard Dougherty, Frank Ely, Lewis Epstein, Robert Fink, Harold Finkelstein, Maynord Forman, Jack Forman, Sol President ..... Vice-President . . . Treasurer .... Secretary ........ Parliamentarian. . . Frank. Selig llulewsky. Louis Illasser, lrving Glaze-r. lrving llolllfein. William Colman. .loe liflllllilll, Philip Gordon, William l,ll'PllLl4lf'T..l0!4PIll1 Gross, ,loe flll,fI,t?I1l'lr'lIl!, Milton Haikin. lull'l1Llt'l l'lausnlan. Harold Heidenheimer, Vllinaton llollender. A. llurst, Charles Jacobs, Ike Jaeollson, Herbert Jameson, Henry Kahn, Allllie Karin, .loel Kaufnlan, Birhard Kelller. William liesner. Sam Kessler. Sidney Klein. Edward Klotzman. Allen Kopit. .lulius Leif, David Lepon. Edward Leon. Louis Leventhal. David Levy. lose-ph Levy. Gearge Levine. Phil Lewis. Harold Ll4'll6llFI6ll1. Morris Lippman. Louis Lipstate. John Linn. Adolph fllaniloll. Leon Marks, Ellis Nlark, lrwin Nlarrisoil. Albert Mayer. Alex Mehlman, Harold orris Lichenstein .. .l'lIllllllllt'l Smith ......5elig Frank William Gordon . . . . .Phil Levine Nle-yer. llllil 'lllrllul-ls. N lfilbl' Mintz. Sol Morrison, Willium lxllll'lilll1l.ll'VlllL,' Nayowitz. Bernzlrd NtlZl.wlllll1llll lllunto. Morris llraeger. A. ,l, llraeger. .loel llirkofl. Leo Rzlppl-pol't. Myron Regellllogell. Milton Reivh. Milton Rirhllook, Seymor' Rolnick, Gerald RllSf'lllJl'Tfl, Norman R475l"llllPfg!, Raymond Rosa-llsteill. Sammy Rosenthal. Ely Rosenthal, ,IHIIIPS Roth. Boll Kuttenherg. .lake Sall. lrxing Samarel. lsaal- Samarel. Slllllllt' Sellill. Seymour S4,'l'lfF'IlZf'l, Ezra Srhwarz. Arthur Schwarz, Edwin Sf-illel. Aron Siegel. Cordon Siegel. .lark Sigal, Max Smith. Emanuel Stien, Jerome Stein. Perry Stone James lllrodlier. Harry Tudzin. Nathan Vener. Alvin Xfl0flt'lIl13lI, Leo Weinler, Leon Wizig. lllayllard Wolf. Leo Wlolf. Raymond -4-. -'xx S , .. .. , , . ..,.,1X. .. ,L im . I . Til ,- President ...... . . .Porfirio Cadena Vice-Presiclent. . . . . .David Phillips Secretary ..... .... B ill Vlvhall 'llreasnrer. .. ...C. C. Collins liziggialr-y, Robert Wilson llarraulvs. .lose Hanlon llaznn, Ruben H1-net, llumln-rto Alolin llenitez, Raphael lfarlos R4-nit:-z, Sergio llernanrlez llornstein, Simon Carl:-na. llorlirio ifalvillo. ,l nan. .l r. llnnn-jo, Daniel llautu. l'. ll1ll'lSl'lI,flllSlElVl'A1lIlllhll Caro. Hubs-n H. ffgirrillo. Salvador .lose llarvajal. Vin-1-lite' Emilio ifnsta, Domingo Alfonso 411-rvalrtr-s, Homulr- liliavoii. Pedro ,lose 12Iu1ng1,lIuwarrl Fong llllf'l'1l.,l0I'QLP Y. Ching, Wllll lfhoy lIlym-s. George W. Collazo. :Xlfonsu .losi- l1ollilis,lf.lf. l.1llllllS, Vt . JN.. ,l r. Hook. RllSSf'll,llll1llSHll tjupr-lrrnd, Genr- 4. . .I'lssolI. Rolwrl lJLll'l'1'll Daxis, ,lolin Nr-wtou Daxis, ll:-are K. De la Torre. Albert Dorantes. Nl. A. Dowell, Paul Harry Dwelle, Deward Dennison l'lf'l1egaray. .l ulio A. lfir-helniann. .-Xugust Anthony Fajardo. Cabino C. Fernandez, Robert Anthony l"ernandeZ. Xavier Henry Frenvli, Lawrem-e R. Floyd. Fernando Caray. Ramon Diaz, Jr. Garda. Cuillm-rmo Martin flarria. H. M. Garnett, Vllalter Lowry, .lr. Garza. Augustin Gonalez Garza, Jose M. Salvador Garza. Roque Gonzalez Govliiroa, Carlos A. GonzaleZ.f1arlos Quinones fluimoye. Peflro Antonio llagan, Vines' ll. llr-rnanrlnz. llertor Antonio llill. .lame-s llagur- lloran. .lolm ll., ,I r. llumplirie-s. George Vlfesley Knust. rllhomus ,l. larssaile. ll:-nry In-onartl. lfurtis Vestal l,opeZ. I'lt'l'IlLlllllU Lopez. Ulaguilieet .-K. Loving. Frank A. Luttrell. .lose Nlanrillas. Fran:-isf-o Antonio Marquez. Antonio Nlarqm-s. .loao Quintiliano hlartinez. Cesar Fraii1'isc'o hlartinez, Osvar Nivolas Mast-orro. M.. .lr. Nlatvhett. Cliristoplier Roy Nlatlwiiey. Robert George lNle-Neil, H. C. Mendiela. H. B. fllom-ada. Guillermo Antonio, ,lr. lNlontemayor, Ponviano Salvdor Nlujiva. Nlicliael Ness. lm Perel Otero. Manuel Emilio Paiva. Roy Miller Phillips, David Planarleluall. Fram'isr'o Salvador Pye. E:lg1arT. Quisenberry. Mr. S Mrs. J. H. Hvgis. Edgar Oliveira Rider, Arthur M. Rivera. Niguel Angel H4Dlll'lg,llQ'Z. Luis Guillermo Hoge-rs. .lohn Walter Hose-, Donald Russell Ruiz. F. G. Samarel. Isaav Sanborn. Frank Durham Santoni. Eugene Luis Svhiavo. l.. J. Svhalit. E. E. Sealy. .loe Frank Simpson, Larry Olin Skelly, Charles A.. .lr. Sl0llgl1..l3ITlPF Snydelaar. Nif-holass Adrianus Soto. Miguel Angel Sullivan, Thomas Charles Tamargo, Emilio M. Thielsvh. H. Tillotson. Donald Edward Toro, Enrique, Jr. Toro, Edward E. Torres, Antonio, Rafael Trevino, Manuel Perez Trigo, ,lulio Enrique Urdaneta, Rafael S. Valle. Jose O. Vasquez. Heliodoro V. Valon. Ernst Villamil, George Villamil, Rafael Eladio Vllannoni, Luis Watkins. Dir-kerson Roberts Whall, Clifford W. Willis. Carlos Antonio Q' 'ir' l A. 81 M Student Lutheran Association 1 Pastor Reverend Ixurt Hdltmdll N116 P16 ulent .... A. N 1 111 P16 ldent Call X H1Cl1te1 Secletalx Tua H161 Sidney VS He1z1k Sev1el211'v-'Flea 11161 ll 51?-4, it 2 Baca. Clarenve J. Bolmslave. A. J. Bucek. R. E. Cerrenka. C. J. Havlik. M. D. Hornak. V. Joe President ..... Vice-President .... Secretary-T1'easuxf'1 He-porter. . Social Chairrnqn Huser. Joe E. Janak. F. A.. Jr. Kallina. Fred P. Kaspar. Johnny L. Kaspar. Joe L. Krenek. H. H. Kulhanek. B. J. . . . .Paul Stacll .....J. W. Mendl .Y. Joe Hornak H. L. Skrabanek .Fred P. Kallina Lichnovsky. Joe Mendl. J. WV. N0v0Sf1.d. N. N. Pe-cena. Ben J. Pesek. J. T.. Jr. Pe-trash. E. B. Pustejovsky. J. J. Skalnik, C. R Skrabanek. R Skripka. P. P Stash. Paul Trcalek, B. F. Zabcik. C. J. l ? a I F Y g. l v -...Q-' . 'J xl LA. X , 5 Y- ' 1 I 'IIEJI I CA L IVA IIFA IIE SER VICE Of all the branches of the armed forces of the United States Army, one of the smallest that may engage in combat is the Chemical Vlfarfare Service. Training in the use of toxic chemicals in war is based only on the possibility of their being used hrst by hostile arrrries. It is true that chemical agents of an harassing nature, such as tear gas, screening and incendiary agents, will be used: hence, training in their employment is continually carried out. The value of smoke can be illustrated by the use of it on the infantry rifle range. When an average group of riflemen are hring on visible targets, they can hit the targets on 33 per cent of their shots. When the targets are covered with smoke, 12 per cent of the shots are hits. If the riflemen are covered by a smoke screen, they can get only 3 per cent hits. This means that if we cover an enemy with smoke we can obtain tire superiority in the ratio of four to one. The need of a separate branch to perform this function was realized in the last year of 1Vorld War 1, when the 30th Engineers were transformed into the first chemical regiment. Today, the Chemical 1Varfare Service is a separate organization performing the threefold functions of: Q11 supply of protective equipment such as gas masks, protective clothing, ammunition, mortars, Livens projectors, and chemical ammunition for artillery and air- craft bombs and sprays: Q21 research and training for the protection of our own troops in case of their exposure to gas: employment in combat of chemical troops to aid the other fighting units, which is the work in which the greatest number of men are employed. ln the combat units, the men are trained to fire the 4.2 mortar, which is capable of hurling a 25-pound projectile a maximum range of 24-00 yards. The Livens projectors are usually operated in batteries of 25, and are discharged simultaneously by electrical means. The work of the Chemical Warfare Service is extremely technical, requiring specialized oliicers. lt is for this reason that the enrollment in this branch at Texas A. and M. is limited to those majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering. The unit here is one of the two in the United States, having been established in 1935. The Chemical Warfare Battalion now consists of three full companies, the Seniors of which will receive their commissions in June. M' S. -ji 1 Q:- -z r f J Q T 'ff' Xp' V N. S 1, 1 , . fm .. . jx, -fx! A4 -ln. 5' ,N as , v 5 6 , ' .' Q' .4 4 ' W . . if -' ' 3 3 , X , Km- lg.. , I V1-1,43 , G - ' 4' wt' 'V As- 21' 1" , ,. K N A4 walls "'i5b1g A 11, 13 K V J Www' "5 3. l E4 ' ,wwf-J jj P 'X U 2 q I Aflfq 14 ., M N' ,,19y,,,, fd '1 sg, U l 11- .W uni Mi I fbi 'fi 44,5 JI' ' I J" TY FAIR .l"'N, 'lbw ,Mila X J, fl I I fx,4L,,,,-w,AM-,..,.mM,..w,.,d.,w,w.--6 MW I W ..,x ' , v . Q V W Rpm-zmmm ST Puma mas msn Co.5, 9,,D . V' '7nA' , 1 .'jQQ"'......wT"4,i1 , A HW' 'T 1 WL ,Lu ' V Y1f"'! ' Q , x ,mir WJ qv br-.nary 1 41 Fe 6,9 'az-. an-vmn FD 1 , +1 1211 XC' 7 -' . A. Lx. . Cole- s' W5 C1-'11, f , if ff' " n v N -x. ,lf-n,"'f' Y':f11f'1V tae 'VLK b+':v'1i I 1 mt- Lu U19 bf-.' " 51'-'Kon -1 -.1 1 J-J.. " , , I "fue :if-fufrvx .141 P:-'Elo flrfl af! a'tff:t1-'n to judrlrxr :he qu-fl11Lf:-Nlmts fx' Fw-'z cnrfiidaff- au1Y,mJP 2,-1' xwkst, wr? in ruL:Xr,.' 'ur' sf-iff' tl-if-: ELF- r'o'e-ii artist, F-.jqx-9 Txfwezlpw. Eiurr, -:nr-i1'in'f' Ls very lcwfxz, mm. tru' tc-Fc-:.1' v-nf E90 sP!ffl:'.x: Fujii- Vvwzf ierri, F'.:sf11 Aziz. Tr-rid ifl'-ylfe Efunrer 'Iv'mr'12.v' 'Vvmi Yltwfirix. 'Lf'-1 Iffxbe '.'1tf""SE11'f' C111 'er'.'i:1,k 'LL u pleas'-' extern my -'frfrn 11.51125 wxiz t ,' 1- no firmer: ani 'f -all of t CW: Pr gf: Mule' 5: , Mx, 'fine Pxar'g1f's if j,-"mr Ar- :wx w v.-r 1r.1'.-Toi. Sincerely, Cecil B. deH111e CBCM-C , ,,,.,,,..,........-V,-,.,....,.--,...,...,,.. .,-,,,..-.,- v J . - f .x. H... ' ...-+ -P' MH 1 7 L 'FC S if 0.451 I, ...ff Mill H7 , f ff E7 WU ff' 4 4.1 H '-.., 4. ll Q...-V nuj 5' f r S 1 ,' f l inf 1 FR 1 cifib Clim- .,..,.,v-...-.. v 1, E959 m.x,!5 Q, f --Q- ' u 'ffm UQ I A -' mu M4 4. ,X-k M V- ,mf J I . , Xyrff If f 1 f W fi' H W4 , ,V I fQ'Ne'Y59m,,.yhQN V S W 's iVL,. ,. XS? , , f 4 ' 5 A. A1 QV 1 'w fi 4' ,, it 4 44 1 Lu '- f lr iii? im ww wg fi.mo ,ff of L,-' x. lvidkilihlk x. ,fl .v H 'E J! If fr ,F X -, Q I o , a ..' X. .-5 qv I L, 1 :L-J, TRI 1, f M U amwzlfff Wiarian www: ' 'L ,."Qff':.w . f aw mg 'VW 1, 5 .f'-41929, ' 313 ' WH Ml, , ff .J ..m ., -,iw 1 ' M4371 ,4 WWW 1-, W 'f " ' 4 ' 'liwfgf , -'wi ' 'Hi I3 :fn ,A ' if .slgwj . ,f P-QHiLe5Q, f i'm?3??z: +i: ,ggw "' 9152 , , x Y I X1 -'ff ' Vt . V iff ' f' " mm, ,gv'3'5 N' 'fl ,.-- iq ,E Mc- L., JOE A. SLICKERC Captain, Ross Volunteers: Captain, D Battery Coast xlrlillery. E L. W E H N E R .Uajar Corps Band: lllernber Selmlarslzip Hanor Society: l"iee1s l1f4'Sifl0IIf fleeoztrzting S0cim'f3,',.,Y,.ffi'A . 13 3 x Ki 1 1 E 1 uf' -'W w-.4tiL8wru.swm" " Y awxwenuwzswva --.............,,.. - A-x.uL'e.a.:sbaSLiSi'5dfl ., .. Q ,E-,.'r' rr' J' X ,J ' 1' W C, 1 A f' Q ' jf W ,Q ll V, M . -. if fs' W. JEFF MONTGOMERY Lieutenant-Colonel Infantry Regi- ment: Secretary'-Treasurer Senior -I Classg Editor Engineer: President Press Club: President Petroleun Engineering Club. JAMES P. GILES l,ieu,tenant-Colonel Field Artillery Regi- ll7t'IIl.f SFCl'C'ffl7'1 Treasurer Stzulent En gineering Coztneil Captain Tennis Team: Il' inner fu n iOr Fielfl fl rtille r mf nllvarzl: President ifreslzma nv C l ass. wr . ,r . lj - f f of: ,v"'H.1 N ?,i.'.,-.l.,A,.4yf:p.f.- ' "xiii, N .Mmm ' dw' "xc-nm-""x BENTON H. ELLIOT PfPSiI1PI1f of the Slzulenl Engi- lIl'l'fl'I1,f.f Council: Cupluin Ist Hq. Batlery Field .-frtillery. 0 K' J. lil! !! I',av1q,b ,f gi! fi '? ,, , Q iw' ui 'fr-m...J g. "'-NM.. fry Band. 1, ,irlilfvry JACK NELSON Social SPCITIIII'-YS6'Ilif1f Classg Captain. Infan- M S. G I L L I S Sf'rg4'u11t-5Ur1jnr Corps Slaff: Vin'- lII'l'SlvI1l'IIf junior Class: funiur Rl'IIf4'.9f'IIfllff1'f' of Sfzulvnl pllfllf- vulinnsg Junior Blllfllfftlll lfflilnr. GABE D. ANDERSON l,ft'Sl'1ll'lIf SFIIIIIIITSIIIIII Honor SU- lf'l'l'fvYf Captain C Hullvry f"1'1'lrf ,ax f V. ww. 91 . , , , . Sm'-1 , 115, - wi. ' . iw Vi -1 3555? K Q V ie, min. ' ., X- fa. n 4', 2 'E , ' - JOHN IXIMBROUGH lV kill 1lIllI'lClllL Football Player: Cllpflllll ln anim Rvginzenlal Stajf. TOM M. HAGOOD Livulelzanl-Cnlorzvl Coax! flrtillery Rf-girnent: Svvrfflury A.S.M.Ii.: lllvllzlzer Sllldvlll Engineering C0llIlL'llJ lvice'-l'rf's1'flf'r1I Lamar Cnurzly .4831 Club. Y " , , fa 73 ,,,' Ax . ,nm . A x g 5'-.55 ,Y I.' 1' 4' ,I r' .1 2 1 ,Q 'Lf r 11", L' Q 55: fd gf 'qi .Qs - QQ ' ff' .. " fs ,L THOMAS B. RICHEY President Senior Class: Livuten ant-Colonel Cavalry Rf'giI7Il'I1l Social lvl-CC-PI'0Sit1f?IIl l,..'lI.C.f1 HOWARD QHELTON J zce President benlor Class: P ESICICIU 7 Club Honor Student g. "em w? 1,.-1, 1. Qzgfggqw -, 'S Hwy 5 fs , , , ,..,f.-N - 'Y:'3"': L SW: ,jeg VA , , ,ei .VW l,,,,l.m,mmL17M:5f, wr ---4 ,.,. ,,.Ai, ...,A I V Q 'FII' wp- Af , y r. 5 e , h.A' if ' fd if me F Qif fig Q E if mwggy MQAWQQQ, , ANC ., A WILLIAM A. B Cadet Colonel ECKER C E. R. KEETON Head Yell Leaderg Major Com- . posite Regimental Staff. n C, 'N 1 Q' Q 'f vw., GEORGE M. FUERMANN ditor Battaliong Chair- man, Student Aid Fund Commit- teeg Director Aggietone News. .J 11 A11 iffy' . 'I e p' , I F' pp ,ww-np, ff 1:11.33 W V .'., W W .x " x s' ,, on , ., Aff 3 ,ff Alf . t. .-,-,IQ 'Ii-.,,,1.-' 4 r ' AIA 'Ig ,s .- ,Z V . ' Ky' , Q! L ' . lv 'JJ R1 Holi A W' J! A61 J . ,' QQ , l ,:, 'E , W, ,,,.f .yi wk V L ,. ..., .. . .ut Whwng ELE B. BAGGETT Editor of the Longhorn: Junior Class. PAUL C. HAINES Lieutenant-Colonel Corps Stafffg Manager Town Hallg Vice-President Y.M.C.A.g Representative Student Publica- tions Board. AUBREY V. HAMILTONFA- L1'eu,ten,ant-Colonel Con1,positei'flfiiL . . . Aw . fps" Regiment: HlSl0fZHlZ4bPl1lOf Class: " President .4.I.Cl1.E. W EIVIUR FA V 01-3 I TE S r" r Q 1 Domrhjv Lunsfoni 'Ilan Ffllllflb Pear won Dons' Ro!h.stc'm Uury June' Clark llorulfw ,Yozzn-f .' PN ,. mj,Q4s' Q'g'f 1 we . V -xx x N m . ,f , "rig, Y 2. fs . , . Q k A N 1' 6 w i: 3 JN M 5' 1 Rx ' , , y, Og X J 9 . . I , Q3 Q . ., qwfiff .D-: ' 5- A X . 'N gi . .sg Sk 5 lfmfqg Q f I Q 1- f s, - - .',:X' it 42 ' M. ' ,. P' 'N Geraldine Belt: Mrs Peck Harder' I I' H R,:qllffBaer Hola Sclvuub 1UqfNQnl I Smqlgx E A 1015 FA V011 I TE S' Cay lr lluris Drro!f11 C01 fPllf16'fl'6 5Cf1fL7bf'f Unrnlfly 'l'f'1un1,r1S 115 rlw Hfmlzffrfcfrr ,J H' 5 ,1A' Henley fifzyh Moqre 1 lfapii HILEQQIL 4 Dbfgm Melmniel "'j Gffl4Yf?',LirL , 1 " , vb' V. -f' '5""L , 'lm ,. 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Davis Loraine C li agman N ina Campbell lgdaher ' ' Paibliri2TPal15rno S ' X Mary Margaret Russell Margaret I oe Cartwright Norma Mays Peggy Chappell Katheryn Gardner Dorothy Murray rr, 'X NE N IUR F IYUHITES .Warlhu Taylor FHIIICCS Blanton Eliuzlvetll Hl.C'A'll7lIIl Stella Buoy Doris Doblis , Paulyne Rutledge Josephine Frey 1,15-zA..:Vj:'-F: N ' qw' K 5 . - ' - - W . , - :ffl .1-'If-Pf . if 'VL f 'Q 'f- 1j,ffi1f,fff,-.Qjq2f' L X - 'giiggzzisgpfl -.I ,X 1?'r-If'i1f2iS-' ,1 , ,liz -..5....:1:4m gx- V :gi , ,z Katlwrine Loffin Moonic Stajord Il I I'14VORI TE Lu, Ella Fuflrell Mrs. Ben Kral ,l0ann.e.41lee Urs. Crwnlw llmnpr r Sophia Stockton Theda Bran! 'E' Brooks Gregg 1VuomiB0ul1vcJll Bvrnice Wzllker Mrs. L. C. RilC',If'lY', fr. Q53 Lois Hurnrfll Dolly Kunlz 58: 94.6 Olkf' Nsaw' " Ll'-- ' Ifff ik--':'fv 1' .HE-.1. ,GN -'f , ' Y-?'Q.i-Lg, wa 1 -rf X f 'Na 12 " -'13 1 .f.f.L11 55? "' 'I f"' f r . , Q5 ' ' 1 1 V ' ' " X H.. T5 "'f' ' .tfifl ' .3 955 'R 15. '-, 'x 4 "" . 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These units work to the front and maintain contact with the slower moving infantry advance guards. Thus, the Cavalry acts as a screen for the more vulnerable foot troops that must move in large bodies. When the enemy is located, the information is rushed back to the infantry troops, enabling them to deploy into combat formations. These advanced Hfeelersn attempt to break through the enemy screen, estimate the approximate strength, and force them to deploy. This not only causes them to lose time and create disorder, but it allows the friendly troops to gain several hundred yards of ground without fighting for it. The action of the cavalry is not a sustained action, but one of speed and maneuver. As the infantry troops begin to move up on the screening forces, the mounted troops withdraw to the flanks to reorganize as a Hank guard or a reconnaissance unit. Their maneuverability makes them invaluable as a force used to envelop or harass enemy Hanks. Today, there is a shortage of combat and armored cars in our regular army, so it is impossible for any R.O.T.C. unit to obtain any of this expen- sive equipment. However, at the outset of cavalry training at Texas A. and M. in 1919, the army provided 60 horses for instruction of the students. The 75 men of Troop nA,'7 the first unit, were taught the tactics of a cavalry organi- zation on these mounts. Today, the Cavalry Regiment consists of two squad- rons of two troops each, a regimental headquarters troop, and one machine gun troop. At the summer camp at Fort Bliss, Texas, the first year advanced R.O.T.C. students are given six weeks of practical training on the desert terrain to acquaint them with realistic combat conditions. This year, the War Department will commission 45 men at Texas A. and M. as Cavalry Reserve Officers. 'fuk Tk l 'fr- 7 S 42' "Ei LI? . uffi It .Lift ,ll-,S fx 1. , Fla A txt- I i' rf? Nl-I , ,,,. .. ,,,. ,. rx' Tvfziil EW. 4393 ,J V 'ts P rf, .11 NL. . 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'4'.'.v'n'4'.' s'.0'a'." 'ai' v'o'q',u'n':': is MILIT RY DEP RT IE ST FF l f 5 1 oil H1221 , I. M .ij . Wise. wif? :ral low: Left to right, Maj. fox, Lt, Lol. Dvrr. l.t. Lol. 1ftlvnm, l.t. Col. Lhrt-ti.tn. l.t.1.ol. XX it n It 1.--l. ll zl t. l.t. 1.ol. Wing. l.t. Lol. Npillvr. Ning. Nt t n ...-. .. rr.. Sefoml row: lat Lt, Nory. lat Lt. htrothrr. lat l.t. llzni-. Capt. l.1u-ly. Capt. .-Ml'-uk. Lt. 1.ol. llollrngxhvntl. 31.41. Nirlntxr-. 1..rpl. Llnootl. l..rpt. ftlvllulli-1, lat I.t. 1.1-rnvr, 1,1 Lt, bale. Thin! mu: 2ntl I.t. XX http. 2nd IA. Im-Mon, 2n-l l.t. I.:-fl-tofaky, in-l Lt. North, fn-I I.t, S1-hor-n14-l.I. lar Lt, Xtrllmin-. 111 Lt. ,I.rnvn-1-It. lst l.t. l'ttv-nlnwk, Intl 1.1. All:-n 2nd Lt. Alvxund:-I, 2nd Lt. Whitr. Lient. Colonel J., A. Yvatson .....................,............ ...... l nliaintry Professor of Military St-ielicr and 'liavtivs Lie-ut. Colonel O. F. Beezley .........................,........ .... l' iielrl Artillery Lieut. Colonel H. L. Christian... ...... Infantry Lieut. Colonel l.. G. Cilmney .... .. .Cavalry Lieut. Colonel F. Y. AI. Dyer .... . .... Hlnfantry Lieut. Colonel A. 11. Wing .,....... ............... I nfuntry Lieut. Colonel F. A. Hollingslieaul. .. ...Coast Artillery Corps Major .l. B. Yvisc. lr. ..,......... ......,......, 1 Iuvalry Major E. B. Spiller. .. Major Tom Fox ..... ............, Major .l. F. Stevens. .. . . .1 .ouat Artillvrv 1.orps .Infantry . ..... 1 .urzilry Major O. C. Mclntyre. .. ..... Fit-ld Artillery Captain H. A. Elwood. .. ...... Field Artillery Captain T. A. Amlvovk. .. ........ Corps of lftigiriw-rs Captain R. P. Lively ..... ........,...... I' 'is-ld Artillery Captain W1 S. Nl4'1'1ulley. .. .... tfliv-inivul Warfare S:-rvire First Lieut. J. E. Davis ..... .................. l nliuntry First Lieut. C. P. Lerner ...... ..5i,unul Corps First Lieut. W. C. .lztnensvli .... .. ..... Infantry First Lieut. E. B. Sale ...... .... l' 'ioltl Artillery First Lieut. C. C. Sory ...... ....... P 'ield Artillery First Lieut. C. A. Williams... ...Corps of I-Ingineers First Lieut. T. B. Strotlter .... ...Coast Artillery Corps First Lieut. A. P. Utterback ......,.,..... 1Ian'ulry Second Lieut. C. C. Wliite. Jr.. .. ................ Signal Corps Second Lieut. P. C. Sc-hoenfeld .... .... C for-ps of Engineer Rear-ries Second Lieut. L. J. Lefkofsky .... ....,., 1 loust Artillery Hese.-rve Second Lie-ut. W. C. Nortli ..... ................... C aralry Reserve Second Lieut. H. K. Jackson ..... ...Cliemical Warfare Service He,-serve Second Lieut. U. M. Alexander... ............ Field Artillery Rr-serve Second Lieut. E. M. White ..... .... l' 'ieltl Artillery Reserve Second Lieu. J. C. Allen .... ....... I nfantry Reserve lb-V --Q. 'U'I'.-COLONEII. JAMES A. XNA'I'S1'lN 269 ,s A-' - 4 9.0.5 :gaze- 'o'0": 'Q O 0 of . .. , . . ,' I .. , .,.. -h .,- pu 'X-' ' W' L' ' l','qq1',f0".'.'n','u'.'o4'.'l5".'- '.-'-' ' '-""'.' 'l,'.' '.'o a'.'.'.'!..' ,.' '.n ' 'un . O' s. n. Q.o.'u".': '. no4 3 . ' .121 .1 n .Jia 'Jn' 'I '.'.'-".'o' ..'.":.'-" '. .. :'.-"."o. .'a.p'.'-'."'.'..'.'f31- .'- , .- .'h',-.' ..',' . r..-. 'I -1 Q A 53. 1 '.'.'. , 4 Q ' A 55: w . 'fn'-V21 5 i 0:4-:lx 509, Q93 O. 'aaa 00069 . P 9 509' A649 1 v WW IJ-IJ.: 1':,':9i'1 n"','o s 0 ' 1' . . , COR TAFF COLUNEL Viv. A. BECKER Corps COIIIINSIICIEI' ,, .-:awww pw. Q-- 270 s O CORPS STAFF -'---'-'-A'-'f'-swf'-2' v t" - . ' W . A ii-'1-' - .. -. " 4 . 1 ' -'PST-,':l7n':'5'nev5':lg'n'..:K's 4524-'L,3f-u", An' ,ff 'V L1",B',,L!-lgfg' . 1.12.3 L.' -Qfa Q'I".ti'. '.'. . .f'. ,. . . J' '.g','1'1. '.'.s - ..-. .' . .'. . .xx LT. COLONEL P. G. HAINES Executive MAJOR T. E. DIICE Adjutant MAJOR WIAIJKER Personnel Officer MAJOR J. IN. THOMASON Intelligenee OfI'ic'e1' MAJOR .I. A. CLAY Plans and Training llfficer MAJOR IT. H. IIOLCIN Supply Officer MAJOR R. E. NISBET Pnltlix' RelationsO1I'iee1' Seated: PERSI PNNEL SILT. W. M. RINILGHLIJ SCT. MAJOR T. S. GILLIS SUPPLY SGT. H. L. BLESSIYGT1 DN Standing: CHEMICAL SCT. G. R. SUKIERYILLE PLANS AND TRAINING SGT. LEE RICE INTELLIGENCE SGT. WILLIAM PEXA SIGNAL SCT. J. RARRER 271 --. S. fr: . L '- n ,sxq faq, 418.4 W,-1. -. ,9 -:Xa ,.-ogg - :Q 'wit .yfh'T'iu' ppl-I" !rj..q5I 'ii .yi WM: I3 QQ...-gwbwp-tina.. .LA 4 - ,-r-fvfw-Af:-T , ,. , 4 , : 'v -3 - ' V 'L P W -nl'-JL-L":af.4m-.."I4Y1A1'f.. V .thi CUBPS BAND STAFF I . vsuQgv'. 0"u" ' 1 - D ' i' -- " ' ,, .'fit'-'Z-'fi'if."-"-': .. . 'O . . J' : . - ' I. I 1 . MAJOR E. L. AVEHNEH C0lll1'I121llfTIlIg Officer CAPTAIN J. P. LEDBETTER Second in Command and Drum Major CAPTAIN A. J. HENDRICK Supply Officer CAPTAIN I'I. FOCKE Intelligence Officer FIRST LT. AV. A. COLLINS Afljutant SUPPLY SGT. W. F. BECK SGT. MAJOR J. F. WEBB SUPPLY SGT. B. M. CRISWELL i 272 , ' , TTf'Zl'17ff'f5Tlf"7E7'I"'T3" ""' ' " .,.3 .,..,-,. ,- H .. ,jg T R Y B iiQ J. R. RICHMOND Second in Command W. M. MCREYNOLDS lst Sergeant 1.1 I.li1i'TEN.xN'l'S Higgins, W. S. I.Ul'1l. S. C. N14-4.1all.lXI.W. Quil l,lEl"l'l'lN-XN'l'S HilI'l'lS0ll. T. R. lim-iiigr. ll. l.. lllm-li-livr. Nl. .-X. SIQRHI-I -XNTS Bnvnz. N. F. lilriswvll. H. Nl. Haiiiisoii. lv. l'. Ni'-ol. B. .l. Svliavlie-i', lf. rl. Sluvli. T. E. Halal-of-. VV. M. llll'1'0I'l. f2URPURXl.S .-Xniis. B. .l. Blll'y. WV. F. f,.llllWI'S1,IIl, U, l,, Nlaples. .l. C. Hugvrs, B, L. Vannoy. T. R. llh Ylf-KH PHlY.X'l'l'f5 filarpeiitvr. VV. B. illarkv. .l. F. Hilliarfl. H. .-X. Nelson. T. Nl. S .-f. nt, C. W. Stal1fui'4l.Vl'..l. Stelpliviis. il. M. Walker. F. E. Hill YHXK l'KlY1.'l'l-QS Biilagia. J. Nl. iloprluiiil. F. H. llnssvlt, H. B. GIYIVPS. VV. E. Hurnivlw. E. l". Kvnnwly. ll. B. l.a1'y.,laiiirs 'XlPrrill. W". C. Wim: fl. 5. Qnil YEAR PHIY XT!-QS Bramlim. C. F. llliapiilmi. K. T. Hulfleriiess. Bill Nlillvr. Nl. Nl. Nlnnn. Bilrtoii l'eri'y. E. B. Post. fl. W.. Sinitli.4'f.1l. Steplieiis. R. L. Vlleenis. .l. N. Vl'lmrtmi. R. H. Lt YI-HR PRIX' Xllii Alslrill. R. E. .-Xinlvrsoii. C. VV. Bell. .l. L. Blliw-liai'I. W. B. fllmtliaiii. lu. ll. lfnwvy. R. ll. lJvun. R. 0. Llllllllltjl P. 5. Fllllfl'llI'lH'li, Wi. VV. l':Slf-Q. li, l'lvi'g:l1sn11,lQ,VQ', Fiwl1l.H,A. Fm-t. ill, ll. 4lai'i'r'tt. R. .l. lilviiilc-iiiiiiip. F. B. Hullnig. W. B. lng1lis..l.N. .lainak. F. X. l,1lWl'Plll'f"..l.l.. l.r-,L:lvr. l.. 0. lxviiie-. .l. H. Nlvl funn-y. l. l.. Xlvl Iaiguo. F. VV. Nl4'lill'vg4'il'. B. Hz1iney,,l,R, Hviel. .l. Wi. Salml. .l. R. Sl'llllllZ. R. L. Slllllll. Y. 5tal1'up..l. K. TLlyl0l'. W. ff. Yuiwwfl. K. ll. I. qNii1,-si mx Lziptzilii if 2 73 BAND , ,. - -f,..--,,.- -- - -,. .- -s lo: I o"'..o' " " 5"" " :" A : '-' . '1' Sirfi.-wiftrs1'?5.-::,'.- -'.".'fie. " " 'f s' -' ' - ' ' . . . ,i X E ' 'J A A . , - I I r, ,'.. ' 'r n J 'r 'r 1, 7' If gs . wb. - - J-in Y-rt, an: ef!-ini, 4'e"'.Q3"'1 Y' 45 an v 1 ' 4 R. J. Raza.. 3- .3 4 5 CHAPPELL. JR. Captain FIELD 1stLIEL'TEN.-KN IS Loving. F. A. Rolnerts. R. C. SEHLZIQANTS Barr. B. J. Fisf-her. A. 0. Foran. W. J. lnglehart. J. E. Lemley. F. L. Rinehart. J. O. Stewart. C. C. Tolunrl. C. J. lf0RPURAL5 lllzirk. C. WJ. Else-1'spavl1e1'.J.. Harrlin. AY. R. Johnson. Guy Lemley. J. R. Little. D. D. Harwil. S. J. Roberson. B. C. Worth. R. F. -hh Yli AR PRYY ATI-TS Anderson. M. B. Bledsoe. J. Y. Cargile. J. WL tfox. C. L. Flonre. B. L. Fovke. J. H. llerinany. J. A. Harle. R. M. King. J. L. Merrill. Wh H. Mylius. AI. F. Ness. L. P. Noel. P. ll. ARTILLERY BA D ' Poulter, C. J. Stone. C. M. Avinn, AW. S. 3141 YEAR PRIYATI-15 Adkisson. J. W. Barnes. H. E. Bell. E. C. Bogel. G. N. Brogden. A. C. Brognlen. J. R. Hinds. A. Nl. Mayo. H. B. Nelson. R. E. Stevens. NL H. En-l YIi.1.RI'HIYATES Armstrong. A. E. Ball. H. F. Brisvoe. A. C. Doss. R. P. Goppert. J. C. Cordell. J. F. Graham. P. D. Hehisen. E. E. King. J. L. KfJl'Ill8Il. J. G. Law. YY. E. Alefllendon. E. WJ. Naples. L. E. Matthews. John Munson. A. H. Pieree. VV. E. Rivhardson, W. D. Rix. C. C. Swhlieder. B. H. Sisler. C. E. Strandtman. L. V. ls! YEAR PRIVATE5 Alexander. R. B. Biukley. C. E. Bone, R. D. Briscoe. M. Brooks. C. L. Chambers. C. L. Clark. T. A. Dennis. J. R. Garner. C. C. Coodrirh. H. P. Gras. E. H. Har-kney. D. V. Haines. R. L. Henson. J. H. Herman. Wh A. Layman. R. E. Leclbetter. R. W. AIr'Anally. D. C. Nlatleley. S. Hathtt. T. S. Nlanor. W. R. Martin. H. Klittendorf. E. Moser. F. A. Ponlter. C. A. Rennels. J. C. Reidel. W. T. Row. Y. E. Sharp. J. B. Strarke. S. L. Thomas. E. F. Thurman. N. D. Yolts. F. E. Vfalker. H. L. Wehring. A. R. White. J. D. Wright. H. Young. J. M. O. C. GARDNER Second in Command ROBERT R. RUSSEIL lst Sergeant A Ward, A. L. f 'J .... . for 274 1 O N RY I X N .. -.. -v-.1.1v. -,xv ,.,-. -., 1 X ,- . --. I- , X ?,, ..,--v, -. ' .. A . , ' ' .- . '. 'J'-go"-,':'. :'v.':'l':':'f' 'max '.'t...'.'0'c3"1.Y':'v. . . . . ' lv .. '."Pslzo'1'5y iW.J'.".s5k3s..n "?"155:':""ax.k5 Ffbfk . '-.L3,fu. s' .'u 'S ' J' x 39 ' , I N F A T l REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COLONIQI. WJ. INION'I'IJUMI'JRY Regimental CUIIIIIILIIIIJPI' MAJOR P. J. S'If-XCII Executive CAPTAIN If. XV. lIUXYI.INll Adjutant CAPTAIN H. F. H.bXIISlCR Supply Offiver CAPTAIN IJ. JONES Plans and Training Uififw-r CAPTAIN D. B. ORR Personnel UiIic-er COLOR SGT. Y. J. I,Ol-lFl"I.I1R COLOR SGT. Y. E. BARNES SGT. MAJOR A. J. IANDUA 275 - J C H. 9. .s, , xxfixx-: I sf Y. 1 HX J 4 u JIIIJI ff' 4 . P.'x O N ' 'O'-. 'sifo - 'L I W 4 - ,!,C,. vw' ,A o-,lin '-TFFQ ' -' .A ' " Q Q I . . Rffffhf . . . . . ' . - I- INFANTR FIRST BATTALION STAFF NI Fxjuli R. IJIAJRITIY Iiultalinn llmnxnzlncler t.Xl"l 'XIX 41. If. I':XRKIfR I'IX9f'llIIYt" FIRST I,'I'. IS. B. IVOXYLER Mljnlanl FIRST LT. W. NI. ,IFITFREX Supply Officer FIRST LT. M. HARRIS Plans LlllllTl'L1IllIl1i1ITTTICE'l' SCT. MAJOR 12. P. NIUNCHIEF 8 '? sf' -awww nw'-ff oi' .gg Q , '.,- ' A 1-lI.II-.I'TfiYXXT5 liavitl. S. YY. Kilpalrir-Ii. I.. I.. III1'I.z1Ir'Ih. I'.. III4'Kv0. H. WI. FIZRUI-Q XNT5 .'Xl14IQ-lsull. .I. YY. Aunle-rsun. YY. H. IIvSuIw. Yiure-nt Iivmw. 5. I.. lf1'aI1a11n..I. A. - . .IiiIlIlk'I. 1 ,. I1. .Iu1'4Iun. R. I.. Xlih-In-II. Z. F. I'vnuvI. I . B. Spz1rks.4L. II. Spvn 1-:' r. WI. R. 'IIayIur.,Iinln1ie luylur. IN. A. 124rHI1uKXl.w Lulu-II. H. B. IIunIsy. R. I.. IIQ-mlf-mm. 41. C. HIL YIH XR PRIX' XTE5 Um. NIinuI VI'z1IIu1-r. R. F. .,Ig,,.A,5.z.. ..--. ---," ...,.. .: J-I ...J --.. 414 -, NTB .ini YI. XR PRIY-XTI-QF BVIIIII. I". 5. Bible-. P. I.. RlllllIl't'LlllY. .I. C. Ifrvws. ,-X. R. IJIHIIHIIISHII. D. 'NI I3m1r'Is:n1.S.B. Ill'aIlm1.W.1f. Hull. NI. If.. I'II'lIl'Il. W. If. IIi,uginImtI1un1. Iiuy. If. II. Nlilll-r. .I. W. Hve1sil1,L:.II.,-X. 'I'uyIu1'.IlIu-lm fu1I YI-Q xk I'RlY XIIIN .'x14f"INI. H. B. Izium-vk. I". X. II11llIIc'I1I. 4.13. tIHIlII'l'. 1.l1IImppc'l'. .-I. R I' lm-kr-. A. I'.. Flmvmx. H. E. Fuusl. I'I. Gunn. II. I.. I'IalZvIwsumI. I... .I HVIII Holman. II. II. Ivey. II. I.. Kf'IIllLlI'lI. H. .I. Ii11isingvl'.R.VI Stenzm-I. R. YY. Wvluslvr. .I. D. I-I XI-. XR PRIX' XTES IIl'e'n4IIr'. IX. A. Blbl'l'IIPI'lIIIIQl. I.. .I. I fv1'vr-Iuka. If. .I. I.I1lImIv. U. I.. II0l'4IHs. WI. VII. IIIIIIVII. R. E. Ilawmn. .I. 'I'. Dixon. .I. WY. IIOI'LHlI:'s. IJllll1'ilIl..I.T. I'II1Il'I1IgeJ. .I. B. Iippvrmll. 1131. PL.-fm. 'I'. E. llatw. R. A. IIt'II'lIU!'IIN'LIy. E. Y Holman. .I. NI. I'I1'n4-lr. 1 .. I.. IIu11te1'. ff. B. xyl.. I.. xv. I.wuxitl.1f. W. XII-I-'uII. .I. A. XI1Il'I'llXY, I .. NX . N Ivrr nun. 'If X. Ul1tIam.I3.I:. I'riou1'. .I. W. HnIr1ns1m.IJ. II . S.-mr. W. I-. 5lI'4rIIIIn'1'gl. IX ullm-I-. IL. 1... IYI1mJIv1'. .I. C. -a. W -ng' xgggvaggv Q. I-fr, .s-- - ,-- 2ll' I R. T. FOSTER Captain -.--L . s-'.....9..g-.. I-t LlEU'l'1rfN.-XNTS Baggett, E. R. Feld:-r, E. A. Spann. J. H. 21111 1.11-Il"1'1-fNAN'1'S Jolmson. J. H. LPS. J. S. TJIOIHIISOII. Nl. M. W'illiams. 0. R. 51-.Hill-1XYl'S Ring. R. Rmlv. C. WV. Rranam. R. O. llninn. R. N. HZ1l'llQ?11'lEl11. T. N. lXT1'Rl'i1lP. XY. J. Nlassie. J. YV. 'Xlm1f'i'iPf.C. lj. Norton. R. ll. Quirli. B. Nl. Sllaw. L. WV. Smith. A. WV. Williamson. D. CURl"4lli:Xl.S Aclanii. J. R. BlEl1ll'CC1lhl'IlIP. R. E. Hemphill. W. A. Marklanil. R. L. Xlartin. C. R. Walters. 12.0, Williamson. J. E. Wilson. J. 0. .f-ffFl..:.- 1 '04 VFTIT11-,-, 1 'ns-'Q 0 go Q- ,Q at pu Q I I :..-Lge.-f.. -hh YEAR1'RlVA'l'ES Ayvnrli. J. N. Stroman. W. J. 3111 YEAR PRIYATES llummings, W. W. 54'lll'0f'lCl'. O. E. Turiwr. P. A. Wimmi-k. N. T. :mi Yuri 1'HIX'iX'1'ES Bn.-a. C. J. Rrnwn. J. C. llunli. AL Fullwr. E. YV. i:l'Pt"I1. R. T. Hull. J. H. Kelley. W. C. Nli'Cm'lclP. B. T. NlvlNlillan. C. Nlutsf-llinli. A. O. lllwlps. Z. C. RHHZHII. L. O. Hizrr. J. R. 51-himller. J. T. Si-ngg:ir1s.P.W'. Slwlton. WV. L. 5111111101121 J. K. Sim-lr. F. R. Strausb. F. J. Wailea H. .l. lx! YEAH1'R1V-X'1'1-IS .'xlil'Hll3Il'l. S. R. Ailkisson. C. R. Allvn. J. YV. Rassrtt. R. J. T R I Bierlslii. L. L. Boyd. F. E. Rrannf-n. T. A. Burger. H. Al. Carson. H. K. Colquitt. J. K. Cowsr-rt. J. C. Cross. Al. A.. Jr. Di-an. H. R. Drum. 31. R. Flynt. T. V. Garay. R. D. Clazer. l. D. Crr-er. R. F. Crow. C. C. Harris. R. WV. Hmvslvy. D. L. Jnrilan. l. G. Klurv. W. B. Lalnis. E. Y. Lawlis. R. L. Lvutlic-rs. J. P. N11-1 .armll. A. L. N11-Nlinn. R. H. Martin. E. C.. Jr Martin. E. J. Xlorgan. J. F. Nlurry. R. R. Phillips, R. WV. Pratfhr. C. ' Robinson. E. D. Rodgers. C. Nl. Rogers. G. D. Si-llaeclel. C. T. Sralfa. L. R. Yanrfl. J. W. Wall. A. I. Wflnilel. A. J. W. E. HABERER SPPOIIKJ in Command J. M. WADDELL lst Sergeant COMPANY 278 -v fm " " fwlfff' ' V rzqgea-'E . 2 117- MQW, ' ,- ' , Lift'J....-.- .. - - , , ,Dx-. -'1 In., ' ..,',w31' s's911 U H. V. DUNCAN Sef-ond in Comnmand E. H. PERRY Ist Sergeant 1-l I.IIil"III'lN RNT5 Grissonl. '1'.C. Iiyzar. E. B. Sayner. F. 211.1 l.IIil"I'I-lN-XNTS II1ll'llf'Il. F. F. Riggg. R. H. bI'QIi4.IifkN'I'S Amyx. .I. YV. Hnrggtivld. II. 0. lflurk. W. II. lllurk. W. XV. IIImuI. .I. II. Irluuk. II. N. FilzI1ug:I1.ll.V, . Uofnrtll. IV. A. IXIrHri1Ir.XY..I. IXIPl':'1IIIIl.XY. II. IIIIQLII. NI. I I. Hnllll. W. A. VQ'iIi4n11.W'..'X. l1IlI'II'llII'XI.S H:1iIvy.1I. F. IIill'0lI1Pl'S. 11.11. III'0ZIf'l'. W. Y. lfumI1ie. IC. III. Dar1Ien..I. NI. Clvnn. E. F. Ixlann. 'I'. F. I,llIIIIIIIl't'y. .I. B. 'I'uyIor. .I. L. ,IlI1YIf'XI'i PRIVATES IIt'lI'iPl'. If. Hankin.4I. IW. Simnmn. .I. F. SIHYGII. 11. 'Gul YE Ui I'IiIY XTIQS Hngelrs. I I. 5LIIIlI. I..1.. SIM-per. .I.. III IYLlI'ie'IIe'I1I.I..,-X. fu-I YI-I XII I'IiIY1.'l'IIS IIni1'4I. I I. II. IIFIIIQFN. I.. A. IIl'nu'l1. II. NI. lluudlw. F. X. IIf'I'Ili'I.5f'Ii. H. II. llnrl. H. I'. Doran. II. II. Iflia. ll. Y. 1li1'a1'1I.I..I. I.+-ssf-1. I'I. Ix. NIagers.1I. ,-X. U'I.e-ary. .l. IC. SQIIIIIIIF. Ii. A. Swed.B.41. 'I'lIl'll6'l'. Il. NI. Wada D. F. Williznus. .I. NI. I-l YI-.NR I'KIVATI'.S AIICITFWS. W. S. Arle-rigs. B. B. Banks. W. F. Bowl:-5. W. B. Brmlly. I.. II. Bmwll. 'If Lf. Rllflllllllilll. J. B, Butz. II. H. BWI. R. '11 Llunalrun. T. K. Cnpr-Iuml. Hulin I'Z1In1m1ml1. 41. IJ. Egan. W. F. Gaim-y. -X. J1'. 1lulI1i11gs.C. NI. l.1II1s..I. II. lII4nvl'. I .. It. Hardy. I f. If. IIa1'tmzm. H. F. HFIIlII'II'k. LP Huy I'It'I'l'IIIQlIUII. .I. II. I'IllllSt'I'. .I. 5. I.al14Iers. YV. II. Lrm111is.II.H. NI.-1 ,uIIum. I. I. xIl'XNIIl4lI'If'I'. R. I.. Nwly. 1,, Nr'WIn'l'I'j'. IYIHFII. XY. II. Rudy. I. N. bamlf-rw. .I. 5f'lIQll'iIYPf. S. H. I aylnr. I' . P. TI1mnpm11. VV. 'II01'1'vN. :L R. W-IIf'f'IPI'. I.. B. YK I1ltwu1'tI1. Ia. It. NxIUI'I'1lI'4I. 5. R. Wylif-. .I. T. wg.-X N. DU IJLEX Captain aff" COMPANY ' CI' 279 v... ..,..,v,..-,,--.-w-v--A .- SIXI5 4 IIUILIIII I-I I.IIIl IIN XXI r'1.n1r,... H. s. NIr.R1.I. 4X I N Ulm.-. l-1. 15. llrmx 11. 5. If. I'III4'IlI'I,LI. .I. If. Ilrzlrn-1'. I.. 4 .. IIn'rrvru. I.. Il. IIig1g1inQ..X. H. IIIQLQIIIIH. P.. X. llill. XI.XX. Iluulvll. 4I. I.mlr1n.N. I'.. Xl4'4 ILIVIX1 4 l. 'lf Nm-x. .I. XI. 'llama .I. R. XX IIIIIPIII. F. Il. XXliNtm'r. H. I'. ' w X LIIIIIS. Im. .I. l.uRI'1IR X15 -XIInr1I..I.I'. Rr-nm-tl. P. Xl. XII-Ifxvr. .I. XXI. Xlf-rllln-fl. XY. I.. Ilutlvr-iflr'. 4 '. If. Huwlllvr-r'g1. II. XX . 5I1lIIlIPIlt'I'. I.. lfpluun. H. XX'. F A Ixlr YI-AR PRIYATI Ilvlllriil. r- ' ' IXl4'IlPl'Sl'lIl. I'. N. XXIIIH-lrirfi. K- fx. ml YICXR I'RIX' XTI-5 Hrmly. B. 4'.. I-Ii.-lrlrlattf-. E. E. II.lI'l'4l4I. 4'f. 'Ill'IQl"- .I. If. XX lritv. K. I.. XX'l1ilv. R. B. XXIII:-m1.41. If. 21:-lX'I'.XRI'RIX',XTI'.5 Hnlr'Irl'. IZ. liurnvtt. R. If. 4f:1lnf-vn..I. I.. lflmtllum. R. H. 4,ullIlu1. 4 .. Iluminy. XXV. XX'. I"wl'g:1N'r11. .I. I. Fillingim. XX'.4I. 4I4'I'4It'5. Xl. H. .In11e'r. .I. 42. Iurllun. D. .I. Kirk. K. IXIQIVIQIIHIIIP. qX. .I. Uelmrn. XI. R. I'arttun. T. .X. Sealy. H. D. IS Q . 'CPC u u Q W - n L.: - I E:zs:'.n'a" . ...ui O...-I f'I . 3: 4 u : Q . XX'allwr. 4 .. A. XX'aIla:-eh. W. B. 1.rx'r1uc1'1ux yn.. BllI'I1r'5..I. XI. Barton. .I. H. liargxilv. 41115 4.uI1Ivf'. .I. D. IJf'IIIIlN'X'. If. H. Dyer. R. 4'f. 4Ii1IIlS.I7.T. Uurza. X'. O. 4mo4.I. 471. D. 4lm1dl11au1..I. E. IIu4Igvs. .I. D. I Illlh-lrin-m1.F. H. ,lonr's. XX'. I.. IinigLl1t.'I'.R. KlwII1r'l'. E. I.. XI1:Kenziv. K. D. Xlvlqarry. N. R. XI:-aselvf. R. H. XIlll'I'4I'lX'. .I. T. NHXYIHLIII. D. R. 4IX't'l'fUlI. R. IJ 4'I. Iigo. D. I.. I'oIIan. XI. .I. Rr-wlvr. H. F. RI4'I'IHIk4.I. R. XXI Rush. XX. .-X. Taylor. H. D. 4 T. .-X. ARNOLD Sem-oml in Conmrnanrl XI. C. JORDAN lst Sergeant COMPANY "D" 280 Q-Wit?-4. . x ,mga if 1, -xs ,i vgasgvx Q4-3 ,s, a. 1 1, R Q . HQ, TY, ' 1 SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR W. T. DINWIDDIE Battalion Commander CAPTAIN L. ZERR Executive FIRST LT. L. E. BRANDES Adjutant FIRST LT. A. L. TOBIAS Supply Officer FIRST LT. J. P. TOWNS Plans and Training Officer SGT. MAJOR B. F. BOLTON :Y 2-'f' A l'p?J ,..xr.. :'.w:r:. -V., Q Q U8 ggi I I 5 5 '.P..9.'o' Wil ii , , ,M V KW lffgilfzl .4 f i wi 'N mn. .I. C. KIXIBRULTGH Captain lst LI Iil'TI-.N ANT: . , . l.uut'I1. fx. 1... IIa1tt-Iwr.U. D. lkrrtllffxtttr. Hal 2n4I LIEI THX KN I6 I.0Il,LfIlI'3ll. W . B. Loren. I I. L Mt,-I .aII. AI. W. Priuv. F. C, SI-QRlLI'IXN'li5 Berry. WY. T. De Yulin. T. If. Dtulsnn. H. AL EIIUVIIS. .L I'. 1it"l'IILil'4,Il. C. Wi. ,Ia--ksmt. II. D. ,IoI1l1sml. .I. A. King. H. AI. AIwSI1utItlvri. R. L. IIFIILI. YI. AI. QZUKPUH xI.b HurtI1.If. R. Fnlts. H. Heil. .l. NI. llvrringttm. J. R. .I11y..I. A. htrige-115. L. Svlloll. .L H. Sunil. A. -- 233 Ls gtg.-L , uf? 4 'ga ' 'I '. 1' U11-rvzn.-no-5.1: - v , ' ' 'f' 5:17:.'1'.o'.'..'a1'f:.'bf3'i5?st:g1fv,.'Iii-ff, ' 1' ig: l l l' . 1,, 1 ' . T . . 3. 4th YI-HK PRlY.x'1't2s Hough. L. E. Nrster. AV. C. W'IlP1ilIt'y'. Bolt Sri! YE AR PRIX' A I Es Luunts. AL I.. IYIUIHIIIl21Il.xKv.Ii. Huffman. R. D. Krug. Nl. E. Stvplwns. H. A. Sllll'It"YlllIl. R. A. NYilsnri. AI. H. Intl YI-IXII I'RlYA'l'ES Antlvrsun. A. A. Hwaulmrit. D. A. Best. .I. B. Brittz1in..I. If. I,Qa1'penIr'l'. II. L. IiLll'l'nII. tllmtlunn. R. L. Dvvinc. L. F. Dtullvzy. B. 5. F1!I'I.I. IQ. If. Hale. .L D. Alutyz-ur. IC:IIllliIf?S He-inlwart. U. J. Rnsanky. C. C. bvars. F. D. Smith. H. H. Thutnpsun. D. E. Tlmrnpstm. W. 1-tYEAR PRIY,-XTL Bassett. R. J. Bates. R. C. Bilrl1.J. YV. Hlalivliard. 5. B. Burlami. A. AI. Iiraig. H. C. frail' F R .C.... Dvirtswr. B. ,lat-ksun. H. W. ,IuI1Ilsult. W. H. King. I. B. Lau-y. A. O. Lllujy, A. Lumlers. J. C. Innidull, B. YV. Alain. L. II. , Maples. YV. L. x12lI'IIIl.YI5I01' Alaxwvll. L. C. Alefaslcy. C.. .Il'. Meyer. E. W. Moore. W. D. Alussmfr. T. RoI1lJins..I. D. Hodriquez. E. L. Sims, K. C. Streetrnan, E. G. 'I'Il3Xl0I1,AIi. L. Turner, O. C. Utfmnn. R. A. L'nderwood. H. L. Watson, R. W. AYLHINJII, AV. G. J. YV. VVILLIAINIS Second in Command W. C. JENN lst Sergeant Y COMPANY 232 .r ,,- ,-. 1 . """"" ""' '--'P-wg. 'J "4" af - Lgmm-C-,--Q fllffj l'1gL'g.-'L' - -,-,wg bg 4,,,,L.W,Q',m an ,, , 5 u, . , --yu va u .?.'f"1.' ""'.' :133".' .'.' wh A , ggi. l 1 .., I -xt Q" F R Y v J. B. GAULT Second in Command J. R. BANISTER lst Sergeant 1s1I,IEL'TENKfNT5 Corus, R. T. Kral. B. F. Towns. J. P. full I.Il-ITENANT5 Childress, R. F. Nolon. J. T. Woodward. YY. K. SERLLPZANTS .AIlLJCl'5OIl. B. R. Barnes. Y. li. Grisham. YY. W. HHIIIIIICIIIS. D. S. Jones. J. L. King. A. K. Lanulua. A. J. Loeffler. Y. J. Long. R. K. Nallorney. E. Roddy, L. O. Wilson. J. L. CURPORALS Billingsley. A. M. Drennan, WV. F. Elliot, T. E. Erlund. O. J. Crohn. J. H. Jolley. R. L. lYlull1ollan.R. YV. Parlwr. K. N. Parker. YY. D. Parsons. L. E. Rosenthal. J. L. hh YE,-XR I'lilY'A TLS Aldri1'l1. L. Bl. Alforll. H. Y. Clarke. F. Evans. J. C. Dlflflll. .-Y. J. .Xml YI-I KH l'lCIY ATE5 :Xrisr'o. Nl. B.-ssett. E. YY. Cure. YYaync' Carrvtt. J. lil. 2n.I YHXH PRIYYI Im Bailey. E. L. Hv1111vss6y. J. Xl. Hul1l1a1'd.J.L. Jamieson. T. Y. Magee. R. C. Ylogford. H. N. Pealor. J. P. Pc-latari. Y. J. Perkins. H. G. Stutevillv. C. D. Tidwell. C. H. VJ'rigl1t. F. C. Young. G. C. l-I Ylf YK JJKIV.-YTC5 Bilnwr, VV. H. Brussv. J. C. Clark. R. C. 1,ofvlx.lf..l. ill-ou'-I1. l'. C. D+-Spain. YY. J. Ha 1'x' vy. H. N. llugzlnfs. R. D. ln-win. L. J. l.og:u11. X. D. Linuln. D. D. JYlQ'I.llI4l'Y'. YY. R. Nlill f'l'. lf. 1 I. NI :m1'1 1 n. YY. Nl. NlUll1IY..J- A. Nvlson. J. S. Orlnon. H. Nl. Poinflc-xter. A. D. 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LILLY Plans HIICITl'i1IlIIlIgIJITICC1' CAPTAIN T. S. WTILIII.-AMS Intelligence Officer CAPTAIN W. M. RLTHERFORD Personnel Uffiver Seated: COLOR SCT. I. P. AICGARR COINIINIUNICATION SGT. Il. R. FITCH SUPPLY SGT. R. B. PISARCE Standing: TRANSPORTATION SCT. U. E. SCHFRZ COLOR SGT. C. F. BRANNAN SGT. MAJOR L. KERCHEYILLE 291 ' lb .01 - 45110. .Q-44' QI-QL. , 4 .6 '4f.0.ff IH' -1 I II, 4 Iv. 1 1-.7 -4-1 ,L . --1 . 4, 5"E'f1?rS'3f?5w1-LATIL - .s. 1 "IJ -Qs-412 FIELD ARTILLERY , I . 0- -.,.. - - .g g Lesfiuvs..-, . -, .. - . -.ul :i .J : .- .2-.L ' Q. .., .. c J.....-..'. .'- .' . . -- . - - - -.-- 'I FIRST BATTALION STAFF NIAJURJ.1f1.R41MINGIQR IIalla1Iim1 CIOIIIIIILIIICIEI' I..XIVI1:XIN NI. DIXON Ext-ulxtive FIRST LT. R. III. MACEI1: Adjutant FIRST LT. F. NV. HENSIIIL Supply Officer FIRST LT. W. E. HILL 292 Plans and Training Officer SGT. M.-XIUH I. W. SMITH SUPPLY SGT. W. C. ITKELLEY " FIELD Q . 5 ' T ' fM .8 Q ,3-2 I. W. SKINNI-III SFIJOIIII in COITIIIIHIIII C. M. ULMER lst Sergeant I-1 I,II'.I TIIX XYI' ' 1 I31-11s11n. W. I1. I1I111IvIr1'. X. NI. N111'I111'.II.I.. 311111.11111-31 111 D1-1-il11-II1if. I.. I.. I'ilI'Iir'I'. .I. I.. 'I'111'11v1'. NI. I-I. 5I.I11QIIXN'I'5 fI11l'Z11'IiI. II, IV.. II111'1I. X. X. I.a1111l11-1'l. I.1,. IIIUN1-11 Ii. D. II111g111'N. I.. IX . II1111tI1. .I. II. Smith. I. XY. S11-1'Ii11g1. ,l. R. ,III'IHs1'II. II. W-il1i111f. IIVW. VV1II1a1111s.11...I1'. 111HI'11I11l.S II11tl1-1'. II. W. III:-1111111N. IIC. II111111. II. I'.. I.L111'1'1-11114. .I. XI. I.1-1115. 5. B. ' 1 INI1Ilrr. I1. II. Nr'11't1111. II. T. I'I1'1'1111I1Ie. YI.. -I1I1YI-IXR PRIX' YIIN 1IiiI'IPl'. F. S. I'I111IaI1'. E. R. FI'FllIIlI.4I1. I.. I'Ia1'1'ie.l'l.l1. fIr1IYI1-XR PRIX' ATI-IS Bea1'1I..I. W. Bvavr-1'S. .I. NI. RTILLERY II1'1'1'1I1iII. Il. I.. IIv11tI1' II1'a1IwI1iII. I .. I'I. I'I111'1111111 I I' I'I1I11111'1I-.I'.. I. II111'1I, I XI II1lIIlt's,II, 1.111'1x1x1 11 NI ,I111-k-1111.I'1.IY. IIIILIIPIII 111 .I1-111111131 I.. 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WvI1'I1 '7 ga. .. A. SHIELDS, J R. QE?y . . fipfxf. E Captain !5Js..d.L."6f4 gf- FIELD RTILL l-1 I,lI-.l"I'l-IN.-XfYI'5 l"v11lw1'. 5. F. IJl'JIJx1lIlllb.JVJ. Viv. . W. Helm:-I. P. . Nluggw-. H. NI. Rulminfun. :L J. Hulvinsun. Nl. H. full l.II I' I VX XYT 111.1 YI-1-XR PHIVATI-IS f.1lJ'i1'I'. V . P. E4JWill'tJ?-. H. K..J1' lil-J H1.xHI'KiX'A'H,S Ba111:lu.W'.YY. Bvll. H. A. Brirnt. H. H.. Jr. Huvlmumlll. .-X. B. - 1 HHl1Jf'llJ1f'llIlf'l'. XX . J. 4 .l1u1l1:nn. lx. M. Fl' H1111 'X NTS Hrmm11l1'.J. NV. Pm115h.L. ll. Hr-itkannp. H. L. He-ring. J. W. Hula-kqnnp. J. L.. Lvxltlle-l'N. J. B. Pauls. ff. fi. bln-ltu11..l.:X. 1.UHl'UH'XI,S R11Jn'm'Ji, 1 L.. JI. Lfuntu. l'. ElIWilI'lIN. K. J. lrt'I'l'lly. J. I' . HllJllf'IIllll1.lJ.XXf. Munn. I-2.11. NIM JJIFSIIPY. E. E. SlI1iIll..J.WJ. hh YLIXK PHIYATES Hnrvry. F. B. HJIPII, B. B. SIIJJJYHII, R. P. l'JtJI'gllINUIl. J. P. 1.lw'llN. H. NL .lui-lwt. J. H. ,lumfx 12.0. J,1'1Hn'lIvI'. . l.iml11vV. W. ff. NJllNl1'J'i.IX.5. l'zn'kr'r. J. H. l'uvl1urrlsur1. F. J. Svlluiiwlcl. ll. E. Nwuil. XX . L. Xxvilthlill. H. E. XXJJJJJQIIIIQ. J. E. Wumlllurn. R. E. 1.1 H-:msn I'lclvaTr15 -Xlwrm1ll1y.J. R. Amlrrws. T. A. Be1lmn1.O. B. Bird. NI. D. 4furzm'a1y. B. W. tlaumllv. A. 1... Jllllfk. B. L. 4fukimas, A. P. Lnpv. Nl. L. lkmvll. Nl. ffullinan. J. XI. Duni+'lQ. L. H. Darwin. L. K. U11y.l'l. E. I' lynt. J. YV. lvl'lVYf'. R. P. Kl1'il11ws.C. E. Hf-FQ. J. R. Hurun. J. B. Hul-wl. D. .-X. In-y. H. W. JL11-kmll. E. N. Kurlnuf-l1.N. W. KlJFNHl'. C. B. Nlvl Qunnvll, T. T Nlulwr. E. N. XILIJJPI. R. C. Nluriv. E. S. Nluorv. K. E. JNUXU5llfL AA. A. JJWPIIS. J. D. l'q15f'l1all.W. E. H11n1il'r'Z. A. R. Rt'Jlkt'Hlpf'I', R. H1-hwillg. L H. 'lJHI1lJiv?.J. E. x'il1xIriJ.W. I.. Wulmnund, H. O Wvrlrlr. R. I. Weinlwrger, R. Wilson, E. W. W-iIl!lPl'. W. W. York. J. G. Zahn, Lf. L. :ig.if"1?Z .?YQ"Fs'5x"5.'-'.4f f,,"H'l Q'Jb?'." ,' ' '., M' 's5""" 'LLLLQL 5' ..rlP. '..AI 'l . l L Q l'c RY C. J. BLAND Second in Command CRLFTCHER JR lst Sergeant BATTERY UA" 29-I ' . . -, .-.vi-QAM. mi?5"2'1f!5"i' r..- ., -- -..v f- 1.-tiff' fiffifvf ,-" " . '.Y-:St-ire a.:w..Zk A ' Yr.?:T.F. ffii .T 1 sm' L- , .- 'if-'. '.:5.-3 05 033' 'W FIELD ARTILLERY E. G. HOLM Second in Command L. A. LARREY lst Sergeant -1 1-lI.IEl'Tl-QN.XN'l'S Bc-ntinvk. G. F. Houston. I. T. W'e?lllmrii. ,L H. Sml LIEL TI-QN.-XNTS Kvnagy. J. A. Nl:-llowrii. H. E. Marks. Fl. NL Maniloff. L. N. Sl-lliljli XNTS Blll'l1lll'C'll. VL. E. Lfrouvli. .L VU. Duvall. 4.1. N. Harris. .L F. Lalnlr. .L WV. Lowndes. H. B. NTQNTLTOX. L. A. Newnmn. L. A. Smith. W. C. Sonlierg. 5.15. Stokes. .L D. CURPUR-XI.S Brown. A. Delfraisse. H. L. Han:-o1'k.C. H. Husti A. R. Maher. J. H. Philips. F. T. Sandland. H. C. Smit. R. P. Zapalav, W. F. .uh YEAR PRIVATE Cox. K. K. 3lll YH.-XR I'HlV'XTl':5 Brix. .L Craig. N. Y. Harrling. .L D. Ross. R. Ll. Vi'alla1ve.W'. W. full YEAR l'RlV.-KTF5 Bennett. L. F. Berry. A. W. BPTIAX. M. T. Buyll. lf. H. Bl'llllll1Pl0W. .L W. I.f00Iwl'. fi. F. Durell. .l. lfvaiis. T. L. Caiicly. W. S. llarrison. Nl. C, L:0l'llI1Il.wY.Ll. Halsvll. P. H. Hardin. B. .L Irwin. VV. C. jones. H. C. Lamar. H. S. L.ZlIl1Il1..L H. Leger. G. L. Ma-Coe-. T. H. Qili:-Pnl1e1'ry. R. C. Seay. H. L. Stovviis. E. H. Tullis. R. F. Wallace. .L O. Wborls. L. .L 1.1 YI-1-XR PRIYATES Alluert. D. P. Baker. R. W. Bonner. J. S. Boynton, A. L. l.L1I'lllf'. 11. A. lIai'pf-nts-r. N. L flux. O. ll. LilllllPl'iSOI'l. ,I. .L Dilwortli. W. L. Eclgv. WI. L. FlflWf4l'S. JX. L Fmirukvr. L. E. Hill. H. D. Huwvlls. TV. V. Lillies. E. Al. lxmg. 1.. L. Knollr. XY. 0. I.uug1.O.E. l.eHlum-. A. .L Lvlms. .L lx. Lllnson. N. Lolwy. .L D. NIVDUW. U. AL Nlvlntyrv. D. YV. AliJ4'TlIllPllL l'. W Alzilsli.lf.1.. fllen-v1'. A. .L Norris. H. YV. Phillips. R. H. Higney. F. F. Svliwartz. A. D. Seay. E. NI. H W S F4 Sf'irlenstin'kvr. E R IIII SllElI'Iif'. F. D. Shea. VV. .L Stanley. W. S. bills-5. A. B. Tieman. F. A. Tynes. ,L YV. W'airll1ofPr. B. Wilton. W. XV. Wlelllr. D. L. Williams. J. H. YOl1llg.Ll. B. BATTERY "B" VM.. . N 295 . . .. - .-...-.-. ..- ---.V..:,.3ff9,Z,:,35UF5.7.5,T..7::,7,,-17-5.IDI V -.....-. - nw..- . .............:3:.--..,L,- .-.V -f f - -... -',..f.+.af' '-31+-iii-I5f"J".4Q ' f"-'1ff15i" D. ANDERSON. JH. Ilapluili FIELD ARTILLE lx! l.lI'fl'THX ANT5 Ha11'1'n11. .L 1111r1i.P.B. Svllotl. E. E. 211-I l.II:LTl.N XVI' imis.-:111l1Q. V. X. ri 111.1 xNlr i.1111I1tJl'. R. T. 1, ,x 1.11sIi1rXk. ix. H1111 11'v.if. XY . Kliulwp. P. W. I.a1n1l1'111n. H. H. R1u.'I'. lal1l1Am11n.,I. H. 4,11liI'11HxI.s 1531114111-lil:-. A. A. Buttriil. W. Y. Ham-e. .L W. Haiiifuli. YY. B. Higl1tuwf'1'. H. Ll. Jmwf. R. 6 .. Pieiwe-. T. K. Sl1lNllHI'.F. YV. llh YEAR I'HlYA'l'llS Clarkson. YY. Dvfee. H. A. Ezell. H. Q IxeIl1s,J. C. Kolrayaslii. T. lil'6"Zd0I'Il. A. H. iAIllSi1HW21j'. C. L. Spiller. J. Stl'2llll'il. C. B. 'I'.1y-14.11-.IL A. .L1-1 YH XR PKIYATI-Q5 Bl'r'ii121ll. W. E. tilD1ll'hf'A'.,l. YY. Delfw. W. H. D1lI111Ylll'l. H. S1wta.R. A. 2111iYI'.AHI'HIY XTI' Aiideisoii. P. 5. Belllmw. R. H. Burgess. A. Wi. llainlell. W. D. Diinvan. J. WY. Hviiaiwi. E. H11ire1'.W'.C. Hull. C. W. Plfllllillglljll. P. B. Hn-ks. A. C. TPIIIHSOII. L. B. Yukey. G. H. W'i1ilPilllFSl. H. W lx! YEAH PKIYATE5 Arnim. 0.12. Barnard. H. B1'a1111'l1le. R. C. IS BI'E'llIlECkf?. C. N. Broiissard. D. L. Brown. L. E. Brown. YY. D. BI'0XVllt'. AI. L. 1.a1'1le11..I. B. 1..l1a1lwi1'k. H. B. Dm-is. H. ,L IitiXY2ll'1iS. Wi. S. iii1i1iPl1S.ll. H. fixxaltivy. H. LLVPPII. A. C. I4IUl'llUI'. L. H. RHIIIIIHIAIIIEIIIII. WY. R. Knigl1t.L.J. Lile. L. A. , xlfliillllllf. J. B. Martin. B. Cv. Noble. .L A. Nortnii. H. R. Oldham. C. C. Pkll'IiOXS'. VV. VV. Pvarson. W. T. Sarnple. J. M. Shaw. R. VV. SOIIIPY. J. E. Stiles. K. S. Tc-ssinqn. M. O. Thornton, G. G. Yakey. C. H. Ware. VV. Wans. C. H. White. B. VV. W'V0IIl3Ck. E. P. Young. KI. A. x .. 5' 5 .z-L3-if :l I 3. ' L 'I R Y 1 D. W. MCELWRATH Second in Command J. P. WOLFE lst Sergeant BATTERY "C" 296 , . . s FIELD ARTILLE , I' I - ' w .. lf. ' ff' . - '. . I -31'-I'-Ts?-J1l'4'." '-F-'a'-I'-102-I'-f'J-If-1'-I"Pl . ..'-Q'-l'i'5'i"f 'S is Y-I'-ISF?-"4:2' . A 5' . ' . ! .0 ." If 3. SECOND BATTALION STAFF NIAAXJOR H. W. CILLIQS-Plli Battalion Coimnandvr fLIgXI'TAIN C. NASS AXIIIR Exevntive FIRST LT. T. C. DAYIS Adjutant FIRST LT. L. L. DAYIS SnpplyOffiCe1' FIRST LT. R. M. STEIMIIL Plans EilldTl'3IllIl1f11,iTIf'Pl' SUPPLY SCT. W. T. ROBINSON 2 Xi R Y P Q, . Ili-g :YQ,"0.4 9 6900 'avi "" Q '3'f?:9?'a" I , I I 1 . .Q5g3?Ffvi?TEWQQ::" '?5?HQ5MEGE?5k- A, if" FIELD ARTILLERY .55??dIYQQg A.P.HoBRHcnT I.LlIPlLllll I-I I.lI-Il TEN XNIN 'r l.au+-. .I. lx. l'llillips. R. F. lIa1g:l11ml..I.D. 211.1 I.II-1I'I'IIN KNT IIQI3:-x. xl. Y. 5IQHlLl-.1.YI'S lim-klnan. XY. I.. lluugglu-ray. RJ flu111vrl.W.,-X. l.r1Ql1um. IX . I. llivkmun. I. N. NI1-llur1'..I.lI'. XIlll'I'l1f'.AI.II. S1-llnliflt. K. If. XxIIIlIlIQIIIL1lll.AI.E. luliI'1bHAI.5 .'x4IllIIIN. .I. H. IIA-aillr-. gl. ll. I,I1'l'i1'I'rUIl. H. IIINIIKF. III. II. Ixlrrlx. Klein. In. .I. l.vn.-11.1. E. W PllIlU'll. II. IT. Rainey. I. H. Z:-lm1lwk.,I. E. ith YIEXK PHIY X I'I-l Lain. .I. II. llrnl YI-1XIiI'lilY -XII15 Brwnuuu. pl. .I. Ijusvv. :X . H. SIi1I'l'itJy.,I. Y. 2n.l YI-f XR PRIX' XTIES Alffml. H. .VL Ifllpplw. Z. 41. lllxlv. 11. B. Ijlv-ts'-l1.l,.:11'l I'mwl'. 11. II. I1INk'Hl's. Unulr Swank. .I. I.. W'illr'I1H'4l.ll :'1l. WIUIIIHWI. II. I f. I-t YK XR I'IiIY YIKICS .-'I11rl1'ews, ll. S. Bam-r. B. B. Berry. .I. D. V.- . .hi A Mu A. , ,..,.,., i. !1 SECOND BATTALIIJN 298 Biossat, D, L. Bryan. B. H. Davis. P. Uranv. F, NI. Duty. .I. Xl. Ilwyc-1'. E. A. I"u1'1'vll.,I.NI. FI'3IIl'I5. WI. B. llanfller. .I. E. Glaze. R. I.. Ilart. .I. R. I'IIl'IiIllilII. B. I'I I'IUl'Il. .I. Y. AIllIll'iPI'. .I. E. liullf-. F. W. I.LlIIgIIl,Dl'1I. T. F Xla1ye'l's.I'I.H. Nlvilzf-ll. NI. E. Ne-yluml. XI. II Pvytun. K. P. I'ullall'1l.'lI. H. Hutliff. B. T. SLlIltIPI1S. N. W". Sullwr. :L I.. Ill-'IIHllf'l'. R. E. Wells. F. YY. Willis. H. H. R. E. EIIIUTT Sm-ulul in Iltlllllllilllll A. C. SORELLIZ lst Srrgvant ' ' ' 1' 5' ""'f 44404 Jwiwt- -, 9 F'--',GH11?5Q?vX'f, I 5f",'-T'.'3,1j'i . . :jf FI E LD ARTI LLE RY o,, X IN! I.I Iil"I'I-HN XNTS B1-viIIf'. ,-X. II. fXIann. II. ll. IXIuvIIe-r. I f. I'. ilu-I I.II-II I IIN -INT I'IllX'Q'S. II. Il. 5I.IUII'1 XXIIS llmlgv. ,I. 4. IILIIIIIIIWII. II. II. I.ausun. .I. IX. XI4'4Qu11m'II. II. II. XIl1Iwy..l. II. Urmlat. If. II. I'11ppuf. I. Ix. I'm'!e-14. .I. II, Raglan. XX'. 41. , . . I'lilIl1ht'I. Iv. XX. IIIIIIIIIIIINUII. II. II. XXPIQI1. 'If If. mzumfuu xl.s All.-n, A. .I. BIII'It'sUII. .I. 'I'. 1f1mI1lu. H. :X. Dm-Iwr. .I. I.. I'lIIsIbPl'I'X'. S. X. Hr-ngst. I.. I .. R01Igvl'R. R. II. E. B. GOOD Second in COIIIIIIBIHI R. W. COUCH lst Sergeant Silmlfy. XXX R. Wells. H. R. hh YEAR PKIX'X'I'I-IS I"I2lII1IIlHlllI. .I. I.. Smith. E. F. XXPIIQ. DI. H. XIII XVHXH IIRIXV XIII IJLIIIIPI. .I. QX. 2n1I YH XII I'HlX'XTIiS I'Irm1g:I1.R.B. 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' Q Q' ' fiyxf . i,.e9ixa" Z Q 2 C. XV. HR! DXXN Captain A-him I' eeD9s A V , I 299 --f--.-ff.-q-fp:sfy3ywf-f-35'-9-fy'-av-- - ' , FIELD RTILLERY ,4"XN, fin.-an fl, 'If XX I JI'I'I'III'Yl "Il VX' llaxpluin I-I I.lIHl'TI-QN XIYIN B1'u1Irn..I. II. Brnmlrett. XX'. XI. Griffith. B. B. Stvilnr-I. H. XI. Qnyl I.II.l TI N XYI3 XIllIllIlIr'l'. H. If. Xulgl. XI. I.. NI'Ii1.I-QXXIN I'Il11'11vy. II. I.. I.Jnm1r'II. XX'. 11. I'I:1g1:u1. X. II. IIl11Im11.,I. XX'. I.a1InIun. I f. H. II:lll1'l'NuIl..I. H+.l,iuwn. XX'. 'I'. I.1yI..r.4 . XI. 'I'ln'ii't. XX . 'If 'I'ilrm1. II. .I. llIIII'llIiXI.5 fXIImwI. P. I.I'llXXIIf'l'. III. I.. EW-r. I.. I2 IvlIrNnlI. I". ,Iun1vs.II.XX. 'I'6'r1'r-II. II. XX'I1itf-. XXI K. III' YI5-XII I'IiIX'1.'I'IiS IIII BIN-. If. A. II1wI.s. I .. II. fix-I X'I',XIt I'RIX'XI'I-15 IIa11g:f1r. XX. I.. Neuron. IQ. II. Slwrluull. If. T. Zml XI' XII I'IIIX 'X IICS IIllI'IIr'. II. 4,.. Fannin. 4 I. I.. I'vl'g11w11. R. XI. Hun-lull. .I. I.. IIwn4IriX. E. C. I'Iu1Iwn. I f. XX. I'vr1'y. XX'. XX'. I1I'lt'IIIr. Ii. Vivkm. 'l'. B. I'1'vme-II. .I. IJ. IIyal1.II.U. f 'x 5If'X't'IlF. .I. Ix. Wmrx. XV. IJ. XIX-I1l'f'If'l'. S. H. XX'l1itv. I.. P. 48..- 'W' 1 f'- '- -' ' .Irina JX 2. L Ifhwl J. ... 300 I-I YEAH I'IiIXf.-X'III'15 .Xsllf-raft. B. Bird. Cf. I. Iiruwn. II. I.. I'IlllIISlt'LNI. XX'. .-X. Iiurnvtl. .I. lQul'IisIf'. Il. .I. IIu1'ang. II. II. IIf-mllflxull. If. ,X. IImsr. 5. II. I'ImIIl5ul1. I.. .X. .IWIIIIISIIIL .I. F. Ii11ux.,I. II. I.f4IU1l2lll.II.I':. . I.ww. R. Ia 'XIillI4I1'IX. If. I'. XIu1'n1wy..I.4'I. Nil-kvls. .'X. B. l'I1iIIi1-5. Il. II. SzlllI'4mI. .I. II. S.-Imuper. I.. U. SIIIIIVIP. II. XI. 5IlIIlIIOI1h,II. XXI. Hmithl If. Il. S1-iIler.XX'. XI. XX'uym-. 'I'. II. XXPI4-I1. II. If. QIIIIIIQI-Ll, H. R. XV. PARKER Swoml in LIIYIIIIINIIIII XV. P. BICGS Ist Sergeant ,Ji 5 g1f.if3.Zf1??'?'f?',Qf'7T'firy YM A S . K M FIELD ARTILLERY .Tiff 3, W. R. WERNLY S1-voml in Comnmntl C. T. COOPER lst Sergeant 1-1 I.ll1"I'l N 'XX IS Davis. L. L. fNl1v1'14iS. .iavk Ri1'ili1l'1TS.IT..I. Salina. T. E. 211ml l.ll'.l TLN NNI Bl'1Illll1?5. I"i111'11Q 5I1R1.I-QXYIN Uulsoll. H. F. T':illlllI'1". E. W. FIIIYIIIHIT. A. N. illltvllillr. li. S. .lllllgfi IL. B. lN.11a1pp.l'.XY. l.f'PilQll'. H. 5. l.i1-l111mfkv. ,l. F Xla111s1ivl4,l. R. W. H4151-lltiizli. E. M. Sparks. T. 171. Sterling. E. .-X. XYlll'l1PI'. H. 1 f. XX1'1gl1t.1,.. L. 1,uRI'uIHl.S Ilvruiz-1'. WY. H. fiilvillllillll. P. V. 1Io11g1'1'. .lan-k 1loml111a11. YV. F. Ilvln11'u111p..l. l". .lul111su11.S. N. N age-I. J. L.. I,ilIlPI'5UIl. E. B. Hulillril. 5ta1lli11g1s.H. R. 41.111-1x111'R1x'1'1'1fs 1.111-lI..l. NI. TxTUl!'5l"1IfT. A. NT. Sf-'lll1b. 5. F. 'l'i-vllie-1. Hwnry 211ml Ylt Xli PRIX -XTL5 .'X111Iv1'm11.1Q. R. Ig1Iyll. 1i. 1i1ll1I'illi. .-X. H. Tjili1'ilf'S. J. B. T,llIDI'l'1'. H. L. Hulwr. W.1f. .lu115m11.E.17. - v La1u.1.. lx. 'Xlz1fk.R.H. NLly'l1'Dl'..l.K. I'i11kv1'tn11..I. T. 51-In-I1-1-11 NI. W. IIYIYIN. lt. B. I-l Ylwtli PHIVATI-.N A1iilll1'..T.f1. .-Ml.-11.-k.XX'.l.. BHSIIQIIII. 1 f. 11. 1Il1:-1-a..l. Y. 1il1ur1-l1..l. W. 1i0IlQ'.Tl.l,. 1I111'iir'il. P. XT. Dv.-X1'111e-111. R. D. Dr-Forrwt. .i. T. lT11111'w-. I.. L. Duty. A. N. T':l'kl'lilI'1it. 1 '. Ely. L. Il. 11.-,.,11. 11. l'n1'wt1-1. L F 1.1vw11---I1la1g:.1 . X. 12111-gun . lx. Mlllle-1.1 .1.. Ha11'1'111g1tm1. iit11'1'is.,i. 1l. iilIl1'i11llN..I. ,lmw-. T. 5. Kil1lFll.x.1i Ke-il'-1'..'X. I-'. lxvxv1'..i.XY. K11i1n.,l.1i. I..1111lw1'tl1. 'l Xluriw. I-1.5. 'Xlf-1'1'1tI.,l.,i. Nugxlr-. .l. Nl. 1,llIr'P.1'. i'z1rkv1'. T. S i'a1ule1.1...l. l'va1'sm1, 1 i. H. i'iII'v. R. ITINIIAIJ. Hilll1iiH.Y.K 5Lil'l1ll'.D.1.. Srlia1rs.B. F Si111s.1,I. N. 51111tl1.1....l. Smith. YY. H. XX lislbll. 1 .I Ymlilglulumi nuirr. .i. H. W. I.. NIAYIVII I IJ 1.1111111111 301 I. 3 4 Pr., ., ., .. 2, xl., ai, 'Q-'-1..q',5a qw- . Y 9 I U-fn. V I I IAN. , I .. Fw!! -- .H I IsI.."! III M ,ll 1.,l W. 1 is FIELD ARTILLERY , . -.uw , gi--1-, A f - 0 'o "f3' ' ' " ' .'l ' .. 5 .-' '. ' .41 I U A " A 5 ..?'5 f'- : Tx b1'v'?.'..'v.' " . 'n"n'0'.P'f.f 5' Q., - .' Q' .' 1'1"-.' 4' Sp ' . .' . . - .' . . . . . . J' - ' - .' - , . - I Q . 4 THIRD BATTALION STAFF NLXJOR I'. R. HENRY Ratlalinn CUIIUIIHHCTPI' il XIITAIX I'. NI. BOLTON T'IXi?l'lllIYO FIRST LT. H. G. TALBOT Adjutant FIRST LT. L. BE.-XRD Supply 0fIiCe1' FIRST LT. -X. P. BOLDINC 302 Plans and Training UiIiCer SGT. MAJOR J. IQ. GOLDEN SUPPLY SGT. J. H. ALLEN A. S. DOWNS Second in Command .L B. TAYLOR lst Sergeant l-I l,IliL'TkN XNTS Beard. L. F. Fuller. .L P. Kirluy. Nl. M. Prfwe. E. H. lullmt. H. 41. full Lllll. THX XNT T31-xvvy. V41 TV. SICRHH XXT5 TT1ll"IH4'I'-IX. R. Fitvl1.D. H. Lvwix E. :L Lyllv. 41. L. RZIYFY. H. L. lZuRP4lM xlm Xr11lmm-. .L TJ. Bull. H. K. KVTINVITQ. R. ,IT- 4'lmudl11a11. 4f. B. Hart. B. 4T. Luutuu. Nl.. .I r. Rnlwrtsmm. L. H. Smith. 41. L. Townsr-nd. 41. NI. rrlT4ldTTl"I.. H. lfth YH XR PRIX' RTT. Fallwell. W1 AI. Gillette. F. H. M1'Quaide-. H.IC. T ' .g..l.u..nf'5Ln.i-Lg'.,, . ., , ,gvnvv , o,vl'5' F' N """"' H1-1' nu '- xww 1?-,v-,-f :Tug N, ,Atv-..,. ,.'.3'-': Lf L QL5.1.Yllu4l T I-2-5 1 ' , 'f "M-"...' ' n 9 , ' ' . . . 6, . , Y W n gl- . E I ,..i' . .hul YH XR PRIX' XT!-15 Barker. D. S. Hrmlvrson. H. W. Ulwn. .L P. l"at!v1'sm1. If. F. Rei'-lm. H. D. Smith. H. L. SIPPIISHII, Nl. T. Wvi rus. R. VN vsson. rl . E. Zuni YI-Q KH PRIX' X'l'l.5 QXSTITRJY. 4 T. F. Brittain. R.l1. 4flmmllvr. 4 f. 13. 411-i5wvll.R.R. Eidsml. A. 41. 4v0Pll. 41. 4 .. Heutm1.XY. W...l1'. xT4'.'X4TLiIlI4. Y. F. Pay nn-. H. T. Hlwa. ,I. TC. Nllyua. .-X. L. Taylur. H. B. Timmum. A. F. V4'alkr'r. .L R. W'right. H. F. Yvl'k1-s.R.V4'. lk! YH XR PRIYATI-15 Awlan1s. H. L. Alves. H. 4.2. Bzlrluw. H. A. Bemler. S. 4. if Q. 4'fanwrm1. .L 41. 4fnpv111al1.:X. Il. flux. W. ll. Dnllur. F. W. I':Niil1h.T. IL Fewgllfulm. .l. 41. F1'vrll'i4'k.B. H. l"ri1luy. Il. P. 4T4lTlT!4l1ITIll. .L 4,f. 4Lmnlma1n.H. X. 4,11l111vls.Ti.XY. Haltnln. F. E. Hurt. H. 41. IIUTIIIQUII. 'XL TN. 114411114-111.-1'.ll. F IM-kv. l'. L. 'XII-Gluvthill. ,l. Nl xTl'T.f'ilTSTl. T. T. Nlzxrfllull. T. W. Xlnmly. 4 . NQISII. .L lf. Ulwn. TT. Xl. T'Lu'r'. TT. .L PliI'Tif'l'. R. L. Pvuwy, ll, H, PPlPl'N1blLF. YT. Vluntu. Nl. Pmwr. Pr. W. Randall. If. E. 5Ti1llQlTlIl"l'. Nl. l'. 'TTll4'kt'I'. P. E. Ltlvy. R. K. V4'alkvr. H. E. V4'ulIl1e1's.V4'.B. Wvf'LlX'Vl'. 4 I. H. xvt'TIlr'I'. L. ZH-lm-k. .-X. L. Sv E- '7 N, B. .L ADAXI5 trfapluiu 2- ALIOBQQ HE ADQU 303 ' mn v .,3g5g:..-4.5 . ,nw 5 ' ' ':.':'5f. M ' 'Sf'-'."'r 'ovsw-.'4" 'F FIELD AHTILLERY C35 1 4 R. L. FOX Captain 1ftI.IEl'TEN.-XNTS Durham. B. P. Krampitz. F. J. Link. J. B. Millmurn, C. V. si-314431-3.xN'rs Alexander, H. R. Allen. J. H. Bancroft. W. H. Bannister. W. L. Golden. J. C. Hefley. J. M. Kelly. P. L. Lewis E. R. Owens, J. B. Ringgold. W. M. Rodgers. Billy Rominger. R. L. Standt, W. C. CURPORALS Allen. T. W. Chalmers. W. H. Cox. W. W. Neuhardt. C. H. Smith. B. L. Cllom. J. A. Weaver, J. C. Ahh YEAR PRIVATES Granville, W. K. Lain, T. E. 2nd YEAR PRIVATES Albritton. F. D. Bering. C. Cassity. R. D. Erwin. J. Q. Holmes. R. A. Jenkins. L. J. Lozano. R. F. Martin. R. M. Moore. W. P. Ugdee. E. Sebastian, D. H. Sparger. J. Tenison. W. H. Wagner. A. B. kt YEAR PRIVATES Ball. L. R. Barnes. R. E. Beycliok. M. R. Buckland, F. J. Buenger. J. C. Cangelosi. A. Colvin, J. E. Cowart, T. R. Cresap. W. L. Davis. F. P. Fulton, R. E. Gilmore, C. F. Gipe. J. R. Hensarling, E. A. Hudson, L. C. Kaspar. J. L. Kirkley. C. R. Kishi. J. S. Kolinek. A. J. Krampitz. C. D. Knnze. W. L. Lindsay. J. H. Looney. B. F. Luck. B. B. McCarty, M. R. McNair. NI. D. Mitchell. H. F.. Morris. C. N. Rutan. D. J. Scott. C. G. Sliadle. E. M. Sigut. G. J. Smith. J. C. Speer. T. E. Spoede. S. L. Stacy, C. L. Stockwell. H. L. Stout. J. M. Vinsant, J. D. Waddell, R. W. L. SHIRLEY Second in Command J. B. HANCOCK lst Sergeant gf Q 2. S+. 'i 4. .xx .9 ' tif it il 4 7 ' A . X .X . A .. mm wk 4 -' g 'ff r .. x"5"S 1, , X X its M ik X 3 4 X - Q. cl ,?g?.jgSf55... 2. ff gjxw f S 3. N X N .af X X x 304 - wus-1 - o - .-11jT"i"'r" 'T nf' ir. ff?-:V -Tngxifyrffff ' ' In , 'ap-,,l,.I5 57, ,. .A ik- x4.,J,.4,,Q. . ' - ' ""i-"'-' A --..--,.-...LL4 in li..-'1:r'.--. . g.-.g-.i5g L.. . "fig FIELD ARTILLERY P W. B. DOUGHERTY Second in Command W. C. SLEEPER lst Serge-ant lst LIEUTEYANTS Clarke. C. J. Hardison. L. A. 2...i I.uiL"ri1N.iNTs Cole. G. P. Johnson, H. O. Myvrs. R. V. Ri1:l1a1'1lS..l. SERGI-I.-XNT5 Bennet. R. W. l,.ate1..l.W. Haggard. 11. R. Helnif-r. Li. Hill. H. B. Hodges. C. W. Kullianek. B. .l. NBPly'. H. 5. Shelton, W. E. Smith, Vf C. Stuart. T. E. Walker. G. H. WT-stl11'awok, L. J. CURPORALS Davis. D. Al. Hodges. L. H. Hl1LlLTl6SlOI1.R. H. Pou, C. G. Sfflilvier. C. T. Wade. L. W. Wolrnan. G. A. Young. F. R. Coki11os.Al.l. hh YEAR PRIVATE Reid. J. W. 31.1 Yli KR I"HlV.-Vl'I-I5 Burks. ill. L. l,Ia1iipi4,n1. R. Al. Denson, P. E. Norwounl. A. .l. :...1x'i1xn Pmxxxri-is Buy-rl. H. F. 7 lfirviisliuw. C. VU, hates. R. P. Hall. H. B. HPll1lt?I'SfDll. J. R. Holnws. H. D. Johnson. D. .l. Kerr, A. .l. Knililrlv. D. C. Reiner. T. A. SIHLITTVVUOYT. .l. P. Taylor. .l. Fi. Yvarv. A. S. YY'l1ite1.L. R. lxt YEAH PRIX' l.'I'I-L5 Aiulivss. li.. D. Asll. H. Austin. ,I. D. Barnes. G. W. Baumliardt. R. C. Bam-on. .l. S, Bryson. T. F. Cl3IIlIllNt'll. P. Lllarkfon. .l. S. lillviiiuiis. E. R. Lirossly. C. F. Fostrr. R. H. Hor'f:kf'1'. VV. L. Hollander. A. A Hollis. C. T. Hulauluy. R. L. Hmlgws, R. Hunter. T. C. Ivy. H. YV. .lu1nu1l.fy..l. Kelly. K. K. liny. R. A. Lf-ska. A. C. Al:-Kv1izieJ.W'. A. Alvgw. R. L. 'Nluorr'. .l. Al. Nlyvrs. .l. L. Papa. R. .l. Patrivk. H. T. llaulswn. VV. Al. Ramsvy. ll. T. Russian. R. F. Sinipsnn. T. E. 501194. 1 I. C. Shawl. lj. P. Strif-klainl. YV. F. Tm-I. Y. lf. Trust. ffl. Al. Tylor. A. T. W'illl'llTt. .l. D. X544 Q-Qs. " R N-. P. R. LOWR Y ifupluiii f 24 'T if . is' X. 8 Yi W .N-v:,:::.,::.i . .Q ..,,.ao5-Eiib wgg ' .s.. ' N ,e..- E- ,gg . 1 A w .yd is A .,.. .3,., wv 1 Q .x Af! C. T E . . .3 . S. ' i . yr' 305 kl be 99 H Ii. XY. II XHI. 1.4111111111 .....-..-..- --AU, ..,.,. 'Q 0' 04.55 FIELD ARTILLE I . R Y . F' ,. V '4!n'. 73 ' "l"" f 'ff-n' .4'.,,A -- -- ...-.M ... A: - ' ' I imf'-':.' !a'.'a"1'l'u" 1' u"'.'J' -' -' ' I 0.4. ' u I . nf In IN1 I.II-1lATI-lfNX'N'I'5 BnI1I1ng. A. I'. IIv111Ie1'fo11. 'I'. I'111'1'1xI1.B. -X. Ivllpx Vx.. .In I,. Z11.I I.II.l"I'IQN XXTS B1'11zi+'I. W, NI. If1'a1i11.W'. If. F1..,..1. 1. '11 r-l.l:1.l. 1X I 5 B111't-I1111i1I. A. H. B1u'k.'I'.I':. F1I1u11A1If. F. NI. IZVIIILIN. .llIIIl'5. R. K1-11-I1vx1IIv. I.. I.uNIe'y. WY.. .I 1'. I.tlHl"HHAI,5 BIlI'I!1ll.I..I . B111'In11. I. If. F111'1111-1'. D. XI. H.1II.W. I. lIlLlIf'I'IFIKI. H. II. HnIur1'tN. B, S1-ntl. W. 'I'. 511115. A. NI. llI1YI1f-XR PIIIY.-VI'E 2 T 5 P7 .-.1 2r1lYI-IXK I'RIVA'I'I'.5 Nvw111z111. B. A. N11-Imls. B. D. 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F. AYPIT. B. C. XY:-isi11ge-1'. B. W. WQUII. I.. AYUIIHIF. F. A. G. WILSON. IH. SPVOIIII i11 IBOIIIIIIEIIILI .I. NI. 42.-XRPENTEH Isl Sf-1'gez111t ,. I. . . -- -' 1.-. ' .V 1 .1.g'1jy.:-'ff --v z-fi' .Q H.. I. I . I 306 2 ab. I COMPOSITE RECIMENT 'Hn 5 ,Q r Q- 'I-. . v , -3: ' :qi i- ' I 'X 5 - :.:g:,:p':.?:.:..l.. . ' . 0 ,Ak ' ' 1 0 ' I . ' ' ' . ..:..53'Ese"o:aS , :B'g',lo. . I ' .Il -X - I REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COT.. A. Y. HAMILTON Regimental COIIIIIIHIHIGI' MAJOR R. S. HOFF Executive MAJOR Ii. R. IQICISTON Plans andT1'uil1ingUII'ic'61' CAPTAIN O. AI. NI.-XRTIN Adjutant CAPTAIN C. W. BROWN Supply OIIICPI' CAPTAIN R. C. I'III.L Intelligence IIIIIIPQI' , fer! 1' 0 Q' SGT. MAJOR F. S. BIRD SUPPLY SGT. F. A. SNIITHANI TECHNICIAN C. C. SPRINIQLE TECHNICIAN H. ll. HEHIIINGTUN EIU 0 f,b1,wQ F . C' ,Q 3 , I Cf 0.1 VI Ii I uv '1- .4 n. . A 0. A, at-rn' .f :ogx sw 9 a 5.55 0 5 Q ' 'a".5...'. 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F. 5. I'z11'kv1'. R. C. SrI1n1l!.M.C. bto1'111. f.. L. Zin1111r'1'111z111. F. X. 1-I YEAR PRIX' YHQS HHha1111r1n. WV. Rrllirll. ,INF Hiel1lf?1'. P. W. 6 ptwnnm. COMPANY "AH 310 Lu... . ,,,.,, .., 113- ui! CORP Q 'rffm , . . . .,. , ,. . -, . , , ' ' A-Het-:M v.'Q.:'fz'.r -1-J' - 'inf-U -KL' -an ' 3.-V-y -1 "E v, ..- L I' 4' ni' I' I . fl .R Bowman. V. R. BI'lll'P. A. D. Fox. J. B. F1'eil1e1'ge1'. H. Calloway. J. E. Corzyf-ki, R. C. GI'iI1lHS. C. D. Hargis. J. I. HP11s0n. S. R. Hoge. P. L. Huw. C. I. H11rl1.W. K. Ilrpolito. L. ,Iol111so11. W. T. Le-a11ard. C. Nlillvr. C. H. Pearson. C. W. I'oweIl. Lf. H. Hawken. L. A. Rmiasill. H. H. 251115. L. G. Sn1itl1.L.L. Tate. W. F. W:1tsu11, 4. L. Wi,Qgzi11s, lf. P. 'W1llia111s.C. H. Wvifl1Pl'S. W. J. A. H. A. HERNANDEZ SPVOIIII in Command C. W. HALTOM Ist Sergeant 3. 'Ova'O 'O ' 7 ,Q 'G s 6' Ox .. rv. reg' KI ,' ' F ' "-g ii X j n I 2 rw: . '.O J. C. NIEHNITZ Sevoml in Ifmnlnaml KI. .-X. NIlI.l.I-IH lst St'l',Qt'ZlIlI 'gt 1 zz. Q,-. 1 'tw in it s ful ,Qty '.'-" ' ' "-' 495'-'52'-'1 ' ' 'f ...W-.- ..--,4.11..i 's,1i...n:f. ' - -.1..f.L2Jf.1.:3 ' 4 5 u J y 9 o"' , 'I' I 1 1 N A C 0 R P I-I I.II',II'II.N XNTS IIII YI-Q-KR IIHIY.-'x'I'I'.5 Bwyvr. D. .-X. .'xlltIl'l'N1lIl. F. I. iiarlr-tt. Ii. II. I.ym1Q.'NI..I. Hillw. .I. Il. Ilrunforx WI. H. IyiIj'llf', Y. If. 'IIl1IIrl14..'X.II. 'I'ml1z1fu. I.. 5I'IUvII-YYII5 .ixwl II. XII I'KIY XTIES I"url11a1u. .I. .I. 4LiII. II. W. I'Iruw11. II. I ., Fuglvr. MII. I'IHsI'iIllN. lf. IH.. IIc'In'I'I. II, B. 'XII-Ilvylwlfls. Z. .-X. , Nun1.I+-are-.If.4.. xI4ml'1'. Wil- 1w11. H. W. Rm-I 1f1'. .I. IH. RUN- I I' ru.: x mn mm wh XVII. .I. II. H,m..,H ul, Hllgillt. II. II. .-Mlkiw .,11. W. xl. '7"'I"P- -'- R' H.1i.F.l.1l. x. I'I""'H"" Igllllxll-QQ. II:-I.u-'I1i 1-an . .-X..I. mullvlww 'il W. IILlI'IIl1LIII. F. I.. ' Nl:-Iv-y. I. IJ. E'II'Y- 'I' S' SmitI1.W. II. I'Iug: r'I1. II- II- SprmIIil1g1.H.I'. lin 11xx lm. II, W. 5,,ill,.yA gg. R. I.ulNI4-n. II. S. XVIII-. II. XI. I.u1'u-. ,I. 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B. Wlolfe. P. J. 41h YEAR PHIVATES Amundsen. E. C. Daugherty. F. P. Heitman. H. W. Porter. R. 3rd YE-KK PRIVATES Fislrer. F. Rand. F. G. Sears, L. A. 21nlYE,-KH PRIYATES Burks. S. V. Clark. L. YV. Hit-key. H. C. Huhlsarrl. J. Johnson. W. R. Mc'Kain. T. J. Mit'l1vif'l1. A. .l. Mitt-hell. J. W. Noa. wx P. Platt. A. Smith. A. R. White. R. W. Lt YEAR PRIVATES Bates. S. S. Brooks. R. I. Brown. E. T. Copeland. A. C. Cox. L. C. Dearing, R. K. Dickson. C. H. Downard. H. T. Cripp. E. A. Haralson. C. J. He?ndri4'ks. E. R. .lar-kson. D. E. .lam-olnson. H. S. lvnkins. T. E. Kahn, H. R. Kvmplin. P. W. King. H. V. liners, M. M. La:-kvy. C. C. Lahe-ld. W. C. Laglr-r. S. Lattimoro. J. T. LvFf. D. Nl. XL-Allistrer. J. J. Nlankins. E. Alillllllllg, K. S. Nlwllwry. C. A. Nlelvlwr. T. E. Nliertsvhin, N. H. Morrison. A. S. Peterson. N. H. Pivonv. A. W. Pivonf: .l. 0. Roddy. L. W. Sr-held. T. C. Skidmore. H. Sliger. F. A. Stafford. H. W. Stephens. E. W. Stillingrr. D. L. Stutz. F. Swope. J. C. Thomas. W. R. Yener. A. S. Viltlnderlivk. C. H. F. WARNKE Captain if 313 GSA!! !NfX F. H. LEWIS ffaptzlin IIIWIWI-I I Q . ',5. 'ErZif'?.?ef-'I-'bl' .-1'I'1i'2-TI-1-if-'"-5'.-'-'lli-i-'L-' . 71 CHE IC L RFARE ER ICE L 1-I I.I HI TEN.-XNTS Lmtle. J. E. .l11plwt. lf. l. Knrtll. lf. I... Slilillli -XNTS Anmlu. I. Duty. l.. U. I-1llimt..l. F. Lynn. H. P. 'Xlurrimn. VII. F. l'a1r'km'il. L. H. 51nitl1..l. H. 5ll1IlllL1llI. F. A. SIIIIIPITIIIIJ. ll. H. Wemln-f,mk. Lf. H. YLIIIIQPP. B. D. L.uKI'ulHl.s Brevet. VII. ffmie-11. J. D. Hun1.4I. M. Massey. .l. A. lNleni-zer. 5. W. Nlerrer. .l. A. Pivkoff. L. J. SI8lllZlJIllltJI'fI4?l', A. I.. ArxIUIl'flII. ,ith YH.-XR PRIX' XTIQS Pontliieux. N. A. Pau, W2 Whitaker. D. S. Wolf. .l. B. Hnl YI-Q.-XR PRIY.X'l'I-15 Holloway. T. L. Nlendietta. H. B. Ray. C. C. Riley. W. E. Willson. III. R. full YEXH I"RlY.XTIi5 Bmg1lon.B.R. Carroll. ,l. R. liliurvli. WI. L. IIUXVEIII, R. R. Daw. R. E. Fanner. L. C. Hartzog. B. H. Lerllwtter. C. C. I.Yl1i'll. A. H. Nlqmii. L. NI. fir'l1i21vu.I...l. West. L. E. 1-IYII.-XR PHIYATE5 Avrey. W. B. Barker. P. AI. Bavaequa. L. .l. Bla:-k. D. H. B1'eu,lley. F. G. Butler. J. P. Clark. C. H. Cole, H. L. Cullum. VV. P. Dailey. R. H. Coerte. C. H. G1'egg..l. W. Hagan. J. J. Hart. VII. H. Hawthorne. H. Hess F. D. Hoff. G. W1 Javkson. H. Y. King. H. Y. Kirlry. D. Wl. Idtilllll. F. A. Lattimore. .l. T. Lee. C. E. Leouartl. C. Y. M1'i,.lesky..l.1. Mi-C0111li.D. S. M1-Ginness. J. Nlereer. A. A. lxIllI'lil6'l'0Y. H. Nifglmls. .L WL Peterson. C. L. Sheets. R. W. Shoupe. H. W. Smith. Y. A. Storey. F. D. Tippett. F. W. Torti. P. A. Wl1aley..I. W. R. BI. DAVIS Second in Command J. F. SEELEY Ist Sergeant 25-. 2? ' ER file? 11, 'I 1. , ..,g.f- Ng- 45.1 -.sg ,- .- .C f it Iii.. ' 1 :l-Q.3:.i-..:Z.- tsnsfgg vg. 314 K ' . :1a..au::.wa1..:.1.:..1,i.-f:x. . n 0.1 a ' is e 'iff ?u'4 ' ' I 4.3, I Y 0, 415 r P , ' n . . CHEMICAL WARF RE ER IC R. I.. SWEFINICY. IH. Sevond in 4,IOI'IlIIl3IlLI R. G. POWICLL lst SL-rgvant l-t l.II'Il'TF1X NN'I'b Clvnwnts. .l. I". Sn-l I.IEI'TI'1N KNT8 Ri-1-lmff. A. J. bl-IR4ZEKN'l'S Ilzlllarpl. H. 41. flllllllllgllillll. 41. NI Ilunl-an. D. I... Ixvrsllzlw. G. 4l. livslwr. S. fNlu1'ray.I7. B. Nr-lwr1.E. H. NMI. I'e'urmn. I.. Xl. Sprinkle. 41. 4f.. .Ill IIIIIUIIIIPSOII. J. W. 4,llHI'4lKXI.X .-Xlnlvrwll. II. ll. Bll5SIIl.,!PI'. I.. l'. Iirumlnn. Il. W. Bryant. R. I.. IIl1fIl1wyv1'.II.Il. Illassefy. W. N.. .I1'. fNlvllvgaI1..I.Il...I1'. NI11rpl1y.4'l.II. I'imlott. H. X. Smith. A. 41. llll YEAR PRIX' YI'I'f5 Wvaver. P. :X. llllilsvmll. D. 41. finl YI-fXKPKlY1.TI-.5 4Ian1ur:m, W. S. Kcfllvy. ,l. A. xlllvllvll. V4 . flxfurnl. W. I". full Ylf KK PRIX'-RTI-IS Burns. II. E. Hurt. 41. 42. Kluytum. ,l. W. tjullw. N. S. Ilan. NI. Ix. Hill. Il. W. HIIIIQIIIIN. 'l'.. N IQillgNlwr1'y. H. Ill. IxILllZllt'I14l. R. 'NlunIvr:lini. .l. X. 4lliu-r. II. F. 4YIXH'll. 41. 5. Uwwn. II. 4 Q. IJ1ll'Ii4'l'N4lll. 4 f. II. I'uwy. II. Hrgall. If. I.. Rizlvmvur. 41. .-X. 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ALEXANDER Execlllive CAPTAIN E. P. TVHTTNEY Adjutant CAPTAIN R. LANOFORD Intelligence Officer l.iAI'T.-ATN TV. R. ELLIS Plans and Training Officer OATJT,-ATN AV. H. BUTLER Supply Ofiricer CAPTAIN C. B. PLRCELL - Personnel OffiCer Seated: TRANSPORTATION SGT. H. L. NEWBY COLOR SGT. R. D. WARD SGT. MAJOR H. H. BRIANS Standing: COLOR SGT. J. O. ALEXANDER COMMUNICATIONS SCT. F. C. HOMEYER SUPPLY SCT. J. C. HOLLIAIAN 316 4. nl, x v,eu,- ' g,915345"g5'. 'ra , " A L R . 0 s u""n5'v!' ' 'Q 7' ' 71 - , , , 'n , . 'n' 1 f '12 'tw '..'S'n'53':0'6'2'.0'c':P'A-L iss.- Al-ik 'FO' Q 1 ' MTD' al . Q a K 0, 1 . o', ' ci: fql Nl. R. CALLIHAM becond in Command J. T. STEVENS lst Sergeant 1-1 LIEUTENANTS Allen. .l. A. Kvrr, C. E. Qnll l.llIL"l'l-QNANTS l'fl1ap1nan.W7. B. Kina-unnon. F. C. Ri4'l1tvl'.C.X. sk1H4':r3ANTs Baker. C. K. Boll. A. R. Langfo1'1l.l.R. lllalony. Lf. YY. Martin. D. Xvilliznns. S. B. 1lllil'UllXl.5 Canlr-lls. l'. llnlt. N. C. lllulw. W. R. lxlllflllly. l.. H. llc-nningtun, W1 Nl. l'lylv1'.J. Nl. Russell. C. W. -hh YEAR PRIVATE Dl'l'llFSli!', A. H. flnl YEAH PRIVATES Hill. R. F. My-Anelly, B. C. Peterson, W. M. Towns, A. in-l YI-1,-XR l'RlY.-XTHS Bailey, E. C. llnvllc-l. J. T. Blllll'll. C. D. Dnnplly. H. C. l1.nL.1..l. 5. llilrntl1..l. .-X. Millr'1'..l..l. lllurin, R. l.. H csf- In-.W.1". Snlvtlwr. N. VY. S1iff.l.S. Vlllliblllib. C. C. X oss. L.. lx. Wlwat. .l. D. lst Ylikli PRlY.-KTE5 .AlHlf'I'!-llll. R. F. Bukvr. F. YV. Barrmii. A. C. Bevkrr, A. W. llruoli. B. B. llllLll1lIll0Il, C. I. t1lark,C. A. llnnally. D. R. 1Quwan.l. D. lflnn-nclurf, H. l Fnrlnf-r. .l. E. Ff'illllt'l'Sl.0llC. li llillllllllfbll-. S. ll. lllll'1lZOQl..l. ll. llx11'1l.ll.lY. .l.11x1f. 4... W . .luImmn. D. l'. l.lgllIst'V. D. F. N1-4 .llll'P. l.. Nl. Nlillm'.ll.l:1. Ugilvy. H. YY. lllilllllilllll. E. .l. SilIll'lN'Z. T. D. Sie-gal. .l. H. Sp1'nill.C. R. Strzulffr. l.. M. Swingly, R. P. W'l1itr-.B.ll. Williams. W. ll. G. TON Captain 317 '- ' 'fd' qw.: .. ,z N A 6 .. s ITQIIIIHIII . Nl. IJUNALD lxlI.II'1"I'I'1NANT Hill. E. E. 5I'lI'IIlI'i-XNT5 Delanif-ter. .l. Drvlrs. .Tl. Haight. R. H. Hart. W. Ilasse. II. IX . Husgell. D. I.. A ager. 3.1 . IQURPUH ILS tllark. A. .l. Cline. D. T. Lux. P. l.. Fitzgerald. E. A Alavy. R. D. Alilentz. A. R. Ruley. A. C. SIUIIIIII. .l. B. Iih YEAR PRIX' XTF4 Rrewvster. O. F. Hanvm-k. R. NI. Harvelln. IQ. .l. Rfmlmertf. If. B. Snnrlell. AI. S. V R 3:-I YE XR PHIYATI-IS l,lL1e1'ra.'Y. H. Holder. T.. D. AYQIISUII. C. L. Barroii. LI. N. Bei-kley. D. E. Buvk. D. H. tfaaey. W. Irllu-ek. I.. F. Ilrutwlier. AI. L. Davie. B. F. Denny. l.. C. jenkins. W. D. Klltsvlllmr-k. R. L. Horan. G. C. Rouse. H. D. Smiling. E. P. Vfilson. C. C. lx! YEAH PRIX' XTES Barton. T. F. Bievk. R. B. Bissetl. F. Wi. Bradley. J. H. Carlsen. G. A. 'Q Znil YI-TAR PRIX' ITL. . IQl1astain.J. N. Clifton. E. R.. Jr. Kellrer. VIZ J. K.1.....1.iy. W. G. Alarques. A. W. Nlartin. K. T. llatsusliita. C. AI1'I'la1'tl1x'.l-. E. Moore. F. W...l1'. Alurray. W. K. Netllery. G. TV Pate. .l. Payne. R. N. Pelot. W. L. Rew. W. VV. Rivlmey. Cf. H. Rivera. AI. A. Rosenberg. N. Rugsell. B. L. Schmidt. D. A. Sealy. R. O. Seese. AI. G. Strickland. W. A. SlllIf3I'IlJ6I'gPI'. A. C. Yickery. A. E. Vfilliams. E. VV. Wiillrich. O. T. VI'rigl1t..l. A. R. B. CRAYTON Second in Command F. J. HESS lst Sergeant .g.. -- -.e. -v f sewer.. -------Q-W Y- -'iz-fs-n-:. if-ri-w.n--we , ' . MACHINE- GUN' 318 P0 4 -.4 a fl. I I . ', if Ji.: l- . P ' i, ff? '. if Y'.U I. I n," T' " ' .Q L1- I. l 0.9 uf 5, n lf' . . ,, 'a Z'-' 0" 6,2 'I ul' ., . 'n 723- .,' 'l . .. , 0 ..- l I '1 ,vi ': 4' A. 9 , n: vgtgvt O35-.1 f1::f'-'iPP',- N-iv.. - . .Y fy, S ' . . ' : 'r' 1W',.05'o1. .. .'.l.?:'- v'g .': s:Q'q 5 ." 111' K y! 5 C A V A L R FIRST SQUADRON STAFF MAJOR LEE 1.l,XMPBIiLI, Squadron CUIIIIIIHINIEI' CAPTAIN J. R0 .MQH Executive FIRST LT. L. B. EYERETT Adjutant SCT. MAJOR H. SEEWALD SUPPLY SGT. C. F. THOMPSON 319 L . Y QQ S- ,',' J! ,tiki- I Qs L :- '6P,9.1 f wfff I, LIU 'U l-I I.II-fl"I'EX XNTQ l'fvrra'tt. l.. H. Lawll. A. D. PZll'l'i1'l'. A. H. Pz1ttun.XY, H. fl.lu.l-,.xx'1 Bar1mv.C.R. 1'low:1rrl.R..'X. Ijll'lU'l'HlvI1. Dum-. I . Vt . D1lH4N-. ,-X. ll. lllllllij vr. F.1 xlLll'Illl. ff. S. Marlin. Nl. H. Hiw. l.1't' IilI'lllll'llN0ll. T 9 bf,-1-uulfl.H11g1I1w SfILll'klllllI1. ff. Nl. YK llllillllx P. l 4,11HI'4uR U5 'xllillllm Nl. D. Ulwly. .lan-li. .l r xl1'l.111lHl8l1ll.ll W Xlfmrv. H. ,l. xly't'l'Q. .l. T. l'a1rlu-r. Wlmrtll Pvawy. ,l. H. RPIIIIPVI. A. E. .la Ho11ntrr'c'. H. J. Smith. R. S. Wahl. R. D. lth YH XR PKIYXTE Saylvs. U. R. Hull YI-I XR l'KlYX'l'HS H'i,In1111m'.,l. D. NYl1iteJ..'X.D. :...1x'Fxn I-RIVATLQS Allen. II. I.. Hrvsm-11. K. C. 1Q:1rlwu11.ll.W'. lfmvan. H. H. llr1fk1ll.lf.W. I'1f'l'gllSlDll. 5. H. Hutt. 1.. H. 4l1IllllSlllI.,I.E. Knigl1t..l. S. lla1hhvl1l.N. H. NlHl'f'lllPllIlli. .l. H. Filivs. N. C. SUIISOII. .l. C. 'lll1omas.H.B. Walker. H. J. Woodlvy, J. H. Yrvrston. Alfred be "q. 99,31 R Q l -U -wN,.,..,U . t .- -. ,,- ,:-v- :x ... N H lf -'H ' . .5f'.'??fv"7:-T"?a1.f5Z- , ', -.f-. .'.f , . lf' O.: -'30 L Y . 1-l YEAR PRIYATHS Banks E. C. Cm-kerffll. ll. M. tivlwivk. R. E. Duke. R. H. EtlIIl0IlllSOIl. A. H. Cie-sff. K. I.. Uivse. L. H. Huy-slip. C. l.. .lmwx 5. I' . Ke-11t.l,.C. l.a1in. J. YV. l.lglltrc'y. W. O. lmngx. T. B. Xl'-4f1'a1'y. D. C. xliIll4lOl'kS, R. C. 'Xlu-ks. B. R. Nuyvi. T. A. l'z11'nf-ll.U. C. ll:-a 4'rs4' k. Billy Rnppelmrt, M. H. Hnuvlm. B. Srlmwarz. Fl. C. Silwlvy. H. Slvlill. lu. Sulik. I.. E. SWOHn0I'll, Harry Wlllianms. M. C. Williams. Rex R. filler. T. E. D. W. NEILL SPCOl'ld in Command GUY JOHNSON lst Srrgeant 'TROOP 320 ,-v'-""1""'4,,.L,.,.- ,W-P. Q-j 4,1v7,"""-".. ,gl Y ,j""' ' .ji ' ' 1--gg-.31g.f-+14 ,f ' " ' 1 J- f -'L-1.41-3 -.--.JLL11 - M- . .iv XX ' THOMAS C. WADDELL Second in Command J. F. ROBINSON lst Sergeant l-rl1IEl'Tl-TNANTS BLIITX. D. VY. Liillwrtsuii. R. R Morris. L. R. SlQlUZIr1.XYl'S l.llllt'. E. L.. Fitzxtf-wells. J. l. 1lrutc,:X. R. Kvy. D. C. Hclivllzir. A. S. Ncwlvy. H. L. PPQl,l14'5. 5. S. Wlliwl. B. D. Williunia T. A. fIHRP4fPRXI.S l"uwlri', T. VL. T.t'Ll1'll. J. D. N11-l .own-il. iN. 41. TXIVTTIITIIPSS. 0.1 Phillips. WY. A. S4'lNll'l1LiI'l. O. Taylor, R. H. llh YEAR PRIYXTI-iS Har1.lin.G.C. Harris. Ed. W L 31.1 YIQKR I'Hlx'xTi-is Dengli-r. F. 5. 1.111-,'. W. H. 211.1YI-3.xkI'Hlx'A1'i2s gllwriiatliy. T. L. .'xll1llIlS.li.lYl. 1-Xiike.-imuii. H. P. Clyliurn. L. lf. Cmzir-r. B. B. Eliman. Li. B. Flynt. J. M. Gritfillis. LQ. C. Hmwlim-, F. F. Hl1t1'liillg1s.l.1.5. lul11isuii.l. LI. TilIUWli1llkl..T. H. XlHllNlI'Il. H. L. Quill. C. L. Re-eil. l". H. Svlivllliuw. H. O. Sn1itl1,l..T. 1N!Yl'I.XKl'HlYATES Bimlitt. T. C. Buvliunun. T. E. Bush. l'.. Bl. Canipln-ll. Wi. D. Cl1eek,C.S. Chisnlin, G. M. RY .-ow, B. I. 4-1 .. tjurry. R. I.. Da1'1'.R.H. Dragna,1'f. l"Tr'z1tll:-iwtnrilul. h -X Fvlton, 'l'...I1-. F4ll'lll21Il.5. l"ulwille-r. .l. II llillierl. H. l.. l10mll'l1'll. ll. In Hilton, H. VV. l'luI1pe.T'l.R. Hllnlnllfxslull. fi. Hiule-vk, F. T. lainivs, C. C. Ke-y. U. H. King. J. l. Laws. D. R. l.ziw1'r-in-el, Bl Lll1'us.D. N. NTI NCUHP, In .L xlaillglrlxl, C. A Muntze-l. H. l'11we?ll. J. L. S1-hulcr. ll. .L Sl1vIl.H.E. Siiiiewvk, A. J. Solvey, C. VL. Sterling. Lf. L. Swindffll. C. YY Vick. N. Woods, L. J. 1.""...f.'ass1:i:"rri wk '- TROOP NB" 321 ..-.-.-W.. . ...-Q. ... . . P f 5. YL A- .Q . . xnrgt uf. .Xu . , , I K. rf47v2m"' TQ:-'Fi 5' ' S ,g ' Will . A L R ,. .0 ,f..,--, .,. I- I . h , - , , . , .. . ... . . , . -, , Q '4 I ' ""l. .l u i I "-' -1' ' I I -'fi '.u'v'fsi'b', sf '.0 "-'".".'v'::.!e'.:.".:2' . . . . . . , ' I. . .lr .' . . . ' 1,1 -f C V A Y - 1 SECOND SQUADRON STAFF MAJOR I. D. PINSON Squadron CUIIIIHHIICIEI' CAPTAIN A. KAHN Exe-cutive FIRST LT. I.. B. MARTIN Adjutant FIRST LT. L. L. ADAMS Supply Officer SGT, MAJOR T. H. CRISWELL SUPPLY SGT. I. J. HARDIN 322 M, f 3 , pf -fl if-I If -uw I , r .9-""A i ""'fqjf:j'f-f f .,fIgm'. x .?ae.'5f24Ti' . ,,.f..w..,g. , . "Qs: 54' -64. ., " .sw I. A R S f IN' LIEUTEN-WTS 'I'I1nmz1H. R. F. DWYf'l'. 5.1. IV:-'Q!I114lm11Ii, T. lrf. NIalrsI1aII. I. I.. IIII I'I'I'XH PRIYXTIIS 2.1.1 l.Ilil"l'ENAN'I'S 1 4 II1lgIn--.I'I.1,... LUIJ. BIYIXKII. H. I'I. 'fammh H. Xluwlln-r. W. I.. Iiviun. If. A. WiIk.,I. I., 5I'.Ii4II'IXX'IIS vlxlpxulnimvt .L on 'lr' XX1IIrn'I1. I.. H. .-Xzar. 5. .lr-I X H KH PRIX' XTIQS Ilulv. I.. I.. 'Il'IlUI1I. In II. HUIWQ 0' 1 Y- II:'IcIfn'?. E. III. Ii 1 I. . ,Innv .,I. NI. H E , I"uItm1.B.NI. uwlun. I'. V IIilI'I't'II. II. ll. WuIt1m.II.II. NIf'I'Iri1Iv.,I. I.. 4.m1wm,u.s I'ium.m. E. L. Baskin, B, I-'I Slllllllll. H, H. ,- ,nl P, ,L XIIIAIIIII. R. E. 1,.,l4lw.JIl.4,, IY'iIIxil1sml..I. WI. Irnvin L Isl I IIXR IUHIY XTIIN . ' llIZIr1.,I. A. ,Xl11Iv1sul1..-X..-X. XI1IIr-r..I. B. Ilw-rwiukle-. NI. .-X. Pinson. D. I'I. Bvnitvz. II. if. R. R. BROTHERTON Ser-uml in Command D. S. SI-IELTON Ist Sergeant lull YII XII I'KlY -X'I'I.h I3Iz1nktir-'InI. II. A. Bll5IIl'Ix. R. A. IIr'wr'rs. I'I. If. Blll'lIhIlIt'. .I. 5. I31ll'll-i1Iv. H. II. I3uxicI. I.. I.. I1iII+l11.Y.II, Uruss. 1.rIlx'.I.Ix. II.-nylmw. W . A. Ilvurn. 1 '. E. IIN'-ff! X I ,.,.. ... KllIxf'I'IIClI. R. I'I. I.1ml.Il.S. xI1'I,l'I'IllllIt. I.. A Nlvl-'vm-in. Ii. A. XI.lI'rIIL1II.Y.f,I. Nu-kIvIn1l'..I. NI. I'IxiIp. W. H. IillINll'll. I. ,I. , , . Ixuulf. I. :X. SIu11g:I1tr-r. W. SIlt'll1'PI'.IVI. II. X-iH'IIlIIr'. .I. E. Yr-Zn-y. 5. X. WILIIRI-r. I". N. XXutI1.-n. I'.. H. Wrlnlv. B. Winlmrn. R. F. Y . T.-XYI UR I 'IIIILIIII i 'TROOP "C" 323 Wt. . . ug qmqm.. KH M, ,.f---1-5 ff-31121 1... .,.., .. ,- -,.3.-- ..- .. . 1- - ' A A ' " ' - 'V g.k'q.:v'.J'..:-'.l. .'.'o .'1"..'c'."p"1'.' :."..'J'.?.-7: ..' . - if . uv., 'Q to , , '.'n ...S 1.iI,ll'1L'Tl-QXXNTS Allnnis. L. L. Klutz. G. J. fn.lI.ll'1'Tl'1Y'kXT5 Walker. H. H. SERCEANTS Culluliaii. S. 0. Dean. H. J. Hampton. Wi. G. Hardin. J. J. Jones. WY. T. Ogden. B. C. Pin-kard, A. Xl. Rider. A. ll. Robertson, H. J. CORPOR XLS Blau-lx. Wi. R. Buie. J. R. CJll'lJN't'JJ. WY. WL Lux. L. W . Irving. J. H. Hiillfn-rty. E. T. Rogers. D. C. VA R hh YEAR PHIVATES Ellis. N. W. fir-1 YE AR PRIVATES Frxlelmen. J. C. Fuller. J. R. Haikin. Nl. PLll'iiE'l', G. W. Parker. W. B. 'ln41YEAR PRIVATES Bounds. D. C. Braid. WV. D. Hannon. NJ. H. Crew. H. F. Duran. H. L. Ford. H. M. Fnhrman. F. F. Humane. W. NI. Story. 5. A. Wells. J. K. Winnie. J. A. 1stYEAR PRIVATFH Alcorn. S. J. Anderson, B. T. Banks. WL F. Barrier. N. M. Baugass, J. C. Bellis, L. C. Boyd. W. WL Butler. F.. B. Byrd. N. L. Cllitwoocl. H. E. Coolidge. J. B. Cox. R. C. Fuller. L. W. Cris-der. C. D. Hall. W. B. Jennings. W1 C. Killian, S. H. Kupper. R. WL Xlcliay. W1 G. Meyer. H. WJ. Nutto. W. J. Pogues. R. A. Richlwook, S. J. Rose. D. R. Strange, C. E. Srvain. J. C. W'6rSl. O. F. Wortliarn. W. F. Q Y , J. M. WARNER Second in Command T. E. MOSTYN lst Sergeant 2iE'..'ii" 324 x ,vp s G R Mi ,. '.' .. f f f ' . -If.-...'f2'I'-".' I f'QI'-'-32'f'3f'! ' . 3i'5li'-I1ff-1'-P-3HWEIQ'-f'i' H-.-I'l'-T-f'2s'f5'Y'l'!-BwbisfikWeb:'1i:'-N2 . 0' "six xg! ML L? 'I E N 1 N E E S I A x ' I Vg REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COL. L. L. APPELT Regimental Connnanfler CAPTAIN C. B. CHRISTIAN Adjutant CAPTAIN C. BLOODNVORTH Executive Officer CAPTAIN E. G. STANLEY Plans and Training Officer CAPTAIN H. S. HENSLEY Intelligence Olficer CAPTAIN L. R. JOHNSTON Supply Officer Seated: SGT. MAJOR I. W. GIBBS SUPPLY SCT. W. E. FROST Standing: COLOR SGT. W. C. STEARMAN COMMUNICATIONS SGT. W. F. PENDLETON COLOR SGT. C. M. PERKINS 325 1 ia 'I C . a r":7': fp o 1 f0.,'o. e, 430' , 1 , In vt ,uf ,. lllll J f lffitlf K o Fri '!J'fli+'3.e e rn . . ' f-'I-'.'.'ff1-'Fl-'-'T-'I-' ' . .' .I' ff . ' '. ' . 'gf Q Q . Q T ' is X. Q' ' .5 'J .. is ng'-l ' fl "' it ll tl 1 N E E R S A " f A .gy I ri E N G , " Q L 6 vL,x - v,. 1 r'W"a' Q Q ,ja 20:01:51 K". ix! I l ll ,. ,lm 1 . llllll U' FIRST BATTALION STAFF MAJOR P. S. POTTS Battalion Commancler CAPTAIN H. E. DRl,vlliWlRlGHT Executive FIRST LT. R. NALLEY Adjutant FIRST LT. A. lu. CITZLER Supply Officer FIRST LT. WT. C. GARDNER Plans and Training Officer SGT. MAJOR R. E. SKAGGS SUPPLY SGT. NI. G. GOODE ,ZF I I Ifbyl .C .' 43 L. 1 .r ii All Y 42 I.: MTH 'Iwi III gee I-Q . I . I P.. , ,.. . ...-,.,.-... -., .--.......--........- - . K!! If-" Jig: II, ,I-.'i,:H G I E E R I IFIQII I C. K. CAIINES Second in Ifnmmand T. 5. KING Ist Sf-rgr-ant IN! I.II'fI"I'IfNXNT5 IVII'4ll'I1lISIiP. A. E. RUIIISIIQJII. II. D. I.ilIPllIIIl1D,F.D. In-I l.lIil Tl-.N AYTS Inllrw I 'I' I.i1-I1r-nNtri11.NI. 5I',III.I.-IYI5 IIuIImg:. .-X. .I. I'IlDIl'liIIl.II.I1. Putin. I-1. Y. I'rfq1f-m1.IY..I. Slmrp. II. II. Slvplu-llwll. .I. F. SIIIIINRIII. II. .I. In-aglm-. .I. .-X. Young. S. II. lulilwnk XLS BQ-yu-If-. 4 3. N. IIUIIIIIQ. I. .I. I.upv1'Im1, Iv. B. I'I:1Ie-kunmp. E. R. I.yIw. II. I. VIIIIVIIII. II. R. IX vIIlllg.l,..I,1. Wulf. R. B. Ilh YI-HR PRIY.-ITE IIaynr's. W. I.. ,. V -, hmln-5. I.. I... .ir-I YII AH I'IIlXVXTES I'11p1l1L1. I'. F. . -, . IInrr1s.I'x.1.. 2n.I I If-III I"IIIYXTI.5 :XIIAII11-. .I. W. II Mx.I...I. Fry. If. Il'-1Im1y.IY'. R. IvI'lI'IlIII. .I. B. IIuII. W. Ii. I.upr'Z. F. Ilulliuix. ILII. N'II1l1g1r-l.lv.NI. 'III1nlnpw11. II. R. VIIIIIUINIII. I UIIII. I .. IX. IYIHl'I1..I.II. lx! IIIXII IIKIY-XTF5 Nllvn. .I. H. :X1'mv. II. II. Birzlwwll. I". R. BU,-.I. '11 F. BI'IlfIk5. .I . 5. Ilryaln. .I. .I. IIlll'Il4'l'. I". IV. I'In1'ke'. II. II. I.llrI. If. I'.. IIf- RHIILI. II. R Fink. II. IHIILLI. Ix. IJ. Il1'uIu1Il1.If.IV IIIIHIIVN. ll. H. .IIIIIIIHHIL .I. II. XI fvwwx P. II. X. II11IIir1X. I f. I.. I'wttf-r. W. A. I'1u'kf-tt. I". A. Hum-Il. S, If. Rina .-X. NI. Iiillg xs'a 1y.H..I II1lllwf'.I'. II. Suumle-rs. III Starr. W. A. .. , E Ialln-Iwi. .I.. W'al'v. II. S. Wlzlr-lvll. H. .I. WPI4-I1. II. I.. WI1ittml.E.N Y.-XRBHIIIII IYIEIIIIQIIII COMPANY "A" 327 X R H K 1 ...J 4 .!'. . 15-Z' - .ft- a ' M. . G 1 E E R . . . - - XL- 3 Ii. Bl.-X RTIN Captain lf! I.IIiL"I'l-IN.-kN'l'5 Hall. LI. Sllytlt'l'. N. H. .full Lll.l Il-.N,XNTb Nlartin. H. Nl. SI-QRLLIE XYIS Bl'1,ll,lkh. H. H, llnlwi-t.1f. E. l'li'vr'l. H. ll. lJf.ggvtt.Ii.1.. fT1'ul1v'.R. H. wliw. F. xl. 4,lJHl"4lli XLS B11llIIll..l..x. D?llIltJj'. .L 171. Duvwull. K. E. H.1ll.E.I-I. Tiilllflllilllll. YY. ll. NTl'iViTFllL1lllT. C. D. Sn1itli.S. .-X. Talk. W. S. -lth YEXR PRIYATES DownS. .L TY. Doyle. C. H. lll1'CllllUllgll, H. T. lladdux. N. F., Jr. Hn! YEAH PRIY.-XTFS Baltz. D. KI. Bullusluv. A. .I. Fnulk. D. C. lTlillHt'S. Nl. L. Kaufrnan. R. RPM. I.. D. Sllwwvli. xx. Li. :ml YI-.XR PRIVATE Bllflllilll. T. J. lYi0YllIQIlUI1. .l. R. TJLHIQITLISS, R. H. lT4'Ifl4Tl'll'll. Nl. H. Higilrefv. VV. Vt". Nlilfllll. D. WT. Nlaullruis. J. H. Xlusty. W. E. Olney. F. C. 5l1uw.,I. E. Lli:-ll. VV. L. Wright. R. 'I'. S Lt YEA K PRIVATES Ball.J. R. Bilmlis. F. C. Boo1li,.l. B. Bruner, L. L. Collins, T. P. l.lI'0SSTl1IllT..T. H. lii'xln3lw-11. R. C. llnm'l1..l. R. Haney. C. XV. HPllIll. G. R. Hopkins. D. H. Hulwr. fl. P. lnglv. L. A. jones. L. VV. King. N. 4.1. King. T. B. I.ilcil'lJlItJ. ,L P. Nlallm. R. H. xT4'IA"J1lSll. R. B. Xlial1llc1t0li.A. A. TXTIIIIS. L. It Nluswley. W. M. Parker. B. F. I'1'altl.F.J. Riggs. C. A.. Jr. Singleton. C. R. Sissmn, B. D. Suwr-ll. R. Z. Tuvker. L. C. Wlade. B. L. Wfvdlkllli. E. S. H. A. DERRICK Second in Command D. M. EARLEY lst Sergeant P: ti 3 .L r+ 'i I: , . o ' U IW fi: 0 'S D.. 1-- . 'E in Q.- o 'e 'Q Q u 'u fu 0" l,. a.J :H 4'- lf' .fa 'c 'l 1 o as 'u s 4 '.'r.q':. :S 'I H.,- c 0 .0 0695. .4-1 lun-lid! 'fu'-vp 114' - . - ,Q ..--ff. 4 1,..44...-.....w.. L.-Q 328 K t D M .',t7:575-ywynfa-.cg-y,,:.,-If-H,:.,3q', 1 W ,vw-qfqy1w7gw,-7r-vj-1-:-5,-,.---,-w:.71,.-.,-rQfv,.wq-,-.-..-- --.. - --r-vf- --v-.-h J -.,.,-,, .,, ..i... f, .-V, 1 . ...J-J' r J 9i,?'g...w,1f.-..44-.2.Q LLQ1.i- .'i'4.f.LL-4-1 - . . . , . ' . ..n1-..v,,.L . 'ffl 9-' UD- , ll . .' -fri.. l G I E E R fwfr l If! l.ll-ll"l'liN ANTH Braswfhll, C. D. Citzle1'.A.lll. Kopit. .l. E. Martin. S. S. Sl-.li1lPl4Y'l'S iiilark. lf. ll. Fr- " ' ost. V . lt. Cuilluml. l,. ll, Harlt. O. ll. llolliilay. J. N, Muse. 15.11. Pierr-P. .l. ll. 4' l'olan1l.H. l.. Skaggs. R. E. 1i'in,L'lie-lil. ll. B. lnl'PS.l'P. l.. S. CUHIWDH H5 Agcv.1..D. Hollalnl. YY. lf. lordvn. C. H. Kafff-1'. S. 11. lllaveiius. R. ll. Olsen. lf. .-X. Pratt. ,l. YY. Wareing. lf. lj. .l. R. l'UCKE'l'T Sevond in Command A. D. EVANS lst Sergvant -hh YEAR PRIVATES Gray. S. C. Holmes, H. C. flril YH XR PRIVATI-IS Baggalffy. R. XY. Bolton. O. .l. filuningvr. K. Hall. J. L. Yulz. Nl. D. Zn-I YEAR PRIX' NTFS Anglin. I-1.0. Cliffs. H. T. Elllllllllii C. C. Pt'tQ'l'!4l'lIl. L. T. Sailor. W. .l. SIl'1l4'uIle:1'. 'l1l1UlllIlS0l1.B. B. 'llrammn-ll. B. C. N wk. A. D. 1.1 Yr-AH I'RIY.XTlES .-Xwry. H. C. lleiwt. ll. .l. llc-rry. H. .-X. Ri':iflfu1'ml. .l. B. Browning. R. Nl. 1Ilz1rk,E.S. Clark, S. G. 1Znmlis.W. C. Davivs, J. B. Davis. ,l. N. Dennis. R. F. llmlil. YV. 1 f. Dursvtl. R. ll. Fillflbillllig. E. l.. lI1lflilll.E..l. llmkins.l..1I. .ln11vS. U. D. lx:-llv. Wi. ll. K 1-1111:-rly..l. B. l.J.1l'Nlll..l.l,. l.n,Qzm. .l. Nl. Nlvf ilhWI1. wi. Nli-f'fm'. lf. D. Nlvllmiulil. ,l. R Nlvliiiuiie-5.1-1.1 Nlnyv. .l. ll. xllIIlH1'l'.ll.li. l'r-il. .l. W. l'itzil1ge-V. .l. .-X. Ruins:-y. W. ll. lllllllll51Ill. lf. Svalli. R. JN. Svluiriilur-i',g:. l.. Siinpsun. ll. ll. lll0IIlfPl'ilIlS. li. XX Wiz-ist.R.1l. Wllitff. ff. Nl. :l Y. ll. S'I'.'XNl,l-IY lillrlillll fs? 'V ..x1.L.i-. . COMPANY WG' 329 :lug wfuwuuu-nv, - WM - 4 2-Fg5'..4ff " 2-21-'.-?if'b'I' ' .fZfl".'Ifb?l-'df . . ' '12 . ' 'Q . "f, ' . .vi -' .I. " '- I 'I Q? H nga, Q' 4 W "' IU " 'Q E N G I W E E R S Q r, , :I -' NL in Q' Aavavg .f 9 9 24:52.03 "56+'! o ' Q .'5.'. f I Y , tant IW tttf ' SECUND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR E. E. BYHD Battalion Commander fi-XPTAIN E. C. MCAXNELLY Executive FIRST LT. C. R. MCD,-XNIEL Adjutant FIRST LT. L. F. FRENCH Supply UtfiCer S1 LT. MAJOR F. L. HORTON SUPPLY SGT. H. H. IICLAHN 330 ' " S- H- vw A vs-f . '+"P"'vT+ v:f 1 pg' V G I E F -J , I 0 ' Q-'L'!'n'. 44' V sn'-.'f,'T ".'!1- 5"' -'o '.' "' , .. 501' "Q ' '-'.'.dw-'.-.'-'.-:-3.-.'-'a-.'ezS.sM!f."-Qmi-21.11. BT-3.JO.g'aTA1'5 ' . vi j- S'-4'4",'-r'f,,,r f,-1' B-'R S D.. C! ml' . " ' I' ' U 4 0 r J. E. GISSLER Second in Command B. HARDIE lst Sergeant lat LIEUTENANTS Keith. B. G. Provost. F. E. SI-QR1ZIEXN'l'5 Brown. J. WL Can11rlxell.C. A. Ford. T. A. Jenkins. A. N. Pre-stridge. B. G. Reagan. J. W. Shnrley. J. K. Wood. Y. D. W'1'igl1t.0. W. Col-cPon.xLS Brunson. F. W'. Edwards. C. C. lllvfllie-f-. J. W. Nlaynarml. M. F. Pala. E. C. Skalnik.1'l. R. Taylor. W. H. hh YI-JAR PRIVATES Pace. E. R. Petitlils. A. F. Rnmlwaucli. A. C. Wlliitnoy, C. C, 3rd YEAR PHIVATHS Booker. J. 0. BIIITIIF. D. R. Fostvr. G. P. Harre-ll. F. 2nd YE XR PRIYATES Brin-6. W2 F. f,l3l'S0ll.11. TWT. 1.1 lru- l1ru1n.A. W. Coonrod. L. C. Elrod. 41. D. Cililland. J. Y. Crevii. J. C. Huglies. Xl. f... lxtsoe. J. lN. Parker. P. H. Rs-gan. C. Svllers. W. A. Shaw. R. E. Stortz. WY. E. Yitkovits. J. A. Wolfe. P. J. Lt YEAR PHIV -XTHS Anderson. L. R. Bederinan. J. J. Lflirildrmr-Ss, K. H. t.ollwr. J. L. COIIIJPIOIJ. Nl. Connell. J. D. Eddins, B. N. Fllwood. E. T. Farley. C. D. Fvik. WJ. C. Fernandez. R. A. Ceymy J. C. Criifin. D. E. Hands. R. H. Hill. J. H. Hunt. L. H. Knllianvk. WV. S. Lainni. WV. E. LP Grand. H. T. lXl1'1,fkll11,'v. D. L.. lNl:-Donougli, H. J. Nladdnx. F. L. Alanis. J. W2 Hoes. N. J. Mintz. S. Hitt,-l1ell.lQl.L1. Nlur-kelroy. R. G. Nolvlitt. J. R. Norman, L. I.. Ugan. W. H. Owens. P. N. Perry. W2 E. Ray. J. B. Slceen, G. A. Torranve. U. Nl. W'arner. I. .l. ' 4231 ff. F. DEYJLBISS Captain If an JT 5. ,.. :. ,: 5 .- A . pi -x yr Q 8: iwfs it 5 f, Q .. 331 4.13 .-I ww 1 " " ' L- ,cs :ff 3. . -. ' ' : 5gf32ff:ff.:,:,1'3 -- I , x17,:J.lfg.1, -V Lf' e.E...1.L4..v1 H s E R 1 W.. .-.-,. . . , vw --, GI EERS . -, ., '-vvwf--- -- -H-P-rntrv'v"r" A ,9.1D"l'Ql"'9flV'g 1' fy" sv. ql A V, U ' F' , I: LY, Ig Jlf3f:"5i:1" g.?.'1:l'...-...L.I'il. 'Y!.n'5'?.Q..'1' gif' I ' 'f f 1- If '4 'a Vp ? 0 ..s m n my III-ZITI' 1 Milli IQIIYILIIII l-I I.lI-1L'TIiN.-XNTS Ijl':xl'lIlUTIfI. C. YY.. .Ir. I.aw. B. F. Ixoss. I' . Ix. SI-1K1'lI-IXN'I'S Ilwin. C. I'I. IIoI4Ier. I... If.. .I 11 Honser. F. II. I.o4-kcl. II. NI. S4'IIPllI'lI2l4'Ii. ,I. F. lIII'iI'0II.1.I.5 .AII4II'L'N'S, II. A. Dixon. 5. B. I"lowf?rF. II. 'l'. Hannplon, ,I. I'. Ilnnlson. R. NY. I'u 1'f-. II. E. IIngjr'l'4. Slltln-rIa1nI.IJ. H. Li:-I Yll IH I'IIlY,XTI.5 I.i1..1..u-. If. E. XI1-NI11rrvy..I. I.. xilI4IQ'Z. I.. NI.. .lla In-I YIEAR I'RIYA'I'I.F- Edmlins. B. W. Ilarris. I.. C. IIowvIl. C. A. Xlay r-1'. A. F. XII l'z11 'lea I'I. I... Nr-wl1y..I. E. YYI1iI1Ivn..I.F. lvl In-.IR PRIVATIIS All.-n. K. W. JXIIKIII-. .I. W. Iiinkf. G. D. Ifnltull. XI. E. Rrmnlf-1'. ,I. F. 1..n n .l,, D. lfolliz-1'. B. If. I-'ivl1Is. T. Fi...-k. I.. R. l.r1i'IxtIl. IJ. U. Hooks. D. I-Iutchings. C. H. Iii Ill' y. WI. P. I.oIrrf-cht. 'I'. D. Lo:-ke. F. A. Luttrell. I. fNI4':XI9xalnIPr. MI. Nc-e1IInnn.IXI. E. Raffc-rty. .I. II. .I'If'8gZ1Il.IVI.XY. Reagan. .I. W. SVIIIIIIHIIIII. NI. A Skinnr-r. YY. I'I. Sn1itI1.II. H. 'I'I1if:lwl1. II. 'I'Iml111vsm1. L. 5 'I'1'uvy. XY. E. Wvilson. ,I. B. XY00fK4'l'. X onngr. 5. IL. ZZIIIIIHII. XY. .I. JOHN BALL Second in Command S. S. STALEY. JR Ist Sergeant A if .f 'F LJ lf s -Q if 332 -5 a -5 i I,.Pxo .' .. 40. Pi'X.' . 41 ,, , 1 ,n,?.:,m.:gg:5,53.1.feq:.a35:53:,-g'.hihsiig-t.,:z?-94,3 JK Eg,-5 ,A 2 ifr f fvy' 1 i 1'F?Q?Z5 .j4-1 tn, .ly gg' G I E E R I ' I IU 4 1,1 l.1E1'T1iNxNTs Alle-11. W. B. Kerr. .I. G. 2.1.1 1,11211T11N.xN'1's Griffin. B. 0. Holt. .I. .IoI111stun. L. R. I.z111gstu11. ,I. B. Rulrlmins. R. C. sl-3H411jxY1's 1-X111lH1sm1. :L If. tlartffr. W. lf. l'11'PigI1tu11. .I. E. Lyle. NI. D. IXIl'I,kll'Il. R, II.. .I 1'. IxI21Ilt'I1k'SIQ'l'. I.. I... .I1 Pe1'ki11-.C.INI. Pettit. B, E. Whilv. S. XI. tilDKI'HH,1.I.S lrflmam-y. P. D. Es111o111I. Ii. If. lYII'6'lliHIFl'. I. Ha1'twrII.C. III. Ho11Qe'w1'ig:I1t. I.. D.. JI Imwrie. N. E. RPYIIOILIS., B. IV. SvI1e11111uvk. P. A. Tatum. A. J. 'IIsf'I'l06'lrInf. A. 21111YI'1XHI'KIY.X'I'I.S 1fa1i11. P. II. 4.ulIum. I. A. Dv I.a Tnrrr. .-X. I-'ullwPll. F. X. IIIINH1. II. B. I.tAlllI'itJ. If. A. I.y114-I1. .I. I. xIl'DllUflIILIylPI'. I". S. IIn'tv1'. H. If. Hvy11fwI1Is.I..IY. HlllIl1Il'PF. If. Y. S111itI1.I".I". 1.11-lmm11gl1,1..XX . 1.1 YEAH 1'11lx' x'1'1is :X11tu11v. II. I f. IIilI'IW'l'. II. D. II1'mll11B. If. II. IILll'IIFIlIPl'. H. C. 1fIiftu11.W'. A. Duns. .I. l.. Inllnf. S. P. 11111:-s. W. .I.. .I1'. l.1'1II1tI'1s. D. XI. II11iIv. H. Q. I'IOIIlIQI'PI1. .I. N. Ilms 111'1I. 1 1. II. .I4 ,l,,. S. I. D. Kvn11y. D. I '. XI4'I1IL1s5nI1. Nlin-lwll.l1,W. NI111'1'y. .I. I'. Nul'lIl1'nIl. I-...J1 I,sIl1Il'lIP. I. II. I'l.111..l.H. I'u1'tv1'. H. K. I'1'i 1'e1. 1.1, D.. .I1'. I'11:'Iu'tt. .I. ,-X. 5.11111:Ie-11. II. W. 5If'Nill'I. N. NI. I11yIu1'.B. D. YIII'i'illIN'FII. R. II. M.g1,t,,. XYRIIIQIIIS. D. H. Y111'1IIey. I. If. I, J' .,,. V P. if. WRIGHT Captain 1.52. .., .4 U- +11-9 J 1 ' '- .-121: Us -In L-Q r v '21 11 " I l 3295 fe. ik sm kai: 'iififf-'xx W" rL' I -'N'+-vusurqm. -...M-nnsqw, J-. .-nnngppgm. 333 ga-ii..I1?2:Qe.f.'f1i'1f-1'f24. . ,.,,,. :LI P'-I' :ff 1 f tftnkiwi if X" COAST ARTILLERY 5 ...fm Q.. V --l . -Q I .--, - l g,-1-.u1gl"5nl" ""0 . '-A ." "0 I ' .. .' ." " .il,g'!- I ' fy a PTT fizazf . L 6 . n' ' iivign' i','..:i'n'.'..:f.n'T'if.5l'v'.:.' 'T' fo. 'fn , . -'ffn' '..' .' .' fb 'J "'.'.'v',' fl .'n"n".'n" .'. 'fl' 3 Q - '.' . -. . . IJ . ' .1 . . 4, . ', I iii -.9 . ll -J if ' - J J . 'L Dba ' lx In Alai x gfhwszx I I U n at v'y"."'o' O .7afs'pf l fiilwi ' lil' 'Milly I+ Wil' REGIMENTAL STAFF LT. COL. T. M. HAGOOD Regimental Commander MAJOR C. L. DODD Executive CAPTAIN PECK HARDEE Adjutant CAPTAIN B. DUBOSE Supply Officer CAPTAIN G. P. TOWNSEND Plans and Training Officer CAPTAIN I. B. STITT Intelligence Officer CAPTAIN M. THOMPSON Personnel Officer Seated: SUPPLY SCT. R. D. KENNY COMMUNICATION SGT. P. C. HENRY SGT. MAJOR D. GABRIEL Standing: COLOR SCT. F. P. KALLINA TRANSPORTATION SGT. L. TOMASO COLOR SCT. C. E. LAWS 334 1' ' JC COAST ARTILLILRY MW! fxk 'I " ' ' , ' 3 I' ' "' 0"' -jg -.',"0.vo ' e"n1"'vp g-r ' p ov u . . , - 1 . . . 9 . . . . . ' 0. 59.5 5103- . f It -'.. .'a'o5.3fv"Z5. .':'n2.l.1g. v, 1'.'1 1.9: -Lx . IH '5.'i9P 13: , '. 5,1 , 1 A' ,. , ff' I. P1 1 ig FIRST ISATTALII DN STAFF INIAJOR L. Il. IQIQNNIQINIICII Battalion fi1lIIlIIllllIlik'l' CAPTAIN il. A. LEWIS Executive FIRST LT. T. rsi. RUSS Adjutant FIRST LT. K. F. I'IfMPHR EY Supply Officer FIRST LT. F. B. .-XD,-XIVIS Plans and T1'z1iuingUffir'el' SUPPLY SGT. J. P. SIIHNIALZ SGT. MAJOR H. NI. HOLLINS 0 'aw 0 4 . r,'w Q. r 'o's 3 O 1 9:02a O O Q Q 'Q' .9 fn' I ,lg I ,.4 'III nf" 'X 1 N.. Wfi ' COAST RTILLE T II. S'l'0YIil.I. lfuptain 1-I I,l EVTENANT4 4,.m'1'1n. W. 4... I'TllIlIllll'l,I. .I. B. Punslvr. L. U. 2n4I I.lI-ILTICN KY! Amlrr-ws. D. K. BI'llI!'I1l'l'. IJ. II. I'Izu'ris. R. ,Ianni-s. .-X. TNI. rI'.Ii1.k.AN fr Byrfl. W. H. Iillix. L. C. I'IlHYIf'l'. N. B. SVIIWIIIII. D. S. Spiwy. XI. 5IlIIllll'l'. C. if. Tizlvy. R. J. lI1lIiI'1bHXI.5 llhnnn. I.. I'. Fairruw. ff. H111'i11gi.,I.NI. Ii1'zlr'1l11'-1'.lI.S. I.Itt:-rsl. F. I .. Uwvn. T. H. I'rungIin. H. N. Rix. II. I.. S5 vf'1' iz1..'X..I. YYul11L11'Ii. E. A. Xvflllllgl. C. F. 'Q Ilh YEAR PRIVATRS Baker. VV. Nlaylwrry. R. T. Wagner. F. L. :n.1x'I-1x1H'Hlx'x'rEs iQnff1nan..I. E. Curtis. XI. W. Si.1gel.4'l.S. S1nitI1.F.J. En-I YEAH I'HlY.-XT!-QS IIHLIIII. YY. YY. Iinnnvr. .I. Vlurk. L. II. Iluvmlpurt. C. R. KVIWIWI. I.. IIe'u1'II. If. II. lI4'ilI0l1.I..Xx. I.:-llrv. Xl. Ii. YI:1ttI1Sol1..'N.L. Uwvns. ll. H. S11y1Iv1'.I3. Spw-ia. B, Stalvy. H. XI. 'II.1yIo1'. W. F. Yvylie. A. 4 f. l-I YE,1.KI'HIYATES .-MIal11S.I'I.l'I. .-XIIPn. If. ff. B.1iley.B. B. IIuefsm'I1. I f. ll. TgUfYkeI'. 'II' I:- Boyle-S. II. Brummett. W. H. Carr. Ii. CI1apupas.C. Cline, YY. H. Drresr. A. L. FairIrz1r1ks.ff.E. Faust. VII. E. Fishvr. H. F. FOSIIIIIW. E. I, Grnnutu. S. GIIQFIIIIIPIII, III. G. Lvlll1I0.I,.. F. Hz1rdin.VQ'.O. Hnrnmn. G. H. Hivks. II. C. Hinton. C. A. HUIIOWRII. H. W. Hors. .I. XI. Kelly. S. L. Kipp. FI. II. K1'0HN1'I1m', III. A. Lulldwn. F. C. N11-Ke-llzief. H. R. Xlottlvy. .l. R. NUI'Illi1ll.,I. C. Petm-1's. ,I. L. Sapp. J. Svssnnn-. I. W. SIIIIII. YY. M. Taylor. B. C. Taylor. T. D. TY'a4ImIvIl. B. D. W'a1Ie..I. WI. VQ'eln'r. J. D. Willizuns, G. L. L. E. WATKINS S:-Pond in Command B. L. BYRD Ist Sergeant BATTERY "A" 336 . , ..-w-A--V--,W -. ,-7--Q--v---'f f-. ' ' ' ' ' ' jigilabffl 5' ' . '- - A ' " 44L,,-,,,,,--,.,,,.. ...- '1' . -fx '-' B CQAS RTILLERY A ..1X7u1V' 1.1 I.ll4.1 'rm xx rs un.x'1-:mr-1m'x'1'l1: 1.llt'Il14l'.,Iw.S. I.illlf1Il'1I. R.11. W1'ig:l1t.'l'. R. 1 np1v.l.B. l,I'iIlIIl1II'V.,I. .L l7nnn.1f. XY. Holm-ru. R. :1..m'l-.xn mm 111+ DllVkt-I1-H- 41M,tAl.:. K. 1liww1w'l1lng1.1.. Q,,,lg,1l-,lf1'1.jxxy,5 Lmh. V. ,XI 1.nlrlwill.l3.U. c1'n.-yu... 0. n. xl1'1.HI'1lllll1il1l1' 1. 12. 19" "f' 'IA H' 13' nw.-... up J. cm.-.-.1a.1s. M111-W '1- slIliIll1'I'.l. liil'l'iIillllki4'l'x.T.x1 5Hq4glAqXf5 H1'l'l'ilIQLl1Dll. M. lA1'l'l'H"'- X' I" l5l11lkn'rly. R. l'. 'ww' Dunivl H,.ml,.i,kNA 11, N. gn.:x'1.xnI'1nx'x'rl-15 ullfx- -I' H' M1-1ZuH'if-..l.lZ. .xu.... F. xv. 111-'f'W-11.-.11' 1YUeII. J. Nl. ra...-1... 'lx .L WNki"'i"5' 'N' Tix' xl. H. Nvrry. E- W- IXa1l1a1n..l. lt. XYllitIIllH'1'. H. lf. lgl.t,w5h,l. in I. lvmlks' ' I'n-rry. l'. l. l':II1lN1'I'l. .l. .X. I, tll, L T' H' U'NI'HlHl'S N'lI1H1'y. Nl. ,l. Ivmtm.. W' 5. 1I.1111pIwll.D.If. 51.11,-1,.,,-,,u,gl1. J. A. 11,-L,,L,,I3 Al,,,1l '1'5S"' R' H' si..fm..r'.N1. nn... W. A. 1.ux. T. Dreiss. WV. F. IJlll1ll..,.1Vl. C. P. TROTTER Second in COHIHIBIUI C. R. KING lst Sergeant I-I YEXR PRIX'-X'l'lI'1 Gillpml- H. B. Baldwin. F. N. King. H' tr.. Hnwm-1's.S. Pi. l.ve.1I.5. HuZl"h'4'W'11 x1.'1m...l.. .L '?u1'rwI'iu"I- 5- Stonv. .L H. 1il"'SS- T- Y1'lSl'HlIlll. E. 1Irnsslvy, Nl. E Hamnuwe-l1.l7.ll. Hml1.B.A. Ru1llnFf.1..S. Svilwl. A. 5. Str-ll. R. W. Sullivan. .L 11. yllflithlllilll. H. T. Xvllilllthf. 'l'. 0. V1fl1itr'.R.R. A. H. NEWNMN 1.11p!uin 33 7 MBS, -5. H- -. - f Gisli' ga-laws... N 1-'.4.'L ..". .!s'.: . . ARTILLE RY . 1 - '1T"?Tf,-.1 A., ' gil' .tg 'ZW-Q,"-'l 'JI 'Q 0' 1 1111, 0 Yin " ' '.' A '. .rm 1. I ,.u ,rut 'Q .Q , .-as ..- . . . .- . f . .:-:r- .3 Q - '.'- - '.'- ': -.-.'..-.+:.-.'- :. .- I r If fo. , . 5 X A Ii, ,l szk R :fix W' ...c 'r 1 fix! in vc.. - , rx 1 ,aff ,. law Wi ,J u Q Coils G. H. REYNOLDS Captain lst LIEUTENANTS Browder, C. D. Cardwell, H. M. Olliriell. R. W. Tliomari. J. W. SEHGEANTS Alilmott, R. H. Beckman, C. W. Bisl1op,C. F. Brin. ll. Evans. L. G. Hendryx, J. VV. Lea. A. L. Marsh. C. B. Melancon. J. E. U'Reilly, W. M. Pearson, M. M. Reber, W. H. Standish. G. Taylor. L. C. c.oRPoRA1.5 Andrews. J. M. Baen. S. R. Barnett. F. Wi. Earnlieart. B. G. Ferguson, C. H. Frymire, G. L. Hidell. R. R. Meyer, D. W. Nanve, O. A. Stewart, J. B. Walton, F. E. Woods. F. L. 3rd YEAH PRIVATES Frost. R. M. Murdovh. R. D. Townsley. J. B. 2nd YEAH PRIV.-XTES Cosby. J. W. Duke, T. A. Fisher, J. E. Hart. W. J. Hurst. C. A. MeLarty, F.. C. Mf'Donald. R. N. Munn. R. J. Norris R. O. Oeltjen. W. E. Swearingen. P. P. Thomas. E. W. Yan Hook. C. R. ht YEAR PHIVATES Barber. C. J. Barnes. A. D. Booe, E. L. Boothe. W. A. Bowers, F. J. Coquat, M. Cross. R. Y. Daniels, H. P. Dean. J. A. Edminster. T. C. Franklin, R. C. Garrett, R. M. Goldman. O. E. Griesser, R. A. Hawkins. D. W. Hill. J. R. Hohlt, R. E. Holbrook, W. C. Kent, C. C. Le-Bus, F. L. Mclklurtry, R. C. Meisenheimer. D Nancarrow, W. C. Norman, J. E. Pickens, E. J. Ratt-liH'. J. R. .Richardson J. G. Sliwiff. S. B. Thornton, H. B. Thurmoncl. F. S. Watters. R. L. Weigel. R. E. Willianis, J. D. Zapp. W. T. R. B. GALT Second in Command J. M. SMITHER lst Sergeant R-,N ,QA if iw .LPA Q wifi L3 tl in-is will' :WfiE3'?W4. nan .A ..,,, ,5 . .- J . f:5?!ff!Y!'f5 FM9' J 'qggszx .t 9999 338 COA T ARTILLERY G. R. JORDAN Second in Command LUKE MOORE lst Sergeant 5l'IRfll'1.-XNT5 Brooks. La Vere Dunn. J. L. Fislrer. S. N. Frank. S. J. Heise. C. S. Hollr. J. l'. Hollivr. R. ll. Howvll. 5. King. F. J. Lippvrt. W. lll. Rzllrll. L. F. Simpson. W. W. Tlrwing. R. ff. Yum-. .l. N. l.Ulil'1lR XLS Brigl1t,H. R. lllrilrls. R. ll. Do1'an.W.ll. Gill. W. H. llillespiv, S. T. Hannon, L. K. lloei-flv. R. L. Holloway. J. E. lllalvy. IJ. V. Martyn, H. J. Nesbitt. S. I". Svhiif. H. C. Townsend. R. T. Yan Ormlen. D. -JlJlYl'1:XR J-'RIVATE Fl0l'PI'lf'E', M. E. Nivea. F. A. l'ragPr, A. J. Ri:-lrardion. B. C. 'Jml YEAR PRIVATES Rrc-we-r. J. O. Bridges. E. M. Hallam. R. S. Ham,-hke. 0. P. Hosek, J. J. Hulver. M, J. Kauhtivk. R. F. Lampin, Percy Luvil. W". C. Nliley. YW. C. Nlorris. R. Nlurrlovlr R. D. 0'4'fo11nor.J. Parsons. R. J. Quinn. P. B. Rlunei. lf. C. Slinnet. P. C. Thompson. E. YV. Vlleyel. E. C. lst YH -XR PHIVATI-QS Alle-rr-ronrlmie. R. YV. Bell. C. G. Rlalla, C. R. Rruvkmiller. P. P. Rustf-r. J. A. Collazo. A. F. Craig. J. Nl. l.I'lSIlt'll. Nl. F. Dr'4'l'if'lA. IJUIIQLJHS. D. J". Etlwr'i1lg1v.R. R. FusIr'l'. J.. fl. Garret. lf. J. Gist. H. WJ. LJUJUJIY. U. WJ. flfill-11.11. VV. Huxllrauscn. R. L. J"lf'llll4:'l'S0ll, G. T. Hnll. J. Johnson. H. M. J llflml. J. H. Relays. C. J. Krutilvk. H. A. Loyal, P. B. Nlulr-y. L. E. Nlalitz. ll. W. Nlursh. J. lf. Rlvswillll. :L S. Morgan. NI. J. Uslmrrw. S. S. Plc-clger. F. A. Ruglaml. Max Riuer. .l. A. ,, , J. A Sf9fll1f'IlS0ll.l'T.fr Stone. R. li. Tanner. T. R. 'lvllalllreihr-1',lf. JN. Trearlway. F. A. Xxfilliams. R. R. Wlilson. WV. J. Wloolvy. H. 5, on, Q iyl W an airs , 9 . . 4.,C-ci.-' ' f'-.'- I- if' .JZ ' SA ,.,- , .W vvvr if Y-W-xy H .-. 3-y F.,-. 17-11.-fr , -,,.-',,--.H .,, .,, - ., . . ,. ,, 'Biff -T."1T:'f'fn'32'1'."-611.0':'5'uw.l. 'U am-eeffiemis . . . .. '91i.:H,'i 1 'V 'M . 1 A . "X J .A..sE' ' JIAJQ' :D-L usa C .xxg Ong' , v'g '-fx I v 4.0 '. SLI! .lxlzli lfzrpluin .1 E- 5 ' . ' ll.: " Yax J. ' .L .Q 21 3 J ' 5 QI if l A Q as Q Q dem 19 W i.. 5 1 Ja H Fiwl-SEM 339 v., 5 'Q p:-l1x 6-'I-'l f 9 QQ 'o.w',I '4".'..'.: l!i't'H Mi' M11 iw: UV LH, ,1,.4 ..k,,u'n 'n- ji c COAST ARTILLERY LJ ,fmx SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR G. H. SANDERS Battalion Colulnamler CAPTAIN S. R. TAYLOR Executive FIRST LT. B. S. HKTCHINS Adjutant FIRST LT. J. M. CASEY Supply Officer SUT. MAJUR H. S. CRAWFORD SUPPLY SGT. H. NI. BRUCE . ...W -.....,...,..,., A.-,.-.5--f-v-,7-1-7.-1-7--vw va n J .mv ., ' "NT"-'.W7,."-..'?Jl'.-' ' 1 ' 1 "5 fi 17931 -,nav -,.1,. -- X- J COAST RTILLERY Y 1:ILIEl'TIIXXYT Barron. .l. H. .la4'0l1s. l. P. Kr-Pter. C. Xl. SI-IR1LEAN'I'S Barlgrfr. E. ll. Brown. L.. .lr. Culflsloll. Xl. llanson. H. A. Millar. ll. F. Heinliarrl. W. l'. Rose-. G. Nl. Trott. .l. I. Vl'ofl'ord. W. T. CORPUH XLS Amlerson. T. Nl. Billingsy. .l. C. Carlisle. C. C. Dowling, YT. I. Havelka. D. E. Jenkins, M. M. Lenert. A. A. Lovl-cett. A. .l. lNlr'fXIal1an,J.E. Mallard, C. K. Maxwell. J. L. Mullins, J. R. 31.1 YI-Q XR PRlY,1.'I'l-15 Bfryrl. li. E. Lflfwr-. YV. L. llfnlzlu-a11w1'. W. D Nliller. Wvm. Si-lwro, C. ,l. 2ii:lYl'1XR PRIX' YH .-Xilains. W . Nl. Alewamler. B. E. ,-Xlexainlvr. W2 D. D1'zlliP,l'l. Nl. Nwlllalc-k. E. VV. Pa1l'kf'1', VT. O. Peters. G. O. Rezul. R. R. Rllva. D. L. Rll'llllI'LlS1'lIl.D.,I. Si-lilveter. C. C. Slwlnian. N. A.. lll S1-liwarting. E. A. Turrill. G. TT. Ya-rlander, E. V. York. L. E. 1-I YE XR PRIYATE5 Berry, O. H. Billingsy, S. R. Brouisard. D. E. Buller, W. S. Clenifziitf-a, S. F. Dew, J. K. Dlfliey. A. Enlof-. C. F. Glass, H. D. Colclfein, Xwllll. Graves, W. N. TIHlIlIllt'I'SVlIlllldl, G Hayes, W. M. jullnson. G. H.. Jr Knowlton. B. L. Hone-Cny. C. T. Lazano, J. KI. Lively. M. E. Lloyd. .l. Nl. fNlr'Nlullvn. XV. W. lllenf-fer. L. G. lxICH,L'6'l'. C. C. lxlllll,lPI',f1.w'l. Peden. J. W. Famarel. Isaac Sanders. F. W. T D HU L Sessulns, T. H. Ldpmln Sharp. L. H. Skarke. R. C. E. Washburn, J. E. Warts. R. L. Williams. R. W. Zylks. J. Nl. 341 - -. -r J. ' 1,.ff,. -5 an a 1 azz.-Q -A ' ' x '-z.fQ'?s.ff - '- ..' ff 'A f " in " ' f.. wo- Ls. ' ,gig CoA T ARTILLE ll A' '- l-I LIEUTEN.-XN'l'5 B1'11mli'i4lge. B. D Pcftf-rson. L. L. SERCEANTS Crane, R. Rl. Crawford. R. S. Cocllvold. B. H. Hamersly. J. W. Latham. B. E. fXlcGinty. ll. Q. SCJIIIIQIJIZ. J. P. Svhwartze. C. Nl. Wlulvoortl. J. C. CORPOR.-1.1.5 Cofer. D. B. Cook. B. L. Eads. P. Kravas. J. N. Marek. A. L. Nathan. C. C. Ne-gri. J. J. Robeson. B. B. Rone, J. T. Sanborn, F. D. Stephens. N. M. Wilson. J. H. rfsixf. I X :E-.SN 111. "Q " 3'TvS'f"""f 3 X S 3 F if iii? I 6355 -hh YEAR PRIVATE Kelley. N. L. Blefford. N. S. Sample. L. E. Zn-l YEAR PRIVATE5 Bowman. C. B. Bowman. J. L. Cragin. C. 0. Dew. M. S. Harris. F. S. Keil. J. P. Lanford. H. R. Pinchbar-k. J. 5. Rust. H. C. Teague. H. N. Todd. L. H. Turner, C. E. We-ed. J. M. Wlerlla. B. C. W'ilr:0X. R. B. Wolfe. M. E. Wolff. H. E. Zinit-ki. M. P. 1-:YEAR PRIX".-XTE5 Bannister. J. H. Bolen. G. O. Bryan, R. L. S Cantrell. J. D. Collier. J. F. Danklef. J. T. Duke. R. E. Fortenberry. T. J. Fowle. H. Gunn, F. Hall. B. C. Jackson. C. L. Kelly. F. F. Legge, M. C. lNlr'Daniel. B. fNlcDonnald. R. H. Mitfrhell. V. E. Preston. J. B. Reinarz. C. R. Sims. C. N. Slonneger. R. D. Sluder. C. M. Smith. M. H. Station. L. T. Stupl. A. A. Teal. W. H. Thompson. W. B. Wadlington. W. H Watson, A. E. Watzke. D. W. White. P. H. wood' H' B' Ncond in Lommand ,. If .. ir- Tiff - ,.- T I . 5335- BA'l'I'ERY "F" - 3-I2 If ., , -N Tj-j::,E1?.,"L' . ...x-A-, ,, iq' ,J . ' ,,f. , ' .. 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C. fnrl YE.-XR PRIV.-X'l'l1S Borgstroni. C. E. Byers. H. B. Carpenter. D. fl. Dewlmerry. J. B. Ellis. S. E. Jones. E. E. Leon. L. Link. C. VV. Mitchell. C. D. Morris. A. A. Rolnick. G. Stanbery. R. B. ls! YEAR PRIVATES Alexander. W. C. Bell, E. L. Buniva. R. Carter, L. P. Cox. R. G. Emerson, F. C. Epstein, R. A. Evans. H. C. Fergus, M. V. Fisher. R. A. Franz. L. H. Fnllnriglit, J. WJ. Gerry. E. H. Gillory. D. 0. Good. J. M. Hagoofl. VV. N. Harding. C. K. Harper. H. E. Hunt, WV. A. Jones. C. E. l.eonar1l.C.Y. Lutz. B. W. Nlvliivett, C. C. Mays. C. E. Nletr-ulfe. R. P. Nlillil-zen, F. A. lXlontgomery. J. Morgan. J. E. Nunn. R. H. Phelps, W. D. Pl1illips.W. K. Protlwro. R. H. Steel. W. H. Steele. E. E. Thomson. J. T. Winchester. W. W. Wood, E. M. Zalmlf-ik. C. J. Q-,K - R B' ..... . J. lxlzlzblz lfuptain X6 w. ...Jn in ' wllhl, vigil .J vp ,, A, 1-,ww Wx Y "" 3 .131 .IZ 'za ,, fl ,,. l' .gm ,Kr J Xlgl,wll'!lIl R.: 66699 343 9 ..' neue - 'a 1. 'J I Q' I. '. M 6,5 in ,. H. 4, . lr- fs 4' 4. x .y- "0 .-1. f v lm W . . .W In X.f?"" .I - -I -.::q.f, QQ ' ' .. f COAS RTILLERY A. I.. BL LLAHD Captain l-I l.IIil TI-.N XXTS I'Il1Iillg1z'I'. .I. XY. . . , . hlllf-ttf-. Ix. W. IIXXPIIQ. NI. B. Rus-. T. X. XYil1:Irnw.R..I. xYuII'l'l'. li, 5I.HllI. XYIIF In-nl. 4 I. H. Vu-wy. NY. I-'ivlfl-. XY. Nh-TX--il. R. I.. Fvllm-:mlm-1'. H. .l. l4uRl'nIHI.S I3r'u1wI..I. H. Iirmllrz M. IZ. II1'1ml1. II. P. lfglsxinly. K.. E. lfruu n. I'. T. llnnivl. I. NI. I.alnfu1'rI. F. S. 'Xlol1teitI1.E.E. NImu'r'. I. I.. 'I'vrnpIr'tul1. B. H. 'l'rr'uaIwvlI. D. .-X. Wink. H. E. 1inlYl-IXR PKIYKTES Bmwrl. C. YY. I'IwQIr'y. R. D. XII-1fnlI..I. If. NI:-4 .1ll'lllllHI1lIt'. QX. H P1111-f'Il.1.. I.. 21141 YI. XR VIIIX X III' IIAHKIV. XX . II. I3rzx4Isl1:m.I". XI. I,m1Ix. I7l'isIiPII. .I. IT. Im..-... W. W. H:-ee If I Hull m-:- k. X. I'.. I.LlI1,EIIIL1IH. I'. II. I.l"Illlll. W. II. Hike-r. F. V. xvllllgllll. XY. Y. xYilQlIlr'l'. R. II. W'iwI1kal11pel'. .I. XY XYIIIIFVIIP. If. If. W'yn11.IJms' lvnilvr. IT. I.. I4 YH KH I'KIY X'l'I"I5 .MI1'0l'I-L.l'.. I.. Arrnstrung. F. If. Bovsrll. C. D. Brazelton. lf. XI. fILlllIIt"I1I. If. H. liolmlv. F. T. Edwardson. .l. R. Eisenhauer. R. F. Finkelstein. NI. .I. 5 Flvtvl1vl'. Y. P. IIaItnn1.R.R. IInmI4Isu11.I'1.5. Hurt. ff. E. II:-11ry.C. G. Hom-n. .I. XY. IIIQIIIHII. D. I. .lnm-s. R. B. Klutzmnn. .-X. N. Lansing. U. N. IAIIIIIHJIA. I. R. I.UX1llQ..I. F. XII-.XIpi11v.R. E. NI.-KW. U. G. Xlvuwluws. S. A. Klelr'11If..I. I. Xliman. I". J. XIUVIIIIY. Nl. C. Nuv. YY. F. I'I1illi1-S. H. I.. Puwell. C. XI. Rh-l1tv1'. E. E. Holninsun. H. C. Hosenlmlath. Q. T Roll1rnan.R. E. Ruttvnlwrg. I. A. Slxivel. I.. E. Sweelwy. B. Trantll. R. G. YnnSpre1'kf'n..I.R Welss. 1-1. S W'iIIian1S. C. XI. . i' EW! ' i Q 9. 4 ,. f"fi'xT'1 'Tmfffi' 'WF W? 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L. B. Nlvrnitz. .L 4'f. Nll1lwy..l.R. Xlliipllry. ll. L. lNullvy. .l. R. Uwviis. NL H. llliillips. H. F. I,UxYf"lw. VF. IJ, lllm-vll. 41. H. Raglunnl. .l. D. H1lill'll. .l. Sumlvrs. H. 41. Sliif1lN.E.F. Skinne-r. .l. Wi. Sinytli. N. H. Stnnle-y. Y, B. Slf'l'4l. N. rx. Stivini-l. H. Nl. Stmvll. H. 'llaylmx 41. 41. Tlininns. .l. Wi. 'lllinnip-nn. Nl. ,L Wliilnvy. H. ll. W lllllllllm LN. X Lllil!I'llll,Elll. Ll. ll. .ILNIUHS Bairtwliiniml. xl. H Bt'l'liIllillI. W. L, Brnwli. ll. D. H1111-v.ll.fXl. Byrnl. L. lfrlitf-ln-i'. H. L. Lllllililvs, .l. .L Dean. ll. .L Divlwrwn. W. F. Ill5ll:1llf"l'tY. R. 4 '. Dliillit'l'. L. 41. Ellis. W. R. Evniw. A, D. Ex ans. F. L. Fin-l1.l1.R. Flynn. 4 L. .L Cillif. 'lf lilllllgtllll. Nl. lilranly. W. H. Hng1g:nr1l.4I.R. Hnltnn1.4-. W . HilllNt'll. ll. Hamlin Herrin In . , Hill. H.Il. llnrlnii. lf. L. .lnl1n5nn,4,, .lfll'!l1lll. Xl. lxnllinn. l'. ll. lieivlla-x'illH. L. King. 41. H. King. .l. .l. l.niig:l'm':l. .l. R. Larrvy. L. xl. Lan-ll. X. Nlnrnli. 4 f. H. Xlartin, 4 I. 5. Nlflx--lI.n-. X. 5. WlI30l'4". L. WlUIll'f1. W. A. Nr-vlvy. ll. 5. Hgilvn. W. 4 l. Hain-1-ll. 41. W. RlhlllIlNlDll. W . l, S1-lilni:lt.K.E. Sliiilinniw-. ll. 41. 5IlllIll. .l. Nl. Sniitlir-r. .l. XL Spai'kli1nii,4'1.Wl SllQ'Ill't'l'. ll. Stone-. .l. ll. 'l'z1ylnr.4l. Nl. Titlvy. H. 'I'mliI. W. Wl. L-lllltlll 4 f. Nl. Wlalwnril. .l. 'XL W lntinnrf-. ll. E. l x ,gs . Sl.ll1Rlili Captain ev 345 ""1 1. -11 ik md ?f'l1 3 .1.i ll 1m 1 x ' nuff ix fl A111111 H1111'111'1l 111111 111111 1111 u11sf111l 1111 111111 IX 11111111111 x If s ,Jt r IQIZIIIII x rzdes 1111 UIIIUIIIGIH' fl le II 1 Itfllll I '. 111111 fi: l'1111l. 1111 pl111'1- 111 11 11111111 III!! N111 11 ful 111115111111 and hlx brood J ll LI 11 Sfwrc Jug Sl-IIA ll 111 1 1 flff llllflll' rllltl' 77Zt'tlflltl,Ull N 11 1761115 Island ug1t11es but HI 111111 1111111111 llllflh N111 1 lx11l111r1lw 111111111 Be Preparu Bullls Ix Pa Infantry Camp Camp Bullis, Texas Tlw infantry vamp was a blend of valuable military instruction, manual labor, and pleasure. The Hrst half of the day, beginning at 3 a.m., began with a In-lc tn the nearhy rifle- nr pistol range. Firing usually lasted all morn- ing, after which tirvfl trainees alraggc-rl thvrriss-lves hack to camp fm' clinne-r. Infantry Camp l Camp Bullis, Texas i L The afternoons were taken up t l with rifle cleaning, extra duly, ' and what little sleep they could t get. There were students from Eve other ROTC schools at camp who had the misfortune of living with the Texas A. and M. Infantry. Their's was at sad life, for they were on the receiving end of our gross and ungentlemanly deeds. l EH ,luck and George listen tu Here Inxisl on Talon Zippvrx, Cruesfmie Sparzrfs lies "C" sqzmtl. uml Cape Jug, Bob, and Walt watch the Peelf-rztlmuf leml flv Cux Fvltlcr .winks a log Flossy, aml fini styled in the "West Coast Manner" Ed, Johnny, and lllunroe gut a perfect Calling Bryan 709 Tank after 37 mm fire 0.1. ht Duxtx' uml Mar glI'l' Sallie' the lmllrs Scott. Shelton, mul Sayner just rcstin' Bolo lmys in the nmking rllllfllflt. Nunmrzi, 111111 llrzmnzvr limit those Ntztinrfx Xu. l rnrn tlevelnper After several dry runs, we fnally eat rlean flznls v 'ff 4? . W , 'lg . wt. h , A , '? . 5 'QQ "I . A 'E - . .,., NL 5 1 A ' ' , Af- Q. -" ' "Q ' rs... R x were .P :FP X xxx-.,, A, ewnfmqsg-li .1-. iiuxilil if E, rg visit? ' V . -- - t , W" . '--v .W ,w g ' ll ' 2 . 3 'l Q- " '.- ww., . ,. . 1.5. i f?-frm, 9 ,A L, ' t 'Ang , Y'-' . E b, ' In ,A . N ,au fs uf ' .- - ft .fig + t 'S .t - . tml u Infantry Camp Camp Bullis, Texas It was a pleasure to hear Cor- poral Otis, the mess sergeant, bleed at K.P., and Sarge Sexton had that typical army sergeant growl and bark. Sergf-ants Min- nis and Richards were always good for a laugh or a tall tale. Few will ever forget Bullis, '4O. The Hftlllll. 41411 1111 411 11141 4 I 4 flat 414m l14111'111t BUII4111 I 4 s11114r 'lIi41x ,N41l141r,s, 111111 .xiS1lf'f-fl'lll 1311141 1114 111,e 111 1 1ssl11 11117111 Hfnsel R41l1111s4111 'llzulelu IIIINIIIZ Bra 6 l1111l4li4'x "R41s4 IL s 4 1114 1114111 ll I4r 111141 llll lf xlmnt tlu hull before 141lestl1c1114s -. 'K Six HR 1- 1 'NVQ x, X t Wiiilff.'1'T Janvier 'F- A f ., ' sr fE'V1V1i'lg5 P915 me 7161037 mm Corporal Uris in his uxuul jnriul Prirzre uf lhem all. Cul. lfilxmz. Tuffy. pluin unlmppt ulllz army ll L .ztlle Arlulplzs Rothe um! Brunrles rmmrl Slurp lflnrwy uf the txprurz rr We nmrrherl lil! Ihr' 1111115 wore nfl Frog is IIIXU lrmlerfefl I Y Cas Illaslfs--by Ilia' numbem. fominger and Rnlweris in llw mn! yard of Ilirzr Iiltle home. Yeilkamp. Hiederxlzeirner, Hardi- rm and Cowl line up for final pay. Oku-" U m Draw- targ um HI f-wwf f 1" U r'11.mr11pf, CIMA-. fi1m,,,w1, l1,..1 ez. tr11l1..tm wif .tn zlmr mnrfly, hurt mv 1-'aiu " I-'rnnw uml Ifmlfv vmlr prflzzlx for lfxff .mnfmm.m. Blmmrl slnzxwu ,'lIu'r.x xvfule john- son luokx ou. lwmly on the 'firing line. Field Artillery Camp Camp Bullis, Texas "Processing is the order of the day,', the Sergeant said, and from that moment on, 130 ASM Field Artillery cadets became Camp Bullis trainees for six weeks. The newness of camp life soon faded away and routine whistle blow- ings and formations became tire- some in their regularity. ap e ' W' -4 it 3 is -' , 1, "VS ' .K .x ly s ,J 'yllgj ' xl, '- A-:Q ,vii Y: if fx 2: a 4 ki, -" 4 ' ff' 913' " f V. . , s 1 Q - ggi -P 4,-r 1 . l 'ff V 1 . , -A M. ' 5 5 , V' J I . M fini A ' 5 4 ,r " ' i -f f ew ' Q :M 4 ,Q e' "" . e ee i W 5 - s - -asses . P nl 1. . 1 L .,.. 1 , l L . . NNN NY 4 V Q t-I ' -' ' T fm' Fi T , ' Y. Q F -Sw, X,-.A"!- - 1 Q I - E ' 1 '+-- -f 'fx F v . . , - , 'V . . W Y.-aw ,ss A V a n b, ag 4 R sa. tw, -. , x r p. ' ' Q f' , . f- K ,, , I " . 1 7 S 5 A- W i . Q Li 1 f si S ' I ' r 1 f .2 if is 4 --'Es 1 ii r ,. , f .. .M 3 si V. Tl1t',f1ll'l'l'I1l7I4'IIf r-nw unlnmlsrher lmuntiful hug Phillips, Parker. anal Heynnlzls-latrine rletuil. llezvev. Carter, Hflll1l,ft'If. lflurlfe unil Cnlnv extra-nnlinury .wnulis erijoy thu! Sun :lntnnin sunshine .-frlurnx, Belzsun. Hluml. Bvrille and BVllSlt'l uivuit Sgl. Holes ilinner :full Field Artillery Camp Camp Bnllis, Texas Mess Sergeant Bok provided Field Artillerymen with their hearliest laughter..f'l'ley boy- you K P?"-became the standing joke of camp. Details of every nature clogged our footsteps, and yel, Bullis seemed like heaven after we went on maneuvers. The remarkably constant command 99 "Engineers fall out! reminded , us that we were not alone in our troubles. 2 3511 "Upon su:-h as these. the defense of our natiun llt'fJt'II1lSu Six men uml u gifl-ll'l1ll'l7 fire are binlrlogs? 'A.Yunxbrr three out, sir."' .-fh. Su-vel rnystery of life. Heaven lievzve, hearel -1 "Engineers Fall Oullv Our across the street buddies are at it again "l!"ho is K.P.?"-"The hell I "Now you put the little flap in the and then fold the big flap bark into flap, and then-you go nuts Nisbet, illyers, ilfrzrks, Robinson, Lynch, Loving and Nussauer all rleanvd up for Saturday night. Bailey pulls rope-len! falls dnu-nfBui1wy goes lu-vrserk. an am . big flap, the lizzie Cap'n .los downs a quick of IH-If and arquainzunce pose , Liunlefllfllan. iE:R'5.-k, rl.!'-.i'-'E'-k vi,' er' Field Artillery Camp Camp Bullis, Texas Ren1f-nlberz The flrsl problem you fired-KP and table waiter duty-calesthenics. Bright lights and nights in San .'XIllOlll0--Llllll ones at Bullis. Juarez-wine, women, and song-and trying to fund your pup tent aflerwarfls. Army food-Cl Sl11,N:'S-lllf? girls at 1110. Dont rush boys one would thznk zt was -110 tents thou :tile umes our mm. znmnb thf nwsquzte uml uzrti. !,'lPllHfI1g the glHlX+llI1 P4 zurztmrz In lin Ulnerzrzlznn pzll bum Tuffy iI1V1lt'f'I.S Ffmts for :mu 111, Il'lllfllffX ia with f Signal Corps Camp Camp Bullis, Texas The Signal tjorps spent their early mornings in the usual exer- cises, policing, etc., and then filecl off to the cotle room to brush up on their Morse. Later, they got their share of pistol firing and spent considerable time in the field setting up radio and tele- phone sets. After dinner, it was more code practice again. 1 1141 111 I1 1l'I.1t' uni lllll III 11 tt mr 0 CIIVTIIIIQ 111i 0 111 i f11fI'f 11111 Yfww llflll 11 1111 l., 111 111 1111111 111111e f11111ert1111 B111111111 hu x!ltlIll1INTll6S -r t 1 , :El -wsQ l- Penalty of cz Jayls shooting Hevtnr nml the bones of destiny lfvihfwrrress trail l1lu:erS Vain' of the 41111111111 ltllllflltlllt fr The ticks and Jack but one off Get on jrequerzry. Charlie flfllllf' uwrk I 1,1111 help nutlullul lftlffl 6-ThFUI'-l4.'1lflI-ll-IIIfllllft? Teal" in urtmn Hurry up and ll'l1I'f.h Ther' frm .mnztl tl lizrle ex'err1'.w luke turns the mhles on ursnnist fue :Ill Frlerrie needs is u few sqllirrels Signal Corps Camp Camp Bullis, Texas One of the most interesting jobs was in air-ground liaison code work and airplane message pick- ups. Sergeant Snider was every- one's friend, especially after the bed making deal came about. These boys got a great deal out of camp-camp got a great deal out of them. P11 . Rf3lJl'i?w6'IllHllV9: from 18 schools were llmerv to 1l11ll wltll mortars, plslol and to lake' gunners l examg The prmupal worlx on the two wee-kN maneuvers wae ln fir- lx11111x 117111 -11111111 1111111115 nr grub Cattle 117111 GrC1'11i111l1r11 Atvp out 51111111 C11 111111ts ulbglu 11b11111 1111117111111 I11Ifl'i.Y4l!1 Illlll H111-lf. off fur CUI1Zl70IIgll 1111111 1l.'ey" 111111 "Tz1'11,ll1111" ill lhcir 51'11111cr Experts in. the rough Little Corporal" 5lll'l'C'j'S sitz111Ii1111 CilIit'LtlS Blllltiit10S 1 ll'071I1?f 14.'ll!I,S kissing her now, Wurnke Iitlll' can Cunber smile after that orerrzzght hike the Japhet ready for fatigue duty Ruugh riding Rom ie 1'lIe1'se1zl1ei111er dreunzs of Florence 'l -'-QVH' ' H "-15 semrzzlu Cnlgin after ll night ut ,llurning frzxpertinlz lu' Brerzmzn Post Roml Inn' lfvhuleha luulfin' ul. l.v,1t'l1I'hIl Mae and Sarge Irv that Texux Technique The Hrs! money Ivey ever really earned phet getting ready for u date willz Mary ,Minn forlh. Lewis. and .laphel-fatigue flaw! "lin Res! strip-glless why Mm' rzml Dirk the morning after flnhnfs the neu' len! IIIIIIF. Dirk? Chemical Warfare Camp Edgewood Arsenal, Md. The Baltimore girls were evident- ly "to0k', by that Aggie line, for there was a dance every week. On tlie week-encls many of the buys took in the sights of New York City, Baltimore, Philaclelphia, Washington, D. C., and Atlantic City. It was a vacation as well as an instructive trip, anal most nf the boys would like to go again. use guys is ujfieers mul Dlllli Cattle. :mtl .3 ullwr lilirem Murtrlr squznl Ill uf 111171 gerzllenzerf' llznlem at Linruln lllenmriul. nu liar ,lnhrz If. uml 'ilu ltlun It flu Shine it pretty. Surge there either has tr mime fur Q I1 Cavalry Camp' Ft. Bliss, Texas b The Cavalrymen spent their first few days orienting themselvesg then they jumped into mounted drill and problems. An eight-dey period on sandy, Donna Anna target range was spent in riHe, pistol, andvmachine-gun firing, and then mounted firing occupied their time until maneuvers. 7 Ill Il: I -rmr Tun flrug mm' ml rx lm f nl nv mul only l'f'l'rlf' nf fill' Xa 1 SA A , Q , , is ' H .- ' fiiakawi . A ff' ' P i X f!E.v " " . 1- 'fl W rnufzuml NI 1 r 14 rm s 1 un at I 1 '31 it 'WX- 4 mm XR 1 The flip from Archer City Who dune it? The law and ortlrr VIACHAIII of anenlia lllerhulzizetl Cavalry, with termites Buzltlies Three mosquitoes Allen with a full slomarh .More rletuzirzg amz' less L'0lll't'f.Yllfillll., Pop takes a pop please as mask Haines and friend Shootin' 1l'Il11lIlI.S Careful, Crourhf Cavalry Camp Fl. Bliss, Texas There were three ROTC dances at the ofhcers club during camp. During the afternoons, there was always a carload going to Juarez to such favorite spots as the Pull- man Cabaret, Tivoli, Lobby No. 2, and Steve's Bar. Many of the boys will go back to Ft. Bliss, but next time there will he a gold har on each wing. pf , at W eff' Q. furin' rhnw hulls Tn f 1111 x z pun 4 Inu nurnf If If fr luzrrvl !lfl'll',L'l' fuflvrl .Nu us: Uuu If xfz tam s slnzz ,Il 1 FIIEIVICLTA mu In night 1'lzzg's 1iH1l'VlJ' llllllllf time and bull. rum ilu range , Engineers Camp Camp Bu1lls,.TEiaS The Engineers also got -their share of the work and pleasure at dear Camp Bu11is.'5QAfter a week on the firing range they took up trench digging and em- placements then they -spent two days in construeting pontoon -and foot bridges nate Woocilevenl ilaike. They floured Randolph Ft. sam fe .seef'ifhe' . Engineers Camp Camp Bullis, Texas The Engineers from Texas Tech met the same fate that other for- eigners dicl when it carrie to trans- lating the Aggie lingo at mess. The boys recall with a smile Ser- geant Pete and his assault boats, and Sergeant Richards' voice in the night yelling, "Up and at s pa KWH. Machine-gun Nalley The acid test Oh, you handsome dug! Siwmzi Rumlfaugh soaks in some sun VB. Ilillllit drink enough heer Heaven help the tank that crosses this The bridge that 1L'I1SI1,f blow up The lfeer lmrrul bridge lheforel Two typical poses Britt in the pil Psalm' lt's uwmlerful 'WW' l Coast Artillery Camp l Ft. Crockett, Texas t The tloast Artillery camp coultln't have been held in a bet- ter place than Ft. Crockett, which faces the cool sea breezes at Cal- veston. The boys got a great deal out of their instruction, especially in the big guns and anti-aircraft defenses that protect this vital harbor, the entrance to the Cal- veston-Houston ship channel. lluhlnznl. l'uttf'r.wrz, nml Walker lllhflll, pitchers lnjun lift- nn the .50 mlilm' Idmlf uhh! lhe tirle lfrnllght in .1-lnrlz .-1.-1 in artinn Ray, Tammy, Frog. aml Fap ,lue mul joe with a S1600 Runner and Surah Gillette Sloppy. Sleepy. Slzyster, and Snujy Tllvllllhillll loses face aml money The lwrzzm and Row' Smzth plays 'em scientific lanltee Hutrhms meets Southern Duxty Gillette mul the Rater Bon belles 5 N 2 - i ,CML ll-KVI 1 'NVQ ,175 ,v -sg." Brriintrust on ihe range Luiril shfmrs ilu' bull .-lt hmm' with Slnppt run! S er it Gallagher. Smith. Dun. Ullie. fllrirpfiy. mul Lunfnril izml Hzltrfiirzs ul larger priiriiru ff-irirfz gun um in Liltle Tnnzniy Litllv on llI'Il'I'f' July Volmily ix safe with Slopln' on 1110 The lforporuiimi of jim, joe. .lm- trigger :mil S1111-fit' Cullrzglier. profile. ami ears lllilllllllilf mul tl l'1l1'!'Y uf flffllfllllfk K with his Slirlfer-1111101 llllliffllf -ng' ,Zv- xxx .4 Coast Artillery Camp Fi. Crm-ken. Texas Recreation in leisure time was certainly no problem for the Coast hoys. The Galveston girls were always in abundance-pin ing away for a date to go picnick- ing, dancing, swimming, etc. It was a sad day when the maneuver to the wilds of New Mexico called the boys away from all this. in . 1: ,, X . V A Q f ur lu rlzvrlf in equipment Tht1lhtflUfIl'LlINlIt at Fr Clurh Ist Ato Hur a We bel znto rough tountry Jn! spun! tht rv! night in ,Il-I'0llI1V at Bulhs We enttr It n Bean s ruzlm uuz of the Pecos fallouses beozn to deielop 1 1 ut lhv urmy's vhririuts 'llourzz up and et un rollin The pause that refreshes Maneuvers The maneuvers, or blitzkrieg, was designed to give the future re- serve ollicers a taste of soldier life so that we would know what to expect of our men when we take our commands. We know exactly how a private feels, for we got as tired, as dirty, and as hungry as it is possible to get. ln this respect, the blitz was a huge sueeess. K.P. rluty hrzuntetl us L'l'Cfj'll'l1t'ft' The eagle mines avrnxxg puytluy ut we went Bliss lfhrzlrhu fliggilf? Sllllll' zrent tu Vlllllfflll flulrez: refl lluaiting to funrtinn in the hlit: We earrietl the bouts 2100 miles in case it rained Sleeping in an army lrurk is an art, if yuu ran flu it lights aml tlurlr lfrnien tastes Surne .sipped mul ones at Sle1'e',x Maneuvers We saw the xarious branches uf the army eoorzlinatr- their efforts fur a single purpose. Main stops ul' the trip were at Braclietlville, Marla, El Paso, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Roswell, and ljarlbhzxd. We hope that these pictures will hring back some of the hell and sume of the laughs of the trip to vuur mimls. Hur Thuxe sarltlzrirllvs tlnn'z Itwlf su funny :mv nmrc We we the eighth zvmztler fur x at fuzfrn Mvrzllinie lzemrnes an event The rnml lnuwlf: 400 miles in nm tm Ulfl Imlian Village near Sllllfil Fe Il e get into riries tintl are hnmtzturtl lmu l l l flu. . cjgiw-3' is ,E IN NIEDIURIADI EDWARD WARNER FREYSCHLAG RONAR FREDERIC LAW 30-I F ENGINEERS ln modern warfare, nothrng IS spared when man s energres are turned from constructrxe to destructrve motrves Long range artrllery hombrng planes, tanks submarrnes and sabotage are all Instruments the enemy may use These may be employed to demollsh roads, lrnes of communreatron, power and productron plants gun emplacements, brrdges, harbors, rarlroads, arr ports, and other lrfelmes that are vltal to our troops The constructlon, marntenance and reparr of these facllrtres are part of the mlsslon of the Engrneers From the front llnes to the rear of the theatre of operatlons, the Engrneers are gn en work to do They supply englneerrng supplres and tools to other unrts, make and drstrrhute all maps, burld and operate utrlrtree, undertake all constructlon for the army, and engage rn mrnrng and demolr tron operatrons rn the combat zone Then there are those troops who are grxen the mrssron of clearrng enemy blocks and constructrng routes of advance for frrendly troops The magnrtude of thrs task can hardly be realrzed by those who have not seen the Engrneers at work The retreatlng enemy rear guard force attempts to slow our advance by layrng mrnes, destroyrng brrdges hlowlng up roads and rallroads, Hoodrng low areas when possrble, and burnmg towns These enemy troops are supported by artrllery fire and planes Desprte all thrs resrstance our Engineers must make the necessary reparrs to allow our troops to advance as qurckly as possrble The most that they promrse rs Essayons, or We w1ll try Hasty brrdges must be thrown up, unfordable streams must be crossed rn assault boats rn the face of hostrle fire, and pontoon brrdges put up to allow troops and xehrcles to cross The work rs fast, and can only be accomplrshed by well trarned and dlscrplrned men under ofllcers of exceptional quality Texas A and M has pl0WlClCCl a source of OHICBIN through rts tramrng program that was establrshed rn 1929 to replace the Arr Corps The enrollment rn the trarnlng IS lrmlted to those students takrng engrneerrng courses From a small two company battallon, the Engrneer Regrment has grown to two hattalrons of three companres each Therr tralnrng has been rn road, shelter, and hrldge constructron as well as rn Infantry drrll and tactlcs Thrs work, and thelr tramrrrg rn the bchool of lzngrneerrng makes the 33 graduatrng Senlors excel lent materral for the growrng need of Engrneers IH the Unlted States Army L T . T , s W V ' r r . , ':, 5 , r . . ' A., 1 w. ' L . . . T . l Q v La L. - 9 . . l T s . . ' ' GG 95 66 ' 79 ' r T . . . . . L L . . . . T r . . . . r . . L . . -T A r. L , l : A T 5 ' .. ' ' . . . N T . . -. . . we fl s. . - r 9 A 1" ' Q ' n' X.:,T" 515, ' f ' s Milf A '3 l if Q. f ,luv ., ,HQ ' A ki Y.. f' ' fx, Q: .A fy. , uf-1 if A? fQ377,5:.k g.,. x A -Y ' ' ,4 'V 4 A ' W ' ff K ' L 2 'fi' F . .. , , 'w ' W V ' -Ni-nl .V 5 Q f " y 'I A Y,- Q, us X . V ' ' K um 4 - ww-5. 1 XA-' ' X , N 1 , K" ' A ik . mf' Y '- " P "' ".,.,"'r"T' I. filly? H W ,L . - , .- W - 'wwf ' F-...f , . V ' 3,A,,,f i .lap ,-greg.. 1"Z ,.w,5,4:',' 'fb , z Q" "S," , M 'ii M9 A ' ,,!" gs Risky ,' H ,-'Q 1 31, Q " 'i,':e'l'i:! i - ,.:,:-gf -I . ' www f fe 1,353 4 , V' 'E' 4" , - . ' Jw , 5,-rfi"M'Z-ar X wf-. ww 1- ,A ' - A 1' ,gs:,f,11-'1,,5- .yy ,,. ,ig-rig. fr-5,'1u win- H" "-- , fy: ' iff- ,ag 5,52 ,fx gy . - 'Av ., if Q ,fy E , f . , ',QC"V:- 'Y . , 5,755 , ' '-1.4-M-V.. , me ww- x Hgw we w,p'W'f5f' ' 2 ' -,gtv,'v'- '::,,53f4'Tiw- y mf., ei, .f'e1,.IZ3' TZ ' ilqggiffaki , Pr I 1 V 1 .Q YS ' 34 f "Wir 'A Q. , Lg Q yy ,Q ie- ' -.L QQ, t ,Q1.i-w?i?.:5- gl,:M:vv ' .:.ff':3', P 4 -' '- "1 ,ge . lxfln Q' Wm 1 at ,Mx gf?'jE5 ' N 'iig- E ICS in fn. ,g YW Y ,V 7 E lt , I t e i ATHLETIC c UNCIL my to c pigs H' R qt NIUIILI-I NORTON KYLE IIUUKIIR LK XXYFHHID XIILIJQH Hl'bXX'EI.I. THE ATHLETIC COUNCIL of :X. Sz M. serves chiefly as an advisory group on all athletic matters. The task of the council has grown with the expansion of the College and the increase in the enrollment. The members make arrangements for all athletic events and schedules, employ the coaching stall, provide the necessary facilities and equipment, decide the eligibility and awards regarding the players, and see that the policies of sportsmanship are always carried out. Dean lf. J. Kyle, who has been with the College since 1903, is chairman of the Council. Other members are lil. J. Howell, C. W. Crawford, and E. W. Hooker: the Association of Former Students is represented by T. W. Mohle of Houston and Melvin J. Miller of Fort Worth: Coach Homer Norton is Athletic Director, and has served since 19343 James Thomason is this year's student representative. These men strive to give each interested group, faculty, coaches, ex-students, athletes, and students its proper consideration. They determine the students course in athletic activities, and are to be commended for bringing the Aggies to national fame in athletic circles. 369 X xf, 1 X ,Q X , . W V I 1 1.x AX .L V 5 . N, Xxi 1 X X 1 Q KL f W HONIEH NORTON HLB Nl KLIIIAN ' 370 1 m Y J NIARTY K.-XHOW DOUGH ROLLIN A RN XXX X XA XX N 2 A X X 4 f f If ,ff 1 f ff f , 1 ,- f , 'V' f 1 r ,r V 1 X ' ,. , ,1 f I ffl' W, 1 I I , 'I If ll I f I I ,AQ ,xx I I Y I , 115 a I gy I I? I I I 3 X JN I I N x I R 1 1 If f f j 1 I ' I f f N I AKA: A4 A I CWIXI W TAXI IW S N Y Xw Iv I I XXX NX QQ 'rf XX xx MX wr XXV N fl f' mf K1 X XX IX NK ff JINI THUNIASON TOMNIIE Y.-XUGHN MARION PLYGH JIM TIIUMASUN BILL DAWSON Alsobrook, A. D . . . . .Baseball A""""'f l'l Jlklxigmyz' 4eW'3 fx' X 'fax we 'px N q ,fs-.. emi W A. ky! f fa.. L23 it Q Q- I ' A ,V ,,.. . s a an H- V R H 1 .e , " uf . ' 'T A . Peden,,R.L..... .... . Baseball Ballow, C. C... Bass, W. B.. . .. Bayer, R. B.. . . Bucek, Roy .... Buchanan, A. B. .... . Bumpers, L. P.. . . Cecil, W. W. ..... . Conatser, W. E.. . . . Cooper, J. G. W. ..... . Cowley, H. E. ........ . . . . . .Baseball . . . . .Baseball . ....... Basketball Football, Track . .. ...Football . . . . .Baseball .......Track . . . . .Football ..... .Baseball . . . ...Football Dawson, W. H. .... Football, Basketball Doran, J. K. ................ Baseball Dreiss, Ed ....... Duncan. H. V.. . . . Dwyer, S. J.. .. Finley, R. F.. . . Hauser, H. F.. . . . ........Track . . . . Basketball . . . .Basketball . . . . . .Track . . .Football Henderson, J. R. ............... Track Henderson, R. W.. .Football, Basketball Henke, C. E. ................ Football Henry, P. C.. . . . . . .Track :sa Herman, O. C. .... ..... F ootball Hogan, M. E. .... .. ....... Track Jarrett, R. L. .............. Basketball Jeffrey, W. M. ...... Football, Baseball Kimbrough, J. A Kimbrough. J. C . ............ Football .. . . ..... Football Kirkpatrick, C. V. ........... Baseball Lang, J. T.. . . Laney, V. W.. Lindsey, J. V. Lindsey, R. E. McLean, J. A.. Moser, R. B.. . Moser, R. D.. Mulhollan, R. Nabors, F. L.. Pannell, E. W Basketball . . . .Track .....Baseball .....Baseball . . . .Track . . . .Track .....Football W. .... ..... F ootball Basketball . .... ..... F ootball 372 Pugh, M. C. ....... . Baseball, Rahn.L.F.... .... Reeves, J. R.. . . . Rice, J. M. .... . Robnett, M. F.. . . . Rothe, J. H.. . . . Routt, W. A.. . .. Ruby, M. S.. . .. Scoggin, J. D.. . . . Shelton, J. H. .... . Simmons, E. A. ........... . Smith, E. L.. . . . Track, Smith, J. W. .... ........ . Spivey, M. C. .............. . Sterling, J. R. ............. . Football . Football Football Baseball Football Football Football Football Baseball Football .Football Football . . Track Football Football Stevenson, C. H.. . .Baseball, Basketball Stone, R. S. ............... . Thomason, J. N. ....... Track, Vaughn, T. ...... . Webster, J. D.. . . . Wesson, T. E.. . . Baseball Footh M? Footha Footb Q Footba 'N I 1 E f 1 I I I 1. I sl ,I ll l lx . , 1 l J , vi li i l z 4 l l L Adams, A. K. ..,. . Akarman, T. H. .... . Baird, J. P. ..... . Barry, D. W.. . . Becker, W. A. .... . Burns, B. H. ..... . . Conway, F.. W. ..... . Couch, J. P. ...... . Culberson, R. R.. . . . Denton, V. C. .... . . . Elmore, E. W.. . . . . . . . . . .Tennis . . . .Fencing . . . .Fencing .....Polo .......Pistol . .Pistol, Rifle . . .Swimming . . .Swimming . . . . .Polo ........Golf .Cross Country Everett, L. B. ..... ........ F encing Giles, J. P. .... . Given, S. B.. . . . .. ...Tennis .. ...Tennis Gourley, J. .... ..... G olf Guy, W. T. .... ..... R ifle Hall, T. G. .... .... S wimming Hauser, H. F.. . . . .....Golf NIIX 0 Hensley, H. S.. . . . Japhet, G. P.. . .. Johnson, E. C.. . .. Jones, C. A.. Jones, W. D. C.. . .. Kennemer, L. C.. . . . Kirk, P. A. ..... . Krezdorn, A. H.. . . . Krogstad, S.. . . . Laney, V. W. ......... . Lewis, C. A.. . . . Lewis, W. E. 373 R . . .Swimming . . .Swimming . . .Swimming . . . . . .Polo . . . . .Pistol .. .. ...Pistol . . .Swimming . . . . .Tennis ........Rifle Cross Country . QPistol, Rifle . . Pistol, Rifle Loomis, R. C. ..... . McMahon, W. D.. . . . McDonald, S. A Maloney, Carl ..... . . . Mayer, E. B.. . . Mayfield, W. L. ...... . Mitchell, G. P.. Ponthieux, N. A. ..... . Reeves, J. R. .... . Richards, H. J.. . . . Robertson B , . W. .... . Rominger, J. C.. . . . Shiels, E. F.. . . Shiels, R. T.. . . Swigert, W. F.. Warner, H. C.. . . Williams, T. A.. . . . . . Wilmeth, E. D.. ...Swimming ........Golf ....Polo ........Polo Cross Country .......Pistol .. . . . .Tennis . . .Swimming . . .Swimming ........Golf . . .Swimming . . . . .Fencing . . . . .Pistol . . . . .Pistol . . . . .Fencing . . . . .Pistol ........Polo Cross Country THE TASK of filling 6,000 leather-lungs with that 'Hggie Spirit" at all times and of keeping them yelling at the right time is the huge undertaking of our yell staff. Headed by two of the most spirited seniors in recent years, "Buster" Keeton and "Fonts" Bland, the twelfth man was behind the athletic teams at all times. The seniors were very ahly assisted by Skeen Staley and Bill Beck, junior yell leaders. "I3l.'STKH" KEIQTUN did more than just lead. He was a powerhouse of energy and he could work the spirit of the corps to its height. His sincere interest and regard for the well-lmeing of the corps is admirable. "IfO0TS" BIANIJ. seeond-in-command. was invaluahle when "Ole Army" needed a little more spark and fight. His ltooming voice. long line. and genial manner will long he rememhered hy all who have known him. Bll.l. Iilitlli. junior assistant. left school at mid-term to enter the U. S. Air Corps. His services will he missed next year. J. U. Alexander was elected hy the student hotly to replace Beck. SIQICICN STALIQY. who will he head yell leader next year. has shown more than average ahility. His spirit indicates that the corps will he capalrly led again next year. The time and effort that these five men haye given to the corps and the school makes them worthy of all our praise. To them we give our most sincere thanks for having done their job well. 3 T-I if J 'Z x i , lllltN N lx 5 tl 4 H4lliNl'f'I'li l'.-XNNEII Preview of the 1940 Season ULl'l'S'l'.-XNIJING FUR THEIR l'UWHK. their versatility. antl their stamina. the Aggie lfootlvall Team of l94U played the entire season in a manner reminiscent of their tlashing N39 performance. ,-Ks a general plans a separate plan ol' attack for each battle. so flifl Coach Norton plan a separate strategy for each game the Aggies played. Swiftly the season progressed. ancl Aggie followers saw live conference eontenflers fall one hy one before Aggie power. An other- wise perfeet season was marrecl only hy Texas Uniyersityqs victory on Tlianksgiying Day. Nevertlieless. ,-X. S Nl. earned a tie for the Southwest llonferenee lfliampionship with S. Nl. U. The Mustangs' only loss was to A. X M.. lO to 7. With the 4-ompletion of the season liimlarongh. liolrnett. Pannell. Henke. antl Sterling were nametl on the Xll-Sontlinestern Team. and liimlnrongh antl liolvnett were yotetl xll-AIIlt'l'if'LlIl an artls. X Nhal l Y SUIKIH Golf: XGGIES gGClE6 QAQGIES ' J' m E Ii' u ixllfi HAUSER Ill-INKI-I VAIWLIIN THUNIASUN Aggies Down A. Si I.. Tulsa U.. and U. C. L. A. IN A MANNEH that recalled the sterling play of the l939 football team the Aggies achieved three pre-conference successes. A. Sr Mfs first test came Sept. 28 against Texas A. S. l. The Javelinas led by Little All-American Stewart Clarkson put up spirited competition throughout the game only to see A. 8 Mfs power bowl them over for a 26-tl win. Kimbrough made the first touchdown of the year by rounding right end for 25 yards. Kimbrough returned a punt 57 yards. after which Conatser raced 12 yards for the second touchdown. Kimbrough again featured the third touchdown by romping through the middle of the Javelina line for 17 yards. Pugh passed to Thomason for the final Aggie counter. 20.000 fans in San Antoniois beautiful Alamo Stadium saw the Farmers mix ground power with aerial magic to swamp Tulsa U. all-6. Only after the reserves had entered the game for the Aggies were the Colden Hurricanes able to score. Moser scored the first time A. X ill. got the ball. In rapid succession Kimbrough scored. and Pugh tossed touchdown passes to Simmons and Henderson. Jeffrey tallied after a brilliant punt return by Hothe. and still six more points were added by liama Smithis pass interception and 70 yard run. U. C. L. A. entertained the Aggies in Los Angeles on Oct. l2. A first period touchdown by Jarrin' John Kimbrough gave the Aggies their seven point margin of victory. lfonatser and Kimbrough sparked a 1-11 yard drive that resulted in the only touchdown of the game. The Aggie line was again the "thin red linen of old. and held U. C. L. A. to a net total of two yards gained in one of the greatest defensive stands ever witnessed on the West Coast. A. S: M. T. U. C. li. A. 0 Pugh Slf-tltlfltly his ll'lll In Qllfll nine yrlrtly b 3 lf. vo-sm.. ew., viva-can-Q. 1. ,, W '- some bun- j,,.. . A' 5 P. .- A , sf glllia. .L f. ....,,M,, W "l"l 'lbs-v . V .., 'ih- v-i". """'s..."'1' ' 'G' ' 1-'Y . if . ' i RUL1 I l'L'llll KEEVI-IS T. C. U. Rolled Under Aggie Machine I,lfi-XYIYG THIS POWERHOUSIQ TACTICS of their earlier tilts on the shelf the Aggies won their first conference game against T. C. U. via the aerial route. T. C. U. used an un- orthodox 5-2-2-l staggered defense to hold the Cadets in check for the first quarter. Un the first play of the second quarter. however. Pugh drifted hack and shot a long pass to Simmons on the Frogs thirty. from which point Simmons scored. Later Pugh shot a pass to Thomason who made a miraculous catch. then jerked free from several would-he tacklers. and' journeyed twenty-five yards down the sideline for a touchdown. The Aggies third touchdown was a result of a deceptive pass from Kimhrough to Thomason. T. C. U. scored on the result of a pass hatted into the air hy several Aggies. Brumhaugh of T. C. U. hnally caught the hall and raced ISU yards for the lone Frog score. Final score. A. S M. 21. T. C. U. 7. K1'nzfmf11gl1 lltlI'tlI1ltN Yt'l't'lIfPPll yunfs through lhe T. ff. li. xecomlurv 4 Sl DAXX SON HHN YISI-flt l U I-x lxl'lIItltltl't,Il Sl'X1NltlN5 Baylor Bows to llle Aggies A. X M. HAD BEATIQN ISAYLOR in Waco only once since l02tl. lfroni the starting vxhistle to the final gun the savagely fighting Bears waged a fierce battle that saw the Aggie forward vsall of steel meet one just as good, The Bears kept Kimbrough fairly well in check. but Thomason. Pugh. and Henderson gave the liears pleutv of' trouble. The first Aggie touchdown came late in the first quarter. l"rom the Baylor forty yard line tionatser and Thomason sparked a downheld drive that carried to the liears three vard line. Un the next play flonatser faked to Killlliftllljlll and ran squarely between liaylofs Nelson brothers trefer to picture! for a touchdown. ln tht- third period .leflirev faded back and threvi a long pass to Henderson on the Hear tuenty-five: Henderson tore loose from a maze ol' llear tar-klers and drifted to the right and down the sidelines for a second and final Aggie touclidown of the day. Bavlorls spirit was not broken by A. X Mfs fourteen point lead. Parks. jackrablvit back of llavlor. evadcd several tacklers before shooting a perfect pass to Witt on the Aggie t5 yard line. Witt hit for the sideline and went over for the lone Rear touchdown. Nelson kicked the point and llavlor was still very much in the running. The remainder of the game developed into a defensive battle. however. and the game ended A. S Nl. ll. liavlor 7. The Aggies threatened Baylors goal line several times only to have intercepted passes and fumbles veto their scoring chance. l-lenke and Hobnett provided excellent line play that held the lfears to six first downs while A. S M. was making fourteen. A. S Nl. H, Baylor 7 l.'lFHtI1.V'l'.N1'1H't'.N llt'l1l'l'f'Il B1Ill1lI..N ,trlmrz lfmllienv .M ?' bl! N6 xfif L l s ,ws- ,Va - ,fi . W, .,.z,,,d . . .asa ..,...,,. l f It XX XX llI'tIER SHELTUN SMITH ttllli X. K Nl. li. 'Xrltunsas It lil Arkansas Falls Before Aggie Onslaught STHIVINC for their seventeenth consecutive win the Aggies were on edge for their Arkansas game. Nov. 2. The Porker line leaked badly. and almost every play from scrimmage ended with Aggie linemen in the Arkansas backlield. Early in the first quarter Chip Routt broke through and blocked l-lamberg's attempted quick kick: Panuell recovered. The Porkers held. however. and the ball went over on downs. Three minutes later Arkansas fumbled again on an attempted end run. and Rohnett recovered on the Arkansas 17. Kimbrough jolted. hutted. and dived to a touchdown in five straight drives. A. S M. counted one more touchdown, and Vlvehster kicked a perfect field goal from the Arkansas 22 yard line to end the scoring: A. 81 M. 17. Arkansas U. Arkansas flashed a fine passing attack which was largely responsihle for their sixteen first downs. Long runs by liimhrough and Conatser featured the afternoonis play. C 5 E - ' x i,- ss, 1'-',. -. if 1 Pugh ShlIlxit'S of zz luflfler for long gain on an emi run F . COWLEY MOSPIR STI-IHl,lNC RUBY S. M. U.-18th Consecutive Aggie Victim THE EYES OF THE NATION were focused on Dallas Novemher 9th. Here the Aggies met the S. M. ll. Mustangs and gave a capacity crowd of 27.000 fans a thrill-packed afternoon which they long will rememher. The Cadets jumped into the lead when the game was scarcely four minutes old. Johnson. put in a hole hy Conatseris punt out on the one yard line. kicked out to the S. M. U. thirty-two. A pass. Pugh to Buchanan. and a jaunt hy Kimhrough took the hall to the Mustang three. Conatser. with excellent hlocking. plowed over right tackle for the score lrefer to picturet. Pugh converted and the Farmers were ahead 7-0. The famed S. M. U. passing attack hegan clicking and the Ponies worked the hall down to the Aggie thirty. ltlallouf shot a pass over the goal line. Thomason leaped high in the air and halted it down only to have Brown of S. M. U. catch it for a touchdown. The half ended 7 and 7. A. X M. came out in the third quarter with power to spare. Conatser stepped oft a hrilliant 17-yard punt return to the S. M. U. thirty. liimhrough took over and hutted his way through the S. M. LI line for a touchdown. S. M. U. came hack with more passes and marched seventy-hve yards to the Aggie ten. At this point Kimhrough intercepted a pass to ease the anxiety of Aggie fans. The Final Aggie touchdown was set up hy Conatseris punt which went out on the Mustang Hve. S. M. V. attempted to kick out from hehind the goal. hut Thomason came in from his defensive position to hlock the punt: Routt fell on the hall for a touchdown. and the game ended A. S4 M. 19. S. M. U. 7. A. M. 19. S. hi. U. 7 f.'HII1II.Nt'I' HIFI' rfgfzl gllllftl for .sift po1'r1t.v as N HXIIN XX EBSTER Owls Feathers Ruffled by Determined Aggies THE "BUYS FROM THE lNSTl'l'UTE" reportedly hred to fever pitch hy supposed A. Sz ill. acts of vandalism on their campus came to A. Sz M. prepared to do anything short of murder to win the annual Rice-Aggie classic. Although Rice did play determined ball the Aggies had little trouble in druhbing our little feathered friends 25 to 0. Henderson performed miraculously to complete eight consecutive passes for a total of 117 yards. The Aggies scored four touchdowns and amassed 406 yards total gain from scrim- mage. Rice showed considerable ability on quick opening plays through the line. but their defense allowed Aggie touchdowns by Sterling. Moser. Henderson. and Kimbrough. The Owls penetrated to the Aggie l-1 late in the fourth quarter. hut were held for downs by the stout Aggie line. Whitlow. Brumley. and Hartman performed well for Rice. Rl Pugh 1f!ll't'fN rlruuml P1111 zrftlz the rzfrf of exvelferzt 1lfllt'.lt'fllg S. t' if -. . ......1E. . ' Nf in- HENDICRSUY RUTIII, NIl'l.ll1tl,I.tY t Texas Jinx Breaks Aggie Wyillllillg Streak UN A THURSDAY AFTERNOON at the "Forty Acres." A. li Mfs winning streak came to an end as all good things must. Playing truly inspired and spectacular hall the Texas Longhorns evened the Zo to tl licking A. S Nl. had given them the year hefore hy defeating the Aggies 7 to tt. The Aggies kicked off and the hall sailed out of hounds: Texas put the hall in play on their thirty-live yard line. Layden faded back and tossed a high. lobbing pass to Crain who was knocked out of hounds on the Aggie thirtyatwo yard line. Repeating the process Layden dropped hack and whipped a pass to Flanagan. hut the pass fell to the ground incomplete. Again it was Layden who drifted hack and threw a long. high pass to Doss who was knocked out of hounds hy Kimhrough on the three inch line. Un first down Layden scored: Crain kicked the extra point. All of this took place in fifty-seven seconds. The Aggies. stunned momentarily. soon stiffened their defense and the Longhorns were unable to score again. Buchanan recovered a Longhorn fumhle in the second quarter. and stopped a Texas threat. With the beginning of the second quarter A. S4 M. tlashed the power for which they were noted. Un spec- tacular spread plays Kimbrough ran riot through the very middle of the Texas line. The Aggie attack hogged down. however. when a pass hy liimhrough was intercepted oyer the goal line hy Doss. The Aggies never threatened seriously again. Wlith heavy hearts and empty pockets the Cadet Corps and numerous lfx-Aggies present sang the "Spirit of Aggielandf' and listened to Taps for the first time in two years. A. 8 M. O, Texas 7 rllIlIM'I'QI1lIlX on fnsz 4-ml :nn ' 1 his A 5... .4 f Y i Q if W x X 3 X .4 ' - A 1 if IL 4m XX Kill-1 NVIITII 'tit-Ql'Il.l.X'N RXIUIXX KHl.l.I'NH KQUACH HLTIS fNl13Ql7ll.Lr-XX entered the 1941! season yyith the lwest squad since the great 1937 aggregation. The Fish defeated Allen .-Xeademy' on Oct. H. Bill Andrews. hack from Amarillo. was the outstanding player in the game. In the third period he sparked an H0 yard touchdown drive. Other freshman standouts were l'edi:-zo. Hollis. Welyls. and lltllkllllilll. Un You lfl AIlfil'if'l'iS and Daniels paeed the Fish to a 211-T xyin over the Hifi-e Slimes. Daniels started the seoring on a 512 yard dash, and Andrieks ac-counted for two ol. the tallies. The speed and lrlot-king of the Texas Yearlings yxas loo mnf-h for the team on Nov. 21. .-Xndreyvs plowed two yards for the only sc,-ore in the Aggie defeat. XXv9lf'0Illl'31lliili0lISitl the varsity next year will he .-Xndrews. llaniels. lledigo. Wioolyerton. HOIHHII. Wiliityrortli. and many others. Nl NI N lHttU'l'l3,Xl,l, SQIND QOQD YW , f ,ffffj Q f 3 fe.. 4 0 it 55 fi in NN iff? L--, fffj! , ,, ,,tV!,i'Q!,'l' ,5 - I A l Ln U xx. ,f l,k-j,Xg,f'l. XX-X' H'lV.f Kfllf'pJf'l fx-ff, , pl twjlf' XY llk-XC.-.T txvx lw,',fw-n LQ.-- U NZ. xvl X-Z XJ., gl, -V 4 Xvl, xx, x, -,f Xu' xx X AJ, pix. ifxrb. JI, t :i X. Nlfww YEARS DAY 10,11 funnel llallus. Texas. janunefl uith fuutlvall fans frmu ewry section uf the r-uuutry. 'lille most outstanding classic ever tu lm played in the lfuttuu Html mutr-heal lfurflluim. prirle of New York. againft tlw S0lllllWE'Sl-S finest team. Texas A. 8 Nl. Up from College Station r-time IUUU Aggies. iunumeralwle exes. aual a ZZIU-pieve lnauclz almost any kiufl ul' mlfts eoulfl he Olntainefl un either team the lvuuliies and sealpers niingletl xxitll the 4-rmxml. anfl eufl zone seats nent at il premium. At 1:30 the Crowcl siltetl nut ul the luntels. restaurants. ltoulue shops. aufl liars. aufl morecl eu masse upun the Cotton llowl stacliuln. -17.500 fans lilletl every iueh of the S0llllHYFSllS largest luml. antl tensely awaiteml the kivlwlll. The first play from svrinnnage imlivatetl uhy the F0l'fllliiIll llama hall niet xxith sueh success flllfitlg their lllltl ' footlwall campaign. Exhibiting au exeelleut lrraufl of luloekiug and pmter ruuuing. the liams quickly threw the Aggies on the defensive ancl kept them there llll't1llQ,lllllll the first half. Short. lluutiug passes antl flPf'9I1llYE lnall handling lwatflecl A. S M. Later in the sec-mul quarter the Rams workecl sleep into Aggie territory: when passes failed tu elif-l-4. sicleline. He was linoe' l out of lfuuuals just short uf the soul liue ln an lveautiful llxiug lvloek applietlflwx llumttfer. -AX the olfl Statue of Lilwerfg' play was r-alletl upun. and Nolmle. lleet Nant lraek. tnuk the lramluff and rayiffl tluwu the l30l'Clll3fl1 power paid Wlll-.in the elim-hes. lumexer. as Filipowir-z seurerl un the next play. The try llft,"l6ill'2l puint was x..,' lvlneked lux' fast-eliargipg' 1111 Sterling. Thus the half euclecl l"iOI'llllliIl1 It A. 8 Nl. U. 4,A,f"! lf' The Aggie Flhfiiflllllliix the stanfl stirretl restlesslx' flllflllg the ligllv. 'Nlure l"tlI'tlllLU5Qhi6ttPfyJfiit',l'll'Ptl. autl llexser t X X ' . , , - ., x f ,, ,f . . ek , .Y t, I M . '. ,t J - ,z, ." ,X . f -- f,f L...,-.k Xe . t . 2---.e---.- -1 1 ,fyf-if papa .5 s:,,,gx Qin tx tw". , 'WY 35, 3 Q-QQVX ,' -ifgff if 'X .H X 'wX""-"ff 4' fX ll ,jf g-,J Ways' Ll X, 1151 af., Le r 1 'X uf ' -. X ' -J ,,-:fx .' I L! N-f J Ai XX 4-df.. -- f "' ' f 4 ,Xxexf J HY, ,K . ' WA- ,xn Y .Y,, ,,.,Y, 4,,, if Xv,,.,'," i f' f ' v ,fl 1" , ,X f 1 , Y Y , X l -X wt- 1 W. Y -V ,1,.f -' f,, fx fx 1 nl, , 1 V, ,, fgg. J' I ' r fu , gf- .X-, -f N-,I Xl XHSHALI NURYETT sf x. . 1 . X ,x. ,IUHN 7 KIXIIHKHIUII v.' . If -Yx -ff-1a"'H . .qrgvqxt "lin "' .5 . .. sa-.Q-. . Q., f"Y"'Y:'l"7'gg:g7c'a':'?N"" ' TW 'H A 'll' AQg g 1+ ga23f5f '1,Q, . . . . , . . , , . , Us ag,-Q ,Q L II . D 'Q --.qi4 wh.N " 0513144414 Jill J J-.D H 4 r Lg, 5 K.. ' -M .f lffQ.7f7 A. X M. supporters were Covering lnets. The Aggie lrand paraded during the hall' and eased the tension of the Cadets in the stands somewhat. The second half lregan with lfordhain kicking out of hounds on the kit-kolli. The lfadets took over on their own 35. The next play provided the greatest thrill ol' the game. Yiolent charging and blocking at the line of serinnnage attraeted the attention of the 1-rowd: suddenly down field appeared Earl "Ranma" Smith in the open down the sideline. He gathered in Puglfs pass. and outstepped the Ham safety man for the tour-hdoxvn. l'ugh's attempted von- version was wide. With the score tied the game lveeaine rougher: ellwowing. f-li 1 ring. and some slugging . . . l l . . . . lrecanie evident to the crowd. The Aggie steam-roller gathered nlonientunl and nas gaining much yardage on every play when a Ham slugging penalty gave the Aggies the lvall on l"ordham's one-yard line. Kimlvrougli took the lvall. feinted at tackle. and then 4-ut around end to score standing up. Pugh Converted. and the scorelfoard read A. X Nl. lil. lfordhani tr. l"0i'flll3IIl came hack to display a running and passing attuf-k that soon had the - s 4: me-. . .f-x A If fs 'ma L fly ,y ' fe' yl X fl l l f ff l lj s NY xjxf Qyxf ,J xl noux kmmun a.n an IIHNNN l Nltlhlltll Il!! NIIKIHINI. HtNll KNNI yi f 'Wa 5? 'N I Nr Q s F fini' ' ..- s'a: f I' A X' . I l 5. Nx Qf ix S- Al NUl4lt00lx COOPER RICE SCOCCINI BEFORE THE I9-10 Aggie Basehall season began. close ob- servers of Southwest Conference athletics predicted that the winner of the Texas A. S M.-Texas U. series would be the conference champion. For once the dopesters were correct. One by one other conference contenders fell before the Aggies and the Longhorns. Finally the two teams met in a crucial two-game series in Austin. A. S: M. needed both games to tie the Steers for the championship. and Texas needed one win to clinch the flag. The powerful hitting of the Longhorns was the deciding factor in their winning the series and the conference pennant. A. 82 M. finished the season in second place with 7 wins and 5 losses. Captain Dave Alsobrook was a unanimous choice for the All-Conference team. ,lack Doran tied for the catch- ing position. while Lefty Bumpers tied for a place on the pitching staff. Hob Stone. stellar third sacker. was chosen as utility infielder. Doran was selected hy his teammates as the most valuahle man. THE 1940 VARSITY SQUAD on ' 2 ff . ',"'f 1 1 l 1 FII BUMPERS tI1'INl.EY R. LINIPSPIY PIC! I N THE AGGIES took the season opener from the Randolph Field Cadets with Alsohrook and Jeffrey leading a hitting attack which netted ten runs in the first three innings. With this advantage the Aggies coasted to an easy l2 to 6 victory. The following day the Aggies returned the visit and trounced the Flyers 13 to 3 on their own diamond. Again powerful Aggie hitting featured the game. Lefty Bumpers had a perfect day at hat while Lindsey and Scoggin got three hits each. On March 23 the Texas League Reaumont Exporters won a thrilling -I-tt battle from the Aggies. Excellent pitching hy both teams keynoted the afternoonis play. Reaumont's heads-up hall held the Aggies hitless and Walter Bass gave the Texas Leaguers only seven hits. The Aggies found their halting eye in the second game with Beaumont. hut the visitors' experienced fielding and good pitching was enough to afford them a 7 to 6 win. The Aggies' pennant hopes were jolted when Lefty Moon hroke his leg while sliding: however. outside of this mishap the Aggies entered conference competion in hetter than average condition. In their pre-conference play the Aggies showed tremendous hitting power. and flashes of fielding excellence: however. untimely errors and occasional erratic pitching marred otherwise outstanding performance. Taken as a whole the Aggie baseball team of '40 was far above the average. and was definitely a spirited contender for the conference pennant. Before an excited crowd of -11.000 fans the Aggies opened their conference race March 30 with two games with the Rice Owls. Stevenson and Doran led the Aggies on a hitting spree which resulted in a 10 to 5 victory for A. St M. Rice gave the Aggies a little more trouble in their second game. The Aggies sent three pitchers to the mound before a hard-earned 5 to 3 decision could he extracted from the feathered ones. Stone drives one to deep centerfeld ,St I KIRKPATRICK STONE MARTY AND THE BOYS journeyed to Ft. Vlvorth to con- tinue their campaign against T.C.U. Already with two wins over the Frogs the Aggies were striving to make it three straight. Horner. crack T.C.U. moundsman. proved too good for the Aggie batters. however. and A. Si M. left Ft. Worth with their first conference loss: T.C.U. 4. A. Sa M. 1. In the Aggies' next game Stevenson gave the Rice Owls only three hits. but seven Aggie niiscues afield contributed to a 3-to-2 victory for Rice. Stevenson drew the starting nod for the Aggies in their first game with the Longhorns. Lindsey took up the pitching chores in the second inning after Texas had netted six hits and eight runs. Bumpers replaced Lindsey and hurled expert hall for seven innings. allowing only three hits and no runs. The early Longhorn advantage could not be overcome. however. and the game ended Texas 9. A. Sc M. 3. Ixzrltputrnlt toazhu -llmbmuk in safe at thin! -.-fn, , . . .:., . .N 1' Q- ?s.eQggg'f. 1: . -g,., ,- ,. M hw, " '- 2 m . X y xwfgg fyykzyg X K.-cs 1 , X x g ly-.giixhg Q. ... lwisy .tsqy..y:XQv K+- e -X .f ?. lr 166 -Y is lb 1 L w ii I I ' il? l .H im ' ' ' an vi X ix., - . ..- ., r H L-Q sei' .. .1 'W 1. R. . s auf! ., wa. et fig 3.1 . l ii ' Q3 l. 1b!S'2rK?f'fC ,G ' ei-Niigpliws ,,,. . .r ..,. A N is 1' P ,. . .x fit.s?s"'wfx:v A .ls , , . 4 ."f'f"fr ' gf.f?2'4i:.'sf?3 '--4 in 3 . . y :1'ffk,.' 1f!i?.1:e,., :iii " - f "'- Q jg" 5 3+ ffi: fl' fill-il? iii'7'i' .sb -3' ff ' , 1 ' 'V -s.L'-354.-ali .. 6 "'-4' . v . ff . ..-sr. Rltlli 1 y DQ be f . ' as Y A. my ,. :W ' P-5 ,l . ' 1 ' ' ' U M e, Q . y ,345-e..:gc.g', , .ii rl N y x , ,x M rs. -get 5e.Z,gW-..f.., - V- F A -Lssvszf. . .Q . . . . x y gy Jw- I . A , PS 'mi 5g5g5s5g3'Q N- " .Pts- ,,.--I , 35 3"7, ., . tr . 1 K i1f1'E?2'-5 ,5.tB. t . t V+ ' .1 R AA A I 5 l i . . ' c . ..-F. W.,..t,t............,t..s-e . -4. sv Plltlll .. t X- lil! "f srrivrixsox HKSS lll-1Nlll-IHSUN T.C.U. WAS THE NEXT YlCI'lNI of Aggie hitting power. Although the Aggies hit Durward Horner consistently. it was not until the ei-fhth that the Cadets got the hreak that won the hall game. With the bases full. Horner hit Kirkpatrick P to force the winning run across the plate. Three more runs were made in rapid succession. and the game ended H to l. The Aggies repeated the win the following day hy downing the Frogs -l to 2. Dave Alsohrook clouted out a homer and two singles to lead the Aggies in a 9 to 7 win over the liaylor Bears. The game was marred lay low overhanging clouds and occasional showers f-the second game of the scheduled douhle- header was rained out. On May ll Lefty Bumpers fanned I2 men and allowed only four scattered hits to defeat the S.M.U. Mustangs -l to 2. On the following week-end Lefty added ten more strike-outs to his credit. and handed llaylor F1 a 5 to I setback. The Aggie infield was on its toes and turned in three perfect doulvle plays. llumpers handled live fielding chances without a bohhle. Un May 17 the Cadets invaded Austin for a crucial two-game series with the Longhorns. A. X M. needed hoth games to gain a tie with Texas for the pennant. whereas Texas needed only one win to clinch the flag. Before a large crowd of "Forty Acres" fans. Texas proved their right to the l9lll Baselvall llhampionship. liehind the excellent pitch- ing of Uuetsch. Texas pounded out a stunning ll? to tr win. The third and last game with the l,onghorns was a much closer tilt: Hass. Lindsey. and Peden allowed the Steers nine runs while their teammates hannnered out eight. So the season ended with Texas in possession of the conference pennant. Though the Aggies had to he con- tent with second place. their will to win was always strong. and their entire season's play. tal-zen as a whole was very commendable: they were truly a team of which every Aggie is rightfully proud. s r Ralph Lirnlxey' fIlU1fN .xufclv uguinyt the I"ro,:,'s Q. FRESHMAN BASEBALL SQUAD THE 1940 FRESHMAN TEAM did not show up too well in season play, but most of the games which they lost were due to inexperience-a factor they attempted to overcome during the Freshman season of competition. The Texas Yearlings invaded Kyle Field on April 14 and walked off with a wild 21 to 9 win. A. Sz M. used 5 pitchers in trying to stop Texas but to no avail. The five pitchers allowed ten hits and seventeen walks, and they hit four Yearling batters. Errors were numerous on both sides. On April 18 the Fish chalked up their first win by downing Somerville 8 to 2. Bob Rizer, making amends for his hectic showing against the Yearlings, gave notice of his prospects for varsity play by fanning eight players. On May 5 the team met the Baylor Cubs in Waco and were eked out of a win by a lone talleyg the final score was 10 to 9. The Aggie Fish collected ten hits in their effort to defeat the Cubs. Many of the players will be used to bolster the varsity squad and several will prove to be important cogs in the Varsity team was ably coached by Harry Faulkner. 4' ly t machine before completion of their eligibility. The il l l THE 1940 FRESHNIAN SQUAD 1 ' ' 1 . ' 'Q X sm 3 I M tltmutttsox Dwi, -ON Lstxag DUNCAN THIS YEAITS TEAM did not finish high in Conference play. but their season record is worthy of praise. The Con- ference had a surprising number of good teams. the out- standing of which was Arkansas. The warm-up games saw the Aggies without the services of Bill Henderson and Cap- tain Dawson. Carr-Sweeney took a thriller. 32-31. to open the play. and the Cadets split a pair with Sam Houston. losing the hrst game 32 to 31. but taking the final tilt 45-33. During the Christmas holidays they journeyed to San Antonio to defeat St. lVlary's U. 34-32 in the first of a two- game series. lvut the Rattlers won the next one -13--l-2. The Aggies drew the defending champions in the Oklahoma Invitation Tournament. They played their best game of the year. and held Oklahoma A. Sz M. until the last two minutes xx hen Oklahoma sank three fast ones to win 33 to 30. llllg 19-ll X XRSITY SQUAD .LX II- NNTHIRF ,I XltHl'.'l'T IIXXXICH NHT! lll'lNl:El'lliiNl'ilf PL.-XY openetl against the Rive lnwtilnle Pagers in llouston on jan. ll, 'l'lu- Uyyls got oll' to a last start. and helcl that tel'l'ifie pave llll'0llflll0lll the eontest to take it ot:-SSI. lfranliie tlarsysell of the Uyyls seoretl as many point:- as A. S M. and Came uithiu one point ull lvreal-zing the lfor1feretu'e recorfl. The next lvraf-e of games nas against the Arliansas Hazorhaeks in l"ay'ettey'ille on jan. li-I anal l'J. The taller Hogs completely outr-lassetl the Aggies Intl-ISIS in tlu- lirst and 53-ISU in the seeontl tilt. Long John :Xtlams ol' the llazorluaeks took st-oring honors. hut Nahors pushetl him closely. The Aggie losing streak was hroken on jan. 25 uheu they tloytuetl the Baylor llears S331-Ill in a thrilling home game. Fast hustling kept the hall in llatlet hancls throughout ntost of the game. and it enahlwl them to stave off a Bear threat in the closing seeounls. Hill llayysou tapped the hasleet for l7 points to spark the Aggies to a 413414-1 win over the Carr-Sweeney' team from Houston. Floor play was yxilfl on the part of eaeh team. antl numerous fouls were Committefl. hut the home team got aheatl in the thirtl periotl anfl kept that leacl tluring the remaintler of the game. Led hy' Dawson and Henderson, the Aggie quintet took a thriller from T.C.l'. to open ser-outl semester play. The speedy: fast-moving A. S M. ereyx huilt up an early' leatl uhir-h they lost only out-e--wlien the Frogs tiewl tht- eount 37-all in the SGCOIICT half. The rest of the game was a wilfl affair. hut llenflerson anel llayvsou playetl their usual steady' hraurl of hall to tleeiele the game in the Aggies' favor 51250. TH!-I TE.-XXI LINIBKHS UI' f I I I 5 P I t r L l t BAYER COKINOS KI.I"l7 NORRIS ilttltt lilllt J if l l t I 1 .g THE ACGIES played them hard and Close on Felvruary l7 to again defeat the Frogs 43 to 45. "Big lilogi' Dawson ted the scoring with 21 points. A. S4 M. took an early lead and held it during the first half. TCU pulled ahead three points. hut then slowed up and the Cadets overtook them a few minutes later. From then on it was the Aggies' game. Both teams were deprived of rightful goals hy tantalizing hasket- eireling shots. SMU won the Mustang-Aggie series. The Ponies first victory Came on February 12. The short speedy Mustang team proved a hit too fast for the Cadets. Sebeck and Baecus played grand hall for SMU from their guard positions. and were the difference in the 43-37 Aggie loss. The second game of the series was played at Deware Field House. In the roughest game of the season. the Pony forwards swept the Aggie defense aside to take a 120-17 lead at the halffa lead whieh the Aggies were never quite able to overcome. The final eount gave SMU 45. A. S Nl. 40. Jarrett and Dawson go after a high one. ll x 1 WILSON tlftUl't1ll Pl-'fNNlNll'l'UN ,XILUIS THE CADETS got their second chance at the flwls a few days later. The game started like the first one. with Rice taking a commanding lead early in the game. However. ASM soon stopped the rout. and the tilt settled down to a nip and tuck afl'air. Rice was ahead lf?-lf! at the half. but the Aggies evened the count 22-all early in the third period. The lead changed hands several times during the next ten minutes. lvut the Uwls finally carrie out on top 50 to 46. Henderson made 17 points to lead the scoring. The Farmers had an off' night against the l.onghorns. and Texas won 42-22. The quick-breaking l,onghorns waited for sure shots. and they kept possession of the hall most of the evening. The second half belonged to the Steers. and the Farmers could never quite get going. Hull of Texas led the point-making with 19 while l.ang's 6 were good for Aggie honors. ASM cinched a second division lierth on March l when Baylor set them hack 53-39. The Cadets were unable to hold the liruins after the first five minutes. and each succeeding minute saw the Bears strengthen their victory. Texas took the season finals 53-Ro, The Steers assured themselves of third place in the Conference race with a fnarrage of' field goals. Playing in Gregory Gym. the Longhorns led 27-18 at the half. They piled up a larger lead as the game progressed. hut not until Bill Henderson showed his top form of the season lay accounting for 20 of' the ,-Xggie points to pace froth teams in scoring. Hemlerson drops one in lllnler ilijfirullfes "ling" lhmxxofz .worm with the Illitl of Drvrer and Hernlermlz 1. FRESHMAN BASKETB LL l !!T,,l,T ll THE l"Rl:ISHMlfN had a rather unsuccessful season. l They lost seven games and failed to win any of their encounters. Their first defeat was at the hands of Beaumont High School by the score of 34 to 26. The freshmen led ll to 8 at the half, but the Royal Purple sank 16 free throws in the next two periods to proxide the margin of victory. Un heh. 20 the 'Xllen :Xcademy Ramblers took a 39-31 tilt from the Fish in the home gyni. Robinson was high point man for the lfreshmen with six points. On Feb. 27 the Fish went to Austin to continue their losing streak by coming out on the short end of a 31-36 score. Jamie llawson, brother of Bill Dawson, snatched the rebounds all afternoon, but was unable to score. Even though the Nggie Fish had an unsuccessful season, valuable experience was gained. Freshmen receiv- ing numerals were: ,lamie Dawson, A. M. lfherle, T. S. Parker, J. tl. Robinson, ti. I.. Sterling, and D. L. Webb. The Freshmen were coached by Manning Smith. THE 1041 FRESHMAN SQLI-XD if '-Z ix F Q I E... A . P BI't.l'iK CECII THIS ACGIH TRACK Tli.-Xltl of 1910 livegan the season with holmes held in check lwecause Coach Dough Hollins had too little material with which to work: however. as the season wore on and the tracksters rounded into condition. Coach llollins quickly moulded a formidable team. Dough and 12 of the lmoys traveled to Laredo to compete in their first meet. the Border Ulympics. Against some ol' the strongest competition in the Southwest the Aggies were ahle to place in three events. Jude Smith was third and Holwnett was fourth in the javelin. Dreiss took fourth in the high hurdles. and l'lenderson finished strong to gain third place in the 330 yard run. North Texas Teachers' strong comlvination of track and held entrants came ont on top in the Border Olympics. The Aggies were not yet in their best condition. hut as the season progressed. remarkable improvement in the team as a whole was verified hy their records in other meets. THF l94tt X XRSITY SQUAD ' i ' ' ' X . - e wg ,f ' .1-J ss -L is ' Q JIS CON.-XTSER IYRICISS I-'IYIJQY III-I'NIlI-QltSHN THE EXPOSITION MEET in Fort Wvorth was next on the Aggie truck schedule. Although the Cadets were unalvle to score a Hrst in any event. 228-2 3 points were counted hy winning all-important seconds and thirds. llreiss placed second in the low and third in the high hurdles. with liucek a step lvehind in each event. Jude Smith. not yet in top form. was second in the javelin. and Henderson was second in the 8813. Henry placed third in the discus. Uther Aggies to score were McLean. Conatser. Finley. and Thomason. Results of the meet were as follows: Texas U. 5713. Oklahoma A. S M. 30. Texas A. Sz M. 23-Z2 3. The Aggies won their first meet of the season when they defeated San Marcos. Ahilene Christian College. and Sam Houston. From the very heginning. the meet developed into a give and take affair lvetween San Marcos and A. S M. However. near the end of the day. A. 84 M. took the lead to win hy' four points. Thomason easily outdistanced the Held to win the shot put. Dre-iss and Hucek finished first and second in the hurdles: Cecil. Dreiss. llucek. and Kissinger did some fancy baton passing to take the -M0 yard relay' from a fast combination from San Marcos. Jude Smith again exhihited his superiority in the javelin throw hy winning that event on his first try. Other Aggies to contribute points to the victory' were Conatser. Henderson. Finley. Wilmeth. Nye. Henry. Schiller. Hogan. and McLean. Final talley' of points gave A. X M. 61. San Marcos 57. A. C. C. 2-lflg. and Sam Houston 221 Burek frzixhrhs fast in the 220 yzml Inu' lizmllex . 1 '12- gl g E xg 5 . H -g . . 6 LXNHY Mlhfif THIS TEXAS LUNCll0RNS entertained the Aggies at Austin in their next meet. While A. 8 Nl. was ahle to gain several lirsts and numerous second places. the larger Texas squad ran up a hig score hy winning practically all of the thirrl and fourth places. Henderson ran an exceptionally line race to vvin the Hilti. Smith. with perfect form. won the javelin event and Thomason took lirst in the shot put. Secnnd places were won hy Dre-iss in the hurdles. Wilmeth in the tivo mile. Nye in the pole vault. and Cecil in the hruad jump. Nevertheless. Texas coasted easily to vvin H9 to A. K Mfs 33. Rice lnstitute and Howard Payne visited the campus and engaged the Aggies in a thrilling triangular meet. The three teams juggled the lead around most of the after- noon liwefore the Aggie superiority in the Held events decided the meet in their favor. A. X M. 75. Rice 53. and Howard Payne ell. 1 Nmiffz I nrferl tlrrnu' fur 103 ,feet - ,i 4 9 1 1 J. K names NYE SNIITII J. SNIITII WILMI- A. S: lVl. WON their most decisive meet of the year when they lvested S.Nl.U.. Baylor. and T.C.U. in Fort Worth. The entire team appeared at peak form as they scored points in every event. Hesults were: A. S M. 811. S.lNl.U. -13. Baylor 27. and T.C.U. 17. Rice. Texas. and A. X M. held their "Little Conference Meet" in Austin. The outcome of the meet is always anxiously watched hy track followers for the winner is very often Conference Champion. The Aggies got away to a fast start. but the larger squad of Texas and the versatility of Rice's Wvolcott proved too much for the Cadets. Although A. Sz M. gained points in almost every event. they were alwle to win only one Hrstg Jude Smith won the javelin throw as usual. Texas finished with points. Rice with 57. and A. St M. with 33-IAX3. The long awaited Conference meet was held in Austin. From the very beginning Texas showed its superiority in the track events. The Longhorns gained an early lead and held that lead throughout the afternoon. The Aggies placed in 12 events for a total of 201,Q points. Jude Smith tossed the javelin 198 feet for A. Sz Mfs only first place. Bama Smith won fourth place in both the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Dreiss took third in the low hurdles while Bucek took third in the high hurdles. Henderson was second in the 330. Cecil. Finley. Thomason. and Laney accounted for the remainder of the A. S1 lVl. points. Final totals of the 19-10 Conference meet gave Texas 62. Rice 39. S.M.U. 24. A. K M. 2015. Baylor 14-PQ. Arkansas 10. and T.C.U. 6. Beginning of Ilte 880 at 1176 Conferelzre flflcet A136163 THE 19-10 FRESIINIAN SQUAD FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD THE 1940 FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM made a fine showing in their three meets. This year, they are performing as capably for the varsity. Their training began in early February, but it was not until March 16, that they entered a meet. On that date they took part in the Freshman and Prep school division of the 3 gf,-f' Fort Worth Track and Exposition Meet. North Texas MX, Teachers won this division, but the Fish had a success- ful afternoon. On April 13 they met John Tarleton on the local track, and won the dual meet 83-31. Albert Ricks was high point man of the meet with 13 points-he won the pole vault and the broad jump. Mannt mmtv k both hurdle events, and Petty won the 440 and the 220 yard dashes. Other Fish who won events were F. Hucek in the discus, Meyer in the mile, Watkins in the high jump, ,laphet in the shot put, and Knight in the 100 yard dash. The Freshmen closed their season by taking second place in the "Little- tlonferenceu meet in Houston. The Texas Freshmen won the event with 551,Q points, but A. Sz M. and Rice followed them closely with 31 and SIJLQ respectively. Ricks won the pole vault with a leap of 12'6", and the high jump with 6'6". Bucek easily won the discus to end the Aggies' scoring in the field events for the afternoon. Fish adding to the Aggie total were Meyer, Mann, Knight, and Petty. 41 I6 5 QM SWIMMING t 1 F lfflll R frx4': Kllil., T,-XYLOR, M11Kl'1li, PUNTHIEUX, RI'fN.Xl'D. 42 1llP IVVIAN, SMITH. 1 B 111' lr R 1r:1': YFICVICNS, DAVIS. CUNXVAY, litlntllll AIIAMSIVY. 1.XI'lll'iT, IWWI-1I,t.I-I, lll'fNSl.l'iY. U if ACUTE SVVIMMINC TEAMS have won national recognition in the past few years. This year's team up- i held the record by winning four of the six meets in 7 which they participated. Their first opponent was the ty Kansas City Athletic Club which fell 47-28. Their ' first defeat was at the hands of the Dallas Athletic Club 39-35, but they came back the next week to hand the same team a 41-34 drubbing. The San Antonio Y.M.C.A. was defeated 37-29, and Oklahoma A. 8 M. was turned back 54-21 to end the string of Aggie victories. In a dual meet with the University of Texas, the Longhorns edged out a 49-44 win. The pool supremacy of Texas was seriously threatened in the conference meet. The Aggies won seven first places. R. H. Taylor won three firsts and broke two conference records, and Hensley broke one record. However, the strength of the Longhorns in the diving events enabled them to win the meet. Final results were: Texas 77, A. Sz M. 70, S.M.U. 28, Baylor 6, and T.C.L'. 2. The Aggies were represented hy Hensley, Davis, McKee, and Taylor in the nationals at Lansing, Michigan. The team will be hard hit by graduation. Captain Ponthieux, Hensley, Japhet, Stevens, Davis, and Reeves all graduate in June, l9-ll. Returning members are Conway, Dwelle, Goodman, Kiel, McKee, Renaud, Smith, and tlokinos. WATER POLO Lei! to riglzl: DAVIS, JAPHET, CONWAY, PONTHIIFIUX. RENAUI1, HENSLHY. Back Row: MLKEY, TAYLOR. COACH ADAMSON, STEPHENS, AND SMITH. WATER POLO has been steadily increasing in popularity in the last few years. This year the swimmers decided to concentrate on developing a formidable swimming team instead of stressing water polo, as had been done in past years. However, they won all of their three games. On Dec. 13 they thoroughly trounced the University of Texas team by the score of 19-2. Harold Hensley tied the record of "Iron-Man" Nagle of a few seasons back by accounting for eight of the Aggie tallies. The second game was played in Kansas City against the Kansas City Athletic Club. Hensley, Smith, Renaud, and Davis led the team in their 11 to 0 victory. Un Feb. 18 the water polo team closed their 19411 season by defeating the Dallas Athletic Club by the score of 9-1. Renaud made four goals to spark the attack. Members of the team are Captain Ponthieux, Hensley, Japhet, lVlcKey, Taylor, Conway, Renaud, Davis, Stephens, and Smith. The loss of Ponthieux and the rest of the seniors will be keenly felt next year, but Renaud and Conway will return to uphold the record set by former Aggie teams. 409 BOXING Q.. . HA, ,, f ..1.. V? t is THE BOXING CLL'B is composed of those Aggies who are interested in keeping themselves in top shape l X t tion. Although the Club is not recognized as the ollicial l l lt tx X XA through constant workouts and intramural competi- team of the College, the members have all worked hard to bring about an honest interest and enthusiasm among the student body for this sport. The club has been unable to send any men to tournaments or meets, hut hopes that in the future, hoxiifg will take its plaee as one of the competitive sports of the college. Major Fox of the Military Department is the sponsor of the club and deserves much credit for trying to gain for the club tht- recognition that it deserves. The ollieers of the Club are: Mason Jonas, Presiclentz Rex Blankenship, Yiee President: Gus Link, Secretary: and Bill Taylor, Treasurer. The other members of the club are: Billingsley, Blanton, Bog,-l, Boyd, Cain, Church, Combs, Cooper, Cunningham, Calewsky, Crilhn, Hamersly, Jones, Kerr, Mayer, Barnage, Reid, Schwarz, Smith, Strader, Vick, Vickery, Yanla. JIU POLO 75,4 F, L1 . A A . A X 1 A Lwf! In rtglil: LT. XX. lf. Mllilll, RALLX, KILL, M4.t.UV. -XX, Nl.-Xl.tlNl'.X. BR-HIP, MtIlUNAI.l'L ll-XHT, IIUMI-,X LR. MAJOR J. l'. 5'l'l-.Vl.fX!', THE A. 81 M. POLO TEAM is supported largely by the members of the team. They buy and own most of the mallets and equipment, and the remainder is bought by revenue gained from ladies' and ehildrenis riding classes, benefit shows, and small contributions from the Athletic Council. Most of the players are members of the Cavalry Regiment although polo is open to anyone. This year the team won most of their intercollegiate games by defeating Oklahoma Military Academy and Oklahoma Lv. among others. Major C. M. Burnett took the team to Mexico City during the Christmas holidays, but the fresher Mexican mounts proved too much for the Aggies and they lost the series. Major Burnett was transferred to Fort Riley on January 1, and Major J. F. Stevens took over his duties as Polo Coach. This spring the team made a seven day tour covering 1900 miles: they played such teams as Oklahoma ll., Oklahoma Military Academy, Shreveport, and Houston. A roster of the team includes N. C. McGowen and Clyde Raley at No. lg Carl Maloney, Dwight Barry, ,lack Buie, and Fred Homeyer at No. 2g Bill Braid and Lee Rice at No. 3g and Sid McDonald, Walter Hart, and Pete Muirhead at the No. 4 position. Only McDonald and Barry will be lost by graduation. 4lI CROQSS-COUNTRY '13, fy 5? ' 2- ' 'Q - . ,Q A , . T. ' "" 9-asm 'g,GBlES A WIl.Nlli'l'll ELNIUHIC MAYHH CLARK L.-XNEY THE LIRUSS-COVNTRY TEAM deserves the praise and plauclits of every Aggie. Although they were noserl out by Texas in conference competition, their will to win, and their gruelling hours of practice and training place them high in the annals of ASM long- clistance teams. Abilene Christian College defeated the Aggies in an early season meet but the team, lefl by Laney, eame back strong to rlefeat SMU on November 8. ln a pre-eonllerenee meet with Texas, the Aggies met with clefeat behind the flying heels of the l,onghorns. The result of the conference meet was as expeetetl with Texas easily Clinehing the coveted first award, ASM secontl, and SMU thirtl. lii0Hl'll Frank Anclerson, former Aggie traek Coach antl Comniantlant, admits that prospects for next year are exeeptionally gootl. Wilmeth, Laney, Clark, Elmore, and Mayer will be returning letlermen, ancl the freshmen will strengthen this quintet. 412 TUMBLI G Franz Row: PEDXGO. SEGAL. SUMAN. LUTZ, DERRICK, COUNTS. LECRAND. MERRITT. Buck Row: LAWS. PIERCE, STEPHENS, BASKIN, DAVIES, BURGESS, LAWERENCE, CLARK. GOHRMAN. THE TUMBLING TEAM provides excellent entertainment for the corps between the halves of the varsity basketball games. The only compensation the boys receive is in entertaining other people. They work hard throughout the year, and practice regularly to improve their routine. Several out of town perform- ances featured this year's activities. Straight tumbling, pyramid building, and trick acts are crowd pleasers, and clown acts are always good for a laugh. This year's team has given an excellent performance at every appearance. H. A. Derrick was team captain. Although tumbling is not recognized as a minor sport it is becoming more and more popular with cadetsg and every indication suggesls a bright future for the tumbling team at A. St M. 413 GOLF if J - .1- - Left to ngliz: R0ltliR'l'S, Rl'iNllN1Gl-QR. Kl-ILLPIY, XX.-XRNE, ll.-XUSIQR, WONIBI.I-L, HARRISON, RICHARDS, COACH ANDERSON. H -, THE GOLF TEAM, coached by Col. Frank Anderson, -I4-,,,:'f'TFTr4P l. is looking forward to one of the most successful A!!! A seasons in recent years. Although there are only two T lettermen returning from last year's team, the skill and enthusiasm shown by the boys in the try-outs indicates that the team will be a strong one. Some lx twenty boys have been working out in their off ' R -"f 4 afternoons, and Col. Anderson believes that from 4'r,.,'::-. J, this group can be selected a winning team to enter ,,-f the Conference meet in May. This year's team is made up of Captain Henry Hauser, Henry Richards, John Roberts, Bob Warne, Judson Womble, Andy Kelley, Tommy Harrison, and Robin Rominger. So far, the team has met strong Rice and Baylor teams, and has defeated each by a 4-2 score. They will have the remaining Conference teams to play, as well as matches with Texas Tech and Texas, Wesleyari College. Last year the team was defeated only by the University of Texas, and the boys are determined that this year's team shall come through unscathed. We are confident that they will succeed, and bring home the Southwest Conference championship. 414 FENCING THE FENCING TEAM has again shown itself to he one of the outstanding college teams in the Southwest. The interest in fencing is rapidly increasing, and the sport is gaining more recognition and popularity among the students and the faculty. The team is coached at the present time by Lt. C. C. Sory who replaced Captain Roberts at mid-term. In the conference meet of 1940 the A. 81 M. team won second place, losing only to a line Baylor team in the finals for team competition: Baird won individual sabre honors and Aliarman placed second in individual foils. In the Galveston Open Meet, Baird won second place in sabre and Rominger placed second in epee. The team this year is composed of T. H. AliZ'11'I'Ili1I1, captain: li. l.. Adcock, J. J. Bederman, NV. Chromaster, C. Coffey, l... B. Everett, D. E. Jackson, R. B. Jones, H. Kahn, ,l. C. Rominger, R. YV. Shaw, D. L. Stillenger, W. T. Swigert, J. M. Vivian, and J. K. Vlfells. 415 PISTOL FIRING i ll THIC PISTOL 'I'lifXM has fired against twenty-four of it the nationis best teams. Numbered among their pistol versity of Wisconsin, Iiniversity of Illinois, Liniversity of Santa Clara, and others. Their small list of defeats victories were wins over Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Uni- is headed by losses to Ii. S. Military Academy, Yir- ginia Military Institute, and Purdue Ivniversity. The team has hred two shoulder-to-shoulder matches this year. The hrst match was in Houston against leading teams of the Southwest in a match sponsored by Bayou Rifles, Inc. Un April 26 the Aggies fired against the State Highway Police Team. L. C. Kennemer finished his varsity eligibility last year and was able to compete in R.O.T.l1. matches only. C. A. Lewis, captain of the team, linished his eligibility this year with the hne season average of 280 300. Other members who will graduate are li. F. Shiels and W. L. Mayheld. The members of the team who will return for another year of competition are H. C. Wiarner, YV. D. lei. Jones, Bill Filgo, R. T. Cook, and T. K. Pierce. The Iflll-A12 pistol team will be strengthened by Cox, Beckly, and Mullins, three freshmen who have shown excellent promise. 416 RIFLE FIRING THE 1941 ACCIE RIFLE TE.-XM Bred weekly matches against the high-ranking college and university teams throughout the United States, and were usually winners. One of the highlights of a successful season was a shoulder-to-shoulder match against the T.S.C.W.rifle team at Denton. Irene Chamberlain fired I99 out of a possible 200 to give the girls a 981 to 979 victory. The presence of such competition among the feminine marksmen aroused a great deal of interest among the members of the Aggie team. The team was ably coached by Lt. Williams who was assisted hy Sergeant Richards. The team consists of the following men: Browder, C. D. Hill, J. R. Caperton, C. B. Holmes, H. C. Cook, B. Hunt, C. O. Crossland, J. H. Cunningham, E. C. DeVilhiss, C. Dixson, S. B. Filgo, Bill Harmon, C. H. Kaufman, R. Lewis, C. A. Mees, N. J. Richter, C. X Teal, W. H. Thenn, G. B. Eli N TENNIS t A J 1.tlM.lt bX1IlH.l,lXlN. PEXRLI4.. FAI I'I'.RStt'X. 4,UI,IDNX I-,I.I.. l.Il.l-S. 12ll.LETE. N14 I.-XRN. OXX EN. RRI-IZIPUHN. ENDS THE 1941 TENNIS TEAM, under the capable direc- tion of Coach Manning Smith, has prospects of being l the best net combination in late Aggie history. The re- turning lettermen were strengthened by several compe- ' tent freshman players. Led by Xavier Fernandez, the team has already defeated T. C. U., Texas Tech, and l Sam Houston State Teachers. The Frogs were turned back 4-2 at the local courts, but the Mustangs took a close 4-3 victory on the following weekend. The :Xggies won their next two matches from Texas Tech 6-1 and from Sam Houston -1-1. Civin, Fernandez, and Krezdorn went to Houston to play in the famed River Oaks tournament, and Civin FERNANDEZ'N"' 1 finished in the top 16 out of 100 entrants. The local crew has yet to play Rice, Baylor, and Texas before they compete in the Conference tournament. This year's team is composed of Captain Jimmie Giles, C. H. Civin, R. B. Pearce, Xavier Fernandez, Colbert Coldwell, H. C. Owen, Ralph Eads, Rob Mc1.arn, At Krezdorn, and R. B. Cillete. Ciles will be the only member lost to the team by graduation. 418 5 K X X Z6 xiii lx I TRAIVIURAL ATHLETIC Frou! Razr: HOKE, HOSKINS, WILLIAMS, VAN CLEVE, SMITH. KLEIN, WINDROW, BURN.-XXI, PENBERTHY, Bark Run-: ULSEN. N.-UQI.I-I, IIIIHBIEHT. WIIITE, TERHI-LLL. CI-IHRITY, NIEYI-QR. PONTHIEUX. LINDSAY. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for physical development and athletic entertainment is provided cadets by the schoolis extensive intramural athletic program. An average of 1500 games are played each school year, and the rivalry that exists hetween the separate military organizations gives rise to spirited competition. Freshman games are held separately from upperclass games: thus the Freshman can become familiar with the program while competing with hoys of their own class. The intramural machine is operated by Mr. W. L. Penberthy who has the respect and good will of every Aggie. Dewey Hoke, Spike White, and Art Adamson ably assist Mr. "Penny.,' All contests are refereed and directed hy student departmental managers. Senior depart- W. L. PENBERTHY mental managers for this year were, J. A. Williams, N. A. Ponthieux, and R. J. Windrow. The success of the entire intramural system is dependent upon the unit managers who supervise intramural activities in the various military organizations. The unit managers have done an excellent job this year and each manager deserves a great amount of credit for having done his job well. The entire corps owes Mr. Penberthy, and his regular and student assistants a vote of thanks for providing Aggies with organized competitive play. 420 12556 gW,,...,,. . , Xf i , 1 . Q. as CLASS A FOOTBALL Headquarters Troop Cavalry IXVIIVUHIIII. L. to R.: VUSS, NIORIN, l'LYlfR, SOI,ETHER HILL. PI-INNINCTON Smndirzg, L. In R.: KINIIANNON, S'l'IiVENS, CALLI HAM, MUIL, GIl.HU'l'll. RUSSELL, NIABK, LANG FORD. BLWIHEI. CLASS A BASKETBALI, Company A1 Infantry Islifif Rffzv: l,IOWI,ICY. MYERS. ICIJNILNSON. RALLOW, REN AUD Swmzrl Knut DENNIS, KISHH CLASS A HANDBALL Battery B Fielcl Artillery Firsz mzv: BENTINQIK. KENAGY. HOUSTON. SHEA, MARKS Sm-mzfl ruzu: MAHFR. STOKES, COOPER CLASS A RIFLE 3rd Heaflquarters Battery Field Artillery FITCH. DOWNS, TALBOT, TAYLOR. PATTERSON 421 CLASS A TENNIS Cmlmpany B CWS rx! Kult: Ilfwvli D XX IS. ,f Nwfmfl Rffu: XIENVXI-Qli. I-Il,I.I4VI"l'. LYNCH. NIORRI Sl PN. CLASS A CROSS COUNTRY Company F Engineers S4fIlEl'KlAlfK. .lOIiNSON. Nlwl..-XHN. LEWIS XI.-KN! IHESTER CLASS A-X WRESTLING Baltvry G Field Artillery Ulllll-IPI. 'l'I-INNISUN. lJL'HIl.-XXI. fXI.l,BI r-r iI'l"l'liN. B 'F .1 pg Q fi! K- , ' ' f V E I 9 gt W 4 'ft' F' P 'r X f w -. 1 X :z J ,v 3 1 ' 9 ' A' 0:3 W 1. ,ig I , il - 75 ll g- -f 491- vfx S S lax- - 4. 'V' --ni.."' ' .-,,..' :"' . CLASS A SPICICDBALL Company I" Engineers Fins! Knut ANDERSON. CR.-XW'I"0RD. .IUIINSON WRIGIIT. ALLIEN Sw,-mn! lfuuy' PERKINS. 'XI47I,AHN. GLAZENICR CLASS A BOXING E Coast Artillery DRAKE. JACOBS, I'IOI,ZI'IEAUSER CLASS A IVATER POLO Battery E Field Artillery Firsz Huw: HUDSON, DONNELL, WORTHINGTON, BIGCS. WHITE. Svc-Um! Rau-: TERRELL. WHEELER, LANDON, TAYLOR, GRIFFITH. 423 CLASS A HORSESHOES Battery C Coast Artillery REBER, SMITII, ABBOT, MELENCON, tVRElI.I.Y CILXSS :X S0l'lTBxXLL Q-l-Ol C Coast Artillery 'ini linux' lf.fXRl'EN'l'lCR. S'l'.-XNBERY, Ul'1llRlNtl. l5l'illNKlfN. lf5l'0SI'll0. 'l'll,l.lfRY. rf-nm! Rau-: KIPISI-I, 'l'HONIl'SON, BALL, AIICNNINCS, NL-KEMII-I. CLASS A SWIMMING f-UH E Fielcl Artillery HIGCS, WOR'l'HlN4lTUN, l':X'l'TEHSUN. CRIFFITH. RURNEY. lfl.:XSS B PING PONC Cornpany A CWS l'irx1 Ruta: .IUIKSUN l'li'l'ICRSON. WUNDERI.Il,IK S,-mln! Rnu-: Nl13.'XI,I.IS'l'ICR, MORRISON, SWOPE, IAFllil,D. 121 - if f"S CLASS B FOOTBALL Battery F Field Artillery Fin! Ruux' OATE5. PAULER, NAGLE, I,AflIBI'IRTII. ERP, YOUNGBLOOD. Sm-mul Ruw: JONES, KUIIN. POORE. PITRE, HAR- HINUTON. SELLARS. Third Row: SMITH. DIIPHEE. HARRIS. CORDEI.. HI,"I'f1HINS. Fow1,ER. CLASS B BASKETBALL Company K Infantry Pint Run-: 1lOOIIAl,I,. GRISSONI. WAIKER. ADAMS, DIUKIE. Swfnul Razr: ILIIIIAND, BLI'I'l,ER. CLASS B VOLLEYBALL Battery B Field Artillery Fin! Huw: NIFINTYRE. PHILI,II'S. LEBLANC, SHARPE. Svrurnl Ruux' YOUNG. NIAHSII, NIL-UII'INIEIlI,, AI,BER'll. CLASS B SWIMMING Battery H Coast Artillery First Raw: INGLISH, ROTHNIAN. MURPHY. LANSING. HONEA, POWELL. Second Row: BRAZELTON, VONSPRECKEN, LOVING 425 T t CL.-XSS H BOXING Battery E Coast Artillery BHOUSSARD. MlTI.lJliIi. fXlIiNEFlHII-I. GRAYFS, WASIWIVRN. CLASS B WYRESTLINU Battery I Fic-ltl Artillery CONNOR, CONNER. Bli4IRl,lCY, HADIEY, MOUSER. CIASS B WATER POLO N 1 Battery In Coast Artillery First Ruw: BOTH, SEIBFIL, MARX, CARTWRIGIIT, LAPHAM. Second Row: SIIILIVAN, I'0'I"l'ER, H.-KSNIUSSEN, KIRKPATHNIK. CLASS B CROSS COUNTRY Company I3 Engineers BALI., IIROSSIAND. BIBBS, HERB!-TR, BRUNER. -126 'Y CLASS B TENNIS H401 llaltery fl Fivlml Artillery ll.'Xlllil5ON. lll'l,l,. l'llflllflf. .lUNlf5. llll'l"lllill,l. CLASS B TR.-VIH f-lOl llaltvry l" Fivlfl Artillery Firm! lfl7ll'I :XNlTl'lH5ON. 'llH'XYl5. HONIQHH. .Nt'l'lIIlIl Rvzr: JOHNSON. NleKl,I,INK,5. NfU,l',l,. HAIHII JONSSON. CL.-XSS B Vl7xX'lllfR POLO fllll llatlery lf Field Artillery First Knut 'l'H.'XYIS. lfONCl'1R. Sw-Ur1fl Ruzr: ANDERSON. S'l'Al.l.INGS, N.-HJEIM BAIRD ,ll PNSSON. CLASS B HORSESHOES Hill Company F Engineers Firxl Row: PETER. YARBROUCH. ESNOND. LOWVRIE Sammi Rau-: TSCIHOEPE, ill-IANEY. HOUSEWRICHT 427 CLASS B SOFTBALL 4409 Company A Infantry First Rau-: HANBY, HENDERSON. RUISINCER. HOL MAN. Second Roux- MILLER, WEBSTER. KENARD. COBELL MILLER. CLASS B HANDBALL f40j Battery B Coast Artillery NETHERY, KING, LANCDALE. VOSKANIP, COX. CLASS B PING PONG mop Battery F Coast Artillery WILCOX, RONE, W'EED, EADS. 428 .3 Fr .. sf I E L 6R19w'W1'5?-1? Z' 1 fag A 5. J, w S. f 6 CUAST ARTILLER Y With the development of aircraft, long range guns, and speedy naval craft, many of our civilian and military lifelines have been brought nearer to war- time zones of action and have become vulnerable to enemy attack. The mis- sion of the Coast Artillery is to defend these vital' areas from hostile fire and observation. Along our seacoasts, their job is to protect harbors, ship channels, wharves, docks, and warehouses from aerial and sea attack. To accomplish this, the Coast Artillery has fixed and mobile guns as well as anti-aircraft units. Submarine mines are laid in likely avenues of approach and heavy guns extend the protected area even farther to sea. Horses, trucks, tractors, and railway cars are used to transport the mobile guns to the danger points. The heavier weapons range from 155 millimeter guns to huge 16-inch guns that are capable of hurling a 2300-pound projectile up to 25 miles. The harbors, as well as inland cities, railheads, airdromes, factories, communication lines, and troop concentrations must be protected from enemy aircraft. This work is done by specially trained and armed Coast Artillery units. Anti-aircraft batteries are equipped with 3-inch guns that have an effective vertical range of more than five miles, and can fire about thirty shots per minute. For low flying planes, .50 calibre machine guns and the new 37 mm gun U25 one pound projectiles per minutel are very effective weapons. During night raids, sound locators and searchlights of 800,000,000 candlepower are used. Training in these weapons and in Coast Artillery tactics were begun at Texas A. and M. in 1931. At that time there were only two batteries, A and B, consisting of about fifty-five men each. Today, there are eight batteries in the 850-man Coast Artillery Regiment. About seventy-five per cent of their training is in anti-aircraft work and twenty-five per cent in sea- coast defense. At the end of their third year, the Juniors of the regiment go to a six-week's training camp at Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas, where they receive practical training in the use of the various weapons. The excellent instruction and training that has been given to the seventy-five graduating Seniors of the Coast Artillery Regiment should make itself evident when these men go on active duty in June. .LJ J. V' A I-Wa.. - .xl A, Qi 5' ff ,, I 4 ,Q ' ...nf V hav- ,,.-J ,M fb fi? If f 'ig 1 I "i -at ' I T52 ,414 A A -' Q1 . 1.2,- L., . ,H 1- ,V FW .u ,wi , I 1 f 'Q , 4, 1 , . w u 5235, ,. " ' ' .ala 3 gig., 55,1 Wt!- M, U1 -'?j .ny-" -. I-1-V' M . - . ' ' 5531!-1 - Q i-vf1?:4" ' ' ' 1 f' ,J ' , X -7'17r' .' ' '-i'f"'f' ,f A 1, N Y y-Q, . .-f--5559: A , 1 ,..'-'W ' , - -- 1 .nsL'g','3-M., . ff- . gf,.v' l',,-H .av N' ' rw- . .dt IM," ' 1, Q , -If 4 K W X 1, as- J W Wm 4 J, CM fr' wggq. i Q. sw 115-1zaf.'. -' V :' 1 wi-12.-' .f Nj ,- . ,Wy 1 . fm., ,... m,,,,,..,..N..4W, 4. .,,f .xy ,-'-w.,f,1.fA+.- I fn ,,-- - JU R55 ff auigerswseig, 1 'ff ,,., uv: .H 4-V Wuxi I- H 'W fX,,.x 5 . an V 1 r x NN'-M 5 'fri Ei r. I .- A -.YI 1 ,hijwf 451153 -L: :Ln . - gan' ,Ugg-V sf-fag , Ni 3 P1 2 552' 1 .3 mx? .Q . .,,g:.3,, i , 2, ,,A:n,.: , ,555 we fvyxmfininidf, ..71.wZ: f fg-EEA ' ' YQ, E - :ii que' Q I N 'fic-, ' f r i Y .I I 'IFE .' WW-R. L9 A-Mr Q ' V ' P'fv-9ii:WTf?fn': A .fm , , - ',.. , . .N , , ,M 1 K N IZATIIIN S if 46 Scholarship Hon Q 4 '4A ii' J 'I Q' J ' 27: 71 F. A .L is s i rr IL 1 LA IL 4 . L. ,. I nib- W .5 'I "ii 5 .,,,. - Q 5- I TV' h iw -f .V 3 . .1 bi A E 2 L in ANIVI-IRSON, ANI 0, AI"Il'II.'I B-XLL BARKI-IR. BIICKI-IR, BINC, BI,0lhIlXX'0KTI'I. BOI-ZMI-IK. BKOLNI-IS. lil TI I-R IH RD I XKPPVTI-R L-K EH C A UN IIARK, CLAY F IX CRAWFORD, D.-XIII. 'I IHNI I DXNI IJIIIXIAN IU-KK INDNI-X lllk IJ BWSF ILKF I-lII1lI.S, ELLIUT1 4 ABRII-ll KI-'NIRH 4 IB IN II I IIIII- PIE IIII 1 IDI-N K-X H JH- l KUCHO Ixl- IIXINI- Il-XRDI-P II-XRI Il- IIAHDIN IIARRI H-KRT RAXI- IIII-I I-H HI-'NDI' H UN III-NDRII lx President ..... .... G alie D. Anderson Vice-President .... ..... K eith W. Dahl Secretary-Treasurer ..... George C. Taylor SICNIORS Anderson. G. D. Appelt. L. L. Ball. K. E. Becker. W. A. Be r1r1 ett. Ralph Bloodworth. .l. C. Bronnes. Pincus Butler. E. H. Casey. J. M. Cason. L. NT. Lox. L. H. Dahl. K. W. Davis. L. L. Davis. T. C. Dedman. W. W. Elliot. B. H. Gentry. L. J. Gillespie. H. W. Haines. P. G. Hardin. G. C. Harris. J. M. Harris. T. D. Hartgraves. R. B. Helford. Max Henderson. R. Hill. T. D. Humphrey. J. R. Hutchins. B. S. Issac. C. V. Kirby. IVI. M. Lewis. G. R. McAlexander. D. J. lVlcCrary. J. M. lVlcElwrath. D. W. Martin. S. P. lVlontgomery. VV. J. Parker. C. E. Per erso n, R. L. Poage. J. D. Post. J. J. Puckett. J. R. Rominger. J. C. Sanders, O. M. Shanzer. H. Summer. C. C. Taylor. G. C. Turner. IVI. H. Walker. J. J. Wolfe, P. J. -- e ,L . '1w "' ,. ,I . 1 L- I . A I . , H 'Y in Wm , I 'T "H" . .' +L" A .gr 6 . gg ., S 5 pa an 3' ' v v A T V L h 1 W . i 4 . I, I if A A A Y " -wa' Q :rp ,"1 . If . ,:'.: at 9 a -. 5 I Aa " .2 3 'Q Q. .V,, . a Qf,.' A ,. . . .. A . l Y -Q,. is If ' 53: ., A T . - P A I.. A. wx . , Q. Q an HILL. HOLLIDAY, IIUTCIIINS. KING, KIRBY, LANDUA, LAMBERSON, LEWIS, LOVING, MCCRARY. MuELWRA'I'II, MARTIN, MILLER. MONTGOMERY, NANCE, NELSON, PARKER, PEARCE. PETERSON. POST. PUCKETT. REYNOLDS. ROSENTIIAL, SIMPSON, SISSON, SKIITHAM, STEVI-INSON, SIIMNER. SWAIN, TALBOT. C. TAYLOR. I. TAYLOR, TERRELL. THEDFURD, THURMAN, TUMASO, TONKIN, TURNER, WALKER, WI-IHNER. WHEELER, WHITE, WILLIAMS, ECKERT. FAGIN, MQALEXANUER. .IUNIORS Ando. T. Autry, J. W. Barker, I. Bing. R. Carpenter. J. M Chang. H. T. Clark. W. K. Crawford. R. S. Doak. R. A. Domaschk. W. C. Echols. D. D. Gabriel. G. D. Gibson. I. W'. Gillis. T. S. Golden. J. E. Helley. J. M. Hendricks. D. N. Holliday, J. M. Kenny. R. D. King. G. R. Landua. A. J. Leonard. T. VII. Miller. M. A. Nelson. E. H. Pearce. R. B. Robinson, J. Rosenthal. E. M. Sissom. A. VV. Smitliam. F. A. Sprinkle. C. C. Swain, W. C. Swanson. R. H. Taylor. J. R. Terrell. K. V. Tomaso. L. White. R. R. Wvilliax IIS. P. T. Wilmetll. E. D. Yezalc. M. R. if " Z? g 5 7. 1 M13 1 ,rw ,lj frm. , .' .":1,y:i41q1.,'g .Y, N U' 'ICF 7214"-1: -'Z-Z4.f'1,.'7f 12,11 W 1 1 IIICI' 0018 wif! U t 1 9 , 1..'f'..QE1-i., ' " Q," 1 L' - fiffzii .p x 1 . ,E-.57 ,NH X Y Y 1 v ,T Ml L,-'36 gil 1 1,-, ,Vw-,.: ... ii in A ... A 1- . 1. . ' . 1 ' ,e L 1 1.,' 1 if I 'll for ' L 'Y: - , .. A L . Y 4. -:' V ..' . I . Q ' .'. ' if.: ' . in .,,, f A , if . J ii L 1. L A is Y .L 1 fl L , 1. Q wig ,xg r Q P Q E H ' s Q N Q if ,if 339 , ' I A A 3 . 5 I , 5 53 x ' A L 1 T Viv Q' L W J L- ll Q L 1 . .1. A 1 A . Q. 5. " . Q ' ig. 9' 1 .7 ' .5i,, f b -'.-. I f, Alvhotl, Anlmunlb- . A111111-ws, Appil B-1ll B B l B l Bvyrlf-, Boldmg. Ballin, Bralchr-r, Brown, Bullard, Burnam, B11 . C ylcll, Cas y fh ll C l Ll k Fl y l llins. Cn-ws, Dahl, Davis, Demlnmn, Dinwiddie, 1 1 Ell 1 1 Il 1 11 1 1 11 ll ll 1 1, H 1 Hgh II 1 President ..... ..... J ohn J. Wlalker Vice-President .... .J. B. Nalley, Jr. Secretary ..... .... E . R. Clark Treasurer. .... H. M. Rollins Abbott. R. H. Allen, Wi. B. Amundsen. E. G. Andrews. D. K. Appent. L. L. Baggaley. B. W. Bailey. J. W. Ball. John Barron. T. Wh Barron. J. B. Beard. L. F. Beeler. G. B. Bennie. Wi. C. Benson. W. B. Ber11ard. B. L. Berry. E. W. Beyrle, C. W. Bianchi. D. C. Bigvs W P D Bledsoe. J. V. Bolding. A. P. Booe. E. L. Bolling. T. J. Boxer. Jack Bradshaw. T. E. Branam. B. O. Bratcher. D. H. Brentzel. B. Brooks. F. Brown. C. Wi. Brown, J. N. Bullard. A. L. Burnam. T. J. Burndrett, W. E. Burton. C. C. Burton. J. E. Button. J. B. Campbell. D. F.. Campbell. J. G. Campbell. B. S. Casey, J. M. Childress. K. H Citzler. A. M. Clark. E. B. Clarke, J. B. Clay, J. A. Clements. B. B. Cocke, B. W. Collins. WV. A. Cook. B. Cornell, W. C. Coward. B. A. Cox. .L T. Cox. L. L. Crews, S. T. Curd. P. B. Dahl. K. W. Davis. L. W. DeArmond, G. W Dedman, Wi. W . Dew. J. K. Dinwiddie, Wi. T. Downs. A. S. Dreibelbis, L. Dreiss, W7. F. Dunnam, Pete Durham, B. P. Egner, J. C. Elliott, R. E. Ellis. L. C. Eubank. H. A. Everett, L. B. Fenner. S. F. Foster. J. C. Franklin. B. C. Frost, W. E. Gibbs. J. W. Glaser, L. T. Grey, B. B. Gwin, G. G. Hall, C. Hall, H. H. Hall, J. W. Hagood, T. M. Hanrahan, W. E -' is I-4 . .,. ,, . . 5. -5 , 5. -.'tH'frl.yiQ " if Q 1-.. 1 i""""'1 ,ll , I ' V ks 1 . TPWR X ff rf 0 X , ,L i . 1x B, el YC 1 l 5 f. r gl , W 'a A PM if W f .H . ,X K ' . . x A W3 K was . l s , l . 2 sf 11 Q W bi .L-A n. ' I 'tc ' Y ','T'?Q? ' - 9 4' 'G' Q r . - if-he is i S A S 1 J pzgvfai .X .axe 35,- x2'f?rG-- . page ..- ...is ,.f..5:2Qf!"Q22 Johnson, Keith. Lilly, Martin. J.: Mart . S.: Mills. M' on-k, Morgan. Mylius. Null:-y. Nnssznner, N1-wlny, Norton, Parker, Pennehaker, Petithls. Potts, Pratt. Pridmore, P ' -, Ransom, Rollins, Sanlmrn, Sami'-r., Svhnrhnrl. S.-ntl. Skagg., Smith 9 yi R ll Stanley, l g S Trotter, Walker, F W lkcr. I.: Well W gnall, Williams, Winn, wi h Harris. J. E. Kopit, J. E. Murphy. P. L. Ramsel. C. A. Taylor, T. D. Havlik, M. D. Krogstag. S. Musher. WY. L. Ransom, W. A. Tinsley, J. F.. Heaton, L. Wl. Hendon, W. L.. Jr Hendricks. D. N. Henry, P. C. Hensley, H. S. Hill, W. F. Holliday. J. M. Holmes. L. R. Holt. J. Hosek. J. J.. Jr. Huffhines. W. E. Hughston, J. A. Hutchins. B. S. Hynds. C. L. John. J. WY. Johnson. L. H. Jones, J. P. Jones, O. D. Jordan, G. R. Jorns, J. Wv. Keith, B. G. King, T. S. LaFleur, C. C. Landrum. H. B. Larry, L. A. Law, E. B. Lea. A. L. Lilly. C. A.. Jr. Little. R. B. Littlepage. T. H. Loomis. R. C. Marek. A. L. Mathis. H. F. Martin, H. M.. Jr. Martin. J. E. Martin, S. S. McCall, M. W. McCuller. F. M. Milburn. C. V. Mills, V. E. Minnock. J. F. Moncada. D. G. Moore, L. Morgan, T. H. Murray, J. C. Mushaway. Cv. L. Mylius. M. F. Nalley, J. R. Nanclricks. D., Jr. Nassauer. G.. Jr. Nelson. T. M. Newby, H. L. Norton. C. P. Olbrich. R. Wv. Olney. F. G. Oradat. F. R., Jr. Owen. T. H. Parker. R. WY. Pamplin. T. Pennebaker. J. M. Pemirfils. A. F. Poland, R. L. Potts. P. S. Prather. J. L. Pratt, J. WJ.. Jr. Price. M. W'. Pridmore. J. A. Provost. F. E. Rogers. J. F. Rollins. H. M. Sanborn. F. D. Sanclers. C. H.. J Sclluchart. 0. W' Scott. C. Wv. Shave. L. W. Shirley. WY. L. Simpson. WY. W1 Skaggs. H. F. Skidmore. H. G. Slicker. J. A. Smith, S. N. Smith. S. N., Jr. Smither. J. M. Snyder. N. H.. Jr Sorelle. A. C.. Jr. Spraggins. N. F. Staley. S. S. Stanley. E. C. Sterling. E. A. Suman. R. H. Swanson. R. H. Tolancl. C. J. Townsend. G. P. Trotter. G. P. Tucker. li. L. Yanderweicle. J. J. Walfer. C. J. Walker. F. Jr. Walker. J. J. Walter, L. H.. Jr. Walvoord. J. G. Wveaver. 0. M. Wells. J. D. Weyclell. A. T. Wvignall. P. R. Williams. G. WJ. Williams. T. S. Wilson. J. L. Wvinn. WJ. S. Wvithrow. A. S. Wolf. R. B. Wvortliington. C. T. Younie. G. C. 437 J r. Anlericanllv Adams. G. B. Appleby. A. Banks VV. C. Barron. H. T. Baumgarten. A. Hernkrant. A. liernkrant. L. Bogen. S. Borer. M. H. Burris. M. M. Carter. R. W. Carver. H. E. Castlelnerry. M. Cnrls. K. M. llemke. D. D. Einliorn. R. Faust. H. li. Franklin. T. E. M. W. President ....... .... W 7. C. Banks Vice President .... .... R . C. Garrett Secretary-Treasurer ..... C. V. Isaac SENIORS Garrett. R. C. Greenlee. H. Gutknecht. A. J. Horne. C. F. Higins. J. D. Ingram. H. E. Inman. M. L. Kirby. T. C. Kirkllam. YV. WV. Larson. K. E. Larsen. VV. W. Levy. G. Linn. A. Lopp. H. F. Marcia. A. F. Mark. I. C. Mash. N. Millar. J. T. Nickerson. W. J. Pessin. S. Porter, VV. N. Radeleff. R. D. Romo. R. R. Saunders. J. R. Schmidt. H. A. Schmidt. H. .l. Simels, N. C. Sova. P. P. Stalheim. 0. Stallworth. G. D Tomayko. V. Tucker. B. B. Walker. J. VV. Wlatkins. R. R. Zahn. C. JUNIORS Bennett, R. W. Bertetta, G. P. Boney, W. A. Caldwell, F. H. Caraway, R. B. Fishman, A. D. Foshee, R. J. Crennan, T. J. Henry, P. R. Herrera, L. B. Hobart, E. S. Isaac, C. V. Kessler, S. M. Kreuz, S. S. Leathers, R. B. Lepon, E. L. Lutz, H. H. McBride. Martin McCoy, W. J. McDonald, S. M. McKinney, H. R. Merritt, W. W. Michaels, V. W. Miller, A. A. Mohr, C. A. Moughon, B. C. Norton, R. R. Ota, M. Paley, K. J. Regenbogen. M. Roberts, M. P. Sall, I. E. Sanders, O. M. Shanzer, H. Wilcoxon, J. D. Wolfe. J. W. SOPHOMORES Belcher, W. A. Bornstein, S. F. Cartrite, H. T. Coffey, T. H. Crayton, R. B. Croppen. C. A. Culpepper, A. R. Dickman, H. W. Dwelle, E. D. Ewald, P. J. Glenn, D. M. Crimes, C. M. Grossman, W. Haight, R. H. Hargis, C. Hauser. W. E. Hayden, J. C. Hensler, H. L. Hoffer, S. H. Holmes, H. D. Hill, J. S. James. H. P. Jameson, H. E. Jones. C. K. Lapham, R. F. Maier, E. Marcello, C. J. Martin, Cv. A. Masy, R. D. Morgan, C. 0. Mynett, V. S. Ommert, W. D. Parker, Cv. W. Patterson, R. C. Pivkard, A. M. Pinkerton, J. T. Pugatch, N. Ras, Ted Saunders, D. H. Svhwartz, C. L. Svliwarzenhach, Svhweda. J. C. Smothers, D. D. Sparkman, C. M. Stevens, E. H. Stocking, R. A. Tennison, L. B. Thomas. J. H. Thompson, O. F. Tierre, M. L. Tubbs. C. Zellers, E. G. FRESHMEN Anderson. A. A. Bailey, E. C. Baker, J. W. Ballard, D. C. Baronti, A. C. Beckley, D. E. Case, J. N. Casey, W. M. Clayton, P. A. Clark, A. J. Cline, D. T. Crutcher, M. L. Dobson. George Dowell, P. H. Cray. Javk Holbrook, L. C. Jenkins, W. D. Kelber, W. J. Madin, S. H. Magrane. H. J. Phillips. W. A. Raley, A. C. Rouse, H. D. Schofield, G. C. Smith, A. W. Stallings. E. P. Toro, E. E. Tower, J. H. Wlinters, R. W. Poultry Solence Club P C C M , plu g- 'ff lf fi P ., r Q3 3 'lg ll I' it P S. President ....... .... l' '. C. Price Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... D . D. Demke Vice-Presillent .... .... ll 'l. A. Ellis Reporter .......... .... J . VV. Vllilkerson EX-llll Club President ....... . . .Graham Purcell Secretary-Treasurer .... ..... I . B. Tate Vice-President .... ..... N . B. Yarling Reporter ..................... Cordon Grote P C1 v-v1-1v-v-q--.n....,,,,.,...---.,......,.,.,,.71,v.--- --., ,, , . President .... .... M . K. Rethke Secretary-Treasurer .... D. C. Thurman Publicity ...... .... S elig Frank Social Secretary .... ..... J . C. Barton STUDENT MEMBERS Barton, J. C. Clark. W. K. Jackson. E. W. Rush. W. A. Batte, Edward Cowan, J. W. Kirk. S. Thurman. D. C. Bowman. R. J. Frank. Selig Peterson. R. L. Whitehead. W. G Caress. Elmer Rethke. M. K. FACULTY AND GRADUATE MEMBERS Bilsing, S. W. Eads, R. B. Martin. D. F. Dean, H. A. Cillaspy, J. E. Price. M. A. Little, V. A. Economies Club Anderson. W. R. Angell. Davis Banks. E. C. Brimlierry. VV. 0. Britain. D. Vli. Brounes. Pincus Colgin. J. R. Dodge. J. A. Dolan. .l. T. Edwards. K. J. Freeland. R. L. French. C. D. I President ...... ....... P aul R. Lowry Vice-President ..... ..... G ilbert H. Michalk Secretary-Treasurer .... Jordan B. Wolf Publicity Manager ..... Tom S. Gillis Gabriel. C. D. Gillis. T. S. Haggard. C. R. Hall. M. E. Harrison. T. R. Henderson. Randall Houston. I. T. Howell. C. A. Kascll. A. F. King. J. L. Kulhanek. R. ,l. Lain. T. E. Leary. F. E. Lowry. P. R. McGraw. W. D. McNeil. R. L. Mead. L. H. Michalk. C. H. Norwood. A. J. Owens. ,l. B. Parker. R. G. Pearson. M. M. Richardson. ,l. E. Roberts. A. W. Roberts. Roy Rominger. J. C. Rominger. R. L. Rudd. B. l. Sandifer, J. L. Schmidt. E. C. Scruggs. J. W. Simmon. J. F. Skaggs. R. E. Thompson. Maurice Thompson. M. I Wakefield. L. A. Wolf. J. B. Wolman. C. A. - -- . if .W-..-,.....-f.,..,, Instituteifiof Electrical Engineers Balk. F. E. Ball. K. E. Bannister. Wy. Benish. Joe Beyer. D. A. Bird. F. S. Brown. C. W. Brown. G. W. Bruce. A. D. Bryant. J. H. Burns. L. L. Carpenter, VV. Corlett, R. H. Cowgill. R. M. Cupples. J. J. Davis. J. R. Denton. J. G. President .... ...... T . E. Duce Secretary .... .... J immie Cupples Reporter. . . ...... Earl Shields Sponsor. ..... N. F. Rode Dorroh. G. B. Duce. T. E. Ebensberger. A. C. Eberspacher. L. H Eckert. R. F. Garrett. T. M. Gibson. R. B. Granfors. W. H. Grasshoff, L. H. Gill. H. WT. Haltom, C. Wv. Hammett. H. H. Hardie, B. Hartman, F.. C. Hernandez, H. A. Herrington, H. C. Hoff, R. S. Homan. C. C. lppolito. L. Jacobs, G. W. Jones. A. T. Kline. V. A. Koboyashi, T. Lewis. YV. A. Littlefield. R. McCreary. VV. P. Marnoch. G. Wv. Martin. 0. M. Mathis. H. F. Miller. A. B. Miller, M. A. Nicholas. F. K. Noyes. G. W. Oliver, Wv. M. Pearson. C. W Persohn. J. WT. Powell. L. L. Roddy. D. F. Schram. A. J. Shaw. C. E. Shelton. J. H. Snow. .l. H. Streater, L. C. Sumner. G. C. Wheeler. E. B. Wie-ting. .l. H. Williams. C. S Williams. J. W Winsor. J. K. Wofford, K. A. Wofford, VV. T Accountm oclety "'-"swf" H' . ni-'.:. Q gi. 3 .n13ig,.,',?r Wqgrrr !f'Gl.:'I:' , . , V. . ..,. 5 0 O :SQA 4- if 4 -1 'sf .9 .. S ujq :Jil . i Ya , . - Q .,- . ' Ta. V-.2 7 . .M . . . .ir . ,. rg, 3, r A 1 . . :.4i."' - , ., ...,.,,.i..,.i. .'x4lllIllH, B. J. Atkins, J. M. Allvn, A. ,l. AI'lN1'0, M. lfashain, lf. ll. lll'2iI'1lt'll. H. Lf. lluy1l,l'.. l'.. Rl'1lllllf'F, ll. Burney, H. I.. liilIllr'l'0ll, ll. 5. lfurnlwf-ll. ll. Nl lf liurslvn, W. Il. :1rrnll,l'.lXl. fillrelil'-. .I. W. lfuss, lf. f f. lflurk, 4 f. ,l. fllurk, ll. Nl. lflurv, XY. l.. lfurtvr. .l. lf, lfzisl1y..l.XY. 1. Unk. K. W. CDH-lllllll. .l. IC. lIrz1in,Vl'. f.llI'l.ilH, lt. lx. lJt'IllllllHl1lIl,.l, I llnnvain, C. l'.1lwa1i'alH. lf. .l. President ....... Vice President.. .... Secretary-Treasurer. . . Ellis, O. N. lfield, F. Fivlnls, W. Fislwr, L. Wh Flvt4'lwr, B. M. llnlwif-1.11. D. lli'e'e'1', ff. lf. nllls, l.5. llilrf-zltl1,J.P. flulrlvll, li.. flninn. H. N. l'l1llHlll'lf'l'i. ,l. H lla1'ris,J. M. llc-nrlq-rsnn, ,l. H lliwkq-y. H. ft. ll4ll'lll'. 'r. xl. llvitkuiiip, H. l.. llornuk. Y. .l. llnflgf-. XY. S, llm1Qtmi,l.'l'. llighf-S. H. I.. llull.1f.W'. lluln-rt. ll. K. lnniun. Pi. lf. .lviT1'1'y'. VV. Nl. Kixnlmll, S. 41. Kirliy. Nl. Nl. .. . .George Taylor E. L. Wellrler . . . .R. L. Rominger Lalley, V. Lenily, F. L. Levine, P. W. Lewis, C. A. Lewis. M. Long. R. K. Klassie, J. V1 Male-r, C. C. Magee. H. W2 Marks, E. S. NlLll'Sllilll. J. M. M1'Kv1i1ie-. E. B. Nl1'Kvf-. H. VV. Mille-r. E. S. Mudd. J. F. Neill. D. VV. Norwoml. A. J. Novusod. N. N. 0'tIoinier. J. D. Orr, D. B. Owens, .l. B. l'urke'r. B. J. Pendletnn. H. Phillips. R. F. l'ukPr, K. N. Rainey, H. Hahn. l.. VV. R0n1inger,J. C. Sanders, S. O. Schulze, W. C, Shurleff, H. Simon, J. M. Simpson. W. M. Smith. John W. Snow. R. W. Spevia, B. Staudt, W. C. Swngel. L. H. Stevenson, R. I.. Strauss. F. J. Stnlmlms, V. B. Sninner, Fred W 'l'z1yl0r.J. E. Tuys. H. O. 'llll0lll3S. VV. C. Yenner. J. P. Walkvr, B. F. Vlrrnly. W1 R. Yvvsthrook. L. .l. Willa. J. L. Wlilliams, T. R. Willi'i6l1, L. H. Wolf, J. B. Vllylie. Arch Youngee. E.. B. Mill. L. J. 'H fT"f'?'xK. 'if "f-N' 'Al W P' .5 maimhsinmmplm TZ..-L... Atkins, L. C. Bains. L. G. Baird, O. B. Bell. R. L. Bennett. B. H. Berry, T. N. Blanton, L. T. Brandes, L. E. Byrd, W. W. Campbell, L. B. Cason, L. W. Clutter, J. P. Coffman, F. B. Connor, C. H. Cowling, A. Cure, R. L. President . .... . Vice-President .... Secretary ..... Treasurer. Reporter .... Parliamentarian Sponsor .... . . . . .Fred L. Rennels . . . .John F. MeAnelly ......James C. Yeary .. . . .Jim L. Kuykendall . . . .Tom L. Marshall . . . .Harold M. Prater ...Mr. E. R. Alexander Dooley. J. C. Edmondson. H. R. Faubion. F. F. Gibson, I. VV. Goodson, H. N. Harris. A. L. Harris. E. R. Horton, D. T. Johnson, C. H. Kennedy. F. E. Kimbrough. I. T. Kuykendall, J. L. Landers, H. Lown, F. D. Marshall, T. L. Meek, R. L. Morton. R. L. Myatt. H. F. McAnelly. J. E. McCaleb. J. E. McCorkle. H. P. Nance, J. A. Nelson. J. W. Nic. P. S. Patterson. 0. L. Poindexter, D. C. Prater, H. M. Proctor, C. VV. Range, I. N. Rennels, F. L. Reyes, A. V. Roan. J. J. Sargent. C. H. Shaddix. L. Smith. C. P. Smith. F. F. Smith. N. A. Stanley. H. C. Stewart, E. Y. Thomas. E. R. Wheatley. R. G. White, S. L. Wilkerson, J. VV. Wilkinsoil, M. Wommack, M. R Wood. C. F. Yeary. J. C. Horticulture SOC16ty A3 Y at Btn. , ,Q :as ,,, ,are :-- President .......... ..... F. dgar L. Pewilt Secretary .... ....... F elix E. Scott Vice-President ...... . . .Herman F. Jenkins Reporter. . .... WY. M. Robertson Society of American Military Engineers President ............. Cecil F. De Vilbiss Treasurer ......... .......... P aul Wvriglit First Vice-President ....... Leslie L. Appelt Secretary .... .... I ames F. Stephenson Second Vice-President .... W. C. Stearman -1113 Ilidiiistriiiail Education Club er' u- 1 7 I , C f if - X. President ...... .... J . J. Freeman Vice-President .... .... E . H. Bridge Secretary-Treasurer .... H. M. Jennings Reporter ..... ..... H . A. Stroeble Baker. L. M. Bridge. E. H. Castleberry. C. W. Chapoton. Tom. Jr. Conlee. J. D. Crawford. C. W. Dalrymple. R. L. Edwards, F. M. Filgo. B. M. Ca rdner. W. C. Claziener. E. Griffin. J. S. R. Hebisen. E. E. McCra ry. J. C. Huff- 110- McLuty. E. C. Keelan. L. F. Nye A R Kennemer. L. C. Q V Ogdee. C. J. Ixral. B. F. ' MCAuley, WY. J. Price' J' A' Pritchett, O. D. Richardson. C. R. Siptak. B. C. Soto. M. A. Spencer. J. D. Stark. L. E. Stewart. T. B. Thomas. E. F. Thomas. E. W. Wvatera Robert Vi'illiams, E. L. ex N. -v I -.,.,l Shipley. J. I? ff ' L . ig . Collegiiare. P WMJQ: 4'----1 "ijt-3 QQAV31 As, Pi . . , ' qv in , A V 1 "il l .0 I 1... Anlurns, Ma.-k Anderwald. F. R. Bains, L. I.. Baker, C. K. Ballow, C. B. Beasley. 1 l. P. Benson, T. H. Berry, C. N. Berry, T. N. Bing. Roland Blanton. I.. T. Blume, W. I.. Boeek, G. lf. Boyd. A. F. Brandes. I.. E. Brown. J. C. Brumbelow. J. W. I Iamphell. I.. B. Cardwell, VV., Jr. Carpenter, Max Carson, L. WI. Cass, Bill Clutter, J. P. Clyburn, Lloyd Coffman, F. C. Conner, C. H. Cook. Bill Cowling. A., Jr. We 4. ,V QQVAEQVRV I'resident ...... Vice-President .... Secretary ...... Treasurer. . . Reporter ...... Farliarnentarian .... Watch Dog .... Historian ..... News Wiriter. . . Adviser ..... Lillllllilf. Ii. M. Cure. R. L. Cox, Wesley Davis. E. I.. Dollar. Fr:-d Dooley, J. ll. Dudley, B. 5. Evans. J. D. Fauhion. .lavk Calloway. R. R. Carlitz. H. E. Cilison, J. WI. Giesenschlag. A. I.. Coodson. H. M. Grisham. WI. WL Grote, A. R. Grounds. I. F. Harris, A. I.. Harris, E. R. Herrington. M. E. Holder, I.. D. Holt, O. M. Hooton. G. T. Horton, D. T. Jennings, Jae-k Johnson, Y. B. Jones. B. I.. Keath, J. H. Kennedy. F. E. Kerr, Teddy Key. 5. C. Kiel. J. P. Kiker, N. R. Kimbrough, I. T. Kimbrough. T. B. Kuykendall. I. D. Kuykendall. .I. L. Lacey. Albert Lacey, A. T. Landers, H. Longbotham. W. M Lown, F. D. Lyneh. H. H. MeAnelly. T. E. McCaslin. J. W. McCorkle, H. P. Mt'Cullough, VV. E. Marshall, T. L. Martin, C. D. Meek. R. L. Medford, W. E. Miller, W. F. Morton. R. L. Myatt. H. F. Q :sity ' A 1 'S fi fi Roland Bing . . .Max Carpenter . . . .Buddy Wvhite .........Bill Cook ........Jaek Jennings . . . .Jerone Pustejovsky ........Roy Bucek . . . . .George Roberts ..........DiekGrote ....Mr. J. M. Orchard Nanee, O. A. Neeley, H. C. Neeley. W. Nelson, J. W. Nix, P. S. Norris, H. W1 Novosad, A. C. 0'Keefe, F. T. Parker, R. L. Parsons, Perry Patterson, C. I.. Poindexter. D. C. Prater, H. M. Procter. C. I.. Pustejovsky. J. J. Range, I. W. Reeves. L. W. Rennels, F. I.. Reyes, A. V. Reinhardt. O. Riggins, J. T. Roddy, L. O. Roundtree. B. J. Routh. J. M. Schrank, R. A. Sears, F. Shaddix. K. L. Smith, W. A. Sparks, J. H. Stanford. W. T. Stanley, H. C. Steward, J. H. Stewart, C. C. Stone. A. B. Tate. R. L. Thomas, A. C. Thomas, R. B. Tyson, John Turner, T. N. Ward, W. Webber, L. L. Weir, A. B. Wetsel. W. B. Wheatley, Bob Whitfill, R. R. White, Buddy White, S. L. Wilkerson, J. C. Williams, G., Jr. Wise, C. W. Wommack, M. R Wood, C. F. Yater, J. M. Yeary, J. C. W 5 ' . .X 1.'l'.'l' ' -fm. ,haf H 55 'sp . "ri aim, .. , . . -f- V-Y--vv-wa--W ---- .v.f-f- 4 Fish and Game Club Alexander. H. Bolton. B. F. Borgfield. H. O.. Buck. D. H. Coleman. H. S. Cox. M. L. Curl. P. Davis, L. L. DeArment. R. D. Delaney, W. Durell, I. President ...... Vice-Presitlent. . . Secretary-Treasure: Reporters. . Faculty Advisor lirluncl. O. ,l. Halloran. A. F Hoyl. B. Hubbard. D. H. Hudson. C. Knapp. P. W. Ludeman. B. F. Lummus. L. H. lVlCRoberts. N. H. Mann. L. Mauldin. J. D. ......Cilbert R. Triesch H. 1 Naylor. 1. O, Randolph Peterson . . . . .llieliairtl ll. lJeArment ........loe 0. Naylor l. Borgfieltl. lr. . . . .ll1'. WV. B. Davis Dr. W. P. Taylor Dr. K. Bonham Patterson. E. l". Peterson, R. L. Ramsey. R. R. Reid. C. W. Ribeiro. A. Y. Robertson. J. L Ryan. C. O. Schwinn. D. Scull. C. E. Smith. T. F. Soulen. C. Spoflord. C. E. Stevens. .l. Taylor. B. C. Tidwell. C. H. Trieseh. G. R. Uzzell. P. B. Vordenbaum. B. R Wheeler. S. White. D. D. ..C.E. Anderson. A. E. Anderson. B. R Balm'-om, A. A. Ball. J. R. Baltz, D. M. Basham. F. C. Benet. H. J. Birdwell, P. R. Booth. J. B. Borders. C. VV. Braswell, C. D. Burlilin, W. B. Carnes, C. K. Chaney. P. D. Ching. W. C. Christian. C. B. Cloninger. K. Comlms. W. C. Cook, R. T. Coolidge, J. B. Cooper, C. W. Cox, D. J. Cox. R. E. Creel, C. H. Cullum, T. A. Davis, J. N. President ..... Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer .... Denney. J. C. Devilhiss, C. F. Doyle. C. R. Drumwright, H. E. DuBose. I.. A. Elrod. C. D. Fallwell, F. X. Fisher, F. S. Ficke. J. H. Foran. W. J. Freneh. L. F. Fry, Edward Camlrrell. R. D. Ceer, C. M. Coldston, J. M. Cvoode. M. C. Grief. W. W. Cray, S. C. Crillin, B. 0. Hagan. V. P. Hall, J. L. Haneovk, J. D. Hardeman, T. N. Haynes, W. L. Heath, C. R. Henderson, R. Holland. W. E. Holick. D. H. Hopper. C. J. Horton, E. L. Hough. L. E. Howard. H. C. Johnston. A. D. Kaufman. R. Keese, C. J. Krovker, R. A. Ledlietter. J. P. Lim-henstein, Morris Logan, J. M. Look, H. D. Loven. C. I. Mavheiras. R. P. Main, G. F. Maynard, M. F. Mees. Nick Mefford, N. F. Melcher, M. A. Meriwether, J. B. Muse, E. C. McDaniel, C. R. Mc-Donald. R. W. Nabers, H. B. Nesbit, S. F. 0'Connor, James H. E. Drumwright . .... R. E. Cox ...J. A. Teague Planadeball. F. S. Parker. P. H. Pearee. M. R. Peterson. L. T. Peterson, W. M. Pettigrew. J. M. Pillow, W. B. Prejean. W. J. Rave, G. W. Rasf-oe, W. M. Rau, C. E. Reagan. C. W. Reagan, J. W. Reynolds. A. W. Richmond. J. R. Ride-out, T. R. Riley, L. Rix. R. L. Rothe, R. L. S:-haefer, C. A. Svheumaclc. J. F. Svhraub, L. P. Sears. L. A. Shaw, J. E. Shurley, J. K. Spevia. A. J. Staarman, W. C. Story. J. R. Story, S. A. Sutherland, D. R Swigert. W. R. Teague. J. A. Tankeiser. C. A. Thenn. C. R. Thompson. B. B Timmons. E. A. Towery. Pat Urban, W. F. Vilhig. J. W. Voith, C. K. Walker. C. L. Warne. R. R. Watkins. L. E. Wendel. A. J. Whitney, C. C. Williams, J. H. Willson, R. E. Wilson, A. Cv. Wilson, D. C. Wittie, L. D. Wpiff. K. R. Yantis. R. J. Yarbrough, D. B P 3 Society President ...... ..... W 'illiam Clarkson Vice-President ..... ....... H arry Ezell Secretary-Treasurer ..... W. D. C. Jones Blanklield. Jack Carmichael, W. P. Clarkson. Vllilliam Cox. C. H. Everett. LeRoy Ezell, Harry Forman. Sol Jones. W. D. C. Hallina. F. P. LaFon. L. A. LeDoux. C. VV. Long. Tom Mann. E. C. Matthews. D. D. Nelson. Jack Nethery. M. I. Robinson. Bill White. R. B. Vfilkinson. J. W. Wfilliams. J. E. Wvilliams. P. T. 45 Marketing and F 512 President ...... Vice-President. . . Secretary-Treasurer Adams. Frank li. Aldrich. L. M. Allen. li. A. Allen. 0. G. Anderson. G. D. Rate. Carl D. liecker. Wvilliam A. lleville. Alexander H Rishop. Jay P. lllanton. Joseph F. llodine. Homer H. lloemer. A. R. Hoggs. X' . L. Conatser. Wvm. lf. Chandler. Kenneth H. Clark. Willard Colson. James A. Contella. Carl J. Corns. Robert T. Criswell. T. R. Culbertson. R. R. Cox. Kay Kennedy Davis. David J. Denny . WY. F. Dixon. John M. Dougherty. Wlm. R. Duncan. Graham E. Emmons. Claude D. Evans. P. R. Felder. Ed. A. lfloore. Edgar L. lfryer. Milton lfussell. Jesse E. Gardner. 0. C. Gault. Joe B. Gist. Henry L. Geyer. Glenn E. Grissom. Thomas C. Guerrero. E. M. Haggard. Chas. Haines. Paul G. Hamlin. John Hauser. Henry F. Hendrick. Andrew J. Hensel. Fred W'. Hill. Don K. Hooton. Morris E. . . . .F. Wl. Hensel. Jr. ...Paul G. Haines . . . . .Willard Clark Hubbard. Keith Wi. Kellis. John C. Kenagy. John A. Kilpatrick. L. L. Koenig. Victor L. Kulhanek. B. J. Lacy. Charles D. Lain. Thomas E. Lanford. Robert C. Langford. Robert I. Lewis. I. F. Marcontell. Johnnie Miller. Thomas R. Murphy. Wvarren M. Myers. R. V. Noel. Leon Noton. James T. Oelkers. J. C. 0'Brien. Charles Pannell, E. WV. Patton. Wvm. H. Palermo. Tommy S. Power. Thomas L. Prove. Edward H. Prowell. James P. Reeves. C. D. Richards. Jack Richey. Thomas B. Riggs. Russel R. Roach. Jack Robinson. Ammon J Robinson. Morton H Rogers. Lee Rosenberg. L. E. Rothe. Joe H. Saba. Theodore E. Spencer. William R. Stach. Paul J. Trcalek. R. F. Vaughn. Tommie Vollentine. J. T. Wvarner. James M. Wvhite. Douglas S. White. Frank D. Wleir. Frank M. Wvillis. James G. Zerr. John L. x fl Club l Barnes, F. L. Barnes. H. E. Barnes. M. H Bryant. M. L. Craigo. L. R. Desel, J. A. Eberspacher, Girard, L. V. Hardison, R. President ....... ..... lt 'laurice Bryant Vice-President ..... ...., L ester Pruett Secretary ....... .... B . D. Cernosek Treasurer. . . . .Otto Scllerz Hogue, J. A. Japhet. I. H. Johnson, J. A. Knight, T. B. Krenek. H. H. Lasell, A. D. Lobrecht, G. J. Pruett. L. J. Robbins. B. C Rusk. F. E. Schertz, O. E. Schmidt, K. E Singletary. G. Snell. WL A. lvalker. J. M. Vfallis, VV. B. Wizig. M. .l. Yezak. A. C. Yezak. M. R. Geology Club Alilricli. lf. Wi. liilllll. R. A. lieckinan. ill. W. llrunt. ltiluzirfl iil'lllll.lltlgl?. ll. ll i.0ll1t'l'. J. .l. llunnner. ll. lf. llcrrirli. Hugli llurwtl. li. G. lflm-ll. C. ll. l'll'Q't'Ill21ll. William Cilnson. J. fl. ff ' , .tl . , f , " . ,104 '24 -1 .. 'T '51, .- w 6. ,.' 'Qt' 'N - lL' rv . Jw' , X.-hy, u- n" '. in! MSM ing, - l41'l, i l 41--,.:: ' A .3 V Presiflvlit ..... . . . Yice-Presiflent .... . . . Se-Ci'c'tary . . . . . Treasurer. . . . . . .T. F. McCord Coy L. Watson ...Dick Tilley Bill Brundiclge Social Secretary. .... W. A. Watson ....,l. Fred Smith Faculty Advisor Gill. W. C. irilllllillll. ll. W. Hardin. C. li. Harr mwii. L. li. Hill. H. ll. Hoc-Ile. lll. ll. Isaacs. W. ll. joluison. ll. C Lewis. G. H. McCord. T. F. lllc-Donald. P. C. lllclntyra. H. ,l. Marston. A. A. Meek. ll. L. Miller. William Montague. K. E. liarnperman. WY. li. Morris. J. Wi. liminard. H. J. llicllter. H. E. Kopp. Ailolpll liolwerts. C. V. Larson. J. H. Sandiclge. Wi. J. Seliastin. ll. H. Smith. E. J.. Jr. Storm. WY. WY. Taylor. S. H. Tilley. Dick Van Burgh. L. Watson. Coy L. Watson. WY. A. Wilson. T. F. Wvoodman. G. W Wvynn. Wvard Wi. .X 4 - 7 3-,qfp-.By W ,, 'Y-1-'vfv "r"--ff- ""- ' ""' Yffvf'-' All Chemical En ineers A ,. Y 'A, ,M L If Nav 65-afnllsdlas Ando, Tomomi Baker. E. E. Ballard, H. 11. Barkvr, P. M. Bates. S. Bentinrk. C. F. Bevvr. William Biswlioflf A. .l. Blat-li. D. H. BIlgPl.t1. N.. Jr. Hrumlon. P. W. Brooks. R. I. President ...... .. .Aubrey V. Hamilton Vice-President. .. . . .Fred A. Smilham Secretary ..... .. .Ftluin E. llyrml Brown. H. H.. ,lr. Bryant. H. L. Bnrvh. Burks. 5. X .. ,l r. Byril. E. F. 1.ain.,l. H. Carson. .l. L. 1IlPnwnts..l. F. 1lluttvr..l. E. llorrf-n, .l. D. f.ottlv. .l. E. Lrownovf-r, J. B. Davis. R. M. Doniasr-lik, W. fy. Dnlrose. J. B. Dumars. D. B. Dunvan. D. L. Erhols. D. D. Er-hols. Marvin Edwards. R. J. lillis. F. Ellis. W. H. Frvnvh, L. A. Franklin. W. 1 i. Garza, A. C. Giles. .l. l'. Gleason. .l. F. ilrillin. D. ll. Cripp. F.. A. HH:1a11..I..l. Ham. lI. Nl. H1ilniltun,A.Y, Haralson. lf. W. llausman. H. L. Hawthorne-. R. H. Hvitnlan. T. Nl. Hr-rmlvr. Hrnry Hill. H. il. Hiller. W. L. llug. li. .ll'. Holm. E. C. ll11fl'i1wyel'. H. B. lvvy, lf. ll, ,lu1'lison, H. Y. .lat-olnson. H. 5. Kahn. H. B., Jr. Keniplin. l'. W. Kesnvr. Sam King. H. Y. Koons. W. D. Korth, ff. l.. Kurrs. M. M. Lane. .l. R. I..-onai-11.11. Y. Lewis. F. H. Loving. F. A. Lynn. H. l'. M1-Dow, H. N. Nlvliain. 'l'. .l. Nlvlllillun. W. D. Nlaas. H. A.. .l r. Manley. ll. H. Nlassr-y. .l. A.. .I r. Massey. W. A..,l1 Nlatznr-r. U. li. Nlay. .l. l.. AlPlll'ZllPI'. S. W. Nlills. .l. D. Al0I'llZ. ll. Nlorrison. .-X. 5. flliiwklvroy, li. W Nlnrplly. G. li. NlllI'l'Z1y. F. H. Nr-lson, lf. ll. Nvlsun. Wl. R. Newton. L. lf. flvvrlwvli, Fl. M. Owens, H. 1 I. Pat-9. E. R. Peterson. N. H. Pimlott. H. A. Portfr. R. Powell. R. C. Ranil, F, G. Hay. C. C. Rim-harrls. E. P. lli1l11nonr.lf.A. Riley, W. E. Ho4l1ly.l.. W. Svllvitl, T. G. Shea, H. W. Smith. A. ll. Smith. H. U.. .l 1' Sn1ith.,l.H. Sgnithani. F. .-X. Sonwrvillrf. ll. H Sl1.1lll.ZtfIllM"l'flFI'. Stillingzvr. D, l.. Stnlvlms. C. Slirovik. W. L. Swain. YY. li. Swf-Hwy, R. L. Swope. J, C, lllillllilfrflli. E. Nl. Terrell. K. Y. Tllonipson. .l. W Thompson. R. F Yllorti. P. A. Yagli:-a. N W'arnkf-. H. F. ..l. fx. L. Wlezivfw. lj. A.. .lr Wlosthroolx, lf. ll.. .ll. Whaley. J. W. White. R. W. Wilson. L. lil. Wlolvotl. Wlolfff. P. J. wright. J. F. 45 Agronom Alford, Philip Alford, J. P. Anderson, J. T. Atkins, Truman Barton. J. H. Bell. P. L. Bennett, P. M. Bingham, George lll. Brenner, M. L. Brumlbelow, J. W. Butler, E. R. Butler, C. E. Brians, H. H. Calxiness, J. E. llasta. D. A. Chapman, W. B. Clark, W. R. Collard, F. G. Coley. F. A. Conway, E. Vlf. Couch, R. C. Davis, Dean Dysart. E. L. President ...... Vice-President. . . Secretary ..... . Parliamentarian. .. Faculty Advisor. . . Dudley, Jay N. Evan:-2, R. C. Ferguson, Sam Golner, L. M. Cofortll. WJ. A. Creen, T. A. Cillespie. H. WV. Gregory, E. L. Hartgraves, R. B. Henlmy, R. L. Harvey, W. K. Hodges, R. J. James, D. W. James. A. M. Kelley, W. G. Koboyashi, Ti Keller, A. F. Keller, R. F. Kimbrough, Jaek Kimbrough, John Lovett, Claude Marshall, T. L. lNlc'Alexander, D. J. . . . .James T. Anderson . . . .J. H. Robinson . . .H. C. Wlarner D. Pinson fNleCouirk, C. C. McKenzie, J. A. McElwrath, D. W. Mitchell, Monty hlonerief, J. B. Mivhie, B. A. Miller, J. H. Moore, R. E. Mills, J. F. Neely, H. S. Norris, ill. J. Osborn, M. B. Parthlow, W. Plummer, A. C. Penland. A. B. Pinson, J. D. Pye, E. J. Ramage, J. C. Reyes, A. V. Robinson, J. H. Rodgers, W. E. Rogers, C. A. Rountree, Bill R. C. Potts Seott. J. A. Scott, W. E. Smith, E. J. Spann, J. H. Stanly, H. C. Stone. R. S. Tate, J. B. Tatum, Ralph Tamer, James Taylor, J. B. Taylor, J. L. Thysell. J. H. Trigo, J. E. Turner, M. H. Villamil, J. A. Vivian, E. H. Waddll, B. H. Warner, H. C. Wheeler, L. B. Whitley, E. L. Wood, C. F. Wilkerson, Marlon Wilmeth, Gene Young, G. C. X .. 5 ' 4 . ,.,. 5 x. :. ... -- . . . Ax A . , L v . I I r gm-ss.......,... .. , and Klub Adams. J. K. Adams. W. 0. Ator. D. L. Baird. C. F. Barron. VV. B. Birdsong. H. G. Byrd. N. L. Calhoun. .lack Carpenter. M. B. Cate. J. T. Childress. R. F. President ...... Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasurer Reporter ......... Social Secretary .... Parliamentarian. . Cole. G. D. Edge. R. D. Fennell. VV. S. Foster, W. C. Fowler. B. B. Flynt, J. VV. Cossett. E. M. Hales, H. B. Hales, Joe Hancock. B. D. Hunter, VV. M. .....C. F. Balrd .....N. B. Yarling . . . .W. S. Fennell ....B. B. Fowler ...Jack Calhoun ....H. B. Hales Hutchings. G. S. Jamison. H. E. Kay. J. C. Longino, A. B. Leman. B. M. McClusky. H. B. Morris. R. L. Pou. VV. L. Prather, E. M. Roming. James A. Roming. John A. Seagraves. S. B. Sloan. H. R. Soderquist. M. K Urdanata, R. Walker. C. C. Walker. Gordon Wilhelm. J. K. Vlvilson. B. M. Vlvindham, E. S. Wolf, J. P. Yarling, N. B. Yentzen. V. A. Amer. Society y y X SA ..b'7 5 L 'iw .w 9:3-URGES' 438 Adair. J. Wi. Allen. J. H. Arnold. T. A. Autry. J. WV. lllassingame. l' liloodwortll. J. Hloodxsortli. M. lf. lrloeseli. C. C. Hone. T. H. lJllSll. lf. H. Carden. ll. D. Clarke. W. L. Colley. A. S. Cook. C. Coonrod. L. C. Con ling. E. W' Cowan. T. E. Cox. J. H. Crawford. C. tl. Vice-President. . . Secretary-Treasurer Scribe ....... Reporter ....... Faculty Advisor ....... Crump. WY. H. Dixon. J. H. Eulbanks. G. G, Evans. J. W. Francis. T. H. Gee-lan. C. Viv. Cerdes. Y. U. Colber. L. M. flroelxoske. A. I' Hall. J. Hall. W. T. Harle. R. M. Haenel. A. Wl. Hodges. L. H. Holekamp. E. R. Heitkamp. C. VJ' Henslee. H. Hudspetli. E. B. Ivey. A. H. Jacobs. C. A. .Gt 'X :A al ma' l . as R. M. Magee .....Vl'. L. Mayfield .....J. C. Bloodwortll .J. Wi. Autry C. Talbot ...Mr. Johnson. J. H. Keeten. E. H. Kelly. Vi.. G. Lewis. E. M. Magee. H. M. Martin. S. D. Mayfield. W. L Merrill. B. J. Miller. H. F. Moye. J. D. Mujiea. M. U'Hrien. B. G. Olson. D. M. fllson. C. O. Pe-uit. B. E. Poage. J. D. Pollan. M. J. Ratcliff. C. E. Reynolds. C. H House. C. B. F. Wi. Peikert Rutherford. YV. M Sample. K. E. Scllellliase. H. O. Sclileider. H. E. Scott. J. S. Searcy. J. M. Sharp. H. B. Sims. S. P. Stanford. C. L. Strelm. E. L. Talbot. H. C. Ulieh. W. L. Ullom. J. H. Ulmer. C. M. Ussery. L. R. Wilborn. E. D. Wiliite. S. M. Zalman. VV. J. OLD MEMBERS and irloih Club Adams. L. L. Admire, Charlie Alexander. J. O. Allen. F. F. Allen. Jupe Beilen. P. S. Bergs. M. L. Blaek. Jim Blaekhorn. George Bodie. Charlie Brandes. Leslie Brewster. Finley Brotherton. Dim-k Butler. Hardie Calliham. M. R. Caperton. R. T. Abernathy. T. L. Anderwald. F. R. Atkins. R. C. Baker. F. S. Ball. R. A. Baskin. B. F. Bates. Gus Bauerlein. E. B. Berry. W. T. Black. W. R. Bonner. Johnny Braid. W. D. Brandenberger, Brown, H. D. Brown. W. B. Buchel, F. T. Cardwell, W. W. President ...... Vice-President. . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ....... Rodeo Manager Social Secretary. . . Cluh Reporter. G. B. Purcell. Jr. ...R. T. Caperton . . .Gordon Cvrote J. J. Hardin. Jr. .Raymond Fuller .J. 0. Alexander . . ............. .... V ic-tor Loeffler Carlson. D. W. Chauvin. P. H. Cleveland. Jark Cline. E. C. Cook. Tommy Craig. N. V. Crourh. J. H. Cummings. W. Curnutt. Bill Dalby, F. B. Dale. Breed Dowe. Tom Ellis. Hayden Enovh. J. F. Faulkner. Brovh Foster. R. T. Canon. M. H. Cl1a1'on.P.J. Conger, Jark Cook. R. M. Cowan. R. H. Cox, E. W. Craig. F. R. Crownn. J. D. Crozier. W. V. Cumhie. E. M. Drake. K. N. Dupree. B. L. Fowler, T. W. Fillingim. T. A. Fillingim, W. 0. Finney, G. L. Fuller. Jaek Fuller. J. R. Fuller. J. VV. Gentry. Buster Granville. W. K. Crote. Cordon Cuerra. Virgil Hamner. A. H. Hampton. Bill Hardin. J. J. Henke. Charlie Hess. F. J. Homeyer. Fred Javkson. ll. D. Jenn. W. C. Jones. J. M. NEW Fitzhugh. C. W. Fritseh. J. R. Fulton. B. M. Camlirell. J. H. Candy. W. S. Gilliland. C. M. Coen. O. F. Gorham. C. M. Grieder. C. D. Hahn. A. A. Hemphill. Zeno Higgins. A. B. Higgins. E. V. Hiekmen. l. N. Hoepfner. F. W. Holdeman. H. W. Jones. O. F. Kyzar. .lack Lasley. Vllalter Lee. J. 5. Loefiler. Vit-tor Maddox. E. W. Ma1ldox.I.. A. Madeley, A. M. Maloney. C. VV. McBride. W. J. Melfarroll. W. J. M4-Carr.Ja1-k Mr-Minn. H. W. Moore. Cuy Moseley, E. A. Moss. E. J. MEMBERS Hooks. T. B. Holt. J. H. Holt. N. C. Jones. R. F. Jonsson. E, 0, Jordon. J. D. Kidd. B. F. Kunkel. H. 0. Lanfornl, F. 5. Lehmherg. D. Cv Lemley. J. R. Martin. C. B. Mayer. E. B. Melhern. R. L. McAfee. W. R. Mc-Carty. C. T. Mostyn. Earl Papass. T. R. Pendleton. Wh L. Post. J ulis llronger, A. E. Pureell. Craham Rainsel. Buddy Ranisel. Curtis Rapp. J. F. Rive. .l. L. Rive. Lee Rif-harrison. Travis Rivhards. H. J. Richter. Carl Rohinson. Joe Sayner. Frank Mvllowen. N. C. Nlc'Millan. L. H. Miller. J. B. Mogford. H. N. Mogford. l.. P. Mutsehink. A. O. North. H. L. Parker. W. D. Parker. W. H. Pittman. C. L. Powell. J. A. Post. C. VV. Pumphrey. J. B. Rafferty. E. T. Real. Felix. Jr. Rehmet. C. G. Shahan. H. E. Shelton. D. S. Sleeper. John Stewart. Tommy Steel. Johnny Stroman. Jimmie Taylor. Glenn Taylor. J. B. Towns. Albert Vivian. J. M. W'addell. Tom Watkins. M. L. Whitson. C. E. Wilton, T. A. Yager, Thomas Reynolds. J. W. Rogers. D. C. Svotield. V. M. Sibley. W. R. Smith. B. L. Stuteville. C. D. Thomas. R. F. Thomason. R. B. Todd. T. P. Tullis. H. A. Yvade. J. H. Walker. C. A. Whorton. R. H. Wells. R. R. Wheat. J. D. Wright, F. C. Rural Sociology Club llarnliill. H. P. lieville, John liritain. D. VF.. lr. llryee, Tick Copeland, S. J. Crouse, F. D. President ...... Vice-President. . . Secretary .... Treasurer ...... Sergeant-at-Arms. Sponsor ....... Assistant Sponsor ...Jack C. Hollimon C. Ellis . . . .Frederick H. Donovan D. Viv. Britain, Jr. . . . .H. M. Browder .. . . .Norris Davis ....J. H. Clepp Daniel. .lere Dennis, Bob Donovan. F. H. Easterly. G. H. Ellis. L. C. llarvey. W. K..lr. Hobbs. R. L. Hollimon. J. C. Hollis. C. T. Kruse. R. O. Lee, Vi". M. Lewis. Ira Meliniglit, V. R. Mitchell, R. F. Moore, Perry Parker. Jimmy Shelby, F. G. Sullivan. Ben F. Wakefield, C. O. Yarbrough, R. C -----9.-.--w.-sf Club 4 .1. M. 151.5 Adams. R. L. Aldridge, E. E.. Jr. Alexander, R. W. Alexander, H. R. Ashley, C. F. Aycoek, J. W. Balmer, T. A. Bailey, J. B. Barton, R. C. Beard, L. R. Blaekaller, Ed Blessington, H. L. Braunig, H. E. Brown, C. A. Brown, C. W. Browder, C. D. Burnett, E. F. Butler, M. Cadena, E. R. Cain. J. C. Campbell, R. S. Carroll, A. J. Carruth, L. C. Carter, F. S. Chappell, R. J. Cherry, J. H. Clarke, J. F. Clay, J. A., Jr. Clynes, C. W. Cole, J. G. Cooper, S. H. 3: 2 f 5" T 'Ji :JV K .pll 1 'Q .. 5' .' 1 t - 354' i". 1 V 1, tg, ,i Q, EJ- ,.'1C .. J.,-" T. 'A' '-.,. Ji . . T - ' . President .... . . .W. J. Montgomery Vice-President. . . . . .R. P. Dunkerley Secretary .... ..... G . R. King Treasurer. . . .... J. M. Waddell Reporter... .... J. L. Lamlferson Crews. S. T. Hall. A. J. Massey, J. L. U'Rielly. W. M. Standish. Gus Cross, L. D. Hardee, P. Mathews, S. J. Uwen. W. J. Stanley, E. , .. Crutrher, R. L. Cunningham, E. C. Danver, Wm. E. Davis. L. WJ. Davis, T. C. Denny, 0. B. DeSalvo, Vim-ent Dollison, C. H. Downs. .l. W. Duliose, E. A. Dullnig, A. J. Duree, J. T. Dnnkerley. R. P. Early, F. D. Edmonds, B. J. C. Elliot, B. H. Enlinger. J. W. Espey, J. T. Fagin, K. W. Fant, C. B. Ford, T. A. Fowler, H. F. Fowler, N. B. Furgason, G. A. Godliold. R. H. Good. E. B. Graham, J. A. Haberer, W. E. Hagood. D. R. Haltom, H. E. Harding. J. D. Harper, J. W. Harris, R. L. Hawk, C. E. Heidenheimer, W. J. Heise, C. S. Higgins. W. S. Hiltpold, H. W. Hinson. B. J. Hoefs. C. H. Holder, L. E. Jar-kson. F. E. Johnson, L. H. Jonas, S. Jones. J. P. Kahn, A. S. Kay. J. W. Keller, W. O. Ken-heville, L. King, C. R. Kopit. J. E. .amberson. J. L. .ass1ter. J. B. .aw, B. F. Laws. C. E. Lewis. W. D. Link. J. B. Lnvoi, D. J. Maddux, N. F. Maniloff. L. N. I I . I Matthews, C. C. Miller. B. J. Mitvhell. B. E. Mitvhell. M. E. Mitt-hell. Z. F. Mon:-rief, G. P. Montgomery. W. J. Morris, S. W. Mueller. C. P. Mnlvey. .l. R. Murphy, A. R. Myers, W. R. Ma'Bride. W. J. Mt-Call. M. W. Mf'Clendon, Lee Mf'Corguodale. A. B. Mt'Crary, J. Wh Mt-Donald, P. C. Mr-Duflie. J. C. Mt'Spadden, R. L. Nassauer. C. Newman. A. R. Neugebauer, E. P. Newton. B. C. Nice, F. A. Nichols. D. R. Nobors. F. L. 0'Bryan. O. D. Odom, R. E. 0'Leary. J. E. l as1'lie.A. l. Vzltlerson. J. E. l'er-Vey, J. P. Phillips, D. llltillips, R. 5. Ponsler, L. C. Pool. F. M. Prager, A. J. Ptirkett. J. R. l'ug:,h, D. R. Reinl1ard.W'.lJ. Riehardson. B. C. Ridgeway. C. L. Roberts, B. H. Rnrnliaugli, A. l.. Sanders. W. A. Sandidge, W. J. Sehab. C. M. Srlimalz. J. P. Svhuette. R. C. Seiliert, E. R. Seidel. C. E. Sidor. A. J. Sims, VJ". P. Singletary. C. Sladovnik. R. A. Slivker, J. A. Smith. W. G. Smotherman. C. E Springfield. H. B. Steed. N. A. Steimel. R. M. Srin. I. B. Sullivan, R. J. Sullivan. R. P. Tabor, C. E. Taylor, N. A. Tllomas. J. W. Thompson, H. l. Tilton. R. J. Tomaso. L. Tonkin. R. C. Towns. J. P. Waddell. J. M. Wallaee. W. W. Walstad, J. H. Walters. B. D. Wellliorn. J. H. Yvilliams, 0. R. W'illiams, J. A. Willis, C. A. Wilson. C. L. Wise, F. A. Wpniavk. N. T. Woodward. Wh K Wright. O. Wh Young. Gail Yust. R. L. Voigt. M. C. IAeS 'lifr mm' sm.1.lv.iN nrrmuxs siumiom President ....... .... W Y. Viv. Sullivan.Jr. Vice-President ..... ..... l 3. S. Hutchins Secretary ....... ....... D on Early Treasurer .... Roger Skidmore Badger. lf. C. Barron. T. Vlv. Biggs. Vi. P. Black. D. H. Bowles. C. E.. Jr. Broome. J. VV. Bureham. YY. ,l. liyrd. WY. H. Calvert. C. E. Camplvell. .l. ll. Collins. WV. A.. Jr. Cornell. WV. C. Dew. J. K. Dunham. Pete Early. Don lfudaly. E. H. REGULAR MEMBERS Evans A. D. Grohe. R. B. Harris. ,l. B. Higbee. W. Viv. Hutchins. B. S. Hynds. C. L. Huser. G. A. Johnson. C. B. Jordon. R. L. Koelling. R. K. Landon. C. R.. Jr. Mayberry. R. T. MeClendon. E. W. Nichol. B. J. Norton. C. P. Norton. H. P. Pietsch. C. P. Skidmore. Roger Siegel. Cordon Sehroetter. Otto Sullivan. W. W. Stracener. J. H. Snyder. N. H. Thornton. W. E. Walker. J. J. Williams. T. S.. III Vliilliamson. Dutton Vlittenbaeh. A. J.. ,lr Yetter. J. N. Vllinn. Wv. S. Staley. S. S. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Anderson. T. M. Benner. .l. R. Clark. C. W. Clark. T. A. Graves. VII. C. Oradat. F. R. Pamplin. T. N. Pou. C. C. Rosenberg. H. W. Scholl. J. H. Scott. R. P. Stephens. R. L. Van Orden. D. . ' 'liz Webb. E. E. Welling. G. C. Woods. F. L. JUNIOR MEMBERS Edwards. E. T. Judd. J. H. Kipp. E. H.. Ir. Loyd. P. B.. Jr. Osborne. S. S. Cliappas. George NATIONAL MEMBER Higgins, P. R. IAeS HONORARY CHAIRMAN Barlow. H. W. STUDENT COUNCIL Collins. W. A.. Jr. Early. Don Evans. Adrian Hutchins. B. S. Skidmore. Roger Sullivan. VV. VII.. .Ir. Van Orden. D. Biology Club Pg-if Aelireiber. P. R. Allbrigllt. M. C. Bane. E. G. lleaucbamp. F. H. liergin. C. L. Boggs. Y. E. llorgfeld. H. 0. Brown. R. L. Campbell. C. ll. President ...... Vice-President ..... . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ..... Social-Secretary Faculty Advisor . .... R. S. Crawford. Jr. ..M. M. Pearson . .... Harry Trodlier H. Vll. Holdeman .. ..... H. O. Borgfeld . . . .Dr. Chas. LaMotte '11 Colvin. .l. E. Cosby. lol1n,Jr. Crawford. R. S.. Jr. Frank. Selig Caress. E. B. Gibson. J. WY. Green. .l. E. Henderson. E. A. l-lerzik. Sidney Holdeman. H. VC' Hunt. W1 A. Killingswortli. R Logan. J. M. Maddox. E. P. Meredith. Robert Pearson. M. M. Poland. R. L. Hetlike. M. K. Richbook. S. J. Rodriquez. E. F. Rogers. C. Y. Schreiber. P. R. Scruggs. Wallace Seese. M. C. Spoede, S. L. Strader. Leslie Thurman. D. C. Trodlier, Harry Williams. G. M. I if 1 'Z -:i f ,f Heart of Texas Fancilg o A I In .. .Vi V K we it! F A if 'Q ' Q J' D F ', gal I f Fi' -A Q . f A I M F F cl lib. BIIANIDI-INBERCER: BROWN: DAVIS: DUNCAN: CKINLR CROTF IIAHN. HOI HUINII .IDKIIVX RIDD I INK FORD II-HNIBERI LINDNI-R NI -XLLI TER NI DUN-XIII NI XIIIIAN I 'NI 'IIILL-KN M 'II-XRTIN INIONTCONIIRY OLIVER POWFLL HFAI ROI-I ER Sf III IZI- STI-'V EI XX JII-E Daskin. D. F. Drown. H. D. Drown. R. H. BI'3IIdE'IllPEI'gE'l'. Camplwell. H. S. Carroll. W1 B. Darley. D. W. Davis. L. L. Duncan. C. E. Fuhrmann. F. I7 Cainer. H. U. Cault. J. B. H. R. Granville. WJ. K. Grote. G. H. IJFOIP. ll. A. Hahn. WY. L. President ...... Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasuier Hampton. YV. G. Hart. J. H. Holekamp. E. H. Holekainp. J. C. Holekamp. H. M. Huffman. H. A. Huffman. R. D. Hurd. G. WI. Huss. G. I. Jennings. J. W. Jordan. J. D. Johnson. D. F. Johnson. D. J. Kidd. B. F. Kothe. K. M. Langford. H. I. Leddy. D. A. I. Lehmherg. D. G. Lindner. W. C. McAllister. J. H. McCaleh. J. E. McDonald. R. N.. McMillan. L. H. McMillan. M. J. Mann. J. C. Martin. S. P. Miller. E. C. Mogford. H. N. Langford P. Marlin P. Vllolfe Jr. Montgomery. J. F. Moss. E. J. Mosly. W1 E. Oliver. H. L. Powell. J. A. Priour, J. YV. Puckett, L. W. Real, F. R. Reeder, C. C.. Jr. Rohde. J. D. Rudasill. R. A. Schulze. W. C. Stengel, L. R. Thaxton. C. L. Tillman. E. F. Wallace. W. B. Vllatkins. M. L. White. B. H. Williamson. J. E Winters. R. W. Wolfe, J. P. Wlright, F. C. -r "'e""'f"n"r 1 Fw ,Q -W -Jiilfzi' Tfl A af M Cl 1, if Q- 1 Y CI' - - 11 President ...... .... J . M, Stephens Secretary-Treasurer .... .... ll 'l. M. Pearson Vice-President .... ..... W v. J. Owen Social Chairman .... .... H . H. Mayo Land of the Lake Club President ....... .... J ames H. Spann Secretary. .. .... Yiron E. Higgins Vice-President ...... ,... G eorge C. Taylor Reporter ....,.. .... J ordan B. Wlolf -.0-.qpf-gun'-"-1 Tif' 'W' ' 467 Beaumont A. 81 M Allen. J. H. Anderson. M. B. Bahcock. C. L. Baker. B. E. Balmer. T. A. Bando, VV. Viv. Borland. A. M. Barrett. ,l. H. Beaumont, D. A Bergin. C. L. Blackhurn. Cv. S. Braunig, H. E. Broussard. D. E. Brown. C. Viv. Brown, S. P. Carey, Leonard Carter. Lee Chatham. B. M. Cokinos. A. P. Cokinos. M. P. President ....... Vice-President ..... Secretary-Treasurer Reporter .... Cole. C. P. Colvin. 0. V. Crane, L. E. Crutcher. B. L. Dean. H. B. Dengler. F. S. Deutser. Bernard Edwards. VV. S. Fortenherry, T. T. Fuller. L. J. Cans. E. W. Gore. Jack Haines. G. B. Hall. E. D. Hogan. E. J. Ippolito. Leon Jones. T. S. Kuers, M. M. Lamberson. J. L. Ledhetter. WY. B. Leger. G. L. I -i . . . .P. B. Lowry . . . . .G. P. Trotter ...R. L. Crutcher . . . .C. L. Babcock Lipscomb. G. J. Lovoi. D. J. Lowry. P. B. McMullen. Viv. Viv. Malitz, C. C. Malitz. B. C. Martin. T. G. Measeles. R. K. Mittendorf. Ehrhard Montague. K. E. Mudd. E. J. Oxford. VV. F. Parks, H. B. Patrick. G. E. Perry. F. T. Pinchhack. J. S. Ponthieux, N. A. Prejean. WY. J. Purcell, C. L. Richey. R. J. Riggs, C. A. Riley. W. E. Rouse. H. D. Rutledge, J. E. Sapp, N. J. Schumacher, VV. Short, J. A. Singleton. J. H. Smith, W. B. Snodgrass, T. B. Stokes, H. C. Streetman, E. G. Strickland, W. A Trotter, G. P. Vaglica, N. J. Vincent, O. B. Williams, J. H. Wilson, T. R. Woodham, R. E. Wynn, Dow Yentzen, U. A. aff? Lavava County A. Sl M. Club Prosident ....... .............. ........... I , eslie L. Appelt Yif-e-President .... .... N Iauric-e D. Havlik Secretary-T1'eas111el. . . . . . ....., Fred J. Strauss 0 N MH1'1fJl1 and Qass County A. 81 M. Club President ....... ........................... L . IQ. Hough. Jr. Vice-Prf-sidenl .... ..... C f. B. Faut. Jr. Sevrelary-Treasurer ........... . ......... . .......... King Sain V 5' ' ITV! 1'3- wfx 'W 4 f 5-A, . ,, . ..,. , , . wv. ff . 1 Y L-1'-5' i-w1 1."' W QQ'-mtv! 12 . 1 5.L5.g.f3f.x1,ij.., . .V ' f:..4Ag,, 11532. 1,2 - rfigqgj. Q, 1 . , , if-52 -' 9 l-7359! -'T' 7 W 5 5' Vg- " Ui-2,if,',.,.' 'gr 4' "Viv,-.Q L .w":.1'f,i7 ,L if ' ' - ?' 'I R' 5 ' ' ' - 1 Pr,"-12 lf' ' , f -: N 'Z Nyc, F43-" ' AH, 1' ' n r k 51M 'Y ' O 0 v-:2..Jazf, 1, -. ' ff':i"' ,5K fi 'Fw ' 1' mm.:',' U i t 13' 'aSa..v,g,.r..Q,.-z:'1 .rf w gieg, ...V AA .4 . W V President ................... L. N. Grasshoff Secretary ................... J. T. Schindler Vice-President .... ..... N I. A. Melcher Treasurer ......... ...V. L. Koenig Sergeant-at-Arms. .. ...... S. S. lireuz Eastern Panhandle Club President ...., .... C . L. Reavis, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer. . . . . .N. V. Craig Vice-President. . . ........ F. Hess Reporter .......... . . .,I. P. Passons ,llzazoreizn County ASI M. Club l , AI 'F-' VZ . . ,. - s 'I 'FY W M ali' X . qiwwmv. Q wx 7 , i . ,. 'NT If N0 ., .1 A. , ,, Q uf 1 Y. 1 nf .Y ...ui ' ' ," ' President ........................ Joe Snow Secretary-Treasurer ............ Thomas Buck Vice-Presitlent .... .,... ll obert Meek Puhlieity Chairman. . . . . .Russell Stanger Callfornla A. SI M. Club Presislent ...... ....,. l l. H. Haight Secretary-Treasurer. . . .... R. F. Lapham Vice-President .... ....... ll 1.P. Roberts Social Chairman.. .... C. B. Bertetta Cluh Advisor ............ Major J, F. Stevens l'n .,, mm 2 J." e-if-flvzral . ls""1'f"i7v'f'r:f'A'ff-'-w-,,.. iff -'Q e H 1' 1. fy.:-g,::,'t..4 F5-. '-wL:,"g if n, ,dnl iff, .- ,'.,- It 1.4 kt 'tt l K. x 1 ,. V - w-wtf, H tg L 5 0 A ,gg ,f lfT?3?fV pf3jll1lllf??1ll' l1.4l t-,wgg.,2f3 a , . , 0 ' u ' . PEYQXF' -fp ,f',1'. l- , me W' 2 ff . j ifxiiftf- , - ' .v-,l Klwnwf alfa' .tt -1- ' far . ,,,. 1g?fXAFv ' A' .- .gm ' President ........... ..... Vl vm. R. Nelson Vice-President .............. Carl lf. Greer Secretary-Treasurer ..... ..... A dll G. Wilson. Jr. East Texas A. . Club President ....... . .. .G. W. Castlelverry Treasurer ....... . . .John Nl. Searcy Vice-President ....... ......... A . J. Tatum Reporter ........ ...Dan Soutlierlancl Secretary ......... .Harry l. Thompson, Jr. Sergeant-at-Arms ..... ......... l len Hart Adams, J. R. Ri0'.A-.GTH11d6 Valley p Hx.. Anderson, L. R. Anglin, E. 0. Barnes, H. F.. Barton, T. F. Bilrbs. F. C. Bagel, G. N. Bonner. J. Boone. D. R. Burkland. F. J. Castleberrv. M. WV Chapapas. C. Cheek, C. Clark. li. R. Clore. VV. L. Colgin. C. H. Collier, J. L.. Jr. Corns. R. T. Corso. J. V. Counts, V. lf. Cowarl. T. R. lfowgill. R. M. Darden. .l. Nl. Dean. R. 0. lilo Spain. YV.. .lr Durant:-s. M. A. Draper. l.. C. llreilnr-lluis. L. l.. Dudley. J. N. lfziglvstrm, E. J. Hurley. D. M. l':llllIlf,Il'I', C. F. Fl:-ti-l1er.B. M. Flynt. T. Y. President ...... Vice-President ...... Secretary-Treasurer. . . Reporter ........... Reporter .... Fosmire, E. Fry, E. Callaway, B. M. Candy. W. S.. Jr. Gareia, H. M. Gerry, E. Gilliand, C. M. Clendenning. F. B. Clover, E. R. Cohring, C. Crabowski, R. A. Craham. C. VV. Graham. R. F.. Jr. Cray. J., Jr. Hall. M. E. Harbin, A. V. Hargis, J. I. Harris. H. E. Harrod. J. C. Hass. M. Hensley. H. S. Hensley. R. T. llollowell, H. W. Hauser. F. H. Honser. J. S. lluser. C. A. Johnson. C. R.. Jr. Kennedv. H. V. Kenny, D. C. Ki:-lman. F. S. Kielman, L. E. Kinry. W. P. Larnliert. T. C. Lnwerenve. 0. V. Lepage, A. C. Lapage, H. S. Lynch, A. H. McBride, W. J. MeClendoh, E. W. Mclilwrath. D. W. McGee, C. D. McGee, W. N. McHenry, A. C. Melntyre. R. J. McKay. W. C. McKenzie, H. R. McKinney, H. R. MvLeaish, R. B. MeLeaish, T. J. McMinn, R. H. Maddocks, R. C. Madeley, D. S. Eli Whitiiey . . . .James Pridmore L. C. Draper ...Jay Dudley . . . .Bob Corns Manning, K. S.. Jr. Martin, L. D. Mason. J. S. Menszer. S. WV. Miller, G. H. Milliken. F. A. Mills. E. R. Moye. J. D. Mullinix. R. Murphy. L. R. Myers. R. V. Negri, J. Ogdee, E. Ogzdee. C. Oler, W. L. Olson. E. A. Pale, J. Pearson, H. T. Peavey, J. R. Price. P. M. Ramsey, W. B. Richey, T. B. Ridgeway, C. L. Robinson, D. W. Robinson, E. D. Robinson, J. H. Ryhercl, W. H. Saeta, R. A. Shary, J. H. Smith, A. G. Solether, N. W. Stewart, N. Trantham, W. E. Truax, W. B. Tumlinson, B. J. Van De Putte. P Vannoy, T. R. Volz, M. D. Wade. J. H. Vlfallace. E. C. VVE-st, L. E. Whitney. C. C. Whitney, E. P. Wie-ch. J. D. Williams, S. B. Wilmeth, E. E. Wittenbach, A. J Wittenbach. T. A Wofford, S. R. Wolf. R. B. Worth, R. T. Abernc-thy, Mrs. J. J. Acrey. Mrs. Thelma Allen, Mrs. John David Anderson. Mrs. Ren II. Ash. Mrs. B. H. Backus. Mrs. P. M. Bale. Mrs. E. L. Ball, Mrs. J. R. Barnes. Mrs. V. P. Beale, Mrs. A. I. Bourn, Mrs. I. F. Boyd, Mrs. W. D. Bright. Mrs. C. R. Brown. Mrs. G. YY. Brown, Mrs. R. C. Brown, Mrs. R. L. Brundidge, Mrs. 0. D. Brundretl. Mrs. C. T. Brush. Mrs. C. Butler. Mrs. E. Butler, Mrs. I". A.. Sr. Cain. Mrs. R. A. Carter, Mrs. W. F. Carter. Mrs. I.. P. Cassidy. Mrs. .I. R. Cockrell. Mrs. C. M. Copeland. Mrs. M. W. Cox. Mrs. F. D. Cox. Mrs. V. C. Cox. Mrs. W. C. Cross. Mrs. R. Y. President. . . Vice-President at Large. . . First Vice-President .... Second Vice-President. . Third Vice-President. . Fourth Vice-President. . Fifth Vice-President. . . Secretary. . . Corresponding Secretary. . Treasurer ........... . . Parliamentarian. . Historian... Cullum. Mrs. T. A. Cnpps. Mrs. I. B. Davis. Mrs. R. Davis. Mrs. R. M. Dixon. Mrs. P. ti....gh.-ny. M... xv. ts. IPiit..'.Iw1rs.C.II. tit.,-.-f. nf.. xv. n. tznam, Mr.. w. ri. I-.llis. Mrs. lx. M. IzllsIn:rry. Mr-1.5. A. r:ln.....-.rr1...c. nt. t:..gn.1..Mr..k.1.. t3v....., mf.. r.. ts. r..tt..'..1t. nf.. 1. F.-.g......., nf.. T. D. mth. ir... J. P. I-'itzgf-ml-l. Mrs, E. A r1....-...s.-. xr... xr. I.. r..l...'. nf.. rr. A. Foster, Mrs. IZ. B. Frinlny. Mrs. M. I.. Frost. Mrs. H. H. t.. . .. ..n.-.,...-, An.. J. xx. Cilniorv. Mrs. I.. M. Cisslvr. Mrs. F. C. flnlnnin. Mrs. I. Gootlrivh. ihIrs, M. II Grant, Mrs. C. I'i. llrit-st-nln-ck. Rlrs. C. II. flriffith, Mrs. R. C. Hagan. Mrs. M. E. llzinlic. Mrs. B.. .Ir. Harmon. Mrs. G. H. Harris. Mrs. .I- C. Hawthorne. Mrs. R. Ill-rnnn, Mrs. E. B. Herron. Mrs. A- .I. Ilitlt-ll. Mrs. W. H. Hill. Mrs. H. B. Hill. Mrs. .I. R. Hill. Mrs. I. R. Holm-rht, Mrs. D. IIo1-Ilv, Mrs. K. F. I'IolurI.ry, Mrs. F. I.. Ilrvllis, Mrs, J, T, llonkt-r. Mrs. T. C. Ilornirlwl. Mrs. R. A. II:-ss, Mrs. .I. M. llonst-in, Mrs. I. T. HuIIhini-s. Mrs. W. E. Irnin. Mrs. .I. Iv.-y. Mrs. E. II. Jackson, Mrs. E. Iwrnugin. Mrs. E. I.. Johnson. Mrs. 5. N. Johnson. Mrs. V. .lollr-y, Mrs. W. IV. .Ia-rtlzirl. Mrs. C. C. .Inr4l:in. Birs. C. R. Innlzm. Nirs. I. C. .lungi-. Mrs. .I. A. K.impf-rman. Mrs. YV. R. King. Mrs. C. C. Klein. Mrs. YV. S. Kle-user. Mrs. M. C. .Moth61fs" Club . . .Mrs. R. M. Davis ..Mrs. M. C. Iileuser ...Mrs. L. A. Winsor . .Mrs. F. W. McAdam . . .Mrs C. Vi. Brown . .Mrs. C. F. Uverbeek ...Mrs W. H. I-Iidell ...Mrs. F. C. Cissler ...Mrs. R. C. CriIIitl1 ..Mrs. ,I. R. West. Ir. ..Mrs. W. Elliott ...Mi-s. H. B. Little Lamkin. Mrs. Z. T. I'.trris, Mrs. H. B. Lamb:-rtl'i. Mrs. T. Pasrhall, Mrs. A. H. Lake. Mrs. 5. T. P:-urn-, Mrs. R. II. Langham. Mrs. YY. Lvmly. Mrs. I". I.. Levy, Mrs. I. Little. Mrs. R. B. Lively. Mrs. M. I. Logan. Mrs. M. Mulvy, Mrs. D. P. Malloy. Mrs. Lena Iiiaxhi-iv, Mrs. II. W Mr.-Xtlam. Mrs. H. XV. MrCraw, Mrs. Ifthu-I In.-K..miQ,:s1rs. I-i. I.. A1.fKi..l.-.y,rt1... Int' Mrtvhvll. Illrs. F. S. Mnntvith. Mrs. If. If Moorlv, Mrs. .I. C. Moore. Mrs. .I. M. Moseley. Mrs. M. M Mnntzvl. Mrs. H. I. Nanrv, Mrs. 0. A. Nvlsun. Mrs. K. Nun. Mrs. Ml. P. Nolilitt, IiIrs. R. M. Norris. Mrs. A. 0. 0.-ling.-r, Mrs. E. C. Uswalt. Mrs. W. II. W P.-..,.1..., Mr.. II. I.. Ps-rsnhn. Mrs. T. I'vtr-rson, Mrs. II P. Pi Attigrt-w, Mrs. I.. W . i-rrv. Mrs. T. K. Pitzingvr. Mrs. I. A. I".vll.iriI. Mrs. Pow.-Il. Mrs. Pow.-r. Mrs. II.'I. f.. M. W Pri-nitt. Mrs. I. A. Rnnnl, Mrs. I-' I rt.-ht..-mp.-f, Rignvv. Mrs. rs, I.. T. F. I Rolxiltsnn, Mrs. D. I.. Rolnivl.. Mrs. II. Ruse. Mrs. I.. II Rnising:-r. Mrs. A .I SvIiiII. Mrs. 5.1-. Srlimnlz. Mrs. I. P. broil. Mr.. lt. X. s...,y. ru... R H. sh....,..-. xt... 1. H. si.-g.-1. rn... si..........-.. ru... 1. 1.. Smith. Rirs. Smith. Mrs. A.I. f...I. fltt. Mrs. P. Smith. Mrs. II. Uv:-rlmerk. Mrs. C. If Smith, Mrs. .I. A. Oxvvns, Rirs. T. II. Parkerson, Mrs. H. K Smith:-r, Mrs. F. W. Sniffnnl, Mrs. II. W. r5tnr1Iu-ry. Mrs. R. B. Su-wi, Airs. P. Stitt. Mrs. I. B. Slrirlalnrnl. Mrs. F. M. Swsin. Mrs. W. C. Taylor, Mrs. .I. 'r..y1..., ins. J. C. Ti-ssnnm. Mrs. M. O. 1'h..m,...-.... M... it. R. Torti. Mrs. P. A. Wntllington. Mrs. W. Wallzirv. Mrs. M. M. War-I. Mrs. A. I.. Willson, Mrs. S. 5. Wt-.iwr. Mrs. C. H. XY:-irilu-rgvr. Mrs. H. XY.-st. Mrs. .l. R. Whiting. Mrs. L. H. Mvilsnn. Mrs. E. B. Mvilsun, Nirs. MI. C. Miirttlnr, Mrs. .I. B. Mxinsor. Mrs. I.. A. Mlnlfv. Mrs. H. Wi. M'nrlPv. Mrs. YV. I7. M'un4la-rlirli. Mrs. C. Yan-s. Mrs. K. F. Y.-nr-r. Mrs. E. G. Zahn. Mrs. II. C. Zisrrhv-r, Mrs. S. Zimmerman. Mrs. F. A. 475 Dallas A. Sz M. .u.1.rN BAILEY JUNGE President ....... .... 0 rville G. Allen Vice-President .... ...... I ack Bailey Secretary ....... .......... E . B. Junge Social Chairman. . .... Charles H. Haggard Publicity ....... ......... P hil Golman Abernathy. Bob Allen. John Allen. O. G. Anderson. J. T. Andrews. D. K. Ash. Henry Bailey. Jack Ball. J. H. Becker. A. W. Bender. Bill Bowie. WV. l'l. Boyd. Wvhillield Brennen. A. J. Brin. Harris Brown. Orville llrundrelt. W. Brush. C. Burgess. Allen Cain. J. H. Campion. Bob Cardwell. Horace Carter. L. P. Cartwright. Bruce Cartwright. S. Clarke. F. E. Collier. Fuller Cornell. VV. C. Creel. G. Crossland. H. Cullum. T. A. Cullum. WY. P. Cupples. J. J. Curtis. M. Vlv. Darwin. L. K. Elliot. Jack Ellsherry. S. H. Elmore. Ed Erwin. Jim Evans. Glenn Filgo. B. M. Foster. B. Fox. J. B. Frost. Dick Frymire. B. Ganz. G. D. Giddens. J. B. Gillespie. H. Wv. Gillespie. J. W Gillespie. S. T. Gilmore. C. F. Giles. D. B. Gipe. J. B. Glasser. lrvin Glazer. I. D. Goldman. T. B. Golman. Philip Golman. Joe Goodall. J. A. Goode. M. Goodman. Walt Grimes. George Haggard. C. H. Hall. Bill Hall. VV. K. Hardie. Bradford Harris. J. G. Hawthorne. B. R. Henderson. J. R. l-lidell. B. Hollis. C. T. Hobrecht. Al Hooker. T. C. llas A.3Z M. Club Houston. Tommy Huber. Bill Hubert. C. D. lnglish. D. J. Ivey. E. H. Ivey. R. VP. Jackson. E. N. Jacobs. l. P. Jernigan. E. L. Johnson. Guy Johnson. S. N. Jordan. I. G. Junge. E. B. Kesner. Sam Kervin. R. J. King. J. R. Klein. VV. C. Krutilek. H. Lamberth. Tom Ledhetter, C. C. Lemly, F. L. Leonard, T. Levy, J. M. Logan. J. M. Luck. B. B. Maher. Ed Maher. Hugh Maley. D. P. Martin. K. T. Martyn. H. Massey. J. A. Massie. J. W. McAdam. A. McCoy. John McKenney. B. Mercher. A. A. Monteith. E. E. Moore. J. M. Nance. O. A. Nelson. R. K. Neshit. Sam F. Nichols. J. W. Norton. H. E. 0'Conner. J. J. Oliver. R. S. Oliver. VP. M. Uverheck. lf. M. Owen. T. H. Parker. J. H. Parker. B. B. Paschall. W. P. Patrick. H. T. Patterson. Forrest Pershon. J. W. Pettigrew. J. M. Phillips. W. K. Pollard. Henry Powell. Charles Preuitt. J. A. Pyeatt. Byron B. Hehkemper. R. C. Hieker. F. P. Ruisinger. H. W. Shoupe. H. Viv. Scott. R. E. Siegal. C. S. Siegel. Jack Smith. E. J. Smith. Carl J. Smither. Jack Steed. P. P. Steele. F. B. Stephenson. H. C. Stockey. J. P. Strickland. Warren Swain. Vlv. C. Taylor. Joe Tennison. L. B. Thompson. Milton Thompson. R. W1 Torti. P. A. Vaughn. C. H. Vinsant. J. D. Walclington. VV. H. Ward. A. L. Whilden. John Wilson. Bud Vllilson. E. L. Wunderlick. C. M. Young. S. H. Zahn. C. L. Zahn. C. Wi. Zercher. J. C. 477 F' J J Q52 ,,f' . Iloiigton A. SZ' Cl List: nnixn fziiismn roxau s..ur1r.l.r: President ....... . . . . . .James B. Lane Junior Vice-President. . . .... William T. Grisham Vice-President .......... ...... . . .C. B. Bland Secretary .............. .......... P aul O. Egner Treasurer .... ....... .:.... ............ .... A . C . SOBelle Alwrvronibie. Robert W. Azlvovk. VV. L. Albritton. F. D. Allen. lfalward C. Anderson. B. B. Anrlriks. D. E. Angell. Daris Antone. Hoy C. Aono. Sonivlii Armstrong. Abbot B. Arnolal. T. A. Ashley. Charles Bailey. Billy B. Baily. Jzunes Wl. Buir1l.J. Nl. Baker. Charles L. Bultlwin. Frank N. Bull. D. Barker. Doliglas 5. Barniirnl. ll. Burns. Nlanrive H. Bartlett. H. D. Bassinger. L. P. Bnteler. J. F. Butson. J. Bnwvnin, J. S. Bayntzin. A. ll:-lull.-. A. Ht-I-li. l.. W. Bvelc'l'. G. B. Br-link:-n. R. W. Bi-ll. lf. F. Bemns. lf. A. Be-niler. 5. A. Benson, VV. R. Bering. C. Bible. P. L. Bivkley. C. li. Billingsley, J. 11. Bind, F. S. Biossat, D. L. Bistow. F.. J. Bland, C. B. Blanton. J. F. Booth. J. Benaiwl Borgstrom. 4 I. F. Boudrearx. J. ff. Bownds, D. ll. Braelier. R. A. Bradin. J. C. Breaux. H. A. Brenner. M. L. Brooks. R. T. Broome. James W Brounes. P. Brown. C. W. Bryan. John But-k. David ll. Bnlkley, Vfilliann Bnrklin. WL B. Burleson. J. T. Burnett. J. T. Burnsirle. J. 5. Burnside. B. D. Bnttrille. W. Y. Catlerna. E. B. l.lf1lllllt'll.A. B. Carroll. Paul Nl. Carnes, George D Cnssity. B. D. Cautton. Hoy J. Lfliacliere. C. VY. E. Chalmers. W. H. Church. Walton Clark. Sidney G. Clark. Lerny A. Clark Lionel H. Clark. Wveltlon Clarkson Clausel. G. L. Cline. W. B. Covliruin Allen Collier. J. C. Collis. Nlartin E. Cook. K. VV. Cook. Robert L. 1. Cowan. R. R. Cox, Jolin T. 1. Crist. D. L. 1. . . . .r1st.l1. F.. CllIlllll?!'. B. E. Cummings. Wl. Daniel. J. M. Daniels, J. C. Daniwls. W. P. Davenport. C. A. Davis. F. C. Davis. L. W. Dawson. ll. H. Dewberry. J. B. De Salvo, V. Divlierson. YV. A. Dixon. 5. B. Doss. R. D. Douglas, B. F. DLlNVlll1f.'.. WL l. ,.nvington, James .l'f'lglll0I1, James W L. R. E. Doyal, W1 T. Dragna, C. P. Drennen. W. F. Duffy. B. C. Dupree. L. L. Duren, G. W. Duty. A. M. Duty. J. M. Eberspaelier. L. Eekliardt. C. K. Eaminister. T. C. ligner. P. 0. Eliman, C. B. Elliott. R. E. Flting, P. H. Epstein. R. A. Frelilmlatt. E. E. Esser. E. F. Evans. B. E. Everett. T. B. Ifwaltl. P. J. Farber. E. M. Farmer. D. M. Farrow. C. Felton. T. N. Fenner. S. F. Fields. W. Fink. H. Fisher. B. A. Flynt. J. M. Fowler. R. E. Fortsaw. T. C. Franris. T. B. Freeborn, R. L. Freeman. J. J. Gedney. W. B. Geliring, R. E. Gill. H. W. Gill. W. G. Gonzales. Wm. Good. E. B. Goodman. H. A.. Jr. Goodman. W. G. Gossett, Robert Grantham. Jack Grenade-r, J. Grime. G. M. Grimes. G. D. Grisham. W. T. Gross. Joe Gutllerie. Boss Guynion. V. F. Haikin. Mike Hambrick. .l. Haney, C. W. Hardee. B. Haring. J. M. Harris. F. A. Harris. G. G. Harrison, E. E. Harsliey. VV. H. Hartman. E. C. Haxtliausen, B. L. Hayes, B. G. Heitman, H. WV.. Jr. Heitman. T. M. Henderson. R. W. Hendricks. D. N.. Jr. Herrington, J. R. Heron. G. Hess. G. W. Hess. J. R. 1: 'E J-in wx. Q, V.: A '--. .. . S Ao M 0 .:,,L15I..i,.:. ' vu. I I. LFS., 1 A . ,N , . V! Q i V H V . Hieliler, Otis. Jr. Hightower, E. W' Hightower, H. C. Hines, J. C. Hodson, L. A. Hohlt. R. E. Hohlt, W. H.. Jr. Holbrook, W. C. Hollinian, J. C. Hollingsworth. L Holloway. J. R. Holm, E. G. Honea, J. W1 Hooks, T. B. Horan, J. R. Hudeek, F. .l. Hughes. R. D. Hunt, George Huse, A. R. Irwin, W. I.. Jaekson. C. L. Jackson, F. C.. JI' Jackson, R. C. Jackson. R. W. Jamail, C. J. Japhet, G. T. Japhet, W. E. Jenkins. Wl. D. Jenn, W". C. Jennings, H. H.. Jr. 7 Jennings. W. R. Jeppesen, R. J. Johnson. H. 0. Johnson, J. C. Johnson, Nl. N. Jolley, R. L. Jones, E. Jr. Jones. J. D. Jorns, J. W". Kaehtieh. R. T. Karback. N. W'. Kaspar, V. A. Kay, E. E. Keaton. E. R. Keays, C. J. Keeton. E. R. Keith, J. J. Kelly, E. E. Kelly, R. D. Kenny. R. D. King. R. J. King. H. V. Kingswell, S. R. Rishi. J. S. Klein. E. J. Klutz, R. H. Knight, L. J. Koenig, R. H. Koetter. Cf. Wh Kolle, F. W. Kraenier, M. S. Kroesvhe. M. A. Kntsclilvach. R. L. Lalion, C. E. LaFlenr. Chas. Lagler, Stephen Lanipin. Percy Lane, J. R. Larrey. L. A. Larson, D. L. Lawrenee. Billy J. Laws, C. lf. Lawson. J. R. Leavitt. C. Wl. Lee, C. E. Lee. T. J., Jr. Leif. D. Lehmann. Nl. W. Lewis. C. S. Lewis. H. S.. Jr. Levine, J. H. Lindsay. E. E. Lindsay, J. H. Litteres, F. C. Loney. B. F. Loomis. R. C. Loring, J. F. Lorino. J. F. Luth, P. A. Lutz, R. Wl.. Jr. Mauser, J. A. Manis, J. Wl. Manly. R. T. Maroney, J. C. Matteson, A. l.. Matthew. M. A. Martin, Y. Martin, H. M. M4:Caniey. I. L. MeAshan, R. R. NlcAlpine. R. E. MeBritle. W. F. Mt-Creary. W. P. lxTl'filllllf3SS. U. L. Rll"Cl1ll1PSS. J. lf. McGregor. J. I. MvDaniel. D. R. Mt'Kinney, J. R. MeKinney, Wl. R. Mr,-Kenzie, W". A. MeKivett. C. If. MeReynolils. WY. M. Metlllierry, C. A. Meyer. H. Miller. R. li. Miller. W. Mills. V. li. Mitt-hell. F. W. Mitchell. KI. E. Mintz. S. Hitt-hell. C. D. Moore. F. W2 Moore, R. W. Moran, W. M. Morgan. C. D. Mottley. J. R. Moses. A. R. Mulvey. J. R. Murphy. J. T. Murlaml. l. Murphy. C. R. Musliaway. C. L. Nagel. J. C. Nagel. J. M. Needham, Xl. E. Nice, F. A. Norwood. A. J. Noyes. C. W". Olsen. J. R. Usliorne. S. S. 0'Rrien. C. O'Kelley. W. C. 0'l.eary. .l. E. 0'Reilly. W. M. Pan-l1n1an.l.. F. Parker. W. R. Parson. J. E. Paxton. J. N.. Jr. Pearson. Wl. T. Pail. .l. W. Pelatari. Y. J. Pennington. P. R. Peterson. F. W. Pideoke, R. R. Pieree. W. Platt. Alvin. Jr. Potter. William Price, Phillip Pugh. Daviml Pnnteli. P. Pytell. J. S. Quill. Chas. T. Rachuig. Chas. A. Ragan. Wallznge RatliH'. Leslie Read. Raymond R. Reefl, Laney G. Renaud. A. Rirliardson. F. Rieliartlson. L. Rieks. A. Riggins, H. Nl. Riorclan. Frank, Jr. Rittenhouse. G. L. Roaeh. Jai-k. Jr. Rolili, T. Roberts. A. Rolwinson, J, L. Roliinson. Nl. H. Roliinson. R. H. Roenier. Carl R. Roman, T. F. Rosenlinrg. Raymond Ross. Freil R. Rotholz, Max Rongagnac, J. F.. Ji. Rnflii, Billy J. 'i lli il 'N ' It ll, wf'f,1 hai. S. Russ, Thomas Salmins. R. L. S2llllll3li4l,Yl'l8I'l'j' lil Sanes.1..1.. Sf-heitl, T. C. fi-lileier. fs. '11 Si-hlnter. ll. S1-hneiiler. H. Si-lineitler, J. H. Svliwartz. A. D. Si-liwzirtz, J. R. Si-hwinn, D. S. SVUII. Senio. S. T. Sherman, C. Shirley, W. L. Skelton. J. A. Slaughter, Nl. Smith. R. l.. Sinith. C. L. Slllllll. L. R. Sniothers, D. D. SoRelle. A, C. Sparknian. W. J. Staine. R. Sll:1IllllSll.lJ. Stanley, P. Wl. Statton, L. l.. Steele. T. R. Stensel Stephens. J. A. Storm. C. Stnpl. A. A. Sullivan. R. P. Swinlieart. R. J. Tallii-het. E. L. Tanner. T. R. Tenison, W'. H. Thonheish, C. A. Toniak. .l. A. Townsend. C. Townseinl, C. M. Townsend. R. T. 'l'rea4'laway, Freil Trosl. l I. M. Tlllilrs, C. Lifnian. Rolvert Yalentino. Fred Yan Rnrgli. l.. R. Yerlanfles. Eflwarfl W'zi1l1.lell.J.lXl. Wlaile. Rnrton Waggeoner. Win. Wallave. W. M. Walter. F, A. Walthers. W. R. Wliril. R. D. Waril. Lee Ware. Wrlll. Warner. L. D. Watkins. R. S. Weaver. J. C. Weiner. l.. Weiner. L. C. Wvelllmrn, C. H, W1-lls. Roliert Wells. H. Welsh. T. Whalen. Paul Wheeler. H. White. S. ll. Wir-klnwil. H. P. Wilt-ox. R. C. Wilk. ,lake l.. Wlillianis. C. S. W'inliorn. T. J. Terkes. R. WV. Young, F. Zapp. Wlerner Zylit-Z. J. B. 47 Iloustoln A. S I. Iotllers, IIl'1f5l1Il'lI1 ........ . ..... vi " ve I ri-sl-lent at I.urg1e... l'II'51 Xin' I'resnIenl .... S1'1'lill1I Yi:-e I'i'1fsinlf-nt. . . . 'llhiral Xiu- Fresiflerlt. . . Ri-1-rmlilipr Set-rr-tary .... 11nrrs'sponrIing 54-m'1'etury. . rIIl'1'ilSlll'1'l' PL1I'II1lIllt'llIill'ILlll Mrs. AIIN Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Nlrs Alrs Alrs X1 fs Xlrs Xlrs Alrs Nlrs Nlrs Alrs Alrs Nlrs M rs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. 'NI rs Mrs. Mrs Mrs -180 A. If. Armstrong I'1z1rlAfl1-of-k I.. I'.Iiassing1er A. I.. Hatjer 1Q. B. Bayer Hernivi' Ilennler 11harles Bivklev ..I.11. Iiillingslei' Meyer Hlalikhelul . Y.Ilmnl1 F. H. Breaux Y. Y. Bright . .Iohn V11. Ilrown W. Y. Iluttrill 'I1. .I. Ilurnt-tt 114-0. II. 11arns I'uul M. 11arroll I.. W.11lark M. F. 11lark Frank 11larksnn H. A. 11line II. I'1.11olr'mere I"1. 11. Cook .I. T. 11ox I.amar Davis II. A. Ijelery Sam H. Ilixon. .I r. I.. 1 .. Ilonev. ,Ir. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr M rs. Mr M rs. M rs Mr Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr Mrs. Mr' Mr Mrs. Mrs Mr Mrs. Mr:-. Mrs. .. .... Mrs. .I. H. 5IllIIt"I' .....Mrs. Jake H. Waters .....Mrs. I'. 1.. I.1tterst ....NIrs. I.. 11. Ilnney. Ir. .Mrs. A. If. Armstrong .. . . .NIrs. G. I'. 'lliwnseml ....Mrs. Holger Jeppesen ....Mrs. W. If. Iaphet .....Mrs. H. A. Delery HI5l1Dl'IilII. . . . . . Printing 11hairman Lilxrary 11hairman Courtesy 1i1hairman Legislation 1.1hairman Pulilieity Chairman PTOQIIYIIII 1i1IlHII'Ill21I'I Extension 11hairman V111-lfare 11hairm'1n N. Xlr' 5. 5. 5. Mrs. 'Xlr' 5. 5. 5. 5. Ben Ilullie. ,Ir. 'l'.11.I'1ilministi-r Mrs. Mrs. If. 11. Holm Eugene Horan Mrs. Mrs. .I. I.. MCCamy ,I. 11. McDaniel 11. Il. I'1hman Mrs. Frank J. I"Iude1'k Mrs Y. If. Meliinney Walter I'I. Ellerlmwk Mrs. 11. I.. Iavkson IxIl'S.,I1'bIlIl E.M1-Kivin Perl-y Iipstein Mrs. ,l. IT. .lamail Mrs. Marshall M1'Reynold I. ,l. Ifrlunrl Mrs. ,I. I'1..Iaphet Mrs. 11. B. Mabry I'1. F. Ifsser Mrs. W. I'1.,laphet Mrs. ,I. V11. Manius H. A. Ifvans Mrs. If. 'I1. jenn Mrs. Jas. F. Maroney I.. B. Everett II. Fink 11. .I. Flanagan H.I'1.Fowler Male Frost 11. I.. Fugate Kenneth Cednev Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mrs. 5. 5. Holger Jeppesen Mahlon N. johnson . H.1J.Jnl1nstm Russell Jolley Earl E. .Iones N. 11. Kay B. 11. Kelly Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Harry1lill Mr J. B. Klutz Mrs. Hug:li1lill Mrs. W. W. Kirkpatrirk Mrs. A.1L.1l:mzaliz 1YIrs.W1. H. Knight Mrs. H. A. 1loodn1an 1XIrs.1l. I.. Iiraemer Mrs. 11linton A. Medhery .I. T. Millar Fred Miller W. A. Minnoek 11. W. Mitvhell John M. Mouser 11. P. Morris Grover Mushaway 11. W. Noyes E. F. Osborne W. E. O'Kelly Ceo. Ilulton Grimes Mrs. Frank Kuhins Mrs. I.. E. Paruhman I.1lmss Mrs. A. II. KlllS1'hI52ll'I1 Mrs. .I. VV. Peil 111. I.. 1lrisham Mrs. W. Y. I.auraiue Mrs. R. 11. Punteh W. .l. Hugner Mrs. W1. M. Lawrenve Mrs. W1iIliam Qualtrough P.Y,II1-nsley Mrs.F.11.I.itterSl Mrs. J. 5. Quill Ceo. If. Harris. Ir. Mrs. Ben F. Looney Mrs. I.. A. Hatliff .I. P. Ilarshey Mrs. N. Ii. I.onino Mrs. A. Fred Renaud If. J. Hartman Mrs. I. F. Loving Mrs. 0. A. Rittenhouse M. 'I'. Haxthausen Mrs. Cuinn C. Lutz Mrs. F. Roman Mrs. Grover Mushaway .. . .Mrs. Paul M. Carroll .........Mrs. J. K. Stirton Mrs. W1. VV. Kirkpatrivk ........Mrs. G. L. Fugate ......Mrs. W. I. Hagner ...Mrs. W. N. Vaughn .... .Mrs. 1.1. J. Flanagan .. . . Mrs. ,lake H. Waters Mrs Mrs Mrs hlrs hlrs Nlrs hlrs hlrs llrs llrs hlrs Airs Alrs hlrs hlrs Rlrs Nlrs hlrs Mrs1 Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mfsf Max B. Rotholz I. E. Rouganac E. W. Rudloff W. C. Samuels H. G. Sandland A. D. Sehwarz 11harIes Sherer Blanch Smith George Sparkman I. H. Spiller G. F. Statton J. K. Stirton .I. R. Suman W. J. Swine-hart Carl Tanner 11. A. Thanheiser C. P. Townsend W. N. Vaughn R. N. Verlander Robert W. Waggener ,I. W. Ward . ,lake R. Waters O. M. Watkins . A. S. Weaver . L. T. Wleber . Frank Young Hugo Zapp E, T. Zylicz S. 1 V Ji ix! ..-.., - wg- --. h...-if "--" -" - V ' 'A . ' . . . - A Navarro County A. Sz M. Club . fig l , . 3 1 Baker. Charles Bell. E. L. Bonner. ,lolm Breithaupt. C. V. Bryant. Neil Butler. W. H. K. Clarkson. William President ....... ..... 1 1. Y. Ilreilliaupt Yiee-Presiclent .... ..... l l. L. Holmlns Secretary ..... . . .Vlf Crawford Treasurer. . . .... Jack Cvrilllin Crawford. W. L.0ll1IlS. C. llunn fullen llaniel. lere T Ifclwarrls. M. Ezell. Harry Crillin. ,laek Henclon. ll. Hobbs. R. L. Johnson. C. Love. C. 0. Legge. M. C Levy. Daniel L. ll'leElwratl1. D. Vin. Pace. H. W. Parker. C. Wi. Pollen. Milton Rolmesc x11. WY. ll Rogers. C. A. Stell. H. W. Waring. Edgar Westbrook. L. J S an Antonio . :f7C1ub Alihnt. H. 4.. Abbot. R. ll. Adams. M. D. Aaclms, W'. M. Aldrich. I-I. W. Allen. T. W. Alves. R. 11. Anrlrr-u's.1l. 5. Altman, ll. ll. Ankerson. H. P Arno. D. ll. Barn. S. R. Ballard. H. Bullard. J. l.. Burr.-tr. C. A. Bauml. J. A. Beckley. P. W. Bu-cklwy. C. li. Bergquist. A. ll Beyer, D. -X. Bi:-hler. P. W. Biggs. W. P. Binks, Ll. lb. Blanar. R. W. Blume. W. Bowman. R. J. Braid. WH D. Brinkm-tn-r Brough. R. B. Bron n. R. Broun. W. D. Brown. M. l.. Burney. R. L. Burton. C. C. Collin-., J. G. Cnnlu, P. Curnlichqu-l . W. l'. Currie., W . M. Cart.-r. J. Ch..nluirk. H. B Chainiln-ry., 11. C. lllnlrvr. J. H. Colvin. J. R. Conghlin. F. OFFICERS President ...... . . .C. T. Wvorthington Vice-President. . . .... W. L. Mayfield Secretary. . . .L. Kercheville Crmrd.-r. C. L. Crownov:-r. J. B. Cullinun. J. M. f:..1p...,,... A. R. Duns. N. C. Dawn. H. L. D.-Forrest. J. T. D:-rrirli. H. A. lJe-vine, L. F. Dirl-ivrsou. H. W. llouli. R. A. Dodgv, J. A. Donn:-ll. W. C. Dooley. B. F. Dotson. H. l-'. Downs. A. 5. Drnn1'.F.M. Drs-iss. Wf. F. DuBose. A. D. lJuBo-nv, W, C. llullnifl- A. J. Dunn, J. L. Dunphy. R. C. Dykf-. H. H. Edilins. B. N. liilwurnls. F. M. Hlvnvnilorf. H. F. r:.,...y. J. T. I-lsr-osi.-tv. A. A. Fairbanks. E. I.. l-'i-ch.-r, C. W, l-'ost--r. J. C. Foulk. D. C. Fox. R. L. Frank, S. J. Fra-r-burn. lf. l. Frmrlunxl, R. L. Frvvniun. T. H. Gmini-Q. C. M. Cziross. E. B. 414-r.-n. A. B. fc.-miy, J. F. llilliun, U. flilnson. W. F. Glaser. L. T. f......1.',-, 1. H. iloldfein. W. ilornlon. WB 5. flranara. S. ilrzinfors. W. H. Cris-der. C. D. Grieve. R. P. Criailhs. D. M. Grebe. R. B. hugenheim. M. C. fluidn. C. F. Hahervr. W. E. Halbig. W. B. Hall. C. Hallam. R. S. Halloran. K. Harding. J. D. Harris. K. W1 Hartwell. C. M. Hartwell. C. G. Hutfif-ld. R. C. lluugfer. W, C. lluuwr. WI F. Huusman. W. M. Hearn. W. E. Hr-lmrr. C. Hvltlrl. C. S. Henderson. R. ll.-ndrix. E. G. ll:-nshaw, W'. A. Hill. M. W1 Hill. P. N. HolT. R. 5. Hollyruok. L. C. Hnlrlor. L. D. Holmes. H. C. Horner. L. H. llowuril. J. N. Hudson. C. W'. Hudson. J. W. lduifnin-yr-r. H. B. Huchins. J. R. Huth. WH K. lngalls. L. R. lngle. L. A. Jacogson. H. S. Jaggi. L. F. Jenkins. T. E. John. J. W. Jones. J. T. Jones. R. C. Jones. S. Karin. J. Kaufman. R. Kelly, A. B. Kenagy. J. A. l'Cf-rrhf-ville. L. Kerr. Cv. E. King. H. J. Kiser. H. A. Lacy. W. H. l.al'ielrl, W. C. Landon. C. R. Landrum. H. B Lansflnn. D. S. Lea. A. L. Le.u'h. E. S. Leslie. A. C. l.vu'i:, E. R. Long. T. B. Loomis. R. R. Loril, S. C. Lowndes. H. B. Loyd. P. B. Luvkenhach. A. A. Munn. W. N. Marks. E. S. Marnork. C, W Martin. J. lf. Mayer. H. R. M.yf..1.i. xv. 1.. xi. .. R E . 'g". . . xi.-gg.. H. A. Mrlhegan. J. D. Melnnvon. J. E. Meyer. WH D. Minor. J. W. Mir-hell, C. W. Moisseioff. A. M. Morgan. J. F. Morton. N. Mueller. C. P. Munson. A. H. Murray. R. Musser. J. T. Mylius. M. F. McAnelly. B. C. McAnelly. D. ll. MCCnllough. H. McCollum. J. J. McCoy. F.. D. McDuHiP. J. C. MCR.-llar. A. S. MrNeil. R. C. Nzrgvl. M. J. Nassauer. C. Naylor. J. K. Nuylos. J. O. Nr-ill. D. W. Neuman. L. A. Newton. B. C. Nooman. T. A. Nye. A. R. Pavkurd. L. H. Parker. R. W. Parker, T. 5. Patterson. J. E. Peter. R. E. Peyton. K. P. Phelps. R. Phillips. F. T. Planto, M. Porhmnnn. R. W Posey. A. H. Powr-ll. J. C. Power. C. H. Preslrirlge. B. C. Pruvtt. L. J. Raeke. L. A. Ray. C. C. Reeves. J. R. Reich. A. Reiner. T. A. Reinhard. W, P. Rennert. A. E. Rire. L. Richard. R. W. Richey. T. B. Richter. C. X. RilPy'. J- J. Ringel. J. M. Robinson. A. J. Rodgers. B. Roley. S. J. Rosensrein. S. Roth. B. A. Saunders. D. H. Schaefer. C. J. Srhellhase. H. O. Srhelper. M. W'. Srhvro, C. J. Schmidt. K. E. Srhnilde. H. D. Srhuchart. 0. W. Sealy. R. O. Sei-le. H. H. Swllinger, C. M. Sharp, L. H. Shivel. L. E. Shupp. H. M. Skinner. Wh H. Sleeper. W. C. Smith. F. F. Smith. C. F. Snyder. N. H. Somerville. G. R. Speria. A. J. Sp.-rin. B. Stanley. W. 5. Sraudt. W'. C. Slautzcnlwrgftr. A. L. Steimel. R. M. Stevens. J. R. Smry. F. D. Sroriz. W. Struvrk. A. C. Struue. N. L. Stu:-ke. H. C. Sturt:-vant. R. A. Sueltenfuss. G. T. Summer. F. WD Swope. J. C. Tassns, C. C. Taylor. C. M. Taylor, S. R. Thompson, R. Thrifl. W. T. Todd, W. W. Tonkin. R. G. Triesrh. G. R. Trodlier. H. Tsrhoepe. E. A. Tracy. E. W. Truuth. R. C. Vakey. G. H. Valdez. L. M. Yalon. E. Yanilerweide. J. J. Yan Tuyl. D. Velinnler. R. E. Voight. M. C. Voirh. C. K. Whhrmunnl. H. 0. Whllace. C. H. Warnke. H. F. W'atts. W'. D. Weirus. R. Weiss. C. J. Weydel. E. C. Whaync. T. R. Whitaker, D. W. White. L. P. White. W. K. Whitton. E. N. Wdlliams. T. A. WiptT. K. R. Whnlank. E. P. Worthington. C. T Ziller, T. E. l l!! wsswe ..3s..-, ,- we kv Q... yfggxijsig . :fx .1 ' L N ..'.Q1'3. is ii . s R... Q H it Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M rs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. F. G. Ahliuu Carlton Arlrnus H. S. Alham- W. .l. Alflrirh Ii. E. Alrlrirlgr- Ted Allen Ceo. WI. Alvn-s O. P. Anka-rsnn Frank Assiz I. S. Barn C. A. Barn-in Louise Bauml Lurille Berguuisl Iihba H. Ba-tlley P. W. Bin-hln-r R. D. Biggs B. S. Binks H. J. Bluiu H. O. Bnrglwlrl R. H. Bmvnmn P. H. Briuknensr M. Brnnlchnrsl A. A. Brown Mark L. Broun C. E. Burton C. Gallins A. V. Cantu W. P. Czirniichrwl .l. H. Chadwirk A. H. Chamlwrs J. A. Clunf-r C. A. Colvin C. H. Colvin Mae Crowder Marie Cullirmn President ............ Vice-President at Large. . First Vice-President. . . Second Vice-President. . Third Vice-President. . . Fourth Vice-President. . Fifth Vice-President. . . Recording Secretary. . . Corresponding Secretary. . Treasurer ..... ....... Parliamentarian. . Historian ...... Mr-1. Lula lhrlr-y Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. R.u,.h Davis .lack Ili' Forrest C. .l. Ih-lrirk C. Wy. Ilivlio-rsnll Mrs. J. W. lhinnvll Mrs. G. B. Ihuwns Mrs. H. N. llrune- Mrs. Ed Drviss. Mrs. Wf II. Ilrniv Mrs, .laniv M. IluBuse Mrs. Bess Dyk:- Mrs. W'. N. Ifililins Mrs. F. S. Elise-nhuurrr Mrs. R. H. l"aiirlranks Mrs. li. A. Ifisrhr-r Mrs. A. C. Ifnulk Mrs. Nellie May Frm-lvorn Mrs. Sol Frzilik Mrs. T. H. Fr:-eniali Mrs L. W1 lfox Mrs. W'm. llr-ntzn-n Mrs. John A. Gibson Mrs. B. W. Clans:-r Mrs. .l. YV. ilulilfvin Mrs. A. Gurdon M rs. Sam flranuto Mrs. R. P. Grieve- Mrs. M. Gugn-nh:-im Mrs Louis I.. Cuiuln Mrs. W. B. Hallvig Mrs. M. S. Hallam Mrs Louis If. Hzirl M rs M rs Harry lluruu-ll W. J. Hanger Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M rs M rs M rs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M rs Mrs M rs M rs M rs Mrs. M rs M rs M rs Mrs. M rs M rs Mrs M rs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M rs Mrs. M rs M rs W. -X. Iluuser L. .l. Hziusmnn I-2.15. llvndrix .l. W. Ilill 5. ll. Huff I". I.. llnllvrnok .A. Ilnlrlr-r M. I.. Ilowanl W F. V. Ilulimvyvr .l. R.IIut1-hins Us-nrgvI'IilIl1 L. l.. Ingalls L. .-X. lnglr- 5. K. Ingram P. .lurohsnn L. I". J.igf,:i R. Il. .lv-IIric-s B. ll. .lrnlsins N. Kaufman J. A. Kanagy .l. I. I'ivrrhr-vill.- Cl:-nn S, Key In-un WH Ka-lla-r J. IJ. Kirk H. A. Iiisvr Hugo Kurt Hoyt Lafy C. R. I.:rniIon .l. A. Landrum W'rn. C. Lahf-ld R. Il. l.r-a A. C. I.:-ska L. R. I.:-wis A. C. I.uyrl Mrs. A. IJ. Mayfield .Mrs W. J. Aldrich ..Mrs. H. H. Seele ..Mrs. I-I. A. Kiser .Mrs. M. Bronkhorst ..Mrs. W. W. Todd .Mrs. C. R. Landon ..Mrs. J. Wf Donnell ...Mrs. M. L. Howard ...Mrs. I. K. Patterson Mrs. H. O. Borgfeld Mrs. W. O. Murray Mrs A. Il. Mapfir-l-I Mrs H. R. MrAnvlly Mrs I. M.-Cullum Mrs .. P. N'IrCny Mrs.Il,S.M1'Kellur Mrs. Ii. E.. M1-gr-rf Mrs. . N. Mvggs Mrs .l. Il. Mffhegun Mrs. W. 42. Mvy--r Mrs .WQ Milrhv-ll Wlrs. . II. Nlunson Mrs. W. lb. Murray Mrs I.. A. Neulori iilrs. .V. Nirl.r-rsun Mrs I.. Il. Par-krtrrl Iilrs. .IL Parks-r Wlrs. K. I'.rr1.-rs.-ri Mrs I.. 5. Pon-r xn..K.,nHuuiPh.nn Mr.. . C. Pose-V Mrs. I. ll. Purnell Mrs K. K. Pre-stri-lg: Mrs, , I.. Ray Mrs. . -X. Hr-im-r Mrs A. IC. Ho-nnerl Mrs MrMnrray Rirhr Mrs I.. -X. Robinson Mrs . I'Iusvnstm'in Mrs. l".. I. Ruth Mrs . S.-hr-llhusv Mrs. . A. Srhmiult Mrs. Leu- 5vhum'h.xrl Mrs . II. Sm-lr' Mr. u uunlShupp Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Wlrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Wlrs Mrs. Wlrs. M rs. Mrs. Wlrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr Mrs. Mr s Mrs Mrs. M I' M r M r M r s. 4 Mrs. Mr Mr s uni rw.4r:,sau., 12. C. Smith J.. R. Sunnfrxillr- -X. Il. Sp.-rm NK. 5.51.1111--3. IIh.is. Stuuill 11.12. Sturt'-uni! Iilizulmlh Sur-ltr-nfu-is Mnllie B. Sunni:-r lohn lil. Sump.- IL. Ib. Tassn- W. T. Thrift W. W. Trnlrl l'1. W. Trricv A. fl, Tri:-srh I-Irluirrrl 'I'srlio.sIw -X. T. Vakm Sam Vanrl.-rWvi-le -X. YanTuvl Nils X.-lm-lr-r Marvin Voigt tl. I'l.Vuith ll. 0, Wahrlnunrl John W. Xkms ,Irmn W'virus C. I-'. Weiss -K. .l. W.-yr-I. Jr. Kathryn Whziynr .l. Il. Whitaker F. V. Whin- W. K. Whin- F U. XY hin-in I.. A. William T. A. Wlilliulns M. K. Ynnun t. -. . 'ei TH 1"I' 4 O H P+ 23" I. :A 1 Atlmin-. 11. H. Ailittmli, A. If. Atnlrm-1-. I. Il. Anglf-. I.1-1- .-Mhlfp. I. B. Atkinf-. J. II. Ants-rtnzmn. Arthur. Ilanlwr. II. IJ. II.irnt-N, A. Il. II.irn'-s. .I. M. lint.-., ilu. Iivrrs. XX . T.. Jr. Il'-it-r. XX illi.tm Iitllingxlt-x, 5. H. Ihrtl. Y. IX. Ihu--r'It,1i, II, Ii'-tulr-. T. IS. Iimtlff-r-I. J. W. Iimtllt-i, If. IL. Iirxnn, H. I.. Ilurkt-, Ii. I'. Ilurru-, Il. H. Hutch. r. .l. II. Ilnu, XY. li. Ifyvte, II. II. l..t1ihrI1l.I'1.II. 4.nrpu-nt1r,IN.Ii. .A. I.. lfuthey lfh.tth.xm. Ii. Il.. Ir. Chiltlrt--N, K. Il.. ,It Chiltb, IDI. U., ,Ir. President ........... ...... C us Bates First Vice-President. . . . .Keith Pumphrey Secretary-Treasurer. . .... Tom S. Gillis Reporter ......... ...B. O. Childs. Jr. Sergeant-at-Arrns. . . . .Douglas Hagood 4...,...1.....i. t.. it llurtl--ll. P. Lurrtti. IX . ll. 1. 1.. . .-unite. NI.1..,Jr. NI. .rtmnuns. .-X. Il 11ruu4I1.I. XX, In. Curl. II. I'. l.Itmimr-rm, Xhllmm Chtxnn. I.. I'. iflttrl., :L I. l.l.ty, I. A.. Ir. 1.11-mt-nt-..I.I". t.l--in--mi, H. P. l,..m5-inn. 31.5. Ihiivln-., .I. H. Ihniv. Ii. If. Imu.--. J. lt. Il.u'tN. I. l.. Il.-nt. J. Il. Inn.-., J.II, Ilnlztn. I. I. Imltn..-, l-.. A. lmln...-, tt..,...-.-, NX. 5. IS. I.. Ils.-r. II. ff. Ill-Iri.tg.f, .l. It I.llmtt. 'I. I.. Hlli-. I.. II. I-'.tr1vll.j. Xlnjy, F--ik.XX.1.. Ilvlth r, I.-I N. I-iltmr.-, I-.. I.. I-'lm..fvN. II. I.. I-Nix, J. I5 .li I . . Ntllrn-l, 4.. II. 4...1.....l.,, t.. it t:alla..T 4 1 . . .tv-luui. II. M. 41.1-'rtt-. I.. XX. 1 . mlstttii, H. II.. jr, I.--tnlri--Ii.1h, I' th.-gg. I. XX. lt..g.....i, tn, it. n..1l, 3.11. II.tltt-ni, I.. XX . Ilultunt. R. C. Ilzintlf, R. II. Hargis. C. P. II.4rri5. R. L. Hurt. IV. J., jr. II:-nth. 41. Ii.. Ir. tt....t..... I.. xx .,J.. vim..-..y.J. x1.,J. Hi1t,H.B. n..i.t..., L. r..,1f. Hollis. E. A. it..........aght. L. rm. n..t..-t. rw. A. Iltitrht-emi. I. I., H..f.-mug-. C. H.. J. Irvin, Paul F. Irwin, W. Lv. Inhnxnn. C. B.. Jr. .Iuhn-un. 41. Jr. .IuIin-un. H. I.. It-me-. I.. H. K.ihn. H. B. Ixillmn. 51.0. Klntzman. A. XI. Krutlrk, II. .-X.. Jr. I.ttrv. F. H. I.ur4I. H. 5. I.:ttimn-r, .I. H. I.atuI4'r. XY. T. I.v'III:ttlr. .-I. I. I.:-r. IV. SI. Lilly, C, A.. Jr. I.inI.. IQ. XY. I.ink. J. B. Xlvljtil.-lm, J. A. Nlvilurthy. I.. J.. Ir. xt.-t:..m, cz. 11 NI.-lllt-ntlon. Lt-1' XIrCrzivI.e1l.II. H. NIrI.tttr'Imn. C. C. MMI:-n'. Ii. E. SNK:-nziv, K. Il. Mt-I.:trn. R. II. Nlanltlnx. I'I. P. 'Sli-inrhvatu-r, I.. I.... Ir Munn, I.. If. Matplw. W. I.. Nhtzlivr, 0. R. Meth-rtl, N. S. INIi!1'hrII,II,C...It. Kluntfurt. J. Ir. Mmm-, II. W. Norris, IJ. .-K. Nlultlv-r, 42. XY . Mn-tv, Ii. C. Hyzttt. II. I". Nuhnnt. I. E.. Jr. Nixann. 5. II. Nu-5, YY. F. llrniun, II. NI. IH-mlm-n. I. W. Pt-th-n, I.. Ii. I5-tlwn. Huy I.. I"t-rinvlnil-wr. .I. NI. Pt-rrp, Ii. II. I"rire. .I. A. Pugh, Nluriun C. I'l1vi1phrw-y, K. I". Hunhurn, W. A. tt.-yn..l.t., B. xx. K:-pnnltls. U. .-X. Rt-ytmltln, I.. W. Rnlwrtwri. .I. YK . K1-luingon. G. C. Iinn1'..Iulil4-5 I". Rnwnthatl. E. M. Rt-fenthttl. J. L. 54-hunrz. E. C. Sfmt, W. T. Simi:-on. .I. KI. Sim-X. .I. M. Slough. I. F. Smith. E. F. Smith. I.. R. Smith. I.. T. sn...t.ty, H. A. Stanley. V. B. St:-tlmztn. N. .-X. Stevens. P. L. Stn-ut. .I. NI. Sullivan. XY. W.. Ir. Sumnn-r, Ll. C. Tannuhill. C. F. Taylur, .I. C. Taylor. T. Il.. .Ir. Thunipsnn, 31.1. Thurntnn. H. J. T1-mmm-. H. I-Q. Trezttlul-II. II. -X. Tucker. B. B.. Jr. Tulis, R. F. Wade-II. B. IJ. Warn-n, A. U. W1-bb. C. II. Whirt-. Billy Wilson. I. H. Wilsnu. Juma-s L. WUHUHI, K. A. nHurd. P. C.. Ir. Wofford. W. T. W. W oml. E. M. Wlrutlmtln, G. M.. .Ir XX right. Charles. .Ir. Yankee. K. D. Youngblood, R. F. '1i,...n 1- N 1 'T l ' '- . . X Fort Worth A. 81 M. others, Club , V ' A... .. -X, ' T v , rvifiglillf x' '.".2-,'.4:-girlfil YYWW V 4 Xl:-Xu1l4lv'r.XlIN.l.'Xl. Anglo, Xlr-. Xl. I.. .-Xuvv-rni.mn, Xlr-, Xrrhnr Barlwr. Xlr-, HQ-rr lhrm-4. Xln. XX. XX. 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Ray Huber. George Huckins. George Jonas. Mason Lagrowe. Joe Long. Robert Macheiras. R. P. Mallet. R. C. Miertschin. N. H. Moon. Arthur Moritz. Clarence Mudd. Jerald McClure. L. M. Nicklehur. Johnny Perkins. A. Plyler. .l. M. Poore. Wvicker Rahe. W". A. Heed. L. D. Heeves. D. WI Rizer. J. R. House. Phil Saba. Teddy Schwing. Ivan Scott. Wallie Sharp. Robert Smith. Charles Stokes. Joe Streater. Lewis Tucker. Payson Van Cleave. Ce Walker. Edwin Wvalker. Rivers Watts. Prentice Wells. Frank Whaley, J. WV. Wheeler. E. B. Wiggins. Cecil Williams. Phil Wlillianson. Wl. Yardley. ,lack orge G. Youngblood, Richard Yartz. Johnny "lf r F lliiiiii liiiiiitl lltiiiiiilliiiiiiui 'iiilliliillliilililill PfiililliEIlliiiiiliilf Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. . .. J.. .. ,. .A . President ...,...... Vice-President-at-Large First Vice-President. . . Second Vice-President .... Third Vice-President .... Recording Secretary ..... . Corresponding Secretary Historian... .. .. .. Parliamentarian Treasurer ........ Program Chairman. . . Henry Alford 1.0. Bartlett O. O. Benson Russell Brient .WL J. Burch . C. A. Badger . W. L. Beaumont . C. B. Clark . F. L. Cresap . R. R. Daily . G. Domask A. J. Fanguy Mrs. S. Flowers Mrs. M. C. Garrison Mrs E. A. Gripp Mrs Charles Ciebel Mrs C. S. Halfin Mrs R. E. Hardin Mrs F. J. Hollier Mrs. George Huber Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs . Sidney Hays Henry Hansen D. C. Kirby . Carl T. Long Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. .Mrs. W. A. Gardner ...Mrs. F. W. Jones ... .Mrs. M. Fisher ....Mrs. M. F. Evans .... .Mrs. J. G. Wheeler ....Mrs. B. C. Brady ....Mrs. L. M. McClure . . . . .Mrs. Wv. Scott ...Mrs. P. R. Watts . . . . .Mrs. Joe Stokes Mrs. J. C. Van Cleave P. Lagrone Mrs. Frank Mallet Mrs. A. J. Moon Mrs. Ed Mudd Mrs. VF. Moritz Mrs. H. Miertsehin Mrs. J. N. Nicklebur Mrs. Albert Perkins Mrs. H. H. Poore Mrs. J. M. Plyler Mrs. L. F. Reeves Mrs. L. D. Reed Mrs. wx W J. H. Rizer VF. M. House G. S. Saba Ivan Schwing B. C. Streator H. W2 Sharp E. P. Tucker H. K. Thomas A. B. Whaley R. F.. Vfalker F. E. Walker. Sr P. T. Williams i Sorilhwest Texas A. Y., i. nw? il. nam,-,yy Il' Algvr. W. li. Allen. C. H. Allen. J. H. Hall. ,lohn Hall. li. A. llarron. ll. P. lllar-lialler. lx. H. l3rann'hle. li. lf. llrown. W. li. Cain. N. l'. Capt. lf. lf. tioliger. ,lark liraxxlhmcl. llolr .L- President .... Vice-President ,... Secretary-Treasnrex Reporter .... . l7ar1'.Ray Deliona. Harold Dotltl. Doyal lfanlkner. B. H. l"nlxxile1'. James lfnsselnian. V. C lE5 ir"liSi'iP"" """" " ' HH Shelhy L. White ...... . . .Ted Weydell E. 1Budclyl White William B. Brown Lacy. Albert Lacy. Arthur Lihson. N. Mansfield. N. Haile. H. 0. Hunt. Archie Jaekson, lf. W. Jones. lfinory livatl1.,l. H. lierr. Teddy Knapp. WY. C. Marshy. C. C. Martin. M. H. Metcalfe. H. P. fllaylierry. B. T. Mullins. J. M. Nester. YV. C. Uelkers. J. C. Pegues. H. A. Pegues. S. S. Pesek. J. T. Pranglin. H. A. Reinhart. 0.1. Roberts. Cv. O. Hothe. J. H. Russel. Hap Schawe. E. J. Skelly. C. A. Stidham. Cv. L. Thompson. C. F. Weydell. Ted White. A. E. White. S. L. Vliillingham. J. E Zerr. J. L. milf pl San Angelo A. 81 M. Club '- 'fj':'1 1,Q"' "P??Fv' ,-X 7 f f Y WW Y ee k - V'-A 'Ir fir . . - we - ' J f.w.g,f-q,- lf. '. .IJ 54.13 'Ml y L..,. ,U Q - F11 v rlrilgvxgv I e 5 1,4 -' L' --vw, ENE , A . Q 1 . I -1 fl-1 4gf"',',"4l:. 1:-. President ................. Jack N. Ayeoek Secretary .................... Jack Baggelt Vice-President .... .... l .ovell Kilpatrick lleportm-1'. .. .... liill Hemphill -,'7 N' San Angelo A. SI lVl. lVl0tl1erb Club President ......... . .Mrs Amos W. Wumlmle llecorfling Secretary ..... Mrs. Tommy Quick Vice-President ....... ...... ll lrs. Bert Major 'llreasurer ................ lllrs. H. lf. lfuller 5 Q ' " A :TTY 'A G 'i -L .t A BQ All Wx. ' 2 HQ .eston T . A . .' Elf if l '. :- . i- ' J . fi. 'V 5312- 411553 w . 4-.T A.: .5 3. 1"' '1 i lbleill. 2 2 5.1 t' ,LL - - Y' sv 2 .,,. 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Ramsden. H. D. Rohper. W. C. Schadt. M. C. Sehaper. L. O. Seibel. H. S. Shwift. S. B. Smith. S. N. Strickhausen. C.. Tix. M. H. Tramonte. J. J. Tuccori. F. E. White. J. C.. Jr. Wolfer. C. J. Wolford. VV. VV. Woolford. J. J. Jr I' 11 Q l 5 I t Club sei' Anderson. C. H. Ashburn, Robt. Attaway. Herman Bailey, Lloyd Ballman. W. Barnes, F. L. Beavers. J. M. Bennett. J. F. Beville. Henry Bledsoe, J. V. Bloodworth. Morris Bosteirk, B. L. Brazelton, C. Brooks, R. Brown, E. T. Brumbelow. John Bryan, R. C. Bush, Evans Byrd, W. W. Canonieo, Paul, Jr. Carpenter, R. L. Cernosek. B. D. Chapman, K. Chapman, W. B. Chapaton, Tom, Jr. Chatam, Elbert Christian, Tom Clarke, W. L. President ....... Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasu rer .... Clfpp. Colley. A. S. Connalley, C.. Jr. Cox, J. H. Cox. Wilburn Croust. Forrest Cunningham. E. C. Daniels. C. E. Davis. J. E. Dennis. G. E. Dennis. R. E. Dirkerson. Wh F.. Jr. Doran. Louis Downs. J. W. Edwards, C. C. Fields, E. O. Fort, M. G. Freebright, J. VV. Galloway, F. D. Gander. J. B. Gardner, W. C. Girard, L. V. Glass. B. P. Gable. J. E. Gorham, G. M. Grochoske, A. E. Grochoske, L. H. Hamner, A. H. Hannon, L. K. Hawthorne. E. J. Hering, J. K. Hill, R. G. Holliday. Jack Hulme, F. C. Hynds. C. L. James. C. P. Kagan. M. Kemendo. D. E. Kinr-annon, Joe Krocker. R. A. Krueger, Willie Ledbetter, J. P. Ledbetter, R. W. Lehman, Nail, Jr. Lemke. Calvin Levy. Joseph Lewis, T. M. Lindquist, J. E. Littleheld, Rease Lockhart. J. E. Lowe, R. B. Mr-Call. M. McConnell, B. B. McCrary, J. C. MeLarty, Emmett Markland, R. L. Maroski, W. P. Martin, C. S., Jr. Martin. J. W. ...Bob Nalley. Jr. . . . .WL F. Dickerson . . . . .Luke Moore Mater. C. G. Medders. T. B. Miriek. M. R. Moore. E. E. Moore. Luke Morrow. C. WL Shelby, Fredrirk G Sleeper. .John Sliger. Fredrivk A. Smith Kenneth D. Smith Reggy Smith. Tarlton T. Moser. F. A. Nalley. Bob. Jr. Nelson. E. R. Nelson, T. M. Netherland. B. E. Pave. lf. R. Palmer. C. M. Pannell. E. Wh Pearse. M. R. Pedigo, D. L. Pedigo, J. Pool. Frank M. Rive. Arthur Ringer, Stephen L. Risinger, R. B. Rogers, Cullen, Jr. Homing. J. A. Ross. Sul Ruby, Martin Sanders. Overton Scott, W. E. Schreiber, C. A. Schwarting, Edmund A. Speer. T. E. Sprinkle. C. C, Stewart. lf. lf. Steinkamp. H. Stravke, Sam Swigert. W. F. Taylor. W1 U. Tranimell. Buell Turner. Yester Vestal. Milton E. Viekery. Riehard Walker, Garland Warner. James W Webb, 0. C.. Jr. Webb. Billy Joe Westbrook. Titus L Willis. Todd Wiezig. M. J. Wortham. J. G. Yorkton, Alfred York, Leslie Zalman, Willie I Gulf Coast A. 81 M. Club Adams. F. B. Anderson. T. M. Arnim. 0. Baugess. J. C. Boyd. T. M. Urannen. T. H. Hrocknmiller. P. Cargile. C. Carlisle. C. C. Doran. wr. H. Vice-President .... Secretary-Treasurer Duce. T. E. Dunkerly. R. P. Fads. H. Candy. W. S. Garrett. C. L. lloldston. J. M. Hancock. J. H. Haroldson. F. S. Hickman. H. F. Jackson. D. F. P. Dunkerly F. B. Adams .....I. F. Smither Johnson. J. Jones. J. L. Kelly. F. F. Kipp. H. H. Ludden. F. C. Matthews. C. C McDaniel. 13.0 1. Matthews. J. M. Menger. C. C. Moss. K. Muil. C. W. Newton. G. D Preston. J. B. Rogers. G. Y. Smither. I. F. Thwing. R. C Toland. C. I. Turner. C. E. Voss. C. K. Ward. T. D. Willeford. G. Wvilson. F. W' Q ww, ......-- . , N. .N w.,,,dp,g V ,yn 1A, . A . . w ..t. , e1't0lR1co A. 81: M. Club , y, .-5, '0. Benitez. Rafael C. Caro. Ruben Casta. Domingo A. Collazo. Alfonso J. Coolc. Russell T. Cordero. Virgil N. Crisson. Robert D. President ....... .... l il. ll . Vl hall Vice-President ....... .... E . l.. Sanloni Secretary-Treasurer .... .... J . A. lfcliegaray Eellegaray. J. A. Gonzalez. Carlos Q. l'lernanclez. Hector A. Lassalle. Henry Lopez. Olaguilret A. Kunst. T. ,l. Mujiea. Mieliael A. Otero. M. lf. Planadeball. Franc Rivera. Miguel A. Rodriguez. Luis C. Sais. Luis A. iseo Santoni. Eugenio L. Soto. Miguel A. Torres. Antonio R Toro. Enrique. Jr. Toro. Edward E. Trigo. .lulio E. Villamil. Jorge Villamil. Rafael Wliall. Clifford W ,., Ei pring A. M - F . ,fa .S . is ' .i-1, I 53 ,, E Hlii ' .in 4 .L Adams. Harvey Burns. Morris Hell. E. C. lfidson. Clint llrafa. Otis President. ....... . . Secretary-Treasurer . Hart. Howard Hatch. George Kasch. Arthur Koons. Billy Miller, R. H. Prager. A. J. Preger. Joe Robinson. Bill Roundtree, Bill Sheets. Ralph .H. C. Talbot Bill Rohinson Starkey. Jack Stevens. Paul Stiff. John Swatzenbach. Howard Talbot. Harold Womack. Novis v . 1 -+3 4,2 , " ', . 3.0 E ? v 1 if Q1 N53 QQQXXW . M. WH1Cl1'O1J SZ Co. i HE HLUJHUS REITIETTIBEFQS . TO SEND "BRN ANS I,HpXUiNfl 4fI.U'l'HH'iR5i' 117- , , - ' .Y . For the- past forty-five years .-X. M. Waldroplig Co. ai I I Q' have flirnisliefl Aggies with hue clothing. military F' YK. V if uniforms ami army efquipnient. luools. shoes. il icuelrv. A. 8 NI. bells. pvnnants. pillows. stickers X 1. ,X ron and norellivs. We spevialize in inacie-toaiiieasiire N X91 hvlg ., 'Wx uniforms and slam-ks . . . t'Y6'l'y garment is guar- ants-eil lu GK. i V ' . , W I if sim 1 , i ' N N Q! YHQMTFT f f N N 0 Vi , V f KINGS HSSORTUKHT , " --' 'aff ' ' sjnmnvinny rw, afwcfif-7014171 Zzilws , 5 . ,f V ' X j PACEMAKERS FOR SMART AMERICA V Y X3 - S 1 W X' f , 1 . S - X ,.,,- . , in 'f ,r 1:L GN,zfa:q 2 E- ' 'r'r W Hail orders will I'k'l'f'iYt' our I-rmnpt attvntinn . . . write- " ffxgfs' in for lllliflH'Ill5 . . . vqiiipnwnt . . . jvwelry :mai miwltim X .gi i1,.,"y,5i 'Q X ' , - . E .,... -- . L..-"a"-'--.: Lai!--if: 1 "Two fi1lllYf'!lit'llI Stores" i gr X 'Q V 1 N - -' " SOLD BY BETTER STORES 1l1li.I.PXlPI ST Ylili FN BRS' NN. 'lil'iXqXS N ,,,, , i ujllllll llftllllll-HlllllITS. but wily nm' lflli' lure." 1 i h Q Texas Colistruction Material Co. "SAND AND GRAYEI. PRODUCERS" Capital Sim-k l .000.000.00 HOl'S'I'0N. TEXAS f,'0,1.l'I'I'S.' , ki, A, FMQTQLHER i1.P.i:r3mii:R Q 1 rm.,,..m, ..rB.mf,1 1 .L-e.1',.'i..f.',.f N xx.i1,nx1i-suxwm J. u. c1.aHl.i3r E l'rm1.lvn1 Svurvlurm-Trmnun-r i 1 Din'c'I0rs.' W J. M. llAKI.I-1Y MRS. c. 1.. GRIFFITH E. A. Fmircnfix xv. E. snirsox ii. P. 1LIC31Ml-IK 5. 11. sx1Al.l.m' Q xx: ii. 1:r:m11-:R R. cz. RI-Il-ID N 'ly 5, Krgiilv N THE EXCHANGE STORE of the A. Sr lVl College is the store of the Cadets . e student's headquarters . . -lli All the books, stationery, and drawing materials that will be needed during the year will be found here. Your regulation uniforms, Stetson hats, Sam Browne belts, shoes, shirts, and in fact everything that is good in the military line, will he found in this store. We also keep in stock the very best lines of underwear, hosiery and toilet articles. This store is not run with the idea of money-making but merely for the convenience of the student body, and goods bought by us are sold as cheaply as possible-just enough being added to pay running expenses. 1 The A. SZ lVl. College Exchange Store R. K. CHATHAM. Manager COLLEGE STATION TEXAS 497 V., L LQ ,, gal- G The Hana' parades in .-lustin Compliments of JESSE H. JONES' INTERESTS xv - For PEPP PERFORMANTQE ,fx fxe dxl N figs .2 X xg X N X N U se Mobilgas Drive in at the sign of the Flying Red Horse for a tankful of Mobilgas. You'l1 like the quick response .... smooth acceleration . . . . full power and long mileage that Mobllgas gives. In traffic, or on the high- way, Mobilgas delivers the BHLHNCED Performance that means greater motor- ing enjoyment. 7 H Z., j I-Z ,Z fulesziwu' 4 !t"!'.?!'..'1!!A,.'2E9.LF,B 498 GIFFORD-HILL 81 CO., INC. Washed and Graded SAND AND CRAVEL ASPHALTIC CONCRETE Crushed ROCK READY-MIX CONCRETE Phones: 7-8194 - L. D. 631 412 Texas Bank Bldg. DALLAS. TEXAS LOUISIANA PLANTS: Forest Hill Turkey Creek UNIFORM TAILOR SHOP ll- REGULATION UNIFORM Low Prices Guaranteed Fit - Trout Sicily Island Minden TEXAS PLANTS: Dallas Allamore MENDL HORNAK Texarkana Roanoke Hearne Compliments of LUCCI-IESE BOOT COMPANY, INC. ESTABLISHED 1883 MAKERS OF THE PERFECT ANKLE BREAK BOOT THE BOOT THAT GIVES SATISFACTION WE HAVE SUPPLIED AGCIES FOR MANY YEARS WITH SATISFACTORY BOOTS 101 IT. Travis Street SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS 499 E Aggie Jewelers WE. S. D. Fine Watches. Diamonds and Jewelry of all kinds "BHYAN'5 MODERN MENS STORE" Senior Class Rings for any Year Aggie Jewelry. Belt Buckles and Fobs Where Aggies Like to Shop CALDWELL,S JEWELRY STORE FEATURING SMART MENiS WEAR Bryan, Texas AND COMPLETE REGULATION 1 UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT WIMBERLEY-STONE DANSBY E -0 4 4 CLOCPLIERS BRYAN, TEXAS i "Let's ea!" ' T I In a thousand Ways S F M C O . . modern electric service adds to the l S ES happiness and health of modern living. MACHINERY AND UPPLI . . improves comfort and efficiency in modern homes and industry. . . proves itself a daily bargain. SAN ANTONIO MACHINE 8 SUPPLY CO. 0 ' BRANCHES AT an -I-onio Corpus Christi - Harlingen - Austin - Waco angularlfcergiisisnvtlce. 1 y m any t 00 UR FIRST LINE OE DEFENSE Today,s young men and women constitute tomorrowis farmers, bankers, industrialists, lawyers and plain citizens who will continue in the 'gpursuit of life, liberty and happi- ness" in the time-honored American Way of Life. These young men and women are Americas Hrst line of defense against the inroads of foreign "isms" and beliefs contrary to our form of government. Because they hold dear the right of free speech, public assembly, and elective officials, the United States will remain the stronghold of a strong people. Congratulations to you as the class of 1941 . . . to you who will fill the important role of citizenship in Texas and the nation. 501 Em' inure than fifty years me haw server Frank Bros. SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS M an u f avturers lm porfers jobbars of MILITARY EQUIPMENT APPAREL AND INSIGNIA The Souiffs Largest .Ilililary Oulfitiars Congratulations! 9 9 HOL'STON'S SMART STORE FOR MEN - WOMEN - AND BOYS! R. T. DENNIS 81 CO., INC. Eurnitllre and Home Furnishings L. E. BERRY '29, Cen. Mgr. BRYAN - YY.-'U'f0 - TEMPLE - HILLSBORO 7 , .Lf N A NELSON CO. . l,I'Sfl'I'bllf07'S ugtanh atb" PLUMBING FIXTURES AND MERICAN HEATING EQUIPMENT I1,l'flIIl'l'lt'.Y al HOLSTON I7 XLLAS ALSTIN WMIO BEgXI'MONT WIliHVl'A FALLS RANCH LOANS I the IHIIVIIIIIPII in Mvest and SOLIIIIMBSI Texas. Writf- us for IPLlI'lI1'llIill'S. E. B. CIIEIIICIICI' SI Co. I.nam I:lll'l't'NIl0IIlIt'IIIN 0 JNIJIIILI Lifv IIl5lll'Ell1t"P Co. I Wh E. llruvke-tt St.. San XNIIIUIIIO. Tvxas Thr Ujfrcr nf thx' llalx' am! the Officer uf the Guard take Charge' 502 Fine Uniforms LAUTERSTEIWS MYERS-SPALTI MFG. CO. xIHTlllT8l'IllI'f'I'S anml Wholesale Di-triliutors of FURNITURE. KIATTRESSHS. LiPHUI,STERING SPRINGS. UENERAI, HOUSE l"l'RNlSHlN1lS AND BOATS Houston. Texas T CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To those of you now embarking upon your life's work, we offer best wishes for success and congratulations upon the completion of your college course in your chosen professions. Texas Gulf Sulphur Company, lno. l'ro1lucers of lirutle Sulphur "ff'l111I sculpture is to Il block of Illflflllfj. f'l1llCIlf1.0lI is fo ll lllllllllll S0ll'1.M L - TO THE CLASS OF '41 -ADDISON. The Humble Oil K Refining Company, a Texas institution, congratulates you upon the successful completion of your college career. May the joys of college days continue with the joy of useful work well clone in your chosen profession. 503 i For Over a Century . . . The Compliments Of the -with never a let-down in Q YE, Q -',f4 the efforts Of a vast engi- GEO. E. l neering staff-improving Q -E design-testing in factory CO' and field-each machine tO bear the John Deere name r must measure up tO that Standard Of Quality M . E 'I e O 'mufm W rs f set more than a century ago when John Deere Exploriztion Drilling Equjpnzerzt Said: "I will never put my name On N N i an implement that l1asn't in HOUSTON. TEXAS . . . ,, ll the best that IS ln me. and mn. OKLAHOMA JOHN DEERE PLOW C0- Dallas - Houston - San Antonio i i YORK ICE MACHINERY i CORPORATION W g Southwestern Headquarters Ojive f HOUSTON, TEXAS i Sub Branches at D.-XILAS - S.-XN ANTONIO and FORT W'ORTH Refrigeration 1 .-'lir Conditioning i Farmries at 1 YORK, PENNSYLVANIA Safe Cuide to STYLE . . 1 Safeguard to QUALITY i I X! '41 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE Riding high in the Horse Shim' Fannin at Walker 1 HOUSIOII 504 P Q V x 1 Q I 505 '1 ,ibn . . . um! lfmirltsvr is mer THANK YOU A. 81 M. . . . for the liberal patronage with which you have favored us. tXIasx"X'fc.sXixxxgXms CmxKxes F A R R A R Lumber Company The largest and most complete stock of lumber and building material to be found anywhere in South Texas. HOUSTON, TEXAS GREETINGS . . . TO OIR FRIENDS AT A. 8 M. When in Houston. Jrop in aml see us: NIEFHANIIVIAL DRAWING INSTRL3 MENTS. I"OUN'I'AIN PENS anfl DESK SETS. I.r-ather ZIPIIERS and RING BOOKS. Sm-ial S'I'ATIONERY-lIALI,- ING VARDS l PmMon32U STATIONERY and PRINTING . I'R.'XIRIIi AT FANNIN ....... HOUSTON PITTSBURGH PI.,-X'l'E GLASS COMPANY Glass 0 Illirrors 0 Paints Aglgie-A with our Houston otfive: I S. Ii. XIX ERS. fl I.I. O, II. SMITH. '33 '11 lv .I..' H1 ull! lflfnl hvlil -Xrnll.-xy J. C. PENN EY CO., Inc. BRYAN. TEXAS ".4gg1'e Economy Centeru T0 ALL GRADUATES Our hearty congratulations upon your pass- ing the most important milestone of your life. Whatever your career may he. lay stress upon the proper handling of money-he it large or small. And remember that a sound hanking Connection will he an invaluable asset through the years to come ynlil I thx-. 'ff lllll' -f xxx 742-twilitimtyiittfilatt ISBZQIINIIKI QF Q IRZIIMIEIRCE Gulflluildinq ttlltyyligllgiwf Houston "The Banff Of CllllffPS-l'-- We Study the Seismograph te Wi for Class of 955 t f,J'. By the time these youngsters are Q I . X 1 out of school and on their own, A weill need more fields of Natural l Cas to handle the new crowd. So with home-made earthquakes, and seis- mographs, the geologists are busy already trying to find fresh gas- I A deposits in Texas earth. We I supply 301 of your smokeless . ds l I ' 1 . l , I towns with this Cheap, auto- 9:13:45 7 I matic heat. 9 X - o LoNE STAR GAS Co. NILNIBI-K HrILR-XI Il-'PPSIT lNiIRANfl-t RI RAI! 'N l'rml11viug and Distributing Natural has for lun-tory. Business. and Home GUI-IRDIANS UF YUIIR BETTER LIVING Symbols not of War . . . but of SERVICE! The smoke stacks of our electric plants may resemble somewhat cannons but they are the tools of production-not ot destruction. They are sentinels of electric service ancl better liv- ing-reminders of one of Amer- ica's great blessings. Twenty-tour hours a clay you have all ot the electric service you Want for better livina-to make your lite more enjoyable. And the cost is only a few pen- nies a clay-one ot the smallest items ot your family buclqet. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Compliments of CITE T TOOL COMPANY HOUSTON. TEXAS T T '.Pft'.Yl'IIf sul:ers,"' - um' xulwr gkfex u.stray.' 1111171 ufacturers T T W, 7,Y , ,Y ,iw , , ,Y ? ,,,Y i Y of T SPECIALIZED DRILLING T ICQVIPMENT: T G E 0 R G EUS Wmmg TCONFECTUNYERY -Wx , 3 . 1 MORE BITS TOOL JOINTS YAIXIQS if 1 - l"ITTINGS lJIiII,L mI.I.Ans 1 - AND OTHER Patented Rotary 11-'11' QT ls T ,, H ln' no Gm. NlCCl'I.l.OCH '38 NEW "Y P Z F Y ir in n -W 1 -Y 508 lIVis not so diflicult to advertise and develop sales for products or institutions that merit public confidence. 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If. 5. Cover lll1l1-l1I 1l1Spe1'tf'11 f Est. 271 I flrlinialure of the Corps at VEITGIU D HOWELL LUMBER CO. Dealers in JU Lumber and Builders' Supplies BRYAN. TEXAS DRUGS Toilet Goods. Drug Sundries Kodaks and Supplies Stationery E. R. EMIVIEL DRUGGIST Bryan IOR . ,,. U IFORIVI ,Q ..,f,,., Tailored by . HART SCHAFFNER . , P., , 9 I 3 MARX . 4-.,l We are pn-pared to X 54 5 ' -: serve the A. 81 NI. fla- . dets with hand-tailored 55 5:5 1-3" uniforms from the est malwr of I men 5 Q ? Clothes- in America. Lomplele haf: - "" z 55 +2.g'jg. ':1:Ea5EsEFf2 F-Q,q:I::9'Ek5Q2 Under management of YN' .lim Palmer. who has ' ' .'Z4 I'f':':'f:I:I:I:':'1':'f'f'i'f'. ' 1 V - -.-:-:af:f:r:3'E'f:' -' --f: : ::::': :-'- M served the Ludrt and e 7 .Army Ulliver for the lff55fj"ff'g past I5 yearw. Assoviaited with Xlr. Palmer if Rafael .lnseify A. Sa NI. gl"Li1Ill11lf'. Ll lass of I93T. Pbmhys 509 E. HOUSTON ST. SAN ANTONIO Texas THE DRISKILL if AUSTIN HEADQUARTERS FOR A. 84 M. FAIQIILTY, ALUMNI AND STUDENTS if CAFE COFFEE SHOP WI. L. ST.-XRK, Manager 511 SANKEY HU i ljiflIl10llllS SIIII' 'r Uv"11I1'l1 ws W-X'l'lIll AND All-IWIil,liY REP.-XlRl,.t, AGGHICLEANER REX IOGNIZICD t FOR Qlf-XLITY H 1' R-XVI' DI A L 4-4534 Compliments, and howl from The Largest Store in the Largest City in the Largest State O he HOUSTON TEXAS OWNED if TEXAS MINDED . t . ., . L ,213 ,xx .-If 123553 maxi' Ixhirlllfrfflzgfz ffllltt'lN ll,L,"llI'II.NI Tulxu I.. ' ,V ww, rye-, - . . .u-Qmx. Xfflg ..45,f'bQ',, , if A N- M x... VX". a . . Rf' .-vt.: 255' gh at L ,M jfftt ' Mltuvuvldf I, N t :LJ W. H. CURTIN 81 COMPANY, Inc. Domestic- and Export Laboratory Apparatus and Chemicals Temperature Instruments - Steam Appliances HOUSTON, TEXAS Conzplimenls of BRYAN M 1007 BUTTLING CO, INC. CEU. STEPHAN. President 2 JOE SOSOLIK The Oliicial Longhorn I'hotng1'aphe1' oifers his eongratulations to the graduating Class and reminds them that the portraits in this annual can he secured at any time. SPECIAI, ATTENTION IS GIVEN TO ALI, MAIL ORDERS It has been a pleasure to serve the Long- horn staif this year-as it has been to serve the Aggies. THE AGGIELAND SJTUDIQO COLLEGE STATION North Cate TEXAS 513 , .X F' 'if F ' I The IIOVHIJUYII1' Nreinwnt --ll'h1l0ll.N il up" W. L. MACATEE 8: SONS. Inc. BUILDING MATERIALS Houston. Texan Founded 1860 WE SPE11IAI.IZE IN FIRE BRICK AND ROCK WOOL INSULATION Y. M. C. A. BARBER SHOP R. H. BALLERSTEDT. Prop. COLLEGE STATION TEXAS Cum! Service has rnade our Business wha! it is. COLLEGE COURTS COFFEE SHOP Spec'if1lI':ir1ff in f' I SE.-X FOODS, STE,-XKS and RXRRECIWE if UI'I'USI'I'E EAST 1l.'X'I1If Texas :X. S1 M. College CAMERO DRILLING CONTROL AND COMPLETION EQLIPMENT FOR HIGH PRESSURE OIL AND GAS WELLS CAMERDII IR0l WGRKS, Inc. T11 MILRY HOUSTON, TEXAS I5'iIT02ZT.egr AGGIES see Us for leather goods CLEAN ' COOL I MQQHESNEY BITS AND SPKRS C C 1 Noczem ciowam' BOOTS 0 Gigi? 0l1I'tS SADDLES BRIDLIQS B E A U T Y R E S T BLANKET5 MATTRESSES i' T I L E B :X T H S Yeager Hardware Co. College SIHIIOII. TQDXHF TCI. I I I 1 I I 1 NIENIBEK I-'EDI-QRAI. DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 515 .WW G,S.PARKERfLUMBER I AGGIES FIRST, LAST r AND ALWAYS CHHHPANY Bryan, Texas I . 4 I I FIGHT 'ICM ACCIES I -I . 2 , -.-55, -v' L -f ,,jE'I,tE5f:?'E:y,...1, . . 'fo' - ', 'gE515E5i? gpg , :1g55gsgf:f:': z:1-EE?:Sa2ig:ag. ., .,-zqc'1.,5:fizi5 f 1 fgg, WI :5i...:1'Ef2221g,...:,'11. 11355551 - I ,agfgss .:fP.1-3S,:':1" :1.-:'.2 1:-:I'I:2. Ek. E' iE'E1E5211' -:":5:':fA-: rfiirg- g2E:- . ' :ififil -fA2f2EI:2E:5:I:- lfiflfc' , ' "fin -22:-,. 5 ..-":f':1:5:- '. 3:3:' 5 ":3' .f-:1 3 ,'!:1:' '-:5f:f:Q:f. :3:' -jE- :EZ 'i44,.'.f 21:3-3:'qE:EgE.52lrg:,:1 5,33 giqgis' ,gg AI. I .. nf.. ..... , , n .. gf .. , , - .,.,. 'Y.l.f.'f34f:5E5:3IE1E5:" 'fEs25fs?522- ' -i" ,.2:,.gl.3 Y 521 'gf ""-'- ,.-:f,f:sE1E?EsIsis1 -' '11-1-:-:RwV'-:-:or :1::': 24. "' F.' ' .--.qt-. .3::::::::i: 5 1-,z -' -'-:,:2g.-1-':-:,:-:-:'- : I -2Z'3:2:5i5'-ffiriri. 1:f:5:f' :E:1 5??+.. :::e:1:1:1:1 - I-'1:ea5pg5:3:.f515:5:f? 1 feT.Ei:S-f:'P-Ils:55Er:f5:5:5:"' A - ':-f252ref::.2f:5:21f-2:1::::1: 11123.31 f:3f:2e:5:Ea 4"-1-.-'fr ':':,.'-E15151251::::...::2:522'1, ' -- all '-5:51,23E155j1vf2g2:51Ef:E:EfErZ 41gEg55gEgE, V E5:5:5:2:51i:3E'E . v 'F .fu I.553g:g.g5'5:1:5.gg5g155: : :I .iff 1:21' f12:ff1fE2ErE2-Z'E'E1:fEfj1:1:r:'-:grim -"" """' - -'-I I I .g':r:1:r1g, .-v' -' - . - " Ay-I-:f-J -' - . -:-1-:':-tc-'331 .-1 I -I MARRY MALT I I1 -1A1g.g:,5::-4 .' .g, I nh .: Thi.: 14.-.V 11 3 vnesuozv-av . 1 g X- - ' 3, I y. ' Jw., xrxl H UUSTON PAPER COMPANY LIl7l"fj'flIIlIg in Paper "Rum her. 0. D." I I I., ' 'BOOKS 9UNIF0RMS 'EQUIPMENTS 'AGGIESUPPLIES Q STUDENT CO-OP 516 CAMPUS THEATRE BEN FERGUSON Complete line of military equipment in stock for ,luniors and Seniors. Serge Slacks and broadcloth shirts, polishes, luggage and Army Blankets. n 'Wwdl 119938 lVllLITARY AND SPORTSWEAR 1803 Elm Street gn! -. g'1'r.L z-Wahfflgqzel You Look mighty new pair of ,IUSTINS You'll get lots of com- pliments when you wear style leading ,lustin Cowboy Boots, because ,lustins are always first your boots are branded justin. made only in Fort Worth by The Justin Boys. swanky in that tl'ff--X fait br. al JH Z with the latest. Be sure y Y 1 I S. l 1 j .J I 5 wnurnnv soars MADE T0 ORDER The .lustin Boys also make fine Custom Grade officers' field and In-ss booms. These bums ar I I red perfectly to your imli l l requir ents. Justin Mili- t y B 1 th h I 1 g A y many n . are e c oiee tisc ina in rm ,V V and Cadet Officers. DALLASTEXAS H. J. JUSTIN Sz SONS FORT WORTH The Citizens National Bank of Waco W ACO, TEXAS U S DI-I0 ITORY Before the Fish Ball 518 l .sakowitz A 5 "one of Amfa...'s nwny W A ,'3::-if'c::L3m'i:':Tz1.2: A 51 Qren'sAppafeIoqdA ccess 0. ,v'? 1l1 l3.' .,ii1:' A ar:-sfzrgggggaizfdvnzf f fla gs MILITARY SI-IGP i ?eoiFH g5gg5i:5 g if 2232155521 my Eghhgiiigh MILITARY AND CIVILIAN CLOTHIERS ll I ,HF m ssgiigizz i in HEEEEPEE , p W 5:31 llllh IlwhH 'fH1-mx mm Nig ga 1' 551 "EH " 3 lil 1 Q t H ll ' n w s u '1' BE gi n- JA gn -- ,-W 5' ul 1 4 ' H I Block West of North Cate Sugar Bowl Champions, 1940 Cotton Bowl Champions, 1941 But the Aggies are always Champions with us Q THE CASEYS CONFECTIONERY AND THE AGGIELAND PHARMACY 519 To the Graduating Class of Nineteen. Hundred and Forty-one I wish to extend my sincere congratulations on your achievements. Never in modern history has the world stood in greater need of real men with train- ing and capabilities for vigorous, intelligent leadership. It gives me a sense of deep satis- faction to know that another group of Aggies is joining the vast alumni organization with its ever-present goal of helpfulness and service. The state and your parents have made a well rounded education possible for you, and you in turn may enrich them by accepting responsibility with wisdom and strength which is traditional with Texas Aggies. A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE i Save 353.00 and More 1 Vive make these hats in our own plant from the finest material and guarantee them to retain their original shape and color. Forty years experience are your assurance of high quality and complete satisfaction. STAN DAR D HAT WORKS Waco. Texas College Station 4 portion of the band performing in San .'1l1l0llf0'S Alamo Stadium 520 AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE OF TEXAS An Institution Dedicated to the Advancement of Agriculture, Engineering, the Natural Sciences, the Liberal Arts, Veterinary Medicine and Vocational Teaching Fifteen four-year curricula leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science: Agriculture. Agricultural Administration. Agricultural Engineering. Agricultural Education. Land- scape Art. Industrial Education. Aeronautical Engineering. Architectural Engineering. Chemical Engineering. Civil Engineering. Electrical Engineering. Engineering Admin- istration. Mechanical Engineering. Petroleum Engineering. and Science 4Biology. Chemistry. Geology. and Physicsj. A four-year curriculum in Liheral Arts. leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts tEconomics. Education. English, History. Mathematics. Modern Languages, Phys- ical Educationj. A live-year curriculum in Veterinary Medicine. leading to the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. A live-year curriculum in Architecture leading to the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. A tive-year curriculum in Petroleum Engineering leading to the degree of Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering. A combined live-year curriculum in Petroleum and Mechanical Engineering leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering and Mechan- ical Engineering. A fifth-year curriculum in lndustrial Engineering leading to the degree of Bachelor of Industrial Engineering. Curricula preparatory to Law, Medicine and Dentistry. Two-year curriculum in Cotton Marketing. Graduate courses in Agriculture. Education. Architecture. Engineering. Science. and Veterinary Medicine. leading to appropriate degrees. Military Training and Discipline The A. K M. College of Texas is ranked hy the Vlfar Department as one of the distinguished military colleges of the United States. A senior division of the R. O. T. C., with Infantry. Field Artillery. Cavalry. Coast Artillery. Engineer Corps. Signal Corps. and Chemical Warfare units, is maintained at the College. Expenses Necessary expenses. including board. room. laundry and fees. approximately 32350.00 per session. Additional expense for uniform. about 335.017, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR, A. SZ M. COLLEGE OF TEXAS COLLEGE STATION TEXAS 521 BEST WISHES to the FINEST SCHOOL IN AMERICA from THE FOREMOST MILITARY TAILORS S01 Frank Military Supply C0 ' SAN ANTONIO L go agazn, says Buster E 1941 LONGHORN IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE 522 y llflt ff fltlt WW 'W la to ut m n f Z SPURCLIP FOR MEN . . . SPURPIN FOR LADIES PATENTED A dramatically new idea . . . a miniature Spur with revolving rowel . . . made in sterling silver or 10k gold. May be had with any Eve letter name in center or with A.M.C. and insignia or monogram. Q With hand chased sides as illustrated ................................ 810.00 With plain sides ..................................................... 5.00 ln 10k. gold ......................................................,.. 35.00 A Holland Jewelry Co., San Angelo, Texas ' ....u Graduates of 1941 . . . i .loski-s and lwiln "good voinpzniionsf' For ,loske-'s is Ill0I'f' than just L Ll store-. it's Z1 personality . . . always hospitable, always l't"1tly to svryv you lhrougxh large stovks. nvwest fashions unrl rziluvs that lvl you hoop to your latnlgelt. Young folks 1 likn- thf' WLIFIII l.I'lt'lll,lllIlPSS of this store and you see them ln-rv often. liuying: with this l'I'lIllltlPIlI'P they plan-P in a ' 1 rvzil lrivnrl. Q l l Rm-alisr of this ilrff-it i'i-imtisiiiii between Youth and a l Store. Aloskiis has grown stvaclily greater. lt's now mn- i Q siilorr-rl ones of the most lwuutiful storvs in Alnerica . . . i 5 Iilw u whole 4-ity of shops llI1llPl' ones roof-always wait- i ing to plraso you, your family, your friends. COI1t,QTIlfllIfll7iOllS.l l the Youth of Southwest Texas liave long i JOSKE BROTHERS l SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 1 .4 nillulilr "l1fr4lilugge4l" TSCIl"iIe FORD - MERCURY AND LINCOLN-ZEPHYR .gsm 12373 , ,. fi Q J 3 ,m,3s,? f.,.A v. 1. 51" .vt 9 ' 1 1: Q , L 11 . 2,2 -4-1 gs ?-'1f,'.' fz5f Q. 2,1 Mttf w ,' Q, ' . 111: :".'..S,fvf' 'rf 'g n T .W .. ,- 'atm .-' ,, i V ,try l L1 . . - - .- Tlzv stuff of the Brymz Motor Co. krzoufs the f7ZPUIliIZg' of service . . . and renders it BRYAN MOTOR COM AN BRYAN, TEXAS 524 Greetings from BE GAL GUA IIS Orange, Texas FEATURED ATTRACTION 1940-4-I SUGAR BOWL CLASSIC --4??iS"j,, e' ' I 194-0-1941 SCHEDULE AUGUST I6-I7. I94-O-Guest artists and fcatured attraction at Chicagoland Music Festival. Soldieris Field. Chicago. Illinois. OCTOBER II-Between-halves perforrtiancc at Corpus Christi-Orange football ganle-9.000 spectators Corpus Christi. Texas. OCTOBER Isl-Life Magazine offers feature section on Bengal Guards. declaring "None tschool musical organizationl is more wonderful than the one in Orange. Texasfi NOVEMBER 2-Guest performers-between halves-at A. S1 M.-Arkansas football game. College Station. Texas. NOVEMBER I5-Between-halves performance at Thomas Jefferson-Orange football game. San Antonio. Texas. NOVEMBER 23-Guest artists-featured performers between halves-at University of Oklahoma-Temple foot- ball game, Norman. Oklahoma. DECEMBER 20-Bi-State All-Star game at Orange. Texas. JANUARY I, 1941-RETURN ENGAGEMENT. featured attraction at Sugar Bowl Came. New Orleans. Louisiana FEBRUARY 5-Guest performers. featured attraction at Houston Fat Stock Show. Houston, Texas. MARCH 2-Special guest performers. Independence Day celebration at Old Washington-on-the-Brazos. APRIL I3-Guest performers at Opening Texas League Baseball Came. Houston vs. Beaumont at Beaumont. Texas. AUGUST I5-I6-RETURN ENGAGEMENT. Chicagoland Music Festival. Soldiers Field. Chicago. Illinois. BENGAL GUARDS LUTCH STARICS BOYS. INC. Girls Unit 525 ADVERTISERS INDEX The A 8 'Nl Lolle e Exehan e Wore A le Lleaner A 16 1V11l1lars Shop The -X Oieland Pharmacx The A xeland 5tud1o Battel tem Ben al luard Brxan Nlotor Compans ,lame Bute Lompanx Lalduell jewelry qtore Cameron Iron Work Inc Campu Theatre Ca ew COIlf6CllOIlBI'X E B Chandler S. Company The LIUZPII Natlonal Bank of Waco Coca Lola BOHTIII C Inc Colle e Lourt Colle e Court Coffee Shop V1 H Lllfllll S Co 1ne John Deere Plow Lompans R T Dennl S Companw Ine Duncan Coffee Companx E R Emmel Dru lt Gen E Ffilllll Nupplx lompanx Farrar Lumber Companw Flr t lNat1onal Bank of Hou ton Folex Brother Fomhx Frank Brother Sol Prank Wlllltarv Supply Company Geor e K 0IlfE'CIl0ll?I'X Glfford Hlll S CJ lnc Tl o Go an is lro Holland Jewelry lompanw Hou ton Packm lompanx Hou ton Paper Lompanx Howell Iumher Lompam Hu he Tool Companx Hl1IIllllE'f2l1 S. Rehlllll lompanx Jo ke Brother lompanx H J Ju un S. Sun D D 7 D D O 5 3 O 7 .. 1 g - g .5 ..................................... .-1197 . gg' 1 s ........................................................ 512 , gg' 1 ' ' ' 1' 1 ................................................... 519 . gg' ' 1' ............................................... 519 . gg' ' f ' .................................................. 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Our organization, employing a large crew of experienced craftsmen and using the most modern printing equip- ment, has worked in the spirit of cooperation in the hope that we have aided the staff in carrying out its plans. lIIllIllIIIIIlllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllIllIlllllllllIllIllllllIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIlllllIllIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllll THE G LE PUBLI HI G CO. 3301 BUFFALO DRIVE Houston, Texas lllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 523 - 4 4: fc' .fy ,w fr, :V ,Y 1, .,. 'jj EW" A '-7' K ' fu 1 7 X n ' ' I '- . 5 'N 1 -, Jw f v ff "' 5-5 x -,, -.., ,V 1 z w 'A 4 ,Cali 4 - - . " 2 n. .Q ,X ' 1. uf r. -n wx ,, Kun--Jfwz '. ,M . lui - N- W 4- 5" ' 'U' 4 'fi.-21,3-', , " 2 X V 1 ' X ,. A . fx ' , ,. -" ,-: . 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