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g W X- 5 31 QQ A fg Jw vi 5 'Kgs' ' N. 41 ml'-L 1 -mug. W Q SP- . X2 - 1 15, Qggfz ,, ,Q.,515f,, , . jg 'MW --1, -1 -f1 53 :- ww . , .. 5.'451?2i,"' - 'J - rms., 4 , J !".1i,. .f i. .,, '1 ' :'..,w,.v V -7. 5 ' TQ .gjwiw .V ., up .mb 1 A Hmm? 'Af ,,f,- , ..., 5 2 1- M iEf1i?E45?' - .1 fn-G M. gi if 75 f:,?:.:m., , , -"Wifi Vs 6,54 A ,' A1 Q e ' V --f- M- f ,L ,- .. .Nm V, ,A i ft" . ...L 'HM ,, A. ' !7'W-iff:-, ' ' f. 1- -k f. ,wp , , ,J x1L 7 vf 2' ff R I f N, TL Vp n U N 'Li r F f ,W J x 1-U Ui 6 if M . 5 1 l f 3, f nj , I If u :of an .. ,F .2 . 0 xii 5. Sf J , .HQ 3,115 ,2 '1 gk H Y if 2 xnfvw 2,1-1 I ,QL f rt , , ,ffm 1,1 ,T 'v 43 Ji . U 5.1219 ,DV f L 'fbi gk 4 H rp, ' E f 5, 4 'g M ,155 Q 5 u -A X w 144, r V I ,A 1-'1 A. . -f'::,f- -1 Q ,,,,., A 1 Q ,:' ' Y I-3 ,3 f, , ,fm W r vy- W 1:11 ,V xl 1 w L. , ,L , , 11, ' x'3:l:::1:.!6i www- 1' CLASS Morro: "He that loveth instruction loveth knowledge." Proverbs 12-1. B r'-In 6 91 1' Z 5 U 4 0l"QbUOI" ln this thirteenth edition of the "Scroll" is a brief account of four memorable years at Tewlisbury High School. May it serve satisfactorily its function of record- ing a nostalgic reminder of pleasant times. Editor-in-Chief. Page 1 f7A -W. Page 2 1 2,1 I Class of rpresenfs Q7-AQ Scroll PQ3 TEWKSBURY HIGH SCHCOL Tewksbury, Massachusetts MRS. LOELLA F. DEWING .xdclminififrafion MR. JOHN P. MURPHY, IR. Chairman MR. JOSEPH A. AUBUT X Page 4 ulaerinferwlenf 3 EVERETT G. THISTLE, ED. D. Youth is a period of rapid growth physically, mentally, and emotionally. For some maturity comes easily, for others the struggle is hard. That you have successe fully met most of your prohlems of growing-up is evidenced by your graduating. What of the future? You cannot rest on your laurels, you must continue to progress. Let me congratulate you and Wish for you the best, that you continue to grow in Wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. Page 5 rincilaa LAWRENCE R. McGOVVAN, M. ED. The Class of 1956 wishes to pay tribute to Mr. Lawrence R. McGowan for his devoted years of service as headmaster of Tewlcsbury High School and for his sincere and honest encouragement in his capacity as both a leader and a friend. Page 6 aibecbca fion Seated: lVlrs. Howard A. VVoolaver. Standing: Nlessrs. Joseph M. Crotty, Anihal Gliver, Joseph E. Bastable. With sincere appreciation for all that they have done, We, the Class of 1956, dedicate our year- book to these faculty members Who have been so helpful to us at Tevvksbury Highg to Mrs. Wool- aver and Mr. Oliver who have displayed immeasurable kindness and understanding in their capaci- tis as class advisers, to Mr. Crotty Who, although he has been with us for only one year, has executed numerous favors in our behalf, and to Mr. Bastable, our guidance director, who has done so very much to encourage, assist, and prepare us to live effective and worthwhile lives. To these people and to everyone who has aided us, we shall be forever grateful and will reserve for them a place of honor among our fondest and happiest memories. Page 7 I MR. ANIBAL OLIVER AND MRS. HOWARD C. WOOLAVER Most Popular Teachers - Senior Poll Page 8 QMJJQ , Vflfxvjkll JK "1 f f Q L X , Z SOCIAL STUDIES - left to right: Elsie L. Woolaver, B.S. Ed.. joseph M. Crotty, B.A., M.A. ART - Roberta Thresher, B.S. Ed. COMMERCIAL - left to right: Kathryn Chandlerg M. Clare Murray, R.S. Ed., M. Ed.g Frances B. Sheehan, HS. 1 Page 10 ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES - left to right: Rita E. Sullivan, B..A.g Ruth W. O'Cormor, B.A.g Jennie B. Basile, B.A., M.A.g Mary E. Stevens, B.A. GUIDANCE - Joseph E. Bastable, B.S., M. Ed. 'rv-nv 1 :il ,V - ,..-......... W..-......,........,.,...... -,..,... ai. 1 MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE - left to right: Marie P. Butler, B.A.g Wil liam A. Campbell, A.B., M.A.g Max Leiter BS., M. Ecl.g Etta Lapniewski, B.A.g Ani- bal Oliver, B.S. Ed. INDUSTRIAL AND HOUSEHOLD ARTS - left to right: Stanley I. Suchodol- ski, B.S. Ecl.g Jeannette Brattin, B.S. Home Economics. Page 1 I MUSIC - left to right: Daniel Kelly, B.S. Musicg joseph Camar:-1, B.S. Music. . - , -Richard Carter President .,.,., Vice-President ,,. .H....w R obert Silk Secretary ,.,. .. -.-,-Christian Prince Treasurer .,,, , - -. A .,.. James Mann Page 12 Q3 QR FRY K X37 FRANCES AYLWARD 'Fmn" After l:ran's arrival during our junior year, we discovered her studious and industrious nature . . . her striking, dark hair and a sweet, gentle manner have characterized Fran . . . She dislikes freckles for some reason . . . we know that she will be a creditable member of the teaching profession. Chorus 4. KATHLEEN MARY BANCROFT KlKayll Refreshing personality . . . a true tand wonderful friend . . . sparkling blue eyes and a terrific smile . . . efficient and well dressed office girl . . . will enter Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing in September . . . likes sports, reading, writing letters and cooking. Class Vice-President 15 Basketball 1,2,3g Scroll 49 Highlights 2,35 Baton Twirler 3, Chorus 1,25 Special Chorus 1,2g Local History L and Government 1. jOANNE MARY BENNETT ..JO,, When you spot a tall, breezy, green-eyed, blonde coming down the corridor, you know for sure it is Joanne. Her quiet, pleas- ing personality, along with her proficient secretarial ability, help keep the Water Department flowing smoothly. She keeps the mailman busy with air mail letters to Paul. Field Hockey 1, Basketball 1,25 Softball lg Scroll 4, Highlights 25 Band 2, Chorus 1, Prom Committee 45 Local History and Government 1. CLAUDIA ANN BLANCHETTE "Cluud" Tall . . . slim . . . quiet . . . terrific student . . . hopes to teach foreign languages . . . neat dresser . . . creative . . . Claudia should go far in life because of her perseverance . . . good luck in all you undertake, Claudia. Basketball 13 Scroll 4, Highlights 25 Science Club 3g Chorus . y b f M'ddl x Women's Club 3g Winner df loIbJzllOE?lySlll1E1rlll fdr ODembcral-ill' C0ntCSt 3,43 Class Valedlc' torian 4. ' Page 14 -IUDITH ANNE BRIGGS "Cha" Pretty and popular bundle of gab and lat ghter . . . everybody's friend . . . basketball enthusiast and Cousy fan . . . neat dresser , . . takes initiative in many activities . . . kept quite busy by her red-headed Irishman from Lowell . . . "Mr. Murphy." Class President 2,35 Field Hockey 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Soft- ball 1,2,3,4: Student Council 2,3,45 Secretary 3,45 Scroll 45 Chorus 1.2.35 Special Chorus 1,2535 Special Chorus President 35 Football Cheerleader 45 Manager 35 Corridor Patrol 3,45 Local History and Government 1: Junior Usher 35 Student Council Representative 35 Pre-Driving 25 Prom Committee 45 Banquet Committee 4. MADELINE COSMAN BUCHANAN "Madie" A Tall, blonde, loquacious, and full of pep . . . works at the soda fountain in Nahi1l's . . . makes friends wherever she goes . . . plans to be a teacher . . . Mr. lVlcCowan's "Girl Friday" fourth period . . . sure to succeed in whatever she undertakes. Field Hockey 15 Basketball 25 Band 2,35 Chorus l,2,3,45 Special Chorus 1,2,3,45 Chorus Pianist 153,45 Local History and Cov- ernment 15 Banquet Committee 45 Prom Committee 45 Boston Ballroom Representative 45 Student Teaching 4. MARILYN LGRRAINE BUTTON "Marty" Better known as Marty . . . her enthusiasm and vigor made her one of our peppiest cheerleaders . . . she loves orange on St. Patrick's Day . . . with her long brunette tresses and pleasant disposition, she is popular with everyone. Field Hockey 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Softball 2,35 Dramatics 35 Student Council 2,3,45 Science Club 45 Baton Twirlers 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Special Chorus 1,25 Basketball Cheerleader 3,45 Head Basketball Cheerleader 45 Football Cheerleader 4. RICHARD ALAN CARTER "Dick" Tall, dark, distinguished looking . . . polite, but always whimis- cal . . . sharp dresser . . . prizes a 1941 Chevy . . . Tewksbury's future "saw-bones". President 45 Vice-President of Student Council 45 Scroll Editor 45 Science Club 35 Chorus 1,25 Special Chorus 15 Corridor Pa- trol 3,45 Local History and Government 15 Prom Committee 45 Banquet Committee 4. Page 15 PATRICIA CELIN O U "Pat" Dark, cute, amicable . . . likes sports . . . pleasant companion . . . good conversationalist . . . this is Pat Celino, who trans- ferred from Medford and became a welcome addition to our class. Highlights 4. ,,g ELIZABETH ANN CINCOTTA uBettyu Pat's friend, Betty, is quiet when there's no alternative . . . an attractive brunette with a shy smile . . . hopes to become a nurse . . . blushes easily . . . Wonderful basketball player . . . will go far in life. Basketball 43 Highlights 4g Nurses' Aides 4g Chorus 1,2g Local History and Government 1. ROBERT CLEGHORN "Rolaloie" Bob . . . a muscular classmate who just loves a practical joke . . . a real "ladies, man," . . . a good dancer . . . can often be seen at Trinity dances . . . loves splash parties . . . a good swimmer. Chorus 1,23 Corridor Patrol 45 Football 3,45 Printing 4. KATHLEEN 1. COLLIBEE ,,Kay,, Her favorite hobby' is Tex . . . Kay has a reddish tint to her hair . . . likes to go ice-skating . . .is a Nurses' Aide at the Lowell General Hospital . . . will surely be a successful medical tech- nician. Science Club 33 Nurses' Aide 4. Page 16 ,W 2 CAROLE ANN COLLINS "Cal" Long blonde hair and blue eyes . . . sports a diamond on her left hand . . . wherever Dick goes, Cal goes . . . makes friends very easily and knows how to keep them . . . can be seen scoot- ing around in a souped-up '49 Ford . . . hopes to combine a secretarial career with marriage. Basketball 1,235 Scroll 49 Baton Twirlers 33 Chorus 1,2g Special Chorus 1,2g Local History and Government lg Pre-Driving 23 Boston Ballroom Representative 4g Banquet Committee 43 Prom Committee 4. MARILY COLLINS x1MaTty11 Diminutive . . . blond hair and blue eyes . . . known to all as l'Marty,' . . . always gay and smiling . . . can usually be seen with Robbie . . . her future plans include hopes to become Mrs. Sullivan. Dramatics 45 Science Club 3,4g Chorus 25 Banquet Committee 4g Prom Committee 45 Motto Committee 4. ELEANOR RUTH COVIN '1EZlie" A transfer from Malden High during our senior year . . . effici- ent . . . attractive . . . hopes to be somebody's bookkeeper . . . engaged . . . excels in knitting. Malden High School 1,2,3. IANICE EVELYN CURRIER Hjunl! A captivating blonde . . . Muriel's side-kick . . . very sporty in her flashy yellow convertible . . . loves basketball . . . full of fun . . . longing to become Mrs. Trull. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball 3,45 Dramatics 35 Science Club 4g Band 1,2g Banquet Committee 4g School play usher 35 Motto Committee 43 Prom Committee 4. Page 17 ROGER A. CURRIER nskipu Blonde . . . crew cut . . . basketball and football fan . . . has a flair for music . . . friendly with everyone . . . sure to go far in the future. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,33 Football 45 Band 1,2,3,4. WILLIARZI DAY "Bil " Tall . . . dark . . . handsome . . . very athletic . . . terrific smile . . . was a capable captain of the "56" basketball team . . . plans to attend college. Class Treasurer 35 Basketball 2,3,4g Captain 45 Baseball 2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g Student Council 3: Science Club 3. EVARD ROBERT DIXON "Appajack" Bob is an excellent dancer, especially good at jitterbugging . . . popular with all . . . able football captain of 1955 . . . often seen with Tommy Burris . . . lots of fun at a party. Football 1,2,3,4g Band 1,25 Chorus 4. IOSEPHINE PATRICIA DIXON 'fPat" A truly personable girl. . . everyone's friend . . . an avid bas- ketball player andgfootball fan . . . another "Cousy" fan , , . talkative and happy-go-lucky . . . sure to win many friends, Basketball 2,3,4g Highlights 4: Chorus 1,25 Pre-Driving 2g C1355 Motto Committee 4. Page 18 EDVVARD EV ERETT EBINCER "Eddie" XVavy brown hair, gray eyes and amiability are three factors of his popularity . . . drives a blue Studebaker convertible . makes his extra money as a stock clerk and soda Jerkt. . . a Coast Guard Reservist . . . bound to achieve everything de- sired in life. Science Club 33 Band lg Chorus 1,4. ROBERTA C. FLUCKER HBOJI Charming . . . loquacious . . . full of pep . . . loves to Write letters to Maine . . . plans to be a dental hygienist . . . prefers doctors' sons . . . forceful personality . . . a friend to all. Basketball 1,2g Scroll 4, Special Chorus 1,23 Chorus 1,23 Local History 81 Government 15 Honorary Member of Middlesex Women's Club 4, Pre-Driving 2g Banquet Committee 45 Prom Committee 45 Boston Ballroom Representative 4g Class Saluta- torian. CAROL ANN FGSS Dainty, lady-like air and a neat wardrobe . . . dancing is one of her many favorite pastimes . . . Maxine Von Kah1e's chum . . . a credit to our able Nurses' Aides . . . we wish her suc- cess in her future endeavor, nursing. W' Baton Tvvirlers 3,45 Nurses' Aides 4g Chorus 1,45 Art 4g Local History and Government lg Pre-Driving 2. EDWARD CARABEDIAN ncakbyrf Short, dark and vigorous . . . better known as "Gabby" . . . makes friends very easily . . . spends his exra hours on the farm . . . one of Uncle Sam's Reserve "Swabbies" who recently rf had a cruise to jamaica . . . will surely be a success in the A future . . . great prospects in football until his injury. Basketball 1,25 Football 43 Science Club 33 Chorus 1,43 Local History and Government 1. Page 19 ADRITH LILLIAN GARSIDE "Agie" Short blonde hair, blue eyes and very vivacious . . . her favorite pastime is Eddie . . . charming soda jerk at Nahill's drugstore . . . often seen driving around in a blue Ford . . . aspires to be a teacher. Scroll 4g Bank l,2,3g Special Chorus 25 Chorus 1,25 Student Teaching 44 Local History and Government lg Banquet Com- mittee 4g Prom Committee 4. CARCLYN CIFFORD "Carol" Stately, quiet blonde . conscientious office girl . . . enjoys roller-skatin at the Hi-Hat . . . ideal student . . . attends eve- ning as well as day school . . . studying math at LTI . . . holds the record for getting ads for Scroll. Scroll 45 Chorus 1. CHARLENE ANN HAZEL "Chad" A tall, attractive girl . . . able basketball captain whose team Won the All-Suburban Championship . . . amiable . . . Wonder- ful personalitv . . . always willing to help . . . a faithful Nurses' Aid at Lowell General, Whose cap she hopes to wear one day. wear one day. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Basketball Captain 43 Nurses' Aide 4g Chorus L2. RICHARD HEVVITT uRichy,, Richy . . . an ardent poker fan . . . drives a blue Cadillac . . . likes "rock-'n'-roll music . . . usually a "regular" at the Better- ment Hall on Saturday nights . . . hopes to join the U. S. Navy after graduation. Page 20 V'f , ,,! DEANNE HOLDEN .,De,, Blonde . . . full of vim and vigor . . . garrulous . . . a friend to everyone . . . hopes to attend Tewksbury State Hospital School of Nursing . . . Sure to make a wonderful nurse. Field Hockey 1,25 Basketball 1: Highlights 23 Nurses' Aides 4g Chorus 1.34. HAZEL WANDA HORVVOOD Petite . . . lovely black hair . . . sparkling brown eyes . . . chatters incessantly . . . neat dresser . . . plans to become a missionary. Local History and Government 1. MARSHA MARY HUNT ,II-Iappyi, Short dark hair . . . able basketball player . . , "Cha's" side- kick . . . loves to drive stock cars . . . hails from Texas . . . hopes to become a nurse. Field Hocltev 1,2,3g Basketball 2,3,4g Softball 1,35 Scroll 4g High- lights l,2g Band l,2,3g Chorus 1,23 Corridor Patrol 3,4g Art Club 2. SANDRA GAIL HYNES Hsandyl' Loquacious . . . full of fun . . . pleasant companion . . . chums with Eleanor . . . vacations in Maine. . .plans to be a teacher. Basketball lg Dramatics 3,4g Highlights l,2g Science Club 49 Chorus 2, 35 Local History and Covernment lg Banquet and Prom Committee 45 Motto Committee Chairman 4. Page 21 ELEANOR JOAN IAMIESON "Ellie" Sociable . . chatterbox . . . full of fun . . . big brown eyes and a friendly smile . . . trim dresser . . . attractive . . . usually seen with Bob . . . plans to be a private secretary. Softball lg Highlights 25 Chorus l. ff aj ,fy ,y V , ,ff ig? Af V' 1osEPH KELLY JfxM1EsoN :VI-iogon "Togo" . . . short . . . always amusing . . . a faithful T.H.S. basketball fan . . . drives a big Buick . . likes to play cards . . . often seen with Bob Touchette and Richard Hewitt . . . another "rock-'n'-roll" fan. JACQUELINE 1oRLoAN Jackie New arrival in our senior year . . . soon became one of the gang . . . buoyant disposition . . . sincere friendliness . . . en- thusiastic basketball player . . . plans to be a comptometer operator , . . sure to be a success in everything she undertakes. Basketball l,2,3,43 Softball 2,3. lYlARY IANE JUDD "lu0lzie" Lovely hair . . . attractive clothes . . , quiet, but always ready forlna laugh . . . friendly manner . . . wants to be a "hello g1r Baton Twirlers 3,45 Chorus l,2,3. Page 22 GEORGE LA BONFIIE .-Xvid motorcycle tan . . . speed demon . . . known as "Bob's Buddy . . . strong interest in math . . . digs rock-'n'froll . . . usually dressed in black . . . plans an engineering career. MARILYN ANN IAPI-IAM "Mal" Came in our iunior year . . . dark hair . . . beguiling smile . . . extremely attractive . . . has a good word lor everyone . . . . congenial . . . plans to become a VVave . . . liked by all. B Field Hockey 33 Basketball 3g Softball 33 Chorus 3,4g Corridor Patrol 4g School Play Usherette 45 Motto Committee 43 Banquet Committee 43 Prom Committee 4, IUSTINE VICTORIA LE BLANC i "Jessie" Cheerful disposition . . . remakable energy . . . sincere friendli- ness . . . sparkling complexion . . . smartly-styled clothes . . . sure to be a success in Future endeavors. Highlights 3g Chorus l,2.,4g Corridor Patrol 3,43 Usherette at Spring Concert 3: Dance Committee l,2,3,-I. ROBERT E. LEE "Biscuit" Tall . . . slim . . . forever having trouble keeping gas in his Henry j . . . headed for college or the U. S. Air Force . . . enjoys Trig . . . shys away from girls . . . actively supports his two favorite sports - basketball and telling jokes. Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball I: Football 4g Science Club 34 Pre- Driving 2g Chorus l,4. Page 23 JAMES STEPHEN MANN "Red" Quiet person . . . likes sports . . . hails from Lowell . . . red- head . . . short . . . muscular . . . Ed's friend . . . excellent class treasurer . . . faithful collector of dues . . . future plans include the Air Force. Basketball 2,39 Baseball l,2,3,4g Football 3,44 Chorus 1. BARBARA MCNABB nBaTbn Spruce . . . very attractive . . . fine dresser . . . superior dancer . . . pleasing personality . : . plays basketball . . . straightforward . . . frequently seen in Boger's Cadillac convertible . . . mar- riage-minded. Field Hockey 1: Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball lg Highlights lg Chorus 3,4g Banquet Committee 4. BRUCE DAVID MULNO "Spruce" Quiet . . . shy . , . has a vivid imagination . . . fastidious-dresser . . . interested in math . . . to attain a degree in engineering is his present goal . . . Best wishes, Bruce. Basketball l,2g Baseball 2g Science Club 3g Chorus 1. EDWINA MURIEL NARY "Weenie" Vivacious . . . beautiful dark eyes and hair . . . cute figure and adorable dresser . . . transfer from Dover, N. H .... better known as "Weenie" . . . collects boys as a hobby . . . sure to be successful as a teacher. Dover High School l,2,3g Chorus 49 Student Teacher 4g Prom Committee 45 Banquet Committee 4. Page 24 CATHERINE I. NOLAN .,Kay,, Long flaming red hair . . . pleasant smile . . . energetic cheer- leader . . . staunch supporter of all school sports . . . amicable and sincere . . . jovial manner . . . will go far in future. Highlights 35 Prom Committee 44 Banquet Committeeg Ticket Seller for Basketball, Football games 1,2,3. RCBERT LAWRENCE OSBORNE "Bolo" Curly hair . . . personable . . . dresses well . . . enjoys a good argument . . . excels in dancing . . . likeable . . . Francine's dream boy . . . interested in automobiles and horses . . , a future scientist. Science Club 35 Chorus 4. MARY LOUISE PACE "Mary Lou" Petite . . . sweet . . . vivacious . . . full of fun . . . loves to dance . . . seen at Trinity . . . one of the most attractive seniors . . . one of the T.H.S. cheerleaders . . . hopes to be a secretary. Football Cheerleader 4g Highlights 3g Chorus 1. CHRISTIAN C. PRINCE "R1bky" Amiable . . . liked by everyone . . . an able class secretary . . . a willing helper . . . a talented artist . . . loquacious . . . plans to be an "angel of mercy." Secretary 45 Dramatics 35 Student Council 49 Scroll 49 Nurses' ette 35 School Play 3g Banquet Committee 43 Motto Committee 4. Page 25 Aide 45 Drawing 35 Prom Committee 4g Spring Concert Usher- ROBERT EDWIN RAMALHO HBOBM One of our quietest classmates . . . drives a "Chevy" . . . always ready to enjoy a good joke . . . girls are his favorie pastime . , . hopes to have an interesting career in military service. Science Club 45 Chorus 1. ALAN RICHARDSON RECK HAI!! Came to us from Southboro in our senior year . . . tall . . . friendly . . . likable . . . an ardent stamp fan . . . hopes to get his wings in the U. S. Air Force . . . Good Luck, Al. LORRAINE REDDINCTON "Lorrie" "Lorrie," a recent transfer from Billerica, has a sparkling smile and affable manner . . . Beverly Snell's chum . . . quiet . . . a welcome addition to our class. Howe High School 1,235 Chorus 4. f MURIEL ANN RICE "Crispies" Quiet . . . interested in boffs . . , taciturn . . . capable . . . agreeable personality . . . p easing ways . . . terrific basketball manager for '56, Basketball Manager 45 Softball 3g Dramatics 3g Science Club 45 Prom Committee 4g Banquet Committee 45 Motto Committee 4. Page 26 SYLVIA H. ROBERTS "Sis" Sparkling personality and merry ways . . . bundle of energy an dspirit . . . terrific cheerleader . . . favorite hobby - "Richie" . . . fabulous wardrobe . . . known as an All-American girl . . . sure to be a success in anything sheundertakes. Dramatics 33 Highlights 45 Baton Leader 35 Chorus 1,23 Football Cheerleader l,2,3,4g junior Usher 33 School Play Usher 3g Prom Committee 4g Banquet Committee 4. BETTY ANN RYAN "Bet" Slender blonde . . . bubbling personality . . . wholesome sense of humor . . . likes to dance and read . . . known for her wit . . . spends spare time writing to Bob . . . plans to be a physio- theorapist in the Air Force. Field Hockey lg Basketball lg Softball lg Highlights 25 Chorus 1. DIAN NA SCHANZER llDilI Dark . . . attractive . . . full of fun . . . pleasing personality wonderful friend can be seen around town with Don should make a Wonderful nurse Scroll 45 Highlights 3 Chorus 1,2' Corridor Patrol 3,4 Mass Cirls State Representative 3 Football and Basketball Ticket Sel ler 4, Spnng Concert Usher 3' Dance Committee 1,2 3,4 ELIZABETH ANN SHELDON nBetSyn Better known as Betsy . . . sincere . . . cheerful . . . her ?uiet, unassuming manner has endeared her to everyone . . . de ights it ww' ,V ff f , in writing letters . . . we wish her luck as a private secretary. W, 'M W , X V A f ' ' Basketball 2,39 Softball 29 Chorus 3,4. Page 27 GEORGE SHERMAN Well-dressed classmate g . . excels as an usher at the Keith Thea- ter . . . interested in rock-'n'-roll records . . . sees quite a bit of Pat . . . future owner of R.K.O., Inc. ROBERT IOI-IN SILK lfsilkyn Tall . . . handsome . . . sparkling personality . . . famous for his wit in English . . . writes original book reports . . . chases girls or do they chase him??? . . . plans to enter State Teachers College. Basketball 3,45 Class Vice-President 45 Football 4g Dramatics 33 Student Council 4g Scroll 43 Corridor Patrol 4. JOAN MARIE SMITH "Smitty" Radiant . . . devoted to friends . . . charming and graceful . . . ladylilce . . . spends most of her time with Buddy . . . works at Taylor Farms . . . typical American teenager . . . plans to attend State Hospital School of Nursing. Class President lg Dramatics 3,4g Student Council lg Nurses Aides 4: Chorus 1,23 Special Chorus 1,29 Usherette at Play 3. BEVERLY LOUISE SNELL "Bev" Tall . . . lustrous hair . . . quite and reserved . . . drives a green-and-cream colored Mercury . . . ardent rollerskating fan Mr. McCowan's office girl . . . plans to become a secretary. Page 28 HAROLD STALKER v 411'-larry!! Big car fan . . . drives a Buick convertible . . . sometimes seen playing pool at the Rex . . . chums with fellows from South Lowell . . . plans to join the Army . . . likes a good joke. Basketball 1,2,3g Science Club 33 Chorus l,2,4g Baseball l,2. ROBERT TOUCHETTE uB0bH Tall blonde . . . has a large collection of rock-'n'-roll records . . . disc-jockey at his own dances . . . avid movie fan . . . always dressed in black . . . noted for his D. A. haircut . . . no definite Future plans. EDWARD LEONARD VINECOUR "Vinnie" Forms comedv team with Bob Lee . . . faithful friend . . . diligent basketball player . . . played a great game of football until injured . . . likes to work in his Dad's store . . . has '47 Ford . . . agricultural school is Ed's plan . . . wants to be a scientific farmer. Chorus 1,4. DIANA' MARIE WALTERS llDeell Blonde . . . congenial . . . cooperative . . . Pennsylva.nia's gift to T.H.S. . . . pleasant personality . . . Trom dresser . . . plans to be a private secretary. Chorus 3,4g Banquet Committee 4g Prom Committee 4. Page Z9 BHLQHU As we continue on our Way To feats as yet not done, We turn our heads and gaze once more Upon four years of fun. We entered here so lost and scared In ninteen fifty-two, But, as the year sped quickly by, Our doubts all passed from view. We learned to Work successfully, And did our lessons well. The Seniors chose our handsome King And then his reigning Belle. Vacation soon had come and gone, The next year flew so fast. As juniors we looked forward to Our Senior year - our last. For three full years we had preparedg This was the final act. Our training now would help to make Our cherished dreams a fact. Attending our class dances three, We were so blithe and gay. But, while in school we settled down And learned throughout each day. When june appeared our prom was held, Our trip and banquet too. And on our graduation night, Our utmost dream came true. As we look back upon that night, Grave sadness fills each heart. Yet, future years will hold no fears- We've learned to do our part. Claudia Blanchette Page 30 omenis fo leemem er SENlORSl GRADUATION! At long last, the day is drawing near. But before we take our last walk down the "Halls of Ivy" on Commencement Day, let's meander back to our precious days of high school. l:RESHMENl Shall we ever forget the first day at assembly? The mystifying audiforium, the strange teachers, and those confident Seniors. Could we ever be like that? hlrs. YVoolaver and Mr. Oliver greeted us as our class advisers, and we couldn't have found better. Qur first big event was the election of our class officers. Qur able leaders were Joan Smith, our president and student council representative, Kathleen Bancroft, vice-president, Carl Ebinger, secretary, and Mark Roper, treasurer. Sylvia Roberts, a cute bundle of spirit and energy, was chosen as our football and basketball cheerleader. To our fold we welcomed Judy Briggs, who has done so much for our class. November marked our first dance, "The Tur- key Hop," and fun was had by all. We now felt as if we were part of the school. At the senior dance, Maureen Quinn and Ar- thur Brothers reigned as King and Queen. They surely made an ideal couple. Our girls' basketball team was really on the ball. We won the Suburban Championship and also the Littleton Tournament. Do you remember how proud we were? The rest of the year was taken up with dances and many other activities culminating in final exams, which we somehow passed. The grand finale of our freshman year was a fabulous trip to Canobie Lake. Everyone had just the greatest time. 1952-53 also marked a change in the govern- ment, as General Eisenhower became President. The long awaited dream of a truce in Korea finally became a reality. Summer passed all too quickly and we were now sophomores-one more rung up the ladder of success. Firs on the agenda was the election of class officers chosen to head class activities. They were Judy Briggs, president, Edward Vinecour, vice- president, Maureen Quinn, treasurer, and Carl Ebinger, secretary. 'fThe Dungaree Jive" was given by our class in October and everyone had a ball in his or her oldest clothes. Ricky Prince, William Day, and Fred Sussen- berger were added to our list of classmates and welcome additions they were. Sylvia Roberts and Maureen Quinn represent- ed our class as football cheerleaders, and .Sylvia also won a coveted spot on the basketball cheer- leaders' squad. ln February Judy Briggs left us to live in Cali- fornia. Ed Vinecour did a fine job when he took over as president. The rest of the year seemed to fly as we were kept busy with sports, dances, and the inevitable homework. The Bermuda and Ceneva Conferences, the atomic sub, "The Nautilusf' the H-bomb tests, the exchange of the Korean prisoners, and the Mc- Carthy hearings filled the news that year. Summer vacation flew by as usual, and we were soon back at the old grind, but we rejoiced in being juniors. WVe started the year off as usual with election of class officers. Judy Briggs, who had returned to T.l-l.S., became president once more, Harold Stal- ker as vice-president, Charlene Hazel as secretary, and Bill Day as Treasurer, and they worked hard for the class. Page 31 The biggest and most talked-about event was our dance, "The Rock 'n' Roll Hop" which took place in February. Symphony Sid presided as disc jockey and caused quite a stir. Sylvia Roberts was once again chosen as foot- ball and basketball cheerleader along with Marilyn Button on the latter. Fred Sussenberger, Marilyn Button, Bill Day and judy Briggs represented our class on Student Council. The Baton Twirlcrs were started with Sylvia Roberts, who was also chosen 'AMiss Football " as A 7 their .tore reader. The Corridor Patrol was also somthing new. Remember their saying, "Keep to the right? Frances Alyward, Marilyn Collins, Kathleen Collibee, Diane Walters, Betsy Sheldon, Marilyn Lapham, and Robert Silk were added to our grow- ing list of classmates. Diane Ducrow and Maureen Quinn left us at the end of the school year, and Robert Wilson left at the beginning of the junior year and is now serving with the U. S. Navy. "The Senior Send-Off" was our last event of the year and was given in honor of the departing senior class. Final exams were passed by some miraculously and it was once again vacation time. The important news events of the year were these: the death of Einstein, the Salk vaccine, the Yalta Conference, and the fighting in Trieste. SENIORS! Could it really be true? Had we finally reached the top of the ladder of success? lt was true and we began once more with the election of class officers. Richard Carter as presi- dent, Robert Silk, vice-president, Ricky Prince, sec- retary, and james Mann as treasurer, and hard- working officers they were. We also welcomed a new class adviser, Mr. Crotty, and he soon became a favorite. Miss Brat- tin, Mr. Suchodolski, and Miss Butler, our new basketball coach, were also added to the faculty. Student Council members were also chosen. Ricky Prince, Marilyn Button, Robert Silk, Rich- ard Carter, and judy Briggs filled those posts. Sylvia Roberts gathered up the votes to become head football cheerleader with Marv Lou Pace, Kay Nolan, Marilyn Button, and judy Briggs giv- ing her able support. They cheered on our hard- working boys captained by Robert Dixon. The first of our dances, 'fThe Kick-Off," was held and was a great success. Added to our growing senior class were Edwina Nary, Patricia Celino, Eleanor Covin, jacqueline jordan, Lorraine Reddington, and Alan Reaik. Carole Bowers and jean Martell left us to be mar- ried. Maxine Von Kahle and Mary Ann Hughes also left our throng. Our Christmas dance, "The Snow Flake Flurryf' was held December 16 with Nancy Girard and james Ford as Freshman King and Queen. Our girls' basketball team, led by Charlene Hazel, copped the Suburban Championship and also fought hard in the Ashby Tournament. Cuess we were as happy as Miss Butler was. The boys' team, headed by Bill Day, didn't do quite so well, but they made up for it in spirit. Sylvia Roberts, Carole Collins, Madeline Buch- anan, and Roberta Flucker were representatives at the Boston Ballroom with the top tunes of T. H. S. Another dance was held in April and was as enjoyable as the rest, even though we were all down with spring fever. At last, final exams were over and we were to graduate. The news had been filled this year with President Eisenhower's heart attack, skirmishes in Israeli and on the Caza Strip, and many more strides in atomic energy and modern medicine. Now our news was about Senior VVeek. It began with a bang with our Prom on june l at the VVinchester Music Hall with music provided by Bob Stone's Orchestra. VVe enjoyed our class banquet at the Red Tavern on june 5 and our class trip on june 6. Commencement Day, june Bl Twelve long years full of "Moments to Remember." As we leave these hallowed halls, we have these moments to relive forever. Roberta Flucker. Page 32 Class It seems just yesterday that we walked through the corridors of Tewksbury High School for the last timeg and yet, if we stop to think, we realize that it has been all of ten years. Our classmates have gone many different ways, but all of them have found success in their chosen work. If you doubt my word, you need only read on to finu out for yourself. The reason for the sudden influx of patients at the Lowell General Hospital are nurses loan Smith, Christian Prince, and Deanne Holden. Annapolis graduate, Eddie Carabedian, has just received his appointment as a captain in the Unit- ed Sates Navy. Eleanor jamison, formerly of Tewksbury, now of California, recently won a national pie-baking contest. Sylvia Roberts owns and edits Mademoiselleg localities on her staff include Edwina Nary on the Eashion Board and Diane Walters as Charm Edi- tor. Robert Dixon and his assistant, Probert Silk, have coached a series of winning football teams at Ohio State. Loquacious Sandra Hynes is a prominent trav- eler and lecturer. Charlene Hazel is on the national committee in charge of Girls' Basketball Rules. Frances Aylward is modeling for an advertise- ment for freckles remover, School attendance reached an all-time high in Andover this year. Could the answer be lovely schoolmarm, Adrith Garside? Page 33 FOP CCM As a member of the Tewksbury School Board Robert Osborne is trying to institute shorter work- ing hours for high school students. Kay Bancroft is Pat Booneis private nurse. Bruce Mulno, a former classmate, was one of the scientists responsible for the first trip to the planet Sram ClVlarsD. Madeline Buchanan is a soda jerk in her own drugstore. judy Briggs' latest book, "Personality Plusf' has already sold over a million copies. Eddie Ebinger is the dignified president of a local bank. janice Currier owns a million-dollar business and she has a lot of little Trulls running around saying, 'ih'larna." Edu ard Vinecour is the national authority on basketball, while William Day coaches a profes- sional hoop team. Bichard Carter is Tewksburyis most prominent doctor. His office nurse is Betty Cincotta and his secretary is hlarilyn Button. A "sparkling" and witty radio comedienne - Lorraine Beddington. A new elementary school has just been opened in Tewksbury. Among the teachers in this school are Pat Celino, Marty Collins, jackie jordan, and George Sherman as headmaster. Barbara McNabb manages Taylor Farms, and she buys all her supplies from joe jamieson's whole- sale market in Boston. 7 Pat Dixon and Carol Foss are still actively campaigning for the Red Cross. Dianne Schanzer has made a million selling RIZZNH Claudia Blanchette, Chief United States Dele- gate to the United Nations Security Council, argues daily with the lobbyists. Mal Lapham has sworn off men. Marsha Hunt, assistant to joe Saturday, can be seen patrolling her beat in New York City. loanne Bennett is secretary to Roberta Eluckei' who is a prominent Tewlcsbury dentist. Cuess what? Roger Currier is head of the Music Department in the Tewksbury School Sys- 1T6I'I1. Beverly Snell is chief hairdresser to Bobby Cleghorn. CRobert is now a second Liberacej Kay Nolan and her assistant, Hazel Horwood. have their own sewing school. Both are quite the seamstressesf Alan Reck, a famed hairdresser, is now in Hol- lywood, California. Robert Touchette, George Labonte, and Rich- ard I-lewett are the ambitious and energetic edi- tors of a local newspaper. Harold Stalker owns a chain of dime-storesg Carolyn Cifford is in charge of the Personnel De- partment, and James Mann manages the New England section. Those who are making millions by selling col- ored cigarettes are Kay Collibee, Mary lane Judd, Mary Lou Pace, Muriel Rice, and Elizabeth Shel- don. Robert Lee and Bob Ramalho are climbing to the top with their ladder factory in town. Their private secretaries are Justine LeBlanc and Bette Ryan, with Eleanor Covin as boolckeeper. This is all in fun, but l sincerely wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in every- thing you do. Carole Ann Collins. Page 34 o om gf VVe, the Senior class, having survived four years of English, declare ourselves fit to under- take the writing of this, our last Will and Testa- ment. ARTICLE l--ln Ceneral. We leave T. I-l. Sl . VVe leave the luniors a supply of Mrs. Wool- ayer's pink placebo pills to counteract the effects of "Senioritis." XVe leave the Sophomores bowing to the Sen- iors. VVe leave the Freshmen all the fun they can possibly have in hlr. Leiterls biology class. ARTICLE ll--The Faculty Vile leave Mr. lXlcCowan, hoping he vvonlt be as free with his detentions. We leave Miss Chandler an extra-long whip to keep the Freshmen from breaking into the lock- er rooms at noon-time. We leave Mr. Leiter a new supply of odorless HQS. We leave Miss Brattin a new spool of thread for re airino the basketball uniforms after a rough P as . game. We leave Miss Murray a new book of puns guaranteed to embarrass her Freshman typists. VVe leave Mrs. Basile a pair of binoculars to search for the lost "accents, in her French classes. We leave Mrs. VVoolaver a copy of Bridie Mur- phy's latest, "Reflections of the Past." We leave Mr. Kelly happily looking forward to playing at next year's prom. VVQ leave Mr. Camera Mr. McCowan's dis- carded weight-reducing plan - boullion cubes. VVe leave Mrs. Thresher an original copy of L'Mona Lisa." We leave Coach l-lazel with the question: "Where did you get those crazy, mixed up clothes?', We leave Mrs. Stevens a book entitled "ls Your Yearbook Staff Lazy?" Le leave Mr. Suchodolski a student council with mature ideas and the ability to carry them out. Page 35 diy OVICGVVU VVe leave Mr. Croty some pharyngettes to be used during his forty-five minute lectures in "Problems of Democracy." VVe leave Mr. Oliver with the hopes that he will not argue with Mrs. Woolaver any more. VVe leave Mr. Campbell jumping off chairs in physics class to illustrate the law of falling bodies. VVe leave Miss Butler a new set of false eye- lashes. VVe leave Mr. Sheehan an adding machine to total "Scroll" advertising receipts. Vlle leave Mrs. Maclaren completely in charge of treating those locker-roorn headaches. We leave Mrs. Lapniewski a supply of mental flippers, left over from Mr. Campbells class. VVe leave Miss Sullivan protecting the English language from the macabre carnage of her English students. VVe leave Mr, Basable with deep regret and sincere appreciation for the many things he has done for us. ARTICLE lll--The Students Fran Alywarol leaves her plentiful supply ol' freckles to Cail Lawlor. Kay Bancroft leaves her genuine friendliness and quiet ways to Dale Robinson. ,loanne Bennett leaves her blonde hair to Judy Cale in hopes that she'll throw away the HQOQ. Claaclia Blancliette leaves Miss Sullivan's Eng- lish class - sadly. Cha Briggs leaves her baseball skill to Pat Leahy. Madeline Buchanan leaves Mr. Crotty reluct- antly. Mary Button leaves with Don. Dick Carter leaves in his "Chevyll for Tufts University. Pat Celina leaves her dark, pretty hair to Fran Basile. Betty Cincotta leaves her quiet ways to Nancy Aspell. Bolo Cleghorn leaves his collection of Pocket Books to Fred Sussenberger to read in Mrs. Wool- aver's room. Kay Collihee leaves her driving dexterity to lane Dierauer. Carole Collins leaves her talent for collecting rocks to Cindy Jackson. Marilyn Collins leaves Mr. Sheehan with great peace of mind. Eleanor Covin leaves her adriotness to Pat Hickey. la-nice Currier leaves with anticipation of all her dreams coming true. Roger Currier leaves his tuba to anyone big enough to carry it. Bill Day leaves his physique to Ed Turowsky. Pat Dixon leaves her basketball enthusiasm to Bev Ebinger. Boh Dixon leaves his sweatshirt and gym shorts to Gerry Trull. Eddie Ehinger leaves his girl friends to Charlie Costa. Bo Elucker leaves her garrulity to any loquaci- ous underclassman. Carol Foss leaves Miss Butler in silence. Eddie Garalredian leaves his good humor and personality to Phil DeCarolis. Adrith Garside leaves her sweet ways to Cynthia Vllhite. Carol Gifford leaves her secretarial efficiency to Paula Kuchinsky. Charlene Hazel leaves her father in hopes that he can carry on without her. Dick Hewitt leaves his orange shirt to some- one with a pair of charcoal grey slacks. Deanne Holden leaves Mrs. Sherburne, thank- fully. Hazel Horwood leaves her eloquence to Mr. McGowan. Marsha Hunt leaves her interest in jolapy racing to Jesse LaBonte. Sandy Hynes leaves, still arguing with Miss Sullivan. Eleanor Jamieson leaves her expressive eyes to Patti VVilcox. joe llainieson leaves his seriousness to Iohn King. Mary jane judd leaves her quietness to Donna Leddy. Page 36 jackie jordan leaves her sweet ways to Nancy Smith. George LaBonte leaves all his motorcycles to the lunkyard. Mal Laphain leaves sadly, without Tom. Iustine LeBlanc leaves her spirit and bright- ness to Carol Martell. Boh Lee leaves his height, weight, and every- thing else to Dickie Carroll. Barh lllclxlahh leaves her wardrobe to Sally Curtis. liin Mann leaves his wit and humor to Dick Greeno. Brace Nliilno leaves all his headaches for Miss Sullivan to figure out, Edwina Nary leaves all her checkmarks in Mr. Oliverls rankbook to one of next year's quiet little freshmen. Boll Osborne leaves Max--Cnot Leiter eithery. Mary Lon Pace leaves her cheer-leading tech- nique to ludy Ebinger. Ricky Prince leaves her extra-curricular activi- ties to someone with enough energy to take them. Bolo Bainalho leaves his ability to harrass the corridor patrol to Edmund Babicz. Alan Beck leaves his competence in typing to Kenny Hague. Lorraine Reddington leaves her ability to win friends to Gerry Cerrulli. Mariel Bice leaves her seat in psychology to some unsuspecting junior. Syl Roberts leaves T. H. S. minus one sweet girl. Bette Ryan leaves her wit and personality to Marie Sullivan. Diane Schanzer leaves her ability to hide in lockers during lunchtime to Dorothy Lombardi. Betsy Sheldon leaves all her mad crushes to the pHSt. George Sherman leaves his sharp clothes to Bob Barlow. Boh Silk leaves his book reports to any junior with nerve enough to give them. loan Smith leaves her desk in Mr. Oliver's room to some poor unfortunate freshman. Christian Prince joan Smith Claudia Blanchette rom anol Jganquef ommiffee '-i T ' "-:-Q---. E I E ywa M " li' 5 , First Row, Left to Right: Marilyn Collins, Roberta Flucker, Christian Prince, Madeline Buchanan Second Row: Dianne Walters, Sandra Hynes, Adrith Carside, Carole Collins, Marilyn Lapham Third Row: Barbara McNabb, Iudy Briggs, Katherine Nolan, Eclwina Nary, Ioan Smith Standing: Janice Currier, Richard Carter, Billy Day, Edward Vinecour, Marilyn Button, Robert Silk, Marsha Hunt Page 37 Actor :mol Actress Rocky Prince Robert Silk Wittiest Edward Vinecour Bette Ryan Al, Miss and Mr. Senior Sylvia Roberts William Day Most Athletic Charlene Hazel William Day f,, ' ,I V if , l Most Versatile Judy Briggs Edward Garabedian ,,,,.- I , i Most Original Robert Lee B00kW0f'WlS Kay Bancroft Richard Carter Claudia Blanchette Best Dancers Quieresr Most Talkative Iudy Briggs Bruce Nlulno Edward Vinecour Robert Osborne Frances Aylward Roberta Flucker Most Likely to Succeed Claudia Blanchette Richard Carter M09 Bagfful -V-V Most Talented JOSCPII J3m1e50n - Madeline Buchanan B D d . Frances Aylward Syiiga digits Roger Currier Richard Carter I f osf olou ar lr Xf 2 i JUNIORS: Robert Allen and Marie Sullivan SOPHOMORES: Kenneth Aldrich and Barbara Dunn FRESHMEN: Francis Doherty and Patricia Wilcox Page 40 2 QCQX 4755 gg gay, QEQSM Q5 CQQD www QS E E 5 ki' - 4' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Y-,,--.,, W ,,,,,,,, r Barbara Dunn Vice-President ..., .,,,, K enneth Aldrich Secretary ------ ,,,,,,,, Gail L3WlO1' Treasurer ,r,, ,.,, I ames Johnson Page 0 icerri JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President e.,...,......,,,.. , Robert Allen Vice-President --- r,,, Philip DeCarolis Secretary M,,., .....C B everly Ebinger Treasurer Lv .... Mary Jane Farley S, U' Lu FRESI-IMAN CLASS OFFICERS President .........,,...... -Francis Doherty Vice-President .... ..... G abrielle Lafortune Secretary L,.... ..... P atricia Wilcox Treasurer ,LLL .,... T heodore Kelley 42 uniorri First Row-Left to Right: D. Robinson, U. Lacey, Nl. Clarke, N. Aspell, B. Ebinger, P. DeCar0lis R. Allen, M. Farley, C. VVhite, C. Martell, F. Basile, M. Sullivan, Ebinger. Second Row: M. A. D'Entremont, Gale, V. Pennelli, S. Stone, D. Lombardi, B, Beckett, A Kennedy, G. Cerulli, A. Pozzi. N. Tonello, T. Manning, M. Leddy, E. Hibbarcl, D. Leddy. Third Row: P. Leahy, S. Curtis, C. Marchessault. D. Dixon, M. Penney, P. Hickey, R. james, R Avery, K. Hague. L. Martell, I. King, Jamieson, L. Layallee, D. VVilkinson, N. Smith, L. Read P. Pappas, L. Bell. Fourth Row: D. McLaughlin, E. Rabicz, R. O'Neill, C. Trull, -I. Gillis, C. Costa, VVhite, R Carroll, R. Barlow, F. Sussenberger, R. Carey, H. Roberts, VV. Thompson, D. Pennock, R. Mc- Allister, R. Cleghorn, T. Burris. R. Greeno, F. Cath. This page was donated by the Class of 1957. Page 43 Sophomokea First Row-Left to Bight S. Arold, Y. Boisvert, R. M. DeCarolis, C. Ebert, D. Dixon, Johnson, B. Dunn, K. Aldrich B. Cawlick M. Anderson, V. Lancaster, B. Fitzgerald, I. Deming. Second Row: S. Kohanski, N. Carr, C. jackson, j. Cormier, B. Fisher, C. Lepine, M. Balin, J. Goes, T. Davies, B. Carpenter, T. Faucher, P. Houle, B. Campbell, F. Colantuonio, R. Hague, M. Brown, A. Celaderes, D. Allen, M. Brown. Third Row: W. Corcoran, E. Friend, B. Dewing, S. Bowers, S. Saber, W. Anderson, A. Larson, P. Johnston, I. Gillis, F. Daley, N. Christian, I. Celino, A. Hopkinson, L. Dinsmore, V. Hewitt. First Row-Left to Bight: A. Von Kahle, I. LeBoeuf, C. Turne , C. M l , D. P C. L f P O l I. Peters, P. Kuchinsky, L. Nolan, P. Wilcox, B. Wells, B. O'NeiB. Secov?dOIBed,w: L. Sfllivan, 2Ef.0TTlal1yl8or, j. LeP1ne, P. Laganas, R. Lemelin, D. Sullivan, E. Parshley, E. Vinecour, C. Lussier, B. Leahy, I. Treadwell B Stone, Pr. Maestri. M. Marshall. Third Bow: I. Peavey, M. Shanley, W. Paladino, T. Ryan, L. Palmacci, D. Stewart IB. Bsniiey, C. Nugent, N. Lagasse, R. Landers, C. Sherman, A. Otis, Pt. Treadwell, R. Weddleton, B. Maloney . o e. This page donated by the class of 1958. gl'25Al'l'l.eI'l First Row-Left to Right: A. Von Kahle, I. LeBoeuf, C. Turner, C. Maloney, D. Pare, C. Lafortune, P. Overlan, I. Peters, P. Kuchinsky, L. Nolan, P. Wilcox, B. Wells, B. O'Neill. Second Row: L. Sullivan, I. Taylor, P. Willis, J. LePine, P. Laganas, R. Lemelin, D. Sullivan, E. Parshley, E. Vinecour, C. Lussier, R. Leahy, I. Treadwell, B. Stone, R. Maestri. M. Marshall. Third Row: I. Peavey, M. Shanley, W. Paladino, T. Ryan, L. Palmacci, D. Stewart, E. Fjlsniiey, C. Nugent, N. Lagasse, R. Landers, C. Sherman, A. Otis, R. Treaclwell, R. Weddleton, R. Maloney, . 0 e. First Row-Left to Right: W. Cillis, L. Carr, L. DiPaclova, P. Drane. C. Edgecomb, V. Barron, F. Fitzpatrick, L. Fisher, L. Arsenault, D. Bell, M. Dunn, B. King, S. Hitchcock. Second Row: C. DiPalma, E. Krlpatrick, I. Brown, I. Conley, K. Knowlton, C. Cole, C. Connors, S. Clark, L. Blaisdell, I. Allwood, E. Hapshe, Haggerty, C. Car- penter, N. Cirard. Third Bow: R. Avery, D. Connor, E. Black, I. Carroll, A. Dunham, B. Darby, W. Bowers, T. Conney, I. Coes, P. Anderson, A. Craustein, E. Daley, W. Kohanski. Fourth Row: R. Busch, I. Carolyn, T. Kelley, F. Cumings, B. Craustein, F. Brenclell, E. Backoff, C.Carlancl, B. Brooks, D. Hazel, L. Campbell, T. Deming, R. Hickey. This page donated by the Class of 1959. unior MSAWS Left to right: Gerald Trull, Sally Curtis, Marie Sullivan, and Robert Allen Page 46 v ffm lil 6 '- 9 I E. 11-., A . Hi 1 K' Scroll Sf Editor in Chief Richard A Carter Assistant Editor Art Editor Claudia A. Blanchette Ch Business Manager Marsha Hunt Literary Staff Carole Collins Roberta Flucker Adrith Garside Christian Prince Dianna Schanzer Robert Silk Photography Subscriptions Dianna Schanzer Jud th A Briggs Production Staff Kathleen Bancroft Ioanne Bennett Judith Bnggs Carolsn Gifford Marsha Hunt r1st1an G Pnnce Faculty Advisers Mrs. Jonathan T. Stevens Mr. Frances B. Sheehan J 6 .-4.1411 Page 48 ,l Literary Staff: Seated-Claudia Blanchette, Roberta Flucker, Carole Collins, and Mrs. Stevens Standing-Richard Carter, Robert Silk, Adrith Garsicle, Christian Prince, and Dianna Schanzer Production Staff: Seated-Marsha Hunt, Judith Briggs, and Kathleen Bancroft, Standing-Mr Sheehan, Joanne Bennett, and Carol Gifford. Page 49 '1 ai lg . . 'iv it g 4 i . r l , ,fm 15 1 First Row-Left to Right: Barbara Dunn, Christian Prince, Mary Jane Farley, Robert Silk, Richard Carter, Judy Briggs, Marilyn Button. Second Row: Philip DeCarolis, James Johnson, Robert Allen, Mr. Suchodowskig Advisor. gucbnf Counci The Student Council, under the able assistance of Mr. Suchodolslci, adviser, worked cooperatively throughout the year for the betterment of our school and student body. Each Tuesday the Council met to plan and prepare various money- raising projects. They successfully managed and sponsored the annual magazine drive. The proceeds from their worth-while endeavors are to be used for a usefull gift to Tevvlcsbury High School. Page 50 l M X.,.v 5 I Q x 4 i 1 I r 7 5 f nn- - - X ie? r K, Q, L R' ht Christian Prince Kathleen Collibee Carol Foss Maxine Von Kahle, Ioan Smith. Second First Row- eft to zg : , , , Row: Mr. Bastable, Guidance Directorg Bette Cincotta, Jane Dierauer, Deanne Holden, Charlene Hazel. 9 0 urses 49401425 These are the girls who spend their Saturday at the Lowell General Hospital gaining practical experience as well as classroom technique. The organization, formed this year hy the Director of the Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing, serves as a preparatory course for those interested in the nursing profession. Page 51 'z W Z 5311? Row-Left to Right: Dianna Schanzer, Marilyn Lapham Mary jane Farley Marsha Hunt Judith Bri u ith .Ebinger, Marilyn Button. Second Row: Justine LeBlanh, Thomas Burris, Ifobert Cleghorn,,Fred Sussenigf- ger, Rrchard Carter, Robert Silk, Robert Allen, jerry Haines, Beverly Ebinger. ' I orrz or afro The members of this year's Corridor Patrol take an active part in keeping traffic moving smoothly in the hallways between classes. Although this is only the second year of its existence, the results have been tremendous, The halls have been quieter, the passing from class to class has been more orderly, and there has been less con- fusion throughout the school. Page 52 i-Lignfs Sfaff First Row-Lef to Right: Charlene Hazel, Janice Matson, Patricia Leahy, Patricia Dixon, Bette Cincotta. Second Row: Marshall Balin, Patricia Celino, Prank Pepe, David Sherwood, William Ramsey, Peter Houle, Peter John- ston, Sylvia Roberts, Joseph Wells, Mrs. Basile, Advisory Jay Razin, editor-inchlef. cience First Row-Left to Right: Sandra Hynes, Marilyn Collins, Janice Currier, Yvonne Boisvert, Mary Ann D'Entre- mont. Second Row: Nancy Smith, Patricia Hickey, Judy Gale, Marilyn Button, llflary Penney. Standing: Robert Allen, Ronald James, Leonard Martell, Fred Murray, Richard Creeno, Robert Ptamalho, Frank Daley, Joseph Jamie- son, Norman Christian, James VVhite, Mr. Leiter, Advisor. Page 53 Standing-Left to Right: Patricia Overlan, Paula Kuchinsicy. Nancy Girard, Patricia Wilcox, Leila Nolan, Carol DiPalma, Barbara Wells, Irene LeBouef, Carol Turner, Marjorie Marshall, Marjorie Brown, Cheryl Carpenter. Seat- igllz .Carogfrh-Cole, Gloria Connors, Elaine Hapshe, Poriia leganas, Ioan Smith, Carol Martel, Judy Ebinger, and an yn o ins. ramaficd On April 12 this group, under the direction of Miss Rita Sullivan, presented "Curtain Going Up," a play concerning the efforts of some teenfage boys and girls to put on their school play under the direction of Miss Burgess Uoan Srnithl, the new dramatics teacher for Riverview High. Robert Silk had the leading rnale role, the part of Norman Carter. Others in the play were Carol Martel, Sandra Hynes, Edwina Nary, Madeline Buchanan, Judith Ebinger, Betsy Sheldon, Carole Collins, Justine LeBlanc Claudia Blanchette, Edward Vinecour, Robert Osborne, James Mann, Robert Allen, Fred Sussenberger, and Richard Carter. Page 54 i ii inwi Q S . r Q X- aipiii 1 X, W rm X rw ' 4 , is i is QE an Q 7 J. 069 First Row-Left to Right: Franklin Colantuonio, William Corcoran, Patricia Pappasg Second Row: Mary Lou Pace, Nancy Jackson, Nancy Peters, Marie Sullivan, Third Row: William Johnston, Alan Hopkinson, Stanley Bowers, Robert Weddleton, Bruce Carpenter, Alfred Larson, Charles Reilly, Mr. Oliver, Instructorg Leonard Din- smore, Thomas Cooney, David Pennock, Stephen Snyder, Iames Marsh, flames Celino. :pre-mriving C6155 Geac ers, es Seated: Sandra Hynes and Madeline Buchanan, Standing: Edwina Nary and Adrith Garside. in 4 Page 55 mxecl Clzorud Allen, Dorothy Anderson, Mariam Arold, Sandra Aspell, Nancy Aylward, Fran Babicz, Edmund Basile, Frances Barsamian, Jean Blaisdell, Laurel Buchanan, Madeline Burris, Tom Campbell, Bruce Carolan, Jack Carr, Nancy Coyne, Kathleen Cuskey, Marion Daly, Evelyn DeCarolis, Phillip DeCarolis, Rose Marie Deming, Eileen Dewing, Bruce Dierauer, Jane Dixon, Delores Dixon, Dorothy Dixon, Robert Doherty, Buddy Donahue, Mary Jane Dunham, Alfred Dunn, Barbara Ebert, Caroline Ebinger, Beverly Ebinger, Edward ,l Farley, Mary Jane Fitzpatrick, Florence Foreman, William Friend, Edward Garabedian, Edward Cath, Fred Gelarderes, Agnes Gillis, Jack Gillis, Winnie Mae Goes, John Gary, Patricia Hague, Kenneth Hague, Robert Hanington, Joy Hewitt, Valerie Judd, Mary Jane Kilparick, Edith King, Brenda Knowlton, Kathleen Kohanslce, Stasia Lambert, Paul Lancaster, Vera Lapham, lVlarilyn Lavalee, Louis Lawlor, Gail LeBland, Justine Love, Lawrence Maloney, Cornelia McAllister, William McCarthy, Jack McNabb, Barbara Morris, Eddie Morrissey, Richard Nadeau, Francine Nary, Edwina Osborne, Beverly Osborne, Roberf Palmer, Judy Palmer, Margery Palmacci, Louis Pare, Dorothy Perillo, Joseph Peters, Janet Quinn, Shelia Riddle, Joan Roane, Paula Robinson, Dale Robinson, Donald Scott, Judith Sheldon, Betsy Small, Marilyn Smith, Barbara Stalker, Harold Stone, Betty Sussenberger, Fred Sussenberger, Joyce Thurmond, Diane Treadwell, Irene VonKahle, Ann Walsh, Teresa White, Cynthia White, Eleanor Wilkinson, Diane Williams, Eileen Wilson, Judy Page 56 l Kneeling-Left to Right: Sally Curtisgfirst row: Eugene Black, Larry Wolfe, Bruce Carpenter, Valeria Barron, Bruce Dewing, Edward Friend, Alfred Dunhamg second row: Robert Barlow, joseph Wells, Richard Whitney, Roger Currier, Francis Cummings, Donald Stewart, George Garland. an A AJ' f'-' ' .. W L wg. am, , Page 57 Marie Sullivan, Nancy Girard, Sally Curtis, Marilyn Button, Sylvia Roberts, and Barbara Dunn. wir em First Row-Left to Right: Mary Lecldy, Carol Foss, Judith Ebinger, Donna Ledcly, Carol Lussier. Second Row: Nancy Tonello, Dorothy Allen, Maxine Von Kahle, Lillian Bell, Theresa Manning. Page 58 H emories Are 4.MaJe of Sxeaw ay 1' -we, Ou L ..C,oK 006 7- XIIIWIIQ' P R O M W WMM ft JY 015713 at Hen fppblye 0721261 Wm you Hg 'I S 611516 Onlelzf You " fo A10 enle Page 59 wLe,., l5 typical may Arriving in the gold coaches . . . K i X i Booking ahead . . . Listening attentively . . . .gs- Studying the Constitution Experimenting in chemistry . . . Exacting drawings . . . Working 1419 an alalfetife - - - Page 60 524i qewgsgury Enjoying lunch . . . Nlastering the keyboard . . . Developing art talent , Gaining practical skill . . . Training of a secretary Going home . . . Takingoff Page 61 COACH CHARLES E. I-IAZEL A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins Page 62 SWE mm 'mv Q? my Y 'C oofgall eerleaalers Beat Wilmington!!! Barbara Dunn, Sylvia Roberts, Marilyn Button, Judy Briggs, Marie Sullivan, Joyce Sussenberger, Mary Lou Pace, Kay Nolan. an 44' . 1' Q I V, I X iwf44k,, 14, 45 5 , ,. kr 7 ,A 4 1 I w W ,y Q ' ' 2 ' :'- o 4. 4 5 5 f 4 lf I of l l r ffl!! f V ' ' fa ' Ry , l , l f kg pk, fy M y, wma, V w,W.H,,, I1 lwgwiggi, .,. M hugiiht Q ,,H, 1 . V5 , I 4 .Vp 7 , , ,Q . Q. - D., W, A MH. A. ff" ' ' "Q I ' f . 1 - , , V ,..q....,. A ,. ., ,L V 1 " f 6 M ', .3 V . , , , L Y in ,G Q, im, ,,,,,., ffh, , L, , ,,W,X,., ix I , fr Q fi lf? ff Z , - ' " Lf N' 1 . ,ja 'wr' 1 www www H ., y I 'f ff " , ' ' ifwwwvf. f A ,Y , . A f , , , rm f M N V , an 1 .,f fo f 1 f !,f,. ,amu,.ll I .r a Q - a l , my l or - !,,K, , adn: a Ifq f , Q , .A K, hi I .M , aggq VJ, , ,fa K 5 A 7, Cz, f or r 1 a y no or y i l . r 'T 'fl ' X. as Y ' ff l M- , l QU f -fra "f 'L a . K 'i y ' f 'Q' 1 'i c 4, M - .f r -' J. of , - in '. T4 ,l 2 A ' 'C - Vg' ,j "" V V5 4 , R '- n M f 9 W -3 5 k 21 " ' , . . , M ,o,1 4 yyfz a if V . M y ,, A V LW 4 no an , A W 2, ' 5 0 7' A 7- 'Q V, T' -M ,-Q . 2 3. f ' A X' ,,kV 4 - f ,V . , J g W.. f - L , , ,1 ' 0, Mk W ,fag Iff- M .oy 'um ,.., ry: ,,., Vw , A .,fM WZ, fi ,,4, ny, ,fb ,AQ ,,,,r.f A . A ,,Q , , f In A' .V t . Q Faq., I ,I U V mk,,Ggf4 ,,,r 7:fz:,5zgg1yg , . t Q h At Q..nx,.,,l, E 'JH . a Q ff: 'ff irw '? f " f 2 f, WK, f "" r"" ' 'L 11 " ' 'N -7'-7' f .w.,',.. . A "' ,,,,,,4Z! . .W an 1- ,, A, f f,,f' -,,' , V V., , ,f,,.,f1.vA3 xx -,, Jw-p5y.., , , ,, A, f f Q,.,,Q4.J .-'Q3',,,,,, ,,.f you-ip 55, ,... ,, , , yy. . f we ffl - - A ,194 -1 A V, ,MWYPZ my - 4.4, A hy-V-n:,ff.n,,,ll 'sn-LH,. , ,, . fp' .., ,A-fvfj ,,,..,: f f v,..,f f W,. ' gf, ' , 1- fflf 21' ' f ,, f' T, ' 5 H " 4f"Fgf4pf7g"9, A ' f' Y " , r 1122? gzff " ,V ry ,wiv 4fP'?45'f'vW',-"L, ,T "iw YS.. 7- '- ' 4. -ffkfff if-' M. ,M ' ' !!-'! 'W Q"' -+......,, Pug' 64 TEVKSBURY G 1 9 First Row-Left to Right: G. Trull, C. Reilly, W. Corcoraan, I. Jackson, VV. Anderson, K. Aldrich, W. Johnston, I. Celino, D. Robinson, E. Vinecour. Second Row: K. Hague, J. Haines, R. O'Neill, R. Cleghorn, R. Dixon Ccaptainl, F. Sussenberger, R. Allen, W. Day, R. Barlow. Third Row: R. Carroll, R. Brooks, G. Garland, P. DeCarolis, J. Wells, R. Greeno, R. Silk, R. Weddleton, R. Lee. Standing: Coach Hazel, Coach Oliver, Coach And- ronilcos, hlann. gbofgall Qjeam Plagued by inclement weather, the varsity squad suffered the sting of defeat five times but rallied in a satisfactory rout over Wilmington on Veterans' Day. Bobby Allen set most of the scoring pace throughout the season and was elected co-captain, along with Gerry Trull, of next yearls team. October l October 8 October 22 October 29 November l November ll November 19 7-oofdall Scoregoar Chelmsford High 19 Burlington High 6 Dracut High 25 Howe High 19 Somervillle Trade 6 Vlfilmington High 13 Ipswich High 27 Page 65 J Tewksbury Tewlcsbury Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksburv High High High High High High High 0 0 6 6 19 29 7 First Row-Left to Right: R. Currier, R. Lee, W. Day Ccaptainl, R. Silk, R. Allen, R. Carroll. Second Row Ford, J. Celino, J. Jackson, J. Haines, R. Morrissey, R. Weddleton. Third Row: E. Morris, L. Dinsmore R Brooks A. Hopkinson. In the Lowell Suburban League Tewksbury took third place with a 7-5 record Also in third position in the Lowell Scoring Contest was Dickie Carroll. On the whole, the season was considered to be successful, as Tewksbury rolled up thirteen victories which overshadowed its eight losses. DATE December December December December December December December December January January January January January January February February February 6 9 13 14 20 22 29 30 3 January 10 13 17 20 24 27 1 3 7 10 February February February 14 17 Boys ' Basgefdall Schedule OPPONENT St. Joseph Townsend Ipswich Lowell Trade Ipswich S. Joseph Townsend Alumni Chelmsford 1-Iowe Dracut Wilmington Burlington No. Andover Chelmsford Lowell Trade Howe Dracut Wilmington Burlington No. Andover VVINNER St. Joseph Tewksbury Ipswich Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksbury Townsend Tewksbury Tewksbury Howe Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksbury No. Andover Chelmsford Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksbury Tewksbury Burlington No. Andover SCORE 53-50 55-54 52-45 75-36 70-52 54-51 56-31 60-27 61-58 57-54 50-41 58-42 51-41 66-39 73-54 58-50 62-59 52-45 65-38 75-62 72-31 First Row-Left to Right: N. Aspell, I. Currier, M. Hunt, C. Hazel Ccaptainl I. Briggs, P. Leahy, P. Dixon. Sec- ond Row: M. Donahue, P. Tabor, E. Cincotta, B. McNabb, P. Pappas, Coach Butler. Third Row: B. Ebinger, C. LaFortune, D, Dixon, P. Pappas, B. Osborne. girfs ' ,3asLefda!l ScAeJule DATE OPPONENT WINNER SCORE December 9 Townsend Tewksbury 43-42 December 29 Townsend Tewksbury 57-40 December 30 Alumni Tewksbury 54-50 january 3 Chelmsford Tewksbury 54-38 Ianuary 10 Howe Tewksbury 40-30 Ianuary 13 Dracut Tewksbury 58-52 Ianuary 17 Wilmington Tewlcsbury 50-44 january 20 Burlington Tewksbury 63-48 Ianuary 24 No. Andover Tewksbury 48-42 January 27 Chelmsford Tewksbury 56-52 February 3 Howe Howe 53-52 February 7 Dracut Tewksbury 38-34 February 10 Wilmington Wilmington 56-51 February 14 Burlington Burlington 53-46 February 17 No. Andover No. Andover 53-50 February 23 All Stars Tewksbury 50-47 Top to Bottom: Marsha Hunt, Janice Currier, Judy Briggs, Priscilla Pappas, Pat Leahy, Pat Dixon, Captain Charlene Hazel. Front: Coach Butler, Manager Muriel Rice. CAamPions .l The 1955-56 girls, basketball team, headed by Captain Hazel and coached by Miss Butler, earned another winning record for Tevvksbury High School by bring- ing home the All-Suburban Championship Trophy to add to our praise-worthy col- lection. Our girls also reigned in the winner's seat at the Annual All-Star Game. Hats off to a hard-working team, a patient coach, a wonderful and successful captain, and an ever-ready and efficient manager. From the team, many thanks to the eager, faithful fans who stood by them, win or lose! Page 70 .,.r" 5CI5eLLZ!! ScAeJu!e DA I-E OPPONENT April 17 . ,,,, Puncharcl 18 ,, ,,,, St. Ioseph's 20 , , ,,,, Methuen 25 , , , ,. .,..,, Ipswich 24 - -- . ,... No. Andover 27 ,K ,,,.,Y, Billerica May 1 - - - -Burlington 4 - ..., Chelmsford 7 -, ..e,.. Ipswich 8 A,v,,p...,,,.. VVilmington 111116 9 11 15 18 22 23 24 25 29 1 , - - -Dracut Punchard , - ,.., Methuen No. Andover -,--Billerica --, ..,2. St. Joseph's - - ....,. Dracut - ..... Burlington C- .... Chelmsford uWilmington First Row-Left to Right: D. Bell, C. Carpenter, E. Deming, M. Sullivan, B. Ebinger. Second Row: Coach Butler J. Sussenherger, L. Fisher, J. Wilson, D. Robinson, P. Willis, D. Wilkinson, B. Dunn. Page 71 4 Best Wishes ond Success to the Class of 1956 DANNY MILLS DANNY MILLS Men's and Boys' Shop Snack Bor for Breakfast and Light Lunches COMPLIMENTS GF MOTEL CASWELL Route 38 Tewksbu ry P 74 Compliments of TAYLOR FARMS COMPLIMENTS OF INDIAN HEAD MILL CORPORATION 90 Eost Hollis Street Noshuo, New Hampshire Telephone 3392 WALTER J. RILEY AGENCY, Inc. I REAL ESTATE O INSURANCE 0 APPRAISALS Offices Located TEWKSBURY LOWELL Moin St. neor South St. 216 Appleton Street Moin St. neor Chandler St. Telephone: GI 3-5451 Telephone: Ol 8-396l GI 3-423l 1 Moy God Shower Mony Blessings Upon All The High School Students Compliments ot SAINT WILLIAMS CATHOLIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION The Rev Williom F. Lontogne, O.M.l The Rev Thomos Murphy, O.M.l. The Rev. Frederick J. Higgins, O.M.l. The Rev. Thomos P. McPorIond, O.M.l 8 John V. Sullivan Shovel and Bulldozer Service TELEPHONE UL I-2568 Pilre Street Tewlcsbury, Mass. Bennett Hardware Company Paints - Plumbing - Heating and Farm Supplies Division of McKittrick Hardware Co. Dial GL 8-830l 269 Dutton Street Lowell, Mass. John L. Gleason Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE Fire - Lite - Casualty - Surety TELEPHONE OL 8-267i 80 Florence Avenue Tewlcsbury, Mass. Compliments of Harry Bass I66 Central Street Lowell, Massachusetts PQ 79 BEST WISI-IES FROM MIDDLESEX SUPPLY COMPANY 86-lO4 Middlesex Street Lowell, Massachusetts Tel. GL 4-77II HARDWARE PLUMBING HEATING PAINT ELECTRICAL HOUSEWARES TOOLS Established I83I Edward W. Freeman Store LoweII's Oldest And Leading Jewelry Store MY BUSINESS IS DIAMONDS The Diamond Merchant ot Lowell Telephone GI. 2-963l 7 C I S L Il M Individuality In Fashions THE TOWNE SHOPPE I I East Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts BATTLES FRUIT FARM QUALITY FRUITS 690 North Street TGWKSIDUVY, Massachusetts P 80 r .-.. 7 McGoohan Fuel 81 Appliance Co. Ranges - Television Refrigerators - Fuel Oils Bottled Gas - Oil Burners I25 Manchester St. Lowell, Mass. Telephone GL 5-56I5 955 Gorham St. Lowell, Mass. Telephone GL 7-73 I 2 Joseph R. Perry Carpenter and Builder Telephone 2-3401 33 Forest Street Methuen, Mass. Floor Finishing Specialists Esimotes Cheertully Given Without Obligation Fred H. Baldwin I09 Patten Road TEWKSBURY. MASS. Phones: UL I-7l04 MYstic 6-3I4l we USE SPEED-G-RIT FLOOR ABRASIVES BY BEHR-MANNING Chagnon Lumber Co., Inc. E. A. CHAGNON BUILDING AND INDUSTRIAL LUMBER Compliments ot Jesse Lobonte Tewksbu ry, Moss. Compliments of MlKE'S FRUIT STAND Direct from Factory to Consume Compliments ot the Water Department Lull 81 Hartford Since l832 Athletic Outfitters to Schools ond Colleges Store 34 Prescott St FaCl'0I'Y 95 Bridge Str I' I' Lofreniere Construction Co. New Hornes . . . Remodeling House Framing H. W. HUNT HEATING CONTRACTOR H. W. HUNT Telephone Stoneham 6-0972-M Telephone Woburn 2-2572-W East Street Tewlcsbury, Mass. D. HANNUS Telephone UL I-7759 25 Wilson Road Stoneham, Mass. Tewksbury Compliments of C1 FRIEND Meat Market A. TREMBLAY, Prop. Open Dolly 9:00 AM. to 9:00 RM. Sunday Until l2:3O Noon Tel. UL l-93I2 I098 Main Street Tewlrsbury, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Lyons Oil Company RANGE AND FUEL OILS Eddie Lyons, Proprietor Rocco's Restaurant Italian Foods - Pizza - Chicken - Clams - 'Steak I93 Main Street Wilmington Tel. Ol 8-8359 Gildart Chevrolet Co., Inc. 550-555 Main Street OLiver 8-205l A. B. Sweezey, Inc. ...INTERIOR FINISH... Wilmlnglon' Massachusells Arthur Bernard 6I5 Main Street Tel' 0' 844' l Pres. 8: Treas. Wilmington, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Pat Luongo, Prop. Ol.iver 8-3345 Shawsheen Street Garage TEXACO PRODUCTS Paul J. Belle, Proprietor Silver Lake Bakery Cakes tor all Occasions Pies - Cakes - Rolls - Pastry 2493 Main Street Tewksbury, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Tewksbu ry Airport MAIN STREET Tewksbury, Massachusetts f'f35'I P'2'IL COMPLIMENTS OF The Hi-Hat Roll-A-Way LOWELL MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF Nahill's Drug Store Main Street TEWKSBURY UL I-27l l COMPLIMENTS OF The Barrows Travel Service, Inc. LOWELL MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF Tewksbury Paint and Hardware 85l Main Street Tewlrsbury, Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF Taste-Rite Donut Shop Main Street Tewlcsbury, Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF Joe's Variety Store Main Street TEWKSBURY, MASS. Telephone UL I-2089 COMPLIMENTS OF Elsie TrulI's Flower Studio Fresh Flowers for All Occasions Telephone GL 2-5I83 River Road No. Tewksbury, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Leo R. Hunt CONTRACTOR 779 Main Street TEWKSBU RY COMPLIMENTS OF Frank Goddard International Harvester Page 85 COMPLIMENTS OF "DiIlon" Bonded Cleaners E. Merrimack St. LOWELL MASSACHUSETTS Best Wishes to Class ot '56 Bay State Variety SOUTH TEWKSBURY COMPLIMENTS OF Cla rk's Store Main Street South Tewlcsbury, Mass. East Street Tewksbury, Mas COMPLIMENTS OF Roy's Barber Shop Rolland Roy, Prop. Open Dany 9 AM. to 9 P.M. shmheen sf. Tewksbury. Mm. COMPLIMENTS OF William A. Knox, Agent HARRY C. DAWSON INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone UL l-7l9l COMPLIMENTS OF Wilmington Builders Supply Co. Wilmington Mass. Tel. OL 8-462 l COMPLIMENTS OF John J. Makos BUILDING CONTRACTOR Gallagher Painting Service - CARPENTER WORK - FLOOR SANDERS AND POLISHERS FOR RENT Telephone GL 3-l560 bb 5th Avenue Lowell, Mass. Page 86 S. Mary Rynne's Style Shop Norcross 81 Leighton at LULL at HARTFORDS 'NSURANCE "lNSURE YOUR TOMORROWS - TODAY" GL 8-83l I 40 Middle St. Lowell, Mass. 30 PFQSCOH' Si- L0Well- lVl'355- Raymond A. Webb Howard H. Leighton The Trailer Lunch 26 South Street Specializing in- TASTY TOASTED FRANKFURTS - HAMBURGERS CHEESEBURGERS - FRENCH FRIES ll A.M. to 2 A.M. DAILY John J. McNulty Proprietor COMPLIMENTS OF Dick's Auto Repair Motor Tuneups 8: Body Worlr TELEPHONE GL 2-870i I085 Andover Street COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. John P. Carter COMPLIMENTS OF The Red Root COMPLIMENTS OF Harold A. Vinecour Jerry's Watch Shop C. GERALD SPALDING 45 Merrimaclr Street All Watches Electronically Tested Lowell 3-48l I - 2-9308 WASHING MACHINES - REFRIGERATORS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES GARN lCK'S RADlo AND TELEVISION co. MAJESTIC, RCA, SYLVANIA, ADMIRAL TELEVISION Sam Garnick 54 Middlesex Street Lowell, Mass. Hemphill Noyes 81 Co. Members of New York and Boston Stock Exchanges 24 Merrimack Street GL 8-6305 J. W. Downs, Jr.. Manager Holy Trinity Youth Center HIGH STREET LOWELL. MASS. Tewksbu ry Auto Parts Used Cars Bought, Sold and Exchanged Parts tor all Makes and Models 7I4 East Street Main Street UL I-7887 Tewksbury, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Vee's Restaurant Specialized in CHICKEN BARBECUES TO TAKE OUT I83 High Street Lowell, Mass. 99c 99: The Hideaway 70 Middle St.. Lowell, Mass. SMORGASBORD AND HOT BUFFET All You Wish to Eat 99c 99c COMPLIMENTS OF John Melkonian I95 East Merrimack Lowell, Massachusetts B 81 W Contracting Co. 88 Paulson Road Waban, Mass. Specialized in Hard Topping 1 l COMPLIMENTS OF North Tewksbury Garage COMPLIMENTS or A FRI END COMPLIMENTS OF TyIer's Greeting Cards 809 Main Sfreef TEWKSBURY. MASS. Sa m's Va riety Store 23 I6 Main Sf. Tewlzsbury, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Shawsheen Cabins Tewksbury Police Department COMPLIMENTS OF R.J. Gendreau D.M.D. Ricard's Inc. JEWELERS Diamonds, Waiches. Jewelry and Silverware GL 2-225l l5I Ceniral Sf. Bill and Mel's Texaco Station WILMINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS Andover Riding Academy Jumping a Specialty PAUL PROULX, GERARD PROULX Instructor Owner 1 Tel. Andover 351 Town and Country Utilities, Inc. Main St. cor Shawsheen BOTTLED GAS We Fill Trailer Cylinders Tel. UL l730B Roland's Inc. Opp. The Large Cement Warehouse Complete Outfitters to the Worlcingman and Farmer Lowell's Leading Worl: Clothes Store 90 Bridge Street Tel. GL 2-3597 COMPLIMENTS OF Neyman Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishings GLenview 2-4567 Lowell Massachusetts H. W. Hunt - Heating Contractor - H. W. HUNT Tel. Stoneham 6-0972-M D. HANNUS Tel. Woburn 2-2572-W 25 Wilson Road Stoneham. Mass. SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF I956 Mary's Beauty Salon 74 Pleasant Street Tewlrsbury. Massachusetts Tel. UL I-742 I COMPLIMENTS or George Secchiaroli Page 90 BEST WISHES FROM Mclnerney lNSURER -- REALTOR - LAWYER 253 Appleton Street can 2-1222 GI a-6350 Middlesex Equipment Co. Plumbing, Heating 8: Electrical Supplies Oil Burners - Paints - Hardware l90-I96 Middlesex Street N. P. NELSON, Mgr. GL 2-208l GL 2-2306 Post Office Garage, Inc. Parts, Sales, Service Lowell, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF Rex Center Tewksbury Pharmacy l07l Main Street at the Post Office Stephen A. Condrey, Reg. Pharm. Leo's Socony Station Appleton 81 South Streets Lowell, Mass. GL 4-l868 Good Luclx and Best Wishes l ! ! Bob 81 Gordon STATION WCAP Lowell, Mass. Ralph O. Garland FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Tel. UL l-2352 623 Chandler St. Tewlsbury Page 91 - Drs. Porter and Tucker OPTOMETRISTS 68 Merrimack Street Lowell, Massachusetts Dial GL 3-3b8I Dora's Specialty Shop Clothes for All the Family Tewlcsbury Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF Bab's Beauty Shoppe 775 Chandler Street Tewlcsbury, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF The Knox Insu rance Agency Mildred F. S. Knox, Agent Zl Concord Road Billerica Center Montrose 3-345I DEALER UL I-ZII4 E. R. Dixon 81 Son SCRAP IRON - RAGS - METALS HIGHEST PRICES PAID Edgewood Road oft Shawsheen Street TEWKSBURY "The Friendly Insurance Agency" COMPLIMENTS OF C R. Rosenbloom Paper o. 50 Middlesex Street Lowell, Massachusetts COMPLIMENTS OF SulIivan's Tydol Station Main Street Tewlsbury UL I-2372 Page 92 Mr. 81 Mrs. Douglas MacDonald Mr. 81 Mrs. Alvin T. French Mr. 8. Mrs. George R. Collins Frank Gomes Mr. Eliade A Friend Mr. 84 Mrs. M. D. Buchanan Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert C. Flucker Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles H. Slowey 352-:: .....x. fi? df, :xg .' . HW55SiEm3mFm.vs -wu3Q3ENws--.uv .asm w'- N ali -.V-.N . , ,.,, .. ..,, .50-.J . . ,.,,:,g, ,g.p.---r.,,.,:,,,:.,:,. cz.. 55353 rs: '51-.ni "lf ls Greal' 'lo Be Greai, Bul lf ls Grealer io Be Human." R' "" 2? -Will Rogers as X 322 ,,,. "The Only Way 'lo Compel Men To ...M xx .-..- 5352? -.. Spealr Good of Us ls 'l'o Do H." ,,. '::.w: ggi? -yohake c H s u sz Y a. w z s c o. sci' QQQQ "- "" . . .,, , , :sz . zf'aew'f:":z"g::-54 Besf wishes fo lhe Class of l956 4, 1: 1 Tewlcsbury High School LOWELL'S ONLY LARGE STORE DEVOTED From EXC:LUSlVELY'TCJ FASPHCJN! MELVIN G. ROGERS LOWELL. MASSACHUSETTS Class of l896 "Six+y Years Ago" Page 93 SPONSORS COURY'S T. V. AMERICAN AUTO SEAT COVER JAMES 81 COMPANY JOSEPH J. FOLEY SHWARTZ SHOE STORE M. L. SHEEHAN PATRONS Miss Rita E. Sullivan Miss Marie P. Butler Mr. 8: Mrs. Salvatore J. Basile Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Deputat 31 Family Fairgrieve Sr Company Mr. 8. Mrs. Stanley V. Suchodolski Miss M. Claire Murray Miss Jeanette Brattin Mr. 84 Mrs. Daniel Kelly Mr. 8. Mrs. Louis Tremblay 81 Family Mr. Sr Mrs. Bernard H. Marion Mr. 81 Mrs. William Campbell Mr. 81 Mrs. Anibal J. Oliver 34 Family Mrs. Ella Marshall M r Mr. Mr. M r. M r M r Sr Mrs. Sr Mrs. S Mrs. 8 Mrs. K Mrs. S Mrs. Joseph F.. Bastable Andrew J. Kohanski Raymond P. Bates Joseph A. Camara Charles Hazel 81 Family Bert Cooney John J. Madden Jr. Mrs. Etta Lapniewski Nlr. 81 Mrs. William Quinn Nlr. 81 Mrs. Robert Edgecomb 81 Family Mrs. Ethel Anderson Mrs. Leslie Collins Mr. 81 Mrs. Lawrence McGowan Gil Wood Kathryn Chandler Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Sheehan Sz I'am1lx Mr. Sr Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. John Geor Mr. Sr Mrs. Joseph Crotty Joseph Killeen Jonathan Steven. William E. Kane es Sz Family David D. Doiron Best Wishes to the Closs of '56 H. L. FARMER 81 SON FUNERAL HOME I6 Lee Sfreel, Tewlcsbury, Massachusel-Is H. LOUIS FARMER H. LOUIS FARMER. SR. FRANK H. WHEELER COMPLIMENTS OF The Blue Moon 685 Princelon Boulevard Lowell, Mass. GL 3-73l I Fine Food and Enlerlainmenl Free Parking John J. Madden Masler-Licensed Elecfrician WIRING FOR LIGHT, HEAT AND POWER COMPLIMENTS OF The Lowell Gas Company Lo renwood Motors, Inc. Main Slreel sau. AND TELEPHONE wokx Tewlusbury, Massachusefls Esfimaies Given UL-IZI46 BEAR AUNEMENT wn-feel. BALANCING 47 Algonquin Drive Tewisbury, Ma AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Q9 95 Best Wishes to the Class at 1956 WAMESIT DRIVE-IN THEATER MAIN STREET ROUTE 38 TEWKSBURY, MASS. COMPLIMENTS ar SPALDING, QUA, AND HALL Merrimack Street Lowel I, Massachusetts i 1l Best ot Luck to the Class of '56 When buying dairy products, why not consider a local dairy, selling milk raised on Tewksbury farrns. OSTERMAN'S DAIRY Over 60 Yea rs at Service North Billerica Road Tewksbury, Massachusetts Telephone 28894 - 34734 RELIABLE . . . R 0 B E R T S 0 N 'S Lowell, Massachusetts FURNITURE IN ALL PRICE RANGES Since I886 Best Wishes for the Success of the i956 Class of Tewksbury High School F. I. CARTER 81 SONS Tewksbury, Massachusetts E. A. WILSON COMPANY 700 Broadway Lowell, Massachusetts Fuel Oil and 24 l-lour Service Serving Greater Lowell Telephone GLenview 4784i COMPLIMENTS OF P. T. . COMPLIMENTS OF Tewksbu ry Cleaners Telephone UL l-7449 COMPLIMENTS OF The One and Only Friendly Jack Lawrence Slreef Lowell, Massachusefls COMPLIMENTS OF F 8- E Baily and Sons l I5 Years Lowell's Leading Prescriplion Drug Sfore 79 Merrimaclr Sfree? Lowell, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF A Friend Gge 99 O. N. Blanchard School Transportation - also - Special Buses For All Occasions Tel. GL 2-l282 TOWN TAXI Telephone UL l-7l7l 854 Main Street Tewksbu ry, Mass. Warehouse Furniture Store II You can always make a deal with Tunney" 200 Main Street lRou'le 381 Wilmington, Mass. TUNNEY, Manager Tel. Ol 8-2024 0dl'S pu a YEA MORE people save MORE money on MORE values at POLl.ARDSl l l l The Store With More fr afwxiavvfrgm Eesamna- gunniumu- -4: I mn .X 4 .V 1 , ' j' 1, x , , X mx V A fi

Suggestions in the Tewksbury High School - Scroll Yearbook (Tewksbury, MA) collection:

Tewksbury High School - Scroll Yearbook (Tewksbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Tewksbury High School - Scroll Yearbook (Tewksbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 76

1956, pg 76

Tewksbury High School - Scroll Yearbook (Tewksbury, MA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 69

1956, pg 69

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