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sg -rf i"f9"e'5 -if-film, N Q v I -42 ,W ,+L-- .57 w ll'a'J,,,-1' SLS. NFS. su-me-!"" ,, rw 4 1 w J. .-, .. rv. .,,,.,.,. , 7"T51'1"' f , fum 1 R QA . l J" AI J Y i E .' ,.., ,i u 1 ff, ' 1 ix - u JL 31 fi 4 ,,, E 1 r , 1 ' s . 1 J' ffl Q , 1 . , 1 . 4 Jak 1 M: ""1 5 mscoven BICENTENNIAL -r if 4, ' -Q f ,- ...- :'-fu. f Y- xg f -' :Qi 1 j-2551: , 4 ' ' x 'Q' 1321.2 ' f Q 2 , 5 -1 f 'zz' 3" ,f . -- .. .,., . -, ' .-.f."'ffv: AMEWCA ,,,,,,If,,, 3-, X PM.. , , A I , . Q?--1 J' , ,I f ,vm Q ,., ,MX fi .T -, K., V W 7 '1- Y Y 1 J,a....ai 4 5 .fl L . x f .l . X . rf' ' 5 '-- ' sv' ,, Q-4,4 I ' -TUSJ fs . . .ff r t,, V . V V i- .itzkgxl .,, -.su ' . 1-1- lllf'f"f-431 'lugfd r M mtv it . 5-, ,- ' Vg '1's:x,5l31s- " "'1"'fS2.'lv:.x XT VY"'5v.':?", t AV ,, :,4.-ye,EVgg,1 I . .V:22..LS--'Ll-I V' jf- ., .ilu '- V v V .-i 7- . 1976-a year of political campaigns, speeches, rallies, conventions, and elections. 1976-a year born in uncertainty in a nation of recession, inflation, unem- ployment, crime, and poverty. 1976-a year of learning and offung a year of study and of play, a year of education and laughter. 1976-a year of good times and bad timesg a year of both looking forward and backwardg a year of both hope and anxiety. 1976-a yearfor having new dreams: a year for reviving old dreams, a year' for turning dreams into realities. 1976-a year of Freedom ringing throughout the land. 1976-the Bicentennial year celebrating the 200th Birthday of the United States of America. 1976-a year at Texarkana College. r Q .am i I. , NL ., A Q , ...mf ' f 3 . 24 '- "fl, ' '.g,+.. 1' , V '. "ill-'J fi -111 ' r 'F 4 4 ' . t,:'VV'.4' ' ' ' ' , N ' - 4.V,Lf. . 4 v Q .L . K A-I 4 , ' .,,,,'vl I ,V h v-',,,,,,....-..a-t....aVu 'V ,W alt ar . tm . . -- v V -- Vie- --fr-Lf ' - 1 'M' "1 .i, - ---.. . s i" , I lu 1973 .f. - J MT sun' a t in! gp N-. Ve wr QV ,Y A , , l ., , 4 V V .., , P .iii .. ' -' - . - I i -L 15 ,-,cigar X 1 .- I I 75--j V 1 - . MIA ,41- 'I1 1, . Q J- ,. - F ' 'V 'fi Y S ' ' ' A r - . , 4 . Tl ' 5 ' v -1- J ' f ' .f v . "-Q, .. . , ., - A - 1- -,aj ,- .arp gialulfili 49' ,' fi 'fhvwli x 'le ' f1""f"l:'-'l ! VPU ' .-1 r':"f"' , NS-sz' .Lb -"f"zf1z:mV, .. ,6 4, . s 1 1. . ,.-A .,.-an M, . -1 - ,. V - V-- :V1-- . ' - ."- ,. "' 1' ..-WAV -- 1' .L ' iitraifrti-1f?5L? ' 51-'Q' " ill' it A:g.:':-1VTff- 1 97 -els v-"1'Fr- f Y 'ia if-4 fgag.f',tQ" ,,.g,lV:5,, 6 ,Q 4, 1 A -.,...,--qv ---. fl pjvizhlgz miiqe, Nj ,Y I ', 4-ig .1 u,.v..... .I ,. 'L I. ifttflzhi '. . " I' .Q . ,, V , .LV,fJ.H ga? QQ. fy. A " .V 2.-15, gf- I-BV:-.-.1 -1 ' - V u'v,,..VA 'Qfg4,.2-- .Vgggyw Q -gd, ar .,.1-, - ' 'liz' f- -w'5fTs.',71 'ff ' 4741 A .1 'tr-'If' faflbf azz! 'lf"f'. V' x'v"' K""'A'r :I-VE1'4'f. -I"g-F...-fa, ' L- I Aj: Cnkgfagfgxsffgi V,i.f'!..g,-' , ' A ,- ,- ,f,1:1:., :Ar 'xx 1 .gf-1.1,-' , 1. ..- '. ' I., ., .- ,V-..,' f . EW'-iT7.N-:'1-1-1-.422 '1 ', fha-.-21V'S?!'i"f P --wb 'at-,.::-23.1.3 :,.,l4:' '-35" ' ',w3i.1:Tbf?Fff'ffI"3 1-r ' ,tr .-f:,, ,A T V, .:.' L 3. .5,.f.- l,, -.V A Y !.-gf-"E 'L I .-,-'- f"'A'x1 .,',.t.. - .---1. Vie . -. 'if nf. ur. "K-.-.s.'q..".. .,g -7:3-vr ..- ,Ulm V-1 :..' 1 - ' X 1, ,. . ,mg V " ' -..-if-A 133-1V?-312 I, if .- 5, ,QT - 'J.',.fQ 'gyf'Vl-31' ' U . , -- 1, ,, I .,:1,g-,,-gr ,qv -X. i,-,'V , K t l , . .V. - :V ,s , , i L. , It x ' . .. .L .., I ,fuk x' ' if" - """ 'V 16 ' E".'7l'f Diff '7:'AT"' 1 'ff 7- M ',f1'f- ' fn? aft' - A . "1 :fLVr.', ':. ,l.V1' - - " ,.' . .1 , '. A .fT?', 17' rv.. r, i 1.',- 1' T! m,5lV,a:.1-acl-ti 1', w,.,, .ug - f s -J " V.,-4::3g.- ,K ,f.i,-4,-1.1.inf.-'rg-,,, 1-'SF f " " ' ' A t-s5,'f'LKy,t4-4'va4,l5g.,:?,,:f,:,53 .Q-1,,r,, 'V aft - g.'4.rm -xr 3-M, ,,g2,Li,- - " . " ."f .' s -'ffv' . :4""",u7l .' ff V "LE I '."""r T fh"'7 - 1:17:14-"".i V .5 1 A " ' - '-?.f"..w-,.. ., ' --'ffheea' "V -,V,.' C, ' ,J f,.',.' . :+R 11-AJNJHM -' .1 -l-wh, , L J' , .--,fs fha' 1Lc4g3'i'm A . 'u:'?'7:'l'5 -': " 'fd' .'L H 'iv ,- ,U - -lr' -' V:-- V?'- 'T r JZ xg .n.,4 I, .,,-L 1. V- A .VHF , ,Vg , 1, I M 5, 4' I . .,,. ,' . . I .1533 -s4:2n1i?4f.-iQ135.6?-Lsiir?,':3.,4u,:5 Lt:x.s4xyir??QLh,?? :,.f,Y.,.g.,nj-,mix-Nj?,Arpt . V , - fir T. 3. 4 6.5 f:W!ziE'fz0-"53'f'af,.- fri 'VN 'i' " 1' ' "'Ti"'i7"'9'af".C-J." r " '55'7"f- HY- "1" Lax: 1.-,.:. in-'V' :..:,'F..- 4.-..g .h..'i- e.'DBAsIiA 5.11-1. -'59-vs-Q-'L-VT' F, Q 4-1-LL. r r...,-' ff'-:V V'-'E-'.m. J' -,..o f I 'i l .J. ., xX H 'A .f f ..., Q tx' -' ,. . ,fi 1 , f .. 0 .?".... ni- M i. , 0 xx . '1 'Q' v L YA li. i a Table of Contents Special People Activities 'J ft ,T . - . 4 , Organizations ii ............... ..... 7 2 Advertising and Index Top right: Virgil Hays. Top right: Pam Duke. Left: iLeft to Righty Regina Hettich, Denise Brouillette, Virginia Fomby, Becky Goff, and Karen Kilker. Bottom left : Richard Glascow and Dee Ann Wilson. Children of Liberty TC '76 encompasses the events of 1975 and 1976 at Texarkana College. These events range from the hiring of a new president to studying for tests. Every event that took place is relevant to the purpose of this yearbook, however, time and space prevent every eventtrom being recorded. The hope and aim of the staff of TC '76 has been to give the best possible representation of the activities and the people at Texarkana College during the past year. This year we celebrate our nation's Bicentennial. Texar- kana College has existed only a fourth as long as our nation, 2 ' t "7 4 7 . I is X X I yet our college plays a very important part in the Bicenten- nial, for it represents the American desire to achieve. Few roads to achievement are surer than the road of higher education. We are not a part of the original Thirteen Colonies, but we are the result of them. We did not struggle to win inde- pendence for America as the patriots did, but we struggle to keep that independence. We are not the one who said, "Give meliberty orgive me death", butwe arethe children ofliberty holding tightly to the traditions of which we are proud. pun ' wi! 4 1 ', ew I- Ben House: and Joy Arnold. y . s 4 7' 1 "-wer "'!'v-use ' lul Cl' 45 in 4 1. Special People ref, f Pictured are Julie Patterson, Chris Powell, Dr. Carl Nel- son, Clay Nelson, Carl Nelson, Jr., Tamar Nelson, Steve Bair, Janice Edmonds, Stephen Fleet, Donna Lanier, Carla Kingston, and Vincent Walker. In the Limelight Every person at TC played the role of a special person. ln one way or another, to somebody, each person here was special. The roles that some played were greater than others, the tasks that some took were more difficult than the tasks others took, and the honors that some received were more prestigious than others. For this reason, this section of TC '76 is devoted to those special people whose performances and honors rise above and beyond what is required. It is entirelyfitting with the Bicentennial that certain people be recognized as more than justfaces in acrowd. Thousands '?' of people took part in the American Revolution, yet we only speak of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, and others. Why do we think of these and not everyone who took part? These people made contributions to those historical events above and beyond what was required. Just as certain people left distinguishing marks on the founding of our nation, certain people at TC leave distin- guishing marks through their performances while attending this college. That is why these are special people. 55 x CTF Q Gail Patterson and Flita Ann Hawthorne Left: Paula Hamilton. Below Leif: Denise Brouillette. Below right: Jerry Bonham, Ronald Rudd, Larry Cooper, Mike Ward, Robert Thom, Carla Kingston, and Jamie Foster. Bottom: Carmen Iris O'Suna, Rita Ann Hawthorne, Sharon Jackson, Tressa Ann Jackson, Julie Patterson, Debbie Braddock, Terri Lynn Rose, Susan Coopwood, Gail Pat- terson, Denise Dukes, and Andrea Lambert. .Em Sweethearts CE .. - 1.23: .1 .."f'1 161 .YL- P --ilu--- i Karen Kilker-YR Club Denise Brouillette-TC Players ' Q I 5-P? 1 . ,"a-4' f y' Becky Goff-Circle K Nathel m a Haywood -French Club H r Carol Ann Frost-Publ icationsp Kxx X '-. Patricia Alexander-YD Club gs- ixiiiii gd' f i -A 0 - rx cf 13 2 Pill ' fi -'JB 1 as Q, Regina Hettich-Spanish Club Lori Griffin-MENC Paula Hamilton-Rodeo Club , -. .vi . .1152 9 Andrea Lambert-Phi Theat Kappa Virginia Fomby-Blue Jackets Marsha Williams-Agri Club . l Carla Kingston-Tee Cees in ' I 4 1 4 'X' u 'Y I-4-sq Who's Who at Texarkana College in 1976 Major roles in "Company of Wayward Saints", "Mary Mary", "The Contrast", "He Ain't Done Flight By Nell", "Shepard Song" and other drama productions have kept Theatre Arts-Fladio-TeIevi- sion-and Film Major Denise Brouillette busy at TC. Denise is an active member of the TC players and is president of Delta Psi Omega. During her freshman year at TC, Denise served on the Student Senate. She is an active member of Blue Jackets, and during her sophomore year, Denise was nominated for Who's Who Among American Junior Col- leges. She was chosen as Sweetheart by the TC players. N X . -. .-uusr.""v- David Arnold, a pre-Med student at TC, has served as Vice-President of the Student Senate for the 1975-76 school year. David was chosen as a Freshman Class Favorite during his first year at TC, and he was nomi- nated for Who's Who Among Ameri- can Junior Colleges during his sec- ond year at TC, During the fall semester of 1975, David appeared in the musical "Shepard Song." David, also atalented musician, is a member of both the TC Ensemble and the TC Choir and has taken part in the performances ofthese organizations. He is also a member of TC's Circle K Club and is active in that organiza- tion. - 'Qi i, l 5, I 11 - Q: The honor and duty of being President of the Student Senate was won by Christy Elkins during the Spring Elections of 1975. Christy served as a Freshman Senatorduring herfirstyearatTC, and she also was a Circle K Calendar Girl, a Freshman Class Favorite, and a member of the cast in the drama production "ls Anybody Out There?." Other involvements have included serving on the Committee of Twelve and on the Student Ac- tivities Committee. Christy was nominated for Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. She is amemberoftheCircleKClub and plans to major in history. Ben House has served as editor the yearbook TC '76 during his sophomore year at TC. Also, he has worked on the TC Campus News during his freshman and sophomore years. He has been on the Dean's List and the Presi- dent's List at TC. He was among those nominated for Who's Who Among American JuniorCoIleges. Ben plans to major in History and English. He has served on the Student Activities Committee and was initiated into Phi Theta Kappa in the Spring of 1975. Ben con- tributed tothe Kaleidoscope, TC's magazine, and he has written a Bicentennial column for the Campus News during the past year. NMA 1 Editing Kaleidoscope the TC magazine and working as As sociate Editor of the Campus News has provided valuable experience for Journalism major, Sarah Heath. Sarah has worked in the journalism department during both her freshman and sopho- more years at TC. Her name has consistently appeared on the President's list since she has been going to TC. For Sarah, college was life long dream which is now coming true. During the spring of 1975, Sarah was initiated into Phi Theta Kappa, and during her sophomore year Sarah was one of the students nominated for Who's Who Among American Junior Col- leges. .iv Pharmacy major, Andrea Lambert, was elected Treasurer of the Student Senate during the spring elections of 1975. Andrea had some previous experience in student government during her freshman year at TC when she served as class secretary. In the spring of 1975, Andrea was in- itiated into Phi Theta Kappa and was soon elected secretary of that club. She is also a member of the Blue Jackets. Andrea was nominated for Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Col- leges in the fall of her sophomore year. Th is year And rea was elected as club sweetheart for Phi Theta Kappa. am, I, One active student on campus during the last two years has been Jimmie McGee. As a freshman, Jimmie won a position as a Senator on the Student Senate. This year Jimmie was elected president of the Spanish Clubg furthermore, he has been a member ofthe Tee Cees and also Phi Theta Kappa, which he joined in the spring of 1975. Jimmie has been on the Dean's List consis- tently during his two years at TC. In the fall of 1975, Jimmie was nominated for Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Col- leges. Jimmie plans to major in history and he received the history scholarship in 1975. ps A- I - Q. . Q A ,, I D 915. X. A K i , 7, X f 5 4 7 l.. liz Nj .i as vp.,,, Therese McGrane is an active member of Phi Theta Kappa and was elected president ot the club for the 1975-76 school year. Dur- ing her freshman year at TC, Therese was a member of the Cir- cle K club. She was a Circle K Calendar girl in 1975. Therese has proven to be a good student at TC by maintaining a grade point that has put her on the Dean's List every semester that she has at- tended college. Because of her work schedule, Therese has been a night student during her sophomore year. She plans to major in thefield of mathematics. The reigning Miss Texarkana for 1975 is TC student Paula Rashke. Beauty Pageants have proven to be successful ventures for Paula. Besides winning Miss Texarkana 1975, Paula was first runner-up to Miss TCC 1974, and she was second runner-up to Miss Arkan- sas Universe 1975, Paula was initiated into Phi Theta Kappa during the fall semester of 1975. Her plans are to major in Secre- tarial Science. She was nomi- nated for Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Col- leges during her sophomore year at TC. Paula's name has appeared on the Dean's Listas a resultof her high academic average. 'v: . . 1 .A 1 it g .V l 5 wx If Ll..,..e-e. e ,eve e Bob Stewart, an active participant in the nursing department, is planning to be Registered Nurse. Bob, whose hometown is Raleigh, North Carolina, has been a memberoftheTexarkana Nursing Students Association while en- rolled inthe nursing program, and he has served as president of the club this year. Also, Bob has served on the Student Faculty Curriculum Committee and the Nursing Department Publicity Committee. News about the events taking place at TC has been a major concern of Mike Terrel these past two years at TC. During his Freshman year at TC, Mike worked on the staff of the Campus News and he rose up through the ranks to attain the position of Editor of the Campus News his sophomore year. Mike has been an active member of the Chess Club, serving as vice-president in 1974 and as president in 1975-76. Mike's name has appeared on the Dean's list, and he was nominated his sophomore year for Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Junior Colleges. f T ff' 7525 .'V if -59 X" A 1 'gp-U --.xr QA. s 1 .1 x I 'There She is . . ' Miss Texarkana College For Rita Anne Hawthorne, the 1975-76 TCC Beauty Pageant will be an unforgettable event. Time and time again she will relive those moments and remember her feelings when she first realized that she was Miss Texar- kana College. Rita Anne, a graduate of Ashdown Arkansas High School, is a freshman business major at TC. Gail Patterson was first runner up, Debbie Braddock was second runner up and Terri Lynn Rose was chosen Miss Congeniality. The theme for this year's pageant was "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody." Eleven girls competed in the categories which included casual dress, swim suit, and evening gown competition. Bob Evans served as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Music was provided by Evans, the TC en- semble andthe TC singers. Below left: Cheryl Ward, Miss TC '74, placesthe crown on Rita Anne Hawthorne, Miss TC '75. Below right: A smiling Rita Hawthorne takes the traditional walk as Miss TC '75. . . EJ" Left: First runner up, Gail Patterson, is a freshman business adminis- tration major and a graduate of Hooks High School. Below: Second runner up Debbie Braddock is a graduate of Texas High and a freshman at TC. f wsf, ik is i ,ff Terri Lynn Rose. a sophomore from Hooks Texas majoring in business. was chosen Miss Congeniality by the other contestants. X vb' is-lg 1 'A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody' -A 1: s ssse s :H L-if .iii .3 , , , The four winners line up after being presented their trophies and roses. From left to right are Gail Patterson, Rita Anne Hawthorne, Debbie Braddock, and Terri Lynn Rose. Miss TC 75 is Crowned Tressa Ann Johnson X f 'f ' if I I I A ,1 4 i C 1 ii ,, W .1 Winners Are Presented Trophies 1 ' ' I4 'a 1. .J in-i..4... N , 1 4 C1 1 5 1 i 5 i 1, - zen of CW ..f...,J Evening Gown Competition V , ,M Mi v ""' VJWH H W' WHWV U Carmen Iris iO'Suna W ,i ,af-Q 61 154 Denise Dukes Julie Patterson fy ,f X S X Susa MP' n Coopwood .., ,, .Mr-, , Sharon Jackson Andrea Lambert f"x .ii Har:- Who's Who in American Junior Colleges "Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges" will include 34 students from Texarkana College. Students are nominated for this honor by faculty members for academic excellence. This honor is bestowed on sec- ond year students from all over the nation. Biographies of the nominees will be printed in the next addition Of "Wh0'S WHO Among Above:flefttorightlMikeWard,JamieFoster.CarlaKingston,AndreaLambert,and Students ln American Junior Jerry Bonham- Colleges." '51, , , --'Y-.L 1 , -r ,.. 1 . 's Above: lleft to right-standingl Lois Griffin and Ben House lleft to right-sittingl Janis Edmonson and Sarah Heath Right: David Arnold, Kim Woods, Cindy Levi, and Paula Fiaschke. -.0 ' C 5, -Y Uv. an ., ,HR '15 '- i. A... at 1 I "li 1 J ?' QFWH f ., , cl .QT ff P IGB.: gf? ' Pr 1 KW . S , - l ll j Y.,-4 Above lleft to rightj James Young Jamie Bailey Dianne Myers, and Jimmie McGee 'ri- i 1 "' r"-153531 Q-'Q r-J, f -1-3 !1f , . fm. '------. 4 'i luli 12,3ffXvV::::::g Above: ileft to right-standingy Larry Cooper and Billie Henson, iseatedj Regina Sinyard and Pam Duke. I , r E I Qi 1 Left: fleft to rightj Christy Elkins, Lana Adams, Becky Goff, and Jackie Taylor. XX !,,, X Above: fleft to righty Linda Wood, Ann Smith, Cindy Vaughn, and David Hewett. I Left: ileft to rightj Denise Brouil- Iette, Mike Terrel, and Pede Glick. i Activities 1 Q fl Q' bfi". Q i .lf if if i' vw... ai-5' 1+ 54' link ,2- Pictured are Cathy Savage, Wallace Hines, Julie Patterson David Morgan, Flon Franklin, James Parsons, Tina Thomas Peggy Patterson, Susan Owen, and John Terry. -9, i V x x .Q ,,- Y" -I .1 f 'Q 5. 5-- : 2 Q73 Q 3" xt' 3- 'Fff .. rf pf 1 'Life, Liberty. . . Happiness' Wifi Our nation came into existence because people wanted to be active in their own affairs. The words "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" demand activity. These are the words that spurred the colonies to action, and even today these words inspire us to be active. Existing is not enough. We have to do more than just be aliveg we must live. Our years of college are more than long hours spent pondering over books, writing research papers, and studying for tests. The talents and skills we possess, the pleasure and happiness we seek, and the satisfaction we get from being involved all motivates us to be active.,We have a desire within us to entertain and to be entertained 3 we wantto perform, to dance, to play, to sing, to compete, and to achieve, We want to be a part of the world. ai, b . -1 5' " f Mrs. Sue McCrossen, Bruce Power, Dick Wise and Diane Perkins. mf 'ie S 'Q-3 I is A .A Top lelf: Denise Brouillette, Wallace Hines. Top right: Mrs. Nancy Keyton. Left: Bonita Matthews, Shirley Shumake, Above: Phyllis Simon. Lajauna Webb, Betty Ware, Jane Williams, Jeanne Banks, Ruby Harmon, and June Williams. 'Know the Facts' Spring comes, and once again people begin stirring. Days grow longer and warmer, and winter fades into memory. The grass turns from brown to green, bare tree limbs are covered by leaves, suddenly littleflowers appear everywhere, and just as suddenly candidates for the Student Senate appear. Every wall on every building is papered with posters saying "Vote for ,for Student Senate", and "Know the Facts". On every poster, the candidates name blazes boldly in clear large letters. As the campaign intensifies, the candidates pass out cigars, suckers, and leaflets, telling of their plans, and some even do some old fashioned handshaking and speechmaking. The American system of politicing, made famous by people like Henry Clay, Abe Lincoln, the Roose- velts, and Lyndon Johnson, still flourishes, even at the col- lege level elections. In the Springi, elections for Student Senate officers and for senators were held. A large field of candidates entered the race, campaigned, and spoke at the "Meet the Candidates" portion of the Flea Market. Clear cut issues aroused the interests of the student body. Discussions, and occasional, arguments took place over the issues and the candidates. ln two days of voting, over four hundred students, a record number, cast ballots. The officers elected were Christy El- kins, presidentg David Arnold, vice-presidentg Andrea Lam- bert, treasurerg and senators elected were Lana Adams, Rusty Allen, and Becky Goff. l rge eil? . Car Q ' ,XI Se nod-C ,- ll Upper left: Increasing roles of women in all fields, including politics, enables Christy Elkins to wage a winning campaign for President of the Student Senate. Four of the six Senate positions were won by women. Upper right: Women's Liberation reaches TC. Becky Goff, a successful candidate for the Senate, passes out cigars to the voters as a means of gaining votes. Below: Jimmie McGee uses slogans and issues on his campaign posters. No disillusionment of politics was shown at TC. Spring Elections involved a record breaking number of candidates and voters. Right: Steve Evans tapes a poster on the wall inside the Student Center. Putting posters in the right places gives everyone a chance to be familiar with the candidates. Spring Elections were held during April. The week of the elections involves several days of campaigning, two days of voting, and the climatic announcement of the winners at the Presentation Ball. " ' 'Its -infos... g' 9. -1091 W 203 O UW'T we Sli + Q0 sv 0 g:'ffv-.. Ev CP is f 0 + F fb H333 f -.mf 1' 1' -1 1--il rv 'il Above: Candidates voice their views to the voters at the Flea Market. From right to left are candidates Rusty Allen, Pat Strobel, Jimmie McGee, Steve Evans, David Arnold, Becky Goff, and Christy Elkins, and Barry Crain, emcee, and Wanda Harland, outgoing President. Right: Senate members Jimmy Beitler lseatedi and Chuck Dees lstandingi man the voting box inside the Student Center. I-V Y -NS Y X 1 i Q 1 ,E rl .J l at , rn, i . it X kr i HLTNEJK 4. Q Yi x .-1 Spring Gala Features Winners On a Friday night last spring, a good-sized crowd turned out for the annual Presentation Ball. River City, a band which played everything from Chicago hits to old Beatle songs, provided the music for the dance which had the theme "Film FolIies". The Presentation Ball, sponsored by the Student Senate climaxed a week of activities including the Flea Mar- ket and Spring Elections. Winners of the elections were an- nounced as a highlight of the evening. Also announced at the formal dance were the Rodeo Club as outstanding club, Jody Parsons as outstanding club spon- sor, Diane Carraway as outstanding freshman senate member, and David Akins as outstanding sophomore senate member. Top right: Vicki White, Debbie Crow, and Joey Davis clown for the People dance to the beat of River City a rock band Film Follies camera at the Presentation Ball. Every spring the Student Senate was the theme of this dance which was highlighted by the an sponsors this formal dance as one of the final activities. Above: l'10UnC9m9f1T0f5pVmQ election Winners L. iy Top left: David Akin, chosen as outstanding sophomore senator, receives a plaque from Wanda Harland. Top center: Jody Parsons, sponsor of the TC players, seems pleased at being chosen outstanding club sponsor. Top right: Diane Carraway is honored as outstanding freshman senator. Also, the Rodeo club was voted outstanding club on campus. Left: Dancers join hands to form a circle during a dance in the Student Center Ballroom. Music ranged from old Beatle hits to the modern sounds of Chicago. Top: The Sons of the Purple Stage perform the Bob Wills' hit "Faded Love" for the dinner-theatre audience. This band included Barry Mitchell, bass fiddle, Winn Coulter, pianog Dick Wise, drumsg John Davis, trumpet and fiddle, and Nancy Hughes, vocalist. Above: "Con- fess you stole those papers or you'lI be sorry," says the hero lSkip Plossl as he shakes the villian lBarry Crainl in the melodrama "He Ain't Done Right by Nell". Seated in the back ground are Granny Perkins iLee Ann Pattersonl and Mrs. Jody Parsons, the director. Q "l'll get you yet my proud beauty," says the villian Hilton Hayes lBarry Crainl as he twitches his mustaches and gazes at the city girl Vera Coulton iDenise Brouillettel. 5'-Q, i ig! ' 5 H in Above: Granny Perkins fLee Ann Pattersonl watches with astonishment as the villian discovers the hidden papers for the secret invention. The entire action of the play took place in the "sittin' and dinin' room" of the old Perkins homestead in the far west. Below: Square dancers swing their partners and doe-si-doe. TC's Drama and Music departments combined their talents to present a program that included singing, dancing, melodrama, and even commercials. 'He Ain't Done Right By Nell' Cowboys, Indians, heros, villians, sweet young things, grandmas, gamblers, saloon gals, fiddlers, guitar pickers, square dancers, and a bunch of other folks gathered for the "melIerdramer". The dinner theatre, spon- sored by the music and drama departments and under the direction of Barry Mitchell and Jody Parsons, featured singing, dancing, and even commercials along with the melodrama. Music was provided by a group called Sons of the Purple Stage and by the TC singers. The play, "He Ain't Done Right by Nell", was performed by the TC players. Characters in- cluded Granny Perkins tLee Ann Patersonj, her granddaughter Little Nell tDiane Carra- wayl with the "voice of an angel" and "sun- shine in her eyes", and the dastardly villian Hilton Hayes tBarry Crainl. Other parts in the play were performed by Skip Ross, Kim Henderson, Denise Brouillette, and David Akins. Robert Kilpatrick served as emcee for the performance. .mu .M 0 1 LIVE! ON STAGE! Stephen Schwartz's popular musical "GodspeII", based upon the Gospel ac- cording to St. Matthew, appeared at the auditorium during the spring. Starting with Christ's baptism and ending with the crucifixion and resurrection, the life, teachings, and parables of Christ were presented in sometimes humorous, com- etimes sad vigenettes. The ten characters in the play carica- tured real individuals from the Bible. Symbolism and satire added depth to "GodspeIl", while colorful and bizarre costumes, songs such as the popular "Day by Day", and audience participation kept the show lively. "GodspeIl", sponsored by the Student Activities Committee, was performed by a professional road company. D SPE fn Above: Face to face with Jesus, an angry Judas Iscariot raises his hand against the Master. Below: TC drama students assist in setting up the props for "GodspelI". The Student Activities Committee sponsored a professional touring company's production of "GodspeII" during the spring. i. LUEHS Ml Top left: If you look through the box of records long enough, you might find what you're looking for. Lots of records and other things are found at the flea market. Top right: The display of Indian jewelry was very popular at the flea market. This booth was the only off- campus commercial business represented. Bottom: Several campus clubs sent up tables to display their wares. The annual spring flea market provides a way forthe clubs to make money. Fortwo days, the flea market occupies the student center while students search for bargains. l an ,Q iii.. It's Fun to Shop Indian jewelry made out of turquoise, old records with hit songs of the past, books, pictures, whatnots, arts and crafts, and all sorts of treasures were displayed to sell at the spring flea market. Campus clubs, as well as individuals, use the flea market to make money. Candidates for the Student Senate take advantage of the crowds to do a little politicing. A break from the class routine, a chance to maybe find a bargain, the opportunity to be with friends-that's the flea market. Having Fun. . The Circle K Club sponsored a Dance-a-Thon last spring with the proceeds going into the fight against multiple schlerosis. Music was provided by the TC Stage Band and a country-western band. A Las Vegas type casino operated at the dance-a- thon, as well as a bar. Only Ronnie Bonham was able to endure the constant dancing from Friday afternoon until midnight Saturday. Runner-up, Lindsay Hall, lasted until Saturday afternoon. 1 1 Right: Ronnie Bonham learns to sleep and 'dance at the same time with the support of Wanda Harland. Below: The big band sound of the TC State Band is featured at the Dance-a-Thon. A" 'Q -itll Above: Ronnie and Lindsay Hall are joined by others on the dancefloor, Right: Barmaid Wanda Harland sells all types of "soft drinks" at the bar. -T' 1' 1 , K 'li -ss vu., 3 Ylgs. jf-'ll , -- ABQ. Above: The Skate-a-Thon. sponsored last spring by the DECA and mid-management students. raised over 31,200 forthe muscular dys- trophy compaign. Below: Mid-management student Luther Smith manages the ball throwing booth. Game booths provided a rest from skating and a chance to win a prize. if 2.61 mm :L A THR 9 lu Get C5 60 ww fr Vane- 3 BALLS bf' For A Cause Over 31,200 was raised by the sophomore DECA and mid-management members last spring at the skate-a-thon. The proceeds went to the muscular dystrophy campaign. Besides skating, several games and booths were set up. The games included a dart throw, a basketball shoot, and a football shoot. A citation of merit was presented to mid- management instructor Al Hinton by Capt. Marvin McAlister, vice president of the Texar- kana Muscular Dystrophy Association, for the outstanding contribution made by Hinton's class. Rodeo Roping Riding The excitement and adventure of rid- ing a bucking bull, the skill and preci- sion of roping a calf, the funny antics of the clowns have all contributed to mak- ing rodeos popular in this area. ln New Boston, the TC Rodeo Club held its 13th Annual Rodeo during the spring semester. Events in the rodeo included bare back riding, calf roping, barrel racing, a calf scramble, goat sacking, and team roping, which was a new fea- ture at this year's rodeo. A dance was held both nights following the rodeo. Right: Jeff Hefner, Bill Churchman, Dennis Waters clown around at the rodeo. The job of a clown involves more than just being funny, for the clown has to distract the bucking bulls after the rider has been thrown to pre- vent the bull from hurting the rider. Be- low: Jeff Hefner, Sherrie Churchman, and Bob Mahone look on as John Carver comes unglued from the buck- ing barrel. Before the rodeo, the buck- ing barrel provides a good way to learn such essentials as holding on for dear life and falling on the hard ground. 'Y-9. -Q"- 'al . "fr tv .0 -- ' 1: 'JE . gi .:, - 'Z 3: Ei r: -1 fl 2 ,L I . . .. v., o v-X '1' an Ex 'H 14 'xg -v . .'.::?-Q: . '-Q..- I JT' ,WU , T s I U I I . ' 1 . . no ' ' M ii It Q ci. 1 , A L - W 1 -c" x 4 ' Q 'V -Q f 4. Q 9 5 ALL ABOARD THE T SEA EXPRESS -+L,-EQ 149.-.- ,,-,, ',', '-45 ' - -A'l?2ir '- 'L- ' ,., T 4 V H --rr., The wonderful world of water became the stage for the performance of the "T Sea Express". A railway atmosphere added to the water show's theme that consisted of acts dealing with American cities. Synchronized swimming and water ballet involving the performance of intricate strokes comprised much of the show. Beginning with "The Express", a number performed by 18 swimmers, the "T Sea Express" cruised into New Orleans to one of the famous New Orleans clubs that featured entertainment by the "can-can" girls. Boy and girl duets were performed by Joe Johnson, Jerri Mason, Jeff Teeters, and Connie Works to such numbers as "The Streets of Laredo", and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", and "Do You Know the Wayto San Jose" was performed with a six man dolphin routine. "My Way", an old Dianne Warwick number, was performed by Barbara Brewer in a solo act. Thirty swimmers formed the letters USA while waving flags with the song "This is My Country" in the background at the conclusion of the show. The "T Sea Express" was directed and coordinated by Mrs. Sue Works. Above: Joe Johnson and Jerri Mason demonstrate a lift in their duet to "By the Time I Get to Phoenix". Right: An inverted lift by Joe Johnson and Jerri Mason shows the ballet-like movements used in the water show. far -.r K l l r ,.... ,fi -i H, """'i -- -q ....- - - ati -Mg ,,., ,af - sr ... -,,, M, 7: - ---T,-r ' Q-V ff ' ,,-- Q , -.hi -C 'T -, ., l ,..-?"f- 'fl'f'1"i ., sa" inf I 'l" 1 .Y -.:' 'J '-- Vw' 4...-Y fe' 5' Q .. ,, , V ' -WT":"' 1-"" rj -A-4 Yvg.,,3:i,,," ' x' ,- -ir: 43.1 Upper left: Not even Mrs. Sue Works can walk on water. At the conclusion of the water show, Mrs. Works, the coor- dinator of the spring affair, received a proper dunking. Upper right: Mike Sewell, Pede Click, and Joe Johnson make up half of the difficult 6 man dol- phin routine which is set to the song "Does Anyone Know the Way to San Jose?". Musical numbers relating to American cities were featured in the "T Sea Express". Left: Young attackers force Mike Sewell into the water in the number "Dixie". "T Sea Express" con- sisted of several acts to music using from oneto eighteen swimmers in each segment. Below left: Acrowd awaits the beginning of the water show in the TC aquatic center. Many hours of prac- tice were put into the preparation of the annual water show. "T Sea Express" involved a combining of an athletic per- formance, ballet, and music. le 4 'Jah Top left: Eve fTere Myersl sings a lullaby to herfirst born in the shelter Adam built after being cast out of the garden of Eden, in Mark Twain's "The Diary of Adam and Eve". This humorous version of the story of Adam and Eve was the first of three stories presented in the musical "The Apple Tree". Lower left: The King's guards tBarry Crain and Eddie Emmersonl prepare to release the tiger fSusanne Barbal into the arena. Costumes in "The Lady or the Tiger" and the other two stories were prepared by the drama department. Right: Barbara, the King's daughter fLee Ann Pattersonj watches her slave girl tDonna Barlowl as she attempts to revive the princess's lower Sanjar lButch Klappart.l a i. i, . .Ph W ., 1, -x :M .Q- 'The Apple Tree' TC's Music and drama departments joined forces for the musical production of "The Apple Tree". This play was atrilogy consisting of "The Diary of Adam and Eve" by Mark Twain, "The Lady or the Tiger" by Frank R. Stockton, and "Passionella" by Jules Feiffer. The cast of "The Diary of Adam and Eve" included Sandy Weiszer as Adam, Tere Myers as Eve, and Eddie Emerson as the serpent. In this vignette a slightly updated view of Adam and Eve was shown amid projected scenes of waterfalls and trees. Norm Allen played the Balladeer, Lee Ann Patterson played Barbara, Butch Klappart played Sanjar, and Sandy Weiszer played the King in "The Lady or the Tiger". Using costumes from the time of King Arthur and using a balladeer to help set the scene, this story's setting was an arena. In "Passionella", the characters were Passionella, played by Paula White, Flip, played by Eddie Emersong and Phillip Brown narrated. Synthesized music added to this story of modern life and culture. Music for the show was by Mrs. Annie Laurie Weiszer on organ, Dick Wise on percussion, and Norm Allen on guitar. Mrs. Sue McCrossen served as musical director for the show, and Mrs. Nancy Keyton served as production director. Special efforts, including projected scenery, electronic music, and fog machines, were prepared bythe technical crew. Top left: Sandy Weiszer, and King in "The Lady ofthe Tiger", prepares to enter his viewing box in the arena. Others shown are Norm Allen, balladeer, and soldiers Eddie Emmerson, Robert Kilpatrick, Barry Crain, and Phillip Brown. Below left: Ella, the chimney sweep and scrub girl played by Paula White in "PassioneIla". sings "I want to be a Movie Star". Below right: Passionella in her gold dress, a symbol of her success, now sings "l am Gorgeous". sum.. Award's Day Honors Achievers Academic departments and local civic organizations honored outstanding students at the Awards Day Assembly last May. Awards and scholarships were presented by the business, art, music, drama, speech, journalism, nursing, ROTC, psychology, and math departments. Also the Kiwanis, the Rotary Club, the women's Auxiliary of Miller-Bowie Medi- cal Societies, and other organizations gave awards at the program. Plaques were given to the Student Senate officers for their years work, and awards were made to members of the Student Activities Committee. ner Above right: Dean Bill Hughes presents a plaque to Stu- dent Senate President Wanda Harland. ln a brief talk, Wanda reflected on the trials and triumphs of the past year at TC. Above: Linda Thomas, editor of the TC '75 receives an award from yearbook sponsor Joy Arnold. The TC '75 won a Sweepstakes rating at the Texas Junior College Press Association conference at A8tM. Lower right: The Rotary Club award goes to David Akin. David is presented the award by Dale Works. David served as a photographer forthe journalism department and also as a member of the Student Senate. yi! i 4 fa-gqq fc I 1 ins. H One More Giant Step Taken 'fmpgqu TN'-'r X-4, 51- 'L. af' t i i. E i l 1 l Undaunted by a world of inflation, recession, crime, corruption, and war, TC graduates crossed the stage to receive their diplomas for associate degrees. Nine students qualified as High Honor Graduates by having an average of 3.8 to 4.0 and four ofthese students had perfect 4.0 averages. Forty-two other students graduated as Honor Students. Bill Fi. Moseley, Vice Presidentfor instructional Affairs at Paris Junior College. spoke at the graduation cere- mony, and Acting President Levi Hall presented the diplomas. r l I Upper Left: Sandra Downs expresses the happi- ness of graduation. Above: Black caps and gowns mean graduation has arrived and change is coming. Graduation marks the ending of one stage in life and the beginning of a new stage. Bottom Left: Acting President Levi Hall ileftj presents retiring faculty member C. O. Fowler frightj with a plaque for his many years of serv- ice. Also pictured from left to right are Hall, Fow- ler, C. A. Mitchell, President of the Board of Trus- tees, Ken Burkhalter, and Bill Ft. Moseley, Vice President of Paris Junior College and com- mencement speaker. I , ' may ,954 ' Happy Days Here Again Fall activities got underway with elections for class officers and senators and playday. Posters filled the walls of every building on campus before the fall elec- tions which attracted a large number of voters. Election results were announced at a dance sponsored by the Student Senate. Playday, also sponsored by the Student Senate, pro- vided students a chance to enjoy games and fellowship. A large crowd gathered outside for the fun. Drinks and sandwiches, furnished by the Board of Trustees, were hastily consumed. Several campus clubs took advantage of the opportunity to recruit new members. A series of sack races provided excitement and enter- tainment for both spectators and participants. Upper left: Student Senate President Christy Elkins and Vice President David Ar- nold hand out ballots and explain the voting procedure to voters in the Student Center foyer. The number of votes cast broke the record set during the spring elections. Upper right: Ronnie Bohatam puts his ballot in the box after voting. Senate member Flus- ty Allen helps operate the voting table. All full time students are eligible to vote in the elections. Right: Students and faculty alike take time off from studying and teaching to visit and eat and have a good time. - U nge'-li' if i .5-L , " Fail' fl 'V -.J gs , 9:- J, 5. Q.-,,2,,,! ' in-i U54 - Lian., 'x . ,S ' -SV3 , 5-1-, e- fn .K .-izfyfx sir. r 'ni .qi fi . R, is 4 I ' A 1 ' t . gig! Lffr' L B4 f.-r.?il'wf" ... 41, dxf' Q A ' if ,lg is .,,, - IFB!- - 5, lwikQ, 'tis if '-V1 1 va i 3: I l , I , u '7 f f., '. Y HQ !" IAF" -Q lv- ' ll J-Q, if 'J L -, 1 1 L I 'J .4 I af ' - f ' ""' A- 1' f -l I I I X ' i. . M, I . . ,. .- f . r-. - - 4- , 1, L M' '-1 7 ' . jf' -V ,a .J 1-' ' f U , 'T " K x r' ' re'-rw t . r r. 'I ' , .A - 'fn , fly Ti' ' 2 N . . A ' f . ' .f , . - 'Q -, n fplfiygi-lf r , ,fn W 1' rmhvfcyr. . 1- ' . .V' sw2r'i1l '-.1.tirn' rw N' B A ik r . Y l it ivmfrjif Naqfza A -, '14, QL t S ' 1 1 5. F Q J , A - -4 Q '11 vu,-g - A -' 'n - f, ' . . ,fn ' . Y Y ' All! .L ,'.Y,? nu' r . . wg.-Lf 5 xi . r Q ,- lA ' , !!',l-,F m f 1 ' , 4' ' ... .gif "'- '- ' . in ,".-' ' A-a:1'n..r ,f f 1 - . v,,,:1"'::'f' - I 'A " v . ,I i 'I ' ' ' alibi J r l .S -v - 1 f ul li! r ig: , Q Y ' 1 V ' 4 4 -r . Mist' ' fn' 1 W LV' V' , sa , ' ' " 1 ,-1 ,- Qc. " . ,J 'L-el Above: Down the home stretch, the team of Pede Click and Danny Bowlom outpace the team of Becky Goff and Jeff Hefner in the sack race. Several sack races were held at the Play- day. Left: Brace Boyden and Gail Miller appear interested in some of the attractions at Playday. Re- freshments were given free of charge to the students by the Board of Trustees. Playday is an annual event sponsored by the Student Senate to enable stu- dents to meet new friends and have fun. 47 Something New in Drama The Child ren's Theatre, a new feature pres- ented by TC's drama and music departments, staged performapces of Hans Christian An- derson's "The Emperor's New Clothes" at Lib- erty Eylau, Texas High, St. James, and Pleas- ant Grove. Anderson's fairy tale is about how an emperor is taken advantage of by his court and a little child sees through the sham and pretense of adults. Thom Ragland portrayed the emperor, James Michael acted the part of the prime minister and Barry Crain served as narrator. Cathy Bonner played the part of the child. Others in the play were Danny Bowling, Susan Owen, Kym Henderson, Libby Smith, Wilbert McGary, Wallace Hines, Cathy Savage, Julie Patterson, Lisa Steinbach, Deborah Haynes, and Denise Brouillette. Above: "I need my clothes," sings the emperor Cfhom Raglandl in the Chil- dren's Theatre production. This show was in commemoration of Hans Christ- ian Anderson's death 100 years ago. Right: Libby Smith, who plays a hand- maiden in "The Emperor's New Clothes", and Barry Crain inarratorj discuss the king's clothing problem. Also seen is Cathy Bonner who played the part of the child. il i. 41, t i bf V iklffeirg lr f ifif Ht 'Q N- W H- i, ii, , y b avi, , , .,, , gi? J I' Tp, -Lvwffxt R it I , s 4606 vos! . 4.1.4, . 5 5 16444. A' 0 1 Above: Grabbing her coat, Mary tJody Parsonsl procedes to leave her husband Bob tBarry Mitchelll andrgo with Lee Ruth tDirk Winstonl. Her plans were later spoiled when Bob locked her in the closet. Right: A Drunken Bob lBarry Mitchellj passes out on the piano stool in the summer drama production "Mary Mary". Also seen is Dick Winston who played the part of Lee Ruth. Below: The cast of the Fall Touring show, "The Turning Point" await the beginning of their performance at the Day and Zimmerman Plant. Cast includes Barry Crain, Kym Henderson, Denise Brouillette, Larry Kirby, Dan Webb, Leonardo Evans. Wallace Hines, Libby Smith, and Mr. Rolfe Wylie. D00 ll Summer Show, Fall Tour For the first time ever, drama students and faculty pre- sented a summer show to raise money for the scholarship fund fordrama students. Mrs. Jody Parsons, Mr. Barry Mitch- ell, Dirk Winston, and Denise Brouillette performed Gene Kerr's play "Mary Mary" at the Master Host Inn Convention Center. The fall touring show presented by the TC players and under the direction of Mrs. Nancy Keyton was "The Turning Point" by Henry Compton. Performances were forthe Day and Zimmerman Plant, Wadley Hospital and for the Mid- management department. Mrs. Keyton was presented a ser- vice award by Day and Zimmerman after the performance. The sound of music at TC was varied. It ranged from the combi- nation of rock and blue grass per- formed by Timberline to renditions of the music of Handel and Chopin performed by Reginald Jackson and Jean Mainous from North Texas State University. Other con- certs included the Lori Jacobs concert, a concert by Bernie Klocko on synthesizers, and a per- formance bythe Liberty Eylau high school choir. The TC Student Sen- ate sponsored the Timberline and Lori Jacobs concerts as part of a series of free concerts for TC stu- dents. Right: Fall activities included concert by singer, poet, and musician Lori Jacobs. The Captal Records recording star performed her brand of folk music which included many of her own compo- sitions. Below: Jean Mainous on piano accompanies Reginald Jackson at a con- cert at TC featuring these two NTSU instructors playing classical music. The Sound of Music Q .3 "'f'iiiir5!t ig? .MT Top: Voices blend together as the Liberty Eylau High School Choir sings at a concertpresented for the TC music students. Above: Timberline, spon- sored by the Student Senate, appears at TC. Playing everything from Elton John to Blue grass music. Timberlines style of music could not be labelled. Left: Bernie Klocko, a synthesizer performer from Dallas, shows in- terested students the intricacies of the synthesizer before his concert. His concert was highlighted by his playing two synthesizers at once. Traditional Values Still Stressed Following in a tradition first established by the Minutemen in the American Revolution, the TC unit of ROTC drilled, trained, and learned to operate military equipment. The ROTC program, under the direction of Captain Gregory L. Walsh, offers classes in the fields of organization and history of the U.S. Army, drill, introduction to rifle markmanship, and leadership development. Members of ROTC at TC were involved in training exercises at Red River Army Depot and took part in full-time scale maneuvers which involved combat patrols, proper radio procedure, and reconnaissance missions. Upon completion of the ROTC program at University level, the student is commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army reserve. Above: Wearing their battle fatigues and carrying rifles, ROTC members rest during one of their regular Tuesday practice maneuvers, ROTC provides college students with the opportunity to go to college while preparing the be an officer. Both males and females are elgible for membership. TC had one female in ROTC during the spring. Below left: ROTC member Bill Erwin instructs the class on plans and methods used in a tactical maneuver. Classroom instruction plays a vital part in the training of ROTC members.Below right: Capt. Gregory L. Walsh is the ROTC instructor for TC. He is also assisted by Major James Parsons and Major Wayne Williams, both instructors at TC. Below: ROTC members Mark Pavey and Bill Erwin practice their markmanship at the Marine Corp Reserve' Training Center in preparation for a markmanship skill test. Accuracy and proficiency with the equipment is one of the objectives of ROTC. lE9"5?.L-f ,...igS:.utAs1-ugsm wr, ,. . l ' .ffl 'ff' .r'5 4 - 1 ROTC member Randy Gann inspects fellow members standing at attention in dress uniforms. From left to right are Steve Davis, Kim Stuenberg, Ken Robertson, and Gerald Glover. This is ROTC's second year at TC. The program is modeled after the Henderson State University ROTC. AbQvegRandy Gann points out to his fellow comrades Bill Erwin and Dennis Cordell t-he objective during maneuvers. Training is serious business and involves many ac- tivities relating to actual combat conditions. Below: Capt. Walsh watches as Robert Smith, a new recruit, learns to march. Drills 'are held outside when weather permits and in the gym during bad weather. Z 1. " ' l u ., -il vs- ,mg PQ On The Course TC's Golf Team coached by Henry Duke played in several tournaments and dual matches during the 1975 season. The tournaments included the Texarkana Country Club Inter- collegiate Invitational, the Paris Junior College Invitational Tournament, and the Texas East- ern Athletic Conference Golf Tournament. Third place trophies were captured by the Bulldogs in the Paris Junior College and Texas Eastern Athletic Conference tournaments. Members of the 1975 TC Bulldogs were Chuck Dees, Bob Evans, Randy King, Robin Roberts, and William Thomas. 1 ' gpm, ?l '14,-3.3.1 . 1 'Win I 4 'Q :Q d it ,-'.x.,Q'fM A 'i 'T -V 'flf gcgfssf V ' U Above: Randy King, All Conference golfer and a member of the Bulldogs, exemplifies the form and concentration necessary for the game of golf. Members of the golf team must show some degree of professionalism in a sport that involves skill and talent topped with practice. Left: Coach Duke gives Bob Evans some pointers on the proper grip used in completing the swing.. Part of Coach Duke's job as coach of the Golf Team involves giving personal instruction and advice to the team. When not coaching the team, Coach Duke is often playing golf himself. ..q!f,,1,n,W ',x.j,1-x5,.jiI.l K ff. 7I., g,.,.Yl.f.-...W . , ms! at , .., -. --3 u .4 1.5 . .jf . .. ' 'f 'Ani . Q, ,ZWQN X.... , ,Q s.N,- .uf ,fa . 5 L F jA..t!F,. .,,m,.ll- V ., ., ,.,4. ,. N w,x'.I S pu.: q '5 N ',-1" . ,mi-X wg yu - by U Z. . - 5. . Q, an fl ,, ,.. 29" ' 'ifrreimff-1.-L sfqefs .-453 ,.xtg.,-'M -, , .gm .0524-if-ri'fl-"3feng-rv5-pgirkg 1169 -fr? A.-'V'-:QQ-iL'l'7i' E-3-:lf-',gFJ-QQ5W,2Pl'k3 F 'K ' it Y L iffffr-.-'-Q'?42-1-Z-151' '- -' H?-IffZQY'3'4" .H .5 EQQTQ' . 5f-'5':,Lf2': if-'iff'-'A'flil'5'5iPCsI'-'Ni' wx 'ffl X-Q'.'-3'-I-,-1.3if-rx'-.,' ' .'v.,-.'-.:gQ-.'-I .X X .fl :3'.,v,,f.,'Qq,-gfi'.'4'.'g.- Q. ll5,:'1?f':eQif'3fIv"-'Yvfh L 1 ,gm W V, .. 11 .25. .4:iXQ?L.fl.4,.,,3: ,WgQ.1.g.kug.1::gfi-gitiij 5 4.0-.'-x'i-QQZ'--.X 'ij'-I-'-.'45'Q2'X.-QQ.. ip, I' " 7 2' 3 '. ' : 7 C- -'l'?.'1':'1-:Sy-.'i:":f"f'if'fT ay, 'Sb -Vgsrffti-.3,.rltgzlhwl tgjjpkzvvwd-3 ...V Rl44'f5q, V . . .. ,f,-f:.,,.g'. 'Q' '11 - all-,-I-Q-l:Qxyfx57-.' 3-.ja:..'f',w.55-g- K Quests., f-:":."."'3"5f'3'5Hl'.!5!'? AWNSA , . .-.W--H I I - ar. . ,. tx N at - , :T I "gy 5 1 Y. g A i lil ' l is-r 'A .,. .st -C . rw- we . ' ' ' - ' ' . ,4 .. Q! " "' 'ilu'-" ' . J . "' 465 ' ,uf-.-...A . . .' r ' - - . , ., . - f.-.ff . i ,- I lik 1-3-6 VW. Wt' ,sq I -L .'r.".f':f.' A .v.,w.,'r,,v tgrfx- ' -- -44 ...r 1 H- K u ' ' 'S ' -. . P, .-.,,. . --Minimum fi, 1 , 5 ,- 4' , ,.1,g as . A..'. in un :ES un 'Pia 4. aa- , H 1 '21 lil. 11 I a in ..t' munitions ' ' 4 ri Illll u 'vl" 'i"" 1 'lg On The Court The Tennis Team, coached by Robert Mills, put many a tennis ball over the net during an active season that involved playing in tour- naments and matches. In the Texas Eastern Athletic Conference Tennis Tournament, the TC Tennis Team placed third in the tough competition. TC netters won six out of eleven dual matches played against area colleges. Left: TC Tennis Team Netter Greg Long wields his racket into position as he Iobs a ball back over the net. The Team playsduring both the Fall and Spring semesters, but the most important events take place during the Spring. Be- low: Members of the 1975 Tennis Team included lfrom left to right back rowl Greg Long, David Morgan, Steve Burton, and Coach Robert Millsg Qfront rowj Jamie Foster, Jerry Brown, Christy Cone, and Connie Merchant. l-.... ,K- - . '-. - 9.-an -r---r-' - C -A , , -,. .s ..-TJ-. .. v..li- ,,...-.r- --qv-Q I, M 'T i lil? .,,44' f S' . 2 A T , ' W1 SL i f ,E r. ' . ay' lx 1 lla T f it ll ,tr L T, if il , V P is? sgg ,. If r , ' ' l ,, , , , K' g- PM It if A Tvs- " 'Q -2 'The Contrast' 56 " rw- F Y' yn? .jj I I ,1-IF. , . N ' America's Bicentennial Spirit reached TC with the performance of "The Contrast" by the drama de- partment under the direction of Jody Parsons. "The Contrast", by Ftoyall Tyler, written in 1787, was the first successful American comedy. Costumes, scenery and the manner of l Q, Lipid! , 4 . , I' ti 5 speaking were set in the early Ameri- can period. "The Contrast" drew a record breaking crowd in its performance for TC students and was also successful when performed at the dinner theatre. Later, "The Contrast" was video taped for an airing on cable television. , l 1 -- pn- .qnp quihinq- Cast for "The Contrast" included lleft to right, on the porchl Susan Owen, John Ter- ry, Denise Brouillette, Wallace Hines, Cathy Savage, James Michael, Barry Crain, Lisa Steinbach, Julie Patterson, and Thom Ragland. Also shown are lleft to right in frontl Fred Howard, Debbie Brown, Director Jody Parsons, Wilbert McGray, and Bill Barlow who were involved in the production of the play. G l Fun Before Finals Winter weather had already arrivedg finals were nearingg but in between came the Christmas spirit and the Snowball. TC students came to the college this time not for classes, but to dance, be together, and have a good time. The Student Senate planned and sponsored this formal event for the benefit of the students. Zechariah provided music for the occasion. Highlighting the evening was the presentation of club sweethearts. Top: Couples fill the dance floor while Zechariah provides music for the occasion. Right: In between dances, Mr. Joel McGee, biology teacher, and others take advantage of the chance to rest or have some punch. 1 S' I I 1 l ,ih- , I I Q I i . i .4.5"1 , tml Z5l.ff lg? 1.1 U ' UE l .gd ,,.,n-41 Top right: Jan Timberlake and Bill Lukas dance to the modern sounds of Zechariah. The Snowball is a yearly event held shortly before the Christmas break to provide the students of TC an op- portunity to enjoy the social aspects of college life. Above: Zechariah, a musical group from Little Rock, played various types of music at the Snowball. The student Senate followed the tradition of hiring a live band for the yearly event. The Christmas decorations featured Santa Claus and his elves. 5 -Z' 'iti- ff' f 5 lr 1 'The Shepard Song' Members of the TC Music and Drama departments joined together to perform "The Shepard Song" at the Trinity Pres- bysterian Church. "Shepard Song" is a sacred musical based on the second shepard's story appropriate for the Christmas season. This musical featured such familiar characters from the Nativity story as Mary and Joseph, the Wise Men, and the Shepards. Mrs. Sue McCrossen and Mrs. Nancy Keyton directed "The Shepard Song." ,U 'f 1 'I Top: Gifts are presented to the baby Jesus by the Wise Men and Shepards as Mary and Joseph look at the baby. From right to left are James Michael, Denise Brouillette, Wallace Hines, David Arnold and Virgil Hays. Above: Mrs. Sue McCrossen ofthe music department and Mrs. Nancy Keyton of the drama department relax after the presentation of the "Shepard Song" to a near capacity audience. TOP: Part of the cast of "Shepard Song" includes from left to right Ralph Smith, David Parker, Michael Benson, Elizabeth Benson, Ginger Wreyford, and Suzanne Sizemore. David Parker played the part of the second shepard upon which the story was based. Left: Providing the music forthe "Shepard Song" were Ueft to right-back rowl Lois Griffin, Danny Bowling, Julie Pat- terson, Sharon Braddock, and Janice Rosenbaumg lfront row: Cathy Savage, Susan Owen. and Debra Haynes. Below :Other members of the cast include fleft to rightj Bill Barlow, Kim Henderson, Libby Smith, and Thom Ragland. The preparation of costumes in the production involved as much work as learn- ing the parts. 'x . l, l 4 ll .r 4, L. l 9 t . it if l f -4 ul I ti Active People on Campus Throughout the past year several of TC's students have made outstanding achievements in various fields. The accomplishments of these students honor both the students and the school with which they are associated. Awards like these are always the result of talent, perseverance, and a willingness to do more than is necessary. Right: Paula Raschke is crowned Miss Texar- kana by former Miss Texas Belinda Myrick. Paula also was second runner-up in the Miss Arkansas Universe title Pagent, held in the spring of 1975. Below: Tere Myers, a drama student, made the All Star Cast as a result of her performance in "Blithe Spirit". Tere was the first TC student to ever receive this award which is given to students considered to be exceptional in their perfor- mances. FW 4 -W-'gk fl ' A lil I wi V, 41 I f :Ih- . .str ntl "W, .4 VJ fh I-' L.-'ft - '5 f 30:1 Above: TC golf team member, Randy King, made All Conference which is an honor that goes to the best players from area colleges. Right: Alfred Oliver is congratulated by Mrs. Nancy Keyton for re- ceiving superior and excellent ratingss at the final forensics meet at Paris Junior College. Oliver received his award for his part in the discussion division of the contest. Q St. James Concert Country Rock 4- Progressive County music, sometimes called country rock, describes the style of St. James. Sponsored by the Student Senate, St. James performed at the TC auditorium during the spring semester of 1976. Jive tunes, boogie Woogie, western swing, rock and roll, and down home country all combined to form the music of St. James. This concertwas another of the series of concerts performed for the students under the sponsorship of the student senate. .-t at - I TOP: A large crowd listens as Tom Carlisle discusses the significance of the Mantra in transcendental meditation. The Student Activities Committee sponsored this lecture which served as an introduction for poten- tial enrollees into this program. Above left: Hamp Atkinson, State Representative of Texas, talks to students about the role of government. Above right: Royce Os- born, center, discusses several aspects of his job as warden of the Federal Correc- tional Institute with Sam Cotton, left, and Jim Pynes, right. Osburne spoke to the policetechnology studentsonthe problems of the FCI. Government, FCI, and Transcendental Meditation Speakers at Texarkana College gave talks to the students on subjects varying from State Government and the Federal Correctional Insti- tute to Transcendental Meditation. Speakers included State Representative Hamp Atkinsong Federal Correction Institute Warden Royce Osborneg and Tom Carlisle. 'The American Dame' -.H Annu-1 . n Women from Eve to those of the present day were saluted in Phillip Lewis's play-out "The American Dame", performed by the TC players. Special lighting effects enhanced the scenes and actors in this vaudeville-type play. "The American Dame", under the direction of Mrs. Jody Parsons, was performed at the Pines Ball Room as a dinner-theatre. The cast of the play-out includes James Michael, Lisa Steinbeck, fwho also was in charge of costumesi, Denise Brouillette, Barry Crain, Terri Rose, and Robbie Hoppe. Cameo appearances were also made by Jody Parsons and Wilbert NlcGary. Bill Barlow and Wallace Hines served as stage crew. Lett: Terri Rose models the latest fashions of the early Twentieth Century. The fashion at that time was bloomers. "The American Dame" portrayed the changing fashions and roles through the centuries. Above : 'But my brother says that girls who are chaste never get chased," complains Robbie Hoppe to her mother, played by Lisa Steinbach. SW' V T'?"7ff75Q'Z' ' V ' w ' ' Fa tiling 5.. V 1 Ha 4' " E s '5".1 V Q ' T 5 S W pg ,, 1 V " " ' l f E: iz. ', .-f , , 1 Y , f I1 Q! :M 1- 1 33 In . J' 4 ..l ' T' V-, au' 1 U .sz '-A Y 4 ' 1 ' ' J ' ri- . . 7 3 Ir., -ny ' ri' 'D ',.J., an . in is 'S ,.' . .M ,W N. , H ,, L . e, ,.-., 7 J- ' Ivy 1 f X2 4- ' ? .. K' -' - wr' . ' I' '. 1 4 ' . n Yr' dfhgg Q " iffy fvul ' LT., . , ,X Q vi 'N --X. L, 'W .- ,I .x Y Ala. ',-1' ' Q N '4 'nf 1? v :W ev - ,? ll :F 'X ' 535 9 '51 . 'I rj' fv -V I W3 31 T' Riu' Thomas Jefferson's great grandson, Robert Coles, presented a program on thatlfamous founding father and author of the Decla- ration of Independence at TC oinlApril 6. Sponsored by the Stu- dent Activities committee, Coles spoke on lthe real Jefferson and the times in which he lived. This program was a part ofthe SAC's plans to lhelp students better understand amd celebrate the Bicentennial. Student Activities Committee Presentations "American Legends and Tall Tales" was the theme of Alexander Scourbysprogram at TC. Scourby, an actorion a current daytime serial and a narrator on various documentaries, appeared at TC on March 11. The StudentActivities+Committee, under the direction of Sharon Drake, sponsored Scourby. Ht ' V' 1:49 1 . . FQ- 7 515513 Q--A ' , - ,X FS'- Texarkna-born folk-singer Dana Stokes gave a concert in the Student Center on March 2. The first of a series of programs sponsored by the Student Activities Committee, Stokes' concert featured a number ofihis own compositions. R, C 'N N 'Used Car for Sale' 1, ll nn-up-an W I 1 - 1 'iq Ut -I 'Y Wai Z' J: I v ' "'i:i7K.. 4- V , .,.j9sr-'Q Q., ""'-' --rm., . .-4, fy.,-,,.,. ---np' f -5, 15 ,M ,E 3 'J 3 " 4 4'-Irv 1 gn' w "Used Car for Sale" is a play about an old man who ad- vertises his old car in a local newspaper as a way of attracting would-be customers to his house so he can talk with them and not be lonely. This play presented both a humorous and asad side of life. "Used Carfor Sale" was performed by the dramadepartment before the local Kiwanis Club and was also performed during an activity period for TC students. The TC drama department entered "Used Car for Sale" in the Texas Junior College Theatre Festival in Big Springs. Characters were Mr. Charlie lngersole iBarry Crainl, owner of the carg Hank fJames Michaell, the grocery store clerkg Suzi Brenneman fDenise Brouillettel, a girl who finally bought the used carp and Georgia Patmore iplayed by Libby Smith and later by Lisa Steinbachl, the woman from the local newspaper. This play was under the direction of Nancy Keyton. Left: Mr. Charlie Ingersoll fBarry Crainl prepares to wax his old yellow car, named Desdamona. Mr. Ingersoll in "Used Car for SaIe" was an old man who lived alone except for his parrot and his old car. Above : Young Hank Names Michaell tries to make Mr. Ingersoll an offer for his old car. Meanwhile, Suzi lDenise Brouillettej eats an apple and Georgia Patmore ILibby Smithl tries to get Mr. lngersoli's attention. Organizations e-va-...,., is . K I r-1 'L "" Pictured are Danny Elkins Joe Johnson Ball Hughes Bob ml' 3-Sv Q-I - ff' 311 as Om 21 22 25 Om -. 'E EP. 5 0 CD 23 3 CD U7 5' CD 1 F. Z O rn D3 Q U O 3 3 DJ Ii! LM P?-mp. L 'Y 1 U UU 1 -..,,3.?. United We Stand Two hundred years ago, a number of people organized for a purpose. That purpose was liberty. Together these people attained a goal that they would not have been ableto achieve alone. Alone, one can do little. So we often find it necessary to join together, for together much can be accomplished. Together we can work, talk, create, laugh, build, plan, and serve. People at Texarkana College organize because they have . 'I 1 143:26 te at ajifriirwi similar interests. Service clubs exist for those who want to help others, political clubs exist for those of similar political ideologies, some clubs exist for those who plan to enter into certain academic or vocational fieldsg and other clubs exist for people who enjoy taking part in the same kind of ac- tivities. Organizations, whether social, political, or academic, play a major role in the life ofa college, as well as a nation. Pictured are Bill Blue, Carol Frost, Mike Terrel, and Dr. David R. Bowers. 'rgh 50:3 Inf 'N .ff If fl Xi. 74' .I I J 1 .I YL! I. ,Qi - 4. ff 77 'mt " 9, 1 ' '-fri, P I' ,E zzfyx' gt, ' gi "LH is ' ff ' rl. L, P O IOO LE KCLUB Pictured are Sherrie Churchman, Christy Elkins, Janis Edmondson, Jeanine Thomas, Patricia Byram, Bunny Dees, Becky White, and Marjorie Buras. 'Government by the People' Sponsoring the many activities at TC including the con- certs, the dances, and other events kept the Student Senate busy during the fall and spring semesters. Action got under- way during the fall elections when a record-breaking number of students voted. Twice each month senators and class officers held meetings and planned the various activities. Several concerts, including Timberline and St. James, and several dances including the Snow Ball, were sponsored by the Senate. Also the Senate sponsored Play Day, sponsored the Miss TC '75 Pageant, and planned the club schedule and calendar. The Student Senate provides its members with the op- Meeting of the student Senate were well attended by both the Senate Members and the Class Officers,whofunction asapart of the Senate. Besides the usual meeting twice each month, call meetings are sometimes held. Pictured above and at right in senate meetings are Larry Mosely, Janice Edmondson, Becky Goff, Nanette Adams, Janet Griffin, Bill Rainey, Pam Postlethwaite, Pat Strobel, Andrea Lambert, David Borrer, Gail Patterson, and Sharon Jackson. fx-,L ,sn -Y ,. 1' portunity to serve their fellow students and learn leadership. Representative government as established in this nation by our Founding Fathers offers a challenge even at the college level for those who are willing to undertake it. Senate officers included were Christy Elkins, president, David Arnold, vice president, and Andrea Lambert, secretary. Sophomore senators were Rusty Allen, Becky Goff, Lana Adams, and Pat Strobel. Freshmen Senators were Nanette Adams, Janet Griffin, Larry Mosely, Pam Postlethwaite, and Bill E. Rainey. Sponsor for the Senate was Dean of Students Bill Hughes. in Y L Wu! 'Ni 'Q Student Senate President Christy Elkins con- Senate members Joseph Lamas, Rusty Allen, Pat Strobel, Gail Patterson, and Pam Postlethwaite listen to proposals for activities at one of the Student Senate meetings. itlpl . FlJE 2i'l ri" - AQIIIISYIAY C' is . 5, :bf ducts the meeting of the Senate. n'. K '1'.O gg s ., 'p ll 'Hu , 'o'9, 'O .0 U I .'l.O',' r ', , A ,. 'Htl'-.'4'7'-'-f'a.'.'o Dean Bill Hughes and Student Senate Vice President silently observe the proceedings of the Senate. Dean Hughes serves as sponsor for the Senate. 'All the World's a Stage' One of the most active organizations on campus in 1975-76 was the TC Players. The group met the fourth Tuesday of the month, and club membership was open to any student with good Scholastic standing. Officers fortheterm were Barry Crain, presidentg Kim Henderson, vice-presidentg and Kathy Savage, secretary-treasurer. Promoting interest and participation in theatre ac- tivities and providing quality entertainment for the student body and the community were goals for the group. During the year club members assisted backstage as crew and technicians and portrayed roles in various college drama producations.Asafund-raising project the TC Players sold bicentennial buttons. ln way of a special project, the Players participated in video taping sessions of a play presented during the fall. "The Contrast" was taped by Texarkana Cable Television Company and was cablecast on local Channel 5. Jody Parsons directed the spring production, "The American Dame." It was presented in dinner-theatre fashion at the Pines Ballroom in March. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jones sponsored the production and gave the proceeds to the drama department for scholarships for drama students. This campus organization gave students the op- portunity and experience in furnishing the college and the community with educational theatre experiences. Drama students serve as backstage crew and technicians and learn to build sets for the various college drama productions. They also assist backstage for the professional productions that come to the campus. Drama instructor, Jody Parsons, introduced the cast of "The American Dame" in a sneak preview given to the Texarkana YWCA members. Pro- viding quality entertainment and promoting interest in the theatre ex- tends beyond the TC campus. I wt c 7 "' milf 'ti TI - i J 5 ' i f . Z' V' Ii ff, Above: Thom Ragland combs his hair in the style of 1776 for his part in "The Contrast" as Mrs. Keyton helps Bill Barlow with his make-up. I X , I l 4 V ffl l :K Putting on make-up is an art in itself, and Nancy Keyton, speech and drama instructor, is a pro. TC Players learn by watching the pro and practicing. , li Y 1- -YYY . ,.'Y' '- L X l l N. ,Vx 0' ' .4 ' 'i L ,V fx. ., it QPMQ X 4 -L -. X Right: Dramatic productions require a lot of getting ready before curtain time. Here Lib- by Smith helps Lisa Steinbach arrange her hair for her part in "The Contrast." X , I . - i l I 'J X .I W its 1 a L -X sn itil l i N img s'm C.. tr.-k '. s:. I in-1' 'rs , . .4 X .ty t -xx s ' Y- . lk -A' r, ," A A ,.,- - if ' Q -. lv 155, fl ,y f 1--" f gi Ltl ' ' 1 X, , f ' . Ai,- l gs. MENC " ' A Club With Harmony Music students join together in TC's chapter of the Music Edu- cators National Conference for the opportunity to advance their musical knowledge and have fellowship with other musi- cians. MENC members went to Baytown, Texas to hear a concert by Fluth Slenczenska, one of the great women pianists, Also, the MENC annually attends the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio to take part in the workshops. Other events the MENC is involved in are All State Band Contest and the Texas Junior College Teachers' Association Convention. jf? -if Sponsor for MENC is Mr. Thomas Seay. l Top: Music instructor Sandy Simmons demonstrates the proper technique for playing a French- horn. MENC promotes cultural events in the field of music for the student musicians. Above: Officers for the MENC are lleft to rightl Tracie Churchill, reporterg Lareece Lynn, president, Stacy Mclntosh, vice-presidentg and Janice Rosenbaum tseatedi, secretary-treasurer. Below: MENC President Lareece Lynn conducts the business at a meeting of the MENC with the approval of the members and the sponsor, Thomas Seay tseated far left, second rowi. Members are tfront row, left to righti David Parker, Danny Bowling, Tracie Churchill, Cathy Capps, and Bruce Power: tsecond, left to righti Seay, Libby Hart, Cathy Savage, Janis Rosenbaum, Stacy Mclntosh, and Lois Griffin. Above: Delta Psi Omega initiates Eddie Emerson, Cathy Savage, Norm Allen, and Barry Crain hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. Membership into Delta Psi Omega is a lifetime honor for dedicated students of drama. Below: Mrs. Parsons, members of Delta Psi Omega, and guests gather around the table to talk. The Delta Psi Omega initiation is one of the few times that drama students are able to be themselves instead of characters on the stage. f".l'-a ,, - I ., .-'- w - W, Delta Psi Omega Hams in Action Delta Psi Omega, the National Drama Fraternity, initiated four new members in 1975. To qualify for membership,the drama student must have had lead parts in two productions or must have been the head of the crew in two productions. The initiation ceremony was held in the spring at the home of. Mr. and Mrs. James Parsons. New initiates had to recite the Greek alphabet and present an original skit. President of Delta Psi Omega is Denise Brouillette, and sponsor is Jody Parsons. Aggies Promoting interest in agricul- ture and broadening educational activities were major goals of the Agriculture club this year. Membership in the organization was open to any student actively enrolled in Texarkana College and having an interest in agriculture. Agri Club members were active in various projects. The club sponsored its annual spring and fall barbecues. They also were responsible for coordinating the annual Future Farmers of America Judging Contest which was held on campus in March. In April, members attended the Texas Junior College Agriculture Association Convention at East Texas State University in Com- merce. Some club members also participated in National Rodeo finals at Tulsa. Officers for the Agriculture Club were Wade Raulston, president, Carlos Kingston, vice-presidentg Debbie Roper, secretaryg and Debi Smith, treasurer. Dr. Royce Granberry and David Adams are the faculty sponsors. X -U l 1 '73-hx-rms Top: It's business as usual, as Shirley Shumake and members of the Agri Club tend to plants in the greenhouse. Left : Future Farmers ofAmericafrorn local high schools sign up forJudging Contests manned by members oftheAgri Club at acontest held at TC under the direction of the TC Agriculture Club. Above: One member ofthe Agri Club chops wood while the others "supervise" The wood is being chopped to be used in cooking the barbecue prepared by the Agri Club in one of their most popular events Below left: Dr. Royce Granberry, sponsorofthe Agriculture Club. Below right: David Adams, sponsor of the Agriculture Club. 'L ' .. , .M '.xso'-rERN'72' 7 va --win . . I , V -.---7, .,H . :LH s- , -LL s 22-NMDS57 I ' , WSU' 21 . . w wx. '-j' . Larry Forgey. media assistant to a candidate for congress, spoketo the Young Democrats in February in order to enlist help in the upcoming campaigns. . .The Young Democrats traditionally supported Con- gressman Wright Patman in the District One Con- gressional race. Above: Lester Meredith is sponsor of the Young Demo- crats. His office wall is papered with bumper stickers he has collected through his work in politics. Left: Dorian Cox has served as president of the TC Young Democrats Club, Party of the People ln an election year, Democrats can always be found, especially at TC. Students at TC who are loyal to the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Johnson join the Young Democrats. The ideals of popular government, equal justice, and social welfare are promoted by the Young Democrats. Last spring the YD's at TC attended the annual Texas Young Democrats Convention at Dallas and heard Robert Strauss, national Democratic Party Chairman. During the fall semester a party and dance was held by the YD's with the Soul Providers providing the music. Early in the spring semester of 1976, the YD's began working in political campaigns in the Democratic Party. Dorian Cox served as president of the YD's. Other officers included Ftosa Willis, vice-president, Jackie Whitcher, secretary-treasurerg and Glen Austin, parliamentarian. Lester Meredith served as faculty sponsor. 'R Q I 0 'W 1927 fm x I' u ' . ' 1,1 - : 'L 5. 1 ' " ' 0 ' Q1 - Q O I' 9 5' 'if-., X' 1 , - 4 f sl LL I x X 5 , ' xXx ' I 'x N i . ,V , N, . 4 ,1 -1 . - 1 i r I I at, .535 K iq. x 5 Mike Terrell, Editor Sarah Heath, Fall Associate Editor Billy Burton, Spring Associate Editor , 45: , '15 f- " is x 5, Q3 For the staff of the TC Campus News, putting out the weekly paper is a non-stop task involving combing the campus for news stories, covering meetings and ac- tivities, writing about various people and programs, taking pictures, and selling advertisting. Other duties of the staff includes writing headlines, outlines, and editorials or covering subjects ranging from world events to happenings on campus. Following in the American tradition from Benjamin Franklin's newspaper articles urging colonial unity with the famed "Join or Die" symbol to the recent events of Watergate, TC Campus News aims for professionalism. l l l Ben House, Assistant Editor Carol Frost, Circulation Manager lan' -an-lf' 'uf if 5 2 isr- -4. 1 Bob Walters, Reporter , i 7 . f -r-T? -5 4"ml""'A .-4, V2-Ulm , 1 - A N 'H- I Pat Rogers, Business Manager Priscilla McLeroy, Features Editor A. K. Detwiler, Reporter 3 4 ,J -Ben Groom, Reporter A 4- f- - .,- Martha Helms QReporter Carolyn Creighton Reporterp vJames Owen, Sports Editor 32 .Z ' 7 X Q xg? qv 1' V .iv ' -u for I p 4. The Grand Old Party at TC Below! Ricky Moore, president of the Young Republicans. Left g Larry Cooper and Mark Harris With an interest infostering the growth ofthe two-party system in Texas man a voting booth during the and in electing or re-electing Republicans in Washington, the Young Spring Of 1975- Republicans at TC kept on the move. The YR's sent delegates to the State Executive Committee Meeting of the United Texas Young Republicans Federation in the fall. Plans were made to send delegates to the State Convention in March. Other activities of the YR's includes serving on committees, manning voting boothes during school elections, and participating in intramural sports. Officers for the Young Republicans are Ricky Moore, chairman, Pat Strobel, vice-chairman, Rusty Allen, secretaryg and Steve Evans, treasurerg and Ronald Bright, sponsor. fffiiff ,-and MAE, . .--ss -. Ronald Bright. sponsor Young Republicans meet to make plans for upcoming events, including the State Convention in March. .1 .rf s-, Top left : Plans are made by the Chess Club for the tournament held -jointly with Texas High School. President of the Chess Club, Mike Terrell presides at the meeting. Top right: Contestants in the Four States Invitational Chess Tournament from the TC Chess Club include, from left to right, Bob Hamil, Sherilyn Meadows, David Delbert, and Lasca Beck, sponsor. Above: Intense concentration is necessary in all games of chess. Checkmate Kings, queens, knights, bishops, rooks, pawns, and members of the TC Chess Club joined together in games of chess for enjoyment and challenging competition. Members of the Chess Club and others interested in the game played chess during the activity periods in the library. Highlighting the events of the Chess Club was the second annual Four States Invitational Chess Tournament. The tournament was co-sponsored by the TC Chess Club and Texas High School. TC's Chess Club placed fourth in the tournament. Officers of the Chess Club are Mike Terrel, presi- dent, Sherilyn Meadows, secretary-treasurerg and Lasca Beck serves as sponsor. Health Helpers Students enrolled in the health related curriculum may participate in the Vo- cational Nurses Club or the Professional Nurses Club. Each organization seeks to develop individual qualities of lead- ership, tolerance, and objectivity and to stimulate interest in the nursing pro- fession. The Professional Nurses Club is . . H. ,, 1 X affiliated with the Texas Nursing Stu- dents Association and the National A ,r Student Nurses Association. ' Officers for the Professional Nurses Club were Bob Stewart, president, Pam Duke, vice-president, Cyndi Vaughn, recording secretary, Kathy Woolfolk, corresponding secretary, Ron Halter, treasurer, Judy Musselman, reporter, Jamie Bailey, historian, and Ann Strickland, parliamentarian. Sponsors for the group were Mary Covan and Kathy Rapple. Officers for the vocational club serv- ing the fall term were: Judy Davis, presi- dent, Earnestine Jones, vice-president, Jeanette Hefner, secretary, Stephanie Fowlks, treasurer, and Deloris Hooper, projectchairman.JeannineThomasand Lou Ella Humphrey were faculty sponsors. Dr. Harold Short was the speaker at the Augustgraduation exercises of the Buchanan School of Nursing. The graduates are ffrom left to rightl 1st row: Betty Williams, Jean Cabanos, Jan Shrode, Hilda Phillips, Francis Martin, Veronica James, Darlene Nichols: 2nd row: Linda Pope, Sandra Clenny, Barbara Moore, Fiose Thompson, 1 :I-li if'rtQ'-ii: , A r . I i 'L ' 4, 9 I 1 1? , ' ' 'PW iv- ps 1 , -yr I if Corine Griffin, Joyce Simms, Holly Simmons: 3rd row.: Linda Fllice, Cindy Carver, Jean Back, Barbara Norton, Elaine Dickens. Little Swamptreg 4th row: Pam Reynolds, Jeannie Glover, Jeanne Scogin, Oleta Retzell, Toni Coker, Sophia Chophia. ' f J 43 I-'af 5 qi it ll 'L .wan . f n - Q V '. Below: Shoppers browse at the flea market sponsored by the Vocational Nurses Club. The club raised over S6005 proceeds were used to aid in medical expenses for Keri Beth Flowers, a Hope, Arkansas infant born with a serious birth defect. Left: Students check blood pressure gauges in prepara- tion for the Feb- ruary clinic conducted by the vocational club. Left Below: Nurs- ing students get in some last minute study time in the lab before an exam. Dr. Jack W. Harrison addressed the spring vocational nursing graduating class. The graduates are lfrom left to rightl 1st row: Rachel Crocker, Katheryn Watson, Gloria Chappa, Jean Mixon, Rita Watson, Stephanie Fowlksg 2nd row: Deloris Hooper, Vera Pickings, Debbie Eaves, Doris Pilant, Mary Powell, LaVerne Wilson, Mary Hensly, Sandra Stacks: 3rd row: Ann Purvis, May Ross, Lois Long, vw . Q ' 1 Fi . l ,,...:-1 J 1 nnditwrnf if -s..xg,li"-LI' .gl Connie Waller, Margaret Corbett, Barbara Crawford, Kay McClain, Jeanette Hefner, Lou Ann Karr, Pat Byram, Donna Stonequist, Judy Roberson, 4th row: Judy Davis, Laverne Martin, Cynthia Sandinge, Jessie Yeager, Mary Langston, Ruby Shaddix, Frances Patterson, Pam Lewis, Linda Cole, Pat Huskins, and Gertrude Tatum. g, I Q 5 l L X l fi ' o' 5, 'V' Ks? y f " X N X 1.4 , . X id- f 1 1 ,V ri' B - Us J A . l 'lf' ! 4: m 4 .1 I 554, ' Wy i I r ,f l T ' l ' I 3341- - - um!! 1: . "LW Mis-N 'iff TOP: Stagecoach is the best way to travel according to members of the Rodeo Club. Pictured are Carlos Kingston, Debi Smith, Wade Raulston, Debbie Roper, and Ronnie Russel. Below: Mrs. Gene Livingston serves as sponsor of the Rodeo Club. Right: Wade Raulston and Ronnie Russel ride on a mule train. ,F ji 'VH K- JN. . . ' 1 VV! ,wifi N' ...fi D-Q X. I ,,. .-,lr il . . ,A tsyj . 34 1' L., 1!"' .v 9 9 A - . . ,,- Vwev - Cowboys and Cowgirls For those with rodeos on their minds, the TC Rodeo Club was the place to be. Members of the Rodeo Club attended the National lRA Finals in Tulsa during the spring of 1976. They also sponsored two dances for members of the rod eo club. Other activities included presenting four members with scholarships, helping with a blood drive, and participating in intramural sports. Plans were made by the Rodeo Club to hold the 1976 Annual Spring Rodeo in New Boston in April. Officers for the rodeo club were Melanie Hamilton, president, Wade Raulston, vice- president, Debi Smith, secretary, Debbie Roper, treasurer, Ronnie Russel and Neal Collier, reporters. Mrs. Gene Livingston served as sponson Above : Rodeo club officers from left to right are Paula Hamilton, Debbie Roper, Debi Smith, Melanie Hamilton, Wade Raulston, and Neal Collier. Melanie Hamilton was thefirstgirl ever to be elected president of the Rodeo Club. Top: A membership drive is sponsored by the Rodeo Club at the beginning of the spring semester. Pictured are Johna Mahone, Debbie Roper, Debi Smith, and Tommie York. C9 Campus Blues we, T Scholarship, leadership, and service are key words for the Blue Jackets, a women's organization at Texarkana College. The club, which was organized in 1932, limits its membership to a maximum of thirty young women each year. This year the club had fourteen members and met twice monthly. The Blue Jackets participated in various activities and projects which included assisting backstage at the Miss TC Pageant, helping with the annual Water Show, aiding with musicals and plays and ushering at graduation. Each year the group sponsors a booth at the Flea Market. Officers for the 1975-76 school term were: Paula Schiessl, president, Christine Williams, vice-president, Virginia Fomby, secretary-treasurer, and Julie Wicker, scrapbook chairman. Right: Club members, from left to right. Sharon Jackson, Paula Simpson, Bonnie Henderson, Debbie Ervin. and Carolyn Caudle lseated on floorl gatherfor a brunch during the spring semester. The young women's service organization held its formal banquet and initiation at the Catfish Cove on February 4. Participating in ceremonies are, from left to right: Marianne Dickson, Virginia Fom- by, Bonnie Henderson, Paula Simpson and Lisa Steinback. Left: Blue Jacket officers lighttheir candles in preparation for the spring initiation ceremony. They are, from left to rlghtg Julie Wicker, scrapbook chairmang Christine Williams, vice-presidentg and Virginia Fomby, secretary-treasurer. Below: Faculty sponsors and club members take time out from busy schedules during the fall for a coke party. Discussing club activities are, from left to right, Kim Grady: Mrs. Ftuth Fomby and Mrs. Sue Works, sponsorsg Florence Kindler and Pede Click. at Circle K: Service - Work - Play f 1 I l Z i 5 Uh 111-.-. ggi? 1 p I K if ,h X ' 'r I , s -di J' as i 1 -ni Xl, 'Q ,-- M V ,ff A NN.. .- 'N Q ' 3 ,Ps I A, 1 . i r . , A, 1' "-x' 1' - - .- -... F ' x f 0 'fm 'R 4-R .Qui ... . ' o ,mm .""'QS ng ' ,I ll QQ' v '-Q-wi" ,L Q ' ' ' is .Sl ,.:11 - li :mga ..s ' vv V :in f 8 -A x A 'l' 9 9. ,l-" 'W . In P Q 1' 'A A n i If! " lr J 1 . 7 . I' ll V t V P J bf ' V' r ,4, - -5. Top picture: Robert Kirkpatrick calls to order a business session of Circle K. Left: Circle K offi- cers and sponsors are, left to right, Becky White, secretary-treasurerg Mrs. Georgia McFaul, sponsorg Becky Goff, vice-presidentg Kenneth Burkhalter, sponsorg and Robert Kirkpatrick, president. .a V 'i Af .,r Q - fb .. . 3 A. .. Vg , wi Yi -uin- ,, , , .A , L . . . ,, 'FF .- . es i 5 Q 4 , 0 l 5 B' I 4 mx , L ' ' , 5 J s J. lf' Above: Leon Hawkins donates blood during the campus blood drive sponsored by Circle K. Blood Services of Texarkana provided technicians and equipment for the drive. v i' at 3 ff' ' I . c 'ZWHQ5 Left: Club members, left to right, Donna Lanier, Becky White, Becky Goff, Andrea Lambert, Pam Fomby, and Kathy Parmley served as ushers at the Emerald Ball, a community charity event. Above: Paul McFerran and Joel McGee are Sponsors of Circle K in the spring. Circle K is a coed service organization which is associated with Kiwanis International. Students participating in the club must be carrying a college class load of at least 12 semester hours. During the year the group sponsored a campus blood drive in cooperation with local Blood Ser- vices, sponsored dances and participated in various campus activities. In December members assisted with the Emerald Ball, a community fund-raising project for charity. Officers for the school are Robert Kirkpatrick, presidentg Becky Goff, vice-presidentg and Becky White, secretary-treasurer. Sponsors for the fall semester were Mrs. Georgia lVlcFaul and Kenneth Burkhalter. Joel McGee and Paul lVlcFerran were club sponsors for the spring term. ,.,,,,, if jrafifi U 1 iiwfiif :"hIf.'! '.'7"rfQ J Tee Cees First in Service One of the purposes of the Tee Cees is to render services to both the college and the community. Following this direction, the Tee Cees helped during registration, assisted in a blood drive and a muscular dystrophy campaign, and worked with the local JC's. Contributions were made by the Tee Cees to the Day Care Center and the Library on campus, and they also participated in intramural sports. Officers for the Tee Cees are Stephen Evans, president, Rusty Allen, vice president, and Joseph Lamas, reporter. Bob Bell is sponscr of the Tee Cees. ff rl Tr ' V D - V 3. - ' .. -- ' 31--'-M l S TI . ' 3+v'2A e ste,-jnrg,-Q , B, Pictured from left to right are Steve Evans, president of the Tee Cees, Randy Friar, and Bob Bell, sponsor. Above: Joseph Lamas, reporter of the Tee Cees. Left: Allen, vice president of the Tee Cees. -d! r 4 Rusty Campus Christian Movement MembersoftheCampusChris- tian Movement follow the Biblical command of "not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together." Pictured are Dave Haydel, Jan Tim- berlake, and Flev. David Diller. The Campus Christian Movement, under the direction of derwmirlational religious group. Several members, along the Rev, David Diller, met twice each week during the Spring with Diller, attended the Texas Campus Christian Movement semester to study, to read, to share and to relate to them- Reffeaf in PHISSUFIG in Mawh- selves and each other how the teachings of Christ are rele- The S9fm0fl On the M01-mf WHS Studied by the Campus vant to everyday living, Christian Movementduring the bi-weekly meetings at TC and This newly formed club was organized as a non- OD the retreat at Palestine- l l Various aspects of the Christian faith are discussed by the Christian Campus Movement. From left to right are Ed Watson, Debbie Lon- don, Helen Diller, and Rev. David Diller. Los Conquistadores if I 2 l Right: Some of the members of the Spanish club take time away from a meeting for a picture. Offi- cers for the Spanish club were Jimmie McGee, presidentg Betty Hoover, vice-presidentg Brenda Jones, secretary: Debbie Jones, treasurerg and Dorothy Trigg, re- porter. Mrs. Ruth Fomby was faculty sponsor. Below: The "Three Bears" is presented in Spanish at the spring banquet. Bottom: Members of the Spanish and French club are amused by the an- tics of "Los Tres Osos" or "The Three Bears." r ,f 31 .4 31, Spanish club members aimed their activities at gaining a better understanding of the Spanish language and the people speaking it. The group welcomed as members any student taking Spanish and gathered to enjoy social ac- tivities and to practice speaking the language. The club closed the spring semester of 1975 with a banquet at El Chico's. Members of the French Club joined them for the Banquet. A presentation of the Spanish version of "The Three Bears" was a part of the program. During the spring semester of 1976, Mrs. Fomby had the club members in her home for dinner followed by games and prizes. ,Hugs v 35' W want .Af X Nz 1- . ,,.,,-i. -- i",' ' tx 'VAA .W Left: French club officers from left to right are Gail Miller, secretary, James Young, historian: Nathelma Haywood Taylor, vice-presi- dentg Bruce Moun- sey, presidentg and Leesa Stroman, treasurer, Below: Miss Gardner and French club mem- bers enjoy a lunch- eon meeting in the Student Center. Dur- ing January the themeofthe meeting was the Bicentennial and aslide presenta- tion of "France in America" was shown. Bottom : Kheimm and Phao Pham spoke of their lives in Vietnam at a meeting of the French club. surf-,M-M '-'T' t 4, 'fiif ir' "Xe, ' . 'T T A 515- 1. , ' ' J' ter- ' new r m' , VL I N . ,g g ,. ,1 ,Q .rj -fn l X Le Cercle Francais The French club opened its membership to any student who had completed the elementary French course. In the fall, the group elected the following officers at their organizational meeting: Bruce Mounsey, presidentg Nathelma Haywood Taylor, vice-presidentg Gail Miller, sec- retary, Leesa Stroman, treasurer, and James Young, historian. Miss Lois Gardner was faculty sponsor. In October the club met in the Student Center lounge and enjoyed a program of music by Yves Montand followed by a sandwich and dip luncheon prepared by Leesa Stroman. The French and Spanish clubs held ajoint meeting in November to hear Kheimm and Phao Pham, Vietnamese brother and sister, discuss their life in Vietnam and their adjustment to life in the United States. The organization gathered for a Christmas party in Miss Gardner's home. "Christmas in France" was the theme for the musical program and members enjoyed playing French Scrabble at the Party. -1 100 Phi Theta Kappa Fosters Leadership Promotion of scholarship, development of character, and the cultivation of fellowship among students are the aims of Phi Theta Kappa, the National Junior College Honorary Scholarship Society. Elgibility for Phi Theta Kappa is determined by the students' good moral character, and qualities of leadership as iudged by a faculty committee and by the students' gradepoint. TC's chapter of Phi Theta Kappa sponsored a panel discussion on the controversial Equal Rights Amend- ment, an American Handicrafts presentation, and a de- monstration on Bio-Rythyms. Thej 2th Annual Phi Theta Kappa State Convention held in Corpus Christi was at- tended by four members and two sponsors from TC. Mrs. Lucy Larey and Mrs. Nellie Thomas serve as sponsors. Officers for this year are Therese McGrane, presidentg Jerry Bonham, vice president, Andrea Lam- bert, secretaryg Mike Ward, Treasurer: Carla Kingston, historiang and Larry Cooper, reporter. QS 3 C-3 l l l l Above: Right to Left, Jimmie McGee, Peggy Myers, Vicki Moores, and Leon Pesek, with lighted candles, prepare to become Phi Theta Kappa members. The lighting of candles plays a significant part in the formal ceremony for initiates. Students qualifying for PKT membership are initiated twice a year. Sophomores require a 3.4 g.p.a. and Freshman require a 3.6 g.p.a. for admission. Left: Officers for 1975-76 are, left to right, Carla Kingston, Mike Ward, Andrea Lambert, Jerry Bonham, Therese McGrane, and Larry Cooper. Below: The equal Rights Amendment provides a lively topic for an overflow crowd at a PKT panel discussion. Panel members in favor of the amendment were Miss Mary Lewis, TC English instructor, and Mark Peel, sportswriter for the Texarkana Gazette. Panel members against the amendment were Mrs. Jane Mitchell, local housewife and Henry Wood, Jr., TC history instructor. Gilbert Smith, TC history and government instructor, served as moderator of the event. ,ffl ni . ., ies.-A1 f ,qi Q . i 1 1 lc l The reception following the PKT initiation is enjoyed by Mrs. Carl Nelson, PKT sponsors Mrs. Nel- lie Thomas and Mrs. Lucy Larey. Dr. Carl Nelson, and Board members Betty Carter and C. A. Mitchell. Below: A new member signs the roll with a featherpen and l 1 2 .J J officially becomes a Phi Theta Kappa member for life while Ax ii l officers Jerry Bonham and Andrea Lambert look on. ln order to . ,, l be chosen for membership, a student must have completed All - In L, j twelve hours and must fall within the upper ten percent of the l 8 K Q i student body. Flin -f .2 f ' t ! 1 xy Q , l I! -Wg '- I... I P 1 'V F' I 'iii-is l: 1 ' , I qitifjf in ' ,P '45 iii E ,T ' l i, wifi .tu-.J . fuzz? ,531 Rub :W 5 A vl'x my , S T ' ll ' if 1 , ala.. 2 - :....Q. .. .4....l' .,..-........s. .Ja .Al A X!-' ,. . ... ,..:..1 5- Ai, Q 4 . f-tirsltgg-:ggi A T Dr. Carl Nelson, President of Texarkana College, addresses the new . members of Phi Theta Kappa. parents and friends at the fall initiation. - fi" - as l ,.. Behind Dr. Nelson are officers Theresa McGrane, Andrea Lambert, and Jerry Bonham. i l l l l l 2 l members are Wllllam Ft. Allen, Jr., Linda Blckman, Brace Boyden Kayle Adele Chandler. Joan Cowley, Stephen Evens, Randy L, Gann Tommie Hodge, Joe Garret, Zonna Lynn Johnson, Cathy Lafferty: Kenneth L. Maddox. Karen Mclnnis. Linda Meyer, Marylynn Murphy, F Phi Theta Kappa initiated 24 new members during the fall. New Thomas Bruce Power, Janice Rosenbaum, ,Phillip Speer, Jan Spil- ' ' lyards, Janie Rebecca Tidwell, Charles C. Van Horn, Cindy Vaughan, Christine Williams, and Debra Wocdle. Membership to PKT provides both opportunities and prestige. TC '76 Compressing oneyear at TC into two hundred and eight pages is the task the yearbook staff faces. Pictures must be taken, developed, cropped, and arranged on the pages. Copy, outlines, and head- lines must be written for each page. As the yearbook staff faces the mounting pressures of deadlines, long hours have to be spent at the typewriter, in the darkroom, and in the yearbook office. Creativity and diligence go together to make up the staff. The final result of the labors of the yearbook staff is TC '76. The staff of TC '76 includes Ben House, editor, Carol Ann Frost, associate editor, David Akin, Bill Blue, Robert Dodd, Billy Burton, Pat Rogers, and Bob Walters, photographers, and Mrs. Joy Arnold, publications adviser. it-4 , . , 5- s v ' 'Q , 5 p 5 t r ' .mln . pf- B- ,Q g . ' Agfkxqi, i. , , l' , v v 'JAX lg -ext. !! . SL lg 1lnsg..,,,- . -',.y:1:, .--'- . - ,G ' -' . , , f 4 2 - 2 f' 0 I J v- '-0 .a .r' ".. ,.-',.-A :uy gag.. ' :i'111:1'- ifzltziiziii -.qt-guyz.. .' ,Q-,1'.nH l .',.-,.g.... .3,.1,.,,... . -',.-1.4.-7 l J. Ben House, Editor 4Carol Frost, Associate, Editor Uoy Arnold, Publications Adviser . :LL , . , -v-r-ew..- ., ,-',. '.1,:A,l .. i I K . l i lb li Z-0 A :Bill Blue H Ili fc 0 I If 2' i v v ....,...,-0 :ei W fl il -' if 1 I ,"' it Q 1 f W5 1 "dx I as 'J' 1.1 , B 1 ll n I Q I IH 1 I J 5 ' V- - Mike Terrell, Business Manager vBob Walters Robert Doddp 'Gm . mf .,-ii ki i if fx K I 4 I 1 1 N, E Q . 1 iii, il XS 1 , F5 ' X L Z, K, ,sk X I 'X 2 '1 1 xt' V 5 i X t , H, Q 'f. ,.. A ii . 1 ' A . " - '- i at ,M .. i, 'Q ' , .5 A I Y S.: , i . X w is W' x I x f i 'Q -7 'ni' i s 'VIA glial" '4"A -if 112 'N 6. ' 'S 3 1.56211 r ' ' xx HM ' 1,". R' !.- Q -5 r V ' I iw. - ., ' X - I - 2 ,Pita ,..' I - QQ , Au , is gm' 94 '50 k . N, ' . X31 ' Ki X BSN 7 NM r if ' - V. 4 hh , ' X ii l Q. ' Iv f- fx fi' 2 "r i ' x 4 N 3 1.251 A 165. H B' .-JUL 6 l People if 5. terson, Larry Mosley, Ruth Fowler, Buddy Woods, Bill Sams, David Adams, Dooley Barlow, Carol Frost, Bill Blue, Lavonne Davis, Nona Culpepper, Gladys Cupp, and Nellie Thomas. Pictured are Rita Ann Hawthorne, Debbie Braddock, Sue Pat- Sowers of the Seed During the Bicentennial year, the leaders of the American Revolution receive much attention. They provided the guidance, motivation, ideas, talents, administration and hard work necessary to successfully lead the colonies in their struggle for independence. The Administrators and faculty members play asimilar role in their positions at TC. They provide the guidance, moti- vation, ideas, talents, administration, and hard work necessary for successfully leading Texarkana College. Years 2 X nm fn of study and preparation, devotion to their work, and skill in performance are the ingredients making up the adminis- trators and faculty at TC. Though they may never see it, the administrators and the faculty constantly make imprints upon their students. A man once wrote to a former teacher what could be said of many teachers: "l don't know what life or lives may lie before me. Butl know that to the end of them, lshall bearyour mark upon me " 'mit Dean Levi Hall and Norma Nelson if. J.. r'- xX' Q wi - - 1 6' lt!! HIFI X N.,Q .,. Y 5. if 1 ,ff- Cf' 0 Pictured are Nancy Keyton, Sharon Waren, Gladys Cupp, Mr and Mrs. Truman Arnold, Sharon Drake, J. Eldon Spencer David Hewett, Henry Wood, and Sam Cotton. 111 ti L 0354 A :cali ui ' ' I Xi1i.hNl,H L a-qw fkbffh 'f ,lx ' time . 3 A ' 'B Board of Trustees 'Y .naw C. A. Mitchell, President Truman Arnold, Vice President BN 1 5 "yt r""inQL Burnham Jones X xl Howard Waldrop Dr. Walter C. Barnes, Jr. Betty Carter Dr. William Patterson. Secretary r , - , i James C. Evans ...BX .4 John V. Massey pig vw-.I gg- E ua 'Fill ' s ll gl .. 'X f The Bicentennial year found a new President at Texarkana College. Dr. Carl M. Nelson. a native of Texarkana, returned to his ,home town to serve as president of his Alma Mater. Dr. Nelson reorganized the academic divisions and worked to bring the Vo- tech and academic programs of TC closer together. TX 5- President and Mrs. fi . Carl Nelson met S- -ws" 1 5 Mrs. Levi Hall, wife F -- ' l of Dean Levi Hall,at 1 a reception held for President Nelson. Dean Hall served as acting president' after the resigna- tion of Dr. Cady until Dr. Nelson's appointment. Y"-'Y Norman Nichols Levi H. Hall Dean of Business Affairs Dean of Instruction Bill R. Hughes Dean of Students '!5':':':ol:: .Qi -lll:il:'aN A '5 E I! Hx iii? B. J. Murdock Dean of Program Development .V ..4:.. f'f!'?f sn'- nu. .. -. - '.?.Q'iQQ,f'f! 45' gs. ' K J' ll 1. 6. ., . , 'Q ' 'R --'. " .1 110-r-ff:rq,.,,.-, -J A 'lf -'fb' .0 5 , 4. .. .i -1 -v. f fe ' f Q , M , r". ' 'la-I." 1. - rs., .J az u fr 'li 1 . , ' 34 F. ' R . 1 --I , 1" -- -- f.. Q ir 111. . Y 1. 4 r . , f , 5 v .- ,if-fd-. ..'.' -xv. -1. .. I, ,f ,.. .. .' L, - '-5" A ,i K fww' U' -r 1 -1 i M 'hd , ' jf, -41 f f Q A , ,.,1-- -4 1. .'. Q, ' ri ,gf - :Y ' ' 2 'n ,- - ' 1 T' 15, ,Ir .ry :gf-. -, ,,v , , ,, - I 5. """ ' , ' '1 'A . 4 .l K. B. Davis John Ferguson Registrar Director of Community Affairs and Off-Campus Programs David Mueller Dale Works ASS0CiB1S Dean of Instruction Associate Dean of Evening and Continuing Education f 4 Georgia McFaul Ronald Bright Director of Counseling Counselor Ewa" I Herman Barnett Frank Coleman Duwayn Elliott Counselor Counselor Director of Learning Resource Center Q--ff Helen Click Nellie White Arlene Kyles Librarian Librarian Librarian 'lv ' "" 1 i D 9 . I, Mike Wages Henry McDaniel Danny Shelton Veterans' Coordinator Veterans' Representative Data Processing Programmer Q V? V - :N 'xq f-. -,lj 5' i ff x Cf . ' 1: j',Qi ah . I ' 1' A, il r r' ' I L .1 I J ft, W I 7? l ta l LouNeII Davis Benny Cox Norman H. Kauffman David Cronelius Bookstore Director Student Center Supervisor of Maintenance Supervisor of Janitorial Services Office Sfaffi First FOW. left IO right-Carolyn Balmain. Lea Ledwell, Masters, Katy Elkins, Linda Kirby, Martha Kline, MaggieAshlin, Kathy Debbie Mclntire. Ruth FOwIer. L0ri Ables. Second row-Frances Jordan, Marti Miller, Faye Shipp, Shelby Crawford. Ruth Bearden, Howze, Mary Sartin, Marsha Ballew, Dell Stephens, Lou Marley, Mary Long, Flaura Prudom, Sharon Waren. Helen Paveyg Third row-Dyanne Miller, Rhonda Division of Business Administration 1. Ira D. Robinson, Chairman. 2. Dr. Robert L. Arnold, Business Ad ministration. 3. Corbett Anderson, Graphic Arts. 4. David C. Brown, Mid-Management. 5. Kenneth Burkhalter, Jr., Data Proc essing. 6. Marian Crowder, Office Occupa tions. 7. James Dillard, Truck Driving. B. Wayne Folmer, information Process- ing. 9. Dell Jacobs, Business Administra- tion. 10. Errol Hatfield, Business Administra- tion. 11. Eldon Hicks, Truck Driving. 12. Adolphus Hinton, Mid- Management. 13. Charles Marley, Mid-Management. 14. Robert Mills, Business Administra- tion. 15. Patricia Moore, Office Occupa- tions. 16. Rheuben Northam, Truck Driving Program. 17. Bill Schrader, information Process- mg. 18. Frances Watson, Business Admin- istration. 19. Joyce Wilson, Office Occupations. pf .,-fx. N 12 13 14 15 16 Q:-1' Qi! w ky ,J Division of Health Cccupations 1. Shirley Finn, Chairman. 2. Pauline Barnes, LVN Program, 3. Lasca Beck, ADN Program 4. Ruth Bransford, Medical Assistant gram. 5. Mary Coven. ADN Program. 6. Carol Hodgson, ADN Program. s Pro- 7. Lou Ella Humphrey, LVN Program. 8. Janet Lewis, LVN Program. 9. Gene Livingston, Medical Assistants Pro gram. 10. Maurene Middlebrooke, ADN Program 11. Pat Morgan, LVN Program. 12. Mary Mote, ADN Program. 13. Gloria Mugno, LVN Program. 14. Kathleen Haple, ADN Program. 15. Jeannine Thomas, LVN Program. 'Du 4? Wi' 'I - f iw 'V 2 3 4 5 6 "YL ,-v pw 1 -Nj. I qlfflfw-V I ' A T U ' ' K Not Pictured Jena Howell LVN Program June Lewis ADN Program 12 13 14 15 Division of Hu 1. Rolfe Wylie, Chairman. 2. Murry Alewine, Music. 3. Joy Arnold, Journalism. lTlal'll'lI9S 14. James Herrin, Music. 15 . Nancy Keyton, Speech, Drama. 16. Mary Lewis, English. 4. Kathryn Blake, Related Education. 17. Mary Long, Art. 5. Jane Bouterse, English. 18. Charlotte Murdock, Related Education. 6. DF. W. T. Carlisle, EFTQHSH. 19, Sue Mccfossgn, MUSIC. 7. William Caver, Art. 8. Nona Culpepper, Music. 9. Gladys Cupp, English. 10. Sharon Drake, English. 20. Mildred Parsons, Speech, Drama. 21. Thomas Seay, Music. 22. Sandy Simmons, Music. 23. Louise Smith, Related Education. 11. Carolyn Duke, GED Preparation. 24. Pat Sorsby, English. 12. Ruth Fomby, Spanish. 13. Lois Gardner, French. 25. Nellie Thomas, English. 26. Jayne Williams, English. li' ' ' -51 1 ah' 4 I 1 7 in . 8 9 10 ,. 1 f-fp i bfi ,fa gl, , ' -' ' o ,situ F Q! ' -Q. ni- 3. ia.-51, W , 141,345 ,r0' 11.", .iz ff-H-:. - J' iff'-'i1i!', .2 ff. 1 ' ' ' 12 13 'TZ' I 1 I sQg' TQ? o"d'5L1'-I .' . .l'K'.f. . . ' Iago! '. '.'.1.. n 1'I'.. 'Mtn 17 , 1154 sli'm - 56? ll Wil. . 5'-' I .' .fx Q , 1 ffl . '-4 r.i.' l f L1 L 'I 20 21 'fli -Q-" 95 vvk. , "" ' -1 Hr' - A !,.' Q .L l 'g ig tx V 511' , fy' V' -ga -'- l 22 23 24 25 25 A and Technology l 1. Richmond White, Chairman. 2. Stewart Angel, Mathematics. 3. Jimmy Blackard, Air Technology. 4 Larr Gordon Air Technolo - Y 1 QY- 5. Richard Haygood, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration. 6. Ken Loyd, Air Conditioning, Refrigera- tion. 7. Michael Mankins, Mathematics. 1 l 2 3 4 Division of Mathematics, Engineering 8. Carmon McFerran, Mathematics. 9. Paul McFerran, Physics, Engineering. 10. Kenneth Parmley, Mathematics. 11. William Purifoy, Air Conditioning, Re- frigeration. 12. Norman Shelby, Welding. 13. Jim Spears, Air Technology. 14. Carl Spicher, Commerical Electronics. 15. Robert Ward, Physics, Engineering. er- N5' Not Pictured Olen Adams ' Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Bobby Mayton Welding Arthur Purdy Welding Joe Purdy Welding 12 13 14 15 Division of Science and Technology 1. Dr. M. L. Buttram, Chairman. 2. David Adams, Agriculture. 3. Frank Bransford, Auto Mechanics. 4. Nelson Davis, Auto Mechanics. 5. Warren Dill, Biology. 6. Dr. Royce Granberry, Agriculture. 7. David Jackson, Small Engine Repair. 8. Jesse Jordan, Auto Mechanics. 9. Harry Martin, Auto Mechanics. 10. Joel McGee, Biology. 11. James Parsons, Biology. 12. Willard Pyle, Biology. 13. Jeri Robinson, Chemistry. 14. Jerry Wright, Biology. 13:-REBER: M, A .- Pictures Not Included Jack Bender Auto Mechanics Milton Keahey Auto Body Repair Joe Varner Biology David Williams Auto Body i ' 1 Division of Social Sciences 1. Gilbert Smith, Chairman. 2. Bob J. Bell, Psychology. 3. John Benson, Psychology and Social Education. 4. Sam Cotton, Police Technology. 5. Levonne Davis, History. 6. David Diller, Philosophy of Religion. 7. Henry Duke, Physical Education. 8. Hub Dungan, Physical Education. 9. Jimmy Hawkins, Government. Lucy Larey, Geography, Sociology. Lester Meredith, Government. Norma Nelson, Physical Education. 13. Jim Pynes, Police Technology, Imogene Scott, Child Care Aid. J. E. Spencer, History. Robert Williams, History. Wayne Williams, Physical Education. Henry Wood, History. Sue Works, Physical Education. x f Q iff" lt ip 17 18 19 'Great Expectations' When our nation first revolted against England, itwas like a freshman. The newly formed confederation of colonies faced the awesome tasks of fighting a war and building a new nation simultaneously. lmmense as they were, these tasks were also challenging. Our nation, like a freshman, faced the tasks head on. Anyone enrolled at TC with less than 30 semester hours earned is classified as afreshman. Being afreshman requires the ability to take on the challenges of college work and the strength and disclplineto takethe required courses ofstudy. For the freshman, the goal of college may be from two to ten years away, depending upon his or her major. Freshmen come from all walks of life. Most are high school graduates seeking a college education before embarking upon a career. However, many are men and women who have raised families, worked in all types of occupations, served in the armed forces, maybe even retired, but ready to go to college to enrich their lives, or reach a goal. Sharon Jackson, David Borrer and Gail Patterson V' X . ?',.,.k-r- Pictured are Mickie Champion, Cynthia Moore, Hellen Diller, Debbie Taylor, Jim Dennis, Bobbi Kennington, and Rebecca Kennington. 122 Freshman Class Officers Sharon Jackson, President R ' w f 1 .- i David Borrer, Vice President Gail Patterson, Secretary Ilelylgx F 1- . T - - fn yffj- 2 T- J ff' x'! 5 v 5 ' r lg' , 44 il l gl L l l W fy l 1 - . ,'.,Q,""nfif i i ll if 4 . ms D 1 :lr 6 3-fl ,Q l P ZS Q ' , - 1' ' J --it tg r 4 ' 1, ,Ni 4' A ,K , 'A' g, - f I . J , 1' V 4 W ab, A 1 lil I , , f la' l , if v tg, gy f ' ' 1 ' , ,rig If 74 ,al .1 Y X' Q., ' ll , T ,l'Ol.lz:l 2 A'.L . Below Students stand in line for Fall Registration. The process was a slow and time consuming ordeal. Many students arrived as early as six o clock to waitin line. Right: Some students, hoping the lines will grow shorter spend their time playing pool. Eva Adams Janet Adams Martha Adcock Thelma Akin Patricia Alexander Robert Alexander James Allen Barbara Anderson Ben Anderson Doris Anderson Karon Anderson Nina Anderson Sandra Anderson Selah Anthony Raymond Ardenea Flick Ashley Bertha Atkins Stephen Bair Jeannie Banks Sharon Banks Teresa Barber Brena Barfield Kenny Barfield Linda Barlow William Barlow 1. Y.. '1 J Patti Barrett Cassandra Barry Charles Bartlett David Beasley Mary Beasley Freddy Beauchamp Teresa Beck William Beckham Yvonne Bell Barbara Bergt Williae Betts Sharon Birdwell Pamela Bissell Paula Bocox Jack Boggs Elaine Bohn Mona Bolton David Borrer Willie Bosan Danny Bowling Liza Boyd Sharon Braddock Ralph Brainerd Janice Braswell Ula Brewton Terry Bridger Debbie Brinkman Chad Brint JK' gs .1 N -vc ' . 5 -U ,LQ N T T - F r VY N r- l e "' y X t l , . f. lg. We E5 'L " - .-. ' -- .A A 1" 1 4.11. ,.3 ., - V L-h " A: 'Af ' rf 99 rf' I lZl'lr.N t 1 I P . 'X 2' .. . Q f " Above right Frank Coleman, counselor, talks to one of his freshman orientation classes about a film on choosing careers. Freshman orienta- tion gave information about the campus. its rules, clubs. and special events. Lower left: Counselor Herman Bar- nett decorates the bulletin board in the newly acquired quarters of the Counseling Center. Lower right: Rick Terry, a beginning freshman, appears to be about to ask a question in freshman orienta- tion. l 1 l ' T ' Nl' 2 ' A - ai!- - el 1 LN 4. ' 1 l .N T . .v-'Q Q ,L HE- If - rc- t 'Ev W 'P' ' , V 'ikl lf .I , 'sw l lxmlx I "-1 . C 8 fr- S a "'f f Q ' 1 3 rl- --.-. F' A s . T A LT C1 1. Keith Brister Deborah Brown Jeff Brown Rodney Brown Sherri Brown Tony Brown Delbra Bruce Marybess Bryant Debbie Buchanan Shelia Buchanan Mark Budzilowski James Bullington Jaquita Bunch Beverly Bunn Debra Burns Erma Burns Bonnie Buster Patricia Bryam Cathy Calvit Robert Campbell .,, li K 1, l I -Q Top picture: Bob Long and David Morgan of the tennis team have fierce competition with the Paris Junior College Team. Tennis became a pop- ular sport all around the world this year, and the en- rollment for P.E. in tennis greatly increased at Texar- kana College. Left: One of the intramural volleyball teams practices before a big game. The winning team of the sea- son wasShelton'sGang,who finished the season with a perfect record, 4-0. Diane Canida Cathy Capps Glenda Caraway Charlie Carr James Carter Jerri Carver James Case Marty Cash Autrey Cates Melody Caudle Tracey Caudle Erlene Cerrato Mickey Champion Debra Chandler Gloria Chapa Pearlie Chatman Tracie Churchill Travis Cigainero Jimmy Clark Kenneth Claxton Jay Clements Penelope Cloe Sandra Cobb Susan Cogell Lee Coleman Robert Coleman Larry Collins Robert Colyer Robert Cook Mark Cooper Margaret Corbett Marilyn Cotten Evelyn Cowling Lisa Cowling Barbara Cox Y I, ll l K N, I 1-'. 3 :J cv! . , U K li' f at t if l' X F' l . If 1 r A V v ik! tv l ' ' J - - ' W fr- l hr f x, Q , " f v T f Vi, 1 l I X KK, fglir f J ' 6 V Q: sw be L tj. 2 5.1 . -Q 'iff "J ' . ' " 79. f A . - ' , fi" ' "W 5- ' "' lv- ' X at I' l 4 X ' R l f va-fl' . Q . +R if 'U' VA 4 :,H : . Q, -ffl .4 i . . law fr f., X ' 2: X ' f l.l.-' '2, - I h T r L f J - i y , 'r' , S ir Q" i s ' 'L "' - . T I , Q - . V l Karen Heath, Ula Brewton, Sheila Savage, and Helen Ann McCall take a break between classes outside the Student Center. Time between classes came as a welcome relief even if the time was spent boning up an anatomy. I if 1.. ..-' . 'ff-ff V., V, ' W "ff .lit ' " , xl -,. -5 ATI' '. 75414 is Q X 1 V. L ii' - . 5 ' gf.-' , J It-It 'L Cyl" .- ' -if 1' ' 5 .E --"tif Ni .ua l t "i- ' 14' i 'f l 0 P," 'G' A 11? - 4? " .1 ' 5 N ig W . al' lex.,- -3' A. .V V .V r I t .' , l U I , f' I , .4 X Olen Craig David Crank Jo Ann Cravens Karen Crawford Ricky Crenshaw Ealine Crow Steve Crowe Douglas Cummins Judy Cunningham Mike Cunningham Danny Daniel Cylde Daniels Danny Daniels Lawanda Davenport Betty Daub Andrea Davis Mark Davis Robert Davis Rusty Davis Steven Davis Wanda Davis Ricky Deaton Tommy Dees David Deibert Steve DeLaughter Rebecca Denney Linda Dennington Chuck Derrick Emily Devenney Anita Dickens K . Above: Freshman Diana Keith looks on as her Biology partner spills a concoction on the floor. Yuk! Below: Billy Jiles and Tommy Dees test unknown solutions in Biology lab. Biology helped students gain new insight into the world around them. Diane Dickens Marianne Dickson John Dixon Robert Dodd Beverly Duck Rhett Duffer Gary Duke Marcelle Dukes Jack Duncan Donal Dunson Donna Durham Pauline Dymczenski Dorothy Easley Debbie Eaves Mike Eckstein Anna Edwards Steve Edwards Tony Edwards William Edwards Debra Ellis Della Ellis Esther Ellis Byron Epperson Leonardo Evans Right: Flight Technology in- structor Richard Cobb informs a student about the control panel on the plane. Below: A student checks outhisequipmentbefore takeoff. Flight Technology clas- ses prepare students for careers in flying, or for just plain enioy- ment. J 6 . H ' - - nf- livv ,x Wg' r Q M if is It A - . -- nj- Y., I - 1' A 1 Q- " R Sli' a . Q ' 4- 4 A 9' . -'TU s ' ' 1 ,, , T :Fx . 'lk I 'J 55 ., V, 'ffm 'HQZF' lt. 'V' AH 'ish if- 14.1 , - -.+'iEd,.,? lx , , . .rv E A - xx 1 K, ' i l V :lx i.' V K f l' -,tk Fw--r 1 i T f L r Xl ' .M QF' . V ' 1 rw, lid' W ' . . w ' 'F s., 1 Ae W sl? ' A l 1'- ' ..l . K 1 '7 .FL-. Y- . fi .fxa : F " e 'si' X - -S ,fist i 'A it s . -.f-f .' il ,REF V ,U . 5...-.-f ' ' QW T l 14,-'vxx .ann 'NX l 191 X A Mrs. Sue McCrossen directs the TC choir in a song for a special program for Central Christian Church during Religious Emphasis Week. Dr. Fred Craddock was the speaker for the series of meet- ings that featured a different singing group each service. The TC choir was featured on Monday night. , 'L ' WFT ' Teresa Evans ' , I' Jan Fauntleroy fs 5 . Y- Enoch Fields 1 11. P R? f . Gary Finley e V W K -C .4 r' l A ,af Mike Fisher , I ,. N ui X if -h J, ," .- . :lg-if my Robert Flagg f 'f q Q ' X EW X 'N . Wanda Floyd .- -- q . 1 'F were A . . I Roy Fomby Cindy Foster .6 Karen Foster W. B. Foster Cathy Fountain Randolph Frank Jeffrey Frazier 1,- f , V Keith Frazier A V X - . ' Clifford Fricks , ' - Shirley Freeman Q- 4 it Carol Frost E ,P 1 Ellen Frost 1 ex , U i i f-A xe ' L , Lu ke Fyffe f ' ,f lj: , "L ,T 1 --'- Don Gallander ,J l si-A ' X ,I . J, 5' li '- 0 .. .4 E f l ' t .. . it, l. ,Al V' A I . I . 1 -1 . . A 7 wi 5 , The TC Singers made their first appearance this year at the Miss TC pageant. This group, under the direction of Sandy Simmons, performs for civic groups and visits area schools. The soloist is David Parker. Back row: left to right, Cathy Savage, Phyllis Simon, David Arnold, and Deborah Haynes. Front row: Debra Jones, Virgil Hays. Ginger Wreyford and Danny Bowling. Barbara Gardner Ernest Gardner Danny Garrett Patrick Garrett Cheryl Gibson Wanda Gibson Lisa Giles Carolyn Gill Eloise Ginnings Gerald Glover Glenn Glover Alton Goff Helen Gonzales Victoria Goodpaster Tom Goodson Shirley Goodwin Sherry Gorham Kim Grady Gary Grant Karen Graves Susan Gray Valencia Gray Bessie Green Lana Green uv' l Q Q I I 55' ' - 'l ' ld fi' 5 ' X E 1 'Visit' ' ff is ' '35 at i T? it - fr .1 : -1. f NWI xii, 4" l. ' -- i fi' i .L-11 V ' C . 1 , A 4 4 Q" -- X Y. za ' 5 Q' '1, - - ' ., , bl 3. K ' ' M Q, y F ' I i' ,A .', " la 1 I ' " , 1 " uric 0 ' I ' 'f ' " f 1 'V '- ,P '1- 1 A .E 'Avi .ri . A- X ' V 1 ig- 5: G 4 ,J 1 ,- y. Q4 5 1, -1 --.L - ft--... V i, ," Ga V . Q' 31 ' in I. 11 4-3 .I K -.L ! infix' M4 A' - I A V : fully'-jL 1- - X - , f -i xfllffx - Yi fi 2' .1?f'A!f, 'l ggggg 514455 Left: Freshman Della Ellis has so many books that she must carry them around in a backpack. In spite of her burden, she does not seem to be daunted. Above: Frustrated, Pat Stroble had a hard day in Organic Chemistry. Result a new dance, the Chemistry Stomp. 1' 9. i- 1 '4 . l '4' if l X L . L , w- 4' r . 5 16' fxx f'l . at . . Q P ...! " Rt- 55f'!s,'xlE: :5ff -5:21 fifflk' :DQ iff, K ,WL x 15 i r ' ' V 1 K ' ,Y .ff u . , f l l F Yffall-'F Q r- if .- f xi. .JH 5 lu ' i if Q 1 - 9 Laval ull: 251111, SL . F' i"A f':,1-'2-.f-.f-1.--1-- - 5-1411-541-f I 1 1 i :. if 1 35 i 1. lg i I fl: . g g, . : . nwh El . s 71 ' ' -A 1.2 : ,""'1l I : l J fk-: in I, l 1 2 l , if I ' J' n - 1 v-.3 : . . ' In I.. : u:l!li1!"'- . I '1 '1n"'n"':f""i ', :',,1,'1.i1"' .. ' Orlandus Green Curtis Greene Brooks Greger Glen Griffin Janet Griffin Shirley Griffin Lisa Gustafson Terri Gustafson Stephen Hadaway Linda Haggerty Ronnie Hagen Thomas Hall Debbie Hallum Harlan Hamilton Marie Hargis Annie Harris Mark Harris Mark A. Harris Mike Harper Gina Hartshorn Anita Harutunian Corliss Hastings Jeffrey Hatfield Lorinda Hathaway Cliff Hawk Debra Hawkins Lisa Hawkins Rebecca Hawkins Jewelene Haworth Rita Hawthorne -"5HTf37 lf: 11 Lv' . " 'il V 5 ,,'F,frQ,- ,,'1, f M 'SS , 1 lI"" i Left: A Law Enforcement student takes aim in practicing sharp shooting. As easy as it looks, shooting is a very difficult art to master Above: Students enrolled in Fire Technology classes learn the lad der techniques of saving persons from upper floors Virgil Hays Jerry Haydel Jann Hayden Nathelma Haywood Darryl Hazelwood Ben Heath Kay Heath Janette Hefner Jeff Hefner Bonnie Henderson Carolyn Henderson James Henderson Martha Henry James Hensley Mary Hensley Stella Hernandez Richard Hickey Barbara Hill Kathy Hill Lou Hill Mary Hill Sandra Hill Rebecca Hillard Wallace L. Hines Vickie Hodge Susan Hodnett Kenneth Holly Melodie Holmes Right: Phi Theta Kappa initiates and their parents are honored at a reception. Below: The library is a place of study, but not necessarily all of the time. Two students dis- rupt the quiet atmosphere for a moment of horseplay. " w al -5 3- ' r.. ' I si: . 1 Y 'Vg 'i',l,,r -,Q lp! ' 'rl ,A Q' - -is , rx .ei V T' ' v-1 fi X- N f ri' -154. ', 5 -E fmlnivqg A ' - Q 'ref' If gn N 'f1-A , 'I Y lil: ' I lily' A f nfl? '1 'lilfffe 2' A f- Ax iff : . ,Q f ,ii . t .. Slit: MAX izigllmi ' il i T V IQAD xl i, g T 45233 it ' A D Q' 'f f v frm ' nl - -gy, . T 313 4 A 'Wh -B . T Wi ,yn F' I U ' uid' Q 5- -:1 ' P' + ff it V l I , .EIN Q K 1 1 f X K Q 1 N J : F' WF-1 - f-Q U .y H A ,- . 4 "- or ,' U " ' . - 3 1 9' v l .4" iii .1 il' ml ' 15: ...M ,, I ' 1 1 gi ' H F' 1 V, "', I if 'f K ' " f r.-, I, " Mg Rfk , 1" . K 2. .i f 'Y QQ 1 ,l V Deloris Hooper ,A e Edna Hopkins 0, 5 Janet Hopkins .gt - 1 V 'lgttgv' x Robbie Hoppe J " ' ' Y L Bonita Houser ' ' A Fred Howard l , y gh tk., '..i ' Lawanda Hudson - 6" Stephanie Huett Charles Huffman Jonnie Hughes Walt Hughes T Gwendolyn Hubbard 4 V ' ' x If ' , T . -r , ' ,. ." l I'-. i 4 heya-I l- ' : Y - -4 H- . P' FF- Danny Hurt ' K V t Cindy Hutcheson . V- T ' Jerrie Ivey Mary Jackson -. 'L , g Sharon Jackson Birdanna Jackson I to. 1 'I' .wb x . 1 t . , i , '.l -r,ry. i f. t..n"" .4341 fi, iv JJ , -vu. ,f t P-S a I I Students in typing class practice on speed and accuracy during a drill. Development of basic tech- niques and theory aid in preparing the students to enter employment with a marketable skill. The termi- nal programs are designed to help students qualify for positions in the business world in a short period and at the same time receive advantages of college training. . Eva James Jackie James James Jarrett Joe Jefferies Earl Jenkins Ronald Jewell . .H S T Edwin Johnson if ' Joann Johnson Tressa Johnson 1 A Brenda Jones , 1,5 H Dane Jones ig! A Dorothy Jones 1 A, 1 "W Earnestine Jones i' ' Q t Mary Jones f it " A ff ' 'ffl E . - Q Randy Jones i Tommie Jones Carol Kaburick T Louann Karr r I ' 1 ,. Thomas Keefer , if-Q 4, T Q Z.-. A 'ii Dianna Keith ' ,fi - - f '- .ffgfg r Nathan Kelly I 4 f r f nv l F f'-r 1 Dorothy Kendrick Brenda Kilker Billie King Daisy King Dora King Shaun King Carol Kirkland Lori Krah Gwen Kyles Sally Lambert Jane Lancaster Kimberly Lane Mary Langston Debra Lansdell Sharon Lawrence Joyce Ledford Elizabeth Lee Barbara Lewis Pamela Lewis Fluby Lewis Jimmy Livesay Patricia Lloyd Debbie London Richard London Bill Long i se A h L' ' A : i 1 Ii-.- I f 1 ' Above: Two partners in badminton depend on teamwork to help them win their game. Badminton was one of the many sports which could be taken for P. E. credit and intramural competition. Right: A beginning bowler releases his ball into the center of the lane. Know- ing where to start the ball can make a difference in the number of pins that fall. Classes were taught at the College Bowl. ix!! ."' GLX , i r if .- A F ki ii . e' J . I ."' 1 3 Q., r X I , 1 f ' 'f ' Z: lt. , A4 A' fi' L 'L 'i ' : A by Q ! I ' N, . .27 , be me 9 -If A x Y I V, R A A 1 X - FR ' T - A' Q ' -"MLA , I' l '1 ' i '1 l ,I Bob Long Rebecca Looney Billy Lukas Belinda Lwa Jerry Lyons Kenneth Madox Jona Mahone Kathy Maloney Bonnie Mansfield Susan Markham Cathy Marsh Barbara Marshall Cathy Martin Paula Mathis Cheryl Maxy Eddie Mayberry Wanda Mayhaw Helen McCall Scott McCloud Amy McConnell Terrell McCorrkle Jerry McCoy Carl McCrary Kay McCraw Lett: Students sit and visit or study in the Student Center. Below: More students con- gregate in the cafeteria. The Student Center comes in handy for study, eat- ing, and relax- ing. A student in Speech Class demonstrates howto changea tire. The course places em- phasis upon ef- fective com- munications through speech Buddy McCulloch Beita McDaniel Charles McDaniel Cathy McDonell Marilyn McDowell Vikki McDowell Scott McElhaney Wilbert MCGary Alvin Mclntosh Debbie Mclntosh Ftamona McKamie Bruce McKeever Roger McKeever Priscella McLeroy Sharon McMilian Lyn McNatt Doug McVey Malissa Meadows Ann Mears Claudette Meeker Charly Melton James Michael Donald Mickel Patricia Mitchell Fred Mixon Janice Monroe Rebecca Monroe Cynthia Moore Harley Moore Rickey Moore r F' . we 7 gy? ff, I I . , 5, .f H455 l -f Y ' A .tl X T? 2 U -4-W , n 4' 1 'av 4- F 7- - 'N V9 lk ! f il:'21 X tn kj en' Q 5 I ! A .1 g 1 X., ., r 1 'J st. l, f 3 I l 'is , -vc 5 1 C ,- flrmtfl ix re 1 "'5'S-.f"'i4 .x 6 it ui' -,- Q 4.-4 7,fu- , - P ll' - N LJ 5. , Hx , ,- '51 X..l 45' -'I J i li, K ,- -v. or . 1 'lr , Ax 1: P V K X 5 , s- kk L . .',1 . , 1 ML, Y .xr I I .lx l Th A Pal if 53 ly E 3 Q h.. ,TW I ' 1 LVN. V A -YVG A. ,-, 'ae ,S 1. ..t ..,. :. H I- 5'-L. fri O A Qff , 4 aff . all . r " if , K - 3 ll- FQ' W A 4-,xx I U ll ,LJ 4. vb. ' 1.- 3-,rl "7 'lf' .L . 'fl I .H .y ,f. x ' 3' YV l :kill i 'l f f' 1 'lf ' 'L - . ', , Y V , 1 . l , N , Y K Q 1.1 N li xi l - if V' I 1 I, M' l- yy -P .. Q f lil . 'l--"' L Z M ' ' I ' l lf' lil Ronald Moore Jay Morgan James Morphew Pam Mortensen Robert Morton Randy Moseley Larry Mosley Gwendolyn Moss Bruce Mounsey Allen Muckelrath Susan Murphy Michael Murrah Bob Murray Diane Myers Randy Neal Judy Needham Deborah Neely Sue Neff Christina Nellenbach Freida Nelson David Newton Bill Nicklas Gregory Nixon Donald Odom Douglas Olier Debbie Orr Susan Otwell Susan Owen Debbie Owens Cathy Parker TC News reporter, Priscilla McLeroy, 4 gathers information for a story on Flight Technology. The TC News gives students interested in journalism an opportunity to gain experience in the field. -QQ David Parker Kathy Parmley Alethia Patterson Dianna Patterson Frances Patterson Julie Patterson Helen Peek Marva Perry Samuel Peterson Khiem Pham Jerry Philips Naomi Philyaw Fletcher Pickens Vera Pickings Doris Pilant Evelyn Pilgreen Durl Pinkston Steve Ft. Porter John Porterfield Pamela Postlethwaite Brenda Powell Frank Prater Cherry Pride Bobby Prince t up -,u A 5' 'Y 1.0, f . .rv - t 'ni ,. .4 r 7, z ' 96, V Q W 1 i Y' .- ,. , ff 4"l il ! fi . 1 f ll X I i fi ' 4 9. .' . , 'W' J . sf if I ' if r 1. :Qu FV' T! rf 1 'I , 'K tif V i 5 f i,,' fi, 1. ."' t 51 z .':::f.. , ' " , 'si .J-. I. H Q 1 4 r i L d er i t t f ,' v L 4 Ht W if ,X,,l Carl Poteet W V., . 'Wi El' i- .. , 6 1.- Y, , Below: A student in the child care aid program talks to the children in her class. Mrs. Imogene Scott is director. A grant was received this year for setting up a resource room, purchasing books, films, and other related ac- tivities. Right: Naomi Davis, a student in the work-study program. does some of the countless paper work which she is required to do. The work-study program is de- signed for students who wish to work for a part of their college expense. , 51 ,, -.i '9 lm , Q. , 1 1 1. r : i "" it ' .,,"7 Y"i"' kin 'il irp ,FN Rf -- . ii! fats' i. . f, vi: ..-. -...n-.gf facie IX. K! !' .-if-fi it --1 l I . .ff 1, Frank Pryor Belinda Puckett Vicki Pugh Shirley Quinn Angela Ragland William Rainey Terry Raney Larry Raulston Rhonda Ray Patricia Reece Karen Reed Patsy Reed David Reese Sherry Reid Rusty Rhoades William Rhyne Phillip Rice Edith Richard Mary Riddle John Ridgeway Kim Rinfrow Chris Robbins Dorothy Roberson Edward Roberson Jeff Roberson Judy Roberson Bonita Roberts Crystal Roberts Mae Roberts Pam Roberts Hub Dungan takes his scuba diving classes to area lakes to search for un- derwater specimens and, incidentally, to practice what they have learned. Much practice in the Aquatic Center prepares these students to take the plunge in the open water. Wanda Roberts Wayne Roberts Kenneth Robertson Faye Robinson Janice Robinson Clarene Rodgers Sharon Rodgers Brad Rogers Patrick Rogers Roger Rood Debra Ross Mae Ross Patricia Ross William Roy Resa Rounsavall Blanchie Runnels Anne Saegert Wanda Salsman Dorothy Sanders John Sanders Matthew Sanders Oueenie Sanders Karen Sangalli Diane Sansom Dr. Murry Alewine of the music de- -1 "' 'Q ,is fx. l' V' 'Al ' b 5' n 6' M ll! Q , 1 i .ff gf zu M f ' 7 lj I J' ' partment takes a breather before don ning his cap and gown for graduation. Al Hinton of the mid-management de- partment and an unidentified student seem to be letting him know that it's time to go. R .-'I ' , , . . L s' I V X X ,.,., J' r Q J. - fe. - , ' 1 ,L , .Ei f- J 3 , 2' F xv' , fl- 1 I' ,Y L- X .kb I ' my I X - ' ' uh R V We Q t Y ' w , l QPLX' th WLL V :rj-.' X' 1, - 'ri at -1 W. . ." 2 A, X , gi , ' ' ' 2.1, 5, l Y X 1 1' , M , : 4- it ,"'.1 iffliy ,Q-.-, 'X " ii , 1 rf' " 'Qi r W , It i , ' i. rx. fills r i 1 it ' an L7 i - Xl as ,..,1.A-5 - ef. A ,. Ji ' I l 'I-. .xg-'T' F Lx Robert Savage Sheila Savage Robert Schlonga Alicia Schnurr Steve Schoen Otis Scott Wanda Scott Floy Seagroues Sue Sehon Susan Sharp Robert Shaw Vickie Shaw Wanda Shaw Thomas Sheffield Saundra Sherwood Karla Shipp Vicki Shirley Carol Short Cindy Short Daniel Shockley ' l I V f J- fa . 1 ,- Y lx N V .J lx f ml S 'l S' ff 5 33 , 1. , i I 2. Y' Ai' Q Q . ' .i 'ggi I 5 ' K 1,1 ' fi Y- " -1 , -f fl ,X if N 1 - .!.l'- Q' ' 4. ,-fr W x .Qw,,-n , 6-' ,Q 3 fl :Wh I ML' N ' X3 X 1 A Carol Shumake Shirley Shumake Patsy Sieger Kathy Simmons Phyllis Simon Shelia Simon Debbie Simpson Lola Simpson Paula Simpson Donald Singleton Jerry Singleton Christy Skinner Charlotte Slater Deborah Smith Denny Smith Graduation! The day finally arrived and students enter the auditorium for that trek across the stage and their respec- tive degrees.A sad day for some and day of rejoicing for others. Right: Damona Nor- ton, an art student, works with pottery clay during labora- tory. Ceramics deals with creating pot- tery forms by use of the slab, pinch, coil, and mold methods. Firing and glazing is also studied. Be- low: Sherelyn Mea- dows puts the finish- ing touches on a painting she is do- ing. Art students dis- play their work in the library and at art shows during the year. Marilyn Smith Mike Smith Monica Smith Norma Smith Ramona Smith Robert Smith Shelby Smith Shery Smith Steve Smith Tina Smith Calista Snow Doris Solomon Linda Sorrells Wanda Spottsville Rebecca Squyres Sandra Stacks Susan Stafford T lr X Ni' I-r .. ir f ti All if - Y- 1 .Ts-, , ' f' .ff if N Y J QL' .. ,l , . Lisa sieinbacn f '. --.., ,, , Ann Stewart Joyce Stewart Joyce Strickland Elmer Stroud Karon Stuckey Sharon Stuckey i l I i f .Vx clk ' N .ET 'V Y: 'T 4 J' T 5 ina f Q4 ,ii ff -r 1 f i .1 tae S- . i as " -, hz A ' ' iaffi. K ' x 4- . , ""'i - N- ' ' f:,i..,',. 1- rf -' i-any -5 -V K ' ': E- 1 3111. f FV' "l f 1 Joey Sullivan Robert Sutton 5 Gertrude Tatum Debbie Taylor Judy Taylor Lynda Taylor 'S Michael Taylor Shari Taylor Karen Teel Ricky Terry John Thom Carl Thomas ex, er' 1 4 S J 'L s, Frank Thomas Jo Thomas Paul Thomas Sara Thomas Tina Thomas Linda Thomas -1 " Hi ,- Left: A typical freshman English Class listens to instructions on an assignment by their teacher, Jane Bouterse. This was one of the beautiful fall days, and con- centration did not come easy. Below: Rickey Ashley, a fresh- man English student, attempts to think of a topic on which to write an essay. Patsy Sorsby gives another student hints that may help him with his work. -vig Right: Jody Parsons and Rolfe Wylie announce the winners ofdramaawards atthe Awards Day Cere- mony. Center: Work- ing as a disc jockey for a local radio station provides TC student Mark Goodson with valuable experience and employment. S QT Judy Thompson Michael Thompson Richard Thrasher Connie Thurston David Tidwell Diane Tidwell Phyllis Tidwell Robert Tidwell Timothy Tidwell Janet Timberlake Patrick Tofflemire Beverly Turner Donal Turner Martha Turner Pamela Turner Randy Turner John Twiss Karen Tyl William Tyson Freida Vaughan Teresa Vaughn Sandy Vetrano Sam Wadsworth William Waldrep Les Walker Piper Walker Kenneth Waller Tina Walsh Audrey Ward Betty Ware Tim Warwick Jimmy Washington Roger Washington Mike Ward, campaigning for the Student Senate, addresses his fellow students at the Meet Your Candidates Forum. A l 5 fi 8 rv, ff ..f- S i G A no .4 J. ,,- e f' by-...X EMTw'lWaU ,Q X 7 w iw' ' Jw 7 . 1' '-J" '. l.liE -,QRQ1 X N27 Pr J t Y T w A 1 .---, lv ,x,HJ ' 'il ,i ' if ' Wil il ,J '34 .3- Ne- Rodney Watson Cynthia Waters Nancy Webb Don West Teresa West Cathey Westbrook Dana Western Cynthia Wharton Nina Wharton Kathy Whetstone Pamela Whitaker Terry White William Wilbanks Carolyn Williams Dora Williams Eva Gail Williams Gregroy Williams Jacqueline Williams Jeff Williams Perry Williams .lg -' Top picture: Dr. Mike Buttram and Mrs. Jeri Robinson sort tests in chemistry to put on file. The tests are taken in the Testing Center at one's own pace. Bottom picture: Brace Boyden, one ofthe student helpers in the chemistry section, evaporates a solution in a watchglass. The as- sistance of several excellent chemistry students came as a great help to some of the beginning chemists. 4 -U y - 4-5.- V - - at E479 l ,WP 11:51 1-L tl . H 13 it .3 b 1.3- , 'H .gl -1. 5 L ,qw A t-75 TM fifyg -ss . it .9 it P1 l i 146 if! 1- FF' ""l F' if . X J I' i', tl i W 'li t ' iM--fY'it--- N . 1 l Freshman chemistry student, Thomas Hall, uses a spectrometer to measure the wavelength of light that passes through a test tube filled with nickel nitrate. 'tg 1 , - l , I 'fl if so Af J i If 4 Ku lx -v-'. ' 6 b. , ' 1 .V O4 sg- Prycetta Williams Susan Williams Walter Williams Tracy Williamson Verte Wilkinson Natalie Willis Kathy Willmon Janie Winget Al Wisdom Dan Wiser Calvin Woods Charles Wood A XX Wiki: 1. gf tx. Chemistry students, from left, Andrea Lambert, Pat Strobel, and Kim Wood work together on a difficult prob- lem. Students in chemistry learned more about the makeup of things that are around, and the reason that these things react and look as they do. 1, F - .7 'Ai V a L f' 'Lili me i- me ,Q 93 f "' r- . IW, , 3"4lA'i swore wer: 'P 1 NH? . W f 4 '. ., - gig A, . -ste sms .amz .mr i V ' 'Y C U55 .qilt Q., . I ....... . M Bill Mclntyre, security guard for the library. checks daily the books and briefcases of students as they leave the library. His cheerful greetings made the drudgery of school a little easier to take. l The library is a place for -' f A study, relaxation, and 4- ' talking to friends. Daily ' News and daily gossip keep students well "informed" N ja- Y 1- I U . lp" . 1 , , . , J, :Q It 'Slit -fp cj - ! J? f 'K Mike Wood vikki wood h Lenny Woodard - , Jeff Woosley , i " ' 1 X X Lonnie Wooten 5, rx ff . . D lv David Worthey Ginger Wreyford v . Suzy Wright C if Vickie Wright j , H Q ' John W att - V , V. n ' .. l. - " "lf " .. i I . Z . ' 'nl it K t Z ,lr .E fy rg l' V . .5-V2 ff' ' ' , l I L l f m.m ,Faq X, ,-,- ' -Ea. '. 'ff J. 'v- rat-VJ: - ag Dave Yauger Tommie York Lindy Young Lindy Young Michael Young Flobert Young Teresa Young Vicks zylks -f57Z'? Y SE' ,V 1 1 .. -.1 1 .fF..Ws. . , -V g 3.-rf L - - I, ,hu are r..i 1 -:R wif- -.. fe' " X Ll LI'-11.-Q--'.J: 'YQJ' 1...-' ,J .ff J -. frm ass- I 'il 4. 6 , ii 1' Qu- - , sf -'Q V kk A.. ' 1 is x i "': . V tl' W lg tv Q . WL -' -s . .2 ' ,,'i,1k- 1 Above: Bill E. Rainey, Cliff Hawk, and James Owen get in shape for the marathon. The 13 mile race began at 10 a.m. on Saturday. December 13, at the old Spring Lake Park entrance. Below: Brenda Jones is caught in the halls by a staff photographer. She seems to be happy that the fall semester is coming to an end. 2 I ' f Abusydaycomestoahalt lfr i 1. QP' l f., - h . -A,.,.. .-. . N-, V , H35- ff f S l N 'Xxx :XS ' 5'5" X NR' wx N l QT 1 lil ky' in the Bio-Learning ' Center. These two posters Y - tell a unique story that AT Biology students really appreciate. f Q, " W, -, fb, . 11 'T 2' 1 " W ' ff: ji 4 1' L F R I 1 1'vL60Tl FLLLINC- wt ru ' . . l II W . -' , brim- afznim-wnsmoe 1 'RW Acgwfgfgfkii tt, l Spring Orientation For Freshmen 'Viv The spring freshman orientation class was one big happy family. Ronald Bright. Counselor, taught the only class for the spring semester. The roll included Gregory Adams, Glenda Attaway, Ralph Autrey, Linda Browning, Judy Carmiokle, Silvia Carpenter, Shelia Davis, and Deborah Fricks. Also, Clifford Gill, Earnest Gooden, Ethel Green, Michael Hanfvell, Gerald Hightower, Stephen Hill, Jerard Hopkins, Howard Kelley, Hunter Kennedy, Sharon Luckenbaugh, Leonard Lutes, Pamela Markcray, Traviste Nash, and Melissa O'Keefe, Wanda Page, Dao Pham, George Proby, Ronald Raub, Jack Richardson, Terri Rouse, Margaret Russell, Wade Seastrong, Glenda Terrell, Ronald Terry, Sherman Threadgill, Christin Thurston, Mary Traylor, Billy Tuggle, Sandra Vaughan, Birdie Walker, Joyce Watson, Cheryl Welch, Carol Williams, Willis Wilson, Jo Rene Wilson, Rolanda Wyatt, and Debra Wyatt. E' Hug 1 'fr' 1? a bit more interesting. 1 . N 5' fl Left: Members of the freshman orientation class get into groups to introduce themselves and tell their fellow classmates more about their personal lives. Smaller groups like this helped the students get to know more people around them, and made the routine of school New Senators and Class Favorites Proclarmed Whether the song is fast or slow, pop or country, modern or old fashion, the people at the Student Senate dance in the Student Center ballroom know what to do about it. DQ!-4--S "in Cahoots", a musical group from Little Flock, played for afree dance sponsored bythe StudentSenate in the spring. The dance was highlighted by the announcement of winners from a special election held a few days earlier. Two new senators and class favorites were announced. This dance lasted from 8 p.m. until midnight with top forty hits and country music being played all the while by the band. Above: Class favorites winners include from left to right Sharon Jackson, Janet Griffin, David Morgan, David Arnold, Christy Elkins, and Andrea Lambert. Left: Stephen Evans and Flicky Moore congratulate each other on their senate victories. As a result of two senators resigning in the fall, a special election was held in which Evans and Moore won. ,. 0 i r Above left! David Borrer, freshman class favorite. Above fighfi Thomas Hall,freshman classfavorite. Below: Student Senate President Christy Elkins announces the winners of the elections. Janice Edmondson isittingj waits for the chance to an- nounce winners of the sophomore class favorites race. This dance, sponsored by the Student Senate, was the first dance held during the spring semester. The Senate provides live music at the dances held through-out the semester for TC students and their dates. G-s"b ff E, i. ,X .W Where Do We Go From Here? W The sophomores at TC have proven they have the ability to handle the pace of college life. As sophomores, they no longer feel the newness of college and yet, the college scene still holds variety and excitement. Theyface thequestion now of "Where do I go from here?" Our nation also faces this same question. We have made it two hundred years-emerging from an isolated group of colonies united together-to the world's most powerful nation. Where do we go from here? From here, the sophomore goes toward graduation, further college education, and a career. From here, aour nation mustfollow the pathways that have proven successful and abandon those pathways that have lead us astray. 5 ' H-q,,5. ,f""',f s. I ' '-6. K ,J lf! Q., l' ,4- 7f..L-vU"5h'- '-- L -...gf.. Pictured are Phil Kennedy, Jerry Brown, Sharon Waren, Kathy Lafferty, Randy Gann, Ronald Rudd, Cliff Van Horn, Karen Mclnnis, Edgar Felps, Nellie Thomas, Andrea Lambert, Mike Ward, and James Young. Sophomore Class Officers Janis Edmundson, President 1 Joseph Lamas Vice President Julie Wicker Secretary f ',. .' Q fl' Q X .v Eden Adams Lana Adams Milton Alcorn Febbie Allex Harry Allen, Jr. Angie Ameis George Anderson George Ardeneaux David Arnold Jo Arrington Glen Austin Tony Autrey Gordon Barlow Tony Barnes Randall Barron James Beasley Linda Beasley Scott Becker James Beitler Richard Bergt 7 2 fa l 0 I G 'iw I 'lr 1 5 Sw? "Miz - . .., 4 ""l1',:,,3Ef get J ii 1 in lm, 4. The Student Center is the setting for voting for the Student Senate Representatives. The many signs displayed for the campaigns showed originality and spirit. Blood Services of Texarkana take donations of blood from two TC stu- dents. The blood drive was sponsored byCircleK,acampus service organization. Larry Betts Linda Bickham Wanda Birchfield Bill Blue Lonnie Bogan Marilyn Bogan Craig Bohuslau Robert Bowden James Boyce Henry Brewer Vicki Brewer Angela Brewster Denise Brouilette Lynn Brown Gloria Bruce Scott Bruner . 'iii N I f' .' 1 fvv ,J Q w i e J, ul J i . 'FI' K Xi ,, NLM' xl: 'z N 22" dd I 9, l fe L L If l l all I 3, e-.. . 3 I Z at Ronny Bryan Glenda Buckley David Buness Margorie Buras Lydia Burns Steve Burton Teresa Butts Randall Byars Sophomore Joey Johnson displays interesting form in the familiar old routine of throwing someone into the swimming pool. Johnson's victim is Sophomore Ann Sedgass. Q:- Ll At TC students still get to know their in- structors. Hub Dun- gan, swimming in- structor, ponders a question which Butch Powell has just asked him. Sandy Byars Joe Calton Charles Carrell Laura Carter John Carver Carolyn Caudle Robert Caudle Kayla Chandler Shelia Chatman Robert Chesnutt Evyvone Chism Pede Click Charles Collins Evelyn Cooper Larry Cooper Robin Copeland Dennis Cordell Timothy Cornelius Dorian Cox Wilbur Cox TCC drama students, Julie Patterson and Barry Crain, take part in situation role playing at Cable Channel 5 Studios. i. l lf l. f -A-.ga ' N. .4 rr, 'Y ',. ,,-L - fx A Y n l ' ri 9 AQ , f X f' C1 'l- 'T Q ,i'. lx,f' QV 11' .yy ll cb of! Left: Land clearing opera- tions at the TC Agriculture farm are discussed with the timber contractor by Dr. Royce Granberry. professor of agriculture, and two TC students. Below: Dr. Royce Granberry and student, Ronny Bryan, discuss plans for development of recrea- tional facilities for TCC students on sections of the farm. Barry Crain Maxine Crittenden Lex Crow McCoy Dainwood Lathaire Dansby David Davies Rilly Davis ...va Q Nt Diahanne Davenport Chuck Dees Pamela Dees Left:An unidentified scuba diver seems to be walking on water for an instant. Mem- bers of the scuba classes dived in the arealakesforpractice. Kam DeVore Helen Diller Nina Duke Bennie Dunn Gerald Dycus Cissy Eason Cyndi Ebert Janis Edmondson Frankie Elijah Christy Elkins Danny Elkins Willis Ellis Brian Engledowl John Esparza Stephen Evans Carl Evins Karen Fagin Flusty Felps Roy Fort Jamie Foster lm ,LL 25 ' V -1, ,xg ' -4 I L, v WL " 'x l M 350' ,. ,: V v 'Cf'-' l e 1 4 5 In R X Q x ,I X . L el. Q r l X 5- li! Jeanne Foster Ella Fowlks Stephanie Fowlks Maxine Frazier Fl. D. Freeze Jerry Funderburr Frederick Gallagher Bandy Gann Brenda Gardner Ruth Garrison Bobby Gaston Blanche Gentry Sharma Gibson Joyce Giles Becky Goff David Granberry Cheryl Green George Griffin. Sr. Lois Griffin Denise Halle 1'-hs Karen Kuznoff, one of the several employees in the TC bookstore, helps a student with her purchase. The bookstore came in quite handy for the replacement of lost pens or renewing supplies of notebook paper, etc. Gwendolyn Hardin Yolanda Hariston James Harrison Jimmie Harrison Libby Hart Anna Hasty Karen Heath Sarah Heath Martha Helms David Hewett Treva Hignight Wausita Hinton -i 3, ' , l 5 ' f ,J -I t' ' 40 ,hir v 2 ' ef 2 , ,,, J. . Top picture: Army ROTC members execute maneuvers on the TC campus. Students could enroll in a scholarship plan which paid for all college costs. Bottom: Nona Sue Richardson par- ticipates inthe ROTC maneuvers along with her classmates. f -Q- l F ,Q .. x if HQ'7'G:i'K' 'l11'3VJb',i ' QWQEN -fl ' Qfiiifif' i www is r , mf -- Pg l, it M'-ff , L., , ,.,4, 1 4,5 . ,-i1gg. ,,,:--'1 , rg: a .5-3jxg,.i,,t ' p L- 7'-1-L50 " -5.5 , .,:fQf"'-'43 li 3 Q 21 if T ip 5' " ' ':','K-Ei'-LW 'fb . hind if qi K? 15:31 I ,RA .vf Q " "'-Q-13Y"n'Q'? 'T-'. . W-"4 5- '-725513 f, P Q""P- V '3- ,- - ' ,If -QT ,N f -."- ' - h .. iV 2,-l,f3"f."P1 'v iii R' l auxin: . .V . . XM-1'.xA. 'ng ' .,?v- , .-wavy. 1 4. . ' gg:ig,g.,.w k . Q f 2+-, i if-351' 'VII . P' N ., ' . FW ' .H .Q-may fa' 1 f. ,ri ' Auf 'K' ' X' A 1414 " We .-' 1 ' ' t . we '- ai' '1- , Aff' Q, , V K 'J5g,?j.".'!, hi. 1 , , ' "fix, "N fifty ?,qf 53 ' '-1-is - - . l ',., AU f'.2fe.ya Kia 550455 'fl Ll A L i 4' 3 'P '5 li " Q Ti' bn ,1 Ivimitahbf' '.,' i AA.. Vvlt N ', '- w, 'mv' 4- I V .' , L ffl' '2' ' 'V . 'i FQ?fftj,'fv'l?1 f 'E eff H, t I A l V ,i"f':"'7-ffl P13-T. , g' 'T' ' ' X ii ' 7 4. T, .f Llf-" -T 'f ,. Y .rv , .. -I . W A, K-v, 5, All V- K f A L: r' A 3 gy., .1 , ' if ., .g ,L 5 ill, lift, 5 V A,.J, v i' E . 'X v1q ...i.! Z ,. .wk-, 1 'Mr - -I H , f- -1 L ff izf,fi'4g"M .5641 ' i'-'f " A .. ,iii -l A - -- . . qz',1w-it 55- l - 'W 'f' jf Hi' J N ' ' " lf 3' , if 3 xl. A . L . My -, M AUM Jap MQ - will I Him' ir' -L- 3 "IU 1 1,5 ef C i l ff ,, 9"'l"f v i .4 n Z -2 fx -, A ' 'Fw fri? rr' ix Tommie Hodge Michael Holliday Willie Hooks Betty Hoover Ben House Janis Irving Katheryn Jackson Edward Jiles Joe Johnson Lillie Johnson Mary Johnson Zonna Johnson Mark Joice Brenda Jones Debra Jones Susan Jordan Joyce Junjar Jimmy Keck Sherri Keith Phil Kennedy Mrs. Sue McCros- sen works with music accompan- ists, from left, Bruce Power, Dick Wise, and Diane Perkins. The music and drama depart- ments performed the Shepherd's Song, a Christ- mas presenta- tion. Bobby Kennington Claude King Carla Kingston Carlos Kingston Margaret Kirby Robert Kirkpatrick Larry Knight William Lacy John Larry Monica Lann Many Lee Steve Leonard Cindy Levi Debra Lewis Loretta Littlie Chuck Lively Carol Lovelace Roy Lyles Phillip Malnik Robert Manley Ricky Crenshaw, a freshman at TC, is presented a scholar- ship in the name of Dick Akins and by Dick Akins, the former Stu- dent Center manager and supervisor of maintenance. Ricky is a political science and pre-law student. iT7lF'51' ' . l i I Q ' 5 .L ij Qs 1 ' ' F A 4 J ' 'Q 1 1 'E .I A -5 ii ,Je v Q , YT' , fx 1 " ay,- I A E'- f l f ! XV x X f, g,-fa. --vw' iw, sf .Sf Charles Mauldin Jocko May Rose McDonnell Jimmie McGee Karen Mclnnis Charles McLean Gary McNatt Sherilyn Meadows Stephanie Melton Robert Merrell Gail Miller Sherry Mitchell Glenda Mixon Paula Moore Carmella Mullens Minnie Murphy Harold Neal Maxine Nelson Kenneth Newton Ollie Newton . ,-,A . Butch Powell, lifeguard at the Aquatic Center, instructs students on the pro- per way to do sit-ups. Butch was not only the lifeguard but just about anything else that one could think of that had to do with the pool. Alton Nickleberry Damona Norton Mike Oates Frances Oglesby Vivian Oglesby Ramona O'Keefe Carmen Osuna James Owen Roy Owens Barbara Palmer James Pappas Desiree Parchman Nancy Parks Peggy Patterson Charles Paul, Jr. Mary Pearson Wanda Peek Barbara Pettigrew Kenneth Piggee Mohamad Pirouznia Debbie London, a gymnastics student, does her routine on the balance beam. Students in the gymnastics classes gained poise and grace as well as skill in this difficult activity. 'io .-5-v, itwvyl' ,M i ix XT, David Prejza Judy Prestridge James Priest Nancy Rankin Paula Raschke Nona Richardson Wardell Richardson Erwin Roberson Blake Robertson Terri Robins Patricia Roeland Terri Rose nr' Denise Brouillette and Kym Henderson ham it up for the photographer as they "bum" around to- gether between classes. ll Cynthia Rudd Ronald Rudd Ronnie Russell Cathie Savage H. Donald Savage - Paula Schiessl Barbara Schlonga ' E Ann Sedgass V ,vt 5 ii I. g A., ,bb , .5 K , ' . xx My NT, Carmen Shavers f V.-- " Debra Shumaker Randy Shumaker Gary Singleton or-. - 1 1-VN' Students select and sign up for classes during registration for the spring semester. Students registered at certain times, depending on the number ofcredit hours they had behind them-there were still lines. in -H S -SQ? " g L,-t k , lr. gt.. , Donnie Slaten Andrew Smith Donald Smith Joe Smith Libby Smith rf 'r WT" Shirley Smith Steven Smith Mark Smith Wynette Smith -1 Shirley Snowden tk, 45' was 1 x".l 'f J 1 N. 4 we-pf 17. X XXFIU hkf Y . I i N tax A 11, I I 1 rr' sl' fgx l -. .gl I 1 1. fl I . I i , "J x I ut "' ' Verna Sowell Mary Sparks Phillip Speer Jane Spillyards Dennis Starling Edwin Stephenson Chuck Stewart Gene Stiggers -3 Bill Stone William Strobel Sharon Waren, one of the many working students on campus, takes a telephone mes- sage for an English teacher. Sharon is a secre- tary for the Humanities Division and does just about everything from typing to keeping a hot pot of coffee going. Bonnie Atkins, Sue Taffe, Dan Shanks, Nancy Womack, Jackie Frost, and Dave Buness begin work on the new looms in the art de- partment. Ten looms were added this year, costing around S2,000. The instructor for this course was Mrs. Mary Long, Ted Sutton Regina Synyard Debra Taylor Jacky Taylor Robert W. Thom Joyce Thomas Oliver Thompson James Tidwell Janie Tidwell Leonard Timmons Patricia Tims Melinda Tower Jan Ueckert Charles Van Horn Cindy Vongonten Henrietta Walker 1 I l ,H -,f5,.' Zgjnf .rl I ' Jes '.-Kali Q. ,Ny I Q F T L .1 ig' J K I . . l .vi 1 1 J . l "" ' T1 v fs 5 ' ' FP- i , 'Tiff' 1 -ry , . t . ' . , Qs l V A f"' W 1 . , , Monroe Walker Douglas Walls Jerry Ward nc- 5, .9 Mary Ward Sharon Waren in 'Q' .is- X ' , N 3 f , t MRA 4 ., A' ,T :gk j 1 tgj' Ji 1 f' N S A h I - , V --' ' J ' N Robert Warren, Jr. K ' ' ' Mary Watson ' Fredia Weatherford . A .W l . 15 fp ' " Bryan Weaver 'f I!! 1 I ,A r L ' ', Dan Webb 1' -4' ' ,Q "' F l kJ al l ' .5 A W i l T2 ffm.. fa i if NV 1 ll it f ' X ,wir -I L 1 1 . ' ' ,' ' 'Q-V .l ,VN - 4 L' J J .4 ' -1 Jnlnal 4' A K' ' ' Z1 l li' - 1 liz , V -A Upper left: Della Ellis and Dave Buness take a momentfrom ahectic day tojoin in on a bull session in the library with friends. Upper right: Rodney Brown and Jimmy Clark utilize the facilities at the Learning Resource Center.Left: Carol Short helps Stacy Tidwell with his chemistry while Danny Garrett and Pat Garrett relax and tell jokes back and forth across the table. Uh 41 Lajuana Webb lVIarva Wheeler Becky White David White Glenda White Dwight Wilborn Kathryn Wilks Levolia Williams Kathy Williamson Laverne Wilson Marian Wilson it 'Q' f -. '-'ffm :.,'.w'rQif- g ' -. .,, , Q.--1" . .., . - A tn: , f ky' .. ,hh - N, i 1,1-yi .1 ' 1-'-.- -.H IQ ,Z .?Tg31"i 1 ?.1sEi" 1.-:- t 1-121' "i . g 'kj-iffi' mga, 5: W ' I g-,',1g " 1 'i 4f7:i,'v.-'ii' ' l' . , ui L3 WJ- if.:-'A - -utr ll1 .,,.'El'A e 1: Above: Bill E. Rainey and Cliff Hawk join distance runner James Owen in getting in shape for the 13 mile mini- marathon.Right: Jamie Foster, a member of the tennis team, returns a volley during a practice session. 174 Wanda Witcher James Wood John Wood Linda Wood Debra Woodle Troy Woodruff Jessie Yeager Bettye Young James Young Above Sophomore Pat Strobel takes advantage of the relaxed atmosphere nn the library and props hls feet on a table whsle study ing. Below Clndy James one of the helpful library asslstants IS always ready to help a student search for maternal on mlcrofllm Greg McKlnney uses the valuable resources of the library to com- plete a chemlstry assugnment-or perhaps It was to complete a 4 I Top left: Agriculture student, Gordon Barlow talks to the plants in the greenhouse for a sec- ond, hoping that they will hear him and grow more rapidly. Top right: Betty Hoover seems to be happy that the Christmas holidays are near. Bottom: Mike Ward and Jerry Bonham play a tape and make a report in one of their classes. It -1.-' .ansmnnaau 4 F l 1 l i l i i , L Top: Students wait to have their pictures made for the yearbook. The turnout for this year reached an all time high-could be because the enrollment was up. Bottom left: James Owen llefti presents the Gumby Award to Mark Cooper. The award was lor the winning team in the volleyballtournament. SheIdon's Gang came out ahead in this year's competition. Right: Stewart Angel, math teacher, takes time from his busy schedule to play an invigorating game of tennis. .'-1fEgi14.- TT i i :,, I - g.. Q 4 MTA , G3 irq x f- fi .lr ' L ' , xii-f, , , .4 2.35:-Th'l,. L , . AWN 4, L 1 .,f ,F xiii-,f .-,Ei-jta'7' x -1 f 4., N41 " V '4 na v,,.. , FY.. - I 'Lg 'igiiv-U-af" f --Q5 A fi,--,'?JfJ"' " X g5: "rJ-gflf'-T " " I f N- ,- ,A J D 1 , 1 ' '.r.:., , 1 Q...-. l Above: Homework and academics go hand-in-hand, and teachers have homework, too. The staff photographer caught Mary Lewis, English professor, leaving at the end of a hard day with her homework-English themes to grade. Right: Labs play a big part in many academic areas. Operating tape equipment for foreign language students was just a small part of teaching duties for Lois Gardner, French professor. 'it is Division Chairmen kept the various departments runmng smoothly during the year Richmond White found this position courses made for a busy year. Fx-t--an f---Ve - - .,, , , ,QL ' aw' and his teaching responsibilities in the engineering It is ,Aff K xx l In many classes lab facilities were open to students when classes were not in session Access to typewriters for practice periods was a great advantage to students enrolled in typing and shorthand classes. it .4 Special activities provided students with a break from the academic routine. Donna Baird, a former Miss Texarkana and current TC employee and Bill Hughes, Dean of Students, met with contestants to discuss plans for the Miss TC Pageant. 17" wilt . 1, . i f' . 3 .. 4 m . Above: Even Physical Education teachers had paperwork. Wayne Williams puts the finishing touches on his grade book for the activity clas- ses. Below: Busy schedules kept students jumping. Delbert McEntire takes a moment to finish a few notes on an assignment. SN' Ki 1 x X - -lp Registration days were the peak time for academic planning. Georgia McFaul, coun- selor. assisted students in selection of classes. ,fm Minds Master Machines, Murals 7? Above: Bob Ward, physics and geology instructor, measures the amount of radia- tion in the room with a radiation scale. The scale is located with other electronic de- vices in the EMP Building. Left: Concent- ration and a steady hand are important elements for students in engineering- drawing classes. A student conscientiously attempts to complete his project while two other class members collaborate on a prob- lem. Below: Problems, problems, nothing seems to fit! A rather perplexed engineering student contemplates his situation as he works at one of the drawing tables in the EMP Building. ' ' .fg , 'Z 2' A, r" E ...i-an.:- TRN-Q 5 E. Q , x .lx Above: Huge pictures prepared by a group of eight student artists were initially dis- played in the foyer of the auditorium prior to being hung throughout the student center. Contemporary styles were the prevalent ideas expressed in the paintings. Right: Ben Cox, student center manager, discusses with Ftalph Caver and Mary Long, art in- structors,theplacementofmuralsprepared by art students for the student center. Several murals were placed in the snack bar area to enhance the atmosphere for those enjoying coffee breaks or having a meal. Below: Flicky Moore, sophomore, demon- strates how to program your life away. A student can easily plan a fifty-year program for his life on this computer housed in the Engineering Building. - .5 . X.- Y. .f1f,v,': f if . L "fi x XX-N ., , f A 'y ,X a " f. Y BET-57 .Za 1 XX uw- f sf' ,Q X is 5 af 182 -lui, R I Basketball' Flirting' Bowling v Smoking' Visiting -2:-ai "'+.,. V Above left: A little surprise under the windshield wiper!-Bill Sams, campus security officer and law enforcement student, leaves a parking violation slip on a vehicle. Enrollment in the law enforcement program this year reached an all time high for TC. Above right: That femine touch-The flight program at Texarkana College accepts male and female students. A coed completes a routine safety check be- fore taking a plane up. Right: "You flip this switch "-Jimmy Blackard, flight instructor, gives directions to a student in preparation for a flight session.The College requiresastudent to complete on-the-ground-training before they put in actual flying time. l .ea at ,-.4-4'2" 1 ff.. K 5 1 rx K ,JE g 5. 'it 457' 3? YH .ir- PTR.-. .L""'...... 1 ..-1-1 i .1 l .' 5 ff ., "WT-' " "wif" Aff - . - - D lx'-xl'-?"'J "f Nt - 'f . I KF 34 Above left: Joe Johnson searches for the right tool to complete this metal casting in one of the vocational lab areas located in the Career Education Center. Above right: Jerry Browning of the Texarkana Fire Department demonstrates the use of fire extinguishers to TC nursing students. Fire Department personnel also practice emergency removal of patients in evacuation procedure demonstrations. Left: Auto mechanics and auto body repair are two of the most popular occupational program areas at TC. Students receiving certificates in these areas find ready em- ployment. Below: Ken Burkhalter gives students in- structions on the operation ofthe IBM 360 computer used by the College. Students are lfrom left to rightj Nona Mitchelllseatedl, Toni Wilson, and Frank Harvey. Courses in information processing and data process- ing are part of the curriculum with some classes offered on an "individualized in- struction" basis. A -,La-. 5 c l if x X 1 P' ' N il - 1 lv... gg gg A . it Grade Points Skyrocket for PT K Dr. Carl Nelson, president of TC, and Tru- man Arnold, vice-president of the Texar- kana College Board of Trustees, were the speakers for the spring initiation cere- monies of Phi Theta Kappa. Jerry Bonham, acting president, and Mike Ward, treasurer, look on as Mr, Arnold addresses new members and guests. The local chapter of the organization was founded in 1947 with five charter members. This spring the honor fraternity took in eighty-nine students-a record number of new members. The following students were initiated in the spring: Sandra Ander- son, Steve Bair, Jack Bender, Mary Bess Bryant, Cathy Capps, Marti Cash, Evie Chism, Tracie Churchill, Travis Cigainero, Lisa Cowling, Robert Davis, Emily DeVenney, Marianne Dickson, Beverly Duck, Wilbur Dunn, Gary Finley, Jeanne Foster, Karen Foster, Don Gal- lander, Wanda Gibson, Jerry Giles, Alton Goff, Vicki Goodpaster, Thomas Goodson, Gail Gray, Sue Green, Janet Griffin, Ben Groom, Denise Halle, Bobby Hamil, Gina Hartshorn, and Lorinda Hathaway. Also receiving invitations to join were Lisa Hawkins, Kay Heath, James L. Hensley, Margarette Johnston, Nathan Kelly, Karen Kilker, Darrell Kitchens, Lori Krah, Walter Lee, Jimmy Livesay, Karen Lockwood, Bill Long, Scott McCloud, Priscilla McLeroy, Becky 7 x 14 ge, Vfilqrg Monroe, Ricky Moore, Pam Mortensen, Judy Needham, Bertie Norton, Doug Oliver, Susan Owen, David Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Sandy Pate, Julie Patterson, Betty Pitchford, Pam Postlehwaite, Lyman Priest, Frank Pryor, Terry Raney, and Pam Roberts. Other participants in the initiation were Kenneth Robertson, Karen Sangal- li, Arndra Sharp, Marvin Shelton, Saundra Sherwood, Carol Short, Donnie Slaten, Sherri Smith, Linda Sorrells, Lisa Steinbach, Lisa Stroman, Karen Stuckey, Sharon Stuckey, Debbie Taylor, Cay Teague, Kay Teague, Billy Teel, James M. Thomas, Martha Jane Turner, Alva Joe Turney, Randal Walker, Gail Webster, Cathey Westbrook, Terry White, Carolyn Williams, Jeff Williams. 1976 Tennis Team .X ,K it x X LD Above: lt's all for love or "love 30" if you are atennis player. Be it 30 or 40, the tennis team stays active all year-round. Members include, front row from left to right, Bill Rainey, Jim Livesay, Priscilla McLeroy, Christi Cone, and Jamie Foster. On the back row are Coach Robert Mills, Bill Long, Bob Long, Steve Burton, and David Morgan. Right: He may break his arm doing it, but one of the "Long" twins is going to stretch out to hit that ball. Bob and Bill Lonq are identical twins, and both are on the tennis team. Below center: Christi Conejumps in the air to slam a fast serve back to her opponent. Christi is one of the three girls on the team and is a second year varsity player. l Below left: Between tennis matches, Bill Rainey takes time out to rest and drink a coke. Members of the Tennis Team spend long hours practicing forthetournaments. Below right: Jim Livesay, a first year member of the Tennis team, returns a fast one in a practice session at the tennis courts. N ' " V' -1Df1.EJUa'L.'L-7-' ' 2' 'E "fl-E2-f-.ff. 1 s KF' Q no N "Hs- x xl N' l :W D 1 -1. Karate Team The Karate team at Texarkana College won first place honors in the Longview City Championships beginning belt division. In the col- ored belt division, the TC team placed second. The team consists of from left to right on the bottom row, David White, green belt, and David Larey, blue belt. Second row includes Ted Terry, yellow belt, Coach Wayland Lacy, and Jeff Smith, yellow belt. Music, Music, Music All year 'round a colorful array of sound effects are emitted from the little white building on campus known as a hideaway for music students. The music curriculum at Texarkana College spans a wide range of music literature and training. Courses are offered for beginners and students possessing advanced musical ability. Music dealing with every phase from classical to jazz, rock and electronic synthesizer sounds has a place in this department. 19.1 .4Q" 'lv' Students may enroll for music appreciation courses, technical lessons on various in- struments, individual voice lessons or even non-credit music classes. Music students are required to perform for jury each semester. This involves presenting selections to an audience of fellow students and faculty members. All applied music students mustsign up for one hour per week of lab, studio or concert recitals. Members of the choral and instrumental groups are responsiblefor making public appearances. The groups tour many of the surrounding areas and provide entertainment for local organizations, are available for seasonal performances, and contribute their talents to various church and community activities. Many of the active music students are also talented in the dramafield and participate in joint music-drama productions. A music- theatre class is offered to assist in the study of the integration of music, acting, and staging. This course serves as opera workship for music majors and minors. Yes, the sound may be "high brow" or may be something from "outer space", but it's all important at TC and it's all MUSIC, -1 . Q1 Q Qin Below: lt's along way from Columbia to Texarkana, geographically and culturally, too, as Doty Berjan can verify. Doty, shown here with Mrs. Mankins and her children, has lived with the Pete Mankin family for the past year. The two events that share the spotlight in her life this year were passing her drivers license exam and earning her high school diploma by passing the GED test. Doty entered TC in January and is earning her tuition by working as a secretary for East Texas State University. 4 Top Center: ln case you've never heard of Douglasville, it's a little town of 282 peopleta liberal county. Five per cent of the population of Douglasville are going to TCC, and eight of these 14 are pictured here. Lower Left: Dean Hughes can see fine, as he examines glasses turned in to the Iostand found box in his office. Glasses notclaimed were turned over to the Lion's Club Arkansas Commission for the Blind. Above Left: View from the top of the stairs-Bill Fiainey sur- veys the scene in the student center while waiting for agame of pool. The cafeteria in the student center is the hub of student activity. Above Right: Standing on tip-toes, Jeanne Foster reaches high to get that certain book. i mum cum t i A Above: A part of school is studying, and Sandy Sudan seems en- grossed in that book as viewed thru the stacks. Center left: lt's serious business, Police units conclude a search of the student center after a bomb scare. Fortunately no bombs were found in two bomb scares on campus this year. Below left: Don Purtle and Jerry Tittle listen as Lt. Don Lewis discusses careers in the Navy. Lt. Lewis spoke to the engineering, math and physics classes while on cam- pus. Below: Bob Walters, of the TCC Campus News, seems to be having some problems in writing-must be an editorial. ., N I . , . 3 ' CTA Q, A 73 ' fx' X QNX 'We the People . . .' We have attended TC at an important time in our nation's history. We are not isolated from the events that shaped and guided our nation to its Bicentennial year, and we are not isolated from the events thatwill continue to shape and guide our nation. We face a tremendous task. We who are the result of our nation's past and the hope for its future must see to it that the right course is taken in order to reach a three-hundredth year. When we consider that our nation began in 1776 as an isolated group of colonies fighting againstthe most powerful nation in the world and when we consider that when our nation celebrated the Centennial, the country was suffering from economic problems, crime, political scandal, and immorality, our task no longer seems impossible. X 1 r:-was .X X M P, . I 1 Z X A ,X -1 fx avg! JSX, as. Y of We have seen many changes and events take place during the past year at TC. Dr. Nelson became president of TC and under his direction the academic and vocational programs were merged. Enrollment increased during both fall and spring semesters. We even had two bomb threats. lntermingled between all these events, we came to TC, we went to classes, we studied, we learned, we laughed, we entertained, we served, we struggled, sometimes we achieved, sometimes we failed, in some ways we changed, and in some ways we remained the same. TC '76 is more than just ayearbook. It is a time, a place, and a people that cannot be captured in just words and pictures. We are TC '76 J. Ben House, editor :Y r Qs ffi N OX M 4 xx N 7 1. .5 x., ,MN 534 '31 we --w D . If. fd gl .Pi N124 For The Money Things M C Rawlelgh s Drlve Inn Specralrzrng In Hamburgers Steak Fingers Shrimp Fried Chicken Featuring The Most Comfortable Inside Seating In Town Drlve In Windows Orders To Go Open 7 Days No 1 3002 New Boston Hd asa 8721 Mo ntgo mery flf Busy Dlaly 838 9160 2 2219 Lake Drlve 792 3561 5 7th 8. Pune 794 8703 8 Hwy 82 81 Kings Hwy Nash 832 1972 a 9 Hwy 8 New Boston 628 2091 Home Office 3rd 81 Pecan 773 2106 Retail Sales FREEMAN PER ONAHLITPI 10 OEIKIEIWFI VIIIEIQG FLORS E ESSDMEN vlmwv Catalogue sales Ph 838 6581 FOR WOMEN MASSEY S SHOES 323 E BROAD 774 9141 CHILD LIFE RED GOOSE JOHN V MASSEY FOR CHILDREN MACK AF M rum T4 :gg mul 'NT rum 'U1h'1l'sr- Ifalgljfj figs? Bill A F James Truck Llne 107 Lella Texarkana U S . , . No. ' ............................................ - No. ' ..., . ....,.... .......,,,.........,........,,.......... - No. ' ........................... - I No. , ..... . .........,.......,.............. - . S I 9 T. "E ' H" "A ' - ,113-1.!-',.-fzii. -I - .k , V, 11 .-:-,.:'zj.g4 ' -' , P -M ' ' .1 ' ' . f, rr iff .,5. , F' f"'f If f' '- .5 ' M4 Tfllrva L7 frw.u" 2 " , 555:21 T. -r , W - rngr . ll . fl . y , I- ,L . I K , 'I I I l , . The World Book Encyclopedia Childcraft - The How and Why Library Cyclo - Teacher Learning Aid Gary E. Cobb, Divn. Mgr. World Book - Childcraft P.O. Box 5865 - 2411 College Dr. Phone 838-4051 Texarkana, Ark. - Tex. 75501 G-OODYEAR SERVICE STORE Seventh 8: Texas Phone - 794-4I 39 COIIINS M WIIIIAMS Fine Apparel For Men and Boys 104 E. 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STUDIO WEDDINGS PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS PROJECTORS ENLARGERS DARKROOM SUPPLIES TAPE RECORDERSGJ DW 794 2585 222 w 3rd TEXARKANA JOHN BUSINESS MACHINES SALES ssnvlrs RENTALS surpuzs 1402 MAIN ST DIAL 793 2161 TEXARKANA 9 V9 Buchanan Bottling Company 3001 State Lane Avenue 1 PEPSI 1 I , I , ' , -X I- I I 5 1' A' f 1 F , y 1 - . . ' - 1' ' u ' , ff: ,' f-if fa - - '- 2 -"Z" fy," "'f,.i,' 5, 5 T4 , 3 xl. 1 ' . If ,,g Y f f I 1 - ,HW 1 l,.,E,j5f:: T' A' , , 1 Q "wk, , -3. .1 f " ., " "- H- , -1 v if i V . ii'-s. - -, ,. ' K 11 l ,GRN A ' u .-9 11 ' N . P .. X ' 2-'D 4 ,, ,Y , .. ,. , - V X 9 .- . i gi -, 5 I , 1'1" l if. , ' I. , , F :V s ' -' e , I Q L ' . M -I ii 2 1' ' 3 2 . ,' , A Ill . .wg 2 . ,537 YV , , ' ' , , , Lx 'vfl . ' ' . . G ,G V . ' Jiri! ' A ' T. 1: V if V ...wV:"' 11" 0 , 1 ' 4 . +G 5 ' 1- Q -N . - I COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF TEXARKANA The People s Bank 4th and Walnut 2702 N State Lune We Four Locations , Highway 71 Fouke Ark -eu V EITENNS 'WW 3313 TEXAS BLVD F TEXARKANA TEXAS 75501 LINDA M GRANE MANAGER 12143792 9301 PHIFFER S Ladies Apparel Petites Ladies and Juniors Dresses Sportswear Aocessorres 2924 County Avenue Phone 772 8471 Open 7 Days Free A Week Deluvery Ni-5 Texarkana Oaklawn Drug Home of Columns Gift Shop Bull Sherwood Drlve Inn South Robison Rd at Waco St 2825 New Boston Fld Ph 838 8566 Phone 832 1806 I ITT .N y ' -Nfl 4 A , . - ' ' V I T rw' F I . .5 I ' 'Cr A ' D 7 1 ' . n , I 1 -. ,iff J. J .' f' in ' 1 " . f 7"'r- ' , 4. ' . ' r "vu-' q. 'f .VX - 4. . l P . , .fr , ' " - 7. -x -f"-"1 1 flex X '-,-:' -.f , . dt , ' "' FT. ,Maj J, - A g.-t. . '- '-fefilii Q, g. ' .N 'f'?h.:Vt. - ' A 'NJ-fqy, - . ' 6 -'-N... , ' ' 4 ', , fp ' "1.'v2. ,J u-1 A ' f , . ' ,' . fag. ' h Lf 11--rr. r ' ' 'TH r 7 'N e , . 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Skaggs Albertson s Features 0 Name Brand Cosmetics Complete Instore Bakery U S D A Cholce Beef 1st Quality Produce Dellcatessen 81 Snack Bar Camera Record 81 Smoke Shop Q , Complete Pharmacy I Name Brand Drug Dept Hardware 81 Housewares Q Greetlng Card 81 Toy Dept And More Food 81 Drug Wlth One Central Checkout' Dxlauag S M A W we mx F, E m mf-n 5 . I O I . . . . O I 9 s 'Q I O . I 0 . l I A . LT? J, fl - 1 ,'1:45-1'-fiaf,-ff3-if-.1---all fig,-wld:-W:I:,.:.'j-if ,. I Q Y wx, 'Vx ' ' ir.32:5lIlj2.f are 1 vg- 5, , J--,nv 3 yd' 'LQ I , , f f.f. Q . -,fy , ' ' ' i ii' 1: Q . ., ...R Q. W '- , -n . .1 ' ' ' ' u ' 5 ' Y" , z- 1, .. ,. . W . ,-. In I "DIMM, , X- ,, --.y.i!I1 ,fr i , . 1, ,, , ' ' A--,4 , l l V, nav A l A Ll , li'-ii' fi'I.--1 x-.wlrlv-1fYl'1' W .rl MNVIV ,vu ,fmlxbx ,X W , L,-X , , Y , mi., , W , , ,.,--"" - , W i lg!! s v, , l' . 1: g ,.. - 3 " . ' v , . Ables, Lori-113 Benson, John-119 INDEX Adams, David-105, 118 Adams, Eden-157 Adams, Eva-76, 123 Adams, Gregory-151 Adams, Janet-123 Adams, Lana-23, 157 Adcock, Martha-123 Agri Club-82 kin D avid-31, 44 kin Thelma-123 lcorn. Milton-157 lewine, Murry--116, 140 lexander, Patricia-123 lexander, Robert-123 en James-123 en Harry Jr.-157 en Norm-43,81 en Rusty-28, 46, 77 ex Febbie-157 I'T'lGIS Angie-157 nderson, Barbara-123 nderson, Ben-123 nderson, Doris-123 Benson, Michael-61 Bergt, Barbara-124 Bergt, Richard-157 Betts. Larry-158 Betts, Willie-124 Bickham, Linda-101, 158 Birchfield, Wanda-158 Birdwell, Sharon-124 Bissell, Pamela-124 Blackard, Jimmy-117 Blake, Kathryn-116 Blue, Bill-74, 158 Blue Jackets-92, 93 Bocox Bogan, Bogan Boggs Paula-124 Lonnie-158 Marilyn-158 Jack-124 Bohataw, Ronnie-46 Bohn, Elaine-124 Bohuslau, Craig-158 Bolton, Mona-124 Bonham, Jerry-11, 22, 100, 176 Bonham, Bonnie-36 Borrer, David-76, 122, 124 Bosan, Willie-124 Butts, Teresa-159 Byars, Randall-159 Byars, Sandy-160 Byram, Patricia-75, 125 Calton, Joe-160 Calvit, Cathy-125 Campbell, Robert-125 Campus Christians Club-97 Campus News-84, 85 Canida, Diane-126 Capps, Cathy-80, 126 Caraway, Glenda-31, 126 Carlisle, Bill-116 Carmickle, Judy Kay-151 Carpenter, Silvia-151 Carr, Charlie-126 Carrell, Charles-160 Carter, James-126 Carter, Laura-160 Carver, Jerri-126 Carver, John-38, 160 Case, James-126 Cash, Marty-126 Cates, Autrey-126 Caudle, Carolyn-92, 160 Caudle, Melody-126 Cravens, Jo Ann-127 Crawford, Karen-127 Crawford, Shelby-113 Creighton, Carolyn-85 Crenshaw, Ricky-127, 166 Crittenden, Maxine-161 Crow, Debbie-30 Crow, Ealine-127 Crow, Lex-161 Crowder, Marian-114 Crowe, Steve-127 Culpepper, Nona-116 Cummins, Douglas-127 Cunningham, Judy-127 Cunningham, Mike-127 Cupp, Gladys-107, 116 Dainwood, McCoy-161 Dalmain, Carolyn-113 Daniel, Danny-127 Daniels, Clyde-127 Daniels, Danny-127 Dansby, Lathaire-161 Daub, Betty-127 Davenport, Diahanne-161 Davenport, Lawanda-127 Davies, David-161 nderson, George-157 nderson, Karon-123 nderson Nina-123 nderson , Sand ra-1 23 ngel Stewart-117 nthony, Selah-123 rdeneaux, George-157 rdeneaux, Raymond-123 rnold David-14, 22, 28, 46, 60 rnold Joy-116 rnold Robert-114 rnold, Truman-107 rnold Mrs. Truman-107 rrlngton, Jo-157 shley Rick-123 Bouterse, Jane-116 Bowden, Robert-158 Bowling, Danny-158 Bowling, Danny-47, 61, 60, 124, 129 Boyce, James-158 Boyd, Liza-124 Boyden, Brace-47, 101, 146 Braddock, Debbie-11, 19, 105 Braddock, Sharon-61, 124 Brainerd, Flalph-124 Bransford, Dr. Frank-118 Bransford, Ruth--115 Braswell, Janice-124 Caudle, Robert-160 Caudle, Tracey-126 Caver, William-116 Cerrato, Erlene-126 Champion, Mickey-121, 126 Chandler, Debra-126 Chandler, Kayla-101, 160 Chapa, Gloria-126 Chatman, Pearlie-126 Chatman, Shelia-160 Chesnutt, Robert-160 Chess Club-87 Chism, Evyvone-160 Davis And rea-127 Davis, Joey-30 Davis, K. B.-111 Davis, John-32 Davis, Levonne-119 Davis, Mark-127 Davis, Nelson-118 Davis, Billy-161 Davis, Robert-78, 127 Davis, Flusty-127 Davis, Shelia-151 Davis, Steven-53, 127 Davis, Wanda-127 shlln tkins, tkins, Maggie-113 Bertha-123 Bonnie-172 ttaway, Glenda-151 ustin utrey utrey, utrey, alley air St Glen-157 Ralph-151 Ralph-151 Tony-157 Jannie-22 ephen-9, 123 alrd Donna-73 SD Marsha-113 anks, Jeannie-27, 123 an ks Sharon-123 . Susanne-42 rfield, Brena-123 rfield, Kenny-123 l' OW, l' OW, f OW, I' OW, l'l1eS, l'l'1GS, H1911 ffefl, l'l'0l'l Donna-42 Gordon-105, 157, 176 Linda--123 William-57, 61, 123 Paul ine-1 15 Tony-157 , Herman-112 Patti-124 Flandall-157 Brewer, Henry-158 Brewer, Vicki-158 Brewster. Angela-158 Brewton, Ula-124, 126 Bridger, Terry-124 Bright, Ronald-112 Brinkman, Debbie-124 Brint, Chad-124 Brister, Keith-125 Brouilette, Denise-5, 14, 23, 27, 158 Brown, David-114 Brown, Deborah-57, 125 Brown, Jeff-125 Brown, Jerry-155 Brown, Lynn-158 Brown, Phillip-43 Brown, Flodney-125, 173 Brown Sherri-125 Brown, Tony-125 Browning, Linda-151 Bruce, Delbra-125 Bruce, Gloria-158 Bruner, Scott-158 Bryan, Flonny-159, 161 Bryant, Marybess-125 Buchanan, Debbie-125 rry Cassandra-124 rtlett, Charles-124 arden, Ruth-113 asley, David-124 asley, James-157 asley, Linda-157 asley, Mary-124 auchamp, Freddy-124 ck Lasca-115 ck Teresa-124 cker,'Scott-157 ckham, William-124 itler, James-29, 157 II Bob-119 ll Yvonne-124 nson, Elizabeth-61 . . . . . . . . Il , Il , ll . ll , ll , A . , . . . . . . . . . 4 1 . 1 . . , , , . ' i , . Il , . rba 1 . l l l , I 7 , . . , . . Buchanan, Shelia-125 Buckley, Glenda-159 Budzilowski, Mark-125 Bullington, James-125 Bunch, Jaquita-125 Buness. David-159, 172 Bunn, Beverly-125 Buras, Marjorie-159 Burkhalter, Kenneth Jr.-45, Burns, Debra-125 Burns, Erma-125 Burns, Lydia-159 Burton, Billy-84 Burton, Steve-55, 159 Buster, Bonnie-125 Buttram, Dr. M. L.-118, 146 94,114 Churchill, Tracie-80, 126 Churchman, Bill-38 Churchman, Sherrie-38, 75 Cigainero, Travis-126 Circle K-94, 95 Clark, Jimmy-126, 173 Claxton, Kenneth-126 Clements, Jay-126 Click, Helen-112 Click, Pede-23, 41, 47, 93, 160 Cloe, Penelope-126 Cobb, Richard-128 Cobb, Sandra-126 Cogell, Susan-126 Coleman, Frank-112 Coleman, Lee-126 Coleman, Robert-126 Collins, Charles-160 Collins, Larry--126 Colyer, Flobert-126 Cone, Christy-55 Cook, Robert-126 Cooper, Evelyn-160 Cooper, Larry-11, 23, 100, 160 Cooper, Mark-126, 177 Coopwood, Susan-11, 21 Copeland, Robin-160 Corbett, Margaret-126 Cordell, Dennis-53, 160 Cornelius, Timothy-160 Cotten, Marilyn-126 Cotton, Sam-107, 119 Covan, Mary-115 Cowley, Joan-101 Cowling, Evelyn-126 Cowling, Melisa-126 Cox, Barbara-126 Cox, Dorian-160 Cox, Wilbur-160 Craig, Olen-127 Crain, Barry-29, 32, 43, 48, 161 Crank, David-127 De Vore, Kam-162 Deaton, Ricky-127 Dees, Chuck-29, 161 Dees, Pamela-161 Dees, Tommy-127 Deibert, David-127 Delaughter, Steve-127 Delta Psi Omega-61 Denney, Rebecca-127 Dennington, Linda-127 Dennis, Jim-121 Derrick, Chuck-127 Detwiler, A. K.-85 Devenney, Emily-127 Dickens, Anita-127 Dickens, Diane-128 Dickson, Marianne-92, 12 Dill, Warren-118 Dillard, James-114 Diller, David-119 Diller, Helen-121, 162 Dixon, John-128 Dodd, Robert-128 Downs, Sandra-45 Drake, Sharon-107, 116 Duck, Beverly-128 Duffer, Flhett-128 Duke, Carolyn-116 Duke, Gary-128 Duke, Henry-54, 119 Duke, Nina-162 Duke Pam-5 Dukes, Marcella-11, 21, 128 Duncan, Jack-128 Dungan, Hub-119, 159 Dunn, Bennie-162 Dunson, Donal-128 Durham, Donna-128 Dycus, Gerald-162 Dymczenski, Pauline-128 Easley, Dorothy-128 Eason, Cissy-162 Eaves, Debbie-128 Ebert, Cyndi-162 Eckstein, Mike-128 Edmonds, Janice-9 Edmonson, Janis-22, 75, 76, 156, 162 Edwards, Anna-128 Edwards, Steve-128 Edwards, Tony-128 Garrett, Patrick-130, 173 Garrison, Fluth-163 Gaston, Bobby-163 Gentry, Blanche-163 Gibson, Cheryl-130 Gibson, Sharma-163 Gibson Wanda-130 Giles, Joyce-163 Hawkins, Melissa-131 Hawkins, Rebecca-131 Haworth, Jewelene-131 Hawthorne, Rita-10, 11, 18, 19, 131 Haydel, Jerry-132 Hayden, Jann-132 Haygood, Richard-117 Haynes, Debra-61, 129 James, Cindy-175 James, Eva-133 James, Jackie-133 Jarrett, James-133 Jefferies, Joe-133 Jenkins, Earl-133 Jewell, Ronald-133 Jiles, Edward-127, 165 Johns Edwards, William-128 Elijah, Frankie-162 Elkins, Elkins, Danny-73, 162 Elkins, Katy-113 Elliott, Duwayne-112 Ellis, Debra-128 Ellis, Della-128, 130, 173 Ellis, Esther-128 Ellis, Willis-162 Christy-15, 23, 28, 46, 162 Emerson, Eddie-43, 81 Engledowl, Brian-162 Epperson, Byron-128 Ervin, Debbie-92 Erwin, Bill-53 Esparza, John-162 Evans, Bob-73 Griffin, Kilker, Brenda-5, 134 Evans, Leonardo-49, 128 Evans, Stephen-29, 101, 162 Evans, Teresa-129 Evins, Carl-162 Fagin, Karen-162 Falmer, Wayne-114 Fauntleroy, Jan-129 Felps, Edgar-155 Felps, Rusty-162 Ferguson, John-111 Fields, Enoch-129 Finley, Gary-129 Finn, Shirley-115 Fisher, Mike-129 Flagg, Robert-129 Fleet, Stephen-9 Floyd, Wanda-129 Fomby, Pam-95 Fomby, Floy-129 Fomby, Fluth-93, 116 Giles, Lisa-130 Gill, Carolyn-130 Gill, Dlifford-151 Ginnings, Eloise-130 Glascow, Richard-5 Glover, Gerald-53, 130 Glover, Glenn-130 Goff, Alton-130 Goff, Becky-5, 23, 28, 47, 163 Gonzales, Helen-130 Gooden, Earnest-151 Goodpaster, Victoria-130 Goodson, Mark-144 Goodson, Tom-130 Goodwin, Shirley-130 Gordon, Carry-117 Gorham, Sherry-130 Grady, Kim-93, 130 Granberry, David-163 Granberry, Royce-118, 161 Grant, Gary-130 Graves, Karen-130 Gray, Suzan-130 Gray, Valencia-130 Hays, Virgil-5, 60, 129, 132 Haywood, Nathelma-132 Hazelwood, Darryl-132 Heath, Ben-132 Heath, Karen-126, 164 Heath, Kay-132 Heath, Sarah-15, 22, 84, 164 Hefner, Janette-132 Hefner, Jeff-38, 47, 132 Helms, Martha-85, 164 Johns Johns on, Edwin-133 on, Joann-133 on, Joe-40, 41, 73, 159 Johnson, Lillie-165 Johnson, Mary-165 Johnson, Tressa-20, 133 Johnson, Zonna-101, 165 Joice, Mark-165 Jones, Brenda C.-133 Jones, Brenda K.-149, 165 Henderson , Bon nie-92, 132 Handerson, Carolyn-132 Henderson, James-132 Henderson, Kym-49, 61, 169 Henry, Martha-132 Hensley, James-132 Hensley, Mary-132 Henson, Billie-23 Hernandez, Stella-132 Herrin, James-116 Hettech, Regina-5 Hewett, David-23, 107, 164 Hickey, Ftichard-132 Hicks, Eldon-114 Jones Jones , Dane-133 , Debra-129, 165 Jones, Dorothy-133 Jones, Earnestine-133 Jones , Mary-133 Jones, Flandy-133 Jones, Tommie-133 Green, Bessie-130 Green, Cheryl-163 Green, Ethel-151 Green, Lana-130 Green, Orlandus-131 Greene, Curtis-131 Greger, Brooks-131 Griffin, Glen-131 Griffin, Janet-76, 131 Griffin, Lois-22, 61, 80, 163 Griffin, Shirley-131 George, Sr.-163 Hignight, Treva-164 Hightower, Gerald-151 Hill, Barbara-132 Hill, Kathy-132 Hill, Lou-132 Hill, Mary-132 Hill, Sandra-132 Hill, Stephen-151 Hilland, Rebecca-132 Hines, Wallace-25, 27, 49, 57, 132 Hinton, Adolphus-114 Hinton, Wausita-164 Fomby, Virginia-5, 92 Fort, Floy-162 Foster Cindy-129 Foster, Jamie-11, 22, 55, Foster, Jeanne-163 Foster, Karen-129 Foster, W. B.-129 Fountain, Cathy-129 Fowler, C. O.-45 Fowler, Fluth-105, 113 Fowlks, Ella-163 Fowlks, Stephanie-163 Frank, Randolph-129 Franklin, Ron-25 Frazier, Jeffrey-129 Frazier, Keith-129 Frazier, Maxine-163 Freeman, Shirley-129 Freeze, R. D.-163 French Club-98 Fricks, Clifford-129 Fricks, Deborah-151 Frost, Carol-74, 84, 129 162,174 Frost, Ellen-129 Frost, Jackie-172 Funderburr, Jerry-163 Fyffe, Luke-129 Gallagher, Frederick-163 Gallander, Don-129 Gann, Randy-53, 101, 155, 163 Gardner, Barbara-130 Gardner, Brenda-163 Gardner, Ernst-130 Gardener, Lois-116 Garrett, Danny-130, 173 Garrett, Joe-101 206 Groom, Ben-85 Gustafson, Lisa-131 Gustafson, Terri-131 Hadaway, Stephen-131 Hagen, Ftonnie-131 Haggerty, Linda-131 Haile, Denise-163 Hall, Levi-45, 110 Hall, Lindsay-36 Hall, Thomas-131, 147 Hallum, Debbie-131 Hamilton, Harlan-131 Hamilton, Paula-11 Hardin, Gwendolyn-164 Hargis, Marie-13 Harland, Wanda-29, 36, 44 Harlston, Yolanda-164 Harmon, Ruby-27 Harper, Mike-131 Harris, Anne-131 Harris, Mark-131 Harris, Mark A.-131 Harrison, James-164 Harrison, Jimmie-164 Hart, Libby-80, 164 Hartshorn, Gina-131 Harutunian, Anita-131 Harwell, Michael-151 Hastings, Corliss-131 Hasty, Anna-164 Hatfield, Jeffry-131 Hathaway, Lorinda-131 Hawk, Cliff-131, 149 Hawkins, Debra-131 Hawkins, Ginger-39 Hawkins, Jimmy-119 Hawkins, Leon-95 Hodge, Tommie-101, 165 Jordan, Jesse-118 Jordan, Kathy-113 Jordan, Susan-165 Junjar, Joyce-165 Kaburick, Coral-133 Karr, Louann-133 Keck, Jimmy-165 Keffer, Thomas-133 Keith, Dianna-127, 133 Keith, Sherri-165 Kelley, Howard-151 Kelly, Nathan-133 Kendrick, Dorothy-134 Kennedy, Hunter-151 Kennedy, Phillip-155, 165 Kennington, Bobby-121, 166 Kennington, Ftebecca-121 Keyton, Nancy-27, 60, 63, 107, 116 Kilpatrick, Ftobert-43 Hodge, Vickie-132 Hodgson, Carol-115 Hodnett, Susan-132 Holliday, Michael-165 Holly, Kenneth-132 Holmes, Melodie-132 Hooks, Willie-165 Hooper, Deloris-133 Hoover, Betty-165, 176 Hopkins, Edna-133 Hopkins, Janet-133 Hopkins, Jerard -151 Hoppe, Robbie-133 House, Ben-15, 22, 84, 165 Houser, Bonita-133 Howard, Fred-57, 133 Howze, Frances-113 Hubbard, Gwendolyn-133 Hudson, Lawanda-133 Huett, Stephanie-133 Huffman, Charles-133 Hughes, Bill-44, 73, 77, 110 Hughes, Jonnie-133 Kindler, Florence-93 King, Billie-134 King, Claude-166 King, Daisy-134 King, Dora-134 King Flandy-54, 62 King, Shaun-134 Kingston, Carla-9, 11, 22, 100 6 Kingston, Carlos-166 Kirby, Kirby, Larry-49 Linda-113 Hughes, Walt-133 Humphrey, Lou-115 Hurt, Danny-133 Hutcheson, Cindy-133 Irving, Janis-165 Ivey, Jerrie-133 Jackson Birdanna-133 Jackson David-118 Jackson Katheryn-165 Jackson, Mary-133 Jackson Sharon-11, 21, 76, 92, 133 Jackson, Tressa-11 Jacobs, Dell-114 Kirby, Margaret-166 Kirkland, Carol-134 Kirkpatrick, Robert-94, 166 Klappart, Butch-42 Kline, Martha-113 Knight, Larry-166 Krah, Lori-134 Kuznoff, Karen-163 Kyle, Arlene-112 Kyles, Gwen-134 Lacy, William-166 Lafferty, Kathy-101, 155 Lamas, Joseph-77, 156 Lambert, Andrea-11, 16 Lancaster, Jane-134 Lane, Kimberly-134 Langston, Mary-134 Lanier, Donna-9, 95 Lann, Monica-166 Lansdell, Debra-134 Larey, Lucy-101, 119 Larry, John-166 Lawrence, Sharon-134 Ledford, Joyce-134 Ledwell, Lea-113 ,21, 22, 76, 13 Lee, Elizabeth-134 Lee, Mary-166 Leonard, Steve-166 Levi, Cindy-22, 166 Lewis Barbara-134 Lewis Debra-166 Lewis, Janet-115 Lewis Marg-100, 116 Lewis, Pamela-134 Lewis, Ruby-134 Little, Loretta-166 Lively, Chuck-166 Llvesay, Jimmy-134 Livingston, Gene-115 Lloyd, Patricia-134 London, Debbie-134, 168 London, Richard-134 Long, Bill-134 Long, Bob-135 Long, Greg--55 Long, Mary-113, 116 Looney, Rebecca-135 Lovelace, Carol-166 Loyd, Ken-117 Luckenbaugh, Sharon-115 Lukas, Billy-58, 135 Lutes, Leonard-151 Lwa, Belinda-135 Lyles, Roy-166 Lynn, Lareece-80 Lyons, Jerry-135 Madox, Kenneth-101, 135 Mahone, Bob-38 Mahone, Jona-135 Malnik, Phillip-166 Powell, Chris-9 Maloney, Kathy-135 Mankins, Michael-117 Manley, Robert-166 Mansfield, Bonnie-135 Markcray, Pamela-151 Markham, Susan-135 Marley, Charles-114 Marley, Lou-113 Marsh, Cathy-135 Marshall, Barbara-135 Martin, Cathy-135 Martin, Harry-118 Mason, Jerri-40 Masters, Rhonda-113 Mathis, Paula-135 Matthews, Bonita-27 Mauldin, Charles-167 Maxey, Cheryl-135 May, Jocko-167 Mayberry, Eddie-135 Mayhaw, Wanda-135 McCall, Helen-126, 135 McCloud, Scott-135 McConnell, Amy-135 McCorkle, Terrell-135 McCoy, Jerry-135 McCrary, Carl-135 McCraw, Kay-135 Mclntosh, Alvin-80, 136 Mclntosh, Debbie-136 McKinney, Greg-175 McKamie, Ramona-136 McKeever, Bruce-136 McKeever, Roger-136 McLean, Charles-167 McLeroy, Priscilla-85, 136, McMillan, Sharon-136 McNatt, Gary-167 McNatt, Doug-136 Meadows, Malissa-136 Meadows, Sherilyn-167 Mears, Ann-136 Meeker, Claudette-136 Melton, Charly-136 Melton, Stephanie-167 MENC-80 Merchant, Connie-55 Meredith, Lester-119 Merrell, Robert-167 Meyer, Linda-101 Michael, James-57, 60, 136 Mickel, Donald-136 Middlebrooks, Charles-115 Miller, Dyanne-113 Miller, I. G.-47, 167 Miller, Marti-113 Mills, Robert-55, 114 Mitchell, Barry-32, 49 Mitchell, C. A.-45, 101 Mitchell, Patricia-136 Mitchell, Sherry-167 Mixon, Fred-136 Mixon, Glenda-167 Monroe, Janice-136 Monroe, Rebecca-136 Nelson, Tamar-9 Newton, David-137 Newton, Kenneth-167 Newton, Ollie-167 Nichols, Norman-110 Nicklas, Bill-137 Nickleberry, Alton-168 Nixon, Gregory-137 Northam, Rheuben-114 Norton, Damona-168 Nursing Clubs-88, 89 O'Keefe, Melissa-151 O'Keefe, Ramona-168 Oates, Mike-168 Odom, Donald-137 Oglesby, Frances-168 Oglesby, Vivian-168 Oliver, Douglas-63, 137 Orr, Debbie-137 Osuna, Carmen-11, 20, 168 Otwell, Susan-137 Owen, James-85, 168, 174, 177 Owen, Susan-25, 57, 61, 137 Owens, Debbie-137 Owens, Roy-168 Page, Wanda-151 Palmer, Barbara-168 Pappas, James-168 Parchman, Desiree-168 Parker, Cathy-137 I Prudom, Floura-113 Pryor, Frank-139 Puckett, Belinda-139 Pugh, Vicki-139 Purifoy, William-117 Pyle, Willard-118 Pynes, Jim-119 Quinn, Shirley-139 Ragland, Angela-139 Ragland, Thom-48, 57, 61 Rainey, William-76, 139, 149 Raney, Terry-139 Rankin, Nancy-169 Raple, Kathleen-115 Raschke, Paula-17, 22, 62, 169 Raub, Ronald-151 Raulston, Larry-139 Ray, Rhonda-139 Reece, Patricia-139 Reed, Karen-139 Reed, Patsy-139 Reese, David-139 Reid, Sherry-139 Rhoades, Rusty-139 Rhyne, William-139 Rice, Phillip-139 Richard, Edith-139 Richardson, Jack-151 Richardson, Nona-164, 169 Parker, David-61, 80, 129, 138 Parks, Nancy-168 Parmley, Kathy-95, 138 Parmley, Kenneth-117 Parsons, James-25, 118 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Moores Morgan Morgan Morgan Cynthia-121, 136 Harley-136 Patricia-114 Paula-167 Ricky-136 Ronald-137 . Vicki-100 , David-25, 55 , Jay-137 , Pat-115 Parsons, Mildred-31, 49, 57, 81, 116 Patterson, Alethia-10, 19, 76, 122, 138 Patterson, Dianna-138 Patterson, Frances-138 Patterson, Julie-9, 11, 21, 25, 138 Patterson, LeeAnn-33, 42 Patterson, Peggy-25, 168 Patterson, Sue-105 Paul, Charles, Jr.-168 Pavey, Helen-113 Pavey, Mark-53 Pearson, Mary-168 Richardson, Wardell-169 Riddle, Mary-139 Ridgeway, John-139 Rinfrow, Kim-139 Robbins, Chris-139 Roberson Dorothy-139 Roberson Edward-139 Roberson Erwin-169 Roberson, Jeff-139 Roberson, Judy-139 Roberts, Bonita-139 Roberts, Crystal-139 Roberts, Pam-139 Roberts, Wanda-140 Roberts, Wayne-140 Robertson, Blake-169 Robertson, Ken-53, 140 Robins, Terri-169 McCrossen, Sue-26, 60, 116, 129, 165 McCulloch, Buddy-136 McDaniel. Beita-16 McDaniel, Charles-136 McDonnell, Cathy-136 McDonnell, Rose-167 McDowell, Marilyn-136 McDowell, Vikki-136 McEIhaney, Scott-136 McFaul, Georgia-94, 112 McFerran, Carmon-117 McFerran, Paul-95, 117 McGary, Wilbert-57, 73, 136 McGee, Jimmy-16, 22, 29, 10 McGee, Joel-58, 95, 100, 118 McGrane, Theresa-16 Mclnnis, Karen-101, 155, 167 Mclntire, Debbie-113 0,1 Morphew, James-137 Mortensen, Pam-137 Morton, Robert-137 Moseley, Randy-137 Mosley, Larry-76, 105, 137 Moss, Gwendolyn-137 Mote, Mary-115 Mounsey, Bruce-137 Muckelrath, Allen-137 Mueller, David-111 Mugno, Gloria-115 Mullens, Carmella-167 Murdock, B. J.-110 Murdock, Charlotte--116 Murphy, Minnie-167 Murphy, Susan-137 Murrah, Michael-137 Murray, Bob-137 Myers, Diane-22, 137 Myers, Tere-42, 62 Nash, Traviste-151 Neal, Harold-167 Neal, Randy-137 Needham, Judy-137 Neely, Deborah-137 Neff, Sue-137 Nellenbach, Christina-137 Peek, Helen-138 Peek, Wanda-168 Perkins, Diane-26, 165 Perry, Marva-138 Pesek, Leon-100 Peterson, Samuel-138 Pettigrew, Barbara-168 Pham, Dao Thi-151 Pham, Khiem-138 Philips, Jerry-138 Philyaw, Naomi-138 Phi Theta Kappa-100, 186 Pickens, Fletcher-138 Pickings, Vera-138 Piggee, Kennett-168 Pilant, Doris-138 Pilgreen, Evelyn-138 Pinkston, Durl-138 Pirouznia, Mohamad-168 Porter, Steve-138 Porterfield, John-138 Postlethwaite, Pamela-76, 77, 138 Poteet, Carl-138 Powell, Brenda-138 Powell, Butch-159, 167 Robinson, Faye-140 Robinson, lra-114 Robinson, Janice-140 Robinson, Jeri-118, 146 Rodeo Club-90, 91 Rodgers, Clarene-140 Rodgers, Sharon-140 Roeland, Patricia-169 Rogers, Brad-140 Rogers, Patrick-85, 140 Rood, Roger-140 Rose, Terri-11, 19, 169 Rosenbaum, Janice-61, 80, 10 Ross, Debra-140 Ross, Mae-140 Ross, Patricia-140 Ross, Skip-32 Rounsavall, Resa-140 Rouse, Terri-151 Roy, William-140 Rudd, Cynthia-170 Rudd, Ronald-11, 155, 170 Runnels, Blanchie-140 Russell, Margaret-115 Russell, Ronnie-170 Saegert, Anne-140 Salsm an, Wand a-1 40 Nelson, Carl-9, 101 Nelson, Carl Jr.-9 Nelson, Clay-9 Nelson, Freida-137 Nelson, Maxine-167 Nelson, Mrs.-101 Nelson, Norma-119 Power, Bruce-26, 80, 101, 165 Prater, Frank-138 Prejza, Da Prestidge, vid-169 Judy-169 Pride, Cherry-138 Priest, James-169 Prince, Bobby-138 Proby, George-151 Sams, Bill--105 Sanders Dorothy-140 Sanders John-140 Sanders, Matthew-140 Sanders Queenie-140 Sangalli Karen-140 Sansom, Diane-140 Wood Warren, Robert-173 Wood Sartin, Mary-113 Savage, Cathie-25. 57, 61, Savage, Donald-170 Savage, Flobert-141 Savage, Sheila-141 Schiessl, Paula-170 Schlonga, Barbara-170 Schlonga, Flobert-141 Schnurr, Alicia-141 Schoen, Steve-141 Schrader, Bill-114 Scott, Imogene-119 Scott, Otis-141 Scott, Wanda-141 Seagroues, Roy-141 Seastrong, Wade-151 Seay, Thomas-80, 116 Sedgass, Ann-159, 170 Sehon, Sue-141 Senate-76, 77 Sewell, Mike-41 Shanks, Dan-172 Sharp, Susan-141 Shavers, Carmen-170 Shaw, Robert-141 Shaw, Vickie-141 Shaw, Wanda-141 Sheffield, Thomas-141 Shelby, Norman-117 Sherwood, Saundra-141 Shipp, Faye-113 Shipp, Karla-141 Shirley, Vicki-141 Shockley, Daniel-141 Short, Carol-73, 141, 173 Short, Cindy-141 Shumake, Carol-141 Shumake, Shirley-27, 141 Shumaker, Debra-170 Shumaker, Randy-170 Sleger, Patsy-141 Simmons, Kathy-141 Simmons, Sandy-80, 117 Simon, Phyllis-27, 129, 141 Simon, Shelia-141 Simpson, Debbie-141 Simpson, Lola-141 Simpson, Paula--92, 141 Singleton, Donald-141 Singleton, Gary-170 Singleton, Jerry-141 Sinyard, Regina-23 Sizemore, Suzanne-61 Skinner, Christy-141 Slaten, Donnie-171 Slater, Charlotte-141 Smith, Andrew-171 Smith, Ann-23 Smith, Deborah-141 Smith, Denny-141 Smith, Donald-171 Smith, Gilbert-100, 119 Smith, Joe-171 Smith, Libby-48, 61, 171 Smith, Louise-117 Smith, Marilyn-142 Smith, Mark-171 Smith, Mike-142 Smith, Monica-142 Smith, Norma-142 Smith, Ralph-61 Smith, Flamona-142 Smith, Robert-53, 142 Smith, Shelby-142 Smith, Shery-142 Smith, Shirley-171 Smith, Steve-142 Smith, Steven-171 Smith, Tina-142 Smith, Wynette-171 Snow, Calista-142 208 80, 170 Snowden, Shirley-171 Solomon, Doris-142 Sorrells, Linda-142 Sorsby, Pat-117 Sowell, Verna-171 Spanish Club-99 Sparks, Mary-171 Spears, Jim-117 Speer, Phillip-101, 171 Spencer, J. E.-107, 119 Spicher, Carl-117 Spillyards, Jane-101, 171 Spottsville, Wanda-142 Squyres, Rebecca-142 Stacks, Sandra-142 Stafford, Susan-142 Starling, Dennis-171 Steinbach, Lisa-57, 92, 142 Stephens, Dell-113 Stephenson, Edwin-171 Stewart, Ann-142 Stewart, Bob-17 Stewart, Chuck-171 Stewart, Joyce-142 Stiggers, Gene-171 Stone, Bill-171 Strickland, Joyce-142 Strobel, William-28, 76, 77, 1 Stroud, Elmer-142 Stuckey, Karon-142 Stucke Sharon-142 Y. Stuenberg, Kim-53 Sullivan, Joey-143 Sutton, Flobert-143 Sutton, Ted-172 Synyard, Flegina-172 Taoffe Tatum e, Sue-172 , Gertrude-143 Taylor, Debbie-143 Taylor, Debra-121, 172 Taylor, Jacky-23, 172 Taylor, Judy-143 Taylor, Lynda-143 Taylor, Michael-143 Shari-143 Taylor, TC Players-78, 79 Teel, Karan-143 Tee Ce Terrell, es-96 Glenda-151 Terrell, Mike-17, 23, 74, 84 Terry, Terry, Terry, Thom, Thom, John-25, 57 Flick-143 Flonald-151 John-143 Robert-11, 172 Thomas, Carl-143 Thomas, Frank-143 Thomas, Jeannine-75, 115 Thomas, Jo-143 Thomas, Joyce-172 Thomas, Linda-44 Thomas, Linda D.-143 Thomas, Nellie-101, 117, 155 Thomas, Paul-143 Thomas, Sara-143 Thomas, Tina-25, 143 Thompson, Judy-144 Thompson, Michael-144 Thompson, Oliver-172 Thrasher, Richard-144 Threadgill, Sherman-151 Thurston, Christin-151 Thurston, Connie-144 Tidwell, David-144 Tidwell Diane-144 Tidwell, James-172 Tidewll, Janie-101, 172 Tidwell, Phyllis-144 Tidwell, Robert-144 Tidwell, Stacy-173 Tidwell, Timothy-144 30. 171 Timberlake, Janet-58, 144 Timmons, Leonard-172 Tims, Patricia-172 Tofflemire, Patrick-144 Tower, Melinda-172 Traylor, Mary-151 Tuggle, Billy-151 Turner, Beverly-144 Turner, Donal-144 Turner, Martha-144 Turner, Pamela-144 Turner, Randy-144 Twiss, John-144 Tyl, Karen-144 Tyson, William-145 Ueckert, Jan-172 Van Horn, Charles-101, 155, 172 Vaughan, Freida-145 Vaughan, Sandra-151 Vaughn, Cindy-23, 101 Vaughn, Teresa-145 Vetrano, Sandy-145 Vongonten, Cindy-172 Wadsworth, Sam-145 Waldrep, William-145 Walker, Birdie-151 Walker, Henrietta-172 Walker,Les-145 Walker, Monroe-173 Walker, Piper-145 Walker, Vincent-9 Wilborn, Dwight-174 Wilks, Kathryn-174 Williams, Carol-151 Williams, Carolyn-146 Williams, Christine-93, 101 Williams, Dora-146 Williams, Eva-146 Williams, Gregory-146 Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Williams Williams Jacqueline-146 Jayne-27, 117 Jeff-146 June-27 Levolia-174 Perry-146 Prycetta-147 Flobert-119 Susan 147 Walter 147 Wayne 119 Williamson Kathy 174 Wllltamson Tracy 147 Wilkinson Verte 147 Willis Natalie 147 Wlllmon Kathy 147 Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Dee Ann 5 Jo Rene 151 Joyce 114 Laverne 174 Marian 174 W is 51 Waller, Kenneth-145 Walls, Walsh, Walsh, Douglas-173 Gregory-52 Tina-145 Walters, Bob-85 Ward, Ward, Audrey-145 Cheryl-18 ward, Jerry-173 Winget Janie 147 Wingfield Ophelia 174 Winston Dirk 49 Wisdon Al 147 Wise Dick 26 32 165 Wiser Dan 147 Watcher Wanda 175 Womack Nancy 172 Ward, Mary-173 Ward, Mark-22 Ward, Mike-11,100, 145, 155, 176 Ward, Robert-117 Ware, Betty-21, 145 Waren, Sharon-107, 113, 155, Warwick, Tim-145 Washington, Jimmy-145 Washington, Roger-145 Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Charles 147 Henry 100 107 119 James 175 John 175 Kim 147 Linda 23 175 Vlkkl 148 Waters, Dennis-38 Watson, Frances-114 Watson, Joyce-151 Watson, Mary-173 Watson, Flod ney-146 Wawters, Cynthia-146 Weath erford, Freida-173 Weaver, Bryan -1 73 Webb, Webb, Webb, Dan-49, 173 Lajuana-27, 174 Nancy-146 Weiszer, Sandy-43 Welch West, , Cherly-151 Don-146 West, Teresa-146 Westb Weste rook, Cathay-146 rn, Dana-146 Wharton, Cynthia-146 Wharton, Nina-146 Wheel Whets er, Marva-174 tone, Kathy-146 Whitaker, Pamela-146 White, Becky-94, 95, 174 White, David-174 White, Glenda-174 White, Nellie-112 White, Paula-43 White, Richmond-117 White, Terry-146 White, Vicki-30 Wicker, Julie-92, 156 Wilbanks. William-146 Woodard Lenny 148 Woodle Debra 101 175 Woodruff Troy 175 Woods Buddy 105 Woods Calvin 147 Woosley Jeff 148 Wooten Lonnie 148 Works Dale-44 111 Works Sue-41 93 119 Worthey David 148 Wreyford Ginger 61 129 Wright Jerry 118 Wright Suzy 148 Wright Vickie 148 Wyatt Debra 151 Wyatt John 148 Wyatt Rolanda 151 Wylie Rolfe 49 116 Yauger Dave 149 YD Club-83 Yeager Jessie 175 Yearbook Staff 102 York Tommie 149 Bettye 175 James 22 155 175 Lindy L 149 Lindy 149 Michael 149 Robert 149 Teresa 149 YFl Club-86 Zylks,Vicki 149 Young Young Young Young Young Young Young 'Ea Humev CAMDIN A ' I ill' -1 171,173 Woodilvlike-146 ' ', ' - . .148 - , ,144 ' - ,103 N fs! N w wrath

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