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 - Class of 1971

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1971 volume:

J Q .5 ,L .. 11 1, 123,353 41 ' 3 I E 1 4 1 .4 Y E' V A 41+ 1",'l1 '11 - iT ' ' ' 39803, Q5:gJbX.9OgfiE3a5TY?5wp?y3Tx Nibg-19,605 Qfwewlib 3 1 ' '3"Qfc,+9L5v5CQJw WG? Sf PX Qw my OL , 5 X my M6130 'VUE-!W0W 3539 ,A dp Uwhp ' fied OQafNKL,B9l' ffm 45159 W Q' Q , ,w77Wf'Z'V fy VM Q yygqfbffiif oy Vg 06? 5,213 VW 1 ' yzifw OX 7 0, l W A Q- agbmn 2 W X M9650 W if WO we 53 QQQSQQLOQQ .5 if AMN W Q2 , A , V +i r ? high I fa 2 fo Los f Q , ' ' 6 AO 63 . M ,Y 'fin f, K M W he quilm REEL?" S "X Qing' If" I . 157 Q, 'J A-' R Ng M S906 59? V fix Wd' Defy' Q? AX CJ' CNY KO ,Q fy' GX X Q0 jf' ww- xo fy 9590, 5 EL Vo 6237 .. BEN iff TERRELL ACADEMY Dawson, Georgia L Terrell Academy, only an idea and a dream a few months ago, is now a reality .. . through courage, concem, dedication, sacri- iice, and determination, this "Impossible Dream" came true. Terrell Academy has proved that a common cause can serve as a common bond. Community gaps have been bridged, and the generation gap has been narrowed in a common quest for quality. From registration last stunmer, to the graduation of its iirst Seniors, Terrell Academy has provided many new and unforgettable experiences. We recall our singing our Alma Mater for the first time, and to uphold this Alma Mater of Scholarship and Excellence, we can never forget the countless hours of study both in and out of classes. We remember winning our first ballgame, the feeling of relief of surviving the 2:30 traffic, working together at bakesales, carwashes, and chicken-ques, organizing our clubs, and the endless selling. We hope that this First AQUILA will help you relive all these experiences that the first year at Terrell Academy has offered. S W I 14f'?ff!llllll A. W1 f Ihr' in Fw s , f I inn , 'r'Q.a.:.1.4"' 1.k.,,,I -fr'-0 r'iMJgl ,, A-if ww 11 -I Table of Contents TITLE PAGE --------------- - - 1 STUDENT LIFE - - - 2 LEADERSHIP - - - - - 9 DEDICATION ---- - - 10 ADMINISTRATION - - - - 13 BOARD OF TRUSTEES - - - - 14 ADVISORY BOARD FACULTY ------ - - 15 ELEMENTARY - - - - - 21 JR.HIGH--- --33 SENIOR HIGH - - - - 43 MEMORIAL - - - - 60 FAVORITES - - - - 61 SPORTS ------ - - 75 ORGANIZATIONS - - - 93 - - 126 GRADUATION ---- ADVERTISHVIENTS - - - - 131 mam fb Learning 'N W , I M40 1,42 - Q df, I Airs!!! Nl af' :ip- fi .Al s - .4 El N1 fa 7.l . ,.y, V ,gas-' f ,.i, x 7 X Hefne- W f r -ill K sq, .V 'HP Activities QETHE YN A19 COURT 'Ewa Q1 ,kx1 WSW 5, Siren, , .14 iff km. P'-iff x J 1 I , y 1 W H x '-.4 et? Li fi g. Q? .Q riff. 1 I veg 2 vm mr U -mam I r. .E X, Q A .LA4 5 2 e Evflilvrship .....,., J' ,M Hr 'JU -ws .J 5 wo le n 'iw . ,ZS V . -, ,351 r 'Y Q Y M f5f:',o5', , . .,,,0.,,... U. -. ,,N.o,.1'un 1g:,.-',- M4 Q, 4, uu..- 3 ,c-..',-i Muay. nun- 2. L.x.:.-, 9, N-Nunn.-3 ---. ' ""',N -uqnluu tum". -"N,-0,....qunbn..vu. 1 'fhhw1-unnuu0"Nn'fn. N. ','0,,.'-:Nunn fun. ,nu "' , '.zu.,frnnannunqnpp 'U ,NHL vuuunnunuu' ' , ,Nfl -vuonnnunuyn'"H .,,,,'J,.-nnnn:nunu,",. lu--...nlnunnnnnq.. 'Zu ,,qu---wqnaoanunnp zu, ,nun .uunncv-u.. , no ,.nlN nun::n.5np,,,p nn. our un.: ,,... "" JN - fi...- ' v 3 W 1 ,-l"'- nun ..-"Jw...nnmm...,..... ,ull J'-uunuuu..,...... qu" .':Konqunun.., , .nn U" gun:uuun.u.v-H 5l0I0llQr , I... .w .v'1lf'.vnnn -'Z - nruQuunnu4.'N' A - :uvnununpn,"" xnannnnuu . "" 'o nnunnnau- -r . -nnnauuu " -nnuununi ll- unnnnnnl hnuouu --ol. nhl! 'UDUUIQOQVUQDUUDDOVQOUD "DOO lllilllllbblhhll! ' '-Qnbhhlblblbhtlnaub' -- -..p.......--'nun' ..,.....-. A ,. 3 '-3 suv: 'L E239 - rl? -.J inns.- iu -a.- , W' new r ,v'1., S-Q5 galgg,.:gE-". . 'if' 'Q' 75 I -J .-, AL y. sg -- ' : nw- Vv . , x.. Q . e '1- ,J ,Q -A , yy V lxfir. L gl A xr.. Q5- fs was EEE? K I, ,355 ,bl f Dedication This year the 1970-'71 yearbook staff would like to dedicate this yearbook to the man who we think has rnade our school what it is today. He has been patient with us, and we have found that he understands all our problems. He has helped us to strive for academic achievement and to seek the qualities that this school stands for - scholarship and excellence. We extend our deepest and most sincere appreciation to Mr. William T. Owen. sew- ll '-i",gZgA :l f. I mei-w ay I ak ' 1 A M Z, ' E iq.. ' M3324 x L2 x u Mo , '- 1 'I Alma Mater Lyrics by: MRS. BILL WEST Music by: MRS. TOM BEATTY ln Georgia, the South's own Empire State, there's a school that we hold dear, An institution of higher aims, with purpose and goals sincere. A school with spirit and high ideals - academic and athletic too: A student body united and free, both leaming and growth to pursue. And though the years may come and go and find us far awayg Back to the good old academy days, our thoughts will ever stray. To scholarship and excellence, we pledge ourselves anew! All Hail to Terrell Academy, Q We offer our praises to you! ADMINISTRATION Board of Trustees O :Ei 5' I -11, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Woodall, James G. Raines, M. E. Williams, Sr. NOT SHOWN: W. G. Dunn, Dixon Oxford. Advisory Board Charles McLendon, Wilbur Gamble, Jack Laing, John Rogers, Glenn Carlson, Henry Brim, Tom Beatty, Ike Cham- bless, Warren Brinson, Billy Lark. NOT SHOWN: Dr. Fain Martin, Jimmy Pritchard, Don Bridges. gf' f s 'fix 1 4 Mrs. Dorothy Whee1er,,B.S. , Elemen- Mrs. James L. Nicholson, B.S. , tary Education, GRADE 4. E MERRY Elementary Education, GRADE 4. V " Ill f'1' an . v V if .Q , ,. My -as C' -MX K 'f' fl: : 1- , ' t I r' Jawa! Q lf E ' A A 'A ..,, A - P6 r ' v ' 'g ' fs' W? ' vff? R! P W: ,, Jrxi L E Mrs. Betty Heath, B.S. , Education, GRADE 3. GRADE 2. 4- 53--ngg C3111 Miss Janis Phillips, B.S. , Ele- mentary Education, GRADE 1. Ir! 41. ,Nw Fil Mrs. Mary M. Barfield, B.S. , Elementary Education I5 'WORK - 1:2 ' '- X Uk 4 . ,...4g L Mrs. Pace, Mrs. Dunaway, Mrs. Lee, if' ... fi Mrs. Freda Jones, B.S. , Elementary Education, Mrs. Dunaway, STUDY HALL. A GRADE2: Qgwzyqu jp1fmPm,cHY Mrs. Dell Drew, B.S. , Elementary Education, 16 GRADE 1. .N 1 Mrs. Vivian McLendon, B.S. , Elementary Educa- lion, GRADE 3. al? r- Mr. Donald Beard, B.A. , GEORGIA HISTORY, AMERI- CAN HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, P.E. , GIRLS BASKETBALL. -New ma., au, 4- Mr. Billy Bruner, B.S. , M.A. , ENGLISH I and II, CHORAL MUSIC, Sth GRADE ENGLISH. I b - , QV QWSV' ' H94 E "5" Mr. Johnny Golden, B.S. in Mrs. Maxie Goff, B.S. in Busi- Mr. Don Daniels, B.S. , in Biology, CHEMISTRY, ness Ed. , TYPING I and II, Education, ALBEGRA I, P.E. , PHYSICS. PHYSICAL SCIENCE. - ACCOUNTING. SCIENCE, BOYS BASKETBALLJ7 E' 5'5" SL L ig rv new :ggi gem ,,.1:,,.f,.11-5-: ,, ' ' E . '-51' " . 2- Fw xiyff-S? tl? 3:2 5 Mrs. Mary M. Gannon, B.S. , English and Education, 6th, 7th, and 8th ENGLISH. i , --f"" .44 Q ii MIS. Jane S. Lee, B. S. , Elementary Education, 6th GRADE and IR. HIGH MATH. Mrs. Doris M. Kenney, B.S. , Education, GRADE 5. fc k Mrs. Louise Andrews, B.S. . Elementary Education, READING. .V - , F in i Mrs. Karen Tye, B.S., Elementary Education, GRADE 5. . K HEI Q U nl' Mrs. Lila B. Brim, B.S. , Education, LIBRARIAN. Mrs. Luellen W. Pace, SECRETARY. Mrs. Laura West, B.F.A. , M.A. , Drama and English, Mrs. Emily Lindler. B.S. , Mathematics, ALGEBRA 11th and 12th ENGLISH and SPEECH. 11, GEOMETRY, ADVANCED ALGEBRA, TRIGO- NOMETRY. , ,,, . v 'FL' wwrw 53 0 X Mr. Prescott, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. West, and Mrs. Lindler, hard at work. Mr. C. D. Justice, A-B- . AMERICAN HISTORY- Mr. Kenny Prescott, Bachelor of Science in Agricul GOVERNMENT, ECONOMICS. IUIC, BIOLOGY, SCIENCE. xii ,ilV N. AY Rev. Clifton Brooks, Rev. George Deadwyler, Rev. J. H. Barfield, eee' S' Aff' .JLA f-79 - If mg. X 1, in Mr. Hy-ghMimhC11, A.B. , Sociology, U.S. HISTORY, Mrs. Lelia B. Rogers, A.B. in French, FRENCH 1, WORLD HISTORY, CIVICS. , LATIN I. First Grade Greg Barnes, Dick Barry, Jefirey Bridges, Lee Brown, Kayla Brown, Patricia Cantrell, Jerry Chambless, Jim Cowart, Gene Cox. -R! ' M 1f . ' T lf- ? is sf , 'i-K Y' X L, will V 'YT' P ,,, 'F sf e,, Q s Dawn Creel Judy Elder Keith Giles Pam Hopkins Sharon Martin Darrell Meller Recess - at last! Well, somebody push. Everbody smile. Pam Daniel Mark Gaylord Eddie Golden Lisa Lee Jessie Melton Mitch Miller 1:1 'Qi T I ff ff Sf ' , new ai is , aiu Q . -. . - '-+L -we-ff R . se- C ..-ms ., . , ..,. . -i, V. g"T,,,,,g? , 4 l , ,L l i , 4 h M A 4 -' " fix v Chin-up? No sissies here. y A uk-, 5 l , a 3, ,v---ws-'-H a. That is interesting. Q ,Z ee Q 'Y Jig 'C Qs. X Q But she said smile! gg Q Y qi A., 1 'J W Wink, 4 5 wc 8 K ".. ii i. " 5 , CN f W Effiizn ' 5 Deanie McLeod , James McLendon, Linda McLendon, Ann McMath, Alan Morris, Rich Pace, Gene Paul, Teresa Paul, Jeffery Price, Richard Rayburn, Chris Reynolds, Cindy Sauls, Johnny Singletary, Pam Speir, Mike Spillman, Hank Studdard, Chuck Ward, Tara Wheeler. Second Grade gg I nf ' .ef wi," I H :ug in 4 af if , H Q K Travis Alligood, Vince Bariield, Tonita Bames, Portia Bennett, Jimmy Bridges, Tracy Bridges, Alice Brown, Ginger Brown, John Clark, Van Cosby, Dewayne Cox, Carol Ann Davis, Charlene Etherton, Denise Faust, Dennis Floumoy, Jimmy Foster, Carmen Gay, Randy Graham. xx 1 Y sit u? ,TMJ Q A awww- t f ww if 15 Y' x 6 Q 3 5 w 5 'E o sv 'K I '5 'fl Q Th' ' gd K , ', .T-:QW y 5, ,5 ' y 8 2 - 1 3 at is T 1 ,- ek . - I I' W . wg i r X 'BB x' - 1 at K J' f 9 cgi ' ,, , " -x... I N -Ex ,ig M A -Q X , , Hop on!!! First you put the ball down . . . Edward Lee, Honor Student 3 T I aasa N 3 Marie Hall, Mitzi Harpe, Donald Hartin, Melissa Kennedy, Lisa Knight, Edward Lee, Tony bee, Sandford Mackey, Wendy Marshall. - r or was-'P Cindy McDonald, Eddie Miller, Beverly Morris, Artie Odom, Becky Owen, Angie Padgett, Holly Parker, Richy Paul, Angel Perry. . 1 -ni . .gh Still learning??? Q . K ,t 1 , n .L fx' 'V A --I - ' A " rrr r 4 in W . , A ,. A A W A' 'r ii ' x A i x ' i , A A' 4 ffla i " A ' " '35 Qi'-1 - . Q ig. ,dro , Well, I think you've got it! ! I -5 R Nm' Q, A' 5? ' A swingin' place! l ! Lisa Reeves, Liz Sauls, Sharon Seymore, Keith Slocumb, Tina Speir, David Stabler, Suzanne Stokes, Tom my Wade, Bill Walker, Tod Wardrip, Mike West, Joy Wiley, Connie Wills, Terri Wills. Third fade A 'i' 1:31 . at an I' it! 5"- 5 r -QF' ,ff S I :G v. N. ME -1 M Q ,JSA 5 ,Q mage.. ., E -., J? 1...,Lniix 453.3 5-Q. ' fr 1 22572-V' '- .M Tommy Bently, Dan Bolton, Donald Brown, Ralph Chambless, Robert Chambless, Rachel Cherry, Sara 'W' , h , H I i Clendenon, Candace Collier, Mari- X a . ' I i f ' lyn Coxwell. . 'V' ' 1 " Y 1 2 I S Q -Q S e . f .1-if , ze V -11 .W ' ff I2 P '-J' -Y Q - : , h , . , g i , b ay, eg.iM244,Y 1.. - M f H516 , s i e .f"ia'a+- ff new ' I .. W- f fff-L.,-We-L hooo f fe I , A rn vi v T ggf .- 1 Q A gf A 1 M: ' x D' ' can 1, ' if C " f:1 " ' iii is hhho ' be A hC,C , ' ' f an " ' -' -' , , - fs ii -an " is ,. ,, Gmger Dale, Shal-011 Deadwyler, David Garland, Bibb Golden, Lisa Hamby, Dee Hamond. Greg Horne, Donna Hunter, Rusty Hunter, Allen Ingram, Ken Laing, Tammy Laing, Lori Lawrence. 26 1 hai Linda Ann Mackey, Kathy Melton, Lisa Miller, Crstal Mc- Pherson, A1 Nichols, A1 Owen, Lisa Per- kins, Charles Ray- bum, Billy Sellers, Patti Sellers, Luke Smith, Grant Spier. ,l - Janice Stabler, William Timmei-man, Liz West, Tamara Wheeler, Giney Wiley, Joy Williams. Fourth Grade Ray Adams, Stacey Beaty, Tina Barfield, Floyd Brown, Ray Brown, Selena Brown, Carolyn Cherry, Peggy Cooper, Ed Dale, J. C. Daniel, Lynn Davidson, Vicki Etherton, Pam Foster Greg Garland, Kevin Giles, Mike Gaylord, Gina Harpe, Missy Hanin, Emily Hall, Pamela Hayes, Rex Herrington, Charlotte Hooks, Sherryl Hopkins, Faye Howard, Gladys Hufstetler, Carene Johnson, Sheryl Joiner, Kenny Kennedy. vii 5 , . 1' Howard Kennedy, Gail Mash, Charlie Melton, Laurie McLendon, Bennie Miller Russ Odom, Kim Pace, Tommy Parris, Karen Price, Wade Pritchard, Tim Ra- gen. Tom Ragen, Jeffery Roberts, Liza Rogers, Jody Sellers, Greg Speir, Karen Stabler, Rickie Stewart, A1 Timmerman, Andy Trotter, Tracy Tye, John Wig- gins, Stuart Wiggins, Karen Wise. 'V I ,...A...- . , K 4? X P P - - ,gm-mm 1-Kgmirs yy ' 'X A13 . ..--' . M 17 ': ,, Q 1 . .-ff Fifth Grade SBE' P51 S 6 'E Y' B T -Y-H Kevin Beard, Tommy Bentley, Charlie Bridges, David Brown, Paula Busby, Michael Cantrell, Karen Carswell, Susan Cherry, Karen Christie, Keri Cummings, Lisa Dale, Tommy Dale, Roy Dickenson, Donna Dunaway, Russ Ferguson, Gina Fletcher, Allen Flourney, Mike Foster, Ann Golden, Steve Hasty, Tammy Johnson. iii xx 'Q-M , xv z 1 ' - wr er'-'S ...., -. .,. . A 3 if '97 to ., , . .. ' ,f f f a 'W K, ' we Q' fkxkf ii... - I - rg I my A .L . C V, LH ,V f ' ' I .Kgs i as 'Z 5 ,EJ y 7 ' '.ff , 1.11 , NR if A. M if my K Jeffrey Royals ' ,,1 if 1-fl - . Q 2Qz is A J K ,. 21 fs ' . R i ' Q Q l J ag 4 J H54 ' Q A 9 -2 ..-: iz My kg as f-sf, T. 9 Mavis Lark, Kirk Law, Tim lee, James McGariety, Susan McMath, Ronald McPherson, Tony McPherson, Andy Martin, Willie Melton, Bob Mims, Mike Mims, Terri Nation, Jimmy Owen, Pricilla Parker, Bob Paul, Jerry Perkins, Mae Raetzal, Kay Reese, Melonnie Rhodes, Tammy Speir, Jean Tedford, Mike Timmemian, Shari Waldrip, Robin Walker, Melissa White, Kay Williams, Lamar Wills, Joan Wise. 31 1-I Halloween Kings and Queens s 1 ,greasy T01 Ray Adams Robert Ralph Chambless Lisa Dale Billy Timmeman A1 Timmerman Tammy Laing Greg Barnes Stacy Beaty Kim Page Russ Furgenson Lisa Hamby Donald Harden Robert Ralph Chambless Pam Spier Joy Wily Tammy Laing Kieth Sloctun Billy Tirnmerman Lara Wheeler Mitzi Hart Lisa Hamby Dick Barry Tammy Dale and Mike Timmerman being crowned by Mayor Jimmy Raines. A1314 , :WM-..........-.....,..,QAg m -J"""""""l"", X A 5 - i l' W . . 1 P5 me 'ij . IM ,.......1 .1-is ff J. ,, ,..,........,. .lg , I Ea A , ... Q-- 5 Wk, Terrell Academy's junior High Good Citizens WN " ,.1'l P fa ' f lv 9 Hi ai gii if 1 Becky West Roger McClendori -ik. as sixth Grade fm mfr ,D S we .--, A -U SIXTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: President TWILA BARRY Vice President RICKY CARLSON Secretary MILTON FOSTER Treasurer RONNIE MORRIS Study ? ,'x f n h W in 9' f m 4- . ML iQxbs , x lx wg Linda Altman, Gina Bariield, Twila Barry, Lanny Brown, Faye Brown, Ronald Brown, Ricky Carlson, Mark Cham- bless, Ellis Cosby, Laura Daniel, Tommy Deadwyler, Debra Downer, Dora Downer, Milton Foster, Tee Gamble, Tim Garrison, Wade Gay. 36 n ,amos i 'An G54 WL- Gwen Goodman Ga Harp Buster Herrington, Terry Hooks Carlene Howard Darlene Howard Cheryl Hufstet- . U ry D I I I . . ler, Tommy Jones, Greg Knight, Debra Lawrence, Dale Morris, Ronnie Morris, Karen Pace, Pam Parris, Paula Payne, Walter Perry, Cal Prescott, Dianne Raetzal, David Smith, Cheryl Stanbury, Mike Vann. -Q1 A 'fljf arf' ,cfial-LM , I El M11 rr' A GW' fl . Y '4 Q. S as , -Q .wwf .1 -' gr., .,g 'sl s s X . 1 , , -f-, ,L-fs ea . J' by .A-2 , , i :J f?t4iv".r K' FX '- 2 -5. , , S5 O mf i f F' 45's f, -if any Tx y- i f .. i5!" ?51h iW3 'f -1352-lsfaff i t V f M' 'V -' fri. P ' t f Z If F 591 I f 3 5-333' F 4 525,29-ifii xiii, fflfclsfigv "ff: A 5445 1. +L., ,sv ., 5 ,J . , ' ., ". - ',..- - nw 31. " 'a li' . 4' 1,73 ' 3, , ig . A N". 'kt 4' '-' "'f fx ' ' 25?i:c,gfsJS"2fs"' 'x - ff-? ,N WW' weary-4' as as -we ' -sr 'rss i' ,ssmg A ' D Y M '- "' Seventh Grade Class Gfficers President - CHRIS IRWIN S Vice President - KEITH CHANDLER Secretary - MARK WIGGINS Treasurer - DEBBIE DILLARD I anis Barfield X531 Z NSG Bayne , David Bolten , usan Bridges, Carrie Brinson, Bobby Brown. aw 'il 4'-v Mike Chambless, Keith Chandler, June Cherry, Karen Commons, Babs Coxwell, Debbie Dillard, Beck Dunaway, Tally lflamby, Larry lj rncock, W. D. Harrell, Hal Heath, Tammy Heath, John Hinson, Chris Irwin, Linda Kil- patrick, Buddy Laing, Don Laing, Felix Lane, Jaw Law, Chuck Lee, Jackie Hamby. 38 4 I I 1 I 1 N i 1,-. S 4 B2 Lynn Lee, Doug Martin, Tim McPherson, Keith McRee, Debbie Morris, Debbie Norton, Tom Pierce, Carl Owen, Ellen Powell, Jim Pritchard, Hal Ragan, Bob Rainey, Charles Ramesy, Bobby Ray. 6634 fprf' 'A 9 ,gvff L -+ F :iw Q Y. A Sieve Marsha Royals, Susan Salter, Lonnie Sellers, Tim Spillers, laura Steadham , Greg Stewart, Carl Tennille, Cheryle Trotter, Gereld Waddell, Nancy Walder, Mark Wiggens, Hardy Woodall, Debra Peavy. EWR y Eighth Grade Les Adams Don Baldwin Class Officers President - KATHY MACK, Vice President - VICKI BARFIELD, Secretary - GLENN DAVIS , Treasurer - WESLEY BUBSBY. sim. Dick Askew Vicky Barfied , was Susan Beary, Glen Burroughs, Wesly Brown, Debra Carlson, Susan Charnbless, Kay Christie, Lanet Coxwell, Mitch Cummings, Glerm Davis, Carolyn Deal, Steve Drain, Denise Dunaway, Iimrny Elder, Genie Fiveash, Myra Gamble, James Golden, George Hall, Glenn Harpe, Donna Harrell, Flora Harrell, Debra Hooks. 40 aww'- K by Cindy Jones, Juanita Jones, Ioy Kennedy, Susie Kirby, Bruce Laviner, Billy Leverett, Dana Lewis, Kathy Mack, Bobby Mash, Roger McCler1don, Carol McLendon, Mike McPherson, Trisha Mims, Andy Moore, Jeff O'Hearn, Bill Pace, J glee, Paul Priest, Ed Reese, Ti.m Senn, Carole Smith, Charlie Smith, Sam Smith, Franklin Spilman, Linda Ann Spilmfln, Bingham Walters, Becky West. , K cuff WH" K fe Others Who Served . . 4 ,W . Sm Mr. and Mrs. Jack Woods, Custodians Deputy Sheriff - Gerald Stokes Always Considerate and helpful. Directed Trafiic each morning. P I A if A - 'W J up 0 . Joe Smith, Jeffrey Jones,Barry Irwin, and Jerry Senior Class assisted in undertaking many new 42 Brim - Directed Afternoon traffic. P1'0j6CIS- 'l TERRELL ACADE Y Freshman Class -I '15 f. "1 President - HARRY SPILMAN Vice-President - JIM SMITH Secretary - DEBORAH DANIEL Treasurer - RICKY JOHNSON N C vb wk C ,Bb Mary Andrews Murry Blackstock Cindy Blankenship Lgrit Brinson Glenda Brown Doug Busby Sandy Chandler Mary Cherry Marinan Cowart Arn A. .L U 1-' '- ROSS Cowart Debra Daniel Terry Dicky Marilyn Dunaway 4 -fr' 'AM ,--' Marc Cummings Dawn Dickerson Dewanna Driver L4gKrHbQ9rY' D, , . it ,H . , Y " 5' " s u' ,iff f , oyce er f N3 95.6, ' 'R if Tim Ferguson Huey Fo uche 'H-'kv Sherry George Kim Golden Donald Haccock Denise Harrell Bill Hill Ronnie Howard y A A, fx A .-ff " -4 ' L if In JJ 1' W, 8- ' LQ VLAILL J ' x David Irwin Pam Lee ' Kim Korris Cmdy Nauon , J IIWW' RiCkY M910dY Kathy McPherson Walter Odom , Edna Perrin, Russ Prescott, Carol Rogers, Ben Sellers, Jim Smith, Deck Stapleton, Joey Stevens Bonny Ward, Stan West, Randall Wilkerson. ' S 46 Sophomores H ,V 21' ? null bd: ' ,.............,,....,..v.,N..,,., .Y N QI' fr Q slrn-W. 4 A ' WW 'E Wax 'Pa-mvm.'0WlQ-vwmm-NWN" ' N' . W If '-.1 3: ml, "T 'JA , H, President - JAN WHITAKER Vice-President - IDN TRICE Secretary - KATHY DEADWYLER Treasurer - MIKE POWELL 47 Karen Bariield, Eve Barry, Reed Beard, Susan Bowen, Jerry Brown, Richard Brown, Barbra Chambless Buddy Cherry y Laura Cowart Kathy Deadwyler athy Dunaway Mary Durham Marilyn Edwards Laura Fox K a 1 . , 4 . ', - ' U, 1 ' , - 5 r 'Q'- . . ,, 4 - uniors , ,v "f v- V. K- ' -ff 'rr r rr President - LEX BOWEN Vice-President - LAURA SPURLOCK Treasurer - DIANNE BACON Secretary - CAROL RAINEY Suk.. vrmwrgmwqgwxsgy v. ...- . , , ,Q ,v vf ww- 4,5-fu?" 9" v 'ELC , Rickie Askew, Dianne Bacon, Phil Bariield, Emory Boone, John Bowen, Lex Bowen, Sibyl Bowen. en... i 'V -'MJ 'XX r C M X W if new QFFX Qnmwi Nicky Boyd, Gary Carlson, Billy Carswell, Julie Christie, Sammy Cooper, Beverly Ferguson, Brenda Gay. UU C ,B ,C Ag- Charles O'Hearn, Barney Parnacott, Billy Payne, Beve y' eevy, Dennis rkins, Carol Rainey, Patricia Rigsby. Q,wfM1i5. Ju. 4 y . in re , hi ,- Tomm y Roundtree GU 4 Ric ky Royals Mya U Eplslfvff 5754? Mac Salter, Laura Spurlock, Charlotte Tarrant, Jeff Taylor, Joey Trice, Bobby Walters, Steve Wiley. 54 J f Q?-Q' : ' HQ' ,A N 'Q , 1 .V ,. Q, ...- '54-A Q . 4 ,,.. -' 3 ,- -' ' ...-me ,V I g ,x.i"- - r f .yx . ' I Seniors 5, 9' .5 . 'wi 1 . x ' f - y I K I ,, , V f , -7 " ,-, r V1 lr, .Ar 1 Evil, ' ' - I ' I 5 1+ I President - JOE DURHAM Vice-President - KAY HATTAWAY Secretary - PATTI DUCK Treasurer - DAWN BARRY rw 5 'na -' , I I 'Q l XO ,r X W w bale Ss-,,, Qi FY SIE QU -gr:-Q 5- 1' lui 'NJ I Edward Massey, Tommy McKinney, Jean Oliver, Bonnie Sapp, Debra Schramm C WFIT I ' N' ff' N--u,,,....1,.,,V , K 4 i V-,V' W yqpn. n 1 :Ln ' img n T - A, '-'.'.",M vgx-4 VHT fx K , J vzzilf 52,1--'-1.-.r.. ' I .: Rf T ' 1 I yufxi ix'tQ vi' v x Q'.'b pi M L - Ei X- Ai ., Li- ' L' fi ,', HQ. V5'Q'.' be- wwf gn.. T : 34 W V.- Charles Scott b ,J 4-""""v iff' X A ,. Ck' 44- 59 Joe Smith, Donna Steadham , Debby Tedder, Donna Wills, Ann Wise FAVORITES 4.- 7 , mr. muh Hpliw Glerrell Arailemg CL T 6,1 Q J'-5 fae- wi' -f' W e , ,. H .ff .. QQ 9.41 ee- 4 fi i't.r'A. ! 1 2 , 'rl-, W' " Q' f 1 '11-iw' 'gn' 'Q' , Tax. 'fr y, 'L'-in Wfqffeijiuf 5, 1 :ff .,' -,gifba-',, 3,9 .Y-figs 1 40:1 rhflffjz S .fe,n, gf., 'rf' ,,- ' , ' fffA,"' ag gr' 'Q' ,'.s,f':'3c,1,1' '2P'.7,t3 " if AZ l', ihilflw SFUU warg Alina Zfivnneilg Nominated by the senior class and elected by the student body. Sgieninr Qguperlaiine Earn Burk -'asv-..., 105 This year Patti Duck is serving as Secretary of the Senior Class. She has been a member of the FTA for one year, and the Paper Staff for one year. She is currently sewing as Feature Editor. She was the Business Manager of the Annual Staff her junior year, and has been a mem- ber of Student Council for three years. Patti has been in the Library Club for three years and is now sewing as President. She was a member of the FHA for three years and during her junior year was Chairman of Projects. She has been a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for four years. In her junior year, she served as Secretary and went as a delegate to Youth Assembly. She is presently serving as Historian. In Literary Events, Patti has been the accompanist for the Solo. Trio, and Quartet. Seninr Superlaiihe warg Alisa Eenneilg Mary Alice Kennedy was chosen Miss Terrell Academy and was a member of the Sweet- heart Court. She served as secretary of her Freshman class and vice-president of her Junior class. She has been a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for the past three years and participated in Civic Youth Day this year. Mary Alice served as Sports editor on the Junior staff of the year- book and this year was Co-editor of the yearbook. She was a member of the F.H. A. for three years, Library Club for two years, and Student Council her Senior year. Mary Alice was 'a cheerleader her Sophomore and Junior year and was a member of the "T" Club those two years Seninr Superlaiine Evan 0B1i11er ij. Jean Oliver has been a member of the paper staff for three years and this year is sewing as Editor of the "Ta1on." She has been a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for four years and was a member of the FHA for three years. She has been a member of the Library Club for two years and the FTA one year. Jean also served as Secretary of the Junior Class. Seninr Sup erlattihe Banner L-Steahhanl This year the President of the Honor Society is Donna Steadham. Donna is also a member of the library Club, Student Council, and Tri-Hi-Y. She was a member of FHA for three years, and during her junior year, eamed her State Degree. Donna has lettered in Varsity Basketball for four years and this year was elected Basketball Sweetheart. Donna has also been a member of the T-club for four years and served as Secretary-Treasurer her junior year. Sieninr Sup erlaiihv Bnnnel mills This year Donna Wills is sewing as Co-Editor of the yearbook. She has been a member of FTA for two years and is now sewing as President. She was an active member of FHA for three years and earned her State Degree. She has been a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for four years and is sewing as Community Projects Chainnan. This year she is also a delegate to Youth Assem- bly. Donna was also a member of the Spanish Club for one year. This year she is a member of the Debate Club and is altemate on the varsity Debate Team. Donna also serves on the Stu- dent Council this year. LYNN GAY aww DEBORAH FAIRCLOTH Sweetheart Court KAY HATTAWAY DAWN BARRY Ag' Q , MARY ALICE KENNEDY SPQRTS 1, . A if Hg? ag A , fa Warren 6 Y son ACB emy i uusm m 'C P 1' ' T j -a A w ?Z i fgy J .. 55' 'lx' A my PD f 1 M X, O COACH BEARD COACH DANIELS s Q Sybil Bowen., Mitzi Lewis A Bowen, Debra Rainey Debbie Nelson, Marilyn Edwards Cathy Dunaway and Missy Ingram were chosen by Missy Ingram and Donna Steadham were chosen to the SEAIS in the A11-Region Tournament. play in the SEAIS A11-Star game for the South. 155 if wg Q34 , , K i Q 3 ' , 2 Ll 'gpg N 4 1 . ?f q i w , , 4 1 g gi g Q - 9 Good shot Debb . 4, o oo4 X 1 , ., E T is 5 3 f Eats? aff 'H-" ' , ., ,i...,...w. 'X XXI! ,A ' JL. E .f5 1:4 X . . ,,, , 4 1 1 f 5 gEYY5nvs4 i 3 'E .N ce Y w ,f gag. , 4'-:,f,-:fig .-fvkpi, 4 Golf Team sk A-ar' "'W O "'f . Y I 4. rl- N f W - :Q .. .T s 41 '- ' - " V' T- K ' - V - gf 4- 7 'R ,sq arg, Y 735 "wa ix. '- ,TV 1 'ff if ,"if,,Q 3 'Lf' ' H, fa, We -.mf A jnwz - PM 1. 14 ,. A - ig,-1 -5f.Y4h"f-lf, ' W., . . Y 4, A A A q Kg, si Q, , JJ QU EDWARD MASSEY if 3 TOM MASSEY TOMMY ROUNTREE fffixuwh' IEFF TAYLOR BACK ROW: Mike Slay, Britt Brinson, Stan West, and Hugh Fouche. FRONT ROW: Jeff Taylor, Torn Massey, Edward Massey, and Tommy Rountree. 84 Baseball BACK ROW: Roger McLendon, Charles O'Heam, Hodges McLendon, Cleve McRee, Russ Prescott, Robert Hamlin, Sammy Cooper, Wayne Sellers, Coach Owens, Harry Spilman, John Bowen, and Jeff O'Hearn. FRONT ROW: Kevin Lattinville, Gary Carlson, Mike Wiley, Joey Trice, Mike Powell, Jim Hilton, and Tim Goodin. iii H ,ztygk The Voice of the Eagles - COACH OWEN5 DON NELSON and BARNEY PARNACOTQI' I B142 QMNV ,, a ...,.,,...-y ,-Q ,,.a... L . 0 fin ,Q- 1? 1 x. x 'Z Q .N L41-Q Q dr - K S if I Li L 5 ,N -I I' 1 5 1 by . 12'- ,A bf Q-2 1 M 1: ,JMU if Q F -- we-gggesw . -, ,V Mywa J ww Wi We -gf, U 5, -V ' 1 X P-gy , R . . 'M QM' ' Q Ugg- -,--1 i ef L 1 in 'np Q Hf xy.. .J , 1--JF 'i .V iw Q . :sg . 1, - , EE f, 111 P V . In Action .,: f Spilman rounds Carlson to Hodges for out. third. 4 Hilton heads home. Bowen Helds ball for out. i O 'Heam scores. ' our? g o'!fvL-8 Eagles Win Class AA Title Defeating Stratford From Macon in First Two Out of Three Games L3 1 Eagle's ace pitcher, Jim Hilton ended the season with a 6-0 record and also held the RBI record with 29. John Bowen played first base for the Eagles and did a fine job. He was one of the team's leading hitters. A lett-hander, Hodges McLendon helped in keeping the Eagles on top with a 5-0 record on the mound. He hit 88 520. and Then . . . Defeat Class A Champions Randolf Southern Harry Spilman, second baseman and outfielder, ended the season without an error. Team congratulates Hodges. a""" wif' A-F Gary Carlson, shortstop, was one of the leading in- fielders and hitters on the squad. Robert Hamlin and Jim Hilton with state championship trophy. Winning team relaxes. is . Eagle supporters. 89 V 1 r CNT' 'KGPWW cf -me 'W TERRY CHARLOTTE TARRANT TERRY LANE LAURA c:owART DEBRA DANIELS MELODY MARTIN PAM LEE Basketball Sweethearts These two outstanding senior players were chosen by their teammates to respectively represent their teams. GRGANIZATIGNS 9,2 'TTI' The Aquila Staff The Aquila Staff is a selected group of outstanding Seniors. They are assisted by members of the Junior class. After making the decisions as to title, cover, and layout of the yearbook, each individual has spent many long hours , working creatively together, to capture the many moods and faces of the irst year of Terrell Academy. Mary Alice Kennedy Donna Wills . ,gk W mg Q AW, ,- -44' -3- u av' H+" 1 -if SENIOR STAFF Ann Fouche, Kay Hattaway, Debby Tedder, Mona Lewis, Mary Alice Kennedy, Donna Wills, Glenda Askew , Ann Brim , Beth Golden, Dawn Barry, Deborah Fairclorh, Tommy McKinney. ,Q '2 ff' Q ',.a'.x fe. x .4 'I 5 by-.vw-' ' 134' '1 I UNIOR STAFF FIRST ROW: Terry Lane, Dianne Bacon, Ricki Askew, Kathie Kenny. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Tarrant, Sybil Bowen, Becky Miller, Carol Rainey, Laura Spurlock, Beverly Ferguson. ,r ff s X f , .M A -W , ,X A, ,145 M , if X- Mng--w-w..,. . . fs Editors 4 3-4 Business Manages Class Editors 96 xv s.f . 1 .EA 5 L. , K, ,, . Q A A K M W A -Tgmnhlx, L ,, , ., 5 , K Sf, f ,K Club Editoxs Sports and Favorites Editozs ., 7 ,f-'A' '1 Student Advisory Board 'HS' Wx , -Q r I The student advisory board was created this year in order for the students to have a voice in the plans of our school. Two students, one boy and one girl were chosen to represent each grade. 12th grade - Robert Hamlin Ann Brim 11th grade - Lex Bowen Carol Rainey Advisor - William T. Owen 10th grade - Lon Trice Ian Whitaker 9th grade - David Irwin Marinan Cowart Ricki Askew Twila Barry' Lex Bowen Ann Brim Gary Carlson Patti Duck Joe Durham Members Beverly Ferguson Robert Hamlin David Irwin Donna Jones Mary Alice Kennedy Terry Lane Chris Mack Student Counul Officers President ---- - - ROBERT HAMLIN Vice-President -"" BEVERLY FERGUSON Secretary ' ' ' - - IAN WHITAKER Treasurer - - - - - -DAVID IRWIN Advisor - - - - - WILLIAM T, OWEN Kathy Mack Jean Oliver Harry Spihnan Donna Steadharn Jan Whitaker Donna Wills '1 aff I edge Student Council Activities 5 ij I E I Q No organization, particularly an educational institution, can effectively function without full cooperation of all concerned. The Student Council of Terrell Academy has been instru- mental in helping to solidify the school spirit and pride which has become an identifying characteristic in "Eagle Country": The Council works closely with teachers and administration 'Ks-a to insure that our stated objectives of "Scholarship and Excellence" shall be constantly pursued. s Ns 'I if x K, NA- National Honor Society if--1 Officers President - - - ------ DONNA STEADHAM Vice President - - - LAURA SPURLOCK Secretary - - - - - REBECCA DILLARD Treasurer - - - - - - STEVE WILEY Members Diane Bacon Dawn Barry Gary Carlson Kathy Chambless Rebecca Dillard Beverly Ferguson Kathy Gill Laurene Harrell Michael Hancock 1 Janet Jones Sue Jones Terry Lane Chap Lawhorne Irene Leverett Laura Spurlock Donna Steadham Joey Trice Steve Wiley NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Terrell Academy Chapter The object of the National Honor Society shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leader- ship, and to encourage the development of character in all students of Terrell Academy. Tri-Hi-Y 1 W The stated purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y club is: " To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. Above all, it is a fellowship of women who express a common loyalty to Jesus Christ. Believing as they do, members try to create a Christian atmosphere where there is noneg to maintain the Christian standards that are existant: and to extend the Christian way of life to those people around them. In undertaking to live up to such a purpose, the "Y" clubs will understandably be a service club. The "Y" clubs undertake projects that will render valuable service to some person or group. President ------ -------- A NN BRIM lst Vice-President ---- CHARLOTTE TARRANT 2nd Vice-President - - -' - KAY HATTAWAY Secretary - - - - LAURA SPURLOCK Treasurer - - - - BEVERLY FERGUSON Advisor - - - MRS. HENRY BRIM Chaplain ------- School Project Chair. - - r- - Community Project Chair. Publicity - - - - World Service Chair. - DIANE BACON DEBBY TEDDER DONNA WILLS CAROL RAINEY DAWN BARRY Mary Louise Andrews Glenda Askew Ricki Askew Dianne Bacon Dawn Barry Eve Barry June Blackstock Cindy Blankenship Sibyl Bowen Susan Bowen Ann Brim Barbara Chambless Sandy Chandler Mary Cherry Laura Cowart Marinan Cowart Debra Daniel Dorothy Deal Rebecca Dillard Members Dewanna Driver Patti Duck Mary Durham Marilyn Edwards Joyce Elder Deborah Faircloth Beverly Ferguson Marcia Fleming Ann Fouche Brenda Gay Sherry George Kathy Gill Deborah Harrell Laurene Harrell Kay Hattaway Donna Jones Mary Alice Kennedy Kathie Kenny Terry Lane Mona Lewis Melody Martin Becky Miller Cindy Nation Debbie Nelson Jean Oliver Carol Rainey Debra Rainey Patricia Rigsby Debra Speir Laura Spurlock Donna Steadham Charlotte Tarrant Debby Tedder Bonny Ward Ian Whitaker Donna Wills fig Elected officials. This year we are very fortunate to have two elected officials. Charlotte Tarrant was elected Chaplain for the Southwest district. Ann Brim was elected last year at Youth Assembly to serve as Senate messenger. Bob Atkins, Southwest District Secretary, has been a great assistant to our club this year. 704 Tri-Hi-Y Projects The Tri-Hi-Y club has been most active in school and community activities. Some of these have been painting the stage in the gym , fixing bulletin boards for the halls, and sponsoring teacher appreciation days. Some of their community projects have been participating in die Heart Fund YMCA Week, Youth Civic Day, and taking a Thanksgiving bas- ket to a needy family and fixing a Christmas tree for Dawson Manor. .l G29 H+ rw' rm' i X I Qs . ,X 'U anon ' srunmuusmry 1 , f 1'-W! Jf if Bulletin Boards PL EQ? We helped organize a club at Randolf Southem. Heart Fund Drive. Civic Youth Day Mayor Jimmy Raines signs the proclamation and the following members ran for and were elected to city and county offices. 735- gg-nv H1 Y and Tr1 H1 Y ACIIVI Beverly Ferguson Bob Kirby Lex Bowen Gary Carlson Keith Golden Terry Lane Sweethearts DAWN BARRY EDWARD MASSEY Hi-Y O Hi-Y is another organization that has been instrumental in the school and community. Working with the Tri-Hi-Y, the Hi-Y has encouraged high Christian ideals in all of their projects. President - - 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Chaplain - - Secretary - - - Advisor - - - Officers - GARY CARLSON EDWARD MASSEY - - BARRY IRWIN - - - LEX BOWEN - MIC HEAL HANCOCK I- ' MR. C. D. JUSTICE Treasurer - - - - BOB KIRBY School Projects Chair. - - - REED BEARD Community Projects Chair. - - - HENRY MARTIN Publicity --------- - - JEFF TAYLOR World Service - - - - TOMMY ROUNTREE ui S 107 Phil Barfield Reed Beard Emory Boone John Bowen Lex Bowen Gary Carlson Benny Chambless Billy Carswell Sammy Cooper Ross Cowart Marc Cummings Keith Golden .Q -' Y., A", 5 K .-,.--- .. as -wif 'A I 'B A 'Q ff-B-rp viva-all Q ., -'i.:y1-,.'f., T' V I Members wg? Tim Goodin Tom Massey Robert Hamlin yx AT, Tommy McKinney Micheal Hancock y All Charles 0'l-lem Bm Hill 'Nd Barney Pamacott Ronnie Howard 1 X WK T ,, Billy payne Barry Irwin 'Xl 6 Tommy Roumree David Irwin no X jim Smith Ricky 101111500 ' x W Harry Spilman Bob Kirby 54' Henry Martin Chai? I-'awhome X ' 5 ffl' Tommy Sranbury Ronnie hee of joey Trice David Martin I Bobby Walters ' Sran West be alan Editor---Jean Oliver. Y Business Manager---Dawn Barry Sports Editor---Mona Lewis. Society Editor---Carole Rainey. Club Editor---Kay Hattaway. Feature Editor---Patti Duck. Spotlight Editor---Ann Brim. Rotary Student---Laura Spurlock Reporters---Charlotte Tarrant Beverly Ferguson, Lynn Gay and Diane Bacon , i a, SfH0lAnsHrPANo zxc: LE W' Z M' .. FF' v X' F F Seniors Anticipate The Best Year Ever . 77 , During a period of time it Dnrine a Senior's vear. takes to be Terrell Academy Faculty Terrell Academy is for- tunate to have elected teachers that are fully qualified in their field. This is the first faculty of Terrell Academy. We feel that these teachers will be able to give us the quality education we desire, provided that we do our part. The following is a complete list of the Terrell Academy faculty: lA - Mrs. Felton Drew 1B - Miss Janis S. Phillips 2A - Mrs. Mary M. Bar- field 2B - Mrs. Freda Jones 3A - Mrs. Betty Heath 3B - Mrs. Vivian McLendon 4A - Mrs. Mary Nicholson 4B - Mrs. Dorothy Wheeler 5A - Mrs. Doris Kenney 5B - Mrs. Karen Tye 6A - Mrs. Louise Andrews, is much h ee? put forth. , of Seniors rd' conquered I Academy, ' Jn' proud of o ls, all of yow ' as we are. As we 14 ld? ourselves Q n We do ge y' being a S N know that Ln' plished sc 'p' twelve yea IS. hard work. ' It does ll. times, esp , ' new school. Y' more comp . is limited. 'e' and not fre we should I 9' what we ar Terrell Academy has been Ztg T5 2 ling., ueom., rug. ' 12B - Mrs. Laura West, Speech, English 4, 3 We have been notified by notified by IRS that Terrell the Education Testing Service Academy's application for tax of Princeton, N. J. thatgTer- exempt status has been ap- Librarian - Mrs. Lila Brim bar' kann al- -'------4 Yuki- -- "-- I-I '4 'W-' ,-5... :HQ 3? X,- PAPER STAFF ,, v,,, ,x - . V N.. -V X . A m. . 1 L - j - Af 1,1 ' W 1 - , .. ,, thi A' ' 1 L " A w-we .Kkk f-21 399-4311 KZ , -: 11 'nf-?f"iss-gif-V-EfS1:-A",11fm: :fs if- E, 112-- f vm 111 -fy ig rv S55 -4 aff?- EDITORS Patti Duck, Dawn Barry, Carol Rainey, Mona Lewis, Ann Brim, Kay Hattaway. REPORTERS Bonnie Ward, Jan Whitaker, Laura Spurlock, Beverly Ferguson, Deborah Faircloth, Charlotte Tarrant, Ann Fouche, and Lynn Gay. A ' K Library Club The first library for Terrell Academy was started this year. Several students worked in the summer. We now have 1500 books in our library. Hard work was put into the processing of all books in the library. We hope we have made this li- brary enjoyable and helpful to you! we -If . X 2 ' a i ' ff' .1., K , I W A f ,ysk , ,, , y s M M 3 X ssalr iaa iiss President - - - - PATTI DUCK Vice-Pres. - - - JEAN OLIVER Secretary - - ----- LYNN GAY Advisor - - - - MRS. HENRY BRIM . . Glenda Askew, Dawn Barry, Ann Brim, Patti Duck, Marcia Fleming, Ann Fouche, Lynn Gay, Beth Golden, Deborah Harrell, Kay Hattaway, Donna Jones, Mary Alice Kennedy, Ronnie Lee, Tom Massey, Tommy McKin 112 ney, lean Oliver, Donna Steadharn. .1 Y W ,, 7? I . Xzgi, 1 gf' ,fi ull: is i: ,. .. - 2 X ., ., www .,,,, , -, , . Library assistants filing cards in catalog, typing cards, and accessioning books. g 11, mg ' aal 3 , aaa :Wg 5 xg , ,,-lm. H , 1' i ' Mu ei 'T "H 9 19' K 1 - W z.. g, 21111, 1-A 1 , ,. , f ' -. 1 H3 4 Future Busme Ricki Askew Dawn Barry Ann Brim Jerry Brim Dorothy Deal Joe Durham Deborah Faircloth Deborah Harrell Denise Harrell Kay Hattaway Barry Irwin Donna Jones Members Kathie Kenney Bob Kirby Terry Lane Ronnie Lee Tom Massey Tommy McKinney Bamey Parnacott Carol Rainey Patricia Rigsby Charlotte Tarrant Bobby Walters eaders of America President - - - - Vice-President Secretary ---- - TI'63SI.l1'Cl' ' ' .sm :- Officers - - DONNA JONES - - - - RICKI ASKEW - DEBORAH HARRELL - KAY HATTAWAY Advisor - - Program Chairman - - - -ANN BRIM Parliamentarian - - - - - -- JOE DURHAM Reporter ------ - -DEBORAH HARRELL Chaplain -------- ---- D AWN BARRY - - ' MRS. MORRIS GOFF The purposes of the FBLA are to develop business lea- dership, strengthen confidence in their work, create interest, encourage improvement, develop character, participate in cooperative effort, encourage thrift, encourage improvement in scholarship, and improve and establish standards for en- trance into office and store occupations. T chefs of Ameri Future ea Vx .D M I Glenda Askew Ann Brim June Blackstock Sandy Chandler Debre Daniel Dorothy Deal Joe Durham Mary Durham Deborah Faircloth Ann Fouche Deborah Harrell Members Laurene Harrell Kay Hattaway Barry Irwin Donna Jones Janet I ones Kathie Kenney Pam lee Ronnie bee Mona Lewis Tommy McKinney Sue Jones Melody Martin Edward Massey Tom Massey Jean Oliver Bonnie Sapp Debra Spier Laura Spurlock Debby Tedder Bonnie Ward Steve Wiley Donna Wills Gfficcrs ' President ---- ----- D ONNA WILLS Reporter ----- - - BARRY IRWIN Vice President - - - - - LAURENE HARRELL Parliamentarian - - - - JOE DURHAM Secretary ---- - - DEBBY TEDDER Program Chairman - - - - DONNA JONES Treasurer - - - - - - HJNNIE SAPP Chaplain ------ - - EDWARD MASSEY Advisor - MRS. CHARLES LEE Mrs. Lee advises Donna and Debby on the next meeting of the FTA. The FTA is an organization which stresses the requirements of being a good teacher: physical vitality, mental vigor, moral discrimination, wholesome person- ality, helpfulness, knowledge, and leader- ship. Throughout the year, each member of the FTA has been willing to help the teachers of Terrell Academy in many ways. We hope these students will con- tinue with this enthusiasm as they finish their education. 7 Literary Events 1 i ,P A S E , j ti Q51 ' li, 4.51 H .15 NEGATIVE: Ann Brim Ken Kirby x9 f mlb! ONE-ACT PLAY CAST 113 Debby Tedder, David Irwin, June Blackstock, Stan West, Ken Kirby, Henry Martin. DEBATE TEAM ADVISOR: Mrs. Laura West IN f AFFIRMATIVE: Ioe Durham Steve Wiley we ,Z,, D. Tiz V H I- Q- .... .. ,,.,- , +P t asm ,, X - A ---- A , 1-mf 1 . Iii' fff'Z55Z?f':9l w5i1f , rrr M , i L 4. gi .25 M. i v KEN KIRBY Recipient of Best Actor Award in Region. Id M KATHY GILL ' STEVE WILEY - Girls' DCC1-31T1aii0U Boys' Declamation, lst place Region GARY COOPER - SUE JONES - Essay, 3rd place Region Essay, 3rd place Region w 4' I .1 IRENE LEVERETTE - CHRIS DICKEY - Typing, 2nd place Region Typing, 2nd place Region 119 e .....,..1.-an Music: MONA LEWIS - JOE DURHAM - Girls' Solo Boys' Solo -...gs Y 4th place Region PATTI DUCK Accompanist for all music events f7 111 Q-U' 655' GIRLS' TRIO - Bonnie Ward, Mary Durham, Mitze Lewis 3rd place Region Joe Durham 4th place Region QUARTET - Tommy McKinney, Tim Goodin, Lex Bowen Alternates DEBATE ALTERNATES: Affirmative - Donna Wills, Kathy ONE ACT PLAY ALTERNATES AND CREW: Ann Gill, Tommy Stanbury, Negative - Debbie Tedder, Brim, Mona Lewis, Bobby Walters, Ann Fouche, Becky West, David Irwin. Becky West, Emory Boone, Brenda Cay, Tommy McKinney, Tommy Rountree. , . f "A'fT x fe' -I E -Xa - -1 C 1 Q 1 f .L V V W f f-'N,.. ' . ,.Q,. . I q I ,I l l r' DECLAMATION ALTERNATES: Boys' - Tommy Stanbury, Girls' - Becky West. TYPING ALTERNATES: Donna Jones. Boys' MUSIC ALTERNATES: Trio - Ann Brim, Melody Martin, June Blackstock, Quartet - Henry Martin. l Q Billy Carswell, Girls' - ESSAY ALTERNATESg Girls' - Dianne Bacon. 121 Twirp Day and Class Day ,71 J -H' X 1 s --fe Mr. Owen is presented with a wig. Kay Hattaway twitls a baton. sC6ach Beaggl receives a chjckenr J ' f' I my fi pf, fft il. s lfx ,t j Jean Oliver IC8dS C1355 Will- Joe, Ieanvand Patti roll eggs. Patti Duck reads class prophecy. 9 w.,x,f,p ,geese 2- Q-,V 22,33 l ,. fl, , ' "--Q--- -L -N, , K 'E ETL 55 'gl ,tw s yys Honors Day if? Mrs. West presents perfect attendance certificate Mrs. Lindler presents perfect attendance certifi- to Donna Wi11s. cate to Gary Cooper. Coach Beard presents Becky West with Mr. Golden presents science awards to Micheal Hancock, Bob Social Studies award for highest average in Gordon, and Russ Cowart. class - 99. Mrs. Brim presents yearbook awards to Mona Lewis, Ann Mrs. Brim presents paper staff awards to Kay Fouche, Kay Hattaway, Debra Schrarn, Ann Brim, Bonnie Hattaway, Patti Duck, Dawn Barry, and Ann Sapp, Beth Golden, Dawn Barry, and Tommy McKinney. Brim. 123 Academic Awards Mr, Mitchell awards mgdalg to outstanding Mr. Mitchell awards World History Medals to outstanding Civics students. Students- Micheal Hancock and Coach Daniels honors Ricky George Hall receives a Becky West receives awards Sue Jones receive Johnson and Joyce Elders for medal for his outstanding for highest grades in Alge- i American History outstanding work in Algebra. work in math. bra - 100, and Science - 97. awards from Mr. Justice. A s .' -, x ea " 5 - -W X G -e J A rssl, i Becky and Denise Dunaway and Ellen Powell Mrs. Rogers honors outstanding language students with medals. receive honors from Coach Beard for a perfect record in P, E, 124 Sports Awards - Q4 1 John Bowen presents gift to Cleve McRee, who was Wayne Kirk with trophy which will be engraved each unable to Complete geaggn, year with names of outstanding Christian athletes. Donna Steadham and Missy Ingram tied for the girl mi Jim Hilton receives the award as the boy athlete. athlete . Wayne Kirk, Coach Beard, Mr. Owen, and Coach Daniel shown with winners. 125 5 nf. W A ... Y . -2 r ,, ,df 4,-"' , -ws.-r H 1 e S. ,f'r 1. Ii fv-ff! Qxtp O J 7 1 Danna Wills and Mary Alice Robert Hamlin is awarded achieve- Jean Oliver receives award as Kennedy receives award as co- ment medal as President of Student editor of the School Paper. editors of the yearbook. C0l1T1Ci1. Ann Brim is presented awards for Joe Durham is presented awards Ann Brim names Mrs. Laure west Debate, One-Act Play Crew, Alt. ' for Boys' Solo, Boys' Quartet, "Star Teacher, " as the teacher who in Girls' Trio. Mrs. Lindler Debate, and as President of Senior COI1Iributed most to her scholastic presents Ann the "-Star Student" Class. achievement. Award . ,Q ' me 1 E rf 325 7 ff...' gg 3, Q' Qi Y -2 is x 5 S' gr 1 . -,i' Those students who have maintained a 90 average throughout high school are shown here: FIRST ROW: Linda Mackey, Lisa Hamby, Tammy Laing, Sharon Deadwyler, Billy Timmermen. SECOND ROW: Becky West, Tony McPherson, Kathy Gill. NOT SHOWN: Michael Hancock. Those seniors who have maintained a 90 average through- out high school are shown here with Mrs. Lindler: Donna Steadham, Laurene Harrell, Rebecca Dillard, Kathy Chambless. '27 Graduation , , ' . . W ,-V: .", I in K 5+ -1. I W ,, f N.., 5 , as F ,2Q' ,. . , 1,1 ay Graduates PRELUDE ---- - -Mr. Ralph McGill PROCESSIONAL - - ------ Senior Class INVOCATION - - - Rev. J. Clifton Brooks Pastor, Graves Charge WELCOME - - ------ Joe Durham Senior Class President HYMN - "He Leadeth Me" - - - ----- - Audience INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER - - - - Mr. W. T. Owen Headmaster ADDRESS ----------- - Dr. Tommy Lawhome RECOGNITION OF HONORS - - - - ---- Mr. W. T. Owen PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS - - ------ Mr. M. E. Williams, Sr. Vice-President, Board of Trustees ALMA-MATER - - - - - ------------- Audience BENEDICTION- - - - Rev. George Deadwyler Pastor, Baptist Church RECESSIONAL - - ------------------------- Senior Class fAudience will please be seatedj USHERS FROM HI-Y AND TRI-HI-Y Brenda Gay, Beverly Ferguson, Carol Rainey, Laura Spurlock John Bowen, bex Bowen, Gary Carlson, Bob Kirby 128 -l Ami' Waiting- Taking Academy Oath. Rev- Clifwn BTOORS gives ' Mr. Tommy Lawhome gives ad- Mr. William T. Owens recognized mvocation. dress. those with honors. Donna Steadham receives recognition as With diploma in hand - a new beginning. valedictorian . 129 ANDREWS, HOWARD WARREN ASKEW, GLENDA IRENE - Tri-Hi- Y 1,2,3,45 FTA 25 Library Club 35 Yearbook Staff 3,4 Bus. Mgr.: FHA l,2,35 Senior Superlative. BARRY, PATTI DAWN - Class V. Pres. 1,25 Class Treas. 45 Sweet- heart Court 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 FBLA 4 Chaplain5 Honor Club 45 Library Club 4 Rep. 5 Letter Club 1,2,45 Yearbook Staff 4 Club-Ed5 FHA 1,25 Paper Staff2 Rep. , 4 Bus. Mgr.5 Spanish Club 2 V. Pres.5 Cheerleader 15 Basketball 2,45 Sweetheart of Hi-Y. BLACKSTOCK, JUNE ELIZABETH- Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 FBLA 45 FTA 35 One Act Play 45 Trio Alt. 4. BRIM, JERRY WAYNE - FBLA 45 Football 15 Baseball 15 Track 2,3. BRIM, PATRICIA ANN - Tri-Hi- Y l,2,3 V. Pres. , 4 Pres. , Youth Assembly 3,4, Sen. Messgr. 4, Civic Youth Day 45 FBLA 4 Pro. Chrm.5 FTA 45 Library Club 3,45 Spanish Club 35 Yearbook Staff 3 Jr. Class Ed. , Class Ed. 45 FHA 1, 2 Parl. , 3 Treas. . 3 State Degree5 Paper Staff 3 Rep. , 4 Spotlight Ed.5 Student Council 45 One Act Play Alt. 3, Stage Mgr. 45 Declamation 3,4th Dist.5 Debate 4, 3rd Dist.5 Trio Alt. 3,45 B at PW Youth leadership Conf. 35 Senior Super- 1ative5 Good Citizen5 Star Student. CHAMBLESS, BENJAMIN LEE - Hi-Y 45 Letter Club 2,3,45 Band 1,2,35 Football 2,3. CHAMBLESS, KATHY LYNN - Honor Club 45 FHA 1,25 Beta Club 3. COOPER, WAYNE GAY - Essay 4. DEAL, DOROTHY JANE - Tri-Hi- Y l,2,3,45 FBLA 2,3,45 FTA 45 FHA 1. DICKEY, CHRISTOPHER EDWARD - Tylpingz4, 2nd Dist. , 4th State. D LA D, REBECCA INEZ - Tri- Hi-Y 3,45 Honor Club 4 Sec.5 FHA l,2,3: Beta Club 3. DUCK, PATTE ANN - Class Off. 4 Sec.5 Tri-Hi-Y 1.2.3 Sec. , 4 Historian, Youth Assernb1y5 FTA 25 Librarly Club 1.3, Pres. 45 Yearboo Staff Jr. Bus. Mgr. 35 FHA l,2,3 Chrrn. of ProJ.5 Paper Staff Feature Ed. 45 Piano Acc. 2,3,45 Senior Superlative. DURHAM. JOSEPH HZYOR - Class Off. Pres. 3, Pres. 451-ll-Y l,2,3, 45 FBLA 1,2,45 FTA 1,2,3,45 I.et- ter Club 2,3,45 Student Council 1,2, V. Pres. 3,45 Debate 4, 3rd Dist.5 Quartet l,2,3,45 Football 1,2,35 Basketball 15 Golf 1.2.3, 45 Senior Superlative. FLEMING, MARCIA ANNE - Tri- 1-ri-Y 1,2,3,45 Library Club Sec. 3,45 FHA l,2,3. FLEMING, MARK WILLIAM - Hi-Y 4. FOUCHE, ELIZABETH ANN - 'Tri- H1'Y 1.2,3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Library Senior Directory Club 45 Paper Staff 4 Rep. 5 FHA 1,2 Historian, 3 Jr. Chapter 85 State Degree5 One Act Play Stage Crew. GAY, BARBARA LYNN - Class Off. 1 Pres.5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Library Club 45 Paper Staff 45 Student Council 15 Sweetheart Court. GOLDEN, ELIZABETH AMANDA - Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Library Club 45 Yearbook Staff 3, Fav. Ed. , 4 Bus. Mgr.5 FHA l,2,3. HAMLIN, ROBERT WALTER - Letter Club 2,3,45 Student Council 1,2, 3,4 Pres.5 Baseball 2,3,45 Senior Superlative. HARRELL, DEBORAH CHERYL - Tri- Hi-Y 45 FBLA 3,45 FTA 45 Library Club 3,45 FHA 1,2.35 Basketball 2. HARRELL, LAURENE - Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 FTA 2,3 Rep. , 4 V. Pres.5 Honor Club 45 FHA l,2,3 State Deg. Beta Club 3. HATTAWAY, SAMMIE KATHERINE - Class Off. 2 Sec. , 4 V. Pres.5 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,4 V. Pres., Civic Youth Day, Youth Assembly5 FBLA 4 Treas.5 FTA 3,45 Library Club 45 Yearbook Staff 3 Assn. Club Ed. , 4 Club Ed.5 FHA l,2,3 Chrm. 8a Sec.5 Band 1,25 Majorette 1,25 Papler Staff 2 Bus. Mgr. , 3 Spot- lig t Ed. , 4 Club Ed. 5 One Act Play 35 Senior Superlative5 Sweet- heart Court. HILTON, JAMES TRACY - Letter Club 2,35 FFA 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Good Citizen. HINSON, GAIL ELLEN - Tri-Hi- Y 1,2,35 FTA 45 Yearbook staff 4 Fav. Ed.5 FHA l,2,3. HOOKS, WINFRED LAFAYETTE - Hi-Y 1,25 FFA 1,25 Basketball 3. INGRAM, THELMA NADINE - Tri- Hi-Y 35 Letter Club 2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3 State Degree5 Basketball 1,2,3,4. IRWIN, BARRY GORDON - Hi-Y 1.3.4 2nd V. Pres.5 FBLA 45 FTA 2,3,4 Rep.5 Letter Club 35 1 85 4 Civic Youth Day5 Football Mg-E. 25 Track 1. JO NSON, SUSAN REBECCA - FHA 2,3. JONES, DONNA LEE - Tri-Hi-Y 45 FBLA 3,4 Pres.5 FTA 3,4 Proj. Chrm.5 Library Club 3,45 Student Council 45 Typing Alt. 4. JONES, JEFFREY RANDALL - FFA l,2,3 Chaplain. KENNEDY, MARY ALICE - Class Off. 1 Sec., 3 V. Pres.5 Tri-Hi- Y 2.3.4 Civic Youth Day5 Library Club 3,45 Letter Club 2,35 Yearbook- Staff 3 Jr. Sports Ed. , 4 Co. Ed.5 Student Council 45 FHA l,2,35 Cheerleader 2,35 Senior Superla- tive5 Sweetheart Court5 Miss Terrell Academy. LEE, SANDRA WILLENE - FBLA 3: FHA 35 Chorus 1. LEWIS, MONA CAREN - Tri-Hi- Y 1,2,3,4 Civic Youth Day5 FTA 2,45 Yearbook staff 3 Assn. Organ. Ed. , 4 Sports Ed.5 Spanish Club 35 Student Council 25 FHA 1.2.35 Paper Staff 2 Rep. , 4 Sports5 One Act Play Crew 35 Solo 45 Trio Alt. 35 Basketball 1,35 Class Off. 1 V. Pres. , 2 Pres. LOVETT, MICHAEL DELMA MCKINNEY, CHARLES THOMAS - Hi-Y 4 Civic Youth Day5 FBLA 4: FTA 45 Librar Club 4 Parl. 5 Year- book Staff 4 go. Class Ed.5 Band 1,2,35 One Act Play Alt. 45 Quar- tet 4. MARTIN, JAMES HENRY - Hi-Y + 1,2,3,4 Comm. Proj. Chrm., Civic Youth Day5 Letter Club 45 One Act Play 3,45 Quartet Alt. 45 Football l,2,3 Mgr. MASSEY, EDWARD LAFEYETTE - Hi-Y l,2,3 Youth Assembly Delegate, 4 lst V. Pres. .5 weet- heart5 FBLA 1,25 FTA 1,2,3,4 ' Gia 1ain5 FFA 15 Football 15 GolP1,2,3,4. A OLIVER, JEAN ANNE - Class Off. 1 3 Sec.5 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 FTA 5 45 Library Club 3,4 V. Pres.5 5 Paper Staff 2.3.4 Ed.5 FHA 1,2,35l Senior Superlative. I SAPP, BONNIE JEAN - Tri-Hi-Y 1 1,2,35 FTA 3,4 Treas.5 Libra? 5 Club 35 Yearbook Staff 3 Co. d. A of Favorites, 4 Class Ed.5 FHA 1,2, 3 Photographer. SCHRAMM, DEBORAH ELAINE - X Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Band 1,25 J Majorette 1,25 FHA l,2,3. 1 SCOTT, CHARLES EDWIN - Hi-Y J 45 Band 1,2,35 Mr. T.A.I. J SMITH, JOSEPH EDWARD - FFA l,2,3 Treas. N STEADHAM, DONNA LYNN - Tri-1-ri-Y 2,3,45 Honor Club 1 3,4 Pres.5 Library Club 45 Letter J Club 1,2,s sec.-Treas. 45 FHA l l,2,3 State De1gree5 Student Coun- cil 45 Basketba 1,2,3,4 Sweet- i heart5 Senior Superlative. 1 TEDDBR, DEBRA CRAIG - Tri- l Hi-Y l,2,3 School Proj. Chrm. , 4 Delegate Youth Assembly5 FBLA 35 FTA 2,3,4 Sec.5 Yearbook Staff 4 Class Ed.5 Spanish Club 35 FHA l,2,3 State Degree, Delegate to State 85 National HA Conven- tions5 me Act Play 45 Debate Alt. 4. WILLS, DONNA JOYCE - Tri-Hi- Y l,2,3 Comm. Proj. Chrm. , 4 Youth Assemb?'5 FTA 3,4 Pres.5 Yearbook Staf 4 Co. Ed.5 Spanish Club 35 Debate Club 45 FHA 1,2, 3 State Degree5 Debate Alt. 45 Senior Superlative. WISE, ALLETHEA ANN - Tri-l-Ii- Y 1,2,35 FHA l,2,3. 1 as BANK 0F TERRELL Congratulations to the First Graduating Class of Terrell Academy sn- ' . mr,- 6. .Q 1 ah-vu. s , 'jig d"x . n4 1? M' ' ' 2? r W" 4 vi X. ',!'v:0'!' I 1 'W- ,WW 1.414 vi, ,Q-, .,,,f if -s Q.: W RED STAR DRY CLEANERS 51-INKS Russell and R. W. Branch Dry Cleaning and 2 1 F 'WW R Shirt Laundry 2 A ,lx Wg, 995-4700 wamuu st. Dawson Why Not Have Your Kitchen Custom Built By WILLS CABINET SHCP Bronwood, Ga. 99542522 'm"?"'tq' - ., . 3.1 . -. .aff MALOOF'S Dawson's Largest and Finest Store 3 mm-JI .--.---1 an-W' . apa L I spae ., ost , up U ARNOLD CHEVROLET CO. Your Friendly Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dealer North Main Street Dawson, Georgia 995-Z156' STANDARD SALLIE'S OIL CO. MRS. WANDA M. SELLERS A. L. JOINER, Agent Ladies Specialty Shop 995-2933 Dawson, Georgia Compliments Congratulations ZEKE'S SHERIFPS ANTIQUES OFFICE RADIO TELEVISION CENTER Zenith Maytag Hotpoint Kitchen Aids 995-2501 Good Luck From MASON'S JEWELERS Main Street Midtown Mall Dawson Alban "Southwest Georgia's Finest Jewelry Store" Y Complirnents to the Class of 1971 D. E. SHORT Sasser, Georgia if Q5 ..-in Compliments of PEARCE Compliments of SCHRAMM'S R FURNITURE, INC. G OCERY MARKET Dawson, Georgia Dawson Free Delivery Georgia I35 STEVEN'S INDUSTRIES, INC. I I l STEVENS INDIUISTRIES4 I' , ,. my., A H Master Brand Seed Peanuts "That Good Fertilizer" Master Spray Master Brand Cotton Dust Master Brand Fertilizer Master Brand Peanut Dust Dawson Cotton Oil Company Cinderella Foods S and W Company Terrell County Bonded Warehouse Dawson Georgia 136 ,Best Wishes to a Great School! ! WDWD AM 8. FM WLZTID l's1 990 Kos 921 MHZ 1000 Watts 3000 Watts Compliments of Compliments MASSEY SHOE ' - WOODMAN'S REPAIR SERVICE Main Dawson Street Georgia EARLE PACE BILL WEST BOWEN FURNITURE STORE E. J. PACE INS. AGENCY 146 S. Main St. 995-2016 J. R. BOWEN, Proprietor "We Insure Everything Complete Home Furnishers But Tomorrow Dawson, Georgia 107 Lee Street 995-5363 Dawson, Georgia I37 Compliments of SASSER SEED SHELLERS 5 Sasser, vdf 1" 1 Eff'- Compliments of DAWSON CCMPRESS AND STCRAGE Phone 995-2527 N. Main St. Foucl-us sonv sHoP JY JULIAN FOUCHE, Owner Body Repairs and Painting - Glass Installation --at lugs ' MNH Congratulations to the First Graduating Class of Terrell Academy Compliments oi MR. J. R. JR: Pine Grove Farm Congratulations to the Class of 1971 DAWSON CONCRETE AND SUPPLY llth Avenue Phone 995-5821 or 995-5822 Dawson Georgia 139 LEE'S FARM SERVICE AND SUPPLY Insecticides Feed Fertilizer Grinding X Feed and Mixing f f Seed on Your Farm rf .3 I Best Wishes TRI-COUNTY ANTHQNY READY MIX CONCRETE Properly Balanced fOr Every Need Sasser, Georgia S. Main Dawson, Ga. 995-2364 Congratulations to the Senior Clas s of .71 l.ARK'S "The Store Dependable" STORE 107 North Main Street Dawson, Ga. 40 H. H. REID General Paint Contractor Sheet Rock Finishing - Spray Painting Telephone 995-2468 ff Compliments of N xp ' ' ' ' f! Zlif' " V . king. -4 ,. L Lrg 4 V: ,' W ,,,, an - fl ' ,-- '-Q1 ..o ' ,-:.-- Y Q,-5:'.1't7 ' ' LiE""5 i 'vm ' .Q-f"' STEPHEN'S RCA ii'-JK? MIL IH 4 Nix 54 Main Street Dawson, Ga- WALDEN AND KIRKLAND, INC. Realtors , Insurors Residential, Farms, Farm Management Commercial Properties, Appraisals, Mortgages Main Street Dawson, Georgia 99 5-5814 MURRAY EQUIPMENT C0. "Your Ford Tractor Dealer" Bronwood Road Dawson GSOrgia BANK OF DAWSCN "Home Owned and Home Managed Since 1911" Time and Temperature Z4 Hours a Day - Dial 995-4422 A Full Service Bank Member Of FDIC 5 M. -:hai In 42 C mpliments of FLANDER'S AND MlM'S GROCERY AND MARKET, INC C gthet Slerigrs t Compliments of From DAWSON coLoNlAL SERVICE nomsrs STATION Union on Products Dawson' Georg MIZE-PRITCHETT Jewelry d G'ft Sh p Gifts fo A11 O 3. C rnpliments of TAL HAMBY F B M in D wson 1 Ag t St t G g ee Compliments of MASSEY WHOLESALE CO. Exclusive Dealer for Wells Lamont Gloves Bronwood, Georgia Compliments of BETTY E. WISE Terrell County Ordinary MONARCH DRY CLEANERS North Main Street Phone 995-2447 for Pickup and Delivery T F .O I in-L Q LH..-ZS.:hr.:4.gA'x" gtg, - - ' M Compliments of DAWSON FURNITURE COMPANY "Let Us Furnish Your Home" Phone 995- 5691 Dawson, Georgia Best Wishes From LYNDA'S BEAUTY SHOP LINDA WILSON - GENEIVA WATSON Dawson, Georgia Compliments of THOMAS'S RADIATOR SHOP Phone 995- 5301 Dawson, Georgia 144 THE DAWSON NEWS BOYD MOTOR LINES INC. To the Students of Terrell Academy, CECIL BOYD, President We Extend Our Best Wishes to Academic Achievement. Phone 995-2311 Day or Night P.O. Box 295 Dawson Georgia Best Wishes From BROWNWOOD BARBER SHOP MRS. CHARLES COWART Men's and Boys' Hair Styling .-PIII 55 f I bu Compliments of Compliments of FOSTER'S RIO HART'S FLOWERS STORE Telephone 995-4565 Bronwood, Georgia AND NURSERY Pecan Dawson Street Georgia Congratulations to Class of '71 HOOK'S SERVICE STATION Dawson Georgia 145 THE FERGUSON 9 ,ar 'fu .f EYLQZS' E: .. S COMPANY I -mac! Anhydrous Ammonia For Better Crops Dawson, Georgia DAwsoN Auro SUPPLY Awsol Dial 995-Z 181 "Your NAPA Jobber Is a Good Man to Know" Parts for Cars - Trucks - Tractors A Compliments of C 8. R SERVICE STATION Bronwood, Georgia T46 CHERRY'S DRUGS 115 if QiQ , .1 OO e X Main Street Phone: 995-5855 Dawson, Georgia 147 Courtesy of TERRELL CLEANERS Stonewall at Church Street Dawson, Georgia BELK-HAGINS , A coMPANY H S ' A 5 'fads X, . - ,. "Home of Largest and Most . I3 ' Complete Department Store" N s p CQ, lzff Main Street r srl ' Dawson, Georgia ' 51,5--9 ' A A 11 ..-Jimi A f Congratulations to the A to D ll Dawson Main Street Georgia Compliments of SCOTT'S DAWSON PHARMACY Dawson Georgia Compliments of ALMARK MILLS INC. A Division of Dawson Industries, Inc. Compliments of SASSER SERVICE Compliments of STATION AND CAR 57 SENN'S Gas , on GROCERY General Repairs RANDOLPH THURMOND Dawson Georgia WALKER'S BARBER SHOP "Let us Top Your Mop" East Lee Street Dawson Best Wishes to the Class of 1971 INSTANT LOAN JIMMY SAPP - Manager Dawson l 1 49 Congratulations to the Class of '71 FOSTER TRUCK AND TRACTOR co Farmall Tractors McCulloch Chain Saws IH Farm Machines , Lilliston Combines International Tractors Rotary Cutters Rolling Cultivators Crawford 995-2146 Dawson Street Georgia .C n . .,.. . -if -' ,fa T 't" cr - . ., - - r 0 R. D. SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY R. D. SMITH - ALLEN ARNOLD Dawson, Georgia ' Call KEENAN'S First for Prompt, Courteous i' Service Lee Street Dawson 995-5851 B xx USE -,HUF ' EA TY f JH me 3514E55yid'bY L pt 'ANNE Rooxs Id 6 ' 995-5414 FREEMAN'S FOOD SHOP "Open 7 Days A Week" Phone 995-5859 South Main Street Dawson, Ge01'gia wqfzvhfxw Best Wishes From 4M WOOLFE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Dawson Georgia Compliments of DaWSOI1 Main Street Ge g Compliments of Congratulations From EASY PAY TIRE STORE DAWSON PHILLIPS 66 SERVICE 9954167 Dawson Ge Compliments of LOCKE'S LADIES AND MEN'S WEARING APPAREL Main Street Dawson, Georgia DAWSON MOTOR COMPANY Sales - Service RESTAURANT North Main Street Dawson TOWN AND TOURIST "Home Style Cooking" Georgia Daws on Compliments of PRINTING sax GULF CO' s1AnoN Commercial Printing Georgia , Dawson if?- Georgia L HIGHBAUGH HARDWARE co Phone 995-2.533 I Dawson Your RCA Victor Dealer Georgia Z1 PERRY FEED AND SEED AND DAWSON LIVESTOCK Dawsgn Georgia 11m CHURCHWELUS .1i,:,, ,I , DEPARTMENT STORE LONG'S SERVICE Compliments of STATION WEBB'S INSURANCE Congratulations to th S Cl 995-2243 JERNIGAN'S FABRICS "Home of Quality Fabrics" 698-2815 Sas Georgi Compliments of D XXKIRBY-HEIFNER co. wb Q I C N . Food Brokers Office 1200 Dawson Road Albany Georgia Con ratulations gm the GAS coMPANY, Class of '71 o ern ome iances DAwsoN DAWSON' M d H Appl MACHINE - LP Gas - The Modern Fuel P.O. Box 366 BEN BOLTEN - owner Phone: 995-2154 Dawson, Georgia TURNER'S STANDARD SERVICE 'We Take Better Care Of Your Car" North Main Street Phone: 995-5017 815515 N . DAWSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY B'M!wZMj. DPWQBJ fff K Best Wishes to the Class of '71 YALE RUBBER MFG. C0. Precision Rubber Engineer s 1" '.ry:4 Cui? Y 1 R C? We Thank Each of You for Your Cooperation and Support DONNA WILLS and MARY ALICE KENNEDY Yearbook Editors 58 NATHAN MCRGAN BALFOUR REPRESENTATIVE 7 Y , X QQ Sexy crwrai 7f ef! QESM, M JV' MMM aww Dim F33 wwf MW! Qwfaffff ,MM WM QW Sowgfx' Q 9 1 . Th' first graduating class of Terrell Acshny 5 M gym xn da Q' IDE bbw Taaaev. dw AMW, 399' ' W H gQfQf Wug15lff'fZW1 Figs? ,ygwMWfJffE-B -A CMM, fer 55,081 - bf fwibW5ZQMiff 'iffi iTfw2fTLfgZy,1mQ ,fp M31 WWW? Kdwvdlgggfhw -1 " 4 ' 113 W r -A4 I ,Q 2' 4,5 1 V7dv .fl4-,'v.,,!n'E!2 M '1 qv' ' . 1 ey L 'J 15 3 'ef f 4, f O I s 1 ov R L v I . I . R t . A ,V - . Q 1 .-b ' .P,4 , IH:- Th ".Q' f f Q ,A Z- if 5 E 5 5 Oi a GAL 'F Q-PU-9x u 90" I , M VVUL-B 0-QS-'WN AQ - ,AA , EQVQMDOQ fjJf'0i6 U GX glgplgwpc a?9A 6m QAJQMXZAWKAJ 259 an L 'JV 2 Jw ,AJ ,M . 3 ! 1 ' 'I "' w.a?ff1ff2Jii WZ-U ff Mi M M WWW fQfiH5W i Wy W P 5 x ,bgodgjllpjwy . ip,9 DY SA f1wg9f?,, vaigijilg TQ MQ 3 5114 ufdjw ml ' QNX Hfffgi Q Jimfiflf 255 ww M Gm ww Ni Q GQWQ QW W Ani III I F I-E! II: IIIIIITIIIT .II'I.IIE'I'I,g'5g:L': iq-IIE A. III , I . II I I I' If I I I ,Ir-N In ' , '1II'I.'5I...ff-.,,..5",j'.1f.ff.IL-."-.J'-'."53.E FII I-.Ii--Im'-II kj "rn TT if '- 'J .I .Li--lf? .4"I-.LI-U"5.-I.-"' L'f".I',f" I' ' "' ' I' ' ,IL " -I. I I, "IIIIII5'HI 7 5.31 I.II'.I.-II-,Ij'III'i'-5 '--'-I.1:II1,I U .I'.Ig+'.I.f- 15-Q I 4, -' ' I- U .. I . 1' . I H, I Wu- . .i9II-I.'+'- . :1s..:'--IIIgIfI3.1z1g'..' ' . . I ... 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Suggestions in the Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) collection:

Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 76

1971, pg 76

Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 102

1971, pg 102

Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 10

1971, pg 10

Terrell Academy - Aquila Yearbook (Dawson, GA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 122

1971, pg 122

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