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,pang V! .Q F1 3. ,, ,, Ei! ,H ,ix i 12 Q! ,. n 5 ii T i iii 'ls R 11, Ga FL 51. 52 1? :W SH F N ff? I 31 i , b 1 ..-5 .-1-5 S fix N X I MW 'WNKYK X XUYWN X..XSVcXX.5 eonov- - xo - emu 5. YHYWJXYVBQXX osx ess mm-ew S RJ X XV SN, 'S C R565 mf X X Q5 Weatherford Public Library 1014 Cha I ff I ll ll li l C il 'll l ll 73 Fifannrun D. RoosEvELT ' 4 I l, til 1 ,Vin f,, ,l i, M J H .' 1 I The three attributes of character which we as Cadets of H. 8: m. College hold in highest regard are those of Courage, Loyalty, and Unselfishness: Courage to do that which one lznows to be right, Loyalty to one's ideals, and Unselfishness in dealing with one's fellowman. To one whose acts for the past six years have been conditioned by these attributes we owe much. l'le has had the courage in the face of stern opposition to recommend and do the things which he felt to be to the best interest of the people of his country, he has been loyal to the ideals which he set for himself at the beginning of his administration, he has been unselfish, for even in danger of losing personal prestige he has pushed on f to goals which he felt would be beneficial to us all. Because of his worfz, we as Seniors of the College feel that , X- we can go from its doors with more assurance of achieving those things which we desire. X71- So, to FRFll'lHLll'l DELFll'lO ROOSEVELT, whose life is the very acme of Courage, Loyalty, and Un-f ff X4 selfishness, ws ass-iassfs this isssis, the was LonGHoRn, , 24 s ,LII r 1' ,-N.Tf , p , - - ess rm sxQ752L f ' ,f Asif i 1 ctr 2 3,40 by 1 1' 2 Q! Wnxx-,Ruff Q 2 ERN ,' " " li 15 5. -s , .1 Kiki 1 .W-" ixsij- -xxx? . c- ,X , fig X ' fs' K x X -D Nu, .. 3 Ney, fo , UQ' 2 1, ,L s wt' n 'K ! g nf -elif ,i xx cry? ' fl' D N 5 f .va .K X , 4' 5 fl N ,mt Xl W2 as 'z 9 21:53 355' ff ,,4- N,- --x -..N KKA x- J -9' V' Q. ,L THE EDITORS TTGTE U On behalf of the LQDGHORU staff, may l say that our paramount desire has been to create a bool: that will be of the most interest to the entire student body. we all have general reasons for going to college, but at the same time we all have very specific reasons for choosing Texas H. 8: m. College, and it is with these specific reasons that we are most concerned. ln the first place, Fl. 84 m. is a mFln'S school, in the second place, it is a military schoolf and in the third place, it is a school for SPORTS. It is on the third reason that we have based the com- position of the 1938 LONGHORTT, and we are calling it the Hthletic Edition. l consider it a privilege to have assembled this bool: for a Senior Class that has seen the Hggie teams climb from the cellar to first division places in the Southwest Conference. Certainly l have never received a greater honor than to have been allowed to compile this resume of the activities of the Class of '38. Editor. 19' LOTTGI-IORU ' 38 X v F0 yr,-.a-my -- " ww.- - 1 vy"1:,,:2'Pixf C-,.5,gf,v5gi diy, , x 1 " I ifgjfx . gf 'lwfffffiy w' Q W ., 7 ' ' "iu,f.' 4 , an 4, ew, ' 'ru :L .4 .,' ', ' .,f',:3'5f.:,1?-fto 'q3g'3T' " " 4 . ,,1.. R YM, , ,X,:V,,b -,qi gf gi wi I ,ir I -' N Q- ' m e - , E A . ,V 3 4.-, 3 .Q . 2 x ' F51 1 W V M A . " Wi . .'LiZ?,f'1Y+Z'Q15fL'3'l41?a. "SP ' ':Mii'ft?'N25 - N . - , f Jw' 1:-ge k-11:-xgs:,r' f1'wQw2ffs'1f' , w - fy-5f:g5gygf75,:gs5f,'f:21,n.79i5lL,,,, 1 .WAS , ., ,a .,,..,'?f' . g m21f'4'-'vkfffgf' K 1 , 4 ff. abvggtyxv ,T . .. . . ie. 3,5 my v . r..L -., H f -1 -mx-Qkmszg , ' , , AA,-xx-Y . -ss-.1-0'-f..g...,J-........, . ..., ' "W"-X "'v"-mar:-x.4 M W- ..- - ,.- s!7" .' ,bv -, -.,,..M... A-JW .. . .... 3 -. -N.,-,-.A-, KA ,, - , Vx 4 x 1 1 k I 5 I 1 Y ff m, ' 1 fi Qffy, -J V1 X11 S HGRICULTURHL BUILDING VETERIVIHRY HOSPITHL SCIENCE HHLL 'F' S fm 1 N-AJ KYLE FIELD N, X ,vk, fx-ww. W. .. ,., 7 HDITWITIISTRHTIOFI BUILDING Y 5 fi 1 1 S'fE45'f - e M mm mm mrs ME M! M fn L-A.fT5f.5f5-3.42- PETROLEUUT GEOLOGY BUILDING LD C O ..I D U3 -ill iii sn KU - I ug I I- vx D D C .I CE E C CE f 1 , . w , v 4 I 'N'!f,, I .KX During your undergraduate days, young gentlemen of the Class of 1938, l do not doubt but that you have become extremely weary of two words, Duty and Responsibility. Rnd yet, while these words have been emphasized and re-emphasized since the English language first was spofzen, no more euphonic synonym has been devised for them and no principle of human behavior has been found worthy of sub- stitution for their inherent and sustaining worth. The truth is you go out from this institution as a bene- ficiary of your State, with countless hours of earnest endeavor instilled into your lives by a sincere fac- ulty. You should justify this expenditure of dollars and labor in your training. So then, bereft of other injunctions as direct and meaningful as these overworhed words, l admonish you to go forth from this college determined to maize your life aim and purpose consonant with your duty and your responsibility. ln all things, social, political, spiritual, you have enjoyed the fullest freedom of choice. These liberties were hewn out of chaos for you by your heroic and self-sacrificing forefathers. Your responsibility is to malze a lilze contribution to succeeding generations. You have been singularly favored. Your perform- ance in your chosen field must reflect favorably upon those institutions that have provided your train- ing. There is no such thing as an exhausted field of service or opportunity. flew frontiers are to be ex- plored in each field covered in the curricula of this College. l confidently loolz forward to finding, when you pass from this, the maytime of your lives to the December of your leadership, that representatives of the Class of 1938 have constantly exemplified such faithfulness to your duty and your responsibility that these words will have continued to remain that they now are, "the sublimest words in the English language." President 1 llill' , i b A it lll l W-A Dean F. C. Bolton, who had been Dean of the School of Engineering since 1922, ' was made Vice-President of the College this year. l'le has done much to aid the progress of 9. 8: fT'l., ond well deserved this newly created office. He still retains his position as Dean of the College. Dean Bolton says, "ln college you have discovered something of your own mental aptitudes and have developed a purpose in life. One should always aim toward a def- inite career, but his objectives should be lzept sufficiently flexible so that they may be adapted to changing conditions and as dictated by a developing judgment. You have equipped yourself with some of the tools of your profession or vocation. These tools must be lzept up-to-date, some must be sharpened and reshaped, others discarded to be re- placed by those which will prove more effective in the light of man's increasing lanowledge. If you can correctly evaluate and develop your own ability, if you have learned enough of the machinery of society and of its history to apply your gifts effectively, and if you have the initiative to malze plans andthe courage to carry them out, success will be yours." ' f' ffl lilll VU? lwi THE VICEPRESIDENIT drill i Al W , . W , T lllliiii K, Nlblli ?ll'7'7 is 21 T Mwl llvi , if Ly T aff XX , cf t, ly. THE COMMANDANT This year marlzed the return to the system so long in vogue at the Flgricultural and ' mechanical College of Texas wherein the Professor of military Science and Tactics is also the Commandant of the Cadets. Thus, in one individual is vested the responsibility for the military instruction, discipline, and, to a large extent, the general welfare and morals of the entire student body. The Commandant, Lieutenant-Colonel George F. moore, is respected and trusted by every 9. 8: m. Cadet. His attendance at this institution has given him the sympathetic understanding of the problems which confront the Commandant. It is through this office that the dormitories, equipment, and the needs of the students are cared lor. Colonel moore and his assistants are to be commended for the worln they have done this year. '- r A A i AX .. Q5 ' W sss 5 fir fry rrii vi Y! , ' ,N 1 x H s 1 " rs Y M' 1 i ' i , , r , Lab- , ' E Y , .Q-ff x E . , , rf-S -Q, y f-J I N r if we it W r as ritfrw 1 Ss ifrfiyffi , ers sk tgr rirlsliM f ,SEQ ikilillil XKAQI A E f' ' M is WN Xia RSX 1 Qs ..qX Q .. 5'7- Q This year the School ol Engineering has a new head, Dean Gibb Gilchrist. For nine years prior to his coming to 9. 8: m. Dean Gilchrist was State Highway En- gineer ol Texas. l.Ue are fortunate to have a man of his experience. "The Fl. 84 m. College ol Texas has the second largest engineering enrollment in the United States. Practically one-hall of the current year's enrollment is in the School ol Engineering. There is something that attracts boys to the profession. They are interested in its possibilities of accomplishing big worlzs. Such a situation calls for much serious thought and is, in fact, a challenge to the administrative officers and the faculty ol the School oi Engineering to see that these boys are given every opportunity to properly prepare themselves for professional competition with graduates ol the world's best schools. It shall be the purpose of those directing the Engineering School to accomplish such a result. U.le have the raw talent, as Fine as there is anywhere. many valuable ideas have come from the creative instinct ol young minds. l.Ue propose then, that young minds be given better instruction, and by enlarged research and experiment Facilities, be provided with opportunities to develop ideas, processes and experiments that will be to their own credit, to that ol the College, and forthe good ol manlzindf' f N QE UU E THE SCHOQL CDF ENGINEERING ,iEiN.r,1iiJ1u E .vm , I I ,,7.,.f ' X lil ll W if 63,53 ,racy X is THE SCHQGL OF AGRICULTURE The School of Flgriculture at Texas Fl. 8: m. has as its head one of the nation's foremost Figures in agriculture. Hs head of this department, Dean E. J. Hyle has . seen it grow and develop for twenty-seven years until it is now one of the largest as well as the most complete in the world. It is obvious that Texas is one of the leading states in agriculture, therefore the School of Hgriculture prepares its graduates to be leaders as well as to establish new systems and advance new ideas in this Field. The School of Flgriculture is made up of the Following departments: Hgricultural En- gineering, Hnimal Husbandry, Hccounting and Statistics, Hgronomy, Farm and Ranch management, marlzeting and Finance, Hgricultural Economics, Dairy Husbandry, Genetics, Landscape Flrt, Rural Education, and Flgricultural Education. H. 8: m. graduates in Hgriculture can be Found in responsible positions all over the world. 1f'ij' -AL .ox so tc. 'N N l 1 I V53 ll. E55 Li Q I-if XJ WN F l ff l l l i l i I . L -ff it ff i LQ, X ,. li ,ls X ei ri N1 t , c X ,, T-r I2 fffiiifstf lf 4 X ff' 'f ,J ' 4 l , , X y X cc, J Q , X QW i H W S Xlxrxfwgfly -x' X, i , I Q Qtsxils i My i is iii i V si i Hymn yi, Q? S55 D ffl W -1' GFX SQ mix . i F , X.-so F Cixi 1 tg g S qs .-V fi- S' HC CX c 'T' ..o RA iq. S g X S sg f H-f , 5 Q.. -'f Q , rx --c P -fwfr ,az NQEEQ F 5 ii ln addition to the many students enrolled in the School ol Hrts and Sciences, every ' other student of the College is required to comp-lete some worlz in this department to obtain a degree from H. 84 m. Both the School of Hrts and ,Sciences and the Graduate School are underthe able direction of Dean T. D. Broolzs, who has very effectively executed his duties since 1932. Fllthough Fl. Sc m. is primarily an agricultural and mechanical school, there are many language and literature courses offered. These courses give the student of specialized worlz the needed additional worh along the non-technical lines that are essential to a thorough and complete education. The Graduate School embodies every school taught in this institution and gives the graduate student practical and efficient training in his chosen course of study. The School of Hrts and Sciences has grown both in enrollment and prestige under the capable management of Dean Broolzs, and the great worlz that the school has done is typical of the true Flggie spirit of Dean Broolzs. 'rx 1 fffxij l l l U1 i, 3 Tl-IE SCHOQL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES T I-I E S C I-I G O L O F VETERINARY MEDICINE I tX xx wx QM flu .X I Y. I. I g If I X X ff I .L x K I ,ss ' I I XI In IIIfIf ff nf C 'NNW nl ,W 1 IWW ,417 I X I,EQ Th- XIWiII1I,,, ' - fm, fm ff 1 'D f ZXYQ ci, ..""' .1 N Dr. R. P. marsteiier has been head of The School of Veterinary medicine Ior two years. Under his able direction he has maintained the high standard oi Texas FI. 84 ITI. in the Veterinary medicine estabIished by the Iate Dr. mari: Francis. The School of Veterinary medicine was established in 1916. Registration, September 1937, was 340, the Iargest attendance in Hmerica. There are six departments: Veterinary Flnatomy, Veterinary Hygiene, Veterinary medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Pathology, Veterinary Parasitology, and Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology. FIII departments offer graduate woriz and participate in research and Veterinary Extension. The Veterinary Clinics are among the best from standpoints of number, type cases and comprehensiveness. These cIinics are oi state-wide usefulness. many animals, including poul- try, are sent here for diagnosis and treatment. Fibout 7,000, some from nearIy every county, were Iisted during 1936-37. The buiidings, Francis I'IaII, Veterinary I'IospitaI and Hnatomy Building are modern and weII arranged. Graduates in Veterinary medicine receive training qualifying them for: practice of Veterinary medicine, Veterinary Corps United States Hrmy, State and Federal Bureaus of Finimal Industry, and Ioundation training for other fields of biology, dealing with domestic and wiId animaIs, including poultry, zoo and pet animals. E 0 , N-- K.- F x1 - S M--,J fj ,.- F .il ix! Q3 pk! YN Jw NA if TLT THE FISCAL DEPARTMENT UJ. H HOLZTTTHHET Comptroller of Flccounts The three divisions ol this department are under the capable guidance of mr. LU. l'l. Holzmann, who, with the aid of his eFlicient clerhs, has managed these divisions in such a way that the Cashier's branch furnishes the students a convenient depository and checlzing system and handles the financial affairs of the student labor system, the Purchasing division supplies the various departments ol the Col- lege with their numerous needs,and the Hccounting division records the expenditures and accounts of the College. The Fiscal Department is the channel through which all financial matters concerning the College are handled and it is an important lactor in the administrative harmony ol the institution. L TH QE El-Ll CD5 E. J. HOLUELL Registrar The Registrciris office with its seemingly unlimited number of Files and cabinets, leeeps permanent records ol the accomplishments and failures of every student who enters H. 8: m. Other departments of the College, as well as outsiders, who desire information about H. 8: m. students and graduates, depend largely on the records of this office. This office serves as a contact to prospective students furnishing them information on the College, courses, credits, and entrance. mr. E. J. Howell, a graduate of the Class of '22, and his assistants handle all registration, matriculation, classification, and matters of graduation. Hnother of the many duties Of the Registrar's office is the publication of all catalogues, directories, and official bulletins ofthe College- "-'11-' T" '7"i '-X' ' F v ,Nj i , 1 ' ' , V114 ,, ,A FAH' , A . L, -,1 ,W-VL , c V, .f , -.' F N--J in 4, lil Q3 ., TTA THE TEXHS HGRICULTURFTL EXPERITTIEVTT STFTTIOTT Under the able management of mr. H. B. Connor, with the aid ol his statf ol assistants, the Hgricultural Experiment Station is rendering in- valuable service to the public. This is one oi the most valuable divisions of H. 84 TTT. College, having done much research in problems pertaining to veterinary medicine, rural home research, plant pathology, phys- iology, Farm and ranch economics, feed control, entomology, chem- istry, botany, apiculture, animal industry, agronomy, and agricultural engineering. THE EXTETTSIOTT SERVICE lnvaluable services are rendered to the Texas farmer through the Extension Service, under the direction of mr. l'l. l'l. lllilliamson. This department is a Federal-State-County agency and is constantly carry- ing on research in all phases of rural community development. The knowledge gained in this research is passed on to the people ol this state through radio broadcasts and the Extension Service Farm news. The Extension Service is not only concerned with the present problems that present themselves to the farmers ol this state, but it is always en- deavoring to better existing conditions by correcting past evils that are due to insufficient lznowledge. The President and the Board of Directors are responsible for the ad- ministration ol this department. The constantly growing magnitude oi this organization has served greatly to better the conditions of farm lite in this state. ETTGITTEERITTG EXPERITTTETTT STHTIOTT The establishment of the Engineering Experiment Station in 1914 was a forward step in engineering research. This organization is in conjunction with the School ot Engineering and it has contributed much technical information that has been very valuable to engineering worlz in Texas. It has as yet received no appropriations from Congress, but despite this fact it has done some very excellent worla along the en- gineering research line. Dr. F. E. Gieseclze is the head of the station and he is assisted by the Engineering Experiment Station Staff. This staff is selected from time to time from the various departments ol the School oi Engineering. The advisory council of the Experiment Station consists oi these department heads. 1 IH H. B. COTTTTOR H. H. l.UILLIFimSOI'1 DR. F. E. GIESECHE J I T. F. TTTFTYO J. E. TTIHRSH E. O. SIECHE li A THE COLLEGE LIBRHRY The Cushing memorial Library was erected in 1930. To date, more than 60,000 volumes, including the numerous Federal and State publi- cations and documents, can be found on its shelves. The leading news- papers of Texas, all of the standard magazines, reviews and technical journals are received. Dr. T. F. mayo is chief librarian and is assisted by seven professional librarians and a number of students. Their worlz is efficient and their en- couraging attitude is helpful to the students using the library. ln the library there is a periodical room, a lounge room, the main reading room where the students study, and the music room where the finest music of all ages and countries can be enjoyed. THE HOSPITFTL The College Hospital is truly a vital part of the college system, as its job is to preserve the health of more than 5,000 cadets. Dr. marsh, in rendering courteous, cheerful, and efficient service, is assisted by eight full-time nurses, two technicians, and several students. Hside from the ordinary hospital facilities there is an operating room, an X-ray machine, and a laboratory. much congestion in the wards has been relieved by the recent addition of a wing to the hospital. THE TEXHS FOREST SERVICE The State Department of Forestry, under the jurisdiction of the direc- tors of H. 8: TTT. College, has consistently developed the main lines of forestry activity. The Department was created in 1915. The State is fortunate to have men as capable as mr. E. O. Siecfze as head of its Forestry Service. The Division of Forest Protection located at Luffzin is so organized as to educate the public in prevention and suppression of forest fires. On five State Forests the Service has many projects under way covering the field of forest protection, management, nursery practice, field planting, and other activities. Seedlings of various species of pine and hardwood are being cultivated by State Forest nurseries for reforestation. . yt QC ft ,4 'f lr Tit. ix O fl l ' Dr x ' 'Eff ms. l F. m. L H UJ Chairman The welfare of the students of H. 81 lil. College rests in the hands of a group oi men whose actions and services have indicated that they have this responsibility Foremost in their minds. These men, The Board of Directors, are appointed by the Governor of the State for six year terms. Their many services and tireless efforts are rendered solely For the student body and the college. ln rendering these services these men aid the development of the college probably more than any other supervisory group. The Board has for its chairman Dr. F. m. Law, President of The First national Banlz of Houston, walter G. Lacey, President of The City national Banh of l.Uaco, is Vice-President of the Board, and mrs. melle lllilliamson, oi College Station, is acting Secretary. Other members are G. R. l.Uhite of Brady, Texas, R. UJ. Briggs of Pharr, Texas, H. C. Schumacher of Houston, Texas, Edwin J. Hiest of Dallas, Texas, Joseph Utay of Dallas, Texas, Elliott Roosevelt of Fort l.Uorth, Texas, and R. B. Robin- son oi Plainview, Texas. WR .-- ,---X 'w N 'Y A i Q . . JV' N i .'.' X XXl L ,X w i , 5,1 -- X, 11 K ' , , ' '., " - Q-4 A, - mm . X .' .',' A ' 1' , N ,,, , A K . .., W .F my X. ht, K, .. .. , 1 , 1 1.., , x X . T," " , , , ' I wx. 1 X "1 ,u X ' ' 1 L W ,K ywx yy i l xnxx., W ' 1, M. .M w ,. , - K X , V. 1. x X , V .,. . X ,I U. , , ,, R A I . .1 w.,w Q X ,ju . V xx 5 N A ,X , , ,, I L,,M'.yW c -, GGIE LA N m 1 2 Q-9 AME," .' - 1, .wsu--' - ?.1Q-Q, f H 'ii' ' A. f ' '-vsp. 5' . Y' ,wr , Me - A 1-V ,H , A X ig, ., .WL PC Aw 51,4 7 9 ma, ., vgrqwn-I. aw 'vffif ' alum.. '42-. 1 M It 4 1 .. One time that the Signal Corps doesn't talze time to wave flags. no pushing, no shoving, the Hg- gies are all gentlemen. Girls, girls, gather around, Firmi- stead is really as pretty as he loolzs. These boys weren't given time to pose, just loolz at the mouths. Birds of a leather. There must be ladies on the campus. Hartman tool: good care oi Turner's car, just loolz at the front end. Dress 'em up Scotty. Joe got his picture talzen too. Only two sizes ol uniforms is- sued, those that fit and those that donit. Flnother little big shot-he at least loolzs the part. LUe don't lznow about brains, but here is the brown. Someone beat you to the draw Goodstein. ...vw , . Q 'xv xv wig-,av +- 4 .4 , fp iv -,-.6 -lv R Pi mi :'A-2:.E::'iT+s -"N .... . . 1... .t r fl . , A, meg.. , Q..:,i.,,,.5v .. .. E' - ' In ns 1 . N 41 Uilfmjtfa . 5 ! . ,sf ' . i 'Ns Xjgk N.. ' 'mr -Q"sss-qw-in : Q. .csc 9' I -a 1-S-R:-.5 asf. .. 5-.Qt R, . 1 ,L .D . . ' . . iff " ' . .i5gfQ?ffi"x 1 ' ' f eiffvfwsre.-.i v 'ifkisfx 'f'ff1a1f-'J N' ' ' !.3f'1P52.?ff,,,.fjag X 21115.-.ki .N A..-f. .. f nk . L ., -if, -117 in Wt. A r l - - ., .. i.gs.f:fv8 -3 . .- ., .QW asf. t Avg-31-. - -- ...3 -. -. wg df , ' ogg ' - f" ', A221334 I A 1j.f,5"'1 M- fs., sffg . ga .I ,- l . gig:-PA, ,- Q i 'ii' 4 I 'E . ' A . 7 'A' U .. r-'vial , . 4 ... 1' . , .1 .AJ ,K 093. - ...Wim ...f -A X . viii' . .44 . - .F1:.' - .1-s::Af.effz!b-"Qi .nm .Ili The Y. m. C. H. cabin. Siesta. maybe when they grow up they can get a job with the telephone company. lt's done with mirrors. we thought Loveless was in command of Troop H. .lust before alittle slzull practice. Here he is, mr. Zoo Heeper- we tried to teach him something. The most amazing and fascinat- ing show l have ever seen-Sid Loveless. The night alter the Field Flrtil- lery Ball-a short-short story. These smiles prove the Field Flrtillery Ball is near. Pretty boy Golmcrn. Fill girls lilze uniforms. Loolzs lilae the fence guards are "gold-bricl'zing." when Raney says "march" he doesn't mean maybe. Fish Elmer. The Cavalry goes underground For a session with Hotard. H typical accounting student, loafing again. Hnd some come to buy maga- zines. Hlter all, Grimmer, don't be so selfish. The Hggie HTH? Her horse got away so Parher lends his moral support. Rev has gone on a sit down strilze too. Charley can't throw horseshoes either. The "border boys" ride again at the annual banquet of the Pan- Hmerican Club. H perfect meal-we wonder? They're supposed to go to the mess hall in platoon front. why so downhearted, Elliot, the other boys seem to be holding up very well. Tommy, the other end might have been a little better. There is still no hazing at Fl. 84 m. Ill III ll! Ill I-I ...Manu gs . " I . Va V Wx ,...-gr: ' -, f " ' ', cw -.I r V "W" 1 W -,e J . "' f"If"'18I A.,-4 ., ,- , V. :J-N 5 was Call out the reserves, Heim is loose again. Be patient boys, you'll get a court in two hours maybe. what a manl l 'sf f ii i " f 3 in ag s 'i s , I I , S 5 , i A l M B ' 5 . xg. f E On to moscow-whatever it is, . AQN. 4 we're ag'in it. . 'Q T45----v 1 ' ' Y 'ff . - nl, Toxi station. Fish Uliggs rides agoin. ug ssziiiffwm l,.Af?m fi-ima... S. O. S. l.Ue are glad this is not a tallzing picture. Peace and contentment. Torn tolzes a load off myrtle's baclz. LUho said this was on Flggie Corps trip?-welcoming commit- tee. Peavy has sex-ape-peal. Shirt tails out-ties missin - the elephant wallz. Fanny gets her man. l dan't blame her for duclzing her head, l wouldn't want to be seen with them either. He served an ace-on the sec- ond ball. Lllaiting for the firing squad. B. Hrmistead drawing attention instead of pictures. Just an old Cavalry custom- good excuse anyway, Love in bloom. "Cracker" Regmund, the rene- gade. They were all out of step but Jim. Hold your horses, boysl 'v 'Sufi .. fbi '-Ir:-1-4-M X' . 4' mmf' - ft if ,.wMt. .-1 - .iw --wi 4, x,s'. nr pgs. A - I You con tell ci politicion in ony crowd. Grosso tciizes C1 UJoshington pose while Hissinger is merely missing Benner. From the loolas ol things, the cigor, l.Uhitley is C1 Toilor mon too. Hlphobet Jones stonds respect- fully slightly behind Cloudt. Exhibit "H" from "C" troop. Three good vice-presidents of the Pon-Hmericon Club. now, thinlz of girl boclz home. fTlcl.endon is just demanding ci reshutfle, but Chop soys "no" the sixes looiz good. The goose that laid the golden egg. Flny olternoon in the Full. Scotty found this in his shoes. Hing, Jcclz ond Jolzer-Let's drow two more cords. Hitler Hovell cmd his aides. The mottresses ore getting o good sunning. "Old Glory" passes and the parade is on. The "Buggy Boys" step out in class. Colonel Ed Lee seems to be en- joying it too. The President returns the hearty welcome given him by the throng. ln perfect cadence. "The Charge of the Light Bri- gade"-"lnto the valley ol death rode the six hundred." not so,this was Troop "Hs" day! President Roosevelt tells Presi- dent lUalton that he did not thinh H. 84 m. was a Co-Ed School. The President's "Flddress to the Farm Boys!" Eyes rightl Governor Jimmie Hllred was there too, and not doing so badly by himself at that. Fllways on guarcll with brass shined, and trousers creased, the Cadets marched proudly by. Farewell to Flggielandl we were signally honored to have him as our guest. Lf EMM' 5H?H!?f1:' ... . ... :l,-,, 1 , L , is 'FF N A N -m,N.NNusnNNsN N"'w Q 4 F" Q S f vw .- E s... 3' ..,.-f wx ...f- xr u A I n ,, 3321? Nei, Eyes right. Hny afternoon. week-end occupation. Reviewing stand. mounted, pass in review. Dieb had lots of troubles in dodging non-regs. The cadet corps stands up during games. The last mile. Only fifteen blocks to go. Slrzyroclzet-Ready. Points east, west, north, or south. Jimmie's annual banquet-wow der how the three on the right got in. Three times a day. Poutra, l.Uhite, and Regmund tcrlze time out to pose. The LUhire Hessen swing put. flight lile pl an Hggie. Fl pair pl Fish. Pappy Reynolds and his better hall. which is the third member ol this crowd? Spring lever? Don't bleed about it being hard, you couldn't have passed an easy one either. Typical day-dodgers, loolz at the sleeves and collars. The chief. lt's six horsepower-count the plugs. Captain Gates. f" fx fl !a31y,agss'v:- 1' 4. v 'F 'til , . 1 7, .- .1 i 3- --'n .1 L-'f- H. X -all A65 1 A. rr." 'I' "fo 5. N F. Av- " 'KK' -WTP-. 'El 61 QS, Q W! 1-usages! , I X is ff 14 .284 .3 --1 Xf AM ' fs N-iw f ,,:' H crown oi thorns lor Torn. . "fs f-" . , Fighting "D" squad. .Jw f :E15':7ff F' We., 'F X XX 4 1 t . it 31 1 6 A Q i ' ' 'f A V' ' m f i YC' ' Q 8. L ,Il ' , i 4 ' x t ' , ss . -5' fr M 3 We . L 'ttf ,E So, this endless waiting. Hogan, l-logon, and Company. . 5 e W P Gibson fills up space. . Sq ' .L H Q ul xx P. N . . .-'Q' 1 . , f i , ,Q ' M 'f V J . l ---Ms... Jw z . Sophomore drawing claims an- other victim. I t , .fy its ff c -- f N "' f It must be the stripes-we don't lznow what else got her. R. V.'s extend a hearty welcome to their junior members. Prexy tells the world. "' -wx 'A--. . M., -..Q..,,, . .,.,e5 is W no lines, the orderliness ol regis- tration. H beauty the Fish didn't bring down. Just alter the review waiting to I be fed, and get reg. 4 fl me ,eq Corps Staff salutes the reviewing . PP: A stand. , 'i l I r if N- I vi ,, if - 1 I u ' I W , 1 1 1 W i 'l L .sm Seems we all get to feeling this way about the place sometimes. nature in the raw. Hll ready lor the mexican Hrmy. what the well-dressed Flggie is wearing. 9 random sample. ? The way our forefathers lived- cave and all. The hospital is up the street. -qw -,wx-og rfwvsx-ttf M1 These boys were more modest. H perplexing question, but one that was settled. H typical R.V. of the day or should we say "of today." 5, l!Imuimf"miq A AQ ! i P '.Q!. i arf! 'M ' ,i.u'i'L-X vw ,,.i s iiirfr Hifi " .ae , 1 s fri ' yi ,gf ..g...ANMg ---4 .9 , , , .:0,.. 5 f gf , .' 1.33 2 s f K , A 4' . "". ' 2 , " J Z i V .M 9 . . f f as -'fps i , ,. .. t i ,1 - ., 5 si. , -. W 3'-1 ,p,,5,.,5, iw.- 'X . ..?.ji12:': K. W1 Q:i'gs,:.i if ff "5 A "A" ., 3 .Q if W ' wil H . t. mg 'afjxgt :W as, EL Zia s-,M 4+ 'H "' fi , i Sf: Q. ,A 'I - 3 f S 4.5!-f.,Nv .gif ' "' .1 if -h Z A ,. ,. , 3 tl I nv , :Q - 'gr In J ,Ea .c . I J' 'lp . gag, 1 ' v LY jc " 1. X 1 BV' I .G S' 4 .1 Q -f li ' .. 1' .1 S A A A it ff 4 , zur 9 af , : NYY W, 'M , 4 . N r :AQ if nl' 5 fu" fl' H! N ,A ' -UV' " ,N,, ik , Af' 1 ' ' mai- XX W 1 K: -. ,, Jim' -w :::'::x: 1 gg, QM, fm, .f 1 is ., Ytfg,,t, 't QM! 4 wiki. A .' I. - V A , as Eflisf , g -' 3,Q'3?19.:-t . il' .LMJVQLQQ -,u-,-wi' VY. i s, 1 Jf1'fe:i'4f?" ,. i -sssiii: -T ' Yu V .f t-3.5, . 3 V K-ft-..-.mfg ,N ,,.. . ., .. ,D ,,. V' f ..,.. ,.. 1 wi . I l L Q K vw i ,ix Q I 17? "' 1, -. Mir" I rf f as 1 J 'PM f ' 1.1 r Q! f, J' 'N , st wi' s Q ar , i i v f ,,, X v. I , ' I xrxil . t 1-a V yew, t, .NN f ,- - .C . ,, , "M, ht 1 gli' 5 X favs: i ' V v"' tiffv f' W S 95" 'Sm 'E - ,.s. S 2 in is i gg ' - ' Hg s A Q ' , gg, ' '44 s f 'f K 'T H X W' "X I .a Sfw 5' 1. ' ' W X N s A, ,i . ,ft 1 1. e Zi ? 4 'e . Wx Q Ns l 35 N lube, st, 51 Q- , ' sn, V ' .-z x ,J Y "' W s H4 , 51 A 2 , x 4 M.- , . .., .. X QL ff gf e Cf, ff Q, , ,V Ezrigg tnt i, , - , v 4 ,NY H '- is : fig I ,, Q SW-. -, , Q6 f , , 5 , if- . W"' "V" 'l L eif l ,f J f"'T'. ,:v.5?+'9l'i 9-"ff A 5 ' ' "- 'Y , 1 2 Q' f", Y W1 I' ax-if ui ' Su' ' 4 f' A Sometimes we get a letter. Loolzing up another leg. manning lasted two rounds? Fire away lads. Oh mama, there's John Bone. Buzzard's eye view of the cam- pus. why use the telephones? They came down to reserve a court for next month. Fred says, "l.Ue can't start until Bruno comes." To the colors. UJhere is the end of this damn thing? ls this Plymouth Roclz? rio, this is H. 81 m. The fish pond. lllonder if they are all playing the s ame thing. Slipl1orns,ioll in. ' 'vii fl kit ' ' - 211 ll f murrah ond Davis-note the ll' new rage in lwaircuts. The tlwinlzer. sg? fx 4 . 'ur' , -:rnrzlli 1 K I ftliertifinate nf Babies Vaccination 'W597-5 S THIS IS TO CERTIFY that I have vaccinated against Rabies, ,, the dog' described below, owned by Corps of-gngggets, rt,-gym ,,. Cc. A1 L.LE::-,. O Cll ,R. ,-ia I Wlth vaccine urepared under U, S. Govarnment License Nu. 107 How did you get this picture Q Wm Q I . O S26 ,Q ' l'6ET"tf' witl'1outHlossner. U timoh' W" ADDRESS PHONENQ NAMF ., Aer E wr. 556. No...!':.5f1.il, BREED Mascot x F3 ,- COIEQTNZZD 319,05 DE C- - mg f A ' Qecembei' YQ 123527 . 9, sional: v NAR! N one x ,lid X45 icy- a 'win Reveille, passport and creden- 'QA ,57 . x . fff tuols. George lying down on time job again. Flnotlwer type of wind tunnel. H camerassnops the camero- YYIGI1. C212 El :St 'iw N-s 4i"'1"A"l I l fllllii' lltlll ft l W 'Q AH . I 4' 'J - lx , ,gsm . -. tl i , ,. . . . 'Tr' - ..,1 ,, . m M y . ..., .. ,. ..,.?'r5 . sow wi .Q .',,eQf.S5g:sg!5,wQ-32, A ,gr A -, . f'g?3i,,c4gffg:,f,fg313Q3i.fgg.Q'Q.3 , '--'Mm' gy .'s-.Mg A. fp., HW' ' W i. :vw . as avg ge: is ef' rf . , I B H wi ' V K , i l A E 5 'rf . ge - s sl : . . 3 9 I ' ..' - It , W. .4 5 s K .if . X ' ' , it - , -ppp ,xx lt tglghfllli Vai The Hing and Queen ol the Ross Volunteers, their Court and the Guard ol Honor enjoy the floor show. Cool, calm and collected the R.V.'s prepare to demonstrate their drilling slzill. John and his second in com- mand followed by the company in platoon Front. The Ross Volunteers render a salute to an admired statesman, soldier and past president, Lawrence Sullivan Ross. John Hercheville, Captain of the Ross Vollunteers and his attractive Duchess, Emily montgomery. It was often remarlzed during the holidays that R.V.'s brought the best dressed and most attractive girls that had been to the campus. Evident here in grand march at Captain's Ball. Flnother view of the Court and the Guard of Honor. Captain B. P. fButchJ Heiser, Rule Bynum and Emily mont- gomery all in good spirits soon alter they placed the wreath at "Sully" Ross' statue. The RV. Company deployed in one of their complicated drill maneuvers. The climax ol the Coronation. Lillian Tomelz, Queen of the Ross Volunteers crowned by Searcy Bracewell, Hing of the Ross Volun- teers. many compliments issued from the spectators on the precision and appearance ol the drill. Presentation ol the memorial wreath by Emily on Saturday following the exibition drill. Her majesty Queen Lillian of the House of Tomelz, Queen oi the Ross Volunteers. His majesty Hing Searcy ot the House of Bracewell, Hing of the Ross Volunteers. maid of Honor to the Queen Princess l.etha mae Conner. His Royal Highness Prince Bruno of the House oi Boettcher. Queen's Flttendants-Janet moses and Sarah Sticlzney. Hing's Page-Billy lllilliams. I ll ,,,,...4-rg X Q 7 N !"'71 . My E.'f'-f:'w-fa., nity.. Qu. 5 I Highland Parh gets a hearty welcome. Ross doesn't loolrz so bad from a distance. Colored millz man. we must have got our signals crossed. Glass and Percy loola peaceful lor a change. This suclz got Primm one button. One of those weela-ends. The little man has the authority. Diclz Powell, but not the one who sings. Hughes bringing in the sheep. The largest mess hall in the world where we have to eat. E. E. Einstein and Co. Hotel Fostoria. H silent guard for the bonfire. Down for a count. Someone bring Sully another coat. The drill field doesn't loolz in- viting. Before. Hlter. The bill lor windows was hard on troop funds. H cold, hard place. Landscape. The place seems deserted. more snow balls, more brolzen windows. Under the spreading Haclzberry tree the lonely Flggie stands. Down in the sunny South. 'ii J. W I ,' .- q +A X R . . -r eq JF ' . 1'-"' wr.. . ,ai 5 . f ,., .. - " E ilu ' , ig.,-11 . gy ' .- v -s f , 2f n'+t ' ' f as -i.p,M,,.,.gIQE ' ' if rffn2:Q-vwa?:.:g-' '- 'sf T55-Qgkf 1 - Y ' W9 "W u QL 1' ' -. ' ' A ' 7 L. m. ,, ' tl T , W' E.: 'Q l l . - ' -.4 in... 4... . -t - ' W.. .i ..'-., .Q Q xc f www' A ..., ' ., ' f :wp ,Q-. ' ' , ' .swf .ti . 5 5 . ,-jgifzl-ig? Pr-1.1 51:8 E. it.- :A shi A-jyx"I', his 3, -as . mtv an 12" MQ r 1" fwQ:...... , vi -.. ' .-. M X, ,.. mn 5 X r 5 ,..,,0.,.-A-ff" M-"" , rm :mi lllll snug s --...W Fore-. mary Jo fresh from Honolulu. Ed Brown's art gallery and mu- seum. Truclz it on down to my house, honey. now, this, my boys, is a shell. where are my wandering boys tonight? Fall in on the right-Please. U.lell, Broolzs, she does have shoes on. Prexy's cabin. l.Uell, we won another moral victory. The petroleum students are loolz- ing for someone who lznows how to operate it. Did someone say that Sully was getting his annual cleaning? Part of the brigade which in- vited Pate to swim in Lalze Pur- year. l thinlz he refused??? This Fish didn't get to the lalze. we lznew you were popular, Rule, but we didn't lenow the fish would bow to you. Did anyone ever catch Fish Flndy without that grin? H still ol a quiet corner oi the campus. Fish Carlisle must be loolzing for the girl from Hlice. They had the spirit, they did want to see the S. m. U. game. The latest in headgear. Fls usual the Fish have the best loolzing girls. Right, Fish Becker? Fish Seewald illustrates dogs. Editors note: Sorry, this was ca double exposure. lncidentally they got rain, from buclzets. material for the tumbling team. --drag B ?i 1 pl? Q '+P t fi W so l . 1 y 1 r x - I ll llli ii -vs YL-' l i Ji? .11 iv- , '51-f kt-Mgt - i -ff in . Mdxwfvr fs, iw,- 1.- v-nvwl! .....- , as J 'A is! Qi ily f""""i 5-num!!! ' :gwuvg 1 Y , gljavl iz, - ,1,jy':x W i , 12: - a K I Ili I 1 'Ag l iil, Xv It must beulrouble in mind", at least that is what the Fish said. u.Jl'12l'2 have WC SGQYI fl1iS b2iOl'2? This is theisite of old Gathright Hall. Jimmie and Paul just before leaving for new Yorlfz. Hogs, before feeding time. Just outside l'lovell's window, maybe she is waiting for an auto- graph. Hn O. D. could get his quota here. Bob Oliver strilzes a graceful pose and smiles for the birdie. Primm notices such small items as a collar, Sammy. Charlie poses as a tough ser- geant. Foote, Uhr, and Colzinos, but it loohs lilae all feet to us. Golman shows proper form in pitching horseshoes. Too Tall and Jarrett. It loohs bad boys. The ladies all have escorts. Too bad for the la- dies. "Ligl'1tnin' Leroy" clwses o barefoot coulomb across o UJl1eot- stone Bridge. mr. mc. illustrates the oct of pouring woter. mt. Vesuvius erupting. Try C1 boss fidclle, it's eosier to hir. Let's ploy peepin'. ls it Broadway or Times Square? S.U.C.H. Rating-lndeterminate. Calling all cars. PV1mlT CFISIQ major Ricel. aug .fm-am, , U fi 5 ,Q K, sa I .' V 4 . 3. fri, .- ' .. -"Q - 4 A Tx? ' I I. ag- .. 2 ' xlls- 'N tw f 1 ,, 45 xl N .xg ' 51, N--. H 'f . :iv . mf", 4 . - A '55, g S If A S 1 It loolzs lilze the horse has a question, Sammy. Perhaps Speedy is used to hold- ing cups-note little finger. would you advise trying to curry these boys below the hnees? Pottsy and Fred, we wonder, are they selling ticlaets or ,.,,,,, . ,,,.., . From Forest's loolzs, papa Oscar musta used the switch. Polo and its strength. The Beef Cattle Short Course has its auction sale. The one with the horns brought the highest bid. Even the horse is bored with stunt man Coclvey. Presenting Captain John Bryan ofthe polo team. Home on the range. The build- ings are Sosolilfs props. They used to hang horse thieves but sure enough, Forest is just going to play. who clipped that nice horse's tail? , x 1 .... fwr 5 A - ' E'sWf:-'sl .4fjP't" 'Y' . N9 Y :Arr-aww ,.,.N.-:Nl 1 .. W. A W A...--.-f's 1',....."" W t A.-Z-N 'nfl an-fd ff-'ff .r , zsinfvrds ff: 'S Page Two, and out steps Queen mary! Long live the Queen! Sunday morning version of a happy Hing. Shields and his queen. The Governor's choicel wilson says Jimmie can piclz his too. From the loohs of the letter, "it's only the beginning." Carter did OH. too. This court must be waiting to have its picture made. Queen mary Flnn oi the House of Lllallrzer starts on that long journey to the throne. mr. Clayton, one cotton lzing crowning another. Hing and Queen in the Cotton Patch. One of the beautiful Foley models entertains their maiesties andthe court . . .andthe photog- rapher. Hing Valton of the House ol Hall, crowns the Queen. On the Royal throne they sit in all their splendor. i l ,Z ' .I , ,Q-W Q, I. if V T9-1'-ft -'LL 'H A nw' msn!! N :FX A ' 1 5:34, 1 If 1 in 3 - ' I ' r 'V Qi.. .. t 1 -. 5' "' ' ' P . H fs if " . ', A. 1' if' ,aft i'f-'. ' if fl. "' ' I 373215 gt. . 1 is t .Ii js '. iii ' if. .i e-f ig. I ,.,, Q .A H V . I Y- 3 I ..-, M ,.,. ,h My 0 Q E. 1:41. --' ,, fl. gilf , , 4- '14-, 7 X fe, 'Q'-v Aj':'2x?C?"' gm?-M21 h. -. V " , ' - ' I r ,J A' . . " . r .... l - s- VV ' AM.. 3 . l - f W-: 3.-3 : ,Sup 11- -. ,::'.q:A.V:'s, . g .- . i, ,A .I g. ,l N ht .1 .. - 1 v- -sg,-5 -X ' . Q wt'-3gg,fgggg,,L.gz.,rs. Legs! Elliott! Legs! Give lmim legs! fT!cCamisl'1,tl1e "Q" Troop Top Hiclz still aboard as he completes the course. Diclz Powell concentrates on securing the red ribbon, wlwile the rider gets no attention at all. Better loolz and see if l'1e is on tlwe left lead, ltscliner. U.ll1ere's your l1at, Hnne? Sandstorm Culbertson outjumps all the Cavalry and some of tl1e lesser lights from Texas U. to win tlwird and save the Hggie name. Col. Carrico escorts the cup bearer. l.Ue piclz lnlo. 8. The Cavalry does it up right! Hs the GRHDD mHRCH ends, Fatlwer Hines swings into the first dance number of the Second Cav- alry Ball. ui. 1 1 tau 5. x 4 .4 , .ld v-A1"...,:,,-,-,A x ,vs d I- Z-if-.xp W , ,-X .l ' ' U Yr' .Y 4,22- ' L l m,,L- -fx! if ' f s 5 ill' . lo. fy? 4. ., 5 ,811 ,, .f-. 1 ' 'A 'K 1X L' , ua? X - X . I L N . . 13' C' '. wa ', f, E . I , 7 X '-'im A.'ff'1 1 .I W... 1' fs ol -:ii , M 14.- I N 1 .AQ S-l -4 -.A 1 , , ck- - I, N wg, i n 6 . F: 4 .di ' N s 1 u SEHICDRS Z f f+ I, H '- L ?' is' Vx "xii- .. Ov -. - ,Q A JN . , . A 1 QW-f' -essex, .f ' ' :fi N 1 L If . X 1' f ' .-1:53. F . 4 ft mfxzr 41 fx!! ' Q ,,Q,fA7n I , I an il 'f F, M I, 1 i V I n. 1 f 1 7 I. gf. ,415 I 57 w T! :I ,gt ,iii 1'-Hi :Hi , fi' xflg vm ix ML f W, H-A AI M wah-lm-L., i I k x 'sl A-av Z W Q SENIOR CLNSS OFFICERS JOHN H. BONE ...,. .. FNNRVIN IN. HENRY. .. RUFE S. BYNUFN ....... ROBERT H. HNRTYNNN. E. D. COULSON ....... GEORGE R. BURCH, JR .... .. .... . , . . . .President .Vice-President . . . .Secretory ......Historion Porliomentorion .Social Secretory HACUD IHODHRN 'QT CLHSS OF 1938 HDHmS, GEORGE B. "Butch" CE Bryon Flge 21, 2nd Lt. E Eng., F1.S.C.E. HDHFTIS, JOHN C. Flg E Bryan Hge 20, D lnl., H.S.H.E. HIHEFI, llJlLLlFtm H. "Bill" Ch E Salodo Ftge 21, Capt. F Inf., Best Drilled man F lnf. '36, Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Bell County Club, Ft. 81 fn. Chem. Eng, Society. HLBRECHT, LU. C. "Bill" PPE Yoolzum Hge 25, 2nd Lt. D F.F1.,PetroIeum-Geology Club, Vice-Pres. Lovaca Ft. 81 m. Club '37, '38. HLDRICE-l,JOHl'll'1IE L. "mickey" HH Temple Hge 23, 2nd Lt. B FH., Bell County Club, Flccounting Society. HLl.El"l, RICHHRD C. "Dick" LH Burlzburnett Ftge 20, C FH., Eco. Club. HL'lfTlFll'l, BEHUY "Pete" PPE mexia Hge 21, 1st Lt. FH. Bond, Hillel Club, Pres. '38, Treas. '37, Sec. Limestone H. 8t m. Club '35, Fl.l.m.E., Pet.-Geol. Club. HYTISLER, D. LU. "Chinl:" Sci Hempstead Hge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command C Int., Pre-med Club, HDDEBSOH, D. J. Vm Boclzwall Flge 21, 2nd Lt. G Int., Junior H.V.m.H., Scholarship Honor Society, Dis- tinguished Student. HHDBEUJS, THEO H. "Hndy" Hgri Coldwell Hge 21, 2nd Lt. 2nd Hq. Inf., Hream and How Hlub, Bolo Club. HHTHIS, B. J. "Joy" HH Hebbronville Ftge 23, n. fn., Eco. Club, marketing and Finance Club. FIRYTTISTEFID, UJ. LU. "Bill" Vm Houston Hge 21, major 1st Btn. FH., Vice-Pres. Houston Club, Y Cabinet, Distin- guished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Ftrt Editor Bat. '38, Junior Fl.V.l'T'I.H. O O A i l l r l K, I l I l l 1 l ll l I li :l 'i il It .5 X-,X CJ its-fb.! XF CLHSS OF 1938. HRFTESOFT, E. P., JR. "l:lff12YU CE San Flntonio Flge 20, Capt. FH. Regt., Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Swimming Team, Sec.-Treas. Ross Volunteers '38, Vice-Pres. San Flntonio Club, H.S.C.E. RSI-IFORD, J. T. ul- T-H PPE E Longview Flge 20, C C.Fl.C., Longview Club, Capt. Pistol Team '37, Rifle Team, Pres. Pistol 81 Rifle Club '37, Petroleum-Geology Club. HUSTIU, HHRRY G. HHUVFYH EE Belton Flge 20, Capt. C S.C., Fl.l.E.E,, President Radio Club. BHGGETT, RICHFIRD L. "Dick" FIR Holland Hge 27, FTTTT., marketing 8t Finance Club, Bell County Club. BFIGGETT, UJ. R., JR. "Bill" HH Ozona Flge 22, B lnf., Saddle 8t Sirloin Club, San Flngelo Club. BHILEY, R. FTT. "Bob" GE Houston Flge 22, F FH., Fencing Team, HIITTE., Houston Club. BFTLDLUIFT, BED FT "Buch" FTTE Dallas Flge 21, Fi C.F1.C., H.S.lTl.E., Dallas Club. BHRHER, FILBERT C. "Fil" ITIE San Flntonio Hge 22, Capt. E FFT., San Hntonio Club, H.S.FTl.E., Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Pan-Hmerican Club. BFTRTOFT, J. R., JR. "Jodie" Fil-I Sterling City Hge 21, 1st Lt. B Inf., Pres. San Hngelo Club '38, Student lJJelfare, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. BHRTOI'1,JIfTifTilE UJ. "Big-E-l'luFf" Vm Temple Hge 21, C Cav., Junior Fl.V.fTTH., Bell County Club, Polo Club. BFTSTIOFT, JOHN FTI. "mac" FTTE Port Hrthur Hge 22, Capt. D Eng., HSTTTE. BEHF1,RHYfTiOI'1DF. "Beanie" Land Fi Gladewater Qge 21, 1st Lt. B FH., Fish Baseball, Hrchitects Club, Landscape Hrch.Club, Treasurer '38. GD .CLHSS OiF1938 BECHFT, J. C. mE Temple Hge 24, Capt. CHC. Reg. Staff, F1.S.fTl.E., Y Cabinet, B.S.U. Council. BECHCOTTT, E. H "Beck" VTTT Jaclasonville Hge 21, Capt. E Inf., Junior FI.V.fTT.FI., marburgers moppers. BEIHHORVI, LU. ET. "BeinweII" LET Houston Etge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command EFT. Band, Houston Club,- Eco. Club, Ftccounting Society, R.V.'s, Lutheran Club, marketing 81 Finance Club. BELL, LU. TTT. "LUOody" PPE new Braunfels Ftge 21, 1st Lt. C Inf., Petroleum-Geology Club. BELL, l,UlLLIFII'TT T. VITI Jasper Ftge 25, 2nd Lieutenant C Cavalry. BEV1I"lER,H.V.,JR. "FIrch" Etrch E EI Paso Flge 20, 1st Lt. B CHC., Scholarship Honor Society, Ft.S.C.E., Ftrchitectural Club, Intramural manager. BEI'tI'1ETT,JHI'TIES LU. "Dutch" HH mart Hge 24, Fl C.FT.C., Hccounting and Statistics, Intramural Football. BERG, LOTHFIR E. "Loafer" mE Fredericksburg Hge 23, C CHC., Ft,S.fT1.E., Glee Club, Economics Club. BERLOCHER, S. H. "Burr" PPE Houston Hge 21, E Inf., Petroleum-Geology Club, Fl.I,fTT.E. CIub,- Houston H. 8- fn. Club. BEST, UJ. C. "Gaitorbait" PPE Fort lJJartI'1 Hge 21, 1st Lt. C CHC., Petroleum-Geology Club, Fort UJorth Club. BETHDZO, R. H. "Jug" Hg E mexico City, mex. Hge 21, 2nd Lt. B EFI., mexico City Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Intramural manager, Catholic Club, H.S.H.E. BETTS, Ft. L. EE Fairy Ftge 21, 2nd Lt. H Signal Corps, H.I.E.E. O O I N ,- .. 'i 'Q II .r C L H S S O F 1 9 3 8 BILLS, J. i-iui.En Educ Dawson Nge 21, 2nd Lt. 2nd Combt. T., Econ. Club. BISCHOFF, H. N. "Bisch" LF1 San Fzlntonio Flge 26, 2nd Hq. C.N.C., Chairman Board of Directors of Economics Club, Junto Club, Lutheran Club. BLUI'1T,PHUL B. VFN San Nntonio Flge 20, Captain E FN. BOETTCHER, REINHNBDT B., JB. "Bruno" HH East Bernard Nge 22, Lt. Col. C Cav., market 81 Finance, Boss Volunteers, Pres. Ulharton County Club, l,Uho's l.Uho Nmerican Colleges and Universities, Chairman Cavalry Ball '37. BOND, EDfT1OND VNN, JB. "Bud" PPE Victoria Nge 21, 1st Lt. H lnf., Scientific Review '36-'37, Editor '37-'38, member Turlzey Trot Club, N.l.fN.E., Student Publication Board, Press Club, Victoria N. 81 FN. Club. BONE, JOHN H. "Slick" HH l,Uichita Falls Fige 20, 1st Lt. Band, Pres. of Senior Class '38, lllichita Falls Club, Nc- counting Society, Student welfare Com., Vice-Pres. of Pan-Fimerican Club, l,Uho's Ulho in Nmerican Colleges and Universities '38, BOSSE, UJ. N. "Rabbi" Ngr Beaumont Nge 21, N.fN., Beaumont Club. BOYD, fT'llCHNEL Fl. "mil2e" DH Nmarillo Nge 22, 2nd Hdq. FN., Hream 81 How Hlub, Nmarillo Club. BOYD, LU. H. "Hnight' DH Nmarillo Hge 22, 1st Lt. D Cav., Panhandle Club, Hream 81 How Hlub, R.V., Hdjt. Second Squadron StaFF. BRNCEUJELL, J. S. "Bracehorn" LN Houston Nge 20, Capt. Band, 2nd-in-Command Nggie Band, R. V.'s, Pre-Law Club, Drum major Band '38, Houston Club, Hing of B. V. Court. BRHDSHHLU, T. E. ms Houston Flge 21, N C.N.C., H.S.fT1.E., Houston Club. BRHUCHLE, ROBT. B. P. "Bob" N9 Ed San Flntonio Nge 23, Capt. Inf., Distinguished Student, Future Farmers ofF1merica,Glee Club,- 4-H Ngri. Club, Lutheran Club, Ngronomy Society. .CLHSS OF 1938 BREfT1ER, LU. H. "l,Uillie" HH La Grange Hge 22, 1st Lt. Regt. Staff, FFL, Distinguished Student, Hccounting Society, Economics Club, Pistol Team, Fayette County Club. BREl"lFl9l'l, UJ. P., JR. "Spook" mE Crystal City Hge 21, H C.Fl.C., Fl.S.FTl.E., Southwest Texas Club. BREUJSTER, J. ED "Eddie" HH Temple Flge 21, Capt. Regt. Staff, Cav., Pres. Freshman "Y" Cabinet '35, Vice- Pres. Bell County Club '38, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. BRISTLEY, L. P., JR. "Lead Hoss" Geal Liberty Hge 22, C lnf., Fl.l.m.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, Liberty County Club, Gen. mgr. Balners Bloclzshirts. BROGHS, UJ. HTLUOOD "Duck" PPE Corpus Christi Flge 20, 1st Lt. H Cav., Hdjutant 1st Squadron Staff, Fl.l.m.E., Episcopal Club, Gulf Coast Fl. 81 Fll. Club. BROUSSHRD, PFIUL D., JR. "Frenchy" HH Freeport Flge 21, D Inf., marketing 81 Finance Club, newman Club, Brazoria County Fl. 81 m. Club Sec,-Treas. '34-'35, Pres. '37-'38, Poultry 8g Egg Club. BROLUD, D. H. "Coolie" PPE Decatur Flge 23, 1st Lt. H lnf., f:l,l.m.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, north Texas Fl. 81 fn. Club. BROLUF1, JHITIES G. "Jim" mE Ulaco Hge 20, H Eng., H.S.m.E., lllaco Club. BROlUl'l, T. Fl. "Tom" EE Houston Flge 21, Capt. S.C., Fl.l.E.E., Houston Club, Intramural Football. BRYFWI, JOHN Hgri San Flngelo Flge 20, 1st Lt. Cav., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Polo Hssn., Polo Team. BUCHLEY, LUILSOFI B. "Buch" F131 Holland Hge 23, n.m., Hgronomy Society. BUGH, C. L. "l3u93er" mE Houston Flge 22, 2nd Lt. Fl FH., H.S.fTl.E., Houston Club. O O CLFISS OF 1938. BURCH, GEORGE R,, JR. "George" VFT'l Lllichita Falls Rge 22, 1st Lt. Band, Y,FT'l,C.H. Cabinet, Junior H.V.FTl.Fl., Social Secre- tary '38, Pres. UJichita Falls H. 81 m. Club, Vice-Pres. Pan-Flmerican Club. BURGESS, E. B. "Beau" Hgr Fort LUorth Fige 27, 1st Lt. D FH., Fort LUorth Club, Flgronomy Society, Parliamen- tarian '38. BURR, ORVHL L. Hg Ed Eden Flge 21, H lnl., F FH., Heart oi Texas 81 mountaineers Club, Hgronomy So- ciety, Poultry 81 Egg Club. BUROLU, FRFIRTIU "Bunny" Sci Comfort Hge 27, 1st Lt. D FH., Lutheran Club. BUTLER, ELLUll'l "Dewitt" Hgr Ed Graham Rge 21, 1st Lt. H lnf., Scholarship Honor Society, north Texas Club, Busi- ness mgr. Scientific Review, President Fl.S.H.E. BUTTRILL, C. O. Ch E Port Hrthur Hge 21, major C l.U.S., Glee Club, Intramural mgr., Port Hrthur Club, 9. 8: FTI. Chemical Engineering Society. BYHUFTI, RUFE S "Buclztooth" PPE San Flntonio Hge 23, major B FH., Sec.-Treas. Senior Class, Second-in-Command R. V.'s, Petroleum-Geology Club, San Hntonio Club, l.Uho's U.lho in Flmerican Colleges and Universities, H.I.fT1.E., Pan-Hmerican Club. CHBFIHISS, JHCH H. CE Fort l.Uorth Hge 26, F Eng., Fl.S.C.E. CHLLHLURY, C. H. "Herb" PPE Croclzett Qge 22, 2nd Lt. G lnf., Sec.-Treas. Houston County Club, Petroleum-Geology Club, H.I.m.E. CHLVERT, LU. Fl. "Goan" LH Hrcher City Flge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command D C.Fl.C., Economics Club, Glee Club, Bi- ology Club, Little Theater, Intramural mgr. CHLVID, CHHRLES B. "Bosco" Pre-med Sun Hntonio Hge 19, 2nd Lt. G lnl., Vice-Pres. Pre-med Club, San Hntonio Club. CFIFREROFT, ROBERT G., JR. "Bob" HH San Hntonio Flge 22, Captain 1st Com. Tr. F.Fl. 91 .CLHSS OF 1938 CFIITWPBELL, BRUCE B. "Humpy" mE Hnox City Flge 19, Capt. 2nd Bat. lnf. Staff, Swimming Team '36-'37, HSITIE. '38. CFlmPBEl.L, JOE RILEY HH Hillsboro Flge 20, D CHC., Entomology Club, Distinguished Student, Economics Club, marketing 84 Finance Club. CFIFTTPBELL, UJILLIHFR GIBBS "Bill" HH San Flntonio Flge 21, 2nd Hq. FH., Y.fTl.C.Fl. Cabinet. CHRHUJHY, HLVID "P. H." Pre-med Goldthwaite Flge 21, lnl., Pre-med Club. CHRTER, CLHUDE UJESLEY "Rough-house" Hgri Flbilene Flge19, 2nd Bat. Hq. lnf., Reporter, Poultry and Egg Club. CHRTER, E. R. "Jeep" PH Stephenville Flge 22, 1st Lt. E lnl., Poultry 81 Egg Club, Oil Belt Club, Collegiate Future Farmers of Hmerica, member ofthe Poultry Judging Team '37-'38. CHRTER, J. D. "Jimmie" Hgr Poolville Flge 23, 1st Lt. Fl Inf., Flgronomy Club, Glee Club, Intramural manager. CHRTER, LUIDFORD LU. Hg Ed Decatur Flge 22, 2nd Lt. lnf., F.F.Fl. Club, Poultry 8m Egg Club. CFHRUTHERS, E. B. B. "Satch" mE San Hntonio Flge 21, 1st Lt. C CHC., F1.S.fTl.E.,Scm Hntonio Club, Freshman Football. CHSTLEBERRY, J. HFIROLD HCGZH Sci Fllbany Flge 21, Capt. D lnl., Pre-medical Society, Hbilene Club, Bee Heeping Society. CERVEFIHH, L. E, mE Rowena Hge 21, 1st Lt. B FH., H.S.m.E., rlewman Club. CHHDUJICH, C. LU. "mudcat" Vm Joclzson, miss. Hge 25, B FH., Ftmerican Veterinary medical Hssociation. O O CLRSS OF 1938. CHHDLUICH, VERNON D. "Snool:s" Vm Jaclzson, miss. Ftge 23, B F.Fi., Jr. Flmerican Veterinary medical Hssociation. CHHmBERLFilF1, FlUC5El'lT F. "nugget" Ch E Henderson Hge 21, Capt. FH. Band, Scholarship Honor Society, H. 8x m. Chemical Society, Distinguished Student. CHHUDLER, D. E. "Slap" PPE Gilmer Ftge 21, 1st Lt. C Int., H.I.fT1.E. CHRlSTIHl'l, BEF! E. "Bennie" Firch Claude Hge 26, 9 Eng., BSU. Council, President. CHURCH, LU. E. "Red" Ftgr Colorado Flge 23, D lnf., Freshman and Varsity Football, Hgronomy Society. CLHRH, E. C. "Jimmy" CE Devers Flge 21, major Reg. Staff Inf., T Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Freshman Baslzetball, Varsity Baslzetball, H.S.C.E., Liberty County Club. CLHRH, FRED LU., JR. "Fritz" EE Van Horn Flge 21,1st.l.t.Fl.C., H.I.E.E. CLFIRR, J. E., JR. "Elmo" Hgr Liberty Hge 21, C Inf., Figronomy Society, Liberty County Fi. and m. Club, Intra- mural manager. CLRRH, U. R. "Ray" mE Burleson Fige 20, Capt. C Cav., R. V.'s, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Student llJelfare Committee. CLP1RY,JHfT1ES C. "Jim" HH EI Paso Hge 21, Capt. FH. Band, EI Paso Club, marlzeting 8g Finance Club, Eco- nomics Club, Pre-med Club. CLEHRmHFl, H. L. "Hoot" Flgr Lamesa Hge 27, nm., Distinguished Student, Hream 8: Row Hlub, Pres. Entomology Club. CLEVELRFID, DFILE "Everready" H9 Granbury Hge 20, 2nd Lt. E Inf., marlzeting 8: Finance Club. .CLHSS OF 1938 CLOFITS, JOE J. "Little Joe" HF! Thornton Hge 24, E lnf., marlzeting 8s Finance Club. CLOUDT, F. O. HH Rochsprings Hge 22, F lnl., T Club, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club,Southwest Texas Club, Y.m.C.H. Cabinet, Traclz. COHIFTOS, GEFIEOS P. "Col:ie" PPE Beaumont Flge 21, 9 FH., Press Club, H.l.m.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, Vice-Pres. Beaumont Club, Baslzetball, Scientific Review. COLEmHl'l, PHUL H., JR. "Coley" CE Bonham Hge 90, F F.Fl., Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Fl.S.C.E., Best Drilled man '36. COLLIE, ROBERT m. "Bob" CE Pecos Hge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command E Eng., Scholarship Honor Society, Dis- tinguished Student, Fi.S.C.E. COLLIER, J. LU. "Rube" Hgr Hilleen Hge 22, H lnf., Flgronomy Society, Flggies of '34, Bell County Club, lnter- national Crops Team '37. COLQUITT, R. fTl., JR. LH Dallas Hge 21, C C.Fl.C., Glee Club, Treas. Biology Club '37. COFILY, JOHFI C. "John" EE Laredo Hge 21, Capt. FH., President Laredo Club, Fi.I.E.E. COl'll'lFlLLY, C. B. "Tunny" mE l.Uaco Flge 21, C Cav., H.S.m.E., Intramural manager. COnl'lOLLY, LU. S. "Hbe" RFI UJl-ritney Flge 21, D lnf., Poultry 8: Egg Club, marlzeting 8- Finance Club. COOH, DHVID H. "Coolzy" mE UJaxahachie Flge 21, Qnd Hq. lnf., Ellis County Club, Fl.S.m.E,, Scholarship Honor So- ciety, Distinguished Student. COOH, TRUmFln F. "Bloody" Ch E San Juan, P. R. Flge 22, major C llJ.S., B. V.'s, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Press Club, Circulation manager Battalion, Chemical Engineering Society, Cosmopolitan Club. 0 O CLHSS OF 1938 COBDELL, UJ. D. B. "Ju9" HH Fort l,Uorth Hge 25, 1st Lt. C CHC., Economics Club '36-'38, FIccounting Society '36- '38, Chairman oi 2nd Coast Ball '38. COULSOII, E. D. "ECI" LH Houston Hge 20, Lt. Col. B FFI., Houston Club, Pres. Pre-Law Club '36, '37, Scholar- ship Honor Society, Vice-Pres. '37, '38, Parliamentarian '38, Eco. Club, Distinguished Student. COURTFIDE, FIRTHUR H Hg Ed Riesel Hge 23, B Inf., UJaco Club, Hgronomy Society, FFR., Collegiate Chapter, Intramural Baslaetball Champs '34, Culee Club. COl.UFII"l, UJ. B., JR, Fig Ed Stephenville Hge 21, 1st Lt. Beg. Hq. Inf., Senior F.F.FI. Chapter, Scholarship Honor Society. COZHBT, lUILLlFlfTl Fl. "Cozy" Eigri Fibilene Hge 24, B C.FI.C., Hmerican Society ol Ftgronomy, Saddle 8- Sirloin Club. CREUJS, I.. I. "Iggie" Ch E Trinidad Flge 21, Capt. Ft C.l,U.S., Press Club '37-'38, Chemical Eng. Society, Junior Editor Battalion '37, Ftssociate Editor Battalion '38, Intramural manager, navarro County Club '37. CRISFTIFIII, LUHYVIE "Corporal" PPE Overton Hge 21, 2nd Lt. B Eng., Petroleum-Geology Club. CBOLU, CECIL LU. "Crow" LH Dallas Hge 23, 1st Hq. FH., Swimming Team, Pistol Team, Elggie Play of '36, llJater Polo Team, Economics Club, Dallas Club. CROLU, LHLUREFICE m. "Larry" LF! lJJaco Elge 21, Capt. C Cav., Executive Officer, Second Squadron, B. V.'s, Eco- nomics Club, l.Uaco Club. CFIUFTTP, J. F. "PO" HH Paducah Hge 23, C F.Ft.,fT1ciri:eting 81 Finance Club. CRUTCHFIELD, J. C. "Crutch" EIH Singleton lqge 21 , G Inf., Saddle 8x Sirloin Club, Fortnightly Club, CUFFITIHD, JOE BFIY "Squire Sl'1imp" HH Flllen Flge 24,- Qnd Lt. E FH., Saddle 84 Sirloin Club, Collin County Club, Future Farmers Hssociation. K E' CLFISS OF 1938 CULBERTSOTT, LU. O., JB. "Bill" Hgri Dalhart Flge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command 2nd Hq. F.F1.,Sec.-Treas. Panhandle Club, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Pan-Hmerican Club. CUBITTGTOTT, H. UJ. "Slim" CE Vernon Flge 20, TTTTT., Fimerican Society of Civil Engineers CUBLEY, LUFILLHCE S. "Steve" HH Bridgeport Qge 20, 1st Lt. lnf. Stal'f, marketing 81 Finance Club, north Central Texas Club. DFTHL, TTTFTX C5. "fTlaxie" GE Savanna, III. Flge 21, Capt. C FFT., Ft.l.fT1.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, B. V.'s,- Best Drilled man '36, DFTLBY, ROBERT L. "Bob" LH Texarbona Flge 22, 2nd Lt. G Inf., Pre-Law Club. DFIVEVIPORT, S. B. "Dutch" HH Uvalde Fige 21, 1st Lt. B lnf., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Southwest Texas Club. DFTVIS, DOYLE T. mE Ennis Hge 20, 1st Lt. D Inf., Fl.S.fT1.E., Ellis County Club. DHVIS, PHUL EE Dallas Qge 21, Capt. Inf. Band, F1.I.E.E DHY, BED B. "B, Fl." Fig E Plainview Flge 23, P1 CHC., Scholarship Honor Society, Secretary Hg. Eng. Society, Secretary South Plains Club, fortnightly Club. DEITTPUJOLF, E. TT. "ll,lolf-l.Uoll" Ch E Cleburne Fige 21, Capt. B C.U.l.S., B. V.'s, Social Secretary newman Club, Fl. 8- m. Chemical Society. DERSHIfT1ER,JOHl'l E. "Jack" CE Baltimore, md. Fige 23, 2nd Lt. C FH., H.S.C.E., San Hntonio H. 8: TTT. Club. DELUEY, B. H., JR. "Hdmiral" HH Bryan Hge 20, H FH. O O CLHSS OF 1938. DIBRELL, C. F. "Dusty" LH San Hntonio Hge 22, Capt. D Cav., San Fintonio Club, Eco. Club, Pre-Law Club, Fencing, Rifle Team, R. V.'s. DIEB, J. m. "mitch" Ch E Fort l,Uorth Fige 20, Capt. B C.H.C., Fort LUorth Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Dis- tinguished Student, Reporter, Battalion, Senior Council, Chem. Engineering Society, Best Drill medal '36, Press Club. DODSOVI, F. LU. "Doc" Sci Hmarillo Hge 26, Capt. Cav., Polo Club, Pres. Panhandle Fi. 81 m. Club '37, Pre- med. Club, R. V.'s. DORmFln, H. D. "Dizzy" Vm Orange Hge 21, l'l.m., Junior Fl.V.fTl.9. DOUGHERTY, CHFIS F. Ch E Tulsa, Obla. Hge 21, 1st Lt. D Eng., Vice-President filewman Club '38, Tennis Team, Chemical Engineering Society. DOUGLHSS, EHRL "Doug" HH Gainesville Flge 19, H lnf., marlzeting 8x Finance Club, Economics Club, Hero Club. DRFIHE, E. LU. "Duck" PPE Liberty Fige 20, 1st Lt. C lnf., Distinguished Student, Pres. Petroleum-Geology Club '37, Liberty County Club, Student Ft.l.m.E., Scholarship Honor Society. DREl"ll'lFln, LU. B. "Pap" PE Cleburne Hge 25, D Inf., Football and Tracla numeral '34, Football '35, '36, '37. DRIDHHRD, J. E. "Coffee" HH mart Hge 20, 1st Lt. 1st Btn. CT F.Fl., member marketing and Finance Club, mcLennan County Club. DROLLIFIGER, C. O. "Buddy" HH Dallas Fige 23, D FH., marketing 8m Finance Club, Dallas H. 81 m. Club. DUCR, l. B., JR. "Gosling" Dl-l Hbilene Hge 20, Ha. Tr. Cav., Reporter, Rream 81 Row Rlub '37, '38. DUDLEY, HLDEVI C. "Duel" mE Dallas Hge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command F Eng., f:l.S.m.E., Dallas Club, D- 3 CLRSS OF 1938 DUHE,BURI'1IE G., JR. "Philbert" HH Forney Hge 22, Capt. Regimental Staff F.H., Hccounting Society, Haufman County Club, Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society. DUHE, HUBERT T. "Dusty" Hgri Claude Hge 22, major 1st Bn. lnl., llJinner Freshman Crops Contest '35, Freshman Livestoclz Team, Junior Dairy Judging Team, Press Club, Longhorn Staff, Vice-Pres. Hream 81 How Hlub, Panhandle Club. DUFTCHFI, H. Fl. "Dunk" LF! Frisco Hge 20, 1st Lt. H Inf., Economics Club, Collin County Club. EIDSOD, JOHN R. CE Hamilton Hge 24, D F.H., H.S.C.E. ELLIOTT, R. S. "Elliott" Hgr Hress Hge 22, major Cav., Hgronomy Society, International Crops Judging Team '37, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Outstanding Student Fort Clark '37, South Plains Club, monlzey Drill Squad. ERIHSEH, m. H. "Bill" EE Houston Hge 21, Capt. S.C., Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, H.l.E.E. ESTRHDH, RHmOH C "Dusty" HH Laredo Hge 24, C lnl., marketing 8: Finance Club, Economics Club, Laredo Club, Intramural lJJrestling, Boxing. EVHHS, H. J. "Jack" PPE l.1Jichita Falls Hge 22, 1st Lt. E lnl., H.l.m.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, Vice-Pres. llJichita H. 8m m. Club, Fish Football. 4. EVHHS, JESS E. Hg Ed Heches Hge 21,1stLt.1stHq.lnf.,F.F.H. FHFTTBROUGH, T. E. Hg Ed Breckenridge Hge 24, H Cav., Hg. Ed. Club. FHRQUHHR, J. T. "Jim" Hg E Jonesboro Hge 28, Capt. C lnl., R.S.R.E. FHSHED, R. H. m. "murray" LH midland Hge 21, major Cav., Pre-Law Club, Eco. Club, Tennis Squad, Polo Squad. O O l AX N I ir .f' K, F ii Q3 KA!! XJ L V CLFTSS OF 1938 FIFTLHY, ROBERT J. "Bob" fqge 21, B Inf., FT.S.Fl.E., Heart of Texas and mountaineers Club. FIFTLEY, J. H. "Butch" HH Hnox City Flge 22, Capt. 1st Hq. C.Fl.C., Glee Club, Business manager, President Hc- counting Society, Entertainment Series Committee, Distinguished Student, Hggies of '37. FIFTFTEY, R. H., JR. "Jack" HH Paris Hge 21, 2nd Lt. D Cav., marlzeting and Finance Club. FISCHER, UJ, E. "Barb" EE marlirr Hge 21, Capt. Fl S.C., Falls County Club, F1.I.E.E. FITZGERFTLD, JHFTTES L. "Frog" mE Holliday Flge 25,- H Eng., fqmerican Society of mechanical Engineers FITZHUGH, HHROLD m. "Fitz" Hg Ed Tolar Hge 22, C Inf., Senior FFFT, Collegiate Chapter. FITZHUCSH, T. C., JR. "Chan1pe" LH U.Jaco Hge 21, B Cav., Economics Club, U.Jaco Club. FIX, ROBERT E. "Bob" Ch E Dallas Hge 21, F1 C.l1J.S., Fl. 81 m. Chemical Engineering Society, Dallas Club, Dramatic Society. FOOTE, DHFTIEL FT. "Pig-Eye" HH San Hntonio Hge 22, E FFT., marlzeting and Finance Club, Economics Club. FOSTER, CHHRLES B., JR. "Charley" CE Shreveport, La. Hge 22, 1st Lt. 1st Btn. l-lq. Bat. FH., R. V.'s, Pres. Shreveport H. 81 m. Club, Episcopal Club Council, F1.S.C.E., lntramural manager. FOSTER, T. G. "Frog-o" Flgr Pecan Gap Hge 21, B C.F1.C. FRFTFTHS, ROBT. D. "Bobbie" Vm minden, La. Hge 23,1stHq. FFT., Junior 9.V.m.FT., Shreveport Club. 'S CLHSS OF 1938 FRITSCH, CURTIS P. "Dusty" Ch E San Hntonio Hge 20, Capt. B Eng., Chemical Eng. Society, San Flntonio Club. GHGE, C. V. Hg Ed Sherman Hge 24, 1st Lt. E lnl., Collegiate Chapter F.F.Fl., Traclz, Poultry and Egg Club '38, Cross Country. GFNTHER, THOmHS H. "Tom" Hg Ed Pendleton Hge 22, 1st Lt. G Inf., Bell County Club, Junior and Senior Collegiate F.F.H. GHITHER, LU. Fl. "Bill" Ch E Dallas Flge 21, 1st Lt. B C.UJ,S., Dallas Club, Chemical Society. GHRDER, EDlUll'l "Ed" H9 Vernon Hge 23, 2nd Hq. FH., marketing 81 Finance Club, Sbisa Volunteer, Fish Traclz, lntramural Sports. GFIRRETT, ROY C. "Red" Hg E Hilleen Flge 23, Capt. 2nd Hq. C.Fl.C., Fl.S.Fl.E., Bell County Club, Distinguished Student. GHSHELL, ROY L. Ch E Dallas Flge 20, 1st Lt. H C.l.U.S., Dallas Club, Episcopal Club, Chemical Society. GHTES, LESLIE C. "Les" Flg Ed Pearsall Hge 22, Capt. B Cav., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, R. V.'s, Southwest Texas Club, Best Drilled B Cav. '37, Senior Collegiate Chapter F.F.H., Distinguished Stu- dent, Poultry 81 Egg Club. GEHRHHRT, B. F. "Doc" Vm maria Hge 21, Capt. H FH., H.V.m.H.,Student Chapter, Distinguished Student. GEl'1SBERG,FRF'tl'1H "Geezil" Sci Big Spring Flge 25, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command Fl FH., Entomology Club. GEDTRY, F. R. "Frantz" Hg E Chillicothe Hge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command Hq. 2nd Bn. lnf., lntramural manager, H.S.H.E., Vice-Pres., Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society. GERDES, UJ. F. EE Port Hrthur Flge 21, Lt. Col. Comp. Regt. S.C., Scholarship Honor Society, H.l.E.E. O O l CLHSS OF 1938 GILCHRIST,FRHI'1H EE Flge 19, 1st Lt. B Eng., Radio Club, FI.l.E,E. GLFISS, LUFILTER LU., JR. UMD.. .laclzsonville njugr. Presmed Port Nrthur Nge Q1,1st Lt. 2nd Btn. FH. Staff, Port Flrthur Club, Pre-medical Society. GOODLUIN, C. H., JR. "Crab" DH Stephenville Nge 22, 1st Lt. Hq. lnf., Rream and How Hlub. GORFNFIN, LU. R. Ng Ed ltaly Flge 24, N.fTl. GOUGE, HNRDIN E. "Dutch" VFN Sedalia, mo. Nge 22, B CHC., Junior Chapter Flmerican Veterinary FN GRHESER, HENRY J. EH Flge QQ, F FH., Economics Club, Fl.S.C.E. GRNHFIFN, D. LU. Fig Ed edicine Flssn. "Snooney" marshall ..Don.. UJills Point Nge 22, FH., Traci: Team, F,F.N. Chapter, Fl. 8: m. Little Theater. GRNHNFN HUGH Flgr Thorndale Flge 21, Nm., Freshman Forensic Club, Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Biology Club, Entomology Club. GRHNT, DONNLD Fig E Nge 22, C F.H.,H.S.F1.E. GRHSSO, LU, Fl. CE Flge 20, Qnd Lt. D Eng., Student lllelfare Committee, Schol Society, Fl.S.C.E., San Flntonio Club. GREEN, CHRL V. EE Nge 22, 1st Lt. Qnd-in-Command Hq. S.C., H.l.E.E. GREEN, D. P. EE Flge '20, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command B S.C,, H.l.E.E., lllichita Fal mural Cross Country. "Don" Savanna, III. San Nntonio arship Honor "Goon' Hope, Flriz. r.DGnu l.Uichita Falls ls Club, lntra- CLHSS OF 1938 GRIFFIN, C. V. "GriH" I-Iort UJesIaco Hge 21, B Inf., Fish Iraclz, Flgronomy Society, Horticulture Society, Vice- Pres. Rio Grande Valley Club. GRIFFIFI, J. C. "C1ruFf" ITIE Forney Hge 20, Capt. F.FI. Regt. Staff, Distinguished Student, Scholarship I-Ionor Society, Haufman County Club, FI.S.FI'I.E. GRIFFIFI, J. I-I. "GriFf" Ch E Elmo Hge 20, 2nd Lt. 2nd I'Iq. Inf., Dr. Hedges Stooge. GRIFTIFTIER, RICHHFID FI., JR. "Dick" FTIE Dallas Fqge 23, 1stLt. F Eng.,l:I.S.Fll.E. GUERBFI, JOE B. "Smokie Joe" FII-I Carrizo Springs Flge 23, 2nd Lt. B Inf., Saddle 8x Sirloin Club, Southwest Texas Club, Cross Country Intramural '34. GUIQIFI, EDLUIFI DH Daingertield nge 24, Ist Lt. Hq. Int., Hream 8: How Hlub, Scholarship Honor Society, Dairy Products Judging Team. GUJIFI, LU. FI. "Flirt" Hgr Oenaville Hge 23,- 2nd I-Iq. CHC., Flgronomy Society, Bell County Club, medal Freshman Crops Contest. HFIBLE, P. R. "Paul" LPI Corsicana Flge 21, major Corps Stall, Pres. Corsicona Club '36, R. V.'s, Chief Yell Leader, Pre-Law Club, Pistol Team, I.Uho's I.1Jho in Flmerican Colleges 8m Universities. I'IFII.L, V. "V" Qgr Electra Flge 23, 2nd Lt. H Inf., Economics Club, H.S.Fl.E., Pres. Flgronomy Society '37, Vice-Pres. International Hgronomy Society '36, Crops Team '36, R. V.'s, Hing Cotton Ball, Y.FIl.C.FI. Cabinet, Sbisa Volunteer. Hnmmncrr, D. F. "Red" Hg E Lehman Flge 22, 2nd Lt. 2nd Hq. Inf., Fl.S.FI.E., South Plains Club. HFIFTIFIER, B. B. CE I.acy Summit Hge 23, 1st Lt. FI FH., H.S.C.E. HHFIDER, RHYITIOVID "CocI2ie" VITI Belton Hge 27, 2nd Lt. C Cav., Junior PI.V.l'Il.Fl., Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Bell County Club. O O lr . C L H S S O F 1 9 3 8 Hnnscn, nuon H. "ni" HH Fredericksburg Hge 23, Capt, Staff B FH., Pres. market 8x Finance Club, Pres. Lutheran Club, Scholarship Honor Society, LUinner Danforth Fellowship. HHRRIS, GLEN H. "Denny" CE Beeville Hge 23, B Cav., F1.S.C.E., Fl. V.'s, Bee 84 Harnes County Club. i-inams, L. c. EE San Hntonio Flge 20, Capt. F1 S.C., H.I.E.E., San Hntonio Club. HHRRIS, LEDYHRD G. "Ledge" HH San Hngelo Hge '22, Qnd Lt. B lnl,, San Hngelo Club. HHRRIS, V. B. "Buddy" PPE mineola Hge 19, C lnl., Ft.l.m.E., Basketball '36, '37, '38, Captain '38. HHRRISOD, f'lElL B. "Skeeter" HH Gilmer Hge 20, C lnf., northeast Texas Club, marketing 81 Finance Club. HHRTmHn, ROBERT H. "Perch" Vm Cuero Hge 21, 2nd Lt. H lnl., Junior Chapt. Fl.V.m.H., Pres. Cuero Club, '38, Scholarship Honor Society, Senior Class Historian, Lutheran Club. HHLJJHIUS, EB. "Hawk" HH Hmarillo Flge 23, Capt. H lnf., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Hmarillo Club. HEHTOD, J. LU. "Dude" Vm Stephenville Hge 23, 1st Lt. Beg. Staff Inf., Junior H.V.m.H. HENRY, mHBVln m. "Cain" CE Port Hrthur Hge 22, Lt. Col. Eng., Best Drilled '35, '36, llJha's llJho in Ftmerican Col- leges and Universities. HELUSOYT, J. E. "Johnny" Ch E San Hntonio Hge 21, Capt. B C.L1J.S., Y Cabinet, R. V.'s, Best Drilled medal '36, Vice- Pres. Chem. Eng. Society '37, Pres. Chem. Eng. Society '38, Intramural manager, San Hntonio Club. HICHEBSOU, JOE C. "Hickey" Hgr Rosebud Hge 22, 1st Lt. 1st Hq. FH., Hgronomy Society, Falls County Club, Eco. Club, R. V.'s. CLHSS OF 1938 HICHS, D. UJHLTOD "Speedy" HH Bandera Qge 22, D Cav., Saddle 8t Sirloin Club, Polo Hssn., B.S.U. Council, H, 81 m. Rodeo. HIGGIUBOTHFIITI, R. FI. "Higg" Flg E Chillicothe Hge 21, 1st Lt. B FH., Senior Intramural mgr. '38, Intramural Speed Ball '35-'36, member H.S.FI.E., Ulichita Falls FI. 8: m. Club. HODGES, l.U. UJHDE DH Dublin Flge 21, 2nd Lt. 1st Ha. Inf., Dairy Products Judging Team. I-IOGFIFI, H. J. FIFI Lllaco Hge 21, 1st Lt. D FH., marlzeting 81 Finance Club, Hccounting Society, Intramural manager '38, l.Uaco Club. HOLmES, RHLPH C. "Fat" F19 El Paso Hge 27, 2nd Hq. FH., marlzeting 81 Finance Club, Pres. Pan-Hmerican Club, El Paso Club. I-IOLT, B. F. Fig E Spearman Hge 21, C C.F1.C. HOUSE, JHmES FRFIHH "Cabin" FIF! Bridgeport Flge 20, Capt. Regt, Staff, H Inf., north Texas FI. 8t m. Club, Swimming Team '35-'36, Economics Club '36-'37, Hccounting Society, Vice-President '37-'38, Intramural Sports. I-IOVELL, BERGEFI B. - "Bud" Ch E Smaclaover, Flrlz. Flge 23, Capt. D CHC., Student l.Uellare Committee, Chem. Society, Bone Brain Trusters, R. V.'s, Longhorn Staff '38. HUBBHRD, ui. E. Ln Sweetwater nge 22, major, C.H.C,, Swimming Team, Press Club, R. V.'s. HUDSOFI, O. G., JR. "Buddy" Ch E Hearne nge 22, 1st I.t. F EFI., Chem. Eng. Society, newman Club, R. V.'s, Intramural manager '37-'38, I-IUEBFIER, GILBERT R. "Tuffy" CE Brenham Flge 21 E Inf., Fish Football, l,Uashington-Hustin County Club, Lutheran Club, Ft.S.C,E,, Intramural Football '35-'36, HUGHES, T. H. "Ste-oge' EE Galveston Flge 20, major S.C., Galveston Club, R.I.E.E., Distinguished Student, Schol- arship Honor Society. O O CLFISS OF1938. HUNT, LU. H. "Nsp" NN Pearsall Nge 20, 2nd Lt. B Cav., m. 8x F. Club, Economics Club, lntramural manager, Southwest Texas Club. JNCHSON, J. R. "Jack" N Ed Center S Nge 22, Capt. N Inf., Saddle 8t Sirloin Club, Ngronomy Society, Longhorn Staff, Student UJelfare Committee, Press Club, President of Sophomore Class, Sec.-Treas. Junior Class, N. 81 m. Entertainment Committee. JNCHSON, ROGER UJ. "Jack" PPE Jaclzsonville Nge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command N Eng., Petroleum-Geology Club, R. Vfs, N.l.m.E. JNmNlL, CLNRENCE "Corp" NN Houston Nge 21, D F.N., Houston Club, Newman Club, marlzeting 81 Finance Club. JNmES, CECILE P. "Jimmie" NN llJoco Nge 20, 2nd Lt. C C.N.C., Economics Club, marlzeting 8r Finance Club. JHRRHTT, DENNIS Y. "D, Y." Hg Ed Stephenville Nge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command G lnf., Senior Collegiate Chapter F.F.N., Ngronomy Society, Scholarship Honor Society, Poultry and Egg Club. JOHNSON, CHNS. LU. "Chick" NN Port Neches Nge 21, N F.N., Nccounting Society, Sbisa Volunteers. JOHNSON, T. P. "Pax" Ngr EI Paso Nge 22, Capt. F F.N., Scholarship Honor Society, Ngronomy Society, El Paso Club, Vice-Pres. Pan-Nmerican Club. JONES, NOBLE D., JR. "Jonesie" CE Dallas Nge 21, major Corps Staff, Pres. Scholarship Honor Society, Pres. Dallas N.8r m.Club, N.S.C.E., Press Club, UJho's U.Jho in Nmerican Universities and Colleges, Longhorn Staff, Soph. math. Contest, Best Drilled man, Dis- tinguished Student, 2nd Prize Fish m. E. JONES, R. L. "Bob" Ngr Shreveport, La. Nge 21, Capt. C C.N., Shreveport Club. JONES, UJm. D. C. " HH Nge 21, F Inf., marketing and Finance Club, Economics Club. JOYNER, L. E., JR. Hg Ed Nge 22, N.m., Scholarship Honor Society, Collegiate Chapter Economics Club. Nlphabet" Taft ..Buch.. Edgewood of 61 .CLFISS OF 1938 JUSTICE, Fl. D. "Doyle" HH Post Hge 20, Col. CHC., R, V.'s, Scholarship Honor Society, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, llJho's llJho in Flmerican Colleges and Universities, Distinguished Student, Danforth Fellowship, Vice-Pres. Junior Class, Junior Livestoclz Judging Team, Y.fTT,C.9. Cabinet. HHPLHD, lTlOl'lTE "Jeep" Ch E l.Uaco Elge 20, 2nd Lt. B Eng, llJinner1stPrize Fish TTT. E. Contest, 2nd Prize Fish math Contest, Hillel Club, l,Uaco Club, Chem. Eng. Society, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student. HEHTH, m. E. "Bing" Flg Ed Los Hngeles Flge 22, 1st Lt,, 2nd-in-Cornmand H lnl., Scholarship Honor Society, Saddle 84 Sirloin Club, Y Cabinet, Southwest Texas Club, Senior Chapt. FFH HEELII'1G,J. R. "Hangaroo" EE Oyalo Elge 20, Capt. B SC., Ft.I.E.E., Distinguished Student. HEETOD, J. FRHTIH "Otto" LH Fort U.Jortl'1 Hge 21, major 1st Bn. CHC., R. V.'s, Eco. Club, Social Secretary Eco. Club '38, Glee Club, Fort UJorth Club, Pres. '38. HEFTT, J. FTT. "Jep" EE Jasper Hge 23, 1st Lt., 2nd-in-Command Fl S.C., H.I.E.E., Scholarship Honor Society. HERCHEVILLE, JOHFT I. "Big Jawn" LH San Elntonio Hge 22, Capt. B FH., R. V.'s, Student LlJelfare Comm., Pres. Economics Club, l.Uho's lllho in Flmerican Colleges 81 Universities, San Flntonio Club, Pan- Hmericcln Club, Consolidated High Coach, lntrclmural Football, Field Hrt. Competitive Saber Drill '38 LUinner. HESSLER, R. "Frog" FRE monterrey, mex. Hge 20, F Eng, Hillel Club, Scholarship l-lonor Society, Fl.S.lTT.E., Dis- tinguished Student, math. watch Hward '36. HIFTG, CHRROLL CE Stephenville Flge 21, l'l.lTl., Scholarship Honor Society, H,S.C.E. HISSIIWGER, GUY H. "General" Flrch E San Rntonio Hge 22, major 2nd Bn. Eng., Y Cabinet, 8th Corps Hrea R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, Camp Perry, Ohio '37, Flrchitectural Society, El.S,FTl.E. RITLEY, D. R. "Porky" CE Troup Flge 21, Band, Fl.S.C.E. HLOSSFTER, ROY O. "Buge" HIE Edinburg Hge 20, 1st Lt. FH. Band, Pres. Rio Grande Valley Club, Bugler '36-'38, Campus Camera Club, H.S.lT1.E. 0 O lf ii i 4 LLHSS OF 1938 HIWHPP, F. ffl. "Freddie" LH Calvert Hge 21, 1st Lt. Fl Inf., Economics Club. RFTOX, JF1CH "Blacl2dog" FIR Seymour Hge 21, 1st Lt. 1st Bn. FH. Staff, Scholarship Honor Society, Eco. Club, marketing 8- Finance Club. HOOFITZ, J. F. HH Carrizo Springs Hge 22, 1st Ha. Inf., Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Southwest Texas Club. HRUEGER, LEOPOLD R., JR. "Squarehead" Oeol San Flntonio Hge 20, H Cav., Fencing. HUYHEDDHLL, JOHN S. "Hirlz" 93 Ed Lometa Flge 19, fiffl., F.F.Fl., Oil Belt Club. LFiGROl'lE, J. C. "Bo" FlFl Comanche Hge 24, H Inf., marketing 8 Finance Club, Ex 4H Club, Oil Belt Club. LFHHE, S. T. "Swampy" mE Dallas Flge 21, 2nd Lt. D FH., Vice-Pres. Dallas Club, H.S.lTl.E., Freshman Debate Club. Ll:lmBERT, FLOYD H. EE Dallas Hge 22, 1st Lt. H SC., H.I.E.E. LFll'iDUFl, H. L. Ch E Brenham Hge 21, E Inf., Chemical Engineering Society, l.Uashington-Hustin County Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Lutheran Club. LFll'iFORD, DOH L. "Dusty" Hgr Blanket Hge 24, maior 2nd Bn. CHC. Staff, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Hgronomy Society, Oil Belt Fl. 81 m. Club, Fissociate Editor, Longhorn '38, Press Club. LHUJSOFI, fTlELVll'l "m Square EE Cisco Flge 21 , 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command H S.C., H.l.E.E., Camera Club. LHY, Fi. F. "Red" Ch E Beaumont Fige 21, F FH., Dr. Hed9e's Stooge. .CLHSS OF 1938 LESH, J. B. "Jack" HN Nocona Nge 23, I'l.fT1.,Bund,fT1urbeting 81 Finance Club, Poultry 84 Egg Club, Vice- Pres. North Texas Club '35-'36. LEVINE, SNTTTUEL UJ. "Sammy" Ch E Corsicana Nge 21, 1st Lt. FX C.l,U.S., Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Press Club, Sports Editor Battalion, Hillel Club, Navarro County Club, Cos- mopolitan Club, Fortnightly Club, Fimerican Chemical Society, Fish and Varsity Tennis, LEVY, HBE Vm Galveston Flge 22, B Cav., Junior N.V.FTT.Fl., Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student. LITTLE, UJFTYNE L. Hgri Ellzhart Nge 24, 1st Lt. F Inf., Sec.-Treas. Poultry 8: Egg Club. LONG, ITIHLCOLITI "Louie" CE fTTcHinney Hge 22 1st Lt. E FH., Best Drilled man E FFT. '36, Pres. Collin County Club '37-'38 F1.S.C.E. LONG OSCNR SYTTTFTTS "Runt" HH Greenville Nge 21 Capt. lnf. Regt. Staff, Fnarlzeting 81 Finance Club, Pres. Greenville Fl. 8t NT. Club, Sbisa Volunteer. LORENZ, J. P,, JR. "Johnny" EE Stoclzdale LOVELESS, SIDNEY L. "Sid" DH 81 Sci Cooledge Flge 23, Capt. Fl Cav., Pres. Hream 8: How Hlub, Press Club, Sec. "Y" Cabinet '37, Editor Longhorn '38, Student l.Uelfare Committee '36, Historian Junior Class, llJho's llJho ln Nmerican Colleges 8t Universities, Eco. Club, Scholar- ship Honor Society. LYNCH, SIDNEY T. "Tuck" HH Dallas Fige 23, 1st Lt. F1 C.N.C., Scholarship Honor Society, Nccounting Society, Economics Club, Dallas Club. NWFICREY, ROBERT C. "Bob" HH Robstown Ftge 21, 1st Lt. D C.Fl.C., Hccounting Society, Economics Club, Gulf Coast Club, Glee Club '36-'37. FTTNCPHENRSON, JFIVTIES F. "mac" EE Dallas Nge 21, 1st Lt. N Eng., Scholarship Honor Society '38, Dallas County Club '37-'38, H.I.E.E. '38. fT1FlDDOX,FRHl'lH O. "Stooge" HH Ennis Flge 21, D lnf., Sec.-Treas. Ellis County Club '38, Intramural mgr. '37-'38, marketing 8: Finance Club. l O O C L Fl S S OF 19 3 8 . mnianosn, c. H. Vm Hge 20, F inf. fTlFll'll'lll'1C5, CHHRLES HH uDuStyn mathis "Punlzin" mexia Hge 22, 1st Lt. Inf. Band, Boxing Team, Intramural UJrestling, Limestone County Club, marketing and Finance Club. FTIHRSHFHLL, HEFTFTETH J. Hg Ed ..DuStY.. Silsbee Hge 21, F Inf., F.F.H. Chapter, Entomology Society, lntramural Sports, Poultry and Egg Club. FTTHRSHFILL, LELUIS H. Hg Ed Heidenheimer Hge 21, C Cav., Senior F.F.H. Chapter, Poultry and Egg Club, Bell Co. Club. ITTFIRTITT, HOFTIER C. "Jug" HF! mason Hge 20, H Int., Heart o' Texas mountaineer Club, Economics Club, mar- keting and Finance Club. FTIHTHIEU, L. CU. Hg E Hge 21, E FH., Rifle Team, H.S.H.E., San Flntonio Club, R. V. fTlFtXU.JELL, TOm IE Hge 22, Hq. Cav., Vice-President l.E. Club. mnvnnap, C. F. Hgr Hge 22,1stLt.Glnf.,T-Club. ITICBRIDE, H. J. LH Hge 23, D Cav., Pre-med Club. FTTCBRIDE, Ft. H. FTIE Hge 23, 2nd Lt. D Cav., Fl.S.m.E., Dallas Club, R V.'s. mcCFlFll'lE, J. F. Ch E HGOOD.. San Hntonio i S. tlmccll llJaco "Hen" Ciatesville Tyler umm.. Dallas "FTlac" Lalrzeview Hge 24, 1st Lt. B C.llJ.S., Chemical Engineering Society, Student l.lJelfare Committee, Scholarship Honor Society. FUCCLELLHFL LU. D. EE Flge 21, Capt. Hq. SC., H.I.E.E ..mGC., San Hntonio 43. K3 CLHSS OF 1938 mcCOY, HERmFlFl "Tim" Ch E Clarksville Hge 24, 1st Lt. Fl Inf., Chemical Society. mcCUTCHEOFl, 9. H. "mac" F19 Ft. Davis Hge 24, Capt. Cav., Junior and Senior Livestock Judging Teams, Social Secretary, Centennial Rodeo '36, Saddle 8x Sirloin Club, Cav. Ball Com- mittee, Press Club, marketing 81 Finance Club, Distinguished Student, Long- horn Staff. mcELBOY, B. H. "Commodore" EE San marcos Hge 28, 2nd Lt., H S.C., Scholarship Honor Society. mcELROY, B. L. "Bob" Fig E Belton Hge 24, C FH., Bell County Club, Fl.S.Fl.E., Southwest Texas Club. mcGlLL, C. C. "Pinky" HH San Hngelo Flge 23, 1st Lt. B lni., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, San Hngelo Club, member of Championship Touch-Football Team '36, lntramural manager. mcGB9DY, H. B. "Rabbit" Hill Hbilene Flge QQ, 1st Lt. Beg. Staff, Fish Football numeral '34, Varsity '35, Tumbling Team, lntramural UJrestling, marketing 81 Finance Club. mcHEmlE, JHCH F. "mac" Pre-med Hearne Hge '20, Capt. C C.Fi.C., R. V.'s, Pre-med Club, Boxing Team. mcHEFlZlE, BLEVIFIS "mac" HH Ft. Stockton Hge 22, B Cav., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, l.Uinner of Swift Essay Contest. mcLEROY, J. O. "mGC" CE Hlvarado Qge 21, Capt. B Eng., Fl.S.C.E., Y Cabinet. mcmlLLFll'l, T. 0. "mOC" Sci College Station Hge 20, Capt. Hq. lnf., 8th Corps Flrea B.O.T.C. Rifle Team '37, Pre-med Society, Biology Club, natural History Society. mcFlElLL, L. J., JR. HJUQU RH Brazoria Fige QQ, 1st Lt. Qnd-in-Command Fl Inf., Vice-Pres. Brazoria County Club, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club. fT1cV1ElLL, LU. G. "Bill" RH Seymour Hge 20, 1st Lt. Qnd-in-Command C FH., Distinguished Student, Economics Club, marketing 8g Finance Club, Scholarship Honor Society, B. V.'s. 0 O CLHSS OF 1938. FTIEYER, C. F. "Frog" mE San Flntonio Flge 23, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command C Eng., Fencing, Lutheran Club. I'T'IILES,JFtfT1ES C. "Jim" LFl Handley Flge 20, 2nd Lt. B C.Fl.C., Biology Club, Economics Club, Tarrant County Club, Fort UJorth Club. fT1ILLER, GLENN R. "Jake" HH Houston Flge 21, C CHC., Houston Club, Flccounting Society, Economics Club. mlTCHELL, F. LU. "mitch" Hg Ed Hosse Hge 21, H FH., Poultry and Egg Club, Senior Collegiate Chapter F.F.Fl. FTIITCHELL, ROBERT E. "Bob" IE Corsicana Hge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command 2nd Combat Train, Secretary and Treas- urer l. E. Club. FUOORE, JOE H. "Little Joe" PPE Hlvin Hge 20, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command B Eng., Petroleum-Geology Club, President Brazoria County Fl. 8- ffl. Club, H.l.m.E. ITEOORE, l.UILLIHfT1J. "Bill" Flgri mt. Vernon Flge 22, 2nd Hq. lnf., President Poultry and Egg Club. FTTORRIS, DOYTFILD H. "Don" L9 Henderson Flge 23, 2nd Lt. 2nd Ct. FH., President East Texas Fl. 8- Fll. Club, Economics Club, Houston County Club, Battalion Staff, Hggie Band. fT1ORRlSS,JFlI'TlES C., JR. "Fuzzy" mE Douglassville Hge 21, Capt. Eng. Regt. Staff, Httendance Chairman, H.S.m.E., Y Cabinet, President lUesley Foundation. fTlORROl.U, 9. D., JR. "Red" DH lllortham Flge 21, D F.Fl., Sec.-Treas. Hream and How Hlub. fTlUELLER, CHRL B. "He9-lined" PPE Hustin Hge 22, 2nd Lt. C Eng., Glee Club, Petroleum-Geology Club. FUURPHY, DHVlD, JR. "Dave" PPE mexia Hge 21, B CHC., R. V.'s. 'li' CLHSS OF 1938 YTTURRFIH, THO1T1FlS R. LF! mittee, L1Jho's lJJho in Flmerican Colleges and Universities. fT1YERS, E. P. CE Flge 22, Capt. B Cav., Ft.S,C.E., R. V.'s. FIHGY, LOUIS HH "Tom" Bartlesville, Olzla. Hge 22, major, Band, Commander Qggie Band, Distinguished Student, Vice- Pres. Fish Class, Fish Baslzetball and Baseball, Scholarship Honor Society, Flccounting and Statistics Society, Economics Club, Student l.lJelfaie Com- "Philip" Palestine millett Hge 23, 1st Lt. H lnl., Vice-Pres. ol Southwest Texas Club '38, member of Freshman, Junior, Senior Livestocls Judging Team, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. nFlLES, L. E, "Larry" HF! mexia Hge 21, B C.F1.C,, Hccounting Society. UORTOU, HB. "Chief" EE Grandview Flge 27, 1st Lt. Fl F.Fl., Fl.l.E.E., Sbisa Volunteer. ORTIZ, m. R. "Johnny" Hrch mexico City, mex. Flge 22, Lt. E lnl., Flrchitectural Club, Catholic Club. OSBORU, OLIVER "Long John" Ch E EI Paso Flge 20, E. Eng., Chemical Eng. Society, Episcopal Club. PFICE, H. L. "HI" Flgr Hthens Flge 23, FH., Junior Chapter of Hmerican Society ol Flgronomy, Fl. V.'s. PHRHER, CHLVll'l "CQ" LFI Houston Hge 21, Band, Debate Team, Economics Club, Houston Club. PHTE, FRFIHCIS "Guts" Ch E Houston Flge 22, Capt. H CHC. PHTTERSOI1, H. B. "Red" Hgr Henderson Flge 22, Lt. E lnl., Hgronomy Society. PHTTERSOU, l'lED H. "Pat" PPE Temple Flge 21, 1st Lt. Band, Bell County Club, 9.l.m.E. O O Fha C L Fi S S O F 1 9 3 8 . Pnrron CHRL E., JR. "Carl" HH Beaumont Hge 21, 1st Lt. Band, Beaumont Club, Hccounting Club, Hggie Band. PEFIRCE, REGGIE EE Sterling City Hge 22, 1st Lt. Band, Secretary H.I.E.E. '37, Chairman '38, San Flngelo Club, Scholarship Honor Society. PEHVY, HERBERT L. "Herb" H9 Beaumont Flge 21, 1st Lt. FH. Band, Ross Volunteers, Beaumont Club, Camera Club, Economics Club, marketing and Finance Club, Entertainment Series, Fort- nightly Club. PEITFI, G. J. "Gus" HH Laredo Hge 21, 2nd Lt. 1st Hq. C.FI.C., marketing and Finance Club, Flewman Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student. PERCIFUL, lJJHYmFlI'I UJ. "Percy" Hgr Bronte Flge 21, C Inf., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Poultry and Egg Club, San Hngelo Club. PERCY, HHRRY V. "Perla" F19 Jonah Hge 20, 2nd Lt. E FH., Flccounting Society. PETERSOITI, FIRVID "Pete" Fig Ed Olivia Flge 22,1stHq. Inf., Senior F.F.FI., Poultry and Egg Club. PHILLIPS, H. J., JR. "Phil" RFI Dallas Hge 21, 1st Lt. 1st Hq. CHC., Rifle Team, Economics Club, marketing and Finance Club, Texas Hggie Rifle and Pistol Club, Ross Volunteers, Dallas Club. PHILLIPS, LYDDSFIY G. "Lynn" HPI Stephenville Flge 21, 1st Lt. E Inf., Hccounting Society, Vice-Pres. Oil Belt Club. PHILLIPS, UJYLIE R. "LUyIie" HPI Stephenville Hge 21, E Inf., Hccounting Society, Oil Belt Club. POTTER, JOE LFI Roscoe Hge 21, B FH., Economics Club, Flccounting Society, Distinguished Student, Regimental Football. POUTRFT, E. T. HPI Beaumont Hge 22, Capt. B CFI., marketing and Finance Club, Flccounting Society, Beaumont Club. CLHSS OF 1938 POLUELL, R. L. "Dick" CE Dallas Hge 22, mai. 1st Bn. Eng., Pres. Y Cabinet, Pres. H.S.C.E., Pres. Episcopa Club, Rifle Team, Scholarship Honor Society, llJho's LUho Hmong Students in Flmerican Colleges and Universities. PREUJITT, R. R. "Dick" HF! Columbia, La. Hge 22, H Cavalry. PRIFTIFTI, H. R. "Primo" F19 Dallas Hge 25, 1st Lt. B Cav., Boxing Coach, intramural Football, marketing and Finance Club. PRIl'1GLE,JEFFERSOI'l "Jeff" Pet E marlin Flge 21, 1st Lt. D Cav., Fi.l.m,E., Petroleum-Geology Club, Falls County Club, Rifle Team. RHFTTSFIY, UJ. C., JR. "Bill" HH Bandera Hge 23, 1st Lt. D Cav., marketing and Finance Club, Eco Club. RFHINSEY, J. B. HF! Fflcl-tinney Fige 24, B Cav., Ficcounting Society, Collin County Club, Fish Basketball. RHFIEY, H. L. "HI" Fila Fort U.Jorth Fige 25, Lt. Col. Coast Hrt., Representative,Student Uleliare Committee, Dis- tinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Ficcounting Society, Press Club, Battalion Reporter. RHDSOD, D. m. "Doyle" FIH Lamesa Fige 23, 1st Lt. H lni., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Distinguished Student, lntra- mural manager '38. RECTOR, B. Fi. "Reck" DH Sanger Hge 21, Capt. 1st Bn. Hq. lni., Hream and Row Hlub, Denton County Club, F.F.Fi. Chapter. REDFORD, R. J. "Red" Hg Ed Herens Hge '22, Field Hrtillery, Sr. F.F.Fi., Poultry and Egg Club. REGfT1Ui'1D,J. "Jerry" HE Corpus Christi Hge 22, 1st Lt. 1st Hq. C.Fi.C., H.S.Fi.E., Gulf Coast Club, Vice-Pres. '38. REHFTIET, J. R. "Joe" PE Hlice Fige 22, D C.Fi.C., rlewman Club, Gulf Coast Club, Petroleum-Geology Club. N O O CLRSS OF 1938 REYNOLDS, L. C, "Lei" Ngr 84 Hg Ed Bells Nge 24, N F.N., Ngronomy Society, F.F.N. Senior Collegiate Chapter '38, Poultry 81 Egg Club, Traclz '34-'35. RICH, CHNRLES L, "Charlie" LN Lovelody Nge 20, 1st Lt. E Inf., Pre-med Club, Houston County N. 81 m. Club, Biology Club, Chemical Society. RIDGUJHY, JOHN R. "Stoopy" EE Dallas Nge 22, 1st Lt, N Eng., Scholarship Honor Society, N,l.E.E., Dallas Club. RILEY, NLLEN G. "Rough-house" HH Hamilton Nge 23, l'1.fT1.,fT1arbeting 8r Finance Club. RONRH, J, F. "Jimmie" NN San Nntonio Nge 22, 1st Lt. F.N., marlzeting 8r Finance Club, San Nntonio N. 81 m. Club, Secretary '37, Intramural manager, Swimming Team, Eco. Club, Intramural Swimming and Handball Champion '37. ROBINSON, JOE m. "monkey Joe" NN missouri City Nge 21, 2nd Lt. C F.N., Business mgr. Longhorn '38, Senior Intramural mgr. '38, marlzeting 8: Finance Club, Houston Club, Ft. Bend County Club, Press Club, Economics Club. ROBISON, JNFNES U.JlLLlNm "Dusty" NN Claude Nge 20, 1st Lt. D lnl., marlzeting 81 Finance Club, Panhandle Club, Sbisa Volunteer. ROGERS, BILLY BIRR "B Square" EE Nlvarado Nge 22, 1st Lt. N S.C., N.I.E.E. ROGERS, JHCH m. "Jack" NN Batson Nge 22, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command Dlnf.,fT1orl:eting 8x Finance Club, Liberty County N. 8m m. Club. ROGERS, J. S. Ngr Houston Nge 21, 2nd Ha. F.N., Houston Club, Ngronomy Club, Scholarship Honor Society, ROLLIHS, JOSEPH GUY, JR. "Joe" LH Dallas Nge 19, C Inf., Pre-Law Club, San Nntonio Club, Dallas Club, Junto Club, Swimming Team '35. ROSENTHNL, J. L. "Rosy" Ch E Houston Nge 21, D Inl., Houston Club, Nmerican Chemical Society, N. 81 m. Chem- ical Society. xv'- Q9 C L H S S O F 1 9 3 8 RUCHER, ROBERT Hsnnv "Bob" Land Fi Franhlin Hge 22, Capt. Hq. Qnd Bn. Inf., Landscape Hrt Club, Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Entertainment Series Committee, Little Theater. RUCHfT1Ftf1,TOfT'I fT1. "Tom" HH Harnes City Hge 21, F lnf., marketing and Finance Club, Economics Club. RUSSELL, J. SCOTH fT1E Fort lllorth Hge 24, D FH., H.S.m,E., Fort l,Uorth Club. SHHHITIOTO, SEIICHI "Saba" Figr San Fintonio Flge 19, D C.Fl.C., High-point man in Intercollegiate Crops Contest at Hansas City, Freshman Livestoclz Judging Contest, Vice-Pres. of Flgronomy Society, Y.FTi.C.Fi., Sec. 81 Treas. Eco. Club, Pres. Cosmopolitan Club, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, San Hntonio Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Swimming Team, Dis- tinguished Student, Sec. 81 Treas. Soph, Class, Student welfare Representative of Junior Class, Fish Cross Country. SHLE, E. B. "Chic" HF! Stanton Flge 23, Capt. 2nd C. Tr. FH., Best Drilled man B Bat., Intramural Sports, Fidvertising mgr. Bat., Ficct. Society, Press Club, Vice-Pres. Pan-Fimerican Club, lUho's who in Fimerican Colleges and Universities. SFifT1PLE, BELL, JR. "Deci-bel" EE Sample Hge 20, Capt. B S.C., Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Sig. Corps Dance Committee. SHN FTTIGUEL, R. R. "Sammy" Hrch San Hntonio Hge 20, Capt. Inf. Reg. Staff, Scholarship Honor Society, Hrchitectural So- ciety, Distinguished Student. SHPP, P. C. "Clayton" Sci Cameron Fige 21, Capt. Hq. Tr. Cav., R. Vfs, Y.m,C.H. Cabinet, Pistol Team, Rifle Team, Senior Council, Sec.-Treas. Texas 9. 8- m. Pistol 81 Rifle Club. SCHIER, CLFIRETTCE J. "Shird" HH Sealy Hge 21, '2nd Lt. H FH., Best Drilled man Ft FH., Sec. of Lutheran Club, marketing 81 Finance Club. SCHYTTIDT, Fl.fT1.,JR. "Dutch" HH Gregory Flge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd Bn. C.Fl. Staff, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Gulf Coast Club. SCHOEFTFELD, PERRY C. "Buster" GE San Hntonio Hge 21, major B Eng., H.l.m.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, San Hntonio Club, R. V.'s, Delegate to H.l.m.E. Regional meeting '37. SCHRHUB, FTI. C. "mal" CE Seguin Hge 23, F FH., H.S.C.E. O O CLHSS OF 1938. SCHROETER, Fl. UJ. "Sloppy" HH marble Falls Flge 21, E lnf., marketing 81 Finance Club. SCHULTZ, F. UJ. HH Bryan Hge 23, 1st Lt. FFT., marketing and Finance Club, Economics Club. senas, H. L. "Ziggy" Hgri UJl1itewrigl1l Hge 22, 2nd Hq. Inf., Hort. Club, Poultry and Egg Club. SEFIY, FTT. D. "Tour" Hg Ed Hngleton Flge 21, D lnl., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Brazoria County Fl. 81 m. Club, Poultry and Egg Club. SEBESTFT, OLVIFT F. "Square-Head" PPE Bellville Flge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command FI Cav., Lutheran Club, Flustin-lllashington County Club, Fish Football, Fish Traclz. SEFTTBERH, T. E. "Tommy" lTlE Bryan Hge 22, 1st Lt. D F.Fl., Scholarship Honor Society, H.S.fT'l.E. SELUHRD, CDSCHR H., Ill "Butch" HH Groesbeclz Flge 24, 1st l.t. 2nd Hq. FH., Fish Football, Varsity Football, Rifle Team, Polo Team, Saddle and Sirloin Club. SHERRILL, F. lTl. "lT'lacl:" RFI Roclvsprings Hge 20, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command F lnl., Fflarlzeting 81 Finance Club, South- west Texas Club. SHIELDS, YTTHRIOTT "Donkey" Hg Ed Dallas Hge 23, D Inf., Traclz, B.S.U. Council, Horticulture Society, Poultry Club, Junior F.F.Fl. Chapter, T-Club. SHIPITIHYT, R. FTT. CE Three Rivers Hge 21, Capt. E Eng., Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Intramural manager, Vice-Pres. Fl.S.C.E., Engineers Ball Committee. SHUDDE, LEE J. "Lee-Pee" LFT Houston Hge 21, F FH., President Houston Club, Board of Directors Economics Club, Vice-Pres. Economics Club, Bluebird Club, Vice-Pres., Swimming Team. SIFTTFTTQITS, R. UJ., JR. "Red" Hg Ed Tolar Hge 21, l'T.fTl., Senior Collegiate F.F.H. Chapter. . . . l CLFISS OF 1938 SIFTIPSOH, llJ. E. "UJillie" CE San Hntonio Hge 21, Capt. D Eng., H.S.C.E., Best Drilled medal '36, Episcopal Club, San Hntonio Club, Varsity Swimming, Engineer Rifle Team. SIfTtS, LUILSOD "LUilson' mE Denton Hge 21, non-military, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Hmerican Society of mechanical Engineers. SIV1GLETOt'1,J. R. "Oscar' LH Houston Hge 22, Band, Houston Club, Economics Club, Hnnouncer UJTHUJ. SRHCSGS, J. H. "Stobbs" ' CE Plano Hge 22, Capt. H Eng., Chem. Eng. Club, Collin County Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student. SHRLH, T. B. "Dick" CE Ganado Hge 22, Lt. E Inf., H.S.C.E., Lutheran Club. SLHUGHTER, H. L. "Shipper" Hg Ed Edgewood Hge 21, H FH., Future Farmers of Hmerica. SLIFHP, C. H. "Chet" HH San Hntonio Hge 23, 2nd Lt. B Cav., Y Cabinet, marketing and Finance, Eco. Club, Little Theatre, San Hntonio Club, Entertainment Series. SFUITH, F. L., JR. "Freddy" Geol Houston Hge 21, C C.H.C., lntramural mgr., Houston Club, Petroleum-Geology Society. SmlTH, H. D. "H-Boy" Sci Port Hrthur Hge 21, H Inf., Intramural Boxing Champion '36, '37, Vice-Pres. Boxing Club '38, Distinguished Student, Pre-med Club, Debate Club, Senior lntra- mural manager. SmlTH, L. H. "Little Dag" HH Yorlztown Hge 21, 1st Lt. Band, R. V.'s, marheting 8- Finance Club, Economics Club, Houston Club, Dulze of R. V. Court. SmlTH, l'l. J. Hgr Cameron Hge 21, Band, Hgronomy Society, Saddle and Sirloin Club, marketing and Finance Club. SITHTH, R. C. "Smitty" fTlE Longview Hge 24, 2nd Lt. 1st Hq. F.H., H.S.m.E. O O l I C L H S S OF 19 3 8 . smirH,RoYE. Ln Joaquin Nge 20, 1st Lt. Band, Economics Club, Scholarship Honor Society, Dis- tinguished Student. SFNITH, S. B. "Red" LH Peoria, lllinois Nge 23, 1st Lt. N Inf., Best Drilled man Co. Ft lnf. '37, Distinguished Student, Fl. 8x m. Little Theater Club, President Presbyterian Young Peoples League, Debate Club. SPITZER, Fl. H., JR. "Dutchman" Ngri meridian Fige 21, Lt. Col. Inf., International Livestoclz Judging Team, Freshman, Soph- more and Junior Teams, Sec.-Treas., and Pres. Saddle and Sirloin Club, Business manager Fi. 8m FN. Centennial Rodeo. SPREED, JOHNNY "Jack" Pigri Brenham Nge 24, D Troop Cav., Ngronomy Club, Ex 4H members' Club, Lutheran Club, Ualashington-Nustin County Club. SPROTT, DHRRELL B. "Dee" Vm Rilleen Fige 23, 2nd Lt. C Cav., Junior Fl.V.fTl.Fi., Saddle and Sirloin Club, Bell County Club. STHLEY, JHCH H. "Jack" CE Fort LUorth Flge 20, 2nd Lt. D Eng., H.S.C.E., Fort l,Uorth Club. STNLLINGS, FRED H. "Birdseed" Ento moody Nge 23, F Inf., marburgers moppers, Sec. of Entomology Club. STHPLES, E. Fl. "Tony" PP E Edna Flge 21, C Co. lnf., Petroleum-Geology Club. STFIRH, J. LUHYNE LH UJinters Hge 21, C C.N.C., Pres. of Glee Club, Pres. of Biology Club, Secretary of Little Theater, Press Club, Fissociate Editor of Battalion, Cosmopolitan Club, Y Cabinet. STHUDT, CHNS. E., JR. Firch San Flntonio Flge 21, Captain 1st Hq. FFL, Vice-Pres. Flrch. Society, Ross Volunteers, Student llJelfare Committee, Best Drilled medal '36, San Nntonio Club. STEPHEN, P. L. "Step" HH Strawn Nge 22, C Inf., marheting and Finance Club. STEPHEN, P. l.U. "J. O." Nrch E Temple Nge 21, 1st Lt. B Cav., Bell County Club, H.S.C.E., Ftrchitectural Society. vil- -'Sw' .CLFISS OF 1938 STERLING, JHITIES B. "Doc" HH Dayton Nge 21, Band,marlzeting 8m Finance Club, Eco. Club, Liberty County H. 8t m. Club, Houston Fl. 81 m. Club. STERD, HENRY LU. FIR Rosenberg Flge 21, N S.C., Lutheran Club, Ft. Bend County Club, Flccounting Society. STILES, l.UlLLlFIm E. "Bill" PP E Houston Nge 24, C CHC., N.l.m.E., Petroleum-Geology Club, Houston Club, Publicity manager Olee Club '37. STII'lSOl'1,.IHCH "Jack" Hg Ed Sanger Nge 20, N.m,, Senior F.F.H., Poultry and Egg Club. STONE, SIDNEY S. "Bull" FIN Nacogdoches Nge 21, F Inl.,fTIarl:1eting 8: Finance Club, Intramural Football. STORmS, HHRVEY H. "Stormy" FIH San marcos Nge 21, 1st Lt. FI Cav., T-Club, Intramural mgr. N Cav., Sbisa Volunteers. STOUGH, J. R. "Rut" Fig Ed Corsicana Nge 23, N.m., Collegiate Chapter F.F.N., Poultry 8- Egg Club, Project House ITIgr,, Junior Collegiate Chapter F.F.N. STROPP, UJ. H. "Dusty" HH Gilmer FIge 20, B Inf., marlaeting 8: Finance Club, Northeast Texas FI. 84 m. Club. STROTHER, TOm BILLIE "Tommy" IE Nnna Flge 21, major C.FI.C.Regt. Stall, Intramural mgr., R. V.'s, Glee Club, Pres. Industrial Nrts Club, Sec.-Treas. Collin County Club. SLUHN, HFIRRIS UJ. "Laurel" EE Houston Nge 23, 2nd Lt. N FFI., H.l.E.E., Houston Club. TFIPHL, JOE JOHN "Tops" IE Fayetteville Flge 21, 2nd Combat FH., Distinguished Student, Student Nsst. I. E. Dept., Industrial Education Club. THTE, CHNRLES LU. "Jud9e" Vm Giddings Nge 23, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command Hq. Cav., Junior Nmerican Vet-med Nssn., R. V.'s, Hggie Play '35, Intramural Tracla. O O l i f I l l 1 l 1 1 l B l P 1 i I 1 a I l I 2 l E1 11 "JAN Q gi me Dil hcxlj 'bf A CLRSS OF 1938 THYLOR, H. E. "navy" HH San Hugustine Flge 22, H Eng., marketing 81 Finance Club, Eco. Club, Vice-Pres. Sabine- neches Club. TFIYLOR, JOHN LU. "Jack" VFTI San Flngelo Hge 23, Capt. B lnf., Junior l:l.V.m.9., San Hngelo Club, Rifle Team. TERfT1II'1, DFIVE, JR. Hg E lJJaco Fige 21, major 2nd Sq. Cav., H.S.F1.E., R. V.'s, Pres. l.lJaco Club. THOmFlS, C. H. "Rat" Fig E Olney Fige 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command D Cav., R. V.'s, H.S.Fl.E. THOmRS, FRED P. Pre-med Corpus Christi Flge 20, Capt. D FH., Pre-med Club, Best Drilled '36, Student l.1Jelfare Committee. THOFTTHS, G. O., JR. Vm Ringgold, La. Hge 20, Capt, Reg. Staff Inf., Shreveport Club, H.V.fTI.H. THOfT1FiS,JHmES E. "major" LH Tom Bean Fige 20, Capt. on Corps Staff, Distinguished Student, Eco. Club, Flccounting Society, Pres. Grayson Ca. H. 81 m. Club, 8th Corps Hrea R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Flatl. Rifle match '37, THOFTIPSOIW, J. C., JR. HH marfa Flge 21, Fl FH., Saddle 8- Sirloin Club, Poultry and Egg Club, THOfT1PSOi'1,J.EHRL "Tommie" F19 Flmarillo Flge 23, H lnf., marketing and Finance Club, Hmarillo Club. THOFRPSOU, UEL DEE "Tommy" Hg Ed l.Uaxahachie Hge 23, D lnf., Ellis County Club, F.F.Ft. THOFTIPSOU, UJ. H. "Tommy Too" LF! Dallas Hge 21, 1st Lt. B Cav., Economics Club. THOUJPSQD, Y. E. "Tommy" ITIE Los Rngeles, Cal. Flge 24, 9. Eng., HS.fTl.E., lntramural mgr., Championship Intramural Ten- nis Team. C. Vt . .CLHSS OF 1938 TILLEY, E. D. "Gene" HH mineola Flge 22, C Inf., P1 and S Society. TIPTOU, RFWLPH L. "Bud" 99 Jaclzsonville Hge 20, C Inf., Fish Football, Sec. and Treas. Fl. 81 S. Club, lntramural Foot- ball. TOfT1PHII'1S,J.LU. "Tommy" Flgr Hyle Hge 22, Capt. 2nd Bn. CHC. Staff, Hgronomy Society, Freshman Traclz. TORI'1,ROLHI'1D S. "Fatt" DH Taylor Flge 21, 1st Lt. H Cav., Press Club, Longhorn Staff, Hream and How Hlub, Lutheran Club, UJilliamson County Club, Chairman Dance Committee, Dairy Products Judging Team. TRHBUE, l,UlLLl9m "Bill" Sci Dallas Hge 21, Capt. C FH., Pres. Pre-med Club '38, Dallas Club, Intramural Traclz. TBOTT, J. E. Preemed Yoahum Hge 20, 1st Lt. 1st Bn. Inl, Staff, Pres. Lavaca County Club, Pre-med Club. TUCHER, J. LU. "Tuck" HH Burlze Flge 20, 1st Lt. Fl lnl., marlzeting and Finance Club, Economics Club, Best Drilled man H lnf. '36, THURWIHD, PHUL m. "Doc" Vm Tyler Fige 22, H FFL, Junior HV.m.9., Poultry and Egg Club, Sbisa Volunteers. TUBFIER, JOE G. "Big Diamond" Vm Fort Davis Hge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd Bn. Inf. Staff, Pres. Junior Class, l.Uho's LlJho in Flmerican Colleges and Universities, Fish Tracln, Varsity Track, Varsity Football, South- west 'lexas Club, EI Paso Club, T-Club, Intramural mgr. Junior H.V.mH. TURI'1ER,THOmFlS T. "TQ" mE Richards Hge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command H C.Fl.C., Fl.S.m.E. TlUlI'lII'1G,LHLUREDCE E. EE Fort lJJorth Flge 22, 1st Lt. B SC., H.I.E.E., Fort llJorth Club. "Dutchman San Fintonio Fige 23, E F.F'1., Economics Club, marlzeting 81 Finance Club, Flsst. Circulae tion manager San Hntonio Club. UHR, CLll'Tl'Ol'l UJ. HH A! O E-ij 0 l . l l i i l i r l i lea... :-- rc' rl -7 . ' 4 I 7' CLHSS OF 1938 UPSHFIUJ, LLOYD "Urpy" Ch E Luling Hge 23, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command F FFT., Chemical Engineering Society, Vice,Pres. Triangle Club, Intramural mgr. '36, Handball Champion'36, Pan-Hmerican Club. VFILEFTTIFTO, E. D. "Ernie" Hrch Houston Hge 21, E Eng., Flewman Club, Hrchitectural Society, Chairman Decoration Committee, Houston Club. VESTFIL, D. m. "Don" mE Fort lllorth Flge 21, Capt. F.Fi., Fort lllorth Club, Scholarship Honor Society, H.I.E.E., l:i.S.m.E., Pistol Team, Intramural manager. VICR, C. C, "Seaman" HH Bryan Hge 22, B FH., Saddle 81 Sirloin Club. VICH, J. F. "Jack" PPE Bryan Hge 21, B C.lU.S., Petroleum-Geology Club. VlEmHFl, L. D. "Doc" HH Houston Fige 21, major Qnd Bn. FFT., R. V.'s, Scholarship Honor Society, Entertain- ment Series Committee, Saddle 8: Sirloin Club, Senior Council. VITEH, RICHHRD D. "Dick" HH Granger Flge 21, Capt. 1st Sqd. Cav. Staff, Sec. of T-Club '37, Representative on Hthletic Council, Co-Capt. Traclu Team '38, marlrzeting 81 Finance Club. VOGT, RFHLPH F. "Bloody" EE San Hntonio Hge 21, 1st Lt. 2nd-in-Command 1st Bn. Combat Tr. F.Ft., Y.m.C.l3. Cab- inet, H.l.E.E., lntramural manager, San Hntonio Club. VOFT ROEDER, GEORGE "Count" Flgri Yorlatown Flge 19, lnf. Band, Saddle 81 Sirloin Club, Economics Club. LUFIHEFIELD, TROY P. "Pacin Puney" Ftgr madisonville Hge 21, 2nd Lt. G Inf., Fortnightly Club, Plant Science Seminar Club, Fl. 8x m. Little Theater, Producer of "Flggies ol1937", Flggie Cast '34, '35. UJHLHER, CHFIRLES LU. "Hitler" EH Henderson Hge 23, Capt. 2nd Hq. FH., R. V.'s, Editor Bat. '38, Press Club '38, Junior Editor Bat. '37, Sec.-Treas. Press Club '37, Best Drilled 2nd Hq. FH. '36, Sec. Student l.Uelfare Committee '38, Vice-Pres. Pan-Hmerican Club, Dulze R. V. Court '38, H. 8- m. Enrollment Comm., lUho's lllho in Flmerican Colleges and Universities '38. LURLLHCE, V. m. "Too Tall" HH Roclzwall Flge 20, Capt. G Inf., Vice-Pres. Soph. Class, Pres. Haufman, Roclzwall, Van Zandt Club, Chairman Favors-Invitations Committee Junior Class, Vice-Pres. marketing 81 Finance Club. gh .CLHSS OF1938 LUHRD, H. C. "Latimo" HH Lipan Hge 26, FI Inf., Saddle and Sirloin Club. U.lFlRREn, L. G. "Silent Sam" LH Center Flge 21, D Inf., Debate Club, Economics Club, .lunto Club, Cosmopolitan Club. LUEHVER, R. S., JR. "Lanlzy" mE navasota Flge 20, 1st Lt. E Eng., Program Chairman, HS.m.E. UJEDEmEYER, LU. C. "lUilley" Fig Ed Crochett Flge 22, 2nd Lt. Hq. 2nd C.H., Student UJelfare Committee, F. F. H. UJESSLER, CS. H., JR. EE Flrlington Fige 20, Capt. Eng. Regt. Staff, Fl.I.E.E. LUEST, DFll'i "Chinlz" HH Overton Hge 21, D lnf., marketing and Finance Club, Economics Club. UJHITE, H. S. "Howdy" F19 San Hntonio Hge '24, 1st Lt. 1st Bat. FH., marketing 84 Finance Club, Glee Club, Fencing Club, San Hntonio Club, Episcopal Club, Polo Hssn. UJHITE, R. E. "Dick" mE Eastland Hge 21, Lt. Col, FH. Regt. Staff, Distinguished Student, Scholarship Honor Society, Chairman H.S.fT1.E., lUho's LUho Flmong Students in Hmerican Col- leges and Universities, managing Editor Batt., Press Club, FH. Flssn. medal '37 UJHITEHURST, S. H. "lUhitey" Flgr mesquite Flge 23,1stLt.Blnf.,Flgronomy Society. LUHITESIDES, JOHN Ch E Caviness Flge 23, E lnl., Scholarship Honor Society, Chem. Eng. Society. LUHITLEY, J. B. "Jim" EE Temple Fige 20, Capt. S.C. Bn. Staff, Scholarship Honor Society, Distinguished Student, Fl.l.E.E. UJILEY, P. m. En lllheeler Fige 21, D Inf., H.l.E.E., Geology Club, Panhandle Plains Club. 0 O CLFISS OF 1938 UJILLIFIITTS, C. B., JR. "UJillie" LH Flmarillo Flge 24, 1st Lt. C Cav., Economics Club, Secretary and Treasurer Panhandle Club '36, UJILLIFITTTS, ROBERT ITT. "Bob" PPE Greenville Hge 21, major 2nd Bn. inf., intramural Football, Sec.-Treas. Greenville Fl. 81 fTl. Club, Student UJelfare Committee, H.I.fT1.E. LUILLIFORD, J. H., JR. "UJillie" Fig Ed Comanche Hge 21, 1st Lt. 1st Hq. Inf., Oil Belt Club, F.F.F1. Chapter, Poultry and Egg Club. l.UlLfTTETH, LILLHRD G. "Dutch" Flg Ed Ebony Hge 24, Ft CHC., Hgronomy Society, Scholarship Honor Society, EFF. Chapter, Glee Club, l1JlLSOI'1,C,H. "Buddy" EH Luling Flge 21, 1st Lt. Hrt, Band, Pres. Triangle Club, Economics Club, intramural fTTanager, Hggie Band. UJIHDER, l'TORfTlFll'l G. "YT G." CE Dallas Hge 23, Band, F!.S.C.E., Dallas Club. UJOOD,JIfT1 Q. "J. O." Ch E flavasota Hge 21, Captain Eng. Regt. Staff, Scholarship Honor Society, Ross Volun- teers, Distinguished Student, Sec.-Treas. Chem. Eng. Society. YFtRDLEY,JFtfT1ES T. "Jimmie" mE Port Hrthur Hge 21, Capt. C Eng., Intramural manager, Student L1Jelfare Committee. YEZHH, H. R. Flgr Bremond Hge 25, 2nd Lt. 1st Hq. Int., Vicerpres. Horticulture Club '38, newman Club. YUST, CHFIRLES S, "Bloody" fT1E Batson Flge 20, 1st Lt. D Co. Inf., Swimming Team, LUater Polo Team, H.S.I'T1,E., Liberty County Club. ZFlBClH,EDLlJlI'1 J. "Bevo' Fig E Rogers Flge 22, C.H.C.,F1.S.HE.,H.8t ITT. Glee Club. BELL, CHHRLES H. Hg Ed Brownwood Hge 27, Biology Club, BH. Daniel Balzer College. fr fx T' r .N CIE .CLHSS OF1938 CHRTER, THEODORE T, "Ted" Ento College Station H92 32, l'l.fTl., Entomology Club. COLE, THOUJHS E. "Tom" Flgri Eddy Hge 23, f1.fTl,, Hream 81 How Hlub, 9. 81 m. Collegiate Chapter FFR. Fll'lH, CHRL Vfll Herrville Hge '24, l'l.fTl., Junior Chapter Fl.V.m.H., Distinguished Student, Scholar- ship Honor Society. FLOORE, J. LU. Hrch Design HJQY.. Hustin Flge 22, Capt. FH., lSgt.-at-Flrms, Flrch. Club, Pres. Hrch. Club '37, Press Club, Longhorn Flrt Editor '37. FORD, S, fT'l Fig Ed ..H2my.. Santa Flnna Hge 22, l'l.fTl., Senior F.F.Fl. Chapter, Scholarship Honor Society. HlGC5lf'lEOlHHfT'l, JFlmES P. Hort Flge 93, l'l,fTl., Horticulture Society. HILL, JHITIES E. Vm Hge 23, l'l,fT'l. JUDSOl'l, LU, UJ. Vm Hge 22, I"I,fTl., Junior 9 VJTJH. HIRBY, JOHN TOFTW Vm Hge 96, l'l.fTl., Pres. HVJTJP., Scholarship Honor Society. fTlFlIER, HH. Vm Hge 21, nfll., Junior Fl,V.lTl.H. fT1ETZ,T. UJ. EE Flge 21, nm., F1.I.E,E. PQRHER, T. n., JR. Flg Ed f-wx K UI-Ugg.. mabanh Longview ..memO., Tampico, mex. Chester Orange ti-I-omrr Center menard 1 o f O l l l i il 1 li ii li is .l ii ll i 1 .i t f-A , Lv-r' , J- .. ,.....W. .,... J CLHSS OF 1938 PIERSOH, E. L. "Cotton Bug" Fig Ed Hamilton Hge 27. l'l.fTl. PORTER, J. C. F13 Ed Granbury Hge 26, l'l.l'Tl.g Future Farmers of Hmerica College Chapter. Smlll-l, BOB S. 99 E Hilleen Hge 24, l'l.lT'l., HS.Fl.E.,' Scholarship Honor Society, Economics Club, Dis- tinguished Student. UJHLLIU, D. J. Hg Ed Bryan LUlf'lSTOl'l, J. m. "Sailor" EE Houston Elge 23. l'l.l'Tl.g Houston Club. wh. JUHIORS YJ' f NJ Lx 2g if X iii if 1 L3 M WW XI X ":ff X ' K, f f 5 I 1? lik K," N 1 H B. R. G Fl H L JUNIOR CLHSS OFFICERS . LU. ROGERS ..,.. ....,,. P resident T. LUEHVIERU , , ......, Vice-President m. FIDFIVTTS ..., ..... S ecretory-Treasurer . H. BROCH ...,,,,... ,....,....... ..... H i storion . T. POLHHOVICH Of , fn, fnll-LS 'V ...., ,,.. S tudent welfare Representatives . E. GHRRETT J UACODN' UUGDIPBRT HDHTTTS, H. L. Hort-Lo Ferio FTLEXFTTTDER, J. PPE-Damon HSTOT1, H. P. PPE-Fcrmersville BHIRD, R. E. Firch E-Dallas BHLSER, L. H. CE-LOCHHFTRT BFIRTOTT, R. C. PPE-Clarksville BECH, R. C. CE-Hullingen BEI'1I'lETT,J. D. mE-Derby N fT1. CLHSS OF 1939 HDFHTIS, R. ITI. ChE-Jclclzsonville FILLED, J. B. DH-Hull FTTHIFISOFI, LU. H. Figr-Crockett BFTLCH, B. HH-Son Hngelo BFTRTHELOUJ, H. ChE-Son Hnionio BHRTOD, lil. D. HF!-ITTFHRLIH J. BECHTTTHFIU, H. G. HH-Son Hntonio, Texas BEVILLE, P. FT. HH-Flmorillo FIDHISSOTT, J. F., JR PPE-Greenville HRTTTSTROTTG, CE. Hgr-El Paso BFIILEY, J. H. TTTE-Fort UJorth BHLL, F. E. HH-minter BF1RI"lETT,ll.l. H. FTFT-Haufmon BEFISLEY, UJ. F1.,JR PPE-Greenville BELL, T. B. HH-Crowell BIRDUJELL, E. E. HF!-Snyder O O CLHSS OF 1939. BLNCR, llJ. H. CE-Clifton, Flriz. BOF1EY,UJ. n.,JR. VfN-Iolcl BRENNNN, H. UJ. PPE-Nbilene BROOKS, T. R. HH-Denton BROUJN, UJ. N. fNE-Fort LlJorlh BURTON, B. HH-El Paso CFWNPBELL, E. R. Ngr-Brady CNRSON, F. NH-Valley View BLAIR, G. B. an-Lubbock BOOHITIFIN, R. lJJ. PPE-Houston BROCH, G. N. VfN-Dulles BROUSSHRD, G. P. Vm-New Iberia, Lcl. BRUITTBLE, G. H. Vm-Richmond, Va. BUTLER, O. D. NH-Orange CHHFIL, L. LU. mE-Sweetwater CERNN, O. J. Ch E-Eagle Pass BLUITIE, UJ. PPE--Son Nntonio BOTHRD, E. J. Ngri-Nlice BROOHS, J. fT'I. HF!-Denton BROWN, E. S. NH-Beeville BURNSIDE, N. D. NH-Bellaire CNJHH, D. L. Hort-UJheelocb CNRROLL, UJ. R, PPE-Houston CHRUVIN, P. H. NH-Little Roch, Firh. 'SZ' G., f J 1 5, -. u f 8 I L 33 CHESFIUTT, S. D., JR. Ch E-Henedy CLHRH, J. UJ. mE-Son Benito CLOUDT, O. B., JR. HH-Rocbsprings COmnf:1S, P. H. HH-Cuero COUI'1SELfTIFlf1,0. L Ch E-Conway CRFllJJFORD,'J. H. Hrch E-Stamford DFIVIS, UJ. H. F19 Ed-Throchmorton DE LF! TORRE, J. 9. Ch E-mexico City CLHSS OF 1939 CHILDERS, R. Ch E-Gregory CLEmEnS, F. C., ll fTlE-Houston COFFEY, H. E. HH-Dallas CORROY, H. LU. mE-Dallas COX, V. V. Vm-Rolls CURRY, B. J. PPE-Son Hngelo DHVIS, LU. R. GE-Son Hntonio DEIWDY, O. B. PPE-Shreveport, Lo. CHRISTIHU, P. Vm-UJQCO CLOPTOI'1,T. S. PPE-Flmarillo COLLIER, R. HH--Flspermont COOH, J. G. LH-Sinton CRFHVEFIS, G. IT1. EE-Son Flntonio DFHRROLU, T. S. 99-U.Joshington, DEHVEDPORT, L. Ch E-Stanton DOPSLHUF, D. L. Hg E-Foirbclnhs D O O A.. I if F fl? II O CLRSS OF 1939 DRELU, J. H. Sci-Livingston DUNNNFN, J. N. NN-Fllden Bridge, ECRERT, R. P. FNE-mason FINCH, LU. R. Nqr-Chctfield FLYNN, C. F. Flgr-Chillicothe FRY, J. G. Nrch-Fort LUorQh GNFFNEY, J. B. NN-Freeport GHRZR, FL fT1.,JR. FNE-Eagle Pass DURE, F. R. NN-Livingston DYE, R. L., JR. NH-Claude FRUBUS, R. O. FIR-l.Uoco FLFHCHE, T. LU. Hg E-Brownfield FRNNHE, T. H. Ng Ed-El Compo FULTON, G. LU. FNE-LJJOxohochie GHRRETT, L. E. mE-Pittsburg GIBSON, J. O. GE-Sun Nntonio DULLNIG, N. C. GE-Son Nntonio ENSLEY, G. P. NN-Caldwell FFIULH, FN. LU. Ch E-Fort Worth FLNHE, H. J., JR NN-Houston FRENCH, E. C. Nrch-El Paso FUNDERBURGH, J. LU. NN-FNcHinney GRRRISON, O. L Ng:-Spur GIBSON, J. V. EE-Childress 1- - . " Q3' .' ,f i . vw. - . K . X ' . . u-L ,L X YI GLENN, J. C. Ch E-Fort llJorth GOODLOE, H. F, Hgr-Corsiccmc Gannmnm, J. R. mE-mcGregor GRIfT1fT1ER,G. G. PPE-Dallas HFIGIWER, LU. J. PPE-Houston HHYTIILTOVI, E. B. me-Dallas HFIUUH, P. D. LH-College Station HPIYFIES, F. P. HH-Granger CLFISS OF 1939 GOFORTH, H. HH-Son morcos GOODSTEIVI, H. EE-Dulles GRHVES, R. UJ. Geol-Houston HFICHEDORU, B PPE-Baytown HFILSELL, H. H. PPE-Lubbock HFWTIUER, C. H. HH-Lo Ferio HHRGROVE, B. Hgr-Troy HF! YS, J. R. Pre-med-Brody GOLSTOD, J. R., HH-Santo Hnno GOLUHH, H. R. PPE-Estelline GREEUUJFILD, LU PPE-Sugar Land HHGHU, E. E. Ch E-Dcllos HHmlLTOfT, E. Fl Geol-Jasper HHIFIHH, G. T. EE-Brownsville HHRRIS, S. E. HH-Georgetown HEHD, C. R. Hg Ed-Fort UJorth JR. J. O O N N ,-Q YJ II CLHSS O HENDERSON, J. F. HN-UJc1elder HOLICH, D. H. Ch E-Dallas HOLLEfNFlN, T. R. Hrch-Scandic: HOLUNRD, F. G. FJH'PQGfSGlJ HUFFNHER, J. EE-Son Hntonio HUfT1F1I'1N,Fl.llJ. Ch E-Tompico, fNex. ITSCHNER, B. E. HH-Elm I'Nott JHUER, UJ. E. HH--Harnes City HENDRIX, E. E. fT1E-Dallas HOLLFIND, H. F. HF!-Hbbott HOOTON, T. B. Hg Ed-Daingerfield HRDLICHN, E. B. NH-College Station HUGHES, L. B. Vm-UJcsbom HUTCHINS, P. fT1. EE-Ysleto JFiI'T1ES, J. UJ. HN-Bryon JENHINS, J. B. LH-UJaxc1hc1chie F1939. HENGGELER, F. J. EE-Brownsville HOLLHND, LU. YTI. HH-Flbbott HOPYNNNN, U. Hg Ed-Beasley HUDSON, C. H. PPE-Laredo HULSEY, B. B. EE-Forney IGO, H. C. HH-Clarksville JHNENSCH, UJ. C. NH-Boerne JEnHms, O. L. Vm-Gothenburg, Neb- L. , 'E ,rf J ff :3 . . f nu 'Y ,L Qt XA X. S Q Jig "' if av .. M 0:3 S' Q .. ' 1 'A fx 5 W T' ' Qs? SY-Q.-' I ": JEIIIIIUGS, T. E. FIH-LUinters JOHNSON, L. E. Vm-Sonora HELLEY, E. L. Vm-Utopia HERH, J. C. Firch E-Hmorillo HIHH, P. H EE-Son Hntonio LFIIRD, J. H. PPE-Houston LEIGH, Ci. E. HH-Center Point LIVIIIGSTOII, B. R. HH-Flmarillo CLHSS OF 1939 I NN JOHFIS, H. T. Figr-Floresville JOHNS, I'I. UJ. Sci-Boerne X JQHIISOII, H. V. HH-Dallas JUVIGHFIVIS, LU. H. PPE-LUcco HEIIUERLY, I. F. PPE-Houston HERLEY, S. FI. LFI-Sherman HIECHLE, F. Ch E-Ballinger HILLOUGH, D. G. EE-College Station ,ff-lv' HFIHPP, H. H. PPE-Houston HOCH, FI. E. CE-new Braunfels LFIICIGFOHD, E. H. Q CE-College Station LFIUJSOVI, UJ. E. Hgr-Gordon LEUJIS, C. F. Fig:-Blooming Grove LILES, H. UJ. HH-Throclzmorton ITIHBERRY, FI. Fig Ed-Sylvester ITIHTIDELL, B. P. ITIE-Hmcrillo 0 0 I II I F F XA LF IZX FA Q CLHSS MFHHGOLD, C. H. DH-Son Hntonio UTFIRQUES, R. L. 99-Brownsville UJHURER, J. J. Ch E-Phczrr YTTCCRORY, D. E. HQ-UJoeIder UTCGOLUED, J. R. HHTHFTIGIJIIO mcl"llECE, R. V. Hgr-merbel fT1EI'1ZIES, G. C. Hgr-menord fT'llLl.ER, J. L. HH-mineolc O F 1 mnnsu, s. J. Fig E-Brenham mHRTll'1, C. C. mE-mcGre9or WIHVRICO, H G. Flrch-Son Hntonio mcCuEE, L, C. EE-Fimcuillo HTCLERRHU, Fl. R. mE-Cameron fT'IEBFiI'TE, P. m. Flgr-Lockhart mlLLER, E. 9. Figr-fnorton mll.LS, H. m. HH-Sterling City 9 fT1FlRHS,l.U. m. mE-Beaumont mHTUSl-I, F. mE-Temple I'T1cCHmlSH,J. fl. Vm-Son Flntonio UTCGLOTHLIU, E HH-mundcy mcmlLl.Hl'T, fl. U HH-mason YTTEDELLIU, P. IE-Texorbonc YTTILLER, E. B. HH-Big Lobe ml LLS, S. T. PPE-Pleclsclnton S' mOORE, R. m. HH-mcfqllen VTWORTOIW, G. FTI. EH-Sherman ITIOUGHOFI, B. C. VITI-Lufbin NICHOLS, F. J. EE-Dallas DORLUOOD, J. S HH-Humble OUJEIW, n. Hg Ed-Jocbsboro PHRHER, J. UJ. Ch E-Fort U.Jorth PEHCE, J. R. mE-mission CLFISS OF 1939 FTTORRIS, J. S. Flgr-Graham fT1OSELEY, J. J. Lcmd H-Ouclnoh HTOZISEH, Fl. R. mE-LUeimor DORDHHUS, Fi. mE-San Flntonio OLIVER, B. HH-Fort lJJorth OUJEDS, J. L. Ch E-Pilot Point PHTRICH, O. L. Ch E-Corsicana PIHCHIU, H. J. mE-Hclletlsville NIORRIS, UJ. C. EE-Tyler ITWOTHES, F. G Hrch-Seymour UEELEY, P. Hgr-Decatur TTORTH, UJ. G. PPE-Cuero OSLUH LT, LU. H Ch E-Dallas PFHPPFIS, G. F. EE-Dallas PHYIWE, H. H. Vm-EI Compo PIPHIH, R. G. LH-Eastland 0 O CLRSS OF 1939 POCH YLF1, H. mE-lUaco POST, B. G. Sci-montgomery PRUCSEL, FJ. E. Hgr-Eden RECTOR, LU. S. PPE-Houston RICE, J. C. Hg Ed-munday RIVOIRE, O. G. EE--fnorysville ROLFIND, R. C. CE-Lo Eerio ROSE, D. H. CE-Hmorillo P OLHDOVICH, PPE-Fort UJorth POTTS, F. fn. Flgr-lJJcco PRUGEL, J. Fl. Flgr-Eden REED, F. J. PPE-Beaumont RIDDLE, R. B. LH-Decatur ROBlI'1SOI'1,R. R. Ch E-Dallas ROLLIDS, H. P. CE-Dcxilczs ROUTT, J. nn-chapel I-nn POLIFHH, F. J. F. PPE--Polcacios PRICE, m. Flgr-Oakwood RHGSDFILE, J. E. Hgr-mcFIIIen REGFIVI, T. J. HH-Dallas RIVERO, H. S. TE-mexico City, mex ROGERS, 9. lil. CE-Corsicono ROOSfTlHI"l, R. O. mE-Dallas RUTHERFORD, J. H. HF!--Greenville 3 k fig Y Ash P , ...N ,J r ...E SRLZfT1Flf'1,J. H. Hg E-Sun Flntonio SCHRFTTTH, fT1.H. CE-Hclmilion SER LY, TTT. T. Pre-med-Houston SILVERUTHH, D. L. PPE-Lon gview STTTFTLL, UJ. LU. Ch E-El Paso STTTITH, UJ. H. Hrch E-llJoco STORY, J. R. Hg E-Hlice THTUfT1, R. TTT. FTF!-Bryon CLFISS OF 1939 SFITTTPLE, E. L. LH-Bryon SCOFIELD, J. Fi. Sci-Bryon SELITTFITT, LU. E. HH-Eden SHTTTTTOTT, B. PPE-Childress SITTITH, H. UJ. mE-Sulphur Springs STFlf1SELL,J. 9. an-mmf STRULUE, R. m. RFI-UJcxohcchie THYLOR, D. F. PPE-Dulles SCHLHFLI, FT. CE-Seguin SCOTT, R. R. DH-Sun Hntonio SHEPHERD, H. S. PPE-Houston SImmOI'lS, J. H. EE--Hrlingion STTTITH, fT1. R. LF!-newcastle STFTPLES, G. UJ. TTTE-Houston THTTTFTRGO, E. m. Ch E-Soltillo, mexico TH YLOR, T. Fi. HF!-Groesbech O O N n P I T 4 I '-F1 C3 CLFISS OF 1939 TERRELL, L. H. DH-Thornton THOmF1S, Fi. J. HH-Sherman TIUER, E. Flgr-Trent TRHIL, C. D. Hgr-Houfmczn VESELHH, E. O. PPE-Corpus Christi LUEBBER, J. C. mE-Hrp UJEUTLUORTH, E. CE-Somerset LUHITE, E. ITT. LH-College Station THYLOR, UJ. R. Hgr-north Zulch THORHTOVI, m. I. CE-Groves TOPLETZ, H. m. LH-Dallas TRIFTIBLE, Fi. R. Pre-med-Sand Springs, LUFILHEF4, L. H. Hg Ed--l.Uclnut Springs Lua:-insa, B. T. ITTE-Del Rio LUESTERfT1F1l'1, m. H. Hg Ed-Llano LUHITE, LU. Ch E-Dublin THIEmE, C. m. Figr-Sun Benito THRIFT, D. B. HH-Sun Fintonio TOSCH, R. L. EE-mesquite Ohio. UTTERBFICH, H. P. LF!-Brcrcizettville LUHTHIHS, O. m. PPE-Houston UJEHDLER, C. C. HH-Boerne UJheelis, R. E. LH-mort llJILHIf1SOI"l,H. L. EE-Sour La he . 'u me r. by .f s sr- .1' Ks J A H 0:23 wg? ww r 4-H2 0 UJILLIHITIS, J. T. PPE-Turnersville UJISE, UJ. F. LH-Dollos LUOOD, Fl. 99-San Flugusli UJRIGHT, E. UJ. CE-Scan Hngelo D2 CLHSS OF 1939 llJlLLSOI'1, H. C. GE-Cotullo wlsEnBnHER, G. HH-Elizabeth LUOOD, J. R. H9 E-Brownwood LURIGHT, LU. C. Sci-Pleasanton HIRHHHUDHUI, 9, D. Flgr-Bombay, Indio LUILSOU, G. B. Figr-El Paso LUITCHELL, H. S. Ch E-Sun Hntonio LURFIY, B. CE-Son Hntonio ZELWIHU, n. RFI-EI Paso LUHDHUJHUI, L. H. Hgr-Bombcly, Indio O O f ZL Nr E If we, for a few moments, turn the cloch baclzward we may discover why the Class ol '39 may well be remembered as an outstanding Class. This, the greatest Junior Class in the History of the College, has been subjected to three years ol culminating changes in student life at Fl. and m. College. The College is proud that the Class has succeeded in over- coming obstacles and still produced a well organized group of exceptionally versatile students. The Class has been well represented in all forms of college activities and organizations, and has very successfully and slzillfully fulfilled its responsibilities. By loolzing at the Class record we may predict that the Senior Class of '39 will still carry on to a still more successful year. SOPHCNTWGRES Fa-5 Tjx 'PML H 921. x 1 :zs51:?--'- S Q ,.,- N ffyi- I Bi, V, QQ, ,E X Q, ..' ' :il ' , ,,11 X! e V , R C R F 11 0 " H254 " J 10 1 ' F 3' 2 it T f iz. ,ILE Q H SOPHOFDORE CLHSS OFFICERS DURLUHRD B.VF1Rl'1ER ,..,. ........ P resident E. GUY GHRRETT ..,.,... ..... V ice-President TOm S. RICHHRDS .,.. , ..... Secretory-Treasurer SIDNEY H. GOTTLIEB ..., ..,...,,.4............ H istoricm ummm P. comnos 1 MH Lu. R. LEDBETTER if .. .. Student UJelfcure Representatives UA QD S U-U QD IR S .fs vxs K' V .. Y .. N W B.: "" f' if tr if I- , 'U ff"x 4 ' 3 ix Q f C' R F ,S w , 3 K 1 XAXS .CLHSS OF 1940 Honms, C. B. HLDBICH, E. w. HLDRIDGE, E. E., JB. FlLLEI'1,J. H. HLLEn, Lu. E. N Hnoanson, H. m. HYEBS, B. E. BHILEY, 1. lu., JB. BHILEY,JOHI'1 w. BHLL, w. H. BEHRD, L. F. BEVILLE, J. B. BIBBS, J. c. BLHCH, J. L. BowEBs, L, 1. BRFIUHIG, H. E., JR. , ff, fl? BREHTZEL, B. J. BRITHIV1, D. uJ. Bnoum, c, B. BBOLUH, G. Lu. BBouJn, J. H. BROllJVlIV1G,J.ITl. Y, BBunDBETT, lu. rn. 5 BBYson, C. G. BUCHLEY, J. m. Q BULLBBD, B. J. IZ BUBCH, c. H. BUSTER, Lu. B., JB. BUTLER, J. H. CHBIHESS, LU. m., JR. o o 5 CLFISS OF 1940 CFHLHOUFT, JFUCH cmvsm, H. w. CHFTIPBELL, T. R. cnmlnu, F. O. cnnnuJnY,v.H. . 'X-.V CHRRUTH, L. G. 'H j 'jj Q - I. CHSSII'1,LUlLLIHI'T1 X Q , 5 cLEmEnTs,J.f. ' LL " ,I CLOUD, B. B. comnos, Jummle b 'fl i comms, J. lu. ' conLEY,J.s. ' "' cooH,EmmET CORLEYJ. coamn, LU. G. covnncsron, 1. c. CRISLUELL, J. uJ. CULLERS, E. uJ. DnLE,c.R. DHLE,J.T. DECHER, H. G. 6 A DESHOTELS, J. D. 5 .1 S ' 'Q ' . . ' Y DExTER,J.F. ' ' , Dmz, mov "Q . DITUTIHR, R. O. Z X Dobson, J. L., JR. ,J " ,w DOfT'IIf1Y,C. B. DUHCHD, . . DUV1LF1P,R.LlJ. 6- I DUFILHP, S. m. an X , ....CLFI ELLZEY, J. G. .L f ERCH, Q. Lu. - ' . EVERS, E. J. 4 - EVRIDGE, R. B. FIFTLEY, DEE, JR, FII'1LEY,J. B. FORRESTER,VERV1OI"I fours, J. F. L FREUVID, C. L. if 6. Q 4- q' Q - Gmznev, c. P. q GQRRETT, E. G. GC . L x D vt. T X GHRRETT, S. E. . GHRRISOH, R. LU. S: wt E "J c3lBson,F.n. E 'fur 5 Q N AQ,tqA M Gnsson, R. B. ' 'Tai if - GOHTES, J. l-L Gofoml-1, T. I-L c5OLDmnn, m. c. GOTTLIEB, s. H. GROTEJF. HHBERLE, D. L. HHLL,L.H. HHLL,T.G. Hnnunmsa, P. C V HHDOVERJOE I Hanan:-u1m,Lu. E. ' HHRRIS, R. L. "' HHRRISOV1, GUY HFIRRISOYI, R. E. Q 'A t ,f f J., if , WAV., A Hr11sTmGS,uJ. L. e .XMB .5 .' 'Y X O SS OF194o CLHSS OF 1940. HERDER,H. ' A ' S A- if a L xxx HERTI'1ER,H.E. fl 4, 1 4 5 g , X 5 Q 6 HOEFLEJT1. B. 1 - A Hofmann, w. R. K HOOD, CECIL HOPHII'lS,C.fT1. ' S- Q 'th si " HOLUHRD, H. G. N HowHRD,R.H nRvln,l.J. mcxson, H. L. mcosv, P. w. JEnf1If1GS,H.IT1. JonEs,G.H. JORRIE, s. m. JOSEPH, s. Hennemen, cum HERR,G.E. HEY,C.H. Hl'lIGHT,J.C. Hnox, E. m. HROGSTHD, S. F. . fb ""' V Q ' LF1THHfT1, B. m. 6 f q ' Q LHLU, B. F. b g sm LEHCI-iE,F1. B. A 'JY LEDBETTER, w. R. LEHfT1BERG,LU. R. Q3 ff? 4 1 LEuJls,u1. D. A '4 LIEBHOFSHY, H. H. b Llppmran, L. J. LYOTIS, J. F, .CL HSS OF 1940 mnc3ER,n.n. X mnnn,J.C3. v ' mnnoR,T.n. iw I mf11PLEs,H.n. mnmm, C. Q. N YTIHTHEUJS, Cn. s. mnmew, I. Cn. mcCHEsnEv, D. R. fT1cCREIGHT,C. C. mcoonmo, H. E. . mcoonnm, lu. E. L mcfnmnno, J. H. mCHEE, J. m. fT'IcHl'1IGHT, LU, C. msuon, w. C., JR. muLLER, C. F. C223 mnCHELL, B. E., JR. "' mooRE,w.R. murmnv, LU. H. nnCHunC3ER, L. L. 1 nEuJTon,e.H. HIC!-1OLS,D. R. 'Q novsm, R. J. oLlvER,m.D. osBoRn,m.L. PnCHER,R.E. PaDc3ET,n,D. Pmmea, C. m. PHRLETTE, R. I. PQTRICH, R. L. O O CLHSS OF 1940. PHTTOD, J. D. PERHITIS, LU. PETERS, E. H., JR. PETERSON, L. L. I 'J H' 3 L PETERSON, D. LU. "' " S Q PETHOVSEH, R. S. V J :.- L PETTIT, m. LU. ' ' ' - i 6- . ...Iwi , . 'S Perry, H. L. 1 . . .. PICHETT, G. D. ' . J P 'fi' if I - RJ- J L , - PlPHln,c. H. , Q- ,J Q 6' " . ' kg 'N PITTS, D. D. ' -V '.... ci .1 q A ,I F 5-JI' PUCHETTI J- UJ-I JR- 41. Rnmmez, R. RHfT1SEY,R. R. REEDER, w. H. RICHHRDSOV1, c. R. nocuwooo, Lu. R. Room, B. c. qt num, J. H. sem, E. LU. SHORT, T. J. 'f SHROPSHIRE,J.E. ff? K ,gn SIBECH, L. G. ' . L K ,fig 'Q SIf'T1PSOI'1,D.P. .N :..Q- 1 f-1 1 SITIFIRT, J. E. ' . h - SFIYDELHFIR, n. H. fi .1 FJ' 'QC Agn 3 SOREDSOD, H. v. X DE W N H smnron, uJ. L. STFIRLID, c. H. I ' A .1-l .X. . W' SPHnGLER,J. H. Q L 5 P, ul- " FJ C VW . ,- W. 4, ....CLFlSS OF 1940 ' sTEPHEns, E. E., JR. 5 - if ' lg - W' STEPHEI'1S,UJ. R. ,. R STEURER, G. E. X U JAN.. - I 44. .R...-. suLLlvRn, Lu. LU - . THomRs, J. Lu., JR. ' sr, ,A wr . .R 3 R 'S ' m.Lson,G. w. ,R ' V ' TREHDLUELL, R. S. AX -4 Q ' TRlPLlTT,C. P, vRRnER, D. R. 9 . , 152 sb . I 'gl 2 L R l.UHDE,R. c.,JR. LUHLLHCE, R. F. f lUF1LTERS,B. D. ' . LuRRnER, R. m. Q- C . 1 ss, Q A 9 . X7 il g' u1RRnER, E. B. " . ' ...Z U I UJEHTHERBY, H. R. . we , , W: . V 74 . RQ :ff UJERB, w. m. S . LUERI'1TZ,O. G. K 1 . 1: - "" G? A A - J - 5 l.UEYDELL,F1. T. I' qll . f- 1 - l1JILHII'1SOTl,C. m. i uJlLLlRms,c.E 'A f wn.LlRms, m, E. 'R ss. -'Q LUILLOUGI-IBY,C.I'T1. I uJmREL, R. F. 'X vusr, R. L. O O SOPHOITWORE REPRESEHTRTIVES E. LU. HLDRICH T. R. BFJLVRER LU. E. BELL J.I'1.BYROl'1 H. H. DERRICR H. L. F. DOERR C.G.DOI'N'1ELLY m. H.DLJl'1CRI'1 LU. H. DLUYER E. FREEBORV1 R. LU. GERLICH R. LU. GILLETTE R. HRLL C. HRRWDER R. L. HERRV1, JR. H. HERDER R. T. HIHGLE UA RT UVB B. B. HOLT J. JRRFTJRH J. H. RFIDEH ITL REHNHDY LU. H. LHHGDOV1 FL B. LEHCHE Fl.fT1.fT1CFF!RLFlND E. B. fT1EYf1F1RD LJJ. ITIUELLER FTW. OLIVER LU. H. REEDER Fl. O.SCHl'1FlBEL J. E. SFRRRT G. E. STEURER LU. P. STROUD D. J. THTJS, JR. B. TUCRER RN FRESI-HTWEH f V will x ,,f.,?Ai N 'SWS 5 FRESHITIHIW CLHSS OFFICERS JFIITIES P. GILES, JR, ,.,. ., ..A..,. President HERBERT C. STUCHE . ,.,, Vice-President RQY I. CHIRPPELL, JR. ..,, ,.. ... . .Secretory-Ireczsurer FRHVIH FI. LOVIIIG. M. .....,...,,...,...,.. I-Iistorion ERIIESI' R. HEETOII ., ..... Student U.IeIIore Representative CIDRIGIIIICIDIP3 1 1 CA . . . . CLF! BBBon,E. . BBnEY, E. S. V Sf " Bonms, B H. HDHfT1S,B.Q. Bonms, E, B. ' v G. ., , F1ELHERS,J. C. HLEXHDDER, c. E. HLLISOD, F.l'T1 X BnDEBS,P.E. I Aj BnDEBSon, E. P. ti. E nnDEBSon,G.D. BnDEBSon, m, B HSI-IL1JILL,l,lJ. EL Fw "V BF'1GGETT,E.B. L A ' BHlLEY,J.B. Brmoncunu, B. L. . BBBBET, Lu. J. -1 A g. A Q ,Q Q L BRRTH,llJ.C. ' 4,. BEHLL,J.C. . BEBSLEY, LESTER BECHER,l.U.H. ,X .F BECHHHITI, c, Lu. BERV1HUER,fT1.S. 2. BEYEB, D. B. BISHOP, J. P. QQ 5' BLHHD, C. J. ' - A BLHf1HEI'1SHIP,R.H. . M. ft BOLII'1,R.LU. BOLTOf'1,P.fTI. 'J' is BoBEn, BILL BOYLE, E. E. BBnDEn,J,c. BBBnBm,B.o. BBBnDES, L. E. f f'x O O SS OF 1941 F f I E F' J X., CLR SS OF 1941 f if tg. v -A, Q F BRQZIEL, uJ. m. .Q BmmBERm',Lu.O. - Baman, UJ. S. J BRoTHERTon,R.R. J BRouJn,P.o. G J Braoum, R., JR. 3 BRYf1mn,J.c. J BuLLnRD,n.'l.. W" BURI'1ETT,E. F. BvRD,E.E. 59 J if BYRD,E.L. X J ' cnmPBELL, LEE J . " CQRLISLE, J. L. cf1mnEs,G.H. CQRROLL, Q. J. cHRson,J.L. cF1sHEn,J. CHSTLEBERRY, G. lil. CFITHEY, UJ. G. CHFIPPELL, R. J., JR. COBERLY, v, coans, R. T. CHILDERS, J. B. CHHCOV1, P. J. CLHRH, w. R. CLHRHE, C., JR. COHER, w. H. COLLEY,F1.S. comms, uJ. H. couamsv, B. H. cox, G. B. cuuasarson, R. R. DHRST, J. F. DEFll'1, H. H. ar . Q R 6' hx L . is nr. in 'VN G' x 3 k , 15 s Q 92 W 1 QW ik! L 1 ..- 3 3 6 F? Q g, 'Ss 5' ' x 'fs "Q Tv -Q,. ,L ,R , A X 9 TF. L 6 F325 .Qf ,cr Q' X xx 5. b A I. Q . . , CJ it G: X3 dv.- E' 1 S 5: v A "" A W .CLFISS OF 1941 DeHRI'T1OI'lD, G. LU., JR. DQUJHLT, T. w. DOlUI'1S,H. S. DRUFOLURIGHT, H. E DUREE, J. T. EDLUHRDS, E. T., JR. ELLUELL, H. H. EmERv, H. E. EV1GDF1HL,J.L. EUDHLY, E. R. Evans, J. G. EVRIDGE, 1. FELDER, E. H. FII'1LEY,LU. H. FLETCHER, B. m. ELOREY, J. R. FLOYD, J. T. FOSTER, R. T. GHRDV1ER,O.C. GHRTH, G. S. GHULT, J. B. GEI'1TRY,J. B. GERLHCH, H. E. GILES, J. P. GILLESPIE, H. w. GOBER, L. m. GOCHICOH, C. ET. GRFIHT, H. D. GRHSSHOFF, L. H. GREEN, J. rn. GREENE, C. R. GREEI'1LEE,HOmER GRIFFITH, B. B. GRISSOITW, T. C. O O CLFISS OF 1941 F HFIIYIES, P. G. Hnmluon, H. v. gy "', af Hnncocu, J. H. ' 'A Q HHRDHGE, L. R. ' bf? gf. HHRmEL, L. Lu. ' " 1' . , Si VA. ::. E 1 A is 4' HF1RRIS,G.G. 52 fi. Q as , HFIRRISOV1, T. R. S' I ' .f HF1RT,J. S. Y h HHLUH, C. E. HFILUHIHS, LU. LU. i Q if "Q SQ' 'S HECH, m. G. S HEl'1DERSOI'l,R, HENDERSON, T. S. HERDHHDEZ, H. H. HODGES, J. C. HUEBHER, G. L. Jones, E. L. ws- V HEFIDOH, LU. L. - HEYISEL, F. UJ. Q V H f' f' - SQ . HESTER, G. R. J " ,. 9 Q ' HIGGlI'1S,l.U. s. . .M - . . W 3 HOLDEI'1,LU.,JR. Q5 ' f"AQ 'S' HOLfTlF1U,llJ. O. 'QVP H " ' HOUJHRD, G. . A Q g - Q HUGHES, R. E. P, S is is HunT,G.O.,JR. H ' 'S mc5en,LEw1s A HHHn,nB1E , " I 'E . V I-J Hans, G. D. fgj E Hsmon, E. R. N h HESSLER, S. ITL as 'Q G . HEY, J. T. -5. I 5 .CL HSS OF 1941 eq HITTTBHLL, CHLDLUELL v f N T f 1 Hlsslneea, R. T. y L 5 V HnlGHT, L. F. ' - . Hosme, v. L. K HRnmPnTz, F. J. 1 :A 1 'X P L Q , HREzDoRn,n.T-T. . ' LHF1DUH,O.H. 3 .. my + " ' LQPRELLE, F. B. LF1SELL,F1. D.,JR. 1:-13 5' " g G- 1 if X . LEEmmn,s. P. ' T LEUJIS,C,H. M. LEwTs,R.c. Q W W .M LlGOI"l,J.B. ff ' Q' LITTLE, R. B. L, ' - LOF4D,S.C. Nl-A LOUDER, T. R. fx C ,L 0 LOVH'1G,F.H. 1 T LYBRHFID, J. L. LYons,m.J. mnDDux,n.F. qv A n TTTHGEE, R. m. 'F' - C 4 4 L W mnnnmca, Lu. H. ' E - "' fT1FlRCELLO,C. J. 5 N mnRsHnLL,T-T. TTTHRSHHLL, T. L. ITTHYBERRY, R. T. fT1F1RTlI'l,H. TTT. TTTHTHELUS, C. C. fT1FlTTHElUS, LU. TTTPTZZFIGFITTI, R. P. fTTcHI'TELLY, J. E. TTTcCRFlRY, PETE g- 5 P TTTCCURDY, B. B. f ...Ls TTTcDP1I'lIEL, C. H. O O CLFISS OF 1941 mCDonRLD, L. F, mceowRn,H. E.,JR. i 5 'g '- fT1cII'lTYRE, R. J. N - fT1cfT1URREY,J. L. R mCREYnoLDs, L. O. . FTTELCHERJT1. R. ' S, Q 9 Yq " 3. fT1ERILLlETHER,J. R. mlLL, L. J. f ' 1 N . -1 - fT1OI'1TGOfT1ERY,LU.J. fT1ORGFII'1, T. H. :J Q b. Q 1'-4 fT1ORRIS,O. H. . , mUELLER,c. P. L in mUELLER, G. L. muRRRY, H. F. " " G' fT1EYERS,llJ. H. 1 REELY, H. s. REIGHRORS, R. H. 'L f1ELSOI'1,L.J. Q 1 'B 51 5 7 G' HICHOLSOH, H. L. V D' RISRET, R. E. x ROSTER, R. w. . ' O'BRIEI'1,J. G. 'R 'M ORR, D. R. L R oLuEns,J. E. h R '-.f 9555+-. PRGE, J. uJ. V ' PF1LERfTlO,T. 5. sw 'R ' S PHRHER, E. C. 1 PHRHER, R. L. ' PHRHER, R. Lu., JR. A PEI'1DERY,H. v. :L if 9 f- Q 5, PETERSON, R. L. Q PETITFI LS, H. E. PEYTOR, T. J. PHELRR, F. ,I .. . CLHS S OF 1941 k PHILLIPS, DHVID Q Q , PIERCE, E. L. 3 K I I ji Q POU,LU. L. E- O g W POuJER,T. L. . PRIDmORE, I. R. V Q "- nw PROVE, E. H. PROIIIELL, E. R. f PUSTEIOVSRY . RRDEORD, I. L. 5, F G3 . si RRInEv,c. H. I . I RRmsDEn, H. D. 'WNY' LI 'Z' V . RERD, C., JR. In ig A' g g REBER, Lu. H. ' ,U ' ' I"' REYI'lOLDS,G. H. 5 -,I RICHHRDS, H. I ' 3 ' ' 'ir K . . A- 1 RORCH, I., JR. S b' S- ROBERTS R O I 7 I. , . . Q. ' f RODDY,R,S. I ROGERS, B. E. ..,W,' . ' M V ROfTlII'1GER,J. C. .Q A 'P f " ROSE, P. H. ' ' . RumBRuOH,IR.c. I . N sRBR,T. E. A. A Q SHDDERS, I. J. . H' ' I1' 'P ' SHI'1TOf'1I,E. L. s Rs' i 1'-ci J' V ' . I I SHYI'1ER,FRHl'1H . f L, SCHHEFER,C. R . , M ' 1 SCHOTT, E. E. 'V' 6? "' SCHOTT, H. J. ' I W I I., 5 E , scOII,c. w. YN 5 'W ...L SEHRGEHFIT, R 'L C2 SEDBERRY, I. m. I? gs ,E , SEELE, H. H. P N AX O O I CLHSS OF 1941 -x jf' Z2 9. '-G 9 2 K3 O S F 33 2 ,T E 3 3 NI I O " ID 5 2 1 3 Q 2 5 3 3 -3 f' 5- I -+ F 2 2 Q 'N 2 T ff' as ' 5 5 2 2 as 3 5 5 5 3 E I F I 2 3 o 3 -m 5- 3 X30 2 N3 O ,E TU 3 P- .U I"' 3 N -4 NI -1 ,E an cn 77 Ln :fa cn rn I . J: 3 5 lg 3 E g . I o - ,f 3 - Q fn 3 I' O 3 FA fn E 12 E -W F P Ni fn i- 9 Q r- E jg Q .70 5 qw F1 rw 9. 0 ii :I 5' ' I2 - 'f 5 3 O :D O 4 D ' 3 X 4 2 E rr1 37 an rn P' O ' .N4 C Q I- ,- 31 r- N3 Nl' xr' Z !' l'l'l . o 1 - F P 5 A A AV, . :. , -V' 2 fl 4 Q , ,L ':fs:24,,,., . 4 ,3 ' tv Mx' YJ 1 ' , 1 'AI:. " WM "": 111.3 5 A , '- V - x A.-. ..,.,.',', H f if ' A ' -,,,. , , "x- h 1 ',,4 :mtl .1 Q qi, - xg , ' a - ,,,. f' , 7, 5 '14 t z -' .A as Z "' 0 a 5 ,ab VIRGIL, uJ. E. f TOLUERY, PHT TROTTER, G. P. vouer, m. G. LURLHER, B. B. VIVIHH, E. Fi. 1 an 3 -- 'z 4 ....CLHSS OF 1941 X! uJHLHER,f.E. 5 LUQLHERJ-u,H. wmvea, O. m. 3' .D LUEBB,fT1. L. LuEHnER,E.L. LUHEHTLEY,R.G. N 3 I UJHEELER1. B. LUHILLEY, F. s. ' LUHITE, 0.1. 1. uJHnE, D. S. LuHnE,m.J. u1uLLur11ms, H. R. LUlLLlHfT1S,O.R. uJuLLunms,1. S. umson, H. G., JR. 5 ' fn wnLson,D.c. Lumson, m. R. wmnsa, R. P. rl uJOLf,J.B. wOLfER,c.J. Luooomnn, G. rn. UJRIGHT, PHUL , - YHTES, J. m. .4 YEHRY, J. C., JR. YEE, H. S. F V W .1 U ,4 1 I . iv Q O il i 1 -xx S3 or -X is f 5 f . , K tri 4 f f ,X F. ff L f, K y t X AL .fx SA x tl f ww QQN i fm jf Exist V ll? W0 jj A 0 ii X ll 'Ll M if if ll Af :A ,wrt , S .. 'V Q F T--X ' ' Y 1- -R rf f ' P fam STEPHEN GIRFIRD BHILEY ln rendering a whole-hearted, unselfish service to the College and the development of student welfare, S. G. Bailey has been and will be remembered as one of the gang. For years he served as executive secretary to the Board ol Directors as well as secretary to President UJalton, and during these years he added touches of his colorful personality which will not pass. Lest we forget this great character, who was one ol the most prominent figures in Student Life and the man who guided the worlzing boy ol H. and m., to him we dedicate this page of the Longhorn. .,,! ff flff X f , JS ,K X .k x ffl L 1 1 f ., . ,.,,, 1, 1 , - , r fm. fg- '," '. 1" . ' 3 Q ,TE , . gf, 5: 'ji , fc Q., , , , , 12.2. ln I .VNN F, ' INWY f I. ,A ,. , VI TIE S I. an r PUBLICHTIOHS if D L -IL-:lj 7 Qi :ET I I W I ,' , ' f "esa5aszs:a:::::, ' I .,,, X N ,N Q3 mm " xx' XA ' .:E ' N, ' " x . " ' UK Ll. , 75 xxgx ' ' F Y 5, .... :sail ""' Y QW - " Qumk- .X 'N N f , w ' ,, - ,fr ,W A Q H F I K, I I I I I NN 'T J C3 K7 ici F. rj ,Y if TIA Bach Row: Bond, Beckman, Hartman, Justice Front Row: LUall:er, Ulilcox, Bolton, Flshburn, Hngell, Loveless STUDENT PUBLICFITIOFI BOFIRD lllith the organization of the Student Publication Board in 1931 came the guidance and quality that is essential to campus publications. The Board has brought the students' publications to a point ol maxi- mum efficiency in both management and financial matters. The organization ol the Board consists of Chairman F. C. Bolton, George B. l.UiIcox, Colonel llze Hshburn, and mr. E. L. Flngellf the Editors of the various H. 8: TTT. Student Publications, and the Student Representatives to the Board. Under the eye of mr. Hngell the Longhorn, the Battalion, and the Scientific Review are formed and published, and all matters pertaining to editorial or financial matters ol these publications are under his supervision. The Board manages the publishing of the Student Directories, the Y.m.C.Fl. handboolzs, the football programs, and other programs and has done some very Fine worlz in supervising these publications. Because of the stability and quality that the Board has brought to the H. 8: ITT. campus publications, it is to be highly commended. The efficient representation that each class receives is due to the excellent worlz ol these men, and too -much praise cannot be given them. ITIR. E. L. HFIGELL is rm , ...L Bach Row: Goodstein, Cunningham, Patrick, Barton, Gottlieb Front Row: I-IoveII, Lanford, mcfutcheon, JacIzson, LoveIess, Robinson, Hrneson, Jone SIDNEY L. LOVELESS ....A DON L. LNNFORD ,.... ROLNND S. TORN ..... BERGEN B. HOVELL .,....., JOE ITI. ROBINSON ...... .. . N. H. TNCCUTCHEON ..,.. J. R. JFICHSON ........ N. D. JONES .... TEX THE LONGHORN STNFF H. T. DUHE ....... E. P. FIRNESON ...... . . . . .Editor-in-Chief ... .Hssociate Editor . . . . . . . .Sports Editor . . . .GreenI'1orn Editor .Hdvertising manager FI. G. BECHITTFINN .... .........Vanity Fair ........CIasses ,...........miIitary E.T.HECH,JR........ S. H. GOTTLIEB. . . . . .-.... Sophomore Hssistant SIDNEY L. LOVELESS A R.. FI. L. GOODSTEIN ..... LU. D. BFIRTON ....... O. L. PNTRICH .......... G. H. CUNNINGHFITN. . Duke, Torn ...... Features .......,.......Club5 , . . . . .Staff Photographer . . . . . . . .Junior Editor . , . . . . . . , .Junior Hssistant Hsst. Hdvertising manager Hsst. Hdvertising manager Hsst. Hdvertising manager O Baclz Row: Oates, Lllise, Smith, Fulton, Darrow Third Row: l-lanno, Hrneson, Colzinos, Sembera, Dieb, Oliver Second Row: Coolz, Chevaillier, Hnetsar, Critz, Dietz Front Row: Crews, Levine, LUl1ite, LUallzer, Flrmistead, Sale, Starl: C. LU. LURLHER ... R. E. UJHITE ,...,, J. LU. STHRH . L. I. CRELUS. .. SFTTTT LU. LEVITTE., BHTTFILIOTI STFIFF . .Editor managing Editor Flssociate Editor . .lqssociote Editor UJ. UJ. HRITIISTEQD .... ... PHT HFIYIDH ..... ..., BOB OLIVER. .. R. L. DOSS .... E. C. OHTES ..... Fil RFIYIEY . . . . J. m. DIEB ...... PETE COHITTOS .... TOTTT DHRROUJ . . T. E. SETTTBERFT . . Hsst. Sports Editor ...Ftrt Editor Junior Editor Junior Editor Junior Editor Sports Editor . Reporter . Reporter . . Reporter Reporter .Reporter J. S. CRITZ .... .. LUELDOTT FII'1DERSOI"I LEUJIS CHEVFIILLIER C, ITT. LUILHITISOIT G. D. HHDE .. FOSTER UJISE. . . J. UJ. PUCHETT ... JFITTTES P. HFIRRIS.. E. B. SHLE . .. B. C. HDETSFIR. . G.l.U.FULTOf'1.. UJ. H. STTTITH ... T. F. COOH. .. J. C. DIETZ .. C. LU. UJHLHER Hsst Hsst Ftsst Hsst . . . .Reporter . . .Reporter . . .Reporter .. . .Reporter . . . .Reporter .. . .Reporter . . . .Reporter . ...Reporter Hdvertising manager Rdvertising manager . Hdvertising manager Ftdvertising manager Circulation manager Circulation manager E. V. P. G R. P. B. P. E. D H. P P. FI J.IN Boch Row: Botord Second Row: Harris, l,Uestermcin, Beville, mondell, Vorner, I-Iomner Front Row: Hston, ECI-zert, Viemo J tc Bond, Culbertson, ButIer, Potts, C I2 SCIENTIFIC BEVIEIU STNFF Eneinssmncs srnff noaicuuuam srnff Bono .....,.,...,..,............... Editor n. D. Jusrice. .... .. .........,..,.... Editor COHIHOS- -4A- ---- G enero! Editor L. D. vismnn .... .nssisfcm Editor ECHERT ........ ..... H ssociote Editor INNNDELL ...,.......,....,, Hssociote Editor BUSINESS STNFF . BUTLER. ..... .... ...,,.. B u siness manager QSIOIFI .,.. . ,........... Fissistont ..... ....,.... H ssistqnt BEI-IBITIFIN ..... ...... H ssistcrnt N. D. JUSTICE SNITI I-IFIRBIS ,...... IN. FI. LUESTERINFIN. E. J. BOTFIBD ....., F. IN. POTTS.....,.. UJ. O. CULBERTSON .. .. .... D. B. VNBNER, '40 C. H. I-ININNEB '40 Fissociote Editor Hssociote Editor Hssociote Editor Hssociote Editor Hssocicite Editor E. V. BOND XXX Q O ,, r ! i i l u i qi r i i 4 ' 5 l it if 1: . 1 X2 CLC? X-A-,f BTI Tony Gives The School Some Publicity Fl. 81 fTi.f1EtUS SERVICE Because of the fact that Hggieland is not located near any large city, it seems that the outside world would lznow little ol the campus activities. But, despite this tact, H. 8: m. is probably better lznown to the people of the state than any ol the other major colleges and universities ol the South. This is all brought about by the H. 8: m. news Service under the direction ot Colonel llze Hshburn. Until this year the Service had been under the direction ol mr. Curtis Vinson, but with his departure, Colonel Hshburn has talzen charge with the promise of bigger and better publicity For the college. Colonel Hshburn has a very efficient assistant in mr. Thomas Hetterson who handles all ol the publicity on athletic contests in which the Hggies participate. The Service is in effect a clearing house for news items and special articles on college activities. lts principal duty is to inlorm the outside world ot the happenings, and points ol interest talzing place on the campus. ln addition to the regular duties ot the department, it is called upon often to act as college host and to conduct first visitors around the college on request. The H. 84 m. news Service has rendered the college invaluable service and too much tribute cannot be paid Colonel Hshburn and mr. Hetterson for their eltorts. COL. IHE HSHBURFI CED lllhere Exes are Fllways welcome THE TEXFIS HGGIE Graduation from Texas H. 81 m. does not mean that a man must discontinue his relations with the col- lege, for he can lzeep an active interest in the school through the Texas Hggie. The Texas Flggie is the official publication of the Hssociation of Former Students, and it is published twenty times a year under the careful supervision of mr. E. E. fTlcQuillen, who himself graduated with the Class of YO. The aim of this newspaper is to maintain the contact between the former students of the college and the H. 8: m. College of today. It is really a one-man newspaper, the editor writes all the copy for the paper and arranges for the printing. Letters coming in from former students are printed for the benefit of friends desiring to correspond with their old classmates. Standing behind the Texas Hggie in every way is the Flssociation of Former Students. Officers of the Hlumni Hssociation for the current year include: mr. F. D. Perlains, '97, iTlcl'iinney, president, mr. C. L. Babcoclz, '18, Beaumont, vice-president, mr. E. E. mcQuillen, '20, College Station, secretary, and mr. L. B. Loclze, '18, College Station, assistant secretary. mr. E. E. fTicQUILLEl'i Y V TW CK 1 w gl X-3, AAA O ,1L !l.l o li li l il ,Q il ,E il lil W il ll gif iii The "Bot" Comes OH The Press Fl. 84 fT1. PRESS The H. 8: m. Press hos been most successful in its efforts to give H. 8x m. College both economy ond service. Under the corelul supervision of mr. C. S. Hoyle, Director, the H. 8: m. Press hos goined o pos: tion probobly without o superior in ony Southern institution. The Press prints the Doily Bulletin ot no cost to the college, ond it employs twelve students ot port time worl2 to hondle the lorge quontity of worlz that it turns out. Besides the Doily Bulletin, the Fi 8a m Press olso prints the Bottolion, the Scientific Review, the Texos Hggie, the Extension Service Form news the Forestry news, ond vorious other speciols such os footboll progroms ond student directories For the greot progress that the H. 8: m. Press hos mode, mr. Hoyle ond his most efficient stoif ore to be highly complimented. Hdditionol modern mochinery is constontly being instolled to core for the ever increosing scope of octivity. mr. C. S. HOYLE ,-.... ..-.5 e. XX4. g-- HQ. TWT' .X X . r xx XY ' ' i CAMPUS Yi iw l rl -P is ,S l SENIOR LIVESTOCH JUDGITIG TEI-Wm ln 1937, the Senior l.ivestocl2 Judging Teom competed in two of the mojor livestoclz judging contests held in the country. ln Honsos City, missouri, ot the Hmericon Royol l.ivestoclQ Show, held in October of eoch yeor, the teom wos one of Fourteen entered, ond ronleed Fifth. Loter, in november, ot Chicogo, during the lnternotionol Livestoclz Exposition, the teom wos in competition with twenty-lour other ogri- culturol college teoms, one of which wos from Ontorio, Conodo. This contest did not hold so much good fortune lor the boys, os they ronlzed fourteenth. However, the success ond lznowledge goined connot be meosured by contest ronlz, but from the octuol reosoning obility, self-confidence, ond expressiveness ottoined through long hours of proctice, ond from the broodening of knowledge ond outloolz derived from the trips to ond from the contests. These trips toolz three weelzs ol the students' time during the Foll term, one weelz to ottend the Honsos City Show ond two weelzs to go to Chicogo. The teom membership consists ol: UJ. C. Hslzew, Coolidge, Texos Fl. l'l. mcfutcheon, Ft. Dovis, Texos H. P. Boiley, Bollinger, Texos G. H. l'lorper, Gotesville, Texos G. V. Brodley, Dublin, Texos Louis nogy, Cotullo, Texos rl. SCl"lUQSSl2f, Cooch It should be stoted here thot the members unonimously give full credit to their cooch, mr. rl. G. Schuess- ler, in his second yeor of intercollegiote cooching, for ony success they moy hove ochieved ond forthe inestimoble volue this worlz will undoubtedly be to them in the yeors to come. H greot debt of grotitude is olso due the Soddle ond Sirloin Club, porticulorly its Junior members For the Finonciol help given os o result of their worlz on the rodeo. Rl POULTRY JUDGITTG TEHTTT During a period ol ten days the Texas 9. 84 TTT. Poultry Judging Team traveled a total ol 3000 miles sight-seeing, investigating, and inspecting leading poultry breeding farms, hatcheries, meat paclaing plants, and state agricultural colleges, in seven states. The Poultry Judging Team, coached by Professor UJ. F. munnerlyn, and composed of E. R. Carter, Stephenville, C. UJ. Carter, Hbilene, LU. J. moore, mt. Vernon, and 0. B. Schwertner, Schwertner, Texas, won filth place in the midwest Poultry Judging contest held in Chicago, late in november. CUJ. Carter, placing third in the contest, was the Flggies' high individual scorer. The contest was made up of three separate divisions, Exhibition, Production and fnarlzet Products Each division included Five classes. The team expresses its appreciation to the Junior members of the Poultry and Egg Club for their co operation in helping provide for the trip. ts' Mil O , l'lFlTIOl'lFlL DHIRY JUDGITTG TEHITI The Texas H. 8a m. Dairy Cattle Judging Team won first place at the national Dairy Show in Colum- bus, Chic this year. mr. C. l.. Burlingham, manager of the national Dairy Show said that this year's team made the best record of any college judging team in twenty-five years. The winning of this national recognition has climaxed the success of all judging teams coached by 9. l.. Darnell in the past15 years. This team won the highest distinction that a dairy judging team aims at-winning the judging contest at the "national" These boys and Coach Darnell also did their share in upholding the prestige ot Texas H81 m. by win- ning second place at the Southwestern Exposition in Fort worth last spring. The team expresses its appreciation to all members of the Hream 8: How Hlub and the Dairy Depart- ment who had a part in boosting the team, and in raising funds to send the team on its successful trip. The members of the team are: Joe lil. Bradley, Dublin, Texas l'lael C. Fry, Dublin, Texas Tflarris S. Jones, Dublin, Texas Clyde H. l.Uells, Stephenville, Texas CUDEETQEIEUCEDIRTN DFIIRY PRODUCTS JUDGITTG TEHfTl During the past year H. and TTT. put out its first Dairy Products Judging Team. Due to the tact that the team was not organized until late in the year, it did not enter but one meet-the Fort worth Fat Stoclz Show Exposition-in which it placed fourth. Due to the late start the team was poorly organized, but with a year's experience behind it, great things are expected of next year's team. Enough credit cannot be given to H. V. moore, who in his First year at Fl. and TTT. College toolz an inexperiened group of boys and trained them into a creditable team. This is the first collegiate team that mr. moore has ever coached, and the team sincerely hopes that he will attain great success in his future undertalzings. The team was composed ol E. J. Gunn, of Daingerfield, Roland S.Torn, Taylor, lllade UJ. Hodges, Dublin, and R. Fl. Scott, Olney. The team did as well as could be expected under the circumstances and much praise is due it for its excellent worlz. N S o o K, K. .JS H Iii fs? Q9 Q7 . IFITERVIHTIOFIFIL CROPS JUDGIDG TEHITI The Texas H. 81 m. Crops Judging Team, coached by Professor R. C. Potts, participated in two in- tercollegiate contests. The First contest was held at Hansas City on november 20th, and the team-made up of J. LU. Collier, R. S. Elliott, and LU. H. Gwin-won seventh place. The contest was divided into three parts: identification of 180 crops, diseases, and weeds in the United States, commercial grading of grain, cotton, and hay, and the commercial judging of corn, wheat, barley, oats, and small seeds. Collier won Fifth place with a score of 597.6 out of possible 600 in identification and Gwin won first place with a perfect score in commercial grading oi cotton. Fit Chicago, the team composed ol Collier, Elliott, and P. m. mebane, placed eighth in the contest where eleven teams competed. Collier placed eighth in individual placements. The team placed third in judging, eighth in commercial grading, and eighth in identification. Hfter travelling over 3000 miles, visiting such colleges and universities as Oklahoma Fi. 8: fn., Uni- versity of missouri, and University of illinois, the members of the team leel confident that the trip has been an outstanding event of their school career. UU ER ii? l s- -,f,, THE DEBHTE CLUB LU. LU. DOLUTTER. . . ., . .A.. President R. L. DOSS. . . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Through a season ol intensive forensic activity has gone the H. and TTT. Debate Club. Little publi- cized, the members of the club, selected because of spealzing ability and interest in argumentation, made good showings for the College in several tournaments and individual contests. The tournament season was climaxed by the University of Texas tournament, where the two H. and TTT. teams entered, composed of mayo Thompson and R. L. Doss, and UJ. lil. Downer and R. B. Glasgow, were ranlzed second as aFFirma- tive and negative teams. Later in the year the Hggies devoted their time to debates with Southern and Southwestern colleges in individual style rather than tournament fashion. Fi compilation of results ofthe Flggies' debates this year is impossible because of the fact that most of the contests have been of the no-decision type. Colleges and universities debated included the University of Texas, Baylor University, Southern methodist University, Texas Christian University, Emory University ol Georgia, Louisiana State University, Centenary College, Sam Houston State Teachers College, San marcos State Teachers College, Trinity University, mcmurray College, and many others. most of the debates were held away from College Station, although several were staged here late in the season. The teams were coached by Professors C. O. Spriggs and R. TTT. Uleaver of the public spealaing divi- sion of the Department of English. Dr. George Summey, Jr., head of the English Department, is faculty sponsor. AX S . O Amr' ann. THE RGGIELRHD ORCHESTRR Every cadet on the campus is proud of the famous Hggieland Swing Band, but the fame oi their orchestra is not limited by any means to the college campus. lndeed, Russ Hillier and his band are lznown all over the state. The orchestra is in great demand For all Hggie dances and it frequently plays for dances in towns and cities all over the state. For the past three years the orchestra has been under the supervision of Russ Hillier, and Russ's famous congenial and friendly attitude is a very attractive feature of the band. when the holidays come, the Hggieland orchestra is always boolzed for every night, and any home-town club is luclzy to have it play for its dance. This great band adds a distinctive touch to any Hggie dance, and it is truly typical of that great Flggie fun-loving spirit. RGGIELRRD ORCHESTRR ROSTER RUSS I-IILLIER, Leader GERRLD ELDER CHHRLES BERRY BILL BLFIHEVTIORE JRCH LITTLEJOI-IN JOE GERFTIRRY GEORGE YRYTIIDI SORRY PEVIDERY TOfT1 LITTLEJOI-In I-IERRY BRUSHRUSEU ITIURRRY EVRRS UJILBUR HUEHRE CHET UJI-IITE RL SCI-ILRFLI UA N Ei-UCUDLRRT E PRESS CLUB C. LU. LUHLHER ..... .......... .......A.... ........ .......... P r e s ident GRFH-iHfTi VHUGHFID ..... .,..... V ice-President Fi. G. BECHmHnn , , , . . ............ ..... S ecretory-Treasurer Battalion Longhorn Scientific Review Fif1DERSOI'1,LU. HR HRNHSTEHDI LU. wi HESOD, E. P. HsTon, H. P. comnos, P. BFlRTOl'1,lU. D. BEHRff1Hl'i,J.m. CHEVHILLIER L. COOK THF. ' BEcHmHnn,n.G. BEVILLE, P. P. CRELUSIL-V c nnln Ham H B HD E CRlTZ,J.S. U G 'G' ' O ' 'V' DHPPOLU, T. DUHE, H. T. BOTHRD, E. J. DIED J. m. DIET? LC, GOODsTETn,H.L BUTLER, E. D. D059 R- L- TTLIEB S H C HIHOS P G FULTOl'1,G. Lu. G0 ' ' ' O ' ' ' Hanna, P. HOVELL, B. B. CULBERTSOV1, Lu. O HHRRIS J. P. Ham G. D, Jncuson, J. P. ECHERT,R. P. HUETSHH B- C- JonEs, n. D. Hnmnsa, C. H. LEvlnE,s. ui. OLIVER, D. HECH, E. T., JP. HHPPTS, s. E. Eg,g'2E,TTg,f LHnfoPD, D. L. JUSTICE, P. D. SHLEI E- B- LOVELESS, S. L. TTTHTTDELL, B. P. SETTTBEPP, T. E. smlTH, w. H. mCcuTcHEon, Pa. POTTS, F. m. EJQEEEQ' PHTPTCH, 0. L. vHPnEP, D. B. UJHWEI R- E- Roainson, J. m. vmmnn, L. D. UJILHIDSOH, C. rn. Lulss, F. TORF1,R.S. lUESTERfTlF1I'1,fT1. H UFZEXEQS 2-YL. O '93 'EY H. 84 m. GLEE CLUB J. UJ. STHRR ,..AA . ...... President R. G. CHFREROD .,... .. .... Vice-President E. E. HENDRIX. .. ... ... .. .. .Secretory H. m. CURTS ..., . .. .. .Business manager LU. H. ITIFICEILL.. ... .. ....Librarian J. J. UJOOLHET.. ... . ....Director JHCH RUDY.. .. ....Pianist BLHCH, G. L. CURTS, H. fT1. HDFIPP, F. m. RUST, J. C BOLDIDG, H. P. ELROD, H. E. LHDGSTOD, J. B. SCHOTT, E E BOTT, Fl. HFIRRIS, E. LU. FTIHCEILL, LU. H. STHDFORD R LU CHFTWEROD, R. G. HFJLUHIDS, LU. LU. DEUBERT, S. T. STHRR, J. LU CHRTER, J. D. HENDRIX, E. E. PHEHIX, B. C. LUEHTHERBEE UA N LHICLJD TEXNS N. 8a TN. POLO FISSOCINTION JOHN BRYNN ..... D. LU. HICHS ..... HNRRY BRYNNT .,.... NSF! JONES A,,,.. TED GREGORY .......,. .......President . . . .Vice-President Business manager , .... Hsst. Business manager . . . . .Publicity manager CNPTNIN TOVN ROBERTS .... . ,,......,........ Coach NHIN, B. F. JONES, G. N. BENNETT, F. E. JORDNN, UJ. BROl.UN, E. S. LIVELY, T. BRYFIN, JOHN fNcDONNLD, S. BRYNNT, J. H. NELUBY, H. L. CULBERTSON, R. R. PURCELL, G. B. FNSHEN, R. N. ITT. RUTNN, R. LU. GREGORY, C. E. SFNOTHERS, D. HFIINES, P. G. TNYLOR, G. C. HNYS, J. P. TONHIN, R. G. HICHS, D. lJJ. UJNDDELL, T. C TITTBEXSRX S AX. MT.. l .,......Presiclent l l Hudish, Bell, Boyd, J. m., Boyd, LU. O., Brcmsom, Britt Church, Clorla, Cloudt, Costcn, Dittmon, Harris Hogan, Jones, mcynord, mills, Elesrstca "T" CLUB V O F F l C E R S E--l R. D. VITEH .... ....,......... I-I. H. STORRWS ,.... O. ROGERS ...... A L, 1 LQ X' BUDISH, BILL BELL, LU. m. BOYD, J. m. , BOYD, Lu. CJ., JB. gl, 3 BRHFISOYTI, GECJBCS Ljj. BRITT, B. B. CHL1BCH,uJ. E. CLBBH, E. C. CLOUDT, F. 0. V COSTCJB, F. m. Cummmcss, L. L. ff DE LURRE, C. B., JR. DITTYTIHN, HENRY FREIBERGER, L. D. HHRRIS, V. B. JONES, V. B. E E., JR. .. . . .Vice-President Secretory-Treasurer UA N' ERI IST R , Routt, Schroeder, Shields, Sh Ez y s ith, Storms, Strother, Todd, T LU II LU lson, LlJhiQe, Young, P. R., Yo g R y ITIFIYNNRD, C. F. TNILLS, J. H. fT1INNOCR,UJ. N. NESRSTN, J. O. PRICE, C. llJ. ROBERT, UJ. L. ROGERS, OUJENS ROUTT, J. E. RUSHING, ELI SCHROEDER, BRUNO SHIELDS, ITT. N. SHOCHEY, J. C. SIHES, L. B. T. STNITH, H. E. STORTTTS, H. H. STROTHER, C. P. TODD, DICI-4 S. TURNER, J. G. VITEH, R. D. llJELCH, H. C. UJHITE, JOE R. LUILLIRTNS, R. J. UJILSON, H. C. YOUNG, PNUL N. YOUNG, ROY A.. Ml T - B1 my I +A 1 P 0 X , Q , f htl- 5 lx XA afar 1. 'fax 1 :5 X , K ' ': f ' T, d Q 'x ,B fl 5 if . f .R S ' 43:2 I I 3. 1 . ., . ' a I I - 1 Q: .ggi X S' p - , . t 17 1 6' B A" ' B .- ' V no EN, V- !', Q Q if In X 2,61 iv Vs., l axx Mis . as .I W 0 1' J, W0 X 1- ni . ' L .., ?. .. f ,Ji F, ,. .R . - ' '. A-J T .- T. L' S 5 t rf ' 'I if 's .I T. 4 ' L' X 14 4 9, P' ZW x T' X T X if X S: ' as .qw 1 . 4 A moore, Sticbney, moses, Heiser, Flnderson, Hrneson, Beinhorn, Boettcher, Boyd B IIB sd By CFICIIQCEC b Do rczcewe , urni 2, num, on i , or , oo , row, Di rell, dson Fluche, Flake, Foster, Gaddis, Gates, Hable, Hall, Holsell, Haynes ROSS VCLUDTEERS J. I. HERCHEVILLE ....,. .,.. ....., C Q ptain R. S. BYnUm ...... ....,. S econd-in-Command P. C. SHPP . . . .. . . . . .Second Lieutenonts L. D. VIEFTIFHN s H. H. HHLSELL' ' ..... Line Sergeonts F.fT1.POTTS 5 LIEUT. COL. G. F. ITWOORE YTTFIJOR L. S. STICHFIEY E. P. RRRESQR ..... ..,.. s wefmy-Tfe.-Bum CRPT. E. P. HEISER ' "Sponsors C. R. OLIVER .... ...... F im Sergeant CHPT. FTIFIRTIU FTIOSES seniors Bynum. R. S. DIBRELL, C. F. RRRESOR, E. P. CLRRR, n R. Dobson, f. Lu. BEIHHORN, Lu. R. cRoLu, L. m. FOSTER, C. B. BOETTCHER, R. B. cooR. T. P. GHTES, L. C. BOYD, HNIGHT BRT-TL. m. G. HRBLE, P. R. BRRCELUELL, 1. s. DEmPwoLf. E. n HRLL, VRLTOTT N IHI IPR RT T135 T T 6 S 5 . . 9 S s A 'X F. i F Q.. '- I N5 V L I 'N P Ex.. m., X . r,.f"'l"' Ranks ,X IV, ni xr' "QQ 'rx ' Sf' . . . W ' .. '. ' "4 . ' l---. . 5" L ' I ' .5 I, ' Yi . i WI. L- I I ' . ' -- 'ei I SQ-.I v- . I .. . .5 . ' ..,, Q ' ,. f I' jx sf" 5' RX , my .C 'A . TI" ' 4 I I I I ' PM I JN I vii? 1 -- - If 'T 1 5 2 , Pr' , , 55" H. 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O O 1. 1:-f",f , :: ,, L ,,. , A . . , . , , .., ,, , i . , I f W ii .ff W gf Y Q 5' v it Ji k X - i,. . ,'f . ,.,, V . li' NC, its T ,us Q.-.1 X " ' T 'X i ft fa. V wc .. V .t , ,Q We ...fa-Y, .L -'-449'-. f-3253 T , T --1 . A X N ' N' -' w- . V ' ' , 'K 3532: f' 'U' X. 4' " I eq J . . E T 4 SI . E. , 1 . f J K . ff ,, I K A' 3, C, S X Ji? ,Af -4' - - Fl- - f ' ' R 1- -H 'Q 1 V T' ag us ' '- ,. . . ' " 4, , itbb X L ,f ,5 rv 'I , V r x ,..- .Q .,, .--W, nu. , . t , ' r - ' ' ::s:SQf: X .E H b . . . x , , in -C 'nl 1' "Y ' lm. . I,-A qv 'TY ,is 5,114 GL my C ' . H 'Tb . ,I s im: -4SN'l' 'ta' J 'fs ' H A A 1 L J . . T . T J J 11 .. ' + + J i A J '1 ' is L L.. it X in -:cg ,Ab-Q . - 4.," 1 f + ' 2: - 1. T . . . . L-so f i i t V' -L ', V . . " ' .2 T . ' A ' ff 8 , .. 1 . . R e . 1 Iv is QKQ, A -, . ... ,Y 'E155Z5:E.,:3 A"' 1 Mk .,,' C A R , Q lu: ,.,. - , W rt , 6 Q, N -V'!," I, ,Z U - Ji, Q J ' ' . . ' 5 ' " 4... fr: 1 l A I 1 .,1x 47 , ,',A V I V V S 2 ft .A A. . M.- Bi L is Ji Potts, Reading, Reagan, Reed, Roberts, Robinson, Sapp, Schoenield, Simmon Smith, l.. TT., Smith, UJ. H., Staples, Stcirh, Staudt, Story, Strother, Termin, Thomas Thrift, Utterback, Vieman, UJalher, Ulebber, LUhite, LUise, wood, Yates HRVRSTROTTG, C. E. HETTTTERLY, C. F. REED, F. J. BECHITIFIRH, Fi. G. HILLQUQH, D, Q, ROBINSON, R. R. BLHCH, Lu. H. Hmppl H' H, ROBERTS, J. R. BURTTSIDE, Tl. D. mmUSHI F' J' SIFRTTIOD, B. CRTTFIL, L. LU. STTTITH, LU. H. TTTCCFITTTISH, J. Tl. FLHCHE, T. T. STHPLES, C5. LU. TTTCILHERHTT, R. C. FLFTHE, H. J. STORY, J. R. TTHUGHTOTT, J. B. GHDDIS, L. L. THRIFT, D. B. CEREIG, H. J. OLIVER' C' R' UTTERBFTCH, Fi. P. HHLSELL, H. H. PHGE' G' C' wEBBER, J. C. HHvnEs, F. P. POTTER W- JU- Luisa, Lu. F. HULSEY, B. B. POTTS, F. TTT. LUISETTBHHER, G. G. HHRCHER, Fi. H. REFICSFTFI, E. H. YHTES, JFTCH N TBI N is ,w FELLOWSHIP f 2 ink X 'NW I I R2 W , l ..::::,',,. ::.. I ' ww X 1 J J , -it L Il A1 Y. fTi. C. Fl. COUNCIL The educational and religious activities of a college student go hand in hand. The Young men's Christian Hssociation has for its purpose the broadening of the religious life of students and the supple- menting of the educational program of the school. Hmong the religious activities, conferences are held, spealzers of national reputation give lectures, and devotional programs are planned and given throughout the year. Hll these bring about a greater appreciation of the students' worla and a better understanding of fellowship. Picture shows, bowling alleys, billiard tables, and various other small games are offered by the Y. m. C. H. for the students' recreation and exercise. The Cosmopolitan Club is approved by the Council, and through it an endeavor is made to bring about a better international feeling among the students. Opportunities are offered for students to learn the etiquette of formal and informal affairs, and many boolzzs and newspapers are distributed for the students to read. The Council is constantly ready and willing to be of useful service that might help the students in any way. vb I .Sh I' . Y.fT'I.C.Fi. CHBIFIET RICHHRD L. POlUELL. .. ....,, President DHVID B. THRlFT .,.... .... V ice-President SEllCHl SHHHTTTOTO ,,., ...... S ecretary R, CLINTON BECH AA.. ..., T reasurer Under the able leadership of m. l.. Cashion and his staff-J. G. Gay, ,leii Horn and D. H. laclzson-the Senior Y. m. C. Fi. Cabinet during the past year has won much recognition over the campuses oi H. 8: iTl. and other colleges and universities because it has worlzed with the purpose oi elevating the social, moral, and spiritual standards oi all students, regardless of the college standing, race, or religion. This year men were sent to Hollister Summer Camp in missouri, to the nation Fissembly in Ohio, to the Blue Ridge Conference in north Carolina. Filso representatives were sent to the Y. m. C. H. and Y. lil. C. H. conferences at Fiustin, Huntsville, Houston, and Prairie View. Some of the prominent worlz was organizing the Freshman Cabinet, the Freshman Discussion Groups, the Sophomore Fellowship Group, the Sophomore Discussion Groups, the Junior and Senior Discussion Groups, and the Cosmopolitan and international Club. nDnms, B. m. ruLTon, G. ui. JOHNSTON, c. Fi. ossorzn, m. L. rHoBnron, m. i HLDRICH, E. ui. GOODSTEII1, B. L Jusrice, B. D. PHTRICH, O. L. THRIFT, D. B- BECH, B. c. Hnorin, E. E. Hissinosn, G. H. PEFWCB 1 R- TO5CHf R' L' Bracumnnn, H. G. HHLL, vnuon LHDGDOFI, ui. H. POOL' F' m- TR'mBLEf 9' R' BLHHEmoBE, Lu. s. HHRGROVE, B. D. LOVELESS, s. L. Eglgglifg' so gi BooHmf1in,B. ui HFIRRIS, s. E, Lowoon, J. ca. S9HHm6TOl SEHCH, UJEHNERI B' T' BURCH, G. B., JB. HERDER,HEI'1RY mBnDi2LL, B. P. SHPPI P. C. wEnDLERl C' C' BUTLER, J. H. HELuson, J. E. mCLEBov, J. o. SLImP! C. H. UJESTI R, pl COLGID, c. H. Hlf1GLE,H. T. monmss, J. c. Smmgl G, P, UJITCHELLI Q, 5, DFIVIS, ui. B. HovELL, B. B. nEELv, Pnics gmmt, J, ui, UJHITE, v. c. fours, J. r. JOHNSTON, H. D. noBDHBus, HLEX srnuwia, B. m. UJBBY, Bsswicii O O K, F if :I ff Q xx' I Q an FTDFTTTTS, R. R. HDRTTTS, G. T. FTLEXRTTDER, R. lU. RTTTLJTTDSETT, E. G. BRILEY, JRCH BFIRROIU, G. L. BRRTH, IU. C. BEFITTTHTT, B. C. BELL, C. BEITTICH, G. BLFTTTHETTSHIP, R. S. BOLT, R. R. BOLTOTT, P. TTT. BOTTETTI, I. T. BULLHRD, R. L. BYRTTES, J. S. CHITT, J. H. CRRDIUELL, H. CHRSOTT, J. L. CHFTPTOTT, J. E. CIHLRR, J. E. CLFTRHSOTT, LU. TTT. COOPER, S. H. CORTTELL, LU. C. CORTTS, R. T. COTTOTT, R. D. COLURRD, R. R. DFTTTVER, LU. E. EIA N FRESHTTTRTT Y. TTT. C. FT. CFIBI ERHITT, LU. ELIUELL, TT. IU. EVERETT, L. B. EZELL, H. FIELDS, IJJ., JR. FLOYD, J. GRLLFIGHER, J. GHTTTERT, R. L. GHRDTTER, J. S. GRRSSHOFF, L. FI. GREY, R. B. GRIFFITH, R. HRITTES, P. G. HHRRIS, J. P. HFILUHITTS, LU. LU. HEITSEL, F. LU. HERZITTG, E. H. HORTTSBY, R. HOUSTOTT, I. T. HUBBFTRD, R. HUGHES, R. E. HUTCHITTS, B. S. JOHTTSTOTT, FI. D. JORDHTT, G. L. HEESE, C. J. HEETOTT, E. R. RITTTBRLL, S. C. HISSITTGER, R. T. HREZDORTT, FT. H LFIITE, J. LFT PRELLE, F. B. LFTLUSOTT, V. R. LE LFIURITT, S. F. LEVITTE, P. IU. LILLY, C. LIVELY, T. TTTFTGEE, J. G. TTTHTTDELL, B. P. TTTFTTTHELUS, LU. E. TTTCDRTTIEL, C. H. TTTCELLURRTH, D. TTTCITTTYRE, R. J. TTTCTTRTT, T. V. TTTICHHLH, G. H. TTTORGFTTT, C. O. TTTUELLER, C. P. TTTUSHFTLURY, G. TTICE, F. FI. TTISBET, R. E. TTOTOTT, J. T. OLUETT, TTT. B. PHRHER, B. PHRHER, R. PHSCHHL, lU. H. PRICE, TTT. IU. RICHEY, T. B. . TTET IIIICIDEIB -. 1 ,. ' 231. RICHTTTOTTD, F. ROBERTS, B. H. RODRORD, J. L. ROGERS, FI. IU. ROTTTITTGER, J. C. RUBETTSTEITT, D. H. SRTTTTTTOTT, R. J. SHIELS, E. S. SILVEY, LU. F. SITTTTTTS, S. P. SLRTER, J. STTTITH, G. P. STTYDER, TT. H. STRCH, P. J. STFTTTFORD, LU. J. STORY, D. STUCHE, H. VFTTTSTOTT, R. C. VIRGIL, IU. E. LURLI-IER, H. H. LUFTLHER, L. LUFTRTTER, J. TTT. LUERVER, J. TTT. LUILLIFTTTTS, T. S. LUILSOTT, E. L. LUILSOTT, TTT. R. LUISE,J. B. UJOLF, J. B. N M THE l'lELUlTTFll'l CLUB fTlGl'lSlC5l'lORE J. B. CSLEISDER ...,. .,.... C haplcrin FHTHER TllTlOTl-lY J. VHLEFTTFI. .Flssistant Chaplain l'llCl-lOLFlS J. SCHFTEFER ................. President CHHRLES F. DOUGHERTY, JR ....... Vice-President JOE R. REHFTTET ............, ...... T reasurer H. LU. l'llJTnl:ll'll'l ..... ..,.. S ecretary The rlewman Club here, as at other Colleges and Universities throughout the nation, carries out a program ol religious discussions and social activity, which characterizes the Catholic group. The Catholic group is indeed fortunate in having its activities directed by monsignore Gleisner who has been Chaplain lor the Catholic boys here at Fl. and m. lor over thirty-Five years. monsignore Gleisner has seen "his boys" increase in number from six to over three hundred, which is the number at present. mass is held at 9:30 Rm. each Sunday and at 5:45 Rm. on l'loly Days ol Obligation and First Fridays ol each month. Evening services are held on Sundays and twice weelaly during Lent. The beautilul St. mary's Chapel which is located north of the campus was built by the Hnights ol Columbus some years ago and was remodeled by them two years ago. There are religous discussions held weelzly under the direction ol Father Valenta. The social program includes dances sponsored alternately by the lmlewman Club and their good friends the Children of mary ol Bryan. EXE 0 O N i T I l i l l l-' 'T' l"T' N V...- l-l V. Ri W4 lx, f-'fi l-.-.4 T1 x Y if COSFNOPOLITPIN-INTERNNTIONNL CLUB Club Committee: BUTLER, J., Chcuirmon DFIVIS, LU. R. NEELY, P. HNRRIS, S. FOUTS, J. F. GOODSTEIN, N. L. members: NNDERSON, REV. NORNSIFIN NSHTON, DR. and TNRS. JOHN BFINH, UJ. C. BENISON, V. BROUSSNRD, G. BUTLER, J. H. CNBNNISS, UJ. CNPOTE, O. R. CNSEY, FNR. J. F. CNRLIN, REV. CF1SHION,FNR.Qnd TNRS. FN. L. CHFTCON, P. J. CHFTDO, PEH CHI CHNNG, TFIH CHENG, TI HUFI EM RT CLF1RR,TNR. R. E. COOH, ITT. U. CURTS, R. TN. DFIRROUJ, F. S. DFTVIS, R. H. DFIVIS, UJ. R. DE LF1 TORRE, JOSE DI, FU YU DINZ-GNRNY, FN. R. EGFIN, ITTISS L. TN. ESTRFIDN, R. C. FISHFNNN, N. D. FOUTS, J. F. FRENCH, L. Pl. HUFFFTHER, J. GOODSTEIN, N. L. GRY, TNR. and TNRS. GORDON GREGORY, P. R. HNRRIS, SNFN HIRNNFTNDFINI, Fl. D. HORN, JEFF HOUJELL, FNRS. LU. S. HESSLER, R. HOBNYFISHI, TY LEVY, GEORGE LORENZO, J. R. EHIQD TTTNYO, DR. and TTTRS. T. F. fT1OGFORD,PROF. and FNRS. J. S NEELY, P. ONHS, FNRS. TNFIRY OSBORNE, C. E. OTFT, FN. PFIRHER, R. L. PLFTNFTDEBFTLL, F. S. OUIZENBERRY, DR. and FNRS.J.H ROTH, S. N. ROUNTREE, FNRS. LEE J. RUBINSTEIN, D. H. SFITNTNONS, FNRS. TNFIRGNRET SOSN, DFINIEL SFIN TTTIGUEL, R. R. SOVN, P. P. SUFNTNEY, DR. and TTTRS. GEO. SUGFIREFF, DR. and ITTRS. V. H. TOITTNRGO, E. TTI. TRITNBLE, N. R. URIBE, T. D. VNLLE, J. O. UJNDHLUFINI, L. H. LUNTNNNBE, HEN UJHITNEY, C. C. UJISENBFIHER. R. E. ETRTQT FIPPLEBY, FI. BIRFIBRUITI, J. BIRFIBFIUITI, J. S. BISTROlU, E. I. BORER, ITI. H. DOUGHERTY, F. B. FEIl"lSTEII'I, YI. FIRTIBERG, R. H. GIVETI, S. B. GOLFTIFIII, P. GCODSTEIII, R. HILLEL CLUB I L . I . P I Z! BEHLIY HLTITIHII. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .President FREDDY HHHH. .. . . .. . ,Vice-President HHRRY CGHIFI .. ... ......Treasurer HFIROLD ITIELITIFIII .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .Secretory GOTTLIEB, S. H. HFIUSITIHIW, H. L. HEIDEYIHEIITIER, LU. J. ISIS, P. S. JRCOBS, I. R. JORRIE, S. ITI. JOSEPH, S. RFIHFI, FI. S. HFIHII, F. ITI. HRPLHTI, ITI. LEXELS HRPLOUJITZ, S. R. LEVITIE, L. H. LEVIIIE, S. lU. LEVY, FI. LIPPITIFIII, L. J. ITIFITIILOFF, I. IT. ITIICHRELS, V. LU. ITIOSESFTIFIFI, FI. B. PIIICHIII, H. J. PRHGER, FI. J. RFIBIFIOLUITZ, D. REGEFIBOGEII, ITT. ROTH, S. FI. SHFIR, J. SILVERITIFIII, D. L. TOPLETZ, H. ITI. TORCHIII, FI. LU. VOGLEFTIHII, L. LUIZIG, B. ZELITIFIII, II. ZLOTVIICH, R. ITI. . . . ,wax .3- 'Jn PIX.. O K, L w u N w . Lil fifx CC, ,frm UA FI81fTILUTHERFlI'1 CLUB EPISCOPHL GRO .......,,President . . . . .Vice-President .Secretory-Treasurer E QDNCIEEUCUDUR uaeeume nr u 1 I 1 aa .anf..... eu I C 0' 1- va- mr. sxunay L. 19:5 Longnar For 2901, College Stat Dear Ltr. Lov may x take t auan a level FBXX' SBCCXOH As you probs ran flatter often the ca beauty ann e picture can' Hn BIEYFBHY. 0 There are so :ne eopnistl preference a tre stage or Llon whl':h rv- her face, th personality, somewhat of ln the f18sh. However, 1 n tne protogra S91BCf1 OTH E1 Ch Y-Za Ev A F lil fy a Do To those glr analn repeat all ae attra CHOXCB- BB fb S2-Nm sw :ft PICYURES. INC. WESY COAST STUDIOS EURBANK. CALIFORNIA February 12, was Loveless , Editor, n. lon, Texas. exeeae his otportunlty of eengratulatlng you upon havlng y a55re5at1on of g1r1e submltted for your vanlty , althcujr. lt makes my task the more difficult. ble know, pnotugrapne can ne very aeeeptlve--tney a subject, or, on the other hand, as is much more sa, a photograph doesn't an full Juatxee to the mann of the girl herself. And, unfortunately, a t even suggest personallty which ls so lntrlnslc I beauty. many types of beauty -- tXe pert, the glamorous, cated, the dsrrure, etc. Personally, I have no s to type, but, ln selecting a beautiful glrl for screen, there are many points too numerous to men- ust always be taker into eons1serac1on: her figure, e contours, forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, stance, etc. In selectlng fron photographs, one is at a dlsaavantage ln not being able to see the girls And, as I have said, personality ls so lmportant. ave trled to do my level best ln scrutinizing all pns you subvltted, and the followlnl ilrls Are my olse Hunt arlotte Drouet xlne Dcsk elyne hewman ls Arcularlus lzsbeth Farris ullce Searcy rcthy Vouse ls uno don't happen to te among :ne algnt, may 1 myself ani say that, wlthout exceptlan, they were ctlve and lovely that it was difficult to make any a ve y, I, say as EY .gl 1 4 .J !!l'J.f C XCIJL' VMI!!! M .78 ff . X U J LIYUIC S., C U .1 ffzillflal' X, CLITCII K 5 i S ii S fifty Cff6?4i!cfA Vlflarzfkx QW Nz ' 'x U L ALITICZZIL' 3, ACGIH' ,H ' IAA VCQIII IILVVIIHIII PCDPULHR SEUIORS DOYLE JUST OHT1 H. BOD 1 N HEY L. LOVEL ORGE R. BUR E S. BYU SENIOR FHVORITES Q W J! Q5 U A gernaazgi zefsenf lsolina Ratliff mariorie Chisholm Lillian Street Lillian Childress mary Emma Finger Lylith Catherine Stein Beatrice mae Codie Frances Collier lllilma miller Elizabeth Doss Louise Sion Geneva Bouorff Gladys Jeanne Smith Elizabeth Legge Rosemary Poll: Rosemary Surman P' .gr X532 5 r F . aw- " 'K' .fqr wr Y If AY . 1 i Q' 1,- Q: emoz C. aw rffefi 221 S vwfvr-K vm? MI af fav P :'2t7fd',, sg X x -P 1 1 I x-C lIlU'C 1 riV0'Cl1lfZfi Rubye Faye Jones Ellen watson Betty Hate Slaughter .lean Sansom Hnna Buckner margaret Uleaver Juanita Roebuclz Eleanor Prothro maxie Grace l,Uherry marie Hramer Hathryne Hosea Edith l.UaIdrup Catherine murphey Hdele Johnson Barbara Harrison Louise martin Freda Carter Evelyn Clark Letl-ma moe C onne r Jane mundoy martho French Virginia Stovall mary Lou Plcixco Lucille Harmon morgie l.Uel:-ber Jean Bodlzin Lucilu Fcrics Sidney Clorlz Dorothelee Hnighton Helen Carvey Fludrey Louise Jones Ruth Hdoms -if? b 'sf iL'lZLOT Cl civatlfcei Q 23 N A . f, rf- 1? f 11, ...xv , . ., 1, , , " 9143, .gy - If . 'i,, ,, nv' 43. E .P ' Fwy .T v X 3- xmv 55- I wlflvrfx .6 1: ,Wx S . vm 5 I N ,sqm 1 ,Q C -fClll0'Z g KIVOTI 6,5 margaret Schlzade norma Lou Breeden Pauline Davis Hortelle Goodwin Dollye Ruth neale Dora Newman Caren Crouch Hdele Criswell ,lean Tulloss Lucy Reagan Glenda V. Baker Lou Cretia morris Joy Ray Stella Jane Rounsaville nita Hinds Lois mae Gregg be CIZIUOT C, dV0"Cl.ZlCJ Z , k .1 Cllldi' 1 CiV0'CllltZJ Joyce Perhins Dorris Daniel Georgia Stephen Edith Sue Cool: Emily Finn Buclzley Edith Smith Jo Ruth Roberts Sarah Flnn Tolan Vivian Blair lTlrs. G. R. miller Ruth Jo Jennings Patsy Jackson Helen Schofield LUinilred Diamond Helen Haier mary Flnne Carter mary Beth l,Uiese Hndrea Groves Dorothy Edge mrs. J. J. miles Hay Francis l.Uoodrul'f Helen Robinson Jeanette Jobson Edna Earle Piclzelt mrs. T. H. Parker Htlee Hnn Brooks Billie Galaway Hitty l,Uade Cely Elizabeth lrene Bush Flnita Darst mary Storm Hathryn lllealfzley .-. CIIIOT Flin' H V0'Cl iff! mrs. J. E. Thomas Betty Young mrs. Hrthur H. Courtade Franlzie Clearman Hazel meador mary Dee miller mcrrtha Burow Betty Parton margaret Dupree mrs. C. F. Yust mrs. lil. J. Berg Ruth marie Fischer merle Elkins Grace Flnders Geraldine Dyson Thelma means MILITARY mir? HP 551 ,. 211:25 , K4 v 1 " , f. ., , K -1,1 ,, 1 y 1 , 332 'Q 4, 3, P!! LIEUTEI'lFlI'1T COLONEL G. F. TTTOORE The Cadet Corps is fortunate in having as head ol the Department ol military Science and Tactics Lieutenant Colonel George F. moore, a graduate ol this College. Colonel moore is assisted by seventeen specially selected regular army officers who have the respect ol every cadet. l 1 liif . ' . Q. m X-. 4 J-LQ 4' -..u .3 i it THE VTTILITHRY D ie-rf EPFIRTFTTEHT LIEUT. COLONEL G. F. mOORE ..... Coast Hrtillery Corps Professor ol military Scien Lieut. Colonel O. E. Beezley . . major J. G. Drinlzwater.. .. . major F. V. m. Dyer .... mqjof R. E. i-mi... . major major major major major Captain C. UJ. R. lrwin. Raymond on. J. ui. Rice. .. L, s. siacimy. . F. H. warm. F. Burbach.. . Captain P. H. Enslow ...... Captain L. R. Garrison Captain B. P. Heiser. .. . Captain F. H Hollingshead Captain D. T. Johnson ...... Captain martin moses. Captain T. D. Roberts .... cc and Tactics ..... Field Hrtillery . ...Corps of Engineers ,.............lnlantry . .Coast Flrtillery Corps . . . . Cavalry ........lnfantry Chemical l.Uarlare Service .....Signal Corps .... ..lnfantry ,. .Field Hrtillery . .Field Flrtillery . . . .Field lqrtillery ...... Field Flrtillery . . . .Coast Hrtillery Corps ...Corps of Engineers ,...,,...lnlantry ....Cavalry ...QLD ii .N l l l i .r il T li l i li L. Ii ri C CORPS STFIFF COLONEL H D JUSTICE C C d we , M UACKDNCEEUCUDIRN' CORPS STHFF v LT. COLONEL E. D. COULSOFI Executive ITIHJOR P. R. HFIBLE Hdjutant YTIFUOR fl. D. JONES Plans and Training Officer CHPTHIFI L. C. HHRRIS Intelligence Officer CHPTHIU J. E. THOfT1FlS Supply Officer D. B. THRIFT Sergeant major B. P. mFlnDELL Supply Sergeant BHTTD STHFF TTTHJOR T. H. TTTURRHI-I Commanding Officer CFTPTHITT J. S. BRHCELUELL 2nd-in-Command and Drum major CFTPTFIITT rl. F. CHHTTTBERLHITT Supply Officer Standing: SGT. TTTFUOR B. T. LUEHTTER Seated: SUPPLY SGT. G. Fl. BROCK SUPPLY SGT. LU. H. DUCHLUORTH LT. COL. R. J. DUTTTT Band master P. C. DHVIS Captain Captains Clary, J. C. Chamberlain, rl. Davis, P. C. 1st Lieutenants Hitman, B. Beinhorn, LU. Fl. Bone, J. H. Burch, G. R. Coquet, L. H. Hlossner, R. O. F. BRITD major ' Second-in-Command master Sergeant T. 9. FTTURRFTH J. S. BRFICELUELL B. T. LUEHDER manning, C. R. Balmer, T. FT. Greenhalgh, R. R. Chappel, R. J. Patterson, TT. H. Burch, C. H. Hillingsworth, E. L. Clarlz, J. F. Patton, C. E., Jr. Butler, LLJ. J. Littleiohn, T. m. Closner, G. LU. Pearce, R. B. Cullers, E. UJ. Lomax, E. B. Coffman, D. H. Peavy, H. L. Dinsmore, J. mcGee, L. C. Collins, LU. FT. Smith, L. FT. Elliot, F. B. miller, J. L. Collingsworth, J. Smith, R. E. LUhite, H. C. 'Znd Lieutenants Hillier, C. R. Parber, C. C. 1st Sergeants Fulton, G. LU. Hinshaw, C. S. Tech. Sergeant LUehner, H. H., Jr. Supply Sergeants Ball, H. C. Broclz, G. PT. Duc lzworth, LU. H. Hodges, m. B. marelz, S. J. Sergeants Beasley, LU. H. Christian, P. Crawford, J. H. Demlze, D. D. Elder, G. P. Hamilton, E. H. Hendrix, E. E. mcGowon, J. R. l'Torth, LU. G. Rose, D. H. Small, LU. LU. Corporals Bailey, J. LU. Garrett, E. G. Harrison, G. F. Huffman, m. B. Lawrence, O. V. Ledbetter, LU. R. moseley, J. J. Saegert, J. J. Young, J. LU. mqplegl H, m, Qncl Year Privates FIn1?Ci:1i3if2J' Rr E' Pilexander, G. m. fs s.L'.erar.f'r Pettit, m. LLJ. Piplgin, C. H. Smith G. LU. Smith, m. Thomas, F. L. Toland, R. D. Trimble, H. B. LUatley, J. D. LUehrle, L. J. LUizig, B. 4th Year Privates Birnbaum, J. Cowles, H. LU. Hitley, D. R. Littlejohn, J. H. Lomax, H. H. Lucey, D. C. Blalzemore, LU. S. Boquet, P. E. Braunig, LU. FT. Cabaniss, LU. m. Clay, H. LU. Doerr, H. L. F. Erclz, R. LU. Gibson, R. B. Henderson, J. LU. Hood, C. martin, T. J. minnoclz, J. E. murray, LU. H. norton, C. P. Parlzs, G. B. Peterson, L. L. Short, T. J. Shoultz, J. C. Surovilz LU L. mcReynolds, J.m. Tubqcsl' JA Rose, P. P. Singleton, J. R. Smith, TT. J. Sterling, J. B. Von Roeder, G. L. LUilson, C. H. LUinder, FT. G. 3rd Year Privates Rdlzisson, J. F. Broobs, J. m. Coola, J. G. Eads, R. B. Ewing, H. H. LUomble, J. C. 1st Year Privates Finderson, m. B. Babasin, Y. H. Berry, C. D. Blalgemore, J. E. Bledsoe, J. V. Boren, B. J. Brentzel, R. J. Brown, R. LU. Buenz, Fl. Cargile, J. LU. Courtney, B. H. Cox, G. B. Duree, J. T. Elwell, H. H. Finley, LU. R. Flanilgen, F. m. Floore, E. L. Foclze, J. H. Foran, LU. J. Gardner, O. C. Gerlach, H. E. Germany, J. H. Harle, R. m. Harmel, L. LU. Harrison, T. R. Hendriclz, J. Higgins, LU. S. Hilliard, H. H. Jordan, J. E. Ring, J. L. Hoenig, V. L. Landua, O. H. LaVail, m. m. Ledbetter, J. P. Lord, S. C. Loving, F. H. mcCall, m. LU. mcmasters, L.U.LU. melcher, m. Fl. merrill, LU. H. moore, Z. H. mylius, m. F. nelson, L. J. nelson, T. m. l'Tisbet, R. lToel, P. C. Perlzins, m. F. Peyton, T. J. Poteet, LU. D. Poulter, C. J. Reuter, E. Richmond, J. R. Riggs, L. P. Roberts, R. G. 4.--.u ..-....,.. 393 J. C. Clary Captain Sommons, R. J. Schaefer, C. H. Scott, C. LLJ. Smart, F. P. Stanford, LU. T. Stone, G. m. Viclzrey, R. L. LUall2er, F. E. UJehner, E. L. UJilIiums, D. G. L.Uinn, LJJ. S. X7 A-.-.... M 2-wa.. -- AX O O N 'T' T l W Yi if 4 Q4 'VQII ' 1 ? . fuaffhi. 'Q Q X , frww - -, - .x 'Q' Q.-. , -5 -S. k if 'S W- f'ft,'fJif' mf' 'f V' MN 1' 4 My .1 - . E 'Q 5 ' ,vb , y - . ,A , 4- M,-li. fm 'M x 1-4 -Q. ar . . Qfiiglnidm P' -seas-gf. N' , 5 , . QM G , Lai .ngsssvx X1 W . -su-L-A 'Fin' wav- .Q . gf A. N., .-Q... . w-ww if wwfamn L'2.w-walt., 3 Y ..h, ITTFRTTTRY RCGITTTCTTTHL STRFF LT. COLOTTEL R. H. SPITZER, JR. Regimental Commander TTTHJOR E. C. CLHRH Executive CHPTFIITI O. S. LONG Fldjutant CHPTHITT R. R.SHT1 mlGUEL Supply Officer CHPTHITT G. O. THOTTTHS Plans and Training Officer CHPTHIFI J. F. HOUSE Intelligence Officer Standing: COLOR SGT. H. fTT.I'T1ILLS COLOR SGT. R. C. ROLHTTD Seated: SUPPLY SERGEFTYIT TTT. FI. LUESTERTTTFTTI SERGEHTTT ITTHJOR O. B. CLOUDT T 0 o 'rf' ,av T. O. mcmlLLHT'T Company Commander 1st Lieutenants Cowan, LU. B. Roberts, LU. R. Sergeants Baucom, J. B. Brookshire, C. C. Buchanan, T. V. Bussey, J. T. Clutter, P. C. Coffey, H. E. Courreges, E. J REGITTTETTTHL Captain T. O. fT'Icl'T'IILL9l'l Goforth, LU. T. Hawthorne, H. J. Lawson, LU. E. mcCormick, m. D. nance, TT. H. Heat, J. H. Corporals Ftllen, LU. E. Dale, C. R. Dyer, B. F. Elkins, E. H. Goates, J. H. Johnson, C. m. Lewis, E. Petty, H. L. Bidlehuber, J. m. 3rd Year Privates Freiberger, L. D. Hoidale, S. moore, J. B. 2nd Year Privates Benson, J. D. Duncan, G. E. Gent, O. F. Harris, E. C. Henry, J. m. Jones, J. G. Roberts, T. L. Saunders, J. R. 1st Year Privates Fidams, LU. H. Hnderson, J. LU. Bell, R. L. Breeding, J. m. Carden, LU. G. Coleman, J. C. Collins, S. F. Cottingame, LU. C. HEHDQUHRTERS Second-in-Command E. J. GUTTTT Criswell, T. Curnutt, B. F. Durham, m. F. Fitts, G. H. Fitzhugh, L. Flores, FT. Gupton, G. R. Harris, E. LU. Harrison, E. D. Hauser, LU. J. Higgins, R. LU. Horstmann, 9. H. Hudson, G. B. Hunter, LU. m. Ingram, J. G. Jones, B. L. Haden, T. D. Hallus, L. J. Hnight, LU. B. Larson, LU. LU. Leggett, J. H. Long, S. FT. mcComas, E. L. moore, J. m. mujica, m. Fi. murphy, L. H. Parker, C. E. Paschal, T. B. Peden, R. L. Pugh, m. C. Rothe, J. H. Short, H. LLJ. Skelly, H. Smith, TT. D. Smith, R. G. Springer, R. E. Stewart, L. LU. Stinson, J. C. Strickland, J. C. Stromberg, E. H. CO. ITTFHTTTRY First Sergeant LU. H. BHRTTETT Studer, T. TT. Thomas, E. R. Thomas, LU. G. Thomason, J. TT. Thompson, LU. LU. Upshaw, D. C. Vantine, J. H. LUallace, J. O. LUilliams, LT. G. LUiIson, LU. L. E. J. GUTTTT Second-in-Command LU. H. BFIRFTETT First Sergeant ,, . 4-W if FIRST BFITTRLIOTI ITIFRTITRY STFIFF ITIFIJOR I-I. T. DUHE Battalion Commander CP1PTFIII'I R. R. BRHUCHLE Executive FIRST LT. J. LU. ROBISOT1 Hdjutant FIRST LT. I-I. LU. FTICCOY Supply Officer FIRST LT. J. E. TROTT Plans and Training Officer SGT. TTTHJOR J. H. STFIYISELL Staff Sergeant X f 1 F 2 K III I CJ xxjxj B. VI. RECTOR Company Commander 1st Lieutenants Cheelz, Fl. R. Evans, J. E. Qnd Lieutenants Carter, LU. LU. Yezalz, H. R. Sergeants Flughtry, J. D. Bocbhorn, H. F, Carson, F. Francis, D. H. Hollingsworth, J. F. FIRST I-IEHDQUHRTERS CO. ITIFHIITRY Captain Second-in-Command B. rl. RECTOR J. H. LUILLIFORD maberry, H. FI. Rhoads, J. LU. Streicher, LU. G. Thompson, R. D., Jr. Tinney, J. R. Corporals Hnthony, LU. G. Bridges, J. TTT. Burleson, L. L. Davis, G. R. DeBerry, S. G. Goodrum, J, B. Harris, P. H. Holland, J. LU. Laycoclz, R. LU. Logan, R. FTT. macbey, J. C. Parker, LU. C. Rice, J. TTT. Rucher, H. L. Seale, F. E. Stephenson, R. C. Terry, L. LU. 2nd Year Privates Barton, J, C. Barton, J. H. Beeson, G. T. Brown, L. C. Carpenter, G. E. Carter, R. LU. Cecil, LU. LU. Cowsert, 9. FI. Cox, T. ITI. Crooh, G. ITT. Crouch, L. LU. Duncan, J. H. Eiland, J. D. Garrett, R. G. Johnson, C. H. Hapiowitz, S. R. Hnight, J. C. Lain, H. L. Lewis, R. LU. marshall, J. m. mcConachie, C. merritt, C. J. morrison, R, C. muston, C. C. Pannell, E. LU. Persons, R. LU. Pridgeon, L. H. Roesner, E. H. Scruggs, R. Stewart, J. C. Thaxton, T. Treadaway, LU. FI. I.Uatson, F. B. 1st Year Privates Flnderson, J. T. Bandy, D. m. Barlzer, E. L. Barnes, D. E., Jr. Bate, C. D. Beathard, C. Bray, J. C. Brasuel, T. H. Britten, IU. S. Burtis, P. T. Cadena, E. R. Calloway, S. J. Chaffin, LU. B. Christian, H. L. Clay, J. Fl., Jr. Copeland, S. J. Cunningham, B. H Darby, H. L. Dorsey, LU. E. Evans, R. G. Fittz, O. H. Flynn, D. ITT. Gist, H. L. Gray, J. D. Green, J. H. Greenwell, LU. Harvey, LU. H. Hauser, H. F. Henhe, C. E. Hess, E. C. Inman, E. E. Irwin, P. F. Jenlzins, S. E. John, J. LU. Jones, J. D. Harper, R. E. Hnutson, E. T. Lane, S. l.U. P. Laurence, LU. H. mathews, Q. S. moore, D. noel, L. Flowala, FI. L. Owen, LU, J. Palermo, F. Palermo, T. S. Parker, D. Parks, Ft. J. Patton, L. FI. Ramsey, J. O. Roberts, LU. R. Robinson, F. l'TI Rush, H. UJ. Sargeant, C. H. Schreiber, C. Ft Scoggin, J. D. Shelton, J. H. Shurtleff, H. C. Smith, E. L. Smith, R. L. Spencer, C. P. Stanley, H. L. First Sergeant J. ITI. BEHRTTTFITT Stewart, Fl. TTT. Stovell, J. C. Thompson, H. D. Thornton, C. V. Tobias, H. L. Varisco, T., Jr. Vollentine, J. T. LUashburn, J. D. LUatts, LU. Ft. LUiIIiams, B. H. I.UiIIis, D. F. J. H. LUILLIFORD Second-in-Command J. TTT. BEHRITTHTI First Sergeant f fi it .. , xxv. . , COfTTPHl'lY "Fl" IHFHUTRY Captain J. R. JHCRSOD 1st Lieutenants Carter, J. D. Duncan, H. rl. Hnapp, F. m. Tucker, J. LU. 2nd Lieutenants Hall, V. Smith, S. B. L. J. mcl'lElLL Second-in-Command B. D. HHRGROVE First Sergeant Secondfin-Command L. J. mcnElLL Sergeants Barton, R. C. Barton, LU. D. Coolz, J. m. Criswell, D. L. Dulze, F. R. Easley, G. P. Goforth, R. G. Heard, C. R. Heppard, G. R. lgo, H. C. Lester, LU. E. Liles, H. UJ. Rogers, O. Fl. Schranlz, m. H. Shuler, LU. H. Thomas, LU. S. LUright, C. H. Corporals Hall, R. C. Hatlza, O. R. Lobrecht, G. J. LUhitehurst, LU. C. 4th Year Privates Case, C. H. Smith, H. D. Van Htten, J. L. Young, Roy 3rd Year Privates Brandt, D. V. First Sergeant B. D. HHRGROVE Gieseclwe, LU. H. Qnd Year Privates Burln, D. G. Corby, J. UJ. Dulze, T. E. Emmons, C. H. Hanby, J, L. lmperial, m. m. Hawahatc, H. H. Leathers, R. B. Peters, E. H. Pritchett, O. D. Reavis, H. fl. Underwood, H. Ft. l.Uallace, R. F. 1st Year Privates Cavitt, S. UJ. Day, T. C. DQSQIVQI V, J. R. JFICHSOYI Engdahll J. L. Company Commander Griffin, J. Ft. Hill, D. R. Hunt, T. fn. Hadan, T. D. Robinson, J. H. Hilpatriclz, L. L. Shelton, D. E. lTlcCaleb, J. E. Shelton, L. H. mcHee, H. LU. Silman, J. B. merrill, R. E. Spencer, LU. R. Orr, D. B. LUarner, F. P. Ota, m. LlJignall, P. R. Ridgeway, C. L. Yee, H. S. .2 f ' l 3 if is Q Q E ., from-A - " tr . " 2" vw .. ....,. '-111 f -,., ' fw-.g.,+-- .yer gmgu- sz, g.- , .V .. ft ' - . - -A -1- vw., 'S-' ' 'sv-f.fJ" -sa... ar -'-"r'.P"2'9:"'-fs--1 A 'uw---1-z'w-1 .sf-A Tres . .. .:--4.,:- W.-.g,w,,.f, 1 . 4 ..-.5-.753 . - -reg... " -1 '- w--:V "'i5s:1z::,.f - - " 1g..ff,.:'- .-t.m1.J,?s'Z '... X ' 'W -. ...f'?R" ' -' .. HL- 2. . ku.. -f. -.: ' ' ':"f't.4::-.. ...uw ' ' H' '-.bm P . .. C. - ' "J.'.:,z.-f . rss- sf g,,.gNsf-:...-. vt :F - --1 .. . . O O 's. L'- ,. J. LU. THYLOR Company Commander 1st Lieutenants Barton, J. R. Davenport, R. R. LUl'1itel1urst,S. H. '2ncl Lieutenants Guerra, J. B. Harris, L. G. Sergeants Balch, B. COHWPHRY "B" Captain Second-in-Command J. UJ. THYLOR C. C. mcGlLL Birt, B. B. 2nd Year Privates Deal, J- C- Bing, B. U. DJWTYGW, HA Diaz Garay, m. R, DOPSIC'-Ill D- L' Elwell, C. D. Elwell, R. C. Foster, 1'1- Finch, UJ. R. Lopez, L, Haclzedorn, B. m. Rudy, J. H. moore, R. m. Ragsdale, J. E. LUright, E. UJ. Corporals Qshworth, J. B. Bowen, D. D. Doran, J. R. Hamner, C, H. Sandlin, F. C. Smith, m. J. 4th Year Privates Baggett, LU. R. Bielstein, lil. J. Courtade, Fl. H. Finlay, R. J. Griffin, C. V. martin, J. D. Stropp, LU. R. Tice, J. LU. Till, R. C. 3rd Year Privates Johnson, L. E. LUorthington, R. I. Smith, H. E. LUame, R. R. LUatson, H. H. LUood, F. fn. 1st Year Privates Hycoclz, J. fl. Baggett, E, B. Bode, C. LU. Branam, R. O. Bryant, R. R. Dail, R. D. Felder, E. H. Ford, LU. R. Foster, R. T. Fuller, J. LU. Guinn, R. rl. Haberer, LU. E. Hines, Fl. J. Howard, G. Johnson, J. H. Rline, V. Fl. mclntyre, R. J. mcRae, Fl. D. nzwton, R. R. Spann, J. H. RRTRY First Sergeant H. L. RDHITIS Stroman, LU. J. UJilliams, O. R. lUilliamson, D. l,Uilliamson, J. E. LUoodman, G. m. C. C. mcGlLL Second-in-Command H. L. HDFlfT'lS First Sergeant COFTTPHVIY "C" IHFHHTRY Captain J. T. FHRQUHHR 1st Lieutenants Bell, LU. m. Chandler, D. E. Dralze, E. LU. Sergeants Hrnold, E. Y. Bassett, H. C. D. LU. FlmSLER Second-in-Command J. B. FILLED First Sergeant- Second-in-Command D. LU. HTTTSLER Garrison, O. L. Graves, R. LU. Hooton, T. B. Herley, S. Fl. FTTcCrory, D. E. LUoFFord, P. O. LUood, H. Corporals Crawford, J. n. lTlcCord, T. F. mcCullar, F. m. miller, H. D. Tilley, E. Fl. Trimble, R. D., Jr. 4th Year Privates Boyd, LU. O. Coola, J. LU. Davidson, D. H. Estrada, R. C. Fitzhugh, H. TTT Harris, J. D. Harris, V. B. Harrison, Fl. B. Hart, H. martin, P. fTlcRnight, H. R. Percilul, LJJ. LU. Roddy, LU. T. Rollins, J. G., Jr. Shoclzey, J. C. Staples, E. Fl. Stephens, P. L. Tilley, E. D. Tipton, R. L. LlJilliams, D. UJ. Young, P. R. First Sergeant J. B. FTLLETT 3rd Year Privates Hudish, LU. Britt, H. R. Coolv, T. E. Fitzhugh, P. P. Henderson, J. F. Routt, J. R. Todd, Diclz LJJarden, O. C. Qnd Year Privates Flndrews, C. m. Clary, S. R. Covington, J. C. Declzer, H. G. Harris, H. R. Hoehler, O. H. Lemm, P. J. Price, lTl. Fl. Ranlzin, C. LU., Jr. Reeder, UJ. H. Routt, LJJ. H. Stephens, E. E., Jr. 1st Year Privates Blaclz, D. Fl. Brimer, E. H. Bryce, J. LJJ. Burnett, E. F. Caperton, R. T. Clark, J. B., Jr. Clarlz, LU. R. Colaer, LU. R. Coolze, C. E. Davis, D. Florey, J. R. Grissom, T. C. Hinson, R. H. ,sv I2'3':'1.: -'ifsli-X W- R iff-sr15s.fl41i'T':A"""'7f 9?aQ':"'f1"' 'VH,:R. ' " '-.., -v ' ' ' ' M- .. . " ' ' . ' 1. .. KI,-.lmsjggiwgksxa - EI t rf-2.1'--gf., , -vs. s Lf, J. T. FHROUHHR Company Commander Hyzar, E. B. Lybrand, J. L. lTlcHemie, E. B. mulbey, G. J. O'l'liel, F. Pendery, H. V. Rails, E. G. Riggs, R. R. Sayner, F. Simmon, J. F. Smith, J. D. Stovell, J. C. O O J. H. CRSTLEBERRY Company Commander 1st Lieutenants Davis, D. T. martin, J. T. Yust, C. S. Sergeants Fow er Fl T miller E B murphy, D. UJ. Drew, J. H. I , . . Streicher, LU. G. ,COfTlPHI'lY "D" IHFHRTRY Captain Second-in-Command J. H. CFISTLEBERRY J. m. ROGERS Struwe, R. ffl. lJJallace, J. B. U.Jallace, ffl. D. l,Uatts, F. B. l,lJheeler, L. H. 4th Year Privates Broussard, P. D. Connolly, LU. S. maddox, F. O. Potthast, H. F. Rosenthal, J. Seay, m. D. Shields, m. Fl. UJarren, L. G. llJest, D. E. l.lJiley, P. m. Corporals Bennett, P. B. Hastings, UJ. L. Jurccilz, Louis Haden, J. H. Laclzey, J. P. mcCreight, C. C. Osborn, m. L. Spruiell, L. L. Third Year Privates Hrsuaga, Fl. Barrett, C. D. Carll, E. LU. Croolz, R, UJ. Erwin, H. m. Gaffney, J. B. Ring, J. C. noel, J. Fl. Pacliclz, C. J. Pollen, G. UJ. Qnd Year Privates Bailey, J, LU, Garrison, R. UJ, Harrod, J. C. Hays, lil. fn. Rogers, D. E. Tercero, Jesus Thompson, J. C. Yust, R. L. 1st Year Privates Hdmire, C. B. Flrnold, T. H. Flvery, E. L. Bryan, J. C. Byars, E. C. Cashen, James Crowder, E. C. Dean, H. Ft. Edmonson, H, B. Johnson, D, H, Jones, E. L. Rasch, H. F. Lewis, R. C. Loggie, llJ. D. Loggie, UJ. R., Jr. matthews, LU. E. myers, UJ. H. First Sergeant R. L. DYE, JR. Robinson, R. Fi. Scholl, L. H. Sims, UJ. P. Stach, P. J. UJebber, m. H. lJJilliams, D. H. U.Jistner, R. P. l.Uord, R. H. J. m. ROGERS Second-in-Command R. L. DYE, JR. First Sergeant 4 -sie. .5 'r.- - ' ' -- ..,,, ...J . SECOND BHTTFILIOH IFIFFIIITRY STHFF FTIHJOR R.m.LUILLIHfT1S Battalion Commander CHPTHIVI B. B. CHYTIPBELL Executive FIRST LT. J, G. TURNER Hdjutant FIRST LT. L. G. PHILLIPS Supply Officer FIRST LT. IU. S. CURLEY Plans and Training Officer SGT. ITIHJOR LU. C. JHFIEFISCH Staff Sergeant IEXQAX Skwibtxn , R. H. RUCHER Company Commander 1st Lieutenant Goodwin, C. H. 2nd Lieutenants Hndrews, T. H. Hammeclz, D. F Sergeants Baushausen, H. Dooley, R. B. Faubus, Ft. O. SECOND HEHDQUHRTERS IDFHDTRY Drummond, J. m. Fuermann, m. C. Garrison G. , UJ. Gilmore, m. L. Captain Second-in-Command R. H. RUCHER F. R. GEDTRY Jamison, J. D. Gilbreath, L. Lowrance, H. Fl. Ciillen, R. Evans, R. R. martin, P. L, Haug, E. LU. Faullzner, B. miller, E. H. Holcomb, D. Y. Pope, J. Hyatt, C. C. Garess, E. B. Sanders, D. Jameson, H. E. Schulte, O. J. Lisman, m. E. Logie, Fl. J. Gregory, E. L. Corporals Lummus, L. H. Harris, J. m. Beeler, C. B. Bennett, B. H. Blaschlze, L. H. Coffey, L. C. Draper, J. C. Dube, H. L. Godfrey, C. L. Hart, J. R. Jones, UJ. E. Jordon, R. F. Ryle, C. R. Richards, LU. E. Smith, T. C. Stern, L. H. Tiner, E. L. LUilliams, J. S. LUright, H. Yeates, C. H. 3rd Year Privates Hppelt, O. LU. Hiechle, F. Saunders, J. H. LUall2er, L. H. 2nd Year Privates Flrmstrong, C. D. Barron, H. T. Booher, R. D. Bumpers, L. P. Burnett, R. E. Copeland, J. D. Devlin, J. P. Duncan, R. J. Durfee, E. m. Ellzey, J. C. Fields, F. T. Garrison, C. E. mcClain, C. D. medders, T. B. mize, J. D. moore, J. B. nigliazzo, L. C. Parlzer, B. Porter, LU. l"I. Restivo, F. Fl. Rowe, B. Seay, T. H. Singletory, G. Spiller, G.IT1. Steel, L. E. Stephens, LU. R. Stewart, LU. J. Swinney, LU. H. Tomaylzo, V. Turman, J. Fl. Ulcers, G. H. 1st Year Privates Ftllen, B. FT. Flrthur, LU. F. Htlzins, L. C. Barnhill, R. P. Benson, J. D. Bodine, H. m. Bolin, R. LU. Bryant, E. H. Buntin, LU. C. Carmichael, LU. P. Clutter, J. P. Crabtree, m. E. Creath, J. S. Davis, T. B. Dawson, LU. H. Day, T. J. Denton, R. L. Dismulze, l. B. Dodd, D. l.U. Henlae, C. LlJ. Hollomon, H. UJ. lsensec, C. l. James, Fl. B. Jeffrey, C. E. Jones, F. Fl. Jones, O. E. Herr, UJ. FT Ring, J. m. Hlusmire, LU. F. Lane, H. L. Lee, J. S. Lewis, L. B. Lindsly, J. P. mcminn, H. LU. meredith, J. T. miller, T. B. montgomery, D. monzino, H. LU. moss, UJ. E. nayovitz, B. LU. netherland, B. Palermo, T. S. Penrod, B. Persons, J. R. Pierce, R. L. Poetter, L. H. Pruett, R. Rehms, L. R. Richards, H. J. Roach, Sam E. Robbnett, m. F. Romer, C. J. Satterwhite, FT. Schmid, S. LU. Sims, S. P. Slzripa, P. P. Smith, E. F. Stanford, R. LLJ. O. Stapleton, G. D. Steel, J. P. First Sergeant LU.H.FlTHII'1SOVl Syptalz, R. FT. Thomas, C. Trcaleh, B. F. Vaughn, T. LlJal2efield, C. O. LUheelis, T. V. LUhite, D. S. LUilliams, LU. H. LUilson, F. Fi. LUittenbach, FT. J. LUoods, R. E. Zerr, J. L. F. R. GEHTRY Second-in-Command UJ. H. FTTHITTSOFI First Sergeant COfTiPRl'iY "E" 4 CGPLGLH Second-in-Command E. H. BECHCOFTI H. J. EVHFIS 1st Lieutenants Rich, C, L. Statum, C. m. Carter, E. R. Gage, C. V. Sergeants 2nd Lieutenants Cleveland, D. P. Huebner, G. R. H. J. EVHFIS Second-in-Command Fi. R. FFIOZISEH First Sergeant Birdwell, E. E. Collier, R. E. mcniece, R. V. Synnatt, LU. H. Corporals Croft, L. LU. Hamlett, E. H. Rennedy, m. H. martin, R. G. moore, LU. R. LUilsford, R. L. 4th Year Privates Berlocher, S. H. Clonts, J. J. Dahl, T. V. Jones, C. V. Landua, H. L. Litteer, D. V. Ortiz, IT1. R. Patterson, Fi. B. Phillips, LU. R. Sclrroeter, Fl. LU. Sbrla, D. 3rd Year Privates Hldrich, C. H. Bradford, LU. J. Casanas, J. H. Caughran, m. B. Dunlop, LU. R. IRFRRT First Sergeant H. R. fT1OZISEH Dunn, L.U. m. Hoover, G. F. Lillienstern, G. L. Renshaw, T. L. Risinger, B. LU. Rogers, H. C. Selman, LU. E. Starr, L. B. 2nd Year Privates Hlsobroolz, Fl. D. Bigham, C. LU. Bowers, L. J. Bryson, C. G. Coffman, Fi. R. Couch, R. C. Herren, C. H. Himbrough, J. C. Rimbrough, LU. m. Partridge, H. J. Robbins, J. T. Sawyer, L. V. Stribling, S. C. Vaughn, LU. E. LUaterson, C. C. LUhite, B. m. lJJilliams, H. R. 1st Year Privates Dinwiddie, LU. T. Evans, R. E. Gerhardt, C. LU. Glass, m. m. Gross, J. L. Holder, D. E. Holland, J. G. Rimbrough, J. Fl. Hrug, ITT. E. E. H. BECHCOITI Company Commander Ludeman, B. E. moncrief, G. P. nester, LU. C. Odom, J. Pendleton, H. LUheatIey, R. G. L.LJhital'zer, H. LUilson, fn. R. LUood, C5. F. 0 O f. LU. H. Htl-tEl'l Company Commander 1st Lieutenant Little, UJ. L. Sergeants Bull, F. E. Cloudt, O. B. Cloudt, llJ. O. moudy, C. E. Rice, J. C. Stallings, F. H. COfTlPHl'lY "F" ll'lFHl'lTRY Captain LU. H. HIHETT Stone, S. S. Thornton, P. l,Uatson, E. O. Corporals Ftldrich, E. LU. Corder, F. H. Dunlop, S. fTl. Howard, J. P. Howell, H. J. UJooc.lward, LU. H. 4th Year Privates Cloudt, C. R. Cloudt, F. O. Henry, S. S. Holmes, R. UJ. Jones, llJ. D. C. marshall, H. J. l,Uindrow, D, H. 3rd Year Privates Jaclzson, B. Z. Pertzins, T. Fl. Smith, J. E. Qnd Year Privates Blaclz, J. L. Browning, J. Fn. Buster, LU. B. Campbell, T. R. Clarl2e, Fl. Dunlap, R. LU. Epperson, J. E. Second-in-Command F. m. SHERRILL Evridge, R. B. Harper, G. Fl. Hay, E. fTl. Lloyd, B. J. mcHnight, UJ. C. l'licl'iols, D. R. Pepper, G. R. Ruclaman, T. m. Towns, F. D. lJJall2er, L. C. 1st Year Privates Hldrich, ffl. L. Flllord, H. lil. Barnes, D. E. Barnes, UJ. H. Barret, UJ. J. Brandes, L. E. Clarlze, F. Corns, R. T. Darst, J. F. Evans, J. G. Evridge, J. Ferguson, D. H. Glaser, L. T. Greene, J. F. Gault, J. B. Harris, J. L. Herring, D. J. Jones, F. Fl. Jones, J. Lown, F. D. maertens, J. E. First Sergeant H. P. HSTOFT moon, Pi. J. l'loten, J. T. Parlzer, R. L. Payne, LU. H. Roddy, R. S. Ruclrzman, J. B. LUeir, J. lTl. lJJhite, S. L. F. fTl. SHERRILL Second-in-Command H. P. FlSTOl'l First Sergeant SS Bl vs. lx 7. .4 1, i " 'il 2' F' l" 5 8 EW L, '12 1.-f'zwms,t,,'.s M W. . f 'HTVQQ u.es-Q-sm '- 5' f IRC? J- . P' dh '-Flfg 9 . s--swf? Y F ' ' s Y iw. kt Wx 1 ' , .,g.. n , , .si v- COTTTPHTTY "G" ITTFRTTTRY T Captain Secohd-in-Command First Sergeant V. TTT. LUFILLFICE D. Y. JHRRHTT L. E. GFTRRETT 1st Lieutenants Calvin, C. B. Silverman, D. L. Hllen, UJ. R. Gaither, T. H. Harrison, H. G. maynard, C. F. 2nd Lieutenants Hnderson, D. J. Calloway, H. C. Crutchfield, J. C, Dalby, R. L. Eldridge, L. m. l.Ualrzefield, T. P. Sergeants Bennett, J. F. Cajlza, D. L. Fisher, E. E. Franlze, T. H. Hopmann, U. C. Jauer, LU. E. mosty, C. H. LUheeli5, R. E. Corporals Durrett, E. G. Dwyer, lU. H. Ellis, J. fTl. Hale, H. lU. Heller, l.U. O. Leltwich, J. B. 3rd Year Privates Brown, fTl. F. Bush, R. E. Butler, LU. J. Carter, P. TTT. Curlee, C. J. Freasier, B. lU. Haltom, G. H. D. Y. Jnannrr Jackson' L' L' Second-in-Command L. E. GFIRRETT flash, LU. fl. First Sergeant Pump, l.U. E. Smith, LU. D. 2nd Year Privates Hndrews, J. D. Burtner, B. P. Clepp, J. H. Collier, R. T. Collins, Fl. C. Deshotels, J. D. Dittmar, R. O. Hamblin, TTT. J. Hunt, J. Tl. Irby, H. mc. lrvin, l, J. lvie, Farris mathis, J. lU. melton, LU. C. Pustejovshy, V. lU. Tinsley, J. E. Trimble, H. F. 1st Year Privates Hnders, P. E. Blankenship, R. H. Colne, C. C. Crowder, E. C. Hagemann, E. C. Harris, L. D. Hawlrz, C. E. Hess, E. C. Johnson, P. G. Jones, J. P. masterson, F. C. mathews, C. C. lTTcCrary, P. lTTcGuire, C. Fl. fT'lcReynolds, L. O. V. fTl. LUHLLHCE Company Commander mill, L. J. morgan, T. H. morse, S. Fl. O'Brien, J. G. Read, Carl Seidl, B. LU. Shaver, G. LU. Spurger, S. H. Yarling, IPI. B. J lemffmarziv-ic. C. . . .:-- C. .. -. . . . ' ..,ym:--- - t -7 :Q-:Z-'z Q. xg: 3.2?,:1,.-. 2'-.Y ' 4 - O O E. B. HRLUHIDS Company Commander 1st Lieutenants Bond, E. V. Brown, D. H. Butler, E. D. nagy, L. Ranson, D. m. 2nd Lieutenant Hartman, R. H. COFTWPFIRY "H" IRFHRTRY Captain Second-in-Command E. B. HHLUHIVIS m. E. HEFITH Sergeants Qnd Year Privates Beville, P. Pl. Clopton, T. S. Eckert, R. P. Johns, ll. LU. Livingston, R. B. mcmillan, fl. Fl. mingus, Ci. LU. morris, J. S. Prugel, Fl. E. Prugel, J. H. LUendler, C. C. Corporals Buttrill, H. B. Grote, J. F. meynard, E. B. Reynolds, J. G. Varner, D. B. LUebb, LU. m. 4th Year Privates Burb, O. L. Collier, J. LU. Douglas, J. E. Hogan, E. LU. Lagrone, J. C. martin, H. C. Redmond, H. E. Thompson, J. E. 3rd Year Privates Burton, LU. Fl. Cutcher, H. E. Gainer, B. F. Golston, J. R. Rothman, V. L. Pinchin, H. J. Beville, J. R. Carter, H. C. Davis, O. L. Evans, R. D. Franlzlin, T. E. Hatch, LU. E. Hoffman, R. C. Hofmann, LU. R. Jacoby, P. LU. Jennings, C. B. Lehmberg, LU. R. martin, C. Fl. moore, Fl. R. Flewman, C. J. Pierce, F. H. Treadwell, R. S. LUeatherby, Fl. LUillzinson, C. m. 1st Year Privates Bernauer, m. S, Berryman, H. G. Button, J. R. Cowling, E. LU. Curtis, Fl. Ft. DeLUalt, T. LU. Eddins, J. L. Emmons, C. D. Gough, H. R. Green, J. m. Hamner, Fl. H. Hoover, C. R. Hurt, R. m. montgomery, LU. J. murphy, Fl. R. Peterson, C. m. Pustejovslay, m. Ramey, R. J. First Sergeant R. B. RIDDLE Rentzel, LU. F. Riley, J. J. Sain, D. R. Santoni, E. L. Sheppard, R. B. Smith, S. Fl. LUebb, m. L. LUheeler, J. UJooclard, J. m. m. E. HEHTH Second-in-Command R. B. RIDDLE First Sergeant - .S ikke' sf- - r..wf . f' -'A-Ft 3.1 .'t7f""N2' M1 " swf. K 23Tt'if.QT"ii:5'?'i?f2. BA- 1 X ii'-WJ is .s.-t:- " .- ts . fedzq-4-1, .- - "W ' . . Me. fi., ' . -' ,. J. s ' P t "rf . .J A Q - -934 UU , i . M ly K ' V ' 2 i - . . q gg ' 7? , 5 ' M . ' ' -. V 7 1, i - 4 , , ,A '- " 4 , lf Y V. - , J' , . ' Ez", r tn' ' - ,Q Y . X I 'J ' ,F ., - ' ' ,Ng A nfs., , ' I b. s . F . , ll N I I .. A if 27: , l . fi li, .' w 5 ,mt sstt i K f Q N rg, ii . '55 3 ., ,. x fi ' 6 D, vi ,gfii , V. i A. F 2 it 4 ' " '14 l ii vm ' X .. I 6 ! 323 , , 4, pi, ,, , N fs , s ri., , . ,Hake-'-my ' 4. . .' . s., Y ' X so F iff! fp t:'1fx, ' , 'L' ' , . ,W f ' ' omcsas --r ,,. infnnmv cnmp Algpy cnmP BULLIS, TExns W3-3'f C "Every day just lilae Sunday on the Qin-l farm' '... what does she say, telephone ig' girl . . . Castleberry and Dusty Robinson g ,!-k .Q V: Aziiii vt l ' M Q 1 , i:+p,igK,U lurl tent and clean rifle . . . Campls I ' daily dozen . . . "Frank, clean this lor Q' wi g: F" me and l'll put in a good word for you V li to the majorf '... Spareparts' com- i, he ii' Yi ., W I ki 4 i'AWc ii I mand . . . Clarlfz and a machine belt . . . i You're out of place, Joe . . . Three As- coclzy soldiers . . . Tsh, Tsh, a new cap- 'wf,i.iJ,' ik ii iv' tain should be more military . . . "Every day a paid vacation' '... Time out lor Colonel Beasley's brew . . . Food a la trucla . . . H good ending to a bad be- ginning . . . Sergeant Shoalzes of T.m.l. . . .Guess what. . . Fi pose for Pepsodent. . .i Ei i I I I . l 1 Y 1'P""'v 1 t iC"" VI' u 'H " W, ,,..f- L 1 Y X 1 A i " ., N , 'F 1 r it ri 3 V 1 : U1 1 ..,. Q I .. v siii-K Ah Ag V ,., zvgiifffi l 5 Q , 3 I p .Hai W X itil Q .., If-l,,'w!:'S, g f xl ' lf' ill vp fqw :sf , v I1 ml ' , .' W Q nw N' M AA sfo I-q s. . Y iz his 'M lr t ,gf t . . -A NV N I W 1 A, X. V- ,.. "f,. ,-nl r an-int, ,K , 3 . C-' jr ,,Q,,,.,,L!.L5 EV1, . ,, M ,,. n if ,, ., ,.!4wv if??:E:5-,,.L,., ..,,, w v 1 f iiwvvns- ff as i ut "ill, . ' f- I , Ml ff " X . F r n igh X: 1 mg 15-fff'-ff cfamP BULLIS,TEXFIS A ,,- , ,I ,Q av .V my t . .rgf .bm A stl . Hwalze so early, Dusty? . . . Three of a f, ,,2,, f iff H hind . . . Deadeye Clarlrz . . . "LUhat is . 1, ' Q ' ' ' ' 'i order number 12, Bone?" "l'm not i , 1' --V- ,x - leaving this weelzend, Sir. . . . Fresh A i n f A .'-. ' M air and sunshine . . . H gallon of gas ,L Q were K I hr J w Q ' , 'iv 1 . g'gA' V ixffiiia '. 1 -Jin x' ' v r 'iff wif . MV ' P' ' 41 :V'. v w ' sg :f3rr' " :ip-.r ' F51 i f A, , i fL1'fV"fxiQ'i'i' i' . .JM and a gallon of beer to the mile . . . Colonel Lewis' Camp for Boys, Camp Bullis, Texas . . . "Orr is my name, O-R-Rf l.Uell who's boloed now?" . . . Joe G. "I love me" Turner in Front of his outlaw tent . . . First prize such tent . . . we always caught it in the same place when the colonel was concerned . . . Preparation For final review . . . Sergeant Richards tells them how . . . One of major lUilson's bedtime stories. i Lid . ,w,' , fxllp Q il! llgl f pf' l ' fi l' li 1 ,F y rf: i 1 fy X 4 I ix . c r ' IVIFHHTRY CFIFTIP CHFTIP BULLIS, TEXHS July 4l monterrey, here we are . . . Some Hggie did all right . . . Relueling . . . Did you hit it, Raleigh? . . . Spare- parts, Jr. gives instructions . . . Colonel Yezalz in hog heaven . . . The military genius talzes a rest . . . laclz Rogers with maggie's drawers . . . OFF lor the hilze - - - Sherrill loolzs lilze a buclz private from the rear ranlz . . . Food in the forest . . . The stinlz bombers slipped into camp . . . what the well-dressed soldier will wear.. . which eye, Campbell? 'Q 'Sw K " :.- V J Y ' :xx 'fu 'Tp ji' .,- ' Y "'. "4-1-' h N- rv , Ax . .fx K? by ,fy -:X N Q six ' ' W N ' V' X. X 'ff' ' 7 ,Q ' ' X hi . Y K' "Q . f A ,...--A , , -'W x L, L A .., Nt + S X . xr Q S -..X max "W" x ww ' X., w.41- in X51 ' - f PM A-EF! Q-H ' 2--Dvd? ' ' . Z ..- -1.6 X Qf' A' Q a W.: fn .X A, - mx .,+-5, vw- 'X N,-Nw X .V k,,. W Y .xx ,W as .. :x -- 1 , ,,,,,nxJpxKN ....,vvf'W eww f YQ. Q, A . NFS m xx NR- N A .5- -...SX , 5 'B Q .4 ik: ' gs X X '5 nf- -QM- Q 56x99 GM H- 'ww-'1!'.i1'P ' va pf ikiwfilgiagr 31,-. 1, ,Aix . ' F It J' ,Viv ' Q - ' ' ' ' - ' K -g.. Q75 " . "hir 'N .5 X if fx., A at 1 f 4.' ,N " 'fra . 'y W' V H2 .- "'l',:,,-??"f '- f A , 'f"' 3"Vf'l- - W" W Asif 7: Al 1 A .I Q K h -L . 4, fy X- Q 'N -vi. - . :j'SugW-"'.."r T15 .Xb J.-ry-fw4'lh .Aux 5 , , 8 -- QNX-vifuxiklf. 3 - ,V ,, " T r ug., , ' V.Tnn11"j,,j' 1, "f- " L, LI'f.!' 3.305 -. 5- 'Q .'?S, V. ,.u, - ' .Q . I .1 4? 107, ximfzj ' ' - X . . . X . 'rl'-,"I,'Fglv 'sf 4 -'- ', ' .32 w ' ' ,. 'fi-H "ff ' png. .lr 4-.AQ A1543 Wg, ,- "'. . Q- ' ak gf W ,E w.'v - 'nf ' ' "-" A ' -ww FN , N-IQS. "Qi-' 8599 ' ' ' . I ,-' 'SIQQQ g N' 1 7 :XA , . fauna. - - 2 ,xg .f V- x 5 'Q L -' " 7. A h.. 1 4, . . . ,Q via ,Y Jn D. y, -+ S - + 'J 'N x, '11 " .h -J N . a ,,-., X 1 - 4 '.' , 4 I sv, f if ff 2 15 ftifzffv 'y Q5 ,Wx -MQ, 1 , H H -1 Y' ' S 'df .fluff ' --f ' tv 1-pp.: 1 H. 0 xf' f. " "'f-",-:-1:- -.igx-.Yr M T Fw sq iss' wx Fiat- x 1 I 'I M a I. Y Q5-' 9 In i-flii, .f"v'- ' gtllw-gf", Qi-l -. " X . , '- 831.1 ' !N5",i',,".l,.,f,, .5 . 1 A Q' ". f ' ' -1 JA fur- ' ! x ' n . -M-1 A new HRTILLERY ...S REGIYTWEHTHL STHFF LT. COLONEL R. E. LUHITE Regimental Commander mHJOR R. S. BYnUfTl Executive CHPTHIU E. P. HRUESOH Hdjutant CHPTHIU H. Fl. HHHSEFI Intelligence Officer CFIPTHILI B. G. DUHE Plans and Training Officer CHPTHIV1 J. C. GRIFFIN Supply OFFicer Standing: COLOR SERGEHTTI' H. S. SHEPHERD COLOR SERGEHITI' F. G. fTlOTl-IES Seated: SGT. fT1HJOR J. C. LUEBBER gi K X, ' i si., SUPPLY SGT. J. Fl. RUTHERFORD RST BHTTRLIOTI FIELP HRTILLERY STHFF fT1FIJORLU.LU.HRfT1lSTEHD Battalion Commander CHPTFIIIT J. C. COTILY Executive FIRST LT.J.C.HI'1OX Intelligence Officer FIRST LT. R. FI. BETHFIZO Plans and Training Officer FIRST LT. B. D. I-IFIITIITER Supply Officer SGT, TTTFUORVR. E. BFIIRD Staff Sergeant URN HDQRS. BHTTERY FIRST BRT. Captain Second-in-Command C. E. STHUDT, JR. R. C. SFTTITH 1st Lieutenants Sergeants Foster, C. B. Hickerson, J. C. 2nd Lieutenants Franks, R. D. Pace, H. L. R. C. SfTlITH Second-in-Command Cu. G.l1JISEI'1BFiHER First Sergeant Deodati, J. B. Dunnam, J. H. Flache, T. LU. norwood, J. S. Rodgers, R. B. l.Uillson, H. C. Corporals Fortson, T. E. Harris, Fl. L. FTlcFarland, H. TTT. moseley, J. C. Sandige, LU. J. Sparks, R. E. LUilliams, J. FT. 4th Year Privates Bryson, B. G. Crow, C. UJ. 3rd Year Privates Bailey, Fl. P. Beckley, R. R. Chauvin, P. H. Denny, O. B. Elston, J. H. Hardison, T. H. marques, R. L., Jr. mayes, L. C. Rutan, J. L. 2nd Year Privates Denny, LU. F. Dunagan, D. L. Forehand, C. E. FIELD RRTILLERY First Sergeant G. G. LUISEVIBHHER Foster, UJ. C. Cuoforth, T. H. Hussey, C. P. Latham, B. TTT. Luetcke, C. J., Jr. morehead, S. fTT. murray, R. J. Palmer, G. J. Schaer, LU. H. llJalstad, J. H. lUilloughby, C. FTT 1st Year Privates Bancroft, LU. H. Campion, R. TTT. Cawthon, UJ. Fl. Dunn, J. F. Durham, B. P. Edwards, E. T. Field, J. R. Fox, R. L. George, LU., Jr. Grabowski, G. J. Granville, UJ. R. Hiebeler, O. J. Howe, R. UJ. Hrampitz, F. J., Jr. Lain, T. E. La Prelle, llJ. R. Love, R. E. manning, LU. R. O'Brien, R. J. Osborne, F. T. C. E. STFTUDT, JR. Battery Commander Prowell, E. R. Rodgers, B. Rutan, R. LU. Smith, T. H. Stephens, T. S Stuckey, S. H Thomas, R. O. Virgil, LU. S. Voss, H. C. l.Uord, LU. Fl. w:":1f . ., . ., sf'-i..- .. ...WV ' . ts- mf-If.. mm. 4--X -- . K tv -v.:.f --f-M , .. - - 1 '-'ifwaiwfffw--vnf-3, '. sw .- -P 'rf'3x. +'.-Aglwf :sf 'Wir' N-"-Qfrfffitil . C A "' . , R . ,. , -- ,: V:-1 , X, ,I - f- - g . . Q- r " g.f,..,. . , 'X X O O X W f V T7 R. G. CHTTTEROFT Battery Commander 1st Lieutenants Drinlaard, J. E. Schultz, F. LU. Qnd Lieutenants Hudgins, V. LU. LJJhite, H. S. Sergeants Hrdliclaci, E. Jones, J. TTT. TTTagee, F. L. Schlalli, H Singletary, G. F. Corporals Cannan, J. T. Collins, C. L. Corley, J. D. Dwire, V, J. Ford, J. FT. FIRST COTTTBHT TRHIIT FIELD HRTILLERY Captain Second-in-Command R. G. CFITTTEROVI R. F. VOGT Formby, D. E. Long, LU. Fl. Edwards, J. H. Gillaspy, J. E. Lowrie, G. R. Elliott, B. H. Heflin, FI. TR. Lowry, TTT. G. Eudaly, E. R. Jaclzson, H. L. Jenlzins, J. O. Jones, C. J. TTTaniIoFf, I. TT. TTTcFIdoo, S. F. TTTcGiII, T. C. TTTinsI2y, S. TTTorris, J. LU. Tletting, C. J. Scharbutt, T. G. Trew, E. TTT. Vance, J. C. 4th Year Privates Coyle, E. F. Howard, J. TT. 3rd Year Privates Clarlz, R. J. Compton, C. C. Dicluson, R. E. Filae, T. L. James, J. LU. TTTadeIey, H. TTToore, B. FT. Spaugh, P. l.UatIzins, TT. R. 2nd Year Privates Hdams, J. L. Barnes, R. LU. Bowman, R. J. Breithaupt, C. V. Buclzley, J. I"I. Carter, J. H. Casey, T. UJ. Christian, B. G. Clay, FT. LU. Coleman, LU. D. Downer, LU. LU. Ellis, O. TTT. Evans, T. TT. Fcillwell, J. Finch, R. D. Hagler, R. LU. Henderson, R. H. Holiclz, G. C. Jones, E. C. Hing, E. F. Landrum, G. S. Larimore, L. C. mayfield, LU. L. TTToore, LU. T. TTewman, C. H l'TicoIai, E. O. Paley, H. J. Parlzer, J. L. Piclrzett, G. D. Rennels, F. L. Robinson, L. TT. Salter, R. D. Scott, 9. G. Spencer, R. L. Spiller, H. Staples, B. G. Stone, H. D. Thompson, TTT. S. LUilIey, H. FT. t,UiIIey, TT. B. LUiIIiams, C. LU. 1st Year Privates Hdams, B. Q. Hdlrzins, H. C, FTIIen, TTT. L. FTsl1by, J. B. Htteberry, C. P. Flyers, LU. C. Baird, J. P. Barron, J. R. Bass, LU. B. Bishop, J. P. Boggs, V. E. Bolding, H. P. Boyd, TTT. TTT. Bucsany, J. TTT. Burlas, TTT. L. Burley, LU. D. Carlon, LU. B. Carroll, l'l. L. Coldiron, H. D. Coussoulis, P. Fl. Covey, H. B, Crouch, J. L. Darb, C. J. Davis, FT. D. Davis, LU. O. DeFee, R. FT. Dunning, LU. R. Echols, TTT. TTT. Edwards, G. LU. Ferrell, B. B. Force, H. H. Franclzs, C. B. Glass, T. Gray, J. E. Greenberg, D. Griffin, J. S. Hall, R. L. Handley, F. T. Hardage, L. R. Harclison, R. TTT. Harris, E. R. Henry, LU. J. Herndon, H. R. Hill, H. S. Hill, Y. TTT. Hoclrzaday, R. S. Hogan, C. LU. Hosch, T. E. Ingram, H. E. Isaac, LU. TTT. Jaclzson, E. LU. Jeffrey, LU. TTT. Hellis, J. C. Hielman, F, S. Himbrough, I. T. Hirlelin, B. C. Hlutts, TTT. TTT. Hnight, L. J. Lane, G. C. Langford, R. I. Leedy, FT. J. Lilly, E. FT. Longyear, C. B. Lopp, H. Lowe, G. E. TTTadeIey, FT. ITT. TTTartin, J. C. TTTerIaa, E. TTTeyer, J. H. TTTcCommas, Fl. TTT. TTTcCoy, J. LU. TTTcCracIzen, J. L. TTTcCuIIougI1, H. E. TTTiIL3urn, C. V. TTTiIIer, J. L. TTTiIstead, I"I. T. Perm, E. lil. Propes, LU. D. First Sergeant E. TTT. UJHITE, JR. Richardson, G. B. Rosprim, L. J. Shirley, lJ.J. L. Spoede, J. H. Storseth, J. Swanson, J. C. Syptalz, H. T. Tate, H. C. Taylor, H. H. Thomas, H. O. Thompson, I. Tumlinson, B. J. Turner, TTT. H. LUaII2er, J. F. U.JeIIborn, V. L. LUhite, F. L. LUindham, J. F. Yeary, J. C. R. F. VOGT Second-in-Command E. TTT. UJHITE, JR. First Sergeant X- .13 my " 'Z'1.S"-weif. s ' rf' "VY"s4 e. "ix L-"V i .- ' J. .il'9f'5-132.i-L1t....:2'::wv-M-aes X W-.2'.2.+s . 'Mi v-if-s'---1 -' ' 73 F T si?-t':T:':i:'iir'fr"-f1'9T 732, ' M' "ll 1 x W. ' X 1 :rr .4W..- .M 'f of .. , t'i:....tQ. .. . f 'A --N -.,.. - 'itat' BHTTERY Captain B. F. GEFHRHFIRT 1st Lieutenant norton, H. B. Qnd Lieutenants Bugh, C. L. Schier, C. J. Swan, H. LU. ,... qua FRHTTH GEDSBERG Second-in-Command Fl. G. BECHmFll'll'I First Sergeant ll ll R FIELD RRTILLCRY Second-in-Command First Sergeant FRFTDH GETISBERG R. G. BECHTTTFTDFT Sergeants Hurd, P. H. Bartel, Rrthur Comnas, P. H. Hall, H. H. Rutherford, J. H. white, R. R. U.JisenbalQer, R. Corporals Caldwell, Roy Conley, P. T. Couch, J. P. Denton, V. C. Duncan, LU. TTT. Larson, J. H. mager, fl. H. morgan, J. O. E. 4th Year Privates Flrmstrong, D. E. Colzinos, G. P. Dennis, F. Harrison, L. H. Johnson, C. UJ. Langford, E. H. marble, D. H. Fllitchell, F. LU. Pendery, R. H. Thompson, J. C. Turman, P. TTT. Venner, Ralph 3rd Year Privates Bohenlzamp, F. Butler, H. G. Coston, Zed Danner, F. L. Fisherman, F. Funderburgh, J. LU. mills, H. B. Pratt, LU. l. Silzes, L. B. T. Qnd Year Privates Balrzer, L. TTT. Boswell, R. P. Boyd, Joe Collinos, J. Faust, H. R. Hearn, R. L. Heuhne, LU. Fl. Liebhafslzy, H. H. Lipscomb, S. LU. Fleely, H. G. Price, LU. Sorenson, H. V. LJJatson, D. H. 1st Year Privates Hlbritton, L. E. Flllen, O. G. Hshwill, LU. H. Bland, C. J. Braziel, LU. TTT. Browne, E. P. Dewey, LU. LU. Eades, J. R. Giles, J. P. Harvey, F. B. Heidenheimer, LU. J Heitlzamp, C. LU. Hensel, F. LU. Hantz, J. T. mcGee, R. m. messer, G. E. morris, G. R. Flovalz, E. G. ! B. F. GEFIRHFIRT Battery Commander Rhea, B. B. Robinson, Fl. J. Robinson, m. H Rutherford, LU. TTT Schuler, LJJ. O. Shields, E. H. Sullivan, R. P. Talbot, H. G. Townsend, D. F. LlJeaver, O. TTT. LUilson, Fl. G. l.Uornicl:, D. C. . ,.,.... Q . . . L - , ,W 5' wx A- X 1-L ""' . .4 A . ,-. - s ...saw Q--ye... ,, ---. L., gc.: .ls ws- ms ' Q' 'T 5" 1 sf- ' -:.-r . "'s p: Qi, " NT PM as ' " 'Ni-'Q "K-has -1' I ' -- -- .-'7:AQF'l" " i" 'z '4 -21 ' ' wi' I3N.'iiIF'i'f5-'CYS' 5 J " N 2-' ., -. ' - " " " -fl's.-Q.1'73:v43T"-tiE1"fi'IEt:-'-.zz-.' --S2'5,3:'i1i1E52-'Ii .v.EF5E'-mlb " . , . P -'NM-f. 1 Qvnls' 'Q' . s.g,?'., r' .' -s.w"s"Q'- 1 N ' 3 ' 'K x.. w .J -ZQEK...--- v e, -4---2-1-Iss:-'..f:-.Ts1 rx: 5-.., wr-Ni .1-,-r::7-Pm' -gs-:-.,-53-.'2-if-2f.r.'.1:'1::--imp.amz,-':g:::S9s:jwrg-saggy 'Y-ip.. 1, V- s 4'-,L-sz-.gm -as C, Ps 1 "WA :wi -e rs? N' Wigs. AX T 0 O f it Q CJK, J. I. HEBCHEVILLE Battery Commander BHTTERY "B" FIELD HRTILLERY Ca ptain J. I. HERCHEVILLE 1st Lieutenant Bean, R. F. Qnd Lieutenant Flldrich, J. L. Sergeants Brown, H. H. mayhew, C. ffl. Orgain, H. H. Stewart, L. L. Vaughan, J. R. Corporals Cantini, F. C. Donnelly, C. G. I-Ianway, J. P. Heim, J. T. mitchell, G. P. Flovelli, R. J. Seay, E. LU. 4th Year Privates Campbell, G. FTI. Coulson, B. Fannin, C. C. fTlaceo,l,V. H. Potter, J. Russell, LU. FI. 3rd Year Privates Hllen, FI. J. Dees, B. G. Johns, H. I. Huban, J. F. medellin, P. moughon, B. C. Powell, H. C. Second-in-Command R. Fl, HIGGIDBOTHFHFD 2nd Year Privates Boaz, D. F. Brown, LU. LU. Calhoun, J. Chapman, E. G. Dexter, J. F. Dixon, J. m. Elrod, R. H. mihola, H. Peter, L. S. Plunlzett, P. LU. Buslz, F. E. Stevens, O. CE. UJiIIiams, m. E. 1st Year Privates Bentinclz, G. F. Bethel, H. F. Blair, LU. E. Braun, H. F. Cooper, S. H. Cox, H. H. Griffith, R. C. Hill, LU. E. Holm, E. G. Houston, I. T. Hudson, J. LU. Ingram, LU. P. Jared, CS. B. Henagy, J. LeDoux, C. LU. marks, G. S. martin, H. D. mcCarrolI, G. LU. mcGowen, H. F. moore, H. C. murph, E. H. neely, H. S. Rainey, C. H. First Sergeant H. H. HHLSELL Reid, H. Rominger, J. C. Satterfield, D. Saunders, D. m. Shea, H. LU. smith, J. L. Stokes, J. D. L.Uellborn, J. LUilson, E. L. R. H. HIGGIFIBOTHFHTI Second-in-Command H. H. HFILSELL First Sergeant I -- , ' .. fi- ,.-Z.: -., gwff. , .,-.- .Y ,, .. .- -- .--M .. .. sw..---J. - I ... " ' -' ."'tP""'3"'-' W- - , ..,, yQ,5:+,::??.f3'1 JL- .Qt . QA ' . ,.,,,Qs' f- r - , ,, '. . . . X suis, .-L.q.r'P.,, A'f- siffliwg.. 1,2-fzgksfl' :--..,.f.1X,, -' y i. :J , . .. x. -. . it V. V:,'f'ff',,,,,yi.:gQ,,z,ma.:xl,ss'If2Q?w-3-.-3 3 1S"f..q 'Fest T:-.Q - ' sw- ,.55QgXt53.J-iii-NZ' 3- . .. ..4w.,,..-. , 4... ,. -,,y'i""N .2t.."1'?-,,, as -s ,b ,m.Q,..--, Y.. " M , -:N 'Q' ' 1 gg . rf .fs 45332 .ag '7Y"f "M" . ' BRTTERY "C" FIELD RRTILLE Laptain LU. TRHBUE Qnd Lieutenant Dershimer, J. E. Sergeants Filbrecht, Fi. B. Bush, F. LU. Bush, R. E. LU. G. mcl'lElLL Second-in-Command Fi. LU. ROGERS First Sergeant Second-in-Command LU. G. mcl'iElLL Clemens, F. C. Lundberg, C. Fl. Patrick, O. L. Smith, G. E. Trail, C. D. Trapolino, S. L. LUood, J. LU. Corporals Fidams, R. L. Dreiss, E. Holt, B. B. Rleuser, C. L.U. Reynolds, L. D. Shaw, J. Fi. Shelton, LU. R. Sowell, J. C. 4th Year Privates Fillen, R. C, Cunningham, G. H. Crump, J. F. Grant, D. Hagner, LU. J. Jackson, R. T. Reck, E. T. Robinson, J. FFL 3rd Year Privates Bacque, O. L. Bryant, J. H. Critz, J. S Curcl, P. B. James, C. O. Porter, T. LU. LUallis, LU. R. First Sergeant H. LU. ROGERS 2nd Year Privates Bills, LU. m. Brooks, T. R. Caraway, V, H. Duncan, G. E. Lewis, H. S. Link, J. B. Sanders, B. L. LUinlzel, R. F. 1st Year Privates Hllison, F. fn. Rnderson, G. D. Barth, LU. C, Becker, LU. H. Bisett, E. LU. Buck, V. R. Buckingham, R. P. Clarkson, LU. Coussoulis, P, R. Dahl, H. LU. Defee, R. R. Ezell, H. Freeborn, J. lu TRHBUE Hodges' J' C' Battery Commander Rirby, m. fTi. Hnight, L. F. Robayashi, T. Hrezdorn, Fi. H. iQ Laprelle, F. B. Lilly, C. Fi. massengale, H. LU. Fnclflwrath, D. LU. mcnatt, T. J. mushaway, CS. L. neighbors, H. H. Schott, E. E. Spiller, J. R. Trip, H. H. UJalker, B. B, ll... -.. . -A ..-.-.. ' - . W--M-'mv,k,.,.,c:' M., wr.-?f if--Fw SECOND BHTTFILIOIW FIEI HRTILLERY STHFF VTIHJOR L. D. VIEFUHTI Battalion Commander CHPTHIVI FI. C. BHRHER Executive FIRST LT. T. E. SEITIBERFI Fldjutant FIRST LT. O. G. I-IUDSOFI Intelligence Officer FIRST LT. J. F. ROHRH Plans and Training Officer FIRST LT. UJ. LU. GLHSS Supply Officer SGT. FTIHJOR G. m. CRHVEFIS Staff Sergeant HDQRS. BHTTERY SECOITD BHTTHLIOVI FIELD HRT. Captain Second-in-Command First Sergeant C. LU. LUHLHER LJJ. O. CULBERTSOFI C. R. OLIVER Serggqntg COrpOrGlS l'lutft, Burney, C. R. Collins, T. F. Craig, J. LU. Hanna, G. T. Hnetsar, B. C. Reyes, H. V. LU. O. CULBERTSOTI Second-in-Command C. R. OLIVER First Sergeant Flustin, ITT. E. Davis, Jim Fflclntire, C. R. muse, J. LU. Perdue, LJJ. LU. Schnabel, Fl. O. Smith, V. S. Yowell, J. D. 4th Year Privates Garner, E. C. Holmes, R, C. 3rd Year Privates Flrmistead, J. D. Bradley, LUright Broussard, G. P. Burton, Bill Darrow, T. S. Fugate, J. L. Gorin, E. C. Greig, H. J. Jordan, G. L. Oates, E. C. Rogers, J. S. 2nd Year Privates Carter, R. H. Cates, H. Fl. Crawford, J. LU. Dallas, J. E. Davenport, S. P. Duncan, J. F. Eaves, C. C. Edwards, L. LU. Jenlczins, J. LU. Jorns, J. LU. Long, E. G. Fnims, C. D. Senning, R. C. Stanton, UJ. L. L.Uilde, E. L. LUoodworth, LU. L. 1st Year Privates Beaman, B. C. Beard, J. LU. Benson, LU. R. Bolton, P. m. Bradberry, C. B. Cain, J. H. Dreibelbis, L. L. Elliot, R. E. Harris, O. Ci. Hiclrrman, l. n. Hobrecht, H P. Hutcheson, C. E. Himball, S. C. Hingsbury, T. 9. Lane, J. R. Lynch, R. Fl. lTlohle, H. LU. moore, fTI. E. l'lix, P. S. Phillips, R. F. Ragland, J. D. Rall, T. J. Reyes, FI. Richmond, Fred, Jr Shinner, J. LU. lUallace, LU. lJJadsworth, S. V, LUest, E. H. C. LU. LUFTLHER Battery Commander 0 O E. B. SHLE Battery Commander COTTTBHT TRHIH, SECOND BHTTHLIOR, FIELD HRT. Captain Second-in-Command E. B. SHLE 2nd Lieutenant D. H. morris Sergeants Carroll, lil. R. Thompson, J. R. Corporals Barrier, C. D. Bills, R. C. Bracher, C. lU. Burchfield, R. LU. Coleman, LU. D. Doyle, F. C. Evans, Joe UJ. Francis, T. R. Gee, H. H. Gibson, F. Fl. Hawthorne, E. J. Hay, H. Fl. Hendricks, LU. lll. Holick, D. H. Lindsey, R. LU. martin, D. R. mayo, G. E. mcClung, H. G. Packer, R. E. Ross, lll. R. l.Ualker, lll. T. lJJarner, H. Fl. l.lJilson, UJ. B. Young, Gail Zuehl, E. H. 4th Year Private nelson, R. R. 2nd Year Privates Burkett, J. E. Davis, H. R. Garrett, S. E. Gilloud, E. J., Jr. norwood, G V. Owens, H. m. 1st Year Privates Hdams, J. H. Fllbrecht, H. C. Ftshby, J. B. Beal, O. LU. Bennett, L. E. Berger, R. J. Berryman, R. L. Bibb, lil. E. Boyd, J. R. Bradford, D. m. Brounes, P. Browder, H. m. Campbell, Banks Carpsnter, J. m. Chandler, H. H. Colgin, J. H. Coomei, J. D. Cozzens, G. LU. Doan, Richard Donovan, F. H. Eben, J. P. Eichholtz, F. T. Feilner, R. L. Fenner, R. L. Ferrell, B. B. Ferrell, E. H. Fletcher, S. H. Flores, E. D. Galloway, C. G. Garner, R. B. Geer, C. E. Gibbs, G. G. Graham, D. UJ. Gready, L. S. Hamlin, John Hammock, J. R. Heim, C. E. Heimann, C. E. Hodges, J. C. Humphrey, J. R. Jackson, F. E. Johnson, H. Q., Jr. Johnson, LU. G. Jones, m. L. Jones, R. F. Heeter, J. J. Hemble, J. R. Hey, J. T. fT1ITCHELL Ring, J. TT. Hnight, UJ. G. Hrenek, B. H. Larson, R. E. Latham, m. C. Lee, J. lll. Legg, Jack Leslie, R. H. Lewis, G. R. Lindsey, Jack Louder, T. R. Luper, m. lll. Lutz, m. E. Lyles, R. Fl. martin, Fl. m. mathis, E. UJ. mcnnelly, J. C. mcDonald, R. lJJ. moreland, B. m. mullane, UJ. J. myers, R. V. Parker, Fl. H. Parker, J. H. Parks, Jack Poston, B. L. Preskitt, m. LU. Prokopf, F. Propst, J. R. Ramsel, C. H. Ramsey, R. C. Richards, H. J. Richards, Jack Robinson, m. H. Rust, Fl. F. Sanders, S. 0. Schleier, E. E. Scott, J. Ft. R. Shahan, H. E. Sherril, D. L. Simmons, H. D. Smith, m. R. Smithwick, J. m. Strickland, T. S. Thompson, F. C. Todd, m. lll. Tumlinson, B. G. Turner, J. P. Uzzell, Pierce First Sergeant E. L. SHITIPLE UJasson, C. L. Lllaidhofer, Lawrence U.lernly, UJ. R. lllilkinson, marion lllillis, J. G. lllright, Jimmie Yeargin, R. L. R. E. mlTCHELL Second-in-Command E. L. SHmPLE First Sergeant .. gs. --- . . .. . . . s 1. - ,- -- - X- -- 'M- - I . 9 .. '-wa-...M-3. M- .- sl I ...X W,dL.,s,-gpg if-C -9 xv, New it 1 .LV . my . 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R. maxwell, H. Pyeatt, UJ. LU. Steinl-ramp, H. Trapolino, J. m. Voss, T. E. 'Znd Year Privates Blohm, G. L. Bone, J. R. Carroll, P. ffl. Garner, J. LU. George, E. C. Good, E. B. Hayes, B. G. Hayhurst, R. B. Holstein, E. E. Hoplrzins, C. m. Hreuz, S. S. Lawson, J. B. magill, LU. H. Fnitcheil, m. E. Ragan, LU. C. Rust, J. C. Tillson, G. LU. LUells, J. D. LUillSon, LU. P. 1st Year Privates Flbney, F. S. Beville, H. Fi. Brown, C. LU. Buchtler, H. R. Case, H. L. Clarlz, Fl. LU. Cotton, Fi. Fi. Danver, LlJ. l.U. Davis, T. C. Furry, H. E. Gardner, J. S. Geaccone, S. J. Grayson, R. E. Green, J. Fi. Hammond, J. L. Harris, J. P. Hinds, J. T. Leeman, S. P. Fi' Srl V FM '-zsfsrrfike-7svrrLSf,.L.nf-:K .. s 191. 'o5' YibA' . Q -:?z..-.-2-.ks-Elie g. i' " ,:,:2. " " If , .W Wd' "' ti' Fr. ..r- V r' - - V .fr-2fiM..:t2 .Mx,.4wv .g-,gsars-fu V- A .......ef:.1w.- '- .. tw- r F. P. THOFTIHS Battery Commander FncConnell, B. R. mcQuaide, H. C. mueller, C. P. Fnulvey, J. R. Peevey, J. P. Shieis, E. F. Steed, Fi. 9. Towery, P. Vaughn, J. H. L,LJall2er, G. H. Llliliicms, T. S. O O P. B. BLUNT Battery Commander 1st Lieutenant Bremer, LU. H. Qnd Lieutenants Percy, H. V. l.Ualls, L. TN. BHTTERY "E" FIGLD i Captain P. B. BLUNT Sergeants Ntlainson, C. UJ. Becla, B. C. Dietz, J. C. Huffalaer, J. Began, T. J. B. Bhea, B. ITT. Thieme, C. FN. Carporals Braunig, H. E. Dillon, P. C. Dwyer, C. F. Jorrie, S. FN. Oliver, TTT. Parker, E. C. Schutz, Fl. D. Schutz, C. D. 4th Year Privates Foote, D. N. mathieu, L. G. Uhr, C. LU. 3rd Year Privates Bergmann, C. H. Gibson, J. O. Jenlzins, O. L. Johnson, B. V. FNcGlotl'1lin, E. UJ. mills, J. T. Swanson, J. F. Taylor, LU. B. UJrigl'1t, LU. C. Second-in-Command m. LONG Qnd Year Private Bell, J. H. Brundrette, LU. TN. Cox, L. L. Groulx, B. B. Hogan, FN. E. Howard, H. G. Birlz, P. Fl. Nachlinger, L. L. Neal, B. L. Paris, F. B. lJJl'rite, J. B. 1st Year Privates Ndams, FT. B. Braden, J. C. Clarlze, C. Dougherty, UJ. B. Gillespie, H. UJ. Griffith, B. B, Henderson, T. S. Holland, l. J. C. Howard, B. H. Bissinger, B. T. Litchfield, H. L. merbet, G. C. Parlwer, B. UJ. Schmidt, Fl. C. Schott, H. J. Sharum, L. T. Sherman, C. T. Silvey, LU. B. N B T l L L C B Y s Steimel,B.f'N. First Sergeant H. J. FLHHE Tabor, C. E. Voigt, G. FN. LUilliams, B. LUiIIis, S. TTT. l.Uorthington, G. T. FN. LONG Second-in-Command H. J. FLNBE First Sergeant ' 'T ' f'f.w 2f5?Z"1'?l-W .. 'N'-'FT 'lf Q.. .H , g-...J-fiwig .Qs ,'r,:, gg gy'-Ll. .w...'.-xwjf.'fkj".,l,'4ff-Q . mfs.: 'fu 21 4- X, L-FQ.-,1'Ij,ffxT1'f,g'-"il V ,Z Q ii-.f-s.g5.s:',:-gafzr-,farm vw- ' -5f,"t' 955-.JW "rw -:qg+:v5+g.vd3-iff! -- ,:.f.q,..f-.1 ,U f ,, W 1 J , u ,,. .3 X ' J. . 1 ...... -,4,.,... ,. V- :H """"A 'K XM K. Q 76" N ' m 'War Q -. 9 - xx "' '5fc,,gt"n-.s v -. "4- 'H J . ff' -3-X.: . "' .. ..ft.ws+4ww-sSfiffLiffff:'ti' v ' " 'img BFITTERY "F" FIELD HRTILLERY 4 Captain Second-in-Command First Sergeant T. P. JOHFISOD L. D. UPSHFWLU LU. J, GREEFILUHLD Sergeants Corporals Short, O. FD. Butler, O. D. Cooper, J. G. UJ. Hogue, C. E. moseley, H. m, Slagle, L. E. L. D. UPSHFILU Second-in-Command LU. J. CSREEISILUHLD First Sergeant Hdams, B. J. Carter, F. S. Dale, J, T. Dylze, H. H. Haberle, D, L. Herder, H. naylor, H, L. Smith, H. C. 4th Year Privates De Long, D. E. Graeser, H. J. Lay, H. F. Stewart, J, H. 3rd Year Privates Cabiness, B, H. Evans, F. L. Hoefs, C. H. mebane, P. m. Strother, C. P. lUhite, V. C. Qnd Year Privates Beard, L. F, Bernhard, LU. E. Busby, J. E. Crisswell, J, LU. Davis, J. G. Freund, C. L. Fleas, C. V. Roberts, H. LU. Starlin, C. Ft. 1st Year Privates Bailey, J. B, Bell, C. L. Brand, Ft. B. Brown, C. m. Cardwell, G. C. Crain, LU. E. Crawley, H. D. Cummer, B. E. Dashields, D. B. Davis, L. L. Downs, Ft. S. Ellis, H. P. Elslzes, LJJ. C. Floyd, J. T. Forman, Ft. H, Fuller, J. P. Gillette, F. H. Goodbar, B. Hancoclsz, J. H. Hutchings, H. S. Jones, B. F. Lepage, H. C. marshall, H. Ft. merriman, O. O. Flassauer, G. Parrish, B. Ft. Prove, E. H. Reece, Fl. E. Sedberry, J. m. T. P. JOHNSON Battery Commander Seele, H. m. Sharp, J. P. Story, F. L. Stubbs, V. B. LUernIy, LU. R. LJJhitley, F. S. Yater, J. m. O O r x x ,.,, -, ai, U V W .,, . 'Z L nf V'W"U 1' - , , .11 " . A V 3 ' 1' ld ,gyirrragf , qqwv V XX x HM. , 4, QF - ff i T N r . , ls fr . "1 ' X, A . V lr f 1 W X- ii , 9 i s - 1 ' " rs .sift ,YM s ig fr? , - y I it 1 g Q i --X' ' x W. . 9 , if ..... ,,, V u ., A V 4 or 1 'Y P , . A , - 'PN-'ggi --""1 -sh' .V W. ' Q ' Q . 4 ' 5 ,. y 1 "1 s - . , Ji - " d ' is :tl 1 1 Q-ig? Na.. ' L . is . .. 1 I t K A-5. . ' 'ARK ',--v M 5 H ferr , S, K j v 1. X 1 it A ' ' X.,- s r Q7 f 'S-if M435 i w E . .- , is L 2, f A- V. , t ' 2 t v ,wits V X .1 ,f x A A 's Q 1 fi f if sf' Ea , A , , ff -2. .- If f K ' Q ,. V: , E 355, -55 I X S i fn: 1 VJ, my r"'ige.ls ,.'ig'11,,-zf?'ir, ' O It X ""Vs- . . ffl", ,i Fi W' F X, Vx gg -- , f . 'R " 'M L. s T. Wi? 5 Y A is lv,f,sAf:g: ge.-J' V i 'f ' A . 3 iflsmiit j .4 , Q2 if' 1 .. i W ff .1 1 , " .s - -- 1 'L it fr .H-r":.s .ft " ...ss ' asia X i 3 G , 4 .nz-X , . :M it X was I ' J if Fi , , 7 I 1 x iff' ' ,- c V f 1, 931 -V if . -A Eg Rfk?-.U Q V sq. . X . 1, we Lx. --fsixos -:rf if 53' if J' QS. C155 EER. ugly mi r Kiln al lx Q f XX K 1 Ki-W-XXTKA FIELD HRTILLERY CFlfTlP CHITTP BULLIS, TEXHS Bet they're shooting dice . . . The best port of the doy . . . Three ol ci lzind or sumpin . . . John's in this one too . . . Up at the O. P .... Hello, could l speolz to Sidney, pleose . . . This boy ond the 9. 81 m. corps get letters from l.. Street . . . If my Sidney were only here . . . number four-Firel . . . Direct- ing fire ot the O. P .... l'le hclunts houses os o sideline . . . Fl direct hit- l'le hopes . . . l,Uhitmore's summer comp lor boys . . . why the tox payers cuss. 5 l -1-A 4. in Shana-. ..... . I 3 by Q, Ax, t X ' 4,11-x I 1 F:-it-4 .,, l 'P Nl vi il ll l lu , i . , fl I i X' 'f ,- lil lfilsl! FIELD HRTILLERY CHITIP CHITIP BULLIS, TEXFIS l'd swear it's Roarlz? . . . H gallon of beer would have been much better . . . Fletcher and martin "Sign up Hlbrechtu . . . Time lor chow . . . The British have Cl name for it . . . l.et John and Bill play some . . . If Esquire could have only seen them . . . UJhy white-mr. white, is Lt. Colonel . . . "Dapper" on soap- l.Ue talze Dapper-we got soap . . . Three Big noises . . . Here comes the truclz . . . They call him "Baby Face Hustinn . . . H scholar and a rogue . . . Sense it-UJiId Bill-Sense it . . . Three times a clay and we cussed Dun- can . . . He's just fixing a tent rope. 1 .n J ,is A? ri w al 3, f-ggjsvrdt X I Q Q JF 4 NA" ft K. , O N I D it X 4 iiirxf. Vw ! , si sn. , ' gh - NX . . b Q is N6 dx .A f i Q . x 9 K. N. ggi Y Wi ' Q N' Q x QP in Q- ,H ,325 N in 'KNAQ sv 'vu . sf 4 V ' N ' . P N ff . ,P- xfw- iiwfmf f -.X M Avy, f., . ' . ' , 'Q ' , x""z " "F ff' i. ,X . 1 - 'V ,r N . 5 I . i A ' X Q if I A as f gl, K., , P N 'A R ,f f fly' . t Y ti A X 'Im , .",, 9 S Aufkgf y fs. 54' Ps, r x N V ' : Q X X gi, e ' A ,, f . , " 3 ,F J ' . V if I Q , , x, xt 5, . .V , .. , , rf S ENGINEER REGITNENTNL STRFF ' LT. COLONEL TN.fT1. HENRY Regimental Commander ITTHJOR P. C. SCHOENFELD Executive CHPTHIN G. H. LUESSLER, JR. Fidjutant CHPTHIN J. O. LUOOD Plans and Training Officer CNPTNIN J. C. TNORRISS Supply Officer Standing: COLOR SGT. H. NORDHHUS COLOR SGT. J. P, BRHDLEY Seated: A TECHNICHL SGT. H. J. BNRTHELOUJ SGT. TNHJOR C. H. HUDSON TTTNSTER SGT. N. P. ROLLINS, JR. FIRST BRTTRLIOF1 ENGINEER STRFF FTWRJOR R. L. POLUELL Battalion Commander CFIPTFHYI C. P. FRITSCH, JR. Hdjutcant SGT. fT'lF1JOR H E. HOCH Staff Sergeant N iOfTiPFi Captain J. H. SHHGGS 1st Lieutenant Ridgway, J. R. Sergeants Blaclz, LU. H. Conner, H. LU. Garza, 9. fn. R. LU. JHCHSOU Second-in-Command B. SImfT'IOn First Sergeant F1Y"H"El'1G IUEERS Second-inn-Command First Sergeant B. LU. JHCHSOD B. SIl'T'lmOl'l Hamilton, E. B. Siderius, L. G. UJray, Beswiclz Yamini, G. O. Corporals Burns, B. H. Jones, T. T. Hirven, P. E. Hoetter, G. LU. Peterson, D. LU. Puclzett, J. B. Sibecb, L. G. 4th Year Privates Brown, J. CS. Christian, Ben Taylor, H. E. Thompson, Y. E. 3rd Year Privates Beeson, L. C. Blume, UJalter Glenn, LU. E. lmler, no. Junghans, LU. H. Johnson, E. D. mascorro, m. fn. Young, H. H. Qnd Year Privates Davis, E. E. Dominy, C. B. Hambricle, J. H. l-lanrcihcln, LU. E. Hirschfeld, J. V. Holmes, H. C. massey, J. E. mcHee, J. m. miller, B. J. Bitchie, L. C. Snydelaar, lfl. Fi. Steurer, G. E. Sullivan, U.J. LU. LUilliams, C. E, 1st Year Privates Fldams, F. B. Hllison, J. G. Bielstein, B. fn. Bloodworth, J. C. Brown, B, LU. Carnes, G. H. Ehlers, V. LU. Endres, fn. J. Fleetwood, UJ. E. Grochoslrze, Fl. E. Levine, P. LU. mcCurdy, B. B. rlalle, J, B. Phillips, D. Bamsden, H. D. Saba, T. E. Sharp, B. H Sharp, B. H. Spencer, B. E. Sullivan, B. J. J. H. SHHGGS Company Commander Tillery. G. LU. Valentino, F. D. Van Horn, B. O. LUag9oner, H. V. B. LUatanabe, H. Yarbrough, David B. I-.... .. ' " ' P .. J.. .- "L, , ' .- .. . f' 15. fi'f'wwf:s gig...,...-f.- 1. g , 4, "M AA?-9 - M1 O O J. O. mcLEBOY Company Commander 1st Lieutenant Gilchrist, F. LJ. 2nd Lieutenants Crisman, O. LU. Haplan, m. CCFUPHHY "B" ENG Captain Second-in-Command J. O. mcLEBOY J. H. mOOBE Sergeants Second Year Privates Boolzman, B. LU, Brown, LU. H. Campbell, J. L. Grimmer, G. Ci. Haile, J. m. Taylor, D. F. Thornton, m. l. LUitchell, H. S. L.Uest, B. P. Corporals Bibbs, J. C. Cassin, LU. Conley, J. S. Copeland, J. E. Dupre, Fl. J. Hanhamer, P. C. Ryan, H. LU. Simpson, D. P. 4th Year Privates Bayless, F. B. Stulzenburg, J. D. 3rd Year Privates Fichessen, J. LU. Humann, H. Johnson, H. P. Hilsdonh, B. Fl. Booseman, B. Q. L.LJest, B. P. Bistrow, E. l. Carney, H. P. Champagne, B. rl. Derrich, H. Fl. Greit, LU. LU. Johnson, L. H. meisell, E. T. neale, H. J. Schiller, B. E. LLJade, B. C. LJJurzbach, B. H. 1st Year Privates Hlexander, C. E. Baher, C. L. Bentley, C. Fl. Carter, H. H. Cunningham, J. m. Drumwright, H. E. Frantz, C. H. Garcia, H. 9. Gardner, LU. C. Graham, B. F. Hall, C. Hart, G. B. maddux, n. F. martin, H. I'T1. martin, J. E. Odom, ln. LU. Parlger, L. B. Paschal, LU. H. IHEER First Sergeant LU. R. DHVIS Potts, P, S. Reed, L. D. Bubinstein, D. H. Snyder, fl. H. Sosa, D. Stanley, LU. B. Tobey, E. E. J. H. mOOBE Second-in4Command LU. B. DHVIS First Sergeant A-TL. ...-,. - ,vggvs PM-an I ' -Af " -sm' R gqdrm ,J ,X 6 g.x'r-seam' 3,3 gg' ' 'M 'L R . K ,,. C , M, - , g V V, -1.-. , ..... .,.....LL -- sf -A . f-V-,M An .,s. ..,... ,-, . . "'l'ifffff'Q'.S?ZiG+5'u"?l. M -bis-it ' ' fini ""ff7 ' i inf? i' ' 1' ":'3f'i rixn Sn L J -L g P ' it K5 """ 1'1" .755-' Agfa . L s --'A' ' ,iv .. sf 'Y .1 'f . L f . ' 1 wif ..---.1'f:.- .11-1.4, "Q,--s r W. , :. .,. J.. -L, f - - 1- T-.1110 'gifs V .,. Y 1 -Ah , wh f , we .L . . , .-N - , ...it .vars-:s-.W fgfv.+"'.m:.-sv iam, Leads . . .T - . I ..-.-in , .vw F . M., . 93. Q- ,, A- M. , 0. h. I ., , , ,-,, n W , ,, U... 9 .0. 3. waggamrv W 4 .,9.lM'...,, , ,,..-. OTTTPFTITY "E" EITGIITEERS ptain J. T. YHRDLEY 1st Lieutenant macpherson, J. F. 2nd Lieutenant lTTueller, C. B. Sergeants Hlexander, J. ITT. Davis, E. C. F. TTTEYER Second-in-Command FI. C. DULLITIG, JR. First Sergeant Second-in-Command C. F. ITTEYER Hodges, fT'l. B. Roberts, J. R. Sherrod, H. J. Spencer, R. Q. Corporals Hnderson, TTT. C. Bowman, H. L. Hancoclz, J. D. Harral, P. lU. Huylwendall, TTT. LU. Richardson, J. E. 2nd Year Privates Bourn, J, F. Edwards, S. UJ. Fussell, J. E. Jennings, H. TTT. Jones, TTT. D. Hopit, L. S. fTTcCullough, H. T. fTTiller, B. B. l'Teece, L. C. Pamplin, T. TT. Swinney, C. E. Tomelrz, J. H Valasco, R. E. waiters, B. D. 1st Year Privates Hnderson, C. D. Bain, L, C. Barbour, H. L. First Sergeant Fi. C. DULLTTIG, JR Bean, J. E. Braswell, C. D. Cain, J. C. Campbell, LU. UJ. Carter, H. H. Citzler, H. TTT. Clarlz, lJJ. L. Conaster, lJJ. E. Dean, J. D. Eubanlus, G. G, Gary, G. D. Gray, S, G. Grounds, L. R. Halbroolz, L. J, Hall, J. L. Hammons, TTT. Hiltpold, H. UJ. Hopit, J. E. Hroclzer, R. Fi. Lane, LU. T. Lewis, H LU. Lewis, TT. E. malone, C. B. fTTartin, S. S. fTTedlin, Y. H. J. T. YHRDLEY Company Commander Rowan, E, H morris, L. C. Sandell, TTT. S l'Torton, J. F. Simmons, UJ C niclzolson, H. L. Stanley, E. G Pierce, lJ.J, B. Stanley, V. B Rachuig, C. H. UJalsh, F. R Ramirez, R. l.Uilliams, FI G Riley, T. J. Robbins, R. C. UJisrodt, G. E LUoIie, FT. T . Q rg ? " fl-hwzr ' H rfz. ..-Ns V-sf-e+.-1-H . -.F A ,,.. , -6 .., . . . ., . 11" V J "i?3:v.Ms1s',2',,.,3-.f M.:.iy.t: 74, up M , IM - - sf., - ' , se r-- :'tf?..,- ..r,pjqi,g,5x3g::v - 4 . V ,,,,rf. :.f- bu- . g -an . ,. 1,3-v, in? Af.. ,, -- V A ,. Qi- ?Q,smfw4E:3e-3. ... .,,,g. :,,, ,3- . X ., ,A t-,: 43g1 .-: :W . t-. . w w uwhg utc igc cf. O SECOND BNTTNLION ENGINEER STNFF VNFUOR G. H. HISSINGER JR Battalion Co d CNPTHINJ FN BNSTION Hd SGT. fNFUOR J. C, HERR Stuff Sergeant CIDN'CE1EUEUDIP?,lNi? COmPHl'1Y"D"EHGIflEERS Captain UJ. E. SIfTlPSOI'1 'Znd Lieutenants Crasso, LU. H. Staley, J. H. Sergeants Faullz, m. lU. mavrico, FT. G. C. F. DOUGHERTY Second-in-Command H. UJ. BREYTVIFTTT First Sergeant Second-in-Command First Sergeant C. F. DOUGHERTY H. LU. BREf1l'lF!I'1 Peace, J. R. Smith, FT. LU. Taylor, llJ. TTT., Jr. UJard, D. L. Corporals Ball, LU. Fl. Cloucl, B. B. Goldberg, L. C. mayo, LU. P. Pcrrlette, R. l. Provost, F. E. Robislwclw, FT. P. 3rd Year Privates de la Torre, J. H. Bennett, m. G. northrop, J. LU. Prinz, H. E. Rector, LU. S. 2nd Year Privates Brown, J. H. Coola, TTT. U. Chase, Fl. L. Crosnoe, T. C. Downs, J. LU. Garney, C. P. Gattis, J. L. Jones, V. T. Heith, B. G. Lassiter, J. B. merritt, H. T. murphy, J. FT. Pace, E. R. Pearce, m. R. Russell, E. C. Stanley, CJ. UJ. lJJarner, E. B. 1st Year Privates Blessington, H. L. Clwapoton, T. E. Cihlar, J. E. Cowan, LU. T. De Vilbiss, C. F. Emery, H. E. Gissler, J. E. Golf, R. R. Hahn, U. LU. Hargrove, C. C. Huebner, TTT. T. Ligarde, H. meriwether, J. B. Petitfils, Fl. F. Rumbaugh, C. Shultz, C. Y. Sparbman, R. TTT. Tolliver, B. H. llJatson, E. T. l,Uatts, C. O. l.Uest, Fl. C. lUl1itney, C. C. U.Jri9l'rt, P. C. UJ. E. SIVTIPSOFI Company Commander N-...-n ff. .1 . ...M-2 .g.:,...-19, -n,,3,s,-':g ,:,.4 11 5.-, X. -- 3-.i 1, :-'- . J-'Z-.,s'g" ,, V . ' - . i -.WJ-., -' .eff-5-xw..as:51v--.,,-Y-wpwiriv-s ":"" ' - - "'1 -"' ' - ' ' . ""i2fff.E:2'gfi-3-IRL .-: .vS3Q ?':x4sAr- 1""' ' We ' .mas ff: ' Q-' - - -.1 z-W' f 'Vw-ff'."1z'-.v QM " g:s:zL:!'1'if-'2'L,,.. f""'-',e1.w'vff' 'wi iii. . f . ,. J Q-as . " ' ' - QL -- V , , ,wif sets, ,,.,3z .w?g,.. .V -. A vrftqw ..--iz. -'Z .. f 5. ,E--'i.f?3T 'QV -W b 4, "" .-'gw,,,w.. :..4s5Q11::Q7gg25,3v w':-P ly. 1- -j-L.g5-333:--'-t2.iw--1X1:"5is::L....1.,.M - - . I .H ...... Q.-1. i .ww":Q .J 5:21, - . . .ft . ... . , .. . A . .. , be-, V A ,,,.,,,, , .. ., .. - . - O O R. m. SHIPFRHU Company Commander 1st Lieutenant l.Ueaver, R. S. Qnd Lieutenants Hdams, CS. B. Osborn, O. EOfTlPR Ca ptain R. m. SHlPfTlFll'l Sergeants Cohn, H. Lowrie, J. D. martin, C. C. Rabinowitz, D. Stephens, G. S. Corporals Hldridge, E. E. Guy, LU. T. Oswalt, LU. H. Perrin, F. LU. Roddy, B. C. Smith, T. E. l,Uebb, H. H. LUilliams, R. D. 4th Year Privates Carstens, J. E. Forester, O. F. minnocla, LU. Fl. Tarver, J. H. Valentino, E. D. 3rd Year Privates Bird, C. 9. Blair, LU. R. Bransom, G. E. Curry, B. J. Dean, J. J. Cirantham, J. R. Paxton, J. Fl. Rowland, R, H. Tamargo, E. m. RY "E" ENGINEERS Second-in-Command R. FR. COLLIE Qnd Year Privates Gottlieb, S. H. Haltom, H. E. Hrogstad, S. F. Law, B. F. Lorino, C. V. mason, J. P. nolan, J. E. Padget, H. D. Rahn, l.. LU. Roclzwood, LU. R. Smart, J. E. Smyth, fl. B. Stevens, T. D. Valdez, L. m. l.Uillicms, L. B. 1st Year Privates Hppelt, L. L. Rtchison, m. V. Bailey, C. R. Ball, J. Brown, P. R. Byrd, E. E. Carter, LU. J. Cook, B. Cortez, E. E. Degrmond, C5. LU. Firnberg, R. Fl. French, L. F. Haberman, LU. F. Hensley, H. S. Horton, E. l.. Hubbell, J. UJ. Hummel, H. E. Locker, H. m. mabe, J. fn. mcDaniel, C. R. , A ,M X.. . .. 7-,g,Q.g3i-+ ogg:-1-fifs-VN. he rs-z'.:w..,f,..:: X- First Sergeant L. H BHLSER lTlCGuf'fin, J. E. mcmurray, J. L. newby, J. E. Oliver, E. D. Pollay, H. C. Ross, F. R. Schumaclz, J. T. Sexton, T. E. Story, D. Fl. lorrence, R. H. R. m. COLLIE Second-in-Command L. H. BFILSER First Sergeant .. E+. ,:....w31.e:..f Ti- -: ----- ..g' 'IOFTJPHFIY "F" EFIGIFIEERS captain Secondsin-Command First Sergeant J. H. CFIBHVIISS 1st Lieutenant Grimmer, R. FI. Sergeants Campbell, J. H. Gorman, G. D. Lewis, C. R. miller, R. I. H. C. DUDLEY Second-in-Command J. LU. CLHRH First Sergeant H. C. DUDLEY noles, J. R. Simmon, J. H. Corporals Blaclzwell, C. H Brown, C. Fl. Collins, J. LU. Hall, L. H. Hay, J. UJ. Lewis, LU. D. meyers, FI. S. 3rd Year Private Speed, J. R. 2nd Year Privates Beadle, F. F. Cairo, L. J. mcgnelly, E. C. lJJarden, T. B. I.UI1eeIer, G. UJ. 1st Year Privates Fillen, LU. B. Babcoclz, C. V. Barnett, J. IU. Beebe, R. Bellamy, LU. Fi. Bragg, L. C. Chesnutt, G. B. Childs, F. L. Chitwood, J. O. Collier, LU. Crawford, G. G. J. Culpepper, lU. T. Cumming, H. UJ. Gaslzell, C. E. Gibson, C. O. Glenn, J. E. Gochicoa, C. Fl. Gray, L. T. Gregory, R. B. Griffin, B. Hancoclz, C. O. Harrison, R. Hunt, O. T. Iliff, R. D. Jeffus, B. S. Johnston, L. R. Jones, L. L. Hone, G. D. Langston, J. B. Lewis, Fl. L. Loyo, C. fTIcDanieI, LU. l.U. morris, C. S. Pearce, F. L. Poindexter, R. H. Race, G. LU. Reeves, C. D. Reeves, J. R. Shahan, D. R. Stevens, J. J. Trimble, J. B. l,Uade, G. L. LUiIder, D. L. I.UiIson, C. L. UJ. CLHRH J. H. CFIBHDISS Company Commander Fx .IM 1 I ' ---- - - ' ' - - , , ,J .- Q 4. . Q.. q-.:f- - - : '-..z::eea-f..'- Q wwf-.'.. Q-we-... Q- . . .- ' fs...-1 .. fr --A - v '....ow..w-M.gi.q.,. -'fi - L., rw sim' ' 1 - x ' O O . - ,ij 1: , iF -, if I .. , A who -1 ' ',s 1 i i i , it -pi , ', xt lu, "f-,' ' "3 V' . r . 1, si- F- -ps, ,. r-,Y t I ..., . ,. i ., I . , .v f ,F X " . r in ' I 9' W A , Gffr. .. f fgt ww,-1 r V ., i . i E . .--- ' ..,r, V 4 V I ,. '- -'K 1? " L , 'VU x V' 'ii - w 4. f - -,,,c, X, cf, wg: .jig lu V x ,gf N K .I ,, F A . R,-uf! I fu it Q -, 1 v 1 i ' ,, . , , - if a . . ,sb ' ' ' 't ' 4 W ' , A ' V ss 1 ts, 4 ' 46 K , - ' ,,,i W4 mms Mgr" ' if ' Q--L,...-fr" A t ' P- - -Qcwfas. .gi-g, g ,... , gv 4T,.K,,...aw - s , ,f X' .N k ,F - f M A 1- RQ? I x I2 E ,:l+W"f f i. lg? tt ,M A--3' l yvfg W .3 9 A, S Y f Us Q :Q Ar. I 1 5 5 - - 4- ur i 'T ,f Gt M: 1, 3 u ' . If , yt l at ff .,+ X I 1,7 K an J! 3 A I l X. 4 i 'ark n" tw' X 355, "' G KK ammabk. 5 ar 61 lah- A -Q .. it -1.7. A C7 l. . r xr K ty '4 i ltr i i . i ,- i 7,, ll ' iE.3"'fl K X55-is fl 'l'.l'i'il ENGINEER CFlfTiP FORT LOGHU, COLORHDO Ht woriz again . . . Before the execution . . . Fall out and fall in-in five minutes ...Looizit the one we built! . . . Pardon us, ar e , u o we see goose Y dl y bt d bumps? . . . lllliatl just two blanlzets? . . . mountain Slweilzs-or slweep . . . l.Ul1o's tl1e Lone Eagle . . . Up and at 'em Daugherty-or can you see 'em . . . lTlueller's bullseye-on the paste can . . . l-liglm powered, super colossal en- gineering . . . Fritsclw the mighty-mighty good at "Goldbricl2ing' '... maggie's drawers in the clutclw of bloodthirsty mac and Perry . . . major Drinlzwater loolzs the boys over . . . Time of con- struction, two minutes forty-two seconds -honest . . . l-lenry's web feet before he covered 'em witl'1 boots and dia- monds. N- WW- gjjnms l i rgrivfqs i rvfcm., My I 431, T 't . Qi, lllirl lr lt i.-in ' ' z pf, lr,-4 ir if nl r ill lg W' tw, tr' 'Q V- ., A Jcitr, - I. . ENGINEER CHFTIP FORT LOGFIH, COLORFIDO Htter the battle was won. Henry and Jaclzson fired blanlzs as per usual . . . Display your clean underwear, boys . . . Footbridge For "paddle feet" . . . wom- en l.Uelcome-expecting some "short peoplen? . . . Bach to nature with meyer leading . . . On the firing line- where man and rifle tangle . . . Can these be future officers? . . . Don't be the old cow's tail again, you lznow, l say . . . "Ten men and Bastian," said the Lieutenant . . . 'Taint far, but so hard to hit . . . Oh, Roger-whatcha doin'? . . . what a picnic . . . moun- tain mansions-steam heated . . . not a loose convict, just Perry the Super Geol- ogist . . . Hail, the major giving instruc- tion . . . Lecture, a la Yardley . . . Rnd Slzaggs and Henry fell in-not once but twice. SJ ,4 ,, -4 ,A" 1 ,K A 2 gg Y 1 Y 9. fx 4. fix. x . s K 'iff R. as 4 Q .fv d V ff aa AV" H'-Sf mf 33,115 4 I " ' f f fi A ,. ,g -V Mg. ,I , ,i 2f.g:' :j. AL . . . Q, - I 95432 122 V? Q . , S ,Y S .X ' X I 2,44 M 4 Q 'NM 'WVU 'gylfg .av ' ' .' fwffff- in S ' ' X 'Ai l YI f 'is 4 A af '. ' "2 3, gi, -an li X, . X up f' L SVN K .- .V vias 4' 3? X FQ 5 x Wy, , F -,xx H . X3 Nil Q. ,lxw 'X ! dx:-4' - 1. D sa .wx sf! N k viii! it xv ' T' Q. X: 4 mx . 5 'aff . is vw r Q . F U t 55. iw if 0 r ef, .. Q vw, . 'K V, Www, .I 'V is X I 45,1 n...,,-W Biff -www f , "J""'a ff Wd.. F .iff,1..1WQb.xf?i 'fini CFTVHLRY RCGITTTETTTHL STFIFF ' LT. COLONEL R. B. BOETTCHER Regimental Commander lTlH.lOR R. S. ELLIOT Executive CHPTFTITI H. H. TTTCCUTCHEOH Fldjutunt CFIPTFIID E. P. TTTEYERS Intelligence Officer CFIPTHIH J. E. BRELUSTER Plans and Training Officer CHPTHID F. LU. DODSOTT Supply Officer Standing: TECHDICHL SGT. UJ. H. SFTIITH TECHFIICHL SGT. H. UJ. POCHYLH COLOR SGT. fl. D. BURFTSIDE Seated: SGT. fTlFIJOR J. R. STORY SUPPLY SGT. G. m. fTlORTFll"l COLOR SGT. FI. H. HHRCHER . if f V H P. C. SHPP Troop Commander REGIfTlEl'lTHL I-IEHDQUHRTERS TROOP Captain Second-in-Command P. C. SHPP C. LU. THTE Sergeants Huddle, R. S. Flynt, R. L. Jardell, D. J. Foshee, R. J. Bowen, fTl. E. Braddy, LU. L. Brumble, G. H. Laughlin, H. LU. fflartin, L. B. fflaxwell, T. ffl. ffloore, J. LU. florth, l.U. G. Corporals Belinslny, J. Brown, L. Cohen, S. E. DeBlanc, L. H. Erclz, Fl. LU. Hayward, J. G. Hensler, Homer, Jr. lnman, fn. L. Hetelsen, R. P. Lee, LU. ffl. fliclzerson, LU. Stafford, LU. B. Stephens, L. H. Terrell, L. H. Toro, E. LUilley, C. R. 5th Year Private Brazelton, LU. B. 3rd Year Private Carpenter, Fl. L. Qnd Year Privates Baumgarten, Fl. fTl. Botbin, G. E. Cam LUalter pr Qnd Lieutenants Chastain, LUcilter fTlcBride, R. Fl. Parher, C. C. Primm, H. R. Echegaray, H. J. Ewing, fl. P. Gibson, J. B. Griffin, V. T. Jeter, ffl. ffl. Linn, Fl. Lutz, H. H. fllarlz, l. C. fflartin, T. C. fflcBride, H. J. fflillar, J. T. Person, ffl. LU. Pessin, S. fTl. Ramsey, R. R. Rehlzemper, J. H Sall, ffl. L. Stalheim, O. H. Stein, P. D. Stone, R. S. Vines, LU. B. 1st Year Privates Hdams, L. L. Flppelby, Flaron Flrnold, G. B. Hvis, J. D. Baumann, E. F. Bernhrant, Fl. l. Bertetta, G. P. Blaclrzwell, G. LU. Blalze, l. T. Bogen, S. Brautigan, V. B. Broolzs, T. C. Butler, LU. H. Carver, H. E. Collihon, m. R. Chacon, P. J. Chapman, LU. B. Clyatt, B. LU. Coburn, P. H. Connor, C. H. DeBeII, R. H. Derryberry, J. LJJ. Dooley, J. C. Driggers, C. V. Dunn, J. B. Dunn, J. C. Eder, H. S. Geiger, T. R. Gray, R. ffl. Greenlee, H. Grennan, T. J. Guerrero, E. ffl. Gutlanecht, H J. Heil, J. B. Herring, LU. J. Hodges, R. J. lnman, ffl. B. Isaacs, D. Q. Johnson, E. L. Jones, F. P. Hessler, J. C. Hessler, S. ffl. Hincannon, F. C. Hirlahan, LU. LU. Lawrence, Bill Lingold, J. C. Lisman, R. H. Loclze, R. F. ffladdox, fl. ffl. fflartin, G. C. fflash, fl. fllossey, LU. C. fflatheney, R. G. fflcgnelly, B. C. fTlcEver, Royce fTTcHinney, H. R. fTlcLennan, L. D. fflclleil, S. fflerrill, J. L. ffloller, LU. E. ffloore, R. L. morin, R. L. fflurray, H. F. flicholson, R. J. Owen, L. B. Reich, G. V., lll Rivers, E. D. Roberts, C. B. Romo, R. R. Rose, J. D. Rosenberg, L. E. Rountree, L. E. Sall, l. E. Scarbrough, Fl. Y. First Sergeant J. I'l. fTlcCFlffllSH Schmidt, H. J. Shanzer, H. L. Sielaer, R. E. Slzinner, LU. S. Smith, C. E. Spears, B. R. Thomas, G. G. Tonlzin, R. G. Tutt, LU. C. LUright, L. Fl. C. LU. THTE Second-in-Command J. fl. fflcCFlfTllSH First Sergeant wt A ww... ws" 'Shiv' :lynn :Am-5 -in . - 'xl W ' X 'I gs v '11 f V fr?"--H-' - F' ...: W ' 'we --"nr'::' , ,nh V., V ...QTY , ' "sive C, ' - rw it X-m.'J'N'l "' .?Q':?'Q.2f4g f-wf. ' -fr v- .. A 'ff' 3 ' egg s. - .MM N ..a L. .ws ... E- -. v. .1 .X . asa.. . -- -.. . .- M. - hh.. . .1-so - "' :??.itB"'g" vo -' ' 'W5'f2f""' -.fe-.1 ' ' w- .. Y ' ' -WE""1rrwkQi-.iff5g".Qrw.Yt"r'.-'f .. :..,m5."' -1,9 1 -Q 'Y ' . CQ V . . , , .-.Eta .,.M,!3,h:QrEgK,,.5,fx,,K,. gf hoow.. ,C g Qs. H v FIRST SQUHDROIT CHVFILRY STHFF ITIHJOR R.FI.fT1.FHSHEI'I Squadron Commander CHPTFIIIT R. D. VITEH Executive FIRST LT. IU. FI. BROOHS Fldjutant FIRST LT. J. BRYHN Supply Officer SGT. ITIHJOR S. E. HFIRRIS Staff Sergeant EXE TROOP "H" CHVHLRY Captain Second-in-Command SIDVIEY L. LOVELESS O. F. SEBESTH Sergeants Carson, H. F. chesinufr, S. o. EC"29f"f'Yf J- 9' Howard, F' G' Goldman, m. C. mcngoldl C' H. Harris, T. D. Prewittl R. R4 Hreager, H. G. Upchurch, C. O. Laney' LU' R' melman, H. moore, G. H. C0fP0f0l5 Patton, LU. H. Emleyl D' G. Propps, O. D. Emil, B, llJatl2ins, T. H. Gerlich, B. LU. D' 1st Year Privates POOLF-fT1 adams, G. T. TOWNS, C- F- Barrow, G. B. Brunson, H. H. L. 4th Year Private Campbell, T' H- Sebestcl E. E. Coward, B. H. sionEv L. LOVELESS C'C'YtO'1' R' B' Tmop Commander Diclzerson, UJ. F. 3rd Year Privates Echin' LU. Hlumpl V- Einhorn, B. UJ. Hwegerl L. R. Estes, H. B. Scott, R- Q. Everett, L. B. 1st Lieutenants Thomas, FI. J. Hu9l15f R- E- zlornrciq H. m. Him, J. C- Storms, H. H. I Loselll H' D. Tom' R' S' I Fflarcello, C. J. Qnd Lieutencmts ind Year Privates michuels, V. LU. Blumenthal, J. Parlzer, Fl. H. Gregory, C. E. Boyle, G. m. Power, T. L. Flesrsta, J. O. Burrus, ffl. m. Bethlrze, m. H. First Sergeant BOYD LUILSOFI Seewalcl, H. Sparlzman, C, m. Swindler, J. Fl. l.UallQer, H. H. lJJatlzins, B. H. l.Uhitney, E. P. l.Uilder, L. G. UJilson, J. ffl. O. F. SEBESTH Second-in-Command BOYD LUILSOYI First Sergeant 1 - wwf., .5 --.- N 5- -1-tx. -. .1-A g .,X. ., N tsl Q. , ,Q ...sb ,Nw h . ,,,, ,D .... .,. i ...-, -. eww,-. awww YMM A W X WNS v .X . . .. , .e. . . 1 e X. .fff .gvrw-W9 frail-..-1 f:.,,,"m K 'Wag-1 'Qi wifi at v.x -.e ixjm 'a:g.,3Qig.5y A is . v - -Q. , sagw T . f - - - . i -tx...-:.e-.nb .. :,.:1. .,:1,5,g.,'q:s',,,.:--q..t...r-5.-sv ,, ' wr 3 . .:- . - - -.4 ,:..-C , ,Q 5- ig:-is-:ma-' 1. .- - .t , .13 -C-:Ky 99sf " lj'r'-s1.,,.fr- sz gmfyx isa 'SC x x' Yss-f-a1 ' F '?f5-'tp-:t-MA . . v gfg ia TRO0 Captain L. C. GRTES First Lieutenants Stephens, P. l.U. Reagan, B. L. Qnd Lieutenant Hunt, LU. H. LU. H. THOfTlPSOl'l Second-in-Command F. m. POTTS First Sergeant P HBHCHVHLRY Secondfin-Command First Sergeant LU. Fl. Tl-lOfTlPSOl'l F. m. POTTS Sergeants Daniel, P. B. Hnderson, P. LU. Jenlzins, J. B. motush, F. J. Flaughton, J. B. Topletz, H. ffl. Corporals Davidson, R. H. Dreiss, P. LU. Forbes, H. C. Jones, G. 9. l.Uerntz, O. G. 4th Year Privates Fitzhugh, T, C. Levy, H. mcHenzie, B. Slimp, C. H. 3rd Year Privates Broolzs, LU. C. Hughes, L. B. meyer, L. J. Teller, lU. Fl. Qnd Year Privates Hdams, C. B. Buie, R. C. Buie, LU. C, Droleshy, E. Fl. Dunnet, D. C. Dubose, B. T. Jarmon, J. B. morris, L. R. Toro, E. LUallzer, J. LU. l.Uindham, J. T. 1st Year Privates Hlzin, B. F. Byrnes, J. S. Campbell, L. Cline, E. C. Dengler, F. S, Hancoch, R. m. Hardin, C5. C. Helmer, LU. R. Henderson, R. Hill, E. E. Hubbard, H. LU. Hudson, J. D. Lively, T. fTlcDonald, L. F. fTlcDonald, S. Fl. mead, H. L. montoya, G. newby, H. L. Begenbogen, m. Richter, C. X. Roach, J. l L. C. GFITES Troop Commander Rose, P. H. Soto, ffl. H. Stuclze, H. C. Vanston, R. G. Vogelman, L, JL.. '5-'Q-'fl?9"'s .- ,. 1.-'sf' av . 1. - : '-i f-,gferg . www V mow 5 ,W,,- gf 5 , ts-9,,-Q,-.-..v.:1'..'.4:.vfi, -:- f -. .V ..., s-. .., t. . .- , - w - .,..'.-ox.-.tv r - 3. -4. ' . -- ' it' i'i?"7-3Q.ii75" Jef Y-Tfziif? f'5'fMfr::1 f Qw V tN1w O O SECOND SQUFIDROT1 CHVHLRY STHFF TTTFUOR D. TERTTTITT SQUCICJTO C I'T1mClI'1d0V CHPTFTITT L ITT CROLU E LT lU H BOYD Hd FIRST LT G H HHRRIS S I OFF SGT. FTTFUOR T. H. TFIYLOR Stuff Sergeant 6 fs GDNCEUUQJJLPQNXT Ia ROO captain fl. R. CLFIRH Qnd Lieutenant Bell, UJ. T. Sergeants Plrmstrong, C. E. Haynes, F. P. ltscliner, B. F. Laird, J. H. C. B. l.UlLLlFlmS Second-in-Command H. P. UTTERBHCH, JR. First Sergeant P "C" C H Second-in-Command C. B. lUILLIFlfT1S mcLerran, Fl. R. Teaff, S. E. Zelman, rl. l. Corporals Doran, J. B. Dwyer, S. J. Given, S. B. Hanson, L. D. fllueller, LU. L. Smith, J. E. 4th Year Privates Connally, C. B. Hander, R. marshall, L. H. 3rd Year Privates Ftrmstrong, R. LU. Hodge, F. m. Lofton, J. T. Payne, H. H. llJord, D. S. Qnd Year Privates Benninson, J. Brown, R. H. Follz, R. G. Hopkins, J. l. Rent, UJ. E. Lacy, L. C. V Ft L First Sergeant 9. P. UTTE milam, L. R. mistrot, R. LU. flichols, R. 9. Swanson, L. R. VanDeventer, J. LUilb, J. lil. 1st Year Privat Haron, E. Fllnrarman, T. H. Bott, Fl. R. Brotherton, R. R. Culbertson, R. R. Curtan, E. R. Decber, LU. S. Dixon, rl. E. Hodges, T. V. Hughes, H. C. Hahn, H. S. Lafon, L. H lTlarsl1all,l. L. mcGloin, J. P. moon, H. H. nugent, G. C. Pinson, J. D. Richey, T. B. Smith, C. E. Stratton, J. B. R Y J . H. es RBFICR, JR. "H '. ' 1 Vi. R. CLHRR Troop Commander N N l-'XT w, -. Tabor, R. G. ,- Tatum, R. Taylor, G. C. Vivian, E. Fl. l.lJillriCl1, L. H. pg , X - -F VLU Y: .. .g,,,,' ,g,,,..-,--Agia-Y ,Y O O I. X1 l , s i N 'Q I E ,f 1 i ,A 1 i r . . . is l i. i l i l TL fu' Z f' XJ 'N C. F. DIBRELL Troop Command lst Lieutenant Tate C. LU. ind Licutcnants Boyd LU. H. Finney R. H. Hiclcs D LU. TROOP "D" CRVRLRN Captain Second-in-Command C. F. DIBRELL lTlcBride, R. Fl. Pringle, J. P. Ramsay, LU. C. LUilson, H. C. Sergeants Botard, E. J. Bowen, fn. E. Brown, E. S. Jordan, F. LU. Laughlin, H. LU. mcBride, H. J. Rhode, C. 9. Steffens, H. H. LUord, H. G. Corporals Hllen, H. B. Black, H. J. Bowen, C. J. Bownds, LU. H. Boyce, D. m. Calvert, H. LU. Hill, C., Jr. Herr, G. E. Lewis, T. m. Lyons, J. F. mastyn, H. B. neubert, S. T. Schmidt, H. 9. Stuart, L. vl Tips, E. F. LJJilborn, C. L. C. H. THONTHS Qnd Year Privates Hnderson, H. m. Capote, O. R. French, G. D. Hall, C. Lippard, J. H. Longoria, G. mcLean, J. Fl. luclner, B. B. l.Uilliams, m. G. 1st Year Privates Hlexander, B. LU. Baldwin, J. Billings, R. L. Boyle, E. F. Callahan, S. O. Castleberry, m. LU. Crouch, J, H. Davidson, F. fl. Ellis, Fl. LU. Ellis, LU. R. Haines, P. J. Hartman, R. FJ. Haydon, R. L. Hester, G. R. Johnson, E. C. maier, m. E. moore, P. J. matz, C5. J. mueller, G. L. Peterson, LU. m. Phelan, F. First Sergeant E. R. CRUTPBELL Purcell, G. B., Jr. Schalit, E. E. Seargeant, Fl. J., Jr. Smothers, D. D. Thomas, J. H. Valle, J. O. LUarner, J. m. C. H. THOFTTHS Second-in-Command E. R. CRFTTPBELL First Sergeant . s. ,. me 'aw V Xt 'W xii 'i l P- 'ly FII?-" r ll ' th fall l i " 'l ,li ll Yr- CHVHLRY CFNTWP, FORT CLHRH BRHCHETTVILLE, TEXHS Tent 10-brothers under the slzin . . . 'Sweet Leilaniu has the range . . . Ye Editor, arrayed for battle-the bolo laid . , . Vitelz in true character . . . On the range-Faslzen in charge . . . Parlzer and Pringle as mermaids . . . There's that man again . . . G. l. Beer-with Hable first in line . . . Duclz, Lorry, Roy, Paul, and Stormy pause in Hondo for refreshment . . . Sweet and lovely, Boyd, Bracewell and Crow . . . The Flsp, Tom- my, Paul and Stormy went a fishing . . . Pringle's heart throb . . . Dich and Hub strilze a pose . . . 9 Cavalry mule train . . . mac was used to drinlzing out of bottles. t aft in 1 W4 fi aw i Q , 'mi V, t'9 ,. , a X Q ?3:...,5 my f- -5. tex" 'Q ig f ' fi- li, -.Q , ' 51 A r ' r '-ri 0 'r' y , 1 ,V - I 'K 1 f Y s e i 1 1 . 'ai in lin iii- i WL b E I ziziwl- .1 47 . l X: iff' l fin Y: N 1, f- .' ' ' jf., 61991 . ,W . . A -gfydfvffff c AV: 1 it if -"1-3 ' T f is 'I 1 ti 1 .qi A 'Q , ,V ,rl-' --J .K 1' fw .A "nf: A ' .,a.."'f-:1?:HY3f2--, X .. s i l x . ' if-'5""-1292 "5-. .. -E.,-,jim 11g'J'fSbAQ,F 'stir' 1. 303.-fl- .if ,Mig-, . 3 vu .r ' "'-4-' .,,,q "!'N'1.w':' 1 . 4 juni! Isl, ', il . l yin Z 'i ' .1 47 ' ll, l 4. P ., '7' l' V 'W 3' ,I will ' it if , iW.I.s'y 1 If , i fe-'qv' N .iii - WZ ' X I A 1 i i Z,-' li if if 'l ix -.Qi-ll D- A f.... illlilt' .. f 1 x Q ' Ax!! 'Wi f mi --of g ,ii i. . in ' , ,f d LQ . d 1 fs iv it f-'vs CFIVFILRY CHfTlP, FORT CLHRH BRFICHETTVILLE, TEXFIS Tent 11-murderers Row . . . The two with hats on became captains . . . Clarlrz -a good picture ol a poor subject . . . Yes, Dummy was there too . . . The major watches over his brood . . . Roy's reason for enjoying camp . . . The cap- tain and Sgt. Seeger discuss something . . . "Bad Boy" Boettcher, the Braclzett- ville Butcher . . . Hnother terror of the border, "The Jaclzrabbit' '... This would have been the three muslaeteers, but Ramsay wasn't there . . . "Pringle, did you get the horse's number?" . . . Six weelzs ol love and romance . . . The mess hall where you eat spuds for brealz- fast . . . Part of c Cavalry Regiment. 1 1 I A 9 E . 4 -H it fiwqi f . . ' 5 -1, 5' f' If ' -s .- he 'K jg 5 ,.-I' N -me Ejrwf gijllff All --...,,,M4:,g.,9 -."- 'lgf f wav "-" ' .. A .. -- HW tx:-fL".' Q ,Fai ' if ggi yi, ' I T4 V 'iw ' ,,, A . W! .HJ ,-!z?.f.7l ' . ,t 'ff 1 W. if . N - : ' o 1' , at -r 1. ' - lytic. :A , ' U .ian .f ll R .. 1 ' Y i' ' .- fr" 1 ll 2 ft.. U .,-if, CRY' A L. ' -- A CFIVFILRY CFWTIP, FORT CLHRH BRHCHETTVILLE, TEXFIS no flies on us, we dress for dinner . . . what order are you? . . . "Papa" Hable, with that smug, satisfied smile . . . "Hissable-lUillie," better lznown as "Stand-to-heel" l.UiIlie misses again ...Horses and-well, men . . . "Boots" Termin explains in detail why that rifle is dirty. "now l should Thinhl' '... The General came to see us . . . Get your mess hits and stand to heel . . . we don't care how funny we loolz, we're gonna get our pitcher toolz . . . mac doing his home worh . . . Four woman haters smirlz at the camera . . . Two "dusties" on piclzet line guard . . . Find there we pitched camp . . . The horses are well taken care of-but the men? . . . Fi tribute to-LUFIRDEH, Bloodhound, out ol Penitentiary by Ferguson . . . RO.- Tf. Camp, Ft. Clarlz, Braclwettville, Texas. 1'-wx: ,CZ 41 W... .wi I i IA ' l istihri 4'-1,... . ",,. . A A . .. V ,545 :ZW is l. P 5. COHST HRTILLERY REGITTTEFTTHL STHFF LT. COLONEL H. L. RFTTTEY Regimental Commander ITIHJOR T. B. STROTHER Executive CHPTFIID E. T. POUTRH Fldjutant CFIPTHITT J. C. BECHFT Supply Officer Standing: COLOR SGT. LU. F. UJISE COLOR SGT. B. Ci. POST Seanad. SGT. FTIHJOR R. C. FTTCILHERHTT SUPPLY SGT. LU. m. fT1HRHS TECHDICFIL SGT. E. C. FRENCH FIRST BHTTHLIOTT COR HRTILLERY STHFF ITTHJOR J. F. HEETOT1 Bcttexljon Commander ,rl ' jf' jr! ,XX 5 I -.fy 3 I J ' - T J .T J T ' 1 ,TT ,,7v V .Xf- VJ 1 T . CHPTFIIYI R. L. JONES Executive FIRST LT. E. L. STTTITH Supply Officer SGT. TTTHJOR R. R. RGBITTSOFI Stuff Sergeant UU EP, 4DQRS. BHT. FIRST BHTTHLIOII COHST HRT. Captain J. H. FITILEY First Lieutenants Coquet, L. J. Hlossner, R. O. Regmund, J. C. Qnd Lieutenant Pena, G. J. Sergeants Curts, H. TTI. Hinshaw, C. S. Lewis, LU. E. mcHenzie, J. D. H. J. PHILLIPS Second-in-Command I. F.I'tEI'1I'1ERLY First Sergeant Second-in-Command First Sergeant H. J. PHILLIPS I. F. HEIFTFTERLY Corporals Hllison, G. T. Baird, R. FTT. Balmer, T. H. Burch, C. H. Dolberry, L. H. maurer, J. J. I'TTcCIinticI:, m. R. michalba, R. E. Pettit, m. UJ. Rouse, C. B. Thomas, F. L. Toland, FI. D. 3rd Year Private Flycoclz, T. P. Qnd Year Privates Childers, R. L. Ford, J. T. Friedline, S. Joyce, B. J. Lane, UJ. I. fTTcDonaId, H. Fflillard, FTT. R. mills, R. Z. norman, J. R. Peterson, L. L. Sadler, U.J. O. Taylor, H. J. 1st Year Privates Barron, T. LU. Beall, J. C. Bond, J. R. Bratcher, C. E. Bratcher, D. H. Brewster, C. F. Bullard, G. P. Bushnell, R. Cangelosi, S. Ft. Carroll, Ft. J. Carter, G. G. Casey, J. m. Cashion, R. B. Colgin, J. R. Cotton, R. U.J. Cox, J. L. Cox, O. B. Cross, L. D. Dennis, R. E. Dozier, LU. B. Duncan, C. P. Evans, LU. L. Fitzgerald, B. E. Flippin, LU. Garrett, J. R. Gentry, J. B. Guill, Ft. IU. Haynes, G. H. Hays, V. E. Hendon, LU. L. Hill, J. Hill, R. G. Hitchcock, H. G. Hobbs, R. L. Holden, LU. Horne, T. TTT. Hughey, E. D. Johnston, F. TTT. Jonas, S. TTT. Hinlzel, R. H. Hummel, V. TTT. Lambert, L. J. Lane, llJ. LU. Little, J. H. magee, J. I'1. mcEIroy, H. FI. mcRay, V. Fl. mcRnight, B. J. mcLain, J. TTT. lTlcLen, O. TTT. Fneftord, FI. S. morris, S. Fl. noster, H. LU. Page, J. U.J. Pinchbaclz, J. S. Pridmore, J. FI. Rahn, L. F. Reagor, Fi. Redford, IU. H. Ritchey, C. J. Rollins J. H. Rudd, B. J. Sanders, G. H. Sanders, J. J. Schwarting, E. H. J. H. FIIAILEY Battery Commander Schwartze, G. fn. Scott, J. T. Shaddix, R. D. Slover, LU. LU. Smith, J. C. Smith, UJ. H. Thompson, F. L. Trice, J. U.Jest, IU. L. LUhite, D. J. LUiIIiams, D. FI. IUiIIiams, J. L. l.UiIIiams, L. H. Young, H. R. WA. ' ' .---tf..fff:J-1.1Q3.i'..--.sw-wiivrz-ae.. ff ,vm-.51 Y . 'Fiqh ' :zz . -J 1 Q11--'H-1g,g,...1 pr .. ia... Dwarf: :sw-. -1 If Tvs-'-WY 3. M22"WA"' o"'??Sww.':"2.. ' ' 1.14 .- 'M 1 ..: ' swf . Q- Q-.fwrwfa.:x - H ff'-' - 5-.A .mix " W -J ff J.-f'w+.wv .,. was-v-eoffll.-- -.--2!.:n'S,'P:1 -V one- f V A , I-A '.,,. - 'jf ' -.-.ft WV'-' ::f2QfZ--:.r24:.: 1 '.1'-f'f-st'f.r..uiazef'r'h-4.4. ....-31-tr.. 'N " - -r. ,sy :-z'::.'::s3-'- ,- .5 -- ,, . ,,....s,.- -ff-. , . .,.,, .... . ..,..,. .M . re- -r . O O N I I I 1 i ,ff- I"7 I-I --4 'Q YI If-1 F. fT1. PHTE Battery Commander 1st Lieutenants Lynch, S. T. Shook, H. TTI. Qnd Lieutenants Baldwin, B. H. Bradshaw, T. E. Orth, UJ. H. -- BHTTERY "H" COHST HRTILLERY C0Pf0il1 Second-in-Command F- m- PHTE T. T. TURNER Sergeants Brown, G. lU. Fiustin, O. L. Bennett, J. D. Birnbaum, l. S. Reed, F. J. Schaefer, J. D. l.Ui9gs, J. H. Corporals Bullard, R. J. Gay, G. H. Gillette, R. LU. mayhew, I. Cl. mills, C. C. mosesman, H. B. Peck, J. Perkins, lU. Saldana, O. m. LUeydell, H. T. 4th Year Privates Brennan, LU. P. Day, B. R. 3rd Year Privates Cerna, O. J. Dickson, R. FTT. Elrod, H. E. Golman, P. Helley, E. L. Lawder, UJ. H. mcHenna, F. TTT. Flewton, D. E. nicholls, P. E. Qnd Year Privates Hyers, R. E. Hyers, UJ. R. Butler, J. H. Corrin, llJ. G. Dahman, L. Fl. Gunter, H. L. Hnapp, R. TTT. Roche, F. B. Sanford, C. G. Shropshire, J. E. l.1Jatson, LU. H llJilmeth, L. G. 1st Year Privates Hndrews, D. H. Blanton, J. F. Bownds, R. C. Carnes, UJ. E. Childers, J. B. Cone, R. F. Cook, O. H. Cooke, G. Ehlinger, J. UJ. Fields, UJ. Findley, H. L. Heck, m. G. Hubbard, J. B. Hutchins, R. S. Jacoby, J. J. Lewis, E. R. Ligon, J. B. Lirrle, B. Lockhart, H. B. mayberry, R. T. Pasche, H. T. Perkins, D. Peterson, R. L. Ponsler, L. G. Sample, L. E. First Sergeant H.H.HV1HPP Scott, J. R. Stanford, T. UJ. Stone, C. H. Stovell, T. H. wagner, F. L. walker, J. J. lJJatl2ins, L. E. T. T. TURNER Second-in-Command H. H. HDHPP First Sergeant - s. - ,wx . -fr- Y' ' ses -...fs .:f,w-.- -. -- . .. ' :sfg1KZ'.,QIs1',,gjfE:ff-"sw j 3-'wg-', .,, '21 dwg'-gy' nl- -..m.v.. ....:-3 W'- -as-Q-C:,Q5. --t " . -L .L.lw' " , mu... . "mfr . , V , -.'..,,u-..,,1.., 5- A-- --fu.. . ..-..,-31 E ,a,,,,4,,. .. ,NSF -. '..- '. - ,.. -.f.e.w..., . .-..,,. my,-'31-."5' X r., . .vzwigfrfif--so 4 . ' ' , ' '- C "'f .:.t. 3f:TLF.-1. . .1132-gf:E!'f',3N, 5,3-7,-jf", j LN., .. ul J.1s,.r"" r' --'jj '- 4 BRTTERY "B" CORST Captain J. m. DIEB 1st Lieutenant Benner, Fl. V. Qnd Lieutenant miles, J. C. R. E. REHDIDG Second-in-Command L. UJ. CFll'lFlL First Sergeant RRTILL Second-in-Command First Sergeant R. E. REHDIHG L. U.J. CFlFlFlL Sergeants Blair, G. B. Paggi, C. E. LUhite, J. H. Veselha, E. O. Corporals Birou, J. Fl. Bomefeld, H. J. Broolzs, H. LU. Laird, O. J. Rogers, J. D. Schneider, C. C. Stechman, C. LU. UJoolford, llJ. LU. 4th Year Private Holodzey, m. Fl. 3rd Year Privates Holland, H. F. Holland, LU. m. mcCorquodale, D. B. Pullin, G. U.J. Sherrill, R. L., Jr. Thompson, S. Fl. LUl1ite, C. m. Qnd Year Privates Ballowe, C. B. Herring, R. H. Hinesley, J. D. Hoefle, m. B. Jones, Fl. C. Shipman, S. L. LUynn, LU. LU. 1st Year Privates Fldams, L. J. Bahn, R. H. Baroncini, R. L. Clynes, G. U.J. Coe, O. m. Dunlzerley, R. P. Ellis, J. G. Hagood, T. m., Jr. Heise, C. S. Hendricks, D. Fl., Jr Hodges, R. L. Lanford, R. C. Lawson, V. R. Long, LU. C' J. m. DIEB Battery Commander newman, Fl. R. O'Bryan, O. D. Owen, J. E. Owen, LU. J. Sinclair, LU. Fl. Parlzer, J. m. Sisson, G. L. Pumphrey, H. F., Jr. Stitt, I. B., Jr. Reed, J. m., Jr. Stubblefield, J. lU. Roberts, B. H. Trotter, G. P., Jr. Robertson, H. B. Valcib, Stanley Rogers, B. F. U.Jhite, m. J. Rollins, LU. Fl. LUiley, L. G. Rowland, J. m. LlJoollord, l. S. .A. 0 O f fi we Af" i J I3 if Lai x 7 LQ, wx! J Y? UA mwmaw-,.. .y , SECOND BFITTFILIOH COHST HRTILLERY STHFF YTTHJOR D. L. LFHHFORD Battalion Commander CF'lPTFiIi'1J.LU.TOfT1PHlI'1S Executive FIRST LT. Fl. ffl. SCHI'T1lDT Supply Officer SGT. mHJOR J. YHTES Staff Sergeant CiDN'CEIHICUDURN JDQRS. BHT. .aptain R. C. GHRRETT 1st Lieutenant Best, UJ. O. Qnd Lieutenant LUedemeyer, LU. C. Sergeants Bailey, J. 9. Cullum, F. LU. Helms, H. H. Lovoi, D. J. Starlz, J. UJ. Tumlinson, S. H. G. E. TTTFIRSH Second-in-Command F. J. F. POLIFHH First Sergeant SECOND BHTTHLIOVI COHST HRT. Second-in-Command G. E. TTTFTRSH Corporals Chamberlain, C. H. Ed e, J. E. B Fowler, H. Fl. Freeman, LU. C. Gourley, Jach Holmes, L. R. James, H m. Hey, C. H. Lawrence, O. V. Patriclz, B. L. Piphin, C. H. Pius, D. D. Smith, B. C. 4th Year Private Flirhart, llJ. H. 3rd Year Privates Berg, H. m. Biggs, TTT. L. Felts, LJJ. TTT. Helly, L. UJ. Lowdon, J. G. mareb, S. J. Sutton, C. m. Taylor, C. S. Vinson, fn. L. LUeatherbee, F. L. Qnd Year Privates Carson, R. J. Farmer, B. LU. Hanover, J. G. Ledbetter, LU. R. Lefbolslly, L. J. Buss, T. H. Smith, G. LJ.J. 1st Year Privates Fldams, fn. B. Flllman, J. C. Hnderson, E. L. Firnold, R. L. Beatty, C. UJ. Bradley, C. F. Bridge, E. H. Brown, J. E. Burgess, J. E. Cabaniss, LU. TTT. First Sergeant F.J.F Campbell, B. S. Chamberlain, D. B. Cone, LU. T. Creager, J. C. Curtis, C. C. Denney, D. F. Early, F. D. Fletcher, B. TTT. Freeman, J. J. Gallup, H. UJ. Galt, R. B. Glover, UJ. C. Gober, L. FTT. Godbold, R. Gower, C. R. Graham, O. FTT. Hanover, B. D. Hardee, Peclrz Heller, UJ. L. Hendryx, J. UJ. Hensel, E. C. Herman, O. C. Holman, O. G. lley, LU. D. lnce, D. B. lngalls, L. L. Janes, J. G. Johnson, T. C. Johnston, E. S. Jones, H. LU. Heeter, C. fT1. Hoenig, L. B. Landis, L. J. Lee, E. Lee, B. E. Lewis, C. H. marcontell, J. G. massey, J. L. maulden, B. D. fTlcClintocl2, J. E. fTlcHinney, B. C. miller, B. LU. morgan, J. T. murray, J. G. Odom, B. E. Olbrich, B. LU. Pappas, G. J. Pitts, U. E. Poe, UJ. LU. .POLIFHFH V 1:-'--153-5-ys,g V R. C. GHRRETT Battery Commander Pomylzzal, LU. H. Price, B. TTT. Richardson, C. B. Russell, J. Simmons, D. S. Sudbury, B. J. Taylor, S. B. Terrell, G. LJJ. Thompson, H. l. Thompson, TTT. J. Valle, ITT Fl. U.Jatley, J. D. ": -. ' ' v- .' .' r .. ' - ' ' r J 'i ' ' -I .... 1 :sr ,aw--wfmws.. . -1' -. -- 1 . ' ...... . . f- - '- , . , s . . 3, ':-:.9s- .mu ,, . .e'. ,157 'fxwvsyei Q ' . . . . - . . , -1-: V -.A ,- . ,I , , . ,,A, ,., ,,.11. - .... .. :. .. ' .4 .-.,, - r , .-. . .-:r sv-- X W ii ri ,-V Y--r v-1, .4 Lf.. an E Y Til A 0 MI., ' J. F. fT1cHEI'T'IIE Battery Commander 1st Lieutenant Cordell, B. D. Sergecints Bradshaw, D. H. Burgess, V. Fl. Chevaillier, L. B BHTTERYHC' COHST HRTILLCRY Captain Second-in-Command First Sergeant J. F. fT'IcHEfT1IE Hill, G. C. Schutte, H. J. Taylor, J. LU. LUallace, F. L. LUhite, LU. C. Corporals Fouts, J. F. Hennemer, L. C. fTlcDonald, LU. E. Parris, H. B. Pliler, R. O. Schmidt, LU. Fl. Thomas, J. LU. L.Uest, J. R. 4th Year Privates Flshford, J. T. Berg, L. E. Holt, B. F. miller, G. R. moore, J. m. Smith, F. L. Stiles, LU. E. Zabcila, E. J. 3rd Year Privates Browder, C. D. Colquitt, R. m. mcmahon, LU. D. Olbrich, H. P. Seibert, E, R. Sharp, T. F. Yates, LU. G. Qnd Year Privates Byrne, J. P. Coolz, E. E. Cunningham, E. C. .AW . E. B. B. CHRUTHERS Davis, B. F. Dodson, J. L. Edens, L. L. Fagan, F. m. Farmer, B. LU. Finley, D. S. Forrester, V. Fl. Graham, R. m. Harris, R. L. Hatch, F. L. Hidell, LU. H. Jennings, H. H. Leache, Ft. B. mosher, LU. L. Orbison, J. R. Pearson, Fn. m. Schulte, LU. B. Shelly, C. H. Spangler, J. H. Triplette, C. P. 1st Year Privates Beckham, C. LU. Birdwell, P. R. Booth, C. D. Butler, R. E Cannon, B. D Cardwell, H.fT1. Childress, F. P. Coche, B. LU. Collis, Ffl. E. Cooh, H. B. Ellis, P. G. Holman, O. C5. Jacobs, I. P. Latham, R. E. Leatham, T. H. mcDaniel, C. H. meyer, G. C. G. LU. STFIPLES Owen, m. B. Price, m. LU. Reber, LU. H. Reynolds, G. H. Roberts, J. B. Robertson, L. Smith, F. H. Townsend, G. P. LUilliams, C. H. E. B. B. CHRUTHERS Second-in-Command G. LU. STHPLES First Sergeant i .L mf-fri. . ewf . 'ff' ,. sf.. -U.. , e. .,-..L. . .,, -- .. , ,, .. 4- L . -., -L, V . . V Q---.. M. . 1-:mag 'f ' - . ,. , -sri-.g.g1 .-.111-12, . .. J . K-rm. - '-.she - ff. . -vs -f ,. .,.. N3 V.-.N 1- 1 . V ww- .5-A.. W .N -..s.... , . r ' -- . f saab. .winks . -is.-..:. L ,K . ,.-. f 't'f-f' fsl,.,:- 1 ' -J .- . - gi- - ' . -L-Ley. , - A"' ' " .if - fs.:5fffti2SNs-1Q'.s.- A 1 A -f ry ' Y ,gzwsx . .1 'T-f:..X..e.-ff .s-me J -W f.:mtws.2f-s- X , N a w-U Mxwtfkgi-' .-33:5-' , .f Y J- .cmufz , . -V.. . .. . As . ' "' X - . J.-W xxw M . ' ., xi . 5,8-sm BRTTERY Captain B. B. HOVELL 1st Lieutenants macbey, R. C. Patterson, Fl. H. Sergeants Cullom, T. L. Curts, H. ffl. Gowcm, H. R. fTlcLendon, D. H. UJ. Fl. CFTLVERT Second-in-Command H. T. POLHTTOVICH First Sergeant "D" CORST Secorfd-in-Command H R T l L L First Sergeant UJ. Fl. CHLVERT Fl. T. POLHTTOVICH Florthrop, P. H. Piplzin, R. G. Trimble, Fl. R. Corporals Beclzham, C. Fl. Crews, S. T. Davis, F. L. Friedline, S. Hirlzpatricla, C. V. Hizer, C. Langdon, UJ. H. Flewton, G. H. Parlz, J. D. Pyle, G. B. Slaton, LU. T. llJindrow, R. J. 4th Year Privates Campbell, J. R. Peeler, Cletus Rehmet, J. R. Salzamoto, S. Young, C. LU. 3rd Year Privates Blaclu, G. L. Bohning, B. Griesenbeclz, C. H. Sealy, TTT. T. Qnd Year Privates Bingham, G. TTT. Britain, D. UJ. Cornell, LU. C. Edmonds, J. UJ. Harvill, V. Fl. Hertner, H. E. Howard, H. E. Hundley, J. J. Jeppesen, R. L. Helley, Fl. L. miller, C. F. mitchell, B. E. Osborne, C, E. Puclzett, J. UJ., Jr. Sowell, E. rl. l.Ul'rite, E. F., Jr. Yeary, lU. R., Jr. 1st Year Privates Beal, C. O. Bullard, Fl. L. Butcher, J. H. Butler, E. R. Carlisle, J. L. Coffey, TTT. S. DeLong, R. E. Florence, TTT. E. Gallagher, J. J. Grant, H. D. Grey, T. B. Herzing, E. H. Highrabedian, H. Hill, T. D. Huffcrlzer, C. E. Jordan, G. R. Heese, Chas. Hent, J. L. Le Laurin, S. F fTlcl'leil, R. L. murphy, P. L. Flice, H Plancideball, F. S. Prager, Fl. J. Richardson, B. C. B. B. HOVELL Battery Commander Slater,J T Sliclzer, J. Fl. Steclz, H. TTT. Stewart, J. S. UJallQer, C. L. U.Jard, R. P. lJJilliams, J. T., Jr. l.JJilson, fTTumpford TTT. LUoller, C. J. G! 3. ,ir ,QE Q . .. .....w. M . . ... ,, .. . . , ..... .. . A .-., .M ff.-sshzsr I V. ' A :nf A z -M. .ess -ff - -F C C -A ' ' 'At-M 1' .. tw.. - . ......f. -S11-off-. ... ., sssty' .-as.-:12iSQwf:' r A -- M ' ' ' i' " ' ".'i,.3f'l""l '- s... '15 fil'-1.3 - 'W' -i':7F'f 'f'1lf- ff ' ' A - -- 4' - .- -. 1. 'fi.w-4-ff . ..,, '- '4 ' --xr. ..s . . . - - ri . Q 539. ,X ,, .,.e...:-.. .M r - ' ' ' . ' ' , '-rr.. 4. r 1 ws. .. . A-.W-r w, nm.'tstwfwzga-5, -".',"ffW, Y" e?Ars-'1's'- . " O 0 Ep? "s':"g. aff-'g Vg, 2,...f, fix 3' '24 y. 5 I , ya, .. , . . f my -my-A 5, 74 Ik , iq Q M i t-xy s cf' s- P lf :K V vi ' -fn P" 4 4, ' 'T , ' ,, K 5- if ., , a s 1. . ,Q-' . 2 sei T "f' ' ' 'Q "' 1 7 ' ,ix T N 9 2 E he., V, -3 c if t . ' ,fr T "" f M s1..,1' . 'T M i , In Y Y in ,.. n x T 1- , :ig ' 'Mm ? si 'Lf fs T ' , c jx nn N X ' X I-T1 'ilill '-.5 . LL A L 7, mfr 'fe-P ..,: f Ax Qssff T it . aa' if A ii il ' 5 33, 3. or 9 - if ' , . 4 . , Q fi,ss..Jvg. T' lr ,a," M , 3 .5 KEE BY UTHORITY D . x T k "1 -4 ,H -Q ' T F i, K Q ND it PMA N 5bwnuhiTi .ff 'V T . , ii? P-5, 1 - .4 i , Mk I hifi' yi ll g A' Wm, 1.91135 f , E. li, Q Mi M-1' -ci Y . 'Q COHST FTRTILLERY CFITTTP FORT CROCHETT GHLVESTOTT, TEXHS Two Paclz-Jaclzs . . . Tom Billie and the Ritz Brothers-Tom, Guts and Butch . . . Tom and the Canary-four sheets to the wind . . . David and Sitty . . . 12-inch harbor defense guns. . .The maj mculaes an estimate of the situation. . .Hold and squeeze . . . Target-coming in . . . Esquire presents-our Colonel Cuniform by Uncle Saml . . . The Intelligence Service . . . The Casanova Hid-Body by Fisher . . . 3-inch Hnti-aircraft gun ...Tent City . . . Cn the Road to man- dalay. Q.. 4,5 .xv - V ... - A il si: ,ffitigli W' Il J Lv NA, ,i ,. 'L' I 'fl' l of it i wgclgi cccc c- ' .jxlfkxli cmxxki' x X i U' .,n COHST HRTILLERY CFlfTiP FORT CROCHETT GHLVESTOV1, TEXHS major Hill and the Salvation Hrmy . . . G. l. mansions . . . Jim Clary and the Prime minister-in conference . . . ned andthe Queen . . . Five days without a bath and still going STRONG . . . ln- hale . . . Correct cream rocles . . . nice worlz, if you can get it . . . The Goan . .. Dusty-up where he can see over the curbings . . . Tom Billie and His Becl Bugs . . . Brain trusters . . . The Hrmy streets at the Centennial . . . Hnchors aweigh . . . 12-inch Barbette Gun. 'Vi 1 I l .,, . V all 4 FL A , s " i ,ul Quliziifl Mi ' 3' yr? If 8 Q J if . avi .. 594' .- erlq wx . 7 lr ' Y V :gf in 't is ifrrfiliziii 'f .5 V 1 Q ' 1 X n I -1? '77 "" HU V 1' V52 .+ jg' l ' f .Ti -t Vizvg ., 5 r ip-we ff A 415 . , A V. g,.,, ' A ' ' 'F J ,Qc Ed, 5 , 5 I x K., N r 3 "t,.c V. : .A -1 J , if A + 3' 523 -P 41" 4 r if ... -L ' c.r, W L" -. .,'f i L ' 'A R .5 71 A f' wwf' .1 e . ,,,,,.'.pJ rs' 'I 4? , Y +4 .gm ' -, J-IN ffbf 3 'W ll iivffal PL l Q iq 'M xi ,A ft' ' ii l I lf Hia' I E l 3 lf 'gi Q Q 0 4 15- I E W' w ,ig typ? A ,gyr 45' 9f?S' W' , 5? 1 if' l 11 , ill vfyfi 5 : I l'yl Mm . 1.- 6. . z Z4 1 , ww, K-' A-Q. Q -Nw? . Q L-wi .. . 4 .4 M, Q Kg, N: -4 Qi xi M .,,. 'K- ,P ,a ,fy as VV.. ' , .muff wus--fx. , - Fw .asks - vm-fl.f..X . Y' ' - -.N - .-A ' 4 M , - Nm , J. .- 13' COFUPOSITE REGITTTEHTHL STHFF ' LT. COLONEL LU. F. GERDES Regimental Commander TTTTZTJOR T. F. COOH Executive CFTPTHITT m. H. ERIHSEI1 Fidjutcnt CHPTFTITT L. I. CREUJS Intelligence Officer CRPTFIIT1 E. G. JONES Plans and Training Officer CHPTFIIFI J. R. HEELITTG Supply Officer Standing: TECHIWICHL SGT. C. L. TOLLESOTT SIGVTHL SGT. D. G. HILLOUGH Seated: SGT. ITTFIJOR J. C. GLEl"lI'1 SUPPLY SGT. R. ITT. HDFIITIS 'S agyff , Q ,-.qv 1: SIGTTHL CORPS BHTTHLIO STRFF TTTFUOR T. H. HUGHES Battalion Commander CHPTFIITT T. TT. BROLUTT Hdiutunt CHPTHITT H. G. HUSTITT Radio Officer CHPTHITT J. B. UJHITLEY Telephone Officer Standing: TECHTTICHL SGT. L. LU. GREGORY COLOR SGT. E. E. TTTCDOTTHLD Seated: SGT. TTIFUOR C. J. ll.llTTTER TECHTTICHL SGT. R. L. TOSCH '-ICFIDCDUNRTCRS SICENNL CO Captain LU. D. fNcCLELLFlN 1st Lieutenants Hent, J. FN. Pierce, R. B. Sergeants Braswell, D. E. Bradley, J. C. C. V. GREEN Second-in-Command F. J. NICHOLS First Sergeant Second-in-Command C. V. GREEN Grimland, C. J. Hamilton, O. LU. fTlcGee, L. J. LlJhite, G. C. tlliuie, L. D. Corporals Fldams, LlJ. H. Bain, B. T. Bird, G. T. Brownlee, J. H. Cox, J. C. Crawford, UJ. FN. Norton, UJ. FN. Pappas, G. F. Payne, V. E. Bhoten, G. P. Robinson, UJ. S. Stanlee, E. E. Silzes, R. E. Thompson, J. N. Qnd Year Privates Gibson, R. B. Himble, L. S. FNcCall, F. V. Peoples, H. FN. Petty, Lee Shepherd, FN. F. Shepherd, P. B. First Sergeant F. J. NICHOLS LUilliams, Carl williams, B. H. 1st Year Privates Flllison, J. Bailey, E. E. Barrett, J. S. Baucom, I. C. Beasley, L. Bloodworth, m. E. Byrd, E. L. Coberly, V. Ellis, H. B. English, J. H. Greene, C. R. Hennig, Fl. H. Hunt, G. O. Jaslvza, L. B. Jaslza, R. C. Hrutileh, G. E. Lemlze, C. J. matthew, R. H. moore, UJ. Fl. Fnusiclz, L. E. Oelhers, J. C. Oliver, LU. Olson, G. O. Reed, R. S. Ruchti, LU. C. Schaeffer, D. H. Shelton, J. S r l l X l l l i l UJ. D, FNCCLELLHN Company Commander Truitt, S. S. Ussery, L. R. LUagner, D. H. LUays, H. 9. E UJhite, B. ,- UJilliams, C. S. L1Jilliams, R. D. LUoodall, J. R. W .- 'C-Qhfsgl' 3""f. '- V Q M E. .. .ss 1-S s: - "" '- WP- " +5 - ' F - Hvywnvi' ' .1-' . N '-'-5. K5 'wmv-Q - ' A -f-is f.. . 555 f .-X: . --rv ., -.L ,Q-,A sus'-Wrffs ...N-.-.. .. ,131 K . . Wil, A' V """'f 'f-gf .. N'-M 'F 'f 'g .STN O O .AX Xl lll. E. FISCHER Company Commander 1st Lieutenants Clarlrz, F. lil. Lambert, F. Fl. Rogers, B. B. COYTIPHRY "R"SIGl'1HL CORPS Captain Second-in-Command First Sergeant lll. E. FISCHER m. m. LFllllSOl'l H. L. llllLHlnSOl'l Qnd Lieutenants Evers, E. l. Ryan, O. l. Fullwood, E. F. Smith, E. LU. Belts' Fl' L' Gohlman, H. D. Snow, l. H. mCEl'OY' R' H' Hartmann, F. lll. Strother, l. F. Horton, C. m. U.lare, l. rl. SQYQGUMS Lipscomb, G. m. Ulcirriner, T. R. Hutchins, P. m. miller, l. l. Corporals Barnes, R. D. Corley, D, lll. Haclzett, R. E. Holliman, E. l. laclzson, R. C. mcHenzie, l. B. mills, E. R. lflorton, R. L, Rivoire, O. CE. Smith, LU. P. Tims, rl. l. 3rd Year Privates Geelan, C. lll. monroe, l. P. Qnd Year Privates Borders, l.ll. E. Cavender, UJ. D. Chamberlain, P. muslaa, F. R. Palmer, C. m. 1st Year Privates Bonnette, l. T. Brands, l. T. Cansler, l. E. Castleberry, G. LU. Duce, T. E. Frazer, S. V. Hart, l. S. Henderson, l. m. Hernandez, H. H. Herring, H. P. HOFF, R. Hollis, LU. fl. Hornsby, R. lnnocenti, FI. Fl. lones, H. Pl. Heeton, E. R. Lyons, m. l. mcizzagatti, R. P. michael, l. Fl. morris, O. H. Radford, l. L. lllheeler, E. B. lllilliams, H. R. m. m. LRlllSOl'l Second-in'Command H.L.l.UILHIi'ISOf1 First Sergeant Nw. . . . , -'4?.-wSfQ..s:R:1.g dl, -sn... ll ll sg TOITWPHHY B SIGHHL CORPS Captain BELL SFHTTPLE 1st Lieutenant Twining, L. E. Sergeants Goodstein, Fl. L. Grief, L. F. Harry, H. E. D. P. GREEN Second-in-Command B. B. HULSEY, JR. First Sergeant Second-in-Command First Sergeant Q D. P.GREEI'1 B. B. HULSEY, JR. Harvin, H. H. Bartlett, J. O. Hishir Y- Baugl'1n,G. C. mooney, G. H. Beyeu B- Q- morris, llJ. C., Jr. Brown C Shehee' H' T' Buchanan, R. D. Burns, C. L. C0'P0'0'S Corlett, R. H. Hgleel T, G, Gohmert, R. L. Duncan, llJ. H. Granfors, LU. H. I-Udemanr R- LU. Grasslwoff, L. H. 4' vb mcFarland, J. H. 6,231 GY T, X' nobles, C. E. Gunten JA Harshey, J. R. 4th Year Privates Hawkins, U-j, wh Cherry, J. LU- Hines, J. G. Grimm, J' H- Hooton, fn. E. Huebner, G. L. Jaggi, L. F. 3rd Year Private Long, UJ4 H4 Longmire, L. T. BELL SHFTJPLE Company Commander Gaddis, L. L. martin, O. ffl. Qnd Year Privates matbin, m. H mernitz, J. C. Baugh, LU. m. Fnuller, Fl. C. Gonzales, R. P. n nichols, F. H. Langford, D. L. Floyes, G. LU. manor, T. L. , Rafalsby, L. Fl. O Rourlze, J. E. R bl G C o rnson, . . llJoodworth, UJ. C. 1, Tomaso, L. r. 1tY P, t llJimer, Fl. G. s ear riva es winger' R- G. Hnderson, F. I. lUolfle, C. E. M E: 41+-w - , ,, , , . ,, . , ,.. .. ,.. .V ..,....,.......,w. . ,ww- , , .- - 1 , sf V f - . . ... .. r 1- -.ff-1-fs ,. rr . . - r ' -r- R rv ,, , .-,,L'1g,, ..-Lf: 1 R 5-a..o?3:rt. , , Q .. -ra 3.-P . - -- 1 Y di, E' .Ali V t .fi A-5 . 3-.i ls-...J n.,...,,.- ., .H f .vfgklsse Q.,-5 -fm. . 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A ' .r,,. ., . .. ji?l'l,, A ,,..A h Jrfqrf- . , .-.Y W ' agsgxuprurum, v W, f, f ' 4 .- , 1 s . -swf s' I fi., i - ' 'i ', ' "' bwfcrrl ' . fxvv' T14 , V-Y ,,, 4 - , ,,! . YV ,L X I- Y A ,X i X . V -xx L C Q L -s I J sf'-Q! SIGIWFIL CORPS CHfTlP CHITIP BULLIS, TEXHS Hny good numberf Bill and minnie couldn't get the right number if they tried.. .lllhitle out ol gear . . . Ulhitle in gear. You can see the camp is well guarded . . . Get out from behind the darh glasses "Bohtle." we all lznow you but what's that you are between? . . . Signal Corps Firstll Sweet revengell . . Daniel you sure trust that safety belt. . . l.1.loitin' for ZZX. Don't laugh Harry, we might miss it . . . Jibe 'em up! Paul, Tommy has a big moment of inertia and Fischer is next . . . Fight for deah ole Ulhitmore and his summer camp for boys . . . l'louston's Bod man "Five Gun Brown" Ccount 'eml . . . Putting one over on Butch and lllhitmore seems to please the boys . . . Q group of clashing young "Sigma Happasl' . . . "The Commodore" shovin' offi to Shang- hai, we hope . . . Thanh gawd-we are not paddle Feetll .wp 4 AW 'Sd ff , M , i " ' " :iff Xi 4 . V FL i is V H1 E fu N I may V' J ' I: 1 W J 4 ' Q Y , , ,, V I Q ,, I, g g ' I , 1 ' M - f , tv ' "" , 2: is ' X 1 E Q " ,, ki"q' 1-Y ,, s-1' , , V ii Wi' A ' 'X , y. , g K' z ' Q T' , , Q . V ' I 2 . K- ' x J, ,gy . .lnxwii . i r it M , , , t X - X lzifiia,'f,.Mg,f3gg, , -, ' --h f ,,, - '7 i'-,iii.?'i5,,i'iLffaa2i3'f 2575" i A ' f l ,K Q, X.., ,Qt 'z AN 3,14 ' ,X is 1 ' -X W 11 -,, 5-4.x , , "x, , V 1 , ls Wi X iigx Mid, 1,41 YY, V, f, . l ' it 71--rl 'TI X ' 1 3 1 K XXX l , ifsstgiisr x Wx 15. WA. gg 'E Q sxg, ,nn Fi aux SIGDFIL CORPS CFNTIP CHVTIP BULLIS, TEXHS lt's too bad, Fritz, that we all aren't that good . . . Deadeye Sample . . . Extra duty isn't any harder than you maize it . . . lnstead of Red and l.Uhite it's Brown and Green . . . Fire at U.lill . . . Tent mates-"Fuzzy," Billy, mac and Fittie. Ulotta tentll . . . with Bob Gerdes at the control we should get some wire laid. ln our opinion . . . "Chocs." ,lust a bunch of bottle babies ...Crank 'er up Bell, we are signing off! . . . Rogers, Brown and Gerdes seem to be on friendly terms with this bullet slinging half tract . . . Stoogme, is that any stance for a fTlajor'?? . . . lllhy Satch, we are ashamed of you. Hny- body could do that good. Egger I , 'ft L. f ,.,, Lt", 2 . . x 4 X M ,. is ,l jg w- Q , .fp -mmm I aft: Q, 3 l ' . wqpuwme- -, .:A.,,,:gy35g45,,.,- , 3-..,: rm, W' 1:5 33: . . A . ":',gawx'fg- .- 1 " nik: Ei I I S + . 1 ' . 1 : 1, ' '1'5ar:-fi sf 1.2:-z'-N .Cf Y: - ' , A x .Y fl., 4 .a.?5,,5: 9 X .Q -- -7 -V-7 Y Y ? CI-IEFTTICHL LUHRFHRE BHTTHLIOTT STHFF YTTHJOR C. V. BUTTRILL Battalion Commander CHPTHIN J. E. HELUSOTT Executive FIRST LT. H. R. HRCULFIRIUS Hdjutant Standing: COLOR SGT. E. F. THOTTTRS COLOR SGT. F. TTT. HHHTT Seated: SGT. TTTHJOR J. J, DOYLE SUPPLY SGT. LU. LU. SCHLES COFTTPHHY ' Captain J. E. Pll'll'iEY 1st Lieutenant Levine, S. LU. Qnd Lieutenant Helpert, R. R. L. GFISHELL Second-in-Command J. L. OUJEFIS First Sergeant l 'HH Cl-IElTlICHL UJHRFHRE SERVICE Second-in-Command R. L. GHSHELL Sergeants Casey, J. R. Evans, J. LU. Jaclzson, H. R. Ridd, L. m. neale, B. fn. Parlzer, J. LU. Reagan, E. H. Riggs, L. P. Simpson, C. E. leissler, R. B. Zeiss, L. m. Corporals Balzer, Fi. L. Bruce, P. H. Clements, J. F. Davis, B. Q. Hershaw, G. C. fT'lcChesney, D. R. Pearson, P. E. Stambaugh, C. H. Steed, LU. G. Stroud, llJ. P. lUall, J. E. Zercher, J. C. 3rd Year Privates Collins, R. E. Faubion, J. T. Heartfield, lU. L. Jones, LU. D. Olsen, H. H. Upton, Fl. C. 2nd Year Privates Bocquet, P. E. Brown, J. C. First Sergeant J. L. OUJEDS Coursey, J. Cummer, LU. T. Finley, J. B. Garcia, H. m. Hall, B. C. Harris, J. J. Hill, S. C. Ring, C. ffl. Lippman, L. J. Fflanley, C. H. norton, C. P. Olney, H. G. Phillips, V. D., Jr. Todd, J. H. D. 1st Year Privates Hmundsen, E. G. Flrnold, C. E. Carruth, L. G. Carson, J. L. Cathey, lU. G. Colley, 9. S. Daugherty, F. P. Erwin, E. C. Farrow, J. E. Featlierson, H. E. Forrester, B. L. Fugate, D. T. Hamilton, H. V. Hanlzins, D. H. Hausman, H. L. Heitmann, H. LU., Jr. Hilton, J. H. Ring, E. C. Landers, O. R. Loomis, R. LU. Ludwig, J. P. l'ncHinney, J. P. mcmillan, LU. D. J. E.PlI'1I'1EY Company Commander mendieta, H. B. morgan, C. O. nelson, LU. R. O'Hara, ffl. J. Perry, C. E. Porter, R. Sledge, LU. L. Sweeney, R. L., Jr. Torchin, E. L. . f-L .21"- 1 f '-"-,:..:.. M ' - '- Wfmhs.-9'-" W . .1-'ti 1 ...stew 'ffmff-.,---' ,nga . .. k,,.,,-. 'Ze ,-.tg N -'Aww ' W- - "A60",, .N.' - -2 'v ' ' C 33-57-.-'5?4Q,":LeI V., .Q .s w.u..ss... r sfgeprss-X-,N -'xw...f,.gs..tf--..,, C. ...X-. wg.,-, .t'.. .KMLU . .. WT? ffff-.g..'+' - fill' -1 Q O J. F. fTTcCFll'll'lE Company Commcnder 1st Lieutenaruts Broclzschmidt, R. F. Gaither, LU. IR. Sergeants Broolzs, B. B. Counselman, O. L. Deavenport, J. L. P. S. Lrttlepage, J. L. Phenix, B. C. ll Il Captain J. F. TTTCCPTTIVIE Potts, J. LU. Small, LU. LU. Sturdivant, LU. C. Corporals Flllen, J. J. Connor, J. fn. Hingle, H. T. HoFfer, B. L. Hroll, C. Fl. Lucas, G. F. Rasmussen, O. H. Robert, LU. C. Smith, G. P. Thompson, l.. E. LUallzer, LU. P. 2nd Year Privates Flllert, R. R. Bocquet, P. E. Canaday, m. E. Colgin, C. H. Hall, T. G. Hays, J. F. Huebel, J. Jones, O. J. Joseph, S. Petlzovselrz, R. S. Smith, R. H Surovilg, LU. L. -l-Gl2CCS, J. E. Tooraen, E. LU. Turner, J. LU. LUomble, J. C. CHEHT LUHRFHRE Second-in-Command ITIIGUEL SHLDFIUH 1st Year Privates Httciway, H. H. Baurmann, C. H. Beard, J. rl. Brimberry, LU. O. Connell, E. lTl. Cattle, J. E. Craig, J. H. Crawford, G. LU. Davis, R. TTT. Ellis, E. Falsone, Fl. J. Flynn, LU. C. Garth, G. S. Geelan, H. P. Hall, T. H. Hartman, R. R. lnnes, J. R. lvey, E. H. Japhet, C5. T. Hilgore, L. T. Horth, C. L. Levine, L. Fl. Lewis, F. R. matchett, C. R. mazzara, V. B. michalb, G. H. missrie, J. R. missrie, TTT. R. muhl, J. H. Parlzs, D. T. Pierce, P. E. Ponthieux, Fl. H. SERVICE First Sergeant E. E. HHCEFITT Pou, LU. L. Raley, T. H. Rogers, C. Fl. Shafer, C. LU. Smith, H. LUeldon, C. L. LUhital2er, D. LU. lUise, J. B. wolf, J. B. FTTIGUEL SHLDFIFTFI Second-in-Command E. E. HHGHFT First Sergeant X- . zs . 'L w". V "--". l .1531-.a .. - . - N112 Vt!! ,G f! , xxx, T Qin 591' xkfbil ' f Elia X msg CHEITIICFIL LUHRFFIRE CFlmP EDGELUOOD HRSETIHL UIHRYLHHD Captain Shaddle's "Toy tank" mounted with a 4.2 mortar . . . Culmination of five hours march on the overnight hilze . . . "Corporal" Dempwolf in charge of the gun . . . Fire observation tower. The officers got a bigger fziclz out of solving the problem than we did . . . Eddie must be thinlaing of those "ghastly" prison bars awaiting him in Baltimore . . . But- trill thinlzs? "Oh that l were with that maryland lass." Buttrill remembers! "You can tell the young gentleman he can go home now and he needn't come baclaf' . . . The new 4.2 Chemical mor- tar, surface set-up . . . "Benchmark" O'Brien-Pride of m.l.T., awaits a cracfz at the water wagon . . .Texas dele- gates on the steps of the Capitol in washington after an unsuccessful at- tempt at visiting the "Prexy' '... Of- ficers must play. "Stink bombing" per- formed for the Officers Chemical LUar- fare School . . . lllhy the procrastina- tion? Ordcrs from Headquarters, no doubt . . . "Bird-doggingn goes north- You might lznow where you find Gaither, Gasfzell, Dempwolf and "Firl2y" you find "bird-doggingn too . . . Two "double plug uglies" aiming to get you, and I really mean you. t gilt -sa,-.,.l ' s wi s if , Q? tn, gk, Kfflifl 'Z 1 Pl f -,rwixlj-l,L.l1" 1 f -X ,gr ,, r r i'3..l.YNv- ik. --- ,lg-- 'fr . Isla V trlf r ,i .-f -,ss CI-IEfTiICHL LUHRFFIRE CHVTWP EDGELUOOD HRSEDFIL ITWHRYLHND Texas talzes washington by storm-lt's a wonder they didn't have the dog catchers out for them. maybe they did . . . ln tobacco it's the tenderness that countsf they must have used this for rough cut. Bad jolze but loolz at the pic- ture . . . Saturday was synonymous with Field inspections and "bleeding" . . . "Bloody" Coolz will argue over any- thing just tor the salze of arguing, end quote . . . Texas Bull in a northern at- mosphere . . . The grub line on the over- night hilze . . . mortar inspection and drillf a daily occurrence around camp . , . "l:lrl2y" a graduate HP. with con- ferred degree and the other three maize an unholy loolzing group . . . "Captain Hid" is candid shooting again. l'le's good at getting "worms eye" views . . . LUashington's monument. Hn expres- sion of majesty and greatness appro- priately comparable to the spirit of the man it is dedicated to . . . The man with the "Ugliest Pug" in camp shooting again . . . H grenade attach performed by the Officers at the Chemical war- fare School . . . The l..S.U. Flash poses with his finished "masterpiece" . . . Saldana, the biggest "gold briclzu in camp, poses, giving a sample of his mighty prowess in front of Lincoln's memorial. "mike" is extremely mod- est? ROSS VOLUNTEERS COITTPHVIY . I CHPTHII1 Second-in-Command First Sergeant J. I. HERCHEVILLE R. S. BYnUm C. R. OLIVER J. I. HERCHEVILLE. . . ..., ...Captain E. P. FIRFIESOD Secretary-Treasurer R. S. BYTIUFTI ..... Second-in-Command C. R. OLIVER . . . .First Sergeant .... .... S 2COI'Id I.I2UI2hG!'lIS , Ling Sergeqnlg SPONSORS Lieut. Col. G. F. moore major L. S. Sticlzney Capt. E. P. Heiser Capt. martin moses 'fist SQHIOYS Justice, FI. D. Juniors Q Q .,... X if I TN' .NNN ra ip TQ'- i N Qi rt R. J. BYFIUITI Second-in-Command C. R. OLIVER First Sergeant Ftrneson, E. P. Beinhorn, LU. FI. Boettcher, R. B. Boyd, Hnight Bracewell, J. S. Bynum, R. S. Clarb, FT. R. Crow, L. m. Coola, T. F. Dahl, m. G. Dempwolf, E. FI. Dibell, C. F. Dodson, F. LU. Foster, C. B. Gates, L. C. Hable, P. R. Hall, Valton Harris, G. H. Haseman, J. D. Hewson, J. E. Hovell B. B Hubbard LU E. Hudson, O. G. Hiclzerson, J. C. Jachson, R. IU. Heeton, J. F. Hercheville, J. I. mathieu, L. G. mcHemie, J. F. murphy, D. myers, E. P. Orth, U.J. 9. Pace, FI. L. Peavy, H. L. Phillips, FI. J. Reading, R. E. Reagan, R. L. Sapp, P. C. Schoenteld, P. C. Smith, L. IRI. Stark, J. LU. Stauclt, C. E. Strother, T. B. Tate, C. LU. Termin, D. Thomas, C. H. lUaII2er, C. LU. LUhite, R. E LUood, J. FI. Vieman, L. D. Finderson, P. LU. Hrmstrong, C. E. Becbmann, H. G. Blaclg, LU. H. Burnside, FI. D. Canfil, L. UJ. Flache, T. T. Flalae, H. J. Oaddis, L. L. Greig, FI. J. Halsell, H. H. Haynes, F. P. Hulsey, B. B. Rarcher, H. H. Rennerly, C. F. Rillough, D. G. Hnapp, H. H. matush, F. J. mcCamish, J. Fl. mcllheran, R. C. Flaughton, J. B. Oliver, C. R. Page, G. C. Potter, LU. LU. Potts, F. FTI. Reagan, E. H. I J. I. RERCHEVILLE Company Commander Reed, F. J. Robinson, R. B. Roberts, J. R. Simmon, B. Smith, LU. H. Staples, G. LU. Storey, J. R. Thrift, D. B. Utterback, FI. P LUebber, J. C. U.Jise, UJ. F. lUisenbaIQer, G. Yeats, Jaclz Q gawk? , .gg Z, ,Q ,gg , sg, 51 Q Qi 5 15' Q I 133,53 ag, 5, r,-5, 13 , i I j , I . X, R , - 2? 'B l 5 , .Q 9 A 1 Q it 5, 2 -4- .....A. ..,-..., I -,..,,...,..s...,s..........1,.., . .... ...,...,. A . .A -4-Q4 ' 'Q . O O . . - 11.-?'nl' 'W --1-sa-::::1g:-I5--ffm 1 ,afffifiziilfib .:fZ5P?2iF5:-::: ,Mzm:ahei1!:ggg 'i... li'-3:liiiiiitiliifz-:il'il5'!!'11511: -.-.. . .... f - --, -mf.-v faegaaaeaffai' .lassaf --:iE:5525fw-1-G-"WEEE if J' In m E fT1ORIR m LlJILLIHm LJJHSHIVIGTOD THOfT1HS HHLE DHVIS FUR. S. G. BFIILEY DFIVID YTIURPHY, JR. FTTHX G. DHHL JHYTIES HFIRVEY I-IFILEY DR. J. J. THUBEHHFIUS CHFIRLES O. UPCHURCH UJILL H. DHVIS fT1RS. TONY HETTERSOH . g:f'i . iq--ellgg JFIITIES L. LUILLIFHTTS ITIRS. IHE FIS!-IBURV1 J. O. LUHLLHCE GEORGE FERRELL ...gf -:Q-Qu:,g -"'jg55i..-:::.- nl n"n"" 1 'EEE5 :.. g:..,g.... .1--1-.H-.1 A Q.:-glgg -:gg': ,jhlg JESS 1 'Jil .9-. .ai1f::' 'FE'35E?"5E5L:EE5?"'i5fE5 'J " ,-E3 +rx A Gi- :V ' T- ' " A Y ' XX -'Q fi- ,452 ,4:- J N pi! AEE?" ff? W 'O Lgiilfd guwf .. -225' EQIP" fi' 4 ,Q ' w J ' J " f"2 O94 Iv fi yy.-LX 7 Egbtifqw 427' T NET LL' : " 44" V M , , E- l PM XL y. .J I. Agi a. Qqbgli-Q S I : I. MW ff?' X97 J-""' 2 " ' AR'-'+V-ff " '5 XP w fx 117433 'J Erggerfz JQKV 'RWWW7 U- 5 05+ Fey' r' LL. ixxw- -"" f " " ' ,SIL N, ff. 7,g1?ffwfg 's i ,.gQ,5f5i'if 2 LLMHN' ,M vga!-G1..L E-31474-1, 9,1 , .11 H' " ff mr. . f 5 JC' Ag - ' r1L1::i? . .J -A 77 .- VQ 1.1 1. Q' .. - fflxff' f ' Q 554 AR' "f-'fi ii Q Mi . f+LLYH,,0'Y5 ' -1 - gg ff Lf. if 'mu ' A A.'4x5MX QE- ZH 1, fm? ' . '-A ,Mlgl 2256 QE. f 2 2 , . "f ?:FwPHffA ' -1' J: '51' MH? 1 ,,l.---- "- ,F ,,5-1 - 13 ZW . Ji T51 fivigffff a ' o.-:- .- ,cwv - A I : . I . 1650, Q f ff1'Fl,r Wy, 1, 4- A I ,Y -' I I. . -my ff!-5-W5 51 X X f:g':l:4i,i.l3f,Q3Tipi Egf' ' 1 2- . M ., . " Egg Og, 'I.-' Y .-.3-X VA-554 I .-:Tax C351 i?R W ig. 1!R:"""' V ' r ff 1 , N 'R if Q -R-4 w 1:-T lfflx li 'FH 'Ri 7 ' x Xxx J X X ' A r 2 1' L Nw, K x , X . X f X 4 . ,xi , fl li Huw-ts,' h4:,5gy- X- v :'f'j. E J 4 1 I 3 l i 5 I i 1 4 i P ls i ii ! 3. 2 HYLE, PFNFF, CRNUJFORD 1 NORTON, VITEH, HOOHER, HOLUELL, BELL ' 1 NTHLETIC COUNCIL i i r l a . i lei i" it 4 li' i ll E, J. HYLE This group, composed of Dean Hyle, mr. Howell, mr. Crawford, Coach Norton, mr. Hooher, mr. Bell, mr. Pfaff, and Dicla Vitelz, represents the college in all matters regarding the status of athletics at Fl. 8: m. On most matters, however, they act merely as an advisory group, with the technical details left to the Department of Physical Education. Some of the problems confronting this group are the arranging of schedules, purchasing of equipment, handling and distributing ticlaets for all athletic contests, maintaining an efficient coaching staff, and many other minor details con- nected with raising Fl. 84 mfs prestige among the leading colleges and universities in an athletic way. ' Probably no more capable a group could have been chosen, as these eight men have faithfully discharged their duties, l and have done much in placing the Fl. 81 m. athletic situation foremost in the South. mr. Hoolzer is the Secretary of this group, and he has done much to increase the efficiency of their duties. He has :QQ worlzed faithfully on all matters pertaining to the college's welfare, and is deserving of much praise in this capacity. l L Q i l ,. . 41 fl l V K 1+-"Cb , .22-. ..t. :..yt- Q '92 :wif NORTON, DIINFNITT, SfNITH, SIHES, ROLLINS, fNcOUILLEN, JNFNES CONCH NORTON CONCHING STNFF This year marlzs the end ol Coach Homer l'lorton's fourth season as head ol the Flthletic Department at H. 8: m. During this time he has pulled the Hggies up from the depths ofthe football world to national recognition. His regime has been one ol harmony and has been characterized by repeated expressions ol support and friendship by both former students and students. Coach norton has had the fortune of being ably assisted by one of the greatest coaching staffs ever as- sembled. Bill James has built the greatest line in the history of H. 8: m. College. Dough Rollins has handled the business end of the department and coached the traclz team. J. V. Silzes brought a championship baseball team home and served as chief scout. Hub mcQuillen, a strong teacher of fundamentals, has installed these in both the fish football team and the varsity baslzetball squad. Lil Dimmitt has lzept the boys in the best physical condition, while manning Smith has greatly assisted in handling the baclztield. W-'uv-'Q A4155 Vw t . in - i . i I i 1 ' sa , 75 ' - . sf - ,.A, ..,, , .. V V Q g My V A V 3 .A "-f 1.:....::.vw-429521-'-H nts, ' , .- .. .finds ' . 1 ' ---.g - ..Q,...'- ff 1 ss ' ' ?'1'f?Lf5'7"?3f'7N3t'1'is"1'f1'F'-Z! --Aw - 7'f f7a1'.. 'f ' ii'-P: m i" "a-rs-if-l .5 ii'i?':iWEtr':'i5'5J ',:i2.:f:2.' ','r'vMfl.".-2ef1?iS51.', Tiifis TRFHL, HHBLE, HHRRIS, HSTOFI PHUL HHBLE YELL STHFF ln spite of the many forestalling handicaps staclzed against them, the Yell Staff of '38 did a formidable job in holding the "twelfth man" together. Paul Hable was "chief," ably assisted by Jimmy Harris, Senior Flssistant, and the two Junior Hssistants, Charlie Trail and "Hub" Hston. Paul, facing the largest Cadet Corps in H. 8: mfs history, was put to tasla in organizing the Corps. From the beginning, at College night, until the last yell practice before the San Francisco game, it was evident that Paul and his staff had done their job well. Comments from outside observers point to this year's Corps as being not only the largest but the best in the history of the school. The yell leaders were faced with the problem of instilling the old traditions into the students, and also innovating many practices to lzeep trend with the times. Their primary function is to put that "old Hggie Spirit" in the newcomers, and no one can doubt that this quartet discharged their duty successfully. These four men's job is a tireless one. The Corps' showing this year reflects their ability. ITIHJOR SPORTS RUDTSH, BILL BELL, Lu. m. BOYD, J. m. BOYD, w. O., JR. BRRnsOm, GEORGE E., BRITT, R. R. CHURCH, lu. E CLRRR, E. C. CLOUDT, E. O. COSTOR, F. m. CummlnGs, L. L. DEwRRE, C. R., JR, DlTTmRn, HENRY FRETBERGER, L. D. HRRRTS, v. B. JOl'1ES,V. B. mRvnRRD, C. E. fT1ILLS,J. R. mTnnOCR, Lu. R. nEsRsTR, J. O. PRICE, C. uJ. ROBERT, Lu. L. ROGERS, OLUER ROUTT, J. E. RUSHING, ELI SCHROEDER,BRUI'1O sHlELDs, m. R. SHOCREY, J. C. SIHES, L. B. T. smTTH, H. E. sTORms, H. H STROTHER, C. P. TODD, DICR s. TURRER, J. G. VITEH, R. D. LUELCH, H. C. LUHTTE, JOE R. wlLLlRms, R. J. wlLsOn, H. C. YOUNG, PHUL R. YOUNG, ROY 5 T ,-f fx i T ' 32. . ., i i H L- 4 1-:QE 1 ' rw T. T . .Lf . N 1 T NX Xxx-V"tx"A4-5K ' f D. R m bikes from gs. 1 KJ I' vm- Jsmh T --api I A fb m K N X L 5' 3:- Nl-I-si NA P -1 F Ju. -ur 4 mC -sg k in 1 . . s.. xii? 21 I 1. . V65 . . I ,... -T7 5 ff ,ff ,Q .. ,. , J QT.- - . Hx V -,gk 7.3, ,tg .1 K ,,, , L! 3 Y- ii . 0x ' , f' . 1 ' .. -"' -'- f 19, I Qui , - . 4, ' x Q . .gig .. 4 'lg' gf. R -wif, w 1,5-' 'E V5 , A,,. V, .. L ' f 3533 , ,fl 3 . .--. M A -. T -T f. -T :ag 1 . , "r N. f 4941 If RRTR ' P ' ' ' Q- H A' .32 'E" 65,5 .f 1? . .1 K7 ,f , in ri!! r T -V 'nf '."-ifZ-.'fQ'f:.gL2's-hr.-wwffx' "fin X, Rm1HOR SROR RRnEsOn, yELf,l2. N. 'Jw k.. BRHSLUELL, Dfli Q, CRmPBELL,D'Bg.f?RE CRmPBELL, ED CLOUDT, C. R. CROLU, C. uJ. CRumP, J. m. GRGE, C. v. HODGE, m. B. HOGRR, m. E. mHRTlI"I, C. H. mlLLER, ROSS POLUELL, R. L. sCRLEs, w. w. SHERRTL, R. L. SIfTlPSOl'1, UJ. E. SfT1lTH, GEORGE E sPRuGH, PRUL wRLLs, L. m. l,UlmER, C. J. UJITCHELIL, R. s YUST, C. S. ZELfTlFll'l, YI. L. W. ,L l'f"" . tif, 323-WM' 'W , I.- il -1 Q 3,5 4p:,x,iPff- . "f i ,Fug-, The one that almost got away . . . Coach norton times that disputed Hggie shift . . . Joe strilzes a pose as "The Thinker" before Flrlzansas game . . . waiting for the lziclz-off-a tense moment . . . Goodstein, Torn, Holly survey the situation . . . Lt. Col. Henry and staff talze the streets of Houston by storm . . . Oh-that awfully hot day in Hrlzansas . . . what became of the editor . . . R. J. Reynolds snaps one as Coach gets a lift . . . where is that Company forming? . . . Virgil, in one of his more temperate moods . . . Broolzs, Torn, Faslzen, Loveless, and Lanford-the Flrhansas Hillbillies . . . Paul and his stahl loolz awfully happy-must be after the Texas game . . . The band sends the team away with "lUildcat" in their hearts . . . This Bear met unexpected opposition in Todd and Bruno . . . '37 Fence punishers between acts . . . Q ... rim' is 't M W ' -'p 'S 'Q.x-, H' .f e.4f'.w'Q',Ag LA, Qs, bmw 'fu -r--rv: wigs, I ,A Q, 32335,-rw'-fr" in X-lT5::3.,,j1e. , . u- 0 rw tg t , , Q Mr FA V N 4. ,I J' A Ne A MK I . sv' :R -1 t akers f. 1. L 'Y 'fi N4 4 pf 'ik '-.djs-'JH 'te-:Y f'f.-,y ,i,X::- q- ,Q 0 55-v r+"+1"eQ?" if :fr S 1r"g?'-5 i -'r'1 ' v '-wx., A . W - ---- .... s- ,,.. 5 5: 15214 -r, I-,,f..,5t 4 . . ,t Proponents ot the manly art of selt defense Beauty and the beasts . . . Jim Harris lets the Corps have it lllonder who got his hair mussed up ucla Jones rides again . . . where is the good loolaing one7 Johnny had to hustle but he made it The grandest of all grand bands . . . Rough riders at ir again That inevitable stampede after brealzrng the T" Capt. Roberts' pride and joy . . . The band s better halt 7 truchs on down The Seniors at their last fling at immortality . . . Hnd how that sun comes down on t worry Sam, rt will soon be over and you will get to see her . . . The twelfth man if , Y,. L T, uv Y I , ' A l 1 W I nf, 9,1 K' th! B l 8 w 'f l' 'Y. ll N-Q A s,,,--.-.S 'U ,he ErQTvT wax 699, no-Hitler is not in sight . . . Hovell and his Brain-Trust in one of their informal moments . tall: about the old school . . .D The mustangs needed their mascot in the game-not on Todd throws those swivel hips to the winds . . . The Baylor Band demonstrates its prowess . in Fort worth . . . Fi man we have learned to love-Col. moore . . . "ROCK" tries in for Diclz . . . l.Ue need more worla and less standing around . . . major lrvin on hand to are Reg . . . Three-fourths of the Flggie infield . . . H close play at home but he made it "swing it" for the Flggies . . . H little bull before the hiclz-off . . . . . Some of the exes the bench . . . Dicl: . . Find did we talze vain to open a hole see that all the boys . . . Greenville girls 9 S.. 4 5 I l , b mg M., t 1 ..-the-wg. -A M Q - 1 P-2 ' - ' X ' - . v A . A 4gl4,l7.'9 - ' . X ,fx jaws. . A - L f- 'A - " - , , , I ti5i'?f: . X , x A' - M w,,,W,,W,Q ' . M " s , S'-fs. '15- .. 5 -Us - Q """"'T"7'f - f H V. ,, v f iff' H 1 4 -5 is , A' fi ii ' . IL- W ?'w'T'1'ef'? ,f 1 ,,-1 .1-SP4 . " '3f,f'e ..- , --uf,-??1ff'? ' I sl s:--js. gt- -ziiiiiiif 'v , sv' - :..,,,,,i4g,,3t5, . ,s f7J:,,. ' J .. I Arg' 'v,5x.1,- 1' 1 ut. ' - l ' , 't'f .. , 1 f ,ia6q J ,av-s 'mlgpy -- ' fe.,'E'if '4 gg . , 55' ., 5 s ' 1 V 1? .-qi ,- '., ,' , 9 'rw' '.' . ' H.. - -4 W: 5-1 N ,S t . R, tt.. jam: .3 X W- s . , 4 bk, 5 V HHS' .3 ..: 4...I..A.- . .ii ixle- l Qgqte 'cm-'cos . , . lt speaks ter itsell . . . lt's herd wcri: but they love it . . . H lot of bull . . . The Long- hcfns ---ent Esc: ss indicated . . . The our x-.os getting plenty thicl: . . . The infield comes in for c little pepper . . , 9552 --.ces get up rn blaze . . . mr. Shepofdson presents the "T" medols . . . Q tense moment . . . Jae C:1e5e,tne Ecylcr moscot seems hoppy-wonder why . . , .l,-'Y Q .aXl55"' iff :gli ,gaun- Some ol these mules got away Joe and Shoclzey talze time out to rest Just wartrng For a chance at one ol those 70 yard runs The boys vrsrted Grand Canyon say rt rs qurte a gulley Steamboat round the bend l.Ulllnam Taylor l'lotel and apartments Roy Young rs gomg to bloclz the hrst mermand that comes aboard Couldnt Robinson and Dittman fund anylhrng else to do Lllonder what Jones rs grrn ning about Coach James out where the l.Uest beglns The Golden Gate Bridge rn the baclzground Callfornra s Hggreland Qlcatraz oe doesnt hnow what rt rs Coaches Rolllns and Smnth and Jrm Shochey out by the lonely water tower . . . Brahma and Roy get that sea such feelrng Pelly sends Hthletrc Councrl s Funds for a loss The San Francisco Golden Gate Deep studyl saab' ,. 1' ' .. , ' 6193 1 " , .. X if , . cfs ' ia, ' . A .R 5 , ,' fwf- ' aft .LJ w X QL xf 95 as 'Q 4. It 'D 1 1 NJ 4 .. v J, K' 5 gags: 1 J Af I . I, rt?,s-532125, .X f 13' 5 Url lx bl 1L,hA5Lg5,L Z, 5 t , L fix , A, Q S. ft f K3 That final Fight tall2 before the "Old miss." game . . . Thomas and his trusty steed guard the Fence . . . Joe Routt and his greatest admirer-his mother . . . what, no bird-dogs . . . The athletic department efficient secretary and wife . . . lllray serves a hot one . . . lllildcat and hands go up . . . Clouclt and Smith round the bend . . . Those Fighting Farmers limber up . . . The prize winning float of the Tyler Rose Festival . . , Capt Crow malzes a goal . . . The strongest of all the Flggie followers, faithful old Rev. . . . The S.m.U. Band salutes the Qggies . . . Hnd arethose Fish glad the cross country run is over . . . Believe it or not-Don really wallzed out. FGOTBHLL fl 3 ALL AMERICAN JC E R 0 U T T GUARD A -HWY' 1-ia' W ms swf? we R We ,x .. , 1 W, . VV V V VV .- V . i , .. ,,..,,w,.,,,,,A,,.,.,.,,, V., ,,.,, ,VW X., ..k, d .iV,F,v 1, ,Z 5211 .s :j,',1l,.- -:. . .-s . 2-xiii! -:L my Qian f,,-if-: y 1 ::,:,g1 V H,,,,?,i,.2, .,,,. g A: Axcis, " "YKW4.c?QIuf'4.'1,, S.',:'1 ya sw, .m ines-V4Q.,f1 V-,w,:'s' sf -,MA 'V V, tssf ff fm: '--5-wr1igSi,,:g.,:sw-:.,---V, A 2-sw, .,, - V VVV' ' .V V '-1 f X gVf:s1,f3-ff s ' Vi V. i. Qjf.svn-:Msz.iAfs:x15g,5.1,,,f,V, g .i ., if , i ' A V ,-JV, .,,1Qy,,'-t,,Zf,LLQ,,,Q, 1. X x, -1 juss: - f Vs X V. V -sw ,qVi,,r,, - V 1- V.,.sw-x-J-4V.p.,v ,, ..:s,,,xf-,Nl-V-Q -.W f. -: , V. V., ,m,.,L:,T H Q gf-ff ' ff -52-1-' 'X Vflfj " V X V, 1, ,Q ,,,, ,, , ,,,, V' -V ,VC,V,si,rg1-gli ,, ..,5,,,, ,X , , , . D .,, , V M , ,Mes Y, . Y 5. ,1 V, I AM Q Y , 9 . ,. .,m,,a3,,:L,,71 Mg M- K -gg, b rf' ' ffxj.-'V - -, 3- -V .. , . -1 V :.f,,V, , , W' - W A V V, ' V ' ' . v. , V . L, i.,VfM,,.' xw 7- - -- ..,V .......-,.,............. .,,. ,,.,. - e.--... -- ,..,., - ,e,,,,.,, , , ,,,,. ,,,-,A,,,,,,,,,-,,,- M VH..- ..V. VV- VV.YVV........m.-,NW .AVVVV V 4...,--...........1..e,-, V ------M --Wk--. ...V .. .V.V. - V- ..,,, - - .,.,. - ..,. -..,.,--, ......,, - .,....,,,, , ,, ,.,,,,--.,-... ,, 1 - Y--MH --- --'--'----------"------,-A---- --- W- VV V-A-YW------...,...-.., .. .-.,-... -,. ' Fl THE HGGIE SQUFID OF '37 when it seems the game is iost, Heep ci-goin'. Do not stop ot ony cost- Heep o-goin'. COHCH HORTOH Don't ever think thot you ccJn't win it, Fl figi'1tin'tec1m is olwoys in it. So don't let up ci single minute, i Heep Q-goin'. i i Abi' I iw X f' 491 he its 'sf t l li 's i 1 ,.'- or .. ts .. A .1 Q s ss ga T 97 N' i ll 'sr is tr is 5 ii xv vs xg if ,, hw. 'Ak "Y 1 kg 9- Q , ' . , , , " 5' if ' ' A3-Ptf1',i"'i'i'?"im X. " -'-whiz' ' - 1 W . ' sz ' " ' V , , sv - ' 11.59. .1 x-L, 9 , -. . ., .. .Y Nga, H, . .x A V the M , X ,S-fp. Nu.- Todd Goes through the Center ofthe manhattan Line HGGIES COITIE FRGITW BEHIND TO DOLUH YTWHTIHFITTHFI H slumbering giant for titty-two minutes, the Hggies awalzened in the last eight to unleash the full fury ofthe running and pass- ing game against manhattan at the Polo Grounds in new Yorlz. manhattan was leading the Farmers at the end ot the third period 7-O. But there was too much dynamite compressed in the Hggie bachfield to stay undetonated tor the full distance, and when it exploded it blasted manhattan right oft the field. manhattan was battle-worn and shell-shoclzed at the finish. The Green l.Uave was mouse-trapped and cross-checlzed to a fare-thee-well and the deceptiveness of the Hggie attaclz and baclzs was too much to be halted. Hs the game began to draw to a close the seven-point lead ot manhattan loolzed as it it would be enough to win the ball game. But then, and not until then, did the handwriting appear on the wall. But it was clear tor all to see that the Flggies were in motion. They had passed so much a bitearlier that the Jasper line was a succession ot yawning holes. Through these holes the Farmers began to drive. ln three plays they whirled from the 43 to the 7 and then "Bounding Bob" rlesrsta drove the ball across the line. The next score came tour minutes later. mills, Todd and Rogers carried the ball forty yards, and then mills threw a perfect strilze to Rogers who out-stepped all defenders to score. mills, Rogers, Todd, and nesrsta carried the offensive punch behind bloclzing that became increasingly effective. Joe Routt,Virgil Jones, and Roy Young were the main stars in the line, breahing through time and time again to throw Jasper baclzs for a loss. This manhattanite was Stopped by Jones manhattan Tries the Center of the Hggie Line W.. Q 'TH prim Quan 'ind Hlthough hampered by injuries during the season, Bobby riesrsta made his mari: on opposition. Bobby was a boy who cleared the way to add to his ability as a ball- carrier. Q .. .,.MQ . fsr . '.' .Rua .t ., . K h-AQ: .rvjfiv V: r x k V . h .3 4 .afar 'f-sifmi' , f ' Q Q, ..1flFi,3.'Etvf'sr . 9 . 'bs ' . " -"rr wi I t . . ,. P .Ar - ,. gm, L: V., In ' l,shf,:igvL:?Ek vy' s, X? 1 - -ri .. . X ' tff.s..H-ft.f if, "' QNAL. " xii.. ginf-gjlfr 1i.tm.'s5?gssi?-fiiiia.-as-.ss..mf1:.: . 'f' Joe Routt was the First Hggie ath- lete to have received Hll-Hmerican acclaim. His choice for two con- secutive years leaves little in re- gard to his merit as an athlete. He cannot be described as a man, but as a side of a line. Dicla Todd was the most feared brohen field runner in the Confer- ence. The opposition would sel- dom ever lzicla to him as it would usually prove very dangerous. He was truly a "sixty minute man" and bore the brunt ol the bach- field duties. Joe Turner ably held down the pivot position. His snap baclas were always to the point, and he baclzed up the line with the vigil of a giant. Joe's job was intensi- fied as the team used a five-man line most of the year. "Dub" Boyd was the man with the educated toe. Hlthough he understudied Diclz Todd, he got in on lots ofthe ball games, chief- ly because he was a dependable performer. His toe has sent the ball through the crossbars many times this year for the one-points. W xt 'i-'ir ' ' fi gsm, '- vi -f" ' . 4 .f Y Xl 2 sri fsswwi .QAQW ,H Y' WHY" Rogers Starts for Pay Dirt FTGGIES UJID IFTTERSECTIOHFIL TILT Deadly Dick Todd's churning feet again carried the Hggies to another intersectional victory on October9 at Tyler, a 14-O conquest of a mississippi State team that threatened only once. It was Todd's uncanny broken field running in the first halfthat sparked the Hggies to near perfect football-football that showed they had rolled up 8 first downs and 135 yards to missis- sippi State's minus one yard during the first half. Todd started with the opening kick-off which he returned forty yards. The Hggies, Featuring Todd's three consecutive first-down thrusts over tackle, and Jim Shockey's 17-yard heave to Rogers, to the mississippi seven, hung out the indicator in the first five minutes of play. The Hggies' drive was temporarily halted there, but it flared up again in the second period that brought both scores. Virgil Jones, who stood out like a lighthouse in line play, pounced on a mississippi Tumble in the second period. Hen mills then contacted Todd with a six-yard pass and lhlesrsta went over For the score. Todd kicked the extra point. Backed down against their goal line by mills' coffin corner kicking, mississippi booted the ball forty-five yards and straight into Todd's arms. He cut to the left, ducked through two tacklers and went for a a touchdown. Hgain Todd kicked the extra point. Only Virgil Jones and his fast stepping mate, Slick Rogers, could touch the fast stepping Todd forthe day's glory. Jones intercepted two passes, recovered a Fumble and stayed in the Bulldogs backfield. Rogers called a great ball game and did swell work carrying the ball. nesrsta Skirts End Schroeder on "end-around" play f M L .'3.l marion Church was the aggres- sive, fight to win sort of player that any team would lilze to have. His position was almost impregnable to the opposition, and when he cut them down they stayed that way. 52 Q QED " zijn X , W, L. R as 5. Ai Diclz Vitelz was one of the shrewdest signal-breahers in the Conference. His chief duty be- sides being field general, was bloching, but he could always be called upon to maize a few yards when the going was rough. Hen mills was probably the most accurate passer and hiclzer on the squad. His long, accurate heaves in several games saved the day. To add to his versatility, he was quite elusive in carrying the pigslzin. Bruno Schroeder was converted from the fullbacl: post to end, and before the season had progressed long, had proved to his most harsh critics that he was plenty capable. He was a tower on defense, and could get up into the air for those passes. Bill Hudish did not come into his own until mid-season, but once he got started it was a job to stop him. It was he who was always called upon to maize those last few precious yards to the goal line. V Q vs--nvhwiefh r' s?"ff2r"""""f""' ' iss ii-L v:.,s,,., iiffwawm 1 l 'rf -,,f!f':f1 3' -if " vw A gc' K, Q 8 Y Rogers l.Uent High To Get This One HGGIES HUD FROGS BHTTLE TO 7-7 TIE In I'TiUD Thirty thousand spectators crowded the Frog Stadium in Fort worth onthe afternoon of October the sixteenth and sat through a steady downpour and saw the Frogs get a half dozen breahs during the game. But those hard fighting Hggies refused to give ground and it was midway in the third period before either team scored.The Frogs gota halfdozen breahs during the day, but only once did they capitalize. H lazy punt that went out of bounds after fifteen yards in fair territory gave them a scoring chance that they accepted. Hearts of H. 8m TTT. supporters sanla in their shoes when Diclz Todd limped off the field with five minutes left to play. lred by the loss of their leader the cadets went to worh. They marched forty-five yards without the loss of the ball to score six points and then hiclzed the goal for the tie. H. 8: m. struch through the air to mahe the last nineteen yards of the drive. It was fourth down and seven to go, when Herb Smith gathered the long spiralling pass from Hen mills, down in the end zone. lllalemon Price trotted in to try for the extra point and sent it between the middle of the uprights. The game was a battle between two powerful lines, with the great forward wall of the Hggies having the edge. Only once during the after- noon, were the Frogs able to penetrate inside the thirty yard line, and this resulted in a touchdown. The Figgies gained 236 yards on runs and passes while the Christians netted 189, and their seven first downs were more than the Frogs bagged, but the fumble column showed the Flggies dropped the ball eight times with T.C.U. recovering three which made the difference of the day. 1, Price Talzes Out Down The Sideline T. C. U. Completes 9 Long Pass ' ' " f' ' 'I "T" i E '.N 4' F ."' " ' r '- J, --'- . s . .' :fi , Y 'T " ll-7-'fn x TV 5 V : "1 ' .'-' " I . 1 . , - gp., .Sagas viz, 'ig ,UM .5 :lf 64 W .5 , . i 4,-.- 4512 C, 1 . ,, P .5 I- , ur, i - 'g , 5 I : - " 3 ff - - ., s , I . L: ' j . - . . 9 ' 'Z "" 1 ,Z ,' r 'Q-' - - ' ' f' -' ' . . . Q A . f... -.rw is .rr -sf V--+ . wr' J'-i5'3 ,".iii1v', .em -I -mp., .f.,,.1-.,..:.. -v W .g V A L' 7?-SJ:-I ' gq T . -L .. 7 : 'iv' og, .3'H"?"t ' 1 - ,.' A Q- " I , L,-sp-.pg , N- ,,-N H 1, ,.'l, X .' Y, , 464 , F , Y' - '.. - , -I I vw-, -1. . W x -. . '- . V i . , . 4 - - 4 i . , , - .r . -qdsr . , , its -- - ,YM y , 5 Q... -I. : ,,,.,.-- Q .v ' .,x. W - H, , , - . - , fl ,. . .Q .5 . V - . t. - , .Q..,-'.'3, -.5 .D '--4 s' - 1-N -.MW A -t . . - -sf W . J r .tt--ig.Hi'i' 1 4 .1 r t r, '. s as , v ss H rirff " '- 4, ' ,Ag ries ' - . 4.4 ' e . .- .A -.- --1. , 1- ' -N , , .g .' F49 . , i .., . ,. ., .. ' f 4.1-, 1 i fi I ' 42. :V .L , r - 'Q' 0 i - " A J , f ' - , Q: ' jsp y! 'L 4- ,J Phi .P fl L' Q ' -ig' , L 5 5 f' - ' Q ' Q ' O R - '- xl' .," - . 'xi 'v L Q 1. 7 Z: ' T ffx " 45" its gr' ' R 9 ' P ' --1 J. ' t -.T - 1.-,-L. u P . Af f 15" ft ., . '-- ,.., .n , , ,, .5 . l N,- IL A IL nies J c is v, rc '15 h, t f a-. S-"Ne -1 - V, - .15 1 , . A ' ' ' ' ' lfgii. . K '?.7-Y 35.3.-: 5-tg -' 4' 'L -Fai A ., ... Bill minnocb was assigned the job of playing the same position as Joe Routt, which was quite an assignment. Bill was a valuable man to have around as he was a bulwarh on defense, and could cut the opposition down with ease. I'-P 52 . Qs Virgil Jones was Joe Routt's running mate on the other guard. Virgil was unanimously acclaimed by all critics as all-Conference, and was a serious contender for Fill-Hmerican honors. Virgil was an indispensable cog in an almost flawless machine, the Hggie line. Jim Shoclzey was the blocizing halt on the team, so essential to a real football eleven. Jim's ac- curate leit-handed heaves were an important factor in the team's suc- cess. He was a mainstay in a smooth functioning bactzfield. "left" Silzes was a substitute end. He was a valuable man to the team, and whenever called upon was ready with that charac- teristic fight and determination that is always foremost in an Fig- gie's mind. Henry Dittman was a substitute baclz. Henry always was danger- ous when in the game. He could hit the line with as much drive as anyone, and when shalzen into the loose in a brolzen field was ever a dangerous threat. Ri ""vwov I 'rs- ,. . UI? fi ' 2, 1 wtf" ' 15 gs. Y' t i r Todd Dives for that Extra Yard BHYLOR'S FIERIHL HTTHCH DOLUVIS HGGIES The Hggie hope for the Conference title suitered a severe jolt when they were stopped by the Baylor Bears on Hyle Field 13-O. The First direct hit came five minutes after the game started. Boyd, a rangy end with lots of speed, made a running catch of a fifty-yard pass from Patterson and stepped across the line. From here the game see-sawed baclz and Forth, featuring out- standing line play by both teams with the Flggies having a slight edge. Time after time it seemed as ii the great machine of the Baylor Bears would swing into action only to be halted by the great Forward wall of the Hggies, which was something to see. The Bear's second touchdown came in the third period. Patterson maneuvered the Bears up the field into scoring position and then shot a beautiful pass to l'luessner who raced five yards forthe marlzer. Late in the fourth quarter, the Flggies started a drive that seemed destined for a score, only to lose the ball on downs on the five-yard line. mills passed to Smith ior17, another pass to Smith put the ball on the 38. Two straight first downs on passes, one to Smith, the other to Todd put the ball, on the 10. Todd carried the ball to the five, but here the Flggies lost the ball on downs. The Hggies were not without stars. Joe Boutt and Brahma Jones covered themselves with glory by their marvelous worlz at the guard positions. Herb Smith and Bruno Schroeder played great defensive ball. white teamed with Smith to snatch mills' passes and mahe the passing attach into one big threat. Diclz Todd got off a iew pretty runs though he could never shalae loose. Diclz Receives G Punt The Hggie Ling in Hdign 5 V. E 1 - I . . ' 5' i,-iii. J' p y,,,.-,Jw ,u -Q fx, ja' wg-Cv ' - 'Z '65 1' A, .5 -- ' r. Aw u , t- src ' A R 3 ' ,414 4- -:cw-y - ,kwdw P, r if' , k-Si :Qf,s,L.es-.. '.-,ffxgg . .. , J' . .1555 g59,f?",.fH'31gafi-51f37,1?srjs as ffwssimt-fvq. s I 1 i f f' A- - Y i . if--l'-5'4" 7"f'f'f--1 f sg-4-'J-ff-'4f5.?C,Yi1v4i sf' X'-.'4f?ii',-'wifi'-' f.','7, , . , V Q. Hwy .-I... .. L. ' I' A:,gr.,L-13'q4,'.., 45349, 4Qbf ,g1- .Qs -jr,,f,'.W Uk, ,TR -,N Y ,A ,Q V. .MI ,fi l . , . , - ..g.w:.s.wefw1 -a- wh: wi-Jr - ,- A '-"X .Q-if w X W v, .wp X524 -Av I v. :,gf'i'afe"wu'fss is ' George Bransom was ever de- pendable at his taclzle post. when the going was rough, George's po- sition was securely talzen care ot. It was George, too, that paved the way for the baclzs in many cases. Q Roy Young was chosen Hil- Conference tor the second con- secutive year. Little more could be said in regard to Roy's ability, but to say that he was one ol the mainstays in the great Hggie lor- ward wall is descriptive enough. Zed Coston was one of the hetti- est centers in the Conference. l-le was also the most rugged when the going was rough. Zed, regardless ol his size,was last in getting to the scene of action. Little Herb Smith developed taster than any man on the squad. He may be termed as "Herb, the giant lQiller," as his specialty was throwing the big fellows for a loss. l-le had the heart of a winner and did much for his team. U.leldon Drennan was always ready to go into action when called upon. l'le was a real guard but was laced with too much Hil- Conlerence competition. l.Uhen the time came lorhis chance in the game, he showed his determina- tion to win. ya- I N II. ,XIII 4 , . 54 Q 'Inu ' - I . . . . . . I I , ' ,,,hI,'II,i- I I ..I I I II I II 4 . , - 'Y rs 'I31r,,2"'1J""f71f-fs-33 . .- .-. vm- VIL -YI xxyifr I I Iiilntkiz :IW Ivxxr ," A Q- 1-Aviv." 1 r' ' 0152's I-P et., I ..' I rn 1-Jian 1-J-EI, tg if https-Q - Qiifi lilly 'Z 'S -P 40 . n ' W5-New Todd Drives Into The Ftrhansas Secondary FIGGIES LOSE TO HRHHHSFIS The Hggies invaded the hills of the Ozarlzs only to be beaten by HrlQansas,who recovered their passing magic to ring up a 26-13 victory. The Hggies gave the Porlzers plenty of trouble in the First hall, but when the Razorbaclzs got their overhead attaclz worlzing, the cadets were never in the running again. The Hggies were one point ahead at the hall, but Hrhansas floated two winning touchdowns in the third quarter and spent the final quarter freezing the ball around in the midfield or in the Flggie territory. Fludish and Jones were the touchdown malzers for the Flggies, Jones, in two trich plays, gained twenty-two yards, and went over. Hudish was the outstanding baclz for the Hggies, toting the ball eighteen times with an average of four yards every time. He intercepted one pass, hit the Porhers' line with such power and dynamite that it was blasted to pieces. The tamed Hggie line again dominated the contest. From the opening whistle to the closing gun, the line charged and bloched the Flrbansas line to a lore thee well. The whole story ol the Flggies'defeat lies in the fact that the small stature of the Ftggie baclzs prevented them from breahing the passing attach ol the long tall Razorbacizs. Diclz Viteh was one of the factors which lzept the score down, time alter time he leaped high into the air to gather down long Razorbaclz passes. Joe Routt again played his usual all-Hmerican game by stopping everything that come his way. Joe Boyd and Bruno Schroeder also played a great defensive game For the Hggies. mills Gets Off H Long Punt Smith makes H Beautiful Catch '. V ' g . - I " '2- - . x .'. - .rf-3 L4 "r.'iY'r's'9' L ,,-an A I-in I I '- -'I' ri gg.. .u,i,,5i-Q45.ITB.-'g,?zaf1-,'-1- 'f' -075.1 .' ,yay C?.4""fc',!i-?-'.-'?'9-?'Qf'-be'S'JEi'f'ft5- '.'g1'1r5':.- :fr ra V :-"",Efi13ff".'e' iff-fr 21" L1-:F-f?E"f"'fkfY-' Q s'f'T'3 '35 51 .. - rr- T sw. -ff s- sfifftt w if-"fw..s+sx,4r.ff:::-1fs4,5w as f,,eQff '--toot kvgrgvlfftssi Ii:.fl-ff:.452if'Bg-ffm-fffigriwgiv s.--"2 -f ft . s . i 1 ' 'ff-kl'f '-"ll-H 9 Q' gf."!': r" - rr. I 7 ' . .fit 5 ' , "' ' . .- f45z5f -11 " 'f2,'.tis3'5".6g2 gf Qc, 15 , .. 't g.:a,grggg. r.. . . s f r. s T- Urs teri -. .-- 2 T 1 . , X Ps - A' ,. 1 . I -8 - V, X "1 'F rj-7.4 -M' 1 ! 1 x Ksfxj Ly s E l"3fFgl1n:. riwf' r I -Q II. III ht sI I I , 1 , II I ,I vi . A :III .I. IIgIII I I Y.. I-if-Ir-II ,.f',:tnI:IygI:5:IaJ!f I II. I 'I . .II I ' rg L .. ' III . v:,I5 ,II III I -It II -1,II,I.-Ir ir T at '- T :"' f' 7 ivfrsilrt ti' T giwwk t- . ' . . -. f - . A .f ..r .. - --'-r '01--vi. -Jw? . Q . . I, I , 'Q I I .. I I II L..IlI. W.: , I III,.,,,fI:,I,a3.IWLIIII I ' ' .M . . ' , ts 4' " 554' " - ,f "i::'5LQi.i-TFIQK Ag . ,,,. ,f,,....... .g-311,-eesmft ,QYH '- - . Q'-"cf," ',,. iI',,V-1-.'Ep1qm . I I ,. IIIIII..-ggi. KII I W.. -I I .IIXhI.I,m?,I k..t . g A . . ,Q - -mu m Sreaww c s e....-.'Q wk .ig-I, " J.. .-gu t' 5 -.:':.? .. ' ww- N. .,.I"g-923913-' .,,., rgj' M 4 .I ,ky ,I-. ,,... . f vs- ---- w . Sv. L , .AP 1 .R r - ,Q ' . ts. HQ. . ' rw Joe Boyd in his first year on the Varsity team won a place as the regular taclzle. He was one ol the most vicious bloclfzers on the team, and one ol his specialties was smearing the opposition's inter- ference. Q it 1 www dv Ranlzin Britt came through as expected and as the year pro- gressed he developed into one ol our best ends in the Conference. His specialty was leaping in the air and malzing all possible stabs. Owens Rogers called signals lor a large part of the season. "Slick" was a dangerous brolzen-field run- ner in addition to his signal call- ing. He was a deadly bloclaer, mowing down the opposition lor his teammates. l.Ualemon Price is in his sopho- more year, and has won consider- able acclaim as a passer. when the team was behind, he was al- ways sent in to heave the spheroid down the field into waiting hands, and quite often produced results. Lester Stelliens was a big bruis- ing bach and dealt the opposition much misery. His hard driving and vicious bloclzing meant many ex- tra yards lor the team during the year. Vitel: malaes Two Yards FIGGIES CRUSH mUSTHl'iGS 14 to 0 Led by Dangerous Diclz-lodd the Hggies crushed the mustangs of S.m.U. 14-0 on Hyle Field before a crowd ol10,000 Fans. Todd, who had been held to minor gains throughout the season, was the difference Saturday. He collared Jacla lTlorrison's booming punt on his own twenty-seven late in the second quarter and pranced seventy-two yards lor a touchdown. This run was easily the most beautiful ever seen on Hyle Field. Hs Todd tool: the ball on the run, he slowed up suiliciently to allow his interference to Form, and when this interference formed, Todd proceeded to run through the entire mustang team lor the tally. Roy Young saved Todd's run by turning and bloclzing out Beardon just as it seemed the mustang fullbaclz would overtalze Todd. Todd's punting with and against the wind, held the mustangs at bay repeatedly. The Hggies found themselves on their five- yard stripe in the first quarter, but Todd came through with a sixty-eight yard punt that put the Ponies well bacln in their own territory. The Hggies' second touchdown came in the last few minutes of play. Joe Turner scored when the mustangs uncorlzed a hope pass. Joe intercepted the ball on his own twenty-live and galloped down the sidelines untouched for the scorei Todd again lziclzed the extra point. Line play reached lever heat at times, but the battling cadets usually had the best of it with a line that starred from end to end. But it was Joe Routt who was the star of the line, malzing taclales in all directions and seldom being bloclaed outoithe play. ln the baclzfield Vitela and Rogers did yeoman worlz to aid Todd. Unusually clean play marlzed the game. Three five-yard penalties being marlzed against the Flggies and the mustangs. l.Uho Has the Ball! 7 Rogers' Elusiveness Plainly Seen Www .lo Jo lUhite was one of the best pass receivers in the Conference. Hlthough faced with strong com- petition Jo Jo managed to play a large part ol each game, and with one year's experience behind him we are expecting great things of him next year. Qt QW Franlz wood is one of the most feared punters in the Conference. Filthough Frantz did not see much action this season he will in all probability be in the starting line- up next year. Eli Rushing was one ol the three centers on the squad. He was the ready bruising type of player and the opposition all lznew when Eli was in the game. with two years of eligibility ahead oi him, he will in all probability maize Conference timber. Lehman Rohn had the unlor- tunate job of playing the same position as Virgil Jones. But even with this handicap "nuts" saw considerable service which will benefit him greatly next season. Fllvin Olbrich won a place on the Hggie squad by his great intra- mural play. "Bloch" is expected to Fill the shoes of Joe Routt next season and we all feel that he is capable of doing the job. . ,. rt-..' t - - - .. . .. , - -,,- ., , ,z st.- .rr 1 .' , . .. . r V. ,, .Q-fr- S - .xg X.. . 5 W V7 F! ' Q , ner? 'St Y' f 'T ' I I f Q? ar' E 'iff W sw 'I T kk, ,.,, ?A,.' ..,,. . Q 9 , A lt. , Y W Jl5,x!vfb4E A .A ' 'X' T.. wif. . 8.511 it ,vm ,git 9 4 irjszfig . . ,ir Y 's , . ' Q , mgdlru uw Q , XS fri srl "1 rr rfills it i. up Arr S M. ss ,. pm ., ,.g,,..s Joe Boyd Downs The mighty Ernie Lain HGGIES FIGHT RICE OLULS TO 6-6 TIE "There shaII be no regrets"--with the sound oI the IinaI gun of the baII game each pIayer and cadet used that famous saying and meant it with all of his heart. From the first to the Iast whistle the Iamed FIggie eIeven outpiayed the highIy touted Rice OwIs onIy to have the game tied in the Iast Iew minutes oi pIay due to penaIties caused by technicaiities which paved the way For the OwI's touchdown. The FTggies'touchdown came in the second period and was due to some fine baII carrying by DicI2 Todd. H pass, Shochey to Shroeder, gave the Farmers a Iirst down on the Rice Iorty-one yard Iine. Htter a fifteen yard penalty, Todd broize Ioose down the sideiine to the Rice Fourteen. Then Todd faded baciz and sailed a pass into the waiting arms of Britt in the end zone. Britt Ieaped high into the air to taize the baII away from severaI Rice players. The OWIS scored their touchdown in the Iast two minutes oi play due to penaIties which cost the Hggies sixty yards and an injury suI'Iered by Joe Routt. Ioe's effectiveness to the team became apparent when he Ieft the baII game. Once Routt was out of the way, the Owis moved through the center oi the Iine, a Iine that had haIted running pIays Ior three quarters and rushed Owl passes all over the TieId. The Hggie eleven pIayed their hearts out and deserved to win. The forward wall was undauntabIe and played most of the game in the Rice bacIzTieId. Rodgers,ViteIz, and Todd played both great defensive and oitensive footbaii. On one occasion, ViteI2 intercepted a Rice pass on his own goal Iine and ran it bach to midIieId. H moment Later Routt Tooiz This Runner Todd Intercepts H Rice Pass 'Qs 4 it '.41"E"-T - x - .2-fr ii! is L 1 eg . 4 5 - t t..fgy'.-'szlf-s1fs.fg s .. Todd OH fora Long Run HGGIES DEFEHT Fli'1CIEf'IT RIVHLS The crisp Thanlzsgiving doy, with a bright sun sparizling on the garb ot a record-smashing crowd ot 32,000 football tons, brought no end to the best loved tradition ot the Texas Hggies in that the orange jerseyed Texas Longhorns did not win on Hyle Field. H big, vicious, sparialing band ot inspired Hggies swept forth on Turlzey-day with a bruising victory over Dona X. Bible's Longhorns, 7-0. Texas, hot with steam, started oft with a bang, but it did not talze long for Routt, Jones, and the entire Flggie line to cool them oft with crushing taclzles, the fury of which had not been seen on Hyle Field. Only once did Dandy Diclz Todd sift through the stout Texas line, but that trip swept the Flggies to victory in a 60-minute scramble ot thrills. never did the Hggies let a brealz get by them, and it was such a happening that led the Cadets to their score. Zed Coston intercepted a pass and lateraled to Britt. Shoclzey then sent a shovel pass to Todd who scrambled 27 yards down the sidelines. Rogers piclzed up nine yards on o plunge. Dicl: Vitel: struclz two mighty thrusts at the heart of the Texas line to score. Todd odded the extra point. Stormy Joe Routt, playing his last game on Hyle Field, led the Cadets' "thin red line" in one ot the great defensive shows of the season. Together with his guard running mate, Virgil Jones, Joe harassed Longhorn ball carriers for sixty minutes and throttled the only Texas scoring threat on the six-yard line. The stars in the Flggie line were numerous, but we shall not ottempt to name them, lor stardom belongs to each man who participated. To those seniors who played their last game on Hyle Field we wish to say, "your presence will be greatly missed next season." Vitelz Stopped at the Line of Scrimmage The Hggies and Longhorns Forward LUalls meet waving' i I Vitela Hits the Center of the Line FIGGIES LUFILLOP SHN FRHHCISCO DODS Dangerous Diclz Todd pranced the Texas Hggies to a 42-O victory over the San Francisco Dons. Throughout the second half the Hggies were switching players, but with regulars or reserves, the offense continued to clicla, and four times Flggie bachs and ends smashed through to pay dirt, and on another occasion Bill Boyd hicfzed a sixteen-yard field goal. Todd set up the first touchdown, from the Dons forty-five yard line Todd galloped to the twenty-three where he smashed over and aloose from half adozen taclzlers to place the ball on the one-yard line. Dicfz Vitelfz then hit the center of the line for the score. Laterlodd raced baclz forty-two to return their punt fora touchdown. Big Joe Routt not only stopped everything through the center of the line, but during closing minutes ofthe game pounced on two fumbles and tried his luch in the bachfield. Joe gained nine yards on the two tries. Virgil Jones, Bill Boyd, Roy Young, Bob Desrsta, Diclz Vitelz, Jim Shochey, Red Church, and Bill Drennan also turned in magnificent performances in the final game of their college career. So strong was the Flggie defense that the San Francisco Dons were never inside the Hggie twenty-five yard line. ln the second period the Dons recovered the Hggie fumble on the Hggie twenty-nine yard line, but the rest of the evening the Dons spent in their own territory. ln the scoring parade Vitelz and rlesrsta shared honors with Britt scoring one and Todd's spectacular punt return. The game was marhed with thrills as the Hggies showed the west-coast fans the type of football that is played in the Southwest Conference. The sta- tistics tell the Flggies' superiority over the Dons. The Hggies made seventeen firstdowns to the Dons three, and a total of three hundred and sixty-nine yards on runs and passes to the Dons forty-two yards. Schroeder Gathers in a Pass H Jumble of Players . 'lvl- , ,,,,,..,..ts-Q. -1'-f-+1-"fs ' 'f-film., " .uu- 1,-f nag, Nu- E ijt f Rf' at U- 5 YM lol Q M., Y Sr-1 Q, - -11.4 , . Y QE' Vx F56 'L vi 'sa 1 . mlm 1 if 395: F 11'N'S 2 . vw xi Nxt gh-Ayn QA- .A., -.. -f A- ff-' QQSEEYQE MQ? Hr '37 FISH saufrro HGGIE PROSPECTS FOR '38 BRIGHTETTED BY FISH SOUFID One of the largest squads in the history of Fl. 84 fTT. turned out for freshman football. They were not only the largest, but also the strongest ever assembled. The squad played three games throughout the year, and won all games by top-heavy margins. First came Hllen Flcademy, which was defeated by a large score, with every man seeing action. The Rice Fish were the next to feel and see the Hggie power and deception in action, as the Ftggie Fish rode rough-shod over them to win the score of 26-O. The Texas Fish invaded Flggieland on Turlzey Day to try to end the undefeated season of the Hggie Frosh, but they were accorded the same treatment as their big brothers and went down in defeat. not enough credit can be given to Coach Hub fTlcQuillen and his able assistants: Charley DeU.lare, Les Cummings, and Bill Stages, who have worfzed unceasingly to turn outa well balanced and powerful team in every department of the grid game, and to instill the fundamentals of football and the true Flggie spirit into the boys. Each Fish Team has seen a few stars, but this was not the case this year, as there was a star or two trying for every position on the team. many of the lettermen from the Varsity Squad will have to hustle to hold their positions for the forthcoming year. Some of the outstanding men were Hall, Pugh, Smith, Jefferys, Herman, Thompson, Dawson, Darby, Hauser, Duncan, and Himbrough. -Vps:-f 4,4 N I BHSEBFILL A 3 I A 1 . G f ,L ,A I Bl ifgl ., '4 ., g,w .-. -,.A .X !W't ti V b , l 'av' ,ffl '14, ,X 'jf , '- ' , t f fi 5 E5 1937 SOUTHLUEST CONFERENCE CHFHTIPS The Hggies' baseball team was not the most polished nine in the Conference, but it was their fire and fight, and determina- tion to win that brought them the championship. when the going was rough, and things loolzed darlz, the Flggies always began to function and turn defeat into victory. It was fate, however, that piclned the two teams whose rivalry is lznown throughout the land to meet in the closing games ofthe season, and battle for the Conference lead. The Hggies tool: the first game. Texas toolz the lead in the second game, and held it through the early stages, then. lilze a bolt from the shy, the Flggies began to ring the fences with base-hits and tie the ball game. with the score tied in the last of the ninth, each man wanted to be the first hitter, but fate again picfzed l.Uoody Bell. UJith the determination and confidence Coach Silzes had instilled into each man, Bell strolled to the plate, and hnoclaed the first ball pitched out of the parh to bring the championship bach to Hggieland. Sibi Tallzs It Over with the Boys -f ,ge ,QF M. .5 if . iff.. '35 . V ,.,,,.. I. 3 'Ss , . 'ills' 1 - o "x kt . J x f r r g 5 .1 . a .. is I! 'Q' u .zz . s . X, 5 3x . X 5 in X 5' f 4" , ig! A 'dr , . Q Y -.. X X X 'P 5 S -1 Q . it at at 'x-, . it . .X is J. V. Silzes starred in athletics a few years baclz. He was one of the greatest three-letter athletes Texas Fl. 8x m. has ever had, and his record of nine letters on Fl. 81 m. teams is worthy of pride. His first coaching iob for H. 8g m. was with the freshman football and varsity baseball. ln his two years ol coaching baseball his teams have finished second and first, respectively. Siizes has a perfect knowledge oi handling men, and his baseball teams have become the most feared in the Conference. 1 "Pete" Dowling, captain of the 1937 championship baseball team, proved his versatility as a leader by the fine showing made by the team, and displayed'his popularity by winning the cup presented by the ex-students of Hustin for being the most popular athlete on the H. 84 m. campus. For the past two years, "Pete" has been chosen as the catcher on practically every Hll-Conference nine. Dow- ling's ability as a hitter made him the most dangerous man at the plate in the Conference. I r r 5 2 . .. Q it . rits.. x A X A . .X wi as .. 2321 , Y Q -We . .sb if 5 Q Q5 .,.,, ,vi Q.,-rt ... ' in-1? I K X 5. ...'Z ' "t'iW"'l1i s . Q 1 li 'figs -gi T t , - , . " .. .., .9 -.' ' . ' ' , 'u-Q:-r Pete Elabs One at the Plate HGGIES THHE FROGS FIVID OUJLS IVITO CHUWP II'I TI-IEIR SERIES FI crowd ol SOOO rabid Fans, including the Texas Legislature, jammed Hyle Field to see the ldggies win over l'.C.U. The game roched along until the eighth, with the lqggies trailing by one run, then with the aid ol six hits and two wallzs, the Cadets scored eight runs to ice the game. The teams then moved to Fort lllorth where the Farmers won two games, the First game being a hit parade lor the Qggies who gathered twenty-two hits and nineteen runs. Though held scoreless For the First tour innings ol the second game, the Flggies Found their batting eyes in the filth, and before the dust ol battle had cleared, had scored lour- teen runs on nineteen blows. The Rice Owls were the next victims ol the rampaging Flggies, and were soundly beaten in a three-game series bythe score ol 7-4, 7-Q, and 9-6. with the vision ol the Southwestern Conference banner Flying over Hyle Field, the Cadets were not to be denied. The Hggie swatsmiths belted the ball all over the lot, and the pitchers pitched consistently good ball to hold the Owls in checlz, and give the Farmers a tie lor the Conference lead. Blanco Eyes One Over Riddle Unleashes a Dazzler "Cl'iinl2" Gets a Good Blow u -f ,us +A L i . if x ' iii N . ti Br . . 5' v r k 7 file ' l:': -' . k ANL J i Bi "t"""1--sw E gl 3 iii -EY ii 1, ' gh. if f if -"'f x 1.1s,., - .,- -. , -- . -..,.- .'-. L' -'---fn, . -.- ' -- 's-- ' V - f " X-' ."Y""--'1':"5"+,k ' 'fti' '?."s.f1'1-fm, 1' " ' " 1 Q Qing' fl? - 'ffL:.A4L'q' "TQ .fbizfi-'Q-' ' 'Sill-,524-""-n ' is 7.L-,L..?.f,e'f- - - 1115 c .- 'T-, ' :rib . " 'G'-t'?'i 'lrff 751. -- rlfzi-'+.-vis, - Y ' .7:f' ..1.e-3-"5 - yr-.gc ' fl-'-new - S - f 1 3611,-Laf,", ',1'w f-' - '.-:we gg- 5 , - -5 f , ,. , . ' ' E' '!3"g': ' ' V321 , -2'a7L'. --, . , 1-Q1Q."i-.',i":llE ' E 5"i'2?f - Y Q ---3 I Y f 1 ,,. ,N 335 iii: 1- .5 T. , g g: .if 15,2 Y I S,Q T-zvrgai-X, . H .1 . -. sc... l A . ,. i .Y . .gm Jess Landrum was one of the best second saclzers in tfie Con- ference. He was a tower on de- fense and was a dangerous man at tfre plate, specializing in long- range lwits. Q65 'FUI' 'ibn' "Cf1inf2" manning was the lead- off man, and he could be de- pended upon to get on tfie bag. "Cf1inl2" also was a renowned fly- frawfz, malzing almost impossible catches. He also led tfre Conferf ence in pilfering bases. "Pete" Dowling was the cap- tain, and best fritter on tfre team. He was by far the best catclwer in the Conference, malrzing all-Con- ference two years in succession. Hyle Riddle was tfre most de- pendable portsider on the team. He was particularly effective in tfie clinches. Part of tfze team's success can be attributed to fris dependable relief worlz. "Blanco" Smitfr was the right fielder on the team, and luis timely wallops were always produced at tfre crisis. "Blanco" covered lots of territory in the outer garden, and robbed many a would-be hitter. if 'ri M... .,.,..,,, H fri- .. fm .J NM, . v fy' .,. 1 -. 4 I ' " i.4 A 1.41. ....4.. , .:.r - r. ... tts If Ju-4 .,-Q '. Flanagan Throws a Hoolz in a Close One at Home The Hggies opened their Southwestern Conference baseball season by losing to the Baylor Bears to the tune of 4-3. The game was hard fought all ol the way, with an Flggie rally falling short in the ninth inning. Later in the season, the Bears in- vaded Hggieland, determined to win, but the Flggies, with a chance for the title, were on their toes and toolz both games. Though Pitner and manning were the stars lor the Flggies, they cannot be given all the glory, lor it was the Hggie nine, playing their hearts out to win, that made these victories possible. The weelz-end ol lqpril 8 saw the S.lTl.U. mustangs come charging into Hggieland to try to stampede the Farmers, only to wallrz lamely away, soundly trounced in a two-game series. Pitner and Riddle lzept the mustangs' blows scattered, while wil- liams, Landrum, and Dowling lanoclzed S.lTl.U.'s pitchers all over the lot to win by the scores of 10-5 and 9-6. The last game of the series was played in Dallas with the Hggies winning in the eleventh inning '2-1, when Dowling scored on Flanagan's single. Dowling Swings Hard at a Low One Flanagan Rounds Third Stretching One Landrum Brings Hcross a Tally ' ff ' W QI x d 2 A 9 ,g 1 Q., 4.27, - . .L--vel. ., - I. -fa.:-f Q- . .R . , , . JJ. - . . . "Lefty" Hnowles was the ace portsider on the staff. l'le made his impression as a relief hurler, although he was one of the start- ing pitchers. Q Harold lllelch was probably the most effective pitcher on the squad when he was right. He also did some excellent relief worlz. woody Bell was the regular right Fielder, and a more depend- able one could not be Found. l'le will long be remembered for his timely wallop in the second Texas game. "Dutch" Voellzel was the utility infielder, and also did much of the pinch-hitting. "Dutch" was ever dependable and was always able to deliver a blow at the strategic moment. Chris Flanagan was a shortstop of no mean ability. l'le was al- ways dangerous at the platter, and his timely wallops brolze up sev- eral games during the year. 1 ,. 't V. I n ,- I I I E E 5 i i is i i r I 4 1 V . .,,.,,u, ,., ...P . 'N 25 . :I 'tg' 3 I, l . -M: hzbung A Y , ,s.. lg P 7' ' , . ft. .., .,,, ,, , r Q ff-Sfjlg ,X 1, Vx Q -,v, ,E ,,.. AN 53 t gil ' . li: ' -fm,.,.,, N '4 . N New ' lil ill it lg ill . i U lt-M .it I. --. fmsaisf ' x Y '-,fe . .. J .f ss s 2 A lf' S sew llloody Smashes One Out Hiter losing an early season game to the Texas Longhorns by the score of 7-Q, the Flggies, in typical Franlz merriwell style. won the last two games oi the season from them to win the much coveted Southwest Conference Baseball Championship, Do one man can claim the glory for these victories, but it was the whole team functioning as a perfect machine that made them possible. "Doc" Pitner pitched the first game for the Hggies, and set baclz the highly touted Steers with three runs and six hits. The Farmers scored one run in the first, three in the sixth, and Dowling's home run in the seventh put the game on ice, by malzing the score 5-3. lhe Hggies, alter being held scoreless in the second game For seven innings, charged from behind in the eighth to score three runs and tie the ball game. morrow, first up, singled. Landrum Followed with a single. Pete Dowling then pro- ceeded to step up to the plate and paste one over the center field wall. The game moved into the last oi the ninth with the score lgnotted at 3-3, then Bell, first man up, poled the first ball pitched over the center Field wall, to nail the championship banner on the ilagstait over Hyle Field. Jess Gets OH a Good Blow Bell Slides into Third On a Close One Pete Rounding the Hassoclzs Filter One of His Famed Four-Ply Ulallops "f...:...a, ,Q ' Y A ,. - , 418. ', - If-.1l'?:"4 ' . . 3 Af' 'ix I se Q , , 'gy Bill Stages alternated with woody Bell in the right pasture. He was an able Fly-hawlz, and was always a potential threat as a pinch-hitter. do I. "Qs it 'asf B Johnny morrow held down the heystone saclz, and did it ably. His hitting in the pinches, and his spectacular Fielding saved several ball games. "Phoebe" Phythian had the dif- ficult job of playing the same posi- tion as Pete Dowling. lllhenever Pete was hurt, he did a real job behind the plate. Rube lllilliamsiheld the initial bag down flawlessly. His fielding was beyond reproach, and little more could be aslzed in the way of a hitter. "Doc" Pitner was the most re- liable man on the mound staff. He was the leading Conference pitcher, and his worlz in the Texas series warrants applause. fs .gs::a.::-1.-.IEEQ3--1fag, z V V r ,. ' 'tiiizfviw .W we .lf fl f 1 its A '."' E ' cz--f. '.gf"':'E15iTg::.-t.-:A . .I '- :IL ' 651:39 . 4, C Qc X. .. ,. . ...., . ..,,, ,Ni ,Q- s N? as X ,Q + A 'wrt s X1 9 A 4' s ,. 4 251 .Ns - Q s .,.,1 ff: ...ww .cnt sm? , 5? W 'is 'Zi 'ff' s '37 FISH SQUHD FISH SGUHD PROITIISE TO PRODUCE FUTURE STFTRS Fish Coach "Lil" Dimmitt had one of the most promising squads in recent years report to him. To "Lil" befell the job of rebuilding the '37 Championship Crew, shattered by graduation, with the Fish squad to act as a nucleus. By the impressive record the Fish set up, it seems that the Figgies will not suffer for laclz of an able baseball nine for the next several years. material was abundant for practically every posi- tion, with possible emphasis laid upon the mound staff, which had at least five or six performers, each capable of doing high calibre duty on the hilloclz. The squad also boasted of several fence punishers, who will give several of the returning letter-men a run on their respective positions. The Fish played several games with imported opposition, and held their own with the best of them. included in the group of teams which they met were such strong nines as Flllen Hcademy, the Texas Fish, and others. The most promising feature of the squad was that, lihe their older brothers, in practically every game, the sluggers got to worlz, and sent plenty of tallies across the platter. with several good recruits for pitching duties on the squad, in addition to those returning letter-men and squadmen left from the championship club, together with the stellar hitting displayed by the Fish, the Hggies should be able to put as aggres- sive an aggregation on the diamond this year, as the previous one. If .- -Hit 41" BHSHETBHLL y J' The Texas Hggie Basketball Squad Of '38 COFTCH HUB fT1cOUlLLFtI'1 CFIPTFTIFT BUDDY HHRRIS -f H FIGHTING TEHTTT The Hggie baslaetball team was one of those ever fighting teams. They were a team worlzing together as a perfect ma- chine. many times during the season Cadets and spectators were brought to their feet by a team that would not admit de- leat but would fight to the last whistle to bring a victory home to Hggieland. COFTCH HUB fT1cQUlLLFtI'T l.Uhen Coach lTTcQuillan first came to Hggielancl he had an inexperienced and green squad awaiting him. ln the short time he has been here Coach fTTcQuillan has talzen this squad and taught it the fundamentals of the game and has welded it into one ol the most feared teams in the Conference. CHPTFIITT BUDDY HHRRIS Captain Buddy Harris was one of the main reasons the Flggie team enjoyed the success itdid duringthe past season. Besides being a great athlete he was a true Sportsman endowed with the will to win. These combined qualities won for him the ad- miration ol his opponents as well as that of his teammates. fit V 1' f . U A -- ..., I Harris Loobs For Hn Opening RHZORBHCHS LUIFI TLUO FROYT1 HGGIES H. 84 m. opened their Conference baslzetball season by los- ing to the Flrlzansas Razorbacks 32-35. The Hggies were forced to maize long shots until the second period when Frieberger's short shots put the Hggies in the running. with twelve minutes left to play the Hggies were trailing 17-31. Then Frieberger, Harris, and Claris generated a driving trio and made thirteen points in seven minutes while the Razorbaclzs made three. But the Razorbachs were not to be denied, and put on a scoring sprint that gave them the game. Frieberger was star of the game for the Hggies, scoring fourteen points and playing a great de- fensive game. The Flggies lost their second Conference game when they were beaten by the Hogs 22-33. Tight defensive playing held down the scoring but not the excitement as the score was tied twice, and the lead switched six times during the game. Fit the end of the half the Cadets were leading 12-10. Despite the fact that the Hggies were consistently handicapped by wild shoot- ing. Time and time again they worlzed under the goal only to muff scoring tries with erring shots. Sammie Dwyer led the Cadets' attach and won the respect of the Razorbacizs. FFIRYUERS CHPTURE FROGS The Flggies set their own pace and downed the Frogs of Texas Christian University 43-27. Sammie Dwyer, H. 84 lil. guard, again sparlzed the Cadets' attach with eleven points, but the Farmers quiclzly tied it up and passed ahead. They built up a lead of 16-4 in the first fifteen minutes of play and then coasted with subs the rest of the half. The score at the half was 17-11, but the Flggies came baclz strong in the second half to ice the game. CLHRH ROBERT QGIES 7 he U 1 Q if H H X T:-1 5: N --'- '-'- 1 1 ' i!" . " -. N. 1 , 5 Q is-ss iw Q 'oi LZ"fli?f3Q"i'f'X?"'1Q x tr.: Q 3-4 Sf j, I' y I if 6 x If 9 W. uf-'X S? as- X 3' -ba x 4 tiiliwsw' 1 , 5 . .1 Q Q.-,.-fx Frieberger Puts One in Q I I T 'KT 4 Y' fg ,r 22.5 sf 'ff' , FRIEBERGER DLUYER . .xi ,df , as gf - sf, . . - xv J 1 I 6 ' "b T ' T 5 is S fr 1 .ana 31 l 4 'C XNA ' . 5 ..9r... ' 's gm. . -.., D gm-f'i.'e:f-'. E 1- -rv- ln the second game the Hggies won over the lanlzy Frogs 33-30. ln this contest against the Frogs Jimmy Clarlz and Buddy Harris teamed together to score 28 points. Clarlz scored fifteen points to glean high scoring honors of the contest. The Cadets jumped into an early lead and were pulling awayfast when a stream of new Frogs izept pouring into the contest to try to halt the rampaging lqggies but to no avail as the final gun found the Cadets still out in front. HGGIES LOST TLUO TO S. ITT. U. Twice during the season the Flggies encountered the Pony aggregation from Dallas and twice theyfell beneath the charg- ing hoofs of the Conference defending champions, the mus- tangs. The Farmers were never able to get going in the first period of the game and went to the count of 41 -20. The Hggies were not without their stars,for Clarlaand Harris tied for scoring honors while Dwyer and Roberts played a great defensive game to beep the score down. The Cadets' defeat was due to the fact that the mustangs, led by their forwards, scored two field goals while the Flggies were scoring one. The Flggies lost the second game again by the score of 20-41. The game was more evenly matched than the score indicates. During the first half the score roclzed baclz and forth with the Farmers out in front at the half. But with the start of the second half the fqggies were no match forthe mustangs who pulled out to a lead that was never threatened. Captain Buddy Harris scored eight points to lead the Cadet scoring, and was the best floor performer from his forward position. -Ld., The Game is R HGGIES THHE TLUO FRONT OLULS ln the first of the two-game series, the Hggies came on where the Rice cagers sputtered in the second hall to gain a 45-39 victory. Hlter a point for point battle the first fifteen minutes the Owls pulled ahead with the lead, but the Hggies came bach strong to build a substantial lead midway oi the second period and were able to stand att Rice's last surge. lllhere Rice fired ineffectual passes and missed shots in the early stages of the second halt, the Cadets, led by Jimmy Clariz, in the first halt and Buddy Harris and Frieberger in the second halt, played steadily throughout, Clarlz maizing a variety of shots under trying conditions to lead the scoring with 16 points. Be- sides malzing 11 points Louis Frieberger was the main reason lor many of Rice's ineffectual charges. He guarded the territory under the Gwls' baslzet, with slzill and towering height, which gave the Rice scoring ottense worlds of trouble. The second game saw plenty of scoring with the Hggies building up a large lead to withstand the Rice Owls last minute charge and win the game 5?-45. Paced by Harris and Claris, the Cadets'goal raping Forwards, H. 81 m. worlaed out a Q8-18 advantage in the opening periods and izept the lead through the entire game. Claris was again the leading scorer with eight basizets and three tree bashets For a total of 19 points. Captain Buddy Harris was not lar behind with five from the floor and tour from the free line For a total ot 14 points. Sammie Dwyer played the outstanding defensive game by guarding the Owls' scoring ace so effectively that during the first period he did not score a point and only scored tour during the entire evening. eady To Start UJOFFORD LUHEELIS stir ., we- A E .,., E, , g .. t tst. . ... . . - ' - ot 1 1 QGGQS is Vx ' ' NX JI a ' wax-r-:asm-.-v as -- -gtg 1:1-WP' . Q1 'V W ' s' A .. . 5 5 277 A - . F ,K . is-A ' .Q A "'t .. 'W-, s-. U Xxx xx I vs., A K ' K r s va r P r 5 ,A-, .:,gl?.f .,., g.t:.:.tf-b 5 g :tg it I, i- Q 71.51iz:-:--svrfrls-r1:1:t-41-1.4:Ii iziiiiiiyi l ii 139 wfqefixvwa-..K Q: . , R. .. N it 1 l 'tlti ii' 1 itil: ,Inga iilii iiiff. , -132 i Erg iiigil fl H102 2 ill? i fill! : i liiii' . fig tl . iv' : Tit' I 'l'. 5 ili- . ,ii ' gill: ,fra will i fill! itil? iiilt 5 AE. E gli? i 15: 1 ill lei' . pi, 4 fir' i :il . 1 wif ttf Q I lift . X., lil? : fill., E flft : ,i2i'Q, aitrf' :grit ltt., fr iii., , 3 2315? 5 itil' 1 ttlzf is rl ig! 1 lil, . ,,. li ul ' L Etlli g lfgili : Mn 3 I liilp it in 1 ii 5 ttf, ' 315 igil . 1" tiijl wilt' i i, Vi. 1 : lglsllg :r -5.114 2 ' 'fn W. 1,4 li E lliir llgiig 1 rflllil :i itil dlp? !f:l K , . . . lil? lr Qt 'l 'ir' giillil 1 E"l3tlFl:i :V i l vw' ' ' ' gill ' .lfllllir 1 'illil 1 335233 2 LM flicil, fllm-iii: ,:' ji I bill., M 4 4? E cs . .N . . Q, x , ,iw sswtwl W - sn X., A . Clarlz makes Rn BOHETTCHTTTP FTDHTTIS .is ,.,. . . ,tarp l .v.h.' "' 5' . .'.- W 1 -f. - 1 . - - :'-- Q 1 zs' . 1 fkisl 1 , ,. '-ff.L?f3'3i,h ' ' s nr A N in 52' ft '-We . Ai xr- T - r "f, ,L 1..: 5 Q -4. g , . f x ' 'r A it -wir' f ' ' ' J, A JFT. f 's 'A - ?'S ' N Si, ' , 2 J ,r . N! X5 . V ms. , 1 it L X S' Q 'X it 1- , , , , xmsws-rs - - 4 Hngle Shot FTGGIES HUD BEFTRS SPLIT The Hggies journeyed to the city of lUaco to tangle with the Baylor Bears only to go down in defeat 28-20. The game was of the nip and tuclz type with the lead being changed many times in the contest. The game started slow and it was fully five minutes before either team looped a goal. Baylor scored first but it was not long before the Flggies had overtalzen the Bears and had pulled out in front. From this point the lead roclzed bach and forth until the third period when the Bears pulled away with a lead that the Cadets could not overtalze. Frieberger and "Banjo" Roberts starred on the defense for the Flggies and did mighty fine worlz to beep the Baylor score down. The second game of the series was played at College Station and turned out to be not only the best but also the most exciting game of the season. It was a split second and overtime game that spelled a 46-48 defeat for hitherto undefeated Baylor Bears-a split second that played havoc with their title chances. The Flggies pulled away with an eleven to three point lead in the first five minutes of play but the Bears continued to climb 'til at the end of the half they were trailing 18-17. Thereafter the lead changed hands ten times and the score was tied ten times. Just before the final gun, Gernand, of Baylor, sunlz a baslzet from the middle of the floor to lznot the count at 36 all. Then came the overtime period when the Hggies, being led by Sammie Dwyer, overcame all obstacles to down the Bears 46- 48. The overtime period belonged to Dwyer for time and time again he slipped through the Baylor defense to shoot what seemed impossible baslzets. Roberts makes Good That Free Shot FIGGIES HDD STEERS DIVIDE TllJO ln the first oi a two-game series the Flggies suffered defeat at the hands of their traditional rivals, the Texas Longhorns. The game was slow and long with the Steers finally coming out on the long end oi the count 35-27. Jimmy Clarlz tool: individual scoring honors with eleven points, but Buddy Harris was held to a single tally during the evening due to excellent worlz ol Spears, a Longhorn forward. The game-though not very ex- citing-saw some oi the best baslzetball oi the season being played. The floor worlz and defensive worh of both teams was outstanding. The Cadets were always in the running until the last of the contest when all of their hope Failed as Louis Frie- berger fouled out oi the game. Up to this point Frieberger had been a bulwarlz on the defensive and had been the main reason lor the Farmers still being in the game. Later in the season the Longhorns invaded Hggieland to try again to defeat the Hggies. Filter playing on almost equal terms most of the way the Cadets turned on the steam on both oFfense and defense during the last ten minutes and defeated the Steers 26-31. Hfter the half the Steers tool: an abbreviated 18-14 lead, but the Cadets came baclz strong to tie up. They then tool: a lead that wavered from four to six points during the final iew minutes. The game roched along being tied or almost tied during the entire contest, and the winner could not be predicted till the end. The Longhorns made eleven field goals to the Hggies' nine, but the superb iree throwing of Jimmy Clarlz more than made up the difference. Clarh was held to five goals by Five diiferent men on the Steer team-each man tahing a turn. VPIRDER COYLE I f is .gs- . ".. XS 1 A Q l l l ,W E1 . 'I :EA ,... . , I 1 '-1 .s.r.:.:s:- 1 1. A Yr lr K K ,sw ' rf' Li . ' .-ww, . .-N A ' fi' , Q :s H.1-f.Mf.- ' . ' l ll '2- r , r Q. . uc , ?',b 1 s.. t ii ',:..:1-. 1. ..1. g' Q aw, -gg, . Q 55' ,Q T 4 sl : i gl ii! 1 . ,. ' rl! ri' .rl Texas Ftggie Fish Basketball Squad Of '38 FISH BFISHETBFILL SOUFID SHOUJS GREHT PROSPECTS The Texas Flggie Cage team concluded what might be termed a successful season, not so much in victories, but many contenders on the Fish Five will malze good Varsity timber. The Varsity will need plenty of these men, as a large number of the first team played their last game forthe maroon and lllhite with the conclusion of the season. The Fish squad boasted several rangy boys, who with a little coaching should present H. 84 TTT. with a baslzetball team worthy of praise. The Fish played several games with imported opposition and fared rather well in their several encounters. Coach Lil Dimmitt worlzed long and hard to instill the fundamentals of the game into the boys. His worlz showed results by the steady improvement of the squad as the season rolled along. Outstanding men on the squad would be hard to enumerate, as fundamentals were the chief object, but Scarborough, Johnston, Herman, Dawson, Lang, and Pugh showed promise of atfording the Varsity squadmen plenty of competition next year. TRHCK BGGIES p,GGIE :GMES AGGIES Qqisnsmis 1'ff ns' 'ff " GGIE AGGIES IBGGIES ' Q Q.. -HMT: vgq. '!,-tj 'f .1 955125 Racing AGGIES tiff, V '37 CIFIDER FIRTISTS TEFIITT COIICLUDES SUCCESSFUL SEHSOVI The Hggies did not win the Conference meet, but the season was far from being a failure. The Cadets participated in ten meets, and placed First in five of them. Hlthough several stars were Iost by graduation, there were many promising young men on the squad, who with a year's experience behind them should add greatly to next year's team. COHCI-I ROLLIVIS FIIWISI-IES SECOND YEHR Coach Dough Rollins has completed his second year as coach ol the traclz team. Hlthough his teams have not won the Conference, they are improving each year. Dough is one of the best Iihed men onthe campus. I'Iis dynamic personality, ready smile, and cheery hello to everyone malzes him Iznown to each Flggie. PFIRI-IS RFID LUILSOTI COFICLUDE ELIGIBILITY FIT FIGCSIELFITID "Red" Parlzs and I'Iub lililson were captains that were a credit to any team. Each has the heart of a fighter, and the desire to win. These two outstanding qualities made them give their best Ior the team. Both Red and I-Iub will be missed next year, because they could always be counted upon to win their event. Herzilz Leads in the High Hurdles PHRHS HERZII-4 UJILSOI'l HELBIIWG HGGIES OPEN SEHSOVI lUITI-I VICTORIES M! Q 9. 84 m. opened its tracle season by competing in the Border Clym- pics at Laredo. The showing the team made in this meet can be blamed to the fact that most of the traclzmen were occupied with spring football training, and had not been able to worlz out. The following men en- tered the meet: Young-high jump, l'lerzil2-120 yard hurdles, U.lilson, Storms, Dittman, and l-lelbing-mile relay. HGGIES DEFEHT SFIVI VTIHRCOS for their next traclz meet, the Hggies journeyed to San marcos to meet the San marcos State Teachers College. ln this meet, the Flggies discovered several new stars, and won the meet by the score of 76-32. The point man of the meet was melvin l'lerzil:z. HGGIES LUFILH OFF LUITH EXPO FTIEET Fl. 8: m. had very little trouble wallzing away with the traclz meet held at Fort Ulorth. The Hggies ran up the amazing score of 88 points '!"'n to their nearest opponent's 33. when the mile relay team breezed home to an easy victory, the smile of Coach Dough Rollins' lace turned to a huge grin, because this was the third consecutive year the Flggies have won the event, and it gives them permanent possession of the trophy. with the first event tuclzed away, there was never any doubt as to how the meet would end, because this was the one day the Cadets were A ready. Though the Hggies won numerous first places, it was the worlz ol I the whole team, which turned in many second and third places, which allowed the team to run up the massive total of 88 points. t wr' Tl DITTFTTFID VITEH TODD STORITIS nGG"2s as ' WE 3 AGGTE3 GGIE Todd Sails Through The Flir HGGIES LOSE TlUO THRILLERS ln o duol meet held cut Houston, Coach Rollins' teom toiled to show the strength expected of them, ond were forced to bow to the Rice Owls by the score ot 81-40. The low hurdles proved to be the most evenly matched contest of the dczy, with Herzilz nosing out Potterson ot Rice by inches. Besides l-lerzil2's sporlzling win in the low hurdles, the Flggies found revenge in winning the two-mile run with Red Porlas leoding the poclz home in ten minutes, two seconds. Cloudt tool: the jovelin toss with o throw ol162 Ft. 5 in. Roy Young tied with Honcoclz of Rice for first in the shot put with o heove ot 43 lt. 4 in. Other Hggies who ploced in the meet were: Byrd, second in the mile run, Young, second in the high jump, lllilson, second in the 880-yord run, ond Schroeder, second in the discus. HGGIES LOSE DUHL TTTEET ln Q duol meet stoged on the Hyle Field cinder poth, the Flggies lost o hecirt-breolzing meet to the Longhorns by the score of 66-56. The result of the meet wos decided by the linol event ol the progrom, the mile reloy. The Codets led by their stor hurdler, l-lerziiz, hept peclzing owoy ot the eorly leod cimossed by Texos only to lose the mile relcry by o hoir-rcrising finish. l'lelbing storted the scoring by breezing to on eosy victory in the 440-yord dosh. Herzil: followed with o victory in the high hurdles. Red Porlzs,flc1shytwo-miler, led the poclz in this event, then Herzilz won the low hurdles. Roy Young then proceeded to beot Holi ol Texos by inches to win the shot-put event. Silzes tool: the pole- voult. Then come the eventful mile reloy, which Texos won, clinching the meet. Start of the Gruelling Two mile Run FIGGIES BREEZE HOITIE LUITI-I TlUO FTIEETS The potential power ol the Flggies' traciz team came into its own, and they breezed home to an eosy victory over Flbilene Christian College. Vitelz started the Cadets on their way to victory by winning the first event of the day. From this point, the Hggies were never headed, but lzept increasing their advantage to build up the impressive score ol 74 points. H. 81 m. won ten out ol a possible sixteen first places, but it was the troclz events in which the Hggies clearly showed their superiority, by winning eight first places, while talzing only two in the Field events. melvin Herzilz wos the individual star lor the doy, winning both the high and low hurdles, and being a member ol the 440-yard relay team, which won First honors. The closest event ol the day was the broad jump with mills winning with o jump which meosured a quarter ol an inch better than that of Diclz Todd. FHRITIERS DOLUN BEHRS, FROGS HUD POFIIES The Hggies journeyed to lllaco, and won a quadrangular meet from Baylor, T.C.U., and S.lTl.U. The meet was held under the Uhliegsn ol Carroll Field, the First night meet ever staged in the Southwest Con- ference. Fl. 8a lTl. won eight first places, and amassed the impressive totoi of 86 points to literally wall: oil with the meet. Herzilz was the high scorer ol the evening, by winning both the high and low hurdles, ond being cz member ol the victorious mile relay team. The Hggies tool: the lead in the meet when Helbing won the first event of the evening- the 440-yard dash. The other men who won first places were: Viteiz, Pcirlzs, Herzih, Ulithowshi, and Young. BYRD SCHROEDER SIHES YOUNG, R. i 'mil -K ' 566123 AGGXES Y., . AGGIES tw-N r l,Urlson Breaking the Tape in the 880 CIHDER-HRTISTS FTTFTDE VHLIFIHT STFIVID IH COTTCLUDITTG TTTEETS The Hggies surprised even their staunchest supporters by nosing out Rice to place second in a triangular meet with Rice and Texas, held at Hyle Field. The final score of the meet was Texas 58, F1.8r TTT. 42, and Rice 22. l'lelbing started the Hggies on their way by winning the 440- yard dash. Viteiz then beat the Texas dash-man by inches to win the 100-yard dash. The 120-yard hurdles found Herzilz competing against his bitter trach rival, Patterson of Rice, but this time, Herzih wiped out the defeat given him by Patterson in a previous meet, by winning the high hurdles, and went on to win the low hurdles, scoring ten points, and becoming high-point man for the meet. The most thrilling tracla event seen in these parts lor a number of years was witnessed with the running of the mile relay. Dittman, Storms, wilson, and l-lelbing stayed nech and neclz with the Texas and Rice men, with Helbing breahing the tape only inches ahead ofthe Texas man. H. 81 TTT. PLHCES THIRD IH THE CONFERENCE FUEET The University of Texas successfully defended their Southwest Con- ference title for the filth consecutive year, by outpointing both Rice and Fl. 81 TTT. The Hggies' chances For a higher place in the meet suffered a severe blow when Herzih was unable to participate because ol injuries which he received when he Tell in the qualifying meet. It seems as if lady-luclz frowned on the Flggies for the day. The Hggies, fighting with the determination which is characteristic of all H. 84 TTT. teams lost many an event by a few inches or seconds. Hlthough the Farmers failed to place first in any event, they placed either second or third in everything. ,T rl ,s l.. I 'T I ,r K T is To 4 r r r Helbing Scores in the 440 T Pressman HOGRD 5 STROTHER SHIELDS 5 FTGGIE ROSTER 440-YHRD DHSH Helbing, Storms, ond Dittmon 100-YHRD DHSH TTTILE RUN HIGH JUTTIP 220-YHRD DHSH SHOT PUT HURDLES 880-YHRD DHSH POLE VHULT TUJO-TTTILE RUT1 DISCUS THROLU BROHD JUTTTP 220-YFTRD HURDLES TTTILE RELHY 440-YHRD RELFIY Vireh ond wirhowsbr Byrd ond Freeman meynord, nesrsto ond R. Young UJithowshi ond Ditfmon Young, Schroeder, ond Foubion Herzih ond Young wilson, Hogon, ond Griffin Sibes ond Shields Parks ond Strother Schroeder ond Foubion Todd, mills, ond P. Young Herzilz l.Uilson, Storms, Dittmcm, and Helbing Herzib, Helbing, Todd, ond Viteb fr,.r 955133 AGGIES 382 A6 'av FISH cinpea nmrsrs FISH TRHCHSTERS SHOLU PROfT1ISE The Hggies' Fish traclz team was the most promising ol any Fish team in the history oi the college. The team was well balanced, with star performers For each position. Coach Rollins groomed the young- sters from the start, and under his careful tutelage a most promising aggregation tool: the Field throughout the season. no end of valuable material will be sent up to the varsity from the team, Filling in some no- ticeably weak spots. "Red" Cecil is the most promising of all Flggie traclz men, and will give the Cadets a much needed man lor the dashes. michey Hogan will be ready to step into the shoes left by Parlfzs. Driess will carry on where l'lerzil2 leit OFF. There were many other stars, too numerous to enumerate. The team competed in three traclz meets and won all by large scores, winning over John Tarleton by the score of 70-44. ln this meet Cecil scored Fifteen of the team's total points. The squad also won the Fish meet of the Southwest Fat Stoclz Show, and won over Hllen Flcademy. Flll credit is due to Coach Rollins lor his round development of the boys and For their loyal worlz. FHIUCDR SPORTS 476' mg, 26 N02 , -nt. CRCDSS COUNTRY TEHIT1 '37 Hlthough the Cross Country team tailed to win the Conference meet they deserve all the praise we can give them. Cross Country is not a spectacular pastime, but rather one of the most grinding ot all sports. Training must be constant and strict, practice must be regular and hard, there is no cheering section to aid the flying legs but only that old Hggie will to win lzeeps these boys driving on to bring fame and glory to Hggieland. Captain Smith, Hogan, Peters, Strother, and Cloudt carried the colors ol the maroon and white this year and more worthy men have yet to be found. The Conference meet was held on the highways and byways of College Station this year and resulted in a victory lor the Rice Owls. Strother with the lead in the race assured, stumbled just before the finish line and this unfortunate accident allowed Bell ot Rice to finish first. not enough praise can be given to Coach Hnderson who worlfzed unceasingly to bring out the best in these boys. " X imnssits mar, -mr- . 5 at Q ...A K s.-Q AJ ...sgsg Q sw Y LX, ..,,.-no an ,AJ A K ,-Q., ...1 XA 5- P ,K V , V VUL. AAA. if , - - W .... ...-.- ,. 5 SlUlfTifTilI'lG TEHfTi '38 winning second place in the 1938 Jr. national Fi.Fl.U. water polo meet, the water polo team upheld the outstanding record made by the team since Fl. D. Hdamson has been coach. The team entered the Jr. national meet undefeated, and has won E27 of the 28 games played since the team was organized four years ago. The members of the swimming and water polo team are: Crow, Captain, Smith, Capote, Spaugh, Couch, Hall, Zelman, Yust, Firmstrong, Davis, Crawford, Hllen, Lllebb, Howard, flordhaus, Sealy, Sturdivant, Scales, Hldridge, Simpson, lllallace, Boyle and Fl. D. Fldamson, Coach. no outstanding records have been made during the early season swimming meets, but the team is ex- pected to malze some outstanding records in the Southwest Conference meet late this year. --r -' 1 IP, - - i- h' " 5 f"" U --LJ., :3 . ln ., ff , i-'ff Y KJ 1 .,.,,gfI . 5,.,Mg , l F, ly JC. ? E 5 i it 'Qb4'A' Er 7 1 s it rail b, - K R -f -1 'Ji' You ,JV 1-' 5 f' ' W I H-, ww- TUITIBLITIG TEHYTT '38 Fl team that has won the heart of every one who has watched them perform is the Texas Hggie tumbling team. ln their performances between halves of Hggie baslzetball games they have never failed to give a polished performance and their only reward is the pleasure derived from tumbling and the applause that greets their efforts. Hfter receiving the tumultuous ovation after their performance in the Gregory gymnasium at Hustin this year, the team has been invited again. many requests have been received by the team to perform over the state, but since tumbling is not a recognized conference sport, the team has not made any outside performance: other than that made over at Texas this year. Ht present there are 22 men on the team and they are governed by officers elected at the beginning of the year. The officers are: l'l. B. "Rabbit" mcfirady, of Hbilene, President, Bill Davis, of San Hntonio, Secretary, Jimmie Colzinos, of Beaumont, is Historian. ,.r-FT-: Y.fa,., gifs J X uf. Lv wr Lv ,VMQM-t Qwlmgs M wx 1, s TENNIS TEFIITI '38 with the loss ol three lettermen and Coach J. P. Hbbott, the Cadet netters started the season under an almost insurmount- able handicap. To top it off, two of the best Hggie prospects were found to be ineligible. But after the training season got well under way under the new tennis coach, Dr. LU. F. l.UeelQes, prospects for a successful season became much brighter. Captain Lloyd TTT. Ulalls played a much improved game over his last season's performance and other members of the team came up well. Sam l.U. Levine, G. P. mitchell, and Beswiclz lllray made up the first tour but were closely challenged for places by Charles F. Dougherty and J. T. mills. The maroon and white tennis representation had a lull schedule for the year with plenty ol tough competition. Besides the five Southwestern Conference schools, the Cadets played against Texas Tech, Sam Houston Teachers, and Trinity University. 1 L, is r 5-lg 3-?"'922w-,, , ,.,,,,,,,....,..,,..M t., 7 P - 't:1g,,,'s:. ' . A i- v :agar ' gf' r ... 'ft-M',"' " ,.-f ,. ' ' . , AW New flfvpnt .,.:,.' Q .Y 3- V, sg,-L I T X., s ,Q A l x :fswu-gf'--f 'Tag T ' 4.-.vs :ini ,Y , , - 731 s-if s4..,,,,,, Q .x,,-,pg "' 9 'trust' .xi-HIM 15, g,1 1'9c3f' , N Kffffvsf- V' ' ' lsfi3ff4,j"f. Tiffin ,TT fri' , fa' T mr- va A "'?'S'.:.-F-'::4f"?r.': ' X ' ",-.1-'ie gil' if " 1 2 ' V , ' w N-- . -1---"f A ,w..ff,- 1, , ' . .,.1: . Q 1.11.4 H:-x.'f'KL.f-gf: ...llf T' 1 wi- '.4 A FEFICIHG TEFHT1 '38 Fencing tool: great strides toward recognition this year. not only has fencing become a well-hnown sport throughout the Southwest, but also at Fi. 8: m. The first trip brought home laurels to Hggieland when Captain Hlvin Goodstein won the Southwestern Open Sabre cham- pionship forthe second consecutive year, and toolz second place in Dueling Sword. The meet was held at the Pan-Hmerican Exposition and some 200 lencers were present. On november 27, the Hggie team, consisting of Goodstein, Benson, and Levine, invaded Galveston to bring home another victory. Levine won two out ol three matches, Benson toolfz one out of three, and Goodstein defeated Clem D'Hlbergo, Captain of the Galveston team. This left the score tied with four matches each. Goodstein settled the win by defeating both the Epee and Sabre teams. The Galveston team, loohing for revenge, came to Hggieland on December 3, and defeated the Hggie team, consisting ol Hrueger, Levine, Benson, Filaarman, Rominger, Baird, Everett, and Goodstein, 10 to 14. Flmong the achievements ol the team can be listed its gain of Captain Roberts ol the military Department as its sponsor. Under his able guidance, the team should go lar in the future. Hlso the team's bid for the Southwestern League matches was accepted by the committee. march Q6 and Q7 brought seventeen teams to battle on Flggieland soil, the greatest number of iencers ever to assemble here. vig ' ' Ga g '?'fb., -ff-L: wt -. 9 V, ,. vc .....- rr' .' ,N 3,15 .9-ni' 33,0 , , v,.-Nm. s, .. fi." .. ,s f. . V vp' "Q.,f5eN' RQ N, 1.1. nj n 2:1551 ' -41322 yi 2.1-iffefff' .-'Li'-yr I .. zfesffffsrf ,WP -- saw-1 ,ff v 5:9-lla-54,-if ' .Ma-'ffl : , t-ififvyfiil 'F?f!m', . .X-...Q . , , . eff. ,E 1. -K 1 In Q l' -in -rs. . WK. '- 'Zi N. 'E' 'Z 1 " 3 our '....ft fsf-im., '-.'is'- 'f sw-xy-"v -v - 1 .:,--W - N 41... U., 1 .s 0 5'fi'5IrbvJ?2i':'t3 - , .. s. 5 G V. if- f af - - 'fi' ' 34 Q .41.,s.sy.4- M .- . 4 a 4 wif if M i ' P! -Q...- ,. . -.W-qs. fs -V'-. IQ.. V. 2'-,Zfg:E',-6 5-sl i 3 Xx X .A m 4 --Avi' ' POLO TEHITI '38 Polo at Fl. 84 m. has greatly increased in popularity in recent years and now has many enthusiastic followers. It is the desire ol the team and its baclzers to see polo recognized at Fl. 84 m. and established in the Southwest Conference. The Polo Team, coached by Captain T. D. Roberts, held matched games with the University of Texas, University of Chla- homa, Olzlahoma military Flcademy, Buda, and Huisache of Houston. The team made a trip to Houston and, for the first time in many years, was allowed to ship its ponies for games away from home. Playing their First season, Hiclzs and Bennett, alternating at no. 1, played good oFfensive polo. They were strongly baclaed by John Bryan, Cavalry senior and Team Captain, who led the team through a very successful season by his consistently bril- liant play at no. 2. Flsa Jones made possible a strong combination between the no. 2 and the no. 3 positions, while Forest Jordan proved invaluable with his strong, steady game at no. 4. Other players who furnished much competition lor the First team were: Harry Bryant, who alternated at no. 4, murray Faslzen, who alternated at no. 2, and Jaclz Hayes. The freshman team composed ol Lively, Tonlzin, mcDonald, Culbertson, and Hayes showed great promise. This team did much to improve the brand of polo played at Fl. 84 m. and at the same time gained much recognition for Texas H. 84 m. College. ' H if 'LMI' ' Z' sr' If iff is -'l . Q..-...A y ar . 35. .-,ssc ,S y 7. -' F, V. ..,.. wa- -.-,5Qw..w- 1-if X 'Q ..::"".:a....... .Q i' Q """-A7 1 h. "lt, jo.- ,, " K-"TEf13Qmfvig--A .nw rc- ' Vw sw - i we gcc 4. V '- sq 1:1-.ts 132:-"'a5"'. A 7 ' 'U ' -. W s ' A ' V - . -W .W t. t ... X. . .mb tmw.. ...Q - V,-to-lun. BOXING TEFIITI '38 ln its second year of organization the boxing club has more than doubled its membership of the pre- vious year. The interest in boxing at Hggieland is untold and in the next few years, boxing will become the outstanding of all the minor sports on the campus. The team worlzed faithfully all year to be in shape for the HFLU. meet at Houston but due to an un- foreseen accident was unable to attend the meet. Late in the year, Roy Young, Charles manning, Paul Hinsworth, and Henneth Smith attended a meet in Fort worth where they made a favorable record. The team was coached by Bob Cool: who gave his untiring effort and experience to the team. The club officers are: Charles manning, President, Henneth Smith, Vice-President, and Paul Hinsworth, Secretary. W-1 ., ' Q Y L .S 1 4 K A Q aiwigx , ' 6 t q J- ex ,x nd A ig 'AQ 'l J! if , v if :Str 5. -5? N hai l GOLF TEFHTI '38 ln recent yeors golf hos become one ol the outstanding minor sports ot Texos H. 81 m. This is the First yeor that the teom hos had o full time cooch. But the guiding hond ol Cooch Fronlz G. Hnderson con be seen in the improved ploy of the teom. The teom is composed ol Bill mcmohon ronlzed number 1f Coptoin Roy Sherrell ot the number 2 positionf Bill Livingston holds down the number 3 position, followed closely by l. Q. moyhew ot the number 4 position. The teom hos had one motch this seoson, tieing Rice 3-3. ln the next Few weelzs scheduled mcitches with Texas, S.fTl.U., ond 'l'.C.U. will be ployed, ond greot things ore expected ol the golf teom. ,ff 'IKEA RIFLE TEHVTT '38 The 1938 Flggie Rifle Team completed a most successful year by talzing second place in the Hearst Trophy matches. These matches, which were fired in march, attracted the best rifle shots in the country. Led by their capable captain and high point man, Bill Lewis, the Hggies came out on top in more than three-quarters of their matches with many of the high ranlzing colleges and universities of the north and East. The team was coached by major Dyer who was ably assisted by Sergeant Richards. The credit forthe team's success lies in the Fact that these two men gave their untiring effort and guidance to maize the season a grand success. members ol the team are: Lewis, UJ. E., Captain, Browder, CD., Bullard, R. J., Guy, UJ. T., Hodges, m. B., Hoff, R. S., Huflalzer, J., Heath, m. E., Hrogstad, S., matthieu, L. G., miller, R., Phillips, H. J., Powell, R., Pringle, J. P., Shiels, E. F., llJimer, C. J., L1Jitchell, H. S. y. . ,hs Qi. Ill? tram PISTOL TEHITI '38 The Fi. 8: m. Pistol team completed the Fifth year of competition with the most outstanding record ever made by a Firing team of the Hggies. The team won all but three of its matches this year, and lost these three by very narrow margins. much of the credit for the team's Fine woriz must be given to coach Captain Enslow and team captain J. T. Fishiord who worhed unceasingly with the team to perfect its firing. members of the team are: Fishford, J. T., Captain, Hendrix, E. E., Secretary, Firneson, E. P., Burgess, V. ri., Conly, J. C., Glass, LU. LU., Hennemer, L. C., Piiler, R. D., Sapp, P. C., Shiels, R. T., Thomas, F. L., Vieman, L. D.,'and white, R. E. s--""l'.,."'.5 -raw fn . ..5..,..... . ,li I iii. 95-.r IUTRHVUURHL Cl-lHfTlPS Senior Boslzetbcll Qnd Hq. lnl. Senior Swimming 1st l-lq. FH. Senior Speeclboll G lnf. Senior l-londboll E F.Fl. Senior Volleyball H F.Fl. IIWTRHFTNURHL CHHITWPS Senior Cross Country 1st Hq. FH. Senior Tennis F1 PH. .ai-M Q f ' ,ix .?'1,' VR K. -N. , 1 + ' , 44 r. if 3 ' I x 'Q' 1, Ks s -f ,. 4- ,. s. i 1' '53 5:,'!A'! , :- f as Q, 'X Y" -1. -o , . N ,. s i , ... F '15 Senior Uloter Polo 1st Hq. FH. 'X in H Senior Rifle Shooting H Inf. Fish Speedboll H FH. r . X ,4 1 ,D f, .J fix 'ml ,V 5, 5.1 . r 3 3 'Q if 'U ix ' Q i Q 2 f 2,4 1 1 J i ' 2 E K if? 1. 5 Q, , 5 IDTRHVTWURHL CHHTTTPS Fish Bcisizetboli B CH. Fish Swimming E FH. 53 ' A ,QR Fisi1Volieybc1iiB ffm. K R, Fish Cross Country G inf. ' 'ggi' V gay v ,Y -.. I 'w S x ' w. . .b 'Ns R, ' ' ,, . M! , A .N Q - 3 k , H I 3, V, 1 R F4 ss' ,. 'EELS e -W.. W fi A, .. 'ff 52 ' . ' v"- fi: 1, A , v-'. ' -if-" Ag.--' V. N- .x ' ...Al V x Q',15', .. ms .-1-Qin , 155' :if gqviwfigf ' , H.,miLvL-fi ., 45: f Mx SOCIETIES Tru 1 hx HGROHOmY SOCWT L i gr Flllen, H H. Flrmstrong, C. E. Fitlzinson, LU. H. Hughtry, H. D. Bailey, H. P. Bailey, J. LU. Behrman, J. fn. Bennett, H. Fl. Bennett, P. B. Boswell, Fi. P. Buclzley, LU. B. Burla, O. L. Burgess, E. B. Butler, E. B. Calvin, LU. B. Carter, J. D. Cheek, Fi. R. Church, LU. E. Clark, J. E. Collier, J. LU. ,qv 15 Bucbley, Burgess, Burlz, Carter, Clarh, Collier, Davis Goodloe, Jarratt, Hall, Hargrove, Johnson, Lanford, Lawson Lewis, maynard, lhleeley, Salzamoto, lUal:efield VFlL'lOl'l HHLL ............... ........ . .President S. SHl'lFllTlOTO ..... ..., . .Vice-President B. D. HHBGBOVE .... .... S ecretary-Treasurer E. B. BLJBCSESS ..,., .... P arliamentarian LU. 9. COZHBT ....,..... .... ..,.. S e rgeant at Brms Courtade, Fl. H. ltschner, B. F. morris, J. S. Cozart, LU. Fl. Jaclzson, J. R. naughton, J. B. Davis, J. G. Jacoby, LU. E. rleely, P. Diclzson, R. E. Jarrett, D. Y. Osborn,Am. L. Ellison, C. J. Jenson, J. G. Pace, H. L. Finch, LU. B. Johnson, T. P. Parlrzer, Dan Forbes, H. C. Jones, R. L. Patterson, Fl. B. Foster, E. L. Hay, E. fn. Prugel, Fl. E. Gipe, CD. J. Lanford, D. L. Prugel, J. Fl. Goforth, T. H. Lawson, UJ. E. Reynolds, J. S. Goodloe, H. F. Lewis, C. F. Rice, John Griffin, C. V. Loclze, H. E Robinson, J. H. Givin, LU. Fl. Lowrie, R. G. Robinson, L.l'1. Hall, V. mcneice, B. V. Rogers, J. S. Hanby, J. L. meador, B. Salzamoto, S. Hargrove, B. D. mebane, P. m. Seay, E. LU. Hiclzerson, J. C. meynard, C. F. Sheppard, Fl. V. Hiclzerson, T. J. miller, E.F1. Shipp, B. D. Hill, R. H. moore. D. Simmons, R. LU. Hira, H. D. UA if in HU QD Smith, F. fn. Smith, rl. J. Spreen, J. F. Stephenson, LU. Stewart, L. L. Thompson, J. R Tiner, E. L. Todd, F. E. Tomplzins, J. LU Trail, C. D. LUal2efield, T. P LUallzer, L. C. lUalton, E. V. UJ LUhitehurst, S. H. lUilliams, m. C. LUilloughby, C. LUilmeth, T. G. L.Uood, G. L. lUright, R. m. Yowell, J. D. fT1 THE HTTTERICHTT SOCIETY OF TTTECHFTITICHL EFIGIFIEERS Bailey, Barlzer, Brennan, Bugh, Butler, Clarb, J. LU., Clclrlz, TT. R., Connally, Coolz, Criswell Dudley, Eclzert, Garrett, GriFTin, Guy, Hendrix, Hessler, l.al2e, l'TTandell, lTTorris Rooseman, Russell, Sembera, Thompson, Turner, LUcde, LUeaver, LUhite R. E. lUl'llTE. .. . .. .. .... .. . .. .. .. .. .Chairman J. C. TTTORRTSS, JR.. .. .. .Httendance Chairman J. T. YFTRDLEY, JR.. .. . .. .. .Vice-Chairman J. LU. CLHRH. .. .. .. .. .. .. .Secretary-Treasurer R. S. LJJEHVER, JR.. ,. .. ,,,. ...Program Chairman R. C. LUHDE, JR.. . .. . .. . ... ... .. .. .. .. .Reporter V. TTT. FHIRES. .. . .. .. . .. .. .. .. .Honorary Chairman Fiyers, R. E. Cervenlza, l.. E. Florence, TTT. E.,Jr. John, Paul Owen, TTT. B. Smith, R. C. Bailey, J. H. Childers, J. B. Friedline, S. Jones, TTT. D. Petitfils, Hrnold Snydelaar, TFT. FT. Barlzer, TT C. Clarlz, TT. R. Garrett, l.. E. Ressler, R. Planadeball, F. S. Staples, G. LU. Bastion, J. TTT. Coclae, B. LU. Given, S. B. Hriven, P. E. Price, TTT. LU. Steelz, H. TTT. Beal, C. O. Colbath, D. l.. Graham, R. F., Jr. Rlossner, R. O. Reading, R. E. Stevens, T. D. Becham, C. LU. Connaly, C. B. Grantham, J. R., Jr. Rrogstad, Stanley Reber, LU. H. Stuclze, l'l. C. Beclza, J. C. Coolz, D. H. GriFTin, J. C., Jr. Lalze, S. T., Jr. Rhea, R. TTT. Taylor, J. LU. Berg, l.. E. Coolz, E. E. Grimmer, R. H., Jr. Leithem, T. H. Roberts, J. B. Thompson, Y. E. Beville, 9. H. Copeland,J. E.,Jr. Guy, LU. T. l.ulQe, E. D. Roberts, J. H. Townsend, G. P. Booth, C. D. Cornell, LU. C. Hagood, T. TTT., Jr. TTTondell, B. P. Robertson,R. B., Jr. Turner, T. T. Bradshaw, D. H. Criswell, D. l.. Haltom, G. l"l. TTTarsh, G. E. Roddy, R. C. Valentino, F. D. Brennan, LU. P. Davis, D. T. Hambriclz, L. FT. TTTayberry, R. T. Rooseman, R. CD. Van Horn, R. O. Brown, J. G. Davis, E. Hamilton, EB. TTTeyer, C. F. Rose, H. E. Vestal, D. TTT. Bugh, C. l.. Dodson, J. L. Hanrahon, LJJ. E. TTTosher, LU. l.. Rowland, R. H., Jr. LUatanabe, R. Bullard, FT. l.. Daren, J. B. Hendricl2s,D.llJ.,Jr. TTToudy, C. E. Russell, J. S. LUebb, l-l. l-l. Burns, B. l'l. Douglass, R. J. Hendrix, E. E., Jr. TTTozisel:, H. R. Ryan, H. LU. lJJebber, J. C. Butler, J. H. Dudley, FT. C. Heppard, G. R. TTTcDonald, LU. C. Sembera, T. E. LUeydell, H. T. Campbell, B. B. Eclzert, R. P. Hill, G. C. TTTcllheran, R. C. Shiels, Eugene williams, C. E. Campbell, J. l.. Elliott, F. B. Hinesley, J. D. l'Tachlinger, E. E. Sims, TTT. LU. l,Uilson, C. H. Caruthers, E. B. B. Ellis, J. G. Hoelle, TTT. B. l'Talley, J. R., Jr. Sinclair, LU. TT. LUright, C. Fl. Cassin, LU. Endres, TTT. J. Holmes, H. C. nordhaus, Hlex. Smart, J. E. Yust, C. S. U52 AX S X O Ml I I -X l 1 Fi 5 . E gg. W W TI ECOHOHTICS CLUB Q "T us. ,Q 1 - N F 'Y rr . Q is . .- 5 . xl M' or " if BQ 1 - Q Q QL. "' 9 J 2 tt-V f' is J S ,f x A I . A rs- A W ,W Ash Y L if ' r . . . QIHBB . Hllen, Hnthis, Beinhorn, Broolas, Calvert, Campbell, Cantini, Coulson, Crow Darrow, Ercla, Fouts, Gregory, Hall, Holland, H. F., Holland, LU. m., Jones, Heeton Hercheville, Herley, Loveless, machey, morris, murray, Phillips, Post, Potter Salaamoto, Shudde, Smith, Thomas, Topletz, LUarren, LUilliams J. l. l'lEBCHEVlLLE. .. .. .. .. . .. .President L. J. SHLJDDE. .. .. .. . .Vice-President S. SHI-4HfTiOTO. .. . .. .Secretary-Treasurer J. F. HEETOD. .. .. .. .,. .. .Social Secretary DIRECTGRS Brooks, T. R. Fugate, J. L. Lynch, S. T. Salzamoto, S. Hllen, D. Brown, LU. LU. Garza, Ft. m. maclzey, R. C. Sanders, B. L. Beinhorn, LU. Fl. Bischoff, H. H Coulson, E. D. Ellzins, R. L. Hercheville, J. l. Post, B. G. Salzamoto, S. Shudde, L. J. Thompson, LU. FQ. LUilliams, C. B., Jr. mEmBEBS Fldamson, FT. D. Hinsworth, P, H. Hllen, B. C. Hnthis, B. J. Barnes, B. D. Baylor, B. V. Beclzmann, 9. G. Beinhorn, LU. H. Bischoff, S. H. Bowen, C. J. Bremer, LU. H. Bullard, B. Burchfield, R. Lu. Burlz, D. G. Caldwell, R. Calvert, LJJ. FT. Campbell, J. B. Cantini, F. O. Carroll, LU. B. Collier, B. E. Cornell, LU. C. Coulson, E. D, Crow, C. LU. Crow, L. m. Darrow, T. S. Davidson, R. H. Dixon, J. m. Donnelly, C. D. Elston, J. H. Erclz, Fl. LU. Estrada, B. C. Faslzen, R. H. m. Formby, D. E. Gregory, C. E. Hall, R. C. Harris, Fl. L. Hill, G. C. Hodge, F. m. Hold, H. L. Holland, H. F. Holland, LU. m. Hundley, J. J. Hurd, P. J. lrby, H. m. Jones, V. T. Jones, LU. D. C. Joyner, L. E. Heeton, J. F. Heim, S. T. Hercheville, J. l. Herley, S. H. Hnapp, F. m. Loveless, S. L. Lowdon, J. G. Lowder, LU. H. marques, R. L. martin, P. L. maxwell, H. medellin, P. moore, FI. Fl. morris, D. H. murrah, T. H. murray, LU. H. mcHenzie, B. noble, C. E. novelli, B. J. l'Tutt, G. B. Parlzer, C. C. Patterson, LU. B. Patton, J. D. Peace, J. R. Pendery, R. H. Phillips, Fl. J. Post, B. G. Potter, J. Beading, R. E. Rutherford, J. FT. Schier, C. J. Sharp, F. T. Shaw, J. FT. Shelton, LU. H. Shudde, L. J. Singleton, J. R. Smith, R. E. Stewart, L. L. Taylor, J. LU. Thomas, J. E. Thompson, LU. H. U.Jarren, L. G. U.Jatson, D. H. LUebb, LU. m. L.Uebber, J. C. U.Jerley, L. T. LUilliams, C. B. L.Uilson, C. H. U.Jilson, H. C. L.Uise, LU. F., Jr. Yates, LU. G. Zelman, norman il ITTDUSTRIHL HBTS CLUB Flnderson, H. TTT. Baker, L. fTT. Barron, J. R. Bartlett, E. E. Bassett, H. C. Covey, H. E. Denton, V. C. Edwards, G. UJ., Jr. Fry, J. 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H. Foote, D. H. .44 -an ,Q 3. Barger, Flnthis, Broolzs, J. m., Broolzs, T. R., Broussard, Camercn Campbell, Curley, Darrow, Goforth, Gregory, Hogan Holland, H. F., Holland, LU. m., Holmes, Jauer, Jones H. Fl. HHHSEH ...,. ...... P resident V. m. LUHLLHCE .... ...., . Vice-President O. H. ROGERS ...,. . .. .. . .Secretary-Treasurer B. G. GOFORTH ..., .... H ss't Secretary-Treasurer Garner, E. C. Gregory, C. E. Hansen, Fl. H. Harris, L. G. Harrison, fl. B. Hogan, H. J. Hogan, E. UJ. Holmes, R. C. Hunt, LU. H. lgo, H. C. Jaclzson, D. H. Jamail, C. J. Jones, LU. D. C Hnox, J. C. Lagrone, J. C. Litteer, D. LU. Lesh, J. B. Long, O. S. mcCreary, J. L. mcCulloch, G. R. fTlcCutcheon, H. mcGrady, H. B. mcHnight, H. D. mcmillan, S. Fl. mcneill, LU. G. maddox, F. O. H. manning, C. R. martin, H. C. myers, J. C. null, G. G. Peavy, H. L. Pena, G. J. Phillips, H. J. Poutra, E. T. Primm, H. R. Ramsay, LU. C. Riley, Fl. G. Roarlz, J. F. Robinson, J. m. Robison, J. LU. Roddy, LU. T. Rogers, J. m. Routt, J. E. Ruclaman, T. m. Russell, J. m. Schier, C. J. Schroeter, Fl. UJ. Sherrill, J. fn. Schultz, F. LU. Shoclzzey, J. C. Slimp, C. Fl. Smith, L. fl. Statum, C. m. Stephen, P. L. Sterling, J. B. Stone, S. S. Stropp, LU. R. Taylor, H. E. Thompson, J. Till, R. C. Tuclzer, J. LU. Uhr, C. LU. Viteh, R. D. LUallace, V. m. LUest, D. E. LUhite, H. S. LUilliams, D. LU. Young, J. G. Young, P. R. Graduates Bishop, D. R. Blair, P. J. Carter, C. UJ. Hill, C. Fl. manley, C. E. mcGrady, H. B. moore, LU. G. morgan, L. Townsend, G. LUard, J. m. Juniors Flinsworth, P. H. Ftnderson, P. UJ. Barnett, G. H. Beclzmann, H. G Bishop, D. R. Blaclz, G. L. Blair, G. B. Broolus, J. m. Broolzs, T. R. Brown, H. H. Butler, H. G. Carrigan, J. Fl. Cloudt, LU. O. Collier, R. E. Collins, T. F. Colson, LU. fl. Conolly, lU. S. Coolz, T. E. Crow, LJ. LU. Crump, LU. P. Darrow, T. S. Dunn, LU. m. ITIFIRHETIRG FIND FIDHHCE CLUB Dunnam, J. H. Easley, G. P. Eaton, D. F. Elwell, R. C. Echols, LU. H. Eubanh, G. R. Ferguson, P. L. Filze, T. L. Fugate, J. B. Gaffney, J. B. Gary, H. E. Graham, T. Greenhalgh, R. R. Goforth, R. G. Haynes, F. P. Henderson J. F. Henry, S. Hodge, F. m. Holland, H. F. Holland, LU. m. Hrdliclza, E. B. Jaclzson, H. T. James, J. LU. Janensch, LU. C. Jauer, LU. E. Johnson, R. V. Relling, H. Hlump, V. Hyle, R. L. Leigh, G. E. Liles, R. LU. Lillienstern, G. L. Lindsey, J. Littlejohn, T. m. Livingston, R. B. Lowdon, J. G. maddox, F. O. Long, fTlcGowen, mcneill, Peavy, Pena, Phillips Prewitt, Riley, Robinson, Robison, Rogers, Ruclzman magee, F. L. Fflarlzle, D. Fl. marques, R. L. maxwell, R. medders, T. B. miller, J. L. mcCrory, D. E. mcGowen, J. R. mcRenzie, J. D. morgan, T. Fl. motheral, J. R. moss, C. LU. Flash, LU. ll. norwood, J. S. Patterson, C. H. Pearson, R. fTl. Porter, T. LU. Prewitt, R. R. Renshaw, T. Rogers, E. R. Rogers, O. Fl. Routt, J. R. Short, O. fn. Smith, L.U. D. Smyers, J. P. Spaugh, P. Smith, m. J. Stansell, J. Fl. St. Clair, F. Fl. Tarter, J. B. Teaff, S. E. Thaclzer, E. H. Thomas, H. J., Jr. Thornton, LU. B. Thrift, D. B. Trapolino, J. ffl. Trapolino, S. L. Schultz, Smith, Thrift, Tuclzer, LUallace LUallace, ffl. D. Dixon, J. m. LLJenmohs, m. J. Dulze, T. E. LLJhite, J. H. Duncan, G. E. LLJhorton, E. H. Durham, R. LU. LUilliams, R. J. Edge, G. LUol'ford, P. O. Ezell, B. P. LUood, Hlvin Formby, D. E. C. Young, H. H. Fussell, J. E. Young, J. LU. Gainer, B. F. Zelman, Fl. l. Gaines, E. E. Sophomores Gandy, C. LU. Fldams H. H. Garrett, E. G. allen, la. Fa. Cm, H. o. Hllison, G. T. Gorzyclzi, L. J. Hlsobrooh, 9. D. Haberle, D. L. Hndrews, J. D. Hall, R. C. Barr, C. E. Hamner, C. H. Bills, R. C. Hatch, LU. E. Bills, LU. m. Hawthorne, E. J. Bone, J. R. Hertner, H. E. Browning, J. m. Hill, C. Bryant, E. H. Hogan, m. E. Burlz, D. G. Hyatt, C. J. Buttrill, H. B. lrL'Jy, H. fn. Caraway, V. H. Jenlzins, J. LU. Campbell, T. R. Johnson, E. D. Cawthon, H. LU. Jones, G. H. Cecil, LU. LU. Junghams, LU. H. Clary, S. R. Rreager, L. G. Clepp, J. H. Larimore, L. E. Colzinos, J. P. Lemm, P. J. Cowsen, Fl. Fl. Lewis, H. S. Cox, T. m. Loggie, LU. D. Criswell, J. L.U. Lipscomb, S. LU. Daniel, P. R. mcHnight, LU. C. Davidson, R. H. mcLean, J. Fl. Diaz-Garay, m. martin, D. R. N 1 . P 1 . .:Q'Qff5i13' ' zisizfgigg-53.2-f-j ,1 L ,., .T J-4 mathis, J. LU. mayes, L. C miller, J. L. morehead, S. morgan, J. O. Fleal, R. L. Flutt, G. B. Pacher, R. E. Parlzer, R. LU Patterson, LU Patton, J. D. .B. Patton, LLJ. H. Penn, G. G. Piplzin, C. H. Porter, T. L.U. Reeder, L.U. H. Restivo, F. 9 Rouu, LU. H. Ruclzman, J. B. Sanders, B. L. Scott, Fl. G. Shelton, LU. H. Silbert, I. m. Simmins, J. O. Smith, J. C. Smith, fn. U. Spangler, H. Sparlzs, R. E. Stephens E. Sutton, m Taylor, Fl. J. Varner, D. B H. E. LUatson, D. H. LJ.Jehrle, L. J. LUhite, E. F LUilliams, H. R. LUilliams, m. E. O O E. li W VZ gi Li .r ,il l i i I i l I i 4 i I I i I i i r i r it . r r . . I i 1 i 1 i . 1 r i i i i ,I ri i r i L r Z l l i i r i i i I ii is vl 51 LC THE SFTDDLE FIND SIRLOID CLUB Seniors Baggett, LU. R. Bailey, H. P. Balzer, Fl. O. Barton, J. R. Brewster, Ecl. Britton, TT. Clouclt, F. O. Crutchfield, J. C. Culbertson, LU. O. Corlman, J. R. Davenport, S. R. De Long, D. E. Elliot, R. S. Gates, L. C. Guerra, J. B. Brewster, Hander, Hawlzins, Hiclzs, Hoontz, Lanford, mcGill mcneill, mills, nagy, Sabamoto, Spitzer, Vieman, l.Uesterman Fl. H. SPITZER. . .... . . . ,...,.,... President Fl. H. TTTCCLJTCHEOTT ...., .,,.. . .Vice-President H. m. mlLLS ........ .,..... S ecretary-Treasurer DOYLE JUSTICE ...... ....... H dvertising manager SHFTI HHRRIS ...... .,... H sst. Fldvertising manager Harper, G. Fl. Hawlains, E. B. Hander, R. T. Hiclzs, B. LU. Jaclzson, J. R. Jones, C. V. Justice, H. D. Heath, m. E. Roontz, J. F. Lantorcl, D. L ra mcfleill, L. J. mcGill, C. C. mcRenzie, B. mcCutcheon, nagy, I'l. Percilul, LU. LU. Ransom, Doyle Reagan, R. L. Schmidt, Fl. m. Seay, m. D. Spitzer, H. H. Thomas, LU. S. Vieman, L. D. Juniors Flrmstrong, R. LU. Botarcl, E. J. Brown, E. S. Bryan, J. Burton, B. Butler, O. D. UA N LEU N Burnsicles, rl. D. Campbell, E. R. Chauvin, P. H. Clouclt, O. B. Collins, Tom Cunningham, G. H. Dye, R. L. Garrison, O. L. Gibbs, L. llJ. Harris, Sam Howard, F. G. ltschner, B. F. Jacobs, L. L. Jordon, F. LU. Long, C. S. mcmillan, ri. rl. mills, H. m. moore, R. m. Potts, F. fT1. Prugel, Fl. E. Prugel, J. H. Rehizemper, LU. L Sellman, LU. E. Stewart, L. H. Taylor, LU. R. Torrance, R. E. Trail, C. D. LUilson, B. G. LUesterman, m. H LUisenbalzer, G. G SCHOLFIRSHIP HOTTOR SOCIETY Hulaen, Hnderson, Hrmustead, Bailey, Baird, Barber, Barton, Butler, Chamberlain Clarln, E. C., Clarb, TT. R., Coleman, Collie, Coolrz, David H., Coolz, T. F., Coulson, E. D., Day, Dieb Dulze, Eckert, French, Gentry, Greenwald, Hagan, Hartman, Jarrat, Jones NOBLE D. JONES ...... ..... ....... . . . .President E. D. COULSGD. . . . . Seniors Hilzen, LUm. l'l. Hrmistead, LU. LU. Barlzer, H. C. Bell, LU. m. Butler, Elwin D. Chamberlain, rl. F. Clarlz, E. C. Clarlz, rl. R. Coleman, P. l-l. Collie, R. ITT. Coolz, D. H. Coolz, T. F. ...,... ..... . .Secretary-Treasurer Coulson, E. D. Cowan, LU. B. Day, Ben R. Dieb, J. TTT. Drobe, E. lU. Duke, B. .G Ericlzson, TTT. R. Fink, Corl Gentry, F. R. Gerdes, lU. F. Grosso, LU. FT. Gunn, E. J. Hoggor, Chos. TEX Harris, L. C. Hartman, R. l'l. Jarrat, D. Y. Jones, noble D. Joyner, L. E. Justice, H. D. Hoplon, monte Hessler, R. Ring, C. Rirloy, Jolwn Tom Rirlzz, LU. T. Rnox, J. C. Landua, H. L. . . . . .Vice-President Levy, Flbe Rogers, J. S. Loveless, S. L. Rucker, R. H. Lynch, S. T. Sobomoro, S. fTicI'TeiII, lU. G. Soldono, ITT. macpheorson, J. F. Sample, B., Jr. fTleyer, G. B. miller, D. E. fTiurroh, T. Fi. Pena, G. J. Raney, H. L. Slripman, R. TTT Sims, TTT. LU. Sboggs, J. Fl. Van Htten, J. L Vieman, L. D. Relwlzemper, LU. L. LUl'1ite, R. E. Riclgwoy, J. R. LUl'ritesides, J. D Roberts, LU. D. LUilmetl'r, L. G. O O SCHOLFTRSHIP HOTTOR SOCIETY LUood, J. Q. Juniors Hnderson, D. J. Hrmslrong, C. E. Bailey, J. Fl. Baird, Robt. E. Barton, lJJ. D. Bennett, J. F. Broussard, F. P. Brumble, G. H. Burkett, R. L. Cerna, O. J. Christian, Paul Clarh, R. ITT. Justice, Hessler, Crooh, G. TTT. Doyle, J. J. Ecizert, R. P. Ehrhe, R. H. Ford, S. FTT. French, E. C. Glenn, J. C. Goodloe, H. F Grahom, Hugh Groves, R. LU. Greenwald, lU Gregory, L. LU. Hogan, E. E. Hall, H. L. Hirb .J. , ewts, ve ess o ins, uc er, Q om y, Hnox, Londuo, Levine, Levy L Lo I mcneill, murroh, Pena, Polonovich, Polifhci, Honey, R ll R iz S in oto Sample Shipman, Sims, Skaggs, Smith, Thrift, Viemctn, lUhite, llJood Hompton, G. G. Heartfielol, LU. L. Howder, J. LU. Hudson, C. H. John, Pciul Hoplowitz, S. R. Heliey, E. L. Hoontz, J. F. Lewis, C. F. FTlcCorquodcle,D.B. mcfrory, D. E. mourer, J. J. Polcnovich, H. T. Polilha, F. J. Rogers, Fl. lU. Rollins, Fl. P. Rosenberg, H. B Rutherford, J. R. Sample, E. L. Shepherd, R. S. Small, LU. LU. Smith, B. S. Staples, G. LU. Stephens, S. ITT. Tahaes, J. E. Teller, LU. R. Thomas, E. lU. Thornton, TTI. l. Thrift, D. B. Tierstein, V. Tolleson, C. L. LUard, D. S. LUebber, J. C. lUehner, B. T. lUehner, H. H. LUendler, C. C. lUhite, E. ITT. LUilhinson, R. L. LUisenbaher, G. G LUroy, Beswick lUright, E. LU. RT lfllll N -1. FTCCOUTTTITIG SOCIETY Beville, P. Fl. Cook, J. lJ.J. Cordell, B. UJ. Dickson, R. E. Duke, B. G. Flobe, H. J. Funderlourgh, J Golston, J. R. Jol1nson, C. UJ. UT E X J. l'l. FllTl.EY .... ...... P resident J. .... . . .. .Vice-President C. ..... . .. .Secretary-Treqgurgr l-Ynclr, S. T. Redden, T. l.. lTlcGlotl'rlin, E. UJ. moclzey, R. C. miller, G. R. murroh, T. Fl. Oliver, C. R. Percy, H. V. Phillips, L. G. Pl1illips,l.lJ. R. PiplQin, R. G. Regan, T. J. Rutherford, J. H. Simpson, UJ. ITT Stem, H. lil. Toylor, T. H. Thomos, J. E. Tilley, E. D. Yofes, LU. R. O O S. il .15 l' fr lf Y, l JP Mgt ll ill l ll li ii .il ll ll flll lflilss .li l gi n. ll .lj ll li il .il il E fl gi li 5. rl l R. .l il ll -AL' . -...:...-1... il YU ji i il ia Ll sf, :Nl ily rl Ll li J 4. -a ll it ' ii 'la U, 'i ll l R. l gi . 1 l ll, l f WF 1 i. ll! L. ,ill il lr .l . .slli ,ii in -. A T Y 3: I F .,... g 5 V533 r . .pf Y! HTTTERICFTTT SOCIETY OF HGRICULTURFTL ENGINEERS iii , it -:qv ...R W3 ? ELtJJll'l DEllJlTT BUTLER. . .. .,.... President FRHFTH ROSS GETTTRY ,,,. ,... V ice-President BETT RO DFTY ....A,..,. ,.,. S ecretary-Treasurer Hdams, J. C. Case, C. H. Gattis, J. L. magee, R. TTT. Ftrnold, T. H. Chevaillier, L. B Gentry, F. R. mareb, S. J. Flrsuaga, H. Coulson, Bennett Grant, D. mathieu, L. B. Bacque O. L. Day, B. R. Gregory, P. R. fTTcElroy, R. L. Baldwin, S. J. Day, J. E. Griffin, J. FT. melton, C. H. Batjer, J. H. Dillon, P. C. Grochoslae, H E, mosely, llJ. O. Berg, H. m. Dopslaut, D. L. Hammoctz, D. fleece, L. C. Belanzo, R. H Emmons, C. H. Hammons, TTT. newman, C. J. Bloodworth, J. C. Evans, Joe UJ. Hess, E. C. Pecena, B. J. Butler, E. D. Farquhar, J. F. Higginbotham, R. Fl. Peterson, R. L. Button, Robert Burlrzett, FT. L. Campbell, T. G Carpenter, H. C. Casad, H. Finlay, R. J. Fitzgerald, J. L. Flache, T. LU. Garrett, R. C. Hobgood, Price Jones, H. LU. Helley, Lloyd UJ. Lyles, John V., Jr. Pettit, TTI. LU. Pollan, G,L1J, Regmund, J. Reynolds, G. H. Rouse, C. B. Salzman, J. H. Sims, S. P. Smith, Bob S. Talbot, H. G. Termin, Dave Thomas, C. H. Thomas, F. C. Thompson, Geo. T. Thompson, R. D. Velasco, R, E. white, R. LU. LUiley, V. C. llJisenbaker, R. E. Zabcila, E J a i .au . u... If .. LSD STUDENT CHFIPTER RITTERICFIN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS -', -'.'4"'f'--------I--"" 'A ' ' " we- . f Q-I-3 ' . T ws f S X . Q . Q ,. I 3 I .,. . Q-TT. .. A. I 4 . E. ,um Q SH .,-- :'i A25 .. .1 lit' SR. II it I Q. 06, it' :IIE -.-.cp Fldams, G. B. Flllen, Fl. J. Balser, L. Fl. Barnes, G. LU. Beclz, R. C. Benner, Fl. V., Jr. Black, UJ. H. Blair, U.J. R. Briggs, H. Fl. Burton, UJ. H. Cabaniss, J. H. Clarla, E. C. Coleman, P. H. Collie, R. m. Currington, H. UJ. Dershimer, J. E. ww- ff C Q x ' T' S' 02.9 ww---,sg 1. I- R. L. POLUELL. .. R. N'I. SI-IIPITIFIN.. FI. P. ROLLINS, JR ,... .. ... . . .President .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary J. T. L. TTICNEUJ. .. Eidson, J. R. Foster, C. B. Graeser, H. J. Grosso, llJ. H. Hamner, B. B. Harris, G. H. Henry, TTI. TTI. Hinshaw, C. S. Hodges, TN. B. Huebner, G. R. Jones, N. D. Ring, Carroll Ring, Richard Hissinger, G. H. Hitley, D. R. Hoch, Fl. E. . . .Faculty Hdviser Langford, E. H. Long, malcolm fTlcClung, Fl. G. f'NcLeroy, J. O. morris, L. E, myers, E. P. Parlz, J. D. Pinchbacle, R. T. Powell, R. L. Potter, LU. LU. Puclaett, J. IJJ. Rogers, H. UJ. Rollins, H. P., Jr. Rose, D. H. Schlafli, Flllred Schraub, L. P. Schraub, m. C. Shipman, R. ITT. Slzrla, Dicla Simpson, UJ. E. Sorenson, H. V. Staley, J. H. Stephens, P. LU Thornton, TTT. I. U.Jatson, E. I. I.1Jentworth, E. J. U.Jest, Ci. UJ. I.Uest, J. R. I.UincIer, l'I. G. I.Uray, Beswiclz UJright, E. LU. Young, H. Fl., Jr O O E II A l i I l J l 4 5 f? N .l, i l P'-XX XJ F Y Lp' x,k.,i fxfxx S? vi f 5 lim' . fllllii :bl J STUDENT CHHPTER OF THE FTTTTERICFTD VETERITTFIRY TTTEDICHL HSSOCIHTIOTT av - 4 iii T ll 3 l JOHTT T. HIRBY.......... ........President LUTLLHRD C. BROOKS . .. .. . ..A.. .Vice-President OTTTHR G. LUERTTTZ. .. . .. . .. . .Secretary-Treasurer Fincierson D.J.-RoyseCiry Texas Firmistead lJJ.LLJ.-l-loosran Texas Barton J. lJJ.-Teniole Texas Becizcam EH-Jaehsonville Texas Bell LU. T.-Jasper Texas Blunt P. B.-San Hntonio Texas Bobbin E. H.-Hillsboro Texas Bowen TTT. E.-Fiustin. Texas Biiieli, G. R.-lilieliiia Falls. Texas Cliadisieh C. LU.-Jackson miss. Cliaanieh V. D.-Jackson miss. Coyle EF.-Qubadon l'lewJeisey Davis RR.-Shawnee Olelalionia Dorman l-l. D.-Orange Texas Evans J. UJ.-Flliee, Texas Fink. Carl-College Station, Texas Franks R. D.-minden, Louisiana Geariwart B. F.-maria. Texas Gauge I-I. E.-College Station i-lander. R. T.-Belton. Texas Hartman. R. H.-Cuero, Texas Heaton J.LU.-SrephenvilIe,Texas Hennessee D. UJ.-Dublin, Texas l-irll J. E.-Longview, Texas Judson LlJ.LlJ.-Tampiea mexico Hirby J. T.-Chester. Texas Hiile LU.T.-CollegeStation,Texas Levy H.-Galveston Texas maier, H. H.-Orange, Texas meyer, G. G.-newport, R. T. moore, H. H.-Fiustin, Texas nayior, H. B.-Center, Texas Redmond, H. E.-Luling, Texas Roberts,LU. D.-BirmingT'1am,HTa. Sprott, D. B.-Hilleen, Texas Tate, C. TU.-Giddings, Texas Taylor, J. lll.-San Hngeio, Texas Tiwaxton, J. H.-Clweroizee, Texas TT1omas,G.O.-Ringgold, La. Turman, P. TTT.-Tyler, Texas Turner, J. G.-Fort Davis, Texas UJalTzer, H. L.-Crockett, Texas N VETERITIHRY ITIEDICIHE CLUB ff I, L-. . l f c ' s 'iuxwsi J. T. HlRBY. ...... ,....,. P resident UJ. C. BROOHS .... .,,... V ice-President O. G. LUERVITZ ..., . . .Secretary-Treasurer Seniors Hirby, J. T. Hughes, L. B. Dickerson, LlJ. anderson, D. J. Hirk, UJ. T. Jackson, L. L. Paley, H. J. Hrmistecd, LU' ui Levy, H. Helley, L. Rehkemper, UJ. Barton J' LU' maier, H. H. fTTcCamrsh, J. D. Rodgers, R. J. B h ' E' H meyer, CS. B. maedgen, C. H. Roth, S. Fl. Bif-fiff 'mor' :T as ar... :sr 55. . BI I GY Of, . . Cl ef, . . G Of , . . Bougfittl E. H' goberfsblig D. Thomas, Lu. E. rhaxion, T. Burch, G. R. Tprottt . UJard, UJerntz, T. Chadwick, C. Lu. Tm' -J ' Luong' - ' chqdwacb, v. D. TEY'0'f -JUL, Fmhmen C0Yl91 E- F- -I-hcXton'G' Sophomores Davis, R. R. omos' ' ' Rppleby, Fi. Dorman, H. D. T"""0"JPGm- Byrd, c. E. Bank, LU. C. ' Evans, J. UJ. Ujrrir' 'H Christopherson, E. m. Barron, H. T. Fink, C. S. Q er' ' ' Cable, J. P. Beninson, J. Kfranks, R. D. Curts, H. m. Borer, ffl. H. ffiouge, H. E. Juniors Hunt, J. D. Brown, R. H. "lHGQQ2f, C. Hunter, Fl. D. Burrus, m. ffl. flvander, R. T. Fldrian, J. L. Linn, H. Carver, H. E. ' 1rtmon, R. H. Brooks, UJ. C. mcniel, J. J. Darst, J. F. my Jaton, J. LU. Chapman, L. R. mcnutt, UJ. H. Droleskey, E. H wnnessee, D. UJ. Coburn, G. C. mark, l. C. DuBose, R. T. If' il, J. UJ. Cox, V. V. melman, H. Dunnett, D. C. Edson, LU. LU Howder, J. LU. minsky, S. Fortson, T. E. I L . K r. N '--N ' "' ' Tsf.f.Q.fil1 , ,,,, LJ...- Harris, T. D. Hayward, J. G. Helmer, UJ. R. Jhnatowicz, H. E. Leathers, R. B. Lutz, H. H. mostyn, H. B. moughon, B. C. Sadler, LU. O. Schmidt, H. H Schmidt, H. J. Skipper, J. D. Stalheim, O. H. Toro, E. Tucker, B. B. UJalker, J. UJ. LUatkins, R. R. Zahn, C. UJ. Pre-Veterinary Boney, l. P. Greenlee, H. Hancock, R. m. mcDonald, S. H. Thomas, J. H. AX .. O ...- BIOLOGY CLUB Hbney, F. S. Hrendcle, J. Broun, H. F. Bill, C. H. Bowen, C. Brounes, P. Coffey, H. E. Colquitt, R. TTT. UA N J. LU. STFIBI-I ......, ........ P resident H. ITT. LUFIBTIEB ..... ...... V ice-President H. H. UJHTHITIS ...... ..,. . .Secretory FI. TTT. COLOUITT ...... . .. .... Treasurer DB. CHHBLES LoTTTOTTE ..... . ..... Sponsor DR. C. C. DOHH. ...... .... . . . .Honorary member surrey, D. Ereb, H. Lu. Flynn, R. m. Graham, H. Greenburg, D. I-Icrnno, P. Hutch, F. L. Hodge, D. L. Hogue, C. E. Houston, I. T. TTTurroy, LU. H. TTTeHnigI-rt, LU. C mcmiIIon, T. O. nathan, LU. R. nicholson, H. E. norwood, G. R. Pearson, TTT. ITT. Phelon, FI. Rainey, C. H. Rorninger, J. C. Seoly, TTT. I. Stork, J. LU. Studer, T. TTT. Vrd-. PIII Il Illl 'SQL Towery, P. Towns, C. F. gypsum Vollentine, J. T U.Jorner, H. TTT. LUornieb, D. C. lUotI1ins, T. H. lUernIy, LU. R. LUiIIiQmson, J. E IIIICIDURTSI' rr. at ITT. CHEITTICFIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY .1 1 N F N 'MW'? " " 5 g g' f ' gg,-sv. - wav- .- ft-. Q Q Q , ., ...- .. ..-....1l?, Hdams, R. ITT. Hihen, LU. H. Fircularius, H. R Barthelow, 9. J. Bechham, C. H. Butler, LU. J. ButtriII, C. O. Byrd, E. E. Cerna, O. J. CIements, J. F. CoIIins, R. E. Conner, J. ITT. CooI:z, T. F. Counseiman, O. L. Davenport, J. L. Wavis, R. ITT. Dieb, J. rn. .uamB...... , A mm J. E. . . .. .. .. .President E. E. HHGPIIT. .. . .. .. .Vice-President J. O. LUOOD. .. . .. .Secretary-Treasurer F. LU. rmssn I F. F. BISHOP I " De Ia Torre, J. H. Dougherty, C. F. Evans, J. LU. Fouts, C. H. Frills, J. LU. Gaither, LU. 9. GcisI:eII, R. L. Gienn, J. C. Gorth, G. S. Greene, J. F. Griffin, J. H. Hall, T. G. HarviII, V. FT. Hewson, J. E. Hingle, H T. Hagan, E. E. HoveII, B. B. Howell, H. J. Huebel, J. Humann, H. LU. Ivey, E. H. Jaclzson, H. H. Japhet, G. T. Jones, O. J. Joseph, S. Hahn, F. ITT. Hilgore, L. T. Hing, C. ITT. Horth, C. L. Hroll, C. FI. Landua, H. L. Levine, L. H. Levine, S. LU. Lewis, F. R. . .. .Hdvisors Loving, F. H fNcCanne, J. F. fTTcCoy, H. LU. meisenheime miebalb, G. H. I'TeaIe, B. ITT. Osborn, O. Oswalt, UJ. H . Owens, J. L. Pace, E. R. Purher, J. LU. Parks, D. T. Pate, F. ITT. Purlette, R. I. Phenix, B. C. Potts, J. LU. Pinney, J. E. r, lil. F. Simpson, C. E. Skaggs, J. FT. Small, LU. UJ. Stroud, UJ. P. Sturdivant, LU. C Suroviiz, LU. L. Thompson, L. E. Turner, J. LU. LUaII2er, LU. P LUeIdon, C. L. LUhitaIzer, D. LU. LUhitesides, J. D LUise, J. B. LUOII, J. F. LUoIfer, C. J. UJood, J. O. Zercher, J. C. 0 O HREFTFTT HDD HOLU CLUD Ttiiiig is MQREANTERY Seniors Hndrews, T. H. Basse, LU. F. Boyd, TTT. H. Boyd, LU. H. Bradley, J. LU. Cole, T. E. Ducle, l. B. Dulze, H. T. Fry, TT. C. Goodwin, C. H. Gunn, E. J. Hodges, LU. LU Horn, J. L. Jones, TTT. S. N' LOVELESS . . H. T. DUHE ..... BOTHRD ..... .... DUCH .... Loveless, S. L. morrow, FT. D. Batcliff, LU. H. Rector, B. TT. Bidenour, J. D. Boss, F. T. Torn, B. S. lUells, C. H. Juniors Botard, E. J. Bradley, G. V. Carpenter, S. E. Copeland, J. D. Faubus, FT. O. . . ..,. . .President .. .- - -Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . . .Reporter Hollingsworth, H. mangold, C. H. nance, TT. H. new, H. F. Scott, R. H. Terrell, T. H. Thieme, C. H. Sophomores Boyce, D. LU. Burleson, B. L. Calhoun, J. Crouch, L. H. DeBlanc, H. T. Gibson, J. B. Gilbreth, L. H. TTUCUD Goodwin, B. P. Hobin, D. H. millard, TTT. B. Richards, LU. C. Bidlehuber, J. TTT Scharbutt, T. G. LUatts, G. LU. Freshmen Bradford, D. TTT. Hays, TT. H. lrwin, P. G. Hincanon, T. C. Rosenberg, L. E. LUilson, B. H. Yardley, LU. T. N i l i-'ETROLEUYTI ENGINEERING-GEOLOGY CLUB rw- :' ' .': . Q ' Q lf ' . , Q. 'N l l l l V .'- - 1 772 .il 'WQA f ff5?if' . jg ' rg-'iff iii. .-,-.- in Z-it , ' Lffj E. LU. DRFll'lE .... ......,..,,...... P resident J. E. UJlLSOl'l.. .. .,.. Vice-President ol Geology LU. m. BELL... .... Vice-President of Petroleum H. P. FlSTOl'l- - -4-A-- - .A -- -- -- -- 4- -- -- -- -- .Secretary B. SlmmOrl ....,.....,. ...,,.....,.... T reasurer Q --1 Flclzer, V. Broolzs, UJ. H. Dullnig, Fl. C. Hrueger, Leo Orth, UJ. 9. Stevens, G. S. Hdlzisson, J. F. Bristley, L. P. Echols, LU. H. Hennerly, l. F. Paggi, C. E. Stiles, LU. E. Hldrich, E. LU. Bynum, Rule Eldridge, L. m. Ring, J. C. Pcrrlas, G. B. Stoneham, S. L. Hldridge, E. E. Callaway, C, H. Elrod, R. H. Laird, J. E. Patterson, fl. H. Stubenburg, J. D. Fllexander, J. m. Carney, H. P. Evans, Fl. J. Lavoi, D. J. Pearson, J. V. Tarver, J. Fl. K-Q Flltman, Benny Chase, J. B. Evans, F. L. Legrand, B. Polanovich, Fl. Tarver, J. H. Hnderson, C. Fl. Clarl-ze, Hlex. Ewing, H. H. Lester, UJ. E. Pringle, J. P. Teller, LU. Fl. Flshford, J. T. Clopton, T. Fannin, C. C. Lowry, J. D. Pyeatt, LU. LU. Thomas, F. L. Hston, H. P. Colainos, P. Forrester, O. F. martin, H. T. Rabinowitz, D. Torraus, C. LU. Flustin, O. L. Collins, J. LU. Fowler, H. T. martin, P. Radach, E. Fl. Van Deventer, J. H. Baptista, F. Cooper, J. G. UJ. Gowan, H. R. massey, J. E. Rector, LU. S. Van Slylze, J. R. -Q Bailey, R. m. Cornel, D. Graves, R. LU. matthews, G. C. Rehmet, J. R. Vaughan, J. R. Bell, LU. m. Craig, J. LU. Greenwald, LU. J. meelz, R. L. Schoenleld, P. Veselha, E. O. Beeson, L. C. Critz, J. S. Grimmer, G. G. meyer, L. J. Sebesta, O. F. Viclrz, J. F. Bennett, m. G, Cristman, O. UJ. Hagner, B, mills, J. T. Seibert, E. R. LUest, R. P. Bender, C. R. Cunningham, E. C. Hamilton, E. H. moore, J. H. Shepherd, Fl. S. LUhite, LU. C. Best, LU. C. Cummins, L. Halsell, H. H. moss, J. T. Shoolz, Fl. m. LlJiley, R. Fl. Bielstein, J. Cullom, T. Harris, J. D. mueller, C. B. Simmon, B. LlJilliams, R. m. Blume, LU. Chandler, D. E. Harris, V. B. mueller, LU. L. Slack, R. C. LUilliams, LU. P. B0rId, E- V. Davidson, D. H. Harrison, G. F. mcCall, R. H. Smith, F. L. lUillson, LU. C. Bowman, E. Davis, LU. R. Haseman, J. D. mcCorquodale, D. B. Smith, D. lUilson, H. C. Brennen, H. LU. Devine, J. Hoolzs, Fl. B. mcRenzie, LU. H. Sory, C. G. LUilson, J. E. Brent, E- H- Dobyns, R. P. Jaclzson, R. LU. mcLendon, D. H. Spears, J. Pi. UJord, LU. G. Brown, D. H. Durrett, E. G. Johns, rl. LU. nolen, J. E. Staples, E. H. Yates,Jacl1 Brown, T. m. Drake, E. LU. Johnson, L. H. northrop, J. LU. Steen, C. H. Yust, R. L. Brown, Fl. H. O O - .1 My sf. I ' I1?'. ., rf L 5. -. I, ,rn f .' ff as-uvuvz-v-ww s 'vi qs. kv! 'ap-qw 'ii--ln-YL? ,,,g,g K R 2 JE :sri ig :gs It :gd Q gi, POULTRY HND EGG CLUB L55 ar S- FZ' x l l E , I.-....... S :ir sa 51, , Fldams, J. R. Hllison, F. m. Banister, Fi. J. Bradcly, LU. L. Brauchle, R. R. Beeson, G. T. Rurlz, D. Ci. Burlz, O. L. Broussard, P. D., Jr. Carter, C. LU. Carter, E. R. Carter, LU. LU. Connolly, LU. S. Courtade, H. H. Davis, LU. H. Derryberry, G. H. Ellzey, J. G. Gage, C. V. Goodlie, H. F. LU. J. mOORE ....... ..,..... P resident O. R. SCHLUERTDER ..,.. ...... V ice-President C. LU. CHRTER ....... .......,... R eporter Ll.J. -.-- -.-..--...-.----- S ecretary-Treasurer Hanbley, J. L. Hill, R. H. Hitchcocln, H. CS. Jurcalz, L. Little, LU. L. Logan, R. m. martin, T. marshall, H. J. marshall, L. H. marshall, LU. J. mitchel, F. LU. mcGee, B. moore, J. LU. moore, LU. J. murphey, F. S. O'l'leal, LU. C. Peterson, H. Rope, R. C. Porthqsr, H. F. Pustejovslzy, V. LU. N LHI Reynolds, L. C. Rhodes, L. Robert, LU. L. Roesner, E. H. Sears, H. L. Seay, m. D. Schmaltz, LU. H. Schulte, O. J. Schwertner, 0. B. Shields, fTl. Fl. Stinson, J. Stolaes, T. Stough, J. R. Thaxton, J. LUalters, H. LUatson, C. LUedemerer, LU. C. LUilliams, J. C. LUhitehead, O. C. 49' N PRE-fT1ED CLUB A L llJlLLlQm TRHBUE ..,.. ...,.,. P resident CHHRLES B. CFlLVll'l ..,, ...... V ice-President JHCH H. DBEUJ ,,... .... S ecretary-Treasurer Flllen, H. B. Flmsler, D. llJ. Bush, B. E. Calvin, C. B. Clarlzson, LUilliam Colze, C. C. Conner, rl. LU. Carmichael, william Cutcher, H. E. Drew, J. H. Durham, m. F. Eastland, H. G. Ellis, J. m. Everett, L. B. Ezell, Harry LEX Franelzs, B. C. Ferguson, Thomas Glass, UJ. LU. Hodges, J. C. Hunnicutt, LU. B. Hughes, B. E. Hrenelz, B. H. Landon, maxwell Lloyd, B. J. LeDoux, C. llJ. Lafon, L. H. martin, P. L. martin, J. E. mcBride, B. H. fncliemie, J. H. mcmillan, Tom Ormsby, F. G. Page, G. C. Poetter, L. H. Budy, J. H. Satterwhite, Fl. C Scofield, J. H. Spann, J. H. Sealy, m. T. Smith, H. D. Trabue, U.Jilliam llrott, J. E. Trimble, Bay wright, UJ. C. l.Uilson, F. H. Young, Boy O O EFITOITTOLOGY CLUD ll ll, . .-4 in-1 4 1 gs. 3. . -1,5 h "' H. L.CLEFIRfT1Hf1 S. D. HUGHTRY., . . I Y I 3 President P. C. SFIPP ..... . . Vice-President F. H. STHLLIHGS ..... Secretory-Treasurer THE Fl. HDD m. EX-4H CLUB mEmBERS' HSSOCIHTIOH President F. B. LUHTTS .,.,....... ..Vice-President U. C. HOPmHnn, .. ..... Secretory-Treasurer x' 1 fy 1 'Tj TA 5' f" '-ix, 313 Y , i 11 1 V' Z xg! --,ff JA. ,g- gy,-' ,L.L 1 I I-IOHWE TOUJF1 CLUBS ifmiyf Ll, f 2? li, 1 M 1 K . 1fE,AJUi 0 M , -, LQ' H Aft ,fix if I I Xsxr f fi MX iglfij' V- ,JJ . 'Lxfr' ,ifff X f 'y,ffnLa0.1 1 1 I -V -:P 12' gg i ' fu '-LJ 'fx' ':::'s Y I .X Q . , mf ' ' tip 'g-ff H-YQ -1 'Q Jig 'Q' ' - " qv vig" X fQ'1f'7 Xxx - , ,X by TZ-fix - 5 X , . I, X y.. X .QA 611. '31:5.,'g F, .X IEQ 5 if KRW, Y SIMM Q-ivpggfr' am- A ' ' K Li: 'ua '- K. N X, L J. Q, -. 'rx S ..x' ,' JL 5 if ' f Y' X-3 v, Q'f-V122 " 'fic Pi? 4 - V+ V ' 7 N, my ... V .u- 1, 1 1 . arf , 4 V' .Qrfu . 'Q',fnf." Xww- 1' N,-' Xu, -. X QQ! . is 1 . I x Xxxeh . Wg, -f fl K' ' ' XX XSQY- 'T . 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Reich, G. v Spencer, R. Trotter, G. LUiIIis, S. llJi'1ite, C. N 1. - MA. ...-Y- -f-!dn.:.vg.m ' HS Fl. 81 TTT. CLUB First Row Baird Brown, Dudley, Goodstein, Hendrix, Hutchins. Second Row: Jones, Lalze, Lynch, Robinson, Rollins, Fl. P., Jr., Rollins, J. G., Jr Third Row: Shields, Sorenson, Topletz, LUinder Fl D JOTTES, President, SITTI T. LHHE, Vice-President, R. TTTHXLUELL, Secretary, LU. RTTDERSOTT, Reporter qIl22I'1 LU F Childress, F. P. allen O G Jr Christian, B. G. anderson LU Clarlz, Fl. LU. qndrews D R Clarh, R. J. Jailey J B Colley, H. E. BCITCJ R Coffman, D. H. 3aldwin Colbath, D. L. 3aldwrn S J Colquitt, R. TTT. 3arret J S Collins, R. E. 3arton LU D Connor, H. LU. 3augh lU TTT Coola, Bert 3aumann O Jr Cooper, J. G. LU. 3eachum J H Cornell, LU. C. Beclzham C Fl Coston F. TTT. 3enticl: G F Crain, E. Billings R L Crow, C. E. 3ourn J F Crump, LU. P. Boyce D TTI Cullom, T. L. Boyd J lTl Cullum, F. UJ. radberry C B Dahman, L. H. raswell D E Davenport, S. P. roch G H Davis, B. F. rowder C D Davis, J. rundrett LU TTT Davis, P. C. urgess V fl Davis, R. TTT. utler H G Dexter, J. F. llahan S O Dietz, J. C. 1pbe l J Dougherty, LU. B. ipion R l'T1 Douglass, R. J. dwell H m Drollinger, C. O. penter H C DuBose, R. T. ith L G Dudley, H. G. Dunn, J. C. Dwyer, LU. H. Echols, TTT. m. Edmonds, J. LU. nder UJ D Ellis, J. G. In LU B Erwin, H. TTT. Fagin, R. lU. Falwell, J. Firnberg, R. H. Fix, R. E. Florenc m e, . Frazier, R. B. Fugate, TT. T. Gaither, LU. Fl. Gardner, O. C. Garth, G. S. Gaslzell, C. E. Gaslrzell, R. L. Gillespie, H. UJ. Gissler, J. E. Golman, P. Goodbar, Blair Goodlie, H. F. Goodstein, Fl. L. Gorman, G. D. Graham, R. TTT. Granger, D. B. Grant, Fl. D. Green, Fi. J. Greenberg, D. Griesenbeclz, C. Griffith, R. C. Grimmer, G. G. Grimmer, R. Fl. Hagan, E. E. Hall, H. L. Hail, T. G. Hall, Lu. C. Hamilton, E. B. Hanna, H. R. Harris, J. P. Harris, T. D. Harrison, D. L. Hart, G. B. Hawlzins, UJ. LU. Little, B. Potts, J. LU. Sparlaman, R. m Hays, LU. Lucas, G. F. Powell, R. L. Steed, TT. H. Hendrix, E. E. Lundenberg, G. Fl. Primm, H. R. Steed, LU. G. Herndon, H. R. Lunch, S. T. Prinz, H. E. Stitt, l. B. Hidell, UJ. H. macphearson, J. F. Rabinowitz, D. Taylor, D. F. Hill, T. D. magill, LU. H. Rall, T. J. Thompson, LU. Pl Hill, UJ. E. lTlaxwell, H. Reagan, T. J. Tice, J. LU. Hobrecht, Fl. P. lTlayhew, C, TTI. Rehlzemper, J. H. Tomaso, Leo Holler, B. L. moore, TTT E. Rehlzemper, LU. L. Toombs, Fl. J. L Holicla, D. H. moseley, H.fT1. Rentzel, lU. F. Topletz, H. TTI. Holstein, E. E. mosesman, H. B. Reynolds, J. G. Trabue, LU. Houston, l. T. mosesman, ITT. Fl. Ridenour, J. D. Van Slylzze, J. R Howe, R. LU. lTlosher, LU. L. Ridgwoy, J. R. Vaughan, J. G Hundley, J. J. muse, J. LU. Robinson, R. R, Vaughan, J. R. Hutchins, H. S. mcBride, R. H. Rollins, H. P. Virgil, LU. E. lvey, E. H. lTTcCoy, J. LU. Rollins, J. G. U.Jadsworth, S. V Jaclzson, H. R. mclllheran, R. C. Rooseman, R. O. LUallace, LU. Jacobs, l. P. mcRemie, E. B. Rowan, E. Fl. LUays, R. Fl. Jenlains, J. UJ. lhlewton, G. R. Rudy, J. H. LUernley, LU. R Johnson, R. V. rlichols, F. J. Rust, J. C. LUest, J. R. Jones, Tl. D. Tlichols, F. R. Satterfield, O. D. LUhite, E. F. Hahn, F. TTT. Dorris, J. Scholle, C. H. LUilliams, T. S. Raplowitz, S. R. Dye, l. B. Sedberry, J. TTT UJilIson, LU. P. Reclz, E. T. Odom, Tn. LU. Senning, R. C. LUilson, E. L. Relley, Fl. L. Oliver, LU. TTT Sharpe, R. H. LUilson, FTT. TTT. Rershaw, G. C. Orth, LU. H. Shaw, J. Fl. LUinder, lil. G. Rilgore, L. T. Oswalt, LU. H. Shelton, UJ. H. LUindrow, R. J. Hilsdonlz, R. H. Paclzer, R. E. Sherrill, D. L. LUinsor, J. R. Rinlvzel, R. H. Pappas, G. F. Shields, fTl. H. LUise, UJ. F. Rizer, C. Fl. Parhs, D. T. Shiels, E. F. LUood, C. P. Hleuser, C. LU. Parris, H. B. Shiels, R. T. LUright, C. Fl. Rluenier, E. C. Pasche, Fl. T. Skinner, J. LU. Yamini, G. O. Lalze, S. T. Patton, J. D. Slaton, B. T. Yates, J. Lambert, F. Fl. Peller, C. E. Smith, E. LU. Yeargin, R. L. Landon, TTL Petterson, LU. m. Smith, G. LU. Yowell, J. D. Landrum, G. S. Phillips, H. J. Smith, ll. D. Zahn, C. LU. LaPrelle, LU. R. Phillips, R. F. Smith, U. S. Zercher, J. C. Leeman, S. P. Pitts, LJ. E. Sorenson, H. V. Zlotniclz, H. fn 0 O GFILVESTOH H. 8g fTl. CLUB 'Qa- Boroncini, Bullard, Ccmtini, Elwell, lnnocenti novelli, Owen, Rcmsden, Smith T. H. HUGHES ........ ... .. .. . .. .President PHLJL NICHOLS, JR.. . .. . .. .. .Vice-President ROSS UOVELLI. .. . . . .. .. .Secretory GEORGE SmlTH. .. .. . .. .Treasurer Hllert, R. R., Jr. Bullard, FL L., Jr. Owen, m. B. Hmundsen, E. G. Cilwlcr, J. E. Petitfils, FL F. HWS' LU- R' Elweu, H. H. Rcmsaen, H. B ' ', R. L. G'OnC"" Hugh., H. C., J.. Smitl'1,S. n. Biron, J. rl. lnnocenti, H. H. Stechmczn, C. UJ. Ccntini, F. O. J FL C. If , C. J. BomeFeId,H. HJ.. Ones' wo 'Z' Brown n- S. mitchell, G. P. UJoolford, J. L. Buclwtler, H. Olsen, H. H. l.Uoolford, LU. LU. N LPUCUDLRN HEHRT O' TEXHS HDD YTTOUTITHIIWEERS' CLUB -i Beyer, Burlz, Campbell, Eclaeri, Finlay, Grode, Hofmann, Jacoby Janenscl'1,Jol'1ns, Lehmberg, Leigh, mcmillan, montgomery, rlichols, Prugel Fl E. Prugel, J. Fl., Selman, Treadwell, lUendler, U.Jesterman, LUillzinson, LUinl:zel R. P. ECHERT. . ... .., .. .. .President LU. .. .. .. .Vice-President C. C. LUENDLER. .. . . . .. .Secretary-Treasurer Hvery, E. L. Gcmult, J. B. Bartel, FI. Grade, J. Beyer, D. Hall, C. Birt, B. B. Hofmann, LU. B. Burk, D. Hurd, P. J. Burk, O. L. Calvert, H. LU. Jacoby, P. LU. Jennings, C. Campbell, E. Johns, Fl. LU. Faust, R. Hnurson, E. J. Finlay, R. Hofhmem, V. Gainer, F. Lehmberg, LU. Leigl1,C5. E. mcCaleb, J. E. mcLean, J. Fl. fliclwols, D. R. Pool, G. LU. Prugel, H. E. mcmillan, rl. rl. Prugel, J. H. mann, Jem, Rocley, C. H. mG,,in, C' Selman, LU. E. mortin, H, Stelfens, H. H. Treadwell, R. maylwew, l. LUestermcn, m. Fl. menzies, G. C. LUH2, C u mson, . montgomery, J. mosiy, C. H. l.Uilliamson, J. E. llJinl2el, R. F. E S 0 O 'N I -x J 'nl -1 HQ H4 C, V' FP 'fx iii fi HOUSTON Fl. 8g TTT. CLUB Hdams, TTT. R. Hdamson, Fi. D. Flllbritton, L. E. Flrendcile, J. TTT. Hrmistecid, J.D. Firmisteod, LU. LU. Rtlrzinson, C. LU. Fiustin, O. L. Bailey, R. FTT. Balzer, C. L. Barnard, C. D. Bass, LU. B. Bcitjer, J. H. Bayless, F. B. Beodle, F. F. Beaman, B. C. Bean, J. E. Beeler, C. B. Beinhorn, LLJ. Fl. Beninsan, J. Benson, UJ. R. Berlocher, S. H. Berryman, R. L. Bethel, TTT. B. Bielstein, R. m. jx. . Flrmistead, Beinhorn, Bugh, Burnside, Clemens Coulson, Flalze, Gregory, Hendriclzs LEE J. SHUDDE .... .......... P resident LU. LU. HRTTTISTEHD .... ...... F irst Vice-President J. UJ. CRFllG ....... .... S econd Vice-President H. H. HDFTPP .... Secretary-Treasurer Baeisiean, ui. J. Buckingham, R. P. cone, R. F. Bishop, J. P. Buckley, J. n. Coob, o. H. Bistrew, E. l. Bland, C. J. Blanton, J. F. Blolwm, G. L. Bolzenlzamp, F. H Bond, J. R. Bond, R. LU. Boolzman, R. LU. Bowman, E. E. Bownds, LU. H Bracewell, J. S. Brader, J. C. Bradshaw, H. D. Bradshaw, T. E. Brandt, D. V. Brciutigcim, V. B. Bray, LU. R. Bridges, J. m. Brounes, P. Brown, C. LU. Brown, D. L. Brown, T. TTT. Brown, LU. UJ. Bugh, C. L. Burney, C. R. Burnside, Fl. D. Busby, J. E. Bush, F. UJ. Bush, J. TTT. Byrd, E. L. Cadena, E. R. Campbell, R. S. Ccrngelosi, S. C. Cansler, J. Fl. Caraway, V. H. Carlon, LU. B. Carnes, UJ. E. Carroll, P. TTT. Carroll, LU. R. Carstens, J. E. Case, H. L. Clay, Fl. LU. Clemens, F. C. Coe, O. fn. Colley, TTT. S. Compton, C. C. Coolz, T. F. Coulson, B. Coulson, E. D. Cox, L. L. Craig, J. LU. Cummer, R. E. Cummer, LU. F. Curlee, C. J. Dallas, J. E. Davis, H. Fl. Dean, J. J. DeBeII, R. H. DeLong, R. E. DeSalvo, V. Dittman, H. Dixon, TT. E. Donnelly, C. G. Dopslaul, D. L. Dowling, H. P. Doyle, J. J. Dunohoe, UJ. J. Duncan, G. E. Duncan, J. F. Duncan, fT1. H. Durrett, E. G. Eads, J. R. Elliott, R. E. Elrod, H. E. Evans, R. E. Erilzson, m. R. Everett, L. B. Fenner, S. F. Fields, LU. Flalae, H. J. Forehand, T. L. Fortson, T. E. Francis, J. H. Freeborn, J. Freeman, J. J. Fugate, J. L. Garner, J. LU. Gay, G. H. Geaccone, S. J. George, E. C. Gohlman, H. D Good, E. B. Graves, R. LU. Gregory, C. E. HOUSTON Fl. 84 ITT. CLUB Greig, Fl. J. Gunter, J. J. Haclaedorn, B. m. Hagner, LU. J. Hambriclu, J. H. Handley, F. T. Harris, G. G. Harrison, E. E. Harshey J. R. Hayes, G. Heitmann, H. LlJ. Hendriclzs, D. rl., Jr. Hiebeler, O. J. Hines, J. G. Holm, E. G. Howard, J. B. Hobbell, J. LU. Hunt, G. O. Jaclzson, R. C. Jacoby, J. J. Jamail, C. J. James, C. O. Japhet, G. T. Jennings, H. H. Jeppesen, R. J. Johnson, E. D. Johnson, H. O., Jr. Johnson, L. H. Jorns, J. m. Rane, G. D. Reeton, E. R., Jr. Hennerly, l. F. Retelson, R. P. Hirlzpatriclz, C. V. Rishi, Y. Rnapp, H. R. Hnapp, R. m. Rnetsor, B. C. Hnight, L. J. Robayashi, T. Hobayashi, Ty Hoetter, G. LU. La Fleur, C. C. Laird, J. Fl. Laird, J. V. Lane, J. R. La Prelle, F. B. Lavail, m. m. Lawson, J. B. Lee, D. R., Jr. Levine, L. R. Lewis, H. S., Jr. Lindsley, J. P., Jr. Lorine, C. V. Love, R. E Lyons, m. J. mcClintoclz, J. E. mcReynolds, J. m malavansos, G. C. marshall, H. H. mason, J. P. massey, J. E. mathews, G. C. mayo, LU. P., Jr. milam, R. Fl. millar, J. T. miller, G. R. miller, J. L. mims, C. D. minnoclr, J. E. minnoclz, LU. H. mitchell, m. E. monroe, J. P. moore, C. LU. morgan, C. O. mulvey, J. R. Jamail, Hnapp, Laird, Sealy, Shudde Sterling, Swan, Thompson, Tabor murray, L., Jr. mushaway, G. L. nice, F. Fi. nicelai, E O. rlolen, J. E., Jr. northrop, J. LU. lflorthrop, P. H. norwood, J. S. lrloyes, G. LU. O'Brien, R. J. Palmer, G. J. Pappas, G. J. Paris, F. B. Parlzer, Fl. H. Parlzer, C. C. Parlette, R. D. Pate, F. m. Paxton, J. Tl. Powell, H. C. Price, m. l.U. Pyle, G. B. Rachuig, C. Fi. Ragan, LU. C. Reber, LU. H., Jr. Rector, LU. S. Reed, R. L. Reese, fl. E. Reeves, C. D. Richards, T. S. Roach, J., Jr. Roberts, H. LU. Robertson, R. B., Jr. Robinson, TTT. H. Robinson, R. Pl., Jr. Robishaw, H. P. Roche, F. B. Roclzwell, C. C., Jr. Rogers, J. S. Rollins, J. H. Rosenthal, J. L. Ross, F. R. Rudd, B. J. Russ, T. Fl. Schleier, E. E., Jr Scholl, L. Fl. Schott, H. J., Jr. Shulte, LU. B., Jr. Schutte, H. J., Jr Scott, H. G. Scott, H. L. Scott, J. R. Sealy, m. T. Shafer, C. LU. Shepherd, Fi. S. Sherman, C. T. Shirley, LU. L. Shudde, L. J. Sinclair, LU. fl. Singleton, J. R. Sloviclz, LU. Fl. Smith, F. H., Jr. Smith, F. L., Jr. Smith, G. P. Smith, J. C. Smith, LU. H. Smothers, D. D. Spiller, J. R. Stanford, T. LU. Stanton, LU. L. Staples, G. LU. Stewart, J. S. Stiles, LU. E. Stone, C. H. Sullivan, R. P. Swan, H. LU. Swanson, L. R. Synott, LU. H. Tabor, C. E. Talzacs, J. E. TeaFf, S. E. Thompson, F. L. Tomelz, J. Pl. .IMT Townsend, G. P. Trapolino, J. m. Trapolino, S. L. Valcilz, S. Valentino, E. D. Valentino, F. D. Van Deventer, J. H Vaughan, J. R. Voss, H. C. UJallace, J. B. LUallace, m. D. LUallis, LU. R. LUard, L. P., Jr. LUare, J. FT. lUarne, R. R. LUatanabe, R. LUatl2ins, O. m., Jr LUatson, E. l. LUebb, H. H. LUebber, m. H. LUeIIborn, J. H. LlJeIIs, J. D. LUest, E. H. LUheeler, L. H. LUiley, L. G. LUiley, V. C. LUillQ, J. L., Jr. lllilliams, C. S. UJilliams, LU. P. LUinston, J. m. U.Jolfle, C. E. Young, H. R. O O l ff K l l l ll Jl ll Lt ij ff Xxx! 'X Q5 LIBERTY COUNTY H81 lT1 C Hllen, J. B. Coin, Joe Clark, E. C. Clarl2,L1J. R. Drolze, U.Jilbur Bristley, Clcrlz, E. C., Clark, J. E J Cl ll, R g Sterling, Yust,Cl'1urlesS Y t R L J. E. CLHRH, JR. .... ,. ..... President L. P. BRISTLEY, JR.. . . ..... Secretory-Treasurer Duree, Jock Green, Charles Hoehler, O. H. Rohn, Lehman Rohn, Leon Rogers, Joclz Sterling, J. B. l.lJillougl1by, Yust, Clwczrles Yust, Robert C N in RIO GRRIWDE VHLLEY CLUB Fltchison, m. B. Baurman, Chas. H. Bech, Clinton B. Bird, George T. Bush, Ralph J. Button, Bob CIarI:, Jach LU. Closner, George LU. Dean, Herbert B. Dreibelbis, Lyle Earley, Douglas C. Edwards, Leroy Ewing, H. H. Fletcher, Billy m. Fldams, Bech, Dean, Fletcher, Graham, Griffin V y Hamner, Hanna, Henggeler, Blossner, marques, Peace Pridmore Puckett, Ragsdale R. O. HLOSSI'IER,.. C. V. GRIFFIN ,... J. R. PERCE .... Grabowslzi, Geo. J. Graham, B. F., Jr. Griffin, Charles V. Groulx, B. B. Guerrero, Elias ITI. Hammons, FII, Jr. Hamner, Chas. H. Hanna, George I. Harrod, Johnny C. Hass, Boland B. Henggeler, Franlz J. I"IuFfman, m. B. Bawahata, H. H. XXX . . . ,............. President , . . . .Vice-President . . . .. .Secretary Blossner, Boy O. Lawrence, O. V. Lepage, B. C. marques, B. L., Jr. maurer, John J., Jr. moore, B. FII murphy, Dan LU. myers, Bobert V. Peace, J. B. Pridmore, Jas. FI. Puchett, J. LU., Jr. Bagsdale, James E. Bichey, Thomas B. N Bidgeway, Chas. L Boland, B. C. Bomer, Gus J. Stuart, Leslie V. Thornton, LU. B. Till, Baymond C. I'iIIson, George LU Towns, Charles F. Tumlinson, B. F. Tumlinson, S. H. Vittetoe, R. C. LUard, David L. LUatson, Henry H. LUhitIey, Franh S. O O SHR RRTORIO Fl. 8t nfl. CLUB J. F. ROFIRH. .. ' ix.-' - PW-L 'fin First Row: Flldridge, Barber, Cravens, Hercheville Second Row: Hrogstad, Roarh, Salaamoto, Thrift . ..,....,..... ,,.,, . .President D. B. THRIFT. ,...., ,... . ,.... ..... .... S e c retary ....Vice-President G.m.CRHVEFlS............. .........Treasurer E. P. RRRESOR. .. Fldams, Fl. H. Fldams, J. H. Hldrich, E. LJJ. Fildridge, E. E., Jr. Hnderson, C. D. Hrneson, E. P., Jr, Banlzer, 9. C., Jr. Barrett, J. LU. Barthelow, H J. Beard, J. L.U. Beclaley, R. H. Becl2mann,9.G.,Jr. Beyer, D. H. Birnbaum, J. S. Birnbaum, Joe Blume, LU. Blunt, P. B. Booth, C. D. Bowman, R. J. Bradley, J. P. Brauchle, R. R. P. Braun, Pl. F., Jr. Brimer, E. H., Jr. Brown, R., Jr. Brown, H. H., Jr. Brunson, H. H., Jr. Buchanan, R. D., Jr. Bynum, R. S., Jr. Cameron, R. G., Jr. Campbell, UJ. G. Carmichael,LU.P.,Jr. Caruthers, E. B. B. Ccissin, LU. Champagne, R. PI. Cloud, B. B. Cravens, G. m. Dashiell, D. Fl. Davis, B. H. Davis, LU. R. Deodati, Jo. B. Derrich, H. H Dibrell, C. F. Dillon, P. C. Downs, Pl. S. Doyle, F. C. Dreiss, Ed Drow, D. L. Du Bois, LU. G. Hardy, R. L. Hargrove, C. C. Harroll, P. LU. Harris, J. L. Hartman, R. Fl. Haseman, J. D. Hay, T. G. Henderson, R. Herzing, D. J. Hewson, J. E, Dullnig, H. C., Jr. Hingle, H. T. HoFf, R. S. Hoffman, H. J. Holmes, H. C. Howard, J. FT. Howard, R. H. Hucher, R. E. Hudson, J. LU. Huffalzer, J. Hummel, H. E. Imperial, m. m Ingram, H. E. Jaggi, L. F. John, J. LU. Dwyer, C. F., Jr. Dyhe, H. H. Emery, Fl. E. Evans, LU. L. Evers, E. J. Farmer, B. LU. Foote, D. Fl. Ford, J. H. Fox, R. L. Freeborn, E. J. Fritsch, C. B., Jr. Fuermann, m. G. Garess, E. B., Jr. Gibson, J. O., Jr. John, P., Jr. Johnson, E. C. Jones, B. F. Jones, C. n. Jorrie, S. m. Glaser, L. T. Goff, R. R. Gohmert, R. L. Granfors, LU. H. Grosso, LU. Fl. Heller, LU. O. Griffin, B. 0. Henogy, J. Fl. Guerdrum, T. J. Hercheville, J. l. Haberer, LU. E. Herr, E. L. Habermann, LU. F. Herr, G. E. Harris, Fl. L., Jr. Harris, L. C., Jr. Hing, R. Hirlz, P. R. Hissinger, G., Jr. Hissinger, R. T. Horth, C. L. Hrogstad, S. F. Hrueger, L. R. Huehne, LU. La Laurin, S. F. Lord, S. C. Luetche, C. J., Jr. mcfllnelly, B. C. mcfqnelly, E. C. mcCall, J. V. mcCamish, J. Fl. mcClellon, LU. D. mcClintoclz, C. R. mcCullogh, H. T., Jr. mcGarland, 9. m. mcnutt, LU. H. maertens, J. E. mangold, C. H. marlzs, E. S. martin, H. m. mathieu, L. G. mavrico, Pl. G. meyer, J. H. montgomery, C. D moore, P. J. morris, J. C. mueller, C. P. mylins, m. F. Flassauer, Geo., Jr. Flatting, C. J. nicherson, LU. nordhaus, H. norton, Fl. L. Fluclaols, UJ. H. Oliver, m. D. Parlzer, E. C. Parlzer, R. UJ., Jr. Paschal, LU. H. Peter, L. S., Jr. Price, B. m. Rafalslzy, L. R. Reeves, J. H. Rienarz, H. R. Richey, T. B. Richter, C. X. Riley, J. J. Roarlz, J. F. Robbins, R. C. Roberts, J. R. Robinson, Fl. J. Rodgers, B. Rodgers, R. B. Salzamoto, S. Salzman, J. H. San miguel, R. R. Saunders, J. R. Scales, UJ. UJ. Schnable, Fl. O. Schoenfeld, P. C. Schutz, Fl. D. Schutz, C. D. Seele, H. H. Silvey, LU. F. Simmang, C. m. Simpson, LU. E. Slzinner, LU. S. Slater, J. T. Slimp, C. H. Snyder, FI. H., Jr. Sowell, J. C. Springer, R. E. Smudt, C. E. Stephens, J. H. Steimel, R. m. Steurer, G. E. Strother, J. F. Stubblefield, J. LU Stuclze, H. C. Swanson, J. F. Taylor, S. R. Thrift, D. B. Tonlzin, R. G. Trip, H. H. Uhr, C. LU. Upshaw, D. C. Valdez, L. m., Jr Van Horn, R. U. Vogt, R. F. Voigt, G. m. LUalsh, F. R. LUard, R. P. LUarnl2e, H. F. LUeaver, L. H. LUentworth, E. LUhitolzer, D. LU. LUhite, H. LUhite, R. R. LUilliams, C. Fl. UJilliams, C. H. LUimer, C. J. Luifcheii, n. s., Jr. LUorthington, G. T LUray, B. LUurzbach, R. H. UJHFIRTOTT COUTTTY FI. 8: ITT. CLUB , , .U .. Hnders, Boettcher, Deshoiels, Eldridge, Frcrnbe, Huebner, G, L., Huebner, TTT. T. Irvin, fTTcGuire, Payne, Rockwood, Roddy, Siollworlh, lljolloce R. B. BOETTCHER, JR. .,.. ..... P resident L. TTT. ELDRIDGE... .. . . .. .Vice-President R. C. RODDY. .. V . .. .Secretory-Treasurer Hnders, P. E. Deshotels, J. D Fronlze, T. H. Greherm, O. TTT. Hester, C5. R. Huebner, G. L. Huebner, TTT. T. FEXM I Irvin, I. J. fTTcGuire, C. H. mill, L. J. Payne, H. H. Rockwood, LU. R. Stullworth, G. D. l.UoHcrce, R. T. S .. O N T 'ir E r 1 W , CUERO TURHEY TROT CLUB 5 1 A f r aw- ' NJ' L? .....4 J P 'NL 'JJ xx' QC wk! X? UA R. E. 'Ds sd 519: Comnas, Hartman, north, Pustejoveshy - Sheppard R. H. HQRTITTFIU ,President LU. G. NORTH ..,.,.. .Vice-President P. H. COfTlnFlS.,.Secretary-Treasurer L. DYE , , ,President UJ. O. CULBERTSOH ,,Sec'y-Treas. B. HHLUHIUS Vice-President F.UJ. DODSOFI . , ., Dances P H n H H n D L E 81 C L U B if X-, 2 f f P' as e igiri-, f 'Tb Y I CUDN'.GUUGDIP3RT LHVHCFH COUNTY CLUB First Row: Hlbrecht, Flllen, Hppelt, Hatch Second Row: Liebhofsby, novalrz, Pinchin J. E, TROTT. . ,. . President LU. C. FHLBRECHT. , Vice-President H. H. LIEBHHFSHY. . Secretory-Treasurer gHfgl1EI3EIEq.L'E:l,OfT'lFlS V .gresident if-l.CgTg1l?-EVELEYC D Treasurer . . . , ' - 'd t . . , h ' C . G R 9 Y 5 O n C O U V1 T Y C L U B G, H. moonev '9e,slffQrfFy R. L. Doss mmm onriipilf u .. r I l' ,r r,., v ' , Q pf- It X 64 K .la F . , . Q " All x 6- is . J ' X N X uf ' . r X lv A I s X X 4 ' 1 i A 3' .e ..gNs....t:M 1 if I Q vim, 'J Y Q-rs .xx X. y f'r N r-'Q . , C: TTY 7 W KI-7 I 0 O , MTN W I . I i I . -X ' P 'TJ 'll ffxx C3 W, KYN FORT LJJORTH Fl. 8: TTI. CLUB awww... 1 1. kg- - --". ..,?? ,gi,n-33836 f Hshby, J. B. Bailey, I. H. Bates, Gus Bennett, T. 9. Best, LU. C. Biggs, FIT. L. Borders, LU. E. Braddy, LU. L. Broclzschmidt, R. F. Brown, G. LU., Brown, Fl. H. Brown, LU. Tl. Burgess, E. B. Butcher, J. H. Cabaniss, J. H. Casey, J. J., Jr Clay, J. Fl., Jr. Cooh, E. E. Cordell, B. lJJ. Corrin, LJJ. G. 1 H" . 2 r-wan--m-"E-M . Q av-gi.. A "QF . . J. F. HEETOTI. .. J. ITT. DlEB...... C. R. OLIVER ..., Counts, TTT. C. Counts, LU. ITT. Davis, T. C. Dieb, J. ITT. Dines, J. E. Faullz, ITI. UJ. Featherston, H. E. Felder, E. H. Felts, U.J. FTT. Finley, D. S., Jr. Forrester, B. I., Forrester, V. Fl. Fry, J. G., Ill Glenn, LU. E. Gorin, C. E. Grayson, R. E. Gross, J. H. Harris, R. L., Jr. Head, C. R. CTE Hodges, J. C. Irwin, P. F. Jones, TTI. D. Heeton, J. F. Hennady, m. Hing, C. ITT. Huban, J. F. Leach, H. B. Lee, LU. ITT. Lilly, C. H. Linlz, J. B. Lozo, R. D. Lyons, J. F. massey, LU. C. maxwell, E. O. Fflefford, FT. S. michael, J. H. miller, l. G. mullen, LU. C. . .President Vice-President . . .Secretary-Treasurer mcClain, rl. B. I'TlcDonald, H. E. Fflcrleil, J. J. TTlcRae, Fl. D. Tliclaolson, H. L. Oliver, C. B. Page, J. UJ., Jr. Parker, J. UJ. Pendery, R. H Peterson, D. LU. Pilant, E. C. Polanovich, H. T. Poteer, LU. D., Jr. Pugh, m. C. Pumphrey, H. F., Jr. Raney, Fl. L. Rhoten, G. P. Robinson, G. C. Rose, P. P. Rowland, J. fl. Russell, J. S. Schneider, C. C. Searcy, J. TTI. Shipman, S. L. Smith, E. F. Stages, LU. E. Staley, J. H. Stanley, V. B. Stephens, S. m. Stephenson, LU. m. Sullivan, LU. LU., Jr. Thompson, R. T. Todd, J. Fl. D. Tuclzer, B. B. Twining, L. E. Vestal, D. m. LJJarriner, T. R. lUhite, B. LUoodman, G. fn., J SOUTHUJEST TEXFIS H. 81 m. CLUB i ' 'fix - .as i Ball, LU. Fl. Bennett, J. D. Bennett, m. G. Bownds, R. E. Brennan, LU. P. Brotherton, Fl. H. Case, C. H. Cerna, O. J. Coob,'J. ITI. Curtis, rl. Davenport, S. R. Dodson, J. L. Dupre, Fi. S. Fields, J. H. Garza, H. m. ESX IKM ah. 35. ' ni 'C CJ' fr i W- fr L. C. GHTES ..... . .. .. .. .President LELUIS l'lFlGY ....,. .... . . .. .Vice-President FRED G. HOUJHRD. .. .. . .Secretary-Treasurer JOHN m. COOH .... .. .. . .. .. .. .Reporter Gates, L. C. Gross, J. L. Guerra, J. B. Howard, F. G. Hunt, LU. H. Heath, m. E. Helly, E. L. Hoontz, J. F. martin, R. G. mabe, J. m. mcDonald, S. H. nagy, L. nester, UJ. C. Pollay, H. C. Reagan, R. L. Rose, Pat Rothe, J. Ryan, H. LU. Seargeant, Fl. J. Silman, J. B. Shropshire, J. E. Smyth, rl. B. Upchurch, C. O Utterbach, Fl. P LUall2er, H. H. llJeydell, H. LUhite, S. L. UJilson, H. Zerr, J. L. o 0 lr 1 V N x l N w I 4 L 1 V I li .l 1 L W .N W f 1 I i 1 1 1 L, L J D L, 1 l L .0 3 3, F' I Q3 1' .YW Q2 BRFIZORIH COUNTY H. 8g ITI. CLUB First Row: Hlexunder, C. E., Fllcxcrnder, Joe fTL,Broussc1rd, Butler Second Row: Gaffney, Hoefle, mcneill, Snow P. D. BROUSSHRD President L. J. mcnElLL .Vice-President JOE m. HLEXHLIDEB .Secretary-Treasurer J. B. GHFFUEY. .Reporter L. D. Bunrun P -d Q BOB Evans. . Vice-Pxgdigt B. R. Dm' . Secretary-Treasurer SOUTH PLHIHS Fl. 84 fTl. CLUB - 'A L S . .tw NN-N ' ' ,Y Y 4 ., ,wx .......+ww.,... , Lf N. 33 GD UJHSHIDGTOD-HUSTIH COUNTY Fl. HDD ITT. CLUB T Q 5' 5 1, I l HHRVIU L. LFTTTDUH .. .President GILBERT R. HUEBTTER . .Vice-President ROBBIE D, BHRTTES ...Secretary-Treasurer BEFTUVTTOHT fTTOTHER'S CLUB mrs. Leonard Heartfield, President, mrs. Floyd Piplrzin, 1st Vice-President, mrs. Howard Hllen, Ynd Vice-President, mrs. J. C. Reed, 3rd Vice-Presidentf mrs. Clyde mcDonou3h, Secretaryf mrs. UJ. P. Stine, Treasurer, mrs. T. H. Balmer, Printing and Publicity am? O is .. ls 4 T . l .. ll l l l l W l I T I l r I T z T l T g T 1 l r 1 l ll ll I l f-"-I fy, . ' CT yf--4 vpn T41 kj rr-l r.Z.1 YJ f--1 l-4 .J 9' DHLLHS 9.81 ITT. TTIOTHFRS' CLUB' ?.- .. 'g 2 T "iff ' ..,.,..-.Mis-.s . .. H 'V -SEE A . I ,W sxf .. . ...4 . .51 if ,J mrs. Van Johnson, President, mrs. LU. H. mayhew, Vice-President at Large, mrs. S. T. Lake, First Vice-President, mrs. H. J. Landrum, Second Vice-President, mrs. Fl. C. Dudley, Third Vice-President, mrs. mitchell Langdon, Fourth Vice-President, mrs. D. L. Robinson, Fifth Vice-President, mrs. LU. H. Oswalt, Secretary, mrs. E. LU. muse, Corres ondin Secretar - mrs. P.P. Steed, Treasurer, mrs. J. S. Pool, Parliamentarian, mrs. m. m. Echols, Historian. mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs. L. C. Flnderson Jack Bailey B. B. Baldwin G. C. Bentinck J. E. Bentley mrs. J. C. Berry mrs. LU. G. Bradford mrs. LUm. Brain mrs. LU. G. Brock mrs. C. D. Browder mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs mrs. mrs mrs mrs. G. LU. Brown Geo. T. Brundrett G. Porter Burgess LU. G. Burnett R, m. Campion Frank Carter C. J. Charske F. P. Childress O. B. Colquitt Ernest L. Cook Z. m. Coston S. S. Cox LU. G. Crawford Geo. Dart LUm. B. Daugherty B. F. Davis L. J. Davis R. m. Davis B. E. Deam Pearl Dixon B. H. Dosterschill Fl. C. Dudley LU. H. Dwyer, mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. m. m. Echols H. L. Egan H. m. Erwin John Fallwell J. B. Frazier . Sidney Frinberg LU. Fl. Gaither P. L. Garth R. L. Gaskell H. LU. Gillespie Frank Gissler Jake Golman Hrthur Goodstein D. R. Graham Louis Greenberg B. E. Greer C. H. Griesenbeck R. C. Griffith R. Fl. Grimmer m. J. Grogan m. E. Hagan . J. P. Harris Paul Harris G. B. Hart Fred Hastings R. Houghton Elsie G. Hawks LU. LU. Hawkins E. E. Hendrix LUm. H. Hidell Harry C. Hill J. R. Hill E. E. Holstein D 9 Yr mrs. l. T. Houston mrs. H. E. Hunter mrs. E. H. Ivey mrs. G. m. Jackson mrs. J. Jacobs mrs. Van Johnson mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs. mrs. mrs. G. R. Jordan E. T. Heck rl. Leslie Helly Geo. Hershaw Louis Hilgore m. C. Hleuser S. T. Lake Henry Langdon Henry Landrum mitchell Langdon UJ. R. LaPrelle H. Larsen R. B. Little J. G. Lowdon H. J. macphearson Z. T. maxwell H. LU. mayhew R. C. mcllheran Dave metzger . T. J. moore m. m. moseley LU. S. mosher E. lU. muse P. Q. Tlewton Fllbert rlichols Oscar C. florman mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs. LU. H. Oswalt Paul E. Orr H. B. Parris H. E. Pasche C. H. Patton H. L. Peoples Geo. E. Perfect H. J. Phillips J. S. Pool J. R. Potts F. L. Pau LU. J. Powell R. H. Prinz Ben Rabinowitz Theodore Rall Peggy Regan L. T. Rehkemper J. R. Ridgeway D. L. Robinson C. F. Roderick Fl. P. Rollins J. LU. Runyan J. C. Rust R. m. Rutledge R. E. Satterfield C. E. Senning R. S. Senter T. F. Sharp R. T. Shiels J. LU. Shull J. LU. Skinner Lena Tenison Slaton mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs mrs. mrs mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs . J. R. lllest i m. P. LUiIson . R. G. Yeargin . Stanley Zercher Geo. LU. Smith S. L. Smith Thomas LU. Smith J. H. Snell C. E. Sparkmon B. l"l. Spencer P. P. Steed B. m. Stephens Roland Stewart l. Stiff C. H. Sublett Don Taylor J. m. Thompson S. Topletz Fi. Van Slyke LU. E. Virgil Sidney lUadsworth mary m. LUallace E. P. lUeotherby E F. LUhite J. LU. LUillson J. B. LUinder R. J. LUindrow L. Pl. LUinsor LU. F. LUise R. J. Yowell H. G. Zahn .V .ii 'J. .tl - Fl. Zlotnick if T1 ,, . HOUSTON Fl. 84 m. COLLEGE fT1OTI-IERS' CLUB BS-' IEE.: i:. t i...i ' f " .x 'Y L if rf H W Qs eww r mas G. L. ruomss... ............President mras. J. R. warms.. .. .. .. .rr.SrvrCe-P.eSrd2nr mas J. H. srrmon. .. .. .. .. .second vrwpresrdenr mas c. J. rmnnonn.. .. .. .. .md yrwpfesrdenr mas ui. J. Hnoneifr. .. . .. .. .. .Recording secretory mas. H. E. Bowman. .. .. .corresponding secretory mRs.m.L.Br1mER..... ..............rfwsu.ef mas. E. J. Jnarrrarro. .. . .. .. .. .Hrsrorron mRS. l'l. Fl. DELERY. . ., .. .. .Parliamentarian YTTRS. PHUL CHRROLLHW.. ..,.. .. .. ...Publicity lTlRS.Ll.l.LU.l'llRHPFliliRlCH . Union Buildingfund Chairman FURS. VTWRS fTlRS VURS. FTIRS. lil. R. Hl'llGl"ll.Union Building Fund-Co-Chairman I-l. V. JUEVIGER. C. F. BROLUl'l........ F. fTl. JOHNSON. . .. . E. G. I-IOLITI. .. ... ... ... .Program Chairman .Courtesy Chairman .Extension Chairman .. ,. .. .Printing Chairman The Houston H. and m. College mothers' Club is closing its tenth year of enthusiastic interest in the Student Body and the College. membership has increased, meetings are well attended and a splendid spirit of cooperation has existed. Our Special Project lor the year has been the creation ol a Fund for a Union Building onthe campus cxncl establishing a general interest in this project. Outstanding features have been the Valentine Coolzy Shower, annual chiclzen dinner and the tea honoring the Freshman mothers. EXAX N O O SHN HFITOHIO Fi. HH D fT1.fTlOTHER'S CLUB OFficers seated left to right: L mBS. F. V. LUHITE ,........ . . ,...,.,.. Treasurer mRS. T. G. CFlmPBELL. .. . .......... President mBS. H. H. BRQLUU ....,,. . .... Sth Vice-President mRS. E. E. HLDRIDGE. .... ,... ,.... 1 s tVice-President mRS. RHLPH THOmPSOl'l. , . . ...,, .,..... H istorian mFIS. C. F. DLUYER .. . . ,,..,,..,.,.... 3rd Vice-President mRS. BESS DYHE ..........., ..,.. 4 th Vice-President mRS. L. D. HERR ,.,,.. ...., B eceiving Committee Secretary mRS. CHHRLES STHUDT .,.. . . Qnd Vice-President mRS. EDLUID CHSSID ..., .... ....... P a rliamentarian mrs. LU. LU. Hdams mrs. S. J. Evers mrs. L. R. Hrueger mrs. LU. Fl. Schnabel mrs. LU. J. Hldrich mrs. S. H. Freeborn mrs E. m. Le Lauren mrs. H. H. Seele mrs. H. C. Barber mrs. Curtis P. Fritsch mrs S. C. Lord mrs. n. H. Snyder mrs. F. B. Barthel mrs H. J. Geiss mrs B. R. mcFinally mrs. Franh Springer mrs. O. D. Beclz mrs Ben LU. Glaser mrs. Hemeil mciertens mrs LU. V. Steimel mrs. Ellen Blume mrs LU. S. Goff mrs L. H. mathieu mrs Zoie rl. Strother mrs. E. m. Booth mrs. Hlois Braun mrs. H. H. Brunson mrs. B. G. Cameron mrs. mary Caruthers mrs. Fl. Champagne mrs. E. O. Cravens mrs. J. T. Dibrell mrs. G. B. Downs mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. mrs. Ed Dreiss, Jr. Paul Dreiss LU. H. Drow D. L. Du Bois H. C. Dullnig mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs. mrs mrs mrs mrs. mrs. mrs. . J. F. Howard O. Grosso C. C. Hargrove P. LU. Harrol L. E. Hart Elizabeth Hingle Boy Huffaher Herman Hummell L. F. Joggi E. C. Johnson J. B. Jones J. D. Hirlz 2 Guy Hissinger Hugo Hott ITIRS. T. G. CPImPBELL mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs . m. B. mavrico .Jess T. mills . m. G. mylius . George nassauer . G. V. niclaerson . m. B. Oliver rl. LU. Palmer R. LU. Parher Lewis S. Peter Paul Rafalslay Fl. S. Balls Homer m. Boarlz Lahe Robertson I. LU. Scales mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs mrs .LU. D. Stubblefield H. C. Stucbe B. G. Tonlzin C. m. Vogt m. G. Voigt E. G. LUalsh H. G. LUard LUarnl:o Fl. L. LUhite . J. D. lUhittaher . Henneth LUimer Fl. S. LUitcheIl i O. E. LUurzbcich BELL COUNTY H. 8a m. CLUB Hihen, Barton, Bighcm, Bowers, Brewster Gaither, Hander, marshall, matush, Stephens Jlmmllf BHRTOH , . .President UJ. G. YHTES ..... Secretary-Treasurer J. E. BRELUSTER, .. . .4., Vice-President LEE BOLUERS. .. , Sergeant-at-Firms BELL COUNTY H. 84 l'Tl. ITIOTHERS' CLUB mrs. Ed Brewster, Jr., President, mrs. George G. Yates, Vice-President, mrs. R. LU. Stephens, Secflireasurer, mrs. C. H. Jones, Historian mrs. John Houghton, member-at-Large, mrs. J. Fl. Boling, Chairman Union Building Committee. "H t 1--T -1- -'- .f'w, -- ' - '-'- . -.A ' 4 1. -, in r .g 2 f' i .4 3 3 sa. 'GL -- Q L.-- .- Q . i E SHN HHGELO CLUB First Row: Bagged Barton, Harris, mcCiill Second Row: mills, LUrigl'1t JOE BHRTOU ,.,. President JHCH mHRTll"l ..,.,... Vice-President HERBERT fT1ILLS .,,, . . .Secretory SHN HNGELO HNDTHER9 CLUB mrs. H. C, noellze, President, mrs. H. l-lelbing, 1st Vice-President, mrs. Roy Flldwell, Qnd Vice-President, mrs. John Slwepperson, 3rd Vice- President, mrs. Culberson Deal, Treasurer, mrs. J. H. wright, Recording Secretary, mrs. C. G. mariin, Corresponging Secretary, mrs. J. C. Landon, Parliomentarian, mrs. George Flllen, Historian, mrs. George Broclzman, Huditor. ww M..f.,--we-msx-fy, ' ' "' ' ' N .- - i .J...l insususvi gl. 'ss I r v i -. 4' S Q 9 ll lrarw . g,w,3,..- 4 r 'N N i .7.., tvii .xx --- f'N ' --- 'ff' 1- X N ' y ' '-' ,,1l n N., -f .. ' i 1 4 ' J i 5 XC. 1 ' r ' f' , i-ix All , ,L S- -f .Q... X.. .4-'N ,... ,.., ' -'--- Lf' X 2 , l STUDEl'lT LUIVES CLUB Hdams, mrs. J. B. Hllen, mrs. B. Hmmons, mrs. E. G. Hrcularis, mrs. H. R. Barnett, mrs. LU. H. Baushausen, mrs. H. Bell, mrs. C. H. Betlcch, mrs. E. B. Bradley, mrs. G. V. Carpenter, mrs. H. D. Clarlz, mrs. R. m. Coburn, mrs. G. C. Colson, mrs. LU. rl. DashoFf, mrs. H. D. Davis, mrs. F. B. TTTRS. H. D. CFTRPETTTER. ..,. ........ P resident ITTRS. LU. T. HIRH.. .. TTIRS. l. B. DYE. .... . Dixon, mrs. L. L. Edmondson, mrs. T. E. Gaida, mrs. Ed. Gibbs, mrs. F. C. Graham, mrs. L. H. Gremmel, mrs. F. Hambriclz, mrs. L. rl. Helms, mrs. H. Hendrix, mrs. J. LU. Hilburn, mrs. LJ. D. l-lill, J. E. Hunter, mrs. H. D. Jaclzson, mrs. J. B. James, mrs. L. E. Jeter, mrs. m. E54 .... .......Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Johnston, mrs. C. C. Hirlz, LU. T. Hoenig, mrs. P. H. Lay, mrs. D. Ledbetter, mrs. T. D. Leggett, mrs. J. H. Lehmann, mrs. V. martin, mrs. T. motheral, mrs. J. lflullen, mrs. B. l'lye, mrs. l. B. Persons, mrs. J. V. Reynolds, mrs. L. C. Rodeleff, mrs. R. D. Ross, mrs. F. Russell, mrs. J. m. Scharnberg, mrs. C. Schellingberg, mrs. P Scholle, mrs. C. Seitz, mrs. S. Smith, mrs. C. E. Stafford, mrs. LU. B. Swarthout, mrs. E. Thompson, mrs. L. P. Tumlinson, mrs. S. LUallin, mrs. D. LUheeler, mrs. G. LUilliams, mrs. J. F. LJJilliams, mrs. J. T. UJillmore, fT'rs. J. -T-X I-if .A .X r .i J-.1 I Q II'i CONCLUSION merely to write finis in the conclusion of this bool: would be a taslz unfinished. fin undertalzing of this nature is not completed in a word, a paragraph, a day or even a year. This boolz represents a definite period in my life, not always beautiful, be- cause a job of this hind was not destined to be filled with glory, but it is one of a realization of a "dream" that has come into being in this 1938 LOHGHORN. Fin attempt has been made to please every faction and every organization in the presentation of this boolz, but one can readily realize the futility of such an under- talzing. Hs an alternative we have tried to present to you a bool: that will portray to the fullest extent a picture of your time spent at Hggieland. Hs this booh goes to press, l offer no alibis, for l have none. no Editor could possi- bly desire better worlzing conditions than have befallen me, therefore, l hope that l have, to the best of my ability, presented a LOUGHORD that fulfills the responsi- bilities thrust upon my shoulders in signally honoring me with this position. It is no little job to thanlz everyone for his tireless efforts in malzing the publication of this boolz possible. It is no one-man job, and the success or failure 'of it depends on the associates acting as a unit. l could not help but first thinlz of the stafftwho has labored long, tiresome hours, with little or no reward, aslzing none, but merely worlz- ing for the gratification of a desire. They may be assured that their faithfulness has not gone unnoticed, but any attempt to express in a small measure my appreciation would seem trite. The Rein Company, our printers, has availed us of every opportunity to improve our worlz and l want to thanls personally mr. R. rl. Barrett, the artist to whom we owe much of the success of the boolz, and mr. Henry E. Stamm who has talrzen the respon- sibility of seeing that the boolg is printed right. mr. Horace lllallace of the lllallace Engraving Company has given us excellent service on the engraving of this boolz. mr. Joe Sosolilz has stayed with us to the end, giving his best to get just the things we wanted, and his favors are much too numerous to try to enumerate. mr. Howard Berry of the Experiment Station did his part by talzing stills of the buildings, and through his expert photography we were able to show, pictorially, the Fl. 8: fn. Campus. we certainly owe our thanlzs to "Chief" Hngell and the entire Student Publica- tions Board for their whole-hearted help and support. The student body as a whole is to be commended on the co-operation they have shown in responding to calls to have pictures made. Little remains to be said, only "Thanks, again." If we have pleased you, our job is a success, if not, all we can say is we did our best, and it was not good enough. with these things foremost in mind, we present you, with your 1938 LOHGHORD. SID. A 11, GREE HDR 1 in. ,X 4 My ,,'. .,, I . ,M ll, W J., ...y ,,,,.., , , H, , L . . .f. v uf-11.2, v ' a ' ' . ls' -H ' vi- . 4- v Q" ,-fhef' 1, M z ,QL .W 1, V . H' , ,-Ml. ,., , ,bt 1 B.E3.I'lOVELL ED ITOR VOLUM IiEIiIIIHiIiIiI many words of praise have fallen on the ears of our able leaders of this, the class oi '38, yet it is not to these that we now wish to pay homage, but rather to those nobler souls who endlessly and quietly toil be- hind the scenes, iaultlessly and efficiently contriving and scheming, not seelning rewards, but rather, placing honor and duty above personal profit, unhesitatingly giving their all. g The ascetic lads have banded themselves together, talaen the vows, and have dedicated their lives to the selection, direction, and control of the destinies oi each member of the student body. neither fame nor publicity has been their goal tor, preferring darlzness to light, and hushed whispers to iranlz statements, they live in constant fear of exposure. l.Ueel2ly they wind their weary way to the Holy oi Holies, the inner Sanctum, to mingle freely with the Hlan, lar from those lesser lights who tread the dim and narrow path. O patron saints, we salute youl may your lives in the future be as spotless as your past, and may your noble sacrifices stand as perpetual memorials to your high principles. To you, UUR FRHTERIIITY BUYS this Greenhorn is respectfully dedicated, and may God have mercy on your soulsl i-sw cf. ,, I 3,3 , 41. Q.. E. QQ. lilyyili i if 1 wi The Unusual Blend Suns for Texans! et is an unusual blend of three of the finest coffees grown .... to satisfy Texans. Jloney eannot buy better 1-offee! Sunset TEA also is the finest money ean buy Pacbed In 1-lb. foul-lmed bags and 1- and 3-lb. cans. Qlso vacuum packed in 1- and 34lb. jars. Highest Quality Products For more than a Third Century CLEVELAND COFFEE COMPANY Houston, Texas COfNPLIN'IENTS OF HUGHES TOOL COTNPRNY HOUSTON, TEXNS I manufacturers OI SPECINLIZED DRILLING EOUIPN'IENTi -ROCH BITS -CORE BITS -TOOL JOINTS -VNLVES -FITTINGS -REFIN'IERS -DRILL COLLFIRS -FIND OTHER Patented Rotary Drilling Tools Student Publication ol The H. 8t ITT. College of Texas, College Station, Texas Volume so nomooii T-HIE sim FF CHICH snLE...... . ,.., .......Editor BILL Ramsay ..... ,... . .Hssociate Editor Jann Hnsemnn ...,. .. .. .Society Editor HEnnErH smm-L .. ... .. .. .Censor n. L. smirH ..... ... . ...,Dedication TNFIRTIN HOLODZY .. ... .. .. .nit Editor ORGRNIZNTION STOOGES JITN STERLING- .... PNUL ROSE - BUDDY BOND-. .. . BOB RUCHER - TNIHE SRLDFINFI-. , UJNLLY SCNLES- DUSTY FRITSCH CHNS. DOUGHERTY FRED DODSON-., . RED STORY - BILL TRFIBUE -. JOHN DRINHFIRD- JIITI LUHITLEY- ..,.. D. P. GREEN - .. .. .Band . Infantry .C. UJ. S. ....Engineers .. ...Cavalry Field Hrtillery .Signal Corps FI GREFIT TEXFTS INSTITUTION Texas H. 8m ITT. College, one of Texas' leading educational institutions, has contributed much to the development of this State. For more than sixty years this institution has been training men for leadership in agri- cultural and mechanical endeavors. Thousands of its graduates are today the leaders in great industrial and business enterprises ol Texas and many other states . . . may the worla of this great institution continue. G eww' on EA T J2- CI-IIIIVIICAL. IVA VA Eff JOCIETYI Beginning TI-IE SEEEDDD I-IUDDRED YEHRS I ol Service to FIITTERIEHVI FTGRICULTURE JCDI-ID DEERE Texas GIFFORD-HILL 81 CO., IDC. lUashed and Graded Sand Gnd Gravel Crushed Roch PHONES: 2-9293 L. D631 419 mercantile Bldg DFILLHS, TEXRS i l i g lr PLEA5E! r ri it Mme T 1.4-..-:.: T r -rm FHRRFIR LUfT1BER COfT1PFII'1Y The largest and most complete stoclz of lumloer and building material to be found anywhere in South Texas. Louisi PI I Forest H II Turhey C la Trout Sicily lsland ' minden Texas Plants: Dallas Flllamore FOI! LUOrll'l LUQCO Texarlzana Roanoke H l -Qi- -?....-.-- ,J z"""" C xg?-5 J ..... A N n.,g ELK,-lfgrzl TJ Mg? 1 H. 8: N. T. ITIOTOR FREIGHT LINES DFILLNS-HOUSTON-LUFICO FT. UJORTH-OHLNHOFNN CITY-TULSN PHONE 167 PFISTEURIZED FNILH IS SFIFE FNILH "One who has paid the bills to save a patient from undulant fever, scarlet fever, diphtheria or other diseases carried by milla, is apt to thinla that pasteurizing the mill: to safeguard the whole community is a very small consideration after all." DR. H. G. SOUTHHRD, FND. Ohio State Director of Health PNSTEURIZED FNILH COUNCIL OF DNLLFIS for metzger, Tennessee, and Borden's Dairies Ranch Loans at 502 Interest we are offering an attractive 20-year Ioan with liberal prepayment privileges on welllimproved ranches in selected territories to responsible owners. E. B. CHNNDLER 8a COFTIPHNY Loan Correspondents Hctna Life Insurance Co. 106 E. Croclaett St. San Hntonio, Texas JNINES BUTE COINPFINY Housron, Texas Headquarters for fTlasury's Pure Paints and Colors, l.UaII Paper, Painters' and Paperhangers' Supplies, Pictures and Picture Framing. DEPENDHBLE SERVICE SINCE 1867 RECSULNTION Fi. 8g IN. UNIFORITIS North Gate College Station, Texas SOL FRFINH FNILITNRY SUPPLY CO. 517 East Houston St. San Flntonio, Texas YORH ICE INNCHINERY CORPORFITION Southwestern Headquarters Office HOUSTON, TEXFIS Branches at DFILLFIS-SHN FTNTONIO-EL PHSO and FORT LUORTH REFRIGERFITION NIR CONDITIONING Factories at YORK, PENNSYLVHNIN-CNNTON, OHIO THE EXCHHVTGE STORE OF THE FI 84 TTT COLLEGE IS THE STORE OF THE CRDETS THE STUDENTS' HEHDOUHRTERS RII the boobs, stationery, and drawing materials that will be needed during the year will be found here. Your regulation uniforms, stetson hats, sam browne belts, shoes, shirts, cmd in fact everything that is good in the military line, will be found in this store. LUe also lrzeep in stoclrz the very best line ol underwear, hosiery and toilet articles. This store is not run with the idea of money-malzing but merely for the conven- ience ol the student body,and goods bought of us are sold as cheaply as possible-just enough being added to pay running expenses. ' A THE R 8g TTT COLLEGE EXCHRTTGE STORE R. H. CHFITHHTTT, manager COLLEGE STHTIOVT TEXHS an H 515 1 5 2 X A15 5 f V RUSH WEEK 5:2-lm... , A in Y E 0 Fw? 1 ' ,,., iz.. , , .. H ,:.1" ' , " ipifzginrrwz A LA1 A A h 'vb 653 , .., Egg?-fgvigffi-gjidxfmi as M1 'M We r Hs a Texas institution, we extend to the class ol1938 our best wishes for success as they graduate into the larger world ol business and professional life. may you, lilze your predecessor classes at Texas H. 8: m. College, contribute to the greater glory of Texas, the chief wealth of which is not in its rich endowment of natural resources, but in its many splendid men and women. HUITIBLE OIL 8t REFIDIDG COITIPFITIY Fl Texas nnsmunon mnnnso BY Texans Z rifx Ff- l ,,, u... ..,!, N gllrr, if 3 Q' Y r KL 3512-czfx X "bun, ' i r 1 kwkarg 7G nga' 'W If. 1. V '? 4 ff? Le --'Q-..... f ff' or :H 14-r+..r 1- lfl..-an-2, mQSil1W - ,FJ kfff v4sf.4.,, 3 -AT, X.:- funk rlfx., :QE X 2. x xi' I7 .wflm-4 LUELCOVTWE VISITORS THE HGGIELHFID IND OF! THE CFNTWPUS IS nr Yours SERVICE l.Ue extend to you the glad hand of H. 8: m. College and sincerely hope your stay here is a pleasant one. O For Reservations Flddress THE HGGIELFIDD IDD College Station, Texas . FI modern Hotel l.Uitl1 Dll'lll'lG ROOfTl TERRFICE COFFEE SHOP HUD HmPLE PHRHIHG SPFICE Located at the Heart of Flggieland 77Q ggi? ffX Gaim WD C4442 U I.,-an sfIfv 47-6 AIU r,L1CU SHHFFER TOOL WORHS Specialists in I-IIGH PRESSURE DRILLING ond CONTROL EQUIPITIEVIT Houston, Iexos .-Z K X COITIPLIITIEVITS I I I I .f -go, E' J-My N- I i -I I. OF ' Ibm - - I f I w ' "If ' -7: xggglaggxxl 1 1' . ' Q "w,SN?3S1iQf., D ' -- 2 vsffwfse, ,f I N ,, ,wx -ff ' fm I . -In - Il: 'ammo ,, fl ul! fvfg' '47a?'I ' -A42 9' I I A f ue. I ' ' fx , NHTIODAL Bran H 3 ' 'f ' Wi., ANT ' N., ,X 35 3 D , X g If Uv, MIPMWRSQEE. XII 1, 'MW I f L IFN. Y YY ' i-. Umm W - ,..- Y . V- Housron, Texas memssn F. D. I. c. W ii. :ix M 1'?'.5- :bf -3 fglf-ii' wogaIiq I' ll SLEIZDV Ona morzz mcnoy mxyq EyfAm os.pL.y one Buoormus Baleyar 'ro cQAro Aim- umm 1'uQoueH---. om' GIVE A D- - I'rn Quzzzpy . Tivo noorgz Houqq xvouua Low IOELWELI... AS nr mon I HA rd 9 Q va T A SPOELL. Dnpm.Qma??? .... --LzT IT so T0 Hsu. I Q U Suzxzpy. lx1u11ttIlllItW Q FIGHT 'Em NGGIES gaiQg5?13 1'1f?i5a2ia2ef A'.A liao ,.,., , vo ...... , W 1- qi ' . '?i22fEi3?i?i5iQf ,r -. .-5:55 1, V V L - -.,. M S H .- M aifafiszezf? -,A, f ' L ' M . iii.: .nt 1 XS K:IifgEf'rP:lElLL-I 11' fr. MA .A., tt: Q' . . CLOTHES SHOP Mfr- HOUSTON PNPER COfNPNNY Everything in Paper 41935 main Street HOUSTON, Houston Style Headquarters for mEn TEXNS LU. L. FNNCNTEE 8. SONS, INC BUILDING ITIFITERIHLS Founded 1860 Phone: Preston 6168 103 Hustin St. Houston, Texas X r ' . Q G QT-D xii XXEIS 5 Ffa 3 X -, 5 5, 7 ,,,,,-,vs--,,, ,ss 0 1 , f C1119 0 1 ,, if 'VIEW If , "3-'6Rf"ioo58?.i92555? ,fy 361056 U BRYANS POPUIAR PRlCE CASH STORE Um MEN.YOUN6 ME ABGYS. A , N ly :VV , 1 ' I '-,v ' Lft , 1 KL 5 f CLOTHING :-1 f 6' L - 3 1 1 1 6 SHOES? ru FURNIS nte An , 1 n H ' rr, .1,n-nn 1 , Q CLOTHES , A L 2 1 , 'Q Lo H It - n - - 6 of nh' ----,An n .. nh.--41' gif? , gym M - 2:-FH 1-'Q-,.,.. CGITWPLIITIEFITS CDF fT1R. HUD fT1RS. H. J. LUTCHER STHRH Y Make the FIR T 'I'l0NAL B A N K in HOUSTON your bank Y WHL V I YQ I X - 2 A ?! 'Ai' N ' A 'CHQ I Q 11,3 mmmllfIIli?lllu. 5 V , V Ig , X x wzgzgs, 4, f is 5 . 1 E 'xt I O 1:3 Q5 Z Glu 0 Www wx X ' X Wall 2 f " X 4 X 1111111m I ,X 7, lx lr Z , 1' W 12:12:34 M 1110542 g .msimuumm g ,. THE PERFECT GIFT Pon S H S C 0 HLL occasions san Pmonio , ' mPCHTnE 8. SUPPLY Co. CHOCOLHTES Son Flntonio - Corpus Christi l"lGI'llr1Q2n -' HuSlZlI'l 1 LUGCO IMAKETHEIR STU DYINCV EASTER! L l X F, will ih'...,,,,,b,H -.H Reddy Kilowatt always is on the job to make seeing tasks easier, if you'll give him the right kind of lamp. The best way to be sure you have enough of the right kind of light is to get an I. E. S. Better Sight lamp, scientifically de- signed to provide soft, glateless light. TEXAS ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY THE CITIZEITS ITHTIOTIFIL BFITIH OF LUHCO LUHCO, Texas I A L. E 5 VVA RD U. S. Depository coME To I ronsaufcromy ...... Y D O I. MISCELLANEOUS sfxvso un..Aovex 'gg' I III I I,I1II:IIIw III I I ' I I I I I I I i W ...m,..A,,.:, C I I I .Q -3 ' me nf, KT I II ' I MI t E A12 II I1I!I HOUSTON CFITTLE COITIPHTIY ff fy T- 21 I I 5' 1 missouri City,Texcls Phone 61 SOUTHLUEST STOTIE COITIPHIIY 1311 Sante Fe Bldg., Dallas, Texas Phone LD. 510 RIP-RHP FISPHHLTIC COTICRETE CRUSHED STOTTE HCERICULTURFIL LIITIE Plants Located Hnippa, Bridgeport, and Chico, Texas Springtown, OIQIO. I"'L.U W!-XQD 1 RINGS INVITNTIONS DIPLOFNNS FOR SENIOR CLNSS OF TEXNS Fiandm COLLEGE NRE FNFINUFNCTURED IN TEXNS BY STNR ENGRNVING COfNPNNY HOUSTON THFINR YOU NGGIES for the business you have intrusted to Star, and for the many courtesies you have shown me, their representative LINDSEY BLNYNEY X N I 4 COHGRHTULHTIOHS HUD BEST lUISHES To those of you now embarking upon your lifes vvorlc, we offer best wishes for success and congratulations upon the completion of your college course in your chosen professions. TEXHS GULF SULPI-IUR COmPFlHY, IHC. PVOCJUCCTS of CTUCIJZ SUIDIWUT when Flggies go to town . . .they include ci visit to Foley Bros. TTTETTS SHOP in Houston . . You never poy more ot FOLEY BROS. 'Texas Owned N NWN-.Nxt XX lll lllllllll ll rf! A WHEQE'5 LEVINE? Wllllllllllllllw a s w x 'F 1 X A F nh ' irq Y. y. X vm WW sbs l - i , is so l, 'I S l s "T 51 i 5 fa 'f ' S 5 ff X-47: I A in I icifsilflllfskziilikxxxsmxxK? T T Two Men -may have equal opportunities, but . . . NE may find in them the circumstances that make for a successful business enter- pris4?the other may miss the point entirely. An established connection with a conserva- tive but progressive bank will add to your facil- ities for judging business opportunities and reaching sound decisions. Your relations with lt, being on a strictly confidential basis, will enable you to discuss freely whatever financial problems or contemplated course of action may be on your mind. The bank may be able to point out pitfalls-it may, on the other hand, be able to give you the constructive suggestions needed to encourage you to go ahead. Helping individual initiative to see and de- velop opportunity for success has been the out- standing tradition of American banking through- out its history. It is the controlling policy of this bank. GUARDIAN TRUST COMPANY Esperson Building Houston, Texas Lomplete Banking and Trust Services Member Federal D post Insur ce Corporatio Compliments of N. O. NELSON COTNPFINY in Texas HOUSTON BEFTUNTONT NUSTIN UJICHITN FNLLS UJNCO DNLLNS Specify NELSON Plumbing Fixtures in your new building. R. T. DENNIS 8g CO., INC. FOR SQ YERRS HOFNE-FURNISHING HEFTDOUNRTERS l.UFlCO Temple Hillsboro OUQ Fnrori Film-1E-,Q FQM2 if fl , wif ny 9' , fx Sw r ng -'X fx f Mix Y -I li i Y -I mifggv A P I T T S B U R G H PLRTE c3Lnss compnnv GLFISS - ITIIRRORS - PRITITS Hggies with our Houston office: S. B. TTTYERS, '29 C. H. HERRITIG, '32 O. H. STTTITH, '33 C 0 L l. E G E l TI TI "House ol Good Eats" J. C. PEITREY COTTIPHHY, Inc. Bnvnn, risxns "Hocus Economy canine" FIGGIE JELUELERS Fine watches, Diamonds and Jewelry of all lzinds Senior Class Bings for any Year Flggie Jewelry, Belt Buclzles and Fobs CFll.DlUELL'S JEUJELRY STORE Bryan, Texas BRYRD FIITTUSEITTETTT CO. Tl1e amusement lwomes of Brazos County PRLRCE-OUEETT-DIXIE Only the liiglwest and best entertainment is oFTered in tliese Tlweatres catering to ladies and gentlemen. UJE HPPRECIFITE YOUR SUPPORT mrs. morris Sliulman BEST l.UISI-IES TO THE CLF-TSS OF '38 may we continue to serve the HGGIES in tlwe future as in tlwe past PHLRCE COTTFECTIOTIERY Tlext door to Palace Tlweater llle caslw Hggies' clrecles E. R. UJRIGHT FIGGIES FIRST, LRST FITID RLLURYS G. S. PRRHER LUTTIBER CO. BIYGH, Texas l lTl'1T:' - , - V g, lf'.rQT"':I 1-g , I vaiffrrlib? , -Q 4 .0 Idl er I-IAM "Fllways in Favor" HOUSTON PHCHITIG COITIPHTIY Housron, rzxns RQKQQS P f b I I L U C C I-I ES if 1-. .S f ' 5 c' I ' UJE HFIVE 'N IE. I r I ti.: 5-i I -y... - -va , 'f - ,, I 'WA K, ' hz? Q Maul COITIPLIITIETITS OF E BOOT COTTIPHIIY, IFIC ESTFIBLISHED 1883 ITIFIHERS OF THE PERFECT HFII-ILE BBEFIH BOOT THE BOOT THHT GIVES SHTISFHCTIOTI SUPPLIED FIGGIES FOB ITIHHY YEHRS LUITH SHTISFFICTOBY BOOTS 101 uJ. Tnnvls STREET SFII1 HFITOVIIO, TEXHS ONE STICK our Gum By TWO RIT JFS I MOFIW COITTPLIITIEITTS OF J E S S E H. .I O TIES Old Man Texas Tal-nA 14 I e er and Runs an Empire is 5122 Natural Ciurt-sy I li Vlwhn Knott and i L luiilii Neue Gas FROM running L1 Cotton gin to baking a cake, Texas runs with Cheap natural gas in hundreds of towns, even its smallest towns. And when you make your Careers after hnish- ing school, you will find it highly useful in your business and home. Lone Star Gas Company Producer! and Tmrzsporterr of Nufumf Gus '- Ei - ri. -. if - i g are ' -15+ .silly J ' it " T7 r is 2' X' ii, ,l i fix' l e s s'-f . l f sl,AA .fffrwf It Happened in 1878 THIS year. 1938, General Electric celebrates 60 years of electrical progress. For in 1878 was or- ganized the Edison Electric Light Company, earliest of the original founder companies which later grew into General Electric. The accomplishments of the pioneers of this organization, in the invention and development of electric equipment, have helped further the progress of civilization- have helped to provide more goods for more people at less cost. GENERAL ELECTRINQ g ......fQ5- . .-- ' --- l' -fI,,,... . V . X W , ,illlllhllnr ll AGGIELANE O PQ H OU SE JUST' REMODELE i-O-1 LATEST NEWS BROADWAY STA6E SHOW ZIEGPEBJD cAsm0N if L55 ef. GAY NEW snow Semi-ANNUALY 1, i 7 .I A . i llllllllfi' Hb Ili. fl l , X Ill' ! nl il i f if 'll ' X I f X -V ii Q , Q!!! F llllliu .' llrfiiii TF A .. ...-,- .-ft-1. ..?- ff J 'WI xii ""' - I fun V, -f i f ' i . if Bl" Vim! H 7 i M7 li ! fl l. t . 'N if ' ' fl V: S M. ..... . Efvtfeffr f .: 7-H Y DAUGHTE4 92 Tug QAL Ag4VAS07gpgIZ' E A R L W S- H421 wg' ,JQURPIN l H - 4 DEAM PLE' Df5HO?ViFg ,......,,, . YV? - 'g-E4 , nb - A - Y .An :C , Q 4 T-' Zo J, ' '-U Si- f- 4 , X -. di as 9, -'Q rs 'Q ' 5 wogslxv THE COVER OI'l THIS BOOH WHS fTlHDE BY UHIVERSHL BOOHBIHDERY, IHC. Hnnuol Division Son Flntonio, Texas 'T X .9 .E M w 'ntl LUHERE FTOGIES TTTEET THE BEST THHT LIFE CFTTT OFFER IS OUR LUISH FOR THE CLFISS OF '38. LUE FEEL UJE HFIVE BEETT H PFTRT OF YOUR 4 YEFIRS HERE. IN THE "Y" CFTSEY'S COFIFECTIOTTFTRY RGGIE TRFTDITIOTT CFTSEY 81 SPRRHS J. F. CHSEY NORTH GATE RGGIELFITTD PHFIRITTFICY HGGIE TRHDITIOFI CFISEY 81 SPHRHS LU. TTT. SPHRHS II ill DOORS TO SFITISFNCTIOIN There's a friendly welcome and a certainty of satisfaction to all who enter these doors! Salnowitz is recognized as one of the outstanding stores of Hmerica in the matter of men's, l,Uomen's and ChiIdren's apparel and accessories. Occupying six floors of the magnificent Gulf Building. csakowitz ro . I' Housron A Style and Form Hre in Perfect Harmony with Best Social Usage wedding invitations, marriage Hnnouncements, Visiting Cards, Party, Sorority and Dance Invi- tations, Sympathy Ficlznowledgments, Birth Hn- nouncements, Golden and Silver UJedding Fin- nouncements, Place Cards, Social Stationery Personal Christmas Cards, Business and Profes- sional Cards and Hnnouncements. FI Complete Boob Department Fiction and Non-Fiction HILL PRINTING 8- STNTIONERY COTNPFINY The Oldest Stationery House in Central Texas LUHCO, TEXHS LIPSCOTNB PHFIRINNCY INCORPORFITED "HN INSTITUTION OF SERVICE" S. H. LIPSCOTNB '08 NORTH GFITE OF CFIITIPUS E 5? i .ones PANB Tr-is GLQQY -,,,.,-1-" 'gf-X ,,...--- g ,,..-- F--"4" lg T gif THE STUDENT CO-OP. LUE BUY, SELL OR TRHDE BOOHS FIND UTTIFORTTIS Radio Sales 8x Repairs north Gate Phone 139 2 Bibs. East In this group of new Lane-Wells buildings in Los Angeles more than four hundred persons are busily engaged in the work of helping operators to get more oil at less cost. From these buildings go tools and services to every main! oil field in ihe world. These tools and services provide short cuts to production-straight line methods of arriving directly and scientifically at desired and profitable results. Benefits to operators are summed up in fourteen million feet of hole already accurately surveyed and kept straight-in ten- thousand wells that have been Gun Perforated and made pro- ductive. Lane-Vtfells tools, instruments and services are needed in every new well from the time drilling begins until bottom is reached-and in every old well that shows an unprofitable de- cline in production. twat T i ,-,, T ..... iii Rv i ,-,-1 ,..,- ,,... f A. M. WALDROP 8: CO. "BRYFlf1'S LEHDITIG CLOTHIERSH The largest and most complete men's clothing store in Central Texas. Fine military uniforms and army equipment, jewelry, Fl. 8. fTl. College belts, pennants, pillows, sticlzers and novelties. ITNHIL ORDERS SOLICITED l.Urite for our illustrated catalogue of military uniforms, boots, and army equipment. TLUO COFIVEDIETIT STORES BRYHF1 COLLEGE STHTIOD ri A F' X P Emi t l ll vi 1 l If Anorubuiuss JOE SOSOLIH The Olficial Longhorn Photographer offers his congratulations to the graduating class and reminds them that the portraits in this annual can be secured at any time Special Httention is given to all mail orders It has been a pleasure to serve the Longhorn staff this year-as it has been to serve the Hggies THE HGGIELHHD STUDIO Compliments UVHLDE CONSTRUCTION COITIPHNY oanenm conmncrons DFILLNS, Texas L. D. PHONE 52 Phone Preston 5244 SPEED-CLETTTENS CO. LUHOLESNLE FRUITS NND PRODUCE Houston, Texas UNIFORITT TNILOR SHOP REGULNTION UNIFORITT Low Prices f T Guaranteed Fit x ' vqv. ss M ,rf t. .gf X. T ,- , P N -rt Maw ,.. Quylv V Q it 3. is E - 'QW V i v.. r -, , ,Y THE SOUTHLUEST'S GRENTEST STOCHS OF STYLE-RIGHT FURNITURE mmf ufig writing? ozvzwfurs srnv-u p iii Ayi I E T O O HNNTN AT Ml fl -HOUSTON- TNYERS-SPNLTI ITTFG. CO. manufacturers and wholesale Distributors of Furniture, mattresses, Upholstering, Springs General House Furnishings and Boats HOUSTON, TEXFIS Bryon's newest Clotlniers present to tlwe Hggies tl'1e smartest men's l.Uear. You'll find only the best lanown lines in men's Clothing, Hats, Shoes and Furnishings shown here. Our new Uniform Department will be opened in September. Fine quality Uni- form goods and equipment at prices you will cheerfully poy. new Lines of College Belts, Buclnles, Pen- nants, Pillows, Sticlaers and Emblems. fT1HIL ORDERS PROITIPTLY SHIPPED THE SOUTH S LFIRGEST FTTILITFIRY WWBERLEY - STONE' DANSBV CLCSCBJIERS BRYFID TEXRS BRYFID ITIOTOR COITIPFQVIY voun FORD DEHLER Our Service Department is the lweart of our business SFIDHEY PFIRH DIHITTOIWDS SILVER LUHTCHES LUHTCH HDD JELUELRY REPFIIRIDG J 1 Q 4 N -. I ..., Y---3 gp ,,, Mr .MN . .MM fm.. nn-- f ' A1 .. 4 o l v Q eva' U' L 84 . K na :Wa me 75a for baffle You We-'ll Give " Q liff! Q -44, pg' ll if M J Cf., . ' , Y 0,4141 Gag WA. 1-xi In QQ, ii ,,,.,,-,.V Vg K I 4-6 gm., 1. Lil , fwmfqlz -VU 4 RROQ' 6 15 X N , ' f N s,,.f!xinb'HfI .ck Q gf f , A A of ,f,'1ff"'4 1-nf .Mtn 'awk' ' to ' - X ff 4Lf:Q'g en Q Air , A U, S1 1 ff 1 ,f if A X fx - I x4 1 -c'NXf5Q V i if I x M' WIPM I 9 I lfwhl ff Y I I rrlflff ser? f JN' Gi, ,n- 1 HUUJ vagal I ,, f H3 to Wig Pgggfge and I X WI! muslw s 0UUCl1cc Pcoplcg give---,,,, 5 .1 L-asf sv"1'19Ef 41:25 Ofzfy rag rf4w-6,,f-- A I T Aff Nw: 44 WAN 'wg oefff pfffef ffd 1 Q' . , 1 .., , , , F x 'K -2 Aw ,. ,X : . .. g wi' , S' w 4 0 lx 0 W1 A, e Q 5 ,Q 4 on 1710-we Pe,-sislw, Females 1 ,df A11 ' l Y linlgbm ln.'l"rqor :.,,,.,. 1111, K r if! .1 f :ff ,J x -. Y 2 ' 7' 4l' 1 1-, v of ,My Nflf- . 45 01,2 .4 + T C1rrzm1ff'fe1fh,o4'0re lf7 I vt 5 i?'rvo :U s- 75,72 " Lgf'Q,ne fl ' ' ' 13--3:11159 XM -'dd-,,,. DRUGS Toilet Goods, Drug Sundries Hodolas oncl Supplies Stationery E. R. E ITI m E L DRUGGIST Bryon Texas GREETII'IGSto our FRIENDS ot H 8 lllhy not pay us cz little visit the next time you ore in I-IOUSTOD7 GREETIITG CFIRDS - FOUHTFIIVI PEIIS and DESH SETS - SOCIHI. STFITIOFIERY IU I L S O II STHTIOIWERY 81 PRITITIVIG CO. Prairie cut Fonnin I-IOUSTOVI EHOD cg.. ! NO DQO ,- , f f 'OS O WHERE THE Qwmn- THEIELNE-AQALQY CALLS N 'P - N .N M--SHAW0'U Fl-W5 - u I LLM n1I,I,uS,l,l,I un , '"5F'iffZi'1'3ff25f:E??23i32 22352. i f ' + 5 L-72 7 'LJ , , ab, - . S R 1 Z if .gil X S S' O W- X-f x- - -1 5 -nxnul IIJ' H 'i" """"Hwmm ' - 'X' . Adi - I I I 'UIWIIKHII f2Ill I,.u.H'Wl 12232391 P p 5 Eimuu ,f wmv' -K ' 4 it-rf: , f ' - " w ku 1 '---in I I I I? ' V 'IMS I AGGIE CLEANERS . RECOGUIZED FOR COmPl.lmEnTS QUHLITY OF R C RHPP PHONE 308 E. m. HH!-In 84 CO. i DFILLHS, TEXHS HOLUELL LUfT1BER COUTPHUY . Dealers in LUFTIBER HND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES BRYFIVI, TEXQS ini I I I I., I Home 51-yI,r:1-al at QI 4 'P f VU Q fifw W' 35 Ihywg 'QL figs? S05 ,ky ? QT? V g ' fri? C'-fi:-ff? 'fff I Q f 1.-L3 'iz-'fe I .E M T ,mupggimuuuuiiwuiiiuuraiiugwii 4 I Z y X I I I ' '3""'T' I NN K I 4 5 0 F I 'E fl K SsIs-Q TO THE ELFISS OF 1938 EOHGRFITULHTIOYIS FI College Ed t 9 I y hove ch d CI I2 th t h 9 I which you CI II b p eworthy. Our wish i th t LI In 3 y u the gifts h h d I those whose ob I ty I2 CI deols merit them. A FRIEND OF THE COLLEGE w: L! Q , Q. y 'I it Y-ina. " - -A - W 74 H 1 Xl Q: fx rc.: j ' ni ANN WS' .' 5. 4 N. 5 , A... H I f, ff HMKQQ f 0" ffzwfffx W A Q 0 xl-lr gl J N K M f f M iff QR U wmdzf HIM my Qhlvl Mg vf x - N- QUJOQWA , QQZYD-9 I mog:,ss? 1NOS'5 :."-Y a x , 'Q D YQ It e' "' ' 6' ' RGRICULTURRL RFID FTIECHRUICRL COLLEGE OF TEXRS An Institution Dedicated to the Advancement of Agriculture, Engineering, the Natural Sciences, the Liberal Arts, Veterinary Medicine and Vocational Teaching Fifteen lour-year courses leading to the degree ol Bachelor ol Science: Hgriculture, Flgricultural Fldministration, Flgricultural Engineering, Hgricultural Education, Land- scape Flrt, industrial Education, Eirchitectural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Hdministration, mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Textile Engineering, and Science fBiology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physicsl. H lour-year course in Liberal Hrts, leading to the degree ol Bachelor of Hrts tEco- nomics, Education, English, History, mathematics, modern Languages, Physical Educationj. F1 five-year course in Veterinary medicine, leading to the degree ol Doctor ol Veterinary medicine. Fl Five-year course in Flrchitecture leading to the degree ol Bachelor of Flrchitecture. Fl Five-year course in Petroleum Engineering leading to the degree of Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering. Courses preparatory to Law and medicine. Two-year course in Cotton Flilarlzeting. Graduate courses in Hgriculture, Education, Elrchitecture, Engineering, Science and Veterinary medicine, leading to appropriate degrees. Military Training and Discipline The Fl. 8: lil. College ol Texas is ranlzed by the lUar Department as one ol the dis- tinguished military colleges ol the United States. H senior division ol the R. O. T. C., with lnlantry, Hrtillery, Cavalry, Coast Hrtillery, Engineer Corps, Signal Corps, and Chemical lllarlare units, is maintained at the College. Expenses lflecessary expenses, including board, room, laundry and fees, approximately 5350.00 per session. Hdclitional expense For uniform, about 32500. FOR FURTHER IHFORFTIRTIOH, RDDRESS THE REGISTRFHR. Fl. 84 FTW. COLLEGE OF TEXHS COLLEGE srnnon rexns EQ, QDQ537 QQ? F S - P X - M i vig? F -if?-frix Q5 '.1I.- l'lI"I """"v.u, L it N - E. A if-21-x Ai + 7 14 :J - if 2 E? Q ...A.... X div, l -,H Y i-,:-gJ? - X I' ml Iylllxll HW' ,I 'wfgys--rf ........ u. ----- I If A X ,S pl . .X 1 -1,,,,,,,,,quvwfnnmmvzrlvlfl.111.11 :Lum A Q , 5 f 3 : gwl 0, ' k 'mu' - - f Q- V T!!! ff' -x z. 1" 'fp' "'-:ig -El - f 7 - -'- QI A-LFINQUIH f' - , ' fig - J' ""'?Q5:5Linvh JG W 2- I 1-I-jj-" hLpArc',j'i-'-e ,K ,, 1 mmi ,ff Q f Q F ,nw W I -4-ji?-jf.. mm R- acl-7 L T T - - ' ABQ- -' f "TS iz!" " 4,.,M,,. , i4x.gb ,,,j ii ', I 1- X -3?f ',g.fE? 1 3 - fy, 3 -4 ww 'IL ' 6 H6521 - x4 - fm ,ffl -il f Q 2 .5 " , li 'ls X fl! 6sC 1 X A - WB . P 1 gin, c 'B if 4? CFIFE TI-IE DRISKILL HUSTIH HEHDOUHRTERS FOR Fl. 84 FTI. FFICULTY, HLUFTIFII HDD STUDENTS COFFEE SHOP Lu. L. STHRH, mmnfraem as 3 .1 X Q: 5 . .-Tx "Cf O O 5 . -1 , XXX I X A -Eg QAF . 5 5 X! A! M iq l lllf: 'l T'.'lxiE X ffl? M34 F En... F F .EE F -gf X fl? y u, F'-A - Z? H Xi - ' SSW, H -2-N WLX, m0551599 ' Y 1 x e Q X ASX o R, 1f"'Nnk Win 3' 1 B S NJ fn'-L"" 1 ' fn,-v " ffl ..-1.4 X 4 N Q' I I 3 pw fi , X 'rms nano ovnq THE Af-me ' QQALDQS1' wOULo HAVEiION 'VHE som-uwxsr ccnrezeucs Ano Rout sow-VL. +05 2 Q32 ??? If moiifinfy I X A if .., 5' , ,1 A f ' Q I jf 7 5 f 'P ,ag ff . . 'Z - 'if 5 V g - if E OPULADV f QQQQAQQTQAQQLQS EEWOVUS- W f 1 - QEDQESENTANVE OF Q - U L THE DODULAB VOTE OF x 3: ' THE. SENIO CLASS f ' A YVhether it be the complete preparation and printing of a single subject, or a superline booklet, or a 5oo- page school annual, or a merchandising portrayal catalog, or a complete magazine replete with color printing, this organization does the job better because of constant personal supervision, and because it is willing at all times to lend its experience to the solving ofprinting problems. O Complete Facilities for LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET PRINTING CASE MAKING AND BINDING Printers and Binders of TIIVIE OUTSTFHDDIUG SCHOOL HFIVTUHLS GULF COFIST LUfT'lBERfT'IFII"I ' GULF COHST GHRDEHER THE TEXFIS PFIRHDE BUFFALO AND DL-XMICO 0 P. O. BOX IOSI 0 HOUSTON, TEXAS PRINTERS AND BINDERS OF THE 1938 LOXGHORN QA igfii--yr ... any -- Nqx - , R ,. . f sw- Y. ' Sy-'T r I x'.- , x E , ou' ,.f-U." si- '. 'wx . gk A '- ..-FA. 4 J s -, 0 .iw '55 'I' u 1 H f .k X ' my ,pang V! .Q F1 3. ,, ,, Ei! ,H ,ix i 12 Q! ,. n 5 ii T i iii 'ls R 11, Ga FL 51. 52 1? :W SH F N ff? I 31 i ,

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