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L " fi i"f-YJ-1 ' . glut... ,'l'- ' ' Wal. 4 rv ,QA -,I I v.-, , ' , Q W' . 'W v .4 4,1 I: J tv Gi I 'rw - ' " . f 54 ' 1,1 " 1 n 1 ,- fy A ff ' ' ' ' -ff gg .v- is 4 -t'lfG'.:, 1 ' '44, , J.:-Q "-'J "V ' ' - . 1., " '- mf'-.Ql 'fl l Jr, W J . V 'R Zfi7l'if:,'p1--. V N " ' -13.2 '-1 1 , r 'x - Jr 'Fa H" 1 ' I vig. K h ,o :R . H, . - rl , U r v 'f ','KS"1's , .1 ' rl 1 Ill Q , 1' - .I ' ' 4 K - I' , '. -', , - r ' 'A 'S . f Q V . 5 , t ,. . . ' ' - f 1. 4'.., -' , ' , 1 4 I. 'N - si Ji I ' 11, I .Flu 4.1 I " I ' M. 'fqotq 'r I av., A' 5 sf!! " A ' , . . QA. in 'fwf l 4' . I fx-9: P v J I I .',! ' ,'., 1 'A ,+,n' 'gja 1 ' 'G Im ' . . 5 . . . 1, n ' a I. ii- L, , gil' Q 1, , yg:,,A .Alu F Jo, ' Q? I 1 '- . 4 , 5553.2 I J. F 0 I-.2 L.. N.. ,f'Q',M 1, ,sr- I7 s . g K I . "VJ U' A 4 1' . !,":'i x .'!,"l1 ' 5 ' 'zu G , .rg " 0 I -.4-,, wg I x I' - 1 1 ' , FJ. , nj, I L fs- ,. - ' rf. - , A. 'Q 3 .- ' 'M ,F I , ' - I N fl' 6 ' t 1 , .I 1' ' n 1 L ' .V J .Z 7 1. L ' I .4 ' . , t . ' Q. ,Q -I. - X . . . I L f ' , I x . W, ,I ,-1 If Q - QV ,, .5 . JA q ' 'u ' 15 J x '. x, ' . 1 1 f A 4 I L X L wl. AX ' .1 ' N - 1 y Q. v . r. 0 . 1. , - 1- V x'. -3 .0 i v I , ,C,,' I -61 'uv , ' . , ,il f ', 'El v ' . 1' s x I ' 'M I f ,1 A . fyy-1-'x,P. 1, ' IIYW- ."a'r '1 " JO' 1 ' Al. 6" - 5'k,:,x n . , ' 1' 3 J " ' ' ' f 'n ' C , , i ,'. 'ix ' Q b vl":"'lq' U 'V .VV n 'N I s . 1 H x h , ' ,.,"I 1rg':!' m'L ' 'v-:IL ,, M, li' ... v3H vF- ' +1 fv' Q" - 1 X' ' .ts Q 4,' xl I ' 1 - - 13.41, ,pf x 1 5. '05 ,I ' :.tl K , n x ' ',,. f f7."l ..x , 'U U 4 I I ,fQfQf-J K AUXLIO 5 ALTO I I 1 E i F 1 1 1 1 F 5 4 J .i... oY"f Fl ,........K +---V CCH x METHUEN I u X He was a man who so faithfully served the Methuen school system for over 30 years. During these years he competently filled the posi- tions of baseball, football, and basketball coach, English, general sci- ence, and physical education teacher, and was the driver education director of Tenney high school at the time of his death. He was liked and respected by all who were in anyway associated with him. Therefore, we, the senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine. respectfully dedicate our yearbook to the memory of Ernest Rams- botham. I if During the past four years we-the class of '59-have participated in many school activities and social events. However, our memories will gradually grow dim as the years pass. Therefore, to restore an image of our happy years in high school, "Torch" presents an overall picture of these past occasions. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the staff and all who worked so long and enthusiastically to produce this yearbook. ' 4 ..--" if ,. ,yr- -11 31 i 1 1. . sw ' Y ' .,1, V A -' iq? Q- .- :za ...- .- Vw -""""' -ESS ,..-- 111 1' - f' I -,gy 1--1 "' as 113- - 1 ' . ' 41: 33 gn 11 4,1f 53523 55: 1 ' 'Ei 1" gn W mi II' 35 - -- A"'u . 'Q X' E s ' ,f ' s , 3 '-. .. X -N.- .f Q-J Y ' u,Q- ., Q"'N.., un,-.-. .. -,-,ss-- ,s!. VL- , A -Q L, Q' Ss., I "4 'gs I 77ZeeZt4e 9 MR. WALTER B. INGALLS Superintendent of Methuen Schools E up 1 X 1 1 yr W- , MR. URVILLE J BEAKMONT A.B.. Ed.M. Principal MR. W. EARL LISTER, A.B., M.A. Assistant Principal MISS DOROTHY CHADWICK, B.S., Dean of Girls if -,g 1-mfs.-4, rv ' ' f Q f'-14 ,ss ' W, Ifxfp.. V v. ggkb if.: r' -4.- ff .f- r:g,zgi.ag !'l1vi?+5ii'i' 1 '-L -Eski- Ed.M. MR. ALFRED W. LAW, BS., ECLM Guidance Director MR. JACK BARRY 1 B.S. 'IOIT1 Physical Education MRS. JOHN D. BYRNE Secretary MRS. MARY BEGIN B.A. Physical Education MISS AGNES BROUDER B,A., M. in Ed. Latin and English MR. JOHN BURKE B.A. Driver Training MISS CATHERINE COLE B.B.A. Typing, Office Practice r-5 fy 'Yr' tx? MRS. ETHEI. BROADBENT Ph.B., M. in Ed. Civics MR. EDXVARD COMPTOIS Choral Music Y if MISS ROSE DANIELIAN B.A., M. in Ed. Civics MR. JOSEPH DERBY B.A. Algebra and Plane Geometry MISS KATHLEEN DORAN B.S., M. in Ed. Stenography MR. JOHN HANNIGAN Ph.B., M. in Ed. American History WM UE f f A V , .1 . 197' J I .' 3 rx" 'T'- 5,-1' .,, v 1 ,xii ll 'll MRS. STEPHANIE HATCH MRS. MURIEL HENRY B.S., M.S. B.S. Plane Geometry, Advanced Algebra English and Trigonometry Lim MR. WILLIAM KENNEDY B.A. American History MISS PATRICIA KENNEY B.A. Biology MISS MARTHA LANGE MR. XWILLIAM LAROCHELLE B.A., M. in Ed. BS. English Science A-"..:. l A ,, MR. THOMAS IENNINGS B.S., B.A., M, in Ed. English he-wg xxig. 'E .. Bw MR. PAUL LESLIE B.S., M. in Ed. Industrial Arts M. J ,X 74' l fr MISS AGNES McDERMOTT B.S., M. in Ed. English MR. RENE MORISSETTE Drill Instructor MR. HAROLD MCDONNELL B.S., M. in Ed. Instrumental Music, Band MRS. MILDRED MONROE B.A. English MRS. MARGARET MORGAN B.S. Typing, General Business Social Studies MRS. MARGARET O'DOWD B.S. Bookkeeping Q-Q53-N, MR. IOSEPH MELIA B.S., M. in Ed. Art MR. JOHN O'WRIL Machine Shop CT' lg va.,- MISS SHIRLEY PATCH MR. WALTER PEARSON SCCl'Ct3fY Orchestra .D W .J MR. XWILLIAM PICCERILLO BA., M.A. Italian. French MRS. FRANCES RICHARDSON Frcnch , I MR. XXALTLR ROBERTS BS. M. 111 Ed. Scicncc. IXI.1lhCl1'l.1liCS Lx 'S' MISS EVELHIN RUSHTON RIR. LEONARD RL'SHTON B.A., RI. in Ed. BS.. BLA.. RI. in Ed. El1gliSh Problems. I..1w. M.1th MR. XVILLIAM RUSSELL B..-X. Chemistry. Physics E 1- Q5-UI I Wah MCL' Tc ,Aff W-MX?-fl. Ni 'K MISS MARJORIE SHERMAN MISS ELIZABETH SMITH MR. GEORGE WINN B.A., M. in Ed. B.A., M. in Ed. -Mechanical Drawing Algebra. History MISS RUTH WRIGHT B.A., M. in Ed. History, French I Teachers at ease ! ! MRS. EDSON 'J Director f' ' I O Left to right: Mrs. Dee Perry, Miss Bertha Gilson, Mrs. Sarah Hadley, Mrs. Ralph Edson, Mrs. Doris Fenton, Miss Erna Mey. J N' 'KY X w ,f , Wx.. 'S MR. HIGGINBOTTOM I-lead Left to right: Fred Reily, Willianm Kostrewa, Frank Bamforth, Horace Hig- ginbottom. N Ss 1 t We, the senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty nine, take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to Miss Catherine Cole for her aid and guidance as our class advisor while we were students of Tenney High School. IACQUELINE E. MARY ANN ALEKSA AMPOLLONE "fizr,eie'l "Buick" AINbifiOf13 SCCFCUIFY Ambition: Filing clerk "A jileizrizzg mrnzzzer iv .1 "A friend fy g,rg,'J0,1C" wiizzzizzg qurzlilyu Italian Clubg Commercial Commercial Club 3. A-ig Sen- Club, ior Play Committeeg Var- ious Committees. RICHARD AZIZ ,.IjjL.l,. Ambition: N.1x.1l C.lI'L'LI .. . 7 ff il, H TCL - GERALD AUTlfRl HIM.. Ambition: Al'L'l1.lL'tllklglSf HINVH iiwrifti larry I" ltiiliiin Club 1: Cutlcts 5 l5.lNL'lW.ll 42 Senior Play Committecz Ciiinmi Talent Slum' R, 'l l'c.Qlll.ll' 3 . l 1, ,, x l. Vniiou s'-u. JAMES APOVIAN "ffm" Ambition: Electrician "One of Ibe Cr0u'd'l Band 1. 2. 3. -ii Radio Club -1 LEON Ambition: "He 10021 look .1g,1i11. Basketball Committee: mittees. ASADOOR "Lee" Civil Engineer quisz . . . L, 3: Senior Pl. Various Con ALBERT ASMEGA 'ixlilw Ambitmn: Dentixt ",ll,ii'i'1i','4f fi fi'i'i :fri-Sgli Radio Club 4. ll Senior Play' Com m ittcc. RICHARD AUCLAIR ..DEL-P, Ambition: Nuclear Physicist v 'lint iff unit. zz-fmj. .MJ lift nf' Cade-rs 2. 3: B.isl4etb.ill 2. :tl Various Committees, JUDITH BARILE fffudyll Ambition: To be a success "A lillle girl ufizb az green big Jmiie lo make life imppy all lbe uffailef' Talent Show 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: College Club 3, 43 Math Club 3, Lil Com' mencement Usheretteg Honor Society, President 4: PTSA 3: Blue and White 4: Science Fair Award 33 Senior Play Cast. VIRGINIA BARTOSE "Ginger" Ambition: Nurse "I lozfe Ike life I live" Commercial Club: Senior Play Committee. ELAINE BABISH "Eli" Ambition: Teaching GLORIA BAMFORD IIGIOU Ambition: Therapist RICHARD BENJAMIN "Dick" Ambition: Navy 'People l6.lI'L" IIIOVL' ffm !b.m llljblldyu Various Committees. NANCY A. BENSON "Na N.: Boxing" Ambition: Secretary "Sher jfrelfg lo uuzfk zvifb rind willy In miie zwilff' College Club 3: Senior Play Committee: Various Art Committees, "S0flZy speak and rzueelly simile" College Club 2, 3, 4: Major- ettes 2, 3, 4g Senior Play Cast: Y-Teens 1, 2. IN SHE "A friend worth k120u'i11g" Glee Club 4: Senior Play Committee: Various Com- mittees. ei 1 JUDITH BEVIN Hflldin Ambition: X-Ray technician "H.1pp,y avid gray :tba you 011 her unzf' Glee Club l, 2, 5, -11 Girls' AA 11 College Club 13 Talent Show 1: Senior Play Committee: Various Art Committees. ANTHONY BISTANY "fIrzr1'y" Ambition: Multi-millionaire "I-Iii mind if wer free care" Basketball 1, 23 Radio Club 4. 332' VINCENT C. BOLIS "Vi111zey" Ambition: Engineer or Stressmzin "Pe1'l'0m1li!y, brtzifrr, and lllfl'l'bf6I'0Il.l' tiir, A ,fZl'!?!! fclluu' like 'Vi11'ii,l' willy mn?" Editor-in-Cllief of Yearbook: Honor Society: Student Council 5, Gig Harvard Book: Math Club 5, fig Science Club 11 Senior Play Commit- tee: Rep. to Government Youth Conferenceg Basket- ball 2. l l I 1' LINDA BORDEN "Liu" Ambition: IBM Field "Lomb lo fool? .il, dtfigfal- ful In A110112 llnilb .z 7'.1d1.lIIl wzift' rind elm .1,qlnu"' Honor Societyg Commence- ment Vsherette +1 Senior Play Committee: Glee Club 1, -ig Girl St.ltel' 5: Ring Committee: Student Council SCCl'CI.I1'y 5, -ig Cadet Queen: Circulation M.ln.l4l4ei' of X'C.1I'l'54lilli. i ff -ig ,,, ELIZABETH BUOTIT HBCII-J' Banff' Ambition: IBM OlWL'I'.lIkIl' "II.1j1jlvl .wtf 11t.il, .1ffI.ll'f!lt tim! lirttf' CllIIIlllL'l'Ll.ll Club IlIl'L'.lNLlI'L'l -lg V.ll'lLlLlN CIHIIIIIIIIICLN. THOMAS BLITTIQRXVURTH mll ii," Ambition: Dl'.lffNlll.lI1 Nfl ltjfflll' ffl fell' Itfftfl fl fit V.Il'l4lLlN KIUIIIIIIIIICLN GEORGE BORUCKI SHIRLEY BGURQUE "RUF "Be2'He" Ambition: To be a success Ambition: To get married Hllyby u'0r1'y 1l'l17Jll0lI.7Ol7'0ZL' "A Iullfb of dezillig lumix iffflzf' ifz ber 6.365.- Band 1. 2. Glee Club 1: Basketball 2: College Club 21 Senior Plaf Committee: Cheerleader ll. ELIZANOR INI. LEONARD BROXVN BROXYX uf-Ui" Ambition: Dediotted Artist Ambition: H.lir stylibt "gl .min girl iiinf' HQf4.'t,'lll Hit lf i fo HIE -f Ii" "" AI""l'i'H fffff' A Glee CILIIW l. 3. s. -ig Year- Qlcu Qlul-, In at 5px-A-Ch book: Senior Play Cast and Club 33 'lllltm ghmy ju 53 C.-ir.il'.ittee: 'llllent Sllow 2. Clleerleldel' l1Ci!I'lN' AA 1: 53 Pfillll Colllllliffff 3- 51 gtnmli pid, QM Various Committees ROSEMARIE CARRO Rude" Ambition: To be successful "May ilae go 1161-ough life .ri mi!!-y im' .rfae Iwirli' ,1 balm!" College Club 2, 53 Math Club lg Field Hockey Man- ager 4: Majorettes 2, 5, Cap- tain ig Senior Prom Com- mittee 3: Commencement Usherette 51 Senior Play Committee: Blue and White Staff: Y-Teens 11 Girls' AA 2: Yearbook Staff. 5 f' : .,z ALBERT JOSEPH CHAREST fl! Ambition: Mucliinist 'flfiaf fu ,iff zifw frfffli limi li.iscb.1ll l. 2, 5, l, ROSANN MARIE CATALANO MRO., Ambition: To be successful "A JIIJOIIZ, iz laugh. 41 crowd lb,1l'.f Kqizy UUITH "Ru" in in rezzfer in ezw'-y zany" Yearbook Photography Edi- tor: College Club 2, 4, Vice President 3, President 4: Math Club 1, Secretary- Treasurer 5: Honor Society 5, 4: Basketball 2. 5, -ig Commencement Usherette 52 Senior Play Committee: Chess Club: Ring Commit- tee 2: Science Club 1: Science Emir Cokorclinator 5, 4. fye, J' f f if THOMAS A. CHECHOXWITZ "c,'!iit'!" Ambition: Meclmnic "pl 111,111 of ftll' lllflljl li ful' Senior Play: Sountl Commit- tcc IUDITH A. CARBONNEAU "Indy" Ambition: Secretary HSf7Ll1',eljI1,Q e,ye.i. .md full of fuzz, Pwmr.1Iiz'e gl.n1fti brifzg men on Ilya run." Glee Club: Various Com- m i ttees, l l ' Sl-IEILA R. CARNEY "Li!Ile One" Ambition: Secretary "Yun only flbjllfe you kzzou' hwy College Club 5: Y-Teens 23 Glee Club -lp Commercial Club lg Senior Play Com- mittee: Vsheretteg Glee Club Show. f JANE A. CHRETllfN Ambitioni SeLi'et.i1'y HQIULI 1,1111 Iiffllfllcllfu ClJI11lXWL'1'CI.ll Club il. sq 'Q ROBERT D. CLARK "Bob" Am b i t i o n: Mecliiinicul Dixiftsman "Qual .wif muijJti.1!t" Glee Club 5, ii: Science Club 1: Various Committees. THOMAS H. CLINTON 5? JOYCE M. COLBY Ambition: Nurse -1, "TOWN "jun be 11.1fzn.1l. Vwzfrt Ambition: To travel around 1MflH11UJ' HIM" the world Glee Club 1, 2. 5. tip Col "Trouble rzezfw' lroublfv lege Club 2. 5. '41 Yctlrboolt him" Cadets lg Glee Club 3g Foot- ball 3, 4g Senior Play Com- mittee. Staff -1. l JQSEPI-UNE COLTRARO Afljofzr 1,125.15 lffzlder 15.111 u'0rd,c" Various Committees. Z .. .ff X iv l n I RONALD NEIL DENONCOURT "Rfw111it " Ambition: Engineer "fl jfltxliifflq inllft. .1 ztfftti- ., . , . Y" fill 1l'UI'LJ,' RrH1.1fz1"i rflltli wuz fill! itftfffiff fmriil. lXllfV.HAlfL l3lflXll.lZZlU "Al,'Il" Ambition: Home 'lVI'.lll'lLl' "i'll,fv,uli Iwi l.ni,'f.-to .inf f' fi 'fowl' it "ll out .ox.! .ffl Ati .1 -it f., EDXVARS CHARLES INIILDRED CONNOR "Millie" Ambition: French Teacher Q "ll"i1fJ .1 Honda of ,gxziefy A l .zboln lui" l Glee Club 4: Senior Play Committee: Various Com- 1 mittees. MARILYN DAIGLE CROTIIAL' 'il-'-f-'H "17f.1'f'wi" Ambition: Secretary Ambition XXl1o l-tnoxxs! "Q,-int! ..'I.I, i:t L . 'f'f1i.Qfn"i.'1! i'.'lllll.i",i lifzzlzl ul l','n,' ..'f.'.4l "il"-'I l-'4"fH .l,.'ngffw. lf.f.f.'. xi .l :i li'.'?t.J Senior Plat' Committee H,'tf1.'l:ta' of 'fin r'.',fw 4 Stuelcnt CtlLlUCll l. 1. 5. President 'll l5.1sl4etb.1ll l. 2. 51 Track 1. 21 Science Club 1: C.1dets 1. Z. 1, rl. Colonel 4: Ring Committee. Blue .md XX'l1ite 11 'llilent Show l. 2: Senior Play Cast. his SANDRA DESROCHER "Cuproke" Ambition: Teacher "Quin, well-mmzfzwed, med modal" Senior Play Committeeg Var- ious Committees. ANASTASIA DIAMOND "Ami" Ambition: To be a success "Good iz.1f11i'cd, jilr'.if.n1l. .md zz'i1111i11g.' Your life zrilb joy will by l5l'fII1NIj!1lQH Maiorettes 2, -ig Senior Play Committeeg Various Com- mittees. CARMINE DIADAMO "Dock" Ambition: Doctor "I rim rerixl mzyfhiizg bu! zempziizioif' Yearbook Committee 4g Football 1, 2, 5, 4g Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Sen- ior Play Committeeg Student Council 1g Class President 2, 3, 43 Ring Committee 3. DANIEL DIBELLA "D.1iz" Ambition: Draftsman "A 111.111 of frzi' zwfdi' fr be Cadets 1. MARY DeROCI-IE Ambition: Hairdresser "Szz'eei, qzziei. with qzzizliffes po.fre.rrfeo"' Senior Play Committee. ZX A HI' JUDITH DEROCHERS "CfJeekJ" Ambition: Marriage "Nire lo look of, bu! belief lo know" Senior Play Committeeg Usherette. J ...ff T-, 6 ri: 1, Q 1 , , 0 RICHARD DQOLEY !'Dllil!.l"' Ambition: Navy Career "He if liflleg He if wire' He".r .1 lwfoi' for bir file" Chess Club 3. SAMUEL D'ORTO "Slim" Ambition: Chemist "Trouble izewr frozzbler kim" Band 1, 2, 53 Vice President Band 11. SI-I ELDON C. DRUMMOND "Duff" "Tim" Ambition: To play pro-foot Ambition: Dft1ftSITl3H ball 'Wliicbiff Zurlfr in lair blue "lli'fYH1' IU ffffd ffff Cliff-'Z 1' 6 ,H-ii fund In MU" cts l - O i ' 71 B gkctbgll l -3 Scnit r JL f bull l, 21 'l'r.ick S. 4: Good Citixcnsliip Axxtirtl 5, s' Trick 5, .. 1 C ROBLRT VIIZLDQ IUHN lfWll:5 HAROLD li. DUFFEN 3 ot .ill l, 2, S. ll Busc- PATRICIA DUHAINIEL "SEipper" Ambition: Professional Rol- ler Skater "Gln ber .1 FZLHICE .md rfnfll find wm.u1re" Commercial Club: Senior Play Committee: Various Committees. ' -- lfRANK'rXl'SKl iq? . . f' A l " ' , iwition: Dl'.lllSIll.lI1 iiititin' lflttti-1,11 ffm-Q, Efyftyfr , -' V i H mu' hifi' fling' ," . , . ffl 1111.14 i" 'limit in nfl., will 1,-,,f V Q ,N iv rio uw l'i.1sl4ctl'i.1ll ff- H J K - MUNLLI -. 'L 'i Ul11ll l5.mrl I. 1. S. i. mi Q , 'Q .Sm-tlmill I. ROSS l.'A,Xl'C Iqlill AWK . 'Qll f Amlwitzt-ni l3l'.ll-INHXJU FEDERICK FARO Ambition: Mechanic ll l2.z.'ezff lbe boar. brfll nczer look four" Cadets 1. 2. 5: Radio Club 2. 5: Italian Club 1. 2: Glcc Club -i. F' 1 'f 'K' nlr syx 'F "cz.. sf "4 5' x 5 .is l2L.-UNI? I.. F,-XY "F,.'::tu" Anibiti-ini To bucoim 1 ut ct-wtul wcrctiry C11 ' .al-f.',if.'4f..f. .nl-.iii .'1'.'.f ?'t.':'f.:t" 'iSZrt..'f.'t+i f' iif, .f,.J' Ftikttlmylll 1, .42 lluxkctlqxlll L'.i'.'L.f ffl te..'F.': U' if i."...'I,I.'.':1 1. 2. 5. 'll B.ist-lull 11 Tratk Commercial Club S. Vict 1: It.1li.in Club Picsidcnt -4: Senior Pl.1i' Committcci V.1rious Coni- mittrw ibn' W 'ir A- t . SAMUEL GABOUR PATRICIA GAGNON Hchfffll "G'jggfg5" AmbitiOf1I Flying Ambition: join the Waves "Enjoy y01l1'I-elf, ill! lille? "A perrozz zvorlh e22ou'i12g" tlmu you think" Commercial Club. PATRICIA ANN PATRICIA A- FRASCARIA FULLER rrpazu "PHD-y" Ambition: Office Work Ambition: To be a success "AZu'fzyr full of fun you ful Hfflsf bel, fur! IAJE gal you m1z'l "A gleam in ber ey?-Vi bl forget." smile on ber lips" Commercial Club 3, 4: Sen- Yearbook Committee Art ior Play Committee. IN Executive: Senior Play: Var- ious Committees. X U1 LINDA GALE "Snoop" Ambition: Professional Cake Decorator "LalIl.Q!JfI1'Q .md guy the goer on bw' zc'.1Yy" Glee Club 2, 3, ,ig Senior Play Committees: Various Committees. T fl I Y , 45 -A f P X I1 ii 1 g' Q MARILYN GALLANT Hflltllu Ambition: To be a success "A friend of lflllllglllfilf CfJtIJ'JL'lFI'U College Club Z. 51 Math Club lg President Y-Teens 11 Senior Play Committee. CHARLES STEVEN GARABEDIAN "Gum" "Quiel, bu! trfill humorour ffl fair ozwl Hilfe zu:-1"' College Prof.: Cadets 1, 2, 5, Officer 43 Senior Play Cast: Various Committees. 'J' MARIE GARAFOLO UFIYIIIILQAI Ambition: XX!omen's Air Force "Full of life, full of fuzz. Sjnxzfizzg of ,rj1or1.f, .rlidy o11c"' College Club 21 Math Club 2: Girls' Basketball Z: Italian Club l. 21 Senior Play Com- mittee. -Q NANCY B. GINGRAS "Nam" Ambition: Secretary "Tiny-lm! good Ifaizzgx rome in mm!! pifchigd' Blue and White Staff1 Com- mercial Club 5, 41 5CUi0f Play Committee. ALBERT GIORDANO Cad llA!'l Ambition: Mechanic "limba im! bt n1enj.7' ets 1. 2. 51 Baseball 1' Glee Club -i. +V X, 1 1, , L---3 .- , iii WILLIAM PAUL llOXVARD GQTERCH fiRAlCHlfN ".'lff,i" "llfiI4.'r" Ambition: P115-ll.lSL'l7.lll Ambition: lfnginc-ci' "IIN flwlrlqbf limf In iliyly "Ill ,ffi,5i,'l fi,fn,- Wi,-i,', ln, from .i'i'lwf.1ilir ll!Jfft7'l" ffwuyi .irrifif Illiklf :mi Football s, rig B.isltetb.iIl i. Mfff' 2, 5. Co-Captain -I: liiselmill Bowling '11-.im 2. 5: Math 1, 2. 5. 11. Club 5. J -.M SANDRA ROSE GIORDANO "Saudi" Ambition: L'niversity of Massachusetts "Tofu in pef'm:1.zli1'i .md popz4l,1ri13" Assistant Editor of Year- book: College Club 2. 5 Vice President 4: Honor So- ciety 3. Secretary 4: Com- mencement Usherettez Sen- ior Play Cast and Co-Super- visor: DAR Good Citizen- ship Award 2. 3: Class Sec- retary 1. 2. 5. Ml: Ring Com- mittee. . A 12 X '. I -af . ' I 4 DONALD GIRARD "Don" Ambition: Draftsman "C.1ref1'ee. ye! Ctzp.zble" Basketball 1. 2: Radio Club 1. 2. fi .f , I I I .lui BERNARD C,iODlN GAIL ll. "5U'f-'fi GOLOBSKI Ambition: Macliinist "Gfffff':" "I um.: .'f,"1:f it :lt vl'.'4.'.'4i'g. Ambition' To be married If 1311.11 i 1: u.'-.'i4g'fi"' .md luxe six kids Qldctg 1' ji 5, -4: Various ".-1 i'f',.':.v.'.'f:.q IV.'.:,1'.f :rio 14.3 Committees. tw' f2..'f.'.f. :la-.Z f:zfl'il.i' lui' !'i.J.'w,' lc.'.'fi1 .I ff ."i lilfffil 1i'.:L'f' Maiorettes 2. 5. 4. Captain Basltcftball I. 3. -I. Cap- tain bl: Senior Play Cast and Committee: Talent Show MARY HAEENER Ambition: Nurse "A penny for your 1l10ugbl5" Yearbook Committee: Col- lege Club 2, 33 Bluff Hfld White Staff 43 Honor SO- ciety 3, 4: Commencement Usherette 3: Senior Play Usherette 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: PTSA Secretary 4. CAROL HAUAR IfHdjj!! Ambition: To go to Heaven "A girl wilb a 1121111011 ny- .ffffll Honor Society 3, 4: Cheer- leader 5, 4: College Club Treasurer 5, 4: Senior Play Cast: Commencement Usher- ette 5: Basketball 2. WILLIAM A. HAUAR JR. "Bill" Ambition: Engineer "A ,fflfllf 111.111 if L1 zvirr' 111.z11" Business Manager Yearbook: Football 1, 2. 5 Co-Captain. 4: Baseball 1. 2. 5, -ll Sen- ior Play Committee: Class Vice President 4: Various Committees. 46 1-Q 1. , ,,,.' .L MARYLOU HARMON "Louie" Ambition: Medical Secretary "If l.111g15ler Zl'U7'8 .1 f!'fNlL', A 11zr1.rIe'1' Cffllljlltll Zl'01lZd the bew Commercial Club 3, -lx Y- Teens 1. to M. 3 . 'in fi.: i ELAINE A. GRASSO HE, Ambition: Secretary "My mr ir my u'e11k1ze5.r" Commercial Club 5, 4: Sen ior Play Committee. PARTICIA A. GUAY "Puffy" Ambition: Filing Clerk "Happy and 'gay' if Jfael' Commercial Club 5, 4: Var- ious Committees. W1 ,I WE EILEEN M. HAUSLER "Peewee" Ambition: Office Worker' HY0ll'7'6 .1 rule lillfe bulld- rzcbe mid loft of fllllu Senior Play Committee Commercial Club 5, 4. MARGARET A. HILL rfpcylgv. Ambition: Filing Clerk "They like hw' mor! zrfm ,511r1z1' bw' ber!" Commercial Club 5, 41 Var- ious Committees. 415 BRENDA HODGMAN Hmuffffw Ambition: To work in a clothing store "Giggle, and Brandt: gigglex more" Commercial Club. l ROSEMARY HOFFMEIR "Rom" Ambition: Airline Hostess "Look in her e-yer, ,ree .nl dIl4LfL'!,' loo! t1'Q.lfII, Ice im mzjf' Speech Club 11 Senior Play Committee: Various Com- mittees. l ,il I , ,,, JOHN HUGHES "-I.u'li" Ambition: To stay in sports Mifflin' ii Illlltl frfflyn Football -ig Basketball -I: Baseball 3, Captain 'lp Sen- ior Play Committee. FREDERICK IANNALVO "1f,t.f" Ambition: Musician ""IiLi,'i'f'1r11."' Cadets 1. 2. 5. Captain -1. VIRGINIA HOOPER "Ginger" Ambition: To be a success "!lli,rrf1ief ir ber deligbl. lazzgbler ber 30.11" Band 1. 2. 3. -1: College Club 2: Commercial Club 3, 4: Talent Show 1. 2: Var- ious Committees. KARLENE HORTON nsllfjfli Ambition: To be successful "QzzieIl,3 the gear ber 14:19, D061 bei' ,rlnzre uilb liflle I0 mf' DAVID HOXV,-XRD "'r,tfi,f" Ambition: Automotive ex pcrt "fl ff.if1i1 fit Coliffrl ..'P.'.f .J zzffnfr ni, ffm f. This gun flu gli-1 flu kQ.iiff..'.f11i.'rt" Freslimun Cl.1ss King. CARQLE HUGHES Ambition: To be .1 success ",N'.,:.'. fitter. v.n:'1 kt l:t.::" College Club 2. 5: Math Club 1: Blue .ind XY'l'iite Stiff 1. 2. 5. 4: Honor Society. Vice President: Commencement Tjslierette 32 Senior Play Committee: Band 1. 2. 5. 4: Science Pair XYinner. EILEEN R. JORDAN ffl!! Ambition: Private Secretary "Shiny hair, prelly eyer, Maher zhir rzzfe mizjorelze quile a prize" Majorettes 2, 3, 4: Com- mercial Club 5, President 4, Senior Play Committee. PAMELA MARY JOY NPLIWYU Ambition: Private Secretary "Sophiizimfed nz iz iz zz e r, Zhere'J miiehief in her eyej Nerer el dull moment when Pizm'J .fldlldlllg by" Blue and White 1, 4: Sen- ior Play Committee: Girls' AA 1: Various Committees. BARBARA KALPOKAS "Barb" Ambition: Registered Nurse "Happy md rule, bu! zzezfer holdq Sheff tl friend af good nr gold" Blue and White Staff 4: College Club 2, 3, 41 Sen- ior Play Committee: Various Committees. CHARLES KEANEY "Ch.1rlie" Ambition: Engineer "Knowledge .rpeilhr for il- fell" Track Team 2, 5, eil Various Committees. EMILE JAMES 1NcoLL1NGo Ambition: Agriculture Field "An exfellerzl medley of fer- iozuzzefy mid fuzz" Cadets 1, 2, 53 Color Guard 4. IN 85-2 SANDRA L. JOHNSON "Sandy" Ambition: Secretary "fmt plerzfure and laughter, thizfr all rhe'J offer" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Talent Show 2: Senior Play Cast - V Y t tt M - . l 0 PATRICIA KEOGH "Pal" Ambition: Business Career "Ar!iorz5 Jpeuh louder fhim u'ordi"' Commercial Club 3, 43 Var- ious Committees. MARY KERONSKI Ambition: Business Career "Look .il her and you will ree what good young ltidief oughl io he" Yearbook Staff, Assistant Editorg Honor Society 3, 43 Blue and White, Literary Editor. ELAINE K. KOLBA HEY! Ambition: To become a nurse "TMI blond, pefife min, Zvflfl eyer of bllzef is' Uhr! by all for bw' f7'fCIIdffIIEl'l lrlztf' Class President lg Basket- ball 1. 2, 33 Blue and Wfliite 2. 53 Commencement Usher- ette 33 Ring Committeeg College Club 23 Cl1CCl'lC..Ic.lL'l' 5, fig Honor Society 3, 'ii Senior Play Committee. l i i BARBARA A. KRESS i,B,I1'L'I Ambition: Secretary "S11.o'He, lllflitllfvl, .md .fljfeu CfJIUHlCI'C'lLll Club li Qenior Play Committee: Various Committees. .ff i TH, IOYCE A. l-AROClllf Hllllu Ambition: l'ie.1utit'i.1n Hlrlllllft' .1 flrlt fifflt' f'i.1.f- iiflie, .WJ fiili uf fm!" Commercial Club: Senior Pl.iy Committeel V.1l'ivllS Committees. i i i i I l ' QQ! ANN M,-Xllll? ANTHONY KUNCHO ELIZABETH A. HB1l1l'lJ.. LALIBERTE Ambition: Navy "B61f,1" "T.1Le me our 10 me kill Ambitiimr Saleigirl .Z-1772?-'U "A IIZEH'-1 55,111 for JU Ike Cadets 1. 2. 5. J: Baseball 4.15" 3. -it Offifef 4. Commercial Club 5, -l. LAl'l3ANl "i u if. L " PI ' Ambition: Nletlitul SLti'et.iri' iil,.i'llYQli','1,'4Q L lcv M UNH' .I r t'litti'f1i.l will" I Glee Club ig Various Com- 'll'll"g' SHARRON l.ANlf JOYCE "S.'.'.,gg-ti" LAXCFVIN Aiinbitioni To be li.1pi'ily Diller' I11.1I'fiul Azvbitiiin, Con-xi-erti.il Artist "xl ,i,"fr.' ..'.' .aff txfift-" "-Iiirirt izitf. nt' .ffl Hoclivl' Te.1m l. I, S1 Girls' Affwfi' 1f.'-.film zwlfj' AA 2: Vurious Committees Us 471 'fi' Blue .ind XY'l1ite J: Com- mercial Club 5, bi: Talent Sllow S BERNARD LICATA "Be1z1' J Ambition: Physical Educa- tion teacher "Yoz1'z'e gona be 11 foofbnll hem . . . " Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Cap- tain: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play Committeeg Boy Stater i ELEANOR LORENTZ "M11ffiz1,r" Ambition: To marry a mil- lionaire "A zwizzizizzg z1'.1-y, .1 pltf.1s.11zl smile, D1'L7t'fL'l! .ro 111111 and ljllllc' in i'!yle" Basketball 5, Ai: Senior-Play Committeep Girls' AA: Col- lege Club Pig Various Com- mittecs. BRUCE LISTER Ambition: To be a million- aire "Bf1rbfz1Z, but hir eyer my ofherufireu Cadets 1, 2: Bowling 5. JEAN LUCINSKAS "PW" Ambition: Office Work "A mzilc it 11 'll'll7f,ff7C'l' of 11 li111,glJ" RUTH LAWN "lV0ofie" "Lillie ,girl uiilb fl Izzrzzed-up 72015, Various Committees. MARYLOU LETIZIO flM!LIlfJ Ambition: Biology Teacher "A vzerry giggle .md ,fp,1r- bling eyex, A bzzlablizzg per- Jwmlify Ibm' newer diet" Girls' AA 1: Senior Play Committee 43 Field Hockey 4, Various Committees. ff N dilflf ll CAROL MAGILITTA "MIlfLii Ambition: Psychological Tester "A flair for ilyle ,md m'1,gf11.1l11y" Senior Play Ushcrette, and Committee: Various Com- mittees. ERNEST MAILHOT, JR. UD' jf, Ambition: Disc Jockey "Re1'um',i', refordr, rixzzy 0z'e1 7'c'L'uJ'ds' Cadets l, 2. 3 and Lieuten- ant Colonel -ig Basketball 7 5, lfik JUDITI-I MARKUNAS H! P.. Ambitiun: Never tu di, rim' mwrc math 1 i ' T, X, , Nc!! 'Vfll IL .JH ."l.'L iifui L uf any jf, fff L " Cullclzc Club Z: Band 1. 2. 3. ig Iigixkrrball Z: Scniur PI13' Cffniirlittcc. WILLIAM MALISOS CYNTHIA MANGINI "Bill" HCQIIV Ambition: Millionaire Ambition: Operating Nurse "And I lm1'c'z1'! iz zmrrj ill "Frm lo .iff .xml mu: mimi" the UMAMH Scnirir Play Cummittcc -13 Commercial Club. Trib Iiniik AClub li V.l1'ii,iL15 Onriinittccx 4. .... lliii ,l JOYCE M. MARTIN I.l'C Il.I.li I.. IXIARTIN Ambition: lu bcwim .1 l.1b A,.,lw111..n xiuixmlr tcclminian f'Unl,L, A l.,'AI,,,M.,,A , l U1JL'1'lIIU.l!jfVIl- lifmmr. .wif i,-,IL 14,5 " flu' Ulmxl fumi'mI'1.1.ll filub INI.ljul'cttc 2. 9, ll Girlx AA 11 PTSA RL'IWl'CNCIIl.ltlYL'1 Cummcraml Club 3, 'IL San- iur Plrly Cuiiiiiiittcc, PATRKTA Av DOROTHY IXIARQUETTE D01 Ambitiiin: Physical Educa- rinn Insrrucrur "fn J .aa .a.lf-,:1f,,'wf ffiju Iigulxctball I, 2. 31 Ficlcl H-ickcj. 1. 1. E. -i. Captain -4: Gzrls AA 1 VIIROXICQA IT. M:XR5l-:XND fNI:XRTliI.I.I3 Xml ti n Num i 'lvl'-'H p f 4 Antbitiun: SL'CI'k'f.II'I' f '21 L.-if :. .sis ..":g!m.z.'."i,, C-iirim-rcial Club 1' Field Himkq' 5. -ii Blue and XY'l1:tc -4, I+ LEO V. MCCARTHY "Leroy" Ambition: To own race horses "The ber! llaizzgr in life are free" Hi-Y Club 3, Secretary 4: Various Committees. DOROTHY E. MCCONAGHY "Dottie" Ambition: Airline Steward- ess "Azz zmjlrediflrzble, airme- buired girl wilb al giggle 110 one cruz benz" College Club 3, 4, Senior Play Committee. RICHARD D. MCROBBIE "MtzL"' Ambition: Naval Career "Golf ft1n'i11.1le him" Various Committees. DIANE L. MERROW ,Dia Ambition: Nurse HB7'0ll'1I ejer. 1126611111111 r1:t, She cerluizzljy if .1 zrvnzdtr- fu! f1ri:e" PTSA Representative 1: Band 1, 2: Track Team 2: Senior Play Committee1 Frosh Reception Committee: Girls' AA 1. JOSEPH MCALLISTER "Mac" Ambition: Millionaire "Mi5ff9ief .rptzreler in hir eyer ' Hi-Y 1, 2, 5, 4. IN 0 ' H? RICHARD McCARRON "Dire" Ambition: Lowell Tech "lVf1.r zvillizzg Io le! Ike ,rrbool gel tzlwzg wrfboul him" Basketball 4, Baseball 3,4 -5 Y I it 1 ri Q, . illi- 0 PATRICK MESITI "P.i1rl7" Ambition: Chemical Engi- neer "Reddy, zeiffiug ,uid able" Yearbook Photography -lg Blue and Wfhite 5, -ig Talent Show 1, 2. 5. -ll Italian Club 2, 31 Student Council -li Cadets lg Glee Club 5g Science Club 11 Science Fair 31 Senior Play Cast. JUNE M. MIDDLEMISS Ambition: To be it success "A lilffe friend zmzvy pruzz' L1 ,gretzl friend" Commercial Club: Various Committees. DAVID M. MILLER PHILIP MILORO "Dime" "Phil" Ambition: Sport,S Announcer Ambition: Tu uwn L1 Cadil- "A fillle 11o11s'e11w lmzz' iam! lac 111012, If rcliffaed by Ilia ball of 711wz" Baseball 1, 2, 3, --lg BAS- kctball lg Scnioi' Play Cum- mittccg Hi-Y. "C.11r'fn I ,WJ wig" It.1li.1n Club li Variiiuf Committccx. V , l i 1 1.1i 4 - lb GREGORY TIMOTHY R Olxxfllll. "7'j111" "ll"i'm Milf ffm! fifi .1 fiuf' " A HI fun' frfmdilvffi t'l'.lUi' Senior Pl.1v CASH lilxlwf- lmll 13 l:UUIlW.lll lg l5.iw- b.1ll l, 2, 3. -lg C.iilL-rs l. 2, 5, -l. AYMOND ul. P,-XR IS "li11,'i'f'i" Amlwtiwn. l:.II'Illk'I' .l n.'.n.' M fi 11 :if 1.11 SL-niiwr l7l.1x' Cniiiiiiittuc, RUSSELL W. KENNETH R. NAIMAN NICHOLSON "Rum" "NME" Ambmun. Engmtcr "Our ziozzzimzliwz for fllr. H 'z'1f"w6" "Q11ilfIiIuQf If .1 zm'11f" L.1 A ' Senior .if Pl.1j.' Cast: Band 1. 2. 51 Baseball 1. Mi ANN M. O'Doxxm-1- 'Q-l1.'1."' "ll.,,y,. .rf V ,. ,..,,-4.., .4 Iii ...i .i.ii. .,. JL. .fllij Vliccf Ycdrlwmldi Ciillugu Club 2. 1. All Nlatli Club li liluu .mil XY'l1itc Staff, Eklztwri Hiinwi Suciuty 1. 4. Trhisurcri Sciuncc l:.lII'1 Scniur Play Committcu: B.1ml 1. I. 3. -I Talent Slum' 2. DANIEL O'NEIL Amb NDN ILHIJL r. J .LII Bafclmll 1.2.1 1 "li,-g D.ff:" itil-n' Accnunmnt ff'll,i Hvffcf l'f'11'I4 .vb 1 i.',frZi' 1. 1. 4: B.1skctb.1llL . 4. DORIS PIENTA Ambition: Secretary "To have az friend if 10 be one" Commercial Club. BERT C. PRENAVEAU "Chuck" Ambition: Coast Guard "For lJe',r .1 jolly good fel- lou' Talent Show 1: Chess Club w. , '7 a " 1, 2, 3, Band 1, -. n, 4. BEVERLY E. PERRAULT "Bert" Ambition: Receptionist "ll"it1fy, lively, and full of fuzz" Majorette 3, 23 Senior Play Committee. JOAN L. RAMM Hlllltlllll-J", Ambition: Chemist "A zzzeri'-y imile. .1 cl1t'-tip hello" Glee Club 1. 23 College Club 2. 51 Blue and NXlhite 51 Student Council 2: Honor Society iz Senior Plaj' Committee Yearbook Staffi Commencement Usher- etteg Science Clubg Girls' AA 1. WAYNE A. PARIS "Farmer" Ambition: Partner "EaJy is ar easy doefl' Senior Play Committee. ZX JUDITH PARTINGTON "ju-ju Put Put" Ambition: Typist "A bright rmile and n flaeery 'l9i,' Jucrerf will be N your! at days go by" Senior Play Committee. Q ll li RICHARD I-I. RATCLIFFE "Dice" Ambition: Civil Engineer "Silence lr a'ez'.1.rI.1Iifzg" Various Committees. JANET R. RENNER "full" Ambition: Legal Secretary "Grin'e told flmrzzz lm the' College Club 2, 5, 43 Sen- ior Play Usheretteg Girls' AA 13 Various Committees. ,153 Km A JAMES W. RENNIE "Big ffm" Ambition: Engineer "Quia buf depezzdubfew Basketball 2. PATRICIA RICCI "Pin" Ambition: Secretary "To be friezzdfy it I0 bifll? friwzdf' Commercial Club -li Sen- ior Play Committee, IN 4 0 PAMELA ROWFLL HPL'I1L'frff7L" Ambition: Buxinew Admin istixition "GUI .rfwnl mimi" College Club 2, gl Math Club 11 I'Slit'1'ctte, Senior Plilyg Girls' AA l. JOSEPH R. sciiiiiixmizi "iii, ,im " Ambitiont A igrcalt xxliite liuntcr , , . Pftmlnt lxril . . . ft! rrffri i'.lflL CHL iff Ifltlllu V.iriuux fuiuiuittces CELESTE I.. ROBICI-IAUD "Fi'efzrb'3 " Ambition: Office NX'ork "Enjoy jozurelf-izfr 1,1Ier Ib.112 3011 Mizz?" Commercial Clubi Senior Play Committee: Glee Club. W-4 XY'lI.I.IAM D. .x it ROBERTA M. ROBINSON "Bobbie" Ambition: To be a dancing teacher "Paine .md peppg' Italian Club 4. Vice Presi- dent: Commercial Club. l FRANKLIN D. ROSEN ROBINSON "D.r:t" "Kitt" Ambition: Engineer Ambition: To be rich "xl .Qi2'f.1' 1:,at1ut'.i. .JH-.H'6lH.'d "A.'zi.:if Inst .'f'tv.' 1.fN.Sfl f'H"'u ii,-H" Math Club 3. 4: Class Treas- Cxldets 11 3. 3. ,L urer 1. 2. 3. 4: Ring Com- mittee 2: Senior Play Com- mittee. PATRICIA SI-IEEHAN "Paw Ambition: Secretary "I lozfe Ike life I live" f Commercial Club -ig Field Hockey 4: Basketball 3, 4. J I I CLIFFORD Sl-IIEPE "Sheik" Ambition: To try everything once "A mm zeilli .1 nzilllwz .lie .feflil Math Club I1 Blue :incl XVl1ite l, 2. 5. -li Wfrestling Team 51 Senior Play Com- mittee: Science Club 1, 23 Book Club l. 2. BARBARA SI-IIBEI., "B,zbr" "W'ell liked and fuzz l01'I7lgU College Club 2, 3, 4: Honor S o c i e t yg Commencement Usherettes: Senior Play Com- mittee. PATRICIA SIMILI HP I.. .I Ambition: Medical Secretary 'HYILM' lu foul .1!. bn! fzrlltr Io flllillwi Commercial Club 5. -11 Sen- ior Play Committee. ,,,1 VIRGINIA SCI-IUBERT "Gizzzzy" Ambition: Teacher "Nice I0 know" College Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4: Senior Play Usheretteg Girls' AA 1. ZX -I llll BARBARA SEREMET "Barb" Ambition: Buyer "Sher allllhljlf rbeerful C0772 fuzzy" Senior Play Committeeg College Club 33 Girls' AA. Lf -- - X r 8 ,I ff ti Iii ri ' 'ji , 1 I : '. 0 CHARLES SIMONE "Cl211rf" Ambition: Civil Engineer "E.1f-1' fr iii u.1,fy drier" Bowling Team 1, 2, a XXfrestling Team 5. SANDRA M. SKEIRIK "S.n1dy" Ambition: Hairdresser "G'iflcd zvixb tl jolly dfrfwri- firm" Commercial Club 5, 43 Fresliman Y-Teens GEORGE J. SLACK "Sincere" Ambition: Corporation Law- yer "Effor1 Zetzclr fo rlrcreif' Yearbook: Math Club 1, 3, 4: Blue and White Business Manager 5, 4: Honor Society 3, -4: Band 1, 2, 3, Treas- urer flg Spealccrs Bureau 2, 5, 513 Senior Pluy Commit- tee: DAR Awards 21 Stu- dent Council 2, 5, Treasurer 43 PTSA Representative lg Science Club 11 T.1lent Show 3. ROBERT CHARLES SMITH "Bob" Ambition: Fly the first Rocket Ship to the Moon "ll"1fb l1L"I'Ll' .1 not-i 211 lbe z4'nrfd" Track 2, 3. 4: Senior Play Committee. W the ll GEORGE STEEB CIUII, Ambition: AL'I'lllT.lL1flL.li En- gincer' I 1 ' i Aitfflfvl. Nltflffvl. I ilu!! U11 f1o1r"' vga" mit milf CAMILLIS P. STRUlflfOI.lNO "C.1fr."' Ambition: SL'Lil'Cf.ll'l' "tl lun! .ri fixlq .lf fur lllilfft Commerci.iI Club: Senior Play Committee. MICHAEL L. SOKOL GERALDINE P. "Mike" SPALKE Ambition: Architect "Iwi" "A good ,fpw'1" Ambition: Set Designer Senior Play Committee: iisnffff- Nfffff- 11215-lf" Track 3. 4. 'Yearbook Committee: Sen ior Play Committee: Girls AA 1. i- HAROLD STACY ELIZABETH "Si'.:m " ST.-XINSBY Ambition: DF.li-ISllI.lD "Btn" 'Q-1 v'i,f:ig,! Lftiiof,-4" Ambition: To go to Switzer- Hi-Y Club.- land "Tfl't1t,- no 4git.1,'t' :fin i r f . . .'l.'.11.' L' ff c L' Vrlfd Xff L if Field Hockey -1: Senior Play Committee: Girls' AA 1: Track 2: Various Commit- tees. GERALDINE MARY TEOLI "Shorty" Ambition: Secretary "Ai eme will: fine world" Commercial Club. ANTHONY TOKOWICZ "Spike" Ambition: Acrostutics isfblilil if .1 'afraid' f.i'.f1lc"' RICHARD E. TERRAZZANO "Terry" Ambition: Draftsman "Ctzrefree ye! capable" CHARLES TOMPKINS, JR. "CfJlzri" Ambition: Go around the world "E1'e'11 lbouglz In-'r your .1z1'.1,1.-llfr Ultflllllil ll' litre I0 vl.zf' Football 53 Basketball 1, 2, 3, -ig Truck l. CHARLOTTE R. TAPLIN "Chnl" Ambition: Successful Secre- tary "A real eye-mlrbef' Blue and White Staff -1: Commercial Club 5, 4g Re- corder for Commercial Club 4: Senior Play Usherette' Basketball 2g Girls' AA 1. IN BEVERLY TAYLOR "S211iley" Ambition: Waves and Mur- riage "Azz ez'e1'-mzilffzg brlzzzefle wbo lover lo cbxflar mid lame" Senior Play Committee: Commercial Club 4. f Lf-- N -' W K 'E Q ' Q JEAN MARIE TORRISI Hfftlllllftfiv Ambition: Secretary "Shu zveirrr iz .rzzzifc erery dizyf-t'1'czj1011511" Commercial Club 5, 41 Sen- ior Play Llsherette. 1 L: 111:14 ANNA M. TRAINA "Siml1.1" Ambition: Marriage "lV'by rbozzfd flve der!! brave rr!! Ike gum! lf1I1t'f.pH Glee Club: Commercial Club. 5 + SARAH M. VASTA H.Ss.Ii1t'l Ambition: Fashion Designer "Si1zfw'e .md mudtif, ,fzrrrffr if for ber" Y-Teens lg Italian Club 23 Book Club 1, 21 Primm Clim- mittcc 2: Talent Slww Crime mittee 51 Senior Play Crim- mittee l. Z1 J' ff -- D r Q LAURIQNCIE V. XVADF "lAii'i'Vi" Ambition: 'lb g.gr'.1tlu.1te fruin High Scluml t'lVe'tI'fl1f milf" Cadets 1, 1, RN .41 Blue .intl XY"liite 4: Tixick 2: Busc- b.ill 5. "1..J11,qlw1y L ni rt Iiltii' .1 ,1 Q4 1 :fi '. 'E A LUCILLE S. VETRONE HL!lLlli' Ambition: Secretary to the President of the United States and Housewife, 'lxvtlci' .1 dull monzefzf' Commercial Clubz Glee Club: Senior Play Usher- ette: Senior Play Committee RlClnl.'XRD LIND-X 'XXX XYAKITLY XX 'XLRER CRV! lr' Rmb Ambztiwn' Teaclier "fl tfgpff Senior' PIM' C.1sti Klub Club 1. 21 Bowls Club 1. 2 HL: KENNETH ARNOLD WHITESIDE "Kenny" Ambition: To go to heaven "Alwrzyr full of fun you bel, fur! llae boy you azn'z for- gel!! Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4. JOHN WILSON ffuerzzff Ambition: To meet Jayne Mansfield "Good dancer" Blue and White 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, President 4: Track 3, 45 Student Director of Senior Play: Math Club. MAUREEN WINN IIMOVI Ambition: Teacher "Tofu on ez'e1'yo1ze'r lil!" Senior Play Committee: College Club 2, 3: Math Club 1: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Field Hockey Manager 43 Y-Teens Secretary 1: Var- ious Committees. MALCOLM CAMERON WINSPER flMdl11 Ambition: Civil Engineer "Ad1nitr l1e'.r zlae niferz guy in 1ou'1z" Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Base- ball 1, 23 Track 3, 4: Wrestling 33 Senior Play Committee. ELIZABETH A. WEST lfBeZjyF! Ambition: Teacher "Friendly dirpofitionr luke you plat-er" Senior Play Committee. MARILYN CORA WESTWELL "Mal" Ambition: Nurse "Surrey ir ufon by lzonert foil" Senior Play Committee: PTSA Demonstration: Track 2. Q 1 .. 1A T' -t ' ' Q o TWT' U EVELYN A. WINTER "Erie" Ambition: Nurse "Lovely lo look ut, lovely fo dance with" Honor Society 3, 4: Com- mencement Usherette: Col- lege Club 2: Senior Play Committee. ELEANOR WOIDYLA "Elly' Ambition: Secretary "Wfilly, lively and full of fun" Commercial Club: Senior Play Committee: Glee Club 1 JOHN I' WORMALD ark Ambition Radio Communi cations r '-a cm'-amy kingdom 0776 07' 61 IU Senior Play Cast, , fav'-' ' JOHN WORONKA johnny Ambition Be a success S ezknzr 5170115 ber otball 1 -, 4: - 1 2 5 4' Senior Committee: Cadets 13 V'ce President of Class 1, 2, 5g Various Committees. 1" I ,at fr THOMAS FAUST "Pmft'i',i'w"' Knight of the Rl7.ltl Hi' if bit ozwz 111.zilt'i'." WTI ELEANOR RUTH XVOOD "E ie" Ambition: TV Commercial " Zxzf. 1! ,ire , 555' 1 f5.z1',"' Girls' AA 1: Glee Club 2. 3. J: Senior Play Committee: Various Committees. 3 JANICE XWOOLEY Ambition: Filing Clerk " fi' Jo 711.1-I Ven: 1 joz. nf .fl 55' ff? ., ,A .I I i.. I 1.111 ii 1 c Senior Play' Committee. fPlCtLlI'C not nvuiliilvlcj l N OS o Q' ' gg SUWSSYUI 9 in C QQQCSQN J' 1 3 J? Emslc, P 29-1 ' QXM t V I 14.4 R Q CLHS3 WS Q fjw 3 42 ,nn Om Kzfzg KENNETH NICHOLSON Om Queen ELAINE KOLBA Clan Eimteifz MARY KERONSKI CHARLES KEANEY Clan Arlrefy and Aclor SANDRA JOHNSON TIM DRUMMOND Moy! Collegiate ANN LAUDANI MAL WINSPER 41,3 Xwkssrsas COLLEGE TIONARY Conzezfifnz nm! Mm! Sc'l'i0l1,f PAT MARSLAND TED DOOLEY Q f - 5. An I- Y . ,Iv-Q3 . cgi' VJQ' 5 wa' cf' 3 3 '1 'N 1 if .1573 Q '-4 f "-P fmlvff-av .a:f.1. ji IWHOJI' Likely fo Smfeeri 9 if l "' CHARLES KEANEY RO CATALANO u ,--,'1ll31. , ssvsas ITBVJER DICTIONARY wH,4'M1'1y0pf,- Val Clay! ll7alki1zg Dirtiomzry MARY KERONSKI TOM FAUST Moy! Atlaletir Boy and Girl DOTTY MARQUETTE CARMINE DIADAMO Clan Baby Fare and Brute LINDA BORDEN BERNIE LICATA Clam Horror! ELAINE GRASSO DAVID HOWARD l 1 Mn!! nm! CMU Ffirl and Gigolo PAMELA JOY MAL WINSPER JAMES RENNIE IUDY BARILE .QQ ' ' - 2555525 Cffm Hero am! Szveelbearl CARMINE DIADAMO NANCY BENSON Mon? Popular HAROLD DUFFEN ANN LAUDANI Fauorile Subject LUNCH aww... " . ,W -I . Done Iloe Moy! for the School ED CROTEAU SANDI GIORDANO I' 1 I BILL GOTERCH HAROLD DUFFIN BILL HAJJAR f: - 3 4 I , 1 I , Cu-C.1pt.11nS H. LICATA :md B. HAJJAR JACK HUGHES ROSS FAUCHER T VRXY CARMINE DiADAMO TOM.CLIN TON BERNIE LICATA MAL WINSPER KEN WHITESIDE JOHN WORONKA JUDY DESROCHER Football Queen ,"",',' ,-4""' x dl, ,W,, ,g5 'gg ' "- .I -' 'fi' 4, "' trap ' 'Q A ,eq-f"l" 1, gi", -f ' i.2V,',., lfffi' ' if "5"f-QE, ff' iw-3 ,A XNO Miami I I UNDEFEATED! . . . A TRIP! MIAMI . . . CAN WE RAISE THE MONEY!? OVER THE TOP! . . . FLORIDA AT LAST! 1 fipfd ' U if - I M' 'E K -A V. MARTELLE, D. MAR ,1 1 3.5 lpfilf f,g6,n, M 4 - MISS Q HADXX1 Qoach ICK QU ETT E N f K in.- Hiiiar, S Pierce, ' Chadwic , ' 3. Mc Mamger . han, Miss Ni. jackiin, 54 iight: M. Winn, Mamg,er'. R. Cairo. C Whiteside, Nancy Vfirth. Pat Shee V. Marteiie, D. Marquette, Captain, L BACK RO . ' Norma G, Waish, . W ieit to B. Lcwioiet, Leveiiie, . FRONT-. L. Eichom, S Ait, Quiiian, S. Higgins, C. jones. Managerg . 'ic Coach. ini... I 0 Left to righ t: R. Catalan Captain: P- o M Win Sheehan E - Il, D. Mafqu , .Lorentz. ICK HADW MISS C ette, G. Golobs DN. Dx Coach ki BA ,'1eft to born, S H " CK ROW right: j. McQuillan, Afanagerg N. W1'rth . agar, T. Gomes, S. janowski. MIDDLE R G. Golobski, Captaing S. Penkus, M. Ja lc ' C. jones, R. Catalano, E. Lore , P. McCarthy, N. Sarlcisian, P. San- OW: P. Sheehan, B. Margraff, D. Marquette, C hn, J. Markunas. FRONT ROW: M. Ralph, W, WIADH, ntz, J. Porter, E. Middlem1'ss. 55 Methuen Methuen Methuen Methuen Methuen Methuen Methuen Methuen Methuen 66 74 100 68 68 58 71 61 61 68 lzwdy 8 H Newburyport Anne's Q0d5.QLy'f 8 Leominister ., .. Andover Nantucket , 44 . 24 1 64 . 5 5 44 , ,..... 53 . 43 65 O.T. .. 28 A..,..30 ,,,,r x,,-it .-lvrmf' 4 .f e ' rail'-fx P" QQQW 'W . gh-gn Methuen ..A.... ...,.. 8 7 Woburn ,..... ..,.... 5 7 Methuen ...... e..... 6 5 Andover .... ....... 5 3 Methuen ....... ....5. 7 5 Woodbury ..... .....,. 5 O C , Zfffllfle Methuen ...... ....., 6 7 St. johns .... ..,..r. 5 5 Methuen r,.... ...... 8 4 Tewksbury ,r.., ........ 4 8 ggi: Methuen ....... ...... 7 4 Newburyport .... ....... 5 O 1 Methuen ..,... ....rvr 4 5 No. Andover ..... ........ 4 3 Billy Methuen r,..... 56 No. Andover ..... .rr..... 4 8 Methuen ,.....r 64 Suffolks U. ...,......, 8 ....... 55 Methuen .....,r......... 61 Cambridge Latin ,r........ 51 Bill, Bernie, Carmine, Dan, Ken, Ross, Jack 5 sift E X li BE 'fm ffeffwfm IE lt 4U BACK, left to right: J. Hughes, B. Goterch, B. Licata, J. Anderson. MIDDLE ROW: Couch Barry. M. Doyle, K. Whiteside, C. Diadamo, D. O'Neil, B. Samia. FRONT ROW: V, Pappalardo, S. Wilk, J, Catalano, R. Faucher, "Beaver." O ' 1:0 ,ls X x . x 'Y I 'N ,Ian Elaine. lillic. janet rf, F judy, Shirley, Carol, Carol, joAnnc. CAlI'Ulf,'fl F P "VCI f p 1 X S. Alt, C. lhldroski, C. Hajjar, I. Ravgiala. J. Salmon. E. Cruscius, J. Cleary, C. Androski, J. Policelln. ,Kg Z., V? -Ka, 6-,-QiLQ ry , , , ,Q I it Mwii 2 N' 9 3' Y ji i K Hp A7 X K . Q, - w i.:-,N ' . . K' Y K.. A N4 2 . l fi fi J? , ' 7-if Q ff ,J I iQZwf NNN" 'r ,X '5'V' , ., , "N ' LLmA , ' Anna, Rosie, Gail, Elaine, Eileen. 4-v ,. My 1,3 41, aiwf EQWJ 'Z' v "' f., -V -, ,' 1, Wii if N ' 'YV :M ww Nl X B. Dube, G. Collins, L. Eichorn, S. Coughlin, E. Babish, P. Lawton, G. Golobski, R. Carro, E Jordan, D. I.eClair, M. Ford, A. Diamond. n Y' 1 J 6 . '54, W 7' I KN - 'Y Ugvgxv 2 We ew 5 C wif! -L -PIU Q00 X40 ff A7 PX as w I 4 ?if'?U2Z1iEi CARMINE BILL Prexidenl Vice-Prwidefzt a1.?:'4'.g. 63 3? .fx e 3? sian -Bal-lb .,.......,..,..,. F' . A Sandra Glordano B111 I-Iajjar ix s s 5 Z 5 2 k 5 W ..,, ,,, .. 3?"?'M guns! 5:52812-11 Puff? :sn-.qw ,mn fs r- llllln ls---Q, ...-.-7-,M fffflfl ,,,,.r'.,,n Carmme D1adamo Dave Rosen SANDI DAVE Serremry Tz'cx1f1n'c'r 'X N lp' A S- n R M VINNY-Edilw' MR. LISTER-Adzifor ' al. .. 5 ' -A I EI - ,,Q if xr "9- 5?4ff..... ,...,..,,,..,... ,- -I s I . fig: 1 X l J 1 . 1 X'-.f Q, A . I I I 4 Q7 sf y-4 .. ...f NJ 2 Q 7 6,4 T' f lx 3 I i ! I BACK ROXV: P, Mesili, G. Slack. L. Brown, M. Haffner. M. Keronsl-ai. R. Cnrro. C. Diadimo. XV. I-Injjar, V. Bolis. FRONT ROXV: A, O'Donnell. R. C.1t.1l.1n0. S. Giordano, G. Spalki, P. Fuller. ' L. Borden, J. Rnmm. gduemwi 704412 ' Staff M Keronski, G. Slack, A. O'Donnell, C. Shiepe K Tulley BACK ROW' G. Ta lor K Or- . y , . lando, M. Cikacz, S. Penkus, L Wade, L. Brown, P. McKir1nis J.Langevir1, S. Derby, D Hughes. MIDDLE: G. Walsh, I Carignan, M. Waldie, J. Salmon C. Hughes, S. Wilk, M. Haffner R. Carro, S. Dietrich, R. St Clair, J. Barile. FRONT: P Mesiti, P. Joy, K. Tulley, G Slack. A. O'Donnell, C. Shiepe M. Keronski. B. Kalpokis, J Wilson. MISS DORA Axjx Adllfgf N EQII07 . 1,3 41" V o--, .,, -3 ,Kg J. WILSON Preffdeul 4- SAINI D'ORTO Vim?-Prffiderll rg W 1 , ll '35, 'O , .M 1 'i . 1 Fi ' - Q " GT W N A .4 A' ' HINIAC' X Kd ' ' -' 1 X D,'nf.'fn' Y' ' ' , ,Qsiilv GEORGE SLACK VIRGIXIf1jlI-IFDOPER Tnmlffu' SH't"H4' 1 I 1. i L . -aIu.wL 1 .inf A ' 45 3 I 1 i E, E, , my "lm gdltd 9 64 1 1 9 0 R. Pivovar, Mrs. Hadfield, J. Los, J. Los, H, Bergeron, G. Taylor, R. St. Clair, K. Eichhorn, L. Saab, 1. Samperi. MISS KENNEY Adf 1507 ALEX-Preudezzf 3.-auf' 39'f""..,y TOP ROXW: Jacobs, IN, Ingalls, S. G1'illl.ll11. C. XY'l11tcmlc, S, A , , ff 1 Q Pietmsvclf. XV. Hastings, G. Sillilllgll. IT, Imnicuv. MIDDLE: M, jones. . Cleary. S. Griffin, A. Potvin, C. Pomplumt, G. licancy. R. St, Cl.1ir, I.. -'AL n Crane. C. l:.lCl'l"!L'l'. FRONT: N. Lucille. B, CQr.nlwh, l, R1-ot. H. vloncs, Miss Kenney. A. Hu-rlm.1n, G. Perry. S. H.1j1.11'. -'Sf' LEO-Vlff-PM rich ul HOLLX!-SL041171-'l lrmlzu 1 15 A!" 1' fr V5.4 ,"I','A . . 'f HW' f NATIONAL HONOR sOclETY f . , . . Y 'f Ann, Treasurcrg Judy. Prcsmlcntg Sanlll. Sccrcuryi Carole, Vlcc-Prcsndcnt l k f 7 1 ' 6 Q W QX if 5'-.75 Q -i.i,,..ii,-gl, Ar- 9' . -1 K I .....,. l l' 1 5 V . l l l l l I ii 5 v , 5 Q, Y 2.3 BACK ROXY: GL-Orgy Sl.lLlx. l2i.lI'lW.lI'.l Slulwl. M.u'y Kclkwflxl-QI. Rl-mnn C.1t.1l.1no. Cnwl H.xi1.1r, M.1ry I-hffner, Llnd.1 Borden. Evelyn XY'lI'llL'l'S, Vinccnt lil-lii. Mr Kunmlly' FRONT ROXY: Elaim' l-inllm. Ann O Donnell. Clrolc Hughes. -ludy Barile. Slndm Giordano. -l'O.1n Rdllllll. 66 ,lglgg BACK ROW: E. Zingala, C. Larson, E. Fredette, G. Parenti, P. Bamforcl, Pierog, J. Fitzmaurice, R. Azziz, A. Wyman, C. Hayes, P McCarthy, S. Ianowski, M. Donnelly. MIDDLE ROW: B. Fletcher, C. Takisian, D. Chateauneuf, K. Ketler, J. Daly, K. Brainard C. Whiteside, C. Ferber, D. Grenda, J. Wespiser, H. Hones, A. Catalano, J. Borrelli, M. Walsh, A. Perry, D. Hajjar. FRONT ROW Mr. Comtois, L. Borden-Accompanist, V. Shubert, E. Woidyla, E. Wood, G. Bamforcl, D. McCarron, C. Maglitta, L. Vetrone, S johnson, P. joy, J. Carbonneau, 1. Barile. CLUB 'N vm 79 ELAINE FAY PAT SIMILI Vife-Prwidwzl SEf!'cf,H"1 BACK ROVU: N. Gingms, G. Twli, P. Duhamel. Cru-tim. P. Gun. D Picnm. L Marlin. P. Fr.15C.1ri.1, J. Martin. J. Alaska Taylor, W. Malisos. MIDDLE ROXV: Pat Keogh. E. H.1uslcr. E. NYoidyl.1. L. Vctronc. P. Sheehan. P. Ricci. M, Hill. C. Struffom P. Gagnon, J. Lamgcvin, S. johnson. V, Hooper. A. Traim. FRONT ROXY. C. Robiclmud. B. Lalibarte. M. Ampollonc. C. T1pl1n E Fay, E. jordan, P. Simili, E. Buote, S. Skerick. M. I-Lzrnmwnd. -I. Middlurniss. S. Carney. BETTY BLYOTE Tf't'L1.fll!'c'l' 68 EILEEN JORDAN Pri UJL 121 . I , Qi ' l A x A Q5 L1 1 . 7. I - ,VA .FV CHARLOTTE TAPLIX Rift? Vjc'V f vu. ,awww iff ROSANN JUDY Pfefidffll C01-1-er pwzdifz g ,Q Sefrehzry SANDI KATHY Vit?-P1'65id6l1Z Sefrelmfy BACK ROW: M. Chadwick, J. Policella, C. Hayes, K. Tulley, L. Ebert, P. McKinnis, P. Lawton, M. Cikacz, E. Crucius, J. Ravi- giala. MIDDLE: E. Kudia, J. Petteruto, N. Fenton, D. LeClair, B. Shibel, L. Brown, J. Renner, L. Mesrobian, G. Walsh, M. Lever, M. Ford, Mr. Kennedy, Advisor. FRONT: R. Carro, M. Gallant, C. Hajjar, Sandra Penkus, K. Chwalek, S. Giordano, R, Croce, R. Catalano, J. Barile, B. Kalpokis, E. Lorentz, E. Babish. 4 1 5' . ...aw J . , 'WM .ad 'V' -an. . X, fi 1-vs SANDI TI'LP:I.fll7'61' BOB Pnrliamezzlrzrimz AIR' KEN N EDY flullffnl' BACK ROW: S. Mr. Russell. QE " G S ' rff.1r-3 4 2 ,o I "'Y " 1 'Q Dv' vi, MR. RUSSELL .4.f:1wr i 2 N.. H5 e. Puccin, R. Garncau. M. Moynihan. K. Mwrlqr FRONT ROXY: XY' Eaton. J. Andem, F. Gollucci FE LIX GOLLL CCI . 3:4 W , ,, .gg -is 44 ' -Lf x F? ..'- ,, 4 I , Qlillw 1 5 w3'gi5g37't ' -In i Nfslffxly N 1 6 f . V X 2 :ES K ' .. . Wiaiivl-A I- 1 ' ., " R" NZ :i- ' . WALLEX EATON TOE ANDEM 'f ' if f ' I IFE-Pl'6,fidEI1f A , ykhx' XQ:fQl.fik6g5iy . '29 'Z MISS DANIELIAN ALLAN POTVIN Aa'1,j50,- Prexzdefzt GARY PERRY SHARON MILLER 5. f i Vire-Preridelzl Sffffffffl' A ,-.........,.....,,..,,M....,.--......,....4.,,......,u...,...,, I ' . , KJ ' i UN 'W BACK ROW: J. Petrillo, H. Paraskos, J. Jacobs, C. Mchhlm, R, Pixmu, T, Clinmn. E, Sanborn, F. Sdngucdolcu, V. Km-cl.1nd, Ii. Graham. FRONT ROXW: Miss Danielian, A, Potvin, S, Miller, G. Perry, R. FJ1'qLl1l1'. Arm Laudarwi, Presidentg Marylou Letiziu. Vice-President: Eileen Zingali. Secremry: Carol Enus, Treasurer. . - L I , . ,, - h E MR. PICCERILLO .l,J':.U'f,r ' A .fi XJ PC T Y, BACK ROXV: G. Teoli, 17. S.1l'1gLlC'dOlCt, P. Simili, E, Nevins. R. Bomnno. A. Tnmaselli. XY. Bonanno. M. Blffy. C. Struffolino. G Hugo, A. Fielding, FRONT ROXV1 Mr. Piuerillo. M. Chi.1renz.1, D. Kaely, A. Laudani. M. Letizio. E. Zingali. C. Enus. S. Sleerik l M. Ampollomz S. Miller. 72 T " .1 ' ' .1 " ! A rf 1' J U1 V .J - 4:-, 'wiv . S 3 "At Ease" O 9 . 5 ' 5 9 2 Q 1 fl ,,- 7 1.0 'ix BACK ROXV- Lt. Jnd C. G.ll'.lbL'kli.lU, Lt Ind XY". Robinson, Lt. lst A. Kunclm. Lt' Mt G. Aurieri, Capt. F. Inmlfo, Lt. Ind B. Godin It Ind R. ViA!UC'.1Lllt, Lt. lst F. Incolingo, Drill Initructor. Mr, Morriscttc. FRONT ROXY: Clpt. S. Drummond. Lt. Col. E Mnilluot 74 Col, Crotuiu, Capt, L XY'.1dc. 7! Lt. Col. Mailhot, Queen Linda Borden, Col. Croteau A - fin W Q 0 H 42 WLTH ug , ' 9 in ' 0. ',, v cf' 'loot It orqgf Nh ' Q 9 laden! Q' up , ,fzgy Z? 4.4: ,MW :N I . 8 1 I I 1 'MSW'-'sf . ' f f ' l 7. - . P Wm 1 . Q i ' f v K vi 1 i 1 I V ff I 1 ' ff ' l ' v Me . 0 N1 wi if :1wx'::111.1:-.- 21' 1 . - ' f LM. Q 'S 4117 " f' 'Z 11' 1.-ij, ' - ., . . 05 .1.73-Slj yv, .MVT 1. S .5 rxgf YL 1-Qqfj FCIJI-1. cCfC'fJ1.!,, Q K. W., N. , .. . - 1,1 . ,.f,, . .An 1,,,. WW' ..'.'A- ,1- . gym,-1 Align! 'L' Yi.. Q 5 W' 'C 1.11 V' " 2' ". ' wtf- - nf ya.-R Lp'-vjg,N" Q f- L-. L uf .55 A-JUN, F I . .wx 4 5 V H :Y ' A -Off-tg l": . ' 1,'A',4ag'iA lt YPUDJDYN Q . X ,. 1- . I 1-.r'. 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Carney, Sheila R.fef5 Durrell St. Carro, Rosemarie- 78 Arnold St. Catalano, Rosann M. 2 1 Brook St. Charest, Alhert Il. Ill x Barker St. Cl1eCl1OwitZ, Thomas Af 73 XY'eyl'fossett St, Chretien, 'lane A, PIO Dale St. Clark, Rolwert D. 'Sl litlxtgr-xx ood Ax e. Clinton, Thomas H. 13 Cden Axe, Colhy, -Ioytc' ixi. if, xxiiiit .axle Connor, Mildred -I. JU Pelham St. Croteau, l:ClN.X'.lI'xl l72 Pelham St. Daigle, lNlai'ilxn RI Peidmont St. Denontourt, Ronald 'I l.oxxtll Sl De Nuzzio, Mitliael Q I blames St. De Rothe, hlary 173 lfdgexxood Axe, Desi'other, Sandra 7 lo lxlerill St, Desrotlier, -luditli o C othrane St. Di Adamo, Carmine I i Lilwpold St. Diamond, Anastasia I il. Oakland Ax e Di llella, Daniel 9 lXlC'.lClONX' llrook Rd, Dooley, Richard - Soo Bl'U.lClXX'.ly' D'Orto, Samuel P -457 Prospett St. Drummond. Sheldon Cf. P7 Pleasant C'ir. Dtililien, l". Haroldf 'll Xxlest St. Duhamel, Patricia -P el 93 Oakland Axe 1 . -,-V e C l'.1l'U, l'l'CClf--l lxlst Sl. lfaucher, Ross Sai Pelham St, liaust, Thomas fel 2' Laxxrente St. liay. lilaine l.. -0 Longxxtood Dr. liields, Rolaert 'S-1 Pine St. lfrankauski, vlolinweal Dexxey St. Frascaria. Patricia A.-1 0-1 Jackson St. Fuller, Patricia A-24 Ashland Ave. Gabour, Samuel-tl Broadxyay Gagnon, Patricia-2 Plymouth St. Gale. Linda A.-262 Lowell St. Gallant, Marilyn+'5 Maplexyoocl Axe. Garabedian. Charles-40 Brown St. Garafolo. Marie-16 Noyes St. Gingras. Nancy B.f7 Parker Ct. Giordano. Albertfii Oak St. Giordano. Sandraf2lo East St. Girard. Donald-49 Arnold Sr. Godin. Bernard-46 Tenney St. Golohski. Gail Ixf.-SoGreenh.i1ge St. Goterth. XYilliam Pilo Rixerdale St. Graithen. Hoxxard-2219 Pelham St. Grasso. lflaine Aff-22 lilmxxood Rd. Cuay, Patritia-55 Osgood St. llattner. Marv l Charles St. Ha1par.C arolre-Soo Ihtklxgtf Sr, llaiiar. 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McAllister, Joseph-3 Noyes St. McCarron, Richard-79 Arnold St. McCarthy, Leo V.-7 Milk St. McConaghy, Dorothy E.-145 Lowell St. McRobbie, Richard D.-74 Tower St. Mer.row, Diane L.-96 Brown St. Mesiti, Patrick-157 Oakland Ave. Middlemiss, June M.-175 Forest St. Miller, Dave M.-8 Union St. Miloro, Philip J.-48 Tower St. Naiman, Russell W.-55 Arthur St. Nicholson, Kenneth-20 Hemenway St. O'Donnell, Ann M.-14 Davis Rd. O'Neil, Daniel-69 Howe St. O'Wril, Timothy-96 Oakland Ave. Paris, Raymond J.-25 Canobieola Rd. Paris, Wayne A.-8 Canobieola Rd. Partington, Judith A.-16 Bruce St. Pienta, Doris-25 Kirk St. Perrault, Beverly E.-76 Elmwood Rd. Prenaveau, Bert C.-27 Medford St. Ramm, joan L.-12 Timber Lane Ratcliffe, Richard-56 Lyndale Ave. Renner, janet R.-3 Miller St. Ricci, Patricia-15 Randolph St. Robichaud, Celeste L.-141 Lowell St. Robinson, Roberta M.-16 Noyes St. Robinson, Wfilliam D.-109 Ashland Ave. Rosen, Franklin D.-136 Warwick St. Rowell, Pamela-78 Boston St. Schrembri, joseph R.-159 Merrimack St. Schubert, Virginia L.-18 Bailey St. Sermet, Barbara A.-110 Perry Ave. Sheehan, Patricia A.-3 Pearl Court Shibel, Barbara J.-8 Lawrence St. Shiepe, Clifford-24 Florence Rd. Simili, Patricia M.-5 Reservoir St. Simone, Charles R.-15 Simone St. Skerik, Sandra M.-41 Hillcrest Ave. Slack, George J.-7 Craven St. Smith, Robert Cf-30 Dewey St. Sokol, Michael L.-22 Glen Ave. Spalke, Geraldine-gRange Rd., Wfindhami, N. H. Stacy, Harold-60 Atkenson St. Stainsby, Elizabeth-166 Pleasant St. Steeb, George--498 Prospect Sf, Struftiolino, Camille-46 Tenney St. Taplin, Charlotte-59 Ormonde Rd. Taylor, Beverly-10 Lowell St. Teoli, Geraldine-17 Euclid Ave. Terrazzano, Richard-56 Ashford St. Tokowicz, Anthony-12 Alvin St. Tompkins, Charles, Jr.-59 Davis Rd. Torrisi, jean M.-17 Olive St. Traina, Anna-11 Raymond St. Urynowicz, Richard-48 Hardy St. Vasta, Sarah-10 Grace St. Vetrone, Lucille-31 Linwood Ave. Vignault, Ronald-4 Woodside Ave. Vignola, George-606 Lowell St. Wade, Laurence-61 Elm St. Wakely, Richard-7 River Place Walker, Linda-32 Union St. West, Elizabeth-Policy Rd., Windham, N Westwell, Marilyn-182 Edgewood Ave. Whiteside, Kenneth-19 Swan Ave. Wilson, john-29 Lincoln St. Winn, Maureen J.-142 Oakland Ave. Winsper, Malcolm, jr.-236 Lowell St. Winter, Evelyn A.-67 Oakland Ave. Woidyla, Eleanor-28 Golf Ave. Wood, Elanor-46 Olive St. Woolley, Janice-21 joy Terrace Wormald, john-401 Howe St. Woronka, john-58 Plymouth St. ' ij f 'X Z3 PLEASENT , ff " 1 Q DWG ..,- f V ?5 ei ii , 1 Q E ,Qs ew 4:5 b K 5 2 I v. 34 5 ! F ! 1 4 I. 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Suggestions in the Tenney High School - Torch Yearbook (Methuen, MA) collection:

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