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Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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- x ,J .v,. 4. wx.. ' w si QI f5:?Q:v"z,gs - ' ' 1 '-1f', wr , f , Y . mln. .Q.v':.e - L' ' an-mn L V - - " Q mm wwwwmmhngvld l fifillff :,?ris:fi5' V. . M-w-+f- - +int T ,li -. ff --. jig- Gig,-A THE STUDENTS OF 1' eq: f 'i-F1 e ' ..x5r.g,.,,.Ig4'gl 3? 'Q .5 ' ,ly sf M s yi., T E R R E B O N N E H I G H S C H 0 0 L 12, s. '., .eggs-.L HQ N . N . th sf ' 1 - -1 1 4 e S ,Yi l'g,,,.'j,'5gg-lg' A- gig. W H 0 U M A ., L 0 U I S I A N A .. P R E S E N T fi 53m .. ,A , 1: ,258 . ,TTT Q T T . T T I THE 1957 if V'xfil,'1'-2' f N l .gg 3,1 si Z g ,gg L I I ll rn' "ff - x ' , flint!! ' ' J". ' 1, .1 5 ,',", 'e "r 1-2 . S, 3 33fQ'f, , , ' 2 y of J", ' - , 5 S J -if5'a' ' 209. ' ' ' . . . . . Q . f:QQ,z55 1' lx X - p It IS wrltten ln anclent Greek hlsto that I . sf v SWL 'I Q I. A ' I' - I' " IU' At' - I' if ' . Q gig' my - Olympla was the land of the gods. We, of the 1957 Y F" A- 'B .tfti ' "iff-I 2' 1 7 - 2 TRAWLER Staff, feel that here at Terrebonne High 11- '1"' "f '+ -Vu' 5 , i,.1-fli . 'I School can be found a modem Olympla where " ' ' .vii li " . ' '4'B,'l1-'37 . . ,:. A , 'l'ZffUT1. ' ' 'i-,"l-,sf oun men and women learn to reach lmmortal hex ts : fel -in . rw--he d V4 . 't'M,',-lif rl ' li'-f V' . 3:51515 ' j Q w ln the ways of mortal men. On the pages of our 3 f. --.-A ,f f TRAWLER we have sketched, m lcture and sto , A 'fffff ybzwf'-Aff . my L5 1 --v, , '-'Z:'.75- "yr N . . l 3- 1 ' Olympla and Terrebonne High. We hope that you r ' 2 '. x nv-"C V M i-Q, , ' 4.3 wlll enjoy these gllmpses of both worlds as you E 722713 Ji 'gif -. ' 1'- V . ' 321' gif I . .5 meet the anclent Greeks and the gods and goddesses V" W jiri . A 55329 . gr., ll 5321 P of each domam. T. J: . T ff Ii," - IN 'Lx L V A. ,ro ..-, 1 --fs "' 1 '-'-Qlgyf' . Hifi' 'ff' 2 is ,-'1--ff- V lf .4 l flaw " 1 -,Q l. 1 , ,, ..,l, -"?',2 j"f f1ff YQE3" fs. - ,- vw--4 , 'HL ' 'Fi -so ,.,, .W A y , yi lawm- l li:'All5,! Zgigd I ' .. ,5,...1LfIi5'lhf!uN'-?V'sH4f:b1r:-r--5.3,-2'-1 I " I - wiv ev' ' '-Ur" - t.'g'.if' .S-fn i 'X 'ffl 53? U lf-lf , -:gif .pkg 4, , jd I A :Y , 'N J H P .. , 'g Q 'N ' ' ' . I 1 . 8,,h..'-H: vc.. , .., -f f '- -X - A . 4 ' Efsivwigaf 1 .. :ff . " - ,, 1 - . I ' 'mv-fYM'4s"5T' 'f . -A, - . - . .. . .' . - . , . V N I . 4 .r l ?1? g . 4Qf :fv.U 1 N -. N , I .Q ,ig is I ' l ,V - i q- ' liiiiz ,or, I '1 T -g llqr 5,9555 ' S I 'l A ' .,,,..:a . 7 1. F-1'-.Like-1,g,:?'6 l 34h-I, 'B-hh-mrhiafql ,um Q . l ,L li L- TABLE OF CONTENTS I ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ATHLETICS MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES A DS ll- ., x l THE PARTHE ON iv '1 t .il V' "3 1 ft 1' 1. f M -. . , ,4.1fK,l lllllflily therv stands a lruilfling whivh equally rvpresvlits great wluvation and at-vomplislnnvnts. This huilfling. 'llerrvlwonnc' High School, also has in its halls Sturlents who show grvat promise- of living intellectual leaflers. This inotlern building which stanfls in the heart of one of Louisianafs lastvst growing cities equals the ancient Parthenon as a syrnliol of ecluva- tion. I Y !Y H Q 8 , ,'1 34, 1 V I -'R "' K Qt 1' 4 " ., 15 ' 'tr 'S 5 Q 1 'ff A vi, 1 .Ria 4? sw w I 4'. " - x 2, .53 4' 'L 1 M ...N --1.0 . 1--.. .v- s .- -..,.-navunuwn.-. ,s......,.. . . , .-at ' t. 1. l v 1- 1 sr .rs0rv.c'm,wnwvw-'A-4.-mn' . sf' -' J' - ,Mm fppqpoyuiyvvvhsqlrs snr-aftgvugmvmgggggg xx -U':a+av4-I" mqaw0d'0M9tfl-flwvtriwduni-IGM! 1N"'4fl'qM4lq-nh 'Q vvf I fr! HU!! gf. " .. At Q Oh!-blisdliliii-P11315 'fl w V 5 gi 6 E Q s t sig- .H DEDICAT I0 f , ' x v , ' '- ', -Z 45,-as, r '. I 'Y 1 t ' Z P . t K. : 4-..-tt..,.f..,,,M,,mM,u1 , . 2 1 . 1 6 I' 'i Sli ' gs"-U - 1' 1 f-' 1.111 tw 'A Lf u s 4. A, K 'fW4ft'vYwMvvow --ff X. .f fy' t fi f is s . I g Z 4 , Eff- gh tg T 2 ,if 1 Qg, A ff 3 A .' y -f f, 5, 1 ' ' f s . . Q -5 .4 A ra 2 4 ,4 . '. 5' 'L Q, 5 'S U52 2' X lt ff 5 Y if 'fi Q-it twig?--r Ki i kk I 3 "Q g'li , ' m " L t- gi . An 1 1 1 te 5 t tr -1 rf ' ' 2 Si 2' Q' if f, 'X t'-15 4 ' I' i, . I' ix f "1 T ' 71 5 3. gd? iv. 4, f L' ,. gl, 2- 3 ,L ? ,T V- if .1 im X V V, A ', 1 is t '. if 2 7 lg A 1' -,:' X 's t, Ig 5. 9 st - , f . I O 4 ,Wt g V ,V 15 ,. f ', 5. 4 1' ' ' ', v fl 3 e .I r fu Q 'Q .T Q ti Q' 5 K -' f 5 . -4 ,K lt. n H f., , .13 4 it 1 5 1 t i ,, t j, -nfl, 4 ' - ' ,4 i f ut 5 'F 1.81, sz fi' Q- th f eh t' g 5. f Af, I tr? Q if fi N. Q xt .U L V Wt, ri 3 IN: . . ., 1 it P, Ct Q .H "ii di A "5 'I , , ,, 3 Q . . ' it f ' . . if - -at , 7.11.4 QQ I ,JE a V it , t . ,F F ,1 it 4 fi ,gif i , - ., , .I 1 'lg' 2' .A vb- W... 1 i no .- tus ,wr i .,' Ab Vi 4 - -' ' . .gi 'TV t, ...vu ,J 2. AL' -- w -aff Vi fiff- I ' ti 1 ix. . aff . ti Vi 1 2,2 'Q J fl Q ', . If 1. W.. M, .Ht ,A :- It is with pride that the staff of the l957 TR-KWI.I-Ili dedicates this yearbook to Mr. Harold Copes, instructor in the field of science. athletic coach. and valued friend of all students at 'l'. H. S. Mr. Copes, instructor in chemistry and physics was not only an active leader in the science fair in which T. H. S. participated for the first time this year but also an inspiration to his students to be winners. For several years he has ably coached the boys' basketball teams and has won the admiration and respect of all those who have known his leadership. It is, however. in his willingness to suggest ideas. to plan. and to work with stir dents in extracurricular activities that he has become a valued friend to all students. Wltenever the gym had to be decorated for the Junior-Senior prom, the stage set for a special performance or an odd job done, Mr. Copes not only exercised his talent and ingenuity in our behalf but worked tirelessly with us to perfect seemingly impossible tasks. We are therefore, proud to dedicate our yearbook to an understanding teacher. a quiet but forceful personality. and a helpful friend. Mr. Harold Copes. El EIEJIEEIIE IEEIIEEIIEEIEIEIEIEIJEIEIEIEIEIIEIIEEIIEIIEIEIIEIEIEJEIEIEIEIEIE E El El El E El El EI El El E El El El El EI El El El El EI EI El El El El EI E1 El El EI El EJ EI El El El EI IE EI El El E! EI El El El 'E E E EI E E EI EI El IE Eli EI ElElmlalillillillillillillillilElmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmil ZEUS N4 0 I lil L Ulf' Tllli G IDS , . Y lmth IUY1'illlll fvzu' clul lvuw In-slow Un llllillxillgl nlnl'lzllsl11'l'v lwlnw. XX c' Hunk wv lmw il XN'lh1'I' QIIIHIP. llmpwl amd low do Iwrv ulrirlv. gElIEEIIElElIEllillElEIElEllElIEIElEllEElElEIIEl El El EI El El El El El El El EI El El El El EI El El El E1 El El El El El El El El El El El PRIN CIP A L MR. L. DALLAS ROGERS X ltili-I'RINtill'Xl. EJ El El El IE EI El EI El E1 El El El EI El El El El El El El El E MR. LAwm:N1:l-1 0. XVAGIII-ISPACK Et EIEIEIEJEIEIIEEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEJEIETEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIE To the Seniors . , . It will he your duty. in the near future. to assume all of the re- ponsilvilities of citizenship. lluties are the price we pay for our rights. Our forefathers who framed the constitution declared our "inalienable rights" lmut did not as forcefully declare our hinalienalmle duties." Success and happiness depend to a great extent upon keeping our rights and duties in balance. Uur forefathers would lie proud of us indeed. if they were alvle to see the progress made lmy their descendants. Although God has generously lmestowed us witlt an aliundance of natural resources, our strength as a nation has come and always must come. from the char- acter of the people who make up our nation. As you leave the campus, may you resolve to pay your delmt to your parents. your teachers, and the people who made possilile the educa- tion you have received. The lmest form of repayment is your ready assumption of the responsiluilities of citizenship in a democratic society. May you. lay your actions as well as words. assure that equal or greater opportunities will lie open to those who follow you. For you to assume your respons-ilmililies and attain happiness is our wliolehearted wish. EIIEIIEJEJIEIEIEIEJIEIEI EIEIIEEEIIEEIEIEIEI EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIIEEIEIEIEIIEIEIE A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Svulvd. lmfl to lliglil: lVlr. J. Holler! l.l'lililIN'. Mrs. E. l.. 'l'uIlmt. Mr. ,lolin J. Slliillltxll Mr. Clmrlcs BEll'l6'illlX, lVli's. S. Clark Collins, lVll'. Carol J. Bou- ilrouux, lVl1'. Felix Pellegrin. Mr. Sidney Bwalix. Slilllllillg, Left to Right: Mr. C. C. lVlille1'. Sllll6l'llllt'llllt'lll2 Dr. Burrv J. liar- rmlalv. lVl r. Russell C. Vigueriv. Vive l,l'6Si1lPllll Nl r. Stanlvy P.WaI1her, lVlr. Cliurlvs l,el4lz1m'. Assislani Superintemlenl: Mr. Ivy Fi. Vivv. lVlr. Henry 1'i0l'llSlly. Mr. ,lzuncs W. Lcdvl. Inset: l'rvsidvnl Cliurlcs C. Collins. gt .. THE SETT 5 'H T , , 5 5 Q 'gf FIT V 45 TY? X' T X in aw! 'M mf -J my vm IA wa. ,E K ' Quay? THERE ALBER 5332165 NO, THIS ISN'T A CONCESSION STAND! 3 A, -M ,NA uf! THE HARD-WORKQNG REGISTRARS. T EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE E E E E E El E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EH EI E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E El' E EI IE 'E E E E1 El EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GOIDIIICSS UI" WISDOM fLlNl1lPhN 'XIIIPIHI IW?-IHW1'4l IIPI' HI? l'pm1m1rl1'zuAl1f'l'fmlmIigllllmlrwuy. Uv. . llhlbf'Il4'l'WlMlUIlllIIllllIH'ytf'iI1'lI 'Xml wi lligll QIHZIIY fm' lls In re'm'l1. ll' you wish to parler or halnlar, the Foreign Lan- guage teachers, Misses Ma- rian Cooke, Una Parr, and Anna La-Compte, are the right ones to teach you to do so. it CULTY AT Terrehonne's English teachers, left to right, Miss Helen Smith., Miss Effie Breaux, Mrs. Jeanne Fahregas and Mrs, Danny Mar- tin, take time off from theme grading to pose for the eamera- man. These Language Arts teachers., Mr. Merlin Howze, Miss Dolores Creely.. Miss Ruth Connely and Miss Gertrude Bourgeois, cliseuss plays suitable for the high school stage. ?'!!f'.:'W1 TERREBON N N11llh1'llll'llil'S tc-avllvrs. Miss Elsiv llonvillain. Miss Rhea Sl. Marlin. Mrs. Floyd llourg.. and Mrs. Har- old llodin. glanvo through rur- re-nt :magazine-s Sl'ill'1'llilIgI for vxzunph-s ol' "math in in1hlstry" lo uso us glllillllllfl' lll1lll'l'i1Il. ws Lxwg 4 -. Ui Z 'I' lift' ll ff I .1 U. '4 ,LLL J s 2 Q 1 N K' 1 . ff ".Jx,.',' is i A xv! . , ,. I Y .. - S FFR Youth f:lH'l'l'llllll'lll llay is om- ol' lhv y1-ar's vvvnts which lhv sovizll sc-ivlwe' lvuvln-rs. Miss NI1ll'lL'Illt'I'ill' Watkins. Mrs, Mac- Math:-rm-. Mrs. Nlurllm Wlalhvs. Mrs. Roln-rl Dupont and Mrs. WI. A. Cllllllvly- hvlpml voorllinalv. S1'i4-lwv lvavlle-rs. Hr. Mo- h-no Blau-kwa-ll. Mr. Alu-I lA'lgl1lIll'. Mr. Hzlrohl l:0lN'H-. Mrs. R. E. Barrilh-aux. and Mr, Clovis Porlivr. pul classroom dulivs asilh- lo work oul plans for 'l'vrrv- honm-'s hrs! S4'i1'll1'l' Fair. X , G Q x H N flliss ,Iill'lllll'lllll' lfovlu-. Cho- ral music tvavlwr, and Mr. ,lohn Slvwarl.. llancl llirvr- lor. malu- linal plans for tho lllllfill' 1l0ll8l'llll0Ill to al- Ivml thi- slalv fn-slivul lu-Isl Illis yi-ar in llzunmoml. ACULTY AT ll0lllllll'l'l'I' lvzwlivrs. Mr. llonalcl C4-nav. Miss Ellglvlli' Rirluuul. Mrs. John Vl'ilkinson. Miss Nc-ll Ray. and Mrs, Angc-linv Taylor rvzulily pc-rlorm the- skills which lhvy It-avll to 'l'vrrvlvonm"s ln- turc- lxusinz-ss le-zulvrs. llonu- livonomivs lvavlwrs. Mrs. Shirley Illulvh.. Mrs. W. G. L4-avll and Miss Eleanor Clmnvnl. pose for our vama-raman in the Home Ev. living room while- slisvussing plans for home visits. TERREBON N Mrs. Betty Porte-r ancl Mrs, Allnn llivhartl urv rt-sponsihlv for tvavhing Physical Education to 'I'vrrvIronn4- Higlfs entire- fa-lnalv population. SlN'l'l3l 1-cluc-ation instructors compare notes ahout stuclc-nt lN'l'l-0l'llliilll'P in the courses which the-y sup:-rvisv. Mr. Gerard Starr. left., is head ol' tha- Depart- lllvlll ol' llistrihutive Educ-ation and Mr. Norman Marmillion, right. is the Driver Esluration instructor. Uno glanvv at thvir sllirts will tt-ll you that this trio of lllSll'lll'l0l'S., Mr. Jos:-ph johnson.. Mr. Kvnnvth Wal- lwr, and Mr. Whlslvy Martin are lllPllllN'l'H of the Physi- cal lielnvation llvpartmc-nt. I Mrs. llurll Crochet and Mrs, Wlilalrcxl Wllite plan menus. supervise work, anal check thc finances of Terrebonne High School"s cafeteria. ACULTY Mrs. Betty Legenllrc, Secretary to the Principal., helps keep things running smoothly in thc office with hcl' chccrful smile-. Mrs. Suilie Johnson, Librarian, aml Mrs, Claire Mehalik, Assist- tant Librarian, do a hit of rou- tine work on the carcl catalogue. IEIFIEIEIIEIEEIIEEIIEEIIEIEIEIEIIEIEIIEEIIEIEIEIEIEIEIEEIEIEIEIEIEVEIEEIIE El Ei El El EI El El LEI El El E1 El E E El EI El lil El EJ El El El EI EI El El IE El El EI E EI El El El IE El EI IE EI El El El El lil E 9 IE El IQ l.!I lil III E :in E' E m w m Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmimmmmmm SUPREME l"lUURl'I UI" l,lf.fUiNlNU I IHIUI' ll 1l4'1'l! lvlllv frl'1'1'lilII Nlxy NtblllllXN4'I'1'l2IllQIIl lnl'1'u5o1lxxllN: IIIFIUIITKI :mal ullvl' lxIlUNl1'4IQLl' f1'2lI'll VU' Illilllll' Xrislnllvl l1'ilI'llillQl. J EIR R Y IKl'l'l'll l l'I SENIOR CLASS OFFICER NIT,-K HIRAFIC I'l'IT'I'IGREH' Nlllll E N' E1 SH EIT ul,lf:NnA Bl-Zlcfarzlcotw OFFICERS ,IHHHY Rl'l'4IHlE NMA Umfzri IlH'I"l'IlLRl'1Vi . GLENDA BI-znurinnx .. lffmmc WPIISIIEI1' .. . . .l'rf'.vi4l1'1n VIIIT'-l,l'f'Si4If'llf . . .St'1'fPIlll'-Y .. .Tl'PtISllff'l First Row: AURORA ANN ABADIE "You cannot shut the windows of the sky Through wlrich Aurora shows her brightening face." Basketball, 3, -1-9 Beauty Court Nominee, 3: Homecoming Com- mittee, 4, Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, 45 Pelican State Delegate, 3. MARY ANN ADAMS "Though she be but little. she is sweet." SYLVIA MARGARET ADAMS 1957 SE 10115 l-ll Club, I: l".'l'.A., 3, 'lg Mirror Representative, 2, 3, 41 'l'nAwl.t:n Staff, 4. JANET ALLR1-:D "Let me speak and I will be sulisfietI." l".'l'.A., President, 4: llnmermun Ollieer, 1: jr. Leaflership Delc- gal:-, 3: Nlusiv Department, 1, 2: Senior Debate Team, fl-. RoY PAUL ARCENEAUX "Ambition has no rest."' Pelican State Alternate, 3. Second Row: Third Row: CAnoL1'N MARY AUTHEMENT SARAH ANN AYCOCK "She'.v happy and fillezl with the joy of livin,2.', ,N U U i . I 'i I. ,I ,, llmnerumn Ulliver, 2, Mirror Staff, -'lg Music- llepartnwnt, -lg 'l'tuw- H 1 . ' 'He'l'P'ff' 'oo' 'wsf 'H mr 'Hmm' s nm" . . , .ass Ulliver, 1: Class Personality, 1, 2, 3, -I: l'l0m1't-unung lnturt, "E" SM, 4' 2- ll 1.-r..,moa'- 1 2 2 4- P-1'-A 5' 111 IW Q CAROLYN THERESA AUTHEMENT . , ut c 1 ner, , , . , , t nun late etgtlte, . . "For your lrimlnvss I owe you a good turn." ANGU5 JOHN BABIN IIELEN MARIE AUTHEMENT "nl xuflrlen thought strikes-Iel as swear an eternal frivn1lsltip," "fl good laugh is sunshine in a house." DEANNA MARIE BABIN NANCY ANN AUTHEMENT "IIe1men lent an angel's beauty to her face." "Love is the strange bezvilderrnenl lllllffll o1'er:a'.'es one person on account of another person." K WANDA MAE BABIN D H Drill Squad, 15 Freshman Court, 1: Hunwcutning Nmninev, 2: .Let "ll llmlgs be dom' d?fe"'l?' and H' order' . Homemom Omron 1, 3, 4' F.H.A., 2, Mustc Department, -lg Red Lross Representative, 1, 2. JANICE Rosa Avcocx DARLENE ANN BASCLE "What should one do hut he merry." 'KTherp is 11 fair behavior in Uwe," llnmeruom Ollieer, 1, Mirror Staff, 4, Music Department, 1, 2, 3, 4. F.H.A., 1, 2, 3, Clee Club, lg Intramural Sports, 3, Library, 1, 2. I7 ' First Row: GAII. AN N l!As4:I,I-: "Tim .vm-irlx uf ll'0lVll'Il ix ilu' flllllllillflllll nf gum! lllllll II rm." . , . l',Il,.-K.. Z. .L 1: l'.M.l .A.. 3. l: l10llll'I'lNllll 01111-I-r. 2: lIIII'IIIIIlIr:l1 Spnrlm .51 lNxVll.b.lI. 11, llANll0I.l'll RAPIIEAL BASELE "ll is ll l4lIl,Ull rmul llllll IVIIIIS In ilu' lzvigllls of Svvond R grmzln mx." Ill1I'illlllIl'1l1 Spnrls, l. 2. 3. -1. IIAIUILYN NEIIII BPIASIIEX' 1 guml lllillll yInx.w'xs0x ll fI'I'II,uJ4IIII." l"'1l 1' 1 1 111 Vlulu 1 0W2 CHARLES EIIWARII BEASLEY "lll'1lYX rvmlv In grew! V011 with ll .UIliIf',u lluIIIe'I'uIIIiIIg f:4llllIllllll'l', I1: lirvlzlry llI'pI'z-se'IIl:Ilivv. 1, ARNOLD JUS!-ZPH BELANGER Cxww--K funn! "11'flI' lI'lll'l'1'? Lifffx lou .Ilmrl," ry Run, 31 ll,l'1.l1.A., 1: I1-ll Club. 1. 2. Il, 1: llllfillllllfill lfmullmgnll. 2. 1: 1llll'illllllI'1ll Snfllmll, 3. 1 CLAIRE MARIE BERGERON "l"4IrIIl of life' llllll ull il llrrlllxf' . I 1 '. .1 .. . ' . f 3 Ulll1'I4llflIll 0111-vr. lg 1-lllZlul1.2 1 1111 l 2 1 ll lIIlI'IIIIII1I'zIl Yullvy llull. Il. Thirfl Row: EzEI.I. ANNE III-:RGERUN Wim rvnlrl Iinrl II Imllvl' frir'II11." l+'.ll,A.. 1. 2. 54. 1: l-ll llluln. 2. GLENIIA l.u4:II.I.E BERGERON I " flu' ,UFWIIVXI llIIppiII4'.v.v nf In lun uni! lu IIIIIII IS 1'.lI'xtI'rI1'r'." - - -b ' xIllSll l.l1IQwU1lIm'e'r. 3. 1. lluIIIIIunIII Ulllltf, l, 2. -1. 1. llmpul :III 1 2 5 1 P1111 III Sxm lhl g 3 - I ' III- "ll if q . . 1, 1, I '-'Z .QL ' 'l"il1l',: 'l'IIAvvI.EII. -1. IRIS MARIE BERGERON Illllill' l'1ll,lI'f Ilum quunlily llml lll1lHf'V.T.n Dlfl N 1' F11 N l 'l -1- l11lf'Il'Vf41llll 1 2' --.......-..fK,---- 'l'IIAvxI.I:II, l. Fourth Row: LARRY JOSEPH BERGERON "To p:e'nI'l'n1Is xnlzlx. :'I'1'rI' luxll' is rml1l1'," All Siam- lluml. 2. 11 All Slill4'1l!'t'1ll'N1l'Ll,1.3, 1: Bu l 2 1 1 lllllllll' lluml. I, 2. fl. 1: lluIIII-rumxl l'I'e-gill:-III. I. I.AwREN4:E BERIQERUN NSl.ll'll4'l' xpf-Illrx for fix:-lf." ll.l'..l..A.. 41. l.uRET1'A ANN BERGERON "III lu-r Itlllylll' ix Ilia' lllll' uf 1I'iIIIlIIvxx." I1-ll 2 '1 1' 1" ll 'N 2 'S' llrill Sqn-ul 2 'S 1 .'.. . 1..-.. Fifth Row: MARIAN MARIE ISERGERUN "To frnou' lwr is lu Inn' ,ll'l'.,, 'l'ImvII.I.II, -1. MARGARET LOUISE BERNARD "Il0I1r'sl vjlnrl l'e'4'I'iI'4's il.: fuxl re'I4'I1rrl." l-',ll.A.. 2: 'lwllNVl'l.liR, 1. A.I,I.Is0N JOSEPH BLANCHARD 1 quirt mind ix rivlwr flzun ll cruwnf' lJ.li.C.A. Club. f1g Funlbzlll, 2. ml. Ll41F'l': Oflivers, Miss l.llnIl's h0llll'l'01llll! Sarah Ayc-:wk l'rc-sill:-Ill: Aurnrn Abmliv, x'i1'f'-l,l'PNilI1-'YI1 Glenda lfk'l'g'0l'0lI, Novrvtaryz Nxuu-v .xllllll'llll'll' 'l'rI-unurer. First Row: J0IIN H0wARn BLANCHARD "l:'1'vry' num has his own style, like his own nose. llumeroom Olliver, 1. MANDY TIIERESA BLANCIIARD "Thr life given us is for use." lJ.lC.C.A. Club, 43 l".H.A., 1, 2, 33 Library Club, 2. RACHEL DEAN BLANCRARD "With the' sweet milk of hurnun lfindness l:less't." 1 9 5 7 S E I O R S F.ll.A. Club, l, 2, 31 F.M.l".A. Club, -1: llunu-runnr Olliver. 2, 3, -1. PAULINE GLADYS BLAND ".4 goml reputation is more' Ulllllllltlt' than money." l".ll.:l. Club, l. 2. 3: 4-H Club, 1, 2. 3: Cirlk Clmrus, 33 Libmry Club, I: Mix:-Il Clmrus, l. DANIEL ,I0sEPI-I BONVILLAIN Nlflwrr rhilalrvn slancl quiet, IIN'-Y lmiw- rlone some ill." I-ll Club, 3. 4: Hnrru-rnorrn Ullicer, I, 3: Intramural Buskctballl, 1. 2, Iutrumurul Footlmzill, l. 2, 3: Truck, 3, 4. iiiii Second Row: Third Row: ROBIN MARIE B0NvII.LAIN BOBBIE LYNNE BOUDREAUX "Carl regards pure hands." "Hath short and snwrfl some suy is lll'5l.., F.ll.A., 1, 3, 4. Basketball, I, 2. 3, -1: F.'l'.A., 3: RI-Il Crum lie-pre-se-Illulivz-. BARBARA TIIERESA BOQUIIT 1, 2. 3, 4. "The just shall shine Us stars." FAITH REBECCA BOUIIREAUX Basketball, 2, 3, 4. "Of spirit so still and quirflf' Lmm' THERESA BOQUET -1-H Club, 1. 2. :sr F.H.A. lllnh, 1. "Play not for gain. but span." JOYCE MARIE BOUDREAUX Basketball. l, 2, 3, 4. "For il is ll lIll'll'Tlll'f', 100. to l'!'lIlI'llIl.H'f.n LILLIE MAE RITA BOQUET Ib.E.t1.A. Club, 41 I-'.H.A.. 1. 2. 31 Library Club. 2. "Nut hy -wars but by rlisposition is wisdom rrcqitirvrlf' JULIAN DENNIS BOUDREAUX 1-ll Club, 4: l".M.P.A. Club, 4: Intramural Sports., 3, -1: Slvnog. "Nor for wit om' lonely me 14-ini,-Sl," ruplIer's Club, -1. l"mnlIzIll, 1: -1-ll Club. 1: Intramural Sports. 2,31 lrllltilfy Club. 2. KATHERINE AGNES BOUDOIN CAROLYN ANN BOURG "We are taken by nratnessf' "Thr Iwginnings uf llm greatest things llfl' of nt-vvssily small." lluIIwruuIII ullicm-r, l, 34 lntrunlurul Spurts, 3, -1. I-'.H.A. Club. I. 3, L I9 First Row: OTIS JOHN BOURG "Tl1rr'P-fifllrs of him H1'lllll.S' rmrl turo-fifths shvvr wit." Class pt-rsonality, 2, fl, -iz Homvroom President, 2, 3, fl: l,Q'llf'ZlIl Stan- llvlt-gate, 3, Ring Committee Chairman, 31 Stutlcnt Council, 3, 4. RONALn JOSEPH BOURI: "l ask to lrnow.', Music Department, 2. CHARLES JOHN BOURGEOIS "fl quivl life l um living." llomvroom Ollii-I-r, 2, Library Club, 1, intramural Soft- ball, 3. Second Row: BUDDIE LEE BRADY "l coulfl tulk like lhat forffverf' Frm-sltmun Court, 1: llomevoming Committf-0, 4, Mirror Rs-prcscntutivz-, I, 2, 31 Stutlvnt Council Alternate, 4-3 'I'RAwI.I-1R, 4. ALLEN JOHN BREAUX "Muu's nuturv is gre:-fly for nourltyf, liaskfrtlmll, 23 -l-H Cluli, 2, 3, 43 intramural Sports, 2, 3: lllirror Representative, 4. DORTIIA DEE MARY BREAUX n!V0lll1.ll,U ix so popular as lririrlnessf' l".ll.A.. 2. 3: Musit- lit-partnu-nt, 3, 'l'RAwLx-zu, 1. Third Row: VIRGINIA DEETTE BRITT "Thu u'urlr prulscs Ihr artistf' llonu-room Oliirvr, -1-1 Mirror Stall, 4, Music Depart- ment, 21 Ring Committee, 3, TRAWLILR, 4. SIMON PATRICK BROUSSARIJ, JR. "Mind thu! would lm happy must lie great." llomocoming Committee, Ai, llomvroom Ofliver, 3. EARL PAUL BRUNET "lt ruullvrs not how lung you lirv, hu! how wPll." liaski-tlmall, 2, 31 Football, 1: 4-ll Cluli, lg Softball, 1. Fourth Row: GERALD JOSEPH BUQUET ".4 Frvnrlzruun ulwuys lallfsf' Il-ll Cluli, 2, 3. -tg Honu-room Oliit-vr, lg Music Dvpart- nu-nt, l. 2: Intrnmurail Suftliall, 3. GOIIFREY JOSEPH BUQUET "l foul so young." lloys' Clirous, 3: Honu-room Oliicfr, 1. STELLA MAE BUQUET "Ji litllc swevlrmgs rlnlh hill much bitternessf, Ai-ll Club, 1, F. H. A., 1, 2, 3, Refi Cross Representative, 1. Fifth Row: DARRYL DEAN BURKE "A mun of all hours." All Stull- fll'l'lll'SiI'ii, 'l-g Base-lizlll, 3, 4: Convert Band, I, 2, 3, ig State Honor Banrl, 3, Tiger Band, l, 2, 3, 4. LAwRENcE MILTON CANCIENNE "A fuulllvss lzorly uutl a blameless mind." Class pvrsonulity, 3, 41 Footlmall, 2, 3, 4, Pelican State llc-I1-gut:-, li, Prom Committee, 3, Student Council Pri-sialent, 4. BORBIE TULETTE CARRIER "Nat much llllhfil ,Lfl'l'1ll swvrl silenr'z'.,' lluslwtluull, 1, 2, 3, Al: F.ll.A., 2, 3, Homecoming Court Nominvz-, 2, 3, Prom Committee-, 3, Pvlican State Alter- nutc, 3. LE.F'l': Offirers, Miss I,t!l'l"5 homeroorn: Otis Bourg President: Milton Cansienne, Vive-l'resi1lrnt Ruclwl llllillK'lllll'1I, Secretary, D4-Etta Britt Treasurer. First Row: JOHN CLINTON CARROLL "Merit is worthier than fame." Football, 1: Intramural Sports, 2, 3. JAMES HARVEY CARRUTH "The world knows nothing of its greatest men. n Baskellmall, 3, 4, Cross Country Race Winner, 3, Track, 3, 4-g TRAWLER Staff, 4. NOLAN JOSEPH CENAI: "Manners make the manf' Intramural Sports, I, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS ALBERT CENAC "Man is a reasoning animal." 1957 SE IORS Homecoming Committee, 4, Homeroom Ofiirer, 2, Intramural Sports, I, 2, 3, 4. LUKE JOSEPH CHAIssON "He is a tower of fun." Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4. Second Row: Third Row: CAROL J EANE CHAMPAGNE ' PERCY PAUL CHAUVIN 'Win ounce of mirth. is worth ri pound of sorrow." Basketball I: l".T.A., 3, Intramural Vollvyball, 3, Red Cross "Carefree und happy, what more is necessary. Drill Squat Representative, 2, 3. MURPHY' JOHN CHAMPAGNE "lf I can't answer, lil! smile." Football, 2: Intramural Sports, 2, 3. DALE LAWRENCE CHARPENTIER Intramural Sports, 1, 3. STEPHEN CHARPENTIER "For they can conquer who think they can." LINDA JEAN CHAUvIN "How near to good is what is fair." rl. 25 F.I'I.A. Officer, 4: Homoroom Officer, Department, I. u "Kindness is wisdom." Intramural Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4. NELSON CARY CHERAMIE, JR. "All men of aclion are dreanlcrsf' Iloy's Chorus, 3, 4g Intramural Sports, 3, BILL LEON COILER "A little bit of fun is good for everyone." Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. CLEVELAND JOSEPH COLWART "What should a man do but be merry?" 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, 2, 3, CHARLENE MARION CORRIN "A sweet attractive kind of grace." 43 Music F.T.A., 3, 4: Home-room Oflicer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pelican Stale Alternate, 3, Prom Committee, 3, TRAWLER Staff, 4. 4. 4. 21 First Row: JUNIUS ADAMS CROCHET 'Y-1 llllffl-Y frzmw, Il lll'1ll'lil'f spirilf' iIIIr:IIIIIIraIl Suflhalll llllli Foutilzili. 3. EvEI.YN MARIE DAIGLE ".4llIlII'll0ll lius no risk." l".H..'K.. I. 2. 3: I,ilvrIIry Chili, 3: Music ilQ'llill'il1Il'lii. 1. 2, -3. LACY CLAY DARRY "Tim wlmrni mul pluvvfulnrnvs of liix lullff' Hiiska-Ilmli. 2. Ii. iz lluim-ruuiii Oiiivvr. Ri: Pt'iil'ilIl Siam- NHH1iI1l'r'. 3: Prwni COIlIlI1ilN'4', IE, Svconrl Row: LESTER FRANCIS DAVIS "Tlm.vv lun' him max! Irlm lflmu' lzim lu-xl." DOROTHY TIIERESA DEGRUISE "l'lII' ,urrlsx .vlnnps nor, .vliv trvmls on il xv li,':lIl." l".li.A.. l. 2, 3: Prom lfuiiiixiiltvv. 3: String Urclif-strzx, 1. JoYI:E MARY' DEROCI-IE "Kind lroralx glrulflvn nmny u Ilf'Ill'l, 1-ll llliiiv. I, 2. 3. -11 Illlfkllllllfili iiziwkvtilzill. 2: Mirror Hl'llI't'ht'lli1liiVl'. 2: Pruin llnliiiiiiltvv, 3. Third Row: MARX' JUNE DERIICI-IE -'Sllll'4'l't'1lIlll lrur' In ull lwr frivrirlxf' i".H,A,. lg l.ilIraIry Club. 3. PATRICIA ANN DESMARES nSllll'l'l'l' nnrl It'Uflllt'.,. ilvivillv. i3 ilI'1lIllllilI'S l.hIlv, -l: i'.ii.A.. i. 2.3.-1. ANNIE LAURA DISIIMAN "xi quivf tzmgmf slwws II Ivisv lu-ml. Musis' Dl'lYill'lI'll4'l1l. 1, 2. Fourth Row: MARIAN ANN DOMANGUE xv "Oli, lv rlrfxs ull rlfly and rlamvf ull ni,ulI1."' iiiiske-llmil hiill11lQ1t'I', 3. R11 ClII'1'I'lvu1iI'r, fl-: lininornmn llliivvr, l, 2. 3: l'I-livain Slam- Alle-rnailv, 3: Studrnt CIIIIIII-il. 4. WALTI-:R ,l0IIN DOMINGUE "l,ifv is rlvliglit: IHUIIY. :lull rum." liuIIII'I'uuIII iliiil't'l', 33 Musis- ill'llill'il1lt'Ill, 1: Ring Cmn- nlillvv, 3. DAVID CIIRIsTIAN DRYDEN nvlllllllllf is sn popular as lrir1flfIr.vx." illil'illlllll'1li Fu-Illmll. 'i: Ninsii- il4'Il1lI'Tl'Y'lt'lti. i 2 3' i,4'iil'illl Slam- Nuniim-n'. 3, Fifth Row: BETTY ANN DUET "ll"1' :Irv rlzr 'mml llli' IH'llllll'.Y.Y.n II i".'l'.A. Uiiiv:-I', -1: iilll'lN'l'0lIIIl UHiI-rr, l, 1: Prlisin Slim- Nimnim-I-, 141 Prom liiminiilii-I-. 3: 'i'IIIwI,I1Ii Stuff, 4. MoI.I.IE ANN DUFRENE "TlIv only NWI-t' In llura' ll frirml is I0 lu' om' -I-ll ifluh. lg i".ii.A.. 2: iiuliivrnmln Oiiivvr, 1: Mirror ' nitro 3 R1-pri-si-Iilaitivv, 1, 3: lrnm CIIIIIII' . l'A1'RII:IA MARIE DUGAS "llnnI'.vI vgorl ff'I'PlI'l'K its just rI'IIf1Ir1l." 1-li liluh. 2, 1: F.ii.A.. 3. 1: F.7Vi.P.A. Oth iiUlIl1'4'0lllillQl CuIIIIIIilIm'I', 4. N. LEFT: Officers, Mrs. Blltll'g'N hlllllfftlllllll Clay Dnrhy, Pre-sidentg Betty Dun-t, xvi0P-l'l'9hill9lltQ Clmrlvm- t'urlIin, Secretary: l.imlIL l'lIuIIviII, Treaallrvr. First Row: BETTY JANE DUPLANTIS "Just being happy is a ,Env fixing." F.l'l.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE ANN DUPLANTIS "Tis go-od lo lm mvrry and wise." ffnlrlrm-nm'e-im-nt Card Coniniillvz-. 2: Class Personality, 2, 3, 4: Pvlivam Stull- lla-lr-gan-, 35 Ring Cunimittve, 33 Student Council Oliiu-r 1 I-,wi 1 9 5 7 S E I O R S "Thr u'isr'.v1 man rrmlrl nxlf no more of Futv, Than In lu' sirnplv, modest, manly, true." MYRA ANN DUPLANTIS "I am as lllllt' and as fit as thou.', lP,lC.lf.A. Ulliver. -1: F.H.A., 1, 2, 3: Hnnlvrounl Oflivrr, 1. Sv1.vEsT J. PETER DUPLANTIS "Tis vrrsy l'llUll,Ul1 to he' plvuxunt, when life flows along like ll song." Second Row: Third Row: ELISE Truce DUPONT JOAN DUPRE "Little, but oh my-.lu llalnfl, l, 23 Chorus, 35 Drill Squad. lg Hmncconiing Cumniitlvc, 41: Student Council, 3. ANTHONY JOSEPH DUPRE 'Zllvn of rr fvw wards ure the llcsl men." Track. 3, 4. DONALD NICHOLAS DUPRE .4 faithful friend is Ihr' medicine of lifef' Boys' Chorus, 2, 3, 4. ELSIE ANN DUPRE "lin ull you mn jnr nrhers. far life was given In you for !hat." Drill Squzul. 25 I-'.M.P.A., 3, -1: F.T.A., 3, -lg Mirror Staff, 4: Tiuwuzn Staff, 4. PIARTLEY JOHN DUPRE "sl clu-1-rful looh' m:1h'r's ll dish ri least." 23 e that "Forever a fric'nd." BORRY FRANCIS ELLENDER .vpealfs saws, and he Ihul hold.: hi.: p1'r1r'c ,uullwrx MARGARET L0UlsE ELLISOR "W'l11rI+nm worry?" Band, lg Drill Squaul, lg Girls' Chorus, -1 0,NEIL JOSEPH ENcER0N "l'm just rolling along wilh lhe Im-van." Ring Comnlittec, 3. CECIL PAUL ESCHETE "A qniff voice, rr plmmrnl mnnrn-fr." First Row: MIRIAM TIIERESA FALGOUT "'l'lw sunm u'l11'rr'I'r'r ynu .wr hM'." l".H.A., 2. IS. F.'W,P.A. Uffin-vr, Il. -Lg TRAWLER Stuff, L. ROBERT NARCIS FALGOUT "Tn know him ix Io lV'1l.vt him." llivlvlvwmll . . . 5. -: Ca w A rm '. fl: Stmlx-nl Cnlllwil, 3. l.0Is MARIE FANGUY "Wim rnnlll hurl fl hrllrr frivnn'." F.H.A.. 2, 3. l: l'lllll1'I'0lPlIl llHI1'A'r, fl-. I--II Club, I. 2. 3. Ili. FTl'SlHlllll'l lluy lfonwmiltr-v. 1-1 Ufhur I 2 3 I P1111 III Sllls ill III Sc-cond Row: PATRICIA GAIL FILCE "Thy lllvllvxljfwx ll vrmrlln lo thy merit." F.ll.A.. 2. 3. 4: F.M.P.A.,3,-1. PATRICIA MARIE FLANAGAN "Il:'r pr-n is as nirnhla as her wit." Hn-unity Court N0lHilll'K'. Al: Mirror Stuff, -'Ing Nlusim- DI-- purlmvnl. I. 2. Il: Urrlu-slru, lg 'l'nAvVl.ER Stuff. -1. JOHN PAUL FONSEEA "lIv'x rr gnnrl hill." 'Nfusic' UI-paII'IIIu'lIl, 2. Third Row: BETTY JEAN FUNTANA "xl ,!4mfifl'ir'n1l ll'lHlf nmrr' xhnulrl hr' mill?" Mirror R4-prvsvnlzllivv. 3: F.'l'.A., 3. -1. BONNIE JANE MARIE FOUCIIEUX "Shr"x Smurf and sh4"s XI'llI'1'l'f', Slwk 1l'0flll-YQ shfs ll I'lP41f.n Bm-uuly Nmnine-I-. 2. 3. 4: Cll1'i'!'ll'illlf'!', -I-1 Hornffrunxn OHII-vr, 2. 3: Pvlivaxn Siam- Alta-rmue, 3: Sluflvnl Coun- oil, -1. WILSON JOSEPH CAIDRY A'SlllIij'., Wllvrr' lmrv I hmrrl Ihut word lwfnrz'?" 4-H Club. l. 2. 3, 4: Nlusiv ljt'llLlI'llIll'T1l, -1. Fourth Row: LILLIE MAE THERESA CUABERT "Sh:"s Il ,uirl zvifhnul pmlrnxions. Shv'x always jus! lwrsr'lf.', I-H Club. 2, 3: F.H.A.. 31 GirlAsf.llul'l1s,3.1. SHIRLEY ANN GAUTREAUX "l'inrm,::l1 ll'0l'lf In :ln mul sfrvnglh Nmugli I0 :ln Ihr' work." llnskvllmll. I. 2. 3. -1: l".H.A.. 1. 2. 3: l".H.A. Ufliu-e'r. 3: lIllllll'l'lI0lH UlYiI'I'I', 1. 2, -1: Ring fIulIInIittI'I'. 3. RICHARD ALLEN GONSONLIN "Will: TPIISUVI firm :mil lr'n1p1'r11t4' u-ill. II1- is surf' In ,Quin l'i!'lllfj'.', fl-H t.lllll. 1. 2. 3. il. Fifth Row: DEI.0REs MARIE GOODWIN "xl nirrr girl ix hrlrrl to find." F.H.A.. 1. 2. 21. 1. RILEY JOSEPH CROS "Wl1v ha' grail?" Fuutlmll and Base-lmll lN12lllilgf'I', 2. 3. DANIEL RICHARD GRUNIIQN "iVllm'1'vr hluslif-s, .wvrnx io hr' ,un01l." sim Offivvrs, Miss N'utkin's ll0llN"I'0lPl!I! Rub:-rt Ful gout, l'rI-aidvlltz Shirley GllllU'9llllY, Vive-l're-si dl-nig Josvpllinq- lhllllllllfih, Sc-I-rm-tary: Luis Fun guy, 'l'rensIIrI-r. First Row: JUDITH ANN Guumoz "l'1'r' lrzl-'en my fun where 1,116 fouucl il." liuslwllvull, 1. 2, 3, 4: Bvuuly Court Nominee, 3, ll: Hnnwrmnn Officer, 1, 2, 3, -lg Prom Committee, 33 Student Council, 3. Ros!-: MARY GUIDRY 'She rlrws nll shi' crm urzrl will." F.ll.A., l, 2, 3: l".T.A.. 3: Musiv Df'Ilill'lIIlf'l1l, fl: Kewl lfmsi Rop- rosenlulivv. 3. 1 9 5 7 S E I 0 R S WAYNE LEE ILARPER ".-1 youlh llfllll heurterl and' conlvuf, For work he was new-r meow." AvERY ,lossvu HEBERT "sin honest mon. rlose-lruttonenl lo thc chin." Calle! Band, l, 2: Tiger and Cnnccrt Band, 3, 4. DANIEL Josl-:PH HERERT "The num that loves and laughs must sure flu well." i 1 Second Row: Third Row: ,IULES Josnen HEBERT AUBIN JOSEPH HUTCHINSON "The richest friends need no! large lilfrrlriesf' "The irleal num." FRANK JAMES HENRY Football, 2. "Man ix man, and nurslar of his foie." EMMA EVE HUTCHINSON lfnnllmll. lg -l-ll Club, 1. 2, 31 Hnnu-4-nuning Court, 'l: lllirror "Qu1fc1,H-55i5 INN," R4'I'ff'Sf'nNUlVf', 3- F.ll.A., 2, 3: Music D4'par!n11'nl, 2, 3. --1-f.,A.'D1'ff'1U.Tf,lffX'l2eIffZ','i'LlyH ... NELWYN CAFOL JACKSON ., I ' tl F 'b ll 2- T r k ' 7114- SPNCTPI of sue:-ess rs consmncy lo purpose. mmmum 'mt a ' ' f-lf ' ' I+.H.A.,1, 2, 3: TRAWLICR Staff, -1-. FRANK MATT HOUSTON "Let me have an !llll1IlFllC6 for a word or Iwo." U JOLENE JQFNSON U I-'.M'.P.A.Y 4: H,,mf.r,,,,m Qmcer, 3, 4: Library Club, 1, 2, 3, 4? All wonren are umbzlzous qnalurally., Minor SMH-.41 Musk, Df,panm,,m, 2, 3. Band, 1, 2. 3, 4: Chulr, 2, 3, 4: Choir btudent Dlrcvlor, 49 Onc- MYRA SUE HOWELL Act Play, 4-g Operetta Student Dlrectur, 2, 3. "E.rul1err1nce is beauty." ELVA JANET KELLER llmluty Cnurl. l. -1: Hnme'r0on1 Ollivcr, 3, 41 Nlajorvtlvs, 1, 3: Oil Hlmaginulion is Ihe eye of the soul." Bowl Cnurr, flg TRAWLI-:R Stuff, 4, F.T.A., 3, -1-5 Hnmcrnom Omr-er, 2, 3, Intramural Sports, 3, 4. 25 First Row: N0I1v1N JOSEPH KRAEMER "flu flomax! IIIIIII is lllr' uulrlvxl zvurlf of Coil." Il ATRICIA ROSE LABAT "Kr11nrl:'1lg:1' ix lrul fully nulvxs il is ,mziflu-ri by ,uruz-ff," l.llA.. l. 2. -l. I1 Drill Squzul, II. ll: Mirror Stuff, -1: lilug l.u1111uilI4'1-, fl: Stuflvnl lluuuvil, l-. JAIVIES RAPHAEL LABIT nlflflrli .1 :wwf ulrliglrl rl qnivf life' ujInrrI.v." IIIIHIIIIIITJII llu-ke-llulll llllfl lwm1l111ll,.l,'l. Svvoml Row: JANET MARIE LAJAUNIE " Vol hilly ix rumr lllllll ,unadr1f'.v.v." MARY ELLI-:N LANDRY .Nh 1' is ,Uiflvrf. XIII' lzux r1'11 hair." I-ll lllulv Ullivvr, I, 2, 3, I: I",II.A.. 1. 2, 3, 1: Ilnmw- 1-1111111111 l.u1u1111It1'1', 1: lIliIIN'I'1I4llIl Uflwa-r. 1, 2, 3, I: Mu-lr II:-11u1't1m-111, I, 2. 3, 11. Dim "SIl'llr11'.vx nf ln' Third Row: nv ,losmfu LAPEYROUSE rxuu una' .vlzwulinvxx of f4'Illlll'f'X un' .vipllrll nmrlrx nf gnml l:rm'fIi11g." Enwum ,loslwu LEBLANC -'ulllllll r"1'r ln' llirl was Jam' u'l'll1 so lllllfll l'I1M', lu lliVII uluuv. 'Ilruv lllllllflll In lll!'l1Sl'.u llnnuu-rumum UIII1-1-r, Ig IlllIIll'4'lvIIIIIIj1 f1lll1If'lIIIIl'l', ,Ig Prum C1n11u1lll1-1-, fl: King IIIIIIIIIIIIICP, Il: liulury lllulr Hcp' I'4'St'IIlilllVI', ll. Nonms Josmfu LEBLANC "Sr'lf-ruinmuml ix Hltlill 1'lv,uar1rf'." f !u.m ROSE LEIZLANQ: "l'uliI4'11r'xx is 11.1 rmluml In lllilifllfl' uulurrfx us 1H'l'!llIIl!' is In f1o14'f'I'x." 'l'l11vv1.1111 Stulf. I. l'I0lll'lll Row: H ARRY JAIWIES LEBOEUF 'Aflll ,urvuf mwz ure' in somr' 1ll',ffl'I' frlxplrwl. I llmm-ruu111 Ullu-1-r. I. ,AMAR ANN LEBOEUF "Burn In siugf' XII Stull- lIlwrus, fig llfilllly lluurl. fl: llll!IIl'4'llllIllIQl lllllll I lxllliillllll ru I Slurl lllltblllhll I 1.1IllIs,l1.I 1- I l.E0NA MAE LEBOEUF "l.il1' is In lu- fnrlifivcl In-1' llllllly frir'r11l.vl11Apx." lla-lwllmll, 2, fl, I: llmuc-rfmln Olllvvr. 2. 1: Oil Iluwl Nu111i114'1-. I1 livxl lfruss Rl'llI'l'5l'I1liIlIVl', 1, 2, 3g Ring: Fifth Row: Ru lIou1luill1'1'. fl. SSICLI, JOSEPH l.leB0E11F "Hu ix nnlr llfllljlj' :lx 11'1'fl uv grvu' mlm rwmlx nvftlzvr lu nlwr nr' l'4IIllIIl1lVIll in nrzlrfr tu In- .wn11'll1ir1,Q. lluslivlluzlll. I: I"1mIl1ull, 2, 3, -I: I-II lllulr, 2, fl: lllIIlIl'- 1-u1uing flllllfl, ll: 'I'r1u-li, 2, II, -ll. Vinum ANN LEBUEUF Llfr' has un lPll'S.YilI,U llllfz' ll 'lI'll!1l'II1 fl'il'IIlI.u l".ll.A.. 2. lg Mirror Stuff, -I. Aumu-:Y ,los-mlm I,EC0MPTE "Thr l'l'tIHvY lznppv num VIl'l'l'l4 I1lll,!!IS' -ur Xfllllllllff lllllllgll lu' UNI-Y xruilvf' 1 li z 1 wlilmll, I, 2, Il, ll: Rwl Lruss lulrzuuuranl lm ll all 111l llm-pn-sm-l1l:1llv:-, I: ll'1Il'lQ. I. I,l'IF'l': Offivers, Miss Smith's Imnn-room: Suu llowl-II, Presuh-nig Sunny lmlilnluv, Yi:-e--l'resi1l0lllg Frank Houston, Svc-1-eturpg ,l.vonu. LeBou1-f, 'IIl'Pilhlll'Pl'. First Row: GARY JAMES LECOMPTE "Take time for all things." Band, l: Boy's Chorus, l, 2: Homz-room Oll'leer,t1. GAY ANN LECOMPTE "An act of goodness is of itself an act of lumpiness." Choir, I, 2, 3: F.H.A., 2: Homeeoming Court Nominee, 4: Mirror Staff, 4: TRAWLER Staff, 4. JAMES PETER LEDET "Football is my fancy." Football. 2, 3. -1: tl-H Club, 2, 3, fl-: Homecoming Court, 4: Intra- mural Basketball. 2. 3: Track, 1, 2, 3, fl. LARRY JOSEPH LEDET "ln an ocean of rlreams without a sound." Intramural football and softball, 2, 3, 4. PEARL AGNES LEGENIIRE "The Sweetest thing that ever grew beside a human door." - F.II.A., 1, 2, 3, 4. 1957 SE IORS Second Row: , YVONNE MARIE LEMOINE "I tio desire we may be better strangers." F.H.A., 1, 2, 3: Debate, 4: Homeroom Ollicer, 4. COLLINS ANTHONY LINER "A good man never dies." Intramural Baseball, 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball and Football, l, 2. CERALDINE ANN L0wERY "Knou'led,-:e is more than equivalent to force." F.H.A., 4. BETTY JEAN THERESA MARCEL "Speech is silver, silence is golden." 4-ll Club. l, 2: F.H.A., 1, 2. 3: Intramural Basketball and Volley- ball, 3. EDGAR PETE MARIIEL "A man of marlr." Ilasvlmll. 2, 3, sl: Football, 2: Pllolograplu-r, 4. 27 Third Row: EVELYN GRACE MARIE "A penny for your thoughts." F.H..-L, 2: Mirror Representative, 2. DIANNE MYRNA MARTIN "Friendsl1ips are the wines of life." Band, I, 2: Freneb Club President, 43 Home-room Oflleer, 2, 3: Mirror Stall, 4: Press Club, 4. LARRY EUSTACE MATHERNE "How hard it ix to hirle the sparks of Naluref Intramural Sports, 2, 3, 4. LARRY JAMES MATRERNE ",'Vever leave that till tomorrow whirl: you can do today." MARION GAY MATRERNE "Virtue is her own reward." First Bow: SYLVIA ANN MATIIERNI: "For Pycs run slwnlr and ran nnrlPr.vlun1l." llnuuc-room Ollivcr, 2, 3: R1-ll Club. 1, 2, 3, fl: Intra- muratl llztskvtlrztll, fl, -l-: Mirror Roprcsontattivv, 1, fl: 'l'RAwI.I:rt Stuff. il. LINDA FRANCES MCCLURI-1 "Oh the while' tvonflvr of hz-r flour hunrl." llmvtvwtwtiutg lfomnIitt1't', -1: llomt-room Oflir-Pr, 1, 2, 3. il: ,lunior l,v:ult'rsl1ip, 3: Prom Committee, 3: Svnior llvluttf' 'l'vuttI, -1. ROBERT AcUs1'As MCCORMICK "LM milflnvss mwr lllitqllli thy tongue." l",lVl.P.A., il: Library Club, 1, 2, 3: Music Department, 1, 2, 3, 4: Pc-lim-:In State Alternate, 3: Ring Committee, 3. Second Row: IIARRY JOSEPH MICHEL "Good mon ure lrur mfnf' Footlwull, 2, 3. MERYL MARIE MooRE "Gorilla of spirit, lIf'nr'flr'ir'nt of IVIlIH,.u llrill Squzul, 3, 4: il--H Club. 1, 2: l".ll.A. 1. 2. fl: Mirror Stuff, 4. JAMES l,ooAN MORRISON "Mirlh unrl lrli.wl1ir'f :Irv two lhing.v." lluurl, 1, 2, 3, -1: lntrztmural Footlxztll, 2: Intramural Soitlutll. 3. Third Row: GRACE ANN NAQUIN "Quin 1wr'rsonx are welcome everywlzeref' 4-ll Club, 1: F.T.A. Historian, 4: Homcroum Oliicer, 2. MICKEY RUBY NAQUIN "Wo are inl1'rrfs!r'd in othvrx when they ure irIIvrvs!e:l in ns. Footlmztll, 1: Intramural Fooiluull :Intl Softball, 2, 3. ALTON WILI-'RED NEIL "His own !'ll!lf1Il'll'f is Ihr alrhilrr of e1PPry0nc's fortune." Fourth Row: SYLVIA ANN NEWMAN "The grvur rnrl of lijr' is nol lfnon'l1'rlgr' lan! nr'ion." lluntvvottiing Cutnniittvt-. 3: Hunu-roonm Ollivrr, 3, Rl: Music' Dt-patrtnu-nt, 1, 2, fl, fl: Prom Commi tvs-, 3: Ilvlmtv. 4. JAMES WII,I.IAM OATES "No num is Ihr' u'i.wr for his lt'lIl'lllllI,'J.U All Sletto llatnrl Altvrrtttte, 3: Convert llantl, l, 2. 3. 1: Tig:-r Band, 1, 2, IS, 4, HERBERT SANDERS 0'NI-:AL "llv ,uivrs all lill hi' mn gin- no mor:-." llunufcutitiug Cumntittcr, 4: lltflmtv, Rl. Fifth Row: GEORGE PALMER PARDINGTON "ln nrlinn faithful, nnrl in honor clear." ll:-luutv. -lg Liltrury Clull, l. 2, 3, 4: Music Dvpurtntent, 1. 2. 3. ll: Pt-lit-:In Stattc Altvrnzttv, 3: Studvnt Council, 3. EDDIE JOSEPH PELLEGRIN "Ho-warr' Ihr' fury of ri pulirnl num." lntrutuuratl Footlratll and Softball, 1, 3. LORETTA MARIE PELLEGRIN "Blushing is Ihr color of Ulfllllkn F.H.A., 1, 2. l,l4IF'I': 03104-ret, Miss St. Martin's homeroom: Nita Grove l't-ttigrrt-W, 1,l'9511lPlltQ Robert ll0C0l'lllil'k, Vive- I'l'BSitll"llfj Yvonne Lemoint-, Set-returyg Lintlu McClure, 'l'rvasIIreI'. First Row: DAVID PAUL PERCLE "The entl must justify the means." Boy's Chorus, 2: Intramural Sports, 2, 3. NITA GRACE PETTIGREW "Tail for success." Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer, 3, 43 Pelican State Delegate, 3, Student Council Ollicer, 4, Student Council Representative, 3, 4. ' DOROTHY ANN PICONE "There is a fair behavior in thee." 1 9 5 7 S E I G R S ll.E.C.A., fig F.M.P.A., 3, -ig F.T.A., 3, 4: Humeroom Otiicer, 2g Music Department, 1, 2, 3. MARLENE MARIE Plcou "Let the world slip: we shall ne'er he younger." Basketball, 1, 3: Cadet Band Majorette, 1, 2g Drill Squad, I, 2: Girls' Chorus, 3, 4: Mirror Staff, 4. GERARD ARTHUR PIERRON "The mildesr manners with the bravest mind." Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Ring Committee, 3. Second Row: Third Row: BLAKE PAUL PITRE U ALVIN J0nN PONTIFF "CHfSf"f1'f' 'lf' 'hm "'0""5 "W hangs' "To unpathed waters, unrireamed .clmrf-s. Intramural Sports, I, 2, 3, 4. ' CHARLES LEONARD PITRE MQ'-ARK -WSE?" PORLHEU "I am not in the roll of common men." The mos' 5e"5"l"55 and -ni 'mm' lluskctlmull, 2, 3, -lg Football, 4, Prom Committee, 3, llolalry Club, Immmuml SP"l'l5f 1, 21 3, 4- 4. CLINE WARREN PORCRE ELAINE CATHERINE PITRE "llc 1lfI'llfS his faith. but as the janshion of hir hal." 'I C IA mlerry heart goes gl the tlayf' H M Band, 1, 2, Basketball, 4, F. YA.. 3, Al: .ir 5' Ciorus, 1, 2 3: omeroom 0 icer, 1: irror Kf.TIf'JTi.I2Ql5i255a3iii0 iifilii 3 355 .. - ,, Girls' Chorus, 4, Homecoming Court Nominees, 4, Homeroom I know a trick worth two of that. other 4, Minor sms 4 I".M.P.A., 4: Football, 1, 2: Intramural Softball, 3, 4. ' ' ' ' PAUL JOSEPH POINCON JESSE JAMES REDMOND U "For courage IHOIIVUCIIL with occasion." "SUCll Ufld S0 WNUUS UTC the 1115165 of 'WCH- Imramuml Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, Football, 29 Homeroom Ollicer, 2. 29 First Row: 0I,IvIA ANN REIIMONII "I'l11' 1'l'l'y pinlr of llf'l'lt't'lI0ll.u Il.l4..1..A., :lg l".ll.A.. l, 2. 3: ll0lYl4'l'01llll Ullivvr. lg Lilrrzlry lllulr. l. 2, Il. KENNETH LI-:E REMBERT "l'11ri1'Iy'y llll' I'f'l'y' Slll-N' nj lifru' MAUIJE ANN RHEA u.'lIl'lll0I',Y ix lln' rliury ll111l uw' 11ll furry llllUllf will: usf' l".'l'.A.. 3. -l: llunm-vmning lllHIllllllll?K', l: llmnvronln llllim-r, l. 2. il: Mufil- lI1'Il1lI'llll!'Ill, l, 2, Il, lg 'l'IlAWl.l1R, 4 1 SvI'Ond Row: JUYIIE MARIE RHODES "Thr I'll'l'IlI'IlllI4lll,X lI1ll'Il'II,Y.u lluIIH'I'OOI!l 0lll1'I'I', -l. YVONNE MARIE RHODES "I'l11- xzfrrrf nf Slll'l'l'XS ix 1'1r1lsl111I1'y 111 p111'1m.v1'.', llll ffluln, 2. 3, l: F.'l'.A., 3. -1: F.M.P.A., -l: Intru- murnl Spnrls, 3: Mirror lloprvsm-IIt:Itive-. 3. MII.DREll JEAN RICHARD "I sun' nnrl lu1'1r1I." llrill Squzul, 3. lg l".ll.A. Prm-Qilla-nl. -1. Tllircl Row: PEGGY MARIE RII:IIARn "-lslr Illl' 1141 IIIIUXIIIUIIX. llllil l'll f1'll -V1111 Ill! film." liuskq-xlnanll. l. 2. 3. li l'l1'Il llrusa Rt'lll'l'HI'lllllllVl'. 1: Ring lfnmllxlith-I-. 3. ROBERT LYNN RInI1LE "Tl11's1' lilllr' tlzings 11r1' grvut In lilllv IVIPILH JERRY THOMAS RITCHIE "'I'l11' t11l1'11I of s111'r4'xx is Illlllllllg IIl0l'l' tlmn zloing wlm! you l'lllI 110 ll'l'lIQ 11111I 1l11i11,u 11'1'Il 11'l111I1'1'1:r you do. 1l'IIIl- 1111! ll ll1n11,::l1t of IlH7l!'.,, lla-L1-llmll. 2, 3, Il: lfluss l'rvsiIlx'nt. 3. l: llonwrmun llllivn-I'. l. 2, 3: PI-liI':In Sturm- lh-le-gun-. K: Stmlvnt lfmlm-il Ollivcr, 4. Fourth Row: El.nRIm:E JOSEPH ROBICHAUX "II11111l.w1l11' is IIS l111111I.w111f' 1Iof'.I." All Stun- llamzl, l. 3: Class Pm-rs'1nuliIy. l, 2. 3: llaxmm- llunnl. l, 2. Il. Il: llmmr liunll. l, 2: Nlusin Ile-p.rLm1-nf. 1, 2. 3. -11. EUGENE JOHN ROBICHAUX "I xlmll In' lilfa- llml frm, I .vlzull dir uf llu- mp." 1 lla:-lu-llmll. 2. Il. lg lvlivaln lhvy-'S Slutv. 3: Slll!ll'Yll Cuuna-il, l. IIOLYN ANNE RODDY "l'l11' xi,ul1l of 'vnu is good for xurv 1'y1'v." ll:-znlly lfuurl NUIIlllll'l', 2. 3: Clusi Ulllvcr, 2: llomv- rmnu Ullivvr, l: Prom l:llI!llIlllll'l', 3: R1-Il llroas Rvp- l'l'Sl'lll1lllVQ'. 2, 3, fl, Fifth ROW: ROBERT JOSEPH RODRIGUE "Sil1'11r'f' is ,uul1I4'11." MOLLIE RUTH ROLLINS "Jr-.vt 11111I Ylllllllflll Jnllityf' lla-uuly' Court NllIllllll'k'. Il: llmm-I-Olxlixlg Court N4lllIl- nf-v. -l: llnlm-rnOIn Ulllcvr. ll: Nlusin- lll'lHlI'll1l4'I1l. ll 'l'RAwI.I:R. -1. HARRY EUGENE ROTH "l'01111,u ll'llU1l'.V will lu' young fvllowsf' llil5l'lHlll, l. 2. 3, -1: lswwtlmll Milllklgl'T, 1, 2, 3: Frvsll- Inun Court, 1. Ll+1l"'l' : 0I'l'iI'Prs, Mrs. XY. A. f'l7llllPlJ"S honmruulnz .lop I-1- lllmeh-N, I'rI-si1h-nt: Mollie Ruth Rollin:-, Vim-- l'rI-siqlvnt: Ofivin, IRPQIIIIOINI, Sf-4-rn-tnrgz Muulp Power, 'frvusuro-r, First Row: CHARLES ROBERT RYAN Mile seex :III H'l.lll his camera." Mule-t lluuel. lg Library Club, lg Photography Clinic, 3g Photog- raphy Club, 3, 4. RIUHARD ANTHONY ST. PIERRE "For too murh rvxt ilsrlf llt'!'0lIl4'X ll pain." Y Intrumurzll liuselrull, 3. MAX AUGUSTUS SAVUIE ' "xl ,good numv is Iwllvr lllflll I4'ixlwx." 1 9 5 7 E I llonn-vornirig lfonIIIIilI:-I-. tl: Intramural Sports. 1, 2. 3, 4. . JANICE TIIERESA SCHOUEST For muny ure' rullvrl, but fru' un- clm.v1'n." liaskollrull. l, 2. 3, 4: F.ll.A., 2, 3, 4g Homvroorn Oml'0f, 2, 3: Mirror Representative, 2, 3. CHRISTINE ANN SEAHOLM "Her ILYI-YS ure ways of pleasantnessf' 4-ll Club. 3: Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3: Library Club. 2, 3, 4g Library Club President, 3: Pelican State Nominee, 3. .4 Second Row: Third Row: CLARENCE PAUL SMITH H -IANICE ANN THFRIQT H --Willingly 1 gay D I I The blessrrlness of Ilemg Izlllrf. V Ihlskmbulls 4: Immmuml Sports, 2, 3. emte, 4, Intramural Babltelball :Intl Vollnjybull. 3: Rf-Il Kruse Rvpresematrve, lg Student fillllllfll. 4: lRAwI.I:R Stall. fl. LOY ANDREW SMITH H JULIUS JOSEPH THERIOT UTI" 1Y""""-9' "Nm in ffm "mln" "lf that his hvml hrwe mr in musir." llama-lmll, 1: Football, 1, 2, 3, -lg Home-room Olilrvr, Al: Home- Band, 1, 2. 3, 42 HUHUI' Bllnfl, 1, 2- conung lung. -l: Tran-lc, 1. 2. 4. ANDREE MARIE THIBODEAUX FRANCIS JOSEPH SOUDELIER "A cheery word, a friendly val? a he-lpful hrmdg and a smile la "l'I1 not fail, if I live." ll -,T Boys' Chorus. 33 Cadet Band, I. 2: Intramural Sports, 3, 4. I'I"nlf'T"f"fg1?mlgf'f3 1, 45 girls' Clloglls,l0lllt'0I', 4: Girls' Chorus, N ., : e man tate ominc-11,2 - 'RAwI.r:R Staff, 4. CUFTSF JOSEPH ST?lfFFLET LLOYD JOSEPH THIBODEAUX 'Unms so 'mmnw y' "His honesty rewards him in i1sf'lf." Intramural Softball, 3. Intramural Sponq 2 3 4 H, , v - JANICE M. CAUTREAU SULLIVAN ' BEYNOLD JOHN THIIIODEAUX HWIIIPVE' did you ,wr your eyes so blue," "7o flllllfllf an honvst man you must In' uma' Band. 1, 2, 33 F.lI.A., 1, Ll. Intramural Sports, 2, 3. 31 First Row: IIORRY NELL TORBERT "From lhe cmwn nl hvr hear! Io the sole of hfr fool, she is ull mirlhf' Choir, 2. Ll-: F.lVl.P.A., 3, 11: Girls' Clmrus, 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE LOUISE TORRES "lu 11Ilif'lIlPXS unzl rwifizlerim' xlmfl he your sIrf'n,flh." ESTHER THERESA TOUPS "Look xiuuel. xiwfilf fair." Svvnnul Row: NANNE'r1'E MARIEI TOUI-S "Suvrwl and xII'f'c'I wax ull I mm' in herf, lluwlwllialll, l, 2. 3, 4: I-'.H.A., 1: l".lVl,P.A., fl: l".T.A.. 3, 4: Mirror Reprusvxilutivv, 1. DIANA MARIE TRAHAN "Thr, xonl of this hilly is in hvr clothes." llomvroom Oilirr-r. 1. 2: Girls' Chorus, 3: Oil Bowl Nominm-I-, fl: Urclieslra. 1, 2: Ring Committee, 3, NORMA MARIE TRAIIAN "My ruoriesly, the jewel of my lifvf' l-'.ll.A.. 1.2: l".Nl.1'.A.. 3: 'l'RAwLi1n Smfi. -I. Third Row: RANDALL JAMES TRAHAN "Thy ,urvrzlext hvlp is quivif' ANNA LEE TRICHE "For iviszlum ix IIPIIPI' than ruhivxf' ERROI. JOHN TROSCLAIR K'Suy u'hul you lhiulfffl uiu'l proud." Fourth Row: EImIE LOUISE UPCRURCH "Sh4' look.: ll ,umirlrss unzl walks ll 11z1P'm." lim-uuty Court, fi. 'liz Claw Oihvs-r, l. 2: lioinvvoniing Court. 3, ii: Home-room Oliicvr, 1. 2. 3, -l: Pvlicun Slut:- llvlvgalv, 3. HUEY PAUL VICE ".'ilu'11ys happy, n1'uf'r blur." lulrumurail Footliull, 2, fi, 4: Rumi Cross livprvsi-iilailivi' 3: Ring Conililittcv, 3. DOUGLAS AUGUST VOCLAIN ".4 lllll.l'f lungur shows ll zrixl' IIPIIILU Fifth Row: JOYCE THI-:RESA VOCILAIN "Slriz'f' ulwayx upward." 'l'nAwLI-:R Staff, 4. GERALD JOSEPH VOISIN ",'V:'l'1'r iillv ii moment, hui lhrifly und lhuughlful aj atliersf' liziskr-tlmll. 43 Football, 2: 4-H Club. 1, 2: Homvvoining Ctlllllttllllw, 4: Prom C0lIiIilillt'P, 3. KERVIN JOSEPH VOISIN "Quick and fine u'illPd." Intramural Sports. 2, 3, 4. xx .H I 1 I .ivcmv L EFT : Uflivers, Miss Breuux's lwmerooin: liildie W'c-iS- heit, l'resiIlent: 'Pwish-r IllN'l'llll'l'll, Yi4-e-l'rvSi- III-nt: Amlree 'l'Iiilnul1-aux, Sec-retixry Loy Smith 'l'rPnSllrer. 1957 SENIGRS First Row: HERMAN ERNEST WALKER "He has a voice as golden as the setting sun." All-State Chorus, 2, 3: Homeronm Officer, 33 Music Department, 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES CARL WALKER "I always find sornelhing to be glad aboulf' Baseball, 2, 3. 4: Basketball, 3, 4, Football, I, 2,,3, 4, Homecoming, 4, Homernnm Ollicer, 2, 3. ZoELL ANN WARREN nKinri words gladrlen many a heart." Drill Squad, l, 2, 3, Interpretative Reading, 43 Mirror Representative, 3, Red Cross Representative, -1-g TRAWLER Staff, 4. CHARLES RALPH WEBB "Common .sense is not a common thing." Intramural Softball, 2, 3, Music Department, 2. Second Row: EDWARD NOEL WEISHEIT "Fame has only the xpan of zz day, they say. But to live in the hearts of the people that is worth something." Class Officer, 3, 4, Class Personality, 3, 4: D.E.C.A. Club, 4, Homeroom Officer, 1, 2, 3, 43 Pelican State Delegate, 3. JAMIE ELLEN WILLENBERG "A youth light-hearted and content, for work .she :vas never meant." Basketball, 2, 35 F.H.A., 2, Homeroom Officer, 2, 4, Music Department, 4, TRAWLI-ZR, Staff, 4. SUE ANN BECKHAM "She knows the art of being kind." Homeroom Oflicer, 3. ' 33 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS W Nlnrilpn Ilmnlra-nux, Lindu Jun-kann, Iiiln Clxlirv Nlr- Quwn, mul Nhnim- lirune-t. MAXINE BRIYNET ..... ..... I 'rvxiflmzl Hl'I'A CIAIRIC lVl41Ql l-IICN ...... I iw'-l'n'.v1'1lw1l MARILYN BUlYIJlilC -Xl X .... S ffff IIIIX LIINIM JACKSON ...,.. ,.... 7 'r f-1: 5Ill'll 34 ng .K f t Q Y ,. ..X,, f 3 fe- S N, wx -N SS 1, A gh I g xx 33? ww My If ' A ir xx X IS X' 3 N 01 M S X N Q C X 3. Mr-Y X F 'it-4 A A Q A IUNIO BERTHA ADAMS LELIA ADAMS GWENDOLYN ANTILL MASON ARCIENEAUX CLIFFORD AIFCOIN ANNA MAE AUTIIEMENT LULA MAE AUTHEMENT BASIL AYCOCK BARBARA RABIN EUGENE BABIN EULA LEE BABIN FRANCIS BABIN LOGAN BABIN SIDNEY BABIN STANLEY BABIN CAROL BASCLE RALPH BELANGER EUGENE BENOIT NUEL BENOIT ELWOOD BER ALLEN JAMES BERCERON BARBARA BERCERON CAROLE BERGERON DONALD BERCERON DORIS BERGERON EVELYN BERGERON MORINE BERUERON PETE BERCERON RUBY BERCERON WILLIS BERCERON JUANITA BERNARD WILLIAM BERNARD .I UDITH ANNE IIERNIARD UNIORS IIONNIE .JANE BLANCHARD BIINNIE MAE BLANCHARB , , CATHERINE BLANEHARII .img DOLORES IILANCIIARD ff' '-" I -..ws QWDU if ,1,.. ,E its .IIIIIY BLANCHARII LINIIA IxLANc:IIARII LLOYII BLANc:IIARII ALLEN IIONVILLAIN AIERILYN BONVILLAIN BoRo'rIIY IIOQUET HIIEY IIOIIIIIACIIE BARBARA IZOUDREAUX """ "". I II"i y QPAA ., BIINNIE BOIIIIREAIIX I:L0RIA ANN BOIIIIREAIIX f A 1.-... 1' Kg JIMMY BOUDREAUX MARILYN IIIIIIIIREAIIX .P OLIVE ROIIIIREAIIX ix - , 'IIIOIIIAS BOIIIIREAIIX M-it IIoLoREs BOURI: Y 1, RATHRYN IIOIIRGEOIS - GAYLE BOURQUE ,,,, . .IANE BREAIIX R h 6 . BEVERLY BRIEN A ..:' 1 A AA - I , xzj "P' 7 Y .--' IIEANNA MARIE BRIEN I I'-- A ja., ISETTY RRICNAC CAROL JEAN BROWN GERALD BROWN MAXINE IIRUNET SHIRLEY MAE BRIINET PHILIP RAYMOND RUQIIET CAROL SANDRA CANAFAX M0 syma- 'O-vffzzs IQ.: 1? nga 1' Q x gf 1 S.. Q I R I , 'L ,Ir ,,. I I . . an 'Ck T ' X . I , - 1. IUNIORS NANCY MARIE CANCLOSI SANDRA CHARLENE CANULESON RICHARD OMAR CARPENTER ROY CARRERE MARTHA NELL CASKEY DENNIS CENAC BEVERLY MARIE CHAISSON CAROLYN CHAISSON EIICENE LEONCE CHAMPAGNE JIILIET CHAMPAGNE PATRICIA ANN CHAMPAGNE STEVEN PHILIP CHARPENTIER ELMORE ANTHONY CHAIIVIN ROLAND CHAUVIN CHARLES COLLINS MARTHA COLLINS RAPHAEI, PHILIP COLLINS CONNIE CORDRE CAROLYN CROCHET NORMAN CIINEO CLENN .IAMES CIINNINCHAM RONALD CIINNINCIIAM CATHERINE DAICLE DARREL DAICLE EDLEW DAICLE DETTY DAVIS THELMA DAIRS CAROLYN DOMANCIIE LESTER DOMANCIIE SANDRA DOTY .IERRY DOVER DIANNE DROTT .IANIFER DUET UNIORS GLORIA DUCAS LUCIUS DUGAS NETTIE MAE DUNN CURTIS DUPLANTIS DONALD DUPLANTIS EDNA DUPLANTIS JACKIE DUPLANTIS .IANICE DUPLANTIS A JOSEPH DUPLANTIS KENNETH DUPLANTIS ALVA DUPRE BERNARD DUPRE MYRA DUPRE ELIZABETH EDMONSON BASIL ENDSLEY CONNIE ESCHETE LOUIS ESCHETE ROBERT ESCHETE LYNNE ESCOE I, , .-131.-rg, . :A ,rv . . -. JAMES EZELL .,.. A LAMAR FALGOUT ""LI,,A b . " CHARLES 1-'ANGUY THOMAS FANGUY . "" ' MAXINE FAZZIO JUDY FILARDO PATRICIA FORET ELDON FREEMAN RICHARD GAGNEAUX LEON CARY A Q K 412 .gif at . A "Ei A-11 wa N, A DONALD GIRIOR WA I .,,,. f S I N S 1-2-Q I f '- S xf . X Pk L X -:fi Pa, 3. 1 .- xi Q X L X Qs I N1 , .... ig S :::, .-,,. t,Q ' ' A , A J JL L N R Y a:'z', " ug, ' it K L 1, JU 10115 PEARL CRABERT RICHARD CRAIIERT DORIS CRAHANI .JASPER GRAN PATRICIA CRECC EARL ILROS CHERYL CRIINDON LOUIS GIIICHET JACQIIELINE CUIDRN RICHARD JOSEPH lGlIIDRI RICHARD PETER CIIIDRY DIANA HADDAD CHARLES HANSEN CALVIN IIEIIERT ETHEL HERERT ETHEL NIARIE IIERERI KERNIIT HERERT NORITA HERERT WAX NE HERERT EVERETT HENRY THOMAS HILTON BEVERLY HIMEL CAROL ANN HIMEI, EARL HINIEL JUDITH HORNSRY PAUL HIIDDELSTON BARBARA HUTCHINSON EARL .JACKSON JOHN .JACKSON LINDA JACKSON PATRICIA .JACKSON LINDA JARVEAIIX IUNIORS DONNA JONES PATRICIA KIBODEAUX ALICE KING CARNET MARIE KRAENIER JUDITH LABIT RALPH LABIT CATHERINE LAFONT ROLAND LAFONT SHIRLEY LAJAUNIE MARLENE LANDRY CAROLYN LAPEYROUSE CLYNN LAPEYROUSE LORENA LAPEYROUSE NORMA LAPEYROUSE PAUL LAPEYROUSE SUE LAROSE DONALD LeBLANC JUNIOR LeBLANC MARY NELLLeBLANC ROBERT PAUL LeBI.ANC ALVIN LeBOEUF CLIFFORD JOSEPH LeBOElIF ELLEN EVA LeI-IOEUF JUDY LeBOEUF LESTER LeBOEUF JANE LeCOMPTE BARBARA ANN LEDET BARBARA ANNE LEDET DANIEL PHILIP LEDET ELRITA ELIZABETH LEDET HENRY LEDET MARY ANN LEDET 3 quz, fs A f t ' P- I , I , -sum Q5 A J,J. Qf J-E?: . .-, , M 'N . 8 'Qin X 4.: 4' ,. :" I J ' .. :I wk fl A X 1 l X ,,'- X wlnulb. I . Q 3, I ,x ,IRQ , -v Vi I I 'S . L rg if , I SSS 5 5' ss - S ' s 1...-3 J S4 2 Qu XM C :E I :S QE I QQ I X X M-R ",, 'gk 1 , x Nur 0- W -. ar I ' t.'2'. :.,::, . ' A Ar:-, -,NI , K AA mn TN -... Lfw 3 ' 9 .9 S wx ' . W I U IGRS KLAIL LEGENIJRE JEWELL LEVRUN WERLIN LEYRON GLENIJA LEWIS IVAQIIARII LIRE'I"I'E JESSE PAUL LIRE'I"I'E MERLE I.IRE'l"l'E BARBARA JANE LOIIYIERF NORMAN JOSEPH LOIIVIERE GRACE LOWE I.URE'I"I'A MALIIROIIGH RAY MARKIEL A. .I. MARTIN ANDREW MARTIN ALICE CLAIRE MATHERNE EVELYN MATHERNE DARRELL MAY ALICE MELANIION IKE MELTON JIIIJITH MICHEL VIRGINIA MILEY DON MILLER WANIIA MILLS IIARIIARA MIMS MERLINE MURALES JIIDITII NAQUIN JUNE NAQIIIN VESTA NAQUIN JANICE OLIVIER SALLY OLIVIER VIVIAN OLIVIER EIJ USTHEIMER 1 U I O R S RE'I"I'W PELLECRIN EIICENE PELLECRIN CALE PENNISON NANCY PICONE BRENDA PICOII 44" 'QF IHANNE PIERCE I Y A mm' PIERCE IQENE I'I'I'RE , I I I ILLENN PolENc:0'r I X N EARL PONTIFI' IQ flbv "'1' . ,4 Mom POPE PEVERLY POREHE NVONNE PORCHE NVDNNE PREJEAN M CALVIN PREvos'r 1 "":5 Yr? CLARENCE PRICE .IIIDY PRICE DICKY PRICE IIETTY PROSPERIE BARBARA PROSPERIE L JAMES PRUSPERIE RONALD PROSPERIE RIISSELLA RAMI' NIARY REDMOND MIRIAM REMDNT IINA RHODES DORIS RICHARD DOROTHY RICHARD .IANICE RICHARD MERYI. RICHARD SUZANNE RICHE MIIRREL ROBERTSON -.., I La, ,X ..':. I ::,,: , ..,:.,,. I 1-R1 , If II - A IC I Adv I.,, M K -Q "" as ,5, III I Q , . . WN Oz. ' Q 4- .I ,S I .af I x S 1 N in B X O we W g F13 I ' ""S: 'IHE F Q A L 1 .F 'F'-,N ,Q ,Q 1? S- I , is .,-:.: Q 'Q 'X., amp . , W 'Dix wh U IOR JUDY RORIIIIIAUN WILRUR RORIGIIAIIX ROI RORINI-I'I"I' VIRGINIA RORINI-l'I"I' IZERNARIJ ROGHEL GERALD ROIIIIEL MELVYN ROGHEI. .IEAN ROIJIH ENINIET ROIIRIGIIE CARROLL ROGERS 'XIARIAN RONOIIILLE FRICIJOIE RIISSEI, YINGENT SAGONA HELEN ST. PIERRE CARI. SAVOII-I WILLIAM SGRINISHER SUSIE SEAIIOLNI GLORIA SEAL EMELIJA SEVIN MARGARET SI-IAI-'FER NIIGHAEL SIMPSON NIEHL SINGERTNIAN .IO ANN SMITH IIARRARA SONGY .NIERYL SONIER KENT SOIIIIELIER GLORIA STOIII-'FLET LYNN STOlIFFl,ET IOE 'I'EIVl'ON ANITA THERIOT RARIIARA THERIOT ELLEN THERIOT UNIORS GERALD THERIOT .IO ANN 'l'llERl0'l' LOUIS THERIOT WILLIAM THERIOT ISUBIHE THIISOIIEAUX HRUN ELLA 'l'l-HHOIDEAUX '13 , E Xia! Y Q " I I, ., .... I Ql mf. . f . N Q 6 Q A 9 I R c:AII, 'IHIROHEAIIX . A . I MARILXN THIHQIIEAIIX A W - A I L .3 M, q q I 1 2 A Lv, Q iw AIEREEIJES 'THIIHOIJEAUX .:.:: '.:,'-- 2 .,,,,, f - CERALIIINE 'IRAHAN I'A'rRIcIA 'rIIc:IcER WAYNE IISE 'x 4 . I ARLENE IISIE 46" K 15' Il If HUGH PAIIL YALIIRE my ' I' Q OLLIE VICE .nqg I 4 I LA, gy SALLY YICIIERIE I Y' Q-1 L- - I A cms .L VOCLAIN J H . ll . 'r n 52 I U LARRY VUISIN A fm .',b MARILYN WALKER . .L .L ':':' Aix? . L.... 7 3 P' .":, :L L-' if 3 'A 1 I' V ,: ,... "'--" 'wp t EF A QI Y: 1 - IE af I I WAYNE WALKER JOYCE WARD "" -E---Y 3 'ZAW . CAROL WARREN A ' , IIAWN WHIPPLE I 5 we new ,f I . isa: A A L, A Afxx 1 '- GARY WHIPI'l,l-L RIEHARII WRITTEN RE'I'I'Y WILLIAMS f ' ,I ' Y,- mv ,,.,. 4 V- . 5:2 RM' --:: ,.,. . r V' VL . I ,IIIIIIIH WRIGHT -, --A..1 . L y :L . 3 :,-l" VQQV -v-.,,, . , Jilzzb K ', is . 1 2? ' ,f S.: ..:.. is L . wk tm' ax STEREO z jf' 'TT 'N Q4 DREAMYEYED. , , 44, w -., N . "' 397 , x Hx 3, X x. 'W N "' gg ,E x E, IQ , Sa, is V we -':-: P A X xsmm, X W :ww E Hx X 'wi-tee f , - - S XS ,... we HRU6 xoucaeo Q Q J COVER + . Xi ' 155 , 5 Vi, lie, W J AND Now Ab ' 'S ,STS his 9 + UAE gi- -,SN Q K. E K , OOK, g,,f..nSfNgY,"., 'ef 'H "Q"-1' ' K E:iQsi'P1?'QE.,.k,.. R RSL Ex 5 555, N X X Q. ,.x, w, 4, WW? Maui' f Q P K . Q H sk 4.,x T T X ' 2 ' THE REWARD FOR TWELVE YEARS OF LEARNING. S EL " 5: 1: . E X w 5 T .f- xg ., - '- 'W' 5'Nn:,', if 'H ' V f 'igfifs 5,40 it? "' iw? A M, 4 'E' 'W 1 f , ....... -P 'W s..f'A. .- 159 ww Tuff-' Q. Am 7 f M . N F 1 A , Q. "L df iff' , Q vw THE VALEDICTORY SPEECH. A 001' ' ,aj .. - - I, 4, M1 , .E-1 iv" 1502? 1 K x ,, f , 3 ! . 4' 5 h ., N , ,. ...VN..- -,wwf I V 4' - , , A " Ml, any fy' ,,.z,3.:Y Q -, " , ' W -vs. . , by 1 is ,mg -A ' 3. dw Q ifww L 1: ' ff 'W sg.. 4 A f A45 151335, P n mu.. . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mxulllllllg: l're-sul:-nt, lu-nny Hulse. Nut:-cl. Lmclu Iluplnnhs, Nhrmm DUIIIHIIKIIP, KILNNY Hllhlx ..... ....... P resizlvnt MIRIAIVI DOM,-XNCUF ......,. Vive- SHANNA COLEMAN .... LINDA IJUPLANTIS .... ....... I'res1'1lw1l Ser relal y , . I FPIISII rvr 'K' x-Q' FN" I 'NM I , I r :--- I , YS ':,,M A I 4' IIFIQ' 'S 3 'Io is 9 1,., K Je? ::,i. I x fl 'SX nys ...:, X . .Z ,. ? w' K, X I: 3 X we XY' in K ,, "'! X s g! 92: 5' ' K-Q6 A 1 ,2 . ... , . -,.,, 7, I C . Rf' nr A I oi A qzz A ' I Y SOPHOMORES ALMA MARY ARCENEAUX LAWRENCE JOSEPH ARCENEAIIX LOUIS JOSEPH ARCENEAIIX MICHAEL ANTHONY ARCENEAUX ROGER THOMAS AIICOIN GENE AIITHEMENT NORMA JEAN AlITHEMEN'I' RAYMOND JOSEPH ALTHEMENT RICHARD PAUL AIITIN SYBIL ANN AIITIN BETTY ANN BABIN BEVERLY FRANCIS BABIN DELORES MARIE BABIN EARL BABIN HENRY JOSEPH BABIN LINDA MARIE BABIN NIARY LEE RABIN A. D. BAIRD FAYE ANN BARR.-XS BRENDA MARY BASCLE DORIS ANN BASCLE DOROTHY AGNES BASCLE .IOE MORRIS BASKIN HAYDIE ANN BELANGER HOWARD JAMES BELANGER PHYLLIS MARIE BENTON CAROLYN BERCERON CLAIRE BERGERON EARL BERGERON EDITH BERGERON GALE BERGERON GENE BERGERON GILBERT BERGERON IRVIN BERGERON JACKIE BERGERON JANE BERGERON JO ANN BERCERON MARLENE BERGERON MELVIN BERGERON NELL BERGERON PATSY BERGERON RICHARD BERGERON ROLAND BERGERON SHERRILL BERGI-IRON STEVEN BERGERON KATHRYN BERNARD ELLIS BLANCHARD BARRY BONVILLAIN DONALD BONVILLAIN FRANCES RONVILLAIN SQPHOMORES Q IVY BONVILLAIN LAWRENCE BONVILLAIN LEROY BOQUET RUSSELL BOQUET BRUNELLA BOUDREAUX BARBARA BERTHELOT FLORENCE BOUDREAUX IRVIN BOUDREAUX JAMES BOUDREAUX JIM BOIIDREAUX LINDA BOUDREAUX MARY BOUDREAUX MAIIRICE BOUDREAUX O'NEIL BOUDREAUX PEGGY BOUDREAUX PHILIP BOUDREAUX ROSELYN BOUDREAUX TERRY BOUDWIN JERRY BOURG LINDA BOURG MARILYN BOURG CHARLOTTE BOURGEOIS DALE BOURGEOIS MARY LYNN BOURGEOIS ALFREDA BRUNET JOYCE BOURQUE RICHARD BRAUD I f 9 , , Q In RUFFIN Houma 1 ' w N 5 K I FLORA Bouucmols fag' f, W 'lv fl 'TLAAV-K'.ru. 8' .Ui lx - ! V I - I 3' - M4 ADAM BREAUX BETTY BREAUX BONNIE JANE BREAUX DEANNA BREAUX JOY ANN BREAUX EVELYN BRUNET LOUISE BRUNET MAMIE BRUNET JACK BUCKNER JOHN BUQUET PATRICIA BUQUET MARSHA BURKE FREDA CADOW FRANK CALANDRO ANN CANCIENNE AIIBREY CARLOS MONA CARLOS GERALDINE CEHAN DAVID CHAMPAGNE EDRITH CHAMPAGNE I 4.435 Q.. gt: . 9 -- lf A, il Wm , 1' If J 'S ' 1 k Y I .Q .,... 1 fi ,am J " J A' Ii v J xx J , xiii. J, I If , fs." Q 4' Ii' .Ia i , . -'- I 2'7W P ff'- -S' If 'N A Q. Sew s ,N va ' Q1 L. 1 .. I X X . -2 .1 ! A ,-fra A , N f I .f .ff F e f 5 H if MXN lg: .. -,W ' R' - -- , L.. I . I ::5Qh I I I I ' I A A 'Sf I ' " X Til V"- 1 .'k' if ' .X I iq. ,lqqllzqb SQ I vLX,.i:?,! b Ski kai? I fp I, 'A 4: 'Wx . SOPHOMORES SYLVIA CHAMPAGNE BILLIE CHAMPION DOROTHY CHARPENTIER RAYMOND CHARPENTIER MONA CHARRIER ROY CHATACNIER DEWEY CHAUVIN DOROTHY CHAUVIN JAMES CHAUVIN JANE CHAUVIN MOLLIE CHAUVIN NETTIE CHAUVIN EDWARD CLARK JANICE CLARK SHANNA COLEMAN RONALD COLWART BARBARA COHN CWENDOLYN COKER JACK COOK TYRONE COOLEY ANGIE COFFMAN MARY CORWINE DOROTHY CROCHET LINDA CROCHET JERRY CRAWFORD ROBERT CUNEO J. C. CUNNINCHAM MARTHA CUTRER MARY CUTRER ELAINE DAICLE KAREN DARCEY AUBREY DEHART WILLARD DEHART JEANETTE DEROCIIE ALLEN DETIVEAUX JAMES DOIRON ADDIE LEE DOMANCUE CLAUDE DOMANGUE DONALD DOMANGUE KURT DOMANGUE MIRIAM MARIE DOMANGUE RICHARD JOSEPH DOMANCUE ROBERT DOMANGUE PATRICIA CAIL DRYDEN IRIS AGNES DUET RUTH MARIE DUCAS ALICE MAY DUPLANTIS BETTY ANN DUPLANTIS CAROLYN ANN DUPLANTIS CLAYTON PAUL DUPLANTIS e . N I s O P H O M O R E s 5 A in X 5,6 bmw f A X R, A 63. JANE DUPLANTIS 4 A I , JUSTILIA DUPLANTIS 'f 'F' .Z ,., 1-' 1: 5 LINDA DUPLANTIS 'D L, 'F' I ALBERT DUPONT .,,," f q " IK ' 31 1', A I , A 'zfib I JULILS DUPONT 1 K .I I , BETTY DUPONT V ibqb DANIEL DUPRE Q A ' ' f ELDRIGK DUPRE I A FLORENCE DUPRE QE 'il I I -blz gf" GERALD DUPRE -- I- MORRIS DUPRE Iii'-.fjZ1i'-' " A 11 VERA DUPRE ROMONA DUPUIS STANWOOD DUVAL DARREI. EDCLEY BARBARA EDMONDS EMELIE ELLENDER NORMA ESCHETE WHITNEY ESCHETE UNA MAE FABRE CHARLENE FALCOUT CYNTHIA FALGOUT LAWERENCE FANCUY in MARGARET FANGUY BERNARD FICK . . THOMAS FICK A A BARBARA FIELDS 1 I - I I 5 CHESTER FIELDS gf- ff: ,':: W ' A- EDMOND FILCE A' :,:E, 'Q Oi 'D Q5 BEATRICE FONSEGA 'I-q 4 f 5 ,. A 4 'f .I . ,Q 1 'Z ,j,, .1 ANNA FORET '.A- '- . . - DAVID FORET , ,q,I . ROSELINE FORET A If I BETTY FREEMAN ZI. - I MARY ANN GARIBOTTE , A I A"' I '-A . Ii 3g'54"'f 5 GARY GASPARD A L ' EVELYN GAUTREAUX , 3 '12 F.. " JUDY GIROIR ff' 4' VIRGINIA GOLDING A DOUG GLEASON III- 1 I CATHERINE GUIDROZ "AAA:,. EULIN GUIDRY frtf Q, MERRILL GUIDRY A - " ' B if RONALD GUIDRY M WARREN GUIDRY LINDA GUZMAN BARRY HARPER RONALD HARRIST LEROY HATCH DIANN HAWTHORNE '5 ..A, SOPHOMORES ALTON HEBERT CAREY HEBERT CLAUDIA HEBERT EARLINE HEBERT GENE HEBERT GERALD HEBERT ,Q '. GERMAINE HEBERT HOUSTON HEBERT I .,... A ,IACQUELINE HEBERT 5 - MURRAY HEBERT 1, SONIA HEBERT A ! 'K - D 1 VALERIE HEBERT CAMILLE HENRY GLORIA HENRY JUDY HICKMAN KENNETH HILSE RUBY JOSEPH HIMEL AUBREY HORNSBY BRADLEY HORNSBY GERALD HUNGERI-'ORD VIRGINIA HUNGERFORD MAMIE HUTCHINSON GENE HYMEL NN wi ' 5 . M N 1 Y L I N ' W Y A fx WN? ,mga 5: A KENNETH JACCUZZO CARL JACKSON A M JUDITH JACKSON , A SANDRA JACKSON f , .,.., ARTHUR KENNEDY R BARBARA KLIESCH - Q, -' LUJJA KNIGHT ' JEAN KNIGHTON CARROLE KRAEMER MALCOLM KRAUS BERNADINE LABIT NERISSA LAFONT IRIS LAGRADE JOYCELYN LANDRY PATRICK LANDRY N WHILEY LANDRY D ,,...J 5 , GAIL LAPEYROUSE ' If 'ZII ' I . .,:I A EARL LEBOEUF HARRIS LEBOEUF Q HORACE LEBOEUF J Q , A A A JANE LEROEUR Sf ' f W' Af A - JOYCE LEBOEUF PATRICIA LEBOEUF RAMONA LAPEYROUSE MARGARET LA ROSE MARY LEATHERS JUDY LE BLANC , SOPHOMORES RICHARD LEBOEUF ROSE MARY LEBOEUF RUSSELL LEBOEUF ALBERT LEDET GERALD LEDET ROLAND LEDET RUTH LEDET MERCEDES LEONARD WAYNE LEONARD SUE LEWIS KENNETH LIGHT ANGELIA LIRETTE BARBARA JANE LIRETTE ERNESTINE LIRETTE GERALDINE LIRETTE LOUIS LIRETTE RAYMOND LIRETTE WAYNE LIRETTE REBECCA LORD A- M 1 T A -. , as 4 , lf' M' 'uf l IIYAF iii Q ,J E ig l-wr ,. 1, 1-- f " 'R LEON MACH CONNIE MALAOARIE A .I Q'A,: JOHN MARLBROUGH RUTH MALBROUGH , ,,, EARL MARCEL A JOHN MARCEL JACQUELYN MARCEL 'R ' JEANETTE MARCEL j .-,. WALTER MARCEL A A VH .:.- A 4, ,Q . 1 FOREST MARCHAND A 'm n A .Tiq A CAIL MARIE . ,.,A ':'b.-b I ,E .b LORETTA MARIE Al l "" MARJORIE MARMANDE ROY MARMANDE HAROLD MARTIN MARY LEE MARTIN PHYLLIS MARTIN ROSABELLE MARTIN RUFFIN MARTIN CLODEL MATHERNE KATY MATHERNE SANDRA MATHERNE VANESSE MATHERNE WALTER MOCARTY ROBERT McCLENDON ARTHUR MCFATTER FRANCES MESH PAUL MICHEL CLARA MILLER MARY NELL MITCHELL KAREN MOOSA - ...Tw A ..": i U R T 1 A...-- ,fa RV! 9 fb W TN , ik 7 l n f . uni: .. ., qi Q b ':::.f,.f I 'jf I I. an :--- . - A Y M A-A . A , f . I 'Q f F31 si: 1435 ' N - ,fr L' -' -A I i f zrlb P? A AL H A "LP: I an -A ' Y A- ... 6 Vw Q Q.. si T N . S - ., EQI- 1 x Y , if N Q 1 H : A ex X R A ai' ' E V' Z' -la A. ., Q. Nh v "", ' f ,,,, . , I 4 R I2'I"i'j!fIT'VE A' , f""" I I . v,'k , 1 N ,,,, I I QI.. X H SOPHOMORES BRENDA NAQUIN GERALDINE NAQUIN KIRBY NAQUIN MARYLEE NAQUIN MYRTLE NAQUIN EARLINE NEAL ANN NEIL RALEIGH NEIL AUDREY NETTLETON DORIS OATES PAULINE OLIN EARLINE OLIVIER HOWARD OUBRE LEO PAHLKE DOROTHY PARKER IRIS LEE PARSONS BRENDA PELLECRIN CHARLENE PELLEGRIN CONSTANCE PELLEGRIN DAVID LEE PELLEGRIN DUAINE PELLEGRIN ERNEST PELLEGRIN IRWIN PELLEGRIN MILTON PELLEGRIN PEGGY PELLEGRIN WILLIS PELLEGRIN DANIEL PERCLE CECILIA PESNELI, KATHLEEN PETTIGREW .IUDY PICOU ELIZABETH PINNEY HENRY PIPES CAROLYN PITRE ERROL PITRE GERALD PITRE KENNETH PITRE LINDA PITRE LUCY PITRE MONA PITRE LOUIS PLANCHE FANNIE PORCHE MARVIN PORCHE ERIC PORTIER GERALD PORTIER JOAN POTTER LIICILLE POTTER GERALDINE POWELL PERRY PRESTENBACK AUDREY PRICE LORETTA PRIMEAUX SOPHOMORES HAROLD PRITCHARD MICHEAL PROSPERIE GILBERT PYLE LYNETTE RAY GINGER RAYNE JUDITH REDDEN DELORES REDMOND EARLINE REDMOND WILLIAM REVELLE LARRY REYNOLDS CAROLYN RHODES IRMA RHODES LAURA RHODES ROSEMARY RHODES GLEN RICHARD RAY RICHE MIKE ROBICHEAUX RUBY ROBICHEAUX ALICE MAY ROBICHEAUX MARIE RODDY EDWARD RODRIGUE DONALD ROGERS KATHLEEN ROSS PIERETTE SAMANIE WILMONTH SAUNDERS CLARA DEAN SCOTT EUNICE SCOTT JOAN SCHIBI ELVETA SIMS RICHARD SINCLAIR JUANITA SMITH PATRICIA SMITH PRENTICE SMITH JUDY ANN SONNIER NOE' ST. AMANT JO ANN STANLEY ELIZABETH STEVENS ANN STRINGER NANCY STRINGER DOUGLAS SUIRE DALE SUNBERY MERLIN TALBOT CATHERINE THERIOT EVELYN THERIOT JEROME THERIOT RONNIE THERIOT CECELIA THIBODEAUX JUDITH THIBODEAUX MAURICE THIBODEAUX ALBERT THOMAS s if . .... . , SK if ,ff my i'5gf ' A M - Q ,Z I f,.: i Vhvl zziv Jn fE' ' J - 1 ix I ,,J.. Q n ARR" A - 'zug I: I ' ':,'-34 I A A HA-1 "'Qi ki Iw, ',,- f ' i s L '.2, ., SV 'A I Q -ILI H QJHJJZIIAEII 'H 91, ,.., SEX i sh L14 , -A k .Q A A, H Q3 . I 5. 0. ' ui: 40. 'FJ 'T ..-. .. ? '11 . A .,, Jw fxigfi If .-., .lhb y Y :,.. S Gif 1 Q . ,, IVII' 2 I V Q ,,.. In ,, . ztr Q :vk- 5 L fe ,AH mf I L ' fg , ' ' f X 1' E ','- -. A :E :.:v' X 5 'W :ZJ" M 3 ' Fm '-'- S . A 333- L :" ' . 9' A .1 :IP , IAAI ff.f --f-- J'-: 'Q SOPHOMORES PEGGY TORBERT .A GLORIA TOURS 1 "" .Q"" ' ' DANIEL TRAHAN EARL TRAHAN PATRICIA TRAHAN LARRY USE ELAINE IISIE GLORIA VALURE X JOHN VICE A "',2- f , MELVA VICE A :" TE A'A, 1 JERRY vmos I R K T X "-1 -1- if I I I,I RUSSEL YOISIN I I Y- --A. 1, X I ' ' TIMOTHY VOISIN - , HANSEL VOSS I CAROLYN WALKER In A I I. GERALD WALKER i .I.!Q I ' Eff ,xbv I TERRY WALLACE h X JANE WANTLIN T' 3 Y O ' , RONALD WARD THOMAS WEBB h ROBERT WEBRE JO ANN WEEKS CARLA WHIPPLE CLENDA WHIPPLE A I MARLA WHIPPLE ROY WHIPPLE GLENDA WHITE KAREN WHITNEY ROSE WHITNEY BONNIE WIGHTMAN 55 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Whunlimr' llivlmrml Ifllfvrl. Nl'ilN'1lZ Roxio l,m-as-1-io, lhnln-rin llmnunglu-, Judy huvnw. RICHARD El,FER'l' ..... ...., JITDY SAVOIE .... ....... I 'ir RUSIE LOCASCIO ...... HOBERTA I DOM ANC! TE ......... 56 Presivlvlll r-Pesiflent Secrvlary . TFCGSIIVTUT f j RAG I .4 I5 xx .. . F-L - Q , Q N ., g ,fx X X i f. M in :J- ,M F' Y R R R A e I S I -Q A - :. A U' . ' I , A , . - E. Ti .,., .5 If--' .E , lax at :,s 1 K A ' A ' .b:, ' D' 'ww . .A S15 kg, ' A -"Q' 49-,,.' A ? " Q if M N 6. f '4 -i1" Q I A A N ,, QKYL1 sa . I I . LS M5 L . X ar' N.--, X v ' K, .. . X H -..H .- as I I Q izh . .N Lj -, lim ' "-' -X A f A l A -A '-.., .-- I ,X J g l Er Ii 'S , ,g.. W- 'Q 'nfl-kv X RMK? XS Y, gk K X e FRESHMEN NOLAN ADOUE MONROE ANTILL PHILIP AUCOIN EDGAR AUTHEMENT MORGAN AUTHEMENT MICHAEL AYCOCK MARK BABIN DONALD BASCLE BARRY BENOIT CLARK BERGERON JERRY BERGERON KENNETH BERGERON ROBERT RERGERON SILVIA BLANCHARD TOMMY BLANCHARD GERALD BONVILLIAN DUDLEY BOUDLOCHE EVELYN BOUDREAUX LARRY ROIIDREAUX RALPH ROUDREAUX RICHARD BOUDREAIIX RONALD BOUDREAUX SIDNEY BOUDREAUX TIMOTHY BOUDWIN LOGAN BREAUX NOE' BREAUX LEO BRIEN PEGGY BROUSSARD JUDY BRUNET LARRY BRUNET FRANK BUTLER JANICE CANTRELLE PATRICIA CANCIENNE PATRICIA CANUTESON NORMAN CENAC ROLAND CENAC KENNETH CHAISSON AUDREY CHAMPAGNE DOUGLAS CHAUVIN JAMES CHAUVIN BERNARD COLLINS KENNETH COMEAUX JESSIE DARCEY JOHN DERRICK MICHAEL DILL SANDRA DILL MARVIN DOMANGUE RAY DOMANGUE ROBERTA DOMANGUE EDNA DuBOIS FRESHME CAROLYN DlII'I.AN'I'IS HERERT DUPRE .IERRY DIIPRE KERRY DUPRE LARRY DUPRE RICHARD ELFERT ROIIRY FANCUY DAVID FONSECA KERRY FON'I'ENO'I' LARRY FORET NELSON FREEWIAN JANE CIIIDRY .IOY CUIDRY ROBERT CIIIDRY RANDOLPH HATCH ALLEN HERERT CARROLL HEBERT CHARLES HEBERT LEROY HEBERT MICHAEL HEBERT DIANA HENRY HIIBERT HICKOX EARL HICKS LARRY KIITCHINSON CECIL ,IANISE RICHARD JOHNSON VIRGINIA KRIECER RAY LAIIAT ROY LAHAT CLENDA LAMBERT AARON LAPEYROUSE DAVID LAPEYROUSE STEPHEN LAPEYROUSE ANN LeIBLANC .IOHN WAYNE LeBLANC GERALD I.eROIIEE MALCOLM I,eIiOUEF RUSSELL LeIlOUEF RONNIE LECKELT CHARLES LEDET HENRIE'I"I'A I.EDE'I' MAREL LEDET MARY LEONARD .IUDITH LIRETTE OCTAVE LIRETTE ROSIE LOSCASCIO RUSSELL LYONS WANDA MCCARTY BARBARA MCWILLIAMS GERALD MALBROUCH . z ,.- ,Q A .V 4, ,. I WAP Al' f Y 25 W., 'AW ,,.x I 1- A I ,L.." if "E' I , ..,,,I f I 'ff if Q 5, ,'.., V 11. ., II' Q A ,.. SS - I ' .,., 4 WF M Q1 :-v- A I, E ff X S22 U11 S' 2.1 ASHA 4 Q, figs? MQ if as ,g I ,W W4 , HI 5 Q- Q I ,III ' I N .. 1' Q ,C I g Q. Q ' 30 fgfiw I , if ll 5:2 X 1 , ., N. H356 S I Iw i H .LI 'E ' , ,' I r I H , .,.:.: 5' I E , 1 , AH 6 H .1,,w.,., .utl :-, ., ,.,.. -'Av , -b ...: Q ,:, R, SQ 3 .,,.. If V Q ...,f H. It " ,fl vf" N 'N ""' I I .vl . ,V my M 5 , I ..:,.:,. W : t x X S 5 as 2'-HF if?- A . bm. -AG "' W' S as S. Ax -.,. u IEQIQEIEIEIEIEIEIIEEIEIEIEIIEEIEIEIEIEIEIIEIEIIEIIEIEIEIIEIEIELIEIEIEIEIIEIE El EI EI El EI El E E! E EI EI IE El EI El IE IE EI IE EI E1 El EI EI El IE El EI El lil E1 EI El EJ EI El El I3 IE El El El El IE El El El EI El El El EI El El IE El E E El E1 4 kin gummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm G 0 D 0 F WA R With 1'IlQ't'l'S xw lmil our flnluurt youlh: Fair SlNbl'IrlIlilIIH'lill ilu-5' fhow. in Irulll. In ull 1'UIlll'5lr. Wllillt' 1-r ilu-lr izilv. 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NIU: l.m'kpol'l 1.lllllllHll'l'1'P , U 'l'4'l'l'Q'llllIlIl1'.. UW: VIXIIHNIIILHIX .... ..... . . fr 'l'1-rn-lmnm'.. . T: .ll'Nllil .. ,, fn 'I'4'l'l'l'IHlllIll'.. ..l2: l,:1 lllulllgy- . .. T 'll1I'I'l'IHlIllll'.. .1301 HI. Xlmxiux .. ..2ll 'lvl'I'l'l'INlIllll'.. MIT: I". 'lf Xi1'Ilnll5 .. .. U 'Ixl'I'I'1'll0llIlQ'.. .QZUI lfalwl .I1'HAt'I'hllll .. ..1ZI ,l'4'l'l'l'll0llll4'.. H201 Ihbglillllvl ..... H20 vl'4'I'l't'lNHlIl1'.. ..l-I1 Blllllll HUIIQLR' . H20 ,l't'l4I'1'llUIIllf'.. . . 15: llulllolis' High . .. ll 'I'f'l'l4l'lDllIIIl1'.. .. U: Islftllllllll ............ ,I I4 'lwQ'I'I'l'll0lIll1'.. . .I I: Ilolx lfruxs lliil Howl! IH wlill'HlgQ'I'NI Hal-il .'xf1'0l'lx.. llnmurnl Uulnrn-. lAlI'I'j Voir 0 LUX NYlI'I'll .l.XIil'I UXl,Iil'IlI , W , 1'nr5 N:llll'ng1'.Xxxnr4l Qlmrl1'rIuu-l- flllh .Xuxl ' NInsll'nup1'rllIil4' mul 1-,ll1'l'll. HZIFGIII -Kyvnvk fl'1'llll'I'J, illlll Iwi' vourl I nwlllsh Nnrhlmrw .hxurul -IUIIN uvflix I.0l IS I'ISK'llI'I'l'I-1 HAH., UR1,Y JXVK ffllfli Klux! lmprmn-d l'ln,u-r IM--1 Itlm-In-r lil-sl lPl'fl'llsill' lim-la lh-sl IM-I'1-n-ixr I.im-lnun 3 3 4 . -.1mw1fx.Slef,fw,f ' LOUIS ESCHETE ALBERT DUPONT Teclde ""fUW?fi'B'if""' R L, - J .I ,.,, ELWOOD BE R S 5 v BILLY REVELLE , End ', Halfback OMAR CARPENTER Tackle CHARLES PITRE l L1" KENNETH CHAISSON MILTON CANQIENNE jk 9 X I , L w .vie Guard 'hgxgfgyzgfw' 4. -A L SAVE ,. f 4 J. P. LEDET ecirle Im' 'A T The S If FRANK HENR HN MCCOY GARY PIERCE e JAKE WALKER HaIIbacII QW' I :. ..,.. .. X y I , I X . . . 4 . . "-' Lov SMITH 'Ijgi DON GIROIR LIII Q il H-Nb-CI RICHARD BOUDREAUX Eff .. Fullback I-,. ' ' and LAWRENCE BONVILLAI End -I .... 3. 'Ii '5'?1.I. as ., my - , I,gi..f3 Mme AYCOCK gm 41. VINCENT SAGONA Quarterback U KENNETH HILSE 53- T E ,.,, 10 K I ' - ' f K! If COACH SEEBER L . 'Q E9 ' Q? UQ T N 2 W T I T M Hnlfback wig -I 'WH EARL HICKS ERNEST PELLEGRIN g, 'X Qs ALLEN DETIVEAUX EARL GROS LEROY HATCH BOB McCLENDON -s,. Mvmrvm- Guard GERALD PITRE - .Kb 'H ""'0"Z'f7i"-fxff , . VW - .r as 'J JACK COOK neue RUSSELL LE BOEUF H Ubaclz DONNIE GLEASON 'Sw M, .. - ,, ,I 1, WAYNE Lmsm A if 'A u ca-.Ms "1 1 ,P Q F ,I I " 4.211.- N ik JERRY CROFFORD TER RE Bt DNNE VS THIHUDAUX The Terrehonne Tigers defeated the Thihodaux Tigers for their first vietory in the i956 season. l9-6. Thihodaux fumhled on the first play and Smith reeoyered and raeed oyer for the first touehdown. Conversion was no good. The Tigers reeoyered their own kiek-ofl' and after a few attempts. Smith again went all the way to seore. Conversion was good. ln the seeond half Terrehonne reeovered a Thi- hodaux fumhle on the thirty-two yard line. Gros went over for the touehdown. Thihodaux managed to push aeross six points in the final quarter. Repeated attaeks hy Lelloeuf. Smith. tliroir and a pass from NleCoy to Revelle hronghl the hall to the ten yard line. The Tigers eould go no further. TERREBUNNE VS .IESUIT The Tigers field the heavier. more experienced ,lesuit lllue .lays to a tremendous yietory, 7-6. The game was played in the Tiger Stadium. .lesuit seored its touehdown first. the tally eoming early in the seeond quarter. A pass from the quar- terhaelx M. lf. llasluzue to end. Fritz Miller. eovered thirty-tive yards. Terre-honne's touehdown eame in the fourth period. when fullhaeli fliroir hlasted his way over from the one foot marker to elimax an eighty-three yard pass from quarterhaela Mefioy to end Revelle. TERREBONNE VS LA GRANGE Terrehonne Tigers journeyed to Lake Charles to heat the l,a Grange flators. lil-7. The Tigers' first touehdown eame in the first half of the seeond quarter when Melfoy powered his way over for a touehdown from the ten yard line. Smith intereepted a pass on his forty yard line. l.a tlrange wiped out this lead early in the fourth quarter when .lohnny Histon kit-ketl the extra point after Daniel Manuel had seored from the sixteen on the third play of the final play. l.ate in the fourth quarter Smith powered his way for twenty-five yards and the seore. 'YERREIIONNE VS ST. ALOYSIUS The Terrehonne Tigers tied the St. Aloysius Cru- saders 20-20 at the Tiger Stadium. sf A St, Aloysius won tlte toss and eleeted to reeeive. tliroir kieked off. St. Aloysius hrought the hall hack to the 30 yard line where they played a first down. The Tigers held them and they punted on their fourth down. The Tigers, however. were unahle to move. and they punted on the fourth. St. Aloysius fumhled on their seeond down. Earl tlros pieked up the hall and after fumhling it ahout four times. .reaehed the goal. There he again fumhled. hut it was reeovered hy Billy Revelle. The Tigers made their first touehdown. ln the- seeond quarter St, Aloysius seored a toueh- down when the Tigers fumhled a punt and reeov- ered. Russell l,eBoeuf took the kiek-off for Terre- honne and went all the way for Terrehonne's seore. Final seeore was 20-20. TERREBONNE V S NICHOLLS The Terrehonne Tigers lived up to their favorite role as they walloped the F. T. Nieholls Rehels 47-0 in Terrehonne Stadium. l,eBoeuf seored the first Terrehonne touehdown. sweeping around his end for a 35 yards run into pay dirt. lliroir kieked the extra point. Smith hroke over his taekle and raeed 56 yards into the end zone during the seeond quarter. l.eBoeuf took a punt hy Ronald Flehlund on his 20 and handed off to Smith on a reverse play. Smith sprinted down the sideline for another Terrehonne touehdown. tliroir kieked extra point, Lawrence Bnnvillain hroke through the Hehel line. intereepted a hand ofl. and raeed from nine- yards for a touehdown. Smith made the next two touehdowns with the help of Mt-Coy. tliroir made extra points for both touehdowns. The final Terrehonne touehdown eame with 7:l11- minutes left in the game when Kenneth Chaisson hroke loose and ran Tl yards for the tally. tliroir's eonyersion was good. TERREBONNE VS EAST JEFFERSON The extra point in a 20-2l seore eheated the Ter- rehoune Tigers out of a well deserved victory over the East ,leflerson Warriors. :Xfter an East ,leflerson kielc. the Tigers topped a 70 yard drive with .lohn McCoy scoring the touch- down. Don lliroir converted. The third quarter hegan as the Warriors recov- ered a Tiger fumlmle on the Tiger l7. The Xvarriors went over for a touchdown a couple of plays later with the conversion good. A few plays later. Smith scored on a 30 yard gallop. ln the fourth quarter. the Warriors scored on a 56 yard aerial. The conversion was good. McCoy climaxed a 70 yard Tiger drive hy scoring from 6 yards out. lliroir converting. A 5l yard pass put the Wiarriors deep in Tiger territory. They aerialed to the end zone and converted. TERREBONNE VS BOGALUSA The Terrehomie Tigers tied the Bogalusa l.um- herjacks. 20-20. here in the Tiger stadium hefore the homecoming crowd and court. lfarly in the first quarter a Tiger fumhle was re- covered hy Bogalusa on the 20 yard line and six plays later Stringfield scored with Boss converting. l.ater in the quarter the Tigers scored on a 4-1 yard pass from McCoy to Charles Pitre. Giroir converted to tie the seore. l.ate in the second quarter Bogalusa drove 45 yards for a score. Boss converted and the half ended. The third quarter began hy Bogalusa turning a Tiger fumhle into six points. l.ater in the quarter. after taking over the hall on downs. l,oy Smith gal- loped 7l yards to pay dirt. Conversion was no good. With 20 seconds left in the game. Loy Smith made a touchdown. Don Ciroir saved the game when he kicked the game-tying extra point. The score was 20-20, TERREBUNNE VS BATON ROUGE The Terrebonne Tigers lost a hard fought hattle to the Baton Bouge Bulldogs in Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge. H-26. After nine plays in the first quarter. .loe Harris scored for the Bulldogs. Baton Rouge made another 'l',D. later in the first quarter. Late in the second quarter l,oy Smith streaked over to pay dirt and the first Tiger touchdown. Don tliroir hooted the hall for the extra point. The third quarter hegan with Wendell Harris slipping hy the Tiger defenders for a 'l'.D. The Tigers were hacked to their one yard hy penalties and a quick kick. The kick was hlocked and the Bulldogs played on the Tiger three. Again they scored and converted. With only four minutes remaining in the game the Tigers passed to ,lohn Nlcffoy who raced forty yards for a touchdown. Kliroir again converted. TERREBONNE VS CA'l'll0l.IlI IIIGII Terrehonne High School's Tigers out-swam and out-slid the hapless Catholic lligh School Golden Bears to the tune of 45-0 in a Southeast District contest on a water-logged foothall Held in Baton Bouge. McCoy tossed a 43 yard pass to end. Cary Pierce. for the first Terrehonne touchdown. McCoy's 29-yard sprint registered the second Ti- ger tally six plays after the second quarter hegan. Kenny Chaisson picked up a fumhle hy Charles Viverta. four plays after McCoy's tally and raced 45 yards for another Tiger score. McCoy made a 72-yard run for another Tiger touchdown. Don fliroir. who kicked all of the extra points for Terrehonne. intercepted a pass from .lensen llolli- day and ran 38 yards for the score. Earl Gros swept around his right end for -13 yards and the next Tiger touchdown. l,oy Smith picked up the final Tiger score. a four yarder, TERREBUNNE VS ISTRUUMA The Terrehonne High School Tigers tore up the gridiron for the last time in the regular l956 season. losing to lstrouma 0-I-1 in a game played in the Terrehonne stadium. Terrehonne threatened to score in the second quarter when McCoy passed to l.eBoeuf who car- ried the hall to the four yard line. The lndians recovered on a fumhle in the next play. l.eBoeuf and McCoy made several futile attempts to carry the hall into the end zone. Donald Smith. lstrouma fullhack. scored hoth touchdowns for the Indians. The first was scored in 63 yards, eight plays. Smith made good on the conversion and the score was 7-0. Smith took the hall again on the line of scrimmage to chalk up 6 more points for the determined Indians. l,ynn :Kina- dee. lndian quarterback. kicked the extra point. m'1"2M'-mvfxlm ani ,Ls ' tlH l'l.,XY IIARISX K'Il,XICl,lCS l'l'l'lil'I GICNIC ROISIFIIAI X .IICIHKI Iil'l'f'llIl ' X 1 XICIII III GARY l'lICIH'l'I JOHN XIMXOY lil NhluI,I. l,1'ISUI'Il I-' ILXRX I0 '. l'l.INl'I I'0Rl'IlI-I .NHC 'I'l4Il 'FUN LOGAN ILKISIN .IAKIC N.XI,IiI'1IC 1956-'57 BOYS' BASKETB LL liuskvllmll Swvvllwnrl l'lI..X I N IC l'l'I'll l'I 'flu' 1956-57 buys' lvaskvl- lrull scason proved lu be wry slwm-vssflll. Alaly cuzlcllvcl by Mr. Harold Copes, the team 4-rwuurltevcl many nolalmlv lozuns in Triple A cmnpeli- lion and l'lIl6I'gk'd vim-lurinus in lhe nmajurily of lhvir ganws. COLD K'Ul'I'fN UTIS Iilll f'0lll'Il Nl1lllll2l'T IH. Y pw - .1 1. w. M WN 5 wr 1 5 if' is. X . , uw K., ,X . 5, X NAM 5 F sign. W ., . X SWS Lsarsxzi if Q N. S is AA w . Q . ff' 'Nw 8 E 5. uv? '3 1 , W! li 'X ,gn . 1 E1 xl A ' f A , 4. ,1 ' Q 51 5 ya? 501: ,Qc J 01, R .4' uf' . I 'if 53? 901+ G X 4 H S. - :Em 5 1 ,SN 5 Q ,K xl 5. E Btwn . W 'ffifgf QM '14 ":. . A Gifs? V A 'Q is .K 5,5 rg' ll lib ' mrs-:A f r gp F Y V 2 Q? ly, l'l'l'l'lllClCS ANI! f'A'l'1'lll'lRS lNl"ll'lLll I"irsI lion: -Inkv lhxllwr, lhulil-I 'l'rulmn, llnllxrlns Sllire. First Row: Hurry llonvillnin, Irving' lie-rm-ron, Norman 5l'1'llllll Row: f'lllll'lPh lflll'l'll, llurrpl Burke, Nm-l Bvnoil. fum-0, Ihllwrt lhnmmguv. Sa-1-uml Rum: llnrrp liolh, .lun gl-1-pllqlln 'l'vul0n, I4-on Garp, liurl Hicks. First lhm: lin-ail Ellclslz-3, tinrg Galslmrll, Arthur Mn- SIANAGICIK .XSD i'0.U'll lfxlllvr, l4IIuoml lh-r, No-1-mul Huw: Gxlry l'ivr1'f', Allen Bun- llnwurql tluhre, Nlnlmgvrg -luv Johnson, l'1lIll'll, xilluin, Plug lmrlu, Loy Smith. 'If lhe- lvrrvlmnm' ligvrs opened the 1954 base- llfl5El31'll1lA Ffllllilllllrlf 'mu Spastm undm- the guidance of 3 new Coach. lllkll'f'lI 29 ....................... ' ..,. lslrouma Vllerv Aprll 2 baton Runge 'lhere Mr, Jose-ph jolmsmm, Wllll the l6tlf'I'lIl6Il return- April .... Rngalusa 4 Theme , . , .Kpril lfatlwlic lliggll -He-rf' mg from the 56 squad anfl the many new cancll- Avril A..'1,m,u,,,a, '1'1,er,, flute-s. the- loam is working lmrcl to earn its sharf' Aprfl 'Ri""n Rouge New April ..... llogalusa--Here of wif-lurivs, Cond luck, Tigers! 70 April ifullmlim' lligrll There gil H X 1 YK 4' . X Rl SM gli is , Q' Y ,sy 4? mg 'tg if zqei Q CHEERLEADERS DA IDR! DLS Ollh Ii0l Rh JAK I LLO BON Nl IC l"0l'1'lI IGUX lPOI5lAN1il' E MAXINIC BRl'Nl'I'l' EDDIIC XYICISH EIT PEGIEY l'l'll,LI'llilClN EmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmE E E E Ei' EI El E E EI EI El El 'E E EI EI E E El EI EI El La El E E El EI 'E E EI EI El EI E' E E 5' El El El EI EI EI E14 EI m El ElmmmE1mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfinalElmmmm QRPHEUS S I GUI! Ulf' Mlfflil f,l'llIl1'llN IDIilX1'1l IIINPII Illw Illll'. Xml llw Illllhll' ui bmi- m- :lun I re-1 I , . lmul. Irwin ull lllfht' mlm If-ml illl 1-41 U 'lllllNi1'1l1'!Hll'Illll'lll gvl-11 l'Ill'4'I'. ' 1 51 'I 'I' 74 a I ,fl Ju, 'Hui m 'W P D I h 5 u is P",hJ1t,:4l 5E::.1,. .az Spirit of Urpfleus.. ahh- A Hu. as qrhlnl qqqn Thv Turrvlmnm- High School Choir, unflc-r lhv rlirvm-lion of Miss Jackie Cooke. ,MvM4NMwmm- E 3 +-FI 'fi TERREBONNE HIGH SCHOOL GI . . . . . . . . lo lln-1' wt' lifl our voivvs l11 ll11- I1'.ul1l11111 ul ll111lu'11m "111ll1 11111-1-N plv-1lg,1111gg lu-.11'I .11ul -1111g1.M ll11 ll1'11:11I1111-1111'l1.11l1'1l:111.11'1i11-11-.111u111L111ul1'1111111l1-l1'1l ll111ll11'11Il111-1,1-111. ll11- l.l11111' 11111-11111-ml 1111 11111111-111' 11.1g1'1 lll.lll4' Il- lll'-l :111111':11'.1111'1- ul 1l11' 11 11 l11l1111 Ill' l-1111 11111 llllli 1 111111 1.1111u'11I14111 111 Xvw ll1'l1'.111N 111 l:111' 'X11111111lu'1' 11lu'1'1- Ilu-1 x.111g ll11'1-1- 11 1s:1N lllgillllgllllvrl I11' lll4'lI' glllvxl 11II1'1ul.11u'1' .11 llu' XII 51.111-l.l111r11N 1'111u'1-rl. llux 11l1111u1l 11 1u1l-11111 f111 llu l111111111 IS111111 I'1,11111 . 1-' '1 11 frm 1l:11N l:111'1' lllltl 111111u'1l1.1l1-lx l11-g.111 1'1-l11-.11w111g f111 ll11 lllllllll 4 l111 lllll 111111111 11l111-l1 Ilu-1' 111'1--1'11I1-1l lT1'1'1'111l11-1 1111-11111-Ill. 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Vw-1:1111 I1l11.11l1IH1 l1ll"'l ll"V5l"""H1 NN X1-1-1111111.111iNl1 xllll lilu-.1. H1-11111'l1'r. ll11' llm- ll111111N ll11'l11wi xxllll ll1'1'11111l1 XX.1llu-1' 11- l11'1'-ul1'11l 1lNNlNl"4l nllll ll11 ll11111 ll111 I1111 4111111I ll11'1 :1lx11 I1111lx 11.11'l 111 lllt' lv-l11.1l 111'1'l411111.11111'N 111 Ilu- 4fl1111'.1l 1l1-11.111111-'111 llllul -1ll1111 1111l111l11l l1111ll ll4'Ill'N. X11'1'-l'1'1-N11l1-11l: ll11l11'1'I XI1-11-1'11111'l1.N-1-11-lz11'x-l1'1'11-111'1-1'g Xl11'l1111-I X111-111 lllX I1l11111111 Nw!! d M A f", 1. 1' RLS CHORUS lllc' l',llSl'llllllf'S wvrf' wry itl'lIYf' lll lllf' Choral I,PIlill'llIlPlll lllftlllglltllll lllf' yvar. Tlwy sang lwforf- 1-iviv vlnlms. tlw l'.'I'.A.. Mnsie' l'ur1'nt groups, SllHlf'lll il!4!4t'lllllllt'S untl otlwr groups in aulflition to llwir pvrforni- illlt'f'S with the! choir untl l'llUl'llSl'S for tlw major 4'on4'Prls. St'lf't'lf'Il for f-mvlttltlr' work on IIN- lmusis of tlif-ir vovul ulmility unml flt'lN'l'2ll lllll5lt'lllll- ship. the-y pe-rforlns-ml 21 vullmlmlm- sr'rx'ir'm' to tln' 1-nlirf' llf'lH.ll'lllll'lll. Hogs' ldlisvllllrlv Illl'llllll'I'N im'lll1l1'4l: Roh- 1-rtt Nl:-Corlnit-Ii nntl .I1-nn I'itrn-, llrst tvn- or-: llc-'rnmn Xhlllu-r, .lim llolnlra-:lux nnal Rolnntl Fhnnvin, M-4-ond t4-nors: Iivt-rn-tt llt-nry, Wilhnr liohivhnnx und N:-'son f'IN'l'lllllll', Imritonn-N: l':llg'1'lll' Bnhin, llnr- xvp f'lll'l'IlHl nnul lionnhl tinitlrp, Inns:-s. liirla' I'1nsn-nihlv Ill4'lllIN'l'N ilu-Illlh-ni: Yvonne' l'or4-lu-, Kathryn Iiollrgn-ois nnll Fnrol lironll, lirst NUQIFIIIIONQ l'lll lirl-1:11. Slnrthn, follins, l'nrol lla-rgw-ron und Unth- l'I'iIl9 lHllll4'IlllI'll, st-1-ond aoprnnos: Lnnnlr l,e'l!ocut'. tilt-nuln lmnix nn4I I'I1Iith ICM-Ill-tt-, nlto-. 'I'h1- fhoir f'llIlIl1'll uns 1'Illll'gl'4l uith the- rvsnonsihiltp ot' In-lning to 1I4-la-rlninv t'hoir poliq, nmking join llsNig'llllll'll'S1lllll otln-rwisu nssistim: in planning' Fhoir no--V tixitiew for the 3:-nr, Ninn-1' lhv Fhoir nxvlnln-rship rl-'pro-Q-nts-tl nll thu 1-hornl groups this 4-onnvil M-ru-4I lllllfl' or I4-M ns xm sh-1-ring 1-onnniltn-v nnml vo-orclinntvll nll ot' tht- lI1'lllll'illll'lll work. N'ithout this aussi:-tulle-0 to the- tlirvvtor in orgnnizn- lionul nh-tnils the- groups uonlcl lmvs- hm-n nnuhlu to func-tion sm-4-vnst'nll3. Vhoir ol'- livvrs und 1-ounvil Illl'llIlll'l'h sn-rvml ns fol- loxu: Studs-nt 1'umIn1'tor, Jolt-no Johnson: l'rq-sillrnt, lifflllllll XYnllu-rg Vie-1--l're-si ds-nt, Lxunnr In-lhn'lll': Svc-rs-tnrl, CIIYIPIQII H'nllu-rg Trl-nnnror. Julniv H ilI1'nhvrg'p Li- hrurinn, Roluntl Vhnnxin: Assistnnt Li- Inrnriun, Marg lille-n Lnnulrgc Ntxuzv- Mun- ngor, Flu-rx-tt llvnn: l'uhli1-ity flllllflllllll. Wilbur Rohit-linux: .x4'1'0IlllHlllihi, Dinnn lhuhlaul. Nllllll'lll 1'ululll1'tnr ill Ilu- Vhnrlil I,l'lllll'lllll'lll, .lull-llu Juhll- s llll, lliscllssn-s llu- lllllsil- llilll lll-pxlrlllu-lll lu-1-ulllpzlllis llillllll lllulllllll llllll I'lll Url-gg. xlllvll ul' llll- vm-:lit fur s ls, Ill'- l-4-ssful Ill-rfurllllllu-4-s is ellll- to Ilu- lllllhllllllllllll llorll ul' llll-so slluln-llls. l'l'Q-sillvllls 'l'llisll-r llu-llllrc-ll lllul lll'I'lllllIl lhlllu-l' lul iii I ' lil l' s llllll lim s' l'luurlls l'l'spl-l'lil1'I3 ill Ilu- Al 1'lll'N' lll'lllllll'N -1-ipic-llls ul' Ilu- ,xI'lUIl .hlllrll lll'l' svllfclvll ln' Ilu-ir l'e-l- luw sllllll-nts, 'l'lu- hllsis for sz-ll-l-Iillll is lllllsivialllslli 1'Illll'lll'll'l'. xllul sa-rxiq-v lu ilu- lla-llllrlnu-lll. 'I'Ilis lll'1'Nl'lllll- lil all ls lllllllt' lllllllllllll hp Hrs. lllllll' Nvutl ill honor ul' llu l- lhllle- Svllll. fnlllllln-r nf ilu- llllxlrll. lllilflllllvllllll rl'- llll 1-illil-llls lu-ro l'lllllll'r I'lll'llllllL'lllll lllul I,llrr5 llPl'gl'l'lv EIEIEIEIEII 'l'lu- lllllll- Sl-ull Nlvllllwiill .Krioll Allllrll for alll olll- slxllllliuu' l'l'4-0l'lI ill llll- l'lulrxlI Ill'p:lrIllu'lll lll-lll In Ill'l'lllllll llllllwr, sl-lvrll-ll hy lhl- Vlulir llll-llllll-rsllill :ls tlll- l'l'l'lllll'lll. 'l'lu- liilllll fllllllvil is 4-ulllpnsl-ll ol' se-ln-ll high rllllllillg ullim-rs llllll llurlliturs llluv xliel llll- llll'l'l'llll' ill lh-ll-lopilllg illlll lullllillisll-rillu Ilu- stllllvlll :ull-rllllu-lll proglwllll ul' Ilu- Illslrllllu-lllzll llllsil' I,l'liill'llll1'lll, 'l'Ill-sl- xllIll1'lllN lllul lHll'lll':lNll1'lI ill All-Nllllv Url-lu-slrll lu-rv sl-Il-1-Il-ul lllulll rl-rolllllll-llllalliull nl' ilu-il' lIil'4-l'lol', from lllllulrl-lls nl' alllplil-llllls llflllll t'l2lll1'l'Il HX! l,4lllisi- nllll high srlluuls. 'l'lu- url-lu-slrll rl-lll'lll'sa'lI for Illrve- llllps xll I..S.l'. lllul lun-sl-lllm-ll ll 1-lvlu-l-rl ill Nvll f,!'Il'llllN for llu- llllall prngrllln nl' ilu- Lollisillllxl lilllll-llturs mmf i l-llt iull. w l'i1-lurq-ul allmu' is llu- 'l'1'I'l'l'll0l1lll' lligll S4-lmul f10lll'1'l'l lgilllll umln-r Ihr clirn-1-lion of Mr. jnlnl VV. Sh-wart. 'l'ln- riwl'I'I'1'lN,llllll' lligli Svluml Cmimw-rl Hum! llll1il'l' ilu- 1lirf'r-limi ul' Nir. .lolm Slvwairt, is mil -lumiing on lin- Iimzllmll livlil, on tin- vmu-Ml singi- llllll in lllll'il1iL'4. :XI minl-tr-rm. wiiivli is link vnri of footirull svusnii Q O Q : E R N llu- lIl0I't' Ll4lXilll1'l'4i play-IN uf lin- Tigcr Burial ure sc-I -vlml In vuin nm- lilt' fi0Ilt'l'l'i llwnai. Thi: i'n1l 1 1 . - ni pre-sa-rits unnuul filll'iSlIIILlr uml Spring liumw-rls. VXI Slam' Niusim' i"1'hliYLli.Iilt'lliKIlli.llQL2lillilliSy1'lll' rr-vviwil xiipvrim' ruling- in ilu- Claw A 1liYi4i1lll. Euvli f1'ill'il SIIIIIIIIVI' umxir vgunp is In-lmi ul lfvun ggvlinv Slate' Park for ull iiif'l'l'Q'iJl'illIl4' Parisll illtiifll lIl1'lliiliihis. For ai we-vis, llir- slmlvlils vniny l'f'1'l't'1l lion unrl work mirwiggiiwl to iinprme- llif-ir musiviun ship. l'1I.DI!l INil'l I!0I!H'll.Xl'X Nl IC. JUII N N'I'l'1XY.X ll'I' NIIHIPII' 1'0lllIlII'tUl' Ill-alll of lllN1l'llIlll'lIhll Music D1-purlnn-nl i w if . , i'.ii9' ur ff ' -':::.,, Pit-lurocl above is the Terrebonne High School Tiger Band lfacli year. all the wind and percussion students of the lnstrumr-ntal Music Department combine- thvir talents in the Tiger Hand. The primary pur- pose of this unit is to march in parades in Houma and neighboring cities. and to present halftime T I G E R B A N shows for the school's football games. The Tiger Hand serves to stimulate school spirit and team spirit at these football games and whenever pos- Silmlv. Assistant Drum Wlnjor, Kermit lh-he-rt, Larry B1-rgl-roll Tl T' B , i I, . Hem' Drum Major- lc- lgl'l' unrl llunnlng .ommllh 1- l Q i I nl Q Q Q ,, Y 1 af 23. ww' 1 , 1 m.s-ww . N-...,,,,, - M i x w EEN , 47 9437? Jung: WWW x Y ' s f A 'H ' 4 A Q A ' Q1 4, 5 ' I gy' 'rgllw 'M Jim - , X R if 3 ' .Q 'A x 4 . .f if 3 ' f N Q vi vp 'Y " W W W f- xv Q, ,W ,', gg t S, 'I K A V 4 if , , , , T, ,' 2, ,, V Q, vp N 1 n y Y, vp .. ,, Q xg M- M 'Q' Sf si ' if. '9 iw L, . S . w 1? 3 Q .ig . L1 tb Q. -W1 . . .. n M Gig? N w NX V , Tx V .:11 '..Q V . ' "i" 9 1 3 6 .5 "" X :"': - 1 Q .s IEEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIIEEIEIIEIEIIEIIEIIEIIEIEIEIEIIEIIEIEEIEIEIEIEIEIIEIIEIEIEIITIIEJI EJ El E EI E El EJ EI EI El EI IE El El EI EI El IE El El El El El El El El El El IE EI EI E1 El El El El El El El E1 E1 El El El El EI El El EI El E E EI EI El El El El El El Eh E EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIIEIEIIEIIEIEIIEIEIEIEIIEIEIIEIIIIEIIEIEIEl THIS RICNUWNED l'llIl,0S0l'HliR r w . Hllibllgill 1'VlIllIl'l1'b llIlIlI2ll'l'l'll lax' uw- . T' Cnnw xwrfls ol' Plulo, C111-m'in11 sag . 'l'hl'UlIg.lIl IIlilll.S1'H'UI'lS SlliIIt's ilu- Uuml r 1 . llml ll'2lIlSt'l'lI1lH xwrk lllv may It Slltlllltl. 81 l'n-lo lfPl"g'l'I'0Il, I'r1-sidn-nt: Jlllly Prim-, Re-- lNll'N'l'Z l.ng'un lhlhin, Yi:-1--l'r0sicI1-'lll: N'il- hllr Rohiq-Imnx, 5l'1'l'Q'llll'Q-'lxl'1'llNlIl'PI'. - CLUB I 'r1'sin' vn L I'rf'xi1lmzI Sr'l'I'l'llIl',Y Tff'llSI1fl'f . .Sporzsor NIICNIBEHS jlnly lillllllffl. l'z1I Hlllllltq. lflvllzx Caclnw. Millie- .lcun ffllalnpiml. Leo Clark. Mary Corwin. Hiriuxn llmnungurf. liarlwaru Hciwarnls. Allie QLIIIUASIYII. Rivhzlrd llnidry. Frank Hnustun. ,Indy Lalmit. Lynn Mutlles. Pilllllel' l,ill'liillQH0ll. Iris Varsml. Wvillium Pilflhllgllibll. Luville Pnllvr. Chris- tine Sealwlm. Susie Sc-aholrn. Margaret Sllulfc-fr. .lo Ann Stanley, Prenlive slllilll. AMERICAN IOR RED CROSS Nlnriun liolnuliglw, 1'Ilnirlmlll: lie-u-rly lhllrin, s-i1'f'-l'llllil'- llllllll Rim-lmrcl Ninvluir, 'l'r4-nsurn-rg l'nn Itlunlt-N, N1-1-ri-turi. 'lllw fxlllt'l'lt'illl .luninr R1-tl Cross is il trvlilvii- mi tht- sc-:I :it liliristmus. mmlut-tt-tl un annual tluus uiwl to tln- F1-uint' Rt-tl Cross in this vmn- Ile-il Cross me-mln-rsliip alriw, :tml mzulf- Christ- munily. It lms prmm-tl in tht- past tlmt tht- ytbllltgkl' mais nln-t'tn'a1timis lor 'll1'I'l'l'lNtItllt' tit-lic-Htl llw- gvm-rutimi mm ln- gl'll1'l'lbllS in its lllUllgIlllS :mtl lillill. lwnllrilmlium' With Miss lfllii- llrt-aux as luvtllty aulxisur. tht- 'lllliS ye-ar. 'lln-rrt-lmnm- lligli-s ,luninr lit-ul ,ltmiur llc-tl Cross awninplislit-fl muvli tluring tlim- Cruss lilulw st-nt gills to svrx'i1-t- im-11 whit we-rv '30-A57 it-ur, The- 'l'1-rrc-lmnm- lligll School Junior R4-cl Cross Iwnnnzm lirivn, Viv:--l'r1-siqlc-Ili: Olliv Yix-P, Ili-tnrixln: Je-nn Ilivh- nrwl, l'r1-siclvnt: l'ullle-rinu lhligln-, lh-4-nrding Svvrvtzlry: II:-u-rly Brin-n, 4'nrr4-spumling Hs-1-rvlury: Fnrul Uxumfux, Sem-re-inryg I,imIn 4'lmuvin, Sf-1-mul View--l'r4-si4l4-Ill. GL' V Inward New H01'iZ0ll5,, Tlw molto of lhe Fuiurv Hommnukvrs of AIl!f'l'if'2l expresses the purpose of the or- 1227 mxN awk ""llli7'lliUIl'7l6'ilVllillfl10 live lu-tier today' in Pc .L order lhut our livvs and those of our fami- livs may lm Ive-tlvr lmnorrow. ' Iwi: Jw! , H5 , First Row: l.in1ln Nlvfllirv, R1-portvrg Ann Rlwu, Tre-nsurn-rg .loss-phinv llupluntis, Vit-1--l'rn-hiatt-ntg -Inna-t Altrml. Pr:-sith-nt S1-vonll llow: lilnim- I'itre-, l'rog'rnm f'lltlil'IlHlIlQ tiruve- Nuquin. lliatorinn: tilenihm B1-rtrvron, l'orrt-slwintilu: Sm-ra-turp: lic-tty Duct lie-4-ormlinpr S1-vrz-tnrp. . v Thi- progress of any nation ftvpe-mls upon thr- vriucration of tlw young gvm-ration. The i"uturc 'lit'flt'ilPl'S of Amerivu soc-ks to train 'outll throuffh 3 1- przu'ticv for professional and civic lcarlmsliip. Thi- F. T. A. Striws for hifih Goals. First. thr- U D F. T, A, trios to mir-oi1l'z1f'v vounff wo alt- to vui- r- . x-I i tivzitv 1 uulitivs of wrsonalitv ami 4'tiarum't1'l': sw'- l I . oust, the- F, T. A, rlvsirvs to avqllziiiit young poo- ple with tho inspiring story of the svhools from their vstulblisiilm-lit to the-ir cxpunsionz ami tllirii. the F. T. A. proviclvs the voutli uitli spvvitif' in- Iormzitlon about opportunitivs in tht- various fivlrts of t'tillt'iliitltl. STUD CGUNCIL Svalll-cl, Right to In-ft: llonnim- l"mu'In-ux, l'lll'IillIlN'll'llI'illll1 Jowvphim- Dupluntis, Historian: Nitn Gram- I'n-1tig're'w, Nw-- rs-txlrp. Stumlimgd lfllllflll' Ruthie-lnlux, fillilllhlilll Miltnn Fun- rie-nm-, l'l'1'silll'lllZ .lvrrp Rilvluin-, Vivo--I'r1-siclvlit. Xltvr il xvri Flll'f'f'P5l-lll yn-:lrnl1lvu'lnpiin1:tml rvtting up at Sturle-nt Cmnivil cluring tht- V755-Str fc-Imnl yvzir. 'l1z'rl'0lmnnv is Clljlbylllg tht- lwnvlits nl this newly nrgzanixvfl grntlp, With the- hvlp nt' its twn lavulty aflxisurs. Mrs. lflnytl llnurg anti Mr. .fllwl 1,1-Blum. tht' Cntnn-il was nhlc' tu curry nut many intm-rc-sting annl usvlul pmjm-ts. Swine- ul the avnliiplisliliwllts ul thv Cuunril wc-rf': c-lem-tion ul an vlmplain lu np:-n thc- Stuclvnl UlPlllll'il nwvtings: Z1 llag vuntvst whivh pmvictt-fl Vl1f'I'I'l"l14DllI1f' with a svlnml flag: at salt- clriving tillllllilllgll he-lcl cluring tht- tlllt'iSllIIi'lS lwlifluysi lwttffr nsselnhlivs and iniprmc-fl vlulv uvtivitic-S. Witli thv lwlp of Mr. llngvrs. thc' Cuunvil ulsn iniprowrl favilities in thc- clrc-ssing rmnns. Alnng: with thc-sv prnjw-ls. lhvrv ure- many inure' goals that tht- Cnuna-il striws ln rvavll. l.l4Jl"'I', 'I'0I'-First, Ron: 4':irnl3n IAlIN'fl'4llIi1', Rn-rinit llv- In-rl. Elizxllwtll ldllllmnsoli. N01-null Ihiu: lllal lillmle-s, thu-li Antill, Virginian linhim-ttv, Jo Ann 'I'In-riul, 'l'hir1l lion: f'llllN'!'illl' lluiglr, Sm- Lu Row, .lunlp ll right, CIGN- 'I'I'Ili-lfirat lion: Jxxllim- 'l'ho-riot, Surah A34-un-le, .lust-pllinr lluphlntis, llnnnia- l'q0lll'lllIX, Jlulim- huitlroz, Se-4-ond Run: livelpn lirunvt, Min-Inu-I St. Nlnrtin, lliclmrul Iilfe-rl, Kuhn-Il lA'lflH'llf, All-0 Ostiivilm-r. 'I'liiril Ron: Nliltun Khin-is-inir. Otis- Ilollrg. I'1llg'e-m- llollivllalllx, .IA-rr3 Ilitvllie-. Ii0'I"l'0NI- First Rim: Linlln Ilupluntis, Limlut t'ru1-lu-t, Gln-nn Rivlmrd. Itonnir- lkri-nuv, l'l'g'2'j l'4-Ile-grin. Sf-1-mul Run: l'Il3llis Bein- tnn, .Inch Girnir, Nlurla-nr B4-i-ga-rim, Judy 'l'liilm1l4-nun, Jl'llll4'l'4' Hurt-4-I. IHHOTCHSRATWJERS CULUB 5 Nl IC Nl li IC RSI .L -I. lirvuux, Sm- I,4-nis, lid Malwx-I. l'Iurl .Iosvpll Yoisin, Mun lmnn Iiourgvu s, .lu Ann 'I'll4-riot, Iidmnml Uslho-irm-r. l'lml-I4-N Hyun, xI1lTll'llt' lh'rl:n'ron, Lori-ilu l'n-llvgrill, 1'nlll1-rillo lfl1lll1'llill'lI, Nusin- N-nllulln, Xnlvriv II4-In-ri, Lulu Ylm- .xllfIll'llll'Il1. 4'nrnI3u f'hXliNNllll, Roy xvllilllfvlh -lr., lillwvlln lhunp. llrvllulu l'ic-011. Jaunvs flllllllill, II4-um fllillllill, lhvlnml lignn, Spun- sor: Hr. l'm'lin-r. IRROR REPRESE TATIVES NIICSIIIICRS: l.unrn-n1'1- lhllliillillll. l,IlI'j l'itrm', -lnllim-1' l"nrk, Lulu Winn- .hltllvlnn-nl, Linnln lmhin, IH-url Uruha-ri, .Innuiv Nillvnln-rg, Immun .lone-s, Sglxin Xiillllli, Xunnm- lillmlvs, Iinhlriv Currie-r, Philip IQIYIHIFPKIIIX, Nunn- Hulk:-r, ICII4-n I.:-Ihu-uf, Guil I'4-unison. Splxin Nlullwrm-. June- I.:-lim-uf, liuthp 0'N4-nl, .luv lluplnnlis, Nauru' l,ir4-th-. Nnrnmn 1'unn-0. lirginiu lirivgvr, .lmlp lilmu-hurnl, Fnmk 1'u,Inn1Iru, Nlirinm lie-lnmll, l'utri4-in llrynls-n .Ulm-u Ilrvuux, lbnnivl ll:-In-rl, Slnrg IN-II Hhi1lp'1-, ,hldrvp 4'Ilnlnpug:m-, .I4-nn 'I'rnlmn, vlllllj tiirnir, Anita: 'I'lu-riot, lin-nm-Ill Jlll'1'llll0, Nlilu- .Un-ox-k, l'rnn1-is M4-sll, l.pn4'll1' Riu. 1 if 'Y E l lflllli fl ilnou IN ilu 1957 Dull Squaul, Tho 'll,BllYll'lPllf'S The- eigglity-livv 'l" llonnvttcs, inulvr thc tlirevtion of Mrs. Betty l'ortcr, niacle nn ini- prossive appearaiive on many 0l'l'il:ii0ltS :luring the l956-57 srhool year. Known as a drill Sllllilll in prcvious years, the T' lioiniettvs hvranw an exvlusivv organ- ization. Thi- l'lllll'lCl' nwmlwrs sont invita- tions to those stuclvnts who they thought were cupalute and mls-penclahlc cnough to form u Hrst-rate organization. Ekl1'll mvmlwr had to maintain il "C" uwruge in svholustit' work. These girls wvrv tht- essmire- zlntl pvrsoni- hration of QIYICP as they pt-rforniotl provi- sionetl routines on the foothall fielcl untl in the various particles. They exliihitvtl 21 grunt tlczll of school spirit in the gl'llllllSt2ltlll. C O . t KA. -' gig.. Q My 1+ N t .1 1 3, 1 Surah .hom-lc, Josvpllim- INIIDIXIIIHS, tilvmln l,f'l'Ill'I'0ll, Aurora .Urneliu-. Nita firm-0 l'1'tttigrvu, I'I4tsIi1- Louisa- l'p1-hura-Il. 'lull' 'll'lf'l'l 'll l't-limit Stull- is tn vrlllcatv our lip tlw Cmistitution ul tho lvnitrwl States ul ulnivr- ninth in tht- mlutivs. prixilm-gas. rights and wslmii- ivu ziml the- 4l4'nim'rutit' way ul lift-, militivs ul' ,'XItll'l'lt'ill1 vitizvnsllip. It is wholly a ln tht' spring of lust yvur, tho rlivrrvlmnm' lligh plain for training: our youth in tlu- 1m'1'liz1i1ir's of Svlioul junior Class ll0lt0l't'tl clvvc-ii of its must uty. llilI'lSll. uml stntc gHVt'l'tllllt'lll'. l,Clll'2ltl Stutv uutstamling sturlvnts hy r-lvvting tlivm as flolv- ls tl mytliivul -lflth state with a t'0IlSllllll'l0l1. stu- gate-s tu l,l'lll'Zlll Sluts-. 'lilwsv stuclvnls. five' lmis tutvs. mul tit-tlinum-vs Q-mu-tml hy its vitizvns to anrl six girls. wvrv van-li 1-lc-vtvcl to an ullivo ut writ tl1vmsf'lx'c's, lts vitizmis arc tziught tu l,t'lll'illl Stats-. thus pruving that carli was worthy liumu' :tml i'm'n-lv thu fwvclmiis guarzmtc-ml them ul his 1-mvtml pust. Nllllltlllllll Otis Ihml'Lg', Hilton 1'llIl4'il'Illlt', S1-:lin-tl: I-1111.51-iw Ilohim-lmux, Ifnlnlin- Hvishvil, -lvrrg lIiil'lli4', if M' sf' xii , gag e A 54 xi 'R S AURORA ABADIE 5 Wx Y ?7fIti,3 . 5 A ei, .,:,,.ik5 lx L Je X5 Ki S R.,-a S4 KX A aqf.-3,3--dfIfgmqiyigzi X W.-,agwkvk RN ERREBONN JOLENE JOHNSON Feafures . NAGW xSY YPA ' PA Ed.Wo,,,n.c 12 J ROSENAARY GUIDRY 3 Adverfisinq Manager ' 2 wax WVR 1 X , ',, ,M Y Rf R Q M515 X QT 'f , 5 CEE" fi tiixuzs T Y T Y X 'T S ,E if Q A s K 5 4 x Y 5 5,4 T i f A JANICE AYCOCK 4, A BUDDY LEE BRADY 4 QQ Q A if A 1 Mae- - MARTHA POWERS STAFF SNAPSHOT xx, If ,X I CHERYL GRUNDON X T fx 5-if FEL'-f'ii' ? ' Lk A BILLIE JEAN CHAMPION . X MARLENE mcou A ELAINE PITRE ANN RHEA KATHLEEN CHARPENTIER 1 , , f ,a11. 1 TRAWLER EDITORS A N DREW THIBODEAUX Fexlhlres ANN RHEA Advertising Manager De-ETTE BRITT A rt mm ACK ww 'gi-...rs NIRS, FLOYD BOURG MISS ISABEL Ll'ND Fiwuliy Advisor lfuvlllty Advisor 0'l'IN BOURG I'1ditor-in-Chief Pictured on these pages are the TRAWLER Editors and their staff who proudly present to you-your 1957 'I'aAwLEa. Not only did the staff promote a highly successful subscription drive, hut also sponsored the schoolis an- nual Beauty Pageant. The careful guidance of Miss Lund and Mrs. Bourg, sponsors, is deeply appreciated lmy every member of the staff. We realize that the experience we have gained in publishing this hook is priceless. We offer to you, Miss Lund. and lVlrs. Bourg, our heartfelt thanks. 92 PATSY FLANAGAN 1 'opy STAFF Ann Rhea. Charlene Corbin, Buddie Lee Brady, Sylvia Adams, Sarah Ayem-lc, Jan- ice Tllerlot, Betty Duet. Zo:-'le llllrren, Andrea- Thi- boileunx, Sue llowell, Elaine l'itre, Josephine Dupluntis, Jolene Johnson. Top: lilemln Bergeron, Sue Dupont. Carolyn Authement. Sylvia Mvtlu-rue, Seated: Normal. 'l'l'llllilll, Elsie llupre, Nelwyn Jackson, Joyce Vo- elnin, Mnrixln Bergeron, Dorothea lfl'l'llllX, Gail Bus- :-le, Mnrgrirel Bernurfl. Bot- tom: Miriam l"nlg'nnt, 0!lie I.el!lum'. 93 At the start of the year, the enroll- ment for the 1957 TRAWLER Staff was very large. Naturally from this great numher of people. many various ideas and techniques were proposed. This an- nual represents the composite of those ideas. We of the staff are particularly proud of our unique Sports layout and our beautiful Features section. We wish to thank all those who have aided in the puhlication of this hook. We are grateful to the students of 'l'.ll.S. for never failing to give us their co- operation when we asked for it and to the administration and faculty for hear- ing with us in the many trials and trih- ulations which go into the production of a yearbook. Xlplmlwlix-ullyz Unrulpn .xllfIN'llll'llf, .lunniln lie-rnurd, Lillie- lioqln-I, liutlu-rinv liouduin, IN- Ella- liritt, ldv:-Ign lmiglv, lm! IN-grui-0, .luyvu IN-rm-In-, Nlnrp .Iuno llvrm-In-, lic-H3 Duel, Nlullie- llufra-nn-, l'nnnin- l'Zs4-lu-lv, Nhirle-9 Gnllirvnllx, Splxiu Nlnllwrm-. l'vgu'3 Rim-lmrnl, Yumm- Rlnuln-s, Nlnrp Robin. - UFFICHICS SHIRLICN 1lAlVl'RI'f,Xl'X I'l'f'Sf1Il'7lf lHi'l"l'N lllxl-I'l' I ft'f'-l'ft'.Yfl1f'lII l.ll,l,Hf lililjlllfl' St'4'l'l'lllfj A 7'l't'lIXllI'l'I' HHS. WILKINSUN .SIIUII Ylll' STE OGRAPHIC CLUB Jm- Ruskin, lf'r1-du fumlow, liilliv -In-un Flllllllllilbll, Mollie l'huuvin, Nlmmm 1'ol4-nmn, Pnl-.y l"hlllXlg'llll, lfrunk Houston, lliullm- Marlin, Alim- Nlnlln-rnv, Sully Olixifr, Iiuln-rt liidllln-, .Indy 'l'lliIrmI4-ullx, Nlirium llillllllllglllk PRESS CLUB OFFICERS CHA NlI'l0N l'n'xiflw1f SHAN N.-'K lfUl,l'1Nl AN I f4'f'-I,fPSl-1lt'llf XIUI.I,IE lIHfXl:YlN Sw'rf'l1lrr-7'rw1s:rrrr UFIFICICRS IJIANNI-I MARTIN 1,l'f'8ilI!'lIf K ERMIT HICBFIIVI' I'1'1'1'-P1'a's1'1lf'11l ICI .ISE IJUI'0N'I' Sl'l'l4l'flll'Y CA ROI ,Y N WA LKFIII Svlziilwl MISS ANNA I,ECOINII'TIE Sponsor MISS UNA PARK Sponsor ev-""' The Frf-nrh Club LE CERCLE SANS SOUCI THE FOOTLIGHTERS UFFICICIIS ROIII'IR'I' INIMIORINIICK l,l'f'S1.!1f'IIf JANET ALLREII IUIVVI'-I,ff"Sil1f'lII .IXNICE THERIOT Ser-rvlary LINDA MvCI,IIRI5I Svrrvlrzry SARXH AX COCK Trvasurer Pictured be-low is lhf- 1957 Footlightors Club auf' Alplmln-tirullyz Lulu. Mm- Autln-nu-ul, Fuilh Bou- mlre-nux, Sli-Ilan llomglu-I, Guil linurquv, furnl f'llllllf!lY, falrolpn Ullxxissnll, llnuyrlus fllllllIYlll, Idl- nmru fllllllllill, L90 l'lau'lu', Jim- min 1'o1-krun, linlln-rine lluiglv, lk-ltp lmvis, Nlirinm I1'nlg'uul, Iloh- lry Fllllglly, Larry Fnrvl, Nllirlvy l,n,iuunia-, Alla-rl Murlin, l.or1-tm l'n-lla-grin, llnrolml l'ril4-lmnl, Murp Rubin, Willhun Svrimslu-r, Terry Wullnu-1-. DANCE CLUB MAIGRETTES Pivlllri-ll ul tho lvfl ure- Iln- 2'l'lll'l'l'lIl mul lulefnlvql llnljnn-lin-s who, during' the- '56957 sousnn mlxlwl ll Era-all Qln-all to the pc-rl'ornmm-vs ol' lln- Tigre-r lizllul. Un lmlh ilu- fuollnlll lll-lil mul the sieln-lim-N as wx-Il an-. in punnle-N, lhv girls, from lu-fl to riglll, IQlll'll1' Italy, Alix-H King, Iflbllllll Jon:-s unnl l.in1lu .hu-kuun, mlisplupn-cl wlmul spirit llllll skill. 1 OFFICERS IRUINNIIC FUIWIHI' I'I'1'X1'll1'IIl Nl IRIANI I".-Xl,llUl ' I Sf'I'fl'llIl'-Y l'.vX'l' Ill 'UAS Tf4'flSllfl'I' HMI, lMSfII.I'I f'if'1'-l'rr'xi1l'1'l1l M.P.A .E. C. A. ICIDW.-XRD WI-IISIII-il'l' . 'l'lll'Il.NlA IHYIS .,.... 'NIYRA Dl'I'IAX'l'IS .. IIUFY YIVI1' RUIiICR'l' RIIIIJIJC ..,... :KI.I,ISUN lRl,.-KXCIIARIJ MEMBERS Slain:-y llallxin 'l'lu'Im'n ll'1viN Sllllllfy lhlmin lllurm lhlgals .-Xrnulzl livlullgvr Nly Irie li.-1-gl-rnm llunniv FllLll'll1'llX l.llWI'4'lIl'l' IM-rgvrm1 Rally Allihllll lilalllvllalrxl Uv!! Uulurvs lHilIIl'h1lI'1I v 4 ,Iuyw H0lllIl"!'llllX Olivia: Rn-ellnmul vlllllllllili Uulnirvullx Rulwrl Kinhllm- ,lilllt' lfrvuux H114-y Yiw- Nauwy lillllglflllri lfrlwclrll Wvisllvil ....ln-'- UF l'rr.viz1f-nl l'n'sirlr'n ' Svrrrlury Trwlxlz rvr .. . .llirrur Rvparlvr . . , ..N'l'I',U1'llI1I-04-,'ll'IlIX . . . . llf.xlnI'1'11u .........1ll'Sl0l'i1lII . . . . .I'IIl'lf1IIIl1'7Ifllfillll .........I.illHH'I-llll ,... . , . .l.ilmlriun .....N'lnmxu1 , l HOU AllblllllN'li1'llll3Z ldiluin Allgllslut, Fnrroll Rabin, liohvrl lielnligm-r, lYnrrA-n Bu Ilnrvn-3' llnwllmrnv, Rlllllllll llilnn-I, l5xu'r3 llllllqlillhllll, Lnrry llulvllinsun, llm fx 1 'lf' llrgvuis, Lnrry ch- In Br:-lmmlu-. Clmrlvs llurl, nnglus Nluie-r, llc-rln-rl Nlille-l, il'il.inm l'4-lI4-- grin, Ihurrpl I'c-nnison. llnswa-I l'i4-rx-1-, -limmy 1lll0II91ll'llllY, liuyul Iiii-linux, lmlxlllcl Ic0hi1'IllllIX, 'I'oru-3 lhngvr-, lflllll'j Raul- rig'u1-, Billy Sm-ln-r, -launvs Smith, Vp rue 'l'In+rinl, Rupnm ml Trnllanl, firm- lhinlla. FOOTBALL TEA DRILL SQU Alplmlu-livnllp: Lyeliu All-n, Fluirv lhlbill, l'air0l4- lfl'l'fIl'I'llll, I'ullIu. Iillllllivr, Hirolv l5tIll4lI'Q"llllX, Ifliflllll' liolnlrl-uuv, Nhirln-3 ll0ll1ll't'lllIY,l,l'Hll1lfl'llXYll, Normn llrune-l, Knllile-en l'lmrp1'lllivr. Jo Ann l'0g'llvvi1-li, lflnrline- folwr, Cllurlullu- l'on1Ir1-5. Lnurn. l'nu'Iing, l'nrol flllllllllglllllll, lin-My llaligln-, linil he ignns, Vutllvrine Dm Fill-ll, l'lu'rpl linulln-l', li orin. lillllll'Q'llllK, Lynn 1ilIl"lP', vllllllltllf Hvln-rl, l'nlrIm- lhlrhnrxm l.n'-ilvr, ling L1-lflnni-, Iduflyn lmelvt, fil'l'llllIllN' Leonard, hlvcrm- Mu I'1"l1-grin, lfhflblllj l'n'mn-ll, Iivl-lyll l'ilr0, l'ulri1-in I'm-he, Kutlly l'os4-vin, .lmxn Nlnrivn Rollins, Vnrulgn Songp, Nlnrllm String:-r, linp Snmlln-rry, Lpndam 'Pulls tingle Ylfllfllltlll, June Wvisln-il, Sandra Williams, Judy ,sgxv' llllllg'lll', lfk'g'lllll' Droll, Jun ldllnmmlsun, Ilnun in Ilnhn-rl, June llnlurll, Limlu I,npe-prmlsn-, ys, .hnlrvv Mill:-I, Lpndn N1'D'lllllll, .Innin- llibllllfll, l'nroll Ann lioln-rls, Jvunm- lhnhlg, nl, Liniln 'l'ln-riol, N13 rn Yin-, Slim-lu-3 N1-1-ln-, Nlnml, Mpru Young. +, Q Pictured above is the 1957 Houma jr. High Band BAND JU 1011 HIGH The new Houma Junior High has produced one of the finest marching hands in the state. On several occasions the Junior High Band assisted the Terre- bonne High School Band in performing stunning halftime shows at the footlmall games. They played a very important part in these performances and added much spirit to the games. CHOR L DEPARTMENT The ninth grade choruses were organized for the first time this year. Their class activities in- The 1957 junior High Choral Department 5 Qnn------- cluded listening to records and folk dancing as well as singing. They were more or less a private group that never performed publicly, but they gained much experience in group singing. RAYMOND, YOUR SLIP IS SHOWING. BE IT EVER SO I-IUMBLE, DON'T EVER GO HOME. STOP NOW, HARVEY, YOU MARIAN MUST BE GAINING WEIGHT. WQN, JUST SOMETHING I CAUGHT OFF THE FLOAT I I WONII I EEIEIEIIEEEIEEIIEIEEEIEIIEIIEIEIIEEIEIEIEIEIEIIEIEIEIIEIEIIEIIEIEIITIFifi!E E EI IE IE IE El El EI El El El El EI El El EI El EI El El EI El EI El El El El El El El EI EI EI EI El EI EI EI EI EI El EI El IE lil EI El El El El lg El lil E IE EI 3 El El Elf El EI 'l E1mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi1511511315115Elmliiaiil TH IC S U N G U D llllu o1l1'N-hnlalwliv kQ'll lirilliunl fXpnHo dow 414-sm-mul , , . . . In llIll'1Nllll't'UlII'YilI'H'4I i1'ilillI'l'S Xml smilm' IIINJII uf mnrlnl 1'l'c'41lll fem gf: f , i ' 5' ga 1 fgsp QA ' , xx Q gif A 5 . Q.. 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Q sv :Swv -5, by R W " MU """+"Q 'Mmm' lv- , nmww-ew: .www wvmqqy wmpw, MAXINE IIRIINET ,IANICE CLARK ALICE KING FAVORITES VIRGINIA KRIEGER LAMAR I.4-ROELF MARTI IA POWERS I'A'I'SI' 'l'U1IKICR III 4, PQ 7Z'anL sjanrty MOST HANDSOME BOY OIAN LOY SMITH EARL JACKSON l'Il,IlRllNQH IKUISICIIAVX WTP ,M 3, '32 i!v , F ,, g: ..,.. .1 .-,,:- X xy fn' .4 -' Vis H fm' 1 ,:,,. ' A 3 ,4 2 N N fl M , W J' .:-.. , ., 9 is , .W re . fi., Eililiililillilf Q I Qi Q 3 hiv W' X!! Ph Y. 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L 1 . 5 3 N xii! xi ':. , T' 5 N :W li 3 : , h . :X fx W r.ii,"Xf.g 'Z 'W fy ' 1' QISVU f!?5""' "2 ,If QE' 7 Q 'ig i + f 41.495-f:f 1 if Q 4 ---h E 1 Q wx ' My war M V 4 jug , . w E i k f fix its A f, NL K ji Q . it Q til' '+.!EN3'i Jnff .LFQI W J' ,V RQ Xi' 4 "' R 'W K bg , iv , 1 I A!-V 1 'I M MM .X.. T N gg Wi 3 . A w..fF :ix x Q V, e K Q. . .. ' S . Q- v WX , Xiwi, A .... i .Nik xl x K X ff ' 1' - f X f s :X X -5-4. .yr-,-xii x . S Q k Q . K Xgffiif ,. Q ' 159 'L 3 . ,fi git .. RXQX K K Q N t- F RSEPTPU ' f A .4 ,. . -L ,sgw-Q , sax. - a if x S Sl' ,Q 'P 3 : ' L K Q A . . yyx ..g,3,z S 5 . 1 if v'?'5'. W 55 FJ" '62 2 Q il! g KW si ff gif 'S 551 . .av A T' R w , my Y? ,ag If it xg W if 1 ' Egg? N5 f - FK ,ywefff SN: 1, f' f f A " A S g ,aw A 2 in in , Mg A 1. A W Agp ll. A Q . V 555 ie, Q 1 .hw , gm- P , MQ4' QR? i Wink . J v --Q 5 as 4 , E . 1 ' MTN I f : 1 1 f , ' , QQ ft, X -fam 4 g 9' X M.-F M 1-.3 - -f I'I'Ili1H lllllll SNAIKID IxI'INNI'I'I'II FIIAINSON Misa Vilin-n 3Ir.I'iIiz1-n Ii0IiI'IIl'I'.l INDIA NUI' IC 1 Mis, lfushiuu A Nl r. Ifnallion FRESHMA PERSO ALITIES ICI ICLYN Hlil NIST IUINI IC I,.KI'.KSI I0 Him llnin-Ilig'z-mu' Nliss !1'I'wuIiliI5 UII.I.I.X3I I'.XIIIDINIi'I'IlN WIIIQIC .XYl'0I'Ii Nlr. IllIl'IIIl.21'lll'1' Nlr, X 1-rsaltilil5 sys l'IllI'I'lI SFI I'I'Il Nlixs I-'rivmllim-ss IRI SNICLI, I,I'II!0I'Il I" IIICIINIXN 'I'IK,KIl.XN Nlr. l"ri4-mllim-ss -II IDI I. I ll l'I'l"I' IC Wliss Ni! NII1'Il.II'II. IDILI. Slr. Nil A PRETTY T-BIRD WITH PRETTY ACCESSORIES. ' K' ,gal I fig ,sm f I i' HOMECOMINC-5 PRESENTATION A ,f3?N, . W3 as 1 4 E ' wefiff W , HHH W.,-,ll ,UQ NIII,'I'0Y l'.KN1'II'LNNI'I ICIDIIIIC III'1lNIII'1I'I' I.iI4-ralrp IHIIYII II innvr NIIHIPIII 1'uun1-il I'r4wicln-nl II1-ml 1 In-4-1-I1-mlm' Null-nlzll Nvllolursllip I-inzlli-I Ixll4'1li1'tm'i:lll as NM, x.., W WHO'S WHO , .H.S. U'I'IN IHPI IHS I' VIN! I"I..XN XI- IN :xml Ill KN NIC WIXIITIN 'I'IC III I.I'fIi Ifdilul' I 0-I'f1IiI1nrxllI"'NIiI'l'nr" I' I Ill ICI! 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' ff 1' 11-SKS f Q i s ii --.X f l, -Q W Xl G-s,.:X l" f '9ff'f'i, A A R 3:1512 A M Rfsfgi , - fwswzef-F2 , 2 Twister and Jerry ls there cl tree in your future. Slonv ago mon wc-rv p1'c'ttysh21i'p . . . thvy lwpt Z1 Climbing IFN' lmncly us in- Slll'1lIlCl' against lwcoming somcthing's CllllIll'l'. But climbing ll tn-0 wonit protvct you against loss from tln' tlivft or clannugv of yourc1n'orgrzifluutionzmclwcclcling gifts. You know that insurzmcc is thi- lwsl . . , uncl Cliczlpcst way to svciirv yoursclf from tho loss of your vuliizilvlvs. Our vxpm'i'i1'iic'v in pm'rsonz1l insurzincv problcms will saw you time' zincl monvy. Chill or sm' us toclgiy. HORELINE INSURANCE, IN . 1-W9 li, Main, Houma Phonc 2-2667 124 ,S r EK ,T .X ' J. le ol WEBBIS STUDIU PHOTOGRAPHY AT ITS BEST I ci,,.,,,f.,,..,,.f, . I . i of KELLY 'w 122 I JAKE DRILLING Wm C H I 0 0 M P A N Y and cnnnumml Ull AMATEUR'S gwpmy PHOTO SHOP HOUMA, LOUISIANA S I1 BARRGW LAFAYETTE DRUG STORE DRUG STORE AND Mfffvr fibrug 3'l'Uil'l' me igrefwrilofion ,STorc "SHIP BY SAIA" SAIA MOTOR SMA I E PRES TRANsPoRTATloN SAA X S SAIA DRYAGE SOUTH LOUISIANA TRANSPURTATIDN Your local home owned ELECTRICAL CQOPERATIVE, cleclicalecl lo furnishing adequale ancl dependable eleclruc servxce lo homes, business eslablushmenls, and nnduslrues an Terrebonne, Lafourche, S+. Mary, S+. Marlin, and Assurnplion Parishes. SUIITH LDIIISIANA ELECTRIC GDOPERATIVE ASS-UGIATIUN Phone-Day 2-9553! Niqhl-8845, 4082, 6752, 2-2866 DELTA SUPPLY CD., Inc. OILFIELD 81 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES DELTA IRDN WORKS, Inc MACHINE SHOP STEEL SUPPLIES RENTAL TOOLS 81 EQUIPMENT COMPLETE PIPE COATING PLANT Exfernal Cleayning 81 Wrapping InI'ernaI Cleaning 8: PIas+ic Coafing DELTA MUD AND CHEMICAL C0., Inc. OIL WELL MUD 81 CHEMICAL SERVICE HOUMA, LOUISIANA I 6ongrafu!zfion5 jo Me Cfaaa of 1957 BUDDY BRADY T. H. sg SNACK SHOP BILLY'S QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE Clofhing and Shoes for Enfire Family 333 Wesf Main S+. Phone 2-9458 545 E. Main S+. Houma, La. Phone 6855 Pl. B. PHENTIIIE DRILLING EUMPANY OIL 81 GAS PRCDUCERS h DUPLANTIS TRUCK LINE OIL FIELD HAULING LOCAL 81 LONG DISTANCE FURNITURE MOVING IN CLOSED PADDED VANS BONDED SERVICE I-IOUMA, LOUISIANA Phone 7796 - 7797 gomlahmenb of BILLIII'S IVIEAT MARKET IO3 Louise S+ree+ Phone 482i 60l'Yll0Al'l'l ell iff of DAVIS AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE Congrafufafiona BIIAUVIN REFIIIGERATIUN SERVICE Phone 7669 I 301 Lib +y S+. HOUMA LA TEXACO PRODUCTS LEE'S SERVICE STATIBII LEE ROY TI-IERIOT Prop. ANTOINE'S BEAUTY SALUN Above Morgan 8: Lindsey Phone 842I FOR ALL SCHOOL SUPPLIES RICHARD'S VARIETY STORE HOUMA, LOUISIANA i I 1 JOE'S AUTO REPAIR SHUP l424 Eas+ Main Sheer Phone 8289 I-IOUMA, LOUISIANA COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE SERVICE SPECIALIZING IN AUTOMOBILE TRANSMISSIONS Owned and Operaied by JOS. C. BERGERON 33 years of experience and service Emi ,Mila fo ILE .Sfmzof CAM of LUMBER AND 1956-57 HARDWARE COMPANY SAPOLIN PAINTS PI'Ione 2-QI I I I544 Eas+ Main SI. I-IOUMA. LOUISIANA -Jfl-1-.1 QUALITY co., INC. "The Organizaiion Thai' Lives Up To Hs Name" Phone 5236 I I I9 Barrow SI. I-I L ooMPLIMEIxITs THE OF II. F. DIIIIIDSUN CURP. , , I Glover s Pamt XI Supplles HARDWARE AND WHOLESALE 3. RETAIL APPLIANCES Pain? and PaInI'er's Supplies I-I Ih 'I' P' 600 E, Main Phone 5376 A ea 8' M' hge" a"'IS PII 2-O5I5 Houma L CR X W .,. y J ,, , xggx X 9555 QW . SOUTHERN W2 ' Many of your friends of earlier classes are now members of the telephone family We join with them in wishing you every success and good fortune for the future BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY SIIUTHERN MACHINE 81 TIIUL CII., INC Phone 452I HOUMA LOUISIANA FOR QUICK DRUG SERVICE REMEMBER THE PHONE 854I lIINDRY'S DRUG STURE STANDARD FURNITURE 00. HOUMA, LOUISIANA EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME 30081 Q S+ Ph 6842 6843 BARROW SERVICE STATION I739 Barrow S+. LEE ROY HEBERT P p ongrafufafionfi fl fAe .glnior gfflflif of f 95 7 V CITIZENS NATIIINI-IL BANK AND TRUST 00. HOUMA. LOUISIANA Bring your banking problems Io us for friendly, dependable advice and service ai' any hour-day or nighf Dial 2-32OI For 'rhe correc'r lime Member of Federal deposil' insu ance corporafion and federal reserve sysfem we I 6omp6menfa of Qualify G 0 F S c 0 Service Gulf Cil Field Service Co., Inc. Pump Repairs-Supplies-Tools Ph-one 5I I3-8643 RO' Box I M9 Bayou Dularge 2-9I74 HOUMA- LA- NigI1+2-9l2l-774I-2I938-5773 MACHINISTS-WELDERS GENERAL OIL FIELD MANUFACTURING AND REPAIR SERVICE We now have a deep waier slip on Ihe In'IracosIaI Canal for servicing aII kinds of Marine equipment Guif Coasi' DisI'ribuI'ors for EASON 8: THEROLF-PUMP VALVES AND SEATS GENAC TUWING CUMPI-INY Incorporafed Pecan SI'ree+ HOUMA LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS O.F WILSON SUPPLY CO. Om ee - is C pI I' Renfal 8: F hin Tools 9 Crescenf Blvd. Phone 68I5 3 1 1 LANDRY SEAT COVERS and GLASS SHOP I6I3B PALAIS RIIYALE AND MAN SHOP "Where +I1e y Ph ounger sei' shops" 74 5I3E+M S+ I BANK UFTEHHEBUNNE 8 TRUST EU YOU CAN FIND IT AT SCOTT PRINTING 81 STATIONERY COMPANY Office Ou'I'fiHers - Qualify PrinI'ing 3 I6 Church S'I'. Phone 5234 l l l TERREBONNE MOTOR COMPANY SALES SERVICE HOUMA, LOUISIANA l - SKIPPERIS COX DRACLINE AND VARIETY STIURE PILE DRIVING JEWELRY, GIFTS, TOYS, PIECE GOODS Owner-FREDDIE COX Propriefor, MR. I-I. N. BELANCER I545 E. Main Phone 2-334i Phone-66 I 8 or 2-9458 Wm MUD SUPPLY CCDMPANY, INC fx MAC-COBAR PRODUCTS CHEMICALS Incorporaied OIL FIELD SUPPLIES Barr S+ I I-IOUIVIA LOUISIANA MARY SUSANS IHPT SHUP 432 EAST PARK COMPLIMENTS OF Ph 826I NORMAN'S CLOTHING STORE Mm in ,ml JM, mffu, AND REPAIR SHOP I-IOUMA LOUISIANA gongrafufafionq mcHAun morons 202. DMC KERMIT WUBZLQW PLYMOUTH S I -S ' 7I5 E. M ' S+ Ph 22422 WHITE BRUS. 00. HUUMA OF unssnnnsnsnv FINE GIFTS 8: GEMS 505 Main S+. I1 LAPEYIIIIUSE ESSO STATIIIN -I3 Eas+ am S. OU GU S E. PARK J lj BARROW ESSO PRODUCTS P E N NEY 13 U . .fd Gull fgurclmae ia a Cowl: Saving CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS from BOOTY'S SOUTHERNER Houma, La. Phone 6335 Complimenfs of MR. 81 MRS. CARL E. HECK TI-IIBODAUX, LOUISIANA MAIN IRUN WURKS ' BOAT BUILDING 0 GENERAL WELDING 0 STEEL FABRICATION ' REPAIRS DIAL 7884 JACK GUIDRY 856 I957 COMPLIMENTS OF Cour+esy-OuaIi+y-Service CeIebra+ing One Hundred Years of Service UILFIELD LUBRICANT SERVICE, ING. Lubricafing Oil Diesel Fuel Phone 2-27I6. 2-24I3 Houma, Louisiana P. 0. BOX 285 20404 HOUMA, LA. DANIELS CASING CREWS Inland and OFF Shore WE GO ANYWHERE - ANYTIME And You Ge+ The Bes+ in Casing Crew Service Phone 2-0404 McKEY'S SERVICE TEXACO PRODUCTS 624 E. Park Phone 4996 MURELWS T- V- Houwm rms slanvlcs SALES 8: SERVICE 622 E. Park 624 E' PM Phone 7236 Phone 2-2810 HOUMA, LOUISIANA 145 Eu! IMAALM .70 flue .Simian 0 L57 ALBERT E. 000K Complimen+s of LAYWDUD, The Hardware Man .4 -:2E1E2f' S . iE ... 7 .5 .,,. ray!!! .. f X rv um 5 gongrafufafionb jo :Lf CVM of 1957 PATTERSON TRUCK LINE, INC. PATTERSON MUD a CHEMICAL CO., INC. PATTERSON MARINE EQUIPMENT CO., INC PATTERSON REALTY CO., INC. B. sf Is. PILE DRIVING CO., INC. PATTERSON af EDMONSON CONSTRUCTION CO. C. R. PATTERSON AGENCY IINSURANCEI THE REU SUPPLY CU., IND OILFIELD SUPPLIES Phone B 4589 207 I-IOUMA LOUISIANA NUIIH MELIINCIUN PLUMBING 8: HEATING C0. Ins+aIIaI'ions and Repairs ELJER PIumbing Fixfures Dial 8 I67 If II 8I7O I5IO EAST MAIN ST HIIUIVIA BARGAIN STORE BUILT ON VALUES AND EXPANDING VALUES Congra+ulaI'ions Io T.H.S. Gracluafes JACKSON'S GROCERY General Merchandise 337 Levron SI. Ph 735 I-I , L CONGRATULATIONS TO T.I'I.S. GRADUATES FANGUY BRUS. CANDY CU. Quali+y and Service HOUMA AUTO PARTS lidfrigufor PARTS EQUIPMENT CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '57 GILANID GAILLUU PARKING 00., INC. I-IOUMA, LOUISIANA SAADI'S HABERDASHERY Clofhier for Men ancl Young Men E Main Slreel' Ph 5946 BEAUMONT CEMENT SALES CO. Oil Fielcl Drilling Mucl and Chemicals Phone 52I8 I-louma, Louisiana 60I'YlI9Al'Yl ell fa 0 BEST MACHINE SHOP DAIRY KOOL Bill Chauvin, Prop. Easf Park Ave. DUVAI.-WHITNEY-STEVENSUN, INC. CompIe'I'e Insurance Service 3Ol Goode Sfreef HOUMA, LOUISIANA GIBSON STEVENSON P esidenf MRS. H. J. WHITNEY Vice-Presiden+ Tele-pho Ufclimogizf !r sX -F - ?, 1 nes: 2-9I5 FORNOF MOTOR CO. Your Aufhorized Cadillac-Oldsmobile Dealer ISIO Barrow SI. Phone 2-2486 STANWOOD R DUVAL Secrefary-T H. J. WHITNEY CLAUDE B. DUVAL I -406 I CIRCLE SERVICE Washing, Greasing, Wheel Balancing, Quick Charge on Ba'r+eries Corner of Van Ave, Grand Caillou Phone 8050 greefin gd hom LOUISIANA'S TWO LARGEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS THE THE HOUMA GUURIER TERREBUNNE L PRESS MEY FLORISTS MY FLORISTS 906 E. Main Phone 85I6 6 Wood S+. Phone 720 HOUMA, LA. HOUMA. LA. "Say ii wi1'h Ours" fWe Wire Flowers Anywhere, T2 locafions To serve you, c 'MA jfowerd H THE LOUISIANA MAESHTLBISESESHJECO LOCKPOFETT LEDUISIANA EXPLORATION CO. Oigzaeiiznzfffu HOUMAI LOUISIANA B gg' s-Amphibious Dragl' S+ I Fla+ Boafs-Ponroon Congrafufafiond jo fine .gznior CALM of f957 J. RAY MC DERMOTT 81 C0., INC. 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Suggestions in the Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) collection:

Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 104

1957, pg 104

Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 144

1957, pg 144

Terrebonne High School - Trawler Yearbook (Houma, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 148

1957, pg 148

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