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r I I 1 L I v 'av' 'As .1w ' .V "- ' , - .4 .4 ' ' - :i+1'i""h - 'f-'vw-.4wPi., H Q. Q' . ' "- " ' ' f , ,LMA S1 I . ' X: J.. . f., Y' VV J - -- -'Z - 1. 'NYY' ' '.- " ' ' - .N -' .' - ,rs-f., -.- ., - . . 5 ,. L .nt 1 ..A..r.' W-,,,.' wi. I - f ' Y 1155. "'v"'l. "1-'5 yv.-'I'-3 Rs. ' ,.u "VV 'I' -3 'A 1' ' va . V", -v-, y'x 1 T -J Y, ,:. - -- 1- 34-af "N L 'N 7 , Q". ,ILA F.:- n- ' . x V ro .N if 5. . A fgk . lqfli u I r 1-, .., iff? e 5- 1 I W . - ,I 1. lYN'uL'.h3f'. - S 5 . .YF " 4 , . 1"1"4 ' 'J ,.' Q 'si' .ii 1 Y R 'U n. , An . ,AV 1 Y -f' ,f s, I .10 AI 44' '., 'I gf ,.-f N . '11 1- 3' Q: 'MQ -V: - -fn, 0 N 4 2 xg TR THHUNUR Q f U E-gi UNK A M ' W Qs 2 NW IQ . Q aw fiffffw-wf ' 1' ' morial yearbook To effort ' . L ' 4 to bunld a of us, their OUT SB ITISST Faith, able To A+-58 jude and 'N--. J rug, have so 1 X4 Qflailif- Q 'T S , 'Ss' ".y ' em.. o ., fa-Qqxea V .plxl -ix 'RxxL.N,N'?A X A hx a . V Ngxgg-. 'mfg -4. if """' . Hear o R- Wflafe o . ' o "Xa Maw f vw 21-.ae-fftf.-fa' f -an if-frzzffarz'-gexfa o 'xx N' fa- in 'll "?'5??Qf,'3'5'7f" + l 'VE vii X 7 -gg-Q. '-.' 1 N... 4 .xi , -a pr, -...illm ,ww ' he W' W?7?K I 4 'a .qgafa 1 v 4 -qi If ' 'W , ,X l ' I 1 'Q "' Y Q-:Hs ,r'Q. K A-"If 1 -' A. K . +-, J . If -.1 x Y I ' in ' .r "'l AI 55' ' ' . - Q .4 V ,. ,.,,g. M1 'y4j"C.l' '- ".-' as A 1 4 0 5 ",. 'N '-' x , h' 4 I 'l ' ' I . S Qfbf'-'Q '- f.-'if."" ', .5 ' ut .',' 1 494 clad! . .. - :NX 4 xA'iSis7Swk2 I'. .' un ':1:s'.4-' I I J . Q ,- A , 51.3 . Q. .- Q .x.'5' as 5" .4-Ti 31 . gf. vi! 'lr-44g AMY Q if ff 4 , . 1 K A Eg . V, E5.,'A , ' .4 ,4'- Qu 'qx ' ? WA fqgvlf' , 5 'dy ,Z .-b, 24,533 Whig 7-W HW v-lm C. , 'Y V: .-Xin. ,-.NI V., ,- l . 1 Y .,, N- " "' ' ","':T'T',,f"f':..:V"'QlA, ,m1'T-f ' ' k caan-Q.'.', ' ' I ' ., - ' ,tw 'M In ww , l . ' ' I f ift.3K-ik-k. - Q -' -5 " -k.',.4vq. - - "' -4' C, -7 H' .Q- ' l .4 i '-'ii' .J P' A if fm- ,cw-f n -1-LL.. O' 1 ,fi-f al :-Qlltxi "xg, K AA t a A gf:-walt! I 'Q Q. fn, Ni'-." V "1 f " ' .-. -x ' . f -.' -. .W 'v - xr H.: 'Big' ,E sau! lxiuv .Q lullxxqw-ok. 'D K' W . A' . . , x 5 Q.-t ll . ' ' X .P 4. xi- ,l ' T L I , Q' x tj 1, SV: , X- pi. Q . . l . . xt. 1.. .i. 1-. gN..RI. is, NK' ' A .- ' f K l ' ' I xv . . " 5 'N A . V Y' - x - ' ' ' lb' S r 9 5 Principal MR. URVILLE J. BEAUMONT No words can express the grat- itude that I have in my heart for the fine young people who have made up the class of 1963. It has been, as a whole, a very enjoya- ble schooi family. Success and happiness are my sincere wishes to the entire class. Superintendent of Schools MR. WALTER B. INGALLS ' on MR. vv. EARL LISTER B.A., MA. Assistant Principal Yearbook Advisor MISS DOROTHY CHADWICK B.S., Ed.M. Dean of Girls MR. ALFRED N. LAW B.S., Ed.M. Guidance Director Student Council Advisor X I5 , Om 14406201 4 MR. WILLIAM E. RUSSELL J' ', A , ., 41 Ya-. V 5 W '- sl. . iw 1 L I, -Qcfg Ny- 1 - 'mgfrxfsf 'va f' f Y 1 Q24 ' 312' L W' Nw 4.-4, ' I fc" : -. .1-4-' U -4 f- 4- 6 I bg? H in 0 0 N ,, 'Q t Q J I - :J v J I J N! .Q 55 fl7VlN v-Lvl ' Ni ,A 1 1 .4 w V . 'lf V ...Q lf... O A I L. 'NU I agp? 1 , 13:1 Y -Ak., ,Lf F if iii-,Z A A "1 I I g ' . .xyv ' ' .., ff'-'dt' xx . ,,.' 5 1 2 1 . A I W I. ff 'f,' l..f" Mlss KATHLEEN DORAN MR. RQBERT FRAUETTE A ,A f MR, GERARD GAGNE "Slant your Strokes." ' ,,"Yfad bunclfofxschmoosli' - 'XLXUN , ' "Pour demain vous allez avoir . . B.S., Boston Universityg M.Ed., Calvin Coolidge' A A,B., Math, Marist Colle e, V , B.A., Merrimack College College J Advanced Wlath, Coll' e"Algebra, Plane Geo- Latin I, French III and IV l Stenography, General Business, Head of Com- merry ivy! A fj' V , mercial Department, Blue and White Faculty A fd X J' Advisor , Q V ' i ffm MRS. MAY GEREMONTY "You don't step on my toes, and I won't step on your toes." B.S., University of New Hampshire General Science, Head of Science Depart- ment MR. ALBERT GOEBEL "Knock it off, chatterbox." B.A., Merrimack College General Math 'Y . :-f eff!-:ily 'NK'--Ci'-We wif ff- lf' lf' "N9'V, if ., C, rf, iV"fL'k' QQ' xlqwrxxsl, i , MR. JOHN HANNIGAN MR. JOHN HEGGARTY MRs. LQLIAN HERSHHELD X' 'J "Anything almost right is wrong." "Hello." "Get 'ld Of fha' 9649699 l9Uml-" Ph.B., Georgetown Universityg M.Ed., Calvin A.B., St. Michael's College B.S., Temple University A 'V If Coolidge College Senior and General Math College English F fy, L,-Q' United States History f lyfyvx X L N l . H iw i . e 0 1-FE XII ,1- 4-' v ! K Y 'uv Jw Lfb, Y, QQ w P , N 'I' at K l Q ,, f .4 'G 1 19 :" ' gfl fli V 3 5 1, gy PW N 14 v - 1 Q-' fp, 5 if y 1, ,rr ' I - Ii:1gf N In ' 'Z-,jr in! .1 H 1- E' 1- , V J I .1 'i K . .1 Qffi 'iff' ' if 5 , . ,:, ,v .h . r . "W .inn Q ,ff - VL? 1 Gr .glI0'14 Q rc '. I v . YQ.. Fung.. ,ff MISS CAROL BAILEY MR. WILLIAM GOSSELIN MR, EDWARD CQMTQIS "That's right, that's right." "One, two, three . . . wrestle!" "Sing or leave." B,S., Sargent College B.A., Arizona Choral Music Girls' Physical Education, Field Hockey, Basket- Boys' Physical Education, Football Coach ball and Softball Coach Iheadl 41 l MR. RENE MORISSETTE "Att0ntiort!" Drill Instructor MRS. HAZEL HADFIELD "Violins produce beautiful tones." Orchestra Assistant, Strings Instructor MR. HAROLD MCDONNELL "Let's try that one again." B.S., Calvin Coolidge College, M.Ed., Cal- vin Coolidge College Supervisor ot Music, Band and Orchestra, Intrumental Music MRS. FLORENCE BYRNE Secretary MISS SARAH FORREST Secretary 1 Q-- l kai,- An' 'mg GL. 5 A x' ' ' im-Q .r L - - s , 1 Q ' l .- '42 1 ii 4 : Q 3, j'::'t ,- tub it Left to right: Miss Bertha Gilson, Miss Erna Mey, Mrs. Sadie Hadley, Mrs. Doris Q . . Q L 1 151 Q Fenton, Mrs. Leona Sestini, Mrs. Dee Perry Left fo righf: Herbert Grosser, leo Daigle, William Kostrewa, Frank Bamforth, Jack Kiley MRS. RUTH EDSON Director WILLIAM KOSTREWA Head ' Ufkzaw fi PRESIDENT coRRlNE KONDRY vice PRESIDENT RONALD DYER SECRETARY WENDY SLEEPER TREASURER ARLYNE QUIAMBAO Graduation is the end of a carefree, though somewhat sheltered life, and the beginning of a more serious and challenging one, filled with new plans, dreams, and as- pirations. As we, the Class of 1963, graduate, we are filled with mixed emotions-ioy for the many friends and memories we will never forget, and regret for all we have left behind. We can never realize nor measure all the education we have acquired here at Tenney Memorial High School through instruction, discipline, associations, and our own experiences. May God guide us in the many decisions we will have to make, and may He grant us humility and perseverance to accept and to fulfill our new roles in life. Corrine M. Kondry Qffifgsf Q S 'DS 4 12? SF: Q R J S P K5 Q fix, if Jim ivy 'x .lfgrf QPN1 25- , Wm. 5-"Cm I Rim -QB 3 Q QS QQQQ 'X 9 QX4gl3Qz?swx J f-Exfkrl Lu 7 'Q A A5 SEN f WG Q Q pg Q, ! EAC-awk zz' 53 5 52133, Q' ZA! wx gg! GZUJ K U ,B f'-3-21 mgjg J Q doc, fJ1,.,,,, I' I9 L l KAREN ALLARD "Kazz" Ambition: To be a Commercial Artist "A heart as big as her smile" Class Treasurer 'l, Pep Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Astronomy Club 2, Ski Club 3, Vice President 4, Senior Play Committee 4, Senior Prom Committee 4 DANA AMISS "Legs" Ambition: To Succeed in Life "Good nature is the beauty of the mind" Basketball 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Sen- ior Play Committee, Pep Club, Prom Committee KENNETH AMMON "Ken" Ambition: To loin the Air Force "Sailing through the sea of life" Football I, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Presi- dent 4, Senior Play Committee, Cadets I, 2 l A BEVERLY R. AKAM "Bev" Ambition: Secretary "Sincerity leads to success" Junior Historical Society l, 2, 3, 4, Student Leader 3, 4, Yearbook Representative, Varsity Basket- ball 4 'S ANTHONY A. ALIANIELLO "Tony" Ambition: To operate an IBM and to futher my education "A light heart lives long" Talent Show 2, Pep Club 2, Ski Club 4, Astronomy Club 2 2951+- -T- ,mir -., T . . :assigns- ,- fp .-fur, g THERESA ANGUS "Terry" Ambition: To ioin the Navy "Just watch the score climb to victory" Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 'l, 2, 3, Captain 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Student Leaders, Blue 8- White 3, 4, Pep Club 2 CATHERINE ARMISTEAD "Cathi" Ambition: To be a Science-Re- search Secretary and get mar- ried "Friendly dispositions take you places" Pep Club 2, 3, Art Club 4, Hon- or Society 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Prom Committee, Various Com- mittees ALBERT ANGE Ambition: To loin the Air Force "Everyday's a holiday" Cadets 1, 2, Various Committees AGNES MARIE ARMITAGE "Agony" Ambition: To Teach Mathematics "An ardent worker, a student bright, Whose work is nearly always right" Junior Historical Society I, 2, President 3, 4, College Club 3, Math Club 3, 4, Astronomy Club 3, 4, Blue 8: White 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, Girls State 3, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award ROBERT ASADOOR "Bob" Ambition: Career in Medicine "He is ilttle . . . he is wise, He's a terror for his size" Cadets I, Math Club 3, 4, Col- lege Club 3, Ski Club 4, Year- book Staff 3, 4, Blue 8- White 4, Senior Play Committee :J J' , - Tv,fP1',,j A ' 0 i .Md V ELAINE BALUKONIS "Laine" Ambition: To become a Secre- tary "Little I ask, my wants are few" Pep Club 2, 3, Various Com- mittees JOSEPH F. BARBERIO "Bubba" Ambition: To become a Com- mercial Artist "It's a man's world" Ski Club 4, Art Club President 4, Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee WILLIAM ATHAYDE "Atlas" Ambition: IBM Enthusiast "Enioy yourself . . . it's later than you think" Pep Club 2, Tenney Mixed Bowling League 3, Various Committees JOHN ATKINSON "Johnny" Ambition: To ioin the Coast Guard "In silence many virtues hide" Cadets I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Sen- ior Prom Committee SANDRA ELIZABETH BAGLEY "Sandy" Ambition: To become a Registered nurse "Big surprises come in little pack- ages" Student Council 2, Junior Historical Society I, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Pep Club 2, Ski Club 3, 4, College 3, As- tronomy Club 3, 4, Senior Play Com- mittee, Talent Show 2 NANCY BALFOUR "Nanc" Ambition: Private Secretary and to get married "Her golden locks are her crowning glory" Pep Club 2, 3, Art Club 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee I ., ,I, 2 3 'c . H. .. I rv N53 I ' 'I r :rig 'IRQ-4 I' ' -'I-. . ' 'QIIQX N u Y' Y' s I. .. 22 af X" . 5, . 4 Ivy bl? LM!! " VNWWQI ix V rylvlwt I-Q? WILLIAM BARRY "Bill" Ambition: To become an Architectural Engineer "A fun loving chatterbox" Cadets 'l, 2, 3, Officer 4, Math Club 3, 4, College Club 3, Golf Team 4, Civil War Centennial Avyard w i I H l i i , X .NJ HM, .VIN 1- 1 , t GERALDINE BASSETT "Gerrie" Ambition: To reign high in the Glory of God "As sunny as the sky above us" Junior Historical Society i, 2, 3, 4, As- tronomy Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2 WILLIAM BATEMAN "Willie" Ambition: To ioin the Navy "A frie-nd to everyone" Cadets 1, Bowling 2, 3, Various Committees PAMELA A. BAUCHMAN "Parnmy" Ambition: To be a Social Worker or Secretary "She's always cheerful company" Italian Club 2, Junior Historical So- ciety 2, Pep Club l, Various Com- mittees GEOFFREY BARDSLEY "Jeff" Ambition: To be an Architect "Do it tomorrow, yOU'Ve made enough mistakes today" Cadets l, 2, 3, Officer 4, Stu- dent Council 3, President 4: College Club Vice President 3: ROBERT J. BARNAT "Barnabi" Ambition: To be a Pharmacist "Trouble never troubles him" Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Football 'l, Basketball I, Cadets I, 2, 3, Of- ficer 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Senior Play Committee ::L, ala: Wfw'-'I I Z . U, ee Offs, 'aft if' Z3 4 4 1 I WT gee :Lg QJW ' , , 6' In ,P ,Z I -UA .- IA ., stc' is I 1 6:3 -irlf hn 35.gs,f:5's:,.H?f .iA-,2 1 . f PHILIP BEAULIEU "Phil" Ambition: To ioin the Air Force "He seems quiet but look again" Cadets 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Sen- ior Play Committee, Pep Club 2, Senior Prom Committee VIRGINIA ANNE BECKER "Ginny" Ambition: To be a Secretary "Little said, much accomplished" Softball Team 1, Manager 2, 3, 4, Blue 8- White, Orchestra 'l, 2, Pep Club 2, Various Committees JOSEPH GENE BELLA "Joe" Ambition: To become a Drafts- man "Enthusiasm conquers the im- possible" Astronomy Club 3, 4, Various Committees JEAN BENOIT "Jean" Ambition: To become a Nurse "lt is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends" Ski Club 4, College Club 3, Blue 81 White 4, Science Club 3 -- -1 I Q a- ,....sJ.A- a.f!?,,f?sn. :Zi-d""7 '-",.,,,,, L.. A K 1 6 P " "-Q., S k.4' 1-. -'S , 'M '7 I ,, . . lx Y O 1 - il a . 47 3 -s. K - '- sg f X ,, 2 . U . DANIEL BOGANNAM "Danny" Ambition: To succeed in life "Some say he's bashful, others doubt it" Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Senior Prom Com- mittee: Pep Club 3, Ski Club 4 JOSEPH ANTHONY BONACORSI "Pastachotees" Ambition: To become a Hair- dresser "We like your genial air" Ski Club 4, Senior Play Com- mittee 4: Various Committees DONALD RICHARD DAVID BISTANY "Pedro" Ambition: To be an Electrical Drafts- man "Liked by all who know him" Ski Club 4, Various Committees JANE-ANNE BLIGHT "Janie" Ambition: To become an Executive Secretary "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind" Pep Club 2j College Club 3, Prom Committee 4: Various Committees NANCY ANN BLOOD "Nan" Ambition: To become a Teacher "Gal about town" French Club 3: College Club 35 Ski Club 4, Senior Play Committee, Pep Club 2 JOEL BLOTNER Ambition: Io become a Doctor "Care and Diligence bring rich re- wards" Cadets lg Math Club 3, 45 College Club 3 'Sv Qi CAMILLE BONANNO "Camilly" Ambition: To succeed in whatever I "So friendly-so helping-so true" Junior Historical Society I, 2, 3, Blue 8. White 2, 3, Co-editor 4 MARTHA J. BOREN "Marty" Ambition: To be an Executive or Private Secretary "So winsome and bonny" Pep Club 2, 3, Various Committees JOHN BORRUN Ambition: To graduate from High School "Pleasure andblaughter, that's all he's after" Various Committees WILLIAM BRACKETT "Billy" Ambition: To ioin the Air Force "Quiet, unassuming, and likeable" French Club 3, Track 3, Various Committees 'W "Five minutes till curtain" T3 JAMES BRETT "Jim" Ambition: To enter Notre Dame "Where would you find his equal" Football l, 2, 3, 4, Cadets I, 2, 3, Officer 4, Baseball 2, Senior Play Committee 4, Ski Club 4, Student Council 4, Art Club, Secretary 4, Student Government Day Representative ALFRED BROTHERS IIAIII Ambition: To Become a German teacher "Learning is a wealth" Band T, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, College Club 3, Dance Band 3, Various Committees JA, 4. S... ELIZABETH ANNE CHASE ALAN ClRELLA llBe1,syll 11Re Ambition: To be a Legal Secre- Ambition: To become a Surgeon tary "Love-a grave mental disease" "Her charms are many, her Italian Honor Club 2, College faults hardly any" Club 3, Cadets 1, 2, 3, Officer Glee Club 3, Yearbook Treas- 4, Senior Play Cast urer 3, 4, Senior Class Play, Cast 4 A L 'Q-v .-L-L sb- L, ELAINE JO-ANN BUCCI Ambition- To become a Fashion U ' de- signer "l can resist anything but tempta- ' Il tion Chess Cll-'b 2: Pep Club 2, College Club 3 ANGELA P. BUCO "Bucko" Ambition: To become a Physical Edu- cation Teacher "Patience ornaments a woman" Softball l, 4, Basketball 4, Pep Club 3, Italian Club 2, Junior Historical Society I KENNETH J. CAMPBELL "Kenny" Ambition: To be happy and success- ful in business "The more you know him 'the better you like him" Student Council l, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Cadets 'l, 2, 3, Officer 4, Ski Club 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Senior Art Club 4, Yearbook Repre- sentative, Student Director of Senior Play 4, Senior Prom Committee, Tal- ent Show 3, 4 ERNEST CAMPOLINI "Ernie" Ambition: To combine a successful marriage with a successful career "A boy of hope and forward looking mind" Football I, 2, Baseball I, 2, Mixed Bowling League 3 . f 1 09941 A A D00 V0 WIA! in itll .Q- to 45 .J VERONICA CONNELL "Ronni" Ambition: To become a Secretary "Smiles are sunbeams, light and icy" Pep Club 2: Various Committees THERESA COOK "Terri" Ambition: To be a Teacher "A pretty girl is like a melody" Italian Club 4: Math Club 4: Student Leaders: Cafeteria 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Play Committee:'Prom Committee DOROTHY A. COOPER "Dotty" Ambition: To be a Secretary "A little peach in the orchard grew" Softball 2, 3, 4: Blue 8. White 3, 4: Field Hockey Manager 4 ROBERT J. COTE "Bob" Ambition: To become a Barber "A person worth knowing" Various Committees STEVEN CLOUTIER "Moses" Ambition: To be a State Trooper "He watches. from his lofty heights" Football 'I, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Track 3, 4: Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Pep Club 3: Senior Play Committee ROBERT A. CODY "Bob" Ambition: To enter the field of Radio and Television "And looks on life with quiet eyes" Football 1: Baseball T, 2 WILLlAM COUGHLAN "Bill" Ambition: To go to college "Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit" Football I, 4: Baseball I, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee BEVERLY CRAIG "Bev" Ambition: To graduate "Life is what you make Pep Club 3: Ski Club 4: Various Committees itll GILDA D'AGATA "Jill" Ambition: To be a Model "Cheerfulness is her mantle" Glee Club, Prom Committee f'.m::':,5- if' wrt, Lf-5' ,rar if L ,., KARIN DANAHY "Krin" Ambition: To be a Legal Secre- tary "A moclern maiden, yet self- possessed" Art Club 4, Chess Club 3: Math Club 3: Prom Committee: Vari- ous Committees T FT i tt' x DEIRDRA ANNE DEED "DeDe" Ambition: To walk with God "The subtle charm of her voice" Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Histori- cal Society 2, 3, 4y Astronomy Club l, 2, Vice President 3, 47 Prom Committee: Senior Play Committee W. PAULETTE DEROCHERS "Polly" Ambition: To be a Private Sec- retary "Look at her and you will see what good young ladies ought to be" Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club, Art Club, Pep Club 2, 3: Various Committees ,- DEAN L. DAVIS "Dino" Ambition: To be a Marine Engineer "Looks are deceiving" Band l, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Science Club 3, Prom Committee STEPHEN J. DAVIS "Fomoco" Ambition: To further my education "A good-natured all around fellow" Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4, Various Commit- tees T A,'l,. lx l "f'3,'lfVV ,rl Aff il r, 'Lx 'fl V ' J J ,, i - J MARIE DAWSON ,, '-:V i u uReu C J ,lub Ambition: To be a Teacher ' "Quiet and sweet, thoughtful and neat" French Club 3, 4, Astronomy Club 3 College Club 35 Senior Play Cast Prom Committee: Yearbook Represent- ative , F- ,-, f ,rjyflg V t , rl V , ,Q T - ,:fQXSZlUC'3!C!l fl ' I M . x X. ,'! fll7lLl-All T fx Txljlv 1 N! TL L, y 'Ing' LOUIS DeBENEDETTO "Rebel" "Otah" Ambition: To be a State Trooper "A silent yet helping hand" Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4 27 'H'-1 -'ifafr' i LUCY DiRESTA IILUII Ambition: To become a Mathemati- cian "A quiet worker . . . a sociable gal" Italian Club 4: College Club 3: Math Club 4 RITA CLAIRE DONOVAN "Sam" Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse "A true friend never lacks friends" Basketball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Student Leaders: Junior Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Prom Committee PAUL M. DORMAN "Mike" Ambition: To ioin the Navy "A deceiving air of innocence" Cadets 'l, 2, 3, 4: Various Commit- tees MARCELLA ANN DUFFEN "Marcie" Ambition: To become a Secretary "Lovely eyes of violet blue" Cafeteria 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3: Prom Committee 4: Senior Play Commit- tee 4: Various Committees ,. fob: l SHARON DEROCHERS MARGARET DEVINE "Shay" "Peggy" Ambition: To be a private secre- Ambition: To become a Nurse tary "To be friendly is to have "She is liked everywhere, all of friends" the time" Glee Club: Senior Art Club: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 4: Prom Committee Student Council 4: Pep Club 2: Junior Historical Society 2: Sen- ior Play Committee: Prom Com- mittee RONALD DYER "Ron" Ambition: To be a Civil Engi- neer "A class leader with spirit and sociability" DIANA DUHAMEL Class President I, Class Vice 'Di" President 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Ambition: To become a Hair- Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Cadets I, dresser 2, 3, Officer 4: Basketball 1, 2, "A girl of high ideals" 3: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, Pep 2, 3: Varigus Com. 31 College 31 Boys' State 32 mineeg D.A.R. Award 3 VIRGINIA NORMA EASTMAN "Ginnie" Ambition: To become a Secre- tary "May she go through life as easily as she can twirl a baton" Blue 8. White l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Historical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, Maiorettes 3, Captain 4, Honor Society 3, 4, A Prom Committee SUSAN EATON llsuell Ambition: To be an Elementary Teacher "She served with honor and ad- mired success" Class Secretary lg Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4, College Club 3, Math Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Band 'l, 2, 3, Secretary 4, Cafeteria 2, 3, 4, Junior His- torical Society l, Senior Play Cast, Prom Committee, Talent Show 3 RICKY FARO Ilciahll Ambition: To be an Engineer "ln whom the spirit of adven- ture runs-high" Football l, Program Committee 4, Cadets l, 2, 3, 4 4 l .ge THOMAS FAY "Otah" Ambition: To further my Educa- tion "This life is most iolly" Cadets l, 2, 3, 4 ELLAYNE ELIAS Ambition: A Career in Medical Re- search "Science enlarges the views" Band 2, 3, 4, College Club 3, Science Club 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Science Fair, First Prize 3 A A i , L L fall JW 11075 ffyffijlfgl s V jlfd Wir F N-I A I i WQXW wfflwic Jblpifl, , ELAINE E14iGLlsi-ifgl, ifgyj J "Buckwheat" I 61 Ambition: To become a Corvhmercial Artist "She's a cute little headache and lots of fun" Maiorettes 2, 3, Ski Club 3, 4, College Club 3, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee VELVA MAE ERBAN "Vel" Ambiiton: To become a Legal Secre- tary "She speaks, acts, and behaves iust as she should" Astronomy Club 2, 3, 4, Junior His- torical Society 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Various Committee BARBARA L. FARELLI "Bobbie" Ambition: To be a Secretary "There is no greater everyday virtue than cheerfulness" Civics Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Field Hockey 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4, Student Leaders 3,.4 PAULA FRANCO Ambition: To be a Medical Secretary "Few things are needful to make the wise happy" Glee Cluby Pep Club 2, 35 Prom Com- mitteef Various Committees ANTHONY J. FUSCO "Tony" Ambition: To be an Accountant "Friendship is better than knowl- edge" Ski Club 45 Track Aj Prom Commit- tee 4f Various Committees PAUL GALARNEAU Ambition: To be a Horticulturist "Some think the world is made for fun and 'Frolic and so do l!" Ski Club 47 Cadets lp Prom Commit- tee 45 Various Committees LINDA GAMMONS "Lin" Ambition: To Teach Elementary School "She aims to please" Pep Club 2, 35 Senior Play Com- mittee: Various Committees MARY JOANN FIORE JOHN FORD "Mare" "Johnny" Ambition: To be a Secretary and Ambition: To be a Mechanic a Housewife "Hitch your wagon to a star "Silent and sweet always looks Various Committees neat" Blue 8- White Typistg Pep Club 2, 3: Various Committees "This will take care of me for an hour' RAYMOND A. GENEST LAWRENCE S. GENTILE "Bread" "Larry" Ambition: To become an Engi- Ambition: To enter college neer "Why worry what tomorrow "Silence speaks for itself" brings" Various Committees Various Committees .zu ff" - ,-.1 , A. fl: 'A 1 5"'i'.:'3g, ' N KAREN GORSKI llKall Ambition: To be an IBM Operator and to be happy "Modest but merry" Senior Art Club: Senior Play Com- mittee: Prom Committee VIRGINIA M. GRAHAM "Ginny" Ambition: To be a housewife and Secretary "A person worth knowing" Pep Club: Prom Committee GUY A. GRASSO "Hatchetman" Ambition: To do everything "A captivating smile and wavy hair will get him anywhere" Ski Club 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2: Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee , MARY ANN GRIFFIN "Polly" Ambition: To be an Art Teacher "With hair of gold like the morning sun" Ski Club 3, 4: College Club 3: Pep Club 3: Field Hockey 2: Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee x i T. l N J ew x X N xt fi Tu li x,,,'iX Ji J, 'K 1 fxlll V hxjv J l ,-1 , MARY JOYCE HAGERTY "Joyce" Ambition: To become a Secretary "To be friendly is to have friends" Pep Club 2: Prom Committee PETER HAIDAICHUK "Otah" "What! No girls in Heaven" Cadets I, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2: Bas- ketball l, 2, Bowling League 3, 4 GITA CLAIRE HAJJAR "Tootsie" Ambition: To be a legal Secretary "What a ioy to be so full of fun" Glee Club, Bowling Team: Basketball, Pep Club 2, 3 RICHARD HANSON "Juggerknot" Ambition: To be a Civil Engineer "A true sport, a leader of men" Ski Club 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Cafeteria 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Com- mittee: Senior Play Committee , t l iv, xv 'l E 'Qs -, lf ,lxlb wi lg' Qu FRANCINE GUILLETTE "Frani" SYLVIA A. HADFIELD llsylll Ambition: To be a Secretary Ambition: To be an Airline Hos- "Sweet, neat, and can't be tess bei?" "l'd rather be short and shine Prom Committee than be tall and cast a shad- owll Prom Committee: Pep Club 2, 3 759 as ' . ':i fiuf1ii:i. ERNEST G. HATEM BEVERLY HAYES "Ernie" "Bev" Ambition: To be an Electronic Ambition: To be a Hairdresser Engineer "Full of pep, and lots of fun" "Never think of the future, it Glee Club: Prom Committee comes soon enough" Cadets 2, 3, Talent Show 2, 25, 4 C RICHARD E. HEINZ "Rick" Ambition: To be an Engineer "When I'm right, no one re- members, when I'm wrong no one forgets" Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee ,-, 4 .M - . , , iw, '-GSW. :T I 't , .-, E53Jf 9af . if ., LLOYD THOMAS HIGGINS "Hi99Y" Ambition: To succeed in Life "Down to earth and forthright" Various Committees DAVID HOWSHAN "Rangatang" Ambition: To be a Physical Edu cation Teacher "Seize every opportunity" Ski Club 3, 4, Pep Club 3, Col lege Club 3, Talent Show 4 Cafeteria 3, 4, Football 3, Base: ball 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Cap- tain 4, Senior Play Committee Prom Committee . I DIANE HUEBNER Ambition: To be a Dental Hy- gienist "And every grin, so merry, draws a care from within" Maiorettes 3, 4, Math Club, Sec- retary 4, Senior Art Club, Col- lege Club 3, Ski Club 4, Pep Club 2, Talent Show 3, 4, Senior Play Committee MARGARET RITA HIKEL "Peggy" Ambition: To be a Private Secretary "Patience is a virtue" Pep Club 2, Ski Club 4, Junior His- torical Society 2, 3, 4, Astronomy Club 2, 3, Secretary 4, Blue 8- White 4, Various Committees VIRGINIA M. HODGE "Ginny" Ambition: To be a Teacher "Flirting here, flirting there" College Club 3, Pep Club 3, Ski Club 3, Student Leaders 3, 4, Class Offi- cer 2, Cheering 3, 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Talent Show 3, 4, Prom Com- m ittee THORA H. HOUGHTON Ambition: To be a Nurse "Now you see her, now you don't' Ski Club 3, Treasurer 4, Prompter Class Play, Prom Committee BETTY LOU HOUSTON llaenyll Ambition: To go to College "Sunshine follows you" Glee Club 2, Pep Club 2, Senior Play Committee EMIL P. JACOBUCCI "Chick" Ambition: To be a Policeman "No matter what others may be, he will always be himself" Band I, 2, Various Committees DIANA JOHNSON "Johnson" Ambition: To become a Secretary "A sparkling gleam shines in her dark eyes" Glee Club I, MARJORIE A. "Margie" Ambition: To "Kindness is which society College Club 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3 JOHNSON be a Science Teacher the golden chain by is held together" 3, Astronomy Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, Junior Historical Society 2, 3, Senior Play Committee JOHN JOSEPH JOVELL Ambition: To graduate "A little help goes a long way" Cadets I, Basketball 3, Track I, Football I, 2, 3 VIRGINIA A. INCOLLINGO "Ginny" Ambition: To own a T-Bird "Let a smile be your umbrella" JAMES RICHARD IRVING "Jim" Ambition: To be a building con tractor Pep Club 2, 3, Art Club 4, ltal- "He lives to build, not to ian Honor Club 2, 3, Class Treas- boast" urer 2, Blue 8: White 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee RICHARD KACHANIAN "Dick" Ambition: To succed in Life "Happiness seems made to be shared" Radio Club I, Senior Prom Committee, Various Committees 01 54,1551 ,fwffffi jfucff Lf ' Cadets, Prom Committee, Xari- ous Committe s I ,P ,f- , fl!-4XL " it Lf , If I D RICHARD KADY "Dick" Ambition: To be a Heavy Equip- ment Operator "Life is too short to worry" Various Committees ELAINE KALIL Ambition: To be a Beautician "A touch of deviltry lurks in her eyes" Pep Club 25 Senior Play Cast 45 Ski Club 45 Senior Art Club5 Italian Honor Club 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Prom Committee KAREN ELIZABETH KELEHER "Karry" Ambition: To be a Private Sec- retary and a wife and mother "Keep your sunny side up" Pep Club 2, 35 Various Commit- tees BARBARA KENTAL "saw Ambition: To become a Secretary A light heart lives long Field Hockey l, 25 Various Commit tees JAMES E. KEOGH "Jam" Ambition: To do Well "Sound speaks for itself" Chess Club 15 Bowling League Civics Club 35 College Club 3, 4 JUDITH ANN KOLBA "Chunks" Ambition: To become a Teacher "The world's a stage, the stage a world" Honof 50ClefY 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, Cap- filn 4: College Club 35 Math Club 3, 45 Ski Club 45 Senior Pl3Y Cast 45 Junior Historical Society I5 Student Leaders 3, 45 Blue 8- White 3, 45 Pep Club 25 Art Club 45 Prom Committee 45 Talent Show 3, 4 JAMES KOLIFRATH "Punchy" Ambiiton: To become a Drafts- man "lf laughter were a crime he a master criminal would be" Football I, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Bas- ketball T5 Ski Club 45 Cadets l, 25 Pep Club 35 Talent Show 3, 45 Senior Play Committee5 Prom Committee WILLIAM R. KERRY "Bill" Ambition: To be an Electrician "lt matters not how long we live but how" Cadets 2, 3, 45 Various Committees JOHN KIRKMAN "Jack" Ambition: To be a State Trooper "Where women be, there I be also Football 3, 45 Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, Senior Play Committee 4 "'f"' ' ""i' """""""' ffl! ""l? Age CORRINE MARY KONDRY "Corrine" Ambition: To become a Nuclear Engi- neer "l'm sitting on top of the world" Class President 4, Class Vice President! PV 35 Honor Society 3, Officer 45 Year-L" ' book 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Student gif .I 5 Leaders 3, 45 Math Club 3, 45 Physics -I f - ' fl' , .fwpf Club 4, Secretary5 Senior Art Club5 V! College Club 35 D.A.R. Good Citizen-'dl ship Award 35 Senior Play Commit- tee5 Prom Committee IRENE J. KOSCIELNIAK "Rene" Ambition: To be a Certified Public Accountant and to get married "We like your genial air" Glee Club 3, 45 Student Leaders 3, 45 Blue Si White 45 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3 WALTER J. KUDZIA "Kooch" Ambition: To succed in life "A iovial, coaxing manner, a smile and friendly welcome for all" Cadets 2, 3, 45 Physics Club 45 Senior Play Committee ALICE C. LAFFIN IIAIII Ambition: To be a Secretary and to get married "She has a friend for every smile and a smile for every friend" Maiorettes 45 Student Leaders 3, 45 Italian Club 25 Glee Club 35 Pep Club 2, 35 Senior Play Committee5 Prom Committee , f ,, no Y 'J 'J fn" ,C ' 1.1 if" 1 ,Jil ,, 1.1! ., , ,li ,, M, If ,f J f X!-"' , . sl up f 'Ny ,Q , ' " ' ,. . , J ,J - - ,iw , ., , , , , .. , ,f' i ,-.f , , . f '. ,, ' LJ J , , . flf' , f if W,-. fl , ,, , V 7V J, il MIA f'- , ., l :V : ' 1 .fr 1 ,, ,, 'W "Woof . . . Gravy Train" 99 X-. -x.. -Y inf' yi U 5 il ' , ,Q X ,eq X X- r IU H if .wk r ' ,f f xi 0. -" fx . sf 'X .F ,QW Q.. - A . - . 'll cf' , 10K 4 - . . X 1- ., ' 1, uv . V' x. l" N SY' ,. V33 E v Ny .1 P 1 -. J .1 .1 -f' ,jx xlib' IJ N2-I' ' GEORGE G. LAFFIN Ambition: To acquire a degree in Pharmacy "Possesses a penetrating humor and a host of friends" Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Senior Play Cast5 Orchestra 'I, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 45 Physics Club 4 A fffffi ' ' . -uv vb 'i .-3: .v ANN MARIE LA FRANCE "Ann" Ambition: To succeed in any- thing l attempt "Ambition is a powerful source of good" Pep Club 25 Field Hockey 2, 35 Maiorettes 3, 45 College Club 35 Math Club 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Senior Play Committee K ,espn Ap ' Q 'f83h'?hS 0' JOSEPH D. LaGRASSE "Jose" Ambition: To become an Architectural Designer "Laughing eyes reflect a cheerful soul" Yearbook 3, 4, Math Club 3, 4, Col- lege Club 3, 4, Italian Club I, 2, Basketball I, 2, Art Club 4, Treasurer, Physics Club 4, Treasurer, Senior Play Committee, Pep Club 3, Prom Com- mittee f3' ' , ,534 yn, X iv -' f ' ' 1, f' , , f ., r, 5 ' .ff'- , , ,, -fi,'.-91--" ' "UF ,J.v,,,,,r In , xr Q,--. .' ,l,ff' JOHN G. LAHGUD If ".lack" I Ambition: To be an 'IBM Repairman "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Various Committees ,Cr I - - 1,1 ALBERT J. LAMBERT ' , Al KENNETH LAW "Ken" Ambition: To become a Drafts- man "With malice toward none, with laughter for all" Senior Play Committee, Various Committees X A . , . - - s . I , A PATRICIA LAVVTON I I nB.B'u ff , Ambition: To become a Teachei' ' "Gaze into her eyes and you'll see an Angel, gaze a little long- er and you'll see an Imp" Student Leaders 3, 4, Blue 8: White I, Cafeteria 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Prom Committee, Senior Play Committee 11 ll Ambition: To be a Draftsman "Never too busy to say 'Hil' " Various Committees f IT' , ,. ff LLYJVQVQV f , ' ' ' ,lf 'n 'l 14 " Q -9 Ml' Lg D751 I. 7 Jprgcuuvfft' V ,L A - , if X 1' L! i , K. I f lfljcfff ,ff , ,'i,u4,- wywbwfu Vu., , GEORGE LAMGNTAGNE gg., Ambition: To be a Meteorologist f "Genius, that Power which dazzles mortal eyes, is oft but Perseverance in disguise" Honor Society 3, President 4, Physics Club, President 4, French Club, Presi- dent 4, Math Club 3, 4, Senior Play Committee J 1 LLAIQNE MARY Efevssoue 7"Laine" 'TAmbition: To become a Secretary gl "No sooner said than done" if-12-afi' Glee Club I: Ski Club 4: Various Cornmittees '?k, rl Q SANDRA E. LICCIARDELLO "Sandy" Ambition: To be a Success "A girl of high ideals" Italian Honor Club 2: Ski Club 45 Art Club 4: Prom Committee 4 WILLIAM LOESCHEN "Bill" Ambition: To become a Forest Ranger "True worth is quiet, undemonstra- tive" Football 2: Track 2, 3, 4 ANTHONY R. LOIACONO "Tony" Ambition: To go into Industrial Elec- tronics "He does everything well" Various Committees ,,DaVe,, Hoa.-yf ' Ambition: To go into the Air Amblhfani To 90 "f'?'I1e Force of Radio and Television Il - . I ll "Wise to resolve and Patient to I IIVS the lite of a.Klng Junior Historical Society 'I, Cadets Ig Bowling 4 4: Various Committees perform" ANN MARIE LOON JOHN LUCINSKAS "Mouse" "John" Ambition: To be a Medical Sec- Ambition: To become an IB retary Technician "A radiant smile and eyes "The world is so full of aglow" things" Junior Historical Society 3, 45 Various Committees Ski Club 4: Pep Club 3 KATHLEEN M. MALBON DIANNE MANSUR IlKafhyII IIDEII Ambition: To be a Laboratory Ambition: To be a success in Technician whatever I decide to do "A kind heart with gentle "Sweet and full of fun" ways" Maiorettes 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Various Committees Ski Club 4 Q-fd ,iii I '. I S 'l i .A 1 I' u' 1' , .V lid I I l ., 'K-A4 '71, ' iff B' 'intent BONITA ANN MAZZUCCO "Bonnie" "Bev" BEVERLY MCALLISTER Ambition: To succeed in life "An appealing personality will ture go far" "She displays a gleaming smile" Pep Club I, 25 Student Leaders Various Committees 3, 45 Various Committees Ambition: To have a bright fu- "Just as dnarming as she is small" CLAIRE MARANTO "Clay" Ambition: To join the Waves "The wearer of a smile has many friends" Ski Club 45 Italian Clubg Pep Club 2, 3 1' X JOSEPH MARCELLO "Joe" Ambition: To become a good Illu- strator "Gifted with a iolly disposition" Senior Art Club, Vice President 45 Prom Committee5 Senior Play Com- mittee RITA M. MARTELLE "little Vera" Ambition: To attend Bentley College Field Hockey 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Softball CARMINE L MARTINO ' Ambition: To have an Auto Body Business ' "A good-natured all around fellow' E, 1 - Various Committees Moro nov Avnnls 39 PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE X l .W ld? 40 I AUX! Civ- J 1 x . flltl -. inf.-Ivixlgysft 1 l u 1.4 MARTHA McKENZlE l ' 'A K rl 1 J Ambition: To become a Social Work- er "Brown eyes, medium size. She cer- tainly is a wonderful prize" Student Council I, 2, Blue 81 White 'l, 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Student Lead- ers 3, 4, Pep Club 3, P.T.S.A. Secre- tary, Cheerleader 4 MONICA ANN McROBBlE "Sam" Ambition: To be a Wife and Mother "The world would be a better place if there were more like you" Blue 8: White 2, 3, 4, Student Lead- ers 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Class Play Cast 4, Cheerleader 4 SHARYN MEEHAN "Ponytail" Ambition: To be a wife to my hus- band and a mother to my children "A friend to gain, a friend to re- main" Various Committees BERNARD MERCIER "Mike" Ambition: To be a Mechanic "A quiet disposition likeable per- sonality" Various Committees Xe lt, X v .-'J JOHN R. McCLlNTOCK "Mack" Ambition: To be successful "A true friend in every sense of the word" Cadets l, 2, 3, 4 JOHN C. MCGIBBON "Jack" Ambition: To study Theology and enter the Ministry "Never say more than is nec- ,Q . r, essary" Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling League 3 l l I V' . 9 ' i N. Al i we ' +..T , . g E KN f , , - Wfgcfiti, l " .2s.sHi14ff5:..-1-v 4'-:Q N Y gg X l PAULA ANN MERROW ROBERT JOSEPH MESITI Ambition: To become a Register- "Bob" ed Nurse Ambition: To make it "A girl with high ideals" "A little nonsense now and Cheerleader 3, 4, Blue 81 White then" 3, 4, Junior Historical Society l, Cadets I, Italian Honor Club 2, 2, 3, 4, College Club 3, Field Pep Club 3, 4, Senior Play Com- Hockey 1, Student Leaders 3, 4, mittee Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee - I 7 ' I f ' ' I ' . 1 n 5 JOYCE MICAVICH Ambition: To become an X-Ray Technician "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice" French Club 3, Math Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, College Club 3i Ski Club 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Maiorettes 2, 4, Talent Show 2, 4, Yearbook Representative 4, Blue White 2, 3, Co-editor 4, Prompter Senior Play m DIANNE MIDDLEMISS "Middi" Ambition: To be a Certified Pub- lic Accountant "A small bundle of pep" Softball 1, Field Hockey 3 CAROL MOYNIHAN "Crash" Ambition: To be a Surgical Nurse "Full of smiles and full of fun, She is liked by everyone" French Club 3, Ski Club 3, 4, College Club 3, Pep Club 3, Student Leaders 3, 4, Class Vice President 1, 2, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball l, Senior Play Committee, Cheerleader 4 ROBERT MURPHY "Murph" Ambition: To become a Physical Education Instructor "His friendship is greatly ap- preciated" Cafeteria l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball T, 2, Base- ball 'l, 2, Track 3, Cadets 'l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee L.. MARY MIKOLIS Ambition: To be an Air Line Hostess "Sweet, neat, and personality plus" Various Committees SHEILA MISTAL "Short Pants" Ambition: Surgical Nurse "Beauty is a good letter of intro- duction" ski Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, College Club 3, Student Council l, 2, Softball 'l, Senior Play Cast, Prom Committee VIRGINIA E. MORGAN "Ginny" Ambition: To become a Secretary "Quiet as a cyclone" College Club 3, Senior .Art Club 4, Pep Club 3, Prom Committee, Various Committees W. JAMES MORRISSEY "Muzzy" Ambition: To be a Draftsman "Whenever I feel the urge to exercise coming on, I lie down until it passes over" Pep Club 3, Ski Club 4, Baseball l, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee 'K' 1 ef-iff' l MW YW' T Nfl' tgjvyb VKLIS ARTHUR NICHOLSON "Nick" Ambition: To become a Teacher "Women delight me not" Editor-in-Chief of Yearbook 3, 4, Col- lege Club 3, Honor Society 3, 4, Physics Club 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Manager 4, Business Manager of Senior Play, Italian Honor Club 4 ROBERT Nucl-ioLsoN "Nick" Ambition: To ioin the Air Force "My dream is to have wings and fol- low" Basketball 1, 2, 4, Hi-Y Club 4 ELAINE NICOLOSI "Lani" Ambition: To become a Hairdresser "Quiet but efficient" Pep Club 1, Senior Play Committee, Art Club 4, Prom Committee 4, Vari- ous Committees .A,.,0" .Pfbbjv-f'l' U JOHN NAJARIAN "Yanno" Ambition: To attend Business School "l'm on the verge of success, somebody push me" Radio Club, Various Committees RUTH NAULT "Roof" Ambition: To be a Commercial Artist "Sees all, knows all, tells all" Band 'l, 2, 3, Softball l, 2, Chess Club 3, Art Club 3, 4, Basketball 2, Talent Show 4, Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee ff-39 5 45,11 . ...uv-2 ef. - . ,v,W.SzV , , . "Hay! what's the big idea" this if RAYMOND J. NUTTON lIRaYll Ambition: To ioin the Air Force "The life of Riley is the life for me" Cadets l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 4 if" 21 H1010 NOT AVAIIAILE PATRICK PAPPALARDO llpatll "Be happy-go-lucky" Cadets I, 2, 3: Various Commit- tees , lisa 96" . , gg ai4u r Q "' -':"' :R-:Ji',tv"' J- ' wt f CAROL PARENTI Ilnmpll Ambition: To become an X-Ray Technician "Mischief sparkles in her eyes" Senior Play Committee: Italian Club: Pep Club: Art Club: COIT1- mercial Club: Prom Committee MARILYN PARISI "Mal" Ambition: To become an X-Ray Technician "WiIl try almost anything once" Art Club: Senior Play Committee: Pep Club: Commercial Club: Prom Committee LYNDA M. PICARILLO Ambition: To marry Michael "Knows the fun of Iiving" Italian Club 3: Pep Club 2 BARBARA JEAN PIETRASZEK "Barb" Ambition: To become a nurse "A sunny nature wins friendship everywhere" Student Leaders 3, 4: Basketball 3: Pep Club 2: Senior Play Committee 4: Prom Committee 4: Talent Show 4: Art Club 4: Junior Historical Society I CYNTHIA A. PLONOWSKI "Cindy" Ambition: To become a Nurse "Friendliness 'is the ticket to happy Iiving" Senior Play Committee 4: Prom Com- mittee 4 'wma LEWIS POPIELARSKI "Louis" Ambition: To travel "Minds his business and gets along with one and all" Astronomy Club 2, 3, Various Com- mittees ARLYNE MAE QUIAMBAO "Lyne" Ambition: To be a Social Worker "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" Astronomy Club I, College Club 3, Math Club 3, Honor Society 3, Secre- tary 4, Junior Historical Society I, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Senior Play Cast 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Talent Show 2, Cafeteria I, 2, 3, Blue 8: White Staff 2, 3, 4, Senior Art Club JOANNE R. RAPAZZO Ambition: To further my education in the Business Field "She has a smile and never loses it, She has a frown but never uses it" Art Cub 4, Various Committees JOYCE RICHARDSON "Joyce" Ambition: To succeed in Life "The very pink of perfection" Pep Cub I, 2, Student Leaders 3, 4, Various Committees KENNETH POIRIER "Ken" Ambition: To get into Eectronics "Not afraid of work, but not in symathy with it" Cadets 2, 3, 4, Radio Cub 4 MICHAEL POLIZOTI "Mike" Ambition: To work in Western Eectronic "If at first you don't succeed . . . forget it" Baseba l, 3, 4, Basketball I, Football 3, Bowling League 3, 4 , I 1 bt I L61 ill, rj 11, f A V ,lf 5 ft' L1 Q 1" E if r, 1, N r My VL Vu? XL, :J . 'f ffl 01 n.. if ff I ,if 2 , 1 lf Y bil 'IJ V ,N .L , :vi V9 l 9 :fist , -Y ,u M' C7 li IW ,ii ' 'I - 4 . lb, i V7 ,v . M I' ' V I V lil D ' c!,Qf 1 ff Q' A ' f ,Qi I-.C . . IV ' 'lv ' l : 1 I, I I " L' I 7 I' V lf. r X J ' if -,ly ll, li I V FRANCES RICKLEY "Franny" Ambition: To be a Secretary "Petite with beauty, grace, and charm" Student Council 3, Ski Club 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Se-nior Art Club 4, Senior Play Committee, Prom Committee JOYCE E. RODGERS "Peanut" Ambition: To pursue a Social Science Career "A small tornado coming fast Pep Club 2, Junior Historical Society 2, 3, 4, College Club 3, Student Council Corresponding Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Year- book Staff 3, 4, Student Director' of Senior Class Play, Teen Page Correspondent 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee ll the if PATRICIA M. ROGALSKI "Par" Ambition: To be a Hairdresser "Quiet but efficient" Softball I, Basketball 4, Various Committees mmf? . - -Fii5ff'Ff"f" fi-' . .2.':f--- 94, 31 ' ANTHONY JAMES ROSS n-ronylr Ambition: To become a Pictorial Illustrator "He started to sing as he tackled the thing that couldn't be done, and he did it" Chess Club l, 2, Talent Show 3, 4, Various Committees DAVID SABBAGH "Ahab the Arab" Ambition: To be an Electronical Engineer "A wit, no less" Radio .lp 21 31 47 Chess Club l, 2, Various Committees JAMES ST. CLAIR "Jim" Ambition: To be a Lawyer "A dramatic touch, a witty word" Cadets l, 2, 3, Officer 4, Senior Class Play Cast, Talent Show, Ski Club 3, Track 3, 4, College Club 3, Pep Club 3 -11 BARBARA ROY "Barbie" Ambition: To become a Practical Nurse "Small courtesies sweeten life" Chess Club 1, Cafeteria Worker 3, 4, Various Committees HERVEY ROY "Leroy" Ambition: To have Ambition "People have more fun than any- body" Various Committees DANIEL RUMORE "Harpo" Ambition: To become a M.P. in the Army "A good laugh is sunshine in a house" Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Bowling Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Various Committees JULIA SAAB Ambition: To become a Medical Sec- retary "A soft voice is a hard argument" Various Committees GEORGE SANDNER "To Jo" Ambition: To be a Draftsman "Why worry what tomorrow brings" Cadets .li Football 2, 37 Track 17 Chess Club 'l7 Basketball 2 ROSEMARY SAPUPPO "Rosie" Ambition: To become a Dental As- sistant "She is cheerful all the while, and never is without a smile" Basketball 27 College Club 37 Pep Club 2, 37 Senior Play Committee7 Various Committees ARAM SARKISIAN Ambition: To be an Electrical Engi- neer "All the qualifications of a sincere fellow rolled into one" Football l, 2, 3, 47 Band 'l, 2, 3, 47 Prom Committee 47 Senior Play Com- mittee 47 Basketball 17 Baseball 17 Cafeteria Worker 2, 3, 47 Various Committees EARL FREDERICK SCHUBERT JR. "Bud" Ambition: To be an Electrical Engi- neer "His witty talent for telling iokes keeps his friends the gladdest of folks" Ski Club 3, 47 Football l, 27 Basket- ball 17 Cadets I, 2, 3, Aj Chess Club 'l7 Radio Club 47 Track 2, 3, 47 Sen- ior Play Committee7 Senior Prom Committee CHANEL ST. JEAN "Beans" Ambition: To go into Electron- ics "We searched and searched 'til last we found, a redhead with no temper endowed" Band l, 27 Various Committees C9 BEVERLY SHAIA ,,Bev,, Ambition: To become a Teacher "Here's to Bev . . . a sweet charmer" Pep Club 2, 3, 47 French Club 37 Senior Play Committee7 Col- lege Club 3, 4 NOREEN GAIL SAMIA "Nor" Ambition: To further my Educa- tion "As merry as tfe day is long, as busy as a bee" Pep Club 27 Girls' Basketball Manager 2, 3, 47 Student Leaders 3, 47 Ski Club 3, 47 Math Club 3, 47 College Club 37 Maiorettes 47 Talent Show 47 Senior Play Committee7 National Honor So- ciety7 Yearbook Representative 4 "-r. e 7'-:-f,.. .1 V - , gig 1 : ,XtS7E?TJF"" " SANDRA SHEEHAN "Sandi" Ambition: To be a Nurse "A friendship that makes the least noise is often the best" Various Committees FRANCES SHIBEL "Shib" Ambition: Couldn't list them all "She was made for happy thoughts, for playful wit and laughter." Senior Play Committee, Art Club 4, Various Committees at 'nf "' " " . 3,01 , .,f i s I . Q" A j n I NK V Nlfp , ' ' Q' N . U . A! A VV l fx OQJUM l lil ' ' X L' K i J, QM LJ fbi-7 W I' , ' ' L, ' W fv W li l y-J I , ,J lf, F l"ARD SIDERI Alabama" Ambition: To become an Electronic Technician SHEILA SHISKO "She" Ambition: To make people hap- py and to be a Social Worker "A merry heart doeth good like medicine" Ski Club 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, Senior Play Committee 4 WENDY SLEEPER "Winni" Ambition: To become a Psy- chologist "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety" Ski Club 4, Pep Club I, Student Leaders 3, 4, Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, 4, Junior His- torical Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, Talent Show 2, 3, 4 NANCY SMITH "Nan" Ambition: To be a Nurse "Endowed with that rare gift, courtesy" Honor Society, Senior Play Com- mittee, Nancy has come to us from Virginia, where she was active in numerous functions. "For he's a iolly good fellow" Chess Club 1, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Senior Play Committee GLORIA SIGMON "Glo" Ambition: To be a mother and wife "l never met a man l didn't like" Maiorettes 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Art Club 4, Prom Committee, Various Committees PHILIP SILVA "Phil" Ambition: To be a Golf Pro "At peace with all" Golf Team 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Various Committees CAROLYN SlMlLl "Smiley" Ambition: Come what may "There are many who call her friend" Softball I, Italian Honor Club 3, Various Committees SUE ALLEN SNOW "Sue" Ambition: To be a Success "There is no substitute for you" Glee Club 4, Ski Club 4, Various Committees "Charming isn't he, Miss Blood?" ADELE H. SOCCI IIAIII Ambition: To be active in bowling, dancing, skating, and drawing "The greatest art in life is to have as many pleasures as possible" Various Committees ,TS l , t ix! U qi, "lj .JJ H --x, " THOMAS A. soLoMoN ,sy 1 ' Viv f "ram" Q ' , , if ,J J 3 Ambition: To be an Electrical Engi- V -lg 'i l,,,'l'1V L' neer li ik ,fl ' "Stand by, a mighty man is pass- ', L9 Hluvl Nukdlll , ing" , A, MANUEL sousxwvl A l lt "Manny" ,tj l L' Honor Society 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4: Italian Honor Club 3, 4, Senior Play q Committee: Bowling Team 3 Amblfl'-'mf T0 90ll"ii0,',NlFCllClne "Manners often makellfdrttunesu Astronomy Club 2, fredii ent 3, 1 ' Cf J, 1 -f - qrvsl , .1 ,, "'.-J,--.J f-.'i 'v,f.l'.4ffi: i ,L , ,V ,L Y I ,y E lA,,,f ,V fQ,' ,jf-76 , J ,pt , C X ' i muff. ,L ,X 1 Y, ,LX fr U .1 M64 , V ,Q , It ,ou l' 'V .f.,,7t cf f",',,v L . 'XLI ' t7 I N ,Q ,f ,fs ., - 4' ,f ,-f' ' t,, if f , ,, I Af., . MJ. f KENNETH STElNERTl "K.o." Ambition: To be an Aeronautical Engineer l'Let us have wine and woman, 4: Band lf 2, 3, Vice ,niident 'llmirth and laughter" 4, Senior Play Caffi IP, X glow illPep Club 2, 37 College Club 35 3 4 ,jf uv U I . l , V, ,N 2, Yds 1 xl' N, VJJVI lj tl., i ,Nj v A l .i ffld ,, f .ft i , j,i',.y' - Af . ,,-1 J l, J 1 Basketball 2, Football Manager N45 Bowling Leaguep Cafeteria 'Worker 3, 4, Senior Play Com- mittee, Prom Committee LUCILLE SOUCY "Louie" Ambition: To be a Secretary "What sweet delight a quiet life af- fords" Various Committees 4 -. rr -r-1' .,,- "5 1 tv' QA' -.ag g . v-fx-9" NYJ F lf JOHN SWEET "Johnny" Ambition: To have something to do with Hot Rods "A car-a car-My right arm for a car" Various Committees JOHN J. SZELEST "Jack" Ambition: To enter The Coast Guard Academy "Of a good beginning cometh a good end" Various Committees CLARK STEWART "Stewie" Ambition: To go to college "A man of few words is he" College Club 3, Football 3, 4, Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Cadets l, 2, 3, 4 LUClLLE A. STROMEI IILUII Ambition: To marry a millionaire "She may look quiet, but look again" Italian Honor Club, Pep Club 2, 3, Various Committees ALAN MICHAEL STRONDAK "The Toe" Ambition: To become a Teacher "Gives his best to every task" College Club 3, Physics Club, Vice President 4, Blue 8: White, Class Presi- dent 2, 3, Cafeteria Worker 1, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Commit- tee, Recipient of DAR Award 2 JUDITH ANN STUART "Judy" Ambition: To become a Teacher "Demure and dignified is she, but full of fun as she can be" College Club 3, French Club 3, 4, Art Club 4, Yearb ok 3, 4, Senior Play Com it e Sinior Prom Com- mittee Qiqljllfl , 1 . f 62 f I 1' i , 1 , ff JI' l7f of f if , ,i ll X Q ,4 pf' L, K fl fy f 'V J i, i t . L . ftp, 'f4,L,x'lJ,ff4L.,Aj,l ,XJIP X l 4' 'll L l U jr Ai 'C EDWARD TOKOWICZ Ambition: To make a million dollars "Any iob looks easy, when some- body else is doing it" Cadets l, 2: Various Committees EDWARD TOMPKINS lIEdll Ambition: To be a Professional Golf- er "He who knows himself best es- teems himself least" Basketball l, 2, 4: Golf Club l, 2, 4: Ski Club 4: Track 2: Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Committee PAUL TORRISI "Butch" Ambition: To ioin the Navy "When work and pleasure clash, let the work go to smash" Cadets T, 2: Various Committees THOMAS E. TURMEL "Tom" Ambition: To become Educated "Many a female heart flutters" Cadets 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Math Club President 4: Senior Play Committee: Various Committees GEOFFREY M. TAYLOR "Ace" Ambition: To become a Business Manager "lntelligent, handsome and am- bitious" Cadets l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Various Committees 'i JOYCE A. TILLEY "Wilt" Ambition: To become an Engi- neer "When you're tall, there's more of you to like" Student Council 3, Secretary 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Pep Club 2, 3: College Club 3: Ski Club 4: Senior Play Committee g et i . , 3 .aff Lg. 1 -t 'Q r E --vt'-1 . Y 1 jg, , ff?" M , ,T In .Q i -Y l 4 l'1Vfvl ' l ' .- .,' T , .71 Y . I. qi, 4 i.,4,' 1 .vu 1 t lf . ,' Q , inf A if -' ' i Ll' "1 f Li- 'l i, X . l , it - it 1 i 1, X iw, 1 X f 1 'ff Q , J V - lg T 1 V, , f' V ' -6' ' - 1 J . .1 J A i ,,f . F " N ,,-1' J Y, , JOANNE VENTURA, IIJOII Ambition: To become a Com- mercial Artist "Such heavenlv figures from her pencil flow" Glee Club 4: Art Club 4: Year- book Staff 3, 4: Student Lead- ers 3, 4: Senior Play Commit- tee: Senior Prom Committee snsf NADINE VENTURA IlNaill Ambition: To become an X-Ray Technician "Laugh and live as only youth can" College Club 3: Italian Club 4: Various Committees lp uf-, CAROL LUCY WAlTE Ambition: To become a Civil Service Worker "She puts all troubles in the bottom of her heart, then sits on the lid and smiles Various Committees CHARLES R. VICKERS WILLIAM VIGNEAULT "Chuck" "Bill" Ambition: To become a Teacher Ambition: To become an Auto- "Silence is more eloquent than mobile Mechanic words" "Never worries never will" Basketball 2: Baseball 2: Math Cadets l, 2, 3, 4: Various Com- Club 3, 4: College Club 3 mittees .- -fig' VA LINDA BARBARA WARlNG llLynll Ambition: To be an Office Work- er "Goodness doesn't consist in greatness, but greatness in goodness" Softball 2, 4: Basketball 4: Vari- ous Committees ROBERT WALDIE "Bob" Ambition: To become an Architect "Art is power" Cadets l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Art Club 4: Prom Committee: Senior Play Commit- tee AMY WALSH "Lou" Ambition: To become a Nurse "Helping people is her life" Various Committees FREDERICK R. WHALEN JR. "Flintstone" Ambition: To be a Mechanic "Good luck is a lazy man's es- timate of a worker's success" Baseball 2: Bowling 3, 4: Cadets 2: Various Committees MARY LOUISE WALTHER "Mary Lou" Ambition: To be an Executive Secre- tary "A twenty-four carat student and friend" College Club 3: Pep Club 2, 3: Junior Historical Society I, 2, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 'l, 2: Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Senior Play Cast: Student Leaders 3, 4: Prom Committee 4 l z N V. Q BARBARA WOOD "Woody" Ambition: To be a Registered Nurse "As sunny as the sky above" Glee Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4, Pep Club 3: Senior Play Committee: Cafeteria Worker I, 2, 3, 4 KENNETH C. WHITE "Butch" Ambition: To ioin the Marine Corps as a Career Man "Romeo, Romeo where are you now" Cadets 1, 2, 3, 4: College Club CHESTER WILCZYNSKI "Chet" Ambition: To be a Pilot "A gentle man from head to toe" Football I: Track 2, 3, 4: Cadets , S I u nior 1, 2, 3, 4, k' Cl b 3, 4, 3: Senior Playyommitteef Base- PIGY Committee: Q L , , .' I 0 ,, fi 5 ' X 1 fb:-1' 2 juni e,l,xfh,,,,,L f V W We . i f l I l .A ' A ' ' A 'P v . 1 V,,,,4.g,1,ff ki, 1 1, fflffbqkl XF 'Mfg ,,' by I wi, ,M ly I 04,4 ,,, I 'UH - J ,tru Zvi D ' . ,Lu 5-'11 WW J X ,' 1 I , N 1- M , fl 'VV' R Jlbfd 'SQ' 1, h ll I V V ROBERT WORTHINGTON lIBobll Ambition: To ioin the Peace Corps FQ "Learning is a wealth" -ii' Track 3, 4: Various Committees "A : V -' " V ,7l'f?'4"" ' li, E:-!'3TAqY" l i l LINDA MAE WRINKLE "Wrink" Ambition: To be a Secretary "Steep thyself in a bowl of summer- "After the ball is over" time" Senior Play Committee: Various Com- mittees ARTHUR WYMAN "Artie" Ambition: To have a Military Career "His military manner does not surpass his personality" Cadets T, 2, 3, Colonel 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, ski Club 3, 4, Track 2, Senior Play Committee, Senior Prom Committee .-.rv WALTER J. YANKOWSKY "Wolly" Ambition: To be an Automobile Mechanic "Don't let your studies interfere with your school activities" Cadets I, 2, 3, Various Commit- tees PATRICIA YURKAVICH "Pat" Ambition: To be a School Teacher "She's as radiant as a queen should be" Talent Show lp Pep Club l, 2, Sen- ior Art Club 4, Ski Club 4, Senior Play Committee, Senior Prom Com- mittee JAMES ALAN ZANFAGNA "Ziggy" Ambition: To be a Veterinarian "The hand of diligent marketh rich" College Club 35 Math Club 3, 4, Cadets T, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Com- mittee JANICE MARIE ZELLES "Jan" Ambition: To be a teacher of Business Administration "A merry heart marketh a happy countenance" College Club 3, Cafeteria Worker 3, 4, Various Committees ffczme PRESIDENT RICHARD NICHOLSON JUNIORS VICE PRESIDENT ELIN GUNNING SECRETARY NANCY GILBERT TREASURER BURMA KELLER Cmissingj PRESIDENT ROBERT HODGE SOPHOMORES VICE PRESIDENT KENNETH AUCLAIR SECRETARY ROSALIE GIORDANO TREASURER KAREN JONES E PRESIDENT MICHEAL CHWALEK FRESHM N VICE PRESIDENT STEVEN YANAGI SECRETARY LINDA MOYNIHAN TREASURER CINDY KELLER N gjjl? iz -A Daae77io4Zfofz t4e5c4ooZ JOYCE RODGERS ARTHUR NICHOLSON S AGNES ARMITAGE GEORGE LAMONTAGNE . ,J-4 ,. G '.9 +9 ll' 4 5. my 'S 25 if rf ,, VM? Y an . ,, ff .ny ,r if.. M, ' nf -v 'wx WF 319' EMD SAN DRA BAGLEY JOSEPH MARCELLO Wuzlweeqw 5 CORRINE KONDRY GEORGE LAMONTAGNE 'fa UA Z ff 5 ufvgr 4 I I 21 ' 1 iw- X vi 1 , y I "Az 5 1 'b .N v . - ' 'uf' 'wg ' A X 'g ' v 1, . .-T. .' iw! I cl 1 5 V li., gs ' , X . W, Fins , ... .X is 4- I 1 v A I r, A ' 1 xx ui, fl IL. A' .xml l- .-s , L -x fm U c L P I 4 ' K.. ll, . ' . -, . QL H 1 Q'-P u . L., '4 . Q Z -E84-irfifll fi 4 - 1 'I ' -25 I XY 3 X 7,1 t 5 f ' x 7 -- -1 -, a I 3 ff 1 - , Y.. I '-I , , . ,H-Q ,' A -. . L 0 . W . , .4,.'??' 1' Yr. fl I v Kid' W of ' -d', . : 'X' 1. iw., .LI l i Mag, X53 'X Cfdfb cuwlffctwaa ELAINE KALIL GEORGE LAFFIN 77544114 THERESA ANG-US ALAN STRONDAK fx! NV X. f 60 ,f K U 'x 61' x - Ng gm? SMU ' i 1, ,glvlxm - :se , 'if Z 'wig .Q 'Qtr' Jgf' I A FPQ59. , is n x f 1 .2 wt- 1 4 gg off' September 22 September 29 October 6 .. ,- - October I3 , October 20 ,, October 27 Q Novernber 3 Nolrdmber I0 . - 9 2 Concord, New Hampshire - - Cambridge Latin North Andover Amesbury Billerica C Andover Chelmsford Dartmouth 'SZ .xy xg A ' F Co-Capt. Steve Cloutier, Coach Gosselin, CaCapt. AI Strondak. TOP ROW: C. Nicoloski, K. Kuzmitski, D. Donahue, F. Fichera, D. Groleau, P. Payson, D. Dyer, A. Shafer, J. Hurley, J. Bergeron. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Remis, Coach Haggerty, J. Laurenza, T. Coyle, R. Condon, T. English, T. Titone, D. Bellwood, B. Coyle, D. Goterch, A, Blaney, D. Nicholson, J. Patrick, J, Bloomquist, R. Patenaude, R. Savastano, Coach Gosselin. BOTTOM ROW: C. Steyvart, J, Morrissey, R. Heinz, R. Dyer, D. Hanson, Co-Capt. S. Cloutier, Co-Capt. A. Strondak, B. Murphy, A. Sarkisian, A. Wyman, B. Codghlin, D. Sideri, J. Brett. 63 RICK HEINZ RON DYER BOB MURPHY I ART WYMAN BILL COUGHLIN STEVE CLOUTIER JIM BRETT 6 at 6 0 I p AL STRONDAK JIM MORRISSEY CLARK STEWART .45 DICK HANSON DICK SIDERI ARAM SARKESIAN .X V If , F Q.- , 1. , , I 1, o . ', i P .. E O 4 I lf M 5 1- ' 743' 1-4L-up-.fx 51 '.:.rv,3 - R., s 'UQT 14u.'4 -. rg, , P, -+ , ' f ff Z: N Krazy 3 if' t T 2 r ' 1 -23 Q. 4 ,f . .... 'wma L " ' I 1 , " .. . . '- , 'f . nn f 1 1, 9, M x'.f, 1 xX0"V', Q A ' a 1 4 'V X P I Q x? 51, N 9? M , is V as . .L K .a ,Q fi '1' " yx QVC, . - Lv ' A 5 'S I I '- ' l,l.' 1'--1" ' ' . , b :ix fi K Y", 'A V T H '- . :TS J Y P1 :div gf fl f f P3 .-1491? ' -Q I -we-2 in. '.-f21ffv- F' --F , Q -4,-1'-r s. X ,f 'N - - S .. . 4 1 f fx H I ' - VV' Q " V . I' -1 1.1 ' r -1-.' '46 f 1 l 'Q "Qc: X "qi 1 , . hx I: -I V .. - x x h 1 1.1 It f . , ,H W A i5 - 2 . ' I 1 A H WW - - . . A 9 Q.. 5 1 2-.. Q :wha ig, 2 X -,,,-, S 'R 'Il' wo v Q QM 5.4.- 3 vb- . A. S ,67 v Ddul-JL 9 ffftlllllvrn AA ffl-1lur1f'vt 'll IA'-lluu-ra GI lltf-lhuf-tu 54 l'!Xf-tlnuvn 54 Mr-Ilattf-tn 57 A M1-Hun-at 64 2 2 Mt-than-on 57 .-all! Nw. gg. tggwtqq .-tltgwtql 1-'ut ttttmtnllfxlt Andover o. North Andover Chelmsford d Tevvksbury d Wilmington Billerica Dracut or North Andover thu: t- MM-r x t-QMS? A- A""" 4 I A A' V' A I X4 QYAIUW: ,f x K' A qi ll i U? 4 wt W' ' "J . 5,1 4 'X N' X ' ' ' ' 'X- -'X X - ff-H - SAN-ues' Ve'-Qs' E banner RUG' ' k x 'X' -LX,-SQ SW' I "S-AQ," ,QN . ' K E 3 wi . ' ' Q 4 . .1 'F Ki .ogg B ho 'Z If . 1 'I H 5. . u '1 I 0?-I S z -. 9 U 1 Q4 U . Q. 'Q 5. fu v 'r U '. 1 I N' . Q S., 2' Xs BARBARA Captain Terry Angus, Coach Bailey, Manager Dottie Cooper TERRY CAROL BACK: Manager Dottie Cooper, Nelda Krukonis, Joyce Haldane, Nancy Gilbert, Kate McQuilIin, Coach Bailey, Susan Hanson, Judy Ingalls, Karen Jones, Jeanne Marchlik, Lois Abounader. MIDDLE: Nancy Healey, Pam Blight, Sheila Cunningham, Rose Jabour, Barbara Blouin, Pat Langevin, Carol Waring, Kathy Dawson, Judy Mlecko, Elsa Studley, Coleen Hyde. FRONT: Peggy Walsh, Burma Keller, Susan Walsh, Diane Goulet, Barbara Farelli, Captain Terry Angus, Carol Moynihan, Helen Michaud, Randy Meduaer, Rosemary Licata, Selrna Abesamra. MISS BAILEY FIRST ROW: P. Anderson, C. Belair, T. Angus, Co-Lapram J. Tilley, Co-Captain R. Donovan, S. Radulski, B. Akam, R. Licafa. SECOND ROW: S. Abesamra, H. Michaud, J. Sciacca, J. Marchlik, C. Smith, R. Medauer, H. Diamond, K. McQuillan, D. Grelle. THIRD ROW: Manager N. Samia, R. Jabour, B. McKenzie, S. Walsh, B. Rose, K. Jones, J. Ingalls, E. Balcius, S. Rogelis, Manager R. Medauer. FOURTH ROW: Coach Bailey, L. Diaz, P. Mottram, S. Radulski, J. Mlecko, C. Katen, K. McRobbie, B. Blouin, Manager J. Richardson. In the Huddle This could lic the game! How HIGH is HIGH!! X 5aKXeY 1-XXeY Coaffh Cam Managers J x I oyfe . d Joyce RIC-ha l 1 l van an rdsory 6 A "X o 'ms Rua Don nd Noreen xx Cvcapta Samfa JOYCE TILLEY RITA DONOVAN TERRY ANGUS BEV AKAM 3 CAROL MARTHA MONICA For M-E-T-H-U-E-N will win the game today." Ten seconds left, the score is I 7 I BACK ROW: Joyce D'Orfo, Judy Ingalls, Harriet Diamond, Jeanne Marchlik, Barbara Ciras, Cheryl Green, Elaine Zaccari. MIDDLE ROW: Wendy Sleeper, Ann LaFrance,, Gloria Sigmon, Joyce Micavich, Dianne Heubner, Noreen Samia, Diane Mansur. FRONT: Captain Virginia Easiman. Simon says, "Take one giant step." "AlI together now . . . one . . . two . . . three." 77Z47hae5z!e4 78 BACK ROW: Advisor Miss Bailey, Terry Cook, Mary Lou Walthers, Pat Lawion, Wendy Sleeper, Barbara Pietraszek, Joanne Ventura, Corrine Kondry, Bonnie Mazucco. MIDDLE ROW:Mar1ha McKenzie, Terry Angus, Judy Kolba, Alice Laffin, Joyce Richardson, Irene Koscielniak, Beverly Akam, Rita Donovan. FRONT ROW: Noreen Samia, Ginny Hodge, Carol Moynihan, Paula Merrow, Monica McRobbie, Barbara Farelli. .il jg gfcgiig f X AMES Sw F HF13 QJUAWY DECEMBER QWL CLASS PLAY ff' MW WW QT X Q'-QD Q9 ix W BR. SH, F170 Q 0 WSLT SH VEMB MX . .if '1 A 2 ,f. I xl, Q . V- A , he , Rl ' K i 8 .L '51 g f 'P ' ' 0 . Q 4 1 or v Q ' s u f '4 ' -ff , 1 " - . 'try 5k,,5,4!4 '-'f 3335? x U .J 1.1. ' bb , Q 5:11 w 'L' ' 35 ff ' f'.'4.,,.,.f' I tu 'firms yu X G FLW' af x.-Lfrriv. - f- 6 .1 Xxn-4Ll,,,c'1v fm--1 W x . - 5 A 9 :Tiff-F11 v i hulls, 1 ,f Q Max. 5 .1 '. 1-KL .'l .K x A ' 1 Q ' , is atv?" F A ii? if If is H if S 'w . N , Ax'- X f 1' fi' if kk? 'K il 0 "GeV off my foo!" "Now don'1 we look nice" Dancing Royalty" ,mwy ' '- 6, 'r Hg y 5 Susan Freedman Scott Blaney Arlyne Quiambao Alan Slrondak 'is C Arthur Wyman, Pat Yurkavich, Kenneth White, Ronald Dyer, Terry Cook, Wendy Sieeper, Geoffrey Bardsiey 15 .CU ,-v-v Our Queen Tears of ioy Joyce, Mrs. Hovanasian, Kenny "Try again, you'lI get it yet" "A little dab will do it" "And what can I do for you? Meg Wheeler - .,.. l Mrs. Wheeler - Mr. Wheeler Aunt Fern ..... Aunt Lettie e...... Lisa .........,.. Ada ..... Ruby Heidi ....... Jeannie Terri ...,.. Vince ................... Miles Doughton ...... Evan Doughton ....... Ellen ..... ...... - Jane .,.... . ...,... ........ . -. Conductor ............. , .... Telephone Operator' Mailman ....,........,....., "ME marry YOU!" Thora Houghton .. ..,.,. Judy Kolba - Marie Dawson Alan Cirella Agnes Armitage Susan Eaton Wendy Sleeper Elaine Kalil - ,... Ginny Hodge Betsy Chase Sheila Mistal Arlyne Quiambao Manny Sousa George Laffin Jimmy St. Clair Monica McRobbie Mary Lou Walther Jimmy Brett .. .- Kenney Campbell No co ,-f-rff' ggilllll v "Alone at last" f "Peek-a-boo" Madison Avenue Girls' Hotel" "Should we let her slay?" "Hum, what a catch! Afffff JT PSYP? CPS' 0 f737Lf P4 7' Q70 SES 0 C 0E7V7xCO!ffVC 694 UF is HFJJ 0 F 195 fV 061544 OQCHFJ7 74 fv 39540104157 24 J 7A90fVOf17?' O40E7U 79'OfVOf? JOCXEF M24 Nz YSqAP6P00A' P Jfr! J54 fl F i 4+ W MARY Lou WALTHER ' JOYCE MICAVICH MISS LANGE GEORGE LAMONTAGNE ARLYNE QUIAMBA CORRINE KONDRY Judy Kolba, Noreen Sarnia, Cathy Armistead, Ronnie Dyer, Joyce Tilley, Tom Solomon, Geoffrey Taylor, Nancy Smith, Ginny Eastman, Susan Eaton, Monica McRobbie, Arthur Nicholson, Ann LaFrance, Miss Lange, George Lamontagne, Arlyne Quiambao, Joyce Micavich, Mary Lou Walther, Corrine Kondry, Agnes Armitage. 88 BACK ROW: Barbara Desrochers, Barbara Blouin, Jo-Anne Fichera, Rosemary Licafa, Donna Grelle, Coleen Hyde, Linda Feroce, Patricia Langevin, Jeffery Sandler, Rose Jabour. FRONT ROW: Mr. Alfred Law, Advisory Geoffrey Bradsley, Joyce Tilley, James Brett, Sharon Derochers, Joyce Rodgers. 1 - M6084 MR. LAW JEFF BARDSLEY JOYCE TILLEY JOYCE RODGERS JO'ANN FICHERA 89 I., an .!"' .W riff, :am - l F' ui B5 'alll -H 3-65- DL, 4 No. l - OCTO R THUEN MASSACHUS ditorial . . . CHARUE BRO OF EDUCATION --Q ig education after gr aince the beginning school is practically rowns have been in exis students want to km Jdgment of great men ar tumerous reasons isagreeing with their theo eason of course is laced their fellow man al irselves for the futu y electing him to importar iressing country comp s business executives, rep: extremely keen A resident. They have st eople can secure and rcler to give way to the aosition if they lack sor he Charlie Browns make u ation reak the rules to suit the many students can a Are the Charlie Brown Classmales and Speak nportant? They are the eople in the world becau fog lll: ls fha' we decisions that concert Url elflllghoug E hey're the minority and rr Ovelcimelll 'Sd an 'ca re they? They are the on A lsonb lllasy icffs t Columbus then praised ine opportunity is ours. the wav we use d h I . 6 asllle S ms l Ufe overy. They're the ones that said reach ' a le SC OO ls mql l' e ,lmporlanl ,acll wq The moon was Crazy yet praised The JoYcE MlcAvici-4, Miss DORAN, CAMILLE BONANNO Aore ,mponam ,S im deslre To ob,a,n fl tea once it showed promise of fulfillment. Belrladlne Hood '66 mel knowledge' This is llle perspn ilithout Charlie Brown the world would S . E 5.5 ! W evenlually become 5 Success ln llfe e worthless because Charlie Brown is the lEdiTO evade Jovfe Mlcalflch JOI' , In The pas he has dgne 3 great a 'l-l'e5IllI I U VIIU lllluo clicliuiiiqii. Fl- Co'Edllor . Novii i u Jday - - - you ar ght decisions? ten to office? ig Mass faders? Of cc 1- te city becau ant lose. th you Wh lgj- with lt?" caster " ' tests my head swers -re dead ring Importan ow well Lee Ku ow much Billy ne' ln we embarrassing d, oh gets into. aw well chris c 'US' ow Slap-happy ow serious Caro ' N ' 'X' NNN? he smiling tacef 4 an Hall, Scott Ai ZOTT AHQUS, and fishes fg fhi OW much Shetla 3'iVe5 who d men Football, c HBVEM frm--r---7 r - V,---T-v--W---M To err is human but when The eraser BULII u aprcllulu 'UU Ill Duldining Subfcfi wears out before the pencil, you're over- fl0"'5 for UU' Schod PaPe'- Vlfgllflld EGSTYTTGFT, S6i'llCl' edllOl' doing ll. ...yy ANYX,X.X.X,X.X.X.X.X.X.x-X-X-N '- r .I g::::.---:::::.5555Qii f- .....- :::::i Zffsiqgzi' - , S Jigga--um:-nuns in i 5 1 4, emi - I ' E I "" :::: ::::::::::. ' l l -1 --' ' " -::f 1 ! "' Fl fm-:::::::::"' I " 1 5--1 - .I ..:: ::: : ..:: :::::... .. l I l ' , . . ii 3 - ii n I I- i ... .... .... L E I" " I H - l - 'ff ffl " . 2' . - ill" ..:: sllffflz' g -.. .... L E F , .1 - H - .-r :D - I -T L, l- ' fr K ---477.3 - l ,- - , BE 3 E , . 3 5 F O ... 5 . . f n '-1 X f'., - I ' I I I I . s g . Q st l C 1 t becoming jittery? lx A an ' ' th l ze. ' i-in-. :ui uno ulb' . ia 7 EU' " "Siva" U . I ' ill , by Id 1' ian qui i v -Q ab f t s T y A l l . l 'ed' shoes and magenta t time, be careful E :sums V UIQ e hos ual Fr was I Paper freshn fresh: and ca himse L On e whe Lusan ueen bf our class. This was march in which the participated. It was nior class officers who accom- r newly elected officers who t Michael Chwalek, Vice Pres- Yanagi,Secretary Linda Moyn- er Cindy Keller, and Student bers Colleen Hyde, Barbara ' d Jeffrey Sandler. The fresh- wore beanies and carried de by members of the senior I I d march ended, the members formed a reception line and ntroduced a freshman to the the faculty. General dancing toyed until 11:00 P.M. members of the senior class ening possible, the freshman 'to extend its thanks tothe gf . ,,.,,,,.. .fl ...V -...,, -.VO-.-vl --vw knee, trouble with chemistry tests. A certain nnrcnn in uunqde,-ing WI-,af Brian Grenda ,L - -.. SM are time. I hear that Bar- ' 'Iad fun at Hampton Beach ,ji ' theiI I Hug at C ?'? 5 Deidre I Q Russe Ieakint E that I "s all W 'T' 3 YOU T' Chrls of-:X It seems a shame that so many senio I games becau: girls ets sinc I-I? Ho' .B., K.E 26 nior an S sittin I stairs ys" th. T1 clas Igain i BLUE AND WHITE STAFF 1962-1963 CO-EDITORS JOYCE MICAVICH CAM I LLE BONANNO LITERARY EDITOR AGNES ARMITAGE BUSINESS STAFF DOROTHY COOPER, MGR SANDRA FALT CAROL PARENTI NANCY EATON BARBARA BENNETT CIRCULATION STAFF VIRGINIA INCOLLINGO, MGR DANIEL SARNAT DAVID O'EIRIEN JOYCE BEELEY LINDA MCGONIGLE PROFILES MARTHA MCKENZIE, EDITOR BURMA KELLER PAULA GOLDBLATT L SPECIAL FEATURES ARLVNE QUIAMBO, EDITOR ELAINE KEVGAS PAMELA VOGEL GERALDINE RICKLEY EXCHANGES MONICA McROBBIE, EDITOR SUSAN HANSON JANICE SAWYER NADINE CAVALLARO GIRLS' ATHLETICS -IuDv KOLBA, EDITOR THERESA ANGUS PAMELA MACOUL ALUMNI PAULA MERROW, EDITOR ROSEMARY LICATA CLUB NEWS JEAN BENOIT, EDITOR JOAN TULLEY MARK EATON 4- - ADVISOR MISS KATHLEEN M. DORAN CHIT CHAT VIRGINIA EASTMAN. EDITOR BARBARA MADDEN -IANE CRITOCOS COLEEN HYDE CLASS REPORTERS SR CATHERINE ARMISTEAD JR CHRISTINE YOUNG SORI-I ARLENE BLOTNER FR MICHAEL CHWALEK TYPISTS MARGARET HIKEL. MGR. VIRGINIA BECKER SHARON DEROCHERS MARY FIORE IRENE KOSCIELNIAK BOY'S ATHLETICS ALAN STRONDAK EDITOR l I , SW! ARTHUR NICHOLSON MR' USTER BACK ROW: Fran Rickley, Judy Kolba, Betsy Chase, Joe LaGrasse, Jo-Ann Ventura, Tom Solomon, Ron Dyer, Judy Stuart, Bob Asadoor, Arlyne Quxambao. FRONT ROW: Mary Lou Walther, Agnes Armitage, Corrine Kondry, Arthur Nicholson, Advisor, Mr. Lister, Susan Eaton, Joyce Rodgers. 92 ,ew sm!! Joseph LaGrasse Joanne Ventura SW! Agnes Armitage Arlyne Quiambao Tom Solomon O SW! Fran Rickley Bob Asadoor Betsy Chase I I Zoned Arthur Nicholson Corrine Kondry Ronald Dyer Joyce Rodgers Mary Lou Walther Susan Eaton Judy Stuart Judy Kolba Manny Sousa Mr. Russell Peggy Hxkel Carol Clamp Dierdra Deed Agnes Armitage, Bill Lodge, Mariorie Johnson, Joan DeAngelis, Eddie Thompson, Gerry Bassett, Susan Paul, Sandra Bagley, Mr. Russell, Joe Bella, Carol Clamp, Peggy Hikel, Manny Sousa, Deidra Deed, Alan Cirella, Marie Dawson, 94 Velva Erban, if 4 5 rgjn 5 5, ...I X 66 s Ni. Si' My .Gag ia , K f t Q' X X Mrs. Frances Richardson, Advisory George Lamon- R N fagne, Presidemg Joyce Micavich, Class Representa- NN tivep Mr. Gerard Gagne, Advisor. FRONT ROW A r r iras, a e r n iveg Secretary. 5 Ba ba a C CI ss R p ese tat Wendy Sleeper J il ,, ,Y . .v.. f . 'il BACK ROW: Patricia Rossi, Joyce lannalfo, Lois Abounader, Barbara Perry, Linda Herrick, Diane Berry, Roberta Norton, Nancy Hume, Ellen Buka, enore Santangelo, Claire Provencal, Jean Torrise, Carolyn Ross. FRONT ROW: Sharon Derochers, Polly Derochers, Alice Laffin, Barbara Farelli, Irene Koscielniak, Gita Haiiar, Dierdra Deed, Nancy Balfour, Karen Allard, Barbara Wood, Margaret Devine. 97 O Richard Nicholson, Lucy DiResta, Terry Cook, Nadine Ventura, Mr. Piccerillo. Judy VigCione, Judy Rozzi, Paula DiBenedef1o, Arthur Nicholson, Joan DeAngelis, Richard Kady, Diane Diodafi, Theresa Cook Nadine Ventura, Lucy DiResta, Richard Nicholson, Elaine Bucci, Mr. Piccerillo. 4 Q, , , AGNES ARMITAGE pAM MACOUL 45, 3 MISS DANIELIAN El-NNE KEVGA5 GINNY EASTMAN BACK ROW: Joyce Rogers, Arlene Quiambao, Polly Griffin, Susan Paul, Joan Tulley, Christine Young, Nancy Pieslak, Ann Findeisen, Gayle Preston, Martha Henderson, Brenda Hughes, Lois Prolman, Janet Blouin, Cheryl Green, Ella Zakarackas, Barbara Madden, Beverly Akam. MIDDLE ROW: Margaret Hickel, Wendy Sleeper, Ann Loon, Barbara Farelli, Pamela Macoul, Agnes Armitage, Elaine Kerigas, Virginia Eastman, Rita Donovan, Camille Bonanno, Helen Michaud. FRONT ROW: Marjorie Johnson, Pamela Vogel, Edward Thompson, Dierdra Deed, Sandra Bagley, Paula Merrow. 99 , MR. FRADETTE TOM -I-URMEL DAN BARNAT DIANE HUEBNER JO ANN FICHERA 7 T Agnes Armitage, Susan Eaion, Bob Asadoor, Joel Blotner, Jimmy Zanfagna, Joe La Grasse, George Lamontagne, Bill Barry, Charles Vickers, Ronnie Dyer, Geoffrey Bardsley, John Jovel, Lucy DiResta, Arlyne Quiambao, Mr. Shea, Mr. Fradefte, -Judy Kolba, Noreen Samia, Ann LaFrance, Jo Ann Fichera, Tom Turmel, Dan Barnaf, Diane Huebner, Corrine Kondry, Barbara Pietrascik, Terry Cook. MR. SHEA Wm 2 'V Mr. Russell, George Lamontagne, Corrine Kondry, Joe LaGrasse, Alan Strondak. Ln Manny Sousa, Joel Blotner, Walter Kudzia, James Zanfagna, Geoffrey, Bardsley, Geoffrey Taylor, Charles Vickers, David Sobbagh, Bill Barry, Bob Worthington, Jimmy St. Claire, Ronnie Dyer, Kenny Steinert, Ricky Faro, Bob Asadoor, Mr. Russell, Agnes Armitage, Ginny Hodge, Nancy Smith, George Lamontagne, Corrine Kondry, Joe LaGrasse, Alan Strondak, Joyce Tilley, Arthur Nicholson, George Laffin. IOI 141: f QSX JOE BARBERIO I , JOE MARCELLO 1-ni JIMMY BRETT MR. MELIA JOE LaGRASSE J 5 me N EE Q OH 'Qig- .1-- E --T if A ,il R I J E JQWEE Zip ' 9 Nik 'N ,IQX I ,,.w -K' U N P+. LN U 1 s Om 7 Z TROMBONES: Alfred Brothers-lst Richard Sifferlen Jean Shinner-2nd Glen Davis Frank Weymouth-3rd BASSES: Frank Sierpina-lst Mark Eaton42nd Gerard Quintal-3rd BARITONE: George Mingins HORNS: Janice Sawyer-l st Donna Bakios-2nd Janet Wagner-3rd FLUTES: Carol Holt-l st Linda Culley-2nd SAXOPHONES: Ann Findeisen-lst Alto Sax Diane Kania-2nd Linda Weinhold-3rd Tom Graham-lst Tenor Sax Dean Davis-2nd SOLO CLARINETS: Danial Barnat-lst Jane Criticas Manny Sousa-2nd Torn Guilmet Charlea Martin-3rd Brenda Hughes MR. HAROLD MCDONNELL SNARE DRUM: Joseph Wade Ellayne Elias Eric Proctor John Barry BASS DRUM: John Nault CYMBALS: James Ralph SOLO CORNETS: George Laffin-lst James Wagner Fred Cook-2nd Richard Huebner CORNETS: Joseph Sapienza Johnathan Zurwell SECOND CORNETS: Peter Hayhow Bruce Skaff THIRD CORNETS: Carol Klufts William Gallagher Tom Houghton TRUMPETS: Mike Mesrobian-lst Alfred Graicien James Wilson-2nd I st CLARINETS: Alan Shafer Aram Sarkisian 2nd CLARINETS: Susan Eaton-lst Coleen Hyde Joyce Healey-2nd Gary White 3rd CLARINETS: Martha Henderson Barbara Hebert Kenny Bonanno Joyce Earnshaw Joy Davis Y , , ss' .., X I04 0 e 71' As we go marching" Zend President George Laffin Vice President Manuel Sousa Secretary Susan Eaton Treasurer Dean Davis HTSKE fenl' MR. MORISSETTE ART WYMAN KEN WHITE ll to I isbn? , , . ,, , . 1, BACK ROW: John McGibbon, James Irving, Alan Cirella, William Kerry, James Zanfagna, Geoffrey Taylor, Thomas Fay, Robert Barnat, John McClintock, Walter Kudzia, John Atkinson, Ricky Faro, Louis Debenedetto, Kenneth Poirier. MIDDLE ROW: Drill Instructor Mr. Morrisette, Peter Haidaichuk, Thomas Turmel, Philip Beaulieu, Robert Murphy, Edward Tompkins, Paul Dorman, Clark Stewart, Chester Wilczynski, James St. Clair, William Barry. FRONT ROW: Earl Schubert, Richard Heinz, Kenneth Campbell, Kenneth White, Arthur Wyman, Ronald Dyer,-Geoffrey Bardsley, Raymond Nutton, Robert Waldie. 106 it 1 l N' . ,A X- Ks -D4 a3JQ53 n"A J HEVTHUEI f" .fl Q-Q 1 ,ta HIGH SCHO CADET CORP S - xl S I X ' 1 fc 1.5 sl S a Xxx fl x Q' .f ,M ?gk J -Q, gay 'W ,X X Q A Xi - ,Y Q. -, 'K ' W?" A 51,5 ' 4, 5' J "3 Q 'I M. . . 41 5 ' gn"-wQ 1 nf - ii - -rs?"-'wx BS-Q ex 26 MR. JONES KENNY AMMON THORA HOUGHTON KAREN ALLARD IX .SX xr? Q' WN SUSAN HANSON A QUXNJNQQ wk Hktflmewhh -1. 'M . - , . , f'v f ff V' M '!"fA'v E , ,x x K A""f5i K mf as A VW' , . D451 ,. I war t . . MA in 4 1 F Y ,, .w-xi' 1 A -1 1 If I? - " I 1' .1 Aw ' - J -P' 0 ' WK- '- 1 'A X ' - l ' -, 354. A Xx , 'KW him 1 x - , .' -5 L - it.. pl . 'Q - f M ga 'USSR +C! "Here we go, read or not." "And just what do you think you're Y trying to do?" Studying hard??? 2' isbn .1 "There Qoes our newest "What a physique! satellite!" U 'Am-2,"?v " Yin X , 11,1 1 I fqhavll besocemsr' , ka Af' 'i -Q .rwv I ,w ily Q9 f' fx 7 ' ,Q ' . if 'in Xllxxlf 307 lxjf xg I Y ", X Q N 1 lfyfl ' f 'Fix ,XX Y , f W,-...,. X-f."".' fs if ' --Q . f l ' 'N Y lmiaf. 4 Women Drivers did this! "How SWEET it iS!!" Upperclassmen lead Frosh onward. Planning the Great Conspiracy Wild BiIl's purple pony threw a shoe! Perfect! "Oh! She's so happy!" l "This is an awkward way of shaking hands, isn't it?" "If you don't get it, I will X "Hey, Brother!" .Xl The "Gourmets" approve? "Won't she ever stop talking?" "Hmm . . . do I love the smell of evergreen." 'Q 'Rf-' "PLEASE!! l'd rather do it my- self!" Q. "When I grow up, I want to be a The world looks beher this way! football hero." I lr I pp - -I .., gi.. ,a A 1 - I .r ,. 4-F K. :H ifkfllhll 'WN' """"" On school time yet!!! The Radio Club "Hey, fellas! I didn't mean it", "5l16l'eSP96f6, WYCHE?" The boys do The Bossa-Nova awrence, Mass "I have a feeling someone is trying Ring-around-the Rosie to avoid me." "Now . . . this is how I want it done." "'Twas the night before Christ- mas vacation, and all through the school The Rhythm Rockers The Senior Class of '63 would like to express its deep apprecia- tion for the un- equalled Service, Co-operation and P h o t o g r a- p h y provided us by Loring Studios. The newest thing in Ballet "l'm getting out of here in a hurry!" "I TOLD you showers A corridor we'Il always remember. weren't compulsory." Akam, Beverly ,,,,.AAA5 ,,,,,.... .,,A,..,..,.A l 0 Gage Si- Alianiello, Anthony .., .. 14 Reservoir Si. Allard, Karen ,YYW e, ,YAAAA,, -W... ,,,,, ,,.,,.,..,. l 8 Belmont Sf. Ami55, Dana YYYYAYYYAY A ,AY,AA5, ,,,A,. M A..,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,. 'l 'l Maplewood Ave. Alianiello, Anthony -,,,A .,,, , - ,.,,.,,A,,,.,...A,,7........ 14 Reservoir St. Allard, Karen AYYYAAAA ,, ,5,,,,, W, .,,,,,. ,.-,... ,,... .M ..... 18 Belmont Si. Amigs, Dana ,,,,,,5,,,,,,, A,,,,,,,,,,,.s,.,,. ..,,,.. ll l Maplewood Ave. Ammon, Kenneth .,... ..........,.. - .......... H ......,,r., . 30 Tudor 51- Ange, Albert A,V,,,,,,,,- W ,,,,,,. HW.. ......,,.....,..,... ,26 Simone Sf. Angus, Theresa ,,,, 2- ......-.,.l7 Tremont St. Armistead, Catherine ssss.. M ....... .A...... W .-,,,.fffr 5 HemlOCk Cf- Armitage, Agnes ,.,,.. - ,f...........s .25 Bates St- Agadoor, Robert AAA,,,,, ,,,.s,,,,,.,,,,.,,,-,-,.,.. 9 O North Lowell St. Athayde, William ....., .,....,. - .... - .... s .......s,s,....ss 4 8 Broadway Atkinson, John ,,,...... ........ 5 9 Newport Si' Bagley, Sandra ....,.. --.C ,..... -.-W ...... 2- ...Vs .. Balfour, Nancy .,., Balukonis, Elaine . ..,... --K ....,,. Peeslee Ter. .......224 Pelham St. ..-- .,..s .110 Center St. Barberio, Joseph ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, W ,...,,,,,,,,........,,.. 3 9 Arlington Sl'- Bardsley, Geoffrey ..,,.. ..., - .... - -.-- .......,......,..,..... 9 Noyes Sf- Barnet, Robert oooo,,, e ,,,,,,, , ..... ,.e ..,.,.,. - ........s 39 Lawrence St. Barry, William , ,,-,,,,,, ,,,,..,...,,.,,. ......s.,,.. 1 3 O Washington St. Bassett, Geraldine ..... a........, - ...,............. - -e-,70 Birchwood Rd. Bateman, William ,..,. HHM. - .-- ......... ..----- ..... . 35 L0uiSe Ave. Bauchman, Pamela ,,,A,.o.,,A, ,,..,,,,, ,.,.... ........., 2 7 l.arcl'1WOOd Rd. Beaulieu, Philip ,,,oo.,. ,. ,,,,,,,.., ,.,,-., .,......,..., - ....., 44 Haverhill St- Becker, Virginia ,,o,,, .......,. . 26 Adams Ave. Bella, Joseph ,,,,, - ...... - .,.... E..- .,......,..,. 60 Boston Si. Benoitl Jean ,,YYVV,,,, ,,,,,,,-, .,.,, W A M ,.,. 13 Kimball Rd. Bistany, Donald ...A Blight, Jane ,.,,..,, Blood, Nancy ..,,..., ........24 Golf Ave. 21 Bruce St. -...-...16 Avon Ave. Blotner, Joel . ..,.,, .,.,..... - .. .,....... 14 DUSYOH Dr- Bogannam, Daniel ,4,,,, ,W ,,,,,,,, ,,.,,. 1 2 Lexington Ave. Bonacorsi, Joseph Jr. .... .... N ...- ........ .- ...., 25 Delmont St- Boren, Martha ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,ooA. .. .,,,,,,,. ,,.,,c 2 9 6 Lowell Sf. Borrun, John 2, .,...... ..,c.,.,.,- ........s. -.- 11 'Fulton 51. Brackett, William .... --- ..........,.. - ............,,. 19 Lowell Sf- Brett, James ,..,,,,, T 2.2- ,.,..., - .......,.,....,,...,, 11 Horne Sl'- Brothers, Alfred ,c,,,,, -.... ,. ,....,., . .. ....109 Oakland Ave. Bucci, Elaine ,,,,,,,, .. ,.,,o, ,, ,,,....,....,., ....,.,.. 3 4 Calumet Rd. Buqo, Angela ,o,,, ,,A,,,, 2 O Thissell Sl. Campbell, Kenneth ,..., - .,..., .. ......... ..........V....,.. . 3 Elm Si- Campolini, Ernest .,., ..- ,s.....,... 56 Oak Hill DI'- Chase, Elizabeth ...... ..........,...... - ..,... M ....... 2 l BeClf0rGl 51- Cirella, Alan V. .--W ...... - ................ 40 Bf00k Sf- Cloutier, Steven ...... - ,..... ................. . 530 PYOSPGCT 5?- Cody, Robert ,,,,,,, , ,,.......,... 234 Oakland Ave. Connell, Veronica ,,.. - ........ Cook, Theresa ..... Cooper, Dorothy ,,,, . Cote, Robert ,..... - ,.,..... Coughlan, William .. Craig, Beverly ,.,..,.... 34 Lippold St. ,,,,,.,19 Marjorie St. .....-..l7 Delmont St. 21 Kirk St. ....,...46 French St. ao Myrtle st. D'Agata, Gilda G. .,., ..... - .2 Gaywood Circle Danahy, Karin Davis, Dean ..,,,, Davis, Stephen ,. Dawson, Marie ..,,.c ., 76 Ayer St. ........,262 Hampshire St. ., 43 Pleasant St. 33 East Brook Place DeBenedetto, Louis ,.,.... ,.... . M128 Hampshire Rd. Deed, Deirdra ,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,. ...,...,. 9 7 Pelham Si. Derochers, Paulette ..... 6 Cochrane St. Derochers, Sharon ,,,,, M-.. ...............,.,.. . 6 Cochrane Sf. Devine, Margaret ...,., l I4 146 Edgewood Ave. DiResta, Lucy .... , ...... -..-..- .... 2---,-.-- ........ --.501-A Prospect St. Donovan, Rita -- ..,...,. --.,..,-- ..,,... - ...... -- ........... 69 Hillcrest St. Dorman, Paul M. --.-----.-..--- ..... -.. .... .... 1 10 Piedmont St. Duffen, Marcella ---.-- ........................ - .................. 44 West St. Duhamel, Diana .... --.----------s-.2 ....,. M--.-..133 Oakland Ave. Dyer, Ronald ..- ........ ............ . .10 Filbert St. Eastman, Virginia ,...,....... --.B ....... M ...... ...-c...,30 Kimball Rd. Eaton, Susan ..- ........... M--- .... -- .... A ...... - .... 135 North Lowell St. Elias, Ellayne .... -------- .... --...---------.. ..........,,. . 318 Forest St. English, Elaine ..,... ..- ..,.... -W ......, 103 Ashland Ave, Erban, Velva ............. 5 Milk St. Farelli, Barbara .,,.... .,.,. - ---.-..- ,.,.,, 2 ,..,.,.. ,. ..... 17 Somerset St, Faro, Ricky .,..,... - ............,. s--es...s..,.-..- ..........,.. 3 Green St. Fay, Thomas .... - .......... - .......... 2-.---.--.---- ..... 3 Woodside Ave. Fiore, Mary ..,.... - ....... ----.--,--.--- .... .,.. 2. 75 Merrimack Rd. Ford, John ,.........,. --..-.2..--------.--,--..---.-... .. 1 Austin St. Franco, Paula ..--.. .... -..-- ..... ...---..--...---..--..43 Laurel Ave. Fusco, Anthony ...- .,....... - ....... -.--2---- .... 16 Coolidge St. Galarneau, Paul .,..,.. ---.-,-..- ......... ........ ... .,.,... . 39 Glen Ave, Gammons, Linda ................ -..- ................ ---.-..115 Oakland Ave. Genest, Raymond ..., - ........ --------- .... -...----.--..15 Orchard St. Gentile, Lawrence ....,........ N--- .......... -.o-.- ...,.,.,.., 150 East St. Gorski, Karen A. ,.,. .. ..,,.,,... M ,.,.... M .,.,. ..,-,m-- .,..,..., 17 ,William St Graham, Virginia .......... - ...... - .... --o...-2---.--.-. 377 Lowell St, Grasso, Guy ..--.---..-----.---.....-.---..180 Hampshire St. Griffin, Mary Ann ,.--..... N,x,.,..,, ...M ,,..... -.,, 234 Broadway Guillette, Francine -----.-.--....,- ..,.... -,-,. ....., 33 Venice Rd. Hadfield, Sylvia .,.. --.. ...... -.-..,-eN--...----- ,.,.. 11 Edgewood Ter. Hagerty, Joyce 2 ..,..,,.. - ,,.,.,., mm., ,,,,,,.... W.. 24 Sheldon St. Haidaichuk, Peter G .... .26 Greenmont Ter. Haiiar, Gita .... - .,,.......,.. N .....,... ................,... 3 O Farley St. Hanson, Richard ,... , ...,.,..,.,,...,.......,,-....,, , ......,...., 40 Cypress Ave Hatem, Ernest - ........... .. .... ---.--.. ..., -..- ......,.... . 54 Oak St. Hayes, Beverly ....... o ............,,. -..- ..........,,.,...,..., 78 Oakside Ave. Heinz, Richard ,,,. 2-.- ,,,.,,,., -,D--,-.....,, ,,,,. ,, ,.,...,,, 29 West St. Higgins, Lloyd ....... - ..............,... - ..........,.......... 3 Goldsmith Ct. Hikel, Margaret .... - ........... ---M ........ 16 Willow St. Hodge, Virginia ...................... - ................... -- .... I8 Clinton St. Houghton, Thora neue, .... -N-, -.,.,.,,, mm..- .,.,.,,,,., 6 Maguire St. Houston, Betty ...-...-.-ee-., ,.,,.., , ,,,,,....., - --.,,, N... 16 Quebec St. Howshan, David ...,......-....--...---..,-, ..... 27 Jackson St. Huebner, Diane 3 ..... - ..... --- ........ -..--.-.--,. ........ 39 Vermont St. lncollingo, Virginia 14 Pleasant Valley St. Irving, James ........,... 2-.----..--.- ..... .F ........... - ..,,. - .... 26 Sea St. Jacobucci, Emil 4..,-. .... --...----. .... --- ...... 51 Howe St. Johnson, Diana .--.- ...... - .............. ------..-- ......... 24 Burgess St. Johnson, Mariorie .,..... ----i.-..--- ..c. .. ..,., 17 School St. Jovell, John ......, -.--.--, ........ -.-- .... - .,.. -..- ......... 104 Tenney St. Kachanian, Richard .... --...-- .,,. -.2----...-..-..l09 Pleasant St. Kady, Richard ............. ............................ 2 ......,....... I 93 East St. Kalil, Elaine .... M., .,,..,......,. -,- ,.... ..-........-,-,-....-,-. 5 Center St. Keleher, Karen -.-- .,..... - ....... H ........,.., M.-- ,...,.,,.... .34 Union St. Kental, Barbara .,.. ...-- ......,..... ..2..-------.- ......,..,.,. . 17 Chase St. Keogh, James ,,... ,.,..., ...,.,.. .. .. ...... .. ..,. ,,,..,, ,,,28 Pinewood Rd. Kerry, William ..,.,..., .. ,.,...,. ......... .... ......,....--.,-.,'l61 Tenney St. Kirkman, John ............,... -..M ........,... ..- ..... -.-..., ..... 224 Howe St. Kolba, Judith ,.... - ......,. -.. ,... - ..., ..E.. . .----..---.17 Alvin St. Kolifrath, James N ,,,,,,, M ,...,..,..... N ,,..,.......,, --.,..,,.,. 75 Phillips St. Kondry, Corrine ..--- .......... --- .... --..--...--.-s.--. 152 Center St. Koscielniak, Irene .....,. - ..... M.- .... ---M .... E-..---.,78 Railroad St. Kudzia, Walter .. .... - ........ - ........ .....a...... .... 6 Wilfred St. Laffin, Alice ........,, , .,,..,,.........,...,......... ,- ...,,. 2 ,,..,,,.,,,,., 24 Kirk St, Laffin, George ...........,... .. .... ..- ............ - .... 2- ....... 87 Pleasant St. Lalirance, Ann ..... - ......... -.-- ...... - ........... -.35 Gaywood Circle LaGrasse, Joseph ..... ..-.-- ....... --...- ..... - ,................. .70 Boston St. Lahoud, John ............. .......... ............, 4 6 I Prospect St. Lambert, Albert .... ,. ....... .... .. ....... ,.. ....., 1 1 Francella Rd, Lamontagne, George ........ I0 North St. Law, Kenneth ......,......... ,........ , ......,..,..... Lawton, Patricia ...... -.....-.92 Lowell St. ................. ---- ........................ 14 First St. Leach, David ......... -.- ......... ......,. 2 IV2 Camden St. LePage, Garrison ......... ................. 2 7 Plymouth St. Levesque, Elaine .,.... ..., N ....,,,,..., 7 3 Tower St. Licciardello, Sandra ....... ...........,...,. I I Longwood Rd. Loeschner, William ..... M ......... - ...... 52 Pelham St. Loiacono, Anthony ............ .........,......,...... ,..,,,, 7 0 Elmwood Rd. Loon, Ann Marie - ...... 2 ......,..,.... - ,,., - ........,......... 286 Pelham St. Lucinskas, John ...... .,...., 2 5 Pitman St. Malbon, Kathleen ....... N ,......... 605 Lowell St. Mansur, Dianne ...... ......,. 3 Nevins Rd. Maranto, Claire ........... ...... N .....,.....,. , I3 Golf Ave. Marcello, Joseph .................... .,........ 3 04 Broadway Martelle, Rita ......... - .,,...,.. ,,........,,.,. I Ingalls Ct. Martino, Carmen ..... . .. .... - ............ , 5 King St. Mazzucco, Bonnie ........ ............. . ..- ............. 29 Durrell St. McClintock, John ........ ..- ......... .........,........... 4 0 Lowell St. McGibbon, John ............. -- .................. - .............. 16 Camden St. McKenzie, Martha -... ........ - ...... -..... .....,... 140 Hampstead St. McRobbie, Monica ........ --- ............,......,... 74 Tower St. Meehan, Sharyn ................. ............. ....,..... 2 9 Howe St. Mercier, Bernard .... --.- ....... ...... - ...........,,.... . 87 Phillips St. Merrow, Paula ................,........,........ 2 .................... .. . 132 East St. Mesiti, Robert ........ --.-..--.-..-...- ...., - ..... 2 ....... 137 Oakland Ave. Micavich, Joyce ...,.. .. ........ ....,....., 3 7 Ridge Rd. Middlemiss, Dianne .......,......... ....... 2 6 Glen Forest Lane Mikolis, Mary Jea-n ..... - ......... .............. . 5 Pearl Ct. Mistal, Sheila ....,......... - ....... ...,...... . 580 Howe St. Morgan, Virginia ............ ....... ....... 4 4 Arnold St. Morrissey, James ....., - ......... - .................. 15 Tremont St. Moynihan, Carol ...... Murphy, Robert ...... -......6l5 Prospect St. .....,,283 Broadway Naiarian, John ........ 2 ..... - ....... ............. ..........,s. 1 5 7 East SY- Nault, Ruth Ann ..... -...- .................. - .,..... ........ 2 0 Newhill Rd- Nicholson, Arthur ............. .. .......... ........... . 9 Park Ave- Nicholson, Robert ........ - ....... ......... ........ 2 0 Hemenway St. Nigolosi, Elaine ,,,,,,,,,, ,. ....,..... ...... , ,.,, ...... .. ....,, 34 Merrimac Sf. Nutton, Raymond ....... - .,....... ......4... 1 78 EEST 51- Pappalardo, Patrick ............ E ...... 2 ......................------'. 16 Vale 51- Parenti, Carol .............. - .......... -...... ...-. u ---------- 13 CFOSS AVC- Parisi, Marilyn ....... - ....... M ....,............,.. .- ...--vs- 81 E651 51- Picarillo, Lynda .............. --M -..s-- - -s--.-.------- 4 HCNCUWBY 51- Pietraszek, Barbara ........... ...---. 3 42 Lowell 51- Plonowski, Cynthia ................. -.-......--,---.--. 5 MBY C1- Poirier, J. Kenneth - ..... - ......... .-.........---.--------- 3 Paflsel' C1- polizam, Michael W., .,..,,... ...... - -- ........ 34 Baremeadow St- Popielarski, Lewis ..... 2 ......-. e ---------- 96 R8llf0Bd 51- Quiambaql Arlyrre ,W ,,,,,,,,, - , ..,.,,.. ........ 3 0 Pleasant St. Rapazzo' Joanne -.,- N --,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ........ 4 Cheimifofd sf- Richardson, Joyce ...-....----M-H ---- - ----------------s---- 120 Howe 5'- Rickley, Frances .... W-- --.----- M ---- - ---- - -------- - --------- -5 Flofence Rd- Rodgers, Joyce - ..... - ...... - ....-- - --------- - ---- e--W ---.----- - 14 Windsor St. Rogalski, Patricia .... me ,.,., ,,,,,,,,,,, Ross, Anthony ..... Roy, Barbara ....., Roy, Hervey .......... Rumore, Daniel ..... Saab, Julia .....,.,..,.s, Sabbagh, David ...., St. Clair, James ,.,..,, St. Jean, Chanel .,., Samia, Noreen ....,.. Sandner, George ......... Sapuppo, Rosemary ...,,. Sarkisian, Aram ........... Schubert, Earl ....... Shaia, Beverly ,.... Sheehan, Sandra .... Shibel, Frances ..... Shisko, Sheila .,.. Sideri, Richard ..... Sigmon, Gloria ..... Silva, Philip ....... Simili, Carolyn .... Sleeper, Wendy ...... Smith, Nancy ........ Snow, Sue Ellen .,..,, Socci, Adele ....,... Solomon, Thomas ..,.. Soucy, Lucille ...... Sousa, Manuel ..... Steinert, Kenneth .... Stewart, Clark ........ Stromei, Lucille .... Strondak, Alan .,.... Stuart, Judith ..... Sweet, John ....,.. Szelest, John ..... Taylor, Geoffrey ...... Tilley, Joyce ............ Tokowicz, Edward ..... ....... Tompkins, Edward ..... ...,......... Torrisi, Paul ,.......,.. 2 ...,..,... Turmel, Thomas ....... Ventura, Joanne .,.. Ventura, Nadine ...... Vickers, Charles .......,. Vigneault, William ..... Waite, Carol .......... Waldie, Robert ..,.... Walsh, Amy ....,........ Walther, Mary Lou .... Waring, Linda ........... Whalen, Fred .,....... White, Kenneth ....,....... Wilczynski, Chester Wood, Barbara .,,,........., Worthington, Robert Wrinkle, Linda Mae Wyman, Arthur ..... ..... - Yurkavich, Patricia Zanfagna, James ...... Zelles, Janice ..,...., -- ------- -- ............ 44 Paris St. - ....--- 2 ....... .......... 4 I Milk St. Francis St. .. ........... 31 Francis St. Arthur St. North St. Lippold St. Ashland Ave. Wellington St. Vermont St. ...........21I Howe St. ..........204 East St. Forest St. Bailey St. Shirley Ave. Lowell St. Lawrence St. Field Ave. 70 Baltic St. 2542 South West 13 St. Miami 45, Florida 12 Reservoir St. Reservoir St. .-....I9 Somerset St. ......25 Auburn St. .......320 Forest St. ......,7O Ayer St. 32 Simone St. ...,...28 Venice Rd 5 Elm St ........899 Riverside Dr Wayside Ave East St .......40 Westland St Closson Ct 31 East St Edgeworth St. ......217 Oakland Ave Arcadia St. 12 Alvin St. ........I2 Pleasant St. 17 Olive St. .......45 Benefit St. ........27 Buswell Ave. ......,II Vincent Ave. Pleasant St. Woodside Ave. ...MI2 Cypress Ave. Elsmere Ave. I2 Center St. 151 Tyler St. Oakland Ave. 48 Tenney St. 93 Lowell St. 69 Ashland Ave. 28 Dewey St. I Emsley Ter. .........248 Oakland Ave. Brook St. Quincy St. 7 Ingalls Ct. - ..... I8 Kimball Rd. lI5 gy YL gr f 4 Q- f N 5 Mx I ?vWff'9'?'- swa' om. ll 'ill ul' Colonel Art Wyman escorts Queen Pat Yurkaviclw to her throne .-xg i 0 O l Attention! I Xl , 1 I 4.4 e queen and her attendants Take these-then come back to polish my shoes! Za!! 51 'Emi Qs. Highest Officers lead the Grand March N mv! A job well done! Red roses for the queen. - -if ' lr ll lg 'll fl lil Methuen High School Drum Corps. Y ' , e ' Q fr rr i . George and Jim f i George Laffin Maiorettes Tony Ross Cheefleadefs 19 Sharps and I Flat Grand Finale -'s ll! BACK ROW: Coach Carol Bailey, Alice Zacharias, Dottie Cooper, Bonnie McKenzie, Carol Belair, Judy Fay, Judy Mlechko, Pat Mottram, Sheila Cunningham, Christine Lavigne, Coleen Hyde, Manager Pamela Macoul. FRONT ROW: Paula Anderson, Sheryl Radulski, Susan Walsh, Linda Diaz, Sheila Radulski, Terry Angus, Kate McQuillan, Nancy Healey, Jean Lemieux. .J-Z-" Coach Carol Bailey and Capt. Terry Angus . . .xfx ic. i KV gm Trllff- + 00. QJNYT ' 14122390 P w i sffffff EJYHU 6 g taxi!! Q1 H STANDING, I. to r.: D. Bogannarn, J. St. Clair, C. Wilczynski, R. Worthington, K. Campbell, R. Murphy, R. Dyer, Coach Hannigan KNEELING: R. Sideri, R. Hanson, S. Cloutier, J. Morrisey, G. Grasso, E. Shubert. in THQ, Guy STATE DISCUS CHAMPION l I Steve Cloutier the ' l' lvl.'ig'i" u 4- A Us l,'l'5l". Jam chef Dic .. J' -ci , F.. 9 Y I Z STANDING, l. to r.: Manager, B. Potvin, D. Bellwood, D. Donahue, W. Coyle, R. Nicholson, Coach Scanlon. KNEELING: J. Allen, C McNulty, Captain, A. Strondak, R. Barnaf, W. Coughlan, A. Blaney. Dj- Jf X' Q, AL STRONDAK Captain ?fv,,4'- --ya.. Bob Barnat Bill Coughlan 0 STUDENT COUNCIL I CLASS OFFICERS Q 1 I GRAND MARCH V I A I ?fzam l "Maestro, music please!" We could have danced all night. ahead, no one's looking!" u---W - Smile, you're on candid camera! lt's a good thing no one has claustrophobia! :Y ' ' w Q Y" ,A I Q --, fy '94 , 3' J: k'.:. x lg- 9 M " .3 E! PQ aff The Head Table W 1 J ' . I L A toast to the Future "When do we eat?" Say "CHEESE - A for O Grand Entrance He's dancing with HER again!! Paula and Jack rriving at the Palace -al-6' End of a Perfect Night N. Q l l 4 l Eli!! CLASS DAY ORATOR George Lamonragne lllllllllllIlllllIlllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll X 3.4 -v 4 1 CLASS WILL Arthur Nicholson Cathi Armistead CLASS PROPHECY Mary Lou Walther Wendy Sleeper CLASS HISTORY Joyce Tilley Ronald Dyer -- L -A 'S ef lk If Q' ilbfl . xx.!, X-If l CLASS DAY SPEAKERS A I GOLD "M" PINS A. Armitage, N. Smith, C. Kondry, J. Micavich G. Lamontagne, J. Tilley, S. Eaton, A. LaFrance, GI Taylor, R. Dyer, C. Armistead, A. Quiambao, V. Eastman, J. Kolba, M. Walther, L. DiResta, N. Sa mia, A. Nicholson, J. Keogh, W. Sleeper, D. Hueb- ner, R. Worthington, W. Barry, A. Brothers, T. Soloman, N. Blood, V. Becker, I. Koscielniak, K. Keleher, M. McRobbie. METHUEN SCHOOLS BOOSTERS CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS W. Barry, N. Blood, R. Dyer, C. Kondry, B. Pietras zek, A. Strondak. TENNEY EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Elizabeth Chase, Theresa Cook, George Lamon tagne, Arlyne Quiambao. INGALLS MEDAL Corrine Kondry and George Lamontagne. RENSSELAER MEDAL Agnes Armitage. METHUEN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS SCHOLARSHIP AWARD' Susan Eaton. METHUEN BOARD OF TRADE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Margaret Hikel. ITALIAN AMERICAN TOILERS INC. SCHOLARSHIP Ann LaFrance. THE MOSES N. PERKINS MEMORIAL AWARD FOR POETRY Alfred Brothers. ITALIAN-AMERICAN TOILERS AWARD FOR PROFICIENCY IN ITALIAN Arthur Nicholson 3rd, THE WALTER PEARSON MUSIC PRIZE George Laffin. ,4 WEBBER-FISKE TEACHER TRAINING SCHOLARSHIP Theresa Cook. DORYCE LORD FRENCH PRIZE Judith Stuart. JOYCE H. MINZNER MEMORIAL TROPHY Theresa Angus. MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA AND SOCIETY OF ACTUARIES Corrine Kondry. WONIAN'S CIVIC CLUB OF METHUEN Nancy Smith. METHUEN POST l22 GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARDS Elizabeth Chase and Arthur Nicholson. THE BESSIE CUNLIFFE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Susan Eaton GILL AVENUE ASSOCIATES SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Ronald Dyer. CLOVER HILL NURSING SCHOLARSHIP Barbara Pietraszek. METHUEN TEACHERS' CLUB SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Susan Eaton. THE D.A.R. STATE CERTIFICATE Joyce Tilley. THE CARRIE MAY LYMAN SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Catherine Armistead. RAINBOW SCHOLARSHIP AWARD Susan Eaton. METHUEN "M" CLUB SCHOLARSHIP Alan Strondak. VALEDICTORIAN Agnes Armitage lr , . ' Q . X . . It is this one word-moderation-that I leave with you, the class of 1963. May .this one word guide you through all the trials ofthe future long after this day and these speeches have been for- gotten. May you, collectively and individually, search for it and find it, may you grasp on to it and value it, and may you never lose sight of that perfect balance of everything in life. "Now, as the setting sun brings to a close an- other day, I bring to a close this chapter of our lives by bidding to each of you a fond farewell." Agnes Armitage TENNEY HIGH SCHOOL SONG The call to advanced and broader fields ls ringing loud and clear With hope and expectation high We answer without fear. The work we've done, the truths we've learned Will bring success we know- Undaunted, firm we'll ever be As toward our goal we go. Farewell to thee, dear Tenney High We'll always remember thee, For all we've gained within your walls We'll always cherish thee. SALUTATORIAN Corrine Kondry HONOR ESSAYIST Joyce Micavich "tf'il'1"tinfamr-t 4,4 was "Now is The hour" Ma, she's making eyes at me!" "As the saints go marching out" AY' Q ' 1-'N - Q u-l- "AIan, my boy, FIFTY-FIFTY." "As the saints come marching in " "My name is Bev Akam, what's yours?" By Jovce Tilley and Ronald Dyer FRESHMAN RONNIE: Watch out for these stairs. They are certainly old and creaky! I don't think anybody's been up in this attic . . . well, at least since I963. I wonder what's up here. JOYCE: Well, there's plenty of dust. There's almost as much up here as there used to be in the bottom of our lockers at the end of the year. RONNIE: Let me help you open that old trunk. JOYCE: Ronnie, please. l'd rather do it myself! RONNIE: All right! All right! Hey, what's that book? JOYCE: lt's our high school scrap book. Let's see iust how much disorder and mischief our class caused during our four years at Tenney. RONNIE: Yes, those were the good old years when the teachers appeared to be a bit frustrated and, we suspect, began slipping tranquilizers into their morning coffee to help them cope with us. The custodians, trying to keep our school neat, were sweeping through the corridors in go- carts. JOYCE: Say! Here's a picture of the Freshman Class officers. You were the president, Ronnie, Carol Moynihan was vice president, Susan Eaton, secretary, and Karen Allard, treasurer. RONNIE: Here are our Student Council members, too, under the capable direction of Mr. Alfred Law. They are Martha McKenzie, Sheila Mistal, and Kenny Campbell. JOYCE: Remember our first big social event, the Freshman Re- ception? The seniors treated us to a wonderful time. RONNIE: Yes, except for when they were a little careless with those king-sized safety pins. JOYCE: The night ended with the crowning of Arlyne Quiambao and King Alan Strondak. RONNIE: The next thing that I recall was the 54th Military Ball. As freshmen, we thought that this was one of the most important events of the Year. JOYCE: Yes, I shall never forget the many girls waiting anxious- ly to be asked by the cadets to our first formal, the Military Ball. RONNIE: The Talent Show was the next important social event in our freshman year. l remember Pat Yurkavich as a flame dancer and Paula Merrow as an acrobat. JOYCE: Then came the first time that Tenney High School appeared on Boston Ballroom. We were all T.V. stars for a day. RONNIE: Cadet Field Day was also an eventful occasion. Art Wyman placed first among freshman cadets, Jeff Bardsley was second, and Joel Blotner third. JOYCE: There was so much excitement at Tenney when Judi Kolba was the only freshman who made cheerleading, and when Joyce Micavich, Wendy Sleeper, and Elaine English made the maiorette squad. Naturally, we were delighted with the choice. RONNIE: That iust about concludes all the freshman highlights. SOPHOMORE JOYCE: The summer passed before we knew it, though, and once again we converged in squadrons, battalions, and regiments on the halls of Tenney High School. Some of us were most unwilling . . . but we didn't want to grow up to be mules. RONNIE: Do you recall having a new feeling as a sophomore? JOYCE: Certainly! Since we were older and we were not freshmen anymore, there was more of a feeling of be- longing, and we indeed were necessary. I6 RONNIE: Our sophomore year got off to a fine start with Al Strondak as president, Carol Moynihan as vice president lyou like that combinationl, Ginny Hodge as secretary, and Ginny lncollingo as treasurer. JOYCE: This was the year that the "Girls" took over as our representatives on the Student Council. The new members were Sheila Mistal, Sanda Bagley, and Martha McKenzie. RONNIE: The D.A.R. awards were later presented to two of our outstanding sophomores, Agnes Armitage and Alan Strondak. JOYCE: The Cheering and Maiorette tryouts came again, along with the usual sprained ligaments and backs. This time, congratulations went to Judi Kolba, Paula Merrow, and Ginny Hodge for making the Cheering Squad. The new Maiorettes were Ginny Eastman, Elaine English, Diane Huebner, Ann LaFrance, Dianne Mansur, Gloria Sigmon, and Wendy Sleeper. How happy they were! RONNIE: That iust about brings to an end our sophomore antics. Now, stay tuned for the second half of our exciting program, "Antics at Tenney," brought to you by the Beau- mont and Lister Lecturing Service, sponsors of those marve- lous, new, "Instant Hangout on the Corner" kits. JUNIOR JOYCE: Turn the page. Let's see what happened to our up- and-coming class in the iunior year. RONNIE: First of all, our class was led on to great heights by our progressive class officers. Chief was Al Strondak, chief of vice was Corinne Kondry, scribe was Wendy Sleep- er, and wampum keeper was Arlyne Quiambao. JOYCE: Representing our class on the Student Council were our staunch and reliable classmates: Franny Rickley, Joyce Rogers, Joy Tilley, and Geoffrey Bardsley. RONNIE: This old scrap book certainly brings back many fond memories. JOYCE: I recall the day the Yearbook staff was announced and Arthur Nicholson was named Editor. RONNIE: Yes, the spring of our junior year surely was an eventful one. There were quite a number of honors that were given to our classmates at that time. JOYCE: There certainly were: Corinne Kondry and Ron Dyer were presented with the D.A.R. awards. Geoffrey Taylor received the Andover Harvard Club book award, and Bill Barry and Joyce Micavich were presented with the Civil War Centennial Medal for proficiency in American History. RONNIE: I remember that Ken White was awarded the Patnaude Medal. JOYCE: Agnes Armitage was chosen to attend Girls' State at Bridgewater State College, while Geoffrey Taylor and Ron Dyer went to the University of Massachusetts to attend Boys' State. RONNIE: Cadet Field Day had a special meaning for all the iuniors. This would be the last time that they could enter the drill competition. Being congratulated are Ken White for finishing first, Art Wyman for second, and Jeff Bardsley for third. JOYCE: Hey, look! There is a picture of a room filled with smoke! RONNIE: Oh, no! The chemistry classes are at it again! JOYCE: Of course not. That's the assembly when nineteen studious members of our class were inducted into the Na- tional Honor Society in a solemn candlelight ceremony. The inductees were Agnes Armitage, Catherine Armistead, Ronald Dyer, Virginia Eastman, Susan Eaton, Judith Kolba, Corinne Kondry Ann LaFrance President Geor e Lamon- tagne, Joyce Micavich, Monica McRobbie, Arthur gNichoIson, Arlyne Quiambao, Noreen Samia, Nancy Smith, Thomas Solomon, Geoffrey Taylor, Joyce Tilley, and ,Mary Lou Walther. Lucy DiResta later joined the Society in her senior year. RONNIE: That iust about wraps up all of our iunior activi- ties. Now, we could enioy our long-awaited summer vaca- tion. SENIOR JOYCE: Our big year had finally come. We were now seniors and looked forward with great anticipation to a glorious year as the graduating class. It certainly proved a happy one for Pat Yurkavich and Ron Dyer, who were chosen Queen and King, respectively, of the class of '63. RONNIE: Our senior year snapped into motion almost immedi- ately with the beginning of the football season. Chosen to lead our Rangers on to conquering heights were co-captains Al Strondak and Steve Cloutier. JOYCE: Look! Here's a photograph of our football Queen, the vivacious and charming Karen Allard. The players, indeed, have very fine taste. RONNIE: And there is the girls' field hockey team, wielding their oversized boomerangs, in a charge across the field with Captain Terry Angus in the lead. JOYCE: Here are our Senior Class officers-President, Corinne Kondry, vice president, Ronnie Dyerp secretary, Wendy Sleep- er, and treasurer, Arlyne Quiambao. The seniors never would have made it through the confusion and mass hys- teria of the graduating year, however, without the invalu- able help of our class advisor, that man about the school, mouse about the house, Mr. Russell. RONNIE: Here is a picture of the Student Council led by presi- dent Jeff Bardsley. Our other members were Joyce Rogers, Jim Brett, Sharon Desrochers, and Joyce Tilley. JOYCE: A happy night for all occurred with the arrival of the annual Cadet Hop. That night held a special ioy for Cadet Corps Queen Pat Yurkavich and her attendants, Wendy Sleeper and Terry Cook. RONNIE: It meant a lot to the senior officers, too. Look! Here's a picture of Colonel Art Wyman and Lt. Col. Ken White being congratulated. JOYCE: Didn't our maiorettes and cheerleaders look radiant in their new uniforms that year. Giving moral support to our boys with iubilant and energetic emissions of shouts and cheers were head cheerleader Judi Kolba, Ginny Hodge, and Paula Merrow. RONNIE: Stepping smartly in front of the band was Captain of the Maiorettes Ginny Eastman, followed by Wendy Sleep- er, Ann LaFrance, Joyce Micavich, Noreen Samia, Diane Mansur, Diane Huebner, Alice Laffin, and Gloria Sigmon. JOYCE: Do you remember our school newspaper? Guided by the bubbling pens of co-editors Camille Bonanno and Joyce Micavich, our familiar Blue and White publication, gaining wide and prominent acclaim, commenced a com- plete, comprehensive, and uncensored coverage of the worldly happenings at our high school. RONNIE: The result of this report-the paper's name was changed to The National Enquirer. JOYCE: This was the year, too, that the Tenney High School Dance Band made its debut under the direction of none other than "Mac." RONNIE: Look! There are Captain Dave Howshan and our basketball team. This was the year that the team com- peted as a new member of the Lowell Suburban League, and finished . . . JOYCE: We don't know where! RONNIE: The girls' basketball team also began playing league games. Here is a snapshot of the co-captains Rita Donovan and you, Joyce. JOYCE: And here is another of the Christmas program. RONNIE: This was the event where we were introduced to an extremely talented group of senior boys, singing "Ru- dolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and other songs their mothers had taught them. JOYCE: Do you remember the 57th annual Military Ball? The beautiful red, white, and blue decorations really made a perfect setting for the festivities of our last cadet ball. I remember, too, that our Talent Show was a tremendous success in our senior year. What a marvelous iob George Laffin did as the master of ceremonies, and how spectac- ular the many acts were! RONNIE: Two of our talented classmates received individual awards in their senior year. One, Joyce Tilley, was given the D.A.R. award: and the other, Jim Brett, was chosen to rep- resent Tenney High School during Student Government Day. JOYCE: I remember that this was the year that the Cadet Corps was honored by being invited to participate in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston. RONNIE: Yes, and the officers, accompanied by Mr. Morissette, also enjoyed a week-end trip to the Military Academy at West Point. I doubt if the boys will ever forget what was located Cby coincidence, of coursej next to the motel. JOYCE: Just look at all the commotion on the athletic field! Our baseball team with Captain Al Strondak is practicing there. The team had a tremendous season, finishing in sec- ond place in the Lowell Suburban League and advancing to the Tech Tourney held during June. RONNIE: Also on the field is the girls' softball team. At the helm were co-captains Dorothy Cooper and Terry Angus. JOYCE: Look how crowded the auditorium is. It must be our senior class play, Ask Any Girl. RONNIE: Or, more colloquially, The Call of the Wild. JOYCE: Judi Kolba as Meg Wheeler and George Laffin as Miles Doughton headed a fine cast. Never could the play have been presented, however, without the expert super- vision of Mrs. Hovanasian. RONNIE: Talking about asking girls reminds me ot our Senior Prom, "Tropical Paradise." JOYCE: That's right! And, in preparing for this colorful ex- travaganza, 150 conniving debutantes, equipped with the most modern trapping supplies, dispersed among their less enthusiastic classmates, the boys, and emerged with their duped male escorts and enioyed, at the boys' ex- pense, a fabulous evening. RONNIE: I will never forget "the" band that played for us that evening. You probably all remember their hit album that really rocked the charts-The Guitar Rockers, chanting the Watusi, The Zombie Jamboree, and other Irish Favorites. JOYCE: Hey! Look! Our entire senior class is assembled in the auditorium for the announcement of the class honors. Agnes Armitage was valedictorian, Corinne Kondry was salutatorian, Joyce Micavich was honor essayist, and George Lamontagne was the class day orator. That is the last page of our scrap book, Ronnie. It seems to be blurred. I won- der what it says. RONNIE: I know what it is. It's our class motto: "The past forever gone, the future still our own." I7 F7 ? By Wendy Sleeper and Mary Lou Walther TIME: 1973 PLACE: Space Station "63" WENDY: Why, Mary Lou Walther, when I called Earthside Employment Agency for a secretary, I never dreamed you'd be sent. We haven't seen each other since our high school graduation ten years ago. You've always had a passion for travel, but I never thought you'd get this far out! MARY LOU: Today has certainly been filled with marvelous surprises for me! My astronaut to the station was Kenneth Ammon, assisted by Chet Wilczynski, David Leach, Bill Brackett, and Bob Nicholson. Those five have been together since they ioined the Air Force. Our spaceline hostesses were Sylvia Hadfield and Mary Jane Mikolis. I can't believe that you're actually a psychologist, Wendy! WENDY: This is o rather remote place, halfway between the earth and the moon. Psychological help was urgently needed, therefore, l came to the rescue. Only yesterday astronauts senior grade Raymond Nuttan and Philip Beaulieu were seeking my aid. They both have a crush on the some little nurse, Sandy Bagley. MARY LOU: Speaking of nurses, I visited Saturn Floating Hospital yes- terday, and I found Carol Moynihan, Paula Merrow, Barbara Piet- raszek, Thora Houghton, Diane Huebner, Sheila Mistal, and Jean Benoit moaning over the release of Guy Grosso, who was playing doctor without a license. He's extremely proficient in everything! WENDY: Oh, yes, I remember. He never could decide on a vocation. There goes George Lamontagne, he's a weather forecaster for Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Earth. Mars is quite beautiful. I was there last summer. Steven Cloutier and Richard Hanson are the planet's chief civil engineers-forever building new roads. William Laeschner, a forest ranger, does his best to guard Mother Nature's beauty, while Steve and Dick cut dawn his beloved trees. MARY LOU: At T500 hours we must be sure to watch the Garrison LePage-Robert Cody report on channel T.H.S., featuring the Teachers' Bowl. Participating will be Nancy Blood, who teaches elementary education, Linda Gammons, music, Alfred Brothers, German, Agnes Armitage, calculus, analytic geometry, and advanced algebra, and Arthur Nicholson, math. WENDY: Have you been in Berlin recently? MARY LOU: No, what's new? WENDY: Well, you know the wall has been down for over seven years now, and Ricky Faro, Raymond Genest, Peter Haidaichuck, and Lloyd Higgins are busy transforming the eastern sector into a beautiful metropolis. Ernie Hatem, Dick Sideri, and Don Bistany are install- ing all the atomic electro dynamic circuits, while Jimmy Kolifroth, Joseph Bella, Al Lambert, Jim Morrissey, and Steve Davis are drafts- men for the three hundred floor cooperative apartment buildings. MARY LOU: How about Walter Kudzia, James Keogh, John Naiarian, Geoffrey Taylor, and Larry Gentile? They all operate very lucrative businesses in Europe, but they commute daily from the states because their wives refuse to leave Long Island. Three other members of our class still on earth are Carol Waite, Linda Waring, and Kathleen Malbon, who are serving in the American embassy in Russia. WENDY: l guess quite a few of our old crowd are still on earth. A large number of fellows stayed in Hawaii after our fifth reunion. Danial Bogannam is in the physical education department and coaches the track team at the University of Hawaii. Dana Amiss, John Jovell, and Richard Kachanian bought the Hawaiian Village and divide their time between beachecombing and hotel management. Claire Maranto and John Szelest visit them whenever the fleet is in. Adele Socci teaches surfing at Waikiki. What a life! MARY LOU: Some other earthbound classmates are Robert Cote, said to be the swiftest barber in New York City. "Shave and a haircut in two minutes" is his motto. Tony Ross and Jae Marcella, also in New York, do all the illustrations for Lewis Popielarske's space travel bureau. Fran Shibel is their receptionist. lt's a real swingin' team! WENDY: William Coughlan finally finished college with about a dozen degrees. Now he is starting a prep school for teen-age Martians, of which Robert Mesiti is headmaster, John Lahoud is going along on the venture as an l.B.M. instructor, and Dean Davis will teach space engineering. Judy Stuart will teach united earth languages, Beverly Craig will be intra-planetary guidance director, and Virginia Becker, secretarial instructor for antennaed Martians. Ann LaFrance instructs the Martionettes in baton twirling, and Ginny Hodge instructs them in cheerleading. Ernest Campolini teaches getting along with teachers. Betty Lou Houston demonstrates how to win fraternity pins. Beverly Akam, Gita Haiiar, Francine Guillette, Margaret Hikel, and Elaine Levesque are all doing an excellent Lab with the cor- respondence between the Earthites and the Martians. MARY LOU: I'm glad we finally made it to the moon in '65, so many families have moved there from the earth. The former Monica Mcllobbie, Gloria Sigmon, and Lynda Piccarillo have migrated there with their cherished families--six bundles of ioy in each. Martha McKenzie and Arlyne Quiambao, social workers, help to make sure the Moon Company charter members keep busy and have few problems. WENDY- I read the Lunar Roy this morning and was pleased to find that Phil Silva and Ed Tompkins have tied for first place in the Universal Pro Golf championship at Crater Country Club. Oh, by 'IW WUY. Virginia lncollingo has finally traded her T-Bird for a Super-Electra. She is now circling the globe. I saw her on my Telstar 50 lost month in the space drag race. Venus is extraordinarily bright this afternoon. The gals must really be living it up! I8 MARY LOU: What girls? WENDY: Elaine Kalil has recently opened the Goddess of Love Beauty Salon. Her associates are Beverly Hayes, Elaine Nicolasi, Diane Duhamel, Marcella Duffen, Sandra Liccardello, and Patricia Ro- galski. Joseph Bonacorsi, solar-system renowned beauty specialist, occasionally lectures them on laveliness. MARY LOU: Station 63 is simply out of this universe! Isn't the archi- tecture the masterpiece of William Barry, Geoffrey Bardsley, and Robert Waldie? WENDY: Yes, it is. Rick Heinz is a great success. He's chief me- chanical engineer for the lnterplanetorial Transportation Company, which has headquarters in East Jupiter. He also teaches European history and culture at night school. MARY LOU: lsn't it marvelous that United States Army Generals Arthur Wyman and Kenneth White, and Premier Zu of Russia are doing such fabulous work with their Earthside Peace Corps program, of which Robert Worthington is general chairman? WENDY: Oh, my, yes! How about our senior class president, Corrine Kondry, now a celebrated nuclear engineer? I believe she has a top secret plan for an astro-superio'flying saucer which may soon hit Pluto. As Corrine gets a new brainstorm, her secretary, Cathi Armistead, quickly iots it down. MARY LOU: Have you seen Joe LaGrasse lately? U WENDY: Na, I haven't seen him since our class reunion in Hawaii five years ago. MARY LOU: His architectural firm is designing the United Universal building in the tiny planet Minute. The James Irving Construction Company is building the structure. Right now Richard Kady is doing the ground work with his heavy equipment. WENDY: lncidentally, Mary Lou, have you heard how that planet was discovered? Well, Chanel St. Jean was keeping tabs on his wife, the former Sharon Derochers, who was visiting friends on Venus, through his electrode tabometer when tiny Minute came to the screen. Leave it to Chanel to find the first new planet in a decade! MARY LOU: On the opposite side of Minute is built the medical clinic of Alan Cirella, Robert Asadoor, and Joel Blotner. The clinic's X-ray technicians are Joyce Micavich, Carol Parenti, Marilyn Parisi, and Nadine Ventura. Carol and Nadine hold Mr. Russell's hands and feet while Joyce and Marilyn search his brain for flaws. Joyce Rodgers, Cynthia Plonowski, Nancy Smith, Amy Walsh, Sandra Shee- han, and Barbara Wood are iust a few of the clinic's noted nurses. Rita Donovan and Peggy Devine are seriously thinking of starting another "Nurses" series over channel T.H.S. Sheila Shiska and Pamela Bauchman are the clinic's social workers, Pat Lawton and Julia Saab, the medical secretaries, and Rosemary Sapuppo, dental assistant and Ken Basey chaser. WENDY: l was scanning earth with my Telstar 50 at 800 hours this morning and happened to catch sight of the new 500 acre Tenney Memorial Academy. I guess the space-rod business has been rather successful for John Sweet, nearly every pupil has one, Policeman Emil Jacabucci was directing traffic along with state trooper Jack Kirkman. One teacher, Beverly Shaia, was scolding a pupil for re- ceiving "U" in conduct. Charles Vickers was reprimanding his quiet students, and Terri Cook was teaching everyone how to be kind to others. Another Teacher, Marie Dawson, was directing the senior play. Susan Eaton is English department head, Alan Strondak, math, Polly Griffin, art. Dave Howshan was teaching his physical education boys how ta swim in the schoal's 200 foot pool, while Judy KoI.ba and Angela Bucco's physical education girls bombarded them. Janice Zelles is the schoal's dean of girls. John Borrun, the dean of boys, attends detention daily to babysit for those now holding his former position. Of course, Ken Campbell is principal. MARY LOU: My, do you think it would be possible for us to attend the sixth universal fair to be held on Uranus? Paul Galarneaufs elaborate flower exhibition will be there. I'm also interested in the new never get old, never get gray drugs of Lucy DiResta and Robert Barnat's new mathematical theory. WENDY: Tom Solomon, Bill Kerry, and Anthony Loiancono have made an electra fire work amplifier which sends gorgeous rays into the view of every planet. This will be on display at the fair. MARY LOU: Dierdra Deed is now in her twenty-second orbit arounfd the galaxy. She took Tom Fay along for company, rust to keep it a family affair. WENDY: Karen Allard has been operating her ski lodge in the Alps for six years now. She tried the mountains of every planet and found none of them to compare with the Alps. In nearby Italy Kenneth Law owns a "swingin' pad" and writes stimulating poetry for Esquire, like "Dig me, dig me, do!!" MARY LOU: During an avalanche last year, a tunnel to the sub- terranial sea was accidentally discovered. Captain Theresa Angus and Admirals William Bateman, Paul Torrisi, John Atkinson, and Paul Dorman have been assigned research duty there. WENDY: Say, Barbara Farelli has an interesting position. She operates an earth connecting switchboard in her own home on Saturn. She refuses to leave the twins Ricky and Nicky with a babysitter. Oc- casionally, she does visit Dotty Cooper's advanced perceptive school on Venus. The twins enioy playing with little Jackie. Babs propels her Super Electra so fast that she usually has Louis Debenedetto on her tail with a speeding summons. Lucky Mr. Burke can't see her now! Oh, well, she can get James St. Clair to represent her in court. MARY LOU: Speaking of Electras!! It didn't take Carmine Martina, Walter Yankowsky, and John McClintock long to get into the space WENDY, Noreen Samia, visited me the other day. She is a colleague ship sales and repair business. With Joanne Rapozzo as their busi- ness manager and Joyce Richardson as sales representative, they should really go far! of mine, only she is in the field of psychiatry. George Sandner and Michael Polizotti are drawing up plans for her new clinic on Minute. I believe Clark Stewart will be her superintendent- Sue Ellen Snow and Carolyn Simili, her associates. Lucille Stromei 'is fi. nancing the project lher husband is a billionairel, and Ken Steinert Joyce Tilley, Aram Sarkisian, and Ken Poirier are installing all their latest electronic therapy machines. MARY LOU: I hear Robert Murphy, Earl Shubert, and John McGibbon will soon be blasting off from earth to hold evangelistic sessions and sunrise services on all inhabited planets. Those three are really dedicated preachers! WENDY: Would you like to go shopping with me tonight at Elaine Bucci's specialty shop in the metropolis of Methuen? That's where l buy all my clothes. She features the famous cover girl Jill D'Agata. While there, we could visit Anthony AlianeIlo's IBM school. He, William Athayde, Karen Gorski, and John Lucinskas plan to dem- onstrate their rags to riches IBM machine. It is so fantastically ac- curate that Tom Turmel and Ed Tokowicz, their guinea pigs, are now multi-millionaires. MARY LOU: Irene Koscielniok, Diane Middlemiss, and Tony Fusco take care of sorting out peoples' bills when they pile up. Of course, taxes have been abolished since all the planets have enough na- tural resources to sustain them for the next thousand years. Joanne Ventura and Ruth Nault make directional signals for crossroads in space. One cute sign read, "Drive carefully or turn in your nose cone!" WENDY: Oh, that one was designed by Joe Barberio. Who else would ' think of something like that. He's been trying very hard to get Elaine English to go into partnership with him in commercial art, but she's so shy and demure, she just stays at home in Methuen knitting space suits. MARY LOU: Did you know that Ronnie Dyer has built the first super rocket to be shot through the earth? It cuts the iourney from New England to China from I0 minutes to fill, minutes. Manny Sousa and Ellayne Elias have been doing medical research in China. With the aid of the quick to spot note-taking minds of Elaine Balukonis, Virginia Morgan, Allice Laffin, and Jane Blight, they have found cures for over 981 of the galaxy's most dreaded diseases. WENDY: The blue and white house of the co-presidents of the uni- verse, James Brett and George Laffin, is a suspended A-shaped structure overlooking the twin planets. Betsy Chase is Secretary of State. Karin Danahy, Polly Derochers, Fran Rickley, Nancy Balfour, Karen Keleher, Mary Fiore, Veronica Connell, Ann Loon lshe's Miss Universel and Barbara Kental are senatorial secretaries. MARY LOU: Geraldine Bassett and Velvo Erban are living in Boston with their husbands and children. Boston has so much culture they iust couldn't bear to leave it or Paul Anka, Also, Bonnie Mozzucco has her chief student leaders office in Boston. WENDY: On your way here, you must have passed Jim Zanfagna's "Noah's Ark the Second." Aiding him in his animal venture are Martha Boren and Sharyn Meehan, who write to various planets seeking new animals and birds, and Camille Bonanno, who writes the Animal Weekly, circulating in over one million zoos around the solar system. MARY LOU: Ginny Eastman is president of the largest business school in the galaxy. Some of the instructors at the school are, Pat Yurka- vich, poise and good grooming! Joyce Hagerty, appropriate hairdos, Diana Johnson, typing, Lucille Soucy, doodling artistically, Diane Mansur, shorthand, and Virginia Graham, coffee making-the way the boss likes it. WENDY, Well, any second now I should get a ray from Paula Franco, who is Rita Martelle's private eye. She always locates me when I'm late for an appointment! Rita seems to be having trouble with some psycho non-conformists at her new college on Jupiter.. It seems ha Professeur Gagne told them. he'd take away their gravitational suits if they didn't do their French. Now they all have a strange sensa- tion of falling off the planet. I better fly quickly, before it's too late!! MARY LOU: Wait! I'm coming too. This should prove to be hilarious! By Cathi Armistead and Arthur Nicholson Be it remembered that we, the Class of I963 of Tenney Memorial High School, Methuen, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but knowing the uncertainty of this life and being most fully aware that we are leaving these classic halls forever, do hereby make public and decree this to be our last will and testament. We, the senior girls, do hereby leave to the "wonderful" iunior girls all the senior boys, or what will be left of them. We, Beverly Akam and Agnes Armitage, do hereby leave to Mr. Goebel the task of finding two new conspirators to separate. I, Alan Strondak, do hereby leave to some fortunate underclassman my place behind the ice cream stand. We, Lynda Picarello and Lucille Stromei, do hereby leave to Mary Lou Norton our anxiety to graduate. We, Kenneth Ammon and James Brett, being of sneaky mind and sound body, do hereby leave to Jo-Anne Fichera one slightly used tape recorder. I, Noreen Samia, do hereby leave the basketball scoring book to Robin Medauer. We, Carol Moynihan and Sheila Mistal, do hereby leave to Mr. Russell two unused chemistry books in hopes that someday they will be used. We, Karen Keleher and Cynthia Planowski, do hereby leave to our sisters three more wonderful years of high school. We, Sandra Bagley and Nancy .Blood, do hereby leave our locker No. 375 to Susan Blood in hopes that when she becomes a senior she will keep it as pretty as we have. We, home room 216, do hereby leave to Mrs. Hershfield the supreme silence that will hover over her home room long after we have left. We, the 1963 Yearbook Staff, do hereby leave to AMr. UW. Earl Lister the best yearbook that ever was or will be written in this school. I, Danny Bogannam, do hereby leave the worn out pen I used' to write Mr. McDermott's 500 words and their meanings from the diction- ary in fifth period study hall. We, the senior boys of "Splui Prep", Rick, Ron, Art, Ken, Jim, Stove, Jug, Bamma, Bubba, Twanka, Alley, and Muzzy, do hereby leave ta' Jack Allen and his chosen followers the keys to Camp Heron in the interest that he will use this wonderful hideaway to the best of his ability, we also wish he would try to get the logs out of the lake and see that they float, because "For crying out loud, if it's anything we can't stand, it's logs that don't float." l, Pat Lawton, do hereby leave to some poor junior my seat in senior math. l, Joseph Barberio, do hereby leave to Jock Allen the Champion Splui Cup which I won fairly and squarely off Jim Brett, because the latter cheated by taking a head start. We, the class members of Room 22l, do hereby leove to the in- ,coming class of Room 22l, Mr. Jennings and his fascinating dimples along with his college crew cut, hoping that they appreciate Mr. Jen- nings and his great habits. l, Tam Turmel, do hereby leave my track shoes and a place in the Mile to Art Potvin in hopes that he will have better luck than I did. We, Polly Griffin, Sheila Mistal, Amy Walsh, Sandra Bagley, Dede Deed, Nancy Blood, Karen Allard, Elaine English, and Ann Marie Loon, do hereby leave to next yeor's senior girls our sparkling personali- ties, our sisterly love, 26 jars of pickled cherries from the house of Betty Crocker, our attractive smiles, 6 green horse flies fom Hamp- ton Town Form, our tremendous sense of humor, 3 cases of imported Red Algae from the Lawrence reservoir, our vivacious charm, one lob- ster trap complete with seaweed, and lost, but not least, our pet goose, General Horatio T. Cornball, and may he always keep you iumpin'I V . I, Carol Simili, do hereby leave to Miss Coulson all the nylons that l ruined on my desk in her room. I, Camille Bonanno, do hereby leave my co-editorship of the Blue 8- White to a felicitous and worthy junior. I, Karen Allard, do hereby leave my reign as Football Queen to next year's queen, hoping that she will be as proud in being chosen as I was. We, the 1963 Yearbook Staff, do hereby leave to next yaar's staff a sprig of dried-up mistletoe in hopes that it wlil be used more next year than it was this year. I, Sheila Shisko, do hereby leave to my brother all mY Old home' work papers and tests so that he will at least know the wfOtt9 Oft- swers. We, Dana Amiss and Kenneth Campbell, do hereby leave one gen- uine Bill the Kid sharp shooter pistol to anyone in next YSUIS home' room 201. I, Bev Hayes, do hereby leave my locker with my white bobby socks that I never wore for gym class. I, Bev Craig, leave-quickly and quietly. I also leave on emP'Y parking space in the lot for another Chevy. I, Sharyn Meehan, do hereby leave to'my friend, Sandy Moral. the ability to make excuses for being absent. I, Elaine Kalil, do hereby leave to some very lucky underclassman all the wonderful senior teachers. I, Philip Beaulieu, do hereby leave to Mr. McDermott my cadet uni- form. I, Susan Eaton, do hereby leave to my sister Nancy. all my free lunches in the cafe and all my passes so that she may enroy her senior year as much as I did. We, Martha McKenzie and Carol Moynihan, do hereby leave to Jack Allen all our old Latin papers in hopes that he will put them to good use next year. We, Dottie Cooper and Angie Buco, do hereby leave to any energetic iunior girl a drawerful of typed masters and 2 purple typewriters on which to type the new masters. We, Joanne Rapazzo, Karen Keleher, Cindy Plonowski, Velva Er- ban, Monica McRabbie and Polly and Sharon Derochers, do hereby leave to Tenney High School two brothers and four sisters to do with as it wishes. We, the senior girls on the lunch table nearest the cafeteria cage. do hereby leave our table to some deserving iuniors so they won't have to fight for it as we did. I, Sheila Shisko, do hereby leave to some fortunate freshman girl the right to adopt a brother like Dick. I, Jim Kolifrath, do hereby leave my Frankie Fontaine hat to Miss Coulson. I, Judy Kolba, do hereby leave to Ella Zackarakas my uniform, a bag of smiles, a book of cheers, and a truck load of patience. I, Thomas A. Solomon, do hereby leave to Tenney High School my name suitably inscribed somewhere in Mr. Fradette's 3rd and 4th period classes. We, Dick Sideri and Jim Morrissey, do hereby leave to our beloved 5th period study hall teacher, Mr. McDermott, the 50 stadium steps that we didn't have to run during football, a basketball so that if he doesn't get his way he can take his ball and go home, and one un- abridged dictionary with the 500 more-than-one-word-definitions that we didn't write for him. We also leave him one genuine cracked rec- ord ol "Sara Jackman" because "He's nice TOO!!" We, the class members of homeroom 217, do hereby leave to Mrs. Monroe all the fond memories of her quiet homeroom. I, Barney Noigler, do hereby leave to Bill Coyle my happy hours in the cafeteria. I, Franny Rickley, do hereby leave to my sister Gerri the right to date any boy in the school, provided they are chaperoned. I, George Laffin, do hereby leave to Len Samia, Ray Ruais, and Ray Bardsley my Miss Coulson Consternation Kit complete with detailed instructions. I, Martha Boren, do hereby leave to Miss Ruth Lange, all the won- derful memories of the Wednesday Activities and of Angie, Elaine, Gita. and myself. I, Corrine Kondry, do hereby leave to next year's senior class Presi- dent Richard Nicholson, our class advisor and friend, Mr. Russell, along with a bottle of aspirins, a case of nervousness, and a book called "How to Speak Well at a Moment's Notice." I, Kenney Campbell, do hereby leave all the enioyment of being Student Director at the Senior Class Play to some deserving iunior. I, Mary Lou Walther, do hereby leave my blush and all the teasing that goes with it to anyone who wants them. I, Sharon Derochers, do hereby leave one dictionary to anyone who will have Mr, McDermott for study hall next year. We, Miss Doran's sixth period shorthand ll class, do hereby be- queath ta the iuniors taking shorthand II our unmailable transcripts, along with our deflated egos and our straight E's. We, Martha Soren and Angie Buco, da hereby leave to Mr. John lTigerl Burke a new clutch and shift to recondition his training car which has surely taken a beating by these two experienced drivers. I, Peggie Hikel, in sound mind and ioyous spirit, do hereby leave to any deserving and honorable girls with the name Margaret my most gracious nickname "Maggie." WC. the inhabitants of home room 201, do hereby leave to Mr. Rushton 2,001 back issues of the morning excuse and the evening alibi. I, Jeff Bardsley, do hereby leave to Mr. Russell one answer boak, a bucket at sand, a mirage, a banana, and a hand grenade ILivel. 20 I, Arthur Nicholson, do hereby leave to my brother Richard all the fun and troubles of the senior year. I, Pat Lawton, do hereby leave to a certain R. H. a certain M. H. to take my place during his senior year. We, Gerrie Bassett, Valva Erban, and Peggie Hikel, do hereby leave to all next year's Arabs our slogan, "Ya Habeebie" and our reserved parking spaces for our camels, Tanous, Abdullah, and Saleem! Good Traveling! I, Alan Cirella, do hereby leave to any hungry underclassman the some bags of peanuts that caused me to get three days detention. I, Bill Coughlin, do hereby leave to AI Blaney the right to date any girl in Methuen as long as they are chaperoned. I, Alan Strondak, do hereby leave to Jack Allen my pair af 'trap door long iohns to make him more comfortable when he goes camp- ing at Camp Heron. I, Betty Houston, do hereby leave to my tiny sister Claudia lan en- tering freshman for Sept. 19631 my old gym suit. I, Diana Johnson, do hereby leave ta Mr. Shea all the days of ag- ony in the future without my cheerful "Hell-O, Mr. Shea!" We, Karen, Kathy, and Monica, do hereby leave to Miss Ruth Lange the broken machines on the floor of Room 117 after third period study. We, Bev, Cindy, Karen, and Nancy, do hereby leave afl our pamph- lets of New York, our excitement, and our phony southern accents to Ginny, Joanne, and Pickles. I, Lucy DiResta, do hereby leave half a parking space to anyone who can fir into it. I, Gita Haiiar, do hereby leave to Miss Ruth Lange a record that says: "Homeroom seats, please!" and the gift of another Haiiar next year! We, the members of Mr. Russell's HAPPY, HAPPY, physics class, leave to our fearless leader a package of test tubes, a pocket full of dreams, and a case of malaria. H l, Karin Danahy, do hereby leave all my books to Miss Coulson's de- lightful closet. We, the students of room 216, do hereby leave to our wonderful hfameroom teacher, Mrs. Hershfield, a head full of gray hair and an ucer. 'l,A Corol.Woite, do hereby leave to my nephew, Larry Travers, a dictionary in case he has to write 500 words and their meanings for a certain teacher. Q I, Cathi Armistead, do hereby leave to Mr. Melia, all his corny lakes, all my corny remarksg and the wonderful memories of trying ta get Karin to talk to him. We, the Capris, do hereby leave to the iunior Capris, our theme song and appetites. We. Bob Asadoor and Jeff Bardsley, do hereby leave to Mr. Fradette one lifetime. membership card for the National Critics Club, a year's supply of mirrors, a tube of Brylcream, and a iokebaok. I. Dick Sideri, do hereby leave to some poor freshman the right ta get stuck sitting behind a stubborn blonde lSheilal for four years. We, Jean Benoit and Cammille Bonanno, do hereby leave our locker No. 373 to any rumor who can open it! We, the members of the senior class, leave a pair of bowling shoes lt,oHMr. Fredette. For obvious reasons, we didn't bother to buy you a a . wrlierelicfoovbxaffgrg' do hereby leave to my brother Maurice my type- We, Karen Gorski and Jean Benoit, do hereby leave to next year's Prom Committee their faithful slave, Mr. Melia, their shrewd financier, MV- Russell, and all the "red tape" left over from 1963. 1, Elaine Levesque, do hereby leave ta Diana Klaire the dress with thegsleeves on rnsrde out rn hopes that she may fix it next year in sewing class. I, Ron Dyer, do hereby leave to my b th D' k ' f ragged, blood-stained football spikes. ro er lc one pair o muddy' H We, the' members ofd hdzeroom 216, leave to Mrs. Hershfield, Mrs. ovanasrans new recor a um ----- Shirly and th G 't R k h the Watusr and other Irish Favorites. e U' or oc ers' C cm Mchernazlg Merrow, do hereby leave to the Sth period study hall, Mr, 1. Terri Cook, do hereby lea II tht I lm ' math in my advanced math book. ve 0 o was mug t in advanced l, Wendy Sleeper leave to Jean Ma chl'k ' tp bl ' hapes that she will cherish them as much ds lldidrily molore e oomers In 11 JOYCC Rodgefi, do hereby leave to Cindy Smith the nicknam gglnziyckingxgiwith the hope that she will cnioy it as much as I enioyed We, Joe LaCrosse and Joe Marcello do h b l t more girls our year-round reserved chaiyg,' ere Y eove O the sopho- We, the members of the Senior Class d h b I ' ' all the joys and troubles of being seniors., O ere Y enve io me iumors Presented and witnessed th' t th d f ' Lord one Thousand Nine Huiiarfa r::d saxffihfeefune "' 'he y"" of W' 1 u s ,r J 5 f s K.. . '14 iff' iw' .3 . U1 J 1 YY Ir JV! 1 P ,, ow ' . inf. ir -': Q 3" fs ,ii ' V No . ,-L :..1 w L ' - 3.2" . L: 0' , -. .1 " 4 - - . - 1-'II' 7" Q1 - -VJ., :Ju I ,.x,L,.,. a ' ," a-1 1 V .D 5 A f' . l". a 1' -.'-sim YJ 22214 f'f. ' ' ', QQ ,,-,,, Egg X ll :Qj..',lM.- . . 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