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4 x .xx bg: Nj Wd'-ff WWW H Eg K 5 N, SQ lx rj I jcd an Qzgw-if qfmdlf-A 50 2554 A 41. 'Ts fJ " X , ,ff biilgff, , Q Vsixw ?QsT,' twgg-Sig b 4 x. , Q - ' cm n mai gi , has TZQC M 3, 1 . If 3 - lm W Wv'1'gi' Q "A 4 nb . xii . ,A -K --ff ? a N of' K. 3 '- 2 ,....5'-Y ,J K 'X JU 'X X , V x S x 31 E X! . I 5 . ,Qs N, I 3. ,I X s 5, f fl ,A X xx ,f -2 Tr "K E if 5 ,M . 5 f if ,.' .5'N,' 'sf 1 H? A X1 Y . . 'H xx wx W, m gfxmwlfyf J 'W Q W 'K V. 6. ff,9,upU ' 690121 1 AW'55f ,git ' 2,QtY 'ii WWW gk M ,,.,.,.,,,l 0 if '- 15 WW O 5 ' NN 7i "'5Y M 'Y' ', Qxm J K O N , ,Xu 1 A S '- I L r 1 ! A 3' 'L' 2? Y., 'X - Q 11 W J, ,. 15 fe Zi H 2 3 3 rf: 1:1 X 51 2 i ig 41 14 P3 E? ,, 'sf c ,, 'Q Qi SZ lnm..:wa:mv-n,:-H+ ,- 5-,axfa-z.waw.zsmsmas.amm. :un-..sn:a1.um4.n:fm: 5 . wusaumanav ' I 95 7 rairian 7eng Sedan! 7efnQ, 77544134414 Another year at Terry High School . . . A thousand memories . . . Gaiety and laughter . . . Hours bent over books . . . Cramming for Finals . . . Evenings of dancing . . . Going to ball games . . . Another year past . . . A milestone in all lives. This annual was published with the hope that it will help you re- call some of the eventful happenings of the past year. We hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed editing it. 2 Mro and Mrs Ivan mn I The Prairian staff proudly dedicates this yearbook to the parents, realizing that without their helpful guidance throughout the school yearsg we the students would not have accomplished the high standard of learning that we are achieving. The parents richly deserve the respect of the teachers and students for their aid and interest in the school and its functions. 3 G! Foreword. . Dedication Seniors . . . Juniors . . . Sophomores Freshmen . Faculty . . . Activities . Sports .... A dvertising 4 eniord LARRY BAN "I'rn like rouge, I stick to women." Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 l.ettermen's Club 45 Band 1,25 Football 3,45 "Absolutely Murder" 35 Class President 1,2,3,4. JEANINE BUCKINGHAM "Pee Wee, like all gooa women, had a temper of her own." Gi.r1's Glee Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Terrier Staff 45 Pra- irian Staff 45 Library Club 3,45 FHA l,3,45 FHA Reporter 35 Pep Club 2,3,45 Minstrel Show 35 "Ab- solutely M1n'der" 3. WILLARD CARTER "There's a lot of noise behind that seemingly quiet exterior." Lettermen's Club 1,2 ,3 ,45 Football 2,3 ,45 Basketball "B" Squad 2,45 Track 25 Baseball 25 Football and Basketball Manager 1. IRENE DURKART "In storm and sunshine she keeps an even temperature." Girl's Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Cho- rus 3,45 Library Club 45 Minstrel Show 3. Transferred from Dickin- son, North Dakota 3. 6 MARVIN DUFLOTH "l'm not afraid of anything unless it's a woman." LUCILLE FLUSS "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit." Student Council 3 5 Library Club 3, 45 FHA 1,3 ,45 FHA Parliamentarian 1, Reporter 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Pep Club Secretary Treasurer 3,45 Ab- solutely Murder 35 Girl's State Al- ternate 35 C125 Vice-President. ALBERT GAUB "He thinks before he speaks." Boy's Glee Club 2,35 Mixed Cho- rus 2,35 Pep Club 15 Lettermen's Club 45 Football 45 Minstrel Show 35 ALMEDA GAUB "I have no makings, no argumentsg I witness and wait." Girl's Glee Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3 ,45 FHA 1,3 ,45 Pep Club 3,45 Library Club 35 Minstrel Show 3 5 Absolutely Murder 35 7 DONALD HOHENSEE "To talk is silver, silence is gol- den." Terrier Staff 45 Terrier Editor 45 Prairian Staff 45 Prairian Editor 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Football 45 Boys State 35 Class Vice President 45 Class Parliamentarian 2. MARIAN KUEHN "Variety is the spice in life and I'm one variety." Girl's Glee Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Li- brary Club 3,45 Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 Pep Club Presi- dent 45 Minstrel Show 1,35 "Ab- solutely Murder 35 Girl's State 35 FI-LA l,3,45 FHA Historian 15 FHA Vice President 35 FHA Parlimen- tarian 4. ROBERT KRIEG "I'll flip5 heads, a show5 tails, a dance5 on the edge, I'll study." Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 FHA Snow King 35 Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Football 3,45 Basket- ball "B" Squad 2,35 Track 3,45 Baseball 25 Boy's State 35 Class Vice President-35 Class Sec. Treasurer 45 Basketball and Foot- ball Manager 152. GERALDINE RENO "A girl with a smile is a girl worth while." Girl's Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 Prairian Assistant Editor 45 Library Club 3,45 Library Club Vice President 45 FHA 1,2,3, 45 Pep Club 3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Pep Band Secretary 45 Pep Band Vice President 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Minstrel Show 1,35 Variety Show 25 Triple Trio 25 Sweet Sixteen 35 Girls State Alternate 3 5 "Absolutely Murder" 35 Journalism Class Sec- retary 4. 8 VERNON KAUL "He can smile and smile and still be a villian." Boy's Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,45 Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 Student Council 1,45 Twirlers 1,25 Pep Club 253,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football 3, 45 Track 2,35 Minstrel Show 1,35 Variety Show 2 5 "Absolutely Mur- der" 3. ANNABELLE RITTAL "A life is no life at all without de light." Girl's Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Student Council 1 Library Club 3,45 Library Club President 45 Homecoming Queen 45 Pep Club 2,3,45 Minstrel Show 1,35 "Absolutely Murder" 35 Class Sec. Treasurer 2 CHARLES MONAGHAN "One woman is more than enough for any man." Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 Student Council 3 5 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,45 Letterrnen's Club President 45 Band 1,2,35 Pep Band 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Football Co- Captain 45 Baseball 15 Basketball "B" S ad 1 2 Minstrel Show 1 3 qu' I . 3 . Variety Show 2 5 Boy's State Alter:- nate 3 5 Class Vice President 2 5 Class Sec. Treasurer 1. CAROL SCHMIDT "Troub1e never bothers me, I sim- ply smile and let it be." Girl's Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 Student Council 2,45 Library Club 3,45 FHA 1,2,3, 45 FHA Song Leader 1,45 FHA Sec Treasurer 25 FHA President 3 5 Pep Club 2,3,45 Pep Club Vice Presi- dent 45 Minstrel Show 1,35 "Abso- lutely Murder" 35 Girl's State 35 Cheerleader 4. 9 DUANE MORAST "He couldn't be still if he would and wou1dn't be still if he cou1d." Terrier Staif 45 Prairian Staff 45 Student Council 2,3 ,45 Student Council Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Basketball "A" Squad 2 ,3 ,45 Basketball "B" Squad 15 Track 3,45 Baseball 25 "Absolutely Murder" 35 Mas'ters of Ceremony 4. KAREN ULRICH "Slow but sure, she'll win the race." Gir1's Glee Club 2,3 ,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3 ,45 Library Club 45 FHA 1,35 Pep Club 2,45 Minstrel Show 35 "Absolutely Murder" 3. JACK TRASK "A quiet man but quite a man." Boy's Glee Club 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Terrier Staff 45 Prairian Staff 45 Student Council 15 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Band 1,25 Football 2,3,45 Basketball "B" Squad 1,25 Minstrel Show 15 Variety Show 25 "Absol- utely Murder" 35 Boy's State A1- temate 3. HAROLD WAHL "Love is like the measles, we all have to go through it." Lettermen's Club 3,45 Lettermen's Secretary-Treasurer 45 Football 3, 45 Football Co-Captain 45 Basket- ball "A" Squad 2,3,45 Basketball "B" Squad 15 Track 3,45 "Absol- utely Murder 35 10 In the fall of '53, 37 timid and frightened, but intelligent Freshmen registered in Terry High School. We suf- fered through introduction and initiation, and then were guests of honor at the Freshman Mixer. Larry Ban was chosen as class president, a position he was to hold all four years of high school. Miss Zelia Clymer was cho- sen as class sponsor, Lucille Fluss as vice-president, Charles Monaghan as secretary-treasurer, and Annabelle Rittal and Jack Trask as student council representatives. We failed to find our purple and gold pennant, so we were declared a dead class, and an appropriate funeral was held, with the seniors officiating. We sold refreshments and put on two dances to increase our financial status. In our sophomore year, 29 veterans returned and a very uneventful year passed by. Larry Ban was chosen pre- sident, Charles Monaghan, vice-president, Annabelle Rittal, secretary-treasurer, and Carol Schmidt and Duane Morast as student council representatives, and Alice Youngquist as class sponsor, We made money by selling at football and basketball games and putting on dances. In '55, we at last became "almighty upperclassmen", and after choosing our class officers, we became in- volved in putting on our class play. "Absolutely Murder" was presented on November 30 and December l, with huge success. In the spring our lxom was held, the theme "Hawaiian Enchantment" was chosen. Twenty-four Juniors backed Lucille Fluss when she was chosen as candidate for Homecoming Queen, and she was elected. In our senior year, 20 students remained, and we put the poor Freshmen through the rigors of initiation and introduction. Mr. Mosbrucker was chosen as class sponsor, Larry Ban as president 5 Don Hohensee, vice-president, Robert Krieg, secretary-treasurer. Annabelle Rittal was elected Homecoming Queen this year. During November we were kept busy by having our pictures taken, ordering our annoimcements and sending for our caps and gowns. In the early part of December we sponsored an Amateur Hour which was a big success. The rest of the year was spent in our various activities including our senior play, sneak day, and last but not least, Baccalaureate zytzfd We, the most honored, glorious, ambitious, dignified, studious, elegant, supreme, and master minded seniors of Terry High School, City of Terry, County of Prairie, State of Montana, United States of America, of the planet Earth of the Universe, class of 1957, being of sound mind and body do here by decree this to be our last will and testament. To the school as a whole, we leave our good looks, manners and wonderful personalities along with our mis- chievious ways. To the class: First to the Juniors, we bequeath the two rows of seats on the north also our sense of responsiblity, extra- ordinary intelligence, and integrity, hoping that it will make an improvement. To the Sophomores who will soon be upperclassmen, we leave our ability to meet all extraordinary circum- stances with cool thinking and good judgement. To the Freshmen, we leave our hea.rtiest wishes for a happy high school life. As individuals we leave the following: Larry Ban . . . wills his ways with the girls to Eddie Eaton. Jeanine Buckingham . . . wills her laugh to Ramona Kaul, try smiling Moni. Willard Carter . . . wills his heighth to Arthur Anderson. Irene Dukart . . . wills her shy smiles to Ann Coulston. Marvin Dufloth . . . wills his quiet ways to Kenny Bolin. Lucille Fluss . . . wills her femininity to Della Ross. Albert Gaub . . . wills his safe driving ability to Larry Jens. Almeda Gaub . . . wills her job at "Archie's" to anyone who can keep dissatisfied customers happy. Donald Hohensee . . . wills ambition and intelligence to anyone who has the brain capacity for it. Marian Kuehn . . . wills her idiosyncrasies to Donna Ross. Vernon Kaul . . . wills his wolfish ways to any Freshmen that thinks he needs them. Geraldine Reno . . . wills her swimming ability to anyone who doesn't know how. Robert Krieg . . . leaves the high school in a state of violent turmoil. Annabelle Rittal . . . leaves her seat to Fritz, who was in it most of the time anyway. Charles Monaghan . . . leaves to join Evalena. Carol Schmidt . . . wills the SCHMIDT Sl-IANTY to her twin sisters, hoping that they will take better care of and Commencement. lt. Duane Morast . . . leaves with his numerous wise cracks still echoing in the halls. Karen Ulrich . . . wills her closet full of clothes to anyone who has hangers enough to hang them on. Jack Trask . . . wills his football ability to Larry Chapman. Harold Wahl . . . doesn't leave anything, he takes it all with him. 11 79 While on my vacation last year, the first in yearsg I, Geraldine Reno, was zooming through a little town in Montana and happened to run over a man who was chasing a pretty teacher. As soon as I had screeched to a stop I heard a siren in the distance. Looking around I found Robert Krieg, new marshall of Terry, helping the poor man to his feet. To my surprise and amazement the man happened to be Mr. William Mosbrucker, former class sponsor of the class of 1957, up to his old tricks again. "Wi1ly" happened to be uninjured and we soon fell to discussing our former days together. He then took me on a tour of Prairie County, and much to my amazement I found all of my classmates not so peaceful, but very prosperous. First I spied Marvin Dufloth, on a farm, crawling out from under a chicken brooder: he had always wanted to be a mechanic. He told me to go down the road a piece where I would find a shiny new school house with two of my classmates in attendance. Guess who? It was none other than Carol Schmidt, superintendent, and Jeanine Buckingham, history teacher. In addition to the new school there was an added attraction, an infirmary in which I found Lucille Fluss and Irene Dukart, now-fledged RNs, wiping noses and giving shots to their poor unsuspecting victims. At a farm thirty miles down the road I found Vernon Kaul, God's gift to women?, surrounded by them. You can say that again: he is the proud father of seven daughters. I was running low on gas and decided to re- turn to town. I cruised into the Conoco and there I found Charles Monaghan sitting on the hydraulic lift dangling his feet and giving orders. He was very surprised to see me and told me where I could find some more of my chums. I trotted over to the Super Valu where I spied Almeda Gaub working as checkout girl. She had advanced from the vegatable department and was enjoying it immensely. I then strolled half a block to the Reynolds store and inquired as to where my friend Marian Kuehn hung out. I was astounded to find she was a social worker in Africa, instead of working in the grocery de- partment. Saturday night I burned up the road to the Larry Ban Ranch, 15 miles west of town and was just in time to catch him and his family leaving for a basketball game at the Terry High School. I jumped in with them and we were off, careening down the road at 90 per. We arrived safely at the school, where Duane Morast was coaching the Terry Underdogs. On the team I recognized two playersg Har- old Wahl, waterboy, and Willard Carter, center. The game was a thriller-diller, with Willard making 49 points. Leading the cheers for the Terry team was Annabelle Rittal fTennantj ably assisted by a small cheering section made up of little boys that looked exactly like Fritz, her husband. Every now and then you could hear her melodious gigle floating out over the crowd. That night after the game I went directly to bed. I awoke next morning as the sun came over the hill and attended church. I was sitting in the first pew and noticed that the pastor looked vaguely familiar. It turned out to be Donald Hohensee, the new pastor of the EUB church. While visiting after churchl ran across Albert Gaub and found him to be the biggest sugar-beet raiser in Montana. Peeking around the corner I caught a glimpse of Karen Ulrich, a famous movie starlet, who was on a personal appearance tour at the local theatre. On my way home from church, I tried racing with a diesel engine. The engineer waved and tooted the whistle and I did a double-take. After the second look I knew it was Jack Trask. My vacation was drawing to a close and I had to be back at the Air Force base to teach aeronautics to a bunch of new recruits. And as I had seen all of my classmates or heard about themlknew my va- cation had been a worthwhile one. I 12 ,. uniom Myrna Brubaker Don Falkenstern Dianne Undem PIeSideHf Vice-President Secretary-Treasmer Arthur Anderson Connie Coughlin Richard Bailey Magjqrie Dufloth Kemneth Bolin Karen Hoagland Gerry Bredberg Rornona Kaul Bruce Buckingham Sandra Madden Gordon Buckingham Pearl Raihl 14 John Carlson Delores Roos Lennis Ross Gerald Chapman Dale Bice Ivalo Stern Janice Strobel Eugene Christenson Lars Fotland Allen Gaub Loraina Sweet Robert Hohensee Edison Martin Norman Mikelson Leroy Ogden Fritz Tennant 15 Janice Trask. Janet Van Cleave Maureen White ' Qfwtoeq On September 4, 1956, 34 members of the Terry High School Class of "58" returned to begin their third year of education. Election of officers was held and the following were elected: President, Myrna Brubakerg Vice-President, Don Falkenstemg Secretary-Treasurer, Dianne Undem. Karen Hoagland and Kenneth Bolin were elected to serve on the Student Council and John Carlson was elected vice-president of the same at the end of the '54-55" year by the whole student body. On September 28 the class held a dance and hired Freiboth's Orchestra for the music. November 8 and 9 were the dates of the Junior Class Playg "The Magic Touch". The play was a success and the class clearned nearly two hundred dollars. They also improved their treasury by selling at football and basketball games. 16 SOFA 0l'l'L ored Joy Brow Dennis Liles Karol Hauk Vice-President President Secretary-Treasurer Donna. Biles Larry Jens Janet Grieve Lynda Hubing Donald Wick Bernie Gaub Catherine Dukart Lois Cretsinger Ann Coulsbon Edward Mates Bill Reno James Mates Lynne Buckingiam Diane Wahl 18 Adell Bice Donald Ulrich Eldora Schmidt Albert Brubaker Beatrice Suehlow Cecile Neiffer Sandra Ashley Julia Young Daniel Dukart Donna Ulrich Dick Cole Charles Wic.k Anna Knopp Paul Van Cleave Irvin Haidle Myrna Smith Jay B. Marston 19 Billy Buckingham Catherine Jensen Patsy Krieg lhwn Trask Arlene Opp Ethel Schmidt Evelyn Schmidt Marvin Stem Florence Pealiodiy D011113 ROSS 0 Forty-me sophomores entered high school on September 4, 1956. Mr. Hush was elected sponsor at the first class meeting. Other officen are as follows: Dennis Liles-president: Joy Brow-vice-presidentg Karol 1-lauk-secretary-treasurerg Evelyn Schmidt and Bill Reno-student - coxmcil. We sold pop and candy at the Terry-Broadus football game. Joy Brow was dected to attend the queen at the Homecoming Dance. In October our class put on a dance. Patsy Krieg was elected as out candidate for Yearbook Queen. 20 .gl'25Al'l'l0l'l Steven Tibbetts President Dennis Irion Lilly Koppenstein Bruce Schwartz Janneth Johnson Russell Glaeske Suzanne Moe Donna Reuther Glenn Kuehn Secretary-Treasurer Vice-President Patience Jorgenson Carole Tusler Michael ReilJ.y 22 Nolia. Keltner Francis Madden Russell Herington Marietta Smalis David Van Cleave Lloyd White David Hess Donald Meidinger Judy Parker Glen Tusler Donna Horning Francis Gamber Norman Clarke Sharon Martin Lany Naasz Echo Norris Janice Opp Irvin Naasz William Ross Della Ross Calvin Strobel Phyllis Pefry Donna Undem Judy Trask Donald Vowel David Hurd 23 Carol Bailey Douglas Bennett Karen Brandner Jim Bodin Kathleen Cosgrove Larry Chapman Marva Entzel Lane Coulston Patricia George Eddie 'Eaton Bonnie Hoagland Myron Entzel 71 ' The 49 freshmen filed into the south side of the assembly with knees quaking under their slacks and skirts so the seniors would not take notice, but by the middle of the six weeks there were 51 freshmen, slightly braver. At our first classmeeting, Steven Tibbetts was elected to the high office of president with Glenn Kuehn as vice-president, and Donna Reuther as Secretary-treasurer. Lane Coulston and Janneth Johnson were elected as student council members, Mr. Duncan was chosen as class sponsor the first day. The seniors tried out all their ideas and used their hardest varieties, which were quite sim- ple, to prepare for initiation. It was basically: the girls were dressed as Robin Hood and the boys as cheerleaders. With initiation over, the painting and cleaning began in which we all joined. We painted the "T" with only two casualities and cleaned the trophies, pennants, and stage curtains to suit the almighty seniors. Our class is proud to say that we had the biggest wood pile ever for the snake dance. A columbia blue and black pennant was ordered. We sold at games, and made a tidy profit, but our class dance was poorly attended. 24 Mr. BOIIN Superintendent Mr. La.ROWE Princi Geometry, ebra II Social Orientation Mr. TAI-'I' Band, Chorus Mr. CARLSON Coach, American History World History Civics, Physical Ed. Mrs. BOYER Home Economics I 8: II Mr. HURSH mgebfa 1, shop 1 el II 26 Mr. MORTON English 11, 111, IV Journalism 8: Speech Mrs. NFGUS English I Mr: DUNCAN Engllsh II, HI, IV Journalism Ga Speech Mr. MOSBRUCKER Math, Biology, Physics Physical Education Miss LEBLER Typing, Shorthand Bookkeeping Social Orientation WILLIAM MO RAST Janitor 715.5 'X .QQ MECOMWCA QM' .fdcfiuified SW! Under the direction and with the advice of editor Donald Hohensee, the Terrier was published periodi- cally every three weeks and the an- nual was received at the end of the year. Bob Krieg shared the editor- ship as the assistant editor and Larry Ban served as Business Manager. The advisor for the first semester was Mr. Ronald Duncan. He was re- placed later by Mr. Hugh Morton. TOP ROW, left to right: Carol Schmidt, Chuck Monaghan, Jack Trask, Duane Morast, Bob Krieg, Vernon Kaul, Mr. Morton. FRONT ROW: Jeanine Buckingham, Donald Hohensee. Gerri Reno, Larry Ban, Marian Kuehn. BACK ROW, left to right: Mr. LaRowe, Janneth Johnson, Vernon Kaul, Bill Reno, Kenny Bolin, Lane Coulston. FRONT ROW: Evelyn Schmidt, John Carlson, Duane Morast, Karen Hoagland, Carol Schmidt. 30 The ruling body of Terry High School this year was lead by Mr. LaRowe, sponsor: Duane Morast, presidentg John Carlson, vice presi- dentg and Karen Hoagland, secre- tary-treasurer. They revised the handbook and added a map of the high school to it. The group held discussions on various rules and hap penings of the school and decided what should be done with them. Pictured lett to right, FRONT ROW: Marian Kuehn, Maureen White, Carol Schmidt, Patsy Krieg, Dianne Undem, Karol Hauk, Evelyn Schmidt, Karen Hoagland, and Ethel Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Almeda Gaub, Jeanine Buckingham, Donna Reuther, Donna Undem, Lucille Fluss, Catherine Jensen, Geraldine Reno, Julia Yotmg, Carole Tusler, Patty Jorgenson, Joy Brow, Anna Knopp, Donna Horning, and Echo Norris. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Boyer, Cecile Neiffer, Sandra Ash- ley, Judy Trask, Lynne Buckingham, Patty George, Sandra Madden, Dawn Trask, Myrna Brubaker, Lynda Hubing, Sharon Martin, and Bonnie Hoagland. 71 414' The FHA girls have been success ful this year in carrying out many worthwhile projects. John Carlson reigned as "King of the Belles" at the annual Christmas formal held Dec- ember 15. Karol Hauk was chosen District song leader at the District Convention held at Circle. They sponsored a clothing drive, cake walk, and slumber party through- out the school year. Several mem- bers attended the State Convention in Bozeman. The group was lead by Mrs. Boyer, chapter adviser, and Dianne Undem, chapter presi- dent. Pictured left to right, FIRST ROW: Demiis Liles, Delores Roos, Mar- WW ian Kuehn, Jeanine Buckingham, Annabelle Rittal, Geraldine Reno, Myrna Brubaker, Karen Hoagland, Karen Ulrich, Ramona Kaul, and Larry Jens. SECOND ROW: Mr. Morton, Carol Schmidt, Joy Brow, Dianne Undem, John Carlson, Arthur Anderson, Don Falkenstern, Phyllis Perry, Carole Tusler, Janet Van Cleave and Florence Peabody. THIRD ROW: Irene Dukart, Sandra Ashley, Cecile Neiffer, Donna Reuther, Dawn Trask, Marietta Smalis, Donna Undem, Lucille Fluss, Taking inventory, putting in new books, and selecting books for vari- Ivalo Stern, Lynne Buckingham, and Albert Brubaker. ous fields of study were the main projects of the librarians this year. Officers were President, Anna- belle Rittalg Vice -President, Geraldine Renog Secretary-Treas- urer, Myrna Brubakerg and Sponsors, Mr. Morton and Mr. Duncan. 31 Zmwi Under the direction of Mr. Ken- neth Taft, the Terry High School Band presented two very enjoyable concerts for the parents and public and also traveled to Glendive to per- form in the annual spring festival. Once again selected members composed different brass quartets and a pep band. FRONT Row, Lei: no Right: G. Rein, J. suobel, s. M:.uuen,' s. Ash- ley, L. Hickingham, C. Tirsler, D. Meidinger, J. Johnson, S. Brown, L. Waldo, K. Hubing. SECOND ROW: C. Coughlin, J. Parker, B. Buckingham, G. Christianson,M.Smi1:h, P. Perry D. Ross,L.l-Iubing, A. common, L. vamm, D. ctirisuamon, J. VdnCiea.ve, D. making- ham, D. Undem. THIRD ROW: K. Messmer, E. Eaton, L. Haidle, T. Meidinger, R. Savage, G. Kuehn, B. Solle, G. Tusler, D. Liles, B. Reno, N. Mikeleson, D. Ban, F. Madden, 1. Haidle. FOURTH ROW: D. Ross, C. Strobel, J. Marston, M. Reilly, L. Coulston, J. Kempton, L.Fotland,K.Hauk,J.Mates,Mr.Taft. FIRST Row,1.ef:mRi,gh1: B. schwam F.Non'is, J.Buckingham,I. Dukm, c. Hank, M. Emzel, c. Neiffer, Is. Rittal, c. oougmsn, J. Opp, C. Bailey, G. Tusler. SECOND ROW: I.. Naam, I. Naam, D. Horning, D. Reuther, D. Trask, L. Cretsinger, L. Koppenstein, C. schmiar, M.1mehn,A.cmb,s.Mmm,1t.madner,Rnauey D. Meidmger. THIRD ROW: N. cn.-ke, P. Madden, A. opp, K. hunch, D. Undem, M. Smallis, E. Schmidt, J. Brow, P. Jorgemon, R. Kaul, B. Hoagland, s. schau, s. Tibheus, D. Vowel. FOURTH ROW: R Herrington, L. Chapman, M. Brubaka, S. Madden, E. Schmidt, J. VanC1ea.ve, P. Krieg, J. Trask, J. Johnson, A. Knapp, L. Hubing, B. Reno, J. Mates. FII-'l'H ROW: V. Kaul, L. Coulston, D. Ros, C. Jensen, J.Young, D. Ross,L.Ross, G. Reno A.C L.Ke1tner, c. suobe1,r.Ha1d1e. srx'rH ROW: R D. L. Ogden, D. VanC.1ea.ve, P. VanC1eave M. Ross, D. lJ:ka1:t,G. Bred- berg, M. Entzel, B. Hormsee, G. nuaiinghm, G. chapman, K. 32 wed Under the direction of Mr. Ken- neth Taft, eighty students assorted into basses, tenors, altos, and sopra- nos, sang for the Terry public and at the annual Glendive festival this year. FRONT ROW, left to right: E. Norris, J. Buckingham, I. Dukart, K. Hauk, M. Fntzel, C. Neiffer, A. Rittal, C. Coughlin, J. Opp, C. Bail- ey. SECOND ROW: D. Homing, D. Reuther, D. Trask, L. Cretsinger, L. Koppenstein, C. Schmidt, M. Kuehn, A. Gaub, S. Martin, K. Brand- ner. THIRD ROW: A. Opp, K. Ulrich, D. Undem, M. Smalis, E. Schmidt, J. How, P. Jorgenson, R. Kaul, B. Hoagland, D. Schott. FOURTH ROW: M. Brubaker, S. Madden, E. Schmidt, J. Van Cleave P. Krieg, J. Trask, J. Johrson, A. Knopp, L. Hubing. FIFTH ROW: D. Ross, C. Jensen, J. Young, D. Ross, L. Ross, G. Reno, A. Couls- ton, L. Keltner. WMKW The Girls Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Taft, con- sisted of 49 voices. Practices for the performances during National Education Week, the Christmas program, the spring con- cert, and the music festival in Glendive, were held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. ZW gem ew There are thirty -one boys in the boys section of the Mixed Chorus. The tenor and bass section are few but they sing a little louder than average. The Boys Glee Club met every Tuesday and Thursday by themselves. This year for the first time in four years Mr. Taft plans to enter the Boys Glee Club at the Music Festival in Glendive on April 26 and on Left to right, FIRST ROW: Mr. Taft, L. Naasz, I. Naan, B. Schwartz, L. Ogden, G. Tusler, D. Meidinger. SECOND ROW: N. Clarke, F. Madden, W. Ross, G. Bredberg, R. Bailey, D. Vowel. THIRD ROW: R. Herington, L. Chapman, P. Van Cleave, S. Tibbetts, D. Dukart, M. Entzel. FOURTH ROW: B. Buckingham, L. Coulston, D. Van Cleave, B. Hohemee, C. Strobel, I. Haidle. FIFTH ROW: V. Kaul, D. Irion, J. Mates, B. Reno, K. Bolin, G. Chapman, G. Buckingham, pianist, Janice Strobel. 33 22604 'ine Terry Pep Club under tne sponsorship of Miss Wava Morris, helc meetings on Tuesday evening. Offi- cers elected for the year were Marian Kuehn, presidentg Carol Schmidt, vice -presidentg Lucille Fluss, secre- tary -rreasurerg and Evelyn Schmidt, parliamentarian. Activities for the year included yelling at games and serving lunches to out-of-town teams after games. HEERLEADERS, left to right: Connie Coughlin, Carol Schmidt, Bruce uckingham, Joy Brow, and Maureen White. FIRST ROW: E, Norris, L. Sweet, E. Schmidt, J. Buckingham, M. Kuehn, A. Rittal, D, Trask, M. Brubaker, L. Buckingham, S, Ashley, B, Hoagland, D. Horning, J. Johnson. SECOND ROW: C. Neiffer, B. Strehlow, R. Kaul L. Fluss, J. Trask, A. Coulston, P. Perry, G, Reno, D. Ross, K. Hoagland, L. Hubing. J . Trask, A. Gaub. THIRD ROW: M. Smith, D. Biles, A. Knopp, C. Tusler, V. Kaul, J. Mates, N, Mikelson, L. Coulston, F. Madden, S, Madden, L, Cretsinger, E, Schmidt, P. Krieg. Z 67415 Under the supervision of Charles Monaghan, president, leading the group, Harold Wahl, Secretary- Treasurer, 'taking notes, the Letter- men's Club worked on their projects for the year. Crowning Annabelle Rittal queen of their annual "Letter- mens Ba1l" and serving visiting bas- ketball teams after the games were some of their projects. Left to Right, FIRST ROW: D. Morast, G. Chapman, K. Bolin, A. Anderson, H, Wahl, J. Trask, C. Monaghan. SECOND ROW: Mr. Carlson, L, Jens, V. Kaul, F. Tennant, D. Falkenstern,R. Krieg, A. Gaub, W. Carter. THIRD ROW: G. Buckingham, D. Hohensee, L. 34 ddtdgdyds Marian Kuehn and Carol Schmidt Donald Hohensee and Robert Krieg 35 24454 fgwldftd Wray Frieboth Carol Brubaker Every year members of the senior class are selected to receive the "Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award". These two studens are chosen by the members of the student council and faculty members. Selections are based on the person's scholastic standing, sense of fair play and good sportsmanship. Carol Brubaker and Wray Frieboth were chosen in 1956. Football l,2,3,45 Member of championship team 35 Football Co-captain 45 Basketball l,2,3,4g Mem- ber of championship team 2,3 5 Track 2. O O Dennis Ross 36 Dennis Ross was se- lected by the Terry Lion's Club to receive the Out- standing Senior Athlete award for 1956. His name will be engraved on a plaque with the names of previous winners. Den- nis is the sixth boy to be presented with this a- ward. fglllldldm 2464! Wonaomag 244454 6aulSa6maiz fain 6411404 "zu, of de sum 14144446 24cm Qulgealalnandgeaepealadq i956 Pune Zum and faq Sedan! Zaafwf LEFT to RIGHT: Lester Jens, David Covert, Walter Johnson, Albert Strobel. John Schwartz, Norman Coulston. 72 Zane In the fall of 1945, eighteen first graders entered the Terry Ele- mentary School. Through the years, many students came and went, but these eight students sur- vived all the trials and tribulations of twelve years of school together. LAST ROW, left to right: Jack Trask, Larry Ban, Charles Monaghan, Duane Morast. SECOND ROW: Gerri Reno, Lucille Fluss. FIRST ROW Marian Kuehn, Jeanine Buckingham. tif 38 .f4fALfic5 'B' Left to right, FIRST ROW: R. Krieg, Mgr.g G. Kuehn, C. Strobel, I. Haidle, E. Martin, G. Chapman, Mgr. SECOND ROW: D. Morast, B. Reno, H. Wahl, J. Mates, A. Anderson, D. Falkenstern, J. Carlson K. Bolin, Marvin Carlson, Coach. Falky gets tipgffl Wahl scores again. 40 Harold Wahl Duane Morast Co-Cantain Co-Captain Kenneth Bolin Donald Falkenstem Arthur Anderson E M gt ...4-A W Q, W 4. aff: ANZ Q W-- ' M um Hx. mm The 1956-1957 basketball season saw the Terry Terriers taking a second place berth in conference play with a 10-4 record. The Terriers all season record was 11-9. The Terriers placed second in the District Tournament. They were defeated by Wibaux in the championship game but came back to win over Broadus in the challenge game. One of the highlights during the tournament for the Terriers was a twenty-five foot jump shot by Terrier sub- stitute, Edison Martin, with three seconds left in an over time period to give the Terriers a 51-50 win over the S.I. S. Beavers. Duane Morast, a senior was selected on the district first team. Harold Wahl, a senior, was placed on the second team. Don Falkenstern, Arthur Anderson, and Ken Bolin received honorable mention. The Terry cheerleaders received the cheerleading trophy this year. This is the first time Terry has received this trophy. The cheerleaders wereg Carol Schmidt, Bruce Buckingham, Myrna Brubaker, Connie Coughlin, and Mau- reen White. The Terriers traveled to Glasgow March 6. They played Culbertson March 7 and lost. The Terriers lost two men during this game. Duane Morast and Ed Martin received injuries which prevented them from playing during the rest of the tournament. The Terriers then played and beat Hinsdale. Saturday morning, March 9, the Terriers lost a close one to Richey and were thus eliminated from further play. Terry 41 Fairview 52 Terry 54 Lodge GFHSS Terry 47 Medicine Lake 48 Terry 49 S.I.S. Terry 50 Hysham 68 Terry 55 Wibaux Terry 69 Jordon 65 Terry 63 Broadus Terry 55 S.I.S. 47 Terry 54 Fairview Terry 57 Plevna 41 Terry 58 Wibaux Terry 46 Sacred Heart 35 Terry 51 Plevna Terry 46 Broadus 43 Terry 60 Ekalaka Terry 66 Ekalaka 67 Terry 71 Hysham Terry 49 Sacred Heart 48 Terry 62 Jordon DISTRICT TOURNAMENT DIVISIONAL TOURNAMENT Terry 60 Plevna Terry 55 Culbertson Tel-ry 52 S,I,S, Terry 60 Hinsdale fovertimej Terry 65 Richey Terry 65 Wibaux 87 Terry 70 Broad us 46' Qplay -of0 J ,Yami Vs ord0n Terry Vs S.I.S. 43 T eny Vs Plevna 7 7mm FIRST ROW, left to right: Gerry Bredberg, Manager Glenn Kuehn, Duane Wahl, John Carlson, Kenneth Bolin, Arthur Anderson, Donald Falkenstern, Gordon Buckingham, Donald Vowel, Lats Fotland. SECOND ROW: Coach Marven Carlson, Larry Ban, Jack Trask, Duane Morast, Harold Wahl, Steven Tibbetts, Rob- ert Krieg, Charles Monaghan, Edison Martin, Albert Gaub, Assistant Coach Ray Frank. THIRD ROW: Lar- ry Jens, Willard Carter, Donald Hohensee, Bill Reno, Calvin Strobel, Dennis Liles, Albert kubaker, Donald Wick. NOT PICTURED: Vernon Kaul, Manager. Terry 24 Sacred Heart 43 Terry 32 Ekalaka 20 Terry 6 wibaux 49 Terry 26 Broadus 13 Terry 12 State S chool 19 Terry 20 Hysham 37 With bone-crushing tackles and hard plays the football season ended with a record of two wins and four losses. Robert Krieg, Duane Morast, Charles Monaghan, Jack Trask, Harold Wahl, Donald Hohensee, Albert Gaub, Willard Carter, and Larry Ban are the nine senior boys who graduated from this year's team. Harold Wahl and Charles Monaghan were the co-captains. -H Screen Play during Ekalaka game Coach Martin in an End Sweep Terriers on Defense Bolin gets smeared Carlson Monaghan up the middle Terry gains Bob Krieg sw 7461, snma Albert Ga b 117' ' S f-nag' Barnegat v"?? 5515 u 6 5 q- 11:9 N k Trask 74e7fe94and7fK694tq2aaual4c46Staad474ow1'?ll,Sneneaad 1dW Q Qfalfla-ci .lunged Smeuled getween Chuck Monaghan Duane Moragt Rx My W Donald I-Iohensee 4ll7fedac474Pau tkgallanalzeqe Qfdajefweqaelean W111e Carter Vernon Kaul l?5 Last year Terry High had its.most successful Track season for many years. After a slow start due to unfavorable spring weather the Terriers went to two track meets. The first track meet was the Divisional at Wolf Point. There the Terriers took first place with a total of 65 points. Everyone qualified for the State Field and Track Meet at Missoula, but only six were chosen. They were Harold Wahl, Duane Morast, Don Falkenstern, Gordon Buckingham, Edison Martin, and Gene Peabody. Terry received only one point at State and that was when Morast, Wahl, Manin, and Falkenstern placed fifth in the 880-yard relay. Terry also went to the District Track Meet at Ekalaka and e- merged with second place. Pictured left to right, FRONT ROW: Duane Morast, Don Falkemtern, and Harold Wahl. BACK ROW : Donald Wick, Edison Martin, Robert Krieg, Gordon Buckingham, and Larry Jens. 48 an ,XM ,fr is, , .l jr '42 iff' Q 2 iii iz, fa all " E En 'Q' lil Q 4 M ai sg . ,, H Z5 , 5 55.8 s .-.1..- 95 -3. m ay ,I ,HR gaxlgisagxf wiwgg , new ,mga is 5, T Q? Q gi ? r .ffgmwt Q 5 5 V2 D in . li . 4 at is I Tia? ' fx if fa, Z I f uw L., mv, 4 A Sr v .t y V K-ay g f M. W fr fx H an 8515 6 Q.. The sly one. Dimply Mitz. Wee Willie Winkie. Why it's Cleopatra! Dig that sly puss look! Pucker up Jack. Bashful Pee Wee. Elvis Morast. Larry had some little lambs Bright eyes Dukart. Smilin' Don Carol, doing the cha cha Karen, all growed up. Guess who I am? Out on a limb, Annie? Daddy's little farmer. Tarzan ff"""" 5' 5'Mi-'jf Q: gms What's funny? Sleeping Beauty. Liles in his prime. Santa, alias Florence P. Learnin' how. Posing? Makin' mit der music. Real dreamy. Lost, Don? I said "Clean up that mess.' A stitch in time. Aghh, Medicine, Ick! Whatch starin' at? Fall in the tank? I'm mad. Irene D.'s gams. Ain't love grand? Ohh, Gordon! fsighj Sleepy? What's interesting? Hula dancer Ross. l,.,,,,.n,,,s,if,,mf- . - , 1'-ew. X44 f 5 . si Z ' ' ' ,s ,W f-as-rf er '7 - f, .f iii Chucking the editor Hard at it Absolutely shocking Miss Liberace Candy cigarette?? Beauties and the beast Senior mechanics Mutt and Jeff Rakin' in the dough Chief Sitting Bowl Ban Mr. Duncan cornered Rag Mop Tibbetts Why the frown, Baby? Bottoms up Where's the rest? Study f?J hall ' ys F ,., W, sw , -1 -wffeisf ff L afsfiyzmsry ff F ,. mm,,, ,wi 3 f,z5,i.rL 475 - -mx fr - , , .1 -fe r ni,Y 1 sf ai my gi , .. .NA . . rl i f Chapea u by Dache if f 19' iffssftii , Fifi. .r f ' ,, 3, it Champion Hog Caller, Prairie County Pie Face Brubaker Iiaven'r you forgott thing, my dear? Hard at it Whatcha hidin'? Hen party Paul Bunyan Kuehn cn SOITIC ' I Senior Girls I Girls make passes at boys wearing glasses K Marilyn and Jane L Yahkity Yak M Down the hatch N Hippy little creature, what? O George didn't know there was a tack in the chair. .xdcluerfifiing I John Stockhill Jewelry Dr. Hadley Log Cabin Cafe Tasty King Hive In Love Motor Company Metropolitan Cafe Dellas Renwick Torgeson Drug Smith Bootery Farm and Home Miles City Mercantile Miles City Steam Laundry Miles City Saddlery Friend's Shoe Store Melody Smop and Sport Center Western Pharmacy Sweetbr-iar's Dales Jewelry F. W. Woolworth I. C. Penny Krumpe 's Repair Shop Benson Optical 1. P. Anderson Olive Hotel Miles City Bank Coffrin Studio Smores First National Bank Clark's Upholstrey Keefe Auto Supply Model Bakery Miles and Ulmer Rexall Hug Store 55 State Bank of Terry Terry Drug Store Terry Tribune Shipp 's Jewelry H. R. Carlson-Oocident Elevator Super Valu Larry 's Cafe Turnbull Cheverolet Reynolds Walter Johnson -Insurance Agency Bert Lee -Rialto Theater and Prairie Drive In Haines Motor Company Clark's Consuucdon Don's Standard Terry Bakery Locker Plant Gambles Farmers Union Walt's Conoco Carter Service Center Kuehn's Transfer Kempton Hotel Varner and Dockstader Paddocks Diamond Motel Falkenstern Inplement Prairie Motor and Implement Terry Dry Cleaners Reyman Hardware Co. Brost's Clothing Store Yellowstone Barber Stop Yellowstone Bar and Cafe Sage N' Cedar Dairy 741144 Milo 's Grocery Carter Oil Supplier 54 McCabe Elevator Andersons Exchange State Bank Montgomery Ward Rahr I.ocker Federated Store Purity Daries Glendive Coca -Cola Q, B, Xa R. Raymond Hildebrand Barkema Jewelry Hiatt, 0. D. Glendive Steam Laundry First National Bank Cumming Plumbing Holme Construction Montana Loan 8: Title Star Hi -Hatchery Frosty's In 8: Out Montana Inn I. C. Penny Jordon Hotel Ben Franklin Store Dions Men Store S 8a M Buick Koch Furniture 56 ,. z X 1. 11 .. f 5 . I W ll Q5 Q: 'Q f

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